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This makes so much sense, we thought we should emphasize it. From Kingsgrove:

Guys, we’re losing focus. There’s no time to whine about the media, Ripublican interference, or any other conspiracies right now. We all know what we’re up against. We can’t control what our opponents do. We CAN control what we do, and that’s putting all of our blood, sweat and tears into this effort. We have to be there for Hillary, as she’s been there for us. It’s all about her right now.

DON’T LOSE FOCUS! DON’T GET DISTRACTED! I repeat, there’s not much time left. Not one second can be wasted. It’s now or never.

We have to get on the phone, and donate all we can (money, time, etc) right now. We can still win this….IF WE WANT IT BAD ENOUGH! Let’s do it!

Don’t forget to help with our Monday Moneybomb. Contact to help. Thanks to those who are already on the job contacting websites, blogs, and lists about the Monday Moneybomb.

Money raised on February 25 still provides sufficient time to purchase airtime and get the message out for the March 4 primaries in Texas, Ohio, and Rhode Island.

February 25 is the date the Rezko trial was originally scheduled to begin.

Rezko Moneybomb Monday not only helps get funding to the campaign but also illustrates how little Obama has been vetted.

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779 thoughts on “Moneybomb Preps

  1. I’m reposting this. It’s important .

    U of Texas, Austin:
    Endorsement: Time to clean house

    As voters, we’re often torn between our hearts and our minds when
    making crucial decisions concerning the welfare of the country. This
    endorsement is no different.

    In the past year, we have been entranced by the powerful timbre of
    Barack Obama’s voice. We have felt our hearts soar with each
    progressive idea he has put forth, especially his call for youth
    action and enrollment in public service programs. But we do not think
    he is the wisest choice for president. George W. Bush has made a mess
    of America, and we believe Hillary Clinton is the best person to
    clean it up. She is prepared and willing to be a leader who is “a lot
    less hat and a lot more cattle,” as she stated during Thursday
    night’s debate.

    Clinton is a seasoned politician, and some argue that works against
    her. But Bush has been wildly successful in destroying every positive
    function of the machine that is Washington, D.C., and Clinton has the
    political tools and knowledge to fix it.

    We have admired the consistent integrity of Obama’s campaign. He is
    everything a politician shouldn’t be, meaning that we think he is a
    good human being. To truly be a leader we can look up to, Clinton
    should learn from her refined opponent’s style.

    But during Thursday’s debate, Obama made a major gaffe in incorrectly
    stating that he had received endorsements from every major newspaper
    in Texas. We may not be considered a “major” paper to many, but we
    represent a crucial constituency of close to 50,000 young and
    enthusiastic voters, and we’ve been scrutinizing every move of the
    candidates leading up to today’s endorsement. Sure, Obama took many
    under his spell when he graced our city with his presence early in
    his campaign, but we think he prematurely considered his work in
    Austin done.

    We’ve taken into account our communication with each campaign as an
    indication of how each candidate’s government would function. Upon
    finding out the debate would not be open to students, Obama’s
    campaign told us there was nothing they could do to get more students
    into the debate, whereas the Clinton camp was sympathetic in offering
    assistance. This makes us wonder how far Obama would go for us as

    The youth vote, especially here in Texas, is extremely important to
    both candidates. As Texas, Austin and UT have all entered the
    limelight as major players in the nomination process, we have been
    confused by Obama’s relative absence from the home of such an
    important, excited and loyal constituency.

    Clinton, while not as dazzling as her opponent, has asserted her
    presence to us. She has pledged to restore government support to
    college students by increasing the availability of Stafford Loans and
    Pell Grants. Her outline for a universal health care system is
    thorough and sound, while Obama unfairly exploits the resounding
    term “universal” in terms of his plan, which is voluntary and
    wouldn’t actually serve America in its entirety (like Social
    Security, policy can only be universal if it is mandatory).
    Furthermore, Clinton’s plans for Iraq ensure a gradual transition to
    stability for the Middle East.

    Clinton’s abrasiveness, while somewhat off-putting, is essential in
    scrubbing our country clean of the grime the current administration
    has let build up. And by promising that the clean-up will begin in
    full effect on day one of her presidency, she’s proved to us over and
    over again that she’s ready, even excited, to get her hands dirty.
    Meanwhile, Obama’s curent focus is geared toward winning the
    nomination, and we need more than hope and rhetoric to be reassured
    that the critical transition to come with the next presidency will be
    handled safely.

    We live each day in anticipation of Democratic leadership for this
    country. But considering the current state of America, now is not the
    time for radical change.

    We’d like to see Obama and Clinton work together in achieving the
    many goals they share. Obama has our confident vote in four (or
    eight) years’ time. But for now, we can’t risk trusting the judgment
    of our hearts. Logically, Hillary Clinton should be the next
    president of the United States. Under her leadership, we can return
    to being the great country we once were.

  2. mj, thanks and a repost from previous thread.

    mj Says:
    February 22nd, 2008 at 10:34 am

    UT Austin says time to clean up the mess:
    Endorsement: Time to clean house

    This is what I expect from our high class universities — though I think they are too charitable toward his campaign. This should be circulated widely — he does not have monopoly on students.

    Daniel from previous thread, maybe you could cite this endorsement in your blogs?

  3. Hillary’s final statement last night was a keeper! No matter how the media carves up her performance overall, she won that debate hands down!

  4. Hillary: Seat Michigan, Florida Delegates

    posted by Evan Smith at 7:50 AM

    I just finished a thirty-minute interview with Hillary Clinton — it will air statewide next week, just before the Texas primary, on “Texas Monthly Talks” — and among the topics we discussed was the controversy over whether the Michigan and Florida delegations should be seated at the Democratic National Convention. Remember that she won both states despite signing a pledge with the other Democratic candidates not to campaign there — and remember too that, as a result, her name was the only name on the Michigan ballot. Here’s is our exchange on the subject:

    There’s been a lot of talk about what your campaign would do should it get to the convention. Would you commit today to honoring the agreement made earlier not to seat the Michigan and Florida delegations?

    Let’s talk about the agreement. The only agreement I entered into was not to campaign in Michigan and Florida. It had nothing to do with not seating the delegates. I think that’s an important distinction. I did not campaign–

    The press seems to have missed the distinction if that’s the case. The talk is that you agreed not to seat the delegation.

    That’s not the case at all. I signed an agreement not to campaign in Michigan and Florida. Now, the DNC made the determination that they would not seat the delegates, but I was not party to that. I think it’s important for the DNC to ask itself, Is this really in the best interest of our eventual nominee? We do not want to be disenfranchising Michigan and Florida. We have to try to carry both of those states. I’d love to carry Texas, but it’s usually not in the electoral calculation for the Democratic nominee. Florida and Michigan are. Therefore, the people of those two states disregarded adamantly the DNC’s decision that they would not seat the delegates. They came out and voted. If they had been influenced by the DNC, despite the fact that there was very little campaigning, if any, they would have stayed home. But they wanted their voices heard. More than 2 million people came out. I mean, it was record turnout for a primary. Florida, in particular, is sensitive to being disenfranchised because of what happened to them in the last elections. I have said that I would ask my delegates to vote to seat.

    So your intention is to press this issue?

    Yes, it is. Yes, it is. It’s in large measure because both the voters and elected officials in Michigan and Florida feel so strongly about this. Senator Bill Nelson, of Florida, early on in the process actually sued because he thinks it’s absurd on its face that 1.7 million Democrats who eventually voted would basically be disregarded, and I agree with him about that.

  5. That UT Austin paper endorsement is great. Texas feels like California to me – people do their own thing, and its so populous there, people are less influenced by what the media is touting as O’trendy – that gives me confidence.

  6. A friend of mine asked me this morning if the press is doing what it did when we went to war in Iraq, blindly going along without challenging any information, to what they are doing with the BHO candidacy. I thought it was an interesting parallel.

    And it was reportedly a woman police officer too 🙁

  7. Hey all,

    Here is a copy of my letter to my superdelegates in California to support Hillary.

    The campaign is now asking we write our super delegates telling them why we support her.


    I, a complete stranger, am writing to you out of the blue because you hold such an important role this year in the Democratic Party’s nomination process. Perhaps never before will the opinion and vote of delegates such as yourself mean so much to so many.

    Without further preamble let me say that I support Hillary Clinton. She will I believe be one of the best Presidents we have ever had in this country. It isn’t that I don’t care for Barack Obama’s speeches– although I must say that having been told I have great charisma and speaking ability myself–I believe this talent is over-rated. Yes, I have the ability to move people when I speak. It is a gift. But I long ago understood that this ability did not necessarily translate into the ability to get things done. That takes other qualities and experience often plays a critical role. Hillary, I believe, by her record in the US Senate has demonstrated this ability. She has not only succeeded in getting legislation passed– and she has done this in one of the most contentious periods between the two parties– but she has fought for and won a great number of projects for her state and her constituents. She has also captured the heart and the admiration of all concerned after 9/11 in the way she consistently stood up for the needs of New Yorkers.

    In addition to Hillary’s ability, however, I believe what drives Senator Clinton’s skill and success is her extraordinary care for all Americans. Hillary has proven over and over that she will go that extra hard mile when it matters. She is dedicated, and while she thinks with her head it is her heart that motivates her. I believe she is a genuine political genius and will be a Stateswoman equal to the daunting task of restoring our credibility in the world. Hillary Rodham Clinton is the person needed at this critical hour in our history. She is the best qualified, most experienced and in her heart she carries a desire to improve the lives of all Americans. It is no accident she admires Eleanor Roosevelt and has been attacked the way FDR was attacked. The Republicans know when a true Democrat is on the stage.

    Thank You,

    Lin Farley, Ph.D
    Vista, California

  8. I’m reposting from Psymac – Fox News focus group on the debate in which most people feel Clinton won:

  9. HRC seems genuinely upset. As I’m sure anyone WOULD be.

    I don’t know how the hell she’s supposed to go in and muster up a rally after this.

    Ugh…my heart just goes out to everyone involved in this tragedy.

  10. That focus group was looking for a cage match, awesome.

    The lady at the end, wtf? She was undecided before and came to that conclusion during the debate? Huh?

  11. They said the accident was horrific, and that he car pulled past just after it happened. 🙁

    Man…not sure what else to say at this point.

  12. agreed MJ and Psycmac – wish that woman hadn’t gotten the last word – but at 5 minutes, who watches til the end…

    re: Dallas accident – very sad. I did notice all the people cheering Hillary at the end though of that video.

  13. I just watch Hillary’s comments, she does seem genuinely shook up.

    (what was with the person who shoved their camera in the way to take a picture?)

  14. (what was with the person who shoved their camera in the way to take a picture?)

    I caught that too. HRC seemed both thrown off by that and disgusted by it at the same time.

  15. Saw this in the accident article:

    A somber candidate moved to her next event in downtown Worth at 11:15 a.m., and spoke briefly to supporters about what had happened in Dallas. Clinton left the rally without delivering a stump speech, and said she was going back to Dallas to the hospital where the officer died.

    My heart goes out to his family. What a tragedy. 🙁

  16. since everyone has such short memories – in case you need to overwhelm anyone with the list of Bill Clinton’s accomplishments in office (partial list):
    (type in the http stuff)

    # longest economic expansion in American history*–a record 115 months of economic expansion
    # More than 22 million new jobs: more than 22 million jobs were created in less than eight years — the most ever under a single administration
    # Highest home ownership in American history
    # Made the Federal government smaller (a feat matched only by Harry Truman; if you like small government, vote Democratic)
    # Lowest unemployment in 30 years: unemployment dropped from more than 7 percent in 1993 to just 4.0 percent in November 2000; unemployment for African Americans and Hispanics fell to the lowest rates on record, and the rate for women was the lowest in more than 40 years
    # Largest expansion of college opportunity since the GI Bill
    # Connected 95 percent of schools to the Internet
    # Lowest crime rate in 26 years
    # Family and Medical Leave Act for 20 million Americans
    # Smallest welfare rolls in 32 years
    # Higher incomes at all levels: after falling by nearly $2,000 between 1988 and 1992, the median family’s income rose by $6,338, after adjusting for inflation; all income brackets experienced double-digit growth; the bottom 20 percent saw the largest income growth at 16.3 percent
    # Lowest poverty rate in 20 years: the poverty rate declined from 15.1 percent to 11.8 percent in 1999–the largest six-year drop in poverty in nearly 30 years
    # Lowest teen birth rate in 60 years
    # Lowest infant mortality rate in American history
    # Deactivated more than 1,700 nuclear warheads* from the former Soviet Union: efforts of the Clinton-Gore Administration led to the dismantling of more than 1,700 nuclear warheads, 300 launchers and 425 land and submarine based missiles from the former Soviet Union
    # Paid off $360 billion of the national debt: under Clinton, we were on track to pay off the entire debt by 2009; what a difference a stolen election makes…
    # Converted the largest budget deficit in American history to the largest surplus
    # Lowest government spending in three decades
    # Lowest federal income tax burden in 35 years
    # More families owned stock than ever before
    # Most New Jobs Ever Created Under a Single Administration: Republicans really chew the rug when you mention this one, so it’s worth repeating constantly
    # Median Family Income Up $6,000 since 1993

  17. hi hillfans, i hope by the weekend the polls in texas and ohio open up again in hillary’s favor. the debate was good for hillary. IM READY FOR MONEY BOMB DAY FEB 25TH!!!!!

  18. Breaking on MSNBC … she said briefly to the group, “Thank you all for being here and God bless you, but we cannot have a rally … it would not be appropriate.” (Verbatim — I typed what Contessa Brewer quoted her saying to the crowd — backed up my DVR to type it.)

  19. What I loved about that ending in yesterday’s debate was how gracious it was. Obama has never treated Hillary that way, as Taylor Marsh noted, and their petty response to her closing just proves how much classier she is.

  20. here is the beginning of the right wing attack on The Great Bamboozler and Dingbat Michelle

    The Real Barack Obama

    Thursday, February 21, 2008 10:06 AM

    By: Ronald Kessler Article Font Size

    Michelle Obama’s comment that, for the first time in her adult life, she feels proud of America helps crystallize who Barack Obama is.

    To be sure, the wife of a candidate is perfectly free to have views that are distinct from her husband’s. But on a matter that is so fundamental to one’s being as love of country, it is difficult to imagine that Michelle Obama would publicly twice make such a statement suggesting disdain for America unless she felt it comported with her husband’s views.

    Equally important, her statement aligns perfectly with the hate-America views of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama’s minister, friend, and sounding board for more than two decades. On the Sunday following 9/11, Wright characterized the terrorist attacks as a consequence of violent American policies. Four years later, Wright suggested that the attacks were retribution for America’s racism.

    “In the 21st century, white America got a wake-up call after 9/11/01,” Wright wrote in his church magazine Trumpet. “White America and the Western world came to realize that people of color had not gone away, faded into the woodwork or just ‘disappeared’ as the Great White West kept on its merry way of ignoring black concerns.”

    Wright has been a key supporter of Louis Farrakhan, and in December, honored the Nation of Islam leader for lifetime achievement, saying he “truly epitomize[s] greatness.”

    Farrakhan has repeatedly made hate-filled statements targeting Jews, whites, America, and homosexuals.

    Those who think two of the closest people to Obama could publicly make anti-America statements unless Obama himself felt that way, are fooling themselves. To date, Obama has proven himself to be nothing more than a great orator, rendering the statements of those around him even more important in illuminating his true character and agenda. During his Senate career, he skipped 17 percent of the votes and sponsored only one bill that became law. That bill was to promote “relief, security, and democracy in the Democratic Republic of Congo.”

    Bereft of official accomplishments, Obama has distinguished himself mainly by being against measures that protect American security, such as finishing the mission in Iraq. If we were to leave Iraq quickly, as Obama vows he would do, it would become a launch pad for al-Qaida attacks on the U.S.

    Obama avoided voting on extending the Protect America Act, thus putting America at risk when immediate interception of terrorist communications is required. Last August, Obama voted against a measure that would have allowed the U.S. to continue to monitor overseas conversations of terrorists like Osama bin Laden without first obtaining a warrant.

    If his radical vote had prevailed, bin Laden would have been given the same rights as Americans.

    To this day, Obama has not distanced himself from most of Rev. Wright’s comments. In a statement supposedly issued to address the matter, Obama ignored the point that his minister and friend had spoken adoringly of Farrakhan and that Wright’s church was behind the award to the Nation of Islam leader. Instead, as outlined in a Jan. 17 Newsmax article, he disingenuously claimed he thought the magazine bestowed the award on Farrakhan for his efforts to rehabilitate ex-prisoners.

    Neither Wright’s encomiums about Farrakhan nor the Trumpet article mentions ex-prisoners.

    Similarly, after John McCain’s wife Cindy responded to Michelle Obama’s remarks by telling a Wisconsin rally, “I have, and always will be, proud of my country,” Barack Obama told a radio interviewer that his wife did not say what people think she said. He then proceeded to rewrite her comments, claiming that she had meant she was encouraged by the “large numbers of people” who have gotten involved in the political process. Michelle Obama then made a similar revision of her remarks.

    In her speech in Milwaukee, Michelle Obama said flatly, “For the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country, and not just because Barack has done well, but because I think people are hungry for change.”

    And what has been wrong with America up to now? That it gave Michelle the opportunity to attend Princeton and Harvard Law School? That it gave Barack Obama the chance to attend Harvard and Harvard Law School and become a U.S. senator making more than $1 million a year from book royalties?

    Was it that America stopped Nazi Germany from continuing to murder millions of Jews? That America has provided Africa and other countries with $15 billion to combat the spread of AIDS/HIV and that another $30 billion is on the way? That 46 percent of all Americans classified by the Census Bureau as poor own their own homes, 76 percent of them have air conditioning, and 75 percent of them have at least one car? Or that America allows us to express our views freely without fear of being put in jail, as is the case in Russia?

    A lawyer, Michelle Obama is perfectly capable of expressing herself precisely. In fact, she spoke from a written speech.

    Those who do not want to believe she meant what she said — and that Barack Obama could not be so close to Rev. Wright if he did not himself believe in much of what he has said — are in denial.

    The real Barack Obama is starting to emerge, and for those of us who are grateful to America for everything it represents, it is not a pretty sight.

  21. that link to the dallas station has her at the Ft. Worth rally and what she said. I feel bad for the police officer and his family. I feel bad all the way around. This woman just can’t seem to cut a break. But she is honeltly the most presidential person i have seen in a number…many…years. We must make this a success. I am sure there will be some in the MSM and the obotoworld who will try and exploit this tragedy for their own gain. “If she had only dropped out as she should, this man would still be alive” and stuff like that I am sure is already circulating out there. I don’t dare go look, but I have become cynical enough to believe it will occur. I heard about this briefly on the car radio and I felt very saddened. Like I said, it seems it is just continuous. I also heard about the Austin school endorsement. I read it here (thanks towhoever posted it) and it was great. Show us she is loved there too. I will be making calls shortly, and I have some of my own work t do as well. And as Linfar did, we all need to write to the delegates. With all that has happened, who better to write real and heart-felt, and fact filled letters (but not overly so) to these people who hold our future in their hands. We are where we are, and although the DNC COULD HAVE and SHOULD HAVE dne more to persuade BO to hold off on a run this year, we must prevail for our Candidate. We have a long way to go. All the way to Denver!

  22. wbboei…where was that article on Miss I hate America published? What mag or paper?

    II did hear a spin by a MSM person several days after this story broke…i cannot remember who…that said she SAID that she was proud now because a black man and a woman were running. There is no record of that, and although we all, I HOPE, know that this is a RW spin on all this, the underlying question to me is STILL Rezko, the Democratic Club and the Louie F connection and the great expanse of money and networks, as I suggested yesterday. this money will probably not be able to be followed, as it comes in small amounts and is handed in cash…say for paid bloggers, caucus packers etc., but I believe there is a connection. I am sorry if this sounds just too strange, but I cannot believe that a million dollars a day on the internet for him is all there is to this.

  23. Barackstar – hilarious. we’ll have to do a name compilations here sometime.

    I’ve already written my “automatic” delegate letter – please send the link around

  24. As for Rezko Money Bomb….I will be there…with an extra $5.44 if Edward’s doesn’t endorse today…although in tinking , he might not do it on a Friday, but God I wish he would come out for us. I think Richardson will go with Obama.

  25. from a commentor on Taylor Marsh site – video on UT Austin campus yesterday in which you can clearly see and someone also says Hillary supporters “definitely outnumber the Obama supporters.”

    AND – there’s a funny sign with the Obama face that says “demagogue” – MUST SEE

  26. Does anyone else find it interesting that Drudge has in BIG RED LETTERS a story abut the SS dropping screening and weapons search at BO’s Wednesday night rally? It’s been there all day. The story is asking why…he is advertising the fact. God, I hate the way I think sometimes… but this whole thing is too fucking strange….

  27. @SpacegirlArt,

    I keep hoping there is a “decency gene” is all of us no matter our political leanings. I checked out the NY Times and there were only a few comments but all respectful with one even suggesting that the newspaper take away comment abilities for this particular instance.

    Can’t say the same about U.S.A. Today though. While there are Hillary supporters interspersed, already some blackened souls are using what happened to that poor police officer for making political points.

    It broke my heart.

  28. alright all from a commentor on taylor marsh – video from UT Austin last night before debate – where CLEARLY the Hillary supporters (and someone says on the video) outnumber Obama supporters – plus, there’s a fun sign – Obama portrait with the word “Demagogue” – MUST SEE:

    source is here

  29. SpacegirlArt
    I am sure he is doing it for a reason and I will not use the “A” word, but I am sure that there are many republicans who would like to see obama gone from the race. I thought the same thing it is up at huffingtonpost as well.

  30. It looks like it is going to be a very long long March 4th:

    Voting Changes May Snarl
    Tallies in Big Ohio County

  31. My local radio has been flippin’ great lately! Today the host, who hasn’t taken sides, said that experience and especially Foreigh Policy and relations needs to be considered. He challenged everyone voting race to imagine if ths was between Obama and Colin Powell who would you vote for. If its Powell why? And if the reason is experience, to look at the Obama and Clinton again and see which candidate matches up best with that.

  32. Rosanne Bar –

    When I fly in an airplane I want the pilot with the most experience, not the one who can inspire hope in me that I get to where I am going. When I pay my taxes, I want the person filing them to be experienced, not the new person who inspires hope in me that he can do the job. When I hire someone to fix my washing machine, I want the tried and true experienced person, not the one who inspires me to hope that he can fix it. When I go to the doctor I do not want to get the one who inspires hope in me that s/he can cure what’s wrong, but the one who knows what the hell to do the minute I call. It’s not really the job of a public servant to inspire, but to get the job that the people demand done. The democrats think that if they have hope and are inspired things will get better, but they actually won’t. When Oprah makes her employees sign her fifty page non-disclosure statement, she doesn’t “hope” they can’t break it, she pays teams of experienced lawyers to MAKE SURE they can’t break it, or be sued in an experienced court by an experienced judge.

  33. spacegirl,

    I didn’t see the red letter article but i did read a report about the cops being told to stop checking people filing into the arena.

    But why are you so surprised? I’m not quite getting it. Is it the ‘A” factor?

  34. My letter to Media Matters:

    Jonathan Alter on MSNBC’s Harball continued to bash women when he was referring to Senator Barack Obama’s outreach. To paraphrase, Alter said he (Obama) had all the bases covered with the “Three R’s” “Republicans, Religion and Race”…Matthews tried, I believe to asks about Women, to which Alter replied Obama “didn’t need women to win”

    I was stunned when I heard this, and it again played into the sexist commentary by MSNBC. This needs to be cited by Media Matters as another part of the campaign at NBC News to disenfranchise women in America and continue with their sexist agenda. If it in fact true Senator Obama does not need women, women need to know this. This man is running for the Presidency. As MSNBC has shown such bias reporting in the election season, I now believe they speak for their candidate of choice.

    The incident in question occurred about 11:23 PM on MSNBC’s Hardball after the debate coverage.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter. This stuff is bordering on dangerous.

  35. As always there is so much good information and wisdom on this wonderful site.

    It is so sad this morning to read the news about the Dallas police officer in Hillary’s motorcade. It’s inspiring to read the letter offered by linfar above – a wonderful example of a persuasive testimony for Hillary to the people who could make deciding votes this important election.

    It’s a shame that the pundits dont have the same grace and respect that Senator Clinton is demonstrating this morning. In the background I hear the misguided voices of the MM using this time to talk about Senator Clinton’s campaign spending, pushing their latest narrative to take us all off focus. Forget about it. And Focus.

    Focus, as Kingsgrove reminds us above. Focus on the moneybomb. Focus on calling Texas. Focus on writing superdelegates. Focus on emailing our contacts, nationwide and local, to let them know what they need to be doing to join the real Democrats who will elect Hillary as 44. Whether you go to Texas or Ohio, or walk across your room, look for the opportunities to speak up and speak out and act positively for the change.

    I am grateful to have all of you fellow travelers at this critical time in our history. I am thankful that we have a candidate of whom we can always be proud who has such a strong intuitive sense, as shown today and last night, and so many other times in this campaign, of what is really most important.

  36. RJK – re; the Drudgereport stuff – re: stop in weapons screening at Dallas rally (note the JFK and Dallas connection)-

    this is my theory – Bush said that Obama hasn’t been “defined” and this is what the Republicans are up to right now – Drudge is basically a newswire service for conservatives, but also media outlets everywhere – so he’s testing their message – “fear of Obama assassi…” to see if that kind of message will take hold and gain traction in the public’s consciousness.

    I think same thing with the cult stuff, the arrogance and narcissism, are all part of the Republican “defining” what’s going to work with the public at a visceral, gut level.

  37. Basil…go back to Drudge and scroll down a bit after the picture and the link…it’s a friggin billboard in red letters!

  38. lninla,

    Thanks for posting that rally blog link. Great photos on it and the BO poster was particularly amusing! (Establishment Demagogue 😆 )

  39. In the above video I posted, really love those 10 foot tall Hillary signs, and Obama demagouge posters. Half to say, some of those Clinton supporters were pretty enthusiastic, but not Hillaryized, lol.

    By GEOFF EARLE Post Correspondent
    ‘This settles it. I believe she’s stronger and firmer. ’
    – Christina Contreras, 30, watching the debate with her brother Vincent at Austin, Texas, restaurant La Reyna
    February 22, 2008 — AUSTIN, Texas – Hillary Rodham Clinton’s debate performance last night wowed a group of Hispanic voters who gathered for tacos, enchiladas and a political TV battle at La Reyna, a popular Mexican restaurant.

    The eatery, whose name is Spanish for “The Queen,” features a smiling royal wearing a crown on its menu of Mexican classic home cooking – and it was Clinton who was the queen of the night, customers told The Post.

    While Barack Obama flashed his intellect, he didn’t offer firm answers to convince voters who know the Clinton brand and like her tough persona.

    “He’s not standing out. She seems more assertive, to have more confidence. I really like the way Hillary was speaking today,” said Laura Verduzco, a middle-school employee.

    She said that before the debate she wasn’t sure whom she would support, but now she’s “going for Hillary.”

    Her husband, Oscar Verduzco, said he’s “ready for change,” but was also persuaded by Clinton’s approach.

    “Women are more organized. They can get you out of stuff,” he said.

    Clinton’s strong performance made the difference for Christina Contreras, a 30-year-old medical assistant.

    “This settles it,” she said after watching the face-off. “I believe she’s stronger and firmer.”

    When Clinton went after Obama for plagiarizing lines from a top adviser’s speech, Angel Gonzalez, a state health worker, slapped his hand on the table and yelled, “That’s what I’m talking about!”

    “We need action, not words,” he said.

    Lorissa Cantu, 31 liked Clinton before the debate, and likes her more now. “He’s too fake,” she said of Obama.

    She said when Obama was asked how he reacted to a pressure situation, he offered a “fifth-grader’s reaction. He stuttered on every word he said.”

    But her brother, Vincent Contreras, who manages dental offices, wasn’t swayed by Clinton’s claim that she has more substance.

    “To me, Hillary just makes promises,” he said.

    Among Texas Hispanic voters – who experts say will be a pivotal voting bloc on March 4 – Obama apparently doesn’t have a monopoly on “change.”

    “We just need a fresh start,” said Brenda Rodriguez, a teaching assistant, who says she’s backing Clinton.

  41. When Clinton went after Obama for plagiarizing lines from a top adviser’s speech, Angel Gonzalez, a state health worker, slapped his hand on the table and yelled, “That’s what I’m talking about!”

    “We need action, not words,” he said.

    I would put good money that that was the majority of peoples response to her xerox line, which I loved!

  42. wbboei: thanks for posting that article. I find it so interesting, being Asian American myself, and also in CA having many Latinos here that for these cultures, both of ours, that are very male-dominated on a family level that men are also so open to women leaders.

    While overall, where white society still dominates in the U.S., and the perception that women are equal in the workplace and in the media is put forth, there’s such a huge undercurrent of sexism and misogyny.

  43. Rotf. Someone just called in and said “maybe the reason Barack hasn’t been vetted is because there’s nothing to vet him on.”

    Oh Obama supporters.

  44. “However Texas is a bother . I just heard on radio from a republican that churches in Texas are being told to organize republicans to vote in the primary to beat Hillary clinton because they think Obama would be easier to beat in the general.

    If this goes on in a large scale it could tip the votes

    by lori on Fri Feb 22, 2008 at 01:12:09 PM EST “

  45. lninla – the host laughed at that comment, it was awesome. Then the caller went on to say that Obama will win in Nov in a landslide and bring a deluge of dems into Congress with him. So silly!

  46. My reply to Dan Balz article on No valedictory speech in “The Trail” at WaPo:

    I am not voting for “President of a World Movement” as a blogger here suggested, but for a seasoned and skillful POLITICIAN who can do the job with strength and compassion. It was clear to this viewer that while Mrs. Clinton, for the most part, gave clear and concise answers to specific questions, and had the fortitude to finish when she was cut-off on more than one occasion by a commerical break or the anchor, I found myself losing Mr. Obama’s train of thought and line of delivery with his answers. Mr. Obama is a great speaker, but I have noticed over and over and over again that without prepared remarks or a teleprompter, he is not on his best game. The reaction monitors the networks showed concur. Mrs. Clinton’s dig was, I think we all agree, flat and appeared uncomfortable to her as well. That is Hillary in a box. The ending statement was Hillary Clinton at her most human. This is the smartest, brightest and most well-traveled and involved candidate we have had on the Democratic side for many years.IS she without sin? No. Is Obama? How do we know. The media in general has been irresponsible in their vetting of him for all of us to see. If there is no “there, there” then let us know. If there is, the press will be culpable and will be required to take responsibility for this lack of vetting if there is and he wins. The fact that we are not more thoroughly scrutinizing a candidate this close to the nomination, a candidate who makes people clap when he blows his nose, has websites dedicated to his being the second coming, and who has movie actresses swearing to pick up cups in his path is frightening…

    If Mr. Obama is the leader of a world movement, then why does he need an election to prove it?

    Posted by: spacegirlart | February 22, 2008 02:02 PM

  47. Rasmussen polls today

    Obama 44, Clinton 31

    She’sstill holding her own but TX will be tight. Call, Call, CAll

    Ohio Democratic Primary:
    Clinton 48%
    Obama 40%

    Texas Democratic Primary:
    Clinton 47%
    Obama 44%

  48. meiysing – I find this republican interference and organizing to be deplorable. I want to know WHY the Clinton campaign couldn’t just blow the lid off of this activity – it’s documented…and like watching what happened to Gore.

  49. seriously – spacegirlart – that shit needs to be video documented – sent in to the govt to be investigated – when churches do this crap. – such fraud.

  50. I do not know what is going to happen, Ill do my best here in PA, but watching Hillary in this election has made me realize who my hero is. I know that many people cannot accept a woman as President that has been evident throughout this process and I know that the spin machines have hammered her, but I watched her last night and it became crystal clear to me that Hillary does not care. She is not living her life and running her election for those conglomerates she is doing it for real people and she always has done it for people. Mothers all over the world (mine for sure) stand up for their kids and other mothers and thats what Hillary does and that is why I have grown to really care about her the way she does about other people.

    You know Barack is in style and can do no wrong, BUT YOU DO NOT JUDGE A PERSON WHEN THEY ARE ABOVE IT ALL you judge them when it all is pointed against them. And we all know Hillary has had it all pointed against her and still stands proud as a woman. It is so inspirational to see the pictures not of Hillary surrounded by her thousands of loyal supporters, but to see the ones of her alone knowing that each day she will fight for the invisible faces and each day she will get twisted, pull, and beat by the media and those fools who bought the Healthcare companies and Republican image of her. If I were a painter I would paint Hillary holding a candle in the wind trying to keep it lit and the candle does not represent her election or poll numbers, but it represents her vision of America that President Bush, the neo-cons, and the media are out to destroy. Fearless.

    Thank God a woman had the courage to run for President.

  51. Rasmussen polls today

    Obama 44, Clinton 31

    That’s actually 44-41, a statistical dead heat…

    “Friday, February 22, 2008

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday continues to show a close race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, Obama earns support from 44% of Likely Democratic Primary Voters while Clinton attracts 41%

  52. lninla…meiysing…CALL THE PRESS DEPARTMENT at the campaign HQ. This has gone too far. The shit with Rove, Matthews and others is undermining our democracy and the country will split like a rail fence in November if this keeps up. At this point, it may even be election fraud, as I suggested to Senator Nelson in my letter to him yesterday. Of course, the Bush Justice Department has so totally disenfranchised voters rights, there is probably nothing they would do anyway. I feel we are on the front lines of a civil war.

  53. If you can you should go to and listen live to the Dave Ross show. The guest is Carl Jeffers and he was just talking about how he was going to call out the media on how they say Hillary must go neg but then won’t allow her to go but he got asked to tone that idea down by the producers or something like that. Now he’s going to call out names I think. Its good times!

  54. Here’s an article that suggests that crossover GOP voting will be a problem for Hillary:

  55. Taking a phonebank break and lookie what I found!

    We are fashionistas:

    Fashion & BeautyStyle Buzz

    The return of color: Pretty in pink – again!

    Style editor Bobbie Thomas on the hot girly hue that’s back in fashion

    For the past few seasons, the color pink has been off the fashion radar, and associated with the likes of Pepto-Bismol or the trendy Paris Hilton bubble-gum set. But pink is having a moment, and the sugary shade is no longer being shunned by fashion-forward sophisticates. Both in beauty and fashion, light and loud pinks are popping up everywhere.

    Bobbie Thomas, TODAY Style editor and author of the Buzz for In Touch Weekly, offers a peek into the power of pink:

    Since Fall 2007, fashionistas have been selecting unconventional nail polishes in black, blue and purple, even trying out shades of silver and gold. *But this season* it’s back to basics, with a range of pinks ruling the manicure and pedicure pool. Essie’s latest collection, In the Mood, features a number of soft shades, starring the sheer Hi Maintanence. And on the other side of the spectrum, OPI’s India collection offers two vivid pinks — I’m India Mood For Love and ElePhantastic Pink.

    But this color wave in beauty goes well beyond the nails. From flesh to fuchsia, pink lips and cheeks are making a major comeback, and celebrities like Rihanna are leading the pack toward this lovely trend.

    Rose Bud Satin Mule

    Believe it or not, blush is the new black. This chic shade is the must-have color in footwear for spring, and it’s likely to last well beyond the season. The understated accessory may blend into your skin, but that’s all part of the appeal. The perfect neutral tone, this shoe will ensure you look tall and trim.

    And while you’re adding to your accessories wardrobe, consider collecting a pretty muted-pink handbag to match your new footwear.

    But keep in mind that though a range of pinks are popular in makeup and fashion at the moment, your best bet for accessories is a subtle flush or rosy hue. Consider items that are are modern classic, that will not only blend seamlessly into your look this season, but have staying power for seasons to come.

    No longer limited to strictly girly girls, some of the most sophisticated designers sent pink down the runway for spring.

    From frequent fans of black like Jill Stuart and Gucci to classic designers such as Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren, the general consensus was “think pink.”

    Gauzy, lightweight fabrics compliment the calm baby pinks seen in flowy, feminine dresses and tops, while bold, eye-popping pinks look particularly perky in new summer swimsuits. But however you choose to wear the hue, keep in mind…

    Pink Ladies are not only ruling the school this season — they’re ruling the runway, too.


  56. got this on at WaPo

    it is nice to see the next great political movement use the old political movement tactics like “Democrat for a Day” as promoted by Mr. Obama’s campaign in Nevada, Florida (where he was prohibited from campaigning)and now Texas. His encouragement to have Republicans joing his rank-and-file for votes for JUST ONE DAY to beat Senator Clinton, then they can go back to being republicans, not only gives him a dishonest win, but it is a slap in the face to true Democrats and the DNC. There is nothing here that I can say that will convince Mr. Obama’s supporters that this is no different, no more inspiring, nor show no more leadership than the thugs of the old Chicago mob. For more information, including Karl Rove’s appeal for Republicans to go vote for Obama for the day, and the skewed numbers and the bamboozling of the American voter that is being supported by the media, go to taylormarsh dot com and see for your self, in video, in their own words. Welcome to the new ways of Washington in the OObama Administration.

  57. Spacegirl: sorry I have been distracted chasing trolls on other websites. The article was posted on Newsmax but I could not find it again to give you the link. I did retrace my steps. If you need me to keep looking I will. Let me know.

  58. check this out:

    Thanks itsallsogoofy for reminding us that Obama helped pass “comprehensive immigration reform” in the Senate. You know, the bill that only gave the government 24 hours to deny someone’s application, otherwise they’d receive an infinitely renewable visa. The one that would have allowed illegal alien gang members to become citizens. The one that would have allowed some number of terrorists to get legal residence as long as they passed a basic screening process. That one.

    But, Obama went further, even marching with illegal aliens at an event organized by those linked to the Mexican government and Mexican political parties.

    As for last night’s “debate”, Dan Balz is too much of a lightweight to note that CNN failed to disclose a key affiliated of one of their questioners:

    Maybe Dan Balz could contact CNN and ask them why they failed to note that important affiliation.

    Posted by: LonewackoDotCom | February 22, 2008 02:35 P

  59. I wonder whether it has dawned on Howard Dean et al, that he has fucked up the primary process til hell wont have it anymore.

  60. My letter to Howard Dean’s request for contributions.

    I will never contribute another penny to the Democratic Party until Hillary Rodham Clinton is treated as fairly as Senator Obama and the Florida and Michigan delegates are seated.

    This entire election process has been rigged in Obama’s favor, from the preponderance of caucuses, to stripping Florida and Michigan of delegates, to assigning South Carolina one of the coveted early primary spots, to the DNC Rules and By-Laws committee chair, Donna Brazile, essentially proclaiming her support for Obama on national television.

    When the DNC moves to level the playing field for Mrs. Clinton, including banning all the votes from Republican and Independent voters crossing over in the primaries in response to Senator Obama’s emails inviting them to become a “Democrat for a day,” then perhaps my faith in the fairness of the process will be restored

  61. gotta take the dog out…..back in a bit. I need air anyway. I think i may end up on an Ossasynation list if i keep blogging like this!

  62. Re: Eugene Robinson,

    Sigh, I lost it. I emailed the guy and said…

    Please name me any accomplishments/legislation that your candidate has put through that can’t be counted on one hand. Please tell me what changes he is talking about and “HOW” he is going to do this. His rhetoric goes on ad nauseum about what is wrong with the country. I’ve yet to hear any solutions tied to these whinings that haven’t been copied from Hillary Clinton’s talking points. Yes his economic policy is similar to hers but only because he plagiarized her policy word for word. She is winning on the democratic front. He is winning because of independents (Republicans who want him in the race). He is winning because the media is so far slanted in his direction that pity anyone who even dares to challenge this candidate on the issues. Anyone attempting to do so is immediately shot down as being negative. No need to vet this candidate until he is nominated. Excuse me but that is like saying lets hire the guy and check out his resume later. How sad.

    Please explain to me why the color of his skin is all that is needed for African Americans to flock to his side. Please explain to me why his empty rhetoric of gospel is so attractive. Please explain to me why his campaign has flaunted the race card like a red flag everytime something doesn’t go their way. And finally, please explain to me why on earth you would support a candidate whose wife continues to put her foot in her mouth, i.e. about pride in her country…i.e. about not being sure she could support Hillary as a candidate.

    Your column is fine if you want your candidate to win by being a bully, by using dirty tricks. Otherwise, it makes no sense.

  63. Well let me be the first to extend a giant FU to Mr Robinson.
    This is how they try to inch the public dialogue forward.

    Hill’s tied (or leading ) in polls in the key upcoming states and just won the debate, so sure, she should drop out.

  64. good job, basil! Hat’s off. I did relatively the same to dean, cc’s to Bill Nelson (FL) and followed it up with links to all the dem for a day stuff. We need to also connect that EARLY Obama for Prez site yesterday (when he was still running for Senate) to Deans “former internet team” and send it to dean AND RW MEDIA. as well as HillaryCamp

  65. Hillary’s closing moment and standing ovation last night were sheer brilliance. She managed to move the spotlight OFF Obama and ON to the American people. That was her goal, and she pulled it off beautifully.

  66. spacegirl,

    Do you want to share your links list? I’m still in the process of gathering info from yesterday’s thread and trying to arrange it in a coherent form.

    My addy is hilaryhawke at mhcable dot com.

  67. Just back from a long , thoughtful walk in the woods. Funny how being away from voices and words and hatred can really force one to look inside themselves for the answers they seek.

    I thought about the officer who gave his life in the line of duty this morning. I thought about our political party’s now caring more about winning than what is actually best for our country. I thought about myself, and the very small part I’ve been given to play in all of this.

    The answer I walked back to my house with?

    I will support Hillary Clinton. No matter her choices, no matter her direction, no matter what anyone says.

    And I feel just and right in that answer. 🙂

  68. hillfans, i just left a best wishes message to hillary’s statement on the police officer’s accident on blog. sad.

  69. i asked a foodie website in Austin about the republican organizing and cross-over to vote against Clinton, and it seems there is some validation to it, but from sampling of a few responses, not sure that Republicans are thinking all the way to the General Election. This is what one person said:

    “The guy behind me in line at early voting said he was a registered Republican, but voting for Barack “in order to keep Bill & Hillary” from getting into The White House.
    I believe Barack CAN win in the general election. I believe he appeals to independents AND republicans (including my mother-in-law…who has NEVER voted democratic in her life but voted early for Obama and will vote for him over McCain in the general election).”

    “In Texas, I believe, this is legal, since your party affiliation is reset whenever you first vote in a primary in a given year…. and then you can vote for whoever you want as President come November.

    I have heard people telling me they were thinking of going to vote in the Republican primary for anyone who wasn’t McCain, etc…

  70. Here’s what I don’t understand, where are the populist Repub’s for Hill? Pat Buchanon seems more comfortable with Hill than either of the two candidates. I actually would figure more people would. A lot of the Repub’s in TX, OH, are like Repub’s in Arkansas. They are more populist that traditional conservatives, so where ae they? Do they really trust someone so green to get us out of Iraq safely?

  71. I’ve had a lump in my throat all week. The tears are very near…I too will support this wonderful candidate…till the last dog dies. The task is daunting and I am so pissed at America that such a great leader could perhaps fall through. We will indeed be going backward if she loses. I thought that America had come so far, Sadly, I was wrong.

  72. @dot48,

    You are so lucky to have had the Clintons serving your country for so long. When Bill Clinton was your president, I often wished we could find someone in Canada of his ilk.

    No matter what happens, I don’t think the Clintons will ever give up on serving their country. They are an honorable family.

  73. That being said, Hillary is not giving up so neither should any of us. She is the best of the lot and if there is any justice in the world, she will indeed be Hillary Clinton, the 44th President of the United States! 🙂

  74. I perfectly resigned to forging ahead. I’m also now completely sure what I will do in the GE if Hillary Clinton isn’t our nominee. I will cast my vote for HER…regardless. That is the only choice my heart and soul and mind will let me make.

    So…onward we march Hillary soldiers. 🙂

  75. @IDUNN: I am with you. I just got back from a walk, too. Different woods, but same answers.

    @mj: What a great question. I been wonderin’ myself about the populist Repubs. It is obvious that Pat Buchanon has a lot of respect for Hillary. That seems to be a trend among some folks as you’ve noticed. I think that goes back for me to the ’60’s where in some southern states the some repugs were actually reformers for a short time. Certainly for Arkansas that was true. Certainly there have always been these factions in the republican party. I think also they recognize her competence and skills, her connections and her ability to judge each issue on its own merits. She’s also got a reassuring quality about her. I know I would sleep better at night with Hillary in charge and I suspect many share that feeling. I think they trust her also because she is so knowledgeable about so much. She sees how all the systems work together. One of her most brilliant statements a couple of debates ago was that a President is a whole lot more than a “CEO” of a business.

  76. Jan, Bill was a great president…Hillary would be ten x better. That is why I feel that this country will be reeling backwards….watching bambi last night and comparing him to Hillary — well, no comparison. That is what is so hard for me to accept. If we were judging by candidate…she’d be running away with it. The media bias and the men bias are taking a toll.

  77. hehe… Obomber.
    Looks like the BO camp is ready but quite worried about all this.
    Sorry if this was posted already

    “The Hillary Clinton campaign pushed to reporters today stories about Barack Obama and his ties to former members of a radical domestic terrorist group — but did not note that as president, Clinton’s husband pardoned more than a dozen convicted violent radicals, including a member of the same group mentioned in the Obama stories.
    “Wonder what the Republicans will do with this issue,” mused Clinton spokesman Phil Singer in one e-mail to the media, containing a New York Sun article reporting a $200 contribution from William Ayers, a founding member of the 1970s group Weather Underground, to Obama in 2001.
    In his final day in office, President Clinton pardoned another one-time member of the Weather Underground, Susan L. Rosenberg, after she had served 16 years in prison on federal charges.
    Rosenberg had been arrested in 1984 while unloading 740 pounds of dynamite, a submachine gun and other weapons from the back of a car.
    And in 1999, President Clinton also pardoned 16 violent Puerto Rican nationalists responsible for more than 100 bombings of U.S. political and military installations,
    “If the Clinton campaign is truly concerned about the exploitation of the Weather Underground issue by the Republican attack machine, perhaps they should focus on the pardon of some of its members in the waning days of the Clinton administration,” said Obama spokesman Bill Burton.

  78. Okay. This is the way I see it. They are coming at her in all directions. She’s still standing. This must be pissing them off like crazy…lol…

    Kind of makes you smile when you think of it! 🙂

  79. we certainly all of us have been on this roller-coaster, remember Super Tues and how vindicated we felt – the media has been writing Clinton off since Iowa, and I fight on – heading to TX next week and doing my caucus training tomorrow.

    I will say this as low-key as possible – but I realized this last night – that if in a hypothetical world, O’bambi got the nomination, right wing will use our research, taylor, larry johnson as oppo research. I have no opinion on this one way or other, just saying what i realized.

  80. This Just In (from TPM):

    Two Hillary campaign sources — an adviser and a major donor — have provided to me the argument that Hillary’s advisers and pollsters are privately making to donors and supporters as to why it’s too early to count her out of the race.
    According to the adviser and donor, Hillary advisers are telling people — when they’re sounding optimistic tones designed to sooth jittery donors — that the campaign’s internal polling shows her up over five points in her key firewall states of Ohio and Texas.
    “The lowest number I’ve heard from them is eight,” the donor tells me. The campaign won’t publicly discuss such numbers for fear of creating unrealistic expectations.

    The adviser and donor tell me that the argument being made from inside is that if she can win both those states by between five and 10 points, she can at least begin to close Obama’s lead in pledged delegates to within somewhat more manageable numbers.

    The hope is threefold.

    First, the hope is that such an outcome would put an end to Obama’s winning streak and start the difficult task of turning the narrative of the race around (though it would leave her with a still-steep upward climb).

    Second, the hope is that halving Obama’s lead in pledged dels could make it at least conceivable that she can draw a good deal closer to Obama in overall delegates — supers included — in the following contests.

    Third, Hillary advisers are hoping that narrowing the delegate count will enable the campaign to change the subject from a discussion over their need for super-delegates to a conversation about what’s going to happen with the Michigan and Florida delegations. In an interview published today, Hillary herself reiterated that she’d make an aggressive push to get them seated.

    “We’re hoping she can ultimately tighten up the delegate race dramatically enough to shift the focus away from super-delegates and back to Michigan and Florida,” the adviser tells me.

    This, of course, is the best-case scenario being spun from inside; Obama is making gains in the polls — and inroads into her core constituencies — every day. And this isn’t to say there isn’t pessimism in the campaign.
    Indeed, the donor tells me that he’s frustrated that the campaign has failed to do more to stop the media from portraying her candidacy as doomed.
    “There’s a perception that’s been building in the press, on cable and in print, that this is effectively over,” the donor says. “They’ve got to get the message out that this is far from over.”
    A Hillary spokesperson didn’t answer repeated request for comment.

  81. Well, mj, it’s a choice of go with the fad, who is a man, or go with the real leader, who happens to be a very wise and strong woman Those Obama Christ Superstar worshippers and their rallies have got a lot of people bamboozled.

    It is a shame, but as reminded above we have to stay focused.

    I am committing to a weekend of radical action. I am making up my Action for Hillary plan right now. It is a list of 1) phone calls I will make 2) letters and emails I will write and maybe some bloggin or letter writin’ about those fools on tv. My state has got its own caucus/primary issues and superdelegate issues; these have national implications. At the same time, we all need to help out in other ways, like with phone calls to Texas. And then there are the alerts and organizing we want to make about monday’s little “money bomb” or I like to think of it as a “love offerin'”.

  82. hillfans, don’t be surprized by fiengold supporting obama. he is a daily kook loving leftist himself. remember, most on daily kooks were saddened he did nor enter the race himself.

  83. Here’s the Feingold Thing. Not surprised.
    It’s us against the world; still betting on us……

    The Capital Times

    Sen. Russ Feingold said today that he voted for Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama in this week’s Wisconsin primary and indicated that he likely will vote for Obama’s nomination as one of the state’s “superdelegates” to the Democratic convention this summer.
    “I really do think that at the gut level, this is a chance to do something special” for the nation, Feingold said, adding that electing Obama represents “an enormous historical opportunity for America and for our relationship with the world.”

  84. what a jerk Feingold is. I remember phone banking for Moveon, and Claire McCaskill (NEVER AGAIN!) and Feingold held a group conference call with all of us. He’s in the tank with Moveon.

    would that Al Gore would come out and say he voted for Hillary. A friend of mine in CA keeps insisting that there is this TN local station that got Al to say who he voted for (Hillary due to environmental issues), but no one seems to be able to find it – if it’s true or not…

  85. I’m going to take a nap. I truely thought some people might come forward after last night and endorse our girl. That’s all it would take for her to win, IMO. Just a reminder to people who always planned on voting Hill that it is perfectly appropriate to do so.

  86. mj – there are endorsements, just not the splashy ones…from news:

    Endorsement Watch: In Texas, former Reps. Chris Bell and Bob Gammage endorsed Hillary… In Ohio, State Sen. Teresa Fedor and former Cleveland Mayor Jane Campbell endorsed Hillary… In Rhode Island, the Providence Democratic City Committee’s Executive Committee and Ward chairpeople endorsed Hillary.

    Active in Vermont: Today, the campaign opens an office and holds a phone bank in South Burlington… Yesterday, Hillary supporters gathered for a debate watch party at the University of Vermont in Burlington… Earlier this week, the campaign announced that former Gov. Madeleine Kunin and House of Representatives Speaker Gaye Symington will co-chair state efforts.

    Recapping Yesterday: In Laredo, Texas, Hillary spoke to an “enthusiastic crowd” and “earned loud applause in calling for a comprehensive solution to… the immigration problem.” One woman waited five hours at the rally site to present a rosary to Hillary… In Odessa, “they came early and stayed late to hear former President Bill Clinton.” In San Angelo, his “event attracted people of every race, gender, and creed.” When President Clinton recounted his wife’s accomplishments, “each accomplishment garner(ed) a louder cheer.”

  87. That standing-ovation clip from last night’s debate, where she made the best point of the entire campaign by any candidate in either party, is AWESOME. Wow, wow, wow.

  88. BlueDemocrat,

    Thanks for the TPM article. Surprisingly it makes a lot of sense because Hillary and her team have already said publicly she’ll win TX and OH. You NEVER raise expectations like that unless you’ve got rock solid #s to back it up.

  89. nikki22, i hope so. you guys know me, no matter what i want her to fight all the way to the damn convention in late august. that said you know what would happen if she lost the 2 very big states.

  90. terrondt – not sure, the only thing I found was this on Taylor Marsh last night:

    On another note, in case you didn’t see it, Texas happenings (highlights edited) :

    Superdelegate Bob Slagle of Sherman, former chairman of the Texas Democratic Party, said Thursday he is supporting Hillary Clinton for president and that he’s been working to help her Texas campaign.

    Texas has 32 superdelegates who are not pledged to any candidate entering the Democrats’ national convention. The state will have three other unpledged delegates who will be chosen at the state Democratic convention in June.

    Among Texas’ superdelegates, 13 have endorsed Clinton and seven have endorsed Obama. Several remain uncommitted. w.

  91. I would rather have regular votes than superdelegates. This is not going to the superdelegates, Hillary as much said so last night. It’s do or die …Ohio and Texas.

  92. meiyingsu – these are the kinds of people who would’ve called for Al Gore to stop fighting for FL…spineless. …bandwagon jumpers, mean they’ll be quick to jump back on too if tides turn.

  93. Ininla, All that stuff about Obama was in the public domain anyway; it’s not like the GOP doesn’t know it. And I’m sure there’s plenty more they’ve dug up that we don’t even know about. And it doesn’t even have to be true for them to use, it, remember.

  94. @terrondt,

    Hypothetically, if she does lose (and she won’t), it won’t be because of fair play. It will be because she was cheated out of it by No-Name Obama and his band of hoods dirty tricks. So to me, she will win no matter what.

  95. yes agree…Paula…it’s in Public Domain. MJ said above that the same would happen if Hillary’s the nominee, that they’d use all the stuff Obama campaign has spewed – but they really had nothing on her not already discovered, other than Hsu.

  96. meiyingsu–with friends like that…sigh… I always wonder, in circumstances like this, why he would even open his mouth. How is this helping her?

  97. Ok….we need a back up plan….this is only logical thinking.

    We need Ron Paul’s organization.

    We need a HIGHLY VISIBLE write in campaign, so that the millions of hillary supporters will STILL have their voice heard. Mrs. Clinton said it her self, She will be fine. There is a lot of buzz out there on the blogs, as I said yesterday, that she will “ruin her legacy” if she fights this with SD’s. As far as I am concerned, she owes NOTHING to the DNC and can give them a big FU.

    The overarching problem I have heard from MANY who would like to support Hill…is Bill. Despite my arguments, they still have this as their center of focus. But we need a back-up plan that might even surprise Hillary Clinton! WE LOVE HILLARY!

  98. the best way to MJ when there are spineless officials jumping ship is to take it to the people. best way to override the politics. I guess I learned one thing from Schwarzenegger in CA – TAKE IT TO THE PEOPLE.

  99. OK, here’s what that erstwhile support said:

    “While Barack Obama may not win the popular vote in Texas, the passion of his organization has an advantage in winning the important caucus delegates.”

    He’s conceding Obama’s not going to win the popular vote? That’s odd. BTW, we all need to keep in mind how important it would be if she won the popular vote in TX and OH. Obama’s going to claim the nomination without having won a single big state, except his native IL?

  100. spacegirlart – you mean my last comment – meiyingsu had posted earlier

    one campaign tactic Clinton could’ve borrowed to counter this crap and the media is the Schwarzenegger theme of the people will speak, the people will vote, etc. they so needed a loud-mouth publicist or a loud-mouth Carville.

  101. Meiyingsu – here’s the thing, Asian Americans in TX are like 2%…but yes, in Houston, huge community of Vietnamese and others Asians, and yes, I will be working on the Asian Pacific Islanders – it involves getting the word out at churches, getting the word out to small businesses, etc. And yes, there are people working this angle, and someone from Los Angeles who is heading up the effort in Houston.

    honestly, I’m not fluent in Mandarin…I’d rather work on the gay/lesbian stuff – more fun!

  102. Mr. Robinson,

    I have often enjoyed reading your column and listening to your commentary on the various news programs and panel shows where you have often been a voice of reason and good humor. I have been taken aback by your subtle and with this little piece, not so subtle bias against Hillary Clinton and for Barack Obama.

    You could just as easily have asked the question; What if a candidate lost New York, California, Florida, Michigan, Mass., New Jersey, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico, while racking up, “victories”, in tiny, traditionally republican states, propped up by a campaign that encourages republicans to be, “democrats for a day”, in caucuses that have no relationship to real elections and who bases the viability of their candidacy on their appeal to groups unlikely to vote democratic in the general election? If his name is Obama, it’s a, “movement”.

    What if a candidate’s biggest financial contributor, friend of 18 years and NEIGHBOR was under indictment and going to trial in two weeks, while new revelations about their relationship surfaced almost daily and the candidate himself might be called to testify as a witness at the very least? If the candidate’s name is Obama, it’s nothing to be concerned about.

    What if a candidate had a self-admitted history of drug use, consorted with charter members of the weather underground, was cited for numerous acts of plagiarism and had a spouse whose comments have ranged from race-baiting to America-bashing? If the candidate’s name is Obama, he’s a VERY STRONG candidate who will gobble up the independent vote, win states the democrats haven’t carried since NINETEEN SIXTY-FOUR (LOL) and wipe the floor with the republican candidate.

    How many of senator Obama’s, “wins”, have been in the format used in the general election? How many of senator Obama’s, “wins”, have been in states that democrats MUST carry to capture the electoral college vote? How many times has senator Obama carried the majority of DEMOCRATS in his, “wins”? There is no need to be analytical or critical because the candidate’s name is Obama.

    I challenge you to open your eyes (like Michelle Obama said to the AA community) and ask yourself what this campaign would be like today if you and your industry treated senator Obama the way senator and president Clinton have been treated.

    If Obama and Clinton traded the states and the WAY that they have won, would Clinton even be in the race today? You would have been calling for her to drop out after super Tuesday, if not NEW HAMPSHIRE. You would have pointed out that she carried mostly republican states, in less than representative CAUCUSES rather than popular votes. You would have emphasized the fact that she seldom carried the majority of DEMOCRATS but relied on independent and republican voters who were not certain to vote for her come November. You would have written in January that her campaign was touting their January fundraising to cover the fact that their FEC filing for Q4 showed that they were burning TWICE as much as they took in. You would be ALL OVER her relationship to Antonin, “Tony”, Rezko and decrying the idea that she could go into the general election WHILE A TRIAL THAT SHE COULD BE IMPLICATED IN was ongoing.

    The above, you will have noticed, is an accurate description of where Obama stands right now, yet NO ONE is forcing him to respond publicly to those painful questions. The reason is obvious: He’s Barack Obama, not Hillary Clinton and there is a double-standard at work; from those wacky folks who brought you the unquestioning run-up to the invasion of Iraq, it’s Obama!

    There is a reason why only two democrats have held the presidency since 1964, FORTY-FOUR years ago. There is a reason why those two democrats have been treated so shabbily by the media in their post-presidential days. There is a reason why the republican party has succeeded in defining and destroying the democratic candidate in election after election, often against what appeared to be considerable odds. There is a reason why the democratic party is consistently, “bamboozled”, into selecting the weakest, softest, least defined representative available as their standard bearer. Part of the reason lies with the party itself and the nominating process, the other part is on full display in your column and your thinking here today.

  103. BTW, that Obama campaign response to the William Ayers issue raised by the HRC campaign ignores the point: It’s what the GOP will do with that stuff. Bill’s pardons have nothing to do with it.

    Taylor Marsh has a great post on that.

    Also, I want to say I’m impressed Hillary’s still about even with Obama in the national polls, considering she’s had an awful 2 1/2 weeks.

  104. meiyingsu Says:

    February 22nd, 2008 at 4:05 pm
    Ininla, I think there are lots of Asian Americans in Hoston. are there effect to organize them to vote?

    I speak Korean and have been volunteering at the Hillary HQ to make calls to AsA’s in Virginia and Winsconsin. Will do so for Texas as well. I’ve been hearing positive things about Hillary from most AsA’s, but I am not sure if they are actually going out there to vote.

  105. TheRealist–OMG! I wish I had your talent for eloquent writing and telling it like it is! I also wish you would send that response to the newspapers. Somebody needs to get that message out there once and for all!


  106. Paula has it only be 2 and l/2 weeks since SuperTuesday? It literally feels like a lifetime. If she could just her hands on a lot of dough right now…it would make a big difference. Maybe she should loan her campaign millions .. break the bank. It’s now or never folks

  107. meiyingsu Says:

    February 22nd, 2008 at 4:12 pm
    Ininla, I am fluent in Mandarin and cantonese. how can I help?

    You can contact Hillary’s HQ in Arlington VA. That’s how I got started on calling Korean-Americans.

  108. I really believe he might be the antichrist.

    He’s already bamboozling Americans…a few visits to other countries and they all fall under the same spell. All will be well for 3 and l/2 years…then WHAM…they all awaken

  109. Realist,

    Amazing letter! Can’t you send it to other newpapers?

    And do I have your permission to use some of your points in letters I’m working on?

  110. One reason I can never vote for BO is the way, when he is criticized, he strikes out with irrelevant attacks on the Clintons, like that stupid thing about pardons.

    There’s no relationship whatever. None.

  111. why does her communication team keep making these stupid moves? let her run on her OWN …FORGET about him or Bill and run on your own merits. She showed last night that she is fully capable of holding her own. Stop sending out stupid shit that gives the media an opportunity to hit her on something that has nothing whatsoever to do with her.

    I swear somebody in her camp is NOT for her

  112. More subprime ‘pain’ on way, says FDIC chairman
    Regulator calls for tougher rules as U.S. mulls more help for homeowners
    By Robert Schroeder, MarketWatch
    Last update: 4:23 p.m. EST Feb. 22, 2008

    WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — The home mortgage market is in need of stronger rules to protect homeowners, the chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. said Friday, adding that there will be “continued pain” as the market grapples with resetting subprime and non-traditional mortgages.

    Speaking to a conference in Silicon Valley, FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair said there needs to be an enforceable standard to require lenders to determine if a borrower has the ability to repay. There should also be an end to compensation schemes that give mortgage brokers incentives to steer borrowers into high-rate products, Bair said. Prepayment penalties should also be eliminated, Bair added.
    “We need rules that restore common sense and basic notions of fair play,” Bair said, adding rules recently proposed in this area by the Federal Reserve are “an important step forward” but could be strengthened.

    Housing remains a key issue for Bair and other Washington policymakers as the mortgage market continues to suffer.
    Almost 8.8 million homeowners, or 10.3% of the total, owe more on their homes than they are worth, the New York Times reported Friday, citing Moody’s That’s the most since the Depression, the Times wrote.

    Moves on Capitol Hill, from Bush administration
    On Wednesday, Office of Thrift Supervision Director John Reich floated a proposal that would, among other things, require institutions to offer and underwrite government-guaranteed loans based on 100% of the fair market value of a property.
    “We want to prevent foreclosures and remove any incentive for homeowners to turn in their keys and walk away from their homes,” said William Ruberry, a spokesman for the agency, which regulates savings and loan companies.
    On Capitol Hill, both Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., and House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank, D-Mass., are mulling the creation of a government agency to buy up some defaulted mortgages and foreclosed properties.
    Frank has ordered his staff to come up with options for a broader bill that would rescue homeowners, according to a report in Friday’s New York Times.
    Dodd is pursuing the idea of creating an entity to buy some distressed mortgages at a deep discount, a spokeswoman for his office said Friday.

    Separately, a substantial tax credit for home buyers is likely to be part of any second economic stimulus package enacted by Congress. See full story.
    ‘Positive move’
    The Mortgage Bankers Association believes it’s useful for the government to have the option of buying troubled mortgages.
    “Provided that it’s not mandatory and it doesn’t hurt existing programs, we think that it’s a positive move,” said Francis Creighton, the group’s vice president of legislative affairs. “Having another tool, another option out there, is good.”

    The Bush administration, however, is leery of plans to transfer any sort of risk to taxpayers. President Bush and others have repeatedly said they’re not in favor of a taxpayer-financed bailout.
    “Treasury is always open to hearing new ideas and we generally welcome innovative, market-based ideas to help struggling homeowners,” said Jennifer Zuccarelli, a Treasury spokeswoman.
    Friday morning, White House spokesman Scott Stanzel called problems in the U.S. mortgage market “diverse” and “different.
    “So there is no one silver bullet to fix those problems,” he said.
    Stanzel also urged Congress to enact reforms to the Federal Housing Administration designed to lower down payment requirements and increase the cap on loans eligible to be insured by the government agency.

    “A proposal has been before Congress for quite some time and it’s inexplicable that Congress continues to not take action on that,” he said.
    Less than three months ago, the White House announced that the mortgage industry agreed on a plan to help some struggling borrowers keep their homes.

    Campaign issue
    Meanwhile, Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton issued a statement Friday morning touting her plan to help out borrowers.
    “I am the only candidate with a comprehensive plan to end the housing crisis,” Clinton said. “My plan is a workout, not a bailout, that will keep families in their homes and help halt our economy’s slide into recession.”
    She has called for $30 billion in assistance to states, cities and communities to help ward off foreclosures, as well as a 90-day foreclosure moratorium on subprime mortgages and a 5-year freeze on payments on subprime ARMs.

    Robert Schroeder is a reporter for MarketWatch in Washington.
    The reccession is coming, the recession is coming and the only candidate talking about this for awhile has been Hillary Clinton (the person Obama keep stealing from).

    I don’t see any solutions that is doable except for Hillary Clinton’s plans. This plan can work it’s not like Hillary is a novice in economics like Obama is.

    If you want a problem solver and somebody who understand the system..then Hillary is the one

  113. see: 3:33 comment… email musings from a Hillary “spokesperson” to the media re, Obama and ties to terrorists ..then has to bring up Bill pardons…this is SHIT.

    they need to STFU and let Hillary do her job. They are facilitating the enemy….

  114. dot48,
    I understand your frustration. But Hillary is in charge of her campaign, she’s the boss. Every consultant, every advisor was hired by her. She’s the one who ultimately makes the final decisions.

  115. dot48,

    Yes, but didn’t the campaign explain that by reminding media that there were many high-end state dignitaries who pushed Clinton to make that decision?

    I’m sure I read that somewhere.

  116. dot48, The point was to raise the issue of what the GOP will do with the Ayers ties to Obama; his campaign ignored that entirely in their response. Nobody gives a f___ about Bill’s pardons.

  117. There are about a million things the GOP will bash Obama over the head with that aren’t issues in the primary. That’s the problem Dem voters need to think about.

    Also, why the rush by Eugene Robinson, etc. to get Hillary to drop out before March 4? What are they worried about? If they’re so confident he has this is the bag, shouldn’t he win OH and TX easily?

  118. All will be well for 3 and l/2 years…then WHAM…they all awaken

    No…3 years after this election is when the mayan calendar runs out. Nobody is going to awaken. 😉

  119. for those interested in reading michelle obama’s senior year thesis at princeton university…….The thesis, titled “Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community” and written under her maiden name, Michelle LaVaughn Robinson, in 1985, has been the subject of much conjecture on the blogosphere and elsewhere in recent weeks, as it has been “temporarily withdrawn” from Princeton’s library until after this year’s presidential election in November.

  120. meiyingsu Says:

    February 22nd, 2008 at 4:05 pm
    Ininla, I think there are lots of Asian Americans in Hoston. are there effect to organize them to vote?


    Meiyinsu/inanla: I have “Asian american” backgorund. I am heading to houston next week. I do not know if you both are going there or not. I am giving admin permission to give you both my email to see if we can work together.

    Originally I was going to dallas but after attending a fundraiser, I was informed that Houston could usemy help. However I still do not know anybody in Houston local office.

  121. Ahhh the trolls have hit Taylor Marsh’s comments. ::hides under big pink covers::

    I’m in a good mood today. My local radio spent most of the morning on the topic of how biased the media has been towards Clinton and that by not vetting Obama thus far the MSM may be steering voters down the wrong path and doing a huge injustice to the dem party in the GE. Part of me still doesn’t believe they discussed that. Maybe its the toad I licked yesterday.

  122. Here’s AP’s Ron Fournier’s analysis of Clinton’s debate strategy. I know her decision not to go negative was controversial, here and elsewhere, but I don’t disagree with it. But it’s a very tough call, I know.


  123. Tiny…the troll attack on Taylor Marsh may be my fault (snicker) I posted multiple links there about Dem for a day and Karl Rove hawking for Obama….on the Washington Post…..

    if I can JUST CREATE DOUBT in the minds of some voters that maybe this guy is not the messiah, and uses the same old plitical crap that everyone else does, it will be ok with me.

    Besides, maye, wishing on a star, some real media will have to cover it.

    but HC had a lot of support too. But goodness, the bots can get pissy when you raise questions about their man!

  124. Emilym…Ron Paul used the same type of grass roots org Bambi has…young tech savvy folks who hate the war and globalization…..

    not sure we have that unless we get UT Austin en masse working our support. I am sure they also work outside the main campaign site….

  125. Jesus Christ, Mathews is “getting chills” again from Obama.

    What a bit of political choreography; Tweety, Chuck Todd, Andrea Witchell. A 15-minute Bo-Bump / Hammer-Hill fest, replete with carefully edited clips than of course deny Hill’s finest debate moments.
    They’ve got it down to a science, and have for a very long time.

    Only the truth shall set us free!

  126. I just want to say, about this discussion of Hillary’s saying “we’ll be fine” last night, that Bill Clinton said to Larry King last April:

    “So for her personally, she’s going to [be] fine regardless.”

    So maybe they’re all plagiarizing from Bill, eh? 😉

  127. I know mj! I think it just got to the point where they couldn’t ignore it any longer because its effin’ ridiculous. It was nice to hear it addressed and to know that we’re not alone in our feelings. There are media types and regular folks who feel the exact same way as we do. I’ll post some links when I get home. Its good stuff!

  128. If you drive around Seattle you’d swear Ron Paul was the favorite in the race. His signs are flippin’ everywhere.

  129. Hillary will attend a Major Key Black Meeting In New Orleans This Weekend. AS SHE WAS POST KATRINA

    obama is skipping, telling them he had to campaign in Texas and Ohio and address the KEY issues of Americans…he offered to send MichelleObamabotulism…they said no thank you.

    His head is getting bigger and bigger.

  130. I think strategically Hillary doesn’t need to go negative…I think ALP will pick up there. I expect a lot more out of them in the next week.

  131. if anybody expects MessiahNBC to give Hillary any good coverage…FUHGET ABOUT IT.

    Don’t watch their shit. Their ratings are actually up…I checked mediabistro. They have the Obamabotulisms watching now.

  132. Tweetie has a conciliatory tone today. Mitchell and todd looking like cats that swallowed the canary. Implicit in their smug expressions is the belief that last night was HRC’s swan song. Tweetie gets a misty look – it’s ok for her to have run and lose but never ok for her to win. He played the best moments from last night and praised her for connecting with the audience, her warmth, her compassion.- but I am so sad. They’re saying that she’s run out of money and Bo is gaining ground and will probably win the Texas delegate count because of the caucus system but she could very well win the popular vote. I am so disgusted and very sad. Sorry if i’m posting down stuff.

  133. My God…McCain said that he hoped Castro dies and dies soon….hammering Obama on saying he would sit down unfettered with the Raul Castro regime.

  134. Dot48 – is that Tavis Smiley’s event? That was discussed on the radio today too. They played a clips of Tavis Smiley saying Obama was making a mistake by not accepting the invitation and then discussed that Tavis got “barbequed” for the comment. : /

  135. If Hillary can win the popular vote in Texas…THIS is very important. The popular vote, at this juncture is very imporant. It can propel her with momentum into other states. While she is behind in delegates…popular votes RIGHT NOW is important for her as a candidate.

  136. To anyone who thinks that was a swan song last night, I’ll repeat my quote:

    Bill Clinton said to Larry King last April:

    “So for her personally, she’s going to [be] fine regardless.”

    Same thing she said last night.

  137. We need to get some fundraising action going. I read on TM that Obama’s on pace to raise over 50m this month. There’s something not right about that.

  138. That’s OK, basil9, we all know what she’s up against. I’m pretty sure she has some money because of her online fundraising this month, but Obama still has more. I think she’s been outspent in every state so far.

    BTW, is McCain committed to taking public financing in the GE? Because if he does and Obama doesn’t, he’ll be at a big disadvantage. The 527s and RNC will help fill the void, of course.

  139. Btw, I was on Obama’s mailing list for a couple of days and I swear I got 15 emails asking for money. It was ridiculous.

  140. I don’t know if everybody here has been like me this week…I’ve been all over the map..jubilant, sad, worried, frustrated, angry, second guessing, hopeful, realistic, weary, thoughtful, soul searching, and a lot of prayerful.

  141. I agree with mj and dot48 about the TX popular vote, too. A win in that and a loss in delegates will just remind people how undemocratic the caucus system is. As I said before, if Obama loses CA, NJ, NY, FL, TX and OH, how exactly does that make him the clear-cut nominee?

  142. dot, feeling the same way. But there’s a lot of time between now and a week from Tuesday. As we’ve learned, two weeks is an eternity.

  143. Ooooh, don’t put “obama antichrist” in the youtube search engine! I might not be able to sleep tonight! 😯

  144. (no idea why I kep searching that combo. I guess I just find it funny. Unless it’s TRUE! In which case, I’m just going to hell. LOL!)

  145. dot48 Says:

    February 22nd, 2008 at 5:22 pm
    Hillary will attend a Major Key Black Meeting In New Orleans This Weekend. AS SHE WAS POST KATRINA

    obama is skipping, telling them he had to campaign in Texas and Ohio and address the KEY issues of Americans…he offered to send MichelleObamabotulism…they said no thank you.

    His head is getting bigger and bigger.
    Good! I hope his head get so big that he keep making so more mistakes.

    I’ve met men like Obama all my life, they’ve suck the blood out of the Black community with their sweet talk and promises and time and time again they sucker trusting folks who believe what they say and not hold them accountable for their actions because of the false belief that “a brotha wouldn’t do that to me.”

    What I don’t like is the threats Obamabots make to those how disagree with him. This man is dangerous and is a ticking time bomb, it’s all about power and ambition with him. Obama cares about Obama, he has proved that time and time again.

    My concern is that he will bring down inocent people along in this ride. If I truly thought Obama would make a decent president I could vote for him but I’m long past that thought.

    btw: Ralph Nader is starting up a 3rd party campaign…saw the scoll on some news show…either CSPAN or CNN while I was flipping channels on my TV.

  146. As I said before, if Obama loses CA, NJ, NY, FL, TX and OH, how exactly does that make him the clear-cut nominee?
    Obama won’t win CA, he made too many mistakes…like I said before McCain is popular in my state and have the support of my Governor and many Californians. Arizona is our neighbor and McCain has worked for issues that is common with both states.

    Obama won’t get away with his crap like he has in other state…CA leads, we don’t follow….California doesn’t rely on the federal government like a lot of states, we take pride in our independence. yeah, it helps to have a good relationsip with D.C but since we are a major player in the global economy we do have flexibility when that relationship is strained like it is now, also our population is very, very diverse so you have to relate to a wider demographic.

  147. hillary is trying to raise 2.2 million in 48 hours..please husband and I are almost maxed out. I am getting my family and friends to help too.

  148. Dot, Paula, all,

    Thanks for letting me vent. I am compiling links from the past few days and trying to get some correspondence together to send out to newspapers but I HATE that her back is against the wall; that it’s really her last stand.
    Of course she’ll be fine no matter what happens because she is at peace with herself. She has gone the extra mile, tried her d@mndest to do the right, the honorable thing, and she is a true heroine in my book.
    She is an inspiration, a historical figure, a role model for women everywhere. I just so want this to be her time.

  149. I trust Hillary to know what she’s doing, and I don’t for a second think what she said last night was any kind of “swan song.” I think Tweety et al. put that lie out in order to demoralize her supporters and stop them from donating.

    So don’t watch him. Turn on the Food Channel, or something else constructive.

  150. meiysing, MP, if you’re around – email me re: Asian American efforts in Houston – Meiysing, you’re in OH, right? babyellen2008@gmail

  151. @Idunn “No…3 years after this election is when the mayan calendar runs out. Nobody is going to awaken. ;)”

    ok…let’s sit back and think about this for real. I noticed you mentioned this yesterday to and I got a chuckle….but let’s just go on the premise that Obama is the AntiChrist, ot the second coming or what ever else the hell people say he is…

    now wouldn’t his make PERFECT SENSE? Perhaps we should get a good money bomb going for Hillary and ourselves and go find a great place in Costa Rica or someplace to hang and drink mai tais for a few years till we see his eyes turn red, fire flame from his head and all goes dark..

    it could be worse…

  152. Basil…lemme go back and look something up and II will send the links I have….i had some work to do…sorry for delay

  153. McCain equals Obama to NAIVE…yes, we know it already

    Obama still doesn’t get that you can’t just sit down with rogue leaders, as he doesn’t get it on many issues.

  154. plural,
    You’re right to a certain extent but OTOH, there are so few news sources anymore that I tune in to MessNBC and CNN just to find out about other stuff, like Kosovo, and as I’m waiting for the national and international news there’s invariably a segment about the Dem primaries. (Well, Tweetie isn’t for news, just that I like knowing what the opposition is spinning and thinking and plotting). Unfortunately they sometimes spin me silly and then I get depressed coz i believe so much in HRC.

  155. Nader hints at an announcement

    Ralph Nader’s exploratory committee just e-mailed his list: that he’ll be on “Meet the Press” Sunday. Wonder what he’s gong to talk about.

    From the e-mail:

    As you know, we’ve been exploring the possibilities in recent weeks.

    And here’s one question that keeps coming up:

    What’s been pulled off the table by the corporatized political machines in this momentous election year?


    Cutting the huge, bloated and wasteful military budget, adopting a single payer Canadian-style national health insurance system, impeaching Bush/Cheney, opposing nuclear power — among many others.

    Who will pick up these issues and put them back on the table?

    Hope you get a chance to tune in to watch Ralph Nader this Sunday on “Meet the Press.”

  156. ROLF…”till we see his eyes turn red, fire flame from his head and all goes dark..”

    I just had an image of the bad “toon from Roger Rabbit…..the guy who melted in the Acetone

  157. there is a Renzi guy getting indicted now… Republican . land scam

    let us hope that when Rezco drops…people won’t intentionally get it wrong..MessiahNBC and others.

  158. ooooo Ralph…I heard something the other day (recent) that he will announce….so , the bots come out and call him skeletor too…i can only think he would team up with Ron Paul group

  159. We need to be posting on the blogs from upcoming states. But probably just setting Hill’s record straight, staying positive, and perhaps speaking to the media/blogosphere censoring of Hill supporters.

  160. “We need to get some fundraising action going. I read on TM that Obama’s on pace to raise over 50m this month. There’s something not right about that.”


    and is this HARMING american charities?

    we should find out if there is a huge influx to legal charaties that support causes in African and ME countries…..

  161. I refuse to entertain serious AC/BO theories here in a public forum.

    What I do in the privacy of my own home, however , is my own business. 😉

  162. The REalist: Thanks for pointing out my error with the Rasmussen poll. My finger hit the wrong key. I went to type 4 and I typed 3 instead.

    To Basil9: For Hillary to claim a win in TX, IMO, she has to either win the pop vote or the delegate count. While it would be better for her to win the delegate count as it would help to close the gap with Bambi, it is going to be tough due to the crazy Primary/Caucus rules.

    However, if she wins the pop vote, it’s a win and she can use that with a win in OH to change the narrative. TX is a huge state so if she can get 200-300k extra vtoes than Bambi that would help alot.

    I’l going to danate today.

  163. Okay, when hubby gets home I’ll go over to the official site and kick in some cash.

    There goes my trip to Barnes and Noble this weekend.

  164. From


    “Help us raise $2.2. million in the next 48 hours to match our opponent’s ad buys in Ohio and Texas”

    Obama: $2.2M

    Clinton: $328,421


  165. 50 million bucks does not just pop out of grass root efforts folks…some day this will be exposed and bambi will be xposed as the fraud he his.

  166. dayhem…Hillary only has 328,421 to spend on ads in Texas and Ohio?

    I’d say they are getting down in the dumps. What is happening to all the $.

  167. Hillary needs to focus on Houston.

    Houston- Demographics for Houston are promising. Over 41% have Hispanic Ethnicity. I saw Sheila Jackson Lee at the Austin Debate yesterday, she needs to mobilize at least some of her African-American constituents.

    Dallas- Hispanics constitute 35% of the population

    San Antonio- Hillary should have this in the bag as over 50% of the population in the San Antonio Metro Area are Hispanic. African-Americans only compose .77% of the population. San Antonio along with the rest of South Texas should be Hillary’s stronghold.

    Austin-metro is 72.39% white, with atleast 26% of the population being Hispanic.

  168. American Leadship Project better get on the ball!!!!

    and BTW Hillary could beat Obama with her eyes closed He has not presented her with any challenge at all.

    the main fight is that Hillary needs to “BEAT THE PRESS”

  169. Who is giving to BO… I just read he is on track to raise 50M this month add that to last months 32M for at total of 82M. Something is not right. Someone in the Clinton campagine needs to follow the dots and see if this is all on the up. They might find something is going on

  170. Something I’ve been wondering about ever since this McCain story broke, which I initially thought may have been leaked by the nominee himself in order to get in front of the story.
    But what if it was done by the Bushies, who perhaps not coincidentally had publicly endorsed McCain the day (2 days?) before?.

    And what if their strategy all along was to remove Hill from the race, bury McCain, and then introduce the Bush brother “to save the party”.
    You do remember thecityedition article, right?
    Found this in a list of possibilities at DKOS (from which I’ve been banned from posting – without explanation, other than that I decimate the proprietor every time he deviously opens his mouth about Hillary)
    9.) Jeb Bush – Popular ex-gov of a hugely important swing state. Clearly the brighter of the Bush boys. You know he wants it. The little matter of his last name may be a disadvantage when his brother has a 19% approval rating, but for the GOP, that is still a plus.

    Perhaps they think they’ll team up Condi Rice (there was a mini-Condi pr blitz last week) with Jeb and that’ll be the way to partially offset BO with AA voters.

    I say this because it underlines the absolute need for Hill to stay in this race, almost regardless of what happens in TX & OH.
    Above all else, there’s just too much funny business going on, to put it mildly.

  171. I know one thing … the money is not coming from AA community…. and what a slap in the faceto the AA community, BO is not going to New Orleans with Tavis Smiley (sp). I hope Tavis suppoets HC.

  172. ive had the tv off since early morning….cant stand to watch cable right now…just turned on CBS Evening News…..the news of old people….lead story…..

    the weather! THANK GOD!

  173. Oh, and then there’s Nader, to drain votes & generally fuck up things even more for the Dem side, whomever the nominee is.

  174. I think he probably is getting a lot of money from corporate interests now that he is the front runner. But AA’s are probably giving him money. That’s how dukakis won. Tons of money from the greek community.

  175. If you did not get a chance to see the debate last night it is being run, in full, on c-span tonight in 25 minutes, 7 pm.

  176. Tiburones,
    Thanks for the pep talk. 😀
    you’ve got mail.
    Blue Democrat,
    What is the article you’re referring to?
    BTW, while listening to Werewolf a segment came on with a rumor that Condi Rice might be BO’s VP choice!!!!!! And wouldn’t Romney go ballistic if the repubs backed anyone but him in the event that mcCain stumbled?

  177. carbynew: California doesn’t rely on the federal government like a lot of states, we take pride in our independence.

    I almost hate to tell ya this, but CA is #1 in federal contract spending. You probably don’t live in one of the favored districts.

  178. /;_ylt=Ao45MT

    Interesting article reviewing debate. Very favorable review for Clinton from Dallas paper.

  179. Okay, I donated my snowboard money. I might donate more in a couple of days depending on if I knock out plans to go to TX or not and I’ll donate on Chelsea’s birthday.

    DAMN he’s spending a shitfuck ton of money. It’s ridiculous really. I mean I feel that Hillary has raised a ridiculous amount of money and get a little weirded by that, but then he raises way more and just doles it out like nothing.

  180. David Shuster’s now-infamous “pimped out” remark happened just two weeks ago yesterday — meaning that he returns to “Hardball” today after serving his two-week suspension. In regards to his suspension, Huffington Post’s Rachel Sklar asked, “Would this have happened without Chris Matthews?” Today, as he returns to the air and gives an exclusive interview with TVNewser’s Gail Shister, Shuster seems to answer Sklar’s question with a resounding “NO.”

    “Does it bother me that I was thrown under the bus to pay for the sins of the father?” Shuster asks rhetorically in the interview. “No. As somebody who’s covered politics for a while, I understand all the forces that were in play.”

    Matthews himself created controversy with remarks about Hillary Clinton that many viewed as sexist and for which he himself was ultimately forced to apologize.

    Visit TVNewser to read the entire interview, which includes Shuster’s explanation, “Tensions were clearly building. I was at the wrong place at the right time, or the right place at the wrong time. I don’t know which.”

  181. Post-Mortem on WI:

    MADISON — Barack Obama spent five times as much as Hillary Rodham Clinton on television advertising in advance of Wisconsin’s primary, a study released today showed.
    Obama beat Clinton on Tuesday 58 percent to 41 percent.
    Obama also beat Clinton to the Wisconsin airwaves by a full six days. His first ad aired Feb. 6, one day after Super Tuesday, while Clinton didn’t run one until Feb. 12.
    Controlling the airwaves is seen as important because candidates can reach millions of people, help define the issues in a race and sway voters’ opinions.
    Obama spent more than $1.5 million on almost 6,000 spots, the study said. Clinton spent a little more than $300,000.
    The advertising strategy says a lot about the candidate’s campaign, said Ken Goldstein, a UW-Madison political science professor and director of the project.
    Clinton’s failure to keep up with Obama’s spending shows financial trouble in her campaign, and her late entry into the ad wars, and the inconsistency of her message, speaks to some confusion among her strategists, Goldstein said.

    The report also found:
    Clinton did not speak in any of her ads, other than the disclaimers taking responsibility for the spots. All of Obama’s ads featured him speaking.
    No third-party groups ran any ads.

  182. You cannot possibly raise that much money and not owe special interest! LOL

    I’m going to make dinner and watch entertainment tonight or someother stupid shit.

    I’l be back XO

  183. I love that from Rosanne Barr, I swear she’s reminds me of something out of Shakespeare, she’s become like our cultures weird witch of prophesy, I mean that in a totally complimentary way. Being knocked around by the public and in and out of favor so many times has only wizened her and deepened her insights about how shallow our culture is. She’s like an installation artist who lives inside her own art. Her comments on experience vs. Hope must be read aloud and often ..

    “Hill yeah!” … is that catching on yet?! Say it! SAY IT NOOOOWWWW! Dammit. lol ..

  184. I donated. I am literally running dry from donating and have overdrafted so many times lol 🙂 I just got a check though. Thank god my income tax is coming too.

  185. Noticed in the above analysis that Hillary does not speak in the Wisconsin ads.

    I know she has new ads out but I have not watched them due to bandwidth…does she speak in them?

    Her voice is so strong, confident and reassuring.

  186. Blue Democrat posted:

    And in 1999, President Clinton also pardoned 16 violent Puerto Rican nationalists responsible for more than 100 bombings of U.S. political and military installations…

    (I addressed this previously. It’s Zombie RightWing Propaganda that never seems to die. No surprise Bambi is peddling it.)

    First, the eleven Puerto Rican nationalists were not pardoned, they were given clemency.

    Second, they were not terrorists, but had been convicted of simple auto theft and simple firearms violations.

    Third, they were members of a separatist organization that favored Puerto Rican independence from the United States.

    The people in question had received ridiculously harsh sentences, and had already served a combined 200 years behind bars, an average of 19 years each. Just some of those who had requested President Clinton consider clemency:

    * The Archbishop of Puerto Rico
    * Cardinal John J. O’Conner of New York
    * Archbishop Desmond Tutu
    * Former President Carter
    * Coretta Scott King
    * 10 Noble laureates

  187. LMAO IDunn…and if course it’s in FLORIDA!!!!!!

    time for me to move to Sedona

    “The company said it will examine James’ model for the source of the problem and check whether other Elmos are experiencing the same malfunction.”

    Elmobomosasyn Doll

  188. Elmo scares the hell out of me. One of my colllege roommates had a Tickle Me Elmo (she was 5 apparently) and it would laugh at the most random times. It went missing.

  189. OMG! That is Hillarious.

    I think I actually mentioned the Chucky doll the other day when somebody mentioned MessiahNBC and the ChuckyToddBot

  190. I just contribured $50.44. I’m trying to get people I know to donate. Let’s see if we can get her to the $2.2mil by Monday.

    She can’t afford to be outspent 5-1 in TX.

    I’m hoping that her debate performance solidifies her support and get the Dems sitting on the fence to jump in. At the least, if she can get more women to stay with her, I think that she put her in a good place.

    If anyone lives in Tx, how is she playing on the news? The death of that policeman was so tragic and I could see that she was really shook up. How classy and decent of her to curtail her campaigning and go to meet with his family at the hospital.

  191. watching fox news…there has been 4 car chases today in california. The guy just said this stuff was like a sport there. Said people get beeps and rings on their tv to alert them so they can go watch.


  192. SpaceGirl

    Not being a hater, but seriously, wtf?

  193. I posted that (it was part of the story) to show that this William Ayers thing was beginning to get some traction – and to show the BO camp’s response, which seemed kind of frantic – and which was a good thing, I thought.

    It’s not like that’s what I think we should be talking about.

    Ok board monitors?

  194. Yes Spacegirlart. He was not yet running for president, but was campaigning for then gubenatorial candidate Chet Culver. It was the day before the midterm elections of 06.

  195. bd .. I just hate to see anything that her campaign does that brings attention back around to something that Bill did. As Joe Friday pointed out above…the whole narrative framed the incident flat out wrong.

    Her team and media advisors need to remember that media will use anything to pierce her

  196. Shuster still does not get it, fire the jerk.

    By Alex Koppelman
    Friday, Feb. 22, 2008 19:21 EST

    MSNBC’s Shuster returns from suspension

    MSNBC reporter David Shuster’s suspension is up, and he says he has “no bitterness, no regrets.”

    Shuster was suspended for comments he made earlier this month about Chelsea Clinton’s role in her mother’s campaign: “Doesn’t it seem like Chelsea is being pimped out in some weird sort of way?” he asked.

    The Clinton campaign repeatedly hammered MSNBC over Shuster’s comments, something some observers — like Talking Points Memo’s Greg Sargent — attributed more to the actions of MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews than to Shuster. In an interview with TVNewser, Shuster seems to say that his suspension was at least in part because of things other than his comments. “Does it bother me that I was thrown under the bus to pay for the sins of the father? No,” Shuster says. “As somebody who’s covered politics for a while, I understand all the forces that were in play… I’m aware of the long list of complaints the Clinton campaign had about people from MSNBC… Tensions were clearly building. I was at the wrong place at the right time, or the right place at the wrong time. I don’t know which.”

    In the interview, Shuster also provides another apology of sorts for his comment. “I have the responsibility to make my point precisely and aggressively, without using coarse language,” Shuster says. “Clearly, it was inappropriate for a lot of viewers. I made a horrible mistake by allowing people to be distracted by some words rather than focus on the story.”

  197. Oh I meant that I wasn’t hating on Obama when I was saying just a general “WTF about all the fundraising. It’s crazy. That’s A LOT of money. Hillary’s on pace to raise maybe 30mil and it’s not enough to keep up.

    Stupid Obamabots.

  198. I thought he was okay. I had not seen HRC in person. I had not seen John Edwards in person. I was disappointed after all of the hype that he was kindof an in-out type, and didn’t stay too long to shake hands. I looked around me and saw lots of head nodding, early stages of becoming an obamabot, which I partook in, until, a few days later, I decided I wanted Hillary to run. I don’t know why I did. It was all speculation then, but it just felt right, she just felt right. I went to her first townhall in Iowa in January after she announced, and after that event I was hooked. I could already tell the difference between the two; substance vs. hot air.

  199. yep, Rezco…that trial has been deliberately moved up. March 3 is not going to give this story enough traction. If Hillary can win Ohio and Texas this will give her a leg up and close the gap. She needs a large cash infusion

  200. LOL Hawk. So there are stages of being an Obamabot? Nodding head in agreement during an event of his is stage one? lol

  201. i ask because I am trying to figure out why 10.875 million people find him so wonderful that they cry, tear their hair, pick up cups…what ever.

    It took me five years to see Starwars…
    I just got a DVD 2 years ago,,,and it only PLAYS
    I don’t have an iPod (although I would like one!!!)
    but it is not essential….

    now granted 10.2 million have voted for HC, but what IS the draw?

    Despite all the connections, the media shenanigans, the dark side…these people are still nuts over him…why?

  202. Hawk, can’t anyone at your school loan you one? Come on, guys. We are letting the days waste away. Let’s do something for Hill.

  203. dot,
    I understand. It’s because her staff has been in a defensive mode when it comes to the Clinton years for the entire freakin’ campaign, instead of using it as the (incredibly hard-fought and) gargantuan plus it was for the people of these United States.

    “the whole narrative framed the incident flat out wrong.”

    I can’t type any harder without breaking something.
    My caps aren’t aimed at you DOT, just frustrated – mild understatement.

  204. Next stage includes thinking he is Jesus, applauding when he generates a bodily function of any sort, and this is followed by becoming addicted to wearing brown, becoming suddenly interested in politics, and drinking lattes constantly.

  205. mj…is that site now posted on her website? I sent it to Press office yesterday…they wrote back for the first time instead of a “Thank you for your comments” form letter

    they sill just said thanks, but it was real email

  206. I saw him in person in Houston. That is why Hillary should get down there ASAP. He almost filled up the 17,000 seat arena. It was borderline pathetic. The person I sat next too ate every word up that he said like he was some kind of messiah. I was literally shocked and disturbed. This is a politician we are talking about and I don’t think people understand. You don’t judge an elected official on what they say, because anybody can say anything, it’s what they do and how their record reflects their service.

  207. The point about Ayers is that Obama is still such an unknown that the GOP can paint him (perhaps unfairly) as a manchurian hairy radical. (They’ve got similar ammunition in Obama’s ‘community organizing’ days: search for Alinsky, ‘unlikely political education of Barack Obama’, Chicago, etc.) Also, Ayers/Obama is ‘news’ because this is the first we’ve heard of it.

    Talking about Bill Clinton pardoning some guys who weren’t really terrorists 8 years ago — was news 8 years ago but not now, and it’s not going to change anyone’s picture of Bill or Hillary because they were well known and ‘defined’ since 92 at latest.

    Btw, look at Ayers’ mug shot. Did he grow up to be Axelrod or not? Has anyone seen them together?

  208. Look guys, we are running out of time, why not do something? One final push. Hit the Ohio/texas blogs. make a video. Something.

  209. Blue, Dot…I agree…And I told her so, and her Senate Office. IT WAS ME, I am SURE that got the blogs noticed..and that was just two weeks ago…

    I told them Penn needed to be OFF THE AIR, he sucks. Fat bald white man. Woolfson. Fat bald white man. No matter their strengths, the face of Clinton was fat bald white men

    bad move

  210. Throw me some ideas. Here is what I am working with: the campus is 30,000 strong. Obama won here by a lot. Lots of obamabots. Sporadic Hillary lovers include gays, Latinos, and Indian-Americans, mostly gays. Coffee shops everywhere. Large campus in size also. And some smart women also for Hillary. Give me some ideas y’all…controversy.

  211. i just donated a little more money myself. it is tough going but i have to give as much as a can. hillary is worth it. the country is worth it.

  212. Ok, Hawk, these are short videos. How about you gather a funky group of Hill supporters, and maybe do it at a bar or something. Hillary the candidate you can’t wait to sip daiquiri’s with. 🙂

  213. 1950dem, what should I do. Ask them to name an accomplishment? Hannity is doing that. I know what you mean, but I need more. What should I do specifically, or at least a little more specifically. This is good, embarass them, I am down.

  214. HAWK – sneak into a church geared towards Republicans and record them pushing “vote Obama” to their Republican constituents…if you can gather some of the flyers that might say this and that it’s being distributed either by Obama camp or by Republicans to rig the primary system.

    That’s controversial – first, the question of using churches to promote elections might be legal violation; secondly, it will call into question and examination, this “republican cross-over” and how Obama is capitalizing on it.

  215. Hillary….the geek ya want to go drinking with..cite mcCain trip with her to Iraq or where ever it was…Kosovo?

    Hillary is funny as shit and apparently can hold her own with shooters…dont make her a drunk, but something these folks dont know

    the 10 things you didnt know about HC that makes her cooler than Obama

  216. Blue Democrat, Here’s Larry Johnson’s latest. I agree with every word.

    Also, Howard Wolfson’s not fat, either, lol.

  217. not enough hair to matter Blue…and thanks 😉

    out with the dog…


    my dog AND her’s for that matter

  218. No one here ever replies to me.

    If you want to make a funny video, get the scene from Eddie Murphy’s “The Distinguished Gentleman” from the early ’90s. It has a hilarious scene where he recites the best lines of all previous presidents because he can’t think of anything new himself. That IS bho. If I had the tech capabilities, I would do it myself.

  219. My new motto/mantra:

    I am going to support Hillary in the same way she is supporting us. I am going to ignore the doom and gloom media. I’m going to ignore her opponent. I’m going to just get on with the job of being there for this amazing woman. And finally, I am going to applaud this woman during her ups, her downs.

  220. I like Wolfson a lot. They all have good intentions, but deep down I think they’ve been, in part, traumatized by the experiences of the 90’s.
    They seriously need my help – and I’m not kidding.

    Thanks a lot Paula, checkin’ it now….

  221. w w w

    w w w .

    so…these guys look cool?

  222. I believe many people want change in the way government treats the “little” people. I also have lived long enough to know that Washington politics is engrained and can never “change’ in the way Obama is selling it.

    He is “selling” a product. He is a good saleman. The “product” will fail and there will be massive buyer remorse. This buyer remorse will set the Democrat party back once again…

    The fact is, there will never be massive change in the structure of our government. January 2008 will bring a new president but the basic structure of our government will remain. Obama would not work across the aisle..he would be another Bush – my way or no way – destructive to this country.

    Hillary Clinton has the experience to create “real change” because she has been around enough to know how to work within the system and make positive change.

    OTOH, Bill OReilly just said that NYT will do a piece on REZCO…now that they’ve been deemed liars no one will believe any of it…the pieces are falling in place.

    I gleefully await the media lowering the boom on him. It’s the only comfort I will come away with

  223. Couple thoughts:
    1. You guys have to stop blaming HRC’s staff for everything. The fact is Hillary hired these people and ultimately she’s in charge of the campaign and its direction. The advisors, strategists, consultants, etc all work for Hillary not the other way around. If they suck & aren’t very effective then Hill should have gotten rid of them just like any boss would fire an employee who didn’t perform.
    2.On the fundraising front- I have no problem donating as many times as I can to help Hillary win because I believe she would be a good pres. However, someone made the decision to blow through millions of $ from her senate race in 06 instead of transferring that over to the primary election.

  224. “The woman I met that morning was the most impressive person I have ever briefed.

    She was the opposite of everything I had been told by the media.
    She was warm, witty, charming, and scary smart. I left that first briefing having to rethink all of my previous biases towards Hillary.
    This is one of the reasons I think she is hands down the best person to govern this nation in the face of the awful challenges ahead.”

    – Larry Johnson

  225. Hawk, you hve to do this. It’s your mission now. Really we chould all make these videos, but Hawk, you are a creative kind of guy. I think you could do something really good.

  226. How is the phone calls to TX? A friend of mine told me that his impression is that Hillary/BHO support ratio is 40/60 after he made 25 calls. I am a bit surprised. Any ideas?

  227. I am going to get three people, one to dress like HRC, one to dress like John McCain, and one to dress like Barack obama, and then I will stage a hypothetical debate between obama and mccain and clinton and mccain, and show how bad he will be in a debate with mccain. I will be pumpkin head or Anderson cooper or whoever 😉

  228. nikki22,

    How do we know that all that money was blown irresponsibly? Couldn’t it be that Hillary just isn’t getting the funding that her opponent is but is doing as much as she can with what she is getting?

    Just wondering if the campaign has come out and said the money was badly spent or if this is just media hype.

  229. nikki,
    You’re not wrong IMO, which is why I mentioned psychology.
    There’s a real bunker mentality, for perfectly good reasons.
    Bringing in new people isn’t much of an option for them because I believe the Clintons fully trust virtually no one, again with perfectly good reason.

    At this late date it’s almost out of the question, but I’m still here waiting!

  230. hawk,

    If you can do music video kind of stuff, what about just funny exaggeration of Obama, like would be on Sat Night Live or Monty Python? Clips from his speeches, make them look bad, paste in ridicule-laughter at his applause lines … show far-out stuff he says, his supporters, show it looking like a cult…. Juxtapose with video of Hare Krishna’s selling flowers in airports…. Show his supporters saying they’re not allowed to talk about issues….

    Maybe some really dumb valley girl types trying to quote his speeches … Paris Hilton lookalikes? …

  231. nikki, I agree with both points. She should’ve been left with a $30 to $40 mill cushion from her Senate race, but Solis Doyle pissed most of it away. That’s why Hillary never should’ve put her in charge of her presidential campaign. But Solis Doyle isn’t the only culprit, obviously.

  232. I am interested in phone banking results as well. After Wisconsin results, I have been disallusioned as to what it accomplishes. I think people flat out lie

  233. You guys do realize that CNN pundits are probably coming to this site reading all the stuff.

    The reason I say this is because they just had a segment on CNN about Hillary’s campaign spending….and of course they trashed her. Amy Holmes is the worst for trashing Hillary and supporting Obama.

    Didn’t someone earlier say they smelled a rat?

  234. Obama Vs. McCain:

    Question 1:

    Senator Obama, your opponent has served in the military, the House, and the Senate for over 50 years in total. He fought in the Vietnam War, as we all know, and was taken prisoner. He has served on the Senate Armed Services Committee for years. You have been in the Senate for 2.5 years, served in the Illinois statehouse prior to that, and before this, you were a self-described community organizer. You have no military experience. Why should Americans trust you over Senator McCain when your experience pales in comparison to his?

  235. Money is now the MAJOR problem. If she had a boat load of money she could get more air time and ad buys. Hearing that $95,000 was spent on party trays during Iowa caucus is not reassuring, this does not include lots of $ on pizza and donut.

  236. His answer:

    I was born in Hawaii and lived in Indonesia when I was 6. This is a great asset to my foreign policy experience.

  237. Tiny Dancer..Mark Penn is charging massive figure for his services. I am not sure if he was on her Senate campaign. So she could have used that extra $30 million for her Presidential campaign? man, that amount of money makes me salivate right now. What she could do in Texas and Ohio.

    I read this article that says TV ads are the most effective.

  238. Clinton vs. McCain:

    Senator Clinton, your opponent has served in the military, the House, and the Senate for over 50 years in total. He fought in the Vietnam War, as we all know, and was taken prisoner. He has served on the Senate Armed Services Committee for years. You did not serve in the military, however you serve on the Armed Services Committee, you have been to many countries on behalf of Frmr. Pres. Clinton, you were US First Lady, and the former First Lady of Arkansas. What qualifies you more to be president when it comes to the military and foreign policy than John McCain?

  239. Sigh…think positive thoughts…think positive thoughts. Hillary acted so honorably today when she cancelled her rallies. This is the woman you want in the Oval Office.

    Go Hillary!

  240. I have to say that people are simply stupid. Honorable people can’t win. Thugs win. What kind of world is this …

  241. Her answer:

    Well, I respect Senator McCain’s service to our country. I think that my accomplishments stand on their own. I passed legislation with Senator McCain’s friend and advisor Lindsay Graham to ensure National Guardsmen and women get the same healthcare that the rest of the military gets. I got the troops body armor faster by teaming up with that same republican senator. I, as you alluded to, have served on the Armed Services Committee, and along with Senator McCain, have been to Iraq many times. I understand that nothing can get done without us leaving to allow their government to step up and take responsibility. In regards to foreign policy experience, I have been to more countries than anyone that has run for president this entire year, over 80. I personally know people like Pervez Musharraf, Angela Merkel, and I knew well Benazir Bhutto before she was assassinated. I am the best person to repair our relationships around the world. I have a record of standing up to China, I did so in 1995 when I went to Beijing, facing fierce opposition from the communist government and I told them that murdering little girls just because of gender is a violation of human rights and women’s rights are human rights. I have a lengthy record in this arena.

  242. I hope she can reach her goal and get a bunch of ads out. It’s ridiculous that it’s come down to these -competing budgets. 50mil just floors me. 30mil floors me. And 30mil isn’t enough?

    I wish I could earmark my donation and make sure it doesn’t go to Mark Penn.

  243. we went through ‘fran’…why can’t we simply sometimes express concern or worry. I know I need to. Things are very dicey right now and while I can try to think positive thoughts…well, the lump is still, in my throat.

    Plus the knowledge of what a truely brilliant and qualified candidate she is and that her staff is simply not doing a good job. There I said it. I think her campaign has let her down BIGTIME.

  244. dot48: Hearing that $95,000 was spent on party trays during Iowa caucus is not reassuring,

    That’s about $50/precinct. Sounds about right — it was nothing fancy.

    this does not include lots of $ on pizza and donut.

    I ate a slice of that pizza and may have had a donut. From time to time, the campaign ordered pizza and what-not for staff/volunteers that had been cavassing out in the cold all day long. Not a big deal.

  245. Question 2 for senators Obama and McCain:

    Senator McCain, your opponent has the most liberal voting record in the senate according to (I forget right now)…., and he has been endorsed by leftwing organizations like Do you think your opponent can really relate to the American People?

  246. dot48,

    I was fine with your post except for your need to invoke Fran’s name into this. She isn’t here to defend herself so I don’t think that was necessary.

  247. JanH- I wasn’t so much talking about blowing the money during the primary so much as spending irresponsibly during her reelection. Running for president these days is expensive but I don’t believe you have to raise the most or spend the most to get the nomination. You just have to have the resources to compete effectively. Building a base of small dollar donors + the max $ contributors would be ideal.

    BlueDem- Some of the same staff was w/ the big dawg in ’92 and ’96/ when he had great success (Grunwald, Penn). But Bill wasn’t overly reliant on them. Obviously he was and is still a gifted politician. However, Bill knew how to trust himself and his instincts. With all the hatred and nastiness that has been thrown at HRC I just don’t think she can do that for an extended period of time. She let down the mask in NH and it was beautiful! Hillary has a lot of talents/skills as a campaigner she just has to go out and kick a**.

  248. Senator McCain:

    Well, I respect Senator Obama as a colleague, but I recall that during his primaries, he was talking about arugala to Iowa farmers. Let me tell you, Iowans don’t grow arugala. These people, the majority of Americans, are middle class working families, not millionaires from big city Chicago. They are worried about our national security and our economy, and they are sick of extremist groups on both sides, like Moveon, getting involved in our government. I think his voting record suggests he IS of base with the majority of Americans.

  249. Question 2 for Senators Clinton and McCain:

    Senator McCain, healthcare is in serious crisis in America. Many millions are uninsured, many are insured but cannot get their hospital bills compensated for due to things like pre-existing conditions. Most nurses, doctors, the AARP, the AMA, and millions and millions of Americans are ready for Universal Healthcare. Why don’t you have a universal Healthcare plan?

  250. nikki,
    I agree with almost all of that. One of the great untold stories has been how Hillary has (very admirably) tried to win on her own merits.

    Without getting into it too much, it’s a luxury “they” really don’t have, because they’re up against far more than just BO here.

  251. MO’s thesis:

  252. Well I’m having fun…I just told a bunch of obamatons I was gonna vote for McCain just to finish Bambi off.

    They were not pleased.

    heh heh heh…vote for McCain…that’s a good one, Kat!

  253. The Campaign released it’s financial statement. I didn;t have the hear to look after the RW Radio coverage. And All Matthew could find as his BIG NUMBER, was $1300.00 for Dunkin Donuts and coffee…this from the woman whose opponents fans say she never thanks her volunteers. Those kind of figures don’t bother me, but 95K for party trays does. This is hard-working rank and file supporter money, not rich republican and college kids, many with daddys cred cards who are delighted to have junior in the political process, as it keeps him out of trouble…I have donated 100.88 in less than 24 hours. I cannot afford at all to do this easily, but heart and soul i believe in this woman. I heard a thing yesterday that not including Penn, she is 7+ million in debt, Mark Penn getting a big chunk of that. Yes, she is in charge, and loyalty matters to the Clintons. But I believe she is getting bad advice. She is a WORKER BEE, not a rock star, and has had to rely on professionals. Anyway, this is hindsight…we need to keep gooiing forward.

    I have a question tho…what would it take her to get the Senate LEadership position from “Is my face too tight” Nancy Pelosi?

  254. Got Your Superdelegates
    Added Up? Count Again

    Some charts are interesting.

  255. LJ,

    So if Ralph Nadar runs, what does it mean for us?

    Damage to the democratic nominee, whomever it may be.

    BTW: By chance, are you the No Quarter LJ?

  256. Senator McCain

    I think the idea of “Universal Healthcare”, or government run care, is absurd. I think Americans have done fine under the current system. There needs to be improvements, but I would keep the private insurance system in place.

    Hillary cuts in…

    Well, I strongly disagree. Private insurance companies have been taking advantage of the American people for too long. There is now a consensus for Universal Healthcare coverage, with the people that are actually working in the medical field. This IS NOT Government run healthcare. John must agree that if this plan in “socialized medicine”, then the healthcare he gets via the Senate is also. My plan allows you to keep your private insurance with ABSOLUTELY no changes if you like it, but if you are uninsured or underinsured or being cheated by insurance companies, you get the same healthcare that YOUR MEMBER of Congress gets.

  257. i will admit-as a zealous hillary organizer today was depressing. id di not care for her performance last night to many of us it felt like a semi concession ot obama. he was not called on any lie he spewed. my email box is full of volunteers disheartened here intx. sorry to say it or be depressing. we wnt to see the fightere in the debates. last night felt sad to me-at the end. we are working hard ehre-but today it was like-what is going on? a very hard sad day -she will need damage control with some of her supporters. i hope she can dispell this austin debate tues on ohio. we ant the fighter whow ont pat obama onthe head

  258. hillfans, i have been on the blog over the weeks and they are so much nicer and respectful of, that might change should hillary become the nominee. they no way i would be caught dead on they are nasty.

  259. nikki22: money during the primary so much as spending irresponsibly during her reelection.

    It was rumored at the time that much of the spending was directed at building infrastructure for her eventual presidential run.

    I think the overhead comes (broadly) from three places. 1) She’s viewed as establishment, while BO has adopted the anti-incumbent role. In my area, the people who really knock themselves out for political campaigns never support the “establishment” — there’s no upside, and it isn’t the ‘cool’ thing to do. All of that free labor has been leveraged by BO, while the Clinton campaign relies more on paid low-to-middle level staffers. 2) From the beginning, the campaign was planning for the GE. They overbought to expand into later. One example is HQ — two empty floors for the GE. 3) parasites and franchisees attached to the campaign.

  260. Question 3 to senators Obama and McCain:

    Senator Obama, you say your campaign is about uniting the country, providing hope to all Americans, forming coalitions, and bringing change. Can you be specific, and tell me what you mean by bringing hope to people and tell me what coalitions you have formed in the past?

  261. Well, most of ‘Washington Week in Review‘ was replete with the same old canards about Hillary, but Jeff Zeleny (NY TIMES), who has been traveling with the Bambi campaign, made a rather interesting remark:

    When I was out with Senator Obama this week, I heard one thing I hadn’t heard for a while. I didn’t hear as much confidence as I had heard before.

  262. Mandy Grunwald makes around 2.9 million from the campaign- I read that last night; she still has money owed to her. Anyway, these are figures, and some of them might even defer or absolve them entirely – especially if they could’ve done a much better job.

    the big media is trying to make us focus on this stuff – we know they could focus on the positive or ripping on Obama and then, our mood would change – but we know they always choose to focus on the glass is half empty when it comes to Hillary. We need to not let big media suck us in. We cannot let their distorted and biased perspective influence us.

    LET’S GET TO WORK – calling is important, DOT, especially in a state as massive and populous as Texas- IF WE DON’T GET OUT OUR VOTERS, then the Republicans and Obama will.

  263. thanks for the precinct breakdown for party trays…hadn’t thought of that….but remember gang…NMcCain carried his own bags alone through te airports and he might be the president now. He threw out his staff…I just don;t know that there is time, but we have to do what WE can do to make this the best showing we can. Having this many delegates means great leverage to have a PARTY PLANK at the convention, and Hillary might bargain for universal HC. If it fails, it is on BO, not her. In the meantime, if she can arm wrestle NP for Speaker’s chair, she has a LOT of power…enven that of the big I if the big bot screws up…

    don’t get mad, get even…. 😉

  264. cracks me up. It’s so Top Gun. There’s an ad on that site that makes me want to go join the military and serve my country. And the e-mails you get are funny, they’re very straight forward and to the point and they’re signed

    John McCain
    John McCain

    That cracked me up for days.

    Can’t get over his Iraq stance though.

  265. Well I just turned on MessiahNBC to see if Dan Abrams would take the high road again tonight…blumbered into Olgerman.

    Jesse Jackson JUST SAID


    He is also trying to “splain” way the Obama Michelle comments. Why is it okay for them to explain away and say she “meant” to say this …but when it its Bill Clinton it is “no way”

    They really think this guy is some kind of deity.

  266. SpacegirlArt

    Much of that lavish spending was under Patty Solis Doyle, who also happen to spend $30 on Hillary’s Senate re-election campaign and was widely criticized for over spending in that campaign. It looks as though Patty was spending money like there was no tomorrow and she failed to recognize early on the appeal and lasting power of Obama. Hopefully now the reins have been pulled in by Maggie Williams.

  267. texas for hillary, i thought she did ok. great ending statement. she just has to break through in ohio and texas to change the dynamics of the race. AND DON’T LISTEN TO SHE HAS TO WIN BY DOUBLE DIGITS EITHER!! WTF, SHE WINS 51/49 IN BOTH STATES THEN TRY TO PUSH HER OUT THE DOOR!! NONESENSE.


    Oh lord…I don’t think I budgetted for enough holy water. 😯

  269. Sure he can unite Americans, cross the aisles, heal my broken soul, save me from the fiery pits of hell, leap tall buildings in a single bound, die on the cross for me and lead me into a better life….

    But can he fix the traffic in Seattle because it SUCKS ASS AND PISSES ME OFF.

  270. LJ, why don’t you post that vid on the new site? Texan, I thought she did very well. Her close was the best I’ve ever seen in a debate. Don’t give up. I don’t thinking attacking helps her, at this point. I think going for the heart, showing her smarts does.

  271. SpaceGirl,

    Might you explain the party plank a bit? Can it be used to force
    an official acceptance of some kind by the nominee?

  272. IDunn…i love you!

    Don’t let psymac hear ya say that, or he’s liable to smack your face with his glove and challenge you to a duel.

    (he lurves me)

  273. dot…i refer you to my post of earlier today that I got onto WaPo…about diety…until I was run off by bots. “Oh Spacegirl, please be quiet”

  274. Senator Obama:

    I got ethics reform passed in the senate by temaing up with a republican. Ummm, bringing hope to people is important. I want to deliver hope that we can change things in this country. Changing for hope is what I am all about…

    Mediator cuts in: Senator, can you please be specific and explain the concept of what you mean by change.

    B.O.: Well, as I said, I want to bring hope that we can change. Going from Bush to McCain is not change. I am change, I am who we have been waiting for.

    Senator McCain buts in: I think, if I may, this is a pattern with my opponent. He did it during the primaries too. He never gets specific, he generalizes, he pontificates, he makes lots of grandiose and awe-inspiring statements, but there is no substance. Listen my friends, I have served this country for decades, and I can tell you, I will change things. I will tell you what I think and that’s the straight talk, and I am true to my words and truly independent. I have success at forming bipartisan coalitions, unlike my opponent, who apparently can name only one instance where he did so. I formed coalitions on Global Warming issues, on immigration, on education, on the war, on election reform, and on judicial nominations. I have a record that shows this.

  275. wow, LawSchoolDem nailed it:
    February 22nd, 2008 at 11:53 am

    A friend of mine asked me this morning if the press is doing what it did when we went to war in Iraq, blindly going along without challenging any information, to what they are doing with the BHO candidacy. I thought it was an interesting parallel.


    We’ve been fed Obama / hope / change/ crap, without critically looking at what this bastard is really proposing. Empty suit. Collage of co-opted progressive Dem ideas. Fed a healthy diet of media support.

    The media needs to be embarrassed about their collusion in trying to smuggle the inept Sweet-talker as the Dem nominee. What is their angle? How many Republicans crossed over to support the weak candidate who they will turn on come the general election?

    The media has already been embarrassed about sucking up the Bushies. Now the Obamaniacs? Another election about whom we’re likely to have a beer with??? Come to think of it, while Obuttsky is out smoking, Hill will be inside pounding the vodka with the Boys. Think about that metaphor…. Obama is on his own, hiding his smoking, and not working with his Senate pals. Let’s find anyone who thinks he’s not wholeheartedly sef-centeredly focused on “I’m King”.

    Then there’s Hillary, who continues to evolve, learn The Game, work The Game, mend fences, and build coalitions.

    Obama is a one-hit wonder. Hill is a Super Group. Odrama’s fans are fly-by-night. Hill’s are rock solid.

  276. SpacegirlArt: but 95K for party trays does.

    A little over a dollar spent per Iowan that came out to caucus.

  277. terrondt,

    I don’t care if she takes TX& OH by one dead voter each.

    She gets them, it’s Mrs. Presumetive Nominee time.

  278. Blue…without looking at Wiki, my best recollection (since I have not cared in 12 years, is that the party, at the convention, and does battle over what the party stands for going forward…what positions to pursue, what to include, what not to. If I remember, there was a huge fight years ago with Pat Buchanan (same one we now love! HAHAHA!) as to whether some aspect of abortion would be front and center in the Republican Party at that election. It’s basically a bargaining give and take and those with more clout in the party have a great deal of say. If Hillary have 1/2 the regular delegate count, she will have a LOT of leverage…

    that is reader’s digest version

  279. Sure he can unite Americans, cross the aisles, heal my broken soul, save me from the fiery pits of hell, leap tall buildings in a single bound, die on the cross for me and lead me into a better life….

    Well now if you come to me sick,
    You know that I’m gonna make you well.
    And if you come to me all hexed up,
    You know I’m gonna break the spell.
    And if you come to me hungry,
    You know I’ll feed ya full of my grits.
    And if it’s loving you want,
    I can kiss you and give you the shivering fits.

    ‘Cause I’m Obama…
    I’ll say it again.
    I’m Obama…

  280. Did anyone hear Ted Kennedy singing in Texas yesterday? They played it on the radio and I cut in about halfway through all “Who is this drunk bozo?” Then they said it was Ted Kennedy.

  281. Question 3 to senators Clinton and McCain:

    Senator Clinton, the economy is in trouble if you ask most Americans. We are seeing problems with the housing market, the dollar continues to drop, growth just isn’t there and there is a mass deficit, how would you convince the American People that you are better prepared to handle this than your opponent?

  282. Hillaryland, that is money well spent in my book. Breaking it down was good. Otherwise it sounded like there was a big bash where Madeline Albright and friends were pigging out on crepes and champaign.

  283. When you see places like HuffPost still putting material trying to downplay Hill’s finish last night, you take it as a good sign.

    From some dick named Sam Stein:
    But the response to the senator’s remarks, which came at the conclusion of the debate, may be getting exaggerated attention. “There were standing ovations in and out of almost every break,” a CNN debate producer told The Huffington Post. A review of debate video tape confirms this.

    The producer noted the standing applause wasn’t the result of applause lights or crowd-warmers. “It was spontaneous,” he said, remarking that the crowd was more enthusiastic than any he’d seen at previous debates.

    In any case, all the attention was enough to make the Obama campaign jealous. The next morning an email was sent out to reporters offering a “moment” of their own.

    “In our view, the moment that most clearly demonstrated the difficulty Hillary Clinton would have drawing a clear contrast with John McCain in a general election was when she, quizzically, attacked him for supporting the war in Iraq,” the email read. “Clinton also voted for the war.”

  284. Don’t get too stressed out about debates. I think they rarely make any real difference pro or con. GWB was horrible in 2/3 of those debates with Kerry and he still got reelected. Hillary has turned in tour de force performances but that still hasn’t stopped her from taking some tough losses.

  285. LOL, THERE YOU GO BLUE DEMOCRAT!!!! btw, the donation bar is a movin up on i just donated
    a little more earlier.

  286. Or take Ohio and Texas with one dead dog…what you wanna bet that Obamabotulism is voting dead people.

    There is a woman here in Tennessee who was declared dead, her ss# got put on some death certificate and she had had tons of problems. The bank closed her credit card account and sent her a sympathy note, she can’t get a house loan, she can’t file her taxes…talk about screwed up government..then read further in the article that this happens to like 200,000 people per year.

    Sometimes I would not mind the bill collectors thinking I am dead!

  287. texan4hillary Says:
    February 22nd, 2008 at 9:01 pm

    Please read wbboei’s post (may be in the previous thread) on Hillary’s brilliant performance at the debate last night — I would suggest not buying into all the misinformation put out by the media. Read Taylor Marsh’s account of it — true she did not confront him forcefully (which would have been characterized as desperation) but she did enough and her closing comments were brilliant.

  288. We should see how America felt about her closing in the Rasmussen Tracking for Saturday and Sunday. Going into the debate she had cut his lead from 7 to 3 points nationally.

  289. I’m reposting to keep us focused on TX (and Oh)…

    this is video prior to the debates, and you see and hear clearly that Hillary supporters outnumber the Obama-bots, lots of great energy in TX for Hillary, lots of flag-waving with H symbols on them, a sign with obama’s face that says ESTABLISHMENT DEMOGOGUE.

    Please watch: it’ll cheer you up:

    and here’s the source with great pictures of too:

  290. I hope everyone can donate money and time this upcoming week.Every pundit is so negative.Go Hill Go!!Have you seen the “Hillary speaks for me” a new website it was featured in no quarter newsletter today.
    Why can’t the BM get the Ayers ,Rezko stories on front page.
    I can’t thank all of you enough for this site you are the best supporters for HRC she deserves so much more than she is getting from all media outlets. .Keep the faith!!! God Bless Hilllary.

  291. Tiny…I saw the video…KKEnnedy….what a nightmare that was.

    Hey….do we have a list (notice the operative “we”? 😉 ) of all the senators and house member who endorsed Obama publicly, and compared that to those who voted yes on the Authorization?

  292. I didn’t get an e-mail about the fundraising push, I only found out from here.

    They should really send out more e-mails. Obama would have sent out 1508 today already.

  293. Senator Clinton:

    Well, I think my opponent said it best himself back in January, that he doesn’t know much about the economy and leaves it up to his advisors. Well, with all respect senator, we cannot afford another president that does not understand the economy, look at what we got from George Bush, who does not understand the economy at all. I have plans. I have solutions. I began calling on the government to address the housing crisis for almost 2 years now. I think we need to halt all foreclosures for 90 days to allow people to get organized to address their problems before they are simply and cruely kicked on to the street by the predatory mortgage companies. I have had plans out for 2 years, I know what I am doing when it comes to the economy.

    Senator McCain jumps in: Well Hillary, the Democrat party is a big tax big spend party. I have a hard time believing your party can help our economy by spending and taxing the American people to death.

    Clinton retorts: Hold on a minute John, your party is the biggest spending party in US history now thanks to George Bush. We have a $9 trillion deficit with communist China now. When my husband left office, yes he was a Democrat, we have a mass surplus with 22 million new jobs. Don’t lecture us on spending when your party is responsible for our huge debt now.

  294. DeeIBee…back away from cable news….slowly…..

    watch a movie, watch wheel of fortune…watch the playboy channel…..but don;t let them hurt your brain anymore.

  295. SpaceGirl,
    Thanks. Thought so.

    Light yourself on fire.

    Hey who needed ideas for a BO video? I can just see the rethugs scheming on an Ayers-O’Bomber spot right now.
    Get it while you can….

  296. Saturday night live introducing a new actor tomorrow night to portray Obama in their skits. Not counting on any help from NBC, but maybe they will make of of this cult movement.

  297. BLueDem, no it’s not me…I never have posted on No Quarter. I stay here, Taylormarsh, TalkLeft and occasionally MyDD…I can’t handle the negativity! Is no quarter good?

  298. Question 4 to Senators Obama and McCain:

    Senator McCain, you have served this nation for a longtime, as we have gone over, do you think Barack Obama is ready to be Commander in Chief?

  299. Oh my god, that video of Kennedy!! I’m losing my shit over here!!!

    I googled “Ted Kennedy sings” to see if I could find the video and apparently this isn’t the first time he’s belted it out on the campaign trail. But the other one seems somewhat sober. This one makes it look like he rolled straight from the cantina to the rally and probably headed right back.

  300. Heeee….Ollie North is sitting in on Hannity and Combs on Fox. He asked a politcal panel about the soldier story Obama told in the debate.. After the segment, as they were going to break, they cut his mike but you could see him clearly saying to Combs “I tell you.. he’s a phony”

  301. BTW, Let’s do a sports analogy (one that’s likely bunch up Ted Kennedy’s shorts).

    When the Red Sox went down three games to zero, and won one game, and another, and another, to even the series, and then did the seemingly impossible, win the series, everyone proclaimed it was a miracle. It isn’t over until it’s over.

    First of all, what would the delegate count look like if you gave Hill half of the FL and half MI votes that she won??? What would it be like if you gave her all the delegates she won??? The score would be different.

    As for BO’s vetting, what are the Backroom Party Bosses going to be doing in June when Rezko and other sleaze hits the fan, especially as the GOP start focusing their heavy artillery on Mr. Ohopey??? Might those superdelegates want to “think about the good of the party”???

    And if the Dems ignore their best candidate, and manage to prop up Empty Suit through an unending barrage of slander, then that’s not the party I thought I belonged to.

    We’re going to have to isolate the whack jobs on the left end of the spectrum (lost Florida in 2000 by 536 votes??? or whatever the exact number was) and the right wing extremists, and build a new party!

    Let’s review: which candidate of the Whig party ran in 2004? Hmmm? They went the way of the dodo. I’m all for the lefties having their protest vote. If a fair chunk of the African American population want to support an AA candidate no matter the qualifications, they can go join the Loser Party too.

    So, to sum up. I haven’t given up, but they are making me mad as fucking hell, and making me reconsider what the “Democrat Party” is all about. (slander potentially intended).

  302. IDunn, Basil…we dont need a cool Hillary spot….use Kenedy’s mexican singing…

    with a slug over the end.

    “supporting barack obama”

    C O O L

  303. Senator McCain:

    Well, to be straight, no I do not. Senator Obama is a great public servant. However, right now, with instability in Pakistan, problems arising in the Balkans, the rise of China, uncertainty in Russia, with 2 wars, a slightly unstable economy, a transfer of leadership in Cuba, problems in the Holy Land, and in other parts of the world, I think we need someone as Commander in Chief who knows what it is like to have been in combat, both military combat and diplomatic combat, as I have. I also think that his inexperience in foreign policy is just dangerous for America. Obama wants to cut and run in Iraq and he is quoted as stating he would unilaterally invade Pakistan, an already unstable nation on the brink of collapsation.

  304. Hawk,
    I just thought of a plot for your debate video! When Obama has his teleprompter, all he says is nonsense like “hope for change and change the page and page for hope” etc etc — and the audience swoons and Matthews jumps around slapping his leg etc etc.
    Then R2D2 runs off with the teleprompter and Obama prances around following it trying to keep reading it.
    Then someone hands him some cards so he tries again. Now all he can say is ‘uh uh, I, I’
    “Excuse me, Your Holiness, was that ‘I uh’ or ‘uh I’?”

  305. Obama is so special that they’re hiriing someone specifically to play him on SNL? Just when I thought NBC couldn’t kiss his ass enough.

    I hope Amy Poehler continues to play Hillary. : ) I love Amy.

  306. Senator obama’s response to McCain:

    Well, I think we need change. Senator McCain wants to continue the war in Iraq for up to 100 years. I do not. I think he is more of the same to be frank.

    Senator McCain?

    Senator McCain: Well, Senator Obama is again not being specific when he says he wants to bring change. Frankly Senator, you did not address the point I made about Pakistan. You said you would invade a massively unstable nuclear Islamic country unilaterally. Also, Senator, I am willing to be in Iraq as long as it takes to ensure that the people that attacked and slaughtered thousands of Americans on 9/11 do NOT have a safe-haven in Iraq. We must defeat this enemy for our own survival. My opponent wants to put us on defense, not keep us on offense as we should be.

  307. “Obama is so special that they’re hiriing someone specifically to play him on SNL?”

    Seems like the portrayal of BO in their comedy show is something of a priority, no?

    Sorry SpaceGirl,
    Don’t know what came over me 🙂

  308. New York Times is becoming a scapegoat. The newspaper is becoming the whipping boy. Any NEWS about REZCO by them will be dismissed unless it is extremely correct

  309. LoL! Darryl is versatile, you never know. They could use Keenan. But the reports I read made it sound like they’re hiring someone SOLELY to play Obama. And Obama impersonator.

  310. Joe Friday at 9:05:

    Hmmm… That’s interesting about Obama not sounding as confident. Worried about Rezko? Whether or not he can beat McCain?

  311. 1950dem, good Idea. I want to inject humor to this mixed with seriousness. I want to play tweety, or a tweety-like moderator, asking the questions. That will be awesome. I think the teleprompter is a must now. Thanks for that idea. Also, I want to have someone cry and faint, probably a young ditsy looking girl lol. I want this to be humorous and serious, even if the seriousness is inferred and not obvious.

  312. Basil, IDunn…better idea…start with bambi logo
    fade to TexaKennedy siningalong video ……

    Voice Over (HERS?)

    “Hope for Change”

    fade to black

    Hillary” o8

  313. i googled ‘establishment demagogue obama sign’ looking for that sign in the video (no luck), but found this;

  314. Hillary can’t win for trying. She’s too nice in the debate–she’s conceding the election. She’s goes on the attack—she’s too negative.

    I think she knows that the decks are stacked against her. God, I admire her for continuing on this difficult journey!

  315. I need a black guy, and older looking person, and a gorgeous professional looking blond. I have a goatee, so what newsanchor has one of those? LOL. I can’t think of any, but I could get someone to play Matthews, or be a similarly acting anchor and pretend to be Matthews.

  316. That pre-debate video is awesome!

    psst. the big posters of just Obama’s face are CREEPY. I might not sleep tonight.

  317. “dot48 Says:
    February 22nd, 2008 at 9:44 pm

    New York Times is becoming a scapegoat. ”

    all the more reason to think the plant about McCain came from THEM.

    Who had all the dirt on McCain in 2000? (She asked rhetorically)
    Whose campaign seems to be run in a way not unlike 2000? (she mused)


  318. Scrolling back “# dot48 Says:
    February 22nd, 2008 at 9:26 pm

    where are you all finding this spell check? I cannot find it on here”

    dot, I use FireFox…happens automatically..underlines the words, but i pay it no heed usually here…can ya tell 😉

  319. My friends had a band back in the day and one of their songs was “Bill Gates is the Anti-Christ”. It’s kind of a head banging Seattle grunge rocky type song, more metal than most people normally listen to. Anyways every time ya’ll bring up Obama=antichrist I get it stuck in my head.

  320. I wouldn;t mind a black guy lol….not b.o., I heard he isn’t really legally black though, and that he is mostly white and arab, is this true or am I being crazy? I think I read it here.

  321. She’s tired and sick, Paula. And still she took the time to care more about a fallen police officer than to go after more votes.

    That says it all for me. And I honestly believed her last night when she said during the debate that she was honored to be in the same campaign with Obama. I think it shocked him at first.

  322. I know many here hate this story but some of us are interested so just a brief breaking tonight is that Larry Sinclair has taken his polygraph (actually two) along with a drug test. He also refused the $100,000 if he passes asking for a small amount to cover his mothers debt and $10,000 for two Duluth charities. Results Monday or Tuesday for the interested….

  323. Texanforhill: I suggest you get a transcript of the debate. I think you will see that she did take it to him pretty good. Highlight those passages in yellow. Give copies of them to your supporters. Re read the articles on Ace Smith who is running the Texas campaign. Watch the big push with the Hispanic voters. Morale is to all other factors as 4 is to 1. Our opponent is a demagogue for the wealthy and the forces which are destoying the middle class. Show them that video of the Machinist President showing how Obama sold working people down the river on behalf of the billionaire contributor. Remind them that the intial reactions to Hillarys debate performance were excellent, and the media talking heads twisted it to the negative by morning. Hillary has not given up and neither will we. We are counting on the people of Texas who have always been willing to fight for a just cause–like the future of our country. Finally I am sending you an edited version of the vignette on MSNBC which I have sent to FOX, NOW, EMILYS LIST and elsewhere in next bog


    Who is Steve Capus? A name on the door of an empty office? A designated flack catcher for the real corporate honcho? Or perhaps the corporate decision-maker at MSNBC as his title would indicate.

    Let us assume that he is a bona fide corporate executive, lives somewhere in Connecticut, mansion, belongs to a prestigious golf club, e.g. Wing Foot, Shinnecock Hills, etc., hopes to get kids into Princeton (so they won’t have to settle for Harvard), rides the train into Manhattan, plush office in GE tower, dashboard with Nielsen Ratings (FOX, CNN, MSNBC), number of weeks until retirement, latest statement of net worth, trophy from alma mater (Harvard), clean desk, etc. But all is not all beer and skittles because there is also a red phone on his desk to the GE man upstairs who has as much mental give and take as a scotch terrier watching a rat hole.

    One morning he arrives at the office and finds the National Organization for Women is calling in to complain about the vile sexist meme that Chris Matthews has been directing at the only female candidate in the race on a nightly basis. They threaten to picket the premises at 4 pm that afternoon–not exactly what he was hoping for. So he runs down the corridor to Matthews’ office and pleads with the pasty faced pundit to apologize. Matthews spits out some nonsense about freedom of the press, whines that his old boss Tip O’Neill never asked him to apologize for anything, but ultimately agrees to do so. Later that day he meets with the protestors, makes nice and eventually things return to relative normalcy thanks to his superior crisis management skills–or so he tells himself . . . .

    A few days pass and another Gotterdammerung. The phone rings and he learns that one of his journalists, a guy named David Schuster just said something about pimping, Chelsea and Senator Clinton is understandably upset. A moment of confusion ensues. Who is David Shuster? He racks his brain and then recalls oh yea that sycophant who comes up to me at every Christmas Party with a lampshade on his head and asks if I want a shoe shine. My ritualistic response is to say: “Shuster get out of my office!” They all think this is funny- why, I’ll never know.

    Schuster come up to my office- now! Did you use the word pimping? Your statement was highly offensive! Don’t give me that freedom of the press bullshit! What? You have been defending your position over emails to the campaign? Let me read them. Shuster are you nuts? Then stop telling me that you are the victim. You better get your head on straight pal, you are going to apologize on the air and I am going to give you some unpaid time off to think about it. Now I have to explain your stupidity to a US Senator. Shuster get out of my office! Hello Senator Clinton, I am so sorry . . .

    Later that day . . .

    (Capus) Hey Julie, can you come in here for a minute and please shut the door. Thanks. Julie how long you been my executive secretary? Has it been that long? Things have sure changed and it’s not getting any easier. Julie as I recall you took night courses at Columbia School of Journalism when Henry Friendly was Dean? You are fortunate. He was a man of high moral character. Well if you don’t mind here is the problem I am wrestling with:

    We claim to be a responsible news organization, we say we believe in journalistic integrity, but the more I look at the garbage we are putting out on the airways the more I realize that integrity is something we honor more in the breach than in the observance. Why is that? And then I look at that Nielsen dashboard on my desk and the needle is not moving our way. Why not? Even worse that GE guy upstairs has a dashboard on his desk as well and he is always grilling me on what I plan to do to the move the needle. And finally we have our three pundits. I hate to say it but Russert is a bully, Matthews is a misogynist and Olberman is a buffoon. Abrams deplores media bias to give us cover but no one is fooled. His dad fought to protect freedom of the press. He must be sorry to see what we have done with it.

    The practical question is how do I get this news organization back on track before we become a tabloid, squander whatever is left of our credibility and the needle falls to zero? Why does Shuster slander Chelsea Clinton? What has she ever done to him? She is a fine young woman who has grown up in the full glare of public life and has handled herself with poise and dignity. What is wrong with Shuster? Better yet-what is wrong with us as an organization? And what about the way we have treated her mother Hillary? Have we been fair to her as a public figure? Media Matters does not think so. Neither does the Annenberg School of Journalism. And, neither do millions of Americans. Sure as the earth turns there will be a day of reckoning.
    I have listened to Matthews attack Hillary every single night for the past several months with a torrent of sexist abuse. He wants to destroy her personally and professionally. At the same time he is lyrical to Obama. He says he feels a tingling down his leg whenever he thinks of him. What has become of us? Have we lost our way? Is it really our role to decide the next election? What hypocrites we have become. Take Russert for example. On MTP he carries on like The Grand Inquisitor of Seville. But I remember how he reacted when he was in the witness box at the Libby trial- the fear in his eyes, the cold sweat and how he had to borrow my handkerchief. I wonder what Big Russ would say to him about charity if he were alive today.
    We have an opportunity to host the next presidential debate. That would help move the needle. But between you and me I would not blame Senator Clinton if she declined our invitation for the way we have treated her and her family. If Matthews said about my wife or daughter half the things he has said about the Clinton family I would ask him to step out in the alley. . .
    (Julie) Well it is interesting that you would mention these concerns Mr. Capus because the employees at the water cooler are talking about them too. They hear these sexist rants and believe they are symptomatic of a corporate state of mind. They worry about how this might affect them and are asking questions about the class action lawsuit at GE and whether they have standing to join in. I tried to discourage them but you never know what they will do. We are a pretty deep pocket.
    I think what you are really asking me is how do we change the paradigm. We could fire Shuster but that might make a martyr of him, there would be a lawsuit and he would show that we have let Matthews get away with far worse. We have suspended Schuster let’s leave it at that. But the next time it happens we need to take stronger action.

    And, trust me Mr. Capus there will be a next time. Why? Because this sexist meme is embedded in our corporate culture. The man upstairs puts a lot of pressure on you to move the needle and you put a lot of pressure on the three pundits to do the same. They all like to attack the establishment. They all have a different breaking point. They all feed off each other in various ways. Bring in the Politico crew as panelists and it only gets worse. All of them are advocacy journalists and none of them pretend to be fair and balanced. Instead they will select a target, create a positive or negative narrative, conduct partisan interviews and misrepresent material facts. Once they get started the first liar doesn’t have a chance. Those are the dynamics driving the MSNBC culture, and the problem is systemic.

    Yes, it is great theatre while it lasts but in the end we are the ones who lose credibility, objectivity and civility as a news organization. Everyone knows that our coverage of this election has been partisan, sexist, and corrupt to a degree that is off the charts. I don’t need 10,000 angry emails and petitions to tell me that. I can see it with my own two eyes. It is worst example of political journalism by a major network in the history of our profession, and it will be studied as an aberration for years to come. I know we are trying to get Obama in the White House so we can have the same cozy relationship with him that FOX has with the Bush Administration. But it will not happen. We are facing long term damage to our reputation, the risk that a large segment of our audience will desert us, and the needle we all worry about will drop precipitously. That is the bottom line.

    Mr. Capus, there is no question that we have poisoned the well in this election. The harm we have done is irreversible. At this point, the most we can do is attempt to mitigate future damage. We must institute standards of fairness and decency in the reporting and analysis of news. The three pundits will see this as an infringement on their prerogatives, based on the latitude we have given them in the past. They will push back aggressively, and when they do we need to tell them is that as long as they work for us and communicate under our FCC license they will conform to our rules including our policy against sexual harassment. If you are willing to put the authority of your office behind this effort then we can reclaim the integrity, civility and objectivity that have been missing at MSNMC for too long. The future of our business and the welfare of our country depend on it.

  325. Liar can’t get a free pass anymore.

    Warner to Obama: Bring Me Your Captain

    One of the dramatic moments in Thursday’s Democratic debate came when Senator Barack Obama — in making the case that Iraq was the wrong place to launch a war — cited an Army captain in Afghanistan who told him of a rifle platoon that lacked manpower, ammunition and Humvees. As Mr. Obama recounted, the soldiers looked for captured Taliban weapons as it was easier
    to be armed that way than “to get properly equipped by our current commander in chief.”

    Conservatives pounced on the story, questioning its authenticity. Senator John Warner of Virginia, the ranking Republican and former chairman of the Armed Services Committee who has endorsed Senator John McCain, wrote to Mr.
    Obama on Friday seeking more details. Senator Warner wants to find out of the story is true -– and, if so, who might be responsible for any lapses. He said that he will also raise the issue with Army Secretary Peter Geren and Army Chief of Staff William Casey when they testify next week before his committee.

  326. JanH at 9:55.

    Amen! I think Hillary’s been fighting something for weeks, and she can’t take time off to get well. I love what she did today after the police officer died. She’s class personified.

  327. People please do not give up
    Thats exactly what they want to break our resolve
    Just one more push to March 4th
    this is not lost yet

  328. Paula,

    Hmmm… That’s interesting about Obama not sounding as confident. Worried about Rezko? Whether or not he can beat McCain?

    Perhaps Rezko, but Zeleny said that the large states of Texas and Ohio are not like the string of states he just won.

  329. Hey, everyone, look at this great pic of Chelsea holding her mom’s hand after the debate.

  330. w * w *

    wow…what a read, and something we here all figured. again, the same people, same agenda. I bet there is no one on this page who really follows this suff that can disagree with the premise of this….but the real devine strategy…brilliant strategy…is that in fact, they are running TWO candidates…

    attn admin

  331. To Hillary supporters in Ohio: since Hoffa has given the Teamster endorsement to Obama, it is reasonable to assume that they will moun some kind of get out to vote effort on his behalf. As a result, Teamster officials will be saying vote for Obama, and here is what I would say in response: the unions that support Hillary have a long and consistent history of loyalty to the democratic party, and the machinists are a perfect case in point. The Teamsters have a checked history in this respect. For example: Teamster General President Frank Fitzsimmons supported Nixon. Teamster General President Jackie Presser supported Ronald Reagan. And the current Teamster General President met with Karl Rove in 2000 and offered to support Bush if Bush would agree to certain concessions-and Rove told him point blank I do not need your support I have a stronger force–the religious right. Ergo if a democratic voter is torn between whether to believe a machinist who says Clinton vs a teamster who says obama believe the machinist. The present attachment to the teamsters to bambi is strictly a marriage of convenience or could even be intrepeted as a contiuation of their frequent practice of supporting rebublicans candidates.

  332. Devans….creepy

    also this: Warner to Obama: Bring Me Your Captain

    i heard a tiny bit on Conservative talk in the car about this today…didnt connect the dots with what the reference was as I was so short a time in the vehicle…guy called in and said this was total protocol BS. Yes, you can use weapons if you are out of ammoo and it’s the only thing going to defend yourself, but the rest of the story was crap.

    bambi may be introuble. Don’t fuck with John Warner.

  333. $$$$$$$$$$$$$ Hillary’s website asking for 2.2 Million within next 48 hrs: All Hands on Deck $$$$$$$$$$$

    Just donated $50.44 as Hillary’s website posted graph requesting to raise $2.2M in next 48 hrs to match ads in Texas and Ohio. Will send the rest on Monday, Feb. 25th, MoneyBomb Day
    They Need MoneyBomb Weekend from us like never before


  334. Hillary4Texas: also tell them the media is so corrupt that they try to turn the statement of party unity which she delivered last night into a concession speech. Texans do not want to be ruled by the Chicago machine. Let me send you my resume of Barack Obama, which proves he is not qualified. Next.


    JOB DESCRIPTION: the successful candidate must have the ability to effectively manage and resolve a wide range of complex problems which significantly affect the welfare of 300 million Americans and billions of human beings in other countries around the world including but not limited to: national security, terrorism, economic recession, Iraq War, spiraling national debt, heath care crisis, shrinking job base, endangered middle class, educational deficit, immigration mess, global warming, loss of international prestige, competition for resources, etc.

    It is essential for the candidate to have job related experience for two reasons: i) past experience is the most accurate predictor of future performance, and ii) the nature and urgency of our problems are such that the next president must be capable of addressing them on day 1.

    In addition, the candidate must be a strong decisive leader who can provide a new sense of direction and overcome the institutional resistance which exists within the system. This means she or he must have the proper management philosophy, style, message, character, judgment, and moral courage. Why? Because in the immortal words of Harry Truman: “The buck stops here”.
    QUALIFICATIONS: here are the job related qualifications of Barack Obama, as I perceive them:

    PRIOR EXPERIENCE: Freshman Senator (D-Il). Illinois State Legislator, Community Organizer, President of Harvard Law Review. Lived and travelled abroad. Close ties to Daley Machine. He has written two books about his life which have inspired people. No significant legislative accomplishments. He is married, 2 children.

    MANAGEMENT PHILOSOPHY: Insists he is not a Chief Operating Officer. Instead, he believes his role is to set the direction for the country, and hire other people (as yet unidentified) to actually run the government. Yet, the evidence to date from the campaign trail suggests he does not hold subordinates accountable for their actions (i.e. South Carolina campaign staff, Jessie Jackson Jr., General Mc Peak, Axelrod, etc.)

    MANAGEMENT STYLE: In public, he favors huge meetings, inspirational speeches, and mass movement politics tilted toward young people and the media. But, behind the scenes he is the exact opposite, i.e. very deferential to powerful interests, and willing to concede a publicly held position as long as he can get a positive headline. Sometimes he gets political contributions too, i.e. Exelon. Uses consultants and lobbyists to steer his campaign and spread false stories about opponents. Plays the race card– offensively and defensively, with plausible deniability.

    POLITICAL MESSAGE: Decries the old politics, i.e. clash of interests, baby boomer conflicts, lobbyist control, and claims to offer a new kind of politics, i.e. transcendence, common purpose, rule by the people. But this is an utterly utopian construct. You cannot govern without politics. Our country is too complicated for that. This approach has been tried before by people like Adlai Stevenson, Bill Bradley, Deval Patrick. It leads to political gridlock and nothing gets done.

    PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE: He is a narcissistic personality. He preaches themes of empowerment and unity. But when challenged, he becomes very defensive, pouts and tends to demonize opponents, i.e. Wal Mart charge. And when he does not get his way threatens to pick up his marbles and go home, i.e. the veiled threat that he may not support the nominee if it is not him. Finally, his attitude toward women is suspect, i.e. the snub, likeable enough, turning his back, not feeling well, etc.

    JUDGMENT: He claims that he is always right on day 1. He cites a speech in Illinois legislature opposing Iraq War as proof–but concedes that he does not know what he would have voted if he had been in the Senate at the time. He dismisses his 17 year political and financial entanglement with an indicted political fixer as a “bone headed mistake”. He leaves hard decisions to others and critiques them later.

    MORAL COURAGE: He failed to show up for Kyle Lieberman, but criticized the votes of others who did. He voted “pass” 129 times on various pieces of legislation, on controversial issues. Says he pushed the wrong button six times. When he lost the Nevada primary, he left town without thanking supporters, delivering a concession speech and congratulating his opponent per customary practice. This has caused some to say that he is never there when you need him.

    REFERENCES: Oprah, Ted Kennedy, Daley Machine, Rezko, Media Whores, Big Blogs, Limousine Liberals and Political Opportunists who know as well as we do that that he is unqualified for the job but seek to exploit that fact for their own personal gain.
    CONCLUSION: if you set aside all the hype about the first black president, and the one-sided media coverage which has defined his candidacy, it is becomes obvious that Barack Obama is not qualified for the job of President of the United States of America.

    It is unreasonable to expect that he could deliver the kind of leadership which the country needs at this watershed moment in history. We do not need hope, and utopian rhetoric. We need a realistic vision, moral courage, coalition building, and the adroit use of the levers of power, if we are to succeed and prosper as a nation in the 21st Century.

  336. I think I heard that if someone reports a YouTube under the “report abuse” it is taken down. Most likely ObamaBots

    I would contact them and ask them

  337. Devans: Gates supports Hillary. Spoke to his dad at a hillary event last year. The law school at UW is named in his honor.

  338. Just as I thought:
    SEATTLE,WA 98105
    Obama, Barack

  339. devans, back to the article…if that is their MO…there is no real way to win…even if one or the other is taken down, they still win.

  340. it makes sense now for Limbaugh etc., to harp about McCain…he’s not in on this …their real man is Barry…..but if barry were to lose, they still have their guy


    And if that doesn’t work, there is always this :

    long, but worth the read. as you alread hae a vision of the first part, go to the end and Executive order

  341. DEvans: IF Hillary loses.

    we cannot let that happen. I will not give my country away with out a fight…again, damnit.

  342. Where’s Hawk…we need a screenplay. This is a tom clancey novel and too wierd for words. But we could make a zillion at the movies! It is unbelievably brilliant. Disgusting, but brilliant.

  343. YES, SpacegirlArt:
    And then, of course, there’s Texas. This state allots a third of its delegates by way of a caucus, and the rest through an open primary. This is Bush-Halliburton-Enron country after all, so we can anticipate another massive Republican crossover drive to help Obama pick up as many delegates as possible. Thus, even Clinton’s superdelegate failsafe may prove insufficient in overcoming the stacked deck against her. Thanks to Karl Rove and his friends in the shadows, the Democratic nominee may ultimately be determined not by Democrats but by the G.O.P., with the help of its unwitting accomplices at the DNC

    omg, hopefully the endorsement at UT Austin student newspaper will blunt some of this.

  344. Dont be so sure they re all unwitting

    “with the help of its unwitting accomplices at the DNC”

    it’s the PEOPLE I feel for, on all sides (especially ours, as I am sure the Clinton’s have the picture) but all of us. Who spells Karl with a fucking “K” anyway in America!

  345. The 2008 Presidential Debate

    Moderator: Cody Eliff
    John McCain: TBA
    Barack Obama: TBA
    Hillary Clinton: TBA
    Audience Members: TBA

    John McCain vs. Barack Obama

    Scene 1: Moderator is sitting at table, w/o candidates. He begins introduction.

    Moderator: “Hi, I’m Miguel Ortiz Moreno, from CNNBC News here in Houston Texas. The candidates will be with us in a moment. First I want to go over guidelines: Please, audience, refrain from outbursts that are inappropriate and otherwise everything goes. Signs are not allowed in the theatre. Now, let’s get started. Please welcome the Senior Senator from Arizona John McCain, and the junior Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama.”

    Candidates walk in, McCain first then Obama. In the audience, a young woman stands up, crying her eyes out, and passes out. Another man stands up with an “Obama is the Messiah” sign and he also faints. The crowd silences and the candidates take their places at the table.

    Moderator: “I hope those people are okay. Now thanks for coming guys. We have limited time, so don’t overdo your answers, and let’s begin. Senator Obama gets the first question of course. Senator Obama (another person faints in the audience), your opponent has served this country for over 50 years both as a senator, in the House, and most notably in the military. He has served on the Armed Services Committee in the Senate, and he also serves on several other important committees, and has done so for decades. Why do you think you are better prepared to be Commander in Chief than John McCain?”

    Senator Obama: “Well thanks for inviting us here to Houston. I think we need change (cheers in the audience). We need hope (cheers in the audience, people crying). We need to hope for change. And we also need to realize that we must change for hope, because we can change. People say no we cannot change, and I say Yes We Can. (Another fainting in the audience.) John McCain is a continuation of George Bush. Ummm, we need change. I think I hope to offer that.”

    Moderator: “Umm, okay. Senator, McCain?”

    Senator McCain: “Well, I also want to thank Texas for hosting us tonight. That is very patriotic of Texas. Senator Obama, my friends, is doing what he always does. He is generalizing, pontificating, and my friends, my friends, he is not being specific. He never says what hope he wants to bring or what kind of change. We must realize my friends, that we have 2 wars, a problematic economy, an unstable Pakistan, a rising China, and so much else that need more than on-the-job-training. We must have someone who has served our country in both capacities involving the military and involving diplomacy, neither of which my opponent has done. I recall him saying he would invade Pakistan….well my friends, invading the second most populous Muslim country in the world, which has nuclear capabilities, and is unstable right now is a perfect example at how inexperienced and unprepared my opponent is to be president… friends.”

    Moderator: “Senator Obama?”

    Senator Obama: (He quietly, but not quietly enough tells someone offstage to move his teleprompter to the right a little) “Well…..ummmm….uhhhhh…..geeee…..(the teleprompter is fixed), okay, um, I think, once again, I will get back to the fact that I bring change. With me comes change. I am convinced that I am the one we have been waiting for (someone in the audience shouts “Amen”. Moderator looks extremely pleasured and moved by Obama’s answer)!”

    Moderator: (Still looking dreamily at Obama…then comes back to focus) “Okay, let’s move on. Senator McCain, you have called Senator Obama, as did others, “all hat and no cattle”, which is a saying here in Texas. What did you mean by this?”

    Senator McCain: “Well, what I mean is he makes a great speech, but has no record of action. He always says, my friends, that he builds coalitions and brings us together. I would ask him to point out to me at least one example and for once be Specific!”

    Senator Obama: “I built a coalition for example, to get ethics reform passed.”

    Senator McCain: “Anything else my friend?”

    Senator Obama: “I think we need to focus on the issues of the future and the present, not the past.”

    Senator McCain: “Again he is not answering my friends. My friends, we need straight talk, and I am about to give it to ya’(stands up and points at the camera): I have a history of building bipartisan coalitions to get things done. I teamed up to get serious about climate change, I teamed up to get immigration reform, I teamed up to get election reform, I teamed up to get education reform. I don’t want to cut and run from Iraq, he does. I have a record. I am all cattle my friends. Senator Obama again did not answer the question.”

    Moderator: “Let’s change topics. Senator Obama, you mentioned ethics reform, which you did help to pass. How can your ethics stances be taken seriously when you have many questionable problems in business deals with indicted businessman Antoin “Tony” Rezko, you had the problem in Galesburg, Illinois, where one of your largest donors, the Crown family, which is a massive stockholder in Maytag, said you mentioned nothing to them about the company shipping this plant’s jobs to Mexico and the workers there endorsed your primary opponent Hillary Rodham Clinton? You also have questions about Exelon Nuclear company, and accidental hidden emissions made by a nuclear plant in Illinois, and from which you get so many donations?”

    Senator Obama: “Well Miguel, that is a long question. (Obama itches his forehead, prompting applause from the audience. McCain looks at the audience looking confused, Miguel applauds Obama too) I think Senator McCain also has questionable donors. Ummm, I think we need to take on special interests to get things done (applause). I did that, and will do that. We need to change Washington. I can. I bring hope to the hopeless. That is just what I do. I brought hope to those Maytag workers in Galesburg. We did not succeed, but I gave an inspiring speech that got applause and a woman fainted from excitement (another audience member faints). I don’t know who Tony Rezko is. I only met him a couple of times. This is being blown out of proportion.”

    Senator McCain: “I think this raises questions about my opponents honesty and integrity. My friends, I have been a straight talker and have been for years. I continue to be. My friends, it is clear that my opponent has so many ethics violations that who knows what his supposed administration would be like. We would have cronies running wild my friends. My friends, I have no major ethics violations in my entire career. That is just straight talk. He can’t even be a state senator from Chicago without causing ethics violations. How can he be Commander in Chief?”

    Moderator leers at McCain

    Moderator: “Well unfortunately, this is all the time we have, so thanks for coming and I hope you all go out and vote for change. I am an objective reporter, and this network will not endorse anyone. I am going to send it back to the studio for analysis from our objective, award winning political coverage panel: David Axelrod, Michelle Obama, and Mika Brzezinski.”

    Camera shows audience members fawning and pushing up to see obama, some getting physical.

    Rough Draft of part 1. What do y’all think? Okay? I don’t know. This is tentative and very spontaneous.

  346. LOL! good point. ‘Karl’: obviously his parents, who had a major influence on his ‘political indoctrination’.

  347. “. I bring hope to the hopeless. That is just what I do.”

    ROFLMAO HAWK..YOU HAVE TO SEND THIS TO HILLARY, she needs a good laugh. You have McCain doen SO GREAT too…i can HEAR THEIR VOICES in my head when I read..

    send to her Senate Office tho, unless some one here for sure can get it to her on the road. Her campaign site it too jammed up…

    funny funny stuff

  348. Found this @ DKOS, can’t find the news accuont yet;
    Not crazy about the premise…..

    Tonight former Iowa Governor and current Clinton surrogate Tom Vilsack said that if Barack Obama were the Democratic nominee a 527 group would run ads comparing McCain’s time as a POW to Obama’s own past adding “and I don’t mean community organizing” (rough quote). Vilsack’s made these remarks during a Candidate’s Forum at the National Law School Democratic Council’s annual convention in Columbus OH.

  349. devans…it’s just a great read too tho….

    I say use the enemy to attakt the enemy

    use the video of Teddy singing the other day in MExico at an obama rally


    and VERY uncool

  350. You guys watching HBO?

    Boy, republicans sure know how to do it right (very wrong, actually).

    Rep. Kingston (R): “Obama won’t say pledge of allegiance”

  351. Yo wbboei

    Weren’t you trying to flog that guy’s resume a couple of months ago 🙄 ?

    We had a position open then too, but that resume was lacking, somehow.

  352. jr..we’re all tired, as is Hil…we want her to be the president. we are calling, writing, sending money we cannot afford but we believe in her…we get to play some without a lecture. I mean no offense, but most of this stuff here is pertinent to what we as indiviiduals are working on outside this site to elect Hillary Clinton president. Please don’t lecture.

  353. Total fuckin hit piece by Matt Taibbi on Hill, followed her to Ohio & rips her for Nafta. Again and again claiming she voted for it, when she was choosing the White House Xmas trees at the time!

    Sorry it’s not positive; right now it’s the reality.

  354. Spacegirl: that was me alright. All except for the scotch terrier watching a rathole. That was HL Mecken. He was a reporter with the Baltimore Sun, he was at the 1948 Convention and he accurately foresaw the rise of Obamania when he said “nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of (a sizeable segment of) the American People.”

  355. hawk…that was great. I could picture everyone in my heads saying the exact same things. You got those to politicans right. I can’t wait for your next installment.

  356. Wbboei…that was the best line.. 😉

    but good post…ive written three of those 10K email you described! LOL

  357. Hillary need to get in his face and say look you little punk I eas the FUCKING FIRST LADY when nafta passed


  358. Matt Taibi or whatever his name is needs to worry about his hair loss and his secondplace status to Mike Taibbi of NBC, a more respectable journalist lol.

  359. I heard a song …i think it was a Joni Mitchell song…one i had never heard, which was strange in an of itself…

    had a line

    “when a man is mad, he’s mad. when it’s a woman, she’s a bitch”

    thought of our girl Hil and those awful lying bastards

  360. I wish we could find the quote where she was saying something like “Now you are acting like a republican” to WJC, re NAFTA

  361. hawk-he is mikes son. Graduate of Leningrad State University, Rolling Stone and serial asshole. However if he blames Hillary for NAFTA when she was not in the senate (and in fact she opposed it privately) they it is easy enough to impeach his crediblility. The receding hairline however is a greater problem. Rogaine to the rescue. Maybe a little viagra too–they say it helps memory and that memory is the second thing to go.

  362. It was Matt Taibbi, not Obama. I believe the word he used was she “supported” it, drawing on CAFTA and making a blanket statement.
    I’llhave to see it again, but the entire piece was a snarky big-time hit piece, have no doubt about that.

    Matt Taibbi is the son of Mike Taibbi.

  363. what these people dont get through the Clinton Rules of reporting, is that as FIRST LADY, it is not something she could have taken to the streets…

    Can you see Laura Bush out there against wiretaps?

  364. havent seen that but knew I knew of a statement…

    i have to go to bed now

    see you later all. you are a brilliant group. I am proud to be here with you and Hillaryis44!

    and she is, no matter what


  365. SpaceGirl,

    Because it’s all about power (and a corrupted media)
    – it has nothing to do with her.

    People “hated” Eleanor Roosevelt too because she fought for change, but of course the media functioned a bit differently back then.

    Remember her husband was in a wheelchair for 16 years
    and the country didn’t know it.

  366. Obama Fever Is Breaking On the Web
    A Rash of New Sites Throws Some Cold Water On the Hot Candidate

    By Jose Antonio Vargas
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Saturday, February 23, 2008; C01

    It’s the nature of the Web — and, really, of life. What goes up must come down. What’s popular becomes too popular. What’s seen as hip and hot and cool eventually gets mocked.

    Even, yes, Barack Obama.

    In recent days, sites have popped up indicating that the ongoing online Obamamania has hit a wall. What kind of wall? A snarky, ironic, this-Obama-thing-has-gotten-over-the-top wall. Obama’s smiling mug is mashed up on countless faces on He’s Sumobama. He’s Pharaohbama. He’s Navajobama, complete with a blue-and-white feathered headdress. The blog Is Barack Obama the Messiah? features a photo of the Illinois senator standing on a flight of stairs, Christlike, above an adoring crowd while a ray of light beams from above.

    And on the aptly titled Web site, the candidate caters to all your needs: Barack Obama made your bed . . . Barack Obama folded your laundry . . . Barack Obama picked you up at the airport . . . Barack Obama remembered your birthday . . . Barack Obama is your new bicycle . . .

    That’s funny ha, ha. And funny ouch.

    Sites such as the Messiah blog are created by voters who don’t care much for Obama.

    “I just can’t stand it. Whenever I hear him speak, I shake my head, thinking, ‘Are people hearing his campaign’s overtly religious tones?’ ” says Michael Hussey, 29, an Internet entrepreneur who runs Hussey is a libertarian, his politics a cross between Ron Paul’s and Rudy Giuliani’s, he says. After reading about the Messiah blog on the conservative site Instapundit, Hussey started a Facebook group where members post comments such as “I hear he shoots lightning out of his fingertips to smite the unbelievers!” The group has 37 members.

    But most of the sites that poke fun at online Obamamania are engineered by supporters, some of whom are explaining to themselves — and to lovers, friends, co-workers — Obama’s pull. The Web is an expressive, creative sandbox, a virtual playground where you can be as self-effacing and self-indulgent as possible. It’s a place where inside jokes become, when effective, everyone’s jokes.

    “Obama has this almost irrational following, and I myself can’t sometimes explain why I’m supporting him. He’s all things to all men. At least that’s how I put it,” says Noah Norman, 25, a tech consultant who launched SenatorObamas last week.

    No offense to the Paulites, the fervent, fanatical followers who’ve kept Paul’s candidacy alive, but Obama is the online candidate of the primary race. Though he consistently trailed Hillary Rodham Clinton in state and national polls for most of last year, he’s always been the online front-runner in fundraising, and the most popular Democratic candidate on Facebook, MySpace and YouTube.

    On YouTube, it started off as fluff, a harmless diversion, with Amber Lee Ettinger, a.k.a. Obama Girl, lip-synching her way to “I Got a Crush . . . on Obama.” Then it tapped into something authentic when Will.I.Am’s ” Yes We Can” video, now viewed nearly 5 million times in one channel alone, got IM’d, linked and e-mailed around.

    “To some people, the ‘Yes We Can’ video is when folks started to think, ‘Oh, this is too much,’ ” says Joshua Levy of TechPresident, the bipartisan group blog that tracks how the candidates are campaigning on the Web. “The Internet is all about authenticity. When somebody gets too popular, too mainstream, their authenticity is questioned. It’s like an indie band joining a major label. It’s like Kurt Cobain. It’s like ‘Juno.’ ”

    Adds Peter Leyden, director of the liberal think tank New Politics Institute and the former managing editor of the tech staple Wired magazine: “It’s a backlash with a small ‘b.’ A ‘baracklash.’ One of the things you have to remember about Internet culture is, there’s a smugness, a self-satisfaction about being ahead of the curve. But now that Obamamania has gotten to be so widespread online, folks are twisting and tweaking it.”

    Mathew Honan says his wife, Harper Honan, an avid cyclist, used to obsess about her mountain bike, a Santa Cruz Blur LT. But when the Honans returned from their vacation in Nicaragua shortly after Obama won the Iowa caucuses, Harper’s obsession turned to Obama. Instead of talking about her bike, Harper talks about Obama. It’s nonstop. She has made calls to the campaign. She has canvassed and knocked on doors. She has held signs out in the streets.

    Then one day, Mathew, 35, a freelance writer, joked to Harper, 32, a registered nurse: “Barack Obama is your new bicycle.”

    A site was born.

    After launching less than two weeks ago, the site has been viewed more than 2.3 million times.

    “I didn’t see it as a pro-Obama site or an anti-Obama site, though some people can interpret it any way they want. I was just trying to be funny,” says Mathew, who’s also an Obama supporter. The Honans have given about $300 to Obama online.

    “But I actually think a little backlash is good for Obama,” Mathew adds. “He’s not going to win on personality alone. I think the more people shy away from the mania of it all, the more they’ll realize that there’s actual substance in him and what he’s been saying.”

  367. just got off the phone from my brother. he is a obama supporter but he is not a rabid hillary hater. he at least respect my choice in the primaries.

  368. We need to play every card dealt we are dealt; MO’s thesis will give Republicans ammo for months, along with the “I hate America” (to paraphrase) comment, she’s quickly turning toxic.

  369. Hey did every one of you donate – even if it’s milkmoney.44?

    Let’s make sure she gets to 2.2 million…would not good if she did not.

  370. Taylor Marsh’s words today – couldn’t be more true:

    Oh, and though I am a Democrat, my loyalties are to the ideology and the causes, not to any one person, whether we’re talking Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. That is not to confuse me with The Progressive Village, those bloggers (and radio hosts) whose credibility is in the crapper since going into the tank for Obama. Joe Biden is the most knowledgeable on foreign policy, but no one cared. The progressive rot at the core of this primary season revealed through the collective shrug John Edwards received, whose ideas were the most populist and progressive of all. He got little or no support. The first viable female candidate was vilified and rejected, especially by men across the progressive network, finally revealing the covert sexism running through the Democratic party, that was also exposed in the traditional media and cable networks as well. If Obama goes on to win the nomination it will tell the story, which isn’t just about Hillary Clinton. All Democratic candidates, every one of them more qualified and with better ideas, pushed aside for Elmer Gantry with a website.

  371. Dot 48: I don’t know if everybody here has been like me this week…I’ve been all over the map..jubilant, sad, worried, frustrated, angry, second guessing, hopeful, realistic, weary, thoughtful, soul searching, and a lot of prayerful.

    Well said Dot: I continue to believe Hillary will win as long as we all keep the faith, ignore the propaganda machine and make the phone calls. There are more variables in play here than most people realize.

  372. The 2008 Presidential Debate

    Part 2

    Moderator: Cody Eliff
    John McCain:
    Barack Obama:
    Hillary Clinton:
    Audience Members:

    Hillary Clinton vs. John McCain

    Scene 1: Moderator is sitting at table, w/o candidates. He begins introduction.

    Moderator: “Hi, I’m Miguel Ortiz Moreno, from CNNBC News here in Houston Texas. The candidates will be with us in a moment. First I want to go over guidelines: Please, audience, refrain from outbursts that are inappropriate and otherwise everything goes. Signs are not allowed in the theatre. Now, let’s get started. Please welcome the Senior Senator from Arizona John McCain, and the Junior Senator from New York, Hillary Clinton.”

    Candidates walk in together, chatting silently while the crowd applauds.

    Moderator: “Please be seated. Thanks to both of you for coming. Now both of you are well respected in the military community, and in the realms of foreign policy and in government. Senator McCain, you had said in the past on Meet the Press that Hillary Clinton would make a good president. DO you still agree with this statement?”

    Senator McCain: “Well, I respect Senator Clinton. We are friends. We are colleagues my friends. We have traveled together on behalf of the American people. However, my friends, I think Senator Clinton has positions dealing with Iraq and with Iran that would put this nation on the defense and not on the offense in the War on Terror, and I think that in order to prevent another 9/11, we should be concentrating on defeating the enemy in Iraq and elsewhere, and my friends, she does not want to do that. She wants to surrender in Iraq.”

    Moderator: “Senator Clinton?”

    Senator Clinton: “Well, first I want to thank the people of Houston for hosting us. I want to respond to John, he said that I want to ‘put is on defense’. This is absolutely false. I am well aware that there are people in this world aiming to do harm to us. I know this first hand, being the senator from New York, I had to deal with a lot of these issues after that tragic day, 9/11. I have been fully supportive of the War on Terror. I think that we do need to be on the offensive, but where it is smart to do so. I think that at this time, the War in Iraq needs to be drawn down to allow us to focus on the problems we are having in Afghanistan, which has been to some extent ignored. The Iraqis now have to step up and take responsibility for their own future. I think that Senator McCain’s comments about staying in Iraq for possibly up to 100 years are unfortunate and show us how similar his policies would be when compared to that of George W. Bush. My record stands on its own. I have been a huge supporter of the military. I got the National Guard healthcare by teaming up with one of your (pointing at McCain) advisors and supporters Lindsay Graham. I also got them more body armor faster. So, I think I am better prepared to have a good, strong military in my administration than my opponent, who wants to continue the Bush policy of slowly deteriorating our military with over-extended deployments. (Applause).”

    Moderator: “Let’s switch gears for a moment and touch on the most important issue, according to all of the exit polls earlier this year, and that is the economy. Senator Clinton, you have depicted yourself as the most knowledgeable, competent candidate when it comes to the economy. Why are you better prepared and why are your policies better than your opponent’s?”

    Senator Clinton: “Well, the economy is an important issue and I hear it everywhere I go in America. You know, there are people losing their homes in the housing crisis, there are people without healthcare, there are people losing jobs overseas. We are in serious danger here of a big recession. We must act. I have a plan (applause). My plan is to freeze home foreclosures and allow people to sort out this big problem. I have said this consistently for almost two years now. Also, we must do more to undo the Bush tax cuts to the wealthiest 1%, give tax cuts to the middle class for a change, and we must create more jobs. I want to create a Green Energy future, which would create millions of new jobs for the middle class. People here in Texas would have to get up on the roof of a building and install a solar panel, that is a job created here in America that cannot be shipped to China or Mexico! (Applause) Senator McCain himself said, he is not very good or knowledgeable about the economy (laughter).”

    Senator McCain: “My friends, my opponent doesn’t say how she’ll pay for these new jobs programs? She is obviously being dishonest and we have seen this before. She, for example, switched positions on Iraq. She has been inconsistent on her positions on many issues, almost as bad as Senator Kerry…..”

    Senator Clinton: “I did say how I would pay. Stay awake Senator McCain. I said I would roll back the Bush tax cuts on the wealthiest 1% (Applause and laughter), also, I would take back the tax breaks from the Oil companies that were given to them by President Bush in 2005. On Iraq, Senator McCain is the status quo, only amplified. He wants to stay there for longer periods of time than is allowed by our strained military, he is so focused on National security, as I am, but he fails to address how we will keep our homeland safe when we are spending too many resources and precious lives in Iraq.”

    Moderator: “Senator McCain?”

    Senator McCain: “Well Hillary makes a point. We should be focused on national security my friends. I think Iraq is a big factor in that. We need to stay on offense. We have too many enemies in the middle east and elsewhere to be playing defense as Senator Clinton wants us to be, my friends. I think I am the best person to bring us back to being the true superpower we are, and the best nation in the world status we enjoy even today will be expanded under a McCain presidency.”

    Moderator: “Senator McCain, on a somewhat similar topic, do you think you are better prepared to take over, even though your are of the same party as George Bush, and fix our strained relations around the world?”

    Senator McCain: “Well my Mexican friend, I think that my party affiliation should have no say in if I would be better equipped to take over to repair the relationships we have strained recently. I think I am better prepared my friends. I have the experience thanks to serving in the senate and house for so long. I am proud to have served my country in Vietnam, and have met many leaders. I think that I will be able to form good relationships with these nations, I have no doubt my friends, that is straight talk.”

    Senator Clinton: “Well Miguel, I hope Senator McCain uses this experience when he and others like my husband and former president Bush travel the world to tell them that we are back and will travel on my behalf in the new Clinton Administration (Laughter and Applause)! Listen, I think Senator McCain certainly has great international and military experience. But I think right now, we need someone that can repair the damages, done frankly, by a REPUBLICAN administration. I was privileged to serve as your First lady (talking into the camera) for 8 wonderful years. I represented our country and my husband in over 80 countries, where I met with the leaders. I personally know Pervez Musharraf, who is facing a crisis in Pakistan, which cannot be left in its current condition. That is a nuclear power with the possibility of civil war. I know about the problems in the Balkans, I negotiated with the governments there in regards to refugees during the 90’s. I have personal connections everywhere in the world. I am best prepared to fix our relationships.”

    Moderator: “Thank you Senator Clinton. Senator McCain, this is the last topic of the night, healthcare is in crisis in this country, what do you propose to do about this? And to Senator Clinton after, you have a plan that some would call Socialized Medicine (Clinton laughs) and others would say is government run and would cost too much, and also would drive down quality. How would you refute these arguments? Senator McCain?”

    Senator McCain: “Healthcare will always have problems, look my friends, we need to do something about the uninsured, but it is not to help them by creating a giant bureaucracy that runs the entire healthcare system in our country. We do not need socialized medicine. Americans believe in individual responsibility. We can help these people by helping them get up on their feet and allowing them access to the private health insurance companies. My friends, we need to allow the doctors and nurses to do what they want and not have a bureaucrat telling them how.”

    Moderator: “Thank you Senator McCain, Senator Clinton?”

    Senator Clinton: “Well, I disagree fundamentally here with John. I also believe in individual responsibility. However, I think we cannot leave 47 million of our fellow Americans uninsured. This is anything but patriotic. We also need to help those that have insurance but cannot get the coverage when they need it, for example, this happens many times when someone has a pre-existing condition. My plan, I have a plan to address this crisis, my plan is called the American Health Choices Act. It allows you to keep your private plan if you are satisfied, but if you are not satisfied, or are not insured, you can get healthcare, the same plan that your member of Congress has. This is not government run. We now have a coalition of doctors, nurses, organizations, and patients that are pleading for Universal Healthcare coverage. We are the wealthiest nation that has no Universal coverage. This is morally wrong. Healthcare is a right, not a privilege, as Senator McCain seems to be suggesting. I would say to those skeptics in Congress and in government, your healthcare is not socialized medicine, so don’t label my plan that, that is an archaic misnomer.” (Applause.)

    Moderator: “Well, thanks to the candidates, and thanks to Texas. Now I am going to turn this over to my colleagues in the studio for analysis. Here are Pat Buchanan, Hillary Rosen, and Craig Crawford.”

    Camera shows McCain and Hillary smiling and chatting and waving to the audience.

  373. there some really great videos on hillaryspeaksforMe – this is michael moore style – guy tries to get change for his hope money…and of course, can’t. HILARIOUS.

  374. mj, it was but like i said he did not letcure me. he asked why i picked hillary over obama and i answered what hillary has done over the years to earn my support. offcourse i had to make a small list. if i listed all her accomplishments we be on the phone all night. funny, he managed to miss the primary on feb 5th but gave money to obama. i visited to my mother and she supports hillary. a little surprized by that but my mom knows who is more able to run the country. she looked at me and said without hesitation”HILLARY IS GOING TO TAKE IT.


    This is according to a right wing radio talk show host. Don’t know if it’s true, if it’s exaggerated, if it’s out already, if the campaign already knows about it.

    While McCain could counter their attack on him, he could respond easily to the charges. Not so easy with Hillary. They are said to attack her on her management abilities. They use the campaign and it’s finances as their basis. I suspect accuracy does not play a significant role in it.

    Just more of the MSM doing their part to screw the American people.

  376. no, Sherm – if it’s true that something like that is to be published – Obama and/or the Republicans – trying to strong-arm a win on March 4.

  377. sherm – what radio broadcast, pls? will notify campaign – I’m sure they know about it if so, but that they should know it’s already rumored.

  378. They’re not only trying to finish her off, but they had to give Russert something to sabotage Hill with Tuesday night.

    That’ll be the Lion’s Den and she needs to unload – once and for all!!!

  379. someone is smart on the mccain blog i just read this wow we..

    These are the choices for McCain supporters/Republicans in Texas: vote in the primary/caucus for Hillary, or lose the presidency in November.

    McCain will be the nominee. So here in Texas, there is one last chance to stop Obama. If Obama is the nominee, he will win in November.

    The only chance of winning the White House in November is to assure Obama is not the nominee.

    For this reason, Republicans should consider a new strategy to win. This strategy must be to stop Obama.

    Texas is the place to do that. Vote for Hillary in the Texas primary/caucus—-and increase Sen. McCain’s chances of winning the presidency.

    hill will whip him lol

  380. it seems the repukes and right leaning indies are voting in the dem primaries to take out hillary. they don’t want to face her. these guys are terrified of a hillary presidency.

  381. I’m online talking to people in Austin to get a sense of how organized these Republican cross-over efforts are, so far, seems like they’re a bit all over the place…everything from “anyone but McCain,” to voting against Hillary and Bill without much forethought of where this is going in the GE, to some people thinking its easier to defeat Hillary, so vote for Hillary.

    Still – this is just small sampling right now (and Austin certainly not Republican-ville), hopefully more to report tomorrow.

  382. texan4hillary, hawk, kaffeen – i hope you’re doing the caucus training, because intimidation factor is huge; some excerpts from caucus materials:

    Be prepared to participate as a “truth squad” in loud “casual conversations” begun by Obama supporters in the line.
    . Report campaign abuses to central authority immediately, using the “call tree.”
    INTERESTING TO NOTE: Try to determine how many Republican regulars are in the line and their reason for participating in the Democratic Primary this year. Are they converts, or saboteurs?

    In the past, it’s been common practice for the precinct chair to open the meeting, declare that the chair has already picked the delegates and immediately close the meeting without objection.
    If an Obama supporter were to take control of the meeting in this manner, it is likely that a full slate of Obama delegates could be named regardless of the Hillary supporters present, unless an objection were raised by “point of order” under Robert’s Rules of Order.

    The caucus is an open meeting, by law. There will be observers present in the caucus from both camps who are not authorized to vote in the caucus.
    If a headcount is used to allocate delegates, it may be difficult to determine whether only authorized voters are counted. A procedure to confirm credentials should be set by motion under Robert’s Rules.

    Many caucus participants will arrive early. The doors to the caucus will not open until 15 minutes after the last vote is cast in the primary poll. So, the doors could open late. Meanwhile, Hillary supporters are vulnerable to the Obama hard-sell tactics.
    Poll distance markers do not apply to the caucus. Be prepared to campaign in the parking lot to keep your supporters.

  383. ininla and others,

    I’ve just started a message board at where we can store stuff we find on various topics. I’ve started a thread at h t t p : / / for evidence on “Dem for a Day” and other crossover activity, ie Republicans voting/caucusing just to mischief our selection while planning to vote GOP in the fall.

  384. “Come on, Bill, we’ll make history, man,” Mr. Obama told Mr. Richardson, the governor said. “Me, you and Teddy” ….”

    w w w

  385. from Taylor Marsh

    Lots of speculation these days about the general election, thinking about who stands up best against John McCain. The polls don’t mean diddly right now. Obama wasn’t anywhere near Clinton’s numbers six months ago, so that shows you how things can change. But one thing some people seem to be feeling is that late 1970s feeling all over again. It’s a bad omen.

    First, Ron Brownstein: That’s the gamble Obama represents for Democrats: His upside potential as a nominee (or a president) seems higher than Clinton’s, but his downside risk seems greater. For better or worse, Democrats pretty much know what they are getting if they nominate Hillary Clinton. As nominee, or president, Barack Obama might fall anywhere between John F. Kennedy and Jimmy Carter. The first would likely beat John McCain. The second would not.

    Brownstein isn’t the only one thinking about Jimmy Carter, segue to Paul Krugman:

    … .. Until recently, I thought the biggest political struggle facing the next president was likely to be over health care reform. But right now it looks as if the first thing on the next administration’s plate will have to be dealing with a weak economy.

    And if effective action isn’t forthcoming, the next president will suffer the fate of Jimmy Carter, who began his administration with words of uplift — “Let us create together a new national spirit of unity and trust” — and ended up delivering America into the hands of the hard right.

    Don’t Rerun That ’70s Show

    Food for thought, after Carter’s first term, a new type of Democrat was born, Reagan Democrats. People disaffected by Carter, who seemed out of touch and unable to solve our biggest problems at home or on national security. These were the working class whites that Clinton now gets, but Obama doesn’t reach, though he did a lot better in Wisconsin. If Obama’s the nominee up against McCain, however, who gets those working class whites, the people now called “lunch bucket Democrats?” I think they’re up for grabs and that’s a big problem for the Democratic party. Because it puts Ohio in play, Pennsylvania maybe, with Florida already going to McCain after the DNC’s shenanigans.

    Back in 1980, I was one of those Reagan Democrats (however short-lived). Like I said, all this 70s talk, even in the midst of the current Democratic wave going on, is a bad omen.

  386. ININLA, sorry I didn’t see your post sooner. I’ve been busy. This may not help even if it wasn’t too late. Many times the Sunday papers are out on Saturday anyway. I don’t know about the NYT.

    The broadcast was on an ABC radio station in Louisiana. The show was in the time slot ordinarily filled by Sean Hannity. I sometimes hear him when I go to pick up my child from school. There was another guy filling in for Hannity. I’m sorry I can’t be more definite in my answer.

  387. I did hear a thing this morning on C-Span that the NYT is now “totally discredited” about political reporting when running “hit pieces” re: John McCain…

    If this is the case, and they do Rezko….there we go.

    However, we all know Clinton Rules will apply if they do this piece allegedly to come out Sunday on her.

    I am moving to somewhere else.

  388. big media has been doing soft pieces on the finiancial state of her campaign for several days. There have been articles over the last few weeks about bills unpaid in Iowa, office rent unpaid, phone bills unpaid, the guy finally getting his rent money for office space and then donating it to Obama…

    the NYT piece will bundle this all together and hard sell that she can’t manager money. That is my opinion…also, it could be fodder for Sunday morning shows.

  389. Follow up of sorts to Taylor Marsh piece…

    Paul Krugman on the Economy and the next president…

  390. hey everyone, we need to donate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She has a goal of 2.2 million dollars for the next 48 hours, let’s see if we can DOUBLE that in the next 48 hours?????

    As of right now she has $468,582.

    Let’s do it people! Ask away, ask your co-workers, friends, and families, I know we can do it! Also send the clip of the closing statement of Hillary’s to your co-workers, friends, and families, to show this is the REASON we need Hillary as our 44th President.

  391. Morning all, coffee is good (I had a little helper make it with me). Kinda obsessed searching the net the past couple of days for good news, not so encouraged, the pundits are mostly planning her departure. I did donate, felt better for a little while, and especially like that Austin predebate video.

    Anybody have some inside campaign mood/feeling tone to cheer up a ‘disenfranchised’ Floridian dem? Are they back on track with their strategy? Are they spending money more wisely? Do a have a plan for the next debate to hit it out of the park?

  392. I am not giving up on Hillary at all…and have give $100.88 since thursday night to back that up…

    but I can gain solace in the fact that if bambi is the guy, then there is a whole lot of shit that will come crashing in on him that is all to heavy for him to handle while learning the job of president. The other hand side tho, is that ANY improvement from GWB will be seen as achievement…but I don’t see how he can just wave his hand across the aisle and accomplish DEMOCRATIC policies. He is too tied to the pugs in his approach.

  393. Helper is three year old son, has to have his “Coffee Milk” with daddy, lol. Takes me three times as long to make it, but its more fun.

  394. And those special interest favors will be sold as reaching across the aisle and changing the way we do poltics….we give the republicans what they want…ahhhhhh…what peace and harmony he will bringeth…..

  395. Funny we all come here now first thing. Comrades. Support group.

    I’m sitting on the bed with the dog…listening to NPR….gotta get up and take her out when she decides to move

  396. I swear by all that is holy, Bambi is the most evil mf-er to walk the face of this earth. I know that SOB isn’t getting all this money from college kids. 😡

  397. spacegirl@8:22: read my posting from yesterday addressed to our supporters in Ohio on how to counter him. I hope they read it as well.

    He is of course the son of a great labor leader but he was always an attorney and he never worked in the trade. To rank and file members that gives him less credibility.

    I will spare you the personal vignettes save to say that last time he broke his pick voting for Gephardt. And he wants to be a player. This time it will be deja vu all over again.

    My guess is the real reason he swung over to Bambi after staying neutral for awile is because Bambi made some personal promises to him that Hillary did not or would not would not make.

    As I said before, and gave concrete examples of before, half the time they go Republican. And most of the time Teamster members do what they themselves think is right.

  398. The majority of the teamsters members will vote the way they see fit. The Union endorsements mean little to them.

  399. hey guys, let’s close in the gap – even more double it,that’d be awesome! Donate!

    Hows Texas, Ohio, Vermont, Rhode Island looking?

  400. Unions today are not like they were 30 or 40 years ago. Leaders have far less influence over members voting blocs than they use to have. Mostly because union members today are better educated and for the most part more informed than they have ever been.

  401. I thought I would share an editorial that appeared in my local newspaper (Canadian) recently:

    A woman for president
    Like all candidates, Hillary Clinton should be judged fairly on her character and judgment

    Kim Campbell

    Monday, January 28, 2008

    Hillary Clinton has already made history as the only First Lady to win elected office, and she may well win the history trifecta this year as the first of her sex to lead a major U.S. party and become president.

    In most societies, leadership is gendered masculine. Studies on gender confirm that women’s accomplishments are undervalued compared with equivalent performances by men. The success of women is generally seen as accidental rather than as the validation of expected competence, as it is for men. Women who show leadership qualities may be seen as deficient in femininity, although too much femininity makes them seem deficient as leaders.

    Hillary Clinton’s public profile over the years and the expectation that she would seek high office may well have helped to accustom people to her in a leadership role. The appearance of more women on the international stage as national leaders may also influence how Americans respond to the prospect of a woman president. But in the case of the current American primaries, an unusual question is being asked — could Hillary Rodham Clinton be president if she were only Hillary Rodham?

    Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president is unlike any other we have seen. While America is not without its political dynasties, how much does Hillary Clinton’s position as Bill Clinton’s wife actually affect her status? The current president benefited not only from carrying the name of his president father, but also through inheriting the contacts, advisers and financial backers assembled over a long period by his family. Like George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton carries a famous name and she has inherited many of the political resources accumulated during Bill’s time in elected office.

    But unlike the current president, she was marked for stardom long before she acquired a famous name. When she achieved national notoriety as the first student ever to be chosen as commencement speaker at prestigious Wellesley College, people who knew her began to speak of her as a possible first woman president of the U.S.

    She got into Wellesley and Yale Law School on her own merits and was a brilliant student. If she was not a Rhodes Scholar, like her future husband, it was because women were explicitly ineligible for that honour at the time. And this brings us to the problem. If a talented young woman in the 1960s dreamed of holding America’s highest political office, what path could she follow to get her there in a society that still excluded women from many of the established avenues to success?

    This reality helps explain the analysis of Hillary Clinton’s victory in the New Hampshire primary which points to her loss in Iowa, rather than reactions to her “tearing up” incident, as the key factor.

    The pundits and politicians who were so quick and happy to declare her candidacy “toast” reminded many women of just how close to the surface is the belief that a woman doesn’t belong in a presidential race. Polls show that the wave of women who came out to support Hillary at the last moment were of the generation that remembers all too well what it had to overcome to get educations, jobs and rights. They were not ready to see the end of the Hillary Clinton candidacy.

    For her supporters, Hillary Clinton’s career as the equal partner of one of America’s most successful and still-popular politicians is an enormous asset. She has been closer to the reality of the presidency than any of the current candidates and, throughout their marriage, Bill Clinton has presented his wife as a key player in his political life. In the minds of her detractors, however, Hillary Clinton is a “parasite” on the political career of her more talented husband and her claims to political experience, and even her ability to

    establish her own political credentials as a U.S. senator, are derivative of her husband’s accomplishments.

    Scandals aside, marriage to Bill Clinton has been a mixed blessing to Hillary’s political ambitions. When he failed to win election to the U.S. Congress early in their marriage and decided to pursue a career at the state level in Arkansas, her opportunities to develop an independent political life, perhaps building on her experience as a young lawyer serving the Senate Watergate Committee, were greatly constrained. She achieved distinction as a lawyer and an advocate for children, but Little Rock, Ark., was not Washington.

    I think it likely that Hillary Rodham would have found a way to prominence without Bill but it seems hardly fair to penalize her for balancing these sacrifices with advantages from marrying someone who respected her as an equal, shared her commitment to public life, and who had a better chance at the time of breaking down the barriers to their shared dream. If a son can benefit from a father’s efforts, why cannot a wife reap some advantage from a partnership to which she has contributed?

    Times do change but there is still a double standard where Bill Clinton’s role in Hillary’s campaign is concerned. Attractive and popular family members are always an asset on the campaign trail but Barbara Bush’s famous reference to female vice-presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro as something that “rhymes with ‘rich’ ” reminds us that these advocates often say what the candidates will not, cannot or should not. In the end, women can only secure their right to the top jobs by changing the landscape from which people derive their sense of the way the world works, and this includes a new and different definition of the “political spouse.”

    Hillary Clinton, like all the candidates, will be judged on many factors — issues, character, judgment, trust — and it should be the goal of all who care about the advancement of women that she be judged fairly on the same basis as the men. Whatever the outcome of the 2008 American presidential election, Hillary Clinton is changing the way a presidential campaign looks and sounds and by sending a message to Americans that a woman has a right to be there, she is changing history. For that I, for one, am deeply grateful.

    Kim Campbell is a former prime minister of Canadan

    © The Edmonton Journal 2008

  402. The Maytag example as recounted by the President of the Machinists Union where Obama made a nice speech to those hapless workers, but failed to lift a finger to help them in their hour of need and took contributions from their o the Crown Family of Chicago who benefitted handsomely from their demise reminds me the rhetorical statement of the old moneyed interests in pre-Franco Spain: ” Ah yes. Find me a general who will fire on his own people.”

    He is a corporate shill. Real constructive social reform, the kind that forces you to fight rather than sit back at a safe distance and pontificate is what the game of leadership is about. This election is a clear choice between a strong leader like Hillary who would help those people and a weak one like Barack who turned his back on them to do what was good for Barack.

  403. @wbboei,

    “This election is a clear choice between a strong leader like Hillary who would help those people and a weak one like Barack who turned his back on them to do what was good for Barack.”

    Exactly! I have been going through your posts from yesterday now that I have more time. Well Done!!!

  404. Jan H: that is a nice rotogravured portrait of Hillary, and the inexorable march of history we all hope but dont you think it misses the larger reality of this race namely the degree of sexism that confronts the most qualified leader from becoming president and if the forces of darkness prevail isnt the better surmise that we will not see another woman candidate for president, certainly not in my life time.

    Forgive me if I marvel at these sanatized accounts which are supposed to reflect life. They are cold and passionless They remind me of Japanese art all pristine artifical and measured, when we all know that life itself is a much dirtier business.

    See ya later. I am going troll hunting.

  405. I am refusing to second guess the campaign managers and workers because I think people are forgetting and underestimating how hard it is for a woman to run for the presidency in this country.

    Instead of wondering why she hasn’t run away with the nomination — and remember, the DNC deliberately set up the primaries this year to block her — I think we should be amazed at how well she’s done, how many people are willing to vote for a woman, and are willing to see through the years of bashing to the real wonderful person who’s there.

  406. Repeating what I have said before, if BO is nominated, he will not get my vote in the fall. I will not be a part of this ridiculous mass hysteria, and I can’t stomach the notion of looking at and listening to Michelle Obama for the next four years. For my own mental health, I will impose a news blackout on myself.

  407. Some are saying if BHO is the nominee and eventually elected President he is likely to fall on his face in the job. Don’t count on it. The Dems control both houses at this time, and they could do wonders today if we only had a Dem President. If we keep that control, he will be made to look like a miracle worker. The MSM will be doing high fives over how right they were all along.

    (I hated writing that!)

  408. Does anyone remember the name of the computer software that scans everything on the internet, and uses key phrases to predict future events?

    I saw it on some History Channel show, but can’t for the life of me think of the name of the computer program.

  409. my prediction is that if BHO is nominee, then McCain will be president and democrat controls both house and senate with large majority.

  410. We had a Dem president in the late 1970s and again in the 1990s, and both times the Democratic Congress was their worst enemy, and in the 90s their own worst enemy as well.

    And if for some reason the donkey changes its spots, I don’t want it to do that at the expense of Social Security and Medicare, which I think will be BO’s first targets.

  411. rickroberts, I wish the MSM would pick up on “us” – the “Hillary Only” democratic voters who WILL jump ship to vote for McCain.

    I cannot and will not vote for Obama. I won’t. Pure and simple. After the character assasination of Hillary Clinton, a woman who is SO MUCH BETTER than he is, and has fought all her life for this country and the Democrats…… I would rather watch the democratic party burn down and have to be built back up with some common sense they OBVIOUSLY didn’t learn in 2000 or 2004.

    After all, the “wonders” we need Obama to do – such as finally get Universal Health Coverage – will obviously not happen since he doesn’t believe in it. If the dems control Congress and McCain is in power, they will temper his already sorta centrist views.

  412. meiyingsu, I hope you are right, even though I hate having a Repug for President again. My concern is the Repugs are often calling BHO a “phenomenon”. They are suggesting his style of campaigning may cause many from across party lines to vote for him. I intend to buy the Golden Gate Bridge before I buy that, but it’s a worry. I just hate to think this country is still that vulnerable to his kind of demogogery. I had always thought of us as an advanced country. I don’t like having my balloons popped.

  413. wbboei,

    I do agree with you. I will also add that Ms. Campbell was only prime minister of Canada for a short time and during her tenure the “boys club” was as nasty as ever…sigh.

  414. Patrick Ruffini notes that Obama “had tallied about 256,000 donors for the year as of the end of January.” These donors contributed an average of $140 each for a total of $36M.

    Now, he notes, “Obama’s public donor count stands at 583,525, meaning about 327,000 people donated in February. With the same average, that would give Obama just over $46 million in 21 days.”

    And Ruffini has created an embedded crowdsourced spreadsheet that tracks every bit of public data about Obama’s fundraising. From those calculations, he gets at least $60M for the quarter.

    Outside campaign advisers said that they believed the campaign would raise at least $50M, based on conversations they’ve had with the cryptkeepers.

    How much will Hillary Clinton raise? Between $25M and $30M, according to advisers.

    WE NEED TO WORK HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE NEED TO DO BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  415. Sherm Kader,

    Hypothetically, if he were to win, there aren’t enough democrats in the world to keep him from putting his foot in his mouth over and over again…no matter how much they prop him up. Same goes for his wife.

  416. JanH, the bright side is Hillary is still in this thing. As someone earlier said, “It ain’t over until Donna Brazzille sings.”

  417. Sherm Kader, i am worry about the “phenomenon” too. I don’t understand why republicans still organize people to cross party line to stop hillary. the one they need to stop right now is BHO for the sake of this great county. don’t even think he is easy to beat once you let the movement become a “phenomenon”.

  418. Govenor Ted Strickland of Ohio is going all out to help Hillary win that state. He is grateful to the Clintons.

    “I don’t know what kind of change Mr. Obama would bring,” Strickland said this week in an interview in his ground-level office in Ohio’s state capital. “I do know what kind of change Sen. Clinton would bring” – on veterans, the Iraq war, the mortgage crisis and health care – “because she’s been very specific.”

  419. I meant the Bible Code

    No…it’s some computer project that gathers everything posted on the internet, pulls key phrases, and uses that to make predictions. Like stocks, gambling etc.
    I can’t think of it for the life of me.

  420. Hey guys, does anyone have inside connection with Hillary’s campaign? It would be really nice to see a POWERFUL rally with Cher, Barbara S. Maya A., Ted Danson and his wife Mary S., and Whoppi G., have a song be played out, and so on forth? This may help Hillary in Texas or Ohio

  421. spacegirl,

    Here’s my conspiracy theory about the BO?McCain article connection. Posted these on Thursday.
    This morning I listened to Tweetie, Scarface, Buchanon and crew all wringing their hands at the shameful state of journalism in the US. Tweetie couldn’t believe such incendiary, unsubstantiated accusations could be lodged against a candidate despite having done far worse to HRC for months. “How can you prove a negative?” he lamented. Each said that heads should roll if there isn’t substantial support for the ‘anonymous source’ info and predicted reporters would be all over the story trying to find out who leaked it to the press and who the sources were.
    My take is this scandal could be a clever, diversionary ploy by Bo’s campaign to make such allegations off limits, thereby sparing BO the embarrassment of equally scurrilous accusations coming out about his life. If the press is questioning journalistic practice in public on live TV and expressing dismay that standards of objectivity are not being applied, than it forces them to examine their treatment of other candidates and approach such stories with kid gloves.
    It was amusing to hear Scarface, Tweetie and company discussing the basics of Journalism 101
    Anyway, from what I’ve gathered, the New Republic was coming out with a piece about the NY Times sitting on the story and some of the heads intimated it was published today because the Times didn’t want to be ’scooped.’ ( I checked the New Republic site and my take is it’s a left-wing mag which would provide a connection to the BO people). Then they all said, Nahhhhhhh, it’s the Times, the paper of record, it couldn’t possibly be so trite a matter as trying to prevent another publication from scooping their story.
    But since the Times endorsed McCain about a month ago, and the story was evidently reported in December, the charges are flying fast and furious from Repub conservatives that the Times was trying to affect the outcome of an election by withholding information the public has the right to know. (Sound familiar)?
    The response from the Times is that the story wasn’t ‘ready.” (And it was coincidentally completed on Tuesday)?
    OTOH, I don’t think the Times would have endorsed McCain just to set him up for a hit.
    So I’m back to what everyone else is mulling over. Who leaked the story and why? Who stands to gain the most from it’s publication? Who has the most unaired dirty laundry.
    We all know the answer to that.
    That’s the perverse beauty of the situation. If the reporting about BO thus far is any indication, there will be no repercussions. But it seems awfully advantageous to BO to have McCain, the patriot, the war hero, the guy with 2 sons in Iraq, be dealt a nasty unsubstantiated blow by the press. McCain, by responding so quickly, will probably stop the story from dominating the news cycle for long as the issue is now McCain against the Times. In fact, a number of reporters remarked that it was helpful to McCain to have the story surface now instead of before the primaries or closer to the election.
    Once again BO will be given a free pass as news organizations reinforce the rules to their reporters and they feel the pressure of having their butts on the line for any inaccuracy in their submissions.
    Anyway, this is all speculation but my gut says BO is involved.

  422. Hello everyone, I have been out of town over the last two days travelling on work. I notice that some level of pessimism has creeped into our discussions here. This is understandable, but we have to push it away and focus on the business at hand winning Ohio and Texas. I know the press has started writing her political obituary. They did that just before New Hampshire and they have been doing that ever since. Neither Hillary nor Obama can win 2,025 delegates on their own. She has to stay in this race until the end. Obama is trying to get Hillary to leave the race before something explodes in his face.

    May I also suggest not to engage in any post-mortem exercises about campaign strategy, tactics at this point? Let us not forget that the MEDIA introduced itself into this campaign in an unprecedented way and essentially CMPAIGNED FOR OBAMA in a big way. There is no effective strategy or tactic to handle this bias. It is remarkable under these circumstances how well Hillary has done. The media is now writing stories about how campaign strategies as if they were impartial observers and as if they were innocent. They stacked the decks heavily against Hillary since last fall. Any other candidate would have folded by now. Hillary is still standing and still fighting. She is a fighter and she does not need any advice from her enemies int he media. Obama is yet to win a big state and exhibit his electoral viability.

    Let us not dwell on negativity and continue to focus on electing the best candidate we have in this race our next president. I know it is hard in the middle of all this negativity in the media but let us not allow their themes to enter our conversation. We have to keep remembering that the MEDIA CAMPAIGNED FOR OBAMA without shame. See how the rightwing media rallied around McCain. Has any of the leftwing media outlets (except TM, Talk Left, NoQuarter, Left Coaster and a few others) stood with Hillary? No, in fact they were also at the forefront of leaving theor objectivity aside and becoming cheerleaders for Obama? All throuh this month, she has been out spent on TV, the media has been biased against her, and yet, she is only less than 100 delegates behind Obama. Let us contribute all we can and do our best to give Hillary fianacial parity.


  423. Wondering if Edwards and Robertson are waiting to endorse her in the middle of next week or right after the debate, in order to give her that big bounce. Any thoughts?

  424. JanH: to my earlier point on the Canadian officals comment on Hillary there is a clear path to social progress the author was aluding to and it can be summed up in two words: Hillary is 44. Nothing less. That means winning Texas and Ohio for starters.

  425. Psymac, it is hard to know and it is beyond our control anyway. At this point, it is better to simply assume the worst about the Democratic establishment and factor that into our calculations in working to win Ohio and Texas.

  426. Hillary did get a bump from the debate. She has closed the gap to 1% in Rasmussen daily tracking poll. She was down 7 points the day before the debate.
    Obama 44%
    Hillary 43%

  427. Have you guys seen this:

    Obama Fever Is Breaking On the Web
    A Rash of New Sites Throws Some Cold Water On the Hot Candidate

  428. HRC contributions up to $964,000.00!!!!! That’s double what it was at 8AM this morning. I contributed 50.44 yesterday and I’m going to try and send more.

    Great post. You’re right that we have to ignore BM. the problem is, even if you tune into any channel for local, national and international news, the HRC spin invariably starts churning. Personally, I try to switch channels when that happens but I’m not always successful and I hear far more of the BS than i want. OTOH, I think it’s important to know what the ‘opposition’ is saying.

  429. I know some of you probably look askance at astrology (i used to too, until I began to study it 20 years ago), but I finally got Bambi’s correct natal info and started drawing up his chart a few days ago. I’m working on his progressions today.

    Anyway, one of the things that jumped right out at me about his natal chart is that he has Neptune in Scorpio in the 12th house. And that is squared his sun in Leo in the 9th house. I won’t go into all the influences at work here, but Neptune in the 12th house is often an indicator of addictive tendencies. I’ve seen that in many charts of people who have either been jailed for drug offenses, or died of drug overdoses. Sometimes, this influence is overcome, if there are strong balancing influences elsewhere, and OB does have some of that in his chart. But the fact that his Neptune in the 12th House is SQUARE his Sun in the 9th house indicates extreme tension between the outward projection of self, and the weakness of self.

    It’s a remarkable aspect, folks. I wouldn’t be AT ALL surprised if Obama has secret enemies (12th house= inner prisons, outward prisons, enemies, self deceptions) who will exploit this weakness to bring him to his knees.

    Translation: We might well discover that it is his drug use that will be the thing used to bring him down.

    I know, sounds crazy , given that what we know of his drug use is minor. But this is what his chart points to.

    Believe it if you need it, or pass it by. 🙂

  430. Interesting argument:

    Mr. Obama, in fact, use the argument that we have had experience under the disastrous Presidency of George W. Bush. In this, Mr. Obama is correct. Mr. Bush, a relative neophyte in Washington, with no foreign policy experience and a limited grasp on the politics of compromise at the National level, was surrounded by well-known and well-respected stalwarts of the way Washington worked. Vice President Cheney, with decades of experience at all levels of government. Donald Rumsfeld, experienced not only in government, but, like Mr. Cheney, had a very successful business career in the private sector. I could go on.

    But you know Mr. Obama’s argument: that even with these experienced people at his side, this President, George W. Bush, brought this nation into a war of aggression that is questionable at best in it’s reasoning; brought us an economy with trillions of dollars of debt, kept Alan Greenspan as the Chief of the Federal Reserve, who oversaw the now on-going destruction of the America Dream of home ownership. His argument is posited on to Senator Clinton as “look where experience got us.”

    The question we must ask ourselves is, with Mr. Bush: “why did this happen?”

    And my answer to Mr. Obama’s assertion is simply this: President George W. Bush was too inexperienced for the job, and not understanding the Nuances of Power and the awesome responsibility thrust onto the President of the United States, relied on his advisors and cabinet officials for advice of what to do. That advice was detrimental to this nation and directed the President’s Policies in a direction that reflected the advice of those closest to him. It has been a disaster.

    My question to you as a Delegate is: “What makes Mr. Obama’s circumstances different from those of George W. Bush?”

    His argument is smoke and mirrors.

    He too, is a political neophyte in foreign policy, foreign affair, national security, economic development and more. His less-than-full terms in the Senate has see no earth-shattering accomplishments to make him stand out from others. It is true that he is smart, quick to learn and a decent fellow. The same can be said for George W. Bush. But the fact remains that Mr. Obama, like Mr. Bush, will have to surround himself with advisors, who I hope are experienced enough to off-set his lack thereof, and thus we are back in the same situation. Can we be sure he will take the responsibility to say “no”, when “no” is needed? Recent history with the current President draws other conclusions. Will he understand the full implications of his actions when his advisors, experienced as they are, are telling him this must be done? Again, I refer to the last seven years.

    In this philosophical argument, and for Mr. Obama’s case, there is no difference in what he says he is different from, than what he says he will bring. That is not at all saying that he would be unable to overcome these heavy obsticals in time. But that time is just not now. He is just not ready. Look where an “outside the Beltway” candidate, surrounded by trusted advisors got us. And he has failed to argue why this will be different with him.

  431. I just made another contribution to Hillary, so I’m going to pretend that justifies my reposting the comment below from a few nights ago in the hope someone with connections might see it. I wish Hillary would decide to gamble on the next debate with a message that SHE IS A FIGHTER. Obama is never, and I mean NEVER, going to unite with the rightwing to do anything to help this country. It’s simply not possible. Hillary should stress she will bring change, but she will do it by mobilizing the American people against those forces opposed to change. Obama’s hand holding will get us nowhere.

    “Gergen suggested Hillary should emphasize she’s a fighter. Wouldn’t that be the most effective way to go after Obama? He’s been getting away with the utterly ridiculous notion he’s going to walk hand in hand with the rightwing into the New Jerusalem. She could very effectively point out this is utter bullshit and that progressive goals will be achieved only by fighting the entrenched interests who vehemently oppose them, not by having a beer with them. No personal attacks (after all, the media has decreed she’s not allowed to attack others the way others attack her), but a direct policy attack that would play to her experience and abilities (and Obama’s lack of both).”

  432. Also, on June 26 , his progressed Mars forms an exact octile to his pluto.

    I won’t go into the astrological implications of that, but it’s a concern to me given the fact that the Secret Service has been waving people through in his rallies without adequate security measures.

    Much as I depise the fool, I hope he’ll be more careful wrt security.

  433. This is weird:

    Clinton left the Fort Worth event to visit Lozada-Tirado’s family at the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

    At his Corpus Christ rally, Obama asked the crowd to observe a moment of silence for the officer, whom Obama said had escorted his campaign in Dallas on Wednesday.

    How does Obama know that?? Did he dig up the info?? If so, for what purpose?? So he could use it to show what a concerned guy he is? Sounds like BS to me.

  434. K2Too posted above: “Gergen suggested Hillary should emphasize she’s a fighter.”

    OK, my broken record still says “GIVE ‘EM HELL HILLARY”.

    I’ve wanted her to get tough for a long time now. However, if I really knew what she should do, I might be earning money as a political adviser. I just know I really like the idea. I want her to win this thing.

  435. Paula Poundstone on “Wait Wait Don’T Tell Me” this morning :

    I don’t even ask anyone to break a dollar for me anymore. I just can’t stand to hear the word ‘change’ again. If I hear him say ‘change’ one more time, I’m going to want things to stay just the way they are.”

  436. Has Obama ever mentioned how honored he is to be in this election with Hillary? Or is it always Hillary who extends her hand out first?

    Just wondered.

  437. Public service annoucement:

    Please donate again to the Hillary campaign now. The campaign wants to use Hillary’s closing statement in the last debate in a 60 secs ad to air in Ohio and Texas. We all know how that was such a powerful statement for Hillary. We were all touched. The voters in these all important states need to see it too because we all know not everyonbe has CNN. DONATE NOW.

  438. I can’t believe how high that money meter has gone in 1 night. Almost to $1 million y’all. I donated 65.44 last night.

  439. Rasmussen Daily Tracking Presidential Poll for 2/23/08

    I find this more than interesting that Obama has not been able to shake Clinton in any meaningful way. I think these #s should give her confidence as it shows that her base is strong and firm in its support of her. Memo to Obama, you cannot win the election without Clinton and this is clear.

    Continue to work hard for Clinton, while it is an uphill battle, it is still possible. All she has to do to change the narrative is to win Ohion and TX and it doesn’t matter if she wins the pop vote and comes out to a draw or loss in delegates in TX. A win is a win.

    Does anyone remembers what the previous Ras #s were before todays? I think that that would have been Thursday’s #s.

    Saturday, February 23, 2008

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Saturday shows that John McCain has gained ground against Democratic frontrunner Barack Obama. In a general election match-up, McCain now leads Obama 46% to 43%. He also leads Hillary Clinton 47% to 44% (see recent daily results and summary of recent state general election polls). A commentary by Douglas Schoen looks at how the fighting has just begun between McCain and Obama.

    The Rasmussen Reports Balance of Power Calculator shows Democrats with a 284 to 229 lead in the Electoral College. The Balance of Power Calculator determines projections by aggregating a variety of information from many sources including polls, the Rasmussen Markets, analyst assessments and more. Nine states with 101 Electoral Votes are either a pure Toss-Up or just slightly leaning to one party or the other. These are likely to be the early battleground states of Election 2008: Florida (27), Ohio (20), Virginia (13), Missouri (11), Colorado (9), Iowa (7), Nevada (5), New Mexico (5), and New Hampshire (4) (see summary of recent state general election polling).

    New polling data for New Mexico and Wisconsin will be released this weekend.

    Nationwide, Obama is viewed favorably by 54% and unfavorably by 45%. McCain’s numbers are 53% favorable, 44% unfavorable. Clinton earns positive reviews from 50% of Likely Voters nationwide and negative assessments from 49% (see recent daily results and more detail on perceptions of the candidates).

    Saturday’s results shows the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination getting even closer. Obama now earns support from 44% of Likely Democratic Primary Voters while Clinton attracts 43% (see recent daily results

  440. Thanks for the Ras post, tiburones. I think you’re right that Hillary can still win this. That she has been able to remain close despite a corporate media that works 24/7 to take her down speaks volume for the support she has. The upcoming debate will be key. If she can take hold of the narrative by convincing voters fighting for change is better than a mystical “uniting with the rightwing” for change, I think she has a good chance of winning both Texas and Ohio. After that, who knows what might happen?

    Why do I have the feeling that this will be the story on Mon talk show radio. Hey, I’m all for it if it helps Hillary. Memo: To Obama: Stick to subjects that you know and seeing that you have never convened a meeting of your sub-committe is there any wonder that you stepped into it this time.
    February 23, 2008
    Obama’s Curious Tale
    By Jack Kelly

    “I’ve heard from an Army captain who was head of a rifle platoon — supposed to have 39 men in a rifle platoon,” Sen. Barack Obama said during his debate with Hillary Clinton Thursday night. “Ended up being sent to Afghanistan with 24 because 15 of those soldiers had been sent to Iraq.

    “And as a consequence, they didn’t have enough ammunition, they didn’t have enough humvees. They were actually capturing Taliban weapons, because it was easier for them to get Taliban weapons than it was for them to get properly equipped by our current commander in chief.”

    The comment raised eyebrows among veterans.

    Rifle platoons are not commanded by a captain. They are commanded by a lieutenant, usually a second lieutenant.

    The heart of Sen. Obama’s charge is that the captain’s platoon was cannibalized in order to send soldiers to Iraq. The Army does have a program called “cross leveling” where soldiers from units which are not deploying are sent to units which are to bring them up to full strength. But the Army emphatically denies taking soldiers from units which are scheduled to deploy to a combat zone to give them to other units. This would be insane.

    “As a consequence, they didn’t have enough ammunition, they didn’t have enough humvees…”

    This is a weird non-sequitur. There is no reason why a shortage of personnel, if it existed, would translate into a shortage of ammunition, or of vehicles.

    Soldiers on a mission carry a basic load of ammunition, typically seven magazines (210 rounds). It’s possible to burn through this quite rapidly in a firefight, especially if the soldier lacks fire discipline. Soldiers can run low on ammo until they are resupplied, typically by helicopter, but this has nothing to do with the adequacy of ammunition stocks in theater. There has never been a shortage of ammunition in either Iraq or Afghanistan.

    “They were actually capturing Taliban weapons, because it was easier to get Taliban weapons than it was for them to get properly equipped by our current commander in chief.”

    The basic Taliban weapon is the venerable AK-47. Many of our soldiers and Marines prefer it to the M-16 because it is less likely to jam, and has more range and stopping power. A soldier who has run out of ammunition for his weapon in a firefight eagerly would pick up an AK-47 if one were close to hand. But this would be just a temporary expedient. For one thing, it’s against the law for conventional U.S. soldiers to carry enemy weapons. More practically, a soldier using the AK-47 as his basic weapon would have serious ammunition resupply problems. The AK-47 and the M-16 are of different calibers. (I doubt Barack Obama knows this.) Our cartridges don’t fit into their guns, and their cartridges don’t fit into ours. The basic load of ammo a Taliban guerrilla carries is less than what our soldiers carry, both because the AK’s 7.62 mm round is heavier and bulkier than the M-16’s 5.56 mm round, and because al Qaida is stingier with ammo than we are. The ammunition taken off the dead body of a Taliban guerrilla wouldn’t last long.

    Units don’t deploy to Afghanistan with their organic vehicles. Afghanistan is 8,000 miles from the U.S., in a mountainous region far from seaports. It’s hard to ship stuff there. So unnecessary stuff isn’t shipped. Units arriving in theater fall in on the equipment that was being used by the units they are replacing.

    Even though he’s a member of Congress, Sen. Obama seems to be unaware that it is Congress, not the president, which funds the military. If Sen. Obama thinks the military is inadequately supplied, he should take it up with his Democratic colleagues, who routinely cut the president’s defense budget requests.

    ABC’s Jake Tapper tracked down Sen. Obama’s captain, who was a lieutenant in the summer of 2003 when his unit was sent to Afghanistan. His unit was understrength (though it was reinforced a couple of months after its arrival in theater). But the captain complained of a shortage of ammo for his heavy machine guns and grenade launchers while training at Fort Drum before deployment, not in Afghanistan. This is a rather different story from the one Sen. Obama told, and a fishy one, because infantry platoons in the 10th Mountain Division are not normally assigned heavy machine guns or Mark 19 grenade launchers.

    Sen. Obama should restrict himself to talking about “hope” and “change.” Whenever he stumbles into matters of substance, he demonstrates his unfitness for the job he seeks.
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    Ok guys, there is much hand wringing on this bbs and also worthy discussion. However, if we really and truly believe in Sen.Clinton’s canidacy and want her to win, please donate and call today.

    If you are averse to calling or are shy, please consider doubling what you intended to donate or offer to do what a poster did this week: that is offer to donate in lieu of someone calling for 1/2 an hour.

    I think that is a brilliant idea. BO has organinzing 1000 people to call on his behalf today. We can do that.

    I donated $50.44 last night. I will call today for 1/2 an hour.

    I’m offering to call for 1/2 an hour tomorrow if someone will donate $30.44. I will think of someway to prove that I called without disclosing people’s phone#s. Come ON PEOPLE!


  443. Thanks Devan…decided to change a few things. Maybe later. Right now I am doing laundry!

    Love that story on Barack’s military fauxpas.

    What a leader. I can’t believe Americans are this stupid.

    As for Richardson, IMO his struggle is between loyalty and pressure from the DNC to anoint the Militarily Challenged Obama

  444. Oh snap! I hear the right wingnuts coming on Monday to get Obama. Now that the McCain story has curiously disappeared after 1 DAY, this thing about Obama and the Military and his wife and her proud statement will continue on Monday, just watch. In addition, MO, stepped into again by saying that ‘our souls are broken’ and only BO can fix it or we need to be healed. WTH! My soul is fine and if there is any healing to be done, I know how to reach out to the real Messiah and a doctor. I don’t need anyone to intercede on my behalfl


    By NEDRA PICKLER, Associated Press Writer 37 minutes ago

    WASHINGTON – Sen. Barack Obama’s refusal to wear an American flag lapel pin along with a photo of him not putting his hand over his heart during the National Anthem led conservatives on Internet and in the media to question his patriotism.

    Now Obama’s wife, Michelle, has drawn their ire, too, for saying recently that she’s really proud of her country for the first time in her adult life.

    Conservative consultants say that combined, the cases could be an issue for Obama in the general election if he wins the nomination, especially as he runs against Vietnam war hero Sen. John McCain.

    “The reason it hasn’t been an issue so far is that we’re still in the microcosm of the Democratic primary,” said Republican consultant Roger Stone. “Many Americans will find the three things offensive. Barack Obama is out of the McGovern wing of the party, and he is part of the blame America first crowd.”

    Opponents of Sen. John Kerry proved in the 2004 election that voters are sensitive to suggestions that a candidate is not sufficiently patriotic. The Democratic presidential nominee’s campaign was torpedoed by critics of his Vietnam War record called the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, even though he won multiple military honors and was lauded by his superiors.

    The Swift Boat campaign started as a relatively small television ad buy that exploded into an issue that dogged Kerry for months. The Massachusetts senator has conceded since losing to President Bush that the campaign and his lackluster response to unsubstantiated allegations he considered unworthy of a reaction likely cost him the election. And the term even became part of the campaign lexicon — swift boating.

    Obama already is the subject of a shadowy smear campaign based on the Internet that falsely suggests he’s a Muslim intent on destroying the United States. Obama is a Christian and has been fighting the e-mail hoax, which also claims he doesn’t put his hand over his heart during the Pledge of Allegiance, and he’s been trying to correct the misinformation.

    “Whenever I’m in the United States Senate, I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America,” Obama frequently tells voters.

    “I’ve been going to the same church for 20 years, praising Jesus,” he adds.

    Retired Major General Scott Gration, an Obama military adviser, said he expects the attacks will only increase if Obama wins the Democratic nomination.

    “People are projecting things and taking things out of context,” Gration said. “There’s absolutely no question in my mind that Michelle and Barack are extremely patriotic, appreciate our freedoms and our values and everything else that the flag represents.”

    Officials with the McCain campaign and the Republican Party say they won’t be suggesting Obama is less than patriotic, and instead plan to focus their criticisms on his record and inexperience if he wins the nomination. Well-funded outside groups, however, consider anything fair game.

    Conservative Republican consultant Keith Appell, who worked with the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, said Obama’s opposition to the war will create a “striking contrast between McCain the war hero and Obama the poster child for the anti-war movement.”

    “If you are McCain, you want to play up the decorated war hero, loves his country, served his country,” Appell said. “You want to play those themes up as much as possible, especially in comparison to Obama and his role in the anti-war movement.”

    On Monday, Michelle Obama told an audience in Milwaukee, “For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country. Not just because Barack is doing well, but I think people are hungry for change.”

    Cindy McCain, McCain’s wife, days later responded by saying, “I have, and always will be, proud of my country.” Barack Obama has expressed frustration that his wife’s remarks had been taken out of context and turned into political fodder — both the Obamas say she was talking about politics in the United States, not the country itself.

    Last summer, Obama was photographed by Time magazine at an event in Iowa standing with his hands folded during the national anthem. His primary rivals Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson appear beside him, with their hands on their hearts.

    It has been repeatedly reported that the moment came during the Pledge of Allegiance, but that’s not the case.

    In October, Obama told Iowa television station KCRG that he decided to stop wearing a U.S. flag lapel pin during the run-up to the Iraq war because it had become “a substitute for, I think, true patriotism.”

    “I decided I won’t wear that pin on my chest. Instead, I’m going to try to tell the American people what I believe will make this country great and, hopefully, that will be a testimony to my patriotism,” Obama said.

    Obama’s comments led conservatives and media commentators to question his patriotism.

    “First he kicked his American flag pin to the curb. Now Barack Obama has a new round of patriotism problems. Wait until you hear what the White House hopeful didn’t do during the singing of the national anthem,” said Steve Doocy, co-host of “Fox and Friends” on the Fox News Channel.

    “He felt it OK to come out of the closet as the domestic insurgent he is,” former radio host Mark Williams said on Fox.

    Gration said he had a copy of the national anthem photo e-mailed to him by a friend who didn’t know the facts and questioned how a military man could support someone who doesn’t honor the Pledge of Allegiance.

    “I go to baseball games and football games and there’s just a minority of us who put our hands over our heart. It’s not an indication of patriotism,” Gration said. Gration said he personally wears a flag pin, but “if I meet someone who doesn’t have a lapel pin, it doesn’t mean they are more or less patriotic than I am.”

    And, he added, “I don’t think you can find Barack again not putting his hand over his heart at the national anthem.”

    tiburones | 02.23.2008 – 12:40 pm | #

  445. Trib, I can call later, but I don’t know how much money I can give today….I have done $100.88 in less than 30 hours. I am self employed and don;t have any jobs lined up. I feel badly, but what good will it do if my lights are turned off? There are THOUSANDS of Hillary supporters who have not donated a dime. I think we here on this board are among the heart and soul of the “little people”

    Most of my Clients are republican, and I have sent appeals out to everyone I know. It netted $25.00 – a real disappointment to me.

    I will call later this afternoon.

  446. The general was raised in Africa and entered the Air Force in 1974 through the Air Force ROTC program at Rutgers University.

  447. SpacegirlARt, the post was for those who wanted to do something to help which was either call AND donate or if you can’t do one, then CAll, call, call or donate, donate, donate.

    In your case, you are having problems donating more because of your personal situation, that is understandable. This post wasn’t meant to push those who want to donate but can’t or to make them feel guilty.

    That is why, I also offered for those who want to call but can’t because they are adverse to it or shy but CAN donate, they can partner with someone to donate on their pledge to call and thereby we can get a twofer.

  448. A few things: Obama IS a phenomenon. The question is, will he still be one in November? I wonder …

    Also, that Ras poll is pretty encouraging on a number of levels. HRC’s positives have gone up, and she’s improved against McCain, too. Plus, Obama has lost a lot of ground to McCain.

    As for Bill Richardson, sit or get off the pot, dude.

  449. LOL Paula and I agree. Isn’t it funny how the media touted that bogus Reuters/Zoby poll earlier this week showing Clinton down by 14 to Obama in pres. polling but not highlighting the 3 where she tied him and the 1 where she was ahead.

    Now, we have another showing her 1 pt off, basically even as it is in the statistical MOE and crickets.

    I’m interested to see the new polls going forward.

    Re Richardson: he is a coward.

    Birdgal, thanks so much. This will go a long way. The ‘Big Dawg’ sent an email that they want to run a 60sec spot shwoing her moment at the debate. I thnk that we can do it.

    The 527 starting Mon ought to be blanketing TX and OH with ads. Some positive and ome drawing distinct contrasts with Hills record vs Obambas.

  450. HEY WE ARE AWESOME aren’t we?

    We’re now at 1,103,284! We’re close to the goal of 2.2 million, we can still contribute more! I hope even more so she can put MORE ads in Texas, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Ohio!

    Let’s do it people!

    Also make calls! make calls!

  451. I just got back from Fort Dix/McGuire AFB main exchange and it seems people out there do not like Obama at all. They veiw him as anti-military. Most are torn between Hillary and McCain.

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