The Barack Obama Stench

We warned against enabling MSNBC/NBC. Last night Tim Russert and Brian Williams perfumed the air for Barack Obama and tried to hurt Hillary Clinton with “gotcha” questions and videos. Big Media tool Barack Obama cooperated with his Big Media trainers. Hillary still beat them.

Invoking a Saturday Night Live sketch, which mocked Big Media adulation and protection of their tool, Hillary put Tim Russert and Brian Williams on notice that she was prepared to take them on as well. That warning probably prevented a full out assault against Hillary. Still, the assault on Hillary was ugly. Even other Big Media outlets took notice of the bias:

I sometimes find the Clinton campaign’s complaints about the media hard to take, but that was a bit of an SNL re-enactment.

Russert just grilled Clinton, hard, on Nafta, and on her unfilled pledge to bring jobs to Upstate New York.

Williams’ question to Obama on experience: “How were her comments about you unfair?”

PINOs, Naderites and Barack Obama supporters applaud Big Media and the anti-Hillary bias of the broadcasts and print coverage. They have all lost the right to complain when Big Media trains its fire on behalf of John McCain and Republicans.

* * *

For a long time, we have discussed the Stinky Politics represented by Obama and his henchmen. We wrote:

Want to know how ’stinky’ the 2008 presidential race is going to get?

In the week of December 17, 2003 a very dirty advertisment appeared on Iowa television. The spokesman and (one of three) leader for the group that ran the ad was Robert Gibbs. Robert Gibbs is also the current communications director for Barack Obama.

The 2003 advertisment, just before the Iowa caucuses, morphed the face of Osama Bin Laden with the face of then frontrunner presidential candidate Howard Dean.

We quoted the Chicago Tribune regarding the Obama team’s thuggery:

Despite often lofty rhetoric that he plans to bring the nation a “new kind of politics,” Sen. Barack Obama has surrounded himself with operatives skilled in the old-school art of the political backstab. [snip]

When Obama assembled his crew early this year, he brought together a team with a long track record of the sort of caustic rhetoric he has pledged to avoid, just as other presidential candidates have done by hiring people similarly talented in the art of opposition research and attack. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) even hired some of the very people who trashed his 2000 presidential bid.

From his campaign headquarters in a high-rise on Michigan Avenue, Obama’s political warriors range from a research director with extensive experience in throwing darts from Democratic National Committee’s offices to a communications director who once worked for a group that ran a controversial ad that used an image of Osama bin Laden to attack Howard Dean.

Obama’s latest campaign hiccup started with documents that sarcastically questioned Clinton’s ties to India that were pitched to reporters on a not-for-attribution basis. The documents later became public, angering many Indian-American supporters.

Today, a real Professor, writes about the gap between Senator Barack Obama’s promises of a pure, soul-cleansing “new” politics and the calculated, deeply dishonest conduct of his actually-existing campaign. Professor Sean Wilentz continues where we left off:

Misleading propaganda is hardly new in American politics –although the adoption of techniques reminiscent of past Republican and special-interest hit jobs, right down to a retread of the fictional couple [Harry and Louise], seems strangely at odds with a campaign that proclaims it will redeem the country from precisely these sorts of divisive and manipulative tactics. As insidious as these tactics are, though, the Obama campaign’s most effective gambits have been far more egregious and dangerous than the hypocritical deployment of deceptive and disingenuous attack ads. To a large degree, the campaign’s strategists turned the primary and caucus race to their advantage when they deliberately, falsely, and successfully portrayed Clinton and her campaign as unscrupulous race-baiters–a campaign-within-the-campaign in which the worked-up flap over the Somali costume photograph is but the latest episode. While promoting Obama as a “post-racial” figure, his campaign has purposefully polluted the contest with a new strain of what historically has been the most toxic poison in American politics.

The Obama campaign gay bashing, gay baiting tour of South Carolina was also “egregious and dangerous”. Obama sought to exploit stereotypes, prejudice and ignorance to divide two jewels of the Democratic base, African-Americans and Gay Americans. That gay bashing tour was the dress rehearsal for the race baiting Professor Wilentz describes.

More than any other maneuver, this one has brought Clinton into disrepute with important portions of the Democratic Party. A review of what actually happened shows that the charges that the Clintons played the “race card” were not simply false; they were deliberately manufactured by the Obama camp and trumpeted by a credulous and/or compliant press corps in order to strip away her once formidable majority among black voters and to outrage affluent, college-educated white liberals as well as college students. The Clinton campaign, in fact, has not racialized the campaign, and never had any reason to do so. Rather the Obama campaign and its supporters, well-prepared to play the “race-baiter card” before the primaries began, launched it with a vengeance when Obama ran into dire straits after his losses in New Hampshire and Nevada–and thereby created a campaign myth that has turned into an incontrovertible truth among political pundits, reporters, and various Obama supporters. This development is the latest sad commentary on the malign power of the press, hyping its own favorites and tearing down those it dislikes, to create pseudo-scandals of the sort that hounded Al Gore during the 2000 campaign. It is also a commentary on how race can make American politics go haywire. Above all, it is a commentary on the cutthroat, fraudulent politics that lie at the foundation of Obama’s supposedly uplifting campaign.

Read the entire Sean Wilentz article. We’ll discuss it further in subsequent articles.


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  1. Today is Chelsea Clinton’s 28th birthday.

    We all watched her grow up in the White House. We saw her parents protect her from the press, and make sure she had as normal a childhood as possible in the media glare. We were all proud of her when she went off to Stanford, and then on to a successful career in New York City. And, during this campaign, from coast to coast, Americans were awed by how much Chelsea has stepped up to the plate to support her mother on the campaign trail. I’ve never met Chelsea, but I’m so very proud of her, and so happy she has been making a difference reaching out to young voters for her mother.

    I just contributed $28.44 to Hillary’s campaign, in honor of Chelsea’s 28th birthday, and .44 in honor of Hillary becoming the 44th President of the United States.

    Can you match my contribution and get others to do the same?

    I usually spend about $10 a day buying lunch, so, I figure, if I just brown bag it for the 3 days left in this week, that covers it.

    Let’s send a birthday message to Chelsea, and encouragement to Hillary after her fantastic debate performance last night (from Cleveland, Ohio — my hometown!).

    Kevin DuJan
    Chicago, IL

  2. I’m going to go take a nap, and then get back on the phone for Hillary. What a long, dreary day here in East TN. 🙁

  3. (repost from other thread)
    We’re not allowed to say his name coz that’s fear-mongering.
    We’re not allowed to view pictures of him coz that’ fear-mongering AND idolotrous. (You shalt not make images of God and You shall not make wrongful use of the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not acquit anyone who misuses his name.)
    We’re not allowed to say Jackson won SC coz that’s racist.
    We’re not allowed to point out his inconsistencies on policies because that’s anti-affirmative action.
    CENSORSHIP!!!!!!!! Repeal of Freedom of Speech!!!!!!!! Overturning the First Ammendment!
    And today even rush (who I listen to while driving as he’s the only radio station I get)
    did a similar routine about the hands-off Obamarama thing and said (this cracked me up) “since we can’t say his full name, Barack Hussein Obama, I guess that means we can’t initialize his name, as we do with many presidents, GWB, LBJ, RR,. and I guess that means I’ll have to refer to him as BO.

  4. @idunn: we’re really close… youre in east tn and i’m in west nc… it snowed here last night! its fuh-reeezing here!!!

    p/s if anyone wants the email addys of unommitted SDs… i have the dem govs and senators… let me know!

  5. Diva Bunny, thank you for the nudge and the link!!!!

    My letter to John lewis:

    Dear Rep. Lewis, I am so extremely disappointed in your decision to desert Hillary Clinton as this moment, when she MOST needs your visible support. I find your decision to back Barack Obama embarrassing, confounding and YES, cowardly. Since I am not a resident of GA, you might consider this none of my business. But as an American, I feel I MUST repeat how deeply, DEEPLY disapponted I am in your behavior. You have ruined my day, sir, by reinforcing one of the most terribly deperessing lessons I have learned from this campaign: that in politics, we cannot trust even our closest and longest-known friends. Hopefully you have not also ruined America’s chance to have a truly extraordinary president in Hillary Clinton. I have watched while Hillary has been abandoned by her colleagues, friends and constituents for a new, fresh face with less experience. Shame on all of you.

  6. I’ve had 3 replies from the governors I contacted today. My old stomping ground Wva Governor sent more of a form letter…Bredesen of Ky just sent a thank you.

    My governor here in Tennessee sent a really heartfelt response .. covering Tn issues as well as encouragement for the election itself. I got warm and fuzzy, even though it’s cold as ice outside and snowing bits all day.

    Idunn, it is dreary, dreary, here and I don’t feel like I’ve gotten much accomplished today.

    Off topic .. has anyone here known anybody who has had Testosterone Pellets implanted in the hips for testosterone replacement/osteoporosis treatments? Hubby is -3 on the bone density scale, takes Actonel and an injection every day of Forteo .. now they want to implant these T pellets in his hips.

  7. Idunn…yes, I’m exhausted. Ky = Beshear … too many B’s today LOL.

    $4.00 gas prices by spring MY GAWD! Hurry up warmer weather so I can head out on the motorcycle. Hubby only drives his big diesel truck now to go to the dump. My car is 10 years old but still runs really good and gets really good mileage.

    Idunn…can I get that laundry detergent recipe. Already, doing the homemade dog food.

    I hope the congress passes something to cut gas tax.

  8. I have a pressing mathematical question.

    If SNL claims MSM is in the tank for BO (aka HWSNBN,) and DNC is in the tank for BO, does it follow that DNC is in the tank for MSM or vice versa?

    Idunn, funny ^=^. 😎

  9. Idunn…can I get that laundry detergent recipe. Already, doing the homemade dog food.

    Sure. Want me to post it here or send it to your email?

  10. See this amazing TV appearance by Lanny davis Hillary supporter on MSNBC via NoQuarterUSA

    Truthtelling from Lannie Davis (What about “Iron My Shirt”?) »
    By SusanUnPC on February 27, 2008 at 3:58 PM in Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Patrick Fitzgerald, Tony Rezko, Iraq | 0 Comments

    Lanny effectively points out Obama’s wishy-washy Iraq record and defends Hillary magnificently. Even Jow Scarborugh admitted that President Clinton’s “fairy tale” remark was addressed to Obama’s war record. Lanny also points out that it is the Obama campiagn that played the race card. Watch it yourself.

  11. As much as I love the Ann Richards video, I had a feeling something like this might happen especially since I have not heard anything about Cecile Richards endorsing Hillary like she did for her Senate runs.

  12. I’ve got a splitting headache

    I’m feeling sick all over. Fast, someone send some ObamaHolyWater my way and one of his used hankies. I’m sure the one he blowed his nose on would heal me of all future illness coming my way as well.

    Hubby can maybe strap one of those used hankies on his hips (ewwww) and be healed as well.

    Wonder when they’ll start selling HopeInABox.

  13. @idunn: an hour and a half is nothing, “in these parts”… did you guys get snow last night?

    @fran: thanks! i didnt know if it was some astrological prediction…

    @basil: check your email.. ive consolidated it so that the addys are all in one place. it makes it MUCH easier to email them…

    @dot: ive gotten some responses too, but just acknowledging that they received my message, not saying “YES! Of course i will endorse Hillary!!!” oh well… i’ll keep trying!

  14. Dot, here’s a good link for the laundry soap.

    I don’t make mine exactly the same way though. I use 1/2 bar of fels naptha soap, 1/2 c. borax , and 1 c. washing soda.

    If you can’t find fels naptha soap easily, use a whole bar of Kirks Castille Soap or a whole bar of Octagon Soap.

    I pour my prepared soap into old gallon detergent bottles that I cut the little spout out of. You’ll need to vigorously shake the soap before each use. It’s alittle “gloopy”. Works great though and costs about .60 cents a gallon.

  15. About John Lewis. This guy has fought the good fight his whole life. He is being called a traitor to his race and they have found a young guy to run against him. I feel sympathy for him. I wish he hadn’t caved, but they have threatened his whole life. I am sure the pressure has been beyond unbearable. And he has held out a long time. What we have to do is make sure people know he was pressured into it by some very unscrupulous obamathugs.

  16. an hour and a half is nothing, “in these parts”… did you guys get snow last night?

    Yep. And still having bouts of snow. Normally, I love it…today it’s just another pain in my ass.

  17. “Gov. Matt Blunt of Missouri also opened with a joke about a fellow, if Democratic, governor and the party’s leading candidate for president in the delegate chase: Sen. Barack Obama.

    “What a great crowd!” Blunt told the crowd. “At least, that’s what Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick told me to say.”

    Deval, an influential member of the Obama campaign, has lent the senator from Illinois some phrases, which have led some to accuse the senator of plagiarism in his speeches.”

  18. idunn.. email me:

    ^^ excuse above .. I need to get off the net, I’m seriously out of whack today. Hmm..wonder what my horoscope says. I’m a 10/31 have no idea what time I was born.

  19. I sent Mr. Lewis an email. I simply wished him well and expressed my disappointment that he “bailed”. Short and sweet. I’m not proud of him at all.

    I call him a frenenemy. Friend while the going is good, enemy when the going gets tough.

    Sorry folks, that is my humble opinion. I hope Hillary and Bill keep little black books.

    Fox news reporting that McAuliffe says Clinton and Obama could be the ticket … only if she is on top. Over my dead and ranting body. That is the only way that arsehole would have me check a box by his name.

  20. @dot48,

    I have this vision of Mrs. Obama fighting Bill Clinton for the right to decorate the White House for Christmas…lol… Somehow I think it is Mrs. Obama that will fight to the end for top billing.

  21. dot48 Says:
    February 27th, 2008 at 4:27 pm

    I sent Mr. Lewis an email. I simply wished him well and expressed my disappointment that he “bailed”. Short and sweet. I’m not proud of him at all.
    I also sent him a message on his web page saying if a man of his principles and convictions cannot stand his ground, who else can?

  22. wow……..what a powerful article.

    For most of us that do not see the underbelly of most campaigns this is very insightful as to how the Clintons lost support among black voters, and shamefully so.

    It’s absolutely refreshing to see a writer tell it like it is, without denigrating the persons, but the actions of others.

    We can only hope (why is that word ugly to me now) that more media will stick to reporting the news than making it.

  23. hahaha. People are watching the cnn video at mydd and going nutz. One guy insisted it wasn’t a ‘real diary.’ Then when he was called out on that he said the link didn’t work anymore. These obama people will say anything.

    Recommend it to keep the video up on the site all day. Over 2,000 people belong to that website. It’s worth a few clicks…

  24. Divabunny, I think that is exactly the point that Lanni Davis was making. They HAVE been trying to hammer this point home, but the media REFUSES to listen. In New Hampshire, that is EXACTLY the point that Bill was hammering home, and instead of listening to his broader point and investigating, they crucified him for being “racist.” At the South Carolina debate, Hillary spelled it out very forcefully and the media did not care to listen. They HAVE been trying to hammer this point about Iraq out over and over again, but it is REALLY difficult for the message to get any traction at all if the media just won’t cover it, or if they just discredit it by saying whoever said it is a racist. I mean I have friends supporting Obama who, to this day, think the fairy tale comment was about race and don’t care what Bill Clinton really said. It is awful, but I just want to point out that they have tried, and they have tried hard, to get this message out there but it is impossible when the media keeps censoring them.

    Dot, I think McAuliffe was saying it like “Sure, it could happen” not that it will happen, even if she is at the top of the ticket. Also, remember what IDunn said about things being revealed March 8-12, I have read about the significance of these dates for him elsewhere too, so I think it is an important time to watch. Opening statements for Rezko start March 6th…

  25. Obama says he wants to do away with lobbyists and corporate influence in Washington, then why has he accepted more money from Utility Companies supporting burning coal than Hillary? He has received $248,000 this cycle compared to Hillary’s $200,000. I would say something about a pot and a kettle, but do not want to be called a racist.

  26. 2 more days in February and then we’ve come to March and now the scales will balance out. We all knew this month was going to be the hardest one yet but Hillary is still standing, the race is still very close with all the media tampering.

    Remember, Hillary won those states dems have to win come November, NOT Obama. So when Obama and the media keep saying it’s a given that he can win those states Hillary Clinton won…just say FLORIDA! That state only is pissed at him…then say California…I.DON’T THINK SO….correct that, I KNOW HE WON’T WIN THAT STATE, TOO MANY MISTAKES and a very popular republican Governor. I could go on but I know my state and where the true power lies and it ain’t Oakland.

    For some reason I feel very, very good about our chances at the convention. Obama has been getting a free ride from the media and getting away with saying nothing on his plan but copying Hillary’s. Which is a huge compliement for Hillary, since Obama like it so much.

    Remember Obama is a Ponzi Scheme that will eventually collapse and what will be interesting is how many people he will bring down with him.

  27. How the words “fairy tale” could be taken as relating in any way to race is beyond me.

    It shows how cynical they are, and how determined to call the Clintons racist, no matter how far fetched.

  28. linfar: The father of Douglas MacArthur won the Congressional Medal of Honor at the Battle of Missionary Ridge in the Civil War. Looking back on it 40 years later he marvelled at how his life from that day forward had been defined by what he did in the short span of 16 minutes.

    There are times when a leader needs to hold the high moral ground even though the troops want to surrender. I remember when Lewis praised Clinton for her commitment to civil rights and called Obama a Johnny Come Lately.

  29. NO problem rjk, she will denounce his endorsement, and he might encourage some repubs to cross over and vote for her in texas and diminish the impact of obama’s crossovers

  30. wbboei, I hear you. And I know it is sad. I think if all John Lewis had to do was hold his ground for 16 minutes he could have done it. In fact he has held his ground for months and months. But the pressure has been unrelenting. That is why I think we need to write all the super delegates who are holding firm for Hillary and thank them. But a lot of them are not experiencing the kind of pressure put on Lewis and some of the others. It has been murderous. Still, I think thank yous are in order.

    Please go and recommend this one to keep the cnn video up at mydd.

  31. Hi folks,

    There is supposedly a youtube video circulating which is from the debate last night.

    It’s that “jump ball” question that Russert threw out there about Russia. The video highlights that when the question was asked, BO immediately turns toward Hillary. She, of course, answers it. It’s obvious that it was a question that BO had no clue about.

    Has anybody seen the video of this?

  32. thoughts…

    ive been trying to compile the contact info for the uncommitted SDs… i did fine for the senators and governors, but its a nightmare trying to get through to the state reps. it seems as if you have to live in their district to be able to send them an email.

    think we should just skip ’em???

    @mango: i know what youre saying abt the msm… and i am not being negative here, but i have seen lanny on several shows and this was the very first time that i heard him be as emphatic as he was this morning on the issue. same thing with hillary last night. she spelled it out last night better than ive heard her do any other time in the campaign. i’m happy and i just hope its not too late!

  33. The Democrats neo-lefts are turning off their moderates and non Obama worshipers with their outrageous behavior. It will not help them in the GE.

    But I feel very strong about this, Hillary is weathering the attacks from TEAM OBAMA and she is still standing even with all the establishment backing given to Obama. Because when you really honest about Obama, there is this nagging thought that he is not ready for the job of “President and Commander in Chief.”

    So let the delegate counting continue…Hillary Clinton is the true grassroot candidate and represents core democrats…yes even some African Americans support Hillary.

    You have to fight back against Thugs and not let them get away with this crap.

    Admin. excellent post and I totally agree with you about arrogant MSNBC/NBC.

    Regarding CNN video, I’ll will believe they’ve will correct the bias or is just covering their behind but SNL embarrassed CNN and I hope SNL keep showing the media in the “tank” for Obama.

  34. Hey wbboei, I hear you. I think if all Lewis had to do was stand his ground for 16 minutes he would have done so–and in fact he did–for months and months. The pressure on him has been murderous. What we have to do is publicize that pressure. And I am also going to thank the super delegates that are hanging strong for Hillary. And there are a lot of them too.

    Please don’t forget to recommend this one to keep the cnn story up at mydd

    Well, almost time for my phone calls. I have gotten to hate doing this, but I will do it.
    These contests just matter so much

  35. Sorry. Can’t get this to post. hope it’s not a duplicate. Here is my SD letter.
    Dear Senator ,

    As a long-time Democrat and an ardent Clinton supporter, I urge you to endorse Senator Clinton as the Democratic presidential nominee.

    She is the superior candidate on issue after issue, from her plan for Universal health Coverage, to her determination to create Green jobs, to her unwavering resolve in confronting international crises. She clearly possesses the experience, the knowledge, the temperament and the intellect for the position of president of the US.

    In addition, I have been appalled at the obvious DNC bias toward Senator Barack Hussein Obama from their refusal to consider seating the Florida and Michigan delegates to suggestions Senator Clinton should concede the race.

    Perhaps you are not aware of the Mr. Obama’s nasty strategy for attacking a fellow democrat and its similarities to the Karl Rove attack machine of the 2000 and 2004 presidential races. Mr. Obama has not only falsely portrayed Senator Clinton’s positions on NAFTA, the Iraq War and Universal health coverage, he has also launched a campaign to convince Republicans and independents to cast their vote in the primaries and caucuses for him as a way to defeat Senator Clinton.

    As a result, approximately 9% of his voters have come from factions that will invariably abandon him to vote for Senator McCain in the General Election.

    This reprehensible strategy, called “Democrat for a Day,” urges non-democrats to switch parties during the primaries, a tactic that smacks of Voter fraud and disenfranchisement. The skewed results are clearly not representative of the will of real democrats with whom Senator Clinton maintains a solid lead.

    Here are links to the Obama materials I cite.
    By Obama Florida 2008
    Published: April 24, 2007
    That’s why “Democrat for a Day” was launched this spring by ObamaFlorida2008. Using the official forms provided by all Supervisors of Elections offices, you may re-register as a Democrat for that one day — when the primary is likely to be held — on February 5, 2008. You must do so before the end of 2007, to make sure it is done 30 days before the primary.
    But this is not about some “hard sell” to recruit voters to become permanent Democrats. Not at all. After the primary, you may re-register back to the
    Republican or Libertarian parties, or revert to your previous status as an Independent! There will be plenty of time before the general election in November 2008.
    But we’re finding that up to 20 percent of Obama supporters are registered Republicans.
    In fact, during the first couple of weeks in April, some 150 Republicans indeed became “Democrats for a Day.” You might call them “Obamacrats!”
    A similar flyer was distributed in Nevada by an Obama precinct captain and there is another circulating in Texas.
    Finally, I find it ironic that Howard Dean and the DNC are calling for donations to help prevent John McCain from ‘breaking the law by ignoring the campaign spending restrictions for the Republican primary that came when he asked for federal matching funds.’ If Mr. Dean is so outraged about Senator McCain, it seems he should be equally outraged that Mr. Obama is manipulating the Florida and Michigan delegate controversy to his advantage in order to deny Senator Clinton a fair shot at the nomination through sleazy political schemes his “Wanna Be an Obamacrat” pitch.

    In conclusion, I sincerely hope you will take into consideration Senator Clinton’s long public service record, her unflagging dedication to the Democratic Party and her superior
    Qualifications in deciding who, as a Super Delegate, you will support.

    Thank you for your time,

  36. For most of us that do not see the underbelly of most campaigns this is very insightful as to how the Clintons lost support among black voters, and shamefully so.

    As Bill said, Blacks supported Jesse Jackson Sr in about the same proportions. They didn’t turn against the Clintons, they just came out for someone of their own group as soon as he looked like a ‘viable’ candidate.

    What the ‘racist’ thing did was cause a lot of confusion and make Bill and others afraid to say anything. 🙁

  37. bama & Rev. Wright. Rev. Wright & Farakahn: One Degree of Seperation Add to Hotlist

    by dem dem, Wed Feb 27, 2008 at 03:45:39 PM EST

    Last night in the debate when Russert asked Obama about Louis Farakahn’s endorsement of him, the discussion got bogged down in the semantics of the word “reject”. What wasn’t mentioned was one of the greatest risks of choosing Obama as our nominee, the relationship between Obama’s friend and Pastor, the Rev. Wright and “Minister” Louis Farakahn and why it took Obama twenty years and a Presidential campaign to get around to finally condemning it.

    Obviously Obama is not a “secret muslim”, he’s a Christian. He is no antisemite, and I assume he’s never even met Farakahn.

    Obama doesn’t have a Farakahn problem, Rev. Wright does.

    But Obama DOES have a Rev. Wright problem, which means so do we.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    There are hundreds of churches on the South Side of Chicago that Obama could have chosen from, but he selected the one that was headed by Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Obama has called Wright his spiritual mentor, his moral compass and his sounding board. He was the man who gave Obama the term, “The Audacity of Hope” after all. The church also is the largest recipient of Obama’s charitable donations. The pastor married Obama and his wife Michelle and baptized his two daughters. ight

    Trinity United Church of Christ IS Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

    When Wright became the senior pastor in 1972, the church’s membership totaled 87. It now has the largest congregation in the United Church of Christ with over 8,000 members.

    The problem is Wright also is a supporter of Louis Farrakhan, a man who called Judaism a “gutter religion”. Farrakhan has called whites “blue-eyed devils” and the “anti-Christ.” He has described Jews as “bloodsuckers” who control the government, the media, and some black organizations.

    In the 80s Rev. Wright traveled with Farrakhan to visit Col. Muammar al-Gaddafi, archenemy of Israel’s and a confirmed terror supporter responsible for the bombing of the TWA jet over Lochabee Scotland that took hundreds of American lives .

    After their trip to Libya, in 1985, the Col.Gaddafi spoke by satellite to Farrakhan’s NOI’s Saviour’s Day Convention in Chicago, and told Farrakhan supporters that he was prepared to provide weapons to a black army in the U.S. to destroy “white America.”

    Now thats some crazy talk indeed.

    Like Farrakhan, the anti-Israel statements of Wright have been well chronicled.:

    The Israelis have illegally occupied Palestinian territories for almost 40 years now. It took a divestment campaign to wake the business community up concerning the South Africa issue. Divestment has now hit the table again as a strategy to wake the business community up and to wake Americans up concerning the injustice and the racism under which the Palestinians have lived because of Zionism.

    On the Sunday after 9/11, Wright said the attacks were a consequence of violent American policies. Four years later, Wright suggested that the attacks were retribution for America’s racism.

    “In the 21st century, white America got a wake-up call after 9/11/01,” “White America and the western world came to realize that people of color had not gone away, faded into the woodwork or just `disappeared’ as the Great White West kept on its merry way of ignoring black concerns.”

    In one of his sermons, Wright said,

    “Racism is how this country was founded and how this country is still run!…We [in the U.S.] believe in white supremacy and black inferiority and believe it more than we believe in God.”

    Just before Obama’s nationally televised campaign kickoff rally last Feb. 10, the candidate disinvited Wright from giving the public invocation. Wright explained: “When [Obama’s] enemies find out that in 1984 I went to Tripoli” to visit Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, “a lot of his Jewish support will dry up quicker than a snowball in hell.”

    According to Wright, Obama then told him, “‘You can get kind of rough in the sermons, so what we’ve decided is that it’s best for you not to be out there in public.'” But privately, Obama and his family prayed with Wright just before the presidential announcement.

    But if Obama rejects Wright’s warped view of this country, why does he continue to attend his church, raising the question of whether Obama secretly agrees with his friend and mentor? At the least, Obama’s membership in Wright’s church suggests a lack of judgment and an insensitivity to views that are repugnant to the vast majority of Americans .

    In 1982, the church launched Trumpet Newsmagazine; Wright’s daughters serve as publisher and executive editor. Last year, it gave the Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. Trumpeter Award to a man it said “truly epitomized greatness.” That man is Louis Farrakhan. The “Honorable Minister” Louis Farrakhan received the “Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. Lifetime Achievement Trumpeteer” Award at the 2007 Trumpet Gala at the United Church of Christ. Wright is quoted in the magazine offering praise of Farrakhan.

    Hailing Farrakhan’s “integrity and honesty,” Wright said,

    “He is one of the 20th and. 21st century giants of the African American religious experience” “When Minister Farrakhan speaks, black America listens,” Wright said. “His depth on analysis when it comes to the racial ills of this nation is astounding and eye-opening. He brings a perspective that is helpful and honest.”His love for Africa and African-American people has made him an unforgettable force, a catalyst for change, and a religious leader who is sincere about his faith and his purpose.”

    Last month the Sun Times reported: ama/743050,CST-NWS-sweet16b.stng

    Following a column in Tuesday’s Washington Post noting that a magazine linked to Obama’s minister, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, honored Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, Barack Obama said he condemned “the anti-Semitic statements made by Minister Farrakhan” and disagreed with a decision to honor him.

    Obama said in the statement. “I assume that Trumpet Magazine made its decision to honor Farrakhan based on his efforts to rehabilitate ex-offenders, but it is not a decision with which I agree.”

    This statement by Obama is a political maneuver that should be given little credence. Obama is very actively involved in his church; he knew of this award long before Richard Cohen publicized its grant to Farrakhan. Furthermore, Pastor Wright has had a long relationship and alliance with Louis Farrakhan. Obama did not object to these ties between Pastor Wright and Farrakhan before; nor has Obama rejected the anti-Israel diatribes of Wright. Regardless, Obama adheres to a church and a minister that have long espoused positions that were pro Farakahn and his Nation of Islam and inimical to the American-Israel relationship.

    Has he called for change in the anti-Israel approach of the church? No.

    Has he called for Wright and Trinity to reject and condemn Farakahn ? No.

    For nearly two decades, Obama has identified strongly with Trinity and hasn’t been shy about discussing his closeness to its pastor.

    Again, Wright’s use of “audacity of hope” in one sermon inspired Obama to borrow those words as the title of his best-selling book, “The Audacity of Hope.”

    In an earlier memoir, “Dreams From My Father,” Obama also tells how he was moved to tears during that sermon by Wright, an early proponent of the black liberation and black theology movements that gained ground in the 1960s.

    Obama describes what he calls “a forceful wind carrying the reverend’s voice up into the rafters” and how he “felt for the first time how that spirit carried within it, nascent, incomplete, the possibility of moving beyond our narrow dreams.”

    According to a 2006 article on the United Church of Christ’s Web site,”

    He said he was drawn to Trinity because, “I was able to see faith as more than just a comfort to the weary or a hedge against death, but rather as an active, palpable agent in the world.”

    A world where Trinity’s Pastor travels with America’s best known antisemite to meet with enemies of both Israel and the US.

    Rev. Wright called Obama “the nation’s first (and maybe even only) honest candidate offering himself for public service as the person to occupy the Oval Office.”

    But remember, he also called Farakahn a man “of great integrity and honesty”.

    My worry is, does the relationships shared between these three men, between Obama and Wright and Wright and Farakahn show a problem of such individual bad judgment, that it justly puts our Party at risk of losing the most important election of our lives.

  38. linfar, if i did it right, i recommended your post, and let a few comments as well…artistes will do that sometimes ;-D

  39. Basil,I would just say Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton if you are going to use BOs full name. Yes, it is stupid, ITS HIS NAME, but I think it is better to balance it with her full name,.

  40. bail: great letter and pm: great video. I am actually amazed how over a period of time the American people have the ability to figure out the difference between empty words and action, hot air and specifics. This is why I am becoming more and more confident that Hillary will win Ohio and Texas fairly comfortable. She will go on to win Pensylvania and the Barack’s star is fading.

  41. What Wilentz wrote is absolutely correct. I have been working on a ‘race card’ diary over at that Orange Satan place for over a month or so, and it is obvious from the facts that Team Obama made a very conscious and calculated decision to bring out the race card after New Hampshire. I’m sure Nevada helped as well, but it was the shocking NH defeat which brought out the full brunt of the BS race crap from Team Obama before the all-important South Carolina primary.

    So far, this has been one of the most embarrassing, pathetic nomination contests I can recall. Democrats (well, actually Indys and GOPers — Dems have supported Hillary) are on the verge of one of the largest political blunders I can recall, and that is going back further than my own lifetime.

    This is the kind of rare thing you can see happen when you get a combination of factors such as outright media hatred for a candidate combined with malicious crossover voters (and Indys), a 20-year GOP plan to destroy a family and an almost zombie-esque demonstration of lock-step identity politics.

    Make no mistake: We are on the verge of calamity here.

    That John McCain ‘rebuke’ of the speaker who kept referring to BO as ‘Barack Hussein Obama?’ Yeah, put that in the scrapbook, because you won’t be hearing or seeing that for long.

    Limbaugh is already in steady BO-trashing mode, with a dedicated, ‘official’ AA Obama criticizer. The guy reads his stuff in ‘normal’ English, and then in Ebonics.

    As many have lamented that HRC is the first legit female POTUS candidate, as many or more lament that BO is the first legit AA POTUS candidate. It is a travesty, IMO.

    The most ridiculous, pathetic thing of ALL of this is that after EIGHT FREAKING YEARS of Dubya, we are
    about to almost ensure that we will have 4 more years of GOP White House presence. That is the reality which is the most troubling to me. If Dems can’t win the White House after 8 years of Bush, when are we going to win it?

    Nothing is over yet. There is still much to be done. However, as soon as the nominee is locked up, it is time to immediately begin the reforms process for how we choose a nominee. No more superdelegates;
    no more open primaries (including Indys); no more caucuses; no more Iowa and New Hampshire first bullsh*t; etc.

    DEMS need to pick Dem nominees, and superdelegates should have no say. Closed proportional primaries are the only way to go. And the absurd proportionality given some districts in TX, for example, over others, needs to be reined-in as well.

    No more amateur stuff — time for FULL reform. In 4 years, when we’re looking for someone to knock off McCain (or hopefully when McCain steps down and the Oval Office is open), our Party needs to have ALL of its act together. No more crap, no more malicious Republicans screwing things up, etc.

    We are almost finished utterly blowing this nomination process. Hopefully, that can be changed before the ruinous end is reached.

    But, even if it cannot, the challenges ahead are clear: We must take steps to overhaul these primaries and make them as good as they can be, which is one hell of a long way from where we are today.

    If and when Obama wins the nomination, there is going to be a change of narrative the likes of which
    he and his supporters are not ready for, and it’s going to be ugly, swift and heavy-handed.

    As a Dem, I am not looking forward to that.

    I hope that McCain’s term is not overly disastrous. But if it is, I know who will deserve one hell of a lot of the blame.

    But for now, Go Hillary.

  42. @basil: awesome letter!!! check your email… i just sent you a bunch of email addys… i put them in a word doc so its easier… those are the ppl i emailed today.

  43. IDUnn….gas prices will probably not go down. The house just passed an $18 BILLION dollar tax increase (has to get thru the Senate, I guess) to the Oil Companies. Look forward to trickle down economics.

    I wrote John Lewis a few weeks ago. Today he said the decision was harder than walking across the Edmond Pettis Bridge, where he was beaten to within an inch of his life.

    Again, the thugs of racism raise their ugly heads.

    God Bless John Lewis.

  44. I’m watching Neil Cavuto on Fox, and he’s saying the same thing I’ve been trying to point out… Hillary doesn’t need to win Ohio and Texas because the delegate count is so close at this point that as long as she stays close and keeps her advantage in big democratic states she still has a chance. FINALLY someone who agrees with me!!

    I think the Hillary Campaign is starting to warm to this idea too, as they are already starting to downplay expectations in Texas. Just now on Fox, a news correspondent in Ohio explained that Hillary’s campaign was talking more and more about how they expected to do well in Ohio, regardless of what happens in Texas.

    Did anyone else here see that?

  45. hey… did anyone see the exchange btwn mccain and obama abt iraq today?

    i just watched the clips on hardball… take notice of the way obama was talking… was he TRYING to impersonate bill cosby??? he sounded like he was either drunk OR doing one of those jell-o pudding commericals???

  46. @Universal “Make no mistake: We are on the verge of calamity here.”

    as i wrote earlier today in the other thread. And to all the Radiotalkers.

    I could not agree with you more either in the present or about the future for this Party and it’s process.

    Good post.

  47. @levon: i didnt see it, but we talked abt it last night… i couldnt agree more… regardless of texas, if she wins ohio, its a no brainer for her to stay in!

    theres a trend w/barry… he cant win the working middle class, therefore if he’s the candidate, the dems lose in the GE… i think this should influence the DNC, party elders and SDs…

  48. Diva,

    Got it! great. I will start sending the email now, after a couple of tweaks to the letter. Don’t know why some words and punctuation don’t show up on forum.


    yes, you are right. Rather than using his full name (though i Lurve it – as dot would say) I’ll use Senator as the tilte for both of them.

  49. Also just now on Fox, they reported that McCauliffe mentioned that Hillary and bambi could possibly be on the same ticket. That, combined with the earlier news about her going on after March 4 regardless of the outcome, makes me wonder if she is trying to vie for the VP slot. I sure hope they aren’t thinking that way.

  50. New Poll

    Rassmussen, on National Security

    McCain beats Obama 55-30
    Among Dems Only (are they REAL Dems?) still not great for Bambi

    51-29 over McCain.

    SHE MUST keeppressing Natl Security Credentials. The RW will take care of the ME questions. We may actually end up with a fair fight.

    Also, BBill Cunningham just said (and I don’t know if it is blowing smoke) that he has a meeting with Team Clinton in about “a week and a half” to endorse her! LOL

  51. @divabunny: did you hear that McCauliffe described it as a ‘strong possibility’? When it was reported on Fox, they just said he thinks it could be a possibility. The word ‘strong’ was missing from their language.

  52. Levon, I have heard a few of those stories today. I THINK it might be because they are hearing that SO MANY HC supporters will vote McCain if Stinky ends up as the nom.

    I can’t see it.

    But politics make strange bedfellows.

    Also, they must head off the thoughts that the six degrees of seperation with Rev Wright, Farrakhan and Rezko is starting to get problematic.

  53. Levon, I don’t think so. From a reliable source inside the campaign, it is unlikely she would accept the VP spot. Can’t say more, but at least this person indicated he/she would be very surprised.

  54. @SpacegirlArt: is Hillary beating McCain 51-29 on National Security? There is no explanation for the 51-29 number.

  55. CNN is about to do a story on the Farrakahn/Wright connection, and also one on Obama’s record on the Foreign Relations Committee.

  56. Follow the money.

    THOUSANDS of people have no doubt written to the DNC about

    Their unfair treatment of Clinton
    Their screw up with Florida and Michigan
    Their compliance in the MSM gang rape of OUR SENATOR
    The SD problem
    The Dem for a Day debacle
    The caucus stuffing and vote flipping

    and people , these THOUSANDS of people, are saying “Screw You”.Dean’s money tree is losing it’s leaves.

    Hillary Clinton just became releent

  57. SpaceGirlArt and mangomist3:

    wonder why McCauliffe would put that out there? are they trying to make it easier for bambi’s supporters to vote for Hillary, knowing that a vote for her wouldn’t leave bambi out of the picture? that idea makes some sense to me.

  58. LOL Obama has to JUDGEMENT to not NEED hearings HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

    ……: where’s my magic wand :………

  59. ANNOTHER apologist…his resolution is strong going forward…about IRAQ..this is about AFGHANISTAN!!!!!

    Bugala taking it on…


    I’ll stop with the play-by-play

  60. CNN’s piece is not that hard-hitting though. It annoys me that they are ONLY doing this after Hillary called the media out on SNL…

  61. Of course LEvon, and it leads me to “wonder” that the SD’s and DNC may be having some smoky-room discussions after all.

  62. Okay, I’m waiting now for this Farrakahn story. Did anybody in the debate notice that he denounced Farrakahn’s “anti-semitic” remarks, but didn’t say anything about the “anti-white” remarks that Farrakahn has made. And he said nothing about his pastor’s (Wright’s) connections to Farrakahn.

  63. mang…i agree…but a win is a win.

    they are TALKING (sorta)…not worshiping

    that is a win

    old habits die hard

    just watch the development of the turning the MSM ship

  64. Spacegirl: what are these “smoky-room discussions about? Pro-Hillary or Obama?

    Does anyone know, if a 527 group is contributing to Senator Clinton’s campaign? i have reached my limit.

  65. “LOL Obama has to JUDGEMENT to not NEED hearings HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!”

    –What the–who said that? Dodd? Is it about the no-meetings-Obama-not-doing-his-job stuff? How dare that person. To keep smooth ties with other places and a whole bunch of other things today, this country likely NEEDS those meetings. This should not be about OBAMA; this should be about AMERICA.

    No more thugs in office, and no more incompetents!

  66. this is one SEIU union member that says “they” suck…I do not stand for their opposition to Hillary, nor will I campaign for BO even at the risk of losing my job for not doing so. I have to look at their leadership..powerful women that won’t be outdone by another powerful woman, huh? Anna Burger Sec/Tres of SEIU International and Prez of Change to Win. You are a disgrace to this union and the union members that disagree with you.

  67. Ben..give it time. As I wrote….Even if Hillary had to suspend..(she won’t have to)…she will be 44

    Farrakhan and Wright are POISON to centerist AMERICAN voters, even AA’s

  68. @ben: i didnt think about it until you just posted it…. great point! you know why they didnt do it…. bc then THEY would be racist… msnbc would be called out for injecting the race card and they wouldnt just be able to blame it on the clintons!

  69. Universal,

    I agree that we need to get rid of the ‘open’ contests and the caucuses. But we need the superdelegates — they’re a correction factor that may help us survive the current mess. They are free to look at the WHOLE picture, and make a realistic judgement about whose support is legitimate, and who will make the best candidate in Nov.

    Without the supers, we’re stuck with the delegate and vote totals that Obama has managed to manipulate — and probably we’d be having recount lawsuits about every hanging chad.

  70. Levon, I think it is smart politics. Polls show most people support a double ticket, that is just a reality. I think Hillary’s team is aware of that. So, I think one of the things that happened at the LA debate is that people saw that Hillary is better to be commander-in-chief, and Obama is better for the VP slot. By allowing that idea to circulate, it is more likely that people who like Hillary but don’t want to let Obama go will vote for her. I think if Hillary actually wins the primary and she cannot possibly win without Obama then yes, she will do what is necessary to win. If Obama wins the primary, I do not think he will take her as VP, and even if he offered, I do not think she will accept. BUt I think it is to Hillary’s advantage to keep that idea out there because then people feel like they can get both, with her in the driver’s seat, which most people would agree she is more prepared for. I do think, however, that once the media really starts to scrutinize Obama (and CNN’s puff piece today does not really count as scrutiny) we may see that he does not hold up…

  71. Fran…That was the “let’s condense what they said” editorial by yours truly about why Obama has not DONE HIS JOB

  72. OMG! Does not need meetings? Isn’t a committee formed to make joint decisions? Since Obama has not held meetings, has he made any decisions that reflect upon the group??

  73. he sounded like he was either drunk OR doing one of those jell-o pudding commericals???

    Link please.

    BTW, I thought he looked like he was on…something…during the debate last night. 😉

  74. diva, I still think it’s notable that Obama, in his comments, didn’t denounce Farakhan totally, but only denounced his “anti-semitic” remarks.

    I personally don’t care now what MSNBC says about anything. They are pitiful. Thank goodness only about 50 people nationwide watch their dumb shows.

  75. A more sinister conclusion (and one that the Right will no doubt use (hint, hint…hello out there) is that ACTUALLY having hearings on Afghanistan war and terror situation, and offering solutions to get rid of Muslim extremists my offend some in Bambis peripheral camp…

    say much, do nothing

    follow the money

  76. oh berkeley i bet youre right… i saw dean interviewed yesterday and when asked abt the SDs, his answer was that he is confident “this thing” will work itself out before the convention!

    funny they didnt ask him abt seating florida and michigan… hmmmm.

  77. Live streaming of Hillary’s rally in St. Clairsville, Ohio. It’s near Pittsburgh.

    Starting in about 15 min, around 6PM EST.


    Link on front page.

  78. but only denounced his “anti-semitic” remarks.

    If I was a “blue eyed devil” I’d be pissed right about now. No problem with LF’s anti-caucasion statements, Bambi?

  79. @mangomist3: once again you have enlightened me! seriously though, I do appreciate your thoughtful answers to my questions. I had the same hunch but you explained it for me very well.

  80. diva,

    I just watched that seiu video on u tube, they are using seiu employees not union members…I know some of them personally because I work for seiu.

  81. Speaking of Florida, there’s a new poll out today that shows McCain beating BO by about 2 points. A big chunk of that comes from Florida. I read a SurveyUSA study that showed McCain beating Obama in Florida by about 13 points.

  82. IDunn…as a blue-eyed devil myself, we white folk in America roll our collective eyes to such rhetoric about US. Get offended (some, more than others) at Israel attacks, and just see him as “another crazy”.

    I have learned in this debate and this election we have done so to our peril.

  83. This whole Cunningham thing is actually not bad :-). BHO’s middle name is Hussein and he should not be ashamed it. It got a lot of media attention now.

  84. @idunn: i cant find the link to the clip, but they showed it on msnbc and on fox…. i’m sure they’ll be playing and replaying this all night… if you dont get cable, i’m sure you can probably catch it on the nbc nightly news…here’s the link to the story. they even make reference to hardly being able to understand obama…

  85. Does anyone have any info on the American Leadership Project (ALP)? They were supposed to be gathering money to run spots in Texas and Ohio. I live in Texas but haven’t seen any of their commercials on TV as of today. Just wondering what their status was.

    On the other hand, I’ve seen plenty of the pro-bambi SEIU ads.

  86. spacegirl: thank you. Dodd was cya. Amazing, can’t a meeting be held without the leader? sometimes, we have meetings, when the leader is on vacation or sick. whatever.

  87. OF course meetings can be done without a leader. But that speaks to BO’s agenda of being the prez. And….we have a prez now who is already ON vacation.

    We need LEADERSHIP!


  88. @idunn: you have to read this!!!

    look at what the TN Repub Party has to say abt bambi!!! LMAO!!!

    p/s i looked and still cant find the video if i see it i’ll post

  89. | Posted by pm317
    329 of 391 | warn tnr | respond
    Excellent. Finally, somebody speaks truth to the deluded. But do they recognize it as truth, no, because it hurts too much, judging by the screams.

    I say it again, please go and comment on Wilentz’s article at TNR. Also, if CT constituents are on here, send a copy of the article to Dodd.

  90. wbboei: “DNC wants a Obama/Clinton ticket, ”

    I think that this is something that should be squashed right away from clinton supporters (I am assuming Hillary is not wanting VP)

    Once something like this takes hold, it’s hard to stop.

  91. Lou Dobbs said Russert gave Hillary a “pop quiz” on the name of that Russian leader, and that a question like that should have been directed to ‘Bama.

    I’m thankful at least a FEW more people saw the same debate I did.

  92. Heard a funny commercial on radio for a mattress store:
    “We don’t only talk about change, we deliver it. Free delivery!”

  93. Diva,

    OK. Sent 10 emails to 10 senators. Now that I’ve tweaked the letter and figured out the steps, I’ll keep going tomorrow and try to do a dozen a day.

  94. Berkeley Vox Says:
    February 27th, 2008 at 5:41 pm
    Let us stop this right here (don’t want to repeat what you said). We’re in it to win the nomination and she will be the nominee.

  95. Yeah, Lou Dobbs was on CNN’s The Situation Room – just did a short piece with Wolf on the debate last night.

  96. People, let us make it a point for each of us to email the “Race Man” article to every single major news network today. If they get flooded, they might decide to have the author on to talk about it.

  97. wbboei: “DNC wants a Obama/Clinton ticket, ”

    No, No. That would be death for Clinton. she would be so shut out of the circle of power. She would be better off staying in the Senate, if she does not get the nomination. IMHO.

  98. Caroline,


    Hillary to be accompanied by Senator John Glen and Governor Ted Strickland.

    They are running about 20+ min behind because of the weather.

    Link also can be followed from main page:


  99. I’ll do it, mangomist3. That Race Man article is one of the best pieces I’ve read on what’s been happening in this campaign.

  100. # mangomist3 Says:
    February 27th, 2008 at 6:07 pm

    People, let us make it a point for each of us to email the “Race Man” article to every single major news network today. If they get flooded, they might decide to have the author on to talk about it.
    I am encouraging everyone to comment as well — it is easy. There are lot of comments from grateful Hillary supporters — I was happy to see that.

    Here is the link again:

  101. Wow, Rendell is gonna be on Wolf’s show – and they Farrakhan story is still coming up. LOL. Hillary really got to them with that SNL “in the tank” reference 🙂

  102. Levon Says: wonder why McCauliffe would put that out there? are they trying to make it easier for bambi’s supporters to vote for Hillary, knowing that a vote for her wouldn’t leave bambi out of the picture? that idea makes some sense to me.

    Yes, Obama as VP might satisfy a lot of his teenyboppers. Maybe she could make it conditional on no big scandals coming out for him. Even after the nomination, Eagleton was replaced when a scandal came out.

  103. Idunn,

    ‘BTW, I thought he looked like he was on…something…during the debate last night. ;)’

    Yeah, when i saw segments today it looked like he’d taken a happy pill.

  104. Wolf said we can’t report on stories every single day??? huh??? except when its bad news for Hillary huh wolf!!!

  105. basil9,

    Wolf did a piece on Obama as co-chair of the Foreign Relations Subcommittee. It came out (debate last night) that Obama has held no oversight hearings, had basically done nothing. Chris Dodd appeared on the show and defended Obama, and stated that attacking Obama over the lack of hearings was “petty”.

  106. Watching the local coverage of HRC in Ohio (she’s running 1/2 hour late) and I’m wondering, where is it NOT snowing?

  107. Basil- I really liked your letter to superdelgates.

    Democrat 1950- I liked your comments of role of superdelegates.

  108. Just a few thoughts:

    1/ While I thank Lou Dobbs for calling out MSNBC for yesterday’s debate disaster, it makes me wonder whether he has ever called out his own network, CNN, for doing the same thing during their own debates.

    2/SNL is to be greatly thanked for ridiculing the medias slant towards Obama. This thing has legs and CNN isn’t a happy camper!

  109. Oh I agree, and Hillary would make a far better President than Obama. We all know that. The fact that McAuliffe says that they could be on the same ticket is a way of indicating to undecideds that hey, even if you vote Hillary, you can still get Obama as the VP.

    I tend to agree with McAuliffe and think a Clinton/Obama ticket would be electrifying, personally. But a VP discussion is really just a parlor game at this point… must. stay. focused. on. OH. and. Texas! 😀

    I thought Hillary ROCKED that debate last night. Articulate, graceful, intelligent, and tough.

  110. WTF IS THIS??? from wtov: Some Ohio Valley residents said they’ve been watching her all along and she’s been heavily criticized for showing up at different events with different personalities and they are anxious to see which Hillary Clinton will show up in St. Clairsville.

    Excuse me I have a ton of differences depending on the circumstances. why is that being pointed out…oh never mind, shes just a woman. (don’t shoot me but isn’t that what is being implied) Can it be possible to have anyone that shows emotion in the WH. Well don’t look too far back, we had a monkey in there doing tricks for years.

  111. I just talked with the Student Group leader for John McCain on campus, we had a lil’ summit 😉

    I said if the nom gets stolen from us, I will be willing to help behind the scenes, and help with the Latino vote. I told her, I know Senators Clinton and McCain are friends, and I and her supporters have been put through so much sh** by obama supporters on this Chicago-like campus, so I will “facebook” you so we can keep in contact.

  112. JanH,

    Nevertheless, maybe this will create a battle between MSNBC and CNN. MSNBC might do some stories highlighting CNN’s examples of bias. Either way, it’s some decent coverage for Hillary.

  113. cnn to do a segment on the “pesky campaign phone calls” coming up….

    Screw ’em. They aren’t gonna make ME feel guilty. 😉

  114. Idunn,

    I think it’s the robo calls that people are objecting to – the ones received at all hours of the night, etc.

  115. @debbie: they have never ever said a thing like that abt a man…never!!! everyone has seen bush’s dancing skills from his trip to africa last week…. no one said anything abt how ridiculous HE looked!!! its total sexism!

  116. # basil9 Says:
    February 27th, 2008 at 6:25 pm

    Sean Wilenz on F**ker about BO’s camp instigating racism and F***er is listening.

    just missed him.

  117. What a laugh riot!!!!!!!! Petty???? If Dem’s are dumb enough to elect someone who says he was too busy campaigning to do his job, then they get what they deserve.

  118. Oh Boy!
    listening to cnn, Msnbc. One show talking about how the BO camp played the race card, not the Clintons.

    The other, Blitzer has a story about jeremiah Wright, Farrakhan and BO.

    hehehehehehe! 😀

    Can’t find Dobbs, though.

  119. Hawk, my husband is just waiting for Obama to get the nom. before he pounces on the McCain train.

    Me? Ummm…I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. 😉

  120. @Independent Ben,

    Oh I agree with you. It will be interesting to see what happens and I really hope this does even a smidgen of damage to Obama’s grin.

  121. MJ: Dodd said it was “petty” to nitpick over Obama neve holding a meeting for that subcommittee he chairs.

    Well, I’ll be damned! Being concerned about foreign affairs is “petty.” Dodd is a jerk.

  122. Maybe, SNL will do another skit this weekend. It certainly had more effects, than other things have had during this campaign.

  123. linfar: it is because of this type of behavior by the Obama camp, that I will never vote for him. Can you imagine, the White House being full of thugs? If you don’t do what I like, then I will take your family out. Shudders.

  124. Independent,

    Believe it or not, F***er was interviewing Sean Wilenz about his recent article regarding BO’s race-baiting tactics. It’s off now. I skimmed through the Wilenz article and it is a SCORCHING indictment of the BO double standards.


    Thanks. Tweaked it some more after posting and have sent it to 10 senators. Will go through the rest of the list in the next few days.

  125. I can see an SNL skit:

    Russert (to Hillary): If Mongolia were to cancel it’s trade deal with Poland, and then suffer a terrorist attack, what effect would this have on the American dollar?

    Hillary: (answers)

    Obama: I agree with Senator Clinton!

  126. Levon Says: I’m watching Neil Cavuto on Fox, and he’s saying the same thing I’ve been trying to point out… Hillary doesn’t need to win Ohio and Texas because the delegate count is so close at this point that as long as she stays close and keeps her advantage in big democratic states she still has a chance.

    As long as she gets to the convention with delegates within maybe 400 of Obama’s, she has a very good chance. Last I knew there were about 400 Superdelegates uncommitted, who can vote for whoever they think is the best nominee — after looking at where Obama’s delegates actually come from: packing caucuses in little red states and “Dem for a Day.”

    And that’s just on the first ballot. After that I think all of them are free to vote as they wish.

    I’m not sure what people mean by ‘staying in.’ Even if she just coasted along without a lot of campaign appearances or money spent, she’d still get lots of votes/delegates in the good states. She doesn’t have to ‘stay in’ — she IS in. She’s on the ballot for the convention, and that’s all that matters.

    Not that any of this matters, as I’m sure she’ll keep fighting big time and win bigtime, now that we’re back in the real world of big blue states.

  127. What’s the plan if Hillary doesn’t get the nomination? I cannot vote for Obama. I will either not vote, or vote for McCain. What’s Obama gonna do when all those Dem/Repugs vote Repug and all Hillary’s votes go for McCain. Sure will wake him up. He is so arrogant that I can’t even look at him.

  128. basil9,

    Yeah, I read that article. It’s stunning. Did Tucker agree with him? Too bad there’s only about 50 people that watch Tucker.

  129. The local reporter is getting that “different personalities” crap from Russert and Brian Williams. That was their line before the debate last night, asking which Hillary will show up.

  130. birdgal, dedfg– he was heartbroken. I hate those race baiting bastards who did this to him. Hillary, of course , will be the first to sympathize. She knows what they have been doing. It has been like torture. And yes. John Lewis is now an example of what the Obama campaign will do to get its way. I feel so angry. The guy was beaten at Selma, for pity’s sake, and they have challenged his commitment to AA’s. Someobody ought to take Jesse Jackson Jr. out behind the woodshed.

  131. Irish,

    I’ll vote for Nader before I vote for Obama or McCain. But I don’t think it’s going to come to that

  132. Well, F***er actually LISTENED to Wilenz’s perspective and kept saying, “That’s very interesting,” like he meant it.

    BTW – F***er says he was listening to the debate last night and his impression was that she’d swept it and had sewn up the nomination but when he talked to his colleagues no one agreed.

  133. I feel like there is a nuclear weapon pointed at us and if the country doesn’t vote for Barack Obama, it will go off. Jeez!

  134. Independent Ben, that is very funny. He has copied her answers from day one in the debates. Obama is Hillary’s positions now. He just steals ’em. Then his repug advisors tweak ’em so his republican backers won’t get too upset.

  135. Do not panic Hillary supporters.Pay no attention to the polls they are the MSM’s way of influencing the outcome of the election.Do you really believe that the media really pays for a service that they can manipulate at no cost.Have you ever seen an actual poll take place.Have you or someone you know has ever been polled?It is mind control and the power of suggestion being used to hi-jack an election.We are all watching a battle of the media to improve ratings and take credit for success.BIG BIG money at play by the Networks,Wall Street,Banking,Contracting and the GOP.MSNBC,CNN,FOX,NEWS PAPERS,and all the HUMAN MAGGOTS that paid millions,to derail Hillary,nominate BHO and then destroy hin short order.Gigantic effort,big money and no scruples. You can take this scenario to the Bank.America do not let it happen.Been watching this method of operation for most of my 90 yrs.This one makes Hitler look like a mad Houspainter that he really was.Millions of helpless people died,countries were devasted,families forever separated.All of the present political and cult movement plan has brought Religion into the picture as a rational,for its existance.Heads up,Eyes open.Listen and watch.

  136. If the worst case scenario should happen, I’m almost 90% positive my answer will be to write in HRC.

    I don’t think my conscience would allow me to do anything else.

    Hubby, on the other hand , will help McCain win.

  137. ABM90, none of us are panicking. We are diehard Hillary supporters. We believe in her, we support her all the way, and we are going to do our best to ensure that she is our next president.

  138. In fact, after typing that, I’m now 100% sure that I will vote for HRC in the GE no matters what happens.

    That makes my soul feel at ease, so it MUST be the right answer. 🙂

  139. ABM90,

    WOW! You really said it! And you’ve seen this before! I’ve read a lot about the Rise and Fall of the third Reich and for months that is exactly what BO’s campaign has seemed like to me.

    Great post.

  140. (((John Lews)))

    I felt so sad, after seeing that clip. I felt worse, for feeling so negative about him, earlier today. That guy is a Hero for standing up as long as he has.

  141. birdgal, I have met John Lewis. He is a very nice gentleman. A very decent soul. Imagine the pressure Obama and his thugs brought on him.

  142. To say that the Obama camp should be ashamed is an understatement.

    A new kind of politics? You bet your ass it’s new. But it sure ain’t improved. 🙁

  143. when the media gets involved the way it has and to be so intentionally biased…I have to say has greatly surprised me

  144. “A new kind of politics? You bet your ass it’s new. But it sure ain’t improved. ”

    You said it, I guess this is the new politics.

  145. WATCH HARDBALL RIGHT NOW…. watch when the show the video of bambi and mccain fighing abt iraq today…. i swear bambi is on SOMETHING!!!! either that or he’s trying to imitate bill cosby! hurry its coming up!

  146. anyone else feel, the media is about to do its destroy part of of its “build and destroy” play its been doing the last few months.

    They have had fun building Obama up but i think tey realised they can’t control the guy and now its time to take him out.

    I think Hillary will have to just do a sit back and watch what happens soon. The media smells blood on Obama, they will soon be in for the kill like sharks.

  147. moononpluto,

    I saw a story the other day about the press – and that Obama is now really controlling their access to him. If you don’t give the press access, they will turn on you – every time 😉

  148. TPS: Thank you. He must of been, under incredible pressure.

    Sounds like Chicago-like thuggery. “old” politics are the “new” politics. What a farce, and people are believing this. Incredible.

  149. diva
    Dobbs slamming Bambi for not holding meetings of oversight committee on Afghanistan

    What kind of response is it “I have been too busy campaigning for President to hold meetings”?

    He looks peeved.

  150. Yeah, Obama does nothing while Afghanistan goes to hell. These hearings are the only way to hold Bush’s feet to the fire – and Obama has failed!

  151. The obvious response. How could CNN let Dodd get away with saying calling out Obama on not doing his job is “petty”?

  152. birdgal, I think people are waking up. There is a quotation from Lincoln:

    “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”

    I don’t think Obama can fool all of the people all of the time! People are beginning to wake-up from the hoodwinking and bamboozling.

  153. If its any indication of what the last 2 days turnaround is, then when Rezko kicks off, they are going to slaughter Obama.

    I’ve said this all along, Clinton will get a rough ride until Obama’s dirt starts cracking then the MSM will kick off. Obama’s about to feel the heat of the attack wing of the media, its not going to be pretty, lets see if he can take what HRC’s had to take for 3 months.

  154. Hahahahaha!

    Watching Dobbs now. Yup, he’s tearing BO a new one.

    About BO, he says to Crowley, “What kind of sense does that make. (about the Afghanistan Committee which BO chaired but never convened and the McCain-BO barbs today)) To me this is so nonsensical you’d hope the national press corp would ask him some follow up questions and round things out with some facts. Is the obama campaign being too ‘cute?” . . . .

    Go Lou!

  155. On Matthews’ show, all they talk about is Hillary’s remark about getting the first question, of course . . .

  156. Incredibly, on Hardball, Norah O’Donnell slams Hillary, talking about her using different personalities and trying to get sympathy. Howard Fineman, on the other hand, says: “I think she’s got a gripe.” Matthews then chuckles and says, “Ah, the sensitive man…” What a Pig Matthews is. I can see that – and I’m a red-blooded American man.

  157. did you all see the piece where the two families members went after each other and one got stabbed?

    Its awful but I really feel like I could hurt somebody. This election has been the biggest farce on America. It’s to the point of being entirely irrelevant. Honest that is how I feel.

    If Hillary is not the nominee…there has been so much bullshit laid down, so much ho pium spewed and promised…we will lose a whole generation of Democrat voters because the country CAN NOT run like Obama tells these idiots that it can. Kennedy, Dodd and others KNOW this but they don’t want to see a woman, who is telling the American people straight up what it’s going to take) to be in the White House.

    Actually, the more I think about it, the more the white elite Washington bunch set this better to stifle the first woman president as present the first black man with all the “establishment” behind him. Think about it.

    Kennedy, Dodd, Kerry care jack shit about the American people. Obama cares jack shit about the American People. Hillary Clinton has been fighting and getting THINGS done all of her life.

    America will suffer from this. The wake up from the “dream” will be harsh reality. Let us just keep working hard for Hillary so that dumb ass Obamabots won’t have to face it. If it weren’t that it’s Hillary taking the fcuking beating from this biased, sexist ole boyz club .. I’d personally sit back in the wings and say fcuk them all and just wait for the big ole crash to come.

    She’s been outspent and he has paid ground forces out and hitting up Texas big time. Does she have no organizations that are willing to hit back at him. Are they all scared shitless of being called racist or what? The republicans are as we speak building a file to whip his ass with…Hillary is the only Democrat who can beat McCain. The republicans are hoping for an Obama nomination, McCain is not afraid of Obama.

  158. Nora O’Donell? What a tool.

    Yeah, right, Fineman’s a sensitive man. This “personality” effing crap must be sexist Obama’s new talking point. Axelrod’s is passing out xeroxed copies to the news media. Jesus, we’ve known her for 15 years. Ain’t no Hillary, but hillary.

  159. That Nora is a c*** (rhymes with hunt). And she’s a real wimp. just challenge her, like with Stephanie tub ….. and she wilts like a limp you-know-what.

  160. @oh ben…. nora odonell is an absolute disgrace!!! she makes andrea mitchell look fair and balanced! i cant believe how she goes after women… she’s pregnant…. wonder if she’s gonna feel some of that backlash??? i just hope for that child’s sake that its a boy and not a girl!

  161. Matthews is examining Hillary’s statement that she would like to have her vote back – on the war in Iraq. Matthews thinks this is something new . . . sheesh. Hillary has said that for years.

  162. My problem with Obama and the Iraq question is that he thinks it’s a joke. McCain calls him on taking the troops out and then bringing them back if there is another terrorist surge and Obama just grins and goes for a sound bite that makes no sense. There are Americans fighting for their lives in Iraq and he doesn’t have a clue what to do…grrr…

  163. Well, an ex-military guy on Hardball is supporting Hillary. Hell, go to and there’s a list of 27 Generals and Flag Officers who support Hillary. I’m an ex-military man, and I sure do. I wish the MSM would publicize that – like they do EVERY endorsement that ‘Bama gets.

  164. I actually thought it was quite effective because she was so clear. Also, it showed she’s had to make tough decisions and holds herself accountable. Obama talked about something that was unanimous and while it lead to something intrusive was not nearly as tough a decision. Also, he called himself a professor. Boring.

  165. h t t p://

    I am sure this is not true, but just wanted people to know this rumor is starting…it doesn’t make any sense given the strong fundraising numbers this month, a strong volunteer effort continuing, etc.

  166. I can’ get the link, but there is a rumor on a daily kos diary that she is dropping out Friday based on something a Boston radio host said based on a conversation with a DC media person. I don’t believe it, it doesn’t make any sense, but I just wanted people to know the rumor is out there.

  167. Lou Dobbs had these remarks regarding bambi not holding ANY oversight hearings:

    “The reality is this man, for 13 months, has had a responsibility to hold oversight hearings on Afghanistan, the conduct of that war, and has not done so. And for the national media to watch as he waves a wand and says ‘Well it’s been inconvenient’, because he took the chairmanship at the outset of his campaign, what kind of response is that? And Christopher Dodd suggesting that there is some sort of analog between being responsible for holding those hearings and attending the meetings? Please Senator Dodd don’t be so disingenuous. The American people aren’t complete fools. What is going on here?”

  168. mangomist3,

    No way that can be true. Someone on here earlier said that Hillary has opened an office in Wyoming. Doesn’t sound like she’s dropping out to me.

  169. Watching her fire up the crowd in Ohio right now. Sure doesn’t look like a candidate about to drop out to me. 🙂

  170. I know, I don’t believe it for a second, but rumors on the web spread like wild fire so I thought it better to let everyone know it is going around. I have tried to paste the link, but it keeps getting caught in the filter. I also emailed tips to let them know the rumor is starting.

  171. DOt,
    “Actually, the more I think about it, the more the white elite Washington bunch set this better to stifle the first woman president as present the first black man with all the “establishment” behind him.’

    Yup. I agree. Race trumps gender every time.

  172. John Lewis may have been a hero at one time but his spine must have been hit with crippling osteoporosis. You don’t wrestle with a decision like this for weeks. He knew Obama was running when he endorsed Hillary. I believe in loyalty to a fault. John Lewis is a smart man, he surely knows that Bill or Hillary Clinton are racist and that race has been injected in this campaign by none other than the man of color himself.

    Believe me…our enemies would welcome another inexperienced wack job in the whitehouse. We’re about finished off right now in the eyes of the rest of the world, we need a strong leader who will build our support back.

    The inactivity by Bambi on this committee proves that he does not know what he is doing. Doddo coming to his aid just shows that American voters sensed he was full of crapola and that is why he never made if off the ground in Iowa. I get the sense Dodd wants to be useful now…

    Dodd also just came back from overseas with none other than JOE BIDEN. Keep you ears peeled.

  173. @jan: i am sooo with you! he wants to stump abt how he made a speech… like it was so hard! and now that we know what a theif he is… it probably wasnt even his f’ing speech!!! so can someone tell me where this tool gets off challenging ANYONE on iraq???

    at least with clinton and mccain, you can tell that they respect each other and there is a reverence abt serving their country… with obama… i dont know… there is just so much…i cant put my finger on… all he has to do is make speeches and surround himself with the right people and serve less than a year in the senate and HE gets to go down in history as our first AA president??? it just doesnt seem right. he doesnt deserve it. if i were an AA that had worked hard and had been in office and showed up and voted and took a stand on things, i would be OUTRAGED!

  174. I’m sure Obama people are getting anxious right now – and will try to create pressure for Hillary to drop out. I can see a definite turn in some of the media coverage. It’s like a slow leak has started in the Obama balloon. NOW, if only Rezko would kick in, we’d have something going!

  175. Mangomist,

    O….. Don’t say that or, paste the link.

    It may not be getting through if you don’t delete the http// www part.

    Yeah, we do wanna know what’s out there but that’s a pretty serious allegation so if you can post the link please do.

  176. Hotdog!!!!!!! Farrakhan story coming up on Dobbs.


    Don’t say that! Or, at least post the link. You have to delete the h t t p part to get it through the filter.

  177. John Kerry is another mealy-mouthed surrogate for Obama. Earlier today on Morning Joke, Scarborough interviewed and asked him: “Do you think Obama would have known that question about the Russian leader.” Kerry replies: “Oh yes, I’m sure he would have . . . he’s on the foreign relations committee . . . ” blah blah. The man is SO transparent.

  178. I would like to throw out a dare to our “media friends.” How about you switch camps for 7 full days and be pro-Hillary and anti-Obama?

    Just think of all the investigating you could get done during that time…sigh…

  179. Dot,

    Weren’t Biden, Dobbs and 2 other politicians in a helicopter emergency in Afghansitan last week?

    Gotta go! Dobbs report about BO trying to distance himself from an endorsement by Farrakhan. goody goody gum drops. 😀

  180. Yeah Joe, Ohio loves our girl! And she is talking to them like they are sitting around her kitchen table having coffee. 🙂

    Here we go…taking questions from the crowd!

  181. those rumors have been for the last week, when the Obama camp became increasingly desperate, because they know they can’t beat Hillary

  182. dedfg, i heard that too. i thought it odd, but then i wondered if it could b a john edwards link? TOTAL speculation…

    she is doing a poverty tour, which a few other presidents have done in the past. it was a poverty tour that first led to the creation of the food stamp program.

  183. there is nothing new as daily kos (a pro-obama website)
    they have said much worse about Hillary for months….so actually this is nothing new

  184. Wow, Lou Dobbs is doing a piece on Jeremiah Wright. It’s spooky. They showed a clip of Wright preaching a sermon and guess what he was saying. None other than: “Yes We Can!”

  185. @dot: amen abt lewis!!!

    after everything this man went through for civil rights, why would he want someone like obama to be the fist black president??? why??? this guy was crooked BEFORE he got to washington. the way that he even got his seat was crooked!!! he screwed over a well respected AA to get his seat! he belongs to a divisive church! he knew rezco was letting the poor, many minoroties freeze in his slums. four of those buildings were in barry’s district!

    how can any aa that has fought for equality want this guy to make history as the first aa president, to be the beneficiary of all of their hard work and sacrifice??? he acts like he’s entitled to this!

  186. As a person of color, I am pressured constantly by some family members to vote for Obama out of duty. I KNOW what that pressure feels like on a small scale. I can not imagine what it must feel like on the grand scale John Lewis must be experiencing.

    It’s very easy to condemn someone when you don’t have to walk in their shoes.

    (And that’s all I have to say about that.)

  187. @rjk: whats new??? anytime race is injected into this campaign, cnn pulls roland out. i swear, they could catch bambi in the act of killing puppies and roland would have an excuse for him!

  188. I don’t know, Basil. I do know that I have family members who are no longer speaking to me. It’s a diffcult situation to be in, and it does hurt. I fell for John Lewis.

  189. okay… lets put lou on our email list… to send stuff to… he might cover some stuff.

    omg! roger simon is a tool! she doesnt want to appear victimized!!! she is just sick of that a**hole getting time to think up his answer and copying her answers!!! are these commentators really that stupid OR do they think we are???

  190. mangomist,

    Thanks. Now I understand. Someone told someone who told someone who told the poster who even says it’s rumor, hearsay and unsubstantiated although the original source is, according to this poster, very accurate.

    I don’t beleive it.

  191. I think we’ll rock Ohio. I’m a little worried about Texas, though. Just pray our latino brothers and sisters there put us over the top.

  192. You know, as I’ve watched this campaign, and seen pundits, politicians, etc. go over to the Obama camp – you know what it reminds me of?

    Invasion of The Body Snatchers!

  193. I feel for Lewis too. Given what happened to Tavis for merely chiding Obama for being a no-show at the State of the Black Union event I wouldn’t be surprised if threats were a factor. ObamaCult is filled with thugs.

  194. Damn…the Lou Dobbs poll asking if the media favors Obama over Clinton stands at 63% yes to 32% no .

    Wow…wonder if even HWSNBN supporters agree that he’s getting a free ride.

  195. As far as Texas, what really worries me is republicans who go to the polls and just request that Democratic ballot. But I heard Rush Limbaugh has a campaign going for Republicans to grab that ballot and vote for Hillary. Maybe that will have some affect.

  196. The thing about Travis Smiley that gets to me, is that for ages AA’s have held him up as a shining example, and applauded the work he’s done on behalf of the community.

    Now that he doesn’t support Obama, many label him an “uncle tom”.


  197. Idunn: that’s quite a tough situation

    It just is what it is, you know? I’ve made my choice and shit like that isn’t going to distract me. Says more about them than it does about me, right? 😉

  198. if thats the case, then lewis should have gone public with the threats. tavis did!

    Yes well, Tavis Smiley can’t be voted out of a job by angry AA’s either.

  199. Idunn: you are absolutely right

    people have no right to pressure you (even when it is loving family :))
    I think it shows your integrity

  200. Smiley was fantastic at the SOTBU. he made sure HRC was welcomed
    appropriately and even had the audience applaud twice becuase his first announcement of her appearnace she wasn’t yet in the building so he had to repat his welcome.

    YUP! Dobbs poll is official. 67% think BO gets preferential press treatment.

  201. Idunn, hillary’s african american supporters are some of the strongest people in this country. The pressure is unreal. There are some good videos at that new site from african american supporters and a lot of them speak to that.

    I love tavis smiley. always have. i think the covanent is good for all americans.

  202. So basically the republicans have admitted, they are not voting for Obama, just a wipe Hillary vote, gee thats comforting, so every state so far, the repugs have infiltrated the vote, inflating Obama and then stick it to him in the GE. The Dem party are assholes if they get taken in by this.

  203. mj: I watched the Lewis interview about his half-hearted endorsement of Obamamessiah. He looked like he was going to cry for his regret of it.

  204. Independent Ben Says:

    February 27th, 2008 at 8:01 pm
    Campbell Brown’s new show is on. Is she in the tank for ‘Bama?

    She is in the tank.

  205. @idunn: i dont get it either… i hate to come off sounding like a hardass, but lewis has been through worse than being strongarmed abt his SD vote. and like others have said… he should have never come out and endorsed in the first place.

    i love tavis… he does so many good things! i wish his show was on earlier here… i can barely make it through charlie rose and tavis is on after him! this is just another example of barack being all rhetoric! he calls himself a “uniter” yet he’s dividing his party. he’s a “uniter” yet he’s causing discontent amongst AAs in this country on all levels, powerful and public AAs all the way down to families like yours…. its crazy!

  206. If we can some of these people on record saying they are being threateneed to vote for Obama it will kill his campaign over night.

  207. Hopefully now that BO is getting some initial vetting, the gloss over his campaign will hit a reality check and March 4 will be for Hillary.

  208. DC, that’s so sad. I blame Obama for letting his co-chair strong arm people and for not speaking out and telling his voters everyone gets to support whomever they want. Why isn’t the msm talking about this? It speaks to a lack of character on Obama’s part.

  209. Jeebus, when will the Democratic party get a friggin’ clue and make ALL primaries closed to BOTH independents and republicans??

  210. moon, tavis already said that. and, several at the sotbu said they had to change their numbers mulitple times. the msm is turning a blind eye.

  211. yeah i have never understood open primaries. They are just stupid.

    If this was closed primaries, Hillary would have won months ago

  212. People, I must state it like I see it: in my opinion, this is yet ANOTHER example of an elected official going back on his word, failing to support the people, failing to remain courageous. Why does Lewis seem to be getting such a nice pass for abandoning Clinton? Hint-hint: people have repeatedly complained about Obama getting one because he’s black; I think this is the same damn thing with Lewis.

    How many people in the Dem party–of ALL colors and sexes–have behaved deplorably? First over abetting Bush and now over abetting Obama? No free passes, I don’t care if some people are implying they’ve been threatened (or people are seeing some implied threat–see below). All the more reason to stop this person BEFORE he would have presidential powers. Can you imagine the level of thuggery then?

    I’ve never seen Lewis before. But in the video, he doesn’t seem like he’s being coerced at all. He referred to doing this Clinton-abandoning for his friends and family, implying Obama’s his friend? Obama’s supporters are? …Or does he mean these people are just black so he must do this for them?

    I’m sorry, but no more icon-worship. Humans are humans, and it seems that, today, a lot of them have practically NO courage to stand up to the collapse that is imminent in America, to the corruption. Elected official after elected official has ultimately behaved both cravenly and deplorably. Enough!

    At this point, I don’t really feel for anybody but the AMERICAN PEOPLE who are being screwed over and WILL be screwed over.

    The black people who continue to resist Obama—THEY are the truly courageous ones. Save your sympathy for THEM.

  213. LOL…well, as my mama says, “That’s the crazy side of the family right there!”

    Her response to one of my cousins calling her a disgrace? “Well Ettie, I hope the lord continues to bless your crazy ass.”


  214. Wow….watching emmanueal cleaver on CNN now. Cleaver describing lewis as having been “bludgeoned” and “pressured” to change. powerful stuff.

  215. Rep. Cleaver, on Brown’s show: He understands Lewis was under pressure, and he states there are others who have been under pressure. I wish somebody would give more DETAILS about this pressure.

  216. moonopluto, superdelegates have come out and said they were being pressured, such as cleaver, lewis’ robo calls, etc, have been made public but it has not yet ended his campaign. why? the media have not made hay of it. the media decides what is acceptable and what is not. it is not okay to fumble a question about drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants, but it is allright to threaten superdelegates, to bend at the will of exelon, to accuse decent people of being racists, to say you are proud of your country for the first time, and the list goes on…

  217. @mj: tavis is the only person ive heard that has spoken out… elected officials probably wont since theyre being threatened with their seats…

    @idunn: i agree that they cant threaten tavis with his elected seat, but tavis’ livelihood is rooted in the aa commuinity and if they turn against him, then he’s worse off than any elected official. i applaud him for standing up for himself and his family.

  218. Ah, no, fran. first, his constiuents went heavily obama. second, this man is a national treasure. third, walk a mile in his shoes, he was being threatened from the sounds of it.

  219. Cleaver says….something going on here that is fundamentally wrong. No one has questioned kerry and kennedy as to why they haven’t switched. there are many white candidates in states that went for clinton that haven’t been asked why they haven’t switched.

    All the questions about going w/ districts seem to coming to AA.

    Cambell brown – is it about race?

    Cleaver….it’s a fact – AA are experiencing pressue. MA went heavily for Clinton. No questions raised about Kerry and Kennedy and their support. Why?

    Cleaver…..In this race….somethings going on under the microscope that will concern people who are fair.

    Need THIS on youtube. THIS IS POWERFUL

  220. “he was being threatened from the sounds of it.”

    –So why didn’t he call the secret service or someone, hmmmm?

    I’m sorry but there should be no special treatment for people caving in to the madness.

  221. The repugs are going nuts over Obama’s schiavo “mistake” comments. He may have cost himself a lot of those repug and independent votes.

  222. Also, then if his constituents went heavily Obama, all of Clinton’s superdelegates, where their constituents went heavily for HER, they need to switch to Clinton. Tit for tat.

  223. Ann, I agree, it was powerful, but then the Obama supporter was all like no, no, nothings going on, this is a great election.

  224. So why didn’t he call the secret service or someone, hmmmm?

    And say what exactly? AA’s will boot my ass out of office if I don’t back Obama?

    Pretty sure there’s not a damned thing the secret service can do about THAT.

  225. well, on the one hand I want to feel for him, but on the other hand this is someone we want to stand up for himself and not be pressured.

  226. you know the thing is, is that Obama could easily run in 8 years time…and really it would be better because he would be older.

  227. @ann: kerrey was on morning joe and there was no questions asked abt his SD vote!

    i honestly hope kerrey and kennedy dont switch… then no one can say sh*t abt hillary taking this to the convention and winning there!

    did we ever find out if the SD votes at the convention are public or private??? couldnt someone say i’m voting for obama and then cast their vote for hillary at the convention?

  228. This is a mans livlihood we’re talking about here…a lifetime career. Easy to say YOU would stand your ground when you don’t actually have to be the one to put your whole life on the line.

  229. turned over to American Idol and this chick is singing:

    “You’re so vain”

    LOL. Made my day with this Obamashit churning all day!

  230. Fran, after seeing that youtube video, I am sorry, I have to give Lewis the benefit of the doubt. I have had really uncomfortable conversations with close friends about the election and I have basically resigned myself to keeping my opinion to myself becuase I don’t want to lose friends forever. I speak my mind, but I don’t press the issue too far. When a friend said the other day that the Clintons were racist, I said I don’t believe that, I believe Obama exploited race, and she said I don’t think so, and I said we agree to disagree. It is tough, a lot of Obama supporters are REALLY aggressive, and as much as I may not like it, I can understand the pressure Lewis is under…

    Let us not be like many of the crazy Obama supporters. Let us follow Hillary’s example and give Lewis the benefit of the doubt. We can be bigger people than his crazed supporters that pressured Congressman Lewis.

  231. just for starters write to head on, legal zoom , vector west, these are advertisers on Cambell Brown cnn let the know you do not support biased reporting

    Tell all the media you wont patronize their advertisers if they don’t start having impartial media coverage

  232. So what should people being “threatened” do–wait till Obama’s (hopefully not) graced with presidential powers, like all the illegal ones Bush created, and then call the secret service?

    Now is the time to act to prevent further thuggery.

    This isn’t even about race. This is about, as I’ve said, elected official after elected official over the past eight years caving into nonstop corruption. These people are ultimately not acceptable–they’re too mediocre. Americans don’t (or at least shouldn’t) elect officials only for when times are easy. When times are tough is when elected officials are supposed to really work–and shine. If they don’t, they weren’t good enough, in my opinion. And it seems that there’s barely been a good enough federal one all these years.

  233. Nov 29, 2007 … During Dem debate coverage, will CNN’s Campbell Brown disclose her husband’s role in Romney’s campaign?

    She’s not for BO she’s just anti Hillary

  234. the thing with Lewis…cnn and media is OVERPLAYING it…like SD’s are peeling off from her left and right. Cambelltit Brown is another bytch who’s so over the heel for bambi. She kept cutting off the guy who can’t understand why there is no pressure on the Kerry and Kennnedy.

    hone mission of mine tomorrow and I hope everybody here will join:

    Call Kennedy and Kerry .. put pressure on them to vote the way their voters did….switch to Hillary.

  235. Hey guys, I just called Texas for over an hour. Of the actual live bodies I got on the phone, 11 were for Hillary, 3 were undecided, and 1 was for Omega.

    I also donated an additional $100.44 because we HAVE to close this $1.9 million gap.

    Donate, call, donate, call!! Let’s do this for Hillary.

  236. Fran, show so heart. back off a bit on this. it’s not as easy as you make it sound. if the media were doing it’s job all this time lewis probably would not be in this situation.

  237. rjk, you said it. In fact, HWSNBN is just now getting a taste of the media turning and his minions are about to have siezures over it.

    Just wait til the Rezko hits the fan. This is gonna be effing fun!

  238. I’ve had the Obama girl song stuck in my head all freakin’ day. It’s to the point where I want to inflict pain upon myself to stop it. I swear if I wind up with an injury because of this song I’m going to sue. DAMN YOU OBAMA.

  239. @rjk: oooooh how i hope you are right!!! i am really hoping that the media continues on this path… they still have the blinders on, but at least their unfairness has become a topic!!! maybe by the time rezco starts, they’ll actually cover it!!!

  240. On CNN – they miss the damn point of what Hillary said and it’s so DAMN FRUSTRATING! It’s not that she doesn’t want to answer the questions – it’s simply that it’s unfair to let Obama sit there and say “Me too” and then wander off on other junk he wants to say.

    I wish someone would do a montage from these debates, of every time Obama has been able to say, “I agree” when a major policy question is asked – usually to Hillary first!

  241. Of course Dicko Morris tells OReilly that he has “one million” ways for Hillary to right the ship and Oreilly told him “spit one out or don’t come back to this show LOL”

    anyways he said something about Generic Prescriptions…

  242. I just turned on CNN and Campbell Brown made a HUGE production out of pointing out that her panelists hadn’t endorsed, or contributed, etc to a campaign. HAHAHAHAHA.

  243. mj, I’m worried more about showing some SENSE and BRAINS. Lots of people using their hearts over their heads is how we got into this mess….

  244. I’ve had the Obama girl song stuck in my head all freakin’ day

    Could be worse…you could be like me and have that stupid Stevie Wonder scale thing replaying over and over.

    Ooooooo BAHMMMMM AHHHHHHH…..OHHHHH Bahmmm aaaaaaa.


  245. I beleive John Lewis loses crdibility by switching to BO. It screams this is all about race. Cleaver is a man who can not and will not be pressured into changing his vote,

  246. I wish somebody would find a video of “Yes We Can” from the preacher and put it on YouTube and then send it to media…be sure Rush Limbaugh knows it..

    His rally cry is even STOLEN! Seems there is nothing sacred to this man. I bet he stole the friggin offering plate on his way out too.

  247. Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing well!

    We are close with the campaign fundaising of 1.9 million, we are now are:


    Let’s do it people!

    How’s Texas looking for Hillary?

  248. I have a story I am sending to a feminist site, please read if you have time (it’s long):

    Women and the US Political System Today
    By Cody A. Eliff

    The state of women in America. It is a very complicated issue. Today, we have made much progress from decades ago. We now have 16 female US Senators. There are female governors in Kansas, Arizona, Michigan, Washington, Hawaii, and Alaska. There are many female Representatives in the House. We have certainly come a long way from the early and mid 20th Century, and even the late 20th century to an extent. Jeannette Rankin, Bella Abzug, Margaret Chase Smith, and Hattie Caraway would be in good company now. We have women candidates for every position of government these days, even the presidency. We, in the 2008 election cycle, have seen history made. A woman, for the first time in US history has won a presidential primary contest. As a matter of fact, she has won many, including huge states like California, New York, Michigan, Florida, Tennessee, and Arizona.

    This campaign has seen the media and many Americans begin to look at the issue of gender. Gender in America is a topic not talked about often enough. Women comprise a majority of the United States’ population, yet are still held back in many respects. In some ways, they are doing this to themselves. In others, there is an old guard of male domination still present in our society to a large extent in a variety of arenas. Whether it be sports, career opportunities, religion, and of course, as I am discussing, politics.

    I want to take this opportunity to talk about this election and how it has played out. We have Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton running for the Democratic nomination against rival Senator Barack Obama. Both are popular figures in their party. One is well versed in policy, statistics, government affairs, and foreign affairs. The other is charismatic and fresh, and seen as someone from “outside of Washington.” One is a former First Lady. One is a former state senator.

    When Clinton announced she was “in it to win it”, she made history. She became the first First Lady to run for president. She has already broken a similar glass-ceiling in becoming the first First Lady to be elected to office, also becoming the first female senator from the state of New York. Hillary Rodham Clinton has already been honored by the National Women’s Hall of Fame, but I think we should look at how amazing this woman truly is.

    Hillary came from a middle-class home in Park Ridge, Illinois, where she grew up in a conservative home. She attended an all girls college, Wellesley, as an undergraduate. She became the class president and gave the commencement address upon graduation, an address that challenged a sitting US senator on his call for the students to resist the urge to become anti-Vietnam War. The address received a standing ovation, and she was put on the cover of a major magazine.

    She met Bill Clinton at Yale Law School, and the moved to Arkansas. There she transformed Arkansas’ schools and proved to be an asset to Bill’s campaigns. She even went to a press conference held by one of Bill’s opponents and corrected him in front of the press after he mischaracterized Bill’s stances on issues. In Arkansas she and Bill raised daughter Chelsea to be a good kid and she certainly has fulfilled that.

    When Bill ran for president in 1992, the nation was introduced to Hillary Rodham Clinton, a forceful, professional woman that exuded intelligence and strength. She stirred up controversy then, and still does. I think this says a lot about a woman. Obedient, submissive, quiet, lackluster women never make history, never create bug change. Look at the women that have changed women’s roles in America up until today; Victoria Woodhull, Eleanor Roosevelt, Shirley Chisolm, Betty Friedan, Bella Abzug, or Ann Richards for example, these were some outgoing, outspoken women. Eleanor Roosevelt transformed the role of First Lady. She was very much involved in her husband’s successful presidency, and involved in government after his death. Hillary caused controversy more than a few times during the 1992 campaign. She would become the nation’s first First Lady with a post-graduate degree, and had her own professional career outside of being the First Lady of Arkansas. She was attacked by the media by saying she could stay at home and bake cookies, but she chose not to and instead had a career of her own. The ridiculous media uproar forced Clinton to come out with a cookie recipe of her own……no I am not kidding.

    She also got heat from the media regarding remarks the media and some others saw as offensive when she mentioned Tammy Wynette and standing by her man. This was during the time when the media was asking about Bill Clinton’s marital infidelities. Bill Clinton is a political genius, a personal hero of mine as a moderate Democrat, and a very smart man, however I think his record on marital fidelity has angered many women and it frustrated me. Since this piece is on Hillary, not Bill, I want to look at her role in all of this. Hillary Clinton had to handle the national spotlight, the media, and all of the while had a family to deal with, a daughter to raise, and aging parents to consider. She represented what many American women went through, and still do today, to a greater extent. She was under tremendous pressure. And she handled it gracefully as ever. She persevered, and no matter how you feel about how she handled herself as First Lady when it came to marital problems, it was HER choice, and she had to decide, not the media, not women as a whole, Hillary Rodham Clinton had to decide. After the Monica Lewinsky story broke, some women and some in the media were telling her to end her marriage. I found it sickening that the US Congress impeached a president for lying about such a personal, non-government related issue. I am of the opinion that one should be impeached for leaving thousands upon thousands of US citizens stranded on rooftops in one of our largest cities as dead bodies float down the street, rotting in the hot southern sun. I found it inspirational on the other hand, that this woman, this amazing woman got up, and kept on fighting. They beat the impeachment trial in the senate and this ridiculous thing was over, for those of us that were sane. The media obsessed and obsessed itself with the scandal. They proved how unworthy they were, and still are in many respects, to serve the American people. The media ignored things that really mattered like a war in Bosnia, economic growth, and US strikes in Afghanistan. Instead they became obsessed in a tabloid news-like fashion with Monica Lewinsky and the president. This whole thing should have ended when Hillary forgave Bill.

    Hillary Clinton proved to be an enormously successful and involved First Lady. She negotiated to open borders to allow refugees to pass in Kosovo. She traveled to Beijing, irking the Chinese government, to denounce that nation’s executions of girl babies because of their gender, and spoke out on women’s rights and that these rights are human rights. She helped to create and pass the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) which now covers 6 million children and is the largest expansion of healthcare since Medicare.

    In 2000, she ran for the United States Senate from the state of New York. She won there with 55% of the vote, breaking the glass ceilings I have already stated. She was New York’s senator on September 11th, 2001, after which she became something of a hero to the first responders that worked in Ground Zero in the following weeks for being one of the first people to speak out about possible health consequences of breathing in asbestos and benzene that filled the air that day and those after. She made history in the senate by becoming the first senator from New York to serve on the Armed Services Committee.

    She was re-elected to the senate in 2006 with 67% of the vote, including winning all but one of the counties George Bush won in his 2004 race, most of which are in northern, conservative New York. This was when rumors peaked about her possible presidential bid. They had been going since 2004, when on Meet the Press, she was asked that in the event of a brokered convention, would she step in and take the nomination, and she said no then. This time was different.

    Hillary announced she was running for president in January of 2007. She looked like the frontrunner at that point, a feat in itself for a female candidate in America. The media scrutiny began. Her main rival, to this day, is Barack Obama. The young, charismatic, fresh-faced African American senator from Illinois soon became the media darling. He was the “rock star”, the rockin’ new pol with an appeal to kids because of his age, and because he hopes for change and changes for hope and hopes for hope and changes for change. Meanwhile the mainstream media began to question Hillary’s pant suits, her hair, her laugh, her cleavage, her singing, and her voice. She was asked the tough questions at debates; What would your reaction be to a nuclear strike inside the United States Senator Clinton? And Senator Obama, what are you going to wear for Halloween? And as a follow up, what if UFO’s attacked us? Senator Clinton, who is Vladimir Putin’s successor and what is his name? This was only the tip of the iceberg. The soft ball questions to Senator Obama did not end. The real, tough, important questions to Senator Clinton kept coming, and she kept answering them fabulously. Yet the media called it for Obama. He was so damn hopeful! Saturday Night Live summed it up wonderfully. A sketch in February had a debate between two actors portraying Senators Obama and Clinton. The moderator, “Campbell Brown”, started of by saying that as others in the media are, they too were “totally in the tank for Senator Obama”. That summed it up nicely.

    The media analysis on Sunday talk shows like Meet the Press and Late Edition all brought in panelists that just adored Barack Obama and spent the entire length of the discussion taking jabs at Hillary, Bill Clinton, and the Clinton Campaign. Meet the Press had most panels consist of a woman and 3 men, 4 if you include Russert. Russert is a story in himself. At the debates he co-moderated, he had a “gotcha” question for Hillary every time. Not one for Obama. He asked Hillary if she agreed with her husband’s quote on torture after not disclosing who said the quote and asking; He also asked the Russian President question recently where he tried to catch her not knowing the successor’s name, even though she did. NBC and their affiliate cable news network seems to have a hatred, or at the very least, a bias against not only Hillary, but her husband. MSNBC had a morning show with Joe Scarborough (who was fair to both candidates), Mika Brzezinski, and Willie Geist, along with frequent guests like Pat Buchanan, Eugene Robinson, and Chris Matthews (I will address him separately). Mika Brzezinski was one of the worst on the network in showing her bias for Obama openly. Her father advises Obama, and some of her family members work for Obama, yet only a few times did I see the show disclose this, almost never did they do this.

    Chris Matthews deserves his own paragraph, so this one’s for you my friend from Philly. He had a strange habit of talking about Barack Obama as if the senator from Illinois was John F. Kennedy, the war hero, 8 year Congressional vet JFK. The senator from Illinois who was a community organizer and a state senator. He talked of a “thrill going up” his leg when Obama made a speech. He compared Obama to JFK countless times, especially after the only living Kennedy brother, Ted Kennedy, lobbed his endorsement onto Obama. Chris talked of Hillary less then kindly. She was, according to him, only elected to the senate because Bill had an affair and people felt sorry for her. She was shrill, she cackled. Hillary made him mad because she got him with a great back-and-forth at an AFSCME debate in 2007. He was not to be made fun of or pushed around by a WOMAN! How dare she try to play on his level. Look up the exchange from the AFSCME debate on you tube or online somewhere else, it is quite funny to see how frustrated he gets when someone in the audience shouts “ask a real question!” Hillary answers the questions in al debates gracefully, and with more knowledge than any candidate I have ever seen about or read about. She talked extemporaneously in an interview about issues ranging from Global Warming to Healthcare to suicide rates among gay teens. She answered the questions she was asked, usually first, and then Obama would follow up with “I agree with what Hillary said”…..and then he would say that the difference is he is hopeful to make change.

    Now, I am going to shift focus to the supporters of Senator Barack Obama. I certainly respect their decision to choose him over Senator Clinton. I respect them and their candidate. The same cannot be said for them. From what I, and other Clinton supporters I know, and Hillary herself have had to put up with from this cult-like following of his is asinine. Whether it be phrases like “Bros before Ho’s”, or “Get Back in the Kitchen Hillary”, or the use of the RANCID, PUTRID, DISGUSTING word cunt to describe her, I have been shocked and sickened. And the most disgusting thing about it is that these words are coming from the mouths and thoughts of so-called democrats or liberals, or even from feminists. I have been so turned off by this. That is not the way a democrat talks about a woman, no matter who she is. No republican should either. The Obama supporters I know have used the disturbing word I referenced above, and they act like it is no big deal. I would never call Barack Obama the N-word. I would never do that. I am a democrat, a democrat that will ALWAYS be with my party. These people don’t have a single loyalty to our party for the most part. They are truly “Obama-crats” and will never understand how politics truly work in America. Republicans are crossing over in droves to choose our nominee to suit their needs for the General Election. I have read a comment put out on the website Republicans for Obama dot com, where they call on Republicans to cross over and vote for Obama, because he is a blank slate that can be defined and Hillary is not as easily beatable. I cannot believe true democrats are trying to nominate another, yes ANOTHER unelectable northern liberal candidate. Have we not learned our lessons? Do we not remember what they did to John Kerry, George McGovern, Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis, and what they have done to others because of different, yet similar issues, like Harold Ford Junior? Is our collective memory that short as a party? Are we that intoxicated on the Obama Kool-aid and Hope-ium that we are falling for a candidate that, mark my words, will be defined as a Chicago liberal elitist that is inexperienced in most issues facing our country right now? Are we seriously going to put that up against John McCain? John McCain, the war hero, prisoner of war, Armed Services committee ranking member John McCain? Are the Obama fans serious? He cannot hope John McCain gives in to hope and change. John McCain is no pushover, please. All of the while, people are passing up the opportunity to elect a nominee that also serves on the Armed Services Committee, has been to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan 3-4 times, has been to over 80 countries on our nation’s behalf, has withstood years of attacks from Fox, Rush, and all of those other asses, and after being attacked, became a US Senator? A woman that has video footage of John McCain saying on Meet the Press that she would be a great president (good commercial for the GE Hillary)? A woman that personally knows Pervez Musharraf, Hamid Karzai, Nuri al Maliki, the leaders of Northern Ireland, Jordan, Israel, China, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Japan and so many other leaders? She is someone to take on John McCain.

    And to make things better, she is a woman! DUH! Imagine what this would say to the world. Women are everywhere, in every culture. Women in Africa who know her from her visits there would say “the most powerful nation on earth has a woman in charge, I can do anything”. Women in China will say “I remember when she came here and changed our lives with one speech, she inspired us to go out and create NGO’s and businesses, and now she is the president”. And American dads can finally tell the truth to their daughters when they say you can be any thing you want to be, to say that now is a lie. They can tell their daughters this confidently, not just their sons. A personal story: I was at a Democratic event in Iowa this past summer and when she spoke, she walked through the crowd, shaking hands, and she stopped to take pictures on the way out. I saw a little girl with a sign that said “I can be president”. Tears formed in my eyes. She then led the crowd in singing happy birthday to a boy of about 10, and after she talked with him and his friends, they ran to their parents saying “the president sang Happy Birthday to me!” That caused me to tear up again. I realized, a woman is actually running for president and doing really well. Wow. That took me back.

    After a while, I am beginning to question whether or not America is ready for a woman president. People say they are. I disagree. I whole-heartedly know I am. I know my family is. I know they, and I, want it to be Hillary Clinton. I know we are ready for an African American president. The difference is that most Americans agree with me on my last point, not the former one. Polls say one thing, but I disagree. Why, I would ask, do you see white men and African Americans breaking for Obama? The white men in this nation would rather a man do the job. That’s how it is. A woman with Barack Obama’s resume, as Dee Dee Meyers has pointed out, would not get anywhere in a primary. He has no foreign policy experience when we have 2 wars going on and terrorism as a problem, and Russia re-entering the Cold War days, and China rising. He has little experience on economics, when we have a faltering economy and a massive deficit. He has no experience with the military when we will be facing a republican nominee that served in the military and continues to work with them. Imagine if a woman with this list of like 2 accomplishments ran. She would be laughed at by everyone. ESPECIALLY against John McCain.

    I always ask people that say that they are ready for a female Commander in Chief but not Hillary, who? They say Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas, or others that have not yet arrived on the scene. I say, first of all Kathleen Sebelius is a conservative Democrat from a tiny state that never votes democratically and is a very, very boring person frankly. Secondly, I say there will be no one in a VERY long time with as much preparedness and ability as this woman. No woman can match her on Foreign policy, on Military policy, on popularity in her party, name recognition, her famous and VERY popular husband, her knowledge on healthcare and education, and so much else. No one can become a president against the massive republican attack machine as easy as she can. I always assumed the first female president would be a republican conservative like Elizabeth Dole or Kay Bailey Hutchison, but we have a chance here for the first time to elect a woman president. A woman who has a proven record. A woman that can defeat McCain so easily. A woman that, as her husband admitted, was part of the only Democrat to beat a republican president and a challenger to get two terms since FDR. He remains popular today among not only Americans but among the people of the world. Now is the time. People picking the stuffed suit that will be handily defeated by John McCain, know this; I am a member of the University Democrats Executive Board where I go to school. I am a Latino. I am gay. I have a heavily unionized family. If we nominate Barack Obama, I will start a write-in campaign to write her in. This IS the time. SHE is the woman. She is the ONE. We can make history and give over half of the world and our country’s population what it is due now, LONG OVER DUE.

  249. Weird…now I have the Beatles “Everybody has something to hide ‘cept for me and my monkey” playing in my head.

    I swear this board has demons infesting it.

  250. I don’t know who Cleaver is, but if he will stay where he is, people should be supporting and sympathizing with him and Clinton’s other black supporters and members of her campaign, etc. Any support and sympathy given to the one’s who’ve fled and will flee is like taking away from the ones who’ve stayed. Her black true supporters are likely under the same amount of pressure to switch, and if they don’t, they probably need extra support–and should get extra rewards.

  251. I just flipped to Fox and they’re doing something on Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus and now I have that running through my head.

    MUCH better.

  252. in other words. If you want a better idea of how Hillary stands in Texas, the opponent’s caller thing gives a better idea of all the voters, not necessarily just female voters.

  253. Idunn, while I did not make any calls, I checked on that site and all the nices varied from male to female and hispanic, etc.

  254. Fan, once this is over, I plan to fundraise for thse folks. It’s very hard to stand for Hill in the aa community right now, which shows you how bizarre this election is.

  255. Did anyone see The View today? They talked about media bias and sexism. I could put it on YouTube if you like.

  256. Maybe people should be sending Clinton’s superdelegates–like Cleaver–some nice letters of support, applauding them for sticking by her. They’re probably amazing like she is.

  257. Found this. So Hussein Obama may not even carry NY in the GE :-).

    My survey for Obama’s middle name
    asked around about Obama’s middle name in my department (A NY investment bank). Less than 10% people know it. And people who voted for him on Super Tuesday felt regret. NY people are so afraid of Muslim and they remember 911 was a Muslim attack.

  258. This is sort of a counter to the Repugs voting for Omega in TX, but my friend was making calls today and a Democrat voter stated she was voting for McCain! LOL

  259. Hawk,

    One word about Mika – she was in the tank for Obama, for a while. But Obama has recently distanced himself from her father – because her father, as NSA under Jimmy Carter, was pro-Palestine and not a friend of Israel. Since Obama made that break, for political purposes, Mika has been sliding away from Obama a bit. She even said this morning: “I’m not in the tank for Obama.”

  260. Hill guy, for me, I got noticeably fewer male names. The same when I was calling Wisconsin. While I understand this strategy, I think that calls should be made to anyone and everyone who is likely to vote instead of a concentrated demographic.

  261. There comes a time when you just shake your head and go whattttttttttt?

    The guy is connected to a 60’s terrorist bomb maker…an anti-semitic church leader…to Resko…to…to…

    How many of these connections does Hillary’s opponent have to have attached to himself before media/people realize he is just bad news???

  262. MJS,I think it also has to do with the time of day that you called. When I called during the day time, I was surprised because most people were home, I think because it was targeting seniors.

  263. @ben: thanks for posting that. i have never liked mika…i think she is one of the most smug, pompous people on tv… i have never ever ever seen her interview ANYONE without interrupting them… she is flat out rude and disrespectful.

    ive had a problem with the fact that she rarely discloses her connections to the campaigns. she can say what she wants, but she’s still in the tank for barry! i watched her this morning and she’s completely obvious. although i would have to say that she is MORE in the tank for bloomberg… she always acts like she has some inside knowledge that he is going to enter the race.

  264. diva, I don’t think Mika has much credibility with ANYBODY. She appears pretty weak to me. Seems like she just wants to look cute – and she’s kind of pitiful trying to get a word in – over Scarborough.

  265. mangomist3 Says:
    February 27th, 2008 at 7:29 pm
    pl. let us not repeat everything we hear. There is early voting going on in TX (and may be OH too). Why the hell are we doing this?

  266. This is sad. Cleaver and Smiley and even Lewis are calling out for the media to hold BO accountable. To recognize what is going on here. WTF? This is a story.

  267. @ben: omg!!! i thought hubby and i were the only ppl that see her checking herself for three hours straight in the monitor and then primping and shifting in her chair…. its hilarious!!! actually it isnt, its pretty gross. glad you see this too though!

  268. I have a really good feeling about Texas. Call me hopeful (ugh I now hate that word). The support on the phone has been exuberant; I called this one male voter, and he had me hold on to speak to his wife who was so excited to talk me (I could hear her in the background!) It was great!

    Also, like CA, I really REALLY think the polls are under-representing Latino voters. If you look at SUSA’s most recent poll, only 28% of those polled were Latino. They stated they were basing this on “expected” turnout. However, as we ALL know, the turnout in CA for Latino voters was HUGE, and some experts predict the TX Latino turnout to be anywhere from 40-50%.

  269. if you remember, not even a couple of weeks ago, some of us were saying that somebody knows something and they aren’t telling us…well folks strategically all the cards are never played in the first hand…I’d bet money the best is yet to come!

    be patient, stay with the phones, and contribute… Hillary is in it toWIN!!!

  270. Greetings… just got off phone banking and a conf call.

    With regards to who’s name comes up on the call feature on the web page, the whole thing is programmed. Depending on where you live and who the campaign is targetting, you get a different list of people to call. My calls from here in massatoosets go to Rhode Island and I have been getting mostly seniors and lots of men. My friend who is women is getting mostly women.

    The campaign has been trying to connect people from similar demographics to an extent with seniors calling seniors, women calling women and so forth but it is not a very tight feature of the calling program

  271. That is going in as many ocal journals as possible, we as students can post books if we want, so this isn’t too long compared to toher things I have read.

  272. AND…we have Ace Smith in charge of Texas. The man is an organizational genius. And they don’t call him “The Stopper” for nothin. He was credited for bring SoCal Latino voters to the polls in droves.

  273. so how does Texas look? I know polls have it close but? Isnt it really that close?


  274. mj, I would be very interested in hearing more about this. what do you mean? where did you hear that?

    And hearing the good vibes about texas warms my heart.

  275. I just wanted to speak a bit here today, but I’ll go back to keeping my heretical thoughts to my own places.

    I’m just really depressed over what a mess america has become. Like, ugh. I’ve been extremely disappointed over many of the people who were supposedly “something” different, or supposedly were better than average. As a nihilist largely, I never thought they were that big a deal, I thought many people in government and out were probably overrated, but, geez, can’t they do better than this?

    Gore? Where are you? You won’t endorse Clinton? Well, fuck you. Yet another disappointment in a long line of eight years of disappointment.

  276. Congressman Emmanuel Cleaver Kansas City


    Washington D.C.


    He cannot accept email from anyone who is not in his state.

    Call this man tomorrow.

    I salute HIM. Nice to see some backbone.

    Remember these numbers tomorrow

  277. Fran

    It aint over…keep saying that, stop looking at your tv, and reading the delusion bashers out there.

    Stay here where we support Hillary no matter what!!!

  278. I am just connecting the dots. Smiley stated publically he was getting threats. Cleaver’s comments are upthread. Lewis seemed heart broken and said he had to think of his family. At this point, the media is supposed to step to the plate and ask what is going on here?

  279. I am in love with Hillary’s upcoming schedule:

    02/28: Join Hillary for a “Solutions for America” Rally in Houston!
    02/29: Join Hillary for a “Solutions for America” Rally in San Antonio!
    03/01: Join Hillary for a “Solutions for America” Rally in Fort Worth!
    03/01: Join Hillary for a “Solutions for America” Rally in Dallas!

    03/03: Join President Clinton for a “Solutions for America” Rally in El Paso!

  280. Fran,

    It’s really hard to stay encouraged with weapons being thrown from all directions at Hillary. It’s especially hard to realize that the DNC could do what they are doing. Even so, Hillary is fighting for her life and whether Gore or anyone else endorses her, she is an amazing lady.

    It’s hard to stay positive but I just love how she doesn’t give up…no matter what is thrown at her.

  281. @fran: i am hopeful that good will conquer evil in this election!!! vent. get it out. whatever. but keep envisioning hillary in the white house. keep envisioning her acceptance speech in denver, etc… i believe in “the secret”… it works!!! keep seeing it in your head… i know it sounds hokey, but it works!!!

  282. I know, Debbie, I don’t look at any news or read any mainstream articles–I’m still rooting for Clinton, I feel that someway, somehow, we’ll likely get what we want in the very end as the media tide suddenly seems to be turning against BO. However, I’m still disappointed at how craven so many people have turned out–that cravenness and other disappointing behavior will have still happened no matter how the election turns out.

    Eh, maybe that will be a bit of a good thing in the end: at least people will know more about what others are really made of….

  283. Donated $28.44 to honor Chelsea and Hillary. You can see the love and closeness between the two of them at the debates, reading each other’s thoughts and minds. Chelsea has been her saving grace IMHO. About “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” – exactly. This is how I described this Obamamania phenom at the beginning of January. Seemingly intelligent people just losing all rationality overnight. Wonder if they all turn into giant green pods at night? They are certainly robotic in their lack of sensitivity and lack of conscience as to what they are throwing away – democracy in America. Every time I think of Obama/Farrakhan/Wright and TUCC, I become nauseous. My grandfather, who fought on the Hindenburg line during WWI against Kaiser Wilhelm – was a “Democrat’s Democrat” and would tell you real quick that FDR saved this country. He cried every time he talked about it. At the end of WWI, upon returning from overseas, he spoke reverently about the ship entering New York Harbor, the clouds breaking and seeing a relatively new Statue of Liberty, breaking out in song “God Bless America”. Woodrow Wilson was on board. He lived to celebrate 103 years, died believing the Democratic party was the only hope for this country. If he knew that this country was on the verge of electing someone like Obama with ties to Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan and TUCC- a racist, separtist church, and had no real credentials he would roll over in his grave. People – this is the most dastardly act that these clueless, spiritually-empty Americans can inflict upon us all – to elect a candidate with known ties to a Jewish and Gentile hater. I truly believe when this country turns it’s back on the Jewish people and Israel, this country will see the wrath of God like it never has before. If you believe in God, I implore all of you to pray and yes – give testimony to everyone you see – because this country has not only lost it’s way – we are doomed beyond hope if Obama leads this country. If you have no religious thoughts and don’t subscribe to a higher being – I still call on you to reject the hate and racism that Farrakhan and his supporters represent. How do these mindless people – void of conscience – do this? Where is the outrage from the Fundamentalist AA masses who know that anyone who covets someone like Louis Farakkhan may as well be the devil himself? These Christ-filled AA know that this is not what Martin Luther King Jr. would do. God help us if people don’t wake up to the truth.

  284. We must be all the targets of a vast right wing conspiracy, because I am liking Karl Rove more and more everytime I see him. God, I wish it was November 5th already.

  285. Fran, I am totally feeling you with your frustration. I have never been so disappointed in my life. There are times when I just feel like crying and I ask myself WTF are people thinking? Am I living in a twilight zone? But, when I see Hillary everyday still fighting, I keep on believing. She will be rewarded.

  286. justmeinmountdorafl: I too wish she had another rally scheduled in Austin, but Bill has been there a couple times in the past week.

    But she will be blanketing Florida over the next three days, and I am so pleased that she is having RALLIES where her message can he heard by the masses, rather than these “roundtables”, which, although effective, don’t reach as many people at once.

  287. Maybe Hillary should do another town hall meeting with Texas Ohio Rhode Island and Vermont? It could be televised like the last one.

    what do you guys think?

  288. Karl Rove on Hannity….I’mm getting the gist that Farrakan is going to be Obama’s blister. Karl Rove, Shaun Hannity both had some interesting things to say. Farrahkan, the flag pin, Michelle’s remarks…

    Also, I take it that Michelle Obama’s thesis is going to come back to Haunt her …. BOO HOO

    Karl Rove just tonight throwing out a few things to chew on…he is just getting warmed up. Hannity is getting ready to zoom in bam,bam on bambi.

    I can’t really explain what I heard but it is not going to go well for Bambi. Karl says Hillary can still come back even though the Texas caucus is skewed to Obama.

    Hillary needs to ride it out…the scrutiny is going to come onto the chosen one in the light and he’s going to take some hits.

  289. Ronald, she IS having one, but only in Texas. This from her website:

    Save the Date: On Monday, March 3 at 6:30-7:30 p.m. CST, Hillary will host a ‘Texas-Sized’ interactive town hall in Texas. The town hall will be broadcast live on Fox Sports Network Southwest and on the Internet at

  290. Ronald,

    I think the ST eve town hall meeting was a waste of money. Many people who get the hallmark channel do not even know that they could get it and therefore did not watch. I would do what they did back in 92 do 60 minutes sunday night.

  291. Dot makes a fascinating point. We have all these Republican strategists saying “Don’t count Hillary out”, “She’ll make a comeback”, etc.

    Even THEY know she’s not done. The ONLY ONLY people who want her to be done are Obama’s supporters. We already know the Republican Machine is wiser than they are.

  292. just what we’ve been discussing…

    “HRC’s black supporters pressed to support Obama”

  293. Anti-Obama Attacks Zero In on Farrakhan Support, Israel Policy

  294. on CNN Headline News (I don’t know the host’s name) guest Stephen Hayes (Weekly Standard) flatly said that the Obama campaign was quick to play the race card with the somali pictures and to point at Hillary’s campaign even as they acknowledged they did not know where it came from. Goes back to show Wilentz is right.

  295. hey guys, she will have a texas-sized interactive town hall but it will also be streaming on her website so you can watch it there as well! 😉

    yeah, tell me about Florida, I live there, so whats up

  296. Those dates that Idunn gave us March 5 through March 8 … something besides Rezco. The church of the chosen one is now under investigation. That will even by IRS admission take some time so it is not that.

    Michelle Obama is his weakest link……

    Also, Sean Hannity basically told republicans in Texas to vote for Hillary.

  297. dot48:

    Rush Limbaugh has also been pushing this idea for the past 2 days. He is calling on republicans in Texas to vote for Hillary to keep the race close and cause further havoc within the democratic party.

  298. We need a list of every African American super delegate. While I don’t think this is going to the superdelegates…we need to show that Hillary supporters care enough to send an email to them and tell them to STAND FIRM.

    Please somebody smart…start a list.. we need to call those people as well as phone banking, giving $, etc.

    I cannot contribute again until the first of the month. I’m honestly broke

  299. at this point I don’t give a flying fig what it does to the “internal” democratic party. They have done NOTHING to stop what is happening.

    If Howard Dean would devote l/4 of the time to getting on media shows and point out the unfairness of this all nonstop Obama lurvefest and encourage a full and fair coverage as well as vetting of all the candidates…as he does to try to frickin bum money … well we would be a whole lot better off.

    The DNC will never get another red cent from me.

    The party should be encouraging fair play and COUNT EVERY VOTE.

    Don’t leave Florida or Michigan out.

  300. wait… i show her in tx through march 1st…

    does anyoen think its weird that bambi is only doing one event on the 28th and hrc has three on the 28th…?

  301. debbie:

    Don’t be too hard on yourself 🙂 A lot of us are watching and listening to stuff that just 8 weeks ago we would have never dreamed of!

    I think it’s less of a reflection on us, and more of one on how MSM has treated Hillary.

  302. Basil, I didn’t say anything about Hillary going to FL. Someone else did I believe. I have no knowledge of a FL visit. All upcoming visits for her look to be in TX.

  303. Instead of Barack Hussein Obama .. they want it to be Barack HolyOne Obama…..the dude has a middle name .. whats wrong with it.

  304. For those worried about Texas, you know the state where up to 45% of the voters could be Hispanic?:

    New Poll: Hillary Maintains Commanding Lead Among Hispanics in Texas

    Austin, TX – With less than a week before Latinos cast their votes in the Texas primaries, a new poll released today shows Senator Hillary Clinton with a commanding 41 point lead over Senator Barack Obama.

    A new Latino Decisions Texas Poll found that Hillary leads her opponent among registered Latino voters in Texas 62% to 21%, with 15% undecided.

    The poll also shows that in head to head general election match-ups, Clinton outperforms Obama against John McCain by a margin of two to one.
    “While we are taking nothing for granted and working hard to earn every vote, Senator Clinton have a strong relationship with the Hispanic community in Texas dating back to 1972,” said Congressman Solomon Ortiz (TX–27). “She’s been working with the community for 36 years, and they understand that she’s been tested, is fighting for them, and that she’s the candidate who has the best chance of beating John McCain in November.”

  305. hillguy,
    just doublechecked. You said this.

    ‘But she will be blanketing Florida over the next three days, and I am so pleased that she is having RALLIES where her message can he heard by the masses, rather than these “roundtables”,’

    That’s wht confused me. So IS she going there?

  306. read this peeps! dont skip!

    maybe this is whats coming????

    taken from

    “simple questions for mr obama”

    Not complicated. No nuance. Very straightforward. First, is there any member of your staff–presidential campaign or senatorial office (including district staff)–who is a member of the Nation of Islam? If no, then never mind. We will condemn Debbie Schlussel for spreading a vicious unfounded rumor. But if the answer is yes, then you have a problem.

    There are certain groups and individuals that should not be allowed anywhere near an office of public trust like the Presidency. Nazis, KKK, David Duke, and the Nation of Islam. This is not about being anti-black. If the individuals in question were members of CORE or the NAACP no problem. Those groups push for equality. They don’t preach a form of racism and hate. It is up to Senator Obama to be very clear and precise–no member of his staff will belong to or associate with any organization that preaches hatred and racial division.

  307. lol, i wonder if any of well-known endorsers of Hillarys will go to Vermont or is that a lost cause?

    Im upset that Lewis gave in to the Obama-pressure

  308. The terrorist connection to Mr. Obama is going to come back to possibly bite him on the ass. When he has to continue to “denounce and reject” .. well, the more you stir poop.


  309. Okay, I am leaving for the auction, I recommend the VERY popular Puerto Rican group Wisin & Yandel (Rakata, Sexy Movimiento, Mayor Que Yo), very very popular with the Latino youth….PR power if they did something for Hillary. Bye all!

  310. I really feel guilty that I watch Fox New all the time. I was watching Bill Cunningham just now and I agreed with him completely. I wish Hillary could say what he said about Hussein Obama. Maybe I am a closet conservative????

  311. dot48:

    Rush Limbaugh has also been pushing this idea for the past 2 days. He is calling on republicans in Texas to vote for Hillary to keep the race close and cause further havoc within the democratic party.

    The DNC let this process become a joke because they wanted anybody else but Clinton. The only time they say something is when Donna Brazile start threatening to leave the democratic party…I say good riddance.

    I’m putting the blame on the DNC, elite democratic leaders, arrogant media jerks who think election tampering excludes them and the Neo-Left idiots who think they are the majority in the democratic party. They’re not, they are just a segment that is over representated in leadership positions in the DNC and in the media.

    When this is said and done, and a review is underway I hope an independent panel look into the abuses the media played in this election and does something about it. I don’t trust the media to handle it themselves because they never see themselves as wrong or crossing the line but I’ am fed up with this crap.

    MSNBC too a large part use their power to do payback on the Clintons for daring to call them out on their B.S. and shameless shilling for Obama and kingmaker. Tweety and Pumpkin Head, Playmate mika, Pimpman Shuster and repug Joe have been the worst offender because they think the American voters don’t understand what they’re doing.

    Keith Blowhard need to really look in the mirror before he open his big mouth again about anybody else when it comes to fairness and honesty, because he sure doesn’t walk the line.

  312. fox is ..well fox,, their debate watchers said overwhelmingly there should be Hillary/BO ticket, overwhelmingly said she was better on foreign policy, overwhelmingly said she has more experience…then fox says Hillary had a slight lead in the debate….go figure

  313. so fox is good :-).

    btw. maybe Hussein Obama’s anti-war no flag pin wearing action would be painted by the GOP as terrorist friendly. They will make sense of everything. I think it will happen :-). Go Fox.

  314. divabunny, we should forward the links to fox. Hussein,Arabs,Palestinians,anti-war,donations, wow, all the right keywords.

  315. @TPS, I read the article. It gives a lot of information on Hussein Obama. Some people may think the reporter is just being jealous though. Ugh.

  316. carbynew:

    When I posted that bit about Rush I was not implying it was necessarily a bad thing. I’d be more than happy to see that non-democratic vote evening out a bit.

  317. “# Ronald Says:
    Question for Tim Russel and the MSNBC staff:

    Is that anyway to talk to the former First Lady of the United States?”

    That’s a good question. Actually is that even a way to talk to a lady? Never liked that pig head Tim Russel.

  318. Jubjub,

    its true. and I seem to be the only one who noticed how during the Austin debate, when Hillary shook Obama’s right hand, he used his left hand to squeeze the back of her arm in a very quick and subtle way- he basically grabbed her. He was trying to throw her off by squeezing the back of her arm, near her breast.

  319. Ronald,

    Really? I did not watch the debate because I just absolutely can’t stand Hussein Obama. I don’t think he has a thread of gentleman in him.

  320. jub,
    no of course he doesn’t but he certainly comes off that way. Watch the clip of the end of the debate when Hillary gives her awesome closing statement and then graciously shakes Obama’s hand. Its very fast but its there. In any other setting most women would have slapped him. I would have and Im not a woman.

  321. jub,
    no. I am convinced his lips are blue from his long history of heavy smoking. Its called cyanosis and it shows he isn’t getting enough oxygen from his lungs- likely due to early emphysema

  322. Hey there everyone…

    back from call and email land. I’m catching up on the blog.

    did y’all see this?
    Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Wednesday, February 27, 2008 — 9:34 PM ET

    Michael Bloomberg Confirms He Will Not Run for President

    Michael Bloomberg writes in an op-ed in Thursday’s New York
    Times: “I listened carefully to those who encouraged me to
    run, but I am not — and will not be — a candidate for

    Read More:

  323. divabunny:

    thanks for those links. great info. here’s one that was posted yesterday I believe, and has some more info about the bambi/Said connection, as well as his relationship with Ayers.

    w w

  324. back from calling Texas and sending emails

    did y’all see this?

    Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Wednesday, February 27, 2008 — 9:34 PM ET

    Michael Bloomberg Confirms He Will Not Run for President

    Michael Bloomberg writes in an op-ed in Thursday’s New York
    Times: “I listened carefully to those who encouraged me to
    run, but I am not — and will not be — a candidate for

  325. Ron,

    I was just joking. A Chinese friend of mine told me purple lips are a symptom of weak kidney according to the Chinese medicine. I like your theory too. No wonder he can’t talk like an intelligent person. Apparently he does not have enough oxygen from his lungs to his brain. Now everything make sense :-).

  326. bambi has kept some very shady company in the past. I’ve always been told that we are judged by the company that we keep. If that’s true then what does that say about him?

    This stuff will get out sooner or later, if not by MSM or even the republicans, then the 527’s will do it.

  327. (repost from other thread)
    We’re not allowed to say his name coz that’s fear-mongering.
    We’re not allowed to view pictures of him coz that’ fear-mongering AND idolatrous. (You shalt not make images of God and You shall not make wrongful use of the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not acquit anyone who misuses his name.)
    We’re not allowed to say Jackson won SC coz that’s racist.
    We’re not allowed to point out his inconsistencies on policies because that’s anti-affirmative action.
    CENSORSHIP!!!!!!!! Repeal of Freedom of Speech!!!!!!!! Overturning the First Ammendment!
    And today even rush (who I listen to while driving as he’s the only radio station I get)
    did a similar routine about the hands-off Obamarama thing and said (this cracked me up) “since we can’t say his full name, Barack Hussein Obama, I guess that means we can’t initialize his name, as we do with many presidents, GWB, LBJ, RR,. and I guess that means I’ll have to refer to him as BO.
    Basil9, I have a problem with just play the “Hussein” card just because. I do use it to make a point that Obama is not being completely honest about his deep relationships with middleastern Arabs and Persians, pro-Palestinian and his deep relationships with the NOI.

    The problem with Obama is that you don’t know what he believes in, is he using the African American issue for his own means or is he truly committed. I have a problem with his complicity with Tony Rezko slum lord business in Chicago where many of the victims were Black.

    So does Obama fight for African Americans or is he more beholden to Arabs issues. That is one of my issues with Obama, it’s not exclusive but he doesn’t take stands and we are voting for the POTUS.

    Also he has a propensity to “throw people under the bus” for his ambitions and if he truly believes in having a dialogue with the Nation of Islam then he should Man up and not capitulate on the Farrakhan test.

    So my question is….Who is Barack Hussein Obama and what does he really stand for? Because I truly don’t know at all….and the more I try to find out who this guy is, the more questions I have about his character, honesty, values and core belief system.

  328. TPS Says:
    February 27th, 2008 at 10:42 pm

    See this YOUTUBE VIDEO OF OBAMA sounding like George McGovern trying to cut defense. The Republicans will have a field day with this.
    wow, is this for real?

  329. Levon Says:

    February 27th, 2008 at 10:23 pm

    When I posted that bit about Rush I was not implying it was necessarily a bad thing. I’d be more than happy to see that non-democratic vote evening out a bit.
    Levon I didn’t read it at that I’m just extremely angry with the media bias and tampering and this joke of a primary the DNC designed.

  330. I wonder if Obama’s ties to Islam are the reason he is so contemptuous of women? And will middle of the road women vote for him – even if they’ve always voted Democratic – is they think he is going to foist Islamic-like restrictions on American women’s lives?

    Will he appoint anti-choice judges or is he willing to make abortion care rights a litmus test? Will he champion Title IX or will he continue to roll it back? Will his DOJ investigation gender and age discrimination or will they just look the other way as Bush has? Will he champion vouchers and sex segregated public schools?

    I think we ought to come up with a list of how conservative Islamic gender goals could be embraced within the confines of the US Constitution and find out where he stands on those issues and what his voting record it. He couldnt’ foist sharia on us, but he could certainly do things to make US women’s lives more problematic – we need to figure out what those things are and take a look at where he stands.

    His campaign against Clinton is so vituperative and venomous that it’s hard to see the moderating influence of liberal christianity anywhere.

  331. On Monday, March 3 at 6:30-7:30 p.m. CST, Hillary will host a ‘Texas-Sized’ interactive town hall in Texas. The town hall will be broadcast live on Fox Sports Network Southwest and on the Internet at

  332. I saw this comment on a blog from cnn website. I had to laugh because I used to joking say Obama was the new paris hilton.

    February 27th, 2008 10:49 pm ET

    Hello America
    From your American media coverage of the Democrat Primaries it looks like your country is electing their next American Idol instead of your next President who might be able do undo some of the massive damage done to your country over the past 8 years.
    Next thing you know, Paris Hilton will announce her candidancy & will be getting as much love from your press as Obama is at present.
    A lot of pragmatic Asians hold this view as well

  333. Here is something I posted on another thread awhile back. I thought, I would share it with everyone.

    HRC’s run for the presidency, gives me hope that a woman might, just break the ultimate glass ceiling. Mothers will be able to tell their daughters, “You can be anything, you want, even President of the United States,” and it will be true. Talk about change! Everything changes, if a woman becomes President of the United States. Perhaps, it will help to reduce some of the gender bias, that exists in the U.S., and around the world.

    She is so qualified for this position. She knows healthcare, inside and out. Her policy work with healthcare and education issues over the years gives her a deep insight and committment towards improving the lives of people. During her years as First Lady of Arkansas, she was the first wife of a governor, who held a job. And, yes, she received bad press and criticism for doing this, but she kept doing it, anyway. She was the first female law partner in the Rose law firm. This was a first, in Arkansas. While she was First Lady of Arkansas, she worked to improve the education programs, and these programs exist today, and have been implemented in other states. She also did policy work for improving healthcare for children. Along the way, she has made mistakes, which I believe she has learned from.

    Foreign policy issues are not foreign to her. She has served on the Armed Services Committee in the Senate, and has experience with policy issues. During her years of First Lady, she worked on improving human rights issues, breast cancer awareness, HIV/AIDS research, which gave her the opportunity and experience of traveling to many different countries, and interacting with all levels of people.

    Most of all, she is tough, and knows her own mind. The gender bias she has faced during this primary season has been mind boggling, but she keeps focused and working towards her goal.

    People talk about her being divisive, but during her senate work, she has worked across party lines, and has earned the respect of her fellow senators. It is important to realize the good work she has done. She has demonstrated her competence many, many times.

    This gives me inspiration and hope for change. She has been a change agent, her entire life.

  334. Louis F
    Arab Billionaires
    NOI Staffers
    Dr. Wright African-support group
    his cousin in Kenya
    his mother the socialist anthropologist
    No flag
    No Pledge
    Wife that isn’t thrilled with America
    No Afghan hearings

    Adn we want to elect him President WHY?

  335. Thanks to Ron, I looked up emphysema trying to find out whether it’s a serious disease or not. Hopefully Hussein Obama smokes 20 packs a day. That would serve well. Sorry to say that. Ugh!

  336. And more words of wisdom from Craig Crawford:

    CRAWFORD: … .. I mean, we’ve gotten into a situation where if you try to be fair to the Clintons, if you try to be objective, if you try to say, “Well, where’s the evidence of racism in the Clinton campaign?” you’re accused of being a naïve shill for the Clintons. I mean, I think if somebody came out today and said that Bill Clinton — if the town drunk in Columbia [South Carolina] came out and said, “Bill Clinton last night was poisoning the drinking water in Obama precincts,” the media would say, “Ah, there goes Clinton again. You can’t trust him.” I really think it’s a problem. … ..

  337. dedfg

    not so funny after reading jubjub and Ron’s email this morning

    may as well just throw myself off a bridge now and donate all leftovers to Hill for Prez

  338. Birdgla

    nice post

    but I am sorry to say I saw a poll today briefly on one of the “noise networks that stated American’s would prefer to vote for a Black man over a woman…any woman…70-62 percent.

    Or close to that.

    and I think that was not about THIS election, just a poll from the past

  339. SpacegirlArt

    I have been wondering, just what job Dean wants after his term as DNC Chairman is up. It would not surprise me if a deal has already been struck with Obama, although that would be a felony.

  340. project runway finale (part 1) – one of designer chris’ friends is wearing a bright red t-shirt with picture of hill and ‘hot for hillary’ printed on it 🙂

  341. @birdgal,

    “Most of all, she is tough, and knows her own mind. The gender bias she has faced during this primary season has been mind boggling, but she keeps focused and working towards her goal.

    It is important to realize the good work she has done. She has demonstrated her competence many, many times.

    This gives me inspiration and hope for change. She has been a change agent, her entire life.”

    Excellent Post! 🙂

  342. SpacegalArt: That does not surprise me at all. Black men did receive the right to vote, about 50 years before women. I think, a lot of the media bias has to do with gender, as well as hatred of the Clintons, by many people in the media.

  343. spacegirl: “not so funny after reading jubjub and Ron’s email this morning”

    oh well, I am not privy to that….sorry

  344. @rjk1957,

    I would bet that Obama has made hundreds of deals…maybe even sold his soul to win this election. I’m hoping it all blows up in his face.

  345. ronald. -3 on the osteoporosis scale for a 53 year old male…how bad is that? He’s been on Actonel and is now doing Forteo Injections and taking calciumcitrate with Vitamin D.

    His testosterone is at exteme low levels and they are attributing this to the osteoporis and are doing Testerone Pellet insertion in hips next week.

    He’s had way too many ESI’s to control 5 nerve root end damage in back..4 fusions with entire steel rods and cages installed. He is in pain management which is a nightmare itself.

    Doc said he is lucky to be walking with that osteo

  346. dedfg….every time I read your screen name i think of poor Matthew Shepard

    now why would you bother saying something like that?

  347. birdgal…we are lucky here and in Hillary land. Some very smart men support her. But I agree…three is a tremendous amount still for gender bias. Better here than in many places, worse here than others.

    but still bias.

    We just don’t get stoned to death for being women.

    Just gang rapes on national television….

    and a lot of other things

  348. dedfg…I don’t mean any disrespect. In fact, it makes me remember. We often forget about those things. I am gay. Matt was in Oklahoma. Cheney’s place of residence. A cruel irony in that, to be sure.

    And it all just makes me sad.

  349. and if I say it, it gives it less power in my head because it is out.

    I hope i haven’t offended you. I was not meant that way at all.

  350. I saw a while ago when someone asked a candidate if he would offer someone a cabinet position for an endorsement and they replied that would be a felony. For the life of me can not remember who, it was as the past 2 months have seemed like 2 years.

  351. Someone up the thread said something about the disrespect in the tone of voice of reporters (Russert and others, in particular) when speaking to and about the former First Lady of the Unted States, Hillary Clinton.

    I have thought that myself on many an occasion.

    And reading the Obamabloggers. Would they call any OTHER first lady that under the same circumstances, or is this uniquely Clinton?

  352. @rjk: well isnt that part of the reason blagovich (sp?) is being indicted? on another note… shouldnt it also be illegal for the candidate to basically buy SD votes???

  353. @rjk…”, it was as the past 2 months have seemed like 2 years.”

    no shit. I thing we here on this site are ALL gonna have aged in “Presidential Years” (3-1) by november!

  354. SpacegirlArt: We are lucky here. I know, there are many, many smart men who support Senator Clinton, but unfortunately, there are many men who are not enlightened, and allow their machismo to interfere with making a logical choice.

    I look at Hillary, and I see, an awesome woman. She is tough, she is a fighter, she has integrity (regardless of what others say) when it counts the most, and she is my Hero. Some days, when I feel angry and sad about the way she is being treated, I look at the way she is coping with it, and I feel ashamed of myself for letting it get me down. Whatever happens, she has been an agent of change, and will continue to be.

  355. @birdgal “she is my Hero. Some days, when I feel angry and sad about the way she is being treated, I look at the way she is coping with it, and I feel ashamed of myself for letting it get me down.”

    that makes two of us, for sure. First real life hero I have ever had.

    Several historical ones, but none in my lifetime who were REAL HEROES to me. She is.

  356. # divabunny Says:
    February 27th, 2008 at 11:43 pm

    @pm: jim cramer???
    yea.. watch the interview — it is good. I like it when she talks to them at CNBC and like it even better when they like what she is saying.

  357. # Fran Says:
    February 27th, 2008 at 8:34 pm

    I don’t know who Cleaver is, but if he will stay where he is, people should be supporting and sympathizing with him and Clinton’s other black supporters and members of her campaign, etc. Any support and sympathy given to the one’s who’ve fled and will flee is like taking away from the ones who’ve stayed. Her black true supporters are likely under the same amount of pressure to switch, and if they don’t, they probably need extra support–and should get extra rewards.
    Thanks Fran: I so agree with you here. The ones who are standing with her, deserve a medal. I plan to call Rep Cleaver tomorrow to thank him for his courageous stance.

    p.s. I quit watching the news- it was messing with my emotions. I get my news from the net and radio.

  358. I just realized that I’ve been lurking at this board since just after the SC primary. It seems like forever ago but its only a month.

    I stopped reading DU the day of the Kennedy endorsement (so many fucking OMG SO AMAZING threads. My head was going to explode.) and that feels like 10 years.

  359. rjk…lol

    diva…wow…trying to remember. I came here i THINK not to long after um…the Florida Primary….

    just looked at my confirmation email…

    Feb 9th

    but good god it seems like forever. In looking back, I can now really appreciate HOW MUCH ADMIN has done.


    And I thought I was tired!

  360. My local right wing talk show’s a bit of a moderate rightie not a rightie rightie if that makes sense) is clocking Obambi pretty hard.

    He’s been hitting on him hard from last Tuesday everyday. He even have a jingle out called, ‘Obamaman’ which goes to the tune of ‘Candyman’ i.e ‘who can make the the world shine, the candy mind’ I think I messed up the lyrics but it’s to the tune of that old kids song and it even has kids singing. It is very, very popular but it is mocking him.

    Today, he has a new feature in support of Billy Cunningham. Whenever he wants to say obama’s name, he presses a buttom and gets a sound effect to angel voices singg, ‘ahh,ahh, ahh’ etc. It is very , very funny. I know that these righties are reading Taylor Marsh and other Hillary sites. Today, a Mccain supporter was a guest and even he said that the media was tougher on Hillary and that they weren’t racist. He said that the because of this race may be spilintering and if Obama gets the nod, he said that Hillary’s people are so invested in her and may be so pissed off at how she is being treated that they may pull the lever for McCain.

    You think that they have been reading these sites! In any event, that Billy C. clip got alot of air time on talk radio, it was so funny to hear him say, ‘Barrack HUSSEIN Obama’ like 3xs. Schnitt contineus to hit him on REzco, not calling meetins and his wife statements. An Obama supporter was being held on the line and wanted to criticize Schnitt. He said, you damn right that I’m going to continue to criticize him. He is up for the most powerful job in the universe and he hasn’t been made to answer basic questins that are very troublessome. He said, color me Tom Petty.

    The Repubs are gunning for Obama. He is in their zone and they are eager to pile on. I say whatever the outcome of OH and TX, Hill needs to stay in the race.

    That Billy cunningham clip got mad airplay today and many conservatives felt like Mr. Cunningham that rightly or wrongly, McCain threw him under the bus and caved to liberals again.

    I hope that they take that anger out on McCain and vote for Hillary.

    Mr. cunningham is based in OH and I can’t believe that Im endorsing his endorsement of her for Repubs to vote for her. Ahhh, well, all is fair in love and war.

  361. I was VERY active on boards before here, and called and wrote a lot to the campaign

    first outside action I took locally was a sign waving event the night before the Primary. That was hard. That was not me. But Hillary winning meant the world to me. And SHE gets out there every day. It was the least I could do.

    met some cool folks

    chose to stay involved

    I will never regret that decision. And if I have my way, I will go to the inaugration. I will certainly go to Denver, even if there are potentials for violence.

  362. Oh, I forgot, Schnitt on the talk show today was highlighting the Auchi-Rezco connection and his house. I’m convinced that he is reading BMerry’s blogspot on Rezco . He also talked about his Farrakkhan connection.

    Watch for the Weatherman and Farrakkhan/Jeremiah Wright connection to be fanned on right wing talk show.

  363. Diva,
    that article tells me that Obama is getting more of his base to vote early. Hillary’s camp needs to start sending buses to senior Citizen’s centers and retirement homes to take them to vote early and avoid the lines on the 4th.

  364. Tib…I am in Florida as you know and I hear Schnitt from time to time. I head the Obamaman song the other day and laughed my ass off. It was SO TRUE.

    I looked on his website to see if it was there and couldn’t find it.

    Yes, Hillary should, and I think will…stay in. She certainly will not release her delegates.

  365. “Watch for the Weatherman and Farrakkhan/Jeremiah Wright connection to be fanned on right wing talk show.”

    along with Rezko, Achi and the rest….

    it needs to be. BM isnt doing much. And besides, this IS the most important job in the world. What ARE these people in the DNC thinking?!?

    Hillary Clinton will be the next president.

  366. @tib: i’m glad theyre starting to vet him, but what theyre covering is really NOTHING compared to what the rest of us know… i sent a buncha stuff to cunningham, rush, o’reilly and a ton of other right wingers today… at least they arent scared of him… theyll at least scratch the surface… hopefully theyll keep on going! bc of this i completely agree… even if we dont win tex, she HAS to stay in this race!

  367. rjk…we can count white hairs together. I started here as a dishwater blond with a good smattering of greay, but it was hard to see. Not so much anymore. And Hillary has gotten all my stylist cash.

  368. Diva..Texas is hard to gague. The two-step thing. I got many callers tonight that were confused about that. And many who told me they had lived there all their lives and didnt know about that. Is that process new since 2000-2004?

  369. SpacegirlArt: That’s right, you in St. Pete! That song is sooo funny. He said that he has been getting a lot of requests for it and not just from listeners, from other talk shows as well.

    REgarding early voting: I agree, offer to get the seniors out and buspool them to their sites NOW! when she does her rallies this weekend, she needs to do as Bambi did and highlight the early voting and for them to meet back up at the caucus sites.

  370. LOL..I did get one woman tonight. She will be 86 in April. She is voting for Hillary and knew all about the caucus. Explained it to her sister, 83. They were spry Texas women, and they were both going to knock some heads at the caucus! LOL

    I could just picture them. Little old Annie Oaklies, kicking obamababies asses and popping them in the head to take off their iPods and listen up!

  371. tiburones:

    good post!

    >Today, a Mccain supporter was a guest and even he said that the media was tougher on Hillary and that >they weren’t racist. He said that the because of this race may be spilintering and if Obama gets >the nod, he said that Hillary’s people are so invested in her and may be so pissed off at how she is being >treated that they may pull the lever for McCain

    Isn’t it funny how the person that is supposedly going to unite the entire country, is splintering his OWN PARTY? To me, that’s the biggest fallacy of his entire campaign. He and his cronies are running a divisive campaign, and his followers are rude, condescending AND divisive. There is nothing ‘uniting’ about him.

  372. Levon and Tib…did you see my letter to Rush and Talk radio posted earlier up the thread? about 1:30 or so

    I said the same thing re: unter

  373. Reading some of the comments on blogs today from the Obamatrons you would think it is no big deal that Senator Obama has not held any hearings of his subcommittee on European Affairs.
    Since the senator has been running for President he has been saying that the real danger is in Afghanistan and not Iraq. The last time I checked support from our NATO allies is extremely important to the well being of our troops in Afghanistan. As Chairman of the Subcommittee of European Affairs it is his responsibility to oversee the US involvement with NATO and the European Union. With our NATO allies abandoning their commitments to support the US in Afghanistan. It is his responsibility to take action even if it is only holding a hearing. Senator Obama should be more concerned with the well being of our troops than neglecting the duties that he took an oath to perform to the best of his ability, unless of course they were only words. Besides not holding one single meeting or hearing of this subcommittee, he has not visited any of our NATO allies to discuss their commitment to NATO and the war in Afghanistan.

  374. rjk…when was Obama elected to the Senate? 2004, right? it’s now early 2008. He said he get that Chairmanship “at the begining of this campaign” and news has said 13 months ago. So…that means, with takling and plotting he was already “running” for President in late 2006…2 years after he took his job for the people of Illinois.

    So…he has TWO YEARS in the Senate.

    And there is evidence that the actual machinery for the run started long before.

  375. I sent the following to John Lewis today, after many tears and much thought:
    Dear Sir,

    The only way I can make this short message stand out is to remind you that I’m the tall white lady who used to live on Piedmont Ave and was teaching at Maxwell AFB when I snuck out to meet you those many years ago.

    Sir, if I still have your attention, I need to earnestly tell you that I wept this afternoon when I heard that you had withdrawn your support from Senator Clinton.

    She never withdrew her support from you.

    With respect,

    xx xxxxxxxxx (Leonore’s granddaughter.)

  376. SpacegirlArt:

    I just went back and read your letter to Limbaugh. It was EXCELLENT! It echoed many of the same thoughts I’ve had over the past month or so regarding the far left of the democratic party. I used to think the republicans were totally off-base about everything regarding liberals. But in the past month I’ve come to understand that there’s a lot of truth in what they are saying. Not saying that I agree with their positions on lots of issues, but they have many valid points. As they say, there truly are 2 sides to every story.

    The more I find out about bambi, the more I’m convinced he’s a phony. It’s like Hillary has tried to tell everyone, his rhetoric on the stump and in public is not consistent with his actions. And how the heck is he supposed to united the democratic and republican parties if he can’t even do that with his own party?

    Sorry, don’t mean to end with questions all the time, but it’s just that I could live a thousand lifetimes and still not understand some people’s thinking.

  377. LOL

    Jimmy Kimmel was comparing video of Bambi saying massatoosetts during the debate last night, and video of Jessica Simpson saying massatoosetts while talking to somebody on the phone.

    I didn’t think anyone could look dumb compared to Jessica Simpson.

    I’m waiting for Jim Cramer to come on and talk about how great the economy is now.

  378. Levon..Thanks….I think Hillary is just as confounded as we are. She gave that interview and was almost rueful looking when she was trying to understand what it was all about. And watching her last night, I could TOTALLY UNDERSTAND her anger. THIS MAN does NOT represent the Democratic Party that SHE understands. That’s why Harry & Louise redux and the race stuff whacks the campaign out. Despite all we can say about the ground game post-game analysis, she, I think more than anyone, has been blindsided by the sheer incomprehension of the “audacity of hope”

    She IS so logical, smart and analytical. And although I believe she undestands what it is to dream for a better future more than most pols, she is a person of substance, and with him, it is like fighting a hologram.

    But alas. How DO you make a hologram go away.

    You pull the plug.

    Simple as that.

    I have to go to bed. I just looked at the clock. Have art to finish and must be up by 5:30 or so. I’ll see y’all about then, then I must paint. Then I have to work a full day on site.

    You guys are great.

  379. @JoeFriday “I didn’t think anyone could look dumb compared to Jessica Simpson.”

    Thank you.

    I love going to bed with a smile on my face.


  380. Guys, Obama is outspending Hill as much as 4-1 in either OH or Tx, I forgot which one thanks to SEIU and his other endorsements. Whatever, happened to the 527 that was going to run ads for her. I saw one ad on the net but I haven’t heard much more of it.

    For the ones who live in OH or Tx, have you seen any ads by the ALP pac for Hillary in your state and if you have, how often?

  381. Oh shit!!! I think I had the smoking gun of the Obama photo all along. read the first page of the article i posted above. Axlerod sent the photo to drudge!!!

  382. tiburones:

    I was asking the same thing earlier. I live in Texas and haven’t seen any ads from ALP, but have seen plenty from SEIU.

    The last I heard they were trying to raise about 10 million to run ads in Ohio and maybe Texas. I haven’t heard if anyone from Ohio has seen any of ALP’s ads.

  383. Quick personal story: This past Saturday my parents both voted for Hillary and after last night’s debate, I called my mother and she was upset, frustrated, and near tears because of the media’s treatment of Hillary following the debate. I asked if her if she had understood the SNL reference and she said although she had not understood the cultural reference, she could relate all too well to Hillary’s answer and exacerbation at the constant attack on her character. My mother is a school principal in what is an otherwise all boys club and Hillary’s message resonated with her and she was outraged. My mother has never been excited or “exercised” about a particular politician and I was touched last night that this election truly was personal to her and that Hillary’s message had come across loud and clear to voters, like my mother, who are smart, educated women and understand Hillary’s historic candidacy and what she’s doing for women all across America. I hope many voters in Texas and Ohio and Rhode Island likewise felt that personal connection.

  384. LawSchoolDem

    My 86 yo mother was furious at the treatment Hillary received last night and whipped out her credit card and donated again to the only political campaign she has ever contributed to, Hillary’s.

  385. hey hillfans, i just got home from work to get my hillarynews. i checked and the bar said 1.2 million raised. $700,000 to the goal!!! the grassroots are really stepping up. i hope it is still enough money to get all her ads on the air in ohio and texas.,

  386. I don’t think I can from there. You have to be a resident, don’t you?

    RJK, I can not get to the link, computer issues. I said the same thing! Obama put it out there. What’s the first paragraph say?

  387. Axlerod for four years followed obama around everywhere from street rallys to kenya with photo crews in tow documenting his every move. if anyone had that picture Axlerod did.

  388. When Barack Obama decided in January that he would run for president in 2008 and quietly began calling up his staff members and close supporters to tell them so, the choice had many effects, but one of the most immediate and parochial was that it sent Obama’s chief political and media adviser, a Chicago consultant named David Axelrod, into his editing studio. For four years Axelrod has had camera crews tracking virtually everything Obama has done in public — chatting up World War II vets in southern Illinois, visiting his father’s ancestral village in western Kenya — and there were days when the camera crews have outnumbered the civilians.

    In the second week of January, Axelrod went down to his editing studio, a raw, whitewashed loft space, and began to sort through all of this tape to put together a five-minute Internet video for the initial announcement of Obama’s campaign, which would come the following Tuesday, Jan. 16. Political observers tend to dismiss bio pieces as fluff. But for Axelrod they supply a coordinating presence, a basic story to wrap the campaign around. There is precision in the fluff. Axelrod says he believes that Obama is something different: a “trailblazing” figure who “represents the future.” And indeed, so far Obama’s campaign has been steeped in his biography. This is, after all, a 45-year-old man who has written not one but two memoirs. Most of the raw videotape Axelrod has is the banal, worn imagery of politics — Obama speaking from a podium,

  389. a word about john lewis. he like other african-american congresspersons were threatened and intimidated by obamabot supporters. he was pressured. that said i commend black reps tubbs-jones and jackson-lee for staying strong and not wimping out to pressure.

  390. Axelrod didn’t need to send the photo to Drudge. The photo has been on a legit African site for a year or so, was in a tabloid early in Feb, was discussed and linked on RW sites and they talked about “Who is going to send this to Drudge?” One MSM blogger (Tapper?) said he himself had been getting it in email for weeks (obviulsy not from Clnton staffers).

    Probably DOZENS of wingnuts had been sending it to Drugde all month.

  391. I still think Axlerod had that photo taken and released it himself. He may not have sent it to drudge himself, but it smells of Chicago politics. Release the picture and then scream bloody murder that your opponent is trying to use fear to smear you in an effort to play the victim.

  392. http://contentid=30283&mode=a&sectionid=1&contentname=Obama_Served_On_Board_That_Funded_Pro-Palestinian_Group&recnum=1

    You wait until they get hold of this one in the MSM

    Obama Served On Board That Funded Pro-Palestinian Group

    JERUSALEM – Democratic presidential frontrunner Sen. Barack Obama served as a paid director on the board of a nonprofit organization that granted funding to a controversial Arab group that mourns the establishment of Israel as a “catastrophe.” (Obama has also reportedly spoken at fundraisers for Palestinians living in what the United Nations terms refugee camps.)

    This is going to go down like a sack of shit.

  393. You wait until the MSM gets hold of this little gem

    Obama Served On Board That Funded Pro-Palestinian Group

    JERUSALEM – Democratic presidential frontrunner Sen. Barack Obama served as a paid director on the board of a nonprofit organization that granted funding to a controversial Arab group that mourns the establishment of Israel as a “catastrophe.” (Obama has also reportedly spoken at fundraisers for Palestinians living in what the United Nations terms refugee camps.)

    The co-founder of the Arab group, Columbia University professor Rashid Khalidi, is a harsh critic of Israel who reportedly worked on behalf of the Palestine Liberation Organization when it was labeled a terror group by the State Department.

    Khalidi held a fundraiser in 2000 for Obama’s failed bid for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives


  394. I have no doubt now that Obama has pro muslim and anti america sympathies. This guy has no business being near a run for the whitehouse.

  395. Clinton: Saw Texas shootout with Obama coming
    By Rick Pearson

    ST. CLAIRSVILLE, Ohio — Democrat Hillary Clinton told PBS interviewer Judy Woodruff today about a remarkable display of clairvoyance that found the New York senator in the spring of last year planning a Texas showdown with Barack Obama on Tuesday.

    During an interview with PBS’ “Newshour” program, Woodruff asked Clinton what happened in a race where only months ago she was viewed as the frontrunner and the presumptive nominee, only to be eclipsed by Obama.

    “None of this is surprising to me,” she told Woodruff. “You know, last spring when I looked at how the race was shaping up, I knew that it would be a close contest and I assumed it would be with Sen. Obama and at that time I said, ‘We have got to start thinking about Texas. We have to start thinking ahead.’”

    Clinton also said she really doesn’t like the front-runner label, even though the primaries in Texas and Ohio on Tuesday will determine whether her Democratic presidential bid will continue.

    “I think it is great that this has been a close contest. I don’t have any problem with that. I don’t think I’m entitled to anything,” she said. “I hate being a front runner. I find that to be burdensome, so for me getting out (to speak to voters) today, talking about what I would do as president, answering people’s questions and putting forth my ideas is energizing because it should be hard.”

  396. so the fundraising on hillary’s site-this 2 mil goes to ads? what? in tx its all obama here. ive seen 2 ads of hers in 2 weeks in houston. money needs to go to gotv right now-but a nice new moving ad would help.

  397. You know, I get some unrest in the A.A. community after this nomination. Given recent events, I have started reading up on Rep. Cleaver. He is someone I think many of us could get on board with. He seems to be a standup guy, he is a minister, and he has serious executive experience as the former mayor of KC (and 1st A. A.). For what it is worth, I would mich prefer him to BHO.

  398. dedfg Says: you know the thing is, is that Obama could easily run in 8 years time…and really it would be better because he would be older.

    Yes, he’d originally planned to run in 2012 or 2016.

  399. Of course the Obama people and MSM are ‘pushing her to quit.’ Because she will win sooner or later,even if all she did for the next several months was lie on a beach. 🙂

  400. Texan, I don’t think she will quit if she loses Texas. She is getting funding from the grassroots now. I think they (and us) will stick by her.

  401. Somebody go to “No Quarter” and read the article on Obama and NAFTA. The people in Ohio should know about this before they go vote.

  402. No track records,no paper, phone records,no files,no witnesses,no top security clearance allowed and no sense of decency,no scruples and an absence of morality in his destructive path to steal the Presidency.Patrick Fitzgerald aand the REZKO Trial can’t come soon enough.BHO you are a menace to our country and the world with your Cult,your line of religious sermons,racial and gender propaganda.( Remember ADOLPH ). and his line of Rhetoric,Lies, and anti-semetic speeches,His Cult was made up of Deaf,Dumb,Blind,Rich,Poor followers that followed him and the country,over the CLIFF.Beware of whom you wish for America.Deception comes in many shapes and colors.The apple you choose may well be the Rotten One. I have made my choice and I am comfortable and have a great sense of satisfaction that she will pull us back frm the brink of Disaster.

  403. Those dates that Idunn gave us March 5 through March 8

    Dot…the dates I gave were March 8-12 .

    Diva…I saw that Shussell blog several weeks ago. The reason I never linked to it here was because I couldn’t find anything else that independently supported her claims. If you do find independent support, please link to it.

  404. Morning gang

    I see that the NOI and Farrakhan story had one-day legs in BM.


    Also…did anyoe hear the NPR story this morning? Interviewing BO and McCain supporters in Houston? Not even a mention of Hillary.

    BO Supporters “evangelical, an awakening, biblical event”

    McCain supporters (of Huckabee) a woman said “I really appreciate how far Hillary has come in the race, and I think it is great, as a woman. But I believe women should be subserviant to men, in the bible…blah blah, blah…” to paraphrase.



  405. I just sent that YouTube NAFTA video to Ted Strickland’s office.

    Do we really know if Clinton campaign is ON TO THIS HARD?

  406. Women should be subservient to men? HAHAHAHAH HAHAHAHA HAHAH (stops to take a breath) HAHAHAHAHHHHAHAHAHAHA

    (wipes tears of laughter away from eyes ..) .. Good one.

    She probably did as much good saying that as if she endorsed Hillary outright.

    Off to Texas in half an hour! Weeee! 🙂

  407. w w

    here is a list of Ohio Newspapers. I have to get out of here and go paint in a few minutes. Can SOMEONE please send the YouTube Clip to ALL of these papers? WE MUST CALL THIS JERK on his dishonesty to Ohio voters.

  408. I’ll try to send the link this morning, Spacegirl. I’ve got a ton of stuff to get done today (including phone-banking and sending letters to sd’s).

  409. Sophisticated…thanks for going to Texas. It would be fun to be there with you! GET OUT THE VOTE baby, and HAVE A GREAT TIME!

  410. Good Morning.
    Like I’ve been saying for months, race trumps gender every time.

    Sobering report from Fox that it’s the Kennedy contingent pressuring
    SD’s to jump ship. He doesn’t want the fight to go to the convention floor, even though he took his nomination to the convention.

    Ironic that BO is now addressing issues about rejecting his public financing pledge when Dean and the DNC initiated a lawsuit against McCain for doing the same thing and then had the nerve to ask US for contributions.

  411. Thanks IDunn…sounds like you have your hand full…if you can’t do it will you please repost for help?

    THIS is a big one…and may start a wave of questions about this B****** and just reinforce the question of “who IS this guy?”

  412. Ironic that BO is now addressing issues about rejecting his public financing pledge when Dean and the DNC initiated a lawsuit against McCain for doing the same thing and then had the nerve to ask US for contributions.

    Typical DNC stupidity. Go after a republican for the same shit your “chosen one” does. No wonder republicans find it so easy to make democrats look ridiculous…we give them all the fuel they need.

  413. Basil…I have become convinced that Ted Kennedy has completely lost his mind and exchanged it, and what is good for America, with his ego

  414. I think this campaign needs a rousing song … maybe something like this?
    Y’ load 16 tons
    N waddaya get
    Another day older
    N deeper in debt
    Hillary, do you hear me
    I’m countin on you
    To save my soul
    From the company store!

    She was born one morning how do I get the rest of it on here? — new to this
    It was drizzling rain
    Fightin n workin are
    Her middle name
    When you see her comin
    Better step aside
    A lotta men didn’
    An a lotta men died

    She’ll load 16 tons
    N waddle we get
    Real health care
    An a way outta debt
    The good ole boys failed us
    Let the woman clean house
    N save us all
    From the company store

  415. s’ok


    this fight is really in the trenches now folks, but I have to go make some money.

  416. Does anyone know where HWSNBN has his biggest support in Ohio? I’d like to start sending the link to tv stations there.

  417. NNo IDunn…but I just forwarded it to Hillary Hub tips and sugested radio and television ads, and to put it on her website and forward to media, but we need to do it from HERE as well. They have their hands full.

    I have to go in about ten minutes. You guys are my lifeline to reality anymore.

    And we are in it to win it!

  418. Thanks Spacegirl!

    How’s this for a campaign method, I grab them, throw them to the ground and sit on their chestw and yell right in their faces, VOTE FOR HILLARY FOOL!

    What do we think? 🙂

    See you guys in Texas! I’m outta outta here! 🙂


  419. Spacegirl, idunn,
    Sorry. I’m in a cranky mood. All the chatter on morning shows is that it’s over. She BETTER not throw in the towel!
    SG, I agree about the Farrakhan story lasted one day.
    Man, she is being blackmailed and thrown under the bus. I am disgusted. And I have to hold her campaign mangers responsible for what has happened. I think they approached this contest with a certain arrogance and sense of entitlement that prevented them from formulating plans B,C and D. they didn’t think beyond TT coz they thought (in their arrogance) that would decide the contest. That has not served HRC well. Again, sorry. Will send 10 more SD letters today.

  420. IDunn…I ventured into the HWSNBN zone

    this is what I have and don’t have time to look for specifics.

    Greene County GOTV Thursday AM
    Thursday, February 28, 2008 @ 09:00am
    Yellow Springs, OH

    Cincy Ride to Vote 28th
    Thursday, February 28, 2008 @ 09:00am
    Cincinnati, OH

    Thursday, February 28, 2008 @ 10:00am
    Cleveland, OH

    Bexley, Gahanna and New Albany Volunteer Opportunities February 28th
    Thursday, February 28, 2008 @ 10:00am
    Columbus, OH

    Thursday Volunteering in Warren Feb 28
    Thursday, February 28, 2008 @ 10:00am
    Warren, OH


  421. Goodmoring everyone.

    How is everyone doing today? It’s freaking cold here in Syracuse. It’s 2 degress. Brrrrrrrr…..

  422. RJK, what is the paragraph that tipped you off? I immediatey came to the conclusion Obama released the photo as well. Also, noquarter is reporting Obama told Canada to expect and ignore NAFTA “rhetoric”. I think they said it was all over the canadian press yesterday.

  423. When Scarface admits to katrina whasshername of the nation that there may be a”sexism” problem in the US and agrees that race trumps gender and then bemoans what will happen to HIS daughter . . . . Sh!T All said with a smirk, of course.

    RJK, MJ,
    Here is the letter regarrding the BO photo that I sent to Crawford and a dozen other reporters a couple of days ago.

    Dear Mr. Crawford,
    I am appalled by the unsubstantiated reports in newspapers and on TV news shows about the Clinton campaign somehow being responsible for ‘leaking’ the photo of Mr. Obama in traditional Somali dress to the American Media as a means of ‘smearing’ him..
    The picture, originally published in Geeskaafrica on September 1, 2006, after Mr. Obama’s Kenya visit, has been distributed worldwide. The Obama campaign is aware of this as Mr. Axelrod has been filming all of Mr. Obama’s events for the past four years in preparation for his presidential bid. The caption beneath the original photo in Geeskaafrica is:
    “U.S. Senator Barack Obama, right, is dressed as a Somali Elder by Sheikh Mahmed Hassan, left, during his visit to Wajir, a rural area in northeastern Kenya, near the borders with Somalia and Ethiopia. The area is at the epicenter of a severe drought that has hit the Horn of Africa region, after erratic and insufficient rains during the April-June season.”
    In addition, the photo was featured in the tabloid the National Examiner on February 4, 2008, and has also been extensively referenced and discussed on a number of blogs and chat rooms.
    Anyone could have found out the real story by performing a couple of google searches, like I did today. If an untrained unprofessional layperson like me can quickly determine the authenticity of a story, why can’t career journalists get to the truth of the matter? What happened to the journalistic creed of objectivity? How is the practice of reporting unsourced, unvetted stories allowed to continue?
    I can only hope you will see fit to point out these conspicuous discrepancies between what was reported in the news and the truth.
    H. Hawke.

    t t’s obvious the pic has been around for 2 years, it first appeared in the Geezaafrica, the Bo camp knows all about it, it was in the public domain and it resurfaced a couple of weeks ago in the Enquirer. It is absurd to connect the HRC campaign with mud-slinging over this photo. WTF is wrong with these F**ing media outlets? Anyone could have found out the real story with a couple of google searches, like I did earlier. What happened to the journalistic creed?a smear campaign orchestrated by the Clinton camp link between the recent Senator Obama phot in which he’s wearing traditional Somali costume and the the n

    arrying over from previous thread. Still tracking down origins of the infamous photo. here’s an article that shows pics of BO in Kenya in 2006 wearing the same khaki pants and red shirt he wears under the costumes. Axelrod filmed all of BO’s public events for the past 4 years. Coincidence?
    Here’s the link.
    And this, apparently, is the original photo from Sept 1, 2006, which was published in geeskaafrika.
    And HRC is being pummeled for releasing a photo that the BO campaign knows has been seen throughout the world and had no objection to it’s appearance before? maybe that’s coz it’s ok to show the pics when used in his Africa video. I wish some journalistic person could present this info to the media. I know, wishful thinking.
    OK, last snippet, I promise.
    Here’s the original caption that appeared beneath the pic.
    ‘U.S. Senator Barack Obama, right, is dressed as a Somali Elder by Sheikh Mahmed Hassan, left, during his visit to Wajir, a rural area in northeastern Kenya, near the borders with Somalia and Ethiopia. The area is at the epicenter of a severe drought that has hit the Horn of Africa region, after erratic and insufficient rains during the April-June season.’
    Does anyone have any ideas about where to send this info?

    Great mydd!
    Now who has got a copy of the National Examiner supermarket tabloid of February 4, 2008– showing Obama in the Somali clothing.
    Great from the mydd:
    Time: Saturday night, February 23, 7:25pm Pacific. Some right-wing poster at posts a scanned photo –taken from the National Examiner supermarket tabloid of February 4, 2008– of Obama in the Somali clothing. post Saturday Night February 23.
    Later freerepublic posts specifically state that someone has to “get this to Drudge”.
    Here’s more info:
    The origin of the photo is established. It’s still at a reputable African site,
    Some sensible coverage: VERY SENSIBle, they asked africa!
    It’s been talked about and linked to since at least Feb 11:
    One of the MSM blogs (Tapper?) said he has been getting it in email for quite a while — though not from any Clinton staff.
    I’m not sure there’s much use in writing to the MSM about ANYTHING. Except just to put out the truth in comment strings that are read by undecided people.
    There must be a better way to get the truth out than begging the MSM to change their behavior. Maybe through good blogs — not the KOS kind. Maybe good ones like this:

    ‘U.S. Senator Barack Obama, right, is dressed as a Somali Elder by Sheikh Mahmed Hassan, left, during his visit to Wajir, a rural area in northeastern Kenya, near the borders with Somalia and Ethiopia. The area is at the epicenter of a severe drought that has hit the Horn of Africa region, after erratic and insufficient rains during the April-June season.’

  424. When Scarface admits to Katrina whasshername of The Nation that sexism MAY be a problem and bemoans what will happen to HIS daughter when she grows up, all said with a smirk, …..

    RJK, MJ
    Here is the letter I sent a couple of days ago to a dozen reporters regarding the BO photo.

    Dear Mr. Crawford,
    I am appalled by the unsubstantiated reports in newspapers and on TV news shows about the Clinton campaign somehow being responsible for ‘leaking’ the photo of Mr. Obama in traditional Somali dress to the American Media as a means of ‘smearing’ him..
    The picture, originally published in Geeskaafrica on September 1, 2006, after Mr. Obama’s Kenya visit, has been distributed worldwide. The Obama campaign is aware of this as Mr. Axelrod has been filming all of Mr. Obama’s events for the past four years in preparation for his presidential bid. The caption beneath the original photo in Geeskaafrica is:
    “U.S. Senator Barack Obama, right, is dressed as a Somali Elder by Sheikh Mahmed Hassan, left, during his visit to Wajir, a rural area in northeastern Kenya, near the borders with Somalia and Ethiopia. The area is at the epicenter of a severe drought that has hit the Horn of Africa region, after erratic and insufficient rains during the April-June season.”
    In addition, the photo was featured in the tabloid the National Examiner on February 4, 2008, and has also been extensively referenced and discussed on a number of blogs and chat rooms.
    Anyone could have found out the real story by performing a couple of google searches, like I did today. If an untrained unprofessional layperson like me can quickly determine the authenticity of a story, why can’t career journalists get to the truth of the matter? What happened to the journalistic creed of objectivity? How is the practice of reporting unsourced, unvetted stories allowed to continue?
    I can only hope you will see fit to point out these conspicuous discrepancies between what was reported in the news and the truth.
    H. Hawke.

  425. RJK, MJ,
    here’s the letter I sent regarding the BO photo to a dozen reporters the other day.

    Dear Mr. Crawford,
    I am appalled by the unsubstantiated reports in newspapers and on TV news shows about the Clinton campaign somehow being responsible for ‘leaking’ the photo of Mr. Obama in traditional Somali dress to the American Media as a means of ‘smearing’ him..
    The picture, originally published in Geeskaafrica on September 1, 2006, after Mr. Obama’s Kenya visit, has been distributed worldwide. The Obama campaign is aware of this as Mr. Axelrod has been filming all of Mr. Obama’s events for the past four years in preparation for his presidential bid. The caption beneath the original photo in Geeskaafrica is:
    “U.S. Senator Barack Obama, right, is dressed as a Somali Elder by Sheikh Mahmed Hassan, left, during his visit to Wajir, a rural area in northeastern Kenya, near the borders with Somalia and Ethiopia. The area is at the epicenter of a severe drought that has hit the Horn of Africa region, after erratic and insufficient rains during the April-June season.”
    In addition, the photo was featured in the tabloid the National Examiner on February 4, 2008, and has also been extensively referenced and discussed on a number of blogs and chat rooms.
    Anyone could have found out the real story by performing a couple of google searches, like I did today. If an untrained unprofessional layperson like me can quickly determine the authenticity of a story, why can’t career journalists get to the truth of the matter? What happened to the journalistic creed of objectivity? How is the practice of reporting unsourced, unvetted stories allowed to continue?
    I can only hope you will see fit to point out these conspicuous discrepancies between what was reported in the news and the truth.
    H. Hawke.

  426. “# plural Says:

    McCain’s parents were (are) both citizens, which makes him a citizen, no matter where he was born.”

    It’s not enough to be a citizen. He has to be a natural born citizen. For example, Arnold is a citizen now, but he is not eligible.

  427. Idunn, I just sent it to the news stations in Youngstown but I have to get to work. That clip is so very important. If everyone else can continue sending it to all the news stations in Ohio. This should be breaking news but MSM are hiding it under the rug to help their candidate.

  428. Children of citizens are citizens, automatically.

    Arnold was born an Austrian citizen; is now a naturalized US citizen.

    I’m just wondering where this attack on McCain is coming from.

  429. okay… i just sent the yt clip and the article to rush, bill cunningham (the mccain guy), o’reilly, lou dobbs, sean hannity and dennis prager. i also sent to a few other blogs that will publish. anyone else?

  430. @plural
    Yes, McCain is definitely a citizen. They are just trying to say that he is NOT a ‘natural born’ citizen which makes him ineligible to be president.

    The article is on NYT. Maybe it’s from the lefties?

  431. Thanks Caroline!

    I just sent a link to WEWS in Cleveland. But I have so much to do this morning. Anyone who can help out, I’d really appreciate it.

  432. @plural: its diff for the pres and vp than for other elected officials. only pres and vp have to be naturalborn citizens. imo, the thing w/mmcain reeks of axelrove… if this was an issue it wouldve been brought up in 2000. he was born on a US base to US citizens! please… they arent going to punish someone bc his father was serving in the US military! red herring!!!

    this is what i found on wiki:

    Presidential Candidates born outside of the United States:

    Three major candidates have sought the Presidency who were born outside the United States: Barry Goldwater, George Romney and John McCain.

    Barry Goldwater, who ran in 1964, was born in Arizona while it was still a U.S. territory. Although Arizona was not a state, it was a fully organized and incorporated territory of the United States, making it debatable whether or not he was born “outside” the United States. [9]

    George Romney, who ran in 1968, was born in Mexico to U.S. parents. Romney’s grandfather emigrated to Mexico in 1886 with his three wives and children after Utah outlawed polygamy. Romney’s parents retained their U.S. citizenship and returned to the United States in 1912. Romney was 32 years old when he arrived in Michigan. William Loeb, the late publisher of the Manchester Union Leader dismissed him as “Chihuahua George.” [9]

    John McCain, who ran in 2000 and is running in 2008, was born at the US military base Coco Solo in the Panama Canal Zone to U.S. parents. The Panama Canal Zone was under United States sovereignty between 1903 and 1979 but was unincorporated.[10]

  433. I’m in the same boat here, Diva. Snow, snow and more snow.

    I’m getting ready to go out and get wood, make a cup of coffee and then get to emailing.

    See if you can find a link to Texas stations while I’m gone and we’ll work on those too. 🙂

  434. @idunn: no problem… still emailing ohio… agreed we need to get this out to as many ppl as possible, but ohio is the most important bc texans like nafta… lets also make sure to send both the yt and article link… the yt is awesome bc they can play it on the news, but the article gives it credibility and they can easily source directly to the author.

    besides texas and ohio… who else do you think? i sent to some of the right wingers, but who else hates nafta and would be willing to run the story?

    thanks for the reminder… i need more coffee…

  435. I wonder if Mitt Romney has anything to do with this new charge against McCain. Then again it wouldn’t surprise me if someone in Obama’s campaign is behind it. 😉

  436. i was thinking…

    do you think it would help to just send this to the ap (assoicated press) for each town in ohio? wouldnt they be able to get it out… i really dont know if i trust them though… thoughts???

    c/o The Cincinnati Enquirer
    312 Elm St.
    Cincinnati OH 45202-2724
    (513) 241-2386
    241-2665 Fax
    815 Superior Ave. E., Suite 1203
    Cleveland OH 44114-2768
    (216) 771-2172
    771-4218 Fax

    1103 Schrock Rd., Suite 300
    Columbus OH 43229-1179
    (614) 885-2727 Edit.

    17 S. High St., Suite 660
    Columbus OH 43215
    (614) 221-5134
    224-9561 Fax

    Dayton News & Journal Herald Bldg.
    37 S. Ludlow St., 5th Floor
    Dayton OH 45402-1858
    (937) 225-2269

    The Blade Building
    541 N. Superior St.
    Toledo OH 43660-1000
    (419) 255-7113
    255-8848 Fax

  437. do you think it would help to just send this to the ap (assoicated press) for each town in ohio? wouldnt they be able to get it out… i really dont know if i trust them though… thoughts???

    Let’s do that, but also keep emailing individual stations.

  438. here is the ap info for texas. i agree, lets contact both…


    1005 Congress Ave., Suite 995
    Austin TX 78701-2469
    (512) 472-4004
    469-0800 Fax
    4851 LBJ Freeway, Suite 300
    Dallas TX 75244-6002
    (972) 991-2100 News
    991-7207 Fax

    El Paso
    P.O. Box 20
    El Paso TX 79999-0020
    (915) 532-1939

    Fort Worth
    Fort Worth Star-Telegram Bldg.
    P.O. Box 1870
    Fort Worth TX 76101-1870
    (817) 348-0367

    c/oValley Morning Star
    1310 S. Commerce St.
    Harlingen TX 78550-7799
    (956) 440-8037
    440-8039 Fax

    16945 Northchase Dr.,
    Suite 2110
    Houston TX 77060-2151
    (281) 872-8900
    872-9988 Fax

    P.O. Box 491
    Lubbock TX 79408-0491
    (806) 765-0394

    San Antonio
    301 Ave. E
    San Antonio TX 78205-2006
    (210) 222-2713

  439. Good morning folks,

    I just found the story about the Obama campaign telling Canada not to worry about Obama’s campaign rhetoric against NAFTA. LOL. But scrolling through, I see it’s already a hot topic.

  440. Here’s a link to some major newpapers in Ohio. But if you sent links to ap, maybe we shouldn’t bother? What do you think?

  441. Has anyone see this Clinton t-shirt from the campaign? I love it!

    I have that one (my fav) and the baseball jersey. Really cute.

  442. @Idunn,

    Made up? Sorry but the reporter and anchor man shown in that clip are extremely reputable. CTV is one of our national networks.

    LOL…Maybe Obama should fire someone in his campaign for this? 😉

  443. McCain was born on a U.S. base, his parents are U.S. citizens. He is a natural born citizen of the U.S. End of story. Jeez.

  444. i didnt send to the ap yet… no email addys on their list.

    so far we have:
    tv stations in ohio
    lou dobbs
    bill cunningham
    sean hannity
    dennis prager
    bill o’reilly

    who else in the msm do we think would cover???

    do we trust that the AP will touch this? itll tbe time consuming to call each office in ohio since there are no email addresses listed.

    do we think this will get coverage in texas since texans love nafta? it could help him in texas.

  445. diva, after seeing that I don’t think people in Texas would know WHAT to believe. There’s no telling with this guy.

  446. Let’s stay positive for this great lady, Hillalry.

    February 27, 2008
    POLL: Belo Texas/WFAA Tracking Survey

    WFAA-TV/Public Strategies

    Clinton 46, Obama 43… McCain 59, Huckabee 29, Paul 7

    — Eric Dienstfrey

  447. I’m not sure about Texas either. In the grand scheme of things, I don’t think Nafta is really the issue…the issue is him being caught in the act of being a two faced, lying , snake oil salesman.

    I dunno…

  448. please contact the mayor of cinncinati regarding his endorsement of obama…

    Mayor Mark Mallory
    801 Plum St. Rm 150
    Cincinnati, OH 45202-1979

    Phone: (513) 352-3250
    Fax: (513) 352-5201

    this is what i sent:

    Obama lied to the people of Ohio about what he would be willing to do for them and you support this?

    You should be ashamed Mayor Mallory!

  449. LOL, diva – telling a Mayor he should be ashamed? Maybe just say you are forwarding it as information that might be of interest to the citizens of his City.

  450. I just made another donation to Hillary’s campaign. We are almost to goal!

    I see a bit of a somber mood in the comments today. Probably because it is still morning. I’ve noticed how it swings back and forth–optimism and motivation versus somber (usually because of something in the news). Never forget that some news is “planted,” it is meant to discourage an opponent’s supporters. I think the “Hillary is dropping out on Friday” rumor is in that category. What better way to try to derail her fundraising drive than to instill doubt in her working class supporters who have to sacrifice to donate to her campaign. But we have to see through the B.S., and I think most of us do.

    So another way to support Hillary (which most of us are doing already) is to be hard-headed enough to ignore the media. Do you know that I get all my campaign news from you (and the campaign, of course, and Taylor Marsh…you know what I mean!). So hang in there, folks, we’re in it to win it!

  451. That’s the whole point, Ben. We have to keep forcing him to explain himself, and Hillary has to keep hitting him on rhetoric. Already his rally speeches are starting to address policy rather than platitudes and the people don’t like it. It isn’t grand and lofty enough for them. Boil the inspiration and hope out of this guy, and people will be bored to death by him.

    (And no, I’m not a closet republican, but I do undertand how republicans think.)

  452. My computer died last night so I can’t send links but Michael Medved would be a good one to send it to. He’s a right wing radio host and occasional pundit. He thinks Obama is a total phony.

  453. Sent the NAFTA clip to Taylor Marsh, O’Reilly, Drudge, Crawford, Mallory and a couple of others.

    GREAT clip.

    Will send more when I get back from errands.

  454. basil9, we should also post this in Ben Smith, send it to Mark Halperin at Page, Talk Left, and other places. I will try to post it in as many places as possible.

  455. Does anyone know the email for Mark Halperin’s Page? The story is not there yet. Ichecke don the web page and can’t find it.

  456. # Independent Ben Says:
    February 28th, 2008 at 11:09 am

    This is a longer, more complete version of that video. Would this be better than the one that has been edited some?


    this cuts off the reporter’s last words, where he is asking if Obama’s campaign is lying?.. looks to me like an incomplete clip.

  457. Thanks diva! I’d send links but I have to use my phone for internet until my computer is working and I can’t copy or paste (or view a link if its not active, grrr) or watch videos. Stupid computer.

  458. “Never forget that some news is “planted,” it is meant to discourage an opponent’s supporters. I think the “Hillary is dropping out on Friday” rumor is in that category. What better way to try to derail her fundraising drive than to instill doubt in her working class supporters who have to sacrifice to donate to her campaign. But we have to see through the B.S., and I think most of us do.”

    Not only that, didn’t some of you say that people were voting early? The Obama camp hopes this might influence their vote.

  459. divabunny Says:
    February 28th, 2008 at 11:18 am
    and dedfg….

    Really! let us not start this again here…(it really makes me angry that things like this get repeated here aiding the enemy)

  460. Ugh, after reading the comments on Daily Kook, I am almost certain I will have to vote McCain in the GE if HRC doesn’t get the nom. That kind of blind allegiance is dangerous as hell! They are conpletely irrational. Won’t even discuss the issue, but instead simply attacks the diarist over and over and over.

  461. Mr. Mark Halperin
    Senior Political Analyst & Editor at Large
    1271 Avenue of the Americas

    New York, NY 10020-1300
    United States

    (202) 222-7626 Fax Number: (202) 222-7686
    Mobile Phone Number:
    E-mail Address:

    Let me know if you guys have a hard time finding anyone else’s contact information. I can get it lickety split. Trust me….

  462. And keep calling her a racist.

    Now tell me…what the HELL does HWSNBN’s words to a canadian ambassador have to do with race???!!

    This is just off the wall nutzzzzzz.

  463. @Idunn
    I stopped going to Kos a long time ago. Hussein Obamabots are nuts. Probably most of them are college students with a lot of time on hands and their parents credit cards.

  464. Be prepared for CNN pundits to call this all a storm in a teacup. If it were Hillary talking out of both sides of her mouth they would tar and feather her for it. With Obama, they will discredit the source, call it much ado about nothing.

  465. Just trust me. lol I can get Katie Couric’s number right to her freaking desk if you guys need it. Just let me know.

  466. # divabunny Says:
    February 28th, 2008 at 11:27 am

    @pm: explain??? what are you talking abt?
    My apologies. I thought your link and dedfg’s rumors were related. Sorry again!

  467. Idunn, It appears that the Weekly Standard’s blog has something up on NAFTA already. Why not inform them about what we found?

  468. @tps… thank you and thank you sugar! 😉

    that sucks tht he’s at time… the editor for Time was on morning joe today and the next cover is obambi and the article is basically supporting that he doesnt need experience to be potus!

  469. Well, if both campaigns are involved in this, shouldn’t CNN and others have it by now? Surely, they can’t be THAT biased…

  470. just sent it to Mark Halperin. SUGAR if you have Katie Couric’s email, send it to her too. Send it to everyone and everything.

  471. This is the response from BHO camp. But the true is they did make the call even though they can spin the content.

    Response from Obama Campaign:

    “The news reports on Obama’s position on NAFTA are inaccurate and in no way represent Senator Obama’s consistent position on trade. When Senator Obama says that he will forcefully act to make NAFTA a better deal for American workers, he means it. Both Canada and Mexico should know that, as president, Barack Obama will do what it takes to create and protect American jobs and strengthen the American economy — that includes amending NAFTA to include labor and environmental standards. We are currently reaching out to the Canadian embassy to correct this inaccuracy,” said Obama spokesman Bill Burton.

  472. meiyingsu I saw that on Politico. This is what is called a non-denial denial. They don’t deny a call was made to the Canadian Ambassador. Why?