Texas Debate With Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama

Debate on CNN tonight.

Watch the debate on the internet HERE.

Sens. Hillary Clinton of New York and Barack Obama of Illinois will face off in a Democratic presidential debate in Austin Thursday.

The debate, to be held on the campus of the University of Texas, will air live on CNN, CNN International and CNN.com from 8 to 9:30 p.m. ET. The debate will also air in Spanish on Univision at 11:30 p.m. ET.

For both candidates, a great deal is at stake. This is the first time in three weeks that the two remaining major Democratic White House hopefuls have debated.

The debate comes at an important learning moment. Even though extreme right-wing Republicans hate John McCain they recognize the bigger enemy is Big Media. When the New York Times printed an attack on Republican McCain, the entire Republican Party came together to denounce the New York Times.

In contrast, during the many times Hillary Clinton has been unfairly attacked by Big Media, Democrats supporting Obama have rejoiced. That treachery by Democrats and allies will never be forgotten.

These “Democrats”, PINOs, Naderites, will reap what they sow.


Moderators: Jorge Ramos, John King, Campbell Brown

Opening statements:

Hillary: 36 years ago I came to Austin for my very first job registering voters. I have met friends for a lifetime. Hard work, individual responsibility count for a lot. Barbara Jordon taught me a lot. Today would have been her birthday. My great friend Anne Richards taught me so much about determination. She reminded us that sometimes it is good to have a laugh. For me politics is about making a read difference in people’s lives. 3,600 children in Texas and 2,100 national guard members get health care because of the work I did. We will end discrimination against sick people. I will also take care of veterans. I offer a lifetime of experience and proven results. I ask you to join in my campaign, which is really your campaign. Thank you.

Obama: We are at a defining moment in our history. Our economy is in a shambles. I met a couple who have a predatory loan, a young woman who sleeps only 3 hours a night. I am also meeting veterans and the parents of those who have fallen as a consequence of a war that should never have been fought. Now, Senator Clinton and I have been talking about these issues. These problems have to be resolved. What is lacking is not good ideas. What is lacking is that Washington is a place where good ideas go to die. Too many politicians are interested in scoring points and not getting things done. Senator Clinton mentioned Barbara Jordon. She said Americans want an America as good as its promise.

Ramos: Fidel Castro resigned. Would you be willing to sit down with Raul Castro?

Hillary: This gives Cuba a chance. I want to see changes in political prisoners policy. I want to bring the region together. If Cuba moves towards democracy I will look for opportunities to help and consider a presidential visit. But I would not meet with him until there was evidence that they were committed to change. We’ve had this conversation before. I believe in diplomatic engagement but not a presidential visit unless there were conditions met.

Obama: The starting point should be the liberty of the Cuban people. We now have an opportunity. I would meet without preconditions though there has to be preparation. That preparation could take some time. I would not meet without preparations.

Brown: That’s not what you said earlier?

Obama: We have to change policy. That will happen in steps. First remittances and travel. As JFK said we should not fear to negotiate.

Hillary:  I agree we should be willing to have relations with anyone. I have said that for example about Iran. It’s in our interest and the people of those countries. But there has been this difference between us on presidential visits. JFK expected a lot of preparatory work done. We should eliminate the Bush policy which is narrowly defined. I would get back to bipartisan diplomacy. I want to send a clear message to the world that the arrogance and preemption of the Bush Administration is over.

Obama: Preparation is critical. Either of us would step back from the Bush policies. But the president has to take a more active role in diplomacy. If there are preconditions it reinforces the idea that we are arrogant.

King: Economy. Differences between you two?

Obama: People have been struggling for a long time.  This has to be a priority.  Restore a sense of fairness and balance.  End Bush tax cuts.  Close tax loopholes.  Engage in trade but have safety and environmental standards.  Senator Clinton and I agree on many of these issues.  The question people have to ask is how to get it done.  The next president has to be able to overcome the special interests.

Hillary: I would agree with a lot of what Senator Obama has said.  The wealthy and the well connected have had a president.  We need a president for everyone.  We need a trade prosecutor.  We need much tougher standards on imports.  We need much more vigorous enforcement.  We need a moratorium on home foreclosures.  80,000 in Ohio, 86,000 in Texas.  I would freeze interest rates for 5 years.  In addition I have been promoting clean green jobs to put millions of Americans to work.  Finally, we need to end George Bush’s war on science.  We need to get back to being the innovation nation. 

 Ramos: Immigration.  Would you stop immigration raids?

Hillary: I would consider stopping the raids in some situations.  We need comprehensive immigration reform.  Crack down on employers who exploit workers and lower wages.  And in places like Laredo we need to help with costs.  We also need a path to legalization. 

Obama: I would add absolutely critical that we tone down the rhetoric.  We have seen hate crimes skyrocket.  We are a nation of laws and immigrants.  We need comprehensive reform.  We must require fines, back of the line, and learning of English for illegal immigrants.  We also have to improve our relationship with Mexico.  Bush promised leadership but Bush dropped the ball. 

King: Border fence.  You voted for the fence (HC). 

Hillary: Senator Obama and myself voted for that as part of a larger bill.  There is a dumb and smart way to protect the border.  What I have said is we need to review this.  There may be places that a fence makes sense.  As usual the Bush Administration is going off the deep end. 

King: Was your vote wrong?

Hillary: There is a lot we have learned about smart fencing.  The way Bush is going about this, filing eminent doman, is wrong.  There are limited places where a physical barrier will work.  But a technological fence is an option. 

Obama: We mostly entirely agree.  I will reverse the Bush policy.  It is important to deal with this problem as well as provide opportunity for the 12 million here. 


Ramos: By 2050 there will be 150 million Spanish speakers in the U.S.

Hillary: It is important for Americans to be bilingual.  But English has to remain our common unifying language.  I have been against making English the official language.  In NY we have over 170 languages spoken.  I do think English remains an imporant part of the American experience. 

Obama: Everyone should learn English.  Every student should be learning a second language.  Our students should learn to work across boundaries. 



King: Tone.  Credibility.  Talk vs action. 

Hillary: I have said all hat no cattle about Bush.  Senator Obama and I have a  lot in common.  We care deeply about the future.  We have run a very positive campaign.  But there are differences.  But I do offer solutions.  It is what I offer to voters because it is what I have done all my life.  There are also differences between our accomplishments.  Words matter but actions speak louder than words. 

Obama: Actions do speak louder than words.  I have done many things in my life.  Veterans who had to pay for their meals would say that I have engaged not only in talk but in action.  There is a fundamental difference in how we think.  She is saying “let’s get real”.  This implys that people who vote for me are delusional.  That the newspaper boards are delusional.  They see Washington differently.  Reduce the special interests or we will not get anything done.  It is not just a matter of putting forward policy positions, we have to inspire people to go beyond divisions or we will continue to see gridlock. 

Brown: There has been some attention on your speeches.  The Clinton campaign has accused you of plagiarism. 

Obama: Words matter.  The notion that I have plagiarized from someone who gave me the lines is silly.  This is silly season in politics.  How are we going to create good jobs and good wages?  What I talk about in these speeches, and some are pretty good, is about policy.  These are specific concrete proposals. 

Hillary: I think if your candidacy is going to be about words, they should be your words.  This is not change you can believe in, it’s change you can Xerox.  There is no doubt that you are an eloquent speaker.  We do have to unite the country, but it has to be for a specific purpose.  We have to overcome resistance to health care.  Senator Edwards and I chose to put forward a universal health care plan.  I put forward a moratorium on home foreclosures.  Both you disagreed with.  We have to do the hard work not of only bringing the country together but getting things done.  When I took on universal health care it was against a firestorm.  I don’t want to leave anyone out. 

Obama: Senator Clinton mentioned 2 specific issue areas.  We both want universal health care.  She said my plan was good but now the politics have changed.  I also want to reduce health care costs.  We have a philosophical difference.  Senator Clinton believes we must force everyone to purchase it.  I believe people want it but can’t afford it.  There are legitimate arguments for why Senator Clinton calls for a mandate.  But we all want universal health care.  I admire that she tried to get universal health care and there was opposition from the special interests but there was also a lot of secrecy which caused problems.  We need to change the politics of how the plan will be implemented. 



Lost transcript

late broadcast


Earmarks question

Hillary: We can get back on the path we were on.  I will be comfortable in taking on McCain on fiscal irresponsibility. 

Ramos: Superdelegates.

Hillary:  It will sort itself out.  We will have a unified party and we will win in November. 

Obama: I think these primaries and caucuses count for something. 

Brown: Leadership.  The moment that tested you the most?

Obama: No single moment.  The tragectory of my life.  Learning to take responsibility for my own actions. 

Hillary:  I’ve lived through some crisis and challenging moments in my life.  I am grateful for the support and prayers of millions of Americans.  All the challenges I have had are nothing like what Americans face.  I went with Senator McCain to the Intrepid facility and saw many on wheelchairs and gurneys.  The speaker had most of his face disfigured from a roadside bomb.  I have been blessed.  That is what motivates me to get up every morning.  Whatever happens we will be fine.  I just hope we will be able to say the same thing about the American people and that is what this election should be about. 



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  1. You are a true and PROUD AMERICAN, Senator Clinton, and we appreciate your service to OUR country. GIVE ‘EM HELL ! And hit him once for me!

  2. Ugh, I’m nervous. You’d think I would be over that by now, huh? I mean, it’s NOT like I don’t know how awesome she is in this format. 🙄

  3. They did a funny BO bit on that on radio yesterday IDunn…BO Fanatics cheer at EVERYTHING (see nose blowing)…”I set my grandmother on fire” (HUGE CHEERS)

  4. I’m hoping she can stick a permanent phrase on him….somethign to the epic proportions of “where’s the beef?”

    or maybe that he’s like a balloon 😀 All shine and fun, but no solid inside 😀

  5. Texas…gives Obama a cushion in delegate count to begin with.

    Who is the thug downing Hillary before the debate. See what Cnn does…nobody to even give Hillary’s side.

    They can forget my viewership again after this debate

  6. I’m really looking forward idunn’s commentary…

    Probably won’t be much, Psy. I tend to lean way into the computer monitor and fall inside during these debates.



    There’s no time to whine about the media, Ripublican interference, or any other conspiracies right now. We all know what we’re up against. We can’t control what our opponents do. We CAN control what we do, and that’s putting all of our blood, sweat and tears into this effort. We have to be there for Hillary, as she’s been there for us. It’s all about her right now.

    DON’T LOSE FOCUS! DON’T GET DISTRACTED! I repeat, there’s not much time left. Not one second can be wasted. It’s now or never.

    We have to get on the phone, and donate all we can (money, time, etc) right now. We can still win this….IF WE WANT IT BAD ENOUGH! Let’s do it!



    “Only you — our incredible online community — can act quickly and decisively enough to create a level playing field. And with everything on the line, that’s exactly what I’m asking you to do.”– Hillary Clinton

  8. they are saying that Obama has a massive organization in Texas. Hillary is still looking for precinct captains…..sheesh.

  9. I can never watch the debates. I have to read commentary and then go back and watch later when my tummy isn’t so nervous.

  10. Hey all!!

    Good debate night, and wow, finally a woman monitor!!!!!!!!

    Crap, they are sitting!!!

    I want them to stand and fight.

    Go girl!

  11. Oh well, when sitting down, black is fine, but she would have worn a nice color jacket, but she does look great!

    cnn online has a tracker, will be fun to watch as well….

  12. The last debate I just watched the tracker with the mute on. I think I’ll do that again.

    OR I’ll dip into the Rum.

    Or both.

  13. Hillary is giving her intro speech and BO is writing. What in the world is he writing already…dooding, drawing horns on a pic of Hillary?? She is doing great!

  14. A wish for tonight is, Hillary don’t be nice, cut his balls off!!!!!!
    Don’t pretend to attack, attack him!!!

    Look at obama not being able to stand it when hillary gets applause, picking up his pen tp write something every time, ridiculous.

  15. Uh, um….and um…dry…boring….um…ug.. you told me I would hae a promptor….

    Texas doesn’t CARE about Ohio

  16. Hillary with amazing opening statement

    And I can’t stand BO. I really, really dislike him

    Here’s hoping he falls on his face tonight

  17. He is seriously talking about jobs from plants getting shipped overseas..??? Talk to YOUR constituents in Galesburg from Maytag barack…

  18. Man I dislike him. Luckily president Bush has prepared me so well that if Obama makes it to the White House I’ll be able to totally ignore him for the next 4 years.

  19. do they not notice this?

    hillary talks about things she has already done and her solutions.
    He is talking about problems. That’s his focus.

  20. Hillary opens – talks about Ann Richard, Barbara Jordan.

    He’s just recycling a bunch of lines from his stump speech.

    Go Hillary!

  21. GO HILLARY!! she looks great…I wish she wasn’t going first on the questions…it lets Obama copy what she says..!!!

  22. Love him fumbling away. Uh…uh…you weren’t supposed to call me out on Cuba flip-flop. That was supposed to be buried in the press tomorrow!

  23. alright – let’s see Campbell and company start throwing him some hardballs.

    Oh god, bringing up JFK whenever he’s in trouble.

  24. Hillary is SO much better in debates. It’s startling. She’s coherent, he sounds like he just took a hit from the bong.

  25. wow, he is sooo lacking. talk about the economy flatlining…this guy is flatlining….forget the water, get the cpr machine.

  26. BO is NOT answering the question…how is your policy different from Hillary’s…he’s giving a laundry list..throwing in his little set comments.

    Must be a lot of Obamabots in the audience.

  27. it actually might help her to go first…make him look like he is copying her….he hasnt answered the question of HOW HE WILL BE DIF

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    IT’s an important question you dumbass, answer it!!!!

  29. She is so damn intelligent. How the hell is she not running away

    with the primary?

    God he looks so effin snooty. What an ass

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  31. border fence…finish or not?

    Review the fence…Bush gone off the deep end…I’m not sure how this answer will go on the meter.

  32. he looks like he is in school listening to a professor LOL!!!!!! “note to self”: have to use this in my speech”

  33. the only problem is that all the zombies who vote for Obama do not watch the debates, if they did Hillary would have already clinched the nomination.

  34. agree – i do hope that she hits him harder…he needs to be knocked down a notch; he cannot coast in this debate.

  35. Okay, here’s the thing. They’re saying basically the same thing, but when Hillary speaks i understand. When Obama speaks, I get all confused and fuzzy headed. I recognize the words he’s using, but not what they mean.

  36. Say what….BO …’That’s the kind of leadership I’ve shown in the past and the kind I’ll give in the future”


  37. I’m fine with her speaking first. She sounds great first or second.. Here comes Obomb.. Maybe he’ll try to suck up to the Latinos one more time..

  38. hey guys… i got bangs today! just thought i would mention that on commercial break!

    btw,,, i hope he has to go first when we go bak to the questions… then she can NAIL HIM!!!

  39. He is soooo sucking up to Latinos. I talked to my aunt in Brownsville, she said he is getting a little more support in the Latino community, but not as much as HRC. He is the biggest johnnycomelately to our issues, pleeeeeASSe.

  40. I did not notice the collar..I’m listening to the answers.

    I would accept him as veep, he could learn a lot from Hillary.

  41. so far she is going good, but she needs to do better.

    Not many opportunities to pounce him yet, but when the opening comes, she should leave him bloodied on the ground!!

  42. hit him-set the frae for godsake. e here in tx see this as one of our last chances to peg don obama. it doesnt look like she will land a blow-neither he. im bored

  43. the question is whether there is a downside to the us becoming a bilingual nation and he drifts off into no child left behind. Stream of consciousness.

  44. The fighters are in their corners, getting some water, the coaches are yelling instructions, “go for the left hook”, “get him on immigration!” “Hit him with just words!” Now go out and win another round!!!

  45. I was listening to a talk radio station today in the car and a teacher called in saying she did a straw poll of her students. Obama won overwhelmingly. She next handed out all 4 candidates positions on the issues and their proposals of what they wanted to accomplish. The handouts did not have candidates names on them. just candidate A, B, C and D. Not surprising is that when they voted for candidate “A”, “B”, “C” or “D” Hillary won by a wide margin.

  46. Ronald, her suit is that way!! Her red jacker is the same way, it’s a way of feminism a suit, it’s good I think, it’s supposed to look that way.

  47. Ronald I was wondering if he has a disease process going on due to

    smoking. Why isn’t he made to have a chest xray

    and such?

  48. she’s stumbling on this….she needed to say YES HE IS AN EMPTY SUIT…he has no accompl…oh..nevermind

  49. @MJS,

    I agree. No V.P. position for that rat. How could she ever be sure he wouldn’t gaslight her whenever he got the chance?

  50. the media was expecting a fight, not seeing it so they want to drive it up,

    this would usually piss me off, but now I like it!

    way to go hillary bringing up that clip of the texas guy who couldn’t name an accomplishment of obamas

  51. All he has is that rediculous ethics reform bill, where you can get around it by standing up instead of sitting down with a lobbyist.

  52. Walter Reed soldiers had to pay for meals BEFORE BO got in the Senate????

    And he also healed hoof and mouth disease and hang nails

  53. he wants US to get involved in government….That is WHY we vote….we can’t do anything after we put you in you dingbat.

  54. Great Balls of Fire…BO ….drank a gallon of the Kool aid just before he went on stage. He really BELIEVES he is the second coming!

  55. saying he finds his own speeches to be pretty good, you could see hillary throwing up in her mouth as he said it!!

  56. He’s lying and has no respect for Hillary, He think Hillary will not attack him so he stealing her outright

    BUT Hillary need to stop complimenting him and just deck him. This is Texas and those ladies know how to fight.

  57. she doesn’t have to get nasty but she has to call him on some specifics…because he is trying to hit her over and over

  58. I cannot follow him AT ALL….

    the sound bite the news will play is her “attack” on him with the Xerox line

  59. what bothers me is that he is trying to dominate and be above it all…

    he is not afraid to do a direct hit on her…

    she has to hit back…he is trying to run the whole show

  60. Especially young people. When I was in my 20s I didn’t give a damn about health-care. It’s a good thing I didn’t get really sick.

  61. argh, they go to a commercial. she should have had a chance to respond to the crack he made about her attempt in 93 🙁

  62. NASSTY They did not give Hillary a chance to respond to BO’s hits.

    Now how in the world is this guy going to bring Washington together….oh I forgot…they will see it is the great I AM and fall at his feet. Hope he washes his feet before they all start kissing his toes

  63. Hillary needs to get back on HealthCare.

    That was the surprise hit we were promised…going after her for her first attempt at UHC

  64. If you feel she was being cut off too many times or did not have as long to respond, you need to email CNN right away….even during the debate. They listen. (well sometimes)

  65. Gorto: Notice how McMondukakerry takes notes whenever she is speaking? He just writes and writes and writes like his damned hand is gonna fall off. Then when McMondukakerry speaks, he never refers to his notes. He has to stay focused. He’s afraid he will emote when she speaks and look undignified for all his little sneers.

  66. Hillary has to play the writing game also. I notice she looks at him when he speaks (gives him attention) but he does not look at her.

  67. they were not even going to let her respond but him he gets all these other chances…campbell is not being fair…once again…

    Hillary fight them

  68. Hillary should just go for it…CNN lit Obama perfectly and Hillary’s is a little shinny.

    I really can’t stand this guy. Obama has not earn this he is getting this handed to him.

    What a weak faker.

  69. Why does she never mention her TAG credential?

    She should borrow Biden’s line: a noun, a verb, and I didn’t vote for Iraq. Well, good job BHO, but that doesn’t do anything for the future.

  70. you were not commander in chief last time I checked
    you weren’t even a senator
    who knows how you would have voted if you were

  71. Of course, HE thinks he’s prepared, so everyone should believe him cause he says so, in spite of lack of experience. Uh-oh, here he goes again. His speech when he wasn’t even in the Senate.

  72. I WIISH SHHE WOULD SAY “HOW DARE YOU” and launch in to the BEING THERE is totally different….he is a jerk wad big time

  73. she needs to go back to his NON VOTE on iraq…he is still misleading people and they believe he was in the Senate at the time of the vote

  74. This is a losing strategy. She never attacks first – which is appropriate when a candidate is twenty points ahead. But she contining to refrain attacking and it gives him the upperhand. He’s just clobbered on the CIC question, and she’s left responding. She has got to go on the attack. This is not good. She’s far better substantively – there is no comparison. And he is rattled whenever healthcare comes up. She should be able to knock him out of the park on that.

    He’s not afraid of her. He knows she won’t attack unless he does so he’s in control. She has got to rattle him with a few upfront attacks in the next debate. For the first time, I’m worried. This is not a winning strategy. Those upfront attacks should have been built in from the get go.

    And yes, I know that being a woman, she is somewhat handicapped because people don’t like women attacking. But she needs to rattle him. And the healthcare question proved he can rattled. I didn’t the first half but she should have laid him out in the first quarter.

  75. BO is such a immature kid….I did it right ONCE and therefore I’m right in everything

    He sounds like a playground bully.

    Narrators are NOT fair to Hillary

  76. I hope she comes back and responds to that blather again…and nakes a point that she wouldn’t have to take extra time if they would finish an exchange…this way…after commercials it makes her look like she has to get a last word in…bitchy….rather than it being fair exchange…CNN sucks. Obama sucks

    this man wil be the most horrible president we have ever had. worse than bush…his peeps cant change that

    bet he makes Donna Brazille Sec of State

    WTF?!?!?!?! OCal tv came back in half way abot earmarks…his!

  77. Hillary should absolutely refuse to do any more debates unless she is given equal airtime.

    Heck he might as well debate himself.

    What a joke…grrr…

  78. It’s not a debate, it’s a “Let Obama attack Clinton on her issues” night.

    I’ve moved on. I bought a new game for my DS today and I love it and squeeze it and pet it and hug it and call it George.

    My DS has more warmth than Obama.

  79. Whenever she makes the slightest criticism, the people meter goes down. He an criticize as much as he wants.

  80. DCDemocrat, obama constantly writing and not reading is just looking silly, same as him trying to look angry/focused when listening to hillary speak, as if he knows what she is saying, he’s an act, all fluff!!

  81. Exactly what did he “organize on the streets”?

    I’m sick of that stupid line. How many people did he actually help and how?

  82. oh hell, I am crying!!!!!

    SEE Mark Penn!!! SEE what the reaction from people can be when Hillary gets to be Hillary????!!!!?!?!?!!!

    A standing ovation!!!!!

    That’s my girl!!!!

    That’s a first!!!

    thank you hillary! she won, not by attacking, but by being warm!!! take that!!!

  83. Closing statement was wonderful; opening statement was perfect. She let him run down like a wind up toy.

  84. BEn…he could sit there and pick his nose )or blow it) and he he could win…they hate to say anything good her

  85. Independent Ben Says:

    February 21st, 2008 at 9:44 pm
    She’s great – but I just don’t think she was able to knock him off his game.
    She did at the end….while Obama made this about him, Hillary made it about the American people. When the camera panned over to him…he knew she hit a home run.

    Hillary is taking the “Killing him with kindness approach.” I still think she should have pushed him more on the plagerisim but she got her lick in. I love the “Commander in Chief.” response and how she tied it up at the end by bringing it back to this issue, our wounded warriors.

    Hillary is good and I’m glad she pushed the Healthcare issue….Obama is lying through his teeth about how his plan is universal healthcare.


    Thanks for this Tiny:

    Tiny Dancer Says:

    February 21st, 2008 at 9:46 pm
    I missed the end and my DVR cut it off! My DVR is an Obama supporter!

  87. Hillary didn’t attack for a reason. Remember there was a story a few days ago that there were two groups in her campaign? One wanted her to go all out and attack Obama with a scorched-earth approach; the other didn’t, and wanted her to keep an eye on her legacy and be able to pick up the pieces in the Dem Party if Obama blows it in November. I think she’s taking the second approach.

  88. I think she didn’t want to attack tonight because she wanted to make him look like the aggressor. I think she looked strong, charged and in control and that ending knocked it out of the park. Did you see the look on his face? Classic.

  89. I thought she did great and that last part was *excellent*. You can tell she feels what she says. More, please, more.

    Now, on to winning in Texas – Team Texas, rally your gays. There are enough in the cities to help counter the AAs. Gays (like me) love Hillary.

  90. I was crying I was moved, I might faint, but only because of lack of sleep, haha, but I can’t bring myself to go to bed just yet….

  91. Donna Brazille gave a so-so account…she did give some credit to Hillary. But “Obama is connecting more with the audience…wth does that mean. Is this suppose to be a popularity chase….

  92. did you see that she mentioned Edwards 2 times tonight. I do not that think that she would be mentioning him if she thought he was going to deflect to the other side.

    Those closing arguments will resound with people..that is what they will remember from this debate.

    The networks will try to finetooth comb the whole thing over the next few hours .. most everyone will have gone to bed with those remarks in their head.

  93. I think she didn’t want to attack tonight because she wanted to make him look like the aggressor.

    Exactly. Any kind of attacks on Obama backfire; and if she did that tonight, everyone would say it was because of desperation. She’s between a rock and a hard place, I know, so there’s no easy strategy.

  94. The chances that the media will accuse Obamalot of attacking her tonight?


  95. Donna Brazille can bite my ass too, except that’s not possible when her lips are surgically attached to Obama’s.

  96. cnn is into usual bickering of hillary, but they do keep going back to hillarys last ‘moment’, and that means even the sob’s got it! and that means the people got it more! that was good.

  97. I had to close the window with CNN. Did you notice that the emails or whatever that they showed at the end were 2 pro-Obama and one anti-0Clinton?

  98. Donna Brazille is the idiot behind the total collapse of the Al Gore candidacy. She’s an lOBAMATized.. 😛

  99. I’ve watched a whole lot of Futurama the last few days thus everything out of my mouth has been “bite my shiny metal ass” or “GOOD NEWS!”

  100. I think we really need to get the ‘smoking gun’ repub stuff from the earlier thread out there. She can’t bring it up herself.

  101. my sister called about something totally differnet and I was trying to watch talking heads…i missed all the out of the box crap…now Campbell brown is stuttering…..stunned hillary was not a B****

  102. And the two bobble heads that they interviewed after the debate made me sick! So I had to close the window.. They have been LOBAMATIZED ewwwwwwwwwww

  103. I am so tried of this election already…. I have not watched MSM for weeks…. it’s to the point I can not even read the paper….. HRC needs to do something big, or TX and OH are going to be a rerun of the last 10 pirmaries.

  104. Absolutely right Donna; GRAND SLAM IN THE BOTTOM OF THE 9TH…..WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!

    She drew herself up and together at the end and just killed it! That was HER standing ovation! I was amazed! That’s REAL confidence.

    Super great job Hillary! Effusive compliments!

  105. AHHHHHHH!!!!

    LOBAMATIZED!! OMG, I love it. I am going to use that 50xs a day! 😀

    I love you all, too! Man, I am feeling such love right now.

    HILLARY IS 44!!!!

  106. Now I know not to be negative… but I need to say this….. BO will win the Primary and GE because of his skin color. Not because of substance, that is going to be a sad day in America!

  107. They clap when he farts, when he smiles, when he coughs.. They might give him a standing O when he poops.. UGH!

  108. I am not sure who will benefit from this debate. She ended on a strong point and this is immensely good. But the rest it was a tie or close to that. I have to say – that he is getting better and better prepared by someone for these debates. he brings more details – meaning his campaign do react to the lack of substance message. Plagiarism and Rezko – we should forget about that – it will not work. Period. Nobody is interested in this dirt and I guess she decided to take high ground and escape negativity because she judge it is more safe than going to deliver a broadside to him and Xerox comment showed that she was tight – she was booed.
    Finally. She showed some good graces but, I doubt she picked up a lot of good will toward her from undecided or his supporters. He stayed on his own as well. Since she is behind him she needed it more than him. We cam only guess if her closing statement will bring her anything in the upcoming days.

  109. They might give him a standing O when he poops.. UGH!

    hey, THERE’S a money making idea! Go to Chicago, raid Bambi’s toilet of his morning offerings, shellac them and sell them to crazies on Ebay!

  110. lOBAMAty results in a loss of free will and an inability to think critically. Patients who undergo the procedure, usually willingly without so much as a consent form, end up blindly following the first voice they follow. Like a new born baby bird, the lOBAMAtized will imprint on the first person they see.

  111. Some of these CNN commentators who say that he has improved so much said in the last debate that he won. So, if he won then how could he have improved so much this time? Ugh. They are always saying he was good in the debate even though he really wasn’t.

  112. Gergen suggested Hillary should emphasize she’s a fighter. Wouldn’t that be the most effective way to go after Obama? He’s been getting away with the utterly ridiculous notion he’s going to walk hand in hand with the rightwing into the New Jerusalem. She could very effectively point out this is utter bullshit and that progressive goals will be achieved only by fighting the entrenched interests who vehemently oppose them, not by having a beer with them. No personal attacks (after all, the media has decreed she’s not allowed to attack others the way others attack her), but a direct policy attack that would play to her experience and abilities (and Obama’s lack of both).

  113. lOBAMAtized people will clap at anything. They respond to most stimulus with an effort to make meaningless noise. The stimulus could be anything, a long airy vacuous speech, blowing one’s nose, farting or even pure unadulterated shit.

  114. That can’t deny her the 9th inning comeback this will help her people will not forget this…she will regain her mo… i about started to drop some tears,man she is strong…

  115. WOW. Msnbc gave Hillary: B+ and Obama: B-
    Did I like lick a frog and enter into some crazy Alice in Wonderland alternate universe?

  116. Did I like lick a frog and enter into some crazy Alice in Wonderland alternate universe?

    Hold on Honey…hope is on the way! ::throws bucket of holy water::

  117. You’ve probably seen some of the news about the delegates it will take to win the Democratic nomination, including discussions about pledged delegates and automatic delegates, or so-called “super delegates.”

    There are a number of misconceptions about the role that delegates will play in this election, so we’ve launched a new website, the Delegate Hub, to help you cut through all the myths about the race for delegates. The three most important things to remember are:

    1) A candidate needs 2208 delegate votes to secure the nomination with Florida and Michigan included.

    2) After weeks of voting, the race is a virtual tie, with Hillary and Senator Obama now separated by little over 2% of all the delegates to the Democratic Convention.

    3) Both Hillary and Senator Obama will need automatic (super) delegates to win the nomination.

    Senator Obama has aggressively courted automatic delegates, while his campaign has simultaneously tried to discount their role in the process.

    It’s important that we respect the independent judgment of automatic delegates, who have the responsibility of casting a vote for the candidate they believe is best qualified to be president. And we want to make sure that they have a chance to hear from our supporters.

    Click here to send a note to local automatic delegates telling them why you support Hillary, and why you think she will be the best leader for our party and our nation.

    Forward this email to your friends, family and co-workers to tell them about the Delegate Hub. Let’s get the truth out.

    Thank you for everything you are doing to help Hillary win!


  118. idunn: youre grossing me out!!!

    Well sure, NOW I am. But just wait until you can hold one of the “Hope Capsules” and feel it’s warms run right from your hand down your leg!

    Then, you’ll be thanking me.

  119. spaceartgirl – I got that email too – actually DURING the debate which is interesting timing that Clinton campaign sent that out then.

  120. Emmy…just make the texas calls from the call tab on the HillaryClinton.com site OR call the campaign HQ or Texas HQ and find out if they have lists of spanish only

  121. Hell, we could even take his little ones, string them together into a rosary and call it “Hope On A Rope”.

    Man, I’m getting a patent!

  122. Emmy,
    Have you tried sending an email to the TX headquarters?


    You could try calling too. If you dont have any luck there send me an email and I will pass it on the New England campaign people who can put you in touch with someone.


  123. Please, someone pay attention to my request about making phone calls in Spanish. How do I find out what to do?

  124. i did too Ininla…during wasnt sure if everyone here got it….

    I want to know if I need to tell them why I like Hillary and INCLUDE the Democrat for a day crap…I like hillary because she doesnt do this shit

  125. Two clips will get played over and over again. The Xerox clip and the close. Jeffrey Toobin said he thought Clinton felt awkward in delivering the Xerox line. I think so too and I think it was very planned. It is actually great that she got the boo too. That will ensure it gets a lot of play. The point of that line is to keep the plagiarism issue going. I guarantee that will do the trick.

    Her closing also had sooooooo much red meat to her base. It will be played over and over, and b/c it is a Thursday, all weekend long. That statement reaches out to women and it trys (via the military link) to reach out to men, esp. the many military men in TX. And that point, many of the military families are . . . (wait for it) . . . LATINOS.

    Bravo and well played HRC.

  126. Please, someone pay attention to my request about making phone calls in Spanish. How do I find out what to do?

    Sorry Emmy. I didn’t answer because I don’t know.

  127. from schneider on CNN (usually an Obambi-supporting ticker guy):

    The audience loved Clinton’s first response when asked about a time she had been tested – a deliberately vague answer that drew a knowing laugh from many in the audience.

    She then laid out a very eloquent response, essentially saying that her crises are nothing compared to the problems average voters confront.

    It’s one of the few debate answers to get a standing ovation.

  128. But there must be some sort of ‘training’ involved. I’ve seen others post about making calls and what they are supposed to say.

  129. Wow everyone is talking about the end of the debate. The obama camp is trying to smear it saying hillary copied Edwards.

  130. Emmy,
    no training. Log onto the website and follow the script. You log your calls on line. If you call texas you are bound to encounter some spanish speakers just by chance. If you want to target only spanish speakers that may take a little more effort but Im sure it can be done

  131. You know the longer the primary’s go on, the endorsements from Richardson and Edwards will not mean anything. We need them now…. get Richardson out in TX (along with Maxine Waters).

  132. The obama camp is trying to smear it saying hillary copied Edwards.

    That’s fantastic! Shows she hit a home run and he’s pissed. I love it!

  133. Hillary played it well at the end because she admitted,without specifics, the many trials in her life and the fact that those trials are nothing compared to the tragedies that soldiers and their families face everyday. She made it about the trials of the average person not about her. It was classy, heartfelt and BRILLIANT!

  134. I no longer really care about either Richardson or Edwards endorsements. I’m guessing MOST people feel that way at this point. They have both worn out their relevance in that dept.

  135. I just watched the end and ::janice voice:: (someone should get this reference) OH MY GAWD. I’m teary. Had I been closer to being “periodically down” I’d be in tears.

    Obama’s expression is great. It’s pretty much “FUUUUUCCCCKKKK”

  136. Emmy….go look on Hillarys site…go to make calls….pick a state and it will pop up with a name and number abnd a script….we all modify the script to our comfort level. It’s easy. You can go look now when it says “Start making calls” print a script and then cancell…the call will go back in rotation…it won’t get lost…you can look it over. There is also a Spanish link on the top of her home page and I am sure there is the call option there too…in fact, that maybe calls IN spanish as it is directed at latino Web viewers… i have just never looked

  137. from howard wolfson:

    What we saw in the final moments in that debate is why Hillary Clinton is the next President of the United States. Her strength, her life experience, her compassion. She’s tested and ready. It was the moment she retook the reins of this race and showed women and men why she is the best choice

  138. Statement from Howard Wolfson
    What we saw in the final moments in that debate is why Hillary Clinton is the next President of the United States. Her strength, her life experience, her compassion. She’s tested and ready. It was the moment she retook the reins of this race and showed women and men why she is the best choice.

  139. Obama’s expression is great. It’s pretty much “FUUUUUCCCCKKKK”

    ::jumps up and down excitedly::

    I wanna see it again! Give me a link! Wahhhhh!

  140. did anybody else know about hrc and jonnymac being the only two asked to the intrepid? i didn’t. there are times in a debate that really stick out, her closing was one to remember. i heard mondale say that when regan made a comment about the differences in their ages in one of their debates he(mondale) knew it was pretty much over because that one line would be repeated over and over

  141. donna brazile is a surrogate for obama and they’re letting her on cnn as an objective analyst but kicked off carville/begala effectively? that is messed up.

  142. donna brazille is a joke. WHEN (not if) Hillary is the nominee, I strongly advise Hillary to oust this Political incompetent who not only destroyed the candidacy of Al Gore, but nearly derailed the democratic party into Hopiumland and Changinessland. This is a campaign and an election about the American people. Not about civil rights or women’s rights, but the rights that Americans have been denied and the lies that Americans have been told under the Bush administration. Hillary will be the nominee and she will be the next president of the United States of America.

  143. I think OOlberman is about to bring up McAullif email…anything to take the focus off a hillary win…that is my guess…also, Bambis answer was pettyand smalll…as most trying time…that was a user question, i think in todays NYT

  144. she put keith in his place that hillary is ready with that statement for the American people its about you… she wont say it about his expierence because hillary believes the democrats need to keep united for the party…he did not interupt shelia at all…she told it was baout the children and poor people who hillary has been for..

  145. What if we push in our calls to Texas that if weak supporters are on the fence, they should select Clinton. The reason for this is that the longer it goes, the more likely it will go to the convention. That increases the likelihood that both candidates will be on the ballot. People are happy to avoid difficult choices and this phrasing seems to support the avoidance of a choice by selecting Clinton.

  146. That a$$hole Toobin was clearly impressed and touched by HRC’s final response but then he says he felt it was a valedictory response, the response of someone who knows it’s over.


    She was AMAZING!

  147. I can’t stand the thought of not having Hillary as our president. The loss of her intelligence, passion, ideas, caring and compassion just makes me cry. How unfair can life be. What an incredible job she would do. What in hell is wrong with the people in this country? I just feel sick inside.

  148. So you think Obama’s camp is sending a memo to MSNBC “Sen. Obama is to have the final remarks in the next debate or we will stop paying for the strippers and liquor we have been supplying.”

  149. The thought of Hillary not being our nominee makes me sooo sad.. How can this country pick a POSER over the real thing?? Hillary must win!

  150. Pat Buchanan says her closer was the best he’s seen her this year and moved the audience – “the best moment for her and the best moment in the debate.”

  151. Rachel Maddow, Buchanon and Ogreman all agreed that HRC’s final line blew them away.

    Ogremana said she’s at her most powerful when she exhibits emotion. OGREMAN said that!!!!!!!!!!!

  152. Taylor Marsh needs to show bambis answer (the stupid one) about his being tested..”I grew up as a small boy in indonesia…….”

  153. The reviews are in from the HC.com blog:

    CNN’s Campbell Brown notes a ‘standing ovation’ in response to Hillary’s closing remarks. [CNN Univision debate, 2/21/08]

    CNN political analyst David Gergen – Hillary’s last statement ‘was the most effective moment she’s had on television, I believe, since the New Hampshire primary… [Hillary] really scored on that.’ [CNN post-debate analysis, 2/21/08]

    Politico’s Ben Smith – ‘Clinton’s answer was a stronger performance.’ “Clinton’s answer was a stronger performance; Obama seems like he’s about ready to get out of here.” [Politico, Ben Smith, 2/21/08]

    CNN’s Bill Schneider – Hillary ‘just made an effective argument against John McCain.’ “Clinton just made an effective argument against John McCain: Though the Arizona senator is a champion against wasteful spending, Clinton pointed to his support for the Bush tax cuts and the war in Iraq – both colossal expenditures unpopular with most Democrats.” [CNN Political Ticker, 2/21/08]

    NBC News’ Chuck Todd – Hillary ‘had a couple of very good moments on health care and the economy.’ “Did she potentially win this debate on points; I think so; it was close but she had a couple of VERY good moments on health care and the economy that probably scored well in the various focus groups of undecided voters watching this debate.” [MSNBC First Read, 2/21/08]

    New Republic’s Michael Crowley – ‘The subject of health care always brings out a formidable passion and policy fluency in Hillary.’ “So much of the time politicians just seem to be going through the motions when debating the issues. But the subject of health care always brings out a formidable passion and policy fluency in Hillary. People can call her a phony for all kinds of reasons but it’s clear she really gets and cares about this stuff.” [New Republic, The Stump, 2/21/08]

    ABC News’ Rick Klein – Hillary ‘sounds calm, in charge, deliberate.’ [ABC News, Political Radar, 2/21/08]

    MyDD’s Todd Beeton – ‘Hillary Clinton just hit that closing response out of the park.’ “Hillary Clinton just hit that closing response out of the park.” [MyDD, 2/21/08]

  154. donna brazile is for obama. she’s been promoting his candidacy on cnn for months and months now, putting pro-obama and anti-hillary spin out there. that’s just what’s happening plain and simple.

    hillary did great!!

    idunn i actually LOLed at your ebay comment!

  155. that ending needs to be played in texas over and over you got the army and fort hood..with those wounded soldiers..

    i knowspacegirl my jaw dropped rachel ..coming from her but that shelia and maxine anddelores need to get going in texas and all the team captains i think she will win it…

  156. Ok I officially love Pat Buchanan now.. Who would have thought he would be the fairest commentator on TV.. LOL

  157. She congratulates Obama A LOT and has noted on the historic nature of his campgain and that there’s two very good candidates up there and that she’s honored to be there with him. Has he ever mentioned her in that manner? Ever?

  158. Hey Irish I agree. It would be a tragedy if she was not our next

    She is 100x better that BO could ever dream of becoming

  159. I kind of thought Hillary was even making a pointed contrast between her and McCain in her closing remarks. They both toured the hospital, saw the wounded soldiers. He says this election is about Iraq, about our enemies. She says it’s about us…the American people.

    That’s what I read netween the lines anyway.

  160. “the subject of health care always brings out a formidable passion and policy fluency in Hillary.”

    As well it should. This is an issue that she has the only truly competent policy on. Other than single payer, hers is the only workable solution.

  161. Team…weeks ago i knew this election as on it’s ear when Buchanan made the most sense and I agreed with this

  162. Sorry, folks, but I don’t think she did enough. She didn’t deck him. I’m having trouble mustering optimism these days. Her campaign is too skittish about being labelled racist if they say anything about poor little Obambi.

    I will not be voting for him in the general election. I am a white male. I supposed I will be accused of identity politics if I vote for the white male candidate. Double standard.

  163. This election has me watching Fox News, agreeing with Rush Limbaugh, thinking Pat Buchanan is the fairest pundit, listening to right wing radio and considering volunteering for John McCain. You’d think I was a republican.

  164. I watched the closing again and almost cried. For the first time in this campaign, I can handle whatever happens. Hillary’s supposed to be this ruthless politico, and she totally turned that on its head with incredible grace, compassion and strength.

  165. rickroberts,

    She didn’t “deck him” because it would have been all over the media tomorrow that she was a bitch, going negative again, desperate, and on the attack.

    Instead she gave some wonderful opening and ending statements and lots inbetween that will indeed be remembered. Those are the soundbites she needs. Just my opinion.

  166. Rachael Maddow flat out said that the GOP is so eager to get their hands on Obama that they’re ripping him for things Sen. Clinton said.

    Hello America, WAKE THE HELL UP.

  167. Diva – Rachael Maddow said that during the debate the GOP was sending out e-mail after e-mail hitting Obama on things that he said during the debate, that there were 6 points in a row that were strictly about Obama and that they’re so eager to attack him that they were hitting him on points that Hillary had made.

  168. I think this may just be the turning point we have been hoping for. Repukes are starting to realize that bambie needs to be stopped + Hillary knocks one out of the ballpark = koolaid cooler got spilled over!

  169. She didn’t “deck him” because it would have been all over the media tomorrow that she was a bitch, going negative again, desperate, and on the attack.

    I’m in complete agreement.

  170. Giggling and texting everyone I know to watch the vids! Guys there’s a lof of inspiration and quotes and cues to take away from tonights debate, Hill KNEW that we would need this and she just gave all of us on her team a fresh new round of ammo and it’s pretty hot!



  171. I am so proud. Just reading her closing statement took my breath away. Yesterday, I received the 192+ dollars of Hillgear I ordered in the middle of January to get me through Super Tuesday (I’m sorry to say I’m from GA and even sorrier that my gear being on back order made it necessary that I borrow a Hillshirt and rewash it for every occasion). Now, I can wear my shirts, hat and jacket while using my coffee cup, water bottle and HRC keyfob to make it clear how much I support and, yes, love this woman. I want to protect her, fight for her and alongside her and every day is more intense. I believe that, if this lunacy continues and we are denied the opportunity of HRC in the white house, this country will suffer immeasurably. I also believe, with every cell in my body, that HRC will be our next president. Every cell.

  172. mmmmmmmm Naw, they will just mop the kool-aid up from the floor with their tongues. They need to invent a machine to DE_LOBAMATIZE these people..:O

  173. Well if the repubs realize he needs to be stopped, can they stop asking their members to vote for the guy then?

    Or do they still want him to be the nominee?

  174. LMAO, Idunn..He didn’t say that last night

    Well, he didn’t really say much at all after you slipped him that mickey, did he? 🙄


  175. I CAN’T WAIT! 🙂 I’m sure in these next two weeks, the Republicans will strike Obama. Especially in a place like Texas…it might even negate some REpublican support for hiM! 😀

    And I’m pretty sure Hillary intended to go softer on her criticisms of Obama specifically for that final moment. If she had outright attacked him, that final closer would not have made as big of an impact as it did. And it did. It resonated deeply in my heart and I will cherish it forever as a testament to this woman’s remarkable life.

  176. Olberman, Brazille – utterly transparent and disgracefully dishonest.
    Nothing new there.

    Hate to say it but Hill didn’t get what she needed tonight.
    If the “zerox” line was some kind of twisted logic by which it – the issue of Obama’s plagiarism – stays in the (news) cycle as those very same newscasts are blasting Hillary 24/7 for uncutting & unfunny canned answers, then there had to have been a better way.

    Jonathan Alter saying she should drop out before TX & OH.???
    Matthews: “Brilliant” analysis!

    remember the oen for the twilight Zone? Dodododo….

  177. I don’t use mickey’s I use my charm or just borrow some Kool-aid from Obamabots.. That seems to knock em right out 😛

  178. Pat is not even my type..

    Ummm…is he ANYONES type??

    ewwwww…just got a mental image of Pat naked! BRAIN BLEACH! BRAIN BLEACH!

  179. Change to Win union, consists of 7 unions that broke away from AFLCIO had a vote to back Obama, but 3 of the unions refused to vote…hahaha I’m so glad cuz my union SEIU (ugh) instigated it. So they can prance all they want..they didn’t get a majority. The leadership sucks and does what it wants, it doesn’t care what the members want. I’d leave the union before voting BO

  180. And I’m pretty sure Hillary intended to go softer on her criticisms of Obama specifically for that final moment. If she had outright attacked him, that final closer would not have made as big of an impact as it did. And it did. It resonated deeply in my heart and I will cherish it forever as a testament to this woman’s remarkable life.

    Well-said, MJS!

  181. she could not deck him in front of that audience…that’s the problem…they want to see them get along…but he has already set a tone where they expect him to get in some zingers…she has been too gracious so now it is extra hard for her in that setting…

  182. I know – it’s weird to admire Pat Buchanan this much, alright the NEW Pat.

    Basically, he’s not playing the bias game, he’s just calling it fairly – and that’s ALL we’re responding to.

  183. why do we hang on to every word these pundits say? the people i know that watched the debate turned to regular programming as soon as it was over..they formed their own opinions…these pundits don’t know anymore than any one of us…our opinions are just as valid as theirs

  184. ^ My thoughts exactly: if I were a Republican, I would want to stop HIM now. He’s dangerous.

    I did a Google search for Mr. Brazile’s email address, and lo and behold I got a response from her, on her Blackberry, within minutes.

    Please, all, let her know how you feel:) donna@brazileassociates.com

  185. Basically, he’s not playing the bias game, he’s just calling it fairly – and that’s ALL we’re responding to.

    I don’t know, Ininla…a few days ago I caught an eyefull of his man boobies and I felt alittle tingle run up my leg.

    Is that so wrong?

  186. @idunn: they just make me ill bc it was so obvi that she kicked his azzzzzzzzz! he fumbled all night… they are only playing his good sounbites which are few!

  187. i was just out with the dog looking at the moon…and I thought how far we have come in the country….it used to be that a group of men would defend a woman to the death if there was even the mere appearance of impropriety against her by a black man. He would be lynched if it was ASSUMED he looked at her wrong. Now, less than fifty years later, we find ourselves where the woman is lynched by the group of men, if she dares to cause discomfort, or even the appearance of same to the black man.

    Change we can believe in.

  188. As much as I liked the “change you can xerox”, she should not have said it. Media is going to play it up in such a way, undecided voters may see it like that “You’re likeable enough” moment and she will come off looking bad.

  189. The closing was tremendous by Hillary. This great, historical woman who is really known by so few – she truly showed her true compassionate self. This woman who has been so villified by the media, by the right, and now inside her own party, has truly shown what class she has.

    It was inspirational . . . and I know many across the country felt it.

  190. Ewww…wait. Tied up was the wrong choice of words. Yikes. I mean, held up somewhere.

    (please don’t let Hawk see my tied up remarks, Lord. PLEASE!)

  191. Tiny Dancer Says:

    February 21st, 2008 at 10:54 pm
    This election has me watching Fox News, agreeing with Rush Limbaugh, thinking Pat Buchanan is the fairest pundit, listening to right wing radio and considering volunteering for John McCain. You’d think I was a republican.

    OMG, me too! His people are not doing this and this should make them worried. If BHO gets the nominee, a lot of us are not going along for the ride. They just said on MSNBC that if she were not going to win, she may just stay in like Huckabee to prepare for 2012. Based on our anecdotal evidence, I think shee-ah.

  192. it used to be that a group of men would defend a woman to the death if there was even the mere appearance of impropriety against her by a black man.

    I’m not reading this right, am I?

  193. Politico has supplied Olberman with the mere shreds of plagiarism of John Edwards speeches and he was hammering that

  194. Kentucky_mkt, me too, watch foxnews, agree with Pat Buchanan, watch Bill O’reilly factor…. can’t believe it.

  195. rjk1957 Says:

    February 21st, 2008 at 11:18 pm
    As much as I liked the “change you can xerox”, she should not have said it. Media is going to play it up in such a way, undecided voters may see it like that “You’re likeable enough” moment and she will come off looking bad.

    The reason your likable enough played out like it did is because of the difference in expectation. Most people, fair or not, expect Hillary to be a bitch. This is also why when she says emotional closings they are even more effective. Let them play it. It keeps the plagiarism in the news cycle.

  196. No Spacegirl, I think I’m just tired and not reading the context of your post accurately. That’s what I was trying to say.

  197. Excuse me? Defeatist attitude? No, that’s reality devans.

    She’s not only been horribly advised throughout (and in this case horribly supplied by whomever wrote that wretched line!), but she’s also personally shown much more of a political tin ear than I previously thought possible (I have some theories why, see one below).

    Her closing statement? THAT was Hillary Clinton.
    Where she’s had problems is in the tough spots, where I can just see her juggling the calculations in her head about which advisor urged going this way while another stressed something entirely different.

    I think this campaign has been guilty beyond words when it comes to pulling punches because of fear of criticism for criticizing Obama.
    And I think a large part of Hillary (and of course President Clinton) are so fucking angry about what’s transpired that they can both barely speak.
    And of course they’re right to be.

    But she needed to BOTH rip Obama from the bone tonight and show
    that emotional depth. And when you’re in a real fight, you can’t throw half-hearted punches. Not without getting hurt yourself.

    Hill up 7% in Ohio via ABC
    and up 1% in texas.

  198. BHO’s camp must be worried about HRC’s closing:

    Per Ben Smith (Hi Ben!):

    An echo from Hillary

    Several readers, and Obama’s staff, heard an echo in Clinton’s closing line, that the candidates on stage would be “fine.”

    Clinton Tonight: ?

    You know, whatever happens, we’re going to be fine. You know, we have strong support from our families and our friends. I just hope that we’ll be able to say the same thing about the American people. And that’s what this election should be about.?

    Edwards the December 13 debate:

    ?What’s not at stake are any of us. All of us are going to be just fine no matter what happens in this election. But what’s at stake is whether America is going to be fine.?

    Some borrowing is fairly normal. What’s been striking about the two Obama moments is that they were almost verbatim. This one isn’t that; but it’s still pretty striking.

  199. I’ve been thinking that part of me doesn’t want her to be president just yet because this next president is going to get a LOAD of crapped dropped on them. and might have their whole term tainted by the fallout of the Bush administration. Not that I want Obama pres either, but the doomsday in me is thinking the country is only going to get worse before 2009 and the next pres isn’t going to be able to turn it around in 4 years and people are going to be URFED about that. The economy is ass, the US dollar is pretty worthless and just today Starbucks announced it’s laying off 600 people. What the? Let someone else get the crap dumped on them and have Hill come in in 2012 and clean things up.

    Those are just the thoughts that keep me warm at night when I get all Debbie Downer. LOL. I still want Hill to win.

  200. IDunn…i am tired too…i thought i typed it right….just the full circle of change

    I gotcha. You typed it right, I just read it wrong. TWICE. 🙄

  201. Kentucky_mkt
    but they will play it none the less and hence keep him being a guy who take someone’s words and put it as his own. So the story will not die. it is a plus in itself.

  202. debbie — as I recall, Obama blew off the LIUNA conference. UFW is self-explanatory. Carpenters were the first union endorsers this cycle — for Edwards. They must really not like Obama.

  203. Oh not mention of it so far on here but Hillary looked “Fabulous” and got mucho gay approval for a sleek black suit and gold slim disco accessory! Like she could rule the world AND get the job done on the dance floor!

    My gay friends said Obama looked “like he pooped his pants” LOL.


  204. Anyone else find Obama praising his speech-making ability to be petty?

    I found it far worse than petty. I thought it was cocky, concieted and just plain icky.

  205. He has several speechs where he’s WORD FOR WORD the same as Deval, down to planned pauses, gestures, vocal inflections and emphasis to the point where I was confused as to who was running and her comment is in the same ballpark as Edwards, but phrased differently.

    Yeah, totall the same thing.

    I wish I was still in school so I could copy my friends homework and when I got questioned be all “but Obama does it!”

  206. CNN mentioned that too Kentucky – what Ben on Politico said (whatever Ben!)…that the Obama people were immediately attacking her for copying an Edwards line, and it’s ridiculous. They such juvenile jerks over there.

    Obama WORD FOR WORD says exactly what Deval Patrick said.

  207. LoL Caveman! Hillary looked FIERCE tonight.

    I wish we could get a running commentary on the debates by Christian from PR4.

  208. TINY funny as shit. All the more reason for the argument that he ake the shit from the first four years….”Obama did it” and it will not be pretty…

  209. Well, Matthews and the like aren’t really all that great judges of humor, now are they? Hell, I’ve never seen any of them even take a stab at humor.

  210. @Blue Democrat,

    I respectfully disagree. I understand where you are coming from but I honestly think the worst thing she could have done was to rip into him tonight.
    The media doesn’t play fair and they would have crucified her for it.

    Instead she held her head high and while he did go on the attack, he didn’t really come out that much ahead. He rambled so much that the message he was trying to get out blurred over and over again. Her closing statement put her back in the ballgame.

  211. divabunny Says:

    February 21st, 2008 at 11:13 pm
    wtf???? they are saying that her closing was concilliatory???? for realz? that she will give up after tx????
    They’re mad that she didn’t give them that out…Hillary was presidential and showed grace and compassion. I keep forgetting Texas is in the south and manners mean a lot.

    Hillary doesn’t want Obama to use her as a whipping boy for breaking the party, in which his supporters would do, she put in her jabs but when it can time for her to frame her campaign it was about the people while Obama is about himself. That “cult of personality” and the “messiah” write-ups does have people concern about him…and for good reason, I might add.

    This is a delegate race and it looks like the super delegates might be breaking the tie.

    Hillary didn’t back down on the plagerism that Obama been doing and she scored very well on the Healthcare, the economy and security. She didn’t make it about her and even the media had to admire that even if it’s only for 24hrs. Hillary did the unexpected and still got results.

    Like I said, Obama people want Hillary to concede the race to him because the longer she stay in the worst it get for Obama. The media is already starting to peel away and what his campaign did to McCain only through the NYT ‘hit’ piece is not going to hurt McCain at all…it will only backfire on Obama in the long term.

  212. wish we could get a running commentary on the debates by Christian from PR4.

    Snarf! Wonder what wrestling name he’d give HRC.

  213. just showed him “singing” to a crowd, in spanglish for Obama in Laredo…what an ass….

    the new democratic party in action

  214. Someone said about the gay vote earlier. It is amazing the number of gay players in this Dem primary. On TV you have Brazille, Anderson Cooper (biggest bitch IMHO!), and Maddow, and Kiki sticking up to all those bitches for our girl.

    Doesn’t Houston have an enormous gay scene and Dallas too? You know, why doesn’t she just show up at a huge gay bar or 2 over the weekend? Seriously?

  215. Jonathan Alterman is a freakin a-hole. He just doesn’t want to write the hit-pieces on Obama that Newsweek is going to make him write in the next couple weeks…selfish, just like o’bambi.

    Can you imagine if the media made a huge deal about how O’bambi is selfish, it’s all about ME, narcissistic ego-trips – his campaign would be done. In a perfect world…we can dream.

  216. I think Austin does as well. There was an article about gay migration to red states in a major weekly not that long ago.

  217. it’s a delegate count. WE ALL MUCT ANSWER the email Terry McAulliff sent tonight and write them NICE LETTERS about Hillary and why we want her and BELIEVE IN HER

  218. yes, the Young Stonewall Democrats (the gay democrats) of Houston have endorsed her – believe me gay men were the first to talk about Hillary as Pres before she even decided to run – very moving to hear men say, “we need a woman president, finally.” so, enlightened.

  219. Kentucky…Houston HUGE GAY SCENE, but that will drive all those midstate folk away

    i gotta go to bed…

    more tomorrow

  220. Kentucky_mkt,

    Houston, Dallas and Austin do have rather ‘robust’ LGBT communities – especially being in Texas (no offense to any Texans, but the South is not that gay friendly).

    Also, I do know that Houston’s Young Stonewall Democrats endorsed her.

  221. That 527 group should just run the NH snippet and this debate close over and over as their ads. Then, close with this is why we support HRC.

  222. lninla,

    You beat me to the punch!

    Oh, and you are so right, gay men love Hillary. Me and all my friends do atleast! 😀

  223. I think the positive tone from Hillary today was the right thing for her to do too. Her national poll numbers are starting to climb a little, and I think her performance tonight might make those numbers go up even more (knock on wood). Who knows, maybe some of the criticism aimed at Bambi over the past few days have started to take a toll on the momentum of his (bowel) movement.

    If she had gone too negative, I think the press would have unmercifully (and unfairly) pounded her 24/7 until the next debate. In my mind there’s no way she could have withstood that sort of treatment.

    Besides, the repugs are starting to ramp up their attacks on bambi, and then there’s the 527… Also, I’m sure Hillary will continue to draw sharp, cogent differences between her and bambi on the stump.

  224. @levon: bho’s camp is threatening the new 527 with legal action… just like everythihng else in this campaign… he can attack us with two known 527s… we get one and they are threatening lawsuits! sucha putz!

  225. NO ONE SINGLE MENTION by the press of his stumbling and stuttering….looking for words and thoughts…reminded me of bush….

    ad she can complete entire thoughts AND sentences in one try

  226. Tiny Dancer: the link you posted with the video of Hillary’s closing remarks is “unavailable” – ?
    I thought she was magnificent! I think the talking heads suck.

  227. divabunny:

    really? wasn’t aware of any legal action that could be taken? thought that 527’s had become a way of life in politics since the 2004 election gave us the new phrase ‘swift boated’. do you have any links with more info?

  228. SpacegirlArt,

    That is too funny, yet so true! 😆

    “ad she can complete entire thoughts AND sentences in one try”

  229. If I thought she was done, I would not have sent money BEFORE the debate tonight….

    but I am all for Hillaryis45 NOW…let’s get up with Bambi. You know all has to do is turn the spigot for REzko oil and get cash….

    besides, he will be crushed by McCain, and tarnished by Rezko even if he wins



  230. The video of Hillary’s closing remarks was deleted from Youtube. Maybe BHO people did this! It used to have a lot of nice comments and the new one got mostly negative ones.

  231. SpaceGirlArt:

    funny, my mom and I talk about that all the time too. in debates he always stammers and stutters around to find the politically correct way of phrasing EVERYTHING. with Hillary the stuff just flows….

  232. thanks reed

    We need to get her to the White House…

    I sent all tose links of Dem for a day, Karl Rove, etc to Senator Bill NElson of Florida tonight. Maybe he will actually get them and LOOK AT THEM

    ugh…took me two minutes to type that

    bed for real now


  233. Jan,
    I’d respectfully disagree with your disagreeing 🙂

    If, according to your rationale, “the worst thing she could have done was to rip into him tonight. The media doesn’t play fair and they would have crucified her for it”, well, take a look around.
    The media’s been crucified her for 15 years.

    They’ve simultaneously crucified her (and Pres. Clinton) and propped up a relative unknown at UNPRECEDENTED LEVELS.
    And look at the effect it’s had on the race. If, as they (love to) say, it’s all but over, what did she have to lose?

    And as for her holding her head high, I think telling the whole unvarnished truth – including withering attacks on BO – would have been no reason to to do anything other than hold her head high.
    It’s the difference between an aggressive, offensive posture
    and playing “D”.

    As for her “closing statement putting her back in the ballgame”,
    I think there’s an element of truth to that.
    But more so in the sense that she lives to fight another day.

  234. reed061 – re; LGBT support – and you know, I haven’t really sampled a lot of what lesbians are saying, but quietly, they are for Hillary.

    but the LGBT support would be VERY dedicated people on the ground and already so used to fighting for causes – they had an LGBT outreach person here in Los Angeles – but he was just out of high school; didn’t have the time to organize much. It’s such a wasted opportunity otherwise.

    re: LGBT support – Sophie B. Hawkins headed to TX, Ellen Greene (well, gay icon!) also heading to TX to help campaign.

  235. divabunny:

    thanks for the link. sounds like they might just be trying to scare them off with some saber rattling. hopefully that’s all it is, just a scare tactic and there’s really nothing substantive to it (fingers and toes crossed) 🙂

  236. IMO:

    Hillary did wonderful tonight – no two ways about it.

    While some may have wanted her to hit him harder, which he deserves, she cannot – in all honesty to it – because the media would portray her as a b!%$h. And, that is something she just does not need right now.

    Therefore, it was important for her to come off compassionate and charming with a touch of bite – all of which she did, beautifully, tonight.

  237. spaceartgirl – do you have a copy of any of those RNC mass emails hitting Obama during the debate? would love to know what they’re planning…

  238. as far as “hitting him harder tonite”… i think she was testing the waters… remember… we have one more debate to go before march 4th… i think she was paying attn to how the crowd and probably the media reacts to her performance tonite and will revamp things for the next debate.

    the thing that pisses me off is that the media is making her amazing closing statement into some sort of conciatory speech, which i dont think it was… i think she was being gracious and softening him up before she delivers the blows in the next few weeks!

  239. I don’t think the debate news will play too much longer; the post-MTV generation has no attn span – I’m salivating to find out what the Republicans are going to do to Obambi tomorrow.

    meanwhile, we quietly do our phone banking, send money, work on the ground, and win TX and OH.

  240. I love it.

    2/21/2008 11:41:20 PM

    The Obama campaign clearly went into panic mode when they heard the extraordinarily passionate and personal answer Senator Clinton gave at the end of the debate. Senator Clinton’s response demonstrated why she’ll be the next President which is why the Obama campaign is now attacking her for using a common English phrase in that answer – “whatever happens, we’re going to be fine.”

    Don’t think it’s common? Here are a few examples of just how widespread the phrase is:

    Laura Bush: ‘Whatever happens will be fine’ [El Paso Times, 5/19/00]

    NBA Star Shaquille O’Neal: ‘We’ll be fine, no matter what happens.’ [AP, 10/8/03]

    Actress Lindsay Lohan: ‘No matter what happens, we’re going to be fine.’ [AP, 4/19/07]

    Former Redskin Dexter Manley: ‘Whatever happens, I’m going to be fine.’ [Washington Post, 7/26/98]

    Former Redskin Gus Frerotte: ‘I look forward to whatever happens. We’re going to be fine.’ [Washington Times, 12/22/98]

    Notre Dame football player Tom Zbikowski: ‘Whatever happens, we’re going to be fine back there.’ [Notre Dame football player Tom Zbikowski, 4/22/07]

    Angels GM Bill Stoneman: ‘Whatever happens, I’m going to be fine.’ [Los Angeles Times, 2/22/03]

    Former Giant Christian Peter: ‘And whatever happens, I’m going to be fine.’ [Asbury Park Press, 1/29/01]

    Chicago Cub Larry Rothschild: ‘I’m not worried about that. Whatever happens, I’m going to be fine.’ [St. Petersburg Times, 4/1/01]

    Diamondback Edgar Gonzalez: ‘Whatever happens, I’ll be fine because I’m in the big leagues.’ [Edgar Gonzalez, Diamondbacks, 5/2/07]

    Hockey player Richard Hamula: ‘Whatever happens I’ll be fine with but hopefully I can still stick around here.’ [Richard Hamula, hockey player, 9/20/02]

    Leonard Hamm, interim commissioner for the Baltimore City Police Department: ‘Whatever happens, I’m going to be fine.’ [Baltimore Afro-American, 11/19/04]

  241. the bottom line is…how many ppl really watch post debate analysis? probably just is poli junkies. the masses probably can barely stand to watch the full two hours. AND hopefully the masses clicked off at the end of our girl’s standing O.

    IF he wouldve gotten a standing O, that would be the opening and closing of every post analysis show and the headline on all of the blogs…. when will the msm wake up??? too bad fox didnt do a post debate analysis!

  242. divabunny:

    ok, i just finished reading that post in it’s entirety (the one regarding ALP’s legality), and it seems like there is a bit of interpretation that will be needed to determine whether or not they are operating legally. that should be no surprise, as we ARE talking about the LAW… duh!! Anyway, it’s not like it’s an open and shut case. ALP seems to have done their homework on this (I would have been surprised if they had not), and they claim they are ‘focusing on public policy issues and the candidate’s position on those issues’. the ‘evil’ side argues that ALP exists to intentionally affect the outcome of elections to the benefit of only one candidate.

    apparently, since 2004 and the swift-boating ads, the FEC has enacted stricter laws regarding the way 527’s are allowed to operate. since they are relatively new laws, we might be in uncharted waters regarding legal precedence. it will be VERY interesting to see how this turns out.

    thanks again for the link.

  243. divabunny – that “whatever happens” quotes looks like it’s from the campaign.

    the ppl who watch post debate analysis – lots of wine sippers and latte liberals – no coincidence they support O’bambi – the biased media has carved out this demographic for him.

  244. hot off the taylor marsh press:

    On another note, in case you didn’t see it, Texas happenings:

    Superdelegate Bob Slagle of Sherman, former chairman of the Texas Democratic Party, said Thursday he is supporting Hillary Clinton for president and that he’s been working to help her Texas campaign.

    Clinton is on the morning shows tomorrow, 7:00 a.m. eastern, NBC’s Today Show, ABC’s Good Morning America, then CBS’s Early Show.

  245. @levon: as far as we know bho has two 527s working on his behalf… moveon.org and votehope… we all know abt moveon’s latest move with the full page ad abt SDs, bc they know hrc leads bho in committed SDs. its not directly FOR him, but take a look at votehope’s website… its completely and overtly geared twds helping obama… how an alp be illegal bc its directly heling hrc, yet votehope is legal… just another example of how this guy cant handle an even playing ground… she attacks him on anything and its considered her playing the race card… he’s had votehope in play since summer of 07 and its okay… she gets one in the fourth quarter and he’s threatening to sue… just shows whatta putz this guy is!

    take a look: http://www.votehope2008.org/2007/06/14/vote-hope%E2%80%99s-california-challenge-beat-iowa/

  246. Former Redskin Gus Frerotte: ‘I look forward to whatever happens. We’re going to be fine.’


    Don’t quote Frerotte and the ’98 Redskins team …

  247. I almost never agree with pundits, because they’re usually at least 6 months behind the curve.
    That said, David Gergen did touch on something (this one’s been obvious for 15 years, but he touched on it).

    And that was Hillary being very appealing as a fighter.
    If she needs a revamped theme for these next few weeks, that’s it.

    Shoulda been the one all along.

  248. does anyone know how many undecideds are in Texas, Ohio. of cource after tonight there will be fewer I suspect. but a ball park?

  249. hillary was endorsed by chirs bell in tx-big get. remember-he filed the ethics complaint on delay and ran for guv here. he is a good man and will help in houston