Rhode Island: Make Hillary 44

We’re marching to Denver. 

Thanks OHIO.

Thanks Stephanie Tubbs Jones: Telephone: (202) 225-7032

(216) 522-4900


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  1. I am very optimistic about TX, sos site has us ahead without the Rio Valley, El Paso, Brownsville, Corpus Christi and San Antonio in.

  2. I’m okay with polls being kept open longer to allow people to vote, but only if it’s across the state and not in cherry picked precints.

  3. Olberman is a pig. He says, “so whatever happens in Texas, it’s not legitimate unless it favors the Clintons?”

  4. With all that money…. and he can’t close the deal…… he was to close it in NH.. he didn’t… he was to close it on Super Tuesday and didn’t …..and was to close it today and didn’t….. Poor Howard Dean, what’s he do now?

  5. Half of Ohio has reported, and Hillary leads 57-40. Columbus has almost reported, and Toledo is well on its way.

  6. emvh: i dont think they care abt being called racists at this point… fox even said these precincts were “cherrypicked” bc of the aa vote. that makes obama the racist!

    @mj: on fox they have said several times that bho won the early vote by 75k and that hrc has made that up tonite.

    @psymac…. i am right there with you!!! i’ m even smoking hubbys cigarettes!!! sheesh!!! all my bad habits are coming out tonite!!! my nerves are SHOT!

    @idunn… you are muzak to my ears!

  7. Says ABC:

    Clinton campaign complaints about the TX caucuses continue. This memo just out from the campaign: “The campaign legal hotline has been flooded with calls containing specific accusations of irregularities and voter intimidation against the Obama campaign. This activity is undemocratic, probably illegal, and reflects a wanton disregard for the caucus process.”

  8. I read on another site that Hillary’s areas in Texas will be the later one to report.

    Also heard that cities and suburbs in Ohio still have to report such as Cleveland which is why Fox is saying it is too close to call.

  9. bottom line… after tonite… no matter what happens, the dnc cant tell hrc to drop out bc bho cant win the big states against mccain!!! even if its close for hrc and bho… she gets the big states… dont forget the pew poll!!!

  10. TeamClinton08, People should be having doubts about a lot more than his experience. They need to be asking, who the hell is this guy who wants to be president?

  11. If she wins by 19, that is a huge chunk of delegates right there. Doesn’t RI have like 32 delegates? I know they have more delegates than Vermont.

  12. God Damn It!!!


    STOP STOP STOP watching fucking MSNBC!!!!

    No MORE comments about MSNBC unless it involves Bitchell, Tweety, and Ogerman getting pushed over Niagra Falls by the NY Chapter of NOW.

    Seriously, stop going there everyone.

  13. Rhode Island made me laugh, the exit poll was shit, just like Ohio’s it seems, probably texas too.

  14. joe Biden 0 2,217 0.21% 2,898 0.23%
    Hillary Clinton 51 512,241 49.15% 625,080 50.69%
    Christopher J. Dodd 0 1,455 0.13% 1,932 0.15%
    John Edwards 0 10,493 1.00% 15,377 1.24%
    Barack Obama 65 511,341 49.06% 581,834 47.18%
    Bill Richardson 0 4,377 0.42% 5,841 0.47%
    ———– ———–
    Race Total 1,042,124 1,232,962
    Early Provisional Ballots Reported 2,189
    Total Provisional Ballots Reported 3,921
    Precincts Reported 1,668 of 8,247 Precincts 20.23%
    Statewide Turnout 9.66% 12,752,417 Registered Voters

  15. Kentucky_mkt,

    Thank GOD that someone on this board would say it! MSNBC hates Hillary and everyone knows it. So, why repeat their garbage here?

  16. just got back from caucus. we won delegate rish pcts 281 and 403. my work paid off. flooded with hillary supporters

  17. wow we are just AWESOME BUT DONT GIVE UP WE HAVE A LOT AND I MEAN A LOT OF WORK AHEAD OF US we have Mississippi and Montana ahead of us and then Penn and so on

  18. Brit HHume ALMOST said they were about call Ohio for HC

    190K vote diff w/57% rfeporting

    No matter how many have not been counted it is doubtful he will catch up!

  19. The DNC will just keep the polls open in Obama precints for as long as it takes. They’ll still be voting in Ohio next month.

  20. David Gergan said she got Ohio…but I suppose they want to be sure because of where the votes are coming from (which you guys already know I’m sure)

  21. all the Obamatons will say is – well, she had to win texas and oh by 20%. bullshit! This thing is all about momentum, and who is better to go against John McCain. I think serious doubts have been raised about bambi’s ability to face McCain

  22. Oh my word…this was the first post I read on Bambi’s site:

    We in America know the Clintons very well. They are devisive, and wont let anything stop them from getting what they wont, even if it means destroying the party. and passing lies and dirt.

    Sorry you guys were brought into the middle of this. We love you Canada.


  23. Re: OH says NBC that the major urban areas have only a fraction of results being reported and since Cuyahoga county voting was extended only “a trickle” are coming in so far…

  24. I just returned from my caucus. Will tell you about it later but what really matters is that today we WON because this campaign will continue. Let’s go TEXAS!

  25. Ohio: the single most important state that the Democrats need in the fall election! Take that one – Obama!!



  27. @jas: i think they closed at 7/8, but bambi asked a judge to keep a few AA dominated precincts to stay open bc of weather


  28. Actually, Ohio is one of two most important states. The other is Florida. But, of course, we all know that my former-party, the Democratic Party, doesn’t count votes in Florida.

  29. hwc, that’s correct. Obama is not very popular in Florida right now, since he is on the side of disenfranchsing them

  30. hwc, Welcome back! We missed you.

    Believe it or not, I have not watched one second of TV news or read one word of political coverage or visited any internet blog site since Super Tuesday.

    I will vote enthusiastically for Clinton if she is the nominee, but I am finished with the Democratic Party for good. They don’t represent me.

  31. Tiny Dancer,

    Hopefully Texas is fierce too!

    Plus, I hope Christian wins Project Runway! He’s so fierce!




  33. 32% Texas in and HRC leads 50% to 48%!!!!!!!!

    :jumps up and shimmies in fromto fo Ogremann. Kiss my butt you turd-eating a$$wipe!!!!!!!!!

  34. Just got back from a concert. What great news so far! (Couldn’t get on this site for a while – the CPU problem.) I couldn’t concentrate at the concert.

  35. My mom’s a member of the Machinist union and they are peeeeeeeved over Nafta-gate. Especially since Boeing just lost a HUGE military contract to Airbus. Sen Patty Murray called that an economic stimulus package for Europe.

  36. okay peeps… two down! one to go! we are in this together tonite!!! we WILL take texas! we won ohio even with barry’s dirty trix! “trix are for kids… silly wabbit!”

  37. I am soooo sunburned. I stood outside my precinct site for 12 hours today and handed out caucus flyers. There was 3 inches of snow on the ground (in Texas–never happens) when I arrived at 7 and it was in the mid-50’s by lunch. It was worth. every. munite!

  38. Superdelegates cannot ignore these wins tonight, she has trounced Obama and proved she’s the one to win democratic states, Obama has won what exactly, repug states and Illinois.

  39. Idunn Says:

    March 4th, 2008 at 10:59 pm
    Remember the Alamo!

    (unless it was a bad thing, and then fuggedaboutit)

    We died in at the Alamo….so let call it a Blast Off instead.

  40. reed061 – PR finale tomorrow! WOOOT. And Christian is CRAZY talented, omg, his stuff is so well done and he sews like mad. And he’s only 21.


    Texas is also going to come though for our gal. I am confident it is going to come through.

  42. Is Wyoming this Saturday? Is it a caucus or primary? Is it Obama turf or will it be competitive?

  43. Hey, don’t forget Idunn and Divabunny, who swung into action the morning NAFTA-gate broke, and e-mailed it to every TV station, newspaper and radio station in Ohio!!

  44. hwc, I feel the same way. I’m changing my registration to independent when this is all over, even if HRC is the nominee.

  45. Anyone think SD’s are going to jump ship to Hillary after this. I do. democrats need Florida and Ohio and she took both hands down. that cannot be ignored, whether they like it or not.

  46. good evening everyone.. like hwc i have totally abandoned political coverage of primaries. I am dont with democratic party too. I did donate to hill and am glad it has made difference. Keep the hardwork going folks.. oba,mbi if he losestx, has to convince voters that he can win national elections by losing every big state in the country in primaries.. obambi sorry.. I am not convinced..

  47. Superdelegates cannot ignore these wins tonight, she has trounced Obama and proved she’s the one to win democratic states, Obama has won what exactly, repug states and Illinois.

    The Democrat Party doesn’t care about winning in November. They never care about winning.


    Daisies are white,
    Orchids are purple,
    Acknowledge me by name or I’ll kick your ass, Spacegirl.

  49. Thats what I love about Hillary: She fights till the end! Her and Bill never give up on what they want! 🙂

  50. Yeah, big hugs to EVERYONE who donated, called, e-mail, blogged, traveled, canvassed and basically worked their asses off! I heart you all!

  51. I am not forgetting ANYONE!!!!

    IDunn, Diva, ME, TD, SUGAR, Basil…EVERYONE

    WE ROCK!!!!


  52. @americangal: welcome to the big leagues baaaaabeeeeeeeeee! if he cant handle the primaries, how in the hell is he gonna stand up to the rove gop machine????

  53. Obama camp whining that Hillary has been going negative towards him..what a baby!

    Someone needs to give him a bottle and send his ass to bed. 🙄

  54. “Still some hope in the Obama camp they can close the gap and still catch up to Hillary in Ohio”

    Only because they kept those precincts open.

  55. cnn did say be careful about Texas as there are many places that are more for Obama than Hillary….however, they keep stating that Hillary will still go on no matter if she wins or loses Texas.

  56. Donna Brazille said Obama has to answer to some of the charges of the Hillary camp? Something also about him spending 50 million

  57. Donna Brazile looks sick..she says Hillary has “gotten away” with four days of negatives on Obama. Does admit he has to answer questions she has raised but he is still the front runner. You can see she is worried…love it!!

  58. SpacegirlArt:

    Popular vote will be something the DNC will have to look at, as well as the super delegates.

  59. Brazile said Obama has raised 50 million last month. I read this somewhere earlier tonight. It’s something they are going to gloat about tomorrow as some kind of proof Obama is superior I guess.

    That money sure didn’t help them out tonight now did it??? So much for fundraising..

  60. yippeeee love hillary and all you guys good support good for our President Hillary!!!
    thanks admin for letting us here…
    now wyoming votes saturday!!!lol

  61. We’ve gotten away with four days of negative!??! How about the media doing their job for once? We didn’t talk to the Canadian Consulate last week, we didn’t seat the Rezko jury, we didn’t run “Harry & Louise” ads, what is up with that woman???

  62. I’m sorry, but it just seems more fair for a woman to be prez before a minority. Isn’t more justice for majority females that has been repressed by minority males to finally break the final glass ceiling?

  63. I like the guy on Fox who said that the dems need to count MI/FL because if they don’t those states go Red in November. HELL YEAH.

  64. Came from Caucus – What a fiasco! Pct 62 in Beaumont, TX – Golden Triangle – where Hillary visited yesterday. Reported all irregularities to headquarters. To begin with, not nearly enough sign-in sheets – what? Knew there had been record turnout for this election, so why not prepared?!? Because no sign-in sheets, some Hillary supporters who could not stay, left. Meanwhile, man in charge (Obama supporter) passed around sheets to his side of room. Then, Hillary supporters turned away at door, while other supporters allowed in past 7:15, stating “Well, meeting hasn’t begun.” What would have been about 70%-30% in Clinton’s favor, ended up an hour later at 55%-45% for Clinton. Delegates awarded to Clinton-8, Obama-6. I will be one of the delegates for Hillary. So ready to see her President!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Brazile — how you like them apples?

    Your dude has ‘gotten away’ with month after month of race-baiting, media booty-kissing crap.

    So stFFFFFFFFu — no one wants to hear your biased crap. Keep crying and get your sorry boo-hind ready to leave the Party. Can’t come soon enough for me.

    You, Howard Fineman and Al Sharpton can go get your ‘Kumbaya’ on in your own little fantasy world. Dems want HRC, have wanted her from the beginning and throughout. Grip with that, DB.

  66. curiosityhasme,

    that’s what the Obama people have been doing. Going in early and “stealing” all of the sheets. Law enforcement has gotten involved in this.

  67. any SD that comes out for bho after tonite is just plain stupid…and another thing….why does bho people keep saying she can’t win without getting 80% of remaining delagates..he can’t either! both are going to need SD to get the nomination…so..they are in the same boat..hell no she shouldn’t drop out…are lets face it..he can’t play hardball! BHO IS CHOKING..CAN’T WIN THE BIG ONE…even with all that money. Ohio is a must have to win the presidency…it seems to me SDs should be looking at that closely

  68. Donna Brazile looks sick..she says Hillary has “gotten away” with four days of negatives on Obama. Does admit he has to answer questions she has raised but he is still the front runner. You can see she is worried…love it!!
    Let her be sick….she should be fired for her blatant bias for bambi and the rest of those loser at the DNC.

    Psymac, please just focus on the better qualified, proven winner. Let not make this a division on gender vs ethnicity. It really is what is the best person for our country.

  69. Universal: “Your dude has ‘gotten away’ with month after month of race-baiting, media booty-kissing crap. ”

    But no, he hasn’t gone negative LOL!

  70. OMG, I am BEAMING right now. My dog needs to eat, but who cares I’m watching Hill’s speech.

  71. This is a huge night. Says Rick Klein (clearly worried) 😉

    What will be interesting now is the bounce — things were turning, in tone and attitude, away from Obama’s favor in recent days, and that will only intensify now. This is a critical few days for Sen. Obama — how he copes with a setback that is every bit as serious as his loss in New Hampshire.

  72. “For everyone in America who has been counted out but refused to be knocked out, and for eveyrone who has stumbled but stood right back up and for everyone who works hard and never gives up, this one is for you!… This nation is coming back and so is this campaign…. We’re going on, we’re going strong and we’re going all the way.”

    This is a HUGE night!

  73. Cool, thanks. What will this mean for girls, that she is the first prez, so unimaginable, equality is finally happening.

  74. DEMAC

    This is a critical few days for Sen. Obama — how he copes with a setback that is every bit as serious as his loss in New Hampshire.


  75. “No candidate in recent history, Democratic or Republican, has won the White House without winning the Ohio primary… Ohio has written a new chapter in the history of this campaign.”

    Amen to that, Mme President.

  76. does anyone know if all the BO areas of TX have reported???? I am hopeing the remaining areas are strong holds for HC

  77. Independent Ben — Good, law enforcement should be involved in B Hussein’s garbage hijinx.

    SuperDelegates, the message is very clear: HRC is the choice of Democrats throughout the land and in the large states. If you are stupid enough to try to overturn the will of Democrats throughout the country, be prepared for the consequences. And I’m not talking about some rioting crap, either. I’m talking you facing a systemic challenge to your (DNC, …) leadership as bankrupt, corrupt and irreflective of Dems throughout the nation. You WILL NOT steal this nomination for BHO, I don’t care how much you may
    want to. Dems are MAD AS HELL about how HRC has been treated, and we are not taking it any more.

    John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, et al: You better heed your
    constituencies. Drop you petty Clinton jealousies and start doing what elected officials are supposed to do:
    representing the will of the (that is, Dems) people who voted you in office.

    Teddy and John: Time to get your “John Lewis” on. No more bullspit. Regardless of what happens in the open election down in TX tonight, the verdict is clear: Hillary is THE choice of Dems, and she is back. That cute little “Hussein streak” of wins is d-o-n-e. Just as we told you media and clown-boy Dem ‘leaders,’ Hillary is on the ascent once the Jesse Jackson, Jr. tactics found less receptive voters. That is what you saw tonight.

    Get your shiznit together and get behind Hill, SD’s, or you will be held to account. That is a promise.

  78. Comments ABC’s Rick Klein:

    And pay attention to this argument — she’s winning the states that matter, she’s arguing. And “no time for speeches and on-the-job-training” when that phone rings at 3 am. Just remember — an inspired Clinton is a tough thing to defeat. She can even be gracious tonight to Sen. Obama. Clinton people are e-mailing me the same word: Re-start.

  79. What an extraordinary thing for Chelsea…to have TWO PAernts qualified to BE president of the United States, and TWO that probably are! LOL!!!


  80. Suck it, CNN! Suck it, MSNBC! Suck it, Tim Russert! Suck it, Chris Matthews! Suck it, Maureen Dowd! Suck it, Arianna Huffington! Suck it, Matt Drudge!

    Thank you, Ohio, Texas, and Rhode Island!

    Here comes mo money, Hill! Keep fighting!

  81. How come on CNN it just has a shot of the outside of the auditorium at Bambi’s HQ??

    LOL…people must be doing shrooms out on the steps…they look alittle lost. 😉

  82. Idunn


    Stephanie Tubbs Jones Told Ya So Money Bomb ! hAVEN’T GOT IT BUT i’LL FIND IT.


    sorry bout the caps..it’s the rum talking

  83. What’s some good Latino music so I can get in a Texas mood? Right now all I can think of is Selena. bidi bidi bom bom

  84. More Rick Klein:

    “Yes we will!” — now there’s your response to “yes we can.” Crowd got it. Game. On.

    But let’s not forget also that “anything is possible.”
    Oh, what a night!

  85. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE A CLINTON, I can’t believe I am finding myself saying this again. Maybe the msm will wake up now and investigate bambi’s creds.

  86. We have reached the time when it is incumbent upon Barack Hussein Obama to drop out of the race for the good of the Party. There are several reasons why this is the case:

    1. He is NOT the choice of Dems. He is only being
    buoyed by malicious GOPer voters and GOP-leaning
    Indys. Nominating such a GOP stalking horse would
    be political suicide for Dems come November, and
    I’m talking about all the way down the ticket.

    2. He cannot win large Democratic states. He is a
    ‘caucus candidate,’ and one who is racking up
    bogus wins in states where Dems have ZERO shot
    come November (like Utah)

    3. His cynical, race-baiting campaign is destroying the
    Party and opening rifts between traditional allies
    such as Latinos and African-Americans. The Jesse
    Jackson, Jr. strategy narrative MUST be stopped
    before any more damage is done. BHO supporters
    have become hooligan caricatures who are not
    only making fools of themselves but of the Party.
    The John Lewis example is but one of the latest.

    4. Dems neither need nor want a Dem Ronald Reagan
    cult. The mass hallucinations are beginning to wear
    off, and it is time that Mr. Hussein Obama accepts
    that his ‘movement’ was both a race-focused farce
    and untenable. I, as a lifelong Dem, am not
    prepared to gleefully go down with the Obama ship
    come November. Particularly after 8 years of

    Barack Hussein Obama — Step down now, before you
    and your Chicago-style, Rezko-stained politics destroy both yourself and the Party which does not support you, numerically. You have heard the Dem voters tonight, and their voice has been clear and not
    at all affected by what you, the media and many effete Dem ‘leaders’ wished to hear after your unimpressive winning streak.

    It is time to serve your country by honorably withdrawing from the contest and recanting you offensive, childish tactics.

    Mr. Obama — it is time to do the right thing and stand
    down so that the first legitimate female candidate for
    President is unfettered by you and your supporters’ boorish tactics.

    Act now, and save whatever political ‘face’ you still have left. I would suggest a focus on the Rezko trial so that you and your family are not caught unawares due to your outsized ambitions.

  87. YUCk, How can you all bare listening to BO? I just closed the window when they said he was going to drone on……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  88. There are still a lot of counties that have not totally reported some in the Houston area and Dallas area… a little nervous!!!!

  89. well…NAFTA-gate has hurt him more than a lot of people realize. If he gets all twisted up in some scandal and can’t handle the Canadian government, how’s he gonna deal with China?

  90. God, does Obama suck!

    Can’t he say ANYTHING?

    OH, he called John McCain–what a f’n nice guy.

    Burn in Hell Obama!

  91. He sure looks annoyed. There is a lot swirling around him now and he’s losing tonight.

  92. Some blowhard was saying this spells a Obama/Clinton ticket

    Yeah…when monkeys fly out of my ass and deliver the newspaper. 🙄

  93. She would never – but I Hillary’s going to win this nomination now 🙂

    I mean, SD’s sit up and take notice: the general election is gonna be about the economy and national security.

  94. You know, I hate to admit this, I used to like listening to his speeches. But the last few have been different. This one is angry and not flowy or uplifting. Tone is v. different.

  95. hes pissed..he cant look striahgt with thos eeyes…sorry ass looser cheater ,liar
    uhhh cant win big states

  96. WOOOH!!! WHAT GREAT NEWS reed061! Notice he’s fighting against both mcCain AND Hillary now!

  97. Molly, you bet he is reading off a teleprompter. He can’t speak without one. Please someone…unplug it!

  98. Are the Yorkie’s Clintonistas? I’m pretty sure my little doggie is a McCain fan. A McCainine. That’s just because she barks a lot, I feel she’s very militant and very much concerned with national security and protecting the homeland.

  99. Universal says:

    Dems are MAD AS HELL about how HRC has been treated, and we are not taking it any more.

    You said it my friend.

  100. is he gonna give us enough geographical references? lol. The hills of Montana, and the deserts of Arizona! A puppy in Iowa, and a hurricane in New Orleans

  101. Well, what’s happened: the MSM was so obssessed with seeing Hillary lose, that they allowed this man to get this far, with no scrutiny at all.

  102. @tiny… embarrassed to say, but tino was in them paper here in asheville with a “canines for kerry” tee! he has since renounced his endorsement for kerry though!

  103. I know he said herding goats, but I heard HURTING goats and was like “WHAZZA HE HURTS GOATS OH NO YOU DI-INT'” Then I realized it wsa herding.

  104. Its funny but SUSA looks like they have been spot on yet again, they had pegged it right in Ohio by at least 10%, they had 54/44

  105. Universal: great letter!

    Everyone: didn’t Hillary look fabulous tonight? Competent, energetic, beautiful, confident. Her speech was a barn-burner! Wow!

    And, for the record, Stinky’s accent is not Hawaiian, Kansan, or Indonesian. He got his accent in the 25th IL Senate district, on the south shore of Chicago in the Kenwood neighborhood, probably on Sundays at the Trinity Church while listening to the hate-mongering of Rev. Wright. Ugh. I can’t stand to listen to him – I can’t wait until everyone else wakes up and smells the coffee!

    How did you all like McCain’s speech?

  106. Yeah! Fox gave BO the same amount of time as Hillary and they cut off his windiness in mid sentence…WOW…shock!

  107. OMG, I LOVE Fox (what the hell am I saying there?) They said they were being Fair and Balanced and giving him the same time they gave Hillary. YES.

  108. I decided to unmute the tv and listen to BO. Bad speech IMO…rambling on and on..I have only listed to a little but is he even making any case for his campaign?

  109. tiny dancer,

    it’s true though. They’ve given more balanced coverage to Hillary’s race, since they didn’t really have a dog in the fight.

  110. Fox (Rove) is saying Obama’s lead in delegates will shrink. Rove also saying Obama has lost momentum and that now people are now taking a look at him.

  111. Idunn, I think not winning Vermont is going to kill us

    Don’t worry about Vermont. Pretty soon they will belong to Canada anyway. 😉

  112. VT is key to winning……………….nothing. Oh wait…don’t you need Vermont in order to ….nope, can’t even fake something there.

  113. what is key in tx is the valley numbers-how big is the turnout guys. im too tired to look at those counties. houston aint in-hou is goignobama right now now 2 to 1. that sraes me big time.

  114. Obama is ambitious, one of his major strong points (Washington Post article Sunday). He is also a sore loser, and has spun every one of Hillary’s wins as his victory some how. When she was up by 100, he never mentioned the Superdelegate totals. He always spun something that made him look like a winner. She has won a lot of the major Blue States. Many of his wins are in red states, which means it will not help the Democrats win in November, as they always go red. They say 50 superdelegates are poised to go his way.

    I have to ask you, superdelegates, your endorsement is based on What? You surely understand politics better than I do. If you cannot carry the blue state, you cannot win. You can count on McCain carrying the red state. The Republicans will support him regardless.

    The charm is wearing off, and there is still the Rezko trial, which has plenty of information to be provided before Pennsylvania. I wonder when main stream media will decide to cover that one.

  115. For the number crunchers among us – if she routs his ass in PN, IN, and KY as she did in OH and RI, she can make up that pledged delegate count, right? It is less than 100.

    Plus Puerto Rico has 60 and is winner-take-all? This bullshit about ‘she can’t make it up’ is, well, bullshit.

  116. Says NYT:

    Mr. Obama is speaking against a plain backdrop, without people behind him. It has a kind of deadening effect, and Mr. Obama looks a little grim. No cheering fans. No big smile. No confetti. He usually bests Mrs. Clinton on staging and atmospherics, but not tonight. He’s also containing his usual inspiration, perhaps thinking he needs to keep it a little more real in the face of the Ohio results. And he refers to Mrs. Clinton; in the last few weeks, he had allowed himself to think past the nomination and speak directly to Mr. McCain. Tonight, he refers to them both.

    Says ABC:

    Win or lose, speech is the same — Obama’s audience is now those in the next round — Pennsylvania, we suppose. But the question becomes — do the words grow stale with time? We have seven weeks to find out…

    Obama/Rezko ’08 = Media Darling no more…?

  117. I know jdog, I was trying to see if I could spin the VT win against us and I… can’t. LoL. VT is key to??????

    I mean it’s a dem state, so he can claim he won one of those.

  118. Independent Ben Says:
    ben u cracked me up
    March 4th, 2008 at 11:52 pm
    omg, he’s just rambing about shit
    lmao cut that sucker off..gosh darn right they couldnt hear any more of that shit..

  119. Rove is saying that the delegate count favors Obama in Texas because how the DNC dole out the delegate count to the AAs and affluent whites but less for Latinos.

    These are the quirks but the momentum has changed for Hillary Clinton and every little bit helps.

    Now more and more Democrats are going to think hard about Obama electability comes November. He just doesn’t have the character and strength to be POTUS. He’s a cry baby and a bully when he doesn’t get his way.

  120. texan4hillary, El Paso is not in either. It is only 12% or so. And several of the rural counties where she is winning 2 to 1 are also not done. Travis county is more than two-thirds in and Dallas is more than 50% in. Some of his advantage there is already reflected in early voting numbers which are already part of the vote totals. Biting my nails here. I think she will pull it out in the end.

  121. “well she’s 55,000 ahead now in Texas, but thats small change.”

    It is a slooooow growing gap…so hopefully it will continue

  122. Every so often I stop and remember that a WOMAN is winning these primaries.

    I was pretty young when Mondale/Ferraro ran and I remember being told that Mondal would never win the Presidency because he had a woman running mate. (nevermind it was Mondale…against…Regan…lol). Pretty cool.

  123. She continues steadily ahead in texas, not by much, but steadyily. This reminds me of new hampshire, where she was supposed to lose, but was steadily ahead!

  124. Puerto Rico has a lot to do with local politics.
    The governor will be against whoever those in the Statehood party are for.

  125. ;-D

    EVEYONE HERE PLEASE call Stephanie Tubbs JOnes! HE rnumber is at top of page thanks to ADMIN

  126. She took control of this, by totally knocking him off message, and by finally convincing the media to take a look at what the Hell was happening. 🙂

    She really brought the commander-in-chief issue into the discussion, and was able to show her endorsements by miltary and her great relations with the military. We love her.. veterans do too. She has always stood up for veterans.

  127. Hillary can and did!

    Hillary won RI by 18 percent
    Hillary won OH by 14 percent

    Very good! better yet AWESOME

    Hope these translate to wwwwwiiiinnn in Texas

  128. Everyone, keep your eyes on Harris County. This is where Houston is. For some reason, only 14% of the results are in for that county. High AA population there.

    But I remain optimistic!!

  129. MSNBC all like “what the shit saturday night live” with anchors looking terribly SERIOUS and much laughter in the background

  130. I’ll be back in the am to do my duty. Need to write Stephanie Tubbs Jones and email…maybe spread some love about HWSNBN. 😉

    Sleep well, and don’t blame anyone for your freaky food dreams but yourself!


  132. Am straight female but even I have to admit that Hillary looked hot tonight. Her makeup was well done, her outfit was great and her accessories was to die for. I swear this woman could govern and do it on the dance floor.

  133. Now that McCain is totally done, are we going to get SWARMS of Republicans having a party in our elections?

  134. LOL…I live in the middle of nowhere. I don’t dream because there’s zero stimulus to drea. Oysters and poptarts be damned. 😉

    Night (((Pinkers)))!

  135. Tiny Dancer,

    If I was McCain I would tell Bush: “Thanks, but no thanks…” (Then kick him in the balls and walk away [don’t know if McCain can run]).

  136. HillGuy
    they showed a picture of a Houston Caucus location a minute ago on FOX, still not even caucused yet….

    tons of AA outside

  137. If you’re McCain and Bush wants to campaign for you, what do you do? “Um… you can go to Texas….and….?”

  138. dedfg… email me and i’ll send it to you… ive had it for a while and sent it to admin… its the same poll projection that was leakd by the obama camp that msnbc is talking abt… i’d post but its a pdf file. if anyone wants it, let me know

  139. BO send the PR Gov some letter promising him the moon and the stars.. Thats why he’s for him.. Quid pro quo..

  140. How did you all like McCain’s speech?

    he used the fear card and sounds like bushie..he has no intellect either,speaking abilites only my friends..thats my thoughts though

  141. Doesn’t the Puerto Rican Governor have an FBI investigation or something? Not exactly a winning endorsement…

  142. I thought she was radiant. she’s the most gifted public servant of our generation.

    God has always been good to this country, since great leaders have usually stood up when we most needed them. Like Lincoln, FDR… I think right now is such a time – and it would be a tragedy if the country blew it’s chance to elect the right person.

  143. # TeamClinton08 Says:
    March 5th, 2008 at 12:11 am

    BO send the PR Gov some letter promising him the moon and the stars.. Thats why he’s for him.. Quid pro quo..

    Team. Do we have this too? In print?

  144. I suspected this would be an awesome night but didn’t want to say so out loud too emphatically. But now that the night’s here I just must say: Fucking AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Fantastic!!! Stupendous!!! RIGHT ON.




  146. Plus Puerto Rico has 60 and is winner-take-all? This bullshit about ’she can’t make it up’ is, well, bullshit.
    Obama is already in PR, I hope we can still put pressure to take away his advantage.

    If you want a laugh then go to MSNBC and look at those clowns over there. Although I’m very surprised at Brian Williams lack of professionalism…he’s in the tank for Obama too, more like hate the Clintons so he couch the win as Hillary had to go negative.

    What a bunch of losers and crybabies….Everybody assumes that Obama is going to rise again but I don’t think Wyoming is a lock for Obama and Mississippi I don’t know…it all have to do with same day registration and Repugs cross over. We’ll see but I like that Hillary is talking about going all the way to the covention.

    Oh yes, I love how they what to throw her a bone…VP for Obama. Eff Obama why would Hillary want to be dragged into his mess?



    tomorrow LOL


  148. Well, overall I think Hillary was able to turn the media a bit, with some help from SNL 🙂 None of them are denying that this is a huge night for Hillary Clinton.

  149. Ya know….isnt itpathetic that we can say “Black places will vote for Obama”


  150. We don’t have primaries where people vote here in PR, but no one cares much about u.S. politics. The delegates decide amongst themselves.


  151. haha, After all that supposed momentum, yet again Obama could not put our girl away, what an idiot.

  152. Houston and Dallas Fort Worth are finally reporting, but Laredo, El Paso and San Antonio are yet to post their full results. Clinton may very well absorb Obama’s margins in Harris and Dallas counties.

  153. Way to go Pulchritude! I put in calls for the past two weeks, but I know I didn’t do over 800!

  154. These people freak me out


    and they are STILL SAYING “she should drop out, she cannot catch up”

  155. They still haven’t got a chance to caucus yet….I don’t know why they had same day caucus, I believe it was to not have people change their mind…but Hillary has a good chance for a lawsuit because the caucus has to be available to all parties and many of the elderly are being shut out with the delays and everything.

    The Caucus need to be re done and a different day with independent monitors.

  156. Hillary’s wins tonight just make me angrier and angrier about the Democrat Party, the Democratic Party leaders’ blatant sexism, and calling the Clintons racists.

    I can’t even talk about it, I’m so angry.

  157. So before ST whomever won CA was the nominee.

    After ST whomever won TX & OH was the nominee.

    Now it’s whatever equation means that Obama will be the nominee produces the nominee?

  158. i’m canceling my Newsweek subscription. I can’t stand Jonathan Alter anymore. I used to respect him, but he’s totally in the tank for Obama.

    Oh, yeah, right, ‘Clinton won’t be able to say ‘I won Texas’. HAH.

  159. Comment by chris | 2008-03-05 00:16:34

    From what I got, Hillary Clinton carried my precinct in the primary count, approximately 56%. But in the caucus tonight it was 59% Obama 41% Clinton. Resulting in 24/16 delegates to the next delegate step. OUR SYSTEM IS FUCKING ARCHAIC!!!!!

    Nobody seemed to know how the caucus system works. The precinct judges were confused, they were good people, and I know the precinct judge who is top notch. But after we signed in to the caucus we were told we could leave if we wanted to.

    What this resulted in:
    Since Clinton got 16 delegates from our district, we needed 32 people to be there tonight (16 delegates and 16 alternates).
    We had about 400 people gathered outside perhaps, and after many were told they could leave…guess how many were still standing in the room for Clinton…exactly 32. Meaning, if any more had left, we wouldn’t have had 16 alternates.

    This stupid ass system confused all sides, yet Bob Bauer has the fucking audacity to say Clinton complains when losing. His audacious disrespect for me as a voter will be taken out directly on his campaign.

    I left after being told I could. I called the campaign to inform them they carried 034 precinct. “You left the caucus?”
    “Oh god, no…you have to stay there to finish the process.”

    They took my info to follow up on the problems in the caucus system. I’ll keep you updated.

    In good news, the caucus members were presenting resolutions to send to the DNC. I asked if I had to have it already written to present it and quickly scribbled down the following proposal:

    “All Democratic Party debates will be hosted and moderated by neutral non-media centered organizations such as the League of Women Voters to prevent the obvious conflict of interest in network anchors asking questions.”

    This passed overwhelmingly. We must join across the country to get these talking heads out of the debates. They are fucking us when they ask bullshit and biased loaded questions. We must end this slanting of issues in favor ratings bait.

    Over from Houston.
    (have to change MSNBC before I destroy my TV with a brick)

    Reply to this comment

    Post a Comment

  160. OMG, what a mess. Having a damn caucus immediately after a full state primary is just insane…

  161. THere are still caucuses that haven’t happened yet? HOLY! What time is it in TX? I would not stay this late to caucus, that blows.

  162. When I finished nursing school, I was singing,”I’m so excited.” Well, I am singing that song now. Hillary is fantastic.

    He is leading in the caucus totals O 56 C 44. The caucus is still going on!

  163. Remember Hillary won NH by 2 percent? 39-37! So Hillary can do it!

    Just hope she can pull close or ahead in the stupid caucus!

  164. I REALLY don’t understand the Texas caucuses. What counts? What difference do they make?





  166. I keep saying….. with all the money from Jan. and Feb. he can NOT close the deal…. SD can now see this!!

  167. hawk Says:
    My friend in Wyoming says we need to call there and Bill Clinton will be there campaigning
    your right…bills friends with simpsons,there lotts of repubs…im from cody friends with allen and sons same church we were,i know them well..oh well moved for jobs no jobs..nub 1 issue…lol…if you look up cody enterprise its the paper thru much the state and casper star tribune,,im not sure in cheynnes..
    and if you call casper cheynne,rawlins,cody, powell,
    green river ,rocks springs,evanston..all nice people,very few..uhh.. aa

  168. omg! msnbc is so pathetic! obama didnt expect to win ohio so they dont care…

    oh really… then why did they keep precincts open???? puhleeez! nora odonnell is a sad hag!

  169. Susan Eldridge (sp) on FOX says “we made these stupid Democratic rules, I don’t know what drugs we were on at the time but I wish we had some now!”


    It’s not hard to understand. The leadership of the Democrat Party will NOT accept a female Presidential nominee.

  171. Emmy, I think like 35% of the delgates are awarded at the damn caucus. But everyone is supposed to follow the will of the voters, right?

  172. omg! msnbc is so pathetic! obama didnt expect to win ohio so they dont care…

    Where have you been? Clinton wins are always unimportant. Saint Obama wins are all HUGE.

  173. Jas: Bill is Hillary’s greatest advocate. When I was watching c-span this weekend, he said, “she will be a better President, than I was.” Wow!

  174. So if Hill wins the primaries in Texas, but not the caucuses, she would get 2/3 of the delegates, right?

  175. Remember it is hard to get the nomonation with out winning OH. SD are going to see this then there is PA. another strong state I think we can win big in!!!

  176. “The leadership of the Democrat Party will NOT accept a female Presidential nominee.”

    –That’s what I’m afraid of too. All the signs are there, especially considering its nonaction to all the sexism toward Clinton.

    However, I won’t accept their not accepting her, especially because she’s a woman. I suggest all her supporters do the same. If they steal this nomination from her, not only will I write in her name if possible, I will never vote for another democrat again because that will also be a vote for the Misogynist Party.

  177. the skew in the caucus system will show quickly tonight

    Washinton State took too long for anyone to care

  178. this Rachel Maddow is insane. All she talks about is how Hillary Clinton “attacked” Obama. Nothing about the shit that Obama has done himself, like Rezko..NAFTA-gate

  179. something like that but not sure how exactly it works 2/3 delegates awarded to the primary winner and 1/3 to the caucus winner – pretty lame, but thats how the state of Texas designed it

  180. Fran

    I had a sixty something year old woman tell me on the phone tonight she will be writing in Hillary if she is not the nominee

  181. I think Texas is a perfect example to show how stupid the caucus system is. Hussein Obama’s wins are mostly from these caucuses and he won by large margin and got a lot more delegates because of it. If they were all primaries and winer takes all, Hillary would have won a long time ago.

  182. You guys have to hear this. File it under ‘irony.’

    MyDD took down a diary which I just wrote which was a mere restatement of the ‘stand down, Obama’ comment I wrote here at 11:41 PM. Hilarious! They actually had the stones to tell me the diary was ‘ugly,’ or some such crap.

    However, guess where the exact same diary is still up, with nary a peep from an admin:

    Yep; Great Orange Satan.

    As I told the Orangians, those who believed that the site which took down my diary was in the tank for HRC were, as most of us knew, very incorrect. Like so many other intellectually dishonest sites, they only
    care about hit counts and they have seen a steady rise in the Obamanians feeling their oats coming to the site to rant. Hence, my diary gets taken down.

    You cannot make this stuff up. What a night.


  183. DIVA

    IF ALL they have to alk about is her “cackle” then we KNOW they are at the end of the line

    NO POLICY issues

  184. How the hell can he not drop out? This whole thing has become so ridiculous, it’s almost pathetic. It looks like she’s won ALL the big states so far. If the situation had been reversed and he had won the same back on february’s supertuesday, I have no doubt the dem party would have tried strong-arming her out. But she wins like this, and she should quit? Do these assholes think her supporters will buy that B.S.?

  185. I liked the guys on Fox tonight all (paraphrasing here) “MSNBC needs to endorse Obama and get it over with”

  186. Laney Davis was trying to school Jamal, but Jamal is acting like an ass, so he couldn’t take instruction, but Barack Hussein Obama is not what democrats in this country want.

  187. MSNBC played Obama’s entire speech, which was a rambling, incoherent mess. They were swooning about it lol

  188. SUGAR Says:

    March 5th, 2008 at 12:33 am
    Let’s all urge Obama to drop out tomorrow. That will drive the bots crazy. lmao
    yep thats what we need to do,we can play these games too..back at him.lol..

  189. Ben: great idea to urge Bambi to drop out now– will make them show their very worst qualities.

    And, as far as accepting a woman nominee goes: MARCH IS WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH! Time for Hillary to make history!

    And of course this is very difficult – just like Ginger Rogers, Hillary is dancing all the same steps as a man – just backwards and in high heels!
    G’night Hillfriends –

  190. Hi everyone! From Boston here- just made phone calls the whole night at State Rep’s Alice Wolf’s home- clarification on TX primary/caucus (don’t quote me on this) but Rep. Wolf said that the Texas 2-step voting process is:

    1.) Voters go to PRIMARIES to vote- this is allocated to the popular vote and then 2/3 of delegates are allocated according to this vote.

    2.) Tonight, starting at 6:30pm, voters could start signing into CAUCUS wherein the remaining 1/3 of delegates are allocated.

    BOTH steps in the voting process count. The second step didn’t start till tonight (and ended tonight), whereas the primary (first step) started as early as Feb. 19 for voters.

    TX is very complicated.

  191. I give Fox mad props for cutting Obama off. It was pretty much pandering to those Clinton supporters who have fled from CNN/MSNBC, (they know we’re watching, lol) but it was still damn funny.

  192. I’m working on my “drop out bho” post right now. He is the one who is destroying the party and wasting a lot of time and money. Look at how much cash he’s dropped over the past couple of weeks in those states and still is coming up short. Democrats don’t want him.

  193. I will never vote for another democrat again because that will also be a vote for the Misogynist Party.

    I’ve already made that decision. I’ve been voting since 1972 and have voted for the Democratic candidate in every local, county, state, and national election except for five candidates. Never again.

    I will give the Democratic candidate the same opportunity to sell me as any other candidate. but, no more automatic votes for the Democrats. They party doesn’t represent my views.

  194. about 64% in, and Hillary’s lead in Texas has increased to about 150,000. time to call it?

  195. and if you notice, on MSNBC now you don’t see anybody who was at all fair – like Pat Buchanan. They’ve totally drowned in the kool aid


    There is a long road ahead, but PA is 7 wks away, so we have to keep the momentum up. PA may be the “Superbowl” according to FOX News. It is the only station, that I am watching. LOL. I never watched FOX News, before this election.

    Hillary is very fortunate to have such a fine group of grassroots organizers. All of you, have greatly inspired me with your energy, devotion, intelligence, and tenacity. Thank you.

  197. Right back at you, Spacegirl! Sleep well and dream beautiful dreams of our Hillary in the White House! 🙂
    PS – Ogreman just reported that Hillary will do ALL the morning shows and the cable news shows tomorrow AM! Wow! Backwards and in high heels!

  198. the campaign must challenge the caucuses. my friedn was a capt tonight-very bad. hillary’s folks were driven out with violence. cops were called tonight. obama people stole her id. ive spoken to hillary’s legal team and they are now speaking to her. she is hysterical and afraid. obama won the caucus bc they drove out 100 hillary supporters. this is horrifying. ive been dealing with his troopers all day. our nation is in peril with this candidate guys. im worried for america. we need a big msm story on this. obama is winning many caucuses here this way. im so upset. clinton must now sue to invaldiate these. dont know the remedy yet but clinton has a duty to her supporters to now file suit against the tx dem party for remedy. will u guys help int his and push for this? admin? the caucus results are half fraud. period. obama is not irritating anymore-his followers are dangerous.

  199. Well, some will try and spin Mississippi as momentum for BO. But seriously, it’s not that signifcant

  200. dean needs impeached and fired from his job…keeping people out late night for these cacus after already voting primary.. causing havik and stress he should mixed signals.cops getting involved signs being torned down….he hasnt explained the rules to anyone… and brazzill to..and have these cacuses dismissed out of this race..

  201. I think Bill did very well for Hillary this week. I think he’s able to be at his best when he can keep a lower profile, which is obviously very, very difficult because the press cover him, too. I see that they have him alternating states with her. If she was in Ohio, he was in Texas. He was giving speeches at places like universities. I saw one he gave at Texas A and M and it was excellent. And he emphasized her agenda and who she is and stayed on message. He did a great job.

    It’s obvious though that the democratic “leadership” has several factions. And the old status quo — Kennedy, Kerry, and others — are backing Barack. There is great resentment of Hillary from what I see. It was his buddies in the senate, from what I hear, who talked him into running for President in this election cycle, but I don’t know if that is accurate.

  202. One more thing on the caucus wins. Here’s my response to the people bragging about those: is the general election a giant caucus?

    I rest my case.

    (For the moment at least.)

  203. Dallas – 71% in with Obama leading 62-38
    Fort Worth – 48% in with Obama leading 55-45
    Houston – 50% in with Obama leading 58-41
    Austin – 78% in with Obama leading 63-37

    El Paso – 28% in with Clinton leading 69-29
    San Antonio – 55% in with Clinton leading 56-43
    Laredo – 1% in with Clinton leading 77-21
    Brownsville – 40% in with Clinton leading 68-30

    and Clinton leads by 57,000 votes

    I believe Clinton can win Texas.

  204. “We say, we (something) , we Hope, Yes we can” Obama in austin

    what the HELL does that MEAN???

  205. I’m close to PA, so I’m going to start working that state like a 9-5. If I have to go every other weekend from now until the contest there, I will.

  206. Hi SpacegirlArt! Boston’s great and is all for Hillary!! Yea!!! Thanks for asking 🙂 I think Hillary is winning BIG tonight!!

  207. Bill Clinton was ALL over Texas, it was awesome. It was like Billy does Dallas…El Paso…Houston..






  210. Congrats to HRC and her team! Much love to everyone here who has given their hard earned money, made calls, etc. Just 1 media note: Why does Howard Fineman pretend like he knows what the fuck is going on w/ Hill’s campaign?

  211. Texan4hillary at 12:34 I and others have been saying he and his crowd are dangerous. That this situation has come to this disgusts me. Many people should have seen the warning signs right away after over seven long years of warning signs going off daily with Bush. Now we’re in the same situation again? This is insane. It can’t go on. America can’t survive another round of this shit, IMO at least.

  212. Uneffing believable! He has had every advantage they could possibly give him, and they still can’t create a movement!!!!!!!! DEMOCRATS LOVE HILLARY!!!!

  213. hillary’s folks were driven out with violence. cops were called tonight.

    what!??? get a police report. that is what you need. get that report, then you have the story, get it out there. this cannot happen in our primaries.

  214. I find it hard to believe that the Democratic nominee does not win CA, NY, NJ, MA, FL, MI, TX, OH, PA … This is crazy! Hussein Obama should drop out now or drop dead!

  215. Thanks to everyone who kept the faith in February and helped the March to victory tonight.

    All the calls, all the donations, all the emails, – it worked. Actions speak louder than words.

    Heartfelt thanks to everyone. Thanks for fighting Hillary.

  216. GUYS, we must thank Rush Limbaugh too 😀 The REpublican crossover advantage for bambi was kept to around 10% versus 50% in the last primary in Wisconsin 😀 :bow:

  217. T4Hill – I’m so sorry you had to go through that. We can’t have Chicago thugs steal the White House. And, as a Chicagoan, who is a white woman who has run against black male candidates in a black district, I know what I’m talking about! I’ll never forget the continual altercations, polling place shennanigans, and voter fraud perpetrated by my opponent’s machine and his workers, and the time my opponent punched out one of my precinct workers on election day – very ugly stuff. Stinky and Axelgrease have exported this kind of stink to Texas and Ohio today to help him win.
    (Yes, I know on the way to signing off I stepped back onto the soap box.)
    Russert is going on and on about numbers of delegates – he’s so in the tank for Obama!

  218. She’s our girl and she’s our next President. What a wonderful wonderful night! This is so great. 😀

  219. Thanks to you too admin for giving us an outlet! I don’t know what I would have done this last month without Big Pink.

  220. Guys, Keep encouraging Rush to stump and speak to Republicans for Hillary! We need him more than ever, especially if Republicans have nothing to do now that McCain is the nominee!

  221. DIVA…that tshirt and the one that says “This is like heaven for me. Here we are, surrounded by jalepenos.”

  222. They are going to laud the caucus results like crazy. Those caucuses have got to go.

  223. I flipped to CNN for 2 seconds to see Jamal saying that there’s a bunch of AA votes who’ve yet to be counted yet, so if Hillary did indeed win TX it’s a big win for her.

    Sigh. He is a cutie though.

  224. Clinton Wins in Ohio While Texas Race Remains Tight

    By Chris Cillizza
    washingtonpost.com staff writer

    Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton defeated Sen. Barack Obama in Ohio yesterday, a crucial win in a swing state. …

    With 82 percent of the precincts reporting in Ohio, Clinton led Obama 56 percent to 42 percent. Clinton, taking the stage in Columbus to chants of “Hill-a-ry”, acknowledged tonight that many had counted her out before tonight.

    “For anyone in Ohio or America who’s ever been counted out but refused to be knocked out, for everyone who has stumbled but stood right back up, for everyone who worked hard and never gives up, this one is for you,” Clinton said to massive applause.

    Putting to rest rumors that she might end her campaign depending on the results of yesterday’s vote, Clinton offered an affirmative assertion she would continue on. “We’re going on, we’re going strong and we’re going all the way,” Clinton said.

    Chants of “Yes She Can!” filled the room.

  225. Emmy: yeah, they will tout the caucus results more than the popular vote. But, when Hillary is making her case to the DNC, popular vote will also count.

    FL and MI delegates need to be seated!

  226. haha i love the AP narrative, Obama unable to close the deal.

    He just cant beat her.

    Tables have turned, they are going to kill him now.

  227. LETS WIN THIS!!!! We should already be ahead in Pennsylvania with early voting. LETS GO HILLARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  228. MJS, I am going to write all talk radio hosts after work tomorrow and thank them for helping in stopping obama. My letter last time was not to get BEHIND hillary, but to knock it off the crossover repugs for him. It was bad for the LONG TERM of the country as McCain MIGHT NOT win.

    Even Laura Ingram today said even if Hillary wins it wont be all that terrible COMPARED WITH OBAMA

  229. Tomorrow, keep telling everyone on the boards – BO outspent Hill 3 or 4 to 1 and he still couldn’t win Ohio! No president from either party in modern history has been elected president without winning the Ohio primary!

  230. WANTED: New speech writer for presidental candidate. Must write coherently. Big bucks. Apply immediately

  231. Get used to lots of “CALL WYOMING!” posts in the next couple days! 😀

    …what a huge night – wow!

  232. Hillary has the momentum now 😀 I hope she runs with it and barrages both Wyoming and Mississippi. Don’t let Barack get any FREE delegates. Cut any advantages he may have in either state.

  233. ADMIN: Thank you!!!! I learned a long time ago, never believe it when people say a Clinton is going to do anything but win!

  234. he outspent us 4 o 5 to 1 AND his SEIU 527 dumped 700K into tex this last week and WE STILL WON!

    p/s to the lurkers…. SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! (AND YOU CAN QUOTE ME ON THAT!)

  235. Now everyone…Bots will be SWARMING LIKE ANTS at a picnic of spilled kool aid in upcoming states…we need to CALL CALL CALL and DONATE!!!!!!

  236. Someone please tell the WaPO that the chants weren’t “Yes, we can…” they were “Yes, we WILL!”

  237. Awwww, shit. A girl can’t go to a local city council watch party, have a few drinks without the world coming to an end???

    Maybe for the 👿 bots. Bwahahahahahahahahaha

    Site is updated. It’s HUmd Day Money omb time for us Cashonistas. Cut and paste and pass the fuck along…. cashonistas.blogspot.com.

    I made a special play for GeekLove. God Bless you and the strut.


  239. The caucus numbers for Texas are so puny, compared to the primary vote. What a crock of s***, that the caucuses have so much power.

  240. As I have said before no AA has ever won a statewide election in PA. Lynn Swann was even blown out for governor. Rendell won over 60% of the vote.

  241. I agree. If their thuggish behavior is any indication, Bots will be more aggressive than ever. We need to keep donating and calling!!!!! Bring it!

  242. I looking at 4 big huge states in southern texas including Hildago which are less than 40% in and going for Hillary by about 80%

    Hildago is 60,000 to 15000 with only 47% in.

  243. “When your opponent is drowning, you throw the sonofabitch an anvil” -James Carville

    …Hillary has ALL the momentum now, after tonight! I hope she keeps the pressure on Obama and keeps fighting all the way to Pennsylvania. The sharp, pointed critiques of Obama’s glaring weaknesses are working. If this election is about issues, then she wins it.

  244. Yes SUGAR he needs to drop out before he, as they say, tears the party apart.

    The GE doesn’t vote by caucus and his only big state is Alaska

    Bambi, for the good of the party drop out now. heh

  245. United, who you talking about? I didn’t read anything past 6 CST tonight. You guys are too damn verbose.

  246. http://www.hillaryclinton.com/news/release/view/?id=6355

    Statement of Clinton Campaign on Rhode Island Victory

    Providence, RI: Hillary Clinton tonight scored a decisive victory in the Ocean State, winning the popular vote by a margin of 58%-40% with 98% of precincts reporting.

    “Voters reaffirmed tonight what we’ve been saying since the beginning: Rhode Island is squarely behind Senator Clinton,” said Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, co-chair of the Clinton campaign in RI. “This campaign was unprecedented: we phone banked, we canvassed, and we made Senator Clinton’s case all over this state. Tonight it paid off.”

    Congressman Jim Langevin added: “Rhode Islanders know Senator Clinton is ready to lead, and will deliver real solutions to the challenges faced by so many Rhode Islanders.”

    “When I visited Rhode Island last Sunday, I said that this little state would have a big voice in this election,” said Senator Clinton. “I am so pleased and honored to have such broad and decisive support from the great state of Rhode Island.”

    Hillary’s campaign launched an unprecedented voter outreach effort over the last three weeks, canvassing in every city and town, operating more than a dozen phone banks, and mobilizing volunteers from 22 staging locations around the state. Latinos for Hillary activated Latino voters, while Women for Clinton issued a “10 to 1 challenge,” with each member recruiting ten more members in support of Hillary’s candidacy.

    The victory came as the campaign was outspent by its opponent by more than three to one.

  247. BO’s the one tearing the party apart with his race-baiting, lying, and two-faced smarminess! Give me a break!


    –oh please, they’ve been negative from Day One.

  249. Obama campaign is issuing emergency decrees tonight: burn extra incense, double up on the chanting.

  250. By the way, we also should blanket Indiana – it’s in BO’s calculus, but we shouldn’t give it up – it’s a better fit for Hill.

  251. I’m so glad today turned out well, because i had fears of it going to shit but my faith is redeemed in people not buying the bullshit.

  252. “By the way, we also should blanket Indiana – it’s in BO’s calculus, but we shouldn’t give it up – it’s a better fit for Hill.”

    Also, Hillary has a huge supporter in Evan Baye.

  253. the campaign must sue over the caucuses guys. horror stories abound. as long as they have docu they need to show it asap. time to deligitmize the caucuses-make america so disgusted that thsoe comming up will lose value etc

  254. OKIE,

    you smoking crack without me again?

    i was talking to you, lets sue somebody, the dnc, al sharpton, the shirells, just saying, lets f*ck with em now!!!

  255. It’s 2:07 here in PR. i’ve gotta hit the hay. tonight i will have good dreams. Thanks everybody!!! You are family!

  256. Good night (for real). Love to Hillary. Great job, everyone!
    (My list for tomorrow: Donate. Call. Blog. Repeat. Oh, and work.)

  257. My mom just called. She said the caucus was a clusterfuck. Was there for 2.5 hrs and when she left it was still going. They wanted her to be a HRC delegate. Promised her state delegate, to. She said no bc it’s on her anniversary. I yelled at her OC. Said the 👿 bots were yelling and threatening stuff. I’m too tired and drunk to get into it. Full report tomorrow night.

  258. I’m glad the Hillary Hub has that attack timeline. Hillary went out of her way at the beginning of the race to say that she did not want to go negative. Anybody remember the “pile on?” They were trying to force her out of the race almost from day 1.

  259. OandrewD Says:

    March 5th, 2008 at 1:04 am
    But Birdgal we are close so only Democrats can vote here. As it should be in a party primary


    Obama has been negative. Those mailers have been negative, the ads have been negative. I guess, they are going to call out more thugs!

  260. I don’t think her ad was really negative. It was informative. Hello, she has relationships around the world and she knows the armed forces. It really waa about her strength. The Dem poobah’s in our party are idiots. No Dem in our life time has EVER been endorsed by so many generals and admirals.

  261. I sent the campaign all the stuff I could about the caucus stories I heard. Sounds like TX caucuses were just more of the same.

  262. from what i can see, there are still big areas to come in for Clinton in Texas and she’s holding her own in Bambi’s districts, thats the difference.

  263. What a burn on the Kennedys–oh, yeah, that’s exactly who you want leading teh crusade to sandbag our first first-tier female candidate. Go, Sheldon Whitehouse.

  264. I agree with you mj. I don’t consider the phone ad to be negative or “fear mongering”. She has incredible support among the military and her knowledge of international matters is phenomenal.

  265. The good thing about Wyoming is that there are less than 500,000 people in the state. So calling all the voters should be easy! 😀

  266. divabunny: When do you want help? I have always wanted to go to Western NC. Spent some time in Raleigh-Durham and liked the area.

  267. I gotta hit the hay too gys. I have a work day about a half day tomorrow, but I will be here to help after that (and will see you for coffee and Mika babble-fest)

    C-Span in the am should be good too

    I hope to get on the road to help in some of these soon. Waiting for a piece of land sold to close SOON. Also will have a mural to paint in So. GA before end of april.

    see ya’ll in the morning!



  268. I think Oregon starts voting on May 6th as well. Their primary isn’t until May 20th, but they do the whole election by mail and they get their ballots the first week in May.

  269. How far is NC from NYC? I’m planning on going to NY in May, I could plan it around the NC primary. 😀

  270. @birdgal: we’ll have to talk abt it bc as far as i know there are no hrc goups organized around here… my county dem party is pulling for barry… i’ll talk to some ppl in the party and find out abt hrc supporters and we can get something together! i am all for it!

  271. Wyoming’s Demographics:
    White = 96.19%
    AA = 1.01%
    Native American = 3.06%

    I say go from into these rural areas and get these people’s votes.

  272. @tiny: i dont know how far from nyc from here… if you want to mapquest it, my zip is 28806… that would awesome if we could make a push here for her in western nc… i dunn is only an hour and half too so we would probably get her involved too!!!

  273. LETS NOT make the same mistake as after NH, thinking HIllary is raising money, lets DONATE TOMORROW!

    AND Lets not make the same mistake as after S.T, lets organize and make calls in WY/MISS!

    THEN> ON TO PA!!!

  274. I can not believe how the media has co-opted BO’s talking points about the DNC. There is no fricken need for a re-vote. Just seat the god damned delegates.

  275. Divabunny: I have some vacation time, and I can’t think of a better way of using it, than campaigning for Hillary. I’m in Ca, so it will be a great trip for me. Have to get my taxes done, so I have some funds. I tapped out by donating to the HRC campaign. LOL.

  276. i’m going to call my local party in the morning and find out if there is any local support or functions set up… if not, then i’ll ask hubby if we can all get together here for that final push and we can do our own hillaryis44 push!

  277. should not be a problem to get up there after I finish the mural in So. Ga. Will keep the calendar open. Hvae to retouch an UGLY mural in Woodbine (coastal) GA for the Crawfish Festival before the end of April. Will probably be there 2-3rd week in April

    my bd is the 23rd, so maybe we can make it a party too! LOL

  278. Wooo Hoooo!!! Hilalry won Ohio, texas, and Rhode Island. the media narrative already is Obama’s inability to win contested big state primaries and close the deal. His delegate lead is all based on anti-democratic caucuses. The superdelegates will take note.

    The wine-track month is done. The beer-track months are here.

    I will make a prediction here today. Hillary will be the NOMINEE and will be our next PRESIDENT! You can note the day and time!

  279. someone posted this on hills blog:

    We win majority voters nationally as of today
    Based on the data published on ABC web site, Hillary won popular vote nationally as of today. Please ask campaign manager to point it out to media and vote. If D party can not give Hillary who won the majority of voter nationally, it’s not Democratic! Obama can not claim win if he loses the national popular votes!


    Seriously, Obama isn’t fooling the vast majority of Democrats. He’s acting like an ass, and people are really starting to dislike him. The media can spin all they like, but clearly we ain’t buying. The more he pulls this stuff, the worse he’s going to do. Non-kool-ade drinkers outnumber the cult, give it up.

  281. I would not worry about caucuses i think, like before, most of whats come in are Bambi’s areas.

    Looks like a good showing for HRC in the caucuses.

  282. Guys, go see money bomb site and enjoy the new video. I’m tellin’ ya it’s so worth it.


  283. @space: how awesome would that be??? my family is all in winter park/central florida and it takes us btwn 7-8 hrs in my vw bug… not a bad drive!

  284. although i wish i resided in asheville, divabunny. you live in a beautiful area of the state.

  285. @pulch: that isnt far!!! charlotte may go for barry… thinking he will be strong in raleigh and charlotte… and asheville we have all the hippies here!

  286. Congratulations to all od us for continuing to donate money, time, and energy! Let us keep contributing those resourecs going forward. SHE NEEDS MONEY TO COMPETE IN PENNSYLVANIA, INDIANA, KENTUCKY, and WEST VIRGINIA.

    She was outspent 3 to 1 in Ohio and Texas. Yet, she beat Obama by double digits in OHIO and by 3 points in Texas. If she had been able to run the same number of ads, imagine how she would have won.

  287. gerond, they already ran the END of her “war” speech…”I make this vote with conviction”

    where as just before that, she states “this is not an authorization to go to war”

    they have conveniently left that out.

    Bot blogs are all but calling her a war machine now. This will get ugly. We have to be prepared. We need to start posting YouTubes (those who can) using that SAME Senate footage showing her Demanding GW NOT USE FORCE

  288. HOLD THE DNC Hostage!!!! If they don’t want to count Florida and Michigan, then she should stay in the race until it goes to the convention.

  289. did you say send donna to brazille?

    a news commentator said obama has a problem in that, they have tried to run a campaign that is not negative, so how are they going to do what hillarys campaign did…


  290. @mj: more of the same…. its impossible for her to catch him in delegates…

    i say SO WHAT???? she wins the big states you have to win to win the GE!!! isnt that what really counts to the DNC? he cant win against mccain?????????

  291. I really think that up against McCain in a fair election, Clinton would easily win because democrats in particular have really been turning out for this season; they are energized. And the Clintons are popular in the U.S.–I don’t give a shit what the biased media says to the contrary.

    The “fair election” part is my only nagging concern. The primary season has been rife with schemes and ugliness and trickery, in my opinion. That fair election part must be the focus in the general election….

  292. This is nuts. Dem’s want Hillary. Most women want Hill. This is insanity. Dem’s may have to start a picket. Something to get the attention of these Party yahoos.

  293. The 👿 bots at the watch party were pissed. And badly informed. Holy hell talk about old activists with their heads up their asses.

    Cool thing though…I am running for office. No shit.


  295. Congratulations to all of us and in particular to all the volunteers (texan4hillary, ininla, sophcaveman, h4t on the ground and any others I am not aware of). So, how about that!

    texan4hillary, this night is yours to savor. For all the worrying and the concerns, it paid off big.

  296. Mj, just have faith. And a lot of sex and Valium handy. These next few months will be a wild ride.

  297. I’m concerned about Mississippi, given their election day is coming up quickly on March 11 and there doesn’t appear to be any Hill campaign offices opened there yet!

  298. I say Hillary should go all the way to the convention, have thousands in the streets from Michigan and Florida demanding to be counted, and let them see what a fighter she really is. I guarantee after the beating she has taken from MSM and the DNC, there is not one single Hillary supporter that would abandon her in November. They would not see one thing wrong with her calling their bluff. She will not be intimidated and allow them to portray her as the one splitting the party. Horsesh**. In fact, there may be many join because of her determination to show them, by damn, she will not back down. Period. Way to go Hillary – Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet victory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  299. Dive, ditto! I want some sliced pork. RIGHT NOW!

    Terrondt, so freakin’ glad your here! Victory, baby!

    Let’s do the psychic Cabbage Patch..

  300. divabunny: LOL! my goal has been to go to Asheville in the spring time.

    Question: if FL and MI delegates are seated, does that help Hillary to close the gap.

    She was beautiful tonight.

  301. My ad “Senator Obama voted NO to capping interest rates on credit cards at thirty percent, because he says he though the bill wasn’t tough enough”

    If Senator Obama’s vote had been in the majority, millions of Americans who are already struggling with home foreclosures, record gas prices and spiraling health care costs, could have been burdened with unlimited interest rates from these predatory lenders, while introducing no legislation to counter it”

    Senator Clinton Voted FOR the bill, saving millions of American’s hundreds of dollars a year. Can America afford for Senator Obama to decide when we are paying too much?”

  302. I think people are tired of Obama saying “I had the right judgement, etc.” and they want solutions.

  303. texan4hillary Says:

    March 5th, 2008 at 12:43 am
    the campaign must challenge the caucuses. my friedn was a capt tonight-very bad. hillary’s folks were driven out with violence. cops were called tonight. obama people stole her id. ive spoken to hillary’s legal team and they are now speaking to her. she is hysterical and afraid. obama won the caucus bc they drove out 100 hillary supporters. this is horrifying. ive been dealing with his troopers all day. our nation is in peril with this candidate guys. im worried for america. we need a big msm story on this. obama is winning many caucuses here this way. im so upset. clinton must now sue to invaldiate these. dont know the remedy yet but clinton has a duty to her supporters to now file suit against the tx dem party for remedy. will u guys help int his and push for this? admin? the caucus results are half fraud. period. obama is not irritating anymore-his followers are dangerous.
    If Hillary doesn’t do it, then your friend need to sue the DNC and Howard Dean for not controlling the violence on democratic voters and say Obama’s campaign has made threats and calls of riots and violence to Hillary’s people. There is not doubt about this because it has been reported in the media.

    The DNC is responsible because the gave tactical approval on this Thug behavior instead of stopping it in the beginning.

    Hillary should stop protecting the DNC because they sure do not respect her supporters and her voters….too many senior citizens who can get hurt and if one person is hurt, that represent everyone in the Democratic party.

    Throw this gang of bullies and gansters out, we don’t need this dirty Chicago style politics….they have been corrupted for so long most Chicagoians take this for granted as the way you do politics.

    Obama is ultimately responsible and I’ve have repeatedly said he is unfit to be our Commander in Chief and President of the United States.

  304. How the hell can someone vote NOT to cap credit-card interest rates? How disgusting. Do these big companies need even more money? They’re practically charging loan-shark rates as it is.

  305. H4T’s scenario is quite bad. Let Hillary’s local legal handle it. They know TX law. I don’t.

  306. “Hillary should stop protecting the DNC because they sure do not respect her supporters and her voters….too many senior citizens who can get hurt and if one person is hurt, that represent everyone in the Democratic party.”


  307. Oh, Fran, doncha know? It’s new politics. He was hoping the cc companies would just go ahead and lower rates.

  308. They are calling Barack Hussein Obama’s losses the cause of “rookie mistakes”, but last I checked David Axelrod ain’t no baby.

  309. Campaigning all day for Hill in Texas .. GOTV … I was about to ask “so how did we do” when I read this.

    BTW Obama people today were finally really nice to us, they said they liked our Hillary song and we even shared snacks.

    There was a great camraderie or everyone was just too exhausted finally to fight rudely with each other.

    I’m loving Hillary is 44 right now!!!

  310. Or the same person who would vote present on a bill that would prohibit the construction of a strip club next to an elementary school.

  311. Fine let them bring up the Clinton foundation and Clinton can come back with how much money the foundation raised for katrina victims in MS

  312. It must be noted HILLARY took SOUTH TEXAS by HUGE MARGINS. LATINOS came through for her big time. They have been her FIREWALL and they got her BACK. My enormous gratitude to them.

  313. Pulch, my area of interest is weird. Calls don’t work. I appreciate the offer though. It’ll be a door-to-door and advertising operation. I have a campaign manager (the best actually) and can get the FOP endorsement. That makes a huge difference.

  314. we need to start pushing for bambi to drop out given he can’t win ANY of the big states AND Hill is now ahead with the national popular vote.

  315. Carby…I just saw your repost of Texans post.WOW

    yes, of course I will help on that any way I can. We need to organize that. Video, sworn statements, affidavits. And let the campaign know in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS this will NOT be tolerated and Senator Obama and MSM needs to be CALLED OUT if it is not stopped ads well as the DNC.

    Wilder’s clip stating violence to come will be crucial too.

    I’ll connect on this tomorrow

    stayed up way too late now, but COUNT ME IN ON THIS

  316. Yeah, about those strip clubs… he was hoping those strippers would just go and get dressed already. lol.

  317. “we need to start pushing for bambi to drop out given he can’t win ANY of the big states AND Hill is now ahead with the national popular vote.”


  318. Fran, he does that a lot, his voting “oresent” because a bill wasnt as good as it could be, in his opinion, so instead of STARTING something PROGRESSIVE, he rolls for the status quo

  319. Plus, the kids could go to the club for recess. After all, strip-aerobics is all the rage for getting into shape.

    Kids could shed pounds and learn a profession. 😀

  320. mj, it’s 9 months out. I only need a few grand. May self-finance since I want to say I’m beholden to no one and can tell EVERYONE to FO.

  321. michelle obama did tell the residents of zanesville, ohio, that they should pursue careers in the “caring industry.”

  322. mj, reed, I’ve seriously had it with the numerous corrupt spineless cretins in the government here. I wish I could wake up to a different planet tomorrow.

  323. LOL Did yall notice Ted Strickland slam on the brakes tonight when HE realized he was about too do the DEAN thing with states? Hesitated, and thew in Mi and Fl! It was great!

  324. The caring industry. Like those at the oh so hopeful Univ. of Chicago hospital. That hospital is the biggest scam in the public hospital arena.

  325. From that article:

    Rezko admits showering Obama, Blagojevich and many other Illinois politicians with generous campaign donations, but he denies partaking in illegal activity. His defense team’s strategy will be to attack the credibility of the government’s key witness, attorney Stuart Levine, by arguing an illegal drug habit has clouded his memory.

  326. Hey Sugar…guys, can you believe what our girl did tonight! She is the best candidate in a generation, and these Party elders are trying everything to stop her. They are such loser!

  327. Everybody needs to watch Charlie Rose from Tuesday night. I know a lot of the stations rerun his shows the next day during the daytime, and they usually have the previous show up on the website, but I don’t know the lead time.

    Anyway, it was GREAT !

    All the Media Whores, Mark Halperin, David Brooks, Al Hunt, and a couple of Obamazoids, were ALL claiming that if Hillary goes on she will deeply split the party and lose to McCain.

    But this Pulitzer Prize winning columnist from the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Connie Schultz, told them they were all FULL OF CRAP. What a sight to see.

    Oh, and she also just happens to be the wife of the U.S. Senator from Ohio, Sherrod Brown.

  328. # mj Says:
    March 5th, 2008 at 1:40 am

    Oh, Fran, doncha know? It’s new politics. He was hoping the cc companies would just go ahead and lower rates.


    niters, FOR REAL

    Caveman…nice to see you and thanks for your day and your hard work!

    If yall see Ininla, tell her thans too!


  329. Can you believe it? This is rediculous. Hillary is unstoppable! I can’t even believe it!!!! Dudes!!! WE ROCK!

  330. Here’s a parting nugget from TPM throwing Goolsbee under the bus:

    Goolsbee An Expensive Indulgence?

    It’s hard to say whether this has any necessary connection to the NAFTA stuff. But a lot of the suspicion in liberal policy circles toward Obama centered on Goolsbee and his positions on Social Security and social insurance generally. What’s ironic about the NAFTA/Goolsbee thing is Clinton’s actually the candidate who’s always been basically pro-NAFTA whereas Obama’s the reverse. So I wonder if having Goolsbee around (who I suspect, based on other policy positions but don’t specifically, is pro-NAFTA) came back to bite Obama.

    Late Update: TPM Reader NBL chimes in …

    I’m an Ohio native and can tell you that many people I talked to referenced Obama’s ‘double talk’ (their words, not mine) on NAFTA as their reason for switching to Clinton. They said they don’t trust Clinton, but now they don’t trust Obama either. I’ve always wondered what would happen if someone punctured Obama’s aura of integrity and trustworthiness. I guess Ohio gave us the answer. I just never thought it would be someone on his own team that did the puncturing.

    My biggest fear now is that the turf wars within the Clinton camp will lead Penn to aggressively push the idea (wrongly) that the ‘3AM’ ad was what put them over the top. If Penn wins the battle of egos, the Clinton campaign could go hardcore negative and end up handing the presidency to McCain. I guess I should expect as much from a campaign built by people (not Clinton, her advisers) who care more about the credit and blame than on what actually works.

    p.s: I was raised and went to college in Ohio. For much of that time I worked on local and statewide Democratic campaigns. Trust me when I say NAFTA is a BIG issue among Democrats there.

  331. Haha they all proclaimed her dead after losing 11, but then comes back with a baseball bat and takes the biggies.

  332. TPM is effing wrong. Obama has been and always will be more pro-NAFTA than Hillary. Do they just make this stuff up?

  333. It is off to bed for me too. Such a great night and to close with Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones’s words:

    “All I have to say is that: ‘I told you so!’”

  334. People are talking about going to PA. I have said this before and I will say it again. Go to Scranton/ NEPA! Paul Kanjorski endorsed HRC. The Rodham family is from Scranton. BHO is just a very bad fit there. Bob Casey Jr. cannot win reelection without Scranton/ NEPA. Huge numbers in Scranton/ NEPA forces Casey out of neutrality. HRC is a perfect fit there. One word: Tobyhanna. Philly will break about even, but favor BHO. Huge numbers/ high turnout in Scranton is the way she wins PA by a lot.

  335. Hi everyone, just joined on! Oh, it was so priceless to see that look on Chris Matthews face tonight! He doesn’t even try to pretend he’s objective anymore. Hysterical!

  336. SpaceArtGirl, they can try, but she already said she regretted her vote, and plus Obama is on tape stating that his position is no different from Bush’s. I don’t think anyone thinks she’s really some kind of war monger, and she’s not the idiot suggesting we go into Pakistan. Again, this stuff works with cult members, but not most Democrats. I know lots of kool-ade drinkers, and they don’t know a damn thing about Obama’s positions and don’t care, but they’re in the minority.

  337. I have been thinking about this ever since he had his string caucus victories and hearing the stories of irregularities. I think we need to collect individual experiences and get some mainstream media (Lou Dobbs or Fox) to talk about this. Now is the time with Texas in focus. We should also make the superdelegates and other upcoming contests aware of what happened. the repub crossover is one thing but bullying, intimidation and such are a no-no.

    # texan4hillary Says:
    March 5th, 2008 at 12:43 am

    the campaign must challenge the caucuses. my friedn was a capt tonight-very bad. hillary’s folks were driven out with violence. cops were called tonight. obama people stole her id. ive spoken to hillary’s legal team and they are now speaking to her. she is hysterical and afraid. obama won the caucus bc they drove out 100 hillary supporters. this is horrifying. ive been dealing with his troopers all day. our nation is in peril with this candidate guys. im worried for america. we need a big msm story on this. obama is winning many caucuses here this way. im so upset. clinton must now sue to invaldiate these. dont know the remedy yet but clinton has a duty to her supporters to now file suit against the tx dem party for remedy. will u guys help int his and push for this? admin? the caucus results are half fraud. period. obama is not irritating anymore-his followers are dangerous.

  338. ON FOX NEWS:


    F*CKERS !!!!!!


  339. NEVER mj. I certainly won’t and if those super delegates come out in support of him after she wins Ohio? They can all kiss my ass and I’ll let them know.


  341. Hilarious, this just points out Obama can only win disenfranchiseing caucuses and not real big primaries.

  342. Going forward, I think we should go after caucus stories big time. Flipping channels and catching these MSM idiots talk about the contests today, they were all saying how positive he has been, how he does not go after her and so on, and one of his supporters calling him a gentleman. I think we should debunk that theory and knock him off his pedestal and expose him for the fraud that he is between his lofty rhetoric and how his campaign is run. Caucuses time and again show the hypocrisy that is his campaign. I don’t think people are cynical to dismiss it as politics as usual.

  343. Sugar, teh bots are so far gone they don’t seem to get that every election year, some democrat wins every state in teh Democratic primary! It’s like they really believe Obama is going to turn Alaska blue. meanwhile, they say winning blue states is no big deal because “we’re going to win there anyway.” Yeah, don’t count on it. Who’s going to run your ground game, your Democrat for a Day buddies?

  344. WTF? He’s called her “divisive”, “polarizing”, “desperate”, basically a liar, “calculating”, basically old. His entire campaign has been one long sexist rant wrapped up in an empty hope bow.

  345. Take a look at the site below to see how the states Hillary won has the most electoral votes in a general election and notice the states that BHO has won, and how few electoral votes they have, not to mention many of them won’t go to democrats anyway.


  346. That’s the thing Hillary could actually win TX. She proved that tonight. She would win OH, MI, FL, ARK swing states. This is just absurd.

  347. This is exactly what the Superdelegates are for! To look at the difference when there is both a primary and a caucus. In WA the primary was nearly tied but the caucus was big for Obama. Now it’s similar in Texas. So the Supers can figure, probably the actual voters in caucus-only states aren’t that strong on Obama either.

  348. The media is in the tank for Obama, maybe it Clinton hate or Sexism but this has got to stop. Team Hillary need to SUE Obama’s ass and the DNC if anyone get hurt by the Thug behavior…with all those senior citizens…then this Party doesn’t deserve to be in the White House.

    Stop drinking the kool-aid over Thug Obama, the repugs are going to go after him anyway…they want his senate seat and they do have good intell on this guy…the problem with Chicago is that they have been under this kind of “Gangs of New York” politics of over a century and that’s all they know. Major corruption and graft in that city…time for a change.

  349. Hillary is going to win PA, take that to the bank.

    The key for her is to do as well as possible in WY and MISS, and then run up the delegate score in PA.

    Obama will win Philly, probably, and some ‘burbs there. He may take Pittsburgh, but I doubt that.

    He is going to get crushed in the rest of the state.

    So what we have to do is to donate like crazy and support HRC and help her whip BHO’s behind in PA. This is crucial. It needs to be a rout — a huge rout. It needs to be and can be. Let’s help make it so.

  350. “WTF? He’s called her “divisive”, “polarizing”, “desperate”, basically a liar, “calculating”, basically old. His entire campaign has been one long sexist rant wrapped up in an empty hope bow.”

    And when he’s not attacking her, he’s ripping to shreds the last Democratic President.Oh yeah, he’s all about positivity, party unity and not being divisive. The sexist, Clinton hating media may not think this party destroying vanity campaign is divisive, oddly though, democrats do!

  351. We did it! Great job to everyone who went to Ohio and Texas. Tonight’s results just proves what we’ve all known from the beginning but the Obamabots continue to deny: Obama can’t win big states, can’t win blue states, can’t win swing states. He only wins caucus states, several small states (the anti-war progressive vote as in Vermont), and states with large AA populations. This was his night to prove he could do it and he couldn’t. And we also saw in Texas major intimidation of voters by the Obama campaign (go to taylormarsh.com to read more about it). Just imagine what was going on in the other caucus states where not a lot of attention was focused on what was going on in places like Alaska? This shit has got to stop. I would condone this behavior from any candidate including Hillary Clinton. Attack each other all you want but give people the right to vote. It’s ridiculous Obama wants this so badly he is willing to resort to Chicago style politics to STEAL delegates in these caucuses.
    Obama will win Mississippi but Clinton will win PA. Come on PA we can give Clinton another big win we saw in OH tonight. It would also be nice for her to win Wyoming. We gotta help her win every state coming up. Yes we will!

  352. If Bo was truly for “new” politics, he would be decrying the behavior of his supporters, but he is not. This speaks volumes, for his brand of politics. He is a fake.

  353. highlyeducatedHillarysupporter: I lost quite a bit of respect that I had left for Obama. The tactics that he used in OH was tantamount to cheating. They got the judge who wasn’t authorize to do it to keep several sites open which were advantageous to Bambi with no proof of a hardship.

    The attorney for Obama CRASHED the Clinton media conference call.

    The thuggery at the Caucus and trying to game the system by collection signatures from voters who would not be attending the caucus.

    He is not for the politics of new but a wolf in sheep clothing i.e politics of the old Chicago style.

    To your point, he will win MS and most likely Wyoming. However, I feel that Hill will do very well in PA.

    I belieee that i read last week that the Clinton camp waere openning offices in WY. They have to keep those caucus elections close even if they don’t win and no more unauthorize leaks to the press.

  354. what a night…Hillary is already making dreams reality…

    this is magical…what a President Hillary will make…in our lifetime…wow!

  355. you know tiburones and Texas for Hillary…these aggressive tactics of Obama have to be exposed and put in the mainstream…the public needs to know about this…

    we do need to collect some stories and send them all over…media matters, lou dobbs, fox, maybe greta…nancy grace…

    the blogs…this is wrong…we cannot allow this kind of intimidation and as texforhill says…dangerous activity…to go on unnoticed…what will it take…someone getting hurt? Obama should be reining this behavior in…he should be held accountable or at least acknowledge what his supporters are doing…but the problem is that his behavior encourages this…

  356. tiburones: Agreed. We now know that Obama will stop at nothing to win. The noble thing to do would be to step down after PA, acknowledge the fact that Clinton has proven she can win in the states we need to win in the general election, and accept her offer to run as VP. That is the only way we can bring this party together (I don’t want him as VP either but I think this is what might need to be done to ensure a win against McCain). What we need to do is keep caucus results as close as possible, blow him out in PA, and continue to fight for MI and FL delegates. A revote would be better than to not seat those delegates at all. As long as it is a closed primary, Clinton will likely win FL and MI again.
    We need to drag this as long as possible because time is now on Clinton’s side. She needs this to last as long as possible to win more delegates; Obama needs this to end before more dirt surfaces on Rezko and people begin to see that he is nothing but an empty suit. His aura is fading, his star is falling. I can feel it. The only people buying his hype besides AA voters are the anti-war people who hate Clinton anyway. There’s nothing to do to get those voters on our side but Clinton needs to focus on exposing Obama for the dirtbag fraud he is and on the issues and policy which Obama has shown in the last week he knows nothing about. He’s a two faced liar and I hope the media and SNL continue to vet this dude. It’s been a long time coming.

  357. I’m disappointed, I was expecting Tweety,Pumpkinhead and Ogreman to all try and commit suicide on air and have to be wrestled to the ground and carted off.

  358. im going to bed shortly-im happy yet sad. dealing with the obama thugs all day, have the cops calle to some caucuses-see khou.com. talking to clinton lawyers to try an get caucuses invlidated due to letting people in until way after the fact,capts bullied, hillary supporters driven out. my hope is we can collect these actions-as i know her attys are-and push this. it goes to the core of obama’s candidacy-he is hope etc.. naftagate hurt him big in key ohio. now lets hurt him big on the way his volunteers behave. if he is such a leader he certainly does not know how to mold mpst of his minions to act morally and appropriately right toards their eleders etc. instead these goon sare taught to bully, defame, harrass and push out those with whom thye do not agree with. im tired of the slogan from many dems that obama is great. tonight i can profoundly attest to the fact that his campaign aint. we hillary supporters must up the ante. fight onward.
    she must do what she is doing hti obama-but not so hard that it backfires. in tx the 3am really did helps top his mo. he was questioned. people 2nd guessed him for the 1st time.
    I will say what hillary must do-reinstate her team hillary program that she had set up before iowa. it was a godsend here. having those meetings for here monthly in each part fo town-bulding a vol list and base helped her much in this part of the state i can be sure. obama does this community organizing and i feel hillary must do this as well-adopt his community oranizing vigor. if she can do that she cant be stopped.

  359. Hi folks,

    Been over at Taylor’s site. I go just by Benjamin there. Light needs to be shed on what the Obama campaign tried to do, on a widespread basis, in that caucus. The Texas Democratic Party had to call law enforcement about it.

    And the nerve of the Obama people saying Hillary won this because of dirty, nasty campaign tactics. It’s clear they couldn’t handle it when Hill brought national security into the picture with her ad . . . but the other stuff, Rezco, NAFTA-gate, are messes of his own making.

  360. With national security brought in, Hillary is making the case that she is the one to run against McCain. And Obama, once again, shows no ability to bring in Latinos. McCain, who is from a border state, would win them against BO. BO would have to campaign his ass off, just trying to hang onto California. And he’s clearly shown that he’s weak in states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida – swing states that the Democrats must win. Hillary would also deliver Arkansas, and possibly Tennessee.

  361. Fact: presidents 11, 22, and 33 . . . all Democrats. Polk (TN), Cleveland (NY), and Truman (MO). Some really interesting parallels to today in each case.

  362. The Texas Democratic Party had to call law enforcement about it.

    The DNC better have something to say about this. The media can spin, but if we’re allowing our voters to be intimidated by one of our own, that’s a pretty big problem. I’d say that’s a bit divisive.

  363. some caucus problems=one is a huge doosey of outright obama fraud-blogs.chron.com/houstonpolitics/2008/03/twostepping_on_some_toes.html#comments