The 48 State Strategy, Part I

Many Democrats rejoiced when Howard Dean became the Democratic Party Chairman because Dean promised to make the Democratic Party viable in all 50 states. Dean promised a “50 state strategy”.

Barack Obama is pushing a 48 state strategy by ejecting the crucial states of Florida and Michigan from the Democratic Party union. Barack did not win the primaries in Florida and Michigan so Obama does not want the voters in Florida and Michigan to count.

What kind of “constitutional lawyer” would argue that we not count the votes in Florida? Oh, that’s right – a Bush lawyer would argue that. Bush lawyers made that argument in 2000 – all the way to the Supreme Court. Democrats in 2000 said “Count The Votes”. Republicans rioted and said “select the uniter not the divider”.

Barack Obama is today’s George Bush. Obama promises unity but so far has only served division. Obama supporters now threaten death and destruction at the Democratic Party National Convention if their precious Obama does not get the nomination. Obama supporters are threatening a fight at the convention. Our response: Knives or Guns?

* * *

Let’s all understand something here, something called “landscaping”. The Obama supporters are trying to carve the landscape on which the nomination will be fought out.

By threatening a fight at the convention Obama supporters want to scare Democrats into surrender. Most Democrats like to see disputes settled amicably. The minute Democrats hear there is going to be a fight the first instinct is to “open a dialogue”. That’s how Democrats lose. The minute you indicate that you want to avoid a fight – you have already lost the fight.

Obama supporters want their precious on the Democratic ticket no matter what. They don’t care about anything but their precious. They are incense burners at the temple.

Barely out of the closet Obama supporters like Donna Brazile want to start a stampede towards Obama. They have various strategies. Brazile prefers the “threaten Super-delegates” strategy. Donna says “If 795 of my colleagues decide this election, I will quit the Democratic Party. I feel very strongly about this.” Good bye and good riddance Donna.

Donna Brazile is one of the most prominent spokespersons representing Democrats on CNN and she is also the least informed and least articulate and least confrontational. But when it comes to threatening the Democratic Party Donna Brazile finds her articulate, headline making, tough side.

We will not be threatened. Obama will not be on the ticket by threatening a fight. Obama will not be on the ticket by scaring Super-delegates. Obama will not be on the ticket by not counting the votes in Florida and Michigan. Obama will not be on the ticket by whining. Obama will not be on the ticket by making Democrats feel they owe him a place on the ticket. Obama will not be on the ticket in the name of unity. Obama will not be on the ticket because Democrats are tired.

The only way Obama gets on the ticket is by earning his place on the ticket, not the way he got last his house. [And by the way, any attempt to get Obama on the ticket as a vice president will require a thorough and full, no excuses, examination of all his finances and contacts and entanglements- with documentation and questioning of witnesses friends. In other words, a total vetting.]

* * *

We’ll discuss further Obama’s 48 state strategy and his politics of division and fear. We’ll address the “threaten Super-delegates” strategy and the “fight at the convention strategy” and the “screw Florida and Michigan” strategy.

* * *

Florida and Michigan Democrats demand to be fully represented at the Democratic National Convention. Florida and Michigan Democrats have voted and those votes will count. True Democrats say: Count The Votes!

Democratic Party officials in Florida and Michigan are grabbing their knives and guns for the battle to come. They know how to fight. Michigan has already started stockpiling its arsenal:

Hillary Rodham Clinton will get the lion’s share of Democratic national convention delegates after winning the state’s Jan. 15 presidential primary.

The Michigan Democratic Party said Friday that Clinton will get 73 pledged delegates after winning 55 percent of the statewide vote.

Another 55 delegates will be uncommitted since 40 percent of the Democratic voters chose uncommitted. Because Barack Obama and John Edwards had taken their names off the ballot, many of their supporters voted for uncommitted.

Michigan and Florida, as well as Democrats who care about civil rights, will fight. It’s the Battle Cry of Freedom:

Michigan has been stripped of its delegates for moving up its primary, but party leaders expect the delegates to be seated at the national convention.

Eighty-three of the pledged delegates will be elected at district conventions on March 29. The remaining 45 pledged delegates will be elected at a Democratic State Central Committee meeting on May 17 in Grand Rapids.

The state also has 21 pledged alternates and 18 committee members, who hope to attend the Aug. 25-28 Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colo.

The Democratic National Committee is asking Michigan and Florida — which was stripped of its delegates after moving its primary to Jan. 29 — to consider holding another primary contest such as a caucus that meets DNC rules so their delegates can be seated at the convention.

That looks unlikely. Florida Democratic Party officials said earlier this week they don’t intend to hold another election, and one of Michigan’s U.S. senators said Friday that he doesn’t expect his state to hold another contest, either.

“I don’t see a practical way to hold a caucus in Michigan,” Sen. Carl Levin of Detroit said in a statement. “Given that 600,000 Michigan voters participated in a primary that was held in accordance with Michigan law, it seems to me that it would not be practical or fair to throw out the results of that election.”

Obama rejects the civil rights of Florida voters. Obama agrees with Bush:

Clinton also won Florida, where she got 50 percent of the 1.75 million votes cast compared to 33 percent for Obama and 14 percent for Edwards, who has since dropped out. Obama said the results were meaningless.

Clinton recently said she would ask her delegates to support seating the Michigan and Florida delegations at the Denver convention. So far Obama has not heeded her call to do the same, and it’s unlikely he would if it means Clinton would get the larger share of delegates from both states.

In 2000 Democrats fought for the civil rights of the voters of Florida. Let’s see if in 2008 the Kennedy’s, Gore, incense burners, have lost their thirst for democracy. We haven’t.

Count the votes!


476 thoughts on “The 48 State Strategy, Part I

  1. mj, Obama’s strong grass-roots organization is why he wins so many caucuses. That’s the reality we’re dealing with.

  2. I have a question, for all those people who have maxed out their contribution to Hillary can we set up an organization to collect the money and then give it to her is that allowed?

  3. Good afternoon Hillfans. I want everyone here to send good vibes to Hillary today. Stay away from BM, they only want to drag us down with their lies and fawning over The Chosen One. My husband and I are huge Hillary supporters. We both voted for Bill and can’t wait to see Hillary sworn in as the first woman POTUS. I told my husband we are going to the inauguration to see up close in person. We have two daughters, the oldest one turns 7 next month, and our youngest turns 4 in July. I want them to be there to see Hillary taking that oath, to say to them that they can be whatever they want to be, because Hillary helped pave the way by making history.
    On a personal note I want to see Hillary elected because our oldest daughter has autism. Hillary co-sponsored the autism bill and really pushed to get it passed, and I know as president she do more to expand services for research and treatment for autism which is becoming a national epidemic. We live in North Carolina and our primary isn’t until May. There was an article in our local newspaper yesterday that said it may come down to North Cariolina’s primary to help decide the winner. While I hope Hillary is the nominee before then, a part of me can’t help get excited that she may be coming here foer a rally and I may actually have the chance to see and hear her in person, get a chance to shake her hand and thank her prsonally.

  4. “Obama’s strong grass-roots organization is why he wins so many caucuses. That’s the reality we’re dealing with.”

    –Sorry, but I must DISAGREE. The Obama campaign’s BULLYING and CULTING and other nasty crap is why he HAS WON—past tense–so many caucuses. That’s the reality I see. I wish people would stop complimenting him with words like “strong.” Only use that toward Clinton–she and her campaign are the ones battling against all the odds and still standing.

    Move forward. The future hasn’t happened yet, so don’t write it down as having happened.

    We’ll soon see what happens.

  5. MJ – to add to that I was just talking to my mom and she said that NO ONE at her work knew that the primary didn’t count and they wouldn’t believe her until she went online and printed stuff out. :/ Washington is FUBAR imo. If either candidate loses the caucus and wins the primary they should contest it because many many many people have no idea their votes aren’t going to count. It’s sad.

  6. Yes, I’m going to give on Tuesday. Last night I had my husband by me a T shirt from Hill’s store for Valentine’s Day, which counts as a donation.

  7. MJ – I believe the people voted for a primary, but the state party decided to continue with the caucus and also decided to seat the delegates by way of caucus only. On the republican side it’s split like 49% comes from one election and 51% comes from the other. Which is still wacky.

    88% of Washington State votes by mail. 37 of our 39 counties vote entirely by mail. King County (where Seattle is) will switch to mail in voting in 2009.

  8. If Hillary wins the primary and Obama wins the caucus it will prove that he won’t fare well in the GE because all he can win is caucuses.

    I don’t understand why they would have both a primary and a caucus, but the primary votes don’t count, what’s the point?

  9. I don’t know what the point is. I always thought the point of having a caucus was because it was cheaper than a primary, but to have both? And then to choose to seat the delegates by the most unfair and unrepresentative of the two? I’m so not happy with my state.

  10. I totally agree with you 100%. That’s why I called our Democratic leaders weak because they allowed the SEXISM by the MSM to go on on challenge and unchecked. Not realizing that the American voters are watching them and how they react regarding attacks to our democratic values.

    THEY ARE PATHETIC!!! MORE THEN USELESS!!!! That’s why GWB and Cheney have been able to run azz backward around them! The minute Donna Brazille threw out that threat, Howard Dean should have asked for her resignation…period!!
    1) For bringing a private fight into the public realm
    2) For making the threat on national TV
    3) For using the race card tactic on the Clintons
    And lastly
    4) For the John Kerry Campaign of 2004 Her decisions cost us the WH.

    Obama is a THUG and you don’t surrender and condone his behavior. This AA is fighting for Hillary Clinton because I think she is the best candidate out there and will fix the problems that GWB and Cheney has caused. I.DONT.WONT.ANOTHER.GWB FROM THE LEFT. because if that what the dems learn from GWB…then it’s a sad commentary of our party.

  11. Carbynew, you are right. Obama is a thug and only understands thug language. Notice that Obama rejected the Politico debate on Monday but when Politico turned the debate into a “forum” with Hillary Clinton – then Obama agreed to the debate.

    Thugs have to be fought not surrendered to.

    BTW, Sugar has a post called “Don’t be shamed into voting for Obama”. Sugar is the type of Democrat we need more of. Sugar does not whine or worry. Sugar is an African-American woman fighting for Hillary. It has to be tough when all her friends are trying to get her to switch to Obama.

    Sugar is the type of person you want by your side in a battle.

  12. Uh, anybody think her rally speech is a little boring? I’ve heard this before, and I’m sure she’s better in person. I thought she got a new speech writer after TT.

  13. Thanks MJ! I’m not really worried, just more incensed about this stupid system. If Hillary loses big today, which I don’t think she will, but if she does, it’s in no way reflective of her electability. The primary will be interesting.

    Hopefully the Superdelegates realize just how wacked this state (and the entire caucus system is really) and will take that into consideration when getting bullied byt the Obama camp.

  14. More Rezko flak between Hillary and Obama…
    Relevant bit: (in response to Obama’s calls for Hillary to make public her tax return) Hillary Clinton campaign spokesman Howard Wolfson responded this evening to Burton’s challenge in an e-mail to the Trail. “If Senator Obama is truly interested in transparency instead of just making false political attacks, he should reveal the full details of his relationship with indicted political fixer Tony Rezko,” Wolfson said, referring to the indicted and jailed Chicago businessman who had been an early supporter and fundraiser of Obama’s.


  15. Washington state

    Thousands of ballots have already been thrown out in Washington, according to the AP:

    Thousands of ballots being cast in Washington’s presidential preference primary are invalid because voters aren’t signing a ballot oath identifying themselves as a Democrat or a Republican, Secretary of State Sam Reed said Friday.
    Early on Saturday people were scrambling to find the location of their caucus, according to the Seattle Times. The problem: The Democrats online “caucus finder” is apparently overwhelmed.

  16. DemHawk, that is what we like to see. No whine- fight back. Every other word from the Hillary campaign should be Rezko. Fight these thugs. Defense, whining, saying it is “unfair” – won’t do. Go on offense. If Obama says anything the response should be “what about Rezko?”

    That’s the lesson with all bully’s: you have to fight them. Kudos to Wolfson who seems to be getting the fighting spirit back.

  17. I am really so disgusted. It’s like the democrats have now allowed a republican-loving thug to look like he’s representing them—he gets most of the media and party attention!—and I think americans are tired of THUGS. The republican thugs have made people leery of ugliness. And now because people’s memories can be short, especially in emergency times, the republicans might sail into the GE NOT looking like thugs because they didn’t have all this ugliness in these most-recent primaries. The dem party should have nipped Obama’s narcissistic party-splitting bullying in the bud from the beginning, and at least should start doing this NOW. Instead, he’s being favored, his bullying tactics have yielded rewards—huh? If they get power, thugs only last in power so long before the backlash starts—eight years for the repubs now. In my opinion, thuggery isn’t a good long-term tactic for gaining and maintaining power because animal instinct kicks in and animals start acting defensively against the thugs. If the dem party starts looking like the republican party—starts looking like the dems love thuggery—Americans might backlash against the DEMS now and the damn republicans will never be punished for their years of nonstop thuggery.



    –Exactly, carby!

    Go HILLARY!!!!!

  18. Well, now that Bambi and Michelle and Donna Brazile have taken to throwing threats around, I plan to throw a few of my own. They aren’t the only ones who can walk away from the party.

    Florida and Michigan voters need to get on the phone to the DNC and tell them “if my vote doesn’t count now, do not count on it in the general.”

  19. Jake Tapper:

    In Orono, Maine, this morning, following a rally at the University of Maine, Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., made her first public remarks about MSNBC’s David Shuster having referred to her campaign having “pimped out Chelsea,” Clinton’s daughter.

    “I am a mom first and a candidate second,” Clinton told reporters, per ABC News’ Eloise Harper. “I found the remarks incredibly offensive. I can take whatever comes my way, that’s part of what I signed up for as a candidate as an office holder, but I think that there’s been a troubling pattern of comments and behavior that has to be held accountable. So I have sent a letter to the head of NBC expressing the deep offense that I took and pointing out what has been a troubling pattern of demeaning treatment, and I would expect appropriate action to be taken.”

    Shuster has been temporarily suspended for his comments, and he has apologized. He has said he was trying to make a larger point about how Chelsea, 27, has been enlisted to work for the campaign though she refuses to talk on the record to the media.

    But Clinton suggests a “pattern” by MSNBC hosts, because she has also been offended by comments made by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, who — among other comments — has implied Clinton only has her senate job because of her husband’s infidelity with Monica Lewinsky. Under pressure, Matthews apologized on air for that comment.

    The campaign has threatened to boycott pending debates on NBC and Clinton would not say today if she would participate in the NBC sponsored debates.

    “We have accepted a lot of debates from a lot of different sponsors and were going to wait and see how this plays out,” Clinton said.

  20. Sign my petition to demand that the moderators at the next Presidential Debate ask questions related to women’s issues and that they have a discussion on the sexism that has been in the media’s coverage of this election.

    Please take a moment to read about this important issue, and join me in signing the petition. It takes just 30 seconds, but can truly make a difference. We are trying to reach 1000 signatures – please sign here:—womens-issues-and-sexism-in-the-media-coverage-of-the-2008-election

    Once you have signed, you can help even more by asking your friends and family to sign as well.

    Thank you!

  21. Bill Press at HuffPo: (Remember to step away from the comments)

    It began with the networks’ deciding which candidates were serious and which were not — and therefore ignoring qualified contenders like Joe Biden or Ron Paul. It continued with the media’s admitted infatuation with John McCain and Barack Obama. It culminated with the media’s declaring open season on the Clintons. In contrast to fawning reports about Obama crowds, every story about the Clinton campaign is sprinkled with snide, critical, even crude, comments about Hillary or Bill. Now not even Chelsea is spared.

    Enough’s enough. The media’s role is to report on the primaries, not decide the primaries. No candidate deserves favorable treatment. The media should treat all of them equally badly. That’s their job. And there’s a big difference between their job and ours. To bend a phrase: “They report. We decide.”

  22. I’m going to say this: The first thing Hillary and Bill Clinton need to do is stop worry about PARTY UNITY!!! Because they ain’t no party unity…just a bunch of snakes and backstabbers.

    I will believe in PARTY UNITY when I see some DEMOCRATIC LEADERS STAND UP AND DISPLAY IT!!! When I see some leadership in our leaders and see them fighting for our democratic principles….LIKE SEXISM then I’ll believe it.

    But Like I said before…It’s okay to reward sexism.

  23. Admin, your article make a lot of sense to me. I for one will walk out of the Democratic party if Obama is selected by the DNC to be the nominee without seating the Michigan and the Florida delegates. I will re-register as an independent and will not vote for Obama if he is the nominee. The Democratic party will not get a dime of money and that is that. The rules of this nominating process has already been rigged to favor Obama in the way the delegates are apportioned and in the way the sequence of contests have been set-up.

  24. Great post admin. To quote Bill Clinton, it’s hard for your opponent to spread lies about you when your fist is in his face.

  25. This is chaos. Looking around the room I’d suspect the demos to be favorable to hillary but the Obama presence is undeniable I see the word CHANGE everywhere.

    Nothing has started yet, just a lot of mayhem. I’ll report back later.

  26. Nobama is not qualified to be President…he is not qualified to be Vice President. His debate performances do not qualify him to be head of even the debate team.

    If I want inspiration I’ll look towards the Joel Osteens of the world. We need somebody with a brain sitting behind the desk, the last 8 years have been disastrous.

    This mess started with the DeanScream(tm)…he should be gone.

  27. I’m the youngest one in my precinct by at least 20 years and one of the only ones without an Obama sticker on.

  28. Another problem with the caucuses this year is that they’ve been so heavily attended, party organizers seem unprepared. That’s not a problem when you hold a primary.

  29. Fran, HillaryForTexas, Brazile has thrown threats around before. She’s threatened to bolt the party before. She’s defended Rove and other Republicans before.

    Check out this Brazile interview where she says this about 2004:

    The 2004 election will not be about the decision to go to war. The war, if it happens, will be over. Note: I pray that we can avoid war — but I believe we must be strong on issues of national security and honor our men and women in uniform. The 2004 election will be about the aftermath of war and its impact on our country, our global leadership and our relations with allies. This will be the true test of leadership for President Bush and his Administration.

    There is also a discussion of a Washington Post article concerning her friendship with Rove:
    Brandermill, Va.: Your “friendship” with Karl Rove made an interesting story last week. What do you think he does that Democrats should emulate?

    Donna Brazile: Karl is a very interesting American and a great believer in reaching out to people. I met him in New Hampshire back in 2000 and enjoy discussing politics, history books and political trivia. What I take from my conversations –and we don’t talk that often — is his keen understanding of political strategy. Like my Democratic colleagues, I enjoy the give and take of my profession. We all learn from each other.

    Karl Rove, Donna’s friend, also knows how to get a Rezko type house:

  30. HI….. my first comment here. My experience at a Colorado caucus was my first (and last)! Every single precint worker had an Obama sticker on, Obama signs everywhere. I almost turned around & left. The crowd was mostly 30 somethings with their kids and blackberries. But what shocked me was how many older women like myself (50-60yrs) had on Obama stickers. I wanted to say to them I hope they have fun working when they are 90 cuz Mr Hope will gut SS. In the end, the count was H=16, O=30.

  31. Yep I’m in seattle. They have us in precincts there’s about 20 in mine so far. We just started filling out forms.

  32. Tiny, are there any other Hillary people?

    COSenior, I can not believe they allow precinct workers to where stickers and put up signs for ONE candidate.

  33. mj, I was taken aback by that also. I am 66yrs and I treasure my right to vote in private……. but wanted to give Hillary a vote so I went. I know in a primary, you can not even have sign within so many feet of voting place. to boot, they let people sign in up to the voting time. I was told that you HAD to be in doors by 7pm. People came in as late as 7:20 and were allowed to vote. I was going to make a big deal about it but most of the late comers voted for H so I didn’t. How unfair a caucus is!

  34. There’s a ton of hillary people overall. someone has an I heart Hillary sign. The table next to me is like hillary central. My precinct is itty bitty.

    There A TON of little kids here just ripping around.

  35. Any caucus updates?? How long doesn it usually take to find out the results because they already gave Kansas to Huckabee.

  36. Washington hasn’t even started the official process yet. We’re still signing in. There’s a TON of people here its just chaos.


    Operation 10-4, Good Buddy blog is getting an average of one hit per minute since 2am. Keep pushing it, y’all. Either link them (copy and paste) or cut and paste this text in an e-mail (possibly preferable method):

    Here’s the Mission: Money Bomb

    Howdy. We’ve got a unique opportunity to help our country by helping our candidate of choice, Hillary Clinton. She’s been there for us time and time again, so let’s show our support and the strength of our cause by each donating $10.44 on February 12, 2008.

    Here are the reasons:

    First, Obama supporters think they own democracy. Let’s show them they don’t. Democracy belongs to the people and leaders should be in it for the people, not for cult-like adulation.

    Second, if they can give $5, we can give $10. If they can give a pint of blood, we can give two. Point is, our resolve is bigger than theirs. We will make it hurt twice as much because we are stronger and our candidate is better.

    Third, the 44 cent designation shows we have faith that she is destined to be “44.” Hillary Clinton is and will be the 44th President of the United States of America.

    Fourth, the small amount is doable for the majority of people. If you question whether it is for you, forgo eating out that day or give another amount, but leave the 44 cent designation to show you know Hillary is 44.

    Fifth and more importantly, and like all good buddies, we have our girl’s back. She’s not only fighting a tough campaign, but she is also fighting the MSM, the GOP and the rampant sexism ingrained in our society. We have her back, and in times like these where her message is being drowned out by the evil that men do, we can help buy her a little more voice so that our voice, the voice of the people- the voice of the disenfranchised voters in Florida and Michigan, the poor, the elderly, the infirm without access to medical care, the veterans deserted by their own countrymen……. IS HEARD LOUD AND CLEAR.

    So join us on February 12th and show some love for our girl. Go to and donate $10.44 and make sure the rest of the world hears the message that Hillary is 44!

  38. Admin, isn’t Brazile one of the people who kept dismissing the highly questionable (IMO, rigged) results in Ohio in 2004? If I’m not mistaken, Obama also didn’t do anything about 2004 afterward, even though some people pleaded with him. John Conyers was one of the few people who addressed that Ohio sham…and then he not only came out and endorsed Obama, but told voters in Michigan to basically screw Clinton, thereby effectively trying to “rig” that election. Kerry also conceded in two seconds and didn’t do SHIT about the election that was IMO stolen from him…but maybe he didn’t want to do anything because he had no plan on winning and now he supports Obama. Something about all this really STINKS, as I’ve said.

    Brazile’s friends with Rove…okay. Very nice. Well, let her leave the Democratic party and go join her real party.

    To everyone at the biased circuses—ooops, I mean biased caucuses, we’ve got your back here at least. Stay strong and good luck!

  39. I think my precinct is a little slow. We’re teeny but still going over the rules. The bigger precincts are gping at it already. We’re using napkins to take tallys.

  40. At the MN caucus last Tuesday there was nothing but Obama signs posted everywhere. Also, there were college kids handing out stickers to literally everybody going in the door. If someone hadn’t been to the caucus before it would have been very intimidating. I’m glad to hear that Hillary people are coming out to the caucuses today.

    In MN Hillary had been ahead in polls in the fall and in a poll a week before the caucus. But the poll was of voters, not caucus goers. I am convinced that if we would have held a regular primary Hillary would have won Minnesota.

  41. Donna Brazille can go 2 hell for all i care. Her opinion doesn’t matter to anyone except that big fat elephantine butt of hers that’s constantly perched in her precarious platform, helping her mouth to spew more shit.

  42. Hillary’s response to the Shuster incident:
    Hillary Responds to “Pimp”-gate

    February 09, 2008 1:44 PM

    In Orono, Maine, this morning, following a rally at the University of Maine, Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., made her first public remarks about MSNBC’s David Shuster having referred to her campaign having “pimped out Chelsea,” Clinton’s daughter.

    “I am a mom first and a candidate second,” Clinton told reporters, per ABC News’ Eloise Harper. “I found the remarks incredibly offensive. I can take whatever comes my way, that’s part of what I signed up for as a candidate as an office holder, but I think that there’s been a troubling pattern of comments and behavior that has to be held accountable. So I have sent a letter to the head of NBC expressing the deep offense that I took and pointing out what has been a troubling pattern of demeaning treatment, and I would expect appropriate action to be taken.”

    Shuster has been temporarily suspended for his comments, and he has apologized. He has said he was trying to make a larger point about how Chelsea, 27, has been enlisted to work for the campaign though she refuses to talk on the record to the media.

    But Clinton suggests a “pattern” by MSNBC hosts, because she has also been offended by comments made by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, who — among other comments — has implied Clinton only has her senate job because of her husband’s infidelity with Monica Lewinsky. Under pressure, Matthews apologized on air for that comment.

    The campaign has threatened to boycott pending debates on NBC and Clinton would not say today if she would participate in the NBC sponsored debates.

    “We have accepted a lot of debates from a lot of different sponsors and were going to wait and see how this plays out,” Clinton said.

    — Jake Tapper and Eloise Harper

  43. A few words for Hillary, you and all of us.

    Listen as your day unfolds
    Challenge what the future holds
    Try and keep your head up to the sky
    Lovers, they may cause you tears
    Go ahead release your fears
    Stand up and be counted
    Don’t be ashamed to cry
    You gotta be
    You gotta be bad, you gotta be bold
    You gotta be wiser, you gotta be hard
    You gotta be tough, you gotta be stronger
    You gotta be cool, you gotta be calm
    You gotta stay together
    All I know, all I know, love will save the day
    Herald what your mother said
    Readin’ the books your father read
    Try to solve the puzzles in your own sweet time
    Some may have more cash than you
    Others take a different view
    My oh my heh, hey
    You gotta be bad, you gotta be bold
    You gotta be wiser, you gotta be hard
    You gotta be tough, you gotta be stronger
    You gotta be cool, you gotta be calm
    You gotta stay together
    All I know, all I know, love will save the day
    Don’t ask no questions, it goes on without you
    Leaving you behind if you can’t stand the pace
    The world keeps on spinning
    You can’t stop it, if you try to
    This time it’s danger staring you in the face
    Oh oh oh Remember
    Listen as your day unfolds
    Challenge what the future holds
    Try and keep your head up to the sky
    Lovers, they may cause you tears
    Go ahead release your fears
    My oh my heh, hey, hey
    You gotta be
    You gotta be bad, you gotta be bold
    You gotta be wiser, you gotta be hard
    You gotta be tough, you gotta be stronger
    You gotta be cool, you gotta be calm
    You gotta stay together
    All I know, all I know, love will save the day
    You gotta be bad, you gotta be bold
    You gotta be wiser, you gotta be hard
    You gotta be tough, you gotta be stronger
    You gotta be cool, you gotta be calm
    You gotta stay together
    All I know, all I know, love will save the day

  44. Hi all!

    I’m wondering why haven’t the Clinton camp raised any questions regarding caucuses?? Why not raise a point about fairness and real democratic values such as what primaries represent, one voice one vote?!

    Are they concerned they could be painted as whiners? since they are obviously at a disadvantage because of their poor showing in caucuses?

    I just wish they would perhaps make a point, and add to her campaigning that she as president would make sure America represents true democracy, and chose primaries as a voting tool!

  45. Great, pay and pay big time NBC ..

    CNN, you are just as guilty…your times coming.

    No excuses for this type of crap.

    Hannity keeps defending them because he knows his time is coming…he is waiting with bated breath to let go on whoeever is the nominee.

    Hillary has shown she bounces right back up, keeps on ticking, keeps on going….however, bambi is not seasoned for the hard times. He’ll fold like a cheap lawn chair.

  46. this is crazy confusing. We’re trying to figure out how to allocate our delegates. We’re split even Obama is a fraction ahead. And I mean %.02 ahead. We want to split the delegates but the obama crowd is INDIGNANT about that.

  47. Tell ’em to go to hell, don’t pass “GO,” and don’t collect $200. They cannot bull their way thru democracy.

  48. Okay we just read the rules over and we’re supposed to round. So they split our delegates even. The other precints are getting rowdy though. I can’t guage what’s going on in them. Honestly this sucks ass.

  49. Won’t it be incredibly ironic if Obama attempts to win by not counting all the votes? It’s so weird. He just took a page right out of the Bush campaign.

    I really think he looked at the 2000 and 2004 election and realized that as long as he ran his campaign like Bush did, he could Dems around and get what he wanted. It’s very weird.

  50. if precinct personnel are openly supporting a candidate it would seem this is something that could be challenged.

    Does Clinton campaign have anyone there besides her supporters. This sucks ass big time.

  51. I need help at on “Mission: Money Bomb 2/12/08.” The Obamabots are trying to bury it. Thanks.

  52. dot, the organizations are loose. Our campaign staffers have already moved out to upcoming states where they organize folks like us.

  53. I’m sure that the other day I say a tab on H’s site to report voting problems but I can not find it today

  54. Headline now: North Carolina will play big in this race… are they caucus or primary??

    It seems like she is being outmanned both on the ground as well as media and print.

    Turn loose of the $ now campaign. We are in this till the last dog dies.

  55. north carolina is a primary.

    i don’t understand what the campaign is doing with all the money they raised.

    no organization in most states

  56. OkieAtty, thanks for arranging the money bomb. I am not technologically savy enough to do these things. But, I will make sure to pass this on to my friends. BY, the by, sorry for an ignorant question. What is digg?

  57. Oh no one budged. We didn’t even argue policy. It was so close we were going to split evenly anyways.

  58. I think someone said they put away a lot for GE…I wonder is there any way they can change that.

    She needs a huge presence for the next few weeks.

    I suggest she do every talk show, every tv spot, get on the View, get on GMA, get on womens issue programs. Her surrogates need to be revved up

    It should be obvious to her team that she is being outgunned in every way.

    Can other people loan money to the campaign?? Other than herself I mean. I don’t think she should loan herself any more…mortgage the house or something …


    Guliani disregarded the importance of smaller states and focused, instead, on the large ones. Hillary has to realize that EVERY STATE COUNTS. And so do you guys. It’s naive to think that they don’t. Just look at how POORLY Guliani did out in Florida.

    Hillary must organize in every state. PRONTO.

    Radio ads, mailers, tv-ads, speechs, rallies, everything! Hillary has more than enough supporters and high-profile people to help her. Maxine waters, Ted STrickland, Bill, Chelsea, Maya, etc. She cannoT be so LAX and just wait for Frkn Ohio and Texas. That’s the STUPIDEST strategy I’ve ever heard.

  60. tPS, digg is a way to recommend things. Sorta a clearinghouse.

    dot, finance rules say $2300 limit pp in the primary and another $2300 for the GE. She has $20M+ set aside for the GE. That money can only be used once she is the designated nominee. We can’t use it now.

  61. Hillary needs to organize, stat, in MD, VA, etc. I don’t give a crap about how electable she is. This is a tooth-and-nail primary. Hillary is no longer the frontrunner. She is tied with bambi, and if bambi sweeps these small states, he could easily take Ohio too and his argument will be all the more persuasive in nominating him. I have no idea what those idiots in her campaign are thinking if they are forfeiting some of these states to Bambi…like Minnesota, Kansas, Colorado…etc.

    It’s not so much that they’re not worth it…but a win is still a win. She cannot go EASY on him…which is what she is doing by not having the strictest organization in every state.

  62. Democratic unity? Unity with what? With misogynists, ultra-leftists and latte liberals? With Chris Matthews and David Shuster? They let Republicans and ultra-leftists game our primaries. They favor netkooks over working mothers, nurses. Obama opposes universal health care and feeds on misogyny. The party stands for bungling, weakness, and losing. Only Hillary and Bill have allowed us to hold our heads up with pride. Brazille, Daschle and Kerry — what a track record of defeat and shame!

    And now Donna Brazille plays the race card — threatening to hold back black votes. She thinks the threat of McCain is a gun to our heads? McCain is a moderate Republican who is strong on national security and supports immigration reform. Ann Coulter hates him. Rush Limbaugh hates him. Those are beautiful ‘endorsements’ to me.

    New York City has elected Republican mayors for the past 4 elections. We have a Republican state senate, until Spitzer we had a Republican governor for 3 straight terms. Spitzer is looking like a lame duck already. New York is not a left wing state, it just rejects right wing extremism. McCain is not a neocon nor a darling of the religious right. Urban gays don’t fear McCain. Reagan Democrats don’t fear McCain. Sorry, Brazille, but your threats are as hollow as Obama’s rhetoric. New Yorkers will not live under the thumb of a race-baiter.

  63. OkieAtty… I can’t find “Mission: Money Bomb 2/12/08” at Is it under another title or URL?

  64. mjs, ^^ see above post by me. This weekend is going to have a huge impact on the race. She needs a huge presence next week in every way. Nobama is going to have the news cycle and while she has strong support…people wanna see boots on the ground.

    I cannot tell you what effect seeing all those change signs does….it affects me and I’m a huge supporter. It is the subliminal message. I got to hand it to the Obama camps…it might not be the biggest states he is winning…but all that matters is who gets the BlueRibbon.

  65. srsly…at this rate, she can’t expect to compete in the GE unless Independent….

    hillary’s CAMPAIGN really needs to understand that she has to at least TRY her best in ALL 50 states…not just half ass 25 of them and concetrate on the rest.

  66. Ok MJS, calm down. She’s not forfeiting anything. She was in WA all day yesterday. She will be in Maine all day tomorrow and VA all day Sunday.

  67. mJS, calm down. it’s not a rudy problem. it’s not a problem. stop listening to BM. Folks are working their asses off while you fret over hype. Send on the money bomb thing and make some calls. It’ll help you feel better. Besides, we are her supporters. this is OUR job….

  68. Dot, I am very ashamed of the Hillary campaign right now.

    At this rate, Obama will have basically wrapped up the nomination by Texas

  69. You are ashamed of the woman who won all the big states, and all the purple and red states Dem’s have a chance in on Tuesday? Seriously, maybe you need a break.

  70. I live in North Carolina and it’s a primary. So far no ground organization as far as I know. Haven’t seen any signs from either Hillary or Obambi. I can tell you that the state is gaining lots of new implants and the home building business is booming. Lots of Hispanics live here so that should help Hillary.

  71. i know guys. I’m sorry for being so antsy about it…but the way hillary’s advisors talk aobut it…it’s almost as if they are putting on their eggs in the TExas basket and that irks me. If she has such strong ground support in texas, why worry abou t organizing it now? Send all your forces where they are needed!

    She needs to pull off a new hampshire today and go on every talk show, news show, radio show, etc to fare better. We cannot, and I repeat, cannot let this new guy OUTorganize us.

  72. MJS, turn your nervous energy into action. Stop getting your panties in a bunch by buying the BM narrative. Name, rank and serial number, soldier! Chin up! Back straight! now get to it!

  73. Oy–propaganda alert! Yeah, he’s the frontrunner, they’re tied, she’s not working hard! More mainstream biased B.S. People have repeatedly posted about the events Clinton’s campaign has been doing.

    “At this rate, Obama will have basically wrapped up the nomination by Texas”


  74. MJS, she knows what she’s doing. There is not enough money or time to go full out in every single state. And states with an extremely high AA population are not a good return on investment, period. That’s the reality, and nothing is making that go away.

    She is not abandoning the small states, just allocating her resources wisely. It doesn’t mean you don’t send ANY effort there, but you have to pick where you spend the lion’s share of effort.

  75. MJS, what are you talking about??? I should hope you understand that Giuliani’s campaign is NOTHING compared to HRC’s campaign.

    And this delusion of Obambi having the nomination wrapped up by Texas indicates that you haven’t studied the demographics of OH or TX very closely.


    removed the http://

    I forgot this doozy by Tweety:
    February 8th,
    2:51 pm

    This has become part of an obvious pattern from MSNBC of pure anti-Clinton pot shots. The worst one of all came after Hillary Clinton won the endorsement of the Des Moine Register and Chris Mathews had the nerve to claim she was only endorsed “”thanks to her husband’s lobbying with its female editors and publisher””. On what grounds does he have to throw such an insulting accusation around? Thats like saying that a female editor’s opinion can be swayed just by sweet talking her.

    — Posted by Rory

  77. mj and mjs,

    can both of you take a step back and stop attacking one another. I know we are all passionate and want her to win but cursing one another will not go anywhere. Please….

  78. ra1029, this is the web, and many people are anonymous. Who knows who’s really on one team or another, I look at what people do, not at what they claim….

  79. i am, Okieatty. I’ve been calling and making emails for Hillary. i’ve been sticking up for her all throughout her campaign, but to hear news about her campaign being loose on a few states is aggravating. The thing is…if HIllary DID just at least MAKE a few stops in Idaho, Kansas, Alaska, etc…she could’ve wrapped up this nomination.

  80. well I happen to agree with mjs. when one of our own caucus goers says here are not even a sign up for Hillary…well, something is the hell wrong. There seems to be a dysfunction in organization and they need to fix it immediately.

    If it’s money, find ways to trim the budget. Stop with the fancy hotels, give up the big jet, eat less lavish..


  81. Fran,

    Understood. All of us are commenting on good faith here. We don’t need proof to show that each one is a Hillary supporter and not a mole. When passions run high, it is better to step out for 5 minutes and come back.

  82. We all need to stay positive.

    Guys, let’s all try and refrain from turning on the tv tonight for returns. It’s most likely going to be an Obama love-fest and we need to stay as positive as possible.

    So please, keep the negativity and worry away from this forum. Our campaign is in a good place and sometimes a few of you underestimate the strategy and intelligence of the people running it.

    We are going to get this nomination.

  83. I think she put her resources into the big states thinking that winning them would give her a big shot of momentum, as it should have. Only our absurd media would paint Tuesday night as anything other than a failure for Obama. Yes, he won the small caucus states, but even Juan Williams recognized he failed and Hillary delivered.

  84. She was in WA all day yesterday, and is in Maine all day today (both caucus states).

    Jay and MJS, please explain how this is not considered “competing” in the caucus states.

  85. Jesus, I may not even log on to this site tonight, because I am sure all the “we are doomed” handwringers will be out in force here, getting all affronted when anyone tells them to STOP the negativity.

    Ta for now.

  86. the thing is, you guys think Hillary did wonderful on Tuesday. She did. I give her tons of props and am proud that she won by large margins in huge states.

    What aggravates me is that she could’ve won too, in states like Idaho, Alaska, North Dakota…etc…with just a little more effort, no? If she wasn’t going to go there, at least send Chelsea or someone else, no? People in those states weren’t even visited by Hillary anytime soon, I think.

    What I’m saying is that, yes. Those states went to Obama and that time is over. What I’m saying is that that was a mistake. She could’ve won those states and I urge everyone to get in the mindset that we should hope to win EVERY state. Not just the big ones. Everyone here acts like these tiny states don’t matter.

  87. OK, I got a call from a Obama volunteer about half an hour ago. She tried to give me the same hot air rhetoric but did not have a good response when I challenged her on healthcare, Iraq, Rezko. I also kinda lost my cool but surprisingly she listened to everything I had to say. So may be I changed her mind?! She sounded elderly — hope she was paid for services. She asked me if I was thinking about running for office. 🙂

  88. I’m sorry for being so negative. just frustrated. I love this woman and wish so badly to see her presidency. I want her campaign to be perfect, because she is the perfect nominee.

  89. MJS, I agree with you, but she has only so many resources, and these caucuses came up too fast for her to reallocate. But, I agree, going forward, she needs to deliver some of these small states. But, I am not ashamed of what she has done so far.

  90. HillGuy,

    What MJS was referring to was that he was hoping that she could have put a stronger organization in caucus states because they were low hanging fruit. Nothing wrong with that. You could disagree and present your case but please keep away from cursing one another. We need one another and we are not Obamabots.

  91. hope she will win Washington, Nebraska and split delegates evenly in Lousiana if not win the populous vote int the state

  92. People matter and if people think they are getting left out…well, they will take their vote where they feel most appreciated. I don’t think average voters sees this as big state, little state, red state, blue state. They see it as THEIR one time to make a choice.

    Voters want to feel important and they want to be courted….Iowa should be a shining example.

    Rudy did not make other states feel important…that is why he if now out of the race. Take out of that what you want.

    Demographics, photographics, and all the other graphics…it is about people and how you make them feel. We are complaining because Florida and Michagan won’t feel important….how bout the states that this campaign is virtually leaving out. I’m sorry, she should have presence in every state. This is the whole United States of America. Listen and you will see by his message is reaching people…it makes them feel important.

  93. exactly ra1029. My belief, deep down, has always been that if Hillary had been to places like Minnesota, North Dakota, Idaho, Kansas, Colorado, Delaware….right before Tuesday and had just a little stronger organization in those states…we could’ve TIED DOWN this nomination and today, we would be busy worrying about which Vice Presidential pick suits our Hillary the best.

    We could’ve ended this nomination race by Tuesday. It’s a shame we didn’t, but we must NOT make the same mistake again.

  94. MJS she may not have had the money to compete in all those states so she concentrated on the important states that would give her the most bang for the buck, California, NY, NJ, MA and it paid off because she won them.

  95. She split the delegates in a couple other precints too. One other caucus went for obama 11-1 some of the bigger ones were taken to a different area so I don’t know. The next stpe is legislative district caucuses….. and then the county convention….then the congressional district caucuses…then the state convention. How screwy is that? We won’t have a true delegate count until june 14th. There’s NO WAY Obama can claim the caucus states right now.

  96. She is crossing the country daily. Sometimes twice. It’s just called an allocation of resources. Happens in war, too.

    MJS, you may feel like your efforts are wasted or that you’re the only one in this. They’re not and you’re not. This is how a campaign works. At least Hillary sticks around unlike Bwak who jets elsewhere so he’s not there when bad news is delivered (i.e NV). Neither thought this would go this long. We didn’t open an office in OK until 2 wks before TT. Now it’s nearly empty of signs and folks are still asking. Think of these things as working like the tide. There’s an ebb and flow to campaigns. They are completely organic. She’s competing. Really she is.


  97. and this money raising thing came a little late. Hillary should’ve let people KNOW ahead of time that she needed more money. We could easily have rallied with more money for when she DID need it…which was right before SUper Tuesday. Now, these next few states won’t require so much money as organization.

  98. I think some people just do not want to understand, accept believe–whatever!–that the media is against her overall. No matter what Clinton did, the press would shit on her. She could have five thousand campaigning supporters on every street corner in every state and the media would STILL be posting the “Is Hillary finished?” “Is Hillary Broke”? “Is Hillary absent?” crap. She could have won ever contest except for one and the media would STILL be claiming she’s finished, he has the momentum, he’s the frontrunner, etc. At this point in time, given all the evidence so far, a Clinton supporter should BY DEFAULT be viewing the overall media as hostile to Clinton so should be taking that media’s claims with extreme cynicism, skepticism and large doses of salt.

  99. MJS, no offense, but there are people who know how to run campaigns and there aren’t.

    I get annoyed when people who have no stake come and point fingers at what could’ve been done better.

    It’s really arrogant of you to claim that Hillary should do this and should do that and we would’ve tied this nomination down.

    It’s been a tight contest, it was always going to be a tight contest and it will continue to be so until it’s not anymore.

    Spreading negativity and finger pointing looks amateurish and pointless. She’s doing the best she can with the resources she can and she’s been doing a DAMN GOOD JOB.

    So stop pretending like you know what’s going on when you have no clue.

  100. MJS, those states you listed are deep red. They are not Hillcountry. They never will be. OK was, frankly, a surprise, but they don’t expect it in the GE. It’s just the demos.

    she could have spent months there like she did in IA to no avail. Sometimes the baby is just ugly.

  101. ps, that’s great news, good job fighting back, that would only be too funny if you had ‘turned’ an obamacaller!!! lol

    Hey all, lets focus positive energy, or no energy. This divide only feeds the obamamonster….

  102. LJ, I’m sure u would be frustrated too if u spent 4.5 hrs calling voters in Washington only to realize that there was minimal organization there.

    I agree, I’m ticked off and I’m venting and blabbering, but what I’m saying now…the underlying message of my vents is that Hillary made mistakes with the smaller states and I hope she doesn’t do so again.

  103. MJS, let this play out and be patient. There is not much we can do arguing about this here. As of now, Hillary has more than 1,000 delegates and has a 100 delegate lead over Obama without Florida and Michigan. With Florida and Michigan her lead would be at least 200 delegates. Michigan yesterday officially allocated 73 delegates to Hillary and 55 uncommitted. Please keep the big picture in mind. Always start with the assumption that BM is against us. If it makes you nervous watching BM, read a book, watch a sitcom, rent a movie. Most importantly, just relax and let this play out.

  104. MJS, I think financially she’s fine. Precious is spending way too much too quickly. At least we don’t have to pay our supporters $12.50 an hour. His crowds are paid. The sign holders are paid. Don’t get too caught up in smoke and mirrors.

  105. MJS, seriously, you are who Admin and TheRealist refer to when they speak of negativity being brought to this site. Please STOP.

  106. There was one Obama supporter in my precint who was very insistent on CHANGE but other than that mine was very calm. The other groups got rowdy though. I never want to hear the word change again.

  107. MJS, I know how you feel. But I believe we will find out that Hillary was vastly outspent in TT states. Obama raised $30 million last month, a number Hillary didn’t come close to. Now, we can wonder why they didn’t try the grass-roots fundraising before, like they’re doing now, but that’s water under the bridge.

    BTW, she did visit MN; she watched the Super Bowl there. Keep in mind, if she visited some of the other states you mention, what states would you have had her skip? She can’t be everywhere. She couldn’t take states like MA, CA and NJ for granted because her leads there weren’t what they had been.

    Also, caucuses tend to disenfranchise the types of voters who favor Hillary, including blue-collar workers, etc. That’s a major problem that has nothing to do with organization, I’m afraid.

  108. MJS,

    Maybe you should work for the campaign before you start spewing your crap. I don’t care if you’ve spent 4.5 hours on the phone with Washington people, I’ve spent the last month in New York and in New Hampshire before the primary, making phone calls, doing visibility, doing campus outreach, helping out in any way I possibly can, so let me just tell you, Hillary is doing the best damn job she can do.

    Like any smart person knows, you put your resources in to your strengths.

  109. Still think that most people think as the average voter. I agree that she could have wrapped this up by now with picking off a few small states.

    Regardless of whether we want to or really believe it…headlines matter. There is no way to spin Obama wins all these small states.

    He is going to go into next week with the perception that he is besting the best political minds in America…the Clinton Machine.

    Letting loose of some small change to these small states IMO is important.

    This is not hand wringing…

    Now off with my head

  110. sorry for this negativity guys, but I’m just kinda tired and frustrated. I believe in Hillary so much and will continue to do so.

    I will be positive 🙂 I’m not expecting a win today, but I’m hoping for a close delegate distribution 😀

  111. She is in Rosslyn, VA today doing the ABC/Politico forum at 7 pm. She will be in two townhall meetings tomorrow in VA (I’m going to one of them). Bill Clinton is at 2-3 events today tomorrow in all corners of VA. We also had events with her surrogates in MD. Her VA event tomorrow is within driving distance for a lot of us in MD. So she is competing here well.

    All I will say is that caucuses are difficult for Hillary’s demographics — a generalization with some merit — don’t fault me for it.

    I agree with LJ that she has good people working for her and we should leave it to them for strategy — they seeem to know what they are doing.

  112. MJS,

    I expect Hillary to win Washington and Maine. And I hope the race is close in Louisiana, where I voted.

  113. MJS, stop crying over spilt milk. What’s done is done and Okie has already explained. We will never know what they were facing in tha campaign. They made the strategic decision to go for the big states.

    Now, we turn our attention to OH, PA and TX. If you would like something to do, make calls or send the money bomb link to friends. Continue to email MSNBC or sponsers or The View etc.

    What you are doing is counterproductive. We need uplifting and support. I’m not censoring you but I’m asking you to check yourself as to what you are gaining by wringing your hands and dissing the Clinton campaign.

  114. We have Legislative District caucuses on April 5th. Then on April 13th we have County conventions. Then May 17th there’s the congressional district caucuses. And June 14th is the State convention.

    One of the Dem leaders said that the reason we use the caucuses is the democratic party likes the face to face interaction.

  115. Dot, no one cares about the “Clinton machine” outside of the pundits. Just take it easy. Voters in Oklahoma choose her overwhelmingly. The problem is the caucus. It disenfranchises her core voters.

  116. Pulchritude I live in Fuquay Varina which is in the Raleigh area. My husband I are NY transplants. We love it here, people are sooo nice!

    Alot of NY transplants are here which should help Hillary.

  117. LJ, if u’ve worked for that campaign, then you should also know that just because you think you are doing a good job doesn’t mean the other team isn’t doing a good job too.

    It’s not a one-sided equation. Do I understand Hillary is doing a good job with her campaign? hell yes. But, is there a possibility that barack obama is doing a better job with organization? yep. It’s no coincidence that this essential political-no-body is running neck-and-neck with one of the most respected women in the country.

  118. Tareli,

    I ask, as I will most probably be in Charlotte, NC, near the primary. And yes, I plan to volunteer for Hillary.

  119. “that Hillary made mistakes with the smaller states and I hope she doesn’t do so again.”

    –Stop talking so much about “Hillary’s mistakes” and START talking about Obama’s.

    To everyone who has, stop talking about Obama’s supposedly “strong campaign” and START talking about Clinton’s strong campaign. This site’s for HER, not him. I definitely think constructive criticism of your own side is helpful; admin’s last post about not engaging in debates on hostile NBC constructively criticized the campaign and in a helpful way. But other people should avoid giving too much comfort, compliments–and therefore support to the other candidate at their own candidate’s expense. This goes on here sometimes. It’s no good. Lots of people are working extremely hard. I haven’t done anything in person (yet), but I’ve been spending my days here contributing something of mine: my writing, my ideas, my passion, my talent (or so I’ve been told) as a strategist, to help the campaign. Everyone can help in her own way.

  120. anyways, i will stop wringing my hands, but if someone posts a comment towards me about my previous comments, you bet I’ll answer them.

  121. mj- we decided delegates in our precincts today – Hillary got 2 from mine – and then all the delegates from the legislative district go to another caucus to determine the delegates who go to the county conventions.

  122. LJ, I’ll say what I want. thanks. I’ve already said I’ll be positive. I’ve just been sharing opinions. You can disagree with me and prove me wrong, but you can’t just tell me to shut up, especially when what I say is valid.

    So in all effects, why don’t u just cool it? 🙂

  123. I have no patience for your antics, MJS. Because I am presently using a server for which I am paying an hourly rate, I will attend to other online errands. I wish everyone the best, and I hope we win at least one or two states tonight. By the way, I hate airports. Take care.

  124. Look, if AA were evenly distributed throughout the country, his delegate count would be half of what it’s projected to be. TRUTH.

  125. So you can see why the NYTimes won’t list any of the delegates from the caucus states. NOTHING has been determined yet.

  126. “But, is there a possibility that barack obama is doing a better job with organization? yep. It’s no coincidence that this essential political-no-body is running neck-and-neck with one of the most respected women in the country.”

    –IMO, largely because he has BIG MEDIA ON HIS SIDE and a good deal of the DEM POWERS-THAT-BE too. Considering Clinton ha had NONE of that, her organization is doing BETTER.

    Stop giving him compliments. There are other sites for that–HIS.

  127. It makes no sense. You are all in the same neighborhood, right? How did he split some with you and then end up with 11-1 in another? Statistically, that’s bizarre. What a warped system.

    But, great job, Tiny! I am so happy you got a tie break in yours. Seattle is probably Obama’s best area in WA.

  128. Also, she’d be the clear front-runner if the fucking DNC hadn’t stripped FL and MI of their delegates. That ain’t her fault.

  129. I’ll be in HELL before I’d support the ObamaNation. I get upset because I Don’t want to see that happen and wish we’d have used and taken every opportunity to wipe him out on Tuesday. I am sure Bill is telling the campaign to never underestimate your enemy.

  130. ugh, again. let the matter die. i’m pumped for hillary, but if someone chooses to quote me or say something about me again, I will respond.

  131. When do results start rolling in for Nebraska?

    MJS, we can expect that the Organization will be better, especially if the campaign has more money. Speaking of that, has the campaign raised over 10 million dollars since Super Tuesday yet?

  132. Demhawk, at the rate the contributions have been going, I would say they are most likely near or past 10 million by now 😀 🙂

  133. I wish there was a counter somewhere on her site for contributions. set the goal and let us see how far we are from it.

  134. and btw, 4.5 hours of calling from me is plenty. unlike a lot of people, I still have school. I’m in all advanced placement courses and have loads of extra curriculars…so 4.5 hours is tons of time in my book.

  135. Tiny… The reason they use caucuses is that they’re cheaper for the party. If you look at most of the small states/ red states, they’re all caucuses. The bigger states have the funds to hold primaries.

  136. The thing is…if HIllary DID just at least MAKE a few stops in Idaho, Kansas, Alaska, etc…she could’ve wrapped up this nomination.
    There is no way Hillary would have won those states and I don’t think a democrat will win those state either.

    MJS this is Chess and you have to have a statergy that’s why Donna Brazile and Obama was threatening the DNC and Superdelegates over:
    1)Seating the MI/FL delegates as is.
    Obama wanted a do-over in the caucus format or split the delegate 50/50.

    2)Calling the Superdelegates as undemocratic.
    Well that won’t wash because Donna Brazile set the rules and everybody agreed to them. Now she crying because Hillary is leading in the delegate count and I think it’s close to 200 delegates. That’s why the most bias and worst media count is used…to prop up Obama with the voters.

    For some reason the DNC thinks Obama is going to win the GE….and to that thought a definate answer is HELL to the NO!!!

    I’m not saying this because I’m a Hillary supporter, I’m saying this because I know and understand the democratic base and haven’t drunk the kool-aid and don’t live in D.C.

  137. The precinct is the same neighborhood, but the legislative district includes a BUNCH of neighborhoods. My neighborhood is middle-class area, but about 5 blocks away from me starts the rich latte-liberal area.

  138. wasabigirl – I’m in Washington, we have both a caucus and a primary. THe primary costs 10 million and counts for nothing. :/

  139. wasabigirl, no, they use caucuses because activists want to pick the nominee. WA has a primary next week. It just doesn’t count.

  140. mj, school is tough. Especially my workload.

    I go to school at around 6:30 finish up. extra currics and all and get back at 3-3:30ish. do homework and study till 10ish, play piano, play violin, play saxophone.

    it’s easier now though. i use to play soccer in the fall and that was hell.

    I usualyl get to bed around 1:30-2:00 and repeat the process, unless there are projects or 5 exams on one day (which sometimes, there could be) and I will pull an all-niter.

    work is tough, but high school is extremely competitive if u take the hard courses and do extra.

  141. tiny….. pls, if you know, then why a primary at all? If no deligates, what do they do with the results? Really strange.

  142. Pshaw! I don’t care if he’s running 5-1 at the circuses–they aren’t elections. They’re thug-fests, at least this time. As people have pointed out, they don’t sound democratic. (Hint, hint: though the media will keep singing BO’s praises, especially with his caucus wins, I really think Clinton supporters should continually de-emphasize the causus results as not being important or necessarily reflective of a general election result. If he could claim Florida doesn’t count, over a million votes, then claiming smaller caucuses don’t count is fair game in my book. Clinton supporters must be the media for Clinton–there is no other.)

  143. “It’s 39 for Clinton, 200 for Obama at Woodward Middle School on Bainbridge Island, where participants describe the scene as like the “rotary auction,” with no parking and cars lined up on the sides of roads. Kathleen O’Connell says participants said they usually vote Republican, but decided to support Obama this time around. ”


  144. New Mexico Still Counting

    Posted: 6:00 PM Feb 9, 2008
    Last Updated: 7:20 PM Feb 8, 2008

    New Mexico is still counting ballots from its Democratic caucuses on Super Tuesday.

    Hillary Rodham Clinton holds a slight lead over rival Barack Obama, holding 13 delegates to Obama’s 12.

    The state is still counting 17,000 provisional ballots given to voters because of long lines and a ballot shortage.

    All that’s really at stake are bragging rights to a victory by popular vote, and one more delegate.

    But Democratic Party officials say the count could last well into next week, right up until February 15. That’s when results have to be certified.

    The state’s party chairman has come under a firestorm of criticism for problems with voting on Super Tuesday, including from Governor Bill Richardson.

    The chairman, Brian Colon, says he’s sorry, and that he’s even more disappointed than Richardson.

  145. well should the Governor who endorsed somebody be making “surprise” visits to polling places? looking at the blogging above….I find this disgusting as well as troubling.

    Of course we’ll only read about it on that blog…

  146. Yeah we have an open primary and we don’t have to register by party either so ANYONE could go to any of these caucuses and participate. They didn’t even check voter registration when we got there.

    Like I said, if caucus states (and washington state in particular) decide this race, I’ll be very upset.

  147. I encourage everyone to write to Donna Brazile and CNN in reaction to Brazile’s comments about “leaving the Democratic Party” if the superdelegates decide the nomination. Below is my letter.


    Ms. Brazile – As a Democrat I am astonished to note your remarks on CNN, that you would quit the Democratic Party if superdelegates decide the fate of the Democratic nomination. First, you should in every instance make clear that you are an Obama supporter in your “commentary” at CNN – all commenters who have a dog in this fight ought to state so for the record.

    Second, as a superdelegate, you have always enjoyed the privileges of membership as it were, and have been aware of the likelihood that a close contest would press the nearly 800 of you into service by choosing sides. If superdelegates were not intended to have so much influence then why the hell are there so many of you? I think that if it were likely that most of the superdelegates were more inclined to support Senator Obama then you might not take the same stand, which raises serious questions about your “impartiality” as a media commenter and as a loyal Democrat.

    Third, in the event of a close contest with roughly even pledged delegates, do you honestly think it is fair for the nomination to be decided by a margin of say, 50 delegates, barely more than 1% of the total pledged delegates? Why should anyone agree to that? If Hillary Clinton were to barely edge out Obama in pledged delegates would you support giving the nomination to her in this instance?

    Which finally brings me to FL and MI. You know better than anyone that these are key states in the General. I am surprised that you would be so doctrinaire about the “rules”, since you seem to have no problem sidestepping the rules in Senator Obama’s favor, ie, throwing out 800 superdelegate votes, enabling him to win the nomination with far less than the needed 2,205. If SC and IL had decided to move their primaries, I am certain we would hear about your indignation about disenfranchisement of innocent voters. Consistency is a bitch.

    You and the Obama campaign are sending malevolent signals and it is clear that you are threatening to tear this party apart. (This from the “change candidate” who “transcends politics”). How dare you. Senator Obama is a newcomer to Washington, who hasn’t paid any dues, and yet he is twisting arms and threatening a floor fight? The nerve of this man, and of you, Ms. Brazile. He is NOT entitled to a free pass to the nomination, no matter how much you insinuate that a battle in the Dem Party, fueled by race, will ensue as a result.

    Shame on you.

  148. “Kathleen O’Connell says participants said they usually vote Republican, but decided to support Obama this time around.”

    –If true, does anyone STILL wonder which party this guy is part of, or even if he isn’t in cahoots with that other party, isn’t it strange that he’s getting SO MUCH REPUBLICAN SUPPORT? Now why would that be? Why would a dem candidate get more repub support than dem base support?

    What’s going on here…something really fishy-stinky, I say, something that’s not a democracy….

  149. I know Texas has an open primary, but does anyone know when the registration deadline is/was for that state?

  150. The exit polls don’t really look good for LA either.

    Blacks were close to half the Democratic electorate, while nine in 10 Republican primary voters were white. As is typical for presidential primaries, men predominated in the GOP electorate while more women voted in the Democratic contest. Close to one in 10 voters in both primaries were under age 30 and one in four were over age 65.

  151. people!

    new calls we should MAKE:

    Call the DNC and tell them that if it is republican support PUSHING Barack Obama over to be our Democratic nominee, we will support McCain in the fall!

    Say stuff like “If Barack is our nominee because of Republican support, I promise to vote for John McCain in Novemeber and encourage all of my family and friends to do the same.”

  152. Ugh, I don’t want republicans choosing my democratic nominee either. There should be closed primaries, not open primaries and caucuses.

  153. “Call the DNC and tell them that if it is republican support PUSHING Barack Obama over to be our Democratic nominee”

    –Yes, maybe people should spread the idea that Obama’s the republican pick–the democratic party only has one real representative here: Clinton.

    I can’t commit to voting for McCain–no way! I just won’t vote if I can’t for Clinton.

    People should have known that the next several races would likely be disappointing. I prepared myself for that; it isn’t the end-game yet.

  154. nebraska , louisiana , virgin islands and wa state are not going for clinton.

    we are going to lose wa state and nebraska in landslides

  155. Why is the repub party trying force him out…I am rooting for Huckabee to win in Texas….

    McCain is not beloved by his party..

  156. I think we may win the Nebraska caucus and the Virgin Islands Primary. Washington and Louisiana, as long as we get a decent amount of delegates, who cares. Hill is focused on Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Maine tomorrow, as well as Virginia, Maryland and D.C., no matter how gloomy it looks, let’s be positive, and remember who we are dealing with here, HRC does not concede easily. SHe is in this to the end, and I am going to be pushing even more hard for those Michigan and FLorida delegates to be seated.

  157. I’m just going to ignore washington’s results and focus on being indignant about these caucuses.

    I mean if it winds up tied the Super Delegates HAVE to look at the states that were won. If Obama only has states that are either caucus states or have a large AA population, that says something.

  158. guys this is the way i see it if she loses maine tomorrow , i don’t see how she can hold on to ohio and texas

  159. cal 202-863-8000

    LET THE DNC know how ALARMED you are that so many republicans are turning out to vote for Obama and solely Obama! Also note how you might know of people who are republican and are only voting for Obama to stop CLintoN!

    Tell them that if Obama is the nominee THANKS TO Republican support, as you see they are (cite the Washington quote), you will be supporting WHOEVER the opposition or Independent party puts out. Obama is not qualified and certainly should not be the nominee if the REpublicans are the ones making the decisions for the DEMOCRATS.


  160. Brazile Throwdown! Cage Match with Donna!

    Check out my response from Donna Brazile to my email which I just posted here at 6:17PM.

    I don’t think my email was vicious in the least. Perhaps she is sending this out to everyone who dares to question her…

    I was going to read your entire email and respond but decided it was more useful
    to stop, walk my dog and delete. Here’s why?

    For starters, i am not any Obama supporter. Not yet and unless he wins the nod,
    i have to assume it’s Hillary.

    Second, i am indeed honored to be special. But so are you and the voters still
    waiting their turn.

    So, i assume you know best and will rant and send viciious emails telling me to
    do this or that.

    But i will do as i decide. And if you disagree, it is okay. I still respect your
    voice, your choice. But i don’t have to spend my weekend reading your email.

    If you have something constructive, say it. But don’t burden me who is not on
    anyone’s payroll to just assume your views must become my own.

    Thanks for your time.

    Now delete me.
    Sent wirelessly via BlackBerry from T-Mobile. Please contact my office at (202)

  161. I see the British is trying to inject themselves in our election.

    Well all I see is that we have to work harder and don’t stop fighting to make Hillary Clinton POTUS. This is going to down to the wire.

    So Donna Brazile is a student of Rove…hmmm.

    We need to do and a lot of phone work for Texas and the rest and continue fighting MSM bias and unfortunately the DNC.

    I find it interesting that they’re floating this VP for Hillary position….I believe this smacks of sexism.

  162. But remember with Washington, 88% of voters vote by mail and got their absentee ballots weeks ago, many of them did not and DO NOT know that that ballot is meaningless.

    The WA primary will be very interesting.

  163. Thanks, HillaryforTexas.

    Do you happen to have any information on whether or not Jay’s comments on this blog can be linked to the Obama campaign? He has spouted nothing but Obama talking points all day, and I just wanted to ask.

  164. jay Says:
    February 9th, 2008 at 6:27 pm
    guys this is the way i see it if she loses maine tomorrow , i don’t see how she can hold on to ohio and texas

    jay Says:
    February 9th, 2008 at 6:24 pm
    nebraska , louisiana , virgin islands and wa state are not going for clinton.

    we are going to lose wa state and nebraska in landslides

  165. Funny, Brazille is answering from her Blackberry. Hmmm….eat her alive guys. Overload her Blackberry so it’s useless. 👿

  166. CALL FORMER GOVERNOR of Vermont: Howard Dean and let him know how u feel about Barack Obama 😀 and the fact that Republicans are going to him significantly 😀

    Phone: (802) 828-3333

  167. “Why is the repub party trying force him out”

    –If you mean McCain, the reps may be forcing him out (if they really are) because they’re already backing a more extreme republican–that’s who they want to win. Guess who that might be….

    If Obama makes it to the GE and if you don’t see him getting smeared left and right by the media then, what I’ve suggested probably will have been proven true: he’s really on the republican side. The repubs want him to win, period, not just against Clinton. I wouldn’t count on McCain beating him if Obama’s really on the repub side, because if he is, he will continue to get most of the press.

    Like I’ve said, I trust no one and nothing now. Who the hell knows what’s going on? Lies and fakery everywhere!

  168. I think our early voting in Texas starts the 19th. Apparently Rick Perry (total and complete worthless asshole) called Huckabee and asked him to drop out today but he said no. I hope he stays in because we have more than our share of rabid right/home schoolers/flat earth types and they will vote in the Republican primary if Huckabee is in.

  169. tiny…… pls, can you explain. why did they send out ballots in washington if their ballot is meaningless? What am I missing?

  170. mj, my point is…Does anyone else think this ‘jay’ guy posting on this site is perhaps in the wrong place, or on the wrong blog??

  171. I hope Huckabee comes away from tonight as a very re-plenished man and is a serious conteder 😀 I hope he wallups McCain and makes the Republican nomination a little mroe unpredicatable.

  172. I resent the fact that the Democratic National Committee has so little regard for my vote. I am a Senior Citizen who got all dressed up to vote, as I was proud I had an opportunity to vote for the first woman president. Isn’t it against the law for them to throw my vote in the trash. Can someone start a Class Action Suit? I want to complain to somebody. I resent the Barack Obama people for having so little regard for the Floridians. He supposed to be for the people, by the people, yet, he wants disregard their votes. This is especially offensive since he was the only Democrat who had TV ads in Florida. What a sore sport. I wont vote for him for anything. He is a trouble maker who is going to turn the Democratic Party upside down when it has a chance of saving the country from the Republican war mongers who have destroyed the middle class making “the rich richer and the poor poorer”. It is not only time for a change, we must make a drastic change. All my life I’ve seen the men make the messes and the woman clean
    them up. Let’s put a woman in charge and save our country.

  173. Frankly, a good argument for superdelegates is to prevent the Republicans from choosing our nominee. They sure are trying to do it and it will only get worse as their race becomes settled. Again, they want to run against Obama. Even if he did become president, he would not be effective.

  174. i have been on sites live blogging from wa state and nebraska and it is not great out there .

    in some precincts obama has 1300 people , hillary has about 112 that is in nebraska , some situation in wa state.

    She is picking up some delegates in WA but just be prepared for the news which is expected

  175. …Tiny, I hope someone brought a video camera to record the chaotic proceedings so people can see all the bullying that the Obama-bots do – I know that the other Colorado poster had the same experience as my friend in Colorado who caucused for Hillary – mass chaos, bullying, college students for Obama as caucus captains

  176. “# HillGuy Says:
    February 9th, 2008 at 6:35 pm

    mj, my point is…Does anyone else think this ‘jay’ guy posting on this site is perhaps in the wrong place, or on the wrong blog??”

    Plus, WHAT he says is totally moronic. If she loses Maine she loses Ohio and Texas? Whu??? She lost Iowa and still won New Hampshire which was less than a week later. So she can’t re-organize after the “devastating” defeat of Maine in order to comeback in Ohio? Ohio in which she’s currently polling ahead of him by 10 points? If you want to be gloomy and doomy, fine, but make sense while you’re doing it.

  177. One more point. You do not magically go from voting for Chimpy to voting for 2007’s most liberal senator. Remember, Kerry had that title in 2004.

  178. They did a thing on cnn the other night showing that if huckabee won all of the rest of the states he would still lose.

  179. COSenior – We have both a primary and a caucus. The caucus seats the delegates, the primary does NOTHING. We voted for a primary a few years back, so the state has one, but the Dem party decided to keep the caucus and only use the results from that. In short, the people want the primary not the caucus, but the Democratic Party is stupid. But because we still have a primary everyone gets ballots in the mail. I talked to A LOT of people who had already mailed in their ballot thinking that vote would count.

  180. We should win Maine handily because there are few schools there and the few that are there are the places Hill or Bill have gone. And he refused to debate her there and their local media picked up on it.

  181. I also like to add it’s very hard to explain to people that their ballot doesn’t count. People get absentee ballots so they don’t have to vote in person. My mom thought her absentee ballot counted for the caucus.

  182. I appreciate anyone who has spent “4.5 hours” working on our girl’s behalf.

    Now, take it from someone like me, and w/o his permission, Hawk, who have spent AT LEAST 4.5 hours a week, average, for 50 weeks before our caucus:

    Until, and unless, you have gotten involved in the organization of, and running of, and management of, a political campaign…get that experience first…then get on the decision-making boards or staffs of your organization, work your way up thru the ranks, and THEN, and ONLY then, start making your suggestions, and complaints, about how things are being handled.

    My new Betta, named Hillary, and I, would appreciate it. S/he’s pink, with grey and purple fins, young, and shy right now.

    George Gobel died at 2 yrs, 11 monthes and 5 days. His flushing funeral was Tuesday. His most memorable quote after following Bob Hope and Dean Martin on The Tonight Show one night:

    Gobel famously quipped to Johnny Carson, “Did you ever get the feeling that the world was a tuxedo and you were a pair of brown shoes?”

    Work hard, pray for the best, remember karma,

    and keep the faith.

  183. Insipid, my point exactly. Because of the results in Maine, all of the sudden ALL of the Latinos in Texas are going to vote for Obambi. Give me a break.

  184. # Sittin Bull Says:
    February 9th, 2008 at 6:41 pm

    One more point. You do not magically go from voting for Chimpy to voting for 2007’s most liberal senator. Remember, Kerry had that title in 2004.

    But to be fair, that was bullshit then and it’s bullshit now. There’s NO WAY Kerry or Obama is more liberal then Russ Feingold or Bernie Sanders (who proudly proclaims he’s a socialist for goodness sakes!). Nor there is any way that Obama is more liberal then these guys. In fact it can be argued that Hillary is more liberal in some ways than Obama. The whole argument is laughable. They give someone the title of “most liberal” because liberal is still considered a pejorative. It bears no resemblance to reality. I’m a pretty extreme, pretty proud liberal, and yet i still support Hillary. I do so because she’s MORE liberal then Obama on what is, for me, the most important issue of National Health care.

  185. Caucuses are not democratic simply because the only people who have the time to go spend several hours are wealthy latte liberals and younger voters. They are also the ones who are technologocally savvy to go online to find their caucus sites. There is no way in a time-compressed schedule for Hillary campaign to contact these voteres, let them know where the caucus sites are and help transport them there. Working people, older people do not have the time to go to these caucuses. We already know wealthy latte liberals love Obama. What we have is a sliver of most hard core liberal activists showing up in these caucuses. The so called Reagan Democrats are not showing up here. It is no wonder that Obama wins caucuses and Hillary wins the more Democratic primaries. The funny thing is WA state has primaries scheduled on Feb 19, but the state party prefers to allocate delegates based on caucuses. How anti-democratic?

  186. I agree. Obama is promising not to govern from the left. So we are seeing a mix of Republicans who support him and Dem’s who stupidly think he is more liberal than Hillary.

  187. hey all – remember that MJS is still in high school. And kudos for 4.5 hours, that’s great for a day, keep it up.

    and that JAY person – yes, he’s on the wrong board or he’s in high school too.

  188. TPS, I want to know who in the WA state party made the decision to allocate delegates to the caucus winner as opposed to the primary winner??

    That person/entity needs to hear from us.

  189. TELL THE DNC that because they won’t give Florida or Michigan a say, they are allowing Republicans who voted FOR BUSH in 2000 and 2004 to have MORE of a say in the democratic race than 2.1 MILLION DEMOCRATS in Michigan AND Florida!

  190. I don’t want to keep repeating myself BUT at this point it is a race for delegates and not who wins what states. As long as Hillary can keep getting close to half the delegates she will make it to the last big states vote. Her core backers (like us and millions of others) are not going to change their minds no matter what happens in other states. If she has the funds (she does) and keeps fighting (you know Hillary-she will), she will make it to those last big states and there she will seal the deal. Obambi’s only hope is to get to people’s minds. He can not win by other means. Do the numbers. It is so clear. So don’t worry about the next few weeks. It all about DELEGATES!!!!!!! It all about GOTV!!!!!

  191. # HillGuy Says:
    February 9th, 2008 at 6:47 pm

    Insipid, my point exactly. Because of the results in Maine, all of the sudden ALL of the Latinos in Texas are going to vote for Obambi. Give me a break.

    Yeah, and now he’s innocently saying that he’s just preparing us for our inevitable disappointment saying that he’s been blogging and he’s got information of Obama having 1300 people to Hillary’s 128. He won’t give the source, nor how he determined who was for whom BEFORE they even started the caucus, but he’s sure all is lost. Give me a break too.

  192. TheRealist, if you are out there, this might be a good point to come in and give some perspective…

    People, if you believe polls, Obama is expected to win in Nebraska, Washington and Louisiana. I know that the polls may be wrong but for arguments sake suppose he does win these states. Hillary will still win delegates. She may win a state, Maine, tomorrow.
    I don’t know about the states on Tuesday. Obama is ahead in those I believe (again if you believe the polls) but things can change. Hillary is certainly campaigning hard in those states. But if Obama should win them it wouldn’t be some shocking surprise. All these post Feb. 5th states were anticipated to be a challenge for Hillary due to demographics, being a caucus state or other factors. Such is life (and politics)..

    Hillary is substantially ahead in Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania for March 4. Winning those states will give her more than enough delegates to overcome any gained by Obama in the next week and a half. This is why she is concentrating her resources there. If you add in her Florida and Michigan wins she will be even more ahead. There are still New Mexico and California delegates to be added to the mix as well.

    I think we need to take things one day at a time and watch how things develop. This race is still on-going and much happens each day. Nothing is over, nothing is decided and nothing has changed about the race. We need to keep doing what we have been doing in support of our candidate. I’m sure she has things planned for the next three weeks to keep the pressure on her opponant. We need to follow her lead.

  193. The funny thing is WA state has primaries scheduled on Feb 19, but the state party prefers to allocate delegates based on caucuses. How anti-democratic?

    TPS – I asked the dem representative at my caucus why they go with the caucus intead of the primary results and she said it’s because the dems want that face to face contact and discussion (I didn’t see much discussion…). Then I asked why we still had a primary and she said because the republicans do.

    I just called my friend to see how she was doing and I asked her if she voted and she said “I’m going to mail in my ballot next week” !@#!@$!@!

  194. Yes, Ininla, younger people maybe haven’t been around long enough to understand about not inadvertently giving credit/support to the other side….

    In my opinion, Clinton’s more liberal than Obama, and I’m more liberal than both. So I hereby declare I’m entitled to comment on this! Hehe :).

  195. i think if she wants to stop him , she has to win maine , thats it.

    he is going to sweep today , if he wins maine , then wins dc , virgina and maryland , then wins wisconsin and hawaii.

    how is she going to stop his momentum very roll into ohio and texas , the media would be telling her to drop out , maine is very crucial

  196. PositivelyClintonian, amazing response from Brazile. Donna does not want anyone telling her what to do but she wants to threaten all the Superdelegates to do what she wants or she leaves the DNC. DoublestandardDonna.

    “But i will do as i decide. And if you disagree, it is okay. I still respect your
    voice, your choice. But i don’t have to spend my weekend reading your email.”

  197. Just a brief update — I got a call from the Obamamoonie cult the other night here in Texas asking for dinero. They started out by telling me the same old lies- that O had voted against war from the beginning. I pointed out he never voted against the war. He told me O was a good enviromentalist, but couldn’t expain why their guy voted for the Nevada nuke dump. He relented on those points and moved to O’s “let’s all be friends message.” I told him I thought Obama was weak and an appeaser–why in God’s name, after eight years of having Shrub and his followers stick it to me and the American people, would would I want to support someone who starts out by signaling he wants to cave in and compromise. I want someone who will fight for me and beat the bastards, not appease ’em. He finally said his supervisor wanted him to hang up. I begged him to send Teddy (who I used to like) here to campaign.

  198. I wish I could phootshop. I’d photoshop Obama pimping out Brazille and Dean being the john. Then I’d show Shuster, Rustyjowls and Tweety watching in the bushes like pervs.

  199. Where are the women in these states? Why the heck arn’t they coming out for Hill like they did in NY, MA, and CA?

  200. ya, i don’t see Hillary winning anything tonight, but I see some hope in WI, ME, and winning those two will be enough in Feb. after that, NO MORE CAUCUSES!! And the two will be enough to allow a nice win March 4th, also, there maybe some hope in VA, anyone know anything about Hawaii?

  201. Jay, the states that would make things difficult for Hillary if she did not win them would be Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania. If she did not win Maine it would just push all the attention to those states.

  202. mj, perhaps the women that ARE turning out in these states are religious enough to follow the lead of the almighty OBambi-god.

  203. jay, Texans do not give one rat’s ass what a bunch of latte-sipping blackberry-toting people in Maine or Washington think. Don’t even make me laugh.

  204. mj, caucuses are bad for women coming out for Hill, I think it’s more likely to happen in a primary, where women who are busy have time to vote, and don’t have to deal with pressure of other people seeing and questioning what you are doing, if you know what i mean.

  205. rigso, the Hawaiian population is mostly Asian American. This bodes well for us. I don’t care if Obambi went to school there or lived there or anything.

  206. El Comercio Newspaper Endorses Hillary Clinton
    With less than a week remaining before the Virginia primary, El Comercio Newspaper in Manassas, Virginia, endorsed Hillary Clinton for the democratic nomination today.

    Click here to read the editorial of El Comercio Newspaper

    A translation follows:

    Why is El Comercio Newspaper endorsing Hillary Clinton?

    El Comercio Newspaper has, since its creation four years ago, been in sync with the interests of the Latino community, first in Virginia, where it was born; and later in the whole Washington Metropolitan area.

    Throughout the years this newspaper has been coherent with its editorial principle which is based on the right of everyone to improve their quality of life which includes, exercising our right to vote, our right to have access to health care, education, culture and entertainment.

    To summarize it, we have been coherent with our commitment to promote and defend Human Rights, especially for the immigrant community – which this publication is part of.

    That is why this editorial board has not hesitated in supporting a comprehensive immigration reform that favors millions of undocumented immigrants, and in facing some of these unjust, belligerent and racist measures and anti-immigrant laws.

    Those principals are compatible with the platform of democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. We have no doubt that, once she becomes president, she will work tirelessly in favor of the economic, social and cultural rights of our community, as she has been doing for quite some time.

    We are convinced that during her presidency she will work hard in favor of Latino immigrants, an issue that we know is not foreign to her, because since her childhood she demonstrated solidarity with the poor people who came from the south.

    It is because of that reason that this outlet is publicly declaring its support to the candidacy of the former First Lady and Senator Hillary Clinton, a woman who is respectful of Human Rights, particularly of children, seniors and the underprivileged, who could be the first female President of the United States.

    Thus, El Comercio Newspaper joins the long list of media and Hispanic personalities that are supporting the nomination of this great woman. Among those who have joined her we can find Ana Sol Gutierrez, Patti (sic) Solís Doyle, who is her Campaign Manager, Dolores Huerta and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

    This Tuesday, our community will have a very valuable opportunity to make this dream come true. Get out and vote for Hillary, the only person who not only has the intentions and the desire to support the community, but the one who also has a clear project to make it happen.

  207. that CNN picture of the toddler resisting going into the voting booth with his mom – should have his head photoshopped with David Shuster, Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews – with that caption “please, mommy, don’t make me vote for a girl.”

  208. “how is she going to stop his momentum very roll into ohio and texas , the media would be telling her to drop out”

    –The media’s been holding her funeral since practically day one. And NOW, months later, it’s holding her funeral daily. If she worried about what the media said, she would have coffined herself long ago.

    In my opinion, your posts keep holding her funeral too. When she’s dead as a candidate, THEN you can start giving last rights. I suspect that death won’t happen in the long-term, though–yeah–days like these are tough and make me doubt she can make it through, if only because so many people have been so damn brainwashed….

  209. Yeah, Hawaii, we have their senior senator’s endorsement, and he’s the 3rd longest serving senator behind teddy and Bob Byrd.

  210. # jay Says:
    February 9th, 2008 at 6:55 pm

    i think if she wants to stop him , she has to win maine , thats it.

    he is going to sweep today , if he wins maine , then wins dc , virgina and maryland , then wins wisconsin and hawaii.

    how is she going to stop his momentum very roll into ohio and texas , the media would be telling her to drop out , maine is very crucial

    Even if it’s true, what’s your point? In fact, why are you here? It seems like you’ve already decided Hillary has lost. I fail to see how winning ONE state will make up for the “trouncing” which you predict she’ll get everywhere else. Since, according to you, Obama’s already won, why bother showing up here? Go to an Obama site and celebrate his coronation.

  211. DNC are idiots…American take their votes serious and don’t like to think some back door deal was make to invalidate their votes.

    Obama will lose the GE to McCain in all those states that went to Clinton on top of the one the repugs win anyway. The superdelegates better start thinking with their heads because that bull that the media is feeding you is fiction. This is nothing new, repugs are voting in the caucuses to “gin” the system.

    I don’t even think Obama could win NY, people forget that 911 happened on their turf. Experience does matter and if it comes down to McCain vs Obama….who do you think is going to win?

    And if you say Obama….you’ve been drinking the kool-aid.

    To all those democrats that haven’t drunk the kool-aid. Think rationally, don’t let fear of the republicans rule you. Look at the facts see where the majority of the democratic party is. Don’t be afraid to have a woman president…the RNC was floating that ideal with having Condi run…so it going to happen, so let stand up for our values and support Hillary Clinton and put aside the sexism.

    Hillary Clinton is the better candidate and she is a fighter and knows how to fight against the repugs.

  212. Even if he wins every gosh darn state from here on out (and he won’t of course) and picks up only half the delegates each time (lets say even maybe 51% of the delegates each time) he still loses. He is in deep Kim Chee and knows it. The momentum game ended before TT. That card can only be played in the beginning stage. Now it is a delegate race. Actually this momentum thing was invented by Carter in 76 after the Party changed changed the rules as a result of the disaster in 72. Hillary just needs to keep collecting half the delegates to win. She knows this. She is nobody’s fool. Don’t even go to that negative place in your mind. Keep the faith. Do it for her!!

  213. CNN reporting that both Obama and Hillary camps are looking past the February/March primaries for their campaigns. Also talking about the caucus effect, latino voters and voting on racial lines. The media knows the 2008 primary campaign picture is complex even if they don’t always report fairly in regards to some of the candidates.

    This race will not end with these February primaries/caucuses.

  214. We will win Maine as I stated above. The situation there: they have 2 female senators, we have the governor’s endorsement, we have New Hampshire next door, we have been there more than obama, and we will win there. The Clinton’s are well loved in Maine. Also, everyone seems down on this site. This should be a positive sanctuary for us to come to and I have, as of late, dreaded coming on to the site because of internal squabbles and pessimism. HRC knows this is about delegates, she knows the media hates her and that’s anamazing testament to how far she has come despite all of the bs she and we have to put up with from the msm and obamatrons.

  215. paddy4hill, you are correct. Hold tight, guys, and stop freaking out. Hillary knew she’d lose those caucus states. She has her eyes on the prize, and only has to hold roughly even til March 4th.

    I am telling you, Texas has her back. Big time.

  216. hey all – I’m encouraging you all to MAKE CALLS to Maine – talking to a few people there this morning, some people don’t know where to caucus – some of elderly don’t think they can drive there – so here are the resources you need to call MAINE: (type http:// first)

    to look up someone’s county and caucus site: (type in www first)

    if someone needs a ride, the Maine for Hillary office may be able to help, take down there name, phone number and let Arielle Linksy ( know, and you can call her at 202-607-5159

  217. Someone mentioned above that voters are rational. – If this were they case Obama would NEVER be where he is now.

    The fact is voters are IRRATIONAL. They chose hope, despite not knowing it is, what it stands for. It’s cult like. Only explanation. Personally, we these caucus landslides for Obama are not good for us.

  218. Hello everyone,

    I want to emphasize again. The states that would determine this nomination are OHIO, TEXAS, and PENNSYLVANIA. Hillary has very good chance of winning all three. The other states that are voting now will not determine this nomination. Caucuses are difficult to win for Hillary for the reasons I mentioned in an earlier post. MICHIGAN has allocated 73 delegates to Hillary and Hillary will also be allocated a lion’s share of the delegates from FLORIDA. In our own tally, we have to add these delegates to Hillary’s total.

    No one, no one, expects Hillary to win the states today or on Tuesday. Why? Because Maryland, Virginia, and Louisiana have significant AA population voting in the Democratic primary that is going 80% for Obama. The others are caucus states. Hillary will win enough delegates in these states to stay in the lead, overall. I don’t care what momentum Obama gets out of these wins based on media coverage. It won’t affect Ohio and Texas. Obama got 10 days of absolutely one-sided positive coverage before Feb 5. Yet, he lost every big state except his own state of Illinois. In fact, I expect media coverage to start turning negative and it has already begun. NY Times, Newsweek etc have articles talking about why all the energy of his rallies do not translate to votes and how his self-referential campaign (it is all about Obama) is beginning to sound creepy.

    The Hillary campiagn has managed expectations well. Yes, going into March 4 contests, the pressure will be on Hillary. What is new? The pressure has been on Hillary since Iowa. There is nothing new. The demographics of Ohio, Texas, and Pennsylvania favor Hillary. Overall, given how this nominating process was set up by Donna Brazille and DNC to favor Obama and hurt Clinton, I have to say that she has done very well. In spite of the best efforts of the media to bury her after Iowa, she is still standing, she is still leading in delegates and in the popular vote. Thanks to all of us she also has the money now to be competitive.

    Instead of constantly wringing our hand here, let us donate money, let us encourage our friends to donate money, let us email media outlets and express our outrage at the bias against Hillary and do all we can to elect Hillary to be our next president.

  219. # Jaz Says:
    February 9th, 2008 at 7:16 pm

    Someone mentioned above that voters are rational. – If this were they case Obama would NEVER be where he is now.

    The fact is voters are IRRATIONAL. They chose hope, despite not knowing it is, what it stands for. It’s cult like. Only explanation. Personally, we these caucus landslides for Obama are not good for us.

    Of course it’s not good for us. But losing California, New Jersey, New York AND Massachusetts wasn’t good for him. Losing Ohio and Texas won’t be good for him either. There’s ebb and flow. Let’s not throw ourselves off of a cliff every time something doesn’t go our way.

  220. I want to apologize if I’m bringing any morale down today, I’m just urfed off at my state and these stupid caucuses. I’ve never really followed a primary before. Usually the dem nominee is already decided by the time WA comes in to play so I didn’t even know caucuses existed. I feel that everyone every single american who wants to vote should be given every opportunity to vote. We should be bending over backwards to allow people to vote. 20 people in my neighborhood voted today, that makes me sad. People voted by mail thinking their vote would count and it doesn’t. People voted and got their ballots tossed beccause they didn’t declare a party. It’s all very frustrating. I cannot how Florida and Michigan voters feel.

    I’m not down on Hillary in any way though. Most people I know feel she’ll be the noimnee. Because when it comes down to it, she’s winning the states that matter.

  221. Hey all – I am making calls again to Maine – it is very encouraging to hear people say, yes, I’m caucusing for Hillary Clinton – who else? c’mon, everyone, there is still about an hour or hour and half to make calls. go to

  222. Paddy4hill I agree 100%. All she has to do is hold her own and get to OHIO,TEXAS,PA where she is favored to win. Those states alone have substantial delegates that should put her in a good position. This thing will not be done until all the states vote and she has advantage as we get down to the last states.

  223. The only worry we have is that Donna Brazile still thinks Hillary has the nomination 🙂

    Otherwise, whatever happens tonight is no surprise, no biggie. The Hillary campaign has a strategy which involves the big states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas. There are also the millions who voted in Florida and Michigan to consider. There are also hundreds of Superdelegates from the states Hillary has won. Caucus states are difficult for Hillary for various reasons and obviously states with big African-American populations are difficult too. But all of these factors are already part of the formula.

    Sports teams win games and lose games but the stronger team gets the prize at the end of the season (let’s not get into a Patriots vs. Giants discussion).

    Tonight might be rough, but not unexpected. Iowa was rough too.

    The Obama generated hysteria is meant to unnerve Hillary supporters and stampede Superdelegates. Big Media will join in the stampede.

    But guys, it’s not going to work. Relax (except for those of you voting this weekend) and understand that the sky is not falling. Let Chicken Little and Henny Penny do the worrying.

  224. I have relatives who have been involved in the Ohio Democratic Party since I can remember. Even their parents were Party activists. I just spoke with them and they said there is no way that Obambi is going to win Ohio no matter how other states vote. Ohio people can be very stubborn The Party machine in Ohio is only OK, not real strong, but also not as bad as VA. The Party is backing Hillary. Obambi will do best in the NE which has large AA numbers, but the dems in other parts, including dem cities like Dayton, are the moderate lunch bucket types. They will go with Hillary in large numbers. She will also do well in red cities like Cincinnati and Columbus. Toledo may be a little tight (has lot of MI transplants that work in the southern suburbs of Detroit) but she will take it. She will carry every rural county.

  225. yes, LJ – very astute – that this is going to take the news cycle away from Obama a bit with that 10 million dollar haul!

  226. 100,000 NEW donors…I’m one of those LOL. Glad to help in my small way. I still have a small bit stashed for the money bomb.

  227. Someone should remind the obamabots that the general election is NOT a caucus!!! They are doomed to loose if he’s the nominee, which by the way, my mind refuses, absolutely refuses to even consider as a possibility!!!!

    Hillary is my girl, my girl till the very end, which will prove to actually be the beginning!!

  228. Also people say he can beat McCain…. WRONG.

    Rumor 1: HRC supporters will vote for Obama. WRONG. Latinos are unlikely to vote for him. Remember, Latino’s do not have any kind of repub/dem leaning like AA. If Obama is dem nominee, they will and can vote McCain.
    Rumor 2: Obama will win the general election. WRONG, swing states, Ohio, Tenacious, Floridia ALL prefer Hillary Clinton. Infact, Florida will hate him after the convention.
    Rumor 3: Obama is a change maker. WRONG – his record does not say this. He does not want change in healthcare, he do not care about latinos, he only cares about himself.

  229. For the person who needs to know what a legislative district is:

    Just go ask a neighbor, someone at you local lbrary or your pastor in church tomorrow who your Congressional Representative is: s/he has been elected to represent you from your legislative district…you know, like “two Senators and xx Representatives from such-and-such a state?


    A good article from Media Matters about how some in the press are starting to describe BO followers as creepy and cultish, comparing them to Hare Krishnas or Manson followers.

    Sorry if this is a duplicate post. i keep frogetting to leave out the http.

  231. I just read this on a blog

    Remember, Washington, it’s Obama–not Clinton–who has ties to our state. His grandparents moved to Seattle in 1955 and his mom is a Mercer Island High grad. Just one more reason for supporting Obama!

  232. That’s awesome about the money! She should have a good February donations wise.

    Remember, if money were everything, we’d’ve had a president Perot.

  233. Paddy4Hill, don’t forget in Cleveland Hillary has the mighty Stephanie Tubbs-Jones.

    This is the song we voted for in the Hillary song contest. Dedicated to Congresswoman Maxine Waters and Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs-Jones:

  234. after loosing our precinct caucus today to the obamapugs, I spoke the the young ringleader and said that i would expect to see her at the democratic party events statewide next years. She says, You won’t see me I prefer the green party. So I said, well why in the name of sam hill would you caucus for obama then who has a very weak environmental program and set of advisors as cmped to HRC. She said, Well he will unite us. I said, is unity always a good thing? Now here is a person who was an Independent who came in and voted at a democratic caucus but she’s really for the green party. They must put something in the koolaid.

  235. basil9, regarding your mediamatters link, this is what I referred to in an earlier post as media coverage turning more skeptical.

  236. A touch of HUMOR!!!! :)))
    Here’s a funny post in response to MM’s article about the Obamamania.
    “This is totally not fair. Obama supporters have excellent reasons for preferring Barack for President:”

    1. Check out that great smile.

    2. His speeches make me feel warm and fuzzy.

    3. His speeches make me think “Yes I Can!”

    4. He talks about Hope and Change and Changing Hope and Hoping for Change and the Audacity of Hoping for Change. And Hope.

    5. If you don’t vote for Barack, you are a racist.

    6. Hillary is Polarizing. I won’t vote for her if she’s the nominee. But if her supporters don’t vote for Barack, they are racists.

    7. Barack has yet to lose a single primary or caucus legitimately.

    8. I really like the way he speaks. He makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Did I say that already? Well, it’s because they really do.

    9. What was the subject again? I was thinking about Barack and I kind of glazed over. Gosh I like him.


    —Obama seen tonight with sunshine coming out of his ass! Pics to follow.

    —A recent DNA test shows Hillary’s tears are acidic.

    —A poll of likely Non-Democratic, Democratic caucus goers Show Obama with a 98% lead in “uniting hope for change in my coffee”

    —Hillary Clinton seen flying on her broomstick over Nebraska

    What an interesting day.

  238. Remember folks, Bill won as an underdog who was greatly underestimated. If Hillary can do anything, its adapt and adjust under pressure, putting her wonkish best on the line. No one, in either party, does it better than Bill and Hillary. Count on it!

  239. Most of the DNC cut their teeth in 72. This may be the last election for many of these folks. That was the year that young party activists (like myself) were silly enough to think elections can be won on high minded ideals. McGovern won the primary but only carried his own state, DC and Mass in the GE. That political generation (includes Hillary) never forgot this lesson. That is why we have the supers. They are there to prevent young party activists from repeating this mistake. No matter what prater you are hearing from certain folks, the DNC DOES NOT WANT OBAMBI TO GET THIS NOMINATION! He can not win the GE. It will be a slaughter. Republicans will take us to the cleaners and then some. The GOP is not about a rainbow America. Why is all of Dixie red! McCain won’t need to say a word about it. McCain instead would hit him hard on the experience and national security issues to win over independents’ He will use the old Reagan tax & spend BS against Obambi’s liberal Senate record to scare lots of voters. etc. etc. This and more the DNC already knows. There is a lot of hand wringing going on for sure. This is why if it is close the supers and FL/Mi will be used to put Hillary over the top.

  240. One other thing about my caucus. I did not have to show any id, proof of residency or any party affiliation. I showed up, filled out a form that listed my name, addres and DOB and that’s it. No one VERIFIED anything. I look young, I could have been 16 for all anyone knows.

  241. For some good news check out TM. Among other things, Hillary is putting her foot down with Capus and hopefully MSNBC.

  242. jj debate?

    what’s this? where?

    a debate? will it be online? 🙂 hehe, I’ve been asleep for a few days, need to catch up on sleep, so I am out of the news business now…

  243. A very nice write-up in NY Times about the uncertainties of delegate counts from caucus states. This is important because most of Obama’s wins are caucus wins which are uncertain while Hillary’s wins are primary wins which are certain as to pledged delegates.

    “The difficulty in assessing delegate strength lies in a multistep caucus system that is different from a primary, which is a one-day event where voters go to the polls and the results are usually binding. A caucus, on the other hand, is just the first stage of a process that can drag on until late spring before producing reliable numbers. As a result, some news organizations do not incorporate caucus results in projecting delegate counts, waiting instead until delegates from those states are officially certified.

    As of Friday, seven states — Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Nevada and North Dakota — had held precinct-level Democratic caucuses to choose delegates who will go to district-level or statewide party conventions in the coming months. It is at those conventions where delegates will officially be pledged to a candidate at the national convention in Denver, where 2,025 delegates are needed to win the nomination.

    Until then, there is nothing to prevent the outcome of the caucuses from changing, and that is why The New York Times has not counted the 169 delegates from six of those states in its tallies (The Times is counting Minnesota, whose caucus results are binding). By contrast, news organizations that are reporting higher delegate totals — The Associated Press has Mrs. Clinton with 1,045 delegates and Mr. Obama with 960 — are projecting that the caucus results will ultimately hold up.”

    Nothing is in the bag for Obama as to his caucus wins.

  244. Fox news just gave a bit of morbid trivia. Only 2 sitting senators have ever been elected President, Harding in 1920 and JFK in 1960. Both died in office.

  245. basil9 – i like the idea of this “Obama’s creepy cult” thing in the news starting to get traction too…

    meanwhile – I just made 38 calls to Maine in the last 45 mins.

  246. hmm, interesting to see cnn having graphics at the bottom of their screen showing hillary with 101 more delegates.

    They just said thei would show both obama and hillary when speaking at the jj dinner,(just cought what that was now), wonder who will go first, and who has the crowd with them the most…

  247. i had just held a very sucessful tx primary training event! e had 60 plus people. cong lee came. we trained them on how to caucus that night-yes in tx we have the primary vote which yields 2/3 delegates and the caucus vote that night giving the other 1/3. offices al over here open next week and tommorrow we are have a huge rally dowtown for hillary. a very exiting day for hillary here

  248. rjk, considering that McCain is a sitting senator as well, I guess this is one year when a sitting senator will definitely win.

    So, why again is this morbid?

  249. Paula, the figures were posted on Hillary’s website main page. Over 100,000 new donors and they reached the goal of 10,000,000. Way to go everyone. Keep on donating though.

  250. Here is email address for Congressman Robert Wexler Boca Raton,Fl (who is suppporting BHO) let him hear from all of you regarding seating of delegates.He is also going forward with impeachment hearings for B/Cheney.It’s more important at this time for him to work with the DNC and delegates.
    contact@wexler for

  251. why is obama worried about low LA turnout? did hillary have a staff in LA or something? i knwo bill was there and breaux.

  252. At the JJ dinner…Hillary is to go first at 8 pm followed by Obama I think…

    Does anyone have an alternate viewing link to the one I provided?

  253. Thanks, I had checked the Web site but didn’t see the numbers, lol.

    Idunn, I want to hear about the Big Dog!!! 🙂

  254. I am watching Fox news right now. Hannity and Colmbs are on. They’re showing Hillary at the JJJ dinner right after the commercial break.

  255. I got another response from Donna Brazile, believe it or not. I stated in my reply to her that I was not intending to be vicious, but that I am indignant at the constant pro-Obama diet we are being fed by the media. I also said that she is the face of the Democratic party to millions of CNN viewers. Here is her reply:

    But I have defended Hillary for over 16 years and defended her all year. I have
    not endorsed anyone since Gore in 2000 and i like em both.

    I am not responsible for the Clinton haters. They are on on a cottage industry.
    Sent wirelessly via BlackBerry from T-Mobile. Please contact my office at (202)

  256. psymac – yes, definitely good response in Maine – I didn’t get ONE person who said they’d vote for Obama – everyone said Clinton and the only ones not caucusing are those that are too old, or recently had surgery, and too intimidated to get through the snowstorm which is starting now, unfortunately. But my general sense, Maine is for Hillary.

  257. emjay and staff –

    Thanks for the 2002 Iraq speech! Sorry I was so hard to contact, dunno why I didn’t get your previous attempts.

    I now haave the AUMF text, Brooks’ defense of HIlary (“No Apology Necessary”), and this speech. I think there were some later speeches more strongly agaisnt the war once it seemed about to really happen. Maybe followign the links on this one, I can find the later ones too.

    1950democrat [at]
    h t t p : / /

  258. mj – Sorry, but things are screwy here in WA and the mail in primary next week wont’ be counted for the nominee even though they may be on the ballot. For nomination the caucus is all that counted, and it was today.

  259. yes, paula – i hope so too; there were certainly lots of old people who were intimidated by the weather. I had two women who didn’t know where their caucus site was so I was able to tell them, and they were going to go.

    Pymac – the Wisconsin numbers were live today and tomorrow, so go for it (Maine might be avail in the morning). I used my cellphone.

  260. LJ,
    Inninla, Yup. Reality (maybe) is starting to set in?
    Congrats on all the calls. Once I recover from my illness (April) I’m going to try and do some of that calling as well.


    Is Brazile actually responding to your emails? Maybe the commentators are starting to get nervous after the schuster episode?

  261. Obama is going to win LA, y’all, no matter the turnout. The AA population is just too high there. Sorry, but true. I hope we get some extra delegates, tho.

    Hillary KNEW which states to put more money and time into, and knew which ones she could afford to lose.

    You don’t have to go undefeated to win the championship. 🙂

  262. so, on Monday, I’m calling NY NOW and suggesting a bra burning protest in front of MSNBC. I don’t think the rest of the press is giving enough attention to the misogyny of MSNBC and if it takes burning our bras again to get attention – so be it. hopefully, it’s carbon neutral 😉

  263. Okay, first of all let me set the scene. Abingdon, Va. is a tiny little rural town. The outlying areas are mostly farm folk. This is NOT the kind of town you would expect to find a large turn out at any calpaign rally. WE SMOKED THAT TOWN!! The hall was packed from end to end (I could hardly breath or move), and the crowds were so big they spilled out into the entrance way and right out into the parking lot. From inside the hall, we could hear folks outside chanting HILL-A-RY! HILL-A-RY! and BILLLLLL! Amazing.

    When Big Dog walked out onto the stage, we light up like a friggin’ christmas tree! The applause and cheers and “WE LOVE YOU BILL!” s was almost deafening. Took us along time to settle down, but when we did, Bill was beaming. He looked around the room, just taking us all in and then said, “I can’t tell you how amazing this is!” The crowd roared! And roared! And roared some more!

    He read aloud several of the posts from the official website that really touched
    Hillary especially. Talked about green jobs, the economy, etc. etc. At one point he mentioned Bush and someone in the crowd roared, “He’s a moron!” and the crowd went nuts. Bill laughed hard at that.

    At one point, Bill was talking about Hillary’s qualifications and when he got to the end of the list I roared “AND she’s a woman! And she’s SMART!” the crowd picked right up and went nuts. Later, at the end of his talk, bill pointed in my direction and said, “And to the woman who yelled she’s a woman and smart, you got that right!” I nearly died. The man next to me started hopping up and down shouting “That was you!” LOL! Crazy.

    I was waiting for Bill to mention anything about Obama so I could shout, “Make him give back the house!” but I never got an opening.

    What a night! Honestly, it was one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done!

  264. These caucuses can bite me. The reports I’m reading from around Washington are just grrrr.

    For example, precinct 1817 had a vote of 36 for Obama and 3 for Clinton, however the 3 for Clinton did not remain in the room during the voting of delegates so they lost their delegate to Obama’s side. How is that democratic?

  265. I’m beaming over here? Can ya’ll feel it?! I feel like I just came from church (but not a creepy cult church)! LMAO!

  266. I was being sarcastic 😉 IF you look on CNN and about Nebraska, two of the three districts are a lot closer than 70/30, so maybe she will get a good chunk of delegates

  267. Idunn, I love your post!!! Thanks for sharing your amazing experience. 🙂

    I’ve never gotten the chance to see either Bill or Hillary, and I envy everyone here who has!

  268. Donna Brazil sounds like she has had an attitude adjustment. Just saw here on CNN and she said to other superdelegates lets see how all the other states vote like PA, OH and TX before panicing.

  269. Hi Everybody! This is my first time posting here! Idunn- That sounds amazing!! I wish I was there, your post made my day!! Go Hillary!!

  270. I also just wanted to say, I’ve been writing letters and emails in support of journalists who have been covering Hillary in a positive light, that’s important too because they said they’ve been getting a lot of Obama hate mail and rarely supportive emails, so let’s write to them to encourage the journalists who support Hillary.

  271. Paula, if you ever get the chance, GO! The energy just doesn’t come across on TV like it is when you’re actually there. It was…utterly amazing. Hubby estimated that there must have been well over a thousand people there. In tinee tiny Abingdon, of all places! Unbelievable!

    One older lady was so overwhelmed about seeing Big Dog, that when they opened the doors to let us in, she actually pushed me out of her way. LMAO! Her husband apologized profusely, and I just said, “It’s okay. I undertand. I love Big Dog too!” I don’t think the man knew who I was talking about! SNARF!

    What a night!

  272. Oh yeah, and then Bill asked us if we were hungry and when we said “yes” he pulled the bus around and took us all to Macdonalds for big macs!!!!

    (I made that up! LOL! But wouldn’t THAT have been a hoot!?)

  273. We want delegates! Don’t panic until we see how many delegates we get out of WA, NE, and LA. Nothing else, and I mean nothing else matters. We must keep our heads to the grindstone and keep working. We have lots of work to do. We will win ME, and we will capture half of the delegates in VA and MD. We will go on to win OH, TX and PA. We will have the most delegates excluding FL/MI going into the convention. They will seat FL and MI (trust me on this one). Hillary will win the nominatin and the election in November. Only if we give up on ourselves can we lose. Hillary has not given up We won’t either.

  274. Hillary: Bring Me the Head of David Martin Shuster
    February 09, 2008 8:17 PM

    I don’t think President Bush reacted this strongly — at least publicly, and personally — to Dan Rather’s “Memo-Gate” scandal.

    But apparently, MSNBC correspondent David Martin Shuster’s apology and suspension aren’t enough for Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y. She refers to them, in a letter to the president of NBC News, as insufficient.

    Here’s the text of her letter to NBC News president Steve Capus:

    Dear Mr. Capus,

    Thank you for your call yesterday. I wanted to send you this note to convey the depth of my feeling about David Shuster’s comments.

    I know that I am a public figure, and that my daughter is playing a public role in my campaign. I am accustomed to criticism, certainly from MSNBC. I know that it goes with the territory.

    However, I became Chelsea’s mother long before I ran for any office, and I will always be a mom first and a public official second.

    Nothing justifies the kind of debasing language that David Shuster used, and no temporary suspension or half-hearted apology is sufficient.

    I would urge you to look at the pattern of behavior on your network that seems to repeatedly lead to this sort of degrading language.

    There’s a lot at stake for our country in this election. Surely, you can do your jobs as journalists and commentators, and still keep the discourse civil and appropriate.


    Hillary Rodham Clinton

  275. Pady4Hillary,TPS,Caroline,Hillary4Texas-

    Thanks to all of you for your insights. I’ve been really disgusted by this place for the last several days with all the negativity and gloom and doom about our candidate. But you guys see the big picture and bring a lot of common sense to this place. Keep up the good work!!

  276. # Katharine Says:
    February 9th, 2008 at 8:39 pm

    I also just wanted to say, I’ve been writing letters and emails in support of journalists who have been covering Hillary in a positive light, that’s important too because they said they’ve been getting a lot of Obama hate mail and rarely supportive emails, so let’s write to them to encourage the journalists who support Hillary.


    So true. We ALL ought to take some time out to write to Paul Krugman for his daring to tell the truth about the Obama campaign.

    Also, perhaps make some time to give that wretched Maureen Dowd some truth too. She got it SOOOO wrong about Al Gore, why is anyone listening to her now?

  277. I wonder if we couldn’t set something up to tell the voters in PA, TX, and OH that they are “Voting for Us Too!”

    As HRC said, “You know, if this were a primary where everybody could vote all day I’d feel pretty good about it. But it’s not. It’s a caucus, and you’ve got to show up at 1:00. And I already met three nurses outside and I said, ‘Are you going to caucus for me?’ And they said, ‘Well, we’re working tomorrow.'”

    Perhaps we can start a Website where we post stories/ pictures of people that would have voted for Clinton had it been a primary, but couldn’t because it was a caucus. Plus, we include their stories about why they couldn’t caucus and why they would have voted for HRC. Sort of to show support in the face of disenfranchisement.

    Then perhaps as a step 2, we can send some of these stories via email or snail mail to addresses etc. that we can gather in OH, TX, and PA. Kinda like our version of the Hillary I know. Whatya all think?

    I think this is a simple idea, maybe effective.

    You know, even if we do lose a bunch of states this month, we have a lot of time to engage in some serious organized efforts.

  278. I am willing to go to texas–I live in southern California–to work there to turn out the vote for Hillary. Who do I contact? I would like to see a Hillary supporter for every person in the state 🙂 I want to see those Texas returns like a tsunami for Hillary. Anyone with me?

  279. The hilarious thing is in Louisiana.

    Obama got 57% and 33 delegates, Hillary got 36% and 23 delegates.

    She actually did well in lots of places.

    In Nebraska, he got 16 delegates and Hillary got 8. So out of those 2 states he only got 18 more than Hillary, thats hilarious.

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