Election Weekend With Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton will be speaking at the Jefferson-Jackson dinner in Virginia tonight.

Nebraska and Washington and Louisiana are voting today. Maine holds its caucus vote tomorrow. It might or might not be a rough night/weekend for the eventually winning Hillary Team.

Nebraska results will start to come in after 8:00 p.m. (EST) according to the Associated Press. Results for Louisiana and Washington will begin around 9:00 p.m.

Washington results HERE.

Nebraska results HERE.

Louisiana results HERE.

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton reached the Ten Million dollar goal set for a very short period of time.

Don’t forget Tuesday’s February 12 grassroots on-line fundraiser. $10.44 is the ticket.

For those needing a little soothing:

For those needing a little energy tonight:


1,279 thoughts on “Election Weekend With Hillary Clinton

  1. I will watch Hillarys speech, but then I’m off to bed, I hope to make it to the bed before I pass out from boredom should I hear a word out of obama mouth.

  2. I’m going to repost this from the other thread. Continuning my righteous indignation about the caucuses. LOL.

    Caucuses can bite me. The reports I’m reading from around WA are just grrrr. . For example, precinct 1817 had a vote of 36 for Obama and 3 for Clinton, however the 3 for Clinton did not remain in the room during the voting of delegates so they lost their delegate to Obama’s side. How is that democratic?

  3. I was being sarcastic 😉 IF you look on CNN and about Nebraska, two of the three districts are a lot closer than 70/30, so maybe she will get a good chunk of delegates

  4. shit, watching on cnn online, i believe the crowd is chanting yes we can, barf, isn’t hillary speaking first?!!

    I already resent the crowd, haha, I hope she wins them over….ooops, no sorry, now it’s sounds like hillary, hillary,, nooo, now it’s ooobaaamaaa, oobaa……

    og hell, this will be nauseating… back and forth

  5. We have to end the caucus system. This is stupidity on the part of the Democratic party. Wow after all of these many years I am learning a lesson in primary politics! Never gave it much thought before.

  6. Ugh. I seriously do not comprehend the mindnumbingness of the obama supporters. They have to know he is unelectable. They just have to know it. I don’t understand them. I never will. And I will never ever be cordial with them ever, after what I put up with during the caucuses from his supporters. His supporters are loonies. They are seriously a weird cult.

  7. Wish Hillary could have gotten an ad on Daytona 500. Watching EarndhartJr. lead…yeah, I’m happy for this minute LOL

  8. Hi everybody, I know the results tonite are not encouraging but there are some silver linings out there. Looking at Nebraska, there are 24 delegates tied to today’s caucus. Congressional District 1 has 6, CD 2 has 6, and CD 3 has 4 to be apportioned. The final 8 pledged delegates are apportioned by the total percentage of delegates the candidates receive to the state convention.

    If we look at the results so far (based on the link provided above), Hillary and Obama would be splitting the delegates in CD1 and CD3 (3 to 3, and 2 to 2), since Obama is not reaching the 2/3 necessary for him to split them 4 to 2. In CD2, since he is getting 76.8% he would get 4 out of 6 delegates. Thus, for the 16 delegates tied to congressional districts, Hillary would be getting 7 delegates, and Obama 9.

    In terms of the last 8 pledged delegates, if the percentages hold up, Obama would be getting 5 and Hillary 3. So the total would be Hillary 10, Obama 13– That is not bad at all.

    I am no expert and I hope I am calculating all this right. Anyone with more expertise on the matter out there?

  9. Admin said By threatening a fight at the convention Obama supporters want to scare Democrats into surrender. Most Democrats like to see disputes settled amicably. The minute Democrats hear there is going to be a fight the first instinct is to “open a dialogue”. That’s how Democrats lose. The minute you indicate that you want to avoid a fight – you have already lost the fight.

    I’m bringing this over because I just got home and I agree with you! That’s exactly right. Obama is using Chicago street agitation methods: protection racket, extortion. “Do what I say or I’ll break your windows.”

    So what if we have a fight at the convention. Hillary and the party can pick themselves back up easier than Obama can. If he makes a third party, good riddance! He and Brazile and Nader can have it to themselves. We’ll bring out the real Demo base we saw in CA, NV,and elsewhere and have a fine time wihtout those losers. A permanent Demo majority for a change.

  10. hehe, I’m sitting here watching her, and I kind of wish she would throw some attacks out there, hihi. Although this should be a nice ‘unity’ moment, I want some blood!!! :devil:

  11. emjay and staff – New threads are coming so fast, thanks again for sending me the 2002 Iraq speech! Dunno why it didn’t get through the first time.

    Yes, it is what I was asking for.

    1950democrat [at] gmail.com
    h t t p : / / 1950democrat.livejournal.com

  12. I’m glad I finally had a rally story to share. I know I loved loved loved hearing all the other rally goers posts. Made me feel like I was apart of it somehow. So I’m THRILLED to be able to share the excitement with all of you!


  13. Hey Paula, thanks, but I am not sure what you meant by the NE totals. As far as I know there are 24 delegates tied to today’s caucus going to the democratic convention– as of now, Hillary would have 10 delegates, and Obama 14. That’s only a +4 for Obama. I’ll take that for a crappy caucus like Nebraska.

  14. If Obama (or even Hill if BO is the nominee) wants to create a third party then it is fine by me. I have only one goal left. That is to stop Obama; he is too dangerous as the President of the USA!

    I will accept McCain over Barack H. Obama any day!

    I have started spreading this word around!

  15. Idunn Says:

    February 9th, 2008 at 8:44 pm
    Damn, there goes my big mac post.

    Hang on..In your honor, I’m learning to copy.

  16. OMG, I love Bill CLinton! LOL! He just said, paraphrase: fixing NCLB is the only guaranteed applause line anywhere in us, and if you dropped him off in Idaho where there is not a dem for 200 miles, even the moose would clap for that.

  17. Here ya go Idunn!

    Idunn Says:

    February 9th, 2008 at 8:43 pm
    Oh yeah, and then Bill asked us if we were hungry and when we said “yes” he pulled the bus around and took us all to Macdonalds for big macs!!!!

    (I made that up! LOL! But wouldn’t THAT have been a hoot!?)

  18. LMAO EMJAY! I’m so glad I could inspire you to reach new heights. 😉

    I figured out already that it was the Jefferson-Jackson dinner. Caught the end on CNN. She’s amazing! I turned it off after she left the stage, can’t stomach any more Bambi. But anyway, I thought he backed out of the dinner? What happened?

  19. Well god damn!!!! She made me cry at the end there!!

    Amazing, she held the audience captive there, they were all silent listening attentively at every word she spoke, even the obamabots!!!
    Well done Hillary!!

    She used the more inspirational part from her speech on tuesday, very good, and worth reciting again and again!!!

  20. Go Hillary Go! Just give us those darn delegates! We can’t take bragging rights to the bank. Sorry Obama drones, you can’t lick us.

  21. OMG, I love Bill CLinton! LOL! He just said, paraphrase: fixing NCLB is the only guaranteed applause line anywhere in us, and if you dropped him off in Idaho where there is not a dem for 200 miles, even the moose would clap for that.

    Hawk, Big Dog gave us that line in Abingdon tonight and people were falling out laughing!

    One elderly lady yelled out, “Tell it Bill!” LMAO!

  22. Pady4Hillary,TPS,Caroline,Hillary4Texas and many others I’m sure-

    Thanks to all of you for your insights. I’ve been really disgusted by this place for the last several days with all the negativity and gloom and doom about our candidate. But you guys see the big picture and bring a lot of common sense to this place. Keep up the good work!!

  23. Heeeee! Bill is such a charmer. 🙂 We southerners tend to have the gift of gab and colorful stories.

  24. One last carryover from last thread, cause it shows what our girl is made of, and was posted at the very end of last thread:

    rjk1957 Says:

    February 9th, 2008 at 8:50 pm
    Hillary: Bring Me the Head of David Martin Shuster
    February 09, 2008 8:17 PM

    I don’t think President Bush reacted this strongly — at least publicly, and personally — to Dan Rather’s “Memo-Gate” scandal.

    But apparently, MSNBC correspondent David Martin Shuster’s apology and suspension aren’t enough for Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y. She refers to them, in a letter to the president of NBC News, as insufficient.

    Here’s the text of her letter to NBC News president Steve Capus:

    Dear Mr. Capus,

    Thank you for your call yesterday. I wanted to send you this note to convey the depth of my feeling about David Shuster’s comments.

    I know that I am a public figure, and that my daughter is playing a public role in my campaign. I am accustomed to criticism, certainly from MSNBC. I know that it goes with the territory.

    However, I became Chelsea’s mother long before I ran for any office, and I will always be a mom first and a public official second.

    Nothing justifies the kind of debasing language that David Shuster used, and no temporary suspension or half-hearted apology is sufficient.

    I would urge you to look at the pattern of behavior on your network that seems to repeatedly lead to this sort of degrading language.

    There’s a lot at stake for our country in this election. Surely, you can do your jobs as journalists and commentators, and still keep the discourse civil and appropriate.


    Hillary Rodham Clinton


  25. I agree with nikki22. Thank you so much for the comments. They are much appreciated, esp. paddy4Hill, Hillary4Texas, TPS and all the others who keep it real.

  26. Nikki, I think we have a few trolls. Just my own personal opinion mind you, but when you see that kind of negativity just keep pumping up the positive.

    I make stupid jokes the whole time the doom and gloomers are trying to suck the energy out of Big Pink. Hey, fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke. 😉

  27. Oh, wait, I just turned my head back to CNN on tv, I had the mute button on, Is Hillary ahead of him in Louisiana????????????

    Oh crap, is this gonna be an all nighter? scary,, hehe, but fun.

    But I’m sure obama will file some complaints, already reports on his campaign complaining about irregularities! there

  28. Hillary 41%
    Obama 38%

    1% reporting


  29. Nothing justifies the kind of debasing language that David Shuster used, and no temporary suspension or half-hearted apology is sufficient.

    Tell it, Hillary! We want that SOB fired!!!!!!

  30. But I’m sure obama will file some complaints, already reports on his campaign complaining about irregularities! there

    God, he’s such a whiny little pri…ummm…man.

  31. Here is what the LA exit poll says: Turnout 50/50 Black/White

    White voters:
    45-59: H 61-39
    60+ H 73-25

    Black voters
    40-44 90% O
    46-59 83% O
    65+ 901% O

    Younger white voters didn’t turn out. If the exit poll is accuurate, BO wins.

  32. Wow! She is doing really well in Louisiana. This is what a primary does. The total participation in WA caucus is less than 70,000. In Nebraska, it is less than 30,000. What kind of representative sample is that? In Kansas, it was less than 15,000.

  33. Obama ahead now, cnn says he is also ahead from the exit polling, but we can cross our fingers!!!

    Was there ever a narrative that Hillary could take Louisiana???
    This is great, she’s putting up a fight!

    By the way, didn’t anyone else see her speech???? Didn’t you LOVE the end there??? Fantastic!! She is good when she bothers to move away from hard facts and more over to a bit more inspirational!! She can afford to do this more, she has already cemented the fact that she knows her stuff!

  34. This is the one time I’m very disappointed in how the black vote broke against Hillary. She was more involved w/ New Orleans than any other elected pol right after Katrina.

  35. Can you even IMAGINE the headlines tomorrow morning IF she pulled off LA?

    I think you are right HillaryforTexas, but a boy can dream. 🙂

  36. huffpo, who else? is reporting this:

    The Obama campaign is claiming “widespread” voting irregularities in Louisiana:

    The Obama campaign submitted an urgent request for assistance to the Secretary of State’s Division of Elections today, after receiving widespread reports from Democrats across Louisiana who reported that they were not allowed to vote because their party affiliation had been switched. Hundreds of Louisiana democrats went to the polls to vote in today’s presidential primary and found that they were now on registration lists as Independent or Unaffiliated voters.

    What Louisiana voters to need to know:

    Democrats who are told at their polling places that they are now registered Independent or Unaffiliated voters and aren’t eligible to vote – but never switched their party affiliation – can still vote in today’s primary by requesting a provisional ballot. The Secretary of State has confirmed that all voters have the right to vote a provisional ballot if there is a problem with the registration lists.

  37. I feel a shift in the Force. “The Pink Strikes Back” is now showing at an election near you. Maybe Hilary can win LA if the earlier post is correct. She will win ME and VA (I will say it again, we have a chance at winning VA or come out with the most delegates), split the delegates everywhere else, and win the big states at the end. This election belongs to Hillary. I fully expect to meet up with many of you at the Inauguration in January. We will all agree that this night was the real turning point in the election. Don’t you all think it is a bit funny that many of the states (like Kansas) that Senator Moonbeam (Obambi) wins are the same ones that Huck also wins?

  38. White Democrats voted 77-21 for Hillary
    White Independents voted 53-41 for Hillary
    Black Dems voted 85-15 Obama

  39. hmm, what happened to this site, it’s all messed up, is it my computer or does everyone see a white page here instead of pink?

  40. The Obama campaign is claiming “widespread” voting irregularities in Louisiana:

    Not this again …

  41. these provisional ballots though in LA,,,how will they know they did not really vote today. Will they check every provisioinal ballot to be sure their name is not already signed at voting places already?

    am I clutching here LOL

  42. I don’t think she’ll win LA (Obama’s ahead now) but remember, she doesn’t NEED to. All she needs to do today is stay relatively close in the delegates category. Obama will inch up a little bit today, but remember, she already has about a 200-delegate cushion, for the lead.

  43. that is Obama speak: voting irregularities= people using their brains while participating in the election process

  44. Okay then…welp…Fuck Nebraska. Nothing grow there but freakin corn. I hate corn. And fuck Washington too….pot smoking tree hugging hippies. 🙁

  45. HLR:

    Her best bet with AA was in NY and AR. Even in NY she lost AA vote to Obama. From here on, AA vote will 80-85% at best, and 90+% at worst. Issues have become second fiddle to identity politics. Like hwc said the other day, her campaign will be better off assuming 0% of AA votes when they do their internal polling.

  46. hmm, just me then, weird, ok thanks.

    I’m interested to hear how gender divided this, she got a lot of the white votes, more then expected.
    I wonder where men went.

  47. Idunn lol. I always love how every State that doesn’t have Hillary win, you say something funny about that State. What State where you talking about days ago and mentioned something about not eating their yoghurt anymore?

  48. hawk,

    the latino population in louisiana is small and relatively new. there is a large population of spanish ancestry, but they have resided in the state for almost 250 years.

  49. Maybe I could focus my wrath on cajuns and the red light district though. Gotta be some no harm no foul joke fodder there. 😉

  50. Let him wallow in the mire of his victories. Just give Hillary the delegates. Obambi can save the headlines to reminisce about how popular he was after he returns to the Senate.

  51. Gorto — overall, BO leads both men and women, but the gap for men is smaller. Go figure.

    ra1029 — I had some Hope of being just a little more competitive w/ black voters in LA, even high 20s.

  52. Actually, I never expected for Hillary to win any of the states today just get a share of the delegates. I am more interested right now in the republican race. We need Tom Sawyer to win LA and keep that race going for a while.

  53. Hey Guys,

    I think a good measurement of how well we will do tonight would be to look at Obama’s expected delegate count for each state.

    According to the spreadsheet that was leaked, this is is how his campaign see’s it breaking down tonight:

    WA: Popular Vote O 60% C 40% Delegate O 49 C 29
    NE: Popular Vote O 60% C 40% Delegate O 15 C 9
    LA: Popular Vote O 54% C 44% Delegate O 31 C 25

    So far he has fallen short of his goal in NE, though the popular vote is similar to his expectation, the preliminary delegate count is 14 for O and 10 for C.

    So thats our first win for tonight.

    Based on exit polls and the attitude of the networks, I am confident that LA will be a lot closer than Obama’s expectation. This will be another long night guys.

    This will be another long night guys.

  54. I voted in LA’s election, and I hope Hillary performs well.

    REEEEAAALLLYY? Good to know. If Bambi ends up winning LA, I’m coming gunning for you. 😉

  55. She can’t win LA if blacks accounted for half the vote. But, I am happy to see she was competive. The low turn out, however, means she could have won, IMO, if she had people working the phones all day to get voters out.

  56. Hey! I live in Texas but I’m 1/2 cajun.

    Well, if we lose Texas I’ll drag out the cajun jokes again. In your honor. 😉

  57. Tiny Dancer Says: 1950dem how’d your caucus go?

    We’re in koolaid distance of Seattle, got 1 Clinton to 3 Obama. No bullyboys, just a lot of too-mellow old hippies.

    None of the WA results will really be representative because of the really screwy ballot situation. Along with the usual problems of caucuses, some ballots were mailed out with the names of candidates apparently a real primary election But then the Dem Party said those wouldn’t be counted, the only way to ‘vote’ for nominees would be to causus. So here are almost everyone thinking it’s vote by mail when it isnt’. Prime situation for the only ones to know what’s going on are those contacted by volulnteers.

    IF there were Hillary leaders at the caucus I missed them til onl the way out. I expected they wouldn’t be much help so I had printed a bunch of pink Hillary! flyers and bought a roll of pink survey tape. I wore tight pink pants, a red vest, and a pink survey ribbon in my hair — looked crazy I’m sure — and when anyone said they might support Hillary I torea piece of pink ribbon off the survey tape roll. Some people wore them, some held them up when the vote was taken.

    At least all the people were sincere locals, middle-aged and nice, no intimidation etc.

    If just one other warm body had come along, I think we’d have been 2 Hillary to 2 Obama.

    It wasn’t like formal speechmaking, just free for all with some local old time people sort of moderating. They were Obama and we were outnumbered but it wasn’t intimidating or unfair. They sort of gave our side equal talk time even though it was mostly just me talking against a lot of Obama people.

    I was right in not relying on Clinton campaign people to be there with buttons etc (at least not when I arrived). So I’m glad I had made my own flyers and brought that roll of pink ribbon.

    Oh, and one Hillary supporter was quiet during the discussion but afterwards we talked and she was very long time committed and well informed. I gave her the link for phone banking at hillaryclinton.com and also invited her to Big Pink!

    One lady said she was Undecided, so we all had fun gathering round her and answering her questions. She was already better informed than most of the Obama people. I wonder if she was a reporter in disguise; she winked at me a few times. Before the final voting she disappeared.

    I’m stil kind of winding down. People kept talking about ‘Clinton fatigue’ and ‘baggage’ and I kept shouting “The blue-collar base doesn’t care about that stuff!”

  58. Texas is ours dear. My Latinos will come out in force. Si Se Puede! Dolores Huerta, all of our congressional supporters, Villaraigosa, and others……..let’s do this.

  59. ra1029, that is a great point, and one I hope HRC makes to the DNC and especially superdelegates. She is the more representative candidate, because she won more primaries, more people voted for her, even in the smaller states. Then by using a weighted factor based upon the number who participated in the caucuses, then she’d come out way ahead. The small number of people in the caucus process and resultant delegate awards are very disproportional compared to the primaries. Oops, I’m being wonkish again, lol.

  60. Sitting Bull, since you’re so much more up to date on Cajun jokes, I pass the wand to you if Bambi takes LA. Do me proud when you slam the state, now. 😉

  61. Oh c’mon now…we certainly will take Maine! I have family there. They better not make me trash them in a public forum!

  62. And now for some comic relief (as if Obambi is not enough comedy already): We are watching the debate between McCain and Senator Moonbeam (Obambi). McCain has just finished bragging about his tenure in the Navy as fighter pilot, his POW experience, his many years of service on the US Senate where he held leadership positions, particularly on the Armed Services Committee (very important since the US is currently involved in many military adventures started by his own party), and now it is Senator Moonbeam’s turn to respond: Well senator McCain, I lived abroad when I was a kid which gave me great insight into foreign affairs. I took many classes on international subjects when I attended university, and my few years in the Illinois senate also provided valuable experience. My wife and I still like to travel abroad. But I think the best way to deal with our nation’s national security issues is to take our many adversaries, like the heads of North Korea, Iran, Sudan, one by one to Starbucks and over a cup of latte get to know each other, to openly and frankly speak our minds, you know, kind of become latte brothers. I will even pick up the tab just to show what a nice bunch of people we Americans are. This will be basis of our foreign policy under my administration. I will call it the latte doctrine.

  63. I used to spend summers in Washington County, ME. That’s not BO country.

    Don’t know about Bangor, though — comments?

  64. mj – Are you talking about the number that someone mistakenly reported as Obama’s audience in Key Arena in Seattle yesterday? That was a mistake, Key Arena holds 17,000 not 70,000.

  65. Idunn….. I live in Colorado and I’m not a ramsey or a south park kid! And I voted for Hillary!

    Just a way for me to blow off steam. I trash EVERY state we lose. Just makes me feel better.

  66. 70k in Washington is looooow. But compared to other caucuses it’s proably pretty high. I bet the primary kicks it’s ass.

  67. my relatives live in naples, maine AND they have all their teeth!

    Not if Hillary doesn’t take Maine, they don’t! 😉

  68. IDunn – I’m originally from Colorado, and save for the Hillary supporters there, I’m OK if you ding that state – and add potsmoking hippies.

  69. Maine is beautiful and is on my short list of places to live when I get older and retire, and it makes me think of that B-52’s song Rock Lobster…lol.

  70. If the exit polls in LA are right, why is BO leading her 53-39 with approximately 25% reporting? I would have expected it much closer.

  71. Sorry everybody, I didn’t actually round up the delegates when calculating the NE results. My bad. Actually with 100% counted, Hillary would be getting 8 delegates, and Obambi 16.

  72. Let us salute our Maine Brothers and sisters with song!

    We were at the beach
    Everybody had matching towels
    Somebody went under a dock
    And there they saw a rock
    It wasn’t a rock
    It was a rock lobster

  73. Taylor Marsh Says:
    Cocktail chatter in my world is all about Michigan and Florida, as well as just how badly caucuses suck. What are you talking about tonight? Oh, and just to add, the photo at the top is a take off on Manet’s famous “Olympia,” one of my very favorite paintings, a copy of which I bought in Paris that hangs in my radio studio. This inaugural Clinton cocktail hour is graced with serendipity.
    Oh, and please welcome Riverdaughter. I hope she’ll come back often.

  74. I always smile when I hear that song.

    That’s because it’s seriously stupid. 😉

    Stupid is good though…stupid makes life funny.

  75. With 87% reporting, BO is leading Hillary by 67-31% in Washington state caucus. I bet the numbers will be much much closer in the next week’s primary in WA. It will be within 5-10%. Caucuses are basically exaggerating his victories and delegates.

  76. Victory in Ohio and Texas more than cancels every extra delegate he gained today. The next states on Tuesday will be draws or we gain back what we lost today. Why? Because of the size of the state delegations. Do the math. He can not win the nimination unless Hillary makes some huge mistake. She won’t. He knows this.

  77. Yeah, someone above posted that they have both, but the primary is held later and it doesn’t count the caucus does, and it costs $10 million to put on this worthless primary.

  78. I wonder if we couldn’t set something up to tell the voters in PA, TX, and OH that they are “Voting for Us Too!”

    As HRC said, “You know, if this were a primary where everybody could vote all day I’d feel pretty good about it. But it’s not. It’s a caucus, and you’ve got to show up at 1:00. And I already met three nurses outside and I said, ‘Are you going to caucus for me?’ And they said, ‘Well, we’re working tomorrow.’”

    Perhaps we can start a Website where we post stories/ pictures of people that would have voted for Clinton had it been a primary, but couldn’t because it was a caucus. Plus, we include their stories about why they couldn’t caucus and why they would have voted for HRC. Sort of to show support in the face of disenfranchisement.

    Then perhaps as a step 2, we can send some of these stories via email or snail mail to addresses etc. that we can gather in OH, TX, and PA. Kinda like our version of the Hillary I know. Whatya all think?

    I think this is a simple idea, maybe effective.

    You know, even if we do lose a bunch of states this month, we have a lot of time to engage in some serious organized efforts.

  79. Caucuses in WA, MN,CO all had turnout lower than 100k. In Kansas and Idaho they were lower than 35k. He is basically raking up 70+% victories in these caucuses. His support in these states in highly inflated. There is no way he could have beaten her with 65+% of votes in Minnesota, Colorado, and Washington if these were primaries. She might have won a few of those as well.

  80. I have no doubt that in a primary, we would have won colorado and minnesota, our base is working class people, not rich latte-lappers.

  81. Here is CNN headline:

    Barack Obama wins Louisiana Democratic caucuses, CNN projects

    5 points to anyone who can tell me what’s funny about the headline.

  82. alright then, just finishing listening to that song from Taylor, then I’m off to bed, I think this was a pretty good night for Hill after all. I hope she gets Maine tomorrow, then were off to ohio and texas,we can do this!!

    songs over, night night!

  83. “caucuses” – must be a Hillary supporter tongue-in-cheek behind that CNN headline.

    IDunn – How about “Smells Like Teen Spirit” for Washington song?

  84. Let us salute our WA brothers and sisters in song!

    You better squeeze all the Charmin you can while Mr. Wimpole’s not around
    Stick your head in the microwave and get yourself a tan

    Talk with your mouth full
    Bite the hand that feeds you
    Bite on more than you chew
    What can you do
    Dare to be stupid

    (heh heh, it’s all I could come up with, but it does work)

  85. Don’t pay attention to the VA polls. They are notoriously inaccurate Not an easy state to poll. She will win at least half of the delegates in a worse case scenario and maybe more. She has an outside chance at the popular vote. If not, Hillary and Bill would not be wasting valuable time and financial resources there and Obambi would not be there either. Why did he feel the need to participate in the Mason Dixon event? He knows that VA is still in play.

  86. Va. is sort of 50-50 split along alot of lines….racial, economic, blue collar/white collar , Farmers/industry.

    It could go either way, imo. No telling.

  87. Latinos are not going to abandon HRC just because obama won Nebraska (a state full of whites), Louisiana (few Latinos), and Washington state (also not a bastion of Latinos). We will win Maine tomorrow, then we come to some other states tuesday, and the moneybomb! We are going to stick with her through anything. Texas Texas Texas. Also, Ohio! We are going to win this, and his wins tonight will not phase Latinos, the question is is will it sway whites? I hope not. I don’t think it will.

  88. Please sign my petition to have women’s issues and the sexism in the media coverage of the election covered in the next Presidential debate.

    Please take a moment to read about this important issue, and join me in signing the petition. It takes just 30 seconds, but can truly make a difference. We are trying to reach 1000 signatures – please sign here: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/5/presidential-debate—womens-issues-and-sexism-in-the-media-coverage-of-the-2008-election

    Once you have signed, you can help even more by asking your friends and family to sign as well.

    Thank you!

  89. meyingsu, I can’t speak for everywhere but the Latinos here in TX do NOT like Obama. They love Hillary. Love her. She and Bill have ties here that go back decades. Patti Solis Doyle is from San Antonio.

    Texas Latinos will vote for McCain over Bambi, trust me on that. They can’t stand Obama. And they LOVE Bill and Hillary.

    I did some calling in Latino districts this week. I have yet to find ONE Bambi supporter. Not one.

  90. The media will go gaga over him more now, what’s new?

    If they go any MORE gaga over him, they’ll have to declare him the second coming of Christ.

  91. I am going to say this, Latinos, including possibly myself, are not going to vote for obama over McCain. Won’t happen.

  92. Oh, please. ex-Gov Wilder is ginning things up in VA:

    RICHMOND, Va. – The nation’s first elected black governor said Saturday he is not ready to excuse comments former President Bill Clinton made about Barack Obama.


    n stops across Virginia, Clinton was careful Saturday to avoid any comment remotely critical of his wife’s rival for the Democratic presidential nomination. Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia hold primaries Tuesday.


  93. You are right, hawk. Many don’t realize that Latinos by and large are some of the most patriotic people you will ever meet. VERY concerned with national security. Tons of military. Here in TX they see Obama as dangerously inexperienced and weak.

  94. Not much hope in MD for the popular vote. If Hillary can carry Montgomery County (this depends on the GOTV) and the rural counties, she can probably claim up to half of the delegates. I would consider this a victory. Montgomery county will be a fight between the AA dems concentrated near PG county and the latte liberals in Bethesda vs. the lunch bucket folks in the Rockville/Silver Springs area, Asian Americans and Latinos and of course, WOMEN. This is her most important county in the state.

  95. They will idunn….

    Just watch msnbc a while longer, and it will happen.

    And you see? That just supports my theory that Bambi is the antichrist. We must all run to the nearest catholic church and stock up on holy water.

  96. I like what I am hearing about Texas. Any reason why the polls show him within 10 percent? Do you think they are underpolling Latinos? Also is it an open primary/caucus or closed?

  97. No way will I have vote for Obama
    in any election screw the dem party

    Ditto. If Bambi gets the nom. I’m still gonna write in Hillary. Fuck ’em.

  98. Lol Idunn! The nearest Catholic church is too far and its too cold and I am sick and there’s snow everywhere……but my family is catholic, maybe I will hide in the dorm’s bomb shelter.

  99. Yeah, I’d write in Hillary too, but I don’t think he’s going to even make it on. The nomination is hers. Oh lord, I have the CNN stream turned down really low, but I can hear the faux reincarnation of MLK now. He makes me so sick. Such a fraud.

  100. Just keep crossing yourself and repeating these words Hawk: “The power of Christ compels you. The power of Christ compels you…” 😉

    (That’s just so wrong of me, I know.)

  101. Texas will be nice to win. I hope we wipe the floor with him in Texas. I am thrilled for that primary day. Also, Latinos know where McCain stands on issues regarding immigration and national security, and they have no idea who bambi is and wouldn’t vote for him anyways. The only way we win the most important swing voting block, and largest minority population in the US, Latinos, is by nominating HRC.

  102. Hillary and Bill will both be in my neck of the woods tomorrow and I’m so excited. Hillary is finishing up tomorrow evening in Bowie, MD and I’ve been told to get there early because everybody will go through a metal detector. It’s going to be a long night.

  103. HLR:

    How racist can BO’s supporters get? They are playing the race card again and again and accusing Bill Clinton of something he never said. Doug Wilder is just a pathetic human being to resort to these tactics to win some elections.

  104. mangonomist, the primary is open, but I think that the Ron Paul vote will help us with crossover. Paul is HUGE here, and many of his supporters will still go vote for him, just to make a statement.

    Also, the deadline for registration was last week. No same day Dems. That helps.

    But the biggest thing is sheer demographics. Texas is less than 50% white people. 35% Hispanic, 13% AA, 5% Asian. And yes, I think they underpoll the Hispanic vote.

  105. Don’t even entertain the thought of an Obambi nomination This is exactly what his game plan is. Since he can not win the numbers race, he will try to get people to believe Hillary is burnt toast. Just smoke and mirrors. If he is able to get to us to think his way, what about the voting public? Say no to negative thinking. We will win. Lets stay on target.

  106. Oh lord, I have the CNN stream turned down really low, but I can hear the faux reincarnation of MLK now. He makes me so sick. Such a fraud.

    Last week one of the obamatons was gushing about Obama’s speech “you been hoodwinked, Bamboozled…” he or she said it was the greatest thing they have ever heard and that they were moved to tears. So I typed “Ummm…you DO know that Bambi lifted that from Malcolm X, right?” to which the obamaton replied, “He didn’t steal that from anyone! He wrote it himself!”

    Lord have mercy, I didn’t even bother to try to tell her that Bambi doesn’t write ANY of his speeches himself. Sheesh! What a friggin’ televangelist this a-hole is!

  107. Next on the agenda is kicking some ass. We don’t have anything to be worried about with these wins tonight. By winning CA, MA, NY, NJ, etc. the tone has already been set. He’ll win a lot of these ridiculous caucuses, but she’ll beat him like an Oriental rug in the states that truly will make a difference in a general election.

  108. paddy4hill — don’t agree entirely. Silver Spring is far more diverse now and more upscale. Look, SS has a Whole Foods. I expect Silver Spring/Takoma Park to be heavily BO. But more to the point, MD had a really nasty senate race in ’06, during which prominent black politicians from PG were threatening to break away from the Dem party after Cardin beat Mfume in the primary, and then faced Michael Steele in the GE. The (valid) complaint was that MD has not elected a statewide AA despite the AA vote being so crucial to Dem prospects. So, in addition to the latte vote, add a dose of guilt.

  109. He just said, “My cousin Dick Cheney”. Oh God, I could whup his azz! The crowd didn’t even really laugh. Let me turn this shit off now.

  110. Sugar, you didn’t get to see my posts about seeing Big Dog at the rally in Abingdon today. It was absolutely thrilling. 🙂

  111. “Blacks helped Barack Obama against Hillary Rodham Clinton in Louisiana’s racially polarized Democratic primary Saturday, while John McCain made little headway among the most conservative, highly religious voters as he battled Mike Huckabee in their first head-to-head Republican matchup, exit polls found.

    Blacks were nearly half the Democratic primary electorate and Obama racked up a typically vast margin among them. He won more than eight in 10 blacks, male and female, according to the exit polls for The Associated Press and television networks.

    Most other Democratic voters were white and Clinton won them by more than 40 points, a margin she has met or exceeded only in Alabama, Tennessee and her former home state of Arkansas among 19 Democratic primaries surveyed this year.”


  112. Is there anyone in a caucus state that can clarify something for me. CNN lists Nevada at O13/C12. The Nevada Dem Party has stated that if every delegate remains loyal to their candidate that the 13-12 split is accurate, but I just don’t see a scenerio where that can be the case. The weighting of the rural CDs has already occured when the county delegates were selected, no? The way the numbers turned out is that, if everyone remains loyal to her candidate, then Clinton ends up with a state convention where, even in the worst case scenerio (the one where all Edwards/Kunich/Uncommitted delegates swing for Obama), the percentages of delegates is H51%/O49%.

    If she has 51% of the delegates at the state convention and all delegates remain loyal to their candidate, then she will wind up with a 13-12 split in her favor, won’t she? It appears that CNN is reporting the delegate count as if the caucuses were a primary. Is there some other way that CD splits will somehow be preserved that I’m just not seeing?

  113. HillaryLand, Silver Spring and Wheaton, MD are virtually one now and Wheaton, where I did a sign wave this morning, is HEAVILY populated by Latinos. I think those areas of Montgomery County will go to Hillary overwhelmingly. We have more concern for Prince George’s County, which is more heavily populated by AA. I think in the end, she will still eek out a win in MD.

  114. Also, the anglos in TX tend to be very concentrated in the east,the VAST majority in Dallas/Fort Worth, with some in Austin. The entire west and south and most of central Texas is majority Latino.

    San Antonio, where I am, is 80% Latino, and we are the 7th largest city in the entire USA. Bigger than Detroit or San Diego.

  115. Reposted for Sugar:

    Okay, first of all let me set the scene. Abingdon, Va. is a tiny little rural town. The outlying areas are mostly farm folk. This is NOT the kind of town you would expect to find a large turn out at any calpaign rally. WE SMOKED THAT TOWN!! The hall was packed from end to end (I could hardly breath or move), and the crowds were so big they spilled out into the entrance way and right out into the parking lot. From inside the hall, we could hear folks outside chanting HILL-A-RY! HILL-A-RY! and BILLLLLL! Amazing.

    When Big Dog walked out onto the stage, we light up like a friggin’ christmas tree! The applause and cheers and “WE LOVE YOU BILL!” s was almost deafening. Took us along time to settle down, but when we did, Bill was beaming. He looked around the room, just taking us all in and then said, “I can’t tell you how amazing this is!” The crowd roared! And roared! And roared some more!

    He read aloud several of the posts from the official website that really touched
    Hillary especially. Talked about green jobs, the economy, etc. etc. At one point he mentioned Bush and someone in the crowd roared, “He’s a moron!” and the crowd went nuts. Bill laughed hard at that.

    At one point, Bill was talking about Hillary’s qualifications and when he got to the end of the list I roared “AND she’s a woman! And she’s SMART!” the crowd picked right up and went nuts. Later, at the end of his talk, bill pointed in my direction and said, “And to the woman who yelled she’s a woman and smart, you got that right!” I nearly died. The man next to me started hopping up and down shouting “That was you!” LOL! Crazy.

    I was waiting for Bill to mention anything about Obama so I could shout, “Make him give back the house!” but I never got an opening.

    What a night! Honestly, it was one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done!

  116. SUGAR — I went to hs in MoCo. Haven’t been to Wheaton for a while — tell me, are most of the Hispanics in that area registered to vote? Because summer ’06 I did Hispanic outreach in the MD-DC burbs and voter eligibility was low. According to Pew, 60% are undocumented in MD.

    BTW, do you know Ana Sol Guiterrez? She is a good voice for the campaign in that respect.

  117. finale of story:

    Oh yeah, and then Bill asked us if we were hungry and when we said “yes” he pulled the bus around and took us all to Macdonalds for big macs!!!!

    (I made that up! LOL! But wouldn’t THAT have been a hoot!?)

  118. Add to the sexist, biased media list (along with MSNBC’s Shuster) Matt Drudge….look at the current headline..what an a**hole

  119. I was in MD in 06. I left NOV a few years back to move to a blue state. I have since taken work overseas. I was happy we got our first AA country exec in Montgomery county in 06. Yes, I remember very well the Steele thing. It was scary. I saw how the usually loyal dem AA voters could be persuaded into voting for the GOP. Don’t you think Takoma Park could go either way? Lots of AA, but also many new Latinos too. I still think Silver Springs can go for Clinton. One of the most ethnically diverse parts of MD. Obambi does not need a GOTV effort for his supporters in MD, Hillary does. Lots will turn on this.

  120. Okay, these losses suck. I knew they were going to happen, but it still sucks to see them there because the media acts like that Obama was not going win these states–of course he was, because they’re caucASSES.

    With that being said, I’m not too worried about Texas because Hillary’s NOT going to lose steam with latinos there, just like she didn’t lose steam with them in Arizona or California. The state that I’m worried about is Ohio, because I can totally see it going Obama with the media spin…I hope not, but the demographics aren’t really there to completley save her like they were in CA or AZ. I just hope we can hold on, because we have to win both TX and OH. If we can pick up Wisconsin and VA on the way it would be nice too…

  121. Ininla, for what my opinion’s worth, which may not be that much, I suggest you and everyone else don’t listen to the media spin. Ignore it. It’s probably intended to demoralize, deter and deflate Clinton’s supporters and make Obama appear like the “inevitable” candidate. The media thinks if it repeatedly suggests he’s gonna be the winner, people will believe it and stay home and not vote for Clinton–or vote for him.

    I also suggest people refrain from posting that media propaganda here. At least I’m tired of seeing it. I hang around here because I DON’T want to see the fake stuff being said elsewhere. I thought this was a “safe haven.”

  122. Yes, meiyingsu, almost ALL of the AA in TX are in Dallas or Houston. A few in Austin.
    AA are a tiny percentage in the rest of the state. I think only 4 or 5% here in San Antonio.

    Still, they are about 11% statewide when you average Dallas and Houston with the rest of the state. (I said 13% earlier, but double checked. No, it is only 11%, to 36% Latino.)

  123. BO: “I’m going to demand cutting emissions by 2050?!!!!!!”

    What?! Attacking Hillary on HC @ the Jefferson-Jackson dinner?!

    From the guy who’s brought Harry & Louise back to life?

    It’s time for President Clinton to stick a finger in his face and lay down the law.

    Now, it’s more than enough.

  124. Basil & Idunn

    (With all apologies to the Cornhuskers [Nebraska] because Iowans have taken a lot of nasty shots here ourselves)

    Nebraska can’t even grow corn very well, so they grow the beefcows that eat it. They grow cows, cowboys for real, and those cowboys who are all hat and no cattle, though they LOVE their rifles, their pick-em-up trucks with back window gun racks, and their Husker, kill-em-in-the-first-quarter football team.

    They also drive like they do in eastern Texas. Scary territory for non huskers.

  125. Sugar- I am so glad you have confidence in a MD victory! Maybe this Tuesday will be our Super Tuesday. Wouldn’t that just be great!

  126. Barack Obama is no MLK. He has none of MLK’s principles, integrity, graciousness or virtues.

    In fact, he should be known as “The Caucus King”. Thats a good moniker for him to have when he returns to the Senate. Maybe he will still generate news with his bi-partisanship –

    “Senator Barack Obama aka The Caucus King today crossed ranks and joined senate republicans along with close ally Senator Joe Lieberman in opposing President Clinton’s universal health care legislation calling it too inclusive to the detriment of a few…”

  127. Nebraska can’t even grow corn very well,

    That’s right, screw you NE…ya non-corn growing, can’t drive for shit, idiots!

    (how was that?)

  128. “I’m going to demand cutting emissions by 2050”

    –Wow…as I’ve said, he continues to channel the let’s-continue-to-rape-the-environment-for-many-years Bush crowd. At the rate human society’s been going resource-wise, especially petroleum-wise, this planet will likely look vastly different by 2050. Humans will be lucky to be around then with modern societies intact.

    In other words, we don’t fucking got till 2050 to make major changes. Cutting back must happen TODAY.

    Please, universe, don’t let this person wind up in the white house. More Bush-type years I can’t take!

  129. Obama tonight said he’d get universal health care by the end of his first term. Can the country’s budget wait till 2013? I don’t think so…..

    That was a major opening, and Hill – or preferably Bill – should knock his fucking teeth out.

    Norah ODonnell took all of 6 secs to start slobbering over Obama.

  130. Idunn, that is AWESOME!!!!!! Gosh, I wish you had been able to yell out about the house! He probably would have fainted from laughing so hard. I think tomorrow night in Bowie.

    HillaryLand, I’m not sure about the voter registration numbers, but guess what? Ana Sol was with me during the sign wave this morning!? She was speaking Spanish to the dozens and dozens of Latinos that walked past us on the way to the mall and I was so glad she was there. One man, also a Latino, gave her a hard time though–he was a Bush supporter. She and I had a good laugh about that. I think that there are more Latinos registered to vote than they are being given credit for.

    Idunn, you need your butt whooped for the Big Macs part of the story. ROTFLMBAO My eyes lit up like, “WTF?” at first.

  131. Awesome RA. Thanks for posting that! But seriously, the clip nowhere near did the excitement justice. That place was on fire!!

  132. paddy4Hill, I’m very confident that she could win MD. I don’t know about a landslide, but she could just edge out a victory. Hey! if she was leading in the delegate count before tonight’s contests and she still gets some delegates from tonight, she still leads the delegate count right? ROTFLMAO

  133. Sugar, I thought of you when I posted the story because I remembered how excited I was when you came in and posted YOUR rally story. I was just thrilled to be able to share alittle of that here with everyone.

    P.S. Lord have mercy, Big Dog is hot!! 😉

  134. paddy4Hill — Don’t you think Takoma Park could go either way? Lots of AA, but also many new Latinos too.

    Jamie Raskin is all out for obama. If you recall, he’s the one who took on Ida Ruben for the SS/TP seat. Jesse Jackson Jr came to MD to campaign for him. Also, Obama’s youth director is from SS. And the problem with ‘new’ Latinos is that many can’t vote. In fact, TP is one of the few municipalities that waives the citizenship requirement for voting in municipal elections. So basically, I’ll hope for the best but am prepared for the worst.

  135. Check out this quote from Wikipedia on Demagoguery, because that is exactly what we are witnessing with this BO craze:

    “The early 20th century American social critic and humorist H. L. Mencken, known for his “definitions” of terms, defined a demagogue as “one who will preach doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots.”

  136. LMAO. Marc Ambinder at Atlantic is reporting the following about our fundraising:

    “Clinton Finds A Donor Base

    09 Feb 2008 09:03 pm

    According to the Clinton campaign, 100,000 of Hillary Clinton’s enthusiastic donors have contributed more than $10M since Feb 5.

    Now these numbers are looked at with suspicion by Obama allies. They can’t possibly see how Clinton could generate some of the same enthusiasm that Obama does — they can’t stand comparisons of his donors to hers.

    But unless the Clinton campaign is just flat out lying, which I will stipulate is most likely not the case, something is going on here that we can’t fully appreciate or understand just it.”

    She didn’t find shit. We’ve been here all along mutherfuckers. Just wait until Tuesday. Operation 10-4, Good Buddy takes place starting in less than 50 hours.

  137. Well, I stopped by Hillary HQ this evening for a yard sign and also got a huge list of Indian Americans (460) — I will be on the phone all day tomorrow. So far the response has been very good — no Obama koolaid here. In fact one NIH scientist was saying how everything is messed up after the last 8 years and we need someone with brains in the WH. Another said that they mentioned it in his temple and 10-15 people are voting for Hillary and most other families were also voting for her.

    Hillary will be in Manassas, VA, Bill Clinton has 4 different events in MD (Upper Marlboro, Catonsville, Baltimore, and Silver Spring), Chelsea will be at UMCP. I am hoping to go to at least one event.

  138. Guys, we have to bring in more voters. That’s the answer. WE HAVE TO GET THOSE MEN AND WOMEN OUT THERE WHO JUST ASSUME HILL WILL WIN TO THE POLLS. We have to!

  139. “I’m going to demand cutting emissions by 2050″

    I’d settle for him shutting his flapping gums and cutting off all those stinky Hope emissions, myself. I am sure it’s cutting a Texas-sized hole in the ozone.

  140. OkieAtty, thanks for taking on those Obamazoids on my blog earlier too. They are such a creepy crowd. lol Sheesh! I got home and checked the blog and I was like, “WTF?” I doctored up one or two of “Rhonda’s” comments a little. Hopefully, that will piss her off enough to make her not come back. I would have never dreamed of doing something like that before, but they just keep coming back over and over again. They are probably lurking here right now!! I wouldn’t put it past them at all. lol

  141. BTW we don’t count attendees at pay to hear rallies as donors, or t-shirt sales as contributions, or pay our supporters $12.50 an hour. Our people are here bc we want to be. We give money and time bc we want to.

    I cannot wait for the end of smoke and mirrors when he loses the nomination.

  142. Yeah, something is going on. How shocking that the candidate who’s been winning the most votes in the most important places who continues to survive against a constant onslaught of antiherness–how shocking that she actually has tons of support and donors! Who would have thought it? She must have been winning all the contests she has by the Great Big Ether. The Great Big Ether and no one else has been voting for Clinton! Everyone knows that!

  143. Interesting comment on CNN. Obama does better in the red states because the Democrats in those states tend to be much more left.

    I’m not suggesting that he is really more progressive but for irrational reasons, the far left has adopted him.

  144. NP, Sugar. We can all use a little help now and then. That’s what good buddies are for. Can’t wait to make your acquaintance r/t at the reunion.

    Admin, thx for the frontpage link. 🙂 I had 200 hits while at dinner.

  145. Sittin Bull, exactly. They are idiots. I think it’s because he’s african american, and most african american’s in Democratic politics have been more liberal than there white counterparts. But he is not. And, these fools are going to be bummed if he get’s the job.

  146. “I’m going to demand cutting emissions by 2050”

    I wonder how Al Gore feels about that?
    Is it time to offer him $100 billion and complete jurisdiction over environmental policy for Clinton-Gore II? Well, that’s probably silly.

    But Hillary doing a major policy speech where she demands Detroit cut emissions in 3 years, while she cuts their health care costs that put them at a $1,500 per car disadvantage over European competitors- an area where Obama & Harry & Louise will leave 15 million americans uninsured – might not be so silly.

  147. pm: Well, I stopped by Hillary HQ this evening for a yard sign and also got a huge list of Indian Americans (460)

    Yes, there’s an activist of Indian descent from PG on her team. Recognized his name on the MD list of endorsers she published. I’m sure he’s responsible for that. Expect to do well w/ the Jewish vote in Kemp Mill areas and Reisterstown (Balt area). In academia, there’s a split of sorts — scientists for Hillary, lib arts for BO. Nevertheless, I don’t expect to win MD — would love to be pleasantly surprised.

  148. Fran, I know. I knew you’d get indignant. Obamalamadindongers are nuts. They think they own democracy. Thing about educated people, they think they’re smarter. They’re not. They are condescending assholes. I can’t blame republicans for hating many self-described liberals.

  149. Most red states have caucuses. The caucus system prefers people with passion. Which is what Obama cult supporters have. Hillary supporters don’t have the time.

    Frankly Hillary needs to go in for the kill, with the one-liners, cathy phrases and go head to head with obama. He’s getting away with murder, he is inept at politics, he only knows how to manipulate the media and deliver a good speech.

    Even if he wins he first G.E. he would lose the second term, you can only con people for so long… ask Tony Blair.

  150. We need to expand the field in every state. We have to bring in new voters. We can win more states if we find the people not taken by the cult.

  151. From Politico, Ben Smith:

    “these caucuses really aren’t tests of a candidate’s broader appeal. Total turnout in Nebraska, with 99.7% of precincts reporting, is just under 26,000. Which is a big turnout for the Nebraska caucuses, but not actually a lot of people.”

    From Marc Ambinder:

    “There is something to be said about a caucus. It is small, undemocratic series of gathering where the loudest voices often prevail.”

    It is unbelievable to me that so many of these states uses caucuses. It is mind boggling that WA state even though has a primary on Feb 19, chooses to apportion delegates based on the caucus.

  152. “Serious bravery” re what 1950Dem did today….Please extend those same kind of thoughts to all, on this site or not, who have waded in and done it with minimal support…

    and that includes some very brave under-supported paid staff…not just volunteers.

  153. OMG! I think I have died and gone to heaven! Hello all! I found Hillaryis44 on a blog post on HillaryClinton.com and I am having to recover from the vapors! After WEEKS AND WEEKS of screaming like a Banshee at the WaPo, Misogynistic Sycophants Nastily Bashing Clinton, er, I mean MSNBC and PRAYING that FOX News was not REALLY becoming the “Fair and Balanced” network….I can finally start to have faith that there are a lot of others who can speak intelligently about the Obamathon.

    I was beginning to fear I was too old, or MADE to feel too old to “get it”. I DON’T get it! I just watch him speak at the JJ Dinner too and he really said nothing…again.

  154. I’m going to have to back up Hawk and say that no way will Latinos back Obama over McCain! If he thinks he will have the majority of Latinos if he becomes the nominee he better think again..

    And Innun Big Dog is Da Man! 🙂 Glad to hear that you got to see him in person and yes he is HOT lol

  155. I know a lot of people who want to continue to help the campaign that worked in Iowa, California, and Minnesota that have been turned down. We need as many supporters as possible. Maine is tomorrow, and that is lookin’ good. Also, we keep doing so well w/ $ then we can steal any headlines he gains for these meager victories.

  156. There was supposed to be a mini-debate between the two of them that ABC 7 (I think they are the ones hosting it) put together for Monday night, but BO turned it down. As of earlier today, they are going forward with Hillary alone. I need to check to see if it’s still on. That would be great face time for her and I hope that the fact that BO turned it down will be driven in the ground like a railroad spike!

  157. mj, caucuses are a different animal. Bill never won a caucus state. Simmer down. Voter turn-out is at an all time high for Dems.

  158. Obama leads Democratic race in Caddo, but behind in Bossier
    February 9, 2008

    By Tarah Holland


    Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama leads the presidential preference primary race in Caddo Parish, but trails Sen. Hillary Clinton in Bossier Parishes on Saturday.

    The Illinois Senator picked up 63 percent of the vote in Caddo to Clinton’s 32 percent, with 58 of 154 precincts reporting, according to preliminary Secretary of State results.

    In Bossier, Clinton led with 50 percent of the vote to Obama’s 39 percent, with six of 66 precincts reporting, according to preliminary Secretary of State results.


  159. TPS, I think that’s the stuff people need to keep repeating, that’s the sane stuff that casts a truer light on all this nonsense, especially w.r.t the GE.

  160. Exactly Emjay…brave!

    (((((Undersupported staff, volunteers and everyone who showed true courage at the caucuses!!))))) THANK YOU!!!!!!

  161. Also, states where AA make 50% or more of the primary is hard to win because Obama will pick up 80% to 90% of the vore there.

  162. One last thing before some of you go of to bed. Here where I am it is still in the middle of the day. When I moved abroad, I changed my official address to Florida where my parents now live. So I voted via fax in the Florida primary. Back in the 50s or maybe very early 60’s, when our country was fighting to get the AA voting rights fully restored in the south, the US Supreme Court ruled that a primary election was not a party matter but carried the weight of a full and legal election. Hence southern states could not keep AA voters from voting by claiming voting regulations were established by state parties and hence were not bound by voting laws to the contrary. This means (sorry I am not a lawyer but my spouse is and is on a business trip at the moment) that the Florida democratic primary carried the full force of a normal election. Hence any attempt by the DNC to deprive my vote of equal value with participants in other state’s democratic primaries is a violation of the law and unconstitutional. Maybe we should explore bringing a class action suit against the DNC by Florida voters (not the Florida state party since it was not necessarily deprived of any meaningful rights). Since I faxed my ballot I still have a copy of it. I would be willing to explore with others inside the Clinton camp or other knowledgeable persons, taking this route to force the DNC to seat our Florida delegates. Can anyone help out. I am willing to participate in the class action suit.

  163. Sugar, Precious is back in after he saw Hillary was getting a whole hour or two of free airtime. What a pussy.

  164. Hah, Okieatty. I’m that predictable? If so, that’s terrible. I’m gonna spice up my behavior from now on!

    I’m educated, but I agree with you w.r.t. the bulk of my own kind; they’re snobs.

  165. Hillary will get 30 minutes of free air time because O refused to show up at the ABC debate. I think this is a great opportunity for Hillary.. This sucker just gave her 30 minutes of free air time without opposition lol

  166. Fran, it is even more shocking that delegates based on 26,000 voters are equated to the millions who voted in CA, NY, NJ, MA and other states. This nominating process is rigged to help candidates who do not have a broad appeal.

  167. I know, Okie, but the media will convince people he’s winning. I just had an agrument with a kool aid drinking turncoat on another thread. Hillary people are out there and they far out weigh his cultists. Let’s find them. I’d also love to help raise another 5 million this weekend. We need this woman. I hate this guy. I just absolutely have started to hate him and his sexist little, substance lacking campaign. If we cream him in upcoming states, we don’t need to passify anyone by giving this hack the VP spot. We can send him right back to the Senate with his tail between his legs.

  168. Is he back on the ABC debate? Last I heard he wasn’t going to appear. Guess he got scared and changed his mind lol

  169. You need to see is you can get a lawyer pro-bono. HUGE opportunity to some lucky lawyer to make a name for himself, if you know what I mean.

  170. The courting of Indian Americans is interesting. I am Indian, and I was really taken aback by Barack Obama’s D-Punjab memo, that was the first time that I thought to look at him a bit more closely. That being said, I don’t think it got the kind of attention it deserved from the media so I am guessing there are many in the Indian community who are not aware of it. The Clinton’s have been good friends of the Indian community, and I think you will find most will be supporting her (I believe she chairs the Senate India Caucus). HOWEVER, I think the challenge will be actually getting them to turn out. I think emphasizing just how close this election will be, and just how much Senator Clinton needs them to show their support at the polls is the most important thing.

  171. It’s certainly being rigged to help OBAMA, in my opinion. I think the whole race was structured that way from Iowa onward, by the Dems it seems, so Clinton wouldn’t get in. As I’ve said all along (in frustration): what the hell is going on? Who’s behind this insanity?

  172. Yeah, TeamC. He jumped back in after he saw the new title: something something an uninterrupted interview w/ HC. Read that earlier on CNN I think.

  173. Fran, the individual state parties are behind it. All trying to be big and bad and only be successful at the latter.

  174. Oh thanks Okie for the info! Damn, was hoping for the free air time for Hillary but she’ll mop the floor with him anyways. 🙂

  175. HillaryLandRocks Says:
    February 9th, 2008 at 11:19 pm

    I think his name is Arora — saw that on that list. But I don’t keep up with the community and was surprised to find so many in and around Montgomery county. I enjoyed calling a bunch this evening — kind of refreshing to find your own and when they make sense.

    On the VA side, we saw a bunch of Indian Americans with Tim Caine entourage. Manassas is a strong hispanic hold and that’s probably why Hillary is stopping there. I hope we can deliver both VA, MD for her on Tues.

  176. Aw, shucks…. Really it wasn’t scary like I expected. No Obama Testerones! No manipulation about where to go etc, like I’d heard about other places.

    Lots of Obama people but they were nice quiet middle aged people, just a little too dreamy and mellow for good judgement. I probably scared them….

    I still think it would be very helpful to start having ‘Caucus Lunches’ or something where people could meet up and go on to the caucus as a group, for those of us who don’t know what kind of caucus situation we’ll be getting into.

  177. I think the HRC D-Punjab comment was underplayed and it is extremely offensive for Indian AMericans, and should be to everyone.

  178. Hi Spacegirlart :). You’re not alone and you’re not “too old.” No one’s too old (or too young for that matter) to be sensible and sane. If I live that long, I hope to be sane in my eighties–maybe even sanER!

  179. When I’m 80, I plain to be the crazy old lady in the purple hat who chases kids off her lawn with a fire house. 😉

  180. The way GOTV in caucus’ for Hillary is going, we should not raise expectations too high for Maine. But keep composed and hope for the best.

    We need a Primary is a latino area, both Maryland, and VA are AA areas. 🙁

    Caucus system should be scrapped.

  181. Welcome, Spacegirl. Just jump right into the mix. I’ll try not to cuss too much, but I can’t make any promises. 😉

  182. Well, I’m exhausted and speaking of Indian people, the pistachio cookies I made are calling me; they’ve got rosewater, lime and cardamom in them, so I’ve dubbed them kulfi cookies. I love that flavoring.

    Nightie-night everyone. Keep at it,


  183. Welcome spacegirlart. We have people from all races, religions, creeds, orientations and AGES here 🙂

    Welcome to the sanctuary 🙂

  184. She should send people to prayer groups, book clubs, anywhere. Let’s bring out those voters. And, the young women. Surely there are young women out there counting on Hillary to win, we need to get them to check in.

  185. HillaryLandRocks Says:

    February 9th, 2008 at 11:28 pm
    mj: We need to expand the field in every state. We have to bring in new voters.

    I 100% agree. me too.
    some who support her cant come they have kids or work,if they are single moms.maybe babysitters needed again…and she says go to hillary.com she needs it on the front page ,and say to all who came to the rallys in maine with the rest of the states..please dont forget to vote or cacus,i really will apprecite your support..see you at the polling places…they need to see it right at first…

  186. “When I’m 80, I plain to be the crazy old lady in the purple hat who chases kids off her lawn with a fire house”

    –LOL! Actually, being largely a recluse, I’m, like, there already, Idunn. Only my straw hat’s hot pink.

  187. LOL. Well.. truth be told, I cannot completely blame mine on the election cycle. But it just feels good to be here. If I read one more word of swoon for the Second-coming-of-Leiberman, I might move to Mt. Everest.

  188. Oh gawd, Teddy is campaigning for Precious in ME today. Quick check all the bridges to make sure they’re intact and no women are missing.

  189. meiyingsu, that is because the state changed its laws to have primaries. The stupid Democratic party continues to use the caucuses. There is a lot of confusion as a result. In WA, most people vote by absentee ballots and there are many Democrats who are likely to vote for Hillary who think that they have already voted and aren’t probably even familiar with the caucuses. Moreover, you have to find the location by going to the party website which was overloaded yesterday. Many working class voters who are likely to vote for Hillary probably do not have in-home access to internet. They also don’t have the time to go jawbone with obnoxious college kids and latte liberals. We will see the vote tallies for the primary on Feb 19 and she might very well win it. This is one more example of voter disenfranchisement.

  190. OkieAtty Says:

    February 9th, 2008 at 11:46 pm
    Oh gawd, Teddy is campaigning for Precious in ME today. Quick check all the bridges to make sure they’re intact and no women are missing.
    ohh that creeps me out fat old fart..lmao..wheres idunn i hope the women have some mace..lol

  191. “Quick check all the bridges to make sure they’re intact and no women are missing.”


    (Not that I’m laughing at that poor woman’s fate….)

  192. Obama does not have broad appeal to voters. Either he can win the anti-democratic caucuses where only a few hardcore activists show up or win primaries in which the AA vote is high. He is yet to win a big state with a broad cross-section of voters outside of his home state. He lost New York, New Jersey, Massachussetts, California, Michigan and Florida. He will lose Ohio, Texas, and Pennsylvania.

    The only reason he is still in this race is because the nominating rules have been so rigged by Dean and Brazille to favor Obama. If Democrats used a winner-take-all system like Republicans, Obama will be behind by at least 400 delegates.

    The Nebraska primary had 26,000 voters show up. 26,000 voters is nothing. Washington state has a primary on Feb 19. Yet, the state chooses to allocate delegates based on an anti-democratic caucus.

    Obama simply cannot win big states. His coalition is just not broad enough for him to win him these states. If he is the nominee because of a rigged process, he will lose the entire south, entire mountain west and will lose all of the states in the industrial mid-west. He will be a huge disaster for our party and take with him our congressional candidates. We might very well lose the house with him.

  193. Indian Americans, in general, love the Clintons. This goes back a long time. They also do not like Obama because of hid (D) Punjab memo. I don’t know if there are enough of them in Maryland and Virginia to make a difference. Anyone knows the demographics?

  194. No stealing required. We are all in this together. I called the campaign HQ yesterday and told them all about the HUGE amount of supporters and new donors on the blogs at Clinton.com. Told them they had better ACKNOWLEDGE them, or they would lose the second dip in to the coffers. Got a very nice girl at the HQ, she took my name and number, and told me she would personally pass info on to Press Staff. Then today, those quotes Hillary used in her speech in Washington (?) were EXACTLY from the blogs, so I choose to believe I had a hand in that! 😀

  195. Well Fran, just what exactly ARE you laughing at then? Surely not our noble, drunken trainwreck of a senator from MA.?! 😉

  196. CJ, Idunn, who needs mace? They have those giant nutcracker thingees for lobster. That ought to scare off that Kennedy. I bet they hang so low at his age you could throw them at his ankles and make him flinch.

  197. Spacegirl, have you contacted the DNC yet and demanded that the seat the delegates from Florida and Michigan? I’m contacting them daily now…maybe they’ll get so sick of me they’ll seat those delegates just to shut me up. LOL!

  198. Re: Washington Caucuses, I am sure y’all are aware on BO site, the instructions were you can go and register on-site as a democrat, and switch back. Also, STUPID rules….you don’t have to even prove you live in the area?!?!? I may have read that wrong, but it sure looked fishy.

  199. id be scared of him talking in the room to me e– gawd..he likes that liquor..maine wont have nothing to do with his creepy eyeballs…good old teddy has back problems,from swimming such a fierce lying story,hope he gets a another bad backache..and relash of women who have not forgot about mary joe…

  200. images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.kevininscoe.com/pub/ted_kennedy_hooters.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.kevininscoe.com/pub/%3FC%3DM%3BO%3DA&h=480&w=323&sz=41&hl=en&start=1&tbnid=az1qT4ELsKUx3M:&tbnh=129&tbnw=87&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dted%2Bkennedy%26hl%3Den%26safe%3Doff%26sa%3DN

  201. OkieAtty Says:

    February 9th, 2008 at 11:52 pm
    CJ, Idunn, who needs mace? They have those giant nutcracker thingees for lobster. That ought to scare off that Kennedy. I bet they hang so low at his age you could throw them at his ankles and make him flinch.
    im lmao off,,crack his knees with them nuctcrakers

  202. Hehe, Idunn, I’m laughing because I think Okieatty’s characterization of him seems so TRUE. And, geez, how terrible is that? Can’t america do better?

  203. Spacegirl, I try never to go to Bambi’s site. I’m afraid the cult of personality might seep through my skin and poison my brain. But yes, that is certainly weird what you report.

  204. No real friend of Ted’s here, but you do remember his back was broken in a plane crash.

    What I thought really disingenuous was his “endorsement”. Done out of being pissed at Bill and the perceived slight by Hill of not including JFK in her comment about MLK and LBJ? Now there is conviction!

  205. I hear they posted these signs all over ME in preparation for his visit:


  206. Hubby just said that we should weigh Obama against a duck. Then we’ll find out for sure if he’s a witch!

    LMAO! Hubby is a riot!

  207. New Newsweek is 42-41; but 17% still undecided.

    Huge undecided number. Momentum is major, if not key.

    Want to make a special point of this.
    About the only time the Clintons have blunted Obamas momentum
    (which is of course turbo boosted by the media)
    is when the Big Dawg was on his ass.

    That’s what it’s gonna take to get through this next phase.

  208. “Git back some drivel from DNC National hack who said it was our fault.”

    –They said it was the voter’s fault, you mean? Lovely. Do they really think voters will buy this, that they can’t see who’s been controlling the show, controlling the way the elections have played out, and in a biased way to favor the candidate they’ve wrapped a halo around? And if it’s so that they think voters will buy this, I think the DNC’s either deluded, corrupt–or both. Sickening.

  209. Hey Spacegirl! Isn’t this site just the best safe haven? Sheesh. That’s why it’s so creepy when the Obamamites come to blogs and attack. I don’t go to their blogs to attack. Now, MSM and Big blogs are fair game, but blogs of the average joe? No, because like Idunn, I wouldn’t the pimp-juice to run off onto my fingertips and then seep through my pores. lol

  210. Idunn, I go there from time to time and read the blogs (gag). Not registered on his site tho. It’s all I can do to click by the talking head (that reminds me so much of that Nike-style “O” commercial that came out last year)
    They certainly are an unpleasant bunch.

  211. SpacegirlArt Says:

    February 9th, 2008 at 11:53 pm
    Re: Washington Caucuses, I am sure y’all are aware on BO site, the instructions were you can go and register on-site as a democrat, and switch back. Also, STUPID rules….you don’t have to even prove you live in the area?!?!? I may have read that wrong, but it sure looked fishy.
    Im sure its the truth he did it with Iowa and said that on the his site..
    I wish Hillary would bring this shit out or someone in the campaign ..wolfson was on a roll now he should do this roll…take that idoit all to the mat and pin him down..send him back to home…that is truly unfair oh im gonna be a democrat for a day then switch back to be a republican so phony people who do that..if i was in the court house registering people i would let them do it..so if he gets people to do that then if he is the nom which he wont be,then he wont have there vote in Nov…is he stupid or what..

  212. OMG. I knew we had trolls lurking online here: home.earthlink.net/~americans_who_hate_america/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/teddy_bear_ted_kennedy.jpg

  213. Off to bed. I’m donating platelets tomorrow, so I need my sleep. I’m going to wear my Hillary for President t-shirt tomorrow for the first time. I hope I don’t get ripped to shreds or that I don’t get some Obamamite Nurse Ratchet.

  214. Not the VOTERS fault, but the Florida DNC didn’t even ASK Florida voters their opinion. The Republican-controlled Legislature rammed it (date change) through and it was signed into law by the Repg Governor,

    Reply from the DNC:

    Thank you for contacting us with your concerns. On August 25th the
    DNC*s Rules and Bylaws Committee, nearly unanimously, found
    Florida*s 2008 Delegate Selection Plan in Non-Compliance with the 2008
    Delegate Selection Rules because of its January 29, 2008 primary date –
    a date that violates the rule on timing. It should be noted that the
    full DNC, including members from Florida, voted to adopt the Rules last
    year after an 18-month-long transparent, thoughtful and deliberative

    The DNC gave the Florida Democratic Party 30 days to submit a plan that
    could have complied. During that time, the DNC worked with the Florida
    State Party to develop a plan that complied. In the end, despite being
    presented several options, including offers of assistance, the Florida
    Democratic Party chose to reaffirm the January 29, 2008 primary date.
    Because of this the DNC is forced to enforce its rules.

    This was not an arbitrary decision made by the DNC, but one that was
    considered by the entire Rules and Bylaws Committee. We feel it is
    important to enforce the rules that were voted on by the full DNC to
    ensure that the nominating process is more fair, more representative and
    more effective as a proving ground for our own candidates. Our ultimate
    goal is to put forth the strongest presidential nominee. The Party must
    enforce its calendar at this time to prevent other states from
    leapfrogging ahead.

    We’re pleased the court ruled in our favor, recognizing the
    constitutionally protected right of the Democratic National Committee to
    enforce its rules and treat all state Democratic parties in a fair and
    equal way. The DNC is committed to protecting the right to vote for
    every American, and we look forward to continuing to work together to
    ensure that Florida turns blue in 2008.

    Constituency Services

  215. Can’t resist.

    Sir Bedevere: There are ways of telling whether she is a witch.
    Peasant 1: Are there? Oh well, tell us.
    Sir Bedevere: Tell me. What do you do with witches?
    Peasant 1: Burn them.
    Sir Bedevere: And what do you burn, apart from witches?
    Peasant 1: More witches.
    Peasant 2: Wood.
    Sir Bedevere: Good. Now, why do witches burn?
    Peasant 3: …because they’re made of… wood?
    Sir Bedevere: Good. So how do you tell whether she is made of wood?
    Peasant 1: Build a bridge out of her.
    Sir Bedevere: But can you not also build bridges out of stone?
    Peasant 1: Oh yeah.
    Sir Bedevere: Does wood sink in water?
    Peasant 1: No, no, it floats!… It floats! Throw her into the pond!
    Sir Bedevere: No, no. What else floats in water?
    Peasant 1: Bread.
    Peasant 2: Apples.
    Peasant 3: Very small rocks.
    Peasant 1: Cider.
    Peasant 2: Gravy.
    Peasant 3: Cherries.
    Peasant 1: Mud.
    Peasant 2: Churches.
    Peasant 3: Lead! Lead!
    King Arthur: A Duck.

  216. TPS- you are right on the mark. If Obambi were to steal the election (that means not count FL/MI) and get the nomination, it will be the biggest disaster in a long time. We will lose the new majority during the GE we received in 06. It will set us back many years. I am assuming here that McCain is still the GOP nominee. If Huck gets it, we can run Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and maybe still win. Blue Dem, we can carry OH, PA, and TEX. In fact we will carry them quite well. This is a no brainer. Quit asking silly questions.
    If Obambi does not count our Florida votes, I will vote GOP for the first time in my life, even if it is Huck. I may need to hang myself in disgrace after doing so, but I will be dammed if I give my vote to someone who disenfranchises me. He will have stolen the election in order to get the nomination. Does he really understand what this means ? This puts him on par with Bush. Disgusting

  217. CJ, I have thought of that too re: GE and if he gets our candidacy. Expediency for the sake of loss. But remember, the repugs may be helping in that too. They know they can beat him, and I betcha they have a whole bag of stuff to do it with. He is TERRIBLE on his feet without a teleprompter or cue cards.

  218. BlueDemocrat, Of course is nothing is in the bag about Ohio, Texas, and Pennsylvania. But, these are states with large numbers of working class voters, middle class voters for whom economy and healthcare are very important. These states are not influenced by latte liberals. Texas also has a huge hispanic population which is very good for Hillary.

    Here is another statistic about Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, and Tennessee and other southern states. Obama wins 80% of the AA vote and Hillary wins 70% of the white vote. In Louisiana, she won the white vote in every age group by 40 points. This demographic pattern augurs well for Hillary in Texas in addition to her advantage among latinos.

    In Ohio and PA, she certainly has an advantage. Polls taken just before Super Tuesday showed her with leads of more than 20 points in Ohio. The popular Ohio governor has endorsed her. Same thing in Pennsylvania where the popular governor Ed Rendell has endorsed her. She has the money to advertise in these states. These are also primaries.

    Therefore, it is my informed opinion that she has a very good shot at taking those three states. There is also West Virginia, Indiana, and North Carolina all of which should be fertile ground for her. Now, I don’t know the demographics of these three states’ Democratic primary voters. Does anyone know?

  219. SpacegirlArt Says: I called the campaign HQ yesterday and told them all about the HUGE amount of supporters and new donors on the blogs at Clinton.com.

    Hm? I went there and it was some sort of financial site. Is that the right url?

  220. What about socially conservative women who tend to vote Republican just on those lines? Hillary should go after those voters now.

  221. Father forgiven me for I have sinned. It’s been…ummm….I don’t really know how long it’s been since my last confession. You don’t have to be anywhere right away do you?


  222. “He will have stolen the election in order to get the nomination. Does he really understand what this means ? This puts him on par with Bush.”

    –I think he and his supporters have been on par with Bush all along, using the Bush crowd’s many thug tactics, so I suspect Obama will continue to behave so, especially if he’s ever–please no–sitting as president.

  223. With all these voting tricks on BO’s website and elsewhere on the ground, I think its only fair that the FL and MI delegates be counted.

  224. from now on, when i suspect a troll on here, i’ll see that pic in my head. hubby says i have to sign off now. it’s been fun, y’all. happy chinese new year. big dim sum tomorrow. yum yum.


  225. paddy4Hill, if the DNC selects Obama as the nominee without seating Michigan and Florida, I will also quit the Democratic party and vote for McCain. This is not an empty threat but a promise. I truly believe Obama will be a disaster for our country. In this time of of great problems, we simply acnnot afford to put another inexperienced rookie in office. Look what happened when this happened 7 years ago?

  226. TPS, I am probably with you on that. McCain will at least not feel like he has to butter up to the Wacko Right wing after the election. What’s worse, the Viet Kong or James Dobson?

  227. from the DNC quoted above: We’re pleased the court ruled in our favor, recognizing the
    constitutionally protected right of the Democratic National Committee to
    enforce its rules and treat all state Democratic parties in a fair and
    equal way. The DNC is committed to protecting the right to vote for
    every American, and we look forward to continuing to work together to
    ensure that Florida turns blue in 2008.

    Well, I’m happy that they are pleased with themselves over at the DNC, what I’m NOT happy about is that their smug position will lead to the election of yet another Republican President. The very same ruling that states that the DNC has the right to make up any rules it wants, favors the argument that they MUST make a rule that results in the seating of FL/MI voters, because Democrats will need those voters in November. Period.

  228. SpacegirlArt, I agree with you. Between Obama and McCain (if it ever comes to that, I don’t think it will) I will always choose McCain. Because we have to put the country ahead of the party. Obama is an inexperienced, untried, untested, rookie. He will be incompetant and a disaster for our country.

  229. From Sunday’s New York Times: (I’d suggest reading it carefully)

    Mrs. Clinton spoke highly of John Edwards, who dropped out of the race before the Super Tuesday primaries.
    “I want to compliment Senator Edwards, who is a fighter,” Mrs. Clinton said. “There is a lot that John and I have in common. And I intend to ask John Edwards to be a part of anything I do.”
    A campaign spokeswoman said that Mrs. Clinton was not necessarily naming Edwards as a running mate in the event of her nomination.

  230. Insipid, they want to do a caucus not a primary. Either of them would be inconsistent with the state law and will lead to all kinds of law suits.

  231. “The DNC is committed to protecting the right to vote for
    every American”

    (except when we don’t want to.)

    I’ll join a class-action too. ALL the candidates were on the ballots here. Not so in Michigan. But that was great strategery on HRC’s part. Some call it cheating, I call it smart.

  232. mangomist3 Says: The Clinton’s have been good friends of the Indian community, and I think you will find most will be supporting her (I believe she chairs the Senate India Caucus). HOWEVER, I think the challenge will be actually getting them to turn out.

    I keep saying this, but what about hosting (maybe at a restaurant) a party just before the caucus so people could meet in a private atmosphere and go together into the caucus — hopefully with some volunteer familair with the caucus as guard/guide. This wouldn’t have to cost the campaign, everyone could go dutch. And the volunteer would only need about an hour time at the restaurant (or less). Some people just don’t want to walk into a big strange place alone!

  233. Obama is an inexperienced, untried, untested, rookie. He will be incompetant and a disaster for our country

    And he’s a witch! I don’t vote for witches. That’s just how I roll.;)

  234. WOW Blue…


    I wrote to the campaign and suggested Edwards for AG.

    And if we HAD to have BO, him for Secretary of State, not VP. He could get his credentials, HAVE to support her policies around the world, and would BE GONE most of the time!

  235. lninla, are you still here? What’s the word from the Hillary staff (volunteer coordinator) you spoke to?

    I was out with friends at a bar. We saw the CNN primary report and it ruined our night… mine at least.

  236. What really burns my buns is if women(who don’t identify with Obama on racial lines) would just identify with Hillary the way african americans are with Obama, this would be a cake walk.

  237. Insiid- we in Florida already voted. thank you. We demand our equal rights.

    OkieAtty- Chinese New Year was three days ago. You are a little late. But enjoy the dim sum anyway.

    Greetings from Beijing!

  238. MJ, in being an ACTIVE blogger on HRC site, I think that is starting to happen. MANY MANY newcomers this WEEK, and many Republican Women and Indies. Many MEN TOO. Just not enough to pull it off yet, but the trend is there. First time givers who had NO CLUE she was cash-shy.

  239. TPS
    I totally with you on that. I am not voting for Democratic party of Obama and Donna Brazil. I am voting in general for a person. If Hillary is not the nominee – I will vote for McCain. I am not happy with his war plans but he is definitely is more honorable guy then Obama and his supporters like Kerry. Enough is enough. If Democratic party is a party of idiots like these – It is not mine and I am not interested in their agenda. It is huge difference between Hillary and Obama and if someone may not see it – they should stay on their medication. Sorry to rude, but this is what I think.

  240. 1950 Democrat, MD is a primary though, right? It isn’t a caucus, so they wouldn’t need to bond before hand. It would be WAY more difficult getting Indian Americans to turn out for a caucus…primary is easier as long as they don’t take her win for granted. In other words, I think as long as they really, really know that their vote needs to count, you will do okay with turnout in a primary.

  241. IDunn,
    Poll numbers are u/a. The consensus from the political scientists seems to be, in reading the NYT & WaPo accounts, that Hill has an edge demographically, as Maine is heavy on older women.
    The independents and the fact it’s a caucus are the unpredictable part as far as BO goes.

    Once quote in the NYT piece was “Maine’s her best shot to win again in February,” so…..

  242. He is TERRIBLE on his feet without a teleprompter or cue cards…your so right spacegirl they’ll eat him alive…hell be stuttering uhh uhhh,,i think he is fake and dont know what hes talking about because i cannot follow that man when he drifts and starts the preaching crap..dont want a president who preaches to me…Hillary will win..but she needs to get tougher,dont play nice anymore,my black friends are voting for her,hes never lived in a AA community in the United States he came from out of no where…cant they see this he was from Idonesia he hasnt seen living in the gettos,growing up..i did, he knows nothing about it,things done in 2050 we need to push the 2050…his friends from the past where are they,they said that to me…so it scrares them and his present votes..He follows Hillary everywhere like a puppy on a chain dont let him do it…shes always in the state first oh here he comes…

  243. CJ: the ring leader for BO in my precinct, a youngish rather immature young woman, was somebody I never dreamed in seeing in a democratic caucus. She’s a new agey type and I’d noticed on some records I saw prior to caucus that she’s an independent. So, I said to her as she left, “I look forward to having you become more of a part of our county democratic organization, perhaps becoming a PCO or such.” She then informed me democratic. She was voting for this way but she considered herself a greenparty member.

  244. year of the mouse (lao shu). rat sounds too vulgar. Maybe we can change it to the year of the Obama. He is a rat!

  245. Spacegirl,
    I thought so. That’s about as close to an open invite as Edwards is likely to get from either Hill or BO. Surprised me;
    hopefully they’re close on something.

    I assume HRC wouldn’t go public with something like that without an inkling…. And the fact it comes after tonight’s results, when JE might be most tempted to endorse Obama tells me maybe Hill’s saying to him it’s now or never.
    I’m sure someone’s taken the time to explain to him that Hill IS going to win this thing, and he’d be wise to act accordingly.

  246. mangomist3 Says:
    February 10th, 2008 at 12:26 am
    MD is a closed primary (ind and repubs can’t vote). None of the usual shenanigans here for Obama.

  247. I want us to think vury, vury seriously….about Paddy’s foreign policy doctrinal proposal. The honorable Doug Wildler and the less honorable James Clyburn could be the rain makers…and Donna Brazile could be the Executive Director.

    They would develop an institute that focuses on Barack Obama’s latte doctrine, and go on MSNBC every M-W-F, CNN on T-TH, to propose their latest proposals. Sundays, of course, they could take turns as Tim RustBucket’s featured guest on MTP.

    Ahhh, the reflected glory that would be theirs.

  248. SpacegirlArt
    yes it is only a month. But it is possible again to see the media create another blown hot air ” momentum” for him for free. I already saw that after SC. So it is not just that easy.

  249. Oh, it’s the only route! That and getting FLA & MI re-instated somehow.

    Fuckin’ bullshit, wouldn’t have to get more grey hairs if those states were getting their due. This thing’d be over already!

  250. Doug Wildler, is NOT honorable. Don’t you remember how he almost left the Party to run with someone (Perot maybe?) on a third Party ticket? He’s an ass.

  251. I didn’t think I would EVER want Nader to run, but there are a LOT of Obama’s camp that support Green. Nader said he would run Green. And on Democracy Now, besides the fact that the Progressive America Movement AND MoveOn were saying they “needed to move Obama more in their direction now”, a Nader entry would only help Hillary.

  252. paddy4Hill Says:

    February 10th, 2008 at 12:25 am
    Insiid- we in Florida already voted. thank you. We demand our equal rights.

    OkieAtty- Chinese New Year was three days ago. You are a little late. But enjoy the dim sum anyway.

    Greetings from Beijing,,when i seen beijing, i hear that music in a chinnesee resturant..i love chinesse food..
    whoever made those stupid rules cacus you dont even have all the people voting from the state,that does not make sense..
    she needs to be the last speaker too…so anything he says she can call him on it..

  253. I’m originally from Va. One of the runors that went around there was that Wilders wife caught him cheating, snuck into the bedroom while he was sleeping and super glued his john thomas to his leg.

    (watch the trolls get ahold of that! LOL!)

  254. John,
    The media’s already started (what they hope is) their final assault on Hill.
    That’s why Bill’s gotta get involved here soon, land a few haymakers.
    Remember how he got into BO’s head?
    Forced him into mistakes – and he’ll do it again.

    I’d like to see HRC stick to town halls and short, sharp policy addresses in the meantime.

    This campaign needs to take on the air of the government-in-waiting, the gov’t-in-exhile.
    I haven’t been pleased with the way a lot of things have been handled.

  255. Blue Democrat
    I know but – she can only counter his attack in the same big media TV and it looks like it is obessed with BO. This is what I am talking about. How she will do this? small town hall meeting are just not enough

  256. Sen. Obama Blasts Cheney’s Energy Policy, Doesn’t Mention He Voted For It

    2/8/2008 2:26:51 PM

    “It would have been nice if Senator Obama discovered his newfound concerns about the vice-president’s role in making energy policy prior to voting for the Bush-Cheney energy bill in 2005. Sen. Clinton is focused on delivering solutions to the energy crisis and is ready to implement a detailed plan to make America energy independent when she is President.” – Clinton Spokesman Phil Singer

    Today, Sen. Obama blasted the energy policy developed in secret by Vice President Cheney:

    Washington’s failure is the failure of a president who spent most of his time in office denying the very existence of global warming – of a Vice President who developed America’s energy policy with a secret task force that opened the door to oil lobbyists and then shut it to every other point of view.

    Sen. Obama failed to mention that he voted for Dick Cheney’s energy policy, the 2005 Energy Bill.

  257. Spacegirl,
    It’s off the charts overall.
    Remember, the “1984” spot – which of course wasn’t from Obama’s campaign (though the guy who said he created it worked for the firm linked to it). That ad ran non-stop for a month.

    They’ve been very shrewed, and of course it’s easy when the game’s rigged in your favor.

  258. The way I see it, Bills hands are tied. How the heck can he say ANYTHING about Bambi without landing in deep doodoo over it? Say the truth…he’s a racist. Take up for Hill…inappropriate for a former Prez.

    It’s just sickening.

  259. hey okie…i just sent an email to everyone on my email list and put out a bulletin on my myspace page for the money bomb…

  260. At this point, I say let the shit start flying. I really don’t care WHAT big media or the dem party does with that anymore.

  261. Of course they are obsessed with him!

    But when Big Dawg steps to the mic, he gets all the big media you need.
    She stays out of it.

    It’s also way past the time for compare/contrast ads. Heavy buys.
    Not negative ads, factual ones.

    Combined, it’ll move numbers.

  262. I am not sure if I am right – but she maybe should pick up a fight with him. She should point out the differences in a very precise manner. His issues are full of sh*t and he cannot defend any of that. He is only a big chant “yes we can” so she should try and show that he is an empty blow hole. nothing else.

  263. If you have noticed, NOW that he “appears” (in the eyes of the media and his supporters) to be “taking the lead” more scrutiny is being paid to his history. But too little too late. If we get stuck with this guy, who says “Her voters will vote for me, but I am not so sure mine will vote for her” won’t HE be surprised. I’ll wear my Hillary shirt right into the Repug Party Office and switch affiliations.

  264. Also, bear in mind that when HRC delivered the Rezko punch, there was zero backlash (none that I saw anyway).

    Time for HRC to punch him in the gut a second time. F it!

  265. IDunn,
    That’s the trap big media wants – rather obviously. Cause it shuts him down.
    Who cares about his short term popularity anyway? That he can get back. This is about much more, namely a 3rd & 4th Clinton term.
    He’s got to punch it out – now or never.



  266. Idunn
    Rezko will not produce anything – unless he is directly connected and we can prove it. It is a time wasting. No one is interested it seems.

  267. MoveOn is just outrageous. How could they endorse someone who seems to have nothing but a complete middle of the road take on the issues? I thought they were supposed to be “progressive”?

  268. State voters switching to Democrats
    State party switchers favor Dems
    Sunday, February 10, 2008
    Of The Patriot-News
    When John F. Kennedy made a campaign stop in Lebanon in the early 1960s, Arbelyn Tarsa was there to heckle him.

    She became a campaign volunteer for Barry Goldwater a few years later and for Ronald Reagan after that.

    No one could question Tarsa’s Republican pedigree.

    Until now. Tarsa, 68, is switching her registration to the Democratic Party so she can vote for Barack Obama.

    “I feel the [Republican] Party has been hijacked by the right-wing religious nuts,” she said.

    Tarsa is one of thousands of Pennsylvania voters who are switching parties before the April primary, state and county election records show.

    Most of the switchers are going to the Democrats, 51 percent statewide, compared with 29 percent for the Republicans, based on nearly 15,000 voters who changed in January.

    “That’s not surprising to me,” said Mary Isenhour, the executive director of the state Democratic Committee.

    The trend is a sign that voters are looking for change, she said, and she expects the shift to accelerate after last Tuesday’s primaries failed to produce a clear front-runner on the Democratic ticket.

    The close contest between Obama and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton will attract more voters to the Democratic primary, maybe even more so now that Sen. John McCain has taken a commanding lead on the GOP side, election observers said.

    In an e-mail to The Patriot-News, Luke Roman of Newport said he would cross over just to vote against Clinton.

    The pattern is just as strong in Cumberland, Dauphin, Lebanon, Perry and York counties. Democrats picked up 53 percent of the 1,300 voters who changed parties in January in the five-county region, compared with 36 percent for Republicans.

    Matthew Koons, 27, of West Hanover Twp., voted for President Bush twice. But disillusioned by the Iraq war and the administration’s poor response to Hurricane Katrina, he switched to the Democrats to vote for Obama. “It’s a fresh energy,” he said.

    The trend toward the Democrats doesn’t worry John McNally, the chairman of the state Republican Committee’s voter registration committee and the chairman of the Dauphin County GOP.

    “It’s a natural ebb and flow,” he said. “It would be irresponsible to read anything into that.”

    The trend might balance out if voters who are registered as independent cross over to support McCain, McNally said.

    Michael Young, a public policy analyst and writer, said the pendulum could easily swing the other way in four years. But this time, with Bush’s poor popularity ratings, it seems to be Republican voters who are the most restless.

    Voters across the U.S. have been showing signs of discontent with the two major parties for decades, he said.

    Texas billionaire Ross Perot tapped those feelings, though unsuccessfully, when he ran for president as an independent in 1992 and 1996, Young said. In years since, voters have not been willingly constrained by their parties, he said.

    “The real problem is with [the parties] as institutions,” Young said. “They are monopolies … and voters seem to sense that, and want choices outside that two-party system.”

    Penn State University professor Michael Hecht, 58, ended 30 years as an independent, to join the Democrats, citing a litany of issues that included the war, the economy and public health.

    “I felt it was imperative for my voice to join others in the primary as well as the general election,” he said.

    But when the election is over, will he stay with the Democrats?

    “I’ll switch back to independent,” he said.

    GARRY LENTON: 255-8264 or glenton@patriot-news.com


  269. I’m starting to get depressed now and that’s not what i come to this blog for. We were expecting for him to win tonight weren’t we? Why is the sky falling? We’ll probably win tomorrow, and then Ohio on March 4th. Right? right? Please someone make me feel better!

  270. Maybe Obozo will start strutting around and acting presidential. If this stuff goes to his head to early, people will see his real jerk personality (and he is a jerk) and pull back from the abyss before it is too late.

  271. Idunn
    Oh I see. It should be on the issues – and she should go after him – big time. She has no more time and luxury to just ignore it and have another happy family debate or quite week. She should go after him.

  272. I feel like she’s taking her current stance in order to try to preserve party unity. I don’t give a rats ass about party unity anymore. I just want her to take this a-hole down NOW.

    Worry about party unity later.

  273. Insipid
    WE cannot just talk about what we want. We need to clearly see what is going on so we can reacty and do something to improve. If we will just keep talking about how everything is perfect we will never get anything done.

  274. LMAO! OMG! I know what Hillary has to do! She has to get Bambi to come to a debate, and then she has to throw a bucket of water on him! Let that witch melt!! 🙂

  275. your right to idunn ..in the gut…time for her to back hand him..Bill to who gives a rats a** he can ask for her tax returns,bullshit fight him hillary call him on the carpet ,come clean with rezko push it..wolfson needs to get tougher to she needs a spokeman to call his shit out….who cares about the media that racist stuff is bullshit crap…let them whine…

    get Busy Bill ..get in his head again…it makes him fumble..and when bill does it say well youll see the media spinned it different. so dont listen to them,tell that to the crowds so they know..I believe Bill and Hillarybefore.. anyone…

  276. The problem for Hillary is that she can’t go after him without the media killing her for it. When she goes after him, he says things like the “claws come out” and the media plays such statements over and over and over again and then they keep saying she isn’t likeable, so in some ways it hurts her. And when she does try, it doesn’t gain any traction. On healthcare, she really tried to go after him, but did it matter? Not one bit. He keeps lying and saying its universal and the media keeps letting him do it….so what can she do? She is fighting him with both hands tied behind her back, while he has his own hands, michelle’s hands, teddy k’s hands, and the medias hands to do his fighting with him…its ludicrous. I am sorry, I am a minority so maybe this makes it more okay for me to say this, but I am not walking on racial egshells for the rest of my life. I don’t like BO because he is inexperieced and arrogant, not because of his race. I am SICK of people suggesting that anyone who criticizes him is a racist…I am not dealing with that….

  277. Idunn

    OMG!!! I can hardly breathe, I’m Laughing so hard at the Wildler story…I have been known to let the air out of three tires on MY goshdamm car that was parked in the bushes a half-block away from MY goshdamm secretary’s house.

    And when his handsome holiness finally got home 4 hours later, his beemer cycle had just been painted pink, and I had reported my car stolen, HA!

    Have never told my revenge story before. It must have to do with the color of the page upon which I scribe….

    Believe it or not, 3 years later I married again…the man at whose house my stolen car was found, in the bushes, with 3 flat tires.

  278. mangomist3
    Unless she shows their differences and show it quick and on the Issues – not all this Rezko crap – he may start to gain a momentum again. MD and Virginia doesn’t look good to me and he will have a whole month of free media concert of advertising just for him. So unless she do something – this month is a loss.

  279. Hey gang. Thanks for the great welcome and I will be back later tomorrow. My Golden Retriever has hated me for the last month and she needs to go out and go to bed. She’s getting older. We’re about the same age in dog years.

    Gotta do some art for money tomorrow too, so I’ll check back in when I get finished.

    I LOVE this site! Thanks again.



  280. I don’t know….maybe it’s just all in my head, but when I saw Big Dog today I got the impression he was just dying to burst out with a slam dunk. I think that’s why he vented on Bush. LOL!

  281. Well, my great hope is that John Edwards could endorse her after the MD/VA primaries…so then he has his momentum, then John swoops in and endorses her, which gives her the momentum AND it draws attention to the fact that his policies are not as progressive. I suspect her people have been talking to John (as I am sure his people have). John Edwards is no dummy, I think he realizes that Obama is off on positions but I think he has personal issues with Hillary and Bill Clinton that he cannot quite get over. He doesn’t like the way they do business for whatever reason (and that’s just fine with me, I am not a huge fan of the way he does business), and I am not sure if he could get over that for the sake of his positions. This is why I think he will stay out unless Obama does something AWFUL, though I thought Harry and Louise was awful enough to be the last straw, but obviously not. If he endorses Obama, we will know that Edwards was just talking and is not really as committed to these issues as it seems, so that would hurt his legacy…

  282. I’m not gonna hold my breath for Edwards to stand up and do the right thing. I’m not holding my breath for ANY of them to stand up and do the right thing anymore.

    Time to take this thing postal, imo.

  283. I cannot say anything about Edwards – he is good enough not to endorse Obama before super Tuesday. Thank you for that. But the rest of the campaign should be more active and more feisty. WE should get more fire people to make this happen. Good night everyone.

  284. Ok, here’s what I’d love to see President Clinton say, and remember that though they really never do anything wrong, the Clintons are accused of EVERYTHING. And they need to take advantage of that leeway and just go for it – because it’s inevitable this thing is going to get very nasty –
    at least that’s how the media will play it regardless – and so winning’s the only thing that matters.
    “Senator Obama said we shouldn’t do anything about emmissions until 2050? Can the planet wait that long? I mean, gimme a break!
    – Senator Obama wants to leave 15 million people uninsured – while medical inflation’s going up 20% a year and killing the middle class.
    Let’s be serious.
    – Senator Obama said republicans had all the good ideas, when Ronald Reagan ruined the working people of this country, while we had record cuts in poverty, went from deficits to surpluses, created record jobs and income growth, all with the lowest crime rates in 30 years?
    Is that his idea of good judgement?
    – And let me remind you, this is not an attack on Senator Obama, these are critical differences I’m pointing out.

    Attacks are what we saw on my daughter this week!

  285. All the Obama people at Crooks and liars are saying she should concede right now. I’m getting super depressed.

  286. Welp, my eyes are crossed now, so it’s definitely time to hit the sack. I’ll look into getting the script and list of va numbers and work on that in the morning.

    Also….I’ll try to get our group of TN hillfans to help out across the border. Everything helps.

    Nite Pinkers.

  287. Agreed, Blue Democrat. “Look at their records, not their rhetoric,” should be the message on Obama.

    Also, Hillary needs to go after McCain directly, and start criticizing his record. This may be even more crucial. McCain is easy to attack, and it will rally the Democratic base.

  288. We are back at the debate between McCain and Obozo. The topic now moves on to crime and homeland security. McCain starts out by going over all the bills he sponsored, co-sponsored and voted on during his 30 years in the House and Senate dealing with crime and security inside the US. He points that his record on fighting crime is one of the best in the Senate, that he has been endorsed by the major law enforcement organizations in the country. He adds that while young people were smoking dope and engaging in all kinds of lewd behavior, he was languishing in the Hanoi Hilton, being tortured on a regular basis on behalf of the American people. In response, Senator Obozo says he has more hands on experience with dealing with illicit drug use than the honorable senator from Arizona. That back in his younger days he successfully avoided arrest on numerous occasions while engaging in illegal drug use and hence is more familiar with the criminal mindset. When challenged by Senator McCain on his extreme liberal voting record on crime legislation while serving in the Illinois Senate, Senator Obozo reminds listeners that while in law school he took some classes in criminal law and that he and his wife are big fans of crime novels. But he emphasis that instead of unworkable crime legislation the best way to deal with crime is to invite inner city crime lords to Starbucks for some latte. There they would become better acquainted with each other and maybe even become buddies. They would see what a nice guy he is and decide to reform and give their lives to the new movement that is stirring across this great land we call America. He adds he would give each one a Yes We Can T-Shirt and an autographed copy of his latest inspirational CD to show his sincerity.

  289. # TeamClinton08 Says:
    February 9th, 2008 at 11:27 pm

    Hillary will get 30 minutes of free air time because O refused to show up at the ABC debate. I think this is a great opportunity for Hillary.. This sucker just gave her 30 minutes of free air time without opposition lol

    No, he will be there. After turning it down, when he realized that Hillary would have the 30mins all to herself, he accepted.
    What a flip-flopper!

  290. mangomist3 Says: 1950 Democrat, MD is a primary though, right? It isn’t a caucus, so they wouldn’t need to bond before hand. It would be WAY more difficult getting Indian Americans to turn out for a caucus…primary is easier as long as they don’t take her win for granted.

    I think you’re right about Maryland being a primary. I’m sorry, I just got back from my first caucus (Washington State) so I had caucuses on my mind.

    Where there is a caucus, what do you think about getting Indian Americans to turn out? Would my idea of going in a group with an experienced volunteer help?

  291. I’ll never participate in politics again if women don’t come out for Hillary. She is by far head and shoulders the best candidate in this race. How pathetic that women would believe this crap about “hope” and “change”.

  292. 1950 democrat, I do think that strategy could help, but I think it would be most effective if spearheaded by a community leader. One thing the Clinton campaign has been especially strong at (and Obama’s campaign weak at) is identifying local leaders who actually get the work done. Moving past elected officials and talking to the people that can actually influence their friends, neighbors, etc. I read a great article about how Dolores Huerta gathered Latino leaders in CA, many of whom were undocumented, and asked them to join her in endorsing Senator Clinton. Even though many of them could not vote, they were the ones that had influence. So I think figuring out who the local community leaders are in the Indian community would help a lot, and it sounds like they may have already found that person.

  293. Clinton Campaign Not Looking for Shuster to Be Fired, After All
    February 09, 2008 9:07 PM

    After some conversations with folks at the Clinton campaign, I can offer some clarity — maybe — on what they’re asking NBC/MSNBC to do.

    And despite Clinton’s letter, saying David Martin Shuster’s apology and suspension was not sufficient, Clinton’s goal is not for NBC to fire Shuster, he and his fans will be happy to hear. Until Thursday, the Clinton campaign had no issues with Shuster, I’m told.

    The campaign says it has more to do with what it sees as a sexist, locker room, on-air atmosphere at MSNBC.

    Clinton supporters ask: what other network has had, within the space of one year, because of comments widely seen as boorish and inappropriate, a firing (Imus), an on-air apology (Chris Matthews) and a suspension (Shuster)?

    Clinton, who has been on the receiving end in two of those incidents, is taking a stand for MSNBC to clean up its act. Or, so Camp Clinton says.

    Of course, others might think she is capitalizing on an ugly moment to galvanize female voters.

    What say you?


  294. “Former Gov. L. Douglas Wilder, the nation’s first elected black governor and an Obama backer, said Saturday night he was not satisfied with Clinton’s explanations.
    “Barack Obama is not a fairy tale. He is real,” said Wilder, now Richmond’s mayor. “It’s not just me (who) feels that; any number of people feels that.”
    “A time comes and a time goes. The president has had his time,” Wilder said during a news conference. ”

    Fuck Doug Wilder. Bill Clinton helped get hm elected as I remember it, giving an unreal speech when Wilder ran (against Chuck Robb).
    These people, like John Kerry – whom Clinton campaign for after having his heart taken out weeks earlier – are a bunch of fuckin’ jackals.

    God fuck it all. It is time to shred Barack Obama (who’s been running Clinton’s 1992 campaign, in case the media hasn’t told you- and they haven’t!). Night all.

  295. I know that Washington came out hardcore for Obama today and I apologize, but looking at Politico right now “Other” is in the lead in the Republican caucus. That’s awesome.

    Looking at the county breakdown, Obama won hardcore on the eastside of the state, which is Republican. VERY Republican. And we have an open primary. HMMMMM. Nothing fishy there no.

  296. hi hillfans, back home from work. hillary may have not had a good night but she is not out by all means. i estimate by tuesday hillary and obama will be tied or obama a little ahead in delagates. but don’t fret. this is obama’s very best couple of weeks. ohio, texas and pa are more friendlier terrain for hillary. even wisconsin she might fair much better. IM NOT WHINING AND CONCEDING NUTTIN!!!!

  297. I don’t need soothing, I’m in a great mood! Let him be the top guy for two seconds, let the media stare at him awhile. Let them see he doesn’t walk on water. These races have many ups and downs and this is part of it, but we need to look at our candidate. She’s tough, we’re tough. She’s a real visionary, and we need to have real vision too. Let’s use this time to think and plan, I feel very hopeful because now the media can just stew in all Obama, all the time, and I just don’t think he’s up to that. Attention can be brutal, particularly when there’s no plans, no substance, no depth.

    The spell check on these comment boxes don’t highlight the world Clinton, but it doesn’t know the word Obama even when I spell it right. And on any site I’m on, the spell check software doesn’t know the words Barack either. Hillary’s Clinton’s the name, one hell of a candidate to stand with, she’s still got the upper hand, and she won’t not have it until she says so, and she isn’t saying so, and I’m a long way from saying so! “And now we shall see your depth” … (or not ..! ..) Dante Inferno.


  298. One county in particular jumped out at me – Garfield county, which went 100% for Obama. I just looked at a map of how washington counties voted in the 2004 election and Garfield was 70% for Bush.

  299. Sound familiar? Never give up Hillfans! You never know what may lie just around the corner. Where’s the beef?


    Only three Democratic candidates won any state primaries: Mondale, Hart, and Jackson.

    Former Vice-President Mondale was initially viewed as the favorite to win the Democratic nomination. Mondale had the largest number of party leaders supporting him, and he had raised more money than any other candidate. However, both Jackson and Hart emerged as surprising, and troublesome, opponents.

    Jackson was the second African-American (after Shirley Chisholm) to mount a nationwide campaign for the Presidency, and he was the first African-American candidate to be a serious contender. He got 3.5 million votes during the primaries, third behind Hart and Mondale.
    Colorado Senator Hart was a more serious threat to Mondale, and after winning several early primaries it looked as if he might take the nomination away from Mondale. Hart criticized Mondale as an “old-fashioned” New Deal Democrat who symbolized “failed policies” of the past. Hart positioned himself as a younger, fresher, and more moderate Democrat who could appeal to younger voters. He emerged as a formidable candidate. Hart was badly hurt when Mondale, in a televised debate with Hart during the primaries, used a popular television commercial slogan to ridicule Hart’s vague “New Ideas” platform. Turning to Hart on camera, Mondale told Hart that whenever he heard Hart talk about his “New Ideas”, he was reminded of the Wendy’s fast-food slogan “Where’s the beef?”. The remark drew loud laughter and applause from the viewing audience and caught Hart off-guard. Hart never fully recovered from Mondale’s charge that his “New Ideas” were shallow and lacking in detail.

    After the final primary in California, on June 5, which Hart won, Mondale was short of the total he needed for the nomination. But by the time the Democratic Convention started in San Francisco on July 16, Mondale had enough delegates to win the nomination thanks to super delegates who voted for him.

  300. Late and rambling….

    I’m still kind of over-coffeed from the caucus, and from trying to reason with those nice middle-aged organic latte type Obama people who kept wanting to talk about ‘baggage’ and ‘Clinton fatigue’ etc, and I kept shouting “Core democrat base doesn’t CARE about that stuff!”

    Now I’m seeing core Dem base — think of the union workers in Nevada — not even knowing or hearing about that stuff. These are people who have better things to do in their lives than follow pundits. (Even a well-educated geek didn’t know who Matthews was, what ‘Hardball’ was….)

    So I saw a vision of those core people not knowing what this ‘momentum’ thing is either! I bet many of them don’t follow it at all! You don’t win X because you won Y, you win X because you talk about what the voters of X are interested in.

    Most politicians need continuing donations, like Edwards did, and if donations depend on ‘momentum’, then the pundits are powerful. But here’s Hillary getting tons of grassroots money at a time when the pundits say her ‘momentum’ is bad. Lots of people are sending her money partly AS a message to the media — Iron this! (As I did in NH.)

    No wonder Marc Ambinder(sp?) thinks something scary is going on….

  301. terrondt- you are right. We are at a turning point. We just need to grit our teeth and hang on until next Tuesday is over. Saturday was probably as bad as it gets. Sunday may give us a lift. It will be a bit bumpy on Tuesday, but we could have a nice surprise But whatever, after Tuesday, we need to get ready for the most important contests of the primary, WI, OH, TX, PA. They will decide everything. It will be do or die. The other small states VT, RI etc. will be in play but will pale in comparison to the bigger ones. We are only a month or so from this one wrapping up. It seems like forever already.

  302. hi all! we’re going to win this thing. keep on keepin on.

    a kos commenter in wa state who i trust as a very reliable source of info observed that he did hear of gop in very republican counties showing up to caucus for obama just to take support away from hillary. cant do anything about it but yes, probably is happening

    wpgc (hip hop r&b radio) here in dc playing obama speech over a go-go beat on the show tonight. sheesh, i turn on the radio to chill out and cant get away from it 🙂

  303. what is going on with new mexico? geez, ohio and texas will get here before a final vote is called for that state.

  304. EVERYONE!!!!

    Great sound bite clip if someone can find it. On the Chelsea Handler show, Chelsea asks Tia Carrera is she knew Barack Obama because he grew up in Hawaii.

    She says that she went to an all girls Catholic School and the Obama went to the “posh” school for rich families!!!! And, her family couldn’t afford to send her there.

    Start looking for this clip y’all on Youtube, etc.

    He should have to run as he is just like our girl.

    Truth to power!

  305. Speaking of which, and great campaign point to mention, HRC is currently the only presidential candidate running to attend . . .

    a PUBLIC high school!

  306. A succession of wins in primary states indicates true momentum.

    But a succession of wins in caucus states does not because they are subject to three risks:

    1) voter suppression (cant get due to disability, schedule conflict)

    2) voter intimidation (antecdotes)

    3) voter infiltration (by republicans, confedeates)

  307. Taylor Marsh is linking to a column by an incense burner who is embarassed by other incense burners. The guy talks to his mother who provides some sensible analysis, but the incense burner continues to burn incense.


    Here is the sensible mom:

    My mom, a passionate Hillary Clinton supporter, immediately attacked Obamamania. “Some part of me wants to say, ‘People wake up. He has no plans.’ I get frustrated listening to his speeches after awhile,” she said. She also said that the new vacation house in Key West is really great and her vertigo hasn’t been acting up.

    I started to feel a little more grounded again. Did I want to be some dreamer hippie loser, or a person who understands that change emerges from hard work and conflict? “People are projecting an awful lot onto him,” Mom said. “Almost like what was that movie with, oh, the movie, oh God. That English actor, he practically said nothing. Oh shoot. He was the butler and everybody loved him and what he was thinking and feeling. Do you know the movie I’m talking about? You don’t.” Hers, of course, is the demographic most likely to vote.

    But she’s right. Obama is Peter Sellers in “Being There.” As a therapist, she’s seen the danger of ungrounded expectations. “You feel young again. You feel like everything is possible. He helps you feel that way and you want to feel that way; it’s a great marriage. Unfortunately, the divorce will happen very quickly.” Mom is the kind of realistic tough-talker who isn’t afraid to make divorce analogies to a child of divorce.

    “We want what he represents,” she said. “A young, idealistic person who really believes it. And he believes it. He believes he can change the world. I just don’t think he can.”

  308. This story is interesting. Someone posted it on TPM. I have heard several times that BO had exaggerated his memoirs. A current NYTimes article proves that drugs did not play a big role in his life but I feel like he uses it in a way to make people think he had some sort of horrible childhood without a father when in fact he was just an awkward mixed kid who went to an elite Hawaii preparatory school. Anyway, below is another interesting interpretation of what he wrote in his NYTimes bestseller:

    Don’t get me wrong – I’m a big fan of Barack Obama, the Illinois freshman
    senator and hot young Democratic Party star. But after reading his
    autobiography, I have to say that Barack engages in some serious
    exaggeration when he describes a job that he held in the mid-1980s.I know
    because I sat down the hall from him, in the same department, and worked
    closely with his boss. I can’t say I was particularly close to Barack – he
    was reserved and distant towards all of his co-workers – but I was probably
    as close to him as anyone. I certainly know what he did there, and it bears
    only a loose resemblance to what he wrote in his book.

    Here’s Barack’s account:

    Eventually a consulting house to multinational corporations agreed to
    hire me as a research assistant. Like a spy behind enemy lines, I arrived
    every day at my mid-Manhattan office and sat at my computer terminal,
    checking the Reuters machine that blinked bright emerald messages from
    across the globe. As far as I could tell I was the only black man in the
    company, a source of shame for me but a source of considerable pride for the
    company’s secretarial pool.

    First, it wasn’t a consulting house; it was a small company that published
    newsletters on international business. Like most newsletter publishers, it
    was a bit of a sweatshop. I’m sure we all wished that we were high-priced
    consultants to multinational corporations. But we also enjoyed coming in at
    ten, wearing jeans to work, flirting with our co-workers, partying when we
    stayed late, and bonding over the low salaries and heavy workload.

    Barack worked on one of the company’s reference publications. Each month
    customers got a new set of pages on business conditions in a particular
    country, punched to fit into a three-ring binder. Barack’s job was to get
    copy from the country correspondents and edit it so that it fit into a
    standard outline. There was probably some research involved as well, since
    correspondents usually don’t send exactly what you ask for, and you can’t
    always decipher their copy. But essentially the job was copyediting.

    It’s also not true that Barack was the only black man in the company. He
    was the only black professional man. Fred was an African-American who worked
    in the mailroom with his son. My boss and I used to join them on Friday
    afternoons to drink beer behind the stacks of office supplies. That’s not
    the kind of thing that Barack would do. Like I said, he was somewhat aloof.

    …as the months passed, I felt the idea of becoming an organizer
    slipping away from me. The company promoted me to the position of financial
    writer. I had my own office, my own secretary; money in the bank. Sometimes,
    coming out of an interview with Japanese financiers or German bond traders,
    I would catch my reflection in the elevator doors—see myself in a suit and
    tie, a briefcase in my hand—and for a split second I would imagine myself
    as a captain of industry, barking out orders, closing the deal, before I
    remembered who it was that I had told myself I wanted to be and felt pangs
    of guilt for my lack of resolve.

    If Barack was promoted, his new job responsibilities were more of the same –
    rewriting other people’s copy. As far as I know, he always had a small
    office, and the idea that he had a secretary is laughable. Only the company
    president had a secretary. Barack never left the office, never wore a tie,
    and had neither reason nor opportunity to interview Japanese financiers or
    German bond traders.

    Then one day, as I sat down at my computer to write an article on
    interest-rate swaps, something unexpected happened. Auma called. I had never
    met this half sister; we had written only intermittently. …[several pages
    on his suffering half-sister] …a few months after Auma called, I turned in
    my resignation at the consulting firm and began looking in earnest for an
    organizing job.

    What Barack means here is that he got copy from a correspondent who didn’t
    understand interest rate swaps, and he was trying to make sense out of it.

    All of Barack’s embellishment serves a larger narrative purpose: to retell
    the story of the Christ’s temptation. The young, idealistic, would-be
    community organizer gets a nice suit, joins a consulting house, starts
    hanging out with investment bankers, and barely escapes moving into the big
    mansion with the white folks. Luckily, an angel calls, awakens his
    conscience, and helps him choose instead to fight for the people.

    Like I said, I’m a fan. His famous keynote speech at the Democratic
    National Convention moved me to tears. The Democrats – not to mention
    America – need a mixed-race spokesperson who can connect to both urban
    blacks and rural whites, who has the credibility to challenge the status quo
    on issues ranging from misogynistic rap to unfair school funding.

    And yet I’m disappointed. Barack’s story may be true, but many of the
    facts are not. His larger narrative purpose requires him to embellish his
    role. I don’t buy it. Just as I can’t be inspired by Steve Jobs now that I
    know how dishonest he is, I can’t listen uncritically to Barack Obama now
    that I know he’s willing to bend the facts to his purpose.

    Once, when I applied for a marketing job at a big accounting firm, my then- supervisor called HR to say that I had exaggerated something on my resume. I didn’t agree, but I also didn’t get the job. But when Barack Obama invents facts in a book ranked No. 8 on the NY Times nonfiction list, it not only fails to be noticed but it helps elevate him into the national political pantheon.

  309. FilbertsF – if you’re still around – yes, I did leave a message for one of the Los Angeles Clinton staffers but heard she’s now jobless; the head staffer was transferred to Austin and is just now starting to setup the office there, and I will be trying to reach the campaign volunteer coordinator to see where she’s headed.

    I may actually head to Hawaii to see what can be done to organize and GOTV of Asian Americans –

  310. Ininla: I think going to Hawaii would be great. I don’t know whether HRC already has good grassroots there but she will need it. BO still has family there and I’m sure they are telling everyone to vote for him. I think if HRC has enough volunteers there that she still has a good chance to galvanize the Asian American vote. I would love BO to lose Hawaii since that is the state where he grew up.

  311. SpacegirlArt Says:
    February 10th, 2008 at 12:34 am

    This is the first time ever I wish Nader would enter the race. Hillary wouldn’t lose supporters to him but Obama definitely would. And if Obama wins this nomination I might have to vote for Nader, Bloomberg, or whatever Independent candidate planning to run this year.

  312. “And yet I’m disappointed. Barack’s story may be true, but many of the
    facts are not. His larger narrative purpose requires him to embellish his
    role. I don’t buy it. Just as I can’t be inspired by Steve Jobs now that I
    know how dishonest he is, I can’t listen uncritically to Barack Obama now
    that I know he’s willing to bend the facts to his purpose.”
    I’m ROTFLMAO!!! Doesn’t this sound familiar? I seem to remember not too long ago that another savior was anointed by Oprah…and his name was James Fry who wrote another Docudrama book called “A million little pieces.”

    Wow is it something about the media that just love these types of saviors and then when things start coming out…be the first one to crucify them.

  313. Okay guys, just catching up as I have been at work all evening.
    Bad news: She lost all 3 caucuses yesterday
    Good News: It was expected by the media and spun that way and the day is behind us

    Good News: Yesterday is behind us, Hillary met her $100mil goal, the media and Obami cannot dismiss that, she achieved this with the help of over 100k donors, Obami camp can’t believe that so they try to dismiss it which tells me that they are worried
    Bad News: Maine- It’s a caucus and Hillary doesn’t do well in caucuses-I’ve seen discussions here that the demo favors Hillary but to me it is still a cucus. If she upsets and wins, then it will be sweet but for me, I’m not relying on it.

    Good News: Hillary is still standing and I have to believe that she will get more money to compete, the campaign will use this time to 03/04 to operate on a parallel plane and really work hard to win OH, Tx and PA., The Shuster story will do some ‘good’ to neutralize the Hillary multiple losses
    , Now Obama will clearly be seen as the front runner and with that comes more scrutiny. I expect the Repubs to start to come out more against hi i.e I heard Rusty Huffries tonight ridiculing the ‘Yes, we can’ song by showinting, ‘do what’ each time they sang ‘Yes, we can’. He also had callers call in to win a $50 Pro-Flowers gift cert. if they won the ‘do your Best Obama speech’ impersonation. I have to obmit it was funny to hear White men call in shouting ‘nothings’ in a Black preacher voice. Hopefully, the ‘media’ will do more to take of some of his shine.

    Bad News- This will be a month of ;multiple losses due to demos that favor him and causes that doesn’t require ID, that hold registration on the same day, that can have Indies and Repubs cross over etc. The media will be constanltly talking about this. He will have some momentum this and next week. If all else stays the same, usually the momentum or spike starts to rub off after about 4-5days but I’ll extend it to 8-10 days.

    March: Our Time

    This is what we should look to: Yes, continue to donate and to get others that yuo know to donate as well, suport the money bomb, call, call, call tomorrow if you can in Maine. Call in VA in particular and if avaiable call in Ohio.

    Do not let your mind wonder over to the ‘dark’ side. I suggest limiting media tv. I didn’t watch MESS MSNBC and I only saw 3 mins of election coverage today. Limite your vitist to overtly Pro-Bambi site. Seek out positive Clinton news articlees. No infighting. Be supportive of one another.

    This is how we live to fight another day.

    p.s. Just think, how did Hillary raise $10 million in 3 days with over 100k donors! There is a silent base of support for her that the pundits and Bambi ignore at their own peril. She should be on target to raise over $20 mill easy this month.

    Pledge to do 3 things tomorrow:
    1. Do 20mins of making calls for Hill
    2. Email 4 people tomorrow re David Shuster i.e The View, v steve.capus@nbc.com, phil.griffing@nbc.com
    Donna Bazille re her comment about ‘quitting the democratic party if the Super Delegates decide this raise,
    3. Donate $5 tomorrow or encourage someone you know to give $5.

    p.sp.s. Woke up to find note from spuse telling me that he donated $50 to ‘my girl’. He said he did this due to the negative coerage of Hillary by the media noting this doesn’t mean that I necessarily support her 🙂

  314. For those wanting positive Hill news, ponder this:

    After getting access to Kerry’s email list which purportedly had 2 mil names and the Kennedy’s email list, Obambi announced in Jan that his campaign had raised a stunning $32mil and that they did it with 170k small donors.

    Ok, here’s the throw down: Hillary raised $10mil with the help of 100k donors.

    That is the story! All this is 10days. If she stays on track, she should easily have over 170k new donors.

    Ponder that. That is the answer to people who say that Obambi is bringing in all the crowds and that he is a ‘movement’. Well Hillary has lots and lots of people supporting her too.

    The data doesn’t lie.

  315. HighlyEducated – I don’t honestly know where to start re: Hawaii – I will probably contact Daniel Inouye’s office on Monday to see if there is a grassroots campaign for Hillary in Hawaii. Right now, I’m not seeing anything online about it.

  316. that is the key. keep those 100,000 new small doners going so hillary can finacially compete in va, md, and wisconsin. plus build up texas,ohio and pa primed and ready to go in march and april.

  317. Bill Clinton draws big crowd on campaign stop
    The former president touts his wife’s experience during his speech.


    February 10, 2008


    Former President Bill Clinton brought his traveling show to Hampton Roads on Saturday morning as Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign attempts to seize momentum prior to Tuesday’s primary.

    Hours before the appearance, a thick line of supporters stretched around Indian River High School in Chesapeake, snaking for hundreds of yards. Even though the event was first announced Friday, about 1,200 Democratic loyalists packed into the school gymnasium cheering and chanting under fading district championship banners.

    Greeted with a roar, Bill Clinton delivered a forceful 50-minute address that touched on a wide range of campaign issues and delved into great detail about economic, environmental and energy policy. He sounded a message of unity and expressed affection for the talent in the Democratic field.

    “We have really good people,” Clinton said. “We have to stay together and work together, because we have a nation to change.”

    Clinton’s stop in Hampton Roads was part of a statewide blitz that took the former president through Hampton Roads, Richmond and Blacksburg on Saturday. The campaign is beefing up its presence as voters in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C., prepare to head to the primary polls.

    Clinton and Barack Obama are locked in a virtual tie for the Democratic nomination, which increases the importance of each Virginia vote, even though the race is so close that Tuesday likely won’t make or break either candidate.

    Del. Lionell Spruill, D-Chesapeake, has been one of Clinton’s staunchest supporters. Spruill told the crowd that he had modest goals for the last-second rally.

    “They said to me, ‘Spruill you better get at least 300 (people),’ ” Spruill said. “One-day notice.”

    Spruill acknowledged that winning Virginia is going to be a tough task for the Clinton campaign, because Obama has invested more on staffing and advertising in the commonwealth. Spruill, who introduced Clinton as “the best president in the world,” said the size of the crowd displays the couple’s enormous popularity.

    The audience was a remarkably mixed bag, with teenagers in hip-hop attire rubbing elbows with senior citizens, families and even a pack of leather-clad bikers all craning to get a glimpse of the former president.

    “Look at this crowd, look at you,” Clinton said. “Here we are, united without regard to race or age or gender.”

    Cheo Feliciano bought a Hillary Clinton button and a hat after the rally. The 29-year-old Virginia Beach resident and Army veteran said he was happy that the speech didn’t rely solely on soaring rhetoric.

    “I loved hearing the details,” Feliciano said. “It’s not enough to just say the big concept.”

    Feliciano said he wasn’t inspired enough to go to the polls in 2004, but this year he’ll definitely make the trip. He also said that Hillary Clinton can rely on at least one voting block in Virginia.

    “All of my friends are Hispanic, and we’re all supporting Clinton,” he said.

    Although he didn’t directly mention Obama, Clinton attempted to frame the Democratic race as a showdown with inspiration and hope on one side and experience and results on the other.

    “That’s what you want in a president — somebody who can get the job done,” he said. “She will not forget you in tough times.”

    Copyright © 2008, Newport News, Va., Daily Press


  318. that tpm comment is interesting. i read part of bho’s memoir. not a lot (i have too many things i am reading right now). it’s very cinematic, i would say, very much about glossing over real life to make it fit a certain type of narrative. a sort of bildungsroman. real life is more complicated and weird than the way he writes it usually. i think its ok if he does that but his campaign is about the wonderful idea of barack obama and not about real issues that affect peoples’ lives. that part i have a problem with.

    wpgc radio in dc, late night djs still rapping about barack obama, talking about the election, telling everyone to stand up and vote. they’re like don’t vote for her just because bill’s cool, he’s cool, but vote for her if you’re for her. funny stuff. big obama fans. still like the clintons though.

  319. Ininla:
    Clinton Hawaii Headquarters:
    I’m going to send an email to her website right now asking why they aren’t jumping at the chance to embarrass Obama on his home turf. This isn’t another Illinois situation. With enough work and mobilizing she can win Hawaii or come in a very close 2nd. I’m sure that Obama has had a lot of grassroots effort there for months. His sister still lives there (she’s half Asian) along with her husband (also Asian) and their daughter. This worries me a bit because she will have influence over Asian voters in her area.
    I’ve never been to Hawaii but there are many islands. I’m sure the HRC campaign can do something to gain support among voters who live in other parts of Hawaii. Or maybe she doesn’t think it’s worth it to waste the effort there. She seems to be doing that in some states she sees as unbeatable (Nebraska and Louisiana are examples). I don’t know if this strategy will hurt or help her in the end though.

  320. Sh*t. Obama’s website actually has much more information on Hawaii that HRC’s site. He also has a ton of events leading to the caucus (yes, it’s another caucus). I’m guessing that Hillary won’t even spend a lot of time on Hawaii. She probably sees it as another loss. Here’s the info:
    Hawaii Caucus:
    February 19, 2008. On that day, you should plan on showing up at 6:30 p.m., and the actual meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m.

  321. TPS: I already signed that petition someone posted on here several times to seat the delegates and I said the exact same thing in the comments section of that petition. I told them that I would have to register as an independent because I do not support any party that disenfranchises their voters. The Obamabots will do anything to win at this point even if it means discounting millions of voters. It’s really disgusting and if Dean doesn’t have the guts to stand to these crazies or “super delegates” like Donna Brazile then the Democratic party is a lost cause. It really is. If he is the nominee and he ends up losing the general election (which I predict he will) then the Democratic party is officially dead.

    Ann Coulter actually made some sense when she said she would vote for Clinton over McCain because she thinks it’s better to have a Democrat mess up for 4 years and then have a Republican elected rather than have another Republican mess up and have the Republican party pay the next 30 years for his mistakes. I feel the same way she does except with different candidates. I’d rather see McCain mess up the next 4 years than have Obama be the liberal GWB for 4 years and officially screw over the Democrats and tear us apart.

    # TPS Says:
    February 10th, 2008 at 12:13 am

    paddy4Hill, if the DNC selects Obama as the nominee without seating Michigan and Florida, I will also quit the Democratic party and vote for McCain. This is not an empty threat but a promise. I truly believe Obama will be a disaster for our country. In this time of of great problems, we simply acnnot afford to put another inexperienced rookie in office. Look what happened when this happened 7 years ago?

  322. hillfans, i still think hillary can win this but im 50/50 between mccain and obama. let’s not make that dreaded choice. my deep historical democratic leanings would be put to the test.

  323. Take note Hillfans:

    Look to the exit polling data: Spread this little tid bit far and wide. Bambi have been extolling for days that he can get Hillary’s voters but it is not entirely clear that she can get his.

    Check: Counter: Check: Exit polling says otherwise. 28% of Hill’s voters say that they would not be happy to support Bambi if he is the Nominee while 24% of his supporters say this of Clinton.
    This explained otherwise says that SHE can get his voters more likely than he can get hers. Her support is SOLID! in fact, more solid than his.

    In addition, we can’t avoid it, look at the race breakdown. clinto won both the Wite vote with men and women. Bambi won the black vote

  324. Sen. Clinton says she will debate at Marquette University

    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign said Saturday the senator has accepted an invitation to debate at Marquette University.

    It is not clear whether her rival, Sen. Barack Obama, will participate.

    A spokesman for his campaign, Dan Leistikow, said the campaign was still putting together the Illinois senator’s schedule.

    “With so many states voting it probably won’t be possible to hold a debate in every single state,” he said in an e-mail.

    Clinton’s campaign said no date has been set for the debate. Wisconsin’s primary is Feb. 19.

  325. Clinton Obama

    White Men 66 28
    White Women 73 24
    Black Men 19 80
    Black Women 16 84

    This is racial polirization at it’s peek. LA primary. What is clear to me is that Obama has not shown that he can win convincingly 3 parts of the Dem’s base i.e Latinos, women, whites. That will be a problem going forward.

    All Hill has to do now is to be able to compete, support a massive GOTV effort, we can help by calling, and basically living in Oh, TX and PA for 3 wks. Go everywhere and be willing to talk to everybody. Rent a house if you have to.

  326. spacegirl said: We just have to fend off a month’s worth of media hyperbole and distortion that she is failing.

    There is nothing that we can do about the media distortion unless it enters the realm of blatant mistakes like the Shuster incident. The media have their narrative set for their candidate. Personally, I believe it goes beyond backing a candidate whose policy they prefer. These people are not neophytes who are uniformed about the issues that concern them. Barack Obama does not offer anything in the way of policy that would indicate that someone making an informed decision should pick him.

    In short, the corporate head of NBC is not looking for a change in Washington. He wants Barack Hussein Obama on the ticket for a reason. The same reason that Bill O’Reilly is concern trolling for the Democrats by suggesting that there will be riots if BHO is not selected as Hillary’s running mate.

    No matter how much back-pedalling or apologizing they do, they will never back away from their primary goal. There is no use complaining about them, we just have to trust that the infamous Clinton Machine will continue to score victories as they can to ensure that her message reaches the masses through all the white noise of the media.

    One thing is clear: Bedrock Democrats are getting her message and are voting for her in droves. Bedrock Democrats are not people of liesure who can take off work to caucus. If the GE were a series of caucuses we’d never ever see another Democratic President. BHO is not winning among Democrats, and that is why you have people like Donna Brazile trying to undermine the system of superdelegates. The system of superdelegates is what allows us to hold open caucuses in the hope that independents drawn to our candidates will stick with our candidates. The SDs will have to vote to ensure that the Democratic Brand wins out in Denver.

  327. Good morning terrondt, I do not believe BO has any chance of winning against McCain. The republican machine would simply destroy BO. We live in a country where 60% still believe that Saddam is responsible for 9/11. I bet repugs are waiting for the Democrats to commit the blunder of the century nominating BO.I bet they are LTAO.

  328. Harry Shearer: Huff Post:

    He referred to “Katrina battering the levees.” Does he know (or care) that those levees gave way under surge conditions far less than they were advertised to withstand? (NOTE: Though Katrina was a Cat 5 storm when it made landfall in Mississippi, it was a strong Cat 1 or weak Cat 2 by the time it passed New Orleans) And that the Corps that “knowingly” (according to federal judge Stanwood Duval) built insufficient protection into that system continues to do its work without independent peer review? If so, he gave no indication in today’s speech (that I can find so far).

    I know commenters will say, “lighten up, he came to your town, he put it in the spotlight, he showed he cared.” Here’s my response: if a physician comes to your house, has a great bedside manner, and shows deep compassion, but misdiagnoses your condition and therefore misprescribes, are you supposed to be grateful?

  329. To coin a phrase, this ain’t my first rodeo. Wow, I amaze myself with my way with words. But I went into this weekend without a clue as to how things would go in these states. It was obvious none of them were sure winners for Hillary. I only wondered how much of her lead she would retain afterwards. Without yet seeing the delegate counts or estimates, I doubt she was hurt too badly. There is nothing she can’t recover from, and the odds look very good that she will recover and win this thing. In fact, “recover” is not an appropriate word since she is still leading.

    I can’t guess how well things will go in these next few states over the next few weeks, but I’m very optimistic about Hillary. Things look much better a little further down the road.

    I hope we don’t get a lot of worry and fretting about her situation on this board. I don’t have my head in the sand, but I refuse to become depressed simply because I don’t know what is going to happen this week or next. I’m just sure she will be our next president. That’s a happy thought.

  330. Obama VS McCain=Dukakis VS Bush
    =Mondale Vs Reagan
    =Carter(2nd) VS Reagan

    Take it from me Obama would loose CA,PA,OH,FL

  331. Jake Tapper, in his first reaction to Hillary’s letter to MSNBC asked “should presidential candidates try to dictate to media organizations who should be their employees?” That’s a fair question, but the other side of that is “Should the MSM try to dictate to the voters who they should nominate for President? I would like to see them toss that one around a bit.

  332. Sherm Kader, If he said that Jake Tapper is lying she did not demand that Shuster be fired. I saw the same lie on TPM.

  333. Good morning, Hillfans.

    Some good news that started out as bad news. Just watched CSPN at 7:32 EST and heard Jonathan Kaplan of the Portland Press Herald say that a lot of Maine voters had already sent in their ballots.

    Well, this is a caucus and that just didn’t make any sense.

    So, I called the Maine Dem Party HQ and spoke with the media contact who verified that yes, in fact, Maine did include absentee ballots and was doing so for the first time to expand the availability of participation.

    So, here’s a good sticking point to put to other states. If MAINE can see the wisdom of expanding the opportunity to vote, why cannot all these other states with their insane elite caucuses?

    Anyhow, here you have it, there’s a lot of HOPE out there for Hillary today.

    The caucuses are held at different times today so it will be most likely after 7 pm before we have any solid news.

    Kaplan was with Hillary yesterday with a large crowd in Bangor. The Gov. and others, who are superdelegates, have endorsed Hillary.

    Here’s the news from yesterday:


  334. Polk Democratic Leaders Reject ‘Do-Over’ Proposal
    By Bill Rufty
    The Ledger
    Write an email to Bill RuftyBill Rufty
    Political Editor
    Dept.: Metro Desk
    (863) 802-7523
    Your Name:

    Your Email:



    LAKELAND | Polk County Democratic Party leaders, like party officials throughout the state, are saying no to the “do-over” recommended by National Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean. Ignoring the primary and replacing its results with a caucus might satisfy national party leaders, but it won’t satisfy Florida, local Democratic officials said.

    “Howard Dean is trying to squirm out of the mess he’s created,” said Polk County Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy Simmons. “They already gave us those options months ago. The voters of Florida have spoken.”

    Simmons said during a conference call with former Rep. Karen Thurman, who chairs the state Democratic Party, that she and other party chairs were told that the estimated cost of such a caucus was $6 million to$8 million.

    “I put it to a vote of the county executive committee and listed the options, and the vote of the members was to do nothing. Again, we have already decided in our primary,” she said.

    Local Democrats will hold a caucus March 1, but it won’t be to choose a nominee all over as the national party wants, said Polk State Committeewoman Camille Rudicil of Winter Haven, who is in charge of delegate selection for the congressional district.

    It will be a caucus to select the people who will go to the Democratic Nominating Convention in Denver during the last week in August, assuming the delegation is seated.

    Four delegates and one alternate will represent the 12th Congressional District. If allowed to vote, they would cast three delegate votes for Hillary Rodham Clinton and one for Barack Obama.

    Delegates are allotted to candidates based on the percentage of votes they receive in each congressional district. Clinton received about 60 percent of the votes cast in the Democratic primary that the national party refuses to recognize.

    Rudicil said the 12th Congressional District, like all other districts in Florida, will go ahead with its process because it is the fair thing. But there is no guarantee the Florida delegation will be seated.

    “There are no hotel rooms reserved in Denver. There are no seats on the floor or on the platform committees,” she said.


  335. Guys is anyone wants to vent his anger on Obama supporters- please let me know – I will point you to a place. You can scream and yell at them and get them annoyed plenty. just to feel good LOl
    My emali is johnflint1985@yahoo.com

  336. From NBC/NJ’s Athena Jones and NBC’s Mark Murray
    ORONO, ME — Clinton seemed to dismiss the idea that Florida and Michigan — two states whose primaries she won but weren’t contested and didn’t award delegates — should hold caucuses so that their delegates could be seated at the Denver convention.

    In a 12-minute media avail here Saturday, the senator also said superdelegates had historically been independent for a reason, added Wisconsin to the mix of states she was feeling good about, and sought to paint Obama as “increasingly” the establishment candidate.

    “I think that the people of Michigan and Florida spoke in a very convincing way, that they want their voices and their votes to be heard. The turnout in both places was record-breaking and I think that that should be respected,” she told reporters. However, Clinton was the only major Democratic candidate on the ballot in Michigan, as a significant number of people there voted “Uncommitted.” And it’s worth noting that Clinton never spoke this way about Florida and Michigan until right before the South Carolina primary, a contest she lost decisively.

    Clinton was asked whether superdelegates — the party bigwigs and elected officials who aren’t bound by the results in their states — should in fact vote according to the choice voters in their state made, as Barack Obama suggested earlier this week. “Superdelegates are, by design, supposed to exercise independent judgment. That is the way the system works. But, of course, if Sen. Obama and his campaign continue to push this position, which is really contrary to what the definition of a superdelegate has historically been, I will look forward to receiving the support of Sen. Kennedy and Sen. Kerry,” she said. Both senators are from Massachusetts, a state Clinton won on Super Tuesday.


  337. I like it when I find a new fitting name for the trance-like bho followers. Until now, I’ve favored Obamabots or even Rezbamabots. Wonkette has an even better one – Obamatards.


  339. Vanity4hillary
    He was on the ballot there – so the votes should be counted as it is today. He just lost and she won. period.

  340. Vanity4hillary
    I wish I can tell you…
    Let’s speak frankly. If Florida and Michigan will be seated as they voted back then with clear win of Hillary – there will be a big fight and Law suits if not a whole party split in the coming months. If this is really happening – party will loose in November. Since they will argue – that these were the rules they signed in advance. If there is going to be a re-vote – I am not sure – how good it will be for Hillary – situation changed a lot and it may be not as favorable as it was back then. So this is also not an option. Dean knows all that and he is at a dilemma – what to do? so he just waits – if anyone will have a clear advantage. If Hillary will pick up more super delegates – even then there will be a nasty fight – but it will be more legitimate since it is in the rules. But if Florida and Michigan are seated and thus creates an advantage for Hillary – it will be a MAJOR fight. Maybe in courts even.

  341. dot48
    What is the purpose of that – we will be the ones picking up a fight and may loose since the rest of the party will be on his side.

  342. Like others here, I will not vote for BO if he is the nominee but i will vote for McCain.

    About the caucus total votes vs. the Florida votes: Didn’t HRC get about 850,000 votes in Florida? Does anyone know the TOTAL number of votes BO got yesterday? My impression is that it was between 100 and 200K.

    Got my fingers crossed for Maine.

  343. The press has always protected Barack and continues to.
    Novak, Carlson et ala are waiting in the wings to ask:

    Do you know who Obama’s minister is?
    Do you know his relationship to Louis Farrakhan?
    Do you know Rev. Wright, O’s minister, visited Moammar Kadafi?

    Do you know O has been Rezko’s friend and supporter for years?

    How many AA voters know that O left hundreds of AAs out in the cold in slums in his senatorial district?

  344. Long time reader, first time poster

    B Merryfield said

    “I like it when I find a new fitting name for the trance-like bho followers. Until now, I’ve favored Obamabots or even Rezbamabots. Wonkette has an even better one – Obamatards”.

    I’m proud to have coined “BO Sniffer” (feel free to use it) They hate that one. lol

    I love Hillary and can’t wait to call her Madam President. You guys rock

  345. @basil
    Has Hillary won any Caucus?If so than hell to the naw she should not want a re0vote in Florida.And if it is a re-vote I want Hillary to leave that nasty azz party.I am sorry to be blunt but these people are not showing true partnership.And if I was every educated American I would leave the states and lets just watch the downfall happen in America.Sorry I refuse to be in such a sexist society plus double standard when it comes to race.

  346. @jonnyb Dear blks think he struggled in the ghetto like them.Of course I just chuckle.And he suppose to have the educated supporters?I think not

  347. Long time reader. First time poster. I submitted a post and it didn’t show up. Why?

    Anyway B Merrifield, I coined “BO Sniffer”. They hate that. lol
    Feel free to use it

    I love Hillary and you guys Rock. Stay Positive

  348. GOOD MORNING , MY PEEPS….the darkest hour is just before dawn…if HRC is still standing then so am I.I refuse to watch these morning shows or be drawn toward negativity..i am going to participate in the money bomb scheduled for tuesday…and most importantly.. i refuse to have any more conversations with my idiot brother in law who supports bho just he is not registered to vote. he disagrees with univ health careyet the only reason he has health care is because my sister carries his sorry ass on hers! before marriage he never had health care, even as a child and he is 43 yrs old…my sister is a hrc supporter and she voted! Anybody notice that they are making a big deal of the fact that he wins these states that will definitely go repub in the fall,,nebraska..they only had 26,000 people go to caucus..CA had 6 mil vote, wtf? My sister said they were discussing that fact that although bho win “BIG” IN WA, THE ASIAN AMER VOTE WENT 70% TO HRC AND THEY WERE SAYING HE WOULD NOT GET THEIR VOTE IN THE GE anybody see this, is it true?

  349. Hillary only won Nevada caucus. It’s really a problem now.

    Even if Hillary can win Pens, Ohio and Texas…she needs like 10%+ margins in them I think. This is possible, but difficult.

    Can someone at the Hillary campaign wake up and do something to stem the caucus disasters. Hillary and Bill are working overtime, but the campaign is being outsmarted at the minute. Mark Penn should be fired. Not because he’s bad, but because his opposite is better than him.


    Rest assured there is no one here that could suggest such a thing without hearing from a bunch of us who are as firm on this as our Floridian brethren.

    As Wolfson pointed out, we can’t conceive of any scenerio that would result in NOT seating the very important delegates from two crucial general election states. If the DNC doesn’t back down on their own you can put money on the convention settling it as their first order of business.

    Incidently, that’s why Bambi’s latest ploy is to try to strong arm the superdelegates using the press as his mouthpiece. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the executives who run the six corporations that control our media do not have the best interests of Democrats in mind when they push an agenda. If the Media is saying it, every single Democrat needs to know that the opposite position is the Progressive position.

    PS: It sure is easy to tell when your feathers are ruffled, Vanity. 😉

  351. Jaz, game plan seems to be to win Tx and Ohio. I personally would rather we had some insurance. I already had to explain this a.m. to my sister about the caucuses.

    She just heard he won all those states….this is how media reports it and what people will hear.

    Is it legal for me to use my credit card to put my sisters donation on? She doesn’t have the $ and I told her I would lend it to her this way.

  352. jaz..chill, ok..nebraska is a repub state and only 26,000 people came out ot caucus.. its not a state ww will win in the ge…alot of working class people just can;t come to caucus, not gonn happen, you see what they had to do in nevada….

    terrondt–i am with you on the obamq/mccain thing, i have never voted repub.. but have always had great respect for mccain….anyway do not want to think about that right now. i want HRC..and will be there with her until she wins this thing

  353. A few things. First a question. What’s the deal w/ WA having a caucus and THEN a primary a week later? Do some delegates come from the first, and a different pool of delegates from the latter?

    2. NJ (my home state) rocks! We turned back the obamaniacs by 10points.

    3. Right after Iowa, I said to myself I did not like the tenor of the campaign from BO and his hatchetmen surrogates (Donna Brazile, you frikkin traitor, and others). So it’s simple. If the Dems pull some sneaky shit deal at the convention to give it to Obambi, and are stupid enough to hand the election over to the Repubicans, I’ll still vote my conscience by voting for HRC as a write-in in November. There.

    Let’s face it, despite the crapola that Obama allegedly runs better against McCain than HRC, we KNOW that the media will shift gears, point out all the problems with Barack’s candidacy (“Gee, Tim (Russert), you know Obama has only been a Senator for two years, without making a real impact.” Finally, out will come all the questions about Rezko (“Is ‘boneheaded’ a good enough explanation about the property deal?”), etc.

    I firmly believe Hillary is the stronger candidate against a McCain who is not that energetic, and admits that he knows about as much on the Economy as does the kid who servers fries at McDonald’s. And don’t even get me started on the debating skills of HRC vs BHO. “uh, um, uh. yes”.

    So let’s keep strong, let’s be supportive, keep the interesting facts and links coming, and let’s get ready to rumble.

    Maine, Wake up and smell the coffee!

  354. Ah, jaz, the hand-wringer extraordinaire (Bless us all, each and every voice on this forum)

    Convincing 50% of the superdelegates to vote for you is included in reaching the so-called “magic number” of 2025. Think of the super delegates as a state unto themselves. They got to be superdelegates because Democrats at one point or another elected them to forward the Democratic platform.

    There is no scenerio that will favor Obama. He will not be able to shame Jimmy Carter (SD in GA) to vote for him because GA voted for him. Superdelegates do not have constituents in their capacity as SD.

    When Hillary says that she looks forward to getting Kennedy and Kerry on her side should Obama succeed in his attempts to strongarm superdelegates to vote as their state votes, she doesn’t just mean Massachusettes. Just to give you an idea, Idaho has 5 Superdelegates, CA has 71. Winner take all superdelegates favors Hillary…it’s another losing position for Barry. The superdelegates know this and are not impressed.

  355. I mist ask everybody here will you guys accept Obama as the nom and Hillary as the vice president?I surely ass hell will not.But I will like to hear everybody else opinion of this.

  356. Vanity, I don’t think it matters. If Rezko is on the ticket in any position. We lose.

    The talking heads are pushing him for a reason. I think getting Rezko on the Democratic ticket is their agenda.

  357. I agree with you nyc.Lets not forget this is the same big propaganda machine that got america to vote for bush in office again by using scare tactics.So i think its funny that they are pushing Obama in our face like this as in to say we want him to be the nomination because they know that Hillary is more of a fighter than that weak punk “Hussein”

  358. Good morning!

    Anbritt, this is hilarious:

    “i refuse to have any more conversations with my idiot brother in law who supports bho just he is not registered to vote. he disagrees with univ health careyet the only reason he has health care is because my sister carries his sorry ass on hers!”

    So many people are following this guy so foolishly! I’m not going to allow myself to be covered by negative people today either.

  359. Hey everyone, let’s be sure that we:

    1. Donate. We made a powerful statement by raising over 10 million dollars.

    2. Faith. Keep on having faith. Yesterday’s wins was no surprise. Both Washington and Nebraska were caucuses and Louisiana has a large AA community and they sided with Obama.

    3. Fight. Keep on fighting to sway people to vote Hillary tonight in Maine, Tuesday in Virginia, Maryland, and DC (even though again the camp is prediciting Hillary will lose these states) I hope we can pull a surprise for Hillary this way Obama does not have the bragging rights.

    4. Play ahead of the game. We have many states in our favor. Texas, Ohio, Penn, Wisconsin, Washington Primary, Oregon, Indiana, and PR.

    5. PIck up your phone, encourage your co-workers, friends, and families to sway the undeciders, non-voters, to consider voting for Hillary. Email also works.

    6. Volunteer, volunteer, and volunteer!

  360. Hi Everyone!

    Another HC supporter here.
    I adamantly agree with those that state that they refuse to support
    Obambi. He is not the uniter he claims to be.
    To willingly recruit “Dems for a day” to vote for him, while wholly dismissing the core democrats in Florida and Michigan,
    turns my stomach. I have never felt this way about a Dem before.
    He is no Democrat.
    I have been calling every day to get the MI and FL delegates seated
    and counted. Keep fighting the good fight!

  361. Ugh, good morning. (coffee not ready yet)

    Any good news?

    AND can anyone tell me where I should go to get a script and(?) can I get a list of VA. numbers? How does this phone bank thing work? I’m going to help us nail down Va. anyway I can!

  362. I think this is the first day I have ever came on this site where it appears that us Hill fans have reason to be concerned.Thank god i did not even know that it was a caucas in other states last night.I was sleep all night.And thank gawd I was……..Anyways is it possible that Hill can win Maine today?

  363. Idunn, if you are registered with Hillary’s site, go to the “Action Center” or something like that and you’ll see a button that says “Make Calls” or something like that. It will guide you through the rest.

  364. Idunn, everything on HRC website, let us know what response you’re getting. I’ll be calling on Monday without ‘little’ help.

  365. Morning all, I braved Meet the Press this morning but oddly enough it was much more restrained and even handed than usual. Perhaps the Shuster business has them spooked?

    Anyway, some interesting points from the pundits:

    In caucus states the delegates aren’t really awarded until later. There are state procedures and meetings that actually award them. Walter Mondale, in his bid for president, was able to steal delegates from Gary Hart. I wonder if this is somthing Hillary’s campaign is looking at as well.

    The pundits talked about this going to the convention and that the larger states..Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania are still ahead

    The remark by Shuster was brought up and one pundit said that with the historic nature of the race these types of comments get a lot of attention. Russert said Shuster is suspended indefinitely.

    They discussed the pros and cons of the delegates role and the possiblities for seating Florida and Michigan but didn’t know how it would go down.

    At the end they talked about McCain vs the Dems. They showed polls that show Obama beating McCain by a slightly larger margin but it was pointed out that something like a national security crisis could affect those numbers. One Obama leaning pundit said his slightly bigger margin might influence super delegates but he didn’t back that up with any data.

    Overall, the theme for the day seemed to be evenhandedness although there still were a couple Obama points pushed…but no breathless talk of just Obama, Obama, Obama..

  366. Vanity4hillary Says:

    February 10th, 2008 at 9:50 am
    I mist ask everybody here will you guys accept Obama as the nom and Hillary as the vice president?I surely ass hell will not.But I will like to hear everybody else opinion of this.

    I am reasonably certain that Hillary will be the nominee. Knowing what we do about Senator Obama I would not vote for him for dog catcher.

  367. NYC is right. Bwak is not going to be elected president. If Hillary was his VP choice, and accepted, she would be humiliated just like him. I wouldn’t want to put her through that. Fortunately I don’t have to worry about that since she will be the nominee.

  368. wbboei, I feel badly about this as a staunch democrat, but I just couldn’t vote for him knowing all that i know about him. I would just write-in HIllary. HOWEVER, I don’t even think it would come to that.

  369. No. I won’t accept Obama as President, let alone Hillary as Vice. Hill is no vice pres. She should be the leader of this nation. When you compare her to Obama, there is no other choice.

    I wish she would run independent if she doesn’t get the nomination. However, I don’t know if that would work. With her luck, McCain would have most of the votes.

    I find it so hard to believe what is going on. What are people looking at and listening to? Is everybody an idiot? Is it because I am a senior citizen and I am jaded by too many elections. I don’t see the potential in Obama at this time. His naivete scares me so, especially now when we are having such problems. What am I missing here? I do know the media is helping to determine the nominee and that upsets me.

    I am so disappointed that the majority of AA are voting for Obama. Where is their loyalty. Clinton did so much for them when he was president. Are they not aware that Obama didn’t experience what most AA did in this country. He was a preppie and when the older generation died, walked, and fought for his right to go to private school. Where are the older AAs. Surely they are aware of his background.

    What am I missing here?

  370. Not only that Irish1139, but the reason the majority of those voters in Louisiana voted for him yesterday is because they are still angry with FEMA and they think a “black” man will help them. What they don’t know is, he says that the “ineptitude was colorblind” when they were alll left out in that wreckage after the storm was over for all of those days. None of them believes that! But, he does. If they had only known how he really feels.

  371. If, by accident, or any other ridiculous reason, BHO was the Dem nominee, don’t feel guilty about voting for McCain. You will be doing no harm while simply excercising your civic duty by voting. You will not have helped McCain win over a Dem. First, McCain would not need any help, and, second, I’m not sure how much of a Dem BHO really is.

  372. Thanks for the info Sugar. I’ll get all the info today and start calling like crazy tomorrow. 🙂

    I’m not going down without a fight, damn it!

  373. P.S. I actually visited McCaines website today, just to see if there’s any possible way I MIGHT vote for him if Bambi gets the nom.

    (ugh! Looks like I really AM screwed if Hill doesn’t win this thing)

  374. I wont vote for BO. If he is the nominee my vote goes to McCain and I start planning for 2012.

    I am not the only one… My mother is a staunch liberterian/Republican. She is voting for Hillary but will not vote for BO. He will lose if he is the nominee. What people dont realize is that Bush hasnt even STARTED campaigning yet. He is going to be a very effective motivated and ruthless campaigner in support of McCain. He will destroy BO. Bush has nothing to lose and his legacy to preserve. BO as our nominee is a Republican dream come true.

    I can accept him as VP, maybe but not as the presidential candidate.

  375. The clock is also running out on Sen. Obama’s venue of choice – the caucus. There are only five remaining caucuses, the last one in early March. Hillary, on the other hand, has excelled in the large state primaries – the states that will have the most impact come November. Although the remaining February map will favor Obama, the remaining three large primary states — Ohio, Texas, and Pennsylvania — are states with a lot of delegates, strong support from elected officials there (governors of Ohio and PA), and who see Hillary as the candidate with the solutions to the problems they face.

    We have to PULL together as much as we can and turn the tide to our favor. I am disappointed with VA, MD, and DC. I hope we can pull a surprise for Hillary.

  376. I don’t watch CNN much anymore, but I’ve seen that Wolf Hussein Oblitzer and his crew are working very hard to sell the idea that the votes by the superdelegates are undemocratic, especially if they help to put Hillary over the top. They are implying that it is stealing the nomination.

    So many people on that channel are saying these things, so it must be the policy there. You don’t have to watch long to realize they keep repeating it in one form or another.

  377. Ronald, you’re not the only one. I feelt he same way, I just hope that we can turn the tide to our favor. What can we do?

  378. Listen, let’s not just all switch the darkside SHOULD BO receive the nominee. NOw, I don’t first believe he will be the nominee, but since you all are “going there” let me propose an alternative.

    The reason why he’s winning these states is because they are caucuses and we all know that everyone doesn’t get a chance to weigh in etc. So, IF he should become the nominee, we could start a grassroots effort to write-in Hillary Clinton, SHOULD she not be named the nominee. That way, everyone would get to cast their ballot. Florida and Michigan too!

  379. Okay, checked out the website and they don’t have Va. on the call list (that I can see). So….I’ll just come in tomorrow and work on the states they do list.

  380. AmericanGal,

    Anybody who puts stock in general election polls 9 months before the election needs their head examined. Remember all those polls in 04 that had Kerry beating Bush? Well, as soon as Rove and the repub machine got hold of him his negatives rose and Kerry had no advantage over Bush. In fact, before those debates he was actually losing by as much as double digits to GWB. However BO is fairing against McCain now is irrevelent. What will his numbers look like once he’s faced the repub attack machine? I’m guessing not so good.

  381. Good morning everyone! The mood was fine when I left yesterday. I hope it is still fine and people here are not ‘bamboozled’ or ‘hoodwinked’ by a bunch of caucus vistories based on a sliver of hardcore activists. Hillary has won Michigan, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Massachussetts, California, Tennessee in addition to New Hampshire, Arkansas, Nevada, OKlahoma, and New Mexico (I think she will win after all the provisionals are counted).

    She has won all the big states except Illinois. All Obama has done won is a bunch of anti-democratic caucus states. I made a couple of posts yesterday arguing whe I think she has a very good chance of winning Ohio, Texas, and Pennsylvania. With that the DNC would be foolish to nominate Obama. He would be a disaster for our party and for our country. I for one will vote for McCain if that happened not because I am not loyal to my party but because I am more loyal to my country.

  382. we could start a grassroots effort to write-in Hillary Clinton,

    That’s exactly where my head it at, Sugar. I can’t, in good faith, vote Bamib and I can’t in good faith vote McCain. So if the worst should happen, looks like a write in vote is my only recourse.

    But like you said, I won’t have to worry about that. Hillary IS going to win the nom.

  383. Sugar, your efforts are greatly appreciated. Therefor I’m reluctant to admit I don’t have a lot of confidence in that plan because I don’t see the benefit at this point. It would not get Hillary elected. If it is to send a message, it is not as effective as it would be if Hillary ran as an independent. That wouldn’t get her elected either, but she isn’t going to do that anyway.

    That brings up another question. Although I feel strongly she is going to win this thing, if she did not, would she run for re-election to the Senate? Probably she doesn’t know that right now since she has no reason to consider it yet. She is very effective in the Senate. I often waste my time wondering about unimportant things.

  384. Sugar,

    you are probably right. I told my friend in Seattle I would vote for McCain if BO is the nominee. I had just convinced him to switch his caucus vote to Hillary by going through one issue after another. He stopped drinking the koolaid and agreed. Then he sent me a voicemail message he got on his phone from none other than McCain. It was all about security and terror and winning the war. While it made me think twice about voting for McCain if BO is the nominee (in truth, I am venting a bit when I say that) it also made me realize that they are just starting to gear up for tearing him apart with his positions on the Iraq and security. Imagine- Senator, you are against the war in Iraq yet you advocate dropping nuclear bombs on Pakistan. Please explain. I fear the dems may snatch defeat from the jaws of victory this year all the while chanting “yes we can”

  385. I just checked the popular vote totals for WA, LA and NE.
    BO – 21,629
    Rough total of 268,000.
    Florida popular vote was 857,208 for HRC out of approx1.5 million.
    So yesterday he won approximately a third of the votes she got in the Florida primary.
    I have to say i’m disappointed and FURIOUS at HRC’s campaign not anticipating BO’s surge. IMHO this shouldn’t be happening. This nominating process should have been a no-brainer but not giving upelection should have been anbeletting this put them on the ropes.

  386. What we need to do is let the MSM know that they can spin this all they want, but we fully expect for Hill to be the nominee. BUT, if she is not, her supporters will take full advantage of the real democratic process and write in her name. So, they can hype Obamarama up all they want, but he will still lose and we’ll make this election even more historic than they imagined. The first woman president wins through write-in votes! Can you imagine!? lol

    But, just to clarify, I FULLY expect for Hill to be the nominee.

  387. Oh, that reminds me, I wanted to tell you guys about some of the folks I met at the Abingdon rally yesterday. SUPER nice folks there. Everyone I talked to though ended up asking me if I would be voting for Hillary on the 12th. I had to say, “No. I’m from TN and we already voted.”

    Everyone I told that too looked so dissappointed. So I would then quickly add, “But I’ll be doing everything I can to help convince Virginians to vote for her on the 12th!”

    And then, big smiles! LOL!

  388. Hillary May Have the Edge in Maine

    A lot of us in the press, including me, have looked at Maine on the primary calendar, noticed it was a caucus state, and basically put it in the Obama column as a result.

    Now it’s true that caucus states tend to reward the extensive organization that Obama excels at. On the other hand, there are a lot of white working-class people in Maine–and, judging from the results of New Hampshire and Massachusetts (look at “high school graduates” and voters making under $50,000), Obama seems to have problems with the New England version of this demographic. (Even in Connecticut, which Obama won, Hillary killed him among “high school graduates”–55-41–though he returned the favor among college graduates.) Whether or not Barry Bonds’s diagnosis of the situtation is apt, I can’t say. But what’s clear is that the terrain isn’t super-favorable for him tomorrow.

    This piece in today’s Washington Post kind of underscores that point. The piece notes that “Clinton is expected to be competitive tomorrow in Maine–the winner of the New Hampshire primary almost always is,” and notes that the Obama campaign itself isn’t so high on its prospects there:

    An internal analysis by the campaign lays out one scenario for the next phase of the battle, in which Clinton would win Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania, both in popular votes and delegates, along with five other places: Maine, Kentucky, West Virginia, Rhode Island and Puerto Rico.

    It could be an exercise in expectations-setting, of course. But it wouldn’t shock me if this turned out to be right.

    Update: Yeah, Maine looks pretty good for Hillary. In the 2004 general election, about 60 percent of Maine voters made less than $50,000 per year. By comparison, only about one-third of New Hampshire voters made less than $50,000. In both cases, Bush won 44 percent of that group, so we’re looking at a lot more (almost twice the proportion of) working class Dems in Maine…

    –Noam Scheiber


  389. basil9, I think you are missing a couple of things that have been in Obama’s favor since October 2007:

    a) The media has been in Obama’s corner all along. This has been one huge uninterrupted commercial for him. They have not looked at his record, they have not evaluated his policy positions, and they have not simply vetted him. More importantly, they have been brutal on Hillary. They have tried to stop her from pointing out the problems with with Obama’s record (or lack of it).

    b) The nominating process was rigged by Dean and Donna Brazille to favor Obama. That is why they threw out Michigan and Florida knowing very well he couldn’t win there. That is why South carolina was moved up. That is why we have a bunch of caucus states early in the process. This is to give a minority of far-left hardcore activists undue influence in the nominating process. Ask yourself why are Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania scheduled after Nebraska, Idaho, Louisiana, South Carolina? The idea is to help provide Obama “momentum” before this big states come around. Bill Clinton in 1992 came fourth in the Washington caucus. The Clintons appeal to the broad electorate. Obama appeals to latte liberals and hardcore activitis. That is why the process has been setup like this.

    Given these two huge handicaps, I will argue that Hillary is in a great place today. Every campaign has to make resource allocations. Hillary is betting on big states and Obama is betting on caucuses. He is getting a huge resource advantage through free media which has been incredibly pro-Obama since October 2007. Yet, Hillary is standing, leading in total delegates (including 73 allocated delegates in Michigan and yet-to-be allocated delegates in Florida), and in the popular vote. Not a bad spot to be in.

  390. Nikki, I agree on the McCain/Obama numbers. That is just a snapshot in time right now…there are many things that will affect those polls. The pundit on MTP evidently thinks super delegates are fools.

    TPS: it was pointed out on This Week that Obama’s states are Republican and will go Republican in the fall. It does not matter if Obama attracts a few more independents than Hillary. That is offset by the women, latinos and traditional Dems whose votes he has trouble gaining.

    All of you are great but I wish everyone would get back to reasoned analysis and strategy. That is our strength. There is no reason to tie ourselves in knots with worry. Take things one day at a time. The campaign is a long haul, not a one day event with big pro Hillary delegate states yet to come. Hang in there folks…

  391. TPS, I am a little worry about OH. Do you think the white working class people still stand firm behind hillary. I know for sure Asian Americans will either go for McCain or stay home if hillary is not the nominee.

  392. TPS, Brazile said this morning that she thinks Hillary has built in advantages that still favor her. You can tell that she is pro-Obama however. She is hoping for the delegate count to decide the race. I was waiting for someone to ask her if she would feel that way if it would favor Hillary. I was also wondering if she feels this way because she thinks Hillary has more support from superdelegates.

  393. TPS,
    I know that BM has given BO a free ride but I didn’t realize that Dean and brazille and company set up caucus dates to favor him. Do you know when this was done? And how could they have predicted BO would do better in those venues? Are you intimating it really was a ‘done deal?” That is friggin nuts but I wouldn’t doubt it happening. I agree with other posters who say there’s no way BO would be elected president and yet the dems seem intent, as someone else pointed out, in snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.
    I’m hoping you’re right that she’s in a great place today. BTW, thanks for the pep talk. 🙂

  394. meiyingsu, I am quite confident about Ohio because of the bluecollar vote there. The popular Governor of Ohio has also endorsed Hillary. They stood with her in all of the big states on Feb 5 even after 10 days of non-stop media swoon for him.

    AmericanGal, Brazille is a thinly disguised Obama supporter. She is not neutral. JUst like every pundit on CNN. I take everything she says with a grain of salt. They got their knives out for Hillary. Hillary is doing a great job fighting all of the vultures off. And, she has got us behind her back. We are with her all the way. We have money, We have loyalty, and We have energy. And, we won’t easily forget what they are doing to her. My support for this party going forward will depend entirely on how fairly they treat Hillary.

  395. Hillary May Have the Edge in Maine

    A lot of us in the press, including me, have looked at Maine on the primary calendar, noticed it was a caucus state, and basically put it in the Obama column as a result.

    Now it’s true that caucus states tend to reward the extensive organization that Obama excels at. On the other hand, there are a lot of white working-class people in Maine–and, judging from the results of New Hampshire and Massachusetts (look at “high school graduates” and voters making under $50,000), Obama seems to have problems with the New England version of this demographic. (Even in Connecticut, which Obama won, Hillary killed him among “high school graduates”–55-41–though he returned the favor among college graduates.) Whether or not Barry Bonds’s diagnosis of the situtation is apt, I can’t say. But what’s clear is that the terrain isn’t super-favorable for him tomorrow.

    This piece in today’s Washington Post kind of underscores that point. The piece notes that “Clinton is expected to be competitive tomorrow in Maine–the winner of the New Hampshire primary almost always is,” and notes that the Obama campaign itself isn’t so high on its prospects there:

    An internal analysis by the campaign lays out one scenario for the next phase of the battle, in which Clinton would win Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania, both in popular votes and delegates, along with five other places: Maine, Kentucky, West Virginia, Rhode Island and Puerto Rico.

    It could be an exercise in expectations-setting, of course. But it wouldn’t shock me if this turned out to be right.

    Update: Yeah, Maine looks pretty good for Hillary. In the 2004 general election, about 60 percent of Maine voters made less than $50,000 per year. By comparison, only about one-third of New Hampshire voters made less than $50,000. In both cases, Bush won 44 percent of that group, so we’re looking at a lot more (almost twice the proportion of) working class Dems in Maine…

    –Noam Scheiber


    I posted this earlier, but it is being held up too long. I just wanted to get this positive blog out there.

  396. basil9, these guys knew there was a very good chance Obama would run this time. In fact a lot of them quietly encouraged him to run after his speech to the convention in 2004. Brazille was the head of the DNC rules committee and had a lot of power to set the rules and the process. She was the one who wanted to harshly punish Michigan and Florida by taking away all of their delegates. Dean sat there and let this happen and they have a mess on their hands. Michigan has just allocated its delegates and Florida will do so on March 1. Neither of them are willing to do a do-over. The Republicans took away only half of the delegates from Michigan and Florida.

  397. Ahem…I for one am not “freaking out”. I’m simply looking at where we are now realistically. Don’t feel a bit of doom and gloom. This is a tought race, always has been. Nothing new there.

  398. So guys, Karl Rove was on Face the Nation saying something about how about 15% of registered dems turned out to vote in Nebraska.

    So, remember, a caucus is a caucus and Hillary does far far better in primaries where people actually vote.

    We really need to chill the f out about it.

  399. basil9, it is not a done deal because voters in Florida, Michigan, California, New Jersey, Massachussetts, New York and other big states thwarted their (Media and DNC) plan as they are going to do in Ohio, Texas, and Pennsylvania.

  400. LMAO! I really am messed up now. I actually thought ME went last night!

    Hooo boy….I need to stop and actually look at the news for a minute.

  401. Sorry for continuing the post but i can’t manage to type more than 12 lines in a message.
    I listened in to the talking heads, after bracing myself by visiting this site, and one of the theories passed around about the FL Michigan dilemna is to award delgates based on the NATIONWIDE popular vote instead of the state popular vote and that would result in a 50-50 split and that of course wouldn’t help HRC.
    I agree that TH’s were restrained today. Howard Kurtz brought up the Schuster issue. Even tweety sounds even-handed, for once. Stephanopulus was his usual dry self.

  402. I agree Idunn, this is a tough slog but one in which we will come out ahead. Remember we are fighting not only Obama here but the media and the Democratic establishment also. It is three against one. Yet, we are still standing and winning and not going anywhere except to Denver with Hillary as the nominee.

  403. LJ is right. Read this:

    Disenfranchising Hillary’s Base: The Undemocratic Caucus

    Barack Obama won both of today’s caucuses. No surprise there. Before today, Obama had won 7 out of the 8 caucuses and by HUGE numbers. With Washington and Nebraska, the caucus score is now at 9 to 1. As I noted after Iowa, the caucus system was designed long ago for and by an elite male class.

    Elites males represent a significant portion of Senator Obama’s base.

    The caucus system is undemocratic. It disenfranchises working class voters who simply do not have the flexible schedules held by the elite class. Unlike the primary, the caucus system does not make voting available all day long to accommodate people with all types of schedules. To make matters worse, most state caucuses do not permit absentee ballot provisions.

    The disenfranchised include the elderly, the disabled, people with multiple jobs, caregivers, medical personnel, police, firemen/women, members of the military, blue and pink collar workers and women.

    Christopher Hitchens notes the undemocratic nature of the caucus:

    It’s only when you read an honest reporter like Dan Balz that you appreciate the depth and extent of the fraud that is being practiced on us all. “In a primary,” as he put it, “voters quietly fill out their ballots and leave. In the caucuses, they are required to come and stay for several hours, and there are no secret ballots. In the presence of friends, neighbors and occasionally strangers, Iowa Democrats vote with their feet, by raising their hands and moving to different parts of the room to signify their support for one candidate or another. …”

    Make no mistake, this system of public voting advantages the louder and more aggressive half of the species far more than it advantages women. Never mind the more obvious intimidation factor, I think we all know that there are some women who will vote for Hillary only if their husbands are not looking over their shoulders. Just as there are some working class voters who are loathe to express their preference with their bosses in the same room.

    In short, the undemocratic caucus system disadvantages and disenfranchises Hillary’s base. That would be working class voters, the elderly, and women.

    Will the media discuss this? Or will they merely chalk up 9 out of 10 caucus wins to Obama momentum?

    Voters in Maine will caucus tomorrow and may possibly prove the exception to the rule (as did Nevada): “Maine’s voters fit the demographic profile of voters she has won elsewhere: older, blue-collar and heavily female.”

    Update – Marc Ambinder: “100,000 of Hillary Clinton’s enthusiastic donors have contributed more than $10M since Feb 5. Now these numbers are looked at with suspicion by Obama allies. They can’t possibly see how Clinton could generate some of the same enthusiasm that Obama does — they can’t stand comparisons of his donors to hers.”


  404. basil9, 50/50 split is the same as not seating them and it goes against the popular will of the voters in Florida and Michigan and no one will agree to that. Hillary got 300,000 more votes in Florida and why should she accept a 50/50 split in delegates. Hillary can do that if Obama is willing to accept a 50-50 split in all of the caucus states since they are anti-democratic and disenfranchise older voters and working class voters and women with children.

  405. That’s a great article, Mj.

    Caucus voting is flat out outdated. Simple as that. Furthermore, it’s intimidating to voters. How the hell can that EVER be a good thing?!

  406. Something I posted earlier, to keep in mind . . . .


    JOB DESCRIPTION: the successful candidate must have the ability to effectively manage and resolve a wide range of complex problems which significantly affect the welfare of 300 million Americans and billions of human beings in other countries around the world including but not limited to: national security, terrorism, economic recession, Iraq War, spiraling national debt, heath care crisis, shrinking job base, endangered middle class, educational deficit, immigration mess, global warming, loss of international prestige, competition for resources, etc.

    It is essential for the candidate to have job related experience for two reasons: i) past experience is the most accurate predictor of future performance, and ii) the nature and urgency of our problems are such that the next president must be capable of addressing them on day 1.

    In addition, the candidate must be a strong decisive leader who can provide a new sense of direction and overcome the institutional resistance which exists within the system. This means she or he must have the proper management philosophy, style, message, character, judgment, and moral courage. Why? Because in the immortal words of Harry Truman: “The buck stops here”.
    QUALIFICATIONS: here are the job related qualifications of Barack Obama, as I perceive them:

    PRIOR EXPERIENCE: Freshman Senator (D-Il). Illinois State Legislator, Community Organizer, President of Harvard Law Review. Lived and travelled abroad. Close ties to Daley Machine. He has written two books about his life which have inspired people. No significant legislative accomplishments. He is married, 2 children.

    MANAGEMENT PHILOSOPHY: Insists he is not a Chief Operating Officer. Instead, he believes his role is to set the direction for the country, and hire other people (as yet unidentified) to actually run the government. Yet, the evidence to date from the campaign trail suggests he does not hold subordinates accountable for their actions (i.e. South Carolina campaign staff, Jessie Jackson Jr., General Mc Peak, Axelrod, etc.)

    MANAGEMENT STYLE: In public, he favors huge meetings, inspirational speeches, and mass movement politics tilted toward young people and the media. But, behind the scenes he is the exact opposite, i.e. very deferential to powerful interests, and willing to concede a publicly held position as long as he can get a positive headline. Sometimes he gets political contributions too, i.e. Exelon. Uses consultants and lobbyists to steer his campaign and spread false stories about opponents. Plays the race card– offensively and defensively, with plausible deniability.

    POLITICAL MESSAGE: Decries the old politics, i.e. clash of interests, baby boomer conflicts, lobbyist control, and claims to offer a new kind of politics, i.e. transcendence, common purpose, rule by the people. But this is an utterly utopian construct. You cannot govern without politics. Our country is too complicated for that. This approach has been tried before by people like Adlai Stevenson, Bill Bradley, Deval Patrick. It leads to political gridlock and nothing gets done.

    PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE: He is a narcissistic personality. He preaches themes of empowerment and unity. But when challenged, he becomes very defensive, pouts and tends to demonize opponents, i.e. Wal Mart charge. And when he does not get his way threatens to pick up his marbles and go home, i.e. the veiled threat that he may not support the nominee if it is not him. Finally, his attitude toward women is suspect, i.e. the snub, likeable enough, turning his back, etc.

    JUDGMENT: He claims that he is always right on day 1. He cites a speech in Illinois legislature opposing Iraq War as proof–but concedes that he does not know what he would have voted if he had been in the Senate at the time. He dismisses his 17 year political and financial entanglement with an indicted political fixer as a “bone headed mistake”. He leaves hard decisions to others and critiques them later.

    MORAL COURAGE: He failed to show up for Kyle Lieberman, but criticized the votes of others who did. He voted “pass” 129 times on various pieces of legislation, on controversial issues. Says he pushed the wrong button six times. When he lost the Nevada primary, he left town without thanking supporters, delivering a concession speech and congratulating his opponent per customary practice. This has caused some to say that he is never there when you need him.

    REFERENCES: Oprah, Ted Kennedy, Daley Machine, Rezko, Media Whores, Big Blogs, Limousine Liberals and Political Opportunists who know as well as we do that that he is unqualified for the job but seek to exploit that fact for their own personal gain.
    CONCLUSION: if you set aside all the hype about the first black president, and the one-sided media coverage which has defined his candidacy, it is becomes obvious that Barack Obama is not qualified for the job of President of the United States of America.

    It is unreasonable to expect that he could deliver the kind of leadership which the country needs at this watershed moment in history. We do not need hope, and utopian rhetoric. We need a realistic vision, moral courage, coalition building, and the adroit use of the levers of power, if we are to succeed and prosper as a nation in the 21st Century.

  407. We are not going to allow our nominee to be chosen based on a bunch of caucus wins in republican states. That is the bottom line.

  408. I hope people in WA go out an vote for her in the primary, and she wins. I thope more voters vote in the primary than did in the caucus, wouldn’t that be a great statement for how crappy these things are?

  409. TPS,
    (Aghast). I wasn’t saying I agree with that approach!!!!! It’s absurd and unfair! I was just reporting what’s out there in BM today.

    BTW, thanks all for the political education, especially the Brazille/Dean connection. I didn’t know she’d help set the caucus system up and I can’t figure out what the heck Dean would get out of this arrangement. It’s sickening but I appreciate any info, background and history on this awful process. At least it helps me understand why this is happening.

  410. basil9, Of course I know that, I was directing my ire at the people who are proposing that, not at you. I had heard this proposal before.

  411. Men and women in caucus states who could not go to caucus because of unavoidable reasons should call their respective state democratic parties and super delegates in their states to let them know how undemocratic the results are. They should demand that their vote be counted. I guess we are seeing true democracy at work here. People if they care about what is going on, they should let their voices be heard — call your representatives in your state.

  412. I come bearing good news! I’ve been looking at Washington State results trying to make sense of this crazy mess and I found something encouraging. One county I was curious about was Yakima because I know they have a large population of Hispanics. Hillary did pretty decent there (in comparison to the rest of the state) losing 55%- 43%. I looked up the demos for that county and 35% of the population is Hispanic. So I started looking at other counties where she fared well. The only county she won, Douglas, is 22% Hispanic. Franklin County is 48% Hispanic and she kept it close there losing only 51 to 48. Grant county went 55-45 for Obama and it’s 35% Hispanic. On the other hand the counties where she was blown away all have considerably lower percentages of hispanic population. (and high republicans..) I didn’t go through all the counties but I went through enough of them to see that all the counties she stayed close in had large Hispanic populations and all the states she was blown out in had small. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. Even Washington Latinos love Hillary.

    So let’s hear it for our Hispanic hermanos and hermanas! Without them Washington could have been much uglier.

  413. Continuing my previous post, call the newspapers/TV stattions in your state and voice your grievance about the caucus system and how it prevented you from counting your vote. They will have to do a story if you fill their mailboxes.

  414. Something that just occurred to me…Rezko trial will be in full force starting in the first week of March. No one has talked about how this may impact the later primaries. In fact, doesn’t it begin March 3, the day before Texas and Ohio?

  415. One other thing about Rezko…isn’t there at least a possibility that Obama could be called to testify considering that his firm was active with Rezjo’s dealings?

  416. I don’t understand Dean. I do recall that during the DNC Chairman elections in 2005 (I think), the Clintons didn’t support Dean. Dean was also not very popular with Rahm Emanuel and Chuck Schumer in 2006 during the congressional elections because he was spending all the DNC money on “party-building” activities in places like Idaho and Nebraska. Rahm and Chuck wanted him to spend the DNC money on the elctions. They basically went it alone and raised a ton of money. Even today, DNC is the only Democratic entity that has raised less money than the RNC (I believe the DNC just got out of debt) and they have been significantly outraised by the RNC. In contrast, the congressional campiagn committee and the senate campaign committee headed by Rahm and Chuck have significantly outraised their Republican counterparts. I don’t think Dean is a strong chairman. He was supported by the DailyKooks, Obama Talking Points Memo and the Dumbington Post along with people like Brazille.

  417. Clinton urges Orono crowd to participate
    By Walter Griffin
    Saturday, February 09, 2008 – Bangor Daily News

    ORONO – Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., took her “Solution for America” town hall forum to the University of Maine Saturday and received a rousing welcome from an enthusiastic crowd that spent more than an hour cheering and agreeing with her positions


    Look at the pictures on that link.

  418. Speaking of Rezko, two new posts up this morning that are originals, not links or news item summaries.

    Both are based on the Jan 26 arrest warrant. The first shows where Rezko’s $3.5 went. The other is about where Rita Rezko got the money to buy the Rezbama lot.


  419. Clinton draws in crowd at UM, 200 turned away at the door
    By Aimee Dolloff
    Saturday, February 09, 2008 – Bangor Daily News

    ORONO – Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s appearance Saturday morning at the University of Maine Student Recreation and Fitness Center was a highlight for UM freshman Elizabeth Carpenter.

    Carpenter, 19, is a broadcast journalism major from Topsham who said she’s a Republican, but is considering voting for Clinton in the upcoming presidential election.


  420. Hey, maybe not a altogether good way of looking at it, but if its McCain or BO in 2008, then for sure HRC will win in 2012. Certainly they would both be one term prez.

  421. TPS,
    I’m with you on Dean. Overall, he’s been a disappointment. The only thing I give him props for is the 50 state strategy.

  422. “All the Obama people at Crooks and liars are saying she should concede right now. I’m getting super depressed.”

    –The mainstream world has been saying she should concede since day one. I got Is Hillary Finished? ads in my yahoo inbox both before and after her New Hampshire win—and since then. Yesterday I saw an Is Hillary Finished ad? in the IMDB site sidebar. (Of course I’ve NEVER seen a SINGLE Is Obama Finished? ad anywhere. Can the bias be any clearer?) WHY are people still listening to these biased places?

    AND WHY-OH-WHY ARE PEOPLE POSTING PROPAGANDIST ARTICLES FROM MSNBC HERE? MSNBC?!?!?!? MSNBC’s been proven to be an enemy of Clinton. Don’t advertise the enemy’s claims, propaganda and spin.

    Vanity, I will not vote for anyone but Clinton. No way would I vote for Obama; he’s another Bush. No way would I vote for McCain because he’s a Bush abetter. I just won’t vote.

  423. # TPS Says:
    February 10th, 2008 at 11:16 am

    We are not going to allow our nominee to be chosen based on a bunch of caucus wins in republican states. That is the bottom line.
    This is the bottom line for us. We should work hard to thwart his momentum by pointing out the undemocratic way of caucuses. This is a call to action. Hillary supporters in caucus states who could not vote should raise hell.

  424. nikki22, I don’t know how well the 50 strategy is going to work out. Places like Idaha, Kansas, and Nebraska will go for Republicans no matter what. It is worth trying, though.

  425. Hi all – CJ posted this link http://www.obamatruth.org yesterday, its updated articles and video look so bad for BO. I was surprised that it did not get any reaction from the group. Someone mentioned that the big media will not touch it – I feel that if ALL of us will keep emailing the link to big and local news media including “keep them honest” by Anderson Cooper – they will look into it. What do you think?

  426. Good Morning all…just a reminder to spread the word as far as possible on the money bomb for Hillary on this Tuesday 2/12…for those of you that communicate on facebook, etc…make sure to get the word out to all your friends and like minded aquaintances…I am sure most of you know this, but just for emphasis…I was watching a report on cable that stressed how Obama has really got the facebook and myspace niche under his belt…and that is how he has so successfully mobilized the youth and raised money…especially for our younger supporters that on are facebook…get out the word for Hillary, etc alot…we can’t just cede all of that support to him…

  427. One other thing about Rezko…isn’t there at least a possibility that Obama could be called to testify considering that his firm was active with Rezjo’s dealings?

    Well, sources close to the case say that it IS Obama who’s the “unnamed political candidate” listed in the Rezko indictment. So tell me…what the HELL does THAT mean? Does that mean he will be called to testify as a witness in the case? Does it mean he too is being investigated?

    By the way, nice to see you B Merry! I tried to link to Rezkowatch this morning but couldn’t get the page to load. I’m going to try again now. Thanks for the heads up on new postings there.

  428. I also won’t vote for Obama because he’s a misogynist and a sexist–I think his attitude and behavior toward women should be clear to many people right now for various reason. So are most of his cult members misogynistic and sexist. I don’t like the way Edwards has behaved either. Why the hell should Clinton pick ANY of these people to run beside her? She should pick someone who’s supported her, who’s not behaved like a sexist little adolescent creep.

  429. Here’s one of the ways republicans would go after Obama:

    “I certainly don’t know what he believes in.” said George W. Bush

  430. I’m just now starting to look alittle deeper in MO and BO’s relationship with Valerie Jarrett. Interesting stuff there, for sure. But man, this stuff is like one big, complicated , sticky web.

    Still can’t get Rezkowatch to load and I’m dying to read the mole article. (sigh) I’m going to try restarting my computer. BRB.

  431. “Disenfranchising Hillary’s Base: The Undemocratic Caucus

    Barack Obama won both of today’s caucuses. No surprise there. Before today, Obama had won 7 out of the 8 caucuses and by HUGE numbers. With Washington and Nebraska, the caucus score is now at 9 to 1. As I noted after Iowa, the caucus system was designed long ago for and by an elite male class.

    Elites males represent a significant portion of Senator Obama’s base.”

    –Down with the patriarchs! They ain’t determining this country anymore!

  432. I have just written an updated version of an overnight diary over at Kos’ site which shows that the DNC is looking to aid Obama with Florida, it seems.

    More importantly, in the course of reading and responding to the comments in the diary, it was revealed to me (via a WaPo article) that the MAIN party at blame for Michigan’s delegate dilemma is — NEW HAMPSHIRE!

    New Hampshire changed their primary date, and thus broke an agreement with Michigan, the DNC and the rest of the states. ONLY after that happened did Michigan change their primary’s date. But the DNC ONLY punished Michigan, and not New Hamphire! Totally bogus, and wrong to Michigan, it’s voters and the candidates who kept their names on the ballot.

    Here is the diary link:


    I have just diaried this at MyDD as well, and have just left a comment about it (all under the same user name) at Hillaryis44.org.

    My diary shows more DNC anti-Clinton and anti-voter bias in both Florida and — more explosively — in Michigan.

    We MUST get this info out to the dull-witted MSM to help correctly persuade the DNC to seat both states’ delegates IMMEDIATELY.

    Finally, any and all persons have my FULL permission to use all or part of the contents of what I diaried at Daily Kos. I don’t care about personal glory hear, but the justness of this nomination process and that the voices of ALL voters, including those in MI and FLA be heard.

    Thanks, and let’s go, Hillary!

  433. B Merry, when i search on rezkowatch in Yahoo your site comes at the top. Clearly, many people are linking to this site. Congrats!

  434. I just read a comment over at TM the gist of which bears repeating considering how a few posters here have said that the hispanic voters are not going to vote BO and would rather vote for McCain. Well, that makes CA dangerous territory for the Dems with BO as the nominee. McCain and Schwarzie and going to campaign like hell… and the hispanic vote could easily tilt the scales to McCain. Along with the sizeable asian american vote.
    And theres nothing that those BO worshipping San Francisco liberals will be able to as they watch CA give the keys to the presidency to McCain.

  435. Holy crap B.Merry! That Rezko detail is shocking! Can you do a summary of the serious questions it raises concerning Obama? Many are saying that the Rezko business just casts doubt on his judgement in friends but it sure looks like he is involved with the money stuff (at least with his house purchase). How can Obama make an arguement that he thought this was just a regular business deal when all of Illinois knew Rezko was under investigation for illegal use of federal funds? Obama would have to be idiot not to question where Rezko was getting the money.

    I’ve also heard that there is a question if Obama was approached by Rezko to get a visa for his Iraqi friend. Are there other issues that may be potential bombshells? There sure is a lot of smoke here….

  436. Merry, I still can’t get into your site. BUT, I took what you posted here and did a google on “FBI mole rezko” and found the Chicago Sun Times article. I’m getting ready to go readi it right now.

  437. “Sources said Thomas also logged frequent visits to Rezko from Gov. Blagojevich and U.S. Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.).”

    From the FBI Mole article in Chicago Sun Times

  438. I won’t vote for BO in November either for a few reasons:
    1) He has an elitist quality to him
    3)Lack of substance (What does “new politics” mean anyway?)
    4)Tennessee won’t go blue in 08 w/ him at the top of the ticket so its a waste of a vote
    5)He’ll ruin any chance for an african american to get elected president for the next few decades when he gets beaten like a drum by McCain

    Luckily I won’t have to sit out this election because I expect Hillary will be our nominee.

  439. One thing is becoming increasingly obvious to me….

    The gender/racial lines among these candidates are going to be the constituency that decides their fate.

    Women have the chance to elect one of their own, if they so decide. I have not doubt that if the majority of women (of all races) vote for Hillary, she will win decidedly now and in the GE. If they do not, then it will be a tough road.

    Men, as long as they split 50/50, is actually a win for Hillary I think.

    So, women on big pink, women around the United States, the ball is in your court. Step up and win this thing for our country, our future, and our children’s future. Vote Hillary!

  440. Per Pittsburgh Post-Gazette…

    Many analysts see Pennsylvania as a promising state for Mrs. Clinton. According to one report, the Obama strategists are among them. Exit polls in previous states suggest that one demographic plus for the New York senator is that Pennsylvania has one of the nation’s oldest populations. Older voters have been among Mrs. Clinton’s most reliable supporters.

  441. Pennsylvania and Florida are the number 2 and 1 states (respectively) with the highest percentage of their populations over 65, Iowa is 3rd….

  442. Maryland, Virginia, And DC Superdelegates Endorse Hillary
    The Clinton campaign announced today that it has the support of 25 superdelegates in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Colombia. The list of supporters includes 21 Democratic National Committee (DNC) members, including Barbara Easterling of Virginia who pledged her support to Hillary today, as well as, Governor Martin O’Malley, U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski, and Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger.

    “DNC members have an important role to play in this nominating process. The Democratic party’s nomination process is strong because it takes into account the voices of the grassroots activists, the diversity of our party, and the view of elected officials and party leaders,” said Easterling. “I am proud to endorse Hillary Clinton, because she has the experience to solve the problems our country faces. She will end the war in Iraq, provide health care for all Americans, fix our economy, and bring about the change we need.”

    “I am honored to have the support of Barbara and all the DNC members and elected officials who will have a voice at our national convention,” said Clinton. “I am confident that we will have a great convention and that we will send a strong candidate into the general election campaign. I look forward to being that candidate and as President, will work with the people of Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC to move our country forward.”

    A current list of superdelegates in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC who are supporting Hillary is below:


    Governor Martin O’Malley
    U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski
    U.S. Representative Dutch Ruppersberger
    Alvaro Cifuentes, DNC Member
    Maria Cordone, DNC Member
    Nancy Kopp, DNC Member, Maryland State Treasurer
    Richard Michalski, DNC Member
    Glenard Middleton, DNC Member
    Carol Pensky, DNC Member
    Michael Steed, DNC Member

    Barbara Easterling, DNC Member
    Terence McAuliffe, Distinguished Party Leader
    Jennifer McClellan, DNC Member; Member, Virginia House of Delegates
    Mame Reiley, DNC Member
    Lionell Spruill Sr., DNC Member; Member, Virginia House of Delegates
    Susan Swecker, DNC Member
    Washington, DC

    Marilyn Brown, DNC Member
    Mary Eva Candon, DNC Member
    Yolanda Caraway, DNC Member
    Hartina Flournoy, DNC Member
    Harold Ickes, DNC Member
    Ben Johnson, DNC Member
    Eric Kleinfeld, DNC Member
    Minyon Moore, DNC Member
    Elizabeth Smith, DNC Member

  443. If Ohio, Texas, and Pennsylvania break our way big……..and Ohio/Texas are definitely predicted to do that, this February will be for naught. If Florida and Michigan get seated, that combination (Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan) could win it for Hillary without a brokered convention.

    The rest of this month is going to be tough, strap on your seatbelts. But, if women step up big for Hillary from now until the end, Hillary will be the nominee without any doubt.

  444. Don’t forget, we were ahead of John Edwards in North Carolina, which has a lot of delegates, I am not sure about now. Also, we have Oregon, where we have congressional and the governor’s support. Then there is Kentucky, which I see breaking for us as well. And Puerto Rico lastly, with a big amount of delegates too, 63. These, combined with Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas should do the trick.

  445. Is there no possibility to have this done by March 4th?

    I only ask because after that is a Wyoming caucus, and Mississippi Primary.

    I have no doubt though, that Penn. is a strong state for our girl. 🙂

  446. I just posted at a DNC comment page for Howard Dean,

    Dear Mr. Dean,

    You did a great thing with the 50-state strategy. Pls don’t jepoardize your standing now.

    You need to find some other way to slap FL and MI. Seat the delegates as they are, asap. Any mucking around with reducing the delegations or turning them 50-50 would look like favoritism.

    As for superdelegates, tie-breaking is one of their functions; otherwise there might be lawsuits in a dozen states about hanging chads. If Donna Brazile quits, good riddance; she helped lose in 2000.

  447. B, no not at all…..I’ve been waiting for some news outlet to key in on this (red states won by Obama). Not sure it is going to happen, too much Koolaid out there.

  448. Morning HUBdate: $10 Million
    If You Watch One Thing Today: Katie Couric interviews Hillary on “60 Minutes” at 7 p.m. EST/PST and 6 p.m. CST/MST.

    $10 Million: Since the polls closed on Super Tuesday, more than 100,000 donors have contributed $10 million online. The campaign’s initial goal was $3 million in 3 days.

    In Case You Missed It: Hillary accepted an invitation to debate in Wisconsin before the state’s February 19th primary. Sen. Obama has refused to debate in the next two weeks.

    Today on the Trail: Hillary holds “Solutions for America” town halls in Manassas and Roanoke, Virginia and Bowie, Maryland… President Bill Clinton attends church services in Washington, D.C. and Bowie, Maryland and holds “Solutions for America” events in Catonsville, Dundalk and Silver Spring, Maryland… Chelsea attends church services in Washington, D.C., meets with students at the University of Maryland in College Park and tours Belvedere Square Market in Baltimore, Maryland.

    Newspaper Endorsements: In Easton, Maryland, The Star Democrat endorsed Hillary. “Sen. Clinton’s longer experience in politics has prepared her to solve the problems our nation and the world face today.”… In Manassas, Virginia, El Comercio endorsed Hillary. “We have no doubt that, once [Hillary] becomes president, she will work tirelessly in favor of the economic, social and cultural rights of our [Latino] community, as she has been doing for quite some time.”

    Today in the States: In Virginia, Hillary supporters canvass in Arlington, Baileys Crossroad, Alexandria and Falls Church… In Maryland, Gov. Martin O’Malley encourages more than 1,000 attendees at the Montgomery County Central Committee Brunch to vote for Hillary… In Ohio, Hillary supporters phone bank in Cleveland. The campaign also kicks off its organizing efforts in Lima.

    Yesterday on the Trail: In Maine, “more than 2,000 people showed up to hear Clinton speak” in Orono and “the University of Maine’s gymnasium was jam-packed” in Lewiston… In Virginia, “hours before [President Clinton’s] appearance, a thick line of supporters stretched around [the] High School in Chesapeake, snaking for hundreds of yards. Even though the event was first announced Friday, about 1,200 Democratic loyalists packed into the school gymnasium cheering and chanting.”

    Yesterday in the States: In Maine, Lewiston Mayor Larry Gilbert endorsed Hillary… In Virginia, Delegate Bud Phillips endorsed Hillary… In Wisconsin, volunteers held “Bring Your Own Phone” parties and conducted visibility statewide… In Ohio, the campaign kicked off its Cincinnati organizing efforts with volunteer meetings. Dozens of Hillary supporters attended.

  449. Make phone calls guys!!! Some Maine caucuses are yet to start – I noted 3pm in some counties.

    Also, I won’t dignify Frank Rich’s horrifying article today on the Clintons in NYT – but I did send this to the Editor – I recommend you all send messages to the Editor to FIRE FRANK RICH, and if you have any copies of his book(s) – send them back to him (same with Oprah).

    “Dear Editor – I am appalled to read Frank Rich’s latest hit-piece on the Clintons, somehow casting Clinton’s public townhall on the Hallmark Channel (obviously to by-pass the filter of the biased media) as a draconion political move…unbelievable, literally.

    The vitriol and hatred of this article is so transparent – how can this pass as journalism? It doesn’t; it’s pure propaganda, and you need to fire Frank Rich – he is out of line, inappropriate, and when he talks about the rancor in the Democratic party – he should hold up a mirror as he is the one adding fuel to this fire.

  450. someone in wastate needs to sue. what happened was real isenfranchisement. the process is screwed up. itssick

  451. Franck Rich has turned into a complete joke so much so everyone discounts his articles and no one cites him anymore. He is just not a part of the conversation anymore because he is so over the top that he has become a parody.

  452. Indiana will be odd, HRC has a history in Indiana dating back to the late 70’s, but Illinois and Chicago are right next door. It will be interesting. Indiana is a typical red state, but maybe Evan Bayh can do some magic.

  453. T4H…..has the campaign contacted you about canvassing in Texas? I have not been contacted yet but am signed up. I’m a little worried about their organization because of this.

  454. Nicki22, my bro says the exact same thing re your point # 5

    another thing, the ge will be like 50 individual elections, so the national poll really don’t mean much…its a matter of getting to 270 electoral votes…so bho boasting about beating mccain is just blowing smoke

    anyways it will be HRC

  455. this is what I got in reply from another forum

    Originally Posted by JohnFlint1985
    Please don’t preach to me about his merits – he has nothing so big and nothing so outstanding to make him a living god. He was not a poor man trying making himself out of nothing. He has what he has and I see just a regular man reading the TelePrompter when he is doing a speech and a man who has not shred of an intelligent issue on his rallies. It is said that America is falling again for inspiration instead of a smartness.
    But so you know – it is far from over. These wins – are not so big after all he got 79 and she got 41 delegates and in fact he is STILL behind. It looks like a dead heat to me now.

    noth·ing Pronunciation Key – [nuhth-ing]

    5. something or someone of no importance or significance
    6. a trivial action, matter, circumstance, thing, or remark
    7. a person of little or no importance; a nobody.
    8. something that is without quantity or magnitude.
    11. in no respect or degree; not at all: It was nothing like that. Nothing dismayed, he repeated his question.

    Nothing is where he came from. He wasn’t born into upper class FYI, he worked his way up from nothing to what he is today – which is a lot more than nothing.

    Barack Obama

    -Harvard Law Review’s “first black president in its 104-year history”.
    -Chicago, Obama directed a voter registration drive.
    -As a state legislator, Obama gained bipartisan support for legislation reforming ethics and health care laws.
    -He sponsored a law enhancing tax credits for low-income workers
    -Negotiated welfare reform
    -Promoted increased subsidies for childcare
    -Led the passage of legislation mandating videotaping of homicide interrogations, and a law to monitor racial profiling by requiring police to record the race of drivers they stopped
    -Actively engaged with police organizations in enacting death penalty reforms
    -Obama wrote and delivered the keynote address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston, Massachusetts (shove your teleprompter charges, like most of what you post, it is false)
    -In the November 2004 general election, Obama received 70% of the vote to Keyes’s 27%, the largest electoral victory in Illinois history

    Nothing he says. You’re so funnyyy

    As for intelligence, it is the dummies that vote for Hillary, the highly educated vote for Obama according to voting results.

  456. In Illinois, he only won because Keyes, who came in at the last minute, is a freakshow from the extreme far right. He won most of his support from Chicago, and not much support elsewhere.

  457. hawk, here is Indiana demographics.

    Indiana Demographics (2006 Census ACS)
    Population: 6,313,520
    Gender: 49.2 male, 50.8 female
    Race: 86.0 white, 8.7 black, 1.3 asian, 0.3 indian, 0.0 pacific islander, 4.7 hispanic,
    Age: 75.0% 18 years and over; 12.4% 65 years and over; Median age:
    Median Household Income: $45,394
    Families Below Poverty Level: 9.0%
    Education: 8.9% of those over 25 have a bachelor’s degree or higher

  458. kaffeen – I’d only heard that they are just now setting up the TX offices (at least in Austin)…I don’t believe either campaign thought it would go this long, and I do believe there is a scramble to get underway in Texas.

  459. Kaffeen I am worried too and am registered also
    Tom Daschle was in Dallas the day after Super tuesday
    I really do not understand whats going on.
    Someone at Hillary HQ just is not agressive enough
    I dont feel comfortable just assuming Hispanics are a lock

  460. Maine
    Rhode Island
    Guam 🙂
    North Carolina
    West Virginia
    Puerto Rico

    Plus all of the ones we’ve already won and Florida and Michigan…

    We got this. The states after Texas and Ohio all favor us except maybe South Dakota, Wyoming and Mississippi. He’s gotta win Wyoming, it is the home of his cousin Dick Cheney.

  461. Daschle can go to Dallas, our strongholds are in the west, south and central texas, I am pretty sure…San Antonio, El Paso, Austin, Corpus Christi, Brownsville, etc.

  462. the tx campaign is being organized now. they are making final major hires. there will be offices all over in a few days texans. expect canvassing to start this upcomming week from my gatherings. will let u all know

  463. Ininla to say up till now the compaign did not think it would go this long is a very sad statement,
    But to be positive I am in Ft Worth
    I have Go Hillary signs in my yard
    I am ready for more

  464. Chaz, I feel the same way. There are still plenty of undecided here in Austin as elsewhere in the state. I can’t speak for Dallas, but we have an international presence here in Austin. I have friends from Brazil, South America, England, Poland, Germany, and all over the globe. They come here to work for international companies and technology firms. When I go to a party, these are the ones that listen to me the most. They can definitely make a difference.

  465. I’m mining my way through some Rezko court documents today and just posted a short one on Rezko’s travel to the Middle East. Between about Oct 04 and Oct 06, Rezko made 20 trips to Middle Eastern countries. This is the same time period that BHO buys his house and buys the extra lot from Rezko’s wife. Lots of money flying around here. Then, when Rezko returns to face his indictment in October 2006, he’s broke, can’t pay his mortgage, can’t pay his taxes. Yet, he’s still doing his same old fundraising for BHO and others. This is worse than trying to unravel a soap opera.

  466. In many of these primary states one may register on the same day. Remember when Bam-Bam was encouraging people to become a ‘Democrat for a Day’? Has there been any accounting of just how many voters may have done that, so it inflates his numbers with people who would have no intention of voting for him in the GE?
    I haven’t read anything about this aspect of the voting totals, and how much of a mirage it could be creating for Bam-Bam’s vote totals. Can anyone address this issue, does anyone know anything about this? Or where I might find the answer? Thx. And hang in there, it is going to be a roller coaster ride all the way, and I would not vote for Bam-Bam in the general either, I would vote for McCain over a lying sack of shit. Anyway, what I am really curious about is the crossover votes in these open primary states.

  467. Ininla-Don’t worry about Frank Rich and the NYT. That paper has been steadily going down the tubes for years now. Judith Miller and Jason Blair anybody? I guess its nice that they endorsed Hillary, but the Times is dying a slow death just like a lot of other newspapers. You should continue to write letters to tell them where to go. A lot of Starbucks in Memphis carry it, but I haven’t bought that paper in over a year because their coverage is so atrocious.

  468. One of the things I was taught at Annapolis is that if you are the captain of a ship, and the lowliest apprentice seaman screws up and the ship goes aground, then you are responsible. In common law there is a similar principle whereby the principal is responsible for the negligent acts of the agent committed within the scope of authority. And if all that is true, then perhaps we should be looking to Capus at MSNBC as the party responsible for the brutal sexist patterns and practices of that network. He is the boss, he was warned repeatedly and he failed to take any action to control it. Perhaps he is the one who should wear the badge of sexism like a scarlett letter.

  469. Here is a nice summary of upcoming Democratic primary contests and demographics:


    Now that the dust is settling from Super Tuesday’s Super Stalemate, the Democratic contest looks headed for a bright February for Barack Obama, though March, April and May may tilt towards Hillary Clinton. This weekend, the Democrats hold a primary in Louisiana and caucuses in Nebraska, Maine and Washington state, and the following Tuesday, hold primaries in Maryland, Virginia and D.C. Obama could well sweep all of these. On the Tuesday after that, the 19th, there are two primaries, one in Obama’s native Hawaii, the other in Wisconsin, which could well prove to be a key contest.

    Wisconsin has been holding primaries for a much longer time than most states; it provided a key victory to John Kennedy in 1960 and to Eugene McCarthy in 1968. (Indeed, facing the prospect of a two-to-one defeat at McCarthy’s hands, Lyndon Johnson announced two days before the primary that he would not seek re-election.) Wisconsin Democrats have a long reformist tradition, as current Senator Russ Feingold could attest, and it is also home to a large white working-class vote as well. In short, it could provide the major showdown of February between Clinton and Obama, and gives Obama the opportunity to break through among the white working class voters he’ll need to win in subsequent contests.

    After Wisconsin, the terrain turns more Clinton-friendly. On March 4th, both Texas and Ohio hold primaries. Outside of Austin and the African American neighborhoods of Houston and Dallas, the state looks like a natural for Clinton, particularly in view of its large Latino vote. In Ohio, Obama will surely have strength in Cleveland and in the growing liberal activist communities around Columbus, but Ohio Democrats tend to be more culturally conservative, working class, white and rural than their counterparts in most big states. This will be a hard state for Obama to win, but he needs to do well there to offset Texas and some later states like Indiana, which demographically is like Ohio minus Columbus and Cleveland.

    Pennsylvania, on April 22, poses a special challenge to Obama. The last time I looked, it had the highest median age of any state but Florida. Obama’s core supporters — younger voters — tend not to hang around the Rustbelt states; they migrate to states offering greater economic opportunities. Obama will certainly win votes in and around Philadelphia, but the rest of the state may be difficult for him to carry, most especially the land that time forgot — all the abandoned mine and mill towns in the middle of the state that haven’t had any new residents move in since the 1940s. It will be interesting to see if the United Steelworkers, who actively supported John Edwards until he dropped out, chooses to endorse Obama or Clinton as the action moves to the states where it once was a powerhouse, and still has some clout.

    States that vote in May, besides Indiana, include North Carolina and Kentucky. North Carolina’s “Research Triangle” seems the kind of place that Obama could carry, but the Upper South, where the African American population is a good deal smaller than it is in the Deep South states that Obama has won, is probably Clinton country until proven otherwise.

    Or, as my friend Ron Brownstein might put it, February is a wine track month, but March, April and May look good for beer track candidates. Obama has to win more working-class whites to do well enough in the closing primaries to go to the convention with a fighting chance. He’ll be better funded than Clinton, which means he’ll have more on the air and more on the ground, but he needs to use those advantages to pick up voters he’s still having some trouble winning.

    –Harold Meyerson”


  470. Thanks Terrondt.

    To all the nervous people here, please remember:



    Let the wine trackers enjoy their fleeting moments of glory. We beer trackers will come out ahead at the end.

  471. If Dean really must do some kind of re-do on the MI and FL delegates — what about comissioning some good polls such as SUSA to poll registered democrats in those states as to their current preferences, and muck the delegations accordingly?

  472. Kaffen,
    Ofcourse. The Wire is one of the best shows ever produced for TV.
    So many issues relate to this campaign, because it’s about America, and more specifically american cities.
    That this season focuses in part on the media, where reporters are seen inventing stories, where you see the editorial boards deciding to downplay vital issues (like education) in favor of “if it bleeds it leads” coverage is a true eye opener for anyone who watches it.
    Unfortunately it’s never gotten even close to the credit it deserves.
    I don’t think they’ve ever even won an emmy.

  473. kaffeen, you are right, but even in Michigan no one forced Obama and Edwards take their name off. They did it to suck up to Iowa.

  474. Watching Hillary on Cspan right now. It’s so nice to hear a candidate talk about specific issues, not just a grand idea of “we will be united in our cause,” comments that mean nothing to those of us struggling out here.

  475. I’m with you TPS. That Harold Myerson article sums it up perfectly. At this point in the race its not about momentum but delegates and who your supporters are. HRC has a strong base of women, older voters, working class whites, and hispanics. They aren’t going to magically vote for Obama all because he got a few thousand activists in Nebraska or Washington to back him. Hell, if Obama were white he’d be all but finished by now as Hillary would be getting 80-90% of the black vote. Unfortunately, BO is the 1st to have a legit shot at the nomination and my fellow AAs have decided to support him. Ugh!

  476. Thanks, Chaz. I’m getting 1 to 3 tips a day now. Just got another one and this will blow Rezbama’s sock off if it proves out. Will let you all know as soon as I do.

  477. If there were any true democratic primaries it was FL and MI people there had to do their own research to investigate the candidates and issues,
    Which is more i can say for a caucus where Obama thugs drown your voice with their shouting.
    I heard of a case like this in Nebraska on NPR this morning where a lady who wanted to make her speech for Hillary was brought to tears by Obama supporters shouting over her voice.
    It was so sad and her son in army uniform stood up to comfort her.

    Is this democracy people we should be ashamed as americans
    Yet we go all over the world telling other people how to run their elections

  478. B Merry, long before I’d ever heard of Rezko, I decided to do a search on Obama just to try to find out more about him. I came across a creepy website where someone from Chicago was going off about his “chicago connections” and their involvement with Michelle Obama and the chicago hospital she was employed at. All this stuff on the website was posted while OB was a senator. BEFORE he even announced his entering the pres. race. I just blew that article off, because I didn’t understand the connections the writer was trying to make about things.

    Months later, when I first heard of Rezko, I tried to find that website again but could never track it down.

    Wish like hell I have made that site a favorite now. 🙁

  479. cspan having technical problems on their video feed. they will show hillary it again on road to the white house 6:30pm eastern. check your local listings. when does the maine caucuses begin and end today?

  480. superdelegates should stay neutral

    But note the writer’s track record:
    Tad Devine, a Democratic strategist, was the chief political consultant to Al Gore’s presidential campaign in 2000.

    It’s an informative article, and it explains the function of the superdelegates: to break a tie and to balance freaky events, such as Obama’s strategy of picking up ’empty delegates’ from red states. It does give good reasons why some of the supers are waiting till the close of the campaign.

    But imo there is nothing wrong with other supers exercising their function NOW, when we can see a tie shaping up if things continue their current course. Better to break the tie now than later.

  481. I like this site, because I can come here and read posts from people who feel the same as I do – I want Hillary to be President.
    I have posted a number of times, and am finding that most of the posters here appear to know one another and are having a converstation amongst yourselves. I appreciate your dedication and love reading the commaraderie among you. I only wish I would have been at least welcomed and included when I post and have questions. No response.
    I am happy there exists such a site, and ask of you – is this a closed club or can anyone be accepted and included in the converstation?

  482. Yeah jump in 🙂
    Sometimes we are so caught up in our conjecture that we are not easily sidetracked to a different subject

  483. the mrs – I’m new too to Hillaryis44 and we do welcome you – this is not a closed club- and understand that, yes, there are many veterans on the board, and they are doing an amazing job of informing us of what’s going on on the front lines – and don’t be discouraged if you post something and don’t get an answer, or post a comment and don’t get immediate feedback – people are reading and we welcome your enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton.

    It takes a little time to adjust to the tone of the board as this is about keeping focused and generally upbeat about Clinton’s campaign and win.

  484. We do tend to get super focused on certain conversations though, and sometimes, at least for me , I find I end up missing alot of posts.

    Please don’t feel ignored. If we miss ya, just scream HEY! ANSWER ME! 🙂

  485. Hi Mrs. you are welcome. Please go ahead and ask any questions you might have and we will all be happy to respond. Please don’t feel left out.
    You are one of us. I am sure no one intended to ignore you. Sometimes people are conversing and they just go on about that. That is all.
    Sorry, if any of us unintentionally made you feel left out.

  486. terrondt – yes, maine caucus begins and ends today. I just made about 10 calls to Maine and hardly anyone is home – I am gathering they are already headed to the caucus due to some bad weather – but at least they’re going – I can say this of the 80 calls total I’ve made – NONE have said they are voting for Obama, all said Hillary and those that can’t go to the caucus for whatever reason are supportive of Hillary too.