Election Night and Donate Day


A rough election night tonight. Discuss it here.

Don’t vent – Donate.

Today is the day to donate.

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A testimonial from the Hillary Clinton front page: “Go Hillary! When we elect the next President, she will be the 44th President of the U.S. Every payday and days in between, I pledge to contribute to the campaign at least $14.44, in the spirit that Hillary will be our 44th President.” – Jill from Pompano Beach, FL


524 thoughts on “Election Night and Donate Day

  1. mj: Drudge reports Obama won the VA latino vote 55-45. I didn’t know VA had a lot of latinos.

    Grain of salt, and it sounds like total BS. The Latino subsample is about 4% yielding a MOE of about 15 given the exit poll size.

    That being said, there’s a big difference b/t Latinos in VA/MD/NJ and SW USA. It’s majority El Salvadorean here. Hillary’s relationship w/ Latinos is to some extent based on her outreach in AR to Mexican migrants workers.

  2. The DU is reporting Hillary is going to speak at 8:40 EST. I believe that is after the polls close in Maryland. Can anyone confirm?

  3. Forget all these states that favor O demographically and lets move on to getting out the vote for the upcoming states that favor Hillary demographically: WI, OH, TX, PA, RI.. LETS GO PEOPLE!

  4. btw: i hope no one’s stupid enough to believe that I’m telling this site 100% of what I know from the Obambi campaign. crucial details are sent to who needs to hear them. 😉 you guys know aobut 60% of what i have learned.

  5. Exit poll stuff:

    White Democrats (40%) H 58 O 41

    Black Democrats (24%) H 12 O 88
    Repub (7%) H 25 O 71
    White Ind (16%) H 35 O 64
    Black Ind (5%) H 14 O 86%

    The alliance of blacks and white independents/repubs crushes white Dems. Interesting.

  6. outrageous. despicable. these democratic primaries make me sick, the way they let republicans freely walk in and out.

  7. There seems to be something wrong with the numbers posted on the Virginia Secretary of State site for District 4 in Congressional District 4, and also District 7 in Congressional District 7, both named Chesterfield (are they the same?). The numbers are very screwy- Obama is getting thousands of votes and hillary ZERO in both instances, with practically all precincts in. I assume it’s just a glitch, but I just wanted to point that out. I am getting this info from

    PLEASE ALERT THE CAMPAIGN- this could be just a glitch, but you never know

  8. again. the day these dirt republican and Obama tricks dies, is the day I’ll turn vegetarian, commit my life to God, and promise virginity for the rest of my life.

  9. I’ll tell you how. Word of mouth and Obama started it, you remember all those flyers, crossover for a day and take out HRC, from Nevada, a lot of that got passed on thru RW websites.He gave them the idea to do it.

    The bastard orchestrated the republicans against the democratic party, he deserves a kicking for that, I will never vote for him, I just can’t.

  10. I think the smartest way to go aobut this would be to “concede” the McCain argument to Obama. 😀 lol. idk…but maybe scaring the Right Wing into thinking Obama is truly the strongest against McCain will encourage some anti-Obama action…lol.

    For the most part, they are listening to Obama’s arguments that he is strongest McCAin foe and yawning.

  11. MD polls are not closing until 9:30 EST.
    A stupid judge ordered them to remain open due to weather conditions. Hillary’s voters vote early so I wonder who went to court to keep them open?

  12. For the good of the Dem party, in the future, we should make it the nominating process fairer:

    – Caucuses are evil, complicated, lend themselves to voter intimidation (look at Nevada). Your vote should be personal and PRIVATE. Did I mention that they are arcane and complicated, thereby lending themselves to strange “methods” for allocating delegates.

    – In general, our ahem “worthy opposition”, the Republic Party (hey, if Bush can call us the “Democrat Party”, why can’t we screw with them too), has it right. No cross-over voters. Keep your Republican and Independent asses out of OUR primary, trying to stick us with horrible candidates.

    Until then, we’re stuck with this bullshit. Let’s work on the upcoming contests, and framing FL/MI in the context that if F*ckhead wants to discard their votes, he and Donna Brassiere can’t be going around pouting about super delegates.


  14. I’m assuming these margins will make John Edwards weak in the knees; that’s likely what he was waiting to see.

    F him too;

  15. yeah, Tiny Dancer, I saw that too – that’s F’d Up – I wrote Politico and The Atlantic yesterday, saying the real story was the Republicans rigging this for Obama, as if Republicans are suddenly embracing Drivers Licenses for Immigrants and (almost) Universal Healthcare…RIGHT!

  16. Why bother calling it a Democratic Primary anymore, just rename it the whoever the fuck likes can wander in and vote against us primary.

  17. I wish Hillary would say this in the next debate: “My opponent has been inviting Republicans to vote in Democratic primaries ever since the Nevada caucus. This rather forcefully suggests two things: 1) He doesn’t think he can win the votes of core democrats and 2) He thinks it is acceptable to have the other side decide who our nominee will be. I happen to disagree with him only on the latter.”

  18. rjk1957 Says:

    February 12th, 2008 at 8:34 pm
    MD polls are not closing until 9:30 EST.
    A stupid judge ordered them to remain open due to weather conditions. Hillary’s voters vote early so I wonder who went to court to keep them open?
    it was the election commitee chairman..they said it on faux news..

  19. Wow, the exit polls prove it: Republicans are crossing over and voting for Obama, knowing he’s the weaker nominee. It’s a shame that the DNC and Howard Dean didn’t plan very well for these scenarios, but that’s water under the bridge at this point.

    We’ll get ’em in Ohio and TX! 😀

  20. If John Edwards is as savvy as we think he is, he has already figured out what is happening. This might galvanize him even more to make the right choice and go with Hillary. he can’t be stupid

  21. um. I think it’s time for Bill and Hill to just vet Obama and get it over with. Better the dems do it on their own than the repubs. let’s just vet him now and see how he does….

  22. I know that TX is 2/3 primary and 1/3 caucus and I know someone might’ve answered earlier: are they open or closed? Ohio and TX – Ohio is so Republican.

  23. I was sure I misspelled “brassiere”, but I got it right! Woo-hoo.

    BTW folks, I’m probably stating the obvious, that it’s a bit tricky balancing “keeping out molls and underminers”, versus having an open and healthy discussion with varying viewpoints. I think a healthy approach is for us to keep each other honest, point out those whom we think are molls, and let it be a little free-wheeling, kinda like those British Parliament sessions. Toughen up folks, we’re bound to have some disagreements. Even couples whom are deeply in love have their spats about this or that.

    That said, Let’s Slay the Beast.

  24. This election really makes the case for election reform. I don’t want republicans tampering with my election. If they want to cross over in the GE fine, but not the primary.

  25. IMHO, if you want to register as an “independent”, then you should ONLY be allowed to vote for candidates from the “Independent” Party.

  26. ugh. i swear, the next time I see Obama in person within 1 foot of me, i am going up to him and socking him in the stomach.

    The thought of this guy just dancing naked with the Republicans is vile, disgusting, and wretched.

  27. MJS,
    Been saying that for weeks. The prez came out today and said BO was “all smoke & mirrors.”
    Tomorrow’s the day I’ve been looking to for them to really start chopping him down.

    The Good News: There’s no shortage of ammo to use against this guy.
    Will it stick with large swaths of the public?
    Yeah, I think enough of it can if it’s done right.

  28. She needs an attack dog and it can not be Bill, that would be the perfect job for Edwards. I have a feeling that Obama’s ego is going to get the best of him by telling Edwards to come to him instead of obama going to NC to meet Edwards. if that happens he will endorse Hillary.

  29. meiyingsu, SDs are smarter than that. They know that Repugs aren’t voting for the most liberal senator in the Senate because they like him. They know better.

  30. mango, there are a plentiful amount of reasons. to make the list short:

    Elizabeth edwards
    Obama loyalty
    Wants VP spot.

  31. It’s always interesting to track these fucking douchebags as they try to move within media circles as “objective”.

    There goes Politico’s Jim Vandeweigh on FOX, confirming what I already knew.

  32. BerkleyVox,
    Repubs are more politically savy than us unfortunately. Anyway I never get down in the dumps about BOs wins because of how he wins (R’s crossing over, AAvote, caucuses etc). He hasn’t been able to make gains w/ Hillary’s base. I’m actually really excited we get to move forward to HRC friendly states.

  33. there is just some thing wrong with campaign…. 25 point lead is too much.. and will it be 30 point in maryland…

  34. The Speaker shouldn’t endorse anybody.

    Democrats in VA in 2000 voted for McCain to try to stop Bush. So it works both ways.

    But that shows you how it’s done — not because they will vote that way in the general.

  35. Keeping the polls open later should favor Hillary, especially if the weather is bad. Her blue-collar people can’t leave work early. Her elderly people may have trouble getting there in bad weather, they may need to wait till someone else gets off work to give them a ride.

  36. blue Democrat:

    The best way for Hillary to negate repubs is:

    1) make more republicans fear Obama than Hillary and sorta show how much more easy Obama would beat Hilllary….

    2) vet him. I have been CALLING FOR THIS since Iowa. VET HIM HARD. DO IT WELL AND THOROUGHLY. NO MORE NICENICE CAMPAIGN. The American Public doesn’t dislike negative campaigns so long as the negative stuff isn’t LYING.

    The stuff that we have on Obama is not lying.

    ABout the time of the REzko case, I suggest we put out that AWSOME video we had of Obama and Rezko ruining beautiful Chicago that i saw here once.

  37. “He hasn’t been able to make gains w/ Hillary’s base.”

    actually Nikki, this is the talk of the night thus far, and I’d expect to hear a lot more. he did make some gains.

    Here’s Wolf UbberDouche breathlessly announcing BO takes 2 delegate lead.

    Time to shut the TV and blast some walls in the house!

  38. 1)** sorry, I meant to say how much more easily Obama would beat McCain :p though all intelligent people know that’s not true…but wth, let’s at least split the republican vote 😀

  39. btw: it could get ugly if IHllary persuades the DNC to count Florida or Michigan. While I cannot tell you the details, I can say that there WILL be lawsuits in the event that Florida/Michigan delegates are counted.

  40. I have been watching Fox and I think they are quite happy that Obama is winning. I think they know he is quite easy to beat.

  41. meiyingsu, I agree that SDs are politicians, but you must not have caught HillaryforTexas’s comment about SDs being VERY well aware of all things Rezko. They don’t want to cast their vote for someone whose candidacy will be an embarrassment to the party.

  42. yeah over 1/2 million democrats in Va yeah right…

    Tiny Dancer Says:

    February 12th, 2008 at 8:41 pm
    This election really makes the case for election reform. I don’t want republicans tampering with my election
    Yep i call it tampering to then why should the core democrats put of with this crap we need to fight it…makes no sense … Presidential Elections are fixed in my view…IMpeached DEAN!!!Throw Brazzille OUT…hold her to her words..

  43. Didn’t I read somewhere that he was hoping to get an even bigger percentage of the vote in Virginia than he is getting?

    If that’s the case, then good for Hillary for keeping him away from that goal!

  44. MJS,
    I’m in total agreement. Now if they’ll just let us run the campaign, we’ll be alright.
    Last night I started to think even republicans are going to have to stop fiddling and realize if they do succeed in boosting BO over Hill, they’ll have to deal with him next and so they won’t want him having that much momentum. And is that something they want to wait to do entirely before the dem process has finished.
    In other words, might we expect a few early shots to be fired from the other side of the aisle?
    Taylor Marsh today mentioned they’d floated a few trail balloons.
    Your thoughts?

    And as for President Clinton, how ever he wants it to go is fine with me, but if I know him that means to fight to last breath (or the last dog dies, whichever you prefer). So why wait?

  45. hillfans, i wonder when hillary’s campaign will release the fundraising figures from today. hillary is set to speak in tx soon.

  46. jithendra, nope. lol.

    but i can probably guarantee you that unless Obama is the nominee or loses without Florida/Michigan counted in, he WILL sue over FLorida and Michigan in the case that they are counted.

  47. WTF is wrong with the Democratic party? Why would they allow Independents and worse of all Republicans to vote in their primaries??!

  48. MJS, lawsuits regarding seating the delegates of FL are laughable. HE was the only one running ads in FL. AND his name was on the ballot. Voters had every opportunity to vote for him in FL, but they chose Hillary.

    MI is obviously different due to his name being absent from the ballot.

  49. He forced a recount in NM; of course he’ll do something to try to stop the FL and MI votes from being included.

  50. jithendra,
    Just curious but why is there never anything wrong with the obama campaign when Hillary wins her states by double digits?

  51. mjs, would it not be hard for obama to make the case since he actually campaigned in Florida? He is the only one that campaigned there and not one darn media has pointed this out.

    Just read that Hillary’s deputy campaign manager is OUT.

    I just hope its not too late.

  52. HillGuy, as laughable as they are, I have word from the Obama camp that there will be lawsuits in the event that they are seated.

  53. thanks moononpluto- good to know she’s winning in these VA counties – and Plural, it is very scary when only 64% of those voting are Dems –

    HillGuy – I agree – she needs to say this – “My opponent has been inviting Republicans to vote in Democratic primaries ever since the Nevada caucus.” (actually back in summer 07 when they were circulating “Democrat for a Day” in Florida)

    and she should put a finer point on it – “do you want Republicans choosing our Democratic nominee or Democrats?”

  54. dot48, you already know their reasoning behind those tv-ads…lol.

    I am counting on Hillary to outright win without FL or MI. If she doesn’t, which is unlikely, then bring it on! Bring out FL and Michigan and let Bambi sue all he wants.

  55. He’s going to sue if they seat FL and Mi?? So much for unity, hope and change! I guess FL and MI are not included in his “movement”

  56. either way, Obama suing Clinton would be bad news for the Democratic party, so let’s just hope Hillary wraps this up.

  57. Its a good thing MJS to have lawsuits, because it hurts the collective party
    Since i am not voting Dem if the fraud is the nominee let the dem party fall
    Who cares
    They are stupid and deserve to lose
    Now you have Repub determining dem races
    It Hillary or Mccain for me

  58. MJS,
    If DNC seats the delegates and Obama takes it to court outside the Dem party — ala Bush in 2000 — maybe that would wake up some latte Obamites!

    Honestly, Obama seems to be playing like a ‘master of agitation’ in Chicago — not caring how much destruction he threatens or does. If he can’t get a prize his way, right now, this time, while he’s in the mood and feels ‘fresh’ — then he doesn’t care if the prize is destroyed for everyone.

    I hope he’s just bluffing. But sometimes I worry he’s really gone nuts, and doesn’t realize that the real world isn’t Chicago streets. What’s he going to do if he wins, play nuke chicken with China to get his way?

    Ah well, that’s what Superdelegates are for. To see when a candidate has gone nuts, and knock him out before he damages self and others.

  59. I’m afraid the powers in the Democratic party would rather lose with someone they consider ideologically correct (however wrong they might be about that) than win with someone they think is too pragmatic or whatever word you want to use for someone who wants to win and then get something done.

  60. she’s gotta set the tone for the next few weeks right here,
    all the networks are hot.

    Blast this motherfucker on national TV.


  61. This was on the HC.com site. Nice to read. Hope there are more!

    by wINDWARD
    2/12/2008 7:09:10 PM
    I have always been a registered independent. So I have never voted in a primary or donated to a political campaign. Hillary changed that for me. I have donated several times and plan to change my registration so I can vote in the Pennsylvania primary. There is a silent majority who supprt Hillary and we have been roused. Go Hilary!!!!!!!

  62. Blue Hillary really needs to go on the damn attack.Wtf is she thinking by playing a damn mother teresa?She need to give up that act.Fuck what the media call her.Gloves need to come off “NOW”

  63. all of a sudden she is being carried on tv??? They only dipped in a couple minutes for her victory speechs.

    I just don’t think the media will go after Obama. l

    I saw another board that Texas politicians are saying that the Tx and Ca Latinos are different. Latino in Tx are younger and are trending to Obama. They seem to think he might could win there.

  64. Ladies and gentleman, we have problems of historic proportions.

    It is no time for rookies to learn on the job.

    Barack Obama is a fine person,

    but doesn’t know where the bathroom is in the White House!

  65. Sorry that this post is late but I went to the Ohio Secretary of State website to check on some things in relation to the idea of BO bussing people into Ohio and altering the vote in that state. I then came back to this website only to be unable to get back in because of “CPU’ problems(?). I am technologically-challenged so I don’t know what that means.

    Anyhow, Ohio is a primary so bussing people in to overwhelm others in a caucus setting is a non-issue. The last day to register was February 4th so bussing people in to register on the same-day and vote is not an option either. Now, as far as Ohio being an “open” primary so Republics can switch over and vote in the Democratic primary, that I do not know. But in light of what happened in Virginia, it would be good to know.

  66. Isn’t Hillary amazing…great speech…and …and…she is doing it without a teleprompter and she can speak in coherent sentences without one. Just one more amazing thing about our girl!

  67. chaz356, that is why I just shake my head when MSM and some here predict doom and gloom. Does the woman on CSPAN look like someone who is thinking about loosing? HELL NO. She knows why she planned this rally right after polls closed. She has confidence in what she’s doing so I expect her supporters to follow suite. Not this BS I see here half of the time.

  68. No dot believe the hype latinos in Texas are just like CA
    What would explain latinos in tx being younger
    Hillary has a good operation here is Tx
    I am in ft worth and there has been a group on the ground for a few weeks now
    Just like CA the compaign seems to have a plan here

  69. i hope i do not incur wrath here bu as soeone who works very hard for hillary i must say this-she needs better gotv. she should not loose va by such massive margins. ike henry-one of her best gotv people resigned over this mess tonight. i gave tohillary tonight as usual she needs money. im eailing the capaign about how frustrated i am. as a veteran campaign person u just have gotv weeks in advance.hillary will have to now own up to such massive loses. then she will have to do a bigger shakeup and really coit to gotv NOW. she has millions of followers and donors. as one I do ask these things of the campaign. hillary is going to get an earful tonight and tmmorrow worse. im not trying to be negative here-she can be the nominee but she must improve gotv iediately. she must do so in wi in one week. she msut do so on mar 4. we were beaten by a selfish little pol tonight. i believe in tough love. hillary-get your ground game together. chop half the ads-gotv wins the race.

  70. Caroline,JanH- Me too! I’m excited about the future. Whenever I see Hillary she just has this kiss my a** attitude about the media. She knows she has thevoters to win this thing.

  71. As far as Florida and Michigan go I think Hillary would be prepared to fight no matter what it takes…if we have to have lawsuits so be it…there are 50 states in the USA, not 48…bad enough he is winning these caususes with republican crossover…Obama is not going to intimidate us with threats…screw him…

    we will fight to get those votes counted and delgates seated…this is the USA not the Soviet Union…the problem is with the DNC not Hillary…the DNC knew the republican legislation had set the primary date for Jan 29…the RNC cut their delegates in half…the DNC caused this by stripping all the delegates and votes in a childish and stupid move that will come back to haunt us all…

    but I have confidence that Hillary will fight this…she’s got my support 100%

  72. I hope GOTV in WI is top notch. The demos in WI favor HRC just as much as they do BHO. This talk about it being a strong state for him is BS. Anytime white women make up over 50% of the vote in a state that has a PRIMARY is good news for us.

    We can win WI.

    We will win WI.

  73. h4t .. my daddy told me that many years ago.

    GOTV is the best asset of the campaign.

    damn they need carville and begala running this thing. why in the hell didn’t they go with a known winning team from the get go.

  74. Tx repubs of course hate the clintons but i sure know from people a talk to a fast talking AA out of chicago sure wont turn them to the polls
    From radio programs here there has been concern about Obama being more liberal than Hillary
    It has been talked about a bit. Experience should be big here, so is national security. The economy yes but tx has been not as bad as other states.

  75. DT,

    “The delegate count may not be terribly bad in VA. She has won a few counties, some by very large margins.”


  76. Who could not keep from smiling and feeling good and confident when they hear Hillary speak. I’m sitting here alone cheering and grinning like a fool just listening to her!

  77. Can I just say how proud I am of everybody today. Overall, no over the top negativity, no gloom and doom, lots of positive contributions. Go us!

  78. I just blogged on CNN that as a news network (sic) it is their responsibility to look into the cross over republican vote to Obama. I stole the assessment from her about suddenly wanting driver’s license for illegal immigrants, universal (sic) health care and to end the war. Not a lot of hope it will get used on the air, but at least it is out there on a world-wide network. Until some bot manning the blogs hits the delete button….

  79. HighlyEducatedHillarySupporter Says:
    This is a bit surprising. At least the NAACP Head isn’t biased enough to go against seating the FL and MI delegates just so that Obama has a greater advantage

    That is good news. Also, last I heard, some important Black group — Senate Black Caucus? — was split about evenly between H and O.

  80. This “cross over for a day” nonsense – that really is heinous. Isn’t this a damaging story for BO? I mean, who would want republics [sic] choosing our nominee? I mean, get a grip! This guy will do ANYTHING to win! Shouldn’t democrats be enraged?

    On Wisconsin…

  81. Jan, Card said Obama keeps talking about Change, but all we have seen him do is move from the right of ted kennedy to the left

  82. SpaceGirlArt — the only precincts reporting are from a Repub county on the Eastern Shore. Not representative of the state.

  83. I wonder if Edwards will announce an endorsement soon. Begala on CNN said that Hillary should adopt his populist campaign as economic issues are so paramount with voters.

    I am really hoping he decides to endorse and fight with Hillary. I think it would have an impact if it happens…

    If he goes with Obama I will lose all respect for the man…

  84. I’m so glad I stumbled onto this site! All other sites are pretty much filled with Obama-Love it makes me a little sick! I get enough ‘Bama-Love from the media! Does any one know if the Hillary-Wisconsin folks need extra pair of hands to pass out stickers? Would love to drive up there & help out!

  85. If Edwards endorses her, he MUST go on the road with her to make effect.


    THAT BASTARD OBAMA “That’s what happens when we use 9/11 to scare up votes” re: HRC. GD! I HOPE SHE EATS HIS LUNCH ON THAT ONE.

  86. We’ve heard parts of this speech by BO before. If he couldn’t talk directly and indirectly about the great Obama…what would he have to say? Please, somebody unplug his teleprompter quick!

  87. dt,
    That’s good. The only positive thing about this ridiculous proportional allocation is even when HRC doesn’t win the state she can still get delegates. Of course, if the dems used winner take all BO would be toast by now.

  88. me to every time she talks i grin man she is so smart with talent..and her Vocab is out of this world..I have faith ,and she will fight himin that debate i hope so and being in texas she needs to bring out hes voting record in front of these crowds..he does at his so she should too..slamm emm him..down

  89. HRC used an Edwards talking point at her rally in El Paso about the minimum wage 🙂

    She knows what she is doing 😉

  90. Clintondem99 and Moononpluto…we all agree he is using this crossover to his advantage…and moon you got it right…those pamphlets about being a ‘Dem for A Day’ are proof for starters…this is tricky for Hill to attack that’s why I think we need some tough spokespeople out there bringing this up…expose this and make an issue of it…where are the 527? and our fringe groups…

    and what about the delegates and party structure…are they going to be this stupid and make this big gamble if it were to shake out that way?

    we need an attack dog now with tv presence…someone that can counter Axelrod…someone to monitor tv and immediately calls in to set the record straight…

    and I hope Hill will stop being so nice to Obama and then he turns around and attacks her…

    I don’t trust our party…someone should get some repubs on utube or tape saying the voted for Obama to knock off Hill and won’t vote for him in GE…like i said yesterday….or this morning…who remembers? we cannot just keep turning the cheek when we are up against the devil in angel’s clothing…

    Fran…don’t take this stuff to heart…I can tell from reading your posts that you are so passionate about Hillary and I know how you feel when…especially when we don’t want to give him praise or an inch…or a vote…

  91. I never doubt Hillary knows what she is doing Hawk, she is MUCH smarter than I am 😉 but gosh, it scares me sometimes…..

  92. I’m not sure why our resident Obama spy is tell us that “There will be lawsuits!” if FL/MI get seated.

    (Sounds alot like what Concern Troll (Bill O’Reilly) has been spouting “There will be riots!”)

    There is already precidence on the DNC authority to make rules regarding the selection of the Democratic Nominee. In this very election even. The ruling: DNC can do whatever it sees fit to do regarding the selection of the Democratic Nominee.

    My guess is that it’s more of the same trying to strong arm Superdelegates into submission.

    Personally, I see the noise about Pelosi to be a good sign for Hillary. If she is on Bambi’s side and thinks she needs to risk her position as House Speaker to get him elected then it could be her own Teddy Kennedy moment.

    Of course, the reverse is also possible, where she sees no risk because she has indications that she’s got the numbers in the bag…which is very much her style. I just don’t see how it could not be a risk for her with TX, OH and PA still in play. Superdelegates WILL determine the nominee this time around, there’s just not enough available pledged delegates for it to be otherwise, so she could lose a lot if she backs a loser.

    Bottom line, if she does announce in favor of Bambi, I think it’s because she knows that she’s lost control of the House even if she remains neutral, and this is her last ditch attempt to save her position. Frankly, in light of what happened with FISA, not to mention oversight, I’m very much ready for new Democratic Leadership.

  93. FL and MI will be seated. Let’s start a revolution guys. Let’s hang tough and fight back. Let’s win this thing.

  94. wow: TICKER: Clinton doesn’t congratulate Obama.

  95. NYCMax, I am with you there. Nancy and Harry remind me of those creepy aunts and uncles you never wanted to kiss you at Christmas when they came for a visit. You would run and hide when they came it.

    Obama talking a populast message…Edwards-like stories.

  96. I have never had much respect for the Breck girl, but if he endorses Hillary I will change my tune immediately. Her message is much closer to his than Obama’s, even though he was playing it the opposite in the campagin, because she was the front runner. I fear if Obama becomes the nominee, I will for the first time not vote.

  97. MJS, that troll that was emailing me earlier this week was SO PISSED OFF at ME because Hillary didn’t concede in the weekend caucuses. It was almost like “down on your knees and kiss his ring” it was CREEEEEEEPY.

  98. This is a campaign rally…it would be inappropriate to expect her to congratulate him.

    She pulled one on the media HAHA….I told you they NEVEr COVER her…they thought they’d get to see her concede.

    I’m sure she called him and she will tell about it tomorrow.

    Also, she should mention that he never called her after Nevada.

  99. OMG. but remember all the times Obama didn’t acknowledge Hillary’s win? Now that Hillary has yet to congratulate barack…the media is jumping all OVER IT and trying to play it off as some bitter woman business while they were tight lipped with Barack. FUCK THOSEBITCHES.

  100. Yes mj definitely, the sooner they are seated the better. I think Dean is toast after this election. If Obama gets the nom…I think I will be turned off of politics for good. And that’s saying a lot for me.

  101. also I am sorry to say this, but in effect, Obama has been swiftboating hillary…he is doing everything he can drive up her negatives and make people dislike her more…

  102. I know that the news are not good tonight, but we are still in good shape. Based on the Virginia numbers we will only be down anywhere from 19 to 25 delegates, depending on how some close districts break in the end. I am not sure about Maryland or DC, but say we are down another 25 at the end of the night. I assume that even if we lose Wisconsin the delegate count will be pretty equal, as we have strength in the rural areas there. So coming into March 4th, we might be down, what 50 to 60 delegates tops. I am going by the CNN number and this would include superdelegates. But that is not much of a difference. We can make it up in Texas and Ohio. the latest Ohio poll #’s are good. Texas, despite it’s weird system of primary + caucus should be fertile groundThe campaign has to make sure that they keep getting superdelegates. In the last couple of days Obama has picked up 9 supers and Hillary 3. So Bill has to keep the pressure up on them. There will be a lot of pressure from the media for supers to start moving to bambi, so they have to keep getting a couple here and there, making sure they know of bambi’s unelectability (rezko et al). The next few weeks will be difficult, but who knows, maybe if the media starts thinking of Bambi as inevitable, they will start vetting him once and for all.

  103. Hawk. If I give you my email address could you drop me a line? I’ll have to post it later as I’m not using my real address here so I’ll need to create one. Then I’ll mail you back from my normal one?

  104. BO says that he knows how hard it is going to be to change all these things in American..he knows because he fought in Chicago, etc….okay so he knows…now tell me how…EXCACTLY how he’s going to change it.

  105. It’s hard to believe that February 5th was JUST one week ago. Hillary won the big prizes in a big way, but BM is just dying to get her to drop out.

    First, there was the “bankrupt campaign” story to spread around and try to cause doubt and panic. When Hillary got 127,000+ donors in these first 12 days of February with over $10 M raised, well, that story became a lead balloon. Does anyone hear anything about it anymore?

    Now, BM is spreading the story of “Hillary just can’t win these state contests.” Hillary is polling ahead in Texas and ahead in Ohio so BM only has a little time to try to make its story real. “BO winning the Latino vote in Virginia” is just one example–trying to cause doubt and panic. We have to step back, see the big picture (i.e. what the media is trying to do), and keep perspective.

    Just remember, Hillary won the most state contests in January–she won four to BO’s two. If the media was consistent, it should have been encouraging BO to drop out by February 1st. But it didn’t.

  106. Empty suit. I wish Hill would just be direct. Like on terrorism. She should say, hey, I think it’s an issue, and this is how I will protect people. If my opponent thinks it’s not an issue, that is his perogative.

  107. ugh. Obama is in Wisconsin right now. Can’t wait till next debate. Hillary better bring the heat and toast this suckling pig.

  108. Hi all,

    Long time reader, first time poster. DC voter. 40 y.o. MWF w/ 3 daughters.

    I took my 3 month old baby with me to the polls today (dressed in pink-on-pink!). I had to vote “special ballot” because until today I’ve been a registered independent (but per my phone call to the BoE a legal resident can declare a party at the polls and be counted – albeit via special ballot, so that’s what I did).

    Baby pink and I definitely felt like we were in the minority, but we represented nonetheless. I know Obama’s supposed to be a lock for the DC vote, but you know what? As long as it’s my job to make this a fight? I’ll stand and fight. I can see the Capitol dome from the corner of my street. I’m counting on Hillary to show my girls that the sky is their limit!

    And by the way – Obama’s empty suit makes me shudder with anger! >:(

    GO PINK!!!

  109. There are two states to focus on now, and both have open primaries:

    Wisconsin and Texas

    HRC needs to concentrate her efforts on both states, particularly in Texas. She will win both OH and PA. She should look to win WI or at least keep the delegate count close.

    Texas is the key, the linchpin. The speech tonight was a great move.

  110. Could someone pl. educate me on GOTV — I know what it stands for but what do they have to do? (I know how they call people on election day — I got two calls from Hillary today and one robocall from Obama’s wife which I cut in the middle, but what else?). In fact I tried to call for Hillary today but my first call was a nasty hangup with a “how dare you do that?” — I got discouraged and depressed and did not do any more.

  111. PM, as a Florida voter, I say bring it on too. I am duly registered, the Florida DNC didn’t ask the voters, the REPUBLICAN LEGISLATURE PUSHED IT THROUGH, and we were left hanging. But I will say this: the turnout was the largest in history. There are 210 delegates at stake. We are the fourth largest vote in the country, and EVERYONE WAS ON THE BALLOT. Barack Obama advertised here. NO OTHER CANDIDATE DID. My understanding is he got the ok from the SOUTH CAROLINA DNC/coalition to do so in his national media buy. (not sure the exact details here) but as a Florida voter, I will join ANY class action to have it counted. Obama claims no name recognition. I say BS. With WALL TO WALL FREE MEDIA, how he could claim that is stupid. Hillary got 865+K votes here. She won. Simple as that. And we count.

  112. By the way, the Rezko trial was supposed to begin on Feb 25 – when did Judge St. Eve move it to March?

  113. As someone mentioned before, the Latino vote in Virginia bears very little resemblance to that of Texas. That doesn’t mean anything.

  114. I can’t believe so many voters are willing to take a chance on a candidate that is not experienced enough for the job when the next President will face so many challenges. This is not the time for experiments and vague ideas. We need experience and real ideas to solve these issues.. Hillary is clearly the best choice!

  115. CNN’s article: For the second election night in a row, Hillary Clinton failed to acknowledge or congratulate Barack Obama after he won the day in dominating fashion.

    On Tuesday in El Paso, hours after Virginia had been called for Obama, she stuck to her “Texas campaign kickoff” message and did not stray from an energetic, Lone Star-themed stump speech. She did mention Obama by name, only to chide his health care plan.

    On Saturday night in Richmond, Virginia, Clinton spoke to a crowd of thousands at the state’s annual Jefferson-Jackson dinner, but she ignored Obama’s quartet of blowout primary and caucus wins that day as well (Obama also won the Maine caucuses the next day).

    The courtesy of conceding a primary or caucus loss — and then congratulating your opponent — is by no means required. But it has become standard practice during campaign season.

    Clinton congratulated Obama and John Edwards after their first and second place finishes in the Iowa caucuses. Obama returned the favor in New Hampshire, saying Clinton “did an outstanding job.” That courtesy continued through the early states.

    But as the race has shifted to a delegate chase with dozens of states in play around the country, the notion of congratulating one’s opponent seems, for Clinton, to have fallen by the wayside.

  116. If he goes the route of going to court to stop Florida et al, he will be commiting career suicide. I wonder if the party will let it go that far.

    I say let him have his 30 minutes of fame and then…bye…bye…

  117. SpaceArtGirl – The republicans moving the primary is the same thing as Dem for a day! The republican FL legislature moved the Dem primary back – ? Can they do that? Why wouldn’t FL Dems then split their primary from the R’s? The Dem voters shouldn’t pay for what a Rep legislature did. I’m sure that given the choice, they would have gladly lived with a Feb 5 date!

  118. I will write in Hillary in November if it comes down to it. I’m sorry, this is a dangerous man for our country right now.

  119. There must be total reforms of the Dem primary system going forward.

    The only acceptable format is a closed proportional primary. I don’t like the idea of GOPers or Indys deciding our Democratic nominee.

    No more caucuses, no more open primaries.

    We are suffering for this poor system now, and it must be changed after this cycle. I’m perfectly fine with superdelegates also going away.

  120. SactoDem,
    Exactly! They think people will just follow their lead, but those days are long gone. The media in this country doesn’t have that kind of credibility anymore. Every time they try to shove him down our throats Hillary comes back better than ever.

  121. DemHawk, that’s an interesting point about Obama attacking McCain. I never thought about it that way. If Obama is going to keep attacking McCain right now he risks McCain negative attacks in response. That could possibly help Hillary…

  122. Florida must be seated. We should have a full court press of Bill Nelson, Carl Levin, Debbie Stabenow, Bill Clinton, Ted Strickland, Tom Vilsack, John Lewis, and others, pressuring Howard dumbass Dean to seat those delegates. This must happen. It is disenfranchising millions of voters that will become disenchanted in the general election, not show up, and lose us a vital race in a massive swing state. The same goes for Michigan.

  123. McCain talking HOPE theme…let’s see where this goes…”The American character is hope, not for themselves”

    WOW…he was going after Bambi on FOX and they CUT HIM OFF to show OBAMBIS RESULTS


  124. 1950democrat

    he pretty much won the same states as Hillary has except NH and if memory serves me correctly he actually lost the first 4 or 5 primaries.

  125. IiIL, the court date was moved sometime between NH and Super Tuesday, about when it became apparent that the Bambi wave was gonna take longer than expected to gain full steam.

    On that score, I think it’s a good thing that Bambi is having the expected success that he’s having. I don’t think they’ll postpone again unless Hillary pulls out a win in WI. The wingnuts need time for that story to develop and court procedings are notoriously slow.

  126. If Hillary is not nominated I will cross party lines for the first time and vote for McCain. At least McCain has the experience that Obama so obviously lacks to run this country. But that is just an afterthought because Hillary will win! 🙂

  127. Barack has bragged before about being an election lawyer. He got all 4 of his opponents (or was it 5?) kicked off of the ballot in 1996.

    It doesn’t matter.

    Both MI and FLA have strong cases. MI only moved their date after NH moved its date. NH was not punished, and MI was. Total crap. It’s even worse than that, but that’s enough reason for the votes to count.

    FLA got boxed-in by the GOP legislature. They should have their delegates count, as all names were on the ballot and all candidates were on the same footing.

    The FLA and MI delegates will be seated as they are. IF BHO wants to take it to court like Bush wanted in FLA, let him. He will lose, and the voters will win.

  128. hi all. dont know whats up with gotv. montgomery county for hillary worked hard and organized for a long time, credit to them. it took me an hour on bus and metro in freezing rain to go vote for hill in dc.. 🙂 weather is TERRIBLE in md. western part of the state very bad, snow and ice, dc metro area just ice, lots of traffic accidents and backups.

    got a call at my old place in md apparently from obama campaign asking me to vote for them. i am guessing it came from kerry people because i sure didnt give obama my info.

  129. exit poll say majority of MD latinos went to BHO too. Did BHO camp made some push to Latino community to show case his appeal to Latinos?

  130. This has been a rough few days but there is something very freeing about being the underdog. She’s a fighter and I will fight with her. Anything could happen between now and the end of this long haul and the way it is going, they may remain neck and neck. This is worth fighting for.

  131. the comments on CNN are downright hateful.

    anyways, my few daily anti Obama comments:



  132. anecdotal stuff: undecided voter (talked to after they voted 🙁 ) was for hill on health care etc but thought she couldn’t beat mccain. so good to talk about how she can & bho cannot. older women i know in western part of md for hillary, think bho gives nice speeches but so what, the economy is very bad and hillary is practical.

  133. Yep, Texas and Ohio are the vital wins we need. We need at least one to be a massive landslide. Preferably Texas because it has more delegates, but we will take a landslide in Ohio too. I would say we can win Texas by keeping Latinos in our camp, which shouldn’t be too hard, and courting women voters more forcefully. In Ohio, we have to play up the Strickland/Glenn/Tubbs Jones endorsements, have gotv massively in Cincinatti, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, and a hard push for rural votes. We have to make the first move in Ohio to take the independents. We can do this. HRC should stay in Ohio and Texas, but maybe make 2 or 3 trips to Wisconsin. Have Bill going to court male voters in Texas, and have Chelsea going to OSU, and other Ohio colleges, and going to Texas colleges, preferably with America Ferrera and any other student-oriented surrogates (ie Magic Johnson). We can have Reps. Ortiz, Reyes, Hinojosa, Green, Jackson-Lee, and the others help w/ gotv in Texas, specifically Latino gotv. And we can have HRC hold a few events in Rhode Island. This can go well if planned right.

  134. well shit, she can go to Wisconsin. She has other people to do some stuff in Texas. A day or so here and there…it’s just a few days till Wisconsin.

    This pick a state, grab some delegates … it might hurt her. Obama is able to be everywhere and he is just one man..Hillary can do this.

    wisconsin is closer date than texas…she needs a win or strong showing.

    oh god the media hype for the antichrist is gonna be brutal. I hate the fcuk that I can’t even watch news anymore because they are all under the spell.

    get ready peeps for the mark…

  135. My neighbor here in FLA was a pro bono lawyer for Kerry’s election campaign and on his mailing list, had access to the computer info, etc… Funny she thought that she is now getting mail from…McCain.

  136. meiyingsu, the Latino vote there was less than 4% of the population, which is within the margin of error for the poll. Ignore it. It’s worthless.

    I for one knew VA and MD would be bad, and just wanted it over. Now it is.

    Now we fight on, and all the dancing Obama has done to avoid being called the frontrunner is worthless. He is, and Hillary is the underdog. Good! Clintons have a history of fighting best as underdogs. 🙂

    We have massive phonebanking planned here in San Antonio for Friday night, and her rally tomorrow.

    Give til it hurts and call til your voice croaks, guys! This ain’t over, not by a long shot!

  137. From the comments I read in foxnews.com last night, those republicans who voted BHO in primary will not vote for him in GE. Those republicans who voted hillary in primary will vote for her over Mccains in GE.

  138. Didn’t NH move its primary up too and didn’t get chastized? FL/MI were strong for Hill, SC wasalways going to break for BO. Dean knew what he was doing me thinks ::puts on tinfoil hat::

  139. spacegirlart…people want to see her and hear her.

    I wish that friggin satellite would fall on cnn .. them turds. I will never watch them or msnbc again. I know already that Fox will shit all over Clinton in the GE.

    CNN has become the shitball of news…how can they sleep at night

  140. NYCMax, that is what I feared. I’ve mentioned it before, but some around here think that the Feb 25 trial date was one reason the IL primary was moved up in the first place – even though it was sold as “having a greater impact on the outcome.” My state’s byzantine political environment will be center on the national stage – few IL politicians will emerge untainted.

  141. dot48, I do too. And if this friggin piece of property I own with my sis would settle, I would GO see her and work the streets. As it is now, I have forked over about $100.44 this week to the campaign, and am eating rice chex 🙂

  142. I think Hillary went to Texas today because tonight’s rally was a great visual for her, given what was going on in the news.

  143. Hello everyone, just one post before I go to bed.

    First of all I am proud of all of us for maintaining a positive spirit. I saw Hillary on C-SPAN. She is not giving up and we are not giving up either.

    Second, every result to day was consistent with the Survey USA polls. Nothing surpising here.

    Switch your TV channel to movie, sports, or nature channels. Read a book. Those who live in nice weather areas go for a run or a walk. Stay away from news channels until March. We can get our news from the web.

    There will be a big media love fest the next several days. There will be endless post mortem analysis. They will be planning our funeral and getting ready to bury us. The Obamabots will crow and show-off and generally act like the graceless people they are. There will be negative columns written claiming everything is over. None of this should be surprising. This has been going on for the past three months and it will continue.

    Please continue to contribute to the campaign whatever you can, and let us do all we can to help Hillary.

    I am confident that Ohio, Texas, and Pennsylvania will go our way and Hillary will be the nominee.

    Please remember February is the wine-track month and March, April, and May will be beer-track months. Everything is going as expected although it is not fun to watch.

    There is always light after darkness, spring after winter and we will all come out ahead.

    Please keep faith and hang-on and early Happy Valentine day greeting to all the women.

  144. Don’t fret about the Latino vote. It is with Hillary. Texas, unlike Maryland and Virginia, is a majority minority state. Latinos outnumber whites in Texas. This is going to be a good help to us. Bambi, I have no doubt, will say anything to peel of Latino voters there, and this is why we will have Patti Solis Doyle, the Latino congressmen and women, Dolores Huerta, Antonio Villaraigosa, the Bolanos Brothers, and so many others on the ground talking to Latino voters.

  145. Yes bambi is the frontrunner now but I bet you he gets no shit from the messnbc or cnn….Fox may start to hammer him now cause it is going down to the wire. Fox knows that there is nothing left on Hillary so a late start after a drawn out convention won’t matter….on the other hand..if they let into Obama it’ll get headlines and well, it can’t happen soon enough.

  146. I just spoke to a close friend of mine who is a Hillary supporter. She doesn’t do the blog thing like we do but she has been with Hillary from the beginning and still hopes that she will become the nominee. Unfortunately she told me that she is losing faith in Hillary but that she would have to sit out this election if Obama wins the nomination. I get a feeling that A LOT of Hillary supporters feel this way. The people who comment on here daily might seem like the more passionate of her base but I’m talking to people who are just regular Hillary supporters and they have told me that they have no interest in pushing for him or working on his campaign to get him elected.
    The only pleasure I would get in seeing Obama elected is to watch the Republican party and the media tear him apart. It will be lovely to watch the cable news networks turn their backs on him and have the Republicans vet him, confront him on Rezko, and swiftboat his ass like Kerry. Some of my friends also think Obama reminds them of Dukakis.
    Hillary needs to get herself to Wisconsin pronto after Texas then head over to Ohio then back to Texas. This needs to be her strategy for the next seven days. Hopefully Maggie Williams is cleaning up the mess Solis Doyle left behind.

  147. latinos in md/va are indeed different than in west, whoever said quite a lot are from el salvador, exactly, i do not think as many registered voters, lots and lots of recent immigrants – not citizens yet. i do not see those poll numbers as indicative of much of anything about latino vote in the west which are swing states.

    some dc radio stations (which i listen to and love), hip hop, r&b that get big airplay in the whole metro area are practically in kind advertising sometimes for obama with djs talking him up & heard clips from his speeches on one today, it was crazy. they are free to do that though..

  148. TPS, voice of reason, as always. March will be better than Feb – think about it – Feb is AA History month – March is Women’s History month! Hillary will be 44!

    Maybe we can catch the end of the Westminster Dog Show. Oh, wait – it’s on CNBC and we’re boycotting the NBC franchise. Well, TCM it is!

  149. The losing faith thing is why I am so worried that Hillary is not putting more people out to battle back on the networks…it does not make sense.

    They gotta get some people OUT to let people know not to get discouraged.

    Lots of people don’t go to her website…they are not getting out news on endorsements…GET every endorsement out there in the media..there has to be a way.

    This campaign is not like Bills … the media was after him then but now they are after the ENTIRE family…they got to find some way to stop the flow

  150. A lot of people only hear what they get from BM…she needs to fight back more. Since I am not watching anything but Fox I can’t tell if anybody is defending her either on CNN or MSNBC. Many people still believe the stuff and if they only hear one side…that is the side they believe.

    It leaves the impression that since nobody is there to refute it…well it must be true.

  151. dot48, she can’t MAKE them put her people on TV. That’s the thing. I keep hearing people here say “she needs to put good people on to fight back”, but HOW exactly do you suggest she do that? She can offer, and likely does, constantly, but the media is under no obligation to put anyone on.

  152. Sheila Jackson Lee just now on MSNBC. Spoke glowingly of Hillary, and ended with “We will make history, we will have a woman in the White House.”

  153. Whoever is talking about losing faith or giving up doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

    I have run a TON of numbers. With ALL the delegate totals coming into tonight (I only had to estimate for 55 non-reported from Super Tuesday and this past weekend), the two candidates were tied, essentially, at around 1211 apiece. This does not count MI & FLA, but does count SD’s.

    Now, if you throw in MI and FLA, HRC was up around
    52 delegates coming into tonight. So, it looks like the 2 may be tied after tonight based on this metric, or very nearly so. If you don’t count MI and FLA, she could be down around 50-60 delegates.

    So what? She’s been ahead the whole time, is on pace to earn about +50 net of the remaining SD’s and has only, possibly, one more bad day coming up (if you think she will lose WI and HI), and then she’s in her zone.

    There is plenty of time and delegates left. No worries. She got +44 delegates in CA itself. The key for next Tue. is to try to win WI, and if not, keep it very close. And then crush TX and OH.

    The string of wins means nothing; it’s all about delegates. Don’t be fooled by the media which has its own agenda.

    Everything is where it needs to be. The keys now are work WI and TX, and we’ll be in very good shape.

    I just want to see the final spread tonight, and get ready for next Tue.


  154. Hawk – my e-mail is tinydancer4hill (at) gmail (dot) com. You’ll get a reply from a totally different e-mail, btw. 😀 It might take me a little bit to reply though (I suck ass), I’m going to work on getting The War Room on youtube. I think everyone could use a little bit of The War Room these days. 😀

  155. meiyingsu: Ohio is well organized. We commented a while back about the organizational meetings going on. Today John Glenn endorsed and Governor Strickland has voted early along with many others for Hillary. Chelsea will be in Ohio tomorrow and Bill Clinton will be there later this week.

  156. Sheila Jackson Lee was on Fox News too –

    I am amazed that I’m watching Fox News, but it is definitely more fair, almost reminding of local news – it’s nice that they’re saying 12,000 people at that El Paso rally for Clinton.

  157. thanks admin. why I am so worry about organization in OH because I truly believe that if hillary had a good organization in WA and ME, she would have won those two states.

  158. Just catching up on the comments……. Don’t look for McCain to start on Bambi now. He (& the repugs) want him to be the nominee so they can hang him then, once Hillary’s out of the picture (but I’m not counting her out).

  159. texan4hillary-please don’t give out 800 gotv info.
    There are many b.o. spies and republicans anoung us.
    HRC supporters can go through the campaign website to gain gotv info. supplying their personal information….Please…..

  160. I challenge everyone here: $5.44 to the campaign if this gets published on the CNN Blog about HRC not congratulating Obama:

    spacegirl February 12, 2008 11:01 pm ET
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Ahem…this election is not over. Obama nor Hillary have the delegates. So, we are just making up rules here? Obama is an empty suit with no specifics. I want to hear about his NATIONAL SECURITY CREDENTIALS. I want to KNOW, FROM HIS MOUTH, not some position paper, how he intends to pay for all this HOPE. Also, I have noticed, that MANY MANY MANY of his supporters on the blogs are terribly vicious. The Politico.com “questions” to Senator Clinton last night were, for the MOST part, distasteful and offensive, and having NOTHING to do with HER, HER positions and policies or her campaign. They were signed “Monica Lewinsky” and asked things that were offensive and rude. Is THIS the “Change in Washington” that Obama, thru his supporters, have in mind? Is this the HOPE of the Big Media Corporations that a former First Lady of the United States and a second term Senator, who has withstood UNBEARABLE SCRUTINY longs for?

    The Republicans will eat him for lunch. Why the cross-over vote from the Republicans in Open Primaries? Are they suddenly in favor of driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants? Or Universal health care? Or ending the war? You are deluding yourselves if you think this is true. If the media had a spine they would ASK THESE QUESTIONS. Instead, they get their panties in a wad because Clinton didn’t congratulate or concede. Well.. neither did Mr. Obama, and no amount of spin will make it so. This is a beauty contest. Not an election on issues or policies anymore. And we will end up with another George Bush. An over inflated, over hyped empty suit who has believes his own hype and was carried on their shoulders by the media. Remember the war, that you claim Mrs. Clinton authorized? Where was the media. Oh, and by the way, almost 70% of the COUNTRY wanted that war.

    I doubt this blog will be published. But If you remember, when you are talking about a co-Presidency, Nancy Reagan fired (or got fired) many of Ronald Reagan’s advisor’s and cabinet officials because she thought they were doing him harm. IS that ever mentioned NOW? The double standard in the media is atrocious in this election. In fact, long BEFORE Obama was even getting anywhere, they treated him like they were papparazi and not a NEWS organization.

    Stop with the fluff. We have a country at stake CNN.

  161. She could not have won Washington, possibly Maine. Washington is home of Starbucks and Seattle’s best…HOME OF LATTE LIBERALS. Home of people who can sit and dream all day without attention to real plans. She could not have won Washington. Maine, yes, she could have won…not the caucus part, it just doesn’t suit her supporters, but she could have had better absentee ballot strategy to soften the blow…

    But you know what? These states have voted, and they are done with, and we can now turn to a new page in the book. We will learn from our mistakes – Hillary will learn from hers – and we will move on and give this fight everything we have.

    No use in crying over spilled milk. You just gotta learn how not to spill it next time, if that makes sense.

  162. SpacegirlArt,

    I really hope your post to CNN doesn’t stay in “awaiting moderation” mode for very long. I found that when I used to post on there, the pro-Hillary comments were always held back or mysteriously lost until everyone had moved on.

  163. some fishy findings – a friend of mine was calling VA voters off a GOTV list supplied by the campaign and she said 1/2 of them were Republicans…I don’t know where the lists are obtained and how recent they are, but doesn’t this speak to Republicans registering to be Dems for the sake of voting in the primaries?

  164. Former President Bill Clinton will campaign for his wife in Wisconsin on Thursday.

    New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign says Bill Clinton will make stops in Milwaukee, Madison and La Crosse.


    Chelsea is going to Eau Claire. I wish she would go to Madison..that’s where Obama went.

  165. dot48 Says:

    February 12th, 2008 at 10:11 pm
    somebody write cnn and tell them about OBAMA IN nEVADA ..he left town
    yep just write donna b..shell get the message to them and tell donna b..that there next on the media matters..with aderson cooper..and wolf…wolf wont like being on there shit list ill tell ya that he thinks hes god too…get the message to whoopppi somehow ….and whoppie will say that cnn,,she watches it constanly almost 24 /7 she said that on her show..trying to help ya out ans DB was on her blackberry..that will get her riled up..lol

  166. Pat Buchanan on right now says Hillary needs to get in on the ground in Wisconsin and win to stop Obama’s momentum.

  167. Paula, McCain’s speech tonight — Obama is screwed..


    concluding lines from the speech — let me hear Matthews yell at McCain for stealing Obama’s lines.

    “…And, my friends, I promise you, I am fired up and ready to go.

    Thank you, and God bless you.”

    Also pay attention to this from the speech “… Hope, my friends, is a powerful thing. I can attest to that better than many, for I have seen men’s hopes tested in hard and cruel ways that few will ever experience. And I stood astonished at the resilience of their hope in the darkest of hours because it did not reside in an exaggerated belief in their individual strength, but in the support of their comrades, and their faith in their country. My hope for our country resides in my faith in the American character, the character which proudly defends the right to think and do for ourselves, but perceives self-interest in accord with a kinship of ideals, which, when called upon, Americans will defend with their very lives.

    To encourage a country with only rhetoric rather than sound and proven ideas that trust in the strength and courage of free people is not a promise of hope. It is a platitude…”

  168. In regards to a potential lawsuit on behalf of BHO, if the DNC credentials committee opts to seat the delegates then there is little BHO can argue. In Cousins v. Wigoda (419 U.S. 477), the Supreme Court held that in the selection of candidates for national office a national party convention serves the pervasive national interest, which is paramount to any interest of a state in protecting the integrity of its electoral process, and state court injunction abridged the associational rights of delegates who were seated after party credentials committee had determined that elected delegates had been chosen in violation of party guidelines and violated party’s right to determine the composition of its national convention in accordance with party standards.

    In other words, the DNC is its own entity and if the credentials committee decides to seat the delegates, they can to preserve the national interest which would be paramount to any other alleged interest.

  169. lninla some fishy findings

    Not fishy at all. You don’t register by party in VA. This is an issue every election in VA — it’s pot luck, unless the district votes one extreme or the other.

  170. LOL…I wonder how the media will like McCain attacking their wonder boy on the issues. It will be interesting to see if they shred him apart like they have the Clintons.

  171. link to el paso rally news story


    note that Obama is sending people there with signs outside of Hill’s events…

    as far as Florida and Michigan…if they don’t count the votes and seat the delegates I say we all protest en mass and threaten to not vote in general…i will not vote if they make a mockery out of our primary…

    we are actually under a tornado watch now…

  172. Rotf. McCain’s speech was awesome. The repubs are out for blood. BRING. IT. ON.

    Read this it’s from Obama’s camp.

    I’m an independent (or Republican). I can’t caucus, can I?

    As a matter of fact, you can. There is no party registration in Washington. Upon signing in at the caucus you will need to attest that you are a Democrat to participate, but you can switch your affiliation just for Caucus Day. You can be an Independent, Republican, Green, Libertarian or anything else the next day.


  173. I keep trying to post this message – what am I doing wrong??

    Hi all,

    Long time reader, first time poster. DC voter. 40 y.o. MWF w/ 3 daughters.

    I took my 3 month old baby with me to the polls today (dressed in pink-on-pink!). I had to vote “special ballot” because until today I’ve been a registered independent (but per my phone call to the BoE a legal resident can declare a party at the polls and be counted – albeit via special ballot, so that’s what I did).

    Baby pink and I definitely felt like we were in the minority, but we represented nonetheless. I know Obama’s supposed to be a lock for the DC vote, but you know what? As long as it’s my job to make this a fight? I’ll stand and fight. I can see the Capitol dome from the corner of my street. I’m counting on Hillary to show my girls that the sky is their limit!

    And by the way – Obama’s empty suit makes me shudder with anger! >:(

    GO PINK!!!

  174. This is my first post here, I was a daily volunteer for the campaign in AZ – which HRC won despite the endorsement of our spineless Gov. Janet Napolitano. We won here because of the elderly, women and latinos and guess what? The youth vote didn’t show up to vote for their Messiah, largely because it was Fat Tuesday. *Note to OH and TX staff, throw a wave of beer bashes near campuses on Election Day.

    As involved as I was in our local campaign, I never heard about the “Dem for a Day” thing in Nevada? Why doesn’t HRC confront him (not with anger, but with disappointment) with one in the debate – with the whole world’s media watching. Call this bastard on it and watch him crumble.

  175. hi all… please dont ignore… ive posted before and no one ever answers.

    i have a couple of questions abt the calling on behalf of the campaign…

    1) are there certain times you are s’posed to call?
    2) is there a certain day you are s’posed to call?

    i was going to sign up, but i only have a cell phone and cant afford to call bc of my minutes unless its on the weekend when its free.

    i was really bummed tonite… still am, but i’m glad everyoen is staying positive! i dontated my 10.44 today and ordered a “i heart hillary” tee… there is a group of county dem women that are going to do a door to door before the nc primary… any other ideas?

    i feel that when any of us post anywhere on the web, we should post the link to this article (please read if you havent already)

    http://thecityedition.com/Pages/Archive/Winter08/2008Election.html we HAVE to circulate this!!! please!

    p/s … i am NOT a troll/ moll…. if you have any questions, plz feel fee to look at my posts at huffpo: huffingtonpost.com/users/profile/divabunny

  176. Interesting reading on CCN blog. A TON of HRC support, attacks on CNN and on the nothingness of Obama. Mine is not yet published, but there are a lot there that are. I am surprised, although one or two come back to say “yep, my criticism of Obama deleted” There are the usual gratuitous Clinton nasties, but I was amazed they let their wonder boy be roughed up a little by the great unwashed.

  177. yeah for mccain.. the drift wonderer!! is gonna get knockdown bad…hes starting already…keep it up now he can say Yes we can..my friends lol..

  178. pm, Thanks for posting that. It’s a strong argument McCain makes there, and we’re only going to hear it ad nauseam.

    BTW, We’re screwed if Obama’s our nominee.

  179. DivaBunny, if you are calling from the HC.com call list, calling in the evening, any day is fine. My advice would be to simply watch the time zone you are calling to, and try not to do it during dinner ! 😉 Every call helps, so do what you can.

  180. Admin,
    Don’t forget about Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones in Ohio. She is an enthusiastic Hillary supporter and I believe her district covers part of Cleveland.

  181. hey divabunny – if you’re using the calling tools on hillaryclinton.com, so long as there are calls in the queue then you can call. Usually do not call after 9pm in whatever state’s time zone you’re calling, but by then the calling tools should adjust to that, and the callers should not be in the queue.

    keep calling, and if you can’t call on the weekdays, that’s fine – call on the weekends, you might even get more people at home.

  182. spacegirl- i’m going to sign up of the hc website. thank you for the info!

    the buncombe county dems are planning on doing a door to door… has anyone done that? if so, any word on how its been recv’d?

  183. yeah he left town and did some transfer funds to cahrity dirty money..from nevada..when everyone was watching the results…thought he be sleaky slick there..

  184. Got this from MSNBC

    Here are the official NBC News allocated pledged delegate totals as of Feb. 12 at 9:30 p.m.

    Pledged Delegates:
    Obama 1,017
    Clinton 942
    Edwards 26

    Estimated Super Delegates:
    Clinton 261
    Obama 178

    Clinton 1,203
    Obama 1,195

    NOTE: 180 delegates are still unallocated, including all 15 from DC, 46 from Maryland and 21 from Virginia. There are also 41 from Washington, 27 from Colorado, 10 from Georgia, 8 from Louisiana, 5 from Illinois, 4 from Alabama and one each from New Mexico, New York and Tennessee.

    Super delegate numbers reflect totals gathered by the NBC News Political Unit from the campaigns and public endorsements.

  185. For all that’s gone on and all that’s still to endure, the delegate count – what it’s all about- sure doesn’t look so terrible:

    The Associated Press count of delegates showed Obama with 1,186. Clinton had 1,181, falling behind for the first time since the campaign began. Neither was close to the 2,025 needed to win the nomination.

  186. Senate Votes to Broaden Government’s Spying Powers

    By a vote of 68 to 29, the Senate gave final approval to a
    bill that expands the government’s spying powers and gives
    legal protection to phone companies that cooperated in
    President Bush’s warrantless eavesdropping program.


  187. Hi, I am not a troll/moll. I have been trying to ask this question – do you guys think Hillary should run as independent if BHO got nomination? Screw the party. The party does not really support her. I still believe she can win the nomination, but just in case. I definitely will NOT vote for BHO in GE, and many of my friends will not vote for him either. McCain is quite acceptable to me. Maybe we should start Democratic Women for McCain to put pressure on DNC? The whole BHO electiblity is total crap. Those crossover voters won’t vote for him in GE! I hope SDs can see through this, but who knows, probably they are pretty dumb too.

    Always enjoying reading the posts here.

  188. the nbc/msnbc delegate count is wrong. they are (admittedly) the only news organization that is using their own/ chuck todd’s methodology to repot the delegate count. nbc/msnbc’s way make barry look like he’s doing better than he really is. their numbers are sh*t!

    this NON partisan website has the real numbers. it also has a list of the superdelegates by state. committed and uncommitted. take a look: demconwatch.blogspot.com/

  189. Remaining states:
    Wisconsin – 74
    Hawaii – 20
    Texas – 193
    Ohio – 141
    Rhode Island – 21
    Vermont – 15
    Wyoming – 12(caucus)
    Mississippi – 33
    Pennsylvania – 158 (caucus)
    North Carolina – 115
    Indiana – 72
    West Virginia – 28
    Oregon – 52 (caucus)
    Kentucky – 51 (caucus)
    Montana – 16
    South Dakota – 15 (caucus)
    Puerto Rico – 55

  190. JubJJub, I was thinking the same today, but without the McCain part. I will defer to the experts here in all things HRC Politics to answer that with aplomb.

  191. Guys, he is doing well, let’s face facts. He’s done a good job of lowering expectations and winning handily.

    He still has not been able to chip away at Hillary’s base. She is holding steady. But, let’s wait until someone WINS the nomination before we speculate on all this, please.

  192. Nightline made a big deal about Hillary not congratulating Bambi on his wins as well. What planet are these people living on ?

    David Wright, who was doing his piece from Madison, said Hillary is ahead in the polls in Wisconsin.

  193. LJ, my thought were more spiteful to BO/BM than to reality. Were that to happen, which is doubtful, Somewhere I suspect the delegates would become even more questionable

  194. jubjub i dont think she would ever do that. i’m hoping that edwards will come out and endorse her. the best thing msnbc has done for hrc is to call her the candidate for the working people. i think this could move edwards to an endorsement.

    there are rumors abt gore endorsing barry. i cant see him doing this bc of the exelon ties though. i think gore maybe holding out for deadlock and jump in the game at the convention… has anyone else thought this may happen?

    i’m with everyone else as far as the ge if hrc doesnt get the nom. i wont vote for mccain. i will sit this one out. if its bo v. jm in the ge… i dont want to be responsible for electing either one of them!

  195. Look, were BO to win, which is doubtful in any scenario, he will more than likely be a one-term guy. McCain will be gone, the Repug base will still be slogging out their philosophy and all bets are off at that point. HRC is not old.

  196. Rachel Maddow should be wearing an Obama t-shirt on MSNBC right now. Mind-bogglingly one-sided and intentionally misleading (and gloating) commentary.
    She has no business being on america’s airwaves.
    Gonna be a long few weeks. …

    Susan Malveaux said on CNN the campaign will begin rolling out endorsements tomorrow in Texas (and – paraphrasing – they were all happy to be there and looking for a fresh start).

    Funny how NBC was the only network after ST to also have different (and higher for BO) delegate counts.

    Must be a coincidence…

  197. Night folks. I am about to turn in to a pumpkin. See you tomorrow, god willing. LOVE HRC! My first-ever REAL hero. MORE MONEY TOMORROW!

  198. Turn off the TV. I did ages ago. Stop the torture and the anger. I felt better immediately. We know what they are doing. The only reason for Watching Rachel anymore in my book is she is cute. With the sound off. 😉 Nite!

  199. Tareli Says:
    February 12th, 2008 at 11:37 pm

    Got this from MSNBC
    delegate counts are different in different places — MSNBC happens to be the most inaccurate tilted towards Obama and I would suggest not posting it. AP and ABCNews have Clinton up.

  200. I am very disappointed in DNC. If BHO won the nomination, I will have to switch to GOP. Maybe we should unit and make it clear that we won’t vote for a phony like BHO. No, we won’t come around. He’s got the crossover voters, so there is nothing DNC needs to worry about. I would definitely support Hillary to run as independent. She may not win eventually, but at least will get some votes from the big phony.

    No he CAN’T. I am so sick of this “Yes we can” crap. All what’s going on is very similar to the Nazi time. Hilter was also very inspiring and he was a very good speaker. See what happened!

  201. divabunny, I did not read through the superdelegate list I posted earlier. Evidently it was not correct. I apologize to all for that.

  202. americangal… thats what i’m thinking too…. he has said that he wont endose during the primaries, so that would lead me to believe what you said abt him waiting for the convention of their is deadlock.

  203. jub jub..man thats weird you emntioned that.. what a friend of mine said its is similar to nazi time, she is from holland and her sister was captured by the nazis..and that yes we can she thought Hitler only used that crap.she said it 2 weeks ago…and she was young so she could not rem if he said that phrase yes we can…

  204. Everyone should check this blog out


    It has some interesting points about demographic breakdowns moving forward and that this “momentum” thing is either non-existent or undetectable as of yet.

  205. divabunny, welcome by the way. Good article in thecityedition, hope you don’t mind, that I post a bit of it here:

    Bamboozling the American electorate again
    Bush-Cheney strategy involves G.O.P. crossover voting to take out Hillary, marketing newcomer Obama, an “independent” ticket, and maybe even martial law…

    Updated February 10, 2008

    Evidence of a covert campaign to undermine the presidential primaries is rife, so it’s curious that the Democractic Party and even some within the G.O.P. have decided to ignore the actual elephant in the room this year. That would be Karl Rove. After rigging two previous presidential elections, this master of deceit would have us believe that he’s gone off to sit in a corner and write op-eds.

    Not so. According to an article in Time Magazine, Republican party activists have been organized to throw their weight behind Barack Obama, the democratic rival of frontrunner Hillary Clinton. Early in Obama’s campaign, major G.O.P. fundraisers and at least one indicted criminal flushed his coffers with cash – something the deep pockets haven’t done for any candidate in their own party. With receipts topping $100 million in 2007, the first-term senator from Illinois is doing well, considering few Americans had even heard of him before 2006.

    The Time magazine article goes on to explain that rank and file Republicans in red states have switched their party registrations, enabling them to vote in Democratic primaries. The G.O.P. didn’t even compete in the Nevada primary, where Obama subsequently picked up many rural counties, and in Nebraska, the mayor of Omaha publicly rallied Republicans to caucus for him on February 9th. Called crossover voting, the tactic is playing a crucial role in the Rove push to deprive Clinton of the Democratic nomination. Even with his usually reliable arsenal of dirty tricks – paperless electronic voting equipment, waitlisting, swiftboating, etc. – Rove would be hard pressed to defeat Clinton in November, since she’s popular nationwide and has promised an immediate troop withdrawal from Iraq. If the contest isn’t close, the vote-rigging won’t matter.

    If, on the other hand, Obama wins the nomination (or even the VP spot), Rove’s prospects brighten considerably. Largely unvetted by the media, the first-term senator carries considerable baggage from his stint as a state legislator in Chicago. So far, the mainstream press has avoided the messy details and presented something more akin to a Madison Avenue marketing campaign. Both the soft lens and the soft shoe harken back to the media blitz that persuaded Americans in 2003 of the necessity of a pre-emptive strike on Iraq. For example, The author of the Time magazine article, Jay Newton-Small, offered the following explanation to account for the bizarre love affair G.O.P. voters say they’re having with an African American senator on the other side of the aisle. “It seems a lot of Republicans took to heart Obama’s statement in his rousing speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention that ‘there is not a liberal America and a conservative America — there is the United States of America.'”

    Is he kidding?

  206. # divabunny Says:
    February 13th, 2008 at 12:05 am

    pm… from what i have read, the ap numbers are the most accurate/ fair.
    ya, I’ve heard that too. NYT is also accurate but they don’t add the caucus delegates.

  207. Dot48 wrote: The losing faith thing is why I am so worried that Hillary is not putting more people out to battle back on the networks…it does not make sense.

    See dot, this is how the media win. You seem to be under the impression that Hillary has a choice in the matter and is making poor choices. Nothing can be farther from the truth. The networks choose who to invite as guests. Hillary has many spokespeople who are willing to do a bang up job for our girl. They don’t get invited to comment except in very rare circumstances.

    James Carville has been muzzled, but it wasn’t the Clinton team that muzzled him. It was his network deal with CNN.

    For some reason, no matter how many times we point it out here on Big Pink, dearest Dot, you can’t seem to let go of the idea that our media is not corrupt. I know how hard it is to come to terms with it, but our media IS corrupt. Please take heart from knowing that even in this corrupt environment, Hillary’s team manages to win a few news cycles. They deserve our praise.

  208. @lninla: no problem at all!!! i have posted that link EVERYWHERE!!! people have to know that if bo gets the nom, its all over for a dem prez! OVER! rove was on fox last night and he basically confirmed everything in that aricle.

    with regard to whats going to happen with SD votes, this is a great table: demconwatch.blogspot.com/2008/02/do-superdelegates-vote-same-as-their.html

    the obama-ites and the msm are already bitching and whining abt the fact that this may come down to the SDs voting… funny thing… when sara rice and david axelrod were asked abt giving up kerry and kennedy’s SD votes since hillary won mass, neither would comment! typical obama camp BS… they want to have things BOTH ways!

  209. Glad people agree with me :-). This Obamaminia is really similar to what Hilter did in Germany. He gave a lot of rousing speeches and had all these big gatherings (BHO likes to get tens of thousands of people together right?). After listened to Hilter’s speeches, everyone was like “Yes leader”, crap like that!

    This man is very dangerous to say the least. People are pretty stupid too.

  210. wonder boy Ob.. can you see him with mccain as wonder boy drifts his explanation and Jm is looking at him so weird..like what the hell you talking about my friend lmao..hillary does it to him too like what in the sam hell you saying or talking about , she lets him go and on she needs to stop him..from doing that because he thinks it makes him smart which hes thin air is making him look like a preacher or jesus…what a nimrod..

  211. one last thing before I sign off…i suggest everyone call C-span tomorrow and complain about the way they are shooting Hillary’s rallys…

    tonight she was in el paso, texas and there were over 12,000 people at the university…you would never know it…they shot the whole thing very tight…basically hillary’s head and shoulders…never once did they pan the large audience…you could tell there were thousands there by the volumn of noise but you sure could not set it…

    conversely when they shoot obama’s rallys you get this panoramic view of all the people and the excitement and his full body amidst all the people …you can see everyone going crazy and enthusiasm…but for Hill you see her head and the people that are immediately behind her and that’s it for the entire rally…now come on…even c-span is pulling this stuff…this is too much…

  212. Some info from the New York Times on what Obama is going to do tomorrow:

    “That has provided Mr. Obama with the opportunity, which he plans to seize in a more full-throated way starting on Wednesday, to argue that voters across a wide cross-section of the country have embraced his candidacy, and that the time has come for the group that could hold the balance of power, those 796 unpledged superdelegates — party leaders and elected officials who have an automatic seat at the national convention — to follow suit.”

    Yeah Barack, we should just stop the primaries because you want to declare yourself winner…get real!

  213. In non-related news I love Mariah Carey’s new song and I saw the Spice Girls in concert last night and they were amazing.

    Yes I am a 21 year old man.

  214. I’m pretty sure Oregon isn’t a caucus either. They have vote by mail (no polls) and get their ballots mailed on May 2. It’s also closed, mercifully.

  215. With the exception of the AA community haven’t voters across a wide cross section of the country embraced Hillary’s campaign too? AND she has the Core Democrats?

  216. AmericanGal, i was told this was coming from my Obama insider three days ago. It seems he is correct. Obama plans to use these wins to call for action NOW to seat the nominee.

  217. we should thankful we have LJ who’s so keen with numbers and polls – this is an excerpt from LJ referred article on realclearpolitics.com/horseraceblog/2008/02/the_democratic_race_moving_for.html

    “Amazingly, 39% of Virginia Democrats and 41% of Maryland Democrats reported incomes of $100,000 or more – this plays to a major strength of Obama. If income is causing these changes in the gender gap, it is hard to see momentum as a factor. If it is something other than income, Obama might indeed be benefiting from momentum. Is this a function of momentum, or a consequence of the economic affluence of white Marylanders? It is difficult to say.

    So, for the meantime, we can say this. If Clinton is not suffering from an incipient negative momentum – we should expect this race to be very competitive until the end.”

  218. CJ wrote: yeah he left town and did some transfer funds to cahrity dirty money

    I’m still curious about exactly which charities Obama gave the dirty money to. I’m not especially comfortable with some of the charitable organizations that have spoken favorably on his behalf. McClurkin and his ilk spring immediately to mind.

  219. Ok guys, part of the worse is over tonight. We knew that she would lose all three tonight due to the high AA % in MD and DC and the color of VA state/Dem establishment.

    She lost and lost badly. From just a cursory overview, it appears that the campaign did not waste alot of money/resources here.

    Even though she lost by a large margin, the key is to see how the delegate split broke out. I’m seeing reports that he just net gained anywhere from 10-20 delegates.

    If this is accurate, this still keeps her in the game.

    Wisconsin-conflicting reports as to wheter she will compete here. Polls are all over the place. It would be great if she could eke out a win here and try to stop Bambi’s mo here.

    I tend to think that she/Bill/Chelsea will visit but most of there resources will be reserved for Oh/Texas.

    I still think that even if they don’t spend alot of resources here, they MUST make an effort to GOTV- that will be critical- get the women vote out and the seniors especially as WI is a bad/cold weather state.


    I was happy to see her compartmentalized(that was one of Bills strengths) her defeats today and give an upbeat and more descriptive/inspirational speech.

    Glad that ads are up and running. She has to have Patti Solis Doyle at her side and visible. The enemies have already strated to use her departure as a talking point to lure Hispanics away.

    Appeal for money/help
    Her supporters will give it.

    It’s clear that it is now Obama and with the Repub focusing on him, I’m hoping that there message will turn some Dems off from him re inexperience and national security. McCain started some of that tonight.

    Hopefully(believe it when I see it)MSM will start to vet/question him more.

    is key and a must win state. I liked the fact that she had a huge rally with over 12k people- She’s been having decent size rallies but Obama always usurp her with more people. She has the time to plan for more huge rallies which will get more play. Get those phone#s/cards when people come in and follow up on them.

    As always, stay away from tv/talk radio. Make calls and donate.

  220. Via The Page:

    CBS: Obama 1,223, Clinton 1,161
    ABC: Obama 1,207, Clinton 1,191
    CNN: Obama 1,201, Clinton 1,185
    AP: Obama 1,186, Clinton 1,181
    MSNBC: Obama 1,017, Clinton 942

    Close, close, close.
    Delegate count: Look at MessMSNBC’s#s . Does anyone wonders why we think that they are so biased.

  221. lj i am huge fan of mc….but ya can listen here if ya want…www.z100.com/cc-common/mediaplayer/player.html?redir=yes&mps=mariahcarey.php&mid=http://a1135.g.akamai.net/f/1135/25886/1h/cchannel.download.akamai.com/25886/1793/richmedia/WHTZ_Mariah_TouchMyBody.mp3?CCOMRRMID=11176453&CPROG=RICHMEDIA&MARKET=NEWYORK-NY&NG_FORMAT=chr&NG_ID=whtz100fm&OR_NEWSrelated but bill an

    they say its got lotts of great songs on it…so ill be buying another mariah cd album..Bill and hillary do lots with mc for save the music providing instruments for music classes in the schools

  222. divabunny – Rosemary Regello is the author of thecityedition article about the GOP rigging election for Obama – have you ever been in touch with her?

    would be great to have her join us here; would love to know what she knows…and if she has any hardcopy evidence of this

  223. One thing about closed primaries — Repubs can vote in a Dem primary as long as they’ve re-registered by the deadline.

    For example, in MD, the deadline for changing party affiliation was 1/22.

    Also, in heavily blue areas of blue states, Ind/Repubs sometimes register as Dems anyway, since a Dem primary is the only place where your vote means anything in local, district and statewide races. It’s not uncommon in a state like MD.

  224. BTW, Tuesday morning, one of the Ohio newspapers offered to sponsor a debate between Hillary and Bambi, as a substitute for the NBC (Nominate Bambi Coalition) debate. Hillary accepted on the spot, but emphasized that they would have to convince Bambi to attend, as he has been declining to debate.

  225. Ininla, very interesting analysis by Realclearpoliltics. We should try to remember that he won in states that played to his strengths..the upcoming states play to Hillary’s strengths.

    An interesting tidbit from today’s primaries…voters who decided today went for Hillary. Now that you can argue might be a little momentum. It was the same in other primaries as well I believe….

  226. Since the 1980’s the Republicans have been lying to us about almost everything. Now, they are going out of their way, almost as a chorus, telling the country that Hillary would be sure to unite the Repblicans and that they are scared of Obama. Could they be telling us the truth, now? Really?

    Well, I remember a story in which a rabbit told a fox that he was scared of being thrown into the brier patch. Does that ring a bell?

    The Republicans have not been able to crush Hillary on their own. Now, they are hoping the Democrats will do her in on their own. The GOP has figured out how to beat Obama easily. 1. Obama will not carry any southern state. They have not gone Democratic for years; there is no reason to start in 2008. 2. Without Hillary to vote against, many white males will return to the Republican party. 3. The Republicans, in many subtle and not so subtle ways, will characterize Obama as the black candidate. 4. Many independents support McCain; they will not be a dependable source of support for Obama. 4. McCain will overwhelm Obama on the question of commander-in-chief. This will attract a large number of white male voters. If a major foreign catastrophe breaks open involving the USA, Obama will be finished. He will compare poorly with McCain. Also, Bush will maintain enough troops in Iraq to clamp down on any trouble, so it will appear like the surge is “working,” thereby reducing the urgency to get our people out of Iraq. McCain will take the credit. 5. The Republicans will go negative on Obama as soon as he gets the nomination, if he does. Within less than a week, Rezko will be the reincarnation of Willy Horton. Within two-three weeks Obama’s relationship with Rezko will be on everyone’s lips. They will also quietly encourage the spreading of rumors about Obama. Since Obama is so little known by the people, the Rs will rush to define him in their own terms. They are very good at it, as McCain remembers from the 2000 South Carolina primary. 6. With selected audiences, particularly conservatives, the R’s will denounce Obama’s youthful drug use with cocaine and alcohol. They will suggest that he was a dealer without saying so explicitly. McCain himself will talk about the threat drugs pose to our youth, and will question whether Obama has the fortitude or will to deal with the drug problem. The Rs will probably create some spots about the MS 13 gang problem in his state senatorial district, suggesting that he is completely incapable of dealing with gangs and urban crime. 7. McCain will turn Obama’s campaign of undefined hope and change on its head, as he has already started to do. He will argue that Obama’s lack of record compares poorly to his own record of sacrifice and accomplishment. He will talk about specific choices that need to be made, and call Obama on his failure to provide details. Don’t forget, McCain does not like Obama and has criticized him harshly in the Senate on at least two occasions. McCain will pound on Obama. 8. The Republicans will reduce the force of the economic problems facing our country by criticizing (probably unfairly) Obama’s economic policies. Obama will find it hard to respond because he is not experienced in talking about economic issues and specific plans to deal with economic problems. (Hillary would kill the Rs on the economy.)
    Because Obama will be ambiguous and not credible when talking about economic solutions, the Rs will do everything to obfuscate the issue.

    The Rs hate Hillary, and it is not because they think they beat her.

  227. LJ Says:

    February 13th, 2008 at 12:25 am
    In non-related news I love Mariah Carey’s new song and I saw the Spice Girls in concert last night and they were amazing.

    lj..Yes I am a 21 year old man.
    good for you..MCarey does lotts of work with bill ..on save the music getting speeches ready and giving money to kids in music classes for instruments..
    she has great songs coming on this album again so looks like i will buy it.this kinda of reminds me when mariah was all down and beat the critics and we have a comeback kid,with we belong together”the same as hillary beat them critics mariah can do it so can hillary!!!

  228. Universal,

    I agree about getting rid of caucuses and voting that lets the GOP do crossover. However, superdelegatges do have some good functions. They break ties, so we don’t have ‘hanging chad’ situations where every last vote matters. Also they provide a human reality check on any wierd thing that might stick us with a non-viable nominee: such as, the week before the convention, Obama and Rezko getting caught in a Minneapolis restroom. 🙂

    Here is a wonderful article by Paddy White that explains more about the superdelegates. It would not be possible for them to override a very clear choice by the voters. 2025 delegates are needed for the nomination, and there are not quite 800 superdelegates. It is possible to get 2025 without ANY superdelegates, if someone’s lead is wide enough; this year the candidates are too evenly matched so some supers will probably be decisive. But supers don’t vote as a bloc either; about 200 have already committed to Hillary and about 100 to Obama.

  229. @lninla:
    i havent ever been in touch with her. i found the link to that article at a great, fact-based pro-hillary blog:


    its run by an atty and he has awesome info in support of hrc! you should check it out…

    apparently msnbc gets their sd numbers from the campaigns themselves and sometimes they include them and sometimes they dont. i would imagine they do whatever makes bho look most favorable. they interviewed chuck todd abt his “score keeping” this morning and it was actually fun to watch him squirm since he really had no reasons for why the msnbc numbers look like they do!

  230. # divabunny Says:
    February 13th, 2008 at 12:25 am

    post that link EVERYWHERE people! spread the truth! please!

    Do you know the author? May be you can suggest to her to publish it somewhere more visible.

  231. I’m new here, but I donated twice today so I guess I belong 😉

    I watched a little of MSNBC earlier, and they were annointing Obama as the nominee, talking about what we’ll see when he goes against McCain. Of course, they’ve been “trying” to annoint him . . . ever since Iowa.

    Never trust a man who writes his memoirs at age 33. For the good of this country, Hillary MUST win this thing – and she still can. The rest of this primary map looks pretty good for us. We WILL win OH, TX and PA. Hillary will play in Wisconsin and can make that one close. West Virginia, Kentucky, Puerto Rico and Indiana are also possible gets.

  232. Pm,

    from cityedition? I already made a diary at DKOS. 1st comment was it was parnoid & delusional.

    Now you know it’s right on.

  233. NYCMax Says:
    February 12th, 2008 at 9:52 pm

    I’m not sure why our resident Obama spy is tell us that “There will be lawsuits!” if FL/MI get seated.

    (Sounds alot like what Concern Troll (Bill O’Reilly) has been spouting “There will be riots!”)
    Agreed NYCMAx. To take it a bit further, I don’t believe a word that MJS is saying. Some of the things are self evident.
    The MI and FL delegates WILL be seated. It’s just a matter of will they be seated before it is clear who the nominee is or
    2. DNC/Dean is calling for a do over caucus style. This won’t happen as MI has already certified the delegates, MI gover Jennifer is for Hillary, MI state needs money and caucuses cost money and cucuses hurt Hillary- done deal, there won’t be a do over in MI. Fl- Hillary has the Dem establishment backing her, they have already stated no redo and FL is a red stated controlled by Gov C Crist- we just passed a reductin in poroperty taxes that is projected to hurt s funding for other services. Therefore, a do over by any name won’t happen.
    3. It is clear that Clinton has to win OH and Tx
    4. Regarding Chelsea, I don’t believe a word of what you said. It makes no political or moral sense to go after Chelsea. Shuster was suspended and you have a presidential canidate talking about it, it won’t happen.

    5. Wi-Advantage Bambi but I believe that she can ikeep it close and not suffer a blow out like today. Low AA pop even thought there are lots of university. HillforTexas is right- organize that GOTV factor- encourage more volunteers- her base is seniors, organize car pools and play up the gender card. The press already hits you at least take the h it for a wrothy cause. BTW, I loved seeing her huge rally in TX and all the women. That must have made her feel good.

    Finally, get Patti out there in TX- let her speak, show her right by your side.

  234. divabunny,

    MSNBC in fact took Obama’s spun projected delegate count and placed it directly on their site.

  235. @pm: i dont know her… i found it on another site

    omg! please go read the last few comments on this savage politics site!!! this is the first time i have heard abt this!!! is this old news abt barry having been with a man? someone just posted these links over there…




  236. yep lj she will emancipate and be free,from all this crapola..Hillary will win…

    To take it a bit further, I don’t believe a word that … is saying..me neither,i think spy..from the top
    and trying to get hillarys agenda and gotv things and making phone calls from there in..with her list..and your guys professionalism…back to that camps top becasue there pretty stupid..i dont see there thoughts like these….what you guys have..

  237. There will not be riots, if there’s riot then Obama is responsible and shows he unfit to be “Commander in Chief.”

    A “Commander in Chief” has to show leadership, not threats for the military to follow. If they don’t believe then they vote with their feet…since Obama keep acting like a 3rd World dictator…he must not know that Americans don’t respond well to threats.

    So keep it up, try that Castro crap over here and see where you’ll go. This ain’t Cuba!!!

  238. OK, guys, somehow I feel great in spite of tonight (and I voted in MD today), especially after reading that cityedition article (thanks to divabunny). His wins are unacceptable because they can’t be replicated in the GE with him as the dem nominee and his losses are a big problem — so what is the point? the point is there is no momentum and the fight goes on. He may scream and demand for a quick resolution — “give me those SDs” — but that is not going to happen.

  239. krove he was low profile until now on fosil news..that creep…so thats what he was doing while no news on him when he left the wh..except that memo..he gave.bo..hillary called him on it ..haha..i found it first…i was skimming thru stuff on the web..she said it on fact hub why is karl rove writing to Bo..

  240. the drug/gay sex scandal – it’s so funny in the sense that i don’t even think the gay sex part is the scandal – it’s the drug use. anyway, there’s no proof other than a he said/he said…wish that this had gotten traction and attention earlier if it were to to be investigated.

  241. American Girl wrote: Ininla, very interesting analysis by Realclearpoliltics. We should try to remember that he won in states that played to his strengths..the upcoming states play to Hillary’s strengths.

    Yes, and wasn’t it “lucky” that the primary calendar was set up in a way that a candidate who merges the strengths of “Gary Hart and Jessie Jackson” would be able to build false momentum into the strength states of the clear frontrunner?

    Lucky, too, that when FL and MI bungled into the mess, they were stripped of their delegates.

  242. thing is abt the gay/drug scandal… even if it is true and even if the guy has a video of he & bho making out, the msm wouldnt cover it!!!

  243. oh divabunny – not sure about that – if there were real pics or video, maybe TMZ would cover it. honestly, something like that would probably have to go through entertainment news.

  244. pm,
    Daily Kos called it a copyright violation and made me edit it.
    i’m protestng under fair use but it’s their hardware, so I had to edit a story every single american should read.

    If you agree, you should post bits & pieces there & wherever else you can.

  245. divabunny,

    I’m reading that article. Some of it seems worthwhile but what she says about Gore is nonsense. Also in fact there are 796 superdelegates and only about 300 have pledged so far: about 200 to Hillary and about 100 to Obama. The last paragraph is very sensible though:
    Because of Clinton’s strong lead in superdelegates, if the DNC stays out of the battle, she would likely win the nomination and be able to select her own VP. In the meantime, with Romney’s exit from the race, it’s equally probable that the remaining states, including the Clinton strongholds of Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania, will see an upsurge in crossover voting by Republicans. That’s sure to keep Obama nipping at her heels. Ironically, such a down-low tactic only underscores the importance of the Democratic Party’s use of superdelegates, since they insure the Democratic nominee will actually be determined by, of all things, Democrats.
    h t t p : / / thecityedition.com/Pages/Archive/Winter08/2008Election.html

  246. i post at huffpo a lot and ive been inlcuding the link at the end of a lot of my posts so that ppl will click on it and read.

  247. just emailed barack-gay story to Perez…Perez hilton loves these conspiracies. Expect it to be on his website soon.

  248. barack obama getting blowed while doing cocaine? it was from newsvine and a youtube video with a guy claiming he has receipts and can describe barack’s gentialia…ew.

  249. @1950: i didnt write the article. i just posted the link and have urged others to read and post elsewhere.

    as far as gore goes… he is a member of the dlc and they did meet in oklahoma in jan. there are rumors that since he wont endorse, that he may jump in the race at the convention… who knows? i’m just speculating.

  250. The whole gay limo sex cocaine story is difficult to deal with. Who knows, the guy could be telling the truth, and apparently he has receipts and is more than willing to take a polygraph. on the other hand, is outing somebody, even someone as horrid as bambi, worth it?

  251. i had never heard abt that scandal before… sorry for stirring it up, but … hello??? i was shocked so i HAD to ask!!!

  252. Anglachel has a new post and I agree with her on everything. There are fights worth fighting for and Obama isn’t willing to do that for our party:

    HRC needs to win Wisconsin too. She just can’t depend on Texas and Pennsylvania. Texas is a mix of primary and caucus and Pennsylvania is a f-ing caucus. She needs Ohio and Wisconsin. She really,really needs it. After tonight it’s just going to be impossible to go on without being labeled a loser by the media if she doesn’t cream him in Texas. I don’t know the Texas system well but if a caucus is involved her chances are automatically lowered. Someone please explain the system down there.

    I’ve been pretty optimistic so far but this is me being realistic. I will not vote for Obama but god damn it I hope I don’t have to make that choice if Hillary is the nominee.

  253. it does anger me, though, if true, considering bambi actually associates with ex-gay types like mcclurkin. talk about hypocritical!

  254. the way bambi’s been acting, i say we do it and get it over with.

    please, the General election hasn’t even begun and just by showing other people this article, i have already gotten negative “ew, I didn’t know obama was LIKE that” reactions.

    trust me…this is just a taste, probably, of how badly the republicans will cream this virtual nobody in the GE. We must MAKE SURE this guy doesn’t get the GE.

    And the fact that the guy gave an interview to the “right” perspective…means the Republicans have been digging deep and far for dirt. They already found some and this is most likely just the tip of the iceberg.

  255. Well, I am sure the red state and the repubs will soon pick the story up, if it is making the rounds and they will have no qualms in putting this guy front and centre on tv hooked up to a polygraph

  256. the msm wont cover it until bho gets the nom though, this is just like rezko. if the media doesnt cover it then the majoity of the sheeple out there dont believe it!!!

    ive sent the rezko link to all of my friends and they think i’m a nut bc it isnt on the nightly news!


  257. tx delegates-2/3 of them-are picked by popular vote-1/3 is done at 715 at your pct caucus. u show up-sign your pledge to hillary and as long at 15pct are for hillary delegates go etc.. ive doen it before-not hard.

  258. 1950Dem wrote: I’m reading that article. Some of it seems worthwhile but…

    It’s really hard to pin down exactly what the Rovian strategy is because he’s all about redirection. With him it’s more of a shell game and not so much a chess game.

    I’m happy to see someone else taking a crack at it. My own attempts to connect the dots can be found


    and here:

    In case anyone who missed them is interested.

    The thing that we have to try to remember is that Rove spends years and years developing these strategies and he’s got support in very high places. What I’m about to describe is only a possibilty, I’m not saying it’s a fact, just a curious tidbit that I noticed as a coincidence. (I’m not fond of coincidences, even if sometimes things really are coincidental).

    This curiousity involves the movie industry. I know it sounds far fetched to be looking there, but when you consider that the corporations who run the movie industry are the same ones that control our Media…well…

    Is it really a coincidence that The Manchurian Candidate came out when it did? The net result of this not particularly successful movie is that if anyone tries to talk about Rovian influence in the Democratic Primaries, there’s a rush to dismiss it as a “Manchurian Candidate” candidate conspiracy theory.

    Now, why does this sound familiar? Does anyone remember how a not very successful movie’s premise was used to discredit the actions of a political figure?

    It should matter that President Clinton was not “Wagging the Dog” when he was ordering his assault on Osama bin Laden, but that didn’t stop the talking heads from dismissing his actions in such a way. I don’t know if it was planned that way back then, or if Rove just filed the technique in his “strategy toolbox,” but the coincidence of it all just bugs me.

  259. It’s white men. That’s what’s doing her in. If only women were rallying for Hill the way african americans are Obama.

  260. If I hear Obama and his supporters threatening violence if the DNC seat Fl/MI delegates as is like they should then Obama truly is unfit to be our nominee. He does not pass the fitness test for “Commander in Chief”!

    Would you want this guy to be two seconds away from pushing the button to start a nuclear war? I have deep question on his composure and stamina to pressure.

    Since Obama like to “preach” he’s the adopted son of JFK, can you picture him making “the decision” during the Cuban Missile Crisis that JFK did with deliberate reasoning and judgement. I didn’t hear of JFK whinning and crying to the Russians saying I hope you take your missiles home.

    Obami is the biggest crybaby I’ve every seen in my life. You knew the rules, you played by the rules like everybody else and you still got beat.
    ya did your famous disappearing act in MI so you could kiss Iowa’s corn over MI.

    Now Obami wants a redo of FL/MI primary with terms favorable to him or he’ll throw and tantrum. So Obami is threatening violence on american citizens for their constitutional right to vote in their party primaries. Obami says it’s alright to threaten violence of the good people of Florida and Michigan because THEY RIGHTS DON’T MATTER only dictator Obami wishes should matter to the DNC.

  261. I’m from texas and i would like to help, if someone would tell me how to do so. I’m hoping that everybody doesnt lose any steam, because i am so excited our state will give the nomination to hillary. if she comes anywhere near east texas i am taking my granddaughter to see her. ive sent in my donations today and couple other times, we must beat obama. hes too inexperienced, and has too much baggage, the republicans will eat him alive.

  262. Good early morning, Hillfans. Please take a breath and ask yourselves if Hillary would want you to be emailing and posting unsubstantiated garbage about anyone?

    cocaine/gay oral sex scandal true about obama??

    It is disrespectful for Hillary’s supporters to be gleefully spreading rumors and inuendo about Obama regardless of how we feel about him. It makes Hillary’s supporters look bad and it makes Hillary look even worse. The media doesn’t need help from Hillary’s fans. With the scrutiny that Big Pink gets, do we really want this kind of thing linked to Hillary?

    You need to STOP this now!

  263. MJS,
    Are you serious about that CNN article? I can’t believe it. Remember Super Tuesday. Hillary came out, congratulated him for his victories, and gave a very positive, uplifting speech. Then Obama came out, he looked angry. Not only did he not congratulate Hillary, but he took some swipes at her: including the totally distorted claim that she has the same philosophy as Bush-Cheney about diplomacy.
    Honestly, this guy can’t take a punch at all, and he such a whiner. This campaign has been nothing, a lovefest. And it’s been frustrating trying to figure out how to campaign against this guy – without the media getting outraged and defending him.
    But that’s what has to be done now. We must get out there and make the case why he shouldn’t be the nominee, that he’s not fit to be comimander in chief.

  264. LJ,
    For another anti-momentum article, though a less solid one, search for momentum+mirage
    Btw I left a really simpled out comment there making fun of Obama as a candidate that needs ‘momentum’ whereas Hillary does not.

    I’m still looking for a good metaphor for all this. Maybe Hillary and Obama are walking along a beach path both digging for shell fish. She is digging for clams and he is digging for oysters. The result doesn’t depend on how many clams and oysters were found at the last stop. It depends on how many clams or oysters there ARE at the NEXT stop (and how deep each candidate digs). If the ropes marking the path were moved, by the end of the day she’d stlil have the same number of clams and he’d still have the same number of oysters, they’d just have got them in a different order.

    Well, really, maybe she’s digging for clams she planted years ago, and he’s going along whistling to attract a crowd of lemmings or something, so ‘momentum’ and the shape of the path matter to him but not to her.

    I’d better go to bed, I’m starting to sound like Alice in Wonderland.

  265. If this doesn’t turn out well is anyone with me to write in Hillary’s name? If someone started a website and we got enough support then we could definitely make a statement by writing in her name on the ballot. I don’t know if that’s a better idea than voting for McCain. Point is, if the DNC is going to screw over Hillary by not seating the MI & FL delegates or redoing it by having caucuses then I am going to screw the DNC and Obama over come November. I will write in HRC, campaign for Bloomberg, vote for McCain just to see the DNC destroyed. If the MI&FL delegates aren’t seated then I am all for the Republicans winning (which they will because Floridians will screw over the Dem nominee again but this time I won’t blame them).

  266. Darn, my conspiracy theory post got caught in the spam filter 😉

    from Angalachel’s post: Hillary said something powerful in that interview that the A-List Blogger Boyz keep side-stepping in their fanatical promotion of all things Obama – there are fights worth having.

    The most insidious thing about Bambi’s campaign (and I think this played into the choice of BHO by the Rovian machine) is what it has done to our main defense against Big Media. BHO’s campaign and the blind support that the A-List Blogger Boyz have given him has led to a marginalization of the Liberal Blogosphere.

    By alienating core Democrats, they have lost a lot of their power to amplify the voices from the Left. It’s truly sad, and I’m not sure we will ever fully recover. Thankfully, Hillary is on top of it. Even as they raise their voices loudly against her, she fights forcefully for their right to be heard. And that, more than anything else, tells me that she is the right Democrat for the Democratic Party.

  267. B Merry – you are totally right. It’s destructive and could have negative impact on Hillary…we should be mindful of what we post.

  268. hillary changes schedule-going to wi sat-tues. hopefully gotv will be there-she could do very well in wi says wapo

  269. So Obama is now going to make the claim that he is able to win all the states so the superdelegates should just jump over to him and make him the nominee?

    He must be getting desperate because Rezko’s trial will be starting soon and he wants everything all wrapped up before the shit hits the fan.

  270. Yes that’s smart of her to get to Wisconsin. She really needs a win there to stop the Obama train. I hope she’s got good ground organization there.

  271. Thank you, Ininla. It’s one thing to get all caught up in back and forth conversation. It’s another to forget what Big Pink is all about. This is about electing Hillary #44, the first woman president. It’s not about pop culture and what’s cool and who we hate and passing on unsubstantiated garbage. More than a few unpleasant comments from here have found their way around the blogger echo chamber.

    Think positive 8). Think Hillary is 44. 🙂

  272. 💡 If you really want to help Hillary, send letters to local media in Wisconsin, Texas, Ohio, supporting Hillary. Local newspapers all have links on their websites. Big Media is refusing to write positive things about her but nobody is stopping Hillary’s supporters from writing letters and articles and sending them to local newspapers and teevee and radio stations.

  273. Go to those local papers and post positive comments about Hillary’s campaign and voters in earlier states in article comments sections. All the handwringing and my-oh-mying in the world is not helping Hillary win the nomination.

  274. @highlyeducated: dont speak too soon abt fl/mi…


    this could be awesome for hillary/us!!! since its the aclu from florida demanding that florida be seated no one can say that this was race motivation on behalf of hillary! since the obama-ites have the aa vote, if they start whining abt florida getting their delegates and sd votes back based on “race”…it will surely fall on deaf ears!

    even if florida IS a caucus, i think hrc has a great chance of winning! the elderly vote doesnt care abt “change”! they care abt “now”! florida has a huge retired population that can and will take the time to caucus… thoughts? does anyone else think this is good news???

  275. We should’ve made the comments section private to people who haven’t signed up. It is weird to think that Obamabots are reading our comments. For the record I have never been to any Obama fan site (besides checking out his website) and I have never made comments or argued with Obamabots on their blogs. I don’t even post comments on Huffington or TPM.

  276. divabunny,
    Sorry, I knew you didn’t write it, sorry if I sounded like you had.

    Anyway it was a very interesting article with some info I hadn’t seen before. Thank you for posting that link.

    As for Gore, I’d be very surprised if he would accept a nomination: he’s doing too well outside politics. However in 2004 he did try to get the Dems to stop fighting and settle on a candidate early, so it makes sense that now he is waiting till people are ready to settle down so his recommendation might clinch it. (Or he might hope not to have to get involved at all.)

  277. agree with merryfield. “scandal” stuff is doubtless total garbage, do not even go there. personally i would not care a bit if it was true, i have some crazy friends.. but i will tell you, reading that article it is certainly exactly the kind of ridiculous made up trash the rightwing pulled on the clintons in the 90s.

    i do not support obama for a LOT of reasons and dont know if i can ever vote for him, but i will defend him from this stuff, it’s garbage

  278. HEHS, it’s not just Rezbamabots who are reading the comments. Things find their way into blogs like DK and others. It does Hillary a disservice when things said here are taken out of context as “proof” against her and her supporters elsewhere. I had it happen to me in the past couple weeks and it was unpleasant, which I comment seldom here and put my efforts to support Hillary elsewhere.

    Sorry, folks, but you’re giving way too much ammunition to the “enemy”.

  279. One last thing. This “insider” info is a crock of crap. No campaign worth a hoot lets strategy leak out unless it wants it leaked. They don’t call it a political “war room” for nothing. Locked doors. Locked lips. If you just want to be the cool kid on the block sharing your little insider tidbits, go to MySpace or FaceBook. Keep the disinformation away from Big Pink. We have real work to do. 8)

  280. ok, one more post about that BS “story.” i see the rightwing is trying to swiftboat obama. disgusting. it is a classic karl rove smear campaign. rove will stop at nothing. thats who is behind this. i do not want bho to be our nominee, i think it would be disastrous for reasons entirely related to policy statements he has made, but he is still a democratic senator. please do not spread trash like that & shoot it down if you ever hear it.

  281. B Merry – I wanted to thank you for all the work on Rezco-watch you’re doing. I haven’t kept up with it at all, it kind of confuses and bores me, but it’s nice to know someone is on it. Nothing may ever come of it (how long is this jury selection going to draw out?), but if it does, it’s because you made a big dent in it.

  282. BMerry: I had it happen to me in the past couple weeks and it was unpleasant, which I comment seldom here and put my efforts to support Hillary elsewhere.

    Can you please post a link to where it happened to you?

    I don’t buy it that people make their decisions based on what is quoted on a blog about what a candidate’s supporters say on partisan sites. The negative Hillary diaries are not going to stop on DKos if we become Stepford Supporters. (That particular metaphor brings up all kinds of ugly connotations in and of itself, I promise I didn’t plan for it, but chose to keep it because, that’s really what I’m hearing from your comments.)

    Forwarding unsubstantiated rumors is a bad idea in and of itself for many reasons, not the least of which is that Democrats just don’t respond to mudslinging the way that our wingnut counterparts do.

    Trying to tie that good advice into a package of self-censorship is also a bad idea. If for no other reason than if idiots are attacking her supporters, then they aren’t attacking our candidate, which is good. As I said, Democrats just don’t respond to mudslinging in the same way that wingnuts do.

  283. i love the rezcowatch link! its so great to have all of the info in one place.

    @mj: what do you mean abt no do overs in fl/mi? the article says that the dnc would allow caucuses in both states… i think that is the only to get the SD votes back and i think hillary can will a caucus in florida.

  284. I’m new here, but I contributed twice today so I guess I’m in the right place. A rough night – but do you think Hillary Rodham Clinton is ready to give up? LOL. How many times has the media tried to write her political obituary in this campaign already.

    The FL/MI delegations must be seated. It would be a disaster to disenfranchise and demoralize the electorates of two crucial GE states. Perhaps the DNC could reduce the punishment to 1/2 and seat them that way. Would seem a fair compromise, although it would still be disenfranchising half of the voters that turned out.

  285. hi ben… i’m new too. i saw this article abt the fl delegations… aclu wants the votes in florida counted!


  286. divabunny are you really trying to argue that do-overs in FL/MI would be a good idea because you think she can win in a caucus situation?

    Yeah, that’s not gonna find much traction on this site.

  287. The only piece of news in the huffington piece is this:

    In a Feb. 8 letter to DNC Chairman Howard Dean, NAACP chairman Julian Bond expressed “great concern at the prospect that million of voters in Michigan and Florida could ultimately have their votes completely discounted.” Refusing to seat the states’ delegations could remind voters of the “sordid history of racially discriminatory primaries,” he said.

    The NAACP is not the ACLU. The Huff reporter inserted the caucus nonsense to blunt the impact coming from the NAACP which has not taken a position in favor of either candidate. FL and MI have both said no do-over.

  288. Well, the democratic parties of both states have already said that aren’t gonna do a caucus. Michigan said they held their primary in accordance with their laws, and the election should stand.

  289. yikes! first of all… i am not “trying to argue.” secondly, i dont know jack abt michigan, but being a fl native and having worked on campaigns there (gov lawton chiles-d), and seeing that hillary does well with the elderly white vote and that is a large percentage of those that can afford to take the time to caucus…. oh forget it… apologies for having a positive outlook or trying to at least…

    in no way am i saying a do over is a good thing. i’m tired. whatever.

  290. md exits-not good for big states
    (%age of vote) Clinton Obama

    White Democrats

    (43%) 55% 42%

    Black Democrats

    (33%) 16% 84%

    Latino Democrats

    (4%) 56% 44%

  291. Yeah, diva. I just think a caucus in Florida or MI wouldn’t be appropriate now. It would be a completely different electorate. I agree with the voters of Florida. They have spoken, about 1.5 million of them, and their delegation must be seated.

    Well, gnite folks. I’m wishing Hillary good fortune as she works Texas, Wisconsin and Ohio during the next week.

  292. Of course it is not appropriate. My God, Hillary got 200k votes more than McCain in FL. Obama came in 4th behind Romney. By the way, tht was a very contested race. All camps had a huge grassroots operation there, of course the media doesn’t tell the public that, they are so busy picking our nominee.

  293. DivaBunny stop the insanity Florida already voted, same with Michigan there is no do-overs in politics. No crybabies and definitely NO THREATS to American citizen to take away their rights….this ain’t CUBA!

    Obami and his supporters can act like little dictators all they want but WE”RE AMERICANS and don’t like anybody taking away our right to vote! Obami needs to Suck it up…stop crying and throwing tantrums.

    Boo Hoo that’s all I hear from this guy, but it’s alright to call the Clintons racist and play the race card this week. Big f’reakin deal, how sad and pathetic. Unity my azz.

  294. You know, she ought to call Obama on his crappy comment about 9/11. She ought to say, “I take it as a personal insult Obama would suggest I would govern from fear. This is how I plan to protect americans. We won’t live in fear in this country, and you will feel safer because you will be safer. If Obama doesn’t want to tell you how he will protect you, that’s his perogative.” Something like that. And, look, I think Buchanon actually prefers Hillary to the remaining three, so perhaps other more populist Repub’s do too. She should campaign against both men now.

  295. Amen to “no do-overs” for Florida and Michigan. Seat their delegates! Both states already voted, and the results were fair. To have do-over “caucuses” would be asinine. First of all, working voters don’t have time to spend half a day attending a lengthy caucus meeting. Second, most non-activist Democrats who aren’t rabid about their particular candidate are NOT going to go back and vote again in a “do-over.” The results of any “do-over” would be wildly inaccurate.

  296. Someone told me that Hillary took the stage tonight to U2’s “Where the Streets Have No Name.” That is, without a doubt, the most spine-tingling song in the history of rock music. If her campaign is looking for an edge (no pun intended, U2 fans), then stick with that song!

  297. Anyone know where Whouley and Ace Smith are these days? I trust they’re being deployed to Ohio and Texas? 😀

  298. While waiting and watching TX and OH, and later PA, I have a few questions in mind.

    If MSM implies this election is over, aren’t they dissing those voters? Do the voters there realize just how important they are in this primary season? Do they like the idea of being king makers? Will they stand strong against the MSM, or will they follow along like lemmings? Will they think they have to vote in whatever way the wind seems to be blowing recently?

    While I can speculate, I wish I had real answers to all of those questions, but only because they are crucial. Right now they are the most important questions facing this country and this party.

  299. texan4hillary – I’m still trying to figure out whether I’ll be in TX or OH before their primaries – but do you have a sense of where in TX the campaign and which office might need the most GOTV help?

  300. Sherm,We all seem to be forgetting two large states Fl and MI. So there are 5 large states not three. We should not let the MSM box into the thinking that FL and MI do not count.

  301. Perfect transition clintondem99 – new article up – The 48 State Strategy, Part II.

    Great news on Ace texan4hillary.

  302. Ok…..don’t know what the numbers were because I haven’t had the heart to look. I am in media blackout for now. Although disheartening…..now is the time TO FIGHT. With all due respect to the many, many people who have been posting here far longer than I have…..we can’t be spending time here debating the fine points when the fight is OUT THERE.

    Here is what I plan to do:

    1. Email every reporter that I think has had a dramatic pro-Obama stance – you can almost always get their email addresses from the paper’s/station’s/blog’s web site. I am going to email them the following:

    It is clear to me that in their rush to seem hip, cool and relevant by embracing the new, new thing; that many media mavens have lost the one thing on which their credibility rests – objectivity.

    If a bunch of us do the same – call their journalistic integrity into question in a high-minded way – they will squirm.

    2. Post everywhere I can my theory on things:

    I have been wondering where Obama came from – how is it possible that a junior senator with 2 years at the national level a. organized so many states so quickly (even more than Edwards who has the experience of a national campaign and has been running since 2004), raised so much money (more than experienced politicians with years of building networks)? How is that someone only 2 years removed from the State of Illinios legislature know how to get a campaign plane – let alone 2? How did he get that primetime speeking spot at the 2004 convention in Boston? Then it dawned on me……he is the machine candidate of the old school dems.

    This is in effect another epic battle between the Clintons and the old guard in the democratic party that never liked them. They wanted to stop Hillary in the worst way and they picked the perfect puppet to do so. Why is he ” perfect”

    1. he is black. The Clintons have historically won at least partially on the strength of the AA vote. In order to beat them, they had to syphon off those votes.
    2. he is young so could appeal to youth vote
    3. relatively unknown and untested with no real voting record to attack
    4. relatively new to washington so could wear “outsider” mantel
    5. he is a good speaker

    This would be laughable if it wasn?t so tragic. All those Obama supporters who think they are backing someone who is going to change washington?.hah – He is the annointed one of the Washington insiders. HAH!!!!

    Post this everywhere if we make the sophisticates feel what they least like to feel – ridiculous and gullible; maybe they will start to think.

    3. Also post everywhere;

    The “Obama is a different type of politician” thing is SUCH CRAP!

    1. Against the war – sure he gave a speech in 2002 against the war (and was given cover by the senior senator from Illinois Dick Durban) but he didn’t vote against the war because HE WASN’T IN THE SENATE then. Since that time, he has voted with the majority supporting funding EVERY TIME. If he was so above political calcuation, why didn’t he vote his conscience….could it be that he knows he would have gotten the crap kicked out of him for “not supporting the troops”?
    2. Give me one other issue that he has shown leadership on and/or stood up for? Bottom line – doesn’t take any political risks.
    3. Goes down to SC and gives the “okedoke” speech to a black audience. Why wasn’t he called on that? Can you imagine if Hillary Clinton had gone into a nursing home and told the seniors that Obama was trying to trick them into supporting him? That was one of the most backhanded, politically-driven, race baiting moves I have ever seen. The press should have been all over that.
    4. Rezko, Rezko, Rezko
    5. Has raised more money than clinton from big pharma and far, far more than McCaine…..what did those big-time donors know that we don’t. Who was backing this guy?
    6. Exelon, Exelon, Exelon

    Again…we have to keep asking the questions until we shame them into covering this stuff.

    4. Go to TX or WI or OH and HELP. No question that the Obama team has out-organized us. I live in Boston and will be going to Ohio the weekend before the primary, I can pick up people along the way. Any takers.

    5. Of course, donate, donate, donate.

  303. Does anyone know how the 10.44 drive went?

    I got a couple of co-workers to donate with me

    and we would love to know the result.

  304. Hey all–

    Where can I find a dem for a day circular? It’s not on Taylor Marsh’s website that I could see.

    And isn’t the buying of the super delegates juicy. Where is Obama’s money coming from? It sure isn’t from those whacked out kids mooning over him in stadiums.

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