March To Victory

There are lot of things to do in February as we continue our March To Victory. Below are some actions (not words) that will change the world.

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Fundraiser – New Yorkers for Hillary – Make History with Senator Hillary Clinton

Wednesday, February 20, 2008, 7:00 PM (Doors open at 6:30 PM)
Hunter College Auditorium – 69th Street between Park and Lexington Avenues – New York City
Tickets start at $50.00
Call 212-213-3717 for information or go HERE to buy tickets (act fast).

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From Chelsea:

My friends ask all the time: “What can we do to help your mom win?”

Well today I have an answer for them and for all of us who support my mom: we can make 1,000,000 calls.

OK, no one person has to make all 1,000,000 calls! But supporters like you and my friends are the best people to speak out on my mom’s behalf — and we need to talk to a lot of voters in the next few weeks.

It’s simple: the more people we talk to about why each of us so strongly supports my mom, the more people will get out and vote for her.

If you sign up today to make calls for as little as an hour a week, you can help us reach 1,000,000 voters over the phone before the next big contests.

Please help my mom — and all of us — win by signing up to call voters for her campaign!

It’s an amazing experience to meet so many people who are working so hard on my mom’s campaign and to meet so many more who want to get involved and make a difference in this critical moment.

In less than three weeks, we’re facing big races in states like Ohio and Texas. In fact, there are races all over the country where my mom needs help — and we have to contact a lot of voters in a very short time! I know so many of you have shown a ton of dedication to my mom since Super Tuesday, and I’m sure that working together we will have no problem making our 1,000,000 call goal!

Go HERE to sign up now to help call 1,000,000 people for Hillary.

We’ve got big races coming up across the country including Wisconsin, Ohio, Texas, and Pennsylvania, and that means we have to reach a lot of voters.

We’ve set a big goal for Hillary supporters: 1,000,000 calls to help us make history.

You can help us reach our goal by pledging to spend as little as one hour a week on the phone for Hillary.

Sign up today and help us reach 1,000,000 calls!

Call Wisconsin – Ohio – Texas – Pennsylvania. Go HERE to sign up now to help call 1,000,000 people for Hillary.
our own sake.

For information on the Call Center go HERE.

For those in states with an upcoming primary: Get signs from your local Hillary For President office (locations HERE). Attend Hillary events (information listed in the events section of the Hillary webpage for your state.

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Fight Y2K – Support Florida and Michgan voters. Iraqi citizens at least got purple thumbs after they voted – Florida and Michgan voters – Millions of voters – are getting the shaft. Help Florida and Michigan get the representation that D.C. Democrats have. No More 2000-like disenfranchisement of voters. In 2008 lets Count The Votes.

Go Here to support Florida and Michigan voters.

Inform Democratic Friends and family. Ask them to help (with Hillary calls and to enfranchise Florida and Michigan voters).

* * *

Contact Superdelegates from your state, including Florida and Michigan – tell them to support Hillary. List of Superdelegates who have not endorsed HERE.

John Edwards contact form HERE.

Nancy Pelosi contact form HERE.

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From Hillary:

All through this hard-fought campaign for the Democratic nomination, you and I have met challenge after challenge head-on.

Every time they start to count us out, we prove them wrong. And we’re going to keep proving them wrong as many times as we need to until we win the White House.

You and I know that only the people, not the pundits, get to decide where this race for the Democratic nomination will end up. And, before very long, the people who depend on us the most — working families who have been hard-hit by the failed policies of the Bush administration — will have their say in states like Wisconsin, Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas, Pennsylvania and others.

Don’t forget who we’re fighting for: families who need universal health care, people struggling to survive the Bush economy, folks desperately trying to hold onto their homes, students grasping for the American dream. They’re the reason we need to work hard, and we need to win. And winning means having the passion, energy and resources to aggressively compete in crucial upcoming primaries.

When we embarked on this journey, you and I promised each other we’d stick together through every point and every moment of opportunity. That’s what we’ve got to do — right here, right now.

Are you with me?

Let’s get it done,

Hillary Rodham Clinton

P.S. Remember, no matter how many times they try to count us out, you and I will keep counting on each other to help drive our campaign to victory in the weeks ahead.

Contribute HERE (and don’t forget to add 44 cents).


* * *
The time for talk is long past over. It’s time to “do”. Let’s “do”.


425 thoughts on “March To Victory

  1. Best post to date. I feel EMPOWERED. Will commit to making calls an hour a day. (Right after viewing this blog returning from work) This will be my launching pad. Just donated another $10.44 (after $14.44 yesterday, $10.44 day before, and many times before then). After hour’s worth of calls, will start on superdelegate list, then, petition drive, then Edwards (have already sent one from nurse standpoint) and Pelosi. Just give us orders, and we’ll follow suit. MARCH TO VICTORY! Love that phrase! Hillary ’08!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Carried over from last post:

    Idunn / February 14th, 2008 at 7:17 pm
    somehow, i will make sure I get my revenge on SEnator Obama.

    I’m already getting revenge. Every single time I post a link to rezkowatch some where where I think it will take hold…revenge.

    Please, please, please link to I can tell you that the referrals are flooding in and from some very interesting places (shhhh! .. it’s a secret). The word is spreading. Today, Bloomberg news included info about Weatherman William Ayers’ 2001 contribution to Obama that I am certain only came via RW. Both Obama’s “people” and Ayers were asked about it.

    This is working, folks. Refer, refer, refer.

  3. Great…..great post. Action!

    Here is my email to Pelosi.
    Speaker Pelosi,
    I hope you will consider supporting Senator Hillary Clinton for President. As a lifelong democrat and big supporter of the Democratic Party and its candidates, I feel strongly that she is the right person to stand up to Republicans in the general election and the right person to sit in the Oval Office. Her record, her experience, her strength of character, her perseverance, her strength all bode well for our prospects in November and, more importantly, for a successful Presidency. I measure success by an ability to get things done. I believe that Senator Clinton has proven herself time and time again and is deserving of your and every other senior democrat’s support. Thank you for your work as Speaker of the House. It is very inspiring to have a woman in that role for the first time in history. It will be equally inspiring to have the first woman in the White House.

  4. Taylor Marsh has a good post up on the John Lewis business and the race card being played by Jesse Jackson Jr.

    I think shes correct in that this is something that is giong to reflect very badly on the Obama campaign.

  5. I had some good results when calling and someone said they were thinking about Obama or voting Obama, I would answer, “So you’re not worried about the economy.” They would say, “Yes I am” and it was easy then to get into what they were worrying about and why Hillary was so much better on the economy.

  6. did anyone else see Glen Beck last night.

    Bambi got a bill through … something on that Senate Intelligence Committee .. done yesterday. Global Poverty that is going to send like 897 BILLION dollars a year of our money to the UN to donate to poverty. It goes somehow back to the MILLENIUM 2000 …

    IDunn..antichrist is here!

    Global Poverty Act…and it’s something as far as I could understand that repubs started

  7. An analyst somewhere has figured that ONE HOUR of phonebanking is equivalent to $175.00 per week of cash donation.

    So with phonebanking and $ we can really, really make a difference.

  8. Here is a diary which I just posted over at Daily Kos and MyDD, regarding Jesse Jackson, Jr’s identity politics pandering with regard to African-American superdelegates:

    Will Female Superdelegates pull a “David Scott?”

    by Universal, Fri Feb 15, 2008 at 08:21:56 AM EST

    There has been a lot of apparent political pressure put on African-American superdelegates who have been backing Hillary Clinton.

    The most notable of these is Civil Rights Movement icon John Lewis, a staunch Clinton supporter up until the past several days.

    Representative David Scott, the subject of my title line, is a pertinent example. Here’s representative Scott on his defection from Clinton to Obama:

    You’ve got to represent the wishes of your constituency,” Scott said in an interview Wednesday in the Capitol. “My proper position would be to vote the wishes of my constituents.”

    There are two corollaries to the actions of David Scott, Christine Samuels and John Lewis which could prove disastrous to the nomination hopes of Barack Obama.

    1. If other superdelegates decide to do as Scott says he has done, that is, to follow the will of their constituents, Barack Obama can expect to lose the support of such notables as Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, etc. Since Clinton has easily won the larger states which carry more superdelegates, this could very easily seriously hurt Obama’s chances at a nomination victory.

    2. This is the more crucial of the two dilemmas facing Obama. As the linked article suggests, Jesse Jackson, Jr., who made the following, disgusting remarks about HRC for which he received NO punishment from the Obama Camp (even though he is the national co-chair of Obama’s campaign): AA

    Jackson, Jr. is again playing the identity politics card, as the linked article shows:

    He said Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. of Illinois had recently asked him “if it comes down to the last day and you’re the only superdelegate? … Do you want to go down in history as the one to prevent a black from winning the White House?

    The elephant in the room, however, is that Hillary Clinton stands to be the first FEMALE to win the White House. If female superdelegates are malleable to the same sort of pressure which Jackson, Jr. seems to be applying to black superdelegates, the result could be a mass defection from Barack Obama which could leave the Illinois Senator virtually assured of losing in his bid for the nomination.

    I think it is a dangerous game which Team Obama is playing by reintroducing identity politics into the contest in such a fashion. As I wrote about yesterday regarding Obama’s cynical ploy to take his name off of the Michigan ballot, I think there is a very real chance that this effort, as well, could spectacularly backfire on the 1st-term senator.

    It is difficult to envision female superdelegates wanting to prevent Hillary Clinton — the woman who stands a hair’s breath away from the presidency — from an historic achievement which would forever break the mythical ‘glass ceiling’ for all of America’s women and girls. Time will tell, but I believe that Senator Clinton is dealing from a far stronger position in this regard than are Jesse Jackson, Jr. and Barack Obama.

  9. I just posted this over at Daily Kos and MyDD:

    Will Female Superdelegates pull a “David Scott?”

    There has been a lot of apparent political pressure put on African-American superdelegates who have been backing Hillary Clinton.

    The most notable of these is Civil Rights Movement icon John Lewis, a staunch Clinton supporter up until the past several days.

    Representative David Scott, the subject of my title line, is a pertinent example. Here’s representative Scott on his defection from Clinton to Obama:

    You’ve got to represent the wishes of your constituency,” Scott said in an interview Wednesday in the Capitol. “My proper position would be to vote the wishes of my constituents.”

    There are two corollaries to the actions of David Scott, Christine Samuels and John Lewis which could prove disastrous to the nomination hopes of Barack Obama.

    1. If other superdelegates decide to do as Scott says he has done, that is, to follow the will of their constituents, Barack Obama can expect to lose the support of such notables as Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, etc. Since Clinton has easily won the larger states which carry more superdelegates, this could very easily seriously hurt Obama’s chances at a nomination victory.

    2. This is the more crucial of the two dilemmas facing Obama. As the linked article suggests, Jesse Jackson, Jr., who made the following, disgusting remarks about HRC for which he received NO punishment from the Obama Camp (even though he is the national co-chair of Obama’s campaign):

    Jackson, Jr. is again playing the identity politics card, as the linked article shows:

    “He said Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. of Illinois had recently asked him “if it comes down to the last day and you’re the only superdelegate? …Do you want to go down in history as the one to prevent a black from winning the White House?”

    The elephant in the room, however, is that Hillary Clinton stands to be the first FEMALE to win the White House. If female superdelegates are malleable to the same sort of pressure which Jackson, Jr. seems to be applying to black superdelegates, the result could be a mass defection from Barack Obama which could leave the Illinois Senator virtually assured of losing in his bid for the nomination.

    I think it is a dangerous game which Team Obama is playing by reintroducing identity politics into the contest in such a fashion. As I wrote about yesterday regarding Obama’s cynical ploy to take his name off of the Michigan ballot, I think there is a very real chance that this effort, as well, could spectacularly backfire on the 1st-term senator.

    It is difficult to envision female superdelegates wanting to prevent Hillary Clinton — the woman who stands a hair’s breath away from the presidency — from an historic achievement which would forever break the mythical ‘glass ceiling’ for all of America’s women and girls. Time will tell, but I believe that Senator Clinton is dealing from a far stronger position in this regard than are Jesse Jackson, Jr. and Barack Obama.

  10. Sorry, I was not able to do blockquotes and the live link to the AP article which has David Scott’s and Jesse Jackon, Jr.’s quotes. If you want to see my story with the live links, please see:

    Again, I could care less about pimping myself here. I just don’t want Obama’s + JJJR’s bullspit race-baiting tactics to go unremarked upon. No more of this crap.

  11. Good morning.

    Is EVERYBODY who posts here making calls?? If you feel hesitant to do this…DON’T!! It’s easy, it’s fun to talk to people , AND it’s something you can do to help in a BIG way! SO DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!

    I’ll be calling this afternoon. This morning, I’m linking info and writing superdelegates.


  12. When making calls be sure to remind people that Al Gore “lost” in 2000 because the media portrayed him as less likable- the same way they are treating Hillary now. Sometimes, the less “exciting” candidate, as the media defines them, is actually the more qualified and competant candidate.

  13. good morning everyone. For me another – day another fight with Obama ass kissers
    IOam not sure why I am doing it – but it is like an obligation to stand against these idiots.

  14. jf1985,

    its an amazing level of group-think huh? isn’t this how we got George W Bush? twice? and count my words, they are gearing up to do it all again.

  15. Ronald
    frankly – I am tired of their systenatic attacks. Most of them are young and sit all day at PC typoing stuff and I am the only one who has enough desire to keep beating them back. since yest they wrote me 7 meassages
    here is one of them

    Y’know, when it comes to the experience debate, if Obama has already won the nomination, nobody can say he doesn’t have enough experience – destroying the Clinton Machine is proof of one’s capabilities beyond any doubt.

    and my reply

    He can be a good campaigner and Bad president. and he so far destroyed nothing – don’t live in a dream. They lost what they expected to loose. it is disappointing, but it is FAR from over.
    To shout promises at the rallies is quite easy. to deliver reality is quite difficult. and so far I see him voting 130 times present instead of taking a hard vote. So what experience?

  16. another reply to me to day

    Clinton was a good campaigner too. He had roughly the same experience and was roughly same age as Obama during their respective runs, only 1 year difference between them in each category. Clinton was a good president. Obama is getting way more reaction than Clinton ever got in the 90s. Obama will most likely be a better President, one that really catapults the U.S. into a respectable status after a long time in the drudges. This is a movement, a movement of the people, united, and passionate about their country and their hopes for their country’s future, across all types of people, young/old, black/white, male/female, Dem/Rep, rich/poor, tall/short. The reaction to him across the board is so much stronger than what Clinton can muster, obviously the stronger leader is the one who has more people’s faith and trust and confidence, for it is with that that one gains the respect and responsibility to lead. And as far as the pledged delegate count goes, Clinton is highly unlikely to catch up at this point, especially with Obama ahead now in national polls (albeit within the margin of error), and it is that pledged delegate count that is going to watched by the superdelegates like hawks. The superdelegates will likely rally behind the pledged delegate victor to avoid destroying the Democratic Party in a civil war. That means that it is virtually over. If Clinton doesn’t pull off something completely amazing in Texas and Ohio, she’s fried. 55% is not going to cut it, she needs to offer Obama what Obama offered her in D.C.. And they didn’t lose what they expected to lose, they are in damage control mode now because they’ve been losing so much more than expected and are changing their strategy completely, oh, yeah, now they’re focusing on small states all of a sudden like Montana and Hawaii. They’ve admitted that they were wrong with their strategy. They were trying to ride the whole thing on namesake in smaller states and caucus states. Big mistake, and shows how much of an ego maniac with far too much sense of entitlement Clinton is as a person.

  17. awesome!!! we got a sticky for rezcowatch on the FRONT page of!!! i sent jon the link the other night…

    i know a lot of you dont post at huffpo, but what can i say? i’m a glutton for punishment? the point is i post the link to rw in almost every post i make! even if we get a few ppl to look… maybe they will send to someone, who will send to someone… etc…

    @idunn: i cant make calls until the weekend. i dont have a landline, just a cellphone, so i have to wait for free minutes…

  18. @johnflint:
    have you asked them abt their campaign planting fake fainters at their rallies? have you gotten this email yet? if not give me your email or email me at and i’ll send it to you.

    if you think abt the fact that they are doing that for a minute… its scary. really ask yourself “why” would they do that? “what” is the ultimate purpose? how orwellian is this cult of personality going to get if it keeps up at this pace? never in my wildest dreams would i have imagined that this could happen…. i have always known that media influence is remarkable in presidential elections since the debate with kennedy & nixon in 1960… neve could i have imagined this.

  19. Morning Diva Darlin’.

    Have you called the DNC today and let them know you want Florida and Michigan delegates seated?

    Have you emailed John Edwards, asking for his endorsement?

    Have you contacted superdelegates and expressed concern over Jesse Jackson applying pressure to black superdelegates?

    Lots and lots of things we can do today….RIGHT NOW….to make a difference. 🙂

    Good on ya for getting the Rezkowatch link around and about. I’ll be working on that too this morning.

  20. have you asked them abt their campaign planting fake fainters at their rallies?

    Whoa, where did you hear that, Diva? Yikes!

  21. I am so excited to start making calls tomorrow. I hope all of you have all pledged to make calls. I am so nervous but I know it will be ok.

  22. Excuse me? BO and Bill Clinton had the same experience?

    Clinton had been governor of a state for 12 years and had been involved in activities on the national level for years.

    There’s no way I would vote for a state senator with a couple of years in the US Senate, no matter what his name was.

  23. Caroline, I was nervous like crazy when I made my first few calls. Honestly, I stuttered and stumbled and felt like an ass. BUT, once you do it a few times, and you can veer from using the script and just being yourself, it’s a piece of cake. Don’t give up…just keep trying. It will start to come natural to you, I pormise.

    And if you need any tips or help from people who have been doing the phone banks for awhile, just ask. We are here to encourage you! 🙂

  24. divabunny
    Trust me – I know all about personality cult. But this is more than that. It is clear to em that we are dealing with some clinical case of group unconscious. People completely don’t ask questions. don’t raise issues. not interested in comparison. they just blindly follow and chant “yes we can”. if anything they need a psychiatrist.

  25. @idunn: i havent dont anything yet except have a cuppa joe! i’m on my second cup, so i’m starting to wake up, but you can bet i’ll be sending my emails and making my calls today!

  26. as for john lewis a civil rights giant to be sure, the pressure to back obama is enormous in the aa community. to sum up he took days to vouch for hillary after the mlk, fairtail bs. that was the first evidence of his waivering. oh well. again he is my hero but can we please give a little backbone to people who endorse, not what where the wind is blowing? are there any loyal and honest people out there anymore? i wonder.

  27. jf1985,

    ugh. where do you get these emails from??? George W Bush was a great campaigner and a horrible president. As for coparisons to Bill Clinton, IMO, most if not all of the problems he encountered were a result of his political naivity when he took office (and he has said so himself)- ie “gays in the military”… even the whitewater scandal – Bill Clinton said he wouldn’t have agreed to appoint a special prosecuter (Ken Starr) if he had more political experience.

    What awaits Bambi if by some miracle he is elected? Well read the right wingnut blogs: I predict the Republicans will propose legislation preventing him from giving reparations for slavery. Again, a non-issue suddenly becomes a huge issue forcing him to take a stand. Then they will force him to declare Chiristianity to be the official religion because of the whole muslim ancestry thing.

    This is a movement alright… a bad bowel movement.

  28. Friday, February 15, 2008
    When Election 2008 began, long before the first votes were cast, Senator Hillary Clinton led in the national polls but trailed Barack Obama in the key state of Iowa. Many remarked upon the difference between those national and state numbers. At Rasmussen Reports, we noted that if Clinton won Iowa, she could wrap up the nomination. On the other hand, if Obama won Iowa, he would have the chance to make his case but there would be no clear frontrunner.

    Today, the situation is reversed. Obama leads nationally in the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll and can wrap up the nomination with victories in the key states of Ohio and Texas. Clinton needs to win those states to keep her campaign alive. Yesterday, Rasmussen Reports released polling data showing Clinton with a double-digit lead in Ohio and the latest Rasmussen Reports polling in Texas also shows the former First Lady on top in the Lone Star State. Clinton attracts 54% of the vote in Texas while Obama earns 38% with nearly three weeks to go until Election Day.

    If Clinton is able to win in both Texas and Ohio, the race for delegates will be just about even and there will be new talking points for the Superdelegates to consider before reaching a decision.

    However, just 68% of Likely Democratic Primary Voters in Texas say they have made up their mind and are certain about their vote. Ten percent (10%) remain undecided, 5% say there’s a good chance they could change their mind, and 16% say they might change their mind.

    Overall, 78% have a favorable opinion of Clinton and 67% say the same about Obama. Among voters who are currently undecided, 59% have a favorable opinion of Clinton and 48% offer a positive assessment of Obama.

    Eighty-two percent (82%) believe Clinton would be at least somewhat likely to win the White House if nominated. Seventy-one percent (71%) believe Obama would have a chance to win in November. Among those who are undecided, 53% believe Clinton would have a chance to defeat the Republicans and 50% say the same about Obama.

    Clinton currently leads among both White and Latino voters. Obama leads among African-American voters.

    Thirty-eight percent (38%) of all Democratic Primary voters view the economy as the top voting issue of Election 2008. Nineteen percent (19%) say it’s the War in Iraq while 17% view Health Care as the top priority. In many states, Obama has the advantage over Clinton among voters focused on the War in Iraq. That is not the case in Texas. In fact, regardless of which issue voters consider most important, Clinton has the advantage at the moment.

    Recent general election polling shows Obama leading McCain in New Hampshire, Colorado, and Nevada. Clinton does not do as well against McCain in these states. In Missouri, McCain is essentially even with both Clinton and Obama. Nationally, Obama leads McCain and McCain leads Clinton.

    Immediately prior to the release of this polling data, Rasmussen Markets results showed the Texas Primary to be a toss-up with Obama and Clinton given an equal chance of winning (current prices: Clinton 52.0% Obama 49.8%). In terms of winning the nomination, the Markets currently give Obama a 69.5% chance while expectations for a Clinton victory are at 31.5%. Numbers in this paragraph are from a prediction market, not a poll. Using a trading format where traders “buy and sell” candidates, issues, and news features, the Rasmussen Markets harness competitive passions to provide a reliable leading indicator of upcoming events. We invite you to participate in the Rasmussen Markets. It costs nothing to join and add your voice to the collective wisdom of the market.

    Crosstabs are available to Premium Members only.

    Rasmussen Reports is an electronic publishing firm specializing in the collection, publication, and distribution of public opinion polling information.

    The Rasmussen Reports ElectionEdge™ Premium Service for Election 2008 offers the most comprehensive public opinion coverage ever provided for a Presidential election.

    Scott Rasmussen, president of Rasmussen Reports, has been an independent pollster for more than a decade.

    This telephone survey of 577 Likely Democratic Primary Voters was conducted by Rasmussen Reports February 14, 2008. The margin of sampling error for the survey is +/- 4 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence

  29. This article could have better been headlined “Lewis REAFFIRMS support for Hillary.”
    Lewis, whose Atlanta-area district voted 3-to-1 for Obama, said he is NOT READY to abandon his backing for the former first lady. ….
    [Lewis] LEFT OPEN THE POSSIBILITY HE MIGHT swing behind the Illinois senator. “It could (happen). There’s no question about it. It could happen with a lot of people … we can count and we see the clock,” he said.

  30. Guys, this is good and the media should report this. Hopefully, this positive news will offset some of the negative news and I’lm hoping will bleed over to WI.

    Guys, I cannot stress enough, this is Hillary’s moment and we have to catch this wave before the tide rolls back.

    If you haven’t already pledged to call, please go to and sign up. If you can do 2hrs this weekend or more that helps and it’s not hard.

    This poll is via Rasmussen and is breaking news as I type.

  31. Good morning again, Hillfans. I’ve just set up a new blog called Obama’s Deck of Cards to put in one place a links to a lot of the issues — racism, sexism, the superdelegates, etc. — and I’d like to invite everyone to email links to me at artificialintelligence7 AT I’d also like some good self-written articles with links. I’ll do the html formatting if you can’t. Thanks.

  32. Ronald
    now you see!!! I am getting these as a reply to my posts in another forum. it is not emails. they are trying to convince me that Obama is better. I am fighting them for about 2 months now. it is difficult since I am almost the only one who is posting in her defense. But i am used to it now. most of their arguments a re bloated, empty and shallow, but… they have a movement even on that forum.

  33. By ABM90

    Just got off a plea to John Edwards to please endorse Hillary for the good of our imperiled country.If the GOP has its way and pushes BHO into the presidential office,they wiii unleash The REZKO issue and crush him and they win.America Beware of what you wish for.AA Beware of whom you choose to blindly follow.A Medicine Manor I Pied Piper can bring back the Racism we have all tried to abolish in AMerica.THINK-THINK-

  34. Yeah, they and he have got a movement: a misogyny movement. I’ve noticed that people I’d known were misogynists based on their behavior toward me and other women long before this election, they are supporting Obama now.

    All the FEMALES supporting Obama is even more disgusting. What the fuck are they seeing? Maybe they need to wash those stars from their eyes; it’s like people’s minds have been overcome, have been subverted to all the HYPE.

    I can’t say how sickened I am by all this. American women are being presented with one misogynist after another—while being hype-told how wonderful those people are, and being expected to genuflect to their wonderfulness. Huh? No way.

  35. @fran: i couldnt agree more with what you said, esp abt women supporting him! “oprah effect”??? if oprah says it, then it must be true! fact is oprah doesnt give a sh*t abt poor people… and dont get me started on her “angel” network….

  36. Excuse me??? Jesse Jackson is asking “do you want to go down as the man who stopped a black man from winning the presidency/white house?” or words to that effect???

    Why is no one, especially media, calling him on that? Race card! Race card!

    This just sickens me. What about keeping a woman from the presidency?

    So you elect a man who is totally unequipped to run the country just because of his colour?

    I’m sorry for the rant but this is just plain ridiculous!

  37. The Cult of Obama
    by Ironduke

    Barack Obama’s presidential effort more closely resembles a religious movement than a presidential campaign. An underwhelming lightweight when it comes to issues of substance, issues, and policy, Obama has managed to garner mass popular support through his mastery of rhetoric and oratory. With gatherings that are closer to cult religious services than political rallies, Barack Obama speaks in messianic language, as if he is the Second Coming of Christ rather than a candidate for president of the United States.

    At least Hillary Clinton doles out regular doses of specific policy proposals, she can be given credit for that much. On the other hand, Barack Obama doles out vague, indefinite yet somehow inspiring and mesmerizing messages of “change” and “hope”. “We are hungry for change, and we are ready to believe again,” says Obama. Cast a look at his followers, and you’d think the man could feed thousands with two loaves and five fishes, turn water into wine. To see the way some of the people behind him grasp and cling to every word he says, one might expect him to turn around, place his hand upon her head like a healing Evangelical pastor, and cast the cancer right out her body.

    He occasionally, fleetingly speaks of the issues faced by ordinary Americans, such as the mortgage that can’t be paid, crumbling schools, and so on. But the only real proposal that he’s made is that tax breaks will be taken away from companies like Maytag that “ship jobs overseas.” So how do we fix the problems of foreclosures and crumbling schools, Barack? Any ideas? I’ve yet to hear one.

    Obama sounds an awful lot like Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King used a similar style of oratory to inspire the masses to march toward a worthy goal – civil rights for blacks. At least he had an end goal that was concretely defined. Obama steals a page from Dr. King’s playbook, yet there are no defined end goals to accompany his message.

    With lines such as “our time has come” and “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for,” perhaps Barack Obama is actually the Messiah returned in the flesh to establish the Kingdom of God. If he isn’t, he needs to drop the vagaries and start talking some substance. Perhaps all we need is for Walter Mondale to pop his head around the corner and ask, “Where’s the beef?”

  38. By ABM90

    IF Hillary should,God Forbid,Barack will lose his source of ideas for his agenda.Call it “THE SILENCE OF THE LAMB”

    GO Hillary REMEMBER


  39. JanH, the reason is that they want Hillary defeated. We only have to look at MSNBC, Air America, etc. for the proof.

  40. jf1985

    cult indeed. where did you find that article?

    also, tell us where this blog is that has you as the only defender of HIllary and the rest of us will blog there too!

  41. hopefully this will help get florida seated… the people in florida need to get LOUD!!!

    this from miami herald 02.14.08

    Bill Clinton coming to South Florida
    As Hillary Clinton tries to keep up with her better-financed Democratic rival, husband and former President Bill Clinton is scheduled to attend private fundraisers in Key Biscayne, Parkland and Boca Raton on Feb. 22.

    Clinton fundraiser Chris Korge said tickets to the events will likely cost about $1,000 a piece. The president’s last appearance at the James L. Knight Center in Miami was more accessible, with ticket prices starting at $25.

    “We’re here to raise money,” Korge explained. “We’re here to keep pace with Barack Obama.”

    No word yet whether Clinton will make any public appearances. Sure, Florida has already voted, but there’s also a public relations campaign going on over whether the state’s delegates will count at the nominating convention.

  42. The media is making this story about themselves. Instead of just reporting the news in a factual way, they seem to think that we need remedial training in order to know how to think and how to vote. They see themselves as gurus of thought and election maker/breakers.

  43. Ok, does anybody get that the latest Ras poll released today shows Hill up 58 to 37 in Tx even AFTER his Potomac sweep.

    People wanted good news, this is it, now savor and get to calling and/or donating if you can.

  44. by ABM90

    OBAMA supporters remember that FALSE PROPHETS will lead you into an America that will be stepping backwards in the struggle for human rights and the end of RACISM and GENDERISM.Beware of what and who you wish for and who you cast your vote for.

  45. Ronald
    it is a forum and you are welcome to join

    you should register to read and post there

    Ironduke is from Right wing another forum – which is much more fair than the first one. I still disagree with a lot of right wing stuff, but they are smarter

    you may read without registering

    My name is the same everywhere

  46. @jan: you are right and some are calling them out for it.

    kinda funny how crawford was a regular over at msnbc for the debates and elections earlier… now, not so much.

  47. I am coming out. I finally realized it after months and months of playing the field. I want to have an affair with Hillary Clinton. Not that kind of affair, silly. Although she loves women..she doesn’t LOVE women in a Tammy Baldwin way (though I love her too!) No..I’m having an affair with Hillary in the kind of way that isn’t physical…although as Chris Matthews likes to say, she does give me a tingle down my leg. Yes…I am politically in love with Hillary. And I don’t see why more people aren’t. I admit, there’s a certain charm to Obama. He’s charismatic, attractive in that movie star kind of way – or as attractive as any politician can be. But much like the High School Prom King, I feel like he’s going to dump me as soon as I put out (my vote).
    Why am I shunning the Prom King and batting for the other team? Well, I like to be called the next morning. I don’t like to be cast aside once I’ve given myself to someone. I want my candidate to remember why they are running – me & you. I want my bartender friend who doesn’t have healthcare and hasn’t been to the doctor in ten years to be able to get the medical care she needs without being thrown into debt. (I had to explain to her last night why her vote for Obama wouldn’t necessarily help her with this – boy, did she feel like the morning after!! Like many in IL she bought into his smooth words).

    Any way, I wanted to let you all know that I don’t mind entering into this polygomous marriage with millions of people – Hillary’s worth it. You all are welcome in my political bed any time 🙂

    BTW: I’m really tired and a little crazy this morning. Sorry for this obnoxious post.
    BTW: Prayers go out to NIU family, friends, students, faculty & staff.

    I heart Hillary.

  48. by

    Please Boycott MSNBC-CNN-FOX-and Their Sponsers,along with their Rich Republican Owners.They are now trying to buy this election and BHO and return to the Military/Industrial Era and the greatest fear that President Dwight Eisenhower warned us about.THINK-THINK-THINK

  49. Today is Susan B. Anthony’s birthday! 90 years ago women didn’t have the right to vote. Today a woman is running for president. That’s pretty awesome.

  50. divabunny,

    I’m glad someone is calling the media out. There should be a media standards watchdog to slap them hard on the wrists. History is not going to favor them after this fiasco. “The media are laughingstocks comes to mind.”

    Tiny Dancer,

    There is some wonderful symbolism and honesty in the fact that it is Susan B. Anthony’s birthday and a woman is running for president….strong/highly intelligent/caring women!

  51. ABM90, Fox has been the only cable channel that has been fair to Hillary. Why boycott a network that is fair to you?

  52. I wish this Rezko trial would have started a month ago. If any one believes that Obama is ‘clean’ they are mistaken. In his political infancy he was nurtured by the Chicago Machine. That alone means he’s not exactly the personification of ‘change’. I like the guy, don’t get me wrong (aside from the fact he’s a White Sox fan!!) I am just totally disappointed with him as my Senator. He has not fought for the people who put him in his position. I can’t say I regret my vote (to the Senate) ’cause he ran a practically uncontested Senate campaign (please..the Republican candidates running were laughable that year – one guy caught in a sex scandal -Ryan- and then Alan Keyes!!!!!! No need to say why that guy is a joke!)

    Obama has not really had to run a competitive campaign until now. This idea that he’s battle-ready is ridiculous! It’s also silly how Axlerod keeps (falsly) saying that HRC can’t catch up….last time I checked, neither had enough or will have the 2025 to seal the deal. Silly, silly Axlerod (although he is kinda brilliant at this spin game).

    I am seriously addicted to HRC. I am off of work today and I’m on a blog instead of sleeping in!

  53. Okay…

    ::passes diva coffee carafe::

    I’m about to head over to HRC’s page and donate $15.44 (in honro of Susan B.), I’ve sent a few emails to superdelegates and one to JE. It’s a start.

    Can’t get the rezkowatch page to load again today, so I’m a day late and a dollar short on the Obama Deck Of Cards thing.

    (sigh) I foresee a long day ahead.

  54. There is something that has been bugging me about Obambi. Something that I hadn’t quite put my finger on. Yes, he is some weird mixture of cult figure/salesman/preacher, but something else too. He is an actor and he is a good one. We don’t need anymore puppets in the White House. America does not need a hustler with a nice smile and thunderous voice to lead our country. We need to get real. Find someone with solutions, not promises. Hillary is the best thing for America and, in times like these, for the World.

    Hillary needs to take him by surprise as much as possible, he falters without his script. I hope I can get a seat to the next debate to watch him fall from grace. Let’s hope his fall from grace is sooner, rather than later. One thing is for sure, it is inevitable.

  55. any one have any word on WI polls? Is she making progress? Outside of Madison & parts of Milwaukee…I think she could have a strong showing up there. I’m thinking about driving up there this weekend and holding an HRC sign on a street corner in Milwaukee. Maybe pass out some cheese curds or something 🙂 I will leave the Chicago Bears hat at home. (side note: cheese curds are really good)

  56. chicagogal..can you take time to phone bank. With personal knowledge of Obama as an Illinois senator…you could be a real asset.

    We are also donating today to Hillary campaign in honor of Susan B. Anthony Day.

    $10.44 is the ticket

  57. Interesting thing I saw on FAUX news yesterday 7AM US time. They were interviewing the yongest SD from Wisconsin. He (jason rae) was 17 and decide to try to join the DNC. So he ran and won at aged 17, that automatically made him eligible to be a SD and now he is 21 and the youngest one. Interesting, he had breakfast with Chelsea the day before, claims he has not made up his mind yet. He admitted to having received calls from Bill Clinton and Madeline Albright,fingers crossed.

  58. dot48,

    Is only Americans who can donate? And in lieu of that option, can non-Americans order t-shirts, hats, etc… from her site in order to contribute another way? Or is that also out?

  59. I’m getting my new bank card today…will be donating later today (I’ve been without a credit card now for weeks & couldn’t donate online! need to catch up today!)

    I will be phone banking…but having gone to college in WI, they really do appreciate face-face. They’re a different kind of electorate up there (Chicagoans drank the kool-aid a few years ago…still drunk on it – little do they know it will leave you with a nasty hangover!!). I’m just alittle afraid of the proximity to IL, that WI has dipped into the obama-punch bowl too…..

    However, WI = Nice, real hard-working people. And I think bitter at Iowa ’cause they get more attention! We need more faces up there….I’m glad to see Bill & Chelsea were up there!

  60. janH

    americans living abroad can donate but it is difficult to do so. youmust do ti my mail and include copy of US passport, but the REAL problem is you have to include a US check!! Very hard to do in other countries and EXPENSIVE. I send paypal money to frinds and they do it for me!!

  61. JanH..somebody smarter than me will have to answer the question about donating.

    I would think if someone would want to buy Hillary gear as perhaps a collector item … well, I would think that non Americans could do so.

  62. I saw that young SD interview! Having breakfast with Chelsea should’ve sealed the deal. I heard she’s really charming & down to earth. I’m super-excited she’s stepped up her role & is more public. I think that’ll make some in roads w/ the college kids. That and America Ferrera – who doesn’t love Ugly Betty?!?!

  63. I read politico…but sometimes I have to take a time out. The Obama-Fever is overwhelming…..then I found this site, and all the Hill-Love makes me happy!

  64. I did! He wasn’t giving in, though! Since he’s studying poli-sci…I’d bet he’s done his research…and will be on Hill’s side.

    WI Universities are a different thing (at least a bit different than IL) there’s a large faction of kids who are really politically active…not just on campus but in their communities. It’s a pretty progressive state (well, their larger cities are) When I was there I was part of the student senate…and we actively went to the Capitol and spoke to their legislature. It’s really an awesome feeling and these activites are really encouraged up there. (hence, the really young SD!!)

    The flipside…WI has a large university system….and I just hope that the students voting are doing so after doing their research..

  65. I don’t watch cable news anymore because of the utterly grotesque difference in treatment between The Next President of the United States and BO. I catch glimpses of the local news because of the need to know what’s going on. I thought that with Hillary’s win in New Mexico, the headlines would have to sound good for her this morning. So I switched on ABC’s Good Morning America–I find that ABC is slightly better than CBS or NBC in regards to Hillary.

    What a Joke! The lead was “the battle intensifies” with Hillary winning New Mexico BUT A PROMINENT AA SUPPORTER DEFECTING! The emphasis was overwhelmingly on the bad news. I switched it off. Then I get on the internet, and lo and behold, Rep. John Lewis has not defected (as of this moment). So BM has to rely on rumors to keep dumping on Hillary. It’s sick, SICK!

    I had already planned on making calls today for Hillary. This just strengthens my resolve to do it.

  66. Okay folks, I’m off to dedicate a few hours to phone banking.

    Everyone do something that will help make a difference today, please.

  67. SactoDem,

    He isn’t happy when he isn’t front and center in the news. He had to do something to deflect from her win in New Mexico and since he has the media in his pocket, they fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

  68. WASHINGTON (Reuters) – As Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama battle to be the Democratic presidential nominee, the winner could be determined by primaries held weeks ago in Florida and Michigan, even though the party decided to ignore their results.

    Both contests have been ruled unofficial because the states violated Democratic Party rules by moving their elections forward in a bid to have more influence in selecting the nominee.

    Now Michigan and Florida’s 366 suspended delegates could prove decisive if neither candidate lands a knockout blow in the states remaining before the party’s August convention.

    Party officials are trying to avoid an ugly standoff that could linger through the summer and anger the 2.4 million voters who participated in the two primaries, both swing states that may be crucial in the November election.

    “The party is certainly concerned that some voters feel their votes didn’t count,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesman Mark Bubriski.

    So far neither state has agreed to stage another contest.

    Florida party officials say the state’s large elderly and military populations would have trouble participating in a caucus, while a mail-based election would cost up to $10 million.

    Michigan Democratic Sen. Carl Levin said last week it would not be “practical or fair” to hold a caucus after 600,000 people have already voted in that state’s primary. Others have said it should not decide delegates because many stayed away from the polls on the belief their vote would not count anyway.

  69. DNC numbers:

    202-863-8000 (DC)

    877-336-7200 (Utah, works for DC)

    Call ‘em, Call ‘em alot. Be Nice, but give ‘em hell about disenfranchisement of Florida and Michigan.

  70. I have a silly question….if you all could indulge me. There’s talk about BO being ahead in the “popular vote”. How can this be? Most of his wins are in Caucus states that (I’m not entirely sure on this) don’t all keep track of how many people are actually voting?! I think it’s a bit misleading to post the popular count in that case…esp if it’s just an guess-timate?!

    This NIU shooting is super-sad…..

  71. I am a bit concerned about the phone banking – how can the campaign make sure that BHO people won’t steal phone numbers and/or pretend to be Hillary’s supporters to sabotage the effort? It does not seem to be too secure …

  72. On the FL & MI thing….here’s another news bit that I’m curious about. Since IA, SC, NH (i think that’s from the NY Post?!…I’m trying to cite my sources..but memory isn’t helping this morning!!) all violated the rules too…why are their delegations being sat in August? That seems a bit unfair as well. if that’s the case,…In my opinion, the DNC kinda screwed up a bit?!

  73. important question….

    if SDs dont endorse and wait until the convention to cast their vote, is their vote public or private?

  74. diva: that is a fascinating question. Since many are elected officials…I would want to know which way they voted…..

  75. @chicagogal: this makes all the diff in the world… dontcha think? notice how lewis publicly pulled from hrc, but hasnt endorsed? what if the votes are private? the AA SDs can pull to publicly support bho NOW based in jackson’s strongarming, but vote with their heads at the dnc…. just a thought…

  76. I wanted to repost this from the last thread. Glad to see someone not affiliated with either campaign grasping exactly what’s going on. We all know Hillary’s campaign has made mistakes, but if this guy’s never seen the media act like this, then it’s clear the hurdles she faces are much more than of her own making.

    “Are Democrats coming surprisingly close to nominating a phenomena rather than a fully vetted candidate?” asked Steve Jarding, a long-time Democratic activist. “The answer to that appears to be a frightening, ‘Yes.’

    “Once again, we seem to be falling in love in February only to be headed to a bitter breakup in November when our true love turns out to be much less than expected.”

    Jarding, who said he considers Obama “unique and gifted,” has mostly stayed out of presidential politics since a brief dalliance with John Edwards in 2004. But the co-author of “Foxes in the Henhouse: How the Republicans Stole the South and the Heartland and What the Democrats Must do To Run ‘em Out,” has long warned that Democrats should avoid the mistakes of past elections.

    “Historically, while hope may well sell in the spring, it wears thin by fall when it is trumped by issues of security and experience,” Jarding said.

    One of his biggest complaints is over the “gushing of the media” toward Obama.

    “In my 30 years of doing this,” Jarding said, “I have never seen anything like the swooning the … primarily television media has done over Obama.”

    Eventually, that will change. Jarding hopes it happens in time for Democrats to know everything they need to about the man who aspires to be their great hope in 2008.

  77. the lewis thing is still up in the air….as far as Politico is confirmed (ben’s blog has an update).

    CNN is disgusting….i can’t stand seeing Bama…he’s in Milwaukee….ick

  78. awesome @ Paula. I’m hoping that more and more this is going to be brought up in the media….

    ick…now MSNBC is showing barack’s rally in Milwaukee. And had to mention that Oprah’s mom is in the audience…..blah blah….turing on C-Span

  79. I just checked the internals of the ARG poll. They have 22 percent of the Dem electorate in Texas as African American. That’s much higher than what I’ve seen projected anywhere else. It looks like they undersampled Latinos as well.

  80. Calls made:


    Now I know that they need to increase her projected goal to above one million. Or, was this just a one day goal?

  81. Uh oh…I’m already starting to hear regular folks comment on Jessie Jackson Jr. and his strong arm tactics.

    This could work in our favor folks.

  82. ARG is ridiculous! I remember them saying that Hillary would win Iowa by a good margin. Also, that she would lose New Hampshire by a good margin. Plus, their Super Tuesday polls were horrible too.

    I don’t even pay attention to ARG. I would believe Zogby before ARG (and that’s saying a lot!).

  83. Rasmussen:

    Reports polling in Texas also shows the former First Lady on top in the Lone Star State. Clinton attracts 54% of the vote in Texas while Obama earns 38% with nearly three weeks to go until Election Day.

  84. ***ITS STARTING PEOPLE…..***

    please take a sec and check this out. please… this is from bloomberg:

    please please please take a moment to email the reporter and thank him for his bravery to buck the msm and report this… i emailed him, hoping that if he sees that there are many of us out there that appreciate this! FINALLY, a msm source and not just the sun times reporting on obama and rezco!!!!

  85. I am a wee bit skeptical of the polls going into Texas and Ohio right now. Reason being that when BoBo’s results were coming in earlier primaries we were watching here and the voting didn’t’ seem to correlate with the polls before or the exit polls either. He was being overestimated, or, it could have been that people said they were voting for him but didn’t really. Now, that might have changed now, but I am a bit skeptical of anything to do with Texas and Ohio, it’s hillarys big chance to get ahead. the media will be pushing to make people think she can’t win. I hope they are wrong!! VOTE HILLARY

  86. clintondem99, Don’t worry. It’s good we know what all the polls are saying so we don’t get complacent about TX. 🙂

  87. wisconsin:

    as of 02.13: hrc: 43 bho: 47 undecided: 10 (rasmussen)


    as of 02.13: hrc: 51 bho: 37 undecided 12 (rasmussen

    this data came from

  88. @emvh: love it! its even on huffpo! they arent making as big a deal of it, but its there!

    @rjk1957: i agree.

    i was asking earlier if their votes are private or public at the convention if they havent endorsed? looks to me like they may be private from a quote in the article you posted:
    “I remember how excited we were to stop stuffing envelopes and go to the convention,” she recalled.

    if this is the case i think that will helpus if it comes down to SDs.

  89. Diva, I wrote Timothy about that article, here is my email…


    I want to thank you for your reporting. The article you posted about Obama is very interesting. Not to mention, that no one in the media seems to be asking questions about his past, except for you. This man is an unknown entity and if America is going to seriously consider him as becoming President of the United States, we need people like yourself to investigate everything about him (not just the good, but the bad as well). We need a full picture of this man. The man in full. The media seems to be only interested in providing an unbalanced portrait that is favorable to his candidacy. Sure, he has a nice smile and makes uplifting speeches, but what about his experience, what about his past? Is this man really a proven viable candidate or simply an unknown with unlimited hallmark bromides at his disposal? Someone needs to ask the tough questions. Someone needs to do this before he becomes the potential democratic nominee. Thank you for your objectiveness and candid portrait of a man we simply know very little about. There are many questions, and no answers because the questions have not been asked. Before we hand over America to someone, shouldn’t we look at their resume and do the obligatory background check? Let’s be reasonable, but let’s be very keen to demand answers to the tough questions. Media has an obligation, a moral responsibility even, to educate the general public on the man or woman who wants to be President.

  90. Lieberman Supports Waterboarding: ‘It’s Not Like Using Hot Coals’

    Well Joe, I bet if the Nazis used it at Auswitch you would consider it torture.

  91. Where HRC is today:

    Hillary Clinton continues to focus on the economy with an economic roundtable in Cincinnati, a “Solutions for America” event with Mayor Don Plusquellic in Akron and a rally with Gov. Ted Strickland and Rep. and Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones in Lyndhurst, Ohio.

  92. B Merry You must be proud…… on RCP blog


    However, if Clinton manages to hold serve in Texas and Ohio, the ground shifts to Pennsylvania, which doesn’t vote until nearly six weeks later on April 22. At that point the Rezko trial will be most likely be in full bloom.

  93. make those calls! I’m doing it all weekend!
    a positive HIllary diary was on rec’d list last night on Dkos, yay!
    If we win WI/HI/TX/R.I/OH, we will have ALL the mo’ we can do it!

  94. ***** THIS JUST IN RE: LEWIS SD VOTE!!!!!******

  95. Well she SHOULD be getting attention, Kaff…lord knows we’ve plastered the link all over the interent. 😉

    Great job, B! Keep that rezko flying high!

  96. I’m under the impression that they are only doing jury selection on March 3. Does that mean the trial won’t start until later?

    I’m confused. I thought the trial was March 3.

  97. NIU shootings: Obama sees epidemic of violence

    Has anyone else noticed an up turn in violence nationwide since Obamania started. Maybe to pods do not take with everyone and they flip out. Poor taste I know, but it is getting really scary out there very quickly, shootings in malls and schools.

  98. @idunn: basically says that lewis has NOT un-endorsed hrc! his spokeswoman confirmed… he is leaving the endorsement on the table.

    Clinton Supporter John Lewis Has Second Thoughts
    By Anne E. Kornblut
    Confusion erupted Thursday night amid reports that a prominent African American supporter of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s had changed his mind. Rep. John Lewis (Ga.), who is also a Democratic superdelegate, was reported by the New York Times as having decided to switch his superdelegate vote from Clinton to Sen. Barack Obama after Lewis’s district, around Atlanta, went for the Illinois senator.

    But the Clinton campaign reported having no word from Lewis on the subject, and a spokeswoman for Lewis, Brenda Jones, said the Times story and a similar one by the Associated Press, saying he was contemplating such a switch, were inaccurate. Both the Times and AP stories quoted Lewis directly after speaking with him; he was not available for comment later Thursday. The Obama campaign also said that Lewis and Obama had not talked recently about a change of heart.

    “It is plain there is a lot of enthusiasm for Barack Obama,” Jones said. But, she said, “those things are observations,” not statements of preference. She said Lewis has left the option of changing his superdelegate support for Clinton on the table, but made no decisions. Still, it is clear that Lewis has had misgivings about the Clinton campaign in recent weeks, especially after the racially charged campaign in South Carolina, during which former president Bill Clinton was perceived to have made racially insensitive comments.

    Another black superdelegate from Georgia, Rep. David Scott, was also reported by the AP as having said he would switch from Clinton to Obama; a call to his chief of staff went unreturned Thursday night.

  99. Oh how delicious! When I google Obama/Rezko that Bloomberg article pops right up!

    My goodness…I think I might actually wet myself with joy.

  100. @rjk: i was curious… has anyone heard him comment on the murders? ive been thinking abt that all morning and wondering… weird that he is running for the potus and an awful murder occurs on a college campus in HIS HOMESTATE and he hasnt come out and made a public statement???

    i think thats odd… either he has and the media is turning the volume down on him OR he he hasnt and i just think there is something to that. something VERY telling in the fact that he hasnt acknowledged.

  101. @idunn: dont forget to email the reporter and thank him before you wet, eat and call!!! (in that order…???) 😉

  102. I don’t believe it. There were too many quotes, not just from Lewis but from HRC’s camp as well. I think this is butt-covering for JJ Jr. I consider the status of Lewis’ vote “up in the air.”

  103. Bill Clinton Back on Offense, Knocks Obama for Health Care Plan in Texas

    TEXARKANA, Texas — Former President Clinton said Democratic voters who support Barack Obama over his wife are missing out on an opportunity to back a universal health care system for the nation.

    “It would be truly tragic if the Democratic Party walked away from universal health care for the first time in 60 years when we finally got the business community and the medical community in line behind us,” Clinton said Tuesday during a campaign swing through East Texas in advance of the state’s March 4 primary.

    New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s health plan would require everyone to have health insurance and would provide government assistance to people who can’t afford it. Obama, an Illinois senator, has proposed government subsidies to help people buy insurance, but doesn’t mandate that they purchase it. Her campaign says Obama’s plan would leave up to 15 million people without insurance.

    “Her opponent excites more Americans … but would in fact deny us universal health care coverage for the first time,” the former president told about 200 people in a gymnasium of a Texarkana community center. “She represents the solution business.”

    The former president also touched on the war in Iraq, saying indecision by the Iraqi government forces the U.S. to keep its combat troops there.

    “If they think we are going to stay there forever and a day, they have no incentive to fix them,” Clinton said. “If we stay there, we are not doing them any favors.”

    The event marked Clinton’s second campaign stop in a month to this city straddling the state line between Arkansas and Texas. The former president visited the Arkansas side of the city Feb. 1, just before that state — where he was governor for 16 years — voted in the Super Tuesday primaries.

    Senator Clinton is looking for big wins in delegate-rich Texas and Ohio on March 4 to help close the gap with Obama. As of Thursday, an Associated Press count showed Obama maintained a slender lead with 1,276 delegates compared to Clinton’s 1,220.

    “If she wins in Texas and Ohio, she will win the nomination,” Bill Clinton said.

  104. The rumor zone in the gossip world is predicting that Clinton machine has reached a secret agreement with the neo cons to politically neutralize Obama. They will also do the same to McCain after winning the Democratic nomination narrowly.

    While the Illinois senator has never been accused of wrongdoing, some of the associations he formed as a community organizer and politician in Chicago may provide fodder for attacks, Democratic and Republican political experts say. Besides his relationship with indicted businessman Antonin Rezko, Obama might face neo con criticism over contacts with a former leader of the Weather Underground, a banker with ties to a convicted felon and even his church.

    “He has had relationships with individuals who are controversial, he has had relationships with individuals who are in trouble,”” said Cindi Canary, director of the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform.


  106. Guys, I sent this a bit earlier. I am concerned about Hillary’s phone banking because it’s not secure enough. For example, there is no way to verify that calls have indeed been made. What if the evil BHO people come to sabotage it? They could just check the call record without even calling. I can imagine some crazy bad Obamabot could do that!!!! Very concerned.

  107. jubjub, don’t worry, the campaign has ways to deal with that. It would actually be a good thing if they try this, because that is more dirt. They will be caught and dealt with either at the personal level or the campaign level of Obama. This is misuse of a campaign. Very serious waters (legally and otherwise), the Hillary campaign has ways to detect this.

  108. Thanks Kaffeen, but I don’t know how they can find out if some calls are marked as called but have never been called. I design call center software so I know this stuff. What the Hillary campaign is using is pretty much like a manual call sort of thing and it depends on manual dialing. Because of that, it’s hard to catch cheating or sabotage. I hope her campaign does something about this … BHO has too many crazy supporters. Can’t trust them.

  109. “If she wins in Texas and Ohio, she will win the nomination,” Bill Clinton said.”

    My Man! He sounds confident!

    Obama’s head is going to be spinning in the next week.

  110. Trust me if Rassmussen is saying Ohio is 51/37 in favour of HRC, you can be guaranteed, that she’s is a shitload further ahead than 51%, closer to 60% i’d say. I’d even say WI is probably a tie right now.

    Rassmussen has been way off the way in favour of Obama all primary season and had overestimated his pull.

  111. RE: buying superdelegates. Obama’s campaign scares me.

    I keep on seeing on the internet that Obama’s swarm of online bullies is starting to illegally scrub people’s web sites of anything bad about Obama. Is this true.

    NOTE: i found this web site (a deplorable web site), but if it’s true that they are scrubbing the internet and attacking reporters who write inconvenient things about him, then this is totally illegal. It’s called free speech.

    That’s the scary thing about cults. They will stop at nothing to make sure dissent is silenced. Mob-mentality.

    God help us.

  112. jubjub, I am a software engineer. I know some things too. Don’t worry, they will be dealt with and this issue has already come up. The Patriot Act may be a republican scam, but it works both ways. No worries mate.

  113. Kaffeen, I hope so. Also do you know whether the phone banking has multi language feature? Some of my friends who speak Spanish and Chinese would like to help too.

  114. Hillary’s plan to have make 1million calls in 3 weeks is going to be done before the day is over. YAY to everyone who is participating. I am going to start my calling tomorrow. Hillary’s supporters sure are rockin’.

  115. “Very serious waters (legally and otherwise), the Hillary campaign has ways to detect this.”

    I hope that’s true. Makes sense, but I just hope they have all the safeguards they need.

    Guys, I have serious Obama fatigue going on now. 🙁 Soooooooo tired of seeing him everywhere and reading glowing praise from everyone.

    Am I paranoid or is the Daily Show TOTALLY PROMOTING Obama now?!?!?!? Can someone else weigh in on this? I am pretty sure I am no longer objective. I bristle and complain about every hillary slight. It’s not that I can’t take a joke (well, normally!), it’s just that Obama receives ABSOLUTELY NO CRITICISM OR MOCKING! None. It’s like he is a freaking GOD and he is too holy and righteous to mock. I HATE IT.

  116. jubjub, the campaign welcomes people who are fluent in different languages. They can set you up to target those who speak different languages. Go the Hillary website…….find the campaign contact, call them. They will explain further.

  117. Moneybags Obama backs off earlier statement re: public financing, from the NYTimes:

    — [Obama] [s]eemed to hedge on his statement last year that he would accept public funds if his Republican opponent did as well. Likely GOP nominee John McCain has said he would adhere to such an agreement, but Obama was not willing to make such a firm commitment.

    ”If I am the nominee, then I will make sure that our people talk to John McCain’s people to find out if we’re willing to abide by the same rules and regulations with respect to the general election going forward,” Obama said. ”But it would be presumptuous of me to say now that I’m locking myself into something when I don’t even know if the other side is going to agree to it and I’m not the nominee yet.”

  118. jubjub, I’ve also contacted a personal source in the campaign. I’m going to see if there is a more direct route, but I’m sure the campaign HQ will point you in the right direction.

  119. He also talked about “when Hillary is feeling down”. Sexist pig. Hillary has to get her butt out there and call him on this stuff, asap.

  120. The Obama camp plays the race card and the media is silent on the issue. Bill’s comment that Obama’s distortion of his Iraq record is a fairytale, and he’s labeled a racist.

    Sometimes, I think it’s just easier to drink the koolaid. It would save me a lot of aggravation and I can finally watch cable news again.

  121. Berkeley Vox, there goes Obama backing off his previous pledges. Oh God! What will his Presidency be like? Another 4 years of incompetency? After an Obama Presidency, the Democrats will lose the WH for the next century.

  122. filbert, that’s what i thought too during the patriotic drum beat up to the “shock and awe” of Iraq. Remember the media then? Oh god.

    I participated in a march through downtown where I worked. It was just a few of us. We got spit on, yelled out, and everything.

    I thought I was going to be seen and fired. It was that hard to maintain a hard stance against the flow of retardation.

    swimming upstream is hard. going to the path of least resistance is hard too.

    just remember– there are people who voted for Bush twice who now roam the streets of our great nation proclaiming that they’re patriots, backing Ron Paul.

    call it bullshit and move on!

  123. Is he talking about Bush? Anyone understand this?
    I’m a little dense I guess;

    From Politico:
    When Hillary Clinton said, way back in New Hampshire, that Vladimir Putin “doesn’t have a soul,” I figured that would be the sort of thing the Russian wouldn’t be pleased about. But when I called the foreign ministry the next day for comment, it was Orthodox Christmas, and I let it slide.
    He was asked about the remark at his press conference yesterday, however, and indeed wasn’t pleased.
    The former KGB lieutenant colonel appeared to lash out at U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton — a leading Democratic candidate for president — when one reporter quoted her as saying that former KGB officers have no soul:
    “At a minimum, a head of state should have a head,” Putin said.

  124. filbertsf, whats worst is that we have a chance to prevent it, but the Media is encouraging it. I can see an electoral sweep that would rival the sweep by Reagan in 1980.

  125. true2party, I guess I had it easier than you pre-Iraq War protests. I was insulated in SF, but it seemed to me that everyone was against the war in SF.

    I must say though, whenever you see “violence” breaking out at an anti-war rally in SF, it’s the work of the anarchists. When they arrive to the party, you leave or you’ll be caught in the police net. I was marching next to a guy wearing all black. As soon as he put his face mask on, I got out of there right away.

  126. Where is Hillary? I am so upset that she doesn’ take on this bs from Obama today head on. Get out there and call him out. Rally americans.

  127. true2party

    Even if 1/4 of what is on that site is true, he’s toast if he is the nomination. McCain will wni, WHY can’t the vast majority of Democrats SEE THIS?? They must be drinking koolaid, no other explaination, brainwashed ,simple as.

    Obama is satan………….

  128. MJ, you can’y expect Hillary to be everywhere and to respond to every little snarky comments coming out of the mouth of that weasel.

  129. I tried to post this earlier….did any one else know that when you type in ‘’ it automatically re-directs you to BO’s official campaign website. I haven’t tried any others…but it’d be kinda interesting to find out how many other links re-direct you to BO’s website…..I’m surprised when you type in “” it doesn’t auto-direct to!! :O

  130. A VERY interesting article. This is the guy you see on FAUX news sometimes, he looks like an Eagle I think LOL but tha’ts another story, check this out:

    The Audacity of Selling Hope

    By Charles Krauthammer
    Friday, February 15, 2008; A21

    There’s no better path to success than getting people to buy a free commodity. Like the genius who figured out how to get people to pay for water: bottle it (Aquafina was revealed to be nothing more than reprocessed tap water) and charge more than they pay for gasoline. Or consider how Google found a way to sell dictionary nouns– boat, shoe, clock — by charging advertisers zillions to be listed whenever the word is searched.

    And now, in the most amazing trick of all, a silver-tongued freshman senator has found a way to sell hope. To get it, you need only give him your vote. Barack Obama is getting millions.

    This kind of sale is hardly new. Organized religion has been offering a similar commodity — salvation — for millennia. Which is why the Obama campaign has the feel of a religious revival with, as writer James Wolcott observed, a “salvational fervor” and “idealistic zeal divorced from any particular policy or cause and chariot-driven by pure euphoria.”

    “We are the hope of the future,” sayeth Obama. We can “remake this world as it should be.” Believe in me and I shall redeem not just you but your country — nay, we can become “a hymn that will heal this nation, repair this world, and make this time different than all the rest.”

    And believe they do. After eight straight victories — and two more (Hawaii and Wisconsin) almost certain to follow — Obama is near to rendering moot all the post-Super Tuesday fretting about a deadlocked convention with unelected superdelegates deciding the nominee. Unless Hillary Clinton can somehow do in Ohio and Texas on March 4 what Rudy Giuliani proved is almost impossible to do — maintain a big-state firewall after an unrelenting string of smaller defeats — the superdelegates will flock to Obama. Hope will have carried the day.

    Interestingly, Obama has been able to win these electoral victories and dazzle crowds in one new jurisdiction after another, even as his mesmeric power has begun to arouse skepticism and misgivings among the mainstream media.

    ABC’s Jake Tapper notes the “Helter-Skelter cult-ish qualities” of “Obama worshipers,” what Joel Stein of the Los Angeles Times calls “the Cult of Obama.” Obama’s Super Tuesday victory speech was a classic of the genre. Its effect was electric, eliciting a rhythmic fervor in the audience — to such rhetorical nonsense as “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. (Cheers, applause.) We are the change that we seek.”

    That was too much for Time’s Joe Klein. “There was something just a wee bit creepy about the mass messianism,” he wrote. “The message is becoming dangerously self-referential. The Obama campaign all too often is about how wonderful the Obama campaign is.”

    You might dismiss as hyperbole the complaint by the New York Times’s Paul Krugman that “the Obama campaign seems dangerously close to becoming a cult of personality.” Until you hear Chris Matthews, who no longer has the excuse of youth, react to Obama’s Potomac primary victory speech with “My, I felt this thrill going up my leg.” When his MSNBC co-hosts tried to bail him out, he refused to recant. Not surprising for an acolyte who said that Obama “comes along, and he seems to have the answers. This is the New Testament.”

    I’ve seen only one similar national swoon. As a teenager growing up in Canada, I witnessed a charismatic law professor go from obscurity to justice minister to prime minister, carried on a wave of what was called Trudeaumania.

    But even there the object of his countrymen’s unrestrained affections was no blank slate. Pierre Trudeau was already a serious intellectual who had written and thought and lectured long about the nature and future of his country.

    Obama has an astonishingly empty paper trail. He’s going around issuing promissory notes on the future that he can’t possibly redeem. Promises to heal the world with negotiations with the likes of Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Promises to transcend the conundrums of entitlement reform that require real and painful trade-offs and that have eluded solution for a generation. Promises to fund his other promises by a rapid withdrawal from an unpopular war — with the hope, I suppose, that the (presumed) resulting increase in American prestige would compensate for the chaos to follow.

    Democrats are worried that the Obama spell will break between the time of his nomination and the time of the election, and deny them the White House. My guess is that he can maintain the spell just past Inauguration Day. After which will come the awakening. It will be rude.

  131. filbert, i was working/living in north georgia. i’ve been in georgia almost my whole life. maybe that’s why i simply can’t see obama winning the GE. who knows.

    it was really hard being a liberal during 2002-2006 here. now, it’s even harder being a hillary fan since atlanta is now obamalama retard central.

    xperience matters, something about my intuition screams that obama will NEVER become president in my lifetime. it just does not connect with me. now matter how many times they scream “yes, we can”….i just shake my head and think: these people live in a different country than me i guess.

    i also get mad thinking: where the fuck were they when bush was winning, TWICE!!!!!!!!!!

  132. just a comment in passing. Our local Iowa newspaper was all anti-Obama today. Although..they had endorsed him at the time of the caucuses. They had an editorial about him not being vetted…and about the “cult” of his campaign. 😀

  133. @emvh: weird! i just read that same article. itsa good one!

    @bluedem: i read abt that article on wonkette this morning… dont feel bad… they didnt really get it either…

    “What exactly does this mean? We are pretty sure this is one of those misogynist Russian “ha ha the woman lacks a penis” jokes.”

  134. group mentality is scary. this is no longer a campaign, it’s brainwashing by people who want to be brainwashed.

  135. Just posted on TMZ (I hope someone looks into how the Ryan divorcce papers were leaked to the press):

    Jeri Ryan — The Real Obama Girl
    Posted Feb 15th 2008 1:50PM by TMZ Staff

    If Barack Obama ends up winning the White House, the first person he should probably thank on Election Night is … Jeri Ryan. Like, “Star Trek’s” Seven of Nine Jeri Ryan? Yup.

    Let’s explain.

    Back in 2004, when Obama was a small-time State Senator from Illinois and running for a U.S. Senate seat, his GOP opponent was Jack Ryan, a super-wealthy businessman who was actually favored in the contest — and who was in the middle of a divorce from … Jeri Ryan.

    The divorce was a slapfight of Hasselhoffian proportions, and Jeri’s allegations that Jack had forced her to go to sex clubs in New York and Paris — and wanted her to have sex with him in the clubs — completely ruined Jack’s campaign … and Obama went on to win the seat. And now, perhaps, the one in the Oval Office.

    We asked Ryan’s rep how she feels about it, but haven’t heard back yet.

  136. I was just being accused of being a racist. LOL it get’s heated up down there. hahaha didi Lewis switch or he did not?

  137. The multibillionaire Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, is ready to throw his personal fortune of $11 billion into the election campaign, and has put together a campaign apparatus in all 50 states. The coverage in the British press of Barack Obama’s involvement with the dubious circles of financier Tony Rezko, who is now in prison, and with Nadhmi Auchi, the Iraqi who lives in London, makes it clear, how easily a media campaign could bring Obama’s candidacy to a halt.

  138. Afternoon all!
    This post is a little long so bare with me: I know a lot of you are upset by the media’s coverage of this primary. I used to be one of those people who watched 24hr cable news shows, the Sunday shows & believed the pundits knew what they were talking about. I honestly believed most of them reported facts and mostly left their opinions out of it. Then the Iraq invasion happened and my eyes opened. The press we have today is thoroughly bankrupt for the most part. I know that millions of others just like me have stopped watching those shows, quit buying the newspapers. I mean look MSNBC gets the worst ratings of all the networks. Nobody watches them! CNN is only a notch above them. Its not a coincidence that FOX is dominating. They recognized people’s hate for the traditional media. Conservatives flock to the place and refuse to take in any of the other crap. Ditto w/ talk radio. Can’t say I blame them. Are Bill O’reilly or Limbaugh any worse than Tim Russert or Maureen Dowd? Nope. I only wish democrats/progressives could come up with our own media and no Air America doesn’t count.

  139. i say i support hillary at work, and someone sends me an email pic of hitler, without any comments. i got onto blogs and say something nice about hillary and something TRUE about obama and get called racist.

    this is just pissing me off. obama campaign doesn’t even seem to care about addressing this.

  140. @bluedem: pres of russia AND time’s “man of the year” says this??? f’ing ridiculous! where is thewomen’s movement? it really is friggin nuts that with all of the rampant misogyny… its everywhere! and people were worried abt the bird flu being an epidemic???

    “The former KGB lieutenant colonel appeared to lash out at U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton — a leading Democratic candidate for president — when one reporter quoted her as saying that former KGB officers have no soul:

    “At a minimum, a head of state should have a head,” Putin said.”

  141. kaffeen: Why is it that the foreign press always catches on faster than the American media?! Mmm….

    HRC’s statement on NIU is touching. It’s nice to see the mother in her react…whereas her opponent reacted first as a candidate, in my opinion.

    HRC = The Audacity of Authenticity : )

  142. Keep in mind that Bloomberg is considering a VP ticket with McCain. However it plays out, Bloomberg has a media empire. This is perhaps one reason we find the Obama facts starting to leak out from his media. Bloomberg will crush Obama.

  143. true2party same happen to me
    here is what I wrote and what they replied

    Originally Posted by JohnFlint1985
    you mean her 2 black super delegates – once again Obama injects race into the fray. they afraid to loose their own seat due to his constituents call them and tell them to vote for BLACK candidate. I can’t even blame them. Obama and his camp turned the heat up because of racial issues. So of course these guys have to do what they have to do.
    nothing about the issues – just race -Black. It makes me sick this candidate and his appeal!!!

    and this is the reply

    I’m not going to out right and say that you are racist because I don’t know you (I have my opnion). But your infatuation with race is telling. That makes me sick.

  144. true2party Says:

    February 15th, 2008 at 2:19 pm
    i say i support hillary at work, and someone sends me an email pic of hitler, without any comments. i got onto blogs and say something nice about hillary and something TRUE about obama and get called racist.

    If you were black, you’d be called a traitor. Just brush it off haters….

  145. anniesmiles… too little to late. I kindly ask that newspaper to shove the ink up the editor’s ass

    Naw, we’ll take it. I assume she’s referring to the Sioux City paper, which has readership in SD — a state that hasn’t voted yet.

  146. look, either lewis is for or against hillary. what is this straddling and cover you *ss type of stuff or hedging your bets coming from lewis?

  147. kaffeen
    if I see Mc Cain Bloomberg Ticket i will not even think twice. Against this idiot with racist appeal, dirty tricks and insane supporters? at this point I will vote for anyone just not Obama and his agenda.

  148. that black guilt trip don’t work with me as a african american. i correct fellow african americans real quick when they imply me being a traitor. i don’t take no sh*t when it comes to that. if i was a black congressman i would stick to my word and to my candidate. i guess your word is crap in politics to these jokers.

  149. “At a minimum, a head of state should have a head,” Putin said.”

    Putin is cleverly playing with words. Hillary thinks that the President of a country should have a conscience and be able to empathize with his/her countrymen. To have a conscience, you have to be a soul.

    Putin, being the dictator that he is, doesn’t believe in that emotional mumbo-jumbo. It’s not his conscience that guides him, it’s his leadership ability. A leader leads by strength, not the heart.

  150. Well, on one hand I can sympathize with Lewis – being accused of being an “Uncle Tom” is one of the most painful charges an AA can face – Obama’s camp knows this very well. But after everything Rep. Lewis had to overcome as a civil rights activist, you’d think he’d have enough integrity and courage to stand up to these bullies.

  151. i understand lewis’s problem but your word is golden. he looks like he scalling back from pressure. jackson, jr made a huge threat to aa congressmembers.

  152. * WTF?! From IndiaDaily…..

    Clintons and right wing neo cons work together to find dirt in Obama’s ‘Chicago connection’ – Republican Right Wing prefers Hillary over McCain and Obama

    Subhas Jha
    Feb. 15, 2008

    Finally they found each other in the common turf. Republican Right Wing prefers Hillary over McCain and Obama. Ann Colter now says ‘Hillary is my girl.’ What a twist and turn in history! The same right wing neo cons are now in favor of Hillary to oust Obama and McCain from the US Presidential race.

    The Clinton manchine is now is full contacts with these right wing neocons to quietly unveil the massive barrage of attacks on Obama. They are collecting dirt in the streets of Chicago to discredit Obama as fast as they can.

    Bill Clinton knows calling Obama a ‘fairy tale’ did not work. How about unleasing the neocons against Obama with collected ‘Chicago dirt’? There is no physical assassination needed, just unleash the hounds and look the other way.

    Hillary Clinton questions whether Barack Obama would be able to withstand what she calls the “Republican attack machine.”” If Obama does become the Democratic presidential nominee, his Chicago ties might provide the fuel.

    It is interesting that at the same time the ‘Ann Colters’ of the world are calling Hillary their girl. Hillary will deliver them what even George Bush did not deliver.

    The rumor zone in the gossip world is predicting that Clinton machine has reached a secret agreement with the neo cons to politically neutralize Obama. They will also do the same to McCain after winning the Democratic nomination narrowly.

    While the Illinois senator has never been accused of wrongdoing, some of the associations he formed as a community organizer and politician in Chicago may provide fodder for attacks, Democratic and Republican political experts say. Besides his relationship with indicted businessman Antonin Rezko, Obama might face neo con criticism over contacts with a former leader of the Weather Underground, a banker with ties to a convicted felon and even his church.

    “He has had relationships with individuals who are controversial, he has had relationships with individuals who are in trouble,”” said Cindi Canary, director of the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform.

    The Clinton machine and the neo cons are together to politically assassinate Obama first and McCain next.

  153. Kaffeen
    The British press wth get into Obama but the question is will the US press. During the Iraq war they showed things here that NEVER got shown in the USA. My Mum never believed me until she visited and saw for herself.


    You are Georgia kid then? I was born outside of Atlant and lived in East Point. Love Georgia. btw I understand what you are saying, that you cannot imagine Obama becoming president. neither can I. however, I would have never believed that Florida would loose their votes again!! And this time by the Democratic party no less!! Everyday I wake up and ask myself if any of this is real. Is the media really doing this. Then I quickly get my reality check online or on the tele. Its Bizzaro land now, cult mania. btw, is the Varsity still there and can you send me a fried peach pie:):)

  154. @kingsgrove: lewis is up for re election and is being threatend with his seat. jjjr is threatening that if he doesnt SD vote for barry, that lewis may come up against a well funded younger AA candidate.

  155. terrondt Says:

    February 15th, 2008 at 2:35 pm
    i understand lewis’s problem but your word is golden. he looks like he scalling back from pressure. jackson, jr made a huge threat to aa congressmembers.

    Completely agree. Like I said, Hillary should publicly confront him about this.

  156. Kingsgrove,
    I don’t buy that he’s being bullied. Yeah BO’s camp has tried to get to him & other HRC supporters. But so what? The congressman went through much worse than this during the civil rights struggle. Further, John Lewis is a grown man who has been in politics for decades. He knows how the game is played. I admire John Lewis and his courage, but he’s trying to see which way the wind is blowing and see who has the most to offer him.

  157. OK, that India Daily story sounds pretty off the wall. I’d ignore it.

    BTW, Chris Matthews is at it again. See Taylor Marsh’s site.

  158. For the past month, ABC News has been systematically assembling the evidence of Senator Obama’s ties to a shadowy Chicago wheeler-dealer and slumlord named Antoin “Tony” Rezko. Rezko is currently behind bars, pending a March 2008 trial on a range of financial crimes, including political payoffs to local Chicago politicians, among them, Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich—and Barack Obama. While Obama’s name has not surfaced in any of the indictments of Rezko, media investigations have turned up hundreds of thousands of dollars in Rezko-linked contributions to his campaigns (Obama has since donated $125,000 of this to charity), along with Obama’s ties to Rezko in a questionable sweetheart home purchase deal in 2005.

    The first ABC News broadcast on the Obama-Rezko scandal aired nationally on Jan. 10—a week after Obama’s Iowa caucus victory, which suddenly propelled him into a close race with Senator Clinton for the Democratic nomination. That first ABC broadcast, which has been followed by even more damning exposés, posed the question: “Is the Rezko Connection Obama’s Achilles Heel?”

    The Fabian London Guardian has also been all over the Rezko scandal, through its own ongoing probe of London-based Iraqi exile financier Nadhmi Auchi, who was one of Saddam Hussein’s banking pals. A London resident since 1979, Auchi is the founder and head of the Anglo-Arab Society, and an intimate of Lord David Steel, the former head of the Liberal Democratic Party. His connections, however, did not prevent the Serious Fraud Office from raiding the offices of one of Auchi’s companies in 2002, in connection with what Guardian writer Nick Cohen wrote, is “alleged to be the biggest swindle ever of the NHS” (National Health Service).

    On Jan. 28, Brian Ross, ABC News’ chief investigative reporter, and a man with longstanding close ties to the FBI, broke the story on Obama financial angel Rezko: “In a court hearing in Chicago, prosecutors detailed a $3.5 million wire transfer from a bank in Beirut, Lebanon that they said was moved through a series of accounts until it reached Rezko or some of his relatives who had posted property for his bond. Under the terms of his agreement, prosecutors said in a filing with the court, Rezko was obligated to disclose any change in his financial status. In court, prosecutors said Rezko had become a ‘flight risk’ because of his secretive transactions in the Mideast. According to the court filings, the money came from a company, General Mediterranean, owned by a British-based Iraqi billionaire, Nadhmi Auchi, who was convicted in France on fraud charges.”

  159. Big crowd hears former President Clinton campaign for Hillary
    By REID MAGNEY | La Crosse Tribune

    Former President Bill Clinton made his case for his wife’s presidency Thursday night in a campaign stop in La Crosse.

    Speaking for nearly 90 minutes to more than 2,000 people in a University of Wisconsin-La Crosse gymnasium, Bill Clinton said Hillary Clinton would be “the best change-maker” for America.

  160. Ok, well, I like Edwards so I am hapy for her, but I can completely understand then what SD’s are worried about. Wynn was for Hillary, Edwards Obama.

  161. In the audience to hear Clinton at UW-L was Leo Jilk of Winona, Minn., who described himself as behind Mrs. Clinton “four-square. Every time I see Hillary come on, I turn to my wife and say, ‘I’m so proud you’re a woman, babe.’

    “One of the reasons I support Hillary is we’re working-class people, and her package resonates more with us,” Jilk said.

  162. Good Charles Krauthammer article about Obama as a snake-oil-salesman of hope, and similarly – I’m reposting from the Boston Globe online:

    Bay State voters know their limits
    By Peter S. Canellos
    February 12, 2008

    WASHINGTON – In 2006, Deval Patrick ran for governor of Massachusetts on what his consultant, David Axelrod, called “the politics of aspiration.” Patrick talked about hope – a lot. And when people said they were just words, he quoted the Declaration of Independence to upbraid those who think words don’t matter. He told voters “Yes, we can,” and later, more broadly, “Together, we can.” These words had a lot of power, as it turned out, propelling Patrick to a landslide. They echoed words that had been used by Barack Obama – also advised by Axelrod – in his record-setting Senate race in Illinois in 2004.

    Last week, many voters in Massachusetts heard some of those words again at a massive rally for Obama’s presidential campaign, joined by Patrick and the state’s two senators, John Kerry and Ted Kennedy. But the next day, the people of Massachusetts went out and voted for the candidate of experience.

    While voters in much of the country were becoming enthralled by Obama, who continues to gain momentum, Massachusetts voters struck a discordant note. Hillary Clinton beat Obama by 15 points in the Bay State, almost as big a margin as in New York, which she has represented in the Senate for seven years.

    The reason may well be in those 2006 ballots, and the sense of disappointment that some people feel about Patrick’s administration. And the Massachusetts result may carry words of warning for candidate Obama or, perhaps, President Obama, about the limits of the politics of hope.

    Deval Patrick and Barack Obama are not similar personalities. Patrick is friendly and approachable; he’s a good listener with an unassuming manner. Obama, by contrast, is stately and imposing, with the posture of a Roman senator. He stands out in a crowd, while Patrick blends in.

    But they have things in common as well, two black men with inspiring personal stories and unimpeachable academic credentials who are upbeat about America. And, as Axelrod discovered, there is great power in those stories and the hopes they engender. For some, it’s a validation of the American dream. For others, it’s a truly colorblind society. But for most, it’s a rejection of the sordid compromises of political life – a chance to choose someone who, for so many reasons, does not represent “the system.”

    Except that when it comes to the actual substance of issues, there’s no special agenda attached to the politics of hope. Both Patrick in 2006 and Obama this year have websites full of positions on the issues, but they’re not easily distinguishable from those of other Democrats. The issues tend to get lost in the language of hope, perhaps because they sound and feel routine, and don’t strike an inspirational chord.

    Instead, the candidates talk about creating a mandate for change that will supersede all the petty disputes that clog up government. Then, presumably, a lot of shared priorities will get through.

    But as Patrick has shown, without an agenda that stands out from those of other candidates, it’s hard to show whether real changes have occurred. It’s not that most people think Patrick has been an unusually ineffective governor; it’s that he’s been precisely the usual kind of governor, and that’s his problem.

    He got off on the wrong foot when his administration bought a Cadillac as his official car; other governors have had similar missteps, but standards are higher for those promising change. Then he pleased many constituents by restoring services cut by his predecessor. But like many of his predecessors, he quickly ran afoul of a powerful House speaker. A lot of negative vibes started emanating from Beacon Hill. Not uncommon – but no change, either.

    In the eyes of many voters, Patrick’s biggest initiative – the thing he is really fighting for – is a plan to raise revenues by building three casinos. This has given hope to those who love slot machines and blackjack, or are unusually focused on the state revenue picture. But it has given absolutely no hope to those who suffer from gambling addictions, worry about traffic, or think casinos are tawdry.

    So Patrick’s record has been a mixed bag. But the usual ups and downs can be devastating to someone who has staked everything on bringing about change. Whether posited by a candidate for governor or for president, the politics of hope invites disappointment, simply because hope means something different to every person.

    Last week, people in Massachusetts had a second chance for hope – and took a pass.

  163. Dunno if this is credible, but I think Bloomberg and Obama are cooking something up:

    “And Now, Mootings of Bloomberg-Obama Ticket

    Feb. 14, 2008 (EIRNS)—Those who thought that Lyndon LaRouche’s “Democratic option” for the Bloomberg option was inconceivable, look at this.

    With the “flirt” Michael Bloomberg increasingly being covered in the media, in the context of the “deadlock” between Obama and Clinton, the idea of an “independent” Bloomberg-Obama ticket has now been floated. In a piece by Armstrong Williams on on Feb. 14, there appears the following report under the title “Obama the Independent?”:

    “The word on the street is that the Obama camp and New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg have already met and devised an incredible plan if Clintion wins the nominee. Mayor Bloomberg would give nearly $1 billion to Obama’s campaign after which Obama would bolt form the Democratic Party and run as an independent candidate with kingmaker Bloomberg as his running mate.”

    It is known, in fact, that Obama had a secret breakfast meeting with Bloomberg back in November of 2007. As for the rest…. “

  164. Bloomberg is at the center of a nationwide “independent candidacy” drive, spearheaded by a strange-bedfellow coalition that includes Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.); California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) (whose wife Maria Kennedy Shriver is Ted Kennedy’s niece); Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.); and New York City political freak Lenora Fulani (see “Bloomberg’s Fascist Plot To Steal the U.S. Election,” EIR, Feb. 1, 2008). The Mayor is Shultz and Rohatyn’s designated “Benito Mussolini” corporativist, whose ill-gotten fortune would enable him to put billions of dollars of his own money into a nationwide independent campaign, built around the preposterous notion that Bloomberg is “too rich to be bought by special interest groups” (in fact, Bloomberg has already been bought, in a manner reminiscent of “The Devil and Daniel Webster”). While Bloomberg continues to issue coy signals that he is willing to be drafted for President, his political operatives are active in all 50 states, quietly buying up independent ballot lines, and paving the way for a “man on a white horse” candidacy—once the political preconditions have been orchestrated from above.

    A Feb. 1 story in the pro-Bloomberg New York City neocon newspaper The New York Sun confirmed that Bloomberg is pouring sizeable funds into a new data-mining company, Symposia Group, whose main goal is to assemble nationwide polling data to launch Bloomberg’s Presidential drive. The firm’s founder, James Robinson IV, the son of the one-time American Express CEO and Bristol-Myers Squibb chairman, James Robinson III, told the Sun that Bloomberg is his major client, and that he has six full-time employees, a team of contract employees, and 18 other field operatives, all working on the Bloomberg contract. Furthermore, the Sun reported that a former Bill Clinton campaign strategist, Douglas Schoen, who later worked on Bloomberg’s mayoral campaigns, is coming out with a book, touting Bloomberg’s chances of winning the Presidency as an independent candidate.

    The Sun has been described as the intersection point of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) and the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC)—i.e., a point of neocon penetration of both political parties. It was founded by four leading neocon moneybags: hedge-fund manager Michael Steinhardt, the founder of the DLC; Conrad Black, the now-jailed Hollinger Corp. boss and funder of AEI and the Hudson Institute; New Republic publisher Martin Peretz; and speculator Roger Herzog.

  165. mj,

    Not all the Hillary’s African-American SDs are like Al Wynn. He wasn’t the greatest person (voting wise for his constituents or America – he routinely voted for some crappy bills) and he barely held his seat against Edwards in 2006.

  166. You know what I would really love? Is for Hillary to challenge Obama to create a resume for President. That would be a beautiful thing. If he were to say no, that could be used against him and Hillary could still create her own “resume”. If he says yes, lol, well, that speaks for itself.

  167. This is a better spin possibly:

    (AP) The possibility of Sen. Chuck Hagel joining Mayor Michael Bloomberg on an independent presidential ticket seems to be dimming, with Bloomberg distancing himself on Monday from the Nebraska Republican.

    The New York Times reported Saturday about a conversation one of its reporters had last week with Hagel, during which Hagel confirmed he had spoken with Bloomberg in the past about possibly being the billionaire’s running mate.

    The story contained no direct quotes but paraphrased Hagel as saying the rise of John McCain as the GOP nominee essentially closes Bloomberg’s window of opportunity to jump in the race because of McCain’s appeal to independents and moderates.

    Asked Monday about Hagel’s claim that the two have discussed running together, Bloomberg flatly denied that any conversation about those topics ever took place, and portrayed his relationship with Hagel as a distant one.

    “I have met him a couple of times … and I never talked to him once about being the candidate, and certainly not about who, if I were to run, which I’m not, who you would pick,” Bloomberg said. “We just never had that conversation.”

    Hagel’s chief of staff, Mike Buttry, said later Monday that the senator’s conversation with Times contributor John Harwood had been “overplayed.”

    Buttry said Hagel did not tell the Times that he had been asked to run with Bloomberg – he only said the two had had “general conversations.”

    Times spokeswoman Diane McNulty said “we stand by what John Harwood reported Chuck Hagel told him.”

    The Bloomberg-Hagel speculation began last May when Bloomberg and Hagel shared a not-so-secret dinner in Washington. Then, Hagel said in a television interview that it was time for a third-party candidacy to shake things up. He also mused about the idea of him and Bloomberg running together.

    “It’s a great country to think about – a New York boy and a Nebraska boy to be teamed up leading this nation,” Hagel said last spring.

    The pair met up again for dinner last November in Manhattan, have spoken occasionally by phone, and were together for a bipartisan summit last month in Oklahoma.

  168. reed061, mj

    Wynn had a long list of enemies. He was weak in one part of his district after the ’02 redistricting b/c nobody knew him and thought their congressman was Van Hollen. In the other part of the district, long knives were out.

  169. Research 2000 says it is 47-42:


    Barack Obama 47% 53% 42%

    Hillary Clinton 42% 36% 47%

    Undecided 11% 11% 11%

    This from

    If this model is correct and Clinton can up her % of women vote to around 52%, she could sneak a win. On the flip side if the undecideds break for him or a high % of Repbus cross over, he can take it.

  170. I like this from the comments at mydd:

    “Sorry to bring you down. But, if hope was crackers we’d all weigh three hundred pounds. I don’t hate Obama. I dislike the sheer hypocrisy of the whole ‘shut up. You’re not being hopeful.’slant that is being shoved down our throats.

    I am flabbergasted by the ridiculous idea that a first term senator with zero national security experience is supposed to beat a canny old political survivor like McCain during a time of war. Remember when everyone said his campaign was dead. Surprise! Turns out he’s pretty good at this political thing. Obama will break out that hope routine in the GE and he’ll be blasted. In a debate against McCain he’ll be made to look like a clueless twelve-year-old.

    I am hoping for a Democratic president this year. Maybe it would help if we all think clearly about how to accomplish that and not just condemn anyone who dares to speak some common sense and not just repeat vague slogans.”

  171. I just have to say this:

    Surely within the DNC, the grandees must be intelligent enough to be looking long term at this whole thing. Taking into account the whole Rezko thing and the whole ball of wax of ammunition the Repubs will have on BooBoo. And surely they must see that literally, BooBoo is using the race card and the media. Obama is basically strong arming them and using race to do it!! The dilemma for the DNC has been created by Obama and his minions. Problem is do the DNC count Florida and Michigan as they should, let the SD’s do what they are meant to do, then have that Brazile woman walk out and several other Africa-Americans joining in , the media going postal on them, the whole thing turns into a racial uproar.

    Or do they let him continue to bully them into submission. Get the nomination and hope for the best when McCain and the GOP start blasting him away to little bits of protoplasm. I firmly believe he is making a mockery of the Democratic Party with all this and they are allowing it.. What he is doing is FAR worse than anything the Clintons have ever done. I just wonder if he is getting a bit too big for his trousers. No one is more important than the party, not even him. I just think that there are people within the DNC who surely must not only see what he is doing, but despise it! If they say anything they are then called racist. It’s a no win situation!! This is the same thing that happens when the Clintons try to call BooBoo o his record or anything else he has done.

    The DNC by letting this fester and go on is only making it greater and allowing it to grow and get a life of its own. They f**ked up by not sorting this right away. The main goal should be to win the election, nothing more. Obama has not united anyone, in fact he has divided Democrats right up the line.

    Believe me, when he falls, and he will, that will be the end of him forever. I just hope he is not the nominee when it happens!!!

  172. She would have won regardless. And the district isn’t yearning for ‘progressive’ leadership. Local factors ruled the day and were taken advantage of by many interest groups, including Emily’s List which also endorsed Hillary. One of Edwards’ biggest backers is also a major fundraiser for Hillary.

    For this reason (although Edwards did indeed support Obama), she waited until the last minute to endorse Obama — just to be sure that Wynn wouldn’t score any points off of his formal endorsement as a Rep. She wasn’t riding any wave.

  173. HLR,

    Exactly. There were multiple reasons for his loss.

    And to be frank, I like Donna Edwards’ positions better. Well, besides the Obama endorsement thing (even though it doesn’t count).

  174. The “Real Obama”? ackwell/2008/02/14/the_real_obama

    The rightwing machine is revving up:

    “Some pundits are calling him the next John F. Kennedy. He’s not. He’s the next George McGovern. And it’s time people learned the facts.

    Because the truth is that Mr. Obama is the single most liberal senator in the entire U.S. Senate. He is more liberal than Ted Kennedy, Bernie Sanders, or Mrs. Clinton.

    Never in my life have I seen a presidential frontrunner whose rhetoric is so far removed from his record. Walter Mondale promised to raise our taxes, and he lost. George McGovern promised military weakness, and he lost. Michael Dukakis promised a liberal domestic agenda, and he lost.

    Yet Mr. Obama is promising all those things, and he’s not behind in the polls. Why? Because the press has dealt with him as if he were in a beauty pageant. ”

    “The real Mr. Obama is an easy target for the general election. Mrs. Clinton is a far tougher opponent”

  175. reed061 — I have a friend who ran for state office who had to perform a pilgrimage to Kingmaker Wynn. As she put it: He treated me like he was my pimp. Enough said. Oh, she won, and payback’s a bitch.

  176. ive read that bloomberg could run with gore on an independent ticket if this goes to the convention and SD vote. ive read thats why gore has said that he wont endorse during the primaries.

    Speaking with reporters afterward, Mr. Bloomberg spoke warmly about the former Vice President in a tone that seemed close to an endorsement.
    “Al Gore has gone on to devoting his life to public service,” the mayor said. “He could be a model for all of us.”
    Mr. Bloomberg continued: “People talk about Al Gore being a presidential candidate a lot more serious than they joke about me. This guy could be a presidential candidate. He certainly has experience. I’ve always been in favor of the public having more choice. I hope Al Gore enters the
    race; I think it would be good for the country.”

  177. Wow, rezkowatch is getting play at politico and mydd and elsewhere in the comments section. I think it’s taking on a life of its own. Cool beans, B!

    I also like I’m seeing Clinton supporters fighting back online. It’s awesome not to be alone in the wilderness of the blogosphere.

    I still wanna break a telephone pole off in Imus’ ass though. Limp-docked bastard. I dare him to say that same stuff to my face.

  178. # mj Says:
    February 15th, 2008 at 3:07 pm

    Why are men so alined with Obama? This is awful for Hillary. Jesus, 1 in 3 men support her?

    Did you have to ask? Ummmm. he has a penis (well, at least according to Larry Sinclair who saw it at least twice). :mrgreen:

  179. mj, what’s happened to you? You’ve been negative as of late. Really negative. Aren’t you one of Hillary’s blogger from that site?

    Since IA, we’ve known that men don’t support Hillary. Hillary Campaign knows that. In CA, we get a list of female voters to call. She knows her target voters.

  180. No offense to Al Gore, but if you could not get it in 2000 then you just need to hang your political hat up. It would be like Kerry running again. :rollseyes:

    Besides, he has continually expressed that he does not want to run.

  181. Ok, this made me laugh:

    From comments on the Jeri Ryan story Re: Obama

    “OBAMA SHOULD BE CALLED BLOWBAMA!!! I remember that at Harvard Law School (where I graduated two years behind him) as law review president he just sat on his bony ass and did NOTHING (except probably smoking weed in his dorm room). He also did almost nothing for seven years in the Illinois Senate and nothing for three years in the U.S. senate. How can he be an agent of change when he has a record of doing nothing? He is all show and no substance. Just a cult of personality.”

  182. Enough with the Bloomberg rumors. First it’s Bloomberg/Hagel; then it’s Obama/Bloomberg; then it’s Bloomberg conspiring with Hillary… and now I’m supposed to believe that Bloomberg wants to finance Obama’s independent run?

    Okay. If you guys want to flaunt those rumors…

  183. Hey, new bright spot. Check out the site and under blogs. It’s sooooooo much better than two days ago. It reads betters, more info, more jazzy. Actually the whole site is a vast improvement from the sterile place it was several days ago.


    BTW- where did you guys see the $10.44 thing over there. I looked and didn’t find it.

  184. mj, Lots of men don’t like Hillary. I know several of them. One can’t even say why he doesn’t like her. Another just doesn’t want a female president, frankly.

  185. Yay! UW-L : ) LaCrosse is awesome.

    I got confused for a sec when reading “Edwards backed Obama” Thought we were talkin’ JRE……ahhhhh….

    slow on the uptake today!

    I love that this Rezko stuff is finally getting more action… was only a matter of time before other outlets aside from Chicago media (who, actually backed Obama). How silly of Obama to accept help purchasing his home from Rezko seems pretty naive…especially since Rezko was already under investigation at the time!

  186. mj, we’re witnessing strange times. People are not in their right minds, just as in the lead-up to the Iraq War where people crucified 3 country singers for merely expressing their first amendment.

    Obama is not just a campaign, it’s movement — and a scary one at that.

    It’s not just the men, it’s the women, too. If women stuck with Hillary the way blacks are with Obama, Hillary would be indestructible.

    Let’s just work with what we have. We have working-class women, Hispanics, and blue-collar workers.

  187. I got confused for a sec when reading “Edwards backed Obama” Thought we were talkin’ JRE……ahhhhh….

    LMAO! I did the same thing!

  188. Filbert, right now is strike time for Bloomberg. If Hillary falters on 3/4, Bloomberg will jump in for certain. I just have that feeling and I’ve always said early to mid-March would be his window of opportunity. Besides, I like having the 👿 bots thinking about it and pissing themselves with worry. They have to act like a bunch of thugs to deal with their fear of us (it’s called overcompensation, right, psymac?) and if they have to worry about McCain supporters and Bloomberg pealing off Indies, there tiny, wee little brains might explode.

    And then Idunn and I would know that they were truly possessed by the anti-Christ and we shall be redeemed. 😆

  189. kaffeen, oh, my! You’re going to hell for being a racist now. You said lazy in reference to 👿 and the 👿 bots will hunt you down and stick you with their long knives and drink your blood on their alter of empty latte cups.




  190. reed061,
    Gotta disagree about Gore. I know he ran a terrible campaign in 2000 but since then he’s really grown. He shows us who he really is now. He was one of the few high profile dems to speak out against the war, he’s gotten people to take global warming seriously, and won the Nobel Prize. Pretty impressive. I was hoping he’d run early last year before I really warmed to Hillary and her candidacy. Of course he’s not going to run this cycle, but I’d love it if he ran for governor/senator from TN (my home state)

  191. speakin’ of the gays….I’m really stoked about her support among the LGBT community. CA & NY LBGT overwhelmingly went for HRC. Most my friends are HRC backers…and super-proud of it (it’s fun…’cause we’re in the heart of Obama Country!) Even the BO supporters I have met here admit that they are fairly disappointed in his representation in the Senate this far…he hasn’t done any thing for the State of IL. But, they voted for him in the primaries because they are lemmings….all of ’em!

  192. And, MA, Chicago Gal. All the rich part of the Cape was pro-Obama. The you get to the tip, P town, it broke 60’s/30’s Hillary.

  193. Yet more evidance that the big media is against us: “It’s worth pointing out, to begin with, that the Clinton forces are hardly alone in noting the disparity. “Both of them have gotten an enormous amount of play,” says Marion Just, a political scientist at Wellesley who has made a systematic study of the coverage of the race. “But the coverage of Hillary has been primarily negative, while the coverage of Obama has been so positive that you have to call him, though I really hate this term, a media darling.”


  194. IDunn,
    Think we have to assume if Edwards doesn’t endorse by tonight (like 5pm to catch the news cycle) then he’s not going to, at least not for Hill.

    Just a feeling, but you know, make or get off the pot kinda thing…..

  195. filbert, thinking about what you say about group think….. after 9-11 it was the right wing that went nutty. Now it’s the left. It’s the whole pendulum swing thing but much scarier like a bad carnival ride. Alll I know is I’ve had too many corndogs and cotton candy puffs and now I wanna puke.


  196. Tried to post this earlier, apologies if is appears twice. Many irish bands support hillary. just found out this one is playing their HILLARY song at her rally in Ohio march 2nd so I@m told. this recording a bit cheesy in a dublin pub, but sure the live version will be better, minu the guinness. So from the Emerald Isle to hillary supporters everywhere GO HILLARY

    h t t p : //

  197. But, they voted for him in the primaries because they are lemmings….all of ‘em!

    Well, you know what they say…when life gives you lemmings, make lemming-ade.

  198. “We have working-class women, Hispanics, and blue-collar workers.”

    Make that: working class people, hispanics, blue-collar workers, senior, gays & lesbians, asian-americans, DEMOCRATS and a majority of women.


  199. @nikki: gore insiders said in the fall that he is 50/50 abt running… the only thing as of late is that he wont endorse during the primaries. i think that keeps the door open… the masses have already drank the “unity” message… so in comes gore on his green horse to save the party from having the SDs choose for them. since he’s the dem and bloomberg’s the rep… they ARE united… it wont happen, but its not completely far fetched either.

  200. LOL…I love it! The spinning going on in the media today is perfect!

    Paula, your post earlier was amazing. She is fighting a corrupt media but she will prevail!

    The bloomberg report was spot on!

    Any pro-Obama poster on any of the sites has nothing in his/her armoury to fight Hillary on so they fabricate racist comments and end up sounding racist themselves. It’s almost reverse discrimination against anyone who isn’t African American.

    Things are creaping out about Obama and it’s about time. B. Merryfield you rock!!!

  201. filbertsf – i will say this re: male support – the campaign needs to target men better, really – the lists we call are full of female supporters over 45 and they have been the campaigns main strategy – I do believe that TimjCain’s idea about showing more firemen, veterans, soldiers, just men for Hillary would’ve been a more balanced strategy.

  202. Blue, don’t be so quick to judge. I think Edwards is legitimately torn. He wants to hate Hillary and can’t, plus his legacy will be decided by this campaign. If he picks 👿 nothing will get done. If he picks Hillary, he will get credit for pushing his vision during the primary.

    The ultimate question for him to ask himself is how bad does he want to end poverty in America. If he really does it’s a no-brainer—- endorse Hillary.

  203. Look at the on-the-ground Latino support for HRC in Texas’ Rio Grande area!

    Rio Grande Valley Elected Officials Endorsing Hillary:

    U.S. Congressman Ruben Hinojosa
    State Senator Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa
    State Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr.
    State Representative Juan Escobar
    State Representative Veronica Gonzales
    State Representative Ryan Guillen
    State Representative Ismael “Kino” Flores
    State Representative Armando Martinez
    State Representative Rene Oliveira
    State Representative Aaron Pena
    County Judge J.D. Salinas of Hidalgo County
    County Commissioner Oscar L. Garza of Hidalgo County
    County Commissioner Joe M. Flores of Hidalgo County
    County Commissioner Sylvia Handy of Hidalgo County
    County Commissioner Hector “Tito” Palacios of Hidalgo County
    County Judge Eloy Vera of Starr County
    County Commissioner Jaime M. Alvarez of Starr County
    County Commissioner Eloy Garza of Starr County
    County Commissioner Abel Gonzalez of Starr County
    County Commissioner Raul Pena of Starr County
    County Commissioner Sally Arroyo of Cameron County
    County Commissioner Sofia C. Benavides of Cameron County
    County Commissioner Leo Garza of Cameron County
    County Commissioner John Wood of Cameron County
    County Commissioner Luis Arevalo of Brooks County
    County Commissioner Tony Mata of Brooks County
    County Judge Raul Ramirez of Brooks County
    County Commissioner, Alejo C. Garcia of San Diego County
    County Judge, Mike L. Fernandez of Val Verde County
    County Commissioner Rogelio Musquiz of Val Verde County
    County Judge Rosalva Guerra of Zapata County
    Democratic County Chair Gilberto Hinojosa of Cameron County
    Democratic County Chair Juan J. Maldonado of Hidalgo County
    Democratic County Treasurer Jared Hockema of Cameron County
    Sheriff Lupe Trevino of Hidalgo County
    Sheriff Omar Lucio of Cameron County
    District Attorney Rene Guerra of Hidalgo County
    District Attorney Armando Villalobos of Cameron County
    District Clerk Eloy Garcia of Starr County
    District Clerk Laura Hinojosa of Hidalgo County
    District Clerk Gilbert Lozano of Willacy County
    District Clerk Laura Hinojosa of Hidalgo County
    County Clerk Arturo Guajardo of Hidalgo County
    County Clerk Joe Rivera of Cameron County
    County Clerk Terry Flores of Willacy County
    County Clerk Dennis Gonzalez of Starr County
    Constable Frank Robles of Cameron County
    Constable Robert Lopez of Cameron County
    Constable Merced Burnis of Cameron County
    Constable Cesar Rene Diaz of Cameron County
    Constable Celestino Avila of Hidalgo County
    County Hospital Board Member Audencio Pena of Starr County
    County Attorney Victor Canales of Starr County
    County Treasurer David Betancourt of Cameron County
    County Tax Assessor Tony Yzaguire of Cameron County
    County Auditor Corina Molina of Brooks County
    County Tax Assessor Armando Barrera of Hidalgo County
    County Treasurer Gilberto Vela of Brooks County
    SDEC Veronica de la Fuente of Cameron County
    Laguna Madre Water District Member Scott Friedman of Cameron County
    Former County Judge Ramon Garcia of Hidalgo County
    Former Democratic County Chair RD “Bobby’ Guerra of Hidalgo County
    Former County Commissioner Richard Valdez of Cameron County
    Former Distict Judge Fernando Mancias of Hidalgo County
    Former SDEC Remi Garza of Cameron County
    Joe Hernandez of Cameron County
    City of Alamo Mayor Rodolfo Villarreal of Hidalgo County
    City of Brownsville, Commissioner Anthony Truiani of Cameron County
    City of Combs Mayor Silver Garcia of Cameron County
    City of Combs Olga Montes of Cameron County
    City of Combs Carlos Moreno of Cameron County
    City of Combs Marcos Sanchez of Cameron County
    City of Edcouch Mayor Jose Guzman of Hidalgo County
    City of Edinburg Mayor Pro Tem Alma A. Garza of Hidalgo County
    City of Elsa Sejuvio Castillo of Hidalgo County
    City of Falfurrias Alderman Carlos Villarreal of Brooks County
    City of La Joya Mayor Billy Leo of Hidalgo County
    City of La Joya Alderwoman Angie Garza of Hidalgo County
    City of McAllen, Commissioner Jim Darling of Hidalgo County
    City of McAllen Commissioner Aida Ramirez of Hidalgo County
    City of Palmview Mayor Jorge G. Garcia of Hidalgo County
    City of Pharr Mayor Leo Palacios of Hidalgo County
    City of Raymondville Mary Gutierrez of Willacy County
    City of Rio Hondo SB Rene Alfaro of Cameron County
    City of Rio Hondo SB Manuel Flores of Cameron County
    City of Roma Mayor Rogelio Ybarra of Starr County
    City of San Benito Victor Garza of Cameron County
    City of San Benito Mayor Pro Tem Celeste Sanchez of Cameron County
    City of San Juan Mayor San Juanita Sanchez of Hidalgo County
    City of South Padre Island Tara Rios-Ybarra of Cameron County
    Sullivan City Commissioner Rosendo Benavides of Hidalgo County
    City Commissiner Oscar L. Lujano of Starr County
    Edcouch/Elsa ISD School board Juan J. Ibarra of Hidalgo County
    McAllen ISD School Board Member Javier Farias of Hidalgo County
    Mission ISD, School Board Member Noel Garza of Hidalgo County
    Palmview ISD School Board Joel Garcia of Hidalgo County
    Roma School Board Elisa Lujano of Starr County
    Sharyland ISD School Board Member Paul Rodriguez of Hidalgo County
    Sharyland ISD School Board Member Rolando Pena of Hidalgo County
    South Texas ISD, School Board Maria G. Leal of Hidalgo County
    South Texas College, Board of Trustees Manuel Benavides of Hidalgo
    South Texas College Board of Trustees Irene Garcia of Hidalgo County
    Mike Sandroussi of Hidalgo County
    Joe Vega of Cameron County
    Commander Feliz Rodriguez of Hidalgo County

  204. haha! lemming-ade. Would I have to drink it?!?!

    MJ – Awesome re: MA/P-Town…..

    I wonder why the class distinction in this race? Why the split? Kinda wonder what’s behind the psychology of it?

  205. I do believe that TimjCain’s idea about showing more firemen, veterans, soldiers, just men for Hillary would’ve been a more balanced strategy.

    I agree, Ininla. And Tim is actually taking action on that.


  206. nikki22,

    I agree that he is a wonderful man. And, I know that he would have made a wonderful President in 2000.

    However, I still think he is better off doing his environmental work than run for President again, which I believe he won’t.

  207. The really fucking IRRITATING part is that if Obama was white, Hillary would be CLEANING HIS CLOCK with african-american voters! And everyone knows this!!!!!!

    Along those lines, I’d venture to say that if Obama wasn’t running, Hillary would’ve had aa support in the 80’s for the primaries.

  208. lninla: i think her message today abt “…doesnt put food on the table” appeals to men… hopefully they are going to start doing more of that.

  209. Look…what about us white-collar, highly educated, straight 29 year old men? Are you saying I got it wrong the whole time? I may be sick if you tell me I’m voting for the wrong candidate! 😉

    limabeans Says:

    Make that: working class people, hispanics, blue-collar workers, senior, gays & lesbians, asian-americans, DEMOCRATS and a majority of women.

  210. lima, and Native Americans, and the elderly, and national security conservatives…

    Lima- have you ever lived in Norman? I knew a lima once and she was awesome.

  211. @lima: if barry was white, he woudnt be where he is today. literally. fact. period. end of story and everyone knows it.

  212. Great about TX. I wonder if the Chicago Hispanic Leadership Council had endorsed Obama or if the stayed quiet? THey are in Mayor Daley’s pocket…so I bet Obama…just like everyother politician here.

    As far as the Rezko stuff…I’d be embarassed if I were Obama to be tied to not just Rezko..but in the same boat as Gov. Blago-B-TCH 🙂

  213. if obama was white he would be FORCED to deal with the issues.

    if he were white he wouldnt be able to run on race, so he wouldnt have a campaign.


    I have tried twice to post the url for a video i just got seont to me. It is on myspace TV and has a url link. It’s an original HILLARY song by an Irish band, they are going to perform it at her Ohio rallly March2nd i’m told. For some reason the posts do not appear. What am I doing wrong?:)

  215. Diva, you are so right. His resume and lack of accomplishment would not have gotten him a 5th place finish in IA. He would have been out with Brownback months ago. Just hopefully not in the back of a limosuine (ewww. I just threw up a little in my mouth thinking about Sam and :evil:)

  216. everyone – taylormarsh had the link to Dan Abrams comments and messages – PLEASE go and THANK HIM for doing a show about how the media is biased against Clinton and calling out Roy Sekoff, the slimy editor of Obamapost out- “Roy, people like you love Barack Obama so much that you’re incapable of doing objective analysis.”

  217. Okie,
    Agree on Edwards but…. we need his help (whatever its ultimate value) NOW, not later.
    And this has been twisting in the wind since he dropped out, moreso since the stories of a possible Hill endorsement about a week ago.
    So it just seems like if ever he’s going to do it, and if ever we needed it, it’s now. Next week, after Hill cleans BO’s clock in debate, I don’t think it means as much.

    The reason I posted that was we have a whole weekend news cycle starting right now…..

  218. ChicagoGal, the split in votes in MA was completely(with the exception of P Town) on income lines. And, you can’t blame racism. Deval Patrick won in a landslide in every demographic.

  219. Ininla, anything that will get more men to our side is fine by me. However, it’s really late in the game and how much can we accomplished in such little time?

    If Hillary falters (and I’m having a real difficult time typing that), I need to time to grieve, just as Edwards supporters demanded of all of us. I’ll have no dog in the race.

  220. wish there were more JDogs backing HRC….

    Maybe to reach out to the college-aged men…she should hand out WII’s or Guitar Hero games…and do a keg stand : )

  221. Ininla, I just watched that video. My only complaint with Abrams is that whenever he has a segment defending Hillary, he has on 3 muses who are clearly anti-Hillary to argue with him. Sort of defeats the purpose.

  222. experience, when posting url’s you cannot include “http.” Only www. will work or if there is no www in the address, just give the address w/o the rest and folks will cut and paste. Hyperlinking here means your post will often end up in the spamfilter. Also, you cannot embed pics here. Sorry. And some html will not work. Search for info under the worpresss link at the bottom of the page.

  223. ExperienceMatter: when you go to post the link, take out the forward slash forward slash and everything that comes before it.

  224. (Okie) – The way our ‘Democratic’ party has handled this election process, along with their joke of a way of selecting a nominee has made me just about disenfranchised enough to hop parties if Hill doesn’t get the nom. (ok…not really, but how can anyone really take this party seriously if ‘he’ is the candidate in November?)

    Maybe someone can clarify why Obama is supposed to carry the ‘highly educated’ group? In order to become ‘highly educated’, don’t you have to work hard for a long time to get there? Doesn’t someone who is ‘highly educated’ see through smoke and mirrors? In that case, just call me stupid.

  225. Gonna just jump in here.

    A chance to watch Hillary now on, she had a roundtable in cincinnati discussion earlier today, video showing online now.

  226. Thanks guys cheers,
    here it is, I was just told about this via email. The vidoe recording done in dublin pub a bit cheesy but sure the live version will be better, minus the guinness LOL

    heres the url

  227. Um…I disagree somewhat that if Obama was white he would be forced to deal with the issues. No matter what color he was, if he was able to provide cult-like charisma, many would follow him.

    I’d rather say that if he was of good honest decent character, black or white (in otherwards like Hillary) then he would be presenting a better campaign.

    He is using the fact that he is partly black/African American in a sinister way. He is forcing the race issue and so are his followers. It didn’t have to be that way and perhaps with someone else of his race, it wouldn’t have been.

  228. Blue, that would be great, but ultimately it’s up to Edwards. It would have helped several weeks ago, not so much now heading into these races except with hardcore union folks who still like JE. I think many of those will swing our way anyhow since 👿 has a history of siding with union busters.

    I’m telling you, the guy’s dick must taste like candy for all of the sycophants falling over themselves to suck it. WAIT! That’s a sign of the anti-Christ. I know I saw that in Revelations…..

  229. that’s the thing – this campaign should never have been about race. Prior to his followers whispering “Race, race, race” or at least alluding to it….the Clintons had that AA vote in the bag…because they – more importantly HRC – has a proven track record for fighting for AA community on a variety of issues. It’s disgusting.

  230. Hillary is friggin’ awesome. I am watchign her on CNN now and frankly… I can’t understand how people listen to her and still vote for Obama.

    WTF, people?!?

  231. I think Maggie should’ve been more involved in this campaign a lot sooner. I like Patti Solis-Doyle…but you can already see the difference in this campaign with the new management…..and I love it.

  232. filbertsf – I think we do need to focus on Ohio and TX just as you and I are thinking about going – and we will be part of that win if we put our efforts into GOTV

    re: Abrams – regardless, we still need his voice – because many of us (not just here) are noticing the bias – i believe the SF Gate did a survey and over 1,000 people responded with 70% saying that Clinton was the most criticized by the media – and having Abrams validate that to people is important.

    Also, I sent this link to Abrams through the Messages/Comments at MSNBC-

    “But in the case of the media and Hillary Clinton, it almost didn’t matter which candidates Democratic voters supported. Voters saw the same thing. Fifty-seven percent of those supporting Hillary Clinton thought she had been harshly treated, but so did about half of those supporting her principal remaining opponents — Obama and John Edwards.

  233. (JanH) –

    Part of the ‘cult-like’ chrisma is born out of blind following by a particular demographic. I don’t think he’d have nearly the press in that regards without it. But I do agree that he is certainly forcing the race issue, which is ironically exactly what the BO camp complained that Pres. Clinton was doing in SC. Seems when it comes from one side it’s ok.

    On the other hand, I can completely understand why AA voters blindly follow this guy. Imagine if the situation were reversed. I really don’t have a problem with blind devotion to someone in that case only. The excuses for the rest of the population are what concern me.

  234. breaking news… charles barkley supports obama; magic johnson backs hrc.

    bwwwaaaahhhaaaahhhhaaaa…. cnn calls this news!

  235. jdog19, I agree with what you said.

    I just think that if Obama was an honest man, he would tell his supporters to vote for him based on his skills and talent and not to pull the race card. He would tell them that Hillary is a good candidate and whoever they choose would be good in the White House. That is what she is doing. She is playing fair he isn’t.

    Having said that, I do believe that there are many great African American/Blacks out there who could have taken his place and done so honorably.

    He hasn’t and that is what I hate about all of this. He has dirtied this campaign.

  236. One of the things I love the most about Hillary is that she’s brilliant, but speaks in plain language. There isn’t a person on earth who can’t understand what she’s talking about.

    She would have made an incredible teacher!

  237. BTW, as far as the male vote, sexism and all that, my philosophy has always been that for every woman who is liberated, a man is also.

  238. @janh: i respectfully disagree. he is about race and thats that. the lemmings see a change in color and they think that is change enough for them. if he didnt have that, he wouldnt have anything. the people that have jumped on the bamawagon are lazy… they can see that he LOOKS different from any other president we’ve had, and thats all they need… they dont have to open their ears or minds and intellectualize to figure out the CHANGE… they can see it. thats all they need. if he were white, he would have to say SOMETHING!!!

    jdog: i do have a problem with blind devotion! i dont know one woman that has said she is voting for hillary bc she has boobs! several of my AA friends have flat out said they are voting for barry bc they want to be part of putting the first black in the white house.

  239. I just love this:

    “Speeches don’t put food on the table. Speeches don’t fill up your tank. Speeches don’t fill your prescriptions.

    “My opponent makes speeches. I offer solutions. It’s one thing to get people excited.

    I want to empower you.”

    Hillary Clinton, Dec. 14, General Motors Autos Assembly Plant, Lordstown Ohio

  240. @jan: i DO agree with your last statement… didnt see that. you are so right that IF he had character and principles he wouldnt have to play race.

  241. Barack Obama – 02/15/2008 .

    “This is, I understand Senator Clinton periodically when she is feeling down launches attacks as a way of trying to boost her appeal. ”

    Is there any doubt left about what a bastard he is?

    Even Clinton hater Andrea Mitchell thought that to be offensive and sexist. (got word of the Mitchell reaction from a comment on TM).

  242. she looks re-energized….must be the peppers!

    I’m seriously considering burning my Charles Barkley Topps trading card from 1996. It’s about time.

    Seriously…does barack need a teleprompter to speak?! He stutters when he’s off of it. It’s strikingly similar to GW Bush.

  243. jdog – agree with you re: the race issue – it’s very alarming to paint people who aren’t supportive of Obama with the subtext that they’re racist -that CNN report on Asian Americans heavily favoring Clinton is a case in point where they obviously selected an Asian American who would say (in heavy Chinese accent), that she supports the “white lady.”

    plus, the squeeze on Superdelegates based on race and where Jesse Jackson Jr. blatantly says to a an African American superdelegate “if it comes down to the last day and you’re the only superdelegate? … Do you want to go down in history as the one to prevent a black from winning the White House?”

    This is whole new ballgame – but apparently, we’re seeing the press wilt in calling out Obama and other African American Obama surrogates on their own disingenuous use of the race card.

  244. divabunny,

    Maybe I didn’t explain myself very well. I agree that he is about race. I just wish he hadn’t chosen that route and that he had taken the high road. He could have stopped the race card. He could have instructed his flock that the Clintons weren’t racists. Heck they cling to every word he says, so he could have stopped this idiocy in its tracks…if he wanted to.

    He didn’t and that is unforgivable.

  245. i dislike Jesse Jackson Jr. am I racist because I can’t stand him? ick….seriously, never underestimate the power of the Chicago Machine….these people are ruthlessly self-serving.

  246. dt,

    yes, but did he answer the charges? Talk about the issue? Nope, never does. He just says that his opponent is down…lol…how sad. McClain does the same thing. Never answered the charges, just said that the others were losing so they had to hit back.

  247. (diva)

    Maybe I should rephrase…I UNDERSTAND the blind devotion in the case of AA voters and Obama. I have the same arguments as you and probably everybody else here when it comes to thinking that it’s rediculous, but I understand why, as I’m sure everyone else does. In that regards, I can make sense of it enough to think it’s ok.

    As to the women standpoint, I think it may be naive (not you 😉 ) to think that there aren’t women who blindly follow Hillary because she is a women. And in that regards, I would UNDERSTAND them doing that as well.

    Obama gets a lift because other demographics (non-AA) don’t have a problem with the fact that he is black, and really do like his energy and speeches (I just threw up a little!).

    The democratic party in this election cycle is trying to break down long standing barriers. When you advocate for a candidate based on that, I don’t think it’s fair to tell someone they are wrong for wanting to be a part of it.

  248. haha. well… boobs = my vote. Not really…actually..but it was kinda fun to type. Yes…my humor is a bit sophomoric at time.

    Same logic = obama in bathing suit……like he didn’t love that free (tabloid) press! Same with the ObamaGirl video…..

    Although, I do like the Hot4Hil one….that was good. made me chuckle.

  249. The press jumped on Hillary for her “pile-on” comment, but this Obama is running rampant with the race card and the press is playing deaf and dumb.

  250. filbertsf…

    This is the letter I got from the campaign…

    Dear Jim,

    This Saturday we are opening our state headquarters here in Austin, Texas.

    Come meet the campaign team, make calls for Hillary, sign up to be a precinct captain and learn about the caucus.

    Click here to RSVP.

    Michael Trujillo
    Texas Field Directo

  251. Haha, just saw this somewhere:

    “Let’s play the “Guess Who I am Game?” Ready?:



  252. ugh….berkley is gross now….CNN. he’s talking about how he’s backing barack because of education…..

    I have NEVER heard of any one backing BO because of education….HILARIOUS

  253. @jdog: i respect that you understand it… i dont though… the clintons have done more for AAs than barry has. that SHOULD be whats important. they produce. he promises.

    as far as women… imo.. if women were to say that they are voting simply bc she’s a woman, then it is THOSE women that set the feminist movement back.

  254. berkley just called conservatives “fake christians”. this guy should not even be on TV…Wolf Blitzer is trying to hide his laughter. Berkley is going to run for AL governor in 2016. He just literally said that.

  255. @trimt7: i posted the la times article abt his “present” votes today as my comment on huffpo and it went through! yipeee! they didnt censor me today!!!

  256. is that why most postings oh Huff & DailyKos are all pro-obama?? Censorship? I was getting sad that no one was on the ‘net defending HRC…..

  257. Is Hillary Due for a Comeback?
    February 15, 2008 02:23 PM ET | Michael Barone | Permanent Link

    There has been some scoffing at Clinton pollster Mark Penn’s memo issued yesterday arguing that Hillary Clinton can still win more delegates than Barack Obama. The memo contains a certain amount of campaign boilerplate:

    Hillary is the only candidate who can deliver the economic change voters want—the only candidate with a real plan and a record of fighting for health care, housing, job creation and protecting Social Security.

    But, hey, he’s paid (and very well) to say things like this. And there’s independent polling data that seem to support his argument.

    Start with Pennsylvania, which votes April 22. Quinnipiac today released a poll showing Clinton leading Obama there 52 to 36 percent. Whites back Clinton 58 to 31; blacks back Obama 71 to 10. Since Pennsylvania’s population is only 10 percent black, that accounts for Clinton’s big lead.

    Then look at Ohio, which votes March 4. Here Quinnipiac shows Clinton ahead 55 to 34 percent. Whites back Clinton 64 to 28; blacks back Obama 64 to 17. Ohio’s population is 11 percent black. Quinnipiac’s Peter Brown (whom veterans of the campaign trail will remember as a first-rate reporter) explains why Clinton seems to be doing so well in Ohio (and, by implication, demographically similar Pennsylvania) after losing eight straight contests:

    Ohio is as good a demographic fit for Sen. Clinton as she will find. It is blue-collar America, with a smaller percentage of both Democrats with college educations and African-Americans than in many other states where Sen. Obama has carried the day. If Clinton can’t win the primary there, it is very difficult to see how she stops Obama.

    Quinnipiac’s result is similar to two other recent Ohio polls. Rasmussen has Clinton ahead 51 to 37 percent; SurveyUSA has her ahead 56 to 39 percent. The only Ohio poll taken in January, by the Columbus Dispatch, showed Clinton ahead of Obama 42 to 19 percent. Obama has apparently made gains since then. But so has Clinton.

    In the other big state that votes March 4, Texas, it seems that there has been no public poll since last April(!). Texas’s population is 12 percent black and 32 percent Hispanic, so we can expect the Democratic primary electorate there to be about 20 percent black and perhaps 15 to 20 percent Hispanic.

    One primary Penn did not stress in his memo was Wisconsin. The Clinton campaign line has been that the post-Super Tuesday February contests are all dismal ground for their candidates. But the Wisconsin polling data tell a different story. Scott Rasmussen shows Obama leading Clinton by only 47 to 43 percent. This is similar to Strategic Vision’s Wisconsin survey, which shows Obama ahead 45 to 41 percent. Wisconsin’s population is 6 percent black and 3 percent Hispanic.

    How can Clinton be doing so much better here than she did in Maryland and Virginia? One reason is that there are smaller percentages of black voters in these states. Another, probably more important, reason is that the white Democratic primary voters are different. In Maryland and Virginia, they tended to be quite upscale and on the young side, especially in the big suburban counties outside Washington, D.C. In Wisconsin, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, they’re much more downscale. At a time when Clinton and Obama are essentially tied in national polls, it stands to reason that if Obama is ahead in states like Maryland and Virginia, Clinton will be ahead in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

    Texas is another, interesting story. Texas doesn’t have party registration, and, historically, huge numbers of white voters participated in the state’s Democratic presidential primary—1.3 million in 1980, 1.8 million in 1988, 1.5 million in 1992. That number plunged downward to 786,000 in 2000 and 839,000 in 2004, even though the state’s population grew from 14 million in 1980 to 22 million in 2004. The obvious conclusion: An awful lot of white Texans began voting in the Republican primary again. This year’s Texas Democratic primary could turn out to be largely a battle of minorities, with blacks voting heavily for Obama and Latinos, as in most other states so far, heavily for Clinton. In this battle Obama will undoubtedly have an organizational advantage, both because his campaign— unlike hers— has done organizational work in the post-Super Tuesday states and because of the strength of pre-existing black turnout organizations. As for white Democratic primary voters, upscale Texans still tend to be heavily Republican, though a little less so than 15 or 20 years ago—very much contrary to the pattern in Northern Virginia and Montgomery County, Md. White downscale voters in southern states have generally gone for Clinton, but not by overwhelming margins. Of the four states we’ve looked at here, Texas appears the most problematic for Clinton, though she’s on far stronger ground there than in the already concluded post-Super Tuesday contests.

  258. OK, I’m bummed about Barkley supporting Obama but I still like him, lol. The comment about conservatives had me LMAO.

  259. kaffeen Says:

    This idea by Kafeen is brilliant. The outcome could be turned into a mailer:

    February 15th, 2008 at 2:54 pm
    You know what I would really love? Is for Hillary to challenge Obama to create a resume for President. That would be a beautiful thing. If he were to say no, that could be used against him and Hillary could still create her own “resume”. If he says yes, lol, well, that speaks for itself.

  260. # Kentucky_mkt Says:
    February 15th, 2008 at 5:06 pm

    kaffeen Says:

    This idea by Kafeen is brilliant. The outcome could be turned into a mailer:

    February 15th, 2008 at 2:54 pm
    You know what I would really love? Is for Hillary to challenge Obama to create a resume for President. That would be a beautiful thing. If he were to say no, that could be used against him and Hillary could still create her own “resume”. If he says yes, lol, well, that speaks for itself.

    Absolutely brilliant idea!

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