Big Texas And Crucial Ohio Shout: Make Hillary 44 (and drop a moneybomb)

Poor Obama. Everytime he thinks he gets to kick the football, that mean ol’ Lucy yanks the football away, and cackles at the lunkhead.

Lucy, is the Democratic voter. Face it Barack, they are just not that into you. You won’t be president. It’s time to drop out Barack.

* * *

Last night with the massive Hillary victory in the 2004 decision maker – OHIO, with the earlier Hillary victory in 2000 decision maker – FLORIDA, with the additional Hillary win last night in that tough he-man state of TEXAS, Hillary, in the sweetest way possible, let Barack Huckabee Obama know it is time for him to join the other has-beens in the waxworks at Madame Tussauds.

Before shipping Barack Huckabee Obama off to the waxworks, let’s understand what happened last night and let’s also squelch some Big Media rumors and Barack Obama (D-Rezko) spin.

* * *

But first – Moneybomb. Let’s all respond to Hillary’s victories, Obama’s NAFTA-Gate, and the Rezko trial with a big donation plus 44 cents to let Hillary know we have her back. We will never leave her alone in this fight.



Let’s give the Big Media perfumed princes an even bigger headache by donating to Hillary today.

* * *

Now back to analysis and rumor squelching.

Barack Obama had a good February. Trying to craft the idea of momentum Obama pranced, yelling about his 11 victories – all in a row – of small states – with few Democrats – many of which will be RED states in November.

And yet, with all those victories, with Big Media princes and Big Blog boobs repeatedly printing Hillary death notices, with Big Unions spending Big Dollars to build up Obama, with 527’s spending Big Dollars to defeat Hillary, with Democratic has-beens and never-will-be “leaders” endorsing Obama, with all the chanting and incense burning and lying and chicanery by Obama staff and supporters – Hillary raised $35 million in February.

That $35 million vote of confidence by the grassroots of the Democratic Party made a lie of the Obama/Big Media/Big Blog attempts to force Hillary from the race. Hillary’s $35 million was raised from the working class. Obama’s support, from the comfortable who are able to provide their children with money to also donate to Obama, was wasted.

Hillary, armed with the $35 million from the grassroots, fought back.

And what a fight it was. Hillary did not pull punches. Hillary made an issue of trust. Obama is not to be trusted.

The wonderful “3:00 a.m.” advertisement was about experience but also had a subtext of trust.

We all know that in a crisis at whatever hour of the day, President Hillary will know the players and the situation and grasp all the subtleties and nuances of the situation. Hillary would know who is pushing for what action and what their ulterior motives would be. Hillary has the experience to know how to act in a crisis. Obama would be fumbling for the light switch and a cigarette.

Obama cannot be trusted in a crisis to know what to do.

On NAFTA-gate, Obama lied repeatedly. Hillary called Obama on his lies. Obama cannot be trusted to tell the truth.

In Chicago, the Rezko trial began. A ticking, ticking time bomb that will demonstrate for all his flowery talk about ethics Obama cannot be trusted when offered a house.

The lesson for the Hillary campaign is: fight, without fear, fight.

For too long Obama has deceived voters, especially young voters and idealistic voters. The voters are not to blame. The voters have not been informed of Obama’s real history and treacheries. Big Media has failed to do its job. The Hillary campaign will have to do the job Big Media and Big Blogs won’t do.

For the next 6 weeks while we prepare for the Pennsylvania primary Obama will face the daily news from the Rezko trial. Big Media, mocked on Saturday Night Live, might continue the one day miracle of calling Obama on his lies. It will be a tough six weeks for Obama if Big Media continues to ask the questions the American people need answered.

Superdelegates will be watching closely as Obama stumbles.

The fight for Rhode Island, Texas and Ohio provided a valuable template on how to counter Obama. On NAFTA and trust issues Hillary now has a ready made answer: the NAFTA-gate memo. Keep hitting Obama hard and every day on these issues.

Any question on any issue Hillary should respond with: REZKO. Discuss the African-American tenants in Obama’s state senate district tormented by slumlord Rezko. Any request for documents, respond with Rezko. On Iraq, respond with Rezko/Auchi. On judgment, respond with Rezko.

Obama will sell out anybody to be elected. Let’s have Big Media ask Obama if he would pardon slumlord Rezko if ever Obama became president.

* * *

Last night Hillary repeated what Americans know: As Ohio goes, so goes the nation.

Wisely, Governor Strickland and Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs-Jones raised the issue of Florida and Michigan too. Let’s be clear: there will be no disenfranchisement of millions of Florida and Michigan Democrats. The delegates from Florida and Michigan will be seated at the Democratic convention. There will be no revote as mischief making Republican Governor Crist goads. Idiots at the Democratic National Committee’s Rules Committee and other Washington insiders made a stupid decision and want to punish Florida and Michigan voters for their own (DNC) stupidity.

Let Obama spend the next several months arguing against voter rights. Let Obama paint himself into a box on the Florida and Michigan issue. The more Obama argues against seating Florida and Michigan delegates the more he argues against his own candidacy. Politically, Obama arguing against seating Florida/Michigan delegates makes it less likely he will win those states in a general election. Obama is arguing against himself. Let Obama twist slowly in the wind.

Superdelegates saw, last night, in Rhode Island, Patrick Kennedy humiliated. Earlier, in the campaign season, Superdelegates saw Ted Kennedy and John Kerry humiliated in home state Massatootsetts. Superdelegates now know that Hillary does not give up. Superdelegates now know that Hillary fights back and wins. Isn’t that what Democrats want in November?

Don’t forget to call and thank Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs-Jones [campaign office -(216)-751-9022, (202) 225-7032, (216) 522-4900] for her strong, unyielding support of Hillary.