Barack Obama At Hell’s Gate, Part II

Obama has spent this election season trashing Democratic ideals. On Social Security Obama has chanted Republican slogans about a “crisis”. Obama has employed “Harry and Louise” iconography to trash the concept of mandates – a concept central to Universal health care, social security, and even auto insurance.

Obama has cooperated with Big Media in trashing Hillary Clinton and the administration of Bill Clinton. Obama has even trashed the very notion that it is Bush and the Republicans who bear total responsibility for the mess the United States is in. According to Obama, Democrats have not reached out enough to work “across the aisle” with Republicans.

Hypocrite Obama supporters and other assorted PINOs who have not complained, but rather, praised Obama’s trash talk against Democratic values and Democrats were up in arms this week over the remarks by Machinist Union President Tom Buffenbarger.

Among other sharp remarks, Buffenbarger said this, which upset the incense burners:

“Give me a break! I’ve got news for all the latte-drinking, Prius- driving, Birkenstock-wearing, trust fund babies crowding in to hear him speak! This guy won’t last a round against the Republican attack machine. He’s a poet, not a fighter.”

Obama incense burners were upset at a labor leader denouncing the Obama demographic who have nothing to lose in this election. Bottom line is that the “latte-drinking, Prius-driving, Birkenstock-wearning, trust fund babies” are economically secure enough to survive whatever happens in November.

The “latte-drinking, Prius-driving, Birkenstock-wearning, trust fund babies” are the ones who got us all into the mess we are in when they supported Ralph Nader in 2000.

The “latte-drinking, Prius-driving, Birkenstock-wearning, trust fund babies” gambled with other people’s lives and other people’s money in 2000. In 2008 they are singing the same ol’ kumbaya song.

These are the unglamourous lives Naderites and incense burners are gambling with:

Big Media America and the “latte-drinking, Prius-driving, Birkenstock-wearning, trust fund babies”, the incense burners, the PINOs and the Naderites are in their cult bubble. In the same way that DeTocqueville explained America to Americans long ago it will take outsiders to plot the graph of delusion Americans are currently embracing.

Der Spiegel explains the cult bubble:

The rise of democratic frontrunner Barack Obama signifies an alarming victory of style over substance. Not unlike the dot-com hype, his campaign promises more than he can deliver. The one thing his voters can count on is that they will ultimately be disappointed.

Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama reminds many people of former President John F. Kennedy or civil rights leader Martin Luther King. But when I hear him speak, I have to think of the crazy days of the New Economy.

It was a magical time, even for the most levelheaded of business executives. For several years, wild promises seemed to be the most valuable currency in circulation. Profits? No big deal! Experience? Unnecessary! Realism? More of an obstacle than anything else. While some entrepreneurs undoubtedly had realistic business models and administrative talent, most of them were simply peddling ideas.

Der Spiegel holds “the mirror” for all of us to see America:

The future is a hotly traded commodity in the 2008 US presidential campaign. Voters are hungry for change and for radical departure from a present they now perceive as mediocre, especially after seven meager years under the current president, George W. Bush. A man like Barack Obama is adept at taking advantage of this yearning. He utters beautiful sentences that massage the soul, sentences like: “We are the ones we have been waiting for” and “Our destiny will not be written for us, but by us.”

At his campaign appearances, Obama and his adoring supporters toss his campaign slogan, “Yes, we can,” back and forth until the room is in a frenzy. His events are reminiscent of Sunday morning exchanges between a fiery pastor and his enthusiastic congregation, except that Obama’s crowds are even more fervent.

But anyone able to look past the rhetoric of the 46-year-old candidate will recognize a growing sense of doubt — doubt that Obama easily manages to quell in his next speech, or his next one after that. The senator’s successes in the primaries also have a narcotizing effect. Obama defines himself as a new type of politician, as someone who refuses to be judged by the old standards.

The rhetoric all sounds strangely familiar. In the New Economy’s heyday, the traditional analysis of a stock’s value based on its fundamentals — key economic indicators like profit, sales and numbers of employees — suddenly became a thing of the past, and was replaced by the so-called momentum method. Now a company was seen as a good business if its stock rose and an excellent business if its stock rose steeply. The motto of the day? I rise, therefore I am. Bernie Ebbers was considered a good manager in those days. The price of his company’s stock rose from less than $5 in the early days to a high of $62 in 1999. Ebbers was flying high. He had momentum.

The young peddler of ideas from Chicago is experiencing the same boost, as he rushes from one electoral success to the next. Success feeds success. Obama has momentum, too.

Incense burners are gambling with many lives that will suffer if Republicans maintain their throttling grip on the nation. Obama meanwhile disdains a victory for Democrats of merely “51%”. Obama wants to role the dice with other people’s lives.

Der Spiegel catalogues the future and the great gamble incense burners and Obama want to take with other people’s lives:

Nevertheless, if Obama is elected he will eventually be forced to disappoint his voters. Politics in a democratic society is a balancing of interests, not a revivalist meeting. It takes finesse, experience and power to transform ideas into reality. Hope and optimism can enhance these qualities, but they cannot replace them. Obama’s message is more of a promise to heal the nation than a campaign platform.

The future Obama is promising seems foggy and indistinct. He wants to change the rules of engagement in politics, but he neglects to explain how and in what direction. He wants to write a new page in the history books, but what handwriting does he plan to use to make his entry? He wants to drive out lobbyists, but if he does, who will champion the interests of union members, war veterans and chemical corporations? He wants to negotiate with the world’s dictators, but to what end, exactly?

In fact, Obama’s most dangerous land mines are hidden in foreign policy. A quick withdrawal from Iraq? Sounds great. But the mistake of having started this war in the first place cannot be corrected by ending it in a mad rush to get out of Iraq. A rapid withdrawal of the US military would most likely be followed by a bloody civil war. Al-Qaida would manage to sink its teeth into Iraq once and for all. Iran would rejoice. And Osama bin Laden and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would be the real winners of the 2008 American presidential election.

On top of all that, Obama, in an effort to show strength, has come up with a new, and in some ways exclusive, theater for the US armed forces. He talks about military operations in the nuclear power Pakistan, operations that he, as commander-in-chief, would order even without the approval of the United Nations. That is “the war we need to win,” he says again and again.

But in reality a military campaign in Pakistan would be lunacy, even if many in the American media have chosen to studiously ignore Obama’s comments. A comparison with President John F. Kennedy, who was 43 when he was elected, reveals that Kennedy was in fact unenthusiastic about going to war in Vietnam. It was a war the inexperienced President slid into, and if he was a war president, it was by accident and not design.

Der Spiegel, a German magazine, has special insight into the politics of despair:

But there is no room for thoughtfulness in the turbulent world of Obamania. Hillary Clinton, his rival in the fight for the Democratic nomination, suffers from the same problems as traditional companies in the automotive and engineering industries did when confronted with the hype of the New Economy. She is out of touch with his supporters. She uses language to explain, while Obama uses rhetoric to intoxicate. She tells voters what she is bringing to the table. He tells them what they can become. If Clinton is a solid stock, Obama is an option. If she’s a secure investment, he is speculation.

When the New Economy reached its conclusion, people suddenly realized that their hopes were dashed and their cravings for quick riches left unfulfilled. In 2002, Worldcom’s stock price fell to less than 10 cents.

If democracy functions only half as well as the market economy, the Obama bubble will burst. The burning question is: When? Will it happen before the Democratic nomination this August — or not until afterwards?

It is our job, here, now, to burst the bubble before August. Too many lives on the night shift depend on us.



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  1. Hi Admin, I like this post very much, though I am surprised about spiegel now. The last few articles I found there were real copies of the US Obama-celebrations.
    Do you have the link to this article?

  2. tiburones, Your poll numbers are interesting.

    Obama had a mildly negative week in terms of press coverage and he is already trailing McCain. Hillary has had non-stop negative coverage for the previous 5 months. Yet, she is doing the same against McCain and is tied with Obama.

    What does this tell us? This says OBAMA HAS A GLASS JAW. Just a bit of NEGATIVE NEWS IS ENOUGH TO BURST OBAMA’S BUBBLE.

    He is a classic INTERNET STOCK. All hype and no fundamentals and a bit of bad news away from collapsing.

    B Merry thanks for being a happy warrior. We need turn the blog back to being positive and winning this one for Hillary.

  3. Hillary on live 5:30 C-Span Travis Smiley Black Week Special.Obama refused the invitation and there are some real unhappy members. Very revealing about the empty suit with a forked tongue. We must support Hillary the best presidential candidate ever in the history of our great country.Candidate has ever had the burden of fightingfor the support of the people against the 24/7 deluge of MSM out to shape the election with lies,crticism,false statements,ridicule,altered photos,false witnesses,and downright smears of family and friends.Must not forget the mealy-mouthed GOP opposition.Support our Girl.She will win.REZKO GATE will soon be out in the open if the Media decides to show some fairness and vets OBAMA.

  4. Thanks for posting this admin, I loved these lines especially:

    “She uses language to explain, while Obama uses rhetoric to intoxicate. She tells voters what she is bringing to the table. He tells them what they can become. If Clinton is a solid stock, Obama is an option. If she’s a secure investment, he is speculation.”

    these words have been a long time coming, finally they have emerged! I loved it.
    repeat them everywhere people!

    Rezkogate is coming, I like that one too!

  5. GALLUP: HILLARY 45, Obama 44

    The latest three-day average finds Clinton favored by 45% of Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters and Obama by 44%. Gallup interviews from Feb. 19, the first day following Obama’s strong win in Tuesday’s Wisconsin primary, do not show an increase in Obama’s support that some might have expected as a result.

    Clinton’s technical one-percentage point lead is the first time she has been ahead of Obama in Gallup Daily Poll tracking since Feb. 9-11, although it is statistically indistinguishable from Obama’s one-point lead in Gallup’s Feb. 16-18 interviewing.

    This is also consistent with today’s Rasmussen.



  6. Hillary Rodham Clinton said Saturday that a pair of mailings sent to voters by rival Barack Obama’s campaign criticizing her health care plan and trade views are false, misleading and a betrayal of his pledge to practice a new style of politics.

    “Shame on you, Barack Obama. It is time you ran a campaign consistent with your messages in public — that’s what I expect from you,” Clinton said angrily, waving the mailings in the air.

    “Meet me in Ohio, and let’s have a debate about your tactics,” she added.

    From Meiyingsu’s link.

  7. Obama had a mildly negative week in terms of press coverage and he is already trailing McCain. Hillary has had non-stop negative coverage for the previous 5 months. Yet, she is doing the same against McCain and is tied with Obama.
    Obama supporters truly believe Obama’s B.S., that he will fight for the left wingnuts and that the majority of the country feels this way too. My relatives tells my time and time again, it Obama is not experience enough to be president…then why is the news media supporting him and trashing Hillary?

    They and other Dems truly believe the democrats have this election tied up and the republicans our through…I called this ARROGANCE 101. No party has a lock on anything…they person my committed and hard worker and determination will be elected president.

    Once again the left is under estimating the republicans and undercutting their strongest candidate to win this. Already our previous analysis is “bearing fruit.” Those same pundits who has been kissing Obama’s azz will now start turning on him when he attacks McCain or give his Pep Rallies. None of these guys (ok maybe a couple) believe Obama has the experience or the character to be in charge of this country military or POTUS but they can’t bear to see Hillary Clinton win and be 44…so this media love fest will continue and slowly fade while McCain slowly ramp up.

    The Democratic Base is what keeping Hillary Clinton in this campaign, in spite of the 24/7 negative media hating and tampering. The American public is aware of what going on.

    Hillary Clinton is a strong candidate, a fighter for the democrats but more importantly a fighter for all Americans. Have never seen her whinne or cry or threaten her party but respond in a principled and confident manner representing the best that this country has.

  8. Uh-Oh….Hillary’s mad. Love it. Mr Hope can’t keep preaching hope but at the next breath, tell lies about her. She needs to call him out on his BS. Shame on you Barack Obama.

  9. Correction: delete this sentenc-
    they person my committed and hard worker and determination will be elected president.

  10. Obama May Face Grilling on Patriotism

  11. I can’t login to the Hillary campaign to make calls!! I keep getting an error message:

    Description: An application error occurred on the server. The current custom error settings for this application prevent the details of the application error from being viewed remotely (for security reasons). It could, however, be viewed by browsers running on the local server machine.

  12. I’m glad Hillary has stop being the party unit-er and go after Rove JR., the man has no honor…his word doesn’t mean crap even for a politician.

    Any means necessary is Obama mantra and with the back stabbing Media giving Obama a free pass until McCain is situated, then POW! Let the beating became by those jerks. They’re going to dig out every video and comment that Obama made and run it up his no flag wearing self.

  13. hi hillfans, i have not been as much as i used to becuase of my new work schedule. the money bar on is skyrocketing. anyway im off to work.

  14. Just received a tip in my RW gmail. The Globe has a banner headline “Obama Sex Scandal. This man says ‘We Were Lovers'”

    Sorry, folks, but it hits the grocery store checkouts this week.

  15. Jeff Berkowitz interviews Sen. Steve Rauschenberger about Sen. Obama’s performance as an Illinois Legislator.


    Former State Sen. Steve Rauschenberger[Watch here]: [Barack Obama] didn’t work on building that bill—any more than he worked to write the ethics legislation. He was a show pony. He was [Democratic Senate President, Chicago machine pol and Obama mentor]Emil Jones’ —

    Jeff Berkowitz: Well, then, who did it? Because Emil Jones didn’t do it.

    Senator Steve Rauschenberger (R-Elgin): He was Emil Jones’ show pony.

  16. yes-hillary calls on obama-says cant wait to see u tuesday over your false ads. lets hope she does. i want a good fight tuesday

  17. I’m waiting to be notified what calls to make, and have just made another contribution. Terrondt mentioned seeing a money bar at How does one get to see it?

  18. What is the best argument we can make to voters who hear all the pro-Obama bullshit peddled by media whores? The question is pertinent in the Dallas market.

    My response is as follows:

    1. big media is heavily biased against Hillary (source: Media Matters–a watchdog group)

    2. big media attacks her based on gender
    (source: Annenberg School of Jounalism)

    3. big media protects and promotes Obama
    (source: Media Matters: positive vs neg.)

    4. big media censors unfavorable storied about Obama and favorable ones about Hillary

    5. MSNBC is the worst culprit. They are in a ratings war with FOX. If they succeed in electing Obama then they will have the same cozy relationship with the next President that FOX has with the current one.

    6. big media is not concerned with the welfare of the American People, therefore we should not listen to their opinions, much less defer to them

    7. and nowhere was this more obvious that when they took the closing statement of Hillary in the last debate, purposely misconstrued her words to be about her when they were all about the welfare of the American People.

  19. thank you TPS. It’s amazing how quick they are to try and silence you with intimidation. Please get anyone else to recommend it, seems a lot of people are not online.

  20. Obama’s real colors are showing, the primary is over down there and he just matter of factly gave them a gave them a big fcuk off.

    When he loses, he is gonna show some more of his true color. He is an angry man, he thinks this is due him because he is black. Watch him at the debate…he has anger issues.

  21. It’s almost as if he thinks he’s got the AA vote locked up, and he’s taking them for granted. There SHOULD be some backlash because of this.

  22. Obama is a cult and he likes it that way…I will NEVER vote for Obama because he is teaching our children the wrong values. That’s through threats, whinning and gang mentality is alright if you get your way.

    Why is it that the left have no problem using the Rovian tactics that disgusted them when the originator used them. Obama is using Chicago dirty politics and money protectionism that is alive and well in Illinois.

    Even the judge on the Rezko trail is a Obama supporter.

  23. Tiburones,
    I will donate another 30.44 for an hour of calling. Wish I could do it myself but meds I’m on affect my voice. I did send 50.44 yesterday.

    Isn’t what BO is doing with his Democrat for a Day pitch against the rules of the DNC?

  24. rjk1957 and others who have commented on Hillary’s speech going after Obama.

    There might be more to the speech than is being highlighted. It seems the least interesting part of Hillary’s remarks are the ones about the mailings (although that is what Big Media is focusing on and calling the most interesting).

    We really like this:

    “She compared Obama to President Bush during the rally, suggesting the country had already taken a gamble on an inexperienced candidate who promised change.

    “People talk a lot about change. We have lived through some of the worst change that anyone could imagine the last seven years,” she said to loud applause. “People thought we were getting a compassionate conservative, didn’t they? It turned out he was neither. We have lived with the consequences of those mistakes.”

  25. linfar,
    Have you tried sending your info to the DNC? Or bringing it to the attention of someone who can respond? It’s one thing to criticize and bash your opponent within the party itself but appealing to the ‘enemy’ (republicans) seems to cross a line in the sand, loyalty to one’s political affiliation.
    I can’t believe the DNC wouldn’t be incensed at receiving proof of BO’s fraud.
    Have you brought it to Admin’s attention?
    BTW, excellent resource with all the pertinent info in one spot.
    Didn’t read any threats to you, personally. Am I missing something?

  26. There have been noted speech makers over time who have mesmerized the masses and stirred them into a frenzy. The results have, more often than not, been frighteningly horrendous.

    While I thought at first that Hillary shouldn’t go after Obama during the last debate, I am starting to think differently. We need her to fight back as hard as she can but to do so with dignity and the power of truth.

    The alternative doesn’t bear thinking about.

  27. admin,




    ohhhhh welllllllllll…
    i still love her….
    but as you know, many have tried to advice her campaign from many different sites, ( guess no one was listeninig…)

  28. Good for Bill! Gotta love the guy.:) I hope that enthusiasm transfers into votes for Senator Clinton.

    Hillary is fighting back, about the inaccurate mailers re: healthcare and NAFTA.

  29. What’s going on today in Serbia is proof that we need somebody, Hillary, with foreign policy experience. Now I know why Vladimir Putin “endorsed” Obama, because he knows Obama is a pushover and Putin thinks he can run right over him. He knows better not to even play that with Hillary because she knows her stuff.

  30. It would be nice to have HC slam BO today in New Orleans, right in his back yard so to speak. I would like her to ask the peole there to look around, and take note of who was there and who is not. This is HC time to show the AA coummunity who will be there for them and she will not take their vote and support for granted.

  31. Clinton to Ohioans: “I’m Your Girl”
    Posted by Fernando Suarez| 5

    (CBS)From CBS News’ Fernando Suarez:

    TOLEDO, OHIO — At a late night rally in one of Ohio’s most industrial cities, Hillary Clinton hit two key points in her stump: the economy and Barack Obama.

    “Why aren’t there the kinds of jobs that will give us a good, solid middle-class lifestyle with rising incomes and good benefits anymore? Why? Why can somebody work fulltime but not have a weight that lifts that person and his or her family out of poverty when they are doing the best they can? Clinton asked.

    It was been a long day of campaigning Friday for Clinton who began her morning in Austin, Texas making the rounds on the morning news programs.

    Clinton, who has lost 11 straight contests to Obama, finds herself in the fight of her life, needing desperately to win the two big upcoming primaries on March 4th in Ohio and Texas.

    Hoping to connect the predominantly working class crowd at a local high school here in Toledo, Clinton said, “I grew up in the Midwest and I have all those Midwestern values that we share about what it is that life is about.” What Clinton said next summed up her campaign at this stage in the game. “We don’t expect anybody to give us anything. We expect to work for it, we always have.”

    In recent polls, Clinton leads Obama in Ohio, but with the Ohio primary 11 days away, she isn’t taking any chances, continuing to hammer away at her opponent.

    “On issue after issue, I don’t come to you with words I come with actions. I come with a prove record of accomplishments for you!” Clinton said referring to Obama without naming him.

    Clinton continued, “Let me tell you what I will do very specifically, because I am tired of people running for office coming to talk to you, giving you pretty promises and nothing ever changes.”

    Clinton fed off of the crowd’s enthusiasm, delivering her stump speech loudly and forcefully. “If you are looking for someone who will work to figure out a way that we keep building and making products that give people good wages and give us an industrial base that is important for our national security as well as our economy then I’m your girl because I’ll be with you all the way!” The crowd erupted into thunderous applause.

  32. Jas,

    I think it will be one of her most powerful speeches, but I think it will be because she will be in New Orleans and will talk about the people there and all that they have gone through. She won’t make it about herself.

  33. The Turks are bragging that they’ve killed as many as 799 PKK in Northern Iraq. (Turkey is part of N.A.T.O., of which Sen. Barack Obama is in charge as chairman of the European Affairs subcommittee of the U.S. Senate’s Foreign Relations committee. I’m sure Obama is on top of this NATO member’s actions. Oh wait. Obama hasn’t convened a single hearing of that subcommittee, or visited any of the European countries.)

    from NO QUARTER…

  34. “For the first time in my life I am proud of my country, Mrs. Obama”….not when the National Guard rescued hundreds of people stranded by Katrina, notwhen thousands of our soldiers paid the ultimate price in foreign wars, not when MLK lead the march in Alabama, not when firefighters and police lost their lives trying to save those in the World Trade Center, not when USA forced the Berlin Wall to come down, not even when rescuers from all over saved baby Jessica.

    Mrs Obama, you insult every American!

  35. JanH: Oh, I agree!! I just want her to remind everyone that she took time out to talk to the them, more than BO could do. This is a real slap in the face to the AA community, if they realize it or not. This is just who BO is.

  36. BO is holding a press conference. It’s live on CNN right now. He’s addressing the NAFTA/health care mailers.

  37. Clinton Leaves Primary States For “State of the Black Union”
    Posted by Fernando Suarez| 4

    (CBS)From CBS News’ Fernando Suarez:

    CINCINNATI — With the Ohio and Texas primaries only 10 days away, one would think that both candidates would be spending most of their time between these two states. But Hillary Clinton is taking time away from campaigning in the Lone Star and Buckeye states to head to Louisiana for the annual “State of the Black Union” hosted by Tavis Smiley.

    The problem is that Louisiana has already voted in the primary and gave Barack Obama a large victory. So why is Clinton taking time out of her limited campaign schedule to participate? Clinton Senior Spokesman Mo Elleithee said, “She’s always been committed to dealing with the issues that are important to the African-American community.” Elleithee said Clinton agreed to attending this summit weeks ago.

    There’s no doubt that after a series of gaffes and ill-advised comments throughout this campaign, there has been tension between the Clintons and the African-American community.

    Weeks ago, Clinton was hammered for a comment she made that some suggested discredited the work of Martin Luther King, Jr. during the civil rights movement. Prior to the New Hampshire primary Bill Clinton criticized Barack Obama, suggesting his views on the Iraq war were “the biggest fairy tale” he’s ever seen and later was accused of playing up the race issue prior to the South Carolina primary.

    When pressed on why Clinton was spending campaign resources in a state that has already voted, Elleithee said “She’s got a commitment to these issues, and is looking forward to the opportunity to discuss them.”

    Obama will not be attending the summit at all, causing some stir in the African-American community. In a letter sent to Smiley, Obama offered to send his wife Michelle, but Smiley declined to have her participate.

    According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Obama says his campaigning in Ohio and Texas is keeping him from the event. Smiley called Obama’s decision “a critical miscalculation and a missed opportunity.”
    It’s called leadership and a commitment on the people of the United States…all 50 states, in good times and in bad times.



  39. I hope Hillary will take time in the next debate to TOUT her own accomplishments in the Senate….there are so many things that she has done.

    SHE needs to let the voters know what she has done..she assumes we know all that she has done. Go look at her Senate website.



  40. I wish she would hit him on his campaign finance flip flop, and the fact that BO is now backing out of his pledge to accept Federal funds. Is this the kind of “new politics” that BO has been promising?

  41. WOW!!!!! I just saw the HRC charges about the BO Ohio mailers on CNN and she FINALLY said it like it is! She accused BO of using Karl Rove tactics, she said it was one thing for Republicans to attack Democrats but another to have Democrats spreading lies and slander against one another, she said Enough with the rallies, the speeches, the fine rhetoric, the poetry when his actions are so clearly contradicting his rhetoric. She was livid and it was FANTASTIC!!!!!!

  42. I wish Hillary and Bill would sit down for an interview with a national audience, and really be forthcoming and emotional about the way 1/2 the Democratic Party is treating them – it would help and give an oppurtunity to take a few good shots (like “he should be ashamed”).

    I have been arguing with a host on the local Airhead America station for weeks now, I let him have it for trashing Bill Clinton and the work of his foundation – brining AIDS meds to Africa, etc – and telling him his precious Kennedy’s haven’t done squat for America. Sorry if that offends any fellow Hill fans, but it is true. I finally don’t have to defend Ted the swimmer anymore.

    A touching interview, a Barbara Walters exclusive or something, will do wonders before TX and OH.

  43. Sorry, continued:

    She said; “You hear one thing in (his) speeches and then you see a campaign with the most egregious tactics reminiscent of what karl Rove and the Repubs did to Kerry and Gore.”
    You GO Hillary!
    (This is about the flyers on NAFTA and health care. About the NAFTA accusations, she points out that the newspaper RETRACTED it’s charge that she supported NAFTA and BO KNOWS that and is misrepresenting her record.
    On CNN now with bill Schneider report.

  44. WOW!!! “Shame on you, Barack Obama.” What a powerful speech and honest!

    I live in CA, and prior to Feb 5th, I think, I received a similar mailer on the healthcare issue, but I tossed it, because it was garbage. I wonder, if the current one is worse? The one in Ca, was smaller.

  45. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just saw the tape, now THAT my girl!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!

    THAT’S what I’ve been waiting for all through this campaign season, FINALLY, yes yes yes, my god, she was amazing!!!
    That’s passion!!!!!

  46. Bill Schneider on CNN is backing up Hillary’s comments, especially the misleading comments about NAFTA. Good for him. NAFTA is a big deal in Ohio, and Obama used that mailer in Wisconsin as well.

  47. BHO has said that he has been strenghtened by his work in IL and that he worked the streets of Chicago for his peple.Must have been doing property asessments for his buddy REZKO.his bigtime Donor who is now in the slammer.REZKO,s operations make AL CAPONE look like a two-bit pickpocket in comparison. Hillary Live on C_SPAN 5:30 EST from NO.

  48. CNN was discussing, if this might be a tactical maneuver, which Obama has been against. Who doesn’t use tactical maneuvers in politics? Even his holiness, is using political tactics. Clinton was right on, to act in this manner, at this point in time. She is a fighter.

    What garbage, for Obama to continue to call himself an “insurgent.” With the left wing of the Democratic party behind him, he is about as establishment as it gets i.e. Kennedy, Leahy, Kerry.

  49. I imagine these ‘repubs for Obama’ sites encouraging Repubs to vote against the Clintons have their origins in the Obama campaign.

    I’ve noticed in the last 48hrs a bunch of ‘new users’ across blogs claiming to be Obama republicans. Attempts to create an impression that Repubs heart Obama via astroturf rather than the sleazy appeals to vote against Hillary.

  50. It’s about time Hillary Clinton stopped being the party uniter and start fighting for the nomination. That’s the DNC job and they’re in the TANK for Obama.

    Howard Dean and his cadre of left wingnuts and doing the same thing like in 2000 and 2004….losing this election to the repugs.

    GWB has been a terrible president but an excellent campaigner and he is 100% replubican and will do 500% to get another republican in the White House. The DNC Obama loving democrats have no power to stop him and they have time and time again underestimated GWB strengths and were the direction of the country will go.

    It WON’T GO OBAMA WAY and if you think Obama can win this November you are highly mistakened. Obama has not won any of the STATES democrats need to win in the Fall to be the Republicans…Let me repeat OBAMA HAS NOT WON ANY OF THE STATES DEMS NEED TO WIN IN NOVEMBER!!!

    He lost Florida, won’t win California (promise you that), Arizona, Iowa, Alabama, Alaska, Mississpi, Louisianna, Texas, North and South Carolina, Nebraska, Idaho, Arkansas, Tennesee, Virginia, West Virginia, I’m not sure if he can win New York. I just don’t see the depth in his campaign since so many independents and repugs voted to stop Hillary and not to vote for Obama and his hope and Change message.

    I jsut think with Obama at the head of the party ticket…his candidacy will crash once the Republican and the media start attacking him…right know the media has been it’s usual lets bury the Clintons and then do the vetting after Obama gets the nomination….hmmm. That’s the scary part…the vetting will take place after Obama gets the nomination.

    That alone should tell you that it’s Hillary Clinton that’s the threat and change maker…not Obama.

  51. Independent Ben,

    The question then is why has CNN, Fox, etc… waited until now to address this. These mailers were sent out in other states and you can be sure the media knew about it. They had to wait until Hillary had finally had enough before talking about it?

    This really ticks me off!

  52. The question then is why has CNN, Fox, etc… waited until now to address this. These mailers were sent out in other states and you can be sure the media knew about it. They had to wait until Hillary had finally had enough before talking about it?

    I think, because Hillary addressed it today, they had to pay attention to it. I think, the health care mailer was circulated in CA, but I barely glanced at it, before tossing it. Now, the stakes are higher, and she has to fight back.

  53. I got on to earlier today thru HillIs44 to donate my teeny amt to the TV Ad campaign…BTW we are half way to the $2.2 M needed. Got on again just before starting this; went straight to Did not have the problem Emmy has, and am on a dicey public access WiFi connection thru my county library.

    I was reading yesterday’s notes early this morning. For the two crabby females who were complaining about the “party trays” for the precincts even after HillLandRocks pointed out the cost came to $50 per precinct:

    *Iowa was hit with 3 blizzards in 8 days before the caucuses.
    If you were on these pages maybe you will remember, my county was w/o electricity or phone service, some people for 8 of the 11 days leading up to the caucuses.
    *We had some citizens sleeping on the floors of nursing homes and school cafeterias and courthouse offices and firestations because THEY had generators.
    *Ninty percent of our trees and telephone poles and power poles went down because of ice weight and wind and 8 degree temperatures.
    *On the drive to the city 40 miles north of us, some of our power and phone lines are still laying in the roadside ditches on the west side of the highway.
    *Betsy Ebling, Hillary’s friend from Illinois, came to visit my city, the county center, and I could only find 9 people for her to meet who were not chipping ice, taking limbs off of roofs and barns and cars, chain-sawing their way out of their front or back doors, their driveways, their streets, etc. That was 1 week and 1 day before the caucus date. She took a copy of our weekly paper back to Hillary in Des Moines and I understand it is in the scrapbook.
    *The “party trays are round plastic trays with thin sliced ham, turkey and beef, two different cheeses: american and cheddar, and bread or little buns. You make your own sandwiches. The second tray has carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and celery with a cheese dip cup in the center (cheese not better than OK.) The trays are made by a grocery store chain whose first store was opened in a little town in my county in the ’20s…it is now all over Iowa. The trays are made up by the meat dept at cost plus $2.00.
    *Because of the weather, roads, lack of attention etc., I learned none of my county’s precincts was going to get a “tray.” I could not afford to do for every precinct as co-chair, but talked to as many as I could, and we tried to do it for ourselves. I made 50 sandwiches, cut into quarters. Ham only, cheap sandwich bread, a “schmear” of mustard-horseradish-and mayo. Bread and butter pickles, carrots, celery sticks, potato chips and a good sour cream dip.Total cost: $30 plus napkins plus tax. No cheese, no cookies, except what some ladies donated. Five hours just to make sandwiches, cut them and bag them: making schmear and dip extra time, as was the packing and hauling of the food.
    *Once again, complainers, do the math. There are almost 1800 precincts in Iowa. Mine is a smallish one. I did not count my labor. $50 Ain’t bad.

    One more thing…Lay off of Fran, and others. Frankly, I miss her, and others, and you smarty pants newcomers have no right to do what you do to others on these pages. Going after Trolls and destroyers I can understand; Admin helps us all take care of those…but to chase off others who do not fit your image of a HillFan…you are just another Bot…with a different prefix.

    Come after me. I don’t care…I want to know who you are…and frankly, I don’t give a damm. I know who to trust on here. I’m sure there are many others; it just takes a test of trouble and character to find you.

    *We have almost 1800 precincts.

  54. the reason CNN, FOX didn’t address it is because her campaign didn’t address it. They don’t want to tarnish the shiny knob knows as BarackMessiahObamabotulism

  55. How do all think this will play out???

    I don’t think she really had a choice but to go at it full throttle, so this is good, and I LOVED it!
    But how will the media choose to portray it?
    I think this will be hard to spin, and certainly seeing Hillary so ….dare I say it? Fired up!! Media loves passion, she meant business, I think this can be really good!

    Let us know how you see it and how people/friends you know react to seeing it!!

  56. Obama is spinning it, as “old political tactics.” Blah, Blah to him. He is as political as every other politician out there.

  57. I think BHO is worse than Bush. After 911 anyone criticized Bush’s government would be labeled as unpatriotic, and now anyone criticizes BHO would be labeled racist. This is total crap!

  58. dot48,

    God forbid they call Obama and his campaign on anything crooked unless they absolutely have no choice…grrr…

    I’m so glad this mighty little woman went after him. Hillary rocks!

  59. well bambi is scared…no doubt about it.

    BIG mistake they made with these mailers…too bad she didn’t go after him earlier.

  60. Who cares how the media plays it out….she can’t win over the media no matter what she does. She might as well be herself.

  61. I don’t care how media spins this. She is in the right and they know it. Honestly the sparkle in her eye when she fought back today was amazing.

  62. You GO Hillary! Time to attack and show people what a liar BHO is. You have nothing to lose. All my friends absolutely loved the video. I think it will energize her support.

  63. i’ve said before…obama’s cockiness and overall feeling that he is the messiah will take him out. sooner or later. I just hope sooner. He is smug, overreaching and gives off the feel to me of one of those smarmy preachers who want to take your $ and run.

    Obama wants to steal your BLACKENED SOUL .. with promises to make it all better. Those who have had to actually LIVE the hard life know that this is the biggest bunch of BS in those world.

    I’m telling you, the people that follow him are like the Jim Jones cult crew…they drank and they will eventually have to pay for the ill of their ways. Punishment will come.

  64. That video the shame on you video, omg. I almost had an orgasm I was soo excited. That is what I have been waiting for. She will not be swiftboated.

  65. Emmy, there’s a link higher up, but here it is.

    It’s a must see.

  66. her back is against the wall and time is not on her side. I say unload both barrels and every round.

    Fcuk the democrat party and the elite in W

    Obama just painted Ted Kennedy and all the “old” washingon crew with the same brush. She needs to pick that soundbite out and play it over and over…put up pictures of Kerry, Kennedy etc….

  67. Wow, the video is fantastic. “Enough with the speeches.” Loved her invoking Harry Truman and Democratic core values. Hillary’s fed up like we all are. Now Obama’s going to be on the defensive. How can he defend those mailers?????

  68. you said it jubjub!!

    This will energize us!! I feel better all ready!
    People thought this think was over, but we all know an hour in politics is a lifetime somewhere else!

    This is not too late, she is giving him a fight in the eleventh hour! Great play!

  69. great….I was soo energized I sped through the buttons on my keyboard…. 😉

    all ready = already

    think = thing


  70. Gorto, Wow, that was a fighting, passionate Hillary standing up for Democratic values and principles against that pretender Obama. You go girl!

  71. dot48, i will be happy to. Is there a specific email address? I am afraid that the general web email might just get lost.

  72. “This a bottom up movement, not a top down movement.” Per a speaker on C-Span. What a bunch of hooey! Who orchestrated this entire campaign? The Democrat elite i.e. Dean, Kennedy, Kerry, Leahy. They are using Obama to further their agenda. The goal has been to prevent Hillary from reaching the White House.

  73. TPS, she may be a little slow with this, but it’s not too late!!!

    One could say this is perfect timing and a perfect come from behind play!

    Now, watching this, what can we expect in the debate on Tuesday????

    I hope they will be standing, I want a fight, and those who saw the focus group on fox, the independents said they wanted a fight!!! Well so do I, and I hope Hillary brings her passion and fighting spirit with her to that debate!

  74. Gorto, I think she has had enough with this guy. She has set it up nicely for the debate on Tuesday. This will play in OHIO TV non-stop between now and Tuesday. Obama gave her a great opening here. She will keep pressing this.

  75. nothing against AA…but this whole panel sounds like a bunch of wingnuts. Will any of them take responsibility for their own actions?

  76. Nobody want a fight but I want to see Hillary Clinton passionate and fighting for the nomination and stop being the Party Uniter while the Howard Dean and the DNC keep backstabbing her.

    If the media and those Dems want to complains, Hillary should say I’m fighting for the people who beleives in core Democratic values. Obama believes in Rove.

  77. jeesus, that guy is blasting Bill Clinton, saying he used the black community, for heavens sake, this is the most obvious race baiting I have ever seen.

  78. Is that Donna Brazile on stage. And OMG what is that dude talking about???? This is crazy. I know Hillary will deal with this situation with grace.

  79. maybe Obama was smart to distance himself from this bunch of LOWLIFES.

    I hope Hillary skips out of there immediately if she has not already.

    This is DISGUSTING.

    And they wonder why no Black Man has been elected..sorry AA here.. I don’t think these people represent you. They are trying to get him to shut the fcuk up.

  80. That dude is Dick Gregory, a longtime activist. He was always known as a militant. And yeah Donna Brazille is sitting up there.

  81. European

    When Admin or someone with a note provides a line, notation, or title in color, (I think it is purple) in their posting, it is a link to the source…eg., the seventh paragraph in Admin’s article has the following:

    Der Spiegel explains the cult bubble

    clicking on that colored section takes you directly to the source.

    Hope I got you before bedtime.

  82. Hillary shouldn’t have wasted her time with this crap. What is the purpose of this convention? I saw Sheila Jackson Lee. She should be in Houston helping Hillary!

  83. Dick Gregory is a fool and he see Obama as the only change to see a Black man as president before he dies.

    So, even though the Clintons has been friends to our community, many old civil rights advocates are tired of waiting for their chance and they’re dying and that irresponsiblie media have givin them the dream and hope that Obama will be president, if only Hillary Clinton would get out of the way.

    Since Obama only has had positive press…they think he has a chance…not seeing that the media is mainly Clinton hating and will vet Obama once he gets the nomination….the Pow all that crap he said on video will come out for McCain benefit.

    Like I said before BIG MEDIA is owned by 5 – 7 white guys and they are Republican and have their own agenda which is call Media Consolidation.

  84. Sorry but this whole panel wants to hold everybody “accountable” but themselves. I am sorry but they want to BLAME everybody.

    Is this typical of what we can expect if BHO would become authority of the White House.

    This is sorry…I wish Hillary had said NO. They are trying to mock her and Bill Clinton, they are preaching.

  85. Although I don’t agree with it, and I think the aa people are ‘lost’ to obama….

    maybe Hillary should be as graceful and classy her as she ended the debate the other day?!

    Maybe she should say, that there was never anything bad/racial words intended, but IF someone is offended, I apologize. Would she get some of them back?

    It would kind of be similar to the ‘apologies’ msnbc has delivered, ‘if anyone felt hurt, I feel sorry you feel hurt’ kind of a thing, not a real apology, as she really, in my view, doesn’t have anything to apologize for, but, maybe the ‘right’ thing to do… ??

  86. Now, if she would only go after him for the “Democrat for a Day” BS and the Republicans for Obama fraud and tear him a new a$$hole for selling out a fellow democrat, inviting and soliciting votes from the opponent to prop up his numbers, I’d be happy.

    Linfar, have you sent your link to the HRC campaign tips link? if not, do you mind if i do?I

  87. ONE VOICE through the vote.

    I see why Obama didn’t see the need to come…he has the cheerleading squad here for him…this is such at SET UP bunch of SHIT.

  88. carbynew, They(MSM) would mercilessly thrash him if he gets the nomination. I think black america does not mind losing the elction, they want the nomination for a black man once in their life time.

  89. Yeah, these questions are so set up. They all keep saying hopeful…..yuck. That line originally came from Bill Clinton: I still believe in a place called Hope.

  90. I’m sorry to say that the Republican on this panel, Michael Steele, has made more sense than any of them. He is the one that sounds Rational.

  91. Ok. The blaming of black people for Hillary’s problems on this and other sites is getting on my nerves. Listen up! Black people are not all the same, we do not all think alike, and no one black person can speak for the millions of african americans in this country! The vast MAJORITY of african americans DO NOT BELIEVE Hillary Clinton is a racist. As one of Hillary’s black supporters I was disappointed when she and her surrogates didn’t more forcefully challenge BO on his racebaiting bullshit when he and his team first started playing that card months ago. Yeah, BO is getting the majority of black voters at this time for various reasons that have already been discussed. However, MOST black voters will of course support Hillary when she’s the nominee. I don’t give a damn what Dick Gregory, Al Sharpton, or Jesse Jackson has to say about anything. All 3 are relics left over from a time that has long gone and none of them have an iota of influence w/ blacks or anybody else. Hillary may not be carrying the black vote this time, but plenty of black men and women have proudly cast their vote for her. That’s the reason Hill will participate in this panel & the reason she continues to reach out and go on Tom Joyner’s show and others like it inspite of the fact that she isn’t getting the aa support she wants. I personally I’m glad she continues to make her case to any group that’s willing to listen.

  92. nikki22,

    I agree, nikki. I think some of us were concerned when we heard Dick Gregory here slamming Hillary, Bill, and Chelsea – which I think is unjustified.

  93. Independent Ben, to answer your question. The Youtube video nails his campaign. He is caught. You just have to couple all the dem for-a-day stuff with his mentioning of Republicans vvoting for him. That Youtube video went up before there was voting in any state. It was part of their campaign strategy.

  94. nikki, I have not seen anyone here blame AA for Hillary problem. I blame the media for the major distortion of Bill Clinton words.

    Dick Gregory bashed Bill Clinton and the entire family .. he and a few others on that panel IMO are the real racists.

  95. Donna is a hypocrit. Worried about voter disenfranchisment.. WHAT ABOUT THE VOTERS IN FLORIDA?

    When people talk about the voters in Florida being disenfranchised, Donna and others, say that the rules are being changed in the middle of the process. What about the Superdelegates voting, for whom, he/she wants, rather than the majority vote. There is a true double standard operating in this campaign. My congressman, George Miller, supports Obama, but our county voted for Clinton. Who is he going to support? Hmmm

  96. i’ve been watching all the speakers on the black caucus…

    people here who know me, know i am native american/mexican…
    half breed. but that happened alot, because our nations have always been intertwined on this continent…

    i dont look forward to barack being president, he owes the AA COMMUNITY in soul right now, and i believe he sold it to them, among others…

    i talk all the time with my ‘peoples’ and asian americans and others, and we have a fear that the agenda will be all about what the NAACP NEEDS.
    having a revolving door to oprah winfry on policy is a scary thought…


    open to discussion

  97. clintondem99 Says:

    February 23rd, 2008 at 5:26 pm
    carbynew, They(MSM) would mercilessly thrash him if he gets the nomination. I think black america does not mind losing the elction, they want the nomination for a black man once in their life time.
    ITA w/nikki22 but I also place alot of the blame on the propoganda coming from MSM. My Chicago mother-in-law is a life long democrat and loves Hillary but she support Obama because she want to see and Black Man become president.

    When I tell her what Obama is saying to other groups she just doesn’t believe me because the media would had said something about Obama’s flip-flops. She told me the media loves Obama and thinks he has a better chance to win the White House…she honestly believes this.

    She think Obama came up with his ideas and isn’t a lying piece of crap but she would vote for Hillary too. And she see all these white people supporting Obama too. She told me I’m just hating on Obama because I support Hillary.

    She just doesn’t think the Media would be in the tank for Obama for such an important position as POTUS. Also she doesn’t think Rezko will hurt Obama because it just Chicago politics.

  98. I don’t think Barack will make it past McCain skmf12. I am a Latino. I am not voting for Barack Obama. I never will. I am not doing it because he is somewhat AA, I am not because he is a twofaced, lying, slimy, phony, dangerous candidate. My older relatives will not vote for him partly, I think, because of what you said. There is no doubt that black-brown relations are not the best, especially in innercities. Barack Obama is not helping. He has caused a divide in the relations even further.

  99. Alot of us were routing for a dream ticket but Obama’s tactics on how to win just to win with these flyers is the straw that broke the camels back. You know Hillary is not going to N.Orleans just for politics. The fact is that the Clintons have worked hard to give African Amricans the same chances that many of us take for granted being white. Sure she’d like to have more votes from every cultural block, but her visit there is really a continuation of the Clintons legacy. Bill Clinton is the president who did the most for african americans and will continue to be no matter what happens. But my dream ticket now has to be Hillary-Edwards. too bad for egobama who will do anything to win. just more of the same!!

  100. hawk,

    you are right ofcourse, my best friend is black, and we wont even talk about the election, cause it is just way too explosive, and we want to keep our friendship intact…


  101. what a champion she is for America, I am so proud of her. She is making this about American’s…not black, not white, not female, not male.

  102. BBarack Obama is just another lying mealy mouth politician. Looks like we might have another Bush on our hands.

  103. Please it so sad to see the progressive still so bitter and have not developed any further.

    Progressive are the won backing Obama…so let get off the AAs backs.

  104. Please forgive my spelling today…i’m very sloppy with my spelling, trying to do too much at once on this crappy computer.

  105. # dot48 Says:
    February 23rd, 2008 at 5:36 pm

    Donna Brazil actually looks like she wants to be somewhere else LOL.

    I’ll be happy to pay for the ticket. What a traitor to Democrats.

  106. I hope these people were frisked.

    She is making THEIR case much better than the handwringers on the stage did. She is bringing solutions instead of racism

  107. carbynew Says:
    February 23rd, 2008 at 6:03 pm

    Progressive are the won backing Obama…so let get off the AAs backs.

    Well said.

  108. They reached the goal on the main website, 1.3 million, and now are shooting for the final goal of 2.2 million by sunday.




    i dont like to see that lack of human respect…

  110. she should end her remarks and tell them to say hi to Obama when he shows up, oops sorry he said screw you and refused to come speak to you because Louisiana already voted. How inspiring!!!

  111. i’m going to tell it the way i see it, i’m on no ones back!
    i have concerns as an american, and i have everyright to
    voice them…

  112. I wish she had mentioned Katrina…..

    This is the thank you she gets from these people for both she and Bills hard work

    Let us all email Tavis and thank him. He is one good guy

  113. Obama’s supporter are the rude ones and it’s very embarrassing for them to do this.

    When Hillary came to Los Angeles she would treated so repectfully by African American in Compton and those in the inner city. She was treated with respect in black churches, businesses and homes.

    Let’s place this ignorance where it belong on Obama’s head. He has been so dismissive and demeaning that this carried down to those supporters in Louisiana.

    Remember Obama had to run his campaign in California, that dirty crap and ginning the causus didn’t work because Cali doesn’t have that causus crap.

    I also want to remind people that African Americans are not all the same and Hillary knows that. It’s too bad that Obama and his supporters are burning bridges with this crap, they are going to need Hillary Clinton either way after November.

    What a bunch of tools Obama supporters are.

  114. Correction: When Hillary came to Los Angeles she was gtreated so respectfully by African Americas in Compton and the inner city. She was treated as a friend and with love in blcak churches, businesses and homes.

  115. What a bunch of tools Obama supporters are.

    This is one reason, out of many, why I would never vote for Obama. The cult-like atmosphere is very scary.

  116. Well Obama will probably chuckle about the reception she is getting there. He probably planned it.

    If this isn’t divisive I don’t know what is. Hillary is right. Shame on him and his lemming supporters.

  117. When I’m at the Texas caucuses, you can bet I’m going to try to persuade the undecideds by telling them how rude, pushy and bullying Obama supporters are – and that’s an exact reflection of their candidate.

  118. Well Obama will probably chuckle about the reception she is getting there.

    What happened? Couldn’t hear a pin drop silence or boos?

    I decided not to watch this year in case this happened — the audience is pretty much elites, politicians and celebrities.

  119. Hostile audience not willing to give an inch. She is the enemy because she is keeping their wonder boy from being crowned.

  120. I wish she would just say “I know I am not Black. I understand your pride in a Black Candidate. But I also know you are smart enough and loyal enough to the advancement of ALL Americans to use your jusgement to make the right choice for ALL OF US”

  121. That video clip just got me doubly excited. I guess that clip gave MSM a little perk up. All those idiots in the media saying Hillary was going to drop out or some shit like that. Does that woman look like she’s dropping out? She is in this to win it and I am going to be with her every step of the way. When I watched that video, I was like OH SNAP. Obama must be asking himself what he just did.

  122. Thanks for the Spiegel link. I am really happy about this author who obviously did some better research. Spiegel is one of my favourite weeklies, but I was getting annoyed because some authors seemed to have drunk the kool-aid too ;).

    And I love the way Hillary fought today about those mailers. I really hope in the next debate she brings up many of Baracks dirty tricks. This way she will put him into defensive and stuttering and when he gets insecure his debate performace gets worse. I liked the last two debates, but many people could not see a clear winner. This happens only when Obama can play on the offensive. She has to attack him from the beginning and in my opinion not only on policies. In fact his character is worse than any politician I know. His campaign claims new style of uniting politics, in those debates he plays friend to not get attacked by Hillary, and not even out of the studio he starts with dirty campigning again.
    She really has to call him on this.

  123. she should go is ad hoc like this more often. She is brilliant. She keeps telling everybody that we must be UNITED once a nominee has been selected.

  124. The media seems to have the mission of keeping us in Iraq for a very long time. They have been on the Bush band wagon from the start and the best way to do that is by dividing democrats and its working. They’re patiently waiting for egobama so they can knock him out Leaving Iraq is a very serious mistake for certain groups of well connected multinationals who control much of our airwaves. Don’t you find their behavior in these primaries strange, the likes we’ve never seen. Doesn’t seem like Hillary is fighting the whole media as well as her opponent? Their is only one candidate that they want, McCain. Its even stranger that republicans have not even mention egobama;s rezko home buying buddy whos left people freezing in their homes.

  125. She needs to bring in materials in the next debate – let’s look at Obama’s version of Harry and Louise – let’s look at the Democrat for a Day flyers – she should read directly from them and say, this isn’t the politics of change or transformation, this isn’t even politics as usual, this is DIRTY POLITICS.

  126. she said she regrets if anyone thouht there was somethhing deliberate or not, or interpreted wrong or not

    she did not say “I am sorry for…”

  127. hey all – i went to a caucus training in preparation for TX, and this is a story from one of my fellow volunteers who went to Nevada:

    Barack Obama’s supporters registered Homeless People for the caucuses to be counted for Obama – in exchange for a meal.

    No shit. How exploitative.

  128. Hillary rocked the State of the black Union speech. She got a standing ovation at the beginning and the end of her presentation. She is articulate, clear, thoughtful, precise and empathetic. Tavis pointed out that she was the only one of the 4 presidential nominees left on Dem and Repub sides who accepted the invitation to speak today.

    I swear, I don’t know how she does it, either. From Ohio this morning to New Orleans this evening and who knows how many campaign stops in the next 10 days, she really is superwoman.

  129. regarding the homeless…it used to be a pint of liquor rather than a meal…really. This is OLD political ballgame but it is what it is.

  130. # lninla Says:
    February 23rd, 2008 at 6:35 pm

    hey all – i went to a caucus training in preparation for TX, and this is a story from one of my fellow volunteers who went to Nevada:

    Barack Obama’s supporters registered Homeless People for the caucuses to be counted for Obama – in exchange for a meal.

    No shit. How exploitative.

    Progressive agends. Assholes

  131. I cannot believe that. That needs to get into all the black publications we can find. What a opportunistic bastard. I bet the are still hungry, and will remain so throughout his imaginary presidency in his head

  132. I think the last question and answer let them get another glimpse of real Hillary.

    I think the audience probably feels really SHITTY and LOW right now. AS THEY SHOULD

    Signing autographs now and blowing kisses.

    She does NOT sound like she is ready to cave in…she sound strong. Yes, she needs strong showing in the next two states…BUT I still feel like they KNOW something we don’t.

  133. this is what I plan to do at the TX caucuses to convince undecideds-

    I will paste HOPE onto monopoly money and go around ask ask if HOPE will buy my prescription drugs, or my healthcare insurance, or if it’ll stop the war. And I will hand these out to everyone to remind them if HOPE will bring us solutions.

    I will make copies of the Harry and Louise Obama mailer and the Democrat for a Day and tell them what kinds of dirty tricks Obama is using. I will tell the story of Obama’s people registering homeless…

    I will bring my video camera and tape the bullying tactics of Obama. Apparently, in Iowa, Lots of people were bussed; they ripped down and trashed Hillary signs and hats. They acted like thugs.

  134. That video! Ahhh. I am so thrilled for that video where she tears b.o. a new one. A dem with backbone. I love her. This is why I am so loyal to the Clintons. Remember Bill’s interview with Chris Wallace on 9/11, backbone. Now this, backbone. I f***in love these people.

  135. CARBY,






  136. # B Merryfield Says:
    February 23rd, 2008 at 2:32 pm

    No. It’s Obama. It’s the Obama sex scandal to be front and center on grocery store aisles near you.

    Heard this on Washington Ournal EARLY this morning. A woman caller. Said she picked up the GLOBE because Doris Day was on the cover “I LOVE Doris Day…and then I opened it up…and there was a man who filed a lawsuit against Mr. Omama, (and two other people I cant remember) and well…I just cant say what it was about on TELEVISON! But I was so embarassed. Why dont we know this?”

  137. OH AND CARBY,



  138. seriously JanH – I asked volunteers who had gone to Iowa and Nevada before, why didn’t they videotape some of the nastiness of Obama supporters – missed opportunities. Literally, in Nevada, two women, Obama supporters, grabbed a Hillary volunteer caucus observer and tried to drag him away from voters.

  139. Help me understand, what did Dick Gregory mean that White Corporate America is feeding AA coummunity Malt Liquor?
    so corporate is forcing this down their throats???? It’s White America who is forcing Black on Black crime?? again help me understand??

  140. Fox news basically says that Michelle Obama is going to be the stopping point for ObamaTrain — her arrogance. Says the adoratioin phase is soon over *(Hurry UP) Media are going to be looking, looking, looking at the Obama’s. Fox news says air getting ready to go out of his HOT AIR balloon.

    No way can him or her handle it like Hillary. We are getting ready to see some fireworks.

    Hang on Hillary…you are indeed superwoman and you will have to save

  141. On the political ticker, it say Barack Obama would have quit if he lost as much as Hillary did. She’s only some 60 delegates away. I hope he eats those words.

  142. I know some think the State of the Black Union audience was rude but it doesn’t matter. HRC was as calm, serene and articulate as always. I am very proud of her speech and the way she answered Tavis’s questions. And if she felt like she wasn’t shown the proper respect, she certainly didn’t show it. She was poised, graceful, polite, inclusive and brilliant.

    I didn’t watch any of the other portions of the event so I don’t know what DG and braziile, JJ and A## said. But who cares. Whatever it was doesn’t appear to have fazed her in the least. 2 for 2!!!! Wonder if she has one more stop today so she can make it 3 for 3.

  143. JAS…that is not the BLACK complaint, it is the PROGRESSIVE COMPLAINT…we are shit on by everyone and in order to not be shit on by everyone, we have to rise up and shit on everyone who doesn’t believe the way we do. It’s close to socialist fascism in my book, dare I say…not a Democratic Platform of social reform.

  144. If I write a very personal diary, can someone post it on a blog, I have had enough of these little trustfund latte sippin kids chosing our nominee? I do not want to sign up and go through all that crap to post something.

  145. Well, the audience at the conference at least didn’t boo her, and many politely applauded. When they panned the audience there were many who were sitting on their hands and frowning, but that’s to be expected I guess.

  146. I remember watched a caucus vote on CNN earlier in the season and was appalled at the Obama group and their antics.

  147. Forgot to mention;

    I can’t remember where I saw it but MO’s thesis, it seems, is available. I’ll see if i can track it down.

    Oh, FYI, the new york Times has issued a semi-apology for the McCain story.

  148. Fox news basically says that Michelle Obama is going to be the stopping point for ObamaTrain — her arrogance. Says the adoratioin phase is soon over *(Hurry UP) Media are going to be looking, looking, looking at the Obama’s. Fox news says air getting ready to go out of his HOT AIR balloon

    I have only been able to watch small clips of MO speaking, because her obvious arrogance is a real turn-off. Maybe, I’ll start watching Fox News. I certainly, have not watch any of the other networks for almost two weeks; too toxic. Amazing, when one has to watch Fox, to get less biased coverage on Hillary. Jeez.

  149. Caroline – we’ll see…caucuses favor Obama’s people because Hillary’s are more working class, and after a long day to have voted once in Texas’ primary, and then have to go back to your polling place and caucus is a lot to ask…or to have sent in an absentee ballot and then come back to caucus – that’s very hard on people who are old too.

    Obama’s people and rowdy college students can be there early, try and chair the meeting and even call the meeting over before some of the Hillary people get there – unless an actual Hillary supporter is paying enough attention to motion for caucus staying open, or to make sure that sign in sheet of registered voters matches the head count. Sometimes, observers not caucusers can be mistaken for caucusers – you have to be really on your game to make sure things match-up – there are so many opportunities for cheating.

    The caucuses are a total mess…most undemocratic process ever.


  151. I just got through watching The State of The Black Union. Great stuff. If anyone didn’t get a chance to see it, I’ll be happy to give you a summary. Just ask.

    Right now, I need coffee. 😉

  152. JAS, it’s called disenfranchisement. It’s why centerist Democrats are now more like past republicans than ever before. WE ARE. We believe in a level playing field, taking responsibility, helping those who need it, but not a hand out. As WJC would say, a hand up, not a hand out. That corporate interestes should be allowed to operate in a free market but not AT THE EXPENSE of individuals, as it is NOW in the Repugnant Party. The Progressives, in my book, are like old communal hippies turned Marxist. I am sorry if that is rough, but they will be the ruin of this nation.

  153. I think it says a lot about Hillary’s abilities to stand and be diplomatic, represent our country with dignity but still fight for our beliefs and values.

    Hillary is not begging or threatening or whinning like another politican does when he can’t get his ways.

    And his name is Barack Hussein Obama.

    Howard Dean should be ashamed of himself, it’s bad enough that dems lose more presidential contest to the republicans but to back a candidate that would use Rovian tactics to knock out another democrat is just pathetic.

    I love that Be a Obamacat for a day video…that should be mailed to every super delegate reminding them that the republicans will surely use that video against the “Messiah.”

    Like I said Obama ain’t that smart…in my book he is dumb as a brink because if the Democrats are that arrogant to believe they have a lock on this race…well then Obama has given them plenty of fuel to use against the Dems come November.

  154. I have not said it before, but I think what contributed to Kerry’s defeat in 04 was Teresa Heinz Kerry. She turned off a lot of voters with her stump speeches. Democrats for the past several elections have this habit of allowing their spouses to give just as many stump speeches as the candidates do themselves. Does anyone recall a Republican candidate’s spouse being so out in front of their campaign? Even when Bill was running back in 92, Hillary gave stump speeches, but they were not nearly as covered and disected by the press the way they are today. The more Michelle Obama injects herself into the campaign it will eventually distract voters. Even Bill has scaled back some allowing the candidate to be the focus of the campaign.

  155. carbynew,

    I can’t help wondering if the party knows that they have created a monster and that he is getting out of control.

  156. Ininla, are there enough people for Hillary for the caucuses? Do we need to get more people to get trained? What can we do? The caucuses are the trenches. We have to win them. Texas is a Must Win. Anybody who lives there , just tell us wha we need to do. Ok?

  157. rjk – but remember once Kerry’s campaign saw Teresa Heinz Kerry as a liability, she went silent. I think Michelle needs to keep tripping up – we want her to keep speaking with shoe in mouth.

    again, I think the Republicans are message testing right now, and Obama’s vulnerabilities are Michelle, cult stuff, arrogance and assassi (you finish that word), etc.

  158. I’m sorry but I loved Teresa Heinz Kerry. It was John Kerry that turned off voters…not his wife or her sons.

  159. Another tour de force by Hillary @ the State of the Black Union.

    They’re going to replay it Friday on C-SPAN 2 Friday at 2 p.m./ET

  160. alright, I’m off to buy a video camera so we can later get some Obama shenanigans at the TX caucuses on Youtube.

  161. Kerry’s main problem? He allowed himself to be swift-boated, by ignoring those ads at first. And of course, he got pounded for having the “most liberal voting record” in the Senate. Of course, ‘Bama has that distinction as well.

  162. I know some think the State of the Black Union audience was rude but it doesn’t matter.

    I don’t know who would think that or why. They rose to their feet when she came on stage and rose to their feet again when she finished her one on one with Smiley.

    Were a few folks rude, yes. The majority were extremely respectful. Don’t judge the whole barrel by a few rotten peaches.

  163. linfar – we can use as many people as we can get. Volunteers from OK are coming into help in N. Texas…but S. Texas, spanish speakers. There are hundreds of precincts that will probably go without captains, and there won’t be enough people selected by the Texas Democratic Party to chair caucus meetings, so hundreds will have to be selected there, and we have to make sure that persons non-biased and doesn’t make it more difficult for Hillary supporters to be heard at caucuses.

  164. “carby: “Howard Dean should be ashamed of himself, it’s bad enough that dems lose more presidential contest to the republicans but to back a candidate that would use Rovian tactics to knock out another democrat is just pathetic.”

    he was out of his mind in his candidacy, but now he runs the show. I think he should be recalled by the rank and file of the DNC…fired. Florida and Michigan is gerrymandering in it’s WORST. He makes Tom DeLay look like Thomas Jefferson.

  165. …oh here was an interesting point in the caucus materials – determine if a Republican who’s there is really a convert or a saboteur…there’s a hotline to call if the latter.

  166. Idunn Says:
    February 23rd, 2008 at 6:57 pm

    I just got through watching The State of The Black Union. Great stuff. If anyone didn’t get a chance to see it, I’ll be happy to give you a summary. Just ask.


  167. hey Michelle .. keep yakking will you.

    Idunn, I watched and I came away with different feeling than you…re audience’

  168. Jan H,

    ‘I can’t help wondering if the party knows that they have created a monster and that he is getting out of control.’

    Ironically, there have been several reports that McCain’s campaign thinks that, too and they are trying to derail him before he becomes unstoppable.

  169. about Governor Strickland..Bill Nelson


  170. STAND UP AND CHEER! They just ran Hillary’s entire “shame on you” comments on CNN

    I totally missed this today…busy doing astrology and watching the SOTBU on CSpan.

    Can anyone give me a link?

  171. Doesn’t this sound just a little bit like what Karl Rove has done for the last election cycles?

    First it was gays, then Latinos, now Black/African Americans

    Do you think there is some connection?

    You guys should listen to what you are saying…sounds like you’re feeding into, as they are, these divisive tactics.

    I’m for Hillary all the way but it tears me up that our party is tearing itself up!

    we need to find a way to reach out to the delusional!

  172. JanH Says:

    February 23rd, 2008 at 7:01 pm

    I can’t help wondering if the party knows that they have created a monster and that he is getting out of control.
    They don’t care, the DNC has been infected with the neo left and the latte democrats for far too long. They are out of touch with their own base because they are situated in D.C. they don’t have a clue what their base is and why they lose year after year.

    It wasn’t the Iraq war that did Bush in…remember Bush still had a 60% rating, it was his imcompetence, the neo cons, the repugs working in lock steps and his domestic policies.

    If Bush had governed like his father he prolly would be in the 50% but GWB is an idiot elite that surrounded himself with loyal bushies and place them in position of authority.

    Now we know how that went…it went bad for the country but what did the Neo-left learn…it learned everything the democrats hated about Bush is what they needed to do to get the nomination from Hillary. So they “gin” this “anybody but Hillary” primary with caucus galore with Howard Dean people (the net guys) leading the way with the support of a Black saviour as a quick image booster for the United States.

    In other words, We haven’t learned a G.D. thang and is still taking the easy ways instead of rolling up our sleaves and getting back to work. I hate to say this but my generation is a bunch of lazy spoiled slobs.

  173. Idunn,

    i didn’t say I thought that. It was a sentiment expressed by previous posters. I wrote that I thought she hit a home run. They gave her a standing ovation at the beginning and the end of her speech. I think what others were pointing out is that apparently some of the earlier speakers were rude and disrespectful to her but I can’t comment on that coz didn’t see anything except her speech.

    BTW, about those charts, what does it say about the outcome?

  174. Hillary really needs one person on her campaign who can manage emails and such with reporters. I notice that Fox news CLIPPED the hell out of Obama’s answer to her calling him out on his lies … they tried to make it sound like he was brushing it off…he didn’t.

    I hope her 527 gets to friggen work SOON. Obama can’t be let go with this shit. I hope Hillary brings those mailers to every rally and that those campaigning for her do the same. His lies will hit the roost.

  175. dot48, let me correct a misconception. The 527 is an independent group, it is not affiliated in any way with Hillary’s campaign. In fact, it is forbidden to do so. Please stop calling it her 527. It could be taken the wrong way.

  176. Thanks Linfar for agreing to post this on a blog somewhere:

    My Personal Story and the 2008 Election

    I am a sophomore at a the University of Iowa. Now, as many of you know, Iowa is not exactly known for its diversity. I am a Hispanic American. My father was born just north of the border in Brownsville, Texas. I am far from where most Latinos live. I also happen to be gay. This also is a trait not so abundant in Iowa.

    Now, my family has been through some tough years. I was born in early 1988. After my birth, my dad left my mom and went back to his family in southern California. My mom worked as a hotel maid during my early years. My dad served in the navy and was a welder. These are not exactly high-paying jobs. Both sides of my family are staunch Democrats. Always have been. With the poor job growth and economy after and during the Reagan years, my dad ended up back here in Iowa looking for work. Well, my little brother was born. He is 3 years younger than I am. When he was born, my parents lived in a trailer, and my brother had digestive health problems. He needed surgery and needed it quick. We were not insured. We have never been insured. Life is more important than money, so we ended up with massive bills and they went on for years and years.

    My mother had moved on when I and my brother had gotten older and worked for a now defunct grocery store chain, in the store’s warehouse cafeteria. My aunt, her sister, managed the kitchen and got her the job there. Around this time, she had my little sister. She worked there up until I started high school, and then the place closed. This was when George W. Bush took office (of course). So we ended up with several problems. My dad, who now worked at a limestone mine, and my mom divorced, and we lost our house to the bank.

    Now, we had to be taken in by my aunt. She did so, thank God, and she welcomed us into her home. When I was able to, I got a job and I worked for minimum wage at a local hardware store. While I worked there, my mom worked as a substitute in the high school’s cafeteria and in my sister’s elementary school cafeteria. We made a deal, I paid for groceries, and my mom paid rent, lights and gas, and we moved into an apartment right next to my sister’s school.

    When it came time for me to go to college, we were facing many problems, the largest of which was college costs. I worked as hard as I could during high school. My mom worked even harder. We could not afford college. I was not optimistic about my prospects, as I would be the first person in my family to go to college. I had really decent grades in high school with a constant 3.8 or 3.9 GPA. I finally got word that I was accepted to UI. I was never happier, and neither was my family.

    Thanks to my aunts and uncles, I have a TV in my dorm room….thanks to my aunts and uncles I have this computer to type this on……thanks to my family, I have the support I need to be successful. I have not received much help from the government. I am just now able to go see a doctor after years of emergency-room only visits thanks to the health insurance problem. The Pell grant is frankly not enough. The loans I have are massive and will keep me in debt for years to come. I am proud to be an American, but I am sick of these disparities we see in income, class, race, healthcare, and in education. It is not American at all.

    Now, what does this have to do with politics and elections? I am a product of working class people. Unions run strong in my family, namely the UAW. I did not get to go to college because my parents paid for it. I do not have a car, I can’t afford it. My first, and only drivable car I have owned cost me $100. It broke and I junked it for $75. I am not a spoiled kid who’s parents pay for everything. I am so grateful for everything I have been blessed with.

    I am privileged to be involved with the University Democrats here on campus. I have seen and met Senator Edwards, I have seen Senator Obama, I have seen and met Senator Clinton, I have seen and met Joe Biden, and Bill Richardson, and Dennis Kucinich, and so on and so on. I noticed that there are huge differences in these candidates. In my opinion, the best way you can tell how the candidates are is to look at who supports them and I admit, it is fun to look at the people at their rallies. This is a big reason why I feel very strongly, that Hillary Clinton is best able to take back the Whitehouse for our party in November.

    Her support comes from the working class. The unions. The people, like my mother, who don’t know what is going to shake up their lives next. My family, and the millions like it, cannot afford an Obama nomination. I like Barack Obama enough. He is very, very likable. He speaks in great fashion about hope, and about the change he wants to bring to our country. I cannot afford someone that will just be swift boated away and give me and the working class another 4 years of Republican incompetence.

    Senator Clinton has strong ties to the middle class. She helped reform education in one of the nation’s poorest states, Arkansas. She worked with low-income families during her stint at the Children’s Defense Fund. She, as First Lady, helped create and pass the SCHIP, which gives some of my friends and family members access to healthcare. This is why she has won the backing of so many more unions than Senator Obama. She voted against CAFTA. She stood up and fought to allow National Guardsmen and women, most of which come from low-income or middle class families, to get access to healthcare.

    In Ohio recently, Senator Clinton made her case perfectly as to why she should be the nominee. She tore into her opponent for mailers that included Harry & Louise, the same attack that brought down Universal Healthcare I the 90’s, when my family needed it bad. He is using the ad that brought down Universal Healthcare, which will save lives, to try and trash her, simply because his is not universal. Excuse me, but if you can’t stand up for Universal Healthcare, you belong in the Republican Party. In that press conference with Governor Strickland of Ohio, she made it clearer than ever that she WILL NOT be swift boated. She has backbone. Many in the left of our party have trashed the Clinton’s for their centrist positions. Well let me tell them, I find it refreshing to hear two Democrats with backbone. We all recall the Chris Wallace hit job interview with Bill Clinton, where the President tore him a new one. I loved it. Someone with a spine in our party. Wow. And today, Hillary came out and did not stand for these sad attacks by Obama on her. It is very refreshing to me as a Democrat.

    With Obama, there are too many uncertainties. I am worried about the Rezko trial if he gets nominated. I am worried about his former positions on gun control. I am worried about his stances on Pakistan and National Security, especially if he is standing on the same stage as John McCain. I am worried about many other things with him as well. His inexperience, his missed votes, and accidentally pushing the wrong button when voting in Springfield.

    I cannot risk this. Middle class families cannot risk this. We need Universal Healthcare. We need lower education costs. We need someone to go up against the Republicans who is not a blank slate to be defined. We need a winner, a fighter, a champion, and someone to rip John McCain a new one. Let’s do the right thing and elect Hillary. Our party needs this woman.

  177. Now, let me tell you how Barack Obama will respond to HRC’s righteous anger…because he will respond in a way that EVERY woman in this forum will recognize to her very core.

    He will react with dismissive calm. And he will cleverly, stealthily imply that he doesn’t know what she is going on about. Perhaps he will say that she’s being “overly sensitive” , “prone to emotional outbursts” or “passive-aggressive”. Maybe he’ll even follow this up with a smirk, or a little chuckle intended to brush her anger off as if it couldn’t possibly have any basis in fact.

    Do we know this reaction, Sisters?? Oh yes we do!

  178. Linfar, or whoever posts my story, I don’t want to give my name, just say this is from a young friend. Iclude the video of her in Ohio rippin obama a new one. Thanks Idunn, this is my life 🙂

  179. this is my life

    And now, behind the curtain, we have someone you might remember.

    “We were best friends in the 4th grade. You ate my turtle, and I kicked you in the groin until you coughed it up.”


  180. hey….

    How come there’s no new Hubdate from Hillary’s website?

    I heard she had a standing ovation at the State of the Black Union? Another one! That’s awesome? Anyone have a clip of it?

    Also she was very strong with Obama, she said, “Shame on you Barack Obama” for misleading Ohioians in Ohio with two mailings.

    We still have a ways to go to raise money, she’s about 600,000 short…. lets do it people!

  181. I “hope” barack Obambi just goes away. I’m sick of hearing and seeing this guy and all his lies.

    Maybe a few years in Kenya or whatever will bring his pompous lying ass back down to earth. This guy needs to go the HELL away.

  182. Idunn,

    BO already gave his response to HRC’s charges and yup, he was very calm and dismissive about it although the . . . . pauses . . . . between words . . . was . . . . even longer . . . . the


    What a wonderful, inspiring story you have. Thanks for sharing. What are you majoring in?

  183. guys. we also have to get verbal about our dislike/hatred for OBama.

    One thing the obamabots have gotten the media attention with is how much they hate Hillary. They see this as Hillary supporters “like” Obama, but not vice versa.

    we need to change this. I’m going to bash Obama with every blog and article I comment on.

  184. Many cult followers of BHO are followers that believe they will be rewarded with a steady flow of free lunches Some believe that its the cool thing to do.Others feel that he is the “Second Coming of MLK ” while the affluent,the educated,the elitetists and the AA political HACKS ,are looking an important appointment or job in the BHO administration as advisers.Imagine,JJ Jackson,Al Sharpton,Dick Gregory,MO,Oprah,Halle Berie,Doug Wilder, and the list goes on and on.If BHO should win,God forbid,this great Country will be the laughing stock of the world,I might add,that even REZKO might get a job as BHO’s Housing Secretary.AGAIN I say’ America ” beware of what you wish for and who you vote for”

  185. DO you guys think the “shame on you” thing today, the whole thing was smart strategy? I’m split, I just don’t know, I feel like it could reinforce a negative view of Hillary, but i agree with the merit completely.

  186. Her speech at SOTBU wasn’t all that great, imo. But you have to understand the nature of the SOTBU panel discussion. It’s a fiery, VERY passionate animal. Alot like church, but with a social/political/economic focus. Hillary’s speech after that was BOUND to come off alittle “white bread” (no racial pun intended). And it did. Her on one on with Smiley was much better. But still, alittle too tame to inspire huge rounds of applause. I’m sure she anticipated that.

    The important thing is that she was warmly acknowledged by the crowd. Both before her speech and after her on one on ended. Make no mistake, it was an embrace…although an awkward one. 🙂

  187. DO you guys think the “shame on you” thing today, the whole thing was smart strategy?

    My personal feeling is that there’s no “smart strategy” when it comes to Barack Obama. If you’re too passive, he gets away with murder. If you criticize him, you’re either small and petty, or a bitch. He’s got her in a box, period.

    At this point, I say fuck it. Let Hillary be Hillary and screw strategy.

  188. Aww. Thanks birdgal. I really want her to win and I think my story is similar to many of her supporters and to many owerclass, minority families in America.

  189. MJS,

    I’ve kind of got mixed feelings about going after Obama with extreme hate. What I like about the Clinton/ Edwards/McCain supporters is how fair they usually are. They don’t get personal. They discuss issue differences.

    Some of the Hillary hate out there is beyond anything I’ve ever seen before. It’s not something I want to copy but that’s just me.

  190. I love this new strategy. I was jumping up and down screaming in happiness. After the cordial Iowa I worked in, I needed this soo bad. She ripped him, and I was never happier.

  191. Some of the Hillary hate out there is beyond anything I’ve ever seen before. It’s not something I want to copy but that’s just me.

    Huge difference between “hate” and “righteous anger”.

  192. “DO you guys think the “shame on you” thing today, the whole thing was smart strategy?”

    Yes I do. Because she went after him on Democratic values. She went after him for his dirty tricks. It’s one thing to just let this stuff go but if she did that, he would just continue on his merry way. In a way she was saying “shame on the Democratic Party” for turning a blind eye to his and his campaign’s behavior. I personally think it needed to be said.

  193. Ok, so a couple of weeks ago, as soon as I saw Obama’s disgraceful Harry & Louise copycat mailer (even his attacks are xeroxed!),
    I wrote here that Hill needed to rip his balls off over it [that it was atrocious, and at the very least it damaged Democrats chances of getting a complete bill].

    Her statement today? That was pretty much it. Except I wanted it face-to-face, I wanted her to reproduce it the other night in the Texas debate.

    And that bring me to another point that’s been bugging the hell out of me (what doesn’t in this campaign?), which is I could swear the seating at these last two debates was designed to hamper Hill.

    They’re practically sitting on top of each other, which makes confrontation harder, a bit uglier. Even Bill Mahrer (no FOH, friend of Hill) joked it look like the 6 o’clock news.

    Like the saying says, there’s no such thing as paranoia. It’s all true.

    Anyway, very very very strong statement today.

    Hill the fighter, precisely what the world needs to see.

  194. Idunn,

    I don’t have a problem with righteous anger…lol…I think that is what we have been doing all along whenever warranted. It is the personal attacks on Hillary and her family that make me wonder what is wrong with some people. I’m not trying to be righteous myself, but I just see red when that happens.

  195. I do wish she had gone after him for the Democrat For A Day flyer instead, though. NO WAY Bambi could defend THAT to the democratic party.

  196. Hillary made it clear today that she is in this thing to win. She said that normally a candidate is not chosen until June .. but that was before all this moved up stuff.

    I think she will be there because she knows that there is a huge shitstorm going hit Obama and that the “wisdom” of the superdelegates will be needed.

    Was there ever ANY reason given for moving the Rezco trial?

  197. I thought her response to the BO lies was magnificent, completely justified and long overdue.
    I’m hoping she does the same thing about the “Democrat for a Day” campaign. I’d love to see her hold up one of the flyers or emails inviting repubs and indies to stop HRC from being elected by switching parties in the primaries/caucuses and voting for him. Wish she would do that in the next debate!

    That HAS to be FRAUD!!!!!!.

    Anyone know what brazile said at the SOTBU?

  198. I think, Hillary’s response to the incorrect mailers was passionate and righteous. He needed to be called on it, and his dismissive response to her reaction, is another sign of sexism. She was not attacking him as a person, but upon his behavior and politics. Politics as usual. Hmm…I thought, he was against that. She was right to call him on it.

  199. Ya, i think attack was good but I don’t think she should full on, with anger attack at the debate, she must come off as more cool about it, or her image will hurt. She can do it well

  200. Jan, I was more or less agreeing with you (though I probably didn’t make that clear enough because I’m multi tasking).

    I just think blind hate or ignorant hate is deplorable, no matter WHO it is directed at. On the other hand, attacking someone over injustice, lack of ethics, lack of moral standards…that, in my mind, is not only the acceptible thing to do, it’s the only RIGHTEOUS thing to do.

    From the time I could understand words, my mother drummed this sentiment into my head: if you see an injustice in the world, and you say nothing and do nothing, YOU have committed the greater injustice. I live by those words, although it has made me VERY unpopular at times, and even landed me in jail once.

    The measure of our worth, for me, comes down to who and what we will stand WITH, and who and what we will fight against. 🙂

  201. Anyone know what brazile said at the SOTBU?

    She basically said that people had to vote their own hearts and minds, but in the end, the Democratic Party WILL be united.

    First time I’ve ever seen or heard her…she didn’t come off as a bitch at all, imo.




  203. So I figured let me try to relax for once in my life and watch this HBO Joe Louis special, and who’s on it?

    Dick Gregory!!!!

  204. Ininla, thanks for answering about Texas Caucus situation. I wish we could raise some money to send in more people. This is where Obama campaign will aim to slash and burn. I would be on my way except I take care of my Mom who has alzheimers. I am an organizer from way back. And a damn good one too. And I just see the need. People, how do we recruit for more people to be percinct captains and caucus reps? This is the nitty gritty. We have to win Texas!!

  205. found while trolling…good news and an emphasis to push for Texas:

    I’m a Latina & former elected councilwoman here in the West Coast. Many of my constituents were Filipino-Americans.

    Clinton carried the Filipino-American vote in California by close to 4 to 1 against Obama.

    Clinton carried the Filipino-American vote in New York & New Jersey by again close to 4 to 1 against Obama.

    Clinton carried the Filipino-American vote in Virginia & Maryland by 3 to 1.

    Virtually every Regional & National Fil-Am organization including this NAFFAA headed by Filipino Billionaire Loida Nicholas-Lewis is going all out for Clinton.

    Not to mention Clinton carried by a landslide every single Asian Group in CA & NY/NJ including
    Chinese, Filipinos, Koreans, Indians,Vietnamese & Japanese-americans.

  206. Charles Rangle on FOX still supporting Clinton and telling Geraldo “C’mon, we’ve been friends for — years…the entire New York Delegation supports Senator Clinton. C’mon, this thing is tight, but it’s not over”

  207. Blue Dem,

    ROTF 😀


    I’ve seen brazile many times and she is an obnoxious opinionted not-too articulate b!tch who’s a thousand percent in the beast’s corner. (IMHO, that is)

  208. Maybe so Basil, but like I said, I’m honestly not familiar with her, so I have no basis for judgement other than what I saw today. Which, admittedly , wasn’t much.

  209. I wonder what triggered Hillary’s action today? Of course we’ve been waiting for the moment, but really did not see this coming. Maybe she was pressured or something else is happening? Your thoughts?

  210. MJS/Jan “Some of the Hillary hate out there is beyond anything I’ve ever seen before.”

    and therein is the point. Let me ask…as Admin cites in this post…”the latte-drinking, Prius- driving, Birkenstock-wearing, trust fund babies”…were the ones who voted Nader, were five years old during the Clinton years….yet they have and DISPLAY THE HATE of two groups 1.) the Rove/DeLay/Scarborough Republicans from the days of Impeachment AND the McGovern Wing of the Democratic Party. Now…where did they LEARN this hate? MOST, I would surmise did not live through it. THOSE are the majority of republicans who are encouraged to cross-over. The reast? The news crowds of voters? Well…they LEARNED IT. Talking points from the GOP or at leasdt the tactics? Interesting.

  211. jubjub…where did it come from? This guy used almost the EXACT tactic that the republicans did the last time..he distorted and even COPIED STUFF, misquoted her plan and left it as the truth. Where it came from was anger. HHe was a liar, and she wasn’t going to take it. I can’t blame her in the least. She needs to call him on EVERY THING. Even if she doesn’t win, the truth will be out as to what a fraud he is. IMO…he is a republican. No doubt about it.

  212. hawk Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work. I’m sure your family
    is very proud of you

    I’ve been a single mom for many years and my youngest just has a few semesters left for his degree in Chem engineering. I am very proud of him and me for getting this far. Yea us!

    I was thrilled to see Hillary give BO a good back hand. She needs to go

    all out now. Put it all out there.

  213. “I wonder what triggered Hillary’s action today? Of course we’ve been waiting for the moment, but really did not see this coming. Maybe she was pressured or something else is happening? Your thoughts?”

    I think someone handed her those fliers in the rope line. I think that it triggered the whole battle for health care in 1993, with her getting attacked from all sides. I think she was angry that a fellow Democrat is trying to defeat a core Democratic value. I think she’s sick of his hypocrisy of saying he’s for hope and playing dirty politics. I think her reaction was totally Hillary. A gut reaction to someone that needs to be called on his hypocrisy.

  214. Hillary’s response was spot-on, not pressured, but fed up with all the inaccurate information out there. She was setting the record straight.

  215. Maybe she was pressured or something else is happening? Your thoughts?

    I wondered the exact same thing, Jubjub. Her anger seemed very genuine to me, not some sort of strategy. But surely, she knew about that flyer long before now. I think she is perhaps dropping just a handful of something, but implying much more. My guess is that, like she did with Rezko , she is dropping a few handfuls of something in the hopes that people will be hungry enough to search for more. She’s drawing attention to Rove for a reason, imo.

  216. I see a tactical mistake by the GOP on the NYT thing. They are all now tearing it down as a left wing bag of shit. So…R hits and then what…they will be bound by their own words….unable to support. Is rove getting two paychecks?

  217. I had a republican friend ask me the other day “Why would the Democratic Leadership allow a woman and a black man to run in the same year?” “That just seems stupid to me.”

    We have to ask that too.

  218. linfar Says: The caucuses are the trenches. We have to win them. Texas is a Must Win. Anybody who lives there , just tell us wha we need to do. Ok?

    I grew up in Texas, close to many Hispanics. From that and my own WASP culture … I’ve said it before … but we SIMPLY CANNOT walk into a caucus situation alone! We need to at least meet at a car outside and several people go in together. With some sort of reassuring escort who has checked our papers and can handle any intimimidation or attempts to confuse.

    Even if the escort is just a placebo, an empty pink suit. 🙂

    Or at least give us a cell phone number for someone in the building who can come over as troubleshooter if needed.

  219. “Why would the Democratic Leadership allow a woman and a black man to run in the same year?” “That just seems stupid to me.”

    Ummm…maybe I’m being niave here, but what could they do about it? Other than say, “Oh no, you shouldn’t.”

  220. Birdgal on hate and media. No doubt. It’s like O’s “Truth Squads” (whats up with THAT name?!?!?!”) They go out and discredit the story, and rather than anyone looking further as to what the story was, they take the reply as accurate.

  221. Just wish her did this earlier, but it’s still great when it really happened! It really made my day.

    As SpaceArtGirl said, thug BHO used almost the EXACT tactic that the republicans did the last time. I remember in 2000, when I asked my husband why the Democrats did not use the same tactic that the republicans used to win the election, he told me “then we will be no different from them” :-).

  222. I had a republican friend ask me the other day “Why would the Democratic Leadership allow a woman and a black man to run in the same year?” “That just seems stupid to me.”

    We have to ask that too.

    The Democratic party is split, between the centrists and leftists. The leftists are promoting Obama, the centrists are promoting Hillary. There are many people in the Democratic party, who do not want Hillary in the White House, and also, carry grievances towards the Clinton’s. The Kennedy’s, Dean’s, Kerry’s, Pelosi’s want to stop Hillary, at all costs. This is a simplified version, but I think, this is why, Obama is running this time.

  223. IDunn…there is a lot they could have done. This guy was the fresman Senator with less than three years. They could not have outright prevented a thing, but they certainly could have used influence. But I guess the got LOBAMAtized

  224. Birdgal…that is the sad truth. So, they picked the candidate that would cause the most division, within the party and the country. good move.

    Nancy Pelosi will be shining Hillarys shoes.

  225. JAS,
    Here’s a source for a different perspective on Black opinion and concerns. Not just the top article, but they have been watching and criticizing Obama for a long time.

  226. Hillary hate is myth. It is about power. Period.
    They had to throw as much mud at her as possible, fill the airwaves with as much negativity as they could muster.
    (kind of like this campaign, no?)
    Keep in mind two years into the Clinton administration, she had an apporval rating of over 70.

    You’ll catch a quick glimpse of the actual polling here;

    “Why would the Democratic Leadership allow a woman and a black man to run in the same year?”

    Because the Clinton enemies inside the party knew the only way you could beat the Clintons was with a black man, cutting into their (one-time) enormous AA support.

  227. JEEEEZUS…O’Riley…did y’all see his saying “Now, the NYT will have to do a piece on Obama, they will bundle the Chicago story..Rezko, get a little tough…and then they can say they have been fair.”

    in reference to the McCain piece?

  228. IDunn,

    I have a copy put can’t post it, the blog doesn’t support it.

    If you really want it, post an email addy and I’ll send it to you…..

  229. BlueDem…I’ve seen that YouTube and I remember those times. But the Republican hate was real. Bill Clinton’s election was a chink in the March to Republican Dominance and the elimination of the Democratic Party…per Rove’s plan. They started on him ON DAY ONE and never let up. MEanwhile, the terrorists were plotting and we were spending $40M looking at Monica’s Dress. They NEVER cut him a break. The American electorate doesn’t remember that. Bill helped by his fucking around, which in the high moral mind of the Conservatives was a no-no. He screwed himself with those of us who were rolling their eyes when he lied to the Grand Jury.

  230. I have a whoe theory on that, that was messed up when Bush 1 lost and Jeb lost Florida the first time. I NEVER believed GW was supposed to be the guy. Jeb was.

    But this is a Hillary board. We’ll have a drink in Denver and talk about it.

  231. Also was it interesting that Hillary mentioned Edwards today? Probably he would not endorse her. Very disappointed in him.

  232. MJS, saw your question higher on the thread. Larry Sinclair results due Monday or Tuesday. He took two polygraphs.

  233. I think it was tactical in that respect jub, but still legit. Edwards worked VERY HARD on his health care plan, and it was a real slap in the face to him too. Drawing a difference in O and Hill. I am sure Edwards will see it.

  234. change for the sake of change is not an intelligent tactic, but apparently it is working. Just glad to see that the media is looking a bit more. Too slowly, but more.

  235. When McCain was fighting for our country, and chained to a bed in a Vietnamese prison, Obama was busy dealing in cocaine. These Obama Democrats need to wake up….he will never win!

  236. SpaceGirl,
    Day One – meaning the day he announced for the presidency.
    I know, I know, believe me I know.
    Amazing how that seven years of torture before Monica has been just wiped away!

    I never blamed him or even felt disappointed by it, to be honest.
    Had nothing to do with him doing his job, didn’t come anywhere close to meeting the constitutional standard.
    It was all precisely what he said it was. It too was about power,
    a “bogus, phony deal”

  237. 1950dem,

    Thanks. I’m too lazy to track it down. :LOL: I’ll check Politico. Not that I’m gonna actually READ the entire thing – just wanna skim.

  238. I honestly think the party “allowed” both a woman and an African Amercian man to run at the same time is because they were terrified of Hillary winning. They did this to stop her in her tracks plain and simple.

    Sigh…this party is it’s own worst enemy sometimes.

  239. ” Meanwhile, in the Boston Globe, Obama supporter Margery Eagan expressed her own doubts about her pick. ‘I’m nervous because John McCain says Obama is an “eloquent but empty call for change” and in the wee, wee hours a nagging voice whispers: “Suppose McCain’s right,’ Eagan wrote.”

    Anyone knows this article and has a link? Cant find it and would be interested.

  240. As a new American Citizen from Canada, I think i can say that most Canadian immigrants will support Hillary. But we are not a tightly-knit community, so just from the ones I know. The Clinton presidency was looked upon very favourably in Canada.

  241. Also was it interesting that Hillary mentioned Edwards today?

    LOL Jubjub…you and I seem to be sharing one brain today.

  242. She did what Edwards is looking for: She was very forceful and can take on the republicans unlike bambi, and she talked about UHC. She did a very smart move with this speech. I LOVED it.

  243. News in NYTimes about the Governor of Puerto Rico, who endorsed Obama:

    The rumors wash up against the gray walls of La Fortaleza, the governor’s palace in this city’s colonial quarter, with the regularity of the ocean’s waves. Every few weeks they seem to gather momentum, like a tidal surge, and threaten to overwhelm the place and its occupant, Gov. Aníbal S. Acevedo Vilá.

    At one moment, the word on the street is that the governor will be arrested before the weekend. At the next, he will be spared, though several of his close associates will fall.

    And so it has gone for more than two years while federal investigators have looked into accusations of campaign finance violations relating to Mr. Acevedo, a Democrat, who is up for re-election this year.


    No movement of the federal grand jury reviewing the evidence has gone undetected, the comings and goings of witnesses have been recorded by the media and analyzed ad nauseam, and leaks abound.

    “You can’t spend half an hour in a meeting of politically minded people without someone saying, ‘O.K., who’s going to be indicted, when is he going to be indicted?’ ” said Juan Manuel García Passalacqua, a well-known political analyst and lawyer here. “It’s incredible. Every day, man. One gets sick of it. Ugh!”

    Yet Mr. García is one of the engines of the gossip mill. The subject frequently crops up on his radio talk show, as it did during a broadcast earlier this month, when he mentioned an article from that morning in El Vocero. The newspaper had reported that Mary Butler, a Justice Department lawyer who had successfully prosecuted other high-profile public corruption cases on the island, had gotten involved in the Acevedo investigation.

    According to news reports in Puerto Rico and Philadelphia, investigators are examining whether major donors laundered contributions by listing them under other people’s names in order to circumvent contribution limits. In addition, they are looking into accusations that some companies were given government contracts in exchange for campaign contributions. The Philadelphia Inquirer has reported that investigators have focused some of their inquiry in Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey, where Mr. Acevedo received large contributions.

  244. Psymac…thanks for the Guardian link. Anyone, Linfar, send the Guardian a letter version of your Dem for a Day scheme. They would love that in Europe….where America is supposed to represent free and fair elections! HA!

    but i thought this an interesting choice of words in the story “Unlike Clinton, who now makes a point of personally chatting to the media following her, Obama is kept at arm’s length from reporters.”

    operative word: kept

  245. The press is finally beginning to take notice, predictable so, they brought Obama to the top, now they are looking for the most spectacular political tumble in American history……..
    Hillary is getting more aggressive, and people love her emotions!
    People are beginning to as the question. Who is this guy? Can I trust him with our Nation?
    I am convinced, March 4th, Texas and Ohio will say NO!

    This is our moment, and Hillary will take it!

  246. European Says:
    ” Meanwhile, in the Boston Globe, Obama supporter Margery Eagan expressed her own doubts about her pick. ‘I’m nervous because John McCain says Obama is an “eloquent but empty call for change” and in the wee, wee hours a nagging voice whispers: “Suppose McCain’s right,’ Eagan wrote.”

    It’s a very good article. Here’s the link:

    h t t p : / / w w w
    When backing Barack feels like joining a cult
    By Margery Eagan | Thursday, February 21, 2008 |

  247. devans…we agree on this. And it’s too damn bad. A lot of people are getting hurt in this. Supporters on both sides, the candidates, and America, period. I would not be at ALL for tearing him down as a PERSON, we all live with pasts, but SMARMY pasts and to be used this way, proclaiming a new politic, a new way, a change, and it is the antipathy OF change is so rotten. The more philosophical point in this, is that he is ALLOWING himself to be used this way (or his personal politics are totally fucked up), and either way, HE IS RESPONSIBLE. This judgment alone makes him a questionable candidate for the Office of the Presidency. And that is what I wrote in my letter to the delegates, more or less, but not that pointed.

  248. I won’t get into the specifics of astrology again, but I’m now lead to believe that, as intelligent (or at least as PHILOSOPHICAL) as Obama is, he is a very niave personality. I also now see him as someone who APPEARS cocky and concieted, but actually is full of self doubt wrt his own worth.

    Those two things are a dangerous combination for a man in power.

  249. “they brought Obama to the top, now they are looking for the most spectacular political tumble in American history”

    well… that’s a bit of wishful thinking – one I happily share with you – but wishful nonetheless.

  250. 1950,
    Amazing ain’t it? When John McCain says it, it becomes believable.
    John McCain…french kisser of GWB’s ass.

  251. Does the contribution website tell you when you max out? I just made another contribution, and I know I am not maxed out yet. But I expect to be before this is over.

  252. I can’t believe he gets away with his judgment thing about the war. Ok, let’s pretend we concede that….what else?

    His most trying time was as a boy coming to get educated in America at Harvard.

    What else?

  253. Idunn…we have one of those

    On some level, I agree. However, George Bush , is not bright. Obama is. Intelligence coupled with niavety and a desire to boost ones self from a denigraded sense of self…that’s MUCH more dangerous than what we’ve seen over the past 8 years, imo.

  254. Okay, everyone, Hillary’s latest total: $1,849,631! Yahoo!

    I contributed $400.00 today. I am maxed out, after 12 contributions for January and February. Luckily, I will have some money coming in from a tax refund. I hope, she can buy herself some kick-ass ads with this money. I love Hillary!

  255. IDunn…you might enjoy the following post. It’s long, please allow me the indulgence to the others on the board. It’s why Hillary should be President. IMO

  256. WOW bird…you’re great! I WISH I had that to donate!

    Well, some of it, is on a credit card, but I will pay it off, when I get my tax refund. This is the first time, I have ever, contributed to a political campaign, and I am a middle-aged bird. 🙂

  257. To the delegates,

    I realize you have received hundreds of thousands of letters, touting the achievements and accomplishments of our respective choices for the Democratic Nomination for President of the United States. So many letters in fact, I have little hope that anyone will personally read mine. But I would be remiss to my belief in and my dedication to my Candidate for the Presidency if I failed to add my comments to the pile.

    I do not envy the decision you will have to make. You surely have a Solomon’s Choice within the Democratic Party. Choose the new face that attracts a younger group of voters and promises change, and hope for the best for the Party and our Nation; or choose the more seasoned and steady candidate, whose dedication to this Party and this Nation, whose documented track record of achievement and steadfastness, is without question.

    In the public square, this has now been framed as the philosophical question as “Change vs. Experience”. Both have there merits, despite the fact the argument falls apart upon closer examination.

    However, what do you think when I can say to you with Senator Hillary Clinton as our candidate, the American people will have both.

    On the other hand, that statement is not so assuredly made with Senator Obama as the Democratic Party candidate.

    Mr. Obama, in fact, use the argument that we have had experience under the disastrous Presidency of George W. Bush. In this, Mr. Obama is correct. Mr. Bush, a relative neophyte in Washington, with no foreign policy experience and a limited grasp on the politics of compromise at the National level, was surrounded by well-known and well-respected stalwarts of the way Washington worked. Vice President Cheney, with decades of experience at all levels of government. Donald Rumsfeld, experienced not only in government, but, like Mr. Cheney, had a very successful business career in the private sector. I could go on.

    But you know Mr. Obama’s argument: that even with these experienced people at his side, this President, George W. Bush, brought this nation into a war of aggression that is questionable at best in it’s reasoning; brought us an economy with trillions of dollars of debt, kept Alan Greenspan as the Chief of the Federal Reserve, who oversaw the now on-going destruction of the America Dream of home ownership. His argument is posited on to Senator Clinton as “look where experience got us.”

    The question we must ask ourselves is, with Mr. Bush: “why did this happen?”

    And my answer to Mr. Obama’s assertion is simply this: President George W. Bush was too inexperienced for the job, and not understanding the Nuances of Power and the awesome responsibility thrust onto the President of the United States, relied on his advisors and cabinet officials for advice of what to do. That advice was detrimental to this nation and directed the President’s Policies in a direction that reflected the advice of those closest to him. It has been a disaster.

    My question to you as a Delegate is: “What makes Mr. Obama’s circumstances different from those of George W. Bush?”

    His argument is smoke and mirrors.

    He too, is a political neophyte in foreign policy, foreign affairs, national security, economic development and more. His less-than-full terms in the Senate has seen no earth-shattering accomplishments to make him stand out from others. It is true that he is smart, quick to learn and a decent fellow. The same can be said for George W. Bush. But the fact remains that Mr. Obama, like Mr. Bush, will have to surround himself with advisors, who I hope are experienced enough, to off-set his lack thereof, and thus we are back in the same situation. Can we be sure he will take the responsibility to say “no”, when “no” is needed? Recent history with the current President draws other conclusions. Will he understand the full implications of his actions when his advisors, experienced as they are, are telling him this must be done? Again, I refer to the last seven years.

    In this philosophical argument, and for Mr. Obama’s case, there is no difference in what he says he is different from, than what he says he will bring. That is not at all saying that he would be unable to overcome these heavy obsticals in time. But that time is just not now. He is just not ready. Look where an “outside the Beltway” candidate, surrounded by trusted advisors got us. And he has failed to argue why this will be different with him.

    And this is not the case I make for Senator Clinton. Unlike Mr. Obama, she kept her word to her constituents and served her first full term in the Senate. She learned the craft of legislation. In that time, she immersed herself in the day-to-day learning curve required to pass legislation and to develop rock-solid relationships with the Opposition Party to pass effective legislation.

    She came into the Senate with her head held high after a public beating much harder and much more difficult than any public figure before her and worked hard. She has earned the respect of many in this august body. Her accomplishments as First Lady are recorded for history, including the workings f the Diplomatic Corps, a vital life-line representing American influence around the world. Her seeing the workings of the Presidency from the inside gives her unique perspective to the process. A perspective Mr. Obama, even with the advice and support of people like Senator Ted Kennedy and Senator John Kerry, just does not have, as they too, have had no experience there in recent times.

    As President, Senator Clinton has the experience to KNOW who her advisors will be, to KNOW where they stand on the real issues facing this country. She is smart enough and personable enough to be able to bring in and listen to ideas from all sides and base her decisions on her own experience and historical perspective. She is alert to changing world trends and would reflect that in her cabinet. She is strong enough to go toe-to-toe with the despots of this world and stay true to the best interest of the American People, and not have to hope her advisors are leading her down the right path. She has also learned from her mistakes. We do not know that about her Democratic opponent.

    The buck WILL stop with her.

    And because she has experienced from both sides, the vilification and the veracity of the Republican Party, I believe she is better suited to argue her case in the General Election. She is a tested fighter and she has won. Over and over again. Why? Because she believes she can lead this country in a new and better direction, and has not dropped that mantle, even under the most scurrilous of fire.

    As it is reported, Senator Clinton’s and Senator Obama’s policy differences are minimal. Both offer a great historic opportunity for our Party and our Nation. The first woman, the first racially-mixed candidate. One will no doubt be the President of the United States. But these times are far too complicated, far to filled with opportunity, to have the hope that another political neophyte, surrounded by either untested OR experienced advisors with their own agendas, will lead this country forward in the Twenty-First Century. It is a bridge back to the past that has had the abutments eroded.

    Senator Clinton will be the change America needs. Maybe not so charismatic, maybe not with throngs of people who treat her like a deity, but with the FULL knowledge of how to lead this country through the morass of economic, security and social issues facing us. Here at home, and around the world.

    I urge you to support Senator Hillary Clinton for the Presidency of the United States. The stakes are far to high to do otherwise. The world will be watching, and will test our new leader. As President of the United States, the responsibilities as set forth in Article II of the Constitution, cannot become a gamble for our history again. The change we long for cannot be grounded in hope.

  258. You mean why is it wishful thinking?

    If you think the media’s Obama crush was about building him as part of a profit-building strategy (which they’d presumably reverse and then make money ripping him down, ala Brittany Spears), ok, go ahead.
    I think a media coronation of this magnitude – the likes of which is unprecedented – could only be based on political motivations.
    I mean, just look at the players! Same old, same old, to a “T”.

    Don’t forget the other part of the equation, the unprecedented attacks on Hill ALONG WITH a complete disregard or ignoring of any positives whatsoever she may have registered.

    it not only adds up, it’s the only way it adds up.

  259. Idunn Says: “Why would the Democratic Leadership allow a woman and a black man to run in the same year?” “That just seems stupid to me.”
    Ummm…maybe I’m being niave here, but what could they do about it? Other than say, “Oh no, you shouldn’t.”

    They couldn’t have STOPPED either one, but they may have been setting things up to give Obama advantages, such as having lots of caucuses, having SC go early, etc. And the FL and MI things.

  260. 1950democrat,

    Thanks for the link. LOL…I don’t think Obama’s people are going to be too happy with her.

    The thing is, why is Margery Eagan still supporting this man if she has so many legitimate doubts?

  261. Spacegirl…just a fun prediction based on his chart:

    He’s more than just messy…he’s a clean freaks nightmare. 😉

  262. Truly a great letter, Spacegirl. Cuts right to the heart of how many of us feel wrt BO’s lack of experience. Now is NOT the time to take a chance on someone and hope for the best.

  263. JanH Says: The thing is, why is Margery Eagan still supporting this man if she has so many legitimate doubts?

    The longer she drags it out, the more columns she gets paid for. 🙂

  264. Big article on Politico about upcoming strategy. Quick snippet:

    ““In the coming week,” Penn told Politico, “Sen. Clinton will show that she is the one ready to be commander in chief, manage the economy and defeat John McCain. She will both present her plans on [the] direction to take the country, in settings like an economic summit, and show how Sen. Obama has said one thing in his speeches and another in his negative mailers.”
    Regardless of the turmoil at headquarters, advisers say Clinton has not given up and that the campaign has a plan for winning Texas and Ohio on March 4.

    “The whole thing would reset,” said one of her relatively optimistic advisers.

    hey Admin – Reset?

  265. Idunn…didnt MO more or less say that? Stinky, sweaty, snores badly, his own admission that his office is a wreck…

    “Gee, now where did I put that Treaty?”

  266. The Clinton campaign was masterful today, in the way that it clearly explained the story about Obama’s mailers, and earned favorable media coverage as a result. We need more of this — well done!

  267. I just wonder where the hell Eagan has been throughout this campaign. I mean….she needed John McCain to say what we’ve ALL been saying for months before that little voice started whispering in her ear??

    Excuse me….maybe it’s time to invest in a miracle ear, Margery. Or buy your inner voice a freaking megaphone.

  268. Stinky, sweaty, snores badly, his own admission that his office is a wreck…

    She said he was stinky and sweaty?? LOL!

  269. Yes Blue Dem (and thanks IDunn)

    I do agree that the same players are involved, and it was never an economic(ratings) decision…it is WAY TOO widespread.

    At this point, I think Pat Buchanan would make a great running mate! ROFL

  270. once again…WHY THE FCUK Is Penn telling the enemy how the fuck to prepare for the attack…….

    Mark Penn is STUPID. imho

  271. But what does it say about March 4th?

    I’m still working on his transits. Astrology is a mathematical process first, then an interpretive art. Can’t whip it out of my sleeve on a dime. 😉

  272. @SpacegirlArt: very nice letter to the delegates.
    Very strong closing paragraphs. I particularly liked:
    She is strong enough to go toe-to-toe with the despots of this world and stay true to the best interest of the American People, and not have to hope her advisors are leading her down the right path.

  273. There ARE online astrological work-ups on Obama, though. But the ones I’ve seen aren’t reliable or useful, either because they don’t work with his correct hour of birth, or rely only on a mock of natal chart.

    But they are fun reading. 🙂

  274. IDunn…you and my dad would have hit it off. He knew ALL that stuff. I grew up in a house filled with Ephemeris’ and engineering plans for Lockheed aircraft!

  275. I’m a long-time believer in backup plans. Should always have a Plan B, just in case. The more I contemplate on the Obama bursting bubble, I think of where Hillary needs to be when that happens. Let’s face it. Not only is this a volatile society, but literally things can change on a dime. Perhaps Hillary needs to demand the Vice-Presidency if Plan A isn’t viable. She certainly has the right to do that and the hugely undemocratic DNC would be hard-pressed not to oblige. In short, she should be the only one on the short (list). Spun another way, let her embrace living in the other house in D.C. that they haven’t experienced before. Many wonderful things could happen in a cup-half-full scenario. First, knowing what the hell is really going on in the country. Having major influence in decision-making. So what if he takes credit, at least it’s getting done for the people. It would also point out his weaknesses to his “circle” of advisors. They would most likely turn to her time and time again to “make it happen”. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, he could implode under Rezko, or his Messiahness could evaporate and he could be exposed as the hot air balloon he is. Or Michelle could continue to open mouth insert foot to the point that Right-wing pundits (a la Rush and O’Hannity) make inroads into her mad-as-hell chip-on-her-shoulder uppity-paranoid, entitled “Let me tell you something…” self. And then there’s the danger that even Fifty Cent talks about. Hey man, I’m just reporting the news now without any add-to. The other cup-half-empty scenario in which Obama may or may not be the President’elect to John McCain, has her farther removed in 2012, in need of all her backers to the tune of millions and millions again, he (Obama) could actually do decently (in great measure to her influence), and she still has the inside scoop, and takes care of Americans like the good mother that she is.
    Like I said, this is a Plan B back-up plan, and I know this is not what I or any of us want at all – but like a good little nurse, I must always gear toward wellness and “fixing people” thinking in terms of the best possible outcomes, while at the same time, must always be prepared for the worst case scenario, just in case it occurs – so that everyone is still taken care of. To think any other way is foolish and irresponsible. So what are your thoughts on a Plan B? Because you just never know.

  276. Hillary would not take a VP spot, nor would Obama offer one, if he received the nomination. VP’s are notoriously cut out of the loop, and have very little power. Her gifts would be better served in the Senate, where she could effect real change. A VP position is often times, window dressing. If Obama won the presidency this year, the party would promote him in 2012, not Hillary. She would not be part of the power loop.

    I am a nurse, but I am realistic and pragmatic. One cannot always “fix” situations. Hillary’s back-up plan, I’m sure, is to return to the Senate, where she can facilitate real change.

  277. there is no Plan B. Hillary is and will be the 44th president of the United States. And fyi, obama isn’t even ON the short list for VP. He’s on the long list, right after Congressman Dennis Kucinich.

  278. Obama’s going down. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Hillary will pull it off. It’ll be close, but she’ll be the nominee and Obama will be in the mud, trying to keep his political career alive by the end of this.

  279. and no one gives a cripe about Ted Kennedy’s old flabby ass or Kerry’s pouty jealous horse face. To mmost of America, including the Republicans who despise them, the democrats who love them, and the democrats who envy/hate them, the Clintons are like political Gods. No matter what, they will be viewed in awe and interest for being the team that took down their opponents despite being attacked with billions of dollars worth of anger and bitterness.

  280. about sinclair’s polygraph test:

    ‘Due to security concerns, we had to move the Larry Sinclair Polygraph up a few days. We conducted it in secret today and the picture to the left is from from one of the two arduous polygraphs Sinclair underwent today.

    The process took four grueling hours, testing Sinclair’s claims of sex and drug use separately and also including a drug screening to ensure that Sinclair didn’t enlist any chemical assistance.

    The results are being confirmed by a second expert and we’ll have conclusive word, along with video of the whole thing, Monday or Tuesday. Check back then for more, including video the tests and, of course, the results.”

  281. I believe Cheney has changed the complexion of what the Veep positon can be. Now, as for the personal animosity of the supporters of both camps who knows. I think it would be totally declasse if he did not offer IF he were to win. Hillary is smart, she will know what the right decision is, but I do not see him offering it to her. I just hope that Woman, Dr Susan something, one of his advisors isn’t any where around, She always looks mad too.

  282. As much as I am grateful for this site and enjoy learning about what’s going on, a great source of information, and reading about others’ ideas as a true-blue Hillary supporter, I must say blogging here seems only for a few. Seems to me like if you wanted to grow a really inclusive bunch, encouraging expression and rallying support, you would demonstrate or acknowledge new bloggers. It’s not like I haven’t sent in many, many good donations to Hillary ending in 44 cents, and aren’t working like crazy here in Texas to get her to the top. So, it’s puzzling to me why this site shuts new bloggers out. I’m not the only one. I’ve noted where other new bloggers have expressed being shut out. What gives? And you wonder why Hilary’s base may not be growing? Is this Court TV or something?

  283. @MJS: I really have to laugh at some of the posts that I saw when I first found this website, calling you an obamatroll. You are so anti-obama and pro-hillary. Good for you for sticking around!!

  284. i’m just very curious. The McCain story had less evidence, no named sources and no real backup, and yet still made HUGE news.

    The Obama/Sinclair scandal has a guy with his REAL name, detailed details, and taking a polygraph test…yet no one in the big media has picked it up?

    That’s bias, if you ask me.


    If any of you are on livejournal, I made a feed for this site. (Just add the http bit.)

  286. I can’t see Hillary as V.P. Not only would Obama be afraid to give her the position (knowing that she would show him up every minute of the day), but his wife would pitch a fit. Not just that, but he’s into demeaning Hillary any way he can so he’ll probably make all these excuses as to why she wouldn’t be suitable and pick someone else.

    I like the idea of a Hillary/Edwards match-up.

  287. I would prefer Edward’s in Bush’s broken justice department. He would be great, and woul restore much needed morale

    i gotta go to bed. typing has sunk to a new low

    nite all

  288. i think in the end, Edwards will be the VP and Hillary the president 🙂

    Which I’m fine with. If Edwards is as focused about helping the poor as he seems to be, then I think our country would be in great shape with these two 😀

  289. curiosity has me….I havent been here a long time. I thought you had been around before. I am real vocal 🙂 Perhaps you need to jump in more. anyway, hi curiosity, and thanks for your support to Senator Clinton

  290. hey curiosity!

    no one means to discourage others 😀

    In fact, everyone (who supports Hillary) can comment!

    Sometimes it takes me a while to read everything lol 😀

    but u are welcome here curiosity and its great to have u 🙂 :love:

  291. As much as I am grateful for this site and enjoy learning about what’s going on, a great source of information, and reading about others’ ideas as a true-blue Hillary supporter, I must say blogging here seems only for a few. Seems to me like if you wanted to grow a really inclusive bunch, encouraging expression and rallying support, you would demonstrate or acknowledge new bloggers. It’s not like I haven’t sent in many, many good donations to Hillary ending in 44 cents, and aren’t working like crazy here in Texas to get her to the top. So, it’s puzzling to me why this site shuts new bloggers out. I’m not the only one. I’ve noted where other new bloggers have expressed being shut out. What gives? And you wonder why Hilary’s base may not be growing? Is this Court TV or something?

    I am new here. People have responded to my posts. I responded to yours. I don’t expect people to always acknowledge me. It is refreshing to read other points of views, and to be in the company of other people who respect Senator Clinton. I don’t care, if bloggers don’t respond to me.

  292. Dream on. The only way Democrats are sure to come out victorious and include every possible domographic to its’ utmost degree is Clinton-Obama (preferred), the Obama-Clinton (Plan B). Hey, I agree totally about her New York Senatorial clout, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into a 2016 (age 68) shot at the nomination with a whole new crop of American Idols each couple of years in political circles. That’s pragmatic and realistic. And thinking ahead.

  293. curiosityhasme,

    I’ve only been posting for a few weeks but I agree with Spacegirl, you just need to jump in and post. I’ve found everyone here to be very friendly and amazingly smart about politics.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts. 🙂

  294. Curiousity, As a newcomer myself, welcome. It is nice to hear from other people who support Hillary. Since you are working for Hillary in Texas, insights would be appreciated. Thank you.

  295. Sadly, if Hillary gets the nomination (yes pretty please with sugar on top), I think curiosityhasme is right.

    Given Obama’s popularity, unless he screws up majorly, she is going to have to offer the V.P. position to him. That being said though, I think he is vain enough that he will turn her down…kind of a “slap in the face” effect.

    I’d still rather have Clinton and Edwards…lol…

  296. curiosity…i was on my way to bed, and reloaded the page and saw your remark”Dream On”. Where we all here do respect the right of free speech, we prefer to be a little less sarcastic in our critiques of other’s opinions. That is not to say that we don’t soemtimes get into heated debates, even arguments, but it is usually on the issues of whether to talk DEEP Hillary Clinton info here or not. We are all fully aware of the network of bloggers Senator Obama’s camp has and we are cautious to a degree. But we don’s exclude. We identify, generally. The “Dream On” comment was a bit snippy for someone wanting to be recognized. On that, I am gone for now. Maybe

  297. welcome too Birdgal 😀

    I stand by these choices:

    1) Hillary/Powell
    2) Hillary/Edwards
    3) Hillary/Strickland
    4) Hillary/Nelson
    5) Hillary/Biden
    6) Hillary/Bobby Kennedy Jr. 😀
    7) Hillary/Maxine Waters
    8) Hillary/Gore
    9) Hillary/Richardson
    1118) Hillary/Kucinich
    1119) Hillary/ Donna Brazille
    1120) Hillary/Michelle Obama’s mother.
    1121) Hillayr/McCain’s mother
    1122) Hillary/Alien
    1123) Hillary/Alien’s dad aka brother of Kucinich
    1124) Hillary/Barney
    1125) Hillary/Jeb Bush
    1126) Hillary/Obama 🙁

  298. to the new folks: I just found this site a couple weeks ago, and have to say that it just takes time for people to notice you. This is not disrespect, it is just people looking through the long list of posts for names they have interacted with in the past. One way to join the conversation is to make responses to other people as in: @somepersonwithaninterstingidea: yes that is such an interesting idea!

  299. I certainly don’t expect for every blog to be acknnowledged, just made an observation (finally) after many, many, many comments. Not trying to incite anyone, least of all another nurse. We are known for eating our young, and being authorities on everthing – just ask us, right (ugh) – so I go to great lengths to not act like most nurses do. It’s just how I think – always have a back-up plan ( a crash cart ready to go) just in case, because it makes transition easier if you don’t get caught off-guard. I have had Hillary’s “History Alive” propped up where I see it all the time. Keeps me focused. That’s probaby why I also teach during the week as well, trying to make our clueless youth (the ones supporting Obama) better understand why history is now – geography is now. It’s not some dusty, cob-web infested relic in a bookcase. Real live history and geography (not reality TV) beats any book of fiction if they’ll just give it a try.

  300. edwards, gore, clark…any of them would be great as her running mate…..but i doubt gore would accept. but she should give gore a spot in her adminstration, maybe create an environmental czar position, and have him overlook the epa and clean up the mess theyve created….edwards should also get a lofty position, he would be great at anything.

  301. Welcome Curiosityhasme. This community is very welcoming, it could be that folks were just caught up in their individual conversation. I have always seen new posters acknowledged. In any event, welcome and I know that you will find a home here.

    In regards to your comments, BO is too arrogant to offer Clinton a VP slot and I don’t think that she would take it. I think that her back up is Senator leader. However, I still believe in her canidacy for the POTUS.

  302. Gore Should be secretary of the interior under a Hillary administration 😀 or Secretary of State to promote a Greener Earth throughout the world 😀

  303. Idunn Says: “Why would the Democratic Leadership allow a woman and a black man to run in the same year?” “That just seems stupid to me.”

    Um, because no one else would have a shot in hell against Clinton. W/O Obama, she’d have the vote she has now, the african american vote and whatever of the white womens vote that has gone to Obama.

  304. Too many people have said, two firsts: a woman and a black on the same ticket might be too much for the American public. Democrats may love it, but many political analysts do not think, it will happen. Once candidates are painted in a negative light, it is difficult to go back, and say, “okay, he/she is good enough to be a running mate.” I don’t see it happening, in either case. This is Hillary’s only run. 2016 is out.

    Also, Obama would not accept a VP position. People have said, it would ruin his chances of running for future elective office.

  305. For you Obama sheeples that are daized and confused, just read the first 10. I don’t want to overwhelm you.

    Reason #1 to support Hillary:
    In Arkansas she was instrumental in straightening out their school system – taking it from one of the worst systems to a role model used by other troubled schools on how to improve public education.
    Reason #2 to support Hillary:
    In 2006, she led the fight to kill the anti-gay Republican constitutional amendment that for the first time would have added laws to the Constitution that would INCREASE discrimination
    Reason #3 to support Hillary:
    After being pummeled by the public for trying to pass Universal Health care while she was First Lady, she dusted herself off and in 1997, led a federal effort that provided insurance support for children whose parents were unable to provide them with health coverage.
    Reason #4 to Support Hillary:
    She was able to secure a raise in research funding for prostate cancer and childhood asthma at the National Institutes of Health.
    Reason #5 to Support Hillary:
    She initiated the Adoption and Safe Families Act
    Reason #6 to Support Hillary:
    She’s authored a great deal of legislation during her years on the Armed Services Committee that has passed regarding increased and improved benefits for our returning Iraq veterans.
    Reason #7 to Support Hillary:
    She was one of the key Senators who fought to give our military badly needed raises and increase in benefits. For being such flag wavers, it was the Republicans and Bush who resisted these attempts to show our military how much we value and appreciate them.
    Reason #8 to Support Hillary:
    Since 1974 she has been fighting for a woman’s right to choose.
    Reason #9 to Support Hillary:
    She is fighting to lift the ban on stem cell research to cure devastating diseases.
    Reason #10 to Support Hillary:
    Voted YES on $100M to reduce teen pregnancy by education & contraceptives. (Mar 2005)
    Reason #11 to Support Hillary:
    Rated 100% by NARAL, indicating a pro-choice voting record. (Dec 2003)
    Reason #12 to Support Hillary:
    Vows to protect next generation by paying off national debt.
    Reason #13 to Support Hillary:
    Fought in Congress to “Help people facing foreclosure; don’t just bail-out banks.” (Aug 2007)
    Reason #14 to Support Hillary:
    In 1962 she met MLK Jr. preaching a sermon in Chicago and learned from him the importance of equal rights for all.
    Reason #15 for Supporting Hillary:
    In 1965 she brought black classmates to her until-then all-white church.
    Reason #16 to Support Hillary:
    Since 1995 has criticized China’s human rights abuses.
    Reason #17 to Support Hillary:
    IN 1988 Instituted gender diversity Report Card within the American Bar Association, which sets standards for lawyers in the U.S.
    Reason #18 to Support Hillary:
    In 1972 worked as a lawyer suing white-only schools, working with Marian Wright Edelman on enforcing school desegregation in the South.
    Reason #19 to Support Hillary:
    In October, 2000 she said it’s not enough for America just to apologize for slavery and move on; we need to concentrate on civil rights now.
    Reason #20 to Support Hillary:
    Has been pushing for a “Privacy Bill of Rights” for all Americans since 2000.
    Reason #21 to support Hillary:
    Will end don’t ask, don’t tell in the military, “Gay soldiers need to shoot straight, not be straight.” November 2003.
    Reason #22 to Support Hillary:
    Supports civil unions, with full equality of federal benefits.
    Reason #23 to Support Hillary:
    Voted YES on adding violent crimes based on victim’s sexual orientation to definition of hate crimes.
    Reason #24 to support Hillary:
    Rated 96% by the NAACP, indicating a pro-affirmative-action stance.
    Reason #25 to support Hillary:
    Freedom of Speech: Voted NO on recommending Constitutional ban on flag desecration.
    Reason #26 to Support Hillary: [A.K.A “Whoopi Goldberg’s reason to support Hillary”]
    Voted YES on repealing tax subsidy for companies which move US jobs offshore. (Mar 2005)
    Reason #27 to Support Hillary:
    Voted more funding and stricter sentencing for prosecution of hate crimes. (Apr 2001)
    Reason #28 to Support Hillary:
    Voted to Require DNA testing for all federal executions. (Mar 2001)
    Reason #29 to Support Hillary:
    Although she was in college during the height of the drug culture in the late 1960s, she was devoted to work on civil rights instead of partying and taking drugs.
    Reason #30 to Support Hillary:
    She is fighting for Universal pre-kindergarten.
    Reason #31 to Support Hillary:
    Wants to establish an education “Bill of Rights” – Establish right to education from pre-school thru college.
    Reason #32 to Support Hillary:
    Since 1998 has fought publicly to keep art and music programs in public schools. “Arts education is needed in our schools.”
    Reason #33 to Support Hillary:
    ‘Government should pay off all student loans for teachers who go to urban schools.” March, 2000
    Reason #34 to Support Hillary:
    Wants a complete re-write, a Total change in No Child Left Behind. (August, 2007)
    Reason #35 to Support Hillary:
    Rated 82% by the NEA, indicating pro-public education votes.
    Reason #36 to Support Hillary
    Voted YES on spending $448B on education & debt reduction instead of Bush’s tax cut for the rich. (Apr 2001)
    Reason #37 to Support Hillary:
    Wants to “Remove energy dependence on countries who would harm us.” (Jun 2006)
    Reason #38 to Support Hillary:
    Wants to build a “$50B strategic energy research fund from taxing oil companies.” (Oct 2006)
    Reason #39 to Support Hillary:
    Wants to Invest in alternative energy; jobs that won’t be outsourced.
    Reason #40 to Support Hillary:
    Called on U.S. to Ratify Kyoto; and fund more mass transit. (Sep 2000)
    Reason #41 to Support Hillary:
    Rated 100% by the CAF, indicating support for energy independence. (Dec 2006)
    Reason #42 to Support Hillary:
    Voted NO on drilling for oil in the Alaska National Wildlife Reserve on national security grounds. (Apr 2002)
    Reason #43 to Support Hillary:
    Voted YES on targeting 100,000 hydrogen-powered vehicles by 2010. (Jun 2003)
    Reason #44 to Support Hillary:
    Voted NO on Bush Administration Energy Policy. (Jul 2003)
    Reason #45 to Support Hillary:
    Voted YES on banning drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. (Mar 2005)
    Reason #46 to Support Hillary: (listen up Louisiana!)
    Voted YES on $3.1B for emergency oil assistance for hurricane-hit areas. (Oct 2005)
    Reason #47 to Support Hillary:
    Voted YES on factoring global warming into federal project planning. (May 2007)
    Reason #48 to Support Hillary:
    Voted YES on making oil-producing and exporting cartels illegal. (Jun 2007)
    Reason #49 to Support Hillary:
    Rated 89% by the LCV, indicating pro-environment votes.
    Reason #50 to Support Hillary:
    Voted NO on confirming Gale Norton as Secretary of Interior. (Jan 2001)
    Reason #51 to Support Hillary:
    Called on Bush to “Put someone in charge of Katrina recovery who actually cares.” (Aug 2007)
    Reason #52 to Support Hillary:
    Her Support for green-collar job training
    Reason #53 to Support Hillary:
    Introduced bill to Better track kids’ products for exposures to toxic materials coming from China.
    Reason #54 to support Hillary:
    Calls for the government to treat kids as “child citizens” not “minors” under the law. (Since Dec 1999)
    Reason #55 to Support Hillary:
    Rated 0% by the Christian Coalition
    Reason #56 to Support Hillary:
    Voted YES on enlarging NATO to include poor Eastern Europe nations. (May 2002
    Reason #57 to Support Hillary:
    “Smartest strategic choice is peace.” (Nov 1999)
    Reason #58 to Support Hillary:
    Calling for a NATO-enforced no-fly zone to end Darfur genocide. (June, 2007
    Reason #59 to Support Hillary:
    IN the 1970s worked to pass Constitutional Amendment to allow young people aged 18, 19, 20 to vote.
    Reason #60 to Support Hillary:
    Voted NO on allowing lobbyist gifts to Congress
    Reason #61 to Support Hillary:
    Pledges to support $50B for AIDS relief in US and world
    Reason #62 to Support Hillary:
    Rated 100% by APHA, indicating a pro-public health record.
    Reason #63 to Support Hillary:
    Voted NO on funding GOP version of Medicare prescription drug benefit. (Apr 2001)
    Reason #64 to Support Hillary:
    Voted YES on allowing patients to sue HMOs & collect punitive damages. (Jun 2001)
    Reason #65 to Support Hillary:
    Says, “Torture cannot be American policy, period.” (Sep 2007)
    Reason #66 to Support Hillary:
    She would never say anything as creepy and cult-like as “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”
    Reason #67 to Support Hillary:
    Rated 100% by SANE, indicating a pro-peace voting record.
    Reason # 68 to Support Hillary:
    Voted NO on extending the PATRIOT Act’s wiretap provision. (Dec 2005)
    Reason #69 to Support Hillary:
    Voted YES on requiring CIA reports on detainees & interrogation methods. (Sep 2006)
    Reason #70 to Support Hillary:
    Voted YES on preserving habeas corpus for Guantanamo detainees. (Sep 2006)
    Reason #71 to Support Hillary:
    Voted YES on limiting soldiers’ deployment to 12 months. (Jul 2007)
    Reason #72 to Support Hillary:
    Voted YES on giving Guest Workers a path to citizenship. (May 2006)
    Reason #73 to Support Hillary:
    Voted YES on comprehensive immigration reform. (Jun 2007)
    Reason #74 to Support Hillary:
    Voted: No salary increase for Congress until minimum wage increased.
    Reason #75 to Support Hillary:
    Would accept minimum wage as president. (Jul 2007)
    Reason #76 to Support Hillary:
    Rated 85% by the AFL-CIO, indicating a pro-union voting record.
    Reason #77 to Support Hillary:
    Voted NO on repealing Clinton’s ergonomic rules on repetitive stress. (Mar 2001)
    Reason #78 to Support Hillary:
    Voted YES on increasing minimum wage to $7.25.
    Reason #79 to Support Hillary:
    Voted YES on restricting employer interference in union organizing
    Reason #80 to Support Hillary:
    Admits she made mistake in believing in WMDs in Iraq after being mislead by the Bush Administration.
    Reason #81 to Support Hillary:
    Reaches out to conservatives but voting record is progressive.
    Reason #82 to Support Hillary:
    “Karl Rove is obsessed with me because I take Republicans on & beat them.” (Aug 2007)
    Reason #83 to Support Hillary:
    Served as a Staff attorney on Watergate/Nixon impeachment investigation.
    Reason #84 to Support Hillary:
    1976: Organized Indiana for Carter-Mondale campaign. She knows what it is like to work on a democrat campaign in RED STATES!
    Reason #85 to Support Hillary:
    Rated 100% by the AU, indicating support of church-state separation.
    Reason #86 to Support Hillary:
    Voted NO on confirming John Roberts for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
    Reason #87 to Support Hillary:
    Voted NO on confirming Samuel Alito as Supreme Court Justice.
    Reason #88 to Support Hillary:
    Rated 100% by the ARA, indicating a pro-senior voting record.
    Reason #89 to Support Hillary:
    Voted YES on increasing tax deductions for college tuition.
    Reason #90 to Support Hillary:
    At Wellesley in 1968, steered college anti-war movement.
    Reason #91 to Support Hillary:
    Recommended by EMILY’s List of pro-choice women.
    Reason #92 to Support Hillary:
    Voted YES on shifting $11B from corporate tax loopholes to education. (Mar 2005)
    Reason # 93 to Support Hillary:
    1980s: Led her church to found the largest daycare in Arkansas.
    Reason #94 to Support Hillary:
    1978: chaired Legal Services Corp. in President Carter’s Administration – allowing Poor Families access to legal aid
    Reason #95 to Support Hillary:
    Voted YES on implementing the 9/11 Commission report to get us out of Iraq in a fast, safe manner.
    Reason #96 to Support Hillary:
    Voted YES on restoring $565M for states’ and ports’ first responders eliminated by the Bush Administration.
    Reason #97 to Support Hillary:
    Worked with Evan Bayh, Al Gore, Bill Clinton and others in the 1980s to rejuvenate the Democratic Party from within.
    Reason #98 to Support Hillary:
    In 1969, she entered law school as “vehicle for social change”
    Reason #99 to Support Hillary:
    Calls to Increase spending for libraries.
    Reason #100 to Support Hillary:
    In October, 2006 – called for “Phased redeployment out of Iraq, beginning immediately

  306. face it. with Hillary being the workhorse that she is, any VP under her would just be sleeping in his/her office all day, which is probably what Obama wants anyhow 😀

  307. I’m just praying that Obama steps in a fox hole, i.e. makes one wrong move too many or something comes out about him that is extremely damaging. Then, Hillary can freely choose the best running mate as she sees fit.

  308. Jeez, if you have something to add, post it. And if not, don’t.
    Don’t expect gushing, warm welcomes, perhaps if only because everyone’s wound kinda tight right now.

    That said, here’s a gushy warm welcome to any and all newcomers.

    I’ve found everyone to be nice, but I don’t think anyone acknowledged me for weeks until I started posting things that were relevant, that furthered discussion.

    And lookit now, me and SpaceGirl have a thing 😉

  309. SpacegirlArt – Dream on was stated because so many were signing off to go to bed, and meant to not be sarcastic in any way. We (women) really do read too much into things sometimes. By the way, like your name. One of the neatest people I’ve met (on a trip) was a rocket scientist from NASA. Only an hour away, yet met on a group in Florence Italy! Now the Renaissance was real “change”. Awesome.

  310. winhillary, that is too long of a list and i doubt we have any “sane” Obama sheeples in this Hillary-is-44 site, not that there are many “sane” Obama groupies regardless.

  311. JanH, Obama’s made tons of wrong moves that in any other case, would’ve thrown him out long before Iowa Caucuses. It’s just, the media loves him too much and the Kennedys and the Kerrys of this World want to keep him as a thorn in Hillary’s back.

  312. Ok, First, Curiosity, I am sorry if i was snarky…just out there calling blogging donating researching….against the constant attach machine gets me beat.

    mj…i loved the “short list” for veep


    Now, what I suggested to the campaign weeks ago was, if Hillary were to be elected, an Obama Sec of State position. 1st., he would BE the face of America around the world, while having to represent the policies of the Administration. 2.) it would give him GREAT face-time with world leaders to learn the players and the stage. 3.) he could beef up his credentials and get some perspective. 4.) he would be gone most of the time 😉

    like me, for real!

  313. winhillary,

    Welcome! I’m off to bed but I solemnly promise to read all of your “reasons to support Hillary” in the morning.

    They look awesome! 🙂

  314. From the NYT: (Don’t forget, supposedly, a big and not-so-good Hill story is coming from them, if not for Sunday’s edition I’d think definitely Monday’s. Mr Russert has his needs, after all).

    Oh, this one’ll make you sick, btw:

    So cool to be so lionized; one might not guess that off stage Mr. Obama can act like an elusive starlet of late. When the press approaches, he rations words like gold. He held a brief news conference on Saturday to respond to a passionate attack from Mrs. Clinton, who accused him of distorting her position on trade. But that was his first nonscripted encounter in five days.
    Then again, he has that lead and perhaps it is more fun playing the tease. In Edinburg, Tex., Mr. Obama briefly stuck his head through a blue curtain at the far end of the press room.
    “Crank it up, guys,” he yelled to reporters bent over their laptops. “Words matter. Don’t listen to Hillary.”

    To which he added: “That’s a joke.”

    A reporter asked a question. The candidate smiled. And he disappeared from sight.

  315. guys, I have a very strange feeling that come Monday or Tuesday, Obama will become a laughing stock, fighting to defend his integrity.

    I have a feeling those polygraph test results will determine that sinclair was being honest. That should be an interesting turn.

  316. Blue Dem…all I can say is

    “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” “I AM the great, and powe r f u l , uh WIzard o f oz”

  317. “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” “I AM the great, and powe r f u l , uh WIzard o f oz”

    lol! ROFL! I wish someone would call him on this arrogance. It is only, going to get worse. sigh.

  318. We’ll have to set up rehab cult centers for egobama supporters when they wake up from the spell. I wonder do they have to drink somthing before they start chanting in their gatherings? CNN ran a story on their blog about egobama saying in a reverse role he would quit the race and would not be treated as nice as Hillary is, cnn than change the headline and some of the wording in the same article 1o mins later and flush all comments, most of them pro Hillary. This was definetly proof of bias. They then recieved alot of disapointed comments against cnn and egobama, the majority were pro Hillary. It’s a wonder that they didn’t delete the comments a second time. on cnn political ticker.

  319. I wonder if the poly examiner has been paid off, or threatened….lots of tough folks out there REALLY wanting to get this guy in the WH…in a very unnatural way

    who did the tests?

  320. Birdgal…I know…but he could take VP biden with him for the first year…LOL

    LOL. Richardson would, also be good as Secretary of State or VP. Biden has said, he would be a VP with Clinton, because it would be mostly window dressing.

  321. SpaceGirl,

    “Mr. Obama can act like an elusive starlet of late”
    I’m trying to remember where I saw it or heard it, think it was FOX (NO!), but somebody else was insinuating Obama was a fag today.
    of course, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    BTW, have I told you lately your keen political insights get me hot
    – and I want your body 🙂

    Ok, Ill stop.

  322. ok. There are many reasons why I find Sinclair believable. btw, it would be in the interest of the democratic party if this story turns out to be false, but i have a strong feeling that its true.

    First: Larry Sinclair gave vivd details and accounts of what happened, when, and how they happened.

    Secondly: On an interview he gave, he took no time to hesitate on questions that were EXTREMELY microscopic and detailed.

    Third: What could he POSSIBLY get to benefit from this other than being held up on the wall of shame alongside Lewinski?

    Fourth: Sinclair has offered to name and grab the exact limo driver and limo car that the lewd actions first took place in.

    Fifth: He has even challened Obama to a polygraph test!

    Sixth: His story has stayed consistent. No misgivings or hesitations there.

  323. funny how they just happen to work all those BO talking points in.
    And Hill’s a robot/loser.

    and the funny is where?!?!?!?

    And Obama Girl – of course!!!!!!!


    On a Roll Electorally, Obama Injects His Manner With a Bit of Cockiness

    I really dislike this guy!

  325. Did people see SNL tonight? Perfect.. where have they been (I know, I know)? Can somebody put it up on youtube? This IS the way we get back at them!

  326. curiosityhasme Says:
    February 23rd, 2008 at 10:58 pm

    Dream on. The only way Democr…

    they write this and wonder why they are being ignored…

  327. on Sinclair I say there are 2 points BO must worry about if it is true, #1 the infidelity #2 the cocaine use, as for the gay encounter..I don’t care.
    Sinclairs lie detector test results should be out, if not now, soon. He was supposed to take the test yesterday.

    I’m trying to understand something I hope you guys can explain. I never did understand why my daughter in law had her tongue pierced, but I love her just the same…and I don’t understand the mania behind Obama? I think of myself as up with the times and open to differences but this has me baffled.

  328. debbie, in regards to sinclair, he must also worry about the gay part as many Americans, be they Republicans or Democrats, are uncomfortable about gay sex. If the accusation had been one of heterosexual affairs, it would’ve gotten perhaps a slap of the wrist and a few vocal cries of infidelity…

    but…with his large support in the African American community, which is very anti-homosexual activity (in general) and his “obamacans” and supposed support from rural southerners…I really think this story has the potential to destroy any of Obama’s future dreams of becoming commander in chief. junior senator from Illinois? maybe. but President if this is true? Not likely.

    And I’m saying this as a Bisexual person.

  329. Ok, so NBC acknowledges media bias with their SNL piece.

    Except they conveniently recreated CNN graphics (the last debate was on CNN) which are on-screen the entire time.
    And if NBC is aware of bias enough to ridicule it, their own news division can’t possibly be suspect.
    Except than they’ve been the worst culprits – and it’s not even close.
    Plus they got in all their little BO plugs.

    That one took me a minute; plus I need a refill.

  330. birdgal Says:
    February 23rd, 2008 at 11:51 pm
    oh, I don’t think I’ll do justice, but it was the CNN debate skit and the questioners fawning over Obama and the question from Obama girl.. being snappy at Clinton and so on. The point however, is that we could laugh at it if it were not so real and the skit makes fools out of every MSM (and Obama supporters) and I don’t think this is something they can brush it off (as laughing at themselves). This skit mocks their world view and ought to hurt any thinking rational human being among that bunch.

  331. MJS I agree, I was pointing is out as for me. The ramifications are tremendous as you state, and also because one can clearly remember the national opposition to anything gay in the past couple of elections.

    He’s a goner if its true

  332. and if its true 😀 the DNC as a whole might just be smart enough to keep him way way AWAY from a Hillary leading ticket 😀

  333. pm Says:

    February 24th, 2008 at 12:03 am

    Thank you. Some of the other reports did not think it was funny. I don’t like the one, where Clinton was portrayed as a robot/loser. Was this your impression? I hope, it truly mocks their world view, and some people are less irrational about their undying support, but we can always dream.

  334. btw, there have been updates that Larry Sinclair was shown, by his polygraph test, to not have been lying and they are taking a second one to be sure of the results. The company testing and polygraphing sinclair has hired two of the most respected and top polygraphers in the field. One to test/question, the other to confirm and check.

  335. i finds that story true mjs too…i believe him.. larry i infact do not think he is lying..well see!!!

    welcome all the new People to the board !!!hello all ive been here since last july…i only read but came talkative in jump in thats what it is for…
    ive learned lotts from all the people here.there all very nice…ive always told these people here..they should be with hillary everyday thru her campaign..and admin too..its pros at politics …and they know i say it…..even pick some to be with her in

    I like my hillary.and i talk about her to people that in my area the diference in BO and her…you can see he is arrogabt dooddle on a paper at a debate and hillary glance at his paper ..i probably think she said in her mind what the sam heck is this guy in kindergarten..expect him to doddle in the oval office too..and get nothing done..
    Im postive Hillary will pull this out,and shut him up..i dont want to hear change anymore or dont live on that..i sure scared of him pushin buttons too..i wanna sleep at night…i will never ever vote for him…

  336. Technically, NBC was ridiculing CNN’s media bias.
    Second, it gives their news division a certain amount of cover, as the parent company has acknowledged media bias (albeit someone else’s bias) with their comedy programming, and as stated, how can a company that has acknowledged bias have an intentionially biased news division?
    Thirdly, it did enforce the notion that people are swooning over Obama for “some reason” (that should be italics but I don’t know how).

    And lastly, it comes just before what could well be Hillary’s final appearance in such a national setting – we’re talking a major audience difference versus a Meet The Press appearance – for Tuesday’s debate, when she just might out the VRWC on the airwaves once and for all.

    Now that you have the benefit of my thinking, I’m off to bed. Night.

  337. Defending tough women and calling herself a bitch and nuns (not priests that get the job done), “Get on Board TX and OH, Bitch is the new Black.”

  338. “# Kentucky_mkt Says:

    Admin, for the Love of God, please put an SNL youtube clip on the front page tomorrow.”

    Second that! Should have two clips – one for the debate skit and another for Tina.

  339. birdgal Says:
    February 24th, 2008 at 12:07 am
    I just saw the opening (we don’t watch the rest) — we (I & my husband) both thought it was mocking/ridiculing their (CNN and others, because everybody is doing it) world view. We thought it was sweet revenge — goes with all the other articles with the delusional stuff.

  340. Obama Told: Hold On, Don’t Play It

    Barack Obama’s campaign has been told nicely, but in no uncertain terms: Sam & Dave’s classic soul hit “Hold On! I’m Coming” is not to be played anymore as a campaign theme song.

    Sam Moore, one of the first inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the 1980s (before it became a warped endeavor), has written to Obama’s managers asking them to stop the music.

    Moore is not backing Obama — or any other candidate, for that matter. But he feels that the constant use of his voice and a song as identified with him as, let’s say, “Don’t Stop” was to Fleetwood Mac when Bill Clinton used it in 1992, constitutes an endorsement.

    The only difference is that Fleetwood Mac’s permission was asked back then, and they wound up not only endorsing Clinton but reforming and playing for him. No one from Obama’s group asked Moore if it was OK to use his recognizable vocals.

    And that, Moore feels, is ironic since he’s a) a black man and b) was an active supporter and friend of Dr. Martin Luther King, a touchstone legend of the Obama campaign.

    Moore says in his letter to the Obama campaign that since “Hold On!” has been used at rallies, often with the audience changing the words to “Hold on, Obama’s coming!” he’s been peppered with questions from reporters and fans such as: “Why do I want you to be president? Have we met yet? Am I honored that my song was selected to be so important to Obama for President Campaign?”

    He continues: “I have had no choice but to set the record straight and I have begun explaining that the song was being performed at your rallies without my permission or my endorsement of you as my choice as a candidate for president and that I was writing this to you asking you to not continue including my material at your events.

    “I do wish you well in your quest for the nomination. Having been hit with rocks and water hoses in the streets, in the day with Dr. King as part of his artist appearance and fundraising team, it is thrilling, in my lifetime, to see that our country has matured to the place where it is no longer an impossibility for a man of color to really be considered as a legitimate candidate for the highest office in our land.”

    But he adds:

    “I have not agreed to endorse you for the highest office in our land. I reserve my right to determine who I will support when and if I choose to do so. My vote is a very private matter between myself and the ballot box. My endorsement and support of a candidate, because I do carry some celebrity, makes it quite a different matter changing a private act to a public statement, something I wouldn’t do without considerable thought.”

    Moore’s request to cease and desist is not the first time a pop star has moved to stop a political candidate from using his material. Recently John Mellencamp did the same thing when the McCain campaign used “Little Pink Houses” and “Our Country” at rallies. This was particularly vexing for Mellencamp since he’s supported Democratic candidates over the years. Same thing for Bruce Springsteen, whose “Born in the USA” was appropriated without permission by Ronald Reagan’s campaign in 1984.

    Even though Moore is not supporting any candidate, by the way, it should be noted he did perform once with Bill Clinton. The occasion was Dan Aykroyd’s 50th birthday party in 2002. Moore and the late Wilson Pickett were joined by Clinton on saxophone for a version of Moore’s other signature hit, “Soul Man” and Pickett’s “In the Midnight Hour.”,2933,332078,00.html#2

  341. Tina Fey on SNL:

    “Women feeling free to make whatever choice Oprah tells them to.”

    “Some people say Hillary Clinton’s a bitch. Well, you know what? She is. And so am I. And so is this one (points to Amy). You know what? Bitches get stuff done.”

    “It’s not too late. Texas and Ohio! Bitch is the new black!”

  342. birdgal Says:
    February 24th, 2008 at 12:07 am
    if you can, follow the comments on Taylor Marsh’s site as well.

  343. just got back from our major houston hillary rally it as set up today as hillary went from no to houston to boost early vote and rally suporters. i was tired from working on this all day. i treated royally . i got sit in a back room with several congressmen, the lt guv of md etc and meet hillary, chelsea in person and chat for a few minutes. cong tubbs jones also came. this is my 4th time with hilary but this was a mind blowing rally. she is on fire all day today guys. she ripped obama on healthcare-”who do u leave out? the transplant patient? a kid needing surgery?” it was awesome. she picked up some more ministers and superelegates today as well here. a thousand came-with 5 hrs notice. the crowd was nearly half youth, mnay women, many latinos, blue collar folks. the real america-the real core of our party. one sign said time for experieince not an experiment. hillary loved that one! the whole thing was moving and energizing. after seeing msm and online news for days u get depressed. this woman is fighting like hell for tx,oh guys. we are working like dogs to deliver tx. the media underestimates her appeal to women etc.. it would be a profound tragedy if she did not get the nom. i like this tack she taking on barack. she cannot be too concialiatory to him now. i like this fiery populist hillary-the real hillary. we must deliver these states. we must stop obama. i hope some of u are comming to tx or oh. this is the fight of her life. what a memorable night in houston.

  344. texan4hillary Says:
    February 24th, 2008 at 1:06 am
    thanks for everything you and others are doing in TX. Things look encouraging everywhere else as well.

  345. Oh god, I love, love, love Obama. He’s doing everything he can to alienate one of if not the largest numerical constituency the Dems have, women, but we’re supposed to worry about offending Birkenstock wearers. It reminds me of when he alientaed gays by inviting that preacher and came back with ‘i”m a uniter, nit a divider, we have to reach out to homophobes.’ Jesus!
    “it Obama is not experience enough to be president…then why is the news media supporting him and trashing Hillary?”

    Your relatives have short memories. Don’t they remember when the media trashed the hell out of Gore and Kerry while exalting Bush? They’re supporting him because they know he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell. If god forbid he gets the nomination, he’ll go from St. Obama to Obama, Devil From the Pit of Hell amd his Evil, America Hating Wife in two seconds.

  346. curiosityhasme,


    Shut out? Do you mean your posts aren’t showing up? If they have a == h t t p == with the usual spacing, they get delayed in a spam filter.

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