Hillary Clinton, Democrat, Debates Tonight

[Debate tonight from 9:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. (ET) on MSNBC. Join us tonight for our usual lively discussion of the debate.]

There is a Democratic Party debate tonight. Hillary will represent the Democratic Party and its values at the debate.

As regular readers know we have made the argument that MSNBC and NBC are already at war with the Hillary Clinton campaign and therefore Hillary should NOT participlate in NBC or MSNBC debates.

Our counsel against enabling NBC/MSNBC was not taken. The debate will take place tonight in Ohio at Cleveland State University as scheduled.

In the past few days Hillary has been drawing clearer contrasts with the flim flam man.

On health care Hillary has been drawing the distinction between her Universal health care plan in which every American is covered and Obama’s plan which leaves out 15 million Americans. The argument for Hillary to make is not one of detail distinctions but rather the broader argument that, like Social Security, the only way for a universal health care plan to work is for everyone to participate in the plan. Americans understand the concept of universal participation in risks and costs. The Hillary plan is the “unity” plan in which we are all in it together. That is the argument which must be made.

On leadership Hillary has drawn the line clearly linking Obama (whose Senate mentor was Joe Lieberman) style “leadership” and history to George Bush:

Over the past seven years, we’ve seen what happens when the president presents the American people with a series of false choices and then is indifferent about the consequences: force versus diplomacy, unilateralism versus multilateralism, hard power versus soft. We’ve seen the tragic result of having a president who had neither the experience nor the wisdom to manage our foreign policy and safeguard our national security. We can’t let that happen again. America has already taken that chance— one time too many. [snip]

One thing the American people can be sure of, I will not broadcast threats of unilateral military action against a country like Pakistan just to demonstrate that I am tough enough for the job. We have to change our tone and change our course. [snip]

Senator Obama, meanwhile, represents another choice. He wavers from seeming to believe that mediation and meetings without preconditions can solve the world’s most intractable problems. To advocating rash unilateral military action without cooperation from our allies in the most sensitive region of the world.

Electing a president should not be an either/or proposition when it comes to national security. We need a president who knows how to deploy both the olive branch and the arrows, who will be ready to act swiftly and decisively in a crisis, who will pursue strategic demands of hard diplomacy to re-establish moral authority and our leadership. In this moment of peril and promise, we need a president who is tested and ready, who can draw on years of real world experience working on many of the issues that we now confront, who knows when to stand ones ground and when to seek common ground, who has the strength and fortitude to meet the challenges head on without fear and without sowing fear.

Another overarching theme that should be bought to the public attention is that Obama is never there when you need him. Whether on his “present” votes, skipping out on the Kyle-Lieberman vote, the contradictions between the Obama rhetoric and the Obama vote history which substitutes words for action, or Obama’s failure to represent his constitutents as a State Senator, Obama is never there when you need him.

Obama’s talk of unity and divisive activity will likely not be explored tonight. Obama’s exploitation of anti-gay bigotry in South Carolina and willingness to pit African-Americans against Gay Americans for his own political benefit will likely not be explored. Young voters will not be informed of Obama’s dirty dealings against Gay Americans.

The moderators will surely not ask Obama about the pending Rezko trial and the daily revelations as the trial approaches. Be sure that the latest news on the Rezko front will never arise in the MSNBC debate, even as Republicans and McCain sharpen their knives and forks:

The money transfer raises the question of whether funds from Nadhmi Auchi, one of Britain’s wealthiest men, helped Mr Obama buy his mock Georgian mansion in Chicago.

A company related to Mr Auchi, who has a conviction for corruption in France, registered the loan to Mr Obama’s bagman Antoin “Tony” Rezko on May 23 2005. Mr Auchi says the loan, through the Panamanian company Fintrade Services SA, was for $3.5 million.

Three weeks later, Mr Obama bought a house on the city’s South Side while Mr Rezko’s wife bought the garden plot next door from the same seller on the same day, June 15.

Mr Obama says he never used Mrs Rezko’s still-empty lot, which could only be accessed through his property. But he admits he paid his gardener to mow the lawn.

Mrs Rezko, whose husband was widely known to be under investigation at the time, went on to sell a 10-foot strip of her property to Mr Obama seven months later so he could enjoy a bigger garden.

Mr Obama now admits his involvement in this land deal was a “boneheaded mistake”.

Mrs Rezko’s purchase and sale of the land to Mr Obama raises many unanswered questions.

It is unclear how Mrs Rezko could have afforded the downpayment of $125,000 and a $500,000 mortgage for the original $625,000 purchase of the garden plot at 5050 South Greenwood Ave.

In a sworn statement a year later, Mrs Rezko said she got by on a salary of $37,000 and had $35,000 assets. Mr Rezko told a court he had “no income, negative cash flow, no liquid assets, no unencumbered assets [and] is significantly in arrears on many of his obligations.”

Mrs Rezko, whose husband goes on trial on unrelated corruption charges in Chicago on March 3, refused to answer questions to The Times.

Like the emperor in the fairy tale, this Big Media Messiah has no clothes. But you won’t hear that on MSNBC tonight. There will be no questions about the Obama bubble and the flim flammery he represents so well.


558 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton, Democrat, Debates Tonight

  1. arrying over from previous thread. Still tracking down origins of the infamous photo. here’s an article that shows pics of BO in Kenya in 2006 wearing the same khaki pants and red shirt he wears under the costumes. Axelrod filmed all of BO’s public events for the past 4 years. Coincidence?

    Here’s the link.

  2. Have I mentioned today that Bambi is the antichrist?

    That’s right Obamatons…you’re voting for the antichrist. Hope you’re the first to fry. 😉

  3. Also…I heard that Bambi’s neighbor is now saying that they smoked crack together in her garage, and then Bambi freaked out and killed all her kittens with an ax.

    Whew….I can’t vote for a crack crazed kitten killer.

  4. From the last thread-

    Kings, I agree with Hawk. I have grown to hate 👿 . I hate his smugness, his wretched dramatic pauses, and I hate the fact that he gets a free pass when we all know he is dirty, unoriginal and bereft of any gravitas whatsoever. I am afraid for my country.

    As an aside, last night I mentioned to hubby that I feel exactly like I did prior to the Iraq invasion. There were those of us who knew it was a quagmire and that in our gut the intelligence cited did not add up, but no. No one would listen to us. They called us unpatriotic, they called us losers, dividers, and questioned our judgment. In the end, we were redeemed by being proved (unfortunately) right. It doesn’t help all of our dead and wounded, it doesn’t help Iraqis and it doesn’t make me sleep better at night. Do you?

    👿 ’s candidacy and messiah-like regard is much like Bush’s at that time. Nothing good came of it just as nothing good can come from his holding that office.

    One last thing, I think his cult status says something about how bad our educational system is and how much popular culture has replaced logic, reason and studious thought. Folks don’t think anymore. Their children do not think and worse yet, they have been taught (and are being taught by 👿 ’s free pass on plagiarism and Rezko and Exelon, etc.) that there are no repercussions for bad behavior, megalomania and greed.

    I think I’m done trying to have kids. I don’t want kids if it means them having to inhabit the same space as those wastes of space that are Obamabots. It and they demean our country.

  5. I think his elongated pauses allow his acolytes to fill in the blanks with thier own thoughts. As he has said he’s a blank page on which people project.

  6. Seeing as the debate is on MSNBC what do you think they’ll ask Obama tonight?

    Sen. Obama – what color suit are you wearing.

    cue 20 min answer that no one understands

  7. Thanks Admin,

    That clip about his lack of experience says it all. He must have a whole pool of secretaries to keep track of all his lies…sigh…he really is Obamarotten!

  8. @timjcain,

    I would argue that his long pauses are a sign of bloated “Me” syndrome. He caught it young and there is no cure.

  9. And this, apparently, is the original photo from Sept 1, 2006, which was published in geeskaafrika.


    And HRC is being pummeled for releasing a photo that the BO campaign knows has been seen throughout the world and had no objection to it’s appearance before? maybe that’s coz it’s ok to show the pics when used in his Africa video. I wish some journalistic person could present this info to the media. I know, wishful thinking.

  10. # Idunn Says:
    February 26th, 2008 at 1:09 pm

    Also…I heard that Bambi’s neighbor is now saying that they smoked crack together in her garage, and then Bambi freaked out and killed all her kittens with an ax.

    Whew….I can’t vote for a crack crazed kitten killer.

    Yikes! Is that really true?

  11. OK, last snippet, I promise.
    Here’s the original caption that appeared beneath the pic.
    ‘U.S. Senator Barack Obama, right, is dressed as a Somali Elder by Sheikh Mahmed Hassan, left, during his visit to Wajir, a rural area in northeastern Kenya, near the borders with Somalia and Ethiopia. The area is at the epicenter of a severe drought that has hit the Horn of Africa region, after erratic and insufficient rains during the April-June season.’
    Does anyone have any ideas about where to send this info?

  12. not to be bitter (;)) but Hillary HAS to become president at some point or something powerful, just to get revenge on backstabbers like Dodd, who should understand the value of experience, not lofty speeches, people like Dodd are just mad and projecting because they still wish they were “cool” like BHO, but youre not, deal with it, couldnt even wait till after mar 4th like Hillary asked, douche!

  13. have you ever noticed that they put obama’s name first before hillary’s when it is something good. when it is something bad they put hillary’s name first.

  14. I was just going to say that, jubjub.

    It’s a tie, despite all the media’s screaming and handwringing.

    She’s a tough girl, and I love her.

  15. JanH
    you maybe right but i think it would be interesting to compare his speech patterns to other cult leaders.
    Someone I believe Hawk and Oakie said they hate him. well the more i hear him and the reponses he rec’s the more i fear him.

  16. @basil: i agree…but it also makes me pissed at hrc’s campaign. instead of saying “we have 700 employees. we dont think it came from us.”
    why not say, “this is a public photo that could have been accessed by anyone at www.(website), thereforeanyone could have sent to drudge.”

    they just never seal the deal. why are we so far behind the 8-ball right now? imo a lot of it has to do with the fact that hrc’s campaign has let him slide on the iraq war vote. of course we can blame it on the msm, BUT she could have driven that point home again and again and she hasnt. every single person i talk to says that “he voted against the war.” why? why? why? bc he got a pass from the campaign! where are the flyers on this??? in debates when he says “i was against the concept…”…why not clarify right then and there the difference btwn being against a concept and truly having to make a decision???

    sorry if i’m coming off as negative, but this campaign is in the position bc of their own actions…they owed more to hillary than they produced!

  17. I can picture MSNBC tonight ” Sen. Obama, please tell us why you think… mean old lady over there… is attacking such a cool young hip guy like you… her claws are out… what do you think about that? Isn’t it just awful?

    UGH! S.O.B’s! I’m mad at everyone today, every idiot, mainly the media, who are falling for Obama’s act, this will be the last election that I actually have any faith in the american people to be shallow and pick the cool guy, hello 2000 again!

  18. Admin,
    Great clip. From the audio:
    When asked why he didn’t want to run nationally; His response: “I am a believer in knowing what you’re doing when you apply for a job.” WTF!!!!!!! If this wasn’t so friggin serious I’d be LMFAO. An article I linked earlier says Axelrod and BO have been planning his presidential run for 4 years!
    Okie, I think you’re wise to forgo kids at this time. I worked as a music teacher for 20 years and what I have seen……
    I also agree that this feels eerily like the run-up to Iraq War 1 and 11 and I also have a knot in the pit of my stomach.

  19. Diva,
    I’m gonna gather this info and do another ppress email tonight about the real sources of this photo. Not that it will matter. the news cycle has already moved on. It’s the principal of the thing.
    And I agree about HRC’s staff. The one getting almost 3 million – for what????? I don’t wanna be negative either but if HRC were to lose the nomination it won’t be through any fault of her own. It will be placed at the feet of her advisors. (Of course, she chose them . . . . but I’ve heard she’s very loyal. . . . . )

  20. @Rigso,

    That’s it exactly. I swear I wonder if I am living in the twilight zone sometimes when I see the media spin for this guy. Just last night a Fox twit asked a Hillary hater about her comments…i.e… sweet during last debate and then going for the jugular since then. Of course they both decided she was desperate and already knows she has lost. I kept waiting for them to compare Obamarotten’s comments during that same period…nothing…nada…zilch!

  21. Okie
    If everyone capable of raising a mature responsible child felt as if it wasn’t worth it doesn’t it leave the world to the obamabots. Somebody has to raise the next HRC

  22. tincain,
    I doubt it. Even Ogreman played a clip from SNL last night that, in his words, conveyed the impression the ‘”media were in the tank for Obama.”

    DUHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! ya think??????????

    And the writers would have spun the same garbage BM and talking heads are spewing.

  23. If I were thinking about having children, I’d wait a few years. Everyone I know is having babies now — wait and be out of cycle, instead of putting the poor kid into a mass like the baby boom 😉

  24. Hey All! Happy Debate Day!!

    I checked HRC’s website and for those in the Chicago area there is going to be a “Debate Watch” party for HRC supporters at T’s Bar & Grill off of Clark & Argyle (Andersonville/Uptown neighborhood). I hope to see those of you in the area there! 8PM CST. T’s has good bar food and friendly waitstaff….good times!

    Please note: T’s Bar is a GLBT friendly bar…it’s a mixed (straight/gay) crowd..as is the neighborhood… Just thought I’d make a mention of that so no one is caught off-guard about it. Although I’d like to think that this doesn’t matter. ANY WAY…..

    Just donated more $$ + .44 : )

  25. This may be inappropriate and if so, admins please delete, but this guy really scares a lot of people. I have some aged relatives who think his frenzied speeches to the masses are reminiscent of Hitler’s speeches.

    Sorry if this offends anyone.

  26. Been hanging out here, reading you for weeks, and I want to thank you for all the information, thought–provoking analyses, and emotional comfort I found in you. I am one with you in recognizing that Hillary Clinton is the greatest statesman of our time. Great statesmen always suffer derision and often go unappreciated for a long time in their careers because they have higher standards and deeper insight than those of lesser intelligence and weaker integrity. I could not bear to vote for anyone of lesser quality and you, I see, are thinking the same thing.

    What do we do if she is not the nominee?

    It seems to me that our political parties have become so untrustworthy we ought to scrap them and start all over again. What I wrote to Sen Kennedy I wish I could say to the entire Dem party. “After many years (I’m going on 75) of voting for you, this is the end. Take me off your list of supporters, send me no more mail, because it is clear to me that you have lost your sense of judgment.” As for Kerry, I regret having voted for him in the last election – he, too, seems to have lost whatever he may have once had. Is it Washington that does that to them? I am disappointed in Pelosi – she is flunking the course in many directions. Dodd is a dud. Dean is demented, etc. I am soooo weary of all of them. They are beyond redemption. It is so obvious who is qualified for The Big Job. If Obama were white and Clinton were not a woman, and we had only their resumes by which to judge, the Clinton person is obviously the best possible choice.

    Unfortunately our political parties are a reflection of our culture which is teaching us not to think but to feel, to emote, to feed our appetites for sensation. That’s the path to depravity and our whole society is well on the way to self-destruction if we don’t soon wake up and remember who we are, what our personal as well as political and social values are. This requires rational analysis, not emotional mantras.

    If Clinton is not the nominee, I fervently wish to see the Clinton supporters split off and form a NEW Democratic party. One called something like The Real Democrats” How is a new political party formed?

    How wonderful if the Republicans could do likewise – scrap their whole shabby setup and start all over: get rid of their tawdry Bushes-Rove-Cheny games, re-examine the meaning and purposes of their party – go back to their roots, their history, to all that was best about them (was there ever anything? – there MUST have been – no?) Do they really want to turn their country into an anthill ruled by a few heads of corporations?

    I learned at my mother’s knee that politics and corruption go hand in hand, and I’ve been asking myself ever since, why does it have to be that way?

    Aren’t there enough decent people in this country to meet the greatest social challenge: honest, benevolent, humanitarian government of, by, and for the people? We do have leaders for the founding of a new party… Senator Clinton, G. Ferraro and M. Albright and Bobby Kennedy Jr and John Glenn and Wes Clark and so on – there really is a long list of people of great talent and integrity – they are natural resources whose full potential still remains unactualized. But I think the impetus would have to begin among the people, come out of the people – people like you who care so honestly and deeply about the good of your country. Thank you.

  27. basil9
    SNL is satire. Saying they were in the tank with obama was a huge validation of the bias.
    had there been no strike they would have had a field day with the wrong button reponses, donna brazille. oprah, fainting, if they could have run with the hope/change thing the list is endless and i feel SNL did a great job.
    “Bitch is the new black”

  28. JanH, thankfully he does not have the same plans, but yeah, this is how facists talk, the crowd management thing, yeah. That’s what is the worst. People like that can make plans that are not so good seem fricken brilliant to the people, like his health plan.

  29. @JanH
    I agree with your aged relatives completely :-). I’ve posted similar comments here and I think it’s important for people to know how dangerous frenzied speeches can be.

  30. Basil9
    just reread your response.
    i disagree that a comedy writer would be held hostage by the media if they did they’d lose thier edge

  31. divabunny at 1:29:

    He also is on record as saying if he had been in the Senate at the time of IWR, he doesn’t know how he would’ve voted. It is amazing so many people think he voted against the war when he wasn’t even in the Senate then. Geeez!!

  32. JanH,
    I’ve been saying the same thing for weeks. I’ve read about the Rise and Fall of the third Reich and seen quite a few documentaries about it and the BO campaign seems to draw directly from the Hitler playbook, including the Leni Reifenstahl film, Triumph of the Will, glorifying the Nazi movement. Ironically, as I’ve been searching for info about the infamous pic, I’ve come across a number of references to BO’s films, including one about him in Africa.
    Jon Stewart said it well. Although I didn’t watch the oscars, his joke about BO and his real name and comparing it to another politiican who had a hard time running in the 1940’s Gaydolf Titler has been on all the blogs

  33. mj
    its the pauses i think they are calculated- the stammering maybe not but too many times i have watched him respond to non debate challanging questions, questions that he knew were coming, with pauses before flip flopping. like i said if he is the blank page that he claims to be those pauses allow the sheep to put in the answer they want to hear.

  34. Dodd endorses BO. Decided last night. Yesterday’s photo flap appears to be a factor:

    Dodd said he wasn’t worried that the candidates would go too far in their pursuit of victory, but that their aides and supporters might.

    “We’ve witnessed a little bit of that” in recent days, he said.

    That was an apparent reference to a photograph that shows Obama wearing a white turban and a wraparound white robe that was presented to him by elders in Wajir, in northeastern Kenya.


  35. WTF!!!!!!
    Isn’t his name Barack HUSSEIN OBAMA??????????

    McCain Apologizes Profusely for ‘Hussein Obama’


    looks like he is truly another Chicago “untouchable”. You can’t say his middle name, you can mention his drug use…

  36. Clinton leads in West Virginia

    Clinton has 2-1 lead in W.Va., according to poll
    by Jake Stump
    Daily Mail Capitol Reporter
    By nearly a two to one margin, West Virginia Democrats and Independents are more likely to vote for Hillary Clinton than Barrack Obama, according to a new poll.

    Forty-three percent of those surveyed said they’d vote for Clinton in the upcoming West Virginia primary election compared to 22 percent who selected Obama, based on a public opinion poll conducted by Charleston-based Mark Blankenship Enterprises.

    Thirty-five percent said they were undecided.

    Mark Blankenship, president of the firm, said his group conducted a random sample telephone survey last week of 405 registered Democrat and Independent voters in West Virginia.

    The results, a display of Clinton’s popularity in the state, were even a bit surprising to Blankenship, a longtime political consultant and pollster.

    “If you asked me two weeks ago what I’d anticipate, I may not have given Obama the nod, but I’d assume it’d be closer,” he said. “Obviously, her campaign is appealing to the average democrat and independent in West Virginia.”

    The margin of error in the poll is 4.9 percent.

    Among women surveyed, 48 percent of them favored Clinton to just 19 percent backing Obama. Men were also more likely to support Clinton, with 38 percent, compared to Obama at 25 percent.

    “They’re not rejecting Hillary Clinton, and they certainly aren’t consistent with what you hear in the national media that Obama is in commanding control of this election,” Blankenship said about his poll.


  37. Timcain,
    I wasn’t referring to comedy writers. The SNL stuff and the Stewart lines were great. Maybe you’re right.

    Doya think the BO campaign has anything to do with initiating and prolonging the writer’s strike? 8-0

    (Only half-kidding)

  38. whats funny about the gaydolf hitler line is that apparently a lot of obamabots thought it was an actual person. on some sundry blog when of them was going to great extent to say how different bambi was. Yep those are the people who should decide who the next prez is

  39. Illinois,

    I think so, too, especially after digging up the original 2006 article in which the photo appeared.

    I want to use the info in a letter to the media but TTTT, I’m beginning to feel like what’s the use? 🙁

  40. Mr. Dodd should have been concerned about BO’s supporters calling the Clintons racist, instead of being snookered by a fake photo story.

    But the stupidity of the longtime DC insiders is beyond reckoning.

  41. Jennifer Flowers would not be in the spotlight if the media hadn’t turned into trash upstarts. LOL…I have a feeling that this is going to bite them back though. She isn’t exactly the poster child for decency. Maybe this will bring sympathizers to Hillary again.

  42. Basil9
    okay i am officially a conspiracy freak now major media keeps comedy writers off the air allows news divisions to pronounce the new messiah? All the major news outlets are owned by media conglomerates and they lost hundreds of millions of dollars due to strike and the resolution came pretty much when it was too late to salvage the season but after it looked as if bambi was a shoe in. And the writers got most of what they wanted.

  43. basil9,

    I have to admit that I cringe whenever I see the masses at his rallies. I grew up learning the history of WWII from my relatives and while this is a different man and a different time, what he is employing to win this election isn’t any different. His hateful dialogue is spreading to his supporters. He is rooting them on to go after Hillary and this can’t end in a good way.

  44. “He is rooting them on to go after Hillary and this can’t end in a good way.”

    Exactly, but not only that but a few weeks ago on cnn, Bay Buchanan was almost inciting Obama supporters to riot if he lost.

  45. “Phone conversations with Bill from eons ago, lol.”

    Sometimes you feel like saying move on!!!! lol geez tapes from 1992

  46. BTW, that story on McCain’s apology proves the GOP is now facing the same obstacles Hillary has for months. And it was a radio guy who mentioned his middle name, not even McCain.

  47. Like Kennedy, Dodd was just waiting for an opening. He planned to support Obama the whole time. This campaign is totally calculated by a certain wing of the Democratic party, who are out to get Senator Clinton. It is the good ole’boys club. They do not want to see a woman president, least of HRC. Dodd picked a very slim reason to support Obama, at this point in time. What a farce.

    I have been on a media blackout, and will continue to do so. It is too toxic and shameful. History will look back upon this campaign as very dirty, shameful, and gender biased. It is a smear campaign upon Senator Clinton. What is amazing, is the level of support, that she continues to carry. Imagine, if she had had 1/8 of the support from the media, that Obama has received? Mind boggling.

    Gallup still has Obama and Clinton neck in neck, nationally. People are always minimizing this. Texas is tight.

  48. Okay. When does Obama get to apologize? I still waiting. He can say whatever he wants and nothing touches him?

    As far as Dodd goes, he deserves whatever he gets. That is the lamest excuse for choosing someone I’ve ever heard. The lemming parade is coming to a town near you. 😉

  49. Gennifer probably just needs money. That’s pretty much always the motive for people like this to reappear long after their 15 minutes are over.

  50. hi hillfans. this is my eve off from work so i can blog with you during the debate tonite. rassmussen ohio poll hillary 48% to obama’s 43%. ohio is becoming closer like texas.

  51. “as very dirty, shameful, and gender biased…”
    “New kind of politics” indeed! More like a “new kind of hypocrisy!”

  52. I promise this is the last time i will post this link but i was astonished by it and have rec’d nothing but pro-hill from the fence sitters i sent it to:

    Its long but give it a read- i got this from someone else here but think its valuable enough to reprint

  53. chris dodd is a joke. i hope his embarrassing run this year will encourage him to retire in 2010 from the senate. i hope my congressman john larson runs for his seat.

  54. I’ve been getting Christmas cards for years from Sen. Dodd (I have no idea why); next one I’ll mark “return to sender” and throw it back in the mailbox.

  55. Like Kennedy, Dodd was just waiting for an opening. He planned to support Obama the whole time. This campaign is totally calculated

    Have to agree. He was a prop to make sure the important IAFF endorsement didn’t go to Hillary. His ads in IA were snubs at Hillary and Edwards. He chastised Hillary up & down during the debate for appearing too soft on DLs for undocumented while BO got a free pass, as usual.

    What is particularly slimy about Dodd is that he was playing both sides. Won’t go into any detail, but he was hedging his bets early on.

  56. greetings all….

    I am listening to NPR. Glen Beck is being interviewed. He says, there is no one the Republicans should support this year. He says, Barack Obama is great for the Republicans. When asked how that is, he says Jimmy Carter made Regan possible.
    He says given the lack of leaders in the GOP currently, its a good thing BO is going to be elected. That way they have a chance to elect a real conservative in 2012. Who do you think that would be?


  57. dedfg
    pretty soon?
    did you hear gwb talking about fair elections and his concern that people would continue to be detained unfairly until i realized he was talking about fidel stepping down i thought it was about us policies(joking but if the shoe fits)

  58. HillaryLand Rocks: What is particularly slimy about Dodd is that he was playing both sides.

    Just like Edwards. I have lost respect for him, too.

  59. CINCINNATI, Ohio (CNN) — A supporter of John McCain, speaking at an official campaign event in Ohio attended by the Arizona senator, called Barack Obama a “hack, Chicago-style Daly politician,” and told the crowd “all is going to be right with the world when the great prophet from Chicago takes the stand, and the world leaders who want to kill us will simply be singing Kumbaya around the table of Barack Obama.”

    “At some point in the near future the media, the stooges from the New York Times, CBS (The Clinton Broadcasting System), NBC (The Nobody But Clinton Network), The All Bill Clinton Channel (ABC), and the Clinton News Network at some point is going to peel the bark off Barack Hussein Obama,” said controversial conservative commentator Bill Cunningham, an Ohio native.

    “That day will come and then you’ll know the truth about his business dealings with Rezko, when he got sweetheart deals in Chicago,” he added, “and the illegal loans that he received, at some point the media will quit taking sides on this and maybe start covering Barack Hussein Obama the same way they covered Bush, the same way they covered Cheney, and they same way they cover every Republican.”

    Cunningham also compared Hillary Clinton unfavorably to current First Lady Laura Bush.

    McCain was not on stage during these remarks. Immediately after the event, he distanced himself from the comments, telling reporters that he had been informed about “disparaging remarks” about his potential Democratic opponents.

    “I have repeatedly stated my respect for Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton, and I will treat them with respect,” he said.

    “I regret any comments that may be made about these two individuals who are honorable Americans, we just have strong philosophical differences, so I want to disassociate myself from any disparaging remarks that may have been said about them,” he said, adding later that “I absolutely repudiate such comments, and again I will take responsibility it will never happen again. It will never happen again.”

    –CNN’s Dana Bash, Evan Glass and Shirley Zilberstein

  60. Richardson should be on that list as well. After everything the Clintons have done for him, he should have aligned himself with Hillary the very minute after he bowed out of the race.

    Blitzer cornered him about that after all of New Mexico’s votes were finally tallied. Richardson said he was still thinking things over. Wolfe reminded him that he had said he would support whoever one his state and that even though it was a close win, a win is still a win. Richardson just gave a sickly grin and wouldn’t commit!

    These guys are all weasels. I wonder what Obama is bribing them with.

  61. lol, the world was standing on it’s edge waiting for the dodd endorsement. the clown moved hi entire family to iowa only to get almost no votes. hillfans, there should be a law letting only realistic candidates can run. kidding offcourse!!

  62. Interesting fact i just discovered
    MO skipped the second grade(ouch lots of damage can be done to the psyche by that) having grown up in a middle class community she was exceptional. and treated as such. went off to an elitist ivy league college and was no longer the recipient of adulation. Her pride was hurt and she blames racism for no longer bein the big fish in the little pond.

  63. Jan H: Richardson should be on that list as well. After everything the Clintons have done for him, he should have aligned himself with Hillary the very minute after he bowed out of the race.

    Yes, he belongs on that list. Maybe, the slimey backstabbers are angling for cabinet or VP positions? Richardson, Dodd, and Edwards have all tanked in my book. Hopefully, Biden will remain neutral.

  64. Interesting take from a poster on another website:

    when calls for “that woman” to step down are made so repeatedly before super tuesday, it makes me beg the question about why they are so vociferous in it… “this woman” that…”this woman should..” blah, blah, blah. stick to the issues and not focus on gender too much please. it’s really annoying me. why can’t they say “this candidate” or “this person”????

  65. whoever gets elected has two free years to get something done. Then the House and Senate will change hands .. you have to work across the aisle. Hillary has shown she can do this, her entire first term would be successful. Obama is stubborn and would refuse. He would be a lame duck in the second year let alone the second term.

  66. TIm,
    Can’t get that link to work.
    Illinois, will organize and send letter later after snow removal.

    All, About BO and McCain-(praying it doesn’t happen, but….) the RW media are already saying it might be too late for McCain to do anything to overtake him coz he’ll be hesitant to go after him fully for fear of being called a racist.
    It seems no one can say anything against BO, just like in the Inquisition, when if you said the WRONG thing you were tortured or burned to death or ex-communicated . . . . Now THAT is scary.

  67. What I don’t understand is if the Republicans and the media all know that Obama is going to use the race card for everything, why aren’t then calling him out on it. He’s done it over and over again with Hillary and they just pat him on the back and call her a monster. I know this is a leap year but were lobotomies on sale this year or something?

  68. Does anyone know what the debate approach will be tonight? Is she fiinally going to fight, call him on the democrat for a day, NAFTA and Healthare mailers or not?

    I personally really hope she is going to fight this hard tonight. Playing nice just does not help and this is her last chance.

  69. Anyone see this? I thought it was sorta funny:

    February 22, 2008

    Obama the Messiah of Generation Narcissism

    By Kathleen Parker

    WASHINGTON — Much has been made of the religious tenor of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

    Reports of women weeping and swooning — even of an audience applauding when The One cleared his proboscis (blew his nose for you mortals) — have become frequent events in the heavenly realm of Obi-Wan Obama.

    His rhetoric, meanwhile, drips with hints of resurrection, redemption and second comings. “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for,” he said on Super Tuesday night. And his people were glad.

    Actually, they were hysterical, the word that best describes what surrounds this young savior and that may be more apt than we imagine. The word is derived from the Greek hystera, or womb. The ancient Greeks considered hysteria a psychoneurosis peculiar to women caused by disturbances of the uterus.

    Well, you don’t see any men fainting in Obi’s presence.

    Barack Obama has many appealing qualities, not least his own reluctance to be swaddled in purple. Nothing quite says, “I’m only human” like whipping out a hankie and blowing one’s nose in front of 17,000 admirers. The audience’s applause was reportedly awkward, as if the crowd was both approving of anything their savior did, but a little disappointed at this rather ungodly behavior.

    So what is the source of this infatuation with Obama? How to explain the hysteria? The religious fervor? The devotion? The weeping and fainting and utter euphoria surrounding a candidate who had the audacity to run for leader of the free world on a platform of mere hope?

    If anthropologists made predictions the way meteorologists do, they might have anticipated Obama’s astronomical rise to supernova status in 2008 of the Common Era. Consider the cultural coordinates, and Obama’s intersection with history becomes almost inevitable.

    To play weatherman for a moment, he is a perfect storm of the culture of narcissism, the cult of celebrity, and a secular society in which fathers (both the holy and the secular) have been increasingly marginalized from the lives of a generation of young Americans.

    All of these trends have been gaining momentum the past few decades. Social critic Christopher Lasch named the culture of narcissism a generation ago and cited addiction to celebrity as one of the disease’s symptoms — all tied to the decline of the family.

    That culture has merely become more exaggerated as spiritual alienation and fatherlessness have collided with technology (YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, etc.) that enables the self-absorption of the narcissistic personality.

    Grown-ups with decades under their double chins may have a variety of reasons for supporting Obama, but the youth who pack convention halls and stadiums as if for a rock concert constitute a tipping point of another order.

    One of Obama’s TV ads, set to rock ‘n’ roll, has a Woodstock feel to it. Text alternating with crowd scenes reads: “We Can Change The World” and “We Can Save The Planet.”

    Those are some kind of campaign promises. The kind no mortal could possibly keep, but never mind. Obi-Wan Obama is about hope — and hope, he’ll tell you, knows no limits.

    It is thus no surprise that the young are enamored of Obama. He’s a rock star. A telegenic, ultra-bright redeemer fluent in the planetary language of a cosmic generation. The force is with him.

    But underpinning that popularity is something that transcends mere policy or politics. It is hunger, and that hunger is clearly spiritual. Human beings seem to have a yearning for the transcendent — hence thousands of years of religion — but we have lately shied away from traditional approaches and old gods.

    Thus, in post-Judeo-Christian America, the sports club is the new church. Global warming is the new religion. Vegetarianism is the new sacrament. Hooking up, the new prayer. Talk therapy, the new witnessing. Tattooing and piercing, the new sacred symbols and rituals.

    And apparently, Barack Obama is the new messiah.

    Here’s how a 20-year-old woman in Seattle described that Obama feeling: “When he was talking about hope, it actually almost made me cry. Like it really made sense, like, for the first, like, whoa … ”

    This New Age glossolalia may be more sonorous than the guttural emanations from the revival tent, but the emotion is the same. It’s all religion by any other name.

    Whatever the Church of Obama promises, we should not mistake this movement for a renaissance of reason. It is more like, well, like whoa.

    Copyright 2008, Washington Post Writers Group

  70. Larry Nichols (RightWing Nut) admitted that he helped edit those “tapes” for Flowers at his little recording studio he used to use for selling advertising jingles for a living, so they are nothing more than RightWing propaganda.

    Just remember that Flowers claimed to have had torrid assignations in the Excelsior, Little Rock’s
    fanciest downtown hotel, with the then Governor of Arkansas starting in 1979, but the construction of the Excelsior Hotel didn’t even begin until 1982, and it didn’t open until almost 1983, with a grand opening between Christmas and New Years.

  71. tim, Dean got the position bc he was the shortest one available and they figured the DNC head might get tired from getting off the floor so often and if he were short folks might not notice all the slithering going on in that snakes nest.

    Either that or it had to do with getting his own set of presidential kneepads….from Donna Brazile.

  72. I said i wouldn’t post this sight again but i lied
    please read

    i just discovered will not post with http// so add and please read

  73. Okieatty
    you are now ahead of idunn in my poll by 600% for that post
    want you to read this article but each time i post its a no show

  74. flowers accusations were never proven .
    also bill is not running.
    but should larry sinclair not recieve equal time.

  75. @ European. I think she is going to be direct and firm and bring up the facts on the mailers. I think she’ll call him out on all his shit, but she has to be straightforward and matter-of-fact about it, not angry so she doesn’t come off as bitchy. If she sticks to the facts about the issues nobody can say she is attacking him.

    I believe tonight’s debate will be a turning point for her for the better.

  76. Cobbled together the frequent flyer miles and thus am heading off to Texas early tomorrow, mostly Austin with some Houston trips. If anyone wants to meet up let me know! Come to Texas people this is it! This is our big battle, don’t miss it! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    We WILL get it done and ..

    Hillary IS 44!

  77. @okie: lmao! that was good!

    @tim: i think most of us read that article last night…. pretty disturbing, but i’m a believer in conspiracy theories… they make more sense than the truth! you sure as hell cant tell me that all of these senior dems really think that barry will make the better president. the only reason theyre backing him is bc he has NO plan… i’m sure theyve made a deal… “hey barry… wanna make history? be the first black prez? yeah, we heard you say that you dont have experience… no biggie… you dont need any… you do what we say and things’ll be cool. k? oh and dont worry abt that rezco nonsense. the corporations our agenda serves own all of the media and news sources. we wont tell if you dont tell!”

    imo… it went down something like that!

  78. birdgal
    i think its one of the most poignant articles i have read with regards to obama and i too discovered it via irish and throughout the day i have attributed it to the emerald isle lass(i presumptiously assume she is female) but i got lazy. however when i notice that someone like ronald or OKieAtty is here i repost because i believe its an article they can appreciate and run with.

  79. from what i understand, the debate questions will be directed at the issues concerning the voters of ohio and tex (according to russert) and will deal with the economy…

    somehow she needs to hammer him and his non vote on the war and also clarify nafta!

  80. the good ole boyz club knows that Obama would be their puppet. They know that Hillary will not.

    Bill Clinton knew exactly the mentality of the insiders of Washington .. that is why he warned us that the nomination would be very, very hard.

    Obama has been groomed and stroked for many years, by those very insiders, and if for one minute he believes that just getting behind the desk of the white house would give him the real control…well, dumber than a coal bucket is what I’d call him.

    The ole boyz club wants to keep their tight fist on Washington .. bambi is just their current conduit.

    I’ll not contribute to a democrat win in November unless HRC is the nominee.

  81. but that was one of the first things I noticed about Obama, he is not a strong personality. Even his wife says so in articles (well in so many words)

    He will be easily led by the old boys

  82. I liked this line the most:

    Ms. Morgan wrote: “This is not just Hillary-hating. This is sociopathic woman-hating.”

  83. Richardson: Endorsement could come ‘within days’

    (CNN) — New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson Tuesday suggested he may endorse a former rival in the Democratic White House race sometime this week.

    In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer set to air at 6 p.m. hour of The Situation Room, Richardson praised both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and suggested now might be the right time he publicly backs one of them.

    “I may make a decision and do an endorsement,” Richardson said.

    Asked if the endorsement could come within the next couple of days, the New Mexico governor replied, “Possibly, yes.”

    Richardson, a former member of the Clinton administration, wouldn’t hint at which candidate he was leaning towards, and said it’s still possible he may make no endorsement.

    “I’m just not trying to be cute. I just have felt that an endorsement by me, I don’t think it is that significant,” he said. “But I still might do it.”

    Both Clinton and Obama have heavily sought Richardson’s backing since he dropped out of the race in January. Richardson, one of the highest ranking Hispanics in the Democratic Party, could give either candidate a boost in the Latino community ahead of Texas’ primary on March 4. Latinos are expected to play a big role in that contest.

    In the interview Tuesday, Richardson praised both candidates, and said the two are running a “classic race.”

    “Change versus experience,” Richardson said of the race. “And obviously I ran on the experience mantle. It didn’t work out too well. But I think they are both exceptional candidates, represent fundamental change. I think it is going to be very, very close. I don’t think this race is over.”


  84. Well I bet Kennedy and Obama are on the phone right now offering cake and cookies if he supports the prince of darkness…sigh…how obvious. He’s throwing a carrot out to the highest bidder.

  85. I think it is a mistake to say that Hillary needs to beat bambi in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas. After all, Texas is a solidly republican state that has NO CHANCE of turning blue in a general election. All I think she needs to do is gain a net of around 50-60 delegates in the remaining primaries. The delegate math I did yesterday proves my point, I think.

    Consider that at this time the delegate count, including super delegates, is as follows (according to demconwatch):



    That’s only a 90-delegate lead. If Hillary can gain 50-60 delegates in the remaining primaries, then bambi’s lead tightens to 30-40 delegates. If you add in Florida, where only bambi campaigned via national ads and where all of the candidates were on the ballot, then Hillary gets another net gain of 42 delegates there. That effectively ties the delegate race. This doesn’t even factor in Michigan.

    There are 981 pledged delegates up for grabs in the remaining primaries. In order to achieve a net gain of 50 delegates, all Hillary needs to do is win 52.6% of those. In order to gain a net of 60 delegates, all Hillary needs to do is win 53.1% of them.

    If Hillary can get to within striking distance, then she can push to have the Florida and Michigan delegates counted. bambi’s campaign will be in a bad position if she does, because it’s a lose-lose situation for them. If they refuse to count them, then they risk alienating those states in the general election. If they do allow them, then Hillary will all but erase whatever delegate lead bambi has. The best choice for them would be some sort of a compromise solution that will include a portion of the delegates from those states, which will minimize the impact they have on the delegate count but not completely eliminate it. Even in this case Hillary will close the delegate count considerably. Re-doing the election in Michigan would be to Hillary’s advantage as well I believe, especially if it’s done as a primary and not a caucus.

    I know that I’ve only looked at the numbers side of things, and that there will be a whole lot of politics that go into influencing the uncommitted super delegates between March 4 and April 22 (when Pennsylvania votes), but I wish that Hillary’s campaign had not created this notion that she needs to win Ohio and Texas on March 4. Maybe it’s not too late to start downplaying the idea of her HAVING TO WIN TEXAS to stay in the race.

    If anyone has any comments on my reasoning, either for or against it, I’d be happy to hear them.

  86. Change versus experience,” Richardson said of the race.

    If I hear that one more time… Obama is not about change.

  87. Seator Dodd of CT. Is a has been and and unpopular for a long.He only had a one percent rating in the polls before he dropped out of the race.He is trying stretch his senate for another 8 yrs,and retire onthe pension Gravy Train.O course,he may think BHO will pick him for VP or as a last resort.,a job as the BHO Honey Dipper Wagon driver that supplies the agenda and change ( JUST WORDS) that he is spreading as brain food for his cult. Tonight watch a real word and thought thief at work,as he claims her just about every thing she says.MSNBC I bet has already briefed him on the questions.what a farce.

  88. Levon, I don’t like the reality either, but I think it is reality…because the Democratic establishment, including her superdelegates, are going to put A LOT, AND BY A LOT, I MEAN A LOT of pressure for her to get out if she loses one of these contests, especially if she loses by a reasonable margin. Her argument against Obama right now is a darn good one, and that is that he has yet to prove he can win a single big state. Texas may be a red state, but it is a big state, and one that requires on the ground game like that in California. If he can pull off a win there, it is hard for her to make that argument.

    The Democrats have open primaries and so they don’t seem to mind 10 percent Republicans making their choice for them. I hate it – I want a DEMOCRAT, not an independent republican who calls himself a democrat.

    I think her campaign is saying this because 1) they recognize the reality, 2) they need to scare her supporters a bit into throwing their all into these two states….

    I think no matter what happens, she should take a good few weeks to decide if she is going to stay in or out, and maybe by that time, the media will start to vet Obama a bit more. Honestly, if she suspends her campaign, and something really bad comes out about Obama as IDunn predicts, she could get back in, just like Romney is saying he would do if something bad comes out about McCain.

    BUt this is IF she loses, and I am NOT willing to accept that yet. The debate tonight is important, and winning Ohio and Texas is critical. We all need to donate, call, call, call, and do our part to help her.

  89. Basil9,

    The origin of the photo is established. It’s still at a reputable African site, http://www.geeskaafrika.com/ethiopia_31aug06.htm

    Some sensible coverage: http://bigheaddc.com/2008/02/25/drudge-falsely-accuses-clinton-of-obama-photo-ties/ VERY SENSIBle, they asked africa!

    It’s been talked about and linked to since at least Feb 11:

    One of the MSM blogs (Tapper?) said he has been getting it in email for quite a while — though not from any Clinton staff.

    I’m not sure there’s much use in writing to the MSM about ANYTHING. Except just to put out the truth in comment strings that are read by undecided people.

    There must be a better way to get the truth out than begging the MSM to change their behavior. Maybe through good blogs — not the KOS kind. Maybe good ones like this: http://www.mydd.com/comments/2008/2/26/84755/2577/2/post#here

  90. This SD isn’t going to put any pressure on her to do anything but run:

    “Mikulski said. “When Teddy Kennedy changes from Barack, I’ll change from Hillary.” ”

    That’s the kind of attitude I like to hear.

  91. i think 44 reasons for hillary being 44 would be a great pamphlet to hand out. id do it myself but i can’t count that high

  92. sophicatedcaveman:

    I am also heading to TX tomorrow – to dallas for a few days for a personal visit to make sure my sister + some of her friends votes. They are not the voting type so maybe a personal visit will help. They are moderate repugs and keep on saying that like Hillary and McCain so they hope she gets the DEM nominee.

    I will be heading down to houston on Friday thru Tuesday causus.

    Admin: pls forward my email to sophisticated. Thx.

  93. hillfans survey usa in ohio has hillary 50% to obama’s 44%. we have to keep hard at it. im making more calls in ohio and texas.

  94. Can you imagine ..pt 2

    That if should you survive a nuclear attack
    That you would be among millions
    Scrambling for clean water and untainted food
    Can you imagine
    Trying to find land uncontaminated to grow your food
    Can you imagine waiting possibly years to see a doctor
    Because facilities had been destroyed
    and medicine was no longer readily available
    Can you imagine not being able to contact your loved ones
    Because communications were down or restricted?

    Can you imagine having the wrong finger

    I can imagine that!

    I want someone that understands the importance of foreign policy and that’s why I’m putting my safety in the hands of HILLARY CLINTON!!

    HILLARY 2008

  95. Didn’t Richardson say at one time that he’d support whoever won his state?

    If so, Hillary won. Perhaps we should remind him of that.

    phone number is (505) 476-2200..

  96. plural ,that’s what im talking about. LOYALTY!!!! i hope these weak chumps who switched to obama take notice!!! stick with your guns.

  97. My centrist brother just sent hill 500 after reading the asian times article posted by Irish. His question to me was why isn’t this in the news?

  98. Houston is a great prize and loaded with the kind of voter who loves Hillary, the word I got is that it is a sleeping giant for Hillary. Good to focus there. I’m hitting the Austin college voters, because .. I am hip, young and studly.

    These college students are easy to change, the support for Obama is so flimsy and based on not very thought out reasoning .. I ALWAYS know more about Obama than they do, and when I tell them about him they’re like .. REALLY? When your campaign is based on what people DON’T know about you, you know you’re in trouble!

    But you can BET the GOP knows ALL about Obama and they will not hesitate to bloody every inch of this country with his weak candidacy.

  99. Paula,

    Great mydd!

    Now who has got a copy of the National Examiner supermarket tabloid of February 4, 2008– showing Obama in the Somali clothing.

    Great from the mydd:

    Time: Saturday night, February 23, 7:25pm Pacific. Some right-wing poster at freerepublic.com posts a scanned photo –taken from the National Examiner supermarket tabloid of February 4, 2008– of Obama in the Somali clothing.

    Freerepublic.com post Saturday Night February 23.

    Later freerepublic posts specifically state that someone has to “get this to Drudge”.

    Here’s more info:

    The origin of the photo is established. It’s still at a reputable African site, http://www.geeskaafrika.com/ethiopia_31aug06.htm

    Some sensible coverage: http://bigheaddc.com/2008/02/25/drudge-falsely-accuses-clinton-of-obama-photo-ties/ VERY SENSIBle, they asked africa!

    It’s been talked about and linked to since at least Feb 11:

    One of the MSM blogs (Tapper?) said he has been getting it in email for quite a while — though not from any Clinton staff.

    I’m not sure there’s much use in writing to the MSM about ANYTHING. Except just to put out the truth in comment strings that are read by undecided people.

    There must be a better way to get the truth out than begging the MSM to change their behavior. Maybe through good blogs — not the KOS kind. Maybe good ones like this: http://www.mydd.com/comments/2008/2/26/84755/2577/2/post#here

  100. IDunn, Mike Gravel has already said that while he doesn’t like any of them, he supports Hillary because Obama has no idea what he is doing. He said while he disagrees with Hillary on many things, at least she knows what she is doing!

  101. mangomist3:

    Thanks for the feedback! I’ve heard that argument regarding Texas and it’s a reasonable one to make. However I don’t think it’s a particularly strong argument. Why should a single win in a big, RED state matter more than virtually all of the other large BLUE and SWING states that Hillary has carried?

    In addition, I believe that her campaign has made it incredibly difficult for her to continue if she does lose Texas because of the language they used (she MUST win Ohio and Texas) after the Wisconsin primary. That made it incredibly hard to downplay expectations at this point. Besides, Pennsylvania is 6 weeks after the March 4 primaries and a LOT can happen in 6 weeks.

    I understand why they came out and made Ohio and Texas important, and that was because they wanted to tell their super delegates to not jump ship yet, and to try and convince as many uncommitted ones to wait until after March 4 before deciding. I just wished they hadn’t gone to the extreme that they did and don’t think it was necessary. They could have said that is was very important to win both states, but in my opinion didn’t need to make them MUST WINS.

    And I don’t think she will have a few weeks to decide what she wants to do should she lose Texas. Her own campaign has made it abundantly clear already what would happen in that case. Suspending her campaign would finish her as well I believe.

  102. Mike Gravel has already said that while he doesn’t like any of them, he supports Hillary

    What a relief. Lord knows we need BOTH of Gravels voters. 😉

  103. Dodd told CNN that his conversation with Hillary was uncomfortable when he told her who he was going to endorse. He is such a toad and of course the obama groupies are jumping in with their nasty rhetoric.

    CNN still isn’t letting me respond…sigh…

  104. Levon, I totally hear what you are saying, but I think we are being blinded by the fact that we love Hillary, and by the fact that it is SO FREAKIN’ OBVIOUS to anyone who is paying close attention that she is the fffaaarrr superior candidate and that we are being gamed by the media. But at some point, the Democratic Party is going to want to get this on the road, and superdelegates, including those who support her, are not going to feel comfortable with the fact that she has lost 13 straight contests. In many ways, the deck has been stacked against her, and it is a wonder that she is still standing at all, but I think the superdelegates want to ensure a win in November, and they are not going to be supportive of Hillary carrying this all the way to the convention. It is unfair, I don’t see anyone calling for Huckabee’s head, but I think they call for hers becuase she really does have very real supporters. And Hillary is nothing if not a loyal Democrat, and I think she is not going to want to drag this out further. I suppose if she wins Ohio with a margin and is basically tied in Texas she can make a solid argument to continue, but without that, it becomes challenging.

  105. heres a link that shows the “other side” knows it too, albeit a little

  106. At least Dodd has the decency to tell Hillary, unlike Kerry who never even bothered to inform Edwards he was backing Obama.

  107. Anyway, let me see if I have this straight:

    We should never utter Obama’s middle name because…well…it’s his middle name.

    We should never show him dressed in traditional Kenyan clothes because…well…because his father was from Kenya.

    We should never utter his name in the same sentence as Jesse Jackson because….well….because they are both african americans.

    We must always be aware that any word, at any time, can and will be intrepreted as some mysterious racial code.

    Did I miss anything?

  108. That is really annoying of Dodd. Did he say why he did this? Besides the old look how racist Hillary is disgusting sickening joke Obama is playing.

  109. Hey guys a bit o help:)

    I don’t get MSNBC on tv here, I checked their not easy to nav site and saw where they say they will have the debate on live stream. But I cant find where that is. Anyone ever watch live stram on the site before? Do they put up the link only just before they air the debate? The site is awful to get round in I must say. Any thoughts? I REALLY want to see this tonight, I think Hill will go for it and…………..

    The heavens will open………….

    The light will shine down………….

    The choir will sing this…………….

    (to the tune of I will survive)

    Go on now go, walk off the stage
    just turn around now
    ’cause you’re not welcome anymore
    you are the one who tried to cheat me with your lies
    did you think I’d crumble!
    did you think I’d give In and quit?
    Oh no, not I
    I WILL survive
    as long as you keep up your lies
    I know I’ll stay alive
    I’ve got all my votes to win
    and I don’t plan to give in!
    and I’ll survive
    I will survive…………….


  110. @mangomist3,

    No he didn’t say, although it is possible that CNN edited his comments…I mean they wouldn’t do that would they??? 😉

  111. JanH : cnn not letting you respond??? that’s a shock lol

    actually sometimes it does take awhile for them to appear

  112. excuse meeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    when BHO was down a few delegates nobody called for him to withdraw…

    lets get off this doom thing with Hillary, it’s downright depressing…..FIGHT BACK on every news paper, every blog, out in the street , what ever…

    dang this is so defeatist.

  113. mangomist3:

    Darn you and your sound logic 🙂

    It might be splitting hairs, but I don’t see where she would have lost 13 straight if she wins in Ohio and Rhode Island, but loses a close one in Texas. It would be more like she lost 12 out of 14.

    So what about Texas? If she wins the primary by 5%, but loses more delegates in the caucus than she won in the primary, how would that play? Seems reasonable that would be seen as a loss too.

  114. We should dig up a picture of hillary scrubbing her kitchen floor, send it into Drudge claiming we are staffers of Obama, and then make a big stink about Obama’s dirty sexist politics. 😉

    Cause I’m willing to stake my life, that’s exactly what someone from his camp did with this turban photo.

  115. @experience-matters-vote-hillary:

    LOL…that is a great fight song for her! I think she should distract him tonight…make notes throughout…give him a vacant stare…check her watch every five seconds to see if he is done yet…just kidding. 🙂

  116. The primaries are a week away. What’s with the defeatist talk?

    Can’t speak for anyone else, but I don’t feel defeated. Not by a long shot.

  117. divabunny
    i have attempted to post that piece as well as numerous other edifying posts i have read here. And will continue to do so.
    but i must say that i have logged in here and read nothing but negativity from certain posters who attack others for expressing humour or not being on point about the latest poll to them i say night night. i work off of my computer. I donate i hit the streets and i need a little pick me up sometimes which this site has given to me time and time again(IDUNN_OKIEATTY_DOT48_SPACEARTGIRL, DIVABUNNY)

  118. Yes but when is a win not a win? Obama hasn’t won a big state. He hasn’t won over the Democrat mainstream. Now if he was running as a Republican I would say he is doing very well. He isn’t. He’s won small races by small numbers in most cases. And no matter what happens, we will all know that he did so nefariously and will malicious intent. He cheated. He cheated. He cheated.

    So by my rules, Hillary has already won no matter what happens! 🙂

  119. debbie and plural:

    Sorry, didn’t mean to sound defeatist. Trust me, I had great intentions when I started my posting about the delegate count, but somehow I got off track and wound up in the ditch 😉

  120. lol, hillfans it looks like rightwing talk show host bill cunningham mocked called obama his full name barack hussien obama. he was warming up a mccain rally before mccain showed up. mccain apoligized for it. geez, you can’t call the guy his own middle becuase it might offend obamabots. silly.

  121. Correct me if I’m missing the big picture here, but isn’t it impossible for Bambi or Hillary to win the needed delegates (2000+ whatever the number is).

    If that’s the case, why the hell wouldn’t she take this all the way to the convention? Especially when she friggin’ won Florida and Michigan.

  122. Levon, if she wins texas by even half a percent IT IS A WIN!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t care about the delegate totals. I am making calls to Ohio right now, I urge everyone to do the same!!! I admit I have gotten a bit defeatist, but I appreciate all those who have called me and others out on it.

    HILLARY IS IN IT TO WIN IT and we NEED her to win because there are too many people who are counting on her!!!!!!!!!!!! So fight back, write back, post in evil comments sections, make phone calls, travel if you can, do whatever you have to but we have to stand by her.

  123. geez, you can’t call the guy his own middle becuase it might offend obamabots. silly.

    if they keep pissing me off with that stuff, I’m gonna start calling him Barack Hussien Osama. 😉

  124. Right, we should start throwing a hissy fit everytime someone calls her Hillary Rhodam Clinton. It’s not like it’s her name!

  125. debbie is right

    stay positive

    the Hispanic vote should carry Hillary in TX
    her roots with Hispanics in Tx are deep

    every bit helps too; small as it is, RI will go Hillary
    so will WV

    I gave 42.44 this week
    when they get to PA, I can help out on the phone banks

  126. @experience-matters-vote-hillary,

    LMAO! I would love that but I can just imagine how the media would react…sigh…

    I don’t trust MSNBC to play fair tonight.

  127. my question
    does the dnc believe that the millions of us who chose hillary are going to simply ignore this abomination of the electorial process. Should that be the case we are just more comfortable but no more liberated than than the most oppressive societies.

  128. Go mangomist3!!! I couldn’t have said it better. Her opponents keep trying to make this a do or die thing for her. It isn’t. She will do well and she will continue on to the convention. We need her. The alternative is too unbearable to even think about!

  129. Idunn,

    I’m right there with you on the comment regarding going all the way to the convention. I was trying to make that point when I posted my remarks about the delegate math a little bit earlier. But mangomist3 poured cold water over my idea when he/she pointed out the harsh political reality of it all. What a killjoy (just kidding)!!

  130. true

    msnbc will not play fair
    but Hillary is smarter than any of those twits
    she is also quicker on her feet than any of them
    i’m not worried

    my view, in general, is this: we know the “educated” young are going for O in a big way;
    that’s a lot of wasted tuition money

  131. like the pic of him in somoli garb. the obama camp intimidates the media and others NOT to show that pic or say his middle name. HILLARY DIANE RHODAM CLINTON!!! hillary is not ashamed of her name. hell, my middle name is tirrelll. IT IS A SHAME THAT THE OBAMABOTS ARE ASHAMED OF OBAMA’S MIDDLE NAME OR THAT PIC OF HIM IN SOMOLI GARB. HE SEEMED HAPPY TO HAVE THAT PIC TAKEN BUT WHEN IT GETS OUT THEY ARE IN A HISSY FIT.

  132. basil9 Says:

    February 26th, 2008 at 1:21 pm
    Does anyone have any ideas about where to send this info?

    Try Craig Crawford

    He also answers right back w/ a thank you…generic, but an answer.

  133. Talking points flashcard:

    To quote Flavor Flav, don’t believe the hype on Barack Obama:

    1) Says he’ll support his constituents, but he votes “present” and takes a pass when the going gets tough
    2) Says he was “against the war” but voted to fund it every time and did nothing to try and stop it once elected to the Senate
    3) Says he’s got enough experience to be President but admitted, on camera, in 2004 that by 2008, he wouldn’t be experienced enough to be President
    4) Makes naive and dangerous comments and observations about international crises
    5) Says he doesn’t like lobbyists, but is embroiled in kick-back scandal with political fixer Tony Rezko

  134. @timjcain,

    the dnc is going to try and guilt everyone into voting for their robot for the sake of party unity. They will predict doom and gloom…the end of the world as we know it.

    So I say Hillary to the rescue! She’s the only one who can fix this mess.

  135. Levon, the truth is that she has every right to take this all the way to the convention. The DNC just doesn’t want that to happen because then everyone will get a birdseye view of how badly Dean & Co. have effed this shit up. Florida? Michigan? Superdelegates? Uh oh. :shudder:

    The DNC is responsible for this mess…let them try to clean it up. Why should HRC withdraw and help them do that?

    SCREW ‘EM!!

  136. @Idunn,

    “The DNC is responsible for this mess…let them try to clean it up.”

    Exactly…bbbbut…I don’t want to see grown men cry and that is what is going to happen big time! 😉

  137. Let ’em cry!!

    It’s time the DNC learned a lesson or two about what WINNERS do. Lord knows it’s a lesson they need!

  138. Maybe we should give the dnc a time out until they can play well together. It’s going to be a very very very long time out too.

  139. LOL Experience…

    He Who Shall Not Be Named
    Barack Osama…err…Osama…OBAMA! (thanks Ted!)

    and my personal fav: Barry the crack crazy kitten killer!

  140. @idunn: THAT is what i have been saying!!!! why in the HELL would anyone expect her to get out when NEITHER of then are going to win this by delegates. it HAS to go to the SDs.

    they are trying to lay a guilt trip on her… “if she doesnt drop out, she will destroy the dem party”…”if she doesnt drop out she will divide the party and the repubs will take the white house again” blah blah blah…bullsh*t! in my heart of hearts, i dont think they would EVER ask her to drop out if she were a MAN!

    this is the same thing thats going on w/the huckster and mccain, except that the husk has absolutley no chance of closing the gap with mccain (unlike w/hrc and bho)… why is no one making the same friggin issue w/huck? they are joking abt it… w/hillary they are serious…she has more money on hand than he does, she is beating him with SDs, we are either even or ahead in the polls for ALL of the march 4h races, who knows what’ll happen w/florida or michigan… so can someone tell me WHY in the HELL she would consider dropping out if she loses texas?????

    she should stay in it til denver and see what the SDs do!

  141. Idunn:

    Agree with your completely. I hope the super delegates that support her, and the remaining uncommitted ones let ALL of the primaries play out before making a decision.

    After all, why even have primaries after February if for all practical purposes they don’t count? Are the remainder just for show, and to allow the front-runner to pile on to a lead? That’s what the party is acting like. ‘Oh my, we’re still basically tied after February, but one candidate has a 4% lead in pledged delegates… time to call it quits and declare a winner!’. Sounds stupid I know, but isn’t that what they are basically saying? That’s just patently NOT FAIR.

  142. @timjcain,

    Awww…you just made my day. 52 going on 53. 🙂

    And I so envied you Americans when Bill Clinton came into the White House. We Canadians have yet to elect a prime minister as capable and as dynamic as that man.

  143. they are trying to lay a guilt trip on her… “if she doesnt drop out, she will destroy the dem party”…”if she doesnt drop out she will divide the party and the repubs will take the white house again”

    Yeah? I can lay an even better guilt trip on her: I spent my grocery money several times over to help you defeat this idiot! I’ve eaten scrambled eggs so long I’m friggin’ starting to squak like a chicken! You OWE it to me to take this thing to the convention, Hillary!!!

    So there.

  144. hillfans, i think hillary no matter what should go all the way to the convention. all the way to the damn rolLcall votes of the states on the 2nd to last day of the convention. THE LAST TIME I CHECKED IT TAKES 2,025 DELEGATES TO WIN. until then hillary should fight obama tooth and nail. SCREW WHAT THE OLD DNC GUARDS SAY!!!

  145. divabunny, I think the problem is that the superdelegates will jump ship on her if they think she is being unreasonable and continuing this. That is the problem. I WANT her to take it to the convention, but I think the supers will, for the most part, stop this from happening by jumping ship, and that would be worse for her in the long run. I believe in IDunn’s predictions about March 8-12th, only because someone mentioned Emily Primp (I think?), a democratic strategist, who was talking about bad things coming out soon. So….if that happens, then we need to think about electability.

    I also do not know why no one is taking into account the fact that he only wins clearly if MI and FL are not seated, and if they are not seated, he has little to no chance of carrying these states, particularly FL…and we can’t win the general without these states. Why is no one concerned?

  146. Experience…I was thinking of Voldemort when I said it. But now I’m really laughing because he really IS “He Who Shall Not Be Named”!!

    In fact, so as not to offend the Obamatons, I’m going to start refering to him as HWSNBN.

  147. Idunn it can’t go to the convention! What if bad things about Obama come out between now and then that cause people to not vote for him? That’s not fair. He supposed to have a free pass to the nomination! We can’t let the voters decide!!! That would be democratic!

  148. because someone mentioned Emily Primp (I think?), a democratic strategist, who was talking about bad things coming out soon.

    What exactly did she say, Mango? Is there a link, or was it on tv?

  149. sorry basil, just saw that the email address for crawford didn,t make it thru the filter or something…here it is in black:

    ccrawford @ cq.com (remove spaces of course)

    sorry again. He really is a good read and pushes back on MSNBC panels.

    also has a very popular online and newspaper and magazine column.

    He’s the one who blew the whistle on who really started using the race card before SC.

  150. I also do not know why no one is taking into account the fact that he only wins clearly if MI and FL are not seated, and if they are not seated, he has little to no chance of carrying these states, particularly FL…and we can’t win the general without these states. Why is no one concerned?

    Well not only that, but look at the states he HAS won. How many of those are red states we have no chance of winning in the GE?

  151. Idunn
    stop with the scrambled eggs. my niece is devestated she thinks you’re going to be forced to eat the horse that get loose and comes to your door. I tried to explain to her that if donna brazille and oprah didn’t eat everything there would be ample food. She has also asked her dad to tape hanna montanna for you as she knows you only have basic cable

  152. mangomist3:

    Good points, again 🙂 And you raise another question I have… what’s considered to be a CLEAR WIN in pledged delegates? Right now the difference is less than 5 percent of the total What if the total difference is less than 100 after the primaries, and less than 50 after Florida? It’s just too subjective, but I think that 50 is for all practical purposes a tie. I don’t know that there has ever been a nomination process that has been that close, so there may be no precedent to go on.

  153. wow, cnn talking about how big media trashes hillary while giving golden boy obama a free and glowing pass. almost humping his leg as far as media coverage goes.

  154. LOL Tim….you tell your niece that hubby and I are simple livers BY CHOICE. We could afford a bigger house, expanded cable , fancy cars. We just have a philosophical preference for treading lightly upon the earth.

    And then hug her for me. 🙂

  155. folks listen. we can make this happen for her.

    get on the phone. callers in Ohio are very receptive. give them a call and tell them she needs them now..tell them she will be with them till the last dog dies.

    I’ve been on the horn this afternoon and listen…it’s WORTH it. She CAN win Ohio, I know she can.

    I’m challenging all of you to make 10 phone calls for every post you make. PLEASE

    Call Richardson…I did and his secretary was very nice. I asked her to remind him that Hillary won New Mexico.

  156. @mango and idunn:

    i am the one that saw emily primp on a fox rountable discussion yesterday from 1-2pm and posted abt it.

    the discussion was abt barry’s past, what do we know, has he been vetted, etc…. thats when emily the dem strategist said that there would be things abt barry’s past that would be coming out soon… she said it twice and she said it emphatically.

    now… there is also this video from last thursday of bill o’reilly talking abt the mccain story… take a look/listen. the person that posted this on youtube thinks it was regarding sinclair. personally i dont think that is what oreilly was talking abt… i think he AND emily are both referring to rezco. the sinclair thing may or may not be true, but ppl are over the sex scandal stuff… kickbacks are another story!


    can someone please clarify the significance of the dates???

  157. Idunn
    i know that you know that but her dad donated to hill
    and the truth be told what i have taught her about you is that you are singular, opinionated, articulate and above all funny. I think at 7 you are one of her heroes.

  158. idunn, godbless ya. i have overdrafted at least once in the last 3 weeks giving money to hillary. i will give more next payperiod. they are trying to shut this nomination down early. i even hear idiots that want her to quite now. WTF for? this race nowhere near over like the gop side. huckabee is somthing like 700 delegates down. he is the one that needs a reality check.

  159. @timjcain,

    um…well…kind of hard around here don’t you think. Now lets go back to being friends. My family might let me get away with that!

    In all seriousness though. You did make me smile today and I thank you for it.

  160. I am just going to hope that my rent gets paid this month on its own I’m going to try it out, see what happens. Im to go to the store and give them a hope check and see if they take it! lol! They just might as stupid as these young people are getting. I love demographics with this guy, young college kids, african americans, white men (sexist) women with complex issues usually very rich. Oh and Rich people, very rich people, so I look at this and think hmmm not much of a worry for some but most just want to be heard and they feel that this preacher gives them “hope” i’ll give them a kick of hope with my big fat foot! TELEPROMPTERS people, he can’t even talk without them. Has anyone been to any of his rallys? Does he ever take questions? I always wanted young people to get out and vote, but now I wish they would just stay at home. People look at obama like he is a movie star! This really conserns me!

  161. janh, they were covering the complaints of the hillary camp and millions of her supporters like us on how big media has been in the tank for obama and very negative press hillary has been getting. 10 minutes ago on the situation room.

  162. JanH
    right back at you with the smile
    as an aside my favorite author wrote a play called TDI which i learnrd in latin means three times daily. well the play is about a young man who has given up, his therapist is unable to convince hin to stay alive and so she challanges him to put a smile on three different faces for two weeks and if he still wants to end his life after two weeks go ahead.
    Antwho you put a smile on my face today.

  163. Illinois, 50’s Dem

    Thanks for the links. So this info has been available to BM for weeks, if not months and they just arbitrarily decide to ignore it. Typical. So what’s the point in e,ailing them?

    Tim, Bookmarked the article and will read it later.

  164. mangomist3, basically admitting what we have known for a year. media biased against hillary and for obama. they really went into detail what the big cable networks are saying on the air.

  165. Can’t wait to see the look on the bastards at CNN’s faces when they have to report all the shit on Obama. Be like being forced to swallow shit for them.

  166. i heard the debate tonite is going to be a free for all. no opening and closing debates. no time constraints. i think i heard it right. A REAL DEBATE!!

  167. “There is a gathering sense in the media that Obama has gotten something of a free ride.

    But, fair or not, it is still up to the Clinton campaign to slow that train’s momentum before it is too late, which it almost is.

    This is the time and place for the former first lady to pull out all the stops.”

    Bastards, they gave Obama the free ride and then now blame it on Hillary. What total bastards.


  168. Bastards, they gave Obama the free ride and then now blame it on Hillary. What total bastards.

    That what I thought! geez, the ridiculousness never ends.

  169. Ooh boy. This debate is gonna be good 😀 I bet Hillary was saving her “fire” last debate for this debate 😀

  170. Idunn,
    Didya see the photo origin links I posted way up-thread and the ones Illinois and ’50’s Dem added?

    it’s obvious the pic has been around for 2 years, it first appeared in the Geezaafrica, the Bo camp knows all about it, it was in the public domain and it resurfaced a couple of weeks ago in the Enquirer. It is absurd to connect the HRC campaign with mud-slinging over this photo. WTF is wrong with these F**ing media outlets? Anyone could have found out the real story with a couple of google searches, like I did earlier. What happened to the journalistic creed?


  172. I just saw on cnn 30 seconds and I could watch no more that Obama wants everyone to ‘play nice’ tonight. 🙂

    I bet…he is scared to death I am sure.

  173. “Barack Obam Wants Will Smith to Play Him”

    OMG! I HATE Obama sooooooo much! He needs to GET OVER HIMSELF AND GET OUT OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!

    I LOVE Will Smith! Why is Obama intent on destroying everything I love?!?!?!? ;0

  174. thouhg ti would try again-have a few imp points to relay in tx to ace smith. does anyone have an email for him?

  175. moononpluto said: Bastards, they gave Obama the free ride and then now blame it on Hillary. What total bastards.

    Are you serious? They are BLAMING Hillary???? How is she to blame for the media being in the tank for Obama?

  176. he’s chicken….and is now playing the ‘nice’ card. Yes, see how nice Obama is and how mean Hillary is if she doesn’t go along with it.

  177. AAAAAHHHH!!!!!
    Its a fucking cult sanctioned by media and validated by losers. I have been face to face with people who tell me they like hillary but they have to go with obama because he voted against the war. every fucking body believes he voted against the war. UGHH

  178. birdgal, its in the piece, they say the media has given Obama a free ride and its up to Hillary to stop him getting that free ride, i mean wtf.

  179. Is this how BHO win TX? DIRTY!!!!

    “I just got a brochure in the mail for Obama paid for by PowerPac (www.powerpac.org)Big banner when you open it up says “Hope has arrived in Texas–at last”. It goes on to say Obama is a child of an immigrant father who worked on oil rigs and served in World War II and went to college on the GI Bill. How can they get away with lies like this?? Isn’t this one of those 527s he complains about? I am going to take it Clinton campaign office tomorrow when I go. This ad is unbelievable.
    kcfromtx | 02.26.2008 – 5:07 pm | #”

  180. wbboei, I was out of town for a few days on work. I saw that SNL video this morning. It did more to point out the obvious media bias for Obama and against Hillary than anything else any of us could have done. It is simply devastating to CNN. That is why they are trying to appear fair today. The damage is done to their reputation. I guess NBC wouldn’t allow SNL to go after MSNBC.

    Howard Fineman is an idiot and he is an Obama shill. He was a GeorgeW shill before that. He is cut of the same cloth as all other MSNBC pundits. He is smarmy, creepy and has nnver had one intelligent thing to say in his entire career. He is not going to set my expectations for what Hillary should or should not do today in the debate. The latest Gallup shows an even race between Hillary and Obama. If Obama is such a run away popular figure how come half of the Democratic primary voters are still choosing Hillary.

    Hillary needs to fight all the way to the convention. I don’t care what the media and the DNC establishment say. She is not beholden to them in any way. She is beholden only to us, her grass roots supporters. We will support her and fund her all the way to the convention and beyond to the GE.

  181. Had to grab a quick shower and get dinner in the oven.

    I think at 7 you are one of her heroes.

    Well thank you for the sweet compliments, Tim. And tell your neice to look close at the woman around her. I bet there are all kinds of wonderful role models for her to look up to. But MOST of all, tell her to aspire to be her OWN hero. 🙂

  182. timjcain : this is exactly why I try to go on as many websites as I can even and state the truth. short and sweet so they at least read it.

  183. I’m through now, Hillary neeeds to go out there tonight and just take him to pieces she has nothing to lose now, this is the end gambit, she has to devestate him now or die. Drag up Rezko, drag up all the shit, every bloody little bit throw it out so the publics heads spin. Reel it off in a list, thats enough shit to fill one hour constant.

  184. Terrondot,
    Of course CNN will suddenly start giving more fair coverage to HRC now that THEY think she’s on the way out. Afterall, they have a journalistic reputation for objective comprehensive coverage to maintain. And now that they think they’ve finished her off, why not throw a few tidbits her way? 😡

    Emjay, I’m gonna do the emails now and will include Crawford. WTH. ya never know.

  185. TPS Says:
    “Hillary needs to fight all the way to the convention. I don’t care what the media and the DNC establishment say. She is not beholden to them in any way. She is beholden only to us, her grass roots supporters. We will support her and fund her all the way to the convention and beyond to the GE.”

    You said it!!!

  186. It goes on to say Obama is a child of an immigrant father who worked on oil rigs and served in World War II and went to college on the GI Bill. How can they get away with lies like this??

    WHICH father exactly? The one who worked in Kenya for the Kenyan government? Or the Indonesian father who worked for the Indonesian government? That one did actually work for a U.S. oil company, I think. But to the best of my knowledge, he never came to the US as an immigrant, much less served in any war. World War II ?? Wow, just how old was this father when Barry was born??

  187. Well the media bias certainly hasn’t helped rating wise so in some ways they are only damaging themselves by continuing to provide such unbalanced coverage.

  188. Hillary i’m convinced just has to hang tough until August, if she just sits back until Rezko, that ought to be enough to send them flooding her way.

    They desperately want her out of the way. If she doesnt then, the more Obama will start to sweat.


  189. IDUNN
    own is the name of orcas network so thats not an option
    but i talk and i listen i try to be honest and i hope i can effect and in so doing i hope i can inspire.
    And you have given me the means and abilty to do as such.

  190. idunn, maybe they meant obama’s grandfather? his mother’s father?

    Yeah. or maybe he’s the spawn of a friggin’ jackal.

  191. Well, before giving him the benefit of the doubt, go read noquarterusa.net. They have a post up about how Axelrod claimed William Ayers’ kids go to school with Barack’s kids. Impossible, Ayers’ kids are all in their mid-20s, while Barack’s kids are both undr the age of 10. They went to the same school, yes, but Axelrod said the nature of their relationship is based on the fact that their kids go to school “together”

  192. at this rate, they’ll be saying Obama’s ancestors came from Ireland and built America singlehandedly along with his haiwaiian ancestors and is related to the Indian chiefs that beat Custer.

    Anything else, did he build the statue of liberty too.

  193. moononpluto: when i read the piece, the author is Howard Fineman. Whenever, I have seen him on MSNBC, he has always been anti-Hillary. I will never watch cable news again. I have been on a media blackout for almost 2 weeks, although, I slipped last night, for about 15 minutes, when I watched FIX NEWS. my blood pressure has improved.

  194. They went to the same school, yes, but Axelrod said the nature of their relationship is based on the fact that their kids go to school “together”

    LMAO! I need to catch up on my reading at NoQuarter apparently. That’s a new on me!

  195. So i really do want a list of 44 reasons why hillary should be 44. In pa i will pass it everywhere but someone else needs to compile as i cannot count that high

  196. I saw this comment on another website…thought the first line was funny.

    I guess Obama can always call on Oprah for some advice if Day one doesn’t go well . . . sorry, but I still have full confidence that Clinton is far more aware of what she is stepping into and that Obama hasn’t got a clue . . . I somewhat doubt that as we all hold hands and inspect our souls that our country’s numerous economical, foreign policy and any other category you’d like to name problems will simply be solved with a little ‘togetherness’ . . .

  197. Ohio for Hillary Announces Statewide Endorsements
    Support Grows Among Community Leaders as Ohio Primary Approaches
    Columbus, OH – Ohio for Hillary today welcomed the endorsements of three community leaders and elected officials from across Ohio. As the March 4 primary approaches, Hillary’s support continues to grow among community leaders, adding to her momentum in the Buckeye State.

    “I am enormously grateful for the support of these three leaders,” said Senator Clinton. “Their dedication to their communities and to Ohio is the kind of leadership we need to move this country in the right direction. I look forward to partnering with them so we can bring about the changes that Ohioans want.”

    Elected officials joining the growing list of distinguished Ohio leaders who have endorsed Hillary for President include:

    State Representative Peter S. Ujvagi
    State Representative Lorraine Fende
    Shelby City Councilman Adam Hill

  198. You are ALL wrong! Barry was planted here by extra-terrestrials as a bold experiment to infiltrate our gene pool!

    Sheesh! Do some research, will ya?

  199. she needs to permanently imprint a “where’s the beef” type of sticking point onto him to make Barack into a laughing stock.

  200. idunn, by extraterrestrials, you mean Kucinich?

    Ssssssssssshhhh…we never talk about the reptilians. They can get into our brains through our thoughts!

    Ixnay on the ucinichkay!

  201. Obama is a gift from God sent here to heal our broken souls and reunite the nation.

    I heard his tears can cure the sick and his touch can restore life. He’s also made from unicorns and sunshine. We should all be thankful he was given to us.

  202. Obama says when others look at him they are projecting something about themselves( which is the scariest statement ever) but i wonder what does he see on that blank slate.

  203. @mango: i am a total believer….

    btw….can we all do what we did last week???

    …. pray, send positive energy, meditate, light candles… whatever it is you do… please do it in these next few hours for hillary to do well in the debate tonite… for people to see through the bull and to the heart of the issues tonite… that she is able to articulate things that she hasnt been able to in past debates…. please please please peeps! sned it hillary’s way!

    tonite is so important! she has to win tx and ohio! this is the last scheduled debate and i would bet idunn’s farm that if we do win on march 4th that he wont debate us again!

  204. hey there, PLEASE DONATE!

    Reach out to your friends in Texas about being sure that they DO VOTE!!! theres an attempt by republicans to try to oust Hillary so to get the weaker candidate

  205. 44 reasons for hillary to be 44
    i am not very savvy and i am sure i would offend ( i e Oprah on slimfast eats donna brazille in deperation trying to pick up the paper cups that halle berry orderd her people to pick upafter rebecca gayheart )

  206. I don’t think I can watch the debate tonight. My computer is giving a master class in sucking ass and I need to figure out why. And I can’t watch debates alone as they make my tummy upset. :\ Part of me is just hoping I’ll go to sleep one night and wake up in Nov.

  207. Have you guys seen the new format of Hillary’s website, looks so much better! It’s great! You should look!

  208. For god’s sake, Richardson. Do the right thing. Just say NO to Obama thugs and endorse Hillary. She won your state fair and square. Don’t make a liar out of yourself. DO THE RIGHT THING!!!

  209. the only thing that really jumps out at me is that he has mercury in aquarius transitting his 4th house in opposition to pluto in the 10th house. Big lofty ideas, grand philosophies (mercury, aquarius) and what not, but chaotic in their expression (pluto/mercury opposition). Think of it like the chaos you feel when you desperately have something to say, but can’t find the right words to say it. It’s that kind of disorganization between head and tongue.

    My guess is that we’ll see him struggle more than usual to get his ideas across tonight.

    On the other hand, he has a few powerful planets transitting his chart that seem to indicate aggression and forcefulness. I think we’ll see him try to pounce tonight, but end up not being very effective.

    Assuming HRC’s birth time is 8 am (and not pm) then we’ll see the moon in scorpio transit her 1st house (also ruled by scorpio). If that’s the case, tonight will be a knock out for her. SERIOUSLY powerful transit for her. But again, I’m not certain if she was born at 8 am or 8 pm. So…

    (that concludes Astology 101 for the night. Sorry for those who find it “loony”. Please scroll past)

  210. That should be our new chant! JUST SAY NO TO OBAMA! He is detrimental to our health. He is detrimental to our safety. He is detrimental to our sanity!

  211. Can someone post the embed to a song at hillaryspeaksforme? It’s sooooooo good. It’s called “Hillary She Speaks For Me”.

  212. Watch for the following from BO ( or something like it )

    “Let us assume a bold thrust and go forward together. Let us carry the fight against ignorance to the four corners of the earth, because it is a fight that concerns us all.” *

    An impression of what BO thinks a great speech might be…a kind of empty exhortation.

    *Delivered by Peter Sellers, a British comedian of the 1960s, who caught the genre nicely in a parody speech.

  213. OMG, that Ann Richards video neds to be a TV commercial in Texas. I am crying. I wish she was still with us. That is a strong woman.

  214. Someone from another website just stated:

    that Tucker just went off on a member of Clinton’s campaign in a major way—they had to interrupt the live show and instruct him to apologize.

    It was bad

    he went off on her campaign yesterday too

  215. Diva, birth times really only affect house divisions, ascendent (rising sign) and midheaven. So the transitting moon in scorpio will still play off of all the planets she already has in scorpio (her sun, pluto) but the 8pm time would make her a gemini rising, and that NEVER felt right to me. She’s a scorpio through and though, so let’s just go with what I’ve already said in the other post. 🙂

  216. Okay folks, hubby needs to use the computer and I need to finish dinner, so I’m gonna scoot.

    I’ll be back to watch the debate with you guys though.

  217. dedfg: who did he go off on? What is going on, that these guys are getting away with this B.S.? If someone, had done that to a surrogate of Obama’s, there would be hell to pay. The media is OUT OF CONTROL.

  218. they are talking about the double standard in the media right now on cnn…..but cafferty just made fun of it and I had to turn the channel

  219. Here is the email I sent to Crawford, O’Reilly, Matthews, Gibson, Olbermann, Abrams and a couple of others.
    Dear Mr. Crawford,
    I am appalled by the unsubstantiated reports in newspapers and on TV that the Clinton campaign is somehow responsible for ‘leaking’ the photo of Mr. Obama in traditional Somali dress to the American Media as a means of ‘smearing’ him..
    The picture, originally published in Geeskaafrica on September 1, 2006, after Mr. Obama’s Kenya visit, has been distributed worldwide. The Obama campaign is aware of that as Mr. Axelrod has been filming all of Mr. Obama’s events for the past four years in preparation for his presidential bid. The caption beneath the original photo in Geeskaafrica is:
    “U.S. Senator Barack Obama, right, is dressed as a Somali Elder by Sheikh Mahmed Hassan, left, during his visit to Wajir, a rural area in northeastern Kenya, near the borders with Somalia and Ethiopia. The area is at the epicenter of a severe drought that has hit the Horn of Africa region, after erratic and insufficient rains during the April-June season.”
    In addition, the photo was featured in the tabloid the National Examiner on February 4, 2008, and has also been extensively referenced and discussed on a number of blogs and chat rooms.
    Anyone could have found out the real story by performing a couple of google searches, like I did today. If an untrained unprofessional layperson can quickly determine the authenticity of a story, why can’t career journalists get to the truth of the matter? What happened to the journalistic creed of objectivity? How is the practice of reporting unsourced, unvetted stories allowed to continue?
    I can only hope you will see fit to point out these conspicuous discrepancies between what has been another ‘smear’ campaign against Senator Clinton and the truth of the matter.

  220. dedfg: Making fun of the double standard? What is wrong with these people? I wish there was some way to sue the news networks for sexual harrasment.

  221. damn! damn! damn! i cant believe i missed tucker!!!

    p/s i have to say… i think that guy that intro’d mccain is friggin hilarious! whats the diff btw how obnoxious that guy is and oprah????

    the guy didnt lie abt barry… he called him a chicago hack politician. he’s just callin it like he sees it!

  222. Okay…next on all media outlets:

    1/ Hillary causes root decay!
    2/ Hillary causes earthquakes!
    3/ Hillary causes recessions!
    4/ Hillary causes power failures!
    5/ And worst of all: Hillary causes cakes to fall! 😉

  223. If HRC does not get the nomination, she and Bill should slowly walk away from the Democratic Party, it seems they do not want them, but like the money they help bring in!

  224. let me get this right-tonights debate will no time constraints/ no opener or closer? and no questions? freewheeling? oh boy

  225. You guys Hillary can beat Obama and she will win the democratic nomination. Yes, February is a hard month but we knew going in that because of Howard Dean and the DNC “gaming” the primary for “anybody but Hillary” with those useless caucuses that give a false sense of momentum to the Obama Campaign.

    Those wins still doesn’t help him in the GE, and I’m glad to see the so called Democratic leaders and super delegates jump on the Obama money train thinking he’ll might be the next POTUS…it only tells me how out of touch the dems are with their base.

    Obama like any great Ponzi Scheme offers abnormally high short-term returns in order to entice new investors, but the system is doomed to collapse because there are little or no underlying earnings (i.e. support, records or experience) from the money received by the promoter (Obama).

    A ponzi scheme is gambling and that is what Obama is doing with our country and the people of the United State. There is no there in Obama..it’s a illusion Obama’s campaign built on the backs of thoses that came before who’s dreams built on hope, change and sweat build the foundation Obama so cavalierly dismisses.

    Hillary is the change candidate who bring hope to thoses without a voice in this country. That is her resume, she fights for the not connected, the disenfranchised, the everyday American who feels invisible to his own government.

    This is a very close race and Hillary has made some mistakes but never on her message and on the issues that she is running on and promoting. So strong is her message that Team Obama had no problem stealing hugh sections of her plans and presenting them as his own. What better form of compliement is when your competitors lifts your words and repeat them as his own.

    Go Hillary!!!

  226. To everyone worried about the current media narrative I just want to say NOTHING CURES MEDIA NARRATIVES BETTER THAN A WIN.

    When Hillary wins OHIO, TEXAS, and RHODE ISLAND the media narrative will sharply change. They will start quesioning why Obama has difficulty winning big, diverse states. That is why Obama’s supporters in the media are calling for Hillary to quite before March 4. They are worried that Obama will lose Texas and Ohio and that it will harm him considerably.

    Forget about media coverage and let us FOCUS ON WINNING TEXAS AND OHIO. MONEY IS THE BIGGEST HELP WE CAN PROVIDE HILLARY NOW. Stay positive, contribute and we will win on March 4, we will win the nomination, and will win the GE.

  227. I just went to Urban Outfitters to see uf they had a “Hillary is my homegirl” shirt. They didn’t, but they do have an “Optimus Prime in ’08” shirt. I’d vote for Optimus. He has mad leadership skillz.

  228. She really needs to pin him up on health care seriously and go into detail about how her plan cuts costs more than his does, while ensuring that everybody is covered. You can’t lower the cost if everybody isn’t covered because those who are uninsured who go to the hospital get the cost deferred to the insured. Talk about mandates and how his plan mandates kids, which is respectable, but the reason why he mandates children is because he wants child covered. She doesn’t just want children covered, she wants every american covered.

  229. I wonder if Obama will come out all nice and concilatory during the debate in order to make Hillary look bad if she decides to attack. I couild see him doing that so she would have to be the aggressor.

  230. AmericanGal, I think she can counter that effectively by using humor the way she belittled his campaign in Rhode Island.

  231. I’m just hoping she can get a word in edgewise…lol…just kidding…but that man does love to mumble and mumble and mumble some more. 😉

  232. Jan H–

    Could you tell me more about your relatives who think Obama’s speeches are reminiscent of Hitlers.


    I am nervous about the debate. I always am. I wish she could just get out a bazooka and blow him away 🙂 Been making phone calls. Slogging along.

    Just checking in.

    lin in socal

    Everyone here sounds pretty good 😛

  233. @linfar,

    Well my grandparents and siblings came from Eastern Europe. Most of them were lucky to escape before the war but not all. They mostly worry about the anger they see in Obama and talk about how his eyes hold so much terror for them. Not just that, but they look at his speeches and remember those of Hitler and don’t see that much difference.

    Hope that helps.

  234. @linfar,

    Hitler’s speeches were more like rants. They were full of vitriole on how to make the perfect nation, take back what was theirs, etc…

  235. About that Ellen video — here is the thing — it was not necessarily all comedy and meaningless.

    Ellen asked about banning glitter and it came natural to Hillary to say “what would kids do for their projects (if we ban it)?” Watch Ellen’s response — she gets it.

  236. NBC Nightly News had a comparison of all the candidates healthcare plans. They had Dr. Nancy Sniderman saying that both Hillary and Bambi have proposed universal healthcare.


  237. Someone on DU said Howard Dean was on MSNBC and said this:

    “superdelegates are already shifting, someone will get to 2025 soon”

    He doesn’t expect that the race will go to the convention.

    Did anyone here see this?

  238. Well, then Donna Brazile will have to keep her promise to leave the party if the nominee is chosen by SDs. Did Dean have any comment on that?

  239. Here is the YouTube link for the This One’s For You, Ann [Richards] video clip:


    I’ve e-mailed it around and the response has been unbelievable! Pass it along!

  240. texan: e-mail it to your list of supporters! and no, i don’t think they are airing (sadly) it doesn’t have the legally required . . . approve this message bit. It really should be an ad, but I don’t think Cecile (President of Planned Parenthood) necessarily is taking sides, etc.

  241. Is that ad, going to run in Texas? It was great! It was paid for by “Hillary Clinton for President.” I hope it runs.

  242. So Dean is okay with that? He’s okay will slapping Florida in the face? He’s okay with Obama manhandling SDs to get his way? He’s okay with corrupting the party even more than it already is?

    Shame on him!

  243. Joe Friday Says:

    February 26th, 2008 at 7:23 pm
    NBC Nightly News had a comparison of all the candidates healthcare plans. They had Dr. Nancy Sniderman saying that both Hillary and Bambi have proposed universal healthcare.

    Dr. Nancy Sniderman works for NBC as their medical officer…she doesn’t know anything about the Health Insurance business most Healthcare professional don’t…unless they train in it.

    I’d worked many years for a major Health Ins co and is board certified in many areas in this field…so I know that Obama’s Plan is reconstitued b.s. from the Healthcare industry. Obama has plan is an escape for the them.

    Hillary plan is truly one that will not give them the wiggle road that they need…and it opens up the federal plan so that Congress can’t topedo it like before.

    What good for Congress is certainly good the the country or the taxpayers wouldn’t be paying for it.

  244. @jan: you forgot the part abt obama paying off SDs… it would only be a problem if hillary was doing it. and if we called barry out for it, then we’d be racists

  245. birdgal Says:

    February 26th, 2008 at 7:36 pm
    plural: Donna Brazille will only leave the Democratic Party, if SD choose Hillary. Choosing Obama is okay.

    I think we should send this to Florida and Michigan…so maybe they will help her along in her journey.:

    Send Donna Brazille on her journey…let her go home and retire by voting for Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee. Let not keep supporting losers…let clean house…so let get out the broom and sweep out the DNC!

  246. Enough talk about Hillary dropping out.The Republican,MSM and the Cult followers do not know how strong,brave,devoted and determine to save our country,she truly is. Take it all to the Convention Hillary,we will stand by you until the final tally is made.Show them all what you stand for and what you can do.This country is in a crisis that has never been seen in our History.The Chosen One will only wither under the destructive GOP and its hired assasins. Our prayers are with you Hillary

  247. Great message, carbynew.

    I cannot fathom dissing two of the most important states for Democrats, not to mention the Dem voters of FL, who deserve so much better.

  248. anyone watching hardball? jeez! this aa woman on here is off the charts ridiculous! she said that hrc’s campaign said that if we elect bho that we are going to be putting a drug dealer in the white house…. they never said that!!! and who is this woman from the cleveland paper???? she may as well put her “vote the hope pope ’08″pin on! she couldnt be more obvious!!!

  249. Basil: cute photos. I can’t believe HRC’s campaign circulated those photos. It is so beyond the pale and ridiculous. It is difficult to think anyone, would even it take it seriously. BO better develop some thicker skin.

  250. So the live feed will be at 9pm too?

    Man, I seriously don’t feel good and want to go to bed, but I don’t want to miss this.

  251. bloody hell more photo’s of Obama in Muslim dress, anyone else think theres a lot more of these floating about.


    although this one looks like its not official business, which may stir trouble.

  252. birdgal,

    I sent an email today to a dozen or so reporters and anchors about the controversy. The photo has been public domain since Sept 1, 2006, and was published in geeskaafrica. it was also printed in the National Examiner. Scroll up-thread, around 6:32pm, to see it.

  253. Just wait a moment. Obama is going to denounce his church…change churches… and be pure again! Presto!

    You don’t see anyone investigating Hillary! Go Hillary!!!

  254. Hi guys!!

    Just got done calling Texas for over an hour. Great news! Even though I mostly left voicemails, out of the 12 people I actually spoke with, 9 were for Hillary (or had already voted for our girl), 2 were undecided and one guy hung up on me.


  255. @birdgal: you guessed it! no one said a word!

    here’s the idiot that was making the ignorant statements and injecting the entire conversation with race!

    gawd… do women think they gain the respect of men when they throw other women under the bus? does she think she maintains credibility when she cant get off the “black factor” the entire interview??? puhleeeez!

  256. I wonder just how many other pics there are of him dressed up, because you just knw someone is going to track down a whopper of a picture eventually that will nail his ass and i’m betting it from his early days too.

  257. i love that guy! so do a lot of othe ppl… they have the video on huffpost and the comments are hilarious!

    hey! the guy is no more obnoxious than oprah at a bho rally!

  258. Hey Everyone!

    Please take a moment or two to make calls for Hillary! We MUST have Texas and Ohio! This way the gloating for Obama stops! 🙂 Please be sure to call for Hillary and donate for Hillary!

    It’s important for Hillary and for the rest of US!

  259. If you need some juice to make 5 more calls before the debate, go to HC.com and watch “This one’s for you, Ann.”

    I can hardly see my keyboard.

  260. Divabunny: I’m not surprised. I would be more surprised, if they actually, had someone speaking who might give Hillary some positive press. They are a bunch of losers, and they have lost this viewer. Oh, in some crisis, I may tune in, but that is it.
    some of the women newscasters, need to look in the mirror, and wonder, where they would be, without women like Ann Richards, Hillary Clinton, and all the other women trailblazers.

    Suffragettes (sp) were harrased, threatened, thrown in jail, beaten, etc., for fighting for the right of women to vote. Today’s women take, way too much for granted.

  261. rightwing talk show host called barack’s middle name hussien and called him a hack during a mccain rally before the candidate showed up. then mccain apoligized and threw him under the bus. cunningham was just on cnn and trashed mccain and endorsed hillary for president. he will join ann coulter in support for hillary. it was funny as hell.

  262. Can anyone tell what’s in the background of that pic with the guy holding pic of Obama? Looks like some kind of supply house, but there appears to be a speaker or airhorn on the wall behind him.

    Can anyone make out what all that stuff is?

  263. Emjay, that video gave me goosebumps.

    I have to say, I heard Ann Richards in the women I called today in Texas, she was alive and well and voting for Hillary.

  264. im no cunningham fan but he hit the heart of the matter. shame on obamabots for crying foul for the mentioning his middle name.

  265. MJS: She does have Rendell in PA pulling for her. He was on C-Span over the weekend, and was a good advocate for her.

  266. Wait, can someone recap a little bit more about Cunningam? How did he blast BO for Rezko? And for all his talk of Hillary being a divider, it seems conservatives hate BO more than they hate her!

  267. Idunn, I’m not positive, but I think Hill has something in her book, “Living History,” about her birth…I don’t have a copy, but I bet some HilFans do.

  268. mango ,he hit obama hard on his rezko dealings also along with the daley machine. something big media will not touch. i caught most of the hussien thing.

  269. diva, can you summarize that article? I don’t want to click on the link and give Huffpo more hits on their site. Assholes.

  270. Experience matters:

    Have you found a way to watch the debate on-line? Please let me know.

  271. these obambi-sheep….the top caller on their website made 960 something calls today and counting

    And you BELIEVE that??

    Huh, well I made 2400 calls this afternoon. It would have been 2401 but the my phone went dead. 😉

  272. you know…all these hard cord right wing Republicans who despise McCain and therefore would prefer a Hillary candidacy…are going to swing right back to McCain should Obama be the nominee. They are going with who they trust and know more. They already don’t trust Obama whatsoever and once they see Obama launching dirty tricks and calling McCain racist and whatnot, they will swing back to McCain.

  273. lol Idunn. I thought sumthn must’ve been wrong when I looked at that number lol. but my first reaction was “WTF?!”

  274. Idunn, how was the calls? let me know!

    Im afraid to even watch the debate you know but we will see!

    But from the looks of the pictures from the rallies in both Texas and Ohio it looks good for Hillary

  275. @hillguy: when cunningham was warming up the crowd for mccain he said this:

    “At some point in the near future the media, the stooges from the New York Times, CBS (The Clinton Broadcasting System), NBC (The Nobody But Clinton Network), The All Bill Clinton Channel (ABC), and the Clinton News Network at some point is going to peel the bark off Barack Hussein Obama,” said controversial conservative commentator Bill Cunningham, an Ohio native.

    “That day will come and then you’ll know the truth about his business dealings with Rezko, when he got sweetheart deals in Chicago,” he added, “and the illegal loans that he received, at some point the media will quit taking sides on this and maybe start covering Barack Hussein Obama the same way they covered Bush, the same way they covered Cheney, and they same way they cover every Republican.”

    then mccain immediately apologized for what was said. then the guy got pissed at mccain and then….

    “During his nationally syndicated radio talk show, Bill Cunningham repeatedly called Sen. Barack Obama, “Barack Mohammed Hussein Obama,” even though “Mohammed” is not a part of Obama’s name, saying at one point that “it would be a shock” if “Barack Mohammed Hussein Obama can be elected the president of this country in these difficult terrorist times.” Cunningham also falsely claimed that Obama “was raised in madrassas in Indonesia” and falsely accused Obama’s church of being “black separatist” and “black racist.”

  276. I just had a conversation with a friend of mine in Florida. She had called to talk about today’s debate. She said that she watched the last debate and thought that Hillary did much better than Obama. Then she watched the pundits on TV give their opinions and was quite-a-bit surprised when they all said Obama did great. She was wondering why their views were diametrically opposite to hers. She concluded that the media is biased towarsd Obama. I suspect that a great many people are reaching the same conclusion.

  277. Bill Cunningham repeatedly called Sen. Barack Obama, “Barack Mohammed Hussein Obama,” even though “Mohammed” is not a part of Obama’s name,

    Oh my god…my sides!!

  278. Emmy,

    Both of these affiliates are live streaming the debate. It’s on their main page:



  279. thats all the repubs have to do is repeat Barack Hussein Obama every time and that will be enough and Obama knows it. Thats why he gets pissy when they say it.

    Once the rednecks here that often enough they will take it to heart.

  280. “it would be a shock” if “Barack Mohammed Hussein Obama can be elected the president of this country in these difficult terrorist times.”

    And, of course, Cunningham will be labelled a kook and a racist for saying it. But let’s get real here for a second…is there ANYONE here that hasn’t thought the same thing? Even if only for a few seconds?

  281. youtube.com/watch?v=dQJxtzLQ51Q

    Former advisor said Hillary was critical of NAFTA so this hurts Obama

  282. Or maybe I’ll come up with a symbol for him…something that will stand for The Candidate Formerly Known As Hussien. 😉

  283. Can somebody in Texas relay how the GOTV and organizing is going in Texas. There seems to be tons of Obama surrogates all over Texas … who is campaigning for Hillary there now?

  284. re: cunningham calling him mohammed… that wasnt on stage, that was later on his radio show… this guy basically seems like he’s the rush limbaugh type… i’m sure he’s loving that everyone’s talking abt him!

  285. Idunn,

    Joe Friday sent me these links.

    Both of these affiliates are live streaming the debate. It’s on their main page:



  286. Hi guys…been here reading. But i thought I needed to take care of my health a bit and actually eat some real food for dinner. I have had a very tough day inside today, and the words that Annie O wrote at the top of this blog captured MY emotions COMPLETELY.

    To paraphrase MO “For the first time on a very long time, I honestly feel ashamed of my country”

    i sent this to afriend in an email when I got in “i saw a friend of mine today I’ve not seen in many months
    she is a flight attendant with Continental Airlines and flies all over the world
    right now, Brazil, Lisbon, all over Europe
    and the far east

    I asked her “So, what’s it like out there in the world these days?”

    she looked at me and flatly said “they hate us”

    I asked about what they think about Obama
    She said “they love him. They think he is a Muslim and want him to be president”

  287. I’m glad to be here with y’all for the debate. I wish she would say, when they start, and ask her a question something like, “Well…ya know Tim, that’s a good question, and I will refer you to my website, but I don’t want to talk about that..I want to ask why when we have had Martin Luther King, Franklin Deleno Roosevelt, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, can we not call my opponent Barack HUssein Obama?”

  288. @space: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    are you kidding me???? so basically youre saying that bc the rest of the world thinks he’s muslim, they want him to be our president???

  289. “kill her off?”

    and why is this different that the outrage Ogerman had to say about Kay Bailey Hutch re Dems?

  290. @space: i wasnt insinuating that she isnt smart, at all. hope you didnt take it that way. its just craaaaazy to me that ppl abroad want him as OUR president as well!!!! its insanity to me!

  291. Has everyone read up on the Rev. Jeremiah Wright of Bambi’s church? Read some transcripts – IMO, this is a sleeping dog that will bite Bambi’s ass before long. Fox will probably have to do the dirty work – no one else will. Talk about racist! This guy openly condemns white people, is that OK?

    When I post on the net, I draw the link between Bambli and the Dean-Pelosi-Kennedy-Kerry wing of the party; people who are only beloved by the fringe left and it seems to be effective. I really wish the Arizona operation of the campaign hadn’t closed after the primary – that list could be used to send alerts to Hillfans about posting on CNN, MessNBC and others. That is how Obama supporters try to overwhelm the message boards and we need to get organized in this way. Long time ’till August folks.

  292. mangomist,

    I’m not sure anybody CAN put any pressure on Hillary. They could offer her VP but she probably wouldn’t take it, she’s happy as a senator. They couldn’t threaten to run against her senate seat, because she’s very popular in NY. She and Bill are world-class people. By 2016 she might be ready to retire anyway. What’s to offer or threaten?

  293. can russert be anymore f*cking bias???? i can just picture him fluffing obama’s pillow during the commercial break.

  294. Idunn Says: Levon, the truth is that she has every right to take this all the way to the convention. The DNC just doesn’t want that to happen because then everyone will get a birdseye view of how badly Dean & Co. have effed this shit up. Florida? Michigan? Superdelegates? Uh oh. :shudder:

    Yep. Brazile screwed up with Florida and MIchigan. If the contest had ended early, it wouldn’t have mattered, no one would have noticed. But now people are going to be paying more and more attention to FL/MI, the longer this contest goes on. And if she screwed up that bad, what else has she screwed up that will come to notice?

  295. 1950..

    dnc asked for a contribution today … I sent them a message and I told them to shove it and that I was ready to become an Independent because of their failure to stand up for fair and balanced reporting. And that they showed their bias toward Hillary by not doing so.

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