Deck ‘Em

We recently made the argument that MSNBC and NBC are already at war with the Hillary Clinton campaign and therefore Hillary should NOT participlate in NBC or MSNBC debates. NBC and MSNBC are particularly bad with regards to pushing anti-Hillary broadcasts but they are not alone.

Consider how Big Media is protecting Obama. This past weekend a remarkable story unfolded in the pages of the Chicago Sun-Times. Usually this type of story is catnip Big Media loves to play with. The story was an interview with an FBI “mole” deep inside the Antoin “Tony” Rezko organization. The story has lots of fun crime elements. There are FBI agents, wire tappings, tape recordings inside the organization and powerful politicians paying homage to the Don individual under investigation.

The Sun-Times story read like The Godfather when Mafia boss, Don Corleone, is said to ‘carry around politicians like so much pocket change’.

In this case the politicians in question are “not charged with any wrongdoing” but it is understood by many that at least one of those politicians is without doubt a target of the investigation. The Sun-Times article contains these two paragraphs:

But sources said that, for more than two years when he was giving information to agents, Thomas provided a fly-on-the-wall look inside Rezko’s real estate operations and his desperate attempts to keep his projects afloat.

Sources said Thomas also logged frequent visits to Rezko from Gov. Blagojevich and U.S. Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.). Blagojevich and Obama were among the many politicians for whom Rezko raised campaign cash. Neither has been charged with any wrongdoing.

Barack Obama has maintained a Bush and “Kenny boy Lay” defense with regards to Rezko. Obama has stated repeatedly that, well, Rezko is someone he hardly knew, someone Obama rarely saw. Yet an FBI “mole” asserts that U.S. Sen. Barack Obama (D-Rezko) made “frequent visits to Rezko” and Big Media does not bother to take notice.

A few days ago a comment was made in Obama Talking Points Memo which was sent to us:

In 2005 a property came on the market listed at about $2.6 million. It consisted of two legal lots maintained as a single unit and described as an ‘estate’ though totally only perhaps 15,000 sf. Two couples on the same day purchased the lots separately. One couple bought the house and one lot for $1.6 million, $300,000 under asking price. The other couple bought the other lot at the full price of $625,000 even though it had no physical access from the street. Subsequently the second couple sold 1/6th of that lot to the first couple reducing its size from 7500sf to 6150sf and since it was a corner lot reducing the potential building footprint to about 2800sf. The first couple paid a little over $100,000 for that 1/6th of the lot, over the appraised value but in line with the recent actual purchase price. After the purchase the second couple made no effort to establish access or to show use, instead they allowed the first couple to maintain the landscaping with access gained from a gate from the first couple’s lot. As a matter of law ‘open’ and ‘notorious’ use of property without objection from the owner of record can end up with ownership of that property transferring to the property user by the doctrine of adverse possession, unless there is an explicit lease agreement the first couple will over a period of time gain title to what was in origin and still in appearance being a fenced in side yard. The second couple financed the purchase with the aid of a $500,000 mortgage and after the sale of the 1/6th of the lot were left without any real cash investment in the property.

Without adding names if you put this theoretical scenario before a real estate broker or a mortgage broker and told them that the two couples had a multi-year personal and professional relationship the only logical conclusion would be mortgage fraud, the second couple colluding to secure the first couple a $2.6 million dollar mini-estate for a total of $1.71 million ($1.6 purchase, $125k for the 1/6th).

I don’t have anything against Obama but I do have a (inactive) real estate license and if as an agent I willingly participated in this transaction I would be liable to lose that license and possibly pay a big fine. This kind of deal may be business as usual in the City of Chicago but anywhere else this would raise some serious eyebrows and potentially the scrutiny of the State Board of Licensing. This deal not only looks bad, on any objective examination of the facts as we know them is bad. We start with a single use property under one party control, we end up with a property still with a single use under one party physical control. Everything about this shouts ‘sham transaction’ by the Rezkos on behalf of the Obamas and equates to an eventual $500,000 gift from the former to the latter once adverse possession kicks in (ten years in the State of Washington, Illinois time periods may vary).

Adverse possession was aborted, if ever that was the intention, when the whole stinking transaction was made public by Chicago newspapers. Maybe Big Media has so many entanglements in their home purchases that they do not see anything wrong with the Obama/Rezko financial marriage. And of course, there is simple out and out media bias.

Paul Krugman has some thoughts today with regards to the anti-Hillary Big Media bias. Krugman is too polite to mention his fellow New York Times columnists by name:

I won’t try for fake evenhandedness here: most of the venom I see is coming from supporters of Mr. Obama, who want their hero or nobody. I’m not the first to point out that the Obama campaign seems dangerously close to becoming a cult of personality. We’ve already had that from the Bush administration — remember Operation Flight Suit? We really don’t want to go there again.

What’s particularly saddening is the way many Obama supporters seem happy with the application of “Clinton rules” — the term a number of observers use for the way pundits and some news organizations treat any action or statement by the Clintons, no matter how innocuous, as proof of evil intent.

The prime example of Clinton rules in the 1990s was the way the press covered Whitewater. A small, failed land deal became the basis of a multiyear, multimillion-dollar investigation, which never found any evidence of wrongdoing on the Clintons’ part, yet the “scandal” became a symbol of the Clinton administration’s alleged corruption.

Multimillions to investigate Hillary Clinton, not even pocket change to vet Senator Obama. Krugman notes the “Clinton rules” applied to Al Gore as well. Krugman also warns the Josh Marshalls, the Kooks, and assorted PINOs that what goes around comes around:

I call it Clinton rules, but it’s a pattern that goes well beyond the Clintons. For example, Al Gore was subjected to Clinton rules during the 2000 campaign: anything he said, and some things he didn’t say (no, he never claimed to have invented the Internet), was held up as proof of his alleged character flaws.

For now, Clinton rules are working in Mr. Obama’s favor. But his supporters should not take comfort in that fact.

For one thing, Mrs. Clinton may yet be the nominee — and if Obama supporters care about anything beyond hero worship, they should want to see her win in November.

For another, if history is any guide, if Mr. Obama wins the nomination, he will quickly find himself being subjected to Clinton rules. Democrats always do.

Back to our central point. There is a problem with Big Media and Clinton rules. How do we fight that bias without taking on the whole Big Media establishment overtly?

Short of taking on all of Big Media overtly, make an example of NBC/MSNBC. DON’T PARTICIPATE IN NBC OR MSNBC DEBATES.

We also understand that the campaign does not want to get into a feud with Big Media in general, nor NBC/MSNBC in particular. But guys, Hillary campaign, get this: NBC and MSNBC are already at war with you. Fight back. DON’T PARTICIPATE IN NBC OR MSNBC DEBATES.

We recall when Hillary Clinton said:

”When you’re attacked, you have to deck your opponents,” Mrs. Clinton said to some laughter and applause. ”You can count on me to stand my ground and fight back.”

It’s time to “Deck ’em” Hill.


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  1. Absolutely. Let’s deck ’em tomorrow by donating $10.44 and then some. We’re at our best when we’re perceived to be down and we’re coming back, and coming back with a vengeance.

  2. hillary and o to debate on cnn in tx-austin. on feb 21. the snbc houston one appears a no go. austin is obama country. his strongest city an dof course he wants the debate there

  3. Admin: I agree. Let’s deck ’em tomorrow and the next day and the day after. I’m not giving up on this fight. I’ll donate until it hurts.

    As to the “adverse possession” claim made by the writer quoted, I’ve always assumed that the Obamas had the permission of the Rezkos to use this parcel of property. If so, then that would defeat the claim of adverse possession. Nonetheless, regardless of the legal theory it is certainly true that the Obamas have benefited from the Rezko’s purchase of the lot next door. And while the Clintons lost money in the Whitewater deal there is no way that the Obamas can say the same about their sweetheart deal.

    Yesterday, someone posted a quote from someone who worked with Obama and disputed his claims about his importance in one of his job. Has anyone read his books and looked into this. I never bought them even before I was anti-Obama because quite frankly I was always skeptical about someone writing an autobiography at such a young age, cynic that I am.

  4. Out of Bounds? NBC Newsman Suspended After Harsh Remark About Chelsea Clinton
    Monday , February 11, 2008

    This is a rush transcript from “Hannity & Colmes,” February 8, 2008. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.



    DAVID SHUSTER, NBC NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Doesn’t it seem like Chelsea is sort of being pimped out in some weird sort of way?

    UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No. Listen, if she didn’t want to be there, she wouldn’t be there. I mean, give Chelsea a break.


    HANNITY: And that was NBC News correspondent David Shuster using very inappropriate slang to describe Chelsea Clinton’s involvement in her mother’s campaign.

    Now, Hillary has responded by threatening to boycott any future NBC debates. And Shuster has been suspended and sidelined by the network.

    So joining us now, the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis, Tim Graham.

    Let’s talk specifically here. You know, I found — I don’t often agree with Howard Wolfson. But I found the comments, as he, you know, described them, as despicable, you know, inappropriate, out of touch, out of line.

    But then the question becomes what should — what would happen if it was me? What would have happened if it was Rush or Levine or Boortz? What would the reaction have been?

    TIM GRAHAM, MEDIA RESEARCH CENTER: It probably would have been worse. I would say this. I think somebody on the blogosphere today made a good point. And that is when you take a guy like David Shuster who’s supposed to be a reporter and you put him in this cheeky pundit or anchor role and you sort of expect him to say cute things, this is bound to happen. It is unfortunate.

    I would say this, however, Sean. Let me disagree with you just a tiny bit. And that is Chelsea Clinton now is 27 years old. She is not the 13-year-old that moved into the White House. And the problem that — we have a much greater problem in the United States today — that she’s been treated…

    HANNITY: But, Tim, to “pimp out” her daughter?

    GRAHAM: Right.

    HANNITY: You don’t find that? You know what? She’s a young lady. And by all accounts, I’ve got to be honest. She conducts herself with class. She seems like a nice kid. Leave the children of candidates alone. Leave them all alone, even if they’re campaigning. I think it’s out of bounds. Leave Chelsea alone. I don’t think it’s fair.

    GRAHAM: Well, the younger you are, I guess the less you object. Maybe this — he should have made this comment on MTV News and we wouldn’t have heard about it.

    I’m simply saying that, in fact, Sean, The New York Times, for example, and other media outlets have reported on Chelsea and during this campaign cycle…

    HANNITY: I understand that.

    GRAHAM: … with such an enduring tone they really treat her like “Saint Chelsea.”

    HANNITY: Let me ask you this —because we’re running out of time. This is an important part of this question here, you know. Look, NBC News now, and he’s a part of it, they have gone so far over to the left wing. I mean, that’s who they are. That’s what they do. That’s how they’re making their living.

    I understand it. I don’t even have a problem with it, as long as the public is aware that they’re not getting news. They’re getting left-wing style opinion.

    But here’s my point. You know what? I’m very concerned that any time somebody makes a mistake [now] they can’t revise and extend their remarks. They can’t really, sincerely apologize — make an apology. They can’t try to make good without the groups coming in, threatening advertisers, trying to shut them down and trying to silence them.

    And in that sense, NBC News ought to allow any anchor to make a mistake or two over the years, as long as it was a sincere mistake and they make the proper amends. And I think in that sense I don’t want to see these people fired from making a mistake on the air, because they’re going to go after all of us in the end. No one can make a mistake.

    I’m not perfect. I’ve said dumb things. It may surprise you.

    ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: You’re not?

    HANNITY: You know, I don’t want to live in that environment. I don’t think it’s good.

    COLMES: We only have a second here. Go ahead. Go ahead and respond.

    GRAHAM: Well, there is a double standard. Keith Olbermann could come on and say that Bush is responsible for killing 3,500 Americans. Or remember when he called Chris Wallace a “monkey posing as a newscaster”? You know…

    COLMES: Well, you want to change the debate here and make it about — about other people, or that you conservatives are the poor put-upon people. This was a knock at Chelsea Clinton by a reporter at a network you’re claiming is left wing and part of the crowd. And yet, it was a knock against the Clintons.

    Wasn’t it John McCain who also did a joke and said she was the daughter of Janet Reno and Hillary Clinton? Chelsea Clinton. And of course, he apologized for the joke.

    These are the things that conservatives are doing, it seems, to knock the Clintons.

    GRAHAM: Well, David is not a conservative. I mean, I don’t think — everything that you’ve looked at David Shuster saying in the last five years since he joined MSNBC or whatever, not a conservative. I mean, this is a typical liberal journalist.

    COLMES: Right. But the point is, this is not a plot to go after the Clintons. It’s not the crowd going after the Clintons. This is just a reckless statement that any one of us could make at any time in this business.

    And Sean and I tend to agree on this kind of issue, where if you’re in front of a microphone all the time, you know, something’s probably going to slip out at some point for which you’re going to have to say, “I’m sorry”…

    GRAHAM: I’m simply saying I think we do have way too much sensitivity toward Chelsea Clinton. The New York Times, again, this piece that Jodi Kantor wrote last year. She sort of said people are so excited that her lips moved and sound came out. There is just too much worship there.

    COLMES: … is that what David Shuster says? You’re going to defend his comments?

    GRAHAM: No, I’m simply saying there’s a hyper-sensitivity that we treat her like she’s 13. I’m saying I’m agreeing with you. Why would you ban somebody for saying something like that, when you know, people in our public life…

    COLMES: He should get his job back at some point. But Sean is right that this is — we shouldn’t be going after the kids of candidates and the people in office.

    Thank you very much, Tim, for being with us.,2933,330281,00.html
    This made me laugh out loud!!! Foxnews is more fair and balance then scumbags NBC/MSNBC. Where is a good journalist when you need one…I just we going to have to dig them out of the graveyard.

  5. You know, I would just bet more people in VA and MD want Hillary president. I hope they just take the time to get to the polls.

  6. I’m confused about the Politco “debate” tonight. I thought Obama reconsidered and was going to attend? Did he change his mind again?

    One more thing about the Edwards situation: The N.Y. Times said the meeting was postponed because Obama didn’t like all the press attention about it. Sounds like Edwards’ people leaked all the meeting stuff to gin up interest in his endorsement. Wonder why they leaked it before he actually met with Obama?

  7. OMG, I heard back from arrogant Will. He is DEFINITELY drinking the Kool Aid. Scratch that, taking it IV.

    Good post on Deck ’em! I have asked a friend, a HUGE Hillary supporter whom I met at a rally, to this site. He posted a sign-waving event (which was all we could do here) and I went. I have been to his home and it is wall-to-wall Hillary.

  8. People one thing stupid democrats forget and I have said it here before the justice department is in republican hands until there is a new president
    Do not kid yourself Obama they will get you

  9. I have been debating myself all day about Hillary’s refusal to attack Obama anymore. I actualy liked it when Bill when after him. Bill was right.!! The Obama camp slings mud, plays dirty and screams foul if anything they put out comes back a them. Look at the Nevada caucuses. They have been intimidating Hillary supporters in the caucus states ever since. I know the media furor went against Bill. But the media is going to go against Hill no matter what. So why not Fight! The guy won’t debate, is attacking Bill’s presidency, is utilizing caucuses to undermine a fair vote in the primaries, reverses himself on the superdelegates depending upon how it looks to him at the moment. It wasn’t right when the VA gov. brought up all the race baiting crapola al over again and nobody on Hillary’s side said a word. Hillary has always said she could fight. Does anyone know why she is taking this other tack?

  10. Seems Axelrod just contradicted his own candidate on superdelegates:

    AXELROD: I think that the role of the superdelegate is to act as, sort of, a party elder. These are elected officials from across the country and they’re supposed to exercise their judgment as to what would be best for the party. And as they look at this, they need to decide who would be the strongest candidate for the party…
    LAUER: David, you’re not answering. Should those two senators vote for Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton?
    AXELROD: I think they and all the superdelegates should vote according to what they think is best for the party and the country. And I think that we need the strongest possible candidate against John McCain…

  11. From previous thread:
    MJ – was it MJ? Wonderful analysis of the numbers. Way to keep it in perspective! I just am appalled at the role of caucuses in selecting our nominee. This is an issue for our next DNC Chair (after Dean gets the boot for making a hash of this process).
    H4T – may I use excerpts from your letter to GE? Well done!
    And as for the new article – adverse possession – probably was the plan that went awry. And, as BO’s use of the side-yard is unnecessary to access their own property, it probably wouldn’t qualify as an innocent “easement.” So, who would prosecute mortgage fraud? IL attorney general? Not too likely. And, the Feds are pretty busy. However, when Rezko declares bankruptcy or when the bank takes back the property from foreclosure – BO & Michelle probably will be offered “sweetheart deal, part deux” in the form of a foreclosure sale – in the ol’ Illinois combine sleight of hand.
    Double ugh.

  12. When and where is the HRC Politico interview?


    Yup – I NEVER thought I’d be saying this but Fox is the only news channel I tune into these days.

  13. I said so, Space. I saw it as soon as I read his email, why I posted here so pissed last night.

    Anyone else notice this? Taylor’s got a post up about the Axelrod superdelegate thing and Obama says:

    “Obama said superdelegates “would have to think long and hard about how they approach the nomination when the people they claim to represent have said, ‘Obama’s our guy.’ ”

    –He’s running against a woman, and he’s making his sex very clear there specifically by using “guy” and also using what I think is the typical societally-accepted arrogance from too many I’m-entitled males. Like, “How can anyone doubt he’s the right one for president—he only needs to be male—that’s enough.”

    I’ve noticed Obama supporters, in the media and out, usually use sexist terms like that: “gifted spokesman,” “the right man for the job,” “he’s our guy,” and so on. Boy’s club terminology. KEEP THE WOMEN OUT, it says. This isn’t women’s work; this is big-shot MEN’S work. No women need apply. Speaking, leading, inspiring—only males can do that, never females, only males should be in charge and looked up to, never females. Classic patriarchal posturing.

    I can’t stand this sexist exclusionary terminology, why I use the words person and people a lot, by themselves and as word-endings. Unfortunately, many people use the sexist man-terms, period, in these situations, and Obama and his crowd are playing society’s gender bias and sexism to the hilt against Clinton.

    I do NOT want this same-old same-old sexist misogynistic exclusionary patriarchal thinks-he’s-entitled MALE in office. No way would I vote for him. I wish other women would take a stand here, as someone on Taylor’s site also keeps saying—WCMB is her initials I think.

  14. Seems Axelrod just contradicted his own candidate on superdelegates:

    AXELROD: I think that the role of the superdelegate is to act as, sort of, a party elder. These are elected officials from across the country and they’re supposed to exercise their judgment as to what would be best for the party. And as they look at this, they need to decide who would be the strongest candidate for the party…
    LAUER: David, you’re not answering. Should those two senators vote for Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton?
    AXELROD: I think they and all the superdelegates should vote according to what they think is best for the party and the country. And I think that we need the strongest possible candidate against John McCain…
    He had to do it, Obama is pissing the SD off. It’s called damage control.

  15. WHITE MARSH, Maryland (CNN) — Hillary Clinton on Monday explained away Barack Obama’s clean sweep of the weekend’s caucuses and primaries as a product of a caucus system that favors “activists” and, in the case of the Louisiana primary, an energized African-American community.

    She told reporters who had gathered to watch her tour a General Motors plant here that “everybody knew, you all knew, what the likely outcome of these recent contests were.”

    “These are caucus states by and large, or in the case of Louisiana, you know, a very strong and very proud African-American electorate, which I totally respect and understand.”

    Clinton has publicly dismissed the caucus voting system since before Super Tuesday, seeking to lower expectations heading into a series of contests that played to Obama’s advantage. His campaign features what many consider to be a stronger and more dedicated grassroots organization than Clinton’s.

    Noting that “my husband never did well in caucus states either,” Clinton argued that caucuses are “primarily dominated by activists” and that “they don’t represent the electorate, we know that.”

    The New York senator went out of her way to say she was “absolutely” looking forward to the Ohio and Texas primaries in March, where she believes voters are more receptive to her bread-and-butter message.

    She also downplayed many of Obama’s Super Tuesday victories, describing them as states that Democrats should not expect to win in November.

    “It is highly unlikely we will win Alaska or North Dakota or Idaho or Nebraska,” she said, naming several of Obama’s red state wins. “But we have to win Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Florida, Michigan … And we’ve got to be competitive in places like Texas, Missouri and Oklahoma.”

  16. YEEHAW! Have y’all seen the updated home page! I SWEAR it is because I called Campaign HQ last week! I FEEL SO PROUD!

  17. Did you hear Woolfson’s remarks to press about Super Delegates? He quoted Axelrod at a news conference. TWICE to reiterate the Press “got it”

    It was SO GREAT to hear it. Especially at the end. Tied him up good!

  18. linfar- I think that Clintons are refusing to go negative because of establishment and media backlash that resulted unfairly before SC, not to mention how that could affect superdelegates. Also, not to stir up more of this VP talk, but an advisor to the SoCal campaign told me that you also never know if there would be a VP situation in the future – Obama VP – and therefore the acrimony should be low-key as possible.

  19. Can you believe they are reporting the AP number with an Obama lead when the numbers are actually 46-41 Clinton lead? Unbelievable.

  20. Blue Democrat
    I think they realized that if delegates voted the way the popular vote in their respective states went or will go, that Obama would lose by a bigger margin in the end.

  21. is there anyone from Ohio on this board? – would like to hear how GOTV is shaping up. If no one from Ohio – we should recruit someone!

  22. mj,
    Yeah, they tripped me up with that this morning. Thought we were down till I saw it on TV (there usual trick is to go whatever numbers favor BO, usually his matchup vs. McCain); that’s why I posted.

    Yeah, plus it was an indefensible position. Glad to see the campaign got out an effective talking point. It makes a big difference!


    We are midway through the campaign for the nomination, and women’s votes are more important than ever!

    Across the country, women have stepped up to vote to Hillary: In California, which Hillary won by 10 percentage points, women made up 55% of the electorate. Women overwhelmingly voted for her 59% to 34% – the margin of victory. In Tennessee, which Hillary won by 13 percentage points, women made up 59% of the electorate. Women supported Hillary 58% to 38%, making the difference in the win!

    After February 12, we’re focused on the next states coming up: Wisconsin on February 19 and Rhode Island, Vermont, and mega-states Ohio and Texas on March 4, with hundreds of delegates at stake.


    Women supporters made the difference on Super Tuesday with their strong volunteer efforts, calling voters across the county at in Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) parties, and calling from cell phones and home phones using the campaign’s new computerized system that does the dialing for you.

    The National Journal reported on a BYOP party hosted by Robyn Ritter Simon:
    “By night’s end, they had contacted dozens of prospective voters and exchanged yelps of congratulation each time they reached a supporter.”
    The San Francisco Chronicle wrote about the difference the phone calls made:
    “Averell ‘Ace’ Smith, Clinton’s California campaign manager, directed a statewide army of volunteers with cell phones dialing furiously for voters. The team made 2 million calls over the final weekend of the campaign — and a million more from 5 to 8 p.m. on Super Tuesday alone — to reach the absentee voters, women and Latinos who had been identified as likely Clinton supporters in the Democratic primary.

    “‘We did something that, to my knowledge, no one has ever done,’ Smith said Wednesday. ‘We talked to every one of those people we knew were Hillary supporters — and we made sure they cast their ballot.'”
    And women sent personal emails to their friends urging them to vote for Hillary. Sylvia J. Rolinski wrote a passionate letter of support to her networks:
    “Her work over the years in standing up for other women is manifest — and as such, I believe it’s my turn to stand up for her. Hillary is highly effective, and battle-tested, stronger, wiser and more determined than ever to lead this country out of the terrible consequences of this failed administration to a better future for all — you, me, our children and the U.S.’s participation in the global arena.”

    With the race for the Democratic nomination so close — Hillary is counting on us to make the difference. Each phone call, door knock, email and dollar you contribute will have a significant impact on this race.


    Rebecca M. Patton, MSN, RN, CNOR, president of the American Nurses Association, joined Hillary on the campaign trail at a “Nurses for Hillary” event in Tacoma, Washington, last week following the organization’s endorsement.

    Hillary spoke about her universal health care plan to a “backdrop of nurses” at the University of the Puget Sound.
    “We at the American Nurses Association believe that Hillary Clinton has shown a commitment to implementing real change in our health care system to ensure high quality, affordable and accessible care for all Americans,” Patton told the crowd.
    To read more about the event, click here. To watch a clip, click here.


    Hillary announced that long time friend and advisor Maggie Williams will serve as campaign manager in this next phase of the campaign, saying:
    “Patti Solis Doyle has done an extraordinary job in getting us to this point – within reach of the nomination – and I am enormously grateful for her friendship and her outstanding work?. I look forward to her continued advice in the months ahead. Patti and I have worked with Maggie Williams for more than a decade. I am lucky to have Maggie on board and I know she will lead our campaign with great skill towards the nomination.”

    Since the polls closed on Tuesday, the campaign has raised over $10 million online. We know that lots of you responded. Now we’ve added a special women’s link, to show Hillary that we are there for her! To donate and help Hillary now, click here.

    Make Calls: Making calls is easy. Look for an email tomorrow on a targeted calling tool that will allow you to call undecided women in upcoming contests in Ohio, Texas, and Wisconsin!
    Donate: At this critical stage of the campaign, every dollar you give will help us put staff in upcoming primary and caucus states and get Hillary’s message out. Our special link for women to donate ensures that Hillary knows that women across the country are supporting her now. Go to to give today.

  24. Basil, it was that press conference someone here sent a link to. It was towards the end of the last string. About 3pm or so. I can find it but have dinner on the stove. brb

  25. good to be optimistic about VA, but I like and think we should focus on wisconsis coming up! has almost same number of delegates as VA, though I do hope we can do well in VA, maybe even HAwaii!

  26. * Read these touching messages (especially the last one) from supporters on Hillary’s home page…..



    “Donated $50.00 last night and another $50.00 tonight to answer the call! I’ve never contributed to a campaign before. i wasn’t sure I’d ever live long enough to see a woman President! I can’t tell you how that means to me! I am so greatful to this strong courageous woman for walking this path.”
    – Teresa from Decatur, GA


    “I am an independent voter, a a veteran and a generally cranky conservative. My wife and I and my daughters have all contributed have all contributed to you Hillary and we will again. This is too important a time to have you run out of money. Stay strong and Good Luck.”
    – Phil from Tempe, AZ


    “I am so happy I just gave a $10 donation and I plan to give another $10 next week. I hope this can help Hillary. I wish I could send her more. I will try my best to give her as much as I possibly can. Go Hillary!! You can do it!!!!!!”
    – Audrey from Staten Island, NY


    “I am a 43 year old woman who has never voted in my lifetime. Within the last 6 months, I have been inspired to not only get involved in the political process and have registered to vote, but I want to be part of history by electing Hillary Clinton as President of the United States. I have just made my second contribution to her campaign. Go Hillary!”
    – Susan from Pottstown, PA


    “I just asked my wife where I can take her for dinner on Valentine’s. She said it would really mean a lot more to her if I contributed the dinner money instead to Hillary. I just did.”
    – Rene from Sugar Hill, GA


    “Go Hillary! When we elect the next President, she will be the 44th President of the U.S. Every payday and days in between, I pledge to contribute to the campaign at least $14.44, in the spirit that Hillary will be our 44th President.”
    – Jill from Pompano Beach, FL


    “I donated 10 dollars last night and will donate more tonight. I am 22 years old, married with 2 children. I am not even in the middle class. I am low class. I will donate and work as hard as I can to help Hillary win. My two daughters are 2 and 4 and we chant and cheer for Hillary at every speech we see. I want them to know anything is possible.”
    – Paul from Clearfield, PA

  27. I wrote back to the guy who posted the last one on the Blog. Told him NO ONE was low class. That one touched me too.

  28. Kingsgrove,

    Wonderful comments. I just donated for the first time in my life, too. $25.44.


    OK – I’ll Look for it Don’t burn your food. 😀


  29. Just got off the phone with my 86 y/o mother. Now keep in mind she goes to church 3 or 4 times a week and usually does not curse. She asked me, “Did you hear Michelle Obama say that Hillary can not run her own house so how can she run the country” I said yes that I heard it and she responded with “That bitch just who the hell does she think she is?”
    She is calling to make a donation to Hillary now.

  30. I really don’t think jit seems to be trolling–that person had said s/he thought Virginia might go for Clinton. I think she just wants it to go for her. She’s responding to the numbers Blue Democrat posted above. I’ve got no idea if Virginia will. I’m waiting and seeing what develops, but not getting my hopes up in any way, I’m prepared for the worst and pleasantly surprised if any best happens.

  31. “Did you hear Michelle Obama say that Hillary can not run her own house so how can she run the country”

    –That whole thing was so totally disgustingly sexist (and of course the media never attacked her the way it attacked Bill). If Clinton were a man, her “house” most likely wouldn’t have been brought up, in my opinion. They just gotta keep us females in the kitchen, in the bedroom…even our own kind do it to us–other females!

  32. Thanks Kingsgrove, and I concur.

    Hill on tv on line, Politico at seven, i think.

    http:// www. politico. com / news / stories/0208/ 8404.html

  33. Tomorrow during the online fundraising, we need to send messages to support Hillary and staff as well.

    End them with Hillary is 44

    Let them know we are behind them

  34. basil9, Here it is:
    Politico editor-in-chief John F. Harris and ABC 7 News anchor Leon Harris are interviewing Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama on Monday — one day before the Chesapeake primaries in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. — and you can submit questions for us to ask the Democratic presidential hopefuls.

    The discussions will air live at 7 p.m. Monday on ABC 7 News and News Channel 8 and will be streamed on

  35. Problem w/ starting on the last page of the story…you miss the most imortant clues.

    so a copy from end of last thread:

    Emjay Says:

    February 11th, 2008 at 6:32 pm
    Just came back on board, and as is my wont, always start from the most recent’

    Did I read right from Hill4Tex???

    David Shuster ended up RESIGNING???

  36. Okay, how many damnd debates is this gonna woose out on? Isn’t anyone in his campaign trying to tell him that THIS LOOKS BAD?

    And what the heck is OB gonna do if some world leader challenges him on something, duck out cause it’s too hard?

    Geez louise…

  37. Hillary continues to hold strong nationally, among Dems. Today’s Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll numbers:

    Clinton 46%
    Obama 41%

  38. clintondem, admin, kings,

    thanks. I couldn’t pull up the politico live stream and the tv guide listing doesn’t mention an ABC discussion!

    Grrrrrrrrrrrr – it’s so hard to get info. i’ll tune to local ABC at 7 and see if it’s being aired.

  39. Fox News, Obama Bound By Brotherly Love
    February 11, 2008
    Relations between Sen. Barack Obama and Fox News Channel haven’t exactly been warm since the Illinois Democrat began his presidential campaign.

    A year ago, the cable-news leader pounced on a scurrilous report (since debunked) that Obama attended a radical Islamist madrassa as a child. Later he joined fellow Democrats in boycotting a Fox-sponsored debate.

    Since then, a thaw seems to have set in. Obama has appeared on Fox News several times since the madrassa flap. And while he declined an invitation to debate Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) on Feb. 11, his demure probably had more to do with strategy than partisanship.

    As it turns out Fox News and the Obama campaign are bound by blood.

    David Rhodes, Fox News’ vice president of news, is the older brother of Ben Rhodes, one of the speechwriters responsible for Obama’s orotund oratory.

    David, 34, who has been with Fox News since its 1996 inception, is responsible for the network’s news coverage. But while some will no doubt look for evidence of punches pulled—or redoubled, as it were—in Fox’s Obama coverage, David says brother Ben is discreet.

    “He’s very careful not to give me any particular insight into his job,” he says.

    So what do they talk about when they go out for a beer?

    “We both share a tremendous interest in politics, so obviously that comes up,” he adds. “Lately we’ve both been very busy, so there haven’t been a lot of beers.”

  40. emjay – looking at google news, i don’t see anywhere where Shuster resigned – only a satire article that’s saying this, but that’s not real news.

  41. Yeah, duck out and then hit the wrong button when he comes back home, starting WWIII against that leader.

    LOL! And then he’ll raise his hand and state, for the record , that he pushed the wrong button. 😉

  42. I was trying to google to see if Schuster had indeed resigned. Haven’t found anything, but I did see this interesting take on sexism from Margery Egan of the Boston Herald. Make sure to vote!

  43. # tiburones Says:
    February 11th, 2008 at 6:14 pm

    Did you guys see this story about the AP poll Hill vs Obama? Apparently Hill was up 46-41 but the media reported it Obama 46, Hill 41. It’s just be clarified that it was Hill was up but of course all the news shows went with Obama winnning.

    Let’s see how many will clarify. I don’t trust the media. I expect zogby to come out with a poll right before Ohio/Tx showing Bambi up by 20 pts.
    Shaking my head. I do not trust the media.

  44. Hillary never asked for asked for the resignation or dismissal of shuster. She pointed to the pattern of behavior at NBC. A$$ holes like Joshua Marshall should be ashamed of themselves for miss representing her position.

    Dear Mr. Capus,

    Thank you for your call yesterday. I wanted to send you this note to convey the depth of my feeling about David Shuster’s comments.

    I know that I am a public figure and that my daughter is playing a public role in my campaign. I am accustomed to criticism, certainly from MSNBC. I know that it goes with the territory.

    However, I became Chelsea’s mother long before I ran for any office and I will always be a mom first and a public official second.

    Nothing justifies the kind of debasing language that David Shuster used and no temporary suspension or half hearted apology is sufficient.

    I would urge you to look at the pattern of behavior on your network that seems to repeatedly lead to this sort of degrading language.

    There’s a lot at stake for our country in this election. Surely, you can do your jobs as journalists and commentators and still keep the discourse civil and appropriate.


    Hillary Rodham Clinton

  45. Guys, I have a media protest idea that should be simple enough for everyone. We all know the power of visuals, right? And a lot of people want to protest, but aren’t sure what to put in a long letter.

    When I emailed my longish letter to Phil Griffin and Steve Capus of MSNBC today, I included a picture of my 1-year old granddaughter, arguing that it was for her sake that I continued to push for an end to the sexism in the media.

    My idea is this: Let’s start a national campaign with a name. Let’s call it “FOR HER SAKE”. I want the media to be flooded with emails that consist of only this:

    A picture attachment of any young woman in your life. Your daughter, your granddaughter, your niece, whoever. Send the photo, with the simple words: “Stop the sexism in the media, for her sake.”

    I want the media outlets to have picture after picture after picture in their inboxes and in their snail mail, a flood of all the real living breathing young girls whose futures they are hurting.

    I will be sending this idea to NOW, and hoping they will get on board.

    Let’s make this a simple, visually compelling campaign. FOR HER SAKE.

  46. Sources: Gore won’t endorse

    (CNN) – He’s the most prominent Democrat yet to take a side in the presidential election, but two sources close to Al Gore tell us not to expect the former vice president to endorse either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama any time during the primary season.

    The sources say Gore talks with both Clinton and Obama, and is on good terms with both. But with Sen. John Kerry and Bill Clinton both aligned to a candidate, Gore has a role to serve as the neutral elder statesman in the party.

    If an agreement needs to be struck between Clinton and Obama down the road, Gore is in position to be the likely facilitator of that discussion.

    Gore also will want to work closely with whoever wins the nomination to promote an environmental agenda.

    As for two other major Democrats yet to endorse a candidate: sources close to both Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi say neither individuals have endorsement plans.

    – CNN’s Jessica Yellin

  47. What is the link for the Virginia stream on Politico? I don’t see a streaming video anywhere on that site.

  48. “TPS Says:

    February 11th, 2008 at 6:51 pm
    mj, the demographics are bad. 35% AA vote, lots of wealthy latte liberal”

    TPS, which state are you talking about?

  49. From Taylor Marsh – OPERATION FOR HER SAKE:

    Guys, I have a media protest idea that should be simple enough for everyone. We all know the power of visuals, right? And a lot of people want to protest, but aren’t sure what to put in a long letter.

    When I emailed my longish letter to Phil Griffin and Steve Capus of MSNBC today, I included a picture of my 1-year old granddaughter, arguing that it was for her sake that I continued to push for an end to the sexism in the media.

    My idea is this: Let’s start a national campaign with a name. Let’s call it “FOR HER SAKE”. I want the media to be flooded with emails that consist of only this:

    A picture attachment of any young woman in your life. Your daughter, your granddaughter, your niece, whoever. Send the photo, with the simple words: “Stop the sexism in the media, for her sake.”

    I want the media outlets to have picture after picture after picture in their inboxes and in their snail mail, a flood of all the real living breathing young girls whose futures they are hurting.

    I will be sending this idea to NOW, and hoping they will get on board.

    Let’s make this a simple, visually compelling campaign. FOR HER SAKE.
    WMCB | 02.11.2008 – 6:46 pm | #

  50. Take a look at politico front page. “Hillary badly needs VA win”. We all know Obama is leading her by nearly 20 points there, so why say that?

  51. can’t find it anywhere on politico. The cynic in me says they’ll probably start streaming once hillary’s portion is done at 7:30 and give us Bambi in all his glory. I hope not, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they pulled something like that

  52. Have you read the questions? They are HORRIBLE and juvenile. IIs THIS obama nation?

    I wrote one in “Senator Clinton, At a time when our nation has pressing problems with the economy, health care, a war and many other things, do you feel, in reading these questions, that your opponents supporters are “Changing the tone” and the “way politics is done?”

  53. “elder statesman”

    …There it is again, that patriarchal crap. I’m so sick of seeing this terminology in the media, especially about this election. I guess it’s supposed to sound awe-inspiring and noble and jaw-dropping and–oh!–it just makes me want to worship some big elder man….not.

  54. If you are a wealthy liberal wouldn’t you want someone you can trust in when it comes to managing the economy ? Like, if you have high worth investments or are running a business and making good money wouldn’t economic issues be weighing heavily on your mind ? The economic forecasts are scary so why would you put your trust in someone like BO when there is a someone who is obviously more studious and smarter to steady the ship ? Wouldn’t you want to continue to be well-off ?!!

    I just don’t get it. Perhaps its something in that latte that they drink .

  55. You know, the Virginia papers are also saying that Hillary needs a win but I dont’ think thats bad that they are saying that. It might motivate people supporting Hillary to get out there and vote tomorrow.

  56. You all see Politico has a site called “Kingmaker” re: the elections.

    Welcome to ObamaNation:

    Do you consider what your husband did in the Oval office cheating? If not how would you define a husband cheating on his wife?

    HL DeVore

    #27Feb. 8, 2008 – 9:53 PM EST

    How do you feel about a chimp taking over after your husband?

    After your husband admitted to “in fact having an inappropriate relationship” with “that woman” he flew to Martha’s Vineyard. The next day he fired cruise missiles at Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan and a pharmaceutical factory in the Sudan. Do you think that you would taken the same course of action if you were President despite the “unfortunate” timing.

    HL DeVore

    Hillary—I need your help. Can you give your unique insight on this statement: “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is”? Your husband, President Bill Clinton, lied under oath concerning this topic so I’m wondering if you could help clear this up for all of us.

    Sincerely, Monica Lewinsky

  57. has anyone had any luck with debate? on politico? or on local tv?

    if so please let the rest of us know what is happening…thx

  58. dt, I agree with you. McCain and BO scare me on the economy.

    I think the rich folks have just drunk the Kool Aid and aren’t thinking any more.

    Heck, I know people who are on Social Security who adore BO and refuse to make the connection. He’s the Second Coming and that’s it.

    OTOH, I know people who think he’s phonier than a three dollar bill.

    I just don’t like this kind of cultism mixed with politics.

  59. AmericanGal, I agree with you. I think some soft support up for grabs could shift to Hillary by hopefully a few points if people think she really needs this. Obviously, the demographics are just not good for us in Virginia, but if we can come within 15 delegates I would be happy. There’s a pretty good impartial analysis of each congressional district and how it might break at

  60. The U.K. papers are getting on my nerves with all all the crap they/re spewing.

    Never seen so many people actively trying to influence our election. I wouldn’t mind it so much, if they knew what they were doing but they have this all wrong. They haven’t a clue about our electorial system…oh well bring it on media people, bring it on.

  61. Have any of you been doing calls in Wisconsin? I am not getting a good feeling from the calls I have been doing. People are really picking up on the media narrative, one woman said she thought Hillary was most prepared but she doesn’t like the “tone” of her campaign and that Bill has said racially divisive things, another said Hillary’s campaign must be in trouble since she changed campaign managers. I tried to explain a little bit, at least about the campaign manager thing, but after I explained that it really wasn’t a huge shift, she said well the news says it is….


  62. So why and when did Bambi back out of this debate, anyway? He must have been scheduled to participate if the wrote all those stories about it. What reasons did he give for backing out.

  63. Ben Smith:

    Forum tech note

    The WJLA/Politico interviews with Clinton and Obama will be up sometime after 8:00 p.m. on, but there’s no live stream.

    Apologies for the confusion, which was mine.

  64. Latest SurveyUSA polls from MD, VA (today):

    VA: Obama 60, Clinton 38

    MD: Obama 55, Clinton 32

    Anyone know how that would translate into delegates, if the numbers hold? Just curious.

  65. Grey at Taylor’s place posted this:

    “Asked about Obama being labeled as “most liberal,” Clinton says: “I’m not going to characterise my opponent that way. It’s a Republican talking point and I won’t do it.”

    –What did I say yesterday, peoples? (Yes, I’m an I-told-you-so person–tough nuggies! hehe)

    Try not to use their talking points, not even to attack Obama. Those talking points will likely come back and bite Clinton on the ass if her campaign and her supporters help turn that word into a really dirty one.

    Anyway, she’s doing so great!

  66. Whoo-hoo! I finally got around to creating an account and actually calling for Hillary. It wasn’t bad. I have made 2 c alls so far.
    1st one- she was a repub
    2nd one- will definitely be voting for Hillary

    My goal is to make 20 calls tonight. 18 more to go.

    Guys, it’s not hard. I just have to do it when there is no noise in the background.

  67. tiburones, Are the people to call Repubs, Dems and indys? I’m surprised you got a Repub there, lol. Are you calling WI?

  68. Another morsel: NBC’s Andrea Mitchell added tonight that John edwards was impressed after his meeting with HRC as she brought very specific policy proposals that address his “signature” issue of poverty.

    Hadn’t heard that before, despite all the speculation.

  69. NAACP Denounces Political E-mail as a Hoax
    February 11, 2008 – 6:39pm

    BALTIMORE – The NAACP on Monday denounced as a hoax an e-mail purportedly written by the head of the civil rights group titled: “Your Ten Reasons to Choose Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton.”

    “I did not write the ’10 reasons’ and have not and will not support or oppose any candidate or party for president,” NAACP Chairman Julian Bond said in a statement.

    Bond also said the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People “is studiously nonpartisan and does not engage in partisan politics.”

    “This is a political dirty trick and a fraud, calculated to confuse,” Bond said.

    Richard McIntire, a spokesman for the Baltimore-based civil rights group, said he first learned of the e-mail on Monday. McIntire also said it was not known who disseminated the e-mail or when it was first sent.

    The e-mail, which is more than 1,000 words long, mentions polling numbers and cites newspaper reports and endorsements.

    McIntire said the e-mail has been forwarded to the organization’s legal department.

    (Copyright 2008 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.)
    BALTIMORE – The NAACP on Monday denounced as a hoax an e-mail purportedly written by the head of the civil rights group titled: “Your Ten Reasons to Choose Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton.”

    “I did not write the ’10 reasons’ and have not and will not support or oppose any candidate or party for president,” NAACP Chairman Julian Bond said in a statement.

    Bond also said the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People “is studiously nonpartisan and does not engage in partisan politics.”

    “This is a political dirty trick and a fraud, calculated to confuse,” Bond said.

    Richard McIntire, a spokesman for the Baltimore-based civil rights group, said he first learned of the e-mail on Monday. McIntire also said it was not known who disseminated the e-mail or when it was first sent.

    The e-mail, which is more than 1,000 words long, mentions polling numbers and cites newspaper reports and endorsements.

    McIntire said the e-mail has been forwarded to the organization’s legal department.
    Have anyone see one here seen one of these emails?

  70. This election has revealed something I’ve always known but cannot stand to see in action: there are way too many self-hating, self-harming, self-defeating females in the world. It seems little has changed since many years ago when women like Ernestine Rose knocked on doors to get women to support her–and thereby support themSELVES–and many women closed the doors in her face.

  71. That was good news about Edwards….Maybe atip-off to O so he could get one together….instead of going in with nothing. Arrogant Bastard

  72. Someone asked why her campaign isn’t more aggressive; I think she’s caught between a rock and a hard place. Any criticism by her is pounced on by the media as some sort of vicious attack, so she’s essentially doing this with one hand tied behind her back.

    Also, Howard Wolfson made a salient point in that press conference today. He said he campaign didn’t have the resources to compete in the states immediately after TT. Explains a lot. Obama outraised her badly in January, as we all know.

  73. Wisconsin may be tough for Hillary. I live across the river from Wisconsin and we have upwards of 8,000 college students in this town. A large number are from Wisconsin. They will cross the river on Feb. 19 to vote in their home state primary. The same thing will happen in the Twin Cities. Wisconsin itself has several cities with U of Wisconsin campuses, plus it borders Illinois.

    However, I just sent this suggestion to the Clinton campaign via their website. Have Chelsea visit as many college campuses as she can in Wisconsin. In addition, Hillary needs to get out to the rural and blue collar areas of the state. If John Glenn has indeed endorsed Hillary he should go to Wisconsin as well. That state has been home to several astronauts in the past few years and I think someone like Glenn would draw crowds and get people to listen. We don’t get a lot of political celebrities around these parts.

    I dont’ think it’s impossible for Hillary and I am not being negative here. It’s just that there needs to be a plan to capitalize on the demographics of the state and to get her message out. Many people in the rural areas may be getting their information from the television media so they don’t have a balanced view of who Hillary is and who Obama really is.

  74. Part of an email from Media Matters I just got. Did you see this!!!!
    There are links in it and it is longer, but the gist is to write to Steve Capus

    Dear Friend,

    During the past year, three MSNBC commentators have been suspended, reprimanded, fired, or forced to apologize for their sexist and/or racist comments. Rather than address these problems by proactively moving to make certain they do not happen in the first place, MSNBC has instead decided to use these controversies as part of an advertising campaign to promote its political coverage.

    That’s right — MSNBC has turned the recent mea culpa by Hardball host Chris Matthews for his sexist comments into an advertising campaign, using clips of his statement to push MSNBC programming. Left on the cutting room floor, of course, are the portions in which Matthews acknowledged having been “callous,” “nasty,” and “dismissive” toward Sen. Hillary Clinton.

    The pattern of sexism at MSNBC doesn’t stop there. Last year MSNBC canceled its simulcast of host Don Imus’ show for his racist and sexist comments targeting the Rutgers women’s basketball players. It was only after a widespread outcry by individuals, employees of the network, and many organizations, including Media Matters, that the network took action. At the time, NBC News President Steve Capus promised to “continue the dialogue about what is appropriate conduct and speech.”

    The latest example of the systemic problem of sexism and misogyny on MSNBC’s airwaves came last week from correspondent David Shuster when he stated, while talking about Chelsea Clinton’s campaign activities on behalf of her mother, “doesn’t it seem like Chelsea’s sort of being pimped out in some weird sort of way” by Sen. Clinton’s presidential campaign. Following criticism from many who found Shuster’s comments indefensible and demeaning, MSNBC suspended Shuster indefinitely and aired an apology from him that evening.

  75. Yahoo’s pulling out all stops “Do genes play a role when determining candidates?” is the latest headline. Now they’re coming out with the biological determinism crap. They just can’t stop.

  76. I think it’s great that people are calling Wisconsin for Hillary…I think it will really have an impact…

  77. And Obama rides the m-word–see what I mean about that fucking word? People should know what it is by now. DON’T USE IT. That’s THEIR narrative.

  78. I’m right now calling Chinese and Japanese American in DC and Virginia.

    keep going guys – call as many people as possible – MangoMist – do not be discouraged if people are swayed by the media – you know her policies better than most, and if they’re somewhat undecided, you have an opportunity to get them into the Clinton corner.

  79. Final Ark. results show Clinton wins with 70 pct, Huckabee 60 pct

    By The Associated Press
    Monday, February 11, 2008 4:45 PM CST

    Two familiar faces in Arkansas easily won last week’s primary elections, according to complete but unofficial election results.

    Former first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and former governor Mike Huckabee won the Democratic and Republican presidential primaries last week. Because of deadly tornadoes and storms that hit the state on Super Tuesday, tabulation of election results was delayed. Craighead County, the final county to finish counting ballots, submitted its results Monday.

    With all 2,480 precincts reporting, Clinton got 217,313 votes, or 70 percent. Barack Obama received 80,774 votes, or 26 percent. John Edwards, who has dropped out of the race, received 5,845 votes.

    On the Republican side, Huckabee got 136,216 votes, or 60 percent. John McCain received 45,563 votes, or 20 percent. Mitt Romney, who has since suspended his campaign, received 30,453 votes, or 14 percent. Ron Paul got 10,740 votes, or 5 percent.

    For the Green Party, “uncommitted” received the most votes, at 432. Former U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney of Georgia received 160 votes, or 21 percent.

    Clinton received the most support _ more than 76 percent of the vote _ in the state’s first congressional district, which includes eastern and northeastern Arkansas. Obama saw the highest percentage of support in the state’s second congressional district in central Arkansas, where he picked up 32 percent of the vote.

    Huckabee, a Hope native, saw the most support in the state’s fourth congressional district in southern and western Arkansas, where he got more than 66 percent of the vote. McCain received his highest vote percentage in the second congressional district, where he picked up 22.5 percent of the vote.

    A service of the Associated Press(AP)

  80. Well for what it’s worth, I don’t think Bambi has any real “m” anyway. Not right now. I think MSM likes to say that, but that doesn’t make it true.

  81. Overflow crowd hears Chelsea Clinton pitch for her mother

    Associated Press – February 11, 2008 6:15 PM ET

    MADISON, Wis. (AP) – Chelsea Clinton told an overflow crowd at the University of Wisconsin-Madison student union today that Wisconsin voters will see more of her mom and her family than they may want to in coming days.

    She made three stops in Wisconsin on Monday to campaign for her mother, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    Chelsea Clinton says that her mother will be in Madison but she didn’t know when. Her first stop in Wisconsin isn’t scheduled until Saturday in Milwaukee.

    One person chided Chelsea Clinton for calling Democratic super delegates to get their support for her mom. She defended it, saying she tries to talk to as many voters as she can.

    Copyright 2008 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

  82. I’m gonna look into the making calls-thing. I probably won’t be comfortable doing it but I’ll look into it….

    it’s really not hard, Fran. The first few times you feel alittle antsy and weird, but then it gets pretty easy. I don’t read the script anymore….just put the idea of the script into my own words. Try it, what’s the worst that can happen? You’ll get hung up on? 🙂

  83. Be skeptical about anything that comes out of Andrea Mitchell’s mouth. She may just be trying to raise expectations for an Edwards endordement.

  84. AmericanGal, I like your ideas about Wisconsin.

    Bill Nelson from FL is a former astronaut too, and a good friend of the Clintons. Maybe he and Glenn could team up.

  85. TV ALERT:

    ABC Nightline TONIGHT @ 11:35 p.m. ET
    Clinton Camp Shakes up Campaign

    Video preview:

  86. Apparently there’s a front page story coming tomorrow in the NY Times no one is going to like.

    From what I see of it so far it looks like conjecture based on what’s already out there/been printed. (but it’s a very undesirable headline, so Frannie you might wanna pass on this one!)

    it’s at HuffPost, for those who care to know….

  87. From the blogs:
    by Mjoynaples
    2/11/2008 4:27:12 PM
    Hillary, KEEP going-the caucus doesnot show the truth-in Maine there were people who came in to the caucus (driving through a snowstorm) and BEFORE the vote happened were not allowed to vote -5 of them were for you Hillary! Also in Portland MAINE they were overwhelmed with people and they were turned away or their information wrong and they had to go to other lines and the people were frustrated and did not stay to vote-lots of confusion also the best kept secret in MAINE where you could do an absent caucus ballot and they barely informed people especially the elders… WHO DO NOT GO OUTSIDE EXCEPT TO VOTE FOR THE REAL ELECTION!!!!!!! no one understands what a caucus is or at least older folks and they do not go out… something needs to change here!!! KEEP AT IT HILLARY YOU ARE THE ONE FOR PRESIDENT-you inspire, you lead, you are right and ready and while I appreciate poetry I would rather see it enacted in your working for the people and by the people in this country making a difference and helping so many of us that need health care, lower college cost and jobs that pay for us to live and pay our bills and own our homes!!!!!

    MADAME PRESIDENT keep at it!!!! VOTE HILLARY -donate this week, give up the valentine gifts together and give what you can we need the ads and tv time and radio time!!!!

  88. Americangal,

    So it’s over???? That’s it???? WAPOS.

    The article said ‘back2-back interviews so I guess his is coming up next. Thanks for the link but this is so disgusting.

    is Coming to San Antonio!

    Solutions for America Rally on Wednesday, February 13th!

    The Town Meeting is set to take place at the Bill Greehey Arena at St. Mary’s University. Doors will open at 5:30 pm.

  90. Austin will host a debate between Democratic Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.
    It will take place Feb. 21 at 7 p.m. on the UT Campus.
    The Texans for Obama Web site says the debate will be at the LBJ School of Public Affairs.
    CNN will broadcast the debate. The Univision Network will air the debate in Spanish at 10:30 p.m.
    Univision and CNN each will each provide a journalist to pose questions in the debate. CNN will provide the moderator.
    The debate is just 12 days before the March 4 Texas primary.

  91. Politico:

    Clinton hits Obama on transparency, style
    By: Mike Allen
    February 11, 2008 08:00 PM EST

    Senator Hillary Rodham (D-N.Y.) mocked Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) tonight for his high-flown rhetoric, suggesting she would fight important fights when he would back down.

    Clinton, speaking on WJLA Channel 7 in Washington and, also promised there would be no new scandals involving her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

    The senator was asked a question from a reader in Santa Monica, Calif., who was seeking assurance that “no new business or personal scandal involving Bill Clinton” could erupt if she were in the White House and give fodder to Republicans.

    “You know, I can assure this reader that that is not going to happen,” she said. “You know, none of us can predict the future, no matter who we are and what we are running for, but I am very confident that that will not happen.”

    During the half-hour conversation, she said that when she hears Obama’s oratory about a more civil politics, she wonder what fights he would avoid.

    “You never hear the specifics,” Clinton said. “It’s all this kind of abstract, general talk about how we all need to get along. I want to get along, and I have gotten along, in the Senate. I will work with Republicans to find common cause whenever I can. But I will also stand my ground because there are fights worth having.”

    Clinton also suggested that she was getting more fair coverage from Fox News than from MSNBC, which recently ran afoul of her campaign when correspondent David Shuster said her daughter Chelsea Clinton had been “pimped” out to help with the election.

    “I really am troubled by this pattern of behavior and comments that you hear,” she said.

    Despite going 0-5 in recent contests, Clinton said she was winning in the big states where Democrats will need to prevail in the fall.

    “I think things have gone well,” she said. “I’ve been around a long time – so, you know, sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down. I’ve been through all of that. But I feel

    Clinton added: “The history-making nature of my candidacy and Senator Obama’s candidacy – it’s just thrilling to me.”

    On other issues:

    —About Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), she cracked: “Luckily, I agree with my party more than Senator McCain agrees with his party.”

    —She said the delegates she won in Michigan and Florida should count toward the nomination, even though the Democratic National Committee said the states would be punished for moving their contests so early.

    Clinton was the only major Democratic candidate on the ballot in Michigan, and she was the only candidate to fly into Florida the night of the election.

    “I think that both Michigan and Florida should count, because these are two states we have to carry,” she said. “This is not about so much as the ins and outs of the Democratic National Committee as to whether the Democrats are going to win in the fall.

    “In Michigan, all of us had a chance to leave our names on the ballot – I chose to do so,” she continued. “My opponents ran a very vigorous campaign to get people to vote ‘uncontested.’ There was a campaign going on – it was a campaign against me, and I still won a majority.

    “I think that the Democratic Party has to be looking very realistically about what it is we’re trying to achieve here. We need to win in November. … I think that both in Michigan and in Florida, the Democratic Party should really give these people who came out and voted – they weren’t involved in the rulemaking. Give them a chance.”

    — On Iraq, Clinton called the Bush administration’s plan for a “pause” in planned troop drawdowns “such a disheartening piece of news.”

    “There is no military solution and it is time that the Iraqis understood that,” she said after noting that U.S. troops had done everything they have been asked to do.

    —WJLA showed back-to-back interviews with Obama and Clinton. Originally, the station had offered a debate, but Obama declined. Obama has accepted one debate in Ohio and one in Texas. Clinton said she hopes he will join her in accepting many more.

    “It seems kind of strange because he’s always talking about how we need to, you know, let the voters know where we stand,” she said. “I think the debate really concentrates attention.”

    —Clinton said she eats hot peppers because “years ago, I was told that hot peppers would keep me healthy.”

    – “Jalapenos, banana peppers – any kind of hot peppers,” she said. “I eat them raw, I eat them cooked. I don’t whether it’s for everybody, but it’s worked for me.

    Those who think they can and those who think they can’t are both right.

    Murals for your home or business

  92. I looked. HuffingobamaPost (as in he’s their sniffing drug) is anti-Clinton overall and right-wingish. Very little to no Clinton support there, escept for some of the bloggers like Jong and other writers and celebrities. Some of the most misogynistic things I’ve heard said about Clinton came from there, in the comments especially. I believe HP’s content like I believe Bush when he opens his mouth.

    I’m sure Clinton’s been feeling strain, but I bet Obama’s been feeling five times as much. DON’T BELIEVE THE SPIN is what I will continue to say. Thanks for the heads-up though, Blue Dem.

  93. some thoughts on all the comments and back and forth…as for the Obama charm factor…he does not do it for me…truthfully I find him redundant, rather boring…he tends to be extremely long winded and goes on and one without saying much and personally I do not like that staccato style he uses in speaking…it annoys me…

    …as far as the media…let’s face it…for the time being there is a media blackout on anything negative about Obama…I actually heard Joe Scarborough let is slip out one morning…that re: Rezco ‘no one wanted to talk about any of that right now’…I have also heard John McLaughlin refer to Rezco more than once…as if for both of them to say…it is on reserve until the right time and evidently helping Hillary isn’t it…

    …my brother is an attorney in Rhode Island with 32 delegates…little old Rhody as we like to call it, has always been the bluest (while smallest) state in the country…I assume Hill will do great there however I thought I would ask him the current pulse…he replied “Hillary will be the nominee”

    …last night’s 60 minutes interviews said a lot…Hillary giving detailed and substantial answers…Obama stating he has been vetted by the Clinton machine, which I find laughable since she cannot attack without the MSM going beserk and Obama is personally attacking not only Hillary, but Bill daily…I, for one, will not be able to forgive him for that…today he is quoted as calling them “the same old cast of characters” that lack of deference and respect towards his own party is too much for me…imo, he is too ambitious and too desperate to win and cannot be trusted…as someone said previously…there are no presidential caucuses and I am reading on blogs and hearing people on washington journal say ‘they are republican and hate Hillary, so they are voting for Obama in primary…but will not vote for him in general’ he is a disaster in the making…

    …and meanwhile we have our girl, Hillary, who somehow has the inner strength to remain poised, graceful, gracious, positive, smart, prepared and strong…(all I can say is the DNC better seat those Florida and Michigan delegates and have those votes count or there will be hell to pay for Hill)

    …I have emailed everyone I know about tomorrow’s collective support for Hillary…so tomorrow we continue our push forward in mass and take some deep breaths…because we are not quitting or quitters…we will all just dig in and find that inner strength that Hillary inspires and we will fight harder and tougher right up to the very end…

    I truly hope that Maggie will take off at least one glove…and we need to start fighting some fire with fire…we cannot always turn the other cheek…

  94. mj, just about her aides losing hope in her campaign, that she’s slipping and worried about primaries coming up. The same stuff people have been saying all along, but now with the campaign change–they’re using it again, which is to be expected. When I hear that negativity from the horse’s mouth–Clinton–I’ll believe it.

  95. I am in Pittsburgh a stones throw from Ohio and everytime I check the campaign site for events within a 50 mile radius I come up empty. Hill is ahead in PA but the obama campaign has had students on the ground here all along I hear and see nothing of her prescence.

  96. Yet another instance of Obama’s calling/implying Clinton’s her OLD. AGEIST MISOGYNISTIC PATRIARCH. God, I can’t stand him. I’m sick of people calling him young. He’s 46, if he were a woman he wouldn’t be called young. He’d be called an older woman. 46 is middle-aged.

  97. Tim, carby and others have posted numerous articles here talking about where the campaign’s been working. They were good ones too with good stuff from Clinton’s mouth. They weren’t in PA, but they were elsewhere VA, I think, and WI. Why not try contacting the campaign directly and asking them to get more presence there?

  98. One person chided Chelsea Clinton for calling Democratic super delegates to get their support for her mom. She defended it, saying she tries to talk to as many voters as she can.

    Probably a rude Obama supporter.

  99. No….people live to be 110 (in tibet) now, so middle age doesn’t start until late 50’s.

    I saw a very scientific report on this. I’m not lying. 😉

  100. Calling Chinese Americans in VA, and getting very good response – especially from the women who are telling me that their mothers and friends are all voting for Clinton.

  101. But the Catholic vote in MD? The conservative vote in VA? I just don’t get what is happening. My gues is white men are iding with Obama.

  102. I wouldn’t worry about the NYT’s article as previewed on Huffpo. If anything, it might help draw some votes our way, as undecideds and soft bambi support start actually thinking Hillary might not make it. Many, many people, will come back to her because they want her to have a chance. Just like it happened in NH. If Hillary is considered the underdog then that can only benefit her. We here now that she has a solid coalition, she now has good cash coming in, and her national numbers are solid– ie there’s a bedrock of support that is not going to go down. So, perversely enough, even though the article seems negative, it might turn out to be a good thing.

  103. I read the article on the Times Web site. I recommend people do that. It basically says she needs to win OH and TX. I think we all agree with that.

  104. The NYT article is already online and not as bad as HuffPo makes it out to be. Makes clear that TX, OH are ‘must wins’ in light of the slew of Feb defeats.

  105. the Chinese men aren’t as immediately effusive as the women about Clinton, but seems they are mostly for Clinton, and some say, “well, my wife’s for Clinton.”

  106. Obama is still bringing in $1 million a day, though, so she needs to keep up with that. The $10 mill was a start, but she needs more.

  107. Where on earth does his money come from??? I mean I know his base is richer, but every single day 1 million?

  108. I honestly think the campaign needs to fight back hard now, pull out those guns more because, at this point, no matter what they do or say or don’t do or say, the Clintons will probably be called racist. His base is AA in large part; he and his supporters keep using that the-Clintons-are-racist tactic. However, that will get old soon, it will start sounding like crying wolf if he does, even to black people, the ones not swallowing his kool-aid especially. And she is getting small support there–there isn’t that much to lose. I’m sorry to say this, but that’s the way the numbers continue to look to me.

    I saw a black woman on another blog saying that if Obama weren’t black she wouldn’t be voting for him because she has reservations about everything else about him…what a genius position that is. While I want to see a female win president, I would NEVER support Ann Coulter–or any other woman I had many reservations about. I understand some women may feel this way about Clinton, with many reservations, but they need to examine why they feel that way because I think they too have been affected by the years and years and YEARS of antiClinton propaganda. Their hatred seems very baseless.

    No one is above criticism, and I think Obama deserves a lot. He seems like a terrible antiwoman person, a Bush wannabe, with a monumental ego, and for all that and other reasons, he must be criticized. Universe forbid, he should be sitting as president some day, people must continue up a tirade of negativity against him NOW, or I think he will wind up being an untouchable politician that no one can speak against for fear of reprisals….sound familiar? Like the people who got fired from jobs for speaking out against Herr Bush and other dubbed-antigovernment stuff?

    I don’t like the dynamic in this country this creep has now helped set continue and will likely set up. I just do not.

  109. “I have heard from many people that there are some Republican deep pockets behind Obama.”

    –I think this should be obvious to many by now….

  110. Was anyone watching his interview? Someone on taylormarsh said that he said his achievement in washington that he is most proud of is voting against the iraq war!!!!!! Can anyone confirm he said thsi? That is the biggest lie ever. HE WAS NOT IN WASHINGTON, HE NEVER HAD THE CHANCE TO VOTE AGAINST IT, AND HE NEVER DID ANYTHING AFTERWARDS TO STOP IT Can someone confirm?

  111. “Where on earth does his money come from??? I mean I know his base is richer, but every single day 1 million?”

    — Just out of curiosity, I signed up on Obama’s website last year, to see what kind of emails they send out to supporters. Basically, every day the Obama campaign sends out a couple emails to supporters, asking for money. By contrast, the Clinton campaign only sends out emails every now and then. While I think the Clinton approach is much more respectful and less “pushy,” it’s hard to deny that Obama’s tactics seems to be working.

  112. For once I hope that the polls are wrong for VA tomorrow. An upset would be great but that is wishful thinking. I’m hoping that at least she will keep it close.

    On a positive notes, I made calls for the first time for Hillary using her call tool at
    I made about 13 calls so far- all to women. I am so pleased, I got 5 definite for Hillary, 1 who was a Republican, 1 who voted by absentee for Obama, 1 whose husband said that she was deceased(that was awkward- kept me on the phone for quite a bit telling me how great a life he had with her and how she was taken away 6mths ago- he was in his 80’s), 1 busy tone, and left 5 voice mail messages.

    If you are feeling useless and want to help Hillary. Please donate and/or definitely make phone calls. This can help her more than you know.

    I’m trying to do 20 before 9pm. Right now, it’s Wisconsin that I’m calling.
    tiburones | 02.11.2008 – 8:30 pm | #

  113. thanks Fran…we can’t let our opposition get our spirits down…like Bill used to say ‘we have to focus like a lazer beam’ and double up on our efforts…

    btw…what is going on with Taylor’s site…it keeps coming up can’t find server????

  114. JH – Nor Sen. McCain – that’s very true. What I wonder is, since you came to Washington, what’s the toughest decision you’ve had to make? What made is so hard? And what does that tell us about you as president?

    BO: Well, obviously legislative decisions come up all the time. So one very difficult decision was deciding to vote against the Iraq war. I had consistently said that I wanted to make sure our troops got the adequate and training in the war effort, despite the fact that I opposed the war at the point that the president decided to double down and send more troops.


  115. Andrea Mitchell also said tonight that Bambi’s aides told her the meeting with Edwards was canceled because Bambi was being followed by press helicopters.


    To paraphrase Roger Ailes (Fox), if he can’t stand up to press helicopters, how will he be able to stand up to al-Qaeda ?

  116. Also, I’m sorry I had to say that above about that black woman–no offense to all the brainy black women here! But her ridiculous position made me sick. People voted for BUSH using that mindset, and look at what that got us….

  117. Idunn
    i love you
    you have put a smile or an emoticon on my face for at least a week
    other than that i went to my local firehouses with the nyt description of HRC endorsement i walked in and simply said this is something you might want to read. My reception was warm. I just handed over the facts. Maybe everyone in ohio pa texaz could dothe same

  118. Carville on CNN said something similar that TX and OH she needs to win.

    calling Virginia – was interesting to hear one caller say that making the choice between the candidates is so hard and personal now that most people don’t even want to say. sounds like a very intense political atmosphere there.

  119. FWIW, I didn’t take any offense, Fran. Us Hillfans in my family are always fighting the Obamatons in the family for exactly the reason you stated.

  120. politico are such bambi shills– although they interviewed him after Hillary they already have a full transcript up for him, while we have to make do with a recap of hillary’s interview.

  121. Idunn
    i love you

    Yeah yeah…you ain’t getting any. 😉

    But seriously, I’m glad if I did anything to keep you feeling lighthearted through all this, Tim.

  122. timjcain,

    I am in Pittsburgh a stones throw from Ohio and everytime I check the campaign site for events within a 50 mile radius I come up empty.

    Hillary will be in Youngstown this Thursday and Cleveland on Friday. Not sure if Youngstown is in your 50 mile radius, but it’s close.

    Chelsea will be at Ohio State University in Columbus this Wednesday.

    President Clinton to follow.

  123. meiyingsu Says:
    February 11th, 2008 at 7:38 pm

    tiburones, where did you
    I called Wisconsin, area code (414)
    Paula: I made about 16 calls
    I got 5 definitely supporting Hillary, 1 Repub, 1 man who said that his wife was deceased- very awkward- died 6mths ago, he just wanted to talk, 1 voted absentee for Obama, 1 busy tone and the remainder was voice mail to which I left a message. Not bad.

    it is interesting that the list was all women.

  124. the call lists are women because that was one of the campaign’s strategies – but on some level it has worked to build her a nearly unshakeable foundation of women.

  125. If you have a Facebook account, write a note encouraging others to participate in tomorrow’s money bomb. If you have a MySpace account, write a bulletin encouraging others to participate in tomorrow’s money bomb. If you have access to the internet, e-mail your friends and co-workers or post an ad on Craigslist encouraging others to participate in tomorrow’s money bomb.

    I have copied the text of OkieAttny’s web site and used it as my announcement, included here for your use:

    We’ve got a unique opportunity to help our country by helping our candidate of choice, Hillary Clinton. She’s been there for us time and time again, so let’s show our support and the strength of our cause by each donating $10.44 on February 12, 2008.

    Here are the reasons:

    First, Obama supporters think they own democracy. Let’s show them they don’t. Democracy belongs to the people and leaders should be in it for the people, not for cult-like adulation.

    Second, if they can give $5, we can give $10. If they can give a pint of blood, we can give two. Point is, our resolve is bigger than theirs. We will make it hurt twice as much because we are stronger and our candidate is better.

    Third, the 44 cent designation shows we have faith that she is destined to be “44.” Hillary Clinton is and will be the 44th President of the United States of America.

    Fourth, the small amount is doable for the majority of people. If you question whether it is for you, forgo eating out that day or give another amount, but leave the 44 cent designation to show you know Hillary is 44.

    Fifth and more importantly, we have our girl’s back. She’s not only fighting a tough campaign, but she is also fighting the MSM, the GOP and the rampant sexism ingrained in our society. We have her back, and in times like these where her message is being drowned out by the evil that men do, we can help buy her a little more voice so that our voice, the voice of the people- the voice of the disenfranchised voters in Florida and Michigan, the poor, the elderly, the infirm without access to medical care, the veterans deserted by their own countrymen……. IS HEARD LOUD AND CLEAR.

    So join us on February 12th and show some love for our girl. Go to and donate $10.44 and make sure the rest of the world hears the message that Hillary is 44!


    And if you’re interested in volunteering to help the campaign, go here:

  126. hmmph. most of politico is process questions and very little about what bho would do as president.

    The problem is, that we’ve got a position, often times by the NRA that says any regulation whatsoever is the camel’s nose under the tent.

    here he goes again calling out the nra. BAD IDEA if you want to win national elections

    and his iraq answer is weird. we know he didn’t vote against it (and i think clearly he must have been talking about funding though you know media would rake hill over the coals for misspeaking like that). but this is odd –
    despite the fact that I opposed the war at the point that the president decided to double down and send more troops
    was there a point when he didn’t oppose it in between or what is he saying? and the way he talks about that funding vote.. said he wanted to do one thing, voted the other way, despite wanting to send a signal of support for the troops? anyway..

  127. yeah, my list was all women too, I made 11 calls and got about 5 people on the phone, all undecided and leaning Obama.

  128. Here’s a key graf in the Times article:

    Campaign advisers said they expect Ms. Williams to bring new energy to both the campaign team and to Mrs. Clinton, after a long year of campaigning, and to encourage Mrs. Clinton to show more spunk and determination on the campaign trail.

  129. any regulation whatsoever is the camel’s nose under the tent.

    Okay, excuse me, what the hell does this mean?! “Ummm…when the moon is in the 7th house, and the rocks weep tears for Osiris…”

    Fucking mumbo jumbo mouth!

  130. another_reader, And the GOP/NRA will use that 1996 questionnaire where he said he wanted to ban handguns to beat the shit out of him in the GE.

  131. all undecided and leaning Obama.

    Did you use that as an opportunity to explain to them why OB’s healthcare plan won’t work? Or explain to them that he neve actually voted against the war, and has voted exactly as Hillary has since he came to the us senate?

  132. timjcain, where did you find that firefighters text? All I can find on Google is just the announcement of the endorsement.

  133. okay
    we can sit here and bemoan the egregious treatment President HIllay Clinton has REC’D by the main stream media or we can fight fire with fire. Boycott or take action. The obama nation does.
    I dropped off the nyfd new york times article about hill to my local firehouse and they ate it up. And i hope they will share that info with thier families friens et al.
    if nothing ele i believe i have made a few people think about the kool-aid

  134. The evangelism/cult thing is yet another big problem I have with him, just like with Bush. I do NOT want to live in an antiwoman theocracy. I need a ticket to Jupiter-quick!

  135. Seriously, is that camels nose under the tent thing some kind of ancient saying that I don’t know? I’m not kidding this time….really…what does that mean?

  136. yes – if you get undecideds on the phone – be chatty, be upbeat – try to get them to continue the conversation, and blow them away with your knowledge of Hillary Clinton’s ideas and policies.

    I heard one guy say (of course, on Air America) that he got an unfriendly call from the campaign and decided to go Obama – so, from that story – I am the nicest possible person on the phone. At the very least, it gives someone a good impression of the campaign, and if they are even slightly undecided while voting, they might remember that call.

  137. Oh….lollolol!

    an old Arabian proverb: “If the camel once gets his nose in the tent, his body will soon follow.”

  138. That was my intention, but the nature of their concerns did not allow for it. I asked them if they had any specific concerns or questions about Hillary’s policies that I could help address. And one woman said that she had no doubt Hillary was great on policy, but that her issues with Hillary are philosophical. She said she didn’t like the “tone” and hardball politics of her campaign so she was leaning towards Barack. I said very nicely that campaigns are hard faught and there has been a lot of back and forth, but that ultimately, I think we should be voting for the person who is most ready to move the country forward, and she said that she would support Clinton in teh general if that’s what happened, but she didn’t know that she could support her in the primary. Another woman said she was worried because the news says Clinton’s campaign is falling apart because she is switching campaign managers and I explained that it wasn’t a shake-up, but that Ms. Williams has been working all along and she is simply taking the lead role while Ms. Solis-Doyle serves as an advisor and that was because Ms. Solis-Doyle wanted more time with her family. She said that’s not what the news says, and I suggested she look at the staent that Ms. Solis-Doyle released…I mean there isn’t very far to go on that, you know? The concerns these people have are not real, they are media created, but they don’t understand that. I think that’s one reaon Hillary has a hard time going negative, the media kills her for it, even when the media is lying, people believe it!

    i have no idea what the link was but it was in the new york times the official endorsement would havemeant more but i lacking internet savvy just took the article. we can all donate but we can also do little things like this to make her our prez. and in my experience(5 or 6 firehouses) i watched each individual read. I didn’t speak let the fdny and the new york times do that.

  140. We need to get that nyc firefighters endorsement out to every firehouse in Wisconsin, Texas, and Ohio…is there any way we could get it out given that most of us are not in any of those states? Maybe we could get a list of firehouses and start mailing copies with handwritten notes? It wouldn’t be that hard if there were a bunch of us working on it…that letter, and the other one on Democratic Daily from the doctor who worked with Senator Clinton at 9/11

  141. …It sounds like an expression for “slippery slope.” But, um, why couldn’t he use something like that? …Instead, he used something middle-eastern sounding? A potential president with ties to other countries (IMO) speaking in arab (Muslim?) proverbs? Am I in the right country?

  142. Hi gang….any good website folks out there? I just registered two domain names with the INTENTION of setting up a “fight fire with fire” sight, for women…but I don’t know a damn thing! LOL! But I had to go out, get away and watch the night sky for a while, and it came to me….

    The INTENT is a place where women can come to tell of OTHER HRC (for now) related stories so that I (we!???) can compile them to use as leverage against BM. I am sure it will grow, if I can learn what the hell I am doing…but it is in HONOR of Hillary., and dot com. 🙂

  143. Well Fran, you should have heard him at a rally the other day talking about Africa. I think he’s seriously obsessed with africa. Maybe he OUGHT to focus himself on America, huh?

  144. …Can I have my sane country back, pretty please? …Or maybe this place was NEVER sane? How could it have come to this if it had been sane at one time? My head hurts….

  145. nyfd endorsement given by hand to every police department, fire department and ems in the remaining states could mean a lot. yes we can email write whatever but what i did was walk into my local forehouse and simply asked them to read. soft cell works best in person

  146. Spacegirl, I’m terrible at computer stuff. But if you ever do get it up and running, let me know. I’ll contribute.

  147. I will, Idunn. I am about to be in a position to actually pay someone to do that type of thing. But I thought it important before some bot thought of it and co-opted the line as a place for more garbage. I will GIVE it to HRC if she ever wanted it!

  148. yeah, i agree, in person is best, but it is just hard for us to hit every single one and because I think it really could make an impact, I figure best to get it out to all, no?

  149. Hillary is fighting the fight as hard as she can. Those dopey questions on Politico are sickening.

    If Obama did say that one of his crowning achievements in office was to vote AGAINST the war…surely this is on tape somewhere.

    What an ad that would make.

  150. can sum1 register an obamasucks dot com? I’m sure that will generate HUGE htis…and the best part is, we don’t need to mention Hill 🙂

  151. in addition to 10.44 i implore everyone in a remaining state to personnally drop off a copy of hills endorsement by the nyfd if you can find it. 15 minutes out of your day but if we can get that vote there is no stopping us. And again i say that the firehouses where i did it responded very well. where has bambi been on first responders?

  152. Thanks Fran, I am pretty lame at that stuff too! USED to be super brilliant in computer graphics, but that has been a while. All I do now is paint.

  153. a copy of my former sister-in-law’s response to Katie Couric @ CBS

    I have, of course removed their names…

    To Ms Katie Couric:

    Now comes the time to speak truth to power;

    “…Miss Frigidaire…”

    addressed to a candidate for the POTUS?

    I am not a Democrat; neither is my 13 year old grand-daughter. She is off in her “study” writing an essay about you to be delivered this Friday at her social studies “free hour.”

    You will not be pleased at her analysis of you as a professional.

    The title of her paper is:
    ‘Who in the world do you think you are?’


    xx. xxxxxx xxxxxxxx

  154. I heard one guy say (of course, on Air America) that he got an unfriendly call from the campaign and decided to go Obama

    How do we know that the Obama camp isn’t using the Hillary call tool to make calls? Oh yeah that’s right, Obama is running a My Little Pony campaign and wouldn’t do that. He’s all about unity.

  155. but timjcain – you’re talking about dropping these off in the upcoming primary/caucus states right? we NEED to win the big states, and I’m happy to drop off stuff in TX or OH when I’m there.

  156. hillary needs to hit Obama.

    send out mailers, emails, do television spots, radio ads, verbally call out his lies in rallies and speeches, question his antics and words in debates, and we hill fans need to start some anti-obama stuff.

  157. Apparently another NY Times piece will be out tomorrow anonymously quoting superdelegates for HRC as “wavering”.

    This is all to be expected folks, Big Media trying to finish off the Clintons with all they’ve got. She’s still got two debates and at least 3 big primaries, and even a Dem talking head on Hannity & Colmes just now said make no mistake, FLA & MI delegates will be seated.
    John Glenn to endorse, maybe Edwards, maybe not.

    But either way, we can post and email and call all we want, but there are things only the cmapaign can do. And that means to start grinding this guy down, day by day, swing the momentum, win 2 of 3 March 4th, and go to the convention if necessary.
    All this talk about of destroying the party is bullshit.

    I want wicked factual compare & contrast ads on Obama. Now!

  158. Tiny Dancer – you don’t know – but people who use campaign calls or robocalls as an excuse are probably already leaning – HOWEVER, there is something to be said about the style and tone of the call because if some people feel strongly about it, then you smother them with niceness. They will remember that – and plant things like, my mom who’s a republican is supporting Hillary, or I’ve volunteered a 100 hours, etc etc. just little personal things. They will remember come voting time.

  159. OKAY
    THIS WILL BE IT FROM ME HILL GOT THE FDNY’ers endorsement people in you local departments may know that but if you print up a few copies they will find out why ten minutes to print and then just walk in and ask them to read.
    we owe a ground campaign to her she has been tremendous,

  160. I have not figured out why Hillary campaign did not take the New York Firefighters Endorsement absolutely nationwide. Everyone knows those firefighters and to see their endorsement…maybe get them to come out an rally with her in some states…

    They would have been very helpful in DC. Washington and Virginia…

    There are tons of great ideas coming out of here .. who is TeamHillary using for this job?

    SpaceGirlArt…if you can, please do so.

    She is working so hard but I do think her campaign staff is fumbling the ball in some areas, however, I expect this to change now.

  161. Blue Democrat, please don’t refer to stories on Dumbington Post unless otherwise there is something positive. This is all inside baseball on NY Times about worried campaign aides and donors. One more of the sky is falling inside the beltway stories. Real people out there don’t care. We are the donors and we don’t care. This is what many of us refer to as introducing negativity here.

  162. Hillary needs a spokesperson – publicist to hit back or Carville-type – remember from that the media did this to Gore too – as Krugman said today:

    “I call it Clinton rules, but it’s a pattern that goes well beyond the Clintons. For example, Al Gore was subjected to Clinton rules during the 2000 campaign: anything he said, and some things he didn’t say (no, he never claimed to have invented the Internet), was held up as proof of his alleged character flaws.”

  163. Blue Democrat, That’s the Patrick Healy story on the Web site. Please read it. It basically say she needs to win OH and TX. We all know that here; it’s kind of a no-brainer.

  164. Hmmm….

    As it turns out Fox News and the Obama campaign are bound by blood.
    David Rhodes, Fox News’ vice president of news, is the older brother of Ben Rhodes, one of the speechwriters responsible for Obama’s orotund oratory.
    David, 34, who has been with Fox News since its 1996 inception, is responsible for the network’s news coverage. But while some will no doubt look for evidence of punches pulled—or redoubled, as it were—in Fox’s Obama coverage, David says brother Ben is discreet.
    “He’s very careful not to give me any particular insight into his job,” he says.

  165. Hopefully you fine folks find this little tidbit about Obama being linked to FOX news as interesting.

    Cause it’s the last link I’m posting here.

  166. It’s funny to me that Obama keeps touting “Most states won!” as a reason why the superdelegates should flock to him. Is that going to be his game plan in the GE? Piss of FL/MI and try to turn some of the tiny red states blue and be all “I GOT THE MOST STATES!”

  167. INinla
    exactly caucas states are done but in most small communities fire/police/ems carry some weight. Fireman is a traditional male job filled with mysogyny and yet those we see as our hero choose hillary. PA OH are up for grab a lead means nothing– think about it the fireman at least considering hill over the hogwash spewed by big media being reminded of what she has done over the last 6 yrs. the media is not going to it so lets get on our feet.

  168. I would have been ALL over the FDNY endoresment too. Made little Hillary in 2009 FDNY calendars, t-shirts etc. That’s one of the endorsements I thought was pretty freakin’ cool.

  169. Blue Democrat, let me ask you, why do you keep referring to these negative media stories here? A number fo us have mentioned several times we don’t care much for this. Why do you keep doing that? There are people here talking about making phone calls, volunteering, linkign to positive stories, and generally trying to do something positive.

  170. Oh, hey y’all. I am thinking of creating plans to, if necessary, go to the convention in Denver, and bringing together Latinos and other HRC supporters, protesting if they do not immediately seat Florida and Michigan. 1968 all over again if necessary.

  171. OhGod…I went to look at articles posted about Obama and Emergency Management, in which I have been involved since Andrew 92-93 as a volunteer with Red Cross, then with the State of Florida in 2004 bad hurricane year…I have a 4.0 in EM, so I know what to look for. At EVERY article I found on BO and Emergency Response, THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. The hate-spewing ants of his campaign. Any article CRITICAL of his in any way brings a torrent of radical (and racial) remarks. They are like ants.

    Here is one that appalls me, but gives us some insight, maybe. My apologies to Mrs. Clinton. And THIS is the “New Tone and New Direction?”

    I am voting for Barack. This country has taken advantage of black people for too long and it is OUR TURN!

    The white trash who married Bill Clinton is not worthy of the black vote. They have not improved the lives of blacks when they were in power. Who can help me more? Barack.

    He, like me has experienced the stigma of being a descendant of southern slaves (Kansas) and I know that he will fo the right thing when he is in office.

    To anyone who is willing to listen, let us put Obama over the top again in Virginia, DC and Louisiana. Let us vote for our interests – like the good folks in South Carolina, Alabama and Georgia did!

    Let’s show the white trash Hillary that BLACK FOLKS OWN THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY!


    Obama ’08

  172. Idunn, all.
    The BO -Africa/Trinity Church/Kenya Connection from an article written by LAT humorist bert Prelutsky.
    Why is it, I wonder, that nobody is asking Barack Obama about his religious convictions? From what I’ve gathered, they’re far more fascinating than [former Massachusetts Gov.] Mitt Romney’s [R].
    For over 20 years, Sen, Obama has been a faithful member of Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ. The other day, I paid a visit to Trinity’s website. There I read that the vision statement of the TUCC is based upon something called the systematized liberation theology that began in 1969 with the publication of Dr. James Cone’s book, “Black Power and Black Theology.” Dr. Cone believes that black Christians should not follow the “White Church,” as it had failed to support them in their struggle for equal rights in America. I suspect that most white Christians would disagree.
    Trinity United boasts that it is a congregation “Unashamedly Black and Unapologetically Christian.” What’s more, “it is a congregation with a non-negotiable commitment to Africa. We are an African people, and remain true to our native land, the mother continent, the cradle of civilization.”
    Its pastor, Reverend Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr., has referred to “white arrogance” and “the United States of Whiter America.” To my ears, that sounds unashamedly black, but I’m not so sure about the unapologetically Christian.
    Furthermore, Rev. Wright’s church publishes a magazine, The Trumpet. Not too surprisingly, all things considered, the recipient of the 2007 Lifetime Achievement Trumpeter Award for Social Justice was none other than Louis Farrakhan, the fellow who plays the race card even better than he plays his violin.
    That being said, I have no idea how a member of a black church that apparently feels it owes greater allegiance to Africa than to America and that pays homage to a bigot like Farrakhan, has the gall to present himself as the one candidate who can bring us all together.
    To be fair, I acknowledge that he has a pleasant smile and speaks better than most politicians. The truth is, he sort of reminds me of David Duke.

  173. Paula

    I didn’t watch it, but Niece Smartee-pants, so named by her cousin, Nephew Smartee-Pants, would stay home from school to watch Katie’s every move, if allowed.

    It sounds like it was a 60 minutes interview and that Couric asked if it was true that our girl was called Miss F at school.

    I did not see it, but Becca was incensed, and at 13, has crossed her heroine, Katie, off her list, after a 3-yr adoration.

  174. I again called my relative in Ohio who is some kind of big shot in a county Party. I had asked him last week when we spoke if he could get some sense about how other counties were feeling about the OH primary. He reports that there is some support for the OB in the NE but most places are pulling for Hillary. He says that because Ohio got so burned last time in the Kerry-Bush thing, many in the Party are anxious to redeem themselves by picking someone who has a realistic chance of winning the GE. He said he did not have copies, but someone at the state level said that their own internal polls are showing Hillary with a nice lead at this point in most rural counties, SW and Central Ohio.
    Maybe this is why Glenn is going to endorse Hillary. Ohio is very short on high power dems. Since Glenn and Metzenbaum retired, it has been a string of GOP senators and Governors. Just since the last election in 2006 have things started to change as the national Party moved to the center a bit. I would have to think they are a bit nervous that the Party may move too much to the left with Obambi. Hence their support for Hillary. She is the only one who can beat McCain and she will be perceived as more in the center. Both are good for Ohio.

    I was exiled to Wisconsin in 1991/92. Wonderful people but sooooo cold. While there I did some volunteer work for Bill Clinton in the primary. It was very close. Almost lost to Jerry Brown. It has been years since I left, but I think Obambi will go after the UW Madison crowd and large AA population in Milwaukee county. Other parts of the state such as Green Bay/Appleton, Oshkosh, and the smaller towns in central, the NW, and along Lake Michigan can be had for Hillary. Lots of industry like MI and Ohio. Wisconsin is a strange mixture of La Follette populists and mid-western type conservatives. Hard to figure out. If Hillary can afford to invest time and money, she can win.

  175. Let’s show the white trash Hillary that black folks own the democratic party??

    Are you serious. Those obamabots are so into uniting the country aren’t they? 🙄

  176. I kid you not. from this article: In New Orleans, Obama talks joy after Katrina’s pain

    by Mike Dorning

    in “The Swamp” a tribune paper

  177. Obama is not a decendent of slaves. Indeed, I believe it was revealed his white lineage owned slaves. Keny was not even part of the slave market.

  178. paula, yes, that is the 2nd time he has called out nra, he did it in the last debate too. it kind of went past me but some livebloggers on kos were like, oh no, he just lost a lot of states with that. they’re a very powerful group.. why not let sleeping dogs lie instead of saying that..

  179. SpacegirlArt, it is possible that wingnuts are posing as AA on some of these points just to roil the waters. Web gives anonymity and we never know who is saying these things. AAs never use the term white trash. It is often used by upper class whites to refer to poorer whites.

  180. TPS,
    I’ll answer because you asked respectfully. I want to know everything; Perhaps – or better put apparently – not everyone feels that way.
    If you notice I almost never just slap up an article without some kind of comment, idea, suggestion as to what should be done.
    I just can’t stop thinking about this stuff – all of it designed to help Hillary win!
    I certainly don’t appreciate being scolded for doing so, appreciate even less hints at me being some type of internet troll.
    You can scour the planet and not find a a bigger Clniton supporter than me – but those are just words. I have the deeds to prove it.
    Fine, you guys just want happy news, that’s your right.
    I’ll stop by and scan what’s going on. I just will not post.
    But again I will say, I cannot believe this campaign does not have a fully-functional Hillary support site. It boggles my fucking mind, that and a lot of the other shit I’ve been seeing.
    John, I find stuff all over, that was the point, to try to bring it together for other Hillary supporters! I already know this stuff once I find it!!!
    I’ll email you next tidbit I find so you can reach me. Later.

  181. I’m with you Hawk! I’ll be in Denver protesting. I’ll burn my bra! LoL.

    Speaking of Latinos, I was looking at the the demographics for Oregon (I know, thinking way ahead) and it’s 10% hispanic, that should help us.

  182. I already know about The Rev. Wright and his church, Basil. I choose not to comment on it because, well…because unlike the antichrist thing, it isn’t funny. Not at all funny.

  183. I hope the Latinos in all of the upcoming states VOTE! We must vote. I am proud that Latinos are stepping up for HRC even in tough states for her. Tiny Dancer, hopefully it won’t come down to that…..but if I must I must.

  184. Blue Democrat
    Thanks and I will use it against Obama supporters onanother forum if you don’t mind.
    thank you again

  185. well all i can say is that we can discuss the pundits until our heads fall off i am getting up tomorrow and i will do my best to assure that hill is 44 my only idea as of yet was to contact the most influntial blue collar crowd i could.
    if you think there is more short of money let me know.

  186. tps, you make a good point, that is a class thing where white people say poor white trash. it can be anyone on the internet. i see a LOT of hillary attacks from obama followers but to be fair have never seen one like that.

  187. I heard early on, before Iowa, that the hispanic vote could make the difference in the election, it’s just a matter of getting them out to the polls. I’m glad they’re sticking with Hillary.

    I just wish they could have stuck PR somewhere in the middle of these February states. ; )

  188. TPS, that may well be true, but the fact remains that there is an ENORMOUS amount of horrible things beings said out there, and I am sorry, but the AA BO vote is NOT all illusion. Now, in this particular case, it may well be. Thatt one was just particularly shocking, and there were many that were obviously messianic in their disdain for ANY criticisms. I grew up in Atlanta. I LITERALLY went to High School with MKL III. Gallowway School in Atlanta, we were class Prez and VP together. Dexter and Bunny (Brenice) were there too. Yolanda went to N’side. Coretta sang at my sisters HS grad. I have NEVER been so amazed at the vitriol I have seen under Mr. Obama’s campaign. They pale in comparison to the republicans. I am fifty years old. I have lived all over the world, primarily hitch hiking. I am college educated, and I am at a loss for what is happening in this country. Mr., Obama MUST KNOW SOME of thre tactics and hate spread by his supporters. And for what? To “win”? Or to lead? I see NO leadership here.

  189. Blue Democrat, thanks for your response. I never suggested you were a troll. I am just trying to understand your mindset better. Here is my point of contention on posting negative stories. The inside baseball stories of the kind on NY Times and Washington Post about nervous campaign aides or donors are pretty much useless information in my view. In the last week, a lot of us have contributed more than $10,000,000. I saw those emails on Hillary’s website about people with very little resources giving to her whatever they can and asking her to stay strong. I was moved by those stories and it gave me renewed strength. These people are not worried about some moronic yuppy correspondent for NY Times writing some crap. We know a lot of these journalists don’t like Hillary and they are in love with Obama. In what way is this information relevant to what you and I are trying to do which is to help elect Hillary as our next president. You are free to post whatever you want. That is your right. But we are all here to provide support to each other and buck up each others’ spirits. For a lot of us, this place is a refuge away from the constant negativity of the main stream media. That is all.

  190. Great post, Admin! And thanks again for the “Operation 10-4, Good Buddy” coverage. 😀

    T-minus two hours to kick-off. I’m donating at Midnight.

    Also from now on use this in reference to Precious: 👿

    It is accomplished by using the following sans the spaces:

    : evil :

    G’night, y’all. Be good to one another.

  191. For
    Every nurse
    Every foodserver
    Every retail worker
    Every worker
    Everyone who could not vote in a caucus I vote for you
    We will not let this abberation of democracy continue.
    I have donated the max I am in Pittsburgh and i will do what is needed.

  192. SpacegirlArt, I have seen myself the negativity spewed by Obama supporters on the various blogs. Both Paul Krugman and Stanley Fish referred to this in their NY Times colums today. That is one of the main reasons I turned away from Obama. In this particular occassion I was just sugestign the possibility that this may not be AA at all who made this remark and very well could be a white Obama supporter or even worse a wingnut. I am in complete agreement with you on the negativity coming from the Obama camp. That is why in my case, I will never vote for Obama is he is the nominee.

  193. TPS,
    I would also add that Patick Healy isn’t exactly Edward R. Murrow. Healy wrote a hit piece about how many nights the Clintons spend together before the 06 midterms. Also, we’ve been hearing these campaign in turmoil stories since Iowa.

  194. TPS, also, I fit HRC demographic very well. I am a fifty year old white woman, self employed, rent a TINY apartment, no health or life insurance. I am self-supporting and I work my tail off. Last fall it got VERY hard, as the mortgage crisis in housing nearly killed my business. I paint murals. That is discretionary spending. When there is a recession, there is none. My friends were helping me out. I am not asking the government for ANYTHING. People in my position are always crying for help. I just want a level playing field. I went back to school for certif in Emergency Management and am paying student loans. But I am now “too old” be be hired regularly in that field. So, I volunteer. I have also believed in this woman’s dedication to America SO MUCH, that since June I have managed to donate a whopping $300,00 to her campaign. Not because I can write it out of daddy’s checkbook. But because I EARNED IT. And I am sick to death of being told by the media and the bots that I now have to succomb to a pied piper leading us all to the promised land. I am much too much a realist. I do not want a 15 year old Secretary of State or a 35 year old Director of National Security. I WANT EXPERIENCE.

  195. nikki22, you are absolutely right. All the space the stupid NY Times wasten on these inside baseball stories they won’t spend the time and energy to examine Obama’s record or the lack of it. They won’t ask what, if an,y are his accomplishments that make him qualified to the president of this great country.

  196. Just read my sister that 👿 comment about “the camels nose under the tent”. I asked her what she thought it meant and she said, “It means he’s going to be careful about spying.”

    LMAO!! Typical obamaton!

  197. Ni hao (hello) everybody! Hey its the year of the rat, so good fortune to all of you Except of course that son of a turtle, BO, lol.

  198. Ni Hao Psymac! Ni Hao ma?

    Obambi voters are smoking some kind of roper doper. I guess many dems are in a self-destruct mode and have turned off their brains. I have not seen so many dumb folks since 1992, my first election. I was the dumb one then. Can’t they see that their guy is going to get creamed in November? Do they think he can pull off another Jimmy Carter? Did they forget that Carter just narrowly won and had not Ford pardoned Nixon he would have lost? Here we have the chance to elect most likely the best President this country has had since FDR and they are instead playing footsy with the Koombaya Kid. I don’t get it. I don’t read that Huffy junk stuff and others like it either. I will not give them my power by going to their web site. Bad Qi. This country has some serious head problems. This Party is going to have even worse if they do not quickly start giving some victories to America’s Joan Of Arc.

  199. Thanks TPS, I do understand. I just need to probably stop reading and hearing…for a while, and pay attention to my Golden Retriever. I love this country. I worked for Homeland Security after I responded to 9-11 New York (new Jersey) with hopes of getting into FEMA, BEFORE the current know-it-all eviscerated the agency. And I just get mad as hell, that when I was doing that, MANY MANY MANY of BO supporters were still in GRADE SCHOOL, and they are telling me what is wrong and how we are the old fogies with old visions and ideas. I bet your ass that one of those kids (the really noisy ones) wouldn’t sleep in a 12′ trailer in a church parking lot for five weeks with no phone, tv or internet while responding to Hurricane Ivan on the Panhandle. DO SOMETHING FIRST. Then you have credibility. I have to go outside with my dog and then to bed. I have to WORK tomorrow.

  200. You know it’s pretty awesome that Hillary agreed to all these debates back when she was low on fundage and Barack refused to debate her which his supporters supported because it was “free press” for Hillary and why should he help her out, but now she’s got a little financial cushion and he just looks bad. Hahaha.

    Little pieces of joy.

  201. Broken record
    but i believe that getting hills record out to the various fire/police/ems depts in oh and pa and texas could prove pivotal. Got some slack from a guy about never ever voting for a woman and the i just asked him to read what the fdny said about her he was impressed.
    there is something outside of money that we canall do.

  202. IDunn. LMAO Slate. Maybe he will get the evangelicals too. The rapture IS upon us!

    (thinking to myself: “Good, they can all leave in rapture and we can be here, have HRC and get this country back in shape!) LMAO! Great visual!

  203. Obama said in his interview:

    So one very difficult decision was deciding to vote against the Iraq war.

    He was not a member of the senate when the was resolution was passed (October 2002). Why is he lying?
    He was elected to the senate in 2004.

  204. Yeah, f him. I hate this guy. Never would I vote for him in a million years. EVER. If he is the nominee, which WILL NOT HAPPEN I pray, I am voting for an independent or McCain if necessary. Ugh. He is fake, a brand, a liar, a pig, a sexist, a divisive, slimy, Chicago politician, but I am preaching to the choir 🙂

  205. SpacegirlArt: In response to that horrible, racist tantrum you posted. I already knew folks were saying that. You know folks are saying this stuff in the privacy of their own homes too. It’s really sick and the person who wrote that is obviously misinformed. Obama’s father is from Kenya. His mother was white, a descendant of white slave owners, and Dick Cheney is actually one of his descendants (just google it and you can read more).
    I understand that many blacks are just voting for Obama because he is black. There are valid reasons for this, I guess, since Obama is the closest blacks have gotten to seeing a black man become president. But to call Hillary white trash is disgusting. The double standards amaze me. No one can criticize the Golden One but Hillary has to withstand sexism and racism? I just saw an article about Obama calling for non-polarization. PLEASE. He is the one who decided to enter this race knowing this mess would happen. He has divided this country and he allows his wife, his surrogates, and his worshipers to do the same. I CANNOT VOTE FOR HIM. It’s sickening to see the way Hillary is being treated then have those same people calling her white trash and a bitch expect us to side with them when they want their candidate elected. NO WAY.

  206. I think he qualified the war vote after to say he voted against funding the war, which is a lie too. The republicans are probably already making their commercials.

  207. Hi everyone, there is a petition out there to have the Florida and Michigan delegates count right away.
    I set up a Digg pointing at it. Please go and sign the petition, and if you have a Digg account bump up that too to draw attention to it.

  208. I am curious to hear what you guys think about THE HUFFINGTONPOST site. I am just stunned how much the people on that site bash, demonize and insult Hillary. I mean, the site is like a shrine for Obama. My goodness! Sometimes i get on the site just to see what kind of venom their spewing for the day. There should be a law banning people from character assassination and slander! Shame on them!

  209. Guys,
    One of the things I’ll be looking for tomorrow, besides how many delegates HRC gets, is the turnout in these primaries. LJ gave us all a reality check earlier by posting how many people have actually showed up in these states that have gone for BO and it was pretty pathetic. I’m betting that pattern holds. Night all!

  210. devans: I see the Obamabots have already commented about your Digg post and they sound quite violent:
    “You deserve to be stabbed in the eye for this”
    People are sick.

  211. On the 27th, they should have a massive birthday party for Chelsea in Ohio to get votes there. Bring surrogates from all over.

  212. HES – I’m so digusted with his campaign right now myself. He can come out full on attacking Bill Clinton today and have his surrogates play the race card but Bill can’t defend himself (or his wife) or his record or fight back because that would be racist or “tarnish his legacy”. And Obama just let’s it go. A teeny part of me hopes the GOP gets their way with him, they won’t hold anything back.

  213. Please someone else from here try to reach thier local firedepts with hills endorsement. the ripple effect might negate the college vote.
    in every small community the fire/ems/police force has an influence and she has in many ways proven she will stand by her “men”

  214. Hey guys! I am refusing to get down-hearted!!!! I am trying really really hard to remain positive right now. basically, I am looking froward to the next debate where Hillary will CLEAN BWAK’S CLOCK!!!! It will be great. >:0 At this point she should just go for broke! Seriously… don’t hold back, just beat him down. In the absolute worst case scenario, if he becomes the nominee she will be doing him a FAVOR. Win-win.

  215. This is one of the comment I read in

    “I’m doing my part to stop Hillary by voting for Obama in the Virginia primaries, and for McCain in November. I wish that the Clintons would just fade away. At least with Obama or McCain there is a chance to unite somewhat across party lines. The partisan hatred between both parties must stop – with the Clintons in the oval office there is not a chance of that happening. “

  216. gave us billing on tomorrow! HOT DAMN!

    BTW- great quote from today’s edition of

    “Subject: the Obama people

    The Obama people are cultists. I went to to read what was being said there
    and the religious crap mixed in with the obscene obama-worship is something to behold.
    The Hillary people haven’t been silent on her blog, where 7.2 million was raised in two days.

    The reason you are hearing from the Obamatons and not the Clinton supporters is that
    the Obamatons are like born agains, hysterical, loud, evangelical and self-righteous.
    Clinton supporters are logical, intellectual, results oriented and operate from a mind place.
    Iris “

  217. clintondem99, he also said that he voted against Iraq war funding. He voted for funding the war. Didn’t he? He is lying on that one too.

  218. He sucks
    How are we going to be proactive and stop him?
    He has a built in base with every state because of every college campus.

  219. timjcain, I think you are overestimating his support base don his caucus wins. Less than 10% of registeres voters show up for caucuses. If his support is that good, why didn’t he win MA, CA, and NJ?

  220. tiny dancer,
    ‘A teeny part of me hopes the GOP gets their way with him, they won’t hold anything back.’

    I was thinking exactly the same thing today, of how gratifying it would be to watch him get beat up real good. He isn’t gonna know what hit him

    Of course the problem with that fantasy is that he’d have to take the nomination thereby throwing the presidency back to the repubs and bypassing our brilliant lady.

  221. People please lets limit the Hillary bashing posts here I think we get the picture of whats out there.
    Why dont we get ready for our big day tomorrow and make calls

    This was posted in the morning any Hillary people in Tarrant county ie Texas
    There is a group on the ground already they really seem organised

    the website is
    Lets get going

  222. basil9

    I know, we’d have a lovely few months of the GOP slime machine but then we’d have another 4 years of the GOP. As long as my fantasy stops in November, I’m good.

    He said in his 60 Min interview that he’s been fully vetted by the Clinton machine and i don’t know if he’s naive or he thinks the voters are naive or what. I was like “just wait until they flat out start making crap up about you.”

  223. MONDAY, Feb. 11, 2008, 2:15 p.m.
    By Greg Borowski

    Chelsea Clinton stumps for mom at UWM, MU
    Former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton, who would have the same role if her mother is elected to the White House, urged students at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee today to vote next Tuesday, hopefully “for my mom.”

    Clinton later spoke to a group of Marquette students at an apartment building near campus. She is headed to Madison this afternoon, to speak to students at the University of Wisconsin, part of a two-day circuit of campus visits.

    At UWM, Clinton spent about an hour taking questions from students and others about the positions of her mother, New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, who is locked in a close battle with Illinois Sen. Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination.

    Wisconsin votes Feb. 19, but with three East Coast primaries tomorrow, the appearances here by Chelsea Clinton, 27, give the Clinton campaign an early presence on the ground. Hillary Clinton is due Saturday and Sunday, while former President Bill Clinton is also expected to campaign here.

    More than 150 people attended the UWM event this morning, from avid Clinton supporters to curious undecided students to a fourth-grade class from nearby Hartford University School.

    Chelsea Clinton’s presentation, at the UWM union, was not standard campaign rally fare. Instead, she answered questions from visitors – though not the media – about health care, veterans’ benefits, tuition costs and other issues.

    One questioner, graduate student Lindsey Henry, told Clinton that the two were students together at Forest Park Elementary in Little Rock. Henry was a few years behind Clinton.

    “Did you have Miss Mitchell, by chance?” Chelsea Clinton asked from the stage. “Miss Mitchell was my first-grade teacher.”

    Henry, 24, said she plans to vote for Clinton over Obama.

    “I think she would be fiscally responsible,” Henry said. “I think she has a better, more feasible withdrawal plan than Obama from Iraq.”

  224. tps
    i hope i am underestimating his support
    however i am presently residing in pittsburgh from nyc and i see obama shit everywhere, the primary here is not until april and i have looked at the official hill camp at least once a week for the last month and i have found nothing. nothing.

  225. hillarylandrocks,

    Oh yeah. i got that 😀 The creepy part is so much of it is TRUE!!!!

    And that gets scary. I was reading somewhere today about Oprah doing something with “A COurse of Miracles” equally creepy . . .

    But thanks for the link. I’m gonna log back on and peruse

  226. timjcain, WRONG. Hillary won the youth (18-25) vote in several states, including California.

    Again, we are repeating the media lies.

  227. Wisconsin will be our ticket our of Febuary, Hillary better be organizing BIG there, Hawaii being close would also be nice, and with the support of the Senator from there maybe chances are ok there.

  228. Hadn’t made it to bed yet….

    made the offer to HRC Campaign re websites.

    To the campaign and to Senator Clinton,

    Tonight, and as a culmination of reading all the posts on the Politico,com website that were alleged “questions” from bloggers, and coupled with the HEINOUS attacks on gender that have been so prevalent in the MSM and on MSNBC, I had to go outside and get some air. What this is doing to our country, our WOMEN, is disgusting and I was in a lot of pain from it.

    In watching the night sky, I kept remembering Hillary saying “I have found my voice” after her win in New Hampshire. This IS what WE NEED to counter the vicious and horribly unjustifiable attacks against not only Senator Clinton, but ALL WOMEN because of her campaign. There IS a trickle down effect.

    I had a thought, and I acted upon it.

    Tonight, I registered the domain names, and My interest in doing this was 1.) to prevent this beautiful sentiment from being co-opted by the opposition, and 2.) I thought I could actually create a place for women for Hillary to comment on and be alert to the media bias against them. There are not enough people or staff in the campaign to watch out for all these posts, but we, out here, have many eyes and ears.

    In addition, I have NO CLUE how to ramp up a web site for this purpose.

    That being said, I would like to DONATE these domain names to the Hillary Clinton for President campaign to be used in such a way. They did not cost me much, but they can bring such value to the fight. You created a place for women to donate. Now, we need one for OUR VOICES to be heard over the rattle of the press, and for those who are not heard.

    If you are interested, please contact me at the above number, any time.



    Your biggest fan

  229. This is another comment from

    “Republican members of my family voted for Hillary in the primary, because the thought of Obama never having been to Iraq to understand the situation in the middle east was horrifying to them. Hillary has been to Iraq multiple times and met with our miltary leaders to educate herself about the sensitive issues abroad. I know many conservative Repulbicans who contribute to Hillary’s campaign and I am one of them. This article is proving the media is not in touch with the voters at all.”

  230. The youth vote concerns me. Its that whole rock star thing Obama has going. When I was 18 if Luke Perry had run for office I would have voted for him, no problem. I wouldn’t have even had to look at his issues I would have been BAM at the polls.

  231. HR4T
    unaware that she won the youth vote in cali
    my point that as far as her website goes there are no events planned here in pa and i believe that obama without any cost to his campaign has been able to use the local colleges(pitt, cmu ‘ duquesne) to build a base. I will check again tomorrow and will be ready to offer my support to the campaign but for the past twomonths ihave tried i enter my zip code and it comes up no events. My zip i 15227 by the way.

  232. Thanks TPS, but I want to wait to hear from the campaign first. They have heard from me before, and actually DID something I suggested. LOL! Now I have a headache, and I MUST go to bed, goodnight again all and thank you for being here. The blogs are really fired up too. Great Energy there and Woolfson did a great point-by-point on HRC beating bambi.


  233. ya know about nyt piece, it wouldn’t be a story about a prominent democrat if it werent full of anonymous quotes full of people second guessing what they are doing! well, except obama who walks on water. i remember they ran pieces like that about him early last fall because they thought he wasnt doing enough to attack hillary, so the press egged him on to do it, but he walks on water so it wasn’t portrayed as going negative. imho, to this day he continues to say very plainly negative and misleading things all the time in his speeches but it is OK w/media if he does that.

  234. Will anyone be in Wisconsin? Does anyone know if we have a good organization there? I’m thinking about driving to Wisconsin this weekend to help.

  235. New Mexico update:

    Monday, February 11, 2008

    Volunteers Slog Through Ballots in NM Caucus

    By Heather Clark/
    Associated Press
    Democratic Party volunteers have given nearly 90 percent of the provisional ballots cast in the Feb. 5 presidential caucus an initial look in the hopes of declaring a winner before a looming deadline, party officials said Monday.
    By Monday afternoon, the first examination of 15,100 provisional ballots revealed that more than a third of them — 5,466 — were cast by registered Democrats and are therefore qualified to be counted, Democratic Party Chairman Brian Colon said.
    Ballots that failed the first test will be re-examined using a more extensive database to identify ballots that can be counted, Colon said.
    Hillary Rodham Clinton leads Barack Obama by 1,123 votes with all ballots counted except the roughly 17,000 provisional ballots. She had 68,654 votes compared with 67,531 for Obama, according to preliminary results. New Mexico is the last of the 22 Super Tuesday states to announce a result.
    “They’ve really got a process going, and they’re moving along,” Lonna Atkeson, a political science professor at the University of New Mexico who is observing the tally, said Monday.
    Asked whether she thought they would meet their deadline of 5 p.m. Friday, Atkeson said she thought that was “likely.”
    Provisional ballots are given to voters who show up to the wrong site, whose names are not on registered voter lists provided by the state or those who requested an absentee ballot, but signed an affidavit saying they did not return it.
    The provisional ballots would have been just an obscure part of the canvassing and certification of the caucus had the vote in New Mexico between Obama and Clinton not been so close.
    New Mexico has had several close races since 2000 between the major parties, but political scientists were stumped about the reasons why this race between Democrats was so close.
    “It’s odd though in this case because it’s an intraparty contest,” Atkeson said. “That’s really unusual that you see intraparty contests this close.”
    In 2000, Al Gore won New Mexico’s five electoral votes by 366 votes over George Bush. And in the 2006 general election, final tallies for the closely fought 1st Congressional District race did not come in for 10 days, largely because the close race made a count of provisional ballots necessary.
    F. Chris Garcia, a professor emeritus of political science at the University of New Mexico, said New Mexico’s close races are a reflection of the state’s diverse ethnic, religious and ideological groups as well as its rural-urban split and its mixture of economic classes.
    “There’s a balancing act between so many diverse interests that this balance is reflected in the polling place,” he said.
    With the caucus, Atkeson said, “We seem to be embodying the difficulty in the Democratic Party of which candidate they want to nominate.”
    Obama and Clinton are running a tight race nationwide. Clinton is leading in the nationwide delegate count with 1,136 compared to 1,108 for Obama.
    Only one delegate from New Mexico hangs in the balance. Based on results so far, Clinton has earned 13 delegates and Obama 12. The popular vote winner will receive another one.

  236. TPS & meiyingsu…those are the type of stories I love to read on this site… Republicans voting for Hillary and the girl from Chelsea’s school voting for Hillary…feel-good moments.

    LOL…so much better than the doomsday posts that manage to infiltrate once in a while.

    Thanks so much for posting them.

  237. timjcain, if there are colleges did you try checking facebook or google to see if they have groups, like pitt students for hillary, duquesne students for hillary, they probably do and you just have to find them? (ok, facebook has a pitt students for hillary group – try to contact the leaders i bet they can help you out!)

  238. one more comment from

    “This article couldn’t be more wrong. I am a conservative and republican. Since McCain has become the front runner for the republican party I have contributed to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and am going to be doing volunteer work in her campaign. I am with
    Ann Coulter and a number of other conservatives that prefer Hillary over McCain. McCain is a traitor to his party and to conservatives. I am among the scores of conservatives that are working hard to make sure anybody but McCain wins in Nov.”

  239. does anyone know about Wisconsin organization/ effort? If she is not that would be foolish, we can and should win wisconsin, but it will take a real NH like effort on Hillary’s hand. If we win that, it makes OH/TX more likely

  240. Well, she isn’t planning on being in Wisconsin until three days before, while Obama has been there a bunch. In contrast, she is hitting up Texas and Ohio more than him…but Chelsea and Bill will be where she is not, I guess…

  241. At MyDD:

    “Bill Clinton at George Mason University
    by Todd Beeton, Mon Feb 11, 2008 at 11:05:37 PM EST

    Matt Stoller and I made our way to Fairfax, VA to see Bill Clinton speak at George Mason University tonight. He’s speaking, as always, without notes, on a small stage in an open atrium in a student center here at the university. The place is packed, with hundreds of students, backed up throughout the open hall, hanging over the railings on two upper levels of the building… At the entrance of the building, kids are backed up to a point where you can hardly hear Clinton speaking. I have to agree with Matt who observed of Bill Clinton’s mood: “they’re not depressed, they’re fighting.”

    The crowd is really rapt with attention, and clapping often at what is a pretty densely packed policy speech. They really seem to love him, an amazing thing considering most of these people were only a few years old when he became president.

    One notable section of his remarks for me was when he spoke about healthcare as the biggest, if not the only, policy difference in this primary. He said most experts say that Obama’s plan will leave 15 million uncovered. He talked about the unique place we find ourselves in where doctors and nurses and business are all united behind universal healthcare. “Now is not the time for the Democratic Party to give up on universal healthcare.” He said “Neither of their plans is going to leave healthcare unaffordable to anyone, but you have to cover everyone.” He framed her mandate health care plan as uniquely progressive: “We put in so those that need it can take out…Those of us who are lucky enough to be well off should pay our fair share.” That’s what America is about, he said.

    Clinton finished by making his final case for Hillary:

    My case for her is: she’s a world-class change-maker. My case for her is that she has the best positions on the issues and a good grip on what to do to turn these ideas into positive changes in your lives. My case for her is that she will not forget the look in your eyes that I see tonight…She won’t forget your hopes and dreams when times are good or bad.

    I spoke to one of the guys at NotLarrySabato who said Clinton hit all the right spots over the past couple days so Hillary is likely to keep the delegate split tight despite a likely popular vote rout. Being here in this hall tonight, you don’t feel like you’re witnessing the last throes of a presidential campaign; in fact it’s hard not to feel a sense of renewed vitality.”

  242. mjs, me too, but they need to put more focus on it, be there alot, own the local media market, send in alot of organizers, she will have plenty of time for OH/TX work, but Wisconsin win would stall Obama mo’ greatly as its in his backyard, I hope the campaign is being smart about this. If he sweeps ALL Feb states, she will have to do more in TX/OH than she would have to if she does it now for WI and wins! we will see! but everyone brace for tomorrow, it won’t be good, but that’s ok. WI and march 4th is our time!

  243. Everybody, Hillary was amazing tonight on the politico interview. They have finally put it up ( You can already see that the campaign is changing to a much sharper contrast with Bambi– when questioned on her financials she actually hit back and brought up Rezko, saying that the standard must be the same. She also spoke very eloquently about the problem with Bambi’s diffuse unity talk, saying there are fights worth having, and questioning whether bambi would fight for universal healthcare, etc. She was great, and I think the campaign has just decided to let hillary be hillary!

  244. Everyone…please remember to give tomorrow to Hillary and spread the word to everyone. The suggested amount is $10.44, but give more if you can and ask others to give as much as they can, too. Hillary has always been there for us democrats and we need to show her that we will always be there for her! Let’s finally put a woman in the Oval Office!

  245. Obama campaign is feeling confident.

    They are buying snacks and drinks for another “sweeps” party tomorrow and are taking bets on how badly Hillary will lose and whether she’ll “tear up” again.

    Stupid douches.

    but, anyhow, they are moving some forces to Wisconsin as we speak. Get ready for an allout concentrated Obambi effort.

  246. I’m so behind in coursework but I’m going to spend Thursday-Sunday to campaign for Hillary in Wisconsin. I want her to win at least one state before March. Anyone in the Midwest who doesn’t have any obligations this weekend should do the same. She needs our help to win every single primary from here on out.

  247. AmericanGal, the obama campaign doesn’t really care about Edwards’ endorsement. They see that their large momentum right now will carry them to victory in Texas.

  248. i very badly, right now, want to just beat the crap outta his campaign and laugh in all his arrogant self-righteous supporters’ faces.

  249. TPS…that was a great post about Bill and George Mason U…

    I have been thinking that one of the big differences in projection between Hillary and Obama is that Hillary comes across as modest and Obama has no problem boasting…

    Hillary is extremely confident in her content however as someone had mentioned in a previous post and I agree…she seems to shy away from calling a lot of attention to herself personally…as in she doesn’t milk the applause and Obama invites and encourages applause endlessly…he has the gall to say things like Hill’s voters will vote for him but he doesn’t know if his will vote for her, etc…she is fairly careful not to criticize him and is gracious about him and he has no worries about going for the juggular for Her and her husband…Obama is fearless in his attack…she needs to find a way to make him eat his words…

    Perhaps it goes against her nature but I really think Hillary and her tv and radio surrogates have to start getting a bit more boastful and forceful and making her achievements and primary accomplishments more known…repeat over and over the diversity of who is supporting her…mention that she won the youth vote in ca and whereever…the Clinton campaign cannot assume everyone knows these things…and Obama is tooting his own horn nonstop without a thought to sounding egotistical…go on the offense…I am sick of the MSM putting her on the defense…

    Hillary campaign should play up the excitement of being part of her campaign…he is not all that, for goodness sakes…

    I really think it would be to Hillary’s advantage to start blasting her positives out there for everyone to hear…for example I think she should make it part of her speech that it was she that went to the pentagon for the exit strategy, that is is she who is sponsoring the legislation to stop Bush and his continued Iraq entanglements…maybe make an ad about that to diffuse his so called iraq advantage…and yes, it was Hillary who went to Beijing, China to stand up for girls and women’s rights…and so much more that she has done…get it out there…shout it out…just saying she has been doing it for 35 years isn’t enough…she needs to brag about specifics stories that people can relate to that she has done during those years…stories about herself…

    she has so much more to offer than Obama by the obvious fact that she has done so much more…she would benefit from making herself the center of some of these stories and accomplishments and I think she should start milking some of the adoration…when I watch her in the ropes lines she is so kind and so sweet to the people she is meeting…

    when they clap for her…let it go on for a few moments…don’t settle the crowd down…let them go…let them call out “Hillary, Hillary, Hillary” just let the enthusiasm build and as someone also said previously…get all kinds of hand made signs in view…

    big, small, colorful, clever…kids for hillary…husbands for hillary…republicans for hillary….get them where the cameras can see them at all times…

    and lastly as some of you are saying above , perhaps Admin can emphasize to the camp, to have all kinds of young people and young celebrities on as many campuses as possible…don’t cede the territory to O…let’s fight with everything we have got and whatever we have been doing….let’s double and triple it…I know Hill and Bill are out there fighting their hearts out…I hope they are not letting any stone go unturned…get some buses and bus or fly people in if need be and get some people on tv that are not afraid to attack him…everyone on our side is so nice…lanny davis, kiki, they are wonderful but then they come up against Axelrod who is downright mean and then the MSM…we have nothing to lose…let’s fight with all we’ve got…we don’t have time for ‘what if’s’…let’s be bold…Hillary has the goods to back up her boasts….

  250. I am one that thinks Edwards endorsement could be a real plus for Hillary. Especially if he will go out and campaign for her (and with her). They could work like a team. His fired up appearances would bring energy. He could also address the sexism that has been flung at Hillary since his persona is that of a defender for peoples rights. He would appeal to blue collar dems and draw some of his supporters back to Hillary. I really am hoping that he decides to endorse her. If Edwards has any smarts at all I would think he could see he has an opportunity here to make an impact on the race and get his plans enacted. If he goes to Obama he will be seen as opportunistic and a complete hypocrite.

  251. hi all! new user here… i’ve lurked for ages, but i addition to contributing to the campaign, i think we should BOMBARD

  252. btw, just because they don’t see Edwards as important doesn’t mean they aren’t looking for his endorsement too. Obama has been sent a few lists and stuff to memorize by the campaign so as to channel some Edwardsian ideas if/when he meets with Johnnie

  253. If we win a primary of the three toughies tomorrow, that state deserves a medal 😉

    JK, it’s about delegates now, even though the media likes the state count…. 🙁

  254. I just e-mailed Perez about the money bomb. I linked to this MyDD link ( and told him that Hillary needed his support. If you’ve got a minute, e-mail him and possibly he’ll be moved by the showing of support. His e-mail is We must push this for it to work. One of my Ron Paul friends – I’m originally from Arizona, which should explain it – said that he just kept sending e-mails and then all of the sudden it produced millions. We can do that and better!!

  255. hi all… new user here… i’ve lurked foreve, but in light if “recent developments”, i have a suggestion… in addition to contributing to the campaign, i think we should all BOMBARD the president of nbc/msnbc to show our outage at the teatment of hrc/ chelsea and the clintons in general. his email address is:

    i’m not talking abt emailing him just this once…i mean we ALL email him constantly evey day… i do since i can always find something to piss me off…

    here is the letter i sent today… feel free to copy and paste!

    Does the “M” in msnbc stand for misogyny??? Fine… suspend David Shuster who is the least offensive of your locker room crew… matthews, scarborough, tucker… how can you continue to let tucker go on with his inexcusable commentary regarding Hillary Clinton? How dare you let his rant tonight go unpunished? He sat there for an entire hour and went on and on about Hillary saying that “Nobody likes me…” and that is a ploy… he specifically named the Shuster incident! By allowing him to do this, you may as well let David come back on the air and retract his apology. It is my opinion that if debates weren’t an issue, you would have sat idly by and let this slide.

    It’s a blatant double standard on MSNBC when it comes to Barry Obama versus Hillary Clinton… if anyone would have dared to say that Barry was guilty of pimping anyone out, much less his wife, this would have been a huge race issue and it would have been off with the commentator’s head! When it comes to commenting about Chelsea, Hillary has to threaten not to debate and then you do something… yet you let Tucker and others downplay Shuster’s comment?

    When is MSNBC going to go back to at least some actual news reporting??? Its all commentary, all the time… its pretty bad when Pat Buchanan is the only objective person on a show! This sexist smear campaign has got to stop. You even have Chuck Todd skewing the delegate numbers??? You are the ONLY “news” source that is using this method of reporting. Its so obvious to everyone that hasn’t drank the latest batch of Barry Kool Aid that you are doing this is make Barry appear to have a larger lead that he really has. How is that fair journalism?

    This is a monumental election and MSNBC is single-handedly turning this into a circus! Reign in your staff! Please! This is disturbing.

    BTW… maybe you ought to remind Mika that she should disclose that her father and brother work for/advise Barry and her other brother works for Mccain when she is interviewing people about those candidates. Especially since Mika wouldn’t know how to ask a straight question if she tried. Every attempt just ends with her own biased opinion in disguise.

    Oh and shocking that no one on your network has thought it news to report Barry’s ties to FOX news?

    Also interesting that you network continues to compare Barry’s speeches to those delivered by Kennedy, yet no one thinks to report why??? Maybe because the speeches are written by the same person? Not news to report that Ted Sorensen is writing speeches for the “change campaign”?

    Thank you and looking for a change at MSNBC!

  256. I heard that Andrea Mitchell tonight on the NBC news said that JE was impressed with Hillary giving him a detailed explanation of how she would implement some of his ideas if she becomes president. I take that at least to mean that Hillary did her homework and also that it was a friendly meeting.

  257. @americangirl:

    i think one thing that the msm has done to help hrc is declare he the candidate of the working people… that is right up edwards’ alley… how could he NOT endorse her after looking at where her popular votes are coming from???

  258. Americangal, OF COURSE Hillary does her homework =) That is why she is so great! She would never walk into anything unprepared. I have been thinking a lot about the Edwards endorsement. I don’t know if Hillary will get it. If Edwards is sincere about his committement to working class people and universal health care then he will give it to her. However, I think he also has some serious personal issues with her, such as lobbying money, which doesn’t bother me at all since she has proven she doesn’t take crap from anyone, and I am not sure if he could get past those. With Obama, I think Edwards is concerned with his lack of experience, as well as his desire to play nice. I also think he started to see through some of Obama’s BS about healthcare and his present votes at the end, so I would guess he has a problem with those issues. But I guess, in the end I feel like, if he stays out, he loses nothing and gains nothing. If he endorses Obama, he loses a lot of face because he is undermining the “cause of his life,” but he also has significant political gains with a position in Obama’s administration. With Hillary, he gains class because he is putting issues before personal animosity and he will probably also gain some role in the administration.

    In terms of the impact, I think for Obama it is huge because it helps him to win low-information working class voters. For Hillary, I think it is also huge because 1) it changes the media narrative and wins her a news cycle, 2) it puts the focus back on issues, not on momentum, which is where Hillary needs this race to be. Edwards can say I stand with Hillary because she is the only candidate who stands for universal health care and that calls Obama out on some of his lies, etc. Also, it could have a big benefit in Ohio where even after Edwards dropped out, he still polls close to 20%….

    What will he do? I don’t know. IF you think Edwards is sincere about his committment to issues, then he endorses Hillary. If he is about his own politics and safety, then he endorses Obama…

  259. hawk,

    it’s about delegates now, even though the media likes the state count…

    And if Hillary had won the most states, but Bambi were ahead in delegates, the media would like the delegate count.

  260. If he endorses, he should do so the day after Obama’s victories so it cuts his media cycle short. One thought was that Obama cancelled the interview because he suspected it wasn’t going to go his way, so he cancelled it to drag the Edwards endorsement out way past the Potomac primaries to keep news cycle on his side. That is just speculation though, I thought the whole under the radar meetings and cancellations thing was weird.

  261. I hope she pulls a win in wis..appelton osgosh,fonddulac…she need the eastern part and madison on down..
    i seen this video on ytube.someon on the commet said it was that caroline kennedy standing next to hillary…

  262. Just, FYI. I sent Perez an e-mail informing him about the money bomb. I’m hoping that he posts an entry for it tomorrow. Maybe others can e-mail him and ask him nicely explaining that we need to show Hillary’s grassroots support. His e-mail is

  263. S, For Hillary this election is not about her but the country and the people….for Obama it’s about him.

    The “Cult of Personality”

  264. Yo! I just waded through the “what’s Obama’s GE strategy” diary on mydd and apparently he’s going to take all of the states, plus Canada, maybe even Mexico and Italy. Score, President of Earth! Also the republicans have nothing to smear him with, because if they did, the Clinton’s would have used ti by now. I think I’ll just hole up here for awhile.

    I don’t think JE’s endorsement would mean a whole lot, except bragging rights. Plus it would give HRC about 5 seconds of positive press, but it’d be about 5 days of positive press if Obama got it.

  265. i hope she gets people on the ground for some of these states…she needs win hes using that strategy no debates,and getting people there bussed in and shit like that….

  266. How about Cynthia McFadden introducing the Hillary hit piece on Nighline:

    Is the Clinton campaign stalling, and can she fix it ?

    Talk about setting up a Straw Man and then knocking him down.

    Why weren’t they asking Bambi about his stalled campaign when he lost New Hampshire, Nevada, Michigan, and Florida ? Or asking him what happened to his BIG MO’ when he lost Massachusetts, New Jersey, California, and Arizona ?

    It’s “The Clinton Rules”.

  267. He is getting hit a little bit on the no debates. Not hit like she would if she said no debates, but it is all a question of how it plays out in local press, I think. I agree, a good ground organization like she had in Cali and Nevada is key.

  268. yes cj-its all about gotv now. period. no excuses-hillary ust hire or have great gotv efforts for wi, tx etc.. must

  269. so effectively obama isn’t bothering for edwards endorsement. and sounds like there’d be nothing in it for edwards either (besides having his causes sold out).

    i was for edwards before i was for hillary because he brought great ideas to the table and i loved his focus on the working poor, class divisions in america, no one else was talking about that like he was. well, who knows, my heart tells me he will come over to our side because of harmony on these key issues, but my head tells me, never get expectations up too high.

  270. mangomist..i agrree..a good ground organization like she had in Cali and Nevada is key.people in wisconsin are very friendly…she needs emilys list there get the women out the older seniors vote.. get flyers out…put them on cars ..her record vs..his..she needs this in these big states…hope hillary goes door to door in the neigborhoods too..should neet some of these people they are very nice in wisconsin if we want cheese.. there big cheese cattle farmers in the rural areas..rolling hills of wisconsin…

  271. I think she knows she HAS to mobilize on the ground in those states. I just hope the campaign has learned it’s lessons from the caucus losses and have a plan of attack to cut the losses there.

    TX, OH, PA are the big ones. She has to win all of those because then people can look to Obama and say um “okay so… CA, TX, OH, PA, NY, NJ, MA, FL?” Unless anyone REALLY thinks Idaho and Nebraska are hot beds for democrats.

    I worry about the republicans in WI. If Obama wins big there, I expect tampering.

  272. Yeah, but people might start to get worried about McCain now since Huckabee had a string of wins, so they might be less likely to tamper.

  273. tinydancer..well yeah there is quite rebubs in wisc but lotts of them are so disgusted with geroge bush now mcain.especially the upper part of wiscon by lake supperior,,melon wisc..i have aunts,friends they repubs the ladies clubs there, some have switched and there husbands too.for democrat.they don not like war..if up right away..dont give a shit about the he tampers well right to milwakkee from chicago busses

    she hit back on politico to the nucluer plants,and rezko she needs that out there people need to know this crap..and his war stufff everything hes lying about…,,she needs it on flyers pass em in texas ohio collleges universties…everywhere..need some negative ads media,people who dont watch the news politics,some of my friends here are so tired of it they wont watch it…until its time to vote in Nov…

  274. I sent an email on the money bomb to the Perez Hilton site too. I also posted it on a Wisconsin based website that I sometimes read. I also posted it on my own website I do get hits daily on that site as I offer public domain photos for free. Hope it helps Hillary…

  275. We really need Huckebee to keep doing well so repubs are less likely to cross over and be a democrat for a day. Superdelegates are so freaking stupid. Can they not see that Obama telling Repubs to cross over and be a democrat for a day campaign is allowing repubs to choose our nominee? WAKE UP ASSHOLES!!!!

  276. I know people say republicans aren’t energized this election, but the supreme court is in play big time. The next president will have the to chance to replace 2-3 of the liberal justices. A republican pres would swing the court even more conservative than it is and puts Roe V Wade in jeopardy. An uber conservative SC and a republican president? If McCain chooses an ACE VP, how is that not enough to energize the conservatives?

    I’ve mused about this before on here, but I’m really curious.

  277. Justice Stevens (most liberal) and RBG, the only female, also a liberal, are the two most likely to step down or die. This is bad. He is 80 something years old and RBG has health problems.

  278. Going to vomit, just turned the TV on and Michelle is on Larry King. She is lying her ass off. Larry asked her as a little girl didn’t you dream of one day seeing a woman President and she said no….

  279. I know! The SC is already right leaning (thanks Bush!). If we elect a Dem, we maintain the status quo, but if we elect a conservative we’re screwed. And this is going to set the tone of the SC for the next generation.

  280. higheducated – if you’re still up – Congrats for making that decision to go to Wisconsin – I’m still doing my research on OH or TX, but people on the ground is what she needs, and people making calls.

    TimJCain – happy to make copies of your flyer and wherever I am pass them around to firestations.

  281. rjk1957 Says:

    February 12th, 2008 at 1:49 am
    Going to vomit,
    I seen she is crook too..what does she do with all her money…lol…gets a big fat raise after he becomes senator…I think illinois should wake up,get those dirty politics out of there ,the people are being used…no wonder they have so mnay gangs and shootings..its becasue of the politics and the people who run the state..Chicago is the worse…

  282. funny thing, I was curious how things were “really” looking for Hillary’s campaign. So I called (actually skyped) a very old friend, whose friendship goes back to our campaign days for McGovern. Now she has a more senior type job still in the same field (can’t say more-sorry). In any case she told me a very interesting rumor that is making the rounds in DC. So this is a rumor about a rumor. It goes like this: some time ago around the time of the SC debate, Bill/Hillary and Elizabeth/John Edwards, sat down together and made up. They were actually good friends when John was in the Senate. John and Elizabeth often went to their place in Georgetown for diner. Bill campaign for John when John was runing for the senate. Hence John’s better attitude in the SC debate. So after Edwards did poorly in SC, he got out of the race because he knew he could not win and wanted to help Hillary. He did not think his supporters would switch to Obambi. Now he sees that Obambi is trying to put the squeeze on the supers and is not happy. He does not want Obambi to win the nomination. So he and Hillary met last week to see what he could do. It ended up with him signing on to endorse Hillary and campaign for her. My friend said that she heard from someone else that Hillary will actually announce that he will be her VP. What a bold move for both of them. Edwards is still young enough to run for president again later. The meeting between Edwards and Obambi was actually asked for by Obambi who wanted to talk him out of it. But as Obambi was getting ready to leave for the meeting, Edwards telephoned to tell him no need to come since his mind was already made up. Hence the last minute cancelation. So they are going to wait until the Tuesday stuff is over and the press is done with Hillary’s political obituary on Wed. And then….Bammo! Her campaign will announce this and has suddenly new life, lots of press, new money etc. They feel that together they can certainly win WI, OH, TX and PA. On top of this, Edwards is going to give his delegates to Hillary.

    Who knows if this is true. If you have ever lived in DC you know lots of this stuff is just bar talk from the consultant crowd. If it is just somebody’s dreaming, well then maybe the Obambi trolls will have read this and you know what in their pants. That would be fun enough. In any case, it turns out to be just some hot air, don’t shoot the messenger. got to go now.

  283. paddy4Hill,
    Well I said I’d never post again, but yours really gave me a rise. Really 🙂

    I said the other day when Hillary was directly quoted as saying that Edwards “would be a part of anything she did” that she would NEVER make such a statement publicly without certain assurances.
    So it makes sense in that regard, as well as explaining the confusion over the BO-JE meetup.

    Good. Then Big Bill & Edwards can knock the shit out of Obama daily.
    I’ll now resume my previously stated silence 🙂

  284. whew! finally… hi all! i’m a newbie here, lurked forever, finally posting… just wanted to say… in addition to contributing to the campaign i think we should all BOMBARD the president of nbc news regarding the media slant… his email address is:

    i’m not talking one email either… i’m talking abt all of us every single day that there is media bias on any nbc/msnbc broadcast!

    here is the letter i sent today. please feel free to copy and paste!

    Dear Mr. Capus,

    Does the “M” in msnbc stand for misogyny??? Fine… suspend David Shuster who is the least offensive of your locker room crew… matthews, scarborough, tucker… how can you continue to let tucker go on with his inexcusable commentary regarding Hillary Clinton? How dare you let his rant tonight go unpunished? He sat there for an entire hour and went on and on about Hillary saying that “Nobody likes me…” and that is a ploy… he specifically named the Shuster incident! By allowing him to do this, you may as well let David come back on the air and retract his apology. It is my opinion that if debates weren’t an issue, you would have sat idly by and let this slide.

    It’s a blatant double standard on MSNBC when it comes to Barry Obama versus Hillary Clinton… if anyone would have dared to say that Barry was guilty of pimping anyone out, much less his wife, this would have been a huge race issue and it would have been off with the commentator’s head! When it comes to commenting about Chelsea, Hillary has to threaten not to debate and then you do something… yet you let Tucker and others downplay Shuster’s comment?

    When is MSNBC going to go back to at least some actual news reporting??? Its all commentary, all the time… its pretty bad when Pat Buchanan is the only objective person on a show! This sexist smear campaign has got to stop. You even have Chuck Todd skewing the delegate numbers??? You are the ONLY “news” source that is using this method of reporting. Its so obvious to everyone that hasn’t drank the latest batch of Barry Kool Aid that you are doing this is make Barry appear to have a larger lead that he really has. How is that fair journalism?

    This is a monumental election and MSNBC is single-handedly turning this into a circus! Reign in your staff! Please! This is disturbing.

    BTW… maybe you ought to remind Mika that she should disclose that her father and brother work for/advise Barry and her other brother works for Mccain when she is interviewing people about those candidates. Especially since Mika wouldn’t know how to ask a straight question if she tried. Every attempt is simply her own biased opinion in disguise.

    Oh another thing… funny how Joe Scarborough started in with the Kennedy comparisions after Barry’s speach prior to Super-Tuesday, now that is all we hear all over any MSNBC show… Funny how your commentators make this comparison, yet dont feel that its news to report WHY Barry sounds like Kennedy??? Anyone thought to mention its because he is using Kennedy’s speechwriter, Ted Sorenson? of the “Ask not what you can do for your country” fame. Is that not news or would that just take some of the glamour off Obama and make him seem more “real”???

    How about exposing Barry’s ties to FOX news??? Surely that’s news? Heck, even the slanted HuffPo is reporting on it! Does NBC/MSNBC even attempt fairness anymore?

    Thank you for listening and looking for a change at MSNBC!


  285. I love you paddy, if for nothing else I can go to bed on a optimistic note.

    Edwards as VP would peel off the Edwards supporters who broke for Obama no?

  286. yikes! just saw my typo… i do know how to spell “speech”! forgive!

    p/s could someone please tell me where i can get some yard signs? i cant find anywhere! also please post some ideas that you guys are using to campaign locally. i honestly didnt think it would get this close so i wasnt really worried abt a foot campaign, now i want to do something before the primary here in my state! thanks all!

  287. i believe it…Bill/Hillary and Elizabeth/John Edwards, sat down together and made up. They were actually good friends when John was in the Senate. John and Elizabeth often went to their place in Georgetown for diner. Bill campaign for John when John was runing for the senate.
    yeah they were good friends good friends dont leave memories especially when hillary bill were with them comforting when there son who passed away…because i seen in those debates to,,where john look at hillary like omg i have to debate her ,you have to be mean like mad at each other your running for pres..i thought about that meeting 2 hours hmmm…im sure hillary feels sadly about elizabeth too..bambi doesnt care one thing about that family he doesnt even know them he pop out of no where…and john was already out of the senate,i think actually they met in iowa didnt they…i hope john said who in the hell is this guy..coming here on my turf.

  288. divabunny yep its gonna take a foot campaign exactly.everywhere .with the truth..vs.with the phony …gotta outsmart the dimwit..
    cult making supporters..who tell voters lies about his vote crap..and rezko and nuclear plants,,his house…his present votes his wrong buttons he pushed…he backs out of debates,he is on every news channell,and he says people dont know him he ducks when confronted on issues he snubs women,he preaches ,his church…lol….

  289. Carbynew…yes, I completely agree with Hillary it is about the country…that is what I love about her…but as a tool to connect and get her message out at optimal level in this compressed amount of time she has to be bold about her personal accomplishments and keep repeating them so they get into the mainstreet’s awareness…she has to kind of sucker punch all the negative thrown at her…

    the MSM is not giving her her props fairly…so she has to be her own best PR rep…and she is great at it…I am so impressed and amazed but push is coming to shove…and she has to become bolder to combat Obama’s larger than life personality…and Hillary has a lot going for her…what a role model she is…she has already done so much good with so much more ahead…

  290. In addition to our money today, let us NEXT do a Love Bomb!!!!

    What if we get as many people to send HRC the message:

    “You BRING IT girl!!!”


    Can you imagine, Maggie Williams on board now and we all send a huge amount of emails encouraging HRC to bring it?

    And, let us attach a P.S. that if she hears us, to add to her campaign music line up “I Like to move it, move it.” It was part of Bill and Al’s line up in 96′:

  291. *Hatchet Man: The Rise of David Axelrod – Within the next 12 months, this political consultant just could become a kingmaker.
    By Grant Pick, Chicago Magazine, December 1987.

    I just came across a reference to the above article and I can only find it as a listing in the table of contents in the magazine in which it originally appeared. Can someone please help find the article itself? (As we know, Axelrod is currently Obama’s campaign manager – but apparently the two go way back.) I expect this older article dishes a lot of dirt that wouldn’t get printed about Axelrod at this point in time – now that he actually is a “kingmaker”.

    *It is mentioned in another interesting article: “Obama’s Narrator”, by Ben Wallace, New York Times Magazine, April 1, 2007 (that one is easy to find).


  292. Hey, NBC, what’s Pimp Schuster doing these days?

    Let’s just refer to him that way from now on. He’s told us it’s not an offensive word, hasn’t he? He shouldn’t mind at all….

  293. I loved your letter to Capus, divabunny.

    Here is what I wrote earlier this morning.

    Dear Mr. Capus,

    I welcome the chance to address MSNBC’s rank prejudices in the Democratical Primary.
    Mathews and Russert are the worst offenders although David Schuster has contributed too.
    Your network protects Senator Obama at every turn.

    1.The average African American has no knowledge that Obama had 7 slums in his senatorial district
    and he did nothing to alleviate them. Indeed, he helped Rezko get the permits to run them. These AAs were literally left in the cold in a slum.
    Do any of the voters in VA or MA know about this?
    No. Will Obama win 80 to 90% of the AA vote? Of course.

    2.Then the Obamas bought a mansion and some property – way under value – with Rezko’s help.

    3. When President Clinton called Obama’s Iraq record a “fairly tale”, he was correct.
    Mathews can’t wait to humiliate either the President or his wife.
    Mathews, if he knew, could verify – as I can – that – yes, Obama changed his mind on Iraq in 03 and 04. Some of it is in his book!

    4. Obama’s minister, Rev. Wright, once visited Mommar Kadafi with Louis Farrakhan.
    Can you imagine the heyday Mathews and Russert would have if Hillary had a minister who had done that?

    5. How many AA voters know about the Trumpet Newspaper, run by Rev. Wright’s daughters?
    How many AA voters know that the Trumpet gave Farrakhan a high honor?

    I never watch any more.
    The political prejudices are overwhelming.
    Mathews and Russert want to anoit Obama and worship in his golden light.

    I am sick of your network.

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