Hillary Clinton’s March To Denver

The headline in the Chicago Sun-Times, phone number included:

Sen. Obama, time to call us about Rezko: (312) 321-2417

Don’t expect a call Chicago reporters.

Superdelegates going to the Democratic National Convention in late August will have months and months and months to catch up with readers of Big Pink on the Rezko story.

African-American voters, will have months and months and months to learn how Obama dumped poor, non-donor, African-Americans in Chicago Rezko owned tenements in order to represent their tormentor slumlord – Antoin “Tony” Rezko.

Young voters will wake up to realize that the fashion they have been following is out of style. Think Vanilla Ice and Milli Vanilli.

The Hillary campaign and Hillary supporters have just begun to fight. The Hillary campaign after months of allowing the incense burners in Big Media to write the narrative is finally doing what needs to be done – Fight. Inform the voters. Let American voters know who the real Barack Obama is.

Our March to Denver begins tonight.


1,325 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton’s March To Denver

  1. I just posted this in the last thread:

    “I just wish Obama’s going down would have happened a lot sooner–a lot of people have been highly stressed over this election, and as the truth about him spreads, there will probably be a lot of disappointed humiliated Obama supporters some day. I won’t–and don’t–have any sympathy for them, but I’m also not gonna gloat over this. It all should have never happened. It’s a sad situation more than anything else, all the seeming divisions and hatreds across the various groups. Though it’s possible the media’s been playing that up–just like with Bush. People weren’t as divided as the media liked to depict.

    But no one can stay cloaked forever. Look what happened with Bush even? His crowd tried to sustain his teflon coating, but, eventually, the teflon dried out and flaked off.”

  2. admin,
    No, the Chicagoans have better call Obama themselves. It’s really really nice though to see that some reporters are finally getting it:


  3. I just want to say, I love all of you! It is so great to be on a blog where the support for Hillary is so great! What a breath of fresh air! I don’t even need to watch the news any more.

  4. post from last thread:

    I’m thinkin’ I should be fixin’ to send my BFF a little zap to her blackberry with a message:

    “ne ner ne ner ne ner”

  5. Yes, Paula. I don’t want to be around when the shit really hits the fan, even if that shit is only lots of people crying and tearing their own hair out.

  6. Idunn,

    “Bet When Bo gets home tonight hell beat the crap outta Michelle.”

    It’s more likely that when BO gets home tonight Michelle will beat the sh!T outta him with oprah listening in on conference call and yelling instructions.

  7. Fran, I agree, what the media has done to america is closely similar to what they did in 2000 and 2004, this is not about obama as much as it is about the media!

    Imagine if the press had been fair! we would all now be saying: Obama who?

  8. DAMN IT! The Vanilla Ice song has become the new Bob The Builder song in the loop of my brain!


  9. gotta lurve fox though…they still giving McCain first dibs. Their station is sort of like watching a dirty flick..I hate it but love it.

  10. “vermont women still went for Hillary”

    Tell Vermont women our girl don’t swing that way. 😉

  11. Yes, Gorto! Now the MEDIA–that’s a different story. The day the bulk of america wakes up about Obama, I’m gonna freely gloat at that media, I’m gonna throw a Gloat At The Media Party. After three election seasons of this disgusting media manipulate-the-election shit, I’ve fucking had it.

  12. ” Though it’s possible the media’s been playing that up–just like with Bush. People weren’t as divided as the media liked to depict.”

    Makes you wonder doesn’t it.

  13. Jefferson County Ohio..had to move 3 polling places. major flooding and this is Hillary country. They are trying to reach people with robo calls and phone banking to get them out to vote.

  14. I will NEVER understand women who don’t vote for Hillary. It totally eludes me. As my mother says “Any woman who doesn’t vote for her is an idiot!!”

  15. Here’s a question, can Tim Russert’s face look any more like it belongs to a bloated corpse? Or a jack-o-lantern? I bet if you smashed his head open you’d fine a stash old O’Henry bars and sweet tarts.

    How they can allow that guy to be in front of the camera without a warning to children is beyond me.

  16. Well, that CNN report cinches it: I’m never moving to Vermont. How such a huge percentage of women can vote for someone who’s spoken so sexistly to and about Clinton–too many females there must be sexist against their own kind. But that’s assuming the report is accurate.

  17. I bet if you smashed his head open you’d fine a stash old O’Henry bars and sweet tarts.

    ::hands Positively a bat ::

    Here, put your theory to the test. 🙂

  18. Well my dad is an independent and he voted for Hillary in Rhode Island, said the longest line at the poll was the affiliation line where you have to change back from being a dem or repub for a minute to being an independent. My dad and mom both voted for Hill in RI, so yay!

  19. “Clinton raising the Rezko card” BErnstein


    HE is the crook, not HER

    and SHE didn’t raise it!

    they are really trying to make a win in Ohio look illegit

  20. I will send you the bat Positively….I have it handy to take to W.Va.

    Fox going to project Ohio in just a minute…

    Juan Williams thinks Hillary will be the nominee.. he is black man too and loathes Hillary

    Hillary is winning DEMOCRATS…that is her case to superdelegates for voters in November…

  21. SpacegirlArt, yeah the Rezko card, lol. If Hillary could have actually played it, she would have done so LONG ago.

  22. Lou Dobbs just said, “as near the projection of the next poll close…”
    Is that a hint? 🙂

  23. Who is more qualified to be Commander in Chief ?


    57% – Clinton
    40% – Bambi


    55% – Clinton
    39% – Bambi

  24. they are the only ones with a clear HEAD or ASS

    I don’t even want to know how YOU know their asses are clear. 😯



    we are watching ratings television


    tune in next week….

  26. Idunn, you do have a way with words:

    Dear Canada,

    Please take Vermont off our hands.



  27. Who said that about Hillary playing the Rezko card–what fucking nonsensical gibberish, in my opinion. That ugly situation has barely been reported on in society–and especially by the mainstream media. It’s barely known. It’s been ignored so it wouldn’t hurt the media creation.

    The Rezko fiasco hasn’t been around long and wide enough for anyone’s mentioning it to become “playing a card.”

  28. Joe Friday: Who said the 3 a.m ad was a bad one???? Doesn’t look like it, especially, with all those military people supporting her.

  29. Hey yall, How’s it goin’ been sick for days. I saw Vt. Canada can have ’em, except I think Canada has too much class.

  30. ohh my god.. as per exit polls women outnumberd men in OHIO. big time.. 59-41.. i smell big win for clinton in OHIO..

  31. Hillary has put her Coalition back together. She is winning all but African Americans….she has a strong case to make to the nomination

  32. hey remember people thought it was going to be like 70-30 in Vermont so if Hillary can pull a close there in Vermont that’s good news

  33. Why aren’t they showing the percentage difference??? just nothing, come on cnn, don’t want to let Hillary supporters have some joy in life???

  34. Yeah, Vermont. This process is turning me into a liberal-basher, and those smelly, latte-sippin, granola eatin’, volvo drivin’, brown clothes wearing hippies can eat me. They are the state everyone forgets, except when you hear the Vermont Teddy Bear commercials around Valentine’s Day, and I hate them for that too.

  35. With the exit poll numbers we’ve seen for Ohio already, I don’t see ANY WAY Hillary could lose there

  36. Too close to call = Obama didn’t win but Clinton didn’t win by 20% so we’re not going to call it until we have to ?

    Remember how long it took them to call New Hampshire?

  37. I have resorted to Fox, mostly because I WILL NOT go to MSNBC, and CNN is once again surrounding Paul Begala with Obamabots……I heart Paul Begala, strong soul sittin up there with those fools.

  38. There’s a chance polls around the Cleveland area could be open late, where ‘bama’s votes are

  39. take it like this…all the long faces on cnn means they are seeing results they dreaded


    Them assholes will have to dust off their shovels since they been throwing the dirt on Hillary’s grave…they seem to sweating hm?

  40. According to Howard Fineman on MisogynistNBC, Richardson (and all of his double chins) just “walked back” his comments that whoever has the most pledged delegates on Wednesday should be the nominee. Fineman now reports him saying that if Obama wins OH & TX, he should be the nominee, but if Hillary wins OH & TX, then the race is wide open and should continue. Looks like Richardson is angling for a job in the Hillary Clinton administration…

  41. I saw one of those Obambots behind him during a recent speech he gave. Kinda scary, it looked like she was either going to faint or have an orgasm.

  42. Too close to call = Obama didn’t win but Clinton didn’t win by 20% so we’re not going to call it until we have to ?

    LOL, Tiny Dancer.

  43. She probably win big in Ohio, and the media doesn’t want to report that.

    But I’m not sure–wait and see what happens. I’m getting a headache.

  44. Yes, MJ, that is what worries me. I read from one exit poll (not sure which, sorry) that it was up by 4 or 6 points since 2004…I don’t know if any pollster took that into account or not.

  45. Ohio will take an extra half hour to hour to count, as the Secretary of State allowed people to choose whether they wanted electronic voting machines or old fashioned paper ballots, and there are a lot of paper ballots to count.

  46. am I reading the CNN exit polls correct?

    15% of the people who voted for Obama think that Clinton is more likely to win in November???? And 13% of Obama supporters think that Clinton is more qualified to be Commander in Chief? THE FUCK?

  47. Richardson .. go get fcuked.

    Youth vote is a obama phenom but will not translate to November…this is what I take from Karl Rove — maybe I misunderstood. I think he thinks they will not stay till November…things that make superdelegates go hmmm

  48. If Hillary wins big, I could position myself as a psychotherapist able to help deprogram Obamabots.

  49. “Fineman now reports him saying that if Obama wins OH & TX, he should be the nominee, but if Hillary wins OH & TX, then the race is wide open and should continue. Looks like Richardson is angling for a job in the Hillary Clinton administration…”

    –do you mean to be sarcastic or did you misstype or maybe I’m reading your post wrong?

    Because that sounds like his positive bias is toward Obama. Typically, she’s being held to a higher standard for a win. A Clinton supporter should be saying that if she wins both SHE should get the nom right away. She’ll have won all the big states so far, no?

  50. >.they said ohio wil be open later by one hour is some places

    but still results will come in right from the places that already voted

  51. Says NYT:

    …polls in West Texas (El Paso), which is on Mountain time, won’t close until 10 p.m. Eastern and the final caucuses won’t start until 10:15 Eastern. So, the night could go even later than you think, however late that was.

  52. Bill Bennett the bastards brings up that rush L. said he wanted republicans to go over and vote for hillary, he is raising this as a worrying thing, as she seems to do well. WHAT THE HELL??? where was he in all the past states when they were voting for obama, and dick morris was asking people to vote for obama?????????????????????????

    what about ‘be a democrat for a day’?????????????? media bias? NO, what on earth would make people say such a thing!

  53. To me, Richardson simply sounds like a coward who’s waiting to jump on the winning bandwagon; he just hasn’t figured out which bandwagon will win yet. I can’t stand fake calculating people like that.

  54. Polls are closed in ohio except sandusky county where they are staying open until 9:00 just to help Bambi because his supporters can not vote in bad weather. they may still be open where flooding caused polling places to be moved.

  55. This blows me away….

    she wins on almost EVERY QUESTION, but peole still vote

    “Yes, I voted for Obama, even thought I don’t think he is a qaulified to be President”


  56. Richardson and Edwards both caved to the DNC. BOO to Edwards, if his website link goes to Obama.

  57. Says NYT:

    …polls in West Texas (El Paso), which is on Mountain time, won’t close until 10 p.m. Eastern and the final caucuses won’t start until 10:15 Eastern. So, the night could go even later than you think, however late that was

    OMG Ill be up till noon tomorrow LOL

  58. well i worked 7 hrs today phone banking for hiil and as a reward the local news showed my bald spot on the evening news.

  59. LOL

    Tim will have to eat his words

    Indies and Repugs in Ohio 30% play to OObama streength

    (not if he was listening to talk radio!)

  60. Edwards website really take you to Obama? I think that is one of those sites is set up by an obamabot.

    OMG Bambi going to court to try to get more voters for Cuyahoga county. Hope the judge smaks him down.

  61. Ohio’s likely to be slow anyhow tonite as Cleveland, for one, has paper ballots and they thus have to be hand counted.

  62. Hey everyone, been praying hard, scared to watch CNN and dont like their negativism…. been praying hard for Hillary

  63. Yeah, I guess the Indy vote in Ohio is what worries me in terms of too close to call…I mean sure, some Repugs backed Hill, but I think a lot of Indy’s like BOs post-partisan nonsense, and that scares me.

  64. Gorto, that’s an example of why I think people shouldn’t chum-up to the republicans, no matter if they attack Obama now. I still think they’re behind this election’s scamming in some way, and those sudden calls for repubs to vote for her now being used to smear her win–that might have been the plan. Of course the biased media might use that to smear her but would not use the same to smear him, never mind all the mountain of evidence of dem for a day shit moving votes to Obama. And never mind that her support in Ohio has been strong all along. Why shouldn’t she win it, especially after Nafta-gate started breaking? A win there for her should be expected. If she DOESN’T win Ohio, I say lots of rigging likely went on. Recount!

  65. I wish MSNBC would get off this CRAP that HC left “open” the question of BO’s religion

    that is made up shit and they know it

    I cannot believe how much they hate her…just to hate her

  66. remember…. whenever Hillary leads its always been too close to call….but with Obama its always PROJECTION TIME

  67. Just using the 1577 respondents in the CNN exit poll, comes out to 51.13 to 47.87 – HRC to BO. Of course, those numbers never work! 😉

  68. If Obama loses big tonight watch for him pull out a bunch of superdelegate endorsements he has been holding in his pocket for a rainy day.

  69. A somewhat sensible list from Mark Halperin:

  70. And they are saying people were going to caucus places where HRC is strong in Texas and telling people they are cancelled go home.

  71. hi guys! just home… havent had any knowledge of the races today… just turned on msnbc… howre we doing??? what channel is safe to watch? can anyone give me the cliff’s note abt whats going on???

  72. Agreed, rjk1957. That’s BHO’s M.O. Whenever he rolls out endorsements, it’s a sign that his campaign is having a bad stretch, and he’s desperate to change the subject.

  73. birdgal,

    Joe Friday: Who said the 3 a.m ad was a bad one????

    Why, all the Media Whores, that’s who.


  74. The march to Denver started months ago. There is NO WAY I will accept BO as a legitimate nominee. The filthy oozing stench is only FINALLY making it to the general public’s attention. HILLARY – YOU CAN’T ABANDON US – YOU ARE OUR LIFESAVER!!

  75. The counting in OH has started:
    Clinton 1,115 60%
    Obama 697 38%

    If those percentages hold I’ll be happy as a clam. 🙂

  76. experience-matters-vote-hillary Says:

    Richardson does talk positive about obama but does ntocome out in support of him meanwhile Edwards webstie when you clik on it takes you to obamas site,,,,,,, traitor..yep how mcuh bambi pay for that
    axlerod and trippi or whatever his name is..linked the campaigns in together from the start..
    hillary running against bo je axle trippi..it was all planned i betcha

  77. diva, Vermont called for Bambi. They say Ohio is competitive, but exit polls look like a Hillary win

  78. Obama got the vote extended for another two hours in Cyahoga (sp) county..”they ran out of ballots” they were “about 400 short”


  79. *Experience-matters
    “Bambi is living proof that the cavemen fucked buffalo”

    Why would you put the porr buffalo down like that?


    Hi everyone!

  80. BO is a sore loser!!! Has to find more homeless people to vote for him, like he did in Vegas.

    bcc: 🙂 at your 3 little girls.

  81. JAS, where you hearing that? Are they claiming their people should have been able to walk in and take over these polling places?

  82. Olbermann..Freudian slip?

    Obama claimed there was a shortage of votes…..

    (in the two counties that have been taken to court)

  83. they are trying to steal the Ohio election AGAIN. I hope the judge smacks this down. This is not right

  84. SpacegirlArt: yes keeping the pools open due to weather and there was a shortage of ballots (that what BO is saying )

  85. With this crap about asking to keep polling sites open, etc. Obama is trying to salt the story line that his votes were stolen. This guy can’t play the game fair and square. He’s always got an angle.

  86. write them media idiots to close to call..flood them with emails..believe that crap…to bad its nasty weather …havent done it in any others states

  87. Anyone know a site that’s faster than CNN for incoming voting data? (Yes, I’m THAT hyper, and need my results THAT fast 😀

  88. “He is screwing Ohio voters, continuing the legacy of K. Blackwell”

    –Let’s hope not! And unless I’m mistaken (?), didn’t Obama do nothing when people pleaded with him about the 2004 Ohio election afterward? How the fuck can any of those people vote for him now? Can they be that stupid? He didn’t give a shit if their votes were counted correctly back then or even counted at all. But now when it’s his ass on the line, he’s all peaches and ice cream to them?

  89. @ laney (from the previous thread)

    I betcha she wins today – significantly enough that the MSM has to step back and pay some respect. What do you say? If I’m right, you donate $44.44; if I’m wrong I donate $44.44. ;D

    I have 3 little girls. I want her to inspire them. I need her to protect them.


  90. yes divabunny, MSNBC is known to be supportive of Obama….

    One of the counties went Hillary this is below Columbus and that is good news

  91. @emvh: i want to see “fair”… msnbc had laid off of the obama wagon, but they are hopping back on it, then tell me if i should switch!

  92. Obama wants to keep the polls open in a couple counties because an eastern county (that is favorable to Hillary) has been given extended time due to flooding. This via Fox. They also reported Obama camp is feeling more upbeat about it’s chances due to the events suppressing the vote in that eastern county.

  93. spaceartgirl – there are no polls in texas. you sure that wasn’t some kind of exit poll number?

  94. Win, lose or draw in any of these four states…

    Exactly 2 months and 4 nights ago, I was in the same place as some of our friends from this board who are working right now, or have been traveling 45 min one way on a bus, or have burned up all their cell phone minutes, or, or, or….

    No matter what happens, give them thanks, love, rest, sustanence, and honor for the work they have done, and are doing for us tonight.

    Nothing is more demoralizing or painful than to be the unfair object of someone else’s disappointment. Let’s welcome them all back to the nest, for they are winners even if you don’t like the voting method of their state, or the campaign strategy, or the outcome.

  95. Polls aren’t closed yet in Texas, and the caucuses haven’t started. How can there be numbers?

  96. MJ, I think it’s just wishful thinking and spin by the Obama camp in Ohio. They are grasping at straws and are trying anything to try to help themselves, thus the move to keep a couple of their districts open longer. Doesn’t mean it will happen or impact the election there.

  97. going to let cleveland polls say open 3 or 4 locations…just enough to get the black vote out for him

    Weather related issues go to hell

  98. This from a poster at TM on the Obama Ohio push for certain precints to remain open:

    “The Obama campaign is trying to stall this out because they don’t want a “Clinton won OH” while TX is still going. It’s a rove type trash tactic so that Clinton’s supporters don’t get encouraged in TX.”

  99. americangal

    The Obama campaign is trying to stall this out because they don’t want a “Clinton won OH” while TX is still going. It’s a rove type trash tactic so that Clinton’s supporters don’t get encouraged in TX.”


    hit the nail on the head

  100. any Cuyohoga people for Hillary you reckon who will come out late to vote? This stinks to high shit

  101. Yay – Hillary camp is cheering in Ohio. I’ll betcha they know they’ve won Ohio 🙂

  102. Anyone talking about Texas or RI polls needs to calm down because they are nowhere near done, caucuses in TX haven’t occurred, and we got 45 minutes…

  103. BO filed a LAST MINUTE REQUEST to keep the polls open….

    just before polls closed.

    Stated there was a shortage of ballots
    voting locations said not true

    judge ruled for Obama

    also now allegations that votes earlier were picked up by a van with Republicans accompanying democrats

  104. No freaking out allowed (good or bad) until we have at least 15% of the votes counted in each state, k?


    …so nervous here I think I might puke, lol

  105. I hope Hillary sues there ass…wasnt closed in iowa during bad weather by gosh…and they wern’t out of ballots either..
    41 mintues..ok

    Hook EM Hillary!!!!!!!!

  106. Says NYT:

    Correction: That earlier info […] about poll closings in El Paso County was wrong: the elections office there says the polls close at 7 p.m. Mountain Standard time, or 9 p.m. Eastern.

  107. i get the bucket after idunn!!!

    thinking i’m running to the store for another bottle of wine… looks like i’m gonna need it! so much for not drinking during lent!!!

  108. Berkeley Vox,
    Whatever happens tonite, our money has been put to excellent use and the campaign has shown great resilience in the face of both hostility and inanity from the mainstream media. Any victory tonite is a great victory.

  109. Can you imagine if Clinton had filed suit….

    this would be WALL TO WALL discussion of another “dirty trick”

    Obama? Silence

  110. Hills winning San Antonio so far but she needs a bigger lead there, its only 55 to 45 there at the mo.

  111. Says ABC’s Rick Klein:

    ABC’s Kate Snow reports that Bill Clinton did 50 (5-oh) local media interviews today. That’s a lot, even by his machine-like standards.

  112. redo in Florida AFTER PA… I betcha dollar to donuts…

    We will have to work our ass off for a new FLORIDA primary.

  113. Candy-Ass Crowley just announced that the Clinton campaign is saying they are predicting they will win Ohio, Texas and RI. Clearly, they know something. The way the media is trying to spin this is incredible.

  114. This is making me soooo nervous…I know we knew to expect nail biting, but this is driing me nuts!

  115. In Texas, Houston, Dallas and Austin are coming in. Hillary’s counties aren’t reporting yet.

  116. positively, they must know something, but I really wish they had not said that…it just makes it too easy to wind up with egg on the face…

  117. I have to tell you all I am very worried about those precincts staying open for Obama. This is dirty chicago style politics.

    Also, when will the numbers turn in Texas.

    Damn, I’m gonnna kill my friggin fighting cats…they know when my nerves are one edge and they try me.

  118. As a union member I am a realist. I choose Hillary because she has the best economic plan for America, as well as the best plan for most of the other kitchen table issues we as members fight for everyday. I am so proud that at least according to the exit polls the majority of my brothers and sisters in Ohio know this too.

    Way to go Ohio from California!!!

  119. Guy on FOX said “i don’t know any judges that keep polls open for weather”

    (but they did that in the Potomac Primary, right?

  120. The stars at night, are big and bright (clap clap clap) deep in the heart of Texas! If we don’t win , it’ll be a sin(clap clap clap) and we’ll punch Bambi in the solar plexis

  121. # moononpluto Says:
    March 4th, 2008 at 8:27 pm

    South Texas border areas coming in, Hill taking them by 70%


  122. Yes, they kept Maryland (whole state I believe) open an extra 90 minutes.

    Virginia tried and failed to keep open at all.

  123. I rescheduled my surgery for MOnday but I still took tomorrow off, how drunk should I get tonight?

  124. wow.. hillary is leading all counties except for dallas, austin… most of obama’ leads are from dallas and travis… don’t worry… 🙂

  125. YEAH!

    I hadn’t looked at the HC site tonight

    they put the voting irregularities link back on!


  126. dang diva have about 3 for me..I turn into a bumbling idiot with just a sip of that stuff..GO FOR IT

  127. spacegirl…I believe this is what the big “meet” was about this week. The DNC knows they CANNOT stick it to Florida cause they will be shafted big time in Novemember.

    A redo … I can come to work. I have relative in Orlando. I’m into hocking my car to help out on my own money. I’m this serious for this woman.

    Rezco trial, Auchi, boneheaded moves, short tempered press conferences…bambi and his militant wife are really getting introduced to America right now.

  128. positivelyclintonian Says:

    March 4th, 2008 at 8:24 pm
    Candy-Ass Crowley just announced that the Clinton campaign is saying they are predicting they will win Ohio, Texas and RI. Clearly, they know something. The way the media is trying to spin this is incredible.

    They must know something….

  129. fox
    news says HOURS and HOURS yet.

    fox says that this democrat primary is not over yet … far from.

  130. If HRC pulls this off tonite, boy does she really deserve it, she worked so darn hard, so inspiring.


    I swear to God if that (o)bamination steals the nomination I will vote for John McCain. There’s no way I can abide that terrorist-friendly childrens-healthcare-hostile Chicago-dirty-politics thief obliterating the Democratic voice.

    I have 3 little girls who deserve a better precedent. And President.

  132. Move ’em on, head ’em up
    Head ’em up, move ’em on
    Move ’em on, head ’em up
    Count ’em out, ride ’em in,
    Ride ’em in, count ’em out,
    Count ’em out, ride ’em in

  133. okay… glad to hear i have some other lushes here with me…

    @tiny… damn you reminded me…. i dont need to get wine… i do have some tn moonshine left in there from our nyeve party AND some patron….

    okay peeps… just warnin ya… diva could get a little sloppy tonite… beware of typos!!! karl rove said this thing is go on for a while!

  134. I’m having water and valium.

    Karl Rove is genius. I swear I could love this guy if he was on our side.

    Hume says he can tell something at 9pm

  135. Shanahans…..it is ok, not drinkin too much because I drank way too many martinis this past weekend on bar crawls.

  136. Yes Candy C. did say that terry and clinton camp are confident they will win OH TX and RI, but then later, she said that they were confident about OH, but not so much about TX, so may be a slip of the tung, but which was the slip up??

    bad and confusing reporting on her part.

  137. I have the worlds tiniest garage apartment, but can sleep all who need a place to stay. By the time we would have a redo, the weather will be warm, and we have a big courtyard with a pool and a big empty garage! Lots of room to camp outside and in garage!

  138. Obama can drag out the counting of these results AS LONG AS HE WANTS, in my opinion. Turn this one-day story into a two-day story — that’s great news for us!!!

  139. @dot… i just said the same thing to my hubby abt karl… i said “i despise that man, but i respect the hell outta him!”

    amen to the valium!!!

  140. eeewwwwwwwww


    lot’s of good stuff…but together?!?!?!?!


    oysters AND tacos?

  141. Nora O’you make me sick; just said that since Hillary is winning back her base in Ohio, that’s the reason it’s too close to call….huh???

  142. @mj.. out of that 100K difference.. DALLAS account for 40K… i think as results from all over state comes in.. she will wipe out his lead ind allas county.. just wait and see.. she is doing good..

  143. I believe after tonight that Obama’s hopium speeches will be received as flat…his phenom is over, the train wreck has been seen and heard. From here on out it’s going to be about substance.

    Hillary’s team turned this around and they are forcing the real issues, new ads like the red phone one.

    I think the media dug her grave way too soon.

    Donors will flood in starting in the morning and she will have the momentum in Pennsylvania.

    They do need to not get caught up in any “gotcha’s” because the media will be digging on every sound bite.

    Also, a seven week period now for more shit to hit the fan on the Obama crew..Michelle included. Those Chicago reporters are to be commended.

  144. I drank a whole bottle of Glaceau vitamin water today, so I hafta make a run to the loo. Hopefully there will be more good news from my neighbors in Ohio when I return.

    …Back in 5 minutes…

  145. oysters AND tacos?

    The oysters were in oyster shooters. (had 3 after I got out of the shower)
    The Tacos were brought home by hubby so I didn’t have to cook tonight.

  146. guys, look at the numbers in TX, as one of the posters (Deni) at taylormarsh just pointed out:
    lmao the cnn map shows
    4% reporting
    478 Obama
    460 Clinton

    So few ballots.

  147. LOL. I just stopped by for the first time today and f-ing love your post admin. Hilarious.
    Clinton will win big in OH tonight and she will continue to fight another day. That’s all that matters.
    Obambi is leading in TX but I’m hoping that South Texas will make the difference later tonight. Let’s cross our fingers that the Obambi campaign Chicago-style tactics won’t intimidate caucus voters.

  148. I might have to eat a handfull of Skelaxin…

    MILD muscle relaxer for back pain, but let’s kick it up a notch!

  149. 30 have lasted me since October. Guess my doc might be surprised if I call for a new script. I just got it refilled last week! LOL

  150. It’s funny that Obama is keeping polls open in Ohio when a lot of his big wins come from caucus states that only afford you 1 hour to vote.

  151. Hello everyone…I am optimistic but this is nerve wracking…

    been channel surfing…why is everyone on our side always still so nice…even Paul Begalia…Odrama’s side has thrown everything at Hillary and attacked her integrity and yet Paul says her red phone ad could be a problem…you know what…keep those thoughts to yourself or point out when Odrama does it…

    Hillary is so much more qualified than all of them put together…just for the BS, lies, distortions, etc she had had to put up with…

    Little Rhody should be coming in soon for Hill…I hope she gets all the delegates

  152. Wonder if Bambi is going to file suit in Rhode Island because it got dark too early or something

  153. people don’t worry.. his 100K lead is mainly from two counties… houston & dallas… 80K lead comes from those 2 counties..

  154. Well lo and behold: MSNBC says there’s a “transformation” taking place in Ohio for Hillary who appears to be winning back her base of women and white men. Perhaps the folks at MSNBC have been drinking too…? 🙂

  155. spacegirl…i can send cyber :soma: :zanaflex: :robaxin:

    which way you wanna go…I got more. This place is like a drugstore..unfortunately

  156. I have a morphine drip.

    Nobody creep up on me. I’m watching each and every one of you theiving bastards. 😡

  157. 100K lead… all the lead is coming from 3 counties.. collin, dallas & houston… no need to panic…

  158. all this talk of food has gotten me hungry!!! (albeit a rather strange and not so appetizing combination) lol

    my stomach is screaming for food, but I gotta hang in there until the closing in RI at 9, come girl!!!!!!!!

  159. have the polls closed in TX? Is this the early voting results or something? I’m SO confused.

  160. The heavily latino areas that make up approximately 35% apparently have not really begun to report yet, then we’ll see a big shift.

  161. Not all of the polls have closed. There will be more in about 10 minutes. you have different parts of the state in different time zones

  162. And for people who are worried about her catching up, it is very possible. Remember Missouri? Hillary had a huge lead up until the very end when a certain geographic area that went heavily for BO came in…

  163. mj:

    I think that 1% represents the percentage of precincts that have been counted, not votes. Its impossible to know the percentage of votes that have been counted until you know the total number of votes.

    Obviously, some precincts have a LOT more voters than others.

  164. how bout fentanyl patchs, lidocaine patches, zerclor, … I know people would kill for this stuff. But like IDUNN I’m so fricking far in the sticks they can’t find me LOL

  165. Relax already! The TX votes are early votes in a few counties only. And – quite a nice deodorant trick by the BO crowd – would you believe it, the Obama cities report the earlies while pretty much all the rest of TX doesn’t?

  166. baked beans flavoured


    But you know, Bertie Botts ever flavored beans put out a black pepper jelly bean that is awesome. Wish you could buy a whole bag of those.

  167. DivaBunny

    I’m breaking Lent with OJ and Rum…if you look at it squarely, that’s vitamin C and sugar. Oh, and crushed mint because the Derby’s only 10 weeks away.

    I’m also running Texas Town Hall in miniature on the left and a long narrow pink column on the right since I don’t want to be sick in Idunn’s bucket, and I can’t link on this damm machine anymore anyway.

  168. I think all his counties in TX has voted already and are counted. her counties are just starting. Am I right?

  169. Supposed to be big news on Fox at nine

    Brit “we’re gonna be able too tell you something about texas as soon as the polls close”

    it was his tone of voice

    where is Bill C tonight?

  170. All i can say is TG for AI and PR to keep me distracted while this grinds on.

    Wish i COULD have a drink but no-no on meds. Haveta rely on ambien.

  171. Obama for America is the plaintiff in the suit to open polls in 15 precincts until 9 pm eastern….ugh.

  172. Clinton campaign is having an emergency press cal about voting irregularities in the caucuses in Texas?

  173. It was predicted that possibly 3 million votes would be cast in Texas, but that number was determined to be too big as turnout wasn’t as high as expected. Still, it gives you an idea of what percentage of the votes have been cast. Conservatively, roughly 30% of the votes have been counted, so there’s still almost 1.5 million votes left.

  174. why did they allow polling stations in odrama’s area to stay open in 15 polling stations and not in Hillary’s areas because of weather?

  175. SpacegirlArt Thanks for the heads up. I have to go pick up my son

    I hate to leave even for 20 minutes

  176. WTF! So only areas where BO is favored are being held open later?? What a FUCKING Cheater!

  177. people.. now it is 54 – 45.. lead is below 100K.. am telling you.. this is turning around for hill..

  178. Hillary doing well in suburban areas, factory towns, farming communities, southern Ohio, and doing very well in most demographics.

  179. Check Taylormarsh, people are talking about it in the thread. Wolfson said that Obama’s campaign stole the precint sheets or something and that Clinton people were locked out of the caucuses at many locations…

  180. Hey, aren’t all the drugs supposed to be with the BO crowd, aren’t we supposed to be drinking Geritol?

  181. oh, I got some leftover Femara too from my cancer treatment …don’t know if that could be sent cyber either LOL

  182. Taylor Marsh posted on her most recent thread:

    Just got back online, after being away for most of the hour and on calls. Thanks JoeCHI, everyone.

    Around 5:55 pacific, give or take.

    The Clinton campaign sign in sheets were indeed being filled out during the day, according to Clinton’s counsel. I’m on a call right now with the campaign. The Dem party hotlines are jammed. “All over the state” complaints. “Obama campaign took the precinct campt. packet,” and they have precinct numbers. “Numerous locations” where Obama supporters have “locked out” Clinton supporters. “We have lawyers all over the state.” …
    Wolfson: this is the first time we’ve held a call of this nature. Chaotic is normal. What’s happening in Texas tonight “is not typical.” “Is quite extraordinary.”

  183. “Wolfson said that Obama’s campaign stole the precint sheets or something and that Clinton people were locked out of the caucuses at many locations…”

    Obama’s new politics?

    Brownshirt nazis

  184. they should toss the Texas caucus out…Hillary needs to go to court on this.

    If they have “verified” info it is their duty to do so

  185. wow! i go clean up from dinner and you guys have brought out the morphine and xanax????

    well…. for now i’m stickin w/wine but watch out if i bring out the tn moonshine!!! it could get UGLY!!!

  186. My mom has Xanax, which might be the best bet for the evening, she needs it though so I wouldn’t want to take it away from her. O_o

  187. I agree, if they have verification and testimony, they need to go to court and get the caucus results thrown out. This is ridiculous. And BO should be embaressed and humiliated for trying to stuff the ballot box. Talk about Chicago politics….

  188. “Wolfson said that Obama’s campaign stole the precint sheets or something and that Clinton people were locked out of the caucuses at many locations”

    Typical thuggery.

  189. What is Obama doing in Ohio. Fifteen voting places are going to be reopened so his people can vote.

  190. My nerves are shot. Obama is a thug. His supporters are thugs.

    Seems like SOME ONE should have video of this shit in TExas

  191. cnn sux, they only talk about john M. not bothering to even mention that RI is too close to call, just goes on and on and on…… christ!!!

  192. The exit poll should just give it to Clinton in Texas

    She wins the bigger share of Women who make up the most of the vote 57%

  193. What a embarrassment for the Democratic party it would be if we had BO as a candidate running against McCain. McCain with his tons of experience and his vast knowledge of national security VS a rookie senator with ZERO national security experience. Hillary must save us from this nightmare!

  194. That’s right, Huck! You stay in this thing! Hell, Gramps could keel over on the crapper next week, and then you’ve got a real shot at this thing!

  195. CONSPICUOUS SILENCE about the Ohio, TEx & RI results on all three networks

    the DNC and Obama are stealing this

  196. ExperienceMatters

    Last time I had a Brandy and Dry, (shall admit it was “several” B n’ D’s), I was on a teeny passanger ship crossing from Melbourne to Tasmania.

    As it was not the smoothest of waters, have not been able to drink one since.

  197. Remember the media is NOT going to let Hillary Clinton have a celebration…so don’t expect it and realize corrupt, dirty Chicago politics with the backing of the DNC is the name of the game.

    Obama would never have pulled this crap with another man but the demeaning, dissmissiveness of the Obama campaign shows me this man is not fit to be Commander and Chief!

  198. In Texas, Hillary carried East Texas, West Texas, and Rio Grande Valley, and that’s 59% of the state.

  199. I agree…they are going to play out this republican story and go to huckabee for his speech…and bla, bla, bla…

    drag it out as long as they can…hell, why not open more polls so odrama can get all the delegates…

  200. Dot48

    Obama’s lead has been cut almost in half in TX she was down close to 150,000 votes now only down 86,000 and dropping as western TX starts coming in plus they have not released the early voting yet.


  202. NNow this jerk on CNN….”If Hillary Clinton loses ONE of these tonight, the pressure will be enormous”

  203. i hope so to they got video of it told
    ininla last night to have them
    chicago dirty trickters
    im so so tense its sickening

  204. she is winning all over TEXAS if you look at CNN map. obama is winning only where AA’ are more..

  205. Who the hell wants this guy to be president of our country. What are Kennedy and Kerry trying to prove? He is not competent or experienced or efficient enough to run this country. There must be other people out there that are going to make the decisions and he will just be a figurehead. I feel like my country has been taken over by someone. Anybody have any clues? On all the shows tonight (CNN, MSNBC, FOX) the pundits kept saying she has to go, she is ruining the democratic party, she is being stubborn, blah, blah, blah, the usual bs. What the hell is going on?

    I feel like we need to have a revolution. I am 65 years old and I want to revolt. Someone has taken the political process and the media away from the people. When did this happen? I must not have been paying attention. I was working too hard to notice.

    We need a plan.

  206. don’t worry about BO he ain’t getting anything that doesn’t belong to him Hillary has a good legal team!!

  207. Hill will get the crucial state of Ohio, but no matter what happens in Texas, media will spin it as not good enough for her and start trying to drum her out. Superdelegates will fall into line behind BO because black voters will threaten to riot if anything else happens. Life isn’t fair, and it’s a shame. My vote will then go to McCain simply because I think he is honorable. I can respect someone like him even if I don’t agree with him on much.

    If BO is elected and is successful, I am big enough to eat my words, but I just don’t see it happening. He simply doesn’t know how to play hardball.

  208. What I don’t understand is why the Democratic leaders is letting this happen…don’t they understand that we need every vote and when people feel disenfranchise they don’t tend to vote for the one that doing the dissenfrnchisement.

  209. You know, that’s one of the biggest myths about this campaign: The Clinton Machine. I remember bambi coming out, hanging his head, and saying: “I’m up against the Clinton Machine” If there’s a machine politician in this race, it’s him.

  210. @rick
    “He simply doesn’t know how to play hardball.”

    I think we are seeing tonight this is not correct

    just not the kind we need

  211. Jeeez… Says NYT:

    Guerrilla conference calling! Bob Bauer, a lawyer for the Obama campaign, has jumped on the Clinton conference call about election irregularities in Texas and is arguing that the Clinton camp is simply attacking the caucus process because it’s losing. The Clinton campaign is asked on the conference call if it will contest the results in Texas. “At this point, we really can’t say,” said Lyn Ultrecht, a Clinton campaign lawyer. Howard Wolfson, a campaign spokesman, says the point of the call is to publicize the problems with the hope that they will be resolved before the night is through.

  212. if hillary wins ohio and doesnt get “stomped” in tx… she stays in! bottom line! are you guys forgetting that he outspent her 4-1 and if he only squeaks by she has the “i win big states” agrument to tell the DNC. (ie… bho CANT WIN AGAINST MCCAIN!!!) the dnc HAS to take that into acct!!! wtf people???? she raised 35 f’n mill in feb after losing 11 in a row!!! that is f’ng huge so stop forgetting that!!!

  213. If a BO person jumped on the Clinton conference call, it’s because someone in the media let him.

    The impartial media — barf.

  214. jr, not a whole lot right now. only 2% in and Bambi is up by 9%. I think most of that was counting early voter ballots

  215. TEXAS… they are deliberately delaying the results… only 2%.. where as OHIO 6% reported… OHIO she is up by 22 points… 🙂

  216. Texas is the state I knew would be really f*cked up. Figured there so much screwiness down there with voting, primaries, new voters, minority voters, and republican crossovers going both for her and him for different reasons…figured we would wait for TX until late into the night. Ohio we will win.

  217. Huckabee has some jazzy flag thing going on behind him. It’s hypnotic.


  218. TeamClinton, it won’t be Huckabee as the VP because McCain will lose much of the independent vote…

  219. we need to start spread the web he should drop out now becasue of rezko,and he cant win big states
    like they smear hill all over the web she is to divise and to ccorrupt and baggage..
    need to start hitting back all of us..

  220. RI Per CNN HC 50 BO 49 with 4% reporting

    I was looking at the exsit polls on CNN. in RI, OH, TX women came out all over 57% and the age group 45-59 were the highest age group (RI age group 60+ was the highest). I would think this would be in HC favor????

  221. fox polls show HRC 60 and BO 38 in Ohio.

    Thev’e projected HRC as winner of RI with 53 to 46 spread.

    Hadta look.”Vermont of course is BO’s

  222. @Divabunny, of course Hill has the best argument by winning the big states, but remember. Black folks will threaten to riot, and they will get their candidate. Governor Wilder has already said as much.

  223. It’s fine, they called it, so they must have solid faith in the exit polls. No worries about RI now. She got it. The losing streak is broken.

  224. Hillary should let that bastard speak first tonite – so he won’t come out and cut her off again

  225. she wasnt expecting to win texas, so if we do win it, then its the nail in the coffin…. as long as we get ohio and ri, she WILL stay in!!! mccauliffe on morning joe today talking abt him outspending her 4-1, so if its even close, its a WIN!!!

  226. TEXAS.. counting is very slow.. WTF is wrong with them.. they counted BO counties fast.. and whats up with remaining .. BS

  227. Fox has only 3% in for Texas. Perhaps there is a list of cities/areas this voting is coming from. Does anyone have that? All these early numbers may be from Obama strongholds. Since Texas is such a big state it’s going to take a long time I would think to get the total vote.

  228. Well….. the guy is crazy, but I will miss his speeches, he is way WAY better of a speaker then BO!!!

  229. COME ON TEXAS!!!! ArgghhhH!

    I think Ohio and RI are in the bank, but I’m still nervous about TX…

  230. That they might wait with TX because of the primary/caucus things is somewhat understandable, but OH??? come one and bring it already!!!!!!!!!!

  231. Yeah, Huck is a right wing crazy, but I like him. I can’t explain it. I’m gay, and I still like him.

  232. They won’t call Ohio until all the polls close, since Bambi delayed them, it will be a little bit. Also, the amazing margin she has now will be reduced by a lot once the delayed districts are able to report, as they are majority African American and he gets nearly all the votes in those areas.

  233. @rick… no offense, but who gives a shit if AAs threaten to riot??? let em f’ng riot! this isnt rodney king! this is a presidential election… riot away!

  234. Says Rick Klein:

    ABC’s Gary Langer has some interesting data points, none of which are encouraging for Obama: “Latinos turned out in big numbers in the Texas Democratic primary, accounting for a record 30 percent of voters, up from 24 percent in 2004 – second only this cycle to New Mexico, and matching California. They went nearly 2-1 for Clinton, 63-35 percent, a crucial element for her.”

    “An additional 19 percent were African-Americans – roughly matching their 2004 turnout, but well down from their 34 percent share in Texas in 1984, when Jesse Jackson ran. Obama won 85 percent of blacks in Texas. Clinton won white women by 19 points; white men, a swing group in many Democratic primaries this year, split evenly between the two.”

  235. Yay, then its unanimous. I am waiting for Ohio to be called for us….c’mon msm, put the glass of kool-aid down for like 10 minutes at least please!


  237. Yay Rhode Island!!!!

    I was hoping to stay online long enough for Hillary to win Ohio (looks like that one’s gonna be a landslide!). But I have to take a shower and find something to wear to work tomorrow. I’ll celebrate with y’all tomorrow. Have fun!

  238. WEll, women can riot too…and we should not take the shafting of the first serious female conteder for the presidency laying down….

  239. please excuse me while I kneel and pray with the preacher from the other campaign while he concedes his divisiveness is from the bible of the poison mind and that all americans will now surely go to hell as punishment for their vote for McCain

  240. yeah let that idiot speak first …can somone tell them
    i hope so hell cut her off..then she can cut him off..she has the mo..

  241. I swear if Al Sharpton protests anything I’m going to protest Al Sharpton. I’ll just walk around him in circles with a little sign protesting HIM.

  242. get that huck off there he wont quit talking he likes the press for his next run..for prez..thats all this is while they let him speak

  243. 53-46 now he had a 150,000 vote lead now down to 78,000 with only 3% reporting, it is going to be a long night relax and have a drink… I am and probably quite a few more…

  244. I know this part is corny but I hope Hillary can overcome the 39 percent for Vermont

  245. divabunny, I am assuming Obamas sections poll areas closed first and these are the results we are seeing…

  246. Rioting would be bad, as it was in Chicago in 1968.

    But I wouldn’t take Wilder too seriously. He loves attention.

  247. Tiny Dancer Says:

    March 4th, 2008 at 9:31 pm
    I swear if Al Sharpton protests anything I’m going to protest Al Sharpton. I’ll just walk around him in circles with a little sign protesting HIM.

    Im joining you, making sign now!! LOL



    and Fox gives it 2 seconds!!!

    goes back to McCain! WTF!!!!!

  249. Huck doesn’t believe in evolution.

    He was great on the Food Channel’s steak barbecue cookoff, though 🙂

  250. We have to stand up to Sharpton at some point – he is a fraud. Why are people afraid of him? Tawana Brawley, anyone?

    Looking beyond 3/4, we in Phoenix are ready to staff the phones for PN.

  251. A Hillary win doesn’t matter to the Media.. If it was BO it would be pimped 24/7.. Fucking ass@%%#!

  252. mj, i believe exit polls indicated 32 percent. That is probably close to right, though I know there were a lot of efforts to encourage early voting in Hispanic communities, so it is possible that it is just slightly higher than that.

  253. Do the math…if latinos are only 30% of the vote, we sadly will not win unless white women far outnumbered white men.

  254. moonpluto

    watch TEXAS map too.. aLL OVER HILLARY… bambi only in few places in and around dallas, houston & austin

  255. yeah, 30% latino is what CNN’s exit poll said. but 49% white, and Hillary won them 54-45%

  256. Anyway, I really like Huck. I’d never in a million years vote for him, but he seems like a damned nice guy.

    I don’t dislike people who don’t agree with me. Don’t vote for them either, so maybe it’s a wash. 🙂

  257. And I thought I heard that women were like 57 percent or something and she won them by close to 10 percent.

  258. Have the precints that Obama kept open in Ohio reported yet? Those are heavy AA precints, so I suspect they’re waiting for those to come in before calling it? Like Missouri?

  259. She will get the majority of the latino vote, the majority of the white and female vote. The only thing that we have to worry about is male and AA vote..

  260. I think it does, according to the exit polls. latinos 63-35%, white 54-45%. BO only wins 19% AA’s, 85-15

  261. Guys,
    Caution, both states (OH and TX) likely to tighten. OH b/c the cities haven’t come in yet. TX because the Latino-heavy counties haven’t come in yet.

  262. TeamClinton, she was behind by about 10 percent among men, but it’s okay, because she leads by 10 percent among women and more women turned out than men (57 vs. 43); African American vote went about 85 to Obama and 15 to Hillary, turnout on this is between 16 and 20 percent.

  263. Donna Brazille, I still hate her guts….she is looking worn, let’s wear her down some more 😉

  264. argh, Howard Fineman giving “inside” info about the Clinton campaign. He talked to one person, who thinks Hillary should quit if they don’t win both. These pundits just love that kind of gossip 🙁

  265. @idunn: my quote from earlier….

    “@rick… no offense, but who gives a shit if AAs threaten to riot??? let em f’ng riot! this isnt rodney king! this is a presidential election… riot away!”

  266. these pundits…howard fineman, matthews, keith, most of them… they will not give her a good word… a damn kind word…for anything…they have to take every bit of joy out of all of her success…

    they literally make me feel sick… and add that idiot johnathan alter whatever to that list…

  267. Diva…great minds think alike. 😉

    Anyway, I’m out in the middle of nowhere, so double fuck em. What are they gonna do…drive all the way up the moutnain and loot my corn crib? 🙄

  268. if sharpton wants to protest…

    we will have a:



  269. Hillary countries are being told as rural and have low population…so the MSM is waiting for the big urban cities and those precinct that Obama got to stay late…then they’ll start talking about who won.

    Don’t every FORGET the MSM don’t want to see a Hillary Clinton win so they will stall this as long as they can. Try to find a independent reporting source or look at Fox or ABC news….but don’t report CNN or MSNBC numbers….you’ll get pissed.

  270. Here is my bet….

    HC takes texas and Ohio

    MSM waiting for McCain to give victory speech to take coverage away when the numbers come in for her…they will report then go back to McCain

  271. Somebody do the math. Those exit poll numbers show a popular vote victory in Texas for Hillary, I think…

  272. That inside-campaign stuff is such crap. The media love it, but it’s completely meaningless. Of course people disagree. Isn’t it a good thing to have disagrement and discussion? But the media treats it like it’s a catastrophe.

  273. This is what the figures look like if she took the womens vote by 10 and lost the male vote by 10 and the electorate was 57% women and 43% men.

    0.43 0.45 0.1935
    0.57 0.55 0.3135

  274. plural, I have YET to hear any inside stuff like that out of the Obama camp. They always talk about Hillary’s campaign.

  275. Anyone want to wager how long this thread holds out? Come on Big Pink, stay with us the whole night, I need you!

  276. Yeah right. All these insiders in the Clinton camp bullshit. Ask Fineman to name the person who is giving his so called inside information. They just make stuff out of their ass and throw it up there to see if shite flies.

  277. Bless John McCain’s heart…he’s about as exciting as watching grass grow. His wife is really classy.

  278. Sharpton – the hell with you. You think DC is a playground or a venue for your political theater. Well it’s my home. Eff-off. I will meet you for a counter-protest and you can’t avoid me. The mall is 1.5 miles from my home. My turf. Eff off you creepy hate-monger.

  279. its now 51-48 in Texas….. CLOSE CLOSE AND CLOSE



    UPDATE: Just finished part of a call from the Clinton campaign; while waiting for the second round of C-SPAN interviews. The Clinton campaign said sign in sheets were indeed being filled out during the day by Obama team and supporters, according to Clinton’s counsel. The Texas Dem party hotlines are jammed with people calling in. Clinton camp has heard of complaints all day. “All over the state” complaints. “Obama campaign took the precinct captain’s packet,” and they don’t know what was done with it. Clinton camp has precinct numbers. “Numerous locations” where Obama supporters have “locked out” Clinton supporters. “We have lawyers all over the state.” … Wolfson: This is the first time we’ve held a call of this nature. Chaotic is normal. What’s happening in Texas tonight “is not typical.” “Is quite extraordinary.” They then took questions, but I had to get off to get ready for other calls/interviews.

  281. now the lead is down to 40K… come on TEXAS come on.. bambi will have shoe in his mouth today… bloody buggers they first reported AA areas so as to influence caucus voters..

  282. CNN said no about 15 minutes ago, they may have by now. The map John King had no votes in for Houston, Dallas, Ft. Worth, El Paso, Brownsville, Austin, San Antonio, etc, just the surrounding areas.

  283. mj, I think that was a lot of early voters from there that were initially counted. Texas is gonna be close

  284. if we can win texas by a big margin in this primary … I don’t think the caucus will matter much ESPECIALLY if Hillary camp files proper suit with verifiable evidence that can’t be called a grudge match.

    There will be substantial evidence to have the caucus struck maybe….let us hope

  285. Actually, a lopsided win in the caucus would do wonders for Hillary,she would have the ammunition to say, these caucuses are bullshit and totally not representative at all. It may work in her benefit, lets see the good side of this.

  286. Hillary’s 20 pt lead is holding in Ohio, 24% of the vote in. They can’t call that yet???

  287. Says Rick Klein:

    “Now we begin the most important part of our campaign,” McCain says. And he starts with a vigorous defense of his position on Iraq. Ready for a national-security campaign, anyone?

    Well Rick, one Democratic candidate sure as heck is, the other sure as heck isn’t…

  288. well have the aa communities been counted…I cannot watch msnbc or cnn. fox is not giving countywise stuff. please tell me, I have no hair or fingernails left

  289. SpacegirlArt Says:
    March 4th, 2008 at 9:52 pm
    betcha the DNC bigwigs are FREAKING OUT

    You know with all they have thrown at her, look where she is. Despite their best effort to de-rail her, by cheating, race card lies, gerrymandering votes, fiddling the primaries, helping obama, controlling the media

    And she still whips his ass!!

    The DNC suck!!

  290. Bambi only winning 3 areas of Ohio and only by like 2%, lol, this is not even going to be close.

  291. Latest TEXAS numbers:

    Here is the Texas secretary of state link:


    Hillary 49.29%
    Obama 48.71%

  292. When I was calling TExas tonight, I got a woman at “an old folks home”

    they had ALL voted for Hillary already and were going by bus and car to the caucus…all of them! LOL

    let those old timers knock some BOHEAD! LOL

  293. Let not forget the Asians….they have been very supportive to Hillary.

    Go Latinos and Asians!!!!

  294. I’ve been trying to catch up reading the threads. MJ, the 2004 primaries had AA at 21% and Latinos at 24%. If they are reporting that the Latino vote comprise 30%, that is very, very good for Hill and if they are saying that AA vote is 18% or roughly the same or lower than 2004, that is bad for Bambi as that means that AA didn’t turn out in mass.

    I can’t watch the tv as my nerves are shot. I am listening to McCain in the other room. Remembering that exit polls are not always right but if that report is correct then it is good news for Hill, if not, then not so much good news.

    Welcome Highlyeducatedfor Hillary.

    Does anyone else have other network data on Texas demographics?

  295. whoa–who said anything about protesting/ did sharpton say something…in my aa family i don’t know anyonw who takes his fat ass seriously..what a douchebag…and none of my friends take him for anything either

  296. It took them forever to call NH, even when it was at 98% and she was way ahead. I remember YELLING at my TV that night, so pissed off at CNN for holding out. I swore CNN was going to wait until 2010 to finally call that state.

  297. Oh McCain is soooooo old jeez. I would be lost in an election with b.o., mccain, and nader, oh man, She is gonna win tonight big y’all, and I am gonna wear my shirt and buttons tomorrow.




  299. He even does the “my friend” “friends” things in the e-mails his campaign sends out. It’s cracks me up EVERY time. The e-mails are so straight forward too. Hillary’s are like a little letter between friends, McCain’s are a memo.

  300. marcambinder.theatlantic.com/archives/2008/03/caucus_problems_in_texas.php

    problems at Texas Caucus – check it out! Scary how far Obama would go

  301. oh crap, I think I am about to go to bed instead of this, as much as I love my girl, I don’t have a feeling neither OH nor TX will be called anytime soon.

    so….. good luck, I really believe you will pull this off! 😀 😀

  302. On the scroll MSNBC: Breaking Obama called McCain and said he looks forward to running against him

    What an arrogant ass

  303. Guy’s I showed you the math above. You are not taking into account the strength of the aa vote. Now my calcs have her winning but by a hair.

  304. Bama bots are calling Hillary a war hawk just like McCain, and she cannot win the election without Moveon.org! LOL