The REZKO Cometh, Part II

The Rezko Cometh.

Our own, appropriately named, JoeFriday reports:

During the “predictions” segment of the ‘Mclaughlin Group‘, Monica Crowley (RightWing) said:

“I now think that the trial of Tony Rezko, which is due to begin on March 3rd, will have a bigger impact on this campaign than any of us foresaw.“

According to JoeFriday, those remarks led to further speculation:

Yes, it was the end of the show, but it was bombshell-like in that it set off a flurry of responses.

John McLaughlin said to Crowley: “Sounds like your saying more than you’re saying“.

Chicago’s Clarence Page leapt to Bambi’s defense, claiming it was nothing but rumors, old news, etc.

McLaughlin responded: “Wait and see Clarence. Wait and see.“

Way back in April 2007 we wrote:

Obama did not help himself by avoiding answering questions by the Sun-Times, nor by his many “I don’t recall” type answers. [Click Here To See Video] Obama running away from reporters and cameras, car tires screeching away, played over and over on Chicago television news programs forced the Obama campaign to answer questions even if the answers had little to do with what was asked. There are plenty of questions still to be answered and many of the answers provided thus far lack credibility. The Obama/Rezko history belies Obama’s autobiographical boasts of being an affordable housing activist and representative. Obama’s answers on how much legal work he performed for slumlord Rezko are simply not satisfying and lack either honesty or logic or both. Taxpayers lost approximately $100 million on Rezko’s housing fiascos which Obama apparently did legal work on. Rezko is under indictment. The Sun-Times clearly does not believe Obama. The questions have just begun.

Also, way back in April 2007, we wrote:

The national media are missing the big picture in their coverage of the hundred-million dollar plus scandal involving Barack Obama and his friend of 17 years, major donor, former Finance Committee Co-Chair and now indicted slumlord.

Debate moderator Brian Williams asked Obama about the scandal during last Thursday’s first Democratic Candidates for President debate. But Williams did not reference the political implications of the Obama scandal: the trial of Obama’s decades long friend and major donor and fundraiser will coincide with the 2008 primary calendar.

On May 1, 2007, in regards to Chicago newspapers, we wrote:

As we pointed out yesterday, the media are examining the circumstances of Obama’s house purchase. Republicans will examine and exploit the story too. It is imperative that presidential candidate Obama explain clearly and quickly all the circumstances surrounding his purchase of his house.

It only took 10 months, but Big Media (well, OK, the British press) is finally catching up to what was obvious to us – 10 months ago:

LEADING Republicans believe they can trounce Barack Obama in the presidential election by tarring him as a shady Chicago socialist. They are increasingly confident that his campaign could collapse by the time their attack machine has finished with him.

Grover Norquist, an influential conservative tax reform lobbyist, said: “Barack Obama has been able to create his own image and introduce himself to voters, but the swing voters in a general election are not paying attention yet. He is open to being defined as a leftwing, corrupt Chicago politician.”

Obama is unwilling, more likely incapable, of responding credibly to the questions rising like a great summer stink from the Chicago stockyards:

“Hillary could lose the election, but Obama could collapse. People already know Hillary and she is not popular, but the disadvantage for Obama is that Republicans can teach people who don’t know him who he is.” [snip]

Norquist believes Obama’s questionable Chicago connections will stir things further.

It will not be difficult to rip Obama to shreds. Chicago corruption and gangsterism is a topic that resonates:

The city has a reputation for corruption from the days when Al Capone and his mob ran the town in the 1920s. Obama is tainted by his long association with Antoin “Tony” Rezko, a Chicago property developer who is scheduled to go on trial for extorting kickbacks in return for political favours on March 3, the day before the Ohio and Texas primaries.

Obama bought his family home in Chicago for $1.65m, $300,000 less than the asking price, on the day that Rezko’s wife Rita bought an adjoining lot at the full price of $650,000. Obama later paid her $105,000 for a sixth of her yard in order to expand his garden.

The seller insisted on both plots being sold together, which suggests that Rezko did Obama an enormous favour even if the deal was not illegal. The seller has so far evaded press inquiries, but he is regarded as a potential “ticking timebomb” should he decide to go public.

The Hillary campaign has thus far not sought to define Obama via advertisments. Republicans will not be so kind:

Clinton briefly raised the question of Rezko, whom she described as a “slum landlord”, in a televised debate with Obama in California, but was silenced when a 1990s picture emerged of her with Rezko and President Bill Clinton. Obama has returned around $85,000 in campaign contributions from Rezko.

“Hillary put the issue into the bloodstream, but it didn’t get focused on,” said Norquist. He believes that well financed “527” attack groups – named after their tax-exempt status – will mercilessly pursue Obama over his ties to Rezko. It was a conservative “527” group, the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, who did grave damage to John Kerry’s reputation as a war hero in the 2004 White House race.

It is not fear that has prevented the Hillary campaign from employing Rezko in campaign advertisments. One sole picture with Rezko and Hillary, at a fundraiser for either Senator Durbin or Senator Brown, has not been the reason to hold off on advertisments featuring Rezko. Once the Rezko trial begins and drags on for months, through the summer, while Superdelegates deliberate on whom to support, the country will be ready to listen to the full Rezko story.

The Republican nominee’s campaign, or allies, will not hesitate to mention Rezko and other Obama problems:

But other members of McCain’s team have already gone for the jugular. A testy exchange last year between the two senators over the Iraq troop surge led a senior aide to take aim at Obama’s former drug use by claiming he “wouldn’t know the difference between an RPG [rock-et-propelled grenade] and a bong [smoking pipe]”.

Obama could run into further difficulties over his relationship with William Ayers, a professor of education at the University of Illinois and former member of the Weather Underground, a leftwing terrorist group that planted bombs in the Capitol and the Pentagon in the 1970s.

Ayers told The New York Times on the day of the September 11 attacks: “I don’t regret setting bombs. I feel we didn’t do enough.” It emerged last week that Ayers served with Obama on the board of the Woods Fund, an antipoverty group, from 1999 to 2002, and donated $200 towards his Illinois state Senate campaign in 2001.

Maybe the answers to Obama’s 17, or is it 20, years of Rezko entanglements will be answered by an FBI mole:

But sources said that, for more than two years when he was giving information to agents, Thomas provided a fly-on-the-wall look inside Rezko’s real estate operations and his desperate attempts to keep his projects afloat.

Sources said Thomas also logged frequent visits to Rezko from Gov. Blagojevich and U.S. Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.). Blagojevich and Obama were among the many politicians for whom Rezko raised campaign cash. Neither has been charged with any wrongdoing.

As we wrote in The REZKO Cometh: Either Superdelegates will get the answers to Obama entanglement questions or the Republicans will.

If Obama continues to refuse to answer questions, maybe Rezko will answer for Obama – at his trial, or in a plea bargain when Rezko “flips”.


941 thoughts on “The REZKO Cometh, Part II

  1. Nice post. I love the Mclaughlin Group. We will see indeed. I am glad to see the rezko case beginning on the 3rd, we will see if this affects the primaries in Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island and Vermont any. I hope it tilts the undecideds to HRC.

    I think HRC should go to Hawaii monday. This would win us the state I think. We are close from what I have heard and seen, and if we capitalize on this, send HRC herself there, even if just for a little bit, and then she can go back to Wisconsin. That would help us out so much if we won Hawaii.

  2. Well, excuse me for being a cynic, but today’s welcome news from Ickes about fighting this all the way dovetails with the timelines that both the Rezko trial will take and the republicans have to consider when contemplating when to begin their attacks on Obama.

    In short, with no clear-cut outcome among delegates, the fight drags on. And as it does, Obama is “vetted” publicly, and certainly privately, behind closed doors among delegates.

    Perhaps by then they will even begin to piece together what’s been done to these democratic primaries with the republican encouragement of crossover voters, and put 2 & 2 together.

    And they see what they should have seen from Day 1 – Hill is 44.

    Is this just wishful thinking?

  3. Bludem, You are hopefully right about sd’s. They need to do their research before endorsing unless they want to contribute to the failure of the democratic party in a year that is ours to lose (ie nominating obama).

  4. The Rezko business is one tangled web. All the players and their respective roles and such. It reminds me of Watergate, in that sense. I highly recommend the fine work done on Rezkowatch (sorry can’t remember the URL). But be prepared to spend some time.

    In other news, I, too received one of those beautiful video cards from Hillary and it brought tears to my eyes. She has got class, graciousness, strength, and brilliance. I saw her in person not too long ago and she is magnificant. We would be such a lucky bunch of people to have her as President. I would look forward to working with her just me, as an ordinary person. I feel like we wouldn’t have some politician who spends all their time posturing but rather a real person who spends her time really working for people. I could go on and on. But I’ll let somebody else talk.


    I have no clue if this link will come through. This article talks about Gore staying well as others..Pelosi (although it bleeds that she is silently endorsing bambi)…also, leads one to believe that John Breck Edwards may have decided to become a “party elder”.

  6. wait-a 527is going to attack obama on rezko? also-chelsea goign to hi for several days i just read. god i pray for a win somewhere tues

  7. By ABM90

    At Long Last,BHO has to face music.After all he is THE MUSIC MAN,THE PIED PIPER,THE MEDICE MAN,ELMER GANTRY and all rlled up and ready for the PLEA BARGAINERS involved in the REZKO SCANDAL.Maybe BHO can join him in the SLAMMER,when it is exposed.He wants the CHange and it looks like he may HOPE his way out by DAY ONE.

    Go HILL you are the BEST

  8. Youn women should come out for Hillary like they did in MA and CA. They could change this whole election around if they actually took the time to look at the opportunity offers versus the same ole same ole Obama will give them.

  9. # texan4hillary Says:
    February 16th, 2008 at 7:03 pm

    wait-a 527is going to attack obama on rezko? also-chelsea goign to hi for several days i just read. god i pray for a win somewhere tues
    This is not her month for all the reasons stated before. I w rote several times why WI will be very challenging for her to win i.e open primary, same day registration and lots of liberal universities/colleges. We all know that some REpubs are crossing over and playing mischiefs.
    What we are hoping for is for this to be close. She gets a good cycle if she comes close. However, if she loses and it appears as if she spent a lot of time and effort there, they will spin it against her, if she loses but comes close, it will be spun as Clinton clmes close as she didn’t put alot of herself in it.

    This is a fine line to walk.

    Guys stay focused and to the ones questioning, Hillary and her team knws what they are doing.

    One thing I will say about Bambi supporters, they are upbeat and focused even when things donn’t look good for them.

    Just a word to the wise….

  10. Obama sounds good, but words aren’t enough

    James Klurfeld
    NY Newsday – February 15, 2008

    Watch out, Barack Obama. You’ve hit the magic tipping point.
    After winning the Virginia, Maryland and District of Columbia primaries, you are now the front-runner. It doesn’t mean that the nomination is yours, not by a long shot in this kind of competitive race. But you’ve got more delegates than Hillary Rodham Clinton.
    And now the press is going to come after you.

    I admire much of what Sen. Obama has to say. And he says it so well. But the journalist in me still feels there are questions that have not been asked, let alone answered.

    First and foremost, just how is Obama going to bring the country together and find common ground on the substantive issues that have so divided it for almost three decades? Just saying you want to bring people together isn’t sufficient. Where is the common ground on giving women the right to choose versus embracing the right-to-life argument? How do you pull troops out of Iraq without re-energizing al-Qaida or compromising the gains from the surge? How will you reduce the cost of health care to make it more affordable, when the medical inflation rate has been at least twice that of the general inflation rate? And how do you convince Americans that some taxes might have to be raised to pay for universal access to health care or to make Social Security and Medicare solvent for the next generation?

    We here in New York have been scarred by the experience of Gov. Eliot Spitzer. He came into office as the great, new hope, vowing to change the way things were done in Albany, and he’s run into a stone wall. His surprising lack of political finesse has been a huge disappointment. Remember the crushed promise of Jimmy Carter? Good intentions aren’t enough. And, by the way, the comparison of Obama to John F. Kennedy makes me uncomfortable. JFK’s record was poor in his approximately 1,000 days.

    I understand that the Spitzer analogy might not be valid. He took the steamroller approach, and Obama says he’ll be a conciliator. But you know what? Sen. Clinton has been a very effective cloakroom player in the Senate. She’s demonstrated her political touch in surprising ways, working with former political enemies to craft legislative compromises. Her reputation as a polarizing figure isn’t fair.

    There’s one school of political thought that believes that if you’re really going to be a change agent, you have to be ready to go to political war, not be a compromiser. In fact, the question is whether there really is common ground on some of these big issues. According to this view, compromisers don’t get that much accomplished.

    Bill Clinton pursued a triangulation strategy in the last half of his presidency: small gains, trying to work with the other side of the aisle. But that’s not the type of change Obama is talking about. He’s promising fundamental change, generational change.

    I also want to know how Obama is going to react when things aren’t going well. He’s gotten some unfair comments about his religious background (he’s a Christian) and the association of his church’s leader with Louis Farrakhan, but, as the saying goes, he “ain’t seen nothing yet.” It’s obvious that he can be charming and inspirational, but reporters have also found him to be aloof, even arrogant.

    How will a person with so little national political experience react to the cocoon of the White House, surrounded by sycophantic aides (regardless of what he may say now about wanting a staff that will tell him, “no”) and a cacophony of criticism from the fourth estate, which inevitably happens to every president? If he wants to get anything done, he’s going to make enemies, no matter how much he tries to rebuild the center of American politics. How will he react?

    Don’t get me wrong. Obama has my attention. He might actually have momentum – whatever that is and if it even exists. But it’s been only six weeks since the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primaries. So far, I like what I see. But I’m still not sure what I’m getting.

  11. tiburones,

    Yes. Hillary and her camp do know what they are doing. She is working long and hard to make things happen. 🙂

  12. Stay focused, texas4hillary or whoever inquired about Rezco affecting the 03/04 primaries, it won’t. I would assume that they have to go through jury selection etc.

    I would think that starting the week after, more scrutiny should start to come and hopefully others will start to look at it as well. I would think that it would come into play for PA, KY and NC etc.

  13. Idunn

    Again, using just google, I found the real estate agent’s name 5 times in four minutes:

    Obama house purchase realtor

  14. Don’t be so sure Bo is going to face the music.
    Though we’re seeing a spate of stories beginning to push the “you’re a front runner now” theme”, none take him to task for anything specific, which is why the next stage is critical.
    Will the press practice actual investigative journalism?

    Will they DEMAND answers from Obama and his staff on all things past, present, and future?

    I’m not hopeful in this regard.

  15. It may take a while, and in between it may just be a trickle here and there, but I do believe that the media will have to vet Obamalot sooner or later. They already look like idiots for not doing it. As well, sites like this one, B. Merryfield’s, and Hillary’s campaign itself are leading the way.

  16. Anyone know what happened to the running donation counter on HRC site? Not enough room coz of the telephone counter? Does she still need to raise money?

  17. Anyone start to watch the Fox series:


    That show keeps running through my head today. Obama is nothing short of a thief, he is stealing the possibility of real hope and change.

  18. basil…yes, the campaign will still need massive amounts of money. I am asking Okie to set up another money bomb SOON.

    Folks this is our last stand. We must keep fighting .. TILL THE LAST DOG DIES.

  19. Yes, she still needs money. They have passed their goal re 1mil calls in 3wks. They are around 1.25mil…will be calling WI and Tx tommorrow. I think the call list includes everyone’s supporters.

  20. Did you guys see Taylor Marsh’s blog exposing Margaret Carlson? We all knew that she was bias but now we have the smoking gun. Feel free to email her about her duplicity. She should at least be declared an Obama supporter before being allowed to offer commentary.

  21. I sent Margaret Carlson a nice email….. 🙂

    At the end I wrote “Instant Karma is gonna get ya…”

    I love that John Lennon song 🙂

  22. I’m in the land of the Criminally Insane now too, but before on Lou Dobbs, a woman from Washington Times (didn’t catch her name – dark short hair) was starting, with more vigor than I have seen to question the Obama campaign (read, Obama) on what he is all about. The lask of media scrutiny is definitely changing. The vultures are circling.

    Kitty Pilgeim thought it interesting too that less was asked, (HA! CNN is a major culprit in ths, as we know) and a Obama press surrogate, didn’t catch his name either, naturally, I hate to say, an AA man, gave an answer which seemed to me just as vapid as Obama’s speeches. No substance in response to the question of “Why not more questioning” and more of “well, his speeches are great. He get’s kids to pick up cell phones and make calls right theere. I am sure Clinton camp would like to have 13-20 thousand folks at their events’


  23. Speaking of tucker does any one remember on CNN a few years ago when Tucker and Jon Stewart got into live on the air? Wish I could find a tape of that.

  24. taking the dog to look at the stars for a while. Spoke on the phone for an HOUR+ with an undecided in Wisconsin. But if she comes with us, she MIGHT just come all the way. She is EXACTLY the type of person we need as a supporter and volunteer for HRC.

  25. Pos, I have always wondered that, but never cared enough to look it up. He is her kid? Ewwww…

    Some how that now reminds me of Lucienne and Jonah Goldberg

  26. JanH – “It may take a while, and in between it may just be a trickle here and there, but I do believe that the media will have to vet Obamalot sooner or later.”

    That’s just what I said about GWB. 8 years later it still hasn’t happened.
    They are pretty sophisticated in how they manipulate things.
    That’s how what’s gone on has been allowed to go on undetected.

    RJK – YouTube “Jon Stewart Crossfire” should do it…..

  27. I spent all day working here in San Antonio for our gal! We had a couple hundred volunteers show up early this morning at the campaign office, and Dolores Huerta, after a moving speech, sent us out with precinct lists to hit the streets for Hillary. Those unable to do the walking stayed behind to phone bank.

    Our blue-collar, working class neighborhoods here are strong for Hillary, and my group of 8 split into three subsets with our maps and went doorknocking. Before we even made it into the neighborhood, while making our way along the sidewalk from the business street where we had parked, we were getting tremendous response to our teeshirts and signs. Horns honking, yells of “Viva Hillary!”, waves and smiles and thumbs up. Only one thumbs down with a shout of “Ron Paul!” LOL!

    A few people actually turned around and pulled their cars over – excitedly asking if we could give them a sign, a bumper sticker, anything they could have to show their support. We proceeded into the neighborhood. I think in three hours we found 3 undecideds and 2 Obama supporters. Everyone else said their entire family was voting for Hillary.

    One woman chased us down asking for a sign for her windows before we even got to her house. Not an easy feat, as I think she must’ve been about 90. 🙂 But it wasn’t just the women. The Latino men were fabulous. No hesitation about a woman president here, folks. Big proud smiles and comments of “That’s my lady!!” Oh, San Antonio loves this woman. They know who has been in their corner fighting for their families for years, and did not just arrive there yesterday asking for their vote. And they will tell you. And they will ask with a shrug: ” Obama? Huh, what has he ever done for anyone? Who has he helped?”

    Afterwards a bunch of us hauled our weary feet into a wonderful little neighborhood dive consisting of a leaning old cottage on the highway, with a scruffy decor, a hot pink paint job, and good puffy tacos. My kind of spot! (If you want a real fried puffy taco, you have to come to San Antonio. We invented them, and no one else makes them right.) We gave our last sign to the proprietor, to put in his window along with his “Go, Spurs!” logo. Others came to our table asking “Where is the campaign office? How do I find out where to go vote?”

    We are doing it again tomorrow.

  28. HillaryforTexas – I’m pretty sure I can make it to Texas (it’s WAY cheaper for me than going to Ohio) at the end of February, where do you think it’d be most helpful?

  29. that’s wonderful Hill4TEx! I’m proud of u texans 😀

    any chance, u think, that Texas could be ours (democratic) this GE? 😀

  30. Does anyone remember the “Crossfire” show on CNN a few years back? It had Tucker and Novak sitting across from Paul Begala and Carville.

    It’s a shame that CNN has gone totally onesided now. That was a great show with balanced dialogue for both sides.

  31. H4T, that sounds awesome. Viva Hillary! I love it. I am so proud Latinos are going for our girl, women AND men. Wonderful. That 90 year old woman is sooo cute.

  32. In short, with no clear-cut outcome among delegates, the fight drags on. And as it does, Obama is “vetted” publicly, and certainly privately, behind closed doors among delegates.

    Perhaps by then they will even begin to piece together what’s been done to these democratic primaries with the republican encouragement of crossover voters, and put 2 & 2 together.

    GOP mischief starting with the Florida GOP legislature placing the Florida primary date where it would get Florida Dems in trouble with the DNC….

    Yes, that is one of the jobs of the Superdelegates: to look at the whole picture and see if the on-paper ‘votes’ reflect the REAL Democrats.

  33. Thanks admin I’m going to contact them asap.

    I have to get out and do something, it’s driving me up a wall being stuck up here in Washington. Phone banking isn’t my forte (I sound 12 and get all valley girl), I’ll be great canvassing though, but I HAVE to do something. Because at the end of this all I need to be able to say I did everything in my power to prevent he who shall not be named from getting the nomination.

  34. Jan,
    That’s what I mean when I talked about sophistication.
    CNN decimated their own lineup and hardly anyone notices.

    Larry King was a political must-see in the 90’s, now he gives it lip service in between “How’s Britany Doing Today?” shows.
    Crossfire was often unruly but at least real political discussion versus the non-stop (subversive) talking heads we have now.

    What’s lost? True content & understanding.
    Who loses? The viewers & democracy.

    It hurts all the more when your candidate is the one who doesn’t speak in soundbites, the one made of substance. See?

  35. Taylor Marsh:

    Margaret Carlson of Bloomberg News email: “I often say rash things that on reflection I hadn’t said. I covered the Clinton White House for 8 years and don’t think it would be good for the country to go back there. Thanks for the note, Margaret.”

    OH MY GOD – what the hell? Time to forward to Bill O’Reilly, possibly Dan Abrams.

  36. Caroline, Tucker Carlson is Margaret Carlson’s nephew and margaret had a crush on Fred according to grapevine.

  37. Blue Democrat,

    Exactly! I mourn what used to be a fair and balanced lineup. There isn’t one show on that network now that isn’t pro-what’s-his-name…to the point that no one can touch the annoited one…sigh…

  38. I asked Margaret to please, if she writes any more pieces or appears on tv, to please disclose that she is an obama supporter.

  39. Afterwards a bunch of us hauled our weary feet into a wonderful little neighborhood dive consisting of a leaning old cottage on the highway, with a scruffy decor, a hot pink paint job, and good puffy tacos. …. We gave our last sign to the proprietor, to put in his window along with his “Go, Spurs!” logo.”

    Okay, now, put up another sign in his window saying “Big party caucus night!” Let people gather there and get signs and stuff and march to the caucus together!

  40. I can’t believe I just wrote an email to Bill O’Reilly as the only one with the objectivity to report on this kind of bias from “journalists” like Margaret Carlson –

  41. hawk – I don’t know that some journalists are necessarily pro-Obama but anti-Clinton and how the hell is that a way to pick a President?


    How do we make sure Hillary wins in Texas!!!!

    One is to get people to vote in the primary, early voting from Feb 19-29. Regular voting on March 4.
    The primary determines 128 delegates to the national convention.

    Everyone MUST go back to their own precincts – early voters can vote anywhere but you must be in YOUR precinct to caucus at 7:15 pm, March 4. 15 minutes after the polls close.

    67 delegates are up for grabs (indirectly) based on how many Clinton vs. Obama supporters show up at the caucus. 15% viability rule.

    In theory, the primary could go 100% to Clinton and the caucus could go 100% to Obama (or vice versa). These are two independent, separate, elections for different sets of delegates.

    Everyone, please let people from Texas know about this. Because believe me, almost nobody in Texas knows this yet.”

    It is a two stage process.


    Encourage the Texas voters to ask at the polling places about the caucus rules.


  43. not really a pro-Clinton article, but here’s the excerpt from The Economist that says, Vet Obama!

    “But what policies exactly? Mr Obama’s voting record in the Senate is one of the most left-wing of any Democrat. Even if he never voted for the Iraq war, his policy for dealing with that country now seems to amount to little more than pulling out quickly, convening a peace conference, inviting the Iranians and the Syrians along and hoping for the best. On the economy, his plans are more thought out, but he often tells people only that they deserve more money and more opportunities. If one lesson from the wasted Bush years is that needless division is bad, another is that incompetence is perhaps even worse. A man who has never run any public body of any note is a risk, even if his campaign has been a model of discipline.

    And the Obama phenomenon would not always be helpful, because it would raise expectations to undue heights. Budgets do not magically cut themselves, even if both parties are in awe of the president; the Middle East will not heal, just because a president’s second name is Hussein. Choices will have to be made—and foes created even when there is no intention to do so. Indeed, something like that has already happened in his campaign. The post-racial candidate has ended up relying heavily on black votes (and in some places even highlighting the divide between Latinos and blacks).

    None of this is to take away from Mr Obama’s achievement—or to imply that he could not rise to the challenges of the job in hand. But there is a sense in which he has hitherto had to jump over a lower bar than his main rivals have. For America’s sake (and the world’s), that bar should now be raised—or all kinds of brutal disappointment could follow.”

  44. Working at a caucus sucks trust me, but it must be done and we must get some vocal, shrewd, loud and proud precinct captains.

  45. Is this being televised local on Wisconsin tv. Hillary seems to genuine and it is so hard for her to stand and accept this praise… this is so heartfelt. Don’t you imagine that Hillary appreciated this as well. We have been in drought folks.

  46. Margaret Carlson has a well known crush on Grandpa Fred and has written in embarassingly gushing, loving terms about him when he was in the Senate.

    That does tell you all about columnist Margaret Carlson.

  47. wow…how can some American’s take an empty suit when we have such a genuine great leader, proven tough leader to choose from.

  48. It’s all about MSNBC positioning themselves as the Obama network and, in their way of thinking, branding themselves with an entire generation of consumers. They want to be for Obama what Fox is for Republicans.

    Remember, in the run up to the war, MSNBC kicked Phil Donoghue off who had their highest rated show. A memo came out talking about they didn’t want to be stuck with the anti=war guy while the other networks got to wave the flag. Same thing here – they’re pro-Obama because they think it’s in their financial best interest to subsidize him as they are.

    Everyone – Rezko and MSNBC included – want something in return for their investment. Rezko expected something in return for that $625k but no one has asked Obama what he wanted. MSNBC wants all the Obamabots watching their network for the next eight years because, god knows, it’s quite clear most of them aren’t capable of thought.

  49. Jeez! This caucus stuff is a mess. The Democrats should be slapped silly for thinking up this idea in the first place.

  50. Hillary4Texas

    your post almost made me cry. it felt so good to read. I LOVE that state and I love SA. I could just SEE you guys out there in my little art brain.

    Admin, did you send or post the out-of-state info to blogs? may people there ask about that stuff.

    Also, thanks for the John Stewart Post. At least he called Carlson a dick on the air :), but true the loss of the media to the corps and the candidate of choice. A true disservice to US. How can this change?

  51. Well TeamClinton, Mrs Margaret Carlson has competition from a certain Mr Christopher Matthews who finds grandpa Fred’s “English Leather” cologne smell sexy enough to feel a tingle crawl up his leg. (no, I’m not kidding.. he talked about that smell on air.. )

    These Beltway journalists, I tell ya. And these fucked up people sit in judgement of Hillary. It would be amusing if it wasnt so ridiculously unfair.

  52. Even if MSNBC became the network of choice under in a theoretically Obama-led world, the benefit to their bottom line from increased viewership & ad dollars would be peanuts – peanuts! – compared to what would be gained by their parent GE from republican blank checks for defense spending.

    Hill is ON FIRE here!!! What a Gal!!!!

  53. Wow she is knocking it out of the park….she is getting this down to the level of real people.

    She is just simply telling people like it is…either fancy speeches or somebody who can get the job done

    We all have dreams…work hard to make the dreams….hard work, hard work, hard work. This generation has to make commitment … make it real .. we got to get REAL…

  54. does anybody else think the applause is a bit muted here??? How many people are here? She’s telling now about how she worked for New York.

  55. Hillary4Texas, sounds like you’re having a lot of fun. I can’t wait to get started in Texas. I hope Houston or Austin is as enthusiastic.

  56. re Applause. I think the FORUM is not like a ralley, and there seems to be HC supporters in the back…it also sounds like ALL sound is coming thru that one mike

  57. Report on Hillary’s visit to “The Brat Stop” in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Feb 15, 2008

    I reached “The Brat Stop” around 1:00 pm. I signed-up, got a Hillary sticker and sat down to have lunch. After lunch, I joined the line to enter an atrium where they have bands on week-ends. They let us into the atrium at around 2:45 pm. The crowd was mostly from Kenosha, Wisconsin and there were a lot of families. The crowd was mostly white which is not surprising given we were in Kenosha but I did see some Latinos and AAs. People were eagerly waiting for Hillary and were chanting “Hillary, Hillary.” While talking to people around me I got the sense most people were unhappy with the biased media coverage Hillary was receiving. Everyone was excited and seemed passionate about Hillary and her candidacy. Around 3:30 pm, the Chairman of the Kenosha Democratic Party, Brian Miller, did a little warm-up act and gave a pep talk and asked people to sign-up with the party. The secret service agents were walking around and giving the evil eye to everyone and the advance people were hurrying back and forth. Surprisingly, there was no security check when people entered The Brat Stop. Several people remarked about that.

    Hillary arrived at around 4 pm accompanied by New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine. He entered first and gave a passionate introduction to Hillary. Hillary entered and the crowd went wild. Everyone was screaming “Hillary, Hillary” and trying to take pictures with their cameras and cell phones. It was pandemonium all around. I was fairly close to her with only two or three people in front of me. Still, it was difficult to see her because of all the jostling around. People didn’t mind and were in a good mood overall.

    After several minutes of cheering, hollering, chanting, and clapping the crowd settled down and Hillary gave a passionate stump speech about the economy, health care, energy policy, housing crisis, Iraq and listed her proposed solutions in a very clear and articulate way. She drew clear contrasts with Obama on everyone of these issues and particularly on health care. She also went after the Bush record vigorously. I must admit that I was so taken by the situation and was busy taking pictures that I didn’t hear all of the words. After she spoke for about half-an-hour she stopped to take questions. There were about a dozen questions on various issues. One older gentleman got up and simply said “Give them hell, Hillary” and the crowd went wild.

    The most poignant moment of the afternoon was when a little girl asked Hillary about the housing crisis and the mortgage crisis (with a little help from her mom) and finished her question by saying that they were losing their house. Everyone was shocked to hear that and murmurs of support went through the crowd. Hillary asked the girl and her mom to come to the front and join her and asked them to explain their situation. They had a sub-prime mortgage which reset to a higher interest rate recently and they simply could not afford the higher interest payment and as a result their house was foreclosing. Hillary asked local officials who were there with her to help them and a local official gave his card to the family and asked them to contact him. Hillary explained why her moratorium on foreclosures is essential in this situation and pointed out that Obama opposed her policy and now the Bush administration is proposing exactly the same policy. She finished taking questions and spent a considerable amount of time shaking hands, signing autographs and posing for pictures. There was an old lady with a sign “90 year old grandmother for Hillary” and Hillary went over to her to chat and pose for pictures. There was a lot of energy in the place and everyone was saying that they wanted Hillary to win Wisconsin. Earlier when I signed up, I asked the volunteers how the ground operation was going in Wisconsin. They said that it was going very well and that they had the resources necessary.

    Signing off – TPS on my first reporting assignment for Hillary is 44.
    p.s.: I have emailed pictures taken at the event to the Admin (I am not in the pictures)

  58. [Texas] you must be in YOUR precinct to caucus at 7:15 pm, March 4. 15 minutes after the polls close.

    Advertise “Caucus Rally and Parade!” Beer and tacos in the park, then march to the caucus building!

    Do this in Hawaii too, and anywhere else that has caucuses!

  59. Thats the one thing I’ve never understood. She’s always first.. starting from the JJ dinner in Iowa. He gets to speak after her , ALWAYS !

  60. Re: the caucuses, we are doing caucus training at the campaign offices, TWO SESSIONS every single day between now and March 4th. We are letting voters know that they need to vote (preferably early starting on the 19th), then go back to their polling place by 7 pm on election day to stand and caucus.

    We’re on it. It’s going to come down to turnout. We are working on transportation, as well – lots of volunteers willing to drive people to the polls.

  61. more sexism…ladies before damn gentlemen

    she is taking on mccain..

    why does she not take credit for the stuff she has already done in the Senate? She should tell more about what she has already done.

  62. HillLandRocks

    Bless your heart for real numbers!

    LET IT BE KNOWN, whoever is spreading the CNN crapola…44% of 3% = 1.32%

    3% of IOWA caucus-goers were Republicans…not 44%.

    We had to sign a sworn statement that we were registering as Dems from whatever, and then re-register as Dems. (Remember the crapola you all gave me for being a registered NP [no party]??
    Even after you learned I was a precinct officer and county co-chair for our girl?

    Let me repeat for those who are as slow as I am abt doing percentages…

    With the help of a calculator, 44% of 3% = 1.32% of Iowa Rep voted for Obama on January 3rd.

    This is especially for you Infar.


    Got a woman on the phone tonight, undecided LOVED hillary’s Rezko bomb at Obomba, and said “I KNOW she will go toe-to-toe with the bad guys in the world”

    She was listening to her OWN WORDS and talking herself into Hillary. It was great

  64. HillaryforTexas Says: we are doing caucus training at the campaign offices, TWO SESSIONS every single day between now and March 4th. We are letting voters know that they need to vote (preferably early starting on the 19th), then go back to their polling place by 7 pm on election day to stand and caucus.

    That is great! In our area in WA there were only two training sessions, one week apart, and about 75 miles apart!

    On poll/caucus day, how about picketing the caucus location all afternoon with Hillary signs and literature saying “Caucus here 7:15!”

  65. She is going back to the real Hillary…I will kick butt and get the job done for you. I love the prose at the end.

  66. I think her toughness factor IS a great selling point. Bambi is, well…bambi.

    So who do you want leading the country, Tough, or Bambi?

  67. is this being shown on Wisconsins tv like local stations, etc….


  68. 1950Dem – did you hear people in Everett had to drive as far as 25 miles to get to their caucus sites? That’s crazy! If I had to drive 25 miles to vote I’d stay home.

  69. And how about some sort of childcare event during the time of the caucus? Some party the kids would all want to go to, and when the parents drop them off, give the parents the caucus literature (or offer to drive them to the caucus).

  70. this is why I say she should NOT give up any area of this country….this is powerful and bigger than any obamabot movement. She has real solutions for this country…not empty speechs, promises nor suits.

    This pantsuit knows what to do from day one.

  71. obama heading to hawaii…clinton staying in wisconsin according to cspan…Hillary please stay in Wisconsin you can win this.

  72. i do not think like he wants to be anywhere but here…they should be using african american man on her security detail. I’m sorry this guy looks like he wants to be somewhere else and he has a snarly look

    don’t mean to offend…jmo

  73. Where crowd size is a factor, why not have an airplane flying around overhead taking pictures? Have a lottery with a chance to ride in the plane. Have the plane drag a banner to lead people to the event.

    Where Obama talks, fly over with a big duck balloon, for Obama ducking debates!

  74. so I see who he has endorsed now…just diss Hillary you scumbag….the audience does not seem to be to into him.

    God, he is trying to channel the Obamabotulism

  75. From what I understand the Gov is well-liked, but apparently his choice in Obama is interesting. I sent info to admin. 🙂 Not sure it is relevent, but it sure appears to follow a pattern

  76. OK, I’m confused. I thought Obama was going to be in WI over the next few days? When is he going to Hawaii?

    BTW, here’s a quote from a political scientist guy explaining why Bill criticizing Obama didn’t work:

    “It’s a mistake to attack Obama. Nobody dislikes him.”

    That’s the cult of personality in a nutshell.

  77. Hmmm….seemed to be in the conversation I had, but that was single source, relevant to Doyle’s choice for Obama

  78. This guy is stupid. He is extremely obama ass kissing. Slamming Hillary for not campaigning there…even inviting FRIGGIN REPUBLICANS to vote in this primary.

    I hope to god this guy is absolutely voted OUT at reelection. Just pull the zipper down and blow him would you. I’ve never seen such ASS kissing.

  79. SpacegirlArt, My point to see what people like that are saying. I think he realizes there’s something surreal about it.

  80. more sexist remarks “my girl, the congresswoman”…

    I guess that Obama’s pac fund really gave to the governors fund.

    also, anyone find the “i love you” a trend just like “the fainters”

    This guy is a bigger fake than jimmy swaggart.

  81. Wonder if he has his water bottle ready. Did anyone see Hillary’s rag on that fainting act? It was funny as hell. Obviously she was alerted to the act.

    Oh, here we go with the “HOPE CANT WAIT” garbage

  82. self serving…pandering…oh, God now he is totally channeling Dr. King…not just channelling he freakin stealing his message.

  83. Paula: I just meant that he knows that criticism of Obama is verboten, which is super-weird for a political campaign.

    ya mean the governor?

  84. How about worrying about you doing your JOB as senator after TWO YEARS rather than worrying about being elected to the next office you hypocrite

  85. actually this message will be lost on politicians. this is the same thing they all said .. really it is the age old song. why should we believe him that he can get anything done. he has never done anything.

    Hillary at least has accomplishments.

    I actually find him quite boring and I have not watched in a while.

    Where’s the fainter…wheres his water bottle.

  86. Not too enthusiastic a crowd, but may be the same audio thing as with Hillary

    ut oh, here comes the pandering sexist slam

  87. He’s starting to SLIGHTLY hit on McCain

    the rest is I am so great…you are so great, we are so great, and all the typical obama lines…my cousin dick, etc

  88. The governor of Wisconsin totally is an asskisser .. anybody from Wisconsin…you need to vote his a$$ out next election. He is one of the “good ole boys”.

  89. The thing that SCARES me when listening on many news stations etc.. to many, many Americans LACK of reasoning or just WHAT they feel Obama stands for (“…change LOL”as in stuttering incoherent fool but hey u same dumb azz kids made soldier boy the biggest selling digital single ever…ugh) is disturbing LOL, yet not that shocking, with a nation filled with tweens who are hip hop obsessed and get tingly and stimulated by nice looking non Caucasian guys(sorry I dont think ur Obama is remotely attractive with his stained teeth and ufo shaped head but hey those r the features of those type of Africans) who have weird names that could be used in your typical present day rap remix= scary shit.

    Barack reminds me of a used car dealer, trying to sell you a lemon. It’s all style, and that style is written by a 28-year-old. I’ve listened to his speeches — how the hell are people falling for this? It sounds like lines written by a grade schooler, running for class president. They’re that bad, and embarrassing.

  90. this thing is like a Joel Osteen sermon…I swear .. he sounds completely uneducated. This sounds like George Bushes old stump speech…did Karl Rove give this to him…

    now he has passed HEALTH CARE REFORM. Kiss Ted Kennedy’s ass now would you. Yes, we will take Kennedy’s word too.

    Now he is trying to steal her health care plan…

  91. Anyone else think of Obambi as Billy Flynn, the Richard Gere character from Chicago? That’s what I keep posting on all the boards, hoping it will stick. From Billy’s big number:

    Give ’em the old razzle dazzle
    Razzle Dazzle ’em
    Give ’em an act with lots of flash in it
    And the reaction will be passionate
    Give ’em the old hocus pocus
    Bead and feather ’em
    How can they see with sequins in their eyes?

    What if your hinges all are rusting?
    What if, in fact, you’re just disgusting?

    Razzle dazzle ’em
    And they’ll never catch wise!

  92. This guy is the biggest fraud that has ever walked. He no more believes this shit than I do. He has no passion iis this…he sounds flat. This is oratory and his body language suggests he is lying down to his soul. He doesn’t believe one word of the shit he is saying.

    Hillary has passion.

  93. Did he say he was going to eliminate the income tax for the poor and elderly?? or did I hear something wrong…

  94. “These are the problems and this is what I will do”

    not HOW, but what….

    except, have you ever noticed that EVERYTHING is going to be paid for out of the war and the tax cuts fo the rich?

  95. I’m not a speech teacher but he sounds like he’s just rambling.. It’s like he wants to mention every conceivable topic to make it seem like he’s got substance..

  96. my edited version of Chicago’s from Jan 5:

    SPRINGFIELD — If you heard Barack Obama’s Iowa victory speech, you might conclude Illinois has universal health care.

    But Illinois doesn’t have universal health care.

    In fact, Obama’s comment comes as Illinois is embroiled in a full-scale political fight over whether to expand coverage. Gov. Rod Blagojevich last year proposed such a plan only to see it go nowhere.

    So, what was Obama talking about? It depends on whom you ask.

    His campaign was quick to point to a litany of health care legislation and laws Obama sponsored or supported while in the Illinois Senate.

    “He has united Democrats and Republicans to expand health care to over 150,000 Illinois residents,” said campaign spokesman Ben LeBolt.

    LeBolt said Obama helped expand Family Care that covers parents and their children by raising income levels so more would qualify. And he pointed to Obama being the chief sponsor of the Health Care Justice Act, which created a commission charged with making suggestions for how to improve and expand coverage.

    Still, Obama’s quote raised eyebrows given the lingering tension over the direction of health care policy in Illinois, although few lawmakers were willing to go on the record with any criticism.

    One former colleague willing to talk was state Sen. Dale Righter, a Mattoon Republican, who thought Obama stretched the truth.

    “He didn’t put together universal health care in Illinois,” Righter said. “The best evidence of that is that we don’t have universal health care in Illinois.”

  97. so how many things did he say he accomplished? two or three LOL

    Now he is onto Hillary’s It Takes a iVillage…steal her damn book now you fcuker.

    Hillary needs to tke that 100 reasons to support Hillary and start naming them off

    Hillary does not give herself enough credit in her own speeches….she talks about working for other people and she should needs to take some glory in what she has already done….


  98. I hope Hillary calls him out next speech on his “universal health care for Illinois” . he is embellishing this shit.


  100. So he can steal her ideas, he can attack her, he can walk on water?

    And she can’t call him on his empty promises?

    Something is definitely wrong here!

  101. what a difference from Hillary…she is so inspiring and encouraging…she is the one that is really talking about hope and means it… not just using it as a slogan…

    I have to hit the mute button periodically…

  102. WOW! I just got this email from a woman I called from Hillary! LOL. I THINK THIS IS GREAT!
    “I like your website. It is really classy. Nice talking to you today about politics. I am watching speeches right now being given in Wisconsin. First it was Hilary, now Mr. O is speaking. I am watching and taking notes. Thanks for inspiring me to keep alert and not grow weary of well doing. Hilary has several comments about education. Here’s hoping.”

    WE NEED THIS WOMAN…she is great

  103. I had to swith..I will not sleep tonight after this. My question is how can so many “elder statesmen” watch this shit and not call him out. Richardson, Dodd, Biden, Edwards … I’m losing respect for them as well.

    I hope Hillary will get SOMEBODY on tv next week to tear apart the fact that he has stolen every idea she put together.

  104. SpaceAgeGirl…you need to let her know that Obama has stolen everyone of Hillary’s plans and ideas. His whole campaign has been nothing but fancy speeches and now that he has to add substance he just stole her stuff and nobody in big media is calling him on it.

    Hillary surrogates need to call him OUT on this shit.

    If it takes Big Dawg to do it .. well, he can just go back and put together a timeline for everything Hillary did and then put the timeline of when Obama simply stole it. This shit is serious

  105. Obama saying something about McCain and the company he keeps…he kind of stuttered when he said it…must have been thinking about his own keeping company with Rezko…

  106. Hillary has got to call Obama out on his constant talk of politics as it relates to him.

    That’s all he does: As Joe Klein said, most often the Obama campaign is about how wonderful the Obama campaign is.

    gotta nail him on this-the debates would be a good time.

  107. he just does NOT get it. The American people BELIEVING in this change stuff won’t MAKE it happen. he is so inexperienced that he has no clue whatsoever in how the government works.

    He thinks he can open up shop in the oval office and just say Wham,,,,we are changed.

    Should he win, people are in for a rude awakening and there will be more buyers remorse than Bush every thought about. 4 years and he’d be out.

  108. I think the strategic reasoning behind Clinton asking for debates is to get Obama to talk about policies – which very quickly will show that he has no original policies and no new direction – Change We Can Believe In – yeah right, F.U. Obama and the horse you rode in on.

  109. I get it…he wants to get everybody an Obamabotulism Brain Transplant.

    Immediately upon taking office he will simply order everyone operated upon and BINGO we have new direction in the country.

    I repeat, he is the biggest fraud.

    Yes, he is losing this audience….wish I could see them yawning.

  110. now he is going to give the WORLD Obamabotulism Brain Transplant.

    There goes the “signed, sealed, and delivered”….yes he is an arrogant sob

  111. i meant sounds mad…

    he did not get an overwhelming response…i think hillary was received better, I really do…she is ready for specific action…he pontificates…

  112. REALLY interested to hear the callers now, if the Obamabots dont slam the phones…I am sure they have a war room for that

  113. Phony repug on the line now, sounds like he is reading a script. The best president since Ronald Reagan. Slamming HIllary

  114. I think the reason he doesn’t want to debate Hillary too much is because he knows she will call him on stealing her ideas. Heck he is stealing ideas from everyone. Must have been a heck of a labotomy this guy had.

  115. American Gal,
    There was a story on that not long ago, that’d he’d bitten large chunks from Patrick. The rest of his stuff is a hybrid of JFK/RFK/MLK and perhaps more than any of them – Bill Clinton!
    And when he runs out he talks about his campaign.
    That’s the whole thing.

  116. we need a hill dem to call in and expose all the republicans that are crossing over to knock off hill but won’t be there for obama..

    amazing…every single call is for obama…give me a break…this is nonsense…you got to hand it to them…they are organized…

    listen to this republican…he is so kind and descent…oh brother

  117. does anyone know if these speeches were carried live on Wisconsin local tv???

    If only Hillary could get her message out to more people.

    I really think her campaign needs her out there to every place in every state….Obama has worked Wisconsin like a dog (gotta give him that). Hillary cannot afford to give up any state.

  118. i hate to say this…but his team are master hustlers…they have outhustled us at times…like at the LA debate…someone in their camp knew to get them situated right behind wolf blitzer with all their signs so they had maximum on camera coverage…

    now I will bet they organized ahead of time to bombard the c-span telephone lines…they cover all their bases…

    we have to just do what we are doing and keep doublling and tripling all our efforts…we need a few bold strokes to outfox them…

    like someone said earlier…because of the MSM dismissing us…we need to find ways to drive the story…

  119. Here’s something even more frightening…you can get Obama ringtones for your cell phone at his website. One is a song that chants his name over and over, another has snippets of his speeches set to hip hop, one even repeats over and over “I, Barack Obama’! Creepy beyond belief!

  120. dot, the speeches were not carried on the Wisconsin affilliate that I have on my cable system. They showed NBC programming.

  121. did anyone catch that piece Carol Costello did on CNN about Obama’s creepy/cult factor?

    that would be great to get on utube or something…it was pretty good

  122. I really wish Hillarly would decide to spend more time in Wisconsin.

    Maybe her plans are to absolutely blanket Ohio…go to every county…same with Texas….get the ichopper back out to ferry her across the states.

    She needs to absolutely saturate every country, parrish, and every big industrial business, plant, etc. She’s simply got to figure a schedule to do this.

  123. I hate to say this but I think that a lot of mismanagement with funds has gone on in the earlier contests and that she is simply running on a shoestring now. There are SO many things that big money could help do. we are all donating like crazy and working hard with calls…but they are outhustling…the dirty way too…

    I noticed in Hillary’s speech that she made every effort to not attack him or make this particular event a debate…he did not give her that courtesy and attacked her one time after the other. This just shows the character

  124. BIO Become a Fan Get Email Alerts Similar Bloggers
    Why Hillary Clinton Still Matters
    Posted February 16, 2008 | 10:58 AM (EST)


    Read More: Hillary, Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton 2008, Breaking Politics News

    In the remaining Democratic presidential primaries, voters are blessed with two candidates who are smart, energetic and forward-looking. Nonetheless the residents of states like Wisconsin, Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania still have to decide between the two of them who will be the most qualified starting on the first day in the Oval Office. My choice is Hillary Clinton.

    I have had the good fortune to observe Hillary Clinton’s career while living in New York. Up-close, she is an unusually tough, savvy as well as charming political figure. While not as visible as Mayor Giuliani on 9/11, she showed great mastery in the difficult days after the attacks in helping to bring about the physical and emotional recovery of New York City and gaining Federal assistance for Ground Zero workers exposed to toxic air. As importantly, in her eight years in the Senate, she has compiled a strong liberal voting record in the tradition of the FDR-JFK wing of the Democratic Party. While she has known defeats (e.g., health care in 1994), she has turned her reversals into legislative prowess on the Hill.

    Her work on the Armed Services Committee and her fact-finding visits overseas belie the notion that she has limited foreign policy experience. Her vote for the congressional resolution on Iraq in 2002 was a vote for continued weapons inspection and diplomacy and in opposition to preemptive war, as she clearly stated in her Senate floor speech. She has said on many occasions she would have voted differently had she known that President Bush would misuse his authority and dispatch US troops to Iraq without allowing UN inspectors to complete their job. Today she vows to end the war and is currently trying to prevent the establishment of permanent US bases in Iraq by requiring prior Congressional approval for any such outposts.

    Of extraordinary importance, she has taken the lead on the most important economic crisis to face our country in decades. She was among the first of the first Democratic contenders to propose a bold economic recovery program designed to rescue the nation from recession. Over a month ago, Senator Clinton advocated a $70 billion emergency spending and a back-up of a $40 billion tax rebate should economic conditions worsen. Hers is a direct attempt to help the most threatened people in America – namely, lower-income families facing foreclosures of their mortgages, those in need of home heating aid, the unemployed who require extended jobless benefits and funding for alternative energy and environmental programs. Her opponent, Senator Obama belatedly came out with his own plan a few days ago which seemingly lifts most of his ideas straight out of Senator Clinton’s proposal.

    On a more specific level, Senator Clinton’s recommendations on helping Americans caught in the sub-prime mortgage mess are far-reaching. She has called for a moratorium on foreclosures, a freezing of interest rates, the use of federal subsidies to help homeowners keep up with payments and restructure loans, and augmented regulation of the financial industry. Senator Obama has come up with an alternative plan, which, by contrast, does none of these things but tinkers around the edges. He backs a bill against mortgage fraud, supports an average $500 tax credit for homeowners and endorses additional funding for a limited class of homeowners. This is a tepid response to an enormous tragedy.

    In many ways, Senator Clinton is to the left of Senator Obama. Hillary Clinton has outlined a program of universal health insurance — meaning that every person in America would be covered. By contrast, Senator Obama’s plan is more restrictive and would leave 15 million people uncovered. Lastly, Hillary Clinton is a fighter for change. Senator Obama, on the other hand, is a self-described conciliator. What Democrats want today, however, is a battler, not a motivational speaker. They have suffered enough from the vicious blows of President Bush and the Republicans. What the party needs is a nominee who will take the contest directly to the opposition. Come the Fall showdown, a candidacy of “friendly persuasion” is going to be swiftboated into oblivion.

  125. Dot48 and she needs to stop playing Mother fycking Teresa Is she wants to put a dent in his campaign.I think thats why her speeches has made people yawn in a way that his audience has not.Again Hillary needs to attack him accurately.I really do not understand in the last debate why she allowed the underhanded attacks about her from wolfer and Obama.
    I swear if he gets the nomination she better not attempt to back this fycking loser.She needs to bring out how he is playing that race card with the blk super delegates,sexism and him stealing her words

  126. i still do not understand why she does not talk about her accomplishments. tell the people what you have done while in the Senate. She talked a bit tonite on her First Lady experience…but boy does she need to start reeling off bills that she has worked on with McCain…firefigthers help, veterans help.

    She needs to entertwine her own accomplishments…she needs to reinforce and remind people of her Senate work. She has done A LOT

  127. OMG I just came from Perez Hilton website.

    Do the superdelegates EVER read these posts? or this kind? the MOB HATRED in the Obama camp is FRIGHTENING.

    My reply to their hate speech:

    I have never been to this site before. It was recommended by a friend for celeb info. And to tell you the truth, I am HORRIFIED at the slanderous, nasty and just simply sexist and rude comments these posters have in opposition to Hillary Clinton. Is this the CHANGE Obama supporters are looking for in Washington? To tell you the truth, it sounds like the lowest common denominator has kicked in to the hate factory. I have seen plenty of posts, both for and against both candidates on other sites, but this one beats the band for HATRED and HATE SPEECH. It sounds, I am sorry to say, like the same kind of stuff that is found in MOB MENTALITY.

  128. wbboei…those are the points she needs to stress to people..tell them that she has already been rolling her sleeves up and start reeling off one accomplishment after the other.

    Send that to admin with a note to forward to campaign.

  129. ooops, missed this part of post:

    Look that one up. To the supporters of Obama who are able to articulate their support, good for you. To the MOB that hates and repeats old lines from the republcan party, shame on you. Your education money was a waste of time. If THIS is where our nation will go under an Obama Administration, I fear deeply for our country.

  130. spacegirl, perezhilton is a trash site. But he is popular and many people read him. He’s a tabloid on-line basically, and thus, trashy ppl read him. Don’t pay his readers any mind. There have been numbers that show that many of them are prison inmates who are just bored.

  131. wagner1jc: I saw it on Broadway too. Fosse is gone and so is Gwen Verdon this past year. Chicago was originally Beebee Newirth but by the time I rolled into town it was Uter Lemper not as good. I thought that last line was razzle dazzle them and they’ll never catch on–but either way it sure fits our unqualified opponent. .

  132. MJS I am sure it sounds awful like the leaked tracks that i have heard.She needs to get tht ghost writer ex hubby of hers back in the picture

  133. I just don’t get Obama’s vision and it has no substance. He wants to empower people to make the changes…however, we elect our officials to go to the office and make the changes to make the country better. He seems to think that he will have to do nothing if he were elected. He thinks the change will have been made because the people chose to change and elect him. He doesn’t get that the people are powerless once the election is over…we can’t do the work…the elected official has to do the work…we can’t make the changes to the structure of the goverment or send the bills or work with the senate and congress. Our president must do that. He thhinks all will be solved by having a person at the desk who says he is a uniter and a changer….where have I HEARD that before. He does NOT GET it .. just like George W.Bush had no clue how to do the job of President.

  134. JanH

    So you would understand why the primary/caucus/superdelegate system is designed as it is to make sure grassroots input is the major component of the pre-GE period.

    Sorry I forgot to note what time your comment was that prompted my response. I’ll go look for it if you want..

  135. didn’t obama camp have drive in California to get inmates to vote absentee? Or was that even legal. I thought you lost your right to vote when convicted of a crime.

  136. Dot, this has been my argument all along. All I envision, (and especially after seeing Perez site!) is a MOB storming Capitol Hill, like the villagers in Frankenstein with torches and pitchforks, there to get the “monster”.

    When they find him, they cannot kill him, and they all run screaming away…

    back to their ipods and Brittany stories until the next coll thing comes along. And there we are, stuck with the mess they brought us.

  137. Dot, inmate disenfranchisement is state-sanctioned, I believe. Some regaiin rights, some, like here in Florida, have to appeal to have voting rights reinstated. Some never do, I believe.

  138. I heard that Dot. Fickle is as Fickle does.

    My pup has to p. 🙂

    Or I’ll have a warm tingling go up my leg……

  139. Pfft.

    I’ll wait for the new Madonna Album, thank you very much.

    I did some calls today! Some AMAZING responses; people really want to be informed. I plan to do more tomorrow.

  140. does anyone know how the absentee vote in Texas affects the caucus thing. I understood BillC to say today that even in absentee you have to go back to the caucus and that this is the only time in US you can vote legally twice….I so hope Hillary has massive ground troops in Texas.

    I wish I could go help there but I’m so far away and it is not possible for me financially.

    Anyone have a clue when Texas numbers will come up in the phone bank???

    Bambi is going to start touting those union endorsements now at every speech…

    Any other major endorser in Ohio or Texas that Hillary could get?

  141. dot48 Says:

    February 16th, 2008 at 11:32 pm
    Obama even said in the speech tonight that it was “cool” to support him..

    NO! He didn’t say that, did he?

  142. mjs @ 11:23; for a minute there I thought you were describing the commentors on Politico. The only intelligent question I ever heard Tweetie ask is : what is this Politico thing. He asked it to Todd and Todd of course was stumped. The best answer he could have given was: a paycheck.

  143. aubry9, I saw Hillary this afternoon at a rally in kenosha (see my report above). The crowd was pumped. She was fantastic. I feel great.

  144. hey everyone…i have the flu…it sucks…would love to be calling wisconsin but i sound like a little chirping bird…just wanted everyone to know that you are doing a great job with the calling…keep up the good work!

  145. my sixth sense is telling me that Hillary’s campaign will go smoothly.

    I think maggie williams is doing a wonderful job so far *bows*

    I have a feeling we will win either wisconsin or Hawaii.
    HOpefully both to smite Bambi and knock off some of his ~*momentum*~ and shut the trap of those stupid party elders.

    speaking of which, the King Party Elder = Bill Clinton. Everyone else is just a wannabe. Bill Clinton has been there, done that, and is still beloved by so many. I’m not surprised many dems are jealous of him and hill.

  146. dot48, in TX, 2/3 of the delegates are decided by the popular primary vote (including early voters, which starts Tuesday the 19th.)

    1/3 of the delegates are by caucus, which is at 7 pm on election day (though they are not actually alloted until the state convention). ONLY those who have already voted in the primary are eligible to caucus.

    So yes, you sort of vote twice.

  147. TPS, that is great!

    I just feel good lately. At work my boss listens to right-wing radio, they are already having a field day with Obama.

    For anyone to believe Republicans will vote for Obama in the G.E. is laughable at best.

  148. so if we have a very strong caucus gotv in Texas we should do well. I think campaign has learned lessons from previous caucus and will be ready to aid Texans who voted for Hillary in the day to get to caucus as well.

  149. hi hillfans, i just caught the tail end of hillary’s speech in wisconsin. i hope a replay is shown on cspan later tonite. just in case i miss it can somebody give me a heads up on the replay?

  150. even ann coulter who HATES McCain so much cannot say she will commit to bambi as she has committed to Hillary. In her words, Hillary is the lesser of two evils. lol

    She keeps calling him “B. Hussein Obama” lmao and said “how great would it be to have a President Hussein in the USA?” and started cackling.

    lol. srsly, I think the republican monsters would eat this little doe-Bambi ALIVE and with room for seconds if he makes it to the GE.

  151. Dot I know, but we should.

    It’s a good way to hear what the other side is talking/thinking about.

    Even though it maked me want to puke.

  152. Dot48 and all…the reason his supporters are so nasty and disrespectful is because Obama sets that tone…when I first heard him go after the Clintons and his latest line of “the same old cast of characters” and we need to change the page…I was horrified…I could not believe he could be so disrespectul and insulting…but he says those kind of things often and if you notice he refers to Hillary as ‘she’ as in ‘she says….’ no respect and like someone above said…Hillary is still to deferential to him…’one of us will make history’ Barak and I, etc…and then he turns around and basically insults her…

    so that’s where his supporters get this negative, insulting behavior from…it is from the top, Obama…he is the ringleader

  153. dot48, obama’s scrambling for wisconsin and worried about hawaii. his internals actually show Hillary with an edge in Wisconsin and he doesn’t want to be shamed in Hawaii by Chelsea.

  154. S, i notice that too. all of my pro-bambi friends use horrible words to describe Hillary and when I tell them to use facts to support their attacks they say “we didn’t attack her” blah blah blah.

    They basically PAINT Obama the way they want. They define him the way they want. They claim he has universal healthcare. They claim he voted against the Iraq war, they claim he has been fighting, they claim he HASn’T been fighting, they claim a lot of things that barack has done, promises to do, etc. None of them, however, can cite when and where he said it.

  155. MJS, LOL, Obama is leaving WI early and going to Texas and Ohio on Monday. Hillary is also leaving WI early. That doesn’t suggest to me Obama is worried about WI.

  156. MJ, just talking internals withya.

    They’re talking aobut solely democratic voters. Hillary is ahead by a little. But factor in the GOP/Independent? Duh, Obama will be ahead.

    Everything will depend on GOTV. Hillary can win Wisconsin if she draws out a much larger percentage of the actual democratic voters to overcome the GOP/Independents.

  157. dot48 Says: 2 years ago the only thing he did was try to get a 30% rate on credit cards

    Huh? If you mean the Senate vote on the Bankruptcy bill of 2005, he voted AGAINST the amendment that would have capped credit card interest at 30%.

    There’s an account in a Chicago Tribune profile about “polishing the brand” or something like that. Search for “no-brainer” and “30% is sort of a random number.”

    Obama had planned to vote for the cap, but some older Senator hinted against it, so he changed his vote right then. Brownnosing.

  158. TPS, at this stage, it’s about bringing in the voters. Obama can stay in Wisconsin till the last minute of voting day, but it will be GOTV that wins it or loses it for him. That’s why its neither important or necessary for either Hillary or him to be there for too long. This weekend should suffice.

  159. thanks ininla, but there’s not much more to hawaii. Everyone is busy right now in the campaign. didn’t get to talk much.

  160. A little noticed fact: Harold Ickes is assuming bigger role in Hillary’s campaign. Best of the best. Superstar like Maggie. Keep the faith. Obama doesnt interest me. He will be the same phony a week from now that he is today. People like Matthews will swoon and feel a tingling down his leg. Hitlerjugen will march through the streets for him. Mister Magoos and Dingbats of all ages will wear his buttons with no idea what he stands for. But that is not where the game is at.

  161. if Hillary can work some GOTV magic, Wisconsin should be either close or a victory. Obama’s been splitting up his resources with massive immigrations from illinois to both Ohio and Texas, whereas he originally planned to just concentrate on Wisconsin with his Illinois forces (which would’ve been the easiest for him). There is still a sizeable amount of Obama forces in Wisconsin, but he is focusing too on building up Ohio and Texas.

  162. LJ, didn’t get a hold of his internals, but my source says (basically exactly what he told me on the phone):

    “Wisconsin remains tight with slight Hillary edge among traditional voters. Hawaii is surprising because of the number of undecideds who Obama believed would go to him”

    he said some other stuff that I need not mention. Basically, there’s a worrying amount of undecideds in Hawaii for Obama and Wisconsin is tight by traditional sense, but they’re hoping to get out more independents and possibly GOP + new, youinger voters.

  163. 1950, I think I remember that when he changed, his reason was because we could do BETTER than a 30% cap. Meaning, I guess, less than that. So…in typical Obama fashion, he voted AGAINST limiting the cap, because it could be lower.

    Kinda like “present”

    he supports the idea of the bill, (so he says) but votes against it because it is not good enough. The goes on record that that is his position. To do better – YES WE CAN. But in the meantime…..

    Sounds very Orwellian to me.

  164. the interesting thing though, is that Obama camp sometimes counts “leaning obama” or “slightly Obama” as undecided, so who knows.

  165. I’m just annoyed…I read over at MYDD that Texas is closer than anyone expected and that to stay competitive with Obama in delegates she needs to win that by 20+….any truth to that?

  166. i have a question that I think Hillary should ask aobut Obama’s present votes:

    If he really votes “present” over 129 times in the state senate because he didn’t agree with part of the bill or didn’t think it was written well, why not vote “no” to have it go back to the drawing room or “yes” and then make amendments to it later? What’s the point of voting present? I still don’t get it! And about his “no” and his explanation to the 30% credit card bill, why not vote it through FIRST and then set an example by pushing for tougher legislation and get another bill? Or amend that bill?

    I don’t see the logic in his votes. Perhaps he does in his sick twisted ways, but normal people and a lot of politicians alike don’t.

    please explain Obambi 🙂

  167. LJ, while I doubt its as competitive among dems as they think, it is going to be seen whether republican infiltration can come about and whether that will affect the race.

    Hillary is strong in texas, i believe, but a lot of her strength will depend on numbers and GOTV. She must amass a large number of voters to combat any tricks or special people Obambi gets voting for him on that day.

  168. btw, hilary doesn’t need to win the popular vote by 20+ pts, but I’m expecting her to fare well in the delegate count from texas. She should be ahead in nearly every county.

    As for Ohio, i am worried.

  169. LJ,

    It all depends on what poll you want to believe. They probably picked the closest one for their story.

    The polls for Texas have been varied.

  170. Emjay,

    “to make sure grassroots input is the major component of the pre-GE period.”

    I have always understood the intent of having a caucus. What I was trying to say earlier was that while the idea is a worthy one, in practice it just seems like a lot of bullying and intimidation to me by one side.

    The idea that a small portion of a population can define delegate distribution does not seem fair practice.

    However, I’m not an American so I will just refrain from talking about what I obviously know little about.

  171. TPS- sorry to give this to you piecemeal but you need to know the guy who wrote that great blog for Hillary is an intellectual heavyweight and that gives it added importance

    Stephen Schlesinger is the former Director of the World Policy Institute at the New School University in New York City (1997-2006). Mr. Schlesinger received his BA from Harvard University and his JD from Harvard Law School. In the early 1970s, he edited and published The New Democrat Magazine. Thereafter he spent four years as a staff writer at Time Magazine. For twelve years, he served as Governor Mario Cuomo’s speechwriter and foreign policy advisor. In the mid 1990s, he worked at the United Nations at Habitat, the agency dealing with global cities. He is coeditor of Journals 1952-2000 by Arthur Schlesinger Jr. published by Penguin in 2007. He is also the author of three books, including Act of Creation: The Founding of The United Nations which won the 2004 Harry S. Truman Book Award; Bitter Fruit: The Story of the U.S. Coup in Guatemala (with Stephen Kinzer), which was listed as a New York Times “Notable” book for 1982 and has sold over 100,000 copies; and The New Reformers. He is a specialist on the foreign policy of the Clinton and Bush Administrations. He is a frequent contributor to magazines and newspapers, including The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The Nation Magazine, and The New York Observer. In 1978, he was a finalist for the National Magazine Award. He has appeared on CNN, Fox TV, NPR and other media outlets. He can be reached at
    Show full bio
    Hide full bio

  172. guys, after wisconsin, use your efforts to make calls in Ohio. I expect that contest to become very close soon depending on if Hillary wisn either one of Hawaii or Wisconsin on Tuesday.

    (and winning Rhode Island might be nice too 😛

  173. Fom a just released, mainly prObama article in Newsday. “National data from the Gallup polling firm still shows Obama “about tied” with Clinton nationwide, with most of his support coming from African-Americans and other groups already in his camp, said Frank Newport, Gallup’s vice president. “He’d need to be getting about 60 percent to 70 percent of Democrats’ support to be forming a new American majority, and we’re not seeing that yet,” he said.

    In delegate-rich Texas, where a new poll gives Clinton an 8-point lead over Obama, Latinos could represent up to 40 percent of the vote. Ohio, where a new Quinnipiac poll gives Clinton a 21-point lead, is a stronghold of white, blue-collar and elderly voters, despite a large African-American presence in Cleveland. That poll also gives Clinton a nearly 2-1 lead among whites and almost as big an advantage among women and older voters.

  174. yea, I heard Touch My Body. I like it, but I expected more from Mariah I guess, but I hear the rest of the album is amazing so I’m excited too! 🙂

  175. “Did Barack Obama really mean it when he said, in Idaho this month, that he won’t be taking folks’ guns away?” writes John Aloysius Farrell on PoliticsWest. “Does he believe, as Western voters may have assumed, that when it comes to guns there is a basic Second Amendment right to own firearms? Apparently not.” Obama’s position includes supporting the handgun ban in Washington, D.C, “a bit of classic political waffling — very disappointing from the candidate of change.”

  176. I’m from Rhode Island (but live and work in NYC) and I convinced my dad to vote for Clinton over Romney awhile ago. And my mom will vote for her too! So thats 2 votes out of the 5 people in the state 😉

  177. I think so, too S.

    RI is alright. I much enjoy NYC better.

    So, I hear Hawaii isn’t looking so good (Thanks LNinLA!)…but oh well, Chelsea will work it out for us!

  178. am happy to see a slight increase from anti-Obama people on Huffpost commenting, and one had this link – just an interesting FYI:

    David and Susan Axelrod have three children in their late teens and early 20s. Their eldest, Lauren, has developmental disabilities associated with chronic epileptic seizures and now lives in a group home in Chicago. But for years her illness required enough of her parents’ time that it kept Susan Axelrod out of the work force and kept David from moving to Little Rock during the 1992 presidential campaign. Susan and two other mothers of children with epilepsy started a foundation, Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy (CURE), which Susan runs, to promote research and raise funds for a cure. Because of David’s political work, they have had political celebrities do fund-raisers: Bill Clinton, Tim Russert, Obama. But few have done as much for the foundation as Hillary Clinton.

    It was January 1999, President Clinton’s impeachment trial was just beginning in the Senate and Hillary Clinton was scheduled to speak at the foundation’s fund-raiser in Chicago. Despite all the fuss back in Washington, Clinton kept the appointment. She spent hours that day in the epilepsy ward at Rush Presbyterian hospital, visiting children hooked up to machines by electrodes so that doctors might diagram their seizure activity and decide which portion of the brain to remove. At the hospital, a local reporter pressed her about the trial in Washington, asked her about that woman. At the organization’s reception at the Drake Hotel that evening, Clinton stood backstage looking over her remarks, figuring out where to insert anecdotes about the kids. “She couldn’t stop talking about what she had seen,” Susan Axelrod recalled. Later, at Hillary Clinton’s behest, the National Institutes of Health convened a conference on finding a cure for epilepsy. Susan Axelrod told me it was “one of the most important things anyone has done for epilepsy.” And this is how politics works: David Axelrod is now dedicated to derailing this woman’s career.

  179. Hawaii must not look terrible or Obama wouldn’t be headed out there, but we all know he knows how to game those caucuses. We need to get to the young women in WI and Hawaii. I believe there would be a mass exudus from Camp Obama if they actually listened to her. My God, it’s the chance to elect a sister.

  180. And about his “no” and his explanation to the 30% credit card bill, why not vote it through FIRST and then set an example by pushing for tougher legislation and get another bill?

    If that’s he current explanation, it’s probably a lie. I just posted key words to find the story as given in a Chicago Tribune profile, which showed the no vote as a last-minute change of mind for brownnosing an important senator.

  181. sad. If women were coming to hillary like AAs to Bambi, this election would be in the bag by now.

    women, stick up! 👿 how hard is it to realize this woman is the most qualified out of all of the candidates? 👿

  182. This is a wonderful speech I’m listenin to by our gal. How she brought in stories from her day–the way she speaks also about “getting real” and looking to the future. The story of the little girl who asked about people without “homes” … the story about the results of the children’s health insurance program.

  183. Ininla, that is an amazing story…wow…how cut throat…and they go after Hillary with such a vengence…beyond what I have usually seen in politics…karma and fate are watching…

  184. Ininla, does ur internal show Obama support as mostly soft? That’s what his internals show. He has smaller percentage of concrete support. they are dubbed “persuadable”

  185. Ininla, i am now furious and disgusted with David Axelrod. I hope karma gets that SOB and his candidate too. If there really is a greater being, they will see how terrible and horrible these people are, especially since Hillary is THE most competent and qualified person for the job. period.

  186. Re-watching speech. She CERTAINLY got more and LOUDER applause than Bambi, and the difference it is on substance, not oratory or sniping

  187. i have a feeling that as usual, democrats will come out for Hillary in Wisconsin, independents will be a bit closer, but Republicans will break, as usual, heavily to Obama and in larger margins than seen in Virgina or Maryland =/

    Obama needs to diaf asap.

  188. THis is great stuff. I love it. “we need a fighter, a doer and a champion in the White HOuse. Some people have said that I am tough…we have tough problems in this country…I am still standing for women’s rights and humans rights…i am still standing up to the special interests and fighting for every man, woman, child” The Republicans ….I will beat them again if I am your nominee. If you stand with me on Tuesday, I will be standing in January of 09. This generation of Americans is destined for greatness. Lady Liberty has looked over the harbor. Wonderful ending…give me your tired your poor your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free….GREAT ENDING! This is one of Hillary’s best speeches ever. I love the use of the quote from the Statue of Liberty. I cannot wait to see the text of this. She did a great job of weaving real stories of real people with her policy ideas and also bringing in her background…her early work with the Children’s Defense, her reform of Arkansas educational system.” Now you know who is coming out so I am changing channels. I don’t need him giving me nightmares.

  189. Vfor Hill thanks for that link, it was a good read and glad to know that the moonies, um, Obama supporters are starting to be looked at as a more than little freaky. If this continues, my BET is that they will take their toys and go home, pouting because it’s not “cool” anymore.

    God Bless the Republicans! Keep it up.

    I just wonder what Matthews is gonna do when they all really start looking at the SUPPORTERS as well as the affiliations and substance.

    I have to make at least 100 calls for Hill tomorrow.

  190. Vfor Hillary…I tried to post that link a few times…I am glad yours went thru…everyone should take a look at it and circulate it all over…Obama’s Creepy/Cult factor is coming into the meanstream…

  191. Molly, I was thinking she has a new speech writer. I felt this was a turning point speech. Now WE have to make sure it gets the airplay it deserves.

  192. I will likely head to Houston, but hmmm, interesting point spacegirlart re: katrina and relocation – don’t know the answer, but I’ll do my best to report back.

  193. I think my tv viewing time is just about over tonight, at least for this. but I am delighted at how wonderful HIllary’s speech was tonight.

  194. Molly and Spacegirl Art…it seemed like Hillary’s speech connected on a practical and human level…like…she was feeling “our” pain…whereas with Obama it seemed so angry and as if he was lecturing and attacking…

    I just hope people are coming out of their trance and starting to get a buyer’s remorse feeling and waking up to Hillary’s strengths and ability to get us back on track…

    …as Pat Buchanan has said a number of times…the republicans are never going to let Obama get away with that ‘MUSH’

  195. re: cult traction in the news – the republican smear machine is powerful – how they get this stuff into the national consciousness so quickly is amazing.

  196. GREAT BLOG from

    by susiecash
    2/16/2008 7:24:53 PM
    This is my first blog ever! I am Hillary’s age (she’s 6 months older)and I am a Republican from Idaho. UNTIL NOW! I thought I was a Republican because it was the thing to do in Idaho. With the war dragging on, the economy slumping, and most important, our lower income families struggling, I realized I could support whomever I chose. And I choose Hillary because of my tremendous admiration to her 35 year cause to reach her lifetime goal. I am also of her generation that is painfully aware of the glass ceiling. I have read her biography and the opposing biography and I get it! So many pot shots at this woman who has a vision and has the courage to pursue and ACHIEVE IT!. It is defenitely HER TIME to show what a dedicated, smart lady can do. I am afraid of Obama and his TALK. Hillary truly does have SOLUTIONS, and the “moxie” to get it done. There is no one else in history that has stood by for eight years and watched “How it was done”, became a proud and honorable success in the Senate, and has definitely earned her way to achieve this honor. I have never been in politics before, but I truly believe that Hillary’s unbelievable courage and tenacity is one of the most motivating events in my very brief and new political experience. I am proud to support you, Hillary.

  197. If the Democrats played by Republican rules
    by L.J. Regine

    The race so far….

    Won by Hillary:
    NH 30
    Mich 128
    Fla 210
    Mass 121
    Nev 33
    NJ 127
    Ok 47
    Tenn 85
    Az 67
    NM 38
    Ark 47
    NY 281
    Cal 441
    Hillary w/MI + FL 1655
    Hillary w/o MI + FL 1327


    Iowa 57
    South Carolina 54
    Alabama 60
    Alaska 18
    Colorado 85
    Connecticut 60
    Delaware 23
    Georga 103
    Idaho 23
    Illinois 185
    Kansas 41
    Minnesota 88
    Missouri 88
    North Dakota 21
    Utah 29
    Louisana 66
    Nebraska 31
    Washington State 97
    Maine 34
    Virgin Islands 9
    DC 37
    Maryland 99
    Virginia 101
    Obama 1409

    If Obama won:

    Wisconsin 92
    Hawaii 29

    If Hillary won:

    Ohio 161
    RI 32
    Texas 228
    Vermont 23

    Obama: 1530
    Hillary: 1771

    If FLA and MI counted, then on March 4th

    Hillary would have 2099

    Thus she would win the the Democratic nomination.

    This is the one time I wish the Democrats played by Republican rules.

  198. JanH

    It’s not just caucuses…it’s also primaries, or a combination of both. It is what each STATE decides is best. Because of the turnout in every location so far, I think we can anticipate a number of changes and rethinking of current process.

    The whole point after the Chicago riots was to open up the nomination process to the voters, not the party polls and deal makers. It’s messier, but I can remember when people of color, women and, I’m not kidding you, “defectives” were not permitted to be selected as delegates. Now we select our delegates at every level…again, messy, but worth it.

    And we are no longer told who our candidate choice is…we select the candidate from those who wish to put themselves forward. Again, messy…but worth it.

  199. S, I noted that same thing earlier. It was REAL PEOPLE talk, with compassion, understanding, smarts and connections. It was not her policy wonk hillary, whom I love as an ISSUES voter, but this one was very REAL.

    I am sure the site will have it up, and I jst wrote to ask them to put it on the home page 🙂

    This is a converter to the undecideds

  200. the fainting incidents – all edited together –

    posted on Drudge and then on breitbart TV – hilarious actually –

  201. if democrats weren’t generally so peaceful and pussified…. ugh.

    You don’t know how HARD it was for me to live down Kerry getting swiftboated O_O and now, the most easily bashable, peace-calling, stuttering, porky-pig like, scandal ridden candidate is within steps of the democratic nomination *cough*obambi*cough*

    The democratic party truly is a weak one. Thank god we have bill and hill.

  202. i turned the channel the second hillary left the stage. i don’t want to hear the punk pat himself on the back.

  203. me to excited.lj msj.wait until you hear.. bye bye//from mc and “that chick.”..its gonna be an amazing album…e=mc2..thats the album name..emancipate number 2 xs..

  204. SpacegirlArt, yes I agree…she has to go to the heart…the smart thing is second nature for her…
    you could feel the connection…she is one in a million…

    and then he comes on like he is looking for some big fight and doing everthing he could to put her down..

  205. Looks like the people of Ohio aren’t going to be patting BO on the back.
    from sunday’s WaPo:

    “Obama, doesn’t he sound a little naive?” asked Huenke, 52. “He stands up there, so optimistic, preaching about hope and change. It sounds great and everything, but come on. He doesn’t quite get it.”
    “A minority president or a woman president — both are hard sells in Lima,” Huenke said. “But Hillary’s easier, because you also get Bill. When you’re thinking politics around here, you’ve got to be practical.”
    Once a Republican stronghold, Lima could potentially swing Democratic in the general election this time around, locals said; the town voted to elect Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland in 2006. Mathews believes that Obama can win the four delegates available in surrounding Allen County only if a higher percentage of minorities show up to vote. In recent elections, minorities have made up as little as 12 percent of the local electorate.
    “There’s this attitude that they can’t change anything, so why show up?” said Gary Frueh, chairman of the Allen County Democrats. “But they can change a lot.”
    Pennington told Huenke that she had just returned from the grocery store, where she overheard a young woman gushing about Obama. In the checkout line, Pennington confronted the woman. “Do you know his middle name?” she asked. “It’s Hussein. Hussein.”

    Now, recounting the exchange, Pennington sighed. “It bothers me that these Obama people don’t even know anything about him,” she said. “They just don’t know.

    “I mean, don’t get me wrong. He’s all right. If he gets the nomination, well, we’re going to have to vote for him and get behind him because we’re Democrats above anything else. But I just don’t like the preaching that he’s doing. He sounds like an old Bible-thumper to me. I like being talked to. I don’t like being yelled at.”

  206. re: Fainting: It was shown on CNN’s Ballot Bowl Saturday. she was doing her stump speech in Ohio (i think); then someone in the audience fainted. Hill stopped, then gave a Secret Service guy a bottle of water.

  207. She doesn’t have a fainting “routine”. Some older voters have fainted at her events not swoong froupies. I can’t believe he did the “I love you” bit. This guy is as phoney as a three dollar bill.

  208. no, i missed Hill’s fake faintin’ spell. Sounds like a hoot. She has a great sense of humor.

    S: yes, I think you put that very well. It was a perfect synthesis of head and heart– policy/principle and compassion and caring.

    He IS angry. And he is distorting Hillary’s positions on health care, among other things. And tells the same old cracks about having his kindergarten records examined. I’ve seen several really good blogs up about his sexism and about the media;s sexist, double standard treatment of Hillary. I’ll get the links tomorrow.

  209. me to terrondt sonn as she left the stage i turn it..cant stand watching bo and too.and on cspan call the rep get thru..its rigged …i bet they only have one line..lying suckers..

  210. terr…she did a lampoon of Bambi’s fainting/water/where’s the cdoctor routine at a ralley she had. I did not see where it was, and it was right in the middle of her talk. She started chanting YES WE WILL REPEATEDLY (OR MAYBE CAN, BUT I THINK WILL) AND THEN DID THE “oH, HAS SOMEONE FAINTED…ETC (CUE Obama routine) it was GREAT, I amsure that will be either on her site or on YouTube

  211. I really can’t believe that was real. Are we SURE? I can be wrong, of course, but it was SO RIGHT OUT of the Obama play book, I was SURE it was a lampoon of the hype v the SERIOUSNESS of the election. I will try and find it.

  212. Well at a large Hillary rally I attended recently, several people got hot and fainted or almost fainted. It gets crowded and stuffy and people fall out. It was a long wait the night I saw Hillary and lots of folks (most folks) stood for a long time. There were several people who were helping to hand out water. I misunderstood what happened at the Wisconsin rally based on what somebody saidabove…With the Obama rallies, however, from what I’ve heard it’s a bit of a ritual.

  213. blue democrat, the daily kooks and huffington bust always like to call hillary supporters uninformed but look at his young supporters. they don’t know crap about the guy except he gives good speeches, is the hip thing to support, and throws out hope. they don’t know anything about the guy and what he would do for the country. and they call us uninformed?

  214. A fair bit of ad analysis from Chris Cillizza @ the Washington Post, which I normally wouldn’t wrap a dead fish in…

    The fact that the Clinton campaign is “doubletracking” their advertising in Wisconsin reveals a few things.
    First of all, the campaign’s financial situation has to have improved considerably since two different flights of ads — even in a state like Wisconsin — is a costly endeavor.
    Second, it’s clear that the Clinton campaign recognizes that while it must try to take the bark (or the halo — choose your symbol) of off Obama, they must also find a way to balance that more negative message with a positive storyline about her.
    Third, it shows the Clinton campaign is investing serious resources in Wisconsin — believing that a win (or at least a narrow loss) is possible.

    The question before Clinton is whether she will be able to financially keep up this sort of dual messaging on television in far more expensive states like Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania. And, if not, which track does she choose? The positive? The contrast/negative?
    Or something sort of hybrid?

  215. i want to see Obama faint. but we wouldn’t have to wait long if he were Mr. Prezident hussein. He’s faint the second the next Osama Bin Laden video was dispatched to him.

  216. hes been saying that for a while, “i love you back” yes he did say it in iowa, it was cheezy then but msm was busy drooling over his speech (which i didn’t think was veyr good & did a lot of democrat bashing).

    LOLZ at the ‘obama cult is creepy’ stuff getting out there
    i’ve been saying that for months!!!! and i sure wouldnt go there even though he is the opponent if i didn’t believe it. edwards has/had some very die hard supporters but they are not worshipers like obama. maybe because edwards ran on ideas and not vapid speeches

  217. terrondt,
    It’s the power of propaganda we’re fighting, theat’s the real enemy.
    That, open primaries & caucuses.

    I’m very encouraged by that WaPo piece on Ohio.
    It shows it’s a much different political terrain, will have a much lower AA turnout and apparently there’s a realization that BO is mostly full of it – which I think we all agree is good 🙂

  218. MJS Says:

    February 17th, 2008 at 1:35 am
    i want to see Obama faint. but we wouldn’t have to wait long if he were Mr. Prezident hussein. He’s faint the second the next Osama Bin Laden video was dispatched to him.

    HA! (as Tweety would say). Yes, it’ll happen….during President Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Inaugural speech. “Need some water, Barack?…getting sick? Can someone carry him out so I can finish my speech?!”

  219. I’m just waiting for Ole’ Osama to make a video appearance
    (and with it likely a prediction or preference on this race – and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if it’s against HRC).

    I know he weighed in on the 04′ race (moments before the polls opened, if you remember), pretty sure he did in 2006 as well.

    Come what may….

  220. Molly, it’s a fraud. The love you bit. Obama employees a tactic of crowd management that is remeniscient of Stalin. The idea is you get a large crowd at an event, though you make it look spontanious, after a while people in large crowds start showing yup because it becomes the thing to do. You make yourself look more popular than you are to gain popularity. You talk about a “unified country”, ie no parties, you get where I’m going?

  221. Clinton, speaking to reporters yesterday, said she would be willing to fight at the convention to seat delegates from Florida and Michigan. She won both states, and has instructed her supporters to vote to seat both state delegations even though the Democratic National Committee stripped them of delegates as punishment for scheduling primaries before Feb. 5.

    “I’m prepared to go the distance, that’s what I’ve always been committed to doing, that’s what I will do,” Clinton told reporters after a rally at the Brat Stop restaurant in this blue-collar southern Wisconsin city.

    “The rules provide for a vote at the convention to seat contested delegations,” she added. “This goes back to the 1940s. … There is nothing unusual about this.”

  222. MJ,
    The first Super Bowl was only half full. They then moved the crowd down towards the field to fill all the seats and never showed the empty higher sections of the stadium on TV.

    I don’t doubtthe huge crowd numbers BO’s been getting, but it goes to show there’s all kinds of manipulations available, both for the at-home TV audience as well as for the media (like “feinting” that looks like hysteria).
    The media luvs that bullshit Beatles narrative.

  223. Oh, WTF? That map is creepy!

    There’s some psychological shit going on, more than’s even meeting the eye. And I saw the BO logo stamped over the map originally and some of the earlier signs.

    But they’ve got, like… a playbook!

  224. yes ive mentioned before, his website used to be normal like hill’s or jre’s but after iowa it turned into fluffy white clouds. hey maybe its not religious, maybe they are space aliens like independence day movie or something?? xfiles?

    obama 08: the truth is out there

  225. putting “STATE of the RACE” like that is apparently lifted from daily kos tagline : “THE STATE of THE NATION” (both arranged the same way basically)

  226. Blue, thanks for that post about FLA Mich delegates. IF this thing goes all the way to Denver without a straight dominance for Hillary, I am going to BE in Denver, even if I have to sleep in my car.

    I will not miss this one, even from the outside, but MAN OH MAN, I signed up as a GLBT Delegate member LONG BEFORE this shit went down…you could do it on the website then, and then that option vanished…after the DNC ruling. But I am GOING TO DENVER when this woman fights for my vote! GO HILLARY!

    She is so damn smart ” “The rules provide for a vote at the convention to seat contested delegations,” she added. “This goes back to the 1940s. … There is nothing unusual about this.”…

    What? Me worry???


  227. I was seeing something a little more um….appealing to a portion of his base in that title. I’m probably watching too much Obamamamamamamavvviiidddddeooooooooo……

  228. The creepy cult map looks like a republican GE map with a few exceptions. Scary.

    On the little schedule on his site is says “Surfing the Obama waves in Hawai’i” wtf.

  229. Obamawaves now?


    there are more

    is this the self absorbed candidate? or what?

  230. obama’s website just is a huge evidence of cult like movement. like he some kinda moses like figure. very scary. this was done on purpose.

  231. Dot48- that article is such a powerful piece. I enlarged it and attached his bio and the presentation is great. I sent it to admin, asked for acknowlegment but have heard nothing back. It may be something that other Hillary supporters on this site should get a copy of through admin.

  232. it’s scientology-like….JimJones like…..MansonLike…and those guys who all waited for Hale Bop……..creepy

  233. SpaceGirl,
    What’s a GLBT Delegate?

    Not cause I’m so brilliant, but if you go to the top of this thread I gamed out what I think might be a plausible scenario for how this’ll play, as neither side will have enough delegates. Several others seemed to agree.
    It’s the statements coming from the campaign about going the distance combined with the impending Rezko trial (and other seedy dealings),combined with the usual republican ruthlessness that has me feeling hopeful.
    And then there was Hill’s speech tonight, that was so… just…
    44 in-waiting.

  234. I am just now watching the WI speeches…

    Is it my imagination, or is his getting too long, too rambly, part preaching, part policy, not cogent. It sounds choppy and disorganized.

  235. Well I really hesitate to use this term because it is so often mischaracterized or used with a vicious or destructive intent,
    but the first thing that comes to my mind looking at a logo that
    denotes a political “movement” is the Nazi logo.
    I mean, even the ultra image conscious Reagan conservatives, and now the neo-cons, don’t have a logo.

    I wouldn’t like it if Hill had one. Ok, maybe it wouldn’t be soooo bad in that case, but you know what I mean…

  236. Blue, her speech was very presidential and I will go search for your plausible delegate scenario

    and EmJay…yes, he rambled, got mad, it appeared, and lost his audience.

    No teleprompter.

    TA DA

  237. I just dipped my foot into the blogs at the Obama site and DANG YO. ::waves to everyone watching me:: The Sen. Kennedy love confuddles me. I get the love for JFK, I get the love for Caroline, I loved John John very very much and RFK, but Ted no.

  238. Laughing, yes. Not that it has done me any good here in God Forsaken Florida. I am spending years here with three cats, a golden retriever and a few psycho dates (although they may think the same!) but really, having been from Atlanta originally, lived in MANY places, this place is really dry for options. So, I do art, and this past year, really get in to this campaign as best I can. Also, it;s hard to find a GF who doesn’t resemble a line backer AND who loves politics! LOL!

  239. lol spacegirl. yeah, it must be tough finding a partner, especially if you don’t live in the more urban parts of Florida.

    for me, i have a harder time deciding whether I like a guy or a girl better. I wish I could have both. lol. 😀 eh, maybe it’s just my hormones still in flux. I’m not through puberty yet, I think 😀

  240. Where you really have to watch these cult leaders is when crisis hits. That is usually when they turn against their own flock and/or start the scapegoating. There is an old French saying that revolutions eat their own.

  241. The War Room is finally uploaded. Some parts are still processing, but most of it is complete. Just go to my youtube account.

    To be sure – The War Room is a documentary following the 1992 Clinton campaign. It’s an unprecidented look at the inner workings of a presidential campaign. It’s mostly James Carville, Paul Begala, and George Stephanopolous, however there’s appearances by Bill, Hillary, Chelsea, Tipper, Al and even Bush v1.0. Everyone should watch, even the Obama supporters lurking. : )

  242. MJS, I am in St PEte…other than Miami, art/culture “capital” of the state, or trying to be. It’s nice and my business has done prety well here, but there is slim pickins. I am not a bar fly, a football fan or much of a beer drinker, so…options dwindle…

    Oh well, life is otherwise good.

  243. i admit i subscribe to obama’s site and checked out hisblog but never commented there. i subcribed to every candidate that ran this year gop or dem except kusinich. i also subcribe to i keep watch on him also.

  244. I’m a straight female who gets along substantially better with gay males than I do with females or straight males. Thus, I don’t have a boyfriend. But I do see a lot of theatre!

  245. wbboei fwiw there have been a number of incidents in the campaign of stuff happening that was a problem like the “d-punjab” memo and obama throws his staff under the bus. that also happened with the questionnaire they dug up from chicago state senate days where he took really liberal positions on stuff and didnt give any details, he blamed that on staff too. oh and calling unions “special interests” and saying we need to get past baby boomers’ fights etc.

  246. I think some of the Obama bloggers are the ones who are flooding CSpan, or so I kind of gathered from comments. I didn’t stay long enough though, after I saw people fawning over Ted Kennedy I had to bail. I don’t think they know his history.

  247. which reminds me:


    What will you say? The day Obama goes away? When he’s crushed into Oblivion by Hillary’s campaign? When Rezko leaks for all his dirty sewage to seep into your vision? What will you do, when you realize he’s fooled you, he’s played you, he’s duped you, and he’s used you? What will you say? What will you do? Will you stand up? Or stay weak–like the way Obama has represented you? 🙂

  248. Bloomberg’s out, or so we here in NY think at least.
    A nice demeanor, most seem to agree, but he would have been another hideous trickle-down practicioner anyway.
    (ex. He supported building a $2B stadium for failed Olympics bid, but now wants to charge citizens to drive in Manhattan $8 per day because the city’s $400m short. Out-fuckin’-rageous.)

  249. ROFL Tiny…..I get that

    So, let’s get beck to Hillary before I have to go crash. All this Obama talk is making me feel ewwwww

  250. Hillary did such a great speeech tonight andObama was flat and mean, and still the calls “poured in” (all five of them) for Obama.

    3 men
    2 women

    2 dems
    2 repubs
    1 indie

    1 black man
    1 southern woman
    1 foreign accent 2 white men

    i think that is what i remember

  251. I have a good one! Earlier I linked Hillary’s 1995 speech on women’s rights in Beijing, which is awesome btw. Later someone posts the Feminists for Hillary letter which references that speech and I’m on some blog somewhere I’m blocking from memory but one of the commenters said “What did she do? I mean, didn’t she JUST make a speech?”

    Um…. Iraq speech anyone?

  252. Tiny Dancer Says:
    February 17th, 2008 at 2:26 am
    The War Room is finally uploaded. Some parts are still processing, but most of it is complete. Just go to my youtube account.

    Thank you. 🙂

    Blue Democrat Says:
    February 17th, 2008 at 2:32 am
    Bloomberg’s out, or so we here in NY think at least.
    A nice demeanor, most seem to agree, but he would have been another hideous trickle-down practicioner anyway.

    Where did you hear this?And why is he out?

  253. I can one up ya Tiny…on that horrible bunch of Perez stuff…one obamablogger (oh god, they have me doing it! LOL) said something like “And Bill Clinton, I mean, he almost got the nomination!”

    and then some pro hillary, god love her, responded several posts later…he DID get the nomination, but he was almost impeached.

    Welcome to Obama land

  254. bloomberg had a speech the other day lecturing obama,mccain and hillary for not addressing certain issues. he is acting like a candidate to me or he is one of the biggest liers in political history.

  255. LOL BLue

    when you wish upon a star~

    makes no difference who you are~

    when you wish upon a star~

    your dreams, come true~

  256. Kingsgrove,
    Bloomberg made a few remarks this week that were seen as backing away, I forget the exact headline and there were no Shermanesque/definitive statements, but I do remember a quote about never having met Chuck Hagel (his presumed running mate).
    Additionally I thought I saw where his polling just wasn’t showing him enough to make him get in. Don’t take it as gospel.

  257. Space,

    Ya know, if it helps, maybe a could wear a little something for you 🙂

    haha, cracked myself up w/that one!

  258. It’s a weird, weird world in which Ted Kennedy is adored and Bill Clinton is hated. Luckily the online Obama community represents a small faction of the democratic electorate.

  259. Tiny,
    There’s a bit of it in the commercial I built.
    Just add the prefix & dotcom. I didn’t want to get filtered out
    (again). Let me know if you like…..


  260. LOL Blue. Now that is a picture I can do without! Anyway folks, I am off to bed. Beter that picture in my head of Blue in drag than the bots.

    We need to ALL make calls for Hillary tomorrow. I really believe this woman I was on the phone with for an hour this evening will come to our side, and be very active when she does. It is worth your time.

    Take care, have fun, and don’t spend too much time in ObamaWorld….it is harmful to your brain.

    And ya know, he actually kinda started off semi ok. But he bought into his own cult. The first law of idol worship. They are not real.


  261. kingsgrove, i was 22 years old in 1992 and i remember that election like it was last week. i have to buy the war room dvd. brings back memories of my early 20’s obama have nothing on bill clinton’s 1992 run. 16 years ago. wow.

  262. Great commercial Blue! And the speech!!! She should put that on her website. For realz. Obama would have it on his, he’d build his entire campaign around it, have it playing the background at some of his rallys, hand out copies of it, it’d have its own timeslot on MSNBC. He’s a little too self-referential for me.

  263. look at george stephanolis. he looked like a teen then in the war room. clinton made his ass but turned on him later. at least carville and begala knows who made them famous.

  264. me too terrondt, me too.
    Get reminded every day when I hear Obama give Bill’s speech!

    Just once I’d like to see him get called on it.

    I’d luv to hear Hill say,” You know I too know a thing or too about hope. I married a Man from there!”

  265. Thanks a lot Tiny. I sure did try, never heard from anyone…..

    That was built frantically the night before New Hampshire,
    the first time we were being told it was all over!

    hehe, I left the campaign at voicemail at 6am saying I hoped it’d help and I was with’em till the Last Dog Dies!

  266. It’s crazy to me that people can’t look back on the Clinton years and appreciate them for at the VERY least beating an incumbent President and getting a Dem into office for 2 freakin’ terms.

  267. ted koppel did a speacial on 1992 election eve when carville became emotional just before the expected bill clinton win. i teared up too. he gave a great speech. the whole room got teary eyed. amazing.

  268. the fringe left wing never really liked bill clinton. they are tiny fringe but very vocal and loud. this gives them the illusion they are massive. they just transferred thier hate to hillary. along with a loud much bigger gop and there you go.

  269. Spacegirl yea love is a fleeting thing what part of florida used to spend time money all over that state tournaments golf lessons david leadbetter 5 years not senior tour material corporate officer bullshit multinational in plantation hurricane alley chalet suzanne al jolson hallendale beach belinda belvede old havana key largo lady with the tuttie frutte hat calle ocho dont ya love/hate james joyce what an awful place to be stuck.

    What a glorious place to be stuck cause its Hillaryland south. Those electoral votes belong to our girl and for all those people who want to disenfranchise those voters fuck them and the horse they rode in on. It is un American and it wont happen. Just curious what is your approximate latittude and longitude before I pass out. In vino veritas.

  270. george stephonilis i think started the speech about james carville and then gave the floor to him. carville then turned to the entire room filled with the clinton/gore staff to make a emotional speech what a expected clinton win will mean to the country. very moving. if any hillfans never seen the video i would recommend it. it would lift your spirits when the current clinton is having a rough go of it.

  271. Terrondt – That speech is included near the end of the Documentary! I had it uploaded to the youtube account but it’s missing. I’ll add it again. It’s awesome.

  272. thanks tiny dancer, i just saw part nine when they were getting the exit polls on election day afternoon 1992.

  273. I can never remember either. I usually just call him George Snuffuplupagus in reference to the episode of Friends, but I had to actually google the spelling when I uploaded these videos. Stephanopolous.

  274. terrondt,
    If it’s the speech I remember, Carville says something like if we don’t win, we’ll never win again,and working people in thiscountrywill be screwed.
    If we let Roger Ailes (then G. Bush Sr. dirty tricks man) and Mossbacher win, Democrats may never win again.

  275. I also like Carville’s first speech about how if you let them get you this time they’re going to get you everytime and you’re never going to get Dems elected into office or whatever.

    And then Bill talking about how if you elect him you get Hill too. 2 for 1!

  276. Obama tried a quick close last week and it did not work. He shook the tree and got a couple defections but not what he hoped for. Pundit wisdom to the contrary time is not on his side. For him it will be the death of a thousand cuts.

    Earlier today I think I nailed the motive of MSNBC which had eluded me thus far. I was proud of myself until I saw the basement angel posting that found an even deeper logic. The point is we now know what they are up to and why they are up to it and we can tell the world why they are not credible. Funny thing about people if you simply tell them someone is wrong they wont believe you unless you can also tell them why they are wrong and now we can. Se peude as they say.

    God I would love for us to put one or two states in the win column next week just to silence the nattering nabobs of negativity

  277. I’ll put the other speech up tomorrow and maybe some other moments that might be nice to have on hand just in case. But for now I must sleep.

    Night Hillaryland!

  278. Woops–no no not the wrong button (whew). No nuclear war imminent today Bwaaaaaaaak.

    The one thing I wanted to add to the above post: nuestro teamo en Tejas es el mas magnifico en esta paiz. Se puede.

  279. wbboei

    what is MSNBC’s motive? Besides needing a “star” who will owe them big time, to hang their advertising stats on…

  280. Emjay: I really think they are playing off the FOX model. FOX as you know has the inside track with the Bush Administration, because they are all republicans. What MSNBC is trying to do is to put bwaaaaak in the White House so they can have that special relationship with the next administration. In the venacular its all about access and influence. What Basement Angel added to that analysis was that MSNBC is also aiming at the Obamaniacs as a target audience and it is only right that BillO should know this.

  281. * Ahhh, the nostalgia! Speaking of the 1992 campaign, check this out!. This is a truly “behind the scenes” look at that campaign and the news coverage. Really insightful. (Love the satellite footage! lol)

    This tape teaches us about an interesting period of time in the early ’90s when people with a satellite dish could receive non-broadcast feeds. The author has captured hundreds of hours of this footage and it is an invaluable look at the crafty ways that politicians use television. This footage really is nothing like anything you’ve ever seen. An extremely valuable tape, both for the general knowledge and a specific look at the 1992 presidential race.

    0:00 Bars and tone.

    1:45 Introduction to the year 1992. We hear about the Rodney King beating and subsequent riots. We learn that Bill Clinton was campaigning for president and about the popularity of the Larry King show. We see Larry King telling Bill Clinton that Ted Turner will “serve” him after he is elected.

    4:55 We learn that anyone with a dish could have picked this up. We then learn the difference between regular TV and the satellite feed.

    5:43 We see George Bush Sr. on the Larry King Show and hear the satellite feed. He asks whether Saddam Hussein is watching them right now. We learn more about the uses of these satellite feeds. Then we learn why and how the satellites are used by the networks. The videomaker describes how he managed to record over 500 hours of satellite feeds.

    6:52 Jerry Brown gets his makeup on and tells the cameraman to turn the camera away. He dips in and out of the frame while he puts in nose drops.

    7:52 Info about George Bush and his appearance on Larry King. They talk about Halcion, a drug which has since been taken off the market. We learn that Bush had passed out in public because of the drug.

    9:35 Bush and his evocation of Harry Truman. King makes fun of Bush with Gore. We then learn about the satellite “whistle stops” done in the White House. We see Barbara Bush saying the same things to different TV stations around the country. “I would remind you that all of us awaken, every single day, to a safer, freer world because of George Bush.”

    12:52 Clinton: “This is great. I love these. Can we do more Maryland?” Videomaker talks about the campaign “network.” The politicians use these individual releases to local news stations to bypass the national press and thereby control more of their presentation. We learn that many politicians even create “news” programs to promote themselves and send them to the stations, which generally play them without indicating they are actually paid advertisements, not news stories.


    21:35 We learn about Clinton’s extramarital affair. People claim that Clinton got valuable airtime because of this. People say this won him the election. “I figure if everyone in Maryland who’s ever had problems in their marriage and either been divorced or gotten back together votes for me, I figure I’m a shoo-in for the election.”


    42:24 Al Gore’s wife calls Larry King show (where Gore is a guest) and asks him out on a date. Gore didn’t initially recognize his wife’s voice. She then does satellite news reports all over country and her aides applaud their decision to have her call and appear so cutesy. We learn that the pro-life stance was chosen by Republicans to try to take some of the traditionally Democrat-leaning Catholic vote. Pat Robertson says that the Christian Coalition wants to gain control of Republican party by 1996. We hear him talking about all the news outlets he owns. The 700 Club discusses “Operation Rescue,” who try to destroy abortion clinics. News guy accuses Gore of imposing his beliefs on abortion on poor women by including abortion coverage in a theoretical national health coverage plan.


    1:02:50 We see Bush and Clinton separately telling supporters that they want a debate. Clinton wants to arrange a debate on Larry King with live callers to ask questions. Clinton and Gore go on Larry King. We see how dramatically King complements whoever he’s talking to. We see him doing it to Clinton/Gore, then Bush, then Perot.

    1:09:00 We see the live results from the polls on election day.

    1:12:00 White House finds out about the satellite feeds. Clinton then was able to see things that were coming out before they go out and counteract them.

    1:15:39 Credits.

    1:17:12 End of tape.

  282. Wake up O’Reilly! Are you paying attention ???


    Fits w/ what I thought, but about three layers deeper than a brain on bourbon could fathom

  283. “In theory, the primary could go 100% to Clinton and the caucus could go 100% to Obama (or vice versa). These are two independent, separate, elections for different sets of delegates.”
    I think Team Obama knows Hillary will win Texas but I’m very, very sure they’re focusing on the Caucus to beat Hillary in TX and win the nomination.

    They’re looking at the numbers and realize that it only take small committed bunch of voters to get them the nomination. I truly believe the DNC set this caucus crap up for their “annoited one.” But the caucuses system will not help you in the G.E. in fact it will backfired big ime for the Democrats.

    The problem for the republicans is that the country really, really hates the GWB administration and the republicans for marching in lock step when their know GWB is a idiot. McCain might be able to bring back some of the independents. Also image is a powerful thing and the repugs underestimated Obama charisma and youth on TV…So the longer they wait the more people will have fairy dust and whatever the repugs might be too late.

    It took decades to bring Hillary’s negative up and still she has beaten the repugs. So there is no guarantee for anybody. I believe Hillary Clinton will address the problems that this country have with solutions in her typical can do attitude.

    The biggest loser in this election is the media. Their arrogance and belief that their actions can not be held accountable is truly amazing. They have lost the respect of millions of Americans who have always had this sacred trust and respect in them. We were raise with the exploits of journalists as heroes, but that landscape is forever changed and it will be very interesting to see what happens after November.

  284. carbynew,
    So will they succeed?!!! BO I mean.

    Everything I’ve seen suggests neither will have enough delegates.
    Not sure what you base this analysis they can win with small % on,
    but would like to know…

  285. Sugar: I haven’t seen you on here today but hopefully you will see this post. I think you will like this blog:

    I think everyone on here will enjoy this new blog I found as well but especially AA who are looking for more AA bloggers who are siding with Clinton rather than Obama.

  286. wbboei

    You are correct w/ the translation…just wanted to mention the PR firm…their FrontPage is pretty cool, though informational print is too small for comfort.

  287. Carbynew I’m a little slow parse this one for me. What happens if we win the primary and they win the caucus. Who gets the delegates. I have gotta believe the stopper knows. If the caucus votes yield the delegates then our stategy should be built around that. In that venue nobody is going to be intimidated by obamaniacs. But we do need to know the ground rules and so do I. I need to know where I can be most effective before I go. I need to talk to Dolores or somebody.

  288. Carbynew

    I think only one third of the delegates in Texas are awarded thru the caucus system, out of the 197 or so.

  289. Furthermore, the caucus delegates fom the precinct go to the district, are refined again once more at ? level and then to the state convention. I may have one too many levels.

  290. It is counterintuitive to some but not to me. African Americans will do better with a Clinton administration than in an Obama administration for several reasons.

    First, she has been working for social justice for 35 years and is not some johnny come lately as lewis once said.

    Second, WJC had a mutually supportive relationship with the AA community which was as much cultural as political.

    Third, the very fact that Obama is perceived by the white community to be black would make it seem that help he gave them was self serving.

    Fourth, strong black women like Maggie Williams Sheila Jackson Lee and the great Maxine Waters are soulmates with Hillary and would be influential in her administration.

    Fifth, while racial identity is a factor I happen to believe that if they really knew Obama they would opt for Hillary by 90%

  291. “One riot, one ranger.”

    LOL! But which riot do you mean?

    Anyway, now that Hillary knows how important caucuses are, and she is getting the Latinos out to vote, and the caucus comes right after the vote, and she got plenty Latinos out to caucus in Las Vegas…. Maybe she’ll manage a caucus turnout for once. (Won in NM which was some kind of crazy caucus.)

    I still want a big party in the park with tacos and beer and Mexican music and then everyone march together to the caucus! And all the teenagers too young to vote (and the non-registered and the out of staters) babysit the kids while the voters caucus.

    I want the voters to march around and around tgeh neighborhood playing music and waving “Come to caucus!” signs and picking up everyone in sight!

    (I bet in the red states the Obama people were being sneaky and not alerting the public that there WAS a caucus or it mattered.)

  292. Signed back on and found all is peaceful here in Hillary Land. The posts lack the anxiety of some previous days. People are reminiscing about other elections. Some are discussing their sexual inclinations. All innocuous enough topics for a Sunday morning. I’m beginning to see a few hints that Hillary has begun to make a “comeback”. She was not ever really gone though.

    I noticed CNN is trying to revive Hillary a bit after trying to declare her dead for some time now. I wonder if that’s because it doesn’t make much sense for them to be promoting a debate between a live candidate and a dead one. No matter how badly she beats BHO next Thursday, they will be out to kill her again – politically.

    I also noticed BHO is saying the delegates from FL and MI should not be counted because he didn’t campaign there. Interesting point. He won several states where Hillary did not campaign. Should we count those delegates?

    It has been often noted here that BHO has benefited from having Repugs voting for him in the primaries. They seemed to prefer to run against him in the GE – for obvious reasons. Now that the MSM has enjoyed some success at building BHO into a political super star, the Repugs may back off some since they may fear they are helping themselves to lose the GE. Of course, some are smart enough to know Hillary is still in this thing with a good chance of winning.

    I keep hoping the Rezko thing will explode in time to help Hillary, but I won’t count on it until it does. Regardless, if it’s possible for a blogger to win a Pulitzer prize, I hope one goes to B. Merryfield.


  293. Fired Up and Falling Down: String of Crowd Fainting Incidents Hits Obama Rallies: Video

  294. Today’s campaign schedule: From thepage.time

    Sunday, February 17

    John McCain appears on ABC’s “This Week”

    10:15 am
    Bill Clinton holds a “Solutions for America” rally in Toledo, Ohio

    1:45 pm
    Bill Clinton holds a “Solutions for America” rally in Canton, Ohio

    2:00 pm
    Hillary Clinton attends a “Solutions for America” Town Hall in De Pere, Wisconsin

    4:00 pm
    Barack Obama attends a “Stand for Change” Town Hall Meeting in Kaukauna, Wisconsin

    5:00 pm
    Bill Clinton holds a “Solutions for America” rally in Steubenville, Ohio

    6:15 pm
    Hillary Clinton attends a “Solutions for America” Town Hall in Wausau, Wisconsin

    8:15 pm
    Bill Clinton holds a “Solutions for America” rally in Marietta, Ohio

    9:30 pm
    Hillary Clinton attends a “Solutions for America” Rally in Madison, Wisconsin

  295. And before the Texas caucus, there should be volunteers outsdie the PRIMARY polling places grabbing people who have just voted and getting them to the CAUCUS location on time.

    And if there aren’t enough real people for a parade to the caucus, at least have a decorated van driving around playing music through the neighborhood with signs “Come to caucus!”

    This lets people know it’s happening — and shows that they will have volunteer support when they get there!

  296. Mr. Obama’s Waffle
    His commitment to pursue public financing for the fall campaign suddenly looks soft:

  297. By ABM90

    REmember You were on his Legal Team
    You purchased a Home and property from him(for Millions)
    The REZKO AFFAIR is about to unfold
    REZKO and his Federal Fraud Schemes will be exposed.
    REZKO makes the BOOTLEGGER AL CAPONE look like
    A Convenient Store Bandit. STAY TUNED AMERICA

  298. Good post on TaylorMarsh, reviews BO upcoming problems. Also, like I and many others suspected, the Rips are hands off on BO because they know he can be beaten and Hillary will win.

  299. Blue Democrat Says:

    February 17th, 2008 at 4:05 am
    So will they succeed?!!! BO I mean.

    Everything I’ve seen suggests neither will have enough delegates.
    Not sure what you base this analysis they can win with small % on,
    but would like to know…
    HELL TO THE NO!!! Hillary Clinton will win because she’s smarter and tougher then Obama and as long as she keep fighting and not believe the Party Unity Crap spewing from party leaders and the DNC. The people have to take back their party by voting and supporting Hillary Clinton and stop underestimating Obama and the “gang of 30” at the DNC…okay make it “Gang of 31” with Nancy Pelosi interjection on the FL/MI fiasco.

    But this is a game of inches with the delegate race and I find it interesting how the DNC designed this primary race…caucuses galore…puhlease. Don’t believe Obama peace talk in the media. He is not going to give up, it’s all talk with him while he stab you in the back. Using the party leaders and DNC to block for him, with this party unity talks.

    Remember even if you lose you still win delegates and we must BLOCK Obama from an end run.

  300. In the past week, I have been on out on the blogs trying to ask hard, substantive questions about BO, his qualifications and the nature of his campaign and their support for him. I have tried not to be demeaning – never using the words cult, or koolaid to belittle their views.

    In response, I have been mostly met with a steady stream of insults, labels, sickening pics (thank you billary!) and sheer unadulterated aggression with frankly – very little substance thrown in.

    I have pushed back and it has helped me – now I think I understand what the movement is about. Since this is the ’10s and not the 1940s or 1950s or 1960s, you’re using words and insults in cyberspace to bludgeon all non-believers into submission – instead of billy clubs on the streets.

    So now I have tested and it has been confirmed –
    Hope = mob violence
    Change = demagoguery

    I wonder if any of them were to stop, take a breath and really look at what’s going on if they would begin to be the least bit uncomfortable?

  301. Sunday talk show roundup (reps of each candidate, they’re busy!)

    It’s Barack Obama vs. Hillary Clinton through the eyes of two of their biggest supporters in the U.S. Senate: Obama supporter Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Clinton supporter Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) square off on Decision 2008.

    Guests: David Axelrod Chief Strategist, Obama Campaign
    Howard Wolfson Communications Director, Clinton Campaign
    Mayor L. Douglas Wilder, D-RichmondFormer Governor of Virginia, Obama Surrogate
    Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, D-Los Angeles Clinton Surrogate
    Roger Simon
    The Politico

    John McCain (good to watch to get an idea of how HRC can run against him)

    Obama-backer Governor Jim Doyle of Wisconsin and
    Clinton-supporter Governor Ted Strickland of Ohio

    Looks like Meet The Press and Face The Nation are the best bets for Sunday!

  302. Everybody…we need to continue to call Wisconsin.

    Would it be in bad taste to call on Sunday? It’s my day or worship but I thought about calling some this afternoon..

    Also, WE NEED TO GET A BIG MONEY BOMB set up for next week.

    Okie got the word out on the first and second one….we need another HUGE DROP.

    Our little monies and big monies can help Hillary fight the figrsht. Please, please, please do what you can.


  303. Good morning. I’m surfing for news as I drink my coffee.

    Again, has anyone been able to find out the name of the doctor who sold OB the house? I looked for hours last night, but never came across a name.

  304. I don’t call on Sundays, Dot. Don’t know if it’s okay too, or if others do, but I don’t feel comfortable doing it.

  305. MADISON – A major winter storm will hit much of Wisconsin on Sunday bringing freezing rain, sleet and heavy snow.

    Motorists are advised to stay home but if you need to drive, please take the following precautions. Assemble a disaster supply kit for your vehicle.

  306. He who has the inside track on the GOP…”it will be between Obama and McCain and it will be an election on National Security”

    I saw THIS coming.

    Barack, no NS experience AT ALL

  307. Damn, trying to look through some of Nadhmi Auchi’s business stuff…General Mediteranean Holding, Fintrade , etc. Also trying to get a handle on his involvement with the Oil For Food Scandal. Ugh…not light reading for a sunday morning. 🙁

  308. Alright Hillary!!

    The other night I mention that I was watching “Field of Dreams and the one line that struck me was “Go The Distance”

    Hillary used it yesterday

    Clinton: “I am prepared to go the distance”

  309. Okay guys not trying to go negative.But would you guys support Hillary if she lose the nomination and start to support this man Obama?I for one will not and i hope she would go on a smearing campaign against him.I mean he has made it personal by calling her a racist and all.That is beyond unforgivable.I hate that Hillary cannit attack this man the way he is attacking her.But I knew this would happen

  310. But would you guys support Hillary if she lose the nomination and start to support this man Obama

    Hillary is free to support whomever she pleases. I will NEVER support Obama. Period.

  311. johnflint1985, from what I read in the internet, BHO camp is upbeat but they are also neverous because there are still a lot of undecided.

  312. But would you guys support Hillary if she lose the nomination and start to support this man Obama

    No I will not. I am not voting foe Democratic party as a default. Ia m voting for a candidate that I trust and I like. I will go with MC Cain. I am not voting for a party that chooses Obama. Period.

  313. meiyingsu
    this is why i am asking. there are people that I know in his campaign and they are very optimistic for some reason. They started today saying ” he will have 10 victories on the row”. I hope not and send her a bit more money yest. this is all I can do about it.

  314. I think she has a shot at WI, she trails in the tracking polls bay about 4% with between 10 to 14% undecided and WI voters are notorious for deciding in the last few days who to vote for. Read meiyingsu at:

    Responses to “Men O’Pause”
    meiyingsu Says:

    February 16th, 2008 at 8:52 am

  315. I am glad that nobody here will support this man.And Hillary better not agree to be no damn VP.And if a big “IF”we must get the word out bout this man and ask all to vote for McCain.Obama has ruined the dem party and he knew it.I wonder will the republicans care if he call them racist for hurting his lil feelings
    When is the next debate?

  316. Vanity4hillary
    Republicans don’t give a shit about his feelings or race. AA don’t vote for them anyways so they will say everything they want. They will Say he was and still is a Muslim. His middle name, his last name. His connections real and unreal. 527 will throw billions to crash him. A wounded tiger is more dangerous then a healthy one. and Republicans is this tiger.
    He will think that todays problems is a sanatorium comparing to what he will face in a couple months.

  317. meiyingsu

    One of my calls yesterday as soon as I started to speak the man stared yelling “No you can’t, no you can’t” Until I got out Hillary Clinton. He stopped and said “sorry, I though you were one of those Bama people” He told me he and his wife were both voting for Hillary!!

  318. “And Hillary better not agree to be no damn VP.”

    i really can’t see this happening, and I don’t believe he would ask her.

  319. NO WAY NO HOW, NEVER would I ever vote for Barack Obama. I will either write Hillary in or find a 3rd party canidiate, justifying a vote for John McCain is hard for me. However, I refuse to call myself a “Democrat” anymore because of this whole debacle, this party is a joke–I wish that Hill would just run independent but I know that there’d be no chance of winning. With that being said, no worries here yet. Hill WILL get the nomination and she WILL go to the White House.

  320. RJK, that’s freaking hilarious…wish I would get people like that when I phone bank. I have my fingers crossed for Wisconsin, I’d really loved to see a win for morale’s purposes.

  321. Idunn, i believe she could do it. Manny McCain haters who also do not like Barack, many Hillary supporters who find her more competent. It would be interesting, but the media would hate her even more.

    I would love to see it, for one.

  322. If it looks like a brokered convention, you can bet that the party bigwigs will get them together to try and decide before the convention and Hillary’s biggest arguement should be that if both are on the ticket she should be at the top because it will give the democrats a very good chance of holding the White House for 16 years. If not take it to the floor of the convention and fight it out.

  323. Just in the middle of reading Arthur Schlesinger’s posthumously published memoirs…highly recommend it by the way.

    In it, he recounts a discussion with Robert Kennedy soon after JFK’s murder. Here is the quote…

    RFK to Schesinger – discussing how much to assist LBJ with re-election:
    “…It’s not so hard. I will be perfectly willing to ask President Johnson what his plans are for the State Department before we decide the role we are goin gto play in the campaign.”

    Schlesinger to RFK
    “We will all have to play a role in the campaign or we will be finished forever in the party.”

    RFK responds
    “Yes, but there is a considerable difference between a nominal role and a real role. We can go through the motions or we can go all out. It may make a difference, for example, whether Jackie appears with Johnson at the last big rally or whether she goes to Europe in the Autum for her health”

    Sorry – can’t give page number as I am reading it on a Amazon Kindle.

    Well…..unless the Kennedy’s have changed their spots…begs the question…. what do you think BO bargained away to have Caroline at that “last big rally in CA?”

  324. Kate O’Byrne (sp) making the case for the GOP to elect Hillary! !!!?

    Cover Story in her mag, they showed the cover. Knows McCain can’t win “the party” overall, and the GOOP at least knows the Clintons.

    Curiouser and curiouser

  325. Hey everyone!

    Does anyone have clips from yesterday’s rallies/events for Hillary in Wisconsin? I tried looking for it but did not see anything. Let me know.

    I hope Hillary can do well in Wisconsin

  326. Idunn, I believe Hillary will be the nominee, if not, we start a movement, Annoy the press and the establishment, Write in Hillary ’08

  327. I’m right there with you, TPS. I’ve looked at Obama, I’ve looked at McCain, I’ve looked at over 1/2 the 3rd party candidates. I can’t vote for ANYONE except HRC in the GE. I sat out the last 2 elections because there was not a single candidate I could, in good conscience, vote for. This year, I finally have a candidate I believe in with the whole of my heart and my mind. I WON’T SIT THIS ELECTION OUT. Whether my write in for HRC amounts to anything or not, I will continue to throw my support behind her.

  328. writing in her name is going to do what exactly?That will probably be just a lil bit of folk that will waste there time in writing in a name.If anything vote for the other party.I don’t want Obama in the White House at all

  329. Obama is an ass, he wants MI and FL delegates to have a role in the convention, just not have a vote. Is he crazy, he expects delegates to pay their own way to denver and stay in a hotel at their own cost (which all delegates do) and not have a vote. True democracy at work here people. If elected he will give the joint chiefs some cool aide and then declare himself ruler for life..

  330. The media narrative on Obama is continuing to shfit: Cult of Personality is taking hold. “Obama’s plans are a mystery” from one of his promoters David Ignatius of WP. More voices are calling for vetting the candidate. Stories about pattern of fainting in his rallies are appearing. The right wing is going after him with increasing force and venom. It looks like that the positively giddy coverage of Obama has stopped. I noticed that Obama looks more angry and doesn’t smile as much on his appearances on TV. What is bothering him?

    I think it it very smart for Hillary to make it clear that she is in it till the end. Obama would like to wrap-up this nomination battle before the rezko trial is in full bloom. Ain’t going to happen. The Democratic establishment has no influence with Hillary at this point. They did nothing for her. She is under no obligation to listen to them. Because, she is the insurgent now.

  331. David Ignatius has an article on Obama on Realclearpolitics.
    I copy in my letter in response.

    Dear Mr. Ignatius,

    You ask the correct question: Why does the media protect Obama?
    Later, you speak of how Obama takes Republican & media talking points and uses them.

    Yet, you fail to mention:

    Obama’s corruptibility:
    1. a friend of Antoin Rezko’s for 17 years
    2. still living in a mansion he could not have purchased without Rezko

    Perhaps, despite your erudition and your learned colleagues, you simply do not know.
    They interviewed the realtor for Obama’s mansion.
    The house had to be sold with the land or the deal was dead.
    Rita Rezko bought the land, sold 1/6 of it to Obama for 106K; then left him the use of all of it.

    Obama’s indifference to his fellow African Americans;
    1. 11 of Rezko’s slums were in his senatorial district
    2. He, as a member of the Davis Miner et ala firm worked to get permissions to help Rezko
    set up these slums
    3. When the tenants had problems, Obama turned his back

    Obama’s weakness:
    We do not want a man who talks about “transformation” and all this grandiose cant
    when he voted “present” 130 times,
    not taking a postion on abortion 7 times,
    not taking responsibility.

    Did you know he voted the wrong way “by accident” 6 times?
    How can we trust this man?

    Obama’s weakness:
    He talked about nuclear regulation and then in the legislation he caved in to EXELON,
    which has contributed many thousands of dollars to his campaign.

    Obama’s unwillingness to cut ties with Rev. Wright.
    Do you know what The Trumpet Newsletter is? Have you read it?
    Do you know Obama’s minister, Rev. Wright, has daughters who run this newsletter?
    Do you know The Trumpet has praised Louis Farrakhan.
    Yes, Obama denounces anti-semitism. He has not denounced Rev. Wright’s association with Farrakhan. He has not shown the courage to leave his church.
    Did you know Rev. Wright visited Libya and met with Moammar Kadafi along with Louis Farrakhan?

    If Hillary’s minister had visited Moammar Kadafi, Hillary’s career would be over.
    Chris Mathews would have a journalistgasm of delight in bringing this news to America.

    If you know these things, why don’t you write about them, Mr. Ignatius?

    It appears to me, having been a therapist for decades, that chauvinism/misogyny is behind the relentless attacks on Hillary and the protection of Obama.
    Mathews, Russert, Schuster, Blitzer – they do not believe a woman can be commander in chief.
    She isn’t “strong” enough, the code word for “she’s a woman”.

    If you know all these items about Obama why aren’t these items in the Washington Post?
    Why don’t you people verify as I can that President Clinton was right about Obama on Iraq.
    Obama has a different position on Iraq in his book. It is right there on Amazon.

    The press is full of naive sychophants, panting in worship at this new voice.
    Here is Obama’s message.

    “I will change America by transforming it.
    Yes, yes, my people, and do you know how we, we, my people will transform America?
    We will transform America through change. Oh, yes, my people.
    We will change America through transcendence.”


  332. btw, can’t go to Wisconsin to canvass today 🙁 the highways are bad condition + the part i want to canvas in is being hit with ice and snow. =/

  333. in an improbable situation where its Barack vs John McCain, my vote goes to mcCain. Unless Huckabee joins his ticket O_o in that case, I’d vote third party.

  334. WHENEVER the MSM starts to pick away at him in earnest, which will HAVE to be before Denver, as Hillary will go to the floor there if needed, i suspect the bots will, in the majority, take their ball and go home. It’s no fun to fight on facts, and they don’t have any. “Yes We Can” ain’t gonna cut it.

    I hate this for our country. Not the fight, as I believe that is good for democracy, but the spinning of the fabulousness of Obama over the reality of self.

  335. Howard Kurtz on CNN earlier actually have a good discussion on the disparities of coverage for Hillary and Obama…showed clip of “tingle legs”…lol…

    Only bad moment was when some of his guests kept saying that their policy stands are very similar…so hard to choose between them.

    Anyone with the facts about how he has stolen her ideas and others should email Kurtz with the info…just a thought.

  336. When I heard Doug Wilder a Obama surrogate on FACE THE NATION very thinly veiled prediction that if SD did not vote for Obama and if he were not the nominee at the convention, there would be riots in the streets and the events of 1968 might be mild I felt very very concerned. Even Roger Simon said that Wilder was very close to predicting that!

    I felt a CHILL going down my back. WHOA! Riots????

    The Latino Mayor of LA was also on the program and he is a very classy man.

  337. I swear the DNC is SO DISORGANIZED.

    Bill Bradly…ugh “think about the way you feel when you hear Barack speak”

  338. how about every body call WI tomorrow concentrating on rural areas which will show that even hillary is not in WI but her people is working very hard on her behalf.

  339. Anyone have more info on the 6 “oops” votes – what votes? Why was is it in his best interest to vote the way he did while claiming it was a mistake?

  340. Ann, I know one was on gambling…riverboat stuff. I can’t remember the details, voted yes, meant to know. Gambling ties are never nice ones, especially up north. Here it is all Seminole Indians.

  341. if there happens to be riots, I put EVERY BLAME and EVERY BIT OF RESPONSIBILITY On Barack Obama. I have currently already made a file on Obama’s negatives and its only a matter of time before I send this file to whomever his next senate opponent is here in Illinois.

  342. btw: that Larry sinclair guy? How much do you want to bet that he is being paid off by the republicans to keep a little more quiet now and then to take a polygraph test in front of the nation when the time is right?

    Either way, they will make sure either Obama gets humiliated out of the GE or out of his senate seat.

  343. Doug Wilder is a very race based man. He had very tough words for Bil Clinton as if questioning who Bill was that he thought he could tell blacks how to vote.

    It isn’t Doug Wilder himself but what he said that reinforced the Jesse Jackson Jr “threats” that concerns me.


  344. MJS
    Please let us see riots – this movement will be done with once and forever after this together with Obama and others. It is a dangerous thing we witness here – an extreme left wing mob politics. America don’t need any of that.

  345. TPS, me either, but just him being broadcast on National TV taking a polygraph test on this issue? Or being questioned on Fox News? etc? That will kill Obama’s career and I have a feeling the REpublicans will do it, regardless of whether this guy is credible.

  346. This proves again that BHO is a thug! If he gets the nomination, everything if fine and he will get all of Hillary’s voters; if he does not get the nomination, there will be riot and none of his supporters will support Hillary. He is worse than Republicans, so shameless.

    Why the media does not spell out his whole name Barack Hussein Obama? They always spell out Hillary’s whole name Hillary Rodham Clinton. I am pretty sure Republicans will start to do that.

  347. Ann COulter already calls him just B Hussein Obama. “Bee Hussein Obama” lol think of how nasty it could get? lol. At debates they’d go “Presidential hopeful Hussein Obama..”etc lol

  348. I just logged in this morning…..drinking some coffee….remembering yesterday in Austin. I spent the day at the Austin HQ. Lot’s of energy, especially early on in the day. There was awful weather, so the turnout was very good considering. We had some decent news coverage early in the day…..some better ones at night after Bill Clinton came and spoke to a few hundred people. There would have been more, but the parking in Austin is terrible and the warehouse where the campaign is located does not offer much parking. Ben White was bumper to bumper an hour before Bill came. I know many could not attend that wanted to, I hope he comes back and books the convention center or something. I was a bit surprised by the enthusiasm for his visit. Overall, everything is starting to fall into place. We have got to concentrate on getting out the vote, particularly here in Texas. If anyone reading this can be a precinct captain, we have a desperate need for them here. Please contact the campaign and let them know you can do this. Texas is split primary/caucus. Part of your duty as captain will be to ensure the caucus is attended. Please, we need the help. Texas is HUGE.

  349. From Larry Johnson posted over @ Taylor Marsh;

    “And what do Republicans think? I only have anecdotal evidence. I asked an old friend, who served in law enforcement (I’ll leave the particular agency out of it) for more than thirty years, about the William Ayers era. There are a lot of Federal agents who believe that Ayers is a terrorist who got away with his crimes and still owes a debt to society. My friend wrote the following to me today:

    I think many of my friends believe Obama is beatable; however they concede that Clinton can win. Therefore, the thinking goes, WE hope Obama gets the Democratic nod and THEN flood the gates with information later.

    Feelings of hope and inspiration about Obama will evaporate when the commercials tying him to a convicted felon slumlord, an unrepentant terrorist who hates the troops, and a Professor of Middle Eastern Studies who has been a PLO official spouting anti-Israel rhetoric. Oh, YES THEY WILL! YES, THEY WILL.”

  350. OMG!!!!!! CNN just cut the sound on davis n the middle of a big Obama statement…….

    now, sound back on re: Obama’s purity

  351. If Obama is the nominee the Dems are SCREWED! How in the HELL is Obama going to quell National Security fears against John McCain??? Who in their right mind would pick a senator with two years experience over a decorated veteran?? The Democrats deserve to lose if they pick Obama as our nominee!

  352. I agree it’s very unfortunate BHO is part of the Democratic party. The party unity if there was any is totally destroyed. I start to think he might really be a mole from Republicans, or Osama Bin Laden :-)))).

  353. kaffeen, ur right. GOTV is the most important part.

    The only scary thing is that there are many suicide-voters in the REpublicans who want to force Obama into the GE just to tear him apart. THey know that everything and anything about Hillary has been said and yet she’s still strong.

  354. I have no negative vibes about HHC win, Kaf. I am just watching the MSM scrambling to TRY to stick with the “candidate of choice” for them. There is a remarkable change in tone…not support away from his so much as a defensive position by the talkingheads about how great he is. It just doesn’t sound all lovely like it used to. HC Campaign (and some others) now hitting back. JJust hope it gets moreso.

  355. guys, get to calling today 😀 in the afternoon preferably: around 2PM and onward in the afternoon 🙂 for all the lingering church goers 🙂

  356. i hope they can send Maggie Williams onto TV to tell it as it is and bite a big apple from Barack’s AA women support.

  357. Just heard Lani Davis on Blitzer. Boy, was he FIRED UP! Go Lani.
    Also listened to the Tweetie show. He was subdued and restrained but still pitching the BO will be the nomination BS and all agreed.
    Mark Shield was on some other show. What a great reporter and commentator. I haven’t seen much of him the past few years. Is he still on the Jim Lehrer show? Don’t think I get that channel here. He’s the only one who said ‘don’t count HRC out”, aside from Wolfson on Face the Nation. Reiterating what many have said, if BO gets the nomination McCain will be the next president and BO must know that. He’s destroying the party.
    RJK- what a great story! 😀

  358. Is this new?
    Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle is endorsing Democrat Barack Obama. Doyle will betalking to reporters this afternoon. The governor joins the rest of hisimmediate family in supporting the IIlinois senator. Wisconsin’s presidential primary is Feb. 19, though there’s a good chance the Democratic nomination will be effectively decided before then.

    The Doyle endorsement comes amid a kind of political wave for Obama after his big victory in Iowa Thursday.

    Governor Jim Doyle won 52.8% in Wisconsin Gubernatorial election in 2006.

  359. Can you imagine what the republican attack machine will do with wilders veiled threats? With the more explicit threats of jj2. Do you really that believe that all the other people who that comprise this country will cower in the face of those threats and say please dont burn our cities? We will vote for Barack!

    If democrats want to lose elections they should believe him when he says “I am the way”.

  360. jubjub, I don’t think we need to “trash” BOO. I think his reality will out. We need to NOT resort to BOO tactics or those of the Republicans. I don’t want to have to become, nor will I become, someone who goes out n the blogs and screams hate speech to gain an end.

    We can win with strength that we have the BEST candidate and the support to get the job done, in the face of an onslaught of attacks from their side.

  361. Is this more of the repub effort to throw it to BO?

    From KITV:
    The Hawaii Democratic Party has increased its order for ballots for Tuesday’s caucus to a total 17,000 ballots, officials said.
    The number of printed ballots is a 400 percent increase over Hawaii’s last presidential caucus.
    “At this point in time, we have been overwhelmed with people who want to participate that night in order to make it easier for participants taking that form with them registration night caucus night will help expedite registration much quicker,” Hawaii Democratic Party Executive Director Florence Kong Kee said.
    Local Democrats said now they are receiving more than 200 calls a day for applications for party membership.
    They said most of the interest is from Sen. Barack Obama supporters.

  362. jubjub, think that’s old.

    “The Doyle endorsement comes amid a kind of political wave for Obama after his big victory in Iowa Thursday.”

  363. American Girl, that was a GREAT link to the Wisconsin Democratic dinner speeches! Thank you soooo much for posting that!

    Hillary was magnificent! Utterly magnificent!

    And Obama…again, said nothing at all.

    Wake up America! Please!

  364. Spacegirl,

    What was the BO statement?

    What is GoTV?

    In April I hope to be well enough to start calling, too.

    Where is the money counter?

  365. Oh gosh, slumping on the sofa has ruined my already-challenged typing skills 🙂

    gotta ge up and clean my house. I’m still here, but not 🙂 then on to the phones FOR HILLARY!

  366. I was watching C-SPAN last night and thinking Hillary’s campaign could’ve got people to make calls and get better coverage. I hate to admit BHO people are running a much more aggressive campaign. I suspect all those Democratics, independent and Republican callers for BHO are actually all BHO’s people.

  367. Interesting info on Chris Mathews: European Poll shows France, Spain, Germany and um…cant remember for Barack. Interesting. Getting very socialist with high muslim populatins there.

    Britain for Hillary.

    “The one exception in europe”

  368. Spacegirl,
    You said Lani was cut off in the middle of an important BO statement.
    ‘OMG!!!!!! CNN just cut the sound on davis n the middle of a big Obama statement……’

    Thanks for the defnition!

    What did Barkley say?

  369. KKaff…after the speeches last night, C-Span took callers. Dem, Repub, Indi

    There were FIVE calls. ALL FIVE were for Obama, with a diss at HC at the end of the comments. 2 Men, 1 foreign-accented man, two women, one of them southern-white sounding

  370. Oh, Basil….I cannnot remember now, but it was something about delegate stuff and Obama’s commitments to the DNC rules, now traing to back track, or something….I don’t know. I am old and they cut the sound off! LOL

  371. basil9: mark shields is a nice guy personally, and his reporting is pretty fair and balanced. He was pretty favorable toward Obama months ago when he and Brooks were together on the news hour. Hope he is beginning to see some of the same light about Barack that we do on this site.

    I am still amazed at Obama surrogates continuing to play the race card and his failure to control them. Very weak executive profile.

  372. wbboei, it is not that he is failing to control them, in fact he wants them to play the race card and intimidate the super delegates. It will backfire on them.

    The biggest mistake Obama and his campaign have made is that they focus too much on tactics and not enough on strategy. Winning the caucus states, getting his thugs to call C-Span, playing the race card all well and good for the short-term but will abolutely destroy him in the GE if he were to be the nominee.

    There is a right way to win the nomination and a wrong way. He ahs chosen the wrong way because he has irreparably alienated a good chuck of Hillary supporters who will never support him even in the future.

  373. “kaffeen Says:

    SpaceGirl, that’s because we were all at the campaign, canvassing, and GOTV…:)”

    Kaffeen, thank you so much for all the hard work. I don’t want to sound negative, but I really believe if the campaign could get some resources to follow up on events such as the one on C-SPAN last night, it would be very cost effective. When 5 calls were ALL for BHO, it did create an illusion that he is get all the support. We need to fight smartly (don’t mean we are not doing it smartly already) :-0.

  374. Wbboei,
    Shields did not seem at all pro-BO today and he was the only one on the panel who held a different opinion!

    Great job in texas and thanks for the new poll numbers.

    NP. I do the same thing coz when the tube IS on i’m constantly flicking from one show to the other searching for fair HRC coverage and trying like he!! to avoid seeing or hearing the Obamorons. 😀

  375. If we can stay close in Wisconsin, win Ohio and Texas. We will regain the delegate lead. If Michigan and/or Florida get seated we will regain the pledged delegate lead. March is favorable to Hillary. We will get to the convention. We will win the SD’s. Hillary will be the nominee. None of this takes into account what Rezko (and any subsequent negative media coverage on Obambi) might have. If that goes in our favor, the outlook is even better. Still, we will win. Keep the faith and ride it out. It ain’t over ’till the fat lady sings (and that, in my opinion, is when Donna Brazille will be crying about SD’s).

  376. In my report about Hillary’s Brat Stop rally yesterday, I estimated the crowd conservatively between 500 and 1000. The Kenosha News estimates it at aboue 1,500.

  377. wbboei,
    Shields made was perhaps the most important revelation of the day, which is what we all speculated on yesterday;
    the longer the race goes the more we get into “Chicago politics, etc.”, the more the super delegates must consider “electibility”.
    That’s exactly what I was hoping to hear today.

    It was great to see Pumpkin Headed Russert, O’Bierne and Novak looking at Shields, like “Damn, they know!!!

  378. SpacegirlArt Says:

    February 17th, 2008 at 11:54 am
    Interesting info on Chris Mathews: European Poll shows France, Spain, Germany and um…cant remember for Barack. Interesting. Getting very socialist with high muslim populatins there.

    This is only because the media coverage here is as bad as in the US and not many people to the effort as I do to look for alternative sources.

    Some months ago especially Germany favoured Hillary with over 80% and the others just with little less.

    I did not understand your point with getting socialist with high muslim populations though. That did not make any sense.

  379. AMERICAN GIRL, can you post that link to the Wisconsin Democrats dinner and the candidates speeches again, please? I’ve lost that link.

  380. WASHINGTON (AP) – A Democratic Party member says the Democratic National Committee should reconsider stripping delegates from Michigan and Florida for holding early primaries.

    Harold Ickes has said in a conference call today that millions of voters in the two states would be disenfranchised.

    Clinton would be ahead if the national party were to award her the winner’s share of the 313 Florida and Michigan delegates.

  381. Eurpoean, this was not meant as a racist comment. What I do know is that Europe has been all over the US papers (and I live in England for seven years) as having more and more to deal with a huge influx of people from the ME. This has been fine for a while, but suddenly (sic) there seems to be problems in France, Norway, Spain, the Netherlands’s and others where the subjugation of these Muslim pops are becoming a social issue. Many Americans see France in particular as a much more socialist nation, although with Sarkozie (sp), this may change due to his love of all tings American. I would like to actually SEE these polls to see who was canvassed, what questions, etc., were asked. Here too HC was WAY in the lead, but that APPEARANCE has changed. Perhaps the media hype in Europe to is turning the tide. The Chris Matthew’s guest gave NO details. I would find it hard to believe that ALL of Europe with the exception of Britain would be swayed to Obama, unless it is looking like the AA vote here.

  382. Idunn….you are too much. OK gang…got to have a real life for a while, or my dog will be voting for Obama outta spite. BBack later, have fun

  383. Blitzer on Late Edition is interviewing Bobby Jindal and in some ways pushing him to say he is for BHO and drawing comparisons between the two.

  384. basil9: thanks

    bluedem: right. And the other half of it is the longer the primary goes on the less time the republican attack machine will have to define him and finish him off before the general election.

    That may be sufficient incentive for them to hit him with whatever they have while the our primary is still in progress and sds can change their votes to Hillary. That is not their current plan but a prolonged primary may force their hand.

    I am depressed by the way Barack and his surrogates work this racial angle into things, and the sexism about not feeling well. He has no real respect for the traditions of this party.

  385. Now I understand what you mean but I think whoever reported it this way mixed something up.

    The influx of people from middle east, north africa and turkey in fact cause some integration problems. BUt if this has any influence in politics, it is more that the countries move to the right.
    Sarkozy is a conservative and so is the Netherlands government and the German. And the more of this trouble comes up, the more people vote conservative or “christian” again. Not soicalist who have the view to tolerate everything.

    Anyway, Europeans love the Clintons. Whatever Mathews or others said, I can immagine only that the media hype here in Europe causes that many people just find this NEW phenomena of a young black man very exciting. This is nothing against Clinton at all.

    Believe me on this!

  386. filbertsf….the staff was very friendly. Lots of food, drinks, and support. There was some training on the Texas primary/caucus. We had a couple of speakers that were very energizing “Viva Hillary!” (Dolores Huerta) and later on Bill Clinton (Big Dog!). I probably spoke to hundreds of people for the campaign. We are trying to mobilize support to GOTV, become precinct captains, provide food/shelter/supplies. It is only the beginning, but a very positive one. Hundreds of people showed up early even though the weather was absolutely miserable. Ben White Blvd was bumper to bumper for Bill in the evening, great turnout and many were unable to attend due to parking/traffic/et al. Great time, great people. Media coverage was good, better at night. Lots of people signed of for GOTV, volunteering, et al.

  387. Wow! the Big Dawg is all over the place for our girl. 4 events in Tx yesterday, 4 in Ohio today, I’m really impressed. From Hillaryhub, it looks as if Bill had very good turn out at his events yesterday. Does anyone have any articles about those events?

    why is Obama going to HI? It seems like a waste of resources if he is so heavily favored to win.

    p.s. enough with the ‘if Obama wins’. We are a long way from that and Hillary is still in it to win it last time I checked.

  388. Kaff…..this was on Hillary Blog on her site.

    Any help you can give them?


    Europe…that is good to hear.

    gone again, c ya later

  389. some info on this jindal character:

    Potential Vice Presidential Nomination
    Jindal has been mentioned as a possible choice for the Republican Vice Presidential nomination in 2008 by conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh on his program on February 8, 2008. Limbaugh described Jindal as “the next Ronald Reagan.”[18][19]

    [edit] Positions on selected issues
    Jindal has stated that he is “100 percent against abortion, no exceptions.”[20] During his 2003 run for governor he distinguished himself from Blanco, who is also pro-life, by stating that he supports an abortion ban without exceptions for the life of the woman, the health of the woman, rape, or incest. His definition of abortion differs from the medical community’s in that it only includes procedures that target the embryo or fetus, a definition that excludes procedures such as a salpingectomy that do not target the embryo specifically but may result in what the medical community would call an abortion.[21] He has stated that he would allow emergency contraception, which some pro-life groups consider morally equivalent to abortion.[22] He has voted with the Republican Party on all abortion-related issues.[23][24]

    Jindal opposes using taxpayer money to fund human embryo experimentation that involves the cloning and destruction of human embryos, and he supports the teaching of intelligent design in public schools.[25]

    As a private citizen, Jindal voted for the “Stelly Tax plan”,[26] a referendum named for former state Representative Vic Stelly of Lake Charles, which swapped some sales taxes for higher income taxes. Whether or not the “Stelly Plan” is giving the desired results is still hotly debated statewide. Early Republican challenger Steve Scalise challenged Jindal on his vote for this tax plan before Scalise dropped out of the congressional race in 2004.

    Jindal supported a constitutional amendment banning flag burning[27], and the Real ID Act of 2005.[28] Jindal has an A rating from Gun Owners of America.

  390. SpaceGirl……yes, we need precinct captains desperately. Texas is HUGE. I have written to admin about possibly posting something here. We are actively seeking people to help with the GOTV and many people do not know where their caucus and/or local polling place will be. We are currently directing many to their local DNC, their elections division, voter registration offices. As of yesterday, the campaign had not been made aware of all the locations but was working with the DNC to get this information.

  391. That poll of European countries may have been a poll about favorability — “Do you have a favorable/unfavorable view of ________?”

  392. Guys, over mydd, they keep saying unless there is a blowout from Clinton, it will be impossible to catch up to the delegate count? Is there truth to this? Can someone explain it to me….?

  393. LJ, it is not impossible. They are talking about “pledged” delegates. Keep that in mind. They can talk about that all they want, just mention Florida/Michigan. If they get seated, and the voters are not disenfranchised, Hillary will have won the “pledged” delegates. If they counted now, we would have the lead in all categories. The “pledged” delegates will not determine the outcome of this race (even if Florida/Michigan are seated). It will be the SD’s.

  394. “As of yesterday, the campaign had not been made aware of all the locations but was working with the DNC to get this information.”

    WTF is the DNC up to??

  395. Kaffen, but they keep saying that it’s two weeks out and those numbers could close rapidly as they did right before Super Tuesday….I’m not trying to be negative, just realistic…

  396. Further to what I just said my words are not to be interpeted as an endorsement of swiftboating. That is just as bad as the hopium he is peddling because it takes voters attention off the real issues they should be concerned about. He has made the republican task so much easier now because they do not have to imply it but the can take him at his own sexist words and the racial threats of his surrogates. This would be the line of attack with independents particularly.


  397. kaffeen, you’re ever the optimist. Ininla, myself and a few others are concern about OH. There may be GOP voters who will crossover to sabotage Hillary. She’s going to need to turn out a significant number of people to counter those scums.

    As for TX, I heard that it’s a very open primary. You can just show up and vote as a Dem.

  398. meiyingsu……based on my conversations with voters (via phone), no. There is simply too much support by the Latino/Hispanic community. The undecideds were leaning Hillary.

  399. LJ, I am talking from personal experience of a person who lives in Texas. I am just one opinion among many, still I see very good things here. I only reference the polls to further backup my arguments. Yes, they will change, how much, I do not know.

  400. kaffeen – I’ll be going to Houston, but as an Out of State person, wouldn’t in-state people be more effective precinct captains who know the areas better?

  401. btw, kaffeen, if you say that parking is terrible at the HQ, then I guess I won’t attempt to rent a car. Is there a bus stop nearby?

    The HQ is located in South Austin, right?

  402. # kaffeen Says:
    February 17th, 2008 at 11:51 am


    Texas Hillary +16
    Ohio Hillary +14
    Wisconsin (Tied)

    March = March to the White House! Go Hillary!
    Kaffeen, what date are these polls for> Can you post the link please? Also, thanks for all of your hard work and positive ‘can do’ attittude.

    I love that, doers….not talkers.

  403. filbertsf, yes, HQ is in South Austin. Plenty of bus routes here. The campaign parking will be more than adequate for regular days. Yesterday was the opening.

  404. Ininla, perhaps in the sense that captains usually deal with neighbors, friends, et al. However, Texas is just too big to have that luxury (IMO). We need captains to GOTV and get people to the caucus.

  405. WBBoei,
    “the other half of it is the longer the primary goes on the less time the republican attack machine will have to define him and finish him off before the general election. That may be sufficient incentive for them to hit him with whatever they have while the our primary is still in progress and sds can change their votes to Hillary. That is not their current plan but a prolonged primary may force their hand.”

    Yup, also discussed this yesterday. It is twofold in that regard;
    in some ways rethugs are starting already, but just nibbling as of now.
    Ok, looks like we’ve got it all figured out (though it’s 100 political lifetimes between now & then and all roads still go thru OH & TX)!
    Nothing left to do but wait. Off to work I go!

  406. Kafeen one thing I suggest for the campaign in texas is to print out a lot of little tickets (like basketball game tickets or something) that have a reminder of when the early vote, regular primary vote, and caucus day is.

    It can be like a mini-reminder for all of Hillary’s supporters to check off or tear off as they complete them 🙂

    +, when you can get the locations, you can stamp these on the back or something. idk, just a suggestioN 🙂

  407. MJS, Texas will show how good or bad the organization of each candidate is. It is a tough state to cover (and only exacerbated by the weirdo primary/caucus rules). I see good things right now from Hillary.

  408. Oh, as much as I’d luv to, I can’t trust Rasmussen for a minute.

    If he’s not trustworthy when you’re trailing (and he’s not), then he’s not when you’re ahead.

    It’s the classic lead-in; get people to digest favorable results; then in the closing days throw out bogus #’s, like Zogby’s +13 for BO in CA.

    Fuck’em all. And on that happy Sunday note – gotta go…….

  409. Are we still supporting Hillary with our $$$?? Remember that Hillary needs all the contributions to keep coming so that she can stay competitive. So keep on rolling in that dough for Hillary. 🙂

  410. Kaffeen:
    I don’t see any new poll stating that WI is tied. I’ve looked at RCP and there is nothing new. I also went to the RAs site and there is not new RAS WI poll. Am I missing something?

  411. kaffeen, good point about organization. That’s where Ace Smith comes in. California, too, is big and organization was key there. While Obama was still doing his cozy little IA thing in CA, Ace maximized a method of reaching out to as many people in as little time as possible. Thus, the freaking phone banking.

  412. Last thought and then I have to go do some house renovations…

    If you ever hear or see some Obambi-bot talking about a delegate lead, this may (or may not) be true because of 2.7 disenfranchised voters. If those votes counted, he would be behind in all categories. Period.

  413. Hillary can pull out a win in Wisconsin…those who choose late choose Hillary. She should campaign her tail off in Wisconsis…right into Tuesday day. I just got that gut feeling again…but maybe it is hunger pains LOL

    so is concensus it is okay to call on Sunday?

    Also, ADMIN…we need to do another money bomb…a HUGE drop for her would really boost her campaign into Texas, Ohio and beyond.

  414. TPS Says:
    mjs, i don’t find that guy credible. We should stay away from this.

    I agree. BO already admitted cocaine use. If he got a blow job, so what? Some of our best presidents….


  415. I’m pissed about Hawaii. Here’s why. If only 17K are expected to vote, Hillary could have won. She has the support of the Hawaian Senator. He could have been running a ground operation for her in Hawaii. Now with the 400% increase in interest and most of those supporting Obama we are looking at another unnessecary landslide for Obama.

  416. ““As of yesterday, the campaign had not been made aware of all the locations but was working with the DNC to get this information.”

    WTF is the DNC up to??”

    my thoughts EXACTLY….

    at any rate the post I made form the blogs was a CRY FOR HELP, not from me but from them.


    what the hell is going on if this is a question being asked 2 days before the vote?

  417. I think it it very smart for Hillary to make it clear that she is in it till the end. Obama would like to wrap-up this nomination battle before the rezko trial is in full bloom. Ain’t going to happen. The Democratic establishment has no influence with Hillary at this point. They did nothing for her. She is under no obligation to listen to them. Because, she is the insurgent now.

    Vote Princess Leia! Restore the Republicl!

    I’m glad to hear she’s committed, even in a worst case. I’d had a reaction like dragging the campaign on would be too damaging to us in Nov, especially with maybe a convention fight. (Sharpton and Wilder in the streets of Denver still doesn’t sound too good.) But maybe continuing the O/H fight won’t be so bad for us, at least we’ll get plenty of publicity.

  418. “we are looking at another unnessecary landslide for Obama.”

    the 400% increase at this late date should really raise some eyebrows at HC Camp. IS it not?

  419. don’t worry. the almighty shall punish Obama. Karma, baby.

    In the meantime, be positive. Hillary WILL be the democratic nominee and the next president of the USA. I’m 100% sure of this, just not so sure how she’ll get there. However, I am positive that most undecided SD’s will swing to her.

    think about it. Who do undecideds who vote last minute usually go for? Hillary.

    Obama’s campaign is about catching hold of and taking hold of a person at first glipse or at the first rally and holding him/her there to vote for him. people who still haven’t decided on OBama by the last day are probably more skeptical that those others who have already decided on him.

    I am confident these SD’s will go towards Hillary en masse.

  420. dot48 – yes, calling on Sunday is fine – I may be going to a phone banking house party today, and there has never been any hesitation in the past with people showing up at campaign headquarters and calling on Sunday.

  421. MJ, he is a native son. We have to pick our battles and pick smart to allocate our resources. Chelse was sent and is there for 3 days. Reports so far is that the natives have been receptive to her. We will still win delegates.

    From Talkleft, Jeralyn(haven’t confirmed myself) said that Obama will be leaving there early and that contrary to news reports, Hillary will be there all Monday.

    Conflicting info so we have to sort it all out.

  422. mj – i agree; why the campaign didn’t foresee/budget for small caucus states if that is really the case is frustrating, but I’m digressing into the wrong attitude.

  423. Huffington corrected their post:

    Update: Clinton Decides To Camp Out In Wisconsin: Hillary Clinton isn’t “conceding the state” after all:

    Hillary Rodham Clinton’s latest Wisconsin campaign schedule doesn’t sound like the battle plan of a candidate who is conceding the state, as some have suggested.

    Unofficially, her schedule after Saturday’s party dinner (mostly town hall-style events, we’re told) looks like this, according to one source:

    Sunday: Milwaukee, Green Bay, Madison.

    Monday: Eau Claire, Wausau, Oshkosh, Milwaukee.

    Tuesday morning: Racine.

  424. WI update – Hillary’s canceled her rally in De Pere, WI due to weather. It’s rescheduled for 9:30 a.m. Monday morning, so she’ll be in Wisconsin a bit longer. Obama canceled his rally in NE WI as well. It’s really bad out there – an inch of ice on the roads, 6-11 inches of snow expected. I was still going to go but I couldn’t find de-icer for the windows! Then I saw that Obama had canceled and knew Hillary would be too – it sort of seems like he can’t do anything without knowing what she’s going to do first! *g* I saw the notice of her cancellation a minute later.

    I got the day off work for this (and they’re closing in an hour now too), so now I shall curl up with some potatoes and some cocoa.

  425. Seems like he is a native son from everywhere he has ever lived. If that is the case, Hill is a native son of the White House!

  426. This from Huffington Post Could anybody confirm this?

    Hillary Rodham Clinton’s latest Wisconsin campaign schedule doesn’t sound like the battle plan of a candidate who is conceding the state, as some have suggested.

    Unofficially, her schedule after Saturday’s party dinner (mostly town hall-style events, we’re told) looks like this, according to one source:

    Sunday: Milwaukee, Green Bay, Madison.

    Monday: Eau Claire, Wausau, Oshkosh, Milwaukee.

    Tuesday morning: Racine.

  427. on a side note, this campaign following and strategizing has been really insightful 🙂 I am looking to go into politics someday and observing Hilary and Bwak (not so much) has been very beneficial 😀

    maybe someday i can be president *dreams* lol

  428. anyone else going to watching Daytona 500? Jr. has already won two this week so far and I’m about hollered out voice wise. If you are a Jr. fan you know its’ been a long dry spell. Getting to hoot and holler for him this week has helped me get inspired for the rest of the primaries for Hillary.

    Go Hillary … Go Jr…JrNation rather than Obamabotulism-nation any time.

  429. afternoon yall…what’s happenin’ today? Started watching the shows and they made me ill as usual. Did I read upline that somebody on tv actually said that there will be riots in the streets if Obama doesn’t get elected? how irresponsible. So, we are going to let our elections be controlled by mobs? Or the threat thereof?

  430. The campaign right now is playing it smart.

    We can’t let up on our lead in Ohio and Texas in order to work WI. Hill will stay there in WI with Wes a few days. That’s good. Bill will work Ohio hard while she does that, and Chelsea will work Hawaii hard.

    I then anticipate Hill will go back to Texas. If so, that’s a smart move, imo.

    Either way, they know what they are doing guys, so we just have to stay on the phones to WI , work our butts off to keep her leads in OH and TX. , and have faith.

  431. dot, i probably wont be watching daytona i have a lot to do this afternoon can’t stay home 🙂 good luck to jr though!! i watched a few 500s rooting for his dad and was always disappointed, i missed the one he actually won. hope jr has a good season

  432. If Obama’s supporters did riot what does that do for his electability in the future? Just the threat of riots turns me the hell off, I can’t imagine I’m the only one. And hi Obama supporters, you need my vote as I’m in the single white female demographic.

  433. LoL! The cows will throw the deer through storefronts, steal a television.

    The Seattle folk will just bust up some Starbucks in their SUVs.

    I lived through the WTO riots though, thems were scary times.

  434. I lived through the WTO riots though, thems were scary times.

    Just one more reason I’m glad I live in the heart of the Cherokee Nat’l Forest.

    (along with the fact that I have a well, a natural spring , a gun, a woodstove and my own food sources. When the antichrist makes his move, I’m all set. ;))

  435. It is snowing so bad here, I cannot imagine up north in Wisconsin.

    Morning everyone. I have a massive hangover. 🙂

    Is that Wisconsin speech from last night posted anywhere, it was amazing.

  436. Hawk, American Girl posted a link earlier. I’ll see if I can find it and repost.

    And yeah, that speech she gave was magnificent!

  437. if the weather is so bad in Wisconsin…maybe HRC campaign could get local tv coverage to let her do interviews and town halls .. like she did at her Hallmark meeting. Go directly into the homes as public service rather than asking people to come out. The safety factor and all. People really will not come out and she could use this to her advantage. Looks like the lightweight got to Hawaii just in time..he’s probably kissing the weather gods asses to …

    Any way she can reach the public would work.

    I’m sure there are a lot of Nascar fans in Wisconsin though and the FOX stations will be all out Nascar till 7:30 tonight.

  438. hey all – if anyone’s off from work tomorrow, President’s Day, but is only using their cellphone (therefore no free minutes), I have toll free calling info for Wisconsin. let me know babyellen2008@gmail

  439. On CNN just now….

    The reporter talked about Hillary’s speech and BO’s speech last night. Said Hillary got polite response but people were standing and clapping for BO. So she went and asked a few why they were so enthusiastic for BO….

    The response: That was a great speech. I really liked it. But I am voting for Hillary Clinton.

  440. I listened to BOTH Bambi and HRC’s speeches. Hers was a homerun, his was more empty rhetoric and ALOT of talking about himself.

    WTF does anyone think was so great about it?!

  441. That’s awesome Ronald. She is so knowledgable and I just can’t see how people can drink so much kool-aid and fall for that fool bambi. He has no idea what he is doing.

  442. I just listened to Michelle Obama tell me that my soul is broken and that Barack is the only one who can fix it. I was unaware my soul needed fixing?

    I REALLY appreciate Hillary’s speeches. Straight to the point, full of solutions and policy. And no guilt because of a broken soul. Thanks Hill! MUAH!

  443. But that’s not even true. I saw Hillary’s speech. People were chanting her name. From what I have read, the response to Obama’s speech was more tepid. But, God forbid they actually look at the substance of the speeches.

  444. just listened to Michelle Obama tell me that my soul is broken and that Barack is the only one who can fix it. I was unaware my soul needed fixing?

    Could be worse, TD…she told all us black folk that we’re timid and don’t feel that we’re as good as white people.


  445. mj, they did this at the Iowa jj dinner too, we were far louder and had so many people, but they reported bambi’s people being more enthusiastic. I completely disagreed and will go to grave contending we were louder and more numerous.

  446. Idunn, why haven’t you “gone home to Barack”? Remember when she said that, y’all will come home to barack……ugh.

  447. Well, I am so glad Michelle is here to fix our broken souls. Sorry, Michelle. I dealt with my stuff already. I don’t need to join the GLP (Guilty Liberal Party)

  448. Idunn, why haven’t you “gone home to Barack”?

    Because, apparently, home for Bambi is Africa. I’m a fucking American. I already AM home.

  449. I traveled to Ohio to see Bill Clinton speak this morning. He looked tired but was still great! He talked about a wide range of issues including jobs, health care, Iraq, and education. The audience which was mainly working class went wild for him 🙂

  450. Hillary was gracious and disarming. She was intelligent, practical and well informed.

    Bambi was repeating his standard lines… ‘they want me to stay in washingto to boil the hope out of me’ and “I have a dream” and blah blah blah. broken record. noun hope verb change.

    but… I dont watch him often but I noticed a twinge of annyonace in his voice. Like why is this taking so long? Why is this so difficult? why doesn’t EVERYone bow down and worship in my church??

  451. tcbequality,

    Just logged back on and checked that amazing video. It is so powerful and the images were so true and real that I started boo-hooing.

    Where is that being played?

    Thanks for the link.

  452. ‘they want me to stay in washingto to boil the hope out of me’

    Nothing would make me happier than to boil the hope out of this moron. In fact, I got a ladle right here….step into the cauldron, Bambi. 😉

  453. Could be worse, TD…she told all us black folk that we’re timid and don’t feel that we’re as good as white people.

    You have a broken soul AND no self-esteem? Dang, you really have problems. And Barack Obama is your solution! For a free 30 day trial of Barack Obama please call 1-800-YOU-SUCK and be on your way to a better, more confident you!

  454. Idunn, let’s have a boiling party and we can all sit around, drinking our choice beverages (no Kool-aid for anyone) and watch an HRC speech whilst bambi boils and his hope evaporates lol 😉

  455. If just one of those college girls in Madison would get off the hopium and come out for her sister, she could start a revolution, a mass exudus from Obama. CA and MA young people get it.

  456. For a free 30 day trial of Barack Obama please call 1-800-YOU-SUCK and be on your way to a better, more confident you!

    I’ll just stick with the horny goat weed. Thanks.

  457. Premonition while mopping the floor.

    Floor mopping premonition – hmmmm…maybe there is something in that in an of itself! LOL

    Rhode Island

  458. … but wait, there’s more! With your free 30 day trial of Barack Obama you also get some CHANGE.. That’s right a handful of loose change including quarters, nickels and dimes with only a few pennies ( all from heaven of course). The first 100 callers get a free gift of HOPE. Call now.

  459. but wait, there’s more! With your free 30 day trial of Barack Obama you also get some CHANGE.. That’s right a handful of loose change including quarters, nickels and dimes with only a few pennies ( all from heaven of course). The first 100 callers get a free gift of HOPE. Call now.

    Get your peddling ass off my porch or I’m getting my gun.

  460. LoL Ronald! It’s really starting to sound infomercialy. I expect Ron Popeil to come out and endorse Obama any day now. Maybe we’ll see the Barack Obama Lean Mean Change Inspiring Grilling Machine

  461. Wow, Chelsea lucked out.

    LOL, can’t you just imagine the cell phone conversations between Chelsea and Hillary today?

    HRC: Oh my god, we barely made it to the rally. The ice and snow is unbelievable! How are things going on your end.

    Chelsea: We’re done. I’m gonna grab a slurpee and head to the beach.

  462. Thanks TPS / February 17th, 2008 at 11:25 am

    Rezkowatch gets a mention in Ben Smith as a mysterious, anonymous Anti-Obama blog!

    Except that the chickenshit b-tard doesn’t say the name or provide the link (hi Ben).

  463. We can stil shock Obama in HI. There are only about 80 caucus sites and if we can get a 100 Hillary supports at each caucus site we can win in bambam’s backyard.

  464. make me laugh out loud!


    I just heard on CNN that Bambi uses a Brooks & Dunn song as part of his shtick…

    it is a song George Bush used to use.

  465. They should have parked Bill in Hawaii for a few days. I love Chelsea, I grew up with Chelsea, but a little bit of Bill on that island would have gone a long way.

  466. What song is it, Spacegirl?

    Course, I don’t know Brooks and Dunn from shinola, but I’d be interested enough to look up the lyrics. If only for a laugh.

  467. I know Idunn! I had to argue that with my SIL HE WASN’T IN THE SENATE !@#!@.

    And then he goes on that interview and says that the toughest decision he had to make was to vote against the war oh no what I really meant was to vote against funding the war. Me thinks someone’s pants are on fire!

  468. IDUNN: and a bo “pig”gy bank for all that loose change

    There are lots of folks at home in WI this afternoon. Go out and make those calls for our gal!