MoneyBomb Rezko Day

Update: Late night Rezko update.

There’s a strong chance the name of presidential contender Barack Obama will surface at indicted political fund-raiser Tony Rezko’s trial, which begins next week.

In a nine-page ruling this afternoon, U.S. District Judge Amy St. Eve said she would allow federal prosecutors to present evidence about a portion of a $375,000 finder’s fee that a Rezko associate, Joseph Aramanda, obtained through an alleged kickback scheme orchestrated by Rezko. [snip]

The ruling does not identify Obama as the recipient of that contribution. But sources have identified Obama as the “political candidate” who prosecutors say received a $10,000 contribution from Aramanda — at Rezko’s direction — during his 2004 run for U.S. Senate. Obama has donated that contribution to charity.

Today is the day. Donate to help make Hillary 44.

Monday, February 25, 2008 is the day the Rezko trial was supposed to begin (now the Rezko trial begins on March 3, 2008).

We ask all Hillary supporters to make a donation to Hillary for President along with 44 cents to let Hillary know the real grassroots of the party and the country are with her.

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Why today, why Rezko?

February 24, 2008 — The corruption trial of Antoin “Tony” Rezko, due to start in federal court in Chicago tomorrow, comes at a bad time for Barack Obama.

The senator from Illinois is surging ahead of his rival Hillary Clinton in the Democratic race by presenting himself as Mr. Clean, untainted by the corrupt ways of Washington politics.

But Obama’s ability to make the right call on important issues, and his claim to be untainted by politics as usual, is seriously called into doubt by his alliance with the property developer and fast food franchiser Rezko, a close personal friend and one of his most generous donors.

Why does Rezko matter? Read The Case of the Missing State Senator.

Um, “no suggestion that Obama has done anything illegal”? We disagree, if the Rezko deals had anything to do with the tens of millions of taxpayer dollars Rezko received and Obama enabled. Maybe the FBI mole will have an answer.

While there is no suggestion that Obama has done anything illegal, the Rezko trial will focus attention upon the propriety of a deal between the senator and Rezko that substantially raised the value of the senator’s sumptuous home on Chicago’s South Side. What Rezko expected from Obama in return remains unclear.

In June 2005, Obama bought a 98-year-old Kenwood mansion from a University of Chicago doctor for $1.65 million, using a $1.69 million advance he received from publishers Crown for his book, “The Audacity of Hope.” The same day Rezko’s wife Rita paid the doctor $625,000 for the empty lot adjoining Obama’s property.

Even though at the time Rezko was under federal investigation for influence-peddling in Illinois Governor Blagojevich’s administration, Obama did business with him, buying for $104,500 a 10-foot wide strip of Rita Rezko’s lot, ostensibly to provide space for a fence. The deal left Mrs. Rezko’s lot too small to build upon, thereby lifting the value of Obama’s home.

“Boneheaded”? That’s the least of it.

Obama denies wrongdoing. “I misgauged the appearance presented by my purchase of the additional land from Mr. Rezko,” Obama told the Chicago Sun-Times. “It was a mistake to have been engaged with him at all in this or any other personal business dealing that would allow him, or anyone else, to believe that he had done me a favor.”

Obama now calls “boneheaded” his decision to continue to consort with Rezko even after a grand jury investigation into his dealings had begun and he has given about $150,000 of Rezko’s campaign contributions to charity.

But that was not the end of the affair. The senator’s claim to have been completely open about his relationship with Rezko was called into doubt on Monday when the senator belatedly admitted that, before he bought his home, he and Rezko visited the property together.

Obama better hope that Rezko does not “flip”.

Rezko is a presidential candidate’s nightmare buddy. He stands accused of demanding fake finder’s fees for payments made to Illinois teachers’ and health workers’ state pension funds. And he is accused of defrauding GE Capital out of $10 million in loans for his fast-food franchises.

According to court documents, Rezko is also accused of prompting “at least one other individual” to give money to Obama’s senatorial campaign, then reimbursing him, in violation of federal election law.

Prosecutors have submitted to the court a 26-page list of those Rezko wanted appointed to posts in Illinois Governor Blagojevich’s administration. The list contains those whom Obama recommended for state jobs. On Thursday it was reported that among those Rezko proposed for a job was the real estate agent who conducted the sale of Sen. Obama’s home.

“Naivety”? Is that what we want in the President of the United States?

The links between Obama and Rezko that will be on show in the forthcoming trial may expose a chink in Obama’s shining armor. Hard evidence of his at best naivety in the face of political corruption may not come quickly enough to help Hillary Clinton, who must win in Texas and Ohio on March 4 if she is to escape defeat. Most of the coming week in court will be taken up with jury selection.

In one of the early debates Clinton berated Obama for his links to Rezko, whom she called a “slum landlord.” The remark was dismissed by the Obama camp and Clinton has not returned to the attack. She will be sorely tempted to revive the issue this week.

Oops – Superdelegates beware – voters beware:

If the Rezko trial comes too late to alert Democratic voters to the murkier side of Obama’s time in Chicago politics, John McCain can be sure to exploit the court-attested fact that the Illinois Senator is not as free from the influence of sleaze as he likes to suggest.

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  1. Farrakhan Praises Obama as ‘Hope of Entire World’

  2. Drudge is trying to smear Hillary today. No doubt it’s the Obama camp trying to take attention from the glowing Farrakhan endorsement.

  3. Good morning folks. First I want to apologize to anyone I upset last night in my exchange with Blue Democrat. It was late and I was VERY annoyed. Although that is not an excuse to insinuate something against another poster here, I was astonished at what I saw as cover for Mr. Alter and his hit piece on Hillary Clinton. I have had good exchanges here with Blue Democrat and I find him to generally be fair to Mrs. Clinton. There was simply a tone last night that I saw as his interpretation of Mr. Alter’s piece somewhat apologetic and trying to paint a Rembrandt with weeks-old excrement. That I may have misinterpreted that position is possible, and if it is the case, I regret my implications. However, the follow up with the personal remarks was uncalled for. This is all I will say about it. LEt’s move on. Admin, good post this morning. I certainly hope that Rezko comes out as a fire breather and we get this charlitan before he causes hell for us all…and the country. MOney bomb on the way.

  4. omg… s/thing happened while i was sleeping…the planets have aligned…scarface is defending hrc for calling barry out for the flyers and for her speech in rhode island. i love it! theyve finally admitted that the media has been rooting for barry… they are even playing and re-playing BOTH of the snl skits… yep! “bitch is the new black!” is on morning “news”! yippee!!!

  5. more obama lies… this guy is pathological… there is nothing to low for his to stoop too… he flat out lied in the debate the other night….

  6. Diva .. please send those links to the campaign office .. or better yet get them to Admin here. That is stuff that she can USE in the debate.

  7. An intresting experience of mine in Normandy ,France WWII.The Allies in order to fool,divert,overwhelm,confuse,disrupt and fool the Germans in their calculation as to where our landings would occur came up with a real phony individual called ” THE GUMMI PUPPEN”.German for (RUBBER DUMMY”.)Dropped by parachutes in the hundreds,the plan worked. The republicans are using the same tactics as they have McCain as their real person and at the same time are creating his opposition with a live “PUPPEN ” BHO.With their financial and MSNBC-CNN help,they hope to stop Hillary,their most feared candidate. Obama will land soon with a REZKO chute.Have a bumpy ride,Oh great one.

  8. Don’t forget to call today. I have to take hubby to the doctor (he now has that nasty flu going round) and then I’ll be back around 1:00 pm and will start calling today.

    I challenge everybody here to 30 calls today. That’s doable

  9. So the Latinos are the new thankless AA? WTF.

    For Hispanics in South Texas, the Choice Is Tough.

  10. @ABM “With their financial and MSNBC-CNN help,they hope to stop Hillary,their most feared candidate.”

    When Bob Novak starts calling for Hillary to drop out of the race, (I didn’t bother to read the article, as he, well..we know who HE is…) we KNOW this is the case. It is not that we need additional confirmation that the conservatives, such as George Will & Co. whose praise of Barack Obama seemed incongruous, at best, with their core beliefs have been looking for Mrs. Clinton’s defeat early, but it does underscore ABM’s point.


  11. Good morning, Hillfans. New stories up at RezkoWatch today include the Farrakhan story with an update from Lynn Sweet. Farrakhan’s family was also involved with Rezko and it was Farrakhan’s son that Rezko used as a “minority” front for his airport vending scam. Sweet also mentions that BHO is distancing himself from Brzezinski and is on the hot seat from the Republican Jewish Coalition regarding his flip-flopping from pro-Palestinian to trying to appear pro-Israel, although a lot of his political support has come from the former community.

    John Batchelor at HumanEventsOnline has more about BHO’s terrorist “friends”. Aaron Klein from WND has a lengthy article with more about BHO’s connections with Rashid Khalidi.

    And on it goes. Troubling.

  12. @dot: i already sent them to admin last night… when i saw that they didnt post on the main page, i posted them here for you guys…. but i will send to the campaign.

    this is a great article….

    i’m really hoping the truth is going to come through for hillary in time for march 4th… please make sure you post links to articles like this and other links to sites to expose bho for the fake that he is, when you post on other sites…

  13. Thanks B Merry….the hits just keep on coming, don’t they. The ties that bind are strong, and it seems my hunch may appear to be correct.

  14. Just feel it’s important to reiterate the wisdom of Geraldine Ferraro:

    In the Democratic primary in South Carolina, tens of thousands of Republicans and independents no doubt voted, many of them for Mr. Obama. The same rules prevail at the Iowa caucuses, in which Mr. Obama also triumphed.

    He won his delegates fair and square, but those delegates represent the wishes not only of grassroots Democrats, but also Republicans and independents. If rank-and-file Democrats should decide who the party’s nominee is, each state should pass a rule allowing only people who have been registered in the Democratic Party for a given time — not nonmembers or day-of registrants — to vote for the party’s nominee.

  15. @dot: i sent a bunch of stuff to admin last night, including those links. since they didnt post here, i posted them for you guys…. bho is out of control. really. i will send them to the campaign. if anyone has an insider in the campaign, please forward as well.

    dont forget… when youre posting comments on other sites, please link articles like that that expose him for the fraud he is… including and

  16. HALPERIN’S TAKE: Ways McCain Can Beat Obama That Clinton Cannot

  17. Today is moneybomb of all moneybomb days. Just sent my $42.44 a.m., to be followed by $42.44 p.m. donation – to honor each in their own realm, and then to honor them as the most outstanding First Family this country has ever seen.
    Although we know how damning a Farrakhan endorsement is, we have to remember that at least 3/4 of the middle-aged and younger general/voting public knows not one whit about this guy, his organization, history, beliefs, etc. Knowing that MSM will ignore this like the plague – some 527, hint, hint needs to send out fliers dumped from the sky, if need be, to educate the public ASAP. Factual data on this “racist of all racists” and “radical of all radicals” is indisputable. His ties to Obama’s twenty-year association and membership to Trinity United Church of Christ should also be made via mailers – hint, hint. Although we can safely assume that probably 3/4 of the clueless morons who support Obama wouldn’t care anyway – I fully believe there are perhaps around 1/4 of his flock that might find all of this very disturbing. So much so, they might rethink their role before throwing away a vote for him in a GE, realizing that Obama’s Rezko-tainted and TUCC-racist ties put him in the loser’s circle (something they don’t want to be associated with). And since we all know, except for an O’Reilly/Buchanan/O’Hannity revelation here and there, along with an occasional article that only scans the surface – the only way to get this vital info out is from fliers. So, only question left is – what colors? Texas is big on bright neons and bold print (everthing is bigger in Texas) – not sure about Ohio, Rhode Island, Vermont, etc. Another compelling flier would feature bio of Farrakhan on one side, and TUCC/Obama/Farrakhan’s 2007 “award” from church organization on the opposite side. All sorts of creative ways to expose this phony “uniter of all people”, blah, blah, blah.
    Hillary – keep on with the fiery oratories – hit him right betwen the eyes. Stare him down during the debate – he will not be able to look at you. When he fires back, don’t avert your eyes. Stare him down. America wants a fighter – and you’re the one. You have the truth on your side and it will come across loud and clear.
    Wish John Edwards would join you in outrage toward Obama’s falsehoods, stand with you for true universal healthcare. Between the two of you, you could evoke the courtroom of Gregory Peck’s powerful argument for truth and justice portrayed in “To Kill a Mockingbird”, proving once and for all to Americans everywhere who value honesty and integrity that the next leaders of our country and the free world are right before our eyes – Hillary Clinton and John Edwards.

  18. B Merry it was Farrakhan’s son that Rezko used as a “minority” front for his airport vending scam

    I believe it was Elijah Muhammad’s (founder of NOI) son. Or are there more minority fronts w/ NOI associations?

  19. Poll numbers:

    ohio: hrc @ 48 & bho @ 40 (rasmussen 02.21)

    tx: hrc @ 47 & bho @ 44 (rasmussen 02.20)

    i cant wait to see how hillary’s taking the gloves off this weekend and calling him out affects these numbers… the media seems to be turning on him.

  20. “# anbritt Says:

    jubjub…give us the gist of the article”

    According to the article, Latinos in TX are falling under the spell of B Hussein Obama.

    Mr. Montez, 75, said: “How soon people forget. The Clintons did a lot for African-Americans, for Hispanics, for everybody. Now it seems like everyone’s forgotten.”

  21. DivaBunny…thanks for the moral support. I have seen this interview and I love her for it. As I mentioned yesterday, this has been Gerrymandering by the DNC and Howard Dean of the worst kind. The Florida Democratic Party was ham-strung. The Republican-controlled legislature set the date, and the Florida Dem party was told by the Republican Governor, Charlie Crist that any attempt to alter the legislation would ensure a veto by him. Personally, I believe the case is stronger for Florida than for Michigan, as all name were on the ballots here, unlike Michigan. And despite the other camp’s efforts to have Michigan voters vote “undecided”, I believe too there is a good case for a do-over in Michigan. But not here. I don’t buy the premise that there were voters here who didn’t go vote as their “vote wouldn’t mean anything”, butas there was the highest turnout in Fl history on Primary day. This was reinforced last night when the Chair of the Broward Co. Dem Party said “it was never a question of IF we would be seated, but WHEN.” Go get ’em Hillary!

  22. @space: i agree… much better case for florida than michigan, although its was barry and edwards’ choice to take their names off the ballot… they were trying to force the uncommitted vote in michigan, thats why they took their names off…

    as far as crist goes… i dont get it. hubby spent some time with him when we were in marathon for the tarpon run over the summer… he is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet/ have a beer and go fishing with…i had no clue he was going to end up screwing things up for our girl… i woudnt have been so nice to him!

  23. SpaceGirl / All,
    I too would like to apologize for using harsh language last night.
    People come here in the heat of the campaign to discuss all things Hillary, not to witness or sift through two people going at it.
    That said, I see now the problem SpaceGirl is apparently that my language wasn’t nearly harsh enough.

    Your carefully qualified statements this morning like “I find him to generally be fair to Mrs. Clinton” are a repulsive joke,
    your “interpretation” of my take NOT on “Mr. Alter’s piece”, but on his direct quote as being “somewhat apologetic” is not only entirely wrong but totally sickening, the very height of ludicrousness.
    I’m the last person on the planet such an accusation should be directed at, yet you did so anyway. You have no idea of which you speak.

    Please ignore my posts from here on out – and don’t bother responding. Anything with your name on it I’ll skip right by.
    Case closed.

  24. But I wonder what kind of thinking went behind alleged “HRC STAFFERS” idea to circulate this pic. Not all that bright, imo.

  25. IDunn, I agree. I saw that this morning. But the “more to come” left me wondering if in fact they were staffers. The point is to float an impression, i think.

  26. OK, I found it.

    But WHY should posters have to SEARCH for it???????

    Shouldn’t that link be on the home page!!!!!!!!

    I never would have known where it is if you hadn’t told me.

    BTW, you have mail.

  27. “# Idunn Says:
    But I wonder what kind of thinking went behind alleged “HRC STAFFERS” idea to circulate this pic. Not all that bright, imo.”

    I completely agree with you. Sometimes I feel Hillary does not have the best staffers that she could have …

  28. Are we even sure that HRC staffers were even the ones who circulated the picture? This was posted on drudge. So we now believing drudge? The picture is funny and I really dont’t see anything wrong with it honestly.

  29. Caroline….they (Drudge) has an agenda too, as I know you know. It’s kinda like the NYT story about McCain. Unattributed except for an “anonymous staffer”. Funny FOX runs with it, rather than say….Farrakhan story. Or have they spoken about that too?! We can be sure Rush will.

  30. Blue, I am sorry if I questioned you authenticity. I was annoyed, I was tired, and your response just hit me wrong. I am sick of this personal bashing of her and NEITHER of us need to be doing it to each other here.

  31. YAY basil9 regarding the Ohio numbers. I will tell you the truth that I am really nervous about Texas. I just will continue to work hard for her in Texas by making calls.

    Everyone it’s a beautiful morning and a new day. No fighting please. We all are here for the same purpose which is to see Hillary be 44. I feel we turned the page this weekend in Hillary’s favor. Let’s keep it up.

  32. Thanks basil, needed that.
    Well, they don’t like it, which is good;

    “Obama campaign manager David Plouffe on the circulation of the Obama/Somali photo: “On the very day that Senator Clinton is giving a speech about restoring respect for America in the world, her campaign has engaged in the most shameful, offensive fear-mongering we’ve seen from either party in this election. This is part of a disturbing pattern that led her county chairs to resign in Iowa, her campaign chairman to resign in New Hampshire, and it’s exactly the kind of divisive politics that turns away Americans of all parties and diminishes respect for America in the world.”

  33. Obama’s Appeal Depends on Your Definition of Change
    By Stuart Rothenberg

    Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) continues to promise change and stress his ability to unite Americans. It’s a feel-good campaign built on soaring rhetoric and good intentions.

    Pardon me if all of the fawning from the national media, and the endorsements from Caroline Kennedy and Garrison Keillor, leave me less than convinced that he can bridge the deep divide that separates Americans.

    Withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq won’t bring Americans together. Nor will raising taxes on the affluent or enhancing the power of organized labor to recruit more members. Even a stem-cell research bill won’t bring Americans together, though a clear majority surely supports it.

    In politics, the devil is always in the details, and except in rare cases, Obama has either avoided them or, more importantly, failed to note the obvious contradictions in his message and his record.

    Yes, Obama is a wonderful speaker, and his calls for change obviously resonate with many Americans. With seven out of 10 Americans agreeing that the country is headed off on the wrong track, it isn’t surprising that every candidate has talked change. No one has promised a third Bush term.

    The question, of course, is what kind of change? Does Obama want to find common ground between Democrats and Republicans? Will he push issues and alternatives only with a national consensus? Or is “change” simply a value-neutral word for liberalism?

    In the spring of 2005, 14 Senators tried to make Washington run more smoothly by signing an agreement for the 109th Congress that had the effect of killing Democratic plans to filibuster President Bush’s appointees to the appellate bench and eliminating a GOP strategy that would disallow filibusters of judicial appointments.

    Barack Obama, who talks about changing the tone in Washington, didn’t join that “Gang of 14.”

    Part of the problem with Obama’s message — and part of the reason it has so far been successful in his White House bid — is that different people read different things into his message of hope and change.

    During an interview on a Washington, D.C., radio station the morning of the Potomac primary, Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) talked about why he is drawn to Obama’s message of change. One didn’t need to read very hard between the lines to see that Kennedy thinks “change” means a dramatically more liberal agenda.

    There is, of course, nothing surprising or wrong with this. You would expect Kennedy to support a candidate with whom he agrees.

    But other voters, including some Republicans and many independents, seem to be attracted to Obama because they see him as someone who will improve the tone in Washington, bring Americans together and “get things done.”

    Again, those are understandable goals. The only problem is that Kennedy’s view of Obama and the other one are all but impossible to reconcile.

    If Obama satisfies Kennedy and the Democratic Party’s most liberal constituencies, it’s unlikely that he is going to bring the country together. And if Obama does truly take steps to find a middle ground between liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans, he certainly will disappoint his party’s base.

    The reality is that half of the country leans Democratic and half leans Republican. Yes, there are some issues on which many Americans agree, but if Obama limits himself to those, he’ll have a thin agenda.

    Instead, Obama is likely to strike out in a different direction from Bush. And if he thinks his communication skills alone will bring along the whole country (as he seems to), he is deluding himself. America is divided because Americans have very different views.

    Obama was rated the most liberal Member of the U.S. Senate in 2007, up from the 10th most liberal Member in 2006 and the 16th most liberal in 2005. That suggests that he will follow a rather predictably liberal agenda if he is elected president later this year.

    Even more telling, possibly, was a recent interview Obama gave to television anchor Leon Harris and journalist John Harris. In it, Obama tried to have things both ways.

    When he was asked by Leon Harris how he reconciles his support for the D.C. gun ban, which was declared unconstitutional by a federal court last year and which bars all handguns not registered before 1976, with his statement that he has “no intention of taking away folks’ guns,” Obama launched into a confusing explanation of “conflicting traditions in this country.”

    He ended his monologue by saying, “We can have a reasonable, thoughtful gun control measure that I think respects the Second Amendment and people’s traditions.” But the D.C. gun ban is based on the premise that the Second Amendment doesn’t give individuals the right to own a gun.

    Maybe if Obama wraps up the Democratic nomination in the next few weeks, he’ll give all of us a better idea of what he’d really like to do as president. We can only hope so. Another eight months of soaring but empty rhetoric about bringing people together and bringing about change will leave most of America brain-dead.

  34. Caroline….are there Texas numbers available to call? The only ones on HC site yesterday were for Ohio. So, I called Ohio, very unsuccessfully…MANY MANY no answers or ans. machines. It seems Texas would be the more focused area for calls at this stage due to unusual requirements for voting.

  35. This was posted on drudge. So we now believing drudge?

    Lord no! That’s why my post said “alleged HRC staffers”. I seriously doubt anyone in her camp would go there, given the whole uproar over the Madrassa thing. Just choose to believe they wouldn’t be that stupid.

  36. Would not wonder if Obamas campaign has released this harmles photo of him themselves to distract from their democrats for a day, UHC and NAFTA flyers…

  37. i’m listening to bho’s response to the drudge photo on fox … i REALLY dont think that hrc’s campaign is responsible for the photo… after the hits he too by the msm this weekend, i think his campaign circulated it to stir up sympathy for himself and to cast a negative light on hrc.

    think abt it…. when all of the shuster stuff happened, we had the emails. if this really came from her staff… produce the emails and PROVE IT MATT DRUDGE. FOR ONCE???

  38. UH-OH,
    Bo and company don’t think the pic is too funny. 🙁
    They really don’t have much of a sense of humor, do they? Now they’re saying it’s a staffer and the incident parallels the NH incident wher4 the campaign manager was forced to resign. I say screw ’em all. It’s funny. Scroll down and you’ll see HRC in a head scarf and GWB in what looks like Hindi attire.
    And look at HRC’s fashion disasters in the recent magazine article. About the polka dot dress, she said, “That dress should have been shot.” 😀 Well, I’m gonna write letters to the editors today and send it to the papers listed at the new Rapid Responders site.

  39. I took this from another website: It’s nothing you guys don’t already know, I just like how short sweet and to the point it was…

    Does anyone worry about Obama’s seeming inability to remember the truth? Surely Mr. Rich, even you can’t overlook the facts that Obama is either suffering from memory lapse, or worse.

    1. He told people in Iowa that he “passed” legislation against the
    nuclear industry. In fact, he has not.

    2. For months now, he couldn’t/wouldn’t say how Rezko was involved in
    the purchase of the Obama home. But recently remembered that he
    actually asked Rezko to tour the home with him.

    3. He challenged the Republican candidate to accept public campaign
    financing. Now he’s not sure he actually meant that.

    4. His web site asserts that he opposed the war while running for the
    US senate in 2002. He didn’t start running for the office until well
    into 2003.

    As the mother of a multi-racial child, I was excited to be able to tell her that race was no longer an issue in America. That no aspiration was hindered by the color of your skin. It’s sad that such an exciting candidate has chosen a tactic that even my 5 year old knows is wrong. Lies are a sad way to get what you want and generally lead to a time out. Mr. Obama, I believe you need a gigantic time out.
    — Go Vegetarian!, Denver, CO

  40. ‘Would not wonder if Obamas campaign has released this harmles photo of him themselves to distract from their democrats for a day, UHC and NAFTA flyers…’

    Good point, European. Someone on Fox said something to the effect that if the pic had been of HRC it would have been all over the media. I think it might have been Steele.

    Anyway, I’m gonna contribute another $25.44 to Money Bomb. Brings me to a grand total or $100, more than I’ve sent a campaign in my life.

  41. Me too IDunn…did $25.44 yesterday as support for her “rays of light” speech…$100 total two days before that…

    didn’t have more work lined up until a phone call I just got…so I can swing more later this week too.

    I’m now up to about $500 ….wow. Wonder how my landlady would feel about that! LOL

  42. In regards to the “dressed” photo on Drudge, this has been my response to the likes of Ben Smith and Marc Ambinder: So the media questions the integrity of the NY Times story on John McCain’s alleged affair for lacking substantial proof and quoting anonymous sources, but when a known instigator and a naive presidential candidate seem to give credit to each other, the media plays along and wags its tail. What a double standard.

  43. hey guys… hrc is giving a major foreign policy speech at noon, in ohio (i think)…dont know who’ll cover, but just be on the lookout.

    the thing that i hate abt her giving that speech today is that in the debate tomorow night, he’ll probably duplicate eveything she says today!

  44. For someone who asked before, debate tomorrow is on MSNBC, not sure if its streamed.

    BTW, I’m getting more encouraged, seems like the BO backlash is getting some traction.

  45. Idunn, you saved $10 from not burning that wood the other day, lol.

    Alas, no. Our wood is free via felled trees on our property. HOWEVER, I do make my own laundry detergent for about .60 a gallon. AND I will have to make 2 gallons today. So really, I’m saving about $10 there.

    I’m good…I can justify. 😉

  46. Hell, we’re even eating roast chicken tonight instead of scrambled eggs…so perhaps the fates are rewarding us for our sacrifices to HRC. 🙂

    I haven’t had a chance to look at the numbers but these portend good news for the Clinton camp and her supporters.

    While this race still is fluid, I think that she is in a good place in OH. The only thing that i don’t care for is the University of OH poll where I’m assuming that the difference in their 2 numbers are undecideds and that seems high.
    Whoever challened for someone tomake calls today. I take them up on it. I will call 20 people on your behaf at 6:30pm this afternoon when I get off from work.

    February 25, 2008
    POLL: Two New Ohio Polls

    Quinnipiac University — Among 741 likely Democratic primary voters (2/18-23, margin of sampling error +/- 3.6%): Clinton 51%, Obama 40%
    University of Cincinnati Ohio Poll — Among 529 likely Democratic primary voters (2/21-24, margin of sampling error +/- 4.3%): Clinton 47%, Obama 39%
    — Mark Blumenthal

  48. “most shameful, offensive fear-mongering???”

    No sir! The most shameful, offensive fear-mongering has come from his campaign, his wife, his lemming supporters when they use the race card. The dark prince himself allowed horrendous attacks on Hillary and Bill to go on until the damage was done. Then he admitted in debate that it was his team who had pushed this attack and that they shouldn’t have.

    Talk about swiftboating!!!

  49. @divabunny,

    I think that is exactly why she is giving that speech today…lol… Tomorrow comes very quickly and if he does indeed plagerize her thoughts, people will know.

    Lets see how those twits spin this one.

  50. @jan: great point… i didnt think abt it like that.

    as far as the drudge photo… i really think she needs to pull a mccain on this one… step out there. denounce it. deny it. the longer she ignores it, the worse it looks. she needs to get in front of this. the quicker she does, the faster it’ll go away!

  51. divabunny, I disagree. It is not up to Hillary to denounce every boneheaded piece of crap that floats on the internet. Best thing with things like this is just to ignore them. The speculation will go on regardless of what she or anyone else in the campaign says. It was put out there to enlist a reaction. Don’t react and the power has been taken away.

  52. @divabunny,

    Given all the attacks that his people have done, and the fact that he has never fired anyone for them, even if it was someone in her group, she doesn’t have to go to that extreme. I honestly don’t think anyone in her campaign did this. I just think this is spin on his holiness’s part to turn media away from all his and the mrs’s missteps lately.

  53. this from Mydd

    From an unconfirmed source, the pic on the Drudge Report was a presumptive move from the Obama campaign. It stands to reason that the Hillary campaign would not benefit from distributing this photo to the press and you can be sure as hell that Hillary’s campaign will put out a strong denial of putting out this photo.

    They know this picture exists so they put out and blame Hillary’s campaign. This is despicable!!! Mr. Obama, do you have any decency left!

  54. Didja pluck it yourself?

    God no! I’m not THAT “foxfirey”. Although, I guess I COULD find it in me if it were a matter of life and death.

    Nope…this little chicky came from Food City. 😉

  55. I totally agree with B Merryfield. Hillary doesn’t need to say anything about the photo. why is her fault when someone release a photo of BHO which is not fake.

  56. Who would have had it anyhow?

    Didn’t it come from that Africa Visit Documentary? That’s where I thought it came from.

  57. Idunn, I don’t know about the Documentary but keep in mind that Lynn Sweet accompanied BHO on his trip to Kenya and she’s turning out to be not-so-much of a fan. Also, remember, Ofrah accompanied met up with him in Kenya. Lots of people could have a copy of this photo. As far as I know, Hillary wasn’t there.

  58. @jan & bmerry… i see what you guys are saying… aagreed that she cant come out and speak abt every single attack… imo though this is different. i just feel that this pic stirs up/ resonates a bit of the religion/race thing that we encountered before. when barry’s camp can make anything of either of those topics, there is serious backlash from the minority vote for her. that is why i feel that this fire needs to be put out….

    she can even make a joke of it and release the pics of she and bill and say “why would i put this out of barack? look at us… this whole thing is ridiculous.”

  59. @divabunny,

    The media will probably approach Hillary about this non-issue. She will undoubtedly handle it with the importance/non-importance it deserves. If the media and/or campaign continues to fuel this ridiculous charge it will be because they are desperate to get rid her once and for all.

  60. I think that Hill will have to make a statement about the photo. When she gives her speech, that is what the reporters will ask.

    However, I can’t believe that her campaign would do this as it is to no benefit to her. I’m thinking this looks just like the suppiouscly timed Rezco photo with Bill and Hill.

  61. WHY does the NYT have three articles this morning about how great Obama is?! Didn’t they see SNL?! Don’t they know their media bias is showing worse than Britneys … everything?! I’m so angry. An piece wondering about his (softy lovey dovey voice) “safety” because he is the “change” candidate … he is a “bigger target” like MLK and Robert Kennedy .. and then theres the article about his Kenyan house and Frank Rich weighs in on Hillary’s Iraq vote AGAIN.

    I am boiling mad and never reading the NYT again. Why endorse her and then set Obama on perma-glow?

    Those bastards. Bitch is the new me! LOL. Off to write angry letters and scheme for Hillary!

  62. Rezko Watch gets another mention from Ben Smith:

    A couple of fairly thoroughly assembled and researched pro-Clinton, anti-Obama anonymous websites have popped up in recent days. On one end of the spectrum is “Rezko Watch,” and today a reader who’s on various Clinton campaign email lists forwards an invitation to join “Hillary Responders,”

  63. Quit the hand wringing about this dumb photo. It is doing exactly what whoever released it wanted it to do. Distract everyone. Ignore it. Get to work for Hillary and stop allowing yourselves to become Monday morning quarterbacks. You’re only spreading discontent.

    And, yes, this is more of the same Rezko photo nonsense. It’s a non-issue. Move along.

  64. This was from TMarsh’s site by a poster. It’s official, Bambi and his campaigh is SLIME!!! I hope that the media pushes back on his innuendos. Now, who is desparate:
    Ben Smith has an update on the picture kerfuffle.

    UPDATE: A reporter asked on a conference call with Obama advisors Susan Rice, Richard Danzig, and Scott Gration how they knew the email came from Clinton.

    “I’m afraid we’re not terribly well informed about it,” said Danzig, who said he’d “love to hear [a denial] from them.”
    Are you kidding me? First they go after Clinton with bared teeth and now they admit they have no idea whether Clinton was involved?

    Screw you.

  65. @tiburones,

    “I’m afraid we’re not terribly well informed about it,” said Danzig, who said he’d “love to hear [a denial] from them.”

    Now that is a soundbite we should really push/ get out to everyone. If that isn’t a telling statement I don’t know what is. :::shaking my head:::

  66. If Obama is so proud of his African roots, why isn’t he stating pride in the native garb? How hypocritical is that? i mean, or you proud or ashamed of a picture that places you right next door to Kenya? Obama – once again – you can’t have it both ways. Proud or ashamed? Consistent with who you really are or total hypocrit? I think we have our answer in the way his camp reacted to this picture. Very eye-opening, literraly and figutarively speaking. Can’t understand how Jewish-Americans are not outraged at his hypocrisy and ties to Farrakhan/Rezko/TUCC. Once again – he wants it both ways. The Jewish leaders of this country need to top sticking their head in the sand (no pun intended) and straighten out the clueless Obamamaniacs who have become victims of “invasion of the Body Snatchers” before it’s too late. Small in number percentage-wise, but smart enough to know it’s up to them (Jewish leaders) to make it happen.

  67. I’m going to finish this cup of coffee and then get to the phones. No idea why I’m telling ya’ll that, except maybe to appease my guilty conscience for sitting here doing nothing this morning.

  68. Jan H, can you believe it? Audacity alright! Why would his camp take this risky move if they weren’t a bit scared and worried.

    More motivation for me to call and donate.

    The media really ought to push back and demand answers from Obama’s camp but it’s the Clinton rules that we are dealing with.

  69. It’s putting the cart before the horse. They don’t have any evidence but they don’t have a problem attacking first.

  70. ““I’m afraid we’re not terribly well informed about it,” said Danzig, who said he’d “love to hear [a denial] from them.””

    something perhaps a bit more sinister in this than meets the eye. Cynical old me sees a “gotcha” in this plea.

    off to the bath now
    working at home sometimes can interfere with personal care 😉

    back later. gonna make 30 calls first

  71. Enough.

    If Barack Obama’s campaign wants to suggest that a photo of him wearing traditional Somali clothing is divisive, they should be ashamed. Hillary Clinton has worn the traditional clothing of countries she has visited and had those photos published widely.

    This is nothing more than an obvious and transparent attempt to distract from the serious issues confronting our country today and to attempt to create the very divisions they claim to decry.

    We will not be distracted.

  72. curiosityhasme,

    I am Jewish myself and a Canadian. I would hope that your Jewish leaders will come forward but not until there is more evidence. If they did so now they would be doing exactly what Obama’s campaign is doing regarding this picture. Rezko, while potentially a hot potato still needs connecting of the dots. B. Merry is doing an amazing job but until it really becomes clear that Obama is up to his neck in corruption, I hope they stay clear of it. As far as ties with Farrakhan are concerned, you can be sure that they know about it and are weighing their options. Just my humble opinion.

  73. I think we supporters should be asking that Obama step down and out of the democratic race for his dishonest mailings about Hillary.

  74. Clinton’s response the day’s Drudge

    The Clinton campaign puts out a response from Maggie Williams, which doesn’t respond to the question of whether a staffer was circulating the photo of Obama in Somali garb, but takes issue with the Obama campaign’s embrace of the issue:


    If Barack Obama’s campaign wants to suggest that a photo of him wearing traditional Somali clothing is divisive, they should be ashamed. Hillary Clinton has worn the traditional clothing of countries she has visited and had those photos published widely.

    This is nothing more than an obvious and transparent attempt to distract from the serious issues confronting our country today and to attempt to create the very divisions they claim to decry.

    We will not be distracted.

    GOOD for Hillary CAMP!!!

  75. Tiburones,

    I just contributed.

    Contribution Details Date: February 25, 2008 11:11 AM EST Contact: Basil
    Amount: $33.44

    Still don’t understand why you specified $33.44. *LOL*

    GL with the calling tonight.

  76. That response by maggie seems fine. I’m glad that Clinton didn’t address it herself because this is what they want. She has the ‘mo’ in this news cycle and they want to throw her off her game.

  77. dedfg,

    ‘I think we supporters should be asking that Obama step down and out of the democratic race for his dishonest mailings about Hillary.’

    Good point. And we should add the “Democrat for a Day” scam.

  78. JanH…story on what you speak on Politico…Johnathan Martin, I think, on BO’s address to Jewish leaders about his connection and facts debunking of the email

    also, this quote from him “…I have very little connection to the Islamic religion.”

  79. also too, it shows that it is Obama who is the devisive person, not Hillary. It also shows what he says is not the truth. (actually Hillary’s own words posted on this website state is much better)

  80. amen maggie! thats all we needed….now maybe they will shut it! i’m so glad she put that in there abt hrc wearing traditional clothing on foreign trips…. that just PROVED how INANE it would have been for hrc to put that photo out there!

    suck it drudge!

  81. Gotta say this, and then I’ll leave the Obama photo issue once and for all:

    Ummm, why are Obama and his minions so freaking upset about the photo to begin with? I’ve heard them rant and rave about it being an “ugly smear” all morning…”the most deplorable act of viciousness” they have ever seen.

    And yet, in my life time , I have seen MANY photo’s of public officials dressed in the traditional garb of the countries they visit.

    So again, I have to ask , what the hell are the Obamatons so outraged over???

  82. divabunny…you are on a roll today! funny as s*** and giving IDunn a real run at the crown!

    OK, been on phone. Now to the bath, then call for HILL! (until and unless her speech is televised or on the net in Georgetown)

  83. IDunn: I agree, I didn’t really see the smear. Which tells me maybe the Obama supporters are more racist than we think.

  84. @idunn: bc THEY are trying to inject RACE into this thing again! they know hrc means bizzzzness and they are willing to do absofrigginlutley anything to trip her up. get neg press for her. sympathy for them. whatevsssss…. i am so glad the camp got on it and fast! now drudge and the huffpo can sit on their weak contrived bs by themselves.

    @spacegirl: i didnt sleep worth a darn this entire weekend and its ALL hitting me today… i am crank-eeeeee….. even after the requisite two cupsa joe, i’m still bad. i’m trying to direct it at only those evil ones that deserve it… sending it the way of david axelrove… hang in there with me! hopefully i an catch up on the zzz’s in the next 24 hrs! 😉

  85. Abu-Jihaad, 32, of Phoenix, has pleaded not guilty to charges he provided material support to terrorists with intent to kill U.S. citizens and disclosed classified information relating to the national defense. If convicted, he faces up to 25 years in prison.

    Abu-Jihaad, an American-born Muslim convert formerly known as Paul R. Hall, was a signalman before he received an honorable discharge from the Navy in 2002. He worked in a UPS warehouse in Phoenix and has two young children, friends said.

  86. Abu-Jihaad is charged in the same case as Babar Ahmad, a British computer specialist arrested in 2004 and accused of running Web sites to raise money, appeal for fighters and provide equipment such as gas masks and night vision goggles for terrorists. Ahmad is to be extradited to the U.S.

    The Web sites were the premier English-language mouthpiece of terrorists, according to Evan Kohlmann, a terrorism expert and a government witness for the trial.

  87. My response to the FOX segment featuring a Politico rep saying BO is attracting 9% of the Repub vote.

    Response to the Politico story at 11.25 AM.

    It is astounding that the Politico representative actually said, and Fox news agreed, that Republicans are crossing party lines to vote for Obama.

    Everyone knows that is a tactic to keep Hillary Clinton from getting the nomination.

    There is a vigorous strategy in the Obama campaign to persuade Republicans and independents to vote “Democrat for a Day.”

    here is a copy of one of the emails encouraging Republicans to vote for Obama in the primary and then switch back to their party in November.

    I’ll be SHOCKED if Fox bothers reporting that side of the story.

    Here is a copy of the flyer and links to organizations calling themselves Republicans for Obama.

  88. The more I think about it, the more I love Maggie Williams response.

    LMAO! Think about it, what can Bambi’s camp say it response to it?


  89. FWIW:

    Rhode Island

    C 53 O 38


    C 33 O 57

    Presidential tracking
    C42 O45
    C41 O46
    C43 O44
    C41 O44
    C41 O46

    looks like she went up 1 pt yesterday and he lost a pt

    Ras also say that they will release their TX poll later today which shows her holding on to her 3pt lead. I think it was the same amount last wk so she’s stabilized.

    She needs to start to pull it out and turn the corner this week. I’ld like to see the internals to see if they are accounting for indies and Repubs.

  90. my response to someone on MYDD saying Hillary is trying to raise money to pay herself back:

    You are trolling this nonsense about her paying herself back, into multiple threads.
    Be honest, isn’t this about trying to sabotage her Rezko MoneyBomb today?
    MoneyBomb info here:

  91. @jan: brian williams and tim russert will moderate.

    it’ll be live on msnbc, online at and will also be broadcast later in the evening on telemundo in spanish

  92. A*hole Novak!

    Robert Novak, a conservative who is a syndicated columnist published in The Washington Post, wrote on Monday that Democratic Party elders were asking: “Who will tell her that it’s over, that she cannot win the presidential nomination and that the sooner she leaves the race, the more it will improve
    the party’s chances of defeating (Republican) Sen. John McCain in November?”

  93. @jubjub,

    Novak continues to put his foot in his mouth because his relevancy quotient is nil. He is one of those has-beens like Kerry and Kennedy who don’t know when to call it a day.

    And…this is just another example of scare tactics that is shameful. Why the push to get rid of her so quickly? What are they so afraid of? Are they trying to fix the votes on March 4th so that no one will vote for her? If so, I hope they rot!

  94. abt novak… who cares!!! theyve all said this sh*t since last weeks debate… dowd, eugene robinson, novak, frank rich, alter, huffington, the list goes on…. theyre all sucking barry’s toes.

    can someone plz tell me how in the HELL the logic plays here…. barry can only scew himself out of the nom if hillary drops out??? the truth abt him cant come out abt him without her in the race??? puhleeez… these pundits must really think ppl are stupid!!!!

  95. Amazing! They are coming at her from all sides and she’s still standing. They are throwing the kitchen sink at her and she is still standing. She is the underdog and we all know that she will fight to the every end, no matter the mud slung at her.

    Go Hillary!

  96. Desparate Obamabots, the media and assholes like Novakula and Rich are absolutely crapping their pants at the very thought that she’s going to win TX and OH. Its getting unbearable for them. Thats why all that ridiculous talk about wanting to see her quit. She’s tied in national polls, ahead in TX, OH and PA and they want her to step aside ? In their fuckin’ dreams.


    Clinton hitting Obama back on NAFTA with her own flyer. Well guys,someone must be reading our sites because Hill is fighting back.

    February 25, 2008
    Read More: Hillary Clinton

    No, you’re a scary free trader

    David Weigel at Reason spots a new anti-Obama mailer, the mirror image to Obama’s piece on Clinton and Nafta, which paints him, in Weigel’s words, as a “scary free trader.”

    The odd thing here is that both Clinton and Obama come from the pro-trade wing of the party. Both have, in less heated moments, defended free trade in theory, and neither wants to repeal Nafta.

    But when in Ohio, you argue about who hates trade more.

    (And yes, you know you’ve made it when your blog is cited as a respectable fact-checking source in direct mail. Or something.)

  98. @dt:

    I totally agree: In their fuckin’ dreams. They must think, people are crazy. No way, should she drop out now.

  99. I don’t understand the whole Obama picturegate thing going on right now.

    #1, since when did Democrats start trusting MATT F-IN DRUDGE as a reliable news source?

    #2, it says, “Clinton staffers circulating picture” — but if you read closely, it looks like it was an INTERNAL campaign “circulation” with the message, “Imagine if the press got a a hold of Hillary dressed like this” (or something similar)…. .in other words, nobody “released” it to the press to scare anyone.

    Why Should HILLARY have to respond? Maybe they should ask Matt Drudge to reveal his source instead, because from where I’m sittin,’ it looks like desparation and feigned outrage. Just reading the comments on about the story made me sick to my stomach with frustration.

  100. If she doesn’t win Texas and Ohio it will be because of the worst swiftboating known to mankind. She has already been cheated out of wins and near wins because of Obama/Republican scams. Enough already. Fight a fair fight or get out yourself Obama!

    Hillary has won the big ones. Why don’t you take a hike instead of asking her to. You can’t win the popular vote with just Dems. You have to cheat and solicit independents and Republicans. Shame on you!!!

  101. Today someone asked me why I was wearing a Hillary button and why I would be voting for her. I replied because I have a list of things I want to see this country achieve and when I look at the two candidates I KNOW one can achieve them because she has been working hard for a long time to achieve them and has made headway against the oppressive powers (I named the 6 million children and national guard healthcare plan) and the other has never proven he can fight for these democratic issues.

    Thought I share ANOTHER reason why USA needs Hill.

  102. tim…because the RWC and the Bambia Camp..ooops…they are one in the same, arent they…i forgot…doesn’t want you to see her

  103. bambi is talking about social security at his roundtable discussion also on cnn live. same thing he’s said over and over again

  104. commentator emily primps just said that some things abt barack obama’s past are getting ready to some out. some serious things. very serious. she is a democratic strategist, not with the gop! uh-oh! now wonder they all want hill to throw in the towel… not so fast kiddos!

  105. Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to say this morning that I love this website. It is hard out there 🙂 Supporting Hillary is a daunting experience in a lot of the blogosphere so this is like home base. I get that nice, warm feeling of finally coming home when I come here. I have donated. I’m making calls later. I have posted a pro Hillary diary this morning. but right now I have to go and take my 87 year old Mom who has alzheimers to get her hearing aid checked at Costco. Everyone take care today. Work hard because if we do, we are going to beat that sucker in Tx and Ohio. I just know it!!

  106. Sent it. TE HE…
    I was alerted to the fact that the picture published today with Senator Obama in traditional clothing on the Drudge Report is available in the public domain @ w w w

    Just thought you would like to have that info.

    What a stupid story. Hillary’s speech this afternoon showed her command of the world’s problems and all they can talk about is this garbage.




    Now time for phone calls

  107. Just getting up and reading the posts upwards….

    As for percent of Republicans in Obama’s support, the Florida Obamacrat flyer CLAIMED “up to 20 percent of Obama supporters are registered Republicans.”

    By Obama Florida 2008
    Published: April 24, 2007
    That’s why “Democrat for a Day” was launched this spring by ObamaFlorida2008. Using the official forms provided by all Supervisors of Elections offices, you may re-register as a Democrat for that one day — when the primary is likely to be held — on February 5, 2008. You must do so before the end of 2007, to make sure it is done 30 days before the primary.
    But this is not about some “hard sell” to recruit voters to become permanent Democrats. Not at all. After the primary, you may re-register back to the
    Republican or Libertarian parties, or revert to your previous status as an Independent! There will be plenty of time before the general election in November 2008.
    But we’re finding that up to 20 percent of Obama supporters are registered Republicans.
    In fact, during the first couple of weeks in April, some 150 Republicans indeed became “Democrats for a Day.” You might call them “Obamacrats!”

    This page has since been removed but here is the Google cache url (also not coming up now):
    h t t p : / /

  108. Democrat….the Campaign HQ got that and a few other things (Nevada stuff, Rove’s call to republicans, etc) yesterday…or the day before….It’s all blending together.

    On the phones now. 😀

  109. This is on Fox News now:
    Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan said that presidential candidate Barack Obama is the “hope of the entire world”

    So I am like Dick Cheney now – my new channel is the one and only Fox News :-)).

  110. Emily Primps…Whitman Insight Strategies. WOW

    Emily Primps graduated with Distinction, highest honors, on her masters research in defense policy at King’s College London. As a Director at Whitman Insight Strategies, a political consulting and public strategy firm in New York, she has utilized this background with corporate and political clients to implement both quantitative and qualitative research programs.

    Managing all phases of projects at Whitman Insight Strategies, Ms. Primps has worked to develop new business, drafted proposals, created survey questionnaires, audited survey field work, analyzed data and created presentations. Ms. Primps has worked with both international and domestic clients, on both political and corporate assignments. Recent highlights include business intelligence orchestration in the former Yugoslavia, and project proposals in the aerospace, defense, and homeland security industries.

    Before coming to Whitman Insight Strategies, Ms. Primps gained expertise in both quantitative and qualitative research methodology as an analyst at the RAND Corporation where she focused on counter terrorism initiatives. Emily has reported on many international security issues as an intelligence analyst at the London-based firm, Janusian Security Risk Management. As a graduate student at King’s College London, Ms. Primps developed and implemented a quantitative regression-based study of US non-proliferation policy. Ms. Primps holds a B.A. from Yale University, where she studied International Relations.

    Having worked and studied in Europe, Ms. Primps brings a transatlantic perspective on business and politics to Whitman Insight Strategies, and is a member of Women in International Security.

  111. Is she still on? Don’t need to listen to the picture drivel. I want to hear about BHAAAAAAAAM-BI and his sheeples

  112. @jubjub: i know! its killing me that i watch fox now…. but what choice do we have? they are the only network that said “no” to the hope pope… didnt jump on the obamawagon… didnt drink to kool aid… dont invite obamamaniacs on as commentors… you know… something like that. 😉

  113. yeah… she’s still there. i like her. theyre having a roundtable. theyre talking abt a bunch of issues… black female commentor said that the obama camp should have taken the high road regarding the pic and said theres nothing wrong with the pic! i LOVE it!!!

  114. dedfg Says: so what websites do we post these thoughts too?

    I try to post to sites like the NYT, WashingtonPost, etc that have substantive articles and are read by both sides, including undecided people. But if there are already several screens of comments, and/or if there are nasty stupid comments, I often don’t bother, because I doubt if reasonable people read very far down such a string. Unless the site has a feature for people to read ‘newest first’ or ‘editor recommended’ or something.

    I also like to post at local news sites in states that are coming up for primary.

  115. @space: that is what i couldnt get… why do they have a priest on fox? he wasnt really talking much before you put it on… figures….

    i am really excited abt what emily said. it wasnt just “what” she said, it was also the “way” she said it and her expression… it said a lot. maybe people know more than we think they do and are finally ready to go there???

  116. Farrakhan: hope of the world. even they cannot think of another world besides hope.

    Well I tell ya: Hope sucks!

    Actions matter!

    As for these young BO college followers: go and learn some math and science.. that is the only HOPE you will have to compete with India and china instead of drinking this bo kool-aid. If they spent more time in class instead of these state by state following BO, they could do some great!


    The man who undermined national security…um, traitor?……is telling HC to get out.

    HE’S YUKKIE. Upsetting my lunch.

  118. It would be fun to quickly make a flyer or video with a montage of photos of HIllary in different foreign garments during her tours abroad. Nothing said about Obama, just totally positive about her worldwide experience, or something….

  119. 1. He told people in Iowa that he “passed” legislation against the
    nuclear industry. In fact, he has not.

    And by the time Obama got through watering down the bill — it wasn’t even AGAINST them. NYT actually had a story on this.

  120. Interesting blog on FOX re story

    “Hillary Clinton’s quick response team is worth courting for the Obama team. I’m not talking about the big guns like Penn, but the ones in the trenches on computers who are seeing all this unfold. They are fast and impressive, we have been watching them since 2007.”

    A kind of compliment, wouldn’t you say, from the biggest internet team in the world…that of Mr. Obama! Keep up the good work!

  121. Diva..I believe that was what R Nader was speaking of yesterday when he said that “Nuclear Power was again raising it’s radio-active head” and shold not be allowed to go forward. Straight shot across BO’s bow

  122. @space: i missed nader… glad barry got called out! arent there 19 in bho’s district already? either that or he has 19 planned for his district… something like that…

    @1950: exactly! they took their names off to try to force the uncommitted vote in michigan.

  123. Okay…somebody slap me silly if I even think about going back to CNN’s ticker ever again. The Obama cult is tar and feathering our candidate for supposedly being behind that picture of him this morning. Tried and convicted without the evidence…grrrr….

  124. jan are they saying anything abt maggie’s statement?

    the bigger deal barry’s peeps make of this, the more they look bad. if barry’s an AA, then why should he be worid abt the pic? they look like a**hole idiots the more they discuss this.

  125. Really, I don’t understand Hussein Obama cult. What’s wrong with the picture? Is he ashamed of it? I think he can forget about the GE if that’s the mentality.

  126. I’ve just learned that I’m diagnosed with a serious disorder, actually I’ve diagnosed myself (I can do that, I’m a clinical psychologist).

    I’ve yet to determine all the symptoms and dangers, but it seems to revolve around Hillary Clinton and her history making campaign to become the first woman president of the United States.

    I’m calling it Hillary For President Condition (HFPC), and it involves daily scouring of the internet for anything Hillary related, endless postings on Hilllary sites, fretting over the lastest polls, yelling encouragment during her debates, examining the pundits arguments, and donating money to the campaign.

    There are other symptoms, please let everyone know about this condition, and if you have a better name, I’d be happy to hear it.

  127. @jubjub,

    I think the Obama cult are just so desperate to get their man into power that they will do what it takes short of murder to do so…and to be honest, I’m not even sure if they won’t try that given the crazies in the group. Anything they can use to tarnish the enemy (Hillary) they will employ. Sometimes I think some of them are just a bunch of rabid dogs. Other times I feel sorry for the ones who honestly believe in this guy. What a let down.

  128. Psymac…HFPC…I think I have it, but alas, no health insurance to afford a diagnosis. Another symptom, if this is what I have, is an annoying pain in my left ear when the phone is glued to my head. Also, my coffee seems to be vanishing faster than ever before. Could this be HFPC? And how will I pay for it if you tell me?

  129. Been really busy, so this will be quick.

    1. Jan, don’t be a pussy. Go back to that site and fight with them. Fight with every GD one of them. Throw facts at ’em. Someone will read it and maybe, just maybe they’ll see your point of view or notice Obamabots are fucking fascist idiots.

    2. Obama has another instance of plagiarism: remember he said, “Houston, we have liftoff?” Guess what. Bobby Dean said it on “Road Tasted” on FoodTV when they covered Houston cuisine. I know….ridiculous, but so was his claim Hillary ripped off Edwards and Bill at the debate. Truth is that MF has ripped off everyone under the sun without coming clean about it. Let’s screw with him some more. Besides, it illustrates how very stupid he is to rip off Paula Dean’s son who ripped off NASA.

    3. I’ve done my moneybomb. Have you??? Don’t forget Wednesday’s moneybomb for Chelsea’s b-day. Cut and paste “” .

    4. Awesome stuff on Rezko Watch.

    5. Keep calling. More than that, don’t speak negatively about this. The Der Spiegle article made a subtle point of how good press begats good press, good momentum begats good momentum. everytime you think negatively, you hurt this campaign. Everytime you announce a negative idea or give up for one moment, you hurt Hillary and the rest of us who support her, who need her as POTUS in 1/09. “Get yo’ shit straight” as a good friend of mine would say.

    6. For the love of God, keep laughing at Obama. We know the dress thing was his deal, and we know he sucks. Just laugh at him and take his cool factor down. The more you make fun of him and his speeches and his faces and his dramatic pauses, the more you take away his mystique and ultimately his bulletproofing….I like the Der Spiegle article, it makes sense. Pass it on.

  130. Just sent this to O’Reilly.
    Dear Mr. O’Reilly,

    I have recently switched to Fox news for national and international information because I have found your network far more “fail and balanced” than CNN, MSNBC or any of the other networks.

    Having said that I would like to bring the following information to your attention with the hope you will discuss it on your show.

    There is a vigorous strategy in the Obama campaign to persuade Republicans and independents to vote “Democrat for a Day.” This accounts for up to 9% of his votes especially in caucus states.

    Here is a copy of one of the emails encouraging Republicans to vote for Obama in the primary and then switch back to their party in November.

    I sincerely hope you will take note of the voter fraud perpetuated by the Obama campaign.

    H. Hawke
    By Obama Florida 2008
    Published: April 24, 2007
    That’s why “Democrat for a Day” was launched this spring by ObamaFlorida2008. Using the official forms provided by all Supervisors of Elections offices, you may re-register as a Democrat for that one day — when the primary is likely to be held — on February 5, 2008. You must do so before the end of 2007, to make sure it is done 30 days before the primary.
    But this is not about some “hard sell” to recruit voters to become permanent Democrats. Not at all. After the primary, you may re-register back to the
    Republican or Libertarian parties, or revert to your previous status as an Independent! There will be plenty of time before the general election in November 2008.
    But we’re finding that up to 20 percent of Obama supporters are registered Republicans.
    In fact, during the first couple of weeks in April, some 150 Republicans indeed became “Democrats for a Day.” You might call them “Obamacrats!”
    A similar flyer was distributed in Nevada by an Obama precinct captain and there another circulating in Texas.
    / 12/7




  131. @OkieAtty,

    LOL…I would except I think I have been banned from posting over there. I’ve been fighting forever it seems when it comes to those twits over there but most of the time my stuff never gets on anymore. And most of my posts were logical too. It’s almost like CNN has stacked the cards. Anyway, I did try but I haven’t seen it on there yet. 😉

  132. PS RE: #6. Watch his speeches for his “O” face. It’s a good point to laugh at. Imitate it to friends. Imitate it to co-workers and make good fun of it. You can practice it in the mirror just like he does if you want. 🙂

    Over and out….

  133. 3 out of 7 in the latest ten home in Ohio….not good ratio. MEssages don’t do as much good, IMO as live bodies. I had to laugh, I got a name come up…simply “O”. (had visions of THE O….The dialogue was funny. “Is um, “O” there? “O, who” was the reply. Blah blah blah…as to be expected “O” was not a supporter…but the other two live bodies were!

    More later when the fine people of Ohio are at home!

  134. 3 out of 7 in the latest ten home in Ohio

    that makes no sense.. another symptom, no doubt.

    of ten calls, three were at home. There.

  135. Just scrolled through a thread at TPM, and the Obamabots are jumping up and down and going nuts over this Drudge photo. Regardless of who put it out, it’s amusing that the Obama campaign claim they can handle the Republican attack machine in a GE. This is nuts!

  136. re: emily primp comment… there is no link. she said it twice on a rountable discussion on fox news today that ran from 1-2pm. she isnt a gop operative, she is a dem strategist and she wasnt taking a side, so imo she was very very credible…. ive never seen her before, but i also just started watching fox, so i dont know if she’s a newbie or regular over there.

  137. Basil, Tiny Dancer, i think it was, saw her on FOX Roundtable. I switched it over and they were droning on about the pic having come back from a break. Don’t know if it is in transcript somewhere yet.

    Annie…FABULOUS post.
    Gonna go make my “O” face and drop a money bomb at HC.COM

  138. does anyone know… does bho site accept paypal? i really think that would make a HUGE diff if you couold contribute to hrc’s camp via paypal… its so much easier than having to enter my credit card info every time.

  139. Don’t tell me no news network carried Hillary’s foregin policy speech? All they could talk about was garbage/soap opera stuff. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  140. Obamabots are crazy. Some of them believe Gaydolf Titler is a real person. was registered by someone today :-0.

  141. Howard Wolfson just denied on a conference call that the Clinton campaign had anything to do with the Drudge photo.

    Boy, these Obama people are a paranoid lot!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Drudge manufactured the whole thing himself.

  142. Didn’t Hillary give an important foreign policy speech today?

    I think that’s enough to explain why drudge would start up a phony picture controversy.

  143. The Obama campaign wanted to do everything they could to take away from Hillary’s speech today. The media knows this and went all out.

  144. Question–Is there any reason we are not out posting that an Obama staffer planted the story/photo with Drudge? Is that any less accurate?

  145. No matter where the b.o. pic came from, can you imagine the republicans using this…omg. There is another one of him in full islamic dress from somewhere I saw in a youtube video. I don’t remember which one. Omg, the RNC has no shame, ask Harold Ford and Max Cleland, they will use this type of thing.

  146. Oh, and I know people that actually buy that he is a closet muslim, they aren’t that up on politics, but they know they do not want him, one lady is about 48, she is an army mom, her son is in Iraq, and she HATES obama because she is convinced he is a muslim and she is an independent from Missouri that now lives in Iowa. They (RNC) will play this up.

  147. Idunn Says:

    February 25th, 2008 at 3:22 pm
    Ya’ll stop joking…this photo is serious! It could cause the fall of the house of Obama!

    why do you think it will cause the fall of BHO?

  148. @Spacegirl,

    For goodness sake! The stupid photo has been around for eons! Nothing was leaked. Is he ashamed of this photo? He can’t have it both ways…grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  149. Jan….don’t shoot the messenger! LOL. There was PLENTY of HC support calling him (Smith) out on that

    Just that even tho Campaign has denied it, it is still all out there.

    MANY BO Supporters are CRAZY

  150. I will thank Drudge for one thing though, best laugh of the day came from seeing Bush dressed in that blue wizards dress. 🙂

  151. Honestly is this how Bozo is planning to run the country…chasing after non-existent scandal after scandal? No one he keeps pressing the wrong buttons. No wonder he has no substance. No wonder he has to steal and plagerize to make policy statements…

  152. Jan, I thought it was because he had such a hard time dragging himself away from his glorious reflection in the mirror.

  153. LIBERAL RADICAL PLATFORM of Obama…..some Pug chick on Fox.

    Did my money bomb. another $25.44 today. one yesterday. IDunn…need a farm hand?

  154. @Idunn,

    Too funny! Sigh I better go for a walk and calm down. Every day his camp comes up with something even more ludicrous than the last.

  155. I just posted on TPM that the media are covering the stupid photo story INSTEAD of Hillary’s foreign policy speech. 🙁 The damn story is either manufactured by Drudge, or possibly by Obama for just that reason.

  156. What is so friggin wrong with this photo? he was visiting a foreign country and was accomodating another culture. Remember, the photos of GWB holding a saber and dancing (well, sort of)? It is not a big deal. Why is everyone so upset? Presidents have done this before.

  157. Jan “…chasing after non-existent scandal after scandal?”

    soon, I am sure, they will not be non-existent. This is more smoke and mirrors. IF what that woman on fox that diva heard is right, THIS may be a plant by him (or his Rovian friends) so when the REAL S*** hits the fan, he can say “SEE!!!!!!! Another attack”

    Prepare and deflect.

    New politics….right.

  158. Excellent post at mydd. She is so good and clear and substantive.

    And understanding of the real fundamental issues.

  159. I think one big reason the MSM and the Republicans hate and fear her so — and make these stupid distractions — is that she gets to the bottom of issues and offers real solutions, not the usual conventional wisdom. She’s the candidate who offers *real* change that would make a difference.

  160. well it seems to me like his campaign is getting awfully worked up about a photo that is in the public domain. does he have something to hide here? why not address the photo in a statement and shut up.

    This was a dirty plant by BO…it reeks of his BodyOdor. They knew she was giving a major speech today and how better to deflect attention from her than make up another little stinky plan.

    The whole ObamaCampaign and Obamanation stinks like shit.

  161. Don’t have access to the debate tomorrow night. My cable company does not offer MSNBC. Ordinarily that’s no problem for me. I’ve searched every place I know to be able to watch that debate. I’ve even searched for an online radio station so I can listen. Does anyone have any clues as to how to solve my problem? Thanks

  162. @sherm: it’ll stream live on…so you can watch with us.

    also… if you know anyone that only speaks spanish… it will air later in the evening in spanish on telemundo


    Don’t be quick to count out a Clinton

    History shows the folly of counting out a Clinton.

    If Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign is looking more and more like the Titanic, she may yet prove to be the unsinkable Molly Brown.

    Ask Mike McCurry about the Clintons’ resilience. McCurry worked for Bob Kerrey, one of Bill Clinton’s chief rivals in the 1992 presidential campaign. He remembers the day details broke about Clinton’s efforts to avoid the Vietnam draft, just weeks after allegations had surfaced of an affair with Gennifer Flowers.

    “He’s toast,” McCurry told co-workers on the Kerrey campaign. “He’s never going to survive this.” McCurry went on to become Clinton’s chief White House spokesman.

    “I’d hold the obituary” for Clinton, says David Gergen, who served as an adviser to four presidents, including Bill Clinton. “She, like he, has enormous inner reserves upon which to draw. That’s why, no matter what else happens, you can’t discount the possibility that she’s going to bounce back.”

    She’s already done it once this year, pulling off an upset in New Hampshire after taking a shellacking in the leadoff Iowa caucuses.

    “We’re going to keep pushing as hard as we can,” she promised after placing third in Iowa. She’s been saying much the same thing as she fights for victories in Texas and Ohio next week to revive her candidacy.

    Trite as that may sound, it’s part of the secret to the Clintons’ success.

    “They never say die,” said Mary Matalin, who served as deputy campaign manager of the unsuccessful Bush re-election campaign in 1992. “In all the years I’ve been watching them, it never occurs to them to throw in the towel. There’s no ‘What’s my graceful exit strategy?’ They don’t have that gene.”

    They take a very long view of things, and they expect to win,” said Palmieri. “It’s something that not enough people perhaps on the Democratic side do – expect to win.”

    The notion of a former first lady running for a Senate seat from a state in which she had no political connections was written off at first, but now Clinton is in her second term holding the New York Senate seat once occupied by Robert F. Kennedy.

    She gave a hint of that last week when she told the audience at a Democratic debate, “I think everybody here knows I’ve lived through some crises and some challenging moments in my life.” And that may explain her ability to press forward when the odds appear so daunting.

    When it comes to the Clintons, says Palmieri, “The one thing you can almost always say about whatever situation you’re in is that you’ve seen worse. So they don’t get rattled. They have a much better perspective about how to deal with difficult days.”

  164. Divabunny, 3:54 pm

    Thanks very much for that. I had looked for that information without success. I’m happy now.

  165. IDunn…”From their home in North Carolina, the Edwards participated in a telephone conference with several progressive anti-war groups, including, the Center for American Progress and the Service Employees International Union.”

    all BO supporters

  166. The Center for American Progress hasn’t endorsed anybody that I’ve heard of. I subscribe to their newsletter and haven’t seen an endorsement, unless it was too subtle to notice.

  167. Center for American Progress Distinguished Senior Fellow

    Tom Daschle

    and a whole host of others in the DNC and SD’s

  168. OhBoy….

    this is going to get unreal.

    and about Romney..NNOTHING on tv today that I have heard, but saw a ref in a blog to “another republican candidate” and I wondered who.

    Also, did all y’all just get an email from McAuliffe about caller conference call as a “Top Caller”? I don’t want my head to get to big 😉 There are many who have made many calls.

  169. I have to take the dog out and get to the store for a few things. I’ll be back later. Also need to make more calls.

    We ALL do! 😉

  170. Spacegirl:

    The Iraq war is one facet for our poor economy. 2 weeks ago, I was watching Bill Moyers and he had a guest on, that said our economy would still be in trouble, even if, we were not in Iraq. so, the economic problem is deeper than Iraq. Shudders!

  171. Hillary is going after him!!!

    “We have seen the tragic result of having a president who had neither the experience nor the wisdom to manage our foreign policy and safeguard our national security. We cannot let that happen again,” she said. “America has already taken that chance one time too many.”

  172. Hillary has been AWESOME the last 72 hours. Wow, wow, wow. Thank you Maggie Williams, and whomever else is responsible for the dramatic and effective shift in focus! This is starting to get very exciting again… 😀

    Donate, canvas, call! Just 8 more days!

  173. @idunn: yep seiu has endorsed him and is spending a cool million in texas and ohio over the next week in support of bho.

  174. Well Diva, call me crazy, but I can see what JE is up to. He’s strategically placing himself on what he see’s as “the winning side”, while at the same time, appearing nuetral should it go the other way.

    And anyone who doesn’t believe that, I have a $400 dollar hair cut I’d like to sell you.

  175. Sorry, I cant believe this stupid Obama photo comes from Hillary’s campaign.
    They can not be that dumb.
    I am too sure that this comes from Obama Camp to mark the Clinton Campaign as negative after in the last days it became obvious that they have the most negative campaign ever.

  176. Idunn:

    I totally agree, JE is an opportunist, of the worst kind. What a scoundrel! Too bad, I used to like him, but his values and character have come into question with his silences, and this latest action. I used to think, he had some integrity.

  177. Personally, I like John Edwards. DESPITE the fact that he’s a blatant opportunist. And a bit of a hypocrite. And owns a palatial mansion that looks alittle like something off Dallas. 🙂

  178. Jimmy kimmel last night was praising Javier Bardem’s oscar acceptance speech as the most moving and added that anyone who missed it would be able to hear it from obama next week

  179. That photo is going to cause big problems for him. It will perpetuate the thought of somewhere deep down there his muslim background is still very much alive. Thats going to be a big problem for a lot of people to swallow and if he thinks thats bad, just wait until, the public learns his brother and a lot of relatives are full fledged muslim.

    Obama’s problems are rising to the surface. The more they look closeley at him, the more i see him nowhere near the nomination

  180. Nothing wrong with the picture really, but it will still put a lot of people off, its just the image people have in their minds of muslims, they don’t see the business suited muslim, only the traditional style jihadist look. Awful but true.

  181. OK, even if Hillary’s campaign released the picture (I don’t think they did), so what? It’s a genuine picture, not PSed in any way. Now just telling truth is negative attack? Hussein Obama is worse than commies.

  182. Jimmy kimmel last night was praising Javier Bardem’s oscar acceptance speech as the most moving and added that anyone who missed it would be able to hear it from obama next week


  183. jubjub Says:

    February 25th, 2008 at 5:01 pm
    OK, even if Hillary’s campaign released the picture (I don’t think they did), so what? It’s a genuine picture, not PSed in any way. Now just telling truth is negative attack? Hussein Obama is worse than commies.

    If anyone in the Clinton campaign released it they’re idiots. Period.

  184. Jubjub, I agree with your view on telling the truth. If the truth is negative, so be it. If that phony can’t live with the truth then he should not be running for President.

    Meanwhile I don’t believe anyone of importance in the campaign released that picture, and probably none of the others either.

    Give ’em hell Hillary. Just tell the truth and they will think it’s hell.

  185. I hadn’t thought of it before, but maybe it’s the fault of the Hillary campaign that BHO’s father was (probably) Muslim. Surely it’s their fault he lived for a few years in the largest Muslim population in the world. Maybe Bill suggested the middle name of Hussein for him.

    Sorry. I don’t do sarcasm well.

  186. I don’t understand the vitrolic hatred towards Hillary. It is out of control. People act like, she is the devil.

  187. Tweetie and Todd comparing HRC’s “The Heavens will open” speech to the Music Man, as Admin posted yesterday.


    I just wanna know WHY the HRC/Rezko pic didn’t solicit any media uproar. Disgusted again.

  188. Is it just me, or do others get ticked off when people in the media say “Mrs. Clinton”. No…she was Mrs. Clinton when she attended PTA meetings. In THIS election, she’s SENATOR Clinton.

    Man, that just irks the hell out of me.

  189. when this is all said and done, the only thing really resonating and making an effect on voters possibly, will be the debate tomorrow.

    All this Obama photo crap and other bickering is not going to change the mind of voters. Tomorrow’s debate, however, will. Obama camp is wasting their time on this petty stuff instead of getting ready for an almost certain thrashing by the Queen of Debates 🙂

  190. yeeeeesssss…. jay carney and tweety basically said that mccain is more of a uniter than barry bc barry sticks w/the dems and mccain crosses the aisle… oooh boy… i really really hope the tide continues to turn!

  191. lets hope so. I reckon there will be questions about it tomorrow night. I hope she comes armed with those mailers.

    Has she mentioned the mailers in any more of her Ohio stops and does anyone know if she will return to Texas before next Tuesday.

  192. Just hope the questions aren’t totally skewed to BO. And I hope HRC DEMANDS equal time unlike last week when spoiler campbell kept interrupting her. Ironic. that’s exactly what the media did last Tuesday.

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. TV is off for the night. Pisses me off that every time she gets some positive mo something interrupts it . . . . Her speech this afternoon (didn’t hear it) was apparently with lots of military top brass . . . . whoever said before that it got no media coverage is right WTF!!!!

  193. Barack Hussein Obama wants to turn this into a tabloid story because he has no real story to back up his rhetoric.

    The oratory is getting old, he’s been called on the copy cat issues and now he is has hit a wall. He has nothing to work with so they turn it into a dirty story.

    If they get their dicks in a twat over this picture of him in turban .. well what will they do when real shit hits the fan.

  194. People I was just wondering the Iraq vote has always been a problem for Hillary, and O hussein has really enjoyed this with the I will be right on day one line
    How can Hillary counter this in the debate tomorrow?
    I was thinking his bone headed admission of Rezko could be one to shown he also made a mistake
    Also pressing the wrong button in senate votes

    I just feel this is the last chance for Hillary to come out and not just seat back when Hussien appears to imply that he is perfect
    what doyou think
    I am just worried Hillary always appears unprepared for the Iraq question

  195. @basil: i watched online until dh (darling hubby) came home for lunch… good. very low key. very presidential. could totally see a clinton/clark ticket! who in the hell could beat that ticket????

  196. She simply needs to say, “Senator Obama, we’ll never know how YOU would have voted will we? Because YOU didn’t have to make that call.”

    End of story.

  197. @chaz356

    The guy was not in the Senate at the time of voting for the Iraq war! How could he say he voted against it? If he had been in the senate then, I don’t think he would have voted against it. Probably he would have noted “present” or said that he pressed the wrong button. What a liar.

  198. I do believe Hillary needs to confront him with the voting for/against the Iraq war issue. Hussein is getting away making so much lies.

  199. Further more, if my neighbor asks me if he can borrow my tiller, and I give it to him, and he then goes and kills his wife with it…am I guilty of killing her by proxy?

    THAT’S how I see the Iraq question.

  200. Hillary should point out that Senator Kerry supported the war initially and yet Obama did not lambast Kerry for it, but instead said “i don’t know how i would’ve voted for it if I had been there” or something along those lines. Infact, 76 senators including Republicans and Democrats voted for that bill and if Barack is going to target Hillary, He’ll have to target 3/4 of the senate as well.

    Edwards voted for the resolution too. hmm?>>>???

  201. jubjub
    I agree but Hillary has never said that
    Some stupid people actually think he voted against the war yet he was doing deals with rezko
    Also there were millions of people against the war in America does it mean we also are eligible to be President
    I just feel Hillary needs to take him down onthis once and for all

  202. @chaz: i cant understand why hrc wont call him on the fact that he did not vote against the war. he made a speech against the war. there is a BIG diff btwn the two. AND since he had the opportunity to vote, he has voted the same as hillary!

    bill has said this, but she hasnt. she HAS to say this!!!! if she has the opportunity to do this tomorrow night, i think this would make a difference. i PROMISE YOU… there are boatloads of uninformed obamaniacs that dont know that he really didnt VOTE against the war! i know many educated ppl that tell me that they are voting for barry bc “he voted against the war.” when i tell them he wasnt even a senator and didnt get to/ have to vote to invade iraq, the are genuinely suprised!

  203. well I’ve sent several “contact us” emails to her campaign and called her main office in Va .. re, Obama Iraq NONVOTE.

    Maybe if we all emailed today “collectively” and suggested she set him straight with just ONE GOOD LINE.

    whadda you think?

  204. …. okay… what they said ^^^… i was too busy typing a paragraph… well… at least we all agree! that is what she needs to do! AND i’m not the only one that knows idiots that think he had this “vote”!

  205. @dot… go for it… what do you think the “line” should be? its gotta be short and sweet though. she loses people when she goes into a lotta detail on this stuff…

  206. see Idunn answer above.

    It’s easy to monday morning quarterback for sure.

    I’m off right now to contact them again

  207. WHY isn’t her campaign calling DRUDGE out, this goes right to him. He says it was “circulated” to him…just how? By whom? Force him to give sources and names. DEMAND it..enough as Maggie Williams

  208. Hi all,

    I am having trouble with the calls.

    At the end the script says press * and enter the number to show how the call went.

    But when I do that, I get disconnected. Grrrrr. Keeps happening. Can anyone tell me how to handle the activate system after the person disconnects?

    Other than this, calls are going great. But I have another question. Does your vote count in Texas if you don’t go back on March 4 for the caucus/convention at 7 pm?

  209. I am sooooooo steamed!

    Here’s an email I shot off to Dean in response to his request for contributions to help fight against McCain and his dirty, unethical tactics regarding his campaign finances.

    H. Dean emailed me saying John McCain broke the law with campaign donations and asked for contributions to help fight him..
    Maybe I’ll give that issue some consideration once the Democratic party stops breaking the law and seats the Florida and Michigan delegates and stops bashing Clinton and promoting Obama.

    Like many other people I correspond with who were, at one time Democrats, none of us will vote for Obama should the DNC Brazille-Dean dirty tricks against Clinton result in the messiah becoming the Democratic candidate.

    Right now, any money I have goes to the Clinton campaign. If she should lose the nomination, I will send donations to the McCain campaign, just like Obama recommends with his “Democrat for a Day” flyers in which he urges Republicans and Independents to vote for him on primary day to prevent Clinton from being nominated. Nice. The same dirty tactics the Republicans have used against Democrats now being used by one Democratic nominee against another and the whole thing being condoned by the DNC.

  210. no outrage by the media that Drudge cites NOBODY other than “staffers” .. sounds an “anonymous” as last weeks McCain story. Yet nobody is questioning this. Because it gives more time for Bambi to seek cover for his bony empty butt suit.

  211. I emailed Mr. Dean earlier and told him to kiss both sides. Then I unsubscribed from the mail list but had to get a secret code before I could officially get off. I reamed him again over Florida and Michigan…THEY ARE BEING SAVAGED BY DNC AND ALL YOU MR DEAN ARE WORRIED ABOUT IS JOHN MCCAIN…

  212. Okay. I went for my walk and I’m still ticked off! Obama did this deliberately. The polls didn’t favor him. He was going to lose Texas, etc… so he had to do something to attack her.

    I am so fed up with the guy they better never put me in the same room as him!

  213. I agree Jan..he set this up. But you know what, Karma kicks in at some time. Rezco will eventually have to be dealt with. That is why Hillary should not her campaign. This is not over till he gets vetted and it won’t be pretty.

    Everytime it looks like the media is ready to start “opening” up his can of worms, he sets off another bomb in Hillary’s court. Why can’t they see through this stuff is beyond me. I’m just sick right now and I don’t just mean physically.

  214. @dot48,

    I know how you feel. I keep thinking that he will get his just desserts but with the media and the republicans it is so damn one-sided it isn’t funny. This boys club deserves to be closed down and the women hanging on his every word…sigh…they give us a bad name!

  215. Jan and dot48, I also believe Hussein Obama did it deliberately. He pretends to be a victim and now he can blame Hillary for it while getting some sympathy from stupid people. It’s all planted. Poor Hussein Obama, Hillary is out using dirty tricks to attack him again. Very slimy and thuggish.

  216. @jubjub,

    Yes he does play the victim. I just wish someone from the inside would come forth and tell the truth about him.

  217. i said this ealier in the morning, but i’m going to repeat it… this was undoubtedly planted by barry’s camp…

    1-drudge never named the source and 2- there has been a slight (very slight) shift in the media finally beginning to question obama’s backgound, so… his camp gave this to drudge in an effort to inject the race card once again. every time this has happened, hrc camp has received serious backlash from the minority voters…. they were obviously going for that again… yes, it was picked up by the media, but the pundits arent demanding her head on a platter this time. on many levels i think this was a failed attempt on bho’s part.

  218. The picture is legit, it has been at some African site for years. All the rest is just Drudge’s claim. And even he doesn’t claim the ‘Clinton staffers’ sent it to HIM. He speaks of an email “obtained by the DRUDGE REPORT.” He doesn’t even claim that the picture was IN the email. The picture might have turned up, and someone emailed someone else commenting on the exposure it was getting.

    This is all nonsense, and Maggie Williams is right in saying:

    If Barack Obama’s campaign wants to suggest that a photo of him wearing traditional Somali clothing is divisive, they should be ashamed. Hillary Clinton has worn the traditional clothing of countries she has visited and had those photos published widely.
    This is nothing more than an obvious and transparent attempt to distract from the serious issues confronting our country today and to attempt to create the very divisions they claim to decry.
    We will not be distracted.

    Mon Feb 25 2008 06:51:00 ET

    With a week to go until the Texas and Ohio primaries, stressed Clinton staffers circulated a photo over the weekend of a “dressed” Barack Obama.

    ‘Circulated’ how and where? Among themselves? They didn’t send it to Drudge, he ‘obtained’ something. No one else has reported receiving it either.

    ASsuming there were any Clinton staffers involved at all.

    “Wouldn’t we be seeing this on the cover of every magazine if it were HRC?” questioned one campaign staffer, in an email obtained by the DRUDGE REPORT.

    A reasonable comment, which have been said by anyone at any time.

  219. Driving and talk radio again;

    Only get Limbaugh and company so I tuned in and Rush is mocking BO for being so upset at the photo and says he better grow a thicker skin if he wants to stay in politics; that no one has written anything derogatory about him in BM; that he’s getting a free pass. Basically, all the things we say here.

    One theory I heard about one reason Bm hasn’t vetted BO is because they’re afraid of being labeled racist.

  220. @divabunny,

    I really hope you are right. He should be called on the carpet for this garbage once and for all.


    I wish Drudge would come out and give their sources. This is the worst kind of criminal undermining I have seen yet.

  221. Sorry for mulitple posts but I am LIVID!

    Here’s the Dean email. Is this the pot calling the kettle black or what?

    Dear H.,

    There was a lot of talk last week about John McCain’s blatant hypocrisy on ethics and integrity in Washington.

    Here we go again.

    McCain is now breaking the law by ignoring the campaign spending restrictions for the Republican primary that came when he asked for federal matching funds — funds he used as collateral on a loan that helped keep his campaign going.

    But now that the lobbyist and special interest money has started pouring into his campaign, he’s trying to back out of the promise he made just a few months ago. They’re feeding so much cash into his bank account, this “reformer” wants nothing to do with federal campaign finance laws anymore.

    That’s why today, we’re filing a formal complaint with the Federal Election Commission demanding that John McCain be held to the campaign finance laws. Trying to back out shows a total lack of integrity and honesty — he made a deal with the American people to to abide by the law, and in return, he was guaranteed taxpayer money that he used to back a loan.

    H., I’d like you to add your name in support of our complaint, and ask as many people as you can to sign on. American taxpayers made a deal with John McCain — now that he’s flush with lobbyist cash, he wants to pretend that it never happened.

    Sign on right now:

    Here’s the background on the situation.

    A few months ago, John McCain applied for and was approved to receive federal matching funds. Because he couldn’t find enough people to fund his campaign, he was also forced to apply for a $4 million line of credit, which he secured by using the federal matching funds as collateral.

    By taking the federal funding, he agreed to spend no more than $57 million until the Republican convention. But so far, his campaign has spent at least $49 million — leaving him with less than $10 million to campaign with through September.

    Now that he’s won the nomination and has the support of the Republican lobbyist and special interest machine, he’s trying to ignore that the whole thing ever happened. He recently wrote a letter to the FEC telling them that he was backing out, even though the FEC is very clear that any request to withdraw from the agreement must be approved; you can’t just change your mind and take it back — legally, you have to be given permission.

    McCain isn’t asking because he knows he’ll never be granted permission, and he doesn’t want to have to accept the funding restrictions he agreed to when he used the money as collateral for a loan. He’s ripping a page right from George Bush’s playbook: ignoring the laws when they aren’t convenient and hoping no one will notice.

    Stand up and show him that hundreds of thousands of people have noticed — he can’t change the rules in the middle of the game because he doesn’t like how things are going for him:

    Using government programs when it’s politically convenient and breaking the rules when it’s not … remind you of anyone?

    Just like George Bush, John McCain thinks he’s above the law. McCain poses as a reformer, but seems to think reforms apply to everyone but him.

    Time to send him a message.

    Howard Dean


  222. Basil,

    The Republicans should be afraid. Bobo uses the race card at any hint of criticism. If this keeps up there will indeed be rioting and it will all be his fault.

  223. I’m driving six hours to attend my precinct convention in Texas; there is no reason for anyone not to be voting or attending theirs. Let’s go Texas. Get it together.

  224. Gotta hand it to Rush. He hit the nail on the head. Obama ain’t seen nothing till the takes the “heat” from the Republican army. They will annilihate him and they’ll find a way to turn it away from being labeled racist. Right now “everything” HRC does has that media “dog hunt” to it…sniff, sniff, snort, snort, (yes, pun intended) to try to shed bad light on her.

    I tell them this. Hillary’s support is strong. They have manipulated the exit polls in those little states to make it look like he is really cutting into her support … all the while not citing that Repub and Ind are on in an orchestrated effort to take her out..BO does not fathom that he will be the recipient of “Reagan Democrats” in Novemember. That is why the superdelegates must remain stalwart and not be swayed by the hype and cult of what is the BarackObamabotulismBandWagon.

    Hillary hit it right on Saturday. Magic Wands won’t do, pretty choirs won’t do, beautiful speechs won’t do, one has to have SOLUTIONS and EXPERIENCE to work in Washington .. the WASHINGTON way.

    George W. Bush came to Washington to “change” politics, to bring a “fresh” face .. look where we are now. More divided than ever. Our structure of goverment cannot be is what it is. Kennedy and Kerry can Preach all they want about REFORMING .. but they really do not want that..they are along for the few quick photo ops and to feel the adoration of that passing meteor. That meteor will fade, even if elected, I give it about 10 months. The shine will wear and the questions will come .. WHERES THE BEEF.

  225. tell the tx dem party that u want voter party id lists at all caucuses. we can vet out those who are die hard repubs from this and get them kicked-
    TDP Staff
    TDP Contact information:

    505 West 12th Street, Suite 200
    Austin, Texas 78701

    Telephone: (512) 478-9800
    Fax: (512) 480-2500

  226. I’m sending in a letter to my hometown newspaper that will read as follows: Copy. Paste. Use as you please. It’s basically all the talking points put together in letter form.

    Dear Citizens of [Fill in blank]:

    On March 4, 2008, we have the chance to make history. I hope you will join me and support Hillary Clinton.

    Hillary Clinton is the only candidate running for President who will be ready on Day One to solve our urgent problems and stand up for the voiceless – ready to be Commander in Chief to end this war, ready to manage the economy to restore our middle class dream, and ready to take on John McCain and take back the White House. She offers real solutions, not speeches and soundbites.

    Hillary is the only candidate whose health care plan will cover all Americans, the only candidate with a plan to freeze foreclosures, the only candidate who is ready to be Commander in Chief and end the Iraq war. In addition, Hillary is ready to solve our urgent problems and improve people’s lives. We face two wars, a growing economic crisis and 47 million people without health insurance — we need a president with the strength and experience to solve them. Moreover, Hillary is a doer, a fighter and a champion for people — and you can count on her to stand up for you. She is a lifelong and passionate champion for people who need help. Now she will rein in the special interests and rebuild our middle class. And finally, Hillary will put us back in the solutions business. That’s the choice in this election: It’s between someone who makes speeches and promises and someone with a record who will deliver real solutions.

    Let’s show Hillary that [Insert] County has her back.

    Respectfully yours,


  227. JanH,
    Sorry, it posted twice. i thought it didn’t go through the first time coz of the http// but it got through the spam filer.
    I find these comments especially egregious;
    “He’s ripping a page right from George Bush’s playbook: ignoring the laws when they aren’t convenient and hoping no one will notice.”
    Isn’t that what BO and the DNC are doing, trying to STEAL the nomination???? and;.
    “he can’t change the rules in the middle of the game because he doesn’t like how things are going for him:” SOunds like BO and DNC to me.

    Using government programs when it’s politically convenient and breaking the rules when it’s not … remind you of anyone?

  228. I could care less who released the picture. I saw it nearly a year ago on some website it has been out there for quite a while. The more Obama raises a stink about it the more voters will see the picture (pretty stupid). Couple that with Farakhan and the Nation of Islam there will be a backlash against Obama and not Hillary.
    Anyone who thinks that the republicans will not run non stop ads with pictures of Obama, Osama and Farakhan are well, deluding themselves. In my opinion Obama lost the general election on Sunday with that speech Louis Farakhan gave praising him.
    I can see the 527 ads now with a ranting Farakhan speech followed by his speech endorsing obama ending with the question “Do you really want to take a chance with your children or grand children’s lives”

  229. jubjub…thank you, I needed that. I’m pretty tense right now.

    That ought to be sent to every news outlet to let them see themselves for what they have become.

  230. abc news had a great sotry on obama’s ill voting record. he voted 200 times to raise ill taxes etc.. didnt look rosy to me.

  231. LawSchoolDem,

    “Hillary is a doer, a fighter and a champion for people — and you can count on her to stand up for you.”

    Exactly! Well said! 🙂

  232. well just last week Obama was going to sue over 527 ads…let us hear his outrage now.

    Any other 527’s up and running by the way.

  233. I’m sure all Nightline will do is try to make it look like Bambi IS ready to be Prez.

    I don’t trust in the journalistic intergrity of anyone at this point.

  234. One of the unions supporting him has one up in OHIO, poorly done one at that. It will have no impact. It looks like it was not professionally done or just threw it together at the last minute.

  235. I really hope Hillary wins the debate tomorrow night. I can see Obama using bullying tactics but I think she can handle him with one hand tied behind her back.

  236. abc news is widely watched too. very good. very good. very good.

    Tweety, don’t get you tap shoes on just yet.
    Scarface don’t get your tux out just yet
    Luntz and Rich, don’t get your rental car ready just yet

    The media wants to bury her so bad and she is still doing quite well in the polling. That is why Bambi and Company are sweating bullets and planting ridiculous stories.

  237. Dot,

    Great points.


    Doya know where you saw the pic? I would like to add that info to some of the media emails I’m sending out.

    jubjub! 😀 Very funny. “And his record is spotless!” hahahaha

  238. Good evening!!!! I’ve been having SERIOUS Hillary is 44 withdrawal since last week. I can’t read you guys on my phone, so I had to get my fix from Taylor Marsh, No Quarter and the River Daughter’s blog. I’m so glad to be among friends again! I donated to Hillary as soon as I got into my apartment this afternoon.

  239. You know, something else suspicious about the cash from the book advance is that Michelle Obama has said on more than one occasion that they used the money to pay off student loans and other bills.

  240. One week from tomorrow folks. It feels like big SuperTuesday was a lifetime ago

    btw..hubby has pneumonia. I’m getting sick now too, sore throat and fever.

  241. Are the unions that support HRC – AFSCME, Farmer Workers, Teachers – are they helping out? Would a few calls to each HQ help prompt them to action?

  242. I saw in during the summer and not sure it was. Some foreign site I think. Maybe do do with Africa, my brother is still there thanks to GWB and I was surfing a lot of different sites.

  243. Hey SUGAR, You don’t know me, but I missed you

    I rarely post because I’m always so far behind in the threads


  244. basil, up thread there is a link to a 1999 Africa newspaper or something that has the photo on the front page. He was there for some kind of flooding stuff. So what, he wore a turban. He should be PROUD. Oh, but I forgot the word PROUD does not seem to be in either his nor MichelleObamabotulism’s vocabulary.

  245. Interesting Feb 25 Gallop Poll:
    – Obama ties with McCain (O 47% M 48%)

    – There are democrats who would rather vote for McCain if Obama is nominated (17% democrats would vote for McCain vs. 10% when Hillary is the nominee)

    – There are republicans who would rather vote for Obama if Obama is nominated (9% republicans would vote for Obama vs. 4% if Hillary is the nominee)

  246. Most Democrats in southern Illinois think that BO is a muslim. I live in southern Illinois and consider myself moderate. It came as a surprise to me that Democrats would think that he is a muslim. If he gets the nomination this guy is never going to win GE.

  247. Her theme song should be Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It”. lol I can’t get it out of my head!

  248. Basil, I like your letter to the DNC, I agree wholeheartedly, I will take four years of mccain to wait for HRC in 2012, she will only be 64, he will be like 77. I can wait. I WILL not tolerate an obama nomination and I will become a “republican for a day” 🙂

  249. Okay, I was listening to Rush Limbaugh today (don’t throw anything at me – he’s vile but sometimes there’s some small nugget of value among the dross). He had a caller from Delaware, an elderly jewish man who really wanted to rant about energy policy. But before he got into his energy rant, he confessed that the last losing candidate he’d voted for was Barry Goldwater. I suppose this means he voted for Bill in the ’90s, but I wasn’t paying attention to his explanation of that (on Rush’s show, after all).

    ANYWAY, his whole family is apparently in the Ft. Lauderdale area and they’ve all voted Democratic all their lives. And his point was that none of them are going to vote for Obama. You can say that’s racist and I’d certainly agree with you, but it gets to some major electability problems for Obama that the MSM just seems to ignore. How is a guy that doesn’t win the big blue states and the big democratic constituencies going to win against McCain? Hello?

    The Republicans love talking about how Florida is a microcosm of the United States. Well, the Democrats in Florida sure know who their preference is! How long are we supposed to pretend that Obama has this insurmountable lead when it vanishes as soon as you confront the Florida (& Michigan) delegates? How long can people delude themselves into thinking Obama is actually electable?!

  250. The editorials that take all of Wolfson press conferences and words out of context and run it with headlines line a story .. this burns me.

  251. Hillary is going to win Texas. And I agree that she should stay in this until the convention. Obama is trying to squeeze her out before anything detrimental comes out about him.

    Go Hillary!

  252. here’s the link to his new 527:

    the seiu is paying the salaries of the members that go to tex and ohio to work for bho’s campaign. i thought that was illegal. if you are affiliated w/a 527, you have to cut all ties to the campaign. the seiu is spending 700-1 million next week to canvas and pay for tv and radio ads.

    take a look at the faces of the people at the top of the page. with the exception of one photo every single person featured on that site is a minority…aa, asian americans, latino…. if hrc was doing that she would be called out for exploiting and she’d also be threatened with a lawsuit.

    he can do whatever he wants, but she’s vilified at every turn!

  253. Hey All – I just sent a bunch of you whom I have emails for a 1-866 dial in number for Texas calling, and also reminders about the Caucus –

    Seems that A LOT of Texans don’t know that there’s a primary and a caucus – you have to them it’s a TWO STEP (pun intended) and they have to RETURN TO THEIR POLLING PLACE TO CAUCUS.

    please MAKE CALLS. Obama’s folks have been on the ground as soon as early voting started, and we need to catch up.

  254. I read on some blog yesterday that his sister Maya said in more than one interview that until he was 26 he did consider himself a Muslim. I don’t know what the big deal is. One of my best friends is an Orthodox Muslim. He knows damn well he was claiming Islam for a lot of years. What’s the problem with just saying, “I’m no longer of that faith.” He doesn’t need to front as if he never was. lol That’s where the problem is going to come in for him because just as sure as that picture of him receiving a “gift” from his people in Kenya is out there, there is probably a picture or two of him in a Masjid (Mosque). lol

  255. Sugar, that’s pretty much my take on things too. It isn’t the facts of his ancestry or his religious beliefs that bother me. It’s the fact that he lies about it.

  256. Hey JanH! I was in San Antonio for the past few days and I ran into a group of Hispanic women who all had on Hillary 4 President shirts! I hugged a few of them I was so happy to see them.

  257. hawk:

    count me in too. in fact I know several potential ‘republican’s for a day’ if the need arises. if someone here can create an online petition for this ‘movement’, I’d happily sign up. it might even get some national attention.

  258. diva .. do you have a source that can be verified on the fact the union is paying those people to campaign. If so, Please contact the campaign office in Ohio and ask for the legal Main Office in Virginia and speak to legal.

    That should most definitely illegal I would think.

  259. CLEAR FACT: Obama’s people made vile charges against Hillary’s campaign — then admitted they really didn’t know anything about the photo.

    CLEAR FACT: No one except Drudge has reported receiving that photo — not much ‘circulating’ there.

    CLAIM FROM DRUDGE: He didn’t even claim the photo was sent to the press or to him.

  260. It may be racist that elderly Jewish folks WON’T vote for Obama because he’s black, but it’s not qualitatively different from elderly African-Americans who WILL vote for Obama because he’s black. So if that’s the political calculus in the primaries, WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN IN THE GENERAL ELECTION?!

    I, for one, refuse to pretend that electoral math is meaningless. If the MSM is going to throw roses at BO’s feet because he won the Virginia primary, I think it’s just so much pearls before swine. Does anyone think that matters when A) he certainly couldn’t win it in the fall against McCain? B) NOR will he put Florida in play?

    He can’t carry ANY swing states. I can’t pretend that doesn’t matter.

  261. She’s winning this thing peeps.

    The fat lady aint sung and it’s a long, long time till August.

    Obama doesn’t WANT frontrunner status because he knows the clock starts ticking on his implosion. That is why his campaign is planting roadside bombs against Hillary. The media is so caught up in his come together movement, they can’t function in their real capacity.

    I for one cannot wait till he is pounced upon by the very ones that took him to the top of the mountain…just wish it was sooner than later

  262. @dot: how is it “volunteering” if these people are being paid their salaries????

    regarding the legality…the bottom line is that, they’re doing all of this in ONE week, by the time something is done, it will be too late!

  263. Dot “well just last week Obama was going to sue over 527 ads…let us hear his outrage now.”

    i heard something on NPR I think about this. APPARENTLY it is a technicality…these are UNION ADS, not through another Org. It sucks, but that is what I understood they said. He really plays sleazy. New Politics…BLAH

  264. Idunn:

    I understand your position, but personally speaking I would not be able to forgive myself if I supported the democratic party without Hillary as the nominee. After all they have done to throw her under the bus, I really don’t have any other choice.

    Besides, McCain is much more centrist in his politics than bawak. He’s not your typical republican.

  265. lninla, you are SO right. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I used to live (and vote) in Texas and I didn’t know that either.

  266. Okay I just have to stand up for Jewish people here. Just because one older man said his family wouldn’t vote for Obama doesn’t mean all of them wouldn’t. And there are those who might not vote for him just because they see him for the empty man that he is.

  267. Rigso, that is a useless exercise in conjecture. We are not at that point and there are too many variables. You are not accounting for if she:
    1. Wins Oh
    2. Wins RI
    3. Wins popular vote in TX
    4. Lose Delegate race in TX
    5. Win Delegate race in Tx
    6. Lose popular vote in TX
    7. Lose narrowly popular vote in TX
    8. Lose narrowly delegate vote in TX

    There are too many variables and we don’t know how this will end up so it is counterproductive to try to predict to tell sen. Clinton anything about dropping out the race.

    That is an Obama and MSM talking point.

  268. I told someone today that I could definitely vote for McCain. He is a moderate on most issues, excluding Iraq, Social Security, and like abortion rights. I can handle him for a few years until he croaks and then our girl steps up, but I think we need to end BO’s candidacy now so we don’t have to wait.

  269. ININLA .. please send your campaign contacts the info on the unions paying their employees to campaign for Obama. I do not see that this could be legal.

  270. Levon, I don’t tell other people how to vote. We ALL have to search our hearts, souls and minds and try to make the choice that is best for us as individuals.

    If BO wins the nom. and some Democrats feel compelled to try to block him by voting McCain…I’m fine with that. 🙂

    Just isn’t how I will approach things.

  271. My email to Lou Dobbs regarding Bill Schneider’s report that white men in Texas are voting for BO.

    Schneider says that white men are voting for Obama in Texas.
    What he failed to mention is that many of those men are actually Republicans, responding to the Obama pitch to Republicans and Independents to be “Democrats for a Day” and stop Clinton from winning the nomination. Here is a copy of the flyer.

  272. Jimmy kimmel last night was praising Javier Bardem’s oscar acceptance speech as the most moving and added that anyone who missed it would be able to hear it from obama next week

    ROTFL!!! Let’s make videos and stuff showing Obama ripping off lots and lots of speeches, and then flash to crowds applauding them.

    Obama: Luke, I AM your father. That’s why only I can heal your soul blah blah

  273. Sorry all, I have motormouth syndrome today.

    Listening to Dobbs. Very funny comment about the pic of the day.

    “Is it really proof of fear-mongeriong, as the BO campaign charges,” he asks, “or just proof of bad taste in dress?”


  274. Divabunny, I’d be cool with a clinton/clark ticket. I saw Wes defending her visit to D.C. earlier on the local news.

  275. “basil9 Says:

    February 25th, 2008 at 2:53 pm
    Just sent this to O’Reilly.
    Dear Mr. O’Reilly,

    I have recently switched to Fox news for national and international information because I have found your network far more “fail and balanced” than CNN, MSNBC or any of the other networks. ”

    I am betting this email from you basil9 is going to be framed. I am sure they have never received an email like this before! LOL!
    Who would have thought!

  276. LawSchoolDem, Thanks for driving those many hours to help Hillary. Everyone who is now, already has, or will soon be helping in this great effort is to be commended. Big Pink supports Hillary and Hillary supporters. Eli Manning did not quit. Eli Manning never considered quitting.

    Burn the ships. Burn the white flags.

  277. for anyone that didnt get to watchhrc’s speech today on foreign policy:

    the video is on the right side of the page

  278. Let’s make videos and stuff showing Obama ripping off lots and lots of speeches, and then flash to crowds applauding them

    “It was a little cocker spaniel dog in a crate that he’d sent all the way from Texas. Black and white spotted. And our little girl-Tricia, the 6-year old-named it Checkers. And you know, the kids, like all kids, love the dog and I just want to say this right now, that regardless of what they say about it, we’re gonna keep it.”

    ::crowd swoons and applauds with rapture::

  279. Hey all!

    Hows Texas looking for Hillary? I didnt see anything about the polls for Texas – esp from Hillary’s website – just that she continues to be ahead in Ohio.

    Also, can’t believe how Obama freaked out about the picture. I mean, come on, be real. I loved how Maggie was not afraid to attack him saying, “ENOUGH!”

    Also, donated some today (10.44 – it’s all I could do for today until this Friday).

    ADMIN – did you let the campaign know about the democratic for a day in Texas post that I posted yesterday?

  280. 1950democrat: Thanks for mentioning those few places to post. I also post to cnn’s AC360. I am hoping maybe cnn will pick up on how many hillary supporters there are.

  281. Idunn,

    Don’t know much about Clark but a Clinton ticket with anyone besides BO on it is great in my book.

    Any progress in the March 4th outcome forecast?

  282. Off to grab some grub so I can watch A Raisin in the Sun. Let’s bet Obama will steal some lines from THAT for use in tomorrow’s debate. I’d bet everything I OWN, that he mentions it.

  283. I am wondering if there ratings among a certain demographic (18-34) are up so they don’t care how biased they are. This is presuming Obama’s supporters are mostly that age.

  284. “Prepared to be President ?

    57% – Clinton

    39% – Obama


    Why the heck so many people even voted for him? He is getting more than 39% of the votes, so people don’t think he is ready still voted for him? How stupid is that.

  285. Any progress in the March 4th outcome forecast?

    I already posted about it. Not alot to really point to anything dramatic either way.

  286. birdgal:you know who I am there? It’s funny how I was talking to you the other day too and didn’t even clue in you were the same person. 🙂

  287. dedfg Says:

    February 25th, 2008 at 7:36 pm
    birdgal:you know who I am there? It’s funny how I was talking to you the other day too and didn’t even clue in you were the same person.

    Zowie? 🙂

  288. Oh, I forgot to mention that apparently, the Senior Advisers, including Maggie Williams, will be at the Natl. HQ tomorrow to talk to volunteers directly. I’m so excited I don’t know what to do with myself and I’m trying to figure out what I might want to convey to them myself. If you all have anythings you want me to consider carrying, PLEASE email me at I’m going to go prepared. I don’t know what the setup of the meeting is going to be, but I’m really excited. Okay, off to get that grub for real now. I’ll log back on later. Peace.

  289. BULLSHIT. I don’t know HOW THE HELL Obama can get away with say he only worked with Rezko for 5 hrs.

    The article CLEARLY states that REzko used to be a PART OF HIS SENATORIAL FINANCE COMMITTEE AKA he WORKED WITH AND FOR Obama for a LOOONG time now.

    And yet he can still get away with the whole “5 hrs” thing?

  290. Hey what’s this about Ellen I’m hearing? Its all over on Facebook!

    What’s new with Texas and Hillary?

    And have you DONATED?????

  291. re: “rezco is coming”… i was watching fox today from 1-2 and they had a roundtable and there was a dem strategist, emily primp and said that there are things in obama’s past that will be coming out soon. she said it twice and she said it very emphatically. something is def up.

  292. I have been on a media blackout for the past 2 weeks. Maybe, I’ll test the waters with FIX News tonight. lol! I have always avoided that network.

  293. Prof Carol Swain, an AA woman, just reiterated something I’ve written about to Howard Fineman and company for months that this country is far more likely to elect a black man than a woman and that accounts for the uptick in WM votes for BO.

    I think it’s the Repubs for BO syndrome.

    Swain was dead-on right, IMHO..

  294. OK, I was doing the delegate math and it’s funny that so many dunces in MSM seem to think Hillary needs to run the table and get like 249% of the remaining delegates to win the nomination.

    The current delegate count per demconwatch (including Super Delegates) is this:



    That’s only a 90-delegate lead. If you didn’t know any better and had MSM as your only source of knowledge, you would think that she’s worse off than Huckabee.

    Here’s what’s left:

    Total remaining pledged delegates = 981
    Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania = 492

    If Hillary wins 55% of the delegates in the combined states of Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania, then she gets a net gain of 50 delegates (271 delegates to 221). This is simplifying the delegate calculation for each state I know, but I’m just going purely on percentages and I would think the actual delegate numbers would be very close to this. And remember, she would need to win the COMBINED delegates of these states by 55%, not EACH ONE.

    If Hillary just BREAKS EVEN with him for the remaining delegates, then the 90 delegate lead that he currently holds would just be 40 at the end of the primaries (assuming the Super Delegate difference stays the same). If you add in Florida, where Hillary won 42 more delegates than him, then she would actually be leading by 2 delegates.

    MSM doesn’t like to add in Super Delegates or Florida and Michigan into their electoral math, but the Super Delegates are part of the process, and something will be done with Florida and Michigan before it’s all said and done.

    Peace out.

  295. Idunn,

    I wouldn’t for a second suggest to you how you should vote. I respect your freedom to vote for whomever you want to, for whatever reasons you want. I was just telling you what I would do, that’s all.

  296. I still don’t see, how the DNC can disenfranchise all the voters from MI and FL. It does not make sense, and it is bad politics. This election has been rigged from the beginning.

  297. anyone know how much bambi’s disapproval ratings have gone up? Heard something today that both he and mccain had increased significantly but that hills was the same as in october

  298. wouldn’t for a second suggest to you how you should vote. I respect your freedom to vote for whomever you want to, for whatever reasons you want. I was just telling you what I would do, that’s all.

    I know that Levon. I was just telling you that I respected your right to determine your vote, as well. 🙂

  299. It’s says on Ellen’s website that Hillary will be there on Tuesday

    And that’s what everyone is talking about???

  300. Yes she will be on Tuesday! I heard she showed up for a surprise at a rally of Hillary’s but Im not sure if its true or not it was rumored/discussed in facebook!

    Donate donate and DONATE

  301. bcc:

    I think MSM and bawak are suggesting she bow out now because they know if she can win Ohio and Texas, it will give her BIG TIME momentum going into Pennsylvania. If that happens, there’s a really good chance that there will be a brokered convention.

    The DNC does not want this for many reasons, one of which is that Florida and Michigan will still be relevant, and whatever decision they make regarding those states could actually affect the outcome of the primary.

  302. My email to Olbermann.

    Dear Mr. Olberman,

    With all due respect, I used to watch your program every night but since the democratic nominating process began, I find it difficult to tune in because of your constant slanted, biased pro-Obama agenda..

    I wonder why I have never heard a report on your program about the Obama dirty tactics against the Clinton campaign, including flyers and emails to Texas Republicans and Independents to become “Democrats for a Day” and deny Clinton the nomination. This is a time-tested Republican vs. Democrat strategy now being aimed by Obama against Clinton.

    Here are several links regarding this dirty tactic and a copy of the flyer/email sent to Florida voters.

    I sincerely hope you will take note of the voter fraud perpetuated by the Obama campaign.

  303. Bill OReilly is the only sane one in the media. I wish Hillary’s campaign would say that the photo did not come from them and print off the big African web page that it is on. She can take that to the debate .. visuals work much better than statemenhts. I also hope she takes the mailers.

    Barack supporters are very, very worried about her new tactic…they know that this is connecting with Americans. That is why they want her to stop LOL.

    Deck Em Hillary!

  304. GREAT DAY for Hillfans, I gotta say. She’s really beginning to turn this around. Her energy is stronger, her rapid-response team is in full effect, and she’s lampooning the Obama campaign perfectly. She’s contrasting herself clearly: as a fighter who gets things done, vs. Obama’s pie-in-the-sky, feel-good, empty-calorie, soda pop rhetoric.

  305. I wish Hillary’s campaign would say that the photo did not come from them

    Wolfson DID say it didn’t come from the HRC camp.

  306. Voted @4:30 pm with 18 year-old son (his first ballot ever cast) for Hillary here in Texas. Have volunteered to be caucus leader in my precinct (have packet will travel collecting names) and my sister will be leader in her rural precinct in Texas as well. Has everyone donated $42.44 or other amount today? Am so ready for Obama to be held to same standards as Hillary. The outrage over his picture with turban is so hypocritical. Are you proud of your African roots or not? Stop playing both sides, race card, etc. MO was here today with CK. Ugh. Ready for revelations concerning his distortion of facts, associations with Rezko/Farrakhan/TUCC to be fully exposed, along with his weak position on universal healthcare, dangerous talk of meeting with dictators and other ill-conceived notions to be exposed for the impulsive, “loose-cannon” quagmires they represent. Where is outrage from Jewish community about this volatile path Obama would have us take, not to mention Farrakhan’s unofficial endorsement? Why aren’t the Jewish-Americans pulling out all stops to expose this fraud? How can MSM go along with this ticking timebomb?

  307. will the honeymoon cruise last? Oprah is a messiah as well LOL and they are leading everyone to the Promised Land. Gawd, Idunn — get our stuff ready. We gotta get outta here.

  308. “anyone know how much bambi’s disapproval ratings have gone up? Heard something today that both he and mccain had increased significantly but that hills was the same as in october”

    They’re getting to know more about BHO now – by November 2004 Kerry’s negatives were as high as Bush’s.

    Drudge has a …developing… headline about a NYT article in tomorrow’s paper “Hillary is going throw the kitchen sink” at BHO. Good,’bout time.

  309. Birdgal and dedfg .. Kostner used to be here too! Try to get Louis here stat LOL. Love FSU (although I was not part of Anybody but Slutskaya .. I lurve her — kill me already) Hillary has a LOT of support over there and they are working their fingers to the bone on phone calls too and donating. I’m proud of FSU Hillary Lurvefest!

  310. curiosityhasme, awesome! Keep up the good work! How is Hillary doing in Texas? The polls seems too close to call! Let me know. I agree I hope more people start to see who Obama really is! Be sure to ask your family/friends to become caucus leaders in the various precinct as there are many still needed!

    look at all these military leaders for Hillary!

    ADMIN – you may want to get in touch with the campaign encouraging Wesley Clark to campaign for her in Texas at the military bases or its community.

  311. curiosityhasme I appreciate your hard work for Hillary. I hope you

    know that Hillary supporters everywhere loves ya. :cheers:

  312. [I]I’m proud of FSU Hillary Lurvefest![/I]

    me too! 🙂

    …but we need to go where the undecideds are. I’m always looking.

  313. we need to tell Republicans that a President Obama will be a nightmare for the conservatives – incompetent devil they don’t know.

    If they hate McCain, then vote Hillary.

  314. what I really am worried about is the democratic for a day for Texas…. I just hope we can prevail like we did in Florida. we came out loud and clear so I am hoping for this in Texas and Ohio

  315. Tomorrow I hope that she gets some traction on her foreign policy speech. Has it been confirmed she is doing Ellen? I have to track her show down on my tv.

  316. basil9:Go figure! To think I (like many other posters here) are actually switching to Fox!

    The next thing I know, you’ll be telling me you sent a letter to Chris Mathews stating you appreciate his insight! LOL!

  317. lninla:

    or maybe we can just get the republicans to stay home and not vote at all. hopefully with all of the negative stuff about bawak coming to light, they will feel less inclined to vote for him no matter what the end result would be.

  318. dot,

    Hate to say it but I’ve been listening to the tube all evening and I haven’t heard any discussion of her foreign policy speech. Zero.

    It’s all about poor BO and who could be so meant as to release a pic of him in Somali dress?

    (He does look like a little kid in that costume, ,like he’s no more than 10 years old. hehehehe.)

  319. yep, Fox been fairer (so far) to Hillary. I don’t watch anything but O’Reilly so I can’t vouch for the other shows.

    It is the “in” thing to do to bash Hillary. I just wish the media honeymoon cruise for Obama would end.

    Michelle Obamabot was in Texas today? Did she say anything outrageous again or have they retained a speech writer for her as well?

  320. dedfg,

    ‘The next thing I know, you’ll be telling me you sent a letter to Chris Mathews stating you appreciate his insight! LOL!’


    Actually, I have contacted Tweetie numerous times but that was to protest his anti-Hillary agenda and his rampant sexism.

  321. Sugar, you are spot on again. It’s not being a former muslim. Hell, I’d vote for a muslim myself. I could care a less. It’s lying about it. Remember Senator Maccaca. Lying about his Jewish mom killed him. Hey, what is FSU?

  322. justmeinmountdorafl:

    Hear conflicting reports about polls, but we have large AA community here, but also growing Hispanic population and union blue-collar base with petrochemical industry. In general throughout Texas, I don’t see how she isn’t way out front. Have spoken to several of the “Greatest Generation” in past few days, along with countless Baby Boomers. We’re livid and at a loss as to why the media would have you believe these two groups – over 45, are yesterday’s news, has-beens, used-up and of no value to a democratic America. Youth is not “where it’s at”, at all. Sure, I want young people to get involved, but it serves this country no purpose whatsoever if there involvement is like watching this season’s reality show to them, and they have no grasp of facts or issues. I’m all about educating our youth on the BIG Picture; I wouldn’t want my teenagers to go long with the crowd in this Obamamania, no more than I would want them to go along with any other unhealthy and unsound risky behavior. Mind-blowing the seemingly intelligent adults who say “their children” (Kennedy/Shriver) are the reason they became supporters. Give me a break. I thought children were supposed to learn from adults on important matters like our freedom, economy, etc. After all, who’s paying the bills, who gave us this country if it wasn’t the Greatest Generation, Viet Nam Vets, and yes – our brave young men and women. And just what do our present soldiers really think of Obama, especially his devil-may-care cavalier attitude toward meeting with dictators? We can only pray that our country’s true patriots and salt-of-the-earth old-timers all turn out and vote to offset the Republicans crossing over only for the Primary, the idiotic white men and women and the clueless youth who think this is one big, funny game.

  323. hey curiosityhasme, very well said! I like what you’ve shared. It’s sad to hear nearly on a daily basis that parents are voting for Obama because of their children. Hmm what’s that sharing? That our children are smarter then us and they know what’s best for this country? This distrubs me. It shows that parents more and more are wanting to be, “in” with their children/young adults as opposed to thinking the big picture and what’s best for America. I really hope Texas will go for Hillary.

  324. I wouldn’t be so sure she’s going to throw “everything, including the kitchen sink” at the debate tomorrow. I suspect she’s not telegraphing her strategy like that. I do believe that debate’ll be mighty interesting, however. 🙂

  325. a person said this in facebook:

    “A friend of mine from college now lives in Austin, TX. He is a *sigh* republican but a nice guy just the same. He was call by the Texas republican party and told to vote Obama b/c McCain had already sewn up the nomination. “

  326. Sigh…doesn’t anyone know what time HRC was actually born? She has said it was at 8pm…so that’s what I went with. But now I hear her mom in an interview said it was at 8 am.

    Grrrr…anyone know for sure?

  327. basil Shuster was just suspended for 2 weeks. He was nearly fired

    but I think it was Russert who went to bat for him. Don’t quote
    me on that though. lol

  328. I’m about to get off of here for the night, but if anyone CAN point me to the correct time of her birth, please let me know next time you see me.

    I’m super frustrated right now.

  329. I guess I’m just going to have to do a work up of the chart with the 8am time and see how the two match up. 🙁

    I despise math!

  330. Ann, that youtube clip of Obama is STUNNING. Whoah.

    Here’s Obama, admitting in his own words, that by 2008, he wouldn’t have enough experience to run for President.

  331. wow and wow… check this out! looks like now that barry has gotten positive spin w/the press, he’s blowing them off… this could be really good for us! the honeymoon is OVAH!!!

  332. Our young people have been raised in a society where multiculturalism is part of their everyday classroom experience. That’s fine. Yet how many times do they recount stories of unfainess shown to students who are not necessarily in the minority. These same children also know who says the “n” word to who and in which context or setting and who better not or it means detention, expulsion; therefore, they see the double standards early on, however – they haven’t been able, for the most part, to see the correlation with this election and the double standards and race card distortions. It’s whatever the majority of the kids think about the election and what’s cool to mostly out-of-control teens. The only defense with raising your own in this society is to innundate them from birth with current events, news, reading, conversations – so that they can develop their own critical-thinking skills. They certainly won’t get that in school, unfortunately. Parents have to talk about the pluses and minuses of both parties and independents, compare and contrast different forms of government and societies so that teens can develop their won “composite” of what best represents them. But if all they do is watch reality TV, video games and stay on Facebook and Myspace hour after hour, with little or no interaction and open discussions with adults talking about pros and cons, then they will just go along with their peers. It’s hard for kids to have the maturity to stand alone and do the right thing. Yet, they are our future and have to be able to think for themselves. We’re turning this country over to them – what a scary thought knowing how robotic their thinking can become. So when parents start taking cues from their uninformed kids, yikes. What a disservice and dereliction of duty. Such is the part of parenting that can’t be overlooked.

  333. curiosityhasme you should write diariese for you’ve shared powerful statements about the imporance of parents to make the right decisions and being of positive influences for their children. Would you also share with your local campaign office about being a democratic for a day for republicans so to help sway voters to vote for Obama to hurt Hillary in Texas so to have a weaker link with McCain

  334. Well, I gave “FIX NEWS” about 15 minutes and turned the channel to c-span to watch Hillary’s speech on foreign relations. Dick Morris was on Fox, and what a tool! He brought up all the past garbage about Hillary, and said he knew what to do to fix her campaign, but would not tell anyone, especially, her. Then, they said, Tom Daschle would be on, and I had to switched the station. There are some very hateful men out there, who out to get Hillary.

  335. Can we can this as a win?

    COLLEGEVILLE, Pa. (CBS 3) ― The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office is investigating a politically motivated stabbing that left one in-law hospitalized and another in prison.

    Authorities said brother-in-laws Jose Ortiz and Sean Shurelds were involved in a verbal altercation over Democratic presidential hopefuls Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton when the argument escalated into a stabbing inside their family home on Honey Locust Court in Collegeville.
    Authorities said Ortiz, a registered Republican and Clinton supporter, allegedly stabbed Shurelds, an Obama supporter, in the stomach. Ortiz told police Shurelds began to choke him, so he grabbed a knife and stabbed him.
    “Their verbal argument turned physical, one began choking the other, and then the victim of the choking took a kitchen knife and stabbed his brother-in-law in the stomach,” Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Veti Ferman said.
    Shurelds was flown to an area hospital and was listed in critical condition. He is expected to recover from his wounds.
    Ortiz, 28, was jailed on $20,000 bail. He is facing charges of felony, aggravated assault, and other related offenses.

    “It is a very serious charge, we see people fight over many things; some of them very frivolous, some of them serious, the fact of the matter is that this is the kind of argument that takes place in households across the region, across the state, across the country, but it never turns violent like this,” Ferman said.

    If convicted on the felony aggravated assault charge, Ortiz could face up to 20 years in prison.

  336. Obama Fails To Disclose Earmarks

    At last week’s Democratic debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, Obama was asked why he hasn’t disclosed his earmarks. Obama stated that he has.

    Fact Check: Obama has disclosed earmarks for 2007 only and still refuses to disclose 2005 and 2006 earmarks.

    by Lynn Sweet
    Chicago Sun-Times
    February 15, 2008

    Thursday’s Washington Post ran a front-page story about Clinton, Obama, McCain and their earmarks. The story noted that Obama “since last year” does disclose his earmark requests “but has not released those submitted to the [Appropriations] committee in 2005 and 2006.”

    In November, I wrote about how Obama’s Senate office, after repeated requests since June, had yet to disclose earmarks Obama sought in 2006.,CST-NWS-sweet15.article

  337. its not that it’s legal or illegal, but that it potentially can do harm to Hillary’s campaign so those who wants HILLARY to win have to come out and VOTE for Hillary and not just assume that Hillary will win, it’s important that Hillary comes out strong in Texas and more.

  338. Anyone has posted this?
    Clinton campaign takes aim at press over coverage
    Clinton Campaign Communications Director Howard Wolfson.
    WASHINGTON (CNN) – A spokesman for Hillary Clinton lashed out at the media Monday for what he described as a double standard in the way the press covers the two Democratic White House hopefuls.

    On a conference call with reporters Monday afternoon, Clinton Communications Director Howard Wolfson maintained Barack Obama is running a negative campaign, and said the press largely praises him for doing so.

    “I think it is true that every time the Obama campaign in this campaign has attacked Sen. Clinton in the worst kind of personal ways, attacked her veracity, attacked her credibility, said that she would say or do anything to get elected, the press has largely applauded him,” Wolfson said.

    Wolfson’s comments were prompted by a reporter’s question over what seemed to be a change of tone for Clinton over the weekend, when she sharply criticized Obama in a press conference for distributing literature that she said misrepresented her position on NAFTA.

    “Shame on you, Barack Obama,” a visibly angry Clinton said Saturday. “Enough with the speeches and the big rallies and then using tactics right out of Karl Rove’s playbook. This is wrong, and every Democrat should be outraged.”

    Wolfson denied the campaign was going negative, and faulted the press for not distinguishing between the contrasts Clinton is drawing and the personal attacks the the Illinois senator is launching.

    “When we have attempted to make contrasts with Sen. Obama, we have been criticized for it,” he said. “That is a fact of life that we labor under. I reject the notion that Sen. Clinton has been engaged in this sort of seriatim attacks on Sen. Obama. I think Sen. Obama’s entire campaign against Sen. Clinton is negative.

    “I think he has run against her as the status quo, he has essentially called her divisive, he has called her untruthful, he has questioned her credibility, he has said she will do and say anything to get elected,” Wolfson also said. ” If that’s not negative, I don’t know what negative is.”

  339. After reading the article above about the media … I don’t get it. Why are they still chanting He Is The Messiah?

  340. hi eveyone,

    I’m new here and I totally support Hillary! I think however that if she barely wins in TX, OH, and Pennsylvania, she might be forced to select Obama as VP! Why not use him to get Hillary elected and then in 8 years, let him be destroyed!

  341. Sigh…how is it that Fox thinks it is balanced when it analyzes Hillary’s comments on Obama for the last few days but doesn’t reciprocate and analyze his comments to her?

  342. @warehouse553,

    Welcome. It might come down to her having to select him as her V.P. to soothe his followers, but the good thing is that he is so shallow and full of himself that I doubt very much if he would accept the position.

  343. Isn’t Fox news really a right winged news station. I can see why they are trashing Hillary because they are afraid of her being against McCain.

  344. @dot: the politico article? i think it’ll take a little time… he’s screwing he ppl that he’s traveling with. it takes a bit before it starts impacting the pundits… but apparently its starting.

    can you believe he’s doing interviews with us magazine and entertainment tonite and not the reporters covering him… the ones that built up the hype? he’s going screw the american voters just like those reporters if he gets the nom… he’ll do whatever it takes to win. he doesnt care who he has to exploit to get there.

  345. welcome warehouse553!

    Hope you are working as a volunteer in Penn! Are you? do you need information?

  346. diva .. I’m the one in the tank for Slutskaya (kill me now) Loved her fighting spirit and never give up attitude plus her great athletic ability .. overcoming her heart condition and reclaiming her World title and earning another Olympic medal.

    Kwan, amazing skater, like Irina who gave it all. All the way.

    Cohen, amazing artistry, had she Michelle or Irina’s atheletic ability … unbelievable.

    Gosh, I miss those women. Skating hasn’t been the same for me since they are not on the scene anymore.

    I’d love to see them all return for 2010.

  347. I tuned in, because some posters had indicated the bias was less, but after seeing that jerk, Dick Morris, and other trashy remarks, I tuned out. I am watching Hillary on C-Span. She is losing her voice.

    BTW, Obama or Clinton will not be running mates, in either order. It would not work.

  348. yeah thats from earlier today when she spoke about military…. she’ll be fine she has always come out strong

  349. @dot: you are so cute… i love it! that is so funny that you all were posting together before and are now here together!!! wild!

    p/s hope hubby gets better soon… this is some serious stuff going around this year!

  350. dot48 I was such a huge Tara Lipinski fan. Yeah, she wasn’t as graceful as Kwan but that girl could jump her ass off. I was estatic when she won the Olympics.

  351. Sorry, I’m in Delaware. Obama came here before 2/5 and people swooned all over him. I donated money to Hillary but the more he talks and says nothing, the more people love him. Its like the twilight zone. We have a somewhat above average population of AA and played them like a violin. Hillary has to win TX! Obama is a more articulate version of GW Bush! Popularity should not be a measure by which to judge presidential candidates because that’s how Bush beat Gore and Ralph Nader helped too.

  352. justmeinmountdorafl Says:
    its not that it’s legal or illegal, but that it potentially can do harm to Hillary’s campaign

    It’s also important to collect EVIDENCE of the “Dem for a Day” and other GOP mischief, and bad behavior by the Obama people at caucuses etc — to show the Superdelegates that Obama’s support is not legitimate and that they should vote against him at the convention in August.

  353. divabunny: you should see the fights over at FSU. This Hillary and Barack thing has nothing on us LOL! We know how to fight for years over whos the best skater. 🙂

    Good thing we are on Hillary’s side.

  354. I just finished reading Hillary’s foreign policy speech.

    WOW!!!!!! It was totally awesome….

    this “isn’t” sexist in anyway..but thats the first time I’ve had a woman make me feel that safe since my mother.

    WOW !!!!

    I am so smart…………I’m voting for Hillary

  355. debbie, was great as usual. I listened to every single word she had to say and she just keeps astounding me with command on the foreign policy issue.

  356. some of you guys need to respond to the blog over on cnn for support. There topics range from “Has gender been a factor in Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign?”

  357. @birdgal “There are some very hateful men out there, who out to get Hillary.”

    After i finished calling Texas a few ago and taking the dog out, I watched the end of Hil’s speech again, switched to FOX and some stupid man (Pete Snyder) said “Some one needs to take her out behind the barn” speaking about having HC leave the Primaries and give it to Obama.

  358. and candy crowley looking at the good and bad for each candidate.
    I have been posting there now for the past week. I am hoping cnn will read and listen….anyways it might be in vain.

  359. dedfg: There are threads, that I do not venture into any longer. It is too sickening and evil. Some posters are baiting others, with requests for links to prove his/her points. I have put some people on ignore.

  360. birdgal: are you talking about the cnn ones? If so, they might have changed their rules as I never see links. They are very strict also on posts.

  361. spacegirlArt: “Someone needs to take her out behing the bam” (what is “bam” bambi?) Why in the heck, should she just give up? They are nuts. Hillary is not quitting, not with her foreign policy speech today, and all her other actions. She is a fighter, she has to be.

  362. For RezkoWatchers:,morerez022508.article

    There’s a strong chance the name of presidential contender Barack Obama will surface at indicted political fund-raiser Tony Rezko’s trial, which begins next week.

    In a nine-page ruling this afternoon, U.S. District Judge Amy St. Eve said she would allow federal prosecutors to present evidence about a portion of a $375,000 finder’s fee that a Rezko associate, Joseph Aramanda, obtained through an alleged kickback scheme orchestrated by Rezko.

    The ruling does not identify Obama as the recipient of that contribution. But sources have identified Obama as the “political candidate” who prosecutors say received a $10,000 contribution from Aramanda — at Rezko’s direction — during his 2004 run for U.S. Senate. Obama has donated that contribution to charity.

    In addition, Rezko allegedly directed another associate, Elie Maloof, “to donate for the same reason,” St. Eve wrote, “and allegedly previously directed Aramanda and Maloof to make other poltiical contributions.

    “For the same reasons, the evidence is admissible,” she ruled.

  363. Hey warehouse553 welcome I am counting on voters in Texas and Ohio

    to come through. Hopefully the spell will have worn off by then

    Grrrr…I really loathe BO to the nth degree

  364. I contributed $200.44 just now. I would call but I don’t have a persuasive manner on the phone — will lose my cool. Hey, have already lost a lot of cool looking at the media, him, his supporters… Just watched her foreign policy speech — time to elect someone with brains who can address complicated issues in the coming 5-10 years. If they flounder again, it will set us back a generation according to some experts. Remember China, EU and America are the big three and America has to elect a strong and intelligent leader to play China and EU and the rest of the world.

  365. PM: Agree with you totally. Her foreign policy speech was great. I found it was better for my blood pressure and state of mind, not to watch the media. She is the one to deal with the foreign policy issues.

    Great contribution!!!

    Do people really think, the Rezko thing has legs?

  366. BHO wants to bat away at Hillary for promoting the passage of NAFTA. His attempt at painting her as anti labor is more than lame…

    BHO never lifted a finger until it was way too late to help the Maytag workers from losing their jobs to Mexico. Instead all the while he took contributions from the owner of Maytag…..

    This is a guy that wants it both ways…didn’t anyone tell him how phony that makes him?

  367. Are you guys aware of the history of the judge presiding over Rezko?

    In 1994, after four years of working for a big New York firm, Judge Amy St. Eve joined Ken Starr’s Whitewater investigation, working as an associate independent counsel in Little Rock, Ark. Although she left the office in mid-1996 — before Whitewater became more about cigars and blue dresses than corruption — St. Eve did help secure fraud convictions against three of Bill Clinton’s friends: Jim Guy Tucker, and Jim and Susan McDougal. Starr, now the dean of Pepperdine University Law School in Malibu, Calif., declined a request for an interview. But in 2003, he told the Chicago Tribune Magazine that St. Eve was a “superb lawyer, wise beyond her years” who would “lead and guide lawyers more senior than herself, including yours truly.” More importantly, said the former prosecutor, “the jury in Little Rock adored her, and they trusted her.”(Starr should know. In 1999, St. Eve returned to Little Rock to testify for him after Susan McDougal alleged that his office had pressured her to tell lies about Bill and Hillary Clinton. The jury didn’t buy McDougal’s story.)

  368. From Stop Obama dot org

    Already in January 2006, journalist Jodi Enda of the American Prospect observed

    “A fair assumption might be that Obama is collecting chits and loyalties and building a national political machine, a precursor to a presidential run. [Enda]

    To which as late as 2007, Axelrod would reply

    “Look, there’s no real preparation for a presidential race.” [Ben-Wallace]”

    For a consultant single-minded in his drive to give us the real thing in the 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary, it’s all about the tricky definition of the word real. Once you’ve dressed up your phony, and found the money to market him, its time to see if the voters are for real.

    Never mind the truth.

  369. laney, there’s a new cnn poll with Obama leading by I think 5 points in TX. Ohio is not drinking his koolaid! Hillary will win that state but TX, a caucus and a primary, voting twice I think, do Hillary supporters fully understand this complex system. Also, the population of of the AA vote in TX will most likely go for him! We must mobilize the latino vote who still favor Hillary! It will provide a good counter! I really believe that if we win TX after losing so many, the tide will turn.

  370. waregouse553, hi and welcome

    In calling texas tonight, MOST of those who didn’t hang up on me were aware of the caucus, but were unsure about the site. I got that clarified. It is a crazy system and puts a tremendous burden on the voters. But I have a question. If you have not voted in the primary, can you still caucus?

  371. I don’t know. And I’m sure many of Hillary’s voters don’t fully understand but her roots are deep in TX. Her campaign says that they’ve taken advantage of early voting and her ground people are confident. I think the hispanic vote is the key! A huge turnout I think benefits us!

  372. I think we need to prepare for a small win maybe 3 to 5 points in TX. Obama people are saying that Hillary needs about a 20 point win to continue to stay competetive. I disagree. I say again, a win after losing 11 straight win prove what we know, Hillary lives!

  373. Interesting reading about cash from candidates to SD’s. Link at the bottom of story that show and easy to read chart.

    w w

  374. From Tuesday’s NY Times:

    Clinton Campaign Starts 5-Point Attack on Obama

    After struggling for months to dent Senator Barack Obama’s candidacy, the campaign of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is now unleashing what one Clinton aide called a “kitchen sink” fusillade against Mr. Obama, pursuing five lines of attack since Saturday in hopes of stopping his political momentum.

    The effort underscores not only Mrs. Clinton’s recognition that the next round of primaries — in Ohio and Texas on March 4 — are must-win contests for her. It also reflects her advisers’ belief that they can persuade many undecided voters to embrace her at the last minute by finally drawing sharply worded, attention-grabbing contrasts with Mr. Obama.

    After denouncing Mr. Obama over the weekend for an anti-Clinton flier about the Nafta trade treaty, and then sarcastically portraying his message of hope Sunday as naïve, Mrs. Clinton delivered a blistering speech on Monday that compared Mr. Obama’s lack of foreign policy experience to that of the candidate George W. Bush.

    “We’ve seen the tragic result of having a president who had neither the experience nor the wisdom to manage our foreign policy and safeguard our national security,” Mrs. Clinton said in a speech on foreign policy at George Washington University. “We can’t let that happen again.”

    With a crucial debate on Tuesday night in Ohio, both Mrs. Clinton’s advisers and independent political analysts said that, by going negative against Mr. Obama at a time when polls in Texas and Ohio show a tightening race, Mrs. Clinton risked alienating voters. Mrs. Clinton has always been more popular with voters when she appeared sympathetic and a fighter; her hard-edged instinct for negative politics has usually turned off the public.

    “There’s a general rule in politics: A legitimate distinction which could be effective when drawn early in the campaign often backfires and could seem desperate when it happens in the final hours of a campaign,” said Steve McMahon, a Democratic strategist working for neither candidate.

    In Mrs. Clinton’s speech Monday, she also portrayed herself as “tested and ready” to be commander in chief, while accusing Mr. Obama of believing “that mediation and meetings without preconditions will solve some of the world’s most intractable problems.” Mr. Obama has said he would go further than Mrs. Clinton to meet with leaders of hostile nations, but he has also said he would prepare for those meetings carefully and would not be blind to the leaders’ motives.

    On another matter, Mrs. Clinton’s aides criticized Mr. Obama on Monday for not distancing himself from outside groups running advertisements that promote his candidacy, a practice that Mr. Obama has sometimes criticized. An Obama spokesman said in response that Mrs. Clinton had tacitly permitted similar spending without comment.

    But the attack that received the most pop, on cable television and blogs, came after a photograph of Mr. Obama in ceremonial African garb appeared on the Drudge Report, and the item’s author, Matt Drudge, claimed that the image was provided by a Clinton staff member.

    Mr. Obama’s campaign manager, David Plouffe, said that the Clinton campaign had “engaged in the most shameful, offensive fear-mongering we’ve seen from either party.” It has not been independently verified that the photograph came from the Clinton campaign.

    Mrs. Clinton’s new campaign manager, Maggie Williams, recently appointed to bring a tougher hand to the operation, issued a withering reply, not taking responsibility for the photograph but attacking the Obama campaign for suggesting that the photograph amounted to fear-mongering imagery.

    “Enough,” Ms. Williams’s statement began. “If Barack Obama’s campaign wants to suggest that a photo of him wearing traditional Somali clothing is divisive, they should be ashamed. Hillary Clinton has worn the traditional clothing of countries she has visited and had those photos published widely.”

    “This is nothing more than an obvious and transparent attempt to distract from the serious issues confronting our country today and to attempt to create the very divisions they claim to decry,” she added. “We will not be distracted.”

    Clinton advisers said the attacks were partly an effort to knock Mr. Obama off balance before the debate on Tuesday.

    They also said they were sending a signal to supporters that Mrs. Clinton was still resolutely fighting to win the presidential nomination, despite news reports in recent days about her dispirited campaign operation and her own somber outlook on the race.

    To bolster her case at the George Washington speech, Mrs. Clinton stood on stage with a half-dozen retired military officials, including Gen. Wesley K. Clark, who introduced her. “I’m convinced that when the going gets tough, Hillary Clinton will never let America down,” General Clark said.

    Mrs. Clinton pointed to her time in the Senate and in the White House as the first lady as evidence that she was the candidate who was most knowledgeable and prepared for the presidency.

    “Electing a president should not be an either-or proposition when it comes to national security,” she said. “We need a president who knows how to deploy both the olive branch and the arrows, who will be ready to act swiftly and decisively in a crisis.”

    The sharpened tone reflected a vacillating style that had her reflective about her political fate at the end of last Thursday’s debate in Texas, and offering an apology of sorts for Bill Clinton’s comments in South Carolina several weeks ago that many people viewed as racially insensitive.

    By contrast, at a fund-raiser Sunday night in Boston, Mrs. Clinton told supporters that in the coming days, she planned to highlight what she called “the experience gap” between her and Mr. Obama.

    Indeed, her advisers said Monday that she planned to hit this theme during the candidates’ Tuesday debate, though they said she would try to avoid making harsh personal attacks on Mr. Obama, particularly since Mrs. Clinton drew widespread attention and praise at the debate last week for saying she was “honored” to be on the same stage with him.

  375. Blue Dem, I had seen similar info about the Rezko judge, and thought it didn’t look great under the circumstances with Clinton in the race…but someone here said they heard she was fair…even tho she supports Obama, it was reported. I just think that is strange.

  376. warehouse553:

    don’t let the dark side tell you what the margins need to be. the truth is that they are trying to make Hillary seem woefully behind, while the truth is anything but. the math is easy to do and cannot be spun.

    see my earlier post regarding the delegate math.

  377. LawSchoolDEm, thanks. I was asking because that would eliminate (most likely) packing of caucus sites with caucus goers ONLY. Now, do you know if you can caucus for someone other than for whom you voted for in the Primary?

    I’ll wait for my answer off the air 😉

  378. Thanks for the kudos on the letter to the editor, as I mentioned it’s basically all of the campaign’s talking points in letter format. I hope some of you are able to send it to your local papers or papers in Texas and Ohio at the very least.

  379. from Reuters “But Obama, who would enter the White House with only four years of experience as a U.S. senator in addition to several years in the Illinois legislature, said his misgivings about NAFTA did not mean he was opposed to such accords in general.

    what does this mean…he’s for it and against it?

  380. Blue Dem, I also read somewhere that the Rezko judge was pretty well regarded.

    Also, to all the pundits who want her to drop out now: How about waiting to see how OH and TX vote? We all know those are must wins for her. What’s the hurry?

  381. From HQ:

    What is a precinct convention? The precinct convention is like a neighborhood meeting or caucus of Democratic voters. At the convention, we will elect Delegates to the Senatorial District Convention for Hillary Clinton!

    When is it? Tuesday, March 4, 2008, AFTER the polls close at 7:00 p.m. AND the last voter in line at the polling place has voted. Don’t forget to come back and caucus!

    When should I be there? As early as possible! Remind voters as they are leaving the polls on Primary Day that they need to return to the polling location that evening (by 6:45 p.m., preferably) to attend the convention.

    Who can attend? All voters who voted in the Democratic Primary (this includes those who voted early, by mailing, or on March 4th) can attend the convention for the precinct in which they live.

    To obtain your precinct location, call 1-866-939-VOTE.

    3 steps to VICTORY for Hillary Clinton at the precinct convention:

    1) Vote Early 2) Encourage other Hillary supporters to vote early 3) Round up the most primary voters, who support Hillary, at the convention and Hillary Clinton wins!

  382. I’ve been thinking of this quote a lot lately; concerning Hillary’s campaign!

    When a new truth enters the world, the first stage of reaction to it is ridicule, the second stage is violent opposition, and in the third stage, that truth comes to be regarded as self-evident – Arthur Schopenhauer

    I feel we are in the “violent opposition” stage, but it is precisely at this stage that we MUST NOT give up, because we are on the verge of “self-evident”; a breakthrough for Hillary and for our country. It is not always comfortable but these are the growing pains, and for those that resist Hillary’s campaign, we need to be patient with them but firm while they realize that, indeed yes, we have a great new presence in our midst, one who is entirely human and has made mistakes perhaps but one who is supremely qualified above all others to lead our country during this vital and challenging time. It’s not to late, it is exactly the right time.

  383. “That is, he is the political equivalent of a sociopath. The difference is that he is practicing not on a primitive tribe but on the population of the United States. ”

    PLEASE READ the article Irish posted from the Asia times.

  384. SpacegirlArt Says:
    February 25th, 2008 at 11:16 pm
    About the ATimes article, scary and I don’t think I have ever heard him say that he feels compelled to do this/run because he loves his country and wants to make right by it. If there is evidence to the contrary I would like to see it.

  385. you know, after reading so many articles from women. why on earth do they hate Hillary so much?

    This is actually a rhetorical question, but it bothers me.

  386. Survey USA Texas Poll

    Obama 49
    Hillary 45

    Of the 25% of respondents who have already voted, it’s Clinton 51%, Obama 46%. ( from poster at DU). The SurveyUSA site appears to be down so I can’t verify.

  387. SUSA is down, I want to see internals about hispanics, if Hillary gets their numbers up, she will win. Theyre turnout has to be higher than what’s expected, I think it will be, look at nevada, high latino turnout for Hillary. Also if Polls has lations going to Obama, i wont trust it, because he wont win Latino vote….

  388. When we put the pieces together, or, lack thereof, with the AT Article…Louis F., Rezko and the Billionaire…and Baracks own words…

    ““I serve as a blank screen,” Obama writes, “on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views.” He notifies readers that “my treatment of the issues is often partial and incomplete.”

    the picture for this nation grows more grim if he is elected.

  389. Paula,
    Can you imagine telling the press they have to have an escort to use the rest room? I’d tell bambi to kiss off and not cover his campaign at all.

  390. rigso,

    HomeDiariesBreaking BlueE-Wire 2008Texas SUSA — Obama 49-45
    by ChrisR, Mon Feb 25, 2008 at 11:03:03 PM EST

    Well, here it is: n.poll.2.662519.html

    Limited cross-tabs here:

    “The biggest change comes with Hispanic voters. A week ago, Senator Clinton had a 30 point lead, but now that lead is down to 13 points.

    Even among females in Texas, Clinton is losing her grip. She was up 27 points last week. her lead has now dwindled to 11 points among women voters.”

  391. As I understand it, there’s a split forming among hispanics, the younger for BO, the older sticking w/Hill.

    That’s probably been posted here somewhere already.

  392. I just sent a message to Amy holmes on her scathing blog about Hillary and it was moderated out.

    So finally I stated: Why bother to post on a blog when comments you don’t like are not displayed. A contributor here is able to write an article saying any scathing thing they want about someone (Hillary) and no one can question this contributor. How embarrassing for CNN.

  393. All for the egos of the White Party Bosses of the DNC and their quest for power and not for what is BEST for the USA. Ya know, I watched that “I don’t have experience” clip of Barack, and I actually felt, briefly, sorry for him. That the “persuasion” of the “senators who urged me to run” was tapping into his Achilles heel. And with all suicide bombers and martyrs, their handlers convince them they are “the one” to carry the cause forward. We notice that he is always being “handled”…to the press, to the talk shows, in speeches. Then, with enough feeding of the BS, he begins to believe in his power. And then gets cocky and arrogant. And then he walks into the crowd and detonates.

  394. Last note from me: Interesting how none of the big supposedly “democratic” websites, whether TPM or Huff Post or DKos currently have “the photo” in a prominent place. You can barely find it n their sites.

    This after it was unquestionably THE top political story of the day on TV, radio, and the Net.

    Hill’s only got to kick everyone’s ass tomorrow and save the world as we know it; hope she’s resting up. Night.

  395. This is exactly how I feel. They want her to drop? Give me a break! We hear how a free press is essential to democracy but having a free but foolish press, how harmful is it to democracy?

    rigso Says:
    February 25th, 2008 at 11:27 pm

    181 days – 6 Months
    by NewHampster
    Mon Feb 25, 2008 at 04:58:42 PM PST

    That’s how long until the Democratic National Convention.

    181 Days
    6 Months.

    And people expect Hillary Clinton to drop out of this race!

    Roughly 50% of the voters and all the big blue states have voted for Hillary.

    No Republican states and no Open caucuses have voted for Hillary. But all the big blue states with Democratic majorities, the heart of this party have.

    * But you want her to drop out?

    Give me a f….n break.



  397. “This is exactly how I feel. They want her to drop? Give me a break!”

    When anyone writes in and tells her she should drop I tell them:

    I think we should be asking that Obama step down and out of the democratic race for his dishonest mailings about Hillary.

    Not only does it show dishonesty, but it flies in the face of everything he says he is about. He is using old politics to get ahead.
    It is also very devisive to the democratic party.

  398. rjk…not for long and not enough. and no one watches nightline anymore. Where is the Frontline story on this? or 60 min

  399. sophisticatedcaveman Says:
    February 25th, 2008 at 11:12 pm

    I’ve been thinking of this quote a lot lately; concerning Hillary’s campaign!

    When a new truth enters the world, the first stage of reaction to it is ridicule, the second stage is violent opposition, and in the third stage, that truth comes to be regarded as self-evident – Arthur Schopenhauer

    I like this quote. They got stuck at second stage in 2000 and look what we got. Hopefully people are smarter this time around.

  400. Irish1139 @10:35

    An astonishing read.

    I have recommended it to others already, but especially want



    to see it.

    Thank you for the heads up.

  401. thanks for the uplift Levon.

    Why couldn’t he just have waited his turn. Hillary could’ve run in 04 but it was John Kerrys turn and so she waited and stepped aside. That’s gracious. He’s only 46 or 47, he can affors to wait 8 or even 12 more years. I think the Texas strategy should be similar to what Hillary did in Nevada, go door to door in the Hispanic communites. Remind them of what the Clintons have done and will do for Latinos. I can’t believe Obama has used race to divide this party while falsely claiming the mantle and legacy of Dr. King. If he’s attacked he claims racism, how can Hillary fight him?

  402. My God, repubs are going to dismantle him.
    This is easy pickens for them:

    “”Naivete” is a euphemism for Ann Dunham’s motivation. Friends describe her as a “fellow traveler”, that is, a communist sympathizer, from her youth, according to a March 27, 2007, Chicago Tribune report. Many Americans harbor leftist views, but not many marry into them, twice. Ann Dunham met and married the Kenyan economics student Barack Obama, Sr, at the University of Hawaii in 1960, and in 1967 married the Indonesian student Lolo Soetero. It is unclear why Soetero’s student visa was revoked in 1967 – the fact but not the cause are noted in press accounts. But it is probable that the change in government in Indonesia in 1967, in which the leftist leader Sukarno was deposed, was the motivation.”

  403. Irish: Great article! Very insightful. It should be sent to the Republican Party. I think Obama is dangerous for the country. He does not have the experience to lead this country to a healthy state.

  404. Another quote of inspiration for my fellow Hill fans.

    Trend is not destiny. – Lewis Mumford

    Obama is a trend. He is the UGG boots of politics. Hillary is destiny.

    Thinking about going to TEXAS to help out!

  405. BTW, hope someone noticed that the front page of has a testimonial from “Al” who resides in Apollo, Pennsylvania. Al donated $10.44.

    This is the second time the front page has mentioned a contribution with 44 cents added.

    Everyone here should feel great that the 44 cents campaign has been working and acknowledged. Give yourselves a big hug and applaud yourselves. Yes We Will 😉

  406. admin, I haven’t seen the testimonial from “Al”, but I have seen another that said they’d donated .44. I always add the .44 to my donations thanks to you guys!

  407. Aw, shucks Sugar, that’s sweet 🙂

    Those 44 cents are beginning to add up. We wonder if Big Media types are still hunting down donors who added 44 cents to their contributions. Probably too many 44 cent donors now for Big Media to continue on the trail.

  408. I’ll bet they (.44) are adding up too. I thought about that today. You know, I haven’t ever put anything in the pot here, but I will ASAP because I don’t know what I’d do if not for you all!! You keep me pumped and filled with information from day to day! Keep up the good work!

  409. Have you wondered why Teddy Kennedy is so deeply involved in the Obama campaign? We have heard several explanations. Some say he is simply mentoring a junior colleague, others claim he is attemptingto hold the party together, still others say he is upset that Hillary did not credit to his family for their civil right contibutions and/or a few have suggested that he is merely trying to find a spot for his people in the executive branch when he retires.

    To me, none of these seem plausible and yet most of us have been reluctanat to question his motives beyond that–until now.

    To discern the real motive you must begin with his biography. Ted was borne into the most consequential political family of the twentieth century. His father Joe was an Irish bootlegger who made his way into Boston Society and became Ambassador to The Court of King James on the eve of World War II. FDR called him “the most evil man I ever met”, and he had more power than any mafiosi ever dreamed of.

    But there was one thing that Joe Kennedy coveted above everything else and that was to see his son become President of the United States. The original plan was for Joe Jr to fulfill that ambition, but Joe was killed off in World War II, therefore the mantle fell upon his next son John who not only survived the war but was a widely acclaimed war hero.

    What Joseph Kennedy did to get his son John into the White House is a matter of scholarly conjecture. There is evidence to suggest that he made a deal with the mafia whereby the mafia agreed to deliver certain northern cities in the 1960 election and joe kennedy agreed there be no further congressional investigations like the Keeover inquiry 1952 and the McClellan inquiry 1959 when his son became president.

    When John became President he appointed his brother Bobby to be Attorney General. Bobby was approached by Walter Annenburg (BATF) with a dossier on the Mafia, Bobby set up organized crime strike force units around the country and began to prosecute the Mafia. This was a material breach of the deal his father had made and never told him about. And by the time this happend Joe had become paralyzed by a stroke and could not warn him about it. Therein lies the explanation for the assassnation of John and later on Bobby.

    This was a great loss to the nation. But it weighed most heavily on their younger brother, Teddy. Suddenly, he was the only son left in that generation to carry on the family name. He was far from ready to do so, and for a number of years he was the subject of police blotters, tabloids and contested divorces–I will say no more about that. However, by the time of the 1980 election he was finally ready to seek the Presidency. But Carter along with his personal demons stopped him. Never again would he try.

    Instead, he became an elder statesman of the party and someone who was willing to reach across the aisle to craft major pieces of legislation. He is known for having the best staff on the Hill. He has served on key commitees including the Judiciary Committee. He entered office in 1962 and he is now 75 years old. What is it like to be Teddy Kennedy and what does he want at this point in his life?

    Let me say it as plain as I can. I think he wants total power. He has that base of power right now in the senate, and that base will expand in 2008 with the retirement of Republican incumbents. He can gain indirect control over the White House if he puts Obama in that office through his own personal juice, because in that case Barack owes him. And because he knows Barcack is not qualified, he knows he can control him and the executive branch as well. Ultimately this gives him the powere to control the selection of judges.

    Would this control be absolute and complete? Of course not. Baron De Monstesqui saw to that. But the de facto control he could exert over the system would be enormous. He could be more powerful in that nuanced role than in the presidential office which always eluded him.

    Could this be the real reason he is supporting Barack? If so, what sort of an agenda would he push? And would it be beneficial to the American people? I think these matters are cause for deep concern and one more compelling reason to reject Obama.

  410. warehouse553:

    You’re welcome! MSM wants Hillary and her supporters to think the situation is much worse than it really is. They want to try and dilute our enthusiasm and squeeze all of the hope out of us. Guess what? It’s not working. Just a quick glance through the posts here will tell you that.

    If Hillary can just get wins in Ohio and Texas, then it becomes a whole different ballgame. Hillary will have regained her momentum and will have a month and half to work her magic, the republicans will continue to pound on him, and the Rezko trial will be in full bloom by then.

    peace out


    Obama on Sunday dismissed Nader as a perennial campaigner who was wrong in 2000 when he maintained there was no substantive difference between Al Gore and George W. Bush.

    Nader called that “a verbal frolic and detour.”

    “I think his handlers are getting him into verbal difficulties, because he’s making erroneous statements,” Nader said. “He’s going a hundred miles an hour, and he’s letting his handlers do the writing.”

    “It’s all about political backbone,” Nader added. “His party has been gutless, clueless, spineless and he’s got to turn it around. If you look at his Senate record, it’s not reassuring. It’s a relatively mediocre one when it comes to standing up to corporate power.”

    Nader, who turns 74 on Wednesday, also criticized Obama for “his belligerent talk toward Iran” and “his pandering on the Israeli-Palestinian issue.”

    “He just didn’t distinguish himself” in the Senate, Nader said. “And that’s not a very good sign. Because that’s the real Obama, as opposed to the campaign trail Obama. The real Obama is one who’s very cautious when it comes to challenging corporate power.”

    Earlier, Obama had suggested Nader is self-centered, saying, “He seems to have a pretty high opinion of his work.”

    Nader responded: “Well, doesn’t he have a pretty high opinion of his work? I mean, for heaven’s sake, he’s a three-year senator out of the state senate in Illinois, and he’s running for president.”

  412. Sakozy of France is being excoriated for his work in-country as a “meddler”, with analysts saying the best thing he’s done is to get a 3-minute standing ovation in the U.S. Congress.

    On now in the CT zone on Charlie Rose.

  413. “Well, doesn’t he have a pretty high opinion of his work? I mean, for heaven’s sake, he’s a three-year senator out of the state senate in Illinois, and he’s running for president.”

    hahaha I think Nader is gunning specifically for Obama.

  414. has anyone noticed that the basic tactic Obama uses to answer any tough question is to deflect and blame it on his opponent…blame, blame, blame that is all he does…he never takes responsibility for his actions or ‘photos’

    Hillary needs to nail him on that …especially if he tries that dismissiveness and reverting to his line of ‘silly season’ or ‘this is the old politics’…she has to turn it around and show examples of how he does what he accuses her of…

    tonight on the nightline segment it reached the point of being ridiculous…Nightline did the Obama piece…they did the reporting on his ‘present’ votes and his connection to Rezco…so what does Obama do…he issues a statement to Nightline that says his opponent is practicing the old politics and people care more about health care, etc…

    now this is complete BS…his opponent had nothing to do with the Nightline piece…Hillary cannot allow him to use this deflective and attack tactic…she has to call him on this bluntly…

    the photo distraction is another example…first of all who cares? talk about the ‘silly season’ second of all, he turns the issue into something to blame her for…just like he did with the drugs…in other words…his drug use and his photo are in the public domain but he uses them to blame hillary for attacking him…enough…she has to go at him DIRECTLY…own up to your life, buddy! and stop the whining… she needs to embarrass him…he is so petty…

    I am with admin on this…DECK HIM…he attacks her constantly…and he gets personal…she needs to point that out and make him look small, petty and expose him for what he is…she has to do it…no one else will…she cannot count on the MSM, in fact…at the debate she should call them out to…if they start with the ambush…

    btw…Sugar…Raison in the Sun was good tonight…I remember going to see the play on Broadway and I loved it…I have the CD from the play and I have always loved the music…’my little man’, etc…

  415. “his opponent had nothing to do with the Nightline piece”

    S, I thought the same damn thing! I’m surprised that Moran didn’t at least say something to that tune as well after he read that ridiculous statement. Gosh, I can’t wait for that debate tomorrow. I’m glad it’s on late, that way I can still go to HQ to see what they want to tell us or ask of us.

    S, I thought that Felicia Rashad did an AWESOME job. The rest of the cast was good, but she made me BELIEVE!

  416. i havent a clue-the valley is very hard to poll. clintonhas to push up that vote to40pct. she needs to focus on delegate rich houston, e texas. bad. very serious gotv must happen NOW in metro areas. they have been sucessful int he valley so far. 2 wks is an eternity in politics guys. 2 wks

  417. (AP) History shows the folly of counting out a Clinton.

    If Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign is looking more and more like the Titanic, she may yet prove to be the unsinkable Molly Brown.

    Ask Mike McCurry about the Clintons’ resilience. McCurry worked for Bob Kerrey, one of Bill Clinton’s chief rivals in the 1992 presidential campaign. He remembers the day details broke about Clinton’s efforts to avoid the Vietnam draft, just weeks after allegations had surfaced of an affair with Gennifer Flowers.

    “He’s toast,” McCurry told co-workers on the Kerrey campaign. “He’s never going to survive this.” McCurry went on to become Clinton’s chief White House spokesman.

    Hillary Clinton was a huge factor in her husband’s 1992 victory and in any number of other recoveries during his agony-and-ecstasy political career. Now, she’s the one attempting to rebound from 11 straight primary and caucus losses to Barack Obama.

    Obama is well aware of the Clintons’ supersized survival instincts. Aides say privately that’s one reason the Illinois senator has continued to go after her so directly rather than adopting a traditional front-runner’s strategy of ignoring his rival.

    “I’d hold the obituary” for Clinton, says David Gergen, who served as an adviser to four presidents, including Bill Clinton. “She, like he, has enormous inner reserves upon which to draw. That’s why, no matter what else happens, you can’t discount the possibility that she’s going to bounce back.”

    She’s already done it once this year, pulling off an upset in New Hampshire after taking a shellacking in the leadoff Iowa caucuses.

    “We’re going to keep pushing as hard as we can,” she promised after placing third in Iowa. She’s been saying much the same thing as she fights for victories in Texas and Ohio next week to revive her candidacy.

    Trite as that may sound, it’s part of the secret to the Clintons’ success.

    “They never say die,” said Mary Matalin, who served as deputy campaign manager of the unsuccessful Bush re-election campaign in 1992. “In all the years I’ve been watching them, it never occurs to them to throw in the towel. There’s no ‘What’s my graceful exit strategy?’ They don’t have that gene.”

    Democratic strategist Jennifer Palmieri, an eight-year veteran of the Clinton White House, sees the same mettle.

    “They take a very long view of things, and they expect to win,” said Palmieri. “It’s something that not enough people perhaps on the Democratic side do – expect to win.”

    The notion of a former first lady running for a Senate seat from a state in which she had no political connections was written off at first, but now Clinton is in her second term holding the New York Senate seat once occupied by Robert F. Kennedy.

    The Clintons’ boom-and-bust cycle began long before they arrived on the national scene.

    It started with a bust: In 1974, Bill Clinton made an unsuccessful run for Congress at age 28. Two years later, he bounced back and was elected Arkansas attorney general. And two years after that, at 32, he became the nation’s youngest governor.

    Then, defeat again: In 1980, done in by what he admitted was the arrogance of youth, Clinton lost his bid for re-election to a second term as governor. Two years later, redemption. He pulled off a comeback and never lost another race.

    Along the way, the Clintons proved themselves to be tough street fighters.

    In 1990, when Gov. Clinton faced a strong re-election challenge, it was first lady Hillary who crashed a news conference held by the opponent and undercut him with documents showing he had praised Clinton’s performance as governor.

    “That is a group that can take a punch and they can lay a punch,” said Palmieri. “They are smart and they’re fearless, but they’re not reckless.”

    The Clinton roller coaster ride was far from over.

    The 1992 presidential campaign amounted to a running revival show for the Clintons, and the presidency unfolded like a sequel.

    It was almost always a team effort, and Hillary Clinton had a starring role in one early and prominent defeat, the ill-fated health-care reform effort.

    In 1994, after Paula Jones filed a sexual harassment suit against Bill, it was Hillary who first interviewed lawyer Robert Bennett about helping fend off what Clinton insiders were calling the latest “bimbo eruption.” There were other problems, as well. The Whitewater mess had followed the Clintons north from Arkansas, and Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr was investigating.

    The midterm elections that year, in which Republicans seized control of the House and Senate, served as resounding repudiation to the president.

    By mid-1995, the Clinton presidency was in free fall. Internal polls found that two-thirds of Americans ruled out voting to re-elect him. Aides cringed when Clinton felt compelled to insist at a news conference, “The president is relevant.”

    Through it all, Hillary Clinton was “a steadying force,” Gergen said. “One of the reasons this marriage has worked for both of them is that he could always look to her for help in getting through things.”

    Bill Clinton was chastened but forged ahead, adapting to the changed political dynamic. In his 1996 State of the Union address, the president who had come to office promising to do so much instead declared, “The era of big government is over.”

    Voters in 1996 rewarded him with re-election, and he set out to exceed the low expectations set for second-term presidents.

    Those efforts were overshadowed by his involvement with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. The ensuing investigation and impeachment melodrama tested the Clintons’ resilience and their marriage as never before, but they persevered and Hillary Clinton emerged stronger than ever.

    She gave a hint of that last week when she told the audience at a Democratic debate, “I think everybody here knows I’ve lived through some crises and some challenging moments in my life.” And that may explain her ability to press forward when the odds appear so daunting.

    When it comes to the Clintons, says Palmieri, “The one thing you can almost always say about whatever situation you’re in is that you’ve seen worse. So they don’t get rattled. They have a much better perspective about how to deal with difficult days.”

  418. Emjay @ 11:59: I read the article and it comports with my perception of him.

    By the way I just put a curse on Johathan Alter. Voodo.

  419. warehouse553 Says: Why couldn’t he just have waited his turn. …. He’s only 46 or 47, he can affors to wait 8 or even 12 more years.

    Exactly! And that was his original plan — to win re-election or a governorship before running for president. Search for “2010-2012-2016”.

  420. I just perused the hoopla today about the back and forth over the Obama photo…the fact that Obama’s campaign jump all over this stupid, uncorroborated Drudge report accusing Clinton of being whatever – anti-muslim- is so SCARY.

    Does he plan to play the race and anti-Muslim card on EVERYONE if he were President or anytime anyone criticizes his campaign? Can you imagine what kind of oppression that would be? 12 months of not vetting this man and his behavior is sickening, but if we had to deal with 4-8 years of it, we would be in hell.


    The Clinton’s need to get an African American surrogate to call him out on this kind of stuff…this race and Muslim baiting has to end.

  421. texan4hillary: I offered to go to east Texas friends there but they sent my to Laredo. Reading you email made me hope they made the right call on this.

    I assume the stopper is aware of the need to immediate need to press the gotv, and is taking appropriate steps to address the Houston situation.

  422. “Does he plan to play the race and anti-Muslim card on EVERYONE if he were President or anytime anyone criticizes his campaign?”

    Ininla, that would be a yes. They’ve done it every time. That’s got to be a big, spoken, part of their strategy and it is very scary.

  423. Off to bed. “Keep hope alive”. Maybe Hillary should hijack Jesse Jackson’s old phrase and then pretend that Maggie Williams suggested she use it so it’s no big deal. lmao I swear, those Obamabots are a trip!

  424. Sugar – the Clinton campaign has to show everyone that this is an Obama strategy –

    When I realized what that would be like with a President who goes unvetted because he would play the race card – I honestly became very very afraid.

    It would be an oppression and censorship over the country that’s literally indescribable because this is a historic first. Journalists writing on egg-shells…a silent-majority of resentment because there would be no media to call him-out on this and for people to validate these feelings.

    I think about that 1984 video – and I think the person on that screen – should be Obama.

  425. hi hillfans, i have to say a word about that pic of obama in somali garb. this comes back to when people mention his middles name as hussien. why are obama and his supporters so ashamed of his middle name or the pic? i mean the picture is public domain. wtf, if the media shows the pic of him in african garb that is supposed to be offensive. why the f*ck he had the pic taken if he is ashamed of it? he could have had his middle name changed. i never seen a campaign so ashamed of people mentioning his middle name or showing a pic of his in african garb. don’t pose for pics in foriegn countries in garb then if his supporters are going to have hussy fits.

  426. Good (early) morning, Hillfans. While cruising the Rightie blogs this morning came across a comment that the BO pic was either on his website or blog back in December. This is just another BO campaign distraction. Too bad it’ll have blown over so quickly. What’s next?

  427. I think it is a set up by saint Obama. It seems to be working with the bloggers. They are spitting fire at her right now. I hope Hillary raises hell today at the debate at lets it all out. Obama wants to look like the victim again, and the media will be there to breast feed him! I am soooo sick of Russert and the rest of the clan, giving up on hillary when just the last week she is no longer in the lead and he is. This ladies is the momment of truth with the sexist world as we know it in the media. I hope that Texas sees beyond this mans speeches. I love how Obama will bring up his weak points in his speeches and get praised for it. “some people say im not clear on what im saying or that i dont give specifics,” I really can’t stand that man!

  428. i check realclear politics poll averages daily and texas looks like a damn deadheat. ohio seems to be holding for hillary. damn, big media would howl if hillary loses 1 of these states or god forbids both.

  429. I’m a moderate independent. At first I had no choice. I thought she was divisive because the media said so. But as I watched Hillary throughout those first few debates I saw that she had the best command of the issues. I even heard Newt Gingrich say she worked him. If she can tolerate working with primary person who tried to destroy her husband, she’s bipartison. Kay Bailey Hutchison, a conservative republican, praises her bipartisonship. This should not be a personality contest. I think the media must’ve been waiting for her to stumble. How can one mistake over a drivers license question which was exaggerated, cause everything to crumble? Obama made the same mistake and he got a pass! Everybody knew it was Hillary turn in 08 just like it was Kerry’s 04. I said before, republicans and democrats begged to her to run against Bush in 04, but she respected the hierarchy and declined for John Kerry. At least as bad as republicans are, they fall in line. Democrats need discipline on the federal level. You don’t republicans even in the worst possible year attacking Bush. You have to respect that kind of party loyalty.

    I think this is more serious than even Hillary. The Dean democrats, the far left people that kicked Joe Lieberman out of the democratic party for being too moderate will gain tremendous power. The 911 conspiracy people. My question is who’s next. Max Baucus, Tim Johnson, Blanche Lincoln, Mark Pryor, Ben Nelson, Bill Nelson, etc. These people want a pure liberal party and as wonderful as that could be, how many seats could we occupy in the Senate, maybe 40 at most. I want gay marriage, I am pro choice, but pushing too far, too quickly will cause a backlash! Gavin Newsome, while his intentions were good, hurt democrats. Far left liberals can’t get elected. We need a moderate to slowly move the ball from conservative to moderate to liberal.

    Obama could be the Goldwater of the Democratic Party. After the republicans define him as a liberal, whose wife makes unpatriotic statements, who worships at a black supremacist type of church that holds Louis Farrakhan in high esteem, he’s toast! And the sad thing is his arrogance prevents from seeing what’s coming.

  430. dodd–i have been waiting for it…no suprise this point i don’t care what edwards and richardson do either…

  431. I really think now the only endorsements that really matter are Edwards or Gore.
    Richardson would be nice, but its not a deal breaker.

  432. Obama Had to be in a rush to run for president.He hoped that the REZKO would or could be delayed by supporters and the corrupt Repubs as well as fellow legislators of his Ilk would influence the Justice Dept and he could buy time to get the nomination.His followers have made it impossible to teven mention the word Black in any part of a conversation.What have we come to in this great country?From this point on,all the brave people that have spoken out and fought and gave up their lives,careers,have done these noble deeds in vain.Along comes a an empty suit and a glib tongued petty Chicago ward heeler that that thinks he does’t have BO,because he is BO.You got him, now live with him.

  433. Admin
    Please forward to compaign this i will be right on day one stuff from BHO is pissing me and so far we have not been able to counter
    How about Hillary saying after a reality check “People the last person who thought they were right all the time and no one else sent us to Iraq because they would not listening to anyone else
    I am promising you I will be ready to work with the country listen to the country and congress and not claim to be right .The role of a president is to bring everyone to the table and make the best informed decision

    Admin no way can Hillary seat back whilst BHO claims he is perfect and arrogant and not do anything

  434. interesting…. (found this on a right wing site, so not pro hrc or pro bho):

    “According to the latest Rasmussen Reports survey, the number of people who say they’ll definitely vote against Obama has increased by 7% over the last month. To make things more interesting, more people say they’ll definitely vote against Obama than say the same of McCain.

    Thirty-four percent (34%) of all voters say they will definitely vote for John McCain if he is on the ballot this November. Thirty-three percent (33%) will definitely vote against him while 29% say their support hinges on who his opponent is.

    Barack Obama has the same number who will definitely vote for him–34%. But, more people are committed to voting against him than McCain. Forty-three percent (43%) say they will definitely reject him at the ballot box.”

    FORTY THREE PERCENT??? and they wasnt hillary to drop out??? if she drops out we are basically handing the white house to the gop with BOTH hands! FORTY THREE PERCENT??? and thats BEFORE rove’s machine gets a hold of him. BEFORE rezco trial starts.

    imo… this just soldifies any doubts…hrc MUST take this to the convention. for the good of the party. for the good of the united states!

  435. “our Arab Brothers and Sisters” says this guy on MSNBC..Michael Eric Dyson

    I have to go paint today. This is sickening.

  436. Goodmorning Everyone!

    Today is a new day. Today is debate day. If I were her opponent, I’d be shaking in my boots. Hillary is going to shine! 🙂

  437. @diva – “hrc MUST take this to the convention. for the good of the party. for the good of the united states!”

    screw the party. for the united states, yes

  438. This WHOLE THING has not only Rove all over it, but left-wing fascism. Sorry…that is what I see. Censorship. Division. Control of the media AND the message. Fight like hell…..we are at a tipping point in this country.

  439. Hubby informed me this morning that if Obama wins the nom. then he will vote for McCain.

    I listened to his argument without arguing.

    He made some good points. 🙁

  440. @space: yes for the good of the party… i’m not talking abt the “dnc” or howard dean or donna brazille. i’m talking abt all of the people that identify themselves as dems and refuse to let these a**holes come out and take it from us. i’m talking abt all of the ppl that call themselves dems that support her.

  441. IDunn…they did a 15 minute piece, broyght up all the issues…didn’t really digg….asked Obama for an interview, and the statement was give by his camp, in effect, blaming the Clinton camp for the piece and the American people were not interested in this, that they wanted a fixed economy healthcare, etc. He blew it off. They didn’t follow up or challenge the statement. BO BLAMED CLINTON for HIS dealings in Chicago

  442. diva…i gotcha, but the Dem Party as we are seeing it has abandoned reason. We are ready for a third. Ours.

  443. Edwards will endorse him too. I stake my life on it.

    We are seriously waging war against the entire Dem. party, folks.

  444. IDunn…you are probably right. Ambulance Chaser…I am SORRY to say. And yes, we are at war.

    just what they wanted.

  445. IDunn…ya mean the piece?

    Yep. MSM isn’t going to go after him on anything. Even a piece that “appears” too challenge him on this stuff is going to gloss over the real issues.

    We are on our own.

  446. The whole netroots thing.Brewing for years. I have been reading the “one world government” from the LEFT aide of this….although tey do not call it that. This IS the Manchurian Candidate.

  447. @idunn: edwards worries me. he’s hooked up w/seiu now as well as anti-war groups. i’m thinking he’s putting it off as long as he can. he’s being the totaly opportunist on this thing… he just wants to be on the winning team, but the long he waits, the more irrelevant he becomes.

    he may be waiting until we’e closer to may6th/ nc primaries… wait and see if hrc stays in after march4th…????

  448. divabunny, they try to make senior in the senate and the house to endorse BHO and make it look like the party unite behind BHO which will force hillary to quit.

  449. Dodd = another Senator who’s been there forever and wants us to think he’s for CHANGE. Whatever that means. If they wanted change, why haven’t they done it by now?

  450. wilhelm is drinking the koolaid.

    If he for one minute thinks the Indys and Repubs of “good will” will vote for Obama in November .. get his nikes and cot ready. This guy is seriously delusional.

  451. @mei: gotcha… regardless, she would be insance to quit though… we know too little abt him for him to drop out now. anything could happen at this point…

  452. this guy thinks Illinois Chicago community will carry Obama to a win in GE. I’m glad he didn’t go with Hillary, he is stupid.

  453. wtf is with wilhelm’s hair? is that where they put the “chip” in the obama-ites???

    he is flat out lying right now! “winning in ohio”? how? look at the polls buddy!

    get him on nafta pat!! why are they forgetting that bho has said that he will NOT repeal nafta??? hrc has said that they need to change nafta!

  454. I hate to sound like I’m being defeatist here…because I’m NOT. I’ll fight for Hillary to the very end. But, if push comes to shove , I’m going to have to move the fight to making sure anyone other than BO wins. I can’t let this guy have the keys to the WH. I can’t.

  455. i still believe edwards is irrevelent at thispoint..he missed his chance…most of his supporters went to bho anyway..edwards is trying to keep his name in the my bro says the repubs are going to take it to the dem nominee..which one is going to be able to handle it

  456. But will that be any help if 3/4 doesn’t pan out as we want?

    Yes. I don’t want to get into this too much here, but those dates could spell devastation for him on a political and personal level. “Could” being the operative word here.

  457. Looks like you guys have forgotten this about Wilhelm:

    This Chicago establishment welcomed the Clintons warmly in the nineties and remains tied to them in the oughts. Take the political connections between Governor Blagojevich and the Clintons, for example. Blagojevich’s campaign chairman, David Wilhelm, a member of Governor Blagojevich’s ‘kitchen cabinet’ along with Antoin ‘Tony’ Rezko among others, was national manager of the Clinton-Gore campaign in 1992. Bill Clinton then appointed Wilhelm as chair of the Democratic National Committee. The Chicago press has reported that a company founded by Wilhelm has been investigated by the feds in connection with the state’s teacher pension system. According to the Chicago Tribune, “Hopewell Ventures, whose five principals include former top Blagojevich adviser and 1992 Clinton campaign manager David Wilhelm, secured a $10 million investment from the state Teachers’ Retirement System in December 2003.”

  458. i don’t think you will see a fill out attack on bho until hrc is out of the race, then the repubs will begin their attack on bho..mccain ,ay not have the money but the noise machine will take over and the groups with their ads..bho’s negatives have already begun to rise and mccain is now even with him

  459. I have to go to work. Keep the good fight gang….don’t give up on the U.S.

    We are fighting a revolution of the worst kind.

  460. this is why i don’t want hrc to drop out..just take it to him..people will eventually see that there is no there there..i don’t want it to be after the convention….

  461. Good morning everyone

    Check out Hillary’s new website. I hope most of us are planning on making calls in TEXAS. When I was watching C-Span yesterday and Hillary lost her voice, my heart broke. I was feeling sorry for myself. I thought to myself, this woman is fighting and look at me sitting on the couch feeling sorry for myself. She has given me the strength to keep on believing and keep on fighting because she is still fight. I made another contribution and I am calling Texas. WE WILL WIN. Please guys don’t give up.

  462. Excuse my paranoia, all, but I’m wondering if tonight’s messnbc debate will be deliberately stacked with pro-BO questions and even if Big head and Brian will set traps for HRC.


  463. B. Merryfield, have you seen this news on Rezko posted by Halperin on the page?

  464. F***!!!!!! Just brushing my teeth and some guy on MEssiahNBC…”She voted for the war, he didnt”



    say it over and over and IT IS TRUE

    gotta go. Hope I don’t ram someone on traffic from frustration

  465. basil9 @9:02A…IS THE POPE CATHOLIC

    it is a given that hrc will receive the nastiest questions and confrontations from timmy.. it will be snl skit all over again

  466. anbritt,
    Of course! 🙁

    But I’m wondering if this will be a real ambush and if she’s walking into a trap. I mean, originally she pulled out of the debate because of th4 Chelsea smear. I’m just worried that it’s a big set-up.

    Anyone, I need reassurance! I don’t even think i can watch the debate tonight. I have sent $100 in the past few days, have sent almost 2 dozen emails to TV shows, newspapers, the DNC, but I am very nervous.

  467. you talking abt s/thing o’reilly alluded to on his show a few nights ago?

    If he allude to something that starts with a “a”….I’m not sure. I don’t think so, but it’s absolutely not out of the realm of possiblity.

  468. I see the propoganda in the media on every level and medium and I am starting to understand (if ever so slightly, I will never understand extreme violence) even a little bit more of how the nazi germany happened. How people could learn to hate so much. cnn amazes me at how they allow hatred to be spread in their columns and on shows.

    It’s a bit scary.

  469. Okay Basil and Spacegirl, I have your emails written down. I’ll try to write up something tonight that won’t sound like gibberish to a novice and send it along in the morning.

  470. A couple of people have mentioned a ‘write-in” movement or a third part (fourth party) candidacy in the worst case scenario and the more i think about it the more I think it’s a good idea.

    I am so PO’d at her foreign policy speech being shut-out of coverage so the press could blame her for circulating a photo Bo didn’t like, with NO proof that her campaign was responsible! They are determined to crush her. She’s assumed guilty instead of assumed innocent in every instance. And Merry B posted up thread that the same picture had been on BO’s website in December. Anyone know how to track that down?

  471. How people could learn to hate so much.

    Dedfg , a few years ago I got caught up in American Idol and started posting on the official website forum. I was so shocked to see the hate and viciousness of some posters there over a freaking t.v. show and it’s contestants, that I won’t even watch the damned show anymore.

    This election, especially as it’s played out over the internet , is American Idol viciousness times 100.

    Something is horribly wrong with our society. Horribly wrong. I read a news articel just the other day where a man and his brother in law got into a fight over this election, and one of the men was stabbed.


  472. I just do not understand why Hillary doe not hit the SOB with his own words on war:

    “It’s not clear to me what differences we’ve had since I’ve been in the Senate,” Obama told the New Yorker magazine. “I think what people might point to is our different assessments of the war in Iraq, although I’m always careful to say that I was not in the Senate, so perhaps the reason I thought it was such a bad idea was that I didn’t have the benefit of U.S. intelligence. And, for those who did, it might have led to a different set of choices. . . . We were in different circumstances at that time: I was running for the U.S. Senate, she had to take a vote, and casting votes is always a difficult test.”

  473. The internet and MSM feed on this hate…it’s big ratings for them. BUT, they are courting disaster by doing so. It’s dangerous. Encourage a group hatred like that, and eventually someone will get hurt. It’s a given.

    I said before in here how creeped out I was when I went to Abingdon to see Bill at a rally, and no-one was screened. We just walked right through the door. No secret service anywhere that I could see. Now I find out that Obama’s crowds have been so huge that people are being waved through without screening, because heck, “They appear to be a friendly crowd”.

    This is a recipe for disaster folks. Just a matter of time.

  474. If God forbid Hillary is not the nominee. I am debating if I should vote for Mccain or Nader. Any suggestions??

  475. B. Merryfield said:

    ‘While cruising the Rightie blogs this morning came across a comment that the BO pic was either on his website or blog back in December. This is just another BO campaign distraction. Too bad it’ll have blown over so quickly. What’s next?’
    How can we track that down?
    Dedfg, I agree about the Nazi Germany analogy. I have seen many documentaries and read quite a bit about the rise and fall of the Third Reich and the Obamamania phenomena is in many ways a carbon copy of the Nazi propaganda machine’s strategy. It’s terrifying.

  476. If it is, then I wouldn’t go there. Mainly because that isn’t what astrology does. You can look back on something AFTER the fact and say, “Ahhh, there it is right there!” But astrology deals with influences and tensions. It doesn’t predict specific events, no matter WHAT anyone tries to tell you. That just isn’t how it works. 🙂

  477. *** election glossary *** (from the onion)

    debate: A contest to see which candidate can answer the fewest questions.

    absentee ballot: A form of voting that does not involve the inconvenience of having to get up off the couch and walk to a high school gymnasium.

    ballot: An object recording a voter’s decision that is frequently counted toward an election’s outcome.

    caucus: The process by which Americans are quadrennially reminded of Iowa’s existence.

    change: Can be found
    1-In the air/wind.
    2-At hand.
    3-Inside us all.

    convention: The best four-day-long chance a politically active, overweight Kia salesman from Tulsa has to nail one of them blond Fox anchors.

    corruption: The most effective and efficient way to produce results in government.

    delegate: A demented, often screaming individual who experiences intense arousal at the sight of a vertically printed placard bearing his or her state’s name.

    democracy: A moderately representative plutocracy.

    Diebold voting machine: A sophisticated, computerized balloting terminal that electronically changes your vote into a vote for Mitt Romney.

    election worker: A male or female at least 70 years of age.

    electoral college: A process by which the number of states in the Union is narrowed down to the most important seven or eight.

    experience: A quantitative score any politician may increase by slaying foes or solving riddles.

    hope: An intangible object within every American that is destroyed every four years in November.

    likability: The degree to which each candidate is able to hide the extent to which he or she is full of shit.

    lobbyist: A better-paid legislator. A company offering routine tests of your e-mail’s spam filter.

    platform: A list of the subjects that candidates are willing to discuss.
    2- A raised structure, almost entirely covered by flags, upon which candidates are placed.

    political consultants: Individuals who are very savvy politically, but don’t have enough hair to run for office themselves.

    political philosophy, Conservative: A great way to meet chicks at Princeton University.
    U-S-A; e.g., U-S-A, U-S-A(!).

    political philosophy, liberal: An ideology steeped in a proud tradition of ineffectual whining.

    pollster: A person who willingly communicates with the elderly.

    Rock The Vote:Something that is, apparently, still happening.

    voter apathy: The reason most American politicians are able to achieve and maintain office.

  478. If God forbid Hillary is not the nominee. I am debating if I should vote for Mccain or Nader. Any suggestions??

    No suggestions. I’m struggling about what to do myself. Vote McCain? Write in Hillary? Not vote?

    I don’t know. I’ll have to search my soul long and hard before I make that decision. The only thing I AM sure of, is that I will never vote for Obama.

  479. Diebold voting machine: A sophisticated, computerized balloting terminal that electronically changes your vote into a vote for Mitt Romney.


  480. If Hillary is not the nominee, then I will be on the side lines on Nov. 5th, and maybe never vote for the Democratic Party.

  481. I would like to know how the European Union is going to take to BO, He has never reached out to them in his sub comittee(sp). I beleive the only issue that will stop him in his tracks will be the Rezko trial.

  482. I hope Hillary is very firm, says it like it is tonight, but does not get angry. ( I thought what she did on Monday was great, but would be disastrous a second time)

  483. Hmmm…well if IDunn is right about the 8th through the 12th (and I have read those dates spelling trouble for him elsewhee too), then I see this playing out in one of two ways. One, Hillary takes both Ohio and Texas and we are back in business no matter what happens to BO. Two, Hillary takes Ohio but not Texas and takes some time, say like through March 12th! to consult with key advisors and figure out what is going on. If a big story about BO does break around that time, then people will forget about their wish to make her drop out and start covering him and then she can still keep campaigning in PA….

    IDunn, how certain do you feel that something damaging will come out then? It’s not that I wish that for him, I don’t, but I am certain he has skeletons in his closet, we all do, and he has received no scrutiny from the press.