Ka-rook Obama

What exactly is Obama hiding from? For months we urged full disclosure with full documentation from Obama.

Let’s recall how Obama answered Rezko questions, before we learned of the “Stroll Through The House”. “I don’t recall exactly what our conversations were or where I first learned, and I am not clear what the circumstances were where he made a decision that he was interested in the property,” Obama said.

Back in April 2007, we quoted Carol Marin of the Chicago Sun-Times who wrote:

Barack Obama tells us he is the messenger of a new kind of politics. Open. Transparent. Different. But put the pedal to the metal and ask Illinois’ junior senator new and serious questions about his radioactive, federally indicted, former friend Antoin “Tony” Rezko, and suddenly this gleaming presidential hopeful and paragon of new politics behaves just like any other dissembling, dismissive Chicago pol, ducking the discussion while pretending not to.

Marin discussed the repeated requests to Obama to provide information regarding his entanglements with his long time friend, benefactor, and now indicted slumlord.

Nothing has changed. Obama is still refusing to come clean.

Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times once again explains that Obama will not discuss Rezko or his many financial entanglements with reporters who know the score:

Obama has never agreed to an interview about Rezko with the reporters from the Chicago papers who know the story the best, and it has not been for lack of trying. My Sun-Times colleagues who are investigating Rezko have pressed for a chance to talk to Obama about Rezko.

At issue is trying to put together the whole story about Obama and Rezko — all of which speaks to Obama’s judgment, his main selling point as he seeks the presidency and seems positioned to win the Democratic nomination.

Big Media has known about Rezko for a long time. Howard Wolfson of the Hillary campaign took on Big Media and their lack of questions for Obama:

“Now the trial is beginning, and I think it will be more difficult for him to avoid these various serious questions. I can guarantee you that if, again, if the shoe were on the other foot, I would be getting those questions, and I’d be having to answer them to people who are very serious investigative reporters, who know their business, who know the right questions to ask, and don’t take ‘no comment’ for an answer,” said Wolfson, who handled the Hsu portfolio for the campaign.

Here are some of the questions from Howard Wolfson, hardly the most controversial questions at that, which Big Media has refused to pursue. Questions which go directly to Obama’s judgement:

On the call, Wolfson laid out a series of items that he said needed to be answered about Rezko and Obama. I consulted Sun-Times colleagues Chris Fusco, Tim Novak and Dave McKinney — the main Rezko reporters — to help look at a few of the questions that Wolfson said are unsettled.

Wolfson asked, “Is there anyone on this call who knows how many fund-raisers Tony Rezko has thrown for Barack Obama?”

The Obama team has never answered this question. One in 2003 has been written about.

“Is there anyone on this call who knows how much money Tony Rezko has raised for Barack Obama?”

The Obama team has said it gave about $150,000 in Rezko-linked donations to charity. They have never spelled out Rezko’s role in raising political cash for Obama.

“Is there anyone on this call who knew before a week ago that Tony Rezko actually toured the house that they purchased before Barack Obama belatedly admitted it?”

Not before Tim Burger from Bloomberg News had the scoop.

“Is there anyone on this call aware whether or not Barack Obama impugned, or, I’m sorry, opportuned Tony Rezko to obtain jobs in the Blagojevich administration for Obama allies?”

The Sun-Times has been told we’ll get an answer “soon.”

Left out in the cold, once again, are the constituents Obama allegedly represented. The one-time “community organizer” did nothing to help freezing tenants in the community. State Senator Barack Obama (D-Rezko) concerned himself with his constituency of one.

Finally, on the day before the Rezko trial begins, the New York Times lumbers with a news report which raises yet more questions about Obama’s judgement:

Tony Rezko was obviously in trouble. He was a defendant in at least a dozen lawsuits, federal investigators in Chicago were poking around, and his name was in newspaper articles about corruption and fraud.

None of that stopped Mr. Rezko, a politically connected developer, and Senator Barack Obama from completing real estate deals a few years ago that resulted in the Obamas obtaining their dream house and the Rezkos buying an empty lot next door.

Nearly three years later, fallout from Mr. Obama’s relationship with Mr. Rezko, who raised more than $150,000 for Mr. Obama’s campaigns, continue to dog Mr. Obama on the presidential campaign trail. That distraction promises to linger as Mr. Rezko goes on trial on corruption charges starting Monday.

The New York Times is finally figuring out that something stinks in Obama’s Chicago circus:

But a review of court records, including new details of Mr. Rezko’s finances that emerged recently, show that the lot purchase occurred as he was being pursued by creditors seeking more than $10 million, deepening the mystery of why he would plunge into a real estate investment whose biggest beneficiary appears to have been Mr. Obama.

As Mr. Obama and Mr. Rezko were completing the property purchases in June 2005, Mr. Rezko was fighting to keep lenders and investors at bay over defaulted loans and failing business ventures. But he side-stepped that financial dragnet by arranging for the land to be bought in his wife’s name, making it the only property she owned by herself, according to land records.

As a result, when the Obamas bought part of the land from Mrs. Rezko seven months later to widen their yard, the money they paid was beyond the reach of Mr. Rezko’s creditors, including one conducting a court-ordered hunt for his assets to recover a $3.5 million debt.

Two lawyers involved in the civil litigation against Mr. Rezko said they believed that the property was subject to possible seizure on the premise that Mr. Rezko had been trying to hide behind his wife, Rita, who had little money of her own to complete the $625,000 purchase.

The lawyers, both of whom requested anonymity because they did not have their clients’ permission to speak about the cases, said there was little purpose in pursuing it because the legal costs would have outweighed the value of the property, which was encumbered by a $500,000 mortgage.

Obama endorsers have a lot to explain. Perhaps they can tell Democrats at the Denver Convention why they endorsed Obama as the drip, drip, drip, of a many months trial exposes the Senator from Rezko. The New York Times apparently does not have a clue as to all the government money Obama helped Rezko obtain:

Mr. Obama’s name is likely to surface during the trial, if only because $10,000 of the money Mr. Rezko is accused of extorting wound up in Mr. Obama’s 2004 Senate campaign. There is nothing to indicate that Mr. Obama did any favors for Mr. Rezko, but there is ample evidence that Mr. Rezko did favors for Mr. Obama.

The two men became friends in the early 1990s when Mr. Rezko tried to hire Mr. Obama to work on his low-income housing developments. When Mr. Obama turned to politics, Mr. Rezko was an early supporter and fund-raiser. Mr. Rezko also stepped in when Mr. Obama, a newly elected United States senator, and his family found a Georgian mansion for sale in the Kenwood section of Chicago.

When the transactions were first reported, Mr. Obama said only that he had asked Mr. Rezko, as a developer, whether he thought the house was worth buying. But last month, Mr. Obama’s campaign staff said the senator also recalled walking around the house and the adjacent lot with Mr. Rezko.

Again, let’s recall Obama’s original answers to how or why Antoin “Tony” Rezko bought the “lush side yard” of the Obama mansion: “I don’t recall exactly what our conversations were or where I first learned, and I am not clear what the circumstances were where he made a decision that he was interested in the property,” Obama said. Any competent lawyer at trial would ask Obama: “Is that stroll through the house something you are likely to forget? Is that something you typically did? Doesn’t that stroll through the grounds provide a clue as to how Rezko had developed an interest in the property?

Mr. Obama has said he did not know why Mr. Rezko decided to buy the lot. Business associates of Mr. Rezko said he gave various explanations, among them that he wanted to help the Obamas expand their backyard and that he thought it would be a good investment to own a lot next to a prominent politician. But Mr. Rezko’s involvement was important because the owners of the house and the lot had stipulated that neither could be sold unless a deal for the other closed on the same day.

Michael Sreenan, a lawyer who handled the transaction for Mrs. Rezko, said that the lot was attractive to developers and that the Rezkos had to outbid others to buy it.

Some critics say that given Mr. Obama’s longtime emphasis on ethics, it is puzzling that he would have been so involved with the Rezkos on the house and lot deals after questions had begun to crop up about Mr. Rezko’s political and business activities.

For at least two years before the property purchases, news articles had raised questions about Mr. Rezko’s influence over state appointments and contracts. There had also been reports that the F.B.I. was investigating accusations of a shakedown scheme involving a state hospital board to which Mr. Rezko had suggested appointments.

Also, Chicago officials had announced that they were investigating whether a company partly owned by Mr. Rezko had won public contracts by posing as a minority business.

As a result, said Jay Stewart, executive director of the Better Government Association in Chicago, Mr. Obama “should have been on high alert.”

In addition, although Mr. Rezko enjoyed a reputation as a man of means, with a Mediterranean-style mansion, a sprawling chain of fast-food businesses and frequent multimillion-dollar real estate deals, the court records show, he was also sinking in financial quicksand.

Federal prosecutors filed papers last week saying Mr. Rezko had trouble paying creditors for years. At least 12 lawsuits had been filed against Mr. Rezko and his businesses from November 2002 to January 2005, including one by the G.E. Commercial Finance Corporation, which had extended more than $5 million in loans for Mr. Rezko’s pizza franchises.

G.E. obtained a court judgment against Mr. Rezko in November 2004 for the $3.5 million that it said was outstanding on its loans, but the company put collection efforts on hold in the first half of 2005 as it negotiated with Mr. Rezko, court records show. When the Obamas and Rezkos bought their adjacent parcels that June, Mrs. Rezko put down $125,000 in cash and financed the rest with a bank loan.

The London Times strongly implied recently that it is a “British-Iraqi billionaire” by the name of Nadmi Auchi who provided the money which paid for the Obama house to “bagman” Rezko and Mrs. Rita Rezko. Mr. Auchi of course has been convicted of corruption in France and has ties to such lovely figures as former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. The New York Times appears at this late date to awaken to the Auchi connection, and many other aspects regarding Obama/Rezko:

Vincent A. Lavieri, a lawyer who has represented clients in three lawsuits against Mr. Rezko, said Mr. Rezko’s creditors could have tried to prove that Mr. Rezko was using his wife as a front to shield assets.

It is unclear where Mrs. Rezko got the money for the down payment and how she carried the loan, considering that she later said in an affidavit that she earned $37,000 a year and had few assets.

Mr. Rezko, however, had come into money two months earlier, when he obtained a $3.5 million loan from a Panamanian company controlled by his friend and business partner, Nadhmi Auchi, an Iraqi billionaire who was convicted several years ago in France on fraud charges.

Alasdair Pepper, a lawyer based in London who represented Mr. Auchi, said that Mr. Rezko was expected to use the money for his pizza business, and that “as far as my client is aware, Mr. Rezko used the loan for its intended purpose and not for any other purpose.”

Court records in the G.E. case show that a few months after receiving the loan from Mr. Auchi, Mr. Rezko made a $1 million payment to G.E., but stopped short of repaying everything he owed.

Finally, in October 2005, G.E. obtained an order allowing the company to begin seizing Mr. Rezko’s assets. The company’s lawyers filed a claim against the Rezkos’ home and began issuing subpoenas to banks where Mr. Rezko had accounts, finding very little cash. Court records show that G.E. was due to be in court on Jan. 5, 2006, for example, obtaining an order to seize $1,297.39 from one of Mr. Rezko’s checking accounts.

Less than a week later, Mrs. Rezko sold a 10-foot-wide strip of the empty lot to Mr. Obama, for $104,500, so he could widen his side yard. The Rezkos had little to show for the entire transaction.

Asked by a judge to give an accounting of his and his wife’s assets last year after he was indicted, Mr. Rezko said that his wife had recently sold the remainder of the lot and that the small profit it generated went back to the buyer to help cover an old debt.

“So she didn’t walk away with any cash?” the judge asked.

“Not one dollar,” Mr. Rezko replied.

At this late date Americans are discovering the real Barack Obama.


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  1. pumpkinhead russert should have really nailed obama on rezko. did i miss it or russert did not mention the snl skit?

  2. I want to know if zoning laws would have allowed housing to built on the side yard. As I understand it, the house is in an HPOZ and if that’s the case, developing that side yard might not have been allowed by law.

    I also want to know why it was simpler for both lots to close on the same day for the owner. This is allegedly what the original owner told the Obama campaign. What do realtors have to say about that?

    Also, who would have benefitted by both lots closing on the same day? How would that affect anything? Would it make the sale less visible in any way?

    If there were competing bids for the side lot, was it listed? When? Where? Why was closing on the same day more important than maximizing profit?

    How big is the side yard? Does anyone know?

  3. “The one-time “community organizer” did nothing to help freezing tenants in the community. State Senator Barack Obama (D-Rezko) concerned himself with his constituency of one.”

    –YES. How can some people not see that his words, his behavior have repeatedly shown that he only gives a shit about himself, that he’s a narcissist, that he’s only done things for himself? Do these people honestly think he’d CHANGE if he were give even MORE power, that he’d suddenly become conscientious then?

    Power typically makes selfish narcissistic people behave even worse, not better. Narcissists should never be rewarded for their shitty behavior. Not only do they themselves then become monsters, but their having been rewarded for their terrible behavior encourages OTHERS watching to behave the same because they want to be rewarded in kind. Obama is becoming the monster of today because Bush was the monster of yesterday. I think Obama might some day even top Bush’s rotten behavior, which is a big reason why I’m so anti-Obama.

  4. Reposting this from the previous thread.
    I saw this at hc.com”. The campaign really needs to do something about this.

    “This is off topic, sorry. I’ve been making calls all afternoon for Hillary in Texas. I can’t tell you how many senior citizens I’ve talked to who said they were either unaware or told they didn’t need to go to the precinct convention (caucus) to sign in so their vote will count. Many of them have no rides because they are elderly, or they said I was flat out wrong about this. Has anyone else making calls to Texas run across this situation? I’ve also found that the Latino voters didn’t know about this and don’t plan on going back to caucus because they are working at that time.

    Is there anyone from Texas who knows if the Hillary campaign are giving rides to the elderly who cannot drive and already voted early?

    by rose2797 at 3/2/2008 2:14:26 PM”

  5. CNN reporter in Texas is crazy, she said that early voters in other states have helped Obama when talking about high early voter turnout in texas.

  6. Obama camp doing in OH and TX what I have said Hillary should be doing hitting Senior Citizen centers and taking them all to vote early.

  7. Did anyone catch this?

    Barack Obama mislead rally audience

    In a speech to an audience today on CNN, Senator Barack Obama refered again to Senator Clinton’s judgment on voting for the Authorization to Use Force. In this reference, he maintained his position that her judgment was wrong, and that she had not read the National Intelligence Estimate.

    In his statement, to paraphrase, he said that when the Senator Rockefeller, the Chair of the Intelligence Committee gives you an Intelligence Estimate to vote about this Authorization, you had better read it…he then went on to imply that Senator Rockefeller had voted against the war.

    From the information I have from TheHill.com, Senator Jay Rockefeller voted YES to authorize the use of force in Iraq.

  8. jubjub,

    Might better check this info. As I understand it, the primary and caucus are two separate things. I think if you vote in the primary your primary vote still counts even if you skip the caucus. However you cannot vote in the caucus unless you show that you voted in the primary.

    Of course it will be good for people to vote in both, but better have the details right when you call people. Don’t want people to stay home all day just because they cannot do the caucus.

  9. I need a transcript for this rally. But right now I need to start calling TExas.

    back in a while

  10. As I’ve said a gazillion times, in my opinion, the Bush crowd have fixed the presidency with illegal dictatorial powers. Whoever is sitting in that seat next will ALSO have those powers. NO UNKNOWN AND/OR HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE ENTITIES. Clinton is a long-time known entity. The odds of her becoming a maniacal murdering psychopath are extremely slim to none. I honestly think she’s one of the few Democrats who’d probably attempt reversing the ugliness Bush has attached to presidential powers. She may not ultimately be able to, but I think she’ll work in that direction. And that’s why the Republicans–afraid she’ll roll back Bush’s power-hungry madness AND that she might come after them—they’ve been doing everything they can think of to try and stop her.

    Only the majority of Americans have a different agenda.

  11. if i remember reading correctly, after rezko’s wife sold the 10ft section of land to obama, the lot was no longer large enough by zoning rules to build a house on…..in another word, by selling that 10ft section, obama gained the use of the whole lot..(i’m not sure if rezko’s wife sold the remaining land on that lot, so someone else can maybe explain that)…….obama’s even paying for someone to mow that section of the lawn thats not his, because he is such a swell guy.

  12. ADMIN…

    Can you help in any way of getting that NAFTA “ooops, I lied” story out to two or thee News Agencies? I HAVE to be on the phones for a while and it would be really nice to have Obama Flip Flop on NAFTA and REZKO hit tomorrow morning!

    If you can, if not, I will rally the troops when I finish calling.


  13. This is a whole cloth fabrication. Early voting has only nenefitted Hillary so far. Now, perhaps for the next 4 states it helped BO, we don’t know yet, but it never has in the past.

  14. something not working in the predictive dialer…or it is having to go thru a zillion number to come up with one

    waiting patiently

  15. i’m not sure if rezko’s wife sold the remaining land on that lot, so someone else can maybe explain that

    To the best of my knowledge, Mrs. Rezko sold the property to one of Tony Rezko’s companies.

  16. I stand corrected:

    Rezko’s wife has since sold the property to Michael Sreenan, a former Rezko attorney. Now, Sreenan has hired Jackson to sell the lot.

    Jackson, a longtime Democrat, was a political fund-raiser for former Gov. Dan Walker. Her husband served on the state lottery board under Republican Gov. James R. Thompson.

    Full story can be read here:


  17. Some man, I turned it on in the middle of his speech and did not catch his name. i believe Hillary said Toledo’s own champion if that helps.

  18. I can not believe Jack Reed didn’t endorse Hillary. What the hell? All of those admirals and generals should mean something to Reed. Is Obama still in RI lying about Hillary, or is he in some other state lying about Hillary today? Has the pathetic MSM mentioned at all those generals and admirals coming out very vocally for Hill or are they pretending that didn’t happen?

  19. A person in Hillary’s Camp told me that in southern Texas Obama had to cancel two rallies because of low turnout. And that the reporters of Obama winning early voting are completely fabricated. This person claims that after a couple Hillary rallies in TX the line at Early Voting stations were 45 minutes long because they bring people post rallies to them.

  20. Just donated another $50.44. that brings me up to almost $300. I’ve never contributed to any campaign before. Whatever goes down, i am so proud of HRC for fighting the good fight and even though BM and the good ole boys club have done their d@mndest to take her down she is still standing with grace, dignity and class and she is having an enormously positive and powerful influence on all citizens, especially women.
    Dot, your post on the other thread was so poignant.
    Where did you hear this?
    OBAMA BLAMING THE PRESS for the contest still going on! SHEESH! What a whiner! E is REALLY getting nasty at her.

  21. It’s Kelly “The Ghost” Pavlik. He just recently became the national WBC/WBO Middleweight Champion.

  22. viva hillary viva… south texas goes to hillary 70 – 30… she will get 16 delegates out of 22… viva hillary viva 🙂

  23. had to call HQ and get a new script. you think they would let you know when this stuff changed!


  24. A person in Hillary’s Camp told me that in southern Texas Obama had to cancel two rallies because of low turnout.

    Sounds like BS to me.

  25. Obama attacking Hillary and says his campaign is about lifting people up in his PREACHER voice…right after his hate voice

  26. IDUnn!!!! SWEETY!!!!!

    I can’t stay, I am calling still, but did yo uhear Hillary use the “Blank slate” Obama quote in her NPR interview!!!!


    You found it, I sent it, she said it!


  27. jithendra Says:

    March 2nd, 2008 at 5:08 pm
    viva hillary viva… south texas goes to hillary 70 – 30… she will get 16 delegates out of 22… viva hillary viva

    How do you know?

  28. What are these reports of Obama winning early voting? I have not heard any conclusion from early voting. South Texas/border towns are not expected to go Obama. He’s expected to win in Austin/Houston/Dallas, I think.

  29. Idunn – I am not BSing what I heard. Is that lady I dunno, but it is what she said. Do I doubt it? no. Plus its not like that would be reported on CNN.

  30. >.What are these reports of Obama winning early voting?

    CNN is panic that their pet boy is going to be whipped on tuesday… 🙂 trying to influence 🙂

  31. >>How would anyone know if Obama is expected to win Austin/Houston/Dallas?

    ohh yeah.. bambi is not going to win houston/dallas… he might have edge in austin.. but not in huston and dallas.. just wait and see on tuesday

  32. Ok, jithendra. I just assumed all the major cities were expected to go his way. Do you know why Austin is?

  33. jithendra, are you from Texas? has there been actual reports of early voting going BO, or is this pure speculation?

  34. oandrew,
    I’ve heard the same thing. Something about the AA population, college kids, latte liberals, urban areas. that’s where he does well.

    Problem for HRC is that there are more delegates in those regions and I believe thay are more likely to have that ridiculous primary/caucus system.

    I hope those reports are wrong.

  35. >.Do you know why Austin is

    they said Austin has big university and people are more wealthy in Austin… but as per poll the early voters went even for bambi and hillary

  36. Autsin has 8 delegates… don’t worry she still will get 3 delegates in worst scenario.. otherwise she would split it evenly..

  37. Yeah, jithendra, I thought the were splitting the vote there too, but perhaps the danger is the freaking bs caucus. Maybe more of his are expected to storm the effing caucus as they have done in the past.

  38. briefly…all I have heard is Houston for Obama. Lots of AA, ESPECIALLY post Katrina….

    When I lived there, there was a decent AA pop, but not HUGE like Atlanta was which i where i came from

    Back to the phones

  39. Austin austin austin .. (sigh)

    They are so conforming in their non-comformity! They are so conventional in their non-conventionality. If ever faced with the truly avant-garde, they would probably hate it. They are voting for President and they think they are voting for “coolest person at Burning Man.”

    I’ve had to set aside my feelings about how electable I think Hillary is and position her as some kind of freak just to get votes changed. Thankfully she has plenty of colorful stuff in her background to up her coooool factor with the dreary “hip” kids here. They are a crowd of kids in skinny plaid shirts and big feet stuffed into converse, lol .. “oh so sixties!”

    Meanwhile the real Sixties lady, Gloria Steinem, was ruling here last night and gave the Hillary crowd a shot in the arm!

  40. el paso and san antonio are part of south texas right… i hope they go 70% to clinton so that she can win more delegates out of 22 from south texas..

  41. SpaceGirlArt … the Generals…get it to campaign. They are making the difference. This is turning around. The media can’t ARGUE with the Generals….they know their stuff. Keep em with her as long as possible. We will fund them.

  42. Great line: They are voting for President and they think they are voting for “coolest person at Burning Man.”

  43. Bill just gave an amazing speech in Texas. I don’t know how anyone can say no to that guy. He’s so brilliant, wonderful, and funny. Why does the press demonize him again? Oh yeah, cuz he’s good.

  44. caveman, isn’t there any youth for Hill? Their college newspaper endorsed her. Jesus, is there anything cooler than a Dem woman pres? I don’t think so.

  45. south texas region includes San Antonio, as well as the communities of Alice, Beeville, Brownsville, Corpus Christi, Eagle Pass, Edna, Kingsville, Laredo, McAllen, and Victoria, among others

    i think she is very strong in san antonio, corpus christi, brownsville, elpaso, hidalgo.. etc…

  46. SPACEGIRL!!!!!!!!

    Where did you hear this?

    OBAMA BLAMING THE PRESS for the contest still going on! SHEESH! What a whiner! E is REALLY getting nasty at her.

  47. mj, The votes are actually not hard to change, hardly any of the people supporting him know WHY they are or can talk meaningfully about their candidate beyond “a feeling”. Voting is all emotion for most Americans, though not for me. I vote with my head not my heart, sometimes (as with Hillary) my heart comes along for the ride .. it’s sweet when that happens.

    So yes the votes are not hard to change, it just takes the time to talk to them and change them .. well I better get off of here and go do that lol ..

    Keep it up guys, keep it going ..! I’m in it until .. forever.

  48. Jithendra,

    there’s something about the redistricting of texas a couple of years ago – wasn’t it Tom Delay – so he could have an advantage there (or one of his BFF’s) and that the change in districting gives BO the delegate advantage. i’ve also read South texas is heavily pro-HRC but they have fewer delegate.

  49. New Mason-Dixon poll via MyDD


    Hillary Clinton: 47 percent (49.8 percent)
    Barack Obama: 43 percent (43.4 percent)


    Barack Obama: 46 percent (47.5 percent)
    Hillary Clinton: 45 percent (44.7 percent)

  50. The main points from last nights Women’s event for Hillary here at Momo’s;

    1. Hillary haters are just that … haters. We wouldn’t want them anyway and they would turn on us eventually.
    2. Drop out? No. This just emphasizes stereotypical gender roles that the winning man is loveable and the woman should just step aside and let him shine in his glory and then she (as she loses) can become loveable again.

    NO. We cannot and will not support that. Hillary can stay in it until she likes.

    “I’m voting my race, the HUMAN race.”

    xo, Troy.

  51. WTF? She’s losing ground in OH and TX? That makes no sense. What’s the percent of latinos in the TX poll?

  52. Basil,

    as I understand it, districts are assigned delegates based on their turnout in the previous election, and that Latinos had turned out in lower numbers in the last two elections. Urban voters had turned out in big numbers so they’ll get more delegates proportionately.

    It’s a very confusing system – that’s for sure.

  53. BTW, forgot to mention, when Pavlik won as Middleweight Champion, he became a multi-millionaire OVERNIGHT.

  54. The Mason-Dixon is just one poll–other polls (more than one) have Hillary trending upward in Texas and gaining back support of her core Dems. She also has lead I think in Ohio in other polls. The fact that others are showing similar movement are interesting. Go to MyDD and they have an analysis of what this might mean (good news for Hillary).

  55. For ohio, Obama has a very good shot in the Cleveland area and the TOledo Area.

    Hillary is stronger in the Cinncinnati area.

  56. Axelrod told Obama they were sending Brazillian troops into Afghanistan next week.

    Obama look a little confused…He asked Axelrod..”that’s good right?” Axelrod said “yup”

    Then Obama said to Axelrod…”How many is a Brazillian?”

  57. ^^ sorry, typos.

    Obama is better in Columbus and Toledo. hillary is stronger in Cleveland and Cinncinnati areas.

  58. did yo uhear Hillary use the “Blank slate” Obama quote in her NPR interview!!!!


    You found it, I sent it, she said it!

    Wow Spacegirl…that makes me grin from ear to ear. 🙂

    I am not BSing what I heard

    Sorry Darlin’…wasn’t implying that YOU were BSing, just that I found it hard to believe. If it is true though, that’s great!

  59. Basil, some spew outta Obamas mouth on a CNN snip..

    I KNOW the press wants to keep this race going…blah blah blah

  60. Here’s a FABULOUS poll!

    Columbus Dispatch today says HRC 56 and BO 40.

    Would that be Fieeerrrce or what!!!!!!!

    (from realclearpolitics)

  61. lots of hang ups
    dont know where i am calling
    some Lationos for Clinton tho

    not sure abut the caucus viability, but I am trying

  62. Debbie,
    how many is a brazillian. Of course I’m thinking how much is a Donna Brazillian and by the way she pouts and puckers when speaking about him I’d say she’s a cheap date.
    Spacegirl -oh – more nonesense from HWSNBN. Even the rinky-dink talk radio in the Catskills has been going on about this name BS and the ‘fear-mongering>’ charged by mopey.
    Sad to say, jamie roberts did a poll about it and 87% friggin % of the respndents said HWNSNBS’s Hussein middle name shouldn’t be mentioned!!!!!! roberts was in shock at the results.

  63. Everybody’s probably already heard this one, but I’ll tell it again anyway.

    You know how you can tell Clinto and Obama apart? Hillary Clinton is the NY senator who was born in Illinois. Barack Obama is the Illinois senator who was bron in a manger.

  64. mj,

    So what! Just trying to insert some positives. the Dispatch poll is much better for HRC so why not mention it?

    It’s on the same page with all the other realclearpolitics polls.

  65. Not having fun. Gonna take the dog out.

    My favorite answer, so far, to “Hi, My name is blah, blah, and I am a volunteer calling from the HC Campaign….”

    “Oh, well…we’re not even democratic”


    Must be a BO supporter! LOL

    I’ll be back

    One hour+ and not fun tonight. But HEY! TExas is a big state!

  66. mj…i just have the Texas Predictive dialer calls. If I go to the website they only have Ohio. I can call there tomorrow. Texas is a big one.

  67. No, I love that poll. Don’t get me wrong. Just saying there was a smaller margin in another on. Gosh, I’d love to win OH by 16 points.

  68. Well, if they are uncomfortable with his midle name, that’s a problem for them. It’s crazy to think we should shun a name. That’s what is so scary about the Obama campaign. It’s facist. Where’s the free speech?

  69. I am so sick of polls….

    it’s like we are addicted can one day go by where they don’t say squat about them… up 2 down 1 up 3 down 2 down down down down down down………..with polls!!!!

  70. ITA debbie. Polls just make me sick. It’s all about GOTV. Look at what hapened in HN, the GOTV was sensational on voting day for Hillary’s campaign. That’s what won her NH not the stupid polling.

  71. dont forget, tonight is the candle lighting up at 9 pm EST for Hillary

    Do we have any plans to share that moment here with each other?

  72. justme,

    love those pics! 😀
    Especially like the guy in the maroon hoodie and the red beard and cap sheepishly holding up a Republicans for hillary sign!

  73. 60 Minutes has Hillary and Obama both on tonight from Ohio–interviews with Steve Croft. It looks like they will both be in the same segment of the show.

  74. quoted from a comment on a abcnews blogs.abcnews.com/politicalpunch/2008/03/what-should-we.html

    If you are not black and do not support Obama then you are a RACIST. If you are black and do not support Obama, you will die a violent death and go to hell for not supporting your brother. If you are young and a college student
    and do not support Obama, you are a moron. We the progressive thinkers and believers in hope and change do not want to talk to losers. If you are female and do not support Obama then you are a feminist. If you are old and do not support Obama then you are from the old school of thought. If you are a Christian and do not support Obama, then you are a Religious Bigot. If you are a Mexican and do not support Obama, then you are a blood sucking illegal immigrant. If you are a film star and do not support Obama, then you are out of touch.

    The rest join us in the holy kingdom of Obama.

    Long live Obama

  75. What are you referring to?

    The candle lighting for Hillary at 9pm EST. I just thought it would be nice if all us Big Pinkers met up here and shared some love before the candle lighting and sending up prayers/vibes/ positive energy for our girl. 🙂

  76. What concerns me is that it looks like there is no Mississippi office opened yet for Hill, even though their election day is March 11!

    The Obamazoids are already quickly organizing:

    We need to plan ahead!

  77. Looks like I’m a racist, moron, feminist, old schooler, bigot…but whew…… I’m at least not a blood sucking immigrant who’s an out of touch actress !!!!

  78. Jubjub: It is because of people like that poster, I’ll never vote for Obama. That is scary stuff.

  79. this is funny, someone posted on facebook, the phone Obama will answer at 3:00 am is bail money request from Recko

  80. sweetest thing
    my mother does not use a credit card ever online– today she asked me to pick up a 50 prepeid visa at the local grocery store which she then donated to hrc.

  81. I think it’s real!! I can only stand to be on BHO blogs for 15 seconds..they are downright crazy!!

  82. I just posted at

    Here is a good story on Obama’s entrance to the Illinois state senate — getting all his opponents removed from the ballot, including a valuable ‘elder stateswoman’ who had given him his start. The rest of the series is very interesting, very detailed, also.

    As to onion dip — what did they actually serve in Iowa? I heard it was pizza? For shovelling snow to get voters to the caucus, maybe everyone, including the voters, needed some solid food, and lots of it. You can’t condemn a total expenditure, till you know what the quantity was.

  83. I also don’t understand the Obama cult. It is very fascist which is extremely dangerous. If he were the democratic party nominee, I don’t see any way that he represents the values of the party. I think that Hillary needs to form a new democratic party if by any chance Hussein Obama wins the nomination.

  84. Anyway…:: looks around suspiciously::… I was going to ask if anyone sent a link the the candle lighting video to HillarySpeaksFor me. Did anyone?

  85. OMG!
    Sounds eerily like the hitler jungen.Check this passage form the propagana of the time.
    ‘No single target of nazification took higher priority than Germany’s young. By 1937, 97% of all teachers belonged to the National Socialist Teachers’ Union. Every member of this union had to submit an ancestry table in triplicate with official documents of proof. Courses and textbooks in Nazi schools reflected the aims of Hitler. Of the topics that teachers were required to treat, the most important was racial theory and, by extention, the Jewish problem. In The National Socialist Essence of Education, a German educator wrote that mathematics was “Aryan spiritual property; .. an expression of the nordic fighting spirit, of the nordic struggle for the supremacy of the world…”[1] An example of racial propaganda in a math problem is the following: “The Jews are aliens in Germany–in 1933 there were 66,060,000 inhabitants in the German Reich, of whom 499,682 were Jews. What is the per cent of aliens?”

  86. If you are black and do not support Obama, you will die a violent death and go to hell for not supporting your brother.

    Damn…glad I got that life insurance policy!

  87. As long as Texas and Ohio is not stolen by the DemocraticObamaCultNationalCommitte, I think Hillary will win in a good margin. All this talk of ‘forcing her out’ may just come back to haunt their butts. I’m ready to climb the walls and I will be lighting my candle at 9pm along with a special long prayer.

  88. just sent melissa etheridge an email asking why she would vote for obama over President clinton.

  89. I watched the Big Dawg stump for Hill at Texas A&M. It was in a smaller venue but it was well attended for the size of the room. He was fired up and made very good and persuasive arguments as to why someone should vote for Hillary.

    On his schedule, it’s stated that he will be doing 5 events. However, Shep on Fox news said that he would be doing 8 events today! Wow!

    Also, on Fox, they showed that he attended a church service at Joel Osteen church in TX. He was there with Chelsea. I didn’t know that he would go there. That is a HUGE church and it was not on the schedule. He seems to be pulling out all the stops for Hill. I feel good about OH.

    Now onto Tx.
    tiburones | 03.02.2008 – 7:02 pm | #

  90. I wonder what Obamabots think of gays and Latinos since they are mostly all going for HRC. I do remember being called fag by an obamabot in January, and I can only imagine the words they have for Latinos………real democrats huh? 😉

  91. I’m FUMING!
    Here’s my post to an ABC story about HRC conceding to BO.
    After the absolutely disgraceful way Howard Dean, Donna Brazile and the DNC have treated Senator Clinton, not to mention the press and the good ole boys club, I doubt the Senator will drop out. Why should she? Her supporters will write her name on the ballot if she doesn’t start an Independent party. We will never support the sham inept incompetent unqualified puppet pawn of Kennedy and Kerry and crew. Senator Clinton has at least half of the Democratic voters, the REAL ONES, NOT the Democrat for a Day people that Obama and company solicited who will immediately go back to being Republicans in the General election, and she probably has more real democratic support than obama. She should fight this all the way to the convention and fight to seat the Florida and Michigan voters. If the idiotic democratic primary system were fair, with a winner take all strategy like the Republicans, she would be way ahead of Obama in delegate counts. Why should she and her supporters suffer from the idiocy and bias of the DNC and give yet another free pass to her opponent? I say she stays in until the last dog dies. The Democratic Party and the DNC hasn’t lifted a finger to help her so why should she give a rat’s behind about what they or anyone else think?

  92. There is no reason for Hillary to drop out. Hussein Obama won’t have enough votes for the nomination without counting SDs. The votes are very very close. I think the long it drags, the worse it would be for him. More and more people now see through the Hussein Obama cult. Huge backlash will happen. They are just trying to steal it from the real democrats. Shame on Hussein Obama.

  93. Flag Officers on a conference call today all supporting HRC.
    . .. They are among the nearly 30 general and flag officers who have endorsed Hillary Clinton to be the Nation’s next President. Senator Clinton has received five endorsements in recent days, including those of General Henry Hugh Shelton, the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral William Owens, the former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs, and Army Major General Antonio M. Taguba. Overall she has the endorsement of two former chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, five admirals and generals at the four-star rank. They are in addition to over 2,000 veterans and military retirees who are members of Senator Clinton’s national and state veterans’ steering committees.

    The list of those taking part in today’s call is below.

    General Wesley Clark
    Admiral William Owens
    General Johnnie E. Wilson
    Lt. Gen. Joe Ballard
    Lt. Gen. Claudia J. Kennedy
    Vice Admiral Joseph A. Sestak
    Lt. Gen. Frederick E. Vollrath
    Major General George A. Buskirk, Jr.
    Major General Paul D. Eaton
    Rear Admiral Stuart Platt
    Rear Admiral David Stone
    Major General Antonio M. Taguba
    Brigadier General Michael Dunn
    Brigadier General Evelyn “Pat” Foote
    Brigadier General John M. Watkins, Jr.
    Brigadier General Jack Yeager
    Former Secretary of the Army and Veterans Affairs Togo West
    Former Secretary of the Navy, John Dalton

  94. When all things are finally examined, I think this man’s candidacy is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American public. It’s stunning. But I think Hillary is gonna WIN Ohio and Texas

  95. Ok, this is why I mentioned Houston and Dallas earlier. This has me very concerned. Via TalkLeft:
    “Back to Texas for a moment, Hillary’s gains may not be enough because of Obama’s strength in Dallas and Houston, which will get more delegates than the districts favoring her in the south.”

  96. He should, he is dividing our party, the opposite of uniting it. He has caused racial splits between whites/Latinos with African Americans, he has caused a split within the GLBT community now, he has caused a split between the base and the DNC, he has deepened the racial divide between brown and black Americans, and has attacked our policies like Universal Health Care, social security, and now is attacking the only Democratic President and First Lady elected to two terms since FDR. He is destroying the party and as usual, we will find a way to lose an election we should easily win, if we nominate him.

  97. Ohio Union Officials have Questions for Obama.
    March 1, 2008

    Dear Senator Obama:

    We were surprised and disappointed to learn that your top economic adviser reportedly had a secret meeting with a representative of the Canadian government where he dismissed your anti-NAFTA rhetoric.

    According to Canadian news outlets, your adviser, Austan Goolsbee, told the Canadian Counsel General Georges Rioux that your criticism of NAFTA is “just politics” and should not be taken seriously.

    After a series of misdirections and half-truths, it’s time for you to come clean about your campaign’s communications with the Canadian government about NAFTA. Enough with the non-denial denials and the Washington double-speak.

    Many Ohioans are concerned about the issue of trade and we want answers to some simple questions:

    1) Did you direct your top economic adviser – Austan Goolsbee – to tell the Canadian government that your speeches railing against NAFTA are just political rhetoric? If so, why?

    2) Are you aware that Mr. Goolsbee held a secret meeting with the Canadian Counsel General Georges Rioux? Have you spoken with Mr. Goolsbee about that meeting and will you repudiate his comments?

    3) Why has Mr. Goolsbee been unwilling to deny that he discussed your positions on NAFTA with Mr. Rioux? Why won’t your campaign disclose the full details about that meeting?

    4) Given these reports, why should Ohioans believe that you will act on the campaign promises you have made about NAFTA?

    5) Sen. Clinton has issued a comprehensive plan to fix NAFTA. Why haven’t you done so as well?

    The people of Ohio are eager to hear from you – there’s too much at stake.


    Gary Dwyer, Secretary-Treasurer, Ohio State Building and Construction Trades Council

    Barry Pickett, Business Representative, Sheet Metal Workers International Association, Local 24

  98. Hey, Independent Ben, you are Right!!!!!!

    I am punch drunk from all the phone calls. But it was mostly good. Lots of guys supporting hrc. And I expalined the texas 2-step to more people than I dreamed possible. I could say this script in my sleep now. Jeeeze. Only one more day of calls. I just hope everyone who said they would caucus will do so.

  99. mj: this is a concern. I looked at a website, awhile back, that had the detailed delegate totals for Texas. What you said is true. The report was called :”The Burnt Orange Report.”

  100. I remember some polls today show Hussein Obama would lose NJ BIG to McCain while Hillary would win it. I don’t see how he could win NJ if he can’t carry NJ, probably not FL or CA. This is a joke! They don’t really think Hussein Obama will win North Dakota and those southern states, right?

  101. Hawk,
    i agree. i posted yesterday that win or lose, BO will end up being the WORST thing that could have happened for the AA’s in this country, precisely because of his divisive tactics and the inevitable backlash that will occur whether or not he’s the nominee.

  102. Etheredge is a total dingbat. She wouldbe the type to fall for the kool-aid.

    Melanie Griffith endorsed Hill today. I loved Working Girl.

    I am fed up with the fucking blogs. Who the hell reads them anyway. huh?

  103. North Dakota, Utah, Idaho . . . you can drive for miles in those states and never even lay eyes on a democrat.

  104. Bambi just sunk himself on trade during 60 Min.

    After a manufacturer stated that China is paying their workers ONE FORTIETH what he pays, with no environmental regulations, Bambi said “I don’t think we should be afraid of competition with the world“.


    Hillary, on the other hand, stated that she is all for trade, but we should not be PATSIES.

    Right On.

  105. basil

    I can see riots if HIllary contests him. I can see riots if he does not win. Problem is hillary supporters are nice people, not evil wicked mean and nasty pervs like Obamas people.

    This campaign has been the worst ever, racist, biased, and anti-women. this from the uniter? No I think SATAN!

  106. yep-houston and dallas i think are going to obama. why-hou is 30 pct black and they are turning out. lots of latte liberals here as well. obama should carry these cities. ou though its close bw the 2. working very hard here-long story.obama worries us bc of his ground game. but i think the 3amad and her security talk is helping her here. we are not dovey here and her themse resonate. is it too late? fixing to call my pct next door to get a capt and hilfolk out tues. i hope she can win something here.

  107. # OandrewD Says:
    March 2nd, 2008 at 5:07 pm

    A person in Hillary’s Camp told me that in southern Texas Obama had to cancel two rallies because of low turnout. And that the reporters of Obama winning early voting are completely fabricated. This person claims that after a couple Hillary rallies in TX the line at Early Voting stations were 45 minutes long because they bring people post rallies to them.
    Hillary’s camp must be watching the news because after Jessica Yellin said that, after the break she cvame back and said that the Clinton camp notified them that Hillary has won early voting and pinted out CA and several other states. I’m glad they did becvause when I heard her say that, I said what a liar! They are so invested in spinning everything positive for BO that they makeup stuff.

  108. Early voting is something the Clinton campaign definitely knows how to do. I have faith. SurveyUSA, the most reliable polling operation this season, had her winning early voters 51-46%. I trust that more than any other numbers.

  109. The delegate business is going to be screwy in Texas no matter what. I’ll be happy if she just wins the overall popular vote.

  110. I think she will win the popular vote overall but many of the delegates might go to the scam artist

  111. EFH,

    ‘I can see riots if HIllary contests him. I can see riots if he does not win.’

    Bring it on. They won’t succeed. As as someone who has lived in urban ethnically diverse areas for many years, and who’s now living in a rural country setting, it’s like I’ve suddenly become aware of the other 67% of the people in this country who are hardworking, living paycheck to paycheck, decent folk and they won’t tolerate threats from anyone, especially BO and crew. The politicians, that’s another story. they go which ever way the wind blows and try to put in their time doing as little as possible to stir the pot and tNOT ;

  112. Hi gang…OK…done my duty for the evening. Called, making chili

    Sent the LATEST BO LIE NAFTA Story to Canadian TV, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Columbus Dispatch, Associated Press and ABC News, as well as campaign earlier. Can someone send to Gov. Strickland? For some reason my mail doesn’t work on his website again.
    Strickland: h*t*t* p * only


    Barack Obama said Saturday that one of his top campaign officials spoke with a Canadian consulate general representative about NAFTA, but nothing he said contradicted the candidate’s stand on the North American Free Trade Agreement.

  113. Obama more electable my ass, Obama loses NJ to McCain while Hillary wins it by over 11%

    New Jersey, Hillary Clinton holds a double-digit advantage over John McCain in an early look at the race for the Garden State’s 15 Electoral College votes. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in the state found Clinton earning 50% of the vote while McCain attracts 39%. Clinton leads by twenty-one points among women but trails by two among men.

    However, if Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee, the race in New Jersey will begin as a toss-up. The Rasmussen Reports election poll finds McCain with 45% support and Obama with 43%. McCain leads by twelve among men while Obama has a five point edge among women. This is one of the few states where Clinton outperforms Obama in general election match-ups against McCain (Florida is another).

    McCain does well in New Jersey by attracting solid support from GOP voters and also picking up the votes from 25% of Democrats. This could be an example of what Michael Barone had in mind when he said we will have to throw away the old Red-State, Blue-State electoral maps for Election 2008. Four years ago, John Kerry won New Jersey by seven percentage points. In Election 2000, Al Gore carried the state handily and defeated George W. Bush 56% to 40%.

  114. @debbie – you work for a union, right? What do you think about sending the union letter above about NAFTA to other unions in OH? I think we need to bring this further to the other unions’ attention.

  115. moononpluto,

    Hillary also outperforms BO in Ohio vs McCain because Hillary hangs onto a larger share of lower income workers. The difference, according to SurveyUSA, was about 8 points. But both surveys had McCain winning. If Obama is the nominee, the Dems can FORGET Florida.

  116. Basil,, I get what you are saying. But i do believe that this is exactly what is being positioned, the stance has begun, Brazille started it, and many more jumped on board, never mind this is an election, and people are meant to vote, they have already decided that he is the winner, it comes across in every word they say, Im disgusted at what i see happening, the most un-democratic election, this is WAY wors that when Bush stole the election. This time i’ts begin done by our own party, They want hillayr and her supporters to just bend over,

    well, when hell freezes over with Obama in it!!

  117. # mj Says:
    March 2nd, 2008 at 5:39 pm

    WTF? She’s losing ground in OH and TX? That makes no sense. What’s the percent of latinos in the TX poll?

    MJ, please stop panicking. A Columbus Dispatch poll also came out today that had her up 16pts. These polls are all over the place but all of them have her up in OH, it’s just a matter of by howmuch. This race will turn on who can get their supporters out and how the 5-8% of the undecided breaks. So far, the undecideds seem to be breaking evenly.

    TX is another story. However, no one really knows how that will turn out. Polls seem to have them even, or up 1-3 pts BO but all within the MOE. It depends on the turnout model used. IMO, AA seems to be a bit over represented and Hispanics seem to be a bit under represented. I believe that Hill may have a slight advantage in early voting.

    Pay no attention to Jthendra, he is just talking of the top of his head. Austin/Dallas and Houston will go to BO because it is more liberal, more colleges, higher AA population etc. It also has more delegates so he will get the bulk of his delegates from here.

    Southe West TX will definitely got o Hill. Those border towns as well including Laredo, Brownsville, San Antonio etc. if she can get the Latino vote to around 36% or a bit more, she should be in good shape. Most models seem to have this vote around 29%.

    Her rallies yesterday were well attended.

  118. Just some random ramblings: I think we are beyond the delegate count here. Neither candidate will have enough to win outright and as someone mentioned it will be decided by the superdelegates. Hillary is fighting onward as this nomination story is evolving. There are genuine dangers for the Obama candidacy from his past associations and actions. His ratings by voters for experience are practically non-existent compared to Hillary’s and that to me says they have lingering doubts. No one knows if these factors will eventually derail his campaign and support but they certainly have potential to be a fatal blow at some point. Hillary must stay in the fight and make her case. The combination of Obama’s weaknesses, shady history, and her solid support from mainstream Dems is the key to convincing superdelegates that this nomination cannot be entirely based on gaining the most delegates. The SD’s cannot award the nomination by numbers with so many factors at play. It seems to me that this would make a mockery of the superdelegate process which is to objectively look at the situation and pick the person they feel has the most chance to win and best represents the party. That person is certainly not Obama despite being slightly ahead in the delegate count.

    The Obama people are just looking at delegate numbers as the deciding factor. I am hoping the the core Dems are really coming home to Hillary. I think this is now a fight for the core values and beliefs of the Democratic party and this is a fight that she can win. We can’t let anyone say that’s it’s over as it is surely not..

  119. @debbie

    you work for a union, right? What do you think about sending the union letter above about NAFTA to other unions in OH? I think we need to bring this further to the other unions’ attention and expose Bambi.

  120. Debbie, yes I’ve read all of that. The “touching” story of Obama’s rise in the political world. And also, when he was preparing to run for the Senate, this senior legislator just slapped Obama’s name on all this legislation – padding his resume. Obama, as usual, does nothing but gets the credit. The man is just Poison in American politics.

  121. monkeybusiness, I think we should, however the power leaders in the Change to Win Federation; SEIU, Teamsters are backing BHO, the will kill most bad news about him. I hate them.

    The messages are much better sent to blogs and media. I rarely ever used union message boards for information….Having said that go after AFL-CIO unions, “so far” they aren’t behind BHO

  122. I have just sent the following letter to DNC ………. I’ve just had it, even if Hill wins all Tuesday.

    March 2, 2008

    Dear Mr. Dean,

    Nest week I will join thousands of fellow Democrats who have either already or soon will change Party affiliation from Democrat to Ind/Repub. You probably won’t even notice this or care until November 5 when you sit there wondering what the hell happened to once again lose the WH bid. Let me explain.

    I am a 66-year-old woman. My ancestors immigrated many years ago from Italy, worked hard, became citizens, joined the Democratic Party. They never, EVER, considered voting anything but Democratic, even if they had to hold their nose when they voted. They truly believed the Democratic Party was the hope and salvation of working class Americans. They thought the Dem Party stood for honesty, integrity, equality, and loyalty. They were proud to be Democrats. Thank God they are not here today to see this “new” Democratic Party. They would be so ashamed and betrayed.

    Mr. Dean, the way you (and Donna) frontloaded the 2008 campaign schedule to favor your chosen candidate (Obama), the way you have allowed that candidate to play the race and sexism cards over and over while you telegraph your approval through your silence is both disgraceful and deplorable. You have not only allowed, but also encouraged through your silence, the trashing of the Clintons, two of the most loyal Democrats and public servants in history. It appears that loyalty, honesty, integrity are no longer values of the Democratic Party. And I won’t even go into the MI and FL mess you created. Or Obama’s “Dem For a Day” ploy.

    I can do nothing to stop you, but I do NOT have to accept your agenda through my continued support of the Democratic Party. If Mr. Obama is the nominee (aided and abetted by your schemes and dishonesty) and you think you can still win the WH in spite of the tens of thousands of defections you will experience, you are mistaken. If you continue on this path of destruction, it will take years to repair the damage to the Democratic Party that YOU and Obama created, not the Clintons.

    And a word about your penchant for “democratic” caucuses. I attended my first caucus this year (Colorado); what a joke. EVERY precinct captain and worker sported Obama stickers. I almost turned around and walked out, I was so intimidated, but I stayed just to spite them. I was told you HAD to be there by 7PM, and I was there early. But no matter, people were still walking in at 7:25, DURING the “voting” (ha), and were allowed to vote even before they signed in. It was like voting in a third world country. You call these a “democratic” process? I don’t think so!

    In my mind, there is no longer a distinction between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party in terms of ethics and honesty. Given that fact, there is no longer a reason to remain a Democrat. It doesn’t look like, when you set out to fix this election, you analyzed the anger and power of this current lot of “Reagan Democrats”.


  123. I tried to embed this and I don’t think it will work so you have to click on the second link.

    This is an amazing video. How quickly these people were silenced.

    This was early in the primary campaign

  124. basil,

    The 60 Min piece was one segment, with excerpts of both candidates back and forth answering the same questions, all mixed in with video excerpts of a visit to Chillicothe, Ohio.

  125. mj…u really need to take a chill pill. Your are always in panic mode. Don’t take this the wrong way but if you can’t take the heat, get out the kitchen.

  126. Love that Rasmussen poll showing us losing New Jersey, yes New Jersey, to McCain if we nominate B.O., but HRC destroys McCain there. Wow. I am in awe………people buying the b.s. are really on the koolaid bad!!


    Clinton 50%
    McCain 39%
    Und. 11%

    McCain 45%
    Obama 43%
    Und 12%

  127. COSenior.

    Great letter. Funny, I was thinking the same thing today, about how Reagan Democrats who came back to Clinton may now be the McCain Democrats. I agree that if Bo is the candidate the Dems will lose yet again in the general election. I also agree that I’m going to change my party affiliation to independent regardless of what happens.


    Thanks. Sorry I missed it.

  128. http://www.bostonherald.com/news/opinion/op_ed/view.bg?articleid=1076961&srvc=rss

    The man isn’t a messiah
    Even media joins in Obama worship
    By Dan K. Thomasson
    Saturday, March 1, 2008 – Updated 1d 17h ago

    WASHINGTON – It seems that the mainstream press – what remains of it – has decided that Barack Obama is going to be the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate and the few boys left on the bus seem to be climbing off it and onto his bandwagon at the expense of fairness.

    That’s the inescapable impression one gets from the deluge of coverage that exposes Hillary Rodham Clinton to far more scrutiny than her opponent.

    That was the central theme of two of Clinton’s top guns, Harold Ickes and Bill Singer, when they showed up the other morning at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast with some of the big hitters in the world of punditry. But the aides’ efforts to portray their candidate as still viable and to beg for equal focus on Obama were greeted with politeness but little else. “Whistling past the graveyard,” is the way someone put it.

    That was reflected the next day in a spate of smarmy columns that questioned the nerve of those trying to spin the faltering former first lady-cum-New York senator into a continuing threat to her Illinois counterpart whose eloquent, almost messianic promises to save the soul of America have made him the newest rock star of American politics.

    What did these giants of the new and old journalism think Ickes and Singer were there to do? Concede that their candidate was in serious trouble?

    It was as though the press veterans of a dozen campaigns had forgotten the rules of these political dueling matches that are such an integral part of the process. It’s called “you try to snow me while I try to get you to admit that you haven’t a chance.”

    The whole business is frequently an arcane exercise in numbers and utterly boring.

    Honesty never has been the stream down which the press and politics flow.

    As close as Ickes came to conceding to the perspective of his questioners was to admit that if Clinton loses in Ohio and Texas next Tuesday “she will have to make a decision.” That is hardly startling, although it sent bloggers scurrying to their computers.

    Perhaps the most accurate assessment of what is happening to Clinton’s hopes of breaking the glass ceiling of presidential politics came from the now-legendary “Saturday Night Live” show where the unbalanced treatment of her was portrayed in a scathingly comic debate skit. She has used that as further documentation that her complaints are legitimate.

    While she is as vulnerable as anyone would be who has been under the microscope of national politics for nearly 20 years, she is also correct in charging that Obama should receive the same attention.

    He should not be given a free pass as he dazzles the voters with his on-camera charm.

    What’s he like off-camera? Who knows? He has made it increasingly difficult for the press to find out, offering very little of himself outside the formal appearances.

    What little is known about his tenure in the Illinois legislature, other than the fact he tended to vote “present” on crucial issues, is unimpressive. It is problematic how many Illinois voters really know their man despite the fact they sent him to the U.S. Senate, where he has spent little time since, preferring to convince us that he is now ready to solve the world’s problems, although he never has really faced many of them.

    There is little doubt that Clinton’s frustrations and anger at the way this is going are highlighted much more frequently than Obama’s gaffes. Mistakes in his oration appear to be pretty much overlooked even during the debates. One would almost think he is flawless, sharpening the near-religious aura that seems to surround him.

    In the last debate, his mispronouncing of “Massachusetts” stood uncorrected, but she was asked to identify and pronounce the name of Vladimir Putin’s second-in-command. She fumbled slightly on his last name. Television showed a clip unflattering to Clinton and the moderator apologized that a similar one for Obama had been left off. Nevertheless, he then asked Obama to comment on her clip.

    There probably is no further evidence needed as to what is going on here. But she may have only herself to blame.

    When she was riding high, she was often imperious in her press dealings. She is now paying for that, as unfair as it may be.

    Dan K. Thomasson is former editor of the Scripps Howard News Service.

  129. I am sure Hillary’s camp will have every states head to head polls going into the convention for her arguement that she is the only chance for the Democrats to win back the WH.

  130. I’m concerned about Mississippi. Their election day is March 11 and there are not any HRC HQ offices set up yet.

  131. I realize we probably won’t win in Mississippi but we don’t need to get our butts kicked either.

  132. Echoing some of what AG is saying, electability and not delegate count should be the next concern for democrats — who is well positioned to win the swing states? If he can’t even win those against his own democratic opponent how can we expect him to win in GE? He can’t win MI and FL in the GE. If he is unable to win OH (which looks more likely) it is big problem for him — because that should be a winnable state for us in GE. Forget about TX in GE. All his wins so far do not amount to a hill of beans as far as electability is concerned –the way he has won them (think caucuses); who is really voting for him; who he has angered so far that may not vote for him in GE. If you think of all these things he is not in any good position and superdelegates have to be thinking about these. We have to hang in tight for her.

  133. When HRC and BHO set down and have a meeting with the DNC this summer, I would like to have HRC winning the popular vote. That will speak volumns.

  134. # mj Says:
    March 2nd, 2008 at 7:21 pm

    Ok, this is why I mentioned Houston and Dallas earlier. This has me very concerned. Via TalkLeft:
    “Back to Texas for a moment, Hillary’s gains may not be enough because of Obama’s strength in Dallas and Houston, which will get more delegates than the districts favoring her in the south.”
    MJ, there are 2 ways that she can win Tx, one is by the popular vote which I think may happen and one by delegates. I think that BO has more more of a chance of winning the delegate TX race due to the way the stupid DNC apportion the delegates based on turnout in the senate or previous presidential races.

    If Hill can really motivate the Hispanic ote and the their turn out to be around 34-36%, along with winning whites, she has an excellent chance of winning the popular vote.

    However, many think that the AA turnout will be very high, however, they still are less in population to the Hispanics oh I forgot what I was typing and xci can’t see below this small box. I’ll pick up after I post.

  135. monkeybusiness,
    There are very few white democrats in the state of Mississippi. I think black voters make up the majority of the vote there and BO will win Miss, probably by double digits. And it doesn’t matter how much organizing Hillary does.

  136. However, many think that the AA turnout will be very high, however, they still are less in population to the Hispanics. So if the Hispanic turnout is very high, I think that it will offset the gains by a high AA turnout. The key will be the GOTV.

    I would settle for a RI, OH win and a popular vote win in TX. I hope that Hill goes back to RI or sends Chelsea back there or even Bill just to shore that up. Obama made a play for RI yesterday and Hill needs this win to be a part of her narrative on Tues.

  137. linfar, basil9 Thanks

    Been thinking this for a long time, don’t know what exactly pushed my button today? I never thought I’d be going down this road, me, who was priveliged to meet and interview JFK for my school newspaper. This is not the DemParty I grew up in. I’m very sad.

  138. Idunn, He’s a famous black minister. Name is on Youtube clip

    He gave a couple of sermons not favorable to Obama. First one he mocked AA loyalty to the Cintons.

    But the point I think it makes is there was a lot of dissent in the AA community about supporting Obama,but after the campaign twisted arms,knocked heads and succeeded in making it a test of one’s loyalty to your race, it all just disappeared.

    I think it is interesting to see a well known AA minister mocking the Obama charade.

  139. Texas4Hillary are you referring to Houston/Dallas or TX overall? Do you think that Hill has a good chance of winning the popular vote overall in TX or not? I think that he has a good chance of winning the delegate race due to the wacky caucus and higher allocation of delegates in Dallas/Houston/Austin.

    How has the Hispanic turnout been so far?

  140. COSenior,

    That was a great letter. I feel exactly the same way. I guess you could call me a Reagan Democrat. I voted for Reagan in 1984, but Bill Clinton brought me back into the Democratic fold in 1992, and there I have remained.

  141. Florida’s Republican Governor offers to foot the bill for a second Florida primary??


    Rjk says:
    I would have no problem with a second primary as long as the results from the first primary allocates 50% of the delegates.
    and the second the remaining 50%

  142. media.myfoxcleveland.com/livestreaming/NEWS_B.html

    use ht– only..its just getting starting and bigber picture

    thanks jt

  143. COSenior Says:
    March 2nd, 2008 at 8:13 pm

    It is not over, yet. Hang in there for Hillary. But I read your letter and I feel that way toward DNC and the party elders. They have royally shot themselves in the foot.

  144. Spacegirl: re: RI. BO states in everyone of his speeches that Hillary is going to garnish wages to pay for health care. People believe this. The article mentions this.

  145. Our (Phoenix) call center made calls into Texas today and will be making more tomorrow and Tuesday. The loyals are flocking to help.

    This is what worries me: quite a few people don’t understand the ‘precinct convention’ at night. I am concerned about the lack of knowledge.

    Another thing I read about that has me concerned is the counting procedure for the PC, by touch tone phone! WTF? God, people of Texas, throw out the rules and start over.

  146. Ignore the press and temper the amount of time that you spend watching tv. if she can pull out TX, the narrative should change a bit and I think that her team realizes now that they can not depend on the media to raise questions about BO electibility. They have to raise it and do it with a bully pulpit.

    Nikki2, you are correct. I think that they have openned offices in Wyoming and are organizing in PA. I think also they are organizing in W. Va.

    I haven’t seen you here much but I value you commentary. What do you see happenning on Tues?

  147. Love this statement from that article:

    In his book, The Audacity of Hope, published in 2006, he wrote, “…on the merits I didn’t consider the case against war to be cut-and- dried.” And, in 2006, he clearly said, “I’m always careful to say that I was not in the Senate, so perhaps the reason I thought it was such a bad idea was that I didn’t have the benefit of US intelligence. And for those who did, it might have led to a different set of choices.”

  148. Florida’s Republican Governor offers to foot the bill for a second Florida primary??

    Article doesn’t mention that it was the Florida Republican Governor and the Florida Republican Legislature that started the mess in the first place — by setting a date, over the protests of the Florida Dems, that made the trouble between them and Dean/DNC.

  149. These are great tidbits of statements to use when commenting in a blog or article.

    As a consequence of Obama’s dereliction of duty on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, a feckless administration has had absolutely no oversight as it careens from disaster to disaster in Afghanistan, including the central governments loss of control over 70 percent of the country and yet another bumper crop of opium to fuel the efforts of the Taliban and their terrorist allies

  150. Hi ya’ll, I totally agree with the sentiments expressed by American gal @7:45 re Hillary staying in the race. There are all sorts of reasons that it’s important to do that. I heard Dee Dee Meyer’s say yesterday that if a man had run for President with his resume he never would’ve gotten out of the startin’ gate. The press is culpable for the lack of real information that got to people early on about Obama. Let me say that again: The mainstream media and the dominant “progressive” blogs made the decision to paint as favorable picture as possible of Obama and as negative a picture as possible of Hillary. The sexism has been appalling and I can remember — way, way back. I can remember fights in states over the Equal Rights Amendment. It is becoming more and more clear that our economic situation in our country is deteriorating daily and that national security concerns are very real (this is not fear baiting, just realism). Hillary is the health care expert and I also believe that she sees how acutely all the systems in our society are interrelated and have an impact on people’s life. She’s clearly got the expertise and contacts in terms of international affairs. I think that Obama has not practiced what he preaches. He talks about unity but he hasn’t told us what we’ll be unifying or how he intends to unify us. I have grave concerns about his candidacy. A huge uh-oh feeling.

    There are also problems with the confusing way so many states are voting. Some having primaries, some caucuses, some, like Texas doing a wierd combo of both. People are not familiar with caucuses outside of a few states. In Washington state we found elderly people, people who had to work, people with childcare or transportation issues, all of Hillary’s constituents, were disenfranchised—they could not participate in the caucus.

    Hillary is a fighter for what is really most important for the lives of people in this country and to insure a better future. I hope she’ll continue to fight in this race and that her base of support will continue to grow.
    Obviously I think that she should stay in the race and work to bring more and more people into her camp. We’ll write, and phone call and blog, and send money, and pray or meditate or send positive thoughts. I’ll be with her and I know most of yall probably feel the same way. I still believe that she can do it and that she can do it without “destroying the party,” as some uninformed person said recently.

  151. BTW, forgot to mention that Carville said on ‘Meet the Clinton Haters‘ this morning that the Florida and Michigan delegates will have to be seated. He said there’s no gettin’ around it.

    Also, another fine example of a diverse roundtable, with Carville up against Timmeh, two RightWingers, and Shrum who is in the tank for Obama.

  152. justmeinmount: That article articulated everything, I have thought about Obama. Did you forward it to Hillary’s website?

  153. tiburones,
    Thanks for the compliment. I think HRC will win OH,RI, and yes TX. People seem to forget that Hillary & her team have said for weeks that they expect a win in TX: Hillary herself, Harold Ickes, Ace Smith, and Bill saying she’d HAVE TO WIN both OH and TX to get the nom. I just don’t think they would have raised expectations like that unless they’re internal #s told them so. I’m thinking hispanic turnout will be much larger than what public polls are saying, similar to what happened in CA, and that Hill will have a great ground game.

  154. The DNC can piss off. I say let’s take it all the way to the convention. Why shouldn’t she?! It isn’t like HWSNBN can get the 2000+ delegates either. AND he didn’t carry Florida OR California either.

  155. I think it is important to let people like Donna Brazil how we feel. I know that many of you think that she’s in Obama’s camp and I’ve heard her say things that suggest that too. But, and please hear this, she is one of the very few prominent Democrats who actually spoke about the horrible misogyny that this race has exposed. She spoke about this at the Black State of the Union in New Orleans and I really appreciated what she said. I thought it was bold because she was on the stage with the two men who were portrayed with shock collars and blow darts on the SNL cartoon last night.

  156. Joe Friday,

    Yeah, I saw Carville on that show. One comment he made struck me. He said it is a tragedy what has happened to Hillary Clinton in this election. I agree with that – but the bigger Tragedy is what is happening to this country – if this Obama flim-flam job is allowed to continue.

  157. Cgr. Stephanie Tubbs telling people when they leave tonight, Hillary needs them to go out and vote. Get your brother, sister, friend, cousin and tell them to vote to. We need Hillary in the white House, she is a fighter. We don’t need to worry about Hillary taking the heat because she knows how to take the heat in the kitchen. I’m going to give you my choice, the peoples choice for President, Hillary Rodham Clinton!

    Sen. Clinton: Hello Cleveland! It’s great to be at Cleaveland State with you, my friends, Stephanie Tubbs etc. She is also telling people how Stephanie has come to support her. She said that they have worked together, worked on healthcare etc. She’s talking about being honoured by having her at her side as she wages this campaign. Thank you so much. Thanking the governor Stirckland. etc.

  158. I mean, seriously, are we gonna nominate a candidate simply because he wins Delaware, Iowa and Maryland??!!

    Gimmee a break!

  159. 1950dem, the only reason Florida Republicans pushed up the primary date was for Guliani. They made Florida winner take all because they though Guliani could take it and go on to win “winner take all” states like New York, California (?) etc. However, this plan, created by Guliani cronies and friends backfired after Guliani’s name alone failed to earn him what he had expected would at the very least be second or third place in areas like Iowa, New Hampshire etc. Couple that with Guliani’s own self-righteousness and you see how badly the republicans failed to pick the candidate they wanted this year.

  160. I can only see a small picture of this rally. How does the crowd look? I’d like to know if it is a decent crowd? They sure sound fired up.

  161. People this is you chance to tell Brazille to go to hell – she answered my email in less than 5 minutes, she is reading them.

    Her answer was it is ok to force Hill out because “at some point pledged delegates have to be counted”.

    Please flood this *itch’s Blackberry with your feelings about her and Dean’s shenanigans.


  162. # nikki22 Says:
    March 2nd, 2008 at 8:49 pm

    Thanks for the compliment. I think HRC will win OH,RI, and yes TX. People seem to forget that Hillary & her team have said for weeks that they expect a win in TX: Hillary herself, Harold Ickes, Ace Smith, and Bill saying she’d HAVE TO WIN both OH and TX to get the nom. I just don’t think they would have raised expectations like that unless they’re internal #s told them so. I’m thinking hispanic turnout will be much larger than what public polls are saying, similar to what happened in CA, and that Hill will have a great ground game.


    The fact that they sent Ace Smith there gives me hope. He pulled out CA for her and they went to work with calls, calls, calls. They seem to have alot of volunteers in states who have already had their caucuses/primaries calling on her behalf. I ‘ve hearfd BO team say that they expect to have knoked on 1mil doors from Friday to Mon. I think that that is too much of a lofty goal. Hill is relying on her growund game and clalls.

    I’ve looked at several of the internals for polling in TX and many seem to have adjusted their model. They have adjusted the AA turnout to up to 28% from 22% and downgraded the Hispanic turnout to around 29-30%.

    I tend to think that like CA, Hispanics will turn out and turn out in force. I agree with you here. If she can get that # to around 34% or even 36%, she will win the pupular vote in Tx. I also don’t think that she will be blown out in the cucuses. They have had time to organize and review how BO have won those caucuses. I think that he will win the cucuses section but it won’t be by huge#s.

  163. It’s definitely an Invasion of the Body Snatchers. When an official says something like, “the superdelegates should follow the will of the voters,” then we know they’re on the brink. I remember hearing Nancy Pelosi say that, and I was like, “OMG NO!”

  164. Sending up a prayer and positive thoughts for Hill on March 4th that she will prevail and win TX, Oh and RI. Hill, we got your back. Do the dang thing! God doesn’t like ugly.

  165. Here’s a great editorial by Geraldine Ferraro a few days ago in the NY Times about superdelegates:

  166. I have not been able to make any calls at all. I wonder if it’s because i am in Puerto Rico.

    I REALLY hope everything that has come out recently in terms of why NOT to vote for BO and WHY to vote for Hill is seen by undecideds. Otherwise, it’s like preaching to the choir, and it won’t change the minds of the Obamabots.

    All those lovely Hillary Speaks for Me videos. Are they on TV, or just on YouTube?

  167. Which voters? Pelosi is from CA which voted heavily for Hillary! Is Pelosi asking Kennedy, Kerry, Gore, Edwards, etc to all support Hillary — their states did.

  168. Just lit a lemon chiffon Yankee candle to honor Hillary. Peace, faith, power to all Hillary believers for a better world for our children and each other. I light a candle for bravery, courage, and truth to shine through. I feel the understanding we all share for a universe where we are all on equal footing, taking care of our fellow man. An eternal truth – that Hillary Clinton is poised and ready to deliver to the American people.

  169. Pledged delegates are counted after they’ve been selected which is after all the primaries are held, so I don’t understand the logic here with Donna’s answer. I think it’s really important to be respectful when we talk to and about these people. As yall know who’ve known me a while now, it can be real hard to do this, because it’s so frustrating to watch how Hillary has been treated. But I think we have to try as hard as we can to show others respectful–something that the Obamacans have not done.

  170. Our strongholds are South Texas including the San Antonio Metropolitan Area. The Hispanic Population in the San Antonio Metro area is 50.43%. Only 6.24% African American Population.

    El Paso- 78.23% Hispanic.

    Rural Texas- should generally go for Hillary.

    Im not sure about Austin. Small African American population, but it’s a college city.

    Houston- Non hispanic whites make up 30%, 25.31% are African American and Hispanics of any origin account for 37%. 5% asian. If she can get the Hispanic population out, then it will be hard for him to catch up. There is also a large LGBT population in Houston. Hillary should have Houston in the bag.

    Dallas-35.55% of the city proper is of Hispanic Origin. Nonhispanic whites account for 35.55% and 25.88% are African-American. Once again, if she captures the majority of the Hispanic population, while getting a significant portion of the White vote, I don’t see how she could lose.


  171. Whew! I have been in computer hell! Locked up, rebooting…..TRYING to watch Hil in Cleveland

    What I won’t go thru for this woman!

  172. 1950democrat:

    Pelosi is not asking Kennedy, Kerry, Gore, or Edwards to support Hillary. My congressman, George Miller, is a supporter of Obama’s, but his district (the one I live in) went for Hillary. He is not voting per the will of his district and/or state. The whole idea is hypocritical, and only works when it applies to Obama. It is a true double standard. Richardson should be voting for Hillary, since New Mexico went for her. The governor of Arizona, Napitilano (sp) should be supporting Hillary, since Arizona went for her; she is supporting Obama. But then, both the Senators from WA are supporting Hillary, despite the state going for Obama during those awful caucuses.

  173. I lit a purple candle at 9:00 for Hillary in honor of her winning the red and blue states in November.

  174. Independent Ben, I don’t get what they are thinking when they say that. It is possible that the actual preference of the Democrats could be different from the presumed nominee. Hillary has already won substantially more Democratic voters than Obama. What if we get to the convention and Hillary is still raising large sums of money and winning Democratic votes. Obama is made the nominee by SD’s simply because he has more pledged delegates via Republican votes from caucuses?? That’s crazy…this is what I thought the SD’s were supposed to prevent.

    I swear, I will leave the Democratic party if that happens…

  175. Except our friend upthread from Texas says he expects Obama to carry Houston/Dallas. I wish I understood what was going on. She needs to launch an offensive tomorrow and bring in as many of those voters as she can. Also, are all those stats you post just Dem population? If so, you are not skewing the AA numbers high enough because whites and latinos would also have a number of repubs.

  176. I’m a little worried about Ohio.

    I think Texas won’t be as bad as everyone is predicting. It will be another California scenario where everyone was dancing on her grave prematurely and she ends up taking the state by double digits.

  177. Houston/Dallas, Austin carry more delegates, than southern Texas. So, she is going to have to carry some other areas.

  178. Hillary is closing her Cleavland State rally with a new variation on ‘do you want UHC?, do you want more jobs?’ etc that she used at her Ft. worth, TX rally yesterday by saying , ‘who would you hire for UHC? who would you hire for more jobs? etc.I feel good about OH.

  179. well MJ, in my mind, Latinos are her truely unshakeable demographic. They’ve been with her through thick and thin and Texas is filled with a Latino population.

    The Ohio pop is shaky. And Obama has been screaming about Nafta there…albeit, deceitfully.

  180. “Her answer was it is ok to force Hill out because “at some point pledged delegates have to be counted”.

    Tell me Brazile did NOT say this?!


    HOW LONG does it take them to count?!

    We have til Puerto Rico!

  181. Can hillary take most of the delegates if she takes most of rural texas, the southern border, but loses three major cities like Austin, Dallas, and Houston?

  182. There is a world of difference between being a woman and being an old female. If you’re born a girl, grow up, and live long enough, you can become an old female. But to become a woman is a serious matter. A woman takes responsibility for the time she takes up and the space she occupies. Hillary Clinton is a woman. ~ Maya Angelou

  183. WOW..y’all have been doing this all day! The Delegate speculation two-step. I understand the reasons, but there seems to be a lot of hand-wring on this board tonight….

  184. What people are forgetting, is that the Hispanic voters varies from state to state. CA Hispanics are different than those in Texas, Virginia, and elsewhere. AA support is solid everywhere. I think, Hispanic support, while strong in Texas, may be different than CA. I heard that the Hispanic population in Texas is younger, which may be a factor.

  185. Ok, MJS, but she’s up in every poll there so that’s a pretty good predictor. Also, I think the NAFTA issue has been exposed as a sham.

  186. Space,

    i sent this letter to brazile. i don’t know much about blackberries. is this too long?

    Ms. Brazile,
    After the absolutely disgraceful way you, Howard Dean and the DNC have treated Senator Clinton, not to mention the press and the good ole boys club, I doubt the Senator will drop out. Why should she? Her supporters will write her name on the ballot if she doesn’t start an Independent party. We will never support the sham inept incompetent unqualified puppet pawn of Kennedy and Kerry and crew. Senator Clinton has at least half of the Democratic voters, the REAL ONES, NOT the Democrat for a Day people that Obama and company solicited who will immediately go back to being Republicans in the General election, and she probably has more real democratic support than Obama. She should fight this all the way to the convention and fight to seat the Florida and Michigan voters. If the idiotic democratic primary system were fair, with a winner take all strategy like the Republicans, she would be way ahead of Obama in delegate counts. Why should she and her supporters suffer from the idiocy and bias of the DNC and give yet another free pass to her opponent? I say she stays in until the last dog dies. The Democratic Party and the DNC hasn’t lifted a finger to help her so why should she give a rat’s behind about what they or anyone else think?

  187. Donna Brazille did indeed say that – I have the email. Maybe I should send it to Admin? This *itch is trying to hijack the Democratic party.

    Hillfans consider sending her an email as a badge of honor:


  188. The whole “superdelegates should follow the will of the voters” idea is supposed to equate to BO’s lead in pledged delgates. Nevermind the fact that most of his delegate lead is from majorities he racked up in red state caucuses and states with huge african-american populations. I think it’s still a fact that Hillary leads among Democratic voters.

  189. spacegirl: Donna Brazille was saying that about the pledged delegates a few weeks ago, about the time, I stopped watching CNN and MSNBC. She feels strongly, that the popular vote should determine, how the SDs vote.

  190. I’m hoping voter turnout will be around 40% hispanic and HOPEFULLY 10% African American…but I know it’s going to end up being 25% AA and 35% Hispanic. Goddamn…i hope the white and hispanic women voters and any AA women for Hillary turn out BIG time tomorrow. By the droves.

    Republican Women for Hillary wouldn’t hurt either 🙂

  191. MJS,

    Check the union letter up thread sent to obama demanding an explanation of the NAFTA/Canadagate story.

    It was posted at 7:22.

  192. They should vote with their state after months of BO’s biggest supers, Patrick, Kennedy, Kerry, bashing her every chance? Who fricken cares if they “go with their state” in the end, after they publically trampled on her for months?

  193. @mj: Also, I think the NAFTA issue has been exposed as a sham.

    Yeah, it’s just getting the message out to everyone….

  194. My email to DB said simply this: Be careful what you wish for, Ms.Brazille. Because once Hillary Clinton is forced out, my support goes to John McCain.

  195. Bo’s willie Horton???

    CAMPAIGN 2008 | Chicagoans in Obama’s life likely targets of McCain, GOP

    March 2, 2008
    BY LYNN SWEET blogs.suntimes.com/sweet
    SAN ANTONIO — With increasing frequency, Republicans are taking aim at Sen. Barack Obama as Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton faces an uphill fight to keep her presidential hopes alive. And several people from Chicago connected to Obama — with the major figure being the indicted Tony Rezko — could provide material his foes can use.

    If Obama wins the nomination, he will face an onslaught from presumptive GOP nominee Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) as well as the Republican National Committee, with a research and press operation churning out e-mails about Obama’s record. Here’s a look at some of the Chicago people who are already in play:

    » Click to enlarge image

    Chicagoans in Obama’s life likely targets of McCain: (from the top) Tony Rezko, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, William Ayers, the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr., and Austan Goolsby.
    (Courtesy, AP)

    Dem contenders prod backers to do the ‘Texas two-step’
    Jack Nicholson, in variety of roles, endorses Clinton

    Tony Rezko
    Rezko’s trial on corruption charges starts Monday. Rezko has a longtime relationship with Obama. Any mention of Obama in the trial — he is a side figure — could have political ramifications for Obama and be grist for ads. While Obama’s connections to Rezko have long been the subject of stories in the Chicago newspapers, the trial is the peg for other news organizations to be doing their own examinations.

    Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan
    Farrakhan recently offered an unsolicited endorsement of Obama. He is considered by many Jews as an anti-Semite. At the Democratic debate in Cleveland last Tuesday, Obama said he would “reject and denounce” Farrakhan’s help.

    The Rev. Jeremiah Wright
    Obama continues to explain to Jewish voters his relationship with his pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who is retiring from the Trinity United Church of Christ at 400 W. 95th. A magazine connected to Wright honored Farrakhan. Last Sunday, Obama said Wright “is like an old uncle who sometimes will say things that I don’t agree with.”

    Austan Goolsbee
    An economics professor at the University of Chicago, Goolsbee is one of Obama’s top economic advisers. Goolsbee is at the center of several news reports — on Canadian television and ABC News — dealing with Obama and NAFTA. Obama has said that as president, he would ask Canada and Mexico to renegotiate the trade agreement. The reports finger Goolsbee — who did visit the office of the Canadian counsel general in Chicago but not to talk about trade — as being the source of sending the message to Canada that Obama’s bark is worse than his bite on NAFTA. Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton said any suggestion that there is a back channel is “ridiculous” and that news reports concerning this have been “debunked” and Obama stands by his statements.

    William Ayers
    Hyde Park welcomed William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn to the neighborhood after they resurfaced as local civic leaders following their years on the lam as members of the Weather Underground. But stories by Bloomberg’s Tim Burger and the Politico’s Ben Smith have drawn attention to Obama’s ties to the former radicals. Ayers is an education professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago with a national reputation for studying urban school systems. Ayers served with Obama on the board of the Chicago-based Woods Funds. “While Ayers and Dohrn may be thought of in Hyde Park as local activists, they’re better known nationally as two of the most notorious — and unrepentant — figures from the violent fringe of the 1960s anti-war movement,” Smith wrote. “Obama’s relationship with Ayers is an especially vivid milepost on his rise, in record time, from a local official who unabashedly reflected a very liberal district to the leader of national movement based largely on the claim that he can transcend ideological divides,” Smith concluded.

  196. But Hillary has roots with these Hispanics. I don’t think this country full of idiots deserves her to even be president. I mean this is the same country that voted for Bush, not once but twice.

  197. Read where East Texas hold the key in Texas. Hillary to stage rally at airport in Beaumont, TX Monday afternoon. Takes in Beaumont – Port Arthur – Orange and rural parts of Texas that have been Republican in last several contests. Although high numbers of AA in these cities, outnumbered by union and blue-collar workers in this region. Bill Clinton has made appearance, and Michelle and Obama past week. Think Hillary should make surprise appeal to agricultural centers in Chambers County and Liberty County, as well as Jasper, Nacogdoches, Trinity and Angelina counties in order to leave heavy mark Monday in these heavily conservative, rural and agricultural Piney Woods. Worked for Charlie Wilson, Jack Brooks for a long, long, time.

  198. I keep going back to the TX stats. AA pop is only 11%, I know that they make up a disproportionate part of the Dem base of registered voters. However, the Hispanics are ~35% in population and i have to believe that a high turnout for them in support of HIll will trump the AA vote in terms of the popular vote. I heard Shep Smith on Fox news today say that driving in from the airport when they turned on Spanish radio, they couldn’t evade singing, ‘Hill-a-ry, Hill-a- ry’ on the radio. I’m thinking that they will bring her home. I believe, I believe, I believe.

    Guys, send positive thoughts, no negativity. As of now, focus on Hillary winning Tx, I’m digging deep and sending $10.44. Call, donate, call, donate.

    We can do this!

    Texas at a glance

    Population: 23,507,783

    Median age: 33.1

    Race: Non-Hispanic white, 48.3 percent; Hispanic, 35.7 percent; black, 11.9 percent

    Foreign born: 15.9 percent

    Education (age 25+): High school graduates, 75.7 percent; bachelor’s degree or higher, 24.7 percent

    Median household income: $44,922

  199. Latinos, thanks mj. Not Hispanics. Not to nit-pick, just a matter of what the community likes to be called, traditionally dems call us Latinos and republicans say hispanics……people shouldn’t be so formal, use Latino…..

    Anyway, they are different in different areas, but you must remember one thing, we will win the Latino vote. No matter where you were in this country, during the 90’s as a Latino you were much better off under the Clintons. And we are a matriarchal group. Hillary is popular in the community for a reason. There is still a lot of hesitation in the Latino community, especially among older Latinos, to vote for Obama because there are racial tensions in Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston and other places, especially LA where I lived. The Latinos that are older are under the thought that when there were more African Americans than Latinos (which has changed, by a lot), they did nothing to try to help out Latinos as well, so there is still bad blood there. I won’t vote for him because he is an a**hole and an inexperienced dolt cult-leader.

  200. We can do this!

    I hate the word “can” now, almost as much as I hate the word “hope”.

    We WILL do this! 🙂

  201. The sad thing about the whole Rezko deal: MSM from the beginning has jumped on the Obama bandwagon – because they are obsessed with defeating Hillary Clinton. They refuse to provide any scrutiny to this man’s background – and are accepting his memoirs without question.

    You can bet your ass though – that if BO gets the nomination – then suddenly everybody will be talking about Rezko.

  202. Bush was “given” the first election..he didn’t win.

    That being said, I’ll glady not vote for Obama should he be the nominee. Fcuk the Democrat party as a whole .. I’ll vote to keep Obama OUT.

    It is being floated for Florida to have a real do Over. If this happens there is every reason that Hillary can site her win there as a real reason to stay in the race. We will have to churn out a real GOTV in Florida…and believe me Obama if he has one whiff that this is going to happen will be in Florida like white on rice… keep on the outlook for those Dem for a Day fliers…

    She will have to have another major infusiof money as well.

    Also, by this time…the bad news is going to hit the fan on Obama. It’s out there…just percolating.

    That is why Donna Brazil and the good ole boyz club want her to quit. NO WAY

  203. http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/news/s_555128.html

    Decent article on Hill, features excerpts from Bill campaigning in Oh. I think that she is positioned well in OH. I think RI will come home. Tx will be a nailbiter. I don’t like the idea of precinct camptains calling in the caucus results by touch phone. This is what the Clinton camp objected to. Suppose they hit a wrong digit! I hope that Hill those have one of their supporters watching, this is why it is so important to have volunteers show up early.

    Ohio at heart of Clinton strategy
    By Salena Zito
    Sunday, March 2, 2008

    DAYTON, Ohio — Retired trucker James Russell says Hillary Clinton is going to win this state’s Democratic primary Tuesday because she has God and Ohio on her side.

    “We are her guardian angels,” Russell, 67, said last week after Bill Clinton’s speech at Stebbins High School in Riverside, a Dayton suburb. “I hate to spout off, but I think God will straighten this all out for her and she will win here and in November.”

    Divine intervention might be what the Clinton campaign needs, since it has failed to slow rival Barack Obama, the winner of 11 straight nominating contests. The Illinois senator’s momentum has helped him to narrow Clinton’s lead in Ohio and overtake her in Texas, according to the most recent public opinion polls.

    Voters in those two delegate-rich states, as well as Vermont and Rhode Island, head to the polls Tuesday. The former president has said his wife needs to win Ohio and Texas for the campaign to survive and look ahead to Pennsylvania’s April 22 primary.

    story continues below

    “I want to know — are you going to be there for Hillary?” he asked as the crowd fell silent inside the high school gymnasium.

    Then 2,000 Ohioans responded affirmatively, shaking the rafters.

    Michael Barone, senior writer for U.S. News & World Report and co-author of The Almanac of American Politics, isn’t ready to count out Hillary Clinton, a New York senator counting on women and working-class voters to see her through to the next round of primaries.

    “What she has to do is just hold on to her base that she presently has in the state and not lose any ground,” Barone said. “But it is the big picture that is not clear, and that is if Ohio is going to give her enough of a boost to win the nomination.”

    Clinton is facing some daunting math. Obama’s pledged delegate lead — 1,193 to 1,038, according to RealClearPolitics — cannot be erased with modest victories. Because Democrats mete out delegates in proportion to the vote totals, Clinton needs to win Texas (193 delegates) and Ohio (141 delegates) by wide margins to gain ground.

    A RealClearPolitics average of polls shows Obama has closed to within 5 points of Clinton in Ohio, where he recently trailed by double digits. In Texas, where he lagged far behind Clinton, Obama has taken a narrow lead.

    It takes 2,025 delegates to secure the nomination, and it is unlikely that either candidate will be able to do so without the support of the 796 so-called superdelegates — governors, members of Congress and other party leaders who can vote however they please.

    To win Ohio, a candidate must talk about jobs, said Gov. Ted Strickland, a Clinton supporter.

    “Job losses, foreclosures, unemployment — that is what is important to Ohioans,” Strickland said. “She is clearly focused on solutions for those problems.”

    Rep. Marcy Kaptur, a Toledo Democrat and urban planner who was first elected in 1982, agrees that the economy trumps other issues here.

    “Ohio’s economic woes cannot be ignored,” she said. “The unemployment rate, at 6 percent, is a full point higher than the national average.”

    Last year, Kaptur sponsored H.R. 4329, the NAFTA Accountability Act, to assess the impact of the trade agreement and require further negotiation on some provisions. The bill was referred to the Ways and Means Committee in December.

    Unlike Strickland, Kaptur has not committed to support either candidate for her party’s presidential nomination. She said she is frustrated that neither candidate accepted an offer by Ohio’s congressional delegation to tour the state on a bus and talk about issues facing people here.

    “I want to hear results from the candidates when they come to my district, not just command-and-control performances that just try to dazzle voters,” she said. “Ohio is not Hollywood.”

    Kaptur’s district could be a snapshot of Ohio: urban areas with some heavy industry, but swaths of agriculture in the rural areas lining Lake Erie.

    One of her constituents, Shereen Hatlef of Huron in Erie County, is close to making up her mind for what is best for Ohio — and says it won’t be a vote for Clinton.

    “It is either going to be Barack Obama or maybe Ralph Nader,” said Hatlef, 25, a pre-law student at Bowling Green State University. Clinton’s out, for her, because of a widely circulated e-mail attributed to someone on Clinton’s campaign that showed Obama wearing ethnic clothing during a 2006 trip he made to Kenya.

    “That proves that she is anti-Muslim, and I could not support anyone that holds those values,” said Hatlef, whose parents immigrated to the United States from their native Iran before she was born. Though she isn’t a practicing Muslim, Hatlef considers Islam to be part of her heritage.

    She said she might vote for Obama because he is black.

    “It is time for this country to grow up and do something that is different,” she said. “There are only six pigments that separate a white person from a black person, (and) we should not let those six pigments hold a person back from becoming president.”

    Farther east along Lake Erie, Cleveland-area resident Kathy Noon says skin color didn’t factor into her decision to support Clinton, and neither did gender.

    “Experience is not a bad thing to run on — it is what earned my vote,” Noon said on the afternoon before last week’s debate at Cleveland State University’s Wolstein Center.

    Six hours before the debate, Noon stood outside holding onto a “Hillary Clinton” sign nearly as big as she is. Each wind gust that caught the sign threatened to carry her away. But she stood tough — a characteristic she likes about her candidate.

    “She has the right inner character to take tough positions,” said Noon, 53, a mail carrier who lives in Brooklyn Heights. “Her solutions with health care are a good start, and she also understands how to handle a tough economy. All of those things are important to me.”

    To the south of Cleveland, in Akron, Bill Crooks bellied up to the bar at Scorchers to watch the debate with other regulars.

    “I am undecided, neutral,” he said.

    Crooks, 45 and a steelworker who is vice president of his union local, is the health, safety and environmental adviser for United Steelworkers of America District 1, which covers Ohio. He said after the debate that he thinks “the labor mood for Hillary Clinton in Ohio is good.”

    “Hillary has got a lot of support in Ohio,” Crooks acknowledged. “Obviously some people aren’t happy with her husband’s trade policies, but in the debate tonight she talked about renegotiating NAFTA, and that would be a good thing for us.”

    Enacted during the Clinton administration, the trade treaty works at eliminating customs duties on transactions involving Canada, Mexico and the United States.

    That trade policy is center stage in Ohio, where many voters blame it and other trade agreements for the loss of manufacturing jobs. During the past seven years, according to Kaptur, Ohio has lost more than 240,000 such jobs.

    The USW initially endorsed Democrat John Edwards, Crooks said, but since Edwards’ withdrawal from the race, the union has remained uncommitted.

    But he thinks his membership is leaning toward supporting Clinton. “The retirees are a big portion of that, and they are all voters.”

    Farther south, along the Ohio River, the topography turns rugged. Here in the foothills of the Appalachians, the town of Syracuse is located along the Ohio Scenic Highway in Meigs County, where voters have swung widely between support for Republicans and Democrats.

    According to Democratic state party officials, Bill Clinton carried Meigs with 41 percent of the vote in 1992 and 46 percent in 1996, but Ross Perot faired well here in both contests. In 2000, President Bush carried Meigs with 62 percent; in 2004, he captured 58 percent.

    Meigs swung back to the Democrats in the 2006 gubernatorial election, giving Strickland 69 percent of the vote over Republican Ken Blackwell.

    Rita Slavin, a Syracuse resident and secretary of the county Democratic Party, said she expects Clinton to win Meigs on Tuesday.

    “Her message, which can be very populist, appeals to people in this area — certainly it does to me,” Slavin said. She says Meigs always was a poor county, and now school districts employ more people than coal mines.

    Meigs is a long way — about four hours east — from Dayton. But the city, too, has seen better times. Thousands of jobs were lost with the 2005 bankruptcy of Delphi Corp., one of the world’s largest auto parts suppliers, and other plants have closed.

    “Things are tough here,” says Paula Byers of Huber Heights. Plant closings have a ripple effect on smaller businesses bordering them, and that leads to rundown neighborhoods, she said.

    Standing outside Stebbins High School, Byers and four of her friends, waiting to hear Bill Clinton, said they’re frustrated by how the media have covered the campaign.

    “We have not even cast our vote yet,” said Byers, 53, who works at the library. “Stop calling our election. Ohioans can make up their own minds, thank you very much.”

    Ohio at a glance

    Population: 11,478,006

    Median age: 37.6

    Race: Non-Hispanic white, 82.9 percent; black, 12 percent; Hispanic, 2.3 percent

    Education (age 25+): High school graduates, 83 percent; bachelor’s degree or higher, 23 percent

    Median household income: $44,532

    People below poverty level: 13.3 percent

    Homeownership rate: 69.1 percent

    Delegates: 141 pledged Democratic; 88 pledged Republican

    Electoral votes: 20

    2004 presidential results: George W. Bush, 51 percent; John Kerry, 49 percent

    Land area (square miles): 40,948

    Sources: U.S. Census; Ohio state government

    Texas at a glance

    Population: 23,507,783

    Median age: 33.1

    Race: Non-Hispanic white, 48.3 percent; Hispanic, 35.7 percent; black, 11.9 percent

    Foreign born: 15.9 percent

    Education (age 25+): High school graduates, 75.7 percent; bachelor’s degree or higher, 24.7 percent

    Median household income: $44,922

    People below poverty level: 16.9 percent

    Homeownership rate: 63.8 percent

    Delegates: 193 pledged Democratic; 140 pledged Republican

    Electoral votes: 34

    2004 presidential results: George W. Bush, 61percent; John Kerry, 38 percent

    Land area (square miles): 261,797

    Sources: U.S. Census; Texas state government

    Salena Zito can be reached at szito@tribweb.com or 412-320-7879.
    Back to headlines

  204. it’s really hard to listen to all the speculation. the facts are Hillary will win a few of those and a few of those and the other guy will too. we the people have the power to get her elected. and if we don’t…well…

    the media, the polls, the blogs, the nutcases and even the DNC have our girl fighting for her life…

    but we know deep within, with every call, with every dollar, we are actually fighting for ourselves and putting Hillary’s name on it. Hillary will be there for us because we believe in ourselves and the good we deserve.

    silly way to put it but it works for me.


  206. At precinct meeting just ending in Beaumont, Texas will have all caucus-goers sign in on one ongoing sheet for Clinton AND Obama supporters – not two separate sheets. That way, no sheet magically “disappears” in transition, disenfranchising Texas voters in and around Beaumont, Texas area. Must be another concern throughout the state.

  207. Wva, Ky, Pennsylvania want to vote as well.

    What has happened to the 48 state strategy that Dean proposed. All of a sudden it’s gone.

    Count all the votes.

    We never had a nominee before till June. It’s the Dems fault they set this primary up the way they did .. don’t punish the candidates and the voters. That is what they want to do with Florida and Michigan

  208. I think that Hillary will carry Texas by atleast 9-10% because of the reasons stated above. She has strong roots in Texas with Latinos registering voters and in total Hispanics make up 35 of the Texas population and even if they aren’t registered Democrats, they can still crossover and vote, right? There would only be a very, very negligible percent of Latino Republicans due to immigration being used as a wedge issue.

  209. By MIKE GLOVER, Associated Press Writer 26 minutes ago

    WESTERVILLE, Ohio – Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton argued Sunday that her campaign is “about solutions,” not feelings, as she swept through Ohio on an intense push two days before the state’s presidential primary.

    She told more than 2,000 cheering backers that she wants to solve the economic troubles facing the industrial Midwest.

    “For some people this election is about how you feel, it’s about speeches,” Clinton said. “Well, that’s not what it’s about for me. It’s about solutions.”

    The former first lady opened an Ohio campaign marathon, sweeping across the state on a series of appearances lasting until the wee hours of Monday. Her first stop, in suburban Columbus, was aimed at firing up canvassers who were manning phone banks and knocking doors for her.

    “Ohio is once again the center of attention, for a reason,” Clinton said. “It truly does represent America, the hopes and aspirations, the challenges and opportunities, they are all right here in Ohio. It is a picture of America.”

    Clinton has lost the last 11 nominating contests to rival Barack Obama and was looking to primaries in Ohio and Texas for a campaign boost. Those states, and Rhode Island and Vermont, vote Tuesday. Polls show tight contests in Texas and Ohio.

    “The last days leading up until Tuesday are ones where we really need you,” Clinton told cheering supporters.

    Clinton focused on her promise to provide health insurance for all, as well as her opposition to trade agreements that she said have drained thousands of jobs from the nation’s industrial heartland, including Ohio.

    “It’s time we looked around and saw what’s going on in the rest of Ohio,” she said. “We cannot go on like this. It’s morally wrong and economically stupid.”

    Clinton sharpened her focus, both on the industrial economy and Obama, during a stop in Youngstown, one of the hardest-hit cities in the Rust Belt, by hammering trade deals like the North American Free Trade Agreement with the United States, Canada and Mexico. That deal was signed by her husband when he was president, but it would be hard to tell that from her rhetoric.

    “We’re going to start having trade deals that are actually good for America,” Clinton told 1,000 backers in a school gymnasium. “Unlike my opponent I put forward a very specific plan about what we ought to be doing about it.”

    Clinton said she’s the “only candidate” left who has a plan for universal health care and, throughout the swing she sought to contrast her record with Obama’s rhetorical flourishes.

    “I’m not interested in just talking, I’m interested in action,” she said.

    Also in Youngstown, her campaign added a sporting note as she collected the endorsement of middleweight boxing champion Kelly “The Ghost” Pavlik, a native of the city. “Hillary Clinton is my kind of fighter,” Pavlik said, playing into her campaign theme of being a scrappy competitor.

    At a rally in Akron, Clinton vowed to carry through on her campaign promises. “Ohio has heard a lot of speeches, you’ve heard a lot of promises and somehow it never happens,” said Clinton.

    After stops in Cleveland on Sunday, and Toledo on Monday, Clinton was returning to Texas late Monday for rallies in Beaumont and Austin. She also planned a televised town hall to be broadcast statewide in Texas on Monday night. Aides said she would await Tuesday’s election returns in Ohio.

    Her goal Sunday was to fire up supporters with a populist economic message, arguing she can make a difference for working families. Most polls have shown Clinton with a fragile lead in the state and she was tailoring her message for its struggling industrial economy.

    “We need a president who gets it,” said Clinton, whose campaigned here just a few hours before Obama arrived for his own event. “The price of everything has gone up and the middle class is under tremendous pressure.”

    Clinton was betting that her experience would assure voters that she can see through her campaign promises, and she referred to a White House “I know very well.” She argued that her accomplishments there and in the Senate mean far more than mere speeches, a reference to Obama.

  210. Patty Murray is the most powerful woman in the senate. I’ll take her and Maria Cantwell over Sen. Kerry and Kennedy ANY day. We should send Murray/Cantwell support as there’s an organized effort in WA to pressure them into back Obama. :/

    I want to add Brazile to my Blackberry and be BFFs with her.

  211. Hawk: Thank you for your insight. It was greatly appreciated.

    Tiburones: I smiled, when I read about the radio stations playing: Hill-a-ry, Hill-a- ry’ on the radio. That is so great! 🙂

  212. Damn it, Sean Hannity! I’m watching his show right now. I have been consistently sending him e-mails about Rezko, but still all he wants to talk about is Farrakhan blah blah. It is clear that Republicans want to keep their powder dry on the whole Rezko issue.

  213. jr, the only republican Latino voting block is Cubanos. Most others are dems…..unless b.o. is nominated.

  214. birdgal: how are things at fsu, I haven’t been there since it was changed. Do people there know about all the new issues with Obama?

  215. Hey, folks. Sorry I just missed Idunn. Was reading the last 4 threads.

    Spoke with my mom in Houston yesterday. She’s coming to Oklahoma for my cousin’s state championship tournament this week and was thinking of leaving Tuesday. I yelled, “But you have to caucus on Tuesday!” She replied, “Oh, shit. That settles it. I’ll fly on Wednesday instead of driving Tuesday.” IOW, she’s spending extra money to make sure she attends caucus. Glad I spoke to her.

    According to mom, Houston is prolly going to 👿 . The AA vote there is bigger than most other areas in TX especially post-Katrina. However, there is the chance many are not currently registered as voters in Texas. That would be a boon if proven. Also, I lived in the barrio. Trust me when I say the Latino population is huge. It’ll depend on our GOTV ground game there. If we can get folks to the polls then to their precinct at 6:30, we have a decent chance of evening the score there.

    BTW- there’s a column up at HuffPo by Hillary about children and poverty. Check it out. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/hillary-clinton/child-poverty_b_89089.html

  216. Just wait! The population of Texas is more than twice the size of Ohio. Why doesn’t Texas have more than twice the number of delegated?? Only some 52 delegates separates them.

  217. fragile lead? I thought her leadin in OH was pretty solid. But, why is she awaiting results in OH? What about TX?

  218. PS- the Asian population in Houston and outlying areas is also quite big. Anyone who has ever visited Houston might recall areas with Asian language street signs.

  219. Ok, I took a harder look at the Mason-Dixson Tx poll where BO is up by 1pt over Hillary. I saw good news in there for Hillary and opportunities as well. Please note the following:

    Favorable Opinion: Hill 61 BO 57
    Unfavorable opinion: Hill 18 BO 25
    Recognize/Neutral: Hill 21 Bo 18
    ** Hill beats him here with favorable opinions.

    At this point, would you say that you would stick with your choice, or can you change your mind?

    Hill 92 stick with choice, change mind 8 %
    BO 87 % tick with choice 13 change mind.

    There is an opportunity to change 5% of the voters who say that they would vote for him but may change their minds. Hill’s supporters are stronger.

  220. okieatty…in regards to registration…I don’t think its necessary to register to caucus…I heard a lot of bambi supporters promoting the idea that they don’t need to register to caucus.

  221. Another good horse race thought is that Hillary has consistently won voters who have made their decision on the LAST day. Jay Costa, from Real Clear Politics, had done an entire analysis of it. I’ll dig it up if anybody wants to look at it.

  222. MJS, you have to vote to caucus in Texas; therefore, you have to be registered. That being said, it is an open primary state so Dem for Day activities could hurt us.

  223. MJS, I think the only requirement to caucus is that you must have previously voted in the primary.

  224. MJ, mom says it is what she is seeing on local news. Also the number of AA’s that turned out at one of his rallies was quite big. All in all, it may may make some nervous since many hate the NOLA refugees.

  225. I seriously doubt that Dem For A Day voters will be motivated enough to actually caucus for Obama.

  226. What is she seeing on the local news? That he leads in early voting? That everyone wants him? Or, that aa’s are going for him?

  227. True, MJ, and the organizers in all those states where republicans hired by the ‘Bama campaign. I dunno. I’m praying. Rather than light a candle, I think I’ll start a bonfire in my front yard.

  228. Mason-Dixon Poll analysis cont’d

    Which one of the following qualities you are most looking for in deciding which candidate to support:
    29% cares about issues I support
    25% has the right experience
    22% represents change and a new approach
    16% is honest and trustworthy

    Change: O 76% C 18%
    Issues O41% C 42%
    Experience: O 3% C 93%Honest : O 50% C 40%

    From this question, Hillary wins on the top 2 issues which are issues and experience by a large margin.

    When voting which one of the following issues you think is most important?

    Economy: 45%
    Healthy care 22%
    Iraq 10%
    Terrorism 7%
    Immigragion 6%

    Economy: C 47% O 40%
    Healthcare : C 56% O 39%
    Iraq: C 41% BO 468 ie. O 48%

    Here again Hillary wins on the top 2 positions.The #1 issue is healthcare and she wins this issue by 17%, economy is the 2nd issue and she wins by 7%. Iraq suprisingly is only the 3rd top issue although you wouldn’t think so based on the national security card being played. However, O is ahead of this one but not by a lot of pts so all in all, Hill is ahead on the top 2 issues and the top 2 qualities by decent margins.

  229. I’ll clarify the comments about NOLA refugees: since the hurricane and transplantation of NOLA folks in Houston, crime, especially violent crime and gang related activities, is up disproportionately. There have been open calls by politicians there to deal with the problem. Also, lots of complaints in the school system about violent behavior and gang activities in the schools that did not exist to that degree prior to Katrina. My own sister has experienced it in her neighborhood in Katy with her children being attacked by Katrina kids and their mother attempting to assault my sister when she went across the street to ask the mother to control her children. In fact things have gotten so bad, my sister is thinking of moving to the country. Until two years ago, Katy was fairly rural in how it acted, now it is more of a gang zone.

  230. How the fuck can people think this lair is more honest? Or, that another man is more change than a woman, particularly given that Hill’s plans are far more change oriented than Obama’s? This is like a fricken mental illness.

  231. I think it’s interesting that ‘Bama no longer chants Yes, We Can at his rallies, and the kids at his more wonkish rallies appear kind of bored.

    I think the truth is – The whole Yes We Can thing meant “Yes, We Can – help Obama rack up delegates, etc”

  232. And he wins on Iraq?????????????? These people are fricken idiots. This guy has no experience. How can he possibly lead on Iraq? WTF? I am amazed at the laziness of the public.

  233. Ben, you can vote Rep, then caucus Dem.

    MJ, she is seeing a huge AA GOTV effort. It’s also partly the vibe of what is on the streets.
    RE: how do they know if you voted in order to caucus? Easy, the caucus site is where you vote. They keep the records.

  234. Texas truly has a mucked up system. But a popular vote victory by Hillary would land a body blow to Obama – and that would be sweet.

  235. Mason-Dixon poll analysis cont’d

    Do you approve of NAFTA:
    33% approve 40% disapprove, 27% unsure.

    Whose position on NAFTA you support?

    Hillary 18%, O 15% , basically the same 46%, not sure/haven’t read 21%
    Which canidates position on healthcare do you approve?
    Hillary 44%, BO 22%, same 25%, not sure 9%

    Which canidates position on the Iraq war do you approve?

    Hillary 24%, O 34% basically the same 29%, not sure 13%

    Which canidates position on the econly do you approve?

    Hillary 33%, BO 31%, basically the same 26%, not sure 19%

  236. MJ, whatever you want to call them, they have been a disruptive influence on the entire city, it’s economy, it’s schools and crime has disproportionately risen.

    And yes, I say they are refugees bc the GOP made sure they could go home. I know folks who were from Iran. They were considered refugees after the Shah.

  237. just rec’d an email from campaign that they will be calling Oh tomorrow 9 to 9 from downtown pittsburgh. at long last.

  238. Again, huh? More people aprrove of effing Obama on Iraq? Dumb, dumb, dumb. The economy?????? I’m sorry, but this is shocking.

  239. Dear Ms. Brazile,

    I wanted you to know I was interested to hear today when Senator John Kerry implied that he believed Super Delegates should vote the will of the people. Although my understanding is that Super Delegates have been formed to vote not only their own conscience, but vote for the most electable, vote to keep the party in balance, and a number of other factors, this statement by Senator Kerry by default implies that he is willing to vote for Senator Hillary Clinton. Following his preference, Senator Ted Kennedy, potentially Governor Bill Richardson and others would be voting for the candidate other than the one they have endorsed.

    How do you feel about Senator Kerry’s statement and the potential of this becoming a reality?

    In addition, as a very disgruntled disenfranchised Florida voter, I want to urge you to have the DNC Seat the entire Florida Delegation for all candidates as they were won in our Primary Election. Despite the punitive actions to the voters of Florida by the DNC, both at the State and the National level, as well as the Republican Florida Legislature and the Republican Governor’s threat of a veto, we feel our votes are COMPLETELY LEGITIMATE and as such, reflect the will of the State.

    Despite the argument that candidates did not campaign here, due to the TREMENDOUS and unprecedented media coverage in this election, one would be hard-pressed to argue the voters of Florida were not either aware of who they were or where they stood on issues by the time we went to the polls. This fact is sustained by the record voter turnout across the state. A turnout that was far higher than when any candidate ever has had time to campaign. In fact, I feel the only candidate who actually had an unfair advantage to advance their message was Senator Barack Obama, who was the only candidate to run extensive television advertising here prior to our primary election.

    I do not think you want to risk losing 1.3 million or so Democrats in November and from all I hear from friends and associates, chances of that are extremely high. We want our votes counted. We want them counted as we voted. And we want the delegates awarded to their appropriate candidates. Period. We in Florida have been neglected enough in the election process. Our votes have been lost, stolen, miscounted, misappropriated, and argued in Federal and State Courts. We do not want this to happen again. Any talk of a “do-over”, either in a Primary or a caucus will be suspect at best and risk destroying the reputation of the DNC even further in our State.

    In closing, I want to say that I have been appalled by your actions and the actions of other leading members of the DNC with regards to the pressure on Senator Hillary Clinton to abandon her Constitutional Right to run the full length of the Primaries, if she so desires. There is no combination of numbers at this time that will secure either Democratic Candidate the nomination of the Party. Although I realize the pressure you have as well, it is incumbent upon you to show good judgment and let the process play out. Senator Clinton has more TRUE Democrats supporting her than Senator Obama, whose “Democrat for a Day” gimmick and support by the right wing media, calling for Republicans to vote AGAINST Senator Clinton in open Primaries and caucuses, only to return to their Republican roots in the fall is tearing this party apart. That you or your colleagues believe you will gain more real Republican and Independent voters in the fall that you will lose in your attempt to disenfranchise Senator Clinton from her right to run until she chooses to stop is ludicrous. I do not know ONE SINGLE SUPPORTER of Senator Clinton who will vote for Senator Obama in the fall if Senator Clinton is forced out by the DNC. There are hundreds of thousands more as well. In fact, the chances are extremely high that Senator Clinton’s core supporters will either write her in or ACTIVELY AND WITH VIGOR campaign for the Republican nominee.

    So, Ms. Brazile, I urge you to deeply consider what you and the other Leadership are doing. I was an independent for seven years after Bill Clinton’s last term. I did not vote in the Primaries. This year, I felt the need to have my voice be heard in the selection of a candidate and re-registered as a Democrat. I was so interested in this election, for the first time ever I signed up to try and become a delegate and became involved in the actual process of democracy.

    It is now very sad and highly annoying that that action is scoffed at by you, the media and the DNC Leadership.

    I do not want the media or the Leadership picking our next President. I do not want to see it in the courts. And I certainly do not want to see the violence Ex-Governor Wilder promised on national television in Denver if Senator Barack Obama is not given the nomination, whether he wins it fairly or not. But I can assure you Ms. Brazile, there will come a far louder cry from the electorate in this Nation if the DNC continues on this folly of personal favorites and disenfranchisement.

    I urge you to think twice.

  240. Yeah, that’s because Iranians are not american citizens, and no, LA displaced americans are not guaranteed a right of return. That’s actually a big issue in NO.

  241. Oh, and if I haven’t said so before, Joe Sudbay at AmericaBlog is a cocksucker. He couldn’t shill more for 👿 if he tried.

  242. dedfg: Regarding FSU, the PI forum has been relatively quiet, extremely so. No mention of Rezko, Farakkan, Nafta. There is a thread on MO, and her encouragement for young people to avoid the corporate world, and to go into service careers, in order to avoid huge college debt (ha, ha). She is so arrogant. I don’t venture into Obamarama.

  243. Thanks tim

    Hey tim, did you want that article about the three degrees of separation posted earlier today? I copied it.

  244. Regarding Michelle Obama, there’s one speech she gave that is really scary. In it she said, Barack Obama will demand that you be involved, will insist that you lose you cynism, on and on.

    Excuse me? As an American, I fully insist on retaining my right to be cynical.

  245. MJ, you missed the correlation altogether. A refugee is someone who has no home.

    refugee ( ) n. One who flees in search of refuge, as in times of war, political oppression, or religious persecution.

    That is not all inclusive. It just gives examples, but I think the GOP’s handling of recovery and reconstruction efforts have made it impossible for many Democratic voters who are also poor and AA not to be able to return home. The GOP wants to yuppify NOLA and get rid of the negroes and poor folk who might not be pretty enough to show off to visitors. Not to mention property can now be bought cheaply and redeveloped at a profit. Seems a hurricane can do stuff bigger and faster than Rezko could by ignoring his housing projects….

  246. why are the number of posts down today compared with previous posts….

    also dont forget the early votes… these are Hillary’s strength as well as last minute deciders

  247. Mason-Dixon poll analysis cont’d
    As you can see from the above post, Hill gets more favorable views for NAFTA (not considered bad for TX as oppose to OH), she overwhelmingly gets high approval marks for her stance on healthcare and he is not killing her with his IRaq differentiation.

    Demographic make up of poll
    Blacks 22%
    Hispanics 27%
    Whites 48%
    Asians/others 2%

    Based on 2004 election, I believe that the AA turnout was 16%. The models have increased AA turnout based on their overall high turnout is the previous primaries. I’m not sure if that 6% increase is valid, in addtion, 27% Hispanic turnout seems low. if Hill can get theat # over 32%, I think that she would be in good shape on Tuesday. The asian votes will probably go to her as well.

    Whites are going for Hillary 53% BO 38%
    Blacks 86% Hill 6%- she is getting killed here

    Hispanics Hill 62%, BO 30%- she’s winning 2-1, however, if she can peel away some back from him that should help

    Democratic voters Hill 50% BO 42%- Hill continues to win the Democratic base
    Other BO 54% Hill 34%, sorry BO is 55%- Independents and REpubs are going for him

    Men BO 54% Hill 37%- He’s winning the male vote
    Females Hill51% BO 40%
    Both groups have a 8% undecided margin. We know that the female vote is usually around 57% or so, she can also make up ground if more of the 8% of female undecides spilt for her. Conversely, the same can be said for BO.

    The point of this analyis is that there are positive factors inside the internals of this poll that make me belie ve that the undecideds based on the info in here may spilt more for her. She has higher favorables, hshe wins the top 2 issues, she wins the top 2 characterisctis that voters look for i.e experience and issues they care about, the Hispanic % seem low etc.

    She justt needs to win the news cycle on Mon, have a stong GOTV and continue to push for TX.

  248. Yes, they have no right of return. However, I consider tham as american citizens, displaced not refugees. Let’s just forget it.

    I am so miffed about those poll internals. How could anyone not know Hill is stronger on Iraq/economy? This is just outrageous. I think it’s because so many americans only remember BC’s admin. They think any Dem will be as good as any other on these issues. So short-sighted.

  249. I think we need to organize against this garbage about how Hillary must drop out for the good of the party. Perhaps we could pick a date and time during which we all flood the DNC mailboxes with polite, but honest letters. We could send them directly to Dean and directly to Donna, perhaps we could also CC powerful superdelegates who have endorsed BO, such as Kerry and Kennedy, and perhaps Dodd for good measure.

    They have handicapped her all along. The reaon she has not been able to go all out with her criticism of BO is that the DNC and superdelegates have held her back, they didn’t want her to damage him. I think you are starting to see REAL criticism, like the lack of hearings, etc, because she doesn’t give a crap what the DNC does or says to her anymore…

    If they got thousands of letters all on the same day within a short time period, they would certainly notice. My goal is to force them to prepare a canned response unique to our concerns. As of now, we get no response.

  250. Yeah, cynacism. It doesn’t mean anything. It’s from Deval Patrick’s campaign. Now he’s marketing casinos as a jobs program.

  251. mj, some of that honesty vote for Obama is because they aren’t hearing hardly any negatives about him in the media. That will change over time..

  252. I’m trying to dissect apart the different groups that are voting Obama. mj you ask if they are crazy, or words to that affect, I think some of them have bought the hype. The whole campaign is built around “change you can believe in”. Yall realize that doesn’t make one iota of sense? To believe in something implies accepting without evidence, while “change” requires a tangible product. The slogan makes no damn sense. Not one bit. Class is a big issue here. I see elite democrats goin’ for Obama. The Clintons are working people and stand for disenfranchised groups. Obama feels you can transcend differences. Hillary knows that differences are real and play out in socioeconomic disparities that affect all aspects of our society. Barack is about Barack. He speaks with “authority” and illustrates something I’ve heard all my life, “It aint what you say, it’s how you say it.” He says other are race baiting and fear baiting. But, in reality, he’s stirred this up. He plays on people’s despair by promising hope and “belief.” It is a sort of religion and actually a pretty well known anthropological phenomenon.

  253. But AG, he literally lies constantly. Forget about personally. he lies about Hillary everyday. I will never vote for this guy. He’s a fraud. And, I think the reason people believe this bs about Hill being dishonest is good old sexism.

  254. So I’m walking along an Austin sidewalk and this big guy knocks me to the side as he’s walking past me on the sidewalk and says “Thanks for picking up the trash” (because I’m holding a Hillary sign). He was with a bunch of friends and they all sneered. I said, on the spur of the moment .. “Hillary is a great American!”, heh. But I was a bit down about it and sat on the sidewalk, kind of disconsolate.

    You know the election wears ..

    But then! At the stop light a big truck pulled up and this cute couple leaned out the window and said “Are you looking for places to put those signs honey? BECAUSE I’D JUST LOVE ONE!” I laughed and ran over to the truck and she gave me a great smile.

  255. It’s rhetoric. Nothing more. he doesn’t feel you can transcend anything. It’s just to get votes. I’ve heard it all before here in MA.

  256. Mason-Dixon poll analysis cont’d
    She is winning the border towns/southern and western ares. The central areas seem to be competitive- I don’t know which cities these are. However, as we assumed, he is winning handedly in Houston and Dallas. Which area is Austin/Ft. Worth area located ? I’m thinking Ft. Worth is in the Dallas area.

    Regions reporting:

    East BO 49% C44%
    Houston BO 54% C 38%
    Dallas BO 52% C 42%
    Central BO 47% C 42%
    South BO 36% C53%
    West BO 41% C 50%

    u would l love to see commentary by others on this especially the ones on the ground in TX.

  257. (Sorry have to reboot bc of big storms moving thru and power outages.)

    SpaceGirl, I want to wake a greater point that Brazile, et al. are missing about FL especially: The last two elections in FL have been separated by very few votes. Literally a few hundred in 2000 and roughly 380K in 2004. That means only 25-33% of FL voters have to say FU to the DNC and switch parties if all things were even. In the current situation, a loss of less than 10% could kill a Dem win in FL.

  258. I agree we should write about trying to force Hillary out of the race. We should write on blogs, letters to the editor and also to superdelegates. we need to talk about how this is circumventin’ the democratic process.

  259. Thanks Okie, I will be sure to remind her of that when she write me back pleading with me to not leave the Democratic party!


    When pigs fly.

    But I will be sure and tell her.

  260. spacegirlart
    thankyou again
    well i signed up to do phone banking in downtown pgh tomorrow. wish they’d given more than 12 hrs notice but at least its being done

  261. Hillary should NOT drop out, definitely NOT. NO NO NO .. It was a brokered convention that decided that Lincoln should be President. Not a damn thing wrong with it. Let it ride .. let it ride ..

  262. sure tim. And thanks for making calls. my call night tonight was a bummer. Mostly rude Repubs or no homes/early hangups. I always assume those folks aren’t voting for hillary anyway! LOL

  263. SpaceGirl, you might wanna note the DNC position seems to be a complete write-off of FL. That means they do not expect to win the GE IMHO. As my hubby says, “Democrats, specializing in snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.”

  264. Posted: Sun Mar 02, 2008 9:08 pm Post subject: –


    I’ve hear this before!!!!!


    “I am a 56-year-old woman living in rural Vermont with a master’s in psychology who has been in deep despair about the future of our country and our planet for many years.

    I have learned that when people have been oppressed, traumatized, lied to and had their power to make change stripped from them, they undergo post-traumatic stress disorder-like symptoms and give up in despair. I have also learned that the way to health again is through hope, believing that the future will be better than the past, and that one has power over the future.

    Barack Obama fills me with the sense that no matter the amount of trouble, no matter the depth of despair in our country, we can and will make it better. We can heal ourselves, our country and our planet by believing in ourselves and by coming together to find solutions.

    We need a leader like Obama, who comes along once a century, to bring us all together! No, it won’t be easy or quick or without cost. I, for one, am willing to work hard, to wait with patience, and to pay the cost economically and personally to reverse the damage done by those before us.

    I know that Obama is the leader we need at this time. I know that we must be ready, because I believe that “when the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

    Our time is now. Please join us.


    Remember the wackos who ‘beamed up’ to the space ship following the Hale-Bopp Comet several years back? Please get this woman some help….and a glass of Kool-Aid.!
    Glenn W. Thompson
    i lol at this guy he wants someone to get some help,and a glass of koolaid lmao..to the poster above him..

  265. mj: I think she’s doing better than usual with the male vote. But I have to check my figures.

  266. “It not about Hillary or Barrack, it’s about party unity.”

    So…100 delegates or so destroy party unity?


  267. “I think we need to organize against this garbage about how Hillary must drop out for the good of the party. ”

    I agree because the more they say it to the public, the less outrageous is sounds….and that is not what we want. We want that kind of talk to be ‘unthinkable’ and ‘outrageous’ because of course it is.

    I think too, we need to turn it around and mention the reasons why Obama needs to drop out.

  268. MY FUCKINNNNNNNNNNNNNNN GOD. CJ, that letter you just posted ABSOLUTELY disgusts me. WHY do people think we need SOMEONE ELSE to GIVE US FRKKKKKN HOPE?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????!!!????! hope is FREE. EVERYONE IS FREE TO HOPE. In fact, TOMORROW, I’m HOPING I ACE the physics test. and I’m HOPING i go to a good college. It’s ONE thing to hope…it’s ANOTHER TING to be PREPARED AND DO THE WORK.


    I’m SICK of all these weak little Obama supporters that think he is their only path to hope. Pfft. Hope my ass. The only thing IN Bambi is a bucket of shit, an axelrod-programmed mind, and the most evil snake-oil salesman cologne I have ever smelled in my LIFE.

  269. Guys, the polls are all over the place. I think we would all be wise to remember Super Tuesday. The polls and the exit polls had her losing CA, NJ, coming super close in NY, etc. You just have no idea what factors these people are taking into account, how representative their geography and age composition are, and since there seem to be some harsh divisions along racial, ethnic, and even geographic lines, it is just impossible to know how accurate these polls are without knowing these facts. Texas is a big and diverse state….I think the polls show it is close, and we should certainly be operating as though it is very close, and that is certainly how Clinton’s people are treating it. The rest really just depends on turnout and who has the best ground game…

  270. Ok, new game. List resons why 👿 should drop out. I’ll start.

    “Because with 👿 it’s not about the unity of the party but about him.”

  271. I think it takes a lot of arrogance and dare I say audacity to run such an unqualified candidate. I also can’t stand the lying that he does everyday…takin’ Hillary’s quotes out of context and such.

  272. David Axelrod can go suck cocks in hell for all I care. he’s the turd that gave massachusetts that FRAUD and weak HACK Deval Patrick and is about to unleash this new FRAUD and dirty, slimey CHUMP Barack Obama on Americans everywhere. Too bad most of the idiots in this country are welcoming this axelrod creation with open arms.

  273. Boycott Vermont!! No skiing in the winter, no vacation rentals in the summer, no maple syrup and sure as hell no Ben and Jerry’s ice cream (never liked it anyway). Unless of course Hillary wins…

  274. @mang:

    # B Merryfield Says:
    March 2nd, 2008 at 1:30 pm

    Watch RezkoWatch tomorrow morning. There will be two big stories coming out. I have the heads up so will post as soon as they are available.

    This is going to get ugly .. and not in the courtroom.

  275. Reason: He talks incessantly about community organizing. Has anybody here heard one specific thing he did as a community organizer…as in accomplished?

  276. Hmmm…very excited to see these stories tomorrow…it is fantastic that the rezkowatch website has taken off the extent that it gets advance warning of articles.

  277. Seriously, Molly. I have community organizing experience and I have lived abroad, sign me up to be Prez!

  278. rjk, one of my best friends just did culinary school in VT, He said that he was glad at first to leave OK, but then he realized how old and ugly allthe women were there and was glad to get back here. 😆

  279. Because he will have to defer to advisers with their own agenda, like Bush did and has NOT shown the judgment to do this well

  280. I am agnostic, myself, but my Mom thinks BHO could be the anti-crist. Have to say its a tempting theory, the AC is supposed to be able to cast a spell – and MO did say her husband would ‘heal the holes in our souls’.

  281. mango, you will be competing with me for POTUS. I give you fair warning I’m mean as hell and have a great right hook.

  282. Folks, MollyJ is playing. Are you guys going to be lame and whine or are we going to brainstorm and lift our spirits in the process?

  283. Clinton: Race ‘will go on a lot — a while — longer’
    by Glenn Thrush

    CLEVELAND, OH — Despite pressure from party elders, Hillary Clinton has kept mum on what she’ll do if she loses Ohio or Texas on Tuesday. But she had a tantalizing slip of the tongue Saturday night during a rally at Cleveland State University.

    Referring to her year-long “job interview” with the American people, Clinton said, “It will go on a lot — a while — longer.


  284. I don’t have a hole in my soul that needs healing, and if I did, Bo would not be the one to fix it. That can only come from me.

  285. Why 👿 should withdraw:

    He might heal the “holes in our souls” but he won’t do shit about the holes in our wallets.

  286. # mollyjrichards Says:
    March 2nd, 2008 at 10:36 pm

    Reason: He talks incessantly about community organizing. Has anybody here heard one specific thing he did as a community organizer…as in accomplished?

    NO MOLLY! And I have been AMAZED that there are no LIVE INTERVIEWS with people he helped, no trips to the hood to see BBaracks place of his roots in government, no NUTHIN

  287. sophisticatedcaveman Says:
    March 2nd, 2008 at 10:21 pm

    Wow, they are thugs! That type of behavior would depress me too. But hang in there. She will prevail. Thank you for what you’re doing.

  288. guys, lets have a VENT UR ANGER about Obama soon 🙂 like plan a date and say all the shit we want to about bambi 🙂 scare his supporters who are cruising here a little bit…no? 😉

  289. i had this obamabot touting his community organizing. wtf i know plenty activists but i don’t want them as president.

  290. Testimonials are NON EXISTENT

    But now the trolls reading this board will be sure to run out and pay homeless fols (like they did in Vegas) to suddenly be the Jeffersons of Baracks life and we shall see videos at 10!

  291. PM, I would have kicked them where their undescended balls should be. Caveman is so much nicer than me.

  292. SpaceGirl, notice he has no former girlfriends??? It’s like he jerked off until he married Michelle. Not even a grade school crush. WTF?

  293. guys, stay positive.

    Positivity can create reality! in fact, i KNOW we will win BOTH Texas and ohio and grab Rhode Island in the meantime. Obama can have his ben-and-jerry eating, union seceding, liberally radical, ski-resort-resident, latte-sipping Vermonters all he wants.

  294. The Obama rip-off Clinton add just shows how dumb they are.

    1.) Clinton is using scare tactics to prove judgment (according to them)
    2.) Barack says they are scre tactics. “We dont NEED scare tactica” “I HAVE better judgment cuz I didnt vote for the war”
    3.) USES the scare tactic ad to show how better prepared he is.

    So, barack Obama uses scare tactics

  295. sophisticatedcaveman

    That does not suprise me at all, Obama moonies are thugs just look at their behavior in the caucuses. I have met a few where the body snatcher pods did not take too well and they are having second thoughts. I should say they are begining to get their own thought processes back.

  296. i must have telephoned over 300 texas today. although i am exhausted, i find it rewarding. i will sleep for a few hours, and i will resume tomorrow.

  297. Community organizing is nice, but a more solid resume touting legislative accomplishments, results of subcommittee hearings, votes on issues where he took a definite stand, showing that one can hit the correct button on important occassions, and more foreign policy experience would be helpful. Also, having more original ideas of how solve the problems of the economy, health care, Iraq, without taking the ideas of one’s opponent, as if the ideas were original to him would increase his legitimacy. He is all talk, no substance.

  298. Okie…leave all that to the Republicans…I am sure they have a boat load of stuff. Did you read that article in Asia Times? I KNOW i talk about it a lot, but WOW WEE…no wonder they don’t so a “Day in the life of Young Barack”

    His mother, the anthropologist, was an atheist who really had a hatred for American Imperialism, his dad, one of them, a drunk Kenyan official

    and MO…an angry anarchist. But it is written much more intelligently than that. It’s a real eye opener

  299. MJ, Hillary beats BO on the economy in that Mason-Dixon poll 47%-40%, she also beats him in healthcare. He only beats her on the Iraq issue and I’m assuming that is because he has made a central point in his campaign to say that he spoke out against the Iraq war before it happened.

  300. pulchritude, me too! Lots of hang-ups, dead air calls, and refusals (more of the former two, less of the latter), of the people I did talk to, mostly Hillary supporters. Only three BO supporters that said so (meaning they didn’t hang up or refuse to talk), and of those, two said their wives were supporting Hillary. About 10 undecideds.

  301. sophisticatedcaveman, about the big guy that “bumped” into you, I would have been like “F*** you ese, you wanna start sh**?” I have gotten into several fights with obamabots this past year, one physical, and I won 🙂 but if he was just a douche, not worth it. I would have told him f off and that would’ve been it. Of course, I am a fiesty kinda boi, so who knows.

  302. SpaceGirl, the point is to name reasons why he should drop out now. They are saying Hillary should, so fuck ’em we’ll name off why he should. Then someone can send the list to Brazile and tell her to shove it up her fat, wig wearing ass.

  303. Ok, wait, how many latinos are in TX? Percent of state? Is it really so low that they only expect them to make up 27% of the vote?

  304. He should drop out now because he clearly mislead the American people, and in particular the people of Ohio on NAFTA-gate, changing the story now for the third time.

  305. The biggest reason he should drop out , is no Democrat will win the White House without winning NJ and PA. Obama will win neither in November.

  306. He should drop out now because indicted buddy, campaign contributor and real estate adviser Tony Rezko appears to have gotten tons of cash from Saddam Hussein’s arms dealer

  307. 👿 should drop out because he needs to stand by his wife while she gets mental help. It’s obvious she has a persecution complex.

  308. He should drop out now because we do not WANT another arrogant and cocky inexperienced politician in charge of this country

  309. Exactly my thoughts. here are my thoughts:
    Electability and not delegate count should be the next concern for democrats —
    who is well positioned to win the swing states? If Obama can’t even win those against his own democratic opponent what right does he have asking for nomination?
    He can’t win MI and FL in the GE. If he is unable to win OH (which looks more likely) it is a big problem for him — because that should be a winnable state for us in GE. Forget about TX in GE.
    All his wins so far do not amount to a hill of beans as far as electability is concerned – the way he has won them (think caucuses); who is really voting for him; whom he has angered so far that will not vote for him in GE.
    If you think of all these things he is not in a good position and superdelegates have to be thinking about these.

    OkieAtty Says:
    March 2nd, 2008 at 10:53 pm

    SpaceGirl, the point is to name reasons why he should drop out now. They are saying Hillary should, so fuck ‘em we’ll name off why he should.

  310. On the plus side I was sort of talking to myself on an abandoned road after a long day campaigning and who should I see but Simon Woods walking around looking for cigarettes. He’s from HBO’s ROME, a show I love. A huge Hillary supporter and someone close to the campaign. He’s also quite striking and handsome. He kind of snuck up behind me and I was like “Simon Woods .. walking around .. just like that?” He laughed .. I told him I was offering things to the Austin voters that Obama “couldn’t compete with”. He sure is … (speechless) uh “great”. LOL. We had a great catch up about Hillary. He’s met her a lot though, tomorrow will be my first chance. But .. Simon Woods, wow wow wow.

    Hillary supporting pays off again! LOL.

  311. Spacegirl, to expound on your point:

    👿 should drop out because his ties to domestic and foreign terrorists render him incapable of having any credibility on foreign policy and national security issues.

  312. Talkleft is reporting that the Obama campaign is saying Ohio looks tough for them, while Texas looks prettu good (that scares me, it must look real good for them to say that). Talkleft also points out that he is back home in Chicago tonight (REZKO IS COMING) and that he has yet to disclose how much he raised in Feb. Was it less than they expected?

  313. sophiscatedcaveman, that’s awesome! keep it up! I love ROME too! I hope she wins Texas, no, SHE HAS TO WIN TEXAS! let’s PUT ALL OF OUR ENERGY IN ELECTING HILLARY

  314. Ok, whomever suggested a blow out by hill, that can not happen simply because of the AA vote. It’s impossible.

  315. 👿 should drop out because the White House phone lines shouldn’t be tied up at 3AM with jail calls for bail money when there’s an emergency.

  316. Yes, Okie, I forgot the potential PPOTU took money in donations from a man who planted bombs at the Pentagon!

    Good move there

  317. 👿 should drop out because Nevadans will not vote for anyone who is in the pocket of Big Nuclear to the tune of +250K dollars.

  318. 69 not home, 29 refused, 20 republicans, 151 for hillary, 20 for obama, 40 undecided, 30 wrong number

  319. LETS WORK HARD because its likely that tomorrow’s media reports are unfavorable for Obama with Rezko being in court – let’s EDUCATE people on Hillary’s plans for America, let’s refer to these people that are not aware about the mess that Obama will drag us into with Rezko and the importance for Hillary to win with all of her plans with the economy, Iraq, Healthcare, and so on!

  320. and i spent a lot of time on the phone with those who claimed they were either undecided or for obama. let us hope they will now cast their votes for hillary.

  321. Pulch: most of my calls that answered today were for Hillary. I have had some real dicey ones, though

  322. Just sent following to Donna Brazile….hint to everyone – keep it short. Blackberry screens are small and only download a certain amount of text in the initial download.

    You are right….voters should pick the nominee. DEMOCRATIC voters should pick the DEMOCRATIC nominee. HRC has won the vote of registered democrats in almost every state to date. It is well documented that the BO campaign is actively soliciting Republicans to be “democrats for a day” to tap into anti-Clinton bias. He is doing so now in his radio ads in OH.

    So…I agree. Let’s go with the voters – the DEMOCRATIC ones.

  323. Media Matters

    Russert misquoted Clinton one day, falsely stated Clinton’s and Obama’s positions on NAFTA the next

    Summary: On The Tim Russert Show, Russert falsely claimed that Sen. Hillary Clinton said in 2004: “[O]n substance, NAFTA’s been good for New York and America.” In fact, what Clinton said in 2004 was: “I think on balance NAFTA has been good for New York and America, but I also think that there are a number of areas where we’re not dealt with in an upfront way.” On Meet the Press, Russert claimed that a video clip showed Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama “coming out against NAFTA”; as the clips made clear, neither candidate “c[ame] out against NAFTA.”

  324. 👿 should drop out because he cannot win the Latino vote against a moderate from AZ who has fought his party on immigration issues.

  325. Media Matters AGAIN

    Despite paper’s concern “about keeping women as newspaper readers,” Wash. Post published essay calling women “kind of dim” and “the stupid sex”

    Summary: Though Washington Post ombudsman Deborah Howell has stated that “[c]oncern about keeping women as newspaper readers has been an issue for many years” at the newspaper, the Post published an essay by Charlotte Allen in which she called women “kind of dim,” suggested that women were not only “the weaker sex” but “the stupid sex, our brains permanently occluded by random emotions, psychosomatic flailings and distraction by the superficial,” and claimed that Sen. Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has been “marred by every stereotypical flaw of the female sex.”

  326. 👿 should drop out because he cannot win the GE with only public financing as he has pledged.

    (Okay, we know he lied, but he is on record as saying he’d take public financing.)

  327. 👿 should drop out now because he cannot win national security minded Independents against McCain.

  328. 👿 should drop out because a our traditional, Canada, has been put in the news due to his political footsie.

  329. They are intentionally driving women away and then saying…gee, we are very concerned about women readers – what a scam

  330. 👿 should drop out because he cannot win a majority of active military or veteran voters in a GE.

  331. spacegirl: THAT was written by a woman? Shame on her! One could twist her logic around, and say that all women who were voting for BO were “marred by every stereotypical flaw of the female sex.”
    That really makes me mad! BO is the most superficial presidential candidate, outside of G.W. Bush that I have seen.

  332. 👿 should drop out because he has stated he would put Republicans in his cabinet instead of qualified Democrats.

  333. KErry, Dodd and four other Senators who voted for the war have endorsed him.

    If we cannot trust them to vote the right answer on the war, how can we trust their judgment about him?

  334. Birdgal, Phyllis Schlafly is a woman. We do have a few who drank the anti-woman Kool-Aid a long time ago.

  335. 👿 should drop out because Jewish voters will not vote for the buttboy of Farrakhan and Wright in a GE.

  336. 👿 should drop out because Kenyan goatherders cannot vote in the GE in sufficient numbers to win against Mccain. :mrgreen:

  337. Okay, I know that one was bad, but the Kenyan elders demanding a goat from Hillary for a picture she did not spread just makes me laugh. Gotta love their air force. Whoa, and that Navy should have us shaking in our heels.

  338. 👿 should drop out because he may very well have MPD since he has at least two different stances on Cuba.

  339. Obama should drop out because the fliers he sent out about Hillary Clinton were intentionally misleading; he is using old style politics….which flies in the face of everything he stands for.

  340. # OkieAtty Says:
    March 2nd, 2008 at 11:22 pm

    👿 should drop out because Kenyan goatherders cannot vote in the GE in sufficient numbers to win against Mccain. :mrgreen:


  341. He should drop out as he said one things to the people of Ohio concerning Nafta…and something else to a foreign government.

  342. 👿 should drop out because McCain will own him in the SW and in the South areas where we need some states to go Blue.

  343. I don’t know how to make a devil face? He should drop out because he could wind up indicted by the time November rolls around.

  344. 👿 should drop out because as a lowly rookie Senator he is making secret deals with foreign leaders without the knowledge of the US government.

  345. I hope that the media covers the start of the Rezko trial tomorrow. It’s timing is perfect for the primaries on Tuesday. I bet Hillary’s campaign will have a full frontal assault on this topic tomorrow. It started with Wolfson on ABC This Week today.

    Can’t wait to see the articles BMerry alluded to…they must be something…

  346. And poor Al. No one should be forced to wear a shock collar… well, unless they’re into that kinda thing….

  347. ok gang

    time to take the puppers out and call it a night

    see y’all tomorrow I am sure

    keep up the good work!

  348. This why Hillary will win Ohio:

    Q5. Of the three major candidates for President: Barack Obama, Hillary
    Clinton, or John McCain – which candidate is best equipped to solve the
    country’s economic troubles?
    N= 400 100%
    Barack Obama …………………………….. 1 ( 1/298) 136 34%
    Hillary Clinton ………………………….. 2 206 52%
    John McCain ……………………………… 3 22 6%
    Undecided ……………………………….. 4 30 8%
    Refused …………………………………. 5 6 2%

  349. The OH polls look like the CTV/NAFTA story is hurting him there. No wonder he is living there. He has to stop the hemorrhaging. He was nearly tied four days ago, and is down big now.

  350. 👿 should drop out because 15 yo’s who dress like skanks can’t vote in November even if they can answer phones now.

  351. I don’t think it’s racism. I think it’s experience. If BO were white hed be doing worse because the aa vote would be with Hill. She’d also be swamping him on “change”.

  352. MJ, go to the site and look at the poll results. You have two places to look to with the links above.

  353. This computer I’m on sucks. It’s hard for me to navigate. It took me 15 minutes just to sign in here.

  354. I think it would be wonderful for Taylor Marsh to put together the top 100 reasons why 👿 shouldn’t be the Prez, or dem nominee for that matter. It would be a great contrast to her top 100 reasons why to vote for HILL.

  355. 👿 should drop out because having a Muslim daddy and stepdaddy will not play well against McCain a bona fide war hero in the GE when we are at war in Muslim countries.

  356. Sorry, I forgot, MJ.

    N= 400 100%
    Cuyahoga ………………………………… 1 ( 1/ 35) 70 18%
    Northeast ……………………………….. 2 144 36%
    Columbus/SE ……………………………… 3 74 19%
    Toledo/NW ……………………………….. 4 44 11%
    Cinci/Dayton …………………………….. 5 68 17%

    Hello, my name is _____ and I am conducting a survey for Suffolk (SUFF-ick)
    University and I would like to get your opinions on some political
    questions. We are calling Ohio households statewide. Would you be willing to
    spend three minutes answering up to 12 questions? (..or someone in that
    N= 400 100%
    Continue ………………………………… 1 ( 1/284) 400 100%

    N= 400 100%
    Male ……………………………………. 1 ( 1/285) 182 46%
    Female ………………………………….. 2 218 55%

    S1. Are you currently registered to vote?
    N= 400 100%
    Yes …………………………………….. 1 ( 1/286) 400 100%
    No ……………………………………… 2 0 0%

    S2. Thank you. How likely are you to vote in the Ohio DEMOCRATIC Primary on
    N= 400 100%
    Very likely ……………………………… 1 ( 1/289) 356 89%
    Somewhat likely ………………………….. 2 14 4%
    Not very/Not at all likely ………………… 3 0 0%
    Other/Undecided/Refused …………………… 4 0 0%
    Already voted ……………………………. 5 30 8%

    S3. And which political party do you feel closest to – Democrat, Republican,
    Independent/Undeclared, or something else?
    N= 400 100%
    Democratic ………………………………. 1 ( 1/292) 342 86%
    Republican ………………………………. 2 16 4%
    Independent/Undelcared ……………………. 3 36 9%
    Other party ……………………………… 4 6 2%
    Not registered yet ……………………….. 5 0 0%

    Q1. There are 4 Democratic candidates for President on your ballot, although
    two have dropped out. The two active candidates remaining are Barack Obama and
    Hillary Clinton. For whom
    N= 400 100%
    Barack Obama …………………………….. 1 ( 1/294) 160 40%
    Hillary Clinton ………………………….. 2 208 52%
    Undecided ……………………………….. 3 16 4%
    Refused …………………………………. 4 16 4%

    Q2. Regardless of who you personally support, who do you believe will be the
    next President of the United States – Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or John
    N= 368 100%
    Barack Obama …………………………….. 1 ( 1/295) 145 39%
    Hillary Clinton ………………………….. 2 112 30%
    John McCain ……………………………… 3 52 14%
    Undecided ……………………………….. 4 57 15%
    Refused …………………………………. 5 2 1%

    Q3. Which of the following statements most accurately reflects your opinion of
    Independent candidate Ralph Nader:
    N= 400 100%
    In November, I will NOT vote for Ralph Nader … 1 ( 1/296) 312 78%
    under any circumstances

    If my first choice 2 44 11%
    does not get the Democratic nomination, I may
    vote for Ralph Nader
    In November, I’m planning to vote for Ralph Nader 3 6 2%

    Undecided/Refused ………………………… 4 38 10%

    Q4. Which of the following issues is the most important issue facing the
    N= 400 100%
    Illegal immigration ………………………. 1 ( 1/297) 6 2%
    The war in Iraq ………………………….. 2 82 21%
    The economy ……………………………… 3 214 54%
    Terrorism ……………………………….. 4 8 2%
    Healthcare ………………………………. 5 58 15%
    Other (DO NOT READ) ………………………. 6 20 5%
    Undecided (DO NOT READ) …………………… 7 12 3%
    Refused (DO NOT READ) …………………….. 8 0 0%

    Q5. Of the three major candidates for President: Barack Obama, Hillary
    Clinton, or John McCain – which candidate is best equipped to solve the
    country’s economic troubles?
    N= 400 100%
    Barack Obama …………………………….. 1 ( 1/298) 136 34%
    Hillary Clinton ………………………….. 2 206 52%
    John McCain ……………………………… 3 22 6%
    Undecided ……………………………….. 4 30 8%
    Refused …………………………………. 5 6 2%

    Q6. Are you in favor of making the President’s tax cuts permanent?
    N= 400 100%
    Yes …………………………………….. 1 ( 1/299) 140 35%
    No ……………………………………… 2 198 50%
    Undecided ……………………………….. 3 54 14%
    Don’t know ………………………………. 4 8 2%

    Q7. Are you in favor of tax increases to help close the budget deficit gap?
    N= 400 100%
    Yes …………………………………….. 1 ( 1/300) 144 36%
    No ……………………………………… 2 216 54%
    Undecided ……………………………….. 3 38 10%
    Don’t know ………………………………. 4 2 1%

    Q8. This June, many low and middle income households will receive checks for
    between $1200 – $1800 as part of an economic stimulus package. What do you
    think you’ll do with that money: save it, spend it, or pay down debt?
    N= 400 100%
    Save it …………………………………. 1 ( 1/301) 114 29%
    Spend it ………………………………… 2 118 30%
    Pay down debt ……………………………. 3 114 29%
    Wont’ receive (DO NOT READ) ……………….. 4 24 6%
    Undecided ……………………………….. 5 30 8%

    Q9. Which best describes your family’s situation?
    N= 400 100%
    Getting ahead financially …………………. 1 ( 1/302) 46 12%
    Holding steady financially ………………… 2 250 63%
    Falling behind financially ………………… 3 94 24%
    Undecided ……………………………….. 4 4 1%
    Refused …………………………………. 5 6 2%

    Q10. Are there any members of your household who are US Veterans?
    N= 400 100%
    Yes …………………………………….. 1 ( 1/303) 148 37%
    No ……………………………………… 2 252 63%
    Undecided ……………………………….. 3 0 0%
    Don’t know ………………………………. 4 0 0%

    N= 400 100%
    Continue ………………………………… 1 ( 1/304) 400 100%

    Q11. Of the following categories, which comes closest to your age?
    N= 400 100%
    18-25 …………………………………… 1 ( 1/305) 6 2%
    26-35 …………………………………… 2 16 4%
    36-45 …………………………………… 3 40 10%
    46-55 …………………………………… 4 86 22%
    56-65 …………………………………… 5 98 25%
    Over 65 …………………………………. 6 152 38%
    Refused (DO NOT READ) …………………….. 7 2 1%

    Q12. Are you?
    N= 400 100%
    White (Caucasian) ………………………… 1 ( 1/306) 352 88%
    Black (African American) ………………….. 2 32 8%
    Asian …………………………………… 3 2 1%
    Hispanic/Latino ………………………….. 4 2 1%
    Other …………………………………… 5 4 1%
    Refused (DO NOT READ) …………………….. 6 8 2%

    N= 400 100%
    END …………………………………….. 1 ( 1/307) 400 100%

  357. mj:

    Q11. Of the following categories, which comes closest to your age?
    N= 400 100%
    18-25 …………………………………… 1 ( 1/305) 6 2%
    26-35 …………………………………… 2 16 4%
    36-45 …………………………………… 3 40 10%
    46-55 …………………………………… 4 86 22%
    56-65 …………………………………… 5 98 25%
    Over 65 …………………………………. 6 152 38%
    Refused (DO NOT READ) …………………….. 7 2 1%

    Q12. Are you?
    N= 400 100%
    White (Caucasian) ………………………… 1 ( 1/306) 352 88%
    Black (African American) ………………….. 2 32 8%
    Asian …………………………………… 3 2 1%
    Hispanic/Latino ………………………….. 4 2 1%
    Other …………………………………… 5 4 1%
    Refused (DO NOT READ) …………………….. 6 8 2%

  358. This idea of why 👿 should drop out after TX and OH is catching on!


  359. :: I can’t believe no one has challenged him on the legalizing marijuana thing. Can you imagine McCain turning to him and asking “How do you defend your position to the millions of parents watching tonight who are terrified their kids will get on drugs”?

    I don’t give a rat’s ass about pot, but I am not the parent of a 12 year old.

  360. Out of curiosity, I watched one of those big Obama videos that was put out. It’s really frightening, in a cult-of-personality kind of way. This girl is singing a song and through it, different people are chanting: “Oh-bah-mah” How much of this stuff can the American public stand? This is after all about the Presidency of The United States!!

  361. Bedtime for me folks. Mucho early and long court day tomorrow. I’ve got two full days of trial on Thursday and Friday, too, so my time will be very limited. I’ll try to drop by on Tuesday.

    Buenas noches.

    And to the SA goons: Buenas noches. In the Butt.

  362. Just remember the law of physics: what goes up, must come down.

    Those bambi cultists are in for a rude awakening.

  363. Teehee. I said “fucking caucus” and it sounded dirty.

    Fucking caucus. In the butt.

    Night, y’all.

  364. I think NAFTA-GATE is really hurting the changeling in Ohio. At last report, the two principal parties, one of them being the changeling’s top economic guy – were standing toe-to-toe and were both neither “confirming nor denying” that they had met. LOL.

    In that regard, Big Pink here was right on top of it. The morning that story hit, it was immediately e-mailed to every newspaper, radio station, and TV station in Ohio! You go girls!

  365. mj, the youth vote is a bit hard to predict. I think young folks in Ohio have been disappointed they haven’t been able to chant Yes We Can, but have had to listen to the changeling drone on about policy, about John McCain, and lying about Hillary.

  366. Had a great weekend here in Texas. I saw Maya Angelou and actually got to chat with Gloria Steinem. Both were great.

  367. You guys really think NAFTA-gate has hurt? I don’t think average Ohio residents know about it – only political junkies who follow this stuff online. The story had paws, not legs, and then CNN just shut it off by saying Clinton keeps pushing it but there is no story…

  368. Yes, if Obama doesn’t have all his 2025 pledged delegates next week, he should drop out for the good of the party. He can graciously say he is bowing to the age card: he is 46 and can run again and again. Hillary is 60 and this is her prime time.

    He could even call it the “Age Before Beauty” movement.

  369. Yes, I have read her poem. I kept thinking about it “Rise Hillary Rise”. She is so inspiring and makes you want to be a bigger human being than you are.

    I don’t know what is going to happen here in Texas but the turnout has been huge. I think that helps Hillary. I live in a very Republican, very conservative county and the Dem party is almost nonexistent so organizing has been tough but we were told that voting is up 1200% here. I am precinct captain and my calls to local residents have been much more Hillary than Obama. However, I can’t seem to convince anyone to go to the caucus. I have taken Tuesday off and decided to sit outside my precinct all day with a huge sign I made and give flyers to Hillary voters asking them to caucus. Hope it works.

  370. hey folks, think it’s worth it to try and get this NAFTA-gate story out to the unions in OH?

  371. It is well documented that the BO campaign is actively soliciting Republicans to be “democrats for a day” to tap into anti-Clinton bias. He is doing so now in his radio ads in OH.

    Evidence! Get it on tape! If it’s been written up, send it to spacegirlart or to me 1950democrat both at gmail.com or to admin or post it here.

  372. birdgal Says: – Does anyone have a link to the Guardian article on MO’s upbringing?

    There was a great one from some UK paper in the Hot Topics at taylormarsh a few days ago. It really took issue with what they are claiming.

    Also I saw a good post somewhere saying she got into college as a ‘legacy’ because of her big brother and also because of Affirmative Action. So when she complains that people told her her ‘scores weren’t high enough’ it’s BECAUSE she was Black that she got admitted anyway.

  373. Sittin Bull, do you think a lot of those votes are Repubs for BO? You need to convince these people to caucus or else the Repubs will caucus for Obama!

  374. According to Texas Democratic Party rules, the precinct chair (not precinct “captain!”) has priority of picking up the packet and starting the precinct convention as the Temporary Chair.

    IF the precinct is ‘Vacant’ or for some reason the Democratic Precinct Chair does not arrive by 7:15 p.m. to pick up the packet, it should then be given to whomever asks first.

  375. I’m really getting sick of the she-must-win-TX-and-Ohio-and-RI-and-VT–and etc. to stay in, to get the nomination, and so on, when BO only has to win one fucking state or small states and no one says he should quit–ever. HELLO–what about all her past wins, you know in many of the big necessary-to-win-in-the-general states? It’s like those have disappeared into the ether. Well, if that’s the case, then so should HIS past wins.

    I don’t know why people on her own side are helping spread that she-must-win-these-states-or-else crap. Spread that about HIM. If I’m not mistaken, she had been ahead in the delegates for some time; how come there were no calls for HIM to drop out, no must wins listed for HIM? People have got to stop holding her to a higher standard than him. It’s as if the default position for her is “her campaign sucks, nobody likes her, so she should always be thinking about going home,” and the default position for him is “his campaign’s great, everybody likes him, he should never go home because he’s won already.” This is all bullshit. I think the “Is Hillary finished?” propaganda narrative and ads has affected many people’s heads.

    I want her to stay in no matter what because I think his campaign will start imploding soon as more of the lies come out—so will his support start imploding.

  376. Seeing as how Obama and his minions have turned the Democratic primary process into a circus, it will take a carnival dunk tank game to bring them down. Rezko, NAFTA-gate, the homophobic preacher, the only-recently-proud-to-be-an-American wife… think of all these and more as baseballs. Keep throwing them at the target over and over and over again and eventually the clown sitting on top of the dunk tank will get sunk. The more baseballs, the better.

    Oh, and for those of you who have been watching too much TV and are tired of the Obamania, I have found the perfect antidote– British pop music. It doesn’t matter which decade it’s from; it’s all good. I know y’all are not at risk of becoming brainwashed ‘bots, but listening to those people and reading their blogs is like inhaling too much polluted air. You’ve got to do something to get it out of your system because it’s not healthy. The music that works best for me is the early 1990s Manchester sound, but 1980s synth pop is also very effective, as is any song by Kate Bush.

    I just want to say a quick hello to the gang from Figure Skating Universe. I wonder if Hillary has any idea how much support she has from skating fans? Maybe she could make a campaign stop at a Stars On Ice performance? 🙂

  377. Sittin bull, if you are having a tough time getting people to caucus, call in some back up. Someone who maybe has done this before and can enlist these people.

  378. Quick question– Have the Republicans been pressuring Huckabee to drop out? It seems to be a non-issue as far as the media are concerned. I have yet to hear anyone claim that Huckabee is fracturing the Republican party. People seem to think that if he wants to stay in the race and has the money to keep going, then that’s his business. He isn’t getting slammed for it.

  379. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/03/03/opinion/03krugman.html?_r=1&hp=&oref=slogin&pagewanted=print

    March 3, 2008
    Op-Ed Columnist

    Deliverance or Diversion?


    After their victory in the 2006 Congressional elections, it seemed a given that Democrats would try to make this year’s presidential campaign another referendum on Republican policies. After all, the public appears fed up not just with President Bush, but with his party. For example, a recent poll by the Pew Research Center shows Democrats are preferred on every issue except terrorism. They even have a 10-point advantage on “morality.”

    Add to this the fact that perceptions about the economy are worsening week by week, and one might have expected the central theme of the Democratic campaign to be “throw the bums out.”

    But a funny thing happened on the way to the 2008 election.

    Unless Hillary Clinton wins big on Tuesday, Barack Obama will be the Democratic nominee. And he’s not at all the kind of candidate one might have expected to emerge out of the backlash against Republican governance.

    Now, nobody would mistake Mr. Obama for a Republican — although contrary to claims by both supporters and opponents, his voting record places him, with Senator Clinton, more or less in the center of the Democratic Party, rather than in its progressive wing.

    But Mr. Obama, instead of emphasizing the harm done by the other party’s rule, likes to blame both sides for our sorry political state. And in his speeches he promises not a rejection of Republicanism but an era of postpartisan unity.

    That — along with his adoption of conservative talking points on the crucial issue of health care — is why Mr. Obama’s rise has caused such division among progressive activists, the very people one might have expected to be unified and energized by the prospect of finally ending the long era of Republican political dominance.

    Some progressives are appalled by the direction their party seems to have taken: they wanted another F.D.R., yet feel that they’re getting an oratorically upgraded version of Michael Bloomberg instead.

    Others, however, insist that Mr. Obama’s message of hope and his personal charisma will yield an overwhelming electoral victory, and that he will implement a dramatically progressive agenda.

    The trouble is that faith in Mr. Obama’s transformational ability rests on surprisingly little evidence.

    Mr. Obama’s ability to attract wildly enthusiastic crowds to rallies is a good omen for the general election; so is his ability to raise large sums. But neither necessarily points to a landslide victory.

    Polling numbers aren’t much help: for now, at least, you can find polls telling you anything you want to hear, from the CBS News/New York Times poll giving Mr. Obama a 12-point national advantage over John McCain to the Mason-Dixon poll showing Mr. McCain winning Florida by 10 points.

    What we do know is that Mr. Obama has never faced a serious Republican opponent — and that he has not yet faced the hostile media treatment doled out to every Democratic presidential candidate since 1988.

    Yes, I know that both the Obama campaign and many reporters deny that he has received more favorable treatment than Hillary Clinton. But they’re kidding, right? Dana Milbank, the Washington Post national political reporter, told the truth back in December: “The press will savage her no matter what … they really have the knives out for her, there’s no question about it … Obama gets significantly better coverage.”

    If Mr. Obama secures the nomination, the honeymoon will be over as he faces an opponent whom much of the press loves as much as it hates Mrs. Clinton. If Mrs. Clinton can do nothing right, Mr. McCain can do nothing wrong — even when he panders outrageously, he’s forgiven because he looks uncomfortable doing it. Honest.

    Bob Somerby of the media-criticism site dailyhowler.com predicts that Mr. Obama will be “Dukakised”: “treated as an alien, unsettling presence.” That sounds all too plausible.

    If Mr. Obama does make it to the White House, will he actually deliver the transformational politics he promises? Like the faith that he can win an overwhelming electoral victory, the faith that he can overcome bitter conservative opposition to progressive legislation rests on very little evidence — one productive year in the Illinois State Senate, after the Democrats swept the state, and not much else.

    And some Illinois legislators apparently feel that even there Mr. Obama got a bit more glory than he deserved. “No one wants to carry the ball 99 yards all the way to the one-yard line, and then give it to the halfback who gets all the credit,” one state senator complained to a local journalist.

    All in all, the Democrats are in a place few expected a year ago. The 2008 campaign, it seems, will be waged on the basis of personality, not political philosophy. If the magic works, all will be forgiven. But if it doesn’t, the recriminations could tear the party apart.

  380. “One of her constituents, Shereen Hatlef of Huron in Erie County, is close to making up her mind for what is best for Ohio — and says it won’t be a vote for Clinton.

    “It is either going to be Barack Obama or maybe Ralph Nader,” said Hatlef, 25, a pre-law student at Bowling Green State University. Clinton’s out, for her, because of a widely circulated e-mail attributed to someone on Clinton’s campaign that showed Obama wearing ethnic clothing during a 2006 trip he made to Kenya.

    “That proves that she is anti-Muslim, and I could not support anyone that holds those values,” said Hatlef, whose parents immigrated to the United States from their native Iran before she was born. Though she isn’t a practicing Muslim, Hatlef considers Islam to be part of her heritage.

    She said she might vote for Obama because he is black.

    “It is time for this country to grow up and do something that is different,” she said.

    –1) Where’s her proof that Clinton sent that photo to the press? As I think has already been explained, he had the fucking photo on his own site before.

    2) Electing a woman president would be the country growing up and doing something REALLY different.

    Check your genitals, Shereen. Have you forgotten you’re a female? Have you not noticed that typically around 90% of heads-of-state are male but the races of heads-of-state typically reflect the majority race in each country? Females make up fifty percent of the species, yet how many female heads-of-state were elected in the U.S. Iran, Africa, India, China, and so on, all the world over? The vast majority have been and are MALE. Electing a female head-of-state is usually the greatest change of all.

    “Though she isn’t a practicing Muslim, Hatlef considers Islam to be part of her heritage.”

    –Roman slavery and coliseum torture is part of my heritage, but it’s something I refuse to laud and approve of and support. So is Catholicism. And I couldn’t give a shit less if someone attacked either because I’m neither.

    The above comments are the “reasoning” this person uses for voting, and she’s a pre-law student?

    Another brainwashed dishrag female.

    You know what? I hate to admit this, but I wish people like this would go back to where they came from. This country doesn’t NEED beaten down women like this, women who come from extremely misogynistic cultures, who in their dish-ragness make things worse for the rest of us; they are helping give the males here old-school regressive ideas about women. This country’s got enough of its own brand of misogyny. I don’t need the muslim brand on top of the U.S. one.

  381. “Now, nobody would mistake Mr. Obama for a Republican”

    –Why not, Krugman? I think he’s either allied with them in some way or is a closet conservative himself, as I’ve gone into detail before (at the least he’s an unprincipled cowardly democrat, which in the end is equivalent to being a republican, IMO). If it talks like a republican, behaves like a republican, campaigns like a republican, while lauding republicans and attacking democrats, while using right-wing talking points and slamming democrats for attacking republicans, while referring to himself as a “supposed liberal” and denouncing himself being depicted as a liberal, it likely is a republican and a conservative.

  382. welcome to all the new people,and the ones reading

    1950democrat Says:

    March 3rd, 2008 at 12:19 am
    It is well documented that the BO campaign is actively soliciting Republicans to be “democrats for a day” to tap into anti-Clinton bias. He is doing so now in his radio ads in OH.
    Isnt that a crock to get votes having republicans pick our Nonminee…

    He should drop out NOW doing this
    Do we see Republicans doing this become a republican for a day and then cross back to be a democrat..
    Id say bHusseinObama is 👿

  383. Hey All – I am back from a long day, coordinated Gavin Newsom’s sched and produced a couple LGBT events in Houston. Clinton campaign is giving it all in terms of surrogates – everyone is out here – I think Eva Longoria is out here too. We had one superdelegate who is part of a the gay/lesbian democratic org that endorsed Hillary my event today; plus, heard that 2 more superdelegates dropped by.

    I’m optimistic about the gay community. Still uncertain how caucusing will turn out. So many Texans still don’t know about caucus.

  384. And some Illinois legislators apparently feel that even there Mr. Obama got a bit more glory than he deserved. “No one wants to carry the ball 99 yards all the way to the one-yard line, and then give it to the halfback who gets all the credit,” one state senator complained to a local journalist.

    Exactly, Obama’s name was just slapped on all the legislation, insulting many who had been working on these issues for years. Obama was then able to pad his resume, prior to his U.S. Senate run.

  385. Best line from Dolores Huerta in the last couple gatherings in Houston – who first used the phrase Si Se Peude (basically Yes We Can).

    “Obama has not earned the right to say Si Se Puede”

  386. Is Obama going to try and bash John McCain for his vote on Iraq? What slogans does he have ready for John McCain? I can just hear McCain in response:

    McCAIN: Damn right, I voted for war, my friends. And I would do it again, my friends. Because, my friends, we’re gonna win, my friends.

  387. mj–I don’t know if these are “republicans voting for Obama” increasing our turnout here. I can say there are some hotly contested Republican races in their primary so I would think that would reduce the number of crossovers in this county.

    For those that might cross over in the state, I am getting the impression that Republicans are also divided on who to vote for to screw us. I know one republican couple where the husband is voting for Hillary and the wife for Obama because they each think that candidate would be the weakest. Both will vote for McCain in the general. I know some conservative talk shows are recommending a vote for Hillary and others for Obama, again to get the weakest candidate or to just keep the battle going. Honestly, it is an unpredictable dynamic that could drive us crazy if we let it.

  388. March 03, 2008
    Obama’s Former Friend
    By Robert Novak

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — As Sen. Barack Obama nears the Democratic presidential nomination, a corruption trial of his former fund-raiser Antoin (Tony) Rezko on charges of influence peddling begins in Chicago today (Monday). Sen. Hillary Clinton’s operatives have tried frantically, but not effectively, to interest U.S. news media outside Chicago in Obama’s possible connection with his home state’s latest major scandal.

    Obama bought a mock Georgian mansion on Chicago’s south side on June 15, 2005, the same day Rezko’s wife bought a plot next door from the same seller. Obama then purchased from Rezko another parcel at above-market value. Federal prosecutors recently revealed that Nadhmi Auchi, an Iraqi billionaire who lives in London, wired $3.5 million to the financially strapped Rezko in Chicago less than a month before the Obama-Rezko purchases. James Bone, investigative reporter for the Times of London, wrote last Tuesday that “the money transfer raises the question of whether funds” from Auchi “helped” Obama buy his house.

    This is what candidate Clinton had in mind after losing Iowa’s caucuses when she claimed Obama had not been properly “vetted” to be president. For months prior to that, her agents had hinted darkly that Obama’s past could be used by Republicans when the time came. But these were only hints, because of fear that explicit revelations would backfire against Clinton.

    The closest Clinton has come to openly raising Obama’s connections with Rezko was during the Congressional Black Caucus presidential debate Jan. 21. “I was fighting” against “bad” Republican ideas, she told Obama, “when you were practicing law and representing your contributor, Rezko, in his slumlord business in inner-city Chicago.” In fact, Clinton messed it up. Rezko was not a client of Obama’s firm and was not a slumlord. Accused of racial insensitivity, Clinton dropped the issue.

    Howard Wolfson, Clinton’s sharp-tongued communications director, was not giving up and was more precise than his candidate Feb. 14, when interviewed by “National Journal On Air.” He contended: “There are many questions … about his relationship with indicted political fixer Tony Rezko that he could answer, that he has not. What was the exact nature of his relationship with Mr. Rezko? … How much money did Mr. Rezko bundle for him? … What favors did Sen. Obama perform for Mr. Rezko?”

    Clinton agents have shopped this story around the news media since her 10-state losing streak started. A “Rezko Watch” blog attacks both Rezko and Obama daily, while alleging connections between them. The blog appears to be written by a self-styled “citizen journalist” who calls himself “B Merryfield” and dispenses the straight pro-Clinton line.

    Obama has conceded his simultaneous home purchase with Rezko was a “boneheaded” mistake. He is returning $150,000 raised by Rezko and his associates, and is contributing to charity $72,650 in Rezko contributions. Asked by Tim Russert on NBC’s “Meet the Press” last Nov. 11 why he was “associating with such a person,” Obama replied, “There was no evidence of wrongdoing,” but added, “There’s no doubt that it was a mistake on my part.” He made clear he had cut off all contact with Rezko “since he got in trouble with the law.”

    But the case against Rezko prepared by the always determined U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald poses possible new pitfalls for the Democratic front-runner by introducing into the proceedings Auchi, who has been convicted on corruption charges in France and given a suspended sentence. While his friends describe Auchi and his family as victims of Saddam Hussein’s tyranny, Pentagon sources call him a “bagman” who laundered money in London for the Iraqi dictator.

    Chicago Sun-Times reporters Chris Fusco and Tim Novak asked last week how it was possible for Auchi to get government permission to visit Chicago in 2004 despite his French criminal conviction. Obama aides were quoted as saying Auchi never reached out to the senator, and representatives of both men say neither has any recollection of meeting the other. But the Times of London reported last week that “the two may have had a brief encounter” at the Four Seasons Hotel in Chicago. It is an indistinct part of an indistinct story Hillary Clinton’s handlers wish had attracted attention before now.


  389. ben you even sound like mac..lol..your good..lol

    All Bhusseobmama can say is I AGREE with Hillary
    cant that sink into peoples mind..

    BHO like he put all the things into Congress for the COUNTRY was done by HIM and not by all the other past People who worked so hard of where we are today….and today isnt pretty with 8 years of nothing done and now staring at 4.00 dollars in Gasoline..4.25 for a gallon of MILK
    and 2.29 for a loaf of BRead.
    and no one will have a home
    will be in the streets with Husien Obomma and with a republican in office it will be the same thing over and over.nothing done for us again…

    GO HIllary!!!!!!

  390. check realclearpolitcs latest poll for texas is a tie and for hillary in ohio a poll has at a 12 point lead! not bad we need a poll that will hit him over the head in texas! hi is only 1 point ahead of her!

  391. The AP has received a copy of a memorandum from the Canadian government in which the converstion between Goolsbee and officials at the consulate in Chicago was recorded. I quote the paraphrase of Goolsbee:

    “Noting anxiety among many U.S. domestic audiences about the U.S. economic outlook, Goolsbee candidly acknowledged the protectionist sentiment that has emerged, particularly in the Midwest, during the primary campaign. He cautioned that this messaging should not be taken out of context and should be viewed as more about political positioning than a clear articulation of policy plans.”


    The Obama campaign claims the Canadian government misquoted Goolsbee.

  392. If you have NOT seen the two videos made by High School students for Hillary, please please please watch them as soon as possible. Like now.

    I think they are extremely effective and the fact that they were made by High School students just goes to show how idiotic the Press is that they can’t figure out what a kid in High School can.



  393. sophisticatedcaveman,

    dang those video’s brought me to tears. and so right they are that our decisions today will affect them tomorrow. Bravo!!

  394. wagner1jc Says:

    March 2nd, 2008 at 8:52 pm
    People this is you chance to tell Brazille to go to hell – she answered my email in less than 5 minutes, she is reading them.
    wagner1jc Says:

    March 2nd, 2008 at 8:52 pm
    Her answer was it is ok to force Hill out because “at some point pledged delegates have to be counted”.

    Please flood this *itch’s Blackberry with your feelings about her and Dean’s shenanigans.


    Donna is a gay woman. Maybe if some of our gay memebrs appealed to Donna respectfully on those terms?


  395. The closer one looks at Barack Obama, the less there is to see. And what there actually is to see is unpleasant – often in the extreme. I started out leaning toward Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee simply because I thought she had the best chance of defeating whoever the GOP might run. As it looks like their candidate is going to be John McCain, I am more convinced of this than ever. Clinton could beat McCain handily. Obama couldn’t. And it’s not so much that McCain would win as that Obama would lose – probably big time. Hell, Obama could probably lose to Huckabee.
    So I guess this is how Obama would handle foreign policy by lying to our closest allies.

    Let me paraphrase GWB, Keep up the good work, Obama.

  396. The Obama Craze: Count Me Out

    (by Matt Gonzalez, 27 Feb. 2008)

    Part of me shares the enthusiasm for Barack Obama. After all, how could someone calling themself a progressive not sense the importance of what it means to have an African-American so close to the presidency? But as his campaign has unfolded, and I heard that we are not red states or blue states for the 6th or 7th time, I realized I knew virtually nothing about him.

    Like most, I know he gave a stirring speech at the Democratic National Convention in 2004. I know he defeated Alan Keyes in the Illinois Senate race; although it wasn’t much of a contest (Keyes was living in Maryland when he announced). Recently, I started looking into Obama’s voting record, and I’m afraid to say I’m not just uninspired: I’m downright fearful. Here’s why:

    This is a candidate who says he’s going to usher in change; that he is a different kind of politician who has the skills to get things done. He reminds us again and again that he had the foresight to oppose the war in Iraq. And he seems to have a genuine interest in lifting up the poor.

    But his record suggests that he is incapable of ushering in any kind of change I’d like to see. It is one of accommodation and concession to the very political powers that we need to reign in and oppose if we are to make truly lasting advances.


    Let’s start with his signature position against the Iraq war. Obama has sent mixed messages at best.

    First, he opposed the war in Iraq while in the Illinois state legislature. Once he was running for US Senate though, when public opinion and support for the war was at its highest, he was quoted in the July 27, 2004 Chicago Tribune as saying, “There’s not that much difference between my position and George Bush’s position at this stage. The difference, in my mind, is who’s in a position to execute.” The Tribune went on to say that Obama, “now believes US forces must remain to stabilize the war-ravaged nation – a policy not dissimilar to the current approach of the Bush administration.”

    Obama’s campaign says he was referring to the ongoing occupation and how best to stabilize the region. But why wouldn’t he have taken the opportunity to urge withdrawal if he truly opposed the war? Was he trying to signal to conservative voters that he would subjugate his anti-war position if elected to the US Senate and perhaps support a lengthy occupation? Well as it turns out, he’s done just that.

    Since taking office in January 2005 he has voted to approve every war appropriation the Republicans have put forward, totaling over $300 billion. He also voted to confirm Condoleezza Rice as Secretary of State despite her complicity in the Bush Administration’s various false justifications for going to war in Iraq. Why would he vote to make one of the architects of “Operation Iraqi Liberation” the head of US foreign policy? Curiously, he lacked the courage of 13 of his colleagues who voted against her confirmation.

    And though he often cites his background as a civil rights lawyer, Obama voted to reauthorize the Patriot Act in July 2005, easily the worse attack on civil liberties in the last half-century. It allows for wholesale eavesdropping on American citizens under the guise of anti-terrorism efforts.

    And in March 2006, Obama went out of his way to travel to Connecticut to campaign for Senator Joseph Lieberman who faced a tough challenge by anti-war candidate Ned Lamont. At a Democratic Party dinner attended by Lamont, Obama called Lieberman “his mentor” and urged those in attendance to vote and give financial contributions to him. This is the same Lieberman who Alexander Cockburn called “Bush’s closest Democratic ally on the Iraq War.” Why would Obama have done that if he was truly against the war?

    Recently, with anti-war sentiment on the rise, Obama declared he will get our combat troops out of Iraq in 2009. But Obama isn’t actually saying he wants to get all of our troops out of Iraq. At a September 2007 debate before the New Hampshire primary, moderated by Tim Russert, Obama refused to commit to getting our troops out of Iraq by January 2013 and, on the campaign trail, he has repeatedly stated his desire to add 100,000 combat troops to the military.

    At the same event, Obama committed to keeping enough soldiers in Iraq to “carry out our counter-terrorism activities there” which includes “striking at al Qaeda in Iraq.” What he didn’t say is this continued warfare will require an estimated 60,000 troops to remain in Iraq according to a May 2006 report prepared by the Center for American Progress. Moreover, it appears he intends to “redeploy” the troops he takes out of the unpopular war in Iraq and send them to Afghanistan. So it appears that under Obama’s plan the US will remain heavily engaged in war.

    This is hardly a position to get excited about.


    In 2005, Obama joined Republicans in passing a law dubiously called the Class Action Fairness Act (CAFA) that would shut down state courts as a venue to hear many class action lawsuits. Long a desired objective of large corporations and President George Bush, Obama in effect voted to deny redress in many of the courts where these kinds of cases have the best chance of surviving corporate legal challenges. Instead, it forces them into the backlogged Republican-judge dominated federal courts.

    By contrast, Senators Clinton, Edwards and Kerry joined 23 others to vote against CAFA, noting the “reform” was a thinly-veiled “special interest extravaganza” that favored banking, creditors and other corporate interests. David Sirota, the former spokesman for Democrats on the House Appropriations Committee, commented on CAFA in the June 26, 2006 issue of The Nation, “Opposed by most major civil rights and consumer watchdog groups, this Big Business-backed legislation was sold to the public as a way to stop “frivolous” lawsuits. But everyone in Washington knew the bill’s real objective was to protect corporate abusers.”

    Nation contributor Dan Zegart noted further: “On its face, the class-action bill is mere procedural tinkering, transferring from state to federal court actions involving more than $5 million where any plaintiff is from a different state from the defendant company. But federal courts are much more hostile to class actions than their state counterparts; such cases tend to be rooted in the finer points of state law, in which federal judges are reluctant to dabble. And even if federal judges do take on these suits, with only 678 of them on the bench (compared with 9,200 state judges), already overburdened dockets will grow. Thus, the bill will make class actions – most of which involve discrimination, consumer fraud and wage-and-hour violations – all but impossible. One example: After forty lawsuits were filed against Wal-Mart for allegedly forcing employees to work “off the clock,” four state courts certified these suits as class actions. Not a single federal court did so, although the practice probably involves hundreds of thousands of employees nationwide.”

    Why would a civil rights lawyer knowingly make it harder for working-class people to have their day in court, in effect shutting off avenues of redress?


    Obama has a way of ducking hard votes or explaining away his bad votes by trying to blame poorly-written statutes Case in point: an amendment he voted on as part of a recent bankruptcy bill before the US Senate would have capped credit card interest rates at 30 percent. Inexplicably, Obama voted against it, although it would have been the beginning of setting these predatory lending rates under federal control. Even Senator Hillary Clinton supported it.

    Now Obama explains his vote by saying the amendment was poorly written or set the ceiling too high. His explanation isn’t credible as Obama offered no lower number as an alternative, and didn’t put forward his own amendment clarifying whatever language he found objectionable.

    Why wouldn’t Obama have voted to create the first federal ceiling on predatory credit card interest rates, particularly as he calls himself a champion of the poor and middle classes? Perhaps he was signaling to the corporate establishment that they need not fear him. For all of his dynamic rhetoric about lifting up the masses, it seems Obama has little intention of doing anything concrete to reverse the cycle of poverty many struggle to overcome.


    These seemingly unusual votes wherein Obama aligns himself with Republican Party interests aren’t new. While in the Illinois Senate, Obama voted to limit the recovery that victims of medical malpractice could obtain through the courts. Capping non-economic damages in medical malpractice cases means a victim cannot fully recover for pain and suffering or for punitive damages. Moreover, it ignored that courts were already empowered to adjust awards when appropriate, and that the Illinois Supreme Court had previously ruled such limits on tort reform violated the state constitution.

    In the US Senate, Obama continued interfering with patients’ full recovery for tortious conduct. He was a sponsor of the National Medical Error Disclosure and Compensation Act of 2005. The bill requires hospitals to disclose errors to patients and has a mechanism whereby disclosure, coupled with apologies, is rewarded by limiting patients’ economic recovery. Rather than simply mandating disclosure, Obama’s solution is to trade what should be mandated for something that should never be given away: namely, full recovery for the injured patient.

    MINING LAW OF 1872:

    In November 2007, Obama came out against a bill that would have reformed the notorious Mining Law of 1872. The current statute, signed into law by Ulysses Grant, allows mining companies to pay a nominal fee, as little as $2.50 an acre, to mine for hardrock minerals like gold, silver, and copper without paying royalties. Yearly profits for mining hardrock on public lands is estimated to be in excess of $1 billion a year according to Earthworks, a group that monitors the industry. Not surprisingly, the industry spends freely when it comes to lobbying: an estimated $60 million between 1998-2004 according to The Center on Public Integrity. And it appears to be paying off, yet again.

    The Hardrock Mining and Reclamation Act of 2007 would have finally overhauled the law and allowed American taxpayers to reap part of the royalties (4 percent of gross revenue on existing mining operations and 8 percent on new ones). The bill provided a revenue source to cleanup abandoned hardrock mines, which is likely to cost taxpayers over $50 million, and addressed health and safety concerns in the 11 affected western states.

    Later it came to light that one of Obama’s key advisors in Nevada is a Nevada-based lobbyist in the employ of various mining companies (CBS News “Obama’s Position On Mining Law Questioned. Democrat Shares Position with Mining Executives Who Employ Lobbyist Advising Him,” November 14, 2007).


    The New York Times reported that, while campaigning in Iowa in December 2007, Obama boasted that he had passed a bill requiring nuclear plants to promptly report radioactive leaks. This came after residents of his home state of Illinois complained they were not told of leaks that occurred at a nuclear plant operated by Exelon Corporation.

    The truth, however, was that Obama allowed the bill to be amended in Committee by Senate Republicans, replacing language mandating reporting with verbiage that merely offered guidance to regulators on how to address unreported leaks. The story noted that even this version of Obama’s bill failed to pass the Senate, so it was unclear why Obama was claiming to have passed the legislation. The February 3, 2008 The New York Times article titled “Nuclear Leaks and Response Tested Obama in Senate” by Mike McIntire also noted the opinion of one of Obama’s constituents, which was hardly enthusiastic about Obama’s legislative efforts:

    “Senator Obama’s staff was sending us copies of the bill to review, and we could see it weakening with each successive draft,” said Joe Cosgrove, a park district director in Will County, Ill., where low-level radioactive runoff had turned up in groundwater. “The teeth were just taken out of it.”

    As it turns out, the New York Times story noted: “Since 2003, executives and employees of Exelon, which is based in Illinois, have contributed at least $227,000 to Mr. Obama’s campaigns for the United States Senate and for president. Two top Exelon officials, Frank M. Clark, executive vice president, and John W. Rogers Jr., a director, are among his largest fund-raisers.”


    On energy policy, it turns out Obama is a big supporter of corn-based ethanol which is well known for being an energy-intensive crop to grow. It is estimated that seven barrels of oil are required to produce eight barrels of corn ethanol, according to research by the Cato Institute. Ethanol’s impact on climate change is nominal and isn’t “green” according to Alisa Gravitz, Co-op America executive director. “It simply isn’t a major improvement over gasoline when it comes to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.” A 2006 University of Minnesota study by Jason Hill and David Tilman, and an earlier study published in BioScience in 2005, concur. (There’s even concern that a reliance on corn-based ethanol would lead to higher food prices.)

    So why would Obama be touting this as a solution to our oil dependency? Could it have something to do with the fact that the first presidential primary is located in Iowa, corn capitol of the country? In legislative terms this means Obama voted in favor of $8 billion worth of corn subsidies in 2006 alone, when most of that money should have been committed to alternative energy sources such as solar, tidal and wind.


    Obama opposed single-payer bill HR676, sponsored by Congressmen Dennis Kucinich and John Conyers in 2006, although at least 75 members of Congress supported it. Single-payer works by trying to diminish the administrative costs that comprise somewhere around one-third of every health care dollar spent, by eliminating the duplicative nature of these services. The expected $300 billion in annual savings such a system would produce would go directly to cover the uninsured and expand coverage to those who already have insurance, according to Dr. Stephanie Woolhandler, an Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and co-founder of Physicians for a National Health Program.

    Obama’s own plan has been widely criticized for leaving health care industry administrative costs in place and for allowing millions of people to remain uninsured. “Sicko” filmmaker Michael Moore ridiculed it saying, “Obama wants the insurance companies to help us develop a new health care plan-the same companies who have created the mess in the first place.”


    Regarding the North American Free Trade Agreement, Obama recently boasted, “I don’t think NAFTA has been good for Americans, and I never have.” Yet, Calvin Woodward reviewed Obama’s record on NAFTA in a February 26, 2008 Associated Press article and found that comment to be misleading: “In his 2004 Senate campaign, Obama said the US should pursue more deals such as NAFTA, and argued more broadly that his opponent’s call for tariffs would spark a trade war. AP reported then that the Illinois senator had spoken of enormous benefits having accrued to his state from NAFTA, while adding that he also called for more aggressive trade protections for US workers.”

    Putting aside campaign rhetoric, when actually given an opportunity to protect workers from unfair trade agreements, Obama cast the deciding vote against an amendment to a September 2005 Commerce Appropriations Bill, proposed by North Dakota Senator Byron Dorgan, that would have prohibited US trade negotiators from weakening US laws that provide safeguards from unfair foreign trade practices. The bill would have been a vital tool to combat the outsourcing of jobs to foreign workers and would have ended a common corporate practice known as “pole-vaulting” over regulations, which allows companies doing foreign business to avoid “right to organize,” “minimum wage,” and other worker protections.


    On March 2, 2007 Obama gave a speech at AIPAC, America’s pro-Israeli government lobby, wherein he disavowed his previous support for the plight of the Palestinians. In what appears to be a troubling pattern, Obama told his audience what they wanted to hear. He recounted a one-sided history of the region and called for continued military support for Israel, rather than taking the opportunity to promote the various peace movements in and outside of Israel.

    Why should we believe Obama has courage to bring about change? He wouldn’t have his picture taken with San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom when visiting San Francisco for a fundraiser in his honor because Obama was scared voters might think he supports gay marriage (Newsom acknowledged this to Reuters on January 26, 2007 and former Mayor Willie Brown admitted to the San Francisco Chronicle on February 5, 2008 that Obama told him he wanted to avoid Newsom for that reason.)

    Obama acknowledges the disproportionate impact the death penalty has on blacks, but still supports it, while other politicians are fighting to stop it. (On December 17, 2007 New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine signed a bill banning the death penalty after it was passed by the New Jersey Assembly.)

    On September 29, 2006, Obama joined Republicans in voting to build 700 miles of double fencing on the Mexican border (The Secure Fence Act of 2006), abandoning 19 of his colleagues who had the courage to oppose it. But now that he’s campaigning in Texas and eager to win over Mexican-American voters, he says he’d employ a different border solution.

    It is shocking how frequently and consistently Obama is willing to subjugate good decision making for his personal and political benefit.

    Obama aggressively opposed initiating impeachment proceedings against the president (“Obama: Impeachment is not acceptable,” USA Today, June 28, 2007) and he wouldn’t even support Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold’s effort to censure the Bush administration for illegally wiretapping American citizens in violation of the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. In Feingold’s words “I’m amazed at Democrats … cowering with this president’s number’s so low.” Once again, it’s troubling that Obama would take these positions and miss the opportunity to document the abuses of the Bush regime.


    Once I started looking at the votes Obama actually cast, I began to hear his rhetoric differently. The principal conclusion I draw about “change” and Barack Obama is that Obama needs to change his voting habits and stop pandering to win votes. If he does this he might someday make a decent candidate who could earn my support. For now Obama has fallen into a dangerous pattern of capitulation that he cannot reconcile with his growing popularity as an agent of change.

    I remain impressed by the enthusiasm generated by Obama’s style and skill as an orator. But I remain more loyal to my values, and I’m glad to say that I want no part in the Obama craze sweeping our country.

  397. Clinton Turns Attention to Boosting Turnout

    Created: Saturday, 01 Mar 2008, 2:04 PM CST

    Associated Press Writer

    SAN ANTONIO — With her closing arguments made, Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton turned her attention to the mechanics of delivering voters to the polls in a round of primaries Tuesday that could hold the key to the future of her presidential ambitions.

    “This is one of the most momentous decisions any Texan could make,” Clinton told key activists as she launched a last-weekend blitz. “You are, in effect, hiring the next president of the United States.”

    Clinton was winging back and forth between Texas and Ohio, two key prizes in the next round of primaries, and both seen as competitive contests with rival Barack Obama.

    She opened her weekend by rallying backers at a training session aimed at preparing activists for the incredibly complex primary system, widely known as the “Texas two-step.” Two-thirds of the delegates at stake in Texas will be picked during a traditional primary. That’s followed Tuesday night by a round of caucuses in the state’s 8,000 precincts where the other third will be allocated.

    The Byzantine process calls for a focus on grass-roots organization, and Clinton’s campaign — boasting 40,000 volunteers in the state — was spending the weekend preparing backers for that task.

    Activists from 20 counties gathered for a training session on how to take charge of those caucuses and sway voters who may be undecided. Clinton swung by to give them a jolt of energy and tell them they could prove the crucial difference in a breathtakingly close primary contest.

    Polls have shown Texas to be a virtual dead heat and the outcome could hinge on which campaign does a better job of getting backers to the polls. Clinton has a lead, albeit a shrinking one, in Ohio and the same dynamic is in place.

    Before heading to Ohio, Clinton rallied activists and raked in $200,000 at a breakfast fundraiser.

    Energy, she argued, will hold the key Tuesday night.

    “We want you to know exactly what to do on Tuesday night,” said Clinton. “We’re going to give you all the information you need. We will equip you to know what to do and how to do it.”

    After losing 11 straight contests, many strategists argue that Clinton must win the big tests on Tuesday to continue. Her strategists have begun to dispute that thinking and carve out a scenario for continuing if results in Texas and Ohio are disappointing.

    Rhode Island and Vermont also holding contests Tuesday, but with far fewer delegates at stake.

    “We’ve got to do (is) the Texas two-step,” Clinton told cheering backers. “We’re going to take our country back.”

    Clinton was heading to Fort Worth and Dallas, before flying to Ohio Saturday night to kick off an “88 counties in 88 hours” bus marathon through that state, stretching into Monday morning.

    Speaking with reporters on her campaign plane, Clinton said she’ll continue to hammer on the distinctions she’s drawn with Obama on national security.

    “It’s a defining issue and it’s one that the voters of Texas and America deserve to think about,” said Clinton.

    Obama has accused her of trying to scare voters, but Clinton said presidential candidates must assure voters they understand security issues, particularly in a campaign against John McCain, a former prisoner of war.

    “I think it would be really a disservice to voters not to raise national security in this campaign in a way that focuses the attention of voters,” said Clinton.

    Big-name surrogates led by her former president husband were already rumbling across Ohio and Texas as part of her campaign’s windup to Tuesday.

    Former San Antonio Mayor Henry Cisneros, a Clinton administration housing secretary who joined the organizational effort, argued that after all the charges and countercharges between the candidates, organization will carry the day.

    “In the final analysis this is all about a delegate count,” Cisneros said. “There’s a scenario where you could win an election and get swamped in the caucuses.”

    With Obama holding a thin lead in the delegate count, both sides were keeping a very close eye on both the election results, and the delegate allocation that brings.

  398. I don’t really put my faith in the polls as they are all over the place for OH. However, the one common thing that they all have in common is Hillary being up so I feel good about OH for her.

    This is the nail biter. Most of the polls have them even or BO up by 1 or 4 all within the MOE. I have seen that Hillary has had surrogates out en masse in TX this weekend from
    Mayor Villaraigosa to Cngrs. Loretta Sanchez, to Bill said that she had 65 of her friends from AK canvassaing, to Steinham and NOW actifists to Melanie Griffin, Mary Steenburgen and husband Ted Danson, Eva Lagoria,all the mayors, Cgrs. Sheila Jackson Lee, phonebanking in CA, Colorado and other places. I think that they are pulling out all the stops, now it is up to their ground game and call banking.

    I am just hoping for a popular vote victory as I think that the caucus will be a mess for all concerned.

    Have anyone noticed that BO rallies aren’t in the 10-20k range now? The most I have heard of was around 8k this week. I wonder if things are levelling out for him. His audiences have seemed more subdued but it could be because of his formats which seem to be more townhalls etc.

    In addition, Bill Clinton did 8 events in TX Sunday(I heard him at Texas A & M Univ) and he was passionate and concise in his case for Hillary. He also attended Joel OSteen’s church with Chelsea.

    Today, he will also do 5 additional events in Tx.

    Hopefully this AP Nafta-Gate story and the SNL skit will help Hill win the news cycle on MOnday but we’ve learned not to expect any realistic journalism from the MSM.

    BO should be listing his fundraising haul tomorrow so they may do that to blow all of his bad stories out the water. I think that he will have raised a huge amount but i’m more interested in how and how much he has spent.

    He went back to Chicago tonight which I think is odd as he only had 2 events in OH today. Hill had 4 (3 rallies and 1 rally/canvassing kickoff event). She is also doing the 88 event 88 counties kickoff with surrogates where they plan to have at least one event in each of the counties.

    The polls show a trend up for her in OH so why did he only do 2 events and then go back to Chicago? Is it because he thinks OH is a lost cause for him or he thinks that he is in good shape there? Why not go back to TX to campaign as the race is very tight there?

    Interesting strategy? clinton talks and looks upbeat and he looks muted and tired. I don’t know what to take from that but like Phil Collins said, ‘…something in the air tonight’.
    tiburones | 03.03.2008 – 04:21 am

  399. Former San Antonio Mayor Henry Cisneros, a Clinton administration housing secretary who joined the organizational effort, argued that after all the charges and countercharges between the candidates, organization will carry the day.

    “In the final analysis this is all about a delegate count,” Cisneros said. “There’s a scenario where you could win an election and get swamped in the caucuses.”


    Interesting. This is what I think will happen but I hope tha t they are prepared for the caucus.

  400. Breaking News: Confirmed that Obama aid met with Canadian Consulate:


    Please pass link along to those who need to know, also check TaylorMarsh’s site, more info.

  401. There’s a big hint being made that Hillary’s internals show her up by a huge percentage margin in Ohio now after the NAFTA flub.

    I so bloody hope its true.

    I also think she’s going to win Texas by a large margin, the polls there just are not holding accurate, i reckon it’ll be a California type situation, at least 52% to her.

  402. Ouch Ouch Ouch

    Read Rezkowatch

    They are so tying Obama to Syrians and Iraqi’s

    We need to take Obama down now.

    John Batchelor posed some new questions March 3, 2008, at the conservative Human Events for Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) regarding his relationship with his patron, indicted political fixer Antoin “Tony” Rezko, and Rezko’s former business partner and former classmate, Aiham Alsammarae who was sentenced October 2006 in Iraq for the theft of hundreds of millions of dollars in Iraqi reconstruction funds.

  403. B Merry! WOW…I want your autograph! LOL

    Good morning all!

    WOW…Even Joe Scarborough (i had to look) questioned about the “3am ad” said “If this man does not think that National Security is an issue, then I don’t know if he is fit to be President of the United States”


    Of course….Mika was all up BO’s butt.

    In addition, when I turned on the tv…FIVE sattions I flipped throuh..FIVE had BO on the screen. This IS “Dear LEader” 101.

  404. USF Political Professor Susan McManus (sp) predicts that the Florida vote will end up in the courts under action regarding the 14th Amendment and the Voting Rights Act. This was in an interview with her on AM970 WFLA this morning.

  405. Good morning Hillfans. Thanks for the congrats. Still waiting for another article to appear. Make sure to read Pundita’s comments quoted at RW. That girl’s got guts!

  406. B. Merryfield, I am so prowd of you. You are always digging and searching for the truth. You never let this REZKO story die.

  407. My reply this morning (just now) from Donna Brazile regarding seating Florida delegates and the role John Kerry would like to see for SD’s in this years election per his interview yesterday. Rather dismissive, I felt.

    “The rules stipulate we are independent and not have to go a certain way. Besides, I am an at-large super.

    Secondly, we have given Florida officials months to come up with a plan. Find. They defied the rules on timing. We penalized them. They sued. We won. Now what?

    We can’t vote on seating people who are not even attempting to play by the rules. Our rules are crystal clear. Timing, equal representation, proportional, etc.

    If you have more time, email them.


  408. Today’s schedule:

    03/03: Join President Clinton for a “Solutions for America” Rally in Corpus Christi!
    03/03: Join President Clinton for a “Solutions for America” Rally in Edinburg!
    03/03: Join Hillary for a “Solutions for America” Rally in Beaumont!
    03/03: Join President Clinton for a “Solutions for America” Rally in Brownsville!
    03/03: Join President Clinton for a “Solutions for America” Rally in Laredo!
    03/03: Join President Clinton for a “Solutions for America” Rally in Eagle Pass!
    03/03: Join Hillary for a “Solutions for America” Rally in Austin!
    03/03: Join President Clinton for a “Solutions for America” Rally in Del Rio!
    03/03: Join President Clinton for a “Solutions for America” Rally in El Paso!

    Bill Clinton is really working….that’s for sure. Props to BC, with his heart condition and all. I like how he is working the rural areas.

  409. Impressions after 17 hours of canvassing/calling this weekend in OH.

    Maybe it was a function of location – I was in Kirtland which is about 30 miles outside of Cleveland. Lots of older suburbs and older voters. But in many, many miles, I asw only 1 BO sign and many HRC signs. People there seem to be either – strongly HRC, voting McCain or leaning HRC.

    Saddest moment – when an older woman told me she couldn’t vote for HRC because she just couldn’t see a “woman as president.” sigh….

    Happiest moment – when I was told by a man that he was voting for HRC, his wife was voting for HRC and his two sons would be voting for HRC. He asked me to put 3 signs up in his yard.

    Funniest moment – when a woman asked me if this was going to be decided by “electric” votes (I think she meant electoral). I explained the process/goals of a party primary.

    Best sign – her supporters are VERY motivated. People I spoke to who are voting for her understand how important this is and are going to show up at the polls come hell or high water or freezing rain.

  410. New article up. Note that this is from the Wall Street Journal. We’ve moved from the far lefties and far righties reporting to the more moderate center. That’s a very good thing.

  411. B MErry…do you believe this will really get traction in the MSM? The “implication” is they have been threatened by M.E.-tied thugs as was the British Government, and that the wink and nod results will be another Hariri

  412. Spacegirl, yes, I think it will get traction. As you can see from this morning’s plethora of articles .. and quite a few yesterday .. folks have been waiting for today’s jury selection. Reporters are in Chicago for this from all over. Keep an eye open for developments. Sorry, I have my sources and have to keep mum until there’s something in print but I can assure you that there are many blockbusters to come.

    (BTW Hi Ben, Bob and the rest of you lurkers.)

  413. Thanks, B Merry. I am just a bit annoyed that the twentieth-century fireplace we all have in every room to warm and inform have been in virtual silence on much of this, except for Wolfson and a few mentions by FOX.

    SO MANY people do not read the blogs or online journals. It needs “air” time. I just hope it happens.

    Why on earth Howard Dean and Co. Would want a guy in the WH with friends who kill and bomb is beyond me. Moreso, why his followers are remiss at doing due diligence on their candidate.

  414. B. Merry,
    CITIZEN JOURNALIST I salute you!
    Congrats. that is fabulous! i have to admit I still find the Rezko stuff VERY hard to follow but you do a great job in putting the info out there.
    Amazing! Mega-Kudos!
    Morning tube on during chores and Scarface and company are all saying HRC should stay in! that anything could happen! Like a financial investigation. hehehehe. Hate those fools, especially Mika, the only one to hesitate about HRC staying in, but at least they’re getting the message that it ain’t over ’til it’s over. Also saw Bo had to explain yet again that he’s not a Muslim. All over the NYPost. Hil; OH polls up 12!

  415. Ohhhhhhh–so sorry Spacegirl! of course you deserve mega kudos, too! I didn’t get a response from brazille to my email yesterday but maybe coz it was too long.

    I’m off for Dr. visits today. Only 8 more weeks of treatment for me and THEN I’ll be ready for phone calls and what ever else is needed. I’m in NY so I’m sure there’s a way to volunteer. Sent another $50.44 yesterday.

    Keep up the great work, all! 😀

  416. Please, please, please .. keep spreading the word. Emails, emails, emails. Not everyone is online but just about everyone gets the news filtered down in one way or another. Tomorrow is too soon here to stop the freight train but it’s a long time between now and June when the primaries end. So much can happen. Quickly. Just keep on doing what you’ve all been doing here at H44. Email and message the heck out of people. Sooner or later they will get the message that there is some “there” there.

  417. I have been out of touch for last 2 days on the streets. Did the endorsements by flag officers can’t any play in the press?

  418. This is the second reference to Obama’s “failure to close the deal” I’ve seen in two days. The first was Mary Matalin, who said that if Obama doesn’t win decisively tomorrow then he has shown that he can’t close the deal on the nomination, and that Hillary still has a claim to the nomination. This article says the same thing:


  419. My ongoing conversation with Donna Brazile:

    Her reply when I told her I would continue working to have Florida votes count:

    It’s a tough call, but if you go back and look what we were up against, we had no choice.

    Just wished more citizens got involved before the process and not afterwards.

    My reply to follow.

  420. Donna,

    I am an intelligent and active gay woman here in Florida. I feel I am
    politically savvy but have never been involved in any MOVEMENT or POLITICAL
    PROCESS more than any other person. I don’t march in the streets, I don’t go
    to rallies and I barely even go to Pride events.

    This whole thing was a jerk by the Florida DNC and the Florida Republican
    Legislature and baptized by the DNC. Charlie Crist said specifically he
    would veto any attempt to change the date from the earlier date the Florida
    Legislature had proposed.

    The fact that the MEDIA did not call to arms about the potential for
    millions to be disenfranchised was a sin and a falling down on their duties
    to PROPERLY inform. Had they done so, I think you would have to admit that
    the turnout would have been SIGNIFICANTLY lower, as no one would have
    thought it mattered. The number of votes cast are evidence of this lack of
    proper information.

    In addition, surely the leadership in the DNC would have seen the scheme
    here for what it was, and made a decision to do something else other than
    PUNISH and DISENFRANCHIS the voters in Florida yet again.

    To blame this on the populace is disingenuous. You know it and I know it.

    And now we have a candidate who is about to be sullied for his involvement
    with Tony Rezko, Rezko’s ties to Auchi, Auchi’s ties to Saddam and
    American’s are concerned. And you want to put him up against the Republicans
    without giving Senator Clinton her due process in the entire Primary
    process? Unbelievable.

    The infighting in the Leadership of the DNC is obvious. Dean-Kerry-Kennedy
    v. Clinton. To stake the future of our country and “our” party on this
    personal battle is disgusting and bad for the DNC, and more over, bad for
    America. At the rate this is going, John McCain will be the president. And
    the Democrats, once again, will have snatched Defeat from the Jaws of

    Just my take on things.

  421. good morning, everyone. i’m going to share with everyone my recent e-mail exchanges with donna brazile. it is very revealing.

    me to donna:

    your flagrant bias towards barack obama is heard loud and clear. by all means, support him. but know that there is a large segment of democrats who are arewatchyour manipulation of this process. and know also that if he becomes the nominee, we are going to make sure that john mccain wins this election.gi

  422. This is the second reference to Obama’s “failure to close the deal”

    I like that line very much!

  423. donna to me:
    flagrant? too bad you just started to tune in, but go back for 12 mos. and see how we all covered this race. how the clinton campaign would use our praise of he to demo the success of her efforts. if obama had lost 11 consecutive races and loan himself 5 mil, we would have pronounced him dead. i get your point of view, just respect my opinions as well.

  424. Karl Rove, on how McCain should campaign against Obama: “What he needs to do with Obama is treat his words as serious. She’s been dismissive of his words. McCain needs to treat them as serious. And he needs to not point just to the thinness, but he needs to point to the values, views and actions that those words would lead or have led Obama to. Second of all, he’d need to draw attention to the gap between the rhetoric and the reality. Obama makes two very important claims. He appeals to the desire of Americans to see their leaders in Washington come together in bipartisanship, but he’s not done that in the three years that he’s been in the Senate” (“Fox News Sunday,” 3/2).

  425. The “Fox News Sunday” roundtable discussed WH ’08:

    Weekly Standard’s Kristol, on HRC’s 3 a.m. ad: “I think she made the right move strategically. I mean, she has to raise the question of whether Democratic primary voters are comfortable with Barack Obama as commander in chief. And she has a claim that on foreign policy she knows more, she’s more experienced, and I think she won’t say this more — she probably should say this more explicitly — she’s more hawkish. I mean, that’s the real subtext. And I guess they’re just scared to say that in a Democratic primary.”

  426. I was watching CNN, they are reporting that AP has an internal memo from the Canadian Consulet(sp) indicating what convesation took place between them and BO campaign. This is going to be damaging to BO, it shows him as a liar.

  427. Dem strategist Donna Brazile, on HRC’s 3 a.m. being like Mondale’s: “Democrats are big on recycling. Don’t forget that. Look, I think at this last hour they’re hoping that there’s some buyer’s remorse out there.”

    All quotes from Hot Line: hotlineblog.nationaljournal.com/archives/2008/03/sunday_snapshot_33.html

  428. donna to me:
    read the LA Times today. read all the other papers. you gotta wake up.
    more from LATimes shocker about clinton campaign infighting “hillary maybe one of the most disciplined figures in national politics, but she has presided over a campaign operation riven by feuding, rival fiefdoms and second-guessing of top staff members…(quotes the rest of the article)

  429. thanks Caveman….;-D

    Maybe she has some friends. I could use a date. Iam not a birkenstock veggie lesbian. I smoke, I drink a ton of coffee, I look like Lauren Bacall on good days, I drink scotch (in moderation) and Florida is filled with women who get their best-dressed tips from the Line backer profiles in Sports Illustrated. Where is Gene Tireney, Kate Hepburn and Bbarbara Stanwck when ya need ’em!

  430. me to donna:
    we’re supposed to believe all the negative news about hillary so we’d desert her? sorry, not all democrats are that simple. we don’t all buy the hope/hype. keep wishing. we don’t support lying plagiarists.

    p.s. donna is quiet so far

  431. BREAKING………

    AP is breaking the Nafta-Gate story with a smoking gun. Apparently, there is a memo summarizing the talks with Goolsbee. Go to http://www.taylormarsh.com to read up on it. They are spearheading a letter writing campaign to get the MSM to go with this stories.

    I think that everyone here who has a computer and is so inclined should write a letter to MSM asking them to cover this story and do it now. The Ohio and TX voters as well as RI and VT deserve to know that BO is a liar and has been caught talking out of both sides of his mouth. Tim, at TM listed an exhaustive list of media contacts to email..see below. If you have a fax, you can also fax them.

    I suggested also emailing Rush Limbaugh, Michael Medved and Bill Cunningham who is based in OH. I know that they are the enemy and Rush is slime in particular but at this critical junction we can not rely on MSM to do their job. This story should have been broken days ago but the MSM was too lazy and wanted to play papa bear to protect their little Bambi. I’m at work so I can’t look up the email addies for Rush, Michael or Bill Cunningham, can someone do that please? Also, email, http://www.mediamatters.com

    Network/Cable Television

    ABC News
    77 W. 66 St., New York, NY 10023
    Phone: 212-456-7777
    General e-mail: netaudr@abc.com

    Nightline: nightline@abcnews.com
    20/20: 2020@abc.com

    CBS News
    524 W. 57 St., New York, NY 10019
    Phone: 212-975-4321
    Fax: 212-975-1893

    Email forms for all CBS news programs

    CBS Evening News: evening@cbsnews.com
    The Early Show: earlyshow@cbs.com
    60 Minutes II: 60II@cbsnews.com
    48 Hours: 48hours@cbsnews.com
    Face The Nation: ftn@cbsnews.com

    One CNN Center, Box 105366, Atlanta, GA 30303-5366
    Phone: 404-827-1500
    Fax: 404-827-1906
    Email forms for all CNN news programs

    Fox News Channel
    1211 Ave. of the Americas
    New York, NY 10036
    Phone: (212) 301-3000
    Fax: (212) 301-4229

    List of Email addresses for all Fox News Channel programs

    Special Report with Brit Hume: Special@foxnews.com
    FOX Report with Shepard Smith: Foxreport@foxnews.com
    The O’Reilly Factor: Oreilly@foxnews.com
    Hannity & Colmes: Hannity@foxnews.com, Colmes@foxnews.com
    On the Record with Greta: Ontherecord@foxnews.com

    30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112
    Phone: 212-664-4444
    Fax: 212-664-4426

    List of Email addresses for all NBC news programs

    NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams: nightly@msnbc.com
    NBC News Today: today@nbc.com
    Dateline NBC: dateline@nbc.com

    One MSNBC Plaza
    Secaucus, NJ 07094
    Phone: (201) 583-5000
    Fax: (201) 583-5453

    2200 Fletcher Ave.
    Fort Lee, NJ 07024
    Phone: (201) 585-2622
    Fax: (201) 583-5453

    List of Email addresses for all MSNBC news programs

    Hardball with Chris Matthews: hardball@msnbc.com
    MSNBC Reports with Joe Scarborough: msnbcreports@msnbc.com

    1320 Braddock Place, Alexandria, VA 22314
    Phone: 703-739-5000
    Fax: 703-739-8458

    The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer: newshour@pbs.org

    National Radio Programs

    National Public Radio
    635 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20001-3753
    Phone: 202-513-2000
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    E-mail: Chantal de la Rionda, assistant to the Ombudsman ombudsman@npr.org

    All Things Considered: atc@npr.org
    Morning Edition: morning@npr.org
    Talk Of The Nation: totn@npr.org

    List of Email addresses for all NPR news programs

    The Rush Limbaugh Show
    1270 Avenue of the Americas, NY 10020
    Phone: 800-282-2882
    Fax: 212-563-9166
    E-mail: rush@eibnet.com

    Sean Hannity Show
    E-mail: Phil Boyce, Program Director phil.boyce@abc.com

    National Newspapers

    The Los Angeles Times
    202 West First Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012
    Phone: 800-528-4637 or 213-237-5000
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    Letters to the Editor: letters@latimes.com
    Readers’ Representative: readers.rep@latimes.com

    L.A. Times Contact Information by Department

    The New York Times
    229 W. 43rd St., New York, NY 10036
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    D.C. Bureau phone: 202-862-0300

    Letters to the Editor (for publication): letters@nytimes.com
    Write to the news editors: nytnews@nytimes.com

    New York Times Contact Information by Department
    How to Contact New York Times Reporters and Editors
    USA Today
    7950 Jones Branch Dr., McLean, VA 22108
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    Letters to the Editor: editor@usatoday.com

    Give feedback to USA Today

    The Wall Street Journal
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    Letters to the Editor: wsj.ltrs@wsj.com
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    The Washington Post
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    News Services / Wires

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    Partial Contact Information for the Associated Press by Department and Bureau

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    United Press International
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    Telephone: 202.898.8000
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    Comment and Tips: tips@upi.com

    FAIR wants to hear about your media activism. Please send copies of your letters to journalists to

    112 W. 27th St.
    New York, NY 10001

    We can’t always respond, but we look at everything.

    back to FAIR’S Media Activist Kit

  432. My letter to brazile. maybe she will respond to this one.
    Senator won 11 straight victories only because of the skewed system of caucuses in those states, which was implemented by you and Howard Dean specifically to benefit your designated candidate. What’s more, those states combined barely match the number of delegates in the large states Senator Clinton won. In addition, it is being documented and investigated that many of Senator’s votes have come from a concerted effort to convince republicans and Independents to become “Democrats for a Day” as a way to defeat Senator Clinton. While such tactics may be par for the course for Republicans, to have one democrat target another Democrat with such disgusting tactics and then to have the DNC ignore it, is outrageous. I could go on about other preferential treatment granted to Obama, from the DNC attempt to sue Senator McCain for public financing flip-flops irrespective of the fact that Obama has done the sema thing.
    Obama will never win the presidency. I guarantee you that supporters of Senator Clinton will take a page from the Obama shameful “Democrat for a Day’ tactics and become “Republicans for a Day” to ensure Obama never gets close to the White house. He is unqualified and a complete fraud.

  433. imagine44 Says,
    Donna told you to read an article about HRC’s campaign management! You’re kidding me. How can she then say she isn’t biased. OMG.

  434. Here’s the link to the AP story:

  435. tiburones, do you have a sample letter? I can post the information on a few different blogs asking people to send the letter. Thanks!

  436. My exchange last night/this a.m. w/ Ms. Brazille…

    I said:
    You are right….voters should pick the nominee – DEMOCRATIC voters should pick the DEMOCRATIC nominee. HRC has won the vote of registered democrats in almost every state. It is well documented that the BO campaign is actively soliciting Republicans to be  “democrats for a day” in a brazen attempt to tap into anti-Clinton bias.  He is doing so now in his radio ads in OH.

    So, I agree. Let’s go with the voters – the democratic ones.

    She said:
    The voters will decide and for the record, HRC backed the rules that allowed indies (the majority of voters) and others to participate in the various primaries and caucuses.

    I will back the nominee, so I reject any attempts to smear BO or HRC. It’s unwarranted and childish to attack when your candidate is not doing as well.

    I spent a lifetime in politics mainly backing white candidates . White men whom I disagreed with because the alternatives were so much worse. In this race for president, I am proud to call them both friends.

    Have a good day
    Sent wirelessly via BlackBerry from T-Mobile. Please contact my office at (202) 628-8081.

  437. Why am I supposed to care that Hillary staff people disagree with each other? I thought that was what democracy was about, people disagreeing, and decisions being made. Seems to me like good practice for making policy/

  438. She said THIS!!!!!!!

    I smell blood.

    ‘I spent a lifetime in politics mainly backing white candidates . White men whom I disagreed with because the alternatives were so much worse.’

    Someone HAS to get THAT out!

    The stumbling has begun!

  439. Ann…I hope you countered that it is now clear that this race to her is about race…hers. And not the most qualified for the job. That she has “backed white men because the alternatives were worse” is a slap in the face to women politicians who seek higher office everywhere.

    Donna just played the race card.

  440. “I spent a lifetime in politics mainly backing white candidates . White men whom I disagreed with because the alternatives were so much worse.”

    Whoa, what’s that about?

  441. these emails are great!…..remember though the media can spin this stuff and we represent Hillary Clinton when we send these emails.

    I am always concerned that they will be spun

  442. I don’t care if Hillary “backed the rules” on primaries. What does that mean, anyway? She’s a Senator, not a DNC chair. It’s not her job to make the rules about primaries.

  443. Basil, Plural…we need SUGAR!!!!!


    Get that quote up on a headline!

    Donna Brazile admits she is a bigot!

  444. Agree….guys but I HAVE to get some work done today. I can forward her actual email to whomever wants it for distribution far and wide. Just send me your email addresses.

  445. Hey All – I’m still in Houston volunteering my butt off for the campaign, and halfway able to pay attention to the thread – but a few people had said something about lower number of people at BO rallies – it is true.

    Dolores Huerta, surrogate for Clinton, mentioned the other day – that BO was expecting thousands of people for one rally – and there were only 4!

  446. The Obama campaign over the weekend falsely claimed the CTV story had been “retracted.” It has not.

    And in fact, the story seems today more alive than ever. That is, if the press does its job.


  447. spacegirl, Ann

    I gotta get to the Doctor but pleeeeeeze get this quote out and when i get back i will do the same. But how can it be framed? I mean, sourced? Ann would have to agree to confirm the message. Ann! Save that message!!!!!!!!!
    I agree she just played the race card BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In other words, I’m not gonna support a white candidate when there’s an AA available, no matter how inept, fraudulent and unqualified he is in comparison to a veteran, seasoned, brilliant woman!

  448. basil9: ‘I spent a lifetime in politics mainly backing white candidates . White men whom I disagreed with because the alternatives were so much worse.’

    Someone HAS to get THAT out!

    The stumbling has begun!

    Funny thing is that I could say the exact same thing. Her statement is fair.

  449. Ann,

    email me at hilaryhawke @ mhcable dot com.

    When i get back i will get on the case along with Spacegirl and everyone else.

    I’d loooooove to see brazile squirm!

  450. You guys are killing me with your back and forth email with Donna Brazille lol. Her true colors are sure coming out in those email. She is nothing but but a sham.

  451. I agree she just played the race card BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No, it’s a factual statement. We’ve had 43 white males.

  452. a comment from mydd.com

    “CNN just ran (around 8:25am EST) the story about NAFTA & Obama.
    They said it can ruin Obama’s chances in OH and may be even in TX, especially because they originally denied some “IMPORTANT” details.
    They will rerun this story many times today – enjoy.”

  453. Basil…I have to go to work too. But I will be back earlier today I think.

    I will help where i can, you know.

    In the meantime, I have sent the link to the FEC about the Obama sunglasses for sale, not affiliated to the campaign (sic) who are donating a portion of the proceeds to the Obama campaign. I am sure there is aome violation of Fed Election Laws in this, as the “donors” cannot be accounted for.

    I don’t know. It just sounds fishy, so I told them to look into it. There are also other companies donating to the campaign selling t-shirts and obama bracelets with “Yes we can” on them.

    Sounds like shell companies to me. Not PACS.

  454. Brazile could and should have used her position to promote more qualified candidates if she was unhappy with the choices. Male of female, black or white. But her statement seem to me clearly race- , rather than qualifications, biased.

  455. Brazile could and should have used her position to promote more qualified candidates if she was unhappy with the choices.

    She’s not unhappy. As stated, she’s friends w/ both and would be happy with either.

  456. HLR, I saw her at the state of the black union. She’s totally an Obama fan.

    Did you all read the headlines today? Is it true we launched airstrikes on Somalia? Did you read what the Iranian pres said? Did you read about possible war in South America? God help us if Hill doesn’t get that nomination.

  457. mj: She’s totally an Obama fan.

    Like any other voter, she’s free to make her own choices. Doesn’t mean she’s “playing the race card.” With respect to the specific message posted here (and I think it’s actually pretty cool of her to respond rather than blowing off Hillary supporters like so many in the media/politics), the meaning is quite clear — it’s a win-win.

  458. Yeah, but don’t you remember what she said about BC re:fairytale. Also, she is behind the push to not allow sd’s to do what they have always done. She’s very much for Obama. But I do agree, it’s very nice for her to respond.

  459. Ok, I’ve done my civic duty this morning, I emailed everyone on Tim’s list about Nafta-Gate. Later on, I will try to send some faxes. i believe that I send over 30 emails this morning. Guys, please email from that list, use BCC if you have to but get this story out.

  460. dedfg: It’s a win-win because either way, it’s not a white male with whom she doesn’t agree. This time it’s a black man or a white woman, both with whom she finds much agreement. Long-time political blog readers will recognize this as the “Francis Holland” argument.

    mj — she’s free to support the candidate she likes best. I think she’s pretty decent to respond. You don’t have to like her response or even believe that she’s telling the truth, but to run to the media w/ accusations of “playing the race card” based on her response???

  461. ok, i think nafta gate is a BIG story.

    donna brazile, i don’t see why make it an issue.. to most everyone she is a cnn commentator.. i sure did not appreciate her comments around south carolina when she did nothing to push back against what obama campaign was trying to say about the clintons.. she is on air pushing obama talking points. but still – i agree with hillarylandrocks

  462. “…to most everyone she is a cnn commentator…”

    and like almost all cnn commentors, extremely biased against Hillary

  463. Brazile’s response to me, and yes, i think it is great she is talking with us. We need to be polite but firm in our opinions. She attaches the LA times article again

    I am not blaming this on the populace, but what the heck you want me to do? I am not running your local party. In 2004, I confronted my party here in DC when the city council moved our date.

    Come on leadership starts where you are.

    And lastly, let’s not smear. The last thing the Clintons need is “guilt by association.”

    I am sick and tired of the boneheads running her campaign. She’s much better than the jerks who believe it is simply about them.

    It’s not. See below from Today’s LA Times.

    More from the L.A. Times shocker about Clinton campaign infighting

  464. and my reply:

    Donna, if you believe she is better than the jerks running her campaign,
    (and in many ways I agree) why does it appear you are piling on rather than
    helping with an even hand.

    I am not voting for Mark Penn, et al. I even wrote to get Penn out of the
    loop AGES ago. But I am just a citizen. Who the hell listens to me? (except
    at this point maybe you!)

    I am not voting for David Axelrod. He is a marketer with deep ties to the
    Chicago machine and his candidate. Obama’s campaign benefited from Dean’s
    netroots. I can only imagine that if Dean had been so generous to help
    Senator Clinton in this manner, the picture would be different. As it is,
    SHE and SHE ALONE is getting her message out and MILLIONS of Democrats have
    heard it. David Wilhelm, Howard Dean et all have stacked the deck against
    her. And you talk about campaign management? YOU KNOW, I believe in my heart
    of hearts, she is the most qualified candidate, and I understand the
    personal pride you have in having a Black candidate. One only has to look at
    John Lewis’ statement on his defection to know the pressure. But that ALONE
    turns this into a race about race. Something I thought I would never see.

    And “confronting the Party” is a much easier task when you are as well known
    and well connected as you are. Good lord, you know the most powerful people
    in the world. I am a freelance artist whose influence and financial ability
    to challenge with any veracity is minimal.

    As far as “smear”, I do not understand why asking questions about Senator
    Obama’s dealing with Rezko, et all is considered a “smear”. As you well
    know, the republicans were up Bill Clinton’s butt before he ever took
    office. It cost years and years of time and taxpayer money..meanwhile, the
    terrorists were getting their act together to bring on 9/11. I saw all that.
    I worked the attacks with American Red Cross disaster Services. And if you
    want the truth. I became an independent because he lied about a stupid
    affair to a grand jury. It was a protest. Otherwise, I think he did good. I
    think Senator Clinton is a MUCH better candidate than was Bill and would
    make a better President.

    So asking questions by a democrat of a democrat is not a smear. It is an
    attempt to avoid another onslaught of investigations, questions, REAL smear
    campaigns, and a total dysfunction of having ANYTHING get done to clean up
    the Bush/Cheney mess. And now we have the NAFTA thing again. This was “put
    to rest” by Senator Obama last week. But there is news today that this is
    not the case. Why are real questions turned into “smears”.

    I am not a pie-in-the-sky voter. I understand the connections, and the
    implication of “guilt by association” re Clinton in your comment, and it
    sounds all too much like the Republican playbook. “If you go there, we will
    go here”

    I say, bring it on. Because the Republicans most certainly will.

    And John McCain will be President.

    Is that really what you want?

  465. another_reader: i sure did not appreciate her comments around south carolina when she did nothing to push back against what obama campaign was trying to say about the clintons.

    I didn’t care much for her nonsense that day, but her email response seems quite balanced to me.

    There’s an article today in the WP about how Stephanie Tubbs-Jones is getting pressured big-time to support BO. I think Donna Brazile is in a tough position. If she supports BO, then at least she doesn’t beat up on Hillary 24-7 like JJ Jr. If she supports Hillary, she has the angry hordes after her. It’s BO that’s driving the wedges.

  466. Hey All – I’m still in Houston volunteering my butt off for the campaign, and halfway able to pay attention to the thread – but a few people had said something about lower number of people at BO rallies – it is true.

    That was me. Inoticed this weekend that his rallies wasn’t being attended by the thousands like in MN and WI. They also appeared more subdued. I also saw a picture from a Mydd diary of one of his rallies andit had a lot of empty bleachers.

  467. “Donna, if you believe she is better than the jerks running her campaign, (and in many ways I agree) why does it appear you are piling on rather than helping with an even hand.”


  468. If everyone who wrote a letter to Donna Bazile gives their permission, I think that Admin should do a post with her replies. They are rude, bigoted and I do think in one of her replies, she indicated that she supported a Black nominee. In addition, whomever she replied to telling them to read the LA times, that was way over the line. We need to post her replies.

    Good job writing to her. I plan to do that later to day. Blow up her Blackberry so that she knows we are listening to her and her bias. when she said that she would resign, she crossed the line because as she sid the rules are the rules. Also, post on Jake Tapper’s blog http://www.blogs.abcnews.com regarding this story.

    Also Chuck Todd’s blog http://www.firstread.msnbc.com

    And Chris Cilliza’s Washington Blog, the Fix.

  469. Guys, when you write to Donna, be polite but firm. Don’t use perjoratives because she will go on the air and say ‘clinton supporter’s’. Get your point across by being clean. We are smart here at Big Pink! We know how to do this.

  470. Personally, I would like to keep my dialogs with her going. I will post here as I see fit. I don’t know if blowing up her blackberry is a good dea. She is clearly listening and you can feel the pressure on her. From us, and from THEM. II do not envy her position, but I do not like her obvious racial overtone either.

  471. Statement from Hillary Clinton
    In a press availability this morning, Hillary Clinton made the following remarks regarding a memo that has surfaced confirming communication between Sen. Obama’s top economic advisor, Austan Goolsbee and the Canadian embassy about NAFTA.

    I think that after days of denial, the Obama campaign was confronted with a memo of a meeting – it was my understanding – in which there was a discussion of NAFTA. And it raises questions about Senator Obama coming to Ohio and giving speeches about NAFTA and having his chief economic advisor tell the Canadian government that it was just political rhetoric.

    I don’t think people should come to Ohio and tell the people of Ohio one thing and then have your campaign tell a foreign government something else behind closed doors. That’s the kind of difference between talk and action and that I’ve been pointing out in this campaign. I think the questions should be directed at Senator Obama.

    I don’t think people should come to Ohio and you both give speeches that are very critical of NAFTA and you send out misleading and false information about my positions regarding NAFTA and then we find out that your chief economic advisor has gone to a foreign government and basically done the old wink-wink, don’t pay any attention this is just political rhetoric.

  472. Exactly so, SGA, she is listening and there is pressure .. the racial overtone puts a shudder through one. The fact that even she cannot resist pulling her racial views into the mix, shows how unelectable Obama really is.

  473. I didn’t mean ‘blow up her Blackberry’ in a bad way. I meant that if anyone felt as i do that often times she comes across as biased or was outraged when she said that she would quit the democratic party if the SD decided the nominee then they should email her and let her know.

    It seems to me that if the SD were founded to decide the race in certain instances and she accepted her role as a SD then it is very disingenous to take her position.

  474. Wasn’t the LA Times bought last year by somebody from Chicago?

    But at any rate, since when is everybody in a campaign supposed to agree with everybody else? this is a non story.

  475. i prayed to jesus last night for 30 seconds… hahaha obama is toast… NAFTA is out… REZKO is coming obama ran to chicago… hahaha.. tomorrow… clinton will clean his clock ohhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooo… hahahaha 🙂

  476. where is bambi today… i am sure he doesn’t step into OHIO… people will throw egss & rotten tomotos on his face if he ever step into OHIO 🙂

    hahahaha 🙂

  477. It’s sad to see the president of advance women organization write an article that is negative towards the Hillary campaign…but then what do you expect on a cnn website.

    I wrote this as a comment, but surprise! it got moderated out.

    Faye: I have to say that I am quite surprised that you represent the advancewoman organization. With all the good and postive things you can say about Hillary Clinton (and there are many), you decide to focus on the negative.
    I would have to say that if I as a woman were trying to advance in an organization, I would not want you on my side. sorry.

  478. NYT.. you should be fuxcking reporting about NAFTA about bambi… NYT is an asshole
    fat sxmug kennedy, where are you… idiot 🙂

  479. Barack Obama mislead rally audience

    In a speech to an audience today on CNN, Senator Barack Obama referred again to Senator Clinton’s judgment on voting for the Authorization to Use Force. In this reference, he maintained his position that her judgment was wrong, and that she had not read the National Intelligence Estimate.

    In his statement, to paraphrase, he said that when the Senator Rockefeller, the Chair of the Intelligence Committee gives you an Intelligence Estimate to vote about this Authorization, you had better read it…because this is why I am voting against the war…he then went on to imply that Senator Rockefeller had voted against the war.

    From the information I have from TheHill.com, Senator Jay Rockefeller voted YES to authorize the use of force in Iraq.

  480. ooops, typo! LOL

    been reprieved from work today, but so have some other stuff to do.

    this is all so fascinating!

  481. An exclusive WKYC-TV/SurveyUSA poll shows Senator Hillary Clinton extending her advantage to a full 10 percentage points over Senator Barack Obama.
    Last week, Clinton’s lead had dwindled to six points, but today it increased to its largest margin in at least 3 weeks. The current margin is 54-44 percent.

    SurveyUSA concludes that the 16 minutes Clinton used during the Cleveland debate to talk about health care mhave paid off. More voters now name health care as their number one issue, and of those, Clinton has a 24
    percentage point advantage, up from 7 percent last week.

    She has also picked up support in Greater Cincinnati, where she now leads Obama by 19 points after having trailed the last two weeks.

    2,000 Ohio adults were surveyed and of them, 1,805 were registred to vote. 873 had already voted or were likely to vote on Tuesday.

  482. wohooo…. i think she will take OHIO by 15 points mate… 🙂
    this survey, i think, was taken before NAFTA-SHAFTA & REZKO rama.. hahaha 🙂
    go hillary go…. viva hillary viva 🙂

  483. excerpt from a poster on Jake Tapper’s blog re Bill and Chelsea’s visit to Joel Olsteen’s church in tX.
    This is huge for Hillary Clinton in Texas. “Joel Osteen was featured as one of Barbara Walters’ “10 Most Fascinating People of 2006”, and was named “Most Influential Christian in America” in 2006 by The Church Report.”

    Excerpt from the report of the Houston Chronicle.

    “Pastor Joel Osteen introduced them from the pulpit to cheers from the crowd gathered in the former basketball arena. Neither Clinton addressed the congregation.

    Osteen said Lakewood members have prayed for the former president and his wife, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, who is in the middle of a bruising battle to capture Texas votes in Tuesday’s primary in her bid to win the Democratic presidential nomination.”

    “We just appreciate you serving the country,” Osteen said.

    He said leaders at the mega-church don’t tell members whom they should vote for, saying there were many fine candidates. But he encouraged the crowd to vote.

    “This Tuesday is an exciting time for the state of Texas,” Osteen said.

  484. MJ: This is for you! From a poster at TMarsh. OH looks good to me. Now, on to Tx.
    New Ohio Numbers
    From Quinnipiac University poll: Clinton 49, Obama 45
    Dates conducted: Feb. 27-March 2. Error margin: 3.5 points.

    From University of Cincinnati Ohio poll: Clinton 51, Obama 42.
    Dates conducted: Feb. 28-March 2. Error margin: 3.9 points.

    From Suffolk University poll: Clinton 52, Obama 40.
    Dates conducted: March 1-2.

    And finally the best pollster of all SUSA says:
    it’s Clinton 54%, Obama 44%

    Go Hillary!

  485. B Merry, Bob Novak is talking about you:

    Clinton agents have shopped this story around the news media since her 10-state losing streak started. A “Rezko Watch” blog attacks both Rezko and Obama daily, while alleging connections between them. The blog appears to be written by a self-styled “citizen journalist” who calls himself “B Merryfield” and dispenses the straight pro-Clinton line.

  486. Update on Hill and 2 new ads from http://www.firstread.msnbc.com
    Hillary: ‘I’m just warming up’Posted: Monday, March 03, 2008 10:34 AM by Domenico Montanaro
    Filed Under: 2008, Clinton
    From NBC/NJ’s Athena Jones
    TOLEDO, Ohio — Hillary Clinton said Monday she felt good about the state of the race in Ohio and that she was “just warming up.”

    The comment came in response to a question at then end of a press conference about what happens if Tuesday’s results are tight.

    “I’m just getting warmed up,” Clinton said, before adding “onward and upward” as she left the podium. Earlier, when asked how she would measure success in Tuesday’s contests, she simply said “winning” without elaborating.

    She said she was prepared to head on to Pennsylvania and was asked about a report over the weekend quoting former candidate Bill Richardson calling Tuesday D-Day and suggesting she should bow out if she doesn’t have clear victories tomorrow.

    “Well, we’re going to see what happens tomorrow, and I feel good about tomorrow,” she said. “Obviously, this is a very close race. We’re within the margin of error both with the popular vote and the delegate count, and I feel very good about what’s going to happen tomorrow. Let’s wait and let people actually vote before we start commenting on something that hasn’t happened yet.”

    The senator asked the press to substitute her name for Obama’s regarding controversy over whether an adviser of his met with Canadian officials to downplay his criticism of NAFTA, suggesting reporters would treat her differently under the same circumstances.

    “I would ask you to look at this story, substitute my name for Sen. Obama’s name and see what you would do with this story. That’s what I would ask you to do,” she said. “If some of my economic advisers had been having private meetings with foreign governments basically saying ignore what I’m saying because it’s only political rhetoric, I think it raises serious questions.”

    Discuss (30 Comments) Email this | Link to this
    New Clinton ads in OH and TXPosted: Monday, March 03, 2008 10:11 AM by Mark Murray
    Filed Under: 2008, Clinton, Ads
    From NBC’s Christina Jamison and Mark Murray
    The Clinton campaign announced it’s going up with two new ads — one in Texas, which hammers Obama for not holding hearings on the subcommittee he chairs, and another in Ohio, which says she will fight for middle-class families.

  487. RUSH UPDATE: I’m listening so you don’t have to:
    Rush hitting at BO and his inexperience. Highlighting the Nafta-gate.
    Rush is saying that this stuff with BO is worse than all of the Clinton stuff. He said that BO is just downright incompetent.
    He’s reading Nedra Pickler from the AP and I believe the American Spectator.
    tiburones | 03.03.2008 – 12:25 pm | #

    Rush is saying that Goolsbee/BO saying that their comments were misinterpreted is not enough. Imagine if we were dealing with the Russians! He is saying that this stuff doesn’t matter to his faithfuls.

    He also said that you have to keep chipping away with all of this stuff i.e Nafta/REzco for it to finally add up and matter.

    For those who don’t know, many if not all the right wingnuts radio talkheads get their talking points from Rush. I suspect that Hannity, Medved, etc will be all over this this evening.
    tiburones | 03.03.2008 – 12:28 pm | #


    He said that the strategy is to keep Clinton in and continue the chaos. He said that they need clinton in as the RNC/party won’t be the wons to do it and she is the only one who can bloody him up as people don’t like her already.

    He said that BO is screwing up diplomacy and finding out that it ain’t so easy. A female called him and said I know that you are pushing for a unity ticket but we will get 2 of the most immoral people in the office and be screwed. He said, we (Repubs) are already screwed.

    I don’t care what his strategy is but if it helps to keep Hill in the race, I’m all for it as she bar none is the most qualified person.
    tiburones | 03.03.2008 – 12:31 pm | #

    Rush is commenting on an American Spectator article saying that there will be a brokered convention. He is saying that this guy is saying that neither Hillary or BO will have the 2,025 delegates when the primary election occurs.

    I hate to say this but it is a shame when we go to the enemy’s camp to hear what the MSM won’t say.
    tiburones | 03.03.2008 – 12:37 pm |

    Rush just plained Gov. Fl Charlie Crist soundbite saying that he would be willing to consider funding a re-do of FL primary. He then played H Dean’s response.

    Hm….Rush hinted that Charlie is picking up on his comments. He is also saying that these votes shuld count. He using JR/Barnes and Dallas as a metaphor. Go figure!
    He said that rules can be broken.

    tiburones | 03.03.2008 – 12:43 pm | #

    He was encouraging his listeners to cross over and vote for Hillary. He said he was telling peoplewhat to do , just putting it out there and he had no idea how many people would do it.

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