David Shuster’s Bald Spot

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How would David Shuster like it if we started calling his wife a whore? How would David Shuster like it if we demeaned his, if any, children? Perhaps David Shuster would prefer us to restrict ourselves to personal insults about his bald spot – which he tries so hard to hide.

There is a bald pattern of behavior at NBC and MSNBC of Clinton hating that goes back at least a decade.

Chris Matthews behavior is as ugly as ugly can be. Keith Olberman does not understand the concept of fairness. Dan Abrams is not much better.

Abrams is supposed to be the shiniest apple in a worm infested bushel. We are not impressed. Abrams discusses on occasion the ugly Big Media attacks on Hillary Clinton but Abrams does not mention the ugly behavior of those he has the most influence over – his co-workers.

And, for the first time we will criticize the Hillary campaign, the Hillary campaign has to take some share of the blame here. We have written this before – DON’T PARTICIPATE IN NBC OR MSNBC DEBATES.

It was at the gang bang on Halloween that Hillary was assaulted, not by her candidate opponents, but by Tim Russert. The Russert led assault on Hillary caused weeks of problems for the campaign and sustained attacks by her candidate opponents. Guys, you have to learn sometime – Don’t participate in NBC or MSNBC debates. (While we’re at it we never thought Hillary should have defended nor empowered the YearlyKooks convention or that Orange sulfer Kook site.)

The campaign has to take some responsibility for tolerating this behavior. We are not blaming the victim here. Hillary clearly is the victim. We also understand that the campaign does not want to get into a feud with Big Media in general, nor NBC/MSNBC in particular. But guys, Hillary campaign, get this: NBC and MSNBC are already at war with you. Fight back. DON’T PARTICIPATE IN NBC OR MSNBC DEBATES.

Although few Americans watch MSNBC, many millions watch NBC. Few Americans are explicitly aware (yes at some lower level they are aware) of the Hillary hate oozing from every huge Tim Russert pore. Few Americans are explicitly aware of the tough Hillary interviews, soft Obama interviews on Tim Russerts influential Sunday morning show. The Hillary campaign can inform the public about the NBC behavior by refusing to participate in any more NBC or MSNBC debates.

Do it now Hillary campaign.

Apologies will not suffice any more Hillary campaign. NBC/MSNBC, Russert, Matthews the whole stinking bunch put up with Don Imus and his racist and homophobic ravings for decades. NBC/MSNBC are at war with the Hillary campaign. When their on-air “personalities” think Hillary is going to lose a primary they are all smiles. When Hillary wins they become gloomy and venomous.

Stop empowering NBC/MSNBC. It’s now or never guys.

Here is the video with David Shuster saying Chelsea Clinton is being “Pimped Out” by Hillary Clinton:


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  1. It’s disgusting what those networks are doing. All of their so-called impartial “analysts” are nothing but mouthpieces for the Obama campaign, too.

  2. cenlamar.wordpress.com/2008/02/08/pcd-hillary-clinton-for-president/

    the more attention we lend this endorsement, the more others will read it. and i thank everyone who visited my endorsement of hillary already. i write at this blog on the politics of my home state, and we need the attention. but fellow louisianans also need to learn why we need to vote for hillary.

  3. “How would David Shuster like it if we started calling his wife a whore?”

    ROTFLMAO! I teared up I laughed so hard.

  4. “And, for the first time we will criticize the Hillary campaign, the Hillary campaign has to take some share of the blame here. We have written this before – DON’T PARTICIPATE IN NBC OR MSNBC DEBATES.”

    –YES!!!!!! No debates on hostile-to-Clinton networks. That’s masochistic. Even while I still think negative publicity is still publicity and all publicity is ultimately good, the campaign has made somewhat of a mistake there; I’ve been frustrated over this but didn’t want to say anything here because I still think lots of positive stuff should be posted so people don’t get demoralized.

    The nasty way Wolf Blitzer or whoever it was at the last one–the way he kept attacking her and used the naive word about her, and the pleasant way they spoke to Obama with easy questions (asking him about violence and sex on TV–is this something you ask a frigging presidential candidate? give me a break. Not that I’m not concerned with violent TV–I can’t stand so much violence in film, but that was a b.s. moralizing question, a presidential candidate ain’t applying for a priesthood). I wanted to throw up.

    I just posted this in the last thread, I’ll repost here:

    Awesome!!! Yes the campaign and everyone else should go on the verbal attack. Take the white gloves off when you must. Attack the MiSogynistNBC network back. Enough sitting back and playing nice while they shit all over Clinton. They are CLEARLY antiClinton and proObama. They do NOT want her to get the nomination; they want HIM to get it. The powers-that-be in her own party don’t support her.

    My god, this is disgusting. I wish I’d never heard of BO. He’s just another BUSH. Eight years of that psychopath and now another one’s waiting in the wings to destroy this country even further? These past years I warned people to not embrace anyone new too quickly. All the illegal powers the Bush crowd bestowed upon the presidency–others will want that power and then HAVE it if they sit in that presidential seat. This is highly dangerous. No unknown entities, only known ones. Clinton is a WELL-KNOWN entity; the chances of her suddenly turning into a psychopath in office are extremely slim to none. But this Obama guy? An unknown, with a questionable past, crooks for buddies and a clear narcissistic god-complex. Look at how he’s behaved simply while he’s campaigning. Could you imagine how he’d behave with ALL THE PRESIDENTIAL POWERS AT HIS FINGERTIPS? NO joint ticket with this person. What are some people smoking? Come on, people. He shouldn’t be let anywhere near the white house after what he’s shown himself to be. It would be very, very hard for me to vote for Clinton then. If something happened to her, HE would have the seat. I would not trust him NEAR her.

    If some people think there must be a not-white VP with her, is Obama the only one in the party? Of course not. And AAs aren’t the only not-white race. Clinton should pick someone of another race who SUPPORTED her; someone who has proven her/himself to be intelligent, mentally stable and has a known history. Again, no power-hungry psychopaths near the white house anymore. This should be common sense right now.

    God, I’ve got a headache. I’m so tired of living during The Fall Of Rome.

  5. Just spoke with my very intelligent son and asked how the Ron Paul money bombs work. He said that the appeal is made through Ron Paul’s meetup groups online as well as FaceBook, etc.

    I know that Hillary already has links for those on her website. This is over my head but being the researcher that I am, had to find out. Did. Pass it on.

  6. Admin, great post. I am in total agreement. I have had it with them. Everyone of them on NBC/MSNBC have been grossly unfair to Hillary and the latest attack on Chelsea Clinton is beyond the pale. Where is NOW? Where is the Democratic establishment in its outrage? We should all boycott MSNBC and never watch it again. We should write to advertisers. We need a grassroots campaign against this network. They have crossed a line here.

  7. Fran : “God, I’ve got a headache. I’m so tired of living during The Fall of Rome.” 🙄

    Odd — I once did a piece on the debasement of the coinage (sound familiar?) which actually did lead to the fall of the Empire.

  8. This crowd is way more amped up than last night. The entire section behind Hillary is made up of nurses and they’re very vocal and proud! But some of them won’t be able to caucus tomorrow because they have to work. I don’t see Donna Brazile too indignant about that.

  9. sent earlier today…


    msnbc viewer services

    today is the last time i listen to msnbc. msnbc’s universal platform of hillary-hate will no longer be tolerated.

    it began january 20, 2007 with chris matthews spewing his venomous attack on senator clinton for entering the race and up-staging his beloved barack obama. the attacks from the likes of joe scarborough, chris matthews, keith olberman, tim russert and others, were relentless throughout year 2007. these attacks culminating january 8, 2008 when all of msnbc found it necessary to insult the voters of NH by insinuating race played a part in our decision. our votes. our win.

    today the attacks on hillary clinton continue and now include her daughter, with david shuster’s “pimping chelsea” remark.

    i ask you, how well “pimping malia” or “pimping natasha” would be received?

    today is the last time i listen to msnbc.

    concord, new hampshire

  10. Shuster’s on air slime tells us this is how the Messy boys are talking off air. If we don’t stand up for Chelsea there is something very wrong.

  11. B, I’m a little confused: are you annoyed with what I said or are you agreeing? I meant what I said; I see similarities between then and now. And I’m afraid for what’s been going on in the U.S. But I was also trying to be melodramatically funny too. I’m sorry if you disagree with what I said or if my post annoyed you in some way.

    Keep up the fight,


  12. This is my morning email — Subject: “Pimp This. MiSogynists Broadcasting Network”

    David Shuster and his misogynistic remark about Chelsea Clinton yesterday — apology or not — has taken MSNBC way beyond the Imus “nappy-headed hos” and Tweetybird Matthews Hillary-hating pale.

    What can I possibly say in print that would have any impact on MSNBC? SHAME ON YOU!

    I’ve not tuned in to MSNBC for weeks and sadly miss what used to be a fairly decent if not always “fair and balanced” cable network station.

    Now I tune in to Fox News which has always called itself “fair and balanced” while it seldom was.

    On another matter, I do believe that there are FEC rules against a cable network electioneering for a candidate. MSNBC passed the allowed $2,300 mark for the presidential primary long ago.

    And, I do believe that they are crossing a legal line in their pro-Obama campaign efforts.

  13. I hope by the Hillary camp responding to this now mean that Hillary will attack the media out of her own damn mouth now.If/when she do another debate she needs to state that these networks feed dumb azz Obama questions b4 the debates start off and still don’t sound authentic…..duh ….duh ….duh….duh

  14. Boycott General Electric’s Products! – NBC’s parent company!

    Those “DIM” light bulbs, house appliances, GE Capital products etc.

    Go kick butt!

  15. Fran, I was agreeing with you. You are, sad to say, correct. BTW — my background is the late Roman Empire, early Christianity. I know all about the rise and fall of civilizations. And, yes, the signs are all there, as in the debasement of the coinage.

  16. “On Thursday, when Clinton spokesman Phillippe Reines contacted Shuster and told him the comment was offensive, the reporter e-mailed back that he was referring to the fact that Chelsea is making calls to convention superdelegates but refusing to talk to the press. Shuster did make that point on the air — after his pimped out comment, which was not delivered as a joke.

    Reines was incredulous at the lack of an apology, but Shuster stood his ground.

    Until this morning, that is. Shuster plans to apologize tonight on “Tucker,” the 6 p.m. show on which he was filling in for host Tucker Carlson yesterday.

    “The comment was completely inappropriate, and we have called the Clinton campaign to apologize,” network spokesman Jeremy Gaines said today. Phil Griffin, the NBC News executive who runs MSNBC, called Reines, telling him that the comment was clearly wrong, and tried unsuccessfully to reach Wolfson.”


  17. There must be some way to embarrass/hurt these media scumballs. An ad in the paper with many names for instance? or, something similar to what happened to Don Imus?

    After all, this is misogyny, isn’t it? and that’s as bad as racism/racial slurs.

    If we make a big fuss about racist slurs, which we should when it’s warranted, why don’t we do the same with sexism which is another virulant form of prejudice.

    After all, the Taliban are trying to stop girls from going to school in Afganistan, and in some places stone girls to death if they are in some way unfaithful. Women are still vassals for males in much of the world.

    We seem to think that we are free of all this and I really did until Hillary Clinton started campaigning. My heart sunk to see how much of this prejudice is alive and well in the USA. We are more backward than Pakistan! who actually had a female leader, Germany, England…ugh! we have a long way to go I guess.

    It seems that it’s okay to smack females with nasty commentary, but not African Americans or other ethnic groups and I think that this isn’t right.

    I believe in true equality: let’s treat everyone in the same way with fairness.

    This slanted reporting from the media is one of the worst aspects of this election.

    I am still very hopeful that despite all of this media hatred baiting that common sense will prevail, justice too and Hillary wil win the nomination!

  18. Media Matters has chronicled Shuster lying as he tried to walk back the controversy this morning on MSNBC.

    There’s a diary going over at Daily Kos; almost 500 comments so far.
    People should get over there and help turn up the heat!

    It’s time to stop media manipulation!

  19. I hope this MSNBC stuff gets people fired up. Its ridiculous. Hillary is crazy energized today, I’m hoping she’s ready to kick some ass.

  20. Admin:

    State Senator Bob Mellow of PA, the Democratic leader, would be a good endorsement for Clinton too.

    Here is his biography: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_J._Mellow

    P.O. Box B
    Peckville, PA 18452
    (570) 489-0336
    (570) 346-5721

    102 Pocono Blvd.
    Mt. Pocono, PA 18344
    (570) 839-4812
    Senate Box 203022
    Main Capitol
    Harrisburg, PA 17120
    (717) 787-6481

    Email him here:

    Are there any Pennsylvanians on this board?

  21. Let’s see. How many times does the we’re sorry, we didn’t mean it excuse going to work?

    Sorry if I offend anyone here, but it reminds me of my Massachusetts Catholic cousins who used to toke up, stone out, get bombed, and then go to confession on Friday night so that they could get up on Saturday morning and start all over again.

    Didn’t Matthews say that he is Catholic? That explains it.

  22. The only way NBC and MSNBC will understand how pissed we are is to CALL GENERAL ELECTRIC at 203-373-2211 ask for Jeff Immelts office, Chariman and CEO. (Of course you will not talk to him directly). Voice your outrage and then ask, “Where is the 2008 shareholders meeting”, enough of these calls will get GE upset. The last thing they like is bad publicity, or as they call it “Making the front page of the Wall Streety Journal”.

  23. Fran, I recall you saying that you are a writer. Can you come up with a petition that we can all use to call for boycott of MSNBC by advertisers for its sexist and misogynistic attitude towards Hillary and Chelsea?

  24. TPS – a petition sent out like a viral email through every source possible with a target date to be sent to GE, et al., and with a media press release when it is launched and when it is delivered. I’ll find a free press source.

  25. Fuck the apology. I’m sick of this shit, and I agree with admin’s post. It’s time for her campaign to start playing hardball with these networks.

    Sorry for the profanity, but this has me steamed.

  26. I got these links from Taylormarsh
    Contact MSNBC Advertisers about the bias coverage and Chelsea insult.
    Geico Ins
    Jimmy Dean
    Silk Soy Milk
    Osteo Bi-flex
    Campbell Soup
    American Express
    Contact General Electric (MSNBC’s parent company) as well. Let them know you will boycott ALL GE products and services, not just MSNBC.
    The FCC has Form 2000 for filing a media complaint.
    https://esupport.fcc.gov/sform2000/formE!input action

  27. again, not to get all new age on you guys/gals….

    but take a deep breath and realize that the trees and bugs and animals outside couldn’t care less about this. you don’t have to be like the plants and animals, but just think of them when you get fed up.

    just keep on working and never stop fighting the good fight thoguh

  28. Okay, B! We’re on the same wavelength. At Taylor’s place I think Tiburones talked about what you said–the apologizing is bogus. They keep doing the attacking even more afterwards; they’re never punished, either the attacking speakers or the network, so why should their behavior change?

    In my opinion, that network in particular is a SHAM. I’ve said so for years now as I watched it prop up Bush, and have been telling my husband all along to NOT click in there, to not read “news” there. He’d often mention something he saw in the news, I’d think that sounded like propaganda and say: did that come from MSNBC? And he’d almost always answer yeah. Whenever I see their link in the history here, I start yelling at him to STOP READING THERE. I feel bad for doing so, but I really think people have got to stop exposing themselves to crap information. As I said here before, even if you don’t consciously want propaganda to affect your brain, propaganda can affect it subconsciously.

    I think MSNBC is antiClinton and also prorepublican. Who knows who’s REALLY financially backing the media and networks, and therefore Obama. Whatever the case, apologies are NOT good enough, especially fake ones. MSNBC are a BIASED source of “news.”* Sing that truth loud and proud.

    (*So is YAHOO. I am especially angry with there as I have my homepage there. Almost always, proObama crap on the mainpage, proMcCain, and antiClinton headlines. In my mailbox “Is Hillary finished?” ads, etc. And often sexist ads with women in underwear and bikinis. I’ve been very upset about this lately and have complained to them, and their response was to send me to the help section, where it said I’d have to pay MORE money to not have propaganda and sexism in my inbox. So the default Yahoo state is: they bash Clinton and degrade women, and if you don’t like that, you’ve gotta pay these antiClinton sexist creeps money. Yeah, right. I have so much info there in emails, etc., and I can’t think where and how to easily bring it elsewhere.)

  29. pulchritude, the ArchPundit has a rebuttal to the MyDD diary you did on the Obama mansion. You might want to pass this on.


  30. The Shuster story is now the 4th rated diary over at Daily Kos, almost 600 comments.

    Politely put – get your asses over there and weigh in!

  31. Totally agree with Yahoo. Every friggin headline headline has the chosen one mug on it…whether it is about him or not.

    I use yahoo for my email but I’m thinking about changing my homepage.

    Obama has deep pockets who have got to print and tv media….

    I believe Obama is the antichrist.

  32. Hi-long time lurker but this is my first time posting. I emailed MSNBC today and got back their, “I didn’t mean to beat you, baby” apology. I told them I wanted Shuster suspended and have not heard back. I investigoogled a bit and found out that Jeff Immelt, the CEO of GE, has a wife and daughter. I wonder how he would feel about someone calling HIS daughter a whore. If someone in NY can find a phone number for corporate GE at 30 Rock, or an email address for Immett, I am pretty sure that putting the question to him would be much more effective than emailing the assholes at NBC/MSNBC who have known for a while that this has been going on and have done nothing, really, to stop it.

    “I’m sorry that you feel like I offended you.” What the fuck kind of apology is that?

    Who does GE think is buying their washing machines and their blenders? A GE-wide boycott from women (Bill Kristol: “We can’t do anything about the women [voting for Hillary]” might stir things up.

  33. Hillary needs to lower the boom on the media. They have fcuked her over repeatedly and she’s still winning. Go after the sleazeballs and confront them.

    Mama bears won’t leave their cubs.

    This is the perfect opportunity for Hillary to have an open and frank “town hall” with the country and discuss the glaring disparity in the media coverage.

    This couldn’t come at a better time .. she did not manufacture this story so it is perfect for her to respond and be firm.

    Forget Big Dawg, give em Hill Hillary.

  34. “This is the perfect opportunity for Hillary to have an open and frank “town hall” with the country and discuss the glaring disparity in the media coverage.”

    –YES!!! That’s a fantastic idea. But where could she do it through that she’d get a fair shake? I know people have said Fox has been better lately, but I cannot let go of my antipathy for all their sleazy years of Bush cheerleading, I can’t tune into there yet. I just can’t. If I see people reporting that Fox continues to get better, I might tune in. I need more time to relax my gag reflex….

  35. pulchritude, it was just a FYI. I posted a comment on his blog that it did not make any sense for the realtor, let alone the seller, selling the property in 2005 for the same amount he paid in 2000. No self-respecting realtor would NOT advise the client to make a profit.

  36. Another advantage to having a blogger.com account is you can link to 44, Taylor Marsh, No Quarter, Confluence, Roseanne’s World, etc. Just copy your comments here into your blog to keep it current. Then register your blog with Technorati.com (‘Blog Central’). Your links drive up the authority of blogs on Technorati. People put a lot of thought into their comments, so cross-posting into your own blog can strengthen pro-Hillary blogs.

  37. See? Pressure works!


    On Thursday’s “Tucker” on MSNBC, David Shuster, who was serving as guest-host of the program, made a comment about Chelsea Clinton and the Clinton campaign that was irresponsible and inappropriate. Shuster, who apologized this morning on MSNBC and will again this evening, has been suspended from appearing on all NBC News broadcasts, other than to make his apology. He has also extended an apology to the Clinton family. NBC News takes these matters seriously, and offers our sincere regrets to the Clintons for the remarks.

  38. Here’s the bottom line on Obamamania, straight from a blog called Nigerian Times. THIS is what it’s all about:

    “The euphoria over the presidential candidacy of Senator Barack Obama in the American presidential race for the Oval Office is now the daily staple of the American news media. Barack Obama sells more newspapers and magazines and atttracts more visitors online. Nobody wants to be left out of the Obamania.”

  39. b merryfield,

    i alerted the author of that diary. thank you for informing me of archpundit’s latest antics.

  40. Soeey, here’s the text of the yahoo bit:

    SEATTLE – A distasteful comment about Chelsea Clinton by an MSNBC anchor could imperil Hillary Rodham Clinton’s participation in future presidential debates on the network, a Clinton spokesman said.

    In a conference call with reporters, Clinton communications director Howard Wolfson on Friday excoriated MSNBC’s David Shuster for suggesting the Clinton campaign had “pimped out” 27-year old Chelsea by having her place phone calls to Democratic Party superdelegates on her mother’s behalf. Wolfson called the comment “beneath contempt” and disgusting.

    “I, at this point, can’t envision a scenario where we would continue to engage in debates on that network,” he added.

    MSNBC said Shuster, who apologized on the air for his comment, has been temporarily suspended from appearing on all NBC news broadcasts except to offer his apology.

    “NBC News takes these matters seriously, and offers our sincere regrets to the Clintons for the remarks,” MSNBC spokesman Jeremy Gaines said, adding the network was hopeful the debate would take place as planned.

    Clinton and Barack Obama are scheduled to participate in an MSNBC debate Feb. 26 from Ohio, which holds its primary March 4. The Clinton campaign has pushed hard for as many debates as possible with Obama, but Wolfson said the Feb. 26 debate could be jeopardized.

    Wolfson pointed to what he called a pattern of tasteless comments by MSNBC anchors about the Clinton campaign. Weeks ago, “Hardball” host Chris Matthews apologized to the former first lady after suggesting her political career had been made possible by her husband’s philandering.

    Shuster told The Associated Press he has tried to reach Clinton to apologize.

  41. Great news–and yeah he better STAY suspended or else what good is that and his ridiculous faux-apology? But even that suspension wouldn’t be enough; that’s like a crumb being thrown. MSNBC has root rot. That rot won’t be cured by cutting off one of MSNBC’s branches.

  42. Story is now at #3, almost 800 comments.

    Whatever you think of the site, Daily Kos is by far the most read (especially by media types) democratic/progressive website going.

    That is where to fan the flames.

    There is video of MSNBC’s slanted coverage of the Clintons that will blow your mind.

  43. The “apology” and the “suspension” are only to sell advertising before and during the debate break(s). This is not about apologizing, it’s about marketing $$$$.

  44. Donna Brazile is just a sister who wants Obama in the office at any cost. I think we all need to put these reporters foot to the flames. Just look at themselves! It is absolutely disgusting. If the mass media ever gave HRC this much positive press it would be racism but this should be acceptable?! Y’all, we have to start writing to every email we can find from MESSNBC to the DNC. Someone needs to stand up for HRC and the misogyny that exists on every news network right now. Email Donna Brazile personally, especially if you are African American, and tell her she’s a straight up hypocrite for making statements like that. I’m sure she’d be okay if the superdelegates ended up in Obama’s favor but as long as they are all against HRC it’s okay! These women make me sick. Do they have no shame? Don’t they also want to have a woman in the White House or is this all about race for them? SAD.

  45. Everyone, we should have made another page on this website dedicated just to reporting the media. Someone needs to put up ALL the email addresses and phone numbers of every organization and news network. The millions of Clinton supporters need to come together and just email the shit out of these people on one day. This is ridiculous and I don’t think it’s going to stop anytime soon unless they know HRC has a million people standing up for her and will threaten to stop watching these news networks.

  46. i don’t know. i think they’re trying to bait hillary into playing the gender card. but, it’s not fun to see this. she’s good at rising above it all, like she did in WA today at that rally.

  47. Admin,

    Sorry for asking about being blocked. I have been trying to post the above info since 9AM.

    Needless to say, like everyone else I have been livid about the Schuster comment since last night, when I heard it and posted here.

  48. Okay. Tell me again who owns/backs Politico?

    Ben’s column (go to hell, Ben) is nothing more than a glorified Obama campaign web page. His characterization of everything Hillary says and does as evil and calculating is why I stopped going there weeks ago. I only visited now to see what obnoxious slant he was putting on the Shuster business.

    Of course Hillary made Shuster say she and Bill were pimping out Chelsea, just so she could play the victim and raise money on it afterwards. Hillary is SOOOO smart!

  49. I don’t get the connection between talking to superdelegates and talking to the press that they allege is the point here.

    Why should she talk to the press? I don’t think other candidates’ children talked to the press when they campaigned.

  50. positively;
    Hoooorrayyyyyyy!!!! Schuster suspended. Thanks for posting that! And I agree. We can make waves with phone calls and boycotting MSNBC sponsors. That is the only they will respond to, a hit to the pocket book.
    We should demand fair and unbiased coverage or the advertisers of these shows will lose our business.
    I’m all for the democratic process and if BO wins fair and square I will accept it (though i won’t vote for him), but ONLY if BM treats all candidates equally.

  51. plural, that’s why campaigns have campaign spokespersons. Hillary is wise enough to know how every word gets twisted, which is exactly what the media wants — more raw meat.

  52. Like I said before, “We can force an apology in the short-term, but how do we get them to change their mindset and be fair?”.

    I used to respect GE as a company for its rich history in this country. I used to respect NBC as a network for its long history. However, even apolitical friends of mine who have watched their recent coverage after SC primary – for even 10 minutes – pointed out, and were surprised at not only how biased they seem to be against her, but how hostile they were to her. One friend who does not follow politics much – and is ambivalent towards Hillary – himself pointed out and asked me “How come they are only giving one point of view only and where are the people to defend her?”.

    It’s become so outrageous that I have stopped watching all political channels few months ago. We watched this channel on that particular day because my friends who were apolitical, and came to visit me, were switching channels and stopped there just to see what’s going on with the elections. They were really surprised at the coverage. Within 15 minutes they realised that they were getting a one-sided coverage.

    In the long run, people like Matthews, Shuster and others will only tarnish the long running reputation of GE. They may win in the short-term but the long running reputation of that company as “America’s company” is and will continue to be tarnished as people think of them as “just another partisan network”.

  53. well it is just a matter of minutes before bambi weighs in…

    He is feeling left out at the moment…he’ll have to chime in and make himself relevant.

    Just watch

  54. I have attempted to contact MSNBC news numerous times to complain about the coverage.

    And Andrea Mitchell’s coverage is likewise biased. I believe it was the evening before Super Tuesday — NBC interviewed Obama and showed Hillary coughing and looking tired. It was just appalling.

    Anyway, I am really frustrated. We all know that there is no such thing as perfect objectivity. But, even my Obama friends note that MSNBC is incredibly skewed. Even Journalists who are more Opinion Journalists than Reporting/Interpretative Journalists should feel obliged to observe a code of ethics.

  55. Why doesn’t Hillary have spokesmen to deal with the media and their misstatements? I was out of the country, but it seems Karen Hughes and Ari Fleischer did a competent job of fighting with the media and putting out fires of all kinds. They could use their news conferences to charge individuals or whole networks for playing fast and loose with the truth. They could slap them for being unfair to their candidate.

    If she had people like that, she could concentrate on campaigning and let them take care of a lot of the stuff we are talking about on this forum.

    It just makes sense to me.

  56. If Shuster wants to criticize Chelsea for not speaking to the press, he’s free to do that. But the insulting comment he used was way beyond the pale.

  57. She’s a candidate, not a president. She has spokespersons, but the media can choose to ignore them as they can’t ignore a president’s people.

    She can offer people to speak all day, but if the media don’t take them, they won’t be on the air.

  58. paula, um …the reporters.

    it’s really ridiculous and i don’t see how hillary making a point of it will help. but maybe she should for her supporters and her daughter for chrise sakes??? i don’t know…..it just seems soooooo crazy at this point; i don’t see how anyone in their right mind would take these guys sexual inuendo assaults seriously. it’s silly. but i guess someone anyone (better not let barack do it) act like a fucking adult.

  59. well Imus was fired….Shuster is just suspended….. imo there is no difference in “ho” and “pimped”

    Keep the pressure on…he needs to go. Matthews is making him feel way too big for his britches and if we can get Shuster gone…Matthews is next on the totem.

    Those “good ole” boys think this is some kind of playground game. They make me sick and they don’t deserve to be a part of the human race.

  60. i am sure the righteous BO will draw a parallel to his own two daughters and speak of how undignified mr. shuster’s comments were. sigh…BO’s just sooo wonderful, isn’t he? the press will lap it up.

  61. Plural, I was thinking of when GWB was running for President in about 2000. Those people were in the news almost every day arguing his case. Their press conferences were carried on TV even in SE Asia.

    She apparently has no spokesperson who is on the level of those two. I know we have people who are probably even more capable than those. I think she needs someone like that.

  62. yeah, shuster apoligized but how about the rest of the msnbc? getting ready to donate again. checking my check account.lol.

  63. I am glad to see that NBC has apologized and suspended Shuster. But given the pattern and practice we see in this network and its affiliate the victory here is short term and tactical.

    The strategic objective is to use this event plus the prior failure to reign in Matthews, to prove to the American People that: i) any opinion offered by that network is suspect based on their clear record of sexism and their culture of lies, and therefore ii) sponsors and viewers should disregard their opinions and take their business elsewhere.

  64. 💡 – 💡 – 💡 !!!

    Hillfans, we’ve been missing something here today. This is NOT, as Media Matters as others are saying, just about an insult to Chelsea’s campaign work. It IS about calling Hillary the PIMP. You can’t have a pimpee without a pimper. He’s still getting a pass on this. He’s calling a former First Lady, U.S. Senator, and presidential candidate a PIMP.


  65. keeping hitting yahoo headline to keep it on top as well:


  66. You know what is sad about this. They are attacking really GOOD people and Chelsea and Hillary are so classy, I am sure they will not attack david shuster. I hate msnbc now. I used to avidly watch Countdown, but I can’t stomach it at all anymore. For about 5 months I have not tuned in to Hardball, Tucker, Countdown, or Dan Abrams, and especially not Morning joke, i mean joe.

  67. SoonerDemocrat,

    If have a little sense you will be disgusted. They could be critical of her on issues and it is okay because atleast they will keep the debate to the issues. They have gone after both of them personally, attacking their character, essentially calling Bill a racist after SC primary, and now this person went after Chelsea. Our company’s VP always used to tell that you set the values that the company will abide by from the top. Some top executives at MSNBC were tolerating or encouraging this kind of behaviour for a long time on their network. When the values of the company are ignored and “anything goes as long as it is edgy” value is set at the top, you will employees who occasionally go much beyond the line of what is acceptable.

    Basically, I would question what sort of values as a company is MSNBC setting out for their employees? Do they tolerate anything said as long as it is directed at Clintons or is there a line that you cannot cross on a prominent news network even when you are talking about the Clintons, whom the network as a whole seem to hate so much?

  68. I agree with many here that Hillary campaign does not have anyone who fights back for her when these media attacks come. If it IS that no one will allow them to come on then THAT must be brought out immediately.

    I have asked several times “where are they”. We ask where bambi’s friends are and I ask again, why doesn’t Hillary have a couple heavy hitters out there.

    It should not take her supporters to bringing this stuff to peoples attention.

    I know they are extremely busy but I thought that woman was brought on after Iowa to do just this thing.

    Bush had people everywhere batting down everything threw at it.

    If it is the $…well, Hillary just give a shout out.

    She needs somebody to step up.

  69. Ok. Laugh time. Comment at Fox News:

    “Chris Matthews has done everything but hump Obama’s leg this entire time. And no I am not a Hillary supporter. I’m supporting McCain…but there are definately a lot of guys on that network favoring Obama without question.”

  70. I hope we do well tomorrow and show them at msnbc. Let’s not just hope for victory, let’s achieve a victory.

  71. yes, msnbc has called Hillary and Bill Clinton pimps…and you know what they did about it…suspended the guy. sound familiar….Shuster, maybe Imus has a spot for you on his new disgusting show.

  72. meiyingsu,

    Fox news has been the most respectable (and that is saying a lot) towards her of all the three cable networks this election cycle. They still attack her on issues and positions, but they maintained a relatively decent discourse and not called her a whore or said that she won from sympathy because Bill was cheating on her or all other kinds of really mean personal attacks. Again this goes to the values set at the top of the organization. GE and NBC news who have had a rich legacy and history in this country have lowered their bar on their corporate behavior and values that inorder to get some ratings you are basically allowed to say anything.

  73. I just donated again. I am running low on money for school, but I NEED her to win. I cannot afford obama. I will donate the 10.44 thing too coming up this tuesday.

  74. true2party, The American public is increasingly aware the media is biased against Hillary; polls show that clearly. We are far from alone here.

  75. ^^what you wanna bet that Tuckers show tonight for the “apology” will get high ratings…for the first few minutes.

    msnbc wants to be relevant and everytime they look at their ratings (must have been horrible for TT) they
    send some ass out to get them 15 more minutes of fame … at the expense of good people.

  76. I would caution some of you here from lauding Fox Noise too much. It’s still the primary and judging from their past history, Fox Noise will be equal, if not more vitriol than MessNBC has been to the Clintons in the GE.

    Be careful what you wish for.

  77. Tuesday it is. Everbody .. again lets get at it. I found $ and even spread out on several charge cards. It is not an amazing chunk of money but I feel it is for a good cause. Hubby got his chime in too.

  78. Even though Shuster has been suspended, it is still a sad day because they did it because of the outrage it has caused, not because they realize that MSNBC as a whole has become unwatchable because of the type of coverage they have offered. It looks more like a public relations move to quell off the fire before they start on their slanted and abusive coverage.

    As a matter of principle, I would appreciate if Hillary and her camp boycotts MSNBC. At some point, it becomes more than an election. It becomes one’s dignity as a human being when one is being insulted and basic character of one’s family is defamed again and again. I seriously hope that she will boycott their network irrespective of the consequences it might have for her chances in this election.

  79. Let us donate money, let us contact our friends and family and ask them to donate, let us raise our voices against media bias, against misogyny, and let us support our candidate Hillary Clinton.

  80. best.name.yet.


    we need to use this term as much as possible. People still chafe at the thought of what happened to Kerry…even though I despise the scum now.

    swiftboating still burns many asses post Kerry…even though I despise him now.

  81. bmerry

    it may sound paranoid, but i actually believe msnbc is the precursor swiftboat action group attempting to destroy HRC prior to the GE.

  82. From Politico:

    Judith Hope, the former New York State Democratic Party chairwoman and a close Hillary ally, e-mails the list of the Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Committee, a local group focused on electing women, of which she is president:

    No matter who you are supporting for president, I am certain you will be outraged by what happened last night on MSNBC.

    Correspondent David Shuster, substituting for Tucker Carlson on “Tucker,” had this to say about Chelsea Clinton campaigning for her mother:

    “Doesn’t it seem like Chelsea is being pimped in some weird sort of way?”

    You know, no matter who your favorite candidate for president may be, can American women continue to look the other way while the national media spews such sexist contempt?

    If we learn nothing else from this long Democratic primary season, we now know this: It is still “open season” on American women.

    Please express your disgust immediately with e-mails to MSNBC Executive Phil Griffin and NBC News President Steve Capus. Let them know that you have had enough and that you demand greater respect for American women and higher standards from a news organization.

  83. Another thing that galls me about the Shuster comment is his assumption that Chelsea has to be forced to do this, as if she wouldn’t want to help her mother on her own. WTF?

  84. meiyingsu: Does the Virginia primary allow independent to vote?

    Yes. Voters don’t register by party in VA, so you just have to be a registered voter and pick your primary. The registration deadline was 1/14.

    I just looked at a sample ballot — you’ll be happy to know that BO is at the top, Kucinich second.

    I don’t mean to be a downer, but I see people raising expectations on MD/VA. Demographically MD = CT+SC. Outside of IL, it is probably the most favorable state for him. And just about the entire party in VA lined up behind BO when he announced. So, feel free to root for a better outcome, but at the same time, mentally prepare for the possibility of a rough night and horrible press after the fact.

  85. I just sent an email to Hardball, the senior vice president and president of NBC news, and MSNBC. Here are the addresses if you need them again:
    Mr. Phil Griffin,
    Senior Vice President, News
    NBC Television Network
    30 Rockefeller Plz
    New York, NY 10112

    Steve Capus,
    President, NBC News

    30 Rockefeller Plz
    3rd Fl
    New York, NY 10112
    (212) 664-4444

    Chris Matthews

  86. what i’m trying to express is that HRC is being swift-boated (by msnbc) as we speak, and no one is doing a damn thing about it!

  87. dot48, I agree with you 100%. We need some good heavy hitters. The campaign insiders probably are good strategists but are terrible on TV.

  88. If it wasn’t for the media turning him into a f-ing saint the last month he probably wouldn’t have won as many states as he has so far. Blame the media if he becomes the nominee. This went out of control two months ago and the Schuster comment was only the last straw but not the first time we’ve seen MSNBC reporters make such comments.

  89. alcina,

    You are right. She is being swiftboated everyday as we speak by the media with MSNBC leading the charge and Washingtonpost and NYTimes opinion writers not far behind.

  90. HighlyEducatedHillarySupporter, IMHO, if Kennedy family didn’t jump in which created a whole week positive coverage of BHO, he would probably done by now.

  91. someone should be standing before a camera stating

    “today a spokesman at msnbc referred to senator clinton as a “pimp” and her daughter chelsea as a “whore”. we will not tolerate this type of behavior from the media and demand an apology from the president of NBC.”

    damn-it i’m so mad!

  92. The problem is, as meiyingsu just points out, there are too many plots, plans and twists involved here coming from a multiple of directions all at once.

    We have the Tweeties who have castration anxiety, then we have the old guard washed up Kennedy-Kerry alliance, then we have the AA faction that just wants an AA in the White House, then we have the professional anything-Clinton haters like Dick Morris, and on and on it goes. It’s difficult to single out one source.

  93. I’m glad Shuster got suspended, however, I wouldn’t advocate for his firing. The comment that he made is nothing compared to the months and months of sexism spewed by Tweety. I always thought Olbermann would be fair to Hillary, but he, too, had gotten nasty. It was actually b/c I sensed a change in Olbermann that I stopped watching MSNBC after IA.

    Ironically, it was b/c of Olbermann and his Special Comments that brought me to MSNBC.

  94. http://www.theroot.com/id/44630

    To believe that Obama is a Kucinich leftist rather than a Clinton centrist is to ignore his own expressed positions. To believe that the world will be markedly improved after an Obama presidency is to ignore the structure of corporate-controlled politics. To believe that Obama is prepared to address the fundamental structure of our political system is to ignore his own investment in it. Unfortunately, this is exactly what Barack Obama is asking us to do: vote for him as a change maker against all evidence to the contrary. That sounds more like the hope of audacity than the audacity of hope.

  95. With John McCain closer than ever to being the Republican candidate for president, Democratic leaders are sounding the alarms about a worst-case scenario in which their party has no apparent nominee until the national convention in late August, leaving them with just over two months to mount a general election campaign.

    Florida Sen. Bill Nelson, speaking on the floor of the Senate, warned Friday that it would be a “train wreck” for the party if Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton cannot break their deadlock soon.

    “Here is the coming train wreck,” Nelson said. “If one of our two leading candidates does not get a majority by the time that all the primaries and caucuses are over … then we go into a period during June, July and all the way to the end of August at the National Democratic Convention, a period of enormous uncertainty and turmoil.”

    He said part of the turmoil would be the backroom deal-making of “superdelegates” — elected officials and other party leaders who come to the convention uncommitted to any candidate — and the fact that Florida’s and Michigan’s delegates will not be seated at the convention. Those two states were stripped of their delegates for holding primaries before Super Tuesday, in violation of party rules.

    Clinton won the primaries in both states, and seating their delegations would benefit her.

    Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean has also said he fears an intra-party showdown at the convention in Denver.

    Dean has suggested that Florida and Michigan hold caucuses to select delegates, but Nelson, who has endorsed Clinton, said “you can’t undo an election with caucuses.”

    Dean, who calls McCain a “media darling,” has warned about the same worst-case scenario.

    He recently told a New York TV station, “The idea that we can afford to have a big fight at the convention and then win the race in the next eight weeks, I think, is not a good scenario … I think we will have a nominee sometime in the middle of March or April. But if we don’t, then we’re going to have to get the candidates together and make some kind of an arrangement.”

    He didn’t say what that arrangement would be.

    Three days after Super Tuesday, delegate tallies by The Associated Press show Clinton with 1,045 delegates and Obama with 960. A candidate needs 2,025 delegates to clinch the nominationl; both candidates are about halfway there.

    McCain needs only a few hundred more delegates to guarantee victory; Mitt Romney’s exit from the race on Thursday left McCain as the odds-on nominee, although Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul are still officially running for the GOP nomination.

    Republicans who have clashed with McCain in the past have begun to accept his candidacy, even though some conservatives — like Focus on the Family founder James Dobson, who endorsed Mike Huckabee Thursday night — say McCain and his moderate positions will never be palatable to the right.

    And McCain has already started his general election campaign, focusing on Obama’s and Clinton’s positions on Iraq and taking them on in tandem as a singular threat to conservatives.

    He continued his assault on the candidates Friday, after speaking at a national security round-table in Norfolk ahead of Virginia’s primary Feb. 12.

    “All I can say is that they want to set a date for withdrawal,” McCain said. “There would be catastrophic consequences … There is a fundamental misunderstanding on the part of both of them as to what’s at stake and a failure to recognize that our strategy under General Petraeus, called the surge, has been succeeding. That, I think, will be a major issue in this campaign.”

    Obama and Clinton have tried to return fire — Clinton complained yesterday about his economic and military policies — but their quest for delegates keeps them focused on each other.

    This leaves McCain in the enviable role of statesman, senator and party figurehead, observers say, unshackled from the once-consuming battle among a dizzying field of Republican candidates.

    Democratic pollster Doug Schoen told FOX News, “With John McCain the Republican nominee, if he can get the right in line with his candidacy, and the Democrats remain divided, it’ll make a Democratic victory more unlikely in November.”

    McCain’s National Finance Co-Chairman Fred Malek said McCain will now be able to show leadership on Capitol Hill, and not just the campaign trail.

    “While Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are out on the campaign trail kind of fighting each other on things, John McCain can be back in the Senate leading the charge on issues that are really important to the American people.”

    Despite tasting victory, McCain said he will not discount Huckabee, who said Friday that it’s not a lock for the Arizona senator.

    “An election is about a choice, not a coronation,” Huckabee said in Kansas.

    McCain fended off discussion of potential running mates, as rumors continue to swirl that Huckabee could be a contender.

    “Governor Huckabee is still in this race and he is a viable candidate and I am sure will continue to show strength,” McCain said in Norfolk.

    FOX News’ Mike Majchrowitz and Mosheh Oinounou contributed to this report.

  96. I worked 14years for GE, the way you hit NBC/MSNBC is at the top, Jeff Immult does not like bad publicity. If he gets enough calls, threatening to bocoytt advertisers products and show up at the shareholder meeting, we might not give him any other option, but to reorganize the NBC News division. Put presure at top.

  97. I don’t think he should be fired either, there’s a limit… A suspension is fine, though Matthews is the one who should be fired.

  98. yep, me too filbertst. Keith used to be a straight up guy .. really challenged O’Reilly there for a while for ratings by being decent. Then I guess it went to his head (and I’m not talking about the one between his legs).

    Why not firing…what he said is as bad as Imus. It’s a pattern there and if heads continue to roll .. well, it’s the economy stupid.

  99. This story now leads Daily Kos with 1,180 comments, most all day.

    There is stunning video of Chris Matthews crucifying the Clintons while slobbering over republicans. Links to much more.

    Could be a tipping point in (the horribly slanted) coverage today.

    Make you voice heard.

  100. He should be fired. Immediately!No question. Someone has to say, “there are limits and there are boundaries and there are penalties.” Anyone remember Don Imus? Does anyone want to argue that these comments buy Schuster are less aweful.

  101. As a shar holder of GE I don’t find this funny…. NBC is not making double diget profits for GE, you would think they would change format if they are 2nd and 3rd in ratings…. As a shreholder I voiced my concerns to GE.

  102. I think the critical question concerning Shuster’s suspension is whether it includes a loss of pay or not, for a “suspended with pay” situation is like punishing your teenage son, who was suspended from school, by saying making him stay in his room all day, his room with his cell phone, tv, Playstation, CD player…well, you get the picture. Shuster still getting paid while sittin’ at the house is no real punishment!

    Now, if people that happen upon some MSNBC big-shot “correspondent” doing a story live on camera out in the field should want to loudly question that reporter about his or her company’s attitude toward the Clintons, well…

  103. Clintondem99: agreed, we need to get some heavy hitters on the airwaves to stick up for Hillary in the face of these increasingly-ludicrous attacks against her, by Obama supporters disguised as “impartial” journalists. It was good to see Begala on the other night, but he needs to be out there regularly. Carville is fantastic and very well-liked by everyday voters, too. Get him back out there! 🙂

  104. The fundraising continues
    by Jerome Armstrong, Fri Feb 08, 2008 at 04:53:45 PM EST

    I don’t know how much that Obama has raised since Feb 5th, but it’s over $8 million. At noon yesterday, The Nation had it pegged at $7.9M, with over 320K of that coming in from Moveon.org, and since then, Moveon saying it’s raised a total of $450K for Obama. An impressive amount by Moveon; but compared with the $830K that Moveon raised in May of 2005, in an email by Obama on behalf of Senator Byrd, just a bit more than half.

    Anyway, combined, Obama is over $8 million. And what do you know, Clinton has just surpased $8 million too, and now is going for $10 million. Who would have thought that Clinton would equal Obama in online money raised since Feb 5th, and maybe even surpass him?

    What set this competition off, was Obama’s email from a few days ago that poked fun at the Clinton’s self-funding, and raised money off of them, in a $5 million fundraiser email that exceeded expectations. I at the time argued that was the best thing they could have ever done for Clinton’s campaign, as it riled up their competitive juices.

    Not surprisingly, Obama, in his most recent email, calls off the competition, and moves it into a different direction:

    One of the things I’m most proud of about our campaign is not the amount of money we’ve raised, but the number of people giving it.
    With an already impressive 340,000 having given this year, the Obama campaign is aiming for 500,000 by March 4th.

  105. “if Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton cannot break their deadlock soon.’

    –Propaganda. I love these articles that paint a “they’re tied,” “they’re equally winning,” “they’re not moving forward” image. Never mind that people with at least two brains cells can see she keeps pulling in more votes in more diverse ways and in the most necessary places TO pull in votes.

    Just like the numerous articles that talk about his having “momentum.” They’ve been saying this since forever. No matter how many states he’d lose, he always had the “momentum.” No matter how many states she’d win, she was always “finished.”

  106. GE has had to set up a special line. Too many calls.


    I just spoke to GE offices and they’ve set up a special line.

    201-583-4090 NBC

  107. “the way you hit NBC/MSNBC is at the top, Jeff Immult does not like bad publicity.”

    –Jas, how is this person contacted? Do you have any email addresses or phone numbers? These really should be posted prominently somewhere so people can easily use them.

  108. Just a side note guys but I have been listening to a right wing christian radio show program called point of view and over the few week I have been noticing some highly positive comments about our girl. First they defended her in the race thing in Sc saying her comments appeared innocent enough then today a self described right wing christian called in and said he voted for Hillary in the primary in CA.
    He also went to critisise the demonization of Hillary without facts, it was really good to hear.
    For week now they have been really making a point to mention that Obama was rated the most liberal senator higher than Ted Stupid Kennedy
    I get a sense the right is rather worried right now about Obama and from what I can sense they would rather prefer Hillary they know well.

    But also i feel Hillary may have not really reached out enough to the right. A lot of people just know what BM says about her but those who have taken time to know her just love her even on the right.

    About Schuster guys rejoice any mother hearing this is signing up for hillarytoday

  109. can’t we leverage the suspension of David Shuster to get Tweety fired or suspended? I mean what Shuster said was bad, but Tweety and his foaming-at-the-mouth sexism has been far worse because he does this nearly every week.

  110. Fran: Just like the numerous articles that talk about his having “momentum.” They’ve been saying this since forever

    When she was 25pts up over an extended period of time, he always got equal coverage and was always referred to as a ‘frontrunner.’

  111. If only we could get Whoopi to mention Obama’s challenge on the View. I would just love to get Hillary up to 500k small donors.

  112. The link to the AP’s posting in the Southern IL paper is interesting- this caught my attention.

    Sept. 8 _ Obama’s family tree includes ancestors of President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

    Maybe that’s why he reminds me so much of “I’m a uniter, not a divider” Bush?

  113. How are things looking on the ground in:

    The Virgin Islands?

    These are all upcoming and they all are close states. HRC needs help y’all. Someone above said they are calling Maine, kudos. Good idea. Call Washington, call Louisiana. Let’s pull this together. If we won these contests, it would blunt all of these comments that the bs media is lying about saying b.o. is tied with us and winning, I am sick of the networks determining the debate. It is going to take dedication and a lot of work. I am, on spring break, which is in march, thinking about using my money for my study abroad to go to the march states to help out. And in may, when it is summer vacation, and june, I want to go places and help. I am so nervous about this convention seating business. Bill Nelson and HRC should not be the only ones out there demanding the seating of those delegates. Where is Carl Levin? Where is Debbie Stabenow? We need more high profile protests to the DNC. I hope Howard Dean realizes what he is doing to our party. And Bill Nelson refuses the idea of new caucuses as a redo. No way! I am outraged at the DNC, MSNBC, and B.O. today! Sorry, but I can’t stand the thought of him getting the nomination because dean’s jackass wouldn’t seat their delegations….someone said above….I will not have Idaho, Utah and Kansas choose our nominee, I want NY, Cali, Arizona and important states to do this.

  114. I don’t want to hurt any feelings, so please just take this in a general way, for future reference for everybody. I’m going to make the same suggestion I’ve always make in these situations, as with Bush: do not help spread the other side’s propaganda. They’ve got the bulk of the media and the cultists to spread proObama propaganda. Don’t fill the person you’re backing’s space with the same. If people want to quote from the mainstream media’s propagandist “reporting,” pull out any parts that may be factual, like with numbers of something, and leave any rhetorical flourishes alone.

  115. Guys this is really getting fun to watch just did another $50.44 today, my wife and I have agreed on finding ways to cut on anything we can each day and come up with a least $20 a day for our girl.
    I am also reaching out to friends who do not usually donate to compaigns to make onetime contribution of $50.44 three will do so tonight.

    People lets just throw anything to this
    The media has not seen anything yet
    History will read in a few weeks time that Hillary took on BM and won

  116. The following is part of one comment at mydd.com.

    “THis idea that somehow Hillary won NY and CA, which means she can win in big states is ridiculous. Obama is certainly going to win those votes. As his overwhelming victories in states that we’ve had troubles show, he would considerably help others on the ticket. In short, McCain would have a much tougher time against Obama. Moreover, people who voted for Clinton will surely vote for Obama; the reverse is not so true. Especially w/in the African-American community. Sure, they will support Democrats by a large margin like always. But a lof of them will stay home, considering that the first viable black candidate was shot down. Just look at South Carolina where 150,000 more blacks turned out this year than in 2004 primary.

    With all this being said, it’s hard for me to understand why you’re trying to do everything you can to derail Obama’s candidacy. I just can’t understand you. If you truly want a Democrat to win, why would you choose the absolute weakest candidate, who not only will have a very difficult time winning, but also would not help all the others on the ticket.”

  117. I just called the DNC and left a complaint saying they should seat the delegates because we don’t want to be divided so we can win in November!!!!!

  118. BTW, has anyone done the math at how many delegates would be awarded to Clinton and BO if they seated Mich and Fla and where it would put their numbers?

  119. Get this…..some little corner of the internet is spouting that Hillary is afraid to face Obama in a debate (no mention of MSNBC comment et al). I swear, people are just out to get our girl for the hell of it. Hillary afraid to debate? LOL, that is one format she excels at. How ridiculous. The propaganda is getting out of control. The sexist, misogynists, and Koolaid drinkers are running rampant. This will make our victory so much sweeter.

  120. Fellow Texans…

    This is a bit of a haul for me, but I’m thinking of trying to make it. Hope she visits Austin.

    Hillary Clinton coming to El Paso on Tuesday
    Times staff report
    Article Launched: 02/08/2008 03:08:14 PM MST

    Hillary Clinton will be in El Paso on Tuesday, it was announced Friday.

    Where and when the Democratic presidential candidate will make a public appearance on Tuesday has not yet been decided, according to a news release from U.S. Rep. Silvestre Reyes.

    “We’re rolling out the red carpet for Senator Clinton,” Reyes said.

    Reyes said members of Clinton’s advance team will arrive in El Paso this weekend to work out the details for public appearances.

    Former President Bill Clinton and their daughter, Chelsea, are expected to appear in El Paso later, but they will not be accompanying Hillary Clinton on Tuesday.

  121. HRC afraid to debate bho? Pleeaaassse! Opposite….totally the opposite. He wouldn’t even go to Maine. I am sick of these sick little, twisted, usually annoying, dorky young white boys telling me who our party’s nominee should be when they usually don’t vote anyways. African American supporters of bho have been cordial to me. So have (most) of the female supporters, but those dorky, self-centered little pricks that are typical, think-they-know-it-all lefty latte-drinking losers, they can’t stand the thought of a female commander in chief. One writes for our school paper, and he is a dork. A friend of mine who works at the Daily Iowan says Andrew Swift has a past of Clinton bashing including a shirt he has, and he writes the editorials of our paper and he constantly bashes her. They are everywhere.

  122. HFT,
    I’m gonna call tomorrow.

    But even though we’re all outraged and making calls and sending emails on HRC’s behalf, how does that translate into votes? Her campaign desperately NEEDS spokespeople and publicists and internet techs to deliver her message.

    Sadly, it may already be too late. What BO and BM have done to HRC is almost irreparable. I saw her speak in Wa. She had an enthusiastic crowd of 10,000. BO’s event drew 70,000.

  123. mj: Oh shit, she must not expect to do well in any of Tuesday’s contest. Damn it.

    MD = SC+CT demographically. Black vote is larger than AL.
    VA has the establishment in the tank for BO. Also, NOVA (affluent) and Richmond (black) offset the rest of the state.
    DC = highest percentage of black voters in the nation.

  124. so – I’ve checked CNN and yahoo and google news has only 144 news items on the Shuster shenanigans…Imus was news for nearly a week, what gives? obviously sexism is still swept under the carpet. this is so freakin annoying.

  125. Yeah, 70,000 sounds insane…it’s hard to believe there are that many people in Washington state who could take time in the middle of the day to watch BO. Where did you get that number? Also, I am skeptical because the media described the Oprah rally as packed, and we all saw all those empty seats…

  126. Yeah, 70,000? I don’t know about that. Let’s do something if we believe this. WE MUST WIN SOME OF THESE WEEKEND CONTESTS. If we win some of these, at least let’s win the Virgin Islands saturday and Maine on sunday. If the 70,000 thing is true, then we have a lot of work to do.

  127. “THis idea that somehow Hillary won NY and CA, which means she can win in big states is ridiculous. Obama is certainly going to win those votes.”

    –This is an absolutist dogmatic unproven statement, in my opinion. “Certainly”? Um, yeah. I wouldn’t even say Clinton would “certainly win those votes.” Probably few things if anything in the universe are “certain.”

    “Moreover, people who voted for Clinton will surely vote for Obama”

    –Yet another absolutist unproven statement. My existence disproves it because I will vote for her in the primary here, but it’s Hillary or nobody for me in the general. If she doesn’t get the nomination, I ain’t voting. And I’d never vote for another BUSH, which I think Obama is.

    “If you truly want a Democrat to win’

    –Is Obama really a democrat? Now I think that is the question. From where I’m sitting, he doesn’t sound or behave or campaign like one.

    “why would you choose the absolute weakest candidate, who not only will have a very difficult time winning, but also would not help all the others on the ticket.”

    –One nonsensical absolutist statement after another. Clinton an “absolute weakest candidate”? Do these people really think other people will believe statements like that have validity simply because they’re uttered?

    My head’s still killing me and all this ugly shit is making me sick.

  128. basil9: I saw her speak in Wa. She had an enthusiastic crowd of 10,000. BO’s event drew 70,000.

    He picked a stadium while she picked a much smaller venue, right? Are you sure about the 70k figure?

    One thing I heard from a very reliable source is that in one of the Feb 5th states, the BO campaign was paying people to attend rallies.

  129. I have a feeling part of the reason Ron Paul’s online fund raising does so well besides emails and word of mouth is they have a running tote board on the site constantly updating the dollar amount donated. Just like the Jerry Lewis telefon, people see the total and want to make it go higher.

  130. basil9, come on, stay positive. There is a huge backlash developing among the general public. It is not how many people show up in a rally. It is who they support in a primary.

  131. This sucks that it is a caucus at 1pm in Washington. This is kind of unfair since we have the support of the working class.

  132. chaz,
    What do you mean? I wrote that the audience total was 70,000. But it was also pointed out that many in the audience seemed young and not of voting age. HRC’s rally was enthusiastic; lots of nurses and health care workers but it didn’t look like BO’s.

    Those who posted GE phone#; Thanks. I’m gonna contact them Monday. But if anyone can think of some way to fight BO! We’re busy fighting BM while he’s out in the field with no one to oppose him. Maybe that’s the goal; distract HRC to the point that she can’t fight back. or maybe the goal was just to split the party, which BO has already successfully done. I’m praying that HRC has a strategy or some reinforcements out there. She was wonderful in today’s rally but her voice is shot thing

  133. TPS,

    The number I cited was reported on one of the 4pm news shows. Don’t remember which. I flick back and forth trying to bypass bad news but it’s difficult. I think it might have been on Fox but not sure.

  134. Thanks, JAS, I never saw that one. I’ve copied-and-pasted several contact numbers. I’m going to work on calling and complaining tomorrow. I’m too angry now and my headache hurts too much. Plus, I think people should keep up the pressure beyond today till MSNBC shows some overall changes; the one suspension is nothing. Like I said above, their pruning one branch ain’t enough.

  135. 70 K would be a college football stadium
    but in any case Basil9 keep fighting a good fight for our girl
    Never forget NH
    I believe it was the turning point in this election

  136. Admin:

    Inspiring article. I sent it to NBC Viewer Services, along with my letter of complaint. While I swore I wasn’t going to donate any more money to Hillary’s campaign, I decided to give 50 dollars again, and skip going out to eat this Saturday night. This is an outrage, of the highest level, and ALL FAIR AMERICANS, GOP or DEM, pro-Hillary or pro-Obama, should be outraged.


    I announced that Hillary won New Mexico officially yesterday. What caused me to believe that was that Real Clear Politics finally filled in the Delegate Count for that state, with Hillary 13/Obama 12. Apparently, the delegates have been decided, but they are still counting the popular votes. My apologies.

  137. Oh man, that 21K figure was from MSNBC…….let’s forget that one. I also see varying degress of numbers depending on the source. More Propaganda again.

  138. brokered convention unavoidable?

    But here’s the thing with that Dean comment: mathematically, there is no way the nomination will be settled before the convention, regardless of what happens from here on out.

    There’s still some haggling over who’s garnered more pledged delegates, Clinton or Obama. Whatever the case, they’re both at approximately 900 pledged delegates (so that’s what we’ll use in these hypotheticals). 56% of the pledged delegates have already been contested.

    To reach 2,025–the magic number to lock up the nomination–from only pledged delegates, without having to count on a single unpledged delegate (superdelegate), one of them would have to win almost four out of five of the remaining delegates, who are about 44% of the total pledged delegates. That ain’t gonna happen.

  139. I feel helpless here in Iowa. I have called, and still call, and I have given hundreds, I want obama gone now!

  140. Realist, Merryfield.
    So they deliberately quadrupled and inflated the number of attendees? Oh JEEZ; I’m sorry.
    I’m not sure of the name of the stadium. I was flicking back from MSNBC to Fox to CNN and one of the shows aired most of HRC’s great speech. Of course, at 4PM, BO’S rally was even more extensively covered.
    I’ll try to be more careful. But it’s hard to differentiate between truth and fact when it’s reported by someone other than the usual suspects. I did post Schuster’s comment the minute I heard it last night and it was accurate. I know I didn’t imagine the 70,00 number.

  141. Shuster should have been fired… In any case, Hillary should refuse to go on not only MSNBC, but NBC as well.

  142. sandy1938 — the delegate count in NM is actually 12-12. That extra delegate goes to the winner of the popular vote after all the provisionals have been counted.

  143. hawk: I feel helpless here in Iowa.

    I would be interested in hearing your views on what went wrong for us in Johnson Cty …

  144. MJ, kafeen, all,

    Maybe they did say 17,000 and I heard 70,000. But I don’t think so. Still, point is very well taken. Man, this is NUTS! I mean, you have to listen to the BS to know what’s being said and you can challenge it.

  145. People do not panic
    Just because we are not as rabid, ill mannered or rude like the Obama supporters does not mean he will win
    Also can anyone help with poster ideas I want to put up some
    here in Fort worth Tx
    I was thinking of Obama will legalize dope for your kids say no
    or something like that

  146. Johnson County…..ugh. The county i call my school home 🙂

    This county is probably Iowa’s most liberal county. It is the home of the University of Iowa. This is the place named on of the top ten best american cities to move to…..I love this city. I am actually from Scott County. But here, the population largely white, wealthy, liberal elitist types. So Obama had an advantage. This town attracts coffee sippin’, volvo drivin, NYTimes (which I love) readin liberal white kids like no other in the midwest. There are cafes every 10 feet. On top of this, 48% of our campus is made up of students from the Chicagoland area, mostly because our outofstate tuition is cheaper than Illinois’ instate tuition. So this was a tough county for us. Here in my opinion is Johnson County’s breakdown:

    Obama won most votes here probably
    Then Kucinich
    Then Edwards
    Then the republicans
    Then HRC
    Then Joe Biden…. and so on.

    I must say, it was like a bandwagon thing on campus…”why do you support obama? He’s cool.” Oh, and these liberal students all like it here and all buy homes here and the cycle continues. Coralville, also in Johnson County, is heavily republican.

  147. Here comes the right wing after Obama. This is why he would be such a bad General election candidate for the Democrats.


    February 8, 2008, 12:22 pm
    Anti-Obama Film On the Way
    By Leslie Wayne

    A conservative group -– Citizens United -– that has produced a film now in distribution attacking Hillary Clinton called “Hillary, the Movie,” has its sights set on a new target: Barack Obama.

    The group has budgeted about $1 million to produce a documentary film about Mr. Obama that is set to be distributed this summer. At the moment, Citizens United has its researchers poring over Mr. Obama’s records as a community organizer, state legislator and United States senator in the same way that it scoured Mrs. Clinton’s record with a highly critical eye and a sharply conservative point of view.
    “Obama is a completely clean slate,” said David Bossie, president of the group. “We will develop the image that we want the people to see. We’re doing the hard work of the research right now. The American people don’t know much about Obama, except that they like his speaking style.”

    If the Obama movie is anything like the one about Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Obama had better prepare himself. “Hillary, the Movie,” and promotional ads for it, present statements from Dick Morris, Ann Coulter, Robert Novak, Jeff Gerth (a former New York Times reporter), Newt Gingrich and others in which she is called everything from a liar, to a European socialist to being more devious than Richard Nixon.
    “If you want to hear about the Clinton scandals of the past and present, you have it here,” said the movie’s promotional materials. “Hillary the Movie is the first and last word in what the Clintons want America to forget!”

    The Obama movie would be the sixth long-form documentary film made by the group, which says it is dedicated to “restoring our government to citizen control.” While some of the movies have been in theatrical release, most are distributed as DVDs on-line and in bookstores.
    One prominent Citizens United movie is “Celsius 41.11,” which says it tells the “truth behind the lies” of the Michael Moore movie “Fahrenheit 9/11.” Other Citizens United movies are critical of the United Nations, illegal immigration, and the American Civil Liberties Union, while one movie promotes Newt Gingrich and his ideas.

    In the Republican primary, Citizens United produced television ads critical of John McCain, saying he was no different from Mrs. Clinton. With Mr. McCain the presumptive Republican nominee, Mr. Bossie said the commercials will no longer be aired.

    The conservative group is also looking to the U.S. Supreme Court for help in advertising the anti-Hillary movie. It is opposing a federal regulation, under the McCain-Feingold Act, requiring that a disclaimer that identifies the group be placed at the end of television ads promoting the movie and criticizing Mrs. Clinton. It is also arguing that it should not have to disclose how much it spent to produce the movie and the ads, nor who contributed to it. The Supreme Court is scheduled to decide next week whether it will hear the case.

  148. enough brain-strain

    time to pour a smuttynose portsmouth lager* and relax. btw, made another contribution to HRC’s campaign AND ordered a long sleeve team hillary tee. i believe i now own the complete HRC wardrobe.

    * support your local brewery

  149. Kaffeen, B Merryfield,

    Saw the MSNBC link and checked the wikipedia entry.

    yup; They got me. And I’m a skeptic and a huge HRC supporter so imagine the impact of this BS on those who don’t follow the news much.

    Tweetie and company laughing that HRC is trying to portray herself as the “underdog” in the upcoming caucuses. I HATE that man.

    Schuster on now.

  150. Here comes the rightwing after Obama a blank slate. This is why he would be such a poor candidate in the general election. He is so far left that they are going to define him pretty good.


    February 8, 2008, 12:22 pm
    Anti-Obama Film On the Way
    By Leslie Wayne

    A conservative group -– Citizens United -– that has produced a film now in distribution attacking Hillary Clinton called “Hillary, the Movie,” has its sights set on a new target: Barack Obama.

    The group has budgeted about $1 million to produce a documentary film about Mr. Obama that is set to be distributed this summer. At the moment, Citizens United has its researchers poring over Mr. Obama’s records as a community organizer, state legislator and United States senator in the same way that it scoured Mrs. Clinton’s record with a highly critical eye and a sharply conservative point of view.
    “Obama is a completely clean slate,” said David Bossie, president of the group. “We will develop the image that we want the people to see. We’re doing the hard work of the research right now. The American people don’t know much about Obama, except that they like his speaking style.”

    If the Obama movie is anything like the one about Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Obama had better prepare himself. “Hillary, the Movie,” and promotional ads for it, present statements from Dick Morris, Ann Coulter, Robert Novak, Jeff Gerth (a former New York Times reporter), Newt Gingrich and others in which she is called everything from a liar, to a European socialist to being more devious than Richard Nixon.
    “If you want to hear about the Clinton scandals of the past and present, you have it here,” said the movie’s promotional materials. “Hillary the Movie is the first and last word in what the Clintons want America to forget!”

    The Obama movie would be the sixth long-form documentary film made by the group, which says it is dedicated to “restoring our government to citizen control.” While some of the movies have been in theatrical release, most are distributed as DVDs on-line and in bookstores.
    One prominent Citizens United movie is “Celsius 41.11,” which says it tells the “truth behind the lies” of the Michael Moore movie “Fahrenheit 9/11.” Other Citizens United movies are critical of the United Nations, illegal immigration, and the American Civil Liberties Union, while one movie promotes Newt Gingrich and his ideas.

    In the Republican primary, Citizens United produced television ads critical of John McCain, saying he was no different from Mrs. Clinton. With Mr. McCain the presumptive Republican nominee, Mr. Bossie said the commercials will no longer be aired.

    The conservative group is also looking to the U.S. Supreme Court for help in advertising the anti-Hillary movie. It is opposing a federal regulation, under the McCain-Feingold Act, requiring that a disclaimer that identifies the group be placed at the end of television ads promoting the movie and criticizing Mrs. Clinton. It is also arguing that it should not have to disclose how much it spent to produce the movie and the ads, nor who contributed to it. The Supreme Court is scheduled to decide next week whether it will hear the case.

  151. meiyingsu,
    You could point out that Obama could loose many of those blue states just like Carter(1980) or Dukakis(1988). You should tell them OBAMA=DUKAKIS. Carter only won 6 states. You could also point out that BO would loose Latinos and Asian support in California to McCain. You could also point out that a GE is not a

  152. Yeah mj, these girls here all caucused for obama for the most part. I was disgusted. I have girls in my feminism class that caucused for him and they said they called their grandmas and others and told them that they caucused for obama but felt weird not caucusing for HRC, but they “disagree with her policies”….

    Pottawattamie……I know for a fact it is much different 🙂

    I like my county best, Scott, but I still hate it. Over all, I can’t wait to leave Iowa. They wonder why young people for the most part are leaving this state and those like it….it’s because of the inequality, the stubborness.

  153. basil9 – Welcome! If your post includes the h t t p : / / then it will be delayed in a spam filter but will go up eventually. Most of us leave out the h t t p : / / for that reason.

  154. Disagree with what policies? Don’t like UHC? They don’t want to end the war? Oh, maybe they don’t think women should be paid an equal wage? What a bunch of losers.

  155. Yup. Losers. I was astonished. It was the war thing. I tried to explain it to them, but there is no use, they don’t listen and it is too late in Iowa now.

  156. There’s no way they got 70k into key arena. The only venue we have that holds that capacity is husky stadium. And Key arena doesn’t come close. I don’t think they could even handle the parking the city would self-destruct. (They run special busses to Husky Stadium on game day) 21k seems a stretch too. The best way to guage what a filled to capacity crowd at the Key would be would be to find the estimated attendance at the High School Musical tour in dec 06. That was crazy.

  157. Notes from the Hillary Clinton event in Tacoma
    Posted by Hunter George @ 02:49:50 pm

    Reporter Susan Gordon helped cover the Hillary Clinton event at the University of Puget Sound. Here are some of her observations:

    Four University of Puget Sound students – all self-professed Hillary backers – were first in line to see Clinton at UPS this morning. They showed up at about 7 a.m. and saved a place for a buddy, Kate Simeon, who arrived a little later. “She was on ‘Sesame Street’ when I was like 5,” said Simeon, 19, a freshman from Eagle River, Alaska, who carried a blue Hillary campaign sign she had picked up at Clinton’s Thursday night rally in Seattle.

    Another early arrival was Roberta Chargin, 64, of Northeast Tacoma, who showed up at 8 a.m. and snagged a metal chair from inside the field house so she could wait comfortably. “I’ve been a Hillary fan ever since Bill was in the White House,” she said. “I think it’s high time for a woman” president.

    Pierce County Councilman Calvin Goings, a Puyallup Democrat who is running for county executive, brought supporters and campaign signs of his own and began working the crowd before 9 a.m. “How are you guys doing?” he asked, smiling. “Thank you for you for being here.”

    Before the event, the line of waiting spectators stretched for several blocks. Many were college students and Clinton supporters, but the crowd also included backers of Barack Obama. Before Clinton arrived, the UPS Young Democrats, who have endorsed Obama, hosted an Obama information table outside the field house. It didn’t attract many visitors, probably because the people who were waiting for Clinton didn’t want to lose their place in line. When she arrived, the young Obama backers packed up and went inside to listen to the speech.

    Gay Schy and her husband took the 8 a.m. ferry from Vashon Island to Tacoma to see Clinton, even though they support Obama. Curiosity motivated them to attend, they said, and, besides that, their son once attended UPS.

    Pam Barton, a Northeast Tacoma grandmother, waited in line to hear Clinton with her 9-year-old grandson, Trevor Cavanaugh of Federal Way, who planned to make a report to his fourth-grade classmates. Trevor admitted grandma has influenced his decision to support Clinton for president, but added: “She’s a good candidate.”

    “Girls Rule” declared the hand-lettered sign, festooned with Hillary stickers, in the bleachers on the west side of the field house. It caught Clinton’s eye at the outset of her remarks. Her smile and nod was a big thrill for Katelynn Hamilton, a Gig Harbor 11-year-old, who grasped the sign with both hands.

  158. People…don’t wory about the crowd sizes..he was packing in CA also..lets focue on doing what we can for HRC..everyone is donting at its obvious..she has found a whole new source or revenue..i am making another donation od 100.44 today and i know she feels the love, hell, i can feel it…how Hillarty got her grove back!!!

  159. It’s not the war thing. That’s a bs excuse to continue the patriarchy. I simply don’t buy it. These women are idiots.

  160. I am going to be “Out of pocket ” for the next (Off to Maui, I am so strssed from all these primaries). Any case when I read the USA Today next week should I expect to see the delegate count go up alot for BO. I gather HC is not expected to do so hot in the up comming primaries??? Or will she “hold” her own?

  161. Hawk, you should take that artible, I’m done with all that, or whatever the name was, and bring it in to your feminism class.

  162. I am so proud of the women in my state. For every woman who cast an Obama vote, two of us voted for the most qualified, competen candidate, and the only WOMAN in the field.

  163. mj: For every woman who cast an Obama vote, two of us voted for the most qualified, competen candidate, and the only WOMAN in the field.

    I read in the WP that Kaine’s wife in VA said that Obama was so warm and empathetic that he’d be the first woman president.

  164. Okay, they ‘suspended’ Shuster. So what. Even if they ‘suspended’ Matthews and others for a token moment, they’d stll be doing the mysogynist and anti-Clinton thing with their other people. They’ve ‘apologize’ for specifics but keep on with the general.

    I’d like to see our momemtum going on to set up NEW channels for getting to the people, bypassing those offensive MSM altogether. I love the idea of Hillary doing another independent Town Hall wiht Hallmark (or Black Entgertainment Thingy) or whatever. But if she doesn’t want the distraction now, I’d love to see our efforts going that way, toward something construtive that will out-last the curreny flurry or even the current campaign.

    Hm. If the Clintons have $50million, why don’t THEY start some decent tv network of their own? Maybe if we all offered to help publicize it… They could get some celebrities to perform free…. Set up some decent debate/press shows….

    Paging Taylor Marsh….

  165. Heard on NPR today say imagine what would happen if someone said shine my shoes to Obama,
    but when its said to Hillary people chuckle

  166. Hawk….. I am from Iowa too. Not to worry. We just got to keep plugging along. For me…it sure helped to email NBC..MSNBC..GE…and several of the advertisers and register a complaint. I am proud to say my county went for Hillary. Although i live in a Republican stronghold…many of them express respect for her….and her strength. That is sure different than what i heard during the caucuses. I think she has earned that since.

  167. I love that piece. It was so well written. I am so tired and nervous and anxious. Ugh. I worked on her Iowa campaign for one year, from January through the next January, I dedicated a year of my life. I skipped my birthday celebrations. I did and will do all I can to have her win this. Bambi has the media in his pocket, the caucus system (the next 5 contests) down pat, and I can’t take his airheaded, blinded, robotic supporters anymore. I hope Hill and the voters in these upcoming states pull a New Hampshire and come out in force for Hill tomorrow, I only wish these were primaries and not caucuses.

  168. hawk

    after you graduate from UI come on east to NH. then you can join me and help campaign for hillary’s second term! 🙂

  169. anniesmiles: I am proud to say my county went for Hillary.

    What is your opinion on why we did so well in the west (I was in Pottawattamie)?

  170. I can’t LEGALLY contribute any more to the campaign, so I just bought 300.00 worth of Hillary stuff on the site. I especially liked the mugs and fleece jackets. We will have his and hers Hillary jackets for our walks and mugs of Hillary coffee upon our return…sweet!

  171. we’re all intelligent voters at H44. it’s just that we’re all scattered around this big beautiful country.

  172. pulchritude Says:
    February 8th, 2008 at 2:41 pm


    Pulchritude… I live in Pineville and did some work for Gloria Hearn’s congressional campaign in 2006. I am somewhat familiar with Louisiana democratic politics, but your blog link is news to me. I very much appreciate you posting it.

    Thanks and let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

  173. Yeah, we intelligent voters in Iowa were shut out by a theft by Chicago of our caucus and by the people of Iowa being sold a brand name. Although I heard the Iowa delegate count is 18-18… 🙂

  174. Hawk or whoever else encounters this, when people bring up Clinton’s Iraq vote, try turning the conversation the way I described in this post


    In other words, confront them with their own hypocrisy toward Clinton if they supported Kerry. I don’t know anyone who was more vociferously anti-Iraq War than I was. I put it aside to vote for Kerry, I’m putting it aside again to vote for Clinton. If those people voted for Kerry but won’t for Hillary, especially if those voters are FEMALE, I think that’s ridiculous. They’re likely being sexist in part,* in my opinion, no matter what sex they may be. People can think and behave prejudiced toward their own kind; everyone’s psychology has probably been affected by a warped society.

    Now I must get some rest away from all this.

    (*One sexist ideology they may be laboring under: it’s okay to vote for a MAN to vote for a disastrous war, but NOT for a woman. Sexist, gender-roled society says women are supposed to be the nice nurturers; women don’t and shouldn’t know how to wage wars. I think Clinton’s being punished for this reason.)

  175. I can’t believe this, they are thinking of splitting the delegates in Florida and Michigan 50/50. Now how is that not disenfranchising the voters as well? That is bullshit.

  176. Hawk, you must insist that your feminism class listen to this audio. I can not fathom a feminism preofessor that caucused for fricken Edwards.

  177. no hawk…i am from northwest iowa…woodbury county. No college students here. No one shipped in to vote. We have a small Catholic College here…very feminist. It was an all girls school at one time. I know the sisters there….still very much promote it. Many Republicans here …crossed over. They saw it as a joke. They openly talk about that in local comments in the local paper. They have no intentions of voting that way in the GE. I think that the shipped in college kids are the main reason for the vote. i believe otherwise…maybe Edwards…or Hillary would have been first. Hillary has long been first choice here. We have a huge medical center here…and I know they back her due to health care problem. They are our largest employer.

  178. If new elections don’t occur, the DNC’s 186-member credentials committee, composed of representatives from the states and appointees of Howard Dean, could meet before the convention and attempt to broker an agreement. Under this scenario, the credentials committee could agree to sit the Florida and Michigan delegations but decide to split the delegates 50-50 between Clinton and Obama, recognizing that the first set of elections were illegitimate.

  179. kaffeen: they are thinking of splitting the delegates in Florida and Michigan 50/50.

    Isn’t that the same as saying MI and FL preferences don’t count?

    It’s intended to hand it to BO, if so.

  180. 1950’s Dem,

    Thanks for the welcome. I found this site a couple of weeks ago after doing several google searches for pro-HRC sites. There were only a few listed. There were hundreds of pro-BO sites.

    I’m just glad I found the BO antidote coz BM was making me sick.

  181. That should have been: “One sexist ideology they may be laboring under: it’s okay to vote for a MAN who voted for a disastrous war, but NOT for a woman. Sexist, gender-roled society says women are supposed to be the nice nurturers; women don’t and shouldn’t know how to wage wars. I think Clinton’s being punished for this reason.”

  182. HillaryLandRocks, it is disenfranchisement of the voters, period. Hillary won those states fairly and played by the rules. She deserves whatever is hers.

  183. What we are aiming for is a revamping of MSNBC. There are no women with shows except for a sidekick position of Mika who is useless except for once in a great while when she is then told to shut up.

    There is not one Hillary supporter with a show and Hillary supporters are almost never on the shows.
    Why is Eugene Robinson on every show plumping for Obama? There is no critical reporting of Obama – and there is no favorable reporting of Hillary.

    MSNBC tells us every day that Obama is great and Hillary is awful. The Shuster incident isn’t just the terrible insult — it also shows that even with Chelsea, they had to find something negative and nasty to say.

    The nice thing about starting with MSNBC (and NBC) is that they can’t keep issuing apologies and going back to business. Their viewers, employees, shareholders and customers (GE) are fed up.

  184. donna brazille is a phoney. one hand she slapps down michagan and florida about not follwoing the rules by stripping the delagates. then she whines about superdelagates that might termine the outcome of the nomination. this is the rules donna right?

  185. It’s difficult to single out one source.

    Right. We can’t. If we cut off one limb, another sprouts. I think the only thing we can do is to set up a whole nother tree somehow, and starve them ALL out.

    Aren’t all the right pieces already there? I get all my news from the Internet already, just from following links from good people like y’all here. Sites like Wired redirect a lot of traffic. Maybe it just all needs to come togehter and catch fire….

  186. More BS from Barry’s camp…

    “You did it.

    Not just on Tuesday, but every day for a year, you did what the cynics said we couldn’t do.

    You said the time has come to get beyond the same old tactics that divide and distract us, and you gave people — young and old, rich and poor, black, white, Latino, and Asian — a reason to believe again.

    Because of your work, we won the most states and delegates on February 5th and finished strongly all across the country.”

    I get his emails and this one is a doozy

    Sadly, his cultists BELIEVE…

  187. GE has had to set up a special line. Too many calls.


    I just spoke to GE offices and they’ve set up a special line.

    201-583-4090 NBC
    The mailbox is full…we should call the GE number and talk about their bottom line.

  188. Well I am not sure how much more GE is willing to put up with bad behavior frm MSNBC. It is a known fact that GE wants to sell NBCU after the 2008 Olympics. Who wants to buy a network with low ad revenue? Changes are going to have to be made now in order to sell in the 4Q 2008.

  189. Of the upcoming contests in February, the following states are primaries (where delegates are bound to their choice)…

    Louisiana, DC, Maryland, Virginia, Wisconsin.

  190. carbynew: That’s great. I’m so glad we’re filling up the voicemail boxes and the email accounts of these douchebags. Put up another number if you can find it.

  191. here’s the Shuster apology on taylormarsh…


    whatever…I think when we call that GE complaint line or whatever is their substitute line (and I wonder if anyone truly listens to the messages), we should hold MSNBC to better behavior from all of their talking heads.

  192. kaffeen: Where did you hear that they were planning to split the delegates? That makes no sense, especially in Florida, where Hillary got a ton more votes. This is so freakin’ unfair. You know if it was the other way around Obama and the Obamabots would be protesting and complaining on MSNBC about it.

  193. Terrondt, I think his supporters are just twisting everything to benefit him. Nothing else seems to matter to them, least of all the truth. If they must break some rules to get him in, they’ll break them. If they must follow others to get him in, they’ll follow them. They don’t have to behave logically. They just want him to WIN. That’s all that seems to matter to the Obama cult. Not what he does with the win, but THAT he wins. It’s like they’re playing a baseball game, not selecting someone to run a country. The last run and the baseball game’s over; there’s no “over” in being president for as long as a person is. How effective the person will be and is in office is the most important thing, that’s what should count to citizens. It’s now about simply winning, it’s about what will be done with that win afterwards.

  194. i can only hope there are DNC and state laws that prevent howard dean from personally dictating how the MI and FL votes are cast. this is beyond belief.

  195. From the Seattle Times:

    Officials closed the entrances to KeyArena at about 11 this morning, turning away thousands who had gathered to hear presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama speak at noon.

    Doors were locked after KeyArena reached its capacity of about 20,000, officials said. Those who made it inside were not allowed to leave because police wanted to keep those outside from pushing through the doors and forcing themselves in. People outside were banging on glass doors and windows of the arena, as police were trying to maintain peace.

    Police sent officers outside into the crowd to push people away from the doors so that no one would get crushed or trampled…

    There was a mad dash to get inside, with some people going through side doors leading to the upper level of the arena. One couple who got in line at 9:30 a.m. saw the doors close right in front of them before they could enter.

    Before the doors opened, thousands of Obama supporters had snaked through Seattle Center, with lines forming before 6 a.m.

    William Spiritdancer, of Seattle’s Central District, pulled his four children — ages 7 to 14 — out of school to see Obama speak. The teachers were cool about it, he said, and wished they could attend themselves.

  196. How the Media, Once Again, Got It Wrong by Carol Jenkins

    February 8, 2008

    The journalistic defense on the day after Super Tuesday, when once again media awoke red-faced at its miscalculations, was that the Obama story is just too good a story not to fall for.

    That’s why so many pundits and pollsters, experts and analysts gathered in a rush to prediction that he would sweep Clinton aside in California after the anointment by Ted Kennedy. It is the narrative of the ancient, heroic male, according to Boston University Journalism professor Caryl Rivers, writing for Women’s eNews: “Journalists seemed to take without a grain of salt the idea that the torch had been passed directly from JFK to Obama; from one young man to another, and no anti-heroic women in between, thank you.”

    When Clinton captured not only California, but Kennedy’s home town, too, it took the sage Tom Brokaw, old enough to know and wise enough to admit it, to confess on MSNBC, “Once again, in all of our conventional and collective wisdom, we were wrong.”

    The problem with the media’s conventional wisdom is that it is collectively white and male—and in the new dynamic of this presidential race—archaic. The candidacies of Barack Obama, a black man, and Hillary Clinton, a woman, have exposed mainstream media for its fundamental flaw: it is exclusionary to the point of embarrassment. But not only does it produce the now odd line-up of white men in suits conducting the serious business of “news” in election coverage—with women and people of color sprinkled through to give the appearance of fair play—but it is now clear to viewers and the voting public that the old time players don’t yet know the new rules of the game.

    Pollster John Zogby, who had predicted Obama would take Clinton by 13 points in California (she won by 9.6) had this explanation as a tag note to a Huffington Post piece: “About California: Some of you may have noticed our pre-election polling differed from the actual results. It appears that we underestimated Hispanic turnout and overestimated the importance of younger Hispanic voters. We also overestimated turnout among African-American voters.”

    Coupled with the usual discounting of what women voters would do, mainstream media –even though it said it was being careful after New Hampshire—crafted the story of a Clinton fall as sure and certain. Salon writer Rebecca Traister called the atmosphere at Clinton’s primary night gathering as “funereal”—“…it felt as though Hillary Clinton was about to get walloped, and as the evening started, her supporters had milled distractedly around the ballroom, projecting not blithe confidence, but a palpable sense that they had come a long way to get what perhaps would be their final look at their candidate.”

    They believed the story the media had convinced itself was true.

    Without question, the Obama story is compelling—it holds special meaning in my own African-American family. I am proud beyond belief. But the media’s persistence in ignoring the ancient, heroic female narrative belies prejudice—if not ignorance.

    On the eve of February 4th, no doubt despairing at the swell of negative punditry all around her, Maya Angelou sent out a “Poem for Hillary”—an elaboration of her poem, “Still, I Rise.”

    This is not the first time you have seen Hillary Clinton seemingly at
    her wits’ end, but she has always risen, always risen, don’t forget she
    has always risen, much to the dismay of her adversaries and the delight
    of her friends.

    Now that’s a narrative that has all the elements of quest, intrigue—and perhaps heroism. The media just has to accept that the lead character is a woman.

  197. Ok people, let’s get to work. Everyone on here should go to Hillary’s website and use the calling tool to call people in WA and/or ME. Hillary needs us.

    Let’s be productive!

  198. The Clintons V. MSNBC & Shuster’s Disgusting remarks diary hs now topped 1,600 comments at Daily Kos, by far the largest diary of the day.

    Shuster’s comments are meeting with (near) universal disdain.
    The critical point is as Howard Wolfson said, it is part of a pattern.

    This sucker’s got legs. Keep going…..

  199. “If new elections don’t occur, the DNC’s 186-member credentials committee, composed of representatives from the states and appointees of Howard Dean, could meet before the convention and attempt to broker an agreement. Under this scenario, the credentials committee could agree to sit the Florida and Michigan delegations but decide to split the delegates 50-50 between Clinton and Obama, recognizing that the first set of elections were illegitimate.”


    Could we STOP posting things BEFORE we can confirm their validity?

    “If”, and, “could”, do not mean ANYTHING, and neither does this story.

  200. Awesome work today, Blue Democrat, in drawing attention to this. Hopefully this will be the straw (log?) that broke the camel’s back, re: all the Hillary-bashing by Big Media.

  201. TheRealist, um, everything is a possibility (unless you have a contact that I don’t). I didn’t say it was going to happen, I said “thinking about”, which is far from saying a definitive thing. The point is, no one knows what is going to happen, but all indications are that it may not be favorable to Hillary.

  202. kaffeen Says:

    February 8th, 2008 at 6:24 pm
    If new elections don’t occur, the DNC’s 186-member credentials committee, composed of representatives from the states and appointees of Howard Dean, could meet before the convention and attempt to broker an agreement. Under this scenario, the credentials committee could agree to sit the Florida and Michigan delegations but decide to split the delegates 50-50 between Clinton and Obama, recognizing that the first set of elections were illegitimate.
    If those bozos tried that they will definately hand the election to the republicans. How STUPID do the DNC think voters are….people are tuned in and you don’t mess with people’s votes.

    Our party has too many out of touch leaders mainly from the east coast..because anybody who knows americans know you don’t mess with their votes. We go all over the world talking about clean elections and now we look like hypocrites.

    Just seat the delegates by the way they votes…stop protecting Obama and his supporters it ain’t working.

    And for those weak azz democrat leaders from the west..like mine, Nancy Pelosi she should know better same with Barbara Boxer. Remember all that pandering still lost Gov. Grey Davis his job when he went against what the voters wanted. We even signed a petition to boot him out of office…early and on the special election kicked him out and replaced him with Arnold Schwarzenneger.

    Florida is more conservative then California it will go to John McCain in a heartbeat if you pull that mess..WHAT IDIOTS!!!

    By the time of the GE…the dems will look like communist by the republicans. WE WILL LOSE THE ELECTION!!!

    How many time must I say this…the democrats doesn’t have a lock on winning in the fall, if people feel like their vote doesn’t matter to them and that the DNC has already annointed the new dictator.

  203. I just have to say, why doesn’t Hillary’s campaign book the big venues?? They could have easily booked Key Arena, and WE would have been the campaign on TV with 20,000 people in attendance. I know the town hall setting is conducive to answering questions (which is essential), but I’m just wondering…

  204. I don’t like it when people try to moderate public discussions because they believe they have some superior intellect or reasoning. If you read carefully, I’m not stating anything as fact, just discussion material.

  205. This delegate count is driving me crazy. Every news organizations have something different. What does the Clinton campaign have for their delegate count? They are the ones that I will follow.

  206. I have got to go out tonight and get this off of my mind for a night. I am sick already, and I cannot take anymore of the BS from the media and b.o. I’ll be back soon.

  207. basil9 -thanks for that post re: CA – I was one of those phone bankers, and that final day was intense…like a scene from ER!

  208. GUYS. WHY DON’T YOU ALL BE INTELLIGENT AND FOCUS ON WINNING THE RACE? It is very fine and dandy that everyone is concerned and angered by media bias, but what is it you can do? These are political people with platforms and who will not be put away by your words. Shuster was lambasted by the Clinton campaign. That’s why he’s off…but otherwise, your writing about Matthews and such is producing limited effects.

    I say we all focus now on making at least 20-100 calls for Hillary per day in key upcoming states. that’s the wisest way to spend our times! 🙂

  209. I agree MJS! Everyone, we have just about one more hour today to call caucus-goers in Maine (apparently, the WA phone tool is no longer up on the HRC website). Please everyone use the phone tool to call Maine! We need this win.

  210. TheRealist finds that for his KIND, this site is losing it’s civility, it’s comradeship, and potentially it’s way.

  211. what about a bunch of small rallies in the major cities that have not yet voted. i have read numerous times on this site that the local media is far more fair. Cleveland/Pittsburgh/Cincinnati/Philadelphia/Providence/Houston/Dallas et al
    couldn’t groups like emilys list organize in local public areas without the need for anyone from the campaign present. Might take away a little of his momentem.

  212. What about local rallies in big states that have not yet voted. local coverage which could dilute some of the perceived momentem of the o camp

  213. regard to WA and Maine, phone call is important but people is even more important because it is a cacaus.

  214. exclusive interview with Bill Clinton and I do not understand what he means?

    what is he going to be doing on the campaign now?

    She HAS GOT to at least show some presence in some of these states.

  215. thanks Realist 😀

    but seriously, all this calling could even make the MSNBC people annoyed at Hillary supporters and say more things just to aggravate you.

    Cool off for a bit and set that dial tone to undecided voters and potential Obama swayzees 😉

    I don’t think we will lose any more if Hillary supporters unite to fight the power of the right wing, the big media, and the Obamalamas.

  216. to get Asian American involved, you have to push very hard. I call a lots in Nj but only half of them actually voted.

  217. clintondem, asian americans are generally much more passive. They get things achieved by hard work and silent agreement or disagreement. For the most part, they do not participate as actively in presidential campaigns, even if they do have an opinion. Considering I am an Asian American myself, i would say that is the case for most….though my family has all alreayd voted Hillary 😀

  218. Just unwinding after work. I was pleased to log in and see the push back from the Clinton campaign, the release of the W olfson audio, the ‘spreading of the story’, NBC’s response and finally the suspension.

    I knew that we could effect some type of ‘change’ and get their attention. However, our job is not done. I tuned in for the first 3mins of MessMSNBC to hear that woefully inept apology. I have these remaining questions:

    Why wasn’t his words re-run?
    Why wasn’t their a discussion of what he said and how it insulted millions of woemn and like minded males as well as the Clinton family?
    Where were their women reporters to offer commentary?
    Norah O’Donnel who I think is in on the Clinton hating quickly pivoted to another story.
    When Imust pulled this crap, it was replaed everywhere.
    I’m sure that they are hoping with this ‘apology’ an d suspension that the story will die over the weekend.

    However, I implore you, do not let this story die. Continue to email and put pressure on MSNBC, email Mr. Immelt, email and call GE, email the sponseors, email particularly Howard Kurtz at CNN who has a show on Sunday about the media, email the show on Fox who has a imilar show. I think the Kurtz’s show is called REliable Sources.

    I called the GE hImmelt line and was forwarded to a oice mail by a man. I registered my disgust there. I tried to call the hotline but the bocx was full.

    I will call again tommorrow.

    Don’t stop, this story deserves to be discussed on every network and in print media. I listened to CNN for a while and they didn’t cover it. Strange as they were all over the ‘fairytale’ story which was neither racist or sexist.

    I will be joining NYNOW to support Marica Pappas, the President who whent out on a limb re the Kennedy endorsement, took flack and who was quick to respond to my email this moorning.

    Please support her, she can not do it alone.
    I called the Nat’l NOW organziation and they informed me that a protest will be directed at the D.C office of NBC tomorrow. Marcia emailed me back and confirmed it. She also told me that she was getting a press release ready.


    Finally, I agree, Hillary has got to stop giving NBC ratings. They continually savage her. I would not participate in their debate until real change can be seen and that is only measured over time. When ask why is she withdrawing, just state the facts baby.

    Thanks to everyone who took the time to email and call.

    I will be donating to Hillary today in the name of my spouse and I will also be supporting NYNOW.

  219. There is a Front Page post on MSNBC on dailykos that is actually pretty friendly towards hillary, written by one of the Frontpagers I can actually stand…

  220. just to be blunt…what are our chances for Texas and Ohio…Obama is going to get momentum on the heels of what looks like to be wins for him in next few weeks…

    if he goes into Texas and Ohio with the perception of having the most popular vote, can she ovecome?

  221. So does the D in DNC stand for disenfranchisment?

    My mom, who’s completely unbiased and doesn’t really like either candidate but will vote for the Dem nominee in November says there’s no way the DNC can not seat those delegates as they stand.

    Congrats to everyone who took a stand and fought back against the media today!! : )

  222. I’ve been on the road today and wasn’t aware of the David Schuster remarks until I logged on here and Taylor Marsh. I agree it is time for Hillary’s supporters to take action. We can complain and moan and groan all we want but we have to do something to counteract what is happening. I have e-mailed NBC, MSNBC with the links above. Some were suggesting another blog. I’m not sophisticated in these things but I’m willing to do what needs to be done and donate money for the cause.

    Let’s unite and do what we can. We are smart people here. By the way there is a Pro Hillary Yahoo site that I just signed up for last week. Not sure how I found it but maybe it’s time to join forces with other pro Hillary people who don’t regularly come here. And we have to remember most people are not as invested in this as we are. Heck when I’m out and about I’m not sure most people even know this is an election year! Nonetheless, let’s take action. Off to donate again.

  223. Oh please. That Kos post is a joke. She ends by dissing her to agreeing to a Fox debate. The horror’s. MSNBC has made sport of Hillary bashing and these people are upset that Fox would host a debate.

  224. # JAS Says:
    February 8th, 2008 at 3:37 pm

    KathySammons: GE’s phone is 20-373-2211 their corporate office is Fairfield CT. That is where Jeff is at.
    Just called and the gentleman who answered the phone just gave me 2#s
    201-583-4090 MSNBC, 212-664-8857 NBC NY
    I politely told him that I have already lodged my complaints and I wanted to speak to an ombudsman or representative of GE. He said that he w as told toljust give out these numbers when poeople call in about this incident.

    I said, I get it, GE doesn’t want to be bothered. I told him that I havee already contacted them and I wanted to speak to NBC’s bosses. I reminded him that it is women who purchase applicances and for him to pass it on.

    Continue to call and Email.

  225. meiyingsu –

    Florida vote numbers

    Hillary: 856,944
    McCain: 693,425
    Romney: 598,152
    Obama: 568,930

    At this point there should be plenty of new polls to quote matching McCain against Hillary and McCain against Obama. Your correspondent at mydd sounds like a reasponble person who might listen to some facts. I don’t have the energy to go to mydd but here are soem thoughts:

    “THis idea that somehow Hillary won NY and CA,

    [ Somehow? In big states she won both delegates and popular vote by big margins. ]

    which means she can win in big states is ridiculous. Obama is certainly going to win those votes.

    [ Not necessarily. CA, FL, TN (and others?) have gone GOP recently; they are not to be taken for granted. The fact is that Hillary got more votes there than Obama did. They were blue-collar people who may or may not turn out for Obama — especially if they are angry about the way he is running his campaign. ]

    Must go,but another point is that many elected,committed Democrats have already chosen Hillary: see list on her site. We outsiders may speculate about who is most electable, but those people are not going to support someone who is definitely or obviously less electable. Yes there is room for opinion, as some are supporting Obama. THose in certain areas may be more interested in pleasing their local constituents than in electing a winner in Nov, but obviously there is sincere opinion on both sides. But compare the two lists, Hillary’s endorsers and Obama’s; that should give a rough comparison of who is the most electable.

  226. Well, I am tired of these so-called “progressives” completely ignoring the obvious media bias against/slander of Hillry Clinton. Good as we are going to get isn’t good enough anymore.

  227. People in the next few elections can put an end to all this media and Obama madness. I hope they do on Sat, Tues. I vote on Tues and am ready to wrap this up — all the circus and the sideshow has not been productive.

  228. In Seattle Obama filled a meeting place which holds **** 17,000 **** NOT “70,000”.

    A lot of people were turned away but not enough to add up to “70,000”. Local news people said all the candidates were drawing big crowds, BO’s was not outstanding.

  229. dot48, She’s going to win Ohio and Texas. Obama has shown zero ability to win any large state other than Illinois.

    Also, one more vent about the DNC: When they decided to strip MI and FL of delegates, didn’t they realize they were making it harder for someone to clinch the nomination by taking hundreds of delegates out of the mix? What idiots.

  230. Just because someone turns out to see and hear a candidate doesn’t mean they will vote for that candidate. It doesn’t mean they will vote at all.

    People have heard a lot and want to see for themselves.

    We heard a lot about big crowds in CAli and other states that BO didn’t win.

  231. mj: Oh please. That Kos post is a joke. She ends by dissing her to agreeing to a Fox debate. The horror’s.

    I boycott that site and others like it. I don’t understand why Hillary supporters would give it traffic. It should be reduced to Obama naval-gazing. BTW, does the awful ‘icebergslim’ still post there?

  232. http://www.mlive.com/elections/index.ssf/2008/02/michigan_dems_allocated_delega.html

    Michigan Dems allocate delegates to Clinton, uncommitted
    by The Associated Press
    Friday February 08, 2008, 4:50 PM
    LANSING — Hillary Rodham Clinton will get the lion’s share of Democratic national convention delegates after winning the state’s Jan. 15 presidential primary.

    The Michigan Democratic Party said Friday that Clinton will get 73 pledged delegates after winning 55 percent of the statewide vote.

    Another 55 delegates will be uncommitted since 40 percent of the Democratic voters chose uncommitted. Because Barack Obama and John Edwards had taken their names off the ballot, many of their supporters voted for uncommitted.

    The state also has 28 superdelegates, many of whom remain uncommitted, for a total of 156.

    Michigan has been stripped of its delegates for moving up its primary, but party leaders expect the delegates to be seated at the national convention.

  233. MICHIGAN allocates 73 delegates to Hillary.

    See the link on Politico. I tried posting it and it wouldn’t go through.

  234. Contributed $100 on Wednesday. Contributed $50 today. I always thought that she had enough money. Anyways, I will keep contributing every week going forward.

  235. TV ALERT:

    CNN Larry King Live (Tonight; 9pm/ET)

    America Ferrera Wants You to Vote!
    Youth is power! The 2008 Presidential primaries are proving it. ‘Ugly Betty’s’ America Ferrera and Will.i.am join Larry to discuss the importance and influence of young voters.


    CBS 60 Minutes (Sunday, Feb. 10, 7pm./ET)

    Sen. Hillary Clinton talks to Katie Couric

    Video preview:

  236. were taking a different approach to dkos, started a yahoo group and have actually been able to get our diaries on rec’d list. Icebergslim is still there and still suck, but some of the Hillary supporters there are really committed to getting her message out, even in an unfriendly place. I prefer it on here, but I like fighting for HIllary on dkos

  237. # basil9 Says:
    February 8th, 2008 at 5:29 pm

    I’m gonna call tomorrow.

    But even though we’re all outraged and making calls and sending emails on HRC’s behalf, how does that translate into votes? Her campaign desperately NEEDS spokespeople and publicists and internet techs to deliver her message.

    ***Do not have a defeatist attitude. He did not draw 70k, the arena, I’m told can only hold 17k so don’t drink the kool-aid. He also had huge crowds in CA and NH an dCT and MA and look at the result.
    Don’t give up. Enjoy our victory today, savor the moneyt, . Direct your energy to emailing Roseanne Barr, all the ladies at the view, Howard Kurtz of Reliable Sources at CNN. Give him a narrative for his show on Sunday. There is lots that we can do.

    I’m sure that as this story spreads, it will make the difference with undecided, shore up her dupport and perhaps serve notice to the others in the media. Trust me, this is helping Hillary.

    We can also call in TX, , Oh, PA and other states and continue to donate if you can so that she can remain competitive. One week is an enternity in politics. I truly believe that as time goes on, if she can eke out 2 wins, that the shine will start to come off of Bambi as poeople realize that their is no ‘there’ there.

    I read that he turned down the Politicao/ABC debate. Clinto will do that solo. Use that to paint him as the ‘no he can’t ‘ and coward canidate. That will get more poepole to look at him cloely.

    I will find the link to the story annd post so we can visit sites and get the news out.

    Sorry fo rtypos as I can’t see what I’m typing.

    Sadly, it may already be too late. What BO and BM have done to HRC is almost irreparable. I saw her speak in Wa. She had an enthusiastic crowd of 10,000. BO’s event drew 70,000.

    Sign the National Organization for Women’s petition to major U.S. media outlets:


    For the first time in U.S. history, a woman candidate is the frontrunner for a major party’s nomination for president. The media have a duty to report on the substance of Senator Hillary Clinton’s campaign — her positions on the issues important to the people of this country — not her appearance or other superficial traits.

    The signers of this petition demand that the media refrain from using gender stereotypes or in any way trivializing Sen. Clinton’s candidacy. The election for president of the United States is serious business — please treat every candidate with dignity, and give your readers, listeners and viewers the information they need to make an informed decision in November 2008.

  239. groups.yahoo.com/group/HillarysVoice/

    group for online advocates of Hillary, join if you can, it points you to good stories about Hillary and the such, it’s really growing

    Sign the National Organization for Women’s petition to major U.S. Media Outlets:


    For the first time in U.S. history, a woman candidate is the frontrunner for a major party’s nomination for president. The media have a duty to report on the substance of Senator Hillary Clinton’s campaign — her positions on the issues important to the people of this country — not her appearance or other superficial traits.

    The signers of this petition demand that the media refrain from using gender stereotypes or in any way trivializing Sen. Clinton’s candidacy. The election for president of the United States is serious business — please treat every candidate with dignity, and give your readers, listeners and viewers the information they need to make an informed decision in November 2008.

  241. fantastic news about Michigan and the Dems there going to bat for Clinton.

    I agree with rigso re: dailykos – it’s important to maintain presence there even if we’re the minority just so the occasional clinton supporter doesn’t feel so isolated – funny that it seems that the clinton supporters are the silent majority but validation comes with being seen and heard.

  242. In speech after speech, the shameless liar lies to the crowds, taking her name. For the last couple of weeks, he is repeating the lie that she said she would never meet with leaders inimical to the US when she never said that. He is using his goof up about meeting dictators in his first year to totally twist her statements.
    Whereas she concentrates on the issues and rarely takes his name directly. And the big headed jerk continues his duplicity because he knows there will always be a fair number of gullible voters that will fall for his lies. His speech in Seattle was full of this kind of shit.

    What is so damn frustrating is that nobody calls out the liar’s lies. The campaign puts out the correction and facts on the Fact Hub but the biggest, lying, egoistic fraud to ever run for President gets a pass otherwise. If she were to ever take his name and hit back, she’s “racist”. No one, no one in the friggin’ media is calling him out on his lies. And yesterday he comes out with another low blow, asking the media to investigate where she got her money from. Asshole. Thats all that he is. An Asshole.

    Sorry for the rant. But I just had to get it out.

  243. 1950’s,
    Yes. I know! Already corrected that!

    great link. I signed the petition.

    You’re right and I’m not gonna give up but this feels very much like what the repubs did to Gore but this time it’s Dem on Dem. 🙁

  244. does anyone have a link to the Chris Matthews litany of sexist remarks? I’m using it for my letters to MSNBC, GE, etc.

    – my computer had a meltdown and I had it bookmarked, but couldn’t find it on media matters.

  245. Good, let’s add those 78 delegates to her total then.

    BTW, ra1029, Terry McAuliffe said yesterday that the campaign was overwhelmed with e-mails from new donors saying they always assumed HRC had enough money.

  246. I’m not normally a worrier but I’m really finding this whole Obama worship frightening beyond belief now. Its really scaring me in the way of someone taking control over our party, this needs to be stopped.

    How can the DNC sit there and watch something akin to an uncontrolled entity because thats what Obama is becoming.

    People are not making rational decisions anymore, this is becoming a huge messiah complex.

    I’m beggining to worry about the sanity of the country in all this.

  247. # MJS Says:
    February 8th, 2008 at 6:54 pm

    GUYS. WHY DON’T YOU ALL BE INTELLIGENT AND FOCUS ON WINNING THE RACE? It is very fine and dandy that everyone is concerned and angered by media bias, but what is it you can do? These are political people with platforms and who will not be put away by your words. Shuster was lambasted by the Clinton campaign. That’s why he’s off…but otherwise, your writing about Matthews and such is producing limited effects.****
    Maybe I’m reading you wrong but I respectfully disagree with your comments above. I do not believe that it was JSUAT the Clinton campaign lambasting NSNBC that effected the Shuster suspension. If that was so, Matthews would have been suspended and their commenatrary would have changed from being hugely biased to fair.

    It is a combination of the Clinton Campaign outing Shuster/NBC and the little people emailing and calling and threatening to boycott GE and NBC.

    All companies care about is the bottom line and image. I’m a business person and I can tell you that big companies do not like negative press. They do not want to risk alienating 57% of the electoral landscape. We buy their products and thi could have a far reaching rippling effect eual to or worse than Imus.

    While, I agree that spirit here could do something by actually calling, donating etc. I also feel fervently that we need to keep on MSNBC/NBC/ GE . This story needs to make it to Monday as it is important and it can affect perceptions.

    Do not continue to down play our effers. You were doing it this morning and look waht happend in less than 8 hrs.

    I think that someone who is despondent or who is motivated to help Hillary has lots of options of things to do INCLUDING continuing to email and phone GE and NBC.

    I called twice today and the voicemails were filled. Abrahmas and Capus’ emails were also filled.

    If you don’t think getting housands of calls and emails have an effect then I consider you jaded.

    Take negative emoitions and turn it into a positive. I’m not going to tell someone that this is in effect a lost cause. Change is incremental and we moved 2 steps forward today.

    We know that Hillary is not forecast to do well this coming week, however, by putting pressue on themedia, perhaps we can influence their conerage to not be so savage.

    Can someone volunteer to find Roseanne’s BArr website and email?

    I will try to vind the View’s email and the the host’s personall email.

    Can someone try to research Howard Kurtz’s Reliabe Sources email today.

    I think that these are places that we should also focus on.

    Get this story out.

    NOW will be protesting tomorrow. We have to stand up for them as they are standing up for the Clinton’s and all women.

    I say we all focus now on making at least 20-100 calls for Hillary per day in key upcoming states. that’s the wisest way to spend our times! 🙂

  248. All those sexist remarks could fill a library.

    I just read that sfgate article about Hillary’s army of volunteers making 3 millions calls in a matter of 3 days.

    Ininla, how are you feeling now all that frantic, rushed pace is over? You feel relieved or a little depressed?

    I’m missing some of the fantastic CA people I met throught the process.

  249. Paula, if we are noticing this, you can be sure that people in power are noticing it too, i think there may be a showdown soon.

    The SD’s were put in place to stop an unstable element like this taking grip over the party because seriously if he becomes the nominee, who’s going to control them.

  250. MJ said:
    I say we all focus now on making at least 20-100 calls for Hillary per day in key upcoming states. that’s the wisest way to spend our times! 🙂

    I agree but we can walk and chew gum at the same time. Make the calls, donate if you can and also continue to email the media and GE.
    Also email http://www.now.org and http://www.emilyslist.org

  251. 1950Dem

    Had 2 items for you…but can only remember this one:

    Did you ever get the email I sent w/ Hill’s 2002 floor speech? (I’m pretty sure you asked for it. If not, I need to find out who wanted it.)

  252. Paula, he lies about everything. The latest – he attacked Cheney’s Energy Bill today but the man himself VOTED for it !!
    The nerve of the fellow is just astonishing.

    What about the Exelon thing ? The guy lied to the Iowa voters saying he passed a law regulating nuclear energy companies when he did NOT and in fact watered down the legislation. But what happened ? Same with the Rezko story. What about interfering in Kenya in order to promote his fundamentalist muslim cousin who wants the Sharia Law and is accused of human rights violations ?
    Nothing. All the red flags are just tossed away like they dont matter. We are not supposed to discuss or point out anything that is questionable about this guy !

  253. Another example of Obama becoming a messiah figure…this is just insane…

    Comments by Elijah E. Cummings.. Obama co-chair for Maryland:

    “Barack Obama is here to lead us to a better life. I can’t tell you how much this man means to me,” he said.
    “Never did I dream in my lifetime I would see a Barack Obama emerge to tell us what we could do, rather than what we can’t be,” he said.”


  254. Front-page article on NYTimes.com re: Obama’s admitted drug use, FYI. Can you just IMAGINE how much of an issue McCain would make of this, if Obama were to somehow become the nominee?

  255. If this charlatan were to ever make it to the WH on his hope and inspiration message, I wonder how many days it’ll take for the cultists to realize that the economy will still be crap, their taxes will still be high, the republicans will never let a Democratic Congress function, we will still be having a health care crisis and costs will be up .. and of course the messiah will still be talking about hope so everyone will be inspired to sway and dance to his music.

    As Maxine Waters said, her constituents have a lot of hope but they need help.

    He gets republican votes because they know he CANT and WONT fight.

  256. Paula, this paragraph kinda sums up the article’s central theme:

    Mr. Obama’s account of his younger self and drugs, though, significantly differs from the recollections of others. That could suggest he was so private about his use that few people were aware of it, that the memories of those who knew him decades ago are fuzzy or rosier out of a desire to protect him, or that he added some writerly touches in his memoir to make the challenges he overcame seem more dramatic.

  257. Bingo: “or that he added some writerly touches in his memoir to make the challenges he overcame seem more dramatic.” This guy is such a phoney.

  258. From http://www.mediamatters.com Jameson Foser
    The mess at MSNBC

    Three weeks ago, in the wake of Chris Matthews’ quasi-apology for one of his countless objectionable comments about women in general and Hillary Clinton specifically, I argued that Matthews’ apology was not enough. Neither Matthews nor MSNBC had acknowledged that the problem ran far deeper than one comment by Matthews — and their failure to make such an acknowledgement was an ominous sign that the apology would not be accompanied by a change in behavior, no matter how forcefully Matthews insisted: “I get it.”

    So what has happened in those three weeks?

    MSNBC has turned Matthews’ purported apology into a promotional campaign, using clips of his statement to advertise MSNBC programming. Not the parts of the statement in which he acknowledged having been “callous,” “nasty,” and “dismissive” toward Hillary Clinton, of course — the parts in which he spoke of his love for politics.

    Turning a forced apology into a promotional campaign seems like a pretty good sign that MSNBC and Matthews don’t “get it” at all.

    But it isn’t the best sign. Consider what else has happened during MSNBC broadcasts since Matthews’ apology.

    First, Matthews’ MSNBC colleagues leapt to his defense. Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough and reporter David Shuster lashed out; Scarborough declaring it “offensive” and “outrageous” that Matthews had to apologize, and Shuster adding “this is absolutely infuriating, to see the way these groups used him for pure political gain is absolutely infuriating.” As I noted at the time, Scarborough and Shuster have their own history of questionable comments about women:

    At the end of his rant, Scarborough insisted, “This ain’t about Hillary Clinton’s campaign.”

    Scarborough got that part right. This isn’t about Hillary Clinton’s campaign. This is about a consistent pattern of misogynistic comments by Chris Matthews. Comments about and directed toward a variety of women. A consistent pattern of Matthews objectifying women. And a consistent pattern of MSNBC looking the other way.

    It’s about an MSNBC host saying things like this: “I’ve been trying to call Alessandra Stanley with The New York Times for some time just to have lunch with her, and she thinks it’s because I’m trying to influence her — that’s not the case at all, it’s because, I was surprised, I saw a picture of her and I thought she was kinda hot!”

    That one wasn’t Chris Matthews, though. That one was … Joe Scarborough.

    It’s about things like a male MSNBC host describing a woman running for president as “shrill” (and “very shrill”) and asking, “[W]hat about her housekeeping skills?” Those were Joe Scarborough, too.

    MSNBC’s David Shuster also chimed in with a defense of Matthews: “[T]o see him have to go through this is absolutely infuriating, to see the way these groups used him for pure political gain is absolutely infuriating.”

    But this isn’t about political gain. This isn’t about one comment about Hillary Clinton, or even 30 comments about Hillary Clinton: This is about Chris Matthews’ pattern of inappropriate treatment of women, and about MSNBC’s continued acceptance of it. It’s about things like a male journalist doing a mocking “impersonation” of the women who host The View – an impersonation that featured a high-pitched, whiny voice.

    That one wasn’t Chris Matthews, either. That one was … David Shuster.

    Then, after defending their colleague, it was back to business as usual for NBC/MSNBC reporters.

    Tim Russert suggested that there is irony in a “self-avowed feminist” having shown “some emotion,” as though feminists are the dour, humorless beings Rush Limbaugh and Tucker Carlson think they are. At least Russert stopped short of using the term “feminazis.”

    A few days later, Tucker Carlson mocked the idea that Hillary Clinton could have been a “victim of gender discrimination,” noting that she had gone to Yale Law School. Clinton’s comments about “gender equality,” to which Carlson was purportedly responding, were in fact general, and not about her specifically. And his invocation of Clinton’s graduation from Yale Law as evidence of a lack of gender inequity in her life was just bizarre: As Clinton noted in her autobiography, “When I entered Yale Law School in the fall of 1969, I was one of twenty-seven women out of 235 students to matriculate. This seems like a paltry number now, but it was a breakthrough at the time and meant that women would no longer be token students at Yale.”

    Incidentally, Carlson doesn’t seem to have defended Matthews. Maybe he didn’t want to draw attention to his own on-air behavior:

    And then there’s MSNBC host Tucker Carlson, who has described Hillary Clinton as “whining” and suggested the reason there are so few women in Congress is that “most women are so sensible, they don’t want to get involved in something as stupid as politics” and said of Clinton, “[W]hen she comes on television, I involuntarily cross my legs,” and described her as “castrating, overbearing, and scary.” (MSNBC can’t say they didn’t know what they were getting when they hired Carlson; before joining the cable channel, he said women “want to be spanked vigorously every once in a while” and told Elle magazine that Clinton is his “guilty fantasy,” explaining: “Every time I see her I think I could, you know, help. … She seems tense.”)

    On January 23, an (all-male) Morning Joe panel laughed along as Mike Barnicle compared Hillary Clinton to “everyone’s first wife standing outside a probate court.”

    Then on January 30, Joe Scarborough told co-host Mika Brzezinski, “Mika, don’t make me backhand you.”

    On February 4, Matthews led a panel discussion of what the Associated Press described as Clinton’s “emotional reunion Monday with a colleague from the early days of her legal career as a child advocate.” The discussion featured a suggestion that Clinton had cried on purpose in order to win votes the next day, a statement by Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson that “with some people it’s sad movies … with Hillary Clinton … it’s an impending primary. It just breaks her down.” Even Chris Matthews seemed to understand that something might not be quite right about the obsessive focus on Clinton showing emotion; near the end of the discussion, he said, “I wonder what [sic] we’re focusing more on this than we would if it were a male candidate.”

    During MSNBC’s February 5 primary coverage, correspondent Lester Holt seemed surprised that “[t]he first woman candidate with a serious shot at winning the presidency beat out her male rival” in exit polls on the question of “[w]ho would make the best commander in chief of the U.S. armed forces?” Holt even reminded viewers, “Keep in mind, this at a time the nation is fighting on two fronts.” This wasn’t the first time an NBC personality seemed to question whether a woman could be an effective commander in chief of the armed forces:

    * On June 24, 2007, Chris Matthews asked if Clinton’s “being surrounded by women” makes “a case for commander in chief — or does it make a case against it?” Matthews went on to say, “But isn’t that a challenge, because when it comes down to that final decision to vote for president, a woman president, a woman commander in chief, will be an historic decision for people. Not just men, but women as well.”

    * On May 30, 2005, Matthews asked retired Gen. Barry McCaffrey if “the troops out there” would “take the orders” from “Hillary Clinton, commander in chief.” When McCaffrey responded, “Why wouldn’t they listen to a [female] commander in chief? Sure,” Matthews responded: “You’re chuckling a little bit, aren’t you?” When McCaffrey responded, “No,” Matthews said: “No problem? No problem? No problem?” McCaffrey answered, “Absolutely not. None.”

    Most recently, David Shuster said on the February 7 edition of Tucker that “there’s just something a little bit unseemly” about Chelsea Clinton contacting super delegates on behalf of her mother, adding, “[D]oesn’t it seem like Chelsea’s sort of being pimped out in some weird sort of way?”

    This morning, Shuster offered a Matthews-esque quasi-apology for analogizing Chelsea Clinton to a prostitute.

    But, like Matthews, Shuster didn’t seem to “get it.”

    Shuster first claimed to have praised Chelsea Clinton on Tucker: “I said a lot of wonderful things about Chelsea. I praised her; I said Americans should be proud of her. … as I said last night, everybody, all of us, love Chelsea Clinton.” In fact, Shuster had not said Americans should be proud of her, or that “everybody, all of us, love Chelsea Clinton.” Not even close.

    Then Shuster reiterated that Chelsea Clinton’s efforts on Hillary Clinton’s behalf are “unseemly” — though, again, he did not explain why they are unseemly, or whether it was unseemly for Mitt Romney’s sons to campaign on his behalf.

    Finally, Shuster got to the real issue: “[L]ast night, I used a phrase — some slang about her efforts. I didn’t think that people would take it literally, but some people have.”

    That’s just ridiculous. Nobody took Shuster’s statement that Chelsea Clinton is “being pimped out” literally. Nobody. People were bothered that he analogized her to a prostitute, not that they thought he was actually saying she has sex in exchange for money. Shuster’s “I didn’t think that people would take it literally” excuse is like calling someone a b*tch, then saying, “Hey, I didn’t think people would think I was saying she is literally a dog.” It completely misses the point.

    This afternoon, NBC News President Steve Capus issued a statement calling Shuster’s comments “irresponsible and inappropriate” and announcing that Shuster “has been suspended from appearing on all NBC News broadcasts” other than to make another apology, which aired tonight. Shuster then offered a more complete apology at the beginning of the February 8 edition of Tucker.

    Capus’ statement is the best sign yet that NBC News is beginning to take seriously the lengthy pattern of inappropriate comments about women made by NBC and MSNBC reporters. (NBC News did not issue a statement about Matthews, allowing Matthews’ overly narrow, on-air quasi-apology to stand as the closest thing to an official statement.)

    But apologies and statements and even suspensions don’t mean anything unless they are followed by an actual change in behavior. Things didn’t change at NBC/MSNBC after the Matthews controversy; hopefully they will this time.

    According to Capus, “NBC News takes these matters seriously.” If NBC News wants viewers to believe that, it would help if it told us how it is taking these matters seriously. What steps has NBC News taken to ensure that things like this don’t happen again? Have executives given their reporters and pundits guidance about what kinds of things are not appropriate to say? Have they talked to Matthews and Scarborough and Carlson and Shuster and the rest about their lengthy history of objectionable comments to and about women?

    Three weeks ago, I wrote: “A week ago, MSNBC had a Chris Matthews problem. If things don’t change, the cable channel may have a much bigger problem.”

    Maybe this time they’ll listen.


  259. Paula,

    The article reads like something his campaign would plant to make it look like the Republicans can’t do anything in the GE on this issue.

  260. Emjay Says:
    Did you ever get the email I sent w/ Hill’s 2002 floor speech?

    No, I didn’t get it. How about posting it at my research site,
    h t t p : / /1950democrat.livejournal.com/54997.html

  261. BMerry, would it be possible to get your very bright son to organize this endeavor for us. Once I had my finger on the pulse of the next generation. Alas, I’m a bit long in the tooth to understand how things work now.

    As a bright son myself, I know that a mother’s request is impossible to deny. I may grumble, but I always try to come through for her…mostly.

    Someone floated the idea of dropping a money bomb on February 14th and the more I consider that date, the more it seems like we could really sell “Sending a Valentine” to our demographic. Big Pink would be great but a dedicated website that we could point to in messages and signature lines on posts would probably work best.

    It might not be possible to get something organized by Valentine’s day, which is really only good as a one-time only marketting tool…

    Anyway, just thinking aloud here, I’m in whatever we come up with.

  262. from one of the comment at mydd.com

    An MSNBC production source says that it was only after the Hillary campaign threatened to boycott future debates that Shuster was informed of his suspension.

  263. Gallup (dot com) has HRC 52 BO 39 daily polling. The next day or two should reveal a trend with more time since TT, with HRC hopefully increasing even more.

  264. Im getting really nervous. Yahoo says that Obama is up in terms of delegates. Washington, Virginia, and Louisiana aren’t doing well.

  265. Can anyone help?…admin or anyone.
    I just finished 10 weekends of volunteering for HRC here in California.
    I want to do more-can possibly go to other states.
    I know there is phonebanking.
    I called and emailed a contact at the Virginia office but she never responded.
    Other friends and supporters here also feel the same way, we want to and are used to doing allot and we need some input. Is there a campaign contact for organizing volunteer efforts in other states?

  266. If that SurveyUSA poll is true, adding in the fact that the caucus further shrinks her support, she is a real underdog in WA. I don’t want another 70% Obama victory with only 100,000 participating in the caucus.

    I don’t know how much organization she has there but it looks like a real challenge.

  267. BTW, the update on her campaign website says she reached 8 million with 75000+ donors. Hopefully, she can reach 10 million in the next day or two.

  268. SUSA is usually pretty accurate, especially compared to outfits like rassmussen and ARG. I think we are definitely the underdogs. I hope we have the organization on the ground there too.

  269. We have been the underdog ever since Iowa, my state, where we were cheated out of victory by the state of Illinois.

  270. What the hell? The SurveyUSA poll asked the question to the voters if they will participate in caucus and primary. Here are the results.


    85% participate
    13% not participate


    33% participate
    64% not participate

    and the state is using the caucus results to determine the delegates? How undemocratic?

  271. SurveyUSA virginia and MD results:


    Clinton 39
    Obama 59


    Clinton 33
    Obama 52

    I am surprised at this lead. He cannot be that popular in my state of VA.

  272. just a thought….i wonder why they dont do debates on C-Span…or PBS. Both give faired coverage. Seems like a solution to me.

  273. HLR wrote: I boycott that site (OrangeSatan) and others like it. I don’t understand why Hillary supporters would give it traffic. It should be reduced to Obama naval-gazing. BTW, does the awful ‘icebergslim’ still post there?

    Sadly, I do as well. It appears that the wingnuts have succeeded in their effort to silence the only effective tools we on the Left had to counter their Media noise machine.

    There are important issues that are discussed there. But Markos has allowed the marginalization of his site by allowing the wingnut venom toward Hillary to spew. I recognize the noise from the Right, framing it in support of a weak Democratic candidate does not disguise it’s source from anyone who is paying attention. They’ve also managed to marginalize TPM by appealing to the basest inclinations of the young white male demographic. The wingnuts are experts at inciting this behavior in angry young men. The outlook is bleak going forward, but I remain confident in Hillary’s ability to mend our Party and bring us back to a position of strength.

  274. Wait, I found it. It’s the results from TT alone, with 20 delegates left to be allotted. She’s ahead overall.

  275. ra1029, since we already know high AA turn out and at least 80% will vote for BHO. this poll could have ver high AA sample.

  276. I cast my absentee ballot for Louisiana Primary a couple of weeks ago. I’m trying to influence my parent not to vote for him.

  277. Can’t the RNs and other healthcare workers in these caucus state make a big stink about this? They work 12 hour shifts, from 7a-7p or vice versa, talk about disenfranchisement. Too bad for Obama the GE isn’t one big caucus.

    I am actually rather thankful to Shuster for his gaffe. He gave our side the little push we needed to convince the public of the unfair coverage and free for all mudsling against Hillary. So thank you David Shuster, and can you tell Chris Matthews to keep spewing anti-women/ Hillary hate? I’m just waiting for him to say something untoward….he’ll be the next to be suspended. Fine with me…more air time for To Catch a Predator, that shit is addictive (just kidding!)

  278. Washington is cracked. A LOT of people got absentee ballots for the meaningless primary and think that by sending them in their votes will be counted.

  279. meiyingsu,

    VA does not have the level of AA population like GA, AL, or SC. There are lot of latte-drinking volvo driving liberals in my portion of VA (northern VA, DC suburbs). They could be contributing factor as well. These are well off people who don’t need much of help in healthcare or on other matters but are looking for some superhuman (out-of-body experience) connection with their president.

  280. all those obamanuts…on other sites…dont have to work for a living. Some of us do. I dont have time to sit all day…and respond and blah blah the hope-a-dope….and venom. It was heaven when i found this spot. Thank heavens i found it. I was getting depressed. Couldnt believe this country was so foolish as to buy the pie in the sky Obama.
    The part i resent..is the division he has caused in many factions and continues to do. What arrogance and selfishness. No concern about this country at all.

  281. VA events for Hillary and Bill. I think I will go to the one in Manassas. Question for the board, for an event that is scheduled to start at 12:00, when should I go there — how far ahead? This is my first ever time and have no idea.

    * 02/09: Join President Bill Clinton for a “Solutions for America” town hall in Chesapeake!
    * 02/09: Join President Bill Clinton for a “Solutions for America” rally in Richmond!
    * 02/09: Join President Bill Clinton for a “Solutions for America” Town Hall in Abingdon!
    * 02/09: Join President Bill Clinton for a “Solutions for America” town hall in Blacksburg!
    * 02/10: Join Hillary for a “Solutions for America” Town Hall in Manassas!

  282. ra1029: I am surprised at this lead. He cannot be that popular in my state of VA.

    NOVA is 53-44 for Obama. This does not surprise me. I think we could bring it even w/ hard-core campaigning, but clearly the time isn’t there.

    Shenandoah — we’re winning. He probably gets his votes from C-ville.

    Question — is Richmond considered Central VA or SE VA?. Because we’re getting killed in SE and Central. Overall, he has 87% of the black vote which is 28% of voters. I don’t think that’s enough to account for both Central and SE outside of Hampton, Richmond, etc.

    Whatever the problem is, it’s in this region and it goes beyond the black vote.

    I believe the MD SUSA poll to be accurate.

  283. Question — is Richmond considered Central VA or SE VA?. Because we’re getting killed in SE and Central. Overall, he has 87% of the black vote which is 28% of voters. I don’t think that’s enough to account for both Central and SE outside of Hampton, Richmond, etc.

    You could be right. Most of the non-AA population (pretty much whites) in SE and central VA is republican as far as national elections are concerned. AA in this area are going 80+% for Obama are that is where we are getting killed.

  284. TeamClinton – I was at her rally in Tacoma today and heard a lot of people thank her for realizing that Washington was more than just Seattle. Many people were very disappointed Obama didn’t branch out. She also went to Spokane, TeamObama just sent Michelle. I’m holding out hope for my state. It’s just the !@#!@$ caucus format. :/

  285. The AA vote isn’t enough to account for those wide margins in what SUSA calls “Central” and “SE” — in total it’s 47% of the state. I am really puzzled by the margins:

    SE 73-27
    Central 67-31

    The black vote doesn’t account for this. Something else is going on down there.

  286. hillfans, regardless of the va and md polls or even wash state she needs to run hard in these states to collect as much delagates as possible. she has a shot at wisconsin and we can make it to ohio and texas on march 4th, then pa on april 22nd.

  287. karen – I too am in CA and trying to see how I can help. I logged in today to the campaign site to try and call Washington State, and there’s “no callees in the queue.” I’m in Los Angeles – not sure where in CA you are, but I’ll be calling one of the former CA staffers and see where she might be going and if she needs help anywhere. you can email me at babyellen2008 (at) gmail.

    filbertf – definitely, the mad rush in CA in over, and yes, I am looking for things to do – it’s a little post-pardem after Super Tues.

  288. pm — I’ve been to many events, none in VA. Generally, the Clintons are always late 🙁 People do arrive early, though — depends on how good a seat you want. I’d get there an hour early for a good seat.

  289. Maybe the VA silver lining is that Obama’s strength is concentrated in two areas, so perhaps the delegate totals won’t be too bad.

  290. HLR, I was happy to find many events in VA — because of that I think the polls will tighten up. NoVA will go to Obama — that is where Wilder got his most support. There are at least two or three univ. around Richmond. C-ville is a bit conservative (believe me, I went there), so it won’t be like a NE univ town — my uninformed opinion.

    MD — disappointed that I did not find any mayors or county officials in her list of endorsers from Chevy Chase and Bethesda — these are Latte liberals — not many signs for Obama, found just two driving around. Silver Spring is heavily AA I think.
    I don’t see any events by either one. Obama is coming to UMD and I am quite upset about that — they just moved the event to a bigger arena 18k.

  291. The Clinton campaign has consistently made it clear that winning most of the upcoming states was not part of their strategy. They are focusing on the big primary states with big delegate counts.

    We shouldn’t be surprised at the poll numbers for VA & WA; that is what has been expected. The challenge will be counteracting the Obama campaign message that winning more states gives him bragging rights — regardless of voter participation and the fact that it is a caucus that by design disenfranchises voters.

    Let’s steel ourselves for the next few weeks and instead focus on the things that we have control over — donating and encouraging everyone we know to do so, phone banking, hammering away at the media and helping get the message out that Obama is trying to game the system by insisting that a) super delegates shouldn’t determine the outcome, b) that he is the presumptive nominee based on the number of states he expects to win and c) that he has the momentum based on the amount of money he’s raised.

    We can’t let the Obama campaign drive the narrative.

  292. Shuster Offers Another Apology For Chelsea “Pimp” Remark
    By Greg Sargent – February 8, 2008, 7:21PM
    MSNBC’s David Shuster, who’s been suspended by MSNBC for his “pimped out” remark about Chelsea, went on the network tonight to offer a second, even-more-contrite apology than the one he ventured this morning…

    So where are we on this story? Here’s the situation, as best as we can determine.

    Right now, the outstanding question is this: Will Hillary Clinton agree to appear at an upcoming debate on NBC later in February? Earlier today her spokesperson, Howard Wolfson, said her campaign couldn’t “envision” participating in any debates on the network for the near future. Later today, an MSNBC spokesperson confirmed that talks are ongoing between the network and the Clinton campaign over whether she’ll appear. So the question of whether she’ll appear is clearly up in the air.

    Shuster has been “temporarily” suspended from the network, according to an MSNBC spokesperson, who added that the duration of his suspension had not yet been determined. An MSNBC production source says that it was only after the Hillary campaign threatened to boycott future debates that Shuster was informed of his suspension.

    Will Shuster’s suspension be enough to get Hillary to recommit to the debate? Her campaign is refusing to answer questions about whether she’ll appear, or what they’re asking for in the talks. This suggests that they want to leave the network twisting in the wind on the debate question, perhaps to “work the refs,” send a signal to MSNBC and other news outlets about what they will and won’t tolerate.

    When Camp Hillary signals what they intend to do, we’ll let you know. For now the whole situation is in limbo.

    The only reason they reason MSNBC suspended that jerk is because Hillary might boycott the debate. The suspension doesn’t have a time duration…so NBC is not really serious about the problem. They just want the money because of the writer strike and the debates bring in the $$$$.

  293. I think one of the problems in Va is that there is no party registration and anyone can vote in a Dem race — since there is no longer a Republican contest, …

    You can probably figure out the rest.

    In Maryland, there is party registration and no crossovers. Those poll numbers don’t add up to anything near 100 percent; I wonder what that means.

    In both states I suspect polls are ignoring the recent big increase in Latinos and Asians. Probably because they expect them not to vote, which in Cali was an error.

  294. # HillaryLandRocks Says:
    February 8th, 2008 at 10:25 pm

    The AA vote isn’t enough to account for those wide margins in what SUSA calls “Central” and “SE” — in total it’s 47% of the state. I am really puzzled by the margins:

    SE 73-27
    Central 67-31

    The black vote doesn’t account for this. Something else is going on down there.

    It is an open primary, I think. Maybe some cause for mischief?

  295. Has anyone done an analysis to extrapolate out what the delegate totals would be if super delegates voted the way of their states (i.e., Kerry votes for Clinton)?

  296. pm: It is an open primary, I think. Maybe some cause for mischief?

    That’s what I’m wondering. You don’t register by party in VA.

  297. just got a small directive from campaign advisor to start focusing on Hawaii – highest asian american concentration there, and brainstorming what can be done.

  298. plural — I did a Hispanic voter survey in MD summer of ’06 for an organization. Most were not citizens. Second thing is that the majority were from El Salvador, not Mexico.

  299. Hawaii is Obama’s home but I think she has a chance there with the large Asian American population. I am concerned about Virginia. I think she will win Texas and get most of the delegates there but we need to stop his momentum. He will win Maryland and D.C. My concern here is Virginia.
    Right now she needs to focus on winning Louisiana. I don’t know if she can win Washington state. Still looks like she’s trailing and it’s a caucus.

  300. Jim Webb is probably against her too, correct? I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes out for Obama.

  301. I am sorry to say but I think BHO strategy was to win the early states and have a domino effect going, Hillarys was to win big states by super tuesday and wrap it up.
    That did not happen because BHO turned out to be more of a challenge than Penn predicted. So now Penn seems to be not sure what to do.
    Because I just cant figure out how with 100 million plus coming out of 2007 , we could not have been more competitive in these small states.
    I am sorry if you view anyone is offended by my comments I am just venting my fustratiions it just seems after IA maybe Penn should have been fired even with a NH win because I just dont see what strategy this is allowing BHO bragging rights for the next few weeks.And for Terry to say he has been getting emails from people who say they did not know they needed money is sad because it just feed to the perception of a closed compaign now even closed to its own supporters.

    I am sorry people but I just feel we had BHO on the run coming out of ST now all that may just fall apart now

  302. That would be too bad —

    In Virginia the Latino (and Asian population) is helping to turn the state purple, so they must be citizens. They’ve made a big difference in the northern counties.

    Is the situation that different in Maryland?

  303. I can’t believe he might win even without winning NY, CA, and MA. Has a democratic candidate ever done that before? How the hell can you win in November without even winning the majority of the blue states during the primary? Those superdelegates better not get scared into crossing over for Obama at the convention even if he has a several point lead in the delegates.

    Has anyone confirmed that the MI delegates will be counted? I read an article about that several hours ago. Once the FL delegates are seated then I will feel better. She won big there and the delegates will help her a lot.

  304. I haven’t read this yet but one of my friends told me that she had a lot of her contributions earmarked for the general election since last year. I don’t know if this is true or not but it would explain why she is short on cash now. She probably thought everything would be determined by Super Tuesday which is why she never planned to have extra cash on hand in case this went on for several more months. She can still do this but it is going to be very, very difficult with caucus states and these D.C./Maryland/Virginia states with large AA populations. Hopefully she can win the rest of the states coming up. I feel like she has to win Louisiana or Virginia in order to gain momentum for Texas.

  305. Has Hillary been to Louisiana recently?

    I still say NE, WA are 50/50. So I’m holding out. I have work on saturday, so I always have to rush home to catch up on the results.

    And to boot, where I work, my bosses (who are a gay couple, and have been together for 30+ years) are Republican Conservatives. So even the mentioning of Hillary invokes foaming from the mouth.

  306. pm – MD — disappointed that I did not find any mayors or county officials in her list of endorsers from Chevy Chase and Bethesda — these are Latte liberals — not many signs for Obama, found just two driving around. Silver Spring is heavily AA I think.

    I don’t see any events by either one. Obama is coming to UMD and I am quite upset about that — they just moved the event to a bigger arena 18k.

    I was an undergrad at UMCP. It’s very easy to vote there — Student Union. He’s running up his totals, in particular “the white vote.” There’s about 35K people associated with that campus.

    They probably split the vote in MoCo, so a lot of people are just staying out of it in terms of endorsing. Note that most of the people endorsing Obama are fairly new on the scene.

  307. Yes I heard the same thing about the money that it was not really a shortage of money but a cash flow situation.
    But to be honest BHO won the race thing Penn was out foxed by Axelrod
    As an AA i just cant believe my fellow AA have deserted the Clintons in such a way
    I am just praying for NH these next few days otherwise just imagine tweety for the next few weeks it will be hell

  308. One of the problems I have seen for Hillary’s campaign is that many people seem to have a belief in the myth that the Clintons can raise endless money.

    This just isn’t true in a campaign because the money you can raise from any individual is very small, and most people don’t give to political campaigns.

    When Bill raises money for charity, anyone can give as much as they want, and it’s tax deductible and charitable, which encourages donations.

    So it’s not at all comparable.

    I have worried about this from the beginning, so am very happy now to see more money coming in from a lot more people.

  309. Our compaign is really in need of some good news right now
    Someone said it on Fox and I tend to agree
    I feel this big state strategy was just flawed to start with, we just have not had the momentum to ride

  310. plural: One of the problems I have seen for Hillary’s campaign is that many people seem to have a belief in the myth that the Clintons can raise endless money.

    I think another problem is that her voters/base just assume that she’s going to win. Not motivated like the BO ppl.

    One thing that drove me nuts in Iowa was all of these people saying that they were going to vote for her in the GE. I tried explaining to them that she wouldn’t make it to the GE w/o their caucus participation, but they didn’t seem to take me seriously. Another huge problem with the “inevitablilty strategy.”

  311. Wow, I come here to get encouraged about HRC and the campaign, but I see nothing but negativity and if I wanted that I would go to CNN or MSNBC. Come on guys its not that bad. Let’s be positive and send positive thoughts, man did you all completely forget what she did on Tuesday?!

  312. did hillary’s online fundraising made it to $10 million? her last update on hillaryclinton.com was $8 million but that is hours old.

  313. I’m with Hillary till the end and I believe she will be our nominee. I always try to stick to the positive.

  314. chaz356: As an AA i just cant believe my fellow AA have deserted the Clintons in such a way

    I can’t believe his white supporters who weep at his events. Identity politics makes sense to me — the weeping and euphoria does not!

  315. I agree that fundraising is a bit of an issue, but you have to put it into perspective. I think nobody, including Obama, quite frankly, expected the primary to be this drawn out. She raised 13.5 million in January which is a phenomenal amount, but the amazingness of this number has been overshadowed by the AMAZINGNESS of Obama’s 32 million.

    I agree that Obama had a smart fund raising strategy, but you also have to look at the difference in their bases. Obama attracts latte liberals. People who have an extra $4 a day to spend on coffee also have plenty of extra money to give to their candidate of choice. Hillary’s base is working class people, single moms who sometimes barely have enough money to put food on the table after working 2 jobs, double shifts, paying for childcare, medical bills, etc and who probably are not as well connected to the internet and big media as Obama’s supporters. For that reason, I think it makes grassroots fundraising really hard for her. I am willing to bet that 90 percent of Obama’s supporters have email addresses and use them actively, while probably half of her supporters use email regularly. In a way, the media advertising her funding issues was the best advertisement because it was covered far and wide and people who don’t go on the internet or understand the nuances of campaign finance got the message – Hillary needs our help.

    So while I agree that her campaign ran into some funding issues that should perhaps have been forseen, I don’t think it is all Penn or Mcaullife’s fault. There are some strategic challenges with her base of support that he does not have. For all of Penn’s faults, he is a smart man, and extremely loyal to the Clintons and committed to seeing Hillary become president. He is a pragmatic realist, which I appreciate. You have to pick your battles. Obama can afford to outspend her, pulling stunts like advertising during the superbowl and paying “volunteers” 12.50 an hour. His base is young rich people who also have more time to volunteer, etc. So we do have some strategic disadvatages in terms of campaigning and we should keep those in mind…

  316. I said I feel really positive about all the new money coming in.

    Also that Latinos and Asians will vote for her and are being ignored by pollsters.

    I don’t think those thoughts are negative.

  317. Polls have proven to be very unreliable in this primary so I wouldn’t read too much into them. Let’s just try to help our candidate as much as we can and offer positive thoughts, ideas and advice.. 🙂

  318. chaz356, I think Edwards voters are also going for him in numbers more than the campaign expected. In WA, the largest union has endorsed him, another one of those things that is so inexplicable considering her blue collar worker support in other populous states.

    If the DNC had not messed with FL and MI, this thing would have been over and BO and his wife would be sulking back home in Chicago. A lot of circumstances have been created to her disadvantage (the media hostility is just one of them) and which at the same time, just like most events in his short career, have proved to be equally fortuitous for him. You just have to be prepared for more arrogance in the coming days. He’s not gracious in victory or defeat. But its not going to be over soon by a long shot. She’ll fight and win OH and TX.

  319. plural: Is the situation that different in Maryland?

    I think so, because the Asian immigrants started arriving in NOVA in the 70s, esp Arlington area.

  320. well, im not negative. hillary can hold her own by picking up delegates this weekend and tuesday. then take her chances in wisconsin then 3 weeks later rackup ohio and texas. she still has pa on april 22. IM CONCEDING NOTHING. as long as we give money and keep hillary flused with cash she will be fine for the long haul. she also has to whip up her superdelagate count no matter what 2-faced donna brazille says.

  321. agreed – I am optimistic that the pollsters are ignoring the “invisibles” Latinos and Asians and that will again bite them on their pollster asses. By the way, did any of you see this email train from an un-repentant David Shuster BEFORE he ended up apologizing…this guy really doesn’t even know what he did wrong:

    From: Philippe Reines
    To: David Shuster
    Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2008 7:14 p.m.

    David – how hard is it for someone, anyone, in the vast MS/NBC universe to contact any one of us at the campaign for comment about Chelsea before going on air and saying that she is being “pimped out” ? It’s absurdly offensive. And what the hell does that even mean?

    Philippe Reines
    Press Secretary
    Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton

    —–Original Message—–
    From: David Shuster
    To: Philippe Reines
    Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2008 8:51 p.m.

    Nice to hear from you, philippe.

    It is a fact that chelsea has made calls to superdelegates, as your campaign colleagues have acknowledged. It is also a fact that the campaign has reacted quite harshly to any media who have sought to interview chelsea. That was the point. By slamming any reporter who seeks to chat with chelsea while simultaneously having chelsea do campaign tasks such as trying to convince super delegates to support her mom, that’s the reference.

    Chelsea is polite and does a fine job of saying “I don’t want to talk.”. But for campaign staff to then jump down the throat of a reporter who seeks to talk to chelsea…that’s an issue.

    Sent using BlackBerry

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Philippe Reines
    To: David Shuster
    Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2008 9:00 p.m.

    Since you guys asked for the transcript – here specifically is what David said on air:

    SHUSTER: “But doesn’t it seem like she’s being–but doesn’t it seem as if Chelsea is sort of being pimped out in some weird sort of way?”

    I have a hunch that such offensive and unacceptable language was never used on MSNBC’s air about Karenna Gore, the Bush twins, Venessa & Alex Kerry, Kate Edwards, the Romney sons – or any other adult offspring who chose to campaign on behalf of a parent.

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Philippe Reines
    To: David Shuster
    Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2008 9:16: p.m.

    David – I want to make sure I’m crystal clear here – you’re saying that because she doesn’t grant interviews and makes calls on behalf of her mother, you are right to say that she is being pimped out?

    I don’t need to read a the whole transcript for context, you were way out of line. Nobody’s jumping down your throat about asking for an interview or talking about calls she made. And you know it.

    There is simply no excuse for being so offensive.

    —–Original Message—–
    From: David Shuster
    To: Philippe Reines
    Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2008 9:29 p.m.

    No. That’s not what I’m saying. And if you bothered to look at the transcript and saw all of the glowing things I said about chelsea and the way she was raised, you would know that.

    The issue is not her making calls. As + said on the air, I have no problems with that what so ever. The issue is not her refusing interviews. The issue is that the campaign has come down hard on reporters who merely sought to ask chelsea questions. You can’t have it both ways. Reporters have long respected the clintons desire that we avoid chelsea and let her have her space. But to get angry at reporters seeking to talk to her now is patently unfair. And you know that.

    Sent using BlackBerry

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Philippe Reines
    To: David Shuster
    Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2008 9:49 p.m.

    I think we’ve each said what we have to say on this matter. Based on this email exchange, we’re assuming two things:

    1) You are not disputing that you said on air: “But doesn’t it seem like she’s being–but doesn’t it seem as if Chelsea is sort of being pimped out in some weird sort of way?”

    2) You have no intention of apologizing for the above

  322. What’s with all the negativity here? Obama has long been expected to well in February, Hillary on March 4. Win or lose for Hillary she will gain delegates. She has chance to win some of the February states as well. Who knows what’s going to happen. There is something going on out there right now. The MSM is starting to run stories about the “cult” of Obama, Hillary is rising in the national polls and as evidenced by her fundraising has way more support than the Washington establishment and MSM want to admit.

    I don’t think anything is over yet, not by a long shot..in fact, we may be seeing it all really get started..

  323. I have a question about the Rezko situation, and maybe one of you ladies/gentleman who have been following it more closely can explain it to me. While I think his actions in buying the house were irresponsible and thoughtless given that everyone in Chicago knew Rezko was under investigation, they were not illegal. My problem with the money transfer is that he claims to be holier than thou, but he is the same as every other politician. So, I don’t really take issue with the shadiness of the deal except for the fact that it shows he is irresponsible since Rezko was under investigation and that it makes him a hypocrite. But what REALLY bothers me about the situation is the 11 buildings located in his state senate district financed by Rezko that were going under. What was going on with those? I have worked as a community organizer and I just CANNOT believe that he was not aware that they were having problem, especially since he wrote letters asking for funding. Obviously he knew of their existence. Either he was a really bad community organizer/state senator and was irresponsible for not realizing his constituents were in trouble, or he knew and looked the other way. Neither scenarios are acceptable in my mind.

    But is there any way to get the real story on what happened with those buildings? In my mind the real story here is not the finances of the Rezko mess because they are too detailed for people to understand what was wrong, but rather the story of what happened with his management/mis-management of these buildings as a state senator and community leader….I think the way these building were handled (or not handled) fits into a broader pattern of irresponsible and careless behavior (present votes, pressing the wrong button, failing to hold hearings on his sub-committee, making a mistake when he raised his hand about legalizing marijuana or whatever)….any thoughts on how we can get this story?

  324. I did not mean to be a wet blanket people
    I am glad to see saw many people fighting a good fight
    Like someone said here lets and make calls
    and I will do GOTV like a mad man tomorrow

  325. Montgomery County MD has lots of Hispanics and Asians. Silver Springs has a large concentration of working class Vietnamese and Hispanics. Rockville is often called the “New China Town” /Xin Zhongguo Cheng (as opposed to the old one in DC). Large numbers of well educated Asians (including from India) as you head west (Germantown) towards Frederick county. Montgomery County is one of the largest counties in the state. Not as many AA as in PG and Baltimore counties. Montgomery elected a AA as its County Executive in 2006 though. Bethesda has the latte liberals. UM at College Park (its main campus) is in PG County on the border with DC. Mostly AA. New dem governor (former mayor of Baltimore city) is very popular and backs Hillary. So does the former Lt. governor KT Kennedy. Rural eastern and western MD are mostly red but have some working class dems that will vote with Hillary.
    Should not give up on MD. Could pick up some delegates and maybe get close to a tie in the popular vote, in spite of the 40% AA dem population.

  326. inala – I’m a talking guiena pig and here goes. I’ve got a lot of Asian culture and I think Latinos may be similar in this way. I’m terrified of going to the caucus tomorrow.

    Of course I will grit and do it, but if I were more on the borderline, what I’d need would be some Hillary campaign person more experienced to make a CARPOOL or arrange a meeting in a restaurant or something so I could go to the caucus in a GROUP of supporters. Ideally we’d all have or id’s or registrations or whatever needed checked in the friendy atmosphere before we went in. Each would have the leader standing right there during any sign-in with Obama or unknown people. And if there are speeches to be made, I’d like for us to go over that before and have signals from the leader as to who speaks when.

    Meeting up at the caucus room isn’t good enough; I’m scared of going to a confusing place with Obama people makng more confusion and mis-directing me.

    I know this sounds wimpy, but it’s how some people do feel. So lots of volunteers on the ground to hold our hands all the way in would be a good investment.

    Now if I knew we would have that support (from someone really knoweledgeable) then I could recruit other people like me and maybe have them all waiting at my house to go together.

    I think this full-service help to a few people, would pay off better than repeated calls to many people. Teh kind of support I’m talking about, just doesn’t happen over the phone. It needs someone right there herding us along to take care of unforseen problems.

  327. terrondt: no matter what 2-faced donna brazille says.

    That she felt the need to pressure at this time tells you that BO is worried about the large states and wants to flim-flam via caucus states or states demographically favorable. I expect that there will be a full-court press by the BO ppl after Tuesday ‘for the sake of unity’ or some other BS like that.

  328. hawk — Montgomery County does have some of the wealthiest AAs in the country, but it’s Prince George’s County (where UMCP is located) that is the wealthiest black-majority county in the nation.

  329. any thoughts on how we can get this story?

    Well, start by looking at the letters OB wrote reccomending Rezko for those government funds. Where did the money that was INTENDED to go towards the renovations actually go? Follow the money. 😉

  330. I expect that there will be a full-court press by the BO ppl after Tuesday ‘for the sake of unity’ or some other BS like that.

    Ugh…THERE’S a word I’ll be happy if I never hear again. Unity.

  331. Idunn: Hope, change , unity , delegate , underdog….we should wipe them ALL out of our vocabularies after this.

    caucus, si, se puede

  332. HighlyEducatedHillarySupporter Says:

    February 8th, 2008 at 10:54 pm
    I can’t believe he might win even without winning NY, CA, and MA. Has a democratic candidate ever done that before? How the hell can you win in November without even winning the majority of the blue states during the primary? Those superdelegates better not get scared into crossing over for Obama at the convention even if he has a several point lead in the delegates.

    Has anyone confirmed that the MI delegates will be counted? I read an article about that several hours ago. Once the FL delegates are seated then I will feel better. She won big there and the delegates will help her a lot.
    Obama won’t win the GE and if the DNC think he will then they don’t understand their base. The DNC think americans hate republican…not really, they just hate GWB and Cheney.

    But American voters still electe republicans all the time…the Iraq vote is a non-issue with the majority of the voters because at that time most americans supported the vote. Only after Bush did want he did and lie, backstab did the truth come out and that’s is when the “fairy dust” fell off people eyes.

    GWB adminintration incompetence only sealed the matter…but McCain is a moderate republican and is popular with the voters, it has been his courting of the neo-cons that has placed a wall with democrats but since the conservative are not the one that supported him…he has a great chance to win the GE.

    Experience matters and the military is going to feel secure with McCain and not Obama. Obama will lose and if the DNC thinks that the independents and Reagan Democrats of the dems will support Obama over McCain you’ve been drinking the Kool-aid.

    I can just see the Repugs G.E. commercials on foreign policy W/McCain coming thru the years as a Vietnam Hero fighting for this country and his years of public servicse…his fight for a balance budget…his respect for our fighting men and women. Getting the needed equipment and services for them. His years of diplomacy with dealing with foreign government.

    Then compare Obama…..???? The Asians will peel off, the Latinos will peel off big time….hey, there is a lot of Latinos in the Military. Forget Florida…the Cubans haven’t forgiven the Dems on the “Bay of Pigs” fiasco. Forget Arizona, Forget NM, Forget California, Forget Texas, Forget Ohio, Forget the South…Forget it period!!!!

    We’re dead come the fall if Obama is our party nominee. D.O.A. another John Kerry production!!!!

  333. Ugh Landrocks, you’re right. Man, this is going to be a long list. 🙁

    Might as well add “inspirational” and “empty suit” to the list.

  334. hil’ s best bet is in me. she an split va-she si campaigning in roanoke. we need victory somewhere prior to tx and oh.

  335. Ok this is my first post here and this is getting ridicoulous.

    You guys have to know better than to underestimate the support hillary clinton has out there.

    Let me make this prediction here,

    She is not going to get blown out tomorrow , a lot of people are in the trenches working for her while you are handwringing.

    WA state is going to be closer than expected and she is going to win Maine on Sunday , you can tell obama is anticipating losing maine on sunday because i don’t think he has been there .


  336. but there are dems everywhere even in bible belt. i havent been to that part of va myself.. also i think if delegates are awarded by district winning those rural ones she can win more delegates even if bho “wins” the primary he’s expected to win anyway

  337. By the way, I still haven’t accepted Shusters apology. Nor will I accept it. I want him FIRED! Pimp that!

    (and with that, I’m off to bed)

  338. pm: I did not see Roanoke on her list only Manassa. Bill Clinton is going to Blacksberg (VATech)

    This makes more sense. Just didn’t see the time for Roanoke.

  339. lninla, you’re not going to call the Volunteer Coordinator, are you? Many of the young staff have already left for their home state. All the CA offices have closed and I think some have been shipped to help in other states.

  340. If HRC can just get WA and ME, or at least be within a margin of error, we’ll be okay. Expectation is high for O.

    Taylor reports that MI has allocated 73 much-needed delegates to HRC. Hopefully, DNC will seat them and FL.

  341. filbertsf – yes, I am calling to find out what’s next – I have a cellphone #, no worries.

    tonight – watching Primary Colors again (by none other than Joe Klein), and I can’t stop thinking that the young African American character is Obama. Ironic.

  342. wbboei: Who are you basil? there was no 70 k for Barry in Seattle.

    I think this is a settled matter — he/she heard “17” on the radio incorrectly.

  343. The dems that live in the western VA counties will go with her. Most are working class dems. Few AA. This is unlike some of the southern and central counties that have pockets of rural AA. This may explain some of the strange polling numbers in the central and south. They may be polling select AA areas on purpose, I would not be surprised. In NOVA, there are lots of professional women that will go for Hilary. If she can carry the western counties (the reason she is there today), the non-AA areas of the central and southern VA, the very large Latino and somewhat smaller but not insignificant Korean American and Vietnamese American populations in Arlington and Alexandria, the professional women in NOVA, working class men and woman throughout the state, she can win this one. Really. It is a pure GOTV issue here.

  344. I have this really long comment I’ve been typing up but I think I’ll cut the verbosity and

    I’ve actually been quite incensed about this all day. I’ve always been sort of passive about the campaign. I’m not one to get worked up about anything and my main goal has been to get a dem elected in November. (I do lean to Hillary and Obama’s supporters scare the wits out of me) But I’ve spent the last couple of days at Hillary events – seeing her speak and talking to supporters – and I’ve gotten a little riled up! She’s crazy smart and knows the issues inside and out. I didn’t realize how much until the townhall today. She took a question from a nurse regarding how stop the nursing shortage. I expected her to reply with the standard better pay/benes schtick, but she didn’t. She said that one of the major problems is that there isn’t enough nursing schools or educators and that qualified students are getting turned away. I was shocked because she hit that problem dead on and I don’t think many people realize that that is a major cause of the nursing shortage. I’ve never seen Obama take questions off the cuff like that (does he?) I left with and overwhelming feeling that she is the by far the best candidate left standing.

    But aside from that, I realized that people have a lot invested in this campaign. There was a lady outside with a sign that said “I burned my bra to see this day, go Hillary” a lot of the guys didn’t get that, but the women did. Their generation (my mom’s generation) went through the whole women’s lib movement and fought for equality and respect.

    Then there was a group of nurses who were upset that they had to work on Saturday and therefore couldn’t vote. It’s one thing to read about it in the press, but to talk to these people first hand, these people who want to vote but aren’t able to really hits it home.

    I keep seeing comments by Donna Brazile, BO and Obama supporters that are basically saying that if Barack ends up with more delegates and Clinton because the nominee based on superdelegates there will be serious hell to pay because that’s going against the people’s vote and it’s ticking me off. The ONLY reason Obama is close to Hillary in delegates right now is because of the caucus states.

    I’d go as far as saying that there are three reasons that Hillary isn’t our nominee today

    1. Caucuses which disenfranchise a large portion of the voting population. They’re crap. We should be bending over backwards to enure that anyone who wants to vote can. Take away Barack’s caucus states and he’s quite a ways behind.

    2. Florida and Michigan.

    3. The ridiculous proportional delegate allocation. If we had win

    I’ll be very upset if caucus states decide our dem nominee. Very. It’s not democratic and no matter how Obama spins it, it’s not a true representation of the voter’s. He’d be the nominee by disenfrancising A LOT of voters, it’s like Bush 2k. If he won primaries, which affored the most voters the most opportunites toovote and wound up ahead in delegates, I wouldn’t argue, the people had spoken, but his delegate total is padded by caucuses. This is what the superdelegates are for, to balance that out.

    I’m not sure what I could do about it or would do about it, but man I’m urfed off today. If that’s how Obama gets the nomination I’ll be very conflicted come November. I don’t want to hand our nation a conservative, but I’ll have a hard time voting for him.

    LoL, this is the short version.

  345. WHOA that’s disjointed from my editing. Eh.

    Bottom line – caucuses suck and if they decided the dem nominee, I’ll be PO’d.

  346. * 3. The ridiculous proportional delegate allocation. If we had winner take all states, Hillary would have it in the bag.

    Sorry for the mistakes, I’ve been pretty worked up about this all day. :/

  347. What the hell has happened to this place? I thought this was supposed to be a website for Hillary Clinton SUPPORTERS. 80% of what has been written since super tuesday has been NEGATIVE. You would have thought HRC had gotten trounced a few days ago and not come out with double digit wins and a lead in delegates. You would think she’s running a terrible campaign, can’t do anything right, never been in a national race before. I swear some of you are PATHETIC! You criticize the MSM all day but you’re just as bad. You mop up every bit of Obama spin out there. Its incredible. Hillary needs “momentum”?? WTF? I mean how ignorant can you get. Constructive criticism is great but around the clock complaining about everything from fundraising and endorsements to strategy is NOT HELPFUL. I mean it seems like with some of you no matter what Hillary does its not good enough! Well, Hillary isn’t perfect and hasn’t run a perfect campaign. SO WHAT. She’s a great candidate and has run damn well considering what she has been up against. I will no longer waste my time with people who supposedly support Hillary but tear her down with their words on this blog. Maybe when HRC is inaugurated next year she will finally have that allusive momentum some of you claim she needs. Peace.

  348. Word Nikki. I don’t think she needs momentum at, I think the media and the dem party and the dem leaders need to stop handing BO the nomination and let the voters decide. I can only come up with 3 reason she’s not the presumptive nominee right now and none of them have to do with her campaign or lack of momentum. 2 of them have to do with disenfranchising A LOT of voters. She’s doing quite well for everything she has going against her :/

  349. admin,

    Can you do a small blog about Operation 10-4 Good Buddy and post the link? Scrolling through all these comments to find concise information is painful. It would also provide a reminder of the day the Money Bomb is taking place.

  350. Tiny Dancer —

    I agree with your points 1) and 2). I’d have to give more thought to 3) — the proportional allocation is done in the interest of fairness. While it’s frustrating, it is *working* in that the party is clearly split.

  351. HLR thanks! I’m not arguing for winner take all, just stating if we had that, we wouldn’t be talking about these upcoming states today, we be talking about November. 🙂 The caucuses are my biggest problem, mainly because I have to go to one tomorrow. Why can’t I just mail in a ballot?

  352. Tiny Dancer,

    Loved your blog and the picture of the “bra burner”. I remember those days well.

    I would go further in saying that the DNC has done nothing but make the primaries painful. Their decisions will have put us at least 2 months behind the Republicans in preparing for the General Election. You and bet the Repugs are not going to sitting still.

    Were there a lot of students at the rally and what was their reaction to Hillary?

  353. ——————————————————————————–

    February 9, 2008
    About New York
    Catholic Vote Is Harbinger of Success for Clinton
    Hillary Rodham Clinton has run away with the votes of Roman Catholic Democrats in nearly all the primaries, often beating Barack Obama by two to one or better, exit polls show. In New York, she received 66 percent of the Catholic vote to his 30 percent.

    “I didn’t go to bed until 1 in the morning waiting on the results,” said Joe Quinn, a Catholic who is a building superintendent on the Upper West Side. “I slept very well, let me tell you.”

    Does it matter whom Catholics like Mr. Quinn voted for in the Democratic primaries? By November, it may not. Still, Catholics, who make up about a quarter of the registered voters in the country, have backed the winner of the national popular vote for at least the last nine presidential elections, going back to 1972.

    The Catholic scorecard: five Republican and three Democratic presidents, and one popular-vote-winning but presidency-losing Democrat, Al Gore.

    No other large group has switched sides so often, or been so consistently aligned with the winners. Over that same period, a majority of white Protestants typically voted Republican, while blacks of all faiths and Jews strongly backed Democrats.

    “Catholics are the last swing voters left in the country,” said Brian O’Dwyer, a Manhattan lawyer and a Clinton supporter.

    So why Mrs. Clinton? Catholics are scattered across the American landscape, with the sun having long set on the empire of the parish, a source of boundary and social identity. No single explanation for Mrs. Clinton’s current success could credibly cover enough ground. That did not stop New Yorkers from trying.

    Mr. O’Dwyer maintains that Mrs. Clinton as a senator — and Bill Clinton, as president — paid attention to ethnic and working-class Catholics who were often overlooked by both parties. “Every one of the ethnic groups got a hearing,” he said, making them comfortable with Mrs. Clinton’s position on Social Security, health care, education and immigration. And both Clintons, he said, had played central roles in brokering an end to the armed conflict in Northern Ireland.

    Another, more daring idea is that Mrs. Clinton owes some of her success to the nuns who were once a potent presence in American Catholicism.

    This notion was floated by Catherine T. Nolan, who attended St. Aloysius elementary school in Queens and now represents her old neighborhood in the State Assembly. She noted that older Catholic voters grew up with women in charge of daily life.

    “Maybe we’re a little bit more open to female leadership,” said Ms. Nolan, chairwoman of the Assembly Education Committee, one of the most powerful legislative posts in Albany. “We had female role models from an early age. When I was growing up, all the Catholic school principals were women, and almost none of the public school principals were. That’s changed now, but we’ve been used to female authority figures for much longer than other groups.”

    Wait a minute: feminism in a religion with an all-male priesthood? “As a young girl, I never thought about who was up on the altar,” Ms. Nolan said. “The nuns were the people we saw every day, and they were running the whole show.”

    The nuns, however, cannot account for all of Mrs. Clinton’s success. “She is putting more interest into the Latino communities,” said Gina Trifolio, 26, of Washington Heights. “And, of course, she is a woman.”

    As with other groups, younger and more affluent Catholics were more likely to back Mr. Obama. So were people who just don’t like Mrs. Clinton.

    “I voted for Obama, but it was mostly an anti-Hillary vote,” said Bill Duffy, a police officer who was picking up his children from a parochial school in the northwest Bronx. “I mean, Obama’s got some good things about him, but the experience is a question. So I might end up with McCain.”

    Ms. Nolan recalled, as a girl, going on a field trip in Upper Manhattan to the shrine of Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini — an immigrant nun from Italy who in the late 19th century built 67 orphanages, hospitals and schools, amassing and wielding power against a stubborn hierarchy. She was the first American to be canonized a saint.

    The destination was the shrine where an effigy of the saint, along with some of her remains, are displayed under glass beneath the altar. “When you’re a fourth grader coming from Queens and you see that — well, you talk about female role models,” Ms. Nolan said. “Not that I’m putting Hillary Clinton in that category.”

    Marjorie Connelly contributed research.


  354. And mostly because if it’s the caucus states that put Obama over the top, I’ll be so irked.

    I’m chatty today.

  355. As an Iowan..and having been through a caucus…they are intimidating. I dislike the process. It is avoided by all….except the very motivated.
    Plus…many people are unable to attend at the times scheduled. I have no idea why they continue to have them. It seems to serve no purpose.

  356. Don’t forget ppl that none of these states are winner take all. Think of IA. She lost it but came out with more delegates.

    I, too, get down by negative posts. However, I do feel that people need a place to express their anxiety and fears. If not amongst hardcore HRC supporters, then where? Right?

  357. wasabigirl

    The bra burner gal was SO PROUD of Hillary, I got pretty emotional about it. My mom was a bra-burner and I’ve heard stories. Hillary is blazing a pretty big trail for us. 🙂

    There were a ton of students, you could tell because she stopped halfway thorugh and let them all go to classes. They were all very excited to see Hillary and a bunch had on pins and t-shirts. It’s good to see them politically active!

  358. There is no way she can win PG and Baltimore counties in MD. But most of the rural counties will go with her if the GOTV effort is working well . It is Montgomery county where the real fight will be. If the large Asian American and slightly smaller Hispanic population, women professionals (lots are government workers), and other women of all stripes get out to vote, Montgomery county can belong to Hillary. If she carries Montgomery and the rural counties, and this is very possible depending how hard Team Hillary volunteers work for the GOTV, she will end up with more delegates even she loses the popular vote due to the large AA numbers in the the other two counties. It is important to keep motivated. We can win lots of delegates in MD and VA and even the popular vote in VA.
    When I was working on both the McGovern and Carter primary campaigns, it was our strong determination to win that saw us through our darker moments. We were often written off by the media only to live to fight another day.

  359. By the way, did you know that there are only three states that have a Catholic majority? Mass (already ours), Louisiana and Maryland. At least this was true just a few years back. If it is still so, then based on the post from carbynew, this makes winning lots of delegates in MD all the more possible.

  360. Will do Wasabigirl – probably Monday or Sunday.


    To All: We received an email from a reader which states that National NOW is planning a protest outside NBC on Saturday at noon. We have not been able to confirm this. There is no information listed about this demonstration on National or NYS NOW sites. Does anyone have any information about this?

  361. if delegates are awarded by district winning those rural ones she can win more delegates even if bho “wins” the primary he’s expected to win anyway

    Right. He’s been collecting little red states and a few low-hanging delegates here and there and it’s added up. We may not get as MANY delegates in the small states that are left, but we can get some. Some of those smaller states he ‘won’ Feb 5 actually were 50-50 delegate splits, or nearly.

  362. excellent – re: NOW and the protest – I hope there will be lots of press there – google news is showing only 247 articles about the Shuster thing – it’s a disgrace that this is NOT getting any pickup from other press who are just protecting themselves from being next on the NOW shit list.

  363. admin -sorry jumped the gun, but I have not rec’d info on this protest – only hope that it’s happening.

  364. Very right. We can now (nearly) forget the popular vote thing, the media spin thing, and anything that is not about delegates. We are now in phase II of this primary. Hillary’s supporters are not gong to fade away no matter what the media says. Look how much her supporters dug into their pockets again (me too) when faced with a serious threat. And since her supporters are rock solid and not going to give up as long there is a way to go forward, Hillary will keep going. And she will keep going until the last big states where she will win as certainly as she won NY, CA, FL. etc. So no need to get worried at this point. She is right on target for a win. Even if she does not have enough to put her over the top before the convention, she will have the most and that will count as a win to the DNC. Hence she will be nominated.

  365. From TPM:
    The Clinton campaign is expected to change its tack following the emergence of John McCain as the likely Republican adversary.
    The Clinton camp is expected to argue that she is better placed to deal with McCain on security and economics.
    Her team is also expected to bring up a testy exchange of letters between McCain and Obama in 2006.
    McCain accused Obama of backtracking on a promise to support him over a bill to restrict lobbying. He accused Obama of “self-interested partisan posturing”.
    Obama responded to say he was “puzzled” by McCain’s outburst.

    “It was sad to watch,” said a Clinton campaign source. “He has no idea how to deal with McCain.”

  366. paddy4Hill Says: Even if she does not have enough to put her over the top before the convention, she will have the most and that will count as a win to the DNC. Hence she will be nominated.

    And/or the superdelegates will step in, which is what they’re FOR — tie-breaking.

    But now please comfort me — why has the DNC made such idiots of themselves over MI and FL, and Donna Brazile dissing the superdelegates, etc?

  367. lninla, just a question. SoCal did an excellent job of getting out the Latino and Asian votes in the LA, SFV, and OC.

    Needless to say, I’m disappointed in SF/Bay Area, although I understand that San Mateo turned out for Hill.

    How did you feel the HQ/offices in SoCal did?

  368. Can someone explain to me, in Sesame Street terms, why it seems that the popular opinion on the intranets is that DLC = bad and DNC = all things good and pure?

  369. filbert, the Bay area is one of the most elite, if not the most elite, areas in the country. It’s Obamanation. You all did quite well for Hillary there.

  370. Some good news, y’all. The money bomb stuff with the Operation 10-4, Good Buddy has been sent on to the Finance Director. Remember to pass on the site info (cut and paste into a new browser- http://operation104goodbuddy.blogspot.com/ ). If you want, just post the text in an e-mail and send on via email to all of your contacts an so forth.

    “Howdy. We’ve got a unique opportunity to help our country by helping our candidate of choice, Hillary Clinton. She’s been there for us time and time again, so let’s show our support and the strength of our cause by each donating $10.44 on February 12, 2008.

    Here are the reasons:

    First, Obama supporters think they own democracy. Let’s show them they don’t. Democracy belongs to the people and leaders should be in it for the people, not for cult-like adulation.

    Second, if they can give $5, we can give $10. If they can give a pint of blood, we can give two. Point is, our resolve is bigger than theirs. We will make it hurt twice as much because we are stronger and our candidate is better.

    Third, the 44 cent designation shows we have faith that she is destined to be “44.” Hillary Clinton is and will be the 44th President of the United States of America.

    Fourth, the small amount is doable for the majority of people. If you question whether it is for you, forgo eating out that day or give another amount, but leave the 44 cent designation to show you know Hillary is 44.

    Fifth and more importantly, and like all good buddies, we have our girl’s back. She’s not only fighting a tough campaign, but she is also fighting the MSM, the GOP and the rampant sexism ingrained in our society. We have her back, and in times like these where her message is being drowned out by the evil that men do, we can help buy her a little more voice so that our voice, the voice of the people- the voice of the disenfranchised voters in Florida and Michigan, the poor, the elderly, the infirm without access to medical care, the veterans deserted by their own countrymen……. IS HEARD LOUD AND CLEAR.

    So join us on February 12th and show some love for our girl. Go to HillaryClinton.com and donate $10.44 and make sure the rest of the world hears the message that Hillary is 44!”

  371. Wasabigirl – I hadn’t seen that commercial. It’s very moving. I’m late Gen X or early Gen Y depending on how you look at it. I’m lucky to have those previous generations open doors for me and it saddens me that there’s still discrimination to overcome.

    I can’t imagine how proud Chelsea must be of her mother.

  372. i wonder if the asian vote really came out in San Mateo – i think socal did well – amazing given the small staff, how young they were – our headquarters were in Koreatown, and an exceptionally shabby basement…the early endorsement of Villaraigosa helped (despite his scandal), Dolores Huerta, Judy Chu of Board of Equalization were extremely important I believe. we’d always been far behind in getting celeb endorsements and since I do some tangential work in entertainment, I was always asked to see what kinds of celebs I could help contact. regardless, I think the culture is different here in socal with people paying far less attention to the punditry – anyway, the call lists were abundantly women, latinos, and I think the campaign here did a good job with targeting those demographics and getting Spanish speakers to volunteer. So many women volunteering…

  373. n the end, they will feel better going with a known rather than with an unknown, if possible. Clinton. The FL and MI issue taught them a good lesson that they will certainly learn for the next time. For now, they will wiggle out of the mess as best they can. If Clinton wins the most delegates minus the supers, it does not matter. They will give her the crown via a combination of FL MI and super delegates. Obambi fears this scenario the most He can not fight it without hurting his standing in the Party. If she is first including her pledged supers, they most likely will give her MI and FL to make it a win. He will fight this one. If she is second including her supers but would be first with FL and MI , the supers will go with her and she will win. If she is so far behind that even with FL/MI and pledged supers she can not have the most delegates, they will probably split the delegates from FL/MI and try to get the supers to go with Obambi. This is why it is important during this phase II to get the most delegates. Nothing else matters at this point. GOTV and donate like heck!

  374. Obama Threatens Superdelegates?

    Obama warned superdelegates to vote the way their states do. He better check again Hillary would still be ahead that ass.


  375. BTW, I have been actively involved in all primaries since 1972 at various levels including paid, except this one (I am overseas working but am involved via the internet and financing). I have a perfect record. I have always believed that this one belongs to Hillary. And still do.

  376. So you were in the basement, huh? Not exactly the Hilton hotel, is it?

    I think in general, most campaigns have young staff, usually college or fresh out of college, so it’s not endemic to HRC. As long as their bright, hard-working, and competent.

    However, I’ve always felt that HRC spent too much time, resources, and focus in IA and the early states. That didn’t leave CA with much. We made do with little.

  377. agree, filbertsf, in retrospect, I wish too that Iowa was not so much the focus or entirely skipped as Mike Henry had advised – but somehow CA seemed like Clinton country and esp. SoCal – I can tell you of the hundreds of calls I made, it was rare to get Obama supporters.

  378. also key – early on, back in july/aug – the SoCal campaign was already telling us about the importance of absentee ballots and the Hillstar program (did you have one in North CA?) with each key volunteer overseeing and recruiting other volunteers to build a volunteer force of million+ did not succeed as well. I really believe that the sheer number of women volunteering has been key.

  379. Ininla, I wonder if we’ve ever crossed paths. Were you in NV? I met many from the LA HQ in NV.

    BTW, I’m glad we won CA and all, but it is sad to say goodbye to all the volunteers and staffs. It’s a particularly sad to know all the offices were shut down as soon as ST was over.

  380. I don’t think we’ve crossed paths – due to my job and being out of town for most of jan, i couldn’t participate in NV, but I remember even before Iowa happened that I encouraged some of the LA people to head out to NV and good thing they did.

  381. Hillstar was a complete failure. Utter. Utter. Failure. Started during the summer and didn’t survive to the fall.

    It took an army of volunteers to actually come to the offices/HQ to phone bank.

  382. carbynew: This quote from the NYTimes article you posted says it all:

    “I voted for Obama, but it was mostly an anti-Hillary vote,” said Bill Duffy, a police officer who was picking up his children from a parochial school in the northwest Bronx. “I mean, Obama’s got some good things about him, but the experience is a question. So I might end up with McCain.”

    I think a good number of Obama supporters fall in this category. They are Republicans and they hate Hillary so that equals a vote for Obama even though they might end up voting for the Republican anyway in November.

  383. alright filberts – callin it a night, and will let you know tomorrow if I find out anything about CA staff transferred elsewhere and where they need help. Hawaii might be a good target – and I want to help with the GOTV for Asians there but re: Asian vote in WA – I was reassured today that Gary Locke who was originally planning a presidential run in 2008 has been helping Hillary with the GOTV in WA and is doing great.

  384. ADMIN: Perhaps you could highlight this on your face page tomorrow? I think the Michigan Democratic Party allocating delegates to Hillary according to the Michigan state law is VERY IMPORTANT news.


    News from
    Contact: Dominick Quinney
    February 8, 2008


    Allocation based on January 15, 2008 Primary Results

    LANSING – The Michigan Democratic Party today released the official allocation of pledged delegates, alternates, and committee members for Hillary Clinton and for Uncommitted based on the official January 15, 2008 Presidential Primary results certified by the Board of State Canvassers on February 4, 2008.

    Overall, Clinton will have 73 pledged delegates, 16 pledged alternates, and 10 committee members, and there will be 55 uncommitted delegates, 5 uncommitted alternates, and 8 uncommitted committee members.

    Eighty-three (83) pledged delegates and 15 pledged alternates will be elected at Congressional District Conventions on March 29, 2008. The remaining 45 pledged delegates and 6 pledged alternates will be elected at a State Central Committee meeting on May 17, 2008 in Grand Rapids. Committee members will be elected that day by the entire delegation.

    These 128 pledged delegates, 21 pledged alternates and 18 committee members together with 28 unpledged delegates (also known as “super delegates”) will constitute Michigan’s delegation to the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado on August 25-28.

  385. nikki22 Says:
    February 9th, 2008 at 12:14 am

    What the hell has happened to this place? I thought this was supposed to be a website for Hillary Clinton SUPPORTERS. 80% of what has been written since super tuesday has been NEGATIVE. You would have thought HRC had gotten trounced a few days ago and not come out with double digit wins and a lead in delegates. You would think she’s running a terrible campaign, can’t do anything right, never been in a national race before. I swear some of you are PATHETIC! You criticize the MSM all day but you’re just as bad. You mop up every bit of Obama spin out there. Its incredible. Hillary needs “momentum”?? WTF?

    ** Agrreed Nikki. I understand that some are anxious here but we need to balance that with positive posts and articles. I know for a fact that Peggy Noonan checks in here and reads our posts as does other media.

    The next 2 weeks will be trying but I think we may get some positive news. Hillary is fighting on, the least we can do is support her. We got one victory today, savor, send positve cthoughts and make calls tomorrow.

  386. Ted Casablanca over at Eonline.com states in his Awful Truth segment today that he voted for Hillary. Yay! Also states his DC desk is reporting McCain is in talks with Romney for his VP….cautions Bill should watch his mouth lest Obama gain more power with party insiders…

  387. My inability to read a damn gossip column tells me it’s bedtime for Bonzo. Later, y’all. God thoughts for tomorrow….

  388. Does anyone think it’s weird that James Zogby of Zogby polls is a super delegate for Obama and that most of the media is still relying on his obviously skewed polls to predict the primaries???? Is it really a surprise that his poll predicted Obama would win CA with a 13 point lead? Why aren’t people connecting the dots???

  389. Admin,
    Will put that to good use, along with some other footage I had.
    Just posted a diary (at DKOS) on Shuster-Clinton Camp emails, so I’m prohibited from posting another for 24 hrs.

    If your nerves are jittery, ask yourself this question:
    Have we seen the decisive moment in this campaign? The answer’s no (though the media may sure decide to go back and create one).
    That said, we have the smartest toughest and hardest-working candidate, time on the clock, and yes, plenty of resources, including all the political smarts & experience anyone could ever ask for.

    Try to use that energy for something positive for Hillary.
    Get on some other message boards, change people’s minds with facts, mix it up, revel in it!

    I’m a firm believer that everything matters, and I try to keep score like the Clintons do – by whether we do things!

  390. HighlyEducated,

    For a second I almost thought you wrote Zogby was a super delegate in Omaha, which would’ve been some type of electoral catastrophe!

    I’ve been busy but will surely do something on (super d*****)
    John Zogby before long.

    Did see a nice chart on accuracy in polling thus far in the campaign. Zogby was like 17th, Gallup and I think SUSA were 1-2.

    Maybe I can find it…

  391. Blue Democrat: Yes, John and James Zogby are brothers.
    From his wikipedia entry:
    “James Zogby is also a senior analyst with the polling firm Zogby International, founded and managed by his brother John Zogby, and is a prominent lecturer and scholar on Middle East issues…”

  392. This campaign made a major (but not necessarily fatal) mistake by not having a designated spokesman to fight back when Hillary or Bill was attacked by other candidates and by the media. They made the mistake of allowing their opponents to define them as racist when they clearly are not. They allowed them to define them as going negative when they merely drew distinctions beyond records and positions. Even I know that should never have happened, and I know it could have been prevented. Someone would have had to be doing something about it.

    Hillary is a such a strong candidate that she has been able to mostly rise above all of that stuff, but she has been made to suffer from it unnecessarily. The good people on this forum have done a great job, but she needed someone working with the press to take on some of the trash certain individuals have been throwing at her. She needs someone who is strong, someone who could end up as her press secretary or other visible role in her government. In other words, she needed someone who would be noticed. Bush had that kind of people when he ran the first time.

    If she had someone skillful enough to take on the dirty work of answering stupid charges, the sexism, the image thing, etc. then she would have had a much easier time of it. As it is, BHO has been allowed to get by with his dreamy, empty garbage. He has been able to make himself seem like some new messiah. This could all have been stopped early. It should have been. No one was doing it.

    “Give ’em hell, Harry” Truman knew how to handle the charge of being negative. “I never give them hell. I tell the truth and they think it’s hell.” The same principle would have worked for Hillary. When the media jumped on her as being negative, someone could have explained she only told the truth and they found the truth to be negative. If the truth is negative, so be it. No one was doing that.

    So much good could have been done with the right kind of high powered spokesman. That person(s) could have justifiably gone on the attack against Matthews and others, and been very effective. They could have openly taken on a whole network, and enjoyed some measure of success. A spokesman who knows how to work with the press could have demolished some of those people. They could have been turning the press against itself in all of this nonsense instead of letting it get out of hand. Don’t tell me it couldn’t be done. Those people are not gods. They aren’t even untouchable. It could have been done. It simply was not done.

    I don’t claim to be a professional nor to have the expertise that so many of you have, but I’m not stupid. I know what I’m saying is right. It should be obvious to a child. I know a better job could have been done, and maybe it isn’t too late. She has kept things even enough that some good can still be done. She could have been much further ahead if someone was doing this. No one was doing it.

    I expect my ranting to get absolutely nowhere, and that’s very frustrating. Since it is not the fault of the people on this forum, I realize I’m ranting to the wrong people, but I don’t have access to the “right” people. I wish someone who does have that kind of access would do it. I’m not sure anyone here has that. I suppose I will just have to suffer in my frustration.

    End of rant for now.

  393. Sherm,
    “This campaign made a major (but not necessarily fatal) mistake by not having a designated spokesman”

    You could not be more right, and I’ll go you one further.
    The Clintons have never had such a spokesman- or what I would strenously argue is required, which is an entire apparatus – and it’s why it is a flat-out miracle they’ve accomplished what they have.

    And keep in mind it’s one thing to not have a spokesman to defend against what President Clinton once called “a constant, unremitting wave of negativism and cynicism”, but it’s even worse when you have virtually no positive – or even accurate or factual presence – anywhere on the airwaves.

  394. I’m ending my posting on a positive note…what’s done is done. We have lemons and I was always told that when you have lemons, you make lemonade. I have faith in Hillary. She just needs to keep the delegate count close, get out front on having the MI and FL delegates seated before the convention based on the % of the votes.

    She is raising the money so she should be able to compete. Please keep focused, looking back is 20/20 and not useful right now. Let’s look forward to how we can win and win big in Tx, PA and OH.

    Send positive thoughts re ME and NE.

  395. Blue Dem, you are so very obviously right. As Tarzan once said, “It’s a jungle out there, Jane.”

    It isn’t only a wave of negativism and cynicism. It’s a blizzard.

  396. How did John Zogby get approved to be a superdelegate and still be allow to do polling? Are all the polling companies superdelgates?

    The DNC is crooked and a bunch of hypocrites if they don’t strip this man of his superdelegate status. If the DNC can lie and scheme to strip FL/MI of their delegates or do a do-over in a caucus format…and still disenfranchise American Democratic voters of the rights…then Howard Dean need to resign immediately.

    I think we need to start writing and calling and letting Emily List and Now see what they really think about women politicians.

    A bunch of snakes….no wonder the Democratic leaders have been so quiet and complishist in this B.S.

  397. You guys, there is a very slim chance that Hillary will win today in the Washington caucus. Washington will be one of her less successful states. It’s a caucus and you have Seattle, the home of latte liberals. She is behind there but her lead is increasing. If you don’t believe it check the SUSA websitet.

    It’s going to suck but please remain optimistic. Her poll numbers are going up while BO’s is going down. HRC will win many primaries in the future. I can’t wait for the Texas primary because she’s going to whoop his ass and get the majority of the delegates there. She just has really bad time with caucuses. They are unfair and we all know this. Let’s just hope that there is a decision on FL delegates soon. This will really help her. Other than that I think that there has been a lot of doubt placed on HRC since Iowa and she’s come back to fight another day each time. I believe that she will be the eventual nominee but until then we’re going to have to brace ourselves for the results of these several more caucuses, D.C., and Maryland.

  398. Okay, I was so mad I still didn’t get about the brother thing but Zogby poll should have disclosed the relationship, so that buyer and newspapers would had factored in the bias.

    I still would have been leery of Zogby polls being used if I knew that one of the brothers were a super delegate…That’s a conflict of interest…that relationship should have been full disclosure on his polls.

    What a bunch of pigs…I’m still mad. The democrats look like a bunch of amateurs.

  399. I’m very optimistic, Hillary will win delegates even if she doesn’t win the states. I’m don’t trust most of the polls and the NYT seem to be the most reliable.

    What I’m fighting for is that Hillary get a fair chance and not be swiftboated by her own party. So my posts have been directed to the DNC and others who read this site.

  400. Interesting letter to Phil Griffin at NBC from Emily’s list via http://www.blogs.abcnews.com
    I think that alot of people were calling and emailing NBC along with Clinton pushing back. They need to be this agressive whenever she is attacked unfairly. Serve the media notice that she will not be disadvantaged by unfair, biased, sexist coverage.
    Feminist Organization: Bring Me the Head of MSNBC

    February 08, 2008 4:17 PM

    Now the powerful Democratic feminist women’s group EMILY’s List, which works to elect Democratic women who support abortion rights, is stepping into the MSNBC brouhaha.

    Circulating the Youtube clip of MSNBC’s David Shuster making the offending comment, Ellen Malcolm — the president of EMILY’s List and a top adviser to Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY — has written to NBC Senior VP Phil Griffin, saying that “For months, women and men from all over the country have been telling me about their anger at MSNBC’s treatment of women, especially Senator Hillary Clinton. Now, just yesterday, David Shuster talked about ‘pimping out Chelsea.’ That is completely reprehensible.

    “I’m sending this letter today to let you know that the misogynistic pattern in the reporting by your network must come to an end. I know I speak for millions across this country when I demand that you take immediate steps and publicly tell us what you will do to eliminate this sexist and demeaning culture that has become so pervasive in your network.”

    Malcolm says that MSNBC’s “journalists have repeatedly, and in now the most odious fashion, crossed the line with personal, sexist and demeaning attacks. The half hearted apology by Mr. Shuster this morning fails to even acknowledge the insulting nature of his comments.”

    And then, a threat: “If you refuse to take action, women across the country, viewers, sponsors, and consumers can only assume your implicit endorsement of this type of sexist commentary on women and repugnant treatment of our children.”

    What do you make of all this? I am woman hear me roar in numbers too big to ignore? A political stunt to drum up the women’s vote the day before some key caucuses? Appropriate? Over-the-top? Share your thoughts below.

    – jpt

  401. I agree we should remain optimistic and looking forward. I do that by nature. I still believe we are going to win this thing. I wish we had made more progress at this point so I could be even more confident.

    I’m glad Hillary is putting up as much fight as possible in the limited amount of time remaining. If she can remain respectable long enough to keep her advantages in the remaining big states, then she will be much better off. I’m still confident we will seat our MI and FLA delegates although it is still a major fight.

    The most positive thing I can do right now is to go vote this morning in the LA primary. I have no idea of our chances in this state. I know of no organization here, but I also accept this being a relatively unimportant state politically. After all, it’s kind of a third world country.

  402. Carbynew, I didn’t know John Zogby was a superdelegate. Thanks for that. I don’t know why he is one. He isn’t even a competent pollster.

    You also suggested Dean should resign. I believe I saw on the DNC website that he is running for re-election to that post. How can we help to defeat him?

  403. Everyone has been focusing on the Washington caucus today but has HRC done anything in Nebraska and Louisiana today? What are the poll numbers there? I need to look that up.

  404. Ok. Why did HRC not campaign in Louisiana and Nebraska? BO went to Louisiana before heading to Washington. Bill went to Louisiana but no one from the Clinton campaign was in Nebraska. Can someone explain this strategy? I haven’t found any polls but is she in the lead in Louisiana or Nebraska? I just don’t think it is good to skip states altogether.

  405. hillfans, i just recieve my federal tax refund so im giving hillary another contribution. YAY!!! i hope she cracks $10 million since super tuesday later today.

  406. HEHS, I’ve looked for polls here and found nothing. I may be the only one supporting Hillary here. No one here is talking about the election. All I can do is vote and hope.

  407. Agree wholeheartedly re: “why no Clinton spokesman/woman?” We don’t really ever see one. There are a few surrogates, but let’s see Ann Lewis, Pattis Solis Doyle, Carville — SOMEONE — so that the public knows that Hillary won’t back down from these ludicrous attacks being sent her way.

    Great work to everyone who’s been able to make donations. Very, very impressive. I wish I had more to give but I’ll be saving up for another donation soon.

  408. Obama, Chelsea elevate caucus turnout expectations

    • Just what is a caucus, anyway?
    • Obama mania arrives in Omaha
    • Health care a key theme as Chelsea, Kerrey campaign for Hillary
    • Michelle Obama visits Lincoln

    • Obama in Omaha – Feb. 7, 2008
    • Chelsea Clinton campaigns in Nebraska


    • Just what is a caucus, anyway?
    • Obama mania arrives in Omaha
    • Health care a key theme as Chelsea, Kerrey campaign for Hillary
    • Michelle Obama visits Lincoln
    Any fears Nebraska Democrats had about paltry turnout at their first-ever caucuses may have vanished this week amid high-profile visits from Barack Obama and Chelsea Clinton.

    About 10,000 people poured into the Omaha Civic Auditorium to hear Obama on Thursday. Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton attracted hundreds at her stops in Lincoln, Grand Island and Omaha.

    Top that off with a Lincoln visit today by Michelle Obama and it all adds up, party officials believe, to higher-than-expected turnouts for Saturday’s caucuses.

    “We’re preparing for big numbers,” said Kris Pierce, executive director of the Douglas County Democratic Party.

    He had predicted last week that 8,000 people would attend Douglas County caucuses.

    But after a high-profile week in which the Democratic presidential battle remains wide open, Pierce has upped his prediction to 15,000.

    Democrats will caucus in 83 of the state’s 93 counties. There were about 370,000 registered Democrats in Nebraska after the 2006 elections.

    It is difficult projecting turnout for caucuses. Historically, fewer people attend caucuses than vote in primary elections.

    In addition, this is the Nebraska Democratic Party’s first caucuses. No one knows exactly what to expect, said Eric Fought, a spokesman for the state Democratic Party.

    However, Fought is preparing for a big turnout.

    “People need to be prepared for long lines, and they need to be prepared to be flexible,” said Fought, especially in Douglas, Sarpy and Lancaster Counties.

    About 239,000 people attended the Democratic caucuses in Iowa this year, compared with 124,000 in 2004.

    In Nebraska, interest has grown considerably in the past couple of weeks as it became clear that the Democratic race would still be up in the air by Saturday.


  409. Carbynew, I’m not sure that story gives me much hope for Nebraska. As someone posted above, Hillary seems to be gaining while BHO seems to be going down. I hope that’s true, and I hope that change is fast enough to help.

    OTOH, I’m not all that worried about Nebraska. This campaign doesn’t seem to be worried about it either. That may be because they don’t expect to do well there regardless of what they do. I don’t see Hillary getting thousands of people going to that caucus for her. Admittedly, I don’t know what will happen there.

    I will just accept the plans the campaign has made and hope they work.

  410. I hope that when Hillary wins the White House and cleans house at the DNC she gets rid of this caucus bullshit. If states want a seat at the table in 2012, they will all have to have primaries.

  411. the god news is that Hill has raised over 9 million so far with 90,000 new donors.

    Check Taylor’s site for details…

  412. Sherm Kader…my second post on that made the correction on the Zogby brothers and that the Zogby polls should have made full disclosure of a possible conflict of interest.

    But I’m still not happy with the Party lack of leadership and DNC complicitness in this tearing down and back stabbing Hillary. The sexism condone by our party leaders without a comment but let the Obama team call the Clintons racist and they fight back all you hear is President Clinton needs to shut up and sit down.

    WTH!!! No one word of protest against sexist attacks against Hillary. But it’s alright to manufacture a candidate so our image could look good oversea….What a bunch of crap.

    The Democrat elites has lost touch with it base and don’t be surprised what happens in the GE.

  413. Carbynew, I agree with your assessment. The party is not going to defend her from the unfairness. Bill Clinton has said he should not be trying to defend her. He said she would have to defend herself OR SOMEONE ELSE would. IMHO his latter point vindicates my rant above.

    The party has made and is making so many mistakes. Our visionary candidate is taking the opportunity to make it look like our superdelegate plan is undemocratic. Well, maybe it is, but that’s the rules we are playing under until that’s properly changed or reconsidered. The DNC seems willing to stand idly by and let BHO change the rules to his benefit.

    The misshandling of rearranging the primary dates has been a fiasco. Then when some states didn’t bow to the demands of dictator Dean and his crew they were foolishly punished. They’ve made a mess involving MI and FLA. Now they are saying those states should fix the mess the DNC made. That’s not leadership!

    In spite of all of that, I hope she wins so even the party can be saved from itself.

  414. Good article in NY times. Explains why it is difficult to come up with delegate counts from Caucuses:
    Explains why MSNBC is full of shit when it projects delegate totals:


  415. rjk1957 Says: – I hope that when Hillary wins the White House and cleans house at the DNC she gets rid of this caucus bullshit. If states want a seat at the table in 2012, they will all have to have primaries.

    She should make that a campaign promise! 🙂

    I’ve been thinking more about how to get us non-confrontational types (Asian, Lat, Southern) to caucus. What about holding pre-caucus parties in a restaruant and all go to the caucus in a big group?

    I had mentioned carpools but it isn’t really a matter of transportation, just of having a familiar place to meet and join up with a guide/guard. (OF course I’m going anyway.)

    Is Dean running for re-election at DNC? Hasn’t he done some good things, like the ’50-state strategy’ that won us Congress in 2006? He certainly seems to have messed up with this FL/MI thing — and it will be worse if he tries to distort their choice. Maybe we could all threaten to donate to whoever is opposing him unless he shapes up: seat FL/MI, and no more caucuses!

  416. Sherm… I believe our campaign should allocate some resources to fight for the rights of FL and MI. If we had those delegates we would be up by at least 150 delegates. This is a fight worth fighting. I believe there is deep rooted conspiracy to deprive Hillary of these delegates. They approved SC when they moved up their primary why?? I think inside DNCC there is cabal which is trying to prevent Hillary’s nomination. I believe Howard Dean, Teddy, Kerry are all silent because they are all for suppressing the vote. I think we should be appealing to all the Democratic Party leaders to come clean with their positions. That is the only way they could prove that their hands are not dirty.

  417. Clintondem99, while I’m not sure about allocated resources, I have no doubt that fight is being made. I base that mostly on confidence in the intelligence of the Clintons.

    I can’t help but believe your very logical “conspiracy theory” about what dictator Dean and others are doing. There is no question DNC board member Donna Brazile supports what they are trying to do. I’m not sure who the others are.

    The lead the superdelegates give Hillary may prove useful in whatever fight comes up regarding the DNC and how they handle some of these problems. The truth is the Clintons have lots of friends among the superdelegates. Good things can happen because of that.

  418. Sherm…. After I posted my comments I have read this article in today’s WSJ:


  419. Clintondem99, that’s a very interesting article. Some of the scenarios they mention just won’t fly with Hillary. Of course, Bwak would like a rerun of the vote since he lost. If he failed again, he would want another rerun.

    The key is this point: “Sen. Clinton would almost certainly argue for including the delegations on grounds they are important states to the party. Sen. Obama then would be in the uncomfortable position of seeking to disenfranchise them.” It isn’t hard to guess how Hillary will decide on this.

    The simplest and only correct decision in my view is to simply seat the delegates. The state parties may have made mistakes, but it’s the voters that matter. They didn’t make the mistakes.

  420. With reference to the media problems Hillary is having, lots of these are just shades of Geraldine Ferraro. Do any of you remember how the media destroyed her and unfortunately any chances for Modale taking the White House from the Gipper? The media was absolutely ruthless towards Geraldine during that campaign. She was the first martyr sacrificed on the alter of male dominance. That year (1984), was very interesting. During the primary before Geraldine hit the scene, the media darlings were none other than Jessie Jackson representing the AA and Gary Hart representing the youth and progressive wings of the Party. This year Gary Hart and Jessie Jackson, both endorsing the messiah, are combined into one person. Fritz Mondale endorsed Hillary early on.

  421. Sherm.. One problem with the article is they are under estimating the MSM spin. MSM has so successfully spun super Tuesday as a win for BO.

  422. Hillary is fighting back against MSNBC. She is threatening to pull out of the Cleveland debate sponsored by that network. The LA Times article also goes into the “Pimping” comment and all the repercussions.

    I’m very happy to see her fighting back.


  423. paddy4hill, They did the same thing to Patricia Schroder too. I remember how the media darling Babara Bush got away calling her a bitch.

  424. I have been wondering where the hell has Al Gore been? I am not talking about endorsements, but why hasn’t he chimed in on the Florida and Michigan delegate situation. I can stiil hear his speech from the 2004 convention reminding the country that “Every Vote Counts” and to never allow anyone’s voice not to be heard. I guess the DNC was not listening that night….

  425. Clintondem99, that LA Times article shows the campaign is very unhappy with a lot of things MSNBC is doing. I assume their spin on things is also under discussion since that network is trying to save that debate.

    By keeping this in the news, the campaign is milking it for all its worth. The guys in the media aren’t nearly as smart as they think they are. Maybe we should now be writing to them to thank them for their stupidity.

  426. It is on every news site about the “pimping” remark. I am just hoping that it angers enough voters today that we will shock the other side.

    (Washington State Caucuses)

    I was born in Seattle, and grew up in this neighborhood
    I have served in the military, and worked in companies
    I have observed different styles of leadership at a senior level
    And I have seen some organizations prosper & others fail

    I believe we are facing a perfect storm re. econ health Iraq
    And we have two candidates applying for POUS
    Both of them advocate change—after 7 yrs of GWB
    Both of them have similar agendas (except health care)

    So, for me this is primarily a question of who can deliver
    If the current situation is as serious as I believe it is
    Then hope and inspiration will not get it done
    I am convinced that we need experience, judgment and courage

    Those are the very attributes that define Hillary Clinton.
    She has experience: as First Lady and 2 term senator (examples)
    She has judgment: common ground or hold ground (examples)
    She has moral courage: media abuse, triple team, Iowa

    There is one other thing about Hillary that is important
    She has a passion for social justice—like RFK
    You can see it in the work she has done for children, equality
    And I am confident she will protect the middle class

    In sum, those are the reasons I support Hillary for President.

  428. paddy4Hill Says:
    February 9th, 2008 at 7:02 am
    thanks for your insightful posts. I like the way you enumerated the 4 possible scenarios in an earlier post. 3 out of 4 are in Hillary’s favor. The bottomline for him to win (without a fight) is he would have to surpass her by at least the FL + MI put together and then argue about the superdelegates — but the SDs who are supporting her may not like being questioned on their vote.

    Also about your comment on Ferraro, both I and my husband are surprised by the media treatment of Hillary and the male vote split. For a country that is technologically advanced and extremely wealthy and appears to have been mostly built on rational principles, this is so socially backward. We don’t understand it.

  429. Sherm kader….. More ammo

    Reporter initially defended Chelsea comment


  430. Someone on Taylor Marsh is encouraging all suppporters to commit to MAKE FIVE PHONE CALLS FOR HILLARY TODAY. Come on, anyone can do five!

    Go to take action, make calls on her site. There is a script for you to read – it’s easy!

    Five is nothing, even if you hate calling or are scared you can manage that. EACH of us should be able to do five!

  431. Texas Do you know why I don’t have numbers for Hillary site?I have been on it for a few weeks and requested to be part of that calling campaign.I have yet to hear back

  432. wbboei,

    I reposted after that message when it was pointed out to me that:
    A) I could have mistaken 17,000 for 70,000
    B) Merryfield and others posted the seating capacity of key Arena
    C) I’d been switching between 4 channels when I heard that quote and couldn’t remember which station said it.
    I already apologized several times for having quoted misinformation.
    What else do you want me to do? i said i would be more careful in the future. Is that sufficient for you? If you bothered to check the following posts you’ll see I linked several excellent articles about HRC.

  433. Just saw Obama on CNN saying people do not buy a house because they do not have the money. Maybe if everyone had a friend like Rezko everyone could afford to buy a house.

  434. Another reason we can win Virginia is that Obambi is relying on the VA Democratic Party to help him out. I used to live Old Town Alexandria, right down the street from Mark Warner and not too far from McCain’s old place. (Did you ever hear the story about how McCain was sort of forced to move out of Old Town? Well that is another post some other time after the convention). The VA democratic party is the poorest excuse for any state democratic party that I have ever run across, and I have been associated with a few. The VA party is not the MD party, which is a well oiled machine .Any dem that runs for office in VA knows that you gotta do it by yourself if you want the job done. Bill and Hillary, even though their place is in Georgetown in the district obviously know this too. Hence the reason they are not too spooked by the Obambi media hype about having the support of the VA Party and are investing time and money there. We can win VA if we make the calls to GOTV. Really.

  435. BHO says he is stronger than McCain on climate change. I assume he didn’t say stronger than Hillary because he knows that isn’t true. If you read the article, you find he has been “in conversations with former Vice President Al Gore about this repeatedly”. I suspect he is sucking up to Al Gore in order to win his endorsement by faking his interest in the subject.


  436. Vanity4Hillary, you don’t need a “reply”, you just go to

    [http] ://tools.hillaryclinton.com/calling/

    You should have no problem. They only put the list up during the hours you are allowed to make calls (otherwise, with the time zone differences, people would get confused and be calling across the country at 4am their time!)

    For instance, it just came online for Maine, but the Washington button doesn’t work (still too early there.)


  437. Ugh I just watch last weeks episode of Bill Maher and who was that now lady?She is beyond weak and does not come across as a strong vocal supporter of Hillary

  438. Vanity4Hillary, you do not need a reply from the campaign. Just go to the site, click on “take action” from the menu bar. From the drop down menu, choose “make calls”.

    It is only up at certain times of day, so as to not be calling people at 5 am in their time zone! Maine is up now, but not Washington yet.

    Go call!

  439. paddy wrote: Any dem that runs for office in VA knows that you gotta do it by yourself if you want the job done.

    This made me LOL because I was recently on a site somewhere that was ridiculing the Clinton Campaign for putting out a memo with a list of 100 low level Virginia Activists on it. I knew campaigns are very proud of their supporters no matter who they are, but it did seem kind of strange that they had made such a big deal about it. If what you say is true, it looks like Bambi’s operation got played.

  440. keep Chelsea slam on front page of yahoo….I’ve been v
    oting for the last hour


  441. @Texas thanks i made 5 call’s I cant do them well.I get tongue tied but out of the 5 2 answered and was for Hillary.

  442. Does anyone know if Hill is doing a rally in Abingdon, Va? I got an email last night implying such, but my virus protection wiped out the contents of the email.

    Anyone know? Or know where I can find that info on HRC’s site? I’d LOVE to go and cheer her on!

  443. vanity – i encourage you (and everyone) to keep going – I’ve made 130 calls in one day – so, just practice the script, edit the sentences shorter if you’re getting tongue tied.

  444. Yay, Vanity! 🙂 I change the script all the time. I remember there was one that said “reenergize” the economy. Screw that, I just said “fix” our economy. Keep it simple.

  445. psymac, you can use a cellphone. This particular system just puts up the number on your computer screen, and you call. No 800-connection or anything.

    I have unlimited minutes, so use my cell.

  446. I just did calling for the first time. I used my cell phone. I was a nerous at first and I did modify the script so I am more comfortable with what I’m saying. Mostly I left messages but I think it provides important contact. I promise this is not hard.

  447. hey all – does anyone have Hillary’s Maine office number? – looking on their site, and can’t fine – one of the callees asked me where she can caucus tomorrow, and I want to find out and call her back.

  448. hey thanks B Merryfield – got that site from the Maine for Hillary org and just convinced an 86 year old woman to go caucus for Hillary on Sunday.

    if anyone needs to get info about Maine for Hillary call 202 607-5159 and talk with Ariel.

  449. does anyone know when GE’s next shareholders conference is? I would want to participate and ask them the question in their shareholders meeting! about how they feel running the most sexist TV news channel on the planet.

  450. Well, who would have thunk it. I ventured over to Drudge for the first time in a month and he has 3 top page stories on Shuster and Chelsea.

    I hope that this story continues through the week as the media really needs to be checked. I’ve been thinking more and more on his comment, especially as it was revealed that he had a chance to offer a personal apology but instead dug his heels in. I think this really and truly could be an Imus moment.

    Where is Al and Jesse on this?

  451. Idunn —

    It’s Bill in Abingdon at 4:40 pm today at SW VA Higer Education Center, 1 Partnership Center.
    Hillary will be in Roanoke tomorrow at 4:30 pm at Patrick Henry High School, 2102 Grandin Rd SW

  452. Yikes B Merry! I just visited Rezkowatch and found one of my posts under the suggestions section.

    Hope someone’s lawyer doesn’t try to sure me. LOL!

  453. It’s Bill in Abingdon at 4:40 pm today at SW VA Higer Education Center, 1 Partnership Center.

    Sweet! I’ll go cheer the Big Dog on then! Thanks!

  454. This is what we can do (other than moaning and groaning) 1) Write/call the DNC to let them know your thoughts on seating Florida and Michigan. Go to Taylor’s website and check out the petition “seat our delegates now.” Maybe someone who is better at linking than me can get it over here. 2) Go to OkieAtty’s website (noted above) and post, and donate on Feb 12. Give support to one of our own for doing SOMETHING. Thanks from one atty to another! 3)Keep writing/calling CBS, MSNBC and expressing your opinion. 3)make those phone calls. I hate it too but we have to do it or we are sunk. 4) give, give, give.

    I will agree that the Clinton campaign needs a spokesperson. Does anyone know how we can express this desire to them? They need to push back by more than just posting it on their website. The general public needs to hear/see their response. They need rapid response on the air. And the Clinton campaign needs to demand equal time with Obama’s campaign. And we need a strong spokesperson. Forget Penn.

  455. Yikes B Merry! I just visited Rezkowatch and found one of my posts under the suggestions section.

    Hope someone’s lawyer doesn’t try to sure me. LOL!

    Okeedokee. That SHOULD have read:

    Yikes B Merry! I just visited Rezkowatch and found one of my posts from here had been moved over there to the “suggestions” section.

    Hope someone’s lawyer doesn’t try to sue me. LOL!

    (I need more coffee)

  456. I’m still calling – I encourage all of you to get on the hillaryclinton site and MAKE CALLS! – I just got a Maine callee who said OH YEAH, MY WHOLE FAMILY IS FOR CLINTON.

    This is encouraging stuff all and makes us focused on her win and no handwringing!

  457. alright all – i just finished 13 calls easily – PLEASE MAKE CALLS. The people in the city I called seem to be very Clinton-friendly, so let’s encourage them to go out and caucus and hope that there’s good weather.

  458. Oy…I’m sorry to say, I don’t think I can read Taylor’s place anymore. Too many compliments toward Obama, and now a post calling for a joint ticket! This is insanity. People must stop grasping because they seem to feel desperate, and they must stop being fair because Obama calls himself a Democrat. He’s repeatedly shit on Clinton and the party—and he gets compliments? Huh?

    In my opinion (for what that’s worth), this person has shown himself to be just another Bush goon. He should get NOWHERE NEAR the white house. Just because someone calls himself a Democrat doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a Democrat (and just because someone truly IS a Democrat doesn’t necessarily mean he ain’t also truly a goon—people can have behavioral problems, no matter what they want to be and consider themselves). Look at what he DOES, not at what his label says. Obama hasn’t run a good campaign, it isn’t a smart one; it’s been thuggery, just like Bush and the republicans, who I consider The Kings Of Thuggery. I think this year’s a repeat of the election cycles of the past eight years. That’s the thug modus operandi: do anything to win because thugs don’t have the qualifications, intelligence and ideas to win without brute force.

    Obama’s campaign has been bad, terrible, nasty, stupid, dangerous to the democratic party and therefore to this country because the Dem party is the only one at this time that can beat the republican party. Earlier on I thought that if Clinton would accept him as VP, then I probably would because I’m not behind the scenes; for all I know, the Dem party powers-that-be have engineered this feud to give the Dems more press (who the hell knows? I really don’t think that’s the case, but it’s a possibility and in The Bush Age of Unreason, I frankly trust nobody). But that was earlier on. Now that Obama’s shown himself to be unacceptable, if Clinton accepted him as a VP running mate, I’d have to wonder whether she’s thinking clearly. I really don’t think I could vote for her then.

    I agree with the others here that people must start posting more POSITIVE STUFF about Clinton. Please, people. This is like the only place I’m reading now. But it’s starting to sound like all the others; too much propaganda posted here, too much of the other side’s false claims being advertised.

    I hate complaining like this because it adds more negativity, and if my doing so has bothered people, I understand and apologize. I won’t hang around here anymore then. I’ll stop worrying over this because I really feel like everything I’ve been saying for years hasn’t mattered a damn. Why continue saying it? The toilet this country continues to go down—it seems I have no real control over that flush.

  459. i just read taylor’s piece as well – but a little different perspective from you, Fran – she goes on to make the case against Obama and a direct appeal to his followers to see through his BS.

  460. Now that Obama’s shown himself to be unacceptable, if Clinton accepted him as a VP running mate, I’d have to wonder whether she’s thinking clearly. I really don’t think I could vote for her then.

    Fran, that isn’t going to happen. After all the shit this guy has drug her through, do you REALLY think she would choose him for the vp spot? C’mon now. Anyway, I’d bet my last dollar she’s already got Wes Clark pegged for that sopt.

    And for what it’s worth, you’re not alone. Just the idea of an HRC/BHO ticket makes me want to puke. So I DON’T think about it. Why would I? It ain’t gonna happen. 😉

  461. The following is from a press statement issued by the National Organization for Women in response to the broadcast:

    What on earth is going on? The press, collectively, is already granting Barack Obama twice the coverage it gives Hillary Clinton by minimizing Clinton’s victories and ballooning Obama’s. But this particular snippet is far beyond the pale.

    Hillary is PIMPING her daughter? Why would a daughter’s support in this historic, glass-ceiling-shattering presidential race, be characterized as “PIMPING?”

    This awful name-calling is nothing short of abusive. When male abusers feel they are failing to reach their spouses, they often go after their children. Every day across the country battered women and their children suffer at the hands of abusers.

    Further, employers often use motherhood against women. Who is asked “how will you juggle family and work?” Thus children are used, across the board, as political footballs. The idea is that if a mother can be convinced her actions will hurt her child, perhaps she’ll be persuaded to back down. Now the media itself is adopting this batterers’ technique.

    Does Schuster understand that he is trashing the daughter of someone who may well be our next Commander and Chief? One can only guess what would have happened had he made this same statement about Obama’s daughter. Why surely we would be witness to another Imus moment.

    This Schuster remark speaks volumes about the larger picture for mothers and their children. It’s not just about hate speech; it’s about power and control.

    We of NOW-NYS, and our over forty thousand supporters, salute mothers everywhere, especially Hillary Clinton. And we thank Chelsea Clinton for her support and stand behind her one hundred percent, every step of this historic way.

    Source: http://www.nownys.org.
    I love this response from the NOWNYS…because these boys with small penises that call themselves journalist and on TV are getting away with this crap from their bosses at work, on a publicly traded company that crap all over our daughters dreams and goals because they know it is alright to be SEXIST and SEXISM is rewarded.

    And the United States thinks they’re better then Saudi Arabia who is more honest then us?…..puhlease,

    MSNBC should have fired Chris Matthew and David Shuster right at the beginning and had fixed the environment over there…when you get grown men justifying this behavior and then blaming the Clintons for protesting and that disgusting turd David Shuster arrogantly saying He wasn’t sorry at all for saying Hillary is pimping her child and implying Chelsea in a prostitute in WRITING multiple times!!!!!!

    I know if I did that at my job and I’m a woman…I would get fired in two minutes flat and I work for a Health Insurance company. I don’t know anyone who is at work for a large corporation dealing in a public manner and with a customer base would use this kind of language toward 50% of their target base.

    Btw:The Hillary Clinton is a very fine lawyer and if you read those emails..MSNBC/NBC is in could be in big trouble because all this was done in the public eye and MSNBC/NBC has shown a pattern of abuse and offensive language….damn. Keep those emails and calls going this is sooooo important that we stop this blatant SEXISM that is being promoted in the media.

    And for our weak azz Democratic party leaders….they don’t get it either They should have step up to the plate as a core value of the democratic party. They are PATHETIC…they think the voters are stupid and dumb and don’t see that their crap don’t sink too.

  462. Ininla, this is right from her post: “Look, I don’t know who has the authority to sit the two candidates down and broker such an agreement. Many things would need to be discussed — obviously, Bill Clinton’s role would have to be spelled out. And who should be on the top of the ticket? Well, I would prefer Hillary, but given the urgency of the situation, either candidate should be acceptable….

    I mention these things simply to remind people that no candidate is perfect. They all have flaws — heck, by definition, they are politicians. The most important point is that after eight long years of Republican rule, the Democrats MUST win back the White House.”

    That is why Obama and Hillary must come together now.

    –I see no sarcasm or ambiguity there. Her intent and opinion sounds clear. And, I’m sorry, that’s insanity. I strongly disagree with her conclusion. I don’t think the situation is as urgent as some people are claiming—they’re listening to the other side’s propaganda again! NO snap decisions right now. Think, people, think. HARD.

  463. And, certainly, you don’t put the person who won all the big states and the red/purple states we have a chance in at the bottom of the ticket. Screw that.

  464. Is this even legal? (Add a http to the beginning; the last time I tried to link this the spam filters suppressed me. *g*)


    And if that is legal, does Hillary have a site like that? And if she doesn’t, can’t she…um. Make one?

    Another thing that we can be aware of going on, apparently:

    From a blog on the national Obama website:

    I’m on one of Obama’s groups called “Scholars for Obama” — and 1 of our members has made an amazing offer: if all the women for Obama — young, old, white, black, Latino, Asian, Native American, etc — submit their pics to her website, she’s going to make a video montage or even a full-page New York Times ad entitled “We are the Women For Obama.” It’s an effort to show our faces, our numbers — and to make a dent in Hillary’s reputed monopoly on women. I’m white in my 30s, my mom’s white in her 60s, and both of us feel angered and misrepresented by all the news coverage of “Women overwhelmingly support Hillary….” We can fight this by showing our supporters visually — and when our vitality is apparent, hopefully more women will be inclined to join as well. (I’ve heard from a lot of 40+ women that they face pressure to back the “first-woman;” some of them have even been charged with “betrayal” for backing Obama. If we can show our powerful numbers — the many ages and ethnicities of Women for Obama — we can bring other friends, mothers, grandmothers, teachers, etc, on board. It’s about time we’ve chipped away at Hillary’s armor on this one.

    So please email your pics to this address, and forward this letter to all the women in your life who would want their picture featured on a video or ad. We can do this!!!

    “Ellee Koss of the Scholars for Obama group has taken on the task of creating a video project that will present the diversity of women supporters of Obama and will hopefully inspire still undecided women to vote for him (or a change of mind in those planning to support Hillary Clinton on the basis of her gender). We are now encouraging that the women members of the Scholars for Obama and Boston for Barack send on an image of yourself- preferably a head shot- that will be used for a video that speaks of the Face of the Women Supporting Barack Obama. Please send it to Ellee Koss at:


    By sending us your photograph you give us permission to use your photograph in this project. Please recognize that this means that, minimally, it will be sent via email to as many people as we can and will be posted on Youtube.

  465. Fran, exactly, I also got out of Taylor’s site quickly — did not like the post nor the discussion. I think Hillary’s chances going forward are good and it is pointless to think about any compromised solution. I recommend paddy4Hill posts to everybody — it is upthread. I am not willing to cede my candidate to a guy who wins caucuses and open primaries from small states and is unable to win big, populous, diverse states. I am not budging until I hear from Ohio and Texas.

  466. Exactly, pm. WTF? I am disappointed in Taylor. This is just crazy.

    Ummm MJ, not to be disagreeable or anything, but weren’t YOU the one who for days on this site spouted endlessly about the merits of a Clinton/Obama ticket? To the point where I even left this discussion in order NOT to keep listening to that?

    Am I possibly mistaking you for someone else? Color me confused.

  467. I thought I read somewhere that Michelle Obama was involved with that org Landmark Education that evolved from the cult EST – am I correct? anyone else read something like that?

  468. I said we may be stuck with Obama as VP, and I could live with that. NOT that it would be acceptable for Hillary to be at the bottom of the ticket. That’s absurd.

  469. Idunn, ah, that’s interesting but NO, neither of those suggestions came from here. Did you perhaps post something similar elsewhere?

    Nope. I posted that here and only here. It’s not at all a problem for me that it’s over on your site though. I stand by what I said. Follow the money. 😉

  470. BTW, anyone who is using Kaspersky security is running into a false pfishing message today when attempting to visit a blogspot.com site.

    I think I have my problem fixed after going to the Google Blogger forum, where a bunch of us all had the same problem at the same time, then going to the Kaspersky forum looking for help.

    Something happened with this morning’s automatic update. Hopefully, Kaspersky / Blogger will sort this out. In the meantime, I think I have a temporary fix.

    Just FYI.

  471. And, NO, I didn’t spout the “endless merits” of a Clinton/Obama ticket. Only that we might be stuck with him as VP, which I could tolerate. But NEVER the other way around. That’s nuts.

  472. I said we may be stuck with Obama as VP, and I could live with that. NOT that it would be acceptable for Hillary to be at the bottom of the ticket. That’s absurd.

    Thanks for the clarification, MJ. I haven’t been to Taylors site in a few days, so I wasn’t aware that she suggested the ticket be OB/HRC.

    Sorry for the confusion.

  473. marim Says:
    February 9th, 2008 at 12:17 pm
    they can put any number of women on the picture/poster project — we will always have more. And many of us are committed supporters because of her capability — there is no kool-aid here.

  474. Yeah, Idunn–I thought the exact same thing when I saw mj’s last few posts. But maybe mj has listened to others and changed her/his mind, which is good….

    pm, actually, I’m not ceding Clinton to Obama or anyone else–period! I meant what I’ve said, if she doesn’t get the nomination, I’m not voting. I’m largely a nihilist/anarchist. Voting goes against my other beliefs because I think the current system is shit. I’ve only started voting recently because I think this country has been under a state of Bush Age Of Unreason emergency….

  475. That’s probably exactly what happened, B Merry. My post here was in response to another poster who asked how we could get to the truth in the Rezko story. I bet THEY sent it in. LOL!

    Either way, I’m perfectly fine with it. 🙂

  476. Fran, Idunn — if you scan back to numerous posts you will find mj has leaned this way for a long time.

    It’s Hillary as #1. (BHO is #2, but that’s another story.)

  477. I have not leaned this way. I have said it way be inevitable, and I could accept that so long as Hillary is at the top.

  478. Idunn, that’s good, because I DO want people to send “anonymous” information. The second “suggestion” I tried to disguise so the source would be less obvious.

    Isn’t that email from Auchi’s “lawyer” a hoot! I spend a couple hours figuring out how to handle it. Looks like this is a pattern since it took FOUR years for him to contact the UK newspaper .. after the Rezkobama news starting hitting the fan.

  479. B, it seems mj has been softening in that area. I can’t say I agree with mj; I wouldn’t accept BO anywhere near a presidential seat. He’s proven himself too dangerous, in my opinion. I can’t believe Clinton doesn’t see that. She probably does. But then I don’t know what she sees; I’m not in her head.

  480. I am so disgusted at the Obama support all the time on the networks. I am so glad I foud this blog. Two blogs I would go to daily are pushing (daily kos, raw, huffington post).

    I’m bummed and worried.

  481. Isn’t that email from Auchi’s “lawyer” a hoot!

    Yes indeedy. Looks like your tiny little voice out in the wilderness is being heard by some big fat worried ears. Heh heh.

    Be extra careful though, make sure you dot all your “i”s and cross all your “t”s if ya know what I mean. The more your on to something, the more they’re gonna try to pound you.

  482. # B Merryfield Says:
    February 9th, 2008 at 12:34 pm

    pm, looks like somebody in bho’s camp has figured out that they have a “female problem” … can we call it BMS?
    Ha, Ha… I like that!

  483. hey all – all this VP talk – STOP IT – we’re way ahead of ourselves – let’s FOCUS ON HER WIN TODAY, and this weekend, LET’S FOCUS ON SHUSTER AND EXPOSING BIG MEDIA & MSNBC, LET’S FOCUS ON SEATING THE FLORIDA AND MICHIGAN DELEGATES AND SENDING THAT MESSAGE TO THE DNC, and do whatever we can to make HER WIN, and this VP nonsense can go away.

  484. Obama cuts & runs, then runs back to Virginia forum
    by andrewalker08, Sat Feb 09, 2008 at 12:18:32 PM EST

    Yesterday, Politico.com announced that Illinois Sen. Barack Obama had declined to participate in the ABC 7/Politico Candidate Forum scheduled for Monday, February 11th.

    As a result of Obama’s initial refusal, the forum was appropriately named “The ABC7/POLITICO Candidate Forum: An interview with Hillary Clinton.”

    Well, lo and behold, Barack Obama couldn’t have that. A whole evening of free, earned media for Hillary Clinton became too unacceptable for him; so after his initial cut & run strategy from the forum, Politico.com has announced that Barack Obama will be running back to participate in the event that the Clinton campaign correctly characterized as an opportunity for “the voters of Washington, Maryland and Virginia to see the candidates debate side by side before they head to the polls on Tuesday [February 12th].”

    The ABC7/Politico Candidate Forum: An interview with Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama will air live locally on WJLA-TV in Virginia and will also be streamed on the internet via Politico.com. The forum begins at 7:00p.m. and will include questions from Politico editor-in-chief John F. Harris and ABC 7 News anchor Leon Harris along with questions submitted from the public.

  485. Hillary will win a GE with bozo the clown as VP. But, it’s unacceptable to think the person who won all the big states should be VP.

  486. Think about us today yall who are in Washington state. I’ve spent two weeks on the phone and worked since September to build support for Hillary. She was wonderful the other night in Seattle. Please stay positive on here today. Got to get back to the phones, just wanted to say hi

  487. Not a coin flip . . .

    Taylor-I believe Hillary is the answer to our country’s problems and Obama is not– for all the reasons we have discussed on this site. Thus, I would never support a ticket with him on top under any conceivable circumstances. Other democrats and independents I know who support Hillary feel the same way. So it doesnt make the problem any easier does it? I am off to the Washington caucuse.
    wbboei | 02.09.2008 – 12:13 pm | #

  488. I love it, meiyingsu!! Did the chickenshit son of a bitch give any reason for declining?

    (Oh how this news just makes my day!)

  489. Hillary will not accept VP. As for BO, I think he would have at one point, but he’s too close to the prize right now and can taste victory. It’s all or nothing for him at this point. He’s either going to be the nominee or he’s going to take his ball and go home.

  490. John Kass at ChiTimes today:

    The inevitability of President Barack Obama seems all but given now, doesn’t it?

    Just consider those enemy tribes—the Clintonistas and the Limbaughtonians—sullen peasants on a muddy roadside, waiting for the wheels of Obama’s glittering coach to spatter their homespun garments.

    The media so loves Obama that he’s transcending again, this time from a politician into a religion.

    So if some Mt. Vesuvius were to erupt over America, preserving us in its ashen heavings, future archeologists would one day hunch down over our covered forms, and chip away until America was revealed like the Pompeian clay people, our arms outstretched, eager, waiting for Barack.

    Or, maybe not.


  491. I’m going to get out of here, take a shower and go cheer on Big Dog in Abingdon, Va!

    Can’t wait…I hope to come home so hoarse I can’t speak for days. 😉

  492. do i detect a note of scorn possibly peeking its head in media now towards, “the saint”. The media loves to tear down what they build…that is why he is trying so hard to be labeled “underdog”.

    I actually thought it would start earlier…the monster the media created … worse than any Freddy Kruger nightmare on Pennsylvania avenue!

  493. “Hillary will win a GE with bozo the clown as VP.”

    –mj, I think this is a sweeping absolutist statement. Don’t assume anything like that. Assume as little as you can so people keep working hard. If you (impersonal) think you’ve got something locked up, if you get smug, you might slack off.

  494. Fran, whatever. I have total faith in Hillary being able to win a GE, NOT so for BO. My prime concern is making sure Hillary get’s the nom.

  495. I think regular people are beginning to see through the saviour factor of nobama…fear is starting to settle in. this guy is a wing nut and his cult is not going to run America..

    Keep the Chelsea story active folks….people need to read how media treats her.

  496. I have now seen the Olberman apology for the Shuster comment about pimping, and I am underwhelmed. The larger problem is the damage this network has done to Hillary’s campaign by attacking and promoting Obama.(See Professor Jamieson).

    MSNBC has not apologized for that nor will they. Shuster merely said out loud what the rest of them were thinking- and doing to our girl for the past 12 months to distort the truth and to hijack this election. (See Bill Press)

    Under the circmstances I see no value in accepting an apology– especially from someone like Olberman who has himself drunk the koolaid. Their coverage will not change, they will not vet Obama and as far as Hillary is concerned the damage is done. (See Media Matters)

    Hillary will decide what to do on the debate. But if it were up to me I would drive a drive a silver stake through their vampire heart with a nationwide boycott. In terms of the larger objective, I believe it is a mistake to let them off the hook with an apology. Sexism is the official policy of MSNBC, everyone knows it and their executives should wear it like a scarlet letter

  497. mj, I too think she likely would win the GE–and I see her likely beating McCain because I think people are underestimating the intelligence of the american people–and their anger toward not only King Bush but the republican party. McCain won’t inspire people too much, in my opinion. I can’t stand hearing compliments about him either, which I’ve also heard at Taylor’s place. I don’t think he’s a psychopath like Bush, but he’s nevertheless a republican and that party has rotted into a dangerous entity. MC was and is a Bush abetter, and that’s enough for me to slot him into the NO WAY! category. I remember his fervent support of invading Iraq, saw him in a public TV appearance with other commentators. He turned my stomach. Typical thick-necked, thick-headed patriarchal republican. No fucking thanks.

    But my eye is also on the future AFTER Clinton would win. Obama would not be trustworthy by her side in a number of ways, and if something happened to her, HE would be at the top. She’s sixty, the world is volatile—anything could happen to her. I stand by my statement that he’s a dangerous person until I see otherwise. I don’t want him having presidential powers.

  498. One of the main reasons I can’t see myself not fighting to get whomever the Dem nominee is into the White House is the Supreme Court nominations. The next president is going to get to set the tone of the SC for who knows how long. So I’m a little surprised at the Obama claim that Republicans will vote for him in November. The only 2 Democratic appointed justices are close to retirement and a Republican president means a conservative Supreme Court for years to come.

  499. Whoops hit submit too soon.

    I just can’t see Republicans passing that chance up, no matter how much they dislike McCain.

  500. groups.yahoo.com/group/hillarysvoice/messages
    yahoo group we online supporters have got going, its growing and you hillary supporters should join!!!

  501. Guys, someone forwarded this to me. Please email CNN and complain:

    On February 6th, in it’s post-Supert Tuesday coverage, CNN ran a
    ‘joke’ during Anderson Cooper’s show. Every day they show a photo and
    select what they think is the best caption. That night it was a photo
    of a white mother going into a voting booth on Tuesday with a male
    toddler in her arms. He seemed to be holding on to the outside of the
    booth, not wanting to go in. The ‘joke’ caption was “Please don’t make
    me vote for a girl, Mommy”.

    If Anderson Cooper had said, “Please don’t make me vote for a black
    man, Mommy,” his career at CNN would be done. However, when he
    explictly suggests that it’s ok to oppose Hillary because she’s a
    woman, no one bats an eye. This is disgusting. And there’s no end to
    it. So please do the following:

    Contact CNN and complain about the segment and call for Anderson
    Cooper to be disciplined. To contact CNN go to this link:

  502. I just wanted to clarify some comments that were made above regarding Taylor Marsh blogging about how HRC and Obama need to come to a compromise. Taylor Marsh didn’t say that. The posts you guys are referring to on her blog isn’t from her but from a guest blogger. Taylor Marsh is one of the very few bloggers who is a staunch HRC supporter, who sticks to facts and tells the truth. Without Taylor Marsh I don’t think I will have been ventured anywhere on the internet. Her blog and Hillaryis44 have kept me sane.

  503. I’m going to say something: I think that the media is pushing Obama so heavily, if he gets the nom, this is probably a win-win situation for the republicans. I really think he’s probably on their side. His way of campaigning, the many flattering statements towards the republicans, the indications that he wants “unity” with them, will “work with them,” his implications that Bush hasn’t made any “grave, grave breaches of authority” so shouldn’t be impeached, has revealed his alliance with republican ideologies, and maybe with the party in some way.

    I don’t know if the media (who I think is in cahoots with Bush, the republicans, the big money in this country) wants Obama to win it because he’s either directly in their pocket, or if they want Obama to win it because the media thinks McCain could more easily beat Obama than Clinton, but I suspect one of those two scenarios is the motive behind all the Obama media love. Again, either way, the republicans think they will win.

    Basically, I think this election STINKS in a false way.
    in, I don’t

  504. wbboei Says:
    February 9th, 2008 at 12:57 pm

    I have now seen the Olberman apology for the Shuster comment about pimping, and I am underwhelmed. The larger problem is the damage this network has done to Hillary’s campaign by attacking and promoting Obama.(See Professor Jamieson).

    I agree with you. Shuster was to me just a sacrificial lamb — how do you change the rest of them? How do you get more women lead anchors of Brokaw stature in there. I am sick seeing fat and bully faces of Russert, Matthews, and others..They just blew it. I sensed very early on the bias on Matthews’ show and have never gone back there. Tried Olberman and gave up on that a long time ago. I am not giving them any ratings anymore. These are not journalists.

  505. Okay, Caroline, I see that author’s name in smaller italics at the top now. But I think Taylor still endorsed that opinion by posting it, has still given a forum to that post and its ideas, which I think is a wrong move. And I believe she’s said similar stuff at her place in other posts and threads. She’s been too nice, in my opinion.

  506. Fran…I cannot imagine Hillary accepting Obama as a running mate. She is a fighter and a smart one and just to accept someone for the sake of getting this over is not the Hillary Clinton I believe in. I really believe that Hillary wants to earn this nomination with the agenda that she has set out for America and believes in and what she has worked hard for every day…not what the powers that be want. Her heart is in this not to just win for the sake of winning, but to win so she can truly work to change things for the better for us all. I think she would rather not be on the ticket than to accept someone who she is not comfortable with and who she cannot work with and who does not share her vision. The first decision that she will make is who she chooses for Vice President…and I believe she knows how important that decision is. This is my humble opinion anyway from what I have observed about her over the years.

  507. Paula Says / February 9th, 2008 at 1:10 pm

    Everyone, that Taylor Marsh post about a joint ticket is bya guest poster, NOT Taylor.

    Kristen Breitweiser is one of the “Just Four Moms from New Jersey” who lost her husband on 9/11. Taylor fails to identify who she is.

  508. Kerry was known to be the nominee by this time in 2004 and he still lost.

    I don’t see the urgency.

    And the more I see of BO, the less I like the idea of him anywhere near the presidency. I want a VP candidate who’s qualified and not all about ME ME ME.

  509. B, I’m not sure what you’re trying to say. Do you think that makes the article better or worse?

    I’m not sure that who the author is is relevant in this case. As I’ve said, not only do I disagree with that article’s content, but I don’t think proClinton people should promote that joint-ticket meme or post articles like that on their sites. Especially because, um, does anyone see Obama supporters doing that? If they have, they’re probably putting CLINTON as VP.

    When I want something, I don’t give an inch till I get that something. Most times, I get what I want…..

  510. On the Olbermann apology, I haven’t seen it because I am on a modem on weekends. But I think it’s just a cover for them all. They will go back to bashing Hillary in the most sexist way, and think they earned the right to do it by this “apology.”

    They will in fact think their bashing is more credible to the viewers because of this “apology.”

  511. Taylor Marsh, has been one of the most reliable supporters of Hillary right from the beginning. There is nothing wrong in her having a guest poster on her blog. Shall we all calm down a bit? I understand the nervousness we all feel. But it is also important not to turn on one of our own.

  512. TPS:

    “There is nothing wrong in her having a guest poster on her blog.”

    –In my opinion, that’s a strawman attempt if it’s meant toward me especially. Who said her having a guest-poster is wrong? I didn’t. The CONTENT of the guest post or any other post is the most important thing to me.

    If Clinton supporters can’t criticize their own kind’s behavior, then I think they’re probably a cult like Obama supporters. I won’t be part of a cult.

    Eh, I don’t feel like arguing my points any further. I said what I had to say in detail–that’s enough.

  513. REPOST from MJ – who is totally right to note this and that WE MUST complain to CNN too:

    from MJ – Guys, someone forwarded this to me. Please email CNN and complain:

    On February 6th, in it’s post-Supert Tuesday coverage, CNN ran a
    ‘joke’ during Anderson Cooper’s show. Every day they show a photo and
    select what they think is the best caption. That night it was a photo
    of a white mother going into a voting booth on Tuesday with a male
    toddler in her arms. He seemed to be holding on to the outside of the
    booth, not wanting to go in. The ‘joke’ caption was “Please don’t make
    me vote for a girl, Mommy”.

    If Anderson Cooper had said, “Please don’t make me vote for a black
    man, Mommy,” his career at CNN would be done.

  514. Fran / February 9th, 2008 at 1:32 pm

    B, I’m not sure what you’re trying to say. Do you think that makes the article better or worse?

    TPS — I think that a guest blogger should

    1) Be identified. She was not.

    2) Her affiliation with the Kerry campaign, at least in my mind, makes her position suspect, particularly about anything that has one degree of separation from Obama-backer-Kerry.

    Ask yourself, why would Kerry want to push this idea? I don’t think anyone here needs me to draw a picture.

  515. Someone up above, paddy4hill I think, was talking about the 1984 election and the way the press treated Gerry Ferraro. I had forgotten that — but paddy is absolutely right. They treated her viciously, and her husband as well. He got slammed as Bill is getting slammed now, which shows it is not about the Clintons but about sexism. The candidate is a woman, and so her spouse is fair game in a way a female spouse is not.

    Thanks paddy4hill for the reminder!

  516. Fran, I agree. At the very least when somebody guess blogs you need to clearly identify who they are and where they’re coming from. The “who” is not as important as the possible “why”.

  517. To me, it boils down to these two things:
    1. Could Obama have competed against a male candidate who had Hillary’s qualifications? No, he would have been history by now if that were the case.
    2. Could a woman with Obama’s qualifications have run and be taken seriously? No. So why are we taking him seriously?

  518. Spirited One, I agree; I don’t think Clinton wants him. But at the same time, one of the things I think makes her so good at what she does: she seems to listen to the american people, she wants to represent them (which is why she’d probably make a really good president). If enough of her supporters kept talking about and posting about and urging her to accept Obama as VP, I think she might. And I don’t want to see that happen. Hence, my posts on this issue.

  519. I too missed the by-line for Kirsten and thought Taylor had rather unexpectedly changed her position.

    I’m relieved that’s not so!

    I think both HIllary and Obama would lose credibility by joining this year. In future it would be credible for Hillary to say Obama has gained experience.

    I think HIlary would lose credibility by choosing anyone for any reason except competence. Still if she had to, I’d like to see her announce early that she’s made a deal with Jesse Jackson SENIOR. He’s a calm good man and been around a long time, and it would be a very healing thing! (Even Obama could say “I helped elect the First Black Pres!”)

    Hm, maybe we should start a “Draft JJSr” movement. Let Obama criticize THAT.

  520. Ding-ding-ding! pm. It’s the same-old sexist shit double-standard. Where were all these Obama supporters when Carol Moseley Braun ran? She also had more experience than Obama, but was practically ignored and polled in the single digits. But when a black MAN runs, he gets tons of love from all corners, white and black. Were lots of black males and white males supporting Moseley Braun? Nope.

    In my opinion, if Moseley Braun were running against Obama now, he would still be getting most of the attention. She might get a bit more than Clinton because she wouldn’t have all the Clinton haters to deal with, but then racism would eat into that extra support she’d have over Clinton—and it’s possible “black women” are discriminated against in a specific way that other females aren’t. But I think both scenarios would end up playing out almost the same: Clinton vs. Obama, Moseley Braun vs. Obama. He’s a MAN—in patriarchal society, that automatically qualifies him and means he doesn’t have to work as hard, whereas the woman has to work so much harder, harder than the man, and wind up with fewer rewards.

    In my opinion, sex has been the biggest impediment/advantage for this race, as is the case the world over, for heads-of-state especially. And I’m fucking sick of this.

  521. Fran…I really understand your point but I think that Hillary believes so much in what she wants to do for this country and I think that it is foremost in her heart and mind. And she has worked so hard to get to where she is. If she did pick Obama, again I would be surprised and it would be a hard pill for me to swallow. I really believe Hillary is going to fight all the way to the convention. My message to her is to keep on fighting. She’s been up against a horribly tough, pathetic media etc. and more and she just keeps going. She puts the Energizer Bunny to shame.

  522. Before I started blogging this morning, I woke with a realization.

    BHO’s campaign is NOT about politics. It is a religion, a cult, and his followers are not so much interested in electing a president as they are an idea.

    A poster summed it up at TM — it’s Hope-N-Vote !

  523. “She puts the Energizer Bunny to shame.”

    –Maybe that should be her new slogan! “Hillary puts the Energizer Bunny to shame.”