690 thoughts on “Election Weekend With Hillary Clinton, Part II

  1. When we get out of the caucuses, we are going to tear him apart. Let’s make sure this idiot doesn’t survive the 4th of March. Ohio, Texas, and Rhode Island…This is your time. We must destroy him in these places. I don’t care if we have to send HRC, PSD, Doores Huerta, Antonio Villaraigosa, Sheila Jackson Lee, Reps. Green, Hinojosa, Ortiz, and the others, as well as Chelsea, America Ferrera, Wes Clark, Joe Wilson, Tom Vilsack, and others al to Texas until then but we cannot cede any ground in Texas. We need to send Big Dog to Ohio for a long time and let him travel the state with stops by HRC in between. Also, we must travel to Rhode Island a few times. We can shut him down that day. We will need to, with tough states like Wisconsin, Hawaii, Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. comin up next. We need those victories. I hope we think this all through. Let’s end what b.o. thinks is a game, but is serious politics with realworld consequences…his candidacy must be destroyed.

  2. Carried forward:

    People, people, people (my highschool principal used to say that .. just had to!)

    Look, the caucus votes are for delegates who meet at the state level to decide which delegates go to Denver. This is ONLY one step in the process, which is why Obama was so let down in Iowa because he thought he’d won when, in fact, he’d only won a ticket to the dance.

    COOL DOWN ! 🙄

  3. Thank you B.Merryfield. I am just amazed how people freak out about everything and to tell you the truth it has become very annoying. All these people giving out advise like the Clinton campaign doesn’t know what they are doing. CHILL OUT.

  4. FYI, Saw on the comments on Taylor Marsh’s site that two friends of Elizabeth Edwards say she wants her husband to endorse Obama.

    But the CNN story gives no inkling what he’ll actually do.

  5. I want TX, RI and OH very very badly!!! I will go door to door in ANY of thise states!! Let’s do this, guys!!!!!!!!

  6. Oh, new thread thanks, from the previous:

    And, I didn’t mean to be too rude Jaz, just followed up on your last line 😉

    February 10th, 2008 at 6:14 pm

    Yeah, shut up Jaz!

    I am willing to throw out here that no one wants Hillary to be president more than me! I have hoped since the ’90s she would run for president herself. I have always, ALWAYS know that there is just something historic about her, I am not willing to let go of all those years of strong core conviction, over just a few days of bad news!!! No sir!! No ma’am!! wont do it!

    Hillary will come up with something smart, if negative, it will be wrapped in nicely so that not even the media can attack her back, this will turn out good.
    Bad for a few days ahead, but then this will all be good! I simply will not accept a different outcome…

  7. Why does Elizabeth Edwards hate Hillary so much? I’ve noticed throughout this whole campaign that the nastiest venom from the Edwards campaign came directly from Elizabeth (who I personally like, BTW). Is she another payer hater?

  8. So we have to focus on OH, TX and etc.

    After Tuesday the delegate difference is going to be way too small to give up. 100 delegates? Like 5% of the total needed and a lead that’s based on small caucus states with low turnouts and republicans crossing over to mess with us. Heck most caucuses haven’t even awarded their delegates yet, so the totals might change. The party leaders KNOW this is going on and they know that that’s why the SuperDelegates are in place. Obama knows this also, that’s why he’s trying to threaten the SD to go to his side.

    I wish we could just add PR to her total now, lol.

    I’m all fired up now. Go me.

  9. I am sure that Hillary comes out swinging tomorrow. The public needs to be educated on the caucus process and how it can be manipulated. Her campaign can make the case that although they haven’t done well as they liked in caucus states, the large delegate rich states are ahead. They can also talk up the voter groups Obama is actually winning and that he hasn’t won in the large Democratic states.

    They need to get out there with their message. They need to tell the world that this campaign is not over yet. They need to keep going. Obama winning caucus states where he knows how to game the system is not “momentum”.

    I know it’s frustrating for us all they she couldn’t win Maine but it’s still only a battle and not the whole war.

  10. jithendra Says:

    February 10th, 2008 at 5:34 pm
    no point in bill cliton wasting his time going to AA churches.. they won’t poll beyond 10% for HRC.. it doesn’t make any difference whether he visists AA churches on sunday or not.. HRC will get only 10% of AA vote…

    Well, 10% is better than nothing. / And just from an image standpoint, that would send a terrible message.

    Bottom line: There will be many ups & downs until WE GET THE NOMINATION. This race won’t end in February, or March or even April (Don’t tell me you’re all going to be freaking out every single time things don’t go our way!). Remember, we are, and will continue to gain more delegates over the following days, weeks and months. That’s what this is about. just focus on working hard for Hillary and her team will take care of the rest.

    Once again people: ENOUGH WHINING!

  11. my post from before:
    ok. I don’t care whether you guys like negativity or not, but I think the best route to go now is negative. Obama is now the frontrunner…and as underdogs, we are entitled to hit him with everything we’ve got. If he wants to be vetted by the Hillary campaign? Then let’s vet him.

    Enough of all this crap about pointing out his policies in Iraq. It did work before, but that stuff is old news…especially since it reminds voters of Hillary’s initial vote.

    What we need now are some hard hitting ads on Rezko, some jibes at his 6 “oops wrong button” votes and any thing else we can dig up.

    This is war. Stop trying to be pacifist and hit him where he needs to be hit. At least vet him now before the repubs get a hand on him if he indeed–GOD FORBID–becomes nominee.

  12. dulcinea, I agree with your last line in the previous thread:

    “If she is going to go down, I’d rather she go down fighting”

    so true! nothing is happening now that she’s just doing what she has been doing for a long time, so it’s time to change strategy! bring out the big guns!!

  13. and let Obama squeal “dirty politics of the past!” all he wants, but when people see what’s truly behind this man’s deceptive mask, they’ll take our word over his whines.

  14. I seriously hope Hillary comes back from all of this fighting tooth and nail to beat up that wannabe. He should NEVER have gotten this far and he won’t get any farther so long as Hillary is around!

  15. Last Post:

    Mark Penn. Don’t get this guy. Time to start calling HQ and DEMANDING a fight. It is time.

    They had BETTER have a strategy.
    BO was very patronizing and arrogant about Hillary today in his speech, in a way that no one “would” call nasty. But it was venom.

    And Hillary talks about health care. Sigh…

  16. Bill Clinton needs to go to Lamar University in Beaumont, TX. Although Beaumont-Port Arthur has relatively large African-American population, also a growing Hispanic population AND home to the newly-funded billion-dollar expansion at Motiva – first refinery expansion in over 30 years. Large Union presence and high on the list for Ann Richards’ supporters when both were governors and Bill President. This part of Texas next to Louisiana largely overlooked since 90 miles from Houston, but would be an easy half-day escursion, and worthwhile – as mostly blue-collar refinery workers, service industries. Ground Zero for Hurricane Rita, right after Katrina. Also, Hardin and Orange counties represent rural voters, who have flip-flopped back and forth between Democrats and Republicans for past several election cycles. Thind campaigning here could make a real difference, especially if Obama’s footprints land in Golden Triangle as well. Something to think about. Also, Bill or Hillary need to do Galveston – Latino and blue=collar workers near Houston. Bill and Hill need to mention Ann Richards every other sentence. Texans loved and miss her terribly.

  17. B Merryfield it may just have to come down to you and rezkogate to take down this SOB

    About Elizabeth and her professional POTUS candidate, I am sorry people but I just think they should go for treatment and save us their BS
    Bush got one thing right today about Obama
    This is not about Oprah spending the night in the Lincoln bedroom or Lil Jon being able to come to the Oval office unannounced this is about the future of my kids and myself I just cannot see this guy doing it .

  18. I guess I posed right at the end of the last thread so I’ll repost. Caveat– My belief that the campaign should start calling out Bambi on his bullcrap is not intended to be negative. I am just starting to worry that the overall narrative and framing of the campaign might be getting out of our hands. I advocate for an abrupt change.

    this is what I just argued:
    I was not expecting these results from Maine. It’s not the end of the world, but it is worrying. I think part of the problem for the campaign is that Bambi has been allowed to just spew his change and hope mantra, his nebulous talk of uniting the country because he is authentic and so on without being called on it. We know, on this site, that Bambi is anything but authentic, he is at least just like any other pol, if not worse (Rezko, McClurkin fiasco, voting for Cheney’s oil law, etc). Hillary must call him on it, hard. She will get a lot of flack for it but it’s not as if the constituencies that would be offended (AA’s and latte liberals) are on her side. I believe she must cast herself in the role of America’s protector, speaking truth to power because she just will not stand by while this country is taken over by someone with a honeyed tongue. She needs to attack him, providing facts, and forcing bambi to defend his ACTIONS which in fact belie his RHETORIC– they just don’t match. Yes, she will get pounced by the media, and denounced and she might lose some support, but she needs to change the narrative and have Bambi’s inconsistencies enter the public record. If she is going to go down, I’d rather she go down fighting

  19. chin up guys..we nay have lost a few battles but the war is not over..on another note..if bho is not defined he will be by the repubs..don’t kid yourself the repubs will eventually gather around mccain and if as someone said, mccain is receiving advice from rove, its going to get nasty..remember, bho has not had a single negative ad run against him…

  20. im pissed about me. we should have won it period. we cant have 9 loses and then have him roll into tx guys. i do question some of her ground help-howembarassing to lose maine to this snot. im serious. imhere in tx-still nothing yet. still ive got 600 people ready and we keep waiting. early votingis is in one week. looks like im goign to have to cal campaign folks.ground gameis essential and i cannot help but be concerned.

  21. HRC will win and, hopefully, somebody is working on a Michael Moore/Ken Burns style documentary about this campaign complete with the blatant race baiting, sexism and cult-like following of the Obama/msm crowd versus we fighting Democratic HRC supporters. I’m beyond ready to fight McCain/Huckabee for the future of this country while the Obama crowd is busy blaming others, not voting and floating away on its cloud of hopechange.

  22. Hillary needs to start questioning Obama directly has to how he is planning to achieve all these things!!

    Some people may think he is inspiring and fresh, but that doesn’t take away the fact that there are some differences too big to actually ‘come together’ on, for dems and repugs. How will he then achieve his plans?

    He is floating on hopelium and got nothing else, she needs to ask for specifics!!!

  23. good comment on Ambinder today and the Maine Caucus – from someone who’s avatar is fittingly “obama electability myth”

    There’s no spin necessary. The obvious explanation is that, again, Obama’s enthusiastic shock troops overwhelm the opposition in caucuses. When he’s up against Hillary in primaries — where working class folks are on an even footing with their more affluent neighbors — it’s a much tougher fight, as the results demonstrate (Hillary has won more delegates from primaries than Obama has; it is his utter dominance of the less inclusionary caucuses that has given him the pledged delegate lead).

    Rules are rules, of course, and Obama is entitled to every delegate he can muster in either format. A delegate earned in a caucus is just as valid as one earned in a primary. But I hope we don’t hear complaints about lack of “democracy” from the Obamabots when the superdelegates help Clinton seal the nomination. Given the modest size of Obama’s lead in pledged delegates, it is almost certainly the case that Clinton would be leading if all those caucuses were primaries. (Think Obama would have taken 65% of Washington or Colorado’s vote in a primary? Impossible).

    Posted by The Obama Electability Myth | February 10, 2008 6:01 PM

  24. Right now, I’m hoping Edwards endorses nobody. Before, I thought Hillary’s public statements about him meant she knew he was going to endorse her, but now I doubt that was the case.

    SpacegirlArt, I also agree with you about the contrast; her campaign has to get much tougher.

  25. Gorto, MJ, all,

    I agree. Being the good girl and playing nice hasn’t done a d@mn thing for her. It’s time to fight fire with fire.

    If she’s gonna go down let her do it fighting her a$$ off. It won’t make a bit of difference to BM or the repubs or the obamanots and at this point what else can they do to her?

    Hope I don’t seem negative. I’m MAD! 😡

  26. Dear Friends,

    I have just read and signed the petition: “Presidential Debate – Women’s issues and sexism in the media coverage of the 2008 election”.

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    Thank you! Tim

  27. With supporters like some of the posters here, who needs nonsupporters? I really think some people here are NOT supporters of Clinton. They post near-constant bad news and implications of how bad things are when they are not.

    Caucuses favor Bush thugs because…they’re thugs. Accept this already, people. But the general election is NOT a caucus. Clinton has proved herself capable of winning big there, based on not only where she’s won and by how much, but also based on her base of support, which is much broader than his. Stop listening to the media. Stop talking about “momentum.” YOU BE THE MOMENTUM.

    I’m tired of the “her campaigns is doing bad” crap. Considering all she’s been up against, practically NO support from the media and from her own side and party, her campaign has done outstanding. Fucking Obama’s had a silver spoon in his mouth from the get-go, from both his personal life, it seems, and from his political life, especially in this campaign. Considering all the nonstop support he’s received from the media, the biased endorsements, the biased DNC shenanigans, his campaign ain’t doing great at all, in my opinion. Considering all that love he’s received he should have had the nomination locked up by now. If he had received all the shit Clinton has received, he would have been finished in two seconds.

    In my opinion, the default mental state of Clinton supporters should be: 1) don’t listen to the media. It is against Clinton overall so will spin everything unfavorably toward her and favorably toward him.
    2) fuck “momentum.” The voters are smarter than believing hype B.S. AS ALL HER BIG WINS DESPITE THE MEDIA BEING AGAINST HER HAVE SHOWN.
    3) caucuses will favor thugs, therefore will likely favor Obama because he’s a thug, he’s another Bush, he’s a republican wannabe at the least and may actually BE a republican and/or tied to republicans.
    4) keep eyes on the probable big prizes, which probably won’t be coming for a few weeks. Until then, RELAX MORE and KEEP WORKING.

  28. Has Obama won any state by a sizeable margin (ie more than…10%) that didn’t have a large AA electorate or wasn’t a caucus besides Illinois?

  29. This is not whining people its just that we have not seen a clear strategy from the compaign we saw Hillary come out of NH and MI with a new found voice then it was back to the same old stuff
    It took the media to alert us that they could not advertise due to lack of funds
    yet we were sitting on 10 million in our homes
    Come on people
    Obama had the same rude awakening from his donors that made start getting negative on our girl

    Come this is a guy who wants to legal dope for our kids yet 60 year old mothers are voting for him
    A guy who wants to embrace iran a country responsible for the deaths of thousands of our soldiers
    A guy who has flip flopped on universal health care that makes Kerry look like the Pope
    A guy whose house purchase was financed by a felon

    BM will not report this lets pay for time to report this ourselves

  30. Does Obama have the lead in pledged delegates? I thought HRC was still ahead.

    T4H, Are you the one who posted about Sheila Jackson-Lee hosting having hosted a training in Texas? That’s inexcusable, though, if no offices have been set up there. They need to get on the stick.

  31. MJ – here it is – type in the http stuff first and then marcambinder and the following (can never get links to post quickly)


  32. There are ways for her to change her campaign theme, without going all negative, (although I wouldn’t mind) But she needs to do something! She can’t keep giving the same stump speeches and act all nice.

    Hot damn, nearly everyone, even those who love her(and probably those who love her likes this side to her, I know I do) knows that she can play the game we call politics! You have to in order to get to a position to bring about change, (did you hear that Barry?? did ya??)

    So she can afford to go negative, people already have that opinion of her, stop acting all nice, which few people believe in (sadly). Show some spunk!!!! Show them/us you will fight tooth and nail for us all, that’s something people will award!

    *As Bradly Whitford said, I am supporting her because she has a dirty uniform!!!!!!!!!!

  33. I’m mad too Basil, I post stuff to the Hillary Blog…”fightiing words” and it never sees the light of day. If we can’t rile up the base of donors on her site, what can we do? I even posted an “I know this won’t get posted, but” line there. It hasn’t been, yet. I am actually surprised I found you all there. Musta been Bill catching some z’s in front of the “editors”.

    I have resubmited this site there again. We shall see.

  34. I am just so pissed that bambi is just floating around with his message without being called on it. the hardcore obamabots are a lost cause, but based on comments from regular caucus goers in WA that I read in news reports, it seems a lot of people have bought the kool aid, and don’t even now what his actual positions are. Just consider, how can many environmentalists and grassroots progressives vote or caucus for him when his record, and his associates scream centrism bordering on right wing. On issues from nuclear and cheney’s oil bill to gay rights and health care, he only speaks like a progressive but in fact acts like a right winger. It is maddening that many regular voters are not aware of the facts. And Hillary or one of her supporters (how about Maxine Waters? she would be great in this role) needs to call him out on a couple of specific issues and actually highlight that he IS LYING half the time.

  35. I’m with basil9. I’m mad, too, but I’ll be with her till the very end. We also need to be realistic. If you change campaign managers that means things are not going as well as you wanted. But it’s also a sign a page is turning.

  36. Obama has been lying but noone has called him out on it
    Maggie williams please please
    I hope you are what is missing that killer instinct

  37. I think if Iowa was a primary the results would have been an Edwards victory and an HRC runner up with obama in 3rd, I am 99% sure on this. SOO MANY told me on the phone that the had to work.

  38. Chaz, I think you need to stop listening to and thereby spreading the mainstream media’s spin. There may be some 60-year-old mothers voting for him, but not the bulk of them, according to the results.

    Some people are simply clueless; they always exist. Look at the people who supported Bush–who STILL support Bush. The worst president ever, IMO; how disgusting that he has anything more than near 0% support.

  39. Paula the reason we are so mad is because for me its personal Hillary is like a sister to me
    We she speaks I know its come from a very deep place not that SOB who just does it for sound bites
    Hillary deserves better than this
    I will be with her till the end
    I have 200.44 waiting for the money bomb right now
    hope to get to 500.44 by tuesday so this is serious for me

  40. yes, the caucus results are headscratching stuff which is why I still believe the Republicans are gaming us Dems – Obama has made a deal with the Devil (Rove).

    Anyway, I must make a confession – I haven’t eaten all day – Hillaryis44 is soooo addictive. Must eat lunch now at nearly 4pm PT.

  41. Paula, changing campaign managers is a good thing, one day where the media gets to say that she is off, only to have her BOUNCE back, because she now is back on track. I’m sure the media are not happy with maggie coming on board, she’s good and they know it.

    Hillary signaling that things are not going well…..well. I’d be worried if she was happy at this point! She is showing she knows she needs to do something, and she IS, this IS good!!

  42. That’s so sad Hawk. We should never, ever disenfranchise anyone.

    I’m no giving up. It’s still too close a race. Hillary won’t either.

    I just hope the SD don’t feel the pressure.

  43. people please ease up on all the negative stuff..we all know what is going on..what is the delagate split from maine..we know she will pick up delagates…for those of you focusing on texas..is there any chance of winning texas..what are the latest poll numbers…don’t forget to donate on tuesday..

  44. From Clinton site blig:

    Some more Wisconsin news for those of you who may have missed it:

    The Democratic Party of Wisconsin is holding its annual fundraiser in Milwaukee this upcoming Saturday. In an article on superdelegates in the current weekly alternative the Shepherd Express, DPW chair Joe Wineke, in speaking of where he might throw his support now that John Edwards has dropped out, said he wants both candidates to attend, and added:

    “They’d be crazy not to be there.”

    As of this writing, only Hillary has agreed to attend.

  45. Fran,

    You go girl!! I haven’t been able to get to the comments thread for a few hours but I can see I haven’t missed anything. Let me guess-Hillary lost the Maine caucus? And so now the sky is falling crowd is out in full force. I used to think some of these people were well meaning and honestly needed to vent some frustration. Now I have to wonder. So Hillary Rodham Clinton is finished because she didn’t win the all important caucus states of Maine,WA,and Nebraska,WTF? Will one of you Hillary is screwed people explain to me why is it that when HRC wins big in states that favor her it doesn’t translate into wins in caucuses that don’t favor her but when the wonderful “frontrunner” Barack Obama wins in places that favor him it means he’ll crush her in states that don’t favor him like TX,OH etc. Really, enlighten us.

  46. Not really. I don’t have all the percentages in front of me but he’s won all the caucuses (besides Nevada) and several blue states (Delaware and Connecticut). Delaware by about 11% points. Hillary really needs to win all of the big states now (Ohio, Texas, Wisconsin). She can definitely still win this but the pressure is on her now to win more states and delegates (minus superdelegates) in order to shut Donna Brazile’s piehole.
    # Tiny Dancer Says:
    February 10th, 2008 at 6:32 pm
    Has Obama won any state by a sizeable margin (ie more than…10%) that didn’t have a large AA electorate or wasn’t a caucus besides Illinois?

  47. I will be with hillary till the end no matter what happens. However, I am really concern about OH. A super ground organization is needed.

  48. I think many of us here agree that Hillary campaign needs people to get on tv to bat back at these shows and the lies. Maine results prove that stuff is seeping into peoples minds.

  49. Ininla, I just sent you an email. I will go to TX maybe the week before the Primary, but have absolutely no idea where in TX or anything.

  50. it’s time to pulverize barack. He’s a man built on the stilts of hope, change, and dirty chicago politics with no experience to back him up. If we wanted to, we could’ve taken him out much sooner.

    It’s time to go for it. And if we do lose, we lose with the knowledge that we gave our best. Whatever hidden strength Hillary could unleash in the GE

  51. They just said on tv – he is projected to win Maine. I hate these elections. damn – this guy is killing me. *********

  52. Thanks HES! I was too lazy to look it up. But it’s pretty obvious the caucuses are the anomaly and not representative of the state. I think he still would have won WA, we’re tree hugging koolaid drinkers up here, but it wouldn’t have been by 40%. But those are the rules and they suck. I wouldn’t be so !@#!$ about things if he had won a few more primaries convincingly. He’s winning those states because of the caucus format, not because of the states themselves. Meh.

  53. Yep, Nikki and hi again. I really think all these years of Bush have (understandably) made many people paranoid and quick to assume the worst. Living under a petty little dictator ain’t easy.

    Dot, 1) maine’s results haven’t all come in yet, so nothing like what you said has been proven. 2) if anything maine’s results prove that Obama can win caucuses really well…and so? Is this something new? Does this show anything that substantial about his ability to win anything else?

  54. Guys, ohio is definitely not a lock-on. Hillary needs absolutely ferocious organization in states she plans to win. Obambi will most likely bring his a-game too.

  55. nikki22,

    I don’t think we’re being negative, just realistic and concerned. It is time for a total change in direction. HRC’s back is against the wall and there aren’t too many contests left. I think everyone here wants to see her hit the ball outta the park before the game is over coz it’s not gonna go too many extra innings unless you consider a convention floor brawl the answer.

    I agree with gorto: the fact that she recognizes the problem and is changing campaign managers is a great sign.

  56. Would somebody please explain the hate from the Left. Like the green party and others.

    As an AA I understand what going on in my community, I don’t like it and some people are exploiting “Black Rage” but I don’t get why the white progressives are so hateful.

  57. I think the results in CA and other big states show us that:

    1. Hillary’s blue collar base can’t go to caucuses (except in NV 🙂
    2. They don’t watch talking heads
    3. They care about real issues such as economy and UHC
    4. When it sounds like she’s down, lots of people donate or come out in support

    I suspect that all this stuff about ‘momentum’ is just a big smoke cloud to make the media feel important (and keep us distracted).

  58. I think that if he will win 3 more states on Tuesday he will have a lead in delegates – for the first time. It will create this damn momentum and She should have a super something in place in these states to make sure she will win it. Cause media will make it a bigger deal than it really is.

  59. Fran – you’re correct, but the media isn’t taking that perspective and the people aren’t connecting the dots about the unrepresentativeness of caucuses re: his ability to lead or attract huge numbers of Democrats – I think the media needs to look at the PATTERN and start from there.

  60. I wish we could still GOTV in WA to see if we can’t get the primary results up. It’ll be awesome if the turnout dwarfs the cauces and the results are dramatically different.

  61. carbynew, a lot of people like the green party and stuff hate government as a whole. These are the people who are basically borderline anarchy and despise government for being government. Those who are in the radical left dislike the Clintons as they symbolize the epitomy of power. A power and successful president who was favored by much of the country despite scandals, and a powerful and successful wife–now senator–now democratic possible-nominee who has succeeded despite hatred and propaganda.

    For the radical left, they believe in powerr strictly to people. Anyone who has served more than one term as president is most likely hated by them.

  62. stay positive everyone!! there are a lot of news cycles between now and the big primaries in ohio, texas, and pennsylvania. we can do it. iowa seems like ancient history right now, but it was barely a month ago. by march, what happens this week will not be remembered. momentum? what goes around comes around.

    couple things i know.
    obama’s economists are free-traders who trust the markets to solve everything. he won’t stand up for american workers. he already sold out the democrats on universal health care, isn’t even committed to it.
    and obama can’t beat mccain. he will get killed on the national security issue. that’s tricky i guess. whoever’s advising george w bush on what to say seems very clever because it’s TRUE that obama said he’d attack pakistan and meet with foreign dictators. how hill’s campaign can point out what a huge problem this is without sounding like they echo bush, i trust they’ll figure it out. again just my opinion but seems the gop can’t wait to run against obama and they’re already trying to own all the points against him.

  63. Question to all the AA on here (bless you for supporting Hillary and going against your community). Do you think, because of where we are at this point in the race, virtually tied and more than likely no clear frontrunner in site, there will be a lot of backlash if Obama doesn’t get the nomination?

  64. part of the art of politics is in defining your opponent and leaving yourself free-form to be whoever your supporters want you to be.

    in this sense, obambi has succeeded whereas Hillary, though she has tried, has failed.

    She needs to try again with a different approach. many people still don’t see the Obambi that we know is hiding under his massless form.

  65. “For the radical left, they believe in powerr strictly to people. Anyone who has served more than one term as president is most likely hated by them.”

    Yeah, they say that now until they get power and then they’re the first to call for a dictator.

  66. I hate Obama! UGH! I’m watching 60 Minutes right now. I can’t even watch him speak anymore. It’s the same feeling I get when I see George W. Bush. I just have to turn off the television and try not to barf.

  67. jithendra Says:

    February 10th, 2008 at 6:57 pm
    delegates projection from CNN 15 – 9 in favor of obama..

    I’m glad these caucus states aren’t winner take all.

  68. You know this is one nerve breaking campaign. I think I just need to take break from all that. Forgive me for saying it – but is this country really so stupid or it is just a case of uncontrolled madness that no one had expected? Where this all powerful Bill Clinton that was popular like a God in this country? Where all these democrats that whined for 7 years that Clinton economy was the best?
    If anything I see in this whole shenanigan called “primaries” is that there is absolutely no loyalty to each other in this party. Only kiss ass attitudes, hatred and envy. Nothing else.
    Republicans are winning for a reason – they have discipline, they have respect, they have loyalty even to a leader like GWB.
    Democrats have nothing of a kind- and these days show me it every single day. F*****

  69. Ininla, then her supporters need to spread the unrepresentativeness of the caucuses FAR AND WIDE. Here and elsewhere, there should be a near-constant focus on diminishing the caucus wins to counteract all the nonsensical media spin and propaganda. A near-constant focus on the undemocratic results and nature of caucuses.

    I’m not an expert on this by any means, but I have a background in science and I’ve been following both the detailed number analyses other people post and the mood and responses and it doesn’t look like Obama has a chance of even winning the GE without serious, serious rigging, which is WHAT I THINK HE’S DONE AT THE CAUCUSES. People voting for him because they think he’ll “win it for the Democrats” are deluded, especially if they’re basing that on his wins, which have mostly been carried by a narrow not broad base. They’re also deluded because, in my opinion, he ain’t a democrat. If it campaigns like a republican, talks like a republican and lauds republicans and wants to work with republicans, it IS a republican.

  70. i feel like giving obama a slap to the face to tell him to wake up and that we aren’t playing “president” anymore…

  71. I hit send too soon.

    My point is, that the blue-collar base that is coming out on real stuff is probably not interested in Obama one way or another. “Como se llama Obama?” “Who is that guy, and who cares?” To them he’s a nobody who has done nothing and that’s all they need to know about him. They aren’t going to vote for him anyway, so why waste her money and energy on the details.

    I think we should work harder in the remaing states, mostly on local ground-game, which seems to be not well coordinated at a higher level.

    But really, why waste ammunition on Obama, who won’t be around much longer anyway? Bring out one more blue-collar person, get her registered, get her on board for Nov — THAT’s a long term gain, and THAT’s do-able. And with enough more of them, we’ll sweep away Obama while we’re at it.

  72. Tiny Dancer: I’ve had this conversation with others on here before. I said that there could very well be riots, not only from blacks but from the crazy ass white kids supporting him. Others on here have said that they don’t believe a riot is likely and that most people will fall in line behind Hillary if she wins. I’m much more cynical than that. I really do think there will be a lot of anger and I’m scared for Hillary Clinton. People have said Obama might get assassinated but it can also be the other way around. The people who support him are sick. Many are fanatical white men who hate women. As I’ve said before, anything can happen in this election.

  73. 1950democrat,

    I agree with all your points. Especially the last one about momentum. It amazes me that at this point in the race there are people on this board who still don’t get it. Momentum or a candidate’s previous wins have played NO ROLE in this nominating contest. A few examples:1.Obama wins Iowa,HRC wins NH 2.Hillary takes Nevada,BO wins in a landslide in SC 3.HRC wins Florida despite the SC loss 5)On TT Hillary cleans up in primaries & big states where the democratic base is & BO gets wins in caucuses and where there’s a big AA population. That has been the pattern, it will continue to be the pattern.

  74. Folks, breathe….

    Loving and following the Clintons has always been a death-defying high wire act like none other in history.

    This is going to be a rough stretch.

    Hold on tight, and it’ll be alright.

  75. if there are riots in Obama’s name, it will tarnish his reputation and his career for the rest of his life. It will look like he’s running some mormon-like faith, moreso than a campaign.

  76. i am sure there is plenty big media COULD take a look at if they were so inclined about the cult like behavior of some of his supporters. now i know probably the majority aren’t like that. still let’s not pretend his campaign doesn’t feed that on purpose and make him out like he walks on water, a campaign that is a religious movement surrounding the candidate – this is not good for democracy.

    once again i brought these up before but look at the quasi (i hate to say this!) fascist images on his web site with the O logo on top of the national seal (!!!) and on top of the states he won. what is going on here? media is starting to ask these questions and should keep asking. why is every article they write that allows comments full of obama supporters viciously attacking hillary (hope? change?) and viciously attacking any reporter who questions their guy.


    now i understand highlighting the states you won but the superhero O logo stamped on them is really going way too far.

  77. you know what’s one good thing that will come out of OBama being made the nominee?

    he will almost certainly not be one of my senators anymore 😀

    if–VERY UNLIKELY–he wins, he will be president.
    And if-extremely realistic both in the primaries and/or GE–he loses, the republican opposition for him the next time he runs for anything will just be all the more strong 😀

  78. We all really need to watch what we say on this site, unless we want to see our comments played up by BM. Instead of posting negativity hop on the treadmill or go for a walk. Tomorrow is another day.

  79. Tiny,

    Is the WA Dem organization even going to COUNT UP the nominee votes, to let us know how they went? Better check that before putting energy into efforts for that.

    Also, many people have already mailed those in, or thrown them away when they heard they wouldn’t be counted.

  80. rjk1957
    I don’t give a damn about Big media. let them post whatever, They are the ones that made him into that – this god that only will break this party.
    Maybe Hillary should run as an independent. No point in doing it with democrats.

  81. Thanks HES. I really think it’s going to come down to one of two things in this election – FL/MI or the superdelegates and either way it plays out there’s going to be a large portion of the democratic party ticked off. I worry more if Hill is the nominee because the some of the Obama supporters are scary, but either way it’s NOT going to be pretty. I met a lot of women who were part of the 60s feminist movement who have a lot invested emotionally in this campaign and will likely feel cheated if Hillary doesn’t get the nom. I guess Dean will take a lot of the flack for this and deservedly so.

  82. MJS, TinyDancer and others: Riots might tarnish his name but it can also destroy HRC and the Democratic Party. His campaign constantly refers back to the 1960s. There was a lot of bad things that happened in the 1960s as well (I was born in the 80s so I can’t say this from own personal experiences). There was a lot of violence and death. Even though much of that was justified, many of those acts do not and should not be repeated in 2008.
    If riots or protests happen it will completely tear apart our party. It will ruin any black person’s chances to run for president in a long time. I really don’t know what can happen next. If Obama wins there will be a lot of hidden anger (including me not voting for him in November). Regardless, I think all of this is just plain selfish. Obama didn’t have the guts to run against a white man fair and square. Instead he had to ruin the chances of the only woman with a chance at the presidency. He absolutely disgusts me.

  83. 1950 – yeah, they’ll count them up. We’re paying 10 million for that primary, they better tally those ballots up. Plus the republicans are on the ticket too and an non-partisan initiative in some areas. People will vote.

  84. “Maybe Hillary should run as an independent. No point in doing it with democrats.”

    Joe Liberman lost in primary but win in election. I am thinking the independent bid too.

  85. nikki22,

    the overriding problem is that even the most pro-Hillary supporters and true blue Democrats have bought into a lot of the anti-Hillary myths. This is a topic worthy of much longer discussion which we have start-stop writing about for a while now.

    Anecdotally, we encountered many (women) friends who were happy that Hillary “cried” in New Hampshire because, they said, “it makes her human”. This is an example of how pervasive and debased the discussion has become that women who like Hillary would be surprised she is human.

    Even here, among people who presumably are well informed, the pervasive influence of Big Media has to be explained over and over and over again – and they still do not get it. Even here people will innocently repeat messages they have been fed by Big Media.

    One of the reasons campaigns repeat, and repeat and repeat and repeat etc. a message is to wait for that golden moment when people the campaign was directing the message TO begin to repeat the message to the campaign. This is the moment when a campaign knows their messaging is working.

    To this day we hear repeated lies about Al Gore that have been debunked and were never true and the lies were clearly put into play by Gore political opponents. But still the lies get repeated.

    We always start from the presumption that Big Media is lying. We then look at the underlying facts and actual sources. Then we write what we write.

    Taylor Marsh has a good post up called “Win the Most Big States, Win the Nomination”. There is a chart posted which demonstrates this to be true. All Big Media talks about is caucus states with a few thousand people. It’s reality vs, Big Media dream factory. And yet no matter how much we write about the dream factory vs reality people insist on ignoring reality and buying into Big Media hype. http://www.taylormarsh.com/archives_view.php?id=26986

    Henny Penny and Turkey Lurkey thought the sky was falling. No amount of scientific discourse can convince Henny and Turkey not to worry.

    In the military, fresh “green” troops worry about the battle. Grizzled veterans know the goal is to win the war not individual battles.

    It’s a long battle of education which we win one person at a time. Maybe we will write that post we have start-stopped so often.

  86. One more thing, for the love of the universe and this country: STOP NONSTOP CRITICIZING FAR-LEFT PEOPLE AND LIBERALS. Clinton’s campaign is supposed to be INclusive, not EXclusive. Leave the exclusivity to Obama’s crowd. Isn’t it obvious that’s the way that crowd really is?

    I’m on the far left and I don’t support Obama; I support Clinton. The attacks on liberals here may be one reason why I think MORE people on the far left aren’t supporting Clinton. Sometimes this place has tons of right-wing talking points posted. I understand the “latte liberal” thing and agree–that set of people are snoots. And I can’t stand snoots. But please stop helping the republicans turn the word liberal in general into a dirty word. This is democrat-self harming, in my opinion. And it’s difficult for people like me to read….

  87. I can not stop asking myself these questions: why on earth he is etting all these AA votes when he sold his AA constiuents in Chicago to Rezko (re the slum properties). He had to know what was going on ie no heat, shambles, rats etc., yet he did nothing to help them. If he did this to those in his on backyard, what makes them think he will do anything for them when he is POTUS. I don’t get it. Don’t they investigate, read, ask questions, or do they just follow the piper? And all these AA “leaders” endorsing him! I see it as they are stabbing their own in the back by not pointing out BO’s real records. It’s a mob mentality!
    I’d like to see Hills campaign talk more about his IL record, sho just what his superior judgemen really poduced.




  89. i am just saying can you IMAGINE the outcry if hillary portrayed herself as bathed in white light like she is a saint or something, and had a big “HILLARY” logo over top of california, and a seal on her site with “e pluribus unum” and HILLARY on top of it. ugh!

    also i would advise against worrying a thing about riots, give people more credit than that, sure there will be anger and disappointment but they will have a long time to get over that before the general and hopefully see hillary as we do, a real person who gets up every day and works hard for the people.

  90. I can’t even look at him and not get mad. I have it on mute and I am fuming. I am going to urge all of my Latino bros and sistas to support mccain to teach this prick a lesson, he and his supporters have been so hateful, and greedy, and divisive, and sexist (incl. using the word cunt to describe her, which is vile), and I can never forgive him or them for what they have done. And when HRC wins, you will see a movement, I hope, in Illinois to unseat him. I live in Iowa and would love to help. He shouldn’t even be allowed to return to the senate.

  91. I think we’re doing pretty well. Remember even though the media doesn’t mention this fact enough…Hillary still wins delegates even if she loses. This is not a winner take all…if it was Obama would have been toasted a long time ago.

    Question: When is PR primary? don’t they have 63 delegates up for grab?

    We need to focus on pulling every delegate out of those caucus state at the same time prepare for the primary states and fighting the media.

    I have to say that I’m feel stronger then every that in the GE Hillary will be fierce and this primary process has made her stronger. I can’t say that for Obama…he hasn’t had to fight for anything, everything has been pretty much been handed to him.

    I don’t know how he would handle the pressures and stress that Hillary has been dealing with from day one.

  92. i do expect GOP and rightwing media to try and fan the flames within our primaries by saying dem supporters might have riots. nonsense!

  93. ok i am going home… i came to see results in favour of HRC.. i went home disappointed yesterday as well… 🙁

    it is 59 – 41 to BHO with 79% precincts reporting

  94. CoSenior, you obviously don’t know the mindset of black voters. It is unfortunate but many African American politicians use their own to get ahead. Ever heard of Kwame Kilpatrick, mayor of Detroit? Local news and newspapers reported about Kilpatrick swindling money for years and yet he was voted for a second term in office. I compared this to whites voting for George W. Bush for a second term. I just didn’t get it. It’s identity politics plain and simple. Many blacks are uneducated about the issues. They see a black person who connects with the people and they vote for them without looking at their record. It’s unfortunate and gets me very frustrated but the AA community is very much about supporting their own gain more power in a society where that doesn’t happen very often. Unfortunately, many of those people they are helping are complete scumbags.

    COSenior Says:
    February 10th, 2008 at 7:15 pm

  95. “With supporters like some of the posters here, who needs nonsupporters? I really think some people here are NOT supporters of Clinton. They post near-constant bad news and implications of how bad things are when they are not.”

    Thank you, Fran. Your post put things in perspective. People need to look at the facts. Hillary was expected to lose this weekend. These are caucuses. They do not represent her voting base. People need to stop listening to the media. They had her counted out since New Hampshire. She will fight to the end, still has some big states coming up which will favor her. She knows how to campaign. She has no support from the media or the Democratic leaders. She is on her own in this, except, except she already gotten millions of votes from the American people. No one said this would be easy. But this is far from over.

  96. Bambi lying through his teeth on 60 Minutes, but Steve Kroft never called him anything.

    What a shocker.

    Watch how they will challenge Hillary at every turn.

  97. COSenior Says:

    February 10th, 2008 at 7:15 pm
    I can not stop asking myself these questions: why on earth he is etting all these AA votes when he sold his AA constiuents in Chicago to Rezko (re the slum properties). He had to know what was going on ie no heat, shambles, rats etc., yet he did nothing to help them. If he did this to those in his on backyard, what makes them think he will do anything for them when he is POTUS. I don’t get it. Don’t they investigate, read, ask questions, or do they just follow the piper? And all these AA “leaders” endorsing him! I see it as they are stabbing their own in the back by not pointing out BO’s real records. It’s a mob mentality!
    I’d like to see Hills campaign talk more about his IL record, sho just what his superior judgemen really poduced.
    Did you see that Sean Hannity Video where nobody knew a thing about Obama only that they like his speaches?

    I was talking to my Brother and he still think Hillary is going to win…he never thought Obama had a chance but he didn’t have any Idea about Obami records and he want to know why the media wasn’t vetting this guy like every other presidential candidate?

  98. I love your hispanic bros and sistas Hawk. They came out for her in Washington too and they’re not tied to a party, they’ll be going for McCain in Nov.

    We’ve got PR in the bag, we should just start counting those 63 as ours. Or just tell people when they’re down to remember PR.

  99. Joe Friday, don’t worry the media love fest will change soon I just don’t know when. But it’s going to be advantageous to the Repugs.

    I have no doubt about that.

  100. I got five of my friends to donate today that haven’t donated before. I’m hammering everyone.

    One of my friends is a new citizen of the United States though she was raised here. this is first time she’ll vote and I got her donating to Hillary. she’s single and cute, so I’m suggesting she go volunteer as well.

    Onward and upward. Winning this battle gives her more legitimacy in the long run.

  101. Yes, mk–that’s exactly right.

    I think people have a lot invested in this for many reasons, so it’s easy to lose confidence and get upset. I do too, believe me, as I’m a very skeptical cynical person. But I still must stick with seeing reality and not fantasy.

  102. HighlyEducatedHillarySupporter….. thanks
    Even more to my point, I don’t see him getting AA’s any more power. If anything, he could diminish gains they have already made when he falls on his face.

  103. Nikki22,
    I keep trying to debunk ‘momemtum’ but forgetting to add, in the language of the woo-woo limosine latte drinkers stockbrokers … “The stock is giong up as long as it is going up.”

  104. Tiny Dancer, i’m getting supertitious so from now on can we just say, PR is looking good for Hillary with hard work we can bring that in.

    Is PR a primary or a causcus?

  105. Another thing: people need to collect and keep posting in one post here and wherever ALL the admitted instances of republicans saying they voted for Obama in the caucuses and the primaries too only because they were voting against Clinton. Obviously, with their admitted hatred, Clinton would never get their votes in the GE, but NEITHER WOULD OBAMA. These weren’t votes FOR Obama, they were votes AGAINST Clinton. He doesn’t have their real vote.

    His caucus wins in particular where repubs have been doing this–they likely OVERestimate his real overall support if they’re extrapolated to the GE.

  106. Instead he had to ruin the chances of the only woman with a chance at the presidency. He absolutely disgusts me.

    I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I’m beginning to feel this way too. I just don’t see another viable woman candidate coming down the pipe for a long time after this. I know it’s been repeated before, but if Barack was a woman with his resume, even with his great oratory skills he wouldn’t be in this position. And he has time on his hands. He’ll still be young in 2016 and way more qualified to take this country under his wing.

    I think it’s a true testament of how strong a candidate Hillary is that with everything she has stacked against her – media, “momentum”, the blogosphere, the cultist, caucuses, the dnc – she’s still in this race today.

  107. hi hillfans, im tapping from work. i just recieved a call from a die-hard obama supporter gloating. oh well, take our lumps now and get to march and april. i am going to donate again 10.44 tuesday. hillary will need every dime that comes her way for 3 weeks.

  108. Tiny, I’ve been feeling that way for a while now. I could NEVER vote for him, EVER, after what he has done in running now. He makes me want to throw up. I feel the same about all the other misogynistic obstructionists to a woman’s running.

  109. I love how CBS proves their own question asking Hillary if she’s gotten tougher coverage, well they guy interviewing Obama asked a lot less probing question than Katie did of Hillary. But as usual, she handed herself with stride. I love that she KNOWS she’s got it.

  110. HEHS–DON’T FORGET ABOUT THE FORMER MAYOR OF DC, Barry what his name..the coke head. i got into a serious agruement with my uncle who continued to vote for that clown he did nothing fot the people of that city..sorry ass coke head, i heard that he endorsed bho, too…i bet thats one he would rather not have..

  111. About AA voters & Obama- As a black woman I can tell you there’s no deep love and loyalty there. Many are voting for him just because he’s the first black man to have a real shot at getting the nod. I personally can’t stomach him because he thinks too much of himself among other reasons. But Hillary will still get 90% of the black vote in the general.

  112. Just remember, use this as a talking point to those who say he is more electable, the Latino population, the largest minority group in the US and a massive swing vote, will not vote for him. You see this in the primary now. And the way they are taking us for granted on his campaign is not going to help him at all. They don’t realize, as y’all said above, we are not party-oriented, we vote for who is best for the community. John McCain can steal the Latinos back for the GOP against b.o., not with HRC.

  113. Terrondt, let the Obamabots gloat. The anti-democratic caucuses, thankfully, have come to end. We will take our lumps and pick ourselves off the mat and keep going. This is Obama’s high water mark as I said in a previous thread. I know you and I and people like us will hang in there and not be distracted by temporary setbacks. We will keep our eye on the ball and keep going. Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Norht Carolina will decide this nomination. We will win all of them.

  114. Well, let’s hope that since he’s the PERCEIVED front runner that the media will turn on him, since they so desperately want a horse-race. Maybe it won’t be illegal to mention the word REZKO- who’s trial starts on the 25th.

  115. Obama is only gaining momentum because of the media love fest for him.

    Obama is wining states that most will stay in republican control…What Obama is saying is that Hillary voters will translate over to him if he wins the nomination.

    I totally don’t agree with that conclusion at all!! They also believe Bill and Hillary Clinton will be the good democrats and do the unity tour to promote Obama for him. I don’t doubt that but again that assumption is too rosy and belittles the concerns of the voters.

    I think the DNC and the party elites are out of touch with their base and is listening to the few and not the many. We’ll see how the SD handle the pressure from Obama.

  116. Well, after seeing Hillary on 60 minutes, I am much calmer. The woman is truly inspiring, extremely articulate and just so ready for this job.

    On another note, I read on one of the comments on talkleft that Bambi not only dissed Bill in his Alexandria speech (the usual stuff about democratic losses in the house, governors, etc) but he also dissed Florida and Ohio in a way, by saying he doesn’t want to be in the general with a 47/47 situation with 5% undecideds who all live in Florida and Ohio. Did anyone (gag) manage to watch bambi today and catch this? Could we use it to shore up support in Ohio? he is so smug– makes my skin crawl.

  117. Fran – I’m just now getting to that point. I was really excited about him last year, so proud to be a democrat with a women and an AA in the running looking over at the white boys club on the republican side. But after getting to know BO, that sheen wore off. I’m not impressed by lofty rhetoric, his speeches leave me flat and quite frankly confused, and his resume is paper thin. Hillary isn’t as eloquent in her speeches, but she has substance and a breadth of knowledge that is unmatched in any election I’ve seen. Something changed on Friday though, I went to the Hillary townhall and I saw all these women who always dreamt of this day and fought for it but never really thought they’d live to see it and how much it means to them and then talking to my mom, who’s Hillary’s age, and how much this means to her. It got to me. I’m not saying one historic candidate is more worthy of the other, however strip away race and gender (and fancy speeches) and Hillary is just the better candidate period. I’m going to feel very cheated if BO takes this nomination, especially since his delegate totals are where they’re at due to some very undemocratic processes.

  118. hawk–how do latinos feel about mccain?

    does anybody know anything about ohio and texas–whats going on? i read on another site that things were moving along in nothe texas—they were starting to go door to door…i think someone said they got this off of hrc website

  119. Nikki, I’m glad to hear that you think Hillary would get 90% of the black vote in the GE. Blacks always vote Dem by about 80%, it’d be very sad if they didn’t due to the racial politics, especially considering the Clinton’s history. 🙂

  120. HEHS : The black vote was 28% in DE, with Obama getting 86% of it.

    In CT, 9%. That may not sound like much, but given his dominance w/ this demo, it’s like a +8 headstart. Add the upscale Dems, and you get the narrow win.

  121. Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll numbers for today (nationwide / Democrats)

    Clinton 46, Obama 43

    Chins up, Hillfans! We just need to ride through February and keep the races close, get as many delegates as we can, and then focus our sights on Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Texas.

  122. Latinos like John McCain, but the important point is that they like him, but not as much as HRC. This is the scary thing. We can win with the traditional dem vote and Latinos, but take Latinos out of the equation, along with some pissed off women, then you have a recipe for a McCain presidency. McCain is in line with HRC on immigration. B.O. is a nobody to the community. The republican will turn this into a race about national security, taking those suburban women and giving them to McCain and the Latino vote will also go to him. B.o. will only get the votes of AA, young people (except young Latinos), and democratic-liberal men and women, not enought o put us over the top in any state that John Kerry didn’t win in 2004.

  123. Hi guys, I am a Hillary supporter and new here. I would like to find out whether it’s possible for Hillary to run as independent if BHO stole the nomination? I would definitely support that.

  124. Time for me to listen to the HRC soundtrack to become inspired….

    Suddenly I See, Superwoman, Every Little Thing She Does is Magic, American Girl, 9-5, You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet, I Won’t Back Down, and all of the others 🙂

  125. There’s such a diverse group here, we should do a mock GE with Obama/McCain, Clinton/McCain. Obama supports keep saying CA is a lock for th dems for the GE, but they have a republican gov and a latino population that’ll go hard for McCain. California could go red if Obama is the nom

  126. hawk–so with that info..if bho wins the nom, Ca comes into play? i know the terminator is very popular with the younger set(latino) and texas. I just wondered..i was debating with someone about this. of course, they think since bho is winning all these states it shows that he will do better. as my bro pointed out hrc has still received approx 600,000 more votes than bho.

  127. Tiny Dancer Obama doesn’t write his speaches, he steal them. So it fine if you get a guy who never had an original thought in his head that other people didn’t say before him.

    Everybody think Obama is going to give them Universal Healthcare because he has tailor his speaches and spin all of Hillary good points without commiting himself to the details. In other words give something that is not but similiar in sound….but it’s all in the details, the details, the details.

  128. Berkeley Vox, Hillary is up 49-41 over Obama in Ras; she trails McCain 46-43.

    BTW, I’d love to see Maggie Williams doing interviews ASAP.

  129. Hi I am new here and I am a Hillary supporter. Is there a possibility that Hillary would run as independent if BHO stole the nomination? I would support her in that case. There is no way I would vote for BHO!

  130. carbynew–
    whats worse is that people..my people(black folks) actually think he is going to raise the minimum wage every year…i always ask them if they have ever heard of congressional approval? what a joke!

  131. CHEER UP GUYS. Most people are tuned in to the Grammys right now and don’t give a crap aobut Maine or any of Obambi’s wins for that matter.

  132. California will come in to play, and Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, and Florida, which have been beginning to trend Democratic, will all go back to McCain. Cali should never be in play, but it may. As a Latino, I am not kidding, the community will choose McCain over Obama. My grandma, for instance, who when she said this, didn’t even know I liked HRC, said, when we were talking about the election (this was in like the summer), that she could vote for John Edwards, she liked HRC a lot, and she said she won’t vote for b.o. She said he has no record in the community, he is too inexperienced, and she asked if I was surprised that she knew who he was. I laughed and told her I like HRC, and work on the campaign, and she went on a 10 minute talk about how the Clintons got so many Latinos to stay in school. I am worried about this. My grandma lives in LA, Long Beach actually, and she said she and her amigas all agree, no way on b.o. She said the republicans she could vote for are Rudy (not anymore) and McCain, and guess what…..

  133. thanks tps, im die hard hillary as they come. no way im conceding nothing to these obamabots. hang tough in there hillfans MARCH MADNESS IS COMING SOON FOR HILLARY!!

  134. Note to Maggie Williams:

    The banner before your tenure have got to go. Solutions for America, take it down now; sounds like a 15-sec spot on the Martha Stewart show.

    Let’s see some truth tellin’ banners. How about HRC in front of a giant sign blazing “Standing for Democratic Principles” and an opening speech that if we don’t stand for Democratic principles we will fall for anything.

  135. anbritt: I agree that blacks often believe that if they get another black person in office that their life will be better for it. Even though that really should be the case (you’d think a black person with the power to change things would at least try), you have people like Barry and Kilpatrick who do nothing but steal money. We need to start vetting every candidate, including black candidates, because once most politicians regardless of their skin color are looking out for themselves. Most run for office to feed their ego, gain power and prestige, make a ton of money, and have the common people worship at their feet. I hate that folks like Donna Brazile continue to misinform black voters by influencing them to vote for the person who looks like them rather to use their brains and make an informed decision.

  136. Ambinder reporting this bit of good news – let’s hope so – re: Patti Solis:

    “Importantly, aides stressed that Solis Doyle will begin to travel with Clinton, arguably giving her even greater access to the candidate’s ear. She plans to spend time helping Clinton in Texas, where she has close ties, and will appear as a surrogate on Clinton’s behalf.”

  137. Let me add that I approach this election through the eyes of an average voter. I’ve always loved politics, but I’m not an activist. I try to research and get as much accurate information as I can. It just seems to me that unless BO expands his base of support there is no way he can get nominated and I don’t care how well he does in caucuses.

  138. I’m from California….Obama will not win there. People forget that California is the largest state in the Union and we have a republican Gov…who is very likeable and he is supporting McCain who is very likable with our voters.

    People forget that California has the largest ports and house millions of military families. Our Marines and National Guards have been doing heavy rotation in Iraq and Afganistan. People forget we’re the largest Agriculture producer in the world. Our Economy is tanking, the housing is tanking, Immigration is a big deal…and Obama promise Driver Licenses for illegals. Latinos are in the military.

    Latinoes voting patterns are different from AA’s and more diversed, they can go either way. Asians…puhlease experience matter very much and defense..Like I said McCain is very popular in the west it was his courting of the conservatives that put space between them.

  139. How about a sign that says

    “Obama’s a Deceitful Little B*tch!”

    2012 for universal health care?!!!
    2050 for emissions reductions?!!!

    America can’t wait!

  140. [img]http://static.crooksandliars.com/2008/02/midday-cartoon.gif[/img]

    You should read the response this cartoon is getting at crooks and liars. They’ve thrown Barack on the cross.

  141. why are people so against Hillary or anyone vetting Barack? Why do African Americans often see it as racist? Um…helLLO, by GIVING HIM special treatment…it WOULD be racist whereas if they vetted him like any other candidate, it’d be treating him as an equal. goddamn…stupid people suck.

  142. ^^ stupid people in general…not directed to any ethnicity. seriously. i hate when i offend by saying a wrong mix of words.

  143. bd, you have two excellent points there….

    2 good ads.

    Pick up the real video where he makes these statements..then simply say: America Can’t Wait..The Future is Now.. quick, quirky, and understandable.

    Any idea when the organization for Ohio will start?

  144. Asian votes are independent. something they go to Dem, something they go to Repu depend who the candidate is. In this election circle, most of them go to hillary. if BHO is the nominee, they will go Mccain or just stay home or go to green.

  145. # MJS Says:
    February 10th, 2008 at 8:19 pm

    why are people so against Hillary or anyone vetting Barack? Why do African Americans often see it as racist? Um…helLLO, by GIVING HIM special treatment…it WOULD be racist whereas if they vetted him like any other candidate, it’d be treating him as an equal. goddamn…stupid people suck.

    Go to crooks and liars and read the reaction to them posting ONE anti-obama cartoon. They’ve thrown him on the cross.

  146. I don’t get it either MJS. The republicans aren’t going to be bothered about being called racist in the GE. They’ll vet him for sure.

  147. Thanks Dot;

    the sooner they start listening, the better off they’ll be!

    can’t say on Ohio, though it better be under way right now!

    Texas too.

  148. Today’s example of the media trying to fool the public:

    Though TIME’s report on the Hillary-Edwards talks clearly show it is Hillary who has already held talks, and that Obama and Edwards won’t speak until Monday, the headline at HuffPost is this:

    “Edwards In Secret Endorsement Talks With Obama And Clinton”

    A small point, but this is how they work, incrementally, slowly twisting and turning everything from delegate possibilities to FLA & MI to you name it.

    There oughta be a law!

  149. OHIO is getting ready:

    If you haven’t been to a meeting recently, you don’t want to miss this one! Or, if you have been to meetings all along or are newly involved, WE NEED ALL HANDS ON DECK!!!

    We expect a Standing Room Only crowd and we need your help in enrolling all our guests, selling shirts, passing out buttons and serving refreshments. I need everyone to click the reply button now and CONFIRM THAT YOU WILL BE THERE! so that we can get a count.

    If you’ve been reading our emails you know that THE CAMPAIGN STAFF IS ON THE GROUND IN COLUMBUS, and they have assigned a field manager especially to TEAM HILLARY COLUMBUS because we have become the largest group of organized volunteers in Central Ohio, and from what we’ve heard, maybe in the entire State. Your committment has paid off!

    Now we need to put our experience to work to get our girl to the White House. Our Campaign Staffer will tell us how we’re gonna win this thing, and James Winnett from the Ohio Democratic Party will show us the cutting edge technology that will help us get the votes we need to do it. Also, we finally have campaign materials for you and a new order of shirts. SO BRING YOUR CHECKBOOK OR WALLET. Hillary has trudged through sub-zero weather and snow and ice to win this battle, so do your part to support her now. THE SPOTLIGHT WILL SOON BE AIMED AT OHIO AND WE WANT THE WIN IN HILLARY’S COLUMN. LET’S SHOW AMERICA HOW IT’S DONE.

    Mark it on your calendar:
    This Tuesday, February 12th
    7pm to 8:30pm
    Benchmark Bank
    461 Beecher Road, Gahanna 43230
    Come early if you want to sit down, we’re expecting SRO
    Doors open at 6:00pm.

  150. UGH I can’t stand Obamas voice! How could he have won a grammy for best spoken word? I have Bill’s audio book version of “Giving” and he sounds great..:) Love the book!

  151. This is my suggestion for the DNC: They need to move out of D.C/NY because they’ve lost touch with their base.

    Move to California to reconnect with the base…have a branch but until the DNC leave the east coast they will continue to be influenced away from the base.

    If they were in California they would have a better perception of their party and stop being influenced so much with the elites of our party and not the base.

  152. The Hillary team needs to look past these Feb contest and spend every waking hour in Ohio, Texas and PA. They need to send Bill, Chelsea, and all the other surrogates into those states asap!

  153. Well, I’m beginning to take a deep breath with all of this. Especially with the Williams/Doyle matter, it looks like Hillary and team, as I said before, can and will adapt and adjust.

    You’ve got to know that at HQ they are in the situation room at Defcon 5, pulling all the stops, brainstorming, making decisions. She really wants this, you can just tell, and she’s not going without fighting hard. Its actually good for her in some way, not the inevitable candidate, nothing handed to her.

    Like she said, be there for her and she will be there for you everyday. I know I’m going to be there for her until she puts her hand on that bible.

  154. A strategy question;
    Today a couple of posters explained that Dean and Brazille devised the caucus schedule to benefit BO. If that is true, apparently other dems were aware of it, and I can’t imagine that HRC’s people didn’t know. So why didn’t her campaign plan for the disadvantage they would have? Why couldn’t they have foreseen BO’s organization would be so effective in caucus states? Was it over-confidence?

    Sorry if this comment doesn’t belong in this post but I am trying really hard to understand HOW BO can be the apparent front-runner against HRC. It doesn’t add up. She is such a brilliant woman. I don’t get it. Did her campaign just assume she would wrap up the nomination by TT and didn’t bother to come up with contingency plans? It reminds me a bit of the way Guiliani ran his campaign, putting all his efforts in the Florida primary and we all know what happened there. He had zero mo and it was a wash-out.

    Again, I’m not trying to be negative, just trying to comprehend the incomprehensible, that BO has a shot against HRC. If anyone can refer me to a site where I can ask these types of questions I would appreciate it.

  155. Back Gang. Had to paint some layouts, watch the Obama version of the “view” and then get inspiration from Hil! Whew! What a gal! I had only ever donated $25.00 to Kerry as an anti-Bush contribution, but I am up to over $300 with Hil now. As all artists, I won’t be rich until I am dead, so that is the best I can do today, but more to come as I can…with .44 cents added to everyone now! Been as much as 3-4 times a week now.

    I just LOVE Hillary. FIRST REAL HERO I have ever had who was not in a book!

  156. Just in for a minute. Keep pushing “Operation 10-4, Good Buddy.” We’ve gotten press at TaylorMarsh.com and over 1100 hits on the site. WOOT!

    As for ME, I figured out what happened. teddy visited two cities yesterday. I would check out the missing persons reports for missing women. I suspect many are under a bridge somewhere. 😀

  157. Hello All. I have been away most of the day but I am back, caught up and pumped. This is behind us and that is good. The campaign shake up is good for the news cycle and it is a new opportunity to turn things around. The press will keep asking will it may a difference and we will respond–You damn right it will! Let’s get to work.

    I received a call from my 18 year old son (Freshman at Univ. of Texas) this morning at 4 something a.m. telling me he had just been mugged and beaten. My initial reaction was to cry and feel like I wanted to throw up. I knew that would only further upset him, so I took a deep breath and began to put this event into perspective. He has a blessed life and this could have been so much worse. His instincts were good and he was able to think clearly and excape with a couple of black eyes. He got a good punch on one of the 4 who jumped him and he was robbed of $40. They did not take his wallet so he didn’t have to worry about all that goes with that. by the end of our 2 1/2 hour conversation, he was telling how great he was doing and how much he loves UT. I’m mom and that was a mom’s job well done.

    To the moms out there, we can handle anything and turn it our way. Again, let’s get to work!

  158. i thought that was a very serious mistake for obama to campaign in cali on support of licenses for undocumented immigrants. that is an issue that will come back to haunt him

    he also dissed Florida and Ohio in a way, by saying he doesn’t want to be in the general with a 47/47 situation with 5% undecideds who all live in Florida and Ohio

    ugh. you know, those 5% undecideds votes *matter*. the election may well come down to 5% undecideds in florida and ohio. so why are you pushing them to decide AGAINST you before anyone has even started voting?? 5% undecided is the difference between a 55-45% clear victory vs 45-55% defeat right? i dont know how many eligible voters are in florida but we’re talking hundreds of thousands of people!

  159. Sittin Bull sorry to hear about your son,
    Your very wise words are taken to heart ,
    To all moms and all women who held all the black eyes and tears and keep these families together now is your time to shine
    Our girl needs you all
    and her own words it takes a village to do this
    like Admin said all hands on deck
    barack hussien wont know what hit him
    Never count out the spirit of a woman protecting her own

  160. another_reader, the gun control in his 1996 questionaire + driving licenses for undocumented immigrants will kill him in GE.

  161. thank god all these caucuses will be over soon…

    now if only we could spread out the african American population so they didn’t JUST dominate certain states…then it would be much more fair.

  162. psymac, it’s great to hear some uplifting thoughts at the end of the day: that not only she really wants this, but that everyone at hq is working so hard on her behalf. I realize that we all sometimes get frustrated with the daily ups and downs, but I would like to commend everyone who is actually working on her campaign day in and day out. I too see the Williams/Doyle change as an encouraging sign of an adapting campaign and I hope they will move to shore up support in the states advantageous to Hillary and start defining Bambi more sharply than before.

  163. basil9,

    I suggest you become better informed before you bash HRC and her campaign again. Regardless of how much organization she put into them caucuses DO NOT FAVOR HILLARY! Hillary Clinton spent months and millions of $ in Iowa but she DID NOT WIN!!She has won NV & NM (pending recount) but those states have large numbers of hispanics so she did well. Hillary’s working class base can’t show up in many of these places. Secondly, Barack Obama is the “frontrunner” in the minds of the antihillary media and people like yourself who believe their bullshit. Obama wins caucuses because they attract a small # of die hards- Hillary can’t do anything about that. He’ll also win states where the black vote is big or a majority and there isn’t a damn thing she can do about that either. Hillary hasn’t run a perfect campaign, she has and will make mistakes. But she has more political skills and ability than me, you, or anyone else on this board combined. Lastly, there is ZERO resemblence between Hillary Clinton’s campaign and Giuliani. You may not have noticed but Mr. 911 dropped out after not winning a single primary or caucus.

  164. 867,000 (about) votes for Hil in Florida. We were out in force here, and with NO CAMPAIGNING, AND knowing that we were stripped of delegates. ALL NAMES were on the ballot, including those who had left. Biden, Dodd, etc.

    Bambi was there too, now he is screaming no one had ever heard of him.

    Gimme a break.

    Also, MANY turned out on Super Tuesday (sigh) just to discover they vote had been the week before. Thank god I am not FROM here…. (sorry to native Floridians, but II have been here 8 years 😉

  165. meyingsu,

    Thanks for the link. I guess my real question is HOW could her campaign have allowed this to happen?

    I agree, she can still bounce back and 3 weeks is an eternity in politics but I can’t help feeling that what should have been a no-brainer with her clinching the nomination has turned into a fight to the death and I would like to know who is responsible for that. Unless, of course, it is a strategy. It just seems like an awfully risky one.

  166. Press conference today in San Antonio, to announce Hillary’s town hall here on Wednesday, and the official opening of her campaign office.

    The location chosen for this press conference? Alamo Park, right in front of the Alamo. Ha! We had the head of the local teachers union, one of our most adored state senators, Carlos Uresti. He is an ex-marine and serves the largest congressional district in the US of A, that stretches from HERE TO EL PASO, encompassing 22 counties. Many movers and shakers in the Hispanic community were there.


  167. Why don’t Hillary camp say this that they will exclude Michigan but Florida must count since he Obama went against the rules/pledge by running ads.And hell no to splitting the damn Florida vote.That is beyond silly.I hope by this Maggie coming on that Hillary start to show backbone again it was stupid of her to play fycking saint.People do not want to see that in her.They know she is not that type of woman to let a man run over her like that.If that makes her a bytch than so be it.She better let him have it in the next debate fyck playing like the sweet neighbor next store

  168. Everyone go to Savagepolitics.com it will help clear your head.An honest, realistic overview of how well HRC did on Super Tues.stating that the media spinning for BHO is all out of control.
    I have loved Bill and Hill for years and remember in some of her darkest days prayer was her saving grace,so let us all pray for her to come out swinging and she will be our POTUS.
    here is email address for msnbc hit it hard this week.viewerservices@msnbc.com also Congressman Robert Wexler needs to hear from everyone he is supporting BHO-tell him to seat the
    Fla.delegates or lose his seat!!

  169. There is no way to minimize the number of states he has won…it is down to the wire in the 3 most important states.

    Ohio IMO is where she really needs to campaign hard, hard, hard. Heavy hitters with massive gotv. The fact that bambi is strong in that region (other surrounding states)..regardless of caucus or primary..the bleedover effect has to be countered.

  170. I personally do not believe Bill or the race thing lost the AA vote for Hillary, as an AA and from what I hear from AA BHO supporters. One girl said it like this on NPR
    “I love hillary but BHO gives me a chance to dream”
    AA have lost their role in american politics to Hispanics and its a now or never situation for this current generation. I would bet with the rate of growth of the Hispanic population that we would see a hispanic in the white house before an AA. It is not that they love BHO no but other than Condi rice Oprah what else has gone well for AAs. And BHO being the snake and opportunist he is saw that openning and ran with baiting Bill into the race war.

    Now the big question is what will a failed BHO compaign do for the AAs in my view his failure will shut the door for AAs for a very longtime.

  171. “I suggest you become better informed before you bash HRC and her campaign again. Regardless of how much organization she put into them caucuses DO NOT FAVOR HILLARY!”
    You have mischaracterized my comment. I am not bashing HRC. I support HRC. As soon as I’ve recovered I intend to get involved as much as possible.
    But if everyone was aware of the system and the schedule a year or so ago, that seems like plenty of time to have changed gear.
    I am trying to be better informed through this site but if it’s not the appropriate place to raise such issues I’d appreciate a referral to other sites that discuss these things. No one wants her to win more than me.

  172. Chaz she did lose the blk vote dear.Me and you are one of the few that are actually educated unlike the rest that went to Obama.All blk folk need to hear is that somebody is labeled a racist so than they dumb azzez believe it.Sorry to be blunt but as a blk to a blk i can speak about facts in the blk community that most will not say out loud.Blk people love that card that they can play when things dont work out right

  173. Wexler needs to get the boot upon his next election. I called his officeast week and I came away believing that he doesn’t give jack about the Floridians…bambi has promised him something.

    He will be NO HELP in this…he has endorsed Obama. I let them know i thought that was disgusting as well.

  174. chaz356: Well, I think a lot of people have faith in BHO and want to take a chance with him even if he doesn’t do that great of a job. AA want to see more AA in positions of power and they think BHO can open doors that have never been opened before. I just think it is so sad that he did this the same year Hillary decided to run. I think women have the right to dream as well. We’ve all waited for this since we fought for the right to vote. It is unfair that BHO has turned the Clintons into the enemy and has even compared them to the Bush family to get to where he is today. He is deceitful and has shown little respect in regards to furthering women’s rights in politics. I can only hope that the women who support Hillary do not support him in the GE but lets hope that Hillary will be the nominee so we don’t have to make that decision.

  175. Bambi was there too, now he is screaming no one had ever heard of him. The name recognition arguement the BO supports like ot throw around doesn’t wash with me for Florida. By that point he’d been on Oprah, won Iowa, had that huge win in SC, and had the most remarkable few days of television coverage I had ever seen culminating in the Kennedy orgy and it’s nonstop tv coverage on every friggin’ network out there. His name was well known by then.

    Man I have some BO rage.

  176. Found this on Taylor Marsh:

    This is an important link, especially if you are a Clinton supporter from Texas. I myself am from Austin. 🙂


    VOTE BY WED, FEB 13th!!!
    *Democracy for Texas Launches Final Presidential Poll & May Endorse!

    *Texas Delegate Breakdown
    *Everything You Need To Know About the TX Delegate Process

    Also, for those of you who are curious about the recent delegate jump:

    “Eddie Bernice Johnson Goes with Obama, Speaker Wright Picks Clinton
    by: David Mauro
    Fri Feb 08, 2008 at 05:07 PM CST

    Congressowman Eddie Bernice Johnson of Dallas has endorsed Barack Obama, South Dallas Blog reports. Johnson had previously endorsed John Edwards early last year.

    In the battle between Obama and Clinton over Texas members of congress, the tally is now Clinton – 7 and Obama – 2.

    Former U.S. House Speaker Jim Wright has endorses Hillary Clinton. Wright’s endorsement has added signficance because he, like Johnson, is a superdelegate.

    Among Texas superdelegates, Clinton holds a 12 to 3 lead over Obama.

  177. Found this on Taylor Marsh:

    This is an important link, especially if you are a Clinton supporter from Texas. I myself am from Austin. 🙂


    VOTE BY WED, FEB 13th!!!
    *Democracy for Texas Launches Final Presidential Poll & May Endorse!

    *Texas Delegate Breakdown
    *Everything You Need To Know About the TX Delegate Process

    Also, for those of you who are curious about the recent delegate jump:

    “Eddie Bernice Johnson Goes with Obama, Speaker Wright Picks Clinton
    by: David Mauro
    Fri Feb 08, 2008 at 05:07 PM CST

    Congressowman Eddie Bernice Johnson of Dallas has endorsed Barack Obama, South Dallas Blog reports. Johnson had previously endorsed John Edwards early last year.

    In the battle between Obama and Clinton over Texas members of congress, the tally is now Clinton – 7 and Obama – 2.

    Former U.S. House Speaker Jim Wright has endorses Hillary Clinton. Wright’s endorsement has added signficance because he, like Johnson, is a superdelegate.

    Among Texas superdelegates, Clinton holds a 12 to 3 lead over Obama.

  178. Ok all you people who could not win your states for our girl just watch how we do it in TX
    Remember evrything is bigger in tX even our support for our girl
    Texas is hillary country

  179. Basil9,
    Sorry if I misunderstood you. Again, change gear to what? Hillary spent months organizing for the Iowa caucus. She had a great field team, poured money into the state, visited countless times and she still finished 3rd. It frustrates me that so many of you here are buying into the spin. What the hell has Barack Obama done since Iowa that has so many of you in awe? He’s got some wins but are they that impressive? Hillary has won big in MA,CA,NY,NJ,ARK,TN,OK,AZ and because of proportional awarding she gets her share of delegates even when she loses in a caucus. But some of you constantly bash this woman and I’m sick of it! Hillary isn’t going to win everywhere but as long as she wins the states she’s supposed to and secures the nomination I’m happy.

  180. I’ve been a frequent (every day; almost every minute) visitor to your site and this is the first time I’m posting a comment, as you’ll probably note. I think it’s wonderful that you’re here and I get the frustration and anger and indignity that everyone, myself included, feels. Clearly, the plan was we’d win more delegates in Super Tuesday and Obama would be closer to a distant memory. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and the campaign didn’t seem to have a plan B in place; figuring they could afford to lose the next few caucuses and then finish strong. But the campaign is going to recalibrate and I think Maggie Williams is going to give Obama an old-fashioned ass-kickin’. And she’s the one to do it. This is a new day folks, let’s hunker down and get ready to go to the mattresses for Hillary. I’m not a Polly-Anna about this and I’m fully aware of the impact of psychological advantage in campaigns and how it can affect perception and potentially outcomes; but that’s the key — these are perceptions NOT realities and, in this case, they are built on sand. They will crumble and sink. The more Obama has front-runner status, the more voters are going to start asking what the heck is going on. This is no where near over. Hillary’s a fighter and so are we. Nikki 22, and those who despair at the negativity that sometimes overtakes us, understandable as it is, you inspire me.

  181. chaz356 Says:

    February 10th, 2008 at 9:23 pm
    Ok all you people who could not win your states for our girl just watch how we do it in TX
    Remember evrything is bigger in tX even our support for our girl
    Texas is hillary country

    Excellent, chaz. I’m coming to Texas. As I just read, HRC is opening an office in San Antonio. We will win TX.

  182. (Albuquerque, NM) Today, the Chairman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico Brian S. Colón announced that the Party made significant progress with the qualification of provisional ballots. The qualification process works to assure that voters are registered and have not already cast a ballot.

    “Since midday yesterday, with more than one hundred volunteers working in shifts we were able to check our voter database and assure that we count the provisional vote of 2,778 Democrats–so far,” said Chairman Colón. “For those voters who are not initially found in our voter file, we will conduct a second search to verify whether a provisional voter is registered and has not already cast a ballot.”

    Since the day after the caucus over 227 volunteers have given their time and effort to help process, verify and count the votes of the record Democratic turnout on February 5th.

    “We know it is urgent to get these results completed,” said Chairman Colón. “We also know it’s key that we count the vote of every registered voter.”
    The Democratic Party of New Mexico and its volunteers will continue working approximately 16 hours per day until the election results are certified.

  183. nikki,
    Again, I’m no bashing HER but questioning her staff’s decisions. I agree that for the caucus states to get as much coverage and be allocated more significance than primary states is nuts. And of course the BM downplaying her significant victories in the big states doesn’t help.
    But for BO to win so mny in a row is impressive and does cede him braggin rights and consequently increases his mo.

    I want HRC to get her mo back. I’m very frustrated by it. And I am a novice but it does seem that she has not been well advised. Hopefully the new CM will have a positive impact.

  184. Sittin Bull If you go here and plug in the zipcode, you should be able to find a Hillary group in North Texas. They can hook you up with offices, volunteer stuff, local email updates, etc. Add http in front so the link will work.


  185. I made the mistake of going to msnbc.com and saw that arrogant smile on Obama’s face. Their website is also very biased. Practically every time I visit there is a huge as photo of Obama taking up the top quarter of the page. I seriously cannot wait for this week to end and have Hillary wipe that grin off his face when she win OH and TX.

  186. Off topic but… I’ve noticed that BO has a different look to his ads. They have been showing ads heavily on Wisconsin stations but none of those “hope and change” rally type that were shown in Iowa. He’s just sitting in a chair in a room. I am wondering if some of that “cult” stuff discussed in the media recently might be having an impact. Thus the change in the ads perhaps? It’s really weird so I thought I’d mention it…..not sure if it means anything…

  187. rjk1957, yeah, the subliminal message he seems to be sending out is that he has suddenly transformed into a conservative Republican…he’s sitting in a nice looking, well lit room in a suit and tie looking straight at the camera. To tell you the truth I looked twice the first time to make sure it was him…

    Perhaps he doesn’t want to seem too scary for Wisconsin voters who are largely rural and white?

  188. MJS wrote: ok. I don’t care whether you guys like negativity or not, but I think the best route to go now is negative. Obama is now the frontrunner…and

    MJS, I’m not sure what planet you’re living on, but here on planet Earth we have to deal with the reality of a Media that has cast themselves in the role of Obama defenders. You may not have noticed, but every single attempt by Hillary’s campaign to tell the truth about Obama has resulted in the Echo chamber being filled with noise against her.

    We know that, because we’ve been watching; her campaign knows that, because they know the landscape and they can now recognize the landmines that are up ahead. I’m not quite sure why you haven’t seen it by now…I’ll just leave it at that.

  189. Any idea who this William Slack is? Hillary44 reader, Obama supporter, say he can be “changed?” I am pretty new here. Any comments? He emailed me, and a long list of folks.

  190. This was his email to me:

    Hi Folks-

    I’m a Hillaryis44 reader, but (full disclosure first is good, don’t
    kill me) I’m currently an Obama supporter. That’s subject to change,
    but it’s where I am right now.

    I want to make a few admissions:.

    1. Clinton has received negative treatment from various people in the
    1a. Obama’s rallies are emotionally powerful (I’ve seen no one say
    otherwise), so the media who have to watch them get the same shock –
    over, and over, and over.
    1b. Clinton has had a few wars with the media, especially during the
    Monica frenzy. She made some enemies.
    1c. Chris Matthews has made a few statements that show he is not
    impartial in this contest.
    1d. Frank Rich was hardly fair in today’s column.

    2. Obama has much less experience in national politics.
    2a. He ran for state senate when Clinton was campaigning for her
    husband’s second term.
    2b. He has never worked on a difficult policy issue nationally.

    3. Many Obama supporters don’t know what they’re talking about.
    3a. Many college students think Obama is cool, therefore they vote.
    3b. A FOX news group couldn’t name a single accomplishment.

    4. Obama’s political mentor was Tony Rezko.
    4a. They had a long term relationship
    4b. He was a big, corrupt Chicago power player
    4c. Obama asked Rezko to do the other part of the deal for Obama’s
    house. Obama got a discount.

    Hopefully, I’ve convinced you that I’m not an Obamaniac. There are
    more problems I have with him, but these should be enough.

    HOWEVER, I’m still an Obama supporter……

    I’d write more, but I find that many e-mails I send to Hillary
    supporters tend never to get replied to. I don’t know why, and I wish
    it wasn’t the case. If you’d like to try to turn me (and the phone
    calls I’ll make), please reply so that we can have a conversation. I
    would like to share the reasons I support Obama if you folks are
    interested, for you to refute or hear. Thoughts?

    Thank you, and I hope to hear from you.

    -Will Slack

  191. rjk,

    Excellent info and yes, that chart does provide a different take on the nomination, plus it restores my optimism. 😀

    Thanks for posting that.

    But still PO’d at her staff who, I think, should have anticipated some of the other obstacles she’d come up against. She’s going through such a grueling process. I don’t see how she does it.

  192. Fran says:
    In my opinion, the default mental state of Clinton supporters should be: 1) don’t listen to the media. It is against Clinton overall so will spin everything unfavorably toward her and favorably toward him.
    2) fuck “momentum.” The voters are smarter than believing hype B.S. AS ALL HER BIG WINS DESPITE THE MEDIA BEING AGAINST HER HAVE SHOWN.
    3) caucuses will favor thugs, therefore will likely favor Obama because he’s a thug, he’s another Bush, he’s a republican wannabe at the least and may actually BE a republican and/or tied to republicans.
    4) keep eyes on the probable big prizes, which probably won’t be coming for a few weeks. Until then, RELAX MORE and KEEP WORKING.

    And I say: AMEN

  193. Well, Will, if you can say all of that, and then still support him, what’s the point? We don’t support him. Ae support the best person for the job because at the end of the day, it’s a job. It’s not becoming Christ. It’s sitting down and getting to work, and Obama, is not a work horse. He’s a show horse. If you are not taken in by Obama’s sugar coated message, you don’t find his rallies emotional. You find them creepy.

  194. Wisconsin is hard for us, and we should have Tammy Baldwin talking to people in his stronghold, her district, Madison. College town.

  195. sounds like Will Slack might be shunning the light and the koolaid. he is ready to hear from a straight shooter about why Hillary is better. I can’t hurt to give the real facts as to why she is better qualified.

    The Rezco deal is going to surface and its a lot deeper skandal and has many tentaticles. The repubs most likely have a case file on it and that is why they seem to want to givve him a free ride to nomination.

    Hillary has no scandals, no vetting needs to be done.

  196. hawk, don’t you think the HRC needs to try to figure out in Wisconsis what districts she can pull and focus on those. every delegate will count now…its down to the wire. every vote can turn to a percentage and it gets the delegates.

    don’t leave out any states…she needs presence everywhere.

    heck, borrow more $ from yourself, mortgage the house, ask for more donations. this matters.

  197. spacegirlart,

    HRC has been vetted, there are no new scandals with her. Obama has rezko, moveon, missed votes, bad stances in the general on gun rights and immigration, and foreign policy.

    Obama has never been through a tough campaign in his life and is not ready to go up against the GOP yet. He is not for UHC, he has advisers working on his campaign regarding social security that worked with mccain on privatization, he has neocons on his foreign policy team, he loves Joe Lieberman as we all know, he voted for the 2005 energy bill (cheney’s bill), he doesn’t win white votes in the south as we have seen, he LOSES us the Latino vote, and there is so much more reasons not to vote for him.

  198. Boy, I’m getting so fired up that I’m thinking about taking a three day weekend and going to Ohio or Texas or where ever the campaign needs me, that is if calling is not enough. I’m going to call HQ this week and see what I can do. Here in Florida, not much else to do!

  199. She should go upstate to Green Bay, Medford, Eau Claire, and in southern Wisconsin, go to Madison a few times and then stop in Milwaukee. We should at least try to win Wisconsin. It may look bad, but we should try.

  200. spacegirl,

    How’d Penn get the position and why? Doyaknow? All I know is sites I visit that used to have 1 BO banner and a side ad now have 5 or 6. BO is all over the web. He’s visible everywhere in mostly big well-attended venues. I heard yesterday that college kids get something like 80%+ of their news from their laptops. HRC ads appear nowhere. It seems they’re trying to run a conventional campaign in an unconventional election. How many advisors have BO’s side replaced compared to HRC’s? Sometimes I click on an unrelated link and what pops up instead of the site i was logging on to but BO. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!

  201. hawk, but Wisconsin is a primary which is in Hillary’s favor. Much of the state is rural white folks. I would think Hillary will show ads there soon as well. I am just across the Mississippi River from Wisconsin so I am alert to things going on here.

  202. Yeah, exactly, we should not cede Wisconsin. I hope we put up ads there. It is very smart. If we win there, we will have pulled off a big upset.

  203. One more time to see if this works, My reply to Will:


    I am not sure what to think, especially since it seems as if the Republicans
    are caucusing for Obama, and voting in Open Primaries just to oust Hillary
    Clinton. I have read MANY instances of this, as well as OBAMA supporters
    being bussed in to stack the deck. NPR this morning described it this way
    “Obama supporters stormed the caucus sites”

    This doesn’t sound like a “new kind of politics” to ANY of Hillary’s

    On another note, read this and maybe you will get a CLUE what a woman has to
    deal with:


    PERSONALLY, I was more inclined to support Obama should he have won the GE
    before all the worship and arrogance by both the press and the supporters,
    but to be honest, I am seriously considering McCain if that happens. As are
    MANY Hillary supporters. Now, I could argue that this is EXACTLY what the
    MSM and the Repugs wanted all along, was to turn folks away from Obama with
    their cultish adoration, but who knows. It’s all sick.

    If Obama were a real man, who wanted to REALLY change the dialogue, he would
    come out STRONGLY AGAINST MEDIA BIAS and DEMAND from his sycophants a fair
    reporting of ALL the issues.

    But these are the same media hacks who ALLOWED GW Bush to go to war, steal
    the Constitution and rob America blind, so I doubt they will change their

    As for your assertion that Clinton pissed off the media, well…good lord
    man, the Republicans were after the Clintons from DAY ONE, and it has been
    non-stop. Yep, Bill screwed up. So did Ted Kennedy, but now he is loved.
    HILLARY has worked ALL HER ADULT LIFE to help people from ALL walks of life
    and Obama stayed, pardon this, “in the ‘hood”. HE doesn’t compare at all to
    her in public service. IS that what YOU want to change? Dedicated people who
    have worked their entire lives for the GOOD of the country to some new-comer
    who believes “130” present votes gives him the authority to run this

    And that is the thing. Cultish adoration. PERSONALLY, I don’t want another
    newbie running the country. Look where we are now. As far as I am concerned,
    Obama has not earned his stripes. This is NOT a game.

    I don’t want MY President to have to ASK SOMEONE what to do if we have a
    major attack or something like that. I was with Homeland Security for a
    time. I KNOW this stuff is real.

    Also, there is an ARROGANCE about him that really turns me off. Very George

    He may or may not get my vote if he wins the GE. I would have to think long
    and hard.

  204. Maggie williams if you read this site we could do with some endorsements right about now. remember those ones we have been saving for a rainy day
    I dont think it wil get any more cloudy than this.
    We just have to dominate the news cycle the next few weeks.
    Also Maggie we will do our part breaking fundraising records so that the BM has positive stuff to say also.
    Ps please let Bill loose again everybody loves Bill right

  205. OK, just left an email with the campaign about traveling to help on the ground. If I don’t hear back within a couple of days, I’ll call.

  206. Basil, I have no idea. Some connection to Bill i THINK. But he is smarmy, and not QUICK ON HIS FEET. I have sent email to campaign “complaining” of his impression to ME as a DIE HARD HILLARY SUPPORTER.

    And yes, new campaign tactic nowadays. Obama EVERYWHERE, although i DID get a pop up for Hil on WaPo the other day! I nearly fell out!

    Thanks Hawk 😀

    I have tried to post my reply to Will here but it isn’t coming through. 🙁
    He didnt say where he was from

  207. Spacegirl, LOL I guess someone interpretted one of your posts in such a way that they thought they could turn you.

    I’m not a fan of outing personal emails (Will Slack, hmm that’s kind of a funny handle…makes sense for an Obamabot), but I hope that you posting it will alert some of our newer to the web folks to the shenannigans that are going on.

    And to Will Slack, have some Pink Lemonade; really, it’s much MUCH more tasty than KoolAde.

  208. nikki22, I just read about your frustrations up thread and I feel ya. It’s just so disappointing when we have Hill supporters listening and repeating the spin on MSM on here. I just can’t wait for all this to be over because I know at the end of the day, HRC will be the democratic nominee and then 44.

  209. People we need to help generate good publicity for Hillary these next few weeks
    Tuesday is a good day to start by breaking ron Pauls one day record
    I have 200 – 500.44 waiting also I trying to get some friends to bet with me that we can do it

  210. I think that it is clear that MSNBC does not hold to the standards of objective journalism and is known to be heavily biased against Hillary. We, as a community, should not tune in to it anymore because by continuing to watch it, we will only validating it.

  211. Chaz,

    “We just have to dominate the news cycle the next few weeks.
    “Please let Bill loose again”


  212. It seems they’re trying to run a conventional campaign in an unconventional election.

    That’s a problem, I agree. We need some thinking outside the box on Hillary’s side.

  213. I’m so far up in my Obama-rage that I can’t watch BO’s 60 minute interview with the mute on. I can’t even look at him. I’ll be glad when I don’t have to anymore.

  214. I believe what Penn is really good at is helping her run a campaign under the media radar. That is what he helped her do in NY, twice. While the media was attacking her, stomping on her grave, yada yada, he helped her figure out how to continue to build a campaign and build support with voters. I think that is what you saw in action in California, for example. The media was just waiting for her to die out there, talking about neck and neck, but they were working under the media radar with millions of phone calls, etc. That is what Penn is good for…he is also very loyal, and loyalty is really important when you have been in public service for so long. Think about all of these ex-Clinton advisors now supporting Barack who spew hate about Hillary…loyalty means a lot to them.

    In terms of the caucuses, I agree that the campaign probably did not do as much in terms of GOTV and other organization as they could have/should have to reduce the gap, but there were a couple critical problems that are not really Hillary’s fault:

    1) I believe they were being outspent by a lot by Obama’s campaign. Hillary has done amazingly well in terms of fundraising, but Obama has and will continue to do better. Why? Because his base is african-americans and rich whites, and students….as a whole, that base has more money to offer their candidate than Hllary’s base, which is working class people, Latinos, Asians, and women (and of course, all of these intersect). His base is also more likely to be tuned into the internet, so that also offers fundraising advantages. Did her fundraising team do everything possibe? No. But I also get the feeling that there was a genuine desire to avoid going to her base because it does pose an imposition to ask people who can barely make ends meet to donate money to her…

    2) Obama’s base are exactly the kind of people who like caucuses. His supporters tend to be pushy, vocal, and very active in his campaign, and this bodes well for a caucus. Her supporters tend to be more quiet in their support, probably because they have a million other things to worry about like getting to work, taking care of kids, and paying the bills. Her supporters also tend to be older, which makes it hard to get to a caucus. I did calling for Maine and I came accross many supporters who wanted to be at the caucuses, but could not due to work or the weather. I think Nevada worked out, ironically, because a lot of her supporters worked at the casinos and could caucus on site; they were willing to vote against their union, and I think that won it for her. All of the caucuses would have had a dramatically different turn out if nurses, retail employees, etc, the base of her support, could caucus at work…

    3) The media hates her for no good reason. This does not play out only in caucus states, but it is a constant struggle to get any good press at all. That also makes it very expensive for the campaign because they have to spend money on things like Hallmark events to try and go over the media’s head (I bet Penn and Williams thought of that one). Obama has 24/7 positive advertising with the media.

    So while I think it is helpful for us supporters to be critical of how the campaign could do better (and to sweetly pass these criticisms on to the campaign), I also think we need to keep in mind that there are significant structural advantages associated with the caucuses that no amount of money or strategy could overcome, and that is the base each of the candidates have. Candidates who have the wealthier and more vocal base are always going to do better in a caucus….

  215. Spacegirl wrote: I have tried to post my reply to Will here but it isn’t coming through.

    It’s one of the quirks of the site that posts with hyperlinks get stuck in the spam filter, they do post eventually. So if you had a clicky on it, that would explain the delay.

    My advice to others who are contacted in this manner is to not reply because one of the goals of some of these phishing techniques is to get your email address for lists and research purposes.

  216. HRC2009 I could not agree more
    Lets all agree here to shut those damn tv off if you cant handle the spin
    If its important we will know about it here
    Its just three more weeks people we can do this
    three weks of no Chris Mathews or Timmy Russert wont kill us people

    BTW They hate the clintons because they have been succesful
    Who was the last guy to beat a seating Rethug Pres
    who was the last dem in the white house
    who is the most liked woman even more than Oprah
    the least is endless
    Camelot is a tragedy
    Clintons are a dynasty

  217. psymac – you should go to Ohio, PA…I may go to Ohio or TX, have been leaning TX, but depends on where she needs more infrastructure and support.

  218. Election Coverage: Demand Substance NOT Sexism
    the media say the most offensive things…

    A Petition to Major U.S. Media Outlets:

    For the first time in U.S. history, a woman candidate is the frontrunner for a major party’s nomination for president. The media have a duty to report on the substance of Senator Hillary Clinton’s campaign — her positions on the issues important to the people of this country — not her appearance or other superficial traits.

    The signers of this petition demand that the media refrain from using gender stereotypes or in any way trivializing Sen. Clinton’s candidacy. The election for president of the United States is serious business — please treat every candidate with dignity, and give your readers, listeners and viewers the information they need to make an informed decision in November 2008.


  219. Max, I figured that out, and it sis have a link, so so sorry if it suddenly appears more than once. I though twice about a reply to him, but I can always block in the future and i DO have a spam filter 🙂

    Just so fed up with Obama.

  220. ABC News has learned that Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., met with former Sen. John Edwards secretly at his home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina on Thursday. Clinton’s rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, Illionis Sen. Barack Obama will meet with Edwards on Monday, sources say.
    Clinton initially told reporters that she was not asking for Edwards’ endorsement immediately after he got out of the race. Yesterday, speaking in Lewiston. Maine Clinton said “I’ll ask John Edwards to help with anything I do in the White House.”

    This would be an important endorsement for Clinton to secure, and is essential enough to her that she made a stealth trip to North Carolina, despite her busy campaign schedule. Clinton was two hours late to her first event last Thursday in Virginia, presumably things in the Tar Hill state tied her up.

  221. i watched 3 mins of Obama on 60 mins, and he just seems soooo green. he says people are choosing between him and McCain – OK – so right-leaning Independents and Republicans are embracing drivers licenses for immigrants? right! he is drinking his own kool-aid, and he does absolutely come off as green. I’m glad people get to see the difference between them – now just waiting for Hillary to come on 60 mins – she will blow him away.

  222. It was her DIGNITY and CONVICTION v. his arrogance and assumptive attitude. I agree, he is VERY green and the Republicans will eat him alive. I HOPE SOME people will get it. As for MSNBC et al, I have basically stopped all together, and written the Prez and advertisers on several occasions.

  223. hey everybody…calm down…take a deep breath and remember…bill and hillary clinton are running this campaign…they are brilliant…let’s focus on what we can do to generate online buzz…let’s use the calling tool from the website and call in and use the predictive dialer…let’s not sit around and worry and complain…it doesn’t do anything but make you feel worse.

  224. Did you see this?

    Maryland, Virginia, And DC Superdelegates Endorse Hillary

    The Clinton campaign announced today that it has the support of 25 superdelegates in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. The list of supporters includes 21 Democratic National Committee (DNC) members, including Barbara Easterling of Virginia who pledged her support to Hillary today, as well as, Governor Martin O’Malley, U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski, and Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger.

    “DNC members have an important role to play in this nominating process. The Democratic party’s nomination process is strong because it takes into account the voices of the grassroots activists, the diversity of our party, and the view of elected officials and party leaders,” said Easterling. “I am proud to endorse Hillary Clinton, because she has the experience to solve the problems our country faces. She will end the war in Iraq, provide health care for all Americans, fix our economy, and bring about the change we need.”

    “I am honored to have the support of Barbara and all the DNC members and elected officials who will have a voice at our national convention,” said Clinton. “I am confident that we will have a great convention and that we will send a strong candidate into the general election campaign. I look forward to being that candidate and as President, will work with the people of Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC to move our country forward.”

    A current list of superdelegates in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC who are supporting Hillary is below:


    * Governor Martin O’Malley
    * U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski
    * U.S. Representative Dutch Ruppersberger
    * Alvaro Cifuentes, DNC Member
    * Maria Cordone, DNC Member
    * Nancy Kopp, DNC Member, Maryland State Treasurer
    * Richard Michalski, DNC Member
    * Glenard Middleton, DNC Member
    * Carol Pensky, DNC Member
    * Michael Steed, DNC Member


    * Barbara Easterling, DNC Member
    * Terence McAuliffe, Distinguished Party Leader
    * Jennifer McClellan, DNC Member; Member, Virginia House of Delegates
    * Mame Reiley, DNC Member
    * Lionell Spruill Sr., DNC Member; Member, Virginia House of Delegates
    * Susan Swecker, DNC Member

    Washington, DC

    * Marilyn Brown, DNC Member
    * Mary Eva Candon, DNC Member
    * Yolanda Caraway, DNC Member
    * Hartina Flournoy, DNC Member
    * Harold Ickes, DNC Member
    * Ben Johnson, DNC Member
    * Eric Kleinfeld, DNC Member
    * Minyon Moore, DNC Member
    * Elizabeth Smith, DNC Member

  225. Um what you mean calm down?Honey you calm down.How in gay hell did this man beat hillary by a slight margin in overall delegates?Oh hell naw nobody here needs to calm down.What Hillary needs to do is concede and leave that traitor azz party.Its no way in hell she can fix this.Again it was a mistake for her to go softball on this man.This has been a good ride but i will not vote for no damn Obama and that is that

  226. Hillary needs much more support in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

    BUt look at other big states too.
    Virgina and North Carolina.

  227. CNN is seriously the funniest thing in the entire world. Their Obama wins “Maine” story is so disgustingly bias, it’s not even news anymore. You all should go over to savagepolitics.com like DeelBee said and get a reality check. We’re in it to win it.

  228. Blue Democrat, ABC News is late on that scoop, lol. Although the fact she was 2 hours late to a campaign event is interesting …

  229. Vanity4Hill, nobody is conceding anything. THAT attitude does not help anyone. Constructive criticism is good, throwing Hillary to the dogs because she had a bad week is bad. She would not do that to you, she has not done that to you, so you should not do that to her! When she tried to be hard on him, the media painted her and Bill as racists and people started to believe it. It is DISGUSTING that anyone believed it, but people started to believe it…that’s reality…she isn’t going to get anywhere by having her head in the clouds and just hoping that people will get that she is telling the truth about BO and realize she is not racist…that just wasn’t going to happen…so she had to play the only strategy she can against him. Help Hillary, don’t hurt her with this kind of negativity and defeatism.

  230. a converted republican speaks about Obama’s surge on a blog:

    “Now if Hillary doesn’t receive the nomination I too will vote for Mccain. Only because I think that if Obama wins half the shit he wants to do will be shot down if he intends to even act upon it. Now i knowthat holds true for every other potential, Mccain and Clinton have been in Politics for years and if that means manipulating lobbiests, or crossing the isle or anything else than thatis what you must do. “

  231. mango wrote: In terms of the caucuses, I agree that the campaign probably did not do as much in terms of GOTV

    Mango, you made some excellent points in your post!

    If I may, I’d like to convince you that this framing of the caucus issue is a losing one for our team. Blaming Hillary’s campaign and their GOTC (Get out the caucus) efforts for the losses in caucus states plays into the narrative that the Media are feeding the American public. Caucus goers are a demographic unto themselves. Just like it’s not practical to blame Hillary for not winning the AA vote, it’s not practical to blame Hillary for not turning out people that she is targetting with her message of a Better America for the Middle Class.

    Caucus goers are not working stiffs, caucus goers are people with leisure time. Of course, some of these people support Hillary, but, on the whole, her base of support comes from the working class and people who are struggling to make ends meet. They don’t have the luxuary of being Independents, they are Democrats because Democrats have historically done better for them. They can afford to take a chance on Obama’s empty promises and they can easily manage to get to the caucuses.

    Hillary’s support is rock solid. Most of us signed on early and never left. Everyone is hand-wringing about momentum and other nonsense that does not affect the Hillary voter. Yes, we have to work hard to help them to understand how important each and every vote is, but we don’t have to panic about them changing their minds and suddenly becoming Obamabots. It’s not easy to be a supporter of Hillary, we know what it’s like and what it’s always been like, Chris Mattews and his ilk are not going to change our opinion of her.

    One major challenge that remains is that we must work hard to win over the soft support that is floating out there. We won’t win them over by telling them that Obama is bad; we win them over by convincing them that Hillary is the right candidate for them. It’s not a huge number of voters that we need to convince, it’s really less than half of the available pool of soft support out there. It’s doable for us, if we focus on the people we can reach.

  232. @mango u r righ but when they thru that line at her she should have just told those fyckers to stfu and say that she did more for blks than say a obama
    of course that would have pissed off a few people but oh well

  233. What Hillary needs to do is concede

    V4H, STFU with that crap talk. No one needs to concede anything. Grow some damn spine.

  234. “We won’t win them over by telling them that Obama is bad; we win them over by convincing them that Hillary is the right candidate for them.”


    And I just converted a registered republican friend in Louisiana…it’s NEVER too late….

    One more for the GE

  235. V4H…people have been predicting for a while now that obama would sweep February and very well could lead in delegates. chill. Hillary is NOT going to concede and she WILL be the 44th president of the USA.

  236. If it’s one thing you shoulda learned about Hillary after New hampshire, it’s that this woman KNOWS how to make a comeback.

  237. John Kasich on FOX: Hillary is going to get tougher and tougher and Obama has had a free ride. It’s going to be a tough week coming up, but Ohio is coming up and the Superdelegates will want to keep their positions.” They will not vote for the activists in the party.

  238. MJS
    What don’t you understand the whole damn world will be begging for Hillary to concede by Wednesday morning if she don’t at least win something on Tuesday.It don’t take a damn rocket scientist to figure that one out.

  239. Everyone: Stay positive, let’s all put our enthusiastic support into action and do what we can to help her campaign:

    1) Encourage your friends and family to donate as little as $1 to however much they can afford
    2) Spread the positive word about Hillary
    3) Hold parties/get togethers to discuss ways you can spread the word
    4) Volunteer to make phone calls
    5) Do what you can to make this happens and Make Hillary Our 44th President!

  240. I have spine Texas I ben a fan of Clinton b4 she teared up.She teared up for u women that wanted to see her tear up like women tear up in there daily ridiculous lives.
    I think I need to go to bed I am not in the mood right now.Somebody email me some good news on Tuesday night like seriously.I knew this crap would happen.This damn male dominated freaking world.

  241. General Electric may face bigger problems due to what is occurring at it affiliate MSNBC. The recent comment by David Shuster and all that preceded it, may cause a prominent public interest group to begin purchasing shares in GE so it can become a shareholder of record in time for the annual meeting.

    Once those shares are acquired, the group will submit a shareholder resolution to the corporate secretary calling for the repudiation of the sexist practices of GE and its affiliate MSNBC. They will contact the law firm that is pursuing the class action lawsuit against GE for gender discrimination. And they will file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission for MSNBC.

    Representatives of this group will attend the GE annual meeting and turn the klieg lights on Steve Capus and his merry band of men. They will have signs, handbills, and press statements documenting with specificity the sexist statements MSNBC pundits have made. A video of Matthews/Shuster vs. Kurtz/Jameson will be sent to will be sent to sponsors, competitors and posted on the internet.

    During the annual meeting, a spokesperson for the group will rise to be heard, and accuse MSNBC of engaging in a pattern and practice of biased coverage to prevent a highly qualified woman from becoming President of the United States. The spokesperson will ask the CEO to sign a letter to that effect. Shortly after he refuses, a nationwide boycott will commence that will make MSNBC howl.

    The strategy I have just described is called a corporate campaign. It has been used successfully by unions to pressure recalcitrant management to do the right thing. And it has been known to have an adverse impact on the business and shareholder value. I do not advocate something like this myself, even though it is clear to me that the problem at MSNBC starts at the top. The point is if I could think of it, then surely others can do so as well. In fact, there are boutique firms in Boston, New York and other cities who are very good at this.

  242. vanity4Hill, what about everyone who wanted her to give up after iowa? Hillary probably spent the MOST money and time and efforts in Iowa and it got her a 3rd place finish. What if she had conceded then? What if she just forgot about New Hampshire or lost all the spirit to fight in NH? Would we just be bowwing in the mccain-rocks website or spewing crap like the obamabots?

    if it’s one thing I learned from and about Hillary, it’s that giving up is never an option and no matter what, you fight the opposition regardless of how bad the odds seem.

    Hillary deserves the presidency and she has every right to fight for it. It’s not the voice of the stupid media pundits or ignorant Obamabots that should be dictating our next president of the United States. It will be HIllary, and the millions of working Americans who know this woman is the best chance America has to make a comeback from the Bush years.

  243. If I hear ONE more word about conceding or giving up, I’m personally gonna kick that posters ass.

    Then I’m going to douse them in holy water, because they are obviously possessed by he who shall not be named.

  244. NYMAX, I totally agree. I was not at all suggesting that we should be blaming the campaign, I was actually trying to make the opposite point. Could the criticism be made that the campaign did not do every thing possible to get the caucus vote out? Sure it could be, and I am sure there is some truth to that. But I was trying to make the broader point that regardless of that, there are built in problems with the caucuses given Hillary’s base of support, and we need to be realistic. Even if she had invested many resources, etc, I don’t thik she could have won those caucus states because her base just cannot afford to spend hours debating about candidates when there are mouths to feed, jobs to get to, and bills to be paid…so I totally agree with you. It’s not about blame, even if the campaign could in theory have done more, because caucuses are a no-win situation for Hillary given her base. Obama has the wealthy and the healthy, and so this venue works for him.

  245. Honestly, I know this is hard for us all. But I know this is hardest on Hillary. The woman is just resilient. There is no way she can do this everyday is her heart and soul wasn’t in it.

    So even on these days and coming weeks, I believe each of us can hold our head high, go forward, and fight on, I just say WWHD?

  246. This is what I see: momentum happens for Obama, but does Hillary’s support ever drop dramatically? No. She usually polls around 45%-50% irregardless, and has polled I think at her highest 53% in a nationwide poll. Obama’s the one that has indys going back and forth, on and off the bandwagon if he’s winning or losing. Hillary supporters are a strong group, we will back our canidiate to the end and Obambi is going to DOWN big time in March as long as we KEEP THE FAITH. Everyone wants us to accept the inevitability of an Obama win, but it’s NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, unless HRC and her supporters let it. We will carry Texas, we will carry Ohio, and we will carry Kentucky, NC, Penn, and other states in the next couple of months, through the convention and all the way to the White House. All of us will look back at this time in the campaign and laugh.

  247. anyways..i went about the same delusional mind set yesterday, but I’m fine now. I’m shutting off all tvs and news sites and only coming here.

    This is far from over and when it is, and the dust starts clearing, our girl will be victorious and Obama will have vanished into thin air like the empty suit he is.

  248. Not hard for me…I have faith.

    That’s why I’ll be standing here ready with the holy water when all the rest of you get…ya know….taken over. 😉

  249. Vanity4hillary Says: MJS
    What don’t you understand the whole damn world will be begging for Hillary to concede by Wednesday morning if she don’t at least win something on Tuesday.

    I think Hillary answered that just now on 60 Minutes. Something about a leader needing to know when … damn, I can’t remember the words, but not to panic, not to believe spin but to look at the facts, not to be poll-driven….

  250. ok g2g finish up hw and sleep.

    night all! and wish on a star tonight that Hillary will be the democratic nominee 😀 and also hope that we’ll never hear publicly from Obama again after this year 😉

  251. mango, 🙂 I understand.

    I was talking about the framing. Sometimes it’s effective to concede points in order to get to the crux of a matter; but, in this case, conceding that the campaign was in any way deficient, forwards the Media narrative.

  252. I’ll probably write in Hillary if she were not to make it.

    FOX “the last closing days of this Primary coming up to the Potomic Primary”

    The spin already starts. Put on your DEVO hats and SUPPORT HRC.

  253. One woman told Obama that her 9-year-old son adores him, her husband was out campaigning for Clinton and she was undecided. Obama posed for a photo with the boy as the crowd laughed and cheered. Then he gave a minute-long recitation of why his mother should choose him over Clinton.

    Obama said he rejects federal lobbyists’ money, unlike Clinton, and has been more forceful in supporting full disclosure of money’s role in politics.

    And then the little 9 year old boy said, “Who you shitting Bambi? You don’t take money from Excelon? Boy, liar liar pants on fire.”


  254. MJS you never cease to amaze me
    You political astuteness for someone your age is remarkable
    You did dish on BHO today
    BTW you are not Axelrods daughter are you

  255. my mother who’s been a Republican ever since she emigrated to this country 39 years ago is going to vote for Hillary.

    the media wrongly attributes new voters and high turnout to Obama when Hillary is bringing out women who have felt disenfranchised and disempowered for a long time.

  256. If you don’t know that the Clintons will fight until the last dog dies then you don’t know the Clintons. The Clintons don’t give up. They don’t concede. They FIGHT! And if they go down they go down fighting! Hillary will not concede anything until the last vote is cast. Just when you think she’s down–she RISES!

  257. I really have few words for the 60 Min interview. Katie should have just brought her make up kit and they could have sat around doing each other’s hair all “omg, that Barack guy is SOoooOo cute and all the cool kids love him, did you see the crowd he had at lunch? Stacey said that Troy heard that Barack said you were polarizing. bummer. Plus you voted for the war. Whatever.”

  258. So….anyone want to talk about how great Maggie Williams is and why she is going to great at the helm of this campaign?

  259. No one should concede anything until all states have voted. Period. The margins will be too small to concede. Unless the superdelegates cave to the threats.

  260. Maybe one of you can answer this for me, but why hasn’t she called him out on the fact that he has not hosted a single hearing for his sub-committee in the foreign relations committee? I feel like that is something that could resonate with voters…

  261. 4? LOL!!!

    Yeah 4. The lobster trapper , the guy who owns pepperidge farms , the blueberry muffin baker , and Baracks long lost cousin Paulie.

  262. “So really, anyone know how many voters showed up in Maine?” nope, sorry, but the way Geraldo STARTED to speak before I hit the magic wand and made him vanish in the black, one would have thought it was the entire population of China.

  263. She fares well in caucuses where there’s a significant hispanic population and PR is like 80%+ hispanic. She won NV, did well in NM and fared well in the heavily hispanic portions of WA. If she loses PR then I really wouldn’t know what to make of her campaign.

  264. I actually tried to sit through Bambi’s segment on 60 minutes. Geez….my hatred of this guy can not be healthy. I wanted to throw a lamp at the tv every time a slimy word slithered out of his mouth. He’s a friggin’ snake. Hisssssssssss.

  265. She did really well on 60 minutes considering the questions Katie asked. One of the questions was pretty much “Barack says you’re polarizing….?”

  266. MJ – that’s probably how many delegates were awarded that go on to the the next delegate stage, not total voter turnout.

  267. mj, caucus results on CNN website (don’t know about other media sources) only lists county or state delegates that were elected in the caucus. These percentages represent the splits that will vote in the interim caucuses until the number of national delegates is elected.

    Each state has a different process. In Nebraska, for example, I think that 16 national delegates have already been pledged based on the results of the 3 Congressional Districts that caucused. The remaining 8 delegates will be determined at the state convention from a pool of about 667 delegates that are selected at county conventions.

    Other states have different rules which may result in different numbers of delegates. I’m not sure how Nevada does it because they said that the county delegates who were selected are not required to vote for their preferred candidate. Also, Edwards caucus delegates in IA and NV are up for grabs. Obama’s numbers may get better, or they may get worse, he won’t know until, in some cases, June! If the situation were reversed, BM would be broadcasting this story to the roof, but since it’s not to Obama’s favor, they remain silent on the fact that his delegates are not pledged delegates. So far, the only pledged delegates are from primaries, of which Hillary has won the most.

    I’d suggest that you use the NYTimes as your source for the most accurate hard pledged delegate totals to date.


  268. Puerto Rico is ours for the taking. Also, we are hands down favs in TX, PA, KT, NC, and RI. I am not worried at all. I am not watching news for at least a week or two, I will stick to this site, Taylor Marsh, and Hillaryhub/hillaryclinton.com

  269. So no one cares if less than 5000 people showed up in Maine, correct?

    MJ, I’m not even going to pretend to understand anything when it comes to caucucs. Seriously, I plead absolute ignorance.

  270. mangomist3,

    well, some disturbing news I got yesterday. Republicans who usually bundle money and have bundled money/donations for such Senators as Phil Gramm and Thad Cochran are supposedly raking some big dough in for barack. You’ll never hear about it though.

    so much for transparency =/

    but nothing too exciting. I’m sure we all suspected this before. Many republican strategists have transferred to obama under the guise of wanting “unity and hope”. baloney. they just want to nominate the weakest link.

    other than that, Obama camp is looking to put pressure on Dean and the DNC after he sweeps in MD and VA. The campaign has already been making persuasive calls to top officials in the DNC after yesterday’s sweeps.

  271. Guys, check out Mark Halperin’s picture of Hillary on his top ten things she needs to do…it is disgusting and offensive and we need to start writing letters now to the top people at TIme. I can’t put the link because I keep getting filtered ou.

  272. Really MJS, this BS about Rips being afraid of BO is nothing but a smokescreen, they will take him down so fast it will make his head spin. Hillary can beat them and they know it.

  273. I loved the Super Tuesday speech so I’m looking for of the same from Maggie. I think she will be a good addition to the team.

  274. Idunn, the bambi camp largely sees the promotion of Maggie Williams as a ploy to rope in African American women, but they are unphased. To their knowledge, they think Maggie has been calling the shots long before today.

  275. I’d look at the Maine newspapers tomorrow to see actual voter turnout. They estimated Washington’s was around 145000 and we awarded 30000 delegates to the legislative district caucuses. 3,500 is probably the delegates, but voter turnout probably didn’t top 20k.

  276. yes, big snowstorm supposedly hit in Maine today.

    Marc Halperin on the thepage has (I think Funny) picture of Hillary on Rambo body and this advice:

    1. Hope changing campaign managers both streamlines her operation and provides a turn-the-page narrative for the press.

    2. Get the debate-about-debates to catch a spark and trip up Obama.

    3. Push her women-rallying fight with NBC News.

    4. Win the Wisconsin primary.

    5. Keep making the case that caucuses are less democratic and more disenfranchising than primaries.

    6. (Quietly) point out Obama’s reliance on African-American votes in some February victories.

    7. Stoke the Florida and Michigan delegate fights.

    8. Pull in more massive Internet contributions – for both practical and symbolic reasons.

    9. Continue to amass superdelegates (through friendships, chits, promises and arm-twisting).

    10. Secure John Edwards’ endorsement.

  277. chaz, I’m assuming they will try to persuade the DNC that since McCAin is already the nominee, basically, that its time they rally around the leading candidate and that now, Obama leads both in states won and pledged delegates and to have the DNC pressure the Hillary camp to concede and possibly opt for a VP pick.

  278. MJ caucuses a a joke and stupid
    I have friends who have come from 3rd world countries where dictactors rein
    But all cant understand how a caucus is democratic
    Its an embarassment

  279. I don’t find that Halperin article particularly offensive, Mangomist. The pic is out there, but I’m not freaking over it.

  280. I think it’s just marvelous this site has become the best reading around for the Obama Camp!

    Most of their work is done for them because every move of the Clinton Camp is here for the good or bad for them to read! Strategies are posted, where to meet, what to bring, who to see..where to go.

    Geebus, what is wrong with you people? Anything strategic should be via mass e-mails between you!

    Sorry, I was a Charter member of this site and at that time posts were monitored for content.. Why help the opposition know the plans without at least having them work for it?
    Think about what your posting on this site… Keep the dirty laundry tucked away.. and future plans unseen and out of public view.

    Mrs. S.

  281. MJS, but Obama doesn’t lead in number of people voted, and do you think HRC is going to concede before OH, TX, and PA?

  282. Mrs. S, i hardly imagine any Obambi supporter wanting to spend time on this site. heck, i can hardly stomach typing in barackobama dot come, much less, reading his crap and his fans’ crap.

  283. You guys are out of your minds! Well maybe just MJS back again to share his opinion.

    The DNC will not do that. Hillary has won the DEMOCRATIC states. She has the MOST VOTES out of any candidate, thus far. Obama winning the tiny little caucus in the states most likely going Republican, will not be enough to convince the DNC that he can bring it home.

    Stop trying to skew reality. What happened here? We are supposed to be positive and forward thinking…grounded in REALITY. Not media spin.

  284. Idunn, i don’t know much about her other than the fact that she wields influence in the southern parts of Chicago where Obama was a representative as a State Senator of. She holds a few modest positions locally, but is not really a staple name. why?

  285. LJ
    MJS is just reporting the thinking in the BHO camp
    I dont think bHothinks this will work
    But their logic is to try anyway

  286. Mrs.S, there’s nothing on this site that is not already public knowledge. There is very little inside info discussed here. This site is mostly Hillary fans and supporters giving their opinions and ideas. It’s not like were revealing secret info from the Hillary camp..

  287. I like Halperin’s list, BTW.

    Also, does Obama lead in pledged delegates? I thought he was still slightly behind though after Tuesday he’ll be ahead by a bit, I assume.

  288. What are you talking about Mrs. Smith? We are a fan site brainstorming ideas and boosting the morale of our fellow posters who are caught up in the Media spin.

    I’ve not seen anything on here that hasn’t been brought up in the press.

  289. Wow, I am surprised nobody else finds this picture offensive. It is saying that Hillary as a woman isn’t strong enough to fight the fight…or that she is a bitchy ball busting woman…either way, it is saying that she as she is is not enough, she needs the attributes of a man. Even my boyfriend found it offensive! But I guess in my mind, what if this were Barack? What if they painted his head onto the body of a woman? or onto the body of a white man? Would that be funny? I don’t think so. Perhaps I am overly sensitive, but I thought it was offensive, especially given all the falling out from the NBC fiasco…

  290. MJS, Clinton ain’t conceding shit. Nor is the DNC going to not seat Florida and MI. Not happening. There will be a firestorm like the Dem party has never seen if they try.

    The big wigs in the party are not stupid. Obambi has a big problem with the white vote in many states. He has a HUGE problem with the Hispanic vote, and with women when it is a primary not a caucus.

    Obama is not winning this, period. He is desperate to wrap it up before Rezko’s trial gets rolling, and it ain’t happening. This is why Hillary looks unworried and serene. She knows the shit that will hit the fan when Rezko and his buddies start cutting deals and talking.

  291. I trust LJ, she’s (he?) been in the trenches. If Obama had had impressive wins in states that weren’t caucuses or relied on the AA vote I’d be singing a different tune, but he hasn’t proven he can win out of that box. This thing is going to PR everyone. Party in the Caribbean!.

  292. Psymac, you know as well as I do that obamabots are not rational.

    according to the Obama campaign, Super Tuesday was an enormous victory. They believe that the DNC fixed so many states on Tuesday so that Hillary, the then presumptive nominee, would clinch the nomination and immediately focus on defeating the repubs. They see this as a victory for them.

  293. MJS, I heard she’s moving to a more prominent position in his campaign. She’s come to my attention before. Was just wondering what you might know about her.

  294. MJS, if Obama puts pressure on the DNC to stop the primary then Hillary should put pressure on to seat the Florida and MI delegates. Even with wins on Tuesday I believe she would be ahead..

    I can’t see the DNC stopping the primaries when things are this close and primary states are waiting for their chance. Hillary could have made the same argument previous to this weekend but the DNC didn’t intervene. They let the primaries happen as scheduled. You would just end up ticking off Democratic voters in upcoming states and riling up Hillary’s supporters.

  295. Hill4Tex, very good observation. They probably don’t want Rezko’s trial date to come and grow in importance, especially before the clinch the nomination.

  296. LJ, MJS likes to drop BambiBombs every once in a while. No worries, (s)he is good for a Rah! Rah! Hillary whenever (s)he gets called on it.

  297. Paula-I saw the last 2 minutes of the Couric interview only. Hillary was gracious and answered the questions well. Couric asked highly inciteful questions like:

    Q: will there be a co-presidency?

    Q: what will you do if you don’t win?

    Whatever they pay these talking heads it is far far far too much.

  298. OK MJS, I just have faith that irrationality will eventually run its course and they will start making mistakes, e.g. the tortoise and the hare….

  299. LJ,
    I don’t understand it either. It’s not a secret the media hates Hillary and is in the tank for Obama. It’s also very well known that the MSM has been WRONG when it comes to predicting anything about the democratic race so far. Taylor had a post up today about the path to the nomination going through the big states, the same states Hillary has won handily. Any yet there are still people talking about “momentum” and the importance of caucuses. To paraphrase Hillary on 60mins “if you don’t think you can win leave the field”

  300. Hey folks, I believe this is where Will the ObamaGuy found me. He described HIMSELF as a Hillaryis44 reader and Obama supporter. He is here. Probably others.

    Good! I hope they run back and tell the obamatons that I think Bambi is the antichrist. Also tell them I’m calling in an exorcist. Also tell them I heard that Michelle caught Bambi cheating on her and super glued his pee pee to his leg.

    (There, that oughtta keep them busy for awhile)

  301. MJS

    do not kid yourself or compare yourself to the snakes we are up against. I interact with them everyday. They are the most brain damaged, ruthless, lot you could ever hope to meet.

    They are looking for an edge no matter where they can find it… They filter back tidbits of information back to their camp for fine tuning their operation.

    The poll people for weakness in Hillary’s camp daily.. Looking for info of what will work, what is better ta better strategy to help her fail.

    Cripes, people don’t you remember the WW2 stratgy..”Loose Lips Sink Ships”… Theres alot of Truth in those words.. If you want Hillary to succeed, Help her by not publicizing everything you know..

    Mrs. S.

  302. AmericanGal, i wouuld imagine the DNC is very frantic right now. Bush has already come out of hiding today and is starting to target key democrats while the democrats are still scrambling.

    The repubs know McCain is the one, which is why bush has come out of hiding so early.

    meanwhile, dems are still in a frantic place. If the Obamas or Hillary makes a convincing enough argument, they could just persuade the DNC to make a decision and pronto or to pair the two up somehow.

    idk, but right now, you can BET the DNC is worried.

  303. well, any Obama supporters listening up, i would just like to say that:


  304. MJS, the DNC is not going to make Hillary concede. Hillary will tell them to kiss her ass – TRUST ME ON THIS. 🙂

  305. Because good ones deserve a rebroadcast: Good! I hope they run back and tell the obamatons that I think Bambi is the antichrist.

    Idunn is on fire!

    LJ: Are you in NYC? I am too.

  306. Hey, doesn’t this Obomaphilia remind you of some friend in a impassioned, impulsive, and lustful relationship that you can see burning out real soon but you don’t want to tell them they will argue with you its the real thing and then hate you if when it doesn’t work out or they get all disillusioned like in the movie “10”?

  307. Hey guys, I was curious. Myself and friend are looking into flying into TX near the end of the month to help the final push down there, does anyone have a contact I could reach about what cities we’ll be needed in, where HQ’s are, etc? Thanks

  308. I will say one thing and it might be the the unpopular opinion around here, but as much as I dislike Obama, in no way shape or form will I be voting for McCain in November. I might get crap for that, but I will not do it.

  309. texas4Hill, I know. 😀 our girl is a fighter 😀

    just, the DNC is pathetic. I’m so ashamed that my party is nothing but empty air and the future swift-boatees of America.

  310. Yeah, any Obamabots on here, you suck ass. It will be my personal mission in life to bring your guy down by any means necessary if you insist on shoving him down our throats with money and media time.

    You have not seen a nasty 527 ad yet. Not by a long shot. I’ve been nice so far, so as not t reflect badly on Hillary. But if it comes down to it? I will help swiftboat his ass.

  311. Hillary will tell them to kiss her ass – TRUST ME ON THIS.

    H4T, That’s the best laugh I had all day! Thanks. 🙂

  312. isn’t there a way to make this a closed off blog? like, readers can read the news and stuff, but to access comments and post comments, they must register and stuff? 😀

  313. Mrs Smith: If you want Hillary to succeed, Help her by not publicizing everything you know..

    Good advice, except…uh…we don’t know anything other than that Hillary is 44.

  314. Snarf! Every once in while we should just drop some ouotrageous Bambi rumor so the lurkers will all rush to check it out for any truth. And we’ll post this :mrgreen: emoticon at the end of the rumor so Pinkers will know it’s b.s.


    Whoa! Did you guys know that in 1996, Bambi was arrested for dog fighting, but Daly pulled some strings and made the story disappear. :mrgreen:

  315. zcflint09
    I think admin would be great help with this info
    Admin seems to be coonected with volunteers on the ground
    I am in Ft Worth but do not know yet if it will be a battle ground
    Its been pretty easy talking to people here
    Also hispanics I meet do not even waste time they know Hillary

  316. ok guys, rule of thumb now 😀 for every 5 positive posts u make of Hillary, make a special “callout” 😉 to any lingering Obambi readers here 😀 😉

  317. LOL Hillary4Texas. I know HRC will add Texas to her win column. I just can’t see the home of Jerry Jones and JR Ewing going for BO. You said the state would be tough for her to carry in November, but I’m holding out hope.

  318. You know, I was just thinking, some people want to minimize the Rezko business but that trial would have to be on the minds of the superdelegates if and when they get involved in this whole process. Being politicians they know much better than the average citizen how that would affect a presidential race. I mean, if Obama were the nominee McCain would bring that up daily as the trial will be underway during the Presidential campaign. I’m surprise no one talks about this more…

  319. Sheesh guys, were not in red China you know, chill. BTW, did you know that the American Olympic Committee is flying in all of it food to Beijing?

  320. wbboei,
    In Couric’s case $20 Million.

    Check this “headline” from what is supposed to be a news site.

    “”Weekend at Hillary’s: Loses in Louisiana, Nebraska, Washington State, and the Virgin Islands, Fires Campaign Manager, then loses Maine.”

    That’s currently up at the Huffington Post.
    If you want to do something productive but don’t know were to start, bombard Arianna’s (who’s been working against the Clintons since the early 90’s.) mailbox and her message boards.
    This is fuckin’ ridiculous.

    If they want to come out and endorse Obama, that’s their right.
    But to run gloating headlines like that destroys any credibility they’ve been trying to attain.

    They bill themselves as “The Internet Newspaper”, and it’s time they get called on this shit.

  321. I won’t vote for McCain either. But if Obama is the nominee I won’t have to, WA will go blue and I can vote for Krusty the Clown to appease myself.

  322. MJS, I like your idea of a registration website but I’ve been on some of those that got compromised. It would have to be closed to new members to keep out trolls.

  323. i’m seriously wondering whether i can cause any damage to the Obama campaign…since…u know…I fit the typical “obama fan” demographic of being a young high-school/college student/male/lives in affluent area….AND I’m close to his Chicago HQ 🙂

  324. i think that I’m going to write in Dick and bush if I’m left to choose betwween Barack hussein Osama and John McPain.

  325. i’m seriously wondering whether i can cause any damage to the Obama campaign…

    get a bunch of your friends together, infiltrate his rallys, and when he stops preaching long enough to catch his breath, scream, “GIVE BACK THE HOUSE!”

    That would be a fun thing to do, I think. 😉

  326. Blue Democrat, I don’t click on HuffPo or DailyKooks or Drudge. They survive on ad buys. They post outrageous crap TO GET PEOPLE TO GO CLICK.

    Don’t give them the traffic.

    BTW, Did you guys hear that Obama wants to set crack dealers free on the streets? Yep, he said it at the Iowa forum. He wants to commute the sentences of THOUSANDS of crack cocaine dealers.

    He plans to let them out of prison and put them back in your neighborhoods. Spread it around.

  327. psymac, i kissed Barack’s smelly, pungent, boil-ridden feet numerous times as a testament to how much i DON’T want to kiss his face 🙂 I’m safe 🙂

  328. idunn, almost all of my friends are vehemently pro-Obama or pro-mcCain/huckabee. I’d have to pay tons of Mullah if I wanted them to speak out for Hill. lol

  329. Blue wrote: bombard Arianna’s (who’s been working against the Clintons since the early 90’s.) mailbox and her message boards.

    Poor Arianna, she just can’t stand the fact that when Hillary’s around she (Arianna) can’t pretend to be the smartest woman in the room.

  330. his holiness has veiled ur presence and will continue to do so until u kiss his feet

    We must send someone to Iraq to find Father Merrin. If we don’t we’ll ALL be found at the foot of the stairs on E street with our heads turned completely around.

  331. btw admin, I don’t see many ads on ur site. U should look into some ads here to help u make some money! then, that’s keep the site going and u can donate some proceeds to hillary 😀

  332. HillaryForTexas,

    It’s opposition research. You can see how & what they’re concerned about by the misinformation they put out.
    My sense now is Obama’s quite concerned about gaining the “inevitable” tag right here, because he’s knows he’s toast after TX & OH.

  333. Psymac, that one is not a rumor. It is actually true. Both candidates want to change the sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine. Crack users (poor people) get locked up, powder users (rich white boys) get fines and light sentences. That part is fine.

    But at the Iowa forum, Bawak said he would make the sentencing change retroactive. Translation: let a bunch of crackheads out of prison to RUN FREE AND TERRORIZE YER NEIGHBORHOODS! The coke-sniffer want to free the crackheads!

  334. re: Arianna Huffington – so you know, she married a gay man so she could get into politics – at the time, Republican politics – she’s all about flavor of the month.

    anyone else think the editor of Huffpost – Roy Sekoff whose oily appearance often shows up on Dan Abrams – looks like a villain in Spiderman or Batman?

  335. lmao Idunn.

    Throw sebelius in while ur at it, though if she starts talking, i suggest we save ourselves by tying her mouth shut first.

  336. Guys,
    Here’s something to keep in mind if you get jittery: Has Hillary lost any state she was expected to win? With the possible exception of Missouri (only narrowly) I don’t think so. Good night everybody.

  337. yeah, time for me to call it a night too guys. It’s been fun with all u HIllary supporters.

    hope for the best 😀 because we are the best and Hillary IS the best candidate ever. 🙂

  338. In the general election, the Repugnants will run a Willie Horton style ad on Bambi’s ass over this. Can’t you just see it? Footage of mean and scary looking crackheads jerkin’ and scratchin’ them stinky selves, and a voiceover:

    “There are over 1 million convicted crack dealers in prison today. Barack Obama, who has admitted to cocaine use himself, has said he favors letting them out of prison to continue victimizing our children. John McCain doesn’t believe our children and our neighborhoods should be at the mercy of drug dealers.”

  339. AmericanGal Says:

    February 10th, 2008 at 9:34 pm
    Off topic but… I’ve noticed that BO has a different look to his ads. They have been showing ads heavily on Wisconsin stations but none of those “hope and change” rally type that were shown in Iowa. He’s just sitting in a chair in a room. I am wondering if some of that “cult” stuff discussed in the media recently might be having an impact. Thus the change in the ads perhaps? It’s really weird so I thought I’d mention it…..not sure if it means anything…

    I think his campaign is entering a new phase where they are trying to portray him as presidential.

  340. Idunn, I’ve been posting on DailyKooks threads that very same thing. Anytime I see a pro-Obama thread or anti-Hillary thread, I dive bomb it with “GIVE BACK THE HOUSE!” I’ll do 8-10 threads and move on. Eventually, it’ll stick.

    I don’t think we need an exorcist BTW. I think we need Tucks Medicated Pads or Preparation H in massive quantities. I figure someone as full of shit as Precious might also qualify as an ass and both of those work just fine on mine 😉

    Mrs. Smith, glad to see you back. Some of us oldtimers are still here. I see your point, but I think the media has grown bored with us. Let’s see what happens after Tuesday. BTW- do you like Operation 10-4, Good Buddy?

    Which reminds me, guys, keep the idea floating around in the comments of other blogs, post it on your own, send out massive emails and piss off your friends, but get the word out, but most of all don’t blow all your cash on Happy Hour tomorrow night. 😀

  341. I think his campaign is entering a new phase where they are trying to portray him as presidential.

    president of the condo association maybe. LOL!

  342. you know…one of the claims of the obamanuts…is that Hillary Clinton is devisive. I think that means…she is a women…and the good ole boys won’t accept her. This has more to do with sexism than people want to believe.

  343. Hill4Tx;

    Yup, no doubt. Of course, we should run it first!

    There are A LOT of things we should be doing that will stop this media-driven “momentum” flat and end this race right.

    I’m waiting……

  344. NYCMax, Arianna is still pissed Bill cheated with a woman and not a man like her hubby. Hell, if I had a dick, it would be a cold day in hell before I could get it up for her. Double hell, even the lesbians on The L Word didn’t look twice at her. 👿

  345. The General Election is going to be a cagematch. Bring. It. On. I feel like the Clinton campaign has had to treat Obama with kid gloves. The republicans won’t care if Obama gets his feelings hurt, or if he’s confused or if he’s misquoted or his record is skewed, they’ll just gun after him like no tomorrow. Hillary can play with the big boys though, she’ll throw that stuff right back at them. Weeeee. Can’t wait.

  346. Idunn Says:
    February 10th, 2008 at 11:28 pm

    Hey folks, I believe this is where Will the ObamaGuy found me. He described HIMSELF as a Hillaryis44 reader and Obama supporter. He is here. Probably others.

    ****Infiltrators. Seriously, I’m looking to my left and to my right! 🙂
    Regarding Mark Halperin: I think that he is spot on with his suggestinos but I found the depiction of Hill as Rambo to be offensive. We would never see Obama in white face or dressed in a woman’s attire to try and peel of the white vote.

  347. Blue Democrat, Hillary could not run that ad and get away with it. The Democratic party are wussies for the most part. They’d get all offended, and it would hurt her.

    But it is EXACTLY what will go on for the general were he to win.

  348. you know…one of the claims of the obamanuts…is that Hillary Clinton is devisive.

    You know, one of the weirdest catch phrases Bambi and his minions have locked on to it the Unity thing. “Oh, he’s going to unite the country! Isn’t that wonderful?”

    Ummm…wtf does that mean? WHO is he going to unite? Dems and Repug? Black and White? North and South? Maybe he’s going to reunite Simon and Garfunckle? Who the hell knows….but lord, ain’t it great!?

  349. The Carpetbagger Report: Is ‘momentum’ meaningful or a mirage?

    The strategy for presidential candidates seems relatively straightforward: success should beget success. Win a contest, and parlay the victory into additional victories. It’s all about generating the “big mo.”

    It’s just a random thought, but I’m beginning to think no one much cares about momentum.

    Voters in New Hampshire didn’t care that Iowans preferred Obama over Clinton.

    Voters in South Carolina didn’t care that Nevadans preferred Clinton over Obama.

    Voters on Super Tuesday didn’t care that Floridians preferred Clinton over Obama.

    Voters on Super Saturday didn’t care what voters on Super Tuesday said.

    Indeed, Obama had a very successful day yesterday in three states (Louisiana, Nebraska, and Washington), which will probably have no discernable effect on what happens today in Maine.

    The race for the Democratic nomination is obviously very close, and neither leading candidate seems able to pull away from the other. But they also can’t seem to put together a string of victories that build any momentum at all.

    Indeed, the Clinton campaign not only seems aware of this, they’re practically counting on the trend continuing. Clinton & Co. expect February to be fairly rough, but also expect the campaign to bounce right back with wins in delegate-rich states like Ohio, Texas, and Pennsylvania. As the campaign sees it, a string of defeats in February will have no bearing whatsoever on states in March and April.

    What’s more, they may very well be right.


  350. Idunn, maybe he will reunite the Beatles. Or Donny and Marie. I personally think he will unite his lips with the butts of the Republicans.

  351. Shit, I dunn. I know who he united! Van Halen. He got Eddie and David to put their walkers aside and get back out their hot pink spandex. You know Precious loves geriatric men in hot pink spandex. They’re a key demographic in caucus states.

  352. I don’t think voters really give a damn.

    Texans don’t. They laugh at the likes of Nebraska and Washington state. And they think Ted Kennedy is a bloated old pasty joke in tight tasseled loafers.

  353. anniesmiles – very astute – you’re right “divisive” is code word for “woman” when it comes to what Obama and Repubs are saying.

  354. wbboei, what’s a waste of time? We’re getting our yutz on after a long weekend of eating shit from the BM. I know many of the folks here have been busting their butts doing thankless tasks and this is one of the few safe havens we can visit. So we yutz it up a bit? SO what? If I can make someone smile when they get worn down by the negativity on the boobtube, I will do it. With nary an apology.

  355. Jerry Garcia probably rose from the dead to endorse him.

    (time for a salute to Jerry)

    I’m Uncle Sam /that’s who I am
    Been hidin’ out/in a rock and roll band
    Shake the hand that shook the hand
    Of P.T. Barnum/and Charlie Chan

    Shine your shoes/light your fuse
    Can you use/them ol’ U.S. Blues?
    I’ll drink your health/share your wealth
    Run your life/steal your wife

  356. I wish I can take off tomorrow, but can’t. Ill be there from Feb 22-Mar 4th. I can’t sit around in CA and let Obama take TX.

    We didn’t let that happen in CA and we certainly won’t let that happen in TX.

  357. Besides, we have no polls or debates going on right now to dissect. I miss those discussions, but I like the new ones while our other plans percolate.

  358. Just trying to let off alittle steam, WB. Most of us have been working our asses off, and need a break from caucus talk for a bit.

  359. Woo HOO! LSD (LOL, I never got that till now) That’s a terrific photo!

    The giant Hill sign is becoming the 21st Century Zelig!

  360. Which reminds me, I need to get to bed soon so I can hit the phones in the morning. Hope my voice holds out, I’m still hoarse from the Abingdon rally. 🙁

  361. This is one of the best explanations for why people hate Hillary I’ve read in a while:


  362. Hill4Tx,
    That’s where I disagree, at least in part. as I said yesterday, the Clintons get blamed for EVERYTHING anyway. Take advantage of the leeway.
    The entire democratic party’s lined up against them anyway.

    And it can be done factually. As can BO’s emissions 2050 pledge, his 2013 HC pledge, and so on.

    I mean, this what the guy’s gonna do!!!

  363. Has anyone polled the dead voters to see how they break? They seem to be a very overlooked groupd in this election. I suspect Obama would have a big lead amongst them. Could they help him carry a state in the GE?

  364. i like halperin’s list.. give the media a new story line 🙂

    mrs smith i think everyone posting here are just fans of hillary who like to have an oasis away from hill-bashing on big blogs and big media? thats why i came here and mostly stopped reading dailykos. mydd traffic has stepped up though becuase all the hillfans that left kos went there. i wish i had inside info, i don’t..

    i do keep in mind this site is read certainly by rival campaign and most important by media, i don’t know if they watch comments much (hi ben!) but every time i post i try to not say anything that would reflect badly on hill.. so honestly you all, i think the personal attacks on bho and his supporters are not good. i dont have a real high opinion of his messianic campaign, i think he’d be sure to lose massively in november, and i dont think he’d stand up at all for middle class & working poor, that’s enough for me 🙂

    i can only hope that media will finally and audaciously give bho the scrutiny and tough critique of a leading candidate. whole campaign he and michelle get away with saying stuff that hillary would be raked over the coals for.

  365. The best explanation for why people hate Hillary is the one President Clinton gave:
    “She’s had mud thrown at her for 15 years.”

    In fact it is amazing to sit and listen to people describe why they don’t like her. They can’t give an answer. I hear it in person and on radio and see it on blogs all day long.

    A Remarkable phenomenon.

    The woman’s done nothing but good.

  366. hey-just had a conf call here in tx.wont give away alot since others read here but we will have everything obama does-same number offices, staff etc.. u can got o hillary’s site and and click on the tx page to enroll in volunteering etc.. we are going to fight very very hard here. expect major endorsements here. expect the clintons to be here thru the primary-i mean one clinton or another. the clintons lived here once and looks like they are going to again! tx is her strongest mar 4th state. early voting starts in a week.

  367. Has anyone polled the dead voters to see how they break? They seem to be a very overlooked groupd in this election.

    You mean “dead” as in no longer breathing or “dead” as in grateful dead?

  368. Dead as in deceased. Sounds like Obama got a lot of support from them in Illinois. The caucus system disenfranchises them too.

  369. LOL…I thought that was what you meant and I laughed out loud. But then I thought, wait a second…;)

    Anyway, he CAN raise the dead you know? I worry about that.

  370. Well Texas blks will not care if he free the drug dealers since they love that breed of people ruining there hppds.Thats why they hate the cops in there hood.amnd u do know blks think the gov put in crack in blk hoods to put blk men in prison.Yea its a stupid consppiracy theory.
    we going to have another crackhead/cokehead in the white house
    oh my

  371. YAY for all the Texas Team! I’m so excited you’re fighting for that state. I wish I could join in the fun. Maybe if they get serious about Oregon.

  372. T4H, thanks for the info. Is it true Hillary had no operation in TX? I guess no one expected the Primary to last this long.

    When we get there, we’ll work our asses off and do whatever the TX team tells us to.

  373. Idunn, I may have to start supporting him if that water into wine thing is true. I mean, what’s a girl supposed to do with all these bar tabs? :mrgreen:

  374. Well, to be honest , I do think that Bill and Hill probably have a few slightly shifty money deals, but nothing….not one damn thing…that is any worse than any of the others. And my feeling is that Obama may turn out to be the dirtiest of the dirty.

    And neither Bill nor Hillary in any way shape or form deserve the shit they get thrown at them.

  375. Ininla, I’ve been to this site longer than you have and I don’t think I’ve ever been accused of being a journalist.

    Why would a journalist be here? They can just read whatever the hell we write.

  376. well, god bless stanley fish for being a voice of sanity. i feel sorry for those folks who wrote that stuff in his column. hate isnt good for anyone.. their hate is more about them then about hillary. why its projected on her, a lot of that is sexism being alive and well, for sure..

    and me, i don’t hate obama or anyone who supports him, but very very disturbed at his campaign style and lack of substance, and refusal to answer tough questions because media won’t ask them and his events are just giant rallies.. its no way to pick a president.. we did it in 2000 and look what happened.

  377. another_reader, when you’re a cult figure, you don’t need substance and you certainly don’t need to answer questions. There are people out there who willingly vouch for your character, despite not actually knowing what you’re really about.

  378. What was the name of that cult leader who made his followers wear the nike shoes and commit suicide in order to catch a ride on the comet?

  379. Hey, y’all. Check out B’s Rezkowatch. Some good stuff up right now. The Mrs. Rezko stuff and Precious taking $$$$$ off indicted terrorists, too. DAMN. Weird enough he’d try to stick Hillary with that (D-Punjab) crap last Spring, but it actually turns out he’s got ties to Saddam’s bagman and is taking campaign $$$$ from guys being tried for terrorist activity related to killing US soldiers in Iraq, too? Priceless. Oh, and let’s not forget he gets a big fat house out of this whole thing, too.

    I don’t ever think I’ve seen a politician get this rich, this fast ever. I mean one day the guy’s a copy guy for a financial newsletter and the next he’s a multi-millionaire all without ever accomplishing a single thing in court or legislatively? Sounds might fishy to me.

    Great work, B Merry!

  380. I found it…Marshall Applegate and the Heavens Gate Cult.

    (lots of jokes in my head about that, but I’ll spare everyone)

  381. Heaven’s Gate… but I think all the members had some form of mental disorder.

    LMAO! I think the obamatons have some kind of mental disorder. We aren’t expecting any comets any time soon are we?

  382. Idunn wrote: Well, to be honest , I do think that Bill and Hill probably have a few slightly shifty money deals, but nothing….not one damn thing…that is any worse than any of the others.

    I think you think this because of the media narrative in the 90s. Myself, I’m pretty confident that anyone who went through and survived the Whitewater witchhunt would not allow even the appearance of impropriety to creep into their financial transactions.

    Don’t believe the negative press on the Clinton Foundation transactions. That is the BM tapping into some of the hard wiring left over from the assault in the 90s.

  383. Idunn, enough with the spritzing. Without the wine, it’s just tap water. And if Precious is supplying the tap water, chances are it’s radioactive run-off. 😯

  384. big difference about watergate…and obamagate. Clinton’s lost 300,000…and obama got a house he couldnt afford.

  385. I’ve been told by a fellow Hillarite who attended one of Obama’s training camp that all the volunteers in attendance must tell the room why they support Obama. He said it definitely had a cult feel to it.

    I know we certainly don’t do that at our office.

  386. Ok, just thinking out loud but….

    Axelrod…Exelon…Any reason they sound so much alike? Maybe Axelrod’s real name is Exelon, but he added the “rod” part to sound more manly than his older brother-John Bolton.

  387. I think you think this because of the media narrative in the 90s.

    No. I think it because it’s just the norm in politics. I’m pretty astute when it comes to siffoning out the bs. Whitewater? meh. Clinton Foundation transactions? I see nothing. And anything I have seen over the years that might have given me pause, they were pretty small beans.

  388. Idunn, they got investigated to the tune of over $70 million and tons of Republican prosecutors digging through every associate and every piece of paper in their entire lives. They found SQUAT. If there had been even a smidgen of illegality, it would have been found and trumpeted to the heavens.

    There was nothing. The Clintons were clean as a whistle.

  389. I’m certain they’re brothers. I mean, it’s not too common in today’s post-1970’s porn society to see two mustaches that incredibly bad. :mrgreen:

  390. i know in the iowa caucuses…..the obama people were young people…very pushy..and intimidating. Hard for our older voters to tolerate. They found it easier to avoid…than stand up to them. what is even sadder…most where not iowans…but kids from illinois who were assigned to caucuses. They could register here….vote…but whose home base was Illinois. Frankly….the Iowa caucuses where stolen. I agree with Hawk… I think Edwards would have won…Hillary second..and Obama last. What changed that…was being overrun by the troups he brought in from Illinois.

  391. I am viewing Hillary’s speech in Manassas, and I realize that Obama never attended public schools. How will he reform a system if he never had to endure it?

  392. OkieAtty Says: I know who he united! Van Halen. He got Eddie and David to put their walkers aside and get back out their hot pink spandex. You know Precious loves geriatric men in hot pink spandex. They’re a key demographic in caucus states.

    ROTFL! Having just survived my first caucus, I know what you mean! But I was the one in hot pink tights, pink for HIllary, the only pink clothes I had. With a pink ribbon bow in my hair. Must have looked crazy.




    Hannity, Limbaugh and all the rest, 24 hours a day!

    Obama would never survive.

  394. I was doing some back checking on Exelon stories and Obama and came across this in the comments of HuffPo from Petwagger:

    “I live in Illinois, Senator Obama’s home state.
    I live with 3 nuclear power plants within a 25 mile radius, a high level waste storage facility, a nuclear laundry and a possible site for a reprocessing plant for spent nuclear fuel under the Global Nuclear Energy Patnership.
    For those of us who live in this area, we have legitimate concerns about health and the environment.
    We have repeatedly asked Senator Obama to come listen to our concerns, and his office staff has excused themselves and the Senator with excuses that we cannot comprehend.
    We are asking ourselves several questions:
    How could the Senator not have time to listen to us, but time was allocated so that the bill that did not pass, could have the language changed with input from the nuclear power plant owners and the nuclear regulators?
    How is it that a presidential candidate from the state with the largest number of nuclear power plants in the U.S. cannot or will not meet wtih those from the communities that share their environment with the power plants?
    We would like our voice to be heard.
    We would like that voice to have come from the Senator from Illinois who is running for President.”

    Find this person and run an ad. Do a mailer.

  395. Great post on Rezkowatch. So, when do you think big media (Hi, Ben!) will have the balls to look into Obama taking money from terrorists? And when he offers another lame explanation as he usually does, will they do their customary cowardly roll-over, or will they pursue it and ask hard questions?


    http [space] ://rezkowatch.blogspot.com/

  396. Oh, crap, OkieAtty, now I will hear cheesy boom-chicka-wow-wow music in my head every time I see Axelrod the moustachio.

    EWWWWWWWWWWW! Thanks a lot.

  397. Top 5 reasons BHO cannot win the general:

    #5 Not enough black Republicans
    #4 The Hillary-hating Republicans are going back to the Republican party for the general
    #3 Hispanics will back McCain
    #2 Lots of pissed off women – Not gettin’ over this shit BO-diddly (And no, we don’t care if you put Claire, Janet, or Kathleen on the ticket).

    #1 B. Merryfield (rezkowatch.blogspot.com)

    B’s oppo research puts Karl Rove to shame AND its freely available on the Internet.

  398. H4T, thanks for saving me the spelling errors. But… Bwaaabwaabubwahoooow… Now is he breaks into the theme from Deep Throat the next time he’s interviewed on Hardball, you know I’m on to something about the brotherhood thing…

  399. How will it all end?
    Obama surge? Or Clinton comeback? Superdelegates anyone? With the delegate count agonizingly close — and proportional representation likely to keep it that way — all bets are off.

    By Walter Shapiro

    Feb. 11, 2008 | RICHMOND, Va. — Normally, when you hear the lamentation, “Oh, God, how will it all end?” you are safe to assume that the speaker is referring to the Day of Judgment or a similar religious topic. But these days most of the wailing about the End Times is being done by Democrats unable to decipher how Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama can corral a majority of delegates at the Denver Convention. Where once the Democratic primary race was seen as a rush to judgment now it is regarded as a restaging of “No Exit.”

    Nothing better conveys the white-knuckle flavor of the Democratic race than the apparent maneuvering behind the scenes. According to Time magazine’s Mark Halperin , Hillary Clinton met secretly with up-for-grabs former candidate John Edwards in Chapel Hill last Thursday and Obama is slated to fly there Monday. Meanwhile, the Clinton campaign announced that it had a new campaign manager, Maggie Williams , who had been Hillary’s White House chief of staff. Williams joined the campaign as an unpaid, but high-ranking, consultant after Clinton’s brutal third-place finish in the Jan. 3 Iowa caucuses and had initially planned to stay for just 45 days.

    This is certainly looking like Sweeps Week for Obama. He pulled off a surprise victory in Sunday’s Maine caucuses, despite Clinton’s efforts to turn out blue-collar women in this economically troubled state. Obama also easily prevailed Saturday in the Louisiana primary along with caucuses in Nebraska and Washington, winning 39 delegates more than his rival, according to CNN. And he is heavily favored to repeat the hat trick Tuesday in the Potomac Primary (Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia). There is nothing in politics like a 7-and-0 week.

    But this mini-surge has not brought clarity to the overall delegate counts by major media organizations, nor is likely to. When it comes to landslide leads in the quest to win the 2025 delegates needed to win the nomination, there is the CBS News tabulation which currently has Obama besting Clinton by exactly three delegates, 1134-to-1131. The Associated Press has them flipped with Clinton leading 1135 to 1106, while the New York Times , using a very conservative methodology and not counting some caucus results, has Hillary ahead of Barack 912 to 745.

    In truth, here is what we know about the Democratic endgame — and it is not much. After Tuesday’s vote, the next major milepost will be the March 4 mega-primaries in Texas and Ohio. But based on current trends, neither candidate will win the nomination solely from the delegates they acquire in the primaries and caucuses alone. These statewide delegate contests will be influential but they will not produce the balloon drop for the victorious candidate in Denver. Clinton and Obama simply are too closely matched and party rules mandating proportional representation will prevent either candidate from picking up the more than 900 delegates needed for a convention majority in the 18 states remaining on the calendar. “These two candidates will slug it out, state-by-state, delegate-by-delegate,” predicted pollster Mark Mellman, who is neutral in the race. “It goes all the way through the process.”

    What that means is that the 796 unelected superdelegates (mostly members of the Democratic National Committee, governors, senators and House members) will be the ones who put either Obama or Clinton over the top. According to CNN, only 359 super delegates have so far endorsed a candidate, favoring Clinton 224 to 135 (these commitments are not binding). That calculation leaves 457 of these party insiders on the fence — and they are being wooed with an ardor that makes every day seem like Valentine’s Day. Even though the Democratic Party itself created these superdelegates after the 1980 campaign, they have always had a whiff about them of old-time machine politics and the kind of rigged conventions that nominated Hubert Humphrey in 1968 over the protests of the antiwar movement.

    The Democrats, in short, gave all this power to the superdelegates and now are in full panic that they will actually use it to select between Clinton and Obama. This undemocratic outcome (all power to the super delegates) in this most small-D democratic of political parties has produced widespread gnashing of teeth and rending of garments.

    Donna Brazile, an at-large member of the DNC and thereby a superdelegate, told CNN, “If 795 of my colleagues decide this election, I will quit the Democratic Party. I feel very strongly about this.” Members of Congress, who will ultimately be forced to endorse because they are superdelegates, have been nervously calling their campaign consultants wondering whether the politically safe thing to do is to abide by the results in their district. In an Op-Ed article in Sunday’s New York Times , political consultant Tad Devine, an expert on party rules, worried that superdelegates taking sides would create “the perception that the votes of ordinary people don’t count as much as those of the political insiders, who get to pick the nominee in some mythical backroom.” Small wonder that former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner, who is running for the Senate this year and has not endorsed a presidential candidate, sounded positively gleeful when he said in response to a press question about the presidential race Saturday night, “I am not a superdelegate.”

    While this entire campaign year has been cruel to anyone with the temerity to make confident predictions, there is a sense that the superdelegates will flock to the frontrunner if either candidate moves ahead by more than a nose. Steve Murphy — who ran Dick Gephardt’s 2004 campaign and was a media consultant to Bill Richardson this time around — doubts that either candidate will come out of primaries and caucuses with a lead of more than 200 elected delegates when the primaries and caucuses end June 3 in Montana and South Dakota. (Book your hotel rooms in Helena and Sioux Falls now). “If there is a discernable lead,” Murphy said, “I think the superdelegates go with the candidate who is ahead.”

    Here are some ways that the endgame could play out on the political chessboard, though it may take several moves and several months to achieve checkmate.

    THE OBAMA AVALANCHE: Even though 2008 so far has been a momentum killer (think of Clinton’s comeback in the New Hampshire primary), it is arguable that Obama’s string of February victories is a predictor of shifting Democratic sentiment. (He is likely to add two more trophies to his collection on Feb. 19 in liberal Wisconsin and his birth state of Hawaii). If Obama somehow triumphs in Ohio and Texas on March 4, he will have filled in the one blank on his political resume — his ability to win primaries in major states outside his own Illinois. At that point, Clinton may sound desperate to restless superdelegates as she pleads with them (probably in vain) to wait until the next major contest, the April 23 Pennsylvania primary.

    THE OBAMA BANANA PEEL: Clinton has been pushing (unsuccessfully so far) for weekly debates for a simple reason — she excels in the format and she keeps hoping that Obama will make a fatal miscue. What might peril Obama would not be just a tart remark (such as his suggesting that Clinton was “likeable enough”), but an error that dramatically highlights his inexperience. The question that Clinton wants Democrats (super and ordinary) to be asking themselves is “Do we want to go up against John McCain with a candidate who was in the Illinois state senate just four years ago?”

    THE CLINTON COMEBACK (MARCH 2008 EDITION): While statewide primary victories do not radically alter the delegate calculus (Clinton, for instance, only won 44 more delegates in California than Obama, despite carrying the state by a 10-percentage-point margin), they do create a compelling political narrative. If Clinton wins Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania, she will end April having won virtually all the big primary prizes. It will be hard — but not impossible — for Team Obama to argue that caucus landslides in smaller states (Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota and Washington) should count more than the traditional building blocks (California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey) of a Democratic Electoral College majority.

    OBAMA’S MONEY TALKS LOUDER: Having out-raised Clinton so far in this campaign and having built a huge and loyal online donor base, Obama has about as many money worries as Warren Buffet. Even though the Clinton team boasts that it has raised $10 million online from 100,000 donors since Super Tuesday, the candidate herself recently had to loan the campaign $5 million. Internet fund-raising depends on the sometimes mercurial moods of the donors and — after an increasingly futile February — it is possible that this financial gusher for Hillary will be short lived. With more than 20 media markets in the state, the Texas primary, in particular, will be a financial drain on the Clinton campaign, while Obama will almost certainly have the resources for a full TV buy.

    THE FLORIDA FANDANGO: Even though Clinton won the January primaries in Florida and Michigan , she did not earn any delegates because the states had violated Democratic Party rules by going so early in the calendar. Both candidates abided by an agreement not to campaign in these two states — and Obama even managed to have his name taken off the Michigan ballot. Since both are states that the Democrats need to win in November, it long had been assumed that Florida and Michigan would get their delegates back in a wink-wink deal once the party had coalesced around a nominee. But now, especially for Clinton, these two states may be crucial for winning a majority. The problem for Hillary is that the most likely solution is for the DNC to authorize do-over caucuses (much less expensive than primaries) in the two states, which would be scheduled sometime before June 10. Obama (aka “The Caucus King”) could become the candidate of destiny by winning these two outlaw states. In theory, Clinton could ask the convention to seat the Florida and Michigan delegations that were elected in the original primaries. But there is a Catch-22: If Clinton needs these votes, it means that she does not have enough support to prevail on the convention floor.

    THE ULTIMATE COIN FLIP: It is beguiling to imagine that Clinton and Obama could reach some private agreement to end the trench warfare. But, in reality, it is hard to see how it could happen any more than Democratic National Chairman Howard Dean could enforce a deal. The Clintons, as they have demonstrated many times, are not quitters — and Hillary is not apt to abandon the race before “the last dog dies.” There is also the question about whether a protracted fight between these two history-making candidates, even one that lasts until the Convention, would really harm Democratic prospects in November. Clinton and Obama would so monopolize the headlines that McCain himself might periodically wonder if the media knew that he was running for president.

    It is easy to concoct other more fanciful scenarios, like Al Gore on the third ballot in Denver. My personal favorite (outlandish though it may be) is that the entire race could come down to the decision of one super delegate, pledged to Clinton but wavering. “I promised Hillary, I certainly owe her and she would be a great president,” the super-dooper delegate would say in an intense argument with himself. “But that Obama is a comer. I’ve got to think about my own future, my own political reputation.”

    And with that, Superdelegate Bill Clinton chose the 2008 nominee.


  400. Let me try to put this together….

    Obama gets campaign cash 2nd hand from Excelon. Axelrod is a consultant for Excelon. Obama has constituants complaining about health concerns from nuclear powerplants.

    Why does this sound familiar to me?

    Oh yeah. Obama get Rezko governent low income housing money, Rezko lets the housing project fall into ruin, but keeps giving OB campaign money. residents complain, Obama does nothing.

    HOW interesting.

  401. Okie,

    Nah, that one you want video for.

    “We have repeatedly asked Senator Obama to come listen to our concerns, and his office staff has excused themselves and the Senator with excuses that we cannot comprehend.”

    Quick-cut to non-descript Obama on the stump, talking his usual shit.
    Got to Exelon headlines, back to subject;
    “”How is it that a presidential candidate from the state with the largest number of nuclear power plants in the U.S. cannot or will not meet wtih those from the communities that share their environment with the power plants?”

    Does That Sound Like New Politics To You?”

  402. a bit more light-hearted – I belong to some online reviewers of products, food, stores, etc, and this is what I wrote:

    My sister recommended the Victoria Secret’s Very Sexy bra – and since then, I have never looked back (just down). This is a great and comfortable bra with satin finish material – tends to be full coverage, and it’s got a push-up version with underwire which gives one a lovely cleavage, and an “infinity plunge” convertible which is amazing because you can change-up the straps or remove them entirely and the middle section that holds the cups together is transparent, so you can wear more plungy shirts. Unfortunately, like all Victoria Secrets bras, it’s expensive to the tune of about $42-$48 dollars, but worth it.

    On a political tangent – I would very happily burn my Victoria Secrets Very Sexy bra for the right occasion – and that would probably be in front of the headquarters of MSNBC and NBC at Rockefeller Center in protest of the sexist and misogynistic treatment of America’s first viable female presidential candidate by the likes of David Shuster and Chris Matthews who have gotten away with murder and still not been fired. Please do not buy GE products and help us topple the Misogyny Network

  403. Idunn, and others, I can’t match Idunn’s enthusiasm from Abingdon but I will report my experience at a townhall for Hillary at Bowie State Univ. The crowd was about 2000-3000. O’Malley, Brown(Lt. Gov.), Jack Johnson (PG Exec) were all there. Her speech was good and crowd was energized — even Iscreamed a couple of times. She mentioned the need for vetting everybody before (nomination) so we can win in GE. The crowd was hardcore Hillary supporters, no undecideds here — it was also predominantly AA — so Obama does not have full control of that segment. An elderly AA woman sitting next to me was saying he was not ready, does not have the experience for cleaning up the big mess in Washington Bush leaves behind. This was my first political event and I thoroughly enjoyed it — sat from her within less than 20 feet.

    She is hungry for this job and I don’t see that from Obama — he is all about winning — who else does that remind you of. All those lurkers on this site who support Obama should think about that.

    I also called people all day today — mostly Asian Americans — they were like either 1 or 5 and 5 being fewer (mostly because their children were pressuring them to support Obama).

    About all the Obama wins today, and yesterday, they don’t impress me. OK, let us call him caucus king. Show me the big states. He is winning all those red states he won’t win in GE. Who the hell is he kidding? (We have to accept that his campaign is real but his strategy is weak). Nobody will wonder why Hillary did not win a caucus but people will wonder why he is unable to win CA, NY, NJ. Nothing can yet take away from what Hillary accomplished on Super Tuesday and before (FL, MI, CA, NY, MA, NJ…). I think we have a chance in MD and VA. We will win OH, TX,…

  404. Yeah, I left out the 2005 Bill.

    Good lord, I’m having a hard time connecting the dots anymore. Mainly because the whole damn page is nothing but dots. Someone needs to work out a clear cut primer on Obama/Excelon/constituant complaints/OB’s voting record.

  405. Right on, Blue. It’s ripe for the picking.

    BTW- what do Axelrod, Bolton and Linda Lovelace have in common”

    A: They all are in desperate need of a razor.

  406. exelon article — got no play, did it? why? it’s ok if you’re obama. they are too busy writing about how inspirational he is

  407. Okay, quick joke and then it’s bedtime.

    Bono, lead singer of the rock band U2, is famous throughout the entertainment industry for being more than just a little self-righteous. At a recent U2 concert in Glasgow, Scotland, he asked the
    audience for total quiet. Then, in the silence, he started to slowly clap his hands, once every few seconds.

    Holding the audience in total silence, he said into the microphone, “Every time I clap my hands, a child in Africa dies.”

    A voice with a deep and sharp Scottish accent from the crowd pierced the silence… “Well, foockin stop doin it then, ya evil bastard!”

  408. The energy bill Obama supported?

    The one his cousin Dick Cheney let lobbyists write in the White House?

    Oh, that’s a separate ad altogether.

    Should be a week’s worth of news cycles!

    Why isn’t America seeing and hearing this!!!!!!

  409. Idunn, check out this for a good recap of Axelrod, Exelon and Precious’ wallet: slog.thestranger.com/2008/02/we_now_interrupt_this_broadcast (cut and paste OC).

  410. another reader, you’re right. BM did nothing with it BUT WE CAN. You know we don’t have to wait on everyone else. We can post it. Post it. Post it. Write our local papers. Talk it up. But most of all, time for Hillary (or an enterprising person) to mail that info out. Personally, I think a TV ad would be better.

  411. I’ll hit that when I have my coffee in the morning, Okie. I’m gonna start a Bambi folder for all this shit.

    BlueDem, my mom gets royally pissed whenever I tell that joke. Somehow she thinks it makes fun of the african children. Go figure.

  412. Check this comment from RezkoWatch;

    “It (accepting contributions from 2 accused terrorist suspects)
    suggests very bad judgment, as do strong, persistent suggestions that Obama also accepted quite small contributions from extreme Left-wing veterans of the terrorist Weather Underground now living in Chicago.
    His list of contributions shows one for $200 from a certain William Ayers. Can this possibly be the same William Ayers, now a Chicago professor, who used to plant bombs in the Seventies and has said: “I don’t regret setting bombs. I feel we didn’t do enough”? His partner, Bernardine Dohrn, once “declared war” on the US government.

    Obama’s only going to be able to claim bad judgement and bone-headedness for so long.”

  413. Night, y’all. I have mucho court this week. I doubt my client shows for his trial tomorrow. Haven’t been able to get a return call from him. Oh, well. It’s not my ass that will go to the slammer…. Trial Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Then court 7x the following week. I hate wearing heels that much. 😐

    I’ll be money bombing Tuesday, so you guys do it, too. Psst. Pass it on. 😀

  414. A propagandist article title was posted above:

    “Hillary’s Caucus Missteps and other factors”

    I say NO, because–

    “Obama’s Caucus Culting and other factors”

    –should be the title. Why the hell is that insulting-to-clinton crap posted here? How many times must I ask this?

    “I personally do not believe Bill or the race thing lost the AA vote for Hillary, as an AA and from what I hear from AA BHO supporters. One girl said it like this on NPR
    “I love hillary but BHO gives me a chance to dream””

    –But Hillary doesn’t give her a chance to dream? There are and have been many black leaders in Africa. WHERE are the many female leaders on this planet, where have THEY been? Elected leaders are almost always MALE worldwide, across cultures, across races, across continents. In my opinion, these are the things people should keep repeating, but they’re not. If these truths are inconvenient—too bad! The truth often IS.

    By the way–heads up–an Obama supporter has sent out spam emails to people here trying to convert us. I just got one. He wonders why people at this place don’t respond to his emails—can you say, “Fucking duh”?

    The nerve on these people—a MALE of course. How did this person get our emails? I thought our emails here are private for admin? Or did he search our websites?

  415. Thanks for the carpetbagger link; moderatly sensible article. http://www.thecarpetbaggerreport.com/archives/14535.html#comment-379022

    I snarked out and posted:

    Thanks for a sensible article. Imo ever since NV, it’s been looking like Obama is a momentum candidate but Hillary is not. Dunno if Obama needs momentum for his funding, but last week showed Hillary doesn’t.

    Obama is selling himself as a ‘movement’, a feel-good back to the 60s sort of experience. That sort of thing needs momentum, the magical energy of Jupiter aligned with Mars once in a lifetime Harmonic Convergence when the groundhog considers emerging, but don’t expect him to do this again, it’s now or never, he’s about to lose his freshness….

    Hillary is reaching blue collar traditional Democratic base voters, with practical solutions and expertise. Some of these people she has been helping for decades, getting results. When the primary comes to their state, they vote for her (but lack the latte to caucus). These are people who don’t even READ anything that uses words like ‘momentum’. They have better things to do.

  416. WHoa- last thing. Just got this great e-mail from a buddy who was supporting Precious. Not so much anymore after he saw what Precious thinks of Krugman (his favorite columnist) and the Harry & Louise stunt. Seems we have some brothers and sisters in arms (the hyperlinks will not work but I’ll pass the e-mail on to you if you e-mail me first at okieatty@gmail.com):

    Why do Peggy Noonan, George Will and David Brooks favor Obama? (David Seaton?s News Links)
    Because they are terrified of Hillary Clinton, that’s why? It is this simple: in recent decades the Clintons are the only Democrats that win elections against Republicans… They don’t want to ever face them again, no more complicated than that. As soon as Barack Obama is declared the official candidate of the Democratic party the voters will be treated to something similar to the old TV show, “This is your Life”…

    And below are some of the things they?ll bring out about him. Now, to those who will surely say that I shouldn?t do the right?s work for them, I say you must have been living under a rock for the last 18 years. The information below is already in the belly of the beast, waiting for the right moment to regurgitate all over the ?transformation?. And to those who say I shouldn?t ?bash? Obama, I say, it?s not bashing if it?s true. How can Democratic primary voters possibly make an informed decision about which candidate to vote for, when they know almost nothing about one of the two who remain?

    We Illinois progressives sent Obama to the U.S. Senate, where he promptly joined the Joe Lieberman wing of the Democratic Party. He?s not a progressive. But he?s a master at pretending to be one. “Obama is a company man.?

    His economic advisers are very conservative, from the University of Chicago-Milton Friedman school of economics. My favorite economist, Paul Krugman, caught Obama using right-wing talking points on what to do about Social Security and about his health care plan.

    His voting record is pro-business and pro-war. He glorifies American imperialism. He flip-flopped on the Palestinians and Israel, and now is AIPAC-approved.

    He has shown repeatedly what good friends he is with anti-gay African American preachers.

    He misuses history, according to a prominent historian.

    He, uh, stretches the truth.


    Trying to sound authentically African-American during a speech memorializing the forty-second anniversary of the 1965 Voting Rights March at the Pettis Bridge in Selma, Obama claimed that his black (Kenyan) father and white (Kansan) mother married and conceived the future Barockstar because of the great Civil Rights struggles fought in Selma and Birmingham, Alabama? (Obama 2007)

    Wow. Too bad Barack Obama Jr. was born in 1961, two years before the famous campaign to desegregate Birmingham, three years before the Civil Rights Act, and four years before the famous Selma march!

    His chief political adviser is a Daley machine strategist.

    And then there?s his Tony Rezko problem.
    When are we Americans going to stop getting fooled and fooled and fooled again?
    Lots more really good stuff at MakeThemAccountable.com.

  417. “But for BO to win so mny in a row is impressive and does cede him braggin rights and consequently increases his mo.”

    –Impressive to who? Do you see his supporters complimenting Clinton on his sites? Why are supposed Clinton supporters complimenting HIM here?

  418. “We Illinois progressives sent Obama to the U.S. Senate, where he promptly joined the Joe Lieberman wing of the Democratic Party. He?s not a progressive. But he?s a master at pretending to be one. “Obama is a company man.?”

    –No duh. Obama not a progressive, the person who used a term like “the excesses of the 60s” isn’t a progressive? Who’da thunk it?

    That should be OBVIOUS by now to people.

  419. This, entitled “Clinton V Obama: The Lawsuit”, is from today’s WSJ, and tells you everything you need to know about who republicans really fear:

    “This may be one of those déjà vu fantasies that won’t happen. But it did happen before. And Florida has a quirky habit of popping up again and again in close presidential elections, having been a factor not only in 2000, but also the epic presidential election controversy of 1876. And Democratic lawyers have undoubtedly kept copies of the legal briefs they filed for Al Gore in 2000 into which their computers can easily substitute the name Clinton for Gore.”
    If it does happen, I’d be more than happy to loan Sen. Obama the winning briefs that helped secure the election of the legitimate winner of the 2000 election, George W. Bush.

    Mr. (Ted) Olson, a lawyer in Washington, D.C. and a former solicitor general of the United States, represented George W. Bush before the Supreme Court in 2000 in Bush v. Gore.

  420. Oh I see–people already posted about that spam. But, people, don’t you get it? The title of Will’s email is like the first sentence of my first post in this thread, where I questioned the support of some of the people here, where I doubted some of the people here are Clinton supporters, so he solicits a bunch of people here toward Obama…hmmmm. I wasn’t born yesterday. This was a calculated move. Don’t look at what people say; look at what they SHOW.

  421. Yes, it does, Okie, going on the excerpt. I wasn’t attacking it or you. I’m just sarcastically exasperated that anyone would need to read that by this point because the content’s so obvious!

  422. HRC said:

    “I think that it is clear that MSNBC does not hold to the standards of objective journalism and is known to be heavily biased against Hillary. We, as a community, should not tune in to it anymore because by continuing to watch it, we will only validating it.”


  423. Okay- one last (for reals) post. I’m giving a shout out to http://www.bartcop.com . It’s a longtime site. He’s an Okie (is that you Oklabubba?) and I love his unabashed progressive ideals and snarkiness. Just wanted y’all to know Hillary is getting love on the ‘Net besides this place. We get lonely here and sometimes we think this is the only place with friendly faces. Bart and Sugar and others are out there on our side. I mean, it’s not like we’re making up $10M in donations all by ourselves or millions of votes. This is big, wide country and it takes all types, but right now- at this point in history- it takes us…and we’re not alone.

  424. Hey, y’all. Check out B’s Rezkowatch. Some good stuff up right now. The Mrs. Rezko stuff and Precious taking $$$$$ off indicted terrorists, too. DAMN. Weird enough he’d try to stick Hillary with that (D-Punjab) crap last Spring, but it actually turns out he’s got ties to Saddam’s bagman and is taking campaign $$$$ from guys being tried for terrorist activity related to killing US soldiers in Iraq, too? Priceless. Oh, and let’s not forget he gets a big fat house out of this whole thing, too.

    if he gets the nom or white house will have terroist at the doorsteps of washington,he scares the living daylights out of me…willl we have time to get him out of there…if that happens
    and yes he has had like fines in chicago,but daley hid those well they were in print,so the chicago library would have them,or they are on microfilm at one of the newspapers…

  425. thanks for the bartcop link – some good tidbits here – one on Michael Moore:

    Does Michael Moore hate women?

    I ask, because he gave John Kerry a pass on this.
    I remember on Bill Maher’s show he got down on his knees and BEGGED
    Nader not to run so Kerry could win in 2004 – so Kerry gets a complete pass.

    And when he says, “war votes,” does he mean funding the war?
    That would make Obama as guilty as Hillary.

    So he’ll give Kerry a pass and he’ll give Obama a pass, …but Hillary?

    He’s morally prohibited from voting for Hillary.

    Mike, do you hate women?

  426. I agree with Mark Halperin on his 10 tips to survive February. I think winning Wisconsin would be a huge moral boost for her campaign. I’m not saying it’s absolutely necessary especially if she comes in a close second but it’s a primary and there isn’t a large AA population so it should be friendlier terrain there.
    People like William Kristol can’t wait to send HRC packing though. This prick wrote an editorial for the NYTimes entitled Obama and he basically says that Obama has this nomination in the bag. Bullsh*t. He wishes. You guys, I cannot express how I am so ready to see Hillary beat Obama in Texas and prove all of these douchebags wrong.
    I predict it will be a really depressing weekend coming up. He’s gonna win MS and D.C. and probably VA. No surprises there people. I’m just praying she sweeps all of those states on March 4. People in Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas, and Vermont: We need every one of those delegates. I want to see her beat Obambi by 40% points if possible. Start the GOTV campaign NOW. Contact your local Clinton HQ and do anything. TALK to people. Get them excited. Convince them that Obama is a fool.
    I have a friend from Wisconsin; a white guy. Who actually talked about voting for McCain last month. He has switched over to Hillary y’all. He even started a blog on HillaryClinton.com. Anything is possible! You have to convince people that she actually stands for something and those who haven’t drunken the kool-aid might actually consider your points and vote for Hillary. We can help her win this!

  427. HillaryforTexas @ 9:02: positive story-excellent

    SpaceGirlArt @ 10:26: positive story-excellent

    What I like about these stories is they show we are playing our own game, making positive headlines, and acting like an army on the march. We know Obamatons read this site. Lets give them the ulcers.

  428. morale* boost.

    Also, I just want to remind you all to expect what is coming up. Don’t f*cking freak out in the next ten days because Obama will win states with large AA populations. Hillary will get through this. If she can be strong and withstand the media attacks and Obama supporters on the blogosphere telling her to give up the race, and Obama surrogates threatening her about her super delegate support then we can be strong too.

    Good Night.

  429. hi hillfans, a lot of fundraising push on hillaryclinton.com blog. i will donate more on tuesday. hillary has to close the gap to say 45% in va and md if possible. i estimate she will be behind by 30 to 50 delagates by late tuesday night. not bad considering her bad loses. she still would be in good shape come march.

  430. Ooops-my last comment probably got caught in the spam filter because of a link.

    Ininla, I’ve said the same thing–I think people should keep using this against people dissing Clinton on Iraq:


    IMO, Clinton’s being double-standard punished for Iraq because she’s a woman. In 2004 many antiwar people had no problem supporting Kerry; they didn’t nonstop berate, attack and denounce him for his Iraq vote. Instead, they voted for him.

    Eat shit, Michael Mooreon.

  431. Reading about the Shrub’s proHillary/antiBambi comments today got me to thinking about wingnut activities. I think we may be in for a surprise on the RNC side.

    I actually kind of feel sorry for McCain. I’m really getting the sense that this is a real Charlie Brown/Lucy/football moment for him. Hear me out:

    Wingnut talking heads publically push the conservative base to rally around Romney as their nominee.
    Super Tuesday, the fundie base outright reject the conservative talking heads in favor of the Huckster
    Ann Coulter says she will campaign for Clinton over McCain (yeah right)
    Talking heads are roundly mocked as having no influence over an out of control base (yeah right)
    The Huckster is pronounced as unelectable by those “in the know” on all the news shows
    Romney loses big in CA and withdraws from the race
    Huckster does well this weekend, but the noise machine is all about Bambi’s success
    Bush chimes in “Clinton good, Bambi bad” (yeah right)

    Guys, all those Romney conservatives will be free agents at the RNConvention. The Right did not get Bush elected x2 by not being able to control their fundie base. Bush does not respect Senator Clinton (remember Cheney’s response her request for the militaries exit strategy?). Oh, yeah, and Ann Coulter will campaign in Hillary’s favor, sincerely with no irony, when pig fly over the frozen tundra of Hell.

    Are there any states where people can still register to vote? The Huckster benefits from Independents who might have supported McCain voting for Bambi. I think we need to start considering a Huckster nomination, at least, as a possiblity…is it too late for those Independents or Moderate thugs to vote for McCain in an attempt to save his candidacy?

    We can assume that the Texas wingnuts are firmly under Bush’s control. Is Texas winner take all for their side? Will Texan moderates favor Bambi or McCain? This is a deep game. I think it’s checkmate, McCain, lucky for us we’ve got SuperDelegates to protect us from these games, no wonder Bambi and crew want to negate their function.

  432. NYCMAX, to be honest, as I’ve said here before, I’ve been wondering if BO is really THEIR candidate. I smell lots and lots of fakery. That the media is backing him so strongly—I think the media is still under republican control, republican-bush-government-big-money alliance–however someone might want to look at it. People keep assuming Obama’s being backed because the republicans want to run against him because he’d be easier to beat than Clinton. But wouldn’t it be simpler to assume that the republican-backed media want him to WIN, or at least wouldn’t mind him winning? Either way, McCain, Obama, Huckabee–all conservatives. Republicans win with any of the three. I think women haters and sexists in general seem to love Obama (and Huckabee). Obama acts like a preacher; he’s head of an anti-woman cult now, just like Bush is. Don’t think The Theocratic Party hasn’t noticed….

    I’m totally EXHAUSTED. Must go to sleep. At this point, though I will continue fighting, my nihilism is also kicking in. I feel like the time I’ve spent writing here probably hasn’t made any difference (given that no matter how many times I try to dissuade them, some people keep posting the same negative-toward-Clinton crap, as admin described), and I honestly don’t give a shit what happens because I’m a pariah in society anyway. I don’t fit in anywhere. No presidential candidate will likely change my day-to-day reality.

    However, I do think that if Obama gets in there, America will really be finished—finito—done! And I’m sorry to be mean, but if that happens, I’m going to take some moments to laugh my ass off because too many people let that finish happen…in between sobs for the people who worked their asses off trying to avoid that happening.

  433. im not sure i approve of the ouster of doyle so soon before the tx campaign. now there will days of negative stories on “hillary in crisis” or something. williams has never run a natl campaign, niether did doyle. shouldnt hillary have someone right now who has actually run a natl campaign? and is this all really doyle’s fault. seems to me announcing this in the middle of a bad week is not good. just an honest opinion here.

  434. A Ray of Hope?
    I have a lot of hope for this campaign, but when it comes to John Edwards I’ll admit I haven’t until recently had much hope we’d get the nod in the form of an endorsement, nor have i had a healthy respectfor him in thepast.
    That said, I must continue to read – from what’s been reported thus far – his position as at least leaning toward Hillary.
    Maybe it’s his past year + his wife’s health that’s made him latch onto poverty as the issue he’ll live & die on. If so, and if it’s HILL, he’s sure in the right camp.
    From TMP:
    Edwards Aide: John Having Private Endorsement Discussions With Hillary, Obama; “Greater Than 50% Chance” He’ll Endorse
    By Greg Sargent – February 10, 2008, 3:23PM

    An Edwards aide confirms to me that John Edwards met privately with Hillary on Thursday to discuss the possibility of making an endorsement, and will meet with Obama tomorrow, as first reported by Mark Halperin.

    The Edwards aide gave me a bunch more detail, including this: “There’s a greater than 50% chance he will endorse.” He also said that he’s been talking to both on and off for some time, including since he dropped out.

    The Edwards aide, who played a key campaign role, confirms that in his private discussion with Hillary, the former North Carolina Senator talked to her about similar concerns he raised with both candidates just before leaving the race. The aide says he talked about “who’s going to carry on the mantle of fighting for the voiceless,” and is trying to gauge which of the two “will sign their name in blood in order to make that commitment.” A second source familiar with the meeting confirmed that it took place.

    The Edwards aide cautioned against reading too much into the meetings, saying that he’d been talking to both of them before. “He’s torn,” the aide said “He has reservations about Hillary, which are pretty apparent.”
    On Obama, the aide says, Edwards worries “whether he’s tough enough to be President of the United States. If you look at what Edwards ran on, which is not negotiating with the special interests, taking away their power, that’s pretty different than the Obama model.”
    The Edwards aide added that Obama’s lack of a health care plan with a “mandate” is a “tough hurdle for him to get over.” He added, however, that Edwards is much more in line with Obama on other issues.

    Have I mentioned how incredibly frustrating it is in the midst of the most expensive (and important!) presidential race in history that Hill supports don’t have a place where we can communicate by posting readily apparent links, where we can post something longer than 3 sentences, where … well, where it’s the 21st God dam century?!!!

    Appreciate this site and all u do Admin. Know it mustn’t be easy .
    Just a frustrating time I guess.

  435. and while I’m at it, John Edwards would actually be a very effective spokesman – which is something we could use too.

  436. no doubt n edwards endorsement would be a boon for hillary-changes narrative. but who knows what bambi will promise when he meets him today

  437. hillfans, do not trust this guy edwards. he was one of the worst attackdogs along with his wife. trippi also is lumped in with them too. be aware of a failed desperate candidate like edwards.

  438. to tell you the truth i thought edwards along with straddling richardson lost what little leverage and political capital they had when they did not endorse before supertuesday. and to be honest i think a edwards endorsement of hillary or obama would get a 1day press coverage but will sway nothing. i think a lot of his support already went to obama anyway.

  439. i think it is disgusting what obama and these idiots who knew of the rules on superdelagates for years but only know they fear it. FUCK EM. rules are the rules and now like obama said many times people want to change the rules in the middle of the fame now that they fear the superdelagates.

  440. An early good morning Terrondt. Here is a link to great article this morning from Paul Krugman. This should lift your spirits that at least one nationanly syndicated columnist is willing to speak the truth about media bias against Hillary and the nastiness of Obama supporters and their cult of personality.


    Three key grafs:

    (Krugman) [In 1956 Adlai Stevenson, running against Dwight Eisenhower, tried to make the political style of his opponent’s vice president, a man by the name of Richard Nixon, an issue. The nation, he warned, was in danger of becoming “a land of slander and scare; the land of sly innuendo, the poison pen, the anonymous phone call and hustling, pushing, shoving; the land of smash and grab and anything to win. This is Nixonland.”]

    (TPS: There is no doubt in my mind that Krugman is alluding to the poison pens of Maureen Dowd and Franck Rich)

    (Krugman) [I won’t try for fake evenhandedness here: most of the venom I see is coming from supporters of Mr. Obama, who want their hero or nobody. I’m not the first to point out that the Obama campaign seems dangerously close to becoming a cult of personality. We’ve already had that from the Bush administration — remember Operation Flight Suit? We really don’t want to go there again.

    What’s particularly saddening is the way many Obama supporters seem happy with the application of “Clinton rules” — the term a number of observers use for the way pundits and some news organizations treat any action or statement by the Clintons, no matter how innocuous, as proof of evil intent.]

  441. rezkowatch.blogspot.com/

    This Obama is dangerous

    Was the Khaleel Ahmed who donated to Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.)’s campaign in 2004 the same Khaleel Ahmed who was arrested in February 2007 with his cousin on terrorism charges?

    Thankfully, the RW tipster provided the NYT link as well as information that led to the following:

    On June 16, 2004, Khaleel Ahmed of Bensenville, Illinois, contributed $2,000 to Obama for Illinois. This was Ahmed’s first and only political contribution.

    Additionally, a search for his cousin’s name, Zubair Ahmed, found this as well:

    On June 16, 2004, Zubair Ahmed of Oak Brook, Illinois, contributed $500 to Obama for Illinois. This likewise was Zubair’s first and only political contribution.

    Part of the documentation in the indictment against the Ahmed cousins is about travel they planned and carried out in 2004—with their intended destination Afghanistan—between Chicago and Cairo, Egypt, via Istanbul, Turkey. On or about May 21, 2004, they flew from Chicago to Istanbul, then on May 23, 2004, from Istanbul to Cairo, “where they were intercepted in Cairo by Separately Indicted Co-Conspirator A and ZUBAIR’s father, among others.” On or about June 2, 2004, they returned to Chicago, where they remained until on or about July 3, 2004, when they traveled to a Muslim convention in Cleveland, Ohio, with Separately Indicted Co-Conspirator A with the intention of meeting up with co-conspiracists.


    Totally frightening, Who is Obama?
    It was almost like the film The Omen. Anybody who got in his way just melted away or met a nasty end.

    But this time nobody could possibly blame him, though the mysterious figure of his feared spin-doctor David Axelrod lurks in the background here, and some suspect his hand in at least some of Obama’s luck.

    The first slice of good fortune was that the seat was empty – the incumbent suddenly retired, citing “family issues”.

    The former Democratic holder of the seat, prominent black politician Carol Moseley Braun, could have had it for the asking – and Obama would not have dared challenge her – but she ruled herself out.

    That still left a couple of major Democratic challengers. But Obama unexpectedly won union support and wiped out one of them.

    The second, Blair Hull, was a tougher proposition until details of his divorce papers were unsealed, revealing his wife’s accusations of abuse, which virtually destroyed him.

  442. Found this little nugget over at MyDD. I think the methodology used probably points to a best case scenerio for Obama, or at least an optimistic one.

    He predicts a win in the Texas caucuses for the at-large delegates, and by extention a win of the delegate over-all delegate count.


    I wouldn’t normally point to such a skewed diary except that it does a really good job of explaining the complexities of what we face in Texas. Also he gives a district-by-district breakdown which is always interesting to keep track of.

    For my money, I think that the diarist assumes alot in his assessment of the caucus situation. Basically he gives the advantage to Obama based on his showing in other caucuses. I don’t think that’s a given but I don’t want to discuss strategy for reasons that we’ve discussed above about giving ideas to the opposition.

    If you decide to take a look at the diary remember that it should be read with a grain of salt.

  443. Another great column by Stanley Fish of NY Times on the Clinton hatred out there in newspapers and on the web:

    February 10, 2008, 9:08 pm
    A Calumny a Day To Keep Hillary Away
    Tags: Hillary Clinton, readers

    The responses to my column on Hillary Clinton-hating have been both voluminous (the largest number in the brief history of “Think Again”) and fascinating. The majority of posters agreed with the characterization of the attacks on Senator Clinton as vicious and irrational, but in not a few posts the repudiation of Hillary-hatred is followed by more of the same. Lisa (No. 17) nicely exemplifies the pattern. She begins by saying “I agree that there is a rabid nature in the manner in which numerous conservative groups attack Hillary Clinton,”, but in the very next sentence she declares that “most of Hillary’s reputation is well earned” and then she spends nine paragraphs being rabid. A significant minority of posters skipped the ritual disavowal of hatred and went straight to the task of adding to it.


  444. We posted a new article about tomorrow’s fundraiser. We’ll post another which will include Krugman and other fun tidbits around midday.

  445. Okie Atty..

    Reading you have Trial this week..I’ll post the story for you of the outcome of the complaint, and the Lies told by Obama saying he would legislate regulation standards for the “leaking” Nuclear Facility..Those poor people got the run around and nothing was done.

    Obama claimed at a recent event he passed Regulation Standards for that Nuclear facility, which never happened. I’ll post the link here for you to connect the dots for the background on the story.

    Meanwhile, it would be good if someone in Chicago could get the names of the tenants that froze that winter in the Rezko low income housing units. Find them, get a statement from them, ask them to come forward for an interview..

    There is another site (closed) for Hillary available that is closed for these types of discussions..I’ll contact ADMIN and give you the web address..

    We’re at a crucial crossroads, everything counts…

    Mrs. S.

  446. Halperin’s picture struck me fine! Suppose it had been Kerry’s face, or Gore’s, or any man’s — even Obama’s. Why should a woman be insulted in being treated that same way? It looked to me like a compliment — here’s someone capable of getting tough.

    I think I liked it because he’d chosen a very appropriate face shot. Her expression was just right for his message. (And the angle of the face matched the angle of the body, the body language was right.)

  447. Why wasn’t her face put on Sarah Connor’s body from Terminator 2, for example? Instead, it was put on a MALE’S body. Implying that male means tough, a fighter, etc., implying that when Hillary’s face is on her own woman’s body, she ain’t tough enough.

    Sorry, but I’ve yet to meet a man tougher than I am, more of a fighter than I am. INDIVIDUALS are tough fighters (or not); that has nothing to do with sex, in my opinion.

  448. Clinton campaign makes a pretzel out of Obama strategist Axelrod’s words on how superdelegates should make their decisions.

    LAUER: Let me ask you about superdelegates. A lot of discussion about the role they’re going to play in all this by the time it’s over and the debate being whether they should vote out of loyalty to a candidate, particularly if they’re elected officials, or whether they should vote the way their state or district votes.

    So, when it comes to Senators John Kerry and Senator Ted Kennedy, should they vote for had Barack Obama because they’ve endorsed him or should they vote for Hillary Clinton because the state of Massachusetts voted for Hillary Clinton?

    AXELROD: I think that the role of the superdelegate is to act as, sort of, a party elder. These are elected officials from across the country and they’re supposed to exercise their judgment as to what would be best for the party. And as they look at this, they need to decide who would be the strongest candidate for the party…

    LAUER: David, you’re not answering. Should those two senators vote for Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton?

    AXELROD: I think they and all the superdelegates should vote according to what they think is best for the party and the country. And I think that we need the strongest possible candidate against John McCain…

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