The Wisconsin Heat

[Don’t forget what you can do to help in Texas – read below for details]
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No hotter state in the Union right now than Wisconsin. Well, maybe Hawaii. We are speaking politically of course.

Warm up in Wisconsin by helping Hillary:

On February 19, the Wisconsin primary will help decide who will become the next president. We know that Hillary has the strength and experience to lead on day one, and we need to reach out to as many voters as we can in Wisconsin and tell them about her vision for the country.

We will need your help to be successful. Our Wisconsin organization is driven by volunteers like you, talking to people, one-on-one. You can get involved by using this website to find an event near you, make calls from right where you are, or take a leadership role in the campaign.

Forget polls, even the latest positive ones. It’s time to turn up the heat. (pictures courtesy TPS in Wisconsin).

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s latest Wisconsin campaign schedule doesn’t sound like the battle plan of a candidate who is conceding the state, as some have suggested.

Unofficially, her schedule after Saturday’s party dinner (mostly town hall-style events, we’re told) looks like this, according to one source:

Sunday: Milwaukee, Green Bay, Madison.

Monday: Eau Claire, Wausau, Oshkosh, Milwaukee.

Tuesday morning: Racine.


Information from Kaffeen: Texas is a split primary/caucus. We need people to Get Out Our Vote. We need people to get our supporters to the caucuses. This GOOV requires precinct captains.

Texas’ 254 counties have more than 8,000 precincts — and we need precinct captains in every single one of them.

With our state’s unique primary and caucus system, we need precinct captains to help make sure we get every last delegate we can for Hillary in Texas!

There is no better way to help Hillary win the nomination than to sign up right now to be a precinct captain in your area. Sign up today: BECOME A TEXAS PRECINCT CAPTAIN (HERE).


Don’t forget Hawaii.


Contribute directly to the campaign:



763 thoughts on “The Wisconsin Heat

  1. Why is almost everybody, mainly BM I guess, all up in arms about the convention? Its not supposed to be a rubber stamp is it? It supposed to be a debate at the highest level about the best candidate for the job, otherwise what’s the point in having a convention at all?

  2. 1.4 million calls to wisconsin, ohio, and texas according to i believe wisconsin is within reach. GO HILLARY GO!!!!

  3. I guess my brilliant observations that Axelrod= Irwin Mainway of Mainway toys will never ben seen now. 🙁

    I’m so under appreciated.

  4. Thank TPS for the photos.

    We appreciate photos received for publication but sometimes they cannot be used if they are too dark. Photoshop helps a bit but usually not enough. Indoor events are a problem due to bright lights which mess up the flash sensors. Keep the photos coming.

  5. 8,000 precints in Texas? Holy cripes! But yay for all you hardworking volunteers in all the states. Fight on!

  6. So did TPS ever give us his/her story? I wasn’t in here last night, so I don’t know. I was really looking forward to hearing how things went.

  7. Idunn, we’ll check out the Mainway analogy. To us Axelrod looks like the hamburger eating guy from Popeye cartoons.

  8. hillfans, i know arg has been among the worst pollsters this year BUT as of now hillary 49% to obama’s 43% in wisconsin. refer to american research group website for the internals. i said many times before i am horrible at linking.

  9. Okay, I better bolt and see if I can put together something besides scrambled eggs for dinner.

    Have a nice afternoon, folks!

  10. Idunn, I am reposting the story. I did it in the last thread:

    Report on Hillary’s visit to “The Brat Stop” in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Feb 16, 2008

    I reached “The Brat Stop” around 1:00 pm. I signed-up, got a Hillary sticker and sat down to have lunch. After lunch, I joined the line to enter an atrium where they have bands on week-ends. They let us into the atrium at around 2:45 pm. The crowd was mostly from Kenosha, Wisconsin and there were a lot of families. The crowd was mostly white which is not surprising given we were in Kenosha but I did see some Latinos and AAs. People were eagerly waiting for Hillary and were chanting “Hillary, Hillary.” While talking to people around me I got the sense most people were unhappy with the biased media coverage Hillary was receiving. Everyone was excited and seemed passionate about Hillary and her candidacy. Around 3:30 pm, the Chairman of the Kenosha Democratic Party, Brian Miller, did a little warm-up act and gave a pep talk and asked people to sign-up with the party. The secret service agents were walking around and giving the evil eye to everyone and the advance people were hurrying back and forth. Surprisingly, there was no security check when people entered The Brat Stop. Several people remarked about that.

    Hillary arrived at around 4 pm accompanied by New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine. He entered first and gave a passionate introduction to Hillary. Hillary entered and the crowd went wild. Everyone was screaming “Hillary, Hillary” and trying to take pictures with their cameras and cell phones. It was pandemonium all around. I was fairly close to her with only two or three people in front of me. Still, it was difficult to see her because of all the jostling around. People didn’t mind and were in a good mood overall.

    After several minutes of cheering, hollering, chanting, and clapping the crowd settled down and Hillary gave a passionate stump speech about the economy, health care, energy policy, housing crisis, Iraq and listed her proposed solutions in a very clear and articulate way. She drew clear contrasts with Obama on everyone of these issues and particularly on health care. She also went after the Bush record vigorously. I must admit that I was so taken by the situation and was busy taking pictures that I didn’t hear all of the words. After she spoke for about half-an-hour she stopped to take questions. There were about a dozen questions on various issues. One older gentleman got up and simply said “Give them hell, Hillary” and the crowd went wild.

    The most poignant moment of the afternoon was when a little girl asked Hillary about the housing crisis and the mortgage crisis (with a little help from her mom) and finished her question by saying that they were losing their house. Everyone was shocked to hear that and murmurs of support went through the crowd. Hillary asked the girl and her mom to come to the front and join her and asked them to explain their situation. They had a sub-prime mortgage which reset to a higher interest rate recently and they simply could not afford the higher interest payment and as a result their house was foreclosing. Hillary asked local officials who were there with her to help them and a local official gave his card to the family and asked them to contact him. Hillary explained why her moratorium on foreclosures is essential in this situation and pointed out that Obama opposed her policy and now the Bush administration is proposing exactly the same policy. She finished taking questions and spent a considerable amount of time shaking hands, signing autographs and posing for pictures. There was an old lady with a sign “90 year old grandmother for Hillary” and Hillary went over to her to chat and pose for pictures. There was a lot of energy in the place and everyone was saying that they wanted Hillary to win Wisconsin. Earlier when I signed up, I asked the volunteers how the ground operation was going in Wisconsin. They said that it was going very well and that they had the resources necessary.

    Signing off – TPS on my first reporting assignment for Hillary is 44.

    Kenosha News said that the fire marshals estimated the crowd at around 1,500.

  11. Psymac and admin, thanks!

    I got to shake hands with Hillary and I also got her autograph. She was nice, warm, friendly and I just don’t know how she does that with grace and class in the middle of everything.

  12. from Dick Bennett’s American Research Group

    February 16, 2008 – Wisconsin Primary Preferences

    Democrats Feb 6-7 Feb 15-16

    Clinton 50% 49%
    Obama 41% 43%
    Someone else 1% 1%
    Undecided 8% 7%

    Barack Obama leads Hillary Clinton among men 48% to 42% (47% of likely Democratic primary voters) and Clinton leads Obama among women 55% to 39%. Clinton leads Obama among white voters 52% to 40% (89% of likely Democratic primary voters), Obama leads Clinton among African American voters 85% to 9% (7% of likely Democratic primary voters), and Clinton leads Obama among Latino voters 50% to 44%.

  13. I love it that 1% of Wisconsinites are still holding on to someone else. Keep the dream 1%. Keep the dream.

  14. Great post in Taylor Marsh about Obama’s latest flip flop on public financing.

    Obama was for public financing before he was against it.

  15. Just finished about 45mins of calling in WI- It’s not hard at all so to all you fence sitters, just jump in.

    Here’s how my calls went- made 21 calls
    3 def for Hill, 1 leaning, 1 for Obama, 7 voice mails, 1 left a message, 1 undecided, 7 misc(2 can’t talk-bad time or leaving house, 1 wife was dead:(, 1 said she wasn’t voting-go figure, 1 already voted and didn’t want to say, 1 hung up)

    Keep at it guys- there was 1 lady whose husband answered the phone, she was really nice but she didn’t want to tell me who she would vote for. However, sshe wanted to know where she could get some Hillary buttons. I told her to go to the Hillary site but she said that she didn’t have a computer and that she needed it for her auxillary meeing etc. I told her that I would get the local office # and call her back. I did that and she was so thankful. I have to conclude that she will vote for Hillary but probably didn’t want her husband to know . I can’t imagine why she would want Hillary buttons if she wasn’t a supporter so yay!!

  16. According to CNN, Obama cancelled every event to be held in Wisconsin today, while Hillary will campaign during the afternoon.

  17. Wisconsin

    Presidential Primary Preference:

    Likely Democratic Primary Voters Feb 6-7 Feb 15-16

    Clinton 50% 49%
    Obama 41% 43%
    Someone else 1% 1%
    Undecided 8% 7%

    Preference by party:

    Likely Democratic Primary Voters Democrats (62%) Independents (38%)

    Clinton 58% 35%
    Obama 32% 60%
    Someone else 1% 1%
    Undecided 9% 4%

  18. Thanks a bunch TPS, here in Florida we don’t get any campaign action, so great to hear from someone on the front line.

  19. tiburones you are doing god’s work. Yesterday, when I was in Kenosha for Hillary’s rally, I really came afce-to-face with mice, decent, hard-working folks who are really having a tough time in this economy. I found that trying to lower credit card interest rates, student loan interest rates, moratorium on forecolsures, universal health care are all issues that matter to them immensely. When Hillary talked about these issues I could hear allaround me murmurs of approval, shouts of support, and a real appreciation and gratitude that she is talking about these issues and that she wants to do something about these issues. I am relatively well-off in life and it is hard for someone like me to understand at a visceral level how important it is for them to hear a candidate talking about these issues. Hillary relates to them at a far deeper level than Obama could ever relate to them or relates to his upper income supporters. It was a great lesson for me. I for one am glas that i was there to learn it.

    It is for the people that I met in Kenosha yesterday, their families and their welfare that we have to do everything we can to elect Hillary as our next president.

    I am not exaggerating when I say you are doin g

  20. What does this mean:


    “CNN just reported that Obama had left Wisconsin for Illinois, and he left his press behind when he slipped out of Chicago to meet with Edwards in NC.” BluestBlue | 02.17.2008 – 4:09 pm | #

  21. jubjub, he was supposed to meet Edwards last Monday and had to reschedule because of press attention. I guess, he decided that
    this was as good a day for him to go see him.

  22. Jonyb, is that Dick Bennett related to Bill Bennett?

    ARG has not been consistent with polling but WI is worth fighting for. If we win, it would be huge but we’re not favored to do that. HOwever, even if we keep it close, it would still be huge.

    Keep Calling- many people will be home today due to the weather and tomorrow is President’s day so people may also be home in the day. We’ve got to keep calling and making contact. I hope that we can hit 2mil calls by Tuesday.

  23. I spent more hours canvassing today here in San Antonio, and my legs are noodles! Lots of support, almost all for Hillary.

    Funniest lady today: We had knocked and no answer, so were just leaving some literature when she flung open the front door. She was standing there dripping wet with a hastily thrown-on terry robe wrapped around her, laughing. And she says,
    I will get out of my TUB for Hillary!!! 🙂 She wanted a sign and a bumper sticker, so we left her some.

    We stopped in a little restaurant at one point, to ask the owner if he would put a sign in his window (he did.) It must be the spot where some other local business owners eat lunch. They were getting up from their tables and coming over asking us for signs for the windows of their “beauty salon just down the street”, etc.

    We had more cars swinging around and backtracking to us, asking for signs, for bumper stickers, yelling at us how their whole family is for HILLARY!

    I also found out something new about my city today at our morning meeting, where four of our city councilwomen were there and FIRED UP for Hillary and ready to FIGHT to get out every vote possible. It seems that San Antonio is the only major US city whose city council is majority women. I didn’t know that. Good for us! Yes, this city loves strong women.


  24. Thanks TPS, it is just my little way of helping because I really believe that Hillary would be the best president.

    I’m seeing conflicting information. I’m seeing that she will be in WI throught Tuesday but yesterday, it was reported that she would be leaving Mon morning. Does anyone know which is it?


    p.s. TPS thanks for your pics and report. You were really, really close.

  25. Thanks for your support and work HillaryforTexas. I will start calling TX on Wed.

    IS the campaign doing anything special to combat the Bambi thugs for caucusing? We all know that they are thuggish when it comes to bamboozling people at caucuses. The campaign has to be prepared for that.

  26. I wish I could be canvassing too! San Antonio sounds like a wonderful city. Thanks for the report and thanks for working hard for Hillary.

    I’ll know Tuesday if I can go to Texas for sure. I’m pumped! I need a good pro-Hillary city to give me a lift.

  27. Wondering if BHO had to reschedule his meeting with Edwards because of press attention last week, why would he be implying or leaking something here to the media? Or it’s just CNN …

  28. TPS, I never bought the “press attention” story RE: Obama’s meeting with Edwards.

    It seems pretty strange to me that he’d cancel his WI events to fly to NC. I wonder if he’s trying to talk Edwards out of endorsing HRC.

  29. From NBC’s Mark Murray
    First Read has learned that Obama and Edwards finally had their meeting this morning in Chapel Hill, NC.

    The Obama campaign confirmed the meeting but would not provide any other details.

    I hope Edwards does the right thing and endorses Hillary before Tuesday.

  30. Why didn’t Obama go to NC to see Edwards earlier this week when he spent the day in Chicago planning strategy? Why pick a day right before a key primary?

  31. Howard Wolfson on Obama’s latest public financing flip flop:

    “He made a promise to the American people that he is not keeping and it is wrong…
    He has a pattern of saying something to secure votes and not following through
    on his promise.”

  32. Well if JE endorses BO we’ll know for sure how he really feels about universal health care, working people and poverty. BO is no friend to the middle class and disenfranchised in this country.

  33. I will stay positive and believe that JE is gonna endorse Hillary because he really does care about working people and ending poverty.

  34. Juxtapose this news about Obama flying to NC with news of Hillary cancelling her Monday afternoon rally in Eau Claire Wisconsin. Why would she clear her schedule?

  35. Dear Doug Wilder,

    Am listening to you for the 2nd time today on c-span. I am so sorry, and I do hope that some who still love you have “spoken the truth to power.”

    You are sounding desperate, like you need to hang on. But to what?

    I have sat at a table w/ you, listening and learning. What are you saying now ?

    I am close to tears…you have nothing left. You sound so sad, and as I said, desperate.

  36. Hillary is perhaps staying in Wisconsin to get Edwards endorsement. We can only hope that Edwards is half the man he presented himself as in 04..I was an Edwards supporter and admired him.

  37. mj

    Obama did not leak it to the press a local ABC affiliate station in Raliegh had Edwards house staked out waiting to see any movement and caught Obama arriving on tape and will b roadcast it at 6:00 EST tonight.

  38. TPS,

    Fabulous pics! HRC looks serene in blue.

    Hillaryfor texas,

    Wonderful stories from on the trail. Especially liked the lady getting outta the tub for HRC. 😀

  39. CSPAN replaying Hills speech from last night. It was exceptional. And she was wearing that beautiful blue.

  40. From MyDD:

    Hillary Clinton Not Conceding Wisconsin
    by Todd Beeton, Sun Feb 17, 2008 at 04:24:57 PM EST

    Saw this headline over at Huffington Post this morning:

    Update: Clinton Decides To Camp Out In Wisconsin

    But I noticed that the article it pointed to was written on Friday, prior to the article Jonathan linked to yesterday reporting on her “scaling back” her Wisconsin schedule. So which is it? The Clinton campaign has confirmed that in fact Hillary Clinton will not be leaving Wisconsin tomorrow morning after all and will be campaigning there all day. The signal being sent is not only that the Clinton campaign thinks they can win in Wisconsin or at the very least out-perform expectations, but that Obama’s leaving the state for events in Ohio on Monday and in Texas on Tuesday doesn’t worry them.

    The Clinton campaign clearly thinks the expectations game going into Tuesday favors them and is a liability for the Obama campaign, a dynamic that played out on Face The Nation this morning in this exchange between Howard Wolfson and David Axelrod:

    Mr. WOLFSON: The Obama strategy here is essentially to debate in states where they’re behind, but not debate in states where they’re ahead.

    Mr. AXELROD: That’s nonsense.

    Mr. WOLFSON: Well, you’re debating in Ohio and Texas…

    Mr. AXELROD: That’s nonsense.

    Mr. WOLFSON: …where you’re behind, but you don’t want to debate in Wisconsin, where you’re ahead. That’s flat–that’s certainly the case.

    Mr. AXELROD: Well, first of all, I don’t know whether we’re ahead or behind in Wisconsin, but I appreciate the encouragement.

    Mr. WOLFSON: Well, polls say that you’re ahead. Polls say that you’re ahead.

    Mr. AXELROD: It’s a very close race in Wisconsin, but the point is, Howard…

    Mr. WOLFSON: Polls say you’re ahead.

    As for the polls, most do show Obama up by 4 or 5 points, within the margin of error. The only exception is the latest ARG poll, which shows Clinton up by 6. Good news for Clinton, right? Maybe not. ARG has often released outlier polls that have favored Clinton. In fact, Survey USA’s pollster report card shows ARG with a mean error of almost 8%. Not to mention that this result represents a net gain for Obama of 3% since a poll taken 9 days before. But still, the fact that Clinton is remaining in Wisconsin all day on Monday rather than heading out of the state as Obama is doing does seem to indicate, as we posited yesterday, that she knows something we don’t know. What exactly that is, however, is anyone’s guess.

  41. mj, Obama also left the press behind in Chicago when he went to meet Edwards. His people didn’t leak the news.

    So did Obama really not do any events today? And if Hillary’s schedule still clear tomorrow or not?

  42. Wasn’t it just reported this week that he and Gore would remain neutral. I’m not ready to read anything into this meeting.

    Can anyone confirm that Hill will be having her rally Mon morning and does she have anything scheduled for Tues morning?

  43. There is a short post on Taylor Marsh’s Hot Topics that includes a petition. It’s about the lack of women’s issues’ discussions in the debates and the ongoing MSM mysoginistic , sexist treatment of only one candidate.

    It’s about 9th or 10th down in the Hot Issues section, “Sign the Women’s Issue Petition.”

    This is the commentary I left at the invitation of the petition designer:

    “If African Americans or Hispanic Americans or Native Americans or Asian Americans or Pacific Islander Americans or Muslims or Eskimos or….well, I think you get the point of this first part.

    If any of those listed above had been addressed, talked about or described in the manner Senator Hillary Clinton has been by many of the fourth estate these last two years, the so-called reporter or commentator, male or female, would have been summarily fired…and THEY know it, and they and their employers know WE know it.

    Pundits, reporters, talking heads, experts…it doesn’t matter the title. They have destroyed their individual reputations and those of their employers. It is costing enrollment numbers in schools of journalism, subscrptions to magazines and newspapers, and TV and Cable network viewership.

    I, for one, am down to PBS, NPR, the CBC and the BBC. And don’t think it will be made up by increased use of the internet. My eyeballs and many others won’t be counted at their .com sites anymore either.

    You have re-ignighted the war of sexual inequality after it had been de-escalted to battles and skirmishes.

    We are talking about it out here. Perhaps you should do the same in a public forum.

  44. Thanks, TPS. But did Obama not have any events today? That’s weird, especially if he met Edwards in the morning. What about the rest of the day?

  45. Please, men and women, read the Taylor Marsh Hot Topic, submitted by Tim.

    Look what impact our collective voices had on Chrissy Matthews and David Shuster…they may be back to their bad bratty boy ways, but a second smackback effort is growing.

    We have the power. Please take a second to use it again.


  46. tiburones Says: IS the campaign doing anything special to combat the Bambi thugs for caucusing? We all know that they are thuggish when it comes to bamboozling people at caucuses. The campaign has to be prepared for that.

    What about having ‘poll-watchers’ standing around with big tv cameras — and smocks and clipboards — to film and take names if anyone tries anything. Even if the cameras were fake, it might keep some bullies in line.

  47. Hillary supports Kosovar independence. I am glad. Anywho, I watched the War Room to inspire myself again lol 🙂

    I cannot wait for HRC to get nominated.

  48. some of Hillary’s events for today were canceled and rescheduled for tomorrow, I heard on CNN she is trying to make it to an event tonight north of Milwaukee.

  49. I was over at and read the 👿 and Edwarads meeting story. Someone in the comments section asked who was Larry Sinclair after several Republican(t)s mentioned him. The best reply made me nearly ruin my laptop:

    “Larry Sinclair will be Obama’s ‘head of state.'” :mrgreen:

  50. She, Kate Mulgrew, is from Iowa, and she is married to a former Ohio politician, right??

    I can’t believe the weather out here. Ugh. I am SOOOOOOO ready for spring. I am not a layers person, I like wearing a tshirt, or at most a hoodie, but I hate putting on coats and goves and … y’all know what I mean.

  51. This is more on ARg but take with a grain of salt:

    February 16, 2008 – Wisconsin Primary Preferences
    Democrats Feb 6-7 Feb 15-16
    Clinton 50% 49%
    Obama 41% 43%
    Someone else 1% 1%
    Undecided 8% 7%

    Barack Obama leads Hillary Clinton among men 48% to 42% (47% of likely Democratic primary voters) and Clinton leads Obama among women 55% to 39%. Clinton leads Obama among white voters 52% to 40% (89% of likely Democratic primary voters), Obama leads Clinton among African American voters 85% to 9% (7% of likely Democratic primary voters), and Clinton leads Obama among Latino voters 50% to 44%.

    19% of likely Democratic primary voters say they would never vote for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary and 13% of likely Democratic primary voters say they would never vote for Barack Obama in the primary. 27% of men say they would never vote for Clinton in the primary 20% of men say they would never vote for Obama in the primary.

    For details, click on the R or D for each state in the column on the left under 2008 Presidential Polls.

  52. Head of State, as in the president, or Secretary of State….? What a bunch of freakshows. I have never heard of him. Our secretary of state will be like Joe Biden or Bill Richardson, not some guy named Larry Sinclair. Never heard of him at all.

  53. Check out the blogspot for this article
    February 17, 2008, 1:58 PM
    Obama Not Taking Wisconsin For Granted
    Posted by Maria Gavrilovic| Comments3

    From CBS News’ Maria Gavrilovic:

    CHICAGO — Barack Obama’ campaign is trying to stop a Hillary Clinton comeback in Wisconsin by spending more time and money in the state. They’re betting that the Wisconsin primary will be much closer than expected and, as a result, have decided to continue campaigning in state through tomorrow evening.

    Just because the campaign has made that decision doesn’t mean Mother Nature is cooperating; Obama had one event scheduled in Kaukauna, Wis. today but it was canceled due to weather conditions. Obama will most likely appear on several television interviews in the state instead.

    While the campaign has launched an aggressive television advertising campaign in Wisconsin for over a week now, Obama has only held a marginal lead over Clinton. In the latest poll, WISC-TV poll, Obama leads Clinton by only 5 points, 47 percent to 42 percent.

    Obama strategist, David Axelrod and Clinton strategist, Howard Wolfson, appeared on CBS’ Face the Nation this morning, where the two got into a heated discussion about Clinton’s call for a debate in Wisconsin.

    Face the Nation host, Bob Schieffer, asked Axelrod if Obama has decided not to accept additional debates because he deems himself to be the frontrunner.

    “If you’re ahead, you don’t debate; if you’re not ahead, you say `let’s debate.’ Isn’t that really what you’re doing here?” Schieffer said.

    Axelrod argued that the additional two debates in the next five days are plenty; however Wolfson accused Axelrod of not debating in Wisconsin because he is ahead.

    “The Obama strategy here is essentially to debate in states where they’re behind, but not debate in states where they’re ahead,” Wolfson argued.

    Axelrod said the statement was “nonsense” and noting that the upcoming debates are national.

    “Eight million people watched the debate from California, and I guarantee you they weren’t all Californians. Most of them were in other parts of the country. So that’s an empty argument as far as I’m concerned,” Axelrod said.

    “We’re going to have two national debates. I think they’re going to be well watched all across this country because people understand the importance of this campaign.”

    Meantime, Obama supporters Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., and Gov. Jim Doyle, D-Wis., are accusing Clinton of launching a negative campaign in Wisconsin.

    “She only arrived in the state yesterday and we have more of this stuff going on,” Doyle said.

    Kennedy said he is “shocked and surprised” by a Clinton pamphlet that is circulating in Wisconsin, arguing that Obama’s health care plan is not universal. He described the pamphlet as “a misrepresentation and wrong” and said he would not support Obama if his plan were not universal.

    Kennedy said both Obama and Clinton’s health care plans are universal, but that that the two can have differences on specifics.

    “It doesn’t have to be this way, they can have differences,” Kennedy argued.

    “What is not legitimate is to undermine the central position of Barack Obama not being for universal comprehensive coverage,” Kennedy added.

    “That is the kind of distortion that we had back in ’94, and misrepresentation and that is fundamentally wrong.”

    However,, a non-partisan website run by the Annenberg Public Policy Center, backs up Clinton’s claim in a recent report that Obama’s plan is not universal.

    Obama will be back in Wisconsin tomorrow evening after a brief campaign stop in Ohio.

  54. Good!

    From NBC/NJ’s Mike Memoli
    CANTON, OH — Robert Holeman came to Timken High School here today with a message to deliver to Bill Clinton. He did — and he said the former president wasn’t happy about it.

    Clinton spoke to a capacity crowd in this Northeast Ohio town, the third of five events today in the Buckeye State. He told voters that the contest was “the power of speeches against the promise of solutions by a world-class change maker.”

    Throughout the event, as Clinton made his case for his wife, Holeman’s dissenting voice could be heard. At times he simply shouted Obama’s name. When Clinton would set up a sure applause line, Holeman could be heard heckling. As soon as Clinton finished speaking, the Canton native made a beeline to the ropeline to give Clinton a piece of his mind.

    “I asked the president to please stop the bickering between the campaigns,” Holeman said in an interview afterwards. “All this name calling is like the bully in the yard. He can’t get his way, he can’t get nothing done.” Holeman said he thought Clinton was “gasping for air.”

    “This is the last hurrah. After March 4, Hillary Clinton will be out of the race for good, and Obama will take the commanding lead,” he said. “She should back him with her delegates immediately. That’s what I’m asking them to do.”

    Holeman said that Clinton responded by saying Obama came after him first. Holeman also described Clinton’s reaction to him as “irate.”

    “I think he even hit me in the face with his hand,” he said. “He did give me a little pop. It was okay, because I understand his tenacity for his wife.” Clinton did engage Holeman for a few minutes, at times pointing directly at him. It was unclear whether he did make physical contact, however.

    Holeman said he did support Bill Clinton during his campaigns, but that now the country wants a “new perspective.” “I think the president’s trying hoodwink us, bamboozle us, put us back in the okie doke,” he said. “He had eight years to do what he was supposed to do. All the things he said that she’s gonna do, he had the same authority that he wants her to have. Now if one Clinton, the male Clinton can’t get it done, how is Ms. Clinton [going to].”

    Several Clinton supporters who saw the exchange came up to Holeman after to — shall we say delicately — express their disapproval for his actions. More negativity, Holeman said. “Hillary Clinton has started the most negative campaign I have ever seen, other than what the Republicans can launch,” he said. “I think we need to come together on those issues.”

  55. On the previous thread Obama was complaining that people wanted him to stay in Washington till he had the hope boiled out of him.

    I’d call it something else….

    But seriously, what he might do when he loses the nomination is run for Governor in some red state against a strong Republican, to see how much his red state Dem for a Day votes help him in a REAL election.

  56. F that guy in Ohio. I am glad he used free speech and whatnot, but that was incredibly rude. I hope his car breaks down on election day in Ohio…..there. Karma is real.

    Someone on all week was saying that Obama is copying Patrick and asking taylor to do a side by side blog about their speeches. Looks likes someone is reading
    Jake Tapper also mentioned Taylor’s blog yesterday in a post. Isn’t it funny or Chukie on doesn’t do any of these reporting of stories that are anti-Obama.

    Obama Echoes Deval Patrick…Again

    February 17, 2008 4:18 PM

    The charismatic, brilliant, inspiring black politician came to the stage to address the latest attack from his white female opponent.

    “Her dismissive point, and I hear it a lot from her staff, is all I have to offer is words,” he said. “Just words.

    “‘We holds these truths to be self-evident,'” he continued as the crowd began to cheer and applaud, “‘that all men are created equal’ — just words. Just words.”

    The applause increased.

    “‘We have nothing to fear but fear itself,'” the pol said. “Just words. ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.’ Just words,'” he said, switching effortlessly from our Founding Fathers to FDR to JFK.

    And then, the piece de resistance: “‘I have a dream’ — just words,” he said.

    Barack Obama rebutting Hillary Clinton circa 2008?

    Nope. Deval Patrick, ultimately successful Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate, responding to then-Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey in October 2006.

    Of course, if you mistook the speech for one from Obama, you can be forgiven — just this weekend Obama said something quite similar.

    “Don’t tell me words don’t matter,” Obama said to Wisconsin Democrats. “‘I have a dream’ — just words. ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal’ — just words. ‘We have nothing to fear but fear itself’ – just words. Just speeches.”

    Watch Patrick HERE and Obama HERE.

    Since last year, observers have been noting that rhetorical similarities between the two candidates with vaguely similar biographies and campaign pitches — who also share political guru David Axelrod.

    “It’s a handoff,” Axelrod explains in an email. “They’re friends and allies. They share a view of politics and often riff off of each other.”

    Some, including the New York Observer noted that Obama’s recent adoption of the “Yes, we can,” slogan echoed Patrick’s use of it.

    “Yes we can reuse slogans,” quipped Ben Smith at Politico, noting that a Patrick TV ad from 2006 uses the slogan — as does an Obama state senate ad from 2004.

    And Axelrod says”Yes we can” was Obama’s campaign slogan in 2004. (So Obama echoed Patrick who echoed Obama.)

    Of course, all of it is an English pinch of the slogan Si Se Puede from the United Farm Workers from 1972!

    Common language and themes are not unheard of in politics, though it can also be controversial. A Boston Globe story from almost a year ago looks at the sharing that has gone on between Obama and Patrick, who are friends. What do you think?

    – jpt

  58. Slap in the face of Latinos stealing Si Se Puede. The UFW endorsed HRC. That is a slap in the face to me, my family, my friends, Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta, the UFW, their friends, their families, and Latinos everywhere.

  59. Also from

    I’m so glad that she not only quoted Krugman but she copied the actual article. It’s about time that she really drew contrasts and Kennedy is a liar and a shill for Bambi. He knows full well that BO does NOT offer UHC.

    Clinton’s New Anti-Obama Mailer

    February 17, 2008 2:08 PM

    “Barack Obama, Which of These People Don’t Deserve Health Care?” asks a new campaign mailer in Wisconsin for Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, with a picture of seven voters — a diverse group, as if Benetton also made clothes for retirees.

    You can read the mailer HERE.

    “Barack Obama’s Health Care Plan Leaves 15 Million Americans Without Coverage,” says the second page. Then, ominously: “Will It Be You?”

    The mailer says “Obama’s Plan Says ‘No We Can’t'” … and also accuses the plan of “wast(ing) billions, costing taxpayers $1700 more per newly covered person,” accuses Obama of having “launched ‘Harry and Louise’ type attacks on Hillary’s plan … using Republican and insurance company talking points…”

    And also, comes the obligatory critical quote from New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, a strong critic of Obama, who accused Obama in one column of “unscrupulous demagoguery.” Another side of the mailer provides more of the Krugman quote.

    We will provide a more thorough fact check of the mailer in a bit …

    On first blush, the main charge seems misleading, since what leaves people uninsured under Obama’s plan is the lack of a mandate requiring them to sign up for health insurance with the threat of a penalty. So it’s the people themselves who will decided if they’re left out — not Obama.

    But more later…

    — jpt

  60. Tell ya right now by next week the Kate O’Biernes of the world will be saying how Bill Clinton attacked an Obama supporter, blah, blah.
    This was likeliest an intentional bait from the BO camp, part of their “Do you really want BC back in the White House with nothing to do” attack strategy?”
    It’s that combined with that racial shit they’ve thrown at him (fabricated!!!) to try and knock him out of the game.
    Wish I was there. They would have never pulled me off that guy!

  61. Hawk, google “Larry Sinclair and letter.” Read his letter and then you’ll get the ‘head of state” quip. Mind you this happened in 1999 when 👿 was very married and very elected and very much out of HS.

  62. Actually Drudge first had “BC attacks” and has since downgraded to “Lashes out at Obama supporter”. Loser.

  63. Okie,
    Read the letter. Better than the Larry Craig mess. 😀


    I tried to pull up the link you poasted on the previoius thread but couldn’t get the page.

    Could you post again, please?

  64. basil, I’ve read the letter. Holy hell! It reads like it’s out of Penthouse Forum. Too much true-to-life detail to be a lie IMHO. Plus, he hasn’t been sued for slander or libel.

  65. Jesus, i only these college girls in Madison would snap the hell out of it. This is their chance. I am at a loss as to why they would support this pompous empty suit.

  66. Best insightful and educated analysis I have ever read of the Nutkooks and their ilk:

    http [space] ://

  67. Best insightful and educated analysis I have ever read of the Nutkooks and their ilk:

  68. mj- The same reason they have unprotected sex with guys named “Dudester” after downing 4 Cosmos. They’re too immature to make good decisions.

  69. Okie,

    Especially the parts about standing afterwards and sticking his head out of the sunroof and his baseball cap flying away and Larry stopping the limo so he could run back and get it coz it had sentimental value.

    Not to mention the initial BO-Sinclair encounter, initiated by the driver when Sinclair asked for company and the driver taking him to a bar where the Bomoron was hanging out and him doing the score.

    Lots of detail. This is a riot.

  70. TPS.. I agree. This matter is gutter stuff and I think we should rise above it here. Hillary would be the first one to say ..stop this.

  71. TPS, I’m not staying away from the Larry matter. The GOP is all over it. It’s almost viral with it popping up in comments on all sorts of sites. To ignore it is dumb. I’m not saying start a 527 or take out a billboard ad, but acting like it doesn’t exist is silly.

    Besides, I think it’s hysterical given the McClurkin stuff this Summer. I loathe hypocrites. I cannot abide by the use of divisive politics/identity politics when one is guilty of the very thing they attack and hides it for political or personal gain.

  72. TPS, thanks for the great report and the beautiful pics.

    She’s as beautiful up close as she is from a distance 🙂

  73. i think this larry stuff could be true. Mr. Obama probably will try to let it pass away, but i have the feeling he’ll have to address it eventually.

    Hopefully we can have him and Larry take a polygraph test 😀

  74. OK, let me put it this way- Larry Craig and Mark Foley both attacked gays as part of their getting elected and staying elected. Turns out both were gay or at least bi-sexual (if you take the toe-tapper at his word). They deserved to be outed. If 👿 did that (twice!) and then used two anti-gay activists to campaign for him to divide the AA vote, then excuse my French, but F him. In the ass.

    Gays and lesbians have a hard enough time without these jerks being on the DL all the while sneaking around getting their jollies.

  75. OkieAtty, let GOP do whatever they want with this. It is their politics, not ours. There are enough legitimate issues here on which Obama is simply unqualified to be president. Let us keep our criticism to those issues. Plus, from a purely political point, this has the potential to have a huge blowback on anyone who gets into this mud if this turns out not to be credible.

  76. tps, dot,

    Personally, I was delighted to get access to the letter. I agree with Okie that it’s out there, he disses the glbt community with McClurkin and, TTTT, it’s refreshing to see him in the gutter where he’s trying so hard to pull our girl.

    But I’ll stop. Just commented coz it came up. But you really should read it. hehehehehe.

  77. MJS, Larry is taking a polygraph soon. He’s getting 10K to take it and another 90K when he passes it from or something other. He has also filed a lawsuit against 👿 that can be found at asking not for money but merely injunctive relief against the harassment and death threats.

  78. TPS I agree with you that it’s inapropriate for us to discuss here. I wish we’d stay above the fray on this issue.

  79. Just google larry craig letter. The first entry is wizbangblue. It’s on that site.

    Have fun.

    PS – didn’t wanna post the entire link coz that really ISN’T appropriate here. 😀

  80. Plural, thanks for the kind words. She is a classy woman. When you see her in person, it is so obvious. It also comes across clearly that she deeply, deeply cares about helping people. Helping children, the most vulnerable members of our society, seems to very close to her heart. You hear it in her voice and see it in her eyes when she talks about helping children.

  81. TPS- I understand your point, but face it, one of the reasons Dems have been losing since the early 90’s is bc they act like a bunch of over-civilized pussies. That’s why Gore and Kerry lost their races. Not responding to attacks bc they were “above” it and such.

    Politics is a full contact sport. And if you don’t think 👿 bots have been pushing stories that Hillary is a lesbian complete with photos of her staff and really illicit conjecture, think again. She has been accused of having a love child, killing Vince Foster, selling secrets to rogue countries, murdering school children for their blood, slapping office workers, beating Bill, etc.. If the allegation is false, let him speak to it. I don’t think it is, and when he uses identity politics and racial and gender and sexual orientation to divide our people, I say he gets what he deserves. Their main argument of why 👿 should be president is Hillary is divisive when in reality it is him. I say call him on it. Call him on his hypocrisy.

    Look, you can wank in one hand and wish for folks to play nice and focus on issues in the other and one will fill up faster. And it won’t be the one that rhymes with dish.

  82. ““I think he even hit me in the face with his hand,” he said. “He did give me a little pop.”

    ^ is this guy STUPID or something? How can you NOT be sure if someone hit you or not?

    idiots. *rolls eyes*
    why must there always be idiots voting and supporting candidates and stuff? I think there should be a law that bans people who have no valid reason for supporting their candidate besides “he gives me hope (drools) or he’s black! (drools) or he can change stuff (hyperventilates)” from voting 🙂

    we need to pick presidents on substance. Not all this crap that it seems all his supporters are hooked on.

    and btw, i think they should take a look into what’s in the air at all these Obama rallies. if there are legitimate ppl fainting and all these people swooning over him/hooked on him, perhaps there is dirty play? lol 😉

  83. Yes, she really really cares.

    It deeply angers me when people say she’s just in it for power, she’s soulless, all that stuff. It’s so far from the truth, and it’s obviously lies made up by people who fear her strength and caring, and her ability to put her caring into action.

  84. your right Okieatty. You won’t believe how many times people told me Hillary murdered someone O_o…and I’m like “no….Ted Kennedy Did though! 🙂 “

  85. You go, Okie! I just checked in to perk myself up. One of my volunteers made 23 calls for Hill today. It’s a big first for this volunteer …..!!!

  86. TPS, the thing is that there are tons of ppl saying that about her. When I ask ppl why they wouldn’t support Hillary, they give me the same reasons as these and talk about Bill in the White House.

    Obama has been allowing this republican style thinking to go on and has even encouraged it with all his Clinton digs in his speeches.

  87. by the by, Hillary is campaigning in Wisconsin until Tuesday morning. I read somewhere that Obama will be back in Wisconsin tomorrow after a brief stop in Ohio.

  88. And what would be wrong about Bill in the White House? OMG he might work for peace, help people who are in need, or make the people around the world love us again.

    Can’t have that, can we 😉

  89. MJS. Obama is wrong for using Republican talking points to attack Bill and Hillary Clinton personally. That is why I would never vote for him. I will vote for Hillary one way or the other in the fall.

  90. Things I have learned from the Obama campaign.

    1. My soul is broken.
    2. I am filled with hopelessness.
    3. I have no self-esteem.
    4. I need to be inspired to dig down deep within me in order to affect real change in this world.
    5. Barack Obama is the only person who can help me with 1-4.

    However Hillary is the only person who’ll get me healthcare. So what is it. Do I save my broken soul or get healthcare?

  91. LOL, Tiny Dancer. Does he also do astrology, palm reading, and tell fortunes? He sounds like a snake oil saleman, doesn’t he when he goes on this riff?

  92. lmao Tiny Dancer!

    I’m sure you’ve also learned how “cool” it is to be in the presence of the next coming of christ 😀
    After breathing the same air as Obama, I finally have the audacity to hope again! 🙂

  93. You know, when I saw Hill walk down the ropeline the other day and listen to peoples’ stories and it was about 11 o’clock at night, only she’d flown in from the east so it was more like 2 or so to her, I can only say this: there is a genuine beauty about her that a person can’t fake. She cares so much about people and she really does work hard to make the world a better place. I do have a lot of hope in all of us when I think about Hillary becoming President, because I don’t think she’s going to shut herself up in that big white house and tell us to screw off. I really believe we will see more of our President than ever.

  94. Well Nascar buddies, JR ran a great race, I think he could have won except crew chief made big mistake not taking tires during one caution. Man, he has a good car though…finished 9th and could have been in top 3. Other Hendricks cars .. Gordon, Johnson didn’t have good race – car issues.

    All in all, Jr. is off to a great start with his new team. I’m bummed he didn’t win but nobody had the car to beat Busch or Newman

  95. If Obama could cure my migraines that would help me out a lot.

    People in Seattle said they can feel his presence even when he wasn’t around.

    This city is batshit bonkers.

  96. plural, Bill Clinton is doing amazing wotk in India and Africa and around the world bringing needed AIDS drugs to people in need at affordable cost. He did amazing work in India and South east Asia after the Tsunami (with Papa Bush). People in these countries love him for what he did there. The media jerks who go after him haven’t done one-millionth of what he does for the most downtrodden people of this earth each day.

  97. Bill Clinton is my homeboy.

    Now I really want one of the “Hillary is my homegirl” shirts. Maybe I’ll hit up Urban Outfitters tomorrow.

  98. I expect to see Obama choose Deepak Chopra as his V.P and merge his “movement” with the Hare Krishnas and the Jehovas Witnesses. After solving all the problems of this time, they will all get on a time machine and solve all of teh problems of the future too. After that, we all reach Nirvana and that is the end.

  99. the scary thing is TPS and MJS that snake oil does sell. There are people who voted for BO in the primaries who are smart enuf to know better but bought the crap. With time, the transparency does develop.

    On the story of the guy who can;t remember if Bill punched him or not, he clearly went there to make trouble which is another tactic of the obamacons. We had one at the rally who was yelling things like send the astronauts to mars. And they had signs that said Hillary is mean. I am sure these punk pranks are planned and are intended to disrupt and provoke people. They will do anything and everything to avoid a fair fight.

  100. molly, there is a good explanation for this, I think. The wealthy white people who are voting for him don’t worry about high interest rates, losing their homes, college tuition, or high gasoline prices. The choice of a president has no immediate bearing on their life. For the people I met in kenosha, it does. That is the difference.

  101. plural, tps, et al., I believe in Hillary. I believe she is focused on what our country needs at every level. I believe she is intelligent and competent and passionate about giving everyone a better future. And I think that scares the powers that be.

    Bill scared folks 17 years ago. Honestly, I don’t think it was so much Bill and it was Hillary and a recognition back then that she was the moral conscience of the duo and that she worked hard and offered solutions. I think he was more intuitive about political realities and that she had to learn it the hard way. But in the end, the sum is the same, she scares the powerful interests in this country. I think her getting money from lobbyists etc is just them trying to work with a force of nature which is what she really is.

    So they lie about her, they denigrate her, they attack her friends and associates, and they do it in unison bc if enough people say it, well, you know it must be true. *snark* Notice she isn’t the one getting support from the establishment? Notice she isn’t the one who has party leaders threatening SD’s and others who support her? Now, I’m not saying she’s a wallflower. Far from it. She couldn’t have survived all she has endured if she weren’t tough, if she weren’t battle hardened. I could totally see her biting someone’s head off for incompetence or disloyalty. Someone has to.

    I also think she’s very moral. I think she believes in what she talks about and that she believes in us and knows given the resources we will, as a nation, do better, do the right thing. That’s something I can take to the bank every time. I think Bill saw that in her, too, almost 40 years ago. I don’t think anyone who actually knows 👿 sees that in him. I think they see a gifted politician who speaks the right language but has no concept of what the words mean to real people. Which in the end is very little. You can co-opt the theme of inspiration, but if you can’t get off your ass and do something, then it’s no better than the two hands comparison I offered above.

    Hillary scares the Teddy’s, the Howie’s, the Tweety’s because they know when she is president that she will show up all previous pretenders and then the jig will be up. Folks will know that our country can do better and that we can solve problems that have gone unaddressed for decades and offer ways for other young enterprising young men like 👿 a lifetime of opportunity of preying on voters with their empty promises and empty suits.

    I believe in Hillary, and I believe in doing the right thing. Sorry if I won’t shut up about hypocrisy. Call it an occupational hazard.

  102. this latest headline getting badboy image for Bill Clinton is another dirty trick by the media.

    They are very afraid. Hillary is not dead, she is still standing, getting stronger and they want to try to have a heavy handed mean ass headline to try to hurt her in Wisconsin.

    Stay in Wisconsin Hillary and fight for every vote. I used to think Bill was the best but Hillary is simply better than he is on policy.

  103. Today was a good day. A Very Good Day.
    Diary Entry by Gary Markowitz

    Progressives don’t get much chance to cheer when watching the MSM. Today I cheered TWICE!

    Today was a good day. A very good day. You see, when I yell at the tv – at the Matthews, the Carlsons and at my most secret object of loathing: Andrea Mitchell – my black lab thinks I’m yelling at him and he gets upset.

    But today was different. I cheered today and pumped my fist at the flat screen. Yes. Not once but twice. The first time was Nora O’Donnell. You know, the one with the eyes and the weirdly inappropriate laugh? She was interviewing Maxine Waters who was giving her endorsement of Hillary Clinton. After some polite back and forth came the kicker.

    O’Donnell: “Congressman Waters, as a black woman and head of the Congressional Black Caucus, what is your reaction to Bill Clinton’s playing of the race card in the South Carolina primary?”

    Waters paused and said to Stepford O’Donnell: “I will NOT discuss race with you. The media are the only ones talking about this. You bring it up over and over and over again. It has to stop. It is bad for America. We need to move beyond that – and you do too.”

    O’Donnell looked like someone had put Tabasco in her lip gloss.

    “Well, uh, thank you Congressman Waters for, um… joining us.”

    Maxine’s “Oh, you are so welcome” left Nora looking for the entry wound in her blouse. I had to rewind my Tivo to see if she’d actually said “beeyotch.” She hadn’t.

    The second time was when they announced that Giuliani was quitting the race.

    Blackie jumped up and figured we were going out to play ball.
    Now that is how you handle the press. Don’t play their games and shut them down everytime.

  104. OkieAtty, well put, couldn’t have said it any better. That is why she is the true “change” candidate. She will challenge the status quo, take on special interests, and will standby the people I saw in Kenosha and millions like them all across the country. And those people know it too.


    she needs us to give again in a big way. I like the idea of a community and online effort. It just is so great to know that we all do it in one day or over the course of a few days.



  106. Okie,

    I think it’s fine to bring out the dirt when he’s the biggest sh!t shoveler out there. And I agree that it’s time to fight back with both guns blazing. Not that this issue should become a TP but, hey, I’m sure she wouldn’t shed any tears over this after what has been said about her. But we shouldn’t dwell on it. 😀

    BTW, did you know that one of McClurkin’s big hits was called “Yes You Can?” Sound familiar?

  107. I loved one of the signs at a rally in Texas (San Antonio – maybe?). Anyway it said “Hillary – the first Latina President!” Go Texas!!

    We can win Wisconsin!! Let’s keep calling!!

  108. OMG for some reason I thought Obama had served half a term in the Senate BEFORE running and thus was about 5 years into his term. He’d been in the Senate 2 freakin years before throwing his hat into the ring?

    What is America thinking?

  109. “You know, the one with the eyes and the weirdly inappropriate laugh? ”

    That’s funny! Her laugh always bugged me – and I don’t know why!”

  110. They are just trying to paint Bill as a liability so that Hillary will think twice about using him as a surrogate. But what they fail to understand is that Hillary is no Al Gore. Hillary will not cave and will not pull one of her strongest surrogates off the stage. I love how Bill is not afraid of taking on those rude hecklers. Good for him!

  111. Want to hear awesome news?

    Hillary’s ahead in Wisconsin 49-41! Amercain Research Group

    Also what makes me madder is, Obama said he has scheduling conflicts, and can’t debate Hillary in Wisconsin, yet he has time to fly to see Edwards in North Carolina, which is important? The people of Wisconsin or something to fufill himself (Obama) hoping to land an endorsement.

  112. Obama people are missing one major thing – Bill Clinton is not running for any office so he don’t give a shit about how he looks on all these blogs

  113. Evening all. 🙂 I have a cauliflower ear, 2 obama converts, 4 (at least) probablies from no ways and a bunch of yesses. then there were the republicans, the 2 declared Obama and the no one home messages. All-in-all, three FULL hours calling…in that time, I only managed forty-something calls, but did a LOT of talking, educating, referrals to other sources of info and even got a woman who was DEAD SET against Hillary, would NEVER vote for her and who loved Obama to consider his sermon and “Change”.

    That one left her speechless.

    POn another note, as a gay person, I do not believe Larry Craig to be gay. I think he is a straight man who has sex with men surrepticiously. There is a difference. IMO 🙂

  114. Basil,

    Add a dotcom. didn’t want it to get filtered, you’d see it next month.


  115. As much as I want to buy that Hill is ahead in Wisconsin, I think my sock could do a better job polling than ARG. I KNOW my sock could do a better job polling than Zogby.

  116. Basil,

    I have an idea….

    Fill in the blank.

    “Yes, we can __________.”

    I’ll start. “Yes, we can get a great big house and a fence for free!”


    Count Whose Vote?
    by Paul Lukasiak

    Based on exit polls, among the approximately 16.3 million people who identified themselves as Democrats, over 678,000 more voted for Hillary Clinton than Barack Obama. If we’re going to “let the people decide” who the Democratic nominee would be, shouldn’t we be basing that on the will of Democrats themselves?

    The latest meme from the Barack Obama camp (and one that is being heavily promoted by the media), is that super-delegates should comply with “the will of the people” as reflected in the popular vote count. But this was hardly even mentioned until the week after Super Tuesday, when Obama took the lead in total votes cast in the primaries.

    In fact, on Super Tuesday, 295,952 more primary voters cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton than for Obama, yet somehow neither the Obama campaign, nor the media, was paying much attention to Clinton’s lead in the popular vote. If we include all the states that held primaries before Super Tuesday (NH, SC, MI, FL) Clinton was up by 468,024 votes—that was 2.51% of the total votes cast. But talking about that number was not a media priority either.

    Only now that Obama has a miniscule lead of 128,736 in the number of votes cast (and that includes assigning all the “uncommitted” votes in Michigan to Obama) has the media focused on total votes cast. This lead represents less than 1% (0.62%) of votes cast in the primary elections held so far, yet it is trumpeted by the media endlessly.

    But, since this is actually the Democratic primary, perhaps we should look at how Democrats have actually voted. Based on the available exit polling data, we find that Hillary Clinton has a commanding lead over Barack Obama in the number of votes – As of February 16, 2008, 391,992 more Democrats voted for Clinton than Obama.

    That number does not include results from the District of Columbia, because of a lack of exit polling data. If we include DC, and assume that 100% of the voters were Democrats, Clinton still has a lead among Democrats of 333,981 votes.

    But that number also doesn’t include Florida. Add in Florida’s Democrats, and Clinton’s lead advantage increases to 565,684. Nor does it include Michigan; and even if we assign all the Democrats who voted “uncommitted” to Obama, Clinton’s lead among Democratic voters grows to 678,276.

    In terms of actual Democratic voters, the numbers from Super Tuesday are astonishing – and were, of course, ignored by the media. Out of over 12,100,000 votes cast by Democrats that day, Clinton beat Obama by nearly 7%, and just short of 837,000 votes. And if we include all the primaries that took place before Super Tuesday (NH, SC, MI, FL) the Clinton advantage among Democrats rises to 7.5%, and well over a million votes.

    As Democrats, it is our votes that should be the determining factor in a close race. We’re the voters that the party can depend on, and ignoring the will of Democratic voters can lead to Democratic voters ignoring the will of the party.


    Perhaps more to the point is the question of which states these votes are coming from. Are they from potential “swing states” – states where 5% or less of the electorate determined who won the state’s electoral votes in 2004? Are they from states that are outside of that 5% margin, but where its still close enough that a Democrat should make an effort anyway to ensure that the GOP candidate has to divert time and resources there, rather than concentrate on states where Democrats hold an edge? Or are they from states where one party has a lock, barring a complete landslide?

    On the whole, Clinton has done far better than Obama in the swing states. In deep blue states, its been about even, but in deep red states, Obama has dominated. This raises the question of the extent to which primary voters in states where a Democratic nominee has little chance of winning should be able to determine the party’s nominee.

    The Obama campaign, and now the media, are arguing that “super-delegates” aren’t supposed to determine who the nominee will be. But in a close race, who better to determine which candidate will be best for the nation, and the party, than the professional politicians and party activist who best understand how elections work.

    And while legitimate arguments can be made on both sides of the “super-delegate” debate, there is simply no question that the system was not set up to allow the nominee to be chosen based in very large part on primary and caucus victories in states that Democrats aren’t truly competitive. The very idea that a 12 delegate advantage from a state like Idaho trumps an 11 delegate advantage from a swing state like New Jersey should be anathema to the party. Nor should racking up a combined 449,000 vote advantage in the “practically impossible to win” states of Georgia and Alabama be considered more important than a 416,000 vote advantage in a competitive/must-win state like California.

    Yet this is exactly what the Obama campaign is arguing — that the reality of the electorial college map should be irrelevant, and that only raw vote totals, “pledged” delegates, and the number of states won should matter to the super-delegates. And the media simply repeats this argument without question.

    The candidate selection process is not, as Obama would have it, “majority rules”. During the primary season, its “supermajority rules” – in order to assume the mantle of nominee for the Democratic Party, a candidate has to get 60% of the pledged delegates awareded in primaries and caucuses. The Obama campaign has demonstrated an unsurpassed mastery of the rules governing the primary season – while the Clinton campaign was been concentrating its efforts in those states which will be the key to a victory in November, Obama’s people put considerable time and effort into racking up delegates in a slew of states that require a national landslide for a Democrat to win in November. As a result of this strategy, Obama now has a lead of 124 in pledged delegates from the states that have h eld their caucuses and primaries.

    But having taken full advantage of the rules to acquire that lead, the Obama campaign is now demanding the 60% of primary/caucus delegates rule be ignored. At the same time, he insists that delegates from key states like Florida and Michigan, because those states didn’t “play by the rules”.

    It’s one thing to work the rules to your advantage. But Obama is now working the refs in an effort to have them forget that there are any rules at all.


  118. One of the Obama supporters told me she was at a dinner with friends the other night, and of seven people, she was the only Obama person, all others were Hillary. They all ragged on her. I told her she was free to vote her choice. But I was glad her friends had her outnumbered 6-1.

    Hope the whole state is this way! LOL. But seriously, a LOT of the Hillary supporters told me their friends are al lHillary supporters and they know the importance of Tuesday. Some had already voted…and recently.

  119. Check this incredibly lame headline from Politico trying to cover Obama’s plaguerism from Duval Patrick.

    Maybe someday Politico can even find an excuse for the considerable stuff he’s bit from Bill Clinton.

    “Obama’s rhetoric getting some friendly help?”

    Loaded with coverup quotes from Axelhead. Sickening.

  120. Oakie “Yes we can try and scuttle the best person for the Presidency by putting some dipshit in the audience who is crying “clean up the campaign” then, dirties the campaign in the name of Obama”

    what a jerk that guy is!

  121. And if we go with ARG for WI we’d have to go with ARG for Texas and they have Obama ahead there. (which is crazy talk isn’t it?)

  122. LOL, tiny, about ARG and your socks. I think the campaign senses an opening or they wouldn’t be staying. It also means our folks on the grund in TX are doing their jobs well.

    Spacegirl, I think Larry Craig is gay. I think he tells himself when he’s all alone in a bathroom stall that he’s just bisexual, but either way, playing with another man’s bits and pieces (as per Andersen Cooper’s description) is definitely not straight. I’d have cared less except for him attacking gays and lesbians. That’s bogus BS IMHO.

    Justme, ARG is a farce. Check out SUSA for the best bet. Their polls are more accurate so far in the primaries and they nailed NH and CA. I like seeing good numbers, too, but I just won’t buy ARG or Zogby at all unless it’s following a SUSA poll and I know they’re just ripping SUSA off.

  123. Clinton Campaigns Despite Wicked Weather in Wisconsin

    From CBS News’ Fernando Suarez:

    MILWAUKEE — Severe weather in northern Wisconsin may have canceled some of Clinton’s scheduled events, but it did not stop her from making two unscheduled stops in the Milwaukee area.

    Clinton visited Miss Katie’s Diner this morning where she shook hands and posed for pictures. At one point, Clinton stopped to admire a photograph of her husband from years ago that hung in the hallway.

    After a quick breakfast of eggs and corned beef hash, the campaign decided to make another unscheduled stop in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood in Milwaukee. Clinton visited El Rey (The King) Supermarket where she greeted shoppers near the registers and eventually made her way through to the produce section.

    Clinton, who has an affinity toward hot peppers, gazed upon the variety of peppers from jalepenos to serrano to poblanos like a kid in a candy store. When asked if she would purchase any she said, “This is like heaven for me. Here we are, surrounded by jalepenos.” Clinton did purchase some large red jalepenos telling reporters “I haven’t had red ones. This is like a new adventure for me.”

    As Clinton toured the market, the store manager’s voice could be heard blaring in the background over the public address system as he announced in Spanish that Clinton was present in the supermarket.

    Despite having breakfast only minutes earlier, Clinton had enough of an appetite to sample some Mexican rice, some beef and Mexican mole.

  124. I actually think this is brilliant strategy by Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin. She’s let him run his ass off over there presenting the yes we can dazzle and cause set up fainting spells empty message.

    She comes in and cleans up after him and shows what real leadership looks like. She closes the deal in a few days.

    He running scared. Love it.

    And at thist point I’m thinking Edwards endorsement by either candidate won’t garner any votes. He’s become useless.

  125. To the dirty 30 (The DNC’s rules and bylaw)…oops, I mean 31 (Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi) promotes denying Florida democrats their votes in Primary.

    Thank you Thank you soooooooo much!

    And for that ‘boneheaded’ decision of the DNC, the repugs has been given a wonderful opportunity to label all Democrats, even the ones fighting and respecting Civil Liberties. Thanks you so very much:

    The Cult of Liberal Fascism

  126. The plagerism of a campaign slogan is nothing compared to the actual plagerism of Hillary’s economic plans. I think it is a pattern for him since he mimics other people so much. I said once before that Hillary should say “is there an echo in here?” when he does it in one of the debates.

  127. I thought Nancy Pelosi was only spineless, gutless, and weak before. Now, ever since she has been using Obama’s hopium-intensified language, I think she’s an idiot too.

  128. I’ve been busy this weekend, so I know I’m behind in referencing the following, but I can’t let this go by. Hillary’s statement that she’s about more than speeches got a more disgusting response than usual from BO. he cited the “I’ve got a dream” and Gettysberg address as proof that words are important, thus implicitly putting himself shoulder to shoulder with Lincoln and MLK. Two responses:

    1) He certainly understands that Hillary says that words aren’t enough–action is also needed. He was happy to let his drones ridiculously drum up the race card attack when Hill made her MLK statements some weeks ago without raising a peep. What intellectual dishonesty.

    2)With credit to Lloyd Benson–“Senator, I know the “I’ve got a dream” speech and Gettysberg address; and senator precious, god knows you’re no Lincoln or MLK.”

  129. ““This is like heaven for me. Here we are, surrounded by jalepenos.”

    the New Hillary Clinton For President 2008 T-shirt and bumper sticker.

    I for one, will have mine made this week!

  130. I think I’m going to draw a map of the United States and paint Florida and Michigan in red, write “Thank you, Love The GOP” and go hang out by the DNC headquarters I’d have to get to the DNC, but that’s a differend problem for a different day.

  131. “Yes, we can steal Hillary’s ideas and pass them off as my own.”

    “Yes, we can take Big Nuke money and lie about it.”

    “Yes, we can have lobbyists running our campaign and lie about it with a straight face.”

    “Yes, we can lie about decriminalizing marijuana after saying we would.”

    “Yes, we can make a speech…and well, that’s it…..”

  132. hey, this bad weather thing might be good 🙂 what do people do in bad weather? 😀 watch tV! and who has some kickass commercials with substance and facts on? Hillary! WOOHOO

  133. I tell ya gang, I felt real good in general about the chances for Ms. Hot Pepper to do well in Wisc. I need to go check the blogs to see what others are saying. But I am cooking dinner 🙂 Calling and TALKING made me HUNGRY!

  134. If it weren’t illegal to repro the Prez seal (in detail) I would do that in a heartbeat with that slogan . But oh yeah, i’m an artist. I could modify a bit, i guess.

  135. “Yes we can intentionally twist our opponents words so we can pretend that she said something she didn’t.”

  136. So isn’t it reasonable that any presidential candidate with a history

    of inhaling known carcinogens, should at least have a chest x-ray

    to satisfy concerns of potential lung disease?

    Am I the only citizen who cares?

  137. Diana West, Wash Times, talking about Obama’s empty rhetoric. Lou Dobbs rerun from yesterday. Erroll Louis, CNN Contributor….blah blah blah Obama

  138. ok guys.

    when you have time, start calling undedcided superdelegates and share your stories about why YOU support Hillary.

    That is what a lot of OBamalamas are doing.

  139. “Yes, we can write our own fictionalized autobiography and pretend it’s true.”

    BWahahaha. That’s what anti-Christ’s do. They use smoke and mirrors to deceive.

  140. molly means “intimidate”. lol. that would be funny for the 👿 bots to intimate. teehee. well, unless Larry Sinclair were there. Bwahahahaha.

  141. Did he fictionalize his autobiography? What the hell?

    You know i feel like I’m in fandom rather than politics sometimes.

  142. Idunn, good one! I think that tells us that drug use amongst college students has not declined at all. They get stoned, watch BTB, and hear 👿 and think “cool beans. he smokes, too.” Damn smot poking hippies. They should take a bath. :mrgreen:

  143. Are we even sure the superdelegates would take calls from us?

    What would be the best message to leave?

    We need some Talking Points .. simple stuff but effective.

    I am sure these superdelegates will only have us leave messages or have secretaries take messages.

    Ideas people.

    I don’t mind starting to call them tomorrow….wonder how many will be available with a lot of state offices closed.

  144. isn’t hawaii a closed caucus? 🙂

    and I read from the HRC website that its close to 70% women? And a lot of them are asian? 😀


  145. She is so smart. The best thing to do in a campaign is door-to-door, supermarket campaigning like she did today in Milwaukee.

  146. Barakula Obamabotulism .. an illness that will definitely require treatment with Universal Health Care coverage from Hillary Rodham Clinton.

  147. dot, you get a big, hearty hug from me.

    Now to use it in a sentence.

    “I was unable to eat today. I contracted obamabotulism and now I just hope for food.”

  148. I think I have Barackulitis. I can’t listen to his speeches anymore and I can’t read any of his supporters websites. ::waves to all of them::

    BTW, Obama supporters, it would behoove you to be nice to the Hillary supporters, you’re going to need us if Obama wins the nomination. Just sayin’.

  149. or how about:

    “the sight of barackula peering through my TV screen like a deranged, pompous, and high cult-leader disgusted me to the point of vomiting, after which I was diagnosed with obamabotulism.”

  150. Since Obama supporters are so concerned that a protracted fight for the nomination will hurt the party, they should just tell their guy to drop out for the good of the party.

  151. Nice, mjs.

    Hey, hubby asked me a question the other day. He wanted to know why 👿 was sent to live with his gps. Good question since he doesn’t see his half-sister according to an article I read.

  152. Admin, did you get my email about the HLR? I need one if anyone knows where to get one or has one, drop me a line at okieatty at

  153. um….shouldn’t we al be REALLY WORRIED about “Obamamania”

    Definitions of mania on the Web:

    * an irrational but irresistible motive for a belief or action
    * a mood disorder; an affective disorder in which the victim tends to respond excessively and sometimes violently

    * Mania is a severe medical condition characterized by extremely elevated mood, energy, and unusual thought patterns. …

    * The English suffix -mania denotes an obsession with something; a mania. The suffix is used in some medical terms denoting mental disorders. It has also entered standard English and is affixed to many different words to denote enthusiasm or obsession with that subject.

  154. Yeah, he was very arrogant when I met him, but his wife was worse. He said hi, and then they told him I was the Executive representing the Hillary Clinton campaign, he quickly moved on 🙂

  155. Maybe he was afraid you were going to ask for a picture with him, Hawk. We ALL know how Mr. Hope feels about THAT.

  156. ll dunn, but SERIOUSLY, the fact that he ENCOURAGES this behavior…i mean, I don’t mean to be an old farty person, but doesn’t this soomehow show he has little respect for the OFFICE of the Presidency and much more respect for his POWER as he sees it? And as for a post I read earlier here, re: Michelle Obama’s assessment that Barack is the ONLY one who can heal our souls?

    Um, well…

    i think there are a lot of folks who would differ. And why isn’t THAT line being taken to task as relative to a diety? Like it or not, CHURCH and WORSHIP is a real big deal in this country, and I just think this smacks of an arrogance that borders on the frightening.

    This man will be able to launch nukes.

  157. I don’t want my president to heal my soul anyways. Pass some legislation through, help the economy, not get us into any stupid wars, pronounce nuclear correctly, all that stuff, but not the soul healing.

  158. Idunn….I guess I am just having another “WHY THE F*** DOESN’T ANYONE SAY ANY THING ABOUT THIS SHIT?!?!?!” moments

  159. Mania is normally treated with a lot of medication. That is why Hillary should be elected…there will be need of massive amounts of meds .. and she’s promised to work hard to help us negotiate for pricing.

    ObamaManiaNation … meet HillaryClintonNation .. we’ll take care of you …maybe

  160. LoL Hawk! He’s probably like you for your Mexicaness NOW that they’re headed into Texas.

    It cracks me up to see Hillary with Cisneros, Delores Huerta, America Ferrera hitting up Texas and Obama sending in Ted Kennedy. Because nothing speaks to the Latino community like a wealthy, old, white dude.

  161. Here’s the meaty part of the N.Y. Times Edwards piece:

    Associates of Mr. Edwards have said that Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has paid more attention to the courtship of Mr. Edwards. She held a private meeting with him in North Carolina more than a week ago and associates of both Democrats said it appeared as though Mr. Edwards was leaning to Mrs. Clinton.

    But Mr. Obama’s commanding victories in Virginia and Maryland last week, in addition to a string of primaries and caucuses one week earlier, may have changed the equation.

    Bill Burton, a spokesman for Mr. Obama, confirmed today’s meeting. The Obama campaign had hoped to keep the session quiet, particularly if Mr. Edwards ultimately endorses Mrs. Clinton.

    Interesting …

  162. Gay boys are the best boys IMO.

    Okay now, I’m gonna have to stand up for my heterosexual hubby here.

    (although, my gay male friends are alot more fun to watch movies with)

  163. In listening to CNN earlier when this first came out, besides poverty, one of his main concerns were electability.

  164. BTW, I can’t believe that story about the heckler at Bill’s event. What an a__hole. Funny how you don’t hear about Hillary supporters heckling Obama.

  165. I represent 2 of HRC’s most loyal constituencies lol. And when he puts up Ted Kennedy to compare with Latino legends like Dolores Huerta and Raul Yzaguirre and the others, I laugh.

  166. The a**hole, or what was his last name, holeman (lol). He was chanting obama’s name at Bill’s rally and claimed WJC punched him.

  167. “Because nothing speaks to the Latino community like a wealthy, old, white dude.”

    LMFAO! I just now caught that!

  168. The a**hole, or what was his last name, holeman (lol). He was chanting obama’s name at Bill’s rally and claimed WJC punched him.

    He’s saying Big Dog punched him???

    Say what now??

  169. concerning those wins .. all Edwards has to do is look at the demographics and the true exit numbers.

    he should endorse who he feels is better qualifed for the country right now .. to lead…if he uses his head and follows his heart .. he will go with Hillary

    if he would rather buy into the hopium…he will go with bambi and most likely he and Elizabeth will come down with Obamabotulism.

  170. These should be Hillary’s talking points the next few days, from John edwards website:

    One America, one America that works for everybody.

    One America where struggling towns and factories come back to life because we finally transformed our economy by ending our dependence on oil.

    One America where the men who work the late shift and the women who get up at dawn to drive a two-hour commute and the young person who closes the store to save for college. They will be honored for that work.

    One America where no child will go to bed hungry because we will finally end the moral shame of 37 million people living in poverty.

    One America where every single man, woman and child in this country has health care.

    One America with one public school system that works for all of our children.

    One America that finally brings this war in Iraq to an end. And brings our service members home with the hero’s welcome that they have earned and that they deserve.

  171. RE: Holeman. Can you imagine that the Secret Service would EVEN let that HAPPEN? Sounds like an Obamaillusion

  172. Holeman said he did support Bill Clinton during his campaigns, but that now the country wants a “new perspective.” “I think the president’s trying hoodwink us, bamboozle us, put us back in the okie doke,” he said.

    OMG, I’m laughing so hard I actually have tears streaming down my face!!!!!!

    ( what’s an “okie doke”?)

  173. rjk…i think she is on to that track with her “I see an America where…” discussions lately. John Edwards will do the right thing.

    ,,,or he won’t.

    but I have faith. (as opposed to Hope)

  174. i’m all for heckling obama 😀

    just tell me when his next rally and I’ll bring in a big sign that says “Rezko for VP!”

  175. I cannot imagine Big Dog hitting anything. Unlike 👿 who hits a bong. (Or a crack pipe if you believe Larry Sinclair.)

  176. btw: did u notice asshole aka holeman’s language? lol. he said Bill clinton was bamboozling us all and putting us back to the usual okie doke. LOL Sounds like bambi, if u ask me, which would make sense. Now…if only cousin pookie was there.. 🙁

  177. Idunn, I have no idea what an okie doke is either, lol.

    BTW, Ted Kennedy’s claim that Obama favors universal health care had me LMAO, too. He really has drunk the Kool-Aid.

  178. Okieatty, the image of Obama smoking crack doesn’t seem so far-fetched to me. lol. 😉 it would sure explain a lot of things…like how he keeps flip flopping on things he said a short while ago 😀

  179. I know rjk, where were the Secret Service? There were about 8,000,000 of them at the Hillary events I went to. I had them standing on either side of me and as soon as she made her way to the crowd they surrounded her. Yet this guy is allowed to get all up in Bill’s face?

  180. Does anyone else think Bill’s comments about keeping score were actually a message directed at the superdeleagtes and not the crowd he was speaking to?

    From NBC/NJ’s Carrie Dann
    NACOGDOCHES, Texas — Continuing his swing through eastern Texas last night, Bill Clinton continued to slam Obama’s discounting of “fights” of the past, even saying that Obama’s argument can be blamed for the elimination of Democratic candidates who have already dropped out of the race.

    “If you fought you made somebody mad, and you got cut up,” he said, parodying what he says is Obama’s “explicit argument” against Clinton. “We just have to turn over a new leaf. And it is actually an advantage not to have any experience because then you never made anybody mad.”

    Clinton added that the strategy of equating experience with the taint of partisan injury “has been very effective in this campaign.”

    “It has already taken four candidates out, four good candidates out,” he said. “And it would have taken Hillary out if she didn’t have so much grassroots support and so much guts in the face of a lot of what has happened here. ”

    Bill Clinton added that Hillary believes in solutions, not speeches. He says that might be “a generational thing.” But, in the same breath, he also touts his own speechmaking ability.

    The former president often closes his remarks by saying that his wife will “keep score” by evaluating whether or not she has made positive changes in the lives of Americans. Tonight, he added, “Maybe it’s a generational thing” — continuing in his theme today of a little light sarcasm at the expense of Barack Obama and his supporters. “But it’s always the way I’ve kept score.”

    Clinton went on to tout — at length — his own speech-making abilities, as if to one-up the crowds of tens of thousands appearing at Obama’s rallies in recent weeks. “I’ve been told I give a pretty good speech,” he said, grinning. He mentioned attendance of over a million at a speech in Africa, and over 100,000 when he spoke at the Brandenburg Gate after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

    “I know the importance of words and inspiration,” he said.

  181. Thats what I’m wondering too, Tiny dancer.. How the hell did this jackass get so close to Bill when the Secret Service is on him 24/7..

  182. OKIE-DOKE

    Believing a lie;falling for a scam;a con-game;untruths;fraud etc.

    Well we went for the old okie-doke again when we fell for BUSHY`S lies about Iraq`s w.m.d.`s!

  183. Also that Holeman guy’s a sexist. He said if a male Clinton couldn’t get stuff done as president, why would a female Clinton succeed?

    WTF is that supposed to mean?

  184. Barackula will be in San Antonio Tuesday. Some of us plan to go, with Hillary teeshirts and signs. 🙂

  185. Stop with that crappy video some idiot put on youtube. Validating that obvious fraud is damaging to Hillary. STFU about that.

  186. Okay, in all seriousness. I read an article yesterday talking about :evil” ‘s sticky finger problem and how says he hit the wrong button about the childcare center and cutting their funding. By pushing the “wrong” button he cast the deciding vote that killed the funding. He also cast present votes and had other button problems in that same time period. Roughly in 1999. If you beleive Sinclair about the crack allegation, it could be reasonably extrapolated that 👿 was high or getting high during that time period.

    It would sure explain a lot. Or maybe he was being blackmailed about his drug usage. It’s not like folks in power wouldn’t know.

  187. Hillary4texas, bring in a huge banner saying “REZKO FOR VP”

    ^^ seriously, there are HUGE media people going to be at his rally and it might help draw attention to Rezko 😀 😀 😀

    and chant “Como Se Llama, Obama? Que te hiciste?” 😀 or “Give Back the house!” or “REZBAMBI FOR PRESIDENT!” lol

    seriously, think of all the rezko attention it would draw!!!

  188. I’m just now reading TPS’s post about the Brat shop rally.

    That little girl who asked HRC about the mortagae crisis, and who is losing her home, was mentioned by HRC at the Deomcrats dinner during her speech.

    Excellent reporting, TPS.

  189. Oh, “SNAP.” Big DOg took on abortion hecklers today.

  190. LMAO @ Team’s Ned Flanders link.

    Also found Admins Wimpy video a riot. But I STILL say Axelrod is Irwin Mainway.

  191. okie … how about a Dollars For Hillary new money bomb for this week.

    She is gonna need massive money for Texas and Ohio.

    I’m digging deep.

  192. I read on another BBS that Karl Rove was talking about MI primary on Fox New just now and he appeared to believe there would be surprises as there are much as blacks and uneducated people in WI.

  193. WTF is Rove talking about? Anyone see postsecret today> Someone said if they found out they had a terminal illness they would kill Rove and OJ. I had to smile a little.

  194. Several people were forced to leave before Clinton took the stage because of the heat created by the massive number of people inside the civic center’s closed quarters. One woman fainted just after Clinton began to speak, and after requesting that the woman be attended to by a medical professional, the former president reassured her that “there is nothing to be embarrassed about, just make sure they send those medical guys back because I’m likely to pass out too before this is over.”

    Now THAT is how you handle a fainting episode, folks. No phoney baloney out of our guy Big Dog!

  195. Actually I think Karl Rove is really smart, even though I don’t like what he has done, and he is probably evil from our point of view. He appears to be quite objective on Fox News these days. I’ve seen him a few times on Fox and he is much better than some of the BHO supporters, believe or not :-).

  196. Wow, Okie I’ve never met him but I did catch a glance when he visited my H.S years ago. Everybody cut class to get a look at him. lol

  197. team, i shook his hand two weeks ago when he was here. I still haven’t washed it.

    So? When I saw him in Abingdon Va. he took me out for a big mac. 😛

  198. I’ve been pondering Basement Angel’s theory that MSNBC is schilling for Obama because it gets to a demographic they’re targeting – and I think this is on the nose – it also occurred to me that since Obama started to get media attention, the intellectual quality on the comments board of Politico, MSNBC, Huffpost, everything has taken a nose-dive because the demographic is dropping in age – probably lots of 16-28 year old guys. And these sites are collecting email addresses and registrations – Obama is a demographic gold-mine for them.

    On a totally different tangent, a friend of mine and I were talking about why the film Juno’s even an Oscar contender, granted it’s cute, and the lead performance by Ellen Page is wonderful, but neither is really Oscar worthy, so the theory works here too – target 18-35 year old’s who have actually seen Juno and the younger set will watch the awards for Ellen Page (because really, who’s hardly seen There Will Be Blood?).

  199. Edwards meeting with Obama…from Halperin over at thePage:

    As to what Edwards might do in the end, several informed Democrats believe no endorsement could be the most likely outcome. ABC News reports that Edwards’ advisers believe he will decide before the March 4 primaries.

    But the best reported tea leaves come from the Associated Press, whose reporting has been confirmed by The Page, regarding John and Elizabeth Edwards:

    “The couple has been impressed with Clinton, who has more effectively courted them since the 2004 vice presidential nominee dropped out, people who talk to the Edwardses say. Obama has been less attentive, they say, and some of those close to the Edwardses have been annoyed that Obama has continued to ridicule him for once saying his biggest weakness is that he has a powerful response to seeing pain in others.”

  200. because really, who’s hardly seen There Will Be Blood?

    I’ve been DYING to see that. Unfortunately, I live in the middle of nowhere, and no theaters anywhere close is playing it. 🙁

  201. Whenever I think of Bill and Big Macs I think of Phil Hartmann’s SNL version of Bill. Awww, Phil I miss you so.

    I wish SNL had been around to mock this primary season so far. Stupid writers strike.

  202. Tiny, Space,

    The video and song had the same effect on me. It is so powerful. I sat at the pc boo-hoo-hooing through the whole thing,

    I sent a mlink to admin about it.e

  203. Chelsea has surprised me with her very natural campaigning abilities. She’s a total natural with people. Maybe she should consider a career in politics.

  204. Video of the Edwards greeting Obama at their “secret” meeting…

  205. Hillary’s internals must be showing an uptick in the polls in WI or she wouldn’t be changing course and camping out in WI.

  206. Hawk, sent my response.

    idunn, we’re having a shortage of holy water here. I think Aquafina needs to branch out.

  207. Team, Chelsea wants her life back. She’s a normal kid who has two very famous folks. I think she’d just like to do her own thing. BTW- SoonerDem said she talked about taking the subway in NYC. No limos for that girl.

  208. Wow, that Obama/Edwards secret meeting video is hard hitting news. The hell America, a helicopter flying overhead? SERIOUSLY?

  209. Basil, me too re: video and kleenex. I also sent it to my new-found hope she votes for Hillary woman in Wisconsin I spoke to yesterday for over an hour. WE NEED THIS WOMAN on our team!

  210. Read “A Divine Revelation of Hell” by Mary K. Baxter … over a period of 40 days she wondered through Hell with Jesus and the Lord commissioned her to tell about it.

  211. Al Gore’s lockbox! LOL!

    There are some of you that want to spend our money on some made-up war. To you I say: what part of “lockbox” don’t you understand?

    What if there’s a hurricane or a tornado? Unlikely I know because of the Anti-Hurricane and Tornado Machine I was instrumental in helping to develop.

    But… what if? What if the scientists are right and one of those giant glaciers hits Boston? That’s why we have the lockbox!

  212. this is what it said on

    “But still, the fact that Clinton is remaining in Wisconsin all day on Monday rather than heading out of the state as Obama is doing does seem to indicate, as we posited yesterday, that she knows something we don’t know. What exactly that is, however, is anyone’s guess.”

    What do you think it is?

  213. Question re: Texas.

    I don;t remember what ever happened with Oprah and the cattle rancher law suit…i had JUST moved there then and i think I was not tuned in a lot.

    For SOME reason, i think they “made up”, but wouldn’t that endorsement stick in the craw of the cattle boys? And are they Hillary’s demographic anyway? Since i have spoken to NO ONE who likes McCain. Could that help us?

  214. John Edwards endorsement tomorrow.

    AND she’s winning WI.

    AND Bambi is planning on giving up.

    (just guesses, mind you)

  215. I forgot about Orca’s beef comment and her lawsuit.

    what a convenient time for Texans to start remembering Orca and her cult following as well.

  216. Only part of the video is there. BOO. NBC is a bunch of cocksuckers about their videos being up.

    National Barack Cocksuckers.

  217. If only we had that lockbox! Social Security is on the brink of bankruptcy and I just heard on Hannity that we are alreayd 8% over last years spending and that the deficit has doubled in a year.

    And people can honestly consider such a weakling, whine bag, lightweight for the hardest job in the world.

  218. Idunn Says:

    February 17th, 2008 at 9:47 pm
    John Edwards endorsement tomorrow.

    AND she’s winning WI.

    AND Bambi is planning on giving up.

    (just guesses, mind you)

    You made that prediction that Hillary would take Maryland and WA. I can’t buy into your fantasies anymore.. I told you guys. I like optimistic people. However, at this moment, we need someone who is realistic.

  219. the disney cast of characters to run the White House. Bambi, Orca, MichelleObat, Shivers, OldManKennedywhodrownswomen, who else???

  220. Hubby calls her “Oafrah.” I like it better. It implies you must be stupid to listen to her.

    I miss Futurama. Heard they may make new episodes.

  221. I love Bender. BITE MY SHINY METAL ASS.

    But Professor Farnsworth is awesome too. “Sweet Zombie Jesus!”

    I forgot to turn off comments on one of my War Room videos and I got spammed by an Obamabots. Sigh.

  222. filbertsf

    my prediction

    Rhode Island

    this came to me while I was mopping the floor today 🙂

    out of the blue

  223. showing Ronald Reagan on Fox..purty music in the background.

    He is really a good communicator….bambi, take a lesson

  224. I’ve got a good track record on projections.

    We will win OH, PA and TX. It will be close in WI and I think it’s in play. We wouldn’t still be there if it weren’t. (Watch Zogby say the day after he “knew” it but couldn’t say it. LOL.)

  225. They’re making 4 (I think?) movies that are direct to DVD but will be aired on whatever channel they’re airing them on now. Al’s in it (I think? lol, drawing a blank)

    My fav Gore moment is when he was on 30 Rock. “A whale is in trouble, I have to go!”

  226. Fox news with another one of their stoopid Frank Luntz hatchet jobs…including famous Fred Barnes.

    I’m glad Americans are most likely watching something else.

  227. This outta be good….FOX has 29 uncomitted voters, repub, dem, indis

    ya think this is fixed news?

    we’ll see how bambi fares

  228. why the hell don’t thay use the SAME poll sources for each state when they are available. this is all such BS

    and I’m bitching about the Republicans!

  229. well wouldn’t you know it…there is a huge beef recall happening right now. It is totally sick what abuse they do to these poor animals. May god have mercy on the animals and may he send wraths of fury to those who are so cruel. I really believe in true karma and one way or another those people will pay for this cruelty…in some way.

    I had to turn off Cnn..this makes me cry.

  230. It needs to be Tuesday already and I need to remember to vote on Tuesday. There’s a little controversy brewing up here regarding the primary, so the results should be interesting.

  231. that is no more “live” than those dead cows by now that just got abused and finally put out of their misery.

    People…stop eating meat.

  232. Oh, the animal rescue makes me cry too, so does animal cops. sad stuff. those people have a spot reserved in hell especially for them if it exists. Sickos.

  233. There’s some crazy stat out there that 80% of the registered voters in WA said they’d vote in the primary while only 30% said they’d vote in the caucus. I don’t get us.

    There’s a buzz that if the turnout is significantly higher than the caucus and the results are significantly different (um, duh, they will be) the state may take that into account when allocating delegates. Who knows though.

  234. info on obama complied by the gop. please email this around and post the link too!

    #10: Obama Was A Constitutional Law Professor:
    At A Recent Fundraiser, Obama Claimed He Was A “Constitutional Law Professor.” “‘I was a constitutional law professor, which means unlike the current president I actually respect the Constitution,’ Obama told an audience at a campaign
    fundraiser.” (Brendan Farrington, “Obama: Bush Fails To Respect The Constitution,” The Associated Press, 3/30/07)
    • On The University Of Chicago Law School Website, Obama Is Listed As A “Senior Lecturer In Law (On Leave Of Absence).”(University Of Chicago Law School Website, , Accessed 3/30/07)
    Obama Made This False Claim In His 2004 Senate Race. “Several direct-mail pieces issued for Obama’s primary [Senate] campaign said he was a law professor at the University of Chicago. He is not. He is a senior lecturer (now on leave) at the
    school. In academia, there is a vast difference between the two titles. Details matter.” (Lynn Sweet, “Obama’s Book: What’s Real,
    What’s Not” Chicago Sun-Times, 8/8/04)

    #9: Obama’s Parents “Got Together” Because Of The 1965 Selma March:
    In His Selma Speech, Obama Said His Parents “Got Together” And He Was Born As A Result Of The Selma March.
    Obama: “Because some folks were willing to march across a bridge. So they got together and Barack Obama, Jr. was born. So don’t tell me I don’t have a claim on Selma, Alabama.” (Senator Barack Obama, Remarks At Brown Chapel AME Church, Selma, AL, 3/4/07)
    • “Earlier In The Day At A Prayer Breakfast, The Illinois Democrat Said: ‘If It Hadn’t Been For Selma, I Wouldn’t Be Here.’” (Anne E. Kornblut and Peter Whoriskey, “Clinton, Obama Link Selma March To Present,” The Washington Post, 3/5/07)

    But Obama Was Born In 1961, 4 YEARS BEFORE The 1965 Selma March. “Barack Obama was born in Hawaii on August
    4th, 1961.” (Obama For America Website, , Accessed 3/6/07; Anne E. Kornblut and Peter Whoriskey, “Clinton, Obama Link Selma March To Present,” The Washington Post, 3/5/07)

    #8: Obama Was Fluent In Indonesian As A Child:
    Obama’s Claim That He Quickly Became Fluent In Indonesian As A Child Was Disputed By A Former Teacher. “Obama has claimed on numerous occasions to have become fluent in Indonesian in six months. Yet those who knew him disputed that
    during recent interviews. Israella Pareira Darmawan, Obama’s 1st-grade teacher, said she attempted to help him learn the Indonesian language by going over pronunciation and vowel sounds. He struggled greatly with the foreign language, she said, and with his studies as a result.”
    (Kirsten Scharnberg and Kim Barker, “The Not-So-Simple Story Of Barack Obama’s Youth,” Chicago Tribune, 3/25/07)

    #7: Obama Mistakenly Received A Letter From A Company In Which He Owned Stock:
    “Obama Said At Some Point In Fall 2005 He Got A Stockholder Letter. He Said He Believes It Was From AVI Or Skyterra, But He Couldn’t Remember Which Company.”
    (Nedra Pickler, “Obama Unaware Of Investment Conflicts,” The Associated
    Press, 3/7/07)
    • According To SEC Records, SkyTerra Did Not Send Investors Its SEC Proxy Forms In Fall 2005. “The origin of the shareholder update Obama referred to remains unclear. SkyTerra, like many public companies, sends investors copies of its Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) proxy forms, also known as 14As, but none were issued
    during the fall of 2005, according to SEC records.” (Elana Schor, “2008 And Counting: Sen. Obama Pivots After Bad Press,” The Hill, 3/8/07)
    • AVI Investor-Relations Director: “It Doesn’t Sound Like Anything We Would Have Sent Out.” “AVI generally sends mailings to shareholders or institutional investors that proactively request them or sign up for e-mail lists, said Michael Hubbard, AVI’s investor-relations director. ‘It doesn’t sound like anything we would have sent out,’ Hubbard said.” (Elana Schor, “2008 And Counting: Sen. Obama Pivots After Bad Press,” The Hill, 3/8/07)

    #6: Obama’s Campaign Only Had “Very Attenuated” Ties To The “1984” Ad Creator: Obama Suggested That “1984” Ad Creator Phil De Vellis Was The Equivalent Of A Contract Employee And Therefore Could Not Be Held Responsible For His Conduct.
    “Thursday, Obama said of de Vellis that his campaign had no way of knowing who this person was.’ ‘If I have a phone contract with Verizon and an employee of a phone company does something that you know … we’re not responsible for that,’ Obama said.” (Jake Tapper and Jonathan Greenberger, “Anti-Clinton Ad Maker Lived With Obama Senate Staffer,” ABC News, 3/23/07)

    De Vellis Is An Employee Of Blue State Digital, A Computer Firm Consulting For Obama. “Obama’s campaign says it had no role in creating or posting the ad. But Wednesday, Democratic operative Philip de Vellis took credit for the ad. It turned out
    that he worked for Blue State Digital, a computer firm that is among Obama’s consultants.” (Dan Morain, “Ad Creator Claimed Role In Obama Campaign,” Los Angeles Times, 3/23/07)
    • Joe Rospars, A Co-Founder Of Blue State Digital, Is Now Obama’s Director Of New Media. “Blue State helped design Obama’s Web site, and one of the firm’s founding members, Joe Rospars, took a leave from the company to
    work as Obama’s director of new media.” (Jim Kuhnhenn, “Anti-Clinton Ad Puts Spotlight On Obama,” The Associated Press, 3/23/07)
    “On Thursday, An Earlier E-Mail Surfaced In Which De Vellis Boasted To Numerous People About His Role In The Creation Of A Web Page, My.BarackObama. Com, A Site Designed By Blue State Digital.” (Dan Morain, “Ad Creator Claimed Role In Obama Campaign,” Los Angeles Times, 3/23/07)
    Obama’s Press Secretary Recently Lived With De Vellis, Undermining Obama’s Previous Statements That His Campaign Had Only “Very Attenuated” Ties. “The press secretary for Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., recently lived with the creator of the scathingly satirical YouTube video ad that attacked Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., a revelation that seems to undermine the senator’s claim that he and his campaign had only ‘very attenuated’ ties with the ad’s creator.” (Jake Tapper and Jonathan Greenberger, “Anti-Clinton Ad Maker Lived With Obama Senate Staffer,” ABC News, 3/23/07)

    #5: Obama’s Campaign Didn’t Have The “Technical Capacity” To Produce The “1984” Ad:
    Obama Claims Campaign Didn’t Have The “Technical Capacity” To Create The Ad. Obama: “But it’s not something that we had anything to do with or were aware of and that frankly, given what it looks like, we don’t have the technical capacity to
    create something like that.” (CNN’s “Larry King Live,” 3/24/07)
    But The Creator Admitted All It Took Was A “Sunday Afternoon” On His Mac. Phillip de Vellis: “I made the ad on a Sunday afternoon in my apartment using my personal equipment (a Mac and some software), uploaded it to YouTube, and sent links around to blogs.” (The Huffington Post, “I Made the “Vote Different” Ad,” Posted By Phil De Vellis, l, Posted 3/21/07 )

    #4: Obama’s Campaign Claimed His High School Friend Tried To Extort Money From Them: “According To The Obama Campaign, [Obama’s Punahou Classmate Keith] Kakugawa Explicitly Raised The Possibility That He Could Make Up False Stories About Obama, Implying He Would Do So If The Campaign Did NotGive Him Money.”
    (Maurice Possley, Kirsten Scharnberg and Ray Gibson, “An Old Friend’s Troublesome Return,” Chicago Tribune, 3/25/07)
    Kakugawa Was “Infuriated” By The Charge And Flatly Denied It. “That allegation infuriated Kakugawa, prompting him to speak to the Tribune after repeatedly refusing to do so. ‘You must understand, I am not an extortionist,’ he said in a telephone interview from Los Angeles, where he is living out of a car with an acquaintance after being released from a California prison on
    March 10. ‘Listen, I’m homeless. … I ask everyone I know for money.’”
    (Maurice Possley, et al, “An Old Friend’s Troublesome Return,”
    Chicago Tribune, 3/25/07)
    • “Kakugawa Wouldn’t Discuss His School Days With Obama Other Than To Say He Considered The Senator ‘A Brother’ And ‘Wouldn’t Do A Damn Thing To Ever Hurt His Campaign.’” (Maurice Possley, et al, “An Old Friend’s Troublesome Return,” Chicago Tribune, 3/25/07)

    #3: Obama Places Himself In The Central Role In The Altgeld Gardens Asbestos Campaign: Obama “Unfairly Omits Others Responsible For The Successes Of The Asbestos Campaign.” “And though most memoirs place their authors at the center of events, critics of Dreams From My Father say the book unfairly omits others responsible for the successes of the asbestos campaign, an event that Obama portrays as central to his maturation as a political leader.” (Peter Wallsten, “Obama Memoir Left Out Credits For Activism, Critics Say,” Los Angeles Times, 2/19/07)
    “Obama Did Not Play The Singular Role In The Asbestos Episode.” “They say Obama did not play the singular role in the asbestos episode that he portrays in the best-selling memoir ‘Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance.’ Credit for pushing officials to deal with the cancer-causing substance, according to interviews and news accounts from that period, also goes to a well-known preexisting group at Altgeld Gardens and to a local newspaper called the Chicago Reporter. Obama does not mention either one in his book.” (Peter Wallsten, “Obama Memoir Left Out Credits For Activism, Critics Say,” Los Angeles Times, 2/19/07)

    #2: Obama Had Heated Discussions With A High School Friend Named “Ray” About Racial Issues:
    Although Obama Recounts “Heated Conversations About Racism” With A Character He Calls “Ray,” The Real “Ray” Says It Never Happened. “In his best-selling autobiography, ‘Dreams from My Father,’ Obama describes having heated conversations about racism with another black student, ‘Ray.’ The real Ray, Keith Kakugawa . . . said he does recall long, soulful talks with the young Obama and that his friend confided his longing and loneliness. But those talks, Kakugawa said, were not about race. ‘Not even close’ . . .”
    (Kirsten Scharnberg and Kim Barker, “The Not-So-Simple Story Of Barack Obama’s Youth,” Chicago Tribune, 3/25/07)
    Obama Did Not Participate In Discussions On Race With His Fellow Black Classmates In High School. “The handful of black students who attended Punahou School in Hawaii, for instance, say they struggled mightily with issues of race and racism there. But absent from those discussions, they say, was another student then known as Barry Obama.”
    (Kirsten Scharnberg and Kim Barker, “The Not-So-Simple Story Of Barack Obama’s Youth,” Chicago Tribune, 3/25/07)

    #1: Seeing A Photograph In Life Or Ebony Magazine Changed Obama’s Life:
    The Life Magazine Article And Photograph Obama Discusses “Doesn’t Exist.”
    “Then there’s the copy of Life magazine that Obama presents as his racial awakening at age 9. In it, he wrote, was an article and two accompanying photographs of an African-American man physically and mentally scarred by his efforts to lighten his skin. In fact, the Life article and the photographs don’t exist, say the magazine’s own historians.”
    (Kirsten Scharnberg and Kim Barker, “The Not-So-Simple Story Of Barack
    Obama’s Youth,” Chicago Tribune, 3/25/07)

    Obama Volunteered It May Have Been Ebony Magazine, But No Such Ebony Article Matched Obama’s Description. “When asked about the discrepancy, Obama said in a recent interview, ‘It might have been an Ebony or it might have been …who knows what it was?’ (At the request of the Tribune, archivists at Ebony searched their catalogue of past articles, none of which matched what Obama recalled.)” (Kirsten Scharnberg and Kim Barker, “The Not-So-Simple Story Of Barack Obama’s Youth,” Chicago
    Tribune, 3/25/07)

  235. I will never understand caucuses (cauci? what is the plural?). Seriously…why would you have BOTH a caucus and a primary? I’m I just missing something here?

  236. Some Clinton supporters have been urging people to vote in the primary and some Obama supporters were peeved because they all threw their ballots away and he won the state etc. The Obama supporters are suggesting that the Clinton camp is the one who’s really behind it so they can claim “victory”, but the Clinton camp denies it. The Obama supporters also blamed the robocalls that told the wrong date of the caucus on the Clinton campaign, when it was in face the Obama campaign making them.

  237. well what you want to bet that most Hillary supporters have good hearts. I take in every tom, dick and harry stray that comes around. I sneak and feed stray cats behind the barn…hubby won’t be mean but he has his limits. I have to make him turn any channel that shows animal suffering.

    Whatcha wanna bet Bambi and MichellObat kick sick animals when they are down.

  238. Some special “guest” pol about to be on FOX, “We know he can shake hands and we know he can talk”

    “we know who that is” Bill Hemmer says

    Bill Clinton comes to mind, but he’s not around there…


  239. Washington has had a caucus, which is how we choose our delegates. We also, for reasons I do not know, have a primary which means NOTHING to the democrats. The republicans use part of the primary to allocate delegates. 88% of the state votes by absentee, most received their ballots 2-3 weeks before the caucus, and it was hard trying to convince them that if they wanted their vote to count they had to go to the caucus.

    We suck, basically.

  240. There’s no GOTV for this primary, it’s rather meaningless, but I suspect the turnout to be higher than the caucus. 10% of those who voted for Kerry in 2004 showed up for the caucus.

  241. Well, I would suggest getting every Hillary supporter you know out there, and I think this is another skipped opportunity by Hillary, meaningless or not.

  242. the more I read how different states do this .. the more I understand why America is no longer the leader of the world..much less free world.

    How hard would it be to come up with a simple primary selection. One system…every state does the same .. I agree to distribution of delegates to a point but this other caucus,,then have a primary too..this is beyond stupid.

    I am more worried for this country than ever.

  243. RE: animals. I hate to burst your bubble, dot, but I eat meat. I like meat. I am a member of PETA. People for the Eating of Tasty Animals. It’s so not a moral issue for me.

    That being said, I do not abide by nor condone the maltreatment of any animal. Never have, but having my Boston (my 1st dog as an adult), I would kill someone who hurt him. In fact he went after hubby one night and hubby went after him. I broke hubby’s nose. My boys get jealous sometimes of each other and I have to mediate. Guess I’m just that sexy. 😆

    Anyhow, Frank Luntz is the guy who did the roundup of 👿 bots and pointed out none of them could name one single accomplishment by him. So, Frank isn’t on my bad side. Yet.

    All this talk about TX reminds me that I need to educate my mother about what to do on the 4th (she’s in Houston). She’s laid up with 3 broken ribs and should be in the hospital, but she swears she’ll be up by then.

  244. obama’s lies abt his ancestry confirmed… not african american, he is actually arab american.

  245. The primaries should all be held on one day. And no damn caucuses! No Independents or repubs should be allowed in a democratic primary!

  246. Hate to say it, but this is one time I’m going to thoroughly enjoy watching the repugs chew someone up and spit them out.

  247. LoL, Idunn, if the GOP gets their hands on Obama we should hole up in your basement with your gun and some popcorn and enjoy the bloodshed. Party!

  248. Even if the WA primary does not affect the delegate count it can have an impact of superdelegates who may be looking at the overall popular vote when deciding who to vote for at the convention. Especially since Obama is saying that the popular vote should not be ignored. In that case it is not a meaningless primary. Plus if Hillary wins big, it may give pause the the state democratic party about the allocation of delegates if they can do that.

  249. @mjs… to us its old, but to most non-poli junkie, its new… most just listen/watch the msm so they have no clue what is really going on here.

  250. “I must pause very briefly to note usage of the word Negro in what follows: In all academic studies of race, the proper scientific word for the ethnic composition I discuss is Negro. For any who scream racist at its mention, I say take it up with the scientific community. It’s not my word, it’s theirs. I am using it in its proper scientific context.

    Why is the fact that Mr. Obama is only 6.25% African Negro not reported?

    Because to acknowledge it is to report this devastating truth about him: Mr. Obama is not legally African-American. It is impossible for him to be, in truth, America’s first African-American president.

    Federal law requires that to claim a minority status, you must be at least 1/8 of the descriptor, but for the sake of this article, I’ve converted it to a decimal fraction for easier comprehension. You must be at least 12.5% of the racial component you claim for minority status. Mr. Obama, claiming to be African-American, is half the legal threshold.

    Again, to let it sink in: Mr. Obama is not legally African-American. It is impossible for him to be, in truth, America’s first African-American president.

    Yet claiming to be African-American is the soul and substance of his claim to fame. It is what he has used throughout his adult life to distinguish himself from other competitors. It is the ethnic identity he proclaims, and it is the ethnic identity he craves. Without it, he is just another mixed race Caucasian Arab with an African influence playing on his skin’s pigmentation.

    But no matter what he craves, no matter what he has used to propel himself through life, no matter the racist presumption of seeing his skin and without question calling him black, the hard, cold, genetically inarguable reality remains: he is not an African-American.

    Mr. Obama is 50% Caucasian, that from his mother. What those who want Mr. Obama to write history by becoming “America’s first African-American president” ignore is that his father was ethnically Arabic, with only 1 relative ethnically African Negro – a maternal great-grandparent (Sen. Obama’s great-great grandparent, thus the 6.25% ethnic contribution to the senator’s ethnic composition.).

    That means that Mr. Obama is 50% Caucasian from his mother’s side. He is 43.75% Arabic, and 6.25% African Negro from his father’s side.”

  251. “That means that Mr. Obama is 50% Caucasian from his mother’s side. He is 43.75% Arabic, and 6.25% African Negro from his father’s side.”

    So BHO is actually a white man then. 50%>43.75%>6.25%.

  252. We all need to meet. Didn’t we have a plan to go to Puerto Rico to campaign? If you got all of us together campaigning, we would be the most dedicated, effective group ever!

  253. Got to admit BHO sure knows how to cherry pick whatever is best for him. Maybe Hillary should take a genetic test. She might be 1% African too? :-))))).

  254. True Hawk. And I could probably afford it by then! I lived in VI for 3 years….love it down there, but don’t speak a word of Spanish. Spoze I could get Rosetta Stone from Craigslist or something 🙂

  255. it’s disgusting though, how he can still play the race card when his 50% white side comes from a slave-owning family, and his other side is 43.5% Arab lol 😛 and his only claimable african side is from the continent of Africa…not a direct slave descendant. lol

  256. Spacegirlart, I speak espanol, we could be awesome down there all of us. I will be able to afford it then and I will be on summer vacation.

  257. perhaps we all ought to try to go to Ohio to gotv. It’s not too far for me and dear hubby did say we’d find the $ somewhere. We could maybe arrange to just all get one room and pile in for a few days. I’m game. I’m married, white, female, 50 whose main attire is sweats. I’m not bashful about sharing room with anyone here.

  258. “TeamClinton08 Says:

    It doesn’t matter what race he is what matters is that he is a phony, media hyped, empty suit.”

    Well said. Really don’t understand what his supporters see in him. A friend of mine who is a university professor became BHO supporter just because BHO said in a speech that he would increase research fundings, crap like that. It’s just a promise! How many promises has the guy made? What does Hillary say about research fundings?

  259. Everytime they show bambi from the Wisconsin dinner last night, he scares me more and more. He looks MEAN and angry in that speech.

    less like bambi, more like bambam

  260. everyone, for real. do you need to go there regarding that absurd article about obama’s african heritage. please. that reflects very very very badly on us. please let it go. nothing good can come of making anything out of that.

  261. jubjub, OMG, Hillary has laid out comprehensive plans to increase funding for academic research. And, this guy is a professor? God help us.

  262. excuse me, i don’t mean “everyone” when i said everyone!! 🙂 i mean can the subject please be let go.

  263. Where in PR TeamClinton08? I would love to visit the mountain town of Cayey. But I would seriously love to go there to campaign.

  264. ” mj Says:

    jubjub, OMG, Hillary has laid out comprehensive plans to increase funding for academic research. And, this guy is a professor? God help us.”

    He went to a BHO rally. I guess professors can be stupid too.

  265. another_reader, these are facts. We are merely expressing how disgruntled we are that everyone has thought bambam was African American when in fact, he’s not. There’s nothing wrong with what he is, its just that he based a large part of his campaign starting with SOuth Carolina on being African American. meaning, he based it off of lies.

  266. I agree with you another_reader. this is rather a non issue. And not a good one to try and make into one. Let’s leave THAT stuff to others. It sounds too much like the muslim email, even IF it might be the case. It has nothing to do with anything. Not even lying, IMO. I can assume that MOST OF US have blood ties that would make us less than 100%, 50% or 12.5% of some other race. We have bigger fish to fry.

    Let’s get Hillary elected

  267. It is possible he doesn’t know. He may have assumed due to appearance and the whole Kenya tie that meant he was AA. I don’t care. It doesn’t make him a hypocrite like adulterous, gay blow jobs while hitting the crack pipe while a sitting state senator who now uses anti-gay rhetoric and activists to further his campaign.

    That is something I mind very much.

  268. @another reader:
    as mjs said… this is abt his lies. this is a BIG lie too. its not changing your mind abt campaign finance. this is him lying abt his own heritage! a heritage that he has manufactured to exploit AAs all over this country! he is lying about who he IS.

  269. That was “interesting” on FOX. Basically, Obama was hot air, hil and mccain the better candidates, but barack has the best commercial.

    back to the popiel sale. item looks great. you pay 29.95, and get this little plastic piece of crap that looks like a million bucks on tv.

  270. HAWK>>>>>>>WAAAAAA. I wanna be there too with you guys! NO FAIR! You can’t laugh all over PR with IDunn by yourself!

    talk about DIVERSITY! That would be we! In fact, this BOARD reflects the diversity of Hillary’s support!

  271. Idunn, if you and me get together to campaign, we will be feisty and hardcore Hillary campaigners.

    Lord, we WOULD be fierce! 🙂

  272. That blowjob stuff is a complete lie. I can not believe you would buy that for a minute. The guy making the claim isn’t even attractive.

  273. No PR for me. Trying to get preggers. Hope it will happen soon. If hubby and I don’t get over the flu soon, we may never get to “practice” again. There’s something about 103 degree temps and snots that is soooooo unsexy.

  274. mj, I do believe the guy. It all sorta makes sense. And when does attractive have anything to do with it? I bet even Oafrah has gotten laid.

  275. That would be diverse spacegirlart, if all of us (or those able) got together in 1 place to campaign, Hill would for sure win that state or town or wherever we were.

  276. Anyway, regarding Bambi calling himself African American when he has such mixed blood: doesn’t really matter to me. I’m in the same boat, so I can kind of understand it being difficult to define yourself racially. To look at me, you wouldn’t know whether I’m black, white or native American (I’m all 3 in varying degrees). If I’m speaking and making a point about something, sometimes I’ll identify myself as bi-racial or a “woman of color” or someone who is black or white or native american. It’s all true…that’s who I am.

    I don’t however, check off those little racial identification boxes on forms. Mainly because I’d be there all day, but also because it ain’t nobodies damned business anyway. 😉

  277. I’m in for PR. I’m white and don’t speak spanish but I have boobs to that’ll work. I’m going to email you as soon as I get home hawk, I just keep putting it off.

  278. hawk, you and me both. I was sick first and now hubby is. This strain takes de minimus three weeks to get over. I am at 3 weeks, 2 days. He’s about 8 days in. 🙁

    I’m still draining, but at least no longer feverish and achy. The whole damn town is sick. Even the courthouse was a ghost town last week.

  279. Actually, I think that would be a huge deal if he was of arab decent and not black african. It doesn’t matter to me. I’d vote for an arab american. I could care a less, but lying about ones herritage is weird. Though, I see know evidence of that, as of yet.

  280. Yes, I saw it, but he does not provide evidence.

    The Larry stuff is such crap, why the heck would any of you entertain it? People make stuff up like this all the time.

  281. mj, and before you say “polygraphs aren’t admissible in court.” That’s not exactly true. DA’s drop charges all the time when defendants pass a lie detector. I have had several clients walk on charges of which they were not guilty based on their passing those tests.

  282. oh i got home check news…and im lmao okieatty and mj..hawk..he looks like larry from thee 3 stooges. tps or whoever said it my stomach hurts laughing so hard, hope i dont have obotUlism..lmao..that woild really creep me out…

  283. MJS Says:

    February 17th, 2008 at 11:27 pm
    if he passes the polygraph test, you can bet to high heavens I’m sounding the alarm on BO to the world
    lmao DING DING pull the alarm

  284. OkieAtty, I’m with you on the Sinclair business. I also think this story, if shown to be the slightest bit credible, will get bigger. All I’m going to say on this subject…

  285. you know…everyone thinks this guy is lying, but I don’t think he is. He has faced death threats and other vulgar things because he came out to say this, but he isn’t backing down and is even CHALLENGING Obama to a polygraph test. Something tells me this guy isn’t 100% lying. He might not be 100% accurate, but there is some truth to his words.

  286. I wrote thi8s on another forum about Hillary medical care
    No one will be homeless with her plan. This is BS and propaganda. But certain people will NEVER buy medical care even if it only costs a dime to them. This is reality. It is physiological condition of sorts. my mother is a doctor and she worked in NY hospitals and saw how well did it worked. Until Blomberg made it mandatory to buy the medical care for everyone – people refused to do it no matter what. Same thing in Vermont and Massachusetts. and until it became mandatory the costs were running at 160-180% of the planned. due to a big number of cases that were outside the coverage and still got aid. It is a reality that he don’t see.

    Obama guy reaply to me

    You don’t know what you are talking about (some things never change). Hillary has said that she will deduct the payments from people’s paycheque. The lowest income earners will be feeling this, and they could end up homeless or going without heating, or something. Poverty will go up with Hillary’s plan, it is not BS/Propaganda, it is simple mathematics, an economical fact. This is the reality that you don’t see.

  287. Ok, back to the game:

    Fill in the blank:

    “Yes, we can check the box on being Arab American when applying to Harvard.”

  288. I don’t know if the guy is telling the truth or not. I am saying from what I know about drugs, homosexual acts in minority communities, barack obama, chicago, and his case that he is not asking for $ in the suit and he is willing to take a test and can describe his genetalia….I am just leaning to one side, as Mao Zedong would say. Until I see evidence otherwise, I don’t know.

    Now let’s leave this topic.

  289. I just found this website for those of you in Texas:

    Austin Hillary supporters – is live. It will serve as a central, grassroots resource for news, events, organization, and materials leading up to the big March 4th win!

    There are three big key steps everyone must take to jumpstart our online presence:
    1. Send any and all event listings/PDFs/news links to
    2. Make your homepage for the next three weeks. Every day, we’ll post news links, youtube clips, events, photos, and endorsements.
    3. Send this message and the website out to every Hillary supporter you know and ask them to do the same.

  290. “Yes, we can get preferential treatment in the property tax department and only pay 40% of our neighbor’s tax rate.”

  291. i think ls is a slow learner,to watching his actions,a very cautious type of what he says,so i think in ways he could be very credible.thats all im saying too..

  292. “Yes, we can interview our heads of state in the back of a limo…or in a Gurney hotel room.”

    That’s for you MJS. xoxo

  293. With a bit of madness maybe, but not by the hand of the Chosen One. I think I’d rather not have Obamabotulism, TYVM.

  294. Whether or not Sinclair is real, it probably won’t become a scandal like um…bills stuff with flowers, and it is doubtful the MSM will go there too far. It just SOUNDS too tabloid and it will be hard to sell. But there is probably really BIG stuff with Rezko that the media will be hard-pressed to ignore completely. Let them look at the big fish. Sinclair will pale in comparison. He’ll get $100K, can come out of the ALF, save the taxpayer’s some money and appear on Jerry Springer.

    Rezko will be real theatre. Sinclair is a side show.

  295. Well Idunn, we all know that B.O is a homophobe. Maybe he had feelings that he is ashamed of when he hugged that hunk Edwards. lol

  296. You’re focusing to much on the BJ, Spacegirl. Who cares about that? (except maybe Lar-reee)

    The pipe is the biggie, if the whole tale is true.

    (which is probably isn’t)

  297. Idunn, I’m not really focusing on any of it at all. I think that part too will not get too far, unless Rezko opens up. The JD is interested in fraud, graft and corruption, and the US Attorney’s will cut someone a deal on the pipe stuff (if it is true) to get the bigger crime.

  298. omg 🙁

    i just watched the cow abuse video 🙁 ugh. I’m close to crying/barfing 🙁 how could ANY HUMAN BE SO CRUEL?

    These poor creatures are getting tortured before they are slaughtered? TALK ABOUT KICKING SOMEONE WHEN THEY’RE DOWN

  299. CHICAGO — CBS News has learned that Barack Obama met with John Edwards in North Carolina today, according to a Democratic source.

    Edwards has yet to make an endorsement since dropping out of the presidential race last month.

    “I don’t think there’s any imminent news,” Obama told CBS affiliate WISC-TV this afternoon.

    “We were exchanging views, he was giving me some thoughts, and obviosuly he’s gonna be a big force in the Democratic party for many years to come.”
    Campaign officials would not specify whether the meeting included a promise of an Edwards endorsement.”

  300. mj-was it you who was asking whether Barack was a professor?

    My understanding is that he was a Harvard Adjunct Professor and perhaps a junkey professor as well. They have them at Harvard you know. Indeed, who was Dr. Timothy Oleary but a Harvard Professor. And what is he best remembered for? Yup: tune it, turn on, drop out. He too was a cult leader but the magic elexhir he was peddling was not hopium but LSD.

    But we digress . . .

  301. Aw hell, I missed L Word. Day-am. Oh, well. It’ll replay. I wish I had a bacon cheeseburger right now. 🙁 Or a BLT heavy mayo.

    Tomorrow is a court holiday but I still have to go in for a few hours. I prolly ought to leave.

    Shit. Who am I kidding. I wish I knew how to quit you….

    bwahahahaha 😆

  302. Several people commented earlier on Barack Obama lifting a speech from Deval Patrick line by line in his Milwaukee speech. I recall in the 1988 primary campiagn Joe Biden was forced to drop out because he plagiarized a speech by British politician Neil Kinnock who was the leader of labor party at that time.

    I have a question: Does Obama’s behavior constitute plagiarism? If it is, is the media giving him a free pass on this?

    I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

  303. wbboei, actually he is a senior lecturer at University of Chicago Law. Shame he holds the same rank as Richard Posner who is actually THE shit when it comes to the academics of law. I hear there is some shadiness over that and some very hurt feelings since 👿 has never actually done a damn thing professionally and is the furthest thing from an academic.

  304. I love America Ferrera…hell she was at Joe’s Bar today in Austin supporting Hillary. It’s hard to find celebs to endorse let alone those who will travel, campaign; she’s amazing…and probably spending her own money on some of this travel too.

    OkieAtty – I missed L Word too…is this season any better?

  305. The opening on this was funny, and the writer has a point about how inept politics in the US are.

    “Barack Obama, apparently, has been the symbol of hope. But that could be quite distressing, because his entire campaign has revolved around the slogan “Yes we can.” I’m all for keeping political ideas simple, but he’s reduced them to Bob the bloody Builder. Maybe he’s planning to steal other catchphrases from children’s TV characters, so his next campaign adverts will go “Barack Obama – flobalob lob obalob weed.”

    In truth Obama is even more vacuous than Bob, because he doesn’t even say what it is we can, whereas Bob is unequivocal that it’s the issue of whether we can fix it. But they’re all as ridiculous. A typical John McCain speech went, “I promise I will always put America first – her ideals and her future, before any other consideration.” Then his fans all cheered. Because that should trump the candidates who disagree, saying, “Well I won’t. I’ll put the interests of Austria first. I’m sick of America.”

    Obama now has a video, in which a variety of celebrities sing the words “vote, change and hope” It would be worth trying to confuse one of his canvassers by saying, “Oh no, I’d rather support someone who’s against hope. It only brings trouble, hope does.” But perhaps he’ll get more ambitious and make whole speeches full of random words, telling the people of Montana, “Brothers and sisters, buttercup Barcelona laminated frog radish but not and never hedgehog.”

  306. Ininla, Tibette is back on. They made like massive sexy time last week. I still hate Jenny though. She’s now a freaked out Hollyweird type who should be beaten with one of 👿 speeches.

  307. I think the plagerism is potentially some of the most serious stuff in his background…Well on second thought it’s gettin’ hard to keep track of it all. But as an ex Prof, I am most suspicious of the pattern of these lifts here and there of other people’s material. I don’t know how much of the Patrick speech he used, but since their friends I don’t think it matters so much, at least not to them, perhaps. But the other day the McCain camp was pointing out how badly he BO had lifted material from Hillary’s economic plan. The pattern seems to range from words or phrases to longer sentences and perhaps some key concepts.

  308. TPS,
    Of course they’re giving him a free pass on plagiarism.
    Note the earlier HuffPost link I posted, where Axelrod explains away he & Duvall having the same speeches as a kind of friendly sharing of material.
    And of course they ran a headline to that effect.

    Moreover, not a single network has picked up on it since J. Tapper at ABC blogged about it. What a joke.

  309. Yeah, well, Patrick was caught lifting alot of stuff from Bill Clinton’s 1992 speeches. He explained that away by saying how inspirational Clinton was for him.

  310. From Mark Halperin at TIME:
    “Most of all, the media is almost certain to cover any Edwards endorsement for at least forty-eight hours. With just over two weeks to go before the all-important Ohio and Texas primaries (and with early voting in Texas starting this week), that alone makes Edwards’ nod much desired.
    As to what Edwards might do in the end, several informed Democrats believe no endorsement could be the most likely outcome. ABC News reports that Edwards’ advisers believe he will decide before the March 4 primaries. But the best reported tea leaves come from the Associated Press, whose reporting has been confirmed by The Page, regarding John and Elizabeth Edwards:

    “The couple has been impressed with Clinton, who has more effectively courted them since the 2004 vice presidential nominee dropped out, people who talk to the Edwardses say. Obama has been less attentive, they say, and some of those close to the Edwardses have been annoyed that Obama has continued to ridicule him for once saying his biggest weakness is that he has a powerful response to seeing pain in others.”

  311. dot 48: today, I spoke to the national campaign, and the campaigns in Wisconsin, Texas and Ohio. I sent the article we talked about to all of them. The Texas contingent was particularly enthusiastic about it and may use it both on the trail and with the press. Ditto the Ohio contingent. They will have it in all Hillary offices in all three states, so I am glad you suggested sending to them. BillO got a care package today too re MSNBC etc. Oooooops wrong button.

  312. Funny, i never gave my students a free pass on copying material of others or quoting without citation. For somebody who is suppose to be a role model for young people it’s pretty serious stuff. My guess is it’s probably against the Honor Code or whatever at Harvard Law.

  313. MJ,
    Did he? I did not know that -though I’ve sure been blasting BO for lifting from Bill’s speeches.
    Not one single major news media report on it that I’ve found the entire campaign.

    of course it’s not just Clinton’s stump speech that he’s stolen.
    It’s almost his entire platform, his rationale for running.

  314. The campaign could sure make a good ad out of the ‘stolen’ rhetoric and positions. First a clip of Bill Clinton (or whoever said it first) in context, getting applause (and maybe a date overlaid). Then a clip of Obama saying the same thing, later date, less applause. Lots and lots of such clips, back to back. Show him as a pale imitation.

  315. OkieAtty – good that TiBette are back. Jenny’s based on the creator of the show, Ilene Chaiken, who is supporting Hillary, and I wish she got one of the girls to support. I told the Los Angeles office had I had time (was away most of Jan before CA’s super tues)… I would’ve organized L Word screenings for them, so that every Sun, a bunch of women could phone bank and then watch the show.

    I think this could be effective for a place like TX and even Ohio – Sunday L Word screening and phone bank. Maybe will contact their LGBT campaign coordinators if there are any…

  316. He’s no Patrick, but truth betold, aside from his success with getting the leg to vote down a popular vote initiative on marriage equality(which was very big, though the leg would have just tabled it anyway, IMO, and it is nothing Obama would ever do), Patrick has not yet become a good Governor. I still have, dare I say, hope for him. But, he hasn’t proven himself at all yet. Patrick, though, is a nice guy, he’s no pompous ass.

  317. Ah, and just like that, the NY Times carries it Monday
    (note Axelrod nerveously spinning within):

    “Both men had anticipated that Mr. Obama’s rhetorical strength would provide a point of criticism. Mr. Patrick said he told Mr. Obama that he should respond to the criticism, and he shared language from his campaign with Mr. Obama’s speechwriters.
    Mr. Patrick said he did not believe Mr. Obama should give him credit.

    “Who knows who I am? The point is more important than whose argument it is,” said Mr. Patrick, who telephoned The New York Times at the request of the Obama campaign. “It’s a transcendent argument.”

    David Axelrod, the chief strategist for Mr. Obama who also advised Mr. Patrick, said Sunday that Mr. Obama adapted the words from Mr. Patrick. Mr. Axelrod said that he did not write the words for either candidate.
    “They often riff off one another. They share a world view,” Mr. Axelrod said. “Both of them are effective speakers whose words tend to get requoted and arguments tend to be embraced widely.”

  318. TPS- much of Malcolm X’s “Bamboozle” speech was lifted in SC. Someone posted it here and at TM I think. It was almost word for word.

    I like the Bob the Builder angle better. I told some folks that at the gas station earlier when I went to go get smokes (and you guys didn’t even notice my absence). We sorta hang out and chat from time to time. Anyhow, I was still laughing about it and it came up and they (both Edwards folks) started laughing hysterically and immediately recognized it. Chalk two more for our side.

    (Take your places)

    Can we fix it?
    Yes we can!

    Bob the builder
    Can we fix it?
    Bob the builder
    Yes we can!

    Scoop, Muck and Dizzy
    and Rolly too.
    Lofty and Wendy
    join the crew.
    Bob and the gang
    have so much fun.
    Working together,
    they get the job done!

    Bob the builder
    Can we fix it?
    Bob the builder
    Yes we can!

    Bob the builder
    Can we fix it?
    Bob the builder
    Yes we can!

    Time to get busy.
    Such a lot to do.
    Building and fixing
    till it’s good as new.
    Bob and the gang
    make a really good sound.
    Working all day
    till the sun goes down.

    Bob the builder
    Can we fix it?
    Bob the builder
    Yes we can!

    Bob the builder
    Can we fix it?
    Bob the builder
    Yes we can!

    Can you fix it?
    Left a bit.
    Right a little.
    Ok, straight down.

    We can tackle any situation
    Look out, here we come

    Can we dig it? Yes
    Can we build it? Yes
    Can we fix it? Yes

    Bob the builder
    Can we fix it?
    Bob the builder
    Yes we can!

    Bob the builder
    Can we fix it?
    Bob the builder
    Yes we can!

    Digging and mixing
    Having so much fun
    Working together
    They get the job done

    Can we dig it? Yes
    Can we build it? Yes
    Can we fix it? Yes

    Bob the builder! Hey!!!
    Bob the builder! Altogether now

    Bob the builder
    Can we fix it?
    Bob the builder
    Yes, yes we can!

    Bob the builder
    Can we fix it?
    Bob the builder

    Bob the builder
    Can we fix it?
    Bob the builder
    Yes we can!

    We’d better get some work done

  319. well, hillary should ask Obama then:

    Who exactly is speaking at your rallies? Senator Obama or Governor Patrick because at the moment, I’m confused as to whose words all your supporters are listening to.

  320. This is awesome, it’s about WA Primary on Tuesday, that one that means jack diddly to the Dems. God bless this state for confusing the hell out of everyone.

  321. Austin HQ is 15K sq ft. Jesus Christ, that’s big. I like cozy places. You get to know people better. This warehouse is so big I don’t know if people will ever have a chance to care what my name is.

  322. Holy Shit! Check This (hardly the media narrative the past few weeks):

    But, since this is actually the Democratic primary, perhaps we should look at how Democrats have actually voted. Based on the available exit polling data, we find that Hillary Clinton has a commanding lead over Barack Obama in the number of votes – As of February 16, 2008, 391,992 more Democrats voted for Clinton than Obama.
    That number does not include results from the District of Columbia, because of a lack of exit polling data. If we include DC, and assume that 100% of the voters were Democrats, Clinton still has a lead among Democrats of 333,981 votes.
    But that number also doesn’t include Florida. Add in Florida’s Democrats, and Clinton’s lead advantage increases to 565,684. Nor does it include Michigan; and even if we assign all the Democrats who voted “uncommitted” to Obama,
    Clinton’s lead among Democratic voters grows to 678,276.

  323. A quote from Hillary’s memoir:

    “I asked the people to imagine what the world would be like when Chelsea was my age, the year 2028. ‘One thing we know for sure is that change is certain,’ I said. ‘Progress is not. Progress depends on the choices we make today for tomorrow and on whether we meet our challenges and protect our values.'”

  324. Umm, calling Mark Penn & Howard Wolfson.

    Conference call time?!

    Leading by more than half-million votes, and our opponent’s a plagiaristic cocksucker (How much proof does the media need on that one?)

  325. filberts,
    I know. But check the line right above your post.

    Kind of a significant fact even I didn’t know.

    180 degrees from what we hear.

  326. I didn’t know that fact either. Without this place, I wouldn’t think anything positive was going for Hillary.

  327. filberts, re: media ignoring (suppressing is a better word) any positive news re: Hillary…I think we keep doing what we’re doing virally sending out info, the Republicans have to start bringing their big guns out soon or they face building up a candidate’s momentum that will roll over McCain too, and at some point, this stuff will come out.

    we need to keep sending to local press…

    the Rezko drums are beating…

  328. I am so steamed. I think Hilary’s speeches are so much more uplifting, at least they have been since TT. Not to mention her historic speeches. Obama’s speeches are just fluff. And, yet, he’s the great orator, Hillary is dull according to the media. I am just so upset.

  329. Hmmmmm, overlooked these little babies somehow……

    Ohio: Clinton 55, Obama 34

    Pennsylvania: Clinton 52, Obama 36.

    Quinnipiac / conducted: Feb. 6-12. Error margin: 4.1 points.

  330. Wouldn’t it be great if Hill just said “look we all want change but change, hope, hope, change, blah, blah, blah, come on, folks, we are better than this.” And, then, repeated her quote from her memior:

    “I asked the people to imagine what the world would be like when Chelsea was my age, the year 2028. ‘One thing we know for sure is that change is certain,’ I said. ‘Progress is not. Progress depends on the choices we make today for tomorrow and on whether we meet our challenges and protect our values.’”

    Also, what if she said in response to his horrid “same old cast of characters”, “well, I may be from a familiar cast, but a first lady becoming president sure is not a familar role.”

  331. This was hidden in an ARG poll, which many have discounted. I normally would too, but the plain fact from the democratic vote totals (above)
    to here is that Hill’s winning – big!

    Likely Democratic Primary Voters

    Democrats (62%) Independents (38%)
    Clinton 58% 35%
    Obama 32% 60%
    Undecided 9% 4%

  332. Ininla, I may not go to Texas afterall. Too much of a hassle. I have this fear of hustling and bustling to Texas and walking into the HQ and be assigned to do phone banking. I think I can do phone banking at home.

  333. filberts – L Word is a show about lesbians in Los Angeles, if you google, you’d know. Nothing to offend in this room – was discussing with Okie my idea of how to GOTV through lesbian and gay community through L Word screenings weekly in TX or OH; you have to be in that community to know that L Word watching is almost a ritual every week for lesbians all over the country and why not take advantage to organize people together and phone bank/canvass.

  334. ok filberts – up to you. I know how much they need people on the ground – I think if you volunteer for phone banking that’s what you get, if you take initiative to do other things, then, that’s what you get.

  335. Here’s a website with famous incidents of political plagiarism including Joe Biden. He was caught plagiarising the speech of a British politician during the primary campaign of 1988 and eventually withdrew from the race.

    “…the perception existed in the public mind that Biden just wasn’t the real thing. He wasn’t authentic, didn’t have thoughts and ideas of his own, and was a malleable piece of clay being molded by his handlers to suit the political whims and fancies which they thought would appeal to voters. A Time magazine article by Walter Shapairo was pretty much on the money in offering the speculation that “In the end, Biden may be remembered as the candidate who truly offered the voters an echo and not a choice.”

  336. The people at the SF office aren’t so gunho about pounding the pavement in TX. Two guys I spoke to today said they did their job here and now it’s up to the Texans to do for Hill what we did for her in CA.

    I told them that many in CA are going to TX and they seem genuinely amazed that some supporters would actually traverse to TX to help out the campaign.

    Well, L.A. people are different from the rest of the country.

  337. “any tactics to keep the Republicans home?”

    Yeah. Run John McCain as the candidate.
    But that’s more of s strategy for the general 🙂

  338. BTW, TX and Ohio are pretty conservative states, aren’t they? Even some of the Dems there are social moderates. GOTV with the L Word would’ve been effect in SF and LA, but not sure about TX and OH.

  339. filberts – well, that’s interesting b/c a lot of LA staff are headed to TX in paid positions – it could be because they all know each other, helped each other get the jobs…

    my friends are somewhat amazed too that I’ll travel, volunteer and pay for it on my dime, but really, I consider this my civic duty.

  340. I didn’t post the story or link but WaPo Monday has a big article saying things look good in TX (overall).

    The delegate situation is a mess thanks to the caucus’ and re-districting, but we knew that already.

  341. filberts – the houston stonewall democrats (which is the gay democrats) endorsed Clinton. Houston’s 4th largest city in the country, and therefore, lots of gay people – any large city there will be lots of LGBT. When you have a demographic that’s 60-70% for Hillary – you have to leverage that.

  342. Ininla, well file that under facts I didn’t know about Houston.

    I’ve always thought LA people are different from the rest of the country. You guys think differently. Who says Southern Californians are laid back? Well, it’s good that so many are willing to go the distance and through all the hassles of traveling.

    BTW, maybe the LA staff are heading to TX b/c they’re ordered to. I’m sure many of them would want to stay home and find other jobs.

  343. Anglachel’s Journal isn’t planning to post regularly for a while. This is soo unfortunate because she’s seriously the best blogger I’ve seen in a long time. She posted a few great final posts before she disappears. Be sure to read and tell her that you love her!

  344. Madison Capital Times: Stephen Schlesinger

    “Hillary Clinton Clearly is Best to Lead Nation”

    “…Clinton is a fighter for change. Obama, on the other hand, is a self-described conciliator. What Democrats want today, however, is a battler, not a mediator. They have suffered enough from the vicious blows of President Bush and the Republicans. What the party needs is a nominee who will take the contest directly to the opposition. Come the fall showdown, a candidacy of “friendly persuasion” is going to be Swift-boated into oblivion.”

  345. hi hillfans, are there any other wisconsin polls pending monday or tuesday? mason dixon? i would love a second poll confirming arg. my undertsanding survey uesa has no contracts with wisconsin tv stations. only research 2000.

  346. mj, I agree with you. But at this point, I just have low expectation of people and their expection of Hillary. I’m starting to get used to the idea that nothing Hillary does or say will ever be comparable to Obama in the eyes of his followers or the media.

    Complacency has set in. I just want her to win the nomination. However, even if she wins the nomination, the media is going to get nastier. They will do for McCain what they are doing for Obama. I think we’re in for a very long and rough ride.

    Like I said in my earlier posts, sometimes I wish I could just drink the koolaid and hail Obama the second coming of Christ. It would be so much easier.

  347. Won’t matter what they do to her then. If she get’s the nom, she will be the next President. I have no doubt. But, she can not just roll over in the mean time.

  348. She’s not rolling over. That’s what I love about her.

    The thing is, I’m not as certain as many of you that she can beat McCain. The reason is — as evidenced by Margaret Carlson’s email — the media is out to get her. If they’re this nasty in a Primary, can you imagine what they’ll do to her and for McCain in the GE?

    If everyday you turn on the TV and the news is slanted against one candidate and for another, people will get sucked into the propaganda. Propaganda worked for Goebbel and the German people.

  349. filbert, women will wake up if she gets through this I just wish we could wake them up now. Obama is only getting by because he also offers a first, which the media has pressed as a more significant first(which is utterly absurd).

  350. Women. ha!

    If women were a bit more loyal to their gender, Hillary would be sailing through this Primary.

    I’m sorry, mj. But many women have let Hillary down.

  351. Yes, I agree. But, that’s because Obama is black. Where would Hillary’s support among women be if Obama were white? Probably around 80%.

  352. I’ve started to get in touch with people from the campaign–I am heading to Texas, and I’m sure if you come in from out of state, they won’t be assigning you to phone banking. God knows, even here in AZ, the list was long and plentiful of neighborhoods to canvass, you can put signs up, data entry, etc. Make sure and push the issue if they want you to phone bank, and I’m sure they will relent. Hell, the problem we had here in Phoenix going up to Super Tuesday is that too many people wanted to phone bank, so I’m not too concerned about being given that job.

  353. I plan on going to TX if I can, but I will suck ass at phone banking. I sound 12 on the phone and I talk really fast and no one can understand me. I like meeting people face to face and getting to know them, I’d kick butt at canvassing.

  354. Oakie: I bet that if your Boston ever crossed paths with Bwaaaaak he would not like him and he would not care that obama was once a Senior Lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School. Animals have a good sixth sense about people that can spot a phony a mile away.

  355. filbertsf
    The things they plan on attacking with, he can not change. His lack of experience, voting record etc… I am sure they have dirt on him and will use 527’s to do that dirty work if given the chance.

  356. filbertsf Says: She’s not rolling over. That’s what I love about her.
    The thing is, I’m not as certain as many of you that she can beat McCain. the media is out to get her. If they’re this nasty in a Primary, can you imagine what they’ll do to her and for McCain in the GE?

    The media has always been out to get her, ever since she was Arkansas First Lady. McCain will be easier to beat than Obama: less charisma, and much clearer issues — including McCain wanting to stay in Iraq 100 years!

  357. Exactly. We’ll whoop him. Please God, someone wake those college women in Madison up. They could make all the difference.

  358. Just want to let those who plan to head to Austin — I spoke to the person in charge of volunteers and she said that there are smaller offices that need help. Austin HQ don’t really need the influx. So head to one of their 12 offices, especially the little ones.

  359. Well, 1950Dem, you need a combo of sinister press and an easily dooped populace to kill a good candidate’s chances. At this point, we have the perfect storm. Good luck Hillary.

  360. Republicans never forget anything. When will they get over Jane Fonda? Fox going on and on about her comment concerning the Vagina Monologues. They are acting like she said it through a bull horn while riding on a tank in Iraq towards the troops.

  361. One way to put the situation in perspective is to take the number of states Obama won and subtract the number of those which a democrat would not win in the general eleation. You can then see how much the media is misrepresenting the current situation.commanding lead meme really is.

    Another example: in the aftermath of Virginia the headlines read that Hillary was losing core support among white women but the actual statistic belied that claim, i.e. white women voted for her 52-34.

    The level of media nuance and deception here is not even subtle. That is why I am not watching television these days.

  362. wbboei, my Boston wouldn’t. Then he’d be accused of racism. Only he’s 3/4 black unlike 👿 . 😆

    Some light reading about buying superdelegates,

    Also, was doing some digging on Big Pink to see what’s being said about us. Found this bit o’ nastiness. Just scroll thru it….And Hillary supporters are racists? WTF….

  363. Are you guys getting this? He took Deval’s speech as his own. I think it was even played as an “off the cuff” moment. Unbelieveable.

  364. Can anyone tell me if this ben smith is more than an Obama shill? Ditto with Tapper? The reason I ask is because they use glowing adjectives to describe Obama “brilliant charismatic black politican” and call Hillary his “white female opponent” and call his usage of direct quotes without attribution as a “reuse” which misses the fundamental point that it is not the reuse but the lack of attribution that is the problem and they make no mention of the Biden precdent. I mean are these two simply a pair of media whores or is there somehing I am missing. It is one thing to disagree with us but have they gone beyond disagreemnet to a subtle form of shilling. As Tapper would say what is your opinion?

  365. Yeah, they are shills. When on god’s green earth did plagerism become “reuse”? So they are not even going to cover obvious plagerism? Sad.

  366. you have got to see this youtube of obama’s worshippers not having a clue as to why they are supporting obama…..

  367. Okie,
    Digby missed the point entirely. Kurtz’ entire objective was to print how “Matthews speak from the gut”. Nothing could be further from the truth.
    It is all strategic & premeditated, every fucking bit of it.

    Notice who covers for who. Just like Politico (run by WaPo guys like Jim Vandeweigh) is running that bit now about how Obama and Duval Patrick share stump speeches, you know, in a friendly kind of way.
    Note how Patrick called at the behest of the BO campaign, how the story’s other main quote is from Axelrod.
    Did they even seek comment from the Clinton camp?
    It’s unbelievable.

  368. This is sick. My lord, imagine if one of the politico writers plagiarized a NY Times writer, would they say, well, we just use the same words to write the same story? NO. They’d call it plagiarism. OMG, I give up. This is so absurd.

  369. Along those lines there’s an interesting bit on the repubs planned attacks on BO over at Politico. They had a big conference where Rove attended and a bunch of other repub hitmen.

    Also present? The “Political director” for “The Tonight Show”.
    Where’s that broadcast? NBC.

    The math ain’t that hard.

  370. Thank you mj. I knew I could trust “my lying eyes” to paraphrase Groucho Marx, i.e. who ya gonna believe me or your lying eyes.

    It is a stange kind of egotism that steals other peoples words without attribution. Strange because often the attribution strengths the power of the words. When John or Bobby were giving their powerful speeches they were full of attribution. But as Bentsen said to Quayle we could just as easily say to Bwak bwak bwak I wont debate you in Virginia: You are no John Kennedy–o no se puede.

  371. I’m sorry, I can not get over this. This is direct plagiarism from someone whose entire claim to fame is authenticity.

  372. I know he is pretty much all we have got to call out the media whores but it always seemed to me that there is an awful lot that gets by Howard Kurtz and he just doesnt see it.

    Perhaps you have noticed there is a certain style of dishnest punditry that dances around the main issue, but heaps garlands on one side and comes to no real decision but sent subtle psycological clues. Often the intent is to obfuscate, like a judge does when he or she is afraid to issue an injunction.

  373. Well, wbboei, this plagiarism story is just coming out. It’s funny. Obama actually makes Hillary’s point that these are “just words” given they are not even his own. How dare Deval Patrick commend him for plagiarism. Some lesson to teach the kids. I wonder what the college students are going to think of that.

  374. for those who know more about patrick’s campaign.. was all the rhetoric ***about*** something in particular? did he ever say waht kind of change he’d bring? or was it just the same generic blablabla i hear from obama ?

    remember, the same old textbook campaigns JUST WON’T DO

    it’s pretty remarkable though

    Thank you, thank you all. You better believe we can. Thank you all.
    Today, November 7, 2006, the people of Massachusetts chose by a decisive margin to take their government back. This was not a victory just for me. This was not a victory just for Democrats. This was a victory for hope.


    You are the ones who transformed this from a political campaign to a movement for change, and I am honored and awed by what you have done. You made a claim on history, and I thank you for letting me be a part of that.

  375. to my mind the point here is not exactly plagiarism, it’s that obama’s campaign is nothing new at all. of course a million candidates run on change, bashing washington etc. but the speeches, the style, everything.. axelrod textbook i guess.

    its no wonder obama couldn’t even come close to winning massachusetts right? theyve heard it all before!!

  376. regarding obama’s plagiarism, it’s nothing new. i and some other posters on this board have noticed that whenever clinton puts out a new idea, that will be his talking point in the next few cycles…he also copied phrases from alice palmer’s speech (even taylor marsh mentioned something about this issue), and now this.

  377. Okay who put this on ABC comments about Obama plagiarism article? I’d like to shake your hand.

    What a strange contest. We have a Senator from NY who was born in Illinois, and a Senator from Ilinois who was born in a manger.

    (Actually Mitch McConnel came up with that, not me but I could have claimed it as my own and the Obama folks would think that was no prob. What’s a little plagiarism when your candidate is the Messiah)

  378. Agree, plagarism is not right angle…..right angle is that we are being sold the same product by David Axelrod TWICE.

    Here’s how I posted it in Politico

    BO is the new and improved “national version” of a standard David Axelrod product:

    AA Man that isn’t too AA, well spoken, articulate. Chanting hope, hope, hope.

    He was successful getting it sold in MA so he thought he’d hit the national stage.

    I live in MA and admit that I bought the state version and voted for Patrick. He has been a HUGE disapointment ever since. If I trade up and buy the national version……do I get a free set of ghinso knives? Maybe I should take that up with Axelrod. Anyone have his number?

    Anyone who doesn’t believe this to be true should read this Boston Globe article……it should all sound very, very familiar.

    From the Boston Globe last week…

    Bay State voters know their limits
    By Peter S. Canellos
    February 12, 2008

    WASHINGTON – In 2006, Deval Patrick ran for governor of Massachusetts on what his consultant, David Axelrod, called “the politics of aspiration.” Patrick talked about hope – a lot. And when people said they were just words, he quoted the Declaration of Independence to upbraid those who think words don’t matter. He told voters “Yes, we can,” and later, more broadly, “Together, we can.” These words had a lot of power, as it turned out, propelling Patrick to a landslide. They echoed words that had been used by Barack Obama – also advised by Axelrod – in his record-setting Senate race in Illinois in 2004.

    Last week, many voters in Massachusetts heard some of those words again at a massive rally for Obama’s presidential campaign, joined by Patrick and the state’s two senators, John Kerry and Ted Kennedy. But the next day, the people of Massachusetts went out and voted for the candidate of experience.
    While voters in much of the country were becoming enthralled by Obama, who continues to gain momentum, Massachusetts voters struck a discordant note. Hillary Clinton beat Obama by 15 points in the Bay State, almost as big a margin as in New York, which she has represented in the Senate for seven years.

    The reason may well be in those 2006 ballots, and the sense of disappointment that some people feel about Patrick’s administration. And the Massachusetts result may carry words of warning for candidate Obama or, perhaps, President Obama, about the limits of the politics of hope.

    Deval Patrick and Barack Obama are not similar personalities. Patrick is friendly and approachable; he’s a good listener with an unassuming manner. Obama, by contrast, is stately and imposing, with the posture of a Roman senator. He stands out in a crowd, while Patrick blends in.

    But they have things in common as well, two black men with inspiring personal stories and unimpeachable academic credentials who are upbeat about America. And, as Axelrod discovered, there is great power in those stories and the hopes they engender. For some, it’s a validation of the American dream. For others, it’s a truly colorblind society. But for most, it’s a rejection of the sordid compromises of political life – a chance to choose someone who, for so many reasons, does not represent “the system.”

    Except that when it comes to the actual substance of issues, there’s no special agenda attached to the politics of hope. Both Patrick in 2006 and Obama this year have websites full of positions on the issues, but they’re not easily distinguishable from those of other Democrats. The issues tend to get lost in the language of hope, perhaps because they sound and feel routine, and don’t strike an inspirational chord.
    Instead, the candidates talk about creating a mandate for change that will supersede all the petty disputes that clog up government. Then, presumably, a lot of shared priorities will get through.

    But as Patrick has shown, without an agenda that stands out from those of other candidates, it’s hard to show whether real changes have occurred. It’s not that most people think Patrick has been an unusually ineffective governor; it’s that he’s been precisely the usual kind of governor, and that’s his problem.

    He got off on the wrong foot when his administration bought a Cadillac as his official car; other governors have had similar missteps, but standards are higher for those promising change. Then he pleased many constituents by restoring services cut by his predecessor. But like many of his predecessors, he quickly ran afoul of a powerful House speaker. A lot of negative vibes started emanating from Beacon Hill. Not uncommon – but no change, either.

  379. re: the Edwards endorsement. I tend to agree with Halperin’s take that he’ll either pick Hillary or stay neutral. Could be wrong, but I really can’t see JE enthusiastically supporting Him.

  380. Great comment over at Taylor Marsh regarding the con job of BO’s “just words” plagiarism:

    “A Million Little Pieces of Audacity: The True Hollywood Story of Barry Obama…..”
    Wonk the Vote | 02.18.2008 – 02:

    A million little lies, how true.

  381. filbertsf,
    I’m going to San Antonio, haven’t found a hotel yet but I work at a Hilton managed resort in Phoenix, and we get a pretty good deal on all of the Hilton brand hotels, so I imagine I’ll find something. I’ve been checking out reservations and nothing has filled up yet.

  382. The question of yesterday…

    In November, if it’s Barak Obama headlining the ticket for the Democrats, I’ll just write in “present” for myvote.

    It’s a good way to object to provisions in the election that I might otherwise support.

  383. New article for Presidents Day is up.

    zcflint09: Earlier you wrote about the difficulties encountered in volunteering. How did you overcome them? Who did you call? What happened? Your experience may help others.

  384. my gut keeps saying JE will endorse Hillary.

    The latest tense few lines from obama camp .. “Nothing is Imminent”….I take it they came away from the Edwards meeting less enthusiastic.

    I certainly feel that a vote or Obama is simply a vote for nothing. That is why I would not throw my vote away on him at any time.

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