Rezko Buys A House

As expected, February has been a tough month for the Hillary campaign. For Obama, February has been a bonanza of hilarilty.

At this late date in February 2008, Obama spokespersons and supporters prove incapable of answering simple questions about Obama “accomplishments”.

Plagiarism by Obama began, just began, to get some coverage in February.

In February 2008, Michelle Obama, a Princeton graduate with a gorgeous mansion in Chicago, played right into the Republican stereotype of Democrats regarding patriotism. Michelle stated And let me tell you something — for the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country. Republican attacks ads, once again, write themselves.

But our favoritie February Obama hilarity has to be the latest bumbling from the Obama camp regarding his mansion in Chicago and indicted slumlord Rezko. It now appears that Obama and Rezko were strolling through the house Obama could not afford shortly before Obama and Rezko purchased the manse and its “lush side yard” in June of 2005.

Previously, Obama has been at pains to state how infrequently he met with Rezko.

Q: Senator, when did you first meet Tony Rezko? How did you become friends? How often would you meet with him, and when did you last speak with him?

A: I had attracted some media attention when I was elected the first black President of the Harvard Law Review. And while I was in law school, David Brint, who was a development partner with Tony Rezko contacted me and asked whether I would be interested in being a developer. Ultimately, after discussions in which I met Mr. Rezko, I said no.

I have probably had lunch with Rezko once or twice a year and our spouses may have gotten together on two to four occasions in the time that I have known him. I last spoke with Tony Rezko more than six months ago.

Obama recalls meeting with Rezko “once or twice a year”. However, at the same time an FBI mole says Obama visits with Rezko were much more frequent:

But sources said that, for more than two years when he was giving information to agents, Thomas provided a fly-on-the-wall look inside Rezko’s real estate operations and his desperate attempts to keep his projects afloat.

Sources said Thomas also logged frequent visits to Rezko from Gov. Blagojevich and U.S. Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.). Blagojevich and Obama were among the many politicians for whom Rezko raised campaign cash. Neither has been charged with any wrongdoing.

The Obama campaign, perhaps in anticipation of testimony at the Rezko trial is “refreshing” the memory of potentially troublesome witnesses and all of a sudden recalling the stroll through the manse with Rezko.

Here is what happened: After pushing the line for a year, that the entire story of how Obama financed the purchase of his mansion on June 15, 2005 with money from indicted slumlord Rezko, was old – the Obama campaign has brought new facts to the drama. We now finally know the names of the sellers, they are doctors who worked with Michelle Obama. They are supporters of Obama. The Obama campaign wrote memos for the sellers of the now Obama mansion, had the sellers agree to sign off on the memos, then sent the memos via email to a reporter from Bloomberg News.

You can’t make this stuff up:

Rezko’s wife, Rita, also an Obama donor, bought the adjoining plot in Hyde Park from the couple, Fredric Wondisford and Sally Radovick, for the $625,000 asking price, the same day that Obama bought the house for $300,000 less than the asking price. Antoin Rezko was under federal investigation at the time. [snip]

The sellers hadn’t previously made their side of the story public out of concern for their privacy, according to Bill Burton, a spokesman for Obama’s campaign. They approached Obama’s Senate office 15 months ago and agreed to break their silence now through the campaign out of concern that the story was being distorted in the media, Burton said.

Burton said Obama, 46, toured the property with Rezko for 15 to 30 minutes at some point before the purchase. Burton said Obama wanted Rezko’s opinion of the property because Rezko was a real-estate developer in the area. Burton said he didn’t know when the pre-sale tour occurred.

Burton said a campaign adviser discussed the sale with Wondisford by phone and followed up with an e-mail to Wondisford repeating his points. Wondisford responded: “I confirm that the three points below are accurate,” according to the e-mail, provided to Bloomberg News and authenticated through records shown by the adviser. [snip]

Wondisford has declined to talk directly about the matter.

So for 15 months the Obama campaign and Obama supporters Wondisford/Radovick, the sellers of the Obama/Rezko manse/yard, have been communicating and getting the story “right“.

Not to disparage in any way Bloomberg News, but why did the Obama campaign provide these additional details to Bloomberg News and not to the Chicago Sun-Times or the Chicago Tribune? Both Chicago papers have repeatedly asked the Obama campaign to speak with reporters conversant with the details of the Obama/Rezko entanglements.

The Chicago Tribune agrees that this latest Obama attempt to shush the Rezko story has merely raised additional questions:

Before he bought his South Side mansion in 2005, Sen. Barack Obama took his friend and fundraiser Antoin “Tony” Rezko on a tour of the premises to make sure it was a good deal, Obama’s campaign revealed Monday.

Weeks after saying he’d answered all questions about his controversial dealings with the now-indicted Rezko, Obama released new details about their purchase of adjacent lots from the same seller on the same day. But the disclosures by Obama’s presidential campaign left unanswered questions and raised new ones.

Obama was able to buy the house for $300,000 less than the listed price while Rezko, in his wife’s name, paid the full $625,000 asking price for an undeveloped side lot. [snip]

Obama has been reticent to discuss Rezko since the Tribune in 2006 revealed their property transactions. He has called their financial dealings “boneheaded” because, at the time, Rezko was reported to be under grand jury investigation. Rezko is set to go on trial next month on corruption and fraud charges.

The campaign declined to share the sellers’ e-mails with the Tribune or elaborate on the Bloomberg story. Spokesman Bill Burton said in a statement: “Despite the many extensive investigations into these questions and the numerous attacks we have weathered from the [ Hillary] Clinton campaign, the resounding conclusion has been that the transaction was completely aboveboard.”

It’s not clear why Obama had not previously divulged Rezko’s tour of the house with him. In 2006, he told the Tribune he recalled talking to Rezko and his wife “either at an event or some conversation we had where they mentioned to me that they either knew the property or knew the developer or something like that.

Obama and Rezko strolling through the soon to be purchased house Obama could not afford. That’s a vivid image. It set us to whistling “While strolling through the house one day… In the merry, merry month of May… I was taken by surprise…. By a pair of roguish eyes…”


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  1. Obama is a fraud! His WHOLE campaign is based on words, and most arent even ORIGINAL! But that fraud is winning right now, so we must work hard for OH/TX/ PA, donate if you can, because if Hillary loses any of those three states, her campaing is likely over… But she will WIN!

  2. real significant change NOT talking about it.

    real significant change NOT hoping for it

    a history of producing real significant change NOT faking it


    I’m sent him mail and gave him 3 accomplishments of Hillary Clinton.

    I would like to suggest we all send him an email. List a few accomplishments and ask for fairer coverage for Hillary.

  4. also, please try to donate today. Hillary sent email today to say she needs $ to fight with ASAP. We can’t wait for the moneybomb. Our girl needs us NOW. She’s been there for us and we need to help as much as we can.

  5. once again i implore everyone in a state which has not yet voted to print a copy of the FDNY’s endorsement of HIllary and take it to thier local precinct. I have gone to 17 and been met with nothing but enthusiasm. he’s got the kids lets get the adults.

  6. How has Obama inspired? All he has done is taken a group of people young and not so young and inspired angry vitriole towards anyone who isn’t hypnotized by his empty message. I honestly think that Obama has now opened up a can of worms that is going to be very damaging to him and his supporters in the long run.

    How will they come down from this high when it blows up in their faces?

  7. I have this feeling that somehing big is getting ready to happen. I went to bed prettty discouraged last night, I tossed and turned all night and woke up many times with the great need of this nation on my mind. Thoughts that the best candidate ever might slip through our hands…well I didn’t sleep well.

    Today I’ve tried to focus more on how she must feel right now.

    She is still fighting, still standing, and still working for us.

    As for me and my family…we’re with Hillary or bust.

  8. Conservative blogger outlines GOP attack plan for Obama


  10. dot48
    i think we are on the cusp of truly becoming the greatest country in the history of western civilization but kennedy and others have stolen the promise of future.

  11. Who plans to vote for Obama in G.E???? I’m in MASS, which he will win, so I’m considering writting in Hillary, what do you guys think you’ll do if HIllary doesn’t win? I bet she would get THOUSANDS of write ins…



  13. At least there’s a 527 being started that is pro-Clinton. Let’s hope tomorrow’s debate is a turning point or at the very least a wake up call to voters in Texas, Ohio, Penn., Rhode Island and elsewhere that Barack Obama is running on Promises and Speeches and has not kept his promises and now we are finding out his words are not always his own. Let’s have voters have buyer’s remorse now, not later (i.e., Rezko).

  14. There is a joke going around Washington to the effect that Hillary Clinton is the senator from New York who was born in Illinois, while Mr. Obama is the senator from Illinois who was born in a manger.

  15. yes, the point of writting her in for me will be that I want to vote for Hillary Clinton for Prez! Noone else. I can’t vote for McCain, because of the War. Maybe ill just skip the election, I’m going to have voting for Barack Obama and John kerry, to look forward to… PUKE!

    Well this is hypothetical, Hillary can still win this, it aint over. I wonder if she’d run in 2012 if McCain wins…

  16. Why are you all so depressed? If Hillary does not get the nomination it would still be entertaining to watch BO being taken apart by the repugs. We could all be back again for Hillaryis45.

  17. Come on Texas! You can do it! You can stop the madness and prove to us that there are some voters out there who haven’t smelled the fairy dust!!!

  18. Bill will speaking at the University of Houston tonight and is expected to fill the 15,000 person capacity pavilion. That should make for some great media coverage. There is also a separate fundraiser featuring Chelsea Clinton at the same time. Hopefully, this will counter the coverage of his rally in Houston last night and encourage Clinton supporters to continue to vote early and vote Clinton.

  19. one more time
    anyone in pa oh tx ri take acopy of the fdny’s endorsemnt of hill to local precincts, in small towns these people carry a lot of weight. i have gone to almost 20 and all i do is lay down a folder with a few copies and suggest that they give it a read. it works.

  20. h4t…instead of screaming out at us how about trying to do something positive for Hillary.

    Call, send email to and list some of HER accomplishments.

    Keep the Faith. Don’t give in to the handwringing. It won’t help her win this election.

    Call DNC, sign the petition I posted here a little bit ago…to seat the delegates. Call you local officials and ask for support and continued support for Hillary.

    Don’t be so negative.

  21. Here is a NYT piece from David Brooks, edited for clarity i.e. I took anything slightly pro-Obama out.

    BUT there ARE a lot of good criticisms in here of Obama! Hillary fans should get practice saying these, they are good …

    February 19, 2008
    Op-Ed Columnist
    When the Magic Fades

    At first it seemed like a few random cases of lassitude among Mary Chapin Carpenter devotees in Berkeley, Cambridge and Chapel Hill. But then psychotherapists began to realize patients across the country were complaining of the same distress. They were experiencing the first hints of what’s bound to be a national phenomenon: Obama Comedown Syndrome.

    The afflicted had already been through the phases of Obama-mania — fainting at rallies, weeping over their touch screens while watching Obama videos, spending hours making folk crafts featuring Michelle Obama’s face. These patients had experienced intense surges of hope-amine, the brain chemical that fuels euphoric sensations of historic change and personal salvation.

    But they found that as the weeks went on, they needed more and purer hope-injections just to preserve the rush. They wound up craving more hope than even the Hope Pope could provide, and they began experiencing brooding moments of suboptimal hopefulness. Anxious posts began to appear on the Yes We Can! Facebook pages. A sense of ennui began to creep through the nation’s Ian McEwan-centered book clubs.

    Up until now The Chosen One’s speeches had seemed to them less like stretches of words and more like soul sensations that transcended time and space. But those in the grips of Obama Comedown Syndrome began to wonder if His stuff actually made sense. For example, His Hopeness tells rallies that we are the change we have been waiting for, but if we are the change we have been waiting for then why have we been waiting since we’ve been here all along?

    As the syndrome progresses, they begin to ask questions about The Presence himself:

    Barack Obama vowed to abide by the public finance campaign-spending rules in the general election if his opponent did. But now he’s waffling on his promise. Why does he need to check with his campaign staff members when deciding whether to keep his word?

    Obama says he is practicing a new kind of politics, but why has his PAC sloshed $698,000 to the campaigns of the superdelegates, according to the Center for Responsive Politics? Is giving Robert Byrd’s campaign $10,000 the kind of change we can believe in?

    If he values independent thinking, why is his the most predictable liberal vote in the Senate? A People for the American Way computer program would cast the same votes for cheaper.

    And should we be worried about Obama’s mountainous self-confidence?

    These doubts lead O.C.S. sufferers down the path to the question that is the Unholy of the Unholies for Obama-maniacs: How exactly would all this unity he talks about come to pass?

    How is a 47-year-old novice going to unify highly polarized 70-something committee chairs? What will happen if the nation’s 261,000 lobbyists don’t see the light, even after the laying on of hands? Does The Changemaker have the guts to take on the special interests in his own party — the trial lawyers, the teachers’ unions, the AARP?

    The Gang of 14 created bipartisan unity on judges, but Obama sat it out. Kennedy and McCain created a bipartisan deal on immigration. Obama opted out of the parts that displeased the unions. Sixty-eight senators supported a bipartisan deal on FISA. Obama voted no. And if he were president now, how would the High Deacon of Unity heal the breach that split the House last week?

  22. Well rigso If Obama wins the ge than trust it will never be another white person in power in the states anymore.and yes america will become 3rd world

  23. @mj offensive at whom?Uh not I ?or you I am sure.I am sure Bill and Hill was more offended for being called a damn racist and thats what ruined her chances with blks and the Obama’s knew it.So the better question is wtf are you talking about honey?

  24. Teamsters Union will endorse the Bambi clan it seem. Remember a certain poster here told us to watch Texas first…then Ohio. I think there is another shoe to drop. This stuff is not for the faint hearted.

  25. @rigso
    Me stupid ?Sorry dear I did not have to jump on the Hillary bandwagon just because she was forced to show emotion to pull in the typical weak emotionally unstable female.Honey i been a supporter of hers from day one.
    so run along

  26. enough with the negativity. Just because you say it is a fact doesn’t make it so.

    America become a 3rd world? Where is all this coming from?

  27. Whatever. That’s a god damned absurd thing to say. First, I could care a less what race the next 44 presidents are. Second, having an african american president wouldn’t make us third world. That’s just foolish and racist.

  28. ok honey, the point is to make the argument that Obama win would mean America would become third world Because (?) no other white person would ever be in power sounds like someone who can’t reason very well.

  29. Hillary is going to make out just fine. She is strong. She is resilient. She will come out on top no matter what happens. Her dignity will be intact. His won’t.

  30. what is the progress with early votings in texas, ohio? obama made this as a point last night and have mobilized his follower to vote early…………clinton campaign have the same plan going????? i understand rezko, plagiarism, and the empty suit stuff going on, but if we dont get the votes, it wont matter.

  31. you’re right JanH enough negativity, this is about getting Hillary the nomination!!!!
    Ill let V4H spew her strange racist conspiracy theories in peace.

  32. timjcain
    enough about the stupid book. Save those posts for
    we’re here for Hillary. If you want a book club, try Oprah

  33. From FirstRead:

    “Losing as badly as she did in Wisconsin really puts Clinton’s campaign in as precarious of a position as it has ever been. The likelihood she can beat Obama as badly as she needs to in any remaining state — let alone Ohio and Texas — is very remote at this point. She no longer controls her own destiny, but now has to hope for an unforced error by Obama. And a big one. The good news for Clinton, the next six days provide two opportunities for unforced errors: debates. But how negative can Clinton go at this point? According to NBC’s Andrea Mitchell and Newsweek’s Howard Fineman, there’s a divide inside the campaign about how negative to go. On one side is Mark Penn, who is ready to go all out (and who comes from the Bill Clinton school that there is no tomorrow, fight today); on the other is Mandy Grunwald and Howard Wolfson, who are worried about Clinton’s legacy. After all, there has to be a point where Clinton says to herself, ‘there might be a next time.’ Isn’t it possible Obama blows this as the nominee? And if so, who’s going to be asked to pick up the pieces in 2009?”

    This may make me unpopular here, but I’m actually leaning toward the second option. I believe there’s a real possibility he’ll lose in November.

  34. Mj I can care less also since I am blk.Its not bout him being fycking blk.So get that idea out pf ur damn head.but since he played that card it is fair game.I can see if he was a colin powell or such than i can support him but no i cant because he is a fycking bytch.@ it being foolish and racist?no dear thats a fact
    anyways next subject

    The dollar don’t mean shyt anymore

  35. Suggesting that there will be no more “white” presidents…bringing in color and race again… sigh…this is beyond stupid and makes us look very bad.

  36. Actually being the first person of color to be President would put tremendous pressure on BO just as being the first woman president would put tremendous pressure on Hillary. Future individuals will be judged on the basis of the “firsts”

    That said, let’s get back to supporting Hillary is 44.

  37. I like the new ad from the 527! Effective, hopefully the speeches vs. real solutions meme sticks! If it doesn’t the people are really stupider than i thought after 2000 and 04

  38. Okay, Vanity4hillary, I know I am fairly new to this board but could you just please argue politely with the rest of us without the name-calling and insults?

    And could we get back to what is really important?

  39. @paula he will not lose the GE.Thats a fact.Uh he has the media in his corner dear.The media is his shield.Any person that go against him will be labeled a racist.

  40. In order for Obama to win the GE he will have to win Pennsylvania and that will not happen. No AA has ever been elected to a statewide office in PA. Lynn Swan ran for Governor and was blown out, he received just under 40% of the vote in the GE. If Swan can not win PA with his Pittsburg Steelers ties than Obama sure as hell can not.

  41. cut my hair
    I look like someone who would drink a latte(I like lattes)
    going to hand out hill material to mothers leaving daycare in downtown pgh.
    NY Giants 10 and 6 won the superbowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone else in pgh area

  42. Wait a minute … wait … is someone .. you there .. I think someone is fainting over here. Do we have an EMT? EMT? Someone needs some water here .. giver her some space! Someone’s fainting over here.


    Just a little humour to break up the tensions! Kee kee kee!

  43. @Janh
    I have yet to get personal with anybody here.I dont do personal attacks unless its with a Obama but even that is with facts.My facts are always right.
    But I am done like somebody here suggested with my conspiracy theorys…..ha the nerve

  44. diva:

    ALP is being run by the following people:

    Jason Kinney, of California Strategies, LLC, a former senior communications advisor and chief speechwriter to former California Governor Gray Davis;

    Mattis Goldman of SeaChange Media, a former ad maker for Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Rep. Chris Van Hollen, D-Maryland, who works for . (Samples of Goldman’s ads can be seen HERE).

    Erick Mullen, a political consultant with lots of Capitol Hill experience who has worked for the presidential campaigns of Gen. Wesley Clark (Ret.) in 2004 and former Sen. Bill Bradley, D-NJ, in 2000, as well as the successful 1998 Senate run of Chuck Schumer. (Mullen’s website is HERE).

    Paul Rivera, founder of Britton Marcy, LLC, senior political adviser for the 2004 Kerry-Edwards campaign, and a Clinton- Gore White House advance staffer from 1994 through 1999.

    Roger Salazar of Acosta|Salazar LLC, who worked in the Clinton White House from 1994-1999 as assistant press secretary, national spokesman for then-Sen. John Edwards’ 2004 presidential race, national spokesman and deputy press secretary the 2000 presidential campaign of Al Gore, and press secretary for Gov. Davis’ successful re-election.

    The law firm representing the group is Remcho, Johansen & Purcell, LLC. Accounting and bookkeeping is being handled by Nancy Warren of the San Francisco-based Warren & Associates LLC.

  45. lmfao @sophisticated thats how i was last night.I was in such a rage when i saw the results last night that i made two people leave my house by my “PERSONAL ATTACKS” against there dumb arses.Of course they was blk and supported Obama but could not give a reason why.
    OH MY

  46. A 527 YAY!

    Good news everyone! They’re still counting ballots in WA, but with 57% in and OVER 500,000 ballots so far its BO 50 HC 47. So at the end of the day 1,000,000 voters in WA will have voted for dems in the primary. Only 200k voted in the caucus. The disparity in the results speaks for itself. Caucuses suck monkey balls.

  47. Could somebody explain how a money bomb works, I hate to sound naive. I just want to give in the best way possible.

  48. timjcain

    I am not aying Obama will lose PA by 20 points like sawn did, but a lot of people towards Pittsburgh and the W Virginia border just will not vote for him. He will carry Philadelphia even though Mayor Cutter and Governor Rendel endorse Hillary, but that will not be enough to carry the state.

  49. @lsdem:thank you…. i’m trying everything to find an address for phone number… if i have to call offices of individuals, i will.

    i just found this link:

    holy sh*t! there is no way everything an stay under wraps until november 8th! no f’ing way! the media will get sick of their little darling… they only build ppl up so they can watch them fall…

  50. Mine too Molly! It was crazy and disorganized. They pretty much let everyone vote without checking. When I voted yesterday they almost asked for a blood sample.

  51. Thanks, mj. Going overly negative won’t work for her anyway, for reasons we’ve all explored (the media coverage, her reputation for being “unlikable,” etc.).

  52. mollyrichards the money bomb is organized for a big day for online fundraising. it was scheduled for monday feb 25th but everyone can donate before then and after. it is a big grassroots thing.

  53. Need Motivation to DONATE?

    The money disparity

    Obama appears set to vastly outspend Clinton in Texas, as in Ohio.

    Word from the world of media buying says Obama has $1.25 million behind his ads there, to $770,000 for Clinton.

    And Obama contnues to report a serious online fundraising surge, with the number of donors this year, as of this item, over 513,000.

  54. Vanity- Shut up! You’ve written the most ignorant things on this forum without any facts to back up your insane opinions. First blacks have not “turned on Hillary”. Hillary will get 90% of the black vote in the GE just like any democrat. As an African American I can tell you many are voting for him because he’s the first black man with a real shot. I’m not saying that’s the only reason but its a big part of it. Taylor Marsh calls it identity politics and she’s right. Many women who have voted for Hillary, myself included, have taken into account the historic nature of her candidacy when casting a ballot. Hillary knew w/ BO in the race she would have to fight hard for every black vote she got, especially if he could prove he could win with whites. Secondly, “whites want to prove they’re cool by voting for him”? WTF? I’m not even white and that offends me. If you’re going to rant and rave at least make sense while doing it.

  55. Vanity4Hillay, please If I could speak to you, we got your point, in fact, we got it the first time when you shouted it out in caps. It was a racist statement and that wasn’t cool no matter who you support. The USA is not and won’t be a 3rd world country.

    Having said that, last night was really hard and we are facing incredible odds right now, please, if you can, direct some positive attitude on the bbs. I don’t and I’m sure others here don’t want to be in a bulletin board fight.

    We are all here for Hillary and we need to be focused and positive now. She was outspent 4-1 in WI. She will be facing contests in states where it is more expensive to advertise so we need to donate, donate and call, call, call.

    p.s. Glad to see a 527 finally. This should have been done long time, especially as Obama had Unite Here from NV>

  56. LawSchoolDem, I’m still floored about the amount of money Obama is raising. BTW, I wonder if he’ll be able to keep this up in the GE.

  57. EVERYBODY!!!!

    here is the email addy for the 527:

    please email them to find out what we can do to help them. i am not suggesting to stop doing what youre doing directly for the campaign, but there are things that a 527 can do that the campaign can not.

    lets not forget that the swiftboaters were a 527. look at what they did to kerry. lets not forget that bho has on his side…. hrc needs all the help she can get and imo, her campaign is f’d up! they have put her in this position to be behind the eight ball… lets hope can help her now in tx,oh,pa!!!

  58. BrooklynforHillary Thanks for the lovely synopsis. It was spirit-lifting

    Gotta love”Obamaroons” very funny

    I rarely post because I am always so far behind in these threads,

    but I love the people here. And a special hugs to the very outspoken

    and passionate Vanity4hillary. You are something else. I do hope

    you get to channel all that energy into something amazing. :hugs:

  59. i don’t agree what v4h says a lot here BUT i do believe a lot of obama supporters are voting for him becuase he is the hip and IN thing to do nowadays. these supporters have no idea what he will do but will be swayed by the rockstar type status of obama.

  60. wb:I hadn’t heard that about Bellvue caucus site. We need to challenge this stuff. Any figures on WA primary other than with 57% in?

  61. Believe me, WV will go the way of Robert Byrd. Byrd has already been recepient of a nice hefty sum of PAC money from Obama.

  62. Bellevue is kind of a high money area. Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland is all Microsoft territory. The real estate is crazy over there. I suspect BO did quite well there. Still, sucks ass that they had to turn away voters.

  63. @terrondt: i def know ppl tht have jumped on the american idol bandwagon… they are sheeple…. lemmings…. they have to be led bc they cant think for themselves…. they see a change in skin color as a “change”… thats not racist, thats fact for some of these people. i family members that are jumping on that wagon and they make me sick… just shows me how ignorrant and lazy they really are!

  64. Ron, I’m in Boston area, May attend debate watch, since I got to school right in the area (emerson) and will be getting out of class as debate starts (no time to get home) Is this your event?

  65. REgarding the PAC, those of you who have already maxed out your $2300 contributions, you can help by donating to the PAC if they are accepting donations.

  66. i agree divabunny, we are finding out who are really hillary supporters and who are fakes now. NEVER SAY DIE!!!

  67. I’m sure you all have heard the song:

    money, money, money.

    In this instance, she needs every penny available.

    To anyone worried that Obama will be the next potus..don’t, the republicans will destroy him if he is the nominee. They want him, he is easy to beat

  68. WTF @If Hillary can’t pull it out she will again later down the road.
    So you want a part two?haha So sorry next you will say Hillary should stay a damn dem after those cunts all back stabbed her.If she does not get the nom those dirty dem’s should feel her wrath.

  69. we need positive energy not doomsday gloom here. she may or may not win but obama has to fight for the nomination all the way to the last day of the dem convention if need be.

  70. Molly – I got the results from There’s a state site that lists everything as 100% in, but the vote totals keep changing.

  71. v4h, the game is not over yet so we can still win this for hillary. use your energy to promote hillary than just ranting about.

  72. rigso,

    no Im not the host but I saw it on

    are you in touch with the local campaign? They’ve moved on to RI and are looking for volunteers- which sadly I cant do.
    email me for more info if you like

  73. I like the new strategy, BUT I think she should be carefull with the kind of negative that they do, nothing nasty, that will backfire, constructive stuff and of course, Bring home the point that he has no accomplishments and no real record to run on, just speeches, I consider that more than appropriate.

  74. “Obama hit Clinton really hard on Nafta in Wisconsin with mailers , i didn’t see any reactions.

    He is the same in Ohio and his allies in labor are helping out. ”

    Hillary needs to hit back on BHO’s trade policy. universal healthcare mailers is not as effective as NAFTA mailers

  75. timjcain
    hope? we dont need none of that hope stuff… (I hear you have to inject it for it to really work anyways)

    we just need hard work.


  76. thank you psymac! i like the ad… but i’m hoping they “turn the screws” in the next week or so. its nice… we need an ad that goes after him on something… everyone knows the stuff in the ad abt hrc…. they need to be told why they shouldnt vote for him. we cant mess around and we dont have anything to lose. this is do or friggin die!

  77. tim, i do think it will backfire if she goes too negative, its reinforcing a negative for her by doing it. Remember when she said ‘slumlord’ that backfired, Obama won S.C by even more than he was supposed to. Missour Exit pollsm showed a majority found her debate attack ‘unfair’ Her attacks need to be considered carefully, speeches vs. actions is good. He’s not ready is good. Rezko thing is risky but should be pushed behind the scenes. Theres alot to go negative on, but it must be done right, so he can’t just brush it off as ‘old politics”

  78. I agree, rigso.

    BTW, a point about the GOP: I still think the GOP will be able to damage Obama pretty badly, but I’m beginning to wonder if they’re going to be hoist on their own petard. In other words, they worked to undercut Hillary so Obama would get the nomination, but in the process allowed him to pick up so much momentum that he might be a real danger to them in November.

  79. @admin:

    please delete this link from your post from yesterday… not only has this blogger turned her back on hillary…. SHE IS SUPPORTING OBAMA!!! why would we want to endorse her blog???

    your quote: “One such blog is the lovely, color coordinated, In The Pink Texas.”

  80. okay
    i now have to dog sit for a week while my bother goes to disny world but he made a 500 donation to hrc. who goes to dworld in feb?

  81. I think Hillary can hit him on his lack of policies, on his plagiarism, on his wife’s poorly chosen rhetoric, on his “borrowing of her’s and Edwards policy talking points.

    She can do this and if the media or his campaign cry wolf…well it’s just one time to often.

  82. if i was the 527…. the first ad i wouldve done was the chris matthews bit last night…. then i would have a voiceover asking the viewer if a fellow senator cant even name ONE thing that obama has done, then maybe this just isnt his time…. being president isnt a position for “on the job training.”

    i dont know… something like that.

  83. The republicans don’t have any qualms about taking anybody down. Whether its Dukakis, Clinton, Kerry, McCain, or Harriet Myers. Take your pick. They don’t care what the media says or how their attacks will be perceived by people who won’t support them anyway. The only thing that matters is winning.

  84. rigso
    respectfully i disagree
    the loyalists abound on each side a few waiver and i bnelieve she has to get tough in order to sway those with a half of a brain

  85. See, rigso, you and I have been through this before I think. It’s the Queen of Mean campaign against Hill. I’ve seen it before, do you know what I mean?

  86. diva
    not sure he is at least ten yrs old and all he does is sit on sofa and look out window, problem is its in the middle of nowhere and i don’t drive. but hey he sent 500 to hrc and he has internet

  87. dot48 Says:

    February 20th, 2008 at 2:49 pm
    why the hell are they telegraphing the strategy?

    I never got that either. Who does this help?

  88. “# Paula Says:
    BTW, a point about the GOP: I still think the GOP will be able to damage Obama pretty badly, but I’m beginning to wonder if they’re going to be hoist on their own petard. In other words, they worked to undercut Hillary so Obama would get the nomination, but in the process allowed him to pick up so much momentum that he might be a real danger to them in November.”

    I completely agree with you, Paula. The republicans need to attack BHO now, otherwise BHO is picking up some much momentum and it would be too late. Shouldn’t we send this to all the right-wing medias? Seriously, BHO is winning because of all the GOP votes. If we can swing some of those, it would be good. Basically, Hillary’s core voters won’t change mind; BHO’s core voters won’t change mind either, but we can change some of indies and the republicans’ mind. I hope those republicans won’t regret it in the fall.

  89. Hillary lost “The Toss of the Coin” a la Bill Cosby. Many will remember that. Some may have to google it. It was patterned on the beginning of a football game.

    It contains several examples where there was competition and one side lost the toss and had to play under the burden of some stupid rules. One example was when the British lost the toss against the US Colonists. Therefore the colonists could wear anything they wanted and shoot from behind rocks and such. The British had to wear red and walk in a straight line. There was also Custer vs the indians, and more.

    Hillary had to provide logical information plus be nice to her opponent and never attack his positions or his record. Meanwhile BHO was free to use every kind of innuendo immaginable while speaking in spiritual double talk.

    This has been the most unfair election that I’ve ever heard of. I know it isn’t over, but neither do I see a significant change in the rules.

  90. JanH, you are right. she must send out mailers to counter-attack the NAFTA mailers. I don’t want any union members to misunderstand hillary’s trade position.

  91. mj,

    It is what Gov. Deval? (MA) did to his opponent also to win his contest. The whole ‘Queen of Mean’ strategy that is and apparently a lot of the same speeches too.

  92. I agree nikki. The gop will be critical, brutally critica of whomever they’re up against. They don’t discriminate. You put it much better than I could though.

  93. I think the only saving grace here is that certain media groups have lost viewers in the droves. I can’t see advertisers hanging on when numbers go down so badly.

    It’s pretty comical that each network brags about them being the “best political team.” Sigh…if this is the best, I’d hate to see the worst.

    And it must be very frustrating for them that Hillary won’t go away like they want her to.

  94. Yes, Rigso. It has nothing to do with her really. She is no Hillary. but the same tactics. The strategy of portraying your female competitor as an ice queen.

  95. jubjub, I absolutely agree with you. GOP must attack him now. otherwise it will be too late for McCain who will run on experience to do it because experience do not win over change just yet.

  96. @psymac: i emailed them my idea… told them no better way to screw msnbc and barry at the same time…but use tweety to help hillary!!!

    i agree with you guys abt the gop… they have to stay on it! i thought mccain did a pretty good job last night… i think they are waiting until after texas though… they dont want to take their eye off of hrc for a second… they remember that when bill ran, he was in 3rd place at this time…

    mccain on barry: “I will fight every moment of every day in this campaign to make sure Americans are not deceived by an eloquent but empty call for change.”

  97. I agree MJ, and look at Deval, since in Office he has been a major dissapointment regardless of how hopefull he made people feel during election speeches. After he got there, nothing special… though better than Mitt Romney.

  98. but Bill’s race is entirely different than this one. Every element is different..except its a contest. If anything I think the management could have done a helluva lot better. Having the best candidate without the best team is not always the best idea

    If there was ever a time for advice from Carville and Begala…it’s now..

    Did anyone see this .. last night CNN whole panel admitted they were in BHO corner..except for Begala. Said BlisterAss called him out on and asked him what advice he would give her right now? Does anyone know what he said or if this happened.

  99. If Hillary, the GOP, McCain, and the Leadership Project hit him hard and for a sustainable period with his inconsistencies, he will have to go on the defensive…not a place he does well with. If he goes on the defensive, he can’t “bamboozle” the media with his vacuous smile and nonsensical rhetoric. He’ll be playing catch-up. They need to come at him from all sides…lol…ambush…

  100. There’s nothing new in that strategy piece in the N.Y. Times; they didn’t reveal anything. Frankly, their options are pretty limited.

    BTW, mj, you were absolutely right about NAFTA hurting her in WI.

  101. Change we CANNOT believe in…

    The political divide in this country is created by differences in POLICIES, not PERSONALITIES. To truly bring about change and politically unite people in this country requires people to agree on POLICIES. How is the senator with the MOST LIBERAL voting record going to accomplish this feat, given the fact that he doesn’t even seem to be able to unify his OWN party (recent polls have suggested that a significant percentage of democrats would not support the MOST LIBERAL senator if he were to become the democratic party’s nominee)?

    Will his promise of change miraculously cause conservatives and democrats to re-think their positions on core issues like immigration, the war on terrorism, federal spending, Supreme Court appointments, tax cuts, size of government, Iraq, social security, entitlement programs and abortion to name just a few?

    Will the independents who support him now still do so when the opposition had defined him as an inexperienced, unknown, elitist liberal who ‘borrows’ some of his most important rhetoric from current and past politicians in a calculating and premeditated manner?

    PERSONALITIES in politics come and go, but the POLICY differences will remain.

  102. For me it’s Hillary or Bust.

    I’m with her till the last dog dies.

    I now know why the Michelle Obama situation didn’t get any play on CNN. They DID paint Begala into a corner last night, Blizter did point out everyone else was a BHO supporter. My sister watched it and now I can make her understand the whole “media” bias against Hillary. It took that instance for her to get it.

  103. I have been a democrat all my life but I cannot in good conscience vote for Obama. My first impression of him was not a good one. All I could think of was that he was a flim flam man and my impressions have not changed, only gotten worse.

    My country has changed into something that I don’t recognize anymore. This Obama following has really put me off. When I see Hillary speak and then switch to Obama, I can only think there is something wrong here. There is something horribly wrong here. It makes me afraid for this country.

    I will continue to contribute to Hillary but I feel in my soul only doom and gloom. Sorry.

  104. how is he getting union endorsements??? wtf is he promising these people???

    please please please post this link everywhere! this clearly shows the diff btw bho and hrc!!!!

    “Machinists Union President Tom Buffenbarger, introducing Clinton, talks about Maytag. He talks the betrayal by Barack Obama, who only gave those Maytag workers a speech. WORDS. Baloney. But then Obama collected huge sums from the Crown family of Chicago, owners of Maytag who shipped those workers’ jobs out of the country. The Crown patriarch says that when he talked to Barack Obama, the subject of those jobs NEVER came up. WOW. Now, the snooty press reports — like that of Politico — leave OUT the part about the story of the Machinists’ Union, concentrating on a few phrases union president Buffenbarger used. NOW you get to hear the full speech:”

  105. Dot48: so, what happened on this CNN segment – did Blitzer ask everyone who they were supporting outright and who was on that panel?

    I wish some media, if even it’s Raw Story would be a story on the “Obamacans” – cross-over Republicans who won’t vote for Obama in the GE. Don’t we have enough evidence here when 9-10% participating in the Dem primaries identify are Republicans?

  106. Too funny. Did CNN really tell us anything we didn’t know already? The way they have played up to the guy and thrown knives at Hillary pretty much gave it away. For them to actually come out and admit it really shows how far they have fallen. Absolutely no integrity anymore.

  107. Irish..I have had moments of despair as well. Last night was not a good night. We can only do what we can and try to support her and others here.

    I agree with you that Obama has a cult following. Should he become the president I just wonder how long it will take for the hopium to wear off.

    Personalities comes and go…but the real problems are still there.

    We need a problem solver…not a minister to our “wounded” souls.

  108. according to my sister…during last nights coverage (probably after 10 pm) the whole panel seated .. probably ten people or so. She said a AA tight curled woman, Begala and a lot of other regular panelists..and Wolf went to Begala and simply singled him out as the “lone” Hillary supporter on the panel. She said the panel didn’t deny it and that he put Begala on the spot to offer advice to HIllary. She can’t remember what his advice was though but felt that Begala was really hurting for Hillary right then.

  109. @dot: i dont think these ‘followers’ will be around in november… even if the truth doesnt come out… the younger gens are all about “fast food”, “in and out”, “immediate gratification”… they dont have the attention span that it takes to see change in washington…. esp from a wash outsider…

  110. I have always admired Paul Begala and his loyalty to the Clintons. It’s very hard being on the outside facing a group of bullies but he does it with grace.

  111. What time is the debate on tomorrow? And is Univision showing it, because I cannot watch it on CNN tv, I will stream it if I have to.

  112. What a strange year. Here I am, watching McCain absolutely shred Obama to bits, and while the Democrat in me winces, the Hillary-supporter in me thinks, “well, we knew all along that the GOP would be relentless, and that Obama’s record is too thin to withstand scrutiny.”

    And is it just me, or do Michelle Obama’s constant gaffes remind anyone else of Teresa Heinz Kerry’s bizarre outbursts in 2004?

  113. In other news, and completely off topic: I’m not at all sure why it is MY responsibility to rope halter my neighbors horse and walk it back to their house every friggin’ morning. Also pondering what to do about discovering that the animal has no hay, no water and no adequate pasture. Maybe time to involve animal control. 🙁

  114. To keep the homefires burning right now, here is an excerpt from a book I wrote last year entitled The Dynamics of Leadership:

    “A leader must be capable of motivating people. Fortunately, most of us have the innate skills to do so at some level and if we merely apply those skills in the manner suggested in this book then we will be fine in most cases. But we must also recognize that there are those among us who practice the art of leadership at a whole different level. These are the true leaders and they are the ones who can bring about a better world for all of us. But they are very very rare.

    As I reflect back on the people I have met in the military, politics, law and business, I can think of only three who rose to that level. One was a businessman (and former army ranger), one was the Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps who was the commander of the First Raider Battalion on Guadalcanal in his youth, and one is the junior Senator from New York Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

  115. OK, Idunn, mushy for animals is OK?

    Apparently. My hubby brings me everything from abandoned baby bunnies to birds with injured wings. Oy…you wouldn’t believe the menagerie of animals we have on our farm. 🙄

  116. Stuck in traffic with only Sean hannity on radio so I listened in;
    He says that ‘our’ (the listeners) campaign to derail the HRC for president campaign has almost succeeded! (He wouldn’t dare say that on Fox.)
    Talking about MO – he says he got more calls about her than from any other political person he’s ever discussed. A funny montage of BO’s speech pulling out ‘change’ and ‘yes we can,.” it went on for minutes.
    Says Repubs have to EXPOSE the empty shell that is BO.
    Good line (even for hannity). When you ask a BO supporter why he’s for BO the response is coz he wants change but when questioned as to the nature of the change the response is I dunno.

  117. divabunny Says:

    February 20th, 2008 at 3:24 pm
    how is he getting union endorsements??? wtf is he promising these people???

    please please please post this link everywhere! this clearly shows the diff btw bho and hrc!!!!

    “Machinists Union President Tom Buffenbarger, introducing Clinton, talks about Maytag. He talks the betrayal by Barack Obama, who only gave those Maytag workers a speech. WORDS. Baloney. But then Obama collected huge sums from the Crown family of Chicago, owners of Maytag who shipped those workers’ jobs out of the country. The Crown patriarch says that when he talked to Barack Obama, the subject of those jobs NEVER came up. WOW. Now, the snooty press reports — like that of Politico — leave OUT the part about the story of the Machinists’ Union, concentrating on a few phrases union president Buffenbarger used. NOW you get to hear the full speech:”

    Wow! Great speech. It’s got me fired up and ready to go!

    Sen. Obama is no friend of the working class.

  118. Not defeatist, Kingsgrove. On a concall this morning, the Hillary campaign pointed out how McCain’s relentless attacks on Obama have uncovered and highlighted precisely how vulnerable he *would* be in the GE, *if* he were to somehow win.

  119. Ya see Basil….THAT is why I will never vote for McCain either. That’s exactly why the repugs have tried to derail HRC, because they KNOW many of us are terrified of Bambi. They are BANKING on us coing over to McCain. Fuck that! I’ll write in Hillary whether it accomplishes anything or not. At least I’ll be able to sleep at night.

    IF it comes down to that…WHICH IT WON’T!


    February 19, 2008, 4:14 pm
    Clinton Aides See Wins in Texas and Ohio

    Susan Davis reports on the presidential race.

    Despite two recent polls indicating Sen. Barack Obama is encroaching on Sen. Hillary Clinton’s lead in the March 4 Texas primary, senior aides to her presidential campaign expressed confidence today that she has the support and ground operations to pull out necessary victories in both Texas and Ohio.

    Ace Smith, Clinton’s Texas state director, said the response the campaign is getting on the ground is “absolutely amazing” and recent stops have drawn thousands of supporters. “We’re comfortable we’re going to have a ground operation we haven’t seen in the state in a long time,” he said. “We’re going to have a campaign down here where we cede absolutely nothing.”

    A CNN poll out Monday gave Clinton a narrow 50%-48% lead against Obama and a separate USASurvey poll gave Clinton a slighter larger 50%-45% lead. Smith played down the polls. “I don’t think there’s any big movement,” he said. “There’s so many polls showing so many different things.”

    Smith said Clinton is running a coordinated campaign for early votes as early voting started today and will continue until Feb. 29.

    While Texas has a quirky electoral system –- it has both a primary and a caucus system to select their delegates — Smith said Obama’s past edge in winning caucus contests won’t translate in the Lone Star State. “We’ll be absolutely dominant” in those efforts, he said.

    Since Clinton announced earlier this month that she had made a $5 million loan to her campaign effort, the campaign said donations have been pouring in at a rate of about $1 million a day. “We have raised $15 million on line in the first 15 days of the month,” Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson said.

    In the more immediate future, Clinton and Obama are facing off today in Wisconsin, where polls close at 9 p.m. EST, and in Hawaii where Democrats open their caucuses at midnight EST. Heading in to the contests, Obama was widely viewed as having the edge — which Clinton’s aides didn’t dispute today. “We’ve always said that we think Wisconsin is challenging,” said strategist Mark Penn.

    If Obama is victorious tonight, he will have 10 consecutive wins under his belt heading in to the March 4 contests. No matter, said Clinton aides. “Texas is one of those great independent-thinking states,” said Smith of the potential momentum effect. “I think Texans will make up their own minds.”

    Robby Mook, Clinton’s Ohio state director, agreed. “I don’t think Ohio voters are concerned about the horse race,” he said. “We have two weeks, two debates, there’s a lot of time for voters here to really get to know Sen. Clinton.”

    Clinton and Obama will debate Thursday in Austin, Texas, and next Tuesday in Cleveland.

  121. Good observation by Craig Crawford: “John McCain has the luxury of time for devising a plan and a message if he is to run against Barack Obama, but so far the Republican nominee-to-be is trotting out the same themes that are not working for Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

  122. Another thing about the DNC that irks me: why the hell aren’t delegates winner take all? This proportional shit is retarded.

  123. After a lot of soul searching I have come to the conclusion that I could never vote for a Repug. They just do not stand for anything that I believe.

  124. Obama Starts Ohio Ad Blitz
    Sen. Barack Obama “is blanketing Ohio with campaign ads in a huge media buy that appears to double that of Democratic presidential rival Hillary Clinton,” the Columbus Dispatch reports

  125. Well, I kicked over $20.44 this afternoon. It’s all I can afford to do right now. Unless I take the rest of the 2/25 money bomb money and contribute that today.

    What do you guys think? Should I?

  126. What was that part of the audience chanting during that speech by the machinist union prez? They were sounding obnoxious.

  127. Pro-Clinton 527 Ramps Up for Ohio, Texas
    “Allies of Hillary Clinton plan an expensive, stealth campaign to buttress her standing in the must-win states of Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania,” Marc Ambinder reports. Political Wire has heard rumors of such an effort for several weeks.

    “They’re canvassing Clinton donors for pledges of up to $100,000 in the hope of raising at least $10M by the end of next week.”

    “Plans for the 527 were conceived in late January, when Clinton’s campaign was nearly broke. Since Feb. 5, she has raised nearly $20M, but still faces a resource disadvantage. Obama’s aides said they’re approaching their goal of raising money from 500,000 new donors since Jan. 1 and project a total haul of more than $35M for February.”

  128. I just want something BIG to come out that will bring this man down already. I’m tired of it being so one-sided.

    Hillary deserves some good news!

  129. Idunn, starting in ’88, delegates in the Dem primary weren’t winner-take-all anymore, based on a concession made by Dukakis to Jesse Jackson.

    The system is broken and this election is proving it. In the meantime, we’ll need to redouble our efforts to pull this one out. Texas and Ohio are looking GREAT, is the good news!

  130. meiyingsu-
    General elections are not primaries. Even with record turnout its still only a fraction of the electorate. And Hillary has not even come close to doing what repubs will do. Every one of his weaknesses will be exploited. And conservatives will just make up everything else. The negative ads will be nonstop and there’s conservative talk radio to do a lot of the heavy lifting. The GOP defines the democratic nominee. That’s what has happened the last few decades. BO is no different. McCain, even with all his liabilties, would bury him in a month’s time.

  131. Obama is desperately HOPING Hillary drops out before testimony gets underway in the Rezko trial and his supporters start CHANGING their minds. Probably around the 11th of March.





    I’m not sure if this has been put out here yet

  133. This is how I feel HRC should do …but can she legally do this???

    I think HRC should forget about the DNC nom – the process is being sabotaged by the repubs and DNC is not doing anything about it (I feel DNC is not on her side)—she needs to run as an independent starting NOW! or after the debates (debates helps her -that’s the reason I switched from BO) – this will shock everyone!! The three of them in the race will benefit her! OBAMA will share some of the right wing attack machine. Any negative ad by the GOP on BO will help her. People will realize by NOV that he is a phony, they will get tired of the empty speeches, the Resko thing will be in play big time, etc. etc

  134. New Slogan for Hillary:

    Because America deserves a President that talks WITH America, not AT America.

    Go Hillary, I’m still proudly flashing my support, got my bumpersticker, got my signs…. and if I ever catch the @ss who left Obama printouts on my car I’ll run them down, lol.






  136. ^^what did not come through:

    CNN is using Baracks numbers from PRE NEW make it look like he is leapfrogging in such great strides.

    If you look closely at what John King found last night…Obama dipped in key groups.

    Also, White Women…can we just assume that white republican women are coming out enmass to defeat Hillary

  137. can we just assume that white republican women are coming out enmass to defeat Hillary

    Don’t think so. Just doesn’t ring true with me. Most women, imo , vote their conscience.

  138. socal4hill:

    I’d love to see Hillary run as an independent too IF she doesn’t get the dem nomination. If she does this, however, it will ruin her chance of ever winning a presidential election in the future.

    So in my mind, she has to 2 options to weigh: On one hand, does she want to go scorched earth and perhaps make a statement? Or does she want to play nice and bet against Obama in 2008 and bet for her own political viability in 2012.

    By the way, I’m not being negative about the 2008 nomination, just playing out a What-If? scenario.

  139. Now, would I vote for another candidate in order to sabotage OB? Yes. But I’ve been pushed to that extreme. It isn’t something I would normally consider.

  140. Vanity4Hillary, I like your style.

    I’ve never felt more militant about politics and my support for a candidate in all my life. So much injustice has been foisted upon Hillary, my disenfranchised state, and this country at the hands of Republicans, Barry Odrama, his herd of sheep and the media juggernauts.

    They will not be forgiven.

  141. In order for any viable candidate to run as an independent they have to get on the ballot in each individual state meeting their requirements. Even Ross Perot was unable to do that.

  142. I betcha my last dollar that if Dems and Repubs keep playing these bullshit games, we’ll see more people than ever become Independents. I’m already there, myself.

  143. YES! My mom is a Machinist, she’ll LOVE that. She said they choose to endorse based on the candidates policies and history and what is in the best interest of the union.

  144. Does anyone have a list email addresses of right wing medias? It’s really a huge mistake for the GOP not to attack BHO now! McCain’s platform is similar to that of Hillary’s – experience and proven record. Aghhh, 1/2 of the country is on drug now and I am not sure anyone can overcome it. We need to make the republicans open their eyes and not vote for BHO in our primaries. Or let’s hope 1972 election will repeat.

  145. What are his numbers among the democrats? All the numbers that they are taling about include Indys and repugs. If 70% of tham are voting for Body Odour who the f**k cares how the men and women voted???

  146. Then again maybe she could start up a new party, one that embraces democratic values unlike the present Democratic Party.

  147. Idunn,

    Yeah. Of course we all KNOW what’s been going on below the radar but for Hannity to actually SAY it on air. I didn’t see the CNN gang of ten against poor Begalia smackdown but it sounds like Blitzer and company are just burning to proclaim their undying devotion to BO, too.

    It is sickening. I could only listen to about 10 minutes before I had to switch it off for the sake of my sanity but at least Hannity isn’t a hypocrite about his position. I have decided I will vote McCain in the case of a BO nomination.

  148. paul on cnn last night said she should go with some of edwards things.he advided her of that…i m not sure what those things were but i think the transcripts are on the cnn

  149. McCain attacking Obama now will only mobilize Democrats behind him. I agree, Republicans have to tell their people to stop voting for him and vote for Hillary.

  150. Gotta love the Clinton/McCain gang up, though!

  151. rjk1957:

    You are right, there are requirements that each state has for being on the ballot, and I believe the first deadline is for the state of Texas and it’s not until May 8th.

    She wouldn’t need to be on the ballot in all 50 states, just the dem and swing states to focus her efforts and money.

  152. I don’t think Hill’s running in 2012. She’d most likely have to run against an incumbent (McCain), that’s very difficult. Also there tends to be a certain window of opportunity with these things and most pols don’t get it back. I think Gore had another chance this cycle but he wanted no part of the circus and I don’t blame him.

  153. If it comes to it, I have decided I will write Hillary in. I cannot in good faith vote for either McCain nor TheChosenOne.

    I hope it does not come to that.

    I been down this road with some sports events and it does hurt to get crushed. The fact is though, this is so much more important and I don’t know how I would take it should she not be the nominee.

    I really hope Rezco shakes some coconuts out of some trees…but it seems bambi is fighting hard to get that door closed too. I don’t think we should bank on anything to do with him.

    The media, not Hillary, made her the “inevitable” candidate .. just so they could go after her.

    The media has made Obama look like the Messiah and I have to wonder if they will EVER choose to have to admit they have been BAMBOOZLED. I don’t think they have the balls. They want to see her gone before the shit hits the fan…then they can just step in and say, oh well, another corrupt politician (Obama) bites the dust. It will happen, but will it happen in time?

  154. I think Mccain’s objective is to make sure Obama gets the nomination. He only talks about Obama in his speeches because he wants Dems to feel that it is a done deal

  155. I’m waiting for Obama to talk about McCain coming out on the attack when he is feeling down…lol…just like he did with Hillary. Maybe he’ll even metion that McCain is “likable enough.”

  156. I think Mccain’s objective is to make sure Obama gets the nomination. He only talks about Obama in his speeches because he wants Dems to feel that it is a done deal

    Don’t agree. I think McCain is genuinely freaking out about the Obama cult.

  157. Regarding the observation by Craig Crawford that John McCain is using the same attacks against BO that Hillary has tried but without success (Meiyingsu at 3:53 p.m.): When reading that quote, the reader comes away with the idea that the “themes” are somehow deficient. That is not correct. Hillary’s criticisms would be very effective against BO if the media wasn’t shielding him and attacking her. If she gets knocked out of the race, the media will not shield BO and those “themes” will become very effective…and we will all experience hypocrisy deja vue.

  158. Levon – I think she should make a statement period!! The whole thing with the media and the DNC is not fair. And you’re right –“She wouldn’t need to be on the ballot in all 50 states, just the dem and swing states to focus her efforts and money”.

  159. I disagree. I think the media, especially CNN is going to ride this out to the very end. They are going to crown Obama or die trying.

    I’m beginning to believe they are on his payroll.

  160. ASSUMING she doesn’t win the nomination this year, I’m not so sure she wouldn’t at least consider running again in 2012.

    What if this scenario plays out: Obama loses general election to McCain. McCain basically becomes Bush part 3, with low approval ratings and a war in Iraq with no end in sight, and a so-so economy.

    At that point, what options would the dems have? Run out a ‘change’ agent again? Don’t think so… Been there, done that. How about John Edwards? Maybe, but on the 3rd go-around I don’t think he would be taken too seriously. Somebody new? Maybe, but who? Al Gore… perhaps.

    Wouldn’t Hillary have as good an argument as anyone to say, hey, I was given a raw deal 4 years ago, and with the right support I can win this thing.

    just sayin…

  161. I’m not sure what she can gain by rounding him in another debate. Everybody sort of round about acknowledges she is the smartest and most qualified. Many just want to leap for the “it” thing to do…I honestly do not understand these people. It will be too late come November for them to change their minds. After seeing GWB in can people even think of going down the Hope and Change.

    Am I recalling this correctly. Didn’t Bush campaign on “Hope is on the way”

  162. this is the shiz i read that pisses me off… its these stupid stupid things that her campaign is doing??? why arent they right in the heart of things??? they arent rookies!

    Friday, February 15, 2008
    Location, location, location

    posted by Pamela Colloff at 11:36 PM

    Tomorrow, the Clinton and Obama campaigns both officially open their Texas headquarters in Austin. Obama’s HQ are at 816 Congress Avenue, two blocks south of the Capitol. And Clinton’s HQ? Four miles and a universe away from downtown’s prime real estate, at 701 E. Ben White Boulevard. Perhaps I’m reading too much into things, but to me, a Ben White address does not suggest inevitability.

  163. WOW, Idunn!

    Now that is fascinating. I had come to nearly the same conclusion but I’ve taken it a step further. Whaddaya think?

    Repubs prop up BO coz they want to prevent HRC winning the nomination by funding, financing, advising and supporting the Beast.

    Then, as the scope of BO’s messianic zeal dawns on the non-Obamanots, the Repubs sit back and wait for the non-koolaid drinkers to switch their votes to McCain, a strategy they’d planned from the beginning.

    OK, here’s the next step. How much doya think BO is aware of and cooperating with this scenario? In other words, has he drunk so much of his own koolaid that he now believes his own hype and actually thinks he will be the next president? Do you think he anticipates that his repub backers will pad the general election with BO heretics in the same way they helped him recruit their own repubs? Or did BO play the repubs, too?

  164. “I think McCain is genuinely freaking out about the Obama cul.

    I do not agree. They could nail him very easily after getting Hillary out of the picture. That is the goal of all repugs.

  165. Idunn, I’d recommend giving now, not waiting for the 25th, Hillary needs to buy as much media as soon as possible.

  166. As Americans, this is our creed and our calling. We stumble and splinter when we forget that goal. We unite and prosper when we remember it. No great calling is ever easy, and no work of man is ever perfect. But we can, in our imperfect way, rise now and again to the example of St. Francis, where there is hatred, sowing love; where there is darkness, shedding light; where there is despair, bringing hope.



  167. SactoDem,
    I guess I disagree with you and others on the board, I don’t think Hillary has really attacked him. Yes, she’s called him inexperienced and pointed out the lack of substance. But if you compare this race to Bush v McCain or Howard Dean 04 its been tame. No nasty negative ads or surrogates trashing. That’s Hill’s choice and fine with me if she thinks that will be effective. I just haven’t seen the brawling that I think a lot of people were expecting.

  168. Psymac…no one answered so I just did it. 😉

    I’ll probably be able to help alittle with the 2/25 money bomb anyway.

  169. Regarding whether CNN and others are in BO’s pocket or whether they are just pretending to like him while Hillary is in the race:

    Republicans have something Democrats don’t yet have and that is a partisan information infrastructure, the “echo chamber.” Even if CNN is in BO’s pocket, they can’t ignore any topic that is a “hot” topic on RW radio and RW blogs and in RW think tanks, etc. Notice that CNN had to address the plagiarism issue even if it was to downplay it. If BO becomes the nominee, does anyone suppose the RW media machine will sit on its hands and let a Democrat become president? And the attacks will come rapid-fire. CNN will have to cover the dirt, and BO will be buried. Too late will people realize that Hillary wasn’t kidding when she said that one of her greatest assets was standing up to the RW machine and surviving.

    BO would be toast in the GE and that is why it is soooooo important for Hillary to get the nomination.

  170. There is a post above…Hillary sent email out. They need the money NOW. Seems she is running on a shoestring budget. I really see her lending herself a lot more money if necessary..we just got to “Get Her Back”

    Did anyone else notice those signs last night “We Got Your Back Hillary”.

    Did anyone see the entire speech and is it going to be effective? Just what I got to see of it before mr bighead took the scene, I’m not sure it was meaty enough.

    Nafta is going to hurt her in Ohio.

  171. clintondem,
    ‘What are his numbers among the democrats?’

    That’s what I wanna know. I wish one of the statistically gifted among us could figure out exactly what percentage of TRUE dem votes went to HRC. If 40% of the Wisconsin turnout were indies and repubs, that leaves 60% of the vote, of which HRC got 42% to BO’s 12%. So doesn’t that prove SHE has the dem support and not him?

    (I confess I’m numerically challenged so if anyone can correct my rough estimate I’d appreciate it).

  172. so he stole… er, borrowed the “hope” thing from Edwars too.

    I totally forgot about the “hope is on the way” slogan. I remember thinking thats so corny at the time.

    who knew it would be used again.

  173. basil9, my husband did some calculation and the conclusion is that Hillary got almost the same percentage of dems as BHO in WI.

  174. nikki22:

    My mistake; I gave you the wrong impression. I used the word “attacks” because I was trying to paraphrase what meiyingsu had written when quoting Craig Crawford. The actual word used in the quote was “themes,” I believe. Criticisms can be considered attacks but, you’re right, Hillary has not really attacked him…not in the Republican sense of the word anyway.

  175. You know I did not really understand when Bill Clinton said that this nomination would be very hard. We see Hillary for what she is. A true person who had worked her arse off for people. We see her as the smart woman she is. Bill Clinton sees her as all those things as well.

    Bill Clinton knew what an uphill battle she would face and I am sure warned her of this. I gotta hand it to Hillary..she won’t back down.

    I’m so proud of her and I’m proud of Bill Clinton. You can tell when he speaks of her that he really does know that she would make the better of the two of them as a Presdient.

    Bill Clinton knew the backstabbers would come out in full force and he has tried his very, very best to help her. I would never feel bad about anything Bill Clinton does to help her. If he wants to punch anybodys light outs or curse anybody out..well Bill, we got your back.

    The Clintons have had to go through this with both hands tied behind their back and with mouths gagged. The time will come when America remembers this and hates what has happened. Unfortunately, time is ticking.

  176. She hasn’t attacked him at all. She’s run one of the most civil campaigns I’ve ever seen. It’s just that the press labeled every criticiam an “attack”. It’s a woman thing.

  177. basil9, She actually got 50% of Dems that is 30% and 30% of Indies that is12%. They each got 50% of democratic vote. What I would like to know is the percentage of Whites,Men, women out of that!

  178. I just emailed to both our WA senators:

    Dear Senator,

    Please continue your support for Hillary Clinton. Superdelegates are supposed to vote their judgement, not blindly follow a popular vote (which in this case is suspect on many counts). In the contests so far, nationwide Hillary is leading in the popular vote of Democrats, and will be leading further after TX, Ohio, and PA; Obama’s stregth is coming from crossovers, often out of staters.

    The WA primary vote shows that the WA caucus was not representative; the primary vote percent is within the margin of error (even including crossovers).

    At the local caucus I did not observe anything out of line — but every time comments or questions were taken, people stood up to object to having to caucus!

  179. Thanks meiyingsu. At least I was CLOSE. The point is, Wisconsin WASN’T a ‘romp’ for BO, at least NOT among the real dems and that’s who’s gonna be voting in November.

    Ronald, Another thing I heard while stuck in traffic is that Axelrod was managing John Edwards 2004 presidential run and a lot of the phrases in BO’s speeches are lifted straight out of the Edwards speeches. Elizabeth is apparently livid about that.

    Axelrod: the speech template king.

  180. If she does not get the nom those dirty dem’s should feel her wrath.

    Yes, kick any SDs who don’t support her, and DNC and especially Donna Brazile!

    But she will never go independent, so the best way may be to ‘write-in Hillary’ in Nov. McCain will beat Obama anyway, so at least we’re making a clear statement.

    Then Hillary is clear to run again in 2012 with full support of the Dem party.

  181. This guy needs to be Hillary’s VP. He just gave the best speech against Obama I’ve seen in this election and he can get a crowd riled up:

  182. linfar,
    Yeah, I read about the REAL Washington primary results today. Ironic, isn’t it. BO 50% to HRC’s 47%. 1,500,000 votes cast as opposed to the 250,00 in the caucus.
    I found this comment particularly illuminating;
    ‘As a result a contest with FIFTEEN TIMES less participants is allowed to award 68% of the state’s delegates to Obama, whereas an actual, legitimate vote would have split them right down the middle.’

    clinton dem – with the number of fake dems voting, how could that result ever be determined?

  183. levon: I just dont see it. Why would she want to fight the same battles with these same unscrupoulous sexist opponents ie big media, dnc, republicans, dirty primary when she is four years older and the country is in the thoes of a depression? Where is the upside?

    No, in my opinion its no to vp, no to 2012, its now or never. Never means she goes back to New York and serves out her term and decides what else to do. This is the great leader of our generation and shame on the American People if they miss the opportunity to take full advantage of her services.

    In that case HL Mencken will be proven right that no one ever went broke underestimating the intellignence of the America People, and McCain will be Hobsons Choice.

  184. nora odonell can suck it!!! i seriously can NOT stand her!!!!! they’re saying that hrc cant go negative bc the exit polls say so…

    next tweety is going to talk abt the guy who couldnt name what bho had done… should be funny.

  185. 1950democrat:

    I like your thinking on this… IF she doesn’t get the 2008 dem nomination. However, instead of writing Hillary in, I’ll be voting for the independent-minded McCain. I’ll basically be doing the same thing to Obama that thousands of republicans are doing in the primary to Hillary.

  186. The country will miss out if she is not the nominee.

    The country loses with Barack Obama. He’s proven that a little green goes a long way with him.

    The country loses with another republican.. We don’t need another war or more debt or smaller government.

    I will write Hillary in if it comes to it. Just for my own piece of mind.

  187. The following comments are made only in the hypothetical situation that Hillary is not the nominee…which I will NEVER believe is possible as long as she is in the race.

    1950democrat: There are many reasons I will not vote for BO and you just gave me another one. With a Republican in the WH, the Dem race will be open in 2012. So not voting for BO now helps achieve our goal of being able to vote for her in 2012.

    She might have to be persuaded to run, considering all the crap she has had to endure. I mean, look at Al Gore in 2004 and 2008. I think whether she runs will depend on whether “necessary” changes have been made at the DNC and in the delegate selection process.

  188. Let me turn dingbat michelle’s little gem on its head: I have never been ashamed of my country until now if they fall for this flim flam front man for the elite globalist interests who want to leave the middle class holding the bag nighmare in red, etc,

  189. wbboei:

    Are you kidding? I would never underestimate Hillary’s ambition to be president. To that end, I think she WOULD be willing to go through all of this again if she got enough support in 2012. No question about it in my mind. But I’ve been wrong many, many times 🙂

  190. Hey all – anyone gay/lesbian or anywhere in the LGBT family – headed to Ohio and TX. I have the steering committee contact information for both those states. Please let me know, and we’ll exchange emails.

  191. This nomination fight between Hillary and Obama is on all the way to the convention. The difference in the number of delegates between Hillary and Obama is less than 100. If we include Florida and Michigan Hillary will be slightly ahead. Any discussion of McCain vs. Obama is premature. Two weeks is a life-time in politics. A lot can happen between now and then. We are working towards winning Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island, and Vermont and then on to Pennsylvania. The biggest help we can provide Hillary now is money. Let us redouble our efforts with friends, acquaintances, and family and ask them to contribute to Hillary.

    Hillary is in this fight all the way to the convention and we have to stay with her all the way. This is the minimum we owe her. We cannot allow the media to pick our nominee. We cannot let the media force viable candidates out of this race. After everythinh Hillary has been through in this race for the sake of this country, we have to be with her all the way. This is no time for pessimism.

    I want to repost a quote from Lincoln:

    “If I were to try to read, much less answer, all the attacks made on me, this shop might as well be closed for any other business. I do the very best I know how-the very best I can; and I mean to keep doing so until the end. If the end brings me out all right, what is said against me won’t amount to anything.”

    This applies to Hillary and us!

  192. The Republicans and the media aren’t going to play nice next time either. I would rather see Hillary go on to bigger and better things…lol… maybe a watchdog role over Obama’s stupid dog tricks.

  193. looks like Hardball giving Obama’s surrogates a “DO OVER”..on what he has accomplished. I bet that shit is embellished as hell.

    smarmy McClaskill…just kill me now, yes I looked LOL

    You know that is one thing that burns my arse about this whole election. I am by nature a news channel junkie. I admit to being glued to Cnn or messnbc during the runup to the election. Now I have to resort to watching Tvland or the Western channel so that my blood pressure doesn’t runneth over the top.


  194. SactoDem:

    good point… HYPOTHETICALLY SPEAKING, if McCain wins in 2008 against BHO, then Hillary and Bill need to try and bring about big changes in the way the dems go about selecting their nominee. Not to slant it to Hillary, but to make the selection process more closely resemble a general election, which I believe is only fair. After all, it’s not like BHO will be able to beat McCain in caucuses come November 😀

  195. But Sacto dont you make my point in paragraph 3 of your excellent comment. I mean look at Al Gore, he hasnt entered this race, was asked to do so and refused based on an aversion to all this. Great political leadership is a noble calling but at some point you must also consider whether it is worth jumping back in the cesspool.

  196. TPS: Amen! If ever it seems like I’ve fallen short, it’s because media permeates all of American life. And I don’t even watch CNN or MSNBC anymore. For my election returns last night, I came here!

  197. TPS:

    I’m not conceding anything in 2008, but I agree there has probably been too much talk about 2012. I’ll continue to contribute and otherwise support Hillary for a 2008 nomination.

    By the way, Fox is on commercial break now, but after the break they are going to have Michelle Malkin on to talk about MO’s recent comments. Should be fun.

  198. so now it seems bambi is whining again “Michelle’s comments were taken out of context”

    Can’t they take responsibility for ANYTHING?

    What is he going to say if he becomes president. “It wasn’t my turn to watch the button” .. “It wasn’t my turn to sign the bill” .. It wasn’t us… It wasn’t me….It….is….not…..there….time….never…to….be….in….the…whitehouse…..

    not with my vote anyway.

  199. ok guys. can’t post what I know because of obvious spying and snooping around here by bambi-bots. But tomorrow’s debate should be interesting.

    I have a few paragraphs of information on what Obama will be using to counter Hillary’s arguments tomorrow. I’m going to send them over to the campaign and hope she can pre-empt these attacks. Anyways, best of luck to everyone and keep up your optimism!

  200. SactoDem and Levon, I fully understand and appreciate your committment to Hillary. Days like these can test the most optimistic among us. We have lost a few battles but there is still a war to be won.

  201. rjk1957: Lynn Swan ran for Governor and was blown out, he received just under 40% of the vote in the GE. If Swan can not win PA with his Pittsburg Steelers ties than Obama sure as hell can not.

    Apples and oranges. Swann ran as a Republican. 87% of black voters in PA voted for Rendell. PA is more competitive than what you describe. I will agree that the white male vote didn’t break for him as favorably as it did for Steele in MD (he won white males against Cardin), but he didn’t do too badly, either (46%).

  202. TPS, I agree….now is not the time to be thinking of quitting. Hillary needs to ride it out clear to the convention. There are many serious issues with this campaign–it’s not a straightforward contest. These issues cannot just be ignored as they go to the very foundation of how we elect presidents and the core beliefs of the Democratic party. If she were to not fight onward these will be ignored and our nation will suffer for it.

    I also believe there is still plenty of potential for an event to impact things. Just today there was another story on the excessive and cult like behavior of Obama followers. Little by little news is coming out that does not reflect well on Obama’s past behavior and associations. He is not invincible..

  203. uh oh, I just heard Malking refer to BHO as a ‘progressive elite liberal’. didn’t they stick Gore and Kerry with those labels? look for more of that in the future.

  204. TPS, I don’t see how the hell knowing some more info would help Hillary. It’s not like I’m going to send it to her expecting her to say anything first. These are things that he WILL get out tomorrow and I’m just going to send them over as a warning so they can prepare.

    I don’t see how giving Hillary and upper-hand in the debate by pre-knowing his ideas would be bad. If they decide not to use what I have on them, than Hillary doesn’t need to counter it so much.

  205. michelle malkin…taking on Michelle Obama…she says michelle obama is a FRAUD. LOL

    she did say Hillary should quit now..but I don’t agree with her on that.

    I also read that Obama has tons of investigators out looking for ANY dirt they can find on Hillary, Bill and even CHELSEA. They are combing Arkansas. Doesn’t sound to me like Obama is too confident. He knows REZCO cometh in March. Come on roar in Miss March.

  206. Bill clinton has laid it out there as clear as day. If she takes Texas and Ohio she wins. Simple. We have to gotv there. Fuck the teamsters. They practically supported Bush in 2000. A lot of come-alongs are going to prance over to Obama. Hillary will win this thing if we hang tough and redouble our efforts and pull our weight. If I didn’t have a sick Momma I’d be on my way to Texas to gotv right now. We need to mobilize volunteers. Boots on the ground are what’s needed. Where do we get ’em?

  207. mjs…send it … anyway — all ways. call, email, fax, confidential here or her website.

    it might be something she can use. it sure the hell can’t hurt at this stage.

    It’s all hands on deck boys and girls.

  208. meiyingsu Says:

    February 20th, 2008 at 4:56 pm
    basil9, my husband did some calculation and the conclusion is that Hillary got almost the same percentage of dems as BHO in WI.

    That work is important because it highlights the fudge factor. If he does that for all 10 elections and the same conclusion is reached then that is a stong talking point to DNC& sds

  209. fox not said anything else about the 14 point poll…will see if it comes up again.

    Gawd, now they are advertising the next big Tuesday like it is some kind of boxing event. SuperTuesdayII.

  210. rigso mentions writing in Hillary. The day after Iowa, I said to myself that if the Dems were going to overlook a great candidate like Hill, and support the Empty Suit, I would not condone their stupidity. I said to myself that I was settled on voting for Hillary in November, even if it has to be as a write-in.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still behind her being in-it-to-win-it, and still think WE can do it. But I just wanted to back up others who feel strongly that Hill is the one, and that the Dems shouldn’t count on all HRC supporters to support Obama as the nominee. In fact, I’m sure they lose about 25% of us. But even a 10% defection (to McCain or Mickey Mouse, or write-in Hillary) would ensure that we don’t let Hopey McChange become president. I don’t like how much deceitfulness and naked ambition is fueling his campaign. Hill is running for the right reasons.

  211. Idunn:

    try this link:

    a progressive elite liberal is what the republicans love running against in a general election, because they don’t go over well in middle-america with a general electorate.

    by the way, if you can stand to go here, there’s a front-page story ripping MO for her comment…

  212. trust me. I will WORK for McCain’s campaign the SECOND Obama lays a finger on the nomination crown. Even if Hillary is the VP. I cannot have this man running this country.

  213. mjs, I’m Hillary or bust. I’m here till the last dog dies. I’m a trusting person and I figure that karma will eventually rout those out that are here doing dirty work. Bad karma kills.

  214. MJS – just create a fake email, some of the vets HillaryLandRocks and others can vouch for me…can see if I can get you to the natl asian outreach director too for the campaign if you’re comfortable, since you’re AA (the asian kind).

  215. Hubby just had a GREAT idea!

    Why not send the Mr. Messiah himself up to stop that friggin satellite.

    Over in a flash and then he could come back to continue to save the world.

    I’m still laughing. He just came from the shower and heard them say something about the satellite and he whipped that one out.

  216. Anyway, nobody answered so I’ll try again:

    Is the debate tomorrow night on CNN? And will there be a live stream?

  217. I’m getting closer and closer to actively campaigning (not quite ready to vote) for McCain. When did that happen?

    So riddle me this: if Michelle Obama meant this was the first time she was politically proud of her country, why didn’t she say just that? She gave that speech more than once too.

  218. wbboei: I definitely think Hillary would have to be persuaded. But the Clintons are trailblazers. Any successful Dem is going to be crucified by the Republicans. I truly believe that the Clintons are trying to create a permanent Democratic majority. If that means going through hell twice to achieve it, I think they would. OTOH, I also believe they are realists and they aren’t going to bang their heads against a brick wall.

  219. “progressive liberal elite” is irrelevant in this election bc he’s AA… it doesnt matter what he says… it isnt abt the substance… he has the cadence in his speech… so all of his elitism and progressivness and liberalism falls on deaf ears…. nobody cares… he has to be made to “look” like the lying ass that he is… she has to catch him off guard… he has to be exposed for the phoney he is…. those are the things ppl can understand…the rest doesnt matter.

  220. Tiny Dancer:

    I thought that was an odd defense myself, to add the ‘politically’ modifier to ‘proud’. Talk about the politics of parsing, BHO seems to be catching on pretty well.

    By the way, Tiny Dancer is one of my favorite EJ tunes, but I like Levon better 🙂

  221. McCain is a nut. He just said he wants Bush to veto the torture bill. I don’t think he can win a national election. He’s too crazy.

  222. Hillary Clinton is the senator from New York who was born in Illinois, while Mr. Obama is the senator from Illinois who was born in a manger.

    That joke is STILL killin’ me.

  223. Levon,

    Obama is very sneaky. He has got an on-paper record of ‘liberal’ votes. However his actions that don’t show on that record are pro-big business. Big business donates to them, knowing he will secretly help them, and will prevent a REAL liberal from being elected.

  224. RJK bambis other problem is as long as hillary remains in the race he has a two front war on his hands. He was fine with a two front war on Hillary but he thinks it is unfair and probably discriminatory when he is the target. It is not discriminatory however when he dishes it out to Hillary and wines if she hits back. Can you believe anyone in their right mind supports this guy?

  225. Levon,

    I love the song too, but I wasn’t thinking about EJ when I made the login but about the episode of Friends where Phoebe sings “hold me close young Tony Danza”. That cracks me up to this day!

  226. just another example of what a sleaze this guy is…

    the reason he interrupted hill’s speech last night was bc in their eyes, she was supposed to give a concessions speech and didnt, so he interrupted her so that she couldnt get any free air time.

    whatta sonofabitch!

  227. Finally some good news!! I was wondering when Zogby was going to chime in it has been quite a while. Whenever he predicts doom and gloom for Hillary she shocks the hell out of everyone. Thanks John!!!!

  228. Tiny Dancer:

    i see lots of references to Tiny Dancer in shows all the time (Everybody Loves Raymond comes to mind), and I wonder how many people in this day and age really know the origin of the reference. it’s nice to know you’re a fan.

  229. MJ: McCain will win the general election if BO is the nominee. Most Americans don’t pay any attention to boring things like legislation. Didn’t McCain speak out against torture with the gravitas as a former POW? That is the only thing that the media will publicize…over and over and over again. And then you are looking at President McCain (IF BO is the nominee).

  230. Listening to Taylor Marsh’s yesterday’s podcast. She’s telling us supporters to GOTV for TX, do calling, this is a real battle for HRC, needs all our help.

  231. Hillary Clinton is the senator from New York who was born in Illinois, while Mr. Obama is the senator from Illinois who was born in a manger.

    That joke is STILL killin’ me.

    I never saw this joke. LMFAO. Whoever did it….good job.

  232. I have not called Texas today. In all honesty, I’m a bit burned out. I hope to get back into it tomorrow. Did we see a progress with our calls in Wisconsin?

  233. OK,

    I know I’m prone to flights of fantasy BUT:

    Anyone else notice the press coverage of “Bush’s African Visit” on the MSNBC site? There’s George surrounded by a dozen gorgeous grinning
    kids. Spacegirl mentioned the phenomena earlier. I think she called it
    ‘afrobama or afrobot’.


  234. Evening all

    Last few days I have been working on the website. Today I have finally got it to the point where I’m not that embarrassed of it LOL Dear GOD my coding was rusty!! Took forever to change the ugly template and graphics that came with the blog software. Anyhow, please, everyone take a look and please check out all the different sections for me, make sure they all work and the graphics look ok. I did check but am tired/eyes are crossed now and I may have missed a problem or two, or three, or four………..

    The url is

    Also, I want to do a section of personal stories, written by people who support Hillary for president (like us!!) You know, like why people believe in her, why they want her to win, what her winning would mean to them, etc. I’m writing one, and anyone else who would like to please do and send it to me. If someone has anything they’d like to add to the site also email me at
    Right then, thanks for checking this out for me, comments and suggestions are very welcomed cheers, Sinead

    F**K OBAMA

  235. I’m excited about the debate. It seems the LA debate was years ago. I was so proud to be a dem that day and while I was leaning Hillary I could honestly have supported either candidate at that time. Now look at me all bitter and ornery.


    Two New Jersey Superdelegates Switch From Clinton To Obama

    Barack Obama today picked up the support of two super delegates from New Jersey as several major Democratic leaders in South Jersey announced that they would switch their endorsements from Hillary Clinton to Obama. Super delegates Donald Norcross, who had previously been uncommitted, and State Sen. Dana Redd, who had backed Clinton, are now for Obama. This is a net pickup of two super delegates for Obama and a loss of one for Clinton.

  237. I am glad I quit watching any election coverage. This shit is depressing. I’m back to the Westerns or TvLand. Watched some American Idol last night but just had too much other stuff on my mind to get into it.

  238. nikki22 Says: I don’t think Hill’s running in 2012. …. there tends to be a certain window of opportunity with these things and most pols don’t get it back.

    Most pols maybe, but HIllary doesn’t need any stinking window of opportunity, she makes her own whenever she wants! All these Latinos and women coming out for her, aren’t going to forget in 4 years. The more she gets backstabbed this time, the madder we’ll be next time.

    The window I do worry about is her health, and Bill’s. But she’s magnificently strong now, should be okay at 64.

    Hopefully at worst McCain will destroy Obama, and she’ll have a clear shot next time, with only the usual GOP dirty tricks, not a backstabbing koolaid Messiah.

  239. Idunn probably has some critters on her property who could conduct a more accurate poll than Zogby.

    Between our blind duck and our deaf cat, I’d say yeah. 😉

  240. Diva,

    Thanks. I’m gonna read the article. The video had me boo-hooing, too. Who was making that racket toward the end of his speech? Doyaknow?

  241. Primer on the Teamsters in Ohio. This was once a mob dominated organization controlled by Bill Presser. The mob connection was though the Licavoli Family which was an offshoot of the Capone mob. His son Jackie went on to become General President, I did business with him and liked him. But the Teamster rank and file did not. He died of brain cancer and at or near the time of his death he was revealed to be an FBI informant. After his demise I did less work in that area myself but had subordintes that did. Last time I checked seems like Pat Flynn was in charge of that area and I have no reason to believe he is dirty. The big local unions are Local 100 (Cincinatti), 407 (Cleveland), 20 (Toledo) and 509 (Cleveand). A quick check of the Teamster website will yield that information.

  242. Obama is really pushing early voting .. vote before March 4th he says…I guess he is hearing the voices…Rezco cometh, Rezco cometh.

  243. How is our ground game in Houston?? When will Hillary be in Texas?? Wasn’t she supposed to be having a rally that was expecting 50,000??

  244. I want to do a rip off of the Freddy Krueger song “1…2…Freddys coming for you” with Rezko and Obama. “1…2…Rezcos coming for you. 3…4…better lock the door”

  245. May be Hillary should sign pledge to accept public financing and challenge Obama to do the same and expose what a phony he is!!

  246. Something that occurred to me today when I was dealing with my co-worker who is infatuated with Obama, a blatant misogynist, and a Hillary hater:

    Obama is legitimizing the irrational Clinton hatred in our country. He is doing this by actively seeking Republicans to vote against Hillary, by his own disrepectful behavior towards her, by smearing Bill as a racist, and by having the anti-Clinton press turn a blind eye. It’s not hard to see why the online commentary by Obama’s followers is so hateful, sexist and juvenile. He has inflamed it for his own benefit. This is a man who can’t win on his own merits so he has to demonize and undermine a fellow Democrat to capitalize on the hostile feelings of the anti-Hillary crowd. He is doing this just to gain votes and it certainly looks like he feels no remorse as it gets him closer to his goal. Everyone who hates Hillary now feels they can openly work towards her need to hold back or hide it’s OK because Obama is doing it. I see this very strongly in my co-worker. To me, this is why Obama is gaining support with men…many are both women haters and Hillary haters.

  247. “Write-in Hillary” is a threat we can use against the DNC and any superdelegates that backstab her; if we threaten it now, then maybe they will do their job and support her.

  248. emvh: that website looks amazing!!! i didnt realize the talent!!! now i want to take down the link to my blog! i’m embarrrassed!!!

    seriously though! awesome!!!n you rock

  249. The guy Rezco was considered a flight risk. Now she is considering letting him go to House confinement. No friggin way. The guy is being sent to the slaughter house. I hope she keeps him in jail, it would be too “easy” for him to be killed or whisked out of the country. Seriously, if she lets him out…the jig is up. We know the books are cooked. So she will decide this week…doesn’t it seem odd that he is complaining NOW….just a week or so before his trial.

    Something stinks and it ain’t his shared underwear.

  250. I personally think it would have been more effective for Hillary to have been in Texas the very day early voting began. Obama gets all the media coverage by being there on the day and she is up in Ohio, getting knocked off the coverage. Too many bad decisions that make me wonder if somebody in her campaign is not sabotaging her.

  251. clintondem99 Says:

    February 20th, 2008 at 6:22 pm
    May be Hillary should sign pledge to accept public financing and challenge Obama to do the same and expose what a phony he is!!

    Something to consider.

  252. @americangal: i can totally see that… makes sense… i also think that most of the men that are hillary haters are really just misogynists and dont really hate “her”… they would hate any woman in her role. as far as bho… imo a blatant self-loather… its so obvi to me that even he knows he’s a fake.

  253. AmericanGal:

    Everytime I read something like this about Obama supporters I have to ask myself:


    I just don’t get it.

  254. Norcross will change to Hillary, he is and always has been a bandwagon jumper who sticks his finger in the air to test which way the wind is blowing and acts accordingly. He should be in jail, has been investigated several times for influence peddling.

  255. ugh. I hate Obama’s idea that speaking can make big change. For Christ sake, even JESUS was a doer , and not a talker!

  256. Americagal,
    I agree that BO attacks on HRC give implicit permission to others to do the same. It’s disgusting. And Bill never made any racist statement. The entire charade was based on Bill’s comment comparing BO’s position on Iraq to a fairy tale, which was spun by the Bo’s and promptly swallowed hook line and sinker by the press until it morphed into BC saying BO, the exalted one, the savior, was a fairy tale. To the Obamanots, that is pure HERESY! You shallt have no other Gods than the one true God, BO. BTW- funny aside – Tweetie and Company got twisted outta shape yesterday trying to define the meaning of ‘shalt’ with regards to it’s use in the DNC By-laws about seating delegates.

  257. mjs, I am certainly not underestimating his ground game. he has the money and he ain’t afraid to play politics. too bad he is such a fraud.

    I fully expect Texas and Ohio to be really, really hard for Hillary.

    But you know the old saying .. those with the most to gain usually are the ones who mess up.

    Obama and wivies ego will end up taking them out. It might not be Hillary or us..but they will be gone. That kind of smug, aloof, you owe it to us attitude might actually get them in the white house doors.

    but to be an effective president and first must possess humility and grace. you simply can’t buy that stuff.

  258. Basil,

    It’s not just Obama. His lovely wife is quite the little instigator herself… maybe even worse than him.

  259. All right people, lets get a grip and quit being depressed. Its time to give Hillary the kind of comeback she wants to give America.

    Lets start by CALLING Rhode Island. The calling tool has all the calls going to RI.

    This is the email I got from the Rhode Island Field Organizer Chris Dotten. (note Im copying his words not plagerising)

    It has been a tough month for Hillary – but if we keep working for her we are going to win. We’ve got a great shot at doing very well in Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island, and with those wins we’ll turn this race around. To do so, Sen. Clinton still needs your help. This race is very, very close – Obama leads by about 3% in delegates, and their spin-doctors and media cronies are trying to turn that razor-thin margin that into an inevitable victory. We have to prove them wrong on March 4th.

    To be able to use our people on the ground in Rhode Island to go door-to-door, the most effective way to persuade voters, we need other people to cover the phones. That makes you, our experienced Activate callers, the air cover for our efforts. We need to know that there are people on the predictive dialer calling into Rhode Island every evening from here until the March 4th primary.

    If everyone who has offered to continue to help can commit to three shifts of two hours – more, if possible – and let me know specifically when that will be between now and March 4th, we’ll know that we can go out and spend our time in the canvassing that will give us the edge here in Little Rhodie. Reply to this email with the times you can be on Activate, and we’ll build a schedule. We must cover every evening from 5-9 PM, and weekends from 10 AM to 9 PM.

    If you can start right away, pick up a phone now! We’ve got 100K people to contact here in Rhode Island, and we’re starting tonight. Give us a hand.

  260. experience-matters-vote-hillary: GREAT website – congratulations!

    AmericanGal: I agree with you – they preach “unity” while actively dividing the party. Page straight out of the Bush/Rove play-book.

  261. Dot,

    ‘Too many bad decisions that make me wonder if somebody in her campaign is not sabotaging her.’

    I hate to say it but I wouldn’t be surprised.

  262. MJS, I’m going to respectfully request that you send the campaign whatever info you have and NOT get people here stirred up with the info.


  263. good evening all…..

    well…I have read the entire blog, had my computer crash, sent a request to help to the 527 (I had a great idea while painting today)
    listened to the RW radio on the way home and the gloves are off with BO and his wife….so much so that they even edited OUT (badly) the “really” of “the first time in my life I have been REALLY proud of the US, blah blah” thing. There was even a REALLY funny song Todd Schnitt (FLA Talk show host) did on him to the tune of “Candy Man” (tried to find it on his web site) and just saw a copy of a plastic bracelet “W.W.O.D” on his site as well. Other than that, Claire McCaskil said on MSNBC she had “guilt” for supporting Obama. Fuck HEr.

    And the earlier statement about Africa I mad this morning was AFRICOM, the US bases bush wants in Africa, that I am sure Gen Electric would make a lot of money on if they are allowed to be there. So….y’all been busy! LOL

  264. An American friend of mine suggested the other day that if Obama wins, impeachment won’t be far behind.

    Hillary is the only one who can save this party from disgrace. It’s about time they rallied for her!

  265. Informed in Illinois…if we do that, we are conceding a defeat. The last thing I want to do is make it seem like Hillary supporters think she is losing badly too. She’s not. SHe’s only behind by a little bit which can easily be made up in the coming contests.

    The question now is action. What can we do to offset the Obama momentum. Giving up is CERTAINLY the last choice on the list of things to do.

  266. Idunn. I have not posted anything about the confidential stuff on this site. i sent my email to Ininla and two other Hillary sources.

    The stuff I’m posting here is basic stuff that I’m sure wouldn’t hurt.

  267. Thanks everyone:)will keep working on it

    @Diva, what you talkin bout!! your blog is nice!! I absolutely LOVE your wee house!! I once went camping in NC it’s so beautiful in the mountains!! And your little doggies r so cute!! I have 4 cats, 12 wild doves and a dog:) plus the additional humans in the house LOLOL

  268. As far as I know almost all the numbers in HC’s phone bank are for women. Why are we not calling more men? Are we just giving it up on men? Courting women is not enough. Maybe we should have different scripts if the called party is independent or the GOP. The phone calls need to be more targeted and efficient.

  269. I heard on Fox that there is date problem with barck’s explanation of plagarism. Did anyone hear that? I did not hear the full explanation.

  270. did you guys see this? i posted it last night:

    abc just had it on… they are talking abt the fact that hrc shouldve been in tx today instead of nyc. bill was there… i really think he needs to change his tone with the crowds… he needs to remember that he isnt talking to the big think tanks and corporate crowds that he’s been talking to since he’s been out of office. he is talking to the working class and i’m sorry but bho’s sunday morning at a black church voice is much more relatable to a blue collar worker than bill’s pointing finger… i love bill to death, but he needs to get a grip on himself!

  271. Does it appear to anyone that someone who lies as often as Obama seems to might actually be a pathological issue for him?

  272. “JanH Says:
    February 20th, 2008 at 6:38 pm

    An American friend of mine suggested the other day that if Obama wins, impeachment won’t be far behind.”

    of Bambi, or Bush Jan?

  273. I am going back to phone banking tomorrow.

    I plan to be frank with my callers in Texas, if they tell me they are Hillary supporters I am going to urge them to get up immediately and go vote. I am also planning to tell them that Texas is a do or die state for her. Does anyone think it would be inappropriate to say that. I usually stick pretty much to script but seeing now that the Caucus and districts are going to favor an Obama win…well, I figure this calls for drastic measures.

  274. I agree with what someone said about a petition to the DNC. You kow Obamas got thousands of little computer geek students continually working online doing the dirty work. Hillary , IMHO shoud have paid more attention to the online community in the begging, we are playing catchup now sadly. When I saw that 2st youtube video come out the 1984 take off, I knew there was going to be a different campaign by Satan. We should think about what kind of pettion we want, something to make the DNC think about what it is doing and how UTTERLY PISSED OFF THEY HAVE MADE HALF OF THEIR DEMOCRATS (us!!) If someone wants to work on a draft and get the ideas flowing I’ll find out how to put on up. let me know:)

  275. SpacegirlArt,

    My friend hates Obama with a passion. She can’t believe what is happening and thinks that if he wins the White House he will bring the party down with him in disgrace.

    LOL…she’s thinking of moving up here to Canada if that happens.

  276. rjk…I have suggested that to the campaign through email re” payPal…back when …but nothing. If someone here can suggest that, a lot of folks on the blogs asked for it too

  277. The long and winding road to 1600 is fraught with obstacles and pitfalls.
    Some have been overwhelmed and are hypothetically conceding the nomination before all the chickens have been counted. Some are calling for an independent run from a life-long democrat and democratic senator whose husband is the only 2-term democratic president in the past 70 years. Still others are flailing away at each other, with accusations and refutations and generous offers to moderate the board. Some decry the perfidious BM, yet quote them and provide play-by-play for those who have left the news channels for the Cartoon Network. Yes, the road to 1600 is a long and winding and perilous one which none of the above practices will help achieve.

    What do we know? Hillary is in a position where she MUST win in Texas and Ohio, or it is, “game over”. This is an undeniable reality and irrefutable truth. We must win Ohio and Texas to continue this fight. What can we do to help win in Ohio and Texas? We can contribute our time and our MONEY to the campaign. We can wear our Hillary buttons and gear proudly and educate our brothers and sisters when they ask us why we support her. We can support each other by being positive and NOT putting up the, “nice try”, flag, even HYPOTHETICALLY. There will be lots of time to speculate and hypothesize if we fail to win in Ohio and Texas.

    We MUST win in Texas and Ohio. Everything else is superfluous. Everything else is meaningless. We know we can’t count on BM to even be fair, let alone help get our message out there. We must support B Merryfield, RW, and the other blogs and sites our group has generated to try to offset the unprecedented bias coming from BM. We must support each other and stop the paranoia, kvetching, sniping and flame-wars that have made this site a less hospitable environment for many of us who have ceased posting here, and for those who still do their best to fight the good fight, “old school”.

    We must win in Texas and Ohio in order to go on to Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico and the convention. Winning in Texas and Ohio is a REALISTIC goal, and ATTAINABLE goal and the only thing that matters right now if you want Hillary to be 44. The Big Dawg told us from the get-go that THIS would be the real battle; that the general election would seem like a colorful parade compared to the fight for the nomination. He KNEW that THEY would do everything in their power to prevent a woman from being the nominee. He knew that despite being the most successful democratic couple since Franklin and Eleanor, that they were never the establishment, that despite his and their success, they were still OUTSIDERS. We have ALWAYS been the underdog, and the Big Dawg tried to steel us to the onslaught that would come. He was right all along.

    Now, we MUST win in Ohio and Texas and nothing else really matters. The question is, are we as tough and as strong as Hillary? We don’t have to face 18 hour days with 6 different stops where we make speeches and answer questions until our voice is reduced to a raspy whisper, eat a burger in a car on the way to an airplane where we catch three or four hours sleep before we do it all over again like she does EVERY DAY, but are we as tough and strong as Hillary in our confidence and COMMITMENT? She has put her heart, soul, blood, sweat, tears and FIVE MILLION DOLLARS of her own money into this contest. What are you willing to do?

    Don’t whine about BM here and don’t repeat their BS here. Don’t post anything here that you wouldn’t say directly to Hillary or that you wouldn’t write knowing that she would read it. Don’t be a defeatist or promote defeatist attitudes or condone defeatist attitudes from others.
    IGNORE those posts instead of engaging them and they will get the message. Do not concern yourself with anything other than what can be done to help Hillary win in Texas and Ohio and encourage everyone else to do the same. SEND as much MONEY as you possibly can to the campaign. Encourage everyone you know to send as much as they can and ask them to ask EVERYONE that they know, and so on. This is the time; We MUST win in Ohio and Texas and we will need every penny we can get to do so.

    What do we know? We know that we MUST win in Texas and Ohio and there is no safety net. We MUST win in Texas and Ohio to get to Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico and the convention. Nothing else matters; This is the moment of truth for the campaign and for those of us who love our country and want to see a better world for the next generations of Americans. Everything that we have worked for, from Hawk freezing in the Iowa snows to those on the ground or on the way to states that have yet to vote, depends on winning in Texas and Ohio. Win and Hillary will win the fight to be the nominee and will be 44. It is really up to us, the people. It has come down to this; Win in Texas and Ohio. There is no alternative. There is no other option. We MUST win in Ohio and Texas. Everyone and every thing here from now until March 4th should be about winning in Texas and Ohio. Nothing else matters. Nothing.

  278. i think it is still possible for hillary to make a comeback on March 4th. And definitely possible for her to sweep on that date.

  279. Thanks Idunn, you can be mushy with me, I’m a new age guy, not an ‘angry white male’, lol.

    BTW, someone above suggested that your critters might do a better poll than Zogby….

  280. Jan H,

    ‘His lovely wife is quite the little instigator herself… maybe even worse than him’

    Oh yeah. luckily he will never get the WH coz it would be her calling all the shots. Doya remember the pics of him flanked by MO and Oprah? *LOL*

  281. I was really annoyed today all day, and I know y’all pissed and moaned (in a good way) a lot today, I was more IN FEAR today for what IS BEING DONE to this country by the BM/GOP/BO cabal and I was wondering where I would move and ask for political assylum

  282. Fox is criticizing the MO ‘never been proud of my country before’ comment again, and BHO in general. This is great. I stopped watching CNN and MSNBC a few weeks ago because I couldn’t bear all of the non-stop, one-sided negativity, but Fox is a great find. Sure, I have to listen to republican dribble a lot and some Hillary bashing, but at LEAST they give equal time to bashing BHO, UNLIKE the other 2 so-called networks.

  283. why are the calls going to rhode island instead of texas or ohio?

    According to the campaign, they feel their chances in TX and OH are very VERY good. So, maybe they are putting effort further down the road.

  284. I actually don’t think Hillary HAS to win TX and OH. Neither Hillary nor BHO will have enough pledged delegates unless SDs start to support one of them. It’s still highly possible that it will be a brokered convention. There will also have PA primay in April. I think she should continue as long as she can, unless BHO hits the magic number, but he does not yet and will not hit it on 3/4.

  285. @dot48,

    the script is definitely a guide only. Use common sense. Talk to people as you like. They know you are a volunteer and not a robo-caller and they respond to that better. I asked several campaign officials here at the MA headquarters and they all said they dont follow the script they just have in case they get tongue tied so they can use it if needed.

    And absolutely tell every Texan to go vote now and volunteer later.

  286. experience,

    ‘Obamas got thousands of little computer geek students continually working online doing the dirty work. Hillary , IMHO shoud have paid more attention to the online community in the begging, we are playing catchup.’

    My thoughts, exactly. And just who are these techies? The kids of latte liberals with too much money and too much time on their hands.

  287. I can see it now, just before the start of the convention in August US Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald unseals the indictment of Barack Hussein Obama.

  288. RI and VT should be, but she can not just let him roll in there and take those delegates without putting up a good hard fight. Tired of this crap letting him have the small states that if she campaigned there she would win. There was no excuse to allow him to win those caucuses in the plains. the delegates in those small states add up.

  289. The friggin media play EVERY singe video anyoen makse for BOBO, the BO BO girl video, the 1984 one and the Will I am one, never mind there are at least THREE wonderful Hillaryvideo songs out there, never seen one of them get any airtime!! bastards!

  290. Hillary needs more money to really put heavy duty efforts into the small states. We need to keep doing what we are doing to raise funds for her.

  291. experience,

    I think I remember reading they were an ‘item’ at one point.

    Excellent message. I was going to wait for the next money bomb to send my measly $28.44. About the calling, personally, I have limited voice right now coz of meds I’m on but I may read through the directions and see if i can at least do a couple of calls a day. Right now there is no way I can commit to the 2 hours 3x per week but I’m gonna see if there is some way for me to contribute as much as possible.

  292. Remaining states and delegates

    Texas 193

    Ohio 141

    Rhode Island 21

    Vermont 15

    Wyoming 12 C

    Mississippi 33

    Pennsylvania 158 C

    North Carolina 115

    Indiana 72

    West Virginia 28

    Oregon 52 C

    Kentucky 51 C

    Montana 16

    South Dakota 15 C

    Puerto Rico 55

  293. Hillary CAN win in Vermont and Rhode Island. Idunn, I don’t think you understand it. What matters right now is NOT delegates. If it were just about delegates, we wouldn’t have the media making a HUGE fuss over Obama’s wins. What’s impotant right not is media message and WINNING. Don’t give obama anymore talking points. That should be the hard-hitting message and fact. Even if Hillary wins Texas and Ohio, I am not sure it would be by as much as 70% to 30% which is what the media will show of Obama in Vermont or Rhode Island unless Hillary steps up the ante and STOPS HIM NOW.

    By decrying ay state’s lack of delegates is stupid for the campaign. What media and normal people look at is not delegates, but states won. If Hillary sweeps on March 4th, she will be in the frontrunner spot or at least have fully halted Obama’s campaign. This is crucial. If she successful stops him here, Rezko will do the rest and he will be almost a non-issue.

    While i agree that Rhode Island and Vermont are not “crucial”, they are very important to image and message.

  294. Put on your tinfoil hats:

    There was no intentional delay at the U.S. Postal Service aimed at preventing a Hillary Clinton campaign mailing from reaching voters prior to Maine’s Democratic caucus, according to a spokesman for the Postal Service’s Office of Inspector General.

    The spokesman, Dan Mihalko, said the case remains under investigation, and postal agents have not determined why the mass mailing did not reach voters prior to the Feb. 10 caucus. But he said the investigation has ruled out the possibility that there was an intentional delay.

    The Clinton campaign mailing was meant to remind voters of the Democratic presidential caucuses, which were won by Barack Obama. The mail was processed at the Postal Service’s distribution center in Scarborough.

  295. Idunn, again:

    if delegates were what mattered, the pundits would be talking about how close the race still is with Obama being only a small fraction of delegtes ahead of Hillary.

    They are not.
    While Big Media and people’s opinions may not matter so much, our main goal right now is to stop obama. It’s no longer JUST to win the nomination, because if we can stop Obama’s message and momentum now, there will be no stopping us in the longrun.

    delegates have always mattered, but at this crucial moment: a win is what matters the most.

    THINK ABOUT IT. In New Hampshire where Hillary made a comeback, she ended up tying Bambi in # of delegates received, but that didn’t matter to anyone, did it? What mattered was how she had beat the odds and won and successfully stopped Bambi’s momentum.

    Stop trying to confused everyone Idunn. I’d almost think you were working against us.

  296. I agree that every state’s delegate count is important, even the small ones. However, Hillary’s supporters have said publicly that she HAS to win Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Can you imagine the consequences of her losing one of Texas or Ohio on March 4, but winning Rhode Island and/or Vermont after her own campaign has already set the bar?

    No state should be ignored if she has the resources, but the bulk of her attention should be on self-proclaimed must-win states.

  297. Hi everyone. Well, it’s that time huh? Time for the fucking Hillary-bashing panzies to show their true colors.

    I’m left with these decisions:

    1. Keep bickering about how Obama is dirty trash and is a traitor, as Ann “Shitfaced Drunk 24/7” Coulter would say of every democrat.

    2. Give in to the media’s attempt to distract me with Obama as the second coming of Christ theme.. distracting the entire population from knowing or reading about the on-coming economic asteroid that’s about to hit the entire planet.

    3. Forget about this fucking primary season and vote for McCain and attack Obama just like Obama’s campaign and bully supporters attacked Clinton and ENJOYING being in the company of the toe-sucking, page-molesting, man boobs so big their wives get jealous, republican scumbags.

    4. Go read the Financial Times and totally ignore anything related to Obama and Hillary. Write diaries in my own fucking diary like I used to.


    Later guys. Only in my mind did I enjoy your company.

  298. Obama open to the idea of private school vouchers. This needs to be circulated to all public school teachers. This is straight out of the Republican platform and not supported by teachers all all. This alone would keep me from voting for him if Hillary weren’t in the race (I am a teacher). BIG ISSUE for teachers:

  299. Exerpt from the article AmericanGal linked:

    Asked the same voucher question by the Milwaukee paper, Senator Clinton had a strong response, saying she opposes vouchers because they hurt public schools and could also open up the possibility of using taxpayer dollars to finance dangerous schools including training grounds for “jihad.”

  300. =====================================================
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A D M I N !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    did you or anyone else see the full page ad, in usa today?
    it is by…
    and its asking people to go online and sign a petition, that would make the dnc, force the superdelegates to vote the popular vote..
    in this case it would be barack….

    please let me know if you have posted about this already…





  301. SpacegirlArt Says:
    February 20th, 2008 at 6:37 pm

    good evening all…..

    well…I have read the entire blog, had my computer crash, sent a request to help to the 527 (I had a great idea while painting today)
    listened to the RW radio on the way home and the gloves are off with BO and his wife….so much so that they even edited OUT (badly) the “really” of “the first time in my life I have been REALLY proud of the US, blah blah” thing. There was even a REALLY funny song Todd Schnitt (FLA

    I;m in Central Fl as well and I listened to a bit of the Schnitt show today. He was talking about BO being an empty suit and MO comments. Did you hear him mention Taylor Marsh’s blog? He also played the C Matthews clip where the State Senator couldn’t list one achievement of BO.

    Today, I listed to about 5mins of Hannity in the car and he was hitting MO and BO so hard about her comments. This story has legs and won’t die. They are not bying their clarification. She should have just said, I misspoke, I’m sorry and here is what I really menat.

    I have to be honest, I hope that some of this chaffing rubs some of the shine of BO before the Mrch 4th primary.Talk show host) did on him to the tune of “Candy Man” (tried to find it on his

  302. @truetoparty: YOU sound like an obama supporter…rude. negative. trying to create a climate of discontent.

    later to you to and NOT even in my mind did i enjoy your brief company!

  303. The Realist is right, no time or need to Monday morning quarterback. There will be lots of time in the future to perform a post mortem.

    This is do or die! We are facing a well financed opponent, MSM working against us and a rigged primary/caucus system.

    What can we do and should be doing….
    Donate, donate, donate
    Call, Call, Call
    I will call tonight. I would like to do an hour but I can only do 30mins tonight. I got an email from the campaign on Sunday reminding me to call which I did last Sunday.

    Come on guys, put your money/energy where your mouth and ingers are.

    Call and donate and stop the bickering.

    I’l glad that this evening there is a better tone on the board.

  304. Wow…take the dog out, remembered there is a total eclipse of the full moon tonight, ordered a pizza and came back to find a bit of a rumble here. I think it is understandable that we all get frustrated, but I just keep thinking of Hillary and OUR COUNTRY, and even when I got down today because of all this unfair BS, I kept remembering HER. She is out there. WE are out there in the ways we can. I WILL be calling tomorrow when I get in from work. I have other obligations tonight in writing statements for clients for something I have to do re: work, but I love this woman and I respect the hell out of her, and I will keep working for her. I have very little money in the bank at the moment, but I will send some (since I can order a pizza) and I will make calls, post blogs, try to get involved in 527 stuff and write DNC, SD’d JE and who ever else might listen. I will not go down wondering if there was something II could have done, and I will be proud too to know I HELPED put Hillary Clinton in the White HOuse.

  305. They can do their petition, it only goes against obama’s biggest arguement he has been making against seating the FL and MI delegates, that you can not change the rules in mid-campaign. The rules are the rules superdelegates vote for whoever they want to.

  306. apparently obama is blanketing texas and ohio with tv ads…almost 2 to 1

    “Obama appears set to vastly outspend Clinton in Texas, as in Ohio.”

    “Word from the world of media buying says Obama has $1.25 million behind his ads there, to $770,000 for Clinton.”

  307. got this in my email today. I just saw it. Psych, did you get this?

    “Hillsborough County Democratic Party State Committeeman, Monroe Mack has requested each campaign provide volunteer workers for the March 1, 2008, Congressional District 11 Delegate caucus. Volunteers for the caucus will:

    *Staff the registration table(s)
    *Staff the ballot collecting tables(s),
    *Staff Entrance(s) and exit(s),
    *Directing and crowd control,
    *Assist and observe ballot tabulation, etc.


    WHEN: March 1, 2008
    WHERE: Frederick B. Karl Hillsborough County Center 601 E. Kennedy Blvd Tampa, FL
    TIME: 10 AM – 12:15 PM (Voters) 9 AM – 1 PM (Volunteers)


    In addition to the above volunteer opportunity, Cathy Bartolotti and Alan Clendenin are running as Hillary Clinton Delegates. Anyone wishing to help Cathy and Alan campaign the morning of the Caucus (staff entrances and hand out information) your assistance would be greatly appreciated. You do not have to work the entire 2 hours; an hour or even 30 minutes will help.

    If you are able to help out the with the Caucus or the campaign RSVP:

  308. RJK,


    good point, still i would like to see a back up plan for hillary, if they want to fight dirty against one of their own, than it should be a whole new ball game, and she should move outside the box, and not disappear, but rather change tatics…
    in a years time, people will have had enough of st obama…
    and wish they would have voted for hill…

  309. @spacegirl: no one was bickering, just realist came on and gave an awesome pep talk, then ONE person came on and basically insulted everyone.
    i’ve donated, but cant make calls during the week…

    @rjk: i agree… the rules abt the SDs are what they are… as far as florida and michigan go, i do feel like the dnc didnt punish the other states for moving their dates up and it was the republican un govt in fl/mi that made the decision to change the dates, knowing that they would only be hurting the democratic voters… ???

    who reads the usa today anyway??? its like the “people magazine” of newspapers… “news lite”


    Aren’t you in Florida??????

    Since when has a caucus been scheduled???????????

    Or is a delegate caucus different than a nominating caucus?

  311. thanks diva…i saw the peptalk and the diss….just think a lot of us are TIRED and our brains hurt! LOL

    WE ARE HERE FOR HER. I just replied to the Hillary DElegate email as a volunteer. Otherwise FUCK the DNC

  312. divabunny

    The thing that really sticks in my crawl is that the Florida Democrats did not do this, the Republican Legislature and the Republican Governor did it. The DNC is too stupid to see that. Michigan Democrats on the other hand did it to themselves.

  313. thank you Realist. I think we all needed that.

    Everyone here, please if you can…call those states. If you can contribute even more…I wish was wealthy out the arse, I’d give it all to her

  314. Obama gives opponents plenty of ammunition
    Gene Lyons

    Posted on Wednesday, February 20, 2008

    Email this story | Printer-friendly version

    Chances are you’ve seen the video clips. First comes Sen. Barack Obama, responding to the charge that he’s long on rhetoric, short on substance. “Don’t tell me words don’t matter,” Obama told voters. “‘I have a dream’ — just words. ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal’ —just words. ‘We have nothing to fear but fear itself’ —just words. Just speeches.” It’s rhetorically brilliant, even thrilling. In four pungent sentences, delivered in an accent and cadence very like Martin Luther King Jr. ’s, Obama associates himself with King, Thomas Jefferson and Franklin D. Roosevelt. It’s bedrock Americanism, sheer magic. No wonder Obama has amassed fervent mass of followers. It’s also a steal from Obama’s friend, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick. You can watch Patrick on YouTube delivering virtually identical remarks to a cheering crowd in 2006. Obama’s better, a far more convincing actor. But is it plagiarism, as the Hillary Clinton campaign charges ? Well, if I passed it off as mine in a column, I’d be fired, deservedly so. It would merit an F in a student term paper. But it’s a political speech, and Patrick, who probably didn’t write it himself—consultant David Axelrod masterminded both men’s campaigns—says he’s not offended.

    Obama dismisses it as a minor gaffe. Any Democrat who didn’t get a queasy feeling, however, has definitely succumbed to Obamamania. Back in 1988, Sen. Joe Biden’s presidential run ended after he borrowed a line from British Labour leader Neil Kinnock. To the Washington media, it proved that he was a big faker, who, in the usual formulation, “would say or do anything” to become president.

    It’s also not the first time that Obama’s been accused of lifting others’ words. Announcing his own presidential candidacy in 1993, Sen. John Edwards said, “I haven’t spent most of my life in politics… but I’ve spent enough time in Washington to know how much we need to change it.” For months, Obama has been saying, “I know I haven’t spent a lot of time learning the ways of Washington. But I’ve been there long enough to know that the ways of Washington must change.” An Edwards aide commented dryly, “Next thing you know, he’ll be rooting for the Tar Heels.” Of course, they all run against Washington, except Sen. Clinton, who’s touting her experience. There are a limited number of ways to say it.

    But did you catch Obama in South Carolina, warning African American audiences, “Don’t be hoodwinked, don’t be bamboozled” ? You can also Google those words and watch actor Denzel Washington deliver them in Spike Lee’s brilliant film “Malcolm X”: “You’ve been hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray, run amok.” The irony of Obama’s borrowing the fictive words of Malcolm X, a black Muslim, to rebut a scurrilous e-mail campaign calling him a secret Islamist would be almost disabling, except for the greater one: All this was going on while Obama’s media acolytes were accusing the Clinton campaign of “playing the race card.” (A brilliant tactic to guarantee landslide defeat in South Carolina. )

    In context, Malcolm X was warning audiences to disbelieve politicians sent by the “white man.” Speaking of Black Muslims, are you aware that the charismatic pastor of Obama’s Chicago church, Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., who invented the phrase “the audacity of hope” and whose “Afro-Centric” gospel has already been parodied on FOX News, is an admirer of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan ? Last year, Wright presented Farrakhan with a Lifetime Achievement award.

    That and Obama’s longtime relationship with Columbia University Professor (and one-time PLO adviser ) Rashid Khalidi have provoked speculation in the Israeli press that he may be secretly anti-Zionist. Another Chicago academic ally of Obama’s is Professor William Ayers, a Weather Underground radical in the 1970 s.

    Obama’s Chicago benefactor, Syrian American real estate mogul Tony Rezko, goes on trial in a federal court next week. The prosecutor is Patrick Fitzgerald, the judge former Kenneth Starr aide Amy St. Eve. Evidence embarrassing to Obama will not be kept hidden.

    Did you know that Obama campaigned in Kenya for opposition leader Raila Odinga, who claims to be his distant cousin ? That Odinga has been accused of scheming to bring Sharia, or Islamic law, to Kenya ? How credibly ? Would it matter once GOP propagandists got to work on Obama ? So far, Obama’s strategy of playing upon the Washington media clique’s loathing for everything Clinton has succeeded. To the extent that Hillary Clinton is polarizing, however, it’s due to 16 years of deliberate character assassination, accusing her of everything, including drug smuggling and murder. The basic GOP method is to portray Democrats as fraudulent elitists who “Blame America First” and seek power by encouraging minorities to see themselves as victims. (The real victims, of course, being Rush Limbaugh listeners. ) Obama, alas, has given them plenty to work with. If he wins the nomination, will voters still recognize him come November ?

  315. What does this mean in Florida? I read yesterday that they were going ahead with the plan to seat their delegates. Is this what this is?

  316. Basil….It sounds like this is a caucus for CAMPAIGN DELEGATES for Hillsborough Co.(Tampa). I don’t know anything about it so I said I would volunteer and asked the sender to call and explain. Either they know something we don’t know, or they are just planning. That’s why I want to know more. I’ll keep us posted.

  317. rjk,

    I don’t think the DNC is too stupid to realize Florida’s democratic primary was changed by the Florida Republicans. (How did that happen, anyway? Did a little birdie suggest it might be good STRATEGY for the repubs to CHANGE the date to favor BO?)

    I think it is a deliberate and intentional by the DNC under the leadership of brazile, I mean, Dean.





  319. Dot…appears so. That is why I want to be there. I need to know more. And I want to GO TO DENVER. I am self employed, so, if this piece of property I own w/sister closes sale in early march, as it is supposed to do, I can devote a LOT more time to the campaign as I wil lhave some cash to tide me over.

  320. Florida plans on taking their delegation to the convention and get into hand to hand combat to get themselves seated. Could be intersting, I hope Denver has enough Police to handle the ensuing fight.

  321. @rjk: thanks for the clarification… i thought michigan repubs did it to the dems too… so at the very least what the hell happened with florida??? why didnt the dnc fight harder???

  322. Breaking….

    NYTimes story announces on Lou
    dobbs a story that seems to me to intimate that McCain had an affair!

    What the heck!
    tiburones | 02.20.2008 – 7:50 pm | #

  323. I knew this would happen…just not this fast…Obama team at work giving information to a reporter? or perhaps an Obama cult member who just happens to be a reporter deciding to do a smear?

  324. That was a stupid thing for Obama to leak. (re the McCain scandal).

    Obama better watch out. The Republicans take revenge in a very hostile way. They will see or at the very least assume it was Obama who pushed the sex scandal story and will now take a very “gloves-off” approach with him. Just watch.

    This is wonderful 🙂

  325. Hopefully McCain learned enough back in 2000 that he will hit back fast and hard with his own dirt on Obama (that is if he thinks it came from obama’s camp)

  326. diva,
    From what I’ve read, the DNC explanation is that all states were given a deadline to submit their primary schedules for approval. If the DNC opposed them, as happened with FL. MI, SC, Nev, they were supposed to dispute the ruling within 30 days. According to DNC, while Nev and SC complied with this requirement, Fl and Mi did not and so those states ‘broke the rules” and were subsequently stripped of felegates.
    (It would be interesting to get hold of these so-called change-of-primary-request docs and check the dates on them.) If you want, i’ll find the link tomorrow and post it.
    Of course it’s all Brazile BS.

  327. “HOLY HELL!!! sex scandal w/mccain!”
    That is why I think hillary has a chance to win GE if she has to run as independent.


    February 21, 2008
    For McCain, Self-Confidence on Ethics Poses Its Own Risk

    WASHINGTON — Early in Senator John McCain’s first run for the White House eight years ago, waves of anxiety swept through his small circle of advisers.

    A female lobbyist had been turning up with him at fund-raisers, in his offices and aboard a client’s corporate jet. Convinced the relationship had become romantic, some of his top advisers intervened to protect the candidate from himself — instructing staff members to block the woman’s access, privately warning her away and repeatedly confronting him, several people involved in the campaign said on the condition of anonymity.

  329. I have not spoken to ONE SINGLE REPUBLICAN who wants JMc at all. MOST of my clients are Repubs. They HATE him. Pizza here. BRB after i eat

  330. It won’t be HRC who’s implicated in this leak. It’s well known she and McCain are long-time friends.

    The repubs will squash BO over this.

  331. lou dobbs is talking abt the fact that the nyt has been sitting on this story… wonder why?

    does romney come back in now? remember he only suspended his campaign…

    apparently both are denying the affair. the story has more to do with lobbyists and favors.

    p/s cnn poll was whether or not msm favored bho over hrc… the results were yes @ 73%!!!! i guess we arent the only ppl that see it!

    btw… @9: jon stewart on larry king… dont watch after that, they are doing a profile on bho @10

    AND… from 10-11 we have a lunar eclipse (best view @10:26)

  332. Listen to Olbermann…comparing denial language to Monica Leweinsky….ie…same verbiage…ie, as I THINK…plagiarisms ?!?!?!?!?!?

  333. I’m quite positive the Obama camp had something to do wtih this. How convenient this shit occurs the night AFTER mcCain ups his criticisms of barack.

  334. its not a story bc of sex, its a story bc it was supposedly sex with a lobbyist..thus i dont think the sinclair thing will ever get legs.

    @basil: good point… doesnt it just reek of something smarmy????

  335. I would like to take a moment to say thank you to all the many people on Hillary’s campaign, the volunteers, etc…

    She has the best people who DO know what they are doing. Changing tactics just so she can fight her opponent isn’t the answer. The one reason I am so much of a fan is that she carries herself with dignity and fights the good fight…not the bad fight…not the dirty fight. When all is said and done, she will hold her head high. Her opponent will be crippled by his dishonest actions.

  336. I’m not watching anything, but I can’t believe MSM would run with this.

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Obama is bulletproof.

  337. OTOH,

    The conservatives despise McCain. I’ve read and heard some of the right wing Talking Heads recommend voting for HRC if she were the GE candidate just to keep McCain out of the WH.

    Sound familiar?

    Think they’re the same group propping up BO’s caucus wins?

  338. yeah, but basil – if the repub talking heads are propping up BO and if it’s a BO and McCain face off – why would they want that? BO is huge roll of the dice – most liberal senator, etc…President Hillary would be at least the one they know.

  339. basil9, The Democrats had no control over the primary date. It was moved by the Republican state legislature.

  340. Rezko sharing underwear with inmates

    February 20, 2008
    BY NATASHA KORECKI Federal Courts Reporter
    He was once a high-powered fundraiser who hosted high-priced galas for politicians in his Wilmette mansion.

    These days, though, Antoin “Tony” Rezko is sharing underwear with other inmates while in solitary confinement at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, his lawyer said Tuesday.

    “It’s just disgusting,” attorney Joseph Duffy said as he pleaded with a federal judge to release Rezko to home confinement with a special protection team before his public corruption trial begins in two weeks. “It’s just a real degrading way for anybody to try to survive.”

    Rezko once appeared in court in pinstriped power suits. On Tuesday, he appeared unkempt, unshaven and in a wrinkled orange jumpsuit. He held his face in his hands as he sat in the courtroom.

    Duffy offered to hire a professional security firm that would place Rezko under 24-hour surveillance at his home and would personally escort him to court every morning. Rezko is being held in solitary confinement at the downtown lockup, spending 23 hours a day alone, Duffy said. He was arrested last month after U.S. District Judge Amy St. Eve deemed he was moving around finances in violation of a court order.

    St. Eve said she would consider Duffy’s proposal. The judge said it is MCC protocol to first place high-profile inmates in solitary while the institution assesses the person’s security risks.

    “They have put Mr. Rezko there for his own safety,” rather than place him in the general population, St. Eve said.

    Rezko is accused of shaking down companies wanting to do business with the state. He was a close adviser and fundr-aiser to Gov. Blagojevich and a key fundraiser for Sen. Barack Obama.

  341. Notice that MessMSNBC is the only cable news network going wall to wall with this.

    I can’t wait to listen to right wingnut radio tomorrow. I see Bambi’s fingerprints on this.

  342. do not doubt for a minute that Rezko will not undo barack Obama.

    There is a reason Obama is probably the person who has received the most funding from Rezko and a reason why Rezko has held many fundraisers for Obama before.

    It is certainly not because he saw potential in Barack that he never saw. That person would be “David Axelrod” who also saw that potential in Deval Patrick.

    What Rezko wanted from Obama was much more, and by the way REzko had contributed heavily to OBama’s campaign, let’s just say it won’t be a pretty court case or a walk through the garden for Obama.

  343. y’all remember…people kept saying “something could happen” re the campaign/and Stinky? Maybe this is it? maybe?

  344. Hey Guys,
    Need your help here. Did anyone receive an email from the campaign with regards to a conference call tomorrow with Terry McAuliffe?

    Need ti desperately if anyone can help. Thanks – Blue Dem.

  345. The loons on the Democratic Underground think that the right wing is behind the McCain smear. Why would they do that? Just to get another nominee? Are they really that enthralled with Obama? What would be the purpose?

  346. I believe Michelle had lot more to do with REZKO than what is known. I am sure she knew him before BO. She was working for Daly’s office and she introduced BO to the Chicago Machine.

  347. I just can’t stand seeing/hearing/saying his name anymore

    has anyone looked him up in Nostradamus yet? LOL

  348. The real problem with all of this is BM is so IN with ALL of this, BOTH SIDES…who the hell knows what to believe?

  349. + rjk, isn’t it COINCIDENTAL that they buy their house from a friend and fellow doctor who likely is familiar with REzko as well? Fishy.

  350. Take a break between 9-11 ET and watch the most perfect full lunar eclipse until december 2010.

    Here in IOWA HAWK!!, it is still below zero, but the sky is totally clear, moon is rising in the East/ slightly Northeast, so bright I can walk around in my 2nd floor apartment with no lights on.

    Sometimes Mother Universe sends us a reminder.

    If your sky is cloudy or you are in CA where the start of the eclipse is masked because you still have daylight, here is a place you can see it….courtesy of NASA.

    Enjoy Chickadees, and give to our girl…got my 2nd Soc Sec check today and gave some to her. Have grown to hate beef tongue, and eggs.

  351. Even blowing his nose, Obama gets applause.

  352. MessNbc wants McCain to come out tomorrow and say “I did not have sex with that woman”.

    That is what I’m taking away from this story. Gawd, Keith Olgerman has become such a stooge pigeon.

    The ChuckyDoll is just as assanine.

  353. OH SHIT

    GOP starts a race war

    “O’reiley: And I don’t want to go on a lynching party against Michelle Obama unless there’s evidence, hard facts, that say this is how the woman really feels. If that’s how she really feels — that America is a bad country or a flawed nation, whatever — then that’s legit. We’ll track it down.

    Hey Guys (and Admin?),
    Need your help here. Did anyone receive an email from the campaign with regards to a conference call tomorrow with Terry McAuliffe?

    Need ti desperately if anyone can help. Thanks – Blue Dem

  355. Oh, O’reilly is a dumbf***.

    Emjay, you are not kidding. The moon is right outside my window and it is clear as h***. No clouds at all. But it is like 3 degrees, which isn’t bad compared to earlier when it was -14 w/ windchill.

  356. so bill o dropped the lynch word eh!

    Track er down OReilly. I sent him an email about it…I’m quite happy to hear him say they’ll hammer down.

  357. Inninla,
    Nononono. The right TH’s are saying they prefer HRC to McCain, they would never vote for him because he’s not a true conservative and they would vote for HRC over him. In other words, they would do the same thing now being done to HRC in the caucuses by sending in repubs and indies to vote BO by sending repubs to vote HRC if she’s the candidate. But that was all before the WI and Hawaii caucuses.
    Man, I cannot keep track of whose screwing who.
    The TV right wing crowd, the fox 5 group, mostly support mcCain. but there’s a real rift in the repub party, probably as big as the one now dividing the dems.

  358. I’ve been cutting Olberman A LOT of slack because he and I go way back (to his ESPN days “he pulled a groin, his own we hope!”) and I’ve followed him and his snarky progressive ways around, but he’s finally lost me. Bye Bye Olberman, you were one of the good ones.

  359. Guys, didn’t BO go to Chicago last week, clearing his schedule for a day? Any chance that was for a deposition?

  360. OMG it’s a NYTimes story? With no sources on record? The media is just shit these days. There’s no reason to be running with this.

    I need a drink.

  361. Toronto is lovely city, Tiny. But, regardless, we need you here…no matter what happens, I say we all stay in touch and help reform the media and build infrastructure and support for women’s organizations that need media departments to counter this sexist BS.

  362. Psymac – I know! I remember back in 2002 being jazzed to go to Vancouver because the Canadian dollar was crap. Now it’s reversed. Vancouver is lovely though.

  363. We need a way to keep in touch after everything is over (you know, in November! when Hillary wins the GE!). : D

  364. @tiny: i sure hope we stay in touch… hopefully we’ll all meet up in denver!!! ive only had a layover there before, so i need a good excuse to go back!

  365. basil9,

    It’s clear that the FL GOP legislature started the trouble by setting the primary date. The FL Dems tried to fight them and to get it changed to comply with DNC. IThe version I’ve seen is that Donna Brazile ‘ruled’ that they hadn’t tried hard enough!

    Whether it was this or missing some paperwork deadline that Brazile set, in either case it was Brazile (an Obama supporter) who had a chance to avoid this mess and deliberately found an excuse to exclude Florida instead.

  366. Inninla,
    Sorry for my incoherence. it’s all so convoluted. There are two parts to this. The repubs have assumed, until now, that HRC would be the nominee and so they have stacked the deck against her by supporting BO and getting their people to switch parties for a day or go indy.
    But the repubs didn’t realize they’d end up with McCain as the frontrunner and likely nominee. Now that has been established, the far right wing is protesting that McCain isn’t a true conservative and they’d rather put HRC in the WH than JM. IF BO is the dem nominee I don’t know what their strategy would be. I do know there’s a large group of conservatives who are furious at the prospect of McCain as president.

  367. Guys, didn’t BO go to Chicago last week, clearing his schedule for a day? Any chance that was for a deposition?

    sounds plausible

    so NOW Olbermann is HYPING the O’Reilly story and backing it with GW condemning it! OHMYGOD…where is this headed

  368. @basil: do you think the repubs thought theyd get romney? you never know… w/this mccain story, he could get back in the game… remember he only “put his campaign on hold”????

  369. “in either case it was Brazile (an Obama supporter) who had a chance to avoid this mess and deliberately found an excuse to exclude Florida instead.”


  370. Basil…I was thinking that through today as well….back Stinky, hate Hillary, now scuttle McCain when he withstood the vitriol from the Right….

    good lord.

    Where is Rezko….

    Where is Hillary.

  371. Well folks we cannot bank on Florida or Michigan. It comes down to Texas and Ohio.

    I just logged into the call center and TEXAS call are on my station.

    Yes, yes, yes, WE CAN.

    Tell everyone…Hillary has to win in a major way in Texas and Ohio. Get out the vote for her people

    It’s going to be difficult but in reality, what have the Clintons ever got that didn’t come the “hard” way.

  372. I wonder who gave the tips to the NYT and why? From reading the story, some of his old workers were disillusioned with him.

    I don’t quite know what to say or believe. I do know that Drudge teased this story back in Jan and McCain had his lawyers contact the NYTimes asking them to hold the story, dismissing the story aand saying that if it were printed, that they would vigorously defend his reputation.

    I can’t wait to listen to talk radio tomorrow.

    The one silver lining potentially that I see is that it should refocus Repubs back on their own primaries so that they have the incentive to pullute the Dem’s primaries.

    Like I said, 2 wks is a long time in politics.

  373. Did you read the Times endorsement of McCain MJS? It’s pretty much like “well, he sucks ass, but…” It’s funny.

  374. 1950democrat,

    Here’s a portion of the brazile statement. Maybe I’m interpreting it wrong?

    Once upon a time, presidential candidates and campaigns could rely on a nominating system that was easy to understand. Though envious of the role that Iowa and New Hampshire played in winnowing the field, most states abided by the calendar set by national party rules and waited their turn. But while the rules afforded clarity, they lacked inclusiveness. Everyone knew that when showtime started, only a few voters would be allowed on stage. And those folks, while deeply knowledgeable and passionate about their responsibility, just didn’t represent the diversity of our party and our country.
    The DNC tried to address this problem by letting two states join Iowa and New Hampshire in the coveted “pre-window” period before Feb. 5. States were invited to apply, and 12 of them, plus the District of Columbia, did so. The process was fair and democratic. Florida, which had a chance to become “first in the South,” did not apply. Now it is asking for another chance.
    In the end, the DNC chose Nevada and South Carolina to bring further regional, racial and economic diversity to the “pre-window” primary period. Florida’s plan to move its primary forward represented a unilateral move that would completely disrupt the system on which everyone had agreed. The rules and bylaws committee had no choice but to enforce the rules. Our recommendation is not the end of the line for Florida. Indeed, the state has 30 days to bring its plan into compliance.
    Despite claims to the contrary, the DNC is on firm legal ground. The question was settled by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1981, when it ruled that the national parties, not the states, determine the rules governing their respective presidential nominating processes. Failure to apply the rules would have been an affront to the states that adhered to them — and an invitation for more states to break them. Even after our firm action, the Michigan House went ahead and approved a measure this week to move the state’s primary up to Jan. 15, and Gov. Jennifer Granholm (a Democrat) said she will sign it. Wyoming is still making noises about moving its date to Jan. 5.
    Starting in January and perhaps ending on Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2008, tens of millions of Americans in as many as 24 states will go to the polls. Candidates are raising record sums of money, and outside organizations are likely to spend even more to influence the process. We’ve never had a presidential campaign season like the one we’re watching. It’s time for both parties to take steps to reform the process.
    As we begin to contemplate the calendar for 2012, and the rules that will govern that process, both major parties must craft a system that makes sense for voters and candidates. We can begin by setting a reasonable starting date — I suggest the time when the snow gives way to tulips and daffodils. We can make sure the nominating schedule does not unfairly favor the rock stars of politics. And we must make sure the campaign finance laws allow more than just the candidates with deep pockets and ties to big donors to be competitive.
    Perhaps by 2012 both major parties will commit to reforming the nominating process to give as many people as much of a voice as possible. We’re long overdue for a rational system to elect a president of the United States.
    The writer, who managed Al Gore’s 2000 presidential campaign, is a member of the rules and bylaws committee of the Democratic National Committee.

  375. Tib…Johnatha Alter implyed it was earlier…December, and were asked to hold it because of Iowa

    I cannot worry about the republicans right now….

    I have to write some letters and go look at the moon.

  376. Fox news reporting it was the New Republic magazine (a liberal magazine) that caused the New York Times to put out the story. They were going to do a story on how the NYT was surpressing it

  377. Don’t buy this ‘momentum’ thing! It’s something the MSM has invented and they like to talk as though it means something, partly to make themselves important and partly to help BO.

    What’s important is DELEGATES, and to some extent popular vote — Democrat popular vote, not crossovevers.

    In delegates they are very nearly tied. It just depends on which count you look at. Obama has won maybe 70 ahead in state races, Hillary has a good lead in delegates if you count the superdelegates that have come out for her.

    If Hillary does as well in the next big states (TX, OH, PA) as she did in the Feb 5 big states (CA, MA, etc) then they will still be very close but she may have enough delegates to win even without more supers and MI and FL.

    The Obama people are trying to confuse things and bluff the superdelegates into voting for them, and to discourage Hillary supporters from working for her in the upcoming states. Of course the media is helping spread the confusion.

    I think it’s okay to emotionally ‘roll with the punch’ (we were all hoping for an upset in WI and HI) and think about worst case — so we can come back rested and fight fresh. We have 99 problems but momentum isn’t one. (That’s plagarized, that is.

  378. divabunny
    thank you very much. she needs to brodside him – no other ways and no any more time. Unless she does that – she cannot create a distance. this guy is riding the press and we cannot wait until it will turn against him – it takes too long.

  379. Moon looking like a big Snickerdoodle with a big bite out of the bottom. Wish I were a photographer.

    Also am glad I read from the bottom up to catch up because I just got to the end of what looks like a playground fight.

    I will not repost everything I wrote yesterday, but I will summarize it-

    If there is someone you don’t like on here—skip their damm note. Nothing like shunning to shut somebody up, clean up their mouths, or chase them away. Ignoring them is like anti-biotical action. Paying attention to them is what they want…so parents, remember what you learned during the first tantrum or the first mouthful of swear words, or even the first “I HATE YOU!”

    We have lost too many good people, original people, to continual playground fighting, and if more of you would read ALL the notes instead of just where you walked in the door each time you come onto these pages, you would have seen we are about to lose some more.

    So knock it the heqq off! And go outside and look at the moon.

  380. @emjay: i really think it was only one person that came on and posted some nastiness

    cant wait to see the moon… hubby and i are making cupcakes and are going out at 10:00…isnt it sposed to be best at 10:26?

  381. Call me crazy, but you know who I think was the source for this Mccain story? John McCain.
    If you look at the timing starting yesterday, McCain and much of the political world (unfortunately) saw last night’s BO win as a clear sign he’ll be the nominee. So McCain – endorsed by the bushies the day before – figures he’ll get out front of it, because it’ll become public eventually anyway. It’d be flat stupid for the BO camp to have leak it so early.

    So if that’s anywhere near right, it’ll be interesting to see if anyone strikes back, and of course how it might affect us.

  382. @dot: i think itll be interesting tomorrow night too… remember this is only their second one on one debate… i dont know how that is going to play out…. its going to be interesting.

    i think in light of all of the “radical” supporters its a good thing that this is an invite only debate.

  383. DivaBunny,
    “@bluedem: not me…i’m a little peon… i only get the mass emails.”

    Are you saying this was an email invitation sent out only to high rollers?

  384. Parsing Donna Brazile’s statement about he DNC process

    “Once upon a time, (one) presidential candidate …would be allowed on stage…(to) represent the diversity of our party and our country…(and this) represented a unilateral move that would completely disrupt the system. Despite claims to the contrary…rules would have been an affront to…(the) Candidate (who is) raising record sums of money, and outside organizations are spend(ing) even more to influence the process. I suggest the time when the snow gives way to tulips and daffodils…(w)e can make sure the…rock stars of…candidates with deep pockets and ties to big donors (will be) a president of the United States.”

  385. Diva,
    Hmmmmmmm. You’re right…..he did put his campaign on hold but then again he endorsed McCain.
    I know the conservatives prefer Romney.
    So I’m not following the dots here – I think there are 2 different factions with 2 different agendas 1 to destroy HRC, the other to make sure McCain doesn’t get the nomination.
    Of course this is all amateur speculation, which i can’t help but indulge in.

  386. ugh I’m downloading the new leaked Janet album and it’s taking forever 🙁 just to get it in High Quality 🙁

  387. oooooh bluedem! you thinker you! what a great point…. mark halperin was on lou dobbs and said that the nyts has been sitting on this story for a while and everyone has known it….maybe since they (nyt) endorsed mccain, they held it for him???

  388. Call me crazy, but you know who I think was the source for this Mccain story? John McCain.

    you have a good point i suspected this myself.. too many former associates speaking to reporters. probably getting out in front of it before axelrod and company do what they did to prev obama opponents and drop the bomb at a critical moment. you all remember the rampant rumors that a sex scandal involving a presidential candidate was written and the papers were sitting on the story..?

  389. it has to be v good timing for mccain because he won the nomination already & everyone will call it old news by the time the general is really ramping up

  390. Really…who cares? We’ve been there done that right? lol. I just find it convenient that they decide to break the news now to deflect from Obama’s plagarism and MO statements.

  391. Someone, anyone, with ties to journalists, float the prospect of Obama returning to Chicago for a deposition as the reason he cleared his schedule and flew home.

    Is there any way of checking up on this thought?

  392. diva,
    Thanks. But how? Been working on this a long time.
    Here’s the story I found about the call.

  393. basil9 Says: February 20th, 2008 at 9:03 pm
    Here’s a portion of the brazile statement. Maybe I’m interpreting it wrong?
    “Once upon a time, presidential candidates and campaigns could rely on a nominating system that was easy to understand.[….]”

    Thanks for posting a good-sized excerpt (haven’t seen the rest). But in my opinion this excerpt is oily, superficial, and slanted. For one thing, it gives the impression that the FL Dems chose the early date themselves — it leaves out the fact that the FL GOP legislature set this over their protests.

    As for Brazile running Gore’s campaign — look how THAT turned out. Iirc she advised him not to let Bill Clinton campaign for him, to dissociate himself from the Clinton admin.

    I don’t know why she has made these very bad decisions. Some say it is a personal dislike of the Clintons. But in any case I don’t think her judgement is to be trusted. She is on one of the MSM shows and habitually bashes teh Clintons. Has she been involved in turning several states to caucus for the first time, eg NV and NM?

  394. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s (D-N.Y.) campaign, reeling from 10 unanswered losses to rival Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), is giving supporters a chance to weigh in on the campaign with senior officials Thursday morning.
    Supporters who phone in will be able to ask questions and offer advice to campaign Chairman Terry McAuliffe, political director Guy Cecil and Roy Spence, a senior adviser, according to an e-mail obtained by The Hill.
    In the e-mail, the Clinton campaign invites those on the list to join the call at 11:30 a.m. because “we want to hear your thoughts, advice and questions as we move forward to the March 4th primaries.”

    The e-mail could suggest that Clinton’s campaign has hit a wall after a string of decisive defeats and been confronted with a media environment that is increasingly skeptical about the New York senator’s ability to right her listing ship. The former first lady’s camp has also pursued an increasingly negative tone with regard to Obama, citing plagiarism charges and arguing that the Illinois senator offers only rhetoric.

    Spence is the messaging superstar who created the phrase “Don’t Mess with Texas.” He was brought on board the Clinton campaign after her loss to Obama in the Iowa caucuses. Because of the emphasis the campaign has placed on winning Texas on March 4, it is perhaps no surprise that the supporter e-mail reminds recipients that Spence has “deep Texas roots.”

    The e-mail, which appears to be a regular note to campaign supporters, makes a plea for volunteers and contributions, and it offers “Daily Talking Points” for Feb. 20.

    The Clinton campaign, having lost Wisconsin and Hawaii to Obama Tuesday night, also held a conference call with reporters earlier Wednesday.

    On the call, senior campaign advisers made it clear they plan to campaign hard through the end of the process. Harold Ickes, a senior adviser, said the campaign thinks it will be in a position to clinch the nomination about the time of the Puerto Rican caucuses on June 1.
    The supporter e-mail makes clear that the campaign wants supporters to sign up for the long haul.

    -Got cut off

  395. The image (if we must) of John McCain running around porking some other woman also contrasts nicely – for him – with the old man jokes which are already out in force among the Lenos & Lettermans.

    Just saying…..

  396. @psymac: idunn left a while ago… havent seen her since! i’ll be here for the debate. and we’re going to look at the eclipse at 10… on our news here (nc) they said the best would be at 10:26… is that what you guys heard? is it going on now?

  397. The John McCain so called sex scandal appears to be an Obama M.O. Obama love using sex scandals on repugs…that’s how he won his senate seat. Knocking repug candidate Jack Ryan out about his fetish for sex clubs that were in his sealed divorce records from actor Jeri Ryan.

    This is Chicago politics 101…down and dirty. Repugs hate sex scandals. It should be very interesting tomorrow on morning joke on MSNBC, which has a big video of Keith Olbermann “Breaking News” coverage of this story.

    LMAO because the Repugs thought they would be able to control Obama and put the fear in him…what they failed to realize is that Obama is too stupid to be afraid of them, he too in love with his own self image….he’s the “messiah” and he is being praised everyday by his loyal followers.

    We’ve been predicting for a long time that the Repugs were crossing over to help Obama bring down Hillary. Not seeing that Obama believes his own message of the “movement”…Obama campaign is all about him…not the country but what “he” ALONE can do for the country by hope and change and with the youth to bypass to failures of the past by pushing the last generation aside and claiming the present and future with me.

    That’s why you see stories on McCain “old’ age and a sex scandel with a woman 30 years younger….Youth vs Old man. Obama is hoping that his youth and charisma especially on TV will be the image he want in the minds of the voters.

  398. HAWK !!!

    Look at that !!!!

    On the left, Saturn w/ rings, if you have a telescope..I don’t)

    On the right Rumulus, brightest star in Leo.

    That’s why this is called something like “Lord of the Rings, MoonRiver, Lord of the Jungle” Eclipse

  399. @blue: i hope for cindy’s sake the affair thing isnt true… i know she’s already been to rehab once… and imo it already seems like she’s on a major dose of xanax… she’s very “pod like”??? stepford, anyone? anyone? but dont get me wrong, she’s very attractive.

  400. 1950dem,
    Don’t get me wrong. I in NO way agree with the decision. I’m simply trying to understand the process and this particular portion explained HER logic, such as it is. I have other material and would be happy to post links if you’re interested.
    It’s crystal clear she’s one of the converted sO how much of this decision was sincere and how much geared toward helping her guy?
    Florida did appeal the decision but was turned down coz the committee members didn’t find Florida believable and said they hadn’t fought hard enough to comply with the DNC rules. That’s BS too but it’s written in the record.

    That’s BS, too, but it is written in the record

  401. Emjay…I am upset re: Eclipse. I went out a while ago…clear as a bell here. BEAUTIFUL FULL MOON. Now…raining.

    Fuck Florida for everything. ALL BUT ONE major celestial event has been ECLIPSED by bad weather in the last few months…the Persieds, the Orionids all the good shows. AND the primaries are fucked up.

    Thank heaven I have at least been allowed to witness the second coming of Christ…

  402. News related to the Sinclair issue..he has been contacted by the Associated Press. He also says he has to attend an important meeting in the next few days. Polygraph scheduled for next week (Tuesday I think).

    Do you think Obama is in Chicago to deal with this issue? Tabloid type stories get attention…perhaps getting a lawsuit vs Sinclair?

    Sorry about bringing this up as I know many of you don’t like this story but it’s gone viral on the web and at the very least it will get attention if the guy actually does the polygraph.

  403. cloudy and snow here in PA, no moonviewing for me.
    @Emjay: “On the right Rumulus, brightest star in Leo.”
    Is that where the Romulans are from (Star Trek)?

  404. I mentioned yesterday morning when I woke up to radio, AM was finishing a story on Sinclair. I didn’t hear it all, but it was there. FOX Affiliate…of course

  405. Diva,
    Yes, absolutely. Where do the rethugs get these wives anyway?

    A factory?

    An eclipse? with all that’s going on? Is this
    Sheesh, now I sound like Fran.

    And I’m the one posting on McCain; so I’ll STFU now.

  406. This kind of language — “Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s (D-N.Y.) campaign, reeling from 10 unanswered losses to rival Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.)” — shows it’s a media either hostile to Hillary or drinking a lot of koolaid. The campaign isn’t ‘reelilng’. All these little red states were expected to be lost. The campaign is keeping its eye on the ball, the big states that we will need in Nov also.

    Some people were daydreaming of more upsets like NH and NV; now some tired people like me (with fever and headcolds!) are venting — and making threats about write-ins. Maybe this is a good time to threaten — before any actual damage has been done, while there is still time for the DNC and the SDs to do the right thing. (Not that HIllary necessarily needs them; someone figured there are enough delegates in the remaining states for her to get her 2025 there.)

  407. Dot48 just saw your note–

    see what Hawk and I are seeing @

    I posted it earlier

  408. Paula,

    What’s McCain gonna call it? A badge of honor?

    Goes to show though that ANYTHING can happen between now & November. Which is why I’m leaning heavily heavily heavily towards fighting this all the way to Denver

    let all this funny primary business get the airing out it deserves.
    Then again, the media’d have to do that…..

  409. Theory on myDD is that Obama may have gotten this story out to hurt McCain and weaken his ability to gain independent voters in the Texas primary, thus Obama would gain more independent votes vs. Hillary.

  410. 1950Dem, i thought the same. It was not a good lead, and where did The Hill get the email anyway? Another Cheney wiretap?

  411. wow, i did not realize Cindy McCain had been in rehab. The next gaffe by MO will be towards her..just watch. Michelle Obama is classless.

    Why is every friggin thing brought up in this campaign about the obamas laid at Hillary’s feet. Hillary did not start the plageurism, she did not start the Michelle Obama shit … and now they try to act like it is all Hillary’s fault. Hillary didn’t tell Michelle Obama to say she thought America was an asshole a country till they saw fit to put her messiah in as a presidential candidate.

  412. Dot…i didn;t know that either about Cindy until I read the blogs tonight about MO gaffe…and the bots were out, calling her a drug addic and McCain a corpse and the same old stuff like they call Hillary. These people are VICIOUS, and the thing is,,,,Stinky MUST KNOW that they are incredibly vitriolic….so he is complicit in their rude, hateful and obnoxious behavior.

    Some CHANGE and HOPE and NEW TONE

  413. A statement from the McCain campaign (h/t TPM):

    “It is a shame that the New York Times has lowered its standards to engage in a hit and run smear campaign. John McCain has a 24-year record of serving our country with honor and integrity. He has never violated the public trust, never done favors for special interests or lobbyists, and he will not allow a smear campaign to distract from the issues at stake in this election.

    “Americans are sick and tired of this kind of gutter politics, and there is nothing in this story to suggest that John McCain has ever violated the principles that have guided his career.”

    Fierce pushback, playing the “gutter politics” card as well as the unspoken “lib’rul media” card; it is The New York Times, after all. If anything can unite conservatives behind McCain

  414. the rehab thing with cindy is old old news… the msm has already covered that… what blogs do you guys go to where they are still rehashing that??? i post at huffpo and thought that was bad, but you guys must be in the trenches!!!

  415. basil9,
    I apologize, I’ve got a cold and I’m not feeling very reasonable about Brazile. I appreciate your trying to be reasonable and I wish I were up to it. 🙂

    I just don’t see how actions as harmful as hers could be done accidentally. Knowing the GOP legislature had done this to make trouble — the DNC should have stood very firm in support of the FL state Dems. Otherwise they are encouraging other GOP legislatures in other states to make the same kind of trouble!

  416. everyone that can..please commit to phone bank tomorrow. we really need to do this now. we won’t get anymore chance to help more than in Texas. I plan to dig in and call, call, call.

    Also Blue Dem…if you know anyone who gets to get in on that conference call. Suggest we target men…suggest we have someone who can get men out there championing her cause, the firer efighters, the vets she’s helped, men for Hillary….we are not even calling men to ask for their support.

    also suggest that Hillary needs organized efforts in Texas…obama is hiring real professionals to gotv and gotc voters…from transportation to babysitting.

    Her website needs to list all precinct voting places for Texas and Ohio.

    Encourage early voting

  417. CNN reporting the New Republic has a hand in this w/NYT…that New Republic was working on a story re: McCain and reported that there was a big squabble inside NYT as to whether to release it.

  418. Blue Dem, I know, lol. I was just posting what MessNBC was reporting.

    OK, someone on TM wonders if it’s coincidental this came out the day after MO and BO were criticized by the McCains. I still want to know why the Times sat on it for two months,

  419. YES! BlueDEM…if you get to the conference call….we NEED SPANISH SPEAKERS to call Texas. I spent HOURS calling California and got call after call to households who spoke NO ENGLISH. I don’t speak spanish. It was VERy FRUSTRATING and a big waste of time. OBAMA is already doing this and directing those calls EXCLUSIVELY to Spanish speaking households, so was said on blog

    this is HUGE we NEED Spanish speakers and will to almost EXCLUSIVELY for Pureto Rico

  420. The Obama camp was looking for sex scandals on Bill Clinton this summer. Not a stretch to think they also looked for ones on McCain once he became the nominee..

  421. Trouble with Washinton Caucus is common to rest of states

    While Obama took 68 percent of the caucus vote, he was just squeaking by Tuesday with 50 percent of the vote to Hillary Clinton’s 47 percent.

    Caucuses have long been criticized for not producing outcomes that are representative of the electorate’s true opinion. It’s easy for well-mobilized supporters of a candidate to pack the caucuses, which have very small turnout compared with a primary vote.

    Anyone who doubts that need only recall televangelist Pat Robertson’s victory in the 1988 Washington Republican caucuses — his only victory in an otherwise ignored candidacy. Color Washington state red for embarrassment in that election.

    The state’s voters approved an initiative establishing the primary, but the political parties, especially the Democrats, have stubbornly stuck to an antiquated system to select candidates. It’s a system that clearly doesn’t accurately reflect what the voters want.

    One can only wonder how long it will be before the parties get the message and listen to the people.

  422. AmericanGirl…how do you know this…and could that explain why Rove and his buddy he had appointed to US Attorney went to Arkansas? I always thought THAT MOVE suspect BIG TIME…and if Rove is advising Stinky

  423. Emjay Says:
    February 20th, 2008 at 8:29 pm

    Take a break between 9-11 ET and watch the most perfect full lunar eclipse until december 2010.
    thank you! I just went out and took a good look (about 90% covered). Always brings memories about the first comet I saw with my dad when I was a little girl — him waking me up in the middle of the night to show it to me.

  424. Isn’t it interesting. If you take light off a subject, even reflected light, like this fantastic eclipse,

    …moon without reflected sunlight…

    take the light off and the subject appears so much smaller. It isn’t of course, the moon hasn’t shrunk by a tenth in the last hour…it just looks like it has because it has lost its aura, the reflected glow around it.

    Go check now, it looks so small… and then in 90 minutes…the moon will have GROWN!

    Any analogy to the current gossip story, to the attempt to diminish our girl, to the attempts to enlarge the Obama image??

    Just musing, on the moon.

  425. 1950sdemocrat,
    No apologies needed and I don’t find you unreasonable. 😀
    Personally, I despise that bytch. I’m just trying to understand how this mess happened and how deliberately and intentionally slanted toward BO even those decisions were. For example, why Nevada and South Carolina instead of the other 12 states that applied for an early primary? Is it because 1 was a caucus state and the other 50%AA and that naturally would give BO the advantage?

    On another topic, I can’t believe that even McCain is being vetted now and BO still doesn’t have a scratch on him.

  426. SpaceGirlArt: There was a report this summer by someone, it was a reporter or online columnist I believe, who told the story of being approached by someone from the Obama camp asking if there were any new Bill Clinton sex scandals.

    I’m sure it was discussed on here…it was one the internet for awhile…I will look for the link..

  427. ADMIN,
    Any help you can lend with this conference call?

    How’s this for language? It’s the front page of AOL:

    They’re Rivals
    To Be First Lady

    Mrs. Obama vs. Mrs. McCain
    What’s Your Opinion of Them?

    Umm forgetting something? Really ticks me off….

  428. Link to NY Times article:

    This is deja vu all over again. Who leaked this? I have to ask:

    1. Who has used these tactics before?
    2. Who does this help?
    3. Who are these “disillusioned staffers?”
    4. Why now?

    Who has used these tactics before? In both his senate primary and in the general, Obama’s opponents were “taken out” by minor sex scandals originating from sealed divorce files. Campaign insiders openly discussed that the documents and press tips originated from BO’s campaign, although a third campaign got blamed at the time. Criticizing the “same old politics” while implementing same himself. It’s the “ol’ okey-dokey”* – three-card Monty.

    Whom does this help? Obama, because of electability and delgates. Dan Abrams reported that the BO campaign stated that they “hope to win over the balance of the super delegates they need before March 4.” If McCain looks less appealing, then BO can win the PR war and swing more SD’s “before March 4.”

    Who are these “disillusioned staffers?” In at least the case of the IL senate primary, BO had campaign operatives hired onto opponent Blair Hull’s staff, taking advantage of the campaign’s sincere desire for inclusion and the promise that they “really believed in his campaign” and could reach out to the neighborhoods. A heads-up that these people were well-known Obama supporters fell the out-of-towner campaign managers (Mike Henry?) deaf ears.

    And why now? Despite media bias and spin, in reality, the primary race is still a dead heat. BO needs to fuel the “momentum” now to swing the SD’s. Since the story probably is not that substantial (as the other story was not) it wouldn’t help him as much in the GE, or even after the March 4 Rezko trial gets underway. According to Dan Abrams, The New Republic was going with the story and someone at NYTimes found out and hurriedly ran with what they had held from December.

    * source: Barack Obama and Spike Lee

  429. My post to David Gergan blaming Clinton campaign for her losses….no doubt, it will be deleted like the last one i posted on CNN

    February 20th, 2008 10:29 pm ET
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    I think it disingenuous that the media is now blaming Senator Clinton for not having a good campaign. That she is not a rock star is true, and there are some things of her campaign that I believe could have be done better….but Senator Clinton could have walked on water and fed the world with one loaf and a can of sardines and you people would have accused her of stealing them, rather than performing a miracle. This election, including the latest on Mr. McCain, is the equivalent of swift-boating of American Democracy. It is sinful and completely anti-American.

  430. basil9,
    Sorry, my laptop was running out of battery so I hit ‘send’ without adding, that I appreciate your thoughtfulness on the Brazile puzzle here but cannot match it, so more quotes and links would be wasted on me at the moment.

    Fwiw, it sounds like hypocrisy, oilyness, manipulation. Something never intended to make sense to people who really know the situation, just something to be quoted in shallow news stories.

    The only thing that did sound real, was her remark about maybe getting the process improved by 2012. Sounds like there might be a push for some changes. For the worse, judging by her track record so far….

    At least we’re learning from this season that the true blue-collar Dem base still exists and is ready to come out when offered a legitimate candidate!

  431. SpaceGirlArt..It was Marc Ambinder. Someone from the Obama camp asked him in the summer if reporters were going to look into Bill Clinton’s post presidential sex life.

  432. I am getting nervous that the moon isn’t back yet…….Emjay, is it my dirty dorm window or is it my eyes? Is it supposed to be gone right now in the shadow?

  433. I think so – the guy that wouldn’t take a call with a “informed” tip about well-known Obama supporters. And Blair was a very good guy – hard working, honest and brilliant. Dot-com gazillionaire. Political novice – thought he was running the best campaign the money could buy. He was 25 points ahead in the polls when innuendo about what “might be in his divorce file” was leaked to the press.

  434. It looks like that McCain will rally the base around him with the smear article from the New York Times. Republicans HATE The New York Times, and they are sympathetic to those who have been slandered/libeled by the New York Times. You only need to go to Hot to check out their reaction…

  435. You mean besides McCain begging them not to and threatening them with libel suits? I can’t figure that part out.

  436. Eclipse is really cool, Hawk. Go out of your room and look east/southeasts. You know, toward Illinois 🙂

  437. Yes, and NPR reported this morning that McCain had a lot riding on the outcome of New Hampshire. He had borrowed heavily, with the terms of the loan stating that he would re-apply for public financing (he had previously been certified, but then opted out) and pledge the certificates as collateral for the loan if he did not win New Hampshire.

  438. I’m probably going to hate myself for saying this, but sometimes I wish that the Clinton’s were 1/10th as dirty campaigners as the media SAYS they are. If they were, Rezko would be a household name.

    I’m just sayin’.

  439. Insipid – I’m just sayin’ that I agree. I am very proud of the campaign that HRC has run.
    Hawk, glad the moon found YOU.

  440. Just days after NBC apologized for the use of the word “****” on Today, Republican consultant Roger Stone, who recently established the anti-Hillary Clinton group Citizens United Not Timid — which emphasizes its acronym on its website and on T-shirts by bolding the first letter in each word of its name and purports to “educate the American public about what Hillary Clinton really is”

  441. BO is a very sneaky campaigner. Says one thing, does something completely different. Both HRC and I think McCain: what you see is pretty much what you get.

    Those IL senate votes are interesting – what, the sex offender bill wasn’t stringent enough, so he was the only one that voted “no?” Or, did he simply push the wrong button?

  442. NBC is collapsing in all ways possible, I used to love Keith Olbermann, not anymore. I am disgusted by that network. I hope their ratings continue to plummet.

  443. A few thoughts on this McCain story in NY Times:

    a) This will have very little effect on the McCain campaign. This will be a one or a two day story especially now McCain has pushed back strongly
    against the good old liberal NY Times. Also, because it alleges things from nine-years ago which “both” parties have denied.

    b) Actually this story, more accurately, this kind of story about a “conservative front-runner” appearing in a liberal newapaper, holds more danger for
    Obama! Now follow me here. First, this opens the mainstream media to charges of bias by the right wing. In turn, the mainstream media, in order to
    appear impartial, will be more susceptible to publishing other “nine-year old” stories. Obama supporters like Keith Obermann would be well advised
    to react to this story with restraint. It also gives a free pass to rightwing media outlets to publish similar stories about the current “liberal

  444. Hawk

    Bless your heart…it’s supposed to last over an hour…doesn’t it look small…the moon, I mean?

    You will love this…a Hill staffer I met last fall called to respond to my cell call to …about the moon, was going to tell about our money bombs, the eclipse etc, but s/he is too busy…is now in San Antonio, is not dilussional, this kid, and says they are kicking butt in SA.

    Hi CW…wanted to tell you abt our $$ bombs and our telephone bank work here in Iowa, even tho you and the campaign are gone…we are here still standing for Hillary and working.

    Say Hi!! to Hill4Texas…we who love you here know that someone there thinks you are cool too!

  445. The eclipse was awesome. I decided to step away from the computer to enjoy it and then hit up the mall unfortunately my phone has internet so I can’t keep myself away! Maybe I’ll switch phones for a few days I need a detox, lol.

  446. the mccain story is a non-story. mark halperin already has this posted on his site:

    who ever put this out there is gonna be bummed bc it doesnt look like this thing has ANY legs at all.

    IF it was bho campaign, then i’m curious if the polygraph next week taken by sinclair will get picked up anywhere. i wonder if rove finds out bho had anything to do with the mccain story, if he’ll get his machine behind sinclair…

  447. I am gonna run for President of the University Democrats. I have thought about it and now the time is perfectly ripe for me to do so. I am apprehensive about having to “campaign” for b.o., which I will delegate to my VP. I will focus on the Iowa Senate race. Just imagine, a gay Latino in charge of the largest student org on campus during an election year on a massively white, straight campus. I think it is funny. My opponent is easily defeatable.

  448. TPS: from your pen to God’s (you know, Obama’s dad) ear.
    But, I’m having trouble following the logic, though, sorry.
    And it’s hard for me to imagine any of them exercising restraint – the fellas on MSNBC (Abrams, Howard Feinman) were all salivating over the story earlier this evening.
    And, I don’t think that anything would convince Big M to be balanced, even handed or anything else resembling fairness if it comes to anyone perceived to be blocking “The One’s” path to the White House.

  449. diva,
    Am I missing something (not like, out of the question:)

    Did you expect something to happen to McCain? It’s as locked up as can be on that side, no? I mean, I know delegates aren’t legally bound and all that, but you know what I mean…..
    What were you looking for?

  450. fyi… just in case anyone was worried…

    “A missile launched from a Navy ship successfully struck a dying U.S. spy satellite passing 130 miles over the Pacific on Wednesday, a defense official said. Full details were not immediately available. It happened just after 10:30 p.m. EST.

    Two officials said the missile was launched successfully. One official, who is close to the process, said it hit the target. He said details on the results were not immediately known.”

  451. I’m sorry but I do feel sorry for the McCains. I realize all is fair in the game of politics, but I have always found that attacking people on personal matters such as this is very distasteful and honestly none of my business.

    I know this talks to his character, but it still bothers me.

  452. Informed in Illinois: They won’t be fair in covering Hillary vs Obama. Because both are left-of-center candidates. There is really no one there to accuse them of bias on behalf of Hillary (except us). The BM is afraid of right wing accusing them of bias. The right wing has them cowed down through years of accusing them of bias. That is why one finds in all these media panels there is an over-representation of right wing pundits. They are there supposedly to balance the liberal journalists. The BM also likes McCain. Now that NY Times has run a story about a potential extramarital indiscretion by McCain, it opens up the field for writing about the indiscretions of other candidates. This is potentially dangerous for Obama also because, as I said, the right wing media doesn’t have to exercise any discretion any more. They can simply point to NY Times’ McCain story.

    Bottom line: once a story likes this appears about a front-runner from one party then it opens it up.

  453. bluedem: just cant figure out why nyt sat on the story until today… who leaked it? why?
    was is bho? was he waiting for hrc to lose yesterday and then knock on jm in order to build up his own “momentum” before tx/oh?

    its all strange timing. many posters here feel this has bho’s fingerprints all over it, so i just have a lot of questions abt motive and timing. or as someone said maybe mccain knew “they” had this on him and he wanted to get it out here now, so that by the ge, its old news and (like you said) he’s got it tied up now.

    who knows?

  454. It didn’t seem to hurt the big dog in the long run with Dems, even though probably very few of us liked that side of him.

    What this really means is that it is WAY past time to truly promote our women leaders – the men have really pissed away so much goodwill with their scandals – sex, greed, being above the law, and the rest. They’ve had over two hundred years to earn our trust and – mostly – failed. Let’s give 4 years to HRC!

  455. @jan: i feel bad for the mccains bc they are the only candidates that have a son serving in this awful war. his son came home on the 15th and there was no mention of it in the msm! regardless of anything, i really respect the fact that he never mentions this on his campaign.

  456. divabunny, actually, i don’t think BO had anything to do with this. This is a story NY Times was set to run in December before the NH primary when ti would have really hurt McCain. McCain called Bill Keller (NY Times Editor) and convinced him to hold back. If anything NY Times did a huge favor to McCain. This story has been well known among the media insiders. Finally, The New Republic was willing to break this and NY Times didn’t want to get scooped chiefly to pacify its own correspondents who were upset. In right wing blogs, there is a lot of questioning how come media is willing to run stories like this about McCain but not about Obama. This will not help Obama who has more to lose because he is less known.

  457. I also said the part before it 🙂

    it makes sense, McCain squealing on himself. The NYT held it – or only had part ofit and was awaiting McCain’s go-ahead and further info.

    Who knows? They’re all no fucking good.
    That NYT newsroom sure gets political.
    Not the first time they’ve held back news recently, and they’ve done it on stories a helluva lot bigger than this. Assholes.

  458. @divabunny:

    Except for his stance on Iraq, I have always respected McCain for his war record and his son’s.

    I have always thought an election between him and Hillary would be amazing!

  459. @tps: this was posted earlier regarding bho… i knew it was a story they were holding, but where did it come from?


    Informed in Illinois Says:

    February 20th, 2008 at 10:33 pm
    Link to NY Times article:

    This is deja vu all over again. Who leaked this? I have to ask:

    1. Who has used these tactics before?
    2. Who does this help?
    3. Who are these “disillusioned staffers?”
    4. Why now?

    Who has used these tactics before? In both his senate primary and in the general, Obama’s opponents were “taken out” by minor sex scandals originating from sealed divorce files. Campaign insiders openly discussed that the documents and press tips originated from BO’s campaign, although a third campaign got blamed at the time. Criticizing the “same old politics” while implementing same himself. It’s the “ol’ okey-dokey”* – three-card Monty.

    Whom does this help? Obama, because of electability and delgates. Dan Abrams reported that the BO campaign stated that they “hope to win over the balance of the super delegates they need before March 4.” If McCain looks less appealing, then BO can win the PR war and swing more SD’s “before March 4.”

    Who are these “disillusioned staffers?” In at least the case of the IL senate primary, BO had campaign operatives hired onto opponent Blair Hull’s staff, taking advantage of the campaign’s sincere desire for inclusion and the promise that they “really believed in his campaign” and could reach out to the neighborhoods. A heads-up that these people were well-known Obama supporters fell the out-of-towner campaign managers (Mike Henry?) deaf ears.

    And why now? Despite media bias and spin, in reality, the primary race is still a dead heat. BO needs to fuel the “momentum” now to swing the SD’s. Since the story probably is not that substantial (as the other story was not) it wouldn’t help him as much in the GE, or even after the March 4 Rezko trial gets underway. According to Dan Abrams, The New Republic was going with the story and someone at NYTimes found out and hurriedly ran with what they had held from December.

    * source: Barack Obama and Spike Lee

  460. TPS – thanks for spelling it out for me – really. I am continually perplexed by the day-to-day dynamics of BM. Although, I’ve long thought that no matter the particular bias of the talking heads, BM of the last ten years ultimately is owned by right-leaning corporate interests and will not disappoint. I do hope you’re right…

  461. Divabunny, parts of this tory had been reported in 2000 when McCain ran against Bush and the insiders knew about it but didn’t make a big deal because (a) they like McCain and (b) McCain lost to Bush. They never run stories like this about losing candidates.

  462. Hawk

    I will support you, 3/4 of the way across the state. Former ISU academic-turned-administrator willing to send written recommendation/endorsement and pizza-sized $$ donation to your campaign.

    Call out, Cyclone-clone.

  463. Lol, thanks Emjay I appreciate it. It will be me, vs. an Edwards supporter vs. an Obama supporter, kinda like the early primaries.

  464. That “Bamboozled” video Taylor Marsh has is exactly what’s needed
    (and been missing).

    Covers all the bases, cleanly. Should be sent to each and every media type on the planet. Over & over. And over & over again.


    If you haven’t seen it, go watch it now Hillfans.
    (cause I know you were waiting for my thumbs-up!). Seriously, get your ass over there and share it.

  465. divabunny are u JOKING? lol. The Obama campaign is on a structured path to slowly quell Rezko news before any major news even hits lol. They are very scared.

  466. Informed in Illinois, The New Republic is a lefty journal, I think they were trying to hurt McCaon and help Obama. Unfortunately for them, it is going to end up hurting Obama more. Just watch the right wing go after him now.

  467. tps: sinclair? or s/thing more credible? i read abt the polygraph next tuesday, but regardless of the results, i’m certain the msm wont touch it… not even fox.

  468. April, I am leaning toward running for prez, VP might be better though because I won’t have to publicly be all “excited” for b.o. But, whatever is easier, I am a sophomore, so I could run for pres the next year. We will see.

  469. As I understand it, The New Republic is a Neo-Liberal journal. Peter Beinart (sp) of the TNR is hawkish and was on record as being for Iraq invasion. He has since renounced the Iraq War.

  470. Sinclair, imo, will get very very interesting. If this guy is telling the truth–which I personally think he is…what liar would willingly go take a polygraph test?–then Obama is in for some new questions about not just his candidacy, but him as a person.

  471. You guys should drop this Sinclair business. It’s not going anywhere. It’s too salacious and not very credible.

    Nothing will stick unless Hillary can win in the big states. All the other things are just online gossip that will go nowhere.

    The plagiarism thing died in a day after BO’s win in HI and WI. The best revenge is winning.

  472. Blue: Which video? (I posted the link to BO’s “hoodwinked” speech yesterday) but I can’t find film (on the web anyway) of the Spike Lee equivalent. Would you please post the link to the one you want forwarded everywhere?

  473. divabunny, all I am saying is that this McCain story in NY Times opens things up in the press to other salacious stories what ever they maybe.

  474. I just didn’t buy that Sinclair thing; can’t even tell you why
    (though certainly the “distinguishing characteristics” line
    has been used a few times in recent memory and is an easy charge to make). Thing is, with Obama-mania, no one would fucking care!

    Their campaign’s created an Above-It-All Bullet-Proof image (180 degress, we know) and the media’s carrying it out to a “T”
    – until they’re ready.
    I seriously doubt – absent a true bombshell – that even Rezko will register a hit, much less a knockout.

    Hill’s gotta do it, face-to-face – starting tomorrow
    Not to be a bummer; but that’s how I see it.

  475. Hope I didn’t get confused.

    This one’s entitled : “Barack Obama: There Will Be Bamboozling”


  476. @bluedem: i’m with you… until the media decides to turn on him… he will continue to be their “darling”… sux. i really think that the negs have to come from a 527… every time she goes after him, somehow it gets turned on her… “dirty politics”, but he can say whatever he wants and for some reason, its okay. i cant figure it out!

    @tps: funny you say that… bc it has already been knocked off the headline on huffpo… it was only up for an hour, its already been downgraded!

  477. Hey Hawk,

    I’m going to have a meeting of our HILLARY delegates in the next few weeks, to prepare us all for the county convention. Want to see grassroots politics at its purist?

    Come be our guest Democratic Party campaign x-pert, observer, Hillary staffer/whatever…good for us (you would lower age average by dozens of years, by yourself) and good for your political resume…might even be able to get you a couple of other gigs in the same time period, other precincts, same county, or even another county or two.

  478. divabunny, those are called the “Clinton rules.” Dumbington Post may not be all that dumb. These media insiders know a lot about what is coming down the pipeline, who is investigating what, and what is being held back for the time being. It is all very clubby and they never tell us, of course.

  479. There have been many Americans questioning what Barack Obama means by “change”. If Obama would be more specific with his “change” platform, then maybe there wouldn’t be so many people wondering exactly he means by it. People will argue until they are blue in the face, supporting the change he is promising, without really knowing what this change is. Please read the articles provided by the links, and then comment on what you think the actual changes are going to be. Be specific in order to avoid confusion in this issue.

    The video below explains what people think this change is gonna be. I’ve watched it and it didn’t do much for me. It sounds like the same thing all the Democrats have been saying. Also, I’ve added some links to sites in order to provide more information regarding this question of “change”.

    What does Barack Obama’s “change” mean?
    YouTube – What does Barack Obama’s mean?

    Obama needs to add some substance to change message
    Larry Spohn: Obama needs to add some substance to change message : Columnists : Albuquerque Tribune

    Incorrect Change

    Does Obama Really Want ‘Change’?
    Does Obama Really Want ‘Change’? – To the Contrary (

  480. RUSH: Here is Michelle Obama. This is yesterday in Madison, Wisconsin, at a Barack Obama campaign event, a portion of her remarks.

    MRS. OBAMA: What we’ve learned over this year is that hope is making a comeback. It is making a comeback, and let me tell you something, for the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country, and not just because Barack has done well, but because I think people are hungry for change. And I have been desperate to see our country moving in that direction and just not feeling so alone in my frustration and disappointment. I’ve seen people who are hungry to be unified around some basic, common issues, and it’s made me proud.

    RUSH: Now, this, folks, is unhinged. I mean, I have had heard some female commentators today, “I totally understand what she’s talking about. She’s black; she’s African-American.” Let’s see, “for the first time in my adult lifetime I’m really proud of my country.” She and her husband are in the upper 1% of wage earners in this country. Where did she go to school? She went to, I think, Harvard, Yale or whatever. They went to private schools. They are millionaires. They live in the suburbs. I don’t think he marched at Selma. I don’t think he got beat upside the head. I don’t think Bull Connor turned the fire hose on him. I don’t think dogs were unleashed on Barack Obama. She, Mrs. Obama did not experience any of the 1950 segregation. To say something like that and to get a complete pass; people acting as though this is something unique and revelatory, that this is some special couple. Did she not feel proud about the Berlin Wall coming down? Has she not felt proud about the way we came together after 9/11? It is unbelievable to me that — and this goes to the root, I think, of some of the things we discuss here frequently, and that is people taking this country for granted, not having any understanding what it took to get this country where it is.

    Here are two relatively young people, who grew up after a road had been paved for them. They have nothing in the world to be miserable about. He is running for the presidency of the United States. He ran for the Senate and made it. They have nothing in the world to be miserable or unhappy about or embarrassed about when it comes to this country. It is just outrageous for this kind of thing to be stated. The sad thing is it’s going to resonate with a lot of people because over the years many Americans have been told from grade school on up how unfair, how unjust, how racist, how sexist, how bigoted this country is. Look at Oprah Winfrey. Does Oprah not make her proud? Oprah’s success, the movies, the TV show, how can that not make her proud? Oprah is a black woman as is Michelle Obama. By the way, there’s something else I had in the stack yesterday, didn’t have a chance to get to it so I saved it for today, and it has to do with the fact that she said, “Only Barack Obama can fix America’s soul. Only Barack Obama can fix America’s broken soul.”

    Now, Michelle Malkin had a great reaction to this. Can you imagine if Huckabee or if Mitt Romney or if McCain, or any Republican presidential candidate came out and said, “America’s soul is broken, and only Huckabee can fix it, or only McCain can”? There would be an outcry from the separation of church and state crowd. And of course the soul, whether you people want to admit this or not, is a religious concept in many ways and in most ways. So now we’re getting religion mixed into all of this from Barack Obama, and his wife says this is the first time in her life she has been proud of this country. Doesn’t it just grate on you that liberals in general are not proud of their country, period? Doesn’t it grate on you that they’re embarrassed; that they hate the country; that they dislike it, and now she comes out with this kind of comment and all these people sitting around and hoping for whatever, are swooning and fainting?

  481. When this whole thing is over — good or bad for our side — I’m going to need a very long break from politics.

  482. Diva…been over at blogs reading….this is the reality out there…even for “regular” hillary supporters, the electorate does not like negativity at all, It backfires on her. I cut and pasted about thirty comments from suppporters, undecideds and StinkPots (bots) and i wanted to send them to HC Camp as a pretty general “OVERVIEW” of the base line, non-rabid electorate. manybe someone there can look at them and “tweak”

    there are some that I do not agree with, but have merit, there are a lot of folks who are die-hards like us, but also like us they want her to win.

    Hawk, can you get something to the campaign that doesnt have to go through the website

  483. kingsgrove@3:53: thanks for that posting. Gives us a good feel for how things are going in Texas which is to say far better than big media would have you believe. I am particularly impressed with Hillary’s Texas Director Ace Smith who was a key player in her California victory. I read something about him before and recall that his nickname is The Stopper. He makes short work of those polls. Sounds like he has got a great ground game in play. Best news all day!

  484. Mayor, love him, of Los Angeles on Charlie Rose

    Right now being spectacular for our girl for ONE HOUR in Charlie’s face.

  485. That Weekly Standard line about Richardson as a veep choice might explain a lot about his equivocation on the question posed the other day (yesterday) of wouldn’t he have to back Hillary as SD since New Mexico went to Hill. Richardson “She only won by 1%”


  486. @john: now why in the hell did you have to go and do that? you have me agreeing with RUSH??? that is the impact of obamamania on me??? i caught myself saying the same thing abt them before i even read that… both harvard grads, living in a mansion, two healthy children with a world of opportunities… and she says THIS???

    p/s do anyone else think it odd that he thesis, “Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community,” has been restricted at princeton until NOVEMBER 5TH?

    hrc’s thesis was restricted ffrom 1993 (AFTER bill was president) through 2001 (when they left the white house), but is now freely accessibleat wellesly. what would they try to hide… bho isnt president, but from reading a few of the excerpts, it seems pretty obvious… from looking at the timeframe, it would appear that its something that would be a bit damning.

  487. divabunny
    because at least with ourselves we have to be honest. and he is right despite the fact that I hate him. Somehow right wing these days – have more integrity than our beloved democratic party. isn’t it odd?

  488. @emjay: i love that guy! i wish i wouldve caught the whole hour… he is so well spoken and handles himself so well. he doesnt come off as a “washington type” and that really helps us! i wish he was on more of the “news” shows for us bc he really has her back!

  489. mj…just came in from the now clear night sky (the eclipse-period rain being over, go figure) and I was thinking about this. BO is suck a dick head that he could well telegraph, if not downright announce, that he was looking at Richardson as a veep running mate WHILE HE IS IN TEXAS…that would answer the latino ‘problem’ as well as the “NOT ready on day one – experience” questions…as Richardson is a well-respected and highly qualified individual to take over the reigns of power if something were to happen to him (like jail?!!! 😉 ) . IF he did that tomorrwo, before the debate, which is unlikely, Hil would be bamboozled and the campaign would be all oakie dokey. A horrible scenario, but I wouldn’t put it past him.

  490. @john: its crazy… it really is… i used to think that it was just the right wing media that slanted things for their own propaganda-ish agenda, but if i have learned one thing from this primary season, its that i need to open myself up from now on and get my news from all sources bc they ALL have an agenda!

  491. @JohnFlint “Somehow right wing these days – have more integrity than our beloved democratic party. isn’t it odd?”

    the RW would argue that we have just never seen it, and thay have all along..

    this IS the Looking Glass of elections.

    I guess I shall go to bed. I have to turn this stuff off. It breaks my heart that this nation is chucking the best Presidential candidate we have had in 50 years.

    Even a RW radio guy today said he was at the Houston rally for that guy last night and he said it was like a revival church service…with great “light” and THIS WAS A RIGHT WING GUY on Glenn Beck radio show! I almost wrecked the car.

  492. A quick check on the web shows that Richardson has been talked about before as Obama VP but Webb comes up a lot as well as John Edwards. Biden gets a mention or two as well as Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana. Lots of mentions of Wesley Clark but I really doubt he will drink the Kool Aid for Obama.

  493. mj…that article in the weekly standard post of earlier….”The choice in November will be between Barack Obama and John McCain, with, to take the speculation to its furthest conclusion, Bill Richardson and Mike Huckabee as their respective running mates. This
    thinking might come from being too close to the event of the day, but if that is indeed America’s choice this year, then what’s not to like about it?

    James W. Ceaser is professor of politics at the University of Virginia and coauthor, most recently, of Red over Blue: The 2004 Elections and American Politics.”

    JohnFlint @12:15ish

  494. MJ….They started playing Melanie Song “I have a brand new pair of rollerskates, yo uhave a brand new key” to make themselves feel better because Barack Obama is going to give away America. It takes Glenn beck SO FUCKING LONG to stay on point, I do not know what the conclusion was, as I had arrived at my destination before he ever got around to a conclusion…but I have to tell you, I was stunned.

  495. The Bamboozled video posted at Taylor Marsh is hilarious

    Yesterday, we were discussing the JustHillary website, wondering whether it is anti Hillary, so find out I sent them a positive story on her, and they did not post it. Suspicions confirmed,

  496. mj…what better way for that guy to BRING CHANGE TO WASHINGTON in one fell swoop….(thinking it is original, forgetting BC’s cabinet, and to an extent, GWB’swomen/people of color) but THIS would be a clear ILLUSTRATION (read, illusion) of “REAL CHANGE” and he could get mileage out of it for AGES and never have to do another thing for a year.

    Black and Hispanic heads of State.

    If he gets this thing, I liked the idea of a blig post I read…HC goes and kicks Nancy Pelosi out an her butt as Senate Majority LEader, rally’s the troops for another four years…PUSHES LEGISLATION and takes him out in 2012.

  497. wbboei,
    Not true. I’ve had some back & forth with the proprietor, and he’s been straight up.
    Just look at the stories, he’s got everything; good, bad, indifferent.

    He could be sleeping…..

  498. The Weekly Standard is the right wing version of Pravda. It will make you miserable if you read it. The author is that neocon asshole Kristol.

  499. wbboei…i am COMPLETELY aware of that, but they are SO evil, and Kristol seems to often have called the shots in the current WH. The Obama campaign seems SO Rovian (although Chicago Politics may be just as bad only more ‘violent’…Vince Foster and Chandra Levey notwithstanding)

    I KNOW he just liked to stir shit up. I cannot stand the guy, but his suggestion makes the best conspiracy theorist come out in me – maybe cuz of the Project for the New American Century

  500. So we know what the media’s been doing on the Dem side.
    But it looks like the rethug nominee shouldn’t be there either. Nice.

    “Regardless of the paper’s motives, conservative pundits were left fuming, noting that the Time’s had, at once, sparred McCain at the point of his greatest vulnerability (when his campaign was still a long shot) and denied his primary opponents perhaps the knock-out blow. Would the GOP have a different candidate on its hands had things been handled differently?
    “Oh, there’s no question it would have impacted [the race],” Bay Buchanan, a committed supporter of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, told CNN. “I think John McCain would not have won this primary if there’s any evidence whatsoever that surfaces that these stories are true… McCain’s lawyers went into the New York Times and said do not touch this story. Do not move on this story. And there’s no question this was beneficial to McCain to hold the story. No question. His nomination was very much threatened by this story if it broke too early. So what they did was hurt the Republican Party by not allowing this to be aired properly at the time they received this information.”

  501. Blue…i though the same…

    Actually what I thought was “Who the fuck IS running the country?!?!” It certainly isn’t the people.

  502. rarely has been Spacegirl.

    Tell you what I was just thinking.
    I’ve sworn for two years it would be Hill-Romney

    And – remove the media – and it would’ve been!

  503. OMG..bedtime folks. Calling for Hillary when I get home tomorrow, and I’ll pop some cash too!

    Spoke to the Democratic Caucus guy from Tampa tonight. I am going to go as a volunteer, even tho it is not my district. But he is going to get me hooked in here in mine (St. Pete, Bill Nelson, Senator)

    Four volunteers for Hillary…four for Obama. He said it was so both could be fairly represented…then he said so we can watch (keep an eye on) them! LOL March 1. Should be interesting.

  504. Blue, I know the people havent been in charge since they stepped off the Mayflower….and I agree with you re candidates. I said that much earlier too. Think is…it may still well be!

    Let’s pray. They can have the hope.


  505. Look from a different angle. I guess I’ve been hearing too many Obama quotes, but ….

    What does it profit a candidate to win the nomination, then lose in November?

    Winning the nomination but being unable to win in Nov isn’t very healthy for a candidate these days (except maybe Gore, who didn’t really lose). Better NOT get the nomination, unyill you’re sure you can follow through.

    Maybe that’s one reason for Hillary’s big state strategy, and writing off Obama’s little red states.
    She’s laying a foundation for November — and without that foundation, the nomination could be a liability.

  506. @blue dem: here’s an article abt the conference call in the morning!

    g’nite spacegirl!

  507. Oh, Rush Limbaugh won’t be happy tomorrow.
    I have to share something few here might appreciate. I listen to Rush (and Tom Hartman, Randi Rhodes, Hannity, NPR, you name it) every day.
    Part of my oppo research, partly because nearly all Dem/Progressive on-air talent sucks big giant elephant dick.

    And as much as I detest Limbaugh and what he’s done, the guy today cracked me up – at the same time showing why he and the rethugs have been so effective at conning the public.
    A guy calls up hopping mad, screaming that “Rush how could you say this”, “Rush you said that”, and finally Limbaugh just breaks in with a big baritone voice, “I, am a great man!”
    and he stops the caller in his tracks.

    For the record, Limbaugh’s already heavy into “Obama has zero substance in his pseeches” combined with usual scares about $850B tax hikes, most liberal senator, etc.
    In short, he’s not sure how to attack either.
    he did jump all over Mrs Obama though.

  508. Divabunny@3:24: what alternative means might there be to get that speech out? The local televsion? newspapers? press release?

  509. thanks Diva,
    That’s the only thing I was able to find too.
    really appreciate the effort.

    really need to get on that thing.


  510. wbboei could speak to that better than i (as well as most other things!) but it is a strategy with a PLAN

    but like the game RISK…if you can surround one opponent with little armies…then kill the general on the opposing side…youre a winner….

    It may not be the GOP behind Barry at all…but some other group?

    (I could insert a thought here, but then I would sound like a RW radio host!)

  511. BlueDem..Romney didnt drop out…he suspended and endorsed..but he could clal that back now…”in light of these new revelations”

  512. I think someone needs to find out where the Obama money is coming from right now. Those are the people who are tying to buy the presidency. How much is coming from MoveOn. Org? Do we know?

  513. @wbb: when ive been posting at huffpo and other places i’ve been putting the link in my comments… hoping ppl will watch and forward. also i’ve sent to other blogs and asked them to post…ive emailed it to my contact list and asked them to forward… and i also googled texas and ohio political blogs and have emailed it to them and have posted in their comments section and put the link in my comment.

    ive been doing that with a buncha stuff…just trying to get the word out.

  514. @wbb: and votehope are 527s for him, so as far as i understand it, that money isnt tied to his campaign.

    if you wanna do some research on where his and other candidates $$$ is coming from…. here ya go. its all here! look on the left side of the computer bc you can find out all kinds of stuff abt their funds…. enjoy!

  515. That’s right Spacegirl, I remember them saying that was an inportant distinction.

    But can he re-announce?

    That’d be wild! Fuckit, I’d like to see all hell break loose on both sides.
    Survival ofthe fittest.

    Then we win 🙂 🙂 🙂

  516. diva….wbboei…if we look at this…

    and it’s not the GOP
    and it’s not the PEOPLE

    then we have to look at other sources…
    and this is gonna sound redneck as hell…but the American People are SO AFRAID of offending anyone….look at the church…and remember the places in Houston and other cities that were closed down as ‘relief” fronts….

    there are MILLIONS availabe through a series of networks of untraceable funds…small donors that are re-supplied and re-supplied with cash from other sources.

  517. SpaceGirl: if George Soros is behind Barack (and he may well be through MoveOn, then that is reason enough for the RW to go after him.

  518. that is true…but here is a thought too. It’s EASY to assume Soros…he is a natural suspect.

    but how about this…. and extrapolate in your own head….

    @wbboei..”Those are the people who are tying to buy the presidency.”

    go back to the discredited email.

    just another conspiracy theory, but they say, follow the money.

    maybe it really IS just a bunch of enthusiastic Americans….maybe not.

    nite…for real this time! LOL

  519. The RW ISN’T going after him hammer and tong…they don’t know where to swing. There was a good and convincing article this morning I found on blog link for it being Rove, with unrest during the campaign…and a reason for GW to use an executive order….here: LONG but worth the read….add h= t=t = p / /

    this has SOME merit, and as long as 18 months ago, i was convinced GW was not going to allow an election. They had worked too hard to string this govt up the way they wanted it. But now….remember there are OTHER SOURCES THAT WOULD HAVE AN OINTEREST HERE.


    NITE, DAMMIT! lol


  520. Tomorrow, Hillary should hit Barack on his backtrack of his idea of the executive. In on debate, he said “I’m not an operating officer, and it’s not my job to run the bureacracy. My job is to set the vision for where the bureacracy is supposed to go.” Whatever that mean. I mean, I can’t believe people are falling for these no substance poetic lines. It’s insulting to an intelligent person. Knowing that he sounded so ridiculous and none of the MSM caught on to what he said, he backtracked at the last debate saying that he should run the bureacracy.

  521. re
    Hillary is the junior senator from new york born in illinois. obama is the junior senator from illanois born in a manager.
    Does that make orca, rezko and kennedy the magpies?