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After the funeral planned by Big Media before New Hampshire and Super Tuesday we know better than be fooled by those fools.

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[Don’t forget to send Perez Hilton and his pink site some love from Hillary Is 44 ( ) for his support of Hillary. It’s not easy going against the cult.]

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Why fight? Because it matters.

This little noted article on Obama Talking Points Memo explains the Health care fight:

Should you care about the flap over healthcare “mandates”? Does it really tell us anything about whether Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama is more likely to deliver healthcare reform?

In yesterday’s New York Times, Paul Krugman said “Yes.” He pointed out that Clinton’s plan favors mandates that would require everyone who can afford the premiums to sign up for healthcare insurance. Low-income and lower-middle income Americans who cannot afford the premiums would receive subsidies from the government, just as they do in Massachusetts. [snip]

Obama, on the other hand, does not insist that everyone enroll. The healthy and wealthy can opt out. As a result, Krugman points out, Obama’s plan “would face the problem of healthy people who decide to take their chances or don’t sign up until they develop medical problems, thereby raising premiums for everyone else.” Obama’s proposal for universal coverage would be extraordinarily expensive, requiring such steep tax hikes that it would never pass Congress.

That’s the issue in a nutshell. The author of the article, Maggie Mahar, explains why Obama’s plan is much more expensive ($4,400 per person) and does NOT cover every American. Hillary’s healthcare plan covers every American at a cost of $2,700 per person.

Mahar, like Krugman and many intelligent and well-versed others further explains the need to get everyone on board, not just the sick and those with high medical bills to pay. The only way to make universal coverage affordable is if everyone– young and old, rich and poor, sick and healthy—gets into the pool together. (And then, over time, we can work, together, to bring down health care costs.)

Mahar reports that under the assault of reason, Obama has been forced to issue flowery words changing his plan:

Unity and solidarity are, after all, major themes of Obama’s campaign. And so it should not come as a surprise when Baker reports that Obama himself has reconsidered his position , and now realizes that if we want national health reform, we need to have everyone sign up for insurance.

Here is his new plan: “Obama has suggested that we have a system of default enrollment, whereby people are [automatically] signed up for a plan at their workplace.” But this wouldn’t be a mandate, Baker explains: “People would then have the option to say that they do not want insurance, so they are not being forced to buy it. However,” Baker adds, “they will then face a late enrollment penalty if they try to play the ‘healthy person’ game. When they do opt to join the system, at some future point, they will have to pay 50 percent more for their insurance, or some comparable penalty for trying to game the system.“

Obama’s latest flips and flops instead of helping, hurt. Mahar explains:

What Baker doesn’t explain is what we will do with families who cannot afford to pay such stiff penalties when they finally decide they need insurance. Would we subsidize the penalties?

If not, and if everyone believed that the penalty would enforced, then how is this different from a mandate? Everyone knows that, eventually, they will need healthcare. And only the very wealthy could afford to pay 50 percent more than everyone else. So threatening free riders with a steep penalty is, in effect, putting a gun to their heads. It’s a mandate by another name.

Krugman knows that Obama has begun to talk about punishing those who don’t sign up, and so his column covered the possibility of an about-face. It won’t work, said Krugman. Obama has said so many bad things about mandates being coercive that he has painted himself into a corner. If he tries to reverse his position now, conservatives will simply quote everything he ever said about how mandates are “unfair.”

Remember the phrase “flip-flop”?

”The Obama campaign has demonized the idea of mandates,” Krugman continued,“most recently in a scare-tactics mailer sent to voters that bears a striking resemblance to the ‘Harry and Louise’ ads run by the insurance lobby in 1993, ads that helped undermine our last chance at getting universal health care.” (The flyer suggested that the Clinton plan would force low-income people to buy insurance that they can’t afford—ignoring the fact that Clinton’s plan would offer subsidies to the working class.)

So now Obama faces a double-bind: “If Mr. Obama gets to the White House and tries to achieve universal coverage, he’ll find that it can’t be done without mandates–” Krugman writes, “but if he tries to institute mandates, the enemies of reform will use his own words against him.

Mahar, generous to a fault, giving Obama the benefit of the doubt on his healthcare plan, hits upon a deeper truth about Obama – Obama pretends to be a uniter but Obama practices the politics of division:

But I do agree that Obama has put himself in a very difficult position. And I am concerned that his original opposition to mandates reveals that he hadn’t thought through the economics of health care reform. He was simply trying to appeal to some of his most loyal supporters: young, well-educated, relatively affluent Americans who might resent having to buy insurance that they feel they don’t need.

Yet that resentment illustrates just the type of division—in this case between young and old—that Obama says he wants to cure. Repeatedly, he has called for “unity” to heal the country’s problems.

In truth, the only way we will achieve meaningful healthcare reform is if we begin thinking as a community. Young and old, rich and poor—we have to watch each others’ backs. I wrote about this last week after talking to Paul Berwick, CEO of the Institute for Health Care Improvement at a Families USA conference. Berwick, who is one of the most respected figures in American medicine, described how we need to re-imagine our healthcare system while re-allocating resources to provide high quality, sustainable health care for everyone. Passionate and eloquent, Berwick combines hope with pragmatism. He ended his speech by saying, “We’re not going to achieve universal coverage by encouraging everyone to ‘pursue his or her own individual self-interest.’”

Conservatives have divided the nation. We need to begin to think collectively– about what is best for everyone.

Obama is practicing the politics of division while flim-flamming Americans with outright Bushism talk about being a “uniter not a divider”.

Paul Krugman starkly outlines the difference between a Hillary Presidency and what Obama wants to do to us:

“If you combine the economic analysis with these political realities,” he continues, “ here’s what I think it says: If Mrs. Clinton gets the Democratic nomination, there is some chance — nobody knows how big — that we’ll get universal health care in the next administration. If Mr. Obama gets the nomination, it just won’t happen.”

The choice is clear. Hillary for Healthcare.



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  1. Bringing this forward because it is important to the on-going discussion:

    ra1029 / February 7th, 2008 at 2:46 pm — re Donna Brazile

    You are not understanding the implication of that statement and what she means. She is saying that African American community will outraged if Hillary wins the nomination due to super delegates.

    About a gazillion times I’ve started to post this comment and deleted my words because the time didn’t seem right. I think that now it is.

    This is about the Congressional Black Caucus. Back on September 29, 2007, because my spouse and I are early risers and there’s not a lot to do in a hotel room at 6 am, we flipped channels until we found something politically interesting. It was a CBC sponsored round table on CSPAN in which Donna Brazile, Arthur Davis and about three others were in a panel discussion. We didn’t get to see the whole thing but saw and heard enough. Unfortunately there is neither a video (even though it was obviously on tape) or transcript from the event.

    It was the same weekend event to which Hillary was an invited speaker but which caused an uproar because BHO’s supporters in the CBC objected.

    Davis’s speech at the weekend event was pretty much the same one he had delivered at other annual events about the “glass ceiling” (see the problem coming here?)

    The particular round table we watched was about the future of AAs in politics.

    Not to stretch the details in the discussion beyond memory, the gist was this — everybody just couldn’t wait, including Donna and Artur, for BHO to be president so that FINALLY AAs would be able to enact all the plans waiting so long for “the one” to lead.

    It was chilling and I’ve sat numb and dumb about it ever since. This, I believe, is the undercurrent that pushes so many in the CBC to back BHO … and an equal number to back Hillary because, perhaps, they are wiser and can foresee problems ahead. These leaders each have their own individual agenda, none of which are for the good the American people in general, IMHO.

    Okay. That’s it. Wish I could be more eloquent about the round table discussion.

  2. I just got out of the shower ( I do my best thinking in the shower, also I sing real good too) but anyway. I read where Perez Hilton has 9M visitor daily, wouldn’t it be great, if say half those visitor donated $10.00 each!!! Okay I know that is a dream, but it made me feel good…. just though I woluld share my good thoughts!!!

  3. Per Mark Halperin:

    After Black Wednesday, Clinton raises more than $6 million on the web in 24 hours — campaign manager Solis Doyle and all staff being paid again.

    Hillfans everywhere – you rock!!! 😀

  4. I just received two emails from the DNC… one from Howard Dean and the other from Tom McMahon. Both, of course, were requesting donations. I replied back to both with the same message: no donations until the Florida and Michigan delegates are seated!

  5. Im repeating this from the prior thread because I think its important. Ive gotten two people to change their minds by emailing this story and just asking what do you think about this?

    Everyone should go to the link below and email the NYTimes story about BO and the nuclear power plant issue in Illinois to everyone in their address book. Lets make this the most emailed story on the net.

  6. I just went to Hillary’s site and donated another $10.44. Sorry everyone, but right now, even that was a stretch. I’ll keep doing what I can every two weeks when my husband gets paid, but with me being a realtor and the market what it is, most times were operating in the red.

  7. joeysmom, thanks for your contribution, little streams join to make a mighty river. No need to apologize. Hillary’s supporters represent true America and come from all walks of life. Unlike Obama supporters who tend to be elites (except the AA).

  8. I’ll post this occasionally for interested parties (and new readers)….

    DNC numbers:

    202-863-8000 (DC)

    877-336-7200 (Utah, works for DC)

    Call ‘em, Call ‘em alot. Be Nice, but give ‘em hell about disenfranchisement of Florida and Michigan.

  9. first off…yay perez!!! great job everyone on keeping the heat on the dnc re:mi and fl…i suggest we take it a step further and start contacting the national committeemen and women in each state…they will get very very very tired of that…if anyone has contact information for these people let me know…also we could call all of the state parties…they need to feel the heat too.

  10. joeysmom,
    Don’t be sorry! Heck, we’re all doing what we can with what we’ve got. Be proud and happy. We’re making history as we’re making Hillary President.

  11. DemAC great news! Let us keep up the intensity and keep seeking new donors and contributions and new ways of raising funds. We should not slack off or relax.

  12. B Merry:

    You are right. Someone has mentioned the same event before. I don’t remember where I read it though. I read it few months ago.

    I can just see it getting ugly as the convention gets closer. Race discussion (how Clintons are racists for denying Obama the nomination) will be front and center much more than it was in SC. I don’t know how many will have the stomach to see this fight. I don’t. The Obama camp sure likes to fight in the gutter by making this about race.

  13. well I guess its OK to say Marion Barry is a crack head since he didn’t write a book about it the way Barry O did. Writing it down in a book excuses all sins.

  14. Thanks kaffeen. We’ll put up a post soon on what can be done. We’ll include DNC phone numbers and petition links to force them to Count The Votes.

  15. joeys mom…..great!!!

    Now if you wear a Hillary button and find two more supporters to donate that $10. you will triple your donation and they will find two more.

    We’ll show them what a surge can be!

  16. joeysmom and everyone on this board, i’d like to say thank you and a cyberhug for all that you do (special thanks to you, admin)…in these trying times when budgets are tight and the priorities are barely met, its not easy to donate money and time to a campaign…but you do regardless.
    again, thank you guys.
    p.s. she’s worth it.

  17. I was able to donate as well even as I look for a job. Hillary is our future to set this country straight. I also e-mailed Perez Hilton to show our support. Keep up the good work all!!!!!

  18. ra1029:

    So the crap the Obama camp will put out is basically the first woman president must step aside so BHO can be handed the presidency like he was handed his senate seat? God, I hope voters are smarter than that otherwise we’re really in trouble.

  19. TPS,
    No slack off! I’m holding a pizza party for my friends tonite. We’ll be like eight or so people, donations mandatory of course, and the great thing is that it’ll be really fun. 🙂

  20. PS – I emailed perez and called the DNC and sent another dozen or so requests for Hill-support.

  21. Hey all, I personally wanted to thank everyone who donates!! No matter how ‘small’ or large. It is in the spirit of wanting, that we will achieve this together.
    Behind the money, lies the desire, and this will bring us to victory!!! 🙂

    To just get a grasp of things, can we list how many states have left to vote, and how many of those do we expect Hillary to win, Barack to win, and how many will be close??
    Texas is in the bank right?? Do we jsut have to survive through saturday through to the next elections, or does Hillary/we have a chance in any of those states?

    Love you girl!! 😉

  22. So the crap the Obama camp will put out is basically the first woman president must step aside so BHO can be handed the presidency like he was handed his senate seat? God, I hope voters are smarter than that otherwise we’re really in trouble.

    By the time convention comes close, the primary elections are over and super delegates get to decide the nominee. They don’t have to worry about primary voters at that point. Just muscle the super delegates to go their way.

  23. Time’s The Page: After Black Wednesday, Clinton raises more than $6 million on the web in 24 hours — campaign manager Solis Doyle and all staff being paid again.

    Keep the donations coming!

  24. basically the first woman president must step aside so BHO can be handed the presidency like he was handed his senate seat?

    remember the time that bill clinton was stumping for hillary in s.carolina, somebody told him that hillary is getting in the way of barack’s ascendancy (or something).
    bill’s response was nobody is just handed the presidency, you have to work for it.
    jeez, barack and his cult…the fucking guts.

  25. ra1029:

    I almost feel like “what’s the point of primarys?” If the superdelegates can just go and do whatever they please, how are they representing what the country truly wants? This system is nuts!

  26. Was looking at the list of unpledged Super Delegates and I have come to this conclusions:

    Sen. Barbara Boxer (CA)
    Sen. Carl Levin (MI)
    Sen. Harry Reid (NV)
    Sen. Frank Lautenberg (NJ)
    Sen. Jeff Bingaman (NM) *
    Gov. John Lynch (NH)
    Gov. Bill Richardson (NM)*
    Gov. Brad Henry (OK)
    Gov. Phil Bredeson (TN)

    As well as numerous Representatives need to follow their residents lead and endorse Hillary.

    * This if the NM lead holds out.

  27. imagine44:

    I remember. And I also remember thinking, would they say the same if Hillary was black? Or if BHO was white? If you take away his race and her gender, you still have two candidates and the “best one for the job” must be “hired.” Why can’t people understand that?

  28. “I almost feel like “what’s the point of primarys?” If the superdelegates can just go and do whatever they please, how are they representing what the country truly wants? This system is nuts!”

    –Agreed!! This has been troubling me for a while now.

    I posted again in that last thread, but I see the discussion’s been moved to here.

    Eh, I said I was gonna be quiet now–duh!

  29. joeysmom Says:
    February 7th, 2008 at 3:44 pm

    this is because there is a possibility that neither one of them (with michigan and florida not counted) will be able to amass the number of delegates needed to win the nomination. so during the convention, the superdelegates will have to choose/vote for the nominee. and there’s another asset for barack here: if the superdelegates choose hillary, they are racists. so as not to be labelled as racist, they should pick him.

  30. Re: reed061 Says:
    February 7th, 2008 at 3:46 pm

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if Massachusetts insisted that its superdelegates, Kerry, Kennedy and Patrick, reflected the will of the state majority and voted for Clinton??

  31. If they would just count MI and FL we wouldn’t have to be talking so much about superdelegates.

    BTW, f*ck Donna Brazile.

  32. positivelyclintonian,

    I don’t know if I would want their support! After all their trash talking and mudsling, which did no apparent good, I say stay with Obama.

  33. Says Greg Sargent:

    In an unusual move, Hillary is inviting Barack Obama to appear with him side by side at a town hall meeting in Maine this weekend, when both are scheduled to be campaigning in the state. In a statement sent only to local reporters in Maine that someone forwarded our way, Hillary said: “With both of us in the state – I would like to invite him to join me for a joint town hall Saturday morning in Orono, ME, so that the people of Maine have a clear idea of the differences between us.”

    “It’s time for the people of this country and the caucus goers of Maine to pick a President,” Hillary continues. “I hope Senator Obama will accept my invitation to help them do just that.” If Obama were to accept, it would obviously create a big media event.

    Obama will chicken out, I’m sure. He knows he can’t come out on top of Hillary.

  34. If anyone is watching that CBS live video… that guy who is throwing things in the audience, I saw him in NV. He was throwing T-shirts at us. Clueless who he is though.

  35. These people need to be pressured to PUBLICLY endorse Hillary. Their constituents have spoken! Make some calls, Hillfans!

    Sen. Barbara Boxer (CA)
    (202) 224-3553

    Sen. Carl Levin (MI)
    (202) 224-6221

    Sen. Harry Reid (NV)
    (202) 224-3542

    Sen. Frank Lautenberg (NJ)
    (202) 224-3224

    Sen. Jeff Bingaman (NM) *
    (202) 224-5521

    Gov. John Lynch (NH)

    Gov. Bill Richardson (NM)*

    Gov. Brad Henry (OK)

    Gov. Phil Bredeson (TN)

  36. from a few threads back, and from several debates, i have noticed that barack’s words/policies sounded like things that hillary have said from a few weeks back. that he copies her words. this was just a feeling i had. then that speech after the TT, he was saying “it’s about you”, when it’s always been about him.
    now this: on taylor marsh’s site, there’s proof that he used a phrase that alice palmer has used in her speeches before. remember alice palmer? he stepped on her in his campaign for office back home?

  37. My beloved Hillary HQ has officially closed. After 8PM, we were all rushed to the victory party and none of us had a chance to say goodbye to each other.

    7 months of my life there. Staff and volunteers were so great.

  38. As I mentioned before, we need to show Obama for the calculating character he is in “leaking” his campaign’s delegate projections – this guy is no innocent, he is a brutal practitioner of bare knuckle politics and it is showing – he is going to try to strongarm his way with threats, as is mentioned here from a comment in (a complete asshole but that is another story):

    That “Accidental” Memo Leak

    07 Feb 2008 03:46 pm

    Several of you are highly skeptical that that memo surfaced by chance:

    Not to accuse Our Hero of sly tricks, but this sounds to me like a warning shot to the Party: trouble ahead–you super-delegates better start thinking now about how to avoid the incredibly damaging floor fight the Clintons will engineer to seat the Michigan and Florida delegations when this comes down to the Convention–and it will come down to the Convention.

    One way to avoid Armageddon–probably the only way–is to somehow swing the uncommitted super-delegates (about 50% of the total) behind the leading candidate–and, Obama is saying, “That will be me. I’ll be up 30 delegates, up in states, up in money, up in mo, and up in the polls over McCain. So start planning now–because I will take this down to the Convention and through any floor fight if necessary. You don’t want that drama.”

    Accident or not–that’s the message.

  39. Imagine – I agree – I posted the same thing last week about noticing that BO adopts many of Hill’s phrases and positions over time. (i.e. “universal health care”) BTW, I met Alice Palmer at the Park Ridge town hall meeting.

  40. I’m sorry people, I have to take a break, I’m getting a migraine over this shit. To strongarm our elected public officials into voting their superdelegate based on race is absurd. And the fact that I know it will happen because most sissy politicans who know they will never be in any higher position, will be fools and follow the herd because they are afraid of being labeled. Stand up and have a brain and do what is right. I can’t believe this country, a country of supposed democracy can continue to let these antics happen.

    I’m taking aspirin and going to bed. I wish I could sleep until this thing is over.

  41. B Merry, you posted:
    Not to stretch the details in the discussion beyond memory, the gist was this — everybody just couldn’t wait, including Donna and Artur, for BHO to be president so that FINALLY AAs would be able to enact all the plans waiting so long for “the one” to lead.
    What “plans?”

  42. I reckon when Hillary’s declared the winner of New Mexico, we’ll get the endorsement, it would give him the excuse too and get him off the hook.

  43. Clinton schedule for today…..

    *all times Eastern

    Thursday, February 7

    3:00 pm
    Chelsea Clinton meets with students at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln

    7:30 pm
    Bill Clinton hosts a “Solutions for America” rally in Portland, Maine

    11:30 pm
    Hillary Clinton attends a “Solutions for America” rally in Seattle, Washington

  44. This is a really good primer on how race politics works in Chicago. It’s like this all the time.

  45. Hillary talks to Jake Tapper about McCain, Economy, Fundraising…..


  46. Informed in Illinois Says:
    February 7th, 2008 at 4:15 pm
    This is a really good primer on how race politics works in Chicago. It’s like this all the time.

    yep, chicago politics 101.

  47. Big Pink gets many mentions but usually filled with complaints. Here’s a nice mention from today:

    Let’s not forget Sugar’s site:

    And there is RezkoWatch:

    Let’s keep donating. Every dollar helps. If you don’t have cash to spare – convince a Hillary supporting friend or friends to donate. Getting a friend(s) to donate will be a “spritual” way of donating.

  48. From the blog on

    In Case You Missed It: “Barack Obama is considering skipping the presidential primary debate scheduled for later this month in Ohio,” reports the Associated Press.

    He’s afraid of any more debates because he knows she will kick his ass.

    About that memo that PositivelyClintonian posted above, is this for real? And does the Clinton campaign know about this?

  49. Hubby and I donated to Hillary today. In a couple of weeks when we get our income tax refund we’ll donate more.
    Bought some Hillary gear too!

  50. “Clinton claims a money surge, plans ads

    Terry McAuliffe told donors and reporters on a conference call that the campaign has raised $7.5 million online this month, more than $6 million of it in the last 24 hours.

    The message: She’s alive and kicking.

    Interestingly, the campaign’s spin is that Clinton’s loan to the campaign — taken by many as a sign of desperation — was an effective fundraising tactic, encouraging people to donate.

    “They said, ‘I didn’t know you needed money, I thought you had all the money you need,'” McAuliffe said.

    More evidence of cash on hand, per McAuliffe:

    “We are going up immediately in Washington state, Maine and Nebraska,” he said of a planned television campaign, which will feature former Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey in his home state. The campaign would run ads in Ohio and Texas starting early next week.

    Mark Penn was also on the call, back citing “double-digit leads” in the big states that votes starting in March and offering two delegate counts. She’s up in both, but farther up in the count in which he included Florida and Michigan.

    Penn also claimed that “most voters perceived” Tuesday’s results “not as a tie, but as a victory.”

  51. Obama & Debates


    Obama: Two more debates, one in Ohio

    So he tells the Plain Dealer.

    “I think we said we will do two more debates, and at least one of them will be in Ohio,” he told the Cleveland paper. “What we don’t want to do is have a debate every few days, given that it is very imporant for me to actually reach voters, something that may be less important for Senator Clinton to do because she is better known in many parts of the country,” he said Thursday.

    “We have such a compressed schedule, it is important for us to be able to travel around Ohio as much as possible. Whenever there is a debate, that is a day that is lost,” he said.”

  52. Informed in Illinois / February 7th, 2008 at 4:13 pm

    re “plans” — general discussion. As I said, we tuned in when the event was almost over. It was the general sense of the conversation that caught our attention. Not angry. The word that comes to mind is “entitled” — “our turn”, so to speak.

  53. I have to agree with Penn on the results of Tuesday night being perceived as a victory. Everyone who knows how much of an ardent Hillary fan I am has congratulated me on the big win Tuesday. I can live with that 🙂 and many more to come.

  54. I for one hope Barack’s Pajama’s efforts to threaten the superdelegates with a floor fight is seen for what it is – a sign of his lack of party loyalty – and will really turn off a good portion of superdelegates.

    The audacity of me indeed! This freshman senator, just in from Chi-town, bullying his elders and threatening to tear apart the party, for HIS aggrandizement, as if the presidency is owed him! That is the real character of Barack’s Pajamas.

  55. And some more DNC numbers; they were working yesterday:
    202-863-8000 — 1-877-336-7200 — (720) 362-2006 –(202) 863-8148

    And when phoning superdelegates etc, please include a request to seat the FL and MI delegates asap.

  56. B Merryfield,
    Apropos, RezkoWatch has become really awesome! I encourage everyone to take a good look at it as it’s a veritable gold mine of information.

    Btw, I see you’ve got nearly 4000 visitors – now that’s some impact. 🙂

  57. i donated today.

    about strong arming super delegates, i KNOW i read somewhere an item about some campaign pushing people very aggressively for endorsements under the threat that otherwise, they’d be out in the cold in that candidate’s administration. the item then said, it’s not the campaign you’d think. maybe was on politico – hi Ben! 🙂 – and given that caveat and the anti-hillary bias i think i know who it was. chicago style.

  58. Penn is right. Americans are not stupid. They know that California, NJ, NY is big. They also know that Idaho and North Dakota aren’t SQUAT in the big picture. No offense to anyone who lives there, but that’s the truth.

  59. Threatening the Superdelegates will have the opposite effect of what he thinks because they may say who the hell does he think he is, and actually its giving them a damn good insight into how he’ll work with them as a President and it looks like it will be a do what i tell you to do Presidency.

    He’s made a big mistake here trying to fuck with them.

  60. from Ambinder:

    “But reader Chuck Thies has a different, and more persuasive scenario:

    He writes:

    There are apx. 299 Super Delegates committed to date.

    CNN* has it at 193 HRC, 106 BHO.
    NYT** has it at HRC 202, BHO 96.

    For the sake of argument, we’ll use the CNN numbers that favor Oprama.

    There are apx. 842 Supers.

    541 remain uncommitted. Making up a 90 point deficit with 543 votes on the table is tough.

    BHO will have to win 316 to 226 just to tie.


    According to ABC News*** on Dec. 28 HRC had 158, BHO 89. The CNN count today is HRC 193, BHO 106. That means in the same amount of time HRC gained 35, BHO 17.

    During January when BHO had “The MO,” HRC beat him 2-to-1 on Super pick ups.




  61. imagine44
    you’re right

    go to Fact Hub

    In August Obama laid out his plans for Katrina and LA
    on almost every point he is similar to Hillary
    except she laid out her plan in May!

    Obama just tagged along for the ride

  62. Just sent this response to the DNC’s request for a donation:

    Fellow Democrats,

    I will not send any money to the DNC until the Michigan and Florida delegates are guaranteed a seat at the convention in August. You can’t disenfranchise 2 million voters and expect my support. Particularly since it was your idiot decision in the first place to penalize MI and FL. If you don’t like the results you’re seeing in the primaries both with the delegate splits and the desire by states to have their primary votes matter, then fix the primary system. If the Republicans can hold a clean, clear set of state primaries, we ought to be able to do it also.

    1. Eliminate caucuses, they arbitrarily suppress voter turn out and enthusiasm.
    2. Get rid of proportional awarding of delegates. That gives a 50/50 likelihood of a floor fight at the convention
    3. Most importantly, set up a national primary.

    When ALL the delegates are given a place at the table, I’ll donate to the Party.

    A Louisiana Democrat,

  63. Thanks DemAC. I’m starting to get some good support comments, too. Please drop by and add one of your own. When people see comments posted, they are more likely to leave one. I did have to revert to moderating, though, after my DailyKooks cross-post. The Obamabots dropped by to spread their venom.

  64. B Merryfield,
    Oh? The smug, condescending, self-righteous, holier-than-thou, Hillary hating kooks didn’t like RezkoWatch? I’m sooo surprised 😉

    Will drop by and comment…

  65. Watching Hillary in Arlington now, shes on fire!! Point after point she is nailing down!

    Obama is being a coward not to debate her, he knows he is weak at debating, but he is really showing that he is afraid with this. I mean we all know you can reach a hell of a lot more voters through debating then to meet them in a town hall. How many people fit into a town hall, compared to how many people watching a debate on tv?

    Hillary should continue to hit this theme hard!!!
    Come on girl!!

  66. What Hillary should do is say is,

    Set the Debate, I’ll be there, if Obama doesnt show up, i’ll take questions from the audience.

  67. With Michael Moore endorsing Hillary, should he be out raising his voice, as he certainly has raised the importance of getting Universal Health Care? Or can his support backfire? Certainly the right wing wont like it, but that’s a given, so not much to loose there. Could he be of help to Hillary? Does he have enough credibility amongst democrats to be of help?

  68. yes, hillary go to the debate and use it as your own platform…just sit an empty chair next to yours…suits him to a T

  69. That’s a good point moononpluto, she should show up, although I doubt the moderator/s would allow her to just answer to the audience. But still, she could take them on!

  70. FWIW;
    This is a little off the subject but I wanted to post about my brief experience as a political newbie in finding info on HRC. I conducted several google searches before I found this site. I typed pro-Hillary and found nothing. I changed to pro-Obama and I found pages of sites. I typed in anti-Obama and found nothing. I changed that to anti-Clinton and pulled up pages of listings.
    IMHO, that’s a big problem as so many get info via google searches.


  71. LOL!!! “I’ll debate McCain!” hahahaha, that should show people who is though enough.

    If he can’t dare to face Hillary, how can he stress the point that he somehow would be best at beating McCain?!!! lol.

    Oh, Hillary just gave a wonderful line! “I am offering my lifetime of experience, but more than that I am offering my heart!” something like this, I loved it, it’s over now, from what I saw, she did great! Not taking questions now.

    Ok, off to bed! “Every little thing she does is magic, everything she does……” gonna have that song in my head now! lol.

  72. Yeah, Moore is not supporting Hillary because it was “morally” wrong of her to make that vote.

    Unlike Obama he said.

  73. Hillary needs to put her speech on the floor of the senate ABOUT her war vote out there. Also, she needs to be hitting Obama on the fact that he said he didn’t know how he would vote if he were a senator at the time…..that is fair

    Hillary needs to get the war room armed.

  74. On his campaign Plane BO said that he has more grassroots appeal than Hillary. He also said a former president and Terry mccaulif have not been able to raise money like his campaign has done.

  75. Michael Moore seemed to support Edwards, but now that he is out, he sees universal health care as way more important, and he supports her!!

  76. “It’s not clear to me what differences we’ve had since I’ve been in the Senate,” Obama told the New Yorker magazine. “I think what people might point to is our different assessments of the war in Iraq, although I’m always careful to say that I was not in the Senate, so perhaps the reason I thought it was such a bad idea was that I didn’t have the benefit of U.S. intelligence. And, for those who did, it might have led to a different set of choices. . . . We were in different circumstances at that time: I was running for the U.S. Senate, she had to take a vote, and casting votes is always a difficult test.”

  77. When did Michael Moore endorse Hillary? That’s news to me.

    BTW, I like the invite she issued for the joint town meeting. Of course, he’ll turn it down, but I’m glad she took the initiative that way. They need to keep hammering him on the debates, too.

  78. CD99 — ever been to a church service? They always pass the collection plate. Many still believe in tithing. Every good tent preacher unabashedly asks for a contribution. Some demand it. As I said earlier, it just reminds me of Neil Dimond’s “Brother Love Salvation Show” — “look over yonder, hark it is the light, yes, yes, yes …. ahhhh, it is Lordbama”.

  79. What an ass he is! Who says stuff like that!?!?

    OBAMA: I am WAY cooler than Hillary. I mean, I think that’s OBVIOUS! Go to any college campus and take a poll. See? Ok, enough said.

    What a douchebag.

  80. Is it really true that mathmatically it is impossible for either candidate to win and it has to go to the superdelegates…..way too much power ror those people.

    floating stuff like this could really suppress voters.

  81. You didn’t watch Larry King last night, Gorto. Moore said he’s remaining neutral/criticized both of their health care plans. He’s for single-payer.

    He has NOT endorsed anyone.

  82. Obama said he was cooler than Hillary? Who the f___ cares? He’s running for president of the U.S., not homecoming king.

  83. B Merry, BO also was asked about revoting in MI and FL. He said it is OK with him if that is what DNCC wants.

  84. Michael Moore, on LKL last night, expressed admiration for HRC and said he’d had a longtime secret crush on her. *LOL* But when pressed by King as to whether he would endorse her, MM reluctantly pointed out that she had supported the war and BO hadn’t. When King asked if that meant he wouldn’t support HRC, MM said he would support whoever was the Dem Candidate.

    Unfortunately, he did not endorse HRC.

  85. No I didn’t watch Larry King last night, I was asleep, and so let me apologize for my hasty statements regarding Michael Moore, I realize now that there is no point in watching news reported here in Europe, as they are seemingly way off!

    Sorry people I read it here, but I can’t find anything to actually support it online, so fu*k the media here as well. headline news reporting only!!

  86. Obama said he was cooler than Hillary?

    HA! No, Paula, I was just being snarky. 🙂 That was a reaction to his claim to have more “grassroots appeal.”

  87. obama seems to think redos and revotes can just be pulled out of peoples arses…he is just full of stupidity

  88. Gorto,

    I agree. There are few venues left for truthful and accurate reporting.

    I watched the HRC rally streamed live on CBS from Arlington, Va. She was awesome, as usual, but the rally was a high school gym less than half fillled with high school students. I don’t know why that was covered when her significant speeches aren’t. Ticks me off.

  89. He’s full of shit and he spews it forth like a river.

    If he is the nominee, he can kiss Florida goodbye.

  90. There’s a lovely Gallup tracking poll which, if you remember, had Obama drawing almost even with Hillary, C46-O44, just before super Tuesday. Well in the last few days, he has dropped 5 points to 39 and she has risen 6 to 52! Back to double digits.

    Who knows if this is correct but it sure feels correct.
    I thought that just before the last debate, Obama reached his zenith. Now Hillary is rising.

  91. hey, I know we have to fight the good fight and all.

    And I hate to get all New Age on you, but

    we really have to remember that the good things about this world remain.

    There is no black/white or on/off about this world. It’s just our primitive behavior and thinking left over from when we were wild animals (e.g. “fight or flight). Women and secure men who know this and remember it from time to time are wise. So, when you feel you’re being put down by an Obamabot, don’t retaliate in a mean way. Ask them “how do you feel about that” Then, let them tell you. And listen to them. If they are totally rabid about it, don’t bother. But, if you can immediatly respond, smartly, do it right away. And don’t give back their vitirol (i hate that word ever since Hanity started using it), instead, ask THEM about how THEY feel, first. Put it back on them. This works especially with men.

    Ok, back to the good fight!

  92. is there a petition online or anwhere for JUST Florida voters to sign that says they already voted and don’t want a do over….

  93. I understand Florida voters not wanting to have to vote twice but….

    Is it going to work if they are told that they voted for HRC the first time so they have to do it over?
    Are they going to say “Oh OK Barack want a re-do so this time I’ll vote for him”. Is Obama going to spend money to tell them they got it wrong the first time? Or will he just tell them to shape up?

  94. Freckles: I meant the Gallup tracking poll – they sure shouted out loud when it was going the other way!

  95. can Mrs. Clinton do/say something about NASA’s successful blast off? She should do a press conference in Houston, TX and have some astronauts who support her there in the background.

    Oh and I think this HOPE thing has peaked, hope only causes pain b/c hope never really gets much unless you work for it. And the CHANGE meme is so immature. Of course change is coming. The world changes, the leaves in the fall change….this is so elementary.

  96. Dot,
    Don’t know if it was on TV but just saw a clip from it on the Tweety show. Ironic. She’s amazing but in the background were 15 to 17 year olds with hardly an adult in sight. I’ve heard so many great speeches from her the past few weeks and they were never covered.
    Freckles – Yup. I saw that poll and a couple of headlines saying HRC now has a 22 point lead, nationally. Apparently, and she got a bump last weekend.
    (Why can’t I type more than 12 lines?)!!!!!!!

  97. I in Ill — I just noticed that if you scroll wa-a-a-y down past the ‘submit comment’ you’ll see the latest
    poll numbers on that tracking poll.

  98. john, the limit is 2300 i believe. keep on giving. i wish i could do more, but i can’t. if you can, do it! you’ll sleep well at night. 🙂

  99. Randi Rhodes is a cow. She’s going on and on about Hillary’s money deficit and implying that we shouldn’t trust HRC on the economy if she has to loan her campaign 5 million.

    I swear, these so-called progressive talking heads are driving me away from the party.

  100. Filbertsf
    Rhodes is totally pro Obama and I wish I can shut her up. Sean Hannity is more fair than her today

  101. I am talking on another forum now – gosh these Obama guys are nuts today. Did he loose something today that they are so crazy?

  102. wonder if Hillary or Bill are Nascar fans…..big Daytona500 coming up….some ads during coverage to target men…….big payoff

  103. john, he is losing the nomination…day by day, minute by minute.

    Hillary is up in the polls. We are not going to be railroaded one more time. It’s becoming clear that Obama has no ideas, he keeps copying Hillary’s talking points. He won’t agree to more debates…he is looking afraid. That secret memo was not really secret…Hillary support is solid

  104. Suddenly I have a vision of HRC on a white steed challenging Babi from across a raging river.

    “If you want delegates, come and claim them!” 😉

  105. nascar on speed….

    an ad that hits the heart of a good steady team approach to the finish…nascar fans can understand…team approach, good strategy for the problems, the finish line =….win, win for America

  106. dot48
    basically they are keep telling me how corrupt she is, how she is for special interests, how she is only big because of Bill and etc – no serious issues really. I tried to discuss health care – no one answered.

  107. As I posted yesterday – time is NOT on his side! The war of attrition is his to lose! The more people talk with our girl, the more they love her spirit and intellect. The more they talk with BO, the more people perceive his arrogance and sense of entitlement. “The fierce urgency of BO?” Anyone have some Arrid Extra Dry? 🙂

    PS – this is my first experience with the blogosphere – this is really fun. Thank you all – I’m really learning alot – this is great to share info, ideas, and the occasional bit of red meat.

  108. hey all – the best way to pushback on Randi Rhodes, Stefanie Miller, Rachel Maddow and the other Obama goons on Air America is to call them and call them on their pro-Obama shit.

    as i said before, I told an Air America reporter on the street that they were Obama-fascists and not being Fair or Balanced and Inclusive of Clinton.

  109. If she does advertise during Nascar, the ad should be really patriotic and include hard work themes. They would eat that stuff up because it fits the demographic to a T.

    Plus, it is popular in Texas.

  110. GALLUP!!!!!!!! 😀

    Yeah, kids, that is what I want to hear! 52 to 39, baby!


  111. Nascar ad during Daytona 500 ===== winner….

    Let us hopium that the smoke den that is obamium does not steal this idea.

  112. dare we say the hopium has dried up….that gallup poll looks fantastic.

    We keep saying here, how can people come away with anything from this guy. Stock market plunges, mortage crisis, war on every front, hostile enemies, our image in the world shattered, jobs gone, biggest deficit in history…..we don’t need hope…we need HELP.

    Hold on folks…Hillary is on the way.

  113. CNN Political Ticker…

    Obama team lowers expectations for Potomac Primary

    WASHINGTON (CNN) – Barack Obama’s campaign manager David Plouffe engaged in some serious expectations-lowering heading into next Tuesday’s “Potomac Primary,” made up of contests in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

    “You’re not going to see any of these states go 70-30 to anybody,” he said on a Thursday conference call with reporters.

    Obama is expected to do well in those contests, all of which feature sizeable Obama-friendly demographics: African-American voters and well-educated, higher-income Democrats.

    Still, several Hillary Clinton advisers told the Washington Post Thursday that they will contest Virginia in particular, targeting women as well as working class white voters in the southwestern part of the state.

    Plouffe said the Clinton campaign was “telegraphing” their Virginia strategy in the article and declared Virginia a “must-win” for Clinton, although many observers might say the same thing for Obama.

    A campaign spreadsheet “inadvertently” leaked to the media yesterday showed the Obama campaign predicted a 50-48 victory over Clinton in the state on Tuesday.

    Obama has several prominent endorsements in Virginia, including Gov. Tim Kaine and two Democratic congressmen. Virginia is also a purple-trending state – the kind of contest Obama hopes to win to prove he can re-shuffle the electoral map in November.

    Plouffe said next Tuesday will be a “very big delegate day” (there are 168 pledged delegates at stake, divided proportionally) and that he expects Obama to add on to what he said was currently a 28-delegate lead over Clinton.

  114. wow…someone today just gave me the BEST reason to support Barack Obama

    “doesn’t he have, like, the sickest name you’ve ever heard?”

    and regarding hillary’s name:
    “It sounds like…like a spinach. Like a fancy spinach you order at the french restaurant! Can i have the HillAry Cleenton pleez?”


  115. well, let’s not USE the nascar thing. there are a lot of GOOD people who are really into nascar. cars are a favorite hobby with a lot of people (incl. me!). maybe a hotwheels ad would be cool too.

    john, that corruption deal and being the wife of bill (who has his own problems) is just a knee-jerk reaction. keep on talking about health care and economy (suposedly Obama jsut wants to make friends with the middle eastern regimes and then he expects them to decrease oil prices. ask them what kind of policy is that?

    i can’t get into the message board b/c i’m at work…it’s blocked.! ugh!

  116. Just calling the DNC will not have an impact on getting the delegates seated. Start emailing and calling every member of the DNC. If John Dean were speaking near me I would be there protesting right in his face about how he is tearing the party apart and we will lose the WH unless he seats the delegates.

  117. Brought over from the previous thread….
    I’ve been hitting some other sites and posting “GIVE BACK THE HOUSE!”
    I encourage you to do it, too. Someone will start asking what it is eventually and a discussion will ensue. Or at least we’ll aggravate the assholes.
    BTW- I encourage calling Precious by his old name when he stopped attending debates and forums this last Summer and Fall- “Bwak.” Short. To the point. And implies he is a chickenshit. Which he is.

    Remember, he stopped going to forums and debates for several months. Why? Because the more folks learned about him, the less they liked. So my guess is his game plan through convention will be to hold tent revivals and duck the issues. When he finally speaks about an issue it will be like the last debate- “Yeah. What she said.”

    Here’s a challenge to the Obamabots reading this post: convince your savior to come down from the mountain and go one on one with our girl. She’ll kick his ass again. He won’t be able to hide behind Edwards nor Wolfe. He’ll actually have to show up and answer for his lack of record, his lies about his accomplishments and his past, his present votes, his sticky fingers, his Big Nike ties, his house, etc..

    Come one, chickenshit. Bwak. Bwak. Bwak. Bwak.

  118. I think it’s a good thing Michael Moore isn’t officially endorsing HRC. I think it’s great he’s showing admiration for her and we need anyone in the media who won’t bash her at this point. A lot of people hate him and a lot of anti-war Obama loonies will probably criticize him and call him a hypocrite for supporting HRC when she voted for the war.
    As long as he puts in a good word during interviews and gets friends and family to donate to HRC I’m completely fine with that.

  119. Clinton leads race for Georgia’s superdelegates
    By SHANNON McCAFFREY – Associated Press Writer

    Barack Obama may have dominated the vote in Georgia in Tuesday’s presidential preference primary. But, so far, he’s trailing when it comes to superdelegates in the state, who could play a pivotal role in selecting the party’s nominee if the race remains a virtual deadlock.

    Of the 14 unpledged superdelegates in Georgia, four have endorsed Hillary Rodham Clinton and three are backing Obama, according to a survey by the Associated Press. The remaining seven superdelegates – including former President Jimmy Carter – are officially undecided.

  120. Here is an article on Michael Moore not endorsing anyone. He seems dissatisfied with both HRC and Obama. He probably likes HRC for her health care plan but can’t endorse her because of the war vote:

    Michael not endorsing Hillary
    Despite the buzz surrounding the US election primaries, Michael Moore has said he hasn’t endorsed any of the Democratic candidates, despite having a liking for Hillary Clinton.

    “I haven’t endorsed anyone. All I can say is, I like Senator Clinton very much, and I have a chapter I wrote about her in my first book called My Forbidden Love For Hillary,'” he joked.

    “But her vote for the war and her continual vote for the war, if I lived here in California, would make it morally impossible to vote for her.”

    Michael added he was pleased that US healthcare was on the agenda during the elections, an issue the documentary maker highlighted in his film Sicko, which has been nominated for a best documentary Oscar.

    “It’s a big topic on people’s minds – it’s in every debate,” he said. “There’s a big difference between Senator Clinton and Obama on it, and a huge difference between the Republicans. It’s going to be one of the big topics of this year. You’ve got 47 million Americans without health insurance.”

  121. Informed in Illinois
    why do you think that time is not on his side? people will be tired of his chants?

  122. Informed in Illinois

    I think you were the person yesterday that was lobbying for Hillary to write a guest blog at Latina Lista?

    She was the first of the invited bloggers to respond to the editor’s invitation. I think it was last October. The commentators were, for the most part, brutal. That is when I realized how organized the opposition was.

  123. well, if you get on the air, Johnflynt, that is itself a good story – censorship on Air America…I told the reporter, whether left wing or right wing fascism, it’s equally bad. this guy named Robert Greene who hosts a show called CLOUT on Air America (though its at 1am PT), seems to be open to hearing opinions. He said he had Sally Field and Fran Dresher who are both supporting Hillary for the hour (of course, no on the primetime shows mention that).

  124. If a FL or MI ‘re-do’ was a VOTE, that might get interesting: BO might lose even worse. But they’re talking about a CAUCUS, where his people can come and confuse and bully and game….

  125. JohnFlint: I think that time is on his side because there will come a time, after real voters have started paying close attention, that people will discover that there is no “there” there.
    Emjay: I didn’t know that Hillary already has been a guest on Latina Lista; also, I wouldn’t know about the blogger community or editorial focus or that site, so, please forgive if I don’t fully understand its impact as a media outlet.
    I was responding to BO using that channel at this late date. But now that our girl is the acknowledged favorite of the Latino community, wouldn’t the readers receive her favorably, especially if, say, America Ferrero joined in the conversation with their guest?

  126. Ooops – John Flint – I mean time is on OUR side – and by the way, that time that people are discovering the real BO is now.

  127. Obama to Clinton: Release Your Tax Returns

    Asked by email for reaction, Clinton campaign spokesman Howard Wolfson emailed back: “Senator Clinton discloses the sources of her income every year.”

    Clinton does file annual financial disclosure forms in connection with her job at the US Senate, but they are far less detailed than a joint tax return.

    Wolfson added: “When will Senator Obama release the complete details of his relationship with Tony Rezko?”

  128. Her speech from NY on TT was one of her best. She sounds especially good and quite endearing when she uses lofty phrases.
    So much better than that preacher. I hope she starts using more and more poetry in her speeches !

  129. oh , that reminds me : i have to do my taxes….!

    Ok, I’m leaving for the day. Everyone have a good night.

    remember, don’t give up the good fight! hillary is our candidate who can unify all of us. not with mere hope and verbiage about change, but with real hard numbers and hard work. keep up the hard work for her, too!


  130. Wolfson added: “When will Senator Obama release the complete details of his relationship with Tony Rezko?”

    Great response! lol That punk’s got a lot of nerve.

  131. “Release your tax returns” – what an a**h**e !!

    The guy is such an arrogant jerk. Wolfson hit that one out of the park. And lets please disabuse our minds of a VP slot for him premature as it to even discuss it. Not after all the nasty things he keeps saying about Bill and her.

  132. (ahem)

    I just want to go on record as saying that the “give back the house” thing was mine.

    Yes, I’m a credit whore. Sue me. 😉

  133. I might have to kiss Wolfson on the mouth for that brave response.

    You don’t think he’s a….(shudder)….racist, do you? 😉

  134. the slow drumbeat of Rezco. Clinton campaign has not forgotten LOL

    Bambi is sounding more frantic every minute…this is not the campaign of a guy who just days ago touted the :big win: LOL

  135. Congrats to veryone on the great fund-rasising news today. We have to keep up the intensity and try to find new donors to donate to Hillary’s campaign. I have so far convinced four people to donate and forward the fund-raising email to their friends.


  136. I won’t donate a penny to the DNC until they start playing fair and seat Florida and Michigan. Hell with Dean, Brazille, and company.

  137. Are you people not afraid of what this man will do to the party if he does not get the ticket?Why is anybody thinking this man is sane?This man is a fycking nut and it’s showing big freaking time.He is going to let the party have it and that same big media will still be on this nut side.This man is fycking crazy.This man is freaking INSANE”.
    The whole dem party will be non existent if/when this man does not get the ticket.

  138. DEFINITELY no MI or FL caucuses. They discriminate against the poor and seniors and working people, leaving the field to the rich and students.

  139. Clinton and McCain lead early absentee voting

    Hillary Clinton led Coffee County’s early and absentee totals by collecting 1,372 votes to hold a commanding margin over John Edwards who finished with 316 in the Democratic Presidential Preference Primary Election Tuesday.

    John McCain led the Republican Primary in Coffee County with 501 votes to hold the upper hand over Mitt Romney with 268 votes and Mike Huckabee with 266.

    In the Democratic Primary, Barack Obama finished third behind Clinton and Edwards with 300 votes while Bill Richardson recorded 16; Joe Biden, 12; Dennis Kucinich, 11, Mike Gravel, 2, and Chris Dodd, 1.

    Tennesseean Fred Thompson, who had withdrawn from the race, finished third among Republican candidates with 142 votes, followed by Ron Paul with 44, Rudy Giuliani with 19, Duncan Hunter and Alan Keyes with four votes each and Tom Tancredo with two.

  140. HillaryLandRocks: The entire country knows by now that Obama will when in any state or district with a large AA population. He will win D.C. and Maryland and probably Virginia too. If anything Hillary should be lowering her expectations in all of these places. She doesn’t need to explain anymore. We all know the main reason 😛

  141. Regarding Super Delegates:

    One more thread in the skein…super delegates are free to vote their conscience. BUT..

    For instance, if it really goes to the wire, I am hoping that much, much more info will have come out about Senator’s lack of voting positions on the planks that are important to Democratic Party members, as well as more solid information on his Rezko ties.

    That type of information will make it increasingly difficult for many super delegates to support him. If you touch a smelly old dead fish, your fingers WILL have a smelly old dead fish odor.

    Back to that BUT…another important point: MOST super delegates will vote the way their district’s voters did. After all, in most instances, those same voters hold the future of the super delegate in their hands the next time they are up for re-election, or election to a higher office…and the constituency base tends to have long memories.

    That’s why B. Boxer said she would wait til after the primary and would support her district’s choice. Which reminds me, has she fulfilled her vow yet?

    So it is important to get early super-delegate pledges. Just remember that there is no rule, no law, no contract.

    There is only one’s word, and political karma. Current example: Ted Kennedy, John Kerry and as of this afternoon, our gov, Chet Culver.

    Hawk…Keep note of that. Be thinking of a good replacement. We have two years to plot and plan.

  142. Some truth from Dick Morris- don’t worry, I’m only taking the positive part…

    The Fox News exit polling in California’s Democratic primary underscores the key role of Hispanic voters in awarding the triumph to Hillary Clinton. As Texas looms as the next major contest on March 4, the lessons learned in California will be very important.

    How odd is it that Obama tied among whites and carried blacks but lost California? The key is that she won Latinos by 2-to-1 and they constituted one-third of the vote in the primary. In Texas, their role will be similar and their impact on the race might be the same if Obama cannot turn them around.

    Why the Latino support for Hillary? Much of the Hispanic community casts votes quite traditional of immigrants. The memory of who has been good to them stretches back far and lives vividly in their minds. Bill Clinton’s unflinching support for the North American Free Trade Agreement, jamming it through Congress despite his party’s opposition, and his prompt action in bailing out Mexico when the Tequila currency crisis of the ’90s threatened its economic stability and sent unemployment soaring are all still likely very much in the minds of today’s Mexican-American voters. For Puerto Ricans, Bill Clinton’s pardon of the FALN terrorists, originally intended to win their votes for Hillary’s Senate race, are probably still important. And Dominicans probably still remember

    Bill’s commitment to saving Haiti by sending in American forces and stopping instability from overtaking the island the two countries share.

  143. Is there a grass roots effort started by Floridians against a revote/redo/caucus.

    Maybe it could be started just as the activitist homes who set up the campaign for Hillary in florida. Then it needs to be spread nationwide.

    The NO REVOTE movement. or some catchy phrase.

    I’m calling, callling, callling those phone number.

    Where is a list of every DNC member.

  144. Super Tuesday votes are in, so what now? That is the subject of this evening’s “Talking Points Memo.”

    John McCain and Barack Obama should be feeling good today. McCain’s way out in front with a delegate total of 613, Mitt Romney 269, Mike Huckabee 190.

    About 1,200 delegates are needed to win the Republican nomination. So at this point, John McCain is more than halfway there with some friendly primaries coming up. So he’s in good shape.

    On the Democratic side, it’s a tie with some Obama-friendly primaries coming up next Tuesday in D.C., Virginia and Maryland. So he has momentum. But Senator Clinton’s certainly in the hunt.

    The Associated Press reports that Senator Clinton has 845 delegates, Barack Obama 765. But Obama’s camp says their man has more delegates. Let’s just call it a dead heat.

    Now here’s the map of states Clinton and Obama have won: Hillary’s in green, Obama blue. From exit polling last night we know that black Americans are going big for Obama, and Hispanic-Americans are largely supporting Senator Clinton.

    ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ Book On the Republican side, McCain’s red, Romney yellow, Huckabee white. The Northeast and California have put McCain into the lead, while the South is Huckabee territory and the West is generally Romney country.

    For Hillary Clinton, the Texas primary on March 4 is her firewall. With Obama raising more money than Hillary — and the media openly rooting for him — it’s hard to see how Obama will be slowed until Texas if he doesn’t do well there.

    Thirty-two percent of voters in Texas are Hispanic. Just 11 percent are black. So Senator Clinton might win the Lone Star State. If she does not, Obama will likely get the nomination.

    On the same day, Ohio votes as well. Another huge state for both Democrats. Same with Pennsylvania on April 22.

    Not since 1952 have the Democrats gone to a convention without a known nominee, but certainly that could happen this year. If Obama has more delegates, he has to get the nod because there would be chaos if they did not give it to him. If Hillary is ahead in delegates, she could make a deal with Obama to put him on the ticket as VP, which I believe he would accept.

  145. I wonder what these MA assholes who endorsed Obama will do now that MA went to Hillary. Their constituency is pissed. I posted a letter yesterday from a MA woman to the Boston Globe. She expects all of these politicians to endorse Hillary. I’m sure Kennedy and Kerry won’t anyway.

  146. barbara boxer does not intend to show “visible” support to Hillary. Her office already had a canned response when I called.

    Her words were that her superdelegate vote would go to the winner….she will not endorse.

    Something in the water in DC…it’s eating up spines…

    same about Richardson…grow a spine

  147. BO is the Republican choice, they are doing everything they can to fund him, to promote him and to use him as their Trojan Horse. Bottom line: we cannot let them steal another election.

  148. HillLandRocks… not as much as before he submitted this year’s state-of-the State address, the budget and this afternoon’s pro-Obama announcement. And it was somewhat tepid, even before that.

  149. HEHS — well, it works both ways — think John Lewis. Of course, blue states probably have more SDs overall.

  150. Cash Strapped Clinton Campaign — Stunt?

    well, if it was a stunt, it worked raising over 4 million in 24 hours.

    Ya gotta do what ya gotta do………

  151. Has this been posted? Hillary has invited Obama to appear at a townhall meeting with her in Maine this weekend..

  152. where was he at al gore’s environmental forum? what other significant forums did he skip? i know there have been more than a few. should make a list. meanwhile i do recall him doing a foreign policy forum.. a canned one set up by his own campaign, pre iowa

  153. Emjay — are people in IA really annoyed by his endorsement? After all, he won the IA caucus.

    Any hint that Iowan Obama supporters are now experiencing buyer’s remorse?

  154. Well, well, well. Rezbama is using the Karl Rove Repuglican playbook to stir up all those Whitewater Clintonian hiding their records BS. Just a quick look at the comments on the ABC post shows a constant rollout out of the same old same old Repuglican call that the Clintons are hiding something. Hillary loaned her campaign some money so, obviously, she’s got something to hide.

    What does Rezbama do? Say, well, he can’t just loan himself $5 million why should Hillary be allowed to do so? Must be something going on that she has that kind of money to fling around. Where’d she get the money?

    Showing her tax returns will prove what, exactly?

    This is not just Chicago shitty politics, this is premium grade Repuglican politics.

  155. I think this idea of inviting Obama to all these debates is really a good one. It works in several ways. One, if he denies them, well, he looks like an ass. Two, if he accepts them, well, Hillary will kick his ass. 🙂

  156. Despite losses, Clinton and McCain pull delegates

    MONTGOMERY | Despite losing in the Democratic presidential primary in Alabama, Hillary Roddam Clinton could get more delegates from the state than Barack Obama, based on an Associated Press tabulation Wednesday.

    On the Republican side, John McCain was getting a significant number of delegates after running a close second to Mike Huckabee on Tuesday.

    The AP count, including so-called superdelegates who are not bound by Tuesday’s numbers, showed Clinton has 25 delegates to the party’s national nominating convention from Alabama, and Obama has 21. Seven more are still to be determined.

    Huckabee has 20 delegates from the state to the Republican National Convention, and McCain has 16. Twelve more are still to be determined.

    Obama won statewide with 56 percent of the vote to Clinton’s 42 percent, but some of the delegates were distributed based on how well the candidates did within congressional districts. That helped Clinton in the delegate count.

    The political parties were picking 45 delegates each in Tuesday’s primaries using formulas that distributed delegates based on votes statewide as well as within congressional districts. The AP tabulation showed Obama with 21 of those and Clinton with 20 and four still to be determined. It showed Huckabee with 20 and McCain with 16 and nine to be determined.

    Huckabee pulled 41 percent of the statewide GOP vote to McCain’s 37 percent and Mitt Romney’s 18 percent. Romney had no delegates.

    Democrats also are sending eight superdelegates to the party’s national convention, and four of those have told AP they are for Clinton, one is for Obama and three are undecided. Republicans are sending three superdelegates; their choice wasn’t known Wednesday.

    I’m so happy the truth is getting out about the primary process and how gaming the system with AA votes now is not going to help Obama win he win a state based on the strength of the AA votes in a few counties.

    That’s why I was so pissed with Jessie Jackson Jr., Donna Brazile and Rep. Clyburn used the race card on the Clintons, he lost any chance of becoming the POTUS with that boneheaded move. That stuff doesn’t fly in California, it turns people off BIG TIME.

    I’m black and never once thought Obama was qualified for president…he pissed me off when he threw his hat in the ring…He’s just wasn’t ready and now I would campaign against him forever…bad character, seen this type of guy all my life…we call them “con man in the pulpit.” or “republican in sheep clothing”…think Ray Nagin but at least Ray was honest.

    Now to the paranoid about Black votes…most Black votes loves Hillary and Bill both and would vote for them, but it’s not surprising with all the positive press Obama is getting that the hope of seeing a black president is doable when they see so many WHITE FOLKS voting and shilling for the guy.

    Please tell me why all these white folks are voting for this very inexperience candidate? I just don’t get it!! Are white people scared of “trailer trash”? Because it seem the the dems have forgotten their core constituents.

  157. Everyone thought I would pass along the gist of a conversation that I just had with another attorney I know who is a committed Republican. She told me that on Tuesday she voted for Obama (MO) because she just couldn’t stand the thought of Hillary winning. (She knows I’m a committed HRC supporter). I told her that I thought that there was probably a lot of that going on in the urban areas (K.C. and St. Louis) and that I thought Columbia and Rolla went for Obama because they are college towns.

    Then she told me that she heard on KMOX (big AM station never listen to it) that there were women calling stating that they were upset Claire McCaskill for not supporting HRC. She thought this was silly. I told her that Claire courted women in her race against Jim Talent and asked for our support as WOMEN and that she betrayed us. I pointed out that what was good for the goose is good for the gander (did I get that right?) She backed down. I just had to get the point across although I know she will never vote for our girl and she will never vote for a Dem in the GE. But it felt good to bash Claire. Now I feel better.

  158. Boxer sounds like a weasel to me…perhaps I’m wrong, but didn’t she originally say she would endorse winner of the primary, not the primaries.

  159. The other thing that jumped out at me is the assumption that Rezbama’s only Rezko problem is the house deal. If that were only true, maybe, just maybe he could get past it. However, it’s just the tip of the iceberg, I’m afraid … so, yes, Sen. Obama, tell us everything you know about your patron Rezko. We’re waiting.

  160. Schuster on Chelsea;

    He’s saying that since Chelsea is now campaigning for her mom that she’s fair game for the press. Then he says that he thinks HRC is “pimping” her daughter!!!!!

  161. correction:I’m so happy the truth is getting out about the primary process and how gaming the system with AA votes now is not going to help Obama win he win a state based on the strength of the AA votes in a few counties.

    Should be: I’m so happy the truth is getting out about the primary process and how gaming the system with AA voters only is not going to help Obama win the nomination based on wins in states on the strength of the AA votes in a few counties.

  162. I saw somewhere that Puerto Rico’s caucus is worth 63 delegates, and is winner-take-all… is that true, does anyone know? If so, that would seem to really help Hillary, as we know how strong her support is among the Latino community.

  163. DNC numbers:

    202-863-8000 (DC)

    877-336-7200 (Utah, works for DC)

    Call ‘em, Call ‘em alot. Be Nice, but give ‘em hell about disenfranchisement of Florida and Michigan.

  164. you know what folks….do NOT watch msnbc.

    they are obviously grabbing for ratings…if you call them or email them they will know their comments are being heard….do not feed the troll.

    they are dead dog last in ratings.

    anybody who hears a comment like that will simply roll their eyes.

    I guess Obama is pimping Orca too!

  165. Hey, some of you Perez fans…..I don’t go to that website, but if one of you have been fortunate enough to get a real email from him, can you ask him to put those DNC numbers up (and tell the DNC not to disenfranchise our voters). If it is true he gets millions of hits a day, I have to laugh at the idea of even one in ten calling the DNC.

  166. Wolfson added: “When will Senator Obama release the complete details of his relationship with Tony Rezko?”

    Oh SNAP

  167. I believe Clinton can win Congressional districts 3 and 7 in Louisiana if she airs advertisements on the economy. These districts’ voters are her constituency: they are largely blue collar workers, and they are catholic. she will also win the first congressional district, which is compromised of the suburbs of new orleans and the florida parishes, but this will require airing ads in the new orleans media market.

  168. BM, I think you’ll save yourself a lot of aggravation if you stopped watching MessNBC. I stopped watching them after IA.

  169. Oh yes Mayor Marion Barry supports Obama. Hardly surprising. This is hardly surprising/

    I happen to recall a time in the late 1980’s when Barry was mayor and the city of Washington DC experienced one of the worst snow storms in history (no pun intended). I mean cars were stranded, hotel rooms were sold out and people were sleeping in the streets on heating grates.

    Somehow some cub reporter managed to went looking for the estimatable mayor of that beleaguered city and found him on the other side of the country at the Rose Bowl in Sunny Pasadena where the temperatures were balmy and the trade winds blew.

    Whereupon the cub reporter summoned the courage to ask the mayor whether he was remotely award of what was happening back in the citiy where he was supposedly mayor and he replied yes, he was.

    Whereupon that cub reporter did what Big Media never does with Barack. He asked the estimable mayor a follow-up question Q: what do you intend to do about it, to which the Mayor famously replied: A: “I subscribe to the let it melt theory”.

    Thus the endorsement comes as no surprise. Just like Barack Mayor Barry is never there when you need him.

  170. HillLandR

    Edwards and Clinton combined took almost 60% of the votes and BO got only 2 more delegates than Edwards…BO 16, HC 15, JE 14. BO’s support, I keep saying, was 5 miles wide and less than an inch deep.

  171. Berkeley Vox here is the link on Puerto Rico (btw, that fake Obama memo concedes Puerto Rico to Hillary):

    I can imagine the following scenario. Hillary Clinton’s delegate margin over Barack Obama rises and falls a bit from week to week, depending on primary results. Her margin among superdelegates, around 100, fails to increase much because party and public officeholders are wary of offending Obama’s youth and black constituencies. Then, presto! In early June, Puerto Rico’s 63 delegates put her over the top. She has her majority and goes about the business of choosing a vice presidential candidate.

  172. That was a real Matthewism by David Shuster.

    He used to be one of the few straight shooting reporters left.
    Quite obviously, they got to him too.

    Couldn’t believe that…..

  173. Merryfield and Dot,
    Schuster used to be such a good reporter. Remember the Libby/Fitzgerald smack-down? now Schuster is a Mathews clone.

    While I can’t bear to watch BM during the primaries, I still tune in just to listen to what BS they’re’re spewing. Same reason i sometimes check Limbaugh.
    Ironic; CNN and MSNBC even worse than Limbaugh. At least he doesn’t hide his bias.

  174. I have a question for our Mass. residents.

    Since Hillary beat Ted Kennedy in his own backyard would that win help her in Maine?

  175. It’s en vogue to bash Hillary, didn’t you all get the memo? If you want to climb the cable ladder, you have to say at least 2 negative things about Hillary per hour.

  176. the debate challenge is playing well, as it should.

    Even the questionable Joe Klein said last night,
    “It helps her. She knows a lot more than him.”

  177. By the way, Obama was granted a seat on the Illinois state Senate Pensions and Investments Committee in 2003. Notice this was the period during which Rezko implemented his fraudulent schemes involving the teachers’ pension funds.

  178. Hillary, McCain Lead in First District
    Democrats’ 33-percent turnout dwarfs Repubs’
    By Carissa Katz

    There were few surprises here in the presidential primaries on Tuesday, with Senators Hillary Clinton and John McCain easily taking their parties’ nominations in the First Congressional District.

    Durell Godfrey and Carissa Katz Photos

    Above, gearing up for the primary, Judith Hope, a former New York State Democratic Party chairwoman, joined Representative Tim Bishop and other Hillary Clinton supporters at a rally in East Hampton on Sunday.

    Mrs. Clinton, who is well known and well liked among South Fork Democrats, won 61.76 percent of the Democratic vote in the district. Mr. McCain got 54.34 percent of the Republican vote. They both won statewide, as well.

    Democratic voter turnout was far higher than Republican turnout. More than 33 percent of registered Democrats, or 85,373 people, cast primary ballots Tuesday. Only 18.7 percent of registered Republicans, or 56,864 people, voted. Republican voters outnumber Democrats in the First Congressional District. There are 303,898 registered Republicans and 254,067 Democrats.

    Senator Barack Obama captured 34.86 percent of the vote in the district, meaning that although he did not win the popular vote, he did capture two delegates here. Mrs. Clinton got three delegates and an alternate. In New York, Democratic delegates are awarded proportionally in each Congressional district, assuming a candidate gets at least 15 percent of the popular vote.

    Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, was the Republican runner-up statewide and in this district, where he got 27.3 percent of the Republican votes, but he will not get any delegates. The winner of the Republican primary in New York gets all of the pledged delegates.

  179. People, I watch a local channel in my area for local news (NBC affiliate) and I have been noticing something rather obvious for some time now. They carry a story about Obama daily..I’m not kidding. Every single day. It’s either a campaign story, an endorsement or some statement he has made, but no Hillary stories. Is this happening with other NBC affilliates? It sure looks like they are sending daily video packets to this affilliate that only feature Obama….talk about propaganda!

    Also, a Fox affiliate in Wisconsin ran a story last night about seeing more of Obama on local stations…I got a phone call and missed it. Does anyone know about some kind of effort by Obama to get extra coverage on local affiliate stations?

  180. Dot,
    I agree HRC needs a better publicist. The Arlington, Va. event was pathetic. (except for HER).
    “con man in the pulpit.” *LOL* I spent years working in inner city neighborhoods so I know what you mean. And I agree that AA’s are probably amazed to see “so many WHITE FOLKS voting and shilling for the guy.” Maybe it is white guilt?
    PS- How do I expand the comment box????????

    and “the hope of seeing a black president is doable when they see so many WHITE FOLKS voting and shilling for the guy.

  181. Hawk, where did you read that she got the gov of Maine’s endorsement? I just looked at the endorsement list on her website, and she did get a former governor of Maine’s endorsement, but his term was up in 1974. I can’t find info on the current incumbent’s endorsement…Help please 🙂

  182. This might sound right out there drinking with the koolaid bunch…but I feel some kind of slow ignition burn for Hillary. It started with the campaign announcement that she needed help with her campaign. The request wasn’t made as some weak ass plea or as other campaigns have done (the chest thumpin we gotta match the little girlie thing). It was made as an earnest talk with people about finances, she was the banker making a loan on an investment…the employment of the person who will have the hardest job in America. It was her honesty and openess that once again let people “inside” the not so complicated person that is Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    She might not be the orator her husband is, but she has her own charisma.

    Somebody pointed out last night that she has a hard time accepting accolades. This is the true trait of a real leader. She is about the peoples business, not about making it about “her”. She is worried and urgent about the state of this our union.

  183. I am feeling very good about WA, ME, and VA. If we can win these three and come close in the others prior to OH and TX on the 4th, we will be unstoppable.

  184. I am glad the campaign has Chelsea in Nebraska with Bob Kerrey, and Bill in Maine, and HRC in Seattle. This is good. Spread out and do the good work for the American people, let’s get her elected.

  185. Obama Agrees To Debate Clinton In Ohio

    Last Update: 7:24 pm

    Related Links
    Democracy 2008: A WCPO Special Section
    Web produced by: Neil Relyea

    CLEVELAND (AP) — Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama today has agreed to debate opponent Hillary Clinton in Ohio before the March 4th primary.

    Yesterday, Obama’s campaign had not committed to a debate and said the senator would focus his time in Ohio on meeting with voters.

    Campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt says today that the debate’s date and location haven’t been determined yet.

    Clinton has been pushing for the debate since she and Obama essentially split the Super Tuesday vote.

    CNN announced last week that it would partner with the Democratic party in Ohio to bring a debate to the state on February 27th.

    Obama and Clinton face each other in the March 4th primaries in Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island and Vermont.

  186. WaPo…

    Sen. Barack Obama agreed to two new debates with Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    Obama and Clinton will face off on Tuesday, Feb. 26, at Cleveland State University, in a debated hosted by NBC News and WKYC, the NBC affiliate in Cleveland. Although terms haven’t been settled, Obama aides said the candidates would also meet in Texas, which votes the same day as Ohio, March 4.

  187. Obama is going to parrot Hillary and steal her ideas. He’s so phony and a liar and he doesn’t believe in anything other then getting himself elected as the president of the United States.


  188. So funny when I read in BM that “they essential split the Super Tuesday vote”. What a joke! The winner of NY, CA, NJ and MA was the winner on Super Tuesday.

  189. Rhode Island we have the LT Governor, I think the Governor, Senator Whitehouse and I am not sure about Jack Reed.

  190. I know, this was no tie. New York (my home!) > Alaska

    California > Utah

    Jersey > Idaho

    I mean seriously. 🙂

  191. Chelsea down in Lincoln.UNL.i used lived 4 blocks from where she is speaking i hope they show it..she will do great there…and i wonder how many attended,i glad she is with him….kerrey has lotts of support there to especiallly the older guys who have bussinesses there ..30 + up…

  192. nbc will give him all the questions before the debate…simple enough. there is a reason he is all of a sudden agreeing to these debates. Notice he will not agree to Fox…nuff said.

    Hillary team should be very wary of nbc..cnn…obamacamp…..

  193. hillary should be very ready for any questions about previous situations in the white house…they are laying a trap for her….the reversal in debating happened too soon. that being said…she’ll win.

    Honestly I hope the first thing she does as POTUS is send one of those Hillary nutcrackers to all the smug arses in big media.

    This time last week we were saying this was going to be done…I wish it were

  194. MyDD: Raising this kind of money online in such a short time is not supposed to be Clinton’s strength. It’s amusing to watch Clinton benefit from continued low expectations. Certainly her campaign knows it and is exploiting it brilliantly. Many Obama fans think that all Obama needs to do is campaign somewhere and people who like Hillary Clinton, inevitably portrayed as “low information voters,” will come around. It’s just this condescending and naive view of Clinton’s support around the country that is hurting Obama in the expectations game. As I’ve written many times (most recently HERE,) Obama supporters underestimate the love out there for Hillary Clinton at their peril.

  195. Hawk, you’re right and that’s great. Just looked on Hill’s website, and we have a LOT of institutional support in Rhode Island.

    Can’t wait to win OH, TX and RI on the 4th!!

  196. Dot,
    “Hillary team should be very wary of nbc..cnn…obamacamp…..”
    Yup. I read an article this morning (which of course i can’t find, now) about the connection between BO and the media and there is a real tie-in there. If I find it will post.

  197. Hillary Clinton maybe getting Gov. Gregoire’s endorsement tonight in Washington…maybe.

    *At the bottom of the post.

  198. bo is new orleans..i think i just heard them pudits say that …i got get this mcain off my tv now my friends lmao…ridculous//

  199. Whey hey, CNN is changing its delegate totals about.

    Hillary got 46 more delegates than Obama in New York 139 to 93, thats way better than Cal so far.

    She took Arkansas Dels. 27 to 8

    So far California 195 to 152 with 23 still to be allocated

    She’s beating Obama in alabama 21 to 20 with 11 not been allocated because they dont know how to distribute them.

    There’s 27 delegates in georgia that they are having a tough time distributing.

    There’s 17 delegates in Illinois they have not been able to distribute yet.

    and laugh of the night : N.Dakota obama won with 61% and only got 8 delegates to HRC’s 5.

    CNN has HRC on 1033 past the half way mark and obama on 937, she’s 104 ahead.

  200. Shez and I just has an idea over at
    I think Hillary should show up at the debate. With a cardboard cutout of Obama adorned with ribbon and a bow on top. “Mr. Present”.
    See if he shows up for the rest of them. Shez

    What a great idea! She’s probably too classy to do it quite that way … but what about another Town Hall to give Obama supporters “equal time” to ask her their questions?

  201. AmericanGal,
    The covering of Obama and ignoring of Hill is definitely happening on radio here in NYC (CBS News 880am).
    Every half hour when they recycle their news they run an Obama package, often going to a reporter imbeded with the BO campaign.
    They’ll often run a BO soundbite or two.
    Occassionally they go to Joe Trippi for breif analysis, but they never go to the HRC campaign, and sometimes they don’t even mention her in the entire piece.

    It’s unreal – except it’s not….

  202. Good link LawSchoolDem. The Rezko article has a lot of stuff we posted here long ago but it is good to see it finally getting picked up. We also speculated about Nevada and are glad to see that firedog sees the smoke we saw back then. BTW, it was soon thereafter that that photo of Rezko with the Clintons at somebody elses fundraiser emerged. We have no doubt that Fitzgerald has some phones tapped and that is how he discovered a lot of the Rezko money transfers. If Rezko did get that photo to the Obama campaign it will eventualy come out. The question with any con man is will the law catch them in time. In this case will the full Rezko story emerge before the next big batch of primaries:

    “Unless there is testimony out there. Long ago when I was doing criminal cases, an unnamed source from the prosecution was called “a source close to the investigation” and a leak from the defense was called “a source familiar with the case.” I don’t know if the ChiSun uses those naming conventions, but it occurs to me that someone may have been trying to scare the pants off Obama. Interestingly, Obama suddenly left Nevada and flew back to Chicago on Sunday right after the caucuses.

    If I’m the AUSA handling the case, I would assume (if I didn’t know already) from that leak from the source “familiar with the case” that there is definitely somebody out there with testimony and I might even know who that person is and that this is the time to squeeze him. It’s a sign that the defendants and suspects are considering turning on each other. Always a happy thing for the prosecution.”

  203. This afternoon I got tired of Congressman Robert Wexler’s (FL) office not being able to give me a good reason why he is supporting Obama when Obama is trying to keep the Florida delegation from being seated. Screw him, I made a contribution to his primary opponent Ben Graber.

  204. Thanks admin, I thought you’d appreciate knowing that your efforts and B Merry’s have not gone unnoticed. Something doesn’t seem right about any of this, Nevada notwithstanding, and I suspect and hope that it will come to the surface soon.

  205. put up Waxlers phone number….we all need to call him….these elected officials think they don’t have to answer to anybody. the time is here to let them know that they can be rejected.

    everybody here should call Wexler tomorrow….


  206. rjk1957 and everyone, please post phone numbers and contacts of who should be called. We’re working on a post derived from what is in the comments and emails on things to do.

    The Florida and Michgan representatives and Superdelegates must be contacted and forced to explain why they are against their constitutents. We must Count Every Vote.

  207. has obama being standing with the flags backdropped for a while.

    that subliminal message…sorry, I’m not drinking the koolaid but he has some brilliant people working him.

  208. Wexler is the only elected Florida Superdelegate who has endorsed Obama.

    His contact info:

    Washington DC Office
    213 Cannon HOB
    Washington, DC 20515
    Phone: (202) 225-3001
    Fax: (202) 225-5974

    Palm Beach County Office
    2500 North Military Trail
    Suite 100
    Boca Raton, FL 33431
    Phone: (561) 988-6302
    Phone: (561) 732-4000
    Fax: (561) 988-6423

    Broward County Office
    Margate City Hall
    5790 Margate Boulevard
    Margate, FL 33063
    Phone: (954) 972-6454
    Fax: (954) 974-3191

  209. admin, please provide a simple narrative for those of us who become tonguetied. I get loud and shrill and if I have something to look at I can remain more focused.

    I want to call these morons. We must count every vote. I can tell you their spill…well, the florida party did it..blah, blah…I need a swift narrative to cut them down to size.


  210. What else Hillary could do as a ‘virtual debate’ if Obama won’t show up, is to put some news clippings in a hat and draw them like they were questions and respond to them. Since the media are acting as his surrogates anyway.

  211. actually, how about a few phone numbers for us Hillary supporters to push Rezko out into the open? We certainly don’t want the hillary campaign to make calls or push for Rezko information, but what if many many Hillary supporters called everyday for more and more releases and information aobut Rezko and obama’s connection? We wouldn’t have to disclose who we support.

  212. joeysmom wrote: I just went to Hillary’s site and donated another $10.44. Sorry everyone, but right now, even that was a stretch. I’ll keep doing what I can every two weeks when my husband gets paid, but with me being a realtor and the market what it is, most times were operating in the red.

    joeysmom, thank you for these words. They are truly an inspiration. When I read them, I was struck by the power of what it is to be Americans. I admit that my eyes glistened just a little bit when I read your message. Just two sentences that remind us of what it means to have a voice that we can raise in chorus with our fellows to effect a better village for everyone.

    In your honor, joeysmom, today Hillary will receive $500.44 because it is a just a little bit beyond my comfort level, but certainly something that I can handle. Thank you, again, for sharing your story and inspiring me to be better than I thought I needed to be.

  213. The covering of Obama and ignoring of Hill is definitely happening on radio here in NYC (CBS News 880am).

    90% of the articles online that address ‘the candidates’ always feature a pic of Obama.

  214. I got around $600.00 this year for Chinese New Year’s money. I am thinking of donating a portion of that to hillary. I can’t donate all of it to her, as some of these funds are going to other charities as well.

  215. Admin, please include in your list of things to do the online phone system on Hillary’s website which is currently dedicated to calling Washington and Maine caucus-goers. We ALL need to do this.

    dot48, I know you used this tool for SC and found it quite rewarding.

    PLEASE everyone, I implore you, use this tool to make phone calls in WA and ME. We can win in these states.

  216. How can the “fix” be in when they all hate Hillary and Bill and now Chelsea Clinton.

    Bill Clinton fought the establishment and x 2,

    Hillary Clinton is fighting establishment and media and will fight x 2

    Chelsea Clinton is cutting her teeth right now….bm is quaking in their shoes.

    Love it. No wonder Shyster and nbc is croaking .

  217. The late enrollment penalty discourages people from getting insurance once they do realize they are not ‘immortal.’ At 25, the guy thinks, “I don’t need insurance.” At 30, he thinks “maybe I need insurance”, but when he sees that late enrollment penalty, he decides not to get it. Before he knows it, he’s 40, the late enrollment penalty is prohibitive, and he has real health risks. Also, late enrollment penalty doesn’t yield the prevention benefits. Obama just doesn’t get it. For him, universal healthcare is about ‘a chicken in every pot.’ For Hillary, it’s about fixing a broken system to lower crippling healthcare costs that ripple through the economy. ‘Harry and Louise’ finally get it after all these years, thanks to Hillary.

    For Obama, universal healthcare is just an empty campaign promise.

  218. Racism Greater Factor Than Sexism On Super Tuesday
    Posted February 7, 2008 | 09:48 AM (EST)


    Read More: 2008, 2008 Primary, Barack Obama, Democratic Nomination, Election, Gender Vs. Race 2008, Hillary Clinton, President, Racism, Racism 2008 Primary, Racism And Politics, Racism Barack Obama, Sexism, Sexism 2008 Primary, Sexism And Politics, Sexism Hillary Clinton, Sexism Vs. Racism, Breaking Off The Bus News

    Barack Obama squeaked out a narrow win on Super Tuesday to expand his small lead in the pledged delegates. While many of the exit polls were off as predictions, these polls do provide us with one of the best national tests of to what extent voters will admit to racist or sexist motivations. And they also tell us an important fact: Obama was hurt by race-based voting, while Clinton was greatly helped by gender-based voting.

    More Democratic voters admitted to racist motivations in opposing Obama (an average of 2.88% of the voters) than admitted to sexist motivations in opposing Clinton (an average of 1.83%). Overall, the racist vote outweighed the pro-black vote for Obama by an average of 0.5%. By contrast, the pro-woman vote for Clinton outweighed the sexist vote by an average of 5.0%. That’s a 5.5% swing in each state. The continuing significance of racism (beyond the expressed levels of sexism) was a key factor in why Obama didn’t win a decisive victory over Clinton on Tuesday.

    The Democratic exit polls asked voters, “In deciding your vote for president today, was the gender[race] of the candidate a) The single most important factor; b) One of several important factor; c) Not an important factor.”

    The race-based voting data is summarized online in a spreadsheet I created. The gender-based voting data is in another spreadsheet of mine.

    Here is the average of 15 states and the views on race of those opposing Obama (note, this is an average of the states, not an average nationwide):
    2.87% Super racist (race is “the single most important factor,” voted against Obama)
    6.61% Partly racist (race is “one of several important factors,” voted against Obama)
    9.49% Total of racist vote (super racist plus partly racist)

    Here’s is the average of the voting based on race by Obama supporters:
    2.0% Super pro-black (race is “the single most important factor,” voted for Obama)
    6.99% Partly pro-black (race is “one of several important factors,” voted for Obama)
    8.98% Total of pro-black vote (super pro-black plus partly pro-black)

    Here is the average of the 15 states with exit polls on their response to the question of voting based, on gender, against the female candidate:
    1.83% Super sexist (gender is “the single most important factor,” voted against Clinton)
    6.08% Partly sexist (gender is “one of several important factors,” voted against Clinton)
    7.9% Total of sexist vote (super sexist plus partly sexist)

    To continue reading OffTheBus member John K. Wilson’s post, visit his diary on Daily Kos. Wilson is the author of a new book, Barack Obama: This Improbable Quest.

    As an Black voter I’m embarrassed on how Obama is whinning and crying all the time. Somebody need to tell Obama that nobody likes a crybaby and all these tantrums Team Obama is doing is pretty pathetic.

    I think we need to email CNN and tell them that the Democratic voters accept her resignation from the DNC. No losers in the DNC should be the new DCN mission statement!!!

  219. hmmmm. new idea here, but what if the hillary campaign got a big artist, like Madonna, or Janet Jackson, or Josh groban, Barbara, etc to write a song, nice, catchy, radio-friendly, and make it all aobut hillary? Have it playing on radios across the nation.

    Preferably, it should be someone whose radio-friendly and makes danceable tracks to make it catchy…but if he/she makes a catchy enough song with the right words, it could help with the youth vote maybe. lol. and at least put HIllary in more of a positive light.

  220. rjk1957 Says:
    February 7th, 2008 at 8:15 pm

    Have you checked to see if the congressman got a donation from Obama’s Hope Foundation? He was handing out a boat load of money from a PAC before he declared his candidacy to other congresspersons.

  221. joeysmom: THANK YOU for donating that $10.44. I am a student and my first donation was $10 but I’m sure HRC appreciates every penny. I said this several days ago but $100 is a lot for a working class family with children. I am planning to donate $50-100 in the next day or so. I have no income coming in except for some help from my mom but I have enough in my bank account that I think this is worth it to skip out on a few pizzas and drinks during the weekend. $100 is totally worth not having to hear Obambi sermons for the next 4-8 years.

  222. So now that Romney is out, are there any good sites to get news on John McCain so I can post negative info about him on my facebook?

  223. Gary Hart: Obama won’t fade.
    by Steve Kornacki

    The Super Tuesday stalemate has only reinforced comparisons between the Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama contest and the fight for the Democratic nomination 1984, another one-on-one race that pitted an insurgent against the party establishment — and one that wasn’t settled until the party’s July convention in San Francisco.

    In that ‘84 campaign, the Obama role was played by Gary Hart, whose “new ideas” fueled a stunning 13-point victory in New Hampshire that rocketed him to the top of the race and, within weeks, brought Walter Mondale — who had entered the campaign as the most prohibitive favorite in primary history — to the brink of capitulation. A Hart sweep of Super Tuesday in early March 1984 would have flushed the former Vice President from contention, but when Mondale narrowly won two states that day (to Hart’s seven), the press declared him reborn. When the primaries and caucuses finally finished in June, it was a draw: Both men had won about the same number of pledged delegates and Hart had even edged Mondale in the combined popular vote.

    But the nomination was Mondale’s because most of the superdelegates — party leaders and elected officials who account for 20 percent of all convention votes — had been with him from the start, long before Hart had emerged as a viable option.

    “My wife and I called every one of them personally between the California primary (on June 2) and the convention, and overwhelmingly they said, ‘I wish I hadn’t committed to Mondale, but I’m committed,’” Hart said.

    Even though polls the weekend before the convention showed Hart vastly outperforming Mondale against Ronald Reagan, the superdelegates stuck to their commitments, Mondale was nominated, and the party suffered a 49-state landslide in the fall.

    Hart, who teaches at the University of Colorado-Denver, is now supporting Obama. There are clear similarities between the old Hart coalition and the one Obama is building this year: college-educated voters, political independents, and younger voters. The Clinton and Mondale bandwagons also look alike, filled with members of core Democratic constituencies: women, Hispanics, lower-income white voters. (The main difference: Hart struggled to attract black support, which Obama has practically monopolized.)

    Hart sees the Clinton-Obama race playing out the way his did, but with the potential for a very different ending.

    “It will go to the convention like it did in ‘84, but (Obama’s) got a much better chance of getting support from superdelegates than I did, because most of them were lined up with Fritz before New Hampshire.”

    That’s the key difference: While Hart had toiled in virtual anonymity before New Hampshire made him a star, superdelegates have been aware of Obama from the beginning of this race. And they may be savvier in 2008 about not lining up so quickly behind the establishment favorite. Superdelegates were a new creation in 1984.

    “I assume (Hillary) and her husband are on the phone with them now, and they’re saying, ‘Remember when I had you to the White House,’ or ‘Remember when I campaigned for you,’” Hart said.

    Obama’s pitch, Hart believes, is his ability to attract independents and Republicans to the ticket in the fall.

    “It’s going to be a question of loyalty versus electability,” he said, “because it’s going to be clear to everyone by then that (Obama) is the strongest general election candidate.”

    The electability argument, he stressed, is not just about whether either candidate is capable of winning the general election; it’s a matter of what effect their presence will have on other Democratic candidates who will be on the ballot with the ultimate nominee — more than a few of whom will be superdelegates at the convention.

    “If some of them are elected officials who will be up in ‘08, they might be persuaded,” said Hart. “The idea is not just to win — it’s not to get dragged down.”

    That might explain why so many prominent Democrats from red states — like Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius or Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson — have endorsed Obama, and why Obama won massive victories on Super Tuesday in Republican bastions like North Dakota, Alaska, Utah and Idaho (with a staggering 81 percent). Even if those states will be written off by Democrats in the fall, Hart said, picking a presidential nominee who can at least keep the bleeding to a minimum makes a big difference to Democratic candidates.

    He offered his own personal experience as a senator from Colorado: “In 1980, I ran for re-election, and I had to do so on a ticket that included Jimmy Carter, who was very unpopular in my state. I had to run 26 points ahead of him in order to win. That is not something that is easy to do.”

    One of the reasons Hart is so confident that the ‘08 race will last to the convention is Clinton’s ability to retain support from most of the core Democratic groups that Mondale did, which gives her a considerable leg-up — as it did for Mondale — in some of the biggest delegate prizes on the map, thereby making up for Obama’s considerable advantage in many smaller and mid-size states.

    “I think that support has always been with her,” he said. “The question was whether it was going to erode and slip away, and at least at this stage, in states like Massachusetts, New Jersey and California. It has not.”

    Looking at the upcoming primaries, Hart said he believes that Obama “has got to broaden his appeal to the Hispanic community,” especially if he wants to compete in the March 4 Texas primary. The other big states on the horizon include Ohio, also on the 4th, and Pennsylvania, which suddenly looks like it will be relevant on April 22 — after a five-week gap without a single nominating contest. Clinton enjoys the support of both states’ Democratic governors: Ted Strickland in Ohio and Ed Rendell in Pennsylvania.

    “I lost Pennsylvania, but won Ohio — so that’s winnable for him,” Hart said. “Pennsylvania is a little tougher because it’s a state where there is considerable machine strength.”

    The only way the race won’t reach the convention, according to Hart, is if Clinton runs out money — something that suddenly seems possible, with the news that she loaned her campaign $5 million last month and that key staffers are working for her without pay — or if one of the candidates makes “a fatigue-induced mistake” that gets blown up by the media. Hart has some experience with this: In the final days of the ‘84 marathon, he made an off-hand remark about New Jersey and toxic waste that ended up dominating the news and quite possibly cost him the state — the only one of the final 12 contests that he lost.

    “These candidates are really, really, really tired,” he said. “And I don’t think most people and most journalists understand that.”

    Another snake rising his head out of his hole…geesh. Why are all these womanizing losers talking like they understand politics. This is the same guy who told the media…”Bring it on!” and got busted “stumping” his mistress on his boat. I can’t stand these never won anything talking like they represent a winning philosophy.

  224. HillaryLandRocks,
    Yup, right on. I can really get into this stuff. Note how many times on the shout shows the B-Roll (footage) in the background is of BO, nearly all of it with him smiling, jumping on stage with an adoring crowd, etc. Avg airtime has been running about 4-1 against Hill overall.
    And when they do show her, it’s most frequently generic; ex. her talking at a town hall, often dull or scratchy video.
    I payed attention in the 90’s; I don’t believe in coincidences.

    CarbyNew, Where’s that article from? Cause this is wrong.
    “Barack Obama squeaked out a narrow win on Super Tuesday to expand his small lead in the pledged delegates.”

  225. Gary Hart can shut the hell up. What a joke. He has not shown any propsensity to attract Republicans. That’s just not true.

  226. AUGUSTA, Maine—Gov. John Baldacci joined a couple of dozen legislators Thursday at a State House rally for presidential aspirant Hillary Clinton, hours before her husband’s scheduled visit to Portland for a rally there.

    more stories like thisWhile saying Hillary Clinton has been responsive to Mainers’ needs in the past and shows concern for working men and women, the Democratic governor said both Clinton and Barack Obama are strong candidates, adding, “I think it’s great we’re having both candidates here.”

    On Saturday morning, Hillary Clinton is scheduled to attend a “Solutions for America” town meeting event at the University of Maine. That afternoon, Obama is to speak at a “Stand for Change” rally in Bangor.

    Saturday’s campaign stops by Clinton and Obama come a day before Maine Democrats from about 420 towns hold their caucuses and presidential preference votes.

    On Thursday, Baldacci encouraged Clinton and Obama to hold a debate in Maine. Clinton also issued a statement in which she invited the Illinois senator to join her in the Orono event “so that the people of Maine have a clear idea of the differences between us.

    “It’s time for the people of this country and the caucus-goers of Maine to pick a president. I hope Sen. Obama will accept my invitation to help them do just that,” Clinton said.

    The Obama campaign had no immediate response.

    At Thursday’s Augusta rally, two former John Edwards supporters — Senate President Beth Edmonds of Freeport and Rep. Emily Cain of Orono — said they were now supporting Clinton.

  227. NJS,
    Alicia Keyes’ “Superwoman” is fantastic.
    A vid with a Hillary theme was cut, not sure if it was officially sanctioned by the campaign or not.

    But that’s about as big an artist and as good (and as fitting) a song as can be found.
    I believe it will be Keyes next single, and she gets tons of airplay.

    It was here the other day, will try to find a link.

  228. Joeysmom, NYMax and everybody standing up for Hillary thank you
    I gave my $100.44 yesterday and will do so every week till we win this thing
    Yes we are doing, others can dream and hope for it here in Hillaryland we are doing it

  229. 1950democrat Says:

    February 7th, 2008 at 8:11 pm
    Shez and I just has an idea over at
    I think Hillary should show up at the debate. With a cardboard cutout of Obama adorned with ribbon and a bow on top. “Mr. Present”.
    See if he shows up for the rest of them. Shez

    and taylor you guys will look at.. she asked a quesion in comments in hillarys cash…she wants us to dig it up i didnt understand that..she wanna to know if we could do it..

  230. Gary Hart. hehe.
    Can’t hear the name without hearing the old Elvis song in my head.

    “Too much monkey business”

  231. bm gave bragging right to the delegates to obama on Tuesday and I have not heard that one Hillary surrogate has confronted anybody on bm…

    it is puzzling…while I feel a ground swell support online for Hillary…the silence in media is scary

  232. I think madonna would have endorsed Hillary but I think she think she can hurt Hillary to much b4 she can help her.So don’t expect it from her

  233. dot48, I think they are happy to let Obama gloat and preen before the cameras. It raises expectations while Hillary is talking about the issues that people care about. In the last three days, have you heard anything from Obama that is not about himself or his opponent? His campaign speeches and pressers are narcissistic, always about process, and magelomaniacal.

  234. Hill’s up by 6 in latest TIME magazine poll (taken 2/04).

    Undecided leaners go her way too, albeit slightly.

    She ties McCain, with undecided leaners going her way there too…

  235. cj – I was just brainstorming about Hillary having a ‘virtual debate’ if Obama won’t show up. I wasn’t asking anyone to do anything.

    Maybe what you read was Taylor asking people to ‘digg’ her current story? That means to publicize it on

  236. Hey all,

    I’m so happy to see that Hillary has raised 6 million plus in 72 hours! WOW! Great job Hillfans 🙂 Her new goal is 7 million in 72 hours so keep on showing her some love with your $$$. I will be donating 50 bucks tomorrow and 50 more the following week and so on.. I have never given a contribution to any other candidate but Hillary inspires me so much that I feel that she is worth it a 100%.

  237. @moon she did not endorse her well she did than she sort took it back because i think she thought that she could hurt Hillary chances.I mean lets be serious.The establishment hates madonna also.

  238. Wow,
    Katrina Vandenhuevel (sp?) just said what I’ve been thinking.

    Going to the convention (if necessary) could actually be a good, healthy thing for Democrats.
    Everyone else is predicting disaster, largely I suppose because it (a convention call) favors Hillary.

  239. New Mexico to Recount All Democratic Votes
    by Ted Robbins

    In Focus
    Campaign Cash FlowMap: Where the Races Stand, February 7, 2008 · It will be awhile before the last of the Super Tuesday states declares a winner. New Mexico Democratic Party officials announced Thursday that they will recount every ballot. Hillary Clinton leads Barack Obama in the state by about 1,000 votes.

    Originally, New Mexico’s Democratic Party had planned to count 17,000 provisional ballots, largely ballots cast by voters whose eligibility was in question or who came to the wrong polling place.

    But the Democrat-only contest was plagued by so many problems that the state party, along with the Clinton and Obama campaigns, agreed that only checking all ballots cast would insure an accurate result.

    New Mexico apportions its delegates, so Obama and Clinton will each end up with a share of the 26 delegates at stake. And with the national race so close, each delegate counts.

    There is no prediction of when the recount will be completed

  240. thanks dcdem.this what i wanted to know hey thanks now i understand >>>.Maybe what you read was Taylor asking people to ‘digg’ her current story? That means to publicize it on

  241. re the implications of what Donna Brazile was saying:

    You are not understanding the implication of that statement and what she means. She is saying that African American community will outraged if Hillary wins the nomination due to super delegates.

    This is a strong armed attempt to influence the votes of the superdelegates. It’s a coordinated effort, I saw Chris Matthews (ewww, I was flipping channels on Super Tuesday) hammering the NJ Senator about his endorsement of HRC when CM thought that NJ was going to swing toward Obama. He was relentless, saying things like “Are you going to defy the will or NJ voters by continuing to support Hillary when they have selected Obama?” The Senator held his ground and I switched the channel because it was so disgusting.

    This is a talking point that we have to nip in the bud whenever we encounter it. Superdelegates are superdelegates for a reason. If they were intended to be a reflection of the primary election, then they would be tied to the primary election. Obama and the CBC know what the rules are, if they want a superdelegate to vote for them,then they have to persuade the superdelegate that he’s the right candidate for them.

    I think that they are trying to trap our side into arguing that it’s about following the rules. This would be a big mistake, because then they’d counter that not seating FL/MI is about following the rules. People don’t pay attention to nuance, so we have to be very careful with how we frame our arguments.

    The reason that FL/MI is a mess is because there are two sets of rules. The DNC doesn’t control the rules that the states make for running their elections. The RNC came up with a creative solution to the FL “problem,” that satified the Florida Republican faction so there was no messiness there. The DNC did not, and the FL delegation is in a stronger position to press their case. They’re in a position that basically says “Okay, if you’re gonna insist that your rules mean more than our rules, then try to win in November without us. Good luck with that.”

    The DNC is in no position to go that route. The FL/MI delegations WILL be seated. At this point the CBC is trying to strong arm the Superdelegates to swing the election in favor of BHO before FL/MI get seated. It’s a losing strategy because there are more Superdelegates in states that Hillary won than there are in states that BHO won. PLUS, Hillary is ahead in the Popular Vote. The Superdelegates need to be reminded that they represent the will of the Democratic Party and DEMOCRATS across the country. They are what stand between us and the undue influence of the Republicans and Independents who are allowed to vote in our Primaries.

    We can’t let the media convince the public that non-Democrats have the moral high-ground, and it needs to happen soon.

    Never forget that the whole of the American media are controlled by six corporations who do not support Democratic ideals. They are also very skilled at pressing talking point sound bites into our consciousness. These tactics MUST be combatted with talking points of our own.

    1) Superdelegates are responsible for ensuring that the will of Democratic Voters reigns supreme in the selection of the Democratic Nominee
    2) Superdelegates act as insurance against undue influence by the opposing party in gaming our Primary system which encourages the participation of our Independent brothers and sisters without demanding party loyalty
    3) Superdelegates are Democrats to the core and our candidates must convince them of their ability to implement the Democratic platform
    4) Superdelegates are National Party leaders who are entrusted with the preservation of the National Party platform, in this capacity they do not have constituents, their voices are separate from the voices of the people who elect pledged delegates to represent their concerns

  242. well, one of the problems in NM was an official – married (I believe it was said) to a Clinton supporter, had taken home several ballot boxes overnight on Tuesday.

    Alternet had the story yesterday.

  243. BlueDem:

    On the ballot boxes that were taken home in New Mexico:

    The poll officials had already called the final vote tallies in to Dem headquarters before they left the polling places with those three ballot boxes. The reason the results weren’t posted that night is that they had only called in the Obama and Clinton numbers, not the votes for the miscellaneous candidates like Kucinich, Edwards, etc.

    When Dem Headquarters got the ballot boxes the next day, they recounted them and the tallies matched the numbers that had been called in the night before. Non-story.

    The bigger mess is the voting at Rio Rancho where there were three hour lines to vote and multiple precincts were mingled at one polling place. Just a complete FUBAR.

    The NM Democratic Party is a complete mess. Pretty much like the DNC.

  244. i am so sorry white people are the majority in this country and u people is standing for this type of crap the media is feeding you?So sad
    I have always said white people need to get a damn backbone

  245. Its funny how Hart doesn’t talk about the red states that Clinton won and which actually matter in the general in terms of electoral votes. And the fact that she trounced him in every state that she won, red or blue.

    But who cares about what Hart thinks anyway ?

  246. Just wanted to let you guys know that I have spent all day calling San Antonio voters, and of my list of 100, I reached about half. It’s a mostly Hispanic district.

    Not one vote for Obama. Not a single one. 🙂 Texas loves Hillary! And the women? Well, the women love her so much they can’t stand it, and are ready to be HEARD!!!!!

    😀 😀

  247. Vanity4hillary: I’m not white so I can’t vouch for them but I don’t think this is about backbone. We have seen the MAJORITY of white people in liberal areas of the U.S. (CA, NY, NJ, MA, etc) vote for HRC over Obambi. I think this is a mindset of certain wealthy, educated white people that Obambi will actually change Washington and give the country some sort of hope that is reminiscent of the 60s. Even though many of these people would like to have universal health care and the same things we want, that is lower on their list because they don’t need these services. They just want a revolution and I believe that with Obambi that not only will we not get much needed assistance to the poor like universal health care but that there will be no revolution. His presidency will disappoint millions because a Democratic president needs backbone to stand up to Republcians rather than attempting to work with them as Obambi has said is something he wants to do.

  248. HillaryforTexas, I had that same feeling when I was calling Hispanic voters in So. Cal. They love, love Hillary.

    I am disappointed in my beloved San Franciso/Bay Area.

  249. Who is the Sec of State in NM? I can’t believe they weren’t prepared for the Primary when we all damn well knew it would be record turnouts.

  250. The best “red state” story is that Hillary won every single county in Missouri except the five big city and university counties. She swept the red parts of the state.

    Claire McCaskill’s state. The same Claire McCaskill who spent months before endorsing as a “neutral high ranking Democrat” pimping Obama’s red state electability and downticket strength. Fact of the matter, winning 100 of the 105 Missouri counties is a gold mine for downticket races.

  251. Just saw this clip of Hillary talking about health care recently and also sometime in 1994. It is a nice one for a change.

  252. Yes, filbertSF. The attitude is sort of, “What, are you crazy? OF COURSE I am voting for Hillary! Who else would I vote for?”


  253. Do anybody else think that if Obama don;t get the nomination that certain people will maybe riot?I mean I think I have stated this b4 and i guess nobody wants to touch this because its not pc but guys lets be serious here for a sec.And stop being so damn politically correct around here.And yes this is coming from a blk tranny that lives in Florida

  254. The obamatrons are crazy vanity, who knows. I think once HRC is nominated, they will fall back in line once they see mccain talking about 100 years more in iraq. Also, obama will try to calm them down if he knows what’s good for America, the party, and himself.

  255. It’s the Democratic Party in NM. The state has nothing to do with the primary.

    Governor Richardson is throwing the Dem Party under the bus, saying that he was too busy with his campaign to pay any attention to primary preparations.

    Get this, the Dem Party chair forecast that turnout would decrease slightly this year. It increased from 50k to 150k. They had people voting on napkins.

  256. No one is going to riot if Obama loses the race fair & square.


    I’ve always believed media (bias) should be an issue in this campaign.
    If for no other reason than because it will be nearly impossible to govern with the current mix in our political media.

    These are the refs in our democracy, and they’re all crooked as a bunch of fuckin’ snakes.

  257. I am p.o.’d at NM. This is rediculous. And if obambi comes back and wins, I am going to be real mad. But I think it may come back that we won by a slightly larger margin than before. I can’t see her losing to him in NM.

  258. Hawk dear Obama is not for the party.Do you really think he will not enjoy the rioting?This man has a agenda.Shakes my head at anybody not seeing what this pig is doing.

  259. filbertsf: In CA, 62% of gays voted for Clinton as opposed to 32% for Obama. San Mateo County went to Clinton. I suspect the young students from Berkeley and Stanford and the yuppies who have moved into SF went for Obama. I’ve only been to SF once and loved it but I hear from natives that it isn’t what it used to be.

    Vanity4Hillary: Yes, I believe that there could be riots and what bothers me the most is that I don’t even know if Obama and his wife would be willing to do much to stop them. They seem egotistical and bitter enough that they would secretly want something like that to happen. I think HRC might have to offer him the VP spot just to calm people down. These Obamabots are truly scary and I can see a lot of people being completely outraged (you’ve got 80% of the AA population behind this man. You can imagine some getting very, very angry if Obama isn’t nominated) if HRC and Obama go in with the equal amount of delegates and she had more superdelegates. I am just HOPING that HRC goes into the convention with a lead even if it is a small lead because if she doesn’t there will be riots right in that convention hall and possibly in places like S.C. and Georgia.


  261. rigso wrote: hey, texas already elected a woman dem!!

    Man, did they EVER! And, if ever there was a female version of Big Dawg, it was Ann Richards! I wish she was still around to knock sense into the idiots in Travis County who will probably swing for Obambi.

  262. Speaking of how crooked the media is (and forgetting for a moment David Shuster saying the Clintons were “pimping out Chelsea), just check one of today’s journalistic atrocities:

    Summary: On Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski asked presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin: “[A]t this moment in history, isn’t John McCain the perfect candidate to deal with what challenges we face as a country, and given the presidency that is just coming to a close right now?”

    At no point during the segment, however, did Brzezinski disclose that her brother is a McCain adviser.

  263. Ha. The teacher wanted a 25-page paper, and Hillary wrote one that was 75-pages!!!

    A workhorse, not a show horse.

  264. HillaryforTexas is it part of the script you’re using to spread the word about the whole primary/caucus thing? That really has me worried. We need to make sure that people that Texans understand the process so that they can withstand the onslaught from the other side.

  265. How cute is this: her teacher from when she was 14 told the story of how she wrote a 75-page term paper on world affairs for his class complete with note cards.

  266. Her hair from 1992 when she was talking about that fight she got in………….bad hair lol, jk. 🙂

    I love this woman 🙂

  267. Don’t Mess With Big Bad Bill

    A lone heckler calling on Sen. Clinton to “end the war” in Iraq interrupted the beginning of Clinton’s speech.
    “Would you like to make this speech?” Clinton said. “Sir, this is not your event, this is for Hillary.”
    When he said that, “the war is still going on,” Clinton responded, “That is because George Bush is still fighting it.”
    The crowd erupted in cheers and shouted down the heckler, who was escorted out of the building by a single police officer.

  268. Vanity4Hillary: Yes, I believe that there could be riots and what bothers me the most is that I don’t even know if Obama and his wife would be willing to do much to stop them. They seem egotistical and bitter enough that they would secretly want something like that to happen. I think HRC might have to offer him the VP spot just to calm people down. These Obamabots are truly scary and I can see a lot of people being completely outraged (you’ve got 80% of the AA population behind this man. You can imagine some getting very, very angry if Obama isn’t nominated) if HRC and Obama go in with the equal amount of delegates and she had more superdelegates. I am just HOPING that HRC goes into the convention with a lead even if it is a small lead because if she doesn’t there will be riots right in that convention hall and possibly in places like S.C. and Georgia.
    There are many AA supporters on this forum and I don’t think any of us believe there would be riots. Please don’t drink the koolaid Obama support isn’t that deep, most AA will support the nominee, just like most dems but there are some die hards that won’t…so be it Can’t make everybody happy especially when you are dealing with fanatics.

    This is a tactic of the extremes of both parties…I’ve seen this many, many times and you don’t kiss their ass over having a tantrum. I hope the leadership of the party is not inclusion with Obama because I would be really pissed. Obama played backstabber and lied his way through Illinois party politics…he is a low down cheat and you got to slug it out with this scum. I’m so glad Hillary Clinton is not impress with this THUG and throwing back at him.

    Do you think McCain is going to put up with the crap from Obama…the race baiting, the threats, the disrespect….HELL TO THE NO! That’s why Obama will lose to McCain if he win the nomination…this guy is a bully and it takes one to know one or in Hillary’s care….SUPERWOMAN to set him straight.

  269. That MSNBC Headliner liberally took many of the interviews from the PBC doc “Hillary’s Class” (1994) without credit.

    Some of the narration are word for word from that doc.

  270. This is my first post on this site, but I’ve always gone to it for real news on the campaign. I am an avid Hillary supporter and want to help the real movement, the one that’s informed with facts and not blind hope. At any rate, I was so infuriated today by the Obama campaign and his supporters who made completely inane posts about the Clintons. I gave 5 times today and will continue to give. At any rate, the main reason for this post is to see if we can launch a 2/12 money bomb. Obama supporters are doing a $5.01 money bomb that day. Don’t ask about the number. The explanation about the number was just as pointless as Obama’s speeches. Do you think we can organize a $10.44 money bomb that day? I’m not suggesting don’t give now, but I want Hillary to be able to show that she has just as much support that will sustain her campaign for as long as it takes.

  271. “well, the florida party did it”

    here’s what I say:

    It wasn’t the florida party, it was the florida state legislature. (1) The legislature as an elected body has more authority than the DNC.

    On ‘unfairness to Obama’,

    The right to vote takes priority over Obama’s needs. Obama can’t just claim unfairness, he has to prove unfairness.

    Obama has to prove campaigning in Florida would make a difference. He can’t prove that because (1) he’s overexposed on tv and internet already (Oprahpalooza, viral 1984 ad) already and (2) the clear demographic pattern in all the primaries so far show little chance Obama running around Miami yelling ‘hope and change’ would have changed the result.

    “The Florida legislature voted via House Bill 537 to move forward the date of their state’s primary to January 29th”

    (2) Since there was a conflict between the legislature and the DNC, the DNC should have resolved this issue in court before the primary. They should have sought an injunction rather than snap their fingers to strip away the right to vote — the DNC screwed up. Obviously, they’ve totally fucked this up. We can’t let bungling fuck-ups go around stripping away the right to vote.

    DNC was more interested in its own supremacy than the rights of voters–they didn’t go to court because they expected to lose. But the DNC does not have supremacy over the Florida legislature. On the contrary, the elected legislature has more constitutional/moral authority than the DNC, a private organization. (I think there’s a big issue here, the DNC is a private organization that serves a quasi-public purpose. The exact nature of the party (private or public?) was an issue in a court challenge to the Michigan primary not related to the early date. DNC wants to have it both ways. When it comes to public funding for poll sites, etc., they want to be quasi-public. When it comes to prioritizing the right to vote, they want to be private. I’d argue the DNC put their private purpose over the public purpose by claiming supremacy over the legislature and letting this issue go unresolved.)

    Obviously, Iowa and New Hampshire play a distorted role in selecting the nominee, so Michigan and Florida are on strong equitable grounds in trying to fix that distortion. All the DNC and Obama have are technicalities and a dubious claim of supremacy over courts and legislatures.

    Those are some arguments, obviously a court would have to decide.

    Note also that DINOs find themselves making the same hypertechnical arguments Republicans made in Bush vs. Gore. They are hypocrites.

    On ‘not campaigning in Florida’ — Oprahpalooza, viral 1984 ad, documented media bias, blogosphere, 527s: Obama cannot credibly claim his message didn’t reach voters in Florida. He’s overexposed as it is.

    On possible solution might be to turn all the Florida pledged delegates into superdelegates. Obama says superdelegates should vote according to their districts primary vote.

  272. vanity4Hillary wrote: Do anybody else think that if Obama don;t get the nomination that certain people will maybe riot?I mean I think I have stated this b4 and i guess nobody wants to touch this because its not pc but guys lets be serious here for a sec.And stop being so damn politically correct around here.And yes this is coming from a blk tranny that lives in Florida

    Seriously, I LOVE the diversity of voices that are speaking on this site! We need every single one, and as the NYPD found out back in ’68, some of our fiercest militant voices can be found in the LBGT community.

    In answer to your question, vanity, I recognize where it’s a valid concern because we’re dealing with a cultlike fervor. I think it’s irresponsible for the media (see the Bill O’Reilly clip that admin posted) to be inciting BO supporters to riot. It’s one of the reasons ways that I see the Rovian Wing’s fingerprints on our Primary process. However, there’s not really anything that we can do about it except win in spite of their meddling.

    What I heard Bill O’Reilly pushing in that clip was the idea that in order to avoid riots, Democrats would HAVE to put Obama on the ticket no matter who won the nomination. The RNC is desperate to run against Rezko. It doesn’t matter if he’s at the top of the ticket or in the VP slot. They are inciting a race war within the Democratic Party. We’ve got to be strong, and our Party Leaders need to be on top of this.

    Darth Cheney (and by extention, the RNC) has control of everything the US Attorney’s Office does. It’s no accident that the trial date was pushed back to a time when it would not be able to have an impact on the Mar 5 states. They are trying to create a situation where the Democrats can’t win. They chose very wisely when they chose Barack Obama as the anti-Hillary candidate. It’s a deep program but I’m confident that Hillary and Bill Clinton will out-manuever them in the end, they know how to beat the Republican Machine.

  273. That press conference thing is funny. She showed up at his opponents press conference and corrected him…. 🙂

    That’s our girl!

  274. OK.. kennedy endorsement is a disaster for Obama in terms of superdelegates.. especially southern super delegates. I will wait for southern elected officials to come back with vengence in support of Hillary. I read somewhere on this thread that GA superdelegates are still not decided to Obama despite his decisive win in the state.. and it doesnt surprise me ONE BIT!

  275. carbynew: Thanks for your perspective. I’m half black and I really do believe that there could be a lot of anger not only from blacks but also from the white and young Obamabots. I’ve really never seen anything like this in my young life. From what I’ve heard about their behavior at caucuses I would not be surprised if their were at least protests if he lost the nomination and is not given the VP nomination. Anything can happen.

    I don’t know Obama’s entire history in Illinois politics. If you know more and would like to share please do. But from what I’ve read about Rezko and the Exelon corporation I can see right though his preacher exterior. The fact that he is being compared to MLK and JFK is an outrage. I have also read articles and heard from AA citizens in Chicago who have spoken out against Obama because of the way he used these poor neighborhoods to get ahead in politics without giving anything back to that community.

  276. Actually, it is the young white men that I have personally seen being complete bullying assholes in the Obama camp. The AA community, with a few exceptions, is not.

    It’s those young white males that might cause a problem when he loses, IMO. They are like the Ron Paul jerks. They all think they are in a video game or something.

  277. I’ve been watching Headliners and Legends on MSNBC as well. I just love it. I forgot a lot of the stuff she had to go through in the 80s and 90s since I was only a child when all of those things happened in Arkansas and the White House. She’s such a strong woman. I don’t know any other woman in American history who has had to faced so many attacks and heartbreak in the public eye.

  278. HighlyEducatedHillarySupporter…you’ve seen this before but just didn’t think it could happen in the USA. Well it has happen before here, like Joe McCarthey or what happen in Germany in the 1930’s or in third world countries where the message is about the person is the savior and your faith is in that person and not the government, system or rules.

    Rules are meant to be broken, threats are thrown out, intimidation, lies, backstabbing…whatever. The media used as propagandists and marketing the message of the so called “second comming.” What I find interesting is that Obama is not what everybody thinks…he has a more deeper agenda that I’m very concern has nothing to do with the values of this country…I.Don’t.Trust.him at all I truly believe this man early childhood experiences over seas is the real Obama. I believe his radical stepfather influence played a bigger part of his life then what he has says.

    I’m just getting a very bad vibe on where Obama true heart lies…It bothers me that Obama let those AA in Resko Slums building be abuse but continued to let arabs and persians continue the abuse when he advocated millions and millions of taxpayers dollars to rehab those buildings. It bothers me his connections to Saddam Hussein money man with him…there is just this other level running through him that is closer to his true personality. It’s like this man is under a deep, deep cover.

  279. BTW, if anyone here is wondering why Hillary doesn’t push back in the national media, Craig Crawford explains. He said they raise expectations so high for him that he can’t possibly ever meet them. That works to HRC’s advantage.

  280. Nebraska Democrats Rally Around Chelsea Clinton

    Posted: Feb 7, 2008 07:43 PM PST

    Updated: Feb 7, 2008 07:43 PM PST

    “There no one in the world I believe in more and trust in more and I love my mom and that’s
    why I’m here talking to all of you.”

    The former president’s daughter takes the stage. Chelsea Clinton tells central
    Nebraskans her mom’s the one to bring economic relief, and the one to resolve the war in Iraq.

    “If she could end the war today she would,” Clinton said.

    Clinton’s visit is a boost to Nebraska Democrats, who hoped their first ever caucus, to be held just days after Super Tuesday would generate just this kind of interest.

    Former Congressional Candidate Scott Kleeb said, “I think it’s exciting for Nebraska to be played on the national stage to have the sort of people coming to Nebraska asking for our vote.”

    Kleeb stops short of endorsing Hillary Clinton, saying Democrats would do right to select either of the front runners. Longtime Democrats like Don Elrod said it’s just nice to get the attention.

    He remarked, “I think Democrats are finally going to say, ‘I’m a Democrat too.'”

    But the former first daughter makes it clear. She doesn’t just want a Democrat in the White House, she wants her mom. And some in this crowd want her there too, joking she should be the vice president.

    “That’s the first time I got that question,” she laughed. “My ambition stretches only as far as helping my mom.”

    The message here is to get these Democrats to the caucus.

    “We need your support Saturday,” she said as she signed autographs.

    Don Elrod said, “I’m definitely going to be with Hillary.”

    It’s estimated more than 200 people packed that hotel meeting room. Democrats said that’s good work considering they only had five hours notice for Clinton’s visit.

    Reporter’s Notes by Steve White:
    Ms. Clinton held a question and answer session. Topics included the economy, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, education and the environment.

    Some in the audience said they support Barack Obama, but came to Clinton’s campaign stop anyway, as a show of support to the party’s upcoming caucus.

  281. I just had a family member donate to her campaign. First time donator in their life and first time Hillary donator. It was only 20.44 but I’m sure that every little bit counts.

    I just looked at his picture on his site that has a light shining over him. That is some serious s*hit. It’s eerily starting to remind me of Jim Jones in Guyana. The pied piper played his flute, made them drink the kool-aid and led them to their death.

  282. # HillaryforTexas Says:
    February 7th, 2008 at 10:51 pm

    It’s those young white males that might cause a problem when he loses, IMO. They are like the Ron Paul jerks. They all think they are in a video game or something.

    ROFLMAO.. EXACTLY MY THOUGHT.. these video game circle jerks are a dangerous cult to reckon with.. they are the ones making arguments on kookland too..

  283. admin Says:

    February 7th, 2008 at 8:28 pm
    rjk1957 and everyone, please post phone numbers and contacts of who should be called.

    OK Admin:

    Contact Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) and ask him to back HRC! If ever there was an endorser-candidate fit, Casey is our guy. Sen. Casey is a pro-life Catholic and he is from Scranton, PA. He’s popular in PA because he was a successful politico at the state level first and his father was the former govenor. I think he will likely depend heavily on Northeast PA (Scranton) if he seeks reelection and HRC is VERY popular there. Why shouldn’t she be? Her father Hugh Rodham was a former Scranton Coal Miner and the Rodhams still have vacation property there. Hillary spent so much time in Scranton (actually Lake Winola) growing up that she can probably tell you all about local culture the same way she can about Arkansas. Plus, Paul Kanjorski, the area’s congressional representative, is already backing Hillary. While Hillary is pro-choice, she is probably the only candidate that has given serious thought to reducing the number of abortions. In sum, your talking points are local ties and reducing abortion.

    Here are his numbers and I hope this helps!

    Washington D.C.
    383 Russell Senate Office Building
    Washington, D.C. 20510
    Phone: (202) 224-6324
    Toll Free: (866) 802-2833
    Fax: (202) 228-0604

    22 S. Third Street, Suite 6A
    Harrisburg, PA 17101
    Phone: (717) 231-7540
    Toll Free: (866) 461-9159
    Fax: (717) 231-7542

    2000 Market Street, Suite 1870
    Philadelphia, PA 19103
    Phone: (215) 405-9660
    Fax: (215) 405-9669

    Regional Enterprise Tower
    425 Sixth Avenue, Suite 2490
    Pittsburgh, PA 15219
    Phone: (412) 803-7370
    Fax: (412) 803-7379

    Northeastern PA
    409 Lackawanna Avenue, Suite 301
    Scranton, PA 18503
    Phone: (570) 941-0930
    Fax: (570) 941-0937

    17 South Park Row, Suite B-150
    Erie, PA 16501
    Phone: (814) 874-5080
    Fax: (814) 874-5084

    Central PA
    817 E. Bishop Street, Suite C
    Bellefonte, PA 16823
    Phone: (814) 357-0314
    Fax: (814) 357-0318

    Lehigh Valley
    840 Hamilton Street, Suite 301
    Allentown, PA 18101
    Phone: (610) 782-9470
    Fax: (610) 782-9474

  284. From TPM:

    The Obama campaign turns down Hillary’s invitation to join her at a Maine town hall meeting this weekend, issuing this statement:

    “Senator Clinton and Senator Obama have debated 18 times already, and they will debate again. But that schedule will not be dictated by the Clinton campaign. There are a lot of people looking forward to seeing Senator Obama in Bangor on Saturday, and we’ll be keeping that commitment.”

  285. Carby…”like Ray Nagin but Nagin is honest” is hilarious and pathetic at the same time. were touched by Joeysmom and I was touched by you. I wrote to the HRC campaign telling them to fight for every delegate in every state. I said: Trust us. We’ll get you the money. I told them about the college girl eating cheerios, but I was thinking about people like you.

    If Hillary can go without sleep for 12 months and rise above the filthy things that are said every day about her, we can find her the money.

    I mentioned the brown bag lunch mondays…the ecumenical Lent sacrifices…the calling of 2 people who’ll call 2 people, etc. I hope more of you will call the campaign and tell them to buy the ads and send the workers. We have her back and we will find the money. Hillary is rising.

  286. As ben Smith & then TPM noted, these are the headlines HRC wants.

    “Obama Turns Down Clinton’s Debate Offer”

    link to actual headline from TPM;
    this site takes too long when uploading links..

  287. mj, she has won 1-1 in caucus states and won NM caucus (although it aint official yet). So I wont be too disappointed.

    Oh btw has it dawned upon Hillary campaign that LA is competitive now, because of demographics shift especially in AA? I hear an erosion of atleast 6-8% AA population from LA after Hurricanes. this puts Hillary in particularly strong position, since LA residents saw Bill on TV asking for funds for Katrina relief and Hillary working in senate drafting measures to help them.

  288. i dont think it is any good to worry about what obama supporters do when he loses. it will probably be fine. i remember 2003 2004 with dean. some of his supporters were just as out there. not all! but it worked out ok. of course dean had a big wipe out very fast. this is a long long battle. but maybe that is better. because when it is clear after so many states vote that hillary is the choice of democratic voters, they will have to accept that. some folks are the squeaky wheel, obnoxious cult followers, they are not the majority though.

    if some angry young white men think this is a sports competition or a video game, whatever. it is true that i do not like the messianic language from obama though. it is not what politics should be about, building a cult of personality.

  289. mj, Stephen King already supports Obama.

    BTW, glad, e-mail the campaign about sending Wes Clark to VA. Great idea.

  290. I just sent an email to that sow Randi Rhodes letting her know that every time I hear her bad mouth Hillary my friends and I are sending a donation to Hillary’s campaign. Already Rhodes is responsible for nearly $300 over the past couple of weeks since she has been vomiting her usual crap on Hillary that she learned from her right wing counterparts. So I thanked Randi for her campaign contribution. Try this with others too especially that Andrew Sullivan freak. It really irks them!!

  291. mj Says:

    February 7th, 2008 at 11:31 pm
    I hope Stephen King is not endorsing Obama. Why is he in Bangor?

    Who cares if he did? He makes his living writing about pig’s blood spilling on pseudo prom queens and gian sewer clowns. Besides, what a great spin. Stephen King endorses Obama confirming what a nightmare his presidency it would be.

    Besides, I am not sure that the people of Mained are that susceptible to influence, even from one of their beloved own (King).

  292. BMerry

    I have read your 3pm post many times. Now I am numb and dumb too. There has got to be a way to get that program from cspan.

  293. All these famous authors and celebrities who have endorsed Obama doesn’t worry me (anymore). I, do, however, question their judgment. Bright, creative people who have written books and waxed poetry that I’ve enjoyed endlessly are capable of serious flaw in logic.

    To choose and fawn over a guy who tells you how he can do this and that without actually providing details on how he’ll be able to accomplish all that he promises, makes me question their mental stability.

    Alice Walker and Stephen King… shove your prose where the sun don’t shine.

  294. I just looked at his picture on his site that has a light shining over him. That is some serious s*hit.

    his website is creepy as hell. like mtv used to say.. “obama: it’s all just fluffy white clouds.” check it out and see the map of the us with glowing states he won and the O logo on top of them. SCARY. this is what happens when a bunch of young mac guys find jesus. i wonder if big media ever looks at this stuff and notices how creepy it is. hillary and edwards never show(ed) themselves surrounded by fluffy white clouds and giant logos stamped on the usa map.

  295. My thoughts about Saturday:

    The U.S. Virgin Islands are a loss. Unless their predominately black population votes on something besides race.

    I am hoping that her western Iowa support is mirrored in eastern Nebraska – because that is were there population really centers around. And, would translate into a hopeful win.

    As for Washington, I am just going to pray that Hillary’s base of support (women, working class whites, Latinos, Asians, gays, etc.) get off their collective a$$es on Saturday afternoon and show up to caucus. It’s only an hour – maybe two – out of their lives.

    Finally, I think that Louisiana could be – hopefully – another Alabama and not a Georgia. *crosses fingers*

  296. “this is what happens when a bunch of young mac guys find jesus.”

    Man, there are some people here who can turn a phrase!

  297. Also, in conjunction with my last post, I want to express my utter disappointment in the state of Washington for even holding a caucus in the first place.

  298. i went checked scary shit ..and especially where it says meet him and theres light shining behind him…hes a nut..thats preaching stuff they print on churches bulliteins…and he says he goes to church well he ahsnt been in that church but once since he started this campign..i think he avoids chicago all he can..

  299. HILLARY just officially won New Mexico…….and that’s a caucus state………..she got 13 delegates/obama got 12. goooooooooo hill!!!!!!

  300. From (the Friday edition of) the NYT:
    They are still counting ballots in New Mexico to determine the winner of Tuesday’s Democratic caucuses.
    According to preliminary results posted on the party’s Web site, with all precincts reporting, Senator Hillary Clinton was leading Senator Barack Obama by less than 1,100 votes. But more than 17,000 provisional ballots had yet to be counted.
    Brian S. Colon, chairman of the state party, said he did not know how soon those ballots would be counted but the party has until Feb. 15 to certify the election. Provisional ballots are given to people who show up at the wrong site or are not on the registration rolls.

  301. I think it might be time to introduce myself! *waves* I’ve lurked on this site reading for several months now, and I think you’ve all kept me sane! *g* (Sorry about any grammatical errors in the following; I sort of sent it in a rage.) This was in response to a fundraising effort against McCain from the Democrats:

    Dear Democratic Party —

    To be succinct, please understand that it will be a cold day in hell before I financially support the Democratic party under its current operating parameters. Should Barack Obama actually win the nomination, I will either be voting for John McCain, or no one at all. I once had the utmost respect for Senator Obama, but seeing the way he has conducted himself during his campaign has appalled and angered me so much that I can barely see his name and not twitch. His wife has managed to irritate me even more than the candidate himself, which is saying something – especially with her comments about having to think long and hard about supporting Senator Clinton, should Senator Obama lose. No. You band together and you support your freaking nominee – it’s not a choice. It is the right thing to do ethically, and I have no doubt Senator Clinton would pay the same consideration. There seems to be some sort of undercurrent that Senator Obama would run as a third-party candidate should he lose the nomination. This appalls me, just as it appalled me when Senator Lieberman went up against nominee Ned Lamont.

    Florida’s delegates absolutely must be seated. They came out. They voted. They did their part. A small minority of citizens in their own state attempted to break Iowa’s and New Hampshire’s desperate chokeholds on this country, and they failed. Their citizens should not have to pay the price.

    We need Florida. We need Michigan. We cannot afford another long and bitter battle over this crap. With Michigan, I recognize it’s more difficult as Senator Obama and former candidate Senator Edwards did not have their names on the ballots. Very well. Figure something fair out.

    A new caucus in both states is NOT fair. Hillary still would have won Michigan even if Obama’s name had been on the ballots. This needs to be recognized. The financial costs also need to be considered; why should these states need to foot the bill so Obama can have a do-over? Ridiculous.

    I wholly believe Senator Clinton is the only viable nominee, and shall support her should she triumph against the inner workings of her own party, rampant sexism, clear media bias and misinformation. All of which, you will note, the Democratic Party has done NOTHING to battle.

    If Obama wins, well. I’ll take great and bitter pleasure in seeing the media turn on him on a dime and McCain chew him up and spit him out. I am 25 years old, college educated and I am a woman – we’re not all going for Mr. Obama. And if you think those same people coming out and voting for him will be there come November after the media’s had months of special alone time with him, hammering away, you have another think coming. Senator Clinton has the support of the people you profess to care about – remember your BASE? Senator Clinton has the support of the states you can actually WIN in as opposed to states that will likely go for McCain. Senator Clinton can heal the rift Senator Obama has been all too happy to promote, widen and exploit amongst African-Americans for his own shameful benefit.

    I wouldn’t actually tremble at a McCain win over Obama. What I would wind up trembling over is whoever is his VP selection being one very frail heartbeat away from the Presidency of the United States.

    Maybe Mr. Huckabee shall play us some nice tunes on his guitar as he tries to replace the Constitution with the ever awesome Bible?

    *my name*
    Wisconsin Resident, Hopefully-not-former Democrat Voter

  302. Sandy where are you reading that, Hillary has been at a 13-12 spit for a while, the only question was to who would get the extra delegate from winning the state. If Hillary won, then the delegate count should be 14-12 otherwise it’s 13-13 based on the Congressional District allocations.

  303. AnotherReader

    Re big media taking a fresh look at creep BO vibes…

    see my note at 9:29

    it’s a breath of fresh air

  304. by the way what show did schuster say that on. that is out of line. chelsea is a grown woman not some helpless child. anyone accuse mitt romney of pimping out all five of his perfect sons who went out and campaigned for him? that just pisses me off, chelsea is pretty much the same age as me. i guess schuster meant she was fair game for the same mindless personal insults they throw at the other clintons all over cable news all day. how long until that pig chris matthews starts calling her names?

  305. RE:
    mike1981 Says:
    February 7th, 2008 at 10:25 pm

    This is my first post on this site, but I’ve always gone to it for real news on the campaign. I am an avid Hillary supporter and want to help the real movement, the one that’s informed with facts and not blind hope.

    welcome to this wonderful site. Your idea for fundraising is interesting. Did anyone else catch it?

  306. Hi Hillfans,

    Here is one more thing we can personally do for our side. As painful as it may be, go to as many political news sites as you can and find the few that are positive for Hillary (or at least are pieces of sound journalism). The ones that look good hit them as many times as you can. Every news organization gets updates on the number of hits a story receives. This is part of their regular marketing analysis. Web sites do the same. The hit rate helps determine advertising rates. If the good (pro-Hillary) articles are getting more hits than the ones for the Chameleon (see, it sends a message where it counts the most, the wallet. Whatever you do, don’t hit a pro-them story. It only adds to the power of the Dark Side. Keep in mind that the Dark Side counts as allies lots of the IT crowd. I am certain that they are using many of the more sophisticated techniques to skew on-line searches in their favor.

    The modern political system evolved to replace power struggles that used to take place via more lethal ways with elections. But the essential nature of a contest for power remains. This is a fight for sure. Theirs is a take no prisoners approach. They are ruthless in the pursuit of winning.

    Only those with the best General and staff officers, assisted by highly motivated troops willing to endure extreme hardship, can win. This describes us. The side whose troops wear out or give up first loses. That will not be the Pink Team. Donate, help with the GOTV, enlist others, and hit those pro-pink stories as often as you can. Ask your friends to do the same. Let’s Goooooo!

  307. tiburones, aw c’mon we’re all family here.

    I know that I’m a little frustrated with the preferences shown by the White latte liberal set. Particularly the men who are probably more misogynistic (if mainstream liberal bloggers are any indication) than they are willing to admit.

    I inferred a “present company excepted” caveat in vanity’s comments.

  308. One reader, timjcain, i think, mentioned taking off for twop weeks and distributing the letter from the FDNY re: Hillary and her support. I had an idea- partly borne of the desire to help that person and also the discussion about viral videos. I’m also a stickler for finding a quicker, cheaper, better way of doing things. So here’s my idea.

    Get the letter. Find some online video of the firefighters talking about what she did for them- sorta a “The Hillary I Know” type thing- and put it together on a DVD. You can burn the DVD on your PC and print the letter with a cover and just mail them to as many fire departments as you can find. You can cover 50X more departments than going in person. Send a copy for every guy/gal in the department. Make it personal. Make it funny, but make it real.

    Maybe a lame idea. I dunno, but it has the ability to be more effective and reach more folks.

    Another thing- many towns’ papers are online now and they have online forums. A place where folks can come like this and discuss town issues and headlines. Go there and start posting pro-Hillary stuff. My town has one. A good place to start is HeyMartha where lots of towns are listed all over the nation. Here’s a link: Just cut and paste since the http is removed. NO www, guys.

  309. That blog over at ABC–Political Punch–about the Obamamites is awesome and a bit scary. I’m telling you, a lot of his supporters have lost their damn minds! Spice and I haven’t spoken in nearly a week and in the past month, we’ve only be speaking for about a week total. All the rest, we’ve been “not speaking” because of her fervor for Obama and my “bashing” of him. That’s a word they love to use…”bashing” and “tearing him down”. I’m telling you Christ in the flesh didn’t have this type of following and it’s downright scary!

    But, nevermind them. Did you guys get the email about the $4 million raised by Hill in a single day? I’m sorry if I’ve skipped over you guys already talking about it. I’m volunteering with my county here in MD on Saturday, foregoing plans that I had, because those Obamabots are not sparing any quarter and we can’t either. I can do what I need to do later in the afternoon. GO HILLARY!!!

  310. I went to OB’s site to see what you all are talking about, and I was asked to provide email and zip be3fore continuing checking out the site, which i refused to do, so I’ll have to rely on everyone’s comments about its creepiness.

  311. Obama’s website is truly creepy. I’m sure this is the way he sees himself as well which explains why he is so arrogant.

    Anglachel has a great new post on the caucuses. She discusses Washington state’s primary and caucus. I didn’t realize they will have both. It doesn’t look too good in Washington for Hillary. Maybe the polls have changed there since last week but I doubt she will win the caucus there. I don’t even get why we still have caucuses instead of primaries:

    Here’s an excerpt:
    Obama has a substantial advantage among caucus goers compared to actual voters, an increase of 9%. My husband was listening to an NPR report on the car radio on his way home on Obama precinct captains. They are overwhelmingly college students, 20-somethings without jobs or family responsibilities and total Obama cultists. This is why his caucus wins are so skewed – fewer people who are disproportionately made up of his constituents due to structural factors. Voters who can’t spend an hour or two sitting in a room being harangued by Obamabots simply don’t get their voices heard.

    The other point to take from the Survey USA statement is that only a sliver of the primary electorate is represented in a caucus, so Obama has to win over fewer people in a state to win just as many delegates. If the delegates were decided by primary, he probably would still win the state (though the poll was taken before Super Tuesday), but his margin would be far smaller and his delegate count proportionately less.

    The success in the much less competitive caucuses helps build up the aura of winning big, which is why his supporters scream about number of states and number of delegates, not the number or demographic makeup of the voters. They don’t like it when it is pointed out that Hillary is actually bringing out MORE voters than The Golden One, is getting MORE of the popular vote, and is doing so in the most ethnically and economically diverse states.

    I think Obama will go into the national convention with narrowly fewer delegate votes and much lower popular votes, and will try to claim a victory based on super delegate votes.

    Just how did George W. Bush win the presidency? Oh, yeah, on delegate votes, claiming victory over Al Gore, who won the popular vote. To compare, Hillary currently has about the same vote margin over Obama in the Democratic primaries as Gore had over Bush in the general election of 2000. How many people on the left want to say that those half-million votes were less important than the handful of winner-take-all delegates claimed by Shrub? How many want to say that the delegates gained through poorly attended, questionably run, and highly skewed caucuses are more important than those gained from the millions of voters who chose Hillary?

  312. Emmy: You don’t need to give them any info on Obama’s site. There should be a button towards the bottom of the page that will allow you to pass it and go to the main site.

  313. CJ,

    It’s this Saturday – along with Washington (caucus), Louisiana (primary), U.S. Virgin Islands (primary).

  314. lol, max. i might be one of the white latte liberals right now. not rich but creative class and i do drink lattes 🙂 but i never forget what it was like to be broke, struggling to pay bills with crappy retail jobs, and without health insurance when i needed it, that happened to me too. i have had arguments with obama supporters i know about priorities, i hear that ‘change everything! change washington’ vague stuff and i say ‘people need health care.’ some of them think my issues are a joke. most voters know better.

  315. emkay, there is a button you can click to bypass the signup and go right to the site.. you have to kind of look around for it.. (all campaign sites do that because they want your email address if possible)..


    paste that address in and look at that image. that is what i think is scary scary

    of course it is sort of funny if you imagine his logo is the bat signal.. but they screwed up because he is busy being superman at the top of the screen.. oops

  317. I like the money bomb idea as well. I think this is what the Ron Paul supporters did. How do we start that? Do we choose a date and contact everyone we know.

    I’ve been visiting other sites and I am amazed at the number of women (and men) donating for the first time. I am all for this and a reasonable amount like $5 or $10 keeps it within the means of most people. You give more if you can but everyone gets to help.

  318. As everyone who has tried to buy things at the BarackObama store knows, there is a serious backup in shipping right now; in some cases, 6-8+ weeks!!!

    LETS DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!creepy/good ya cant get your stuff lol..
    read some of this shit creepy people lol
    they are real creepy..

  319. I talked about it last night, but it merits repeating here. I say we go viral with a different framing of the whole caucus meme. We should link to the NYTimes delegate count when we visit Political sites that prefer KoolAde to Pink Lemonade.

    I think it’s an argument we can win. The NYTimes limits their delegate count to actual pledged delegates. Because of the nature of caucuses, they do not elect delegates to the national convention. In some states like Nevada, the elected initial delegates are not bound to a particular candidate. They will hold a whole new election at their interim conventions in a long process that could go to June.

    It is possible, even likely that all the strong arm tactics that these Obamabot campaign volunteers employed will backfire in a big way. The delegate count at this point is not even close, in actual pledged delegates Hillary is more than 200 delegates ahead. Obama won’t be getting actual delegates from caucuses until sometime in April or even June in some cases. If Hillary seals the deal with OH and TX, these lower conventions may end up with delegates that are pledged to Hillary. The outlook is really sunny for our side, even though the media are spinning it in the opposite direction.

  320. another_reader: We’re in the same boat. I think it often takes someone who has been through the trenches to understand the needs of the poor and what is best for them. I go to school with people who went to elite private schools or top public universities their entire life. They grow up in rich communities and they have no freakin’ clue how important this election is for those who are really counting on our government to give them universal health care and beat the Republicans at their own game in order to get things done. These people are living in lalaland and they are going for the “cool”, younger candidate who has the backing of most of young Hollywood stars. One of my friends who is also a Hillary supporter got so angry when he saw that Yes We Can video with all of those celebrities. His response was that Obama is setting up our youth for disillusionment in politics. Politics is not a rock & roll lovefest. It’s about boring drudgery work fighting for all of us. I wonder what Obama’s response will be when the Republicans unamused, reply “No, you can’t. Here are the legislative compromises you will have to make in order to get your statutory agenda through the House.” Reality bites but it is unfair for our youth to be “bamboozled”, as Obama likes to put it, into believing that singing “yes, we can” can actually give us everything we wish for.

  321. thats the first time i went in there i got out…i was chicken at first…i thought well crap im gonna see what there saying …makes me cringe..these people are like vultures..

  322. of course it is sort of funny if you imagine his logo is the bat signal.. but they screwed up because he is busy being superman at the top of the screen.. oops..thats what i thought superman at the top,no real creeps me out..

  323. actually the creepiest thing on there is the background image of the entire site

    you usually cant see it all because there is a content section laid on top, so you only see the banner with obama bat signal logo

    but look at the backdrop (scroll down a bit):

    highly stylized digital version of the national seal with giant obama logo smack in the middle of it. that is some disturbing stuff right there

  324. TPS- a money bomb is sorta in the same vein as a flash mob or what Anonymous and 4chan did to Habbo Hotel (or now doing to Scientology) but only with money. We pick a date, a thing (in this case donating $10.01 or whatever amount) to HRC, and we pass it along virally. It’s something small, but when enough people do it, it becomes HUGE. It’s like 10 million people dropping a pebble in a lake at the same time- it causes a tidal wave.

    It is the ultimate in grassroots support and urban tech. It also make you really feel like a part of the community.

  325. omg, are obamabots LOADED or wut? look at what someone wrote:

    “I donated $1200 yesterday.

    I will donate another $1000 if 100 people donate $10 to my donation page.”

    THESE DO NOT sound like struggling college students to me. These sound like Harvard-law school, father is part-time golfer/ceo, kind of welathy if he can jsut dish out 1200 from the previous day and another thousand today.

    ORR…he could just be selling the crack Obama couldn’t sell 😉

  326. MJS wrote: THESE DO NOT sound like struggling college students to me. These sound like Harvard-law school, father is part-time golfer/ceo, kind of welathy if he can jsut dish out 1200 from the previous day and another thousand today.

    We call them Republicans.

  327. okieatty – lol 4chan, heaven help us all 🙂 money bomb could be good, could be not, i dont know.. maybe slow and steady.. pick the amount and pass along everyone please donate this small amount to hillary.. i guess the last few days prove that there are more quiet hillary supporters on the internets than i thought!

  328. How can we get more people to these caucuses? Jesus, I wish the voters in caucus states would wake up and realize they are going to have to get to these things even if it is a big bother.

  329. Another-reade, did you see how many bees the SomethingAwful forum goons sent to Africa for Xmas? Holy hell!!! Millions and millions upon millions. Thank god it wasn’t goats.


    Admin, can you write a post about this. This is David Shuster saying that ‘don’t you think that Chelsea is being pimped out’. This is over the line. I know that he didn’t say this about Slick Mitt’s 5 sons who actively campaigned for him McCain has his daughter Ashley and Huckabee has his daughter working for him

    I’m off to send this link to Media matters. I invite others to also write media matters and to email MessMSNBC.

    This is SOOOOOOO over the line. Chelsea is 27 and has free will. She has said that there is no one whom she loves or respects or admires more than her mom.

  331. I went to BO’s website thanks to another_reader, and I watched and listened to the song, too. It’s actually very well done –and it sounds like an inspirational song at a revival meeting. The singers close their eyes, or look at the camera with reverence. One guy puts his hands together as in prayer. And at the top, next to BO’s image with the white light behind him, it says “I’m asking you to believe…”

  332. So, anyone, do you think Hillary has started to figure out how to win these caucuses? Put aside NM and NV, which are heavily latino.

  333. tiburones,
    You beat me to it. Just tried to post that too.

    It absolutely should be an issue, an apology demanded from the network and Shuster – at a bare minimum.

  334. has anyone been able to confirm the NM “win” with 100% reporting that someone here claimed before?

  335. Oh, and people mouth the words together with BO as he says his lines in his speeches, over and over, like people praying together. And of course, the melody line of “Yes, we can’, over and over — it’s like a hymn. The religious imagery is certainly not just subliminal. It’s totally overt.

  336. I absolutely do not want to exclude men from this effort but in determining the amount we could consider that the 19th amendment gave women the right to vote and that happened in 1920. Of course the .44 is also a consideration.

  337. thx for the video link, that is awful, what is wrong with that man? just because a smart and capable young woman is out there advocating for her mother she is being ‘pimped out’? that is so insulting on so many levels.

    okieatty, i usually prefer not to know what goes on at somethingawful but i was googling for some piece of information and happened on their political thread, and the discussion at that moment was surprisingly a lot more even tempered and substantive than daily kos 🙂

  338. Blue Dem, not my idea. It’s a newbie named Mike- he posted earlier. I just answered Emmy’s question and someone else’s. I like the idea of $10.44. Hillary’s twice as good as Bwak and she is “44.”

  339. I just sent an email to media matters. I encourage everyone here tonight or first thing in the morning to copy link and write media matters. I’m tired and I have work in the morning but I have to also write to emily’s list and MessMSNBC about this.

    I hope that Bill or Hillary directly confront this. ‘Pimp’ Dem’s fighting words right there. Someone said that or implied that about a daughter of mind and they would be sucker punched.

    Based on this irrational hatred, i get paid tomorrow and I’m going to trim $5 from 4 areas of my household budget and send $20.44 in honor of Shusters’ vicious and sexist remarks.

    What a pig!

  340. It just ended! She was as usual excellent, very detailed, passionate and teh crowd went wild at the end when she asked them to stand for her for two hours on Saturday and she promised that she would stand with them forever.

  341. Wouldn’t know. When I went to the link that TPS put up, there was some announcer going over some of the points she made during her speech. Then it went black.

    Apparently she talked about health care as well as green energy/the environment.

  342. another, my hubby visits SA all the time. Loves it. He’s been keeping up with the political discussion there. They call Bwak “Okie Doke.” They also said right after SC he was done and would not break out of his demographic mold. Seems they knew it before BM, huh?

    Let’s call the money bomb “10-4, good buddy.” 😀

  343. TPS, what did she say? Were there alot of people? I had hoped the Governor might endorse her tonight, but I guess that didn’t happen. I hope she’s not another one who endorses Obama.

  344. TPS,

    No problem. Do you know if the Governor was there? There were rumors that she would be endorsing Hillary tonight.

    Because she is on record saying that she will endorse someone before the state’s caucus.

    I hope she is not another Janet Nepalotono (sp?). [Arizona’s Gov.]

  345. Exactly, reed. Wasn;t it the dipstick Senate majority leader there who endorsed Obama because he “inspired” her?

  346. tiburones,
    Tell ya what I’d love to see. The next time MSNBC hosts the debate and Russert or Matthews or Williams which ever hitman they have working it asks Hill something about taking responsibility for Iraq vote, she turns it and asks them when is somebody at that disgraceful excuse for an American television network going to take responsibility for the garbage they allow to be spewed on the air – by their own supposedly “impartial” on-air “talent”? Defend it as a mother, then as a citizen as it relates to our national dialogue.
    It’s been 15 years of this shit, day after day, and it’s long past time to bring it to a head.
    I’ve been studying this stuff since ’92, and tonight I yelled OOOOHHH! when I heard that (my wife said what’s the matter?), because it surprised me it was Shuster saying it.

  347. okieatty, since i do web stuff i do enjoy somethingawful’s creation of jeffk though!

    anyway, the religious imagery around obama is very disturbing indeed. his site used to be a normal standard campaign site through most of last year, not much different design wise from hill’s or edwards. then some time around iowa, maybe right after, it turned into a bunch of messianic imagery and clouds and halos.

    it’s beautiful design, i appreciate that, it took great skills to do his website, but.. it also tells you something scary about what his campaign is deliberately communicating

  348. Welcome Marim. Great letter. I know that that must have taken some time to compose. Love your passion.

    We are indeed the worker bees. It’s great to see so many ‘lurkers’ coming out of the shadows 🙂

  349. mj,

    Yeah, I read that article and these were the points:

    Obama won ST,
    Clinton is broke,
    Obama wins February contests,
    Game over…

    What happened to journalists being impartial?


  351. “I think we said we will do two more debates, and at least one of them will be in Ohio,” (Obama) told the Cleveland paper.

    “What we don’t want to do is have a debate every few days, given that it is very important for me to actually reach voters, something that may be less important for Sen. Clinton to do because she is better-known in many parts of the country,” he said Thursday.

    “We have such a compressed schedule, it is important for us to be able to travel around Ohio as much as possible. Whenever there is a debate, that is a day that is lost,” he said.

  352. Front page of San Francisco Chronicle’s website, there’s a poll: which candidate has gotten the most unfair media coverage? Of the 5 listed candidates, Hillary is BY FAR the most voted-for:

    HRC 77%
    BHO 10%
    Romney 6%
    McCain 5%
    Huckabee 2%

    the address is SFGATE dot COM.

  353. I think if HRC can beat him in the Washington caucus it will give her huge momentum and it will show Obama and the press that we are able to win primaries and caucuses. It’s a long shot though unless HRC has gained a lead in the Washington polls since last week. The schedule doesn’t benefit her at all:

    I say her best bet is to split the delegates with Obama as evenly as possible in Washington state and win Louisiana next week. Louisiana is a primary so she has a better chance there and as someone mentioned before, the demographics have changed since Katrina which benefits HRC. She can forget D.C. and Maryland (large black population) and try as hard as she can to win Virginia (lots of delegates there). Hawaii will be difficult since Obama is from there but she can still win the large Asian population. After that she must focus on winning Texas which I’m pretty sure she will. After Texas I don’t know what will happen. By then we might have a clearer idea who is the frontrunner. I think if she can win Texas and Louisiana and possibly Virginia that she will be in very good shape. Virginia will be tough though.

  354. Look at what my friend just wrote me:Washington state will be holding both a caucus (on Feb. 9) and a primary (on Feb. 19)? And that many more people plan to vote in the primary than the caucus? And
    that, while the Republicans select their delegates at both (half at the caucus and half at the
    primary), the Democrats select all their delegates at the caucus, so that the primary is purely
    for show?

  355. Obama said this, from the Huffington Posers:
    “I’ll just say that I’ve released my tax returns. That’s been a policy I’ve maintained consistently. I think the American people deserve to know where you get your income from. But I’ll leave it up to you guys to chase it down,” he told reporters on the flight to Omaha, Neb., for a rally.
    “I’ve disclosed my income tax returns,” he said. “I think we set the bar in terms of transparency and disclosure that has been a consistent theme of my campaign and my career in politics.”

    Umm, ..scuse me, Barack? How’d you finance your house exactly?

  356. mj: Just read anglachel’s most recent post on the Washington state primary:

  357. mj,

    Well I am off to bed and will be ‘hoping’ that Gov. Christine will endorse Hillary during the day in Tacoma or Spokane. And, just did not endorse her tonight because Hillary was really, really late to the event (2 hours-ish).

    At least she will be getting Rep. Norm Dicks (D-WA) endorsement tomorrow in Tacoma.

  358. Message I received regarding Florida and Michigan. I think this is wise guys!::::

    Hello I have received many email on the Florida and Michigan delegates. Here is my opinion. This is not the time to make that fight. We need to look at Saturday, Tuesday and beyond. These states broke the rules and moved there primaries ahead. Would it have been better if they ( The DNC) did it the way the Republicans did and allow a 50% take…yes. That didn’t happen. So, please use your energy for the contest to come, and raising money. We may need the DNC and those superdelegates in the end. There will be plenty of time in May and June to lobby the DNC. I hope you agree Daniel

  359. Cinton supporters tonight, maybe Republicans in November

  360. in other words, instead of spending ur times calling the DNC and yelling at stupid secretaries, spend ur time calling VOTERS in Washing, Nebraska, and Louisiana who CAN make a HUGE difference! 🙂

  361. MJS Says: in other words, instead of spending ur times calling the DNC and yelling at stupid secretaries, spend ur time calling VOTERS

    Yep. But if you must yell, here are the DNC numbers again 🙂 202-863-8000 — 1-877-336-7200 — (720) 362-2006 –(202) 863-8148 At least they worked yesterday.

    Better than yelling at MSM anyway.

  362. with ya on these effing cacuses ,does she have her people in all the places for cacus,gosh i dont like them there nerve racking and whoever made up these rules are stupid…and is emily list helping her ..

  363. Do you guys see a patter, Imus, Tweety and now David Shuster. It is cleary to me that MessMSNBC is the women hating network. Guys, if you do one thing this morning, please write the following if you feel moved to do so to express outrage over his comments: or click on their contact us at the bottom right of the page.

    This station has got to be held accountable. There is a strong pattern here and it suggests that nothing has changed since Imus or Tweety half apology. A line was crossed tonight and if you have doubts, go back and lwatch the youtube, there is a burst of male laughter in the background signalling agreement. No two ways about this. Sexist pigs, all of them.!

  364. ‘ve been watching your station for a while and with each passing day, it has been hard to ignore the clinton hatred exhibited by all of the shows and reporting of your station. In addition to that, I’ve had to put up with Chris Matthews making frequent, sexist remarks about Sen. Clinton.

    2 Nights ago, I watched with increduality at Keith Olberman, Obama supporter, NYTimes writer Eugene Robinson and Mike Barnacle gloat with glee when they got ahold of the early exit polling report which stated that Clinton was going to lose bad.

    Now tonight, I listened to what only could be described as a gutter shot, a obvious sexist and vicious attack on Chelsea Clinton. What he said outlined that he thought that Chelsea was a prostitute being sent out against her wishes to campaign for her mother and that Sen. Clinton and Pres. Clinton were pimps.

    What really disgusted me was the male laughter in the background. Obviously, your HR department didn’t do it’s job by educating it’s staff about sexism in the workplace. Wait….it’s the Clinton’s so nobody cares, they’re not humans and have no feelings. It’s okay to dump on them night after night. One would have thought that after Chris Matthews offended women and like minded men all across the U.S.A and had to apologize (well, it was a half apology) that this network would have learned.

    Well, this former viewer is fed up and I will be permanently switching the channel. What David Shuster said was beyond offensive and he should be made to apologize. In addition, MSNBC and NBC should pay attention to a report that recently came out that showed that your channel led all of the other channels with more negative stories about Sen.Clinton and much more positive stories for Sen. Obama.

    It is so clear to me that this station has a vested interest in reporting negatively against Sen. clinton and positively for Sen. Obama. Ignore the little viewer at your own peril.

    Disgusted and turned off

  365. hi hillfans, bone tired from work. i have been catching snippets of news reports on how hillary is raising millions of dollars online. i gave wednesday and giving some more when i get my tax refund. blog is hopping.

  366. I just got back from the Seattle rally. It was packed.

    MJ – No one has any clue why we have a primary and a caucus. I bet there’s A LOT of voters who don’t know that the primary doesn’t count. I didn’t and I vote every year. My parents didn’t either. Weird. As for the demographics it’s about 10% hispanic, 6% Asian, 3% african american. Anything east of the Cascade mountains is republican.

  367. 2 items –

    1) i have some free time coming up, and have this fantasy about picketing MSNBC headquarters. i may just call Emily’s List, NOW, and see if we can get a number of women (and male advocates there) to picket with signs like – Be Fair to Hillary; Fire Tweety, etc – and see what’s possible; the best thing would be to get some press there to cover it. Women across the country need to see how collectively angry we are about the unfair treatment on MSNBC.

    2) a friend of mine caucused for Hillary in Colorado, and she said the Obama people were nearly bullies – everyone with Obama signs and buttons; they had print outs from the Obama campaign to read from…I know nothing about caucusing, but she talked about some of the caucus organizers being college kids, and that they were the ones reporting the final tallies, and she felt there were a lot of “mistakes” in the tallies.

  368. Texan, that was another biased article, IMO. There were a few good quotes but alot of bs. And the media has told people it’s “head or heart”. And, you hear these foolish women repeating that. What woman can “heart” Obama? He’s totally dismissive of Hillary and I think he’s a sexist. I am so sick of this.

  369. MJ – her team has been doing caucus training here and there was a bunch of information at the rally tonight. As for GOTV, I don’t know. :/ She hasn’t had a huge presence here otherwise. I haven’t seen or heard one ad, while I hear Obama ads every !@!$!@ing time I turn on the radio.

    I really wish we only had the primary, I think she’d have a pretty good chance.

  370. One other thing that favors her at least in the Seattle area is about 12% of the Seattle population is GLBT (about 50k). Although that might be negated by the universities.

  371. Tonight, I’m going to bed very disturbed after opening this (
    images/feature/08/02/01_feb5.jpg). The comments from his bloggers are equally disturbing.

    It really appears to me that his campaign is taking “experience economy” marketing somewhere it does not belong at all.


    I’m convinced this is what Hillary was referring to when she got “emotional” in NH.

  372. More links to mail MSNBC. CC these honchos when you email

    There is definitely a mysoginistic, Hillary hating pattern over there. They are the anti-woman news service. Imus, Tweety, Shuster, Morning Joke is getting dangerously close. This needs to stop.

    Mr. Phil Griffin,
    Senior Vice President, News
    NBC Television Network
    30 Rockefeller Plz
    New York, NY 10112

    Steve Capus,
    President, NBC News

    30 Rockefeller Plz
    3rd Fl
    New York, NY 10112
    (212) 664-4444

    (from MediaMatters)

  373. And, I honestly do not want to see Hillary beat him by matching this marketing effort, only better. America is better than that. As HRC said herself,

    “Some people think elections are a game, lot’s of who’s up or who’s down, [but] it’s about our country , it’s about our kids’ futures, and it’s really about all of us together.”

    God forbid he were the nominee, preventing this in America is worth staying home over some of our ideals.

  374. tiburones wrote: Do you guys see a patter, Imus, Tweety and now David Shuster? It is clear to me that MessMSNBC is the women hating network.

    Critical point. You are seeing the pattern, but it is not because MSNBC is a woman-hating network. It is because it is a Clinton bashing network, part of the VRWC on the airwaves.


    (MUST Watch this for further evidence:

    The answer (it’s one of President Clinton’s favorite quotes)?
    As Machiavelli said long ago, there is nothing more difficult to than to change the established order of things.
    Who came to Washington 15 years ago determined to change things, and took on the most powerful of the status quo, including the health insurance industry, the tobacco industry, and the NRA?
    Who also (moderately) cut defense spending in the process?
    Who stressed education because knowledge is power for the people?
    And who first formed the “new” political coalition Barack Obama now claims to have envisioned?
    Who has a record of actually doing it all, and will do it again?
    Who stands to lose if “democratic” policies are enacted over republican ones? And who to gain?

    please tell me if you saw this, whether you agree or not. Thanks.

  375. tiburones,
    Just posted a lengthy message to you, hope you get to see it.

    Includes a link which seems to take forever here to post.

  376. (repost, sorry if it duplicates)

    Hello all…has anyone read this yet?

    The Washington Post’s Paul Kane: “We’ve done a bad job of explaining this, but it is now basically mathematically impossible for either Clinton or Obama to win the nomination through the regular voting process (meaning the super-delegates decide this one, baby!).

    “Here’s the math. There are 3,253 pledged delegates, those doled out based on actual voting in primaries and caucuses. And you need 2,025 to win the nomination. To date, about 55% of those 3,253 delegates have been pledged in the voting process — with Clinton and Obama roughly splitting them at about 900 delegates a piece. That means there are now only about 1,400 delegates left up for grabs in the remaining states and territories voting.

    “So, do the math. If they both have about 900 pledged delegates so far, they need to win more than 1,100 of the remaining 1,400 delegates to win the nomination through actual voting.

    “Ain’t gonna happen, barring a stunning scandal or some new crazy revelation. So, they’ll keep fighting this thing out, each accumulating their chunk of delegates, one of them holding a slight edge and bothing finishing the voting process with 1,600 or so delegates. And then the super delegates decide this thing. That’s the math.”
    this sounds like a big problem coming down the pike and a big fight is inevitable…I completely agree with NYCMAX @9:19 pm

    I have been hearing these Obama delegate threats all day on and off on tv with the MSM reinforcing the idea that Hillary will either have to step aside for Obama (and yes, they are saying all hell will break loose otherwise) OR that Hillary will have no choice but to put Obama on as VP…heard it on CNN, FOX, MSNBC

    I agree we cannot let this idea just start to become a given…we have to push back really hard on this…Eugene Robinson is sadly one of the worst…He continually implies that Obama is just entitled to become President…I sent him a long rebuttal letter after one of his Bill bashing articles in the WP…basically he contends we should get out of the way for history making AA President and I counter…what if history is waiting for the first woman president?

    it should be up to the voters but if the delegate situation is as described above…then it really is going to be a battle of each camp and who they can get on their side…I do not like this at all…I will confess, that Chicago down and dirty machine, combined with the Kennedy clan concerns me…

    The MSM has completely marginalized and sidelined the importance of first woman vs the more important first AA.

    …maybe we need Emily’s list and women’s groups to start getting on these shows and countering these statements because I fear they will start to sink into subconscious and become a matter of fact for many…

    I also really like Mike 1981’s idea of a money bomb (I think that is what you called it) anyway why don’t we all agree on a date…he mentioned Obama doing it on 2/12 (Lincoln’s birthday)…we could pick 2/14, Valentine’s Day we could pick any day also and start spreading the word and all send in donation starting with $10.44 minimum (as our basic statement) and if someone can donate more they could

    thanks for that suggestion Mike…shall we all agree to just do it?

    Lastly…I think Dot48 (?) or someone yesterday left a link for DNC petition…I filled out…when I sent mine in there were 288 it is up to 415 now…they are shooting for 10,000…you can just sign it and/or you can include a letter stating your feelings

    this is my letter…
    Dear Chairman Dean,

    I am very disappointed and angry that the delegates from Florida and Michigan are being punished unfairly and may not be seated. I live in Florida and it was bad enough that the candidates could not come here to campaign and the voters and their families were denied the excitement and enthusiasm voters in other states got to participate in…we had no rallies or town halls but that did not stop us from turning out in record numbers to vote for our chosen candidate.

    I find it insane that after the debacle that took place in Florida in 2000 and the intense fight that went all the way to the Supreme Court to count every vote that you would even entertain the idea of now denying over 1 million votes and just throw them away…this can only cause more problems and division in the Democratic Party than we already are beginning to have…here we all thought this would be the year when everything went smoothly and instead we are about to become the joke of the national political television shows in addition to the Republicans sitting on the sidelines laughing and loving our food fight.

    I can just hear the comments about the Democrats knowing how to pull defeat from the jaws of victory.

    We cannot allow this to happen and set ourselves up for a loss in the general election and furthermore the Democratic Party cannot assume the voters will be there for them if their primary votes are denied…it is very demoralizing and unfair to the voters. What happened to uniting us all? this is dividing us…and it is childish and undemocratic…what kind of an example are we setting?

    Finally let me emphasize that we are going to need Florida and Michigan in the general election if we hope to win. We definitely cannot fool around with Florida. Governor Crist is extremely popular here (Democrats even like him), he endorsed McCain and he delivered the state for McCain…We are in the process of committing political suicide in Florida and I am sorry to say this, but you will be blamed.

    (We better pray McCain doesn’t choose Crist for his VP)

    …with this primary season and the votes as close as it are, we do not need this situation to further complicate our convention and create even more chaos and hostilities.

    Please do the smart and productive thing and seat the Florida and Michigan delegates. Florida had a primary…all the names were on the ballot…Floridians read the paper and watch TV…Senator Obama aired televison commercials here…we went to the polls and choose our candidate and voted…that is the reality. If the delegates are not seated you will be making a mockery out of the intention of the voters.

    Please seat the delegates and stand up for democracy and the voters…

    Thank you.

  377. mj Says: That ironmyvote also says this stuff about Gore.

    All I know is what I read here at h44. What Karen (and others?) said suonded credible and I thought it’s worth looking into. I wonder if it might have been some other person instead of Gore?

    I also think it’s possible that CNN might have run the tape once or a few times and then decided to pull it so quickly that no one made a copy. We know lots of things that have happened that the MSM never picked up.

  378. Emjay / February 7th, 2008 at 11:47 pm re my comment:


    I have read your 3pm post many times. Now I am numb and dumb too. There has got to be a way to get that program from cspan.

    I did some digging around after I got back from Syracuse that weekend and could not find anything on CSPAN’s website. They do not have a video archive, or at least I did not not find one, that has that program.

    In the past the CBC had transcripts of their events posted. IMHO, nobody wants that particular session published or made available.

  379. Good Morning, B.Merry… I found that video in C-SPAN website the date is 9/28/2007

    Here is the link:It is called the future of black politics:

  380. Is the Obama campaign correct in their statement that they want the most number of pledged delegates on February 5?

  381. re S’s Paul Kane post above:Here’s the math. There are 3,253 pledged delegates, those doled out based on actual voting in primaries and caucuses. And you need 2,025 to win the nomination. To date, about 55% of those 3,253 delegates have been pledged in the voting process — with Clinton and Obama roughly splitting them at about 900 delegates a piece. That means there are now only about 1,400 delegates left up for grabs in the remaining states and territories voting.

    It’s fuzzy math, but it really sounds compelling doesn’t it? Here’s the fuzzy part…

    The 2,025 magic number is magic because it represents 50%+1 of ALL the delegates that attend the Democratic National Convention. I’m not sure if the 2,025 number includes FL/MI delegates but if it doesn’t then the magic number changes. There are not going to be riots, but BM is showing us that there are going to be questions. Democrats are going to have to explain a very complicated nomination process and I hope that the DNC is preparing the appropriate soundbites because the BM Talking Heads are going to try to reek havoc with our selection process.

    In a way, they’ve already won because this is a close race and people are passionate. BM knows the public wants to shout, “Conspiracy!” whenever something as simple as they expect it to be. Here’s a soundbite that we need to shout out loud whenever we have a chance:

    Super delegates are included in determining the magic number of delegates needed. The higher the number of pledged delegates a candidate wins, the fewer number of superdelegates she needs to secure the nomination.

    It is possible, though not required, to secure the nomination without any superdelegates. It is not possible to secure the nomination exclusively with superdelegates. Democratic candidates are required to convince the public as well as the individuals who the public entrusted, through elections, to promote their interests as Democrats. This process ensures that Democrats select the best candidate to promote the Democratic platform.

  382. Hey, Hillfans, need a morning pick-me-up? Here is a good one from the National Review. It has plenty of positive stuff including the fact that Hillary is GAINING among women. I know some reports have tried to say differently.

  383. clintondem99: I’m watching the C-Span video of Future of Black Politics.
    I do not like Eugene Robinson AT ALL. He’s another regular panelist on MSNBC who never gives Clinton any credit whatsoever. Obviously he is a brother who supports Obama but so is everyone else black or white on MSNBC. He’s tried to portray the Clintons as racists, he sticks up for Obama whenever Buchanan criticizes him or praises Clinton. Again, can’t stand Eugene Robinson. He’s a brother who sees everything as a racec issue.

  384. NYCMAX, thanks for that clarification…must admit my head is spinning…this is going to be interesting…I will remember that info and soundbite for future reference…it does seem that to the average person this will be very confusing and a PR nightmare/battle and an internal bloodbath between the camps…

  385. Another issue I have with the Future of Black Politics panel. Why not have a black person up there who supports Hillary Clinton? You know there are SOME black folks in this country who don’t vote based solely on race. What Donna Brazile is telling the audience is that AA have huge political clout on Super Tuesday. This is obvious now as we’ve seen states with large AA populations go to Obama (Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina). But you can infer from her statement that blacks are just expected to vote for Obama. I guess this panel is ocusing on getting AA elected which I am all for but I think they should also have another panel that will discuss the 20% of AA who choose to vote for Hillary Clinton and the uncomfortable position that we are in with many of our friends and family members for choosing the white woman over the black man.

  386. HEHS, It is Ironic that he hides behind a journalistic mask. Shame on him and WAPO. We all know WAPO is very biased.

  387. HEHS says:

    I guess this panel is ocusing on getting AA elected which I am all for but I think they should also have another panel that will discuss the 20% of AA who choose to vote for Hillary Clinton and the uncomfortable position that we are in with many of our friends and family members for choosing the white woman over the black man.

    I agree

  388. Eugene Robinson (with Donna Brazile): mocked Joe Biden about his comment that bho is “clean” and “articulate”. Fails to see that bho was MIA at Jena even after Jesse J berated him.

  389. Despite all his chatter on the teevee, Roland Martin gets it that bho represents an ideal and Jena represents reality. Whether he would admit it or not, he KNOWS the bho is selling smoke and mirrors lacking the substance of reality.

  390. Yes, B Merryfield. I’m tired of the Joe Biden comment. This is the problem that makes it harder for AA candidates like Obama to appeal to more white people, especially older white progressives. I think we need to pick our battles more carefully. We should all know that Joe Biden is not a racist and what he said wasn’t meant to be offensive to all AA. What he said was meant to be a compliment. Ok, maybe he should have word it differently but after a week of putting Biden at the stake we should’ve just let that go. There are thousands of other white people, particularly in the Republican Party, who really are racist and would never compliment us or want to help our community. White folks like Joe Biden and Bill Clinton are not the enemy. We need to forgive people whose comments are absolutely no reflection of their actions and decades of commitment to civil and human rights.

  391. Brazile just said bho represents the success of the civil rights movement, esp. voting rights act, .. but that there is still an ongoing struggle for civil rights in this country, i.e. Jena. So .. when is she going to point that out to Big Media when she’s sucking up at CNN?

  392. Brazile says “just wait” until Super Tuesday, when 45% of Super Delegates are chosen, and then we’ll show our political power because WE have the power to select the Dem presidential candidate.

    If you think that it was/is only on that panel that this is being emphasized, .. well, I don’t. Guess I must have heard more of this panel than I thought .. or it was repeated .. because I heard her say that before.

  393. This is poweful:

    Filed under: Latino News — Mario at 9:35 am on Wednesday, February 6, 2008
    Senator Hillary Clinton courted the Latino vote for almost a full year and last night Latino’s saved Super Tuesday for her. Yesterday over 70% of Latino voters overall endorsed the Senator from New York.

    The casa that Hillary built could not be stormed by the Knights of Camelot, charmed by anglicizing “Si Se Puede” or persuaded by Spanish language ads.

    This is important and here is why:

    The Democratic establishment consultant class has long believed that the Latino voter is such a “dependable” “progressive” Democratic vote that it does not deserve respect or attention. The beltway bandits, the State capitol political hacks, and the big city operatives, have always spent the least amount of effort in both time and money courting the Latino vote. Unlike the grand transformational aspects of the Obama candidacy the Obama campaigns’ approach to the Latino vote is basically old school D.C. politics as usual. Last night proved, I hope once and for all, that what was once believed to work with Latinos cannot be relied on any longer.

    Washington D.C. consultants need to know that you can’t parachute in a Senator Ted Kennedy, and drop a boat load full of last minute Spanish language media ads ten days before an election, and hope to move any significant block of the Latino electorate.

    It is evident that the vast majority of Latinos were unmoved by the last minute approach and the Democratic Party and America is better off for it. I say we are better off not necessarily because of the electoral outcome, but because holding on to Latinos is what the Dems need to learn to do in order to secure lasting majorities. Apparently what used to work with Latinos no longer does and the beltway bandits need to see it, feel it, and integrate it.

    In the General Election Latinos will have a choice between McCain and a Democrat. Any belief that Latinos will not vote for McCain needs to be shelved immediately, even if the winner is Clinton. All McCain needs in order to retain the White House for the GOP is about 33% of the Latino vote. McCain is well positioned to regain the Latino advantage that Bush has lost. A “traditional” DC insider last minute approach to Latino’s by the eventual Democratic nominee will hand the White House over to the Repubs.

    Last year I received a call from a top Obama operative after I wrote a post on the candidates’ lack of access to Latino journalists. I was told that the Obama campaign understood the problem, and they were working on it. At that time, Obama had banked more money than Clinton, but the operative stated that the campaign did not have the money to spend on a Latino press staffer. I advised him to be more proactive and make the investment. The Obama campaign did eventually invest in a Latino press specialist, only a handful of days before Super Tuesday.

    So…can we as Dems in the General Election campaign do better than that? Si Se..,.er, um,…I mean ….Yes we can.

  394. In refernence to AA power, Brazile refers to “when we get our seat at the table” .. the question is, so that is what bho represents? .. and then what?

    I get the feel that bho is not THE candidate rather than the candidate they have. It’s like Rumsfeld saying you go to war with the army you have.

    I see a terrific let down coming .. and the Rezko ties are going to be extremely damaging to AA political hopes.

  395. Yahoo headline: Clinton, show US the money.

    He is getting desperate. 100% of the people in they us know Bill Clinton draws huge money for speechs..they also know he works his arse off for Katrina and aids.

    They are trying to rattle skeletons and raid closets. How better to keep your own closet door shut by trying to force other ones open


    His camp is scared shitless of something getting ready to come down..

  396. bho pollster Cornell Belcher said that not since 1965 has an AA candidate won more than 50% of the white Dem vote. Carter – 46%, Bill 1st time – 41%, Bill 2nd time – 46%. Says it comes down to shared values. Says where “we’ve been getting slaughtered is around this issue of values.”

    He says it’s about “American values”, “values that transcend race”.

    Yes! Hillary gets it! It’s not about St. Obama, it’s about the American people’s values.

  397. mj, last night I read they were having a recount….

    does anyone know of any key endorsements coming up.

    west virginia family is happy that they may be relevant up into May….I got my whole family there supporting Hillary now, I just hope it doesn’t go that far.

  398. BMerryfield,

    I agree 100%. I also believe that several others deserve some waterboarding. It’s not illegal, is it?

  399. This is a time that I wish Rosie O Donnell was still on television.This sexism is at a all time peak

  400. Sorry, that is Laura Richardson, not Johnson — she says that voters are tired of politicians talking and they want us (politicians) “to do something that’s going to benefit them.” Amen.

    This is why Hillary’s UHC message is so powerful, more powerful than bho’s talk.

  401. Isn’t it strange that he wants a do-over on everything?

    First, in NH, he gets Dennis Kucinich to pay for a recount until DK ran out of money and discovered that the recount actually gained votes for Hillary, not bho.

    Next, he wants a do-over in Florida and Michigan because it was his idea to pull out of Michigan and run illegal ads in Florida, both of which backfired.

    Now, he wants a recount in NM.

    What’s next? A whole new primary / caucus series?

  402. The AA community need to understand they are no longer the golden child of the Democratic Party, it is the Latino vote.

  403. Posted in the wrong thread:

    Can someone please post an email link or address for The View and also for Whoopi, Joy, Sherri and Elizabeth’s address as well as Bill O’ Reilly.

    I believe that Dan Abrahms should also be targeted.
    He is supposedly their boss and even he has noticed the biashed covereage so why hasn’t he done something?

    I also want Playmate Mika’s address. She does hav daughter’s. I want to hear her condemn that language. Enough!

    It’s a new day and I’m still pissed. He has just got to be held accountable. I emailed media matters, firedoglake, MSNBC and emily’s list.

    This morning, I’m ccing Capus, NYTimes, The View and Bill O’.

    Everyone, if there is one thing that you do today, if you want to help and can’t contribute $5 or more to, then please take 5mins and email at least 5 people listed in this thread if you are so moved to register your outrage.

    This is something that you can directly do for Hillary. Hold the media accountable. If this had been said about Obama and his daughters, ‘Pimp’ would have been seen as code word for racist. But, oh no, it’s only Hillary and her family and we all know that they are objects and not humans.

    Mr. Phil Griffin,
    Senior Vice President, News
    NBC Television Network
    30 Rockefeller Plz
    New York, NY 10112

    Steve Capus,
    President, NBC News

    30 Rockefeller Plz
    3rd Fl
    New York, NY 10112
    (212) 664-4444

    Over at, they are really incensed over this. If you want to help Hillary and can’t afford to send $10, or don’t have time to call, please take 5mins of your time thismorning if you are so moved to email at least 5 contacts in this post to express your outrage over this blatant misogeny and double standard.

    Like I said, if someone had said this about Obama and his girls, the media would have been rerunning tape, jumping up and down saying that the word, ‘pimp’ was code word for race baiting. Let’ not get into his other comment about, ’something creepy’.

    The media MUST be held accountable to for their double standard and Hillary hate. We have to act or it will only continue. He needs to apologize and corporate heads at NBC needs to take meaningful action.

    This is the 3rd major commentor at MESSMSNBC: Imus, Tweety and now Shuster. How many more will we allow to get away with it. Tweety gave a half a$rse apology and his fellow reporters bent over to support him. Stronger signals and actions should have been sent my the heads at the top. They didn’t and this is why other reporters/commentators at this station feel that they can get away with it.

    Please take a stand this morning.

    tiburones Says:

    February 8th, 2008 at 8:55 am
    Someone just posted on that either Abrahams or Shuster just apologize.

    Ladies, and gentleman, I submit that that is not enough.

    I implore you, if you want to see real change and you are fed up with the treatment of Hillary as an object and now Chelsea, email and email to your heart’s content.

    If this is what is said o the air thinking that he could have gotten away with it, laughing and all, what is said when they are not on the air!

    Please, I implore you (can you tell that i’m beyond incensed),email and call:
    The View- can someone voluteer to research and post the view’s addy as well as the personal addy for Whoopi, Joy, Sherry and Elizabeth,
    Cnn- need an address for their viewers and Wolf and Cafferty
    Playmate Mika- I want to hear her condemn this as she has daughters- I read that his fellow co-workers supported him -deja vu-r emember Shuster and Mika and Morning Joke showing support for Tweety,
    Bill O’REilly- can some one volunteer to find his address.

    I would but i’m at work and I have limited access.

    Take a stand and be a part of tearing down the veil of sexism at MessMSNBC….this is clearly a pattern and reverse race baiting. This is sexist and just plain mean.

    tiburones Says:

    February 8th, 2008 at 8:57 am
    can you please front page this with commentary and phone/email addys please.

    I’ve had enough. They obviously haven’t learned their lesson.

  404. mj, Here is my take on delegate count:

    MSNBC which is very biased in Obam’s favour had:

    After SC primary their totals were:

    63(O) 48(H) a diffrence of 15

    now the have

    861(O) 855(H) difference 6

    That clearly shows Hillary has won Super Tuesday.

    The above totals do not include Super delegates and BTW they are MSNBC numbers

  405. mj, yes he lost super tuesday. Also he lost the states which Democrats are expected to win in GE and won states Democrats expect to loose.


    new big media rush to bring Hillary down…go after her because she can write herself a check.

    Obama says he can’t write himself a 5 million check..

    obama campaign is going to start making big mistakes…just watch

  407. Well, it isn’t an admission of wrongdoing and bias on his part, but David Brooks’ (pathetic squishy mole that he is) column today does echo some very important criticisms of the Obama campaign. He is able to do this by creating a fictional “interview” wherein the interviewee stakes out many of the issues we have all been talking about here. I won’t bother hoping that the anti-Hillary tide will change at the NYT, but I was pleasantly surprised by this column. Keep pushing the pundits!

  408. i’m still asking how she could win california and have less delegates…is this count including newmexico

    any wonder why many won’t vote?

  409. The delegate count is all over the place.

    NYTimes lists only pledged delegates – advantage Hillary
    AP lists all delegates – advantage Hilalry
    CBS lists all delegates – advantage Hillary

    MSNBC lists only projected pledged delegates (excludes superdelegates) and has BHO ahead

    There are still a few states that haven’t worked out the final breakdowns, but it looks like even with MSNBC spinning, Hillary still won Feb 5 delegate race, the reason MSNBC can spin it the way they do is because he went in with something like a 15 point lead from the earlier primaries

  410. According to CBS News web site the follow states still have not recorded all their delegates

    State Remaining Delegate
    AL 3
    AZ 1
    CA 9
    GA 6
    IL 8
    NM 1
    NY 1
    Am.Samoa 3

  411. The only reason I quoted the MSNBC count is because it is by far the worst count. The point I am trying to make is, even if you take the worst count Hillary still won the Super Tuesday.

  412. get on the horn with Wexler….he has a very nice young man trying to coral the calls. I let him believe I was stunned that Wexler had endorsed Obama…he started the stuttering LOL

    anyhoo, the chorus line is “they all agreed to this before the primary”

    I also hinted that whispers are of a do over…he actually said “yes, that is being floated”

    I vehemently told him “NO” .. there are no DO OVERS ..

    everyone needs to call to Florida.

  413. This delegate hunt and the do over theory reminds me of the 2000 election.

    Anything to stop the voters’ preference.

  414. JAS, From Gallup Website

    On the Democratic side, the race is still very much an ongoing battle between the two front-runners, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Nearly three weeks ago, after Clinton won the New Hampshire primary, she had climbed to a 20-point lead over Obama. Then, Obama came charging back until in Gallup’s daily tracking interviewing conducted Jan. 31-Feb. 2, he was only 2 points behind Clinton, essentially a tie. But on Sunday and Monday before Super Tuesday voting, Clinton stopped Obama’s momentum, and began to climb ahead again. Even on Tuesday, before the results of Super Tuesday were known, Clinton remained ahead.

    Thursday’s three-day rolling average is the first that includes any post-Super Tuesday interviewing. A look at Wednesday night’s results suggests that while Clinton maintains an advantage among Democratic voters, it is much smaller than it had been in recent days. Thus, the overall three-day rolling average — including Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday interviewing — shows a smaller Clinton advantage, 51% to 40%.

  415. reed061 Says:
    February 8th, 2008 at 1:59 am

    Cinton supporters tonight, maybe Republicans in November

    IF the democratic nominee is Obama (as the article says)

    With McCain on the scene now, I hope more and more people are looking at the potential of McCain vs. Obama and rejecting that idea. Obama will lose big.

  416. called DNC washington again….they are stating they are not going to get into how the “states” handle the delegates in FL and Michigan

    I floated the “do over”…agan, they do not to plan to address this,,,states have “bylaws” with which they can have ‘do overs’ or “delegate” the vote as they see fit.



    I really think that there imust be a real FLORIDA grass roots iniative for NO DO OVER….

    I did politely get in a dig that we must have a new chairman ASAP

    I sense that this MUST BE a Florida iniative.

  417. I have this attached to all my DailyKos comments:

    Don’t suppress the vote! seat the FL & MI delegates

  418. 1-850-222-3411 Very nice woman. They are doing everyything they can regarding getting the delegate seated. They are not pushing ANY do over…the voters spoke on 29th.

    I’m going to phone bank today.

  419. 1-850-222-3411 Very nice woman. They are doing everyything they can regarding getting the delegate seated. They are not pushing ANY do over…the voters spoke on 29th.

    I’m going to phone bank today.

  420. Emily’s list contacts:

    Contact Us
    If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please fill out the form below.

    Please note that all contributions should be sent to the Washington, D.C., office.

    EMILY’s List
    1120 Connecticut Avenue NW
    Suite 1100
    Washington, DC 20036

    Phone: (202) 326-1400
    Fax: (202) 326-1415

    San Francisco, CA
    EMILY’s List
    100 Spear Street
    Suite 1510
    San Francisco, CA 94105

    Phone: (415) 658-0700
    Fax: (415) 658-0707

    also, the link to email is:

    Just sent an email to them.

    Big Pink, I don’t hear you. Taylormarsh’s site is fired up. We can worry about delegate count later in the day. We are always complaining about the media and MessMSNBC, now is your chance to stand up and be heard.

    please take a minute to email at least 3-5 contacts as listed in this thread and above in my other threads.


  421. From the website:

    “Ultimately, the Credentials Committee of the Democratic National Convention, which has yet to be formed, will actually decide which delegates will be seated. When we have a presumptive nominee, that candidate will play a key role in the decision process.”

  422. Tiburones, All,

    I emailed 10 media outlets this morning about the Chelsea outrage. (I posted that news, BTW, last night at 6:30).

    I’m gonna find the link to Women in Media, the group that picketed MSNBC over the Mathews misogyny.

  423. That Juan Williams piece on Fox really says it all. Hillary is the chocie candidate of a majority of Dem’s, and for all his glory, Obama lacks substance,

  424. hello friends – this is what the guy is writing to me on another forum. what an absurd!!!!

    ……Rush Limbaugh said he’s considering raising cash for Sen. Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign so as to ensure she’s the Democratic nominee.

    Earlier in the week Limbaugh said that if Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, is the Democratic presidential nominee, the GOP this November is “doomed.”

    ABC News February 08….

    any comments?

  425. Anything Limbaugh says about Hillary is 180 degrees from the truth.

    He’s saying that to hurt her, because he like all the Republicans knows she’s the strongest candidate.


  427. The following is not a good one,

    ABC News’ Jake Tapper Reports: Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire will endorse Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, today, the day before the Washington Caucuses.

    Gregoire’s endorsement was hotly pursued by both Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY. She is a “super delegate,” which means she is free to select any candidate she wishes to support. Super delegates make up one-fifth of the 4049 total delegates on the Democratic side.

    Clinton has the backing of both US Senators from the state, Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell.

  428. LOL Republicans don’t pay attention to what Limbaugh says, Democrats who push his message deserve to be duped.

  429. WTF are these people thinking? He has not shown himself to be electable in a general. Are these women just jealous of Hillary?

  430. I’m going to email but I think we need to go after their advertisers…enough is enough!!@!! MessNBC anchors know better but they are so in the tank for Obama and so arrogant to believe that they are not accountable for their action…so lets bring that waste of airspace down!!!

    Women and teenagers are their prime demographics we buy all that crap that support MessNBC and we don’t have to take this crap from those lowlifes. I’ve never seen such outright disrespect on a former President family.

    Even Nixon family was treated better then the Clintons!!!


  432. mj,

    Some of these politicians do not want to alienate the AA communities in their states as they themselves need to run for re-elections. Everybody will look out for themselves first.

  433. I am not talking about her in particular. Why is McCaskill openly stumping for Obama when 100 of 105 counties in her state went for Clinton. She knows that the St. Louis area has a huge AA population and she needs them if she needs to win re-election. She knows that she won’t loose much by not supporting Hillary. She doesn’t want to alienate her AA supporters.

  434. @Idunn
    I keep forgetting about my caps.I also post in other forums and I usually rage on against people bout Hillary vs Obama.Well guys look at the bright side if Obama does win the ticket and the Presidency Blks’ can never ever use that race card anymore……………….That’s a dream I know since they will always use it

  435. basil9 Says:

    February 8th, 2008 at 9:58 am
    Tiburones, All,

    I emailed 10 media outlets this morning about the Chelsea outrage. (I posted that news, BTW, last night at 6:30).

    I’m gonna find the link to Women in Media, the group that picketed MSNBC over the Mathews misogyny
    Thank you and thanks for writing. I think that we need to focus on 3 things today:
    1. Email MSNBC/NBC,,,, etc to get this story out and to demand a proper apology and commentary from management that they take this seriously and don’t condone it. Obviously, they have because now it’s happened 3 times.
    2. GOTV and donate
    3. Call and email re Fl/Mi delegate count.

    I’ved done 1 and 2 and will work on 3 when I get off.

    Carbynew: Yes, going after the advertisers is good but we also need to email everyone at MSNBC/NBC and also, NOW, Emilys List, The View etc. as they are really effective in getting the news out and MSNBC. Then after writing, go after the sponsors. I think that someone at taylormarsh is putting together an ad list.

    To my fellow big pink posters: Put your fingers where your mouth is. We are always complaining about the media bias. Now, we have a clear instance of not only a double standard but of a clear sexist remark by a multiple offender organization.

    Send those letters if that is the only thing that you do for HIllary today. The media shapes perception and those comments can not be left to stand. A half-Ar$e apology won’t do.

  436. Basically what I am saying is most of these politicians are supporting people not based on merit or experience, but based on their own personal interests. Obama talks about lobbyists, but one of his biggest supporters and advocate – Tom Daschle and his wife – are big time lobbyists. Ed Shultz is from South Dakota. He received his initial support for the show from Tom Daschle and others. He is supporting Obama for his own interests. Air America is looking out for their own financial interests when they are supporting Obama (They must have received a vow of support in some form or other from his campaign if he wins the presidency).

    All these people are looking out for their own interests when they support a candidate. Merit, qualifications, and loyalty do not matter to these people most of the time in politics

  437. ra1029
    Exactly – I hate that. But the whole race became a racial issue: who will get blacks, who will get Latinos, who will get Asians. It sounds like a nightmare to me. One “funny” candidate totally broke the whole party. And the fact is that they may take his defeat personally and don’t vote at all in November. This is big chance. I hate to say this. But once the primary is over and she wins over this whole BS movement- she will have to find a way to mend everything with this guy. Despite intense hatred that we have towards him.

  438. With regards to MSNBC, we can force an apology from them, but can you get them to change their mindset about being fair to all candidates? I doubt it. It is depressing.

  439. Johnflint
    She is already trying to mend shyt with this man and its ot working.He continually personally attack her.I swear if he win the nomination she better not be a good party candidate and root this pig on.
    I refuse to see her suck up to that party like she is doing as we speak.

  440. mj Says:

    February 8th, 2008 at 10:24 am
    He already apologized.

    I respectfully suggest that you are missing the point. The apology was half baked, In adittion, Matthews apologized last month and here we got another instance of sexism and hatred. MSNBC needs to be taken to task as there is a clear pattern. They are repeat offenders and it is occurring very frequently.

    That is why myself and so many others at taylormarsh and Big Tent Democrat at Jeralyn’s site are incensed.

    Here is their modus operandi:

    Attack clinton and family for no reason
    Attack again, often and daily
    Stir up her supporters
    Give a half baked non-apology
    Get support of co-workers
    Attack Clinton and family for no reason
    Stir up supporters
    Give a half baked apology

    This is systemic and a clear pattern supported by the top. This won’t subside unless equally met with a show of support by rallying people of like minds who were offended, letting them know and then going after their supporters.

    This is the difference between a showhorse and a work horse supporter.

    Are we just going to complain on this bbs where the media discounts us or put our fingers where are mouths are and email them to let them know that we hear them, we are offended and they will be held accountable.

    Ignore at your own peril because it will happen again in oh, I don’t know, a week or so!
    Co-workers support them

  441. I agree with you, but all we can do is keep calling them out. Nothing is going to change the media mindset. Frankly, I think it’s a corporate thing. They know Obama is further to the right economically and won’t challeneg the status quo.

  442. Well, Obama is coming to our univ., UMD, on Monday. Where is Hillary? I don’t see any activity here from her campaign?

  443. ra1029 Says:

    February 8th, 2008 at 10:34 am
    With regards to MSNBC, we can force an apology from them, but can you get them to change their mindset about being fair to all candidates? I doubt it. It is depressing

    ** ARe you suggesting that we do nothing? If you are, then that is the worse kind of apathy that I have encountered. It will get worse if you do nothing.

    Tell that to Rosa Parks who despite the ods, defied racism and refused to give up her seat. I can’t believe that i’m reading what you said.

    To me, it’s simple: it is better to have tried and lost than to not try at all. I feel so strongly about this. I think tha if one who complains on this site about the media bias and sexism towards Clinton does nothing then they lose the right to complain about the media again.

    That’s where I draw my line in the sand. That is a defeatist attitude and will get us no where. You are discounting the power of hundreds emailing and getting their point of view across.

  444. mj, yea right. The words he used are beyond apology. There is a pattern there. It is network problem.

    I just came here, and I’m too lazy to read back. Who said what?

  445. I hate to say that – but this is still a man’s country. A strong professional woman is feared by majority if men even if they don’t know it and admit it.

  446. I saw interview with Bill C this morning. He is stepping aside a bit or that is the way I took it, media won’t be able to use that issue…now they are going after their money….(he did not say that)

  447. tiburones, I agree 100%. Why don’t you draft a letter that we could send to the networks and our friends.

  448. I didn’t know about this lawsuit against GE regarding women. I have to research this later:
    from taylormarsh’s site:

    As an aside, I’m just going to point out that this goes beyond MSNBC and also involves GE. There is a lawsuit in progress, which is why idiots like Shuster and Tweety even bother to pseudo-apologize:

    Lawsuit Accuses G.E. of Bias Against Women – New York Times

    Discrimination suit at GE shakes ranks – Financial Week

  449. mj
    Sometimes I think that they can show her once baking cookies – just as a publicity stunt to make that man at ease. Because the whole argument is stupid. She has 3 times more difficult time during this election than Obama even though he is a black guy. So gender is still a bigger issue than race. It is obvious. Provided she was a white male – Obama will be nowhere by now. Just because it would look traditional, normal and every day –t o majority of people in this country.
    As of now the remarks like “you are likable enough” are seen not as a sleazy remarks and insults but as compliments. I know it is crazy – but some men think it was an innocent joke. LOL

  450. mj Says:

    February 8th, 2008 at 10:44 am
    I’ve written tons of email to members of the media. I will continue to.
    That is all that is being asked and if you did write letters on this matter today or last night, thanks for your support.

    I firmly believe that if people hadn’t put pressure on Shuster and MSNBC or that if the Taylormarsh/Bigtent Democrat, a diary at Mydd and big pink hadn’t raised hell last night, he would not have been forced to issue a half apology.

    He lied when he said the use of the word wasn’t pejorative. ‘Pimp’ does not have a positive meaning anyway you spin it.

    **One more point: i think that he was using Chelsea to cotinue to push themedia’s narrative that SD should not decide the election because they know that Clinton would win.

    Don’t be fooled, he knew what he was doing.

  451. They say they don’t want superdelegates to determine the nominee, but they have no problem with screwey allocations of regular delegates that ignore the actual numbers of voters who voted.

  452. hey everyone…i noticed that some people thought the money bomb idea was good and would take. should we set a date and a number? as for a date, i suggested 2/12 because i noticed the idea floated by obama people. also, i threw out $10.44 because of this site and to show our grassroots, but obviously that’s not the important aspect. i think if we pick a date and go all out, we can really show the strength of hillary’s support.

  453. clintondem99 Says:

    February 8th, 2008 at 10:46 am
    tiburones, I agree 100%. Why don’t you draft a letter that we could send to the networks and our friends.

    I would love to but I am at work and have to log off now- spent too much time on this. It only takes about 3mins to draft a simple email,
    use cc or bcc and you can send out 1 email.
    Register how you feel,
    reference the event: David Shuster filling in for Tucker Carlson on 02/07/08 on MSNBC
    What was said: Here is he link to copy:
    What will be your response to this attack on Chelsea Clinton:
    YT title: “David Shuster insults Chelsea Clinton”
    Ask them for a more concrete apology and from commentary from top management that they will do more to ensure that this doesn’t happen again
    Other material: You may mention that their seems to be a pervasive atmosphere of sexism with a silent stamp of approval from managment
    mention Imus,Chris and Shuster
    If you are willing, mention that you will be contacting sponsors andwill be not watching their channels, will be contacting friends and family
    That’s it. Demand change and action
    It’s simple.

    Everyone can do it. Takes less than 3 minutes. If you have more than 1 email account, copy/paste and send again and you’re done for the day.

  454. Mike- I’m down- how much, the date to begin and more details
    $5k, $3k, $10.44 sounds good. Do you want to spear head that? I’m working on sending emails to MessMNSBC and other sites supportive of women issues. That is my cause right now outside of donating.

  455. mj Says:

    February 8th, 2008 at 10:54 am
    I wrote a whole diary about it on dkos and mydd.

    MJ was that you? Excellent! I’m not registered to post over there but I read through all of the comments. If you wrote that, I’m sure that you can send a letter or 5 🙂
    Great job!

  456. goodness…i’m so upset about gov. gregorie endorsing obama. i was really upset about napolitano, too, because i’m originally from arizona and my family still all lives there and we all highly respect her. i don’t understand how all these women can turn their backs on the first chance to put a viable female candidate in the white house. this pisses me off so i just gave another donation.

  457. mj Says:

    February 8th, 2008 at 11:01 am
    How can I contact Whoopi? I’d like to thank her for her support of Hillary.

    I think that if you visit the View website, you should be able to find her addy. She said that she received over 500 emails correcting her statement about Obama telling her that it was Hillary who said it first.

  458. Exactly Mike. 3 democratic women governors have now endorsed that fluff piece. Do we even have anymore female governors in our party?

  459. It is outrageous what David Shuster said abiut Chelsea. More than this particular comment, it reveals a deeply sexist mindset among the MSNBC men. If this is what they say on air, imagine what they say off air when they are with other good old boys. I don’t think these remarks are a mere accident, this is what these guys discuss off air and it just slipped out.

  460. Comment by a poster at openleft:
    Chelsea (none / 0) (#107)
    by loro on Fri Feb 08, 2008 at 09:52:24 AM EST

    I think we should all write to MSNBC and demand
    that David Shuster be suspended – exactly the
    way people reacted to Imus. They showed us the
    way — Why is it that any remark that Bill
    Clinton makes is distorted by MSNBC to be racist
    and, yet, the most blatant, sexist remark can be
    made toward the Clintons and is ignored. Shuster certainly did not make the same remark toward Caroline Kennedy. I have stopped watching MSNBC
    because this kind of thing goes on from 6:00 a.m.
    and all day and evening. Perhaps it has something
    to do with the meeting Obama had with Jack Welch
    not long ago. Chris Matthews was the one who
    first brought race into the campaign. The night
    of the NH primary he was so upset with Hillary’s
    win that he said the polls were wrong because of
    the Bradley Effect – and Jesse Jackson, Jr. followed up the next day and then it steam-rolled.
    Hillary is only going to win if her supporters
    realize they have to fight for her.

  461. johnflint wrote: And the fact is that they may take his defeat personally and don’t vote at all in November. This is big chance. I hate to say this.

    Cheer up john. Just as a general rule, AAs don’t hate Hillary, mostly they’re just supporting the candidate that they have been brainwashed, cajoled, whatever into believing is best for them. But more importantly, AA women have two horses in this race. When Bambi is gone, I’m sure they won’t have any problem getting excited about what it would mean to vote for a candidate that promotes the issues that are important to women of all races.

  462. sure…i don’t mind trying to take a lead on the money bomb. should i just propose a date and then we all just commit that we’re going to spread it?

  463. Hillary (my choice) and Obama need to resolve their differences NOW!
    There is a clear front-runner in the Republican Party now and the Democratic Party needs to find one too.

    Howard Dean has already said this rivalry between Hillary and Obama is not a good thing and I agree.

    If the both of them come together, they will unite their voters together and fight against McCain.

    I implore them both.
    Resolve this immediately!!!

  464. NYCMax
    They better. Otherwise we should remind then that republicans didn’t bring water to New Orleans for a week in hopes to starve as much AA as they possibly can. So no show for Hillary will be a vote for a republican.

  465. sashaqueenie
    I agree as well – mbut how will you talk to these people. They re religious fanatics chanting “yes we can” and heatring no one else around them

  466. Mj
    I generally don’t trust polls on this issue –because once he will be gone they can change their minds or someone may persuade them to change their minds. It is a dicey thing – don’t take their vote for granted.

  467. I think we need to write/call the head of General Electic (owner of NBC/MSNBC). Find out whrer the shareholder meeting is this year and show up!!

  468. Hillary isn’t taking anyones votes for granted. This is simple sociology. They will vote for Hillary in a general.

  469. New delegat count is in

    HC 1075
    BO 1014

    Now take out the Super Delegates

    HC 864
    BO 877

    When so we expect Boxer to give her Super Delegate to us, and any word on Richardson????

  470. john, what are you talking about? Who is taking the AA votes for granted? AA are voting for Obama b/c he’s black, not because they hate Hillary.

    Ever done phone banking or actually spoke to real AA voters? They like both Obama and HRC, but it seems race is the most important factor to them.

  471. That delegate count is whack. Everyone has their own numbers and they are all different. How can HRC win all those big states and still be down in count. Puhleeze….

  472. filbertsf: I realize this… but in order for me to keep my sanity… I stay with one site. This is just me. I believe CBS is a little faster on the results.

  473. Filbertsf
    I know what you are saying but I also heard many times that provided he is not in the race anymore they will not vote at all. I don’t have any way of saying it is truth or not –but I hope not. And also I saw many times during the last month how different AA leaders are virtually demonize Hillary in the eyes of AA. So I just have my doubts.

  474. B Merryfield
    I have to run now – but I will certainly do this later. My own idea is that- Donna Brazil should be kicked out of DNC for her complete BS and for lack of any skills. It is her who lost Al Gore campaign in 2000.

  475. I got these links from Taylormarsh
    Contact MSNBC Advertisers about the bias coverage and Chelsea insult..
    Geico Ins
    Jimmy Dean
    Silk Soy Milk
    Osteo Bi-flex
    Campbell Soup
    American Express
    Contact General Electric (MSNBC’s parent company) as well. Let them know you will boycott ALL GE products and services, not just MSNBC.
    The FCC has Form 2000 for filing a media complaint.!input action

  476. From Taylor Marsh: Marcia Pappas of NY NOW is trying to get the national office to SPEAK OUT regarding MSNBC.

    Call the national office. Let them know that this is about ALL WOMEN, whether they support Hillary or not!

    Press 0 to get the main message voicemail:


  477. I think african americans would be likely just as happy to have Harold Ford on the ticket. It’s the elite liberal set who will specifically want Obama.

  478. mj, No Way! Despite what they’re saying, there’s lots of bad blood between them. You can just tell that Obama doesn’t like her.

    The day after Super Tuesday, the anointed boy-king holds a press conference to tell reporters that if HRC is nominated, the GOP will have truckloads on dirt on her. Classy guy, isn’t he?

    Anyone but Obama. I just want him to slink away.

  479. For what it’s worth, I recognize that my family doesn’t represent ALL AA voters, but every member of my family who is voting for OB is doing so strictly because they want to break the color barrier. Not a single person in my family has anything bad to say about HRC. Not one.

    Those in my family who are voting for HRC, however , have plenty of things to say about Obama. And very little of it is good.

  480. My email to all the key people at NBC and MSNBC:

    “Add my name to the no doubt growing list of people incensed and disgusted at the anti-Clinton bias by virtually all of your news “talent” (with the rare exception of Dan Abrams) on MSNBC. Scarborough, Matthews, Russert, Olbermann and Shuster – every one of them has a serious axe to grind with Hillary Clinton.

    It is a non-stop frat-party of anti-Hillary fervor, that walks a crooked line between tabloid sensationalism and pornographic hostility towards women – “pimped out” Chelsea Clinton indeed. Your correspondents and on-air talent need a refresher in journalistic integrity and neutrality, not to mention several hours on the psychiatric couch. These men have serious mommy problems.

    It’s bad enough that the discourse has been so cheapened to allow Matthews to routinely spew his insulting sexism, but there is no counterweight to any of this, on ANY of these shows. Not a single Hillary supporter is given equal time. Honestly, to my complete horror, I find myself watching Fox these days. And based on the way MSNBC has conducted itself, I might be for some time.”

  481. The Morning HUBdate: February 8, 2008

    45,000+ Donors: Over 45,000 of Hillary’s supporters contributed more than $6.4 million online in the 48 hours following Super Tuesday and more than $7.5 million online in the past week.

    New Ads: The campaign began airing new ads, “Happen,” “Falling Through” and “Kerrey” in Washington, Maine and Nebraska, respectively. Watch.

    In Case You Missed It: Sen. Obama turned down Hillary’s invitation to debate in Maine. Though both candidates will be in the state tomorrow, Sen. Obama isn’t ready to hold a joint town hall. Watch.

    More Endorsements: In advance of Hillary’s visit to the Washington congressional district he represents, Rep. Norm Dicks endorsed Hillary. In Maryland, Prince George’s County Executive Jack Johnson, former Prince George’s County Executive Wayne Curry and Delegates Ana Sol Gutierrez and Susan Lee endorsed Hillary. Arkansas Sen. Blanche Lincoln endorsed Hillary.

    Previewing Today: In Washington, Hillary will hold “Solutions for America” town halls in Tacoma and Spokane… In Louisiana, President Bill Clinton will hold “Solutions for America” rallies in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles and Monroe. In Nebraska, Chelsea will continue the “Our Voice, Our Future” tour and meet with students at Creighton University.

    I’ve Switched to Hillary: On Wednesday on “The View,” former Sen. Obama supporter Whoopi Goldberg announced that she voted for Hillary. On Thursday, the video of Whoopi’s announcement was YouTube’s single most watched news and politics clip. More than 200,000 people watched Whoopi explain that Hillary was the first candidate to propose taxing tax breaks away from companies that ship jobs overseas. Watch.

    Recapping Yesterday: In Arlington, Virginia, Hillary “won thunderous applause.” . In Seattle, Washington, Hillary spoke to an “enthusiastic crowd of thousands.” Hillary’s rally “drew fans of a wide range of ages. Parking was so scarce that some had to walk a mile or more” to the event. At a rally in Portland, Maine, “the audience reacted with energy” to President Bill Clinton’s address, which was “heavy on policy and light on politics.”. “Short on slogans and long on specifics, [Chelsea] outlined her mother’s positions on a variety of issues” to hundreds of people in Grand Island after speaking to “as many as 1,000” in Lincoln, at the University of Nebraska.

    Follow the Leader: In May, Hillary introduced a comprehensive Gulf Coast Recovery Agenda. Three months later, in August, Sen. Obama released a very similar proposal. Yesterday, Sen. Obama “introduced” the same plan he released in August. Read more.

  482. On, we have begun an e-mail barrage about the Shuster “pimp” comment. He sort of apologized but really just defended himself.
    He said he wasn’t being pejorative!?!?!?

    I have already received a reply from Phil Griffin of NBC. Go there and get the names of the GE, NBC, MSNBC people plus about 10 advertisers, like GEICO, Buick, etc. If this were a racist remark, heads would roll. Well, it’s time to stand up for our daughters as well as our sons. The assault on women, whether physical or verbal, must stop!

  483. Follow the Leader: In May, Hillary introduced a comprehensive Gulf Coast Recovery Agenda. Three months later, in August, Sen. Obama released a very similar proposal. Yesterday, Sen. Obama “introduced” the same plan he released in August.

    Wonder if bho thinks all the folks who live on the Gulf Coast are dumb enough to believe he just thought of this. Or does the Louisiana primary maybe, sorta, kinda have something to do with his new-found attention?

  484. It’s probably just me since Gov. Gregoire’s approval ratings are halfway decent but if I was considering voting for Obama her endorsement just turned me off. I don’t like her and I can’t really put my finger on it. She won very narrowly, by 129 (!) votes and I swear 8,000 recounts (but it was probably closer to 2). It was crazy! I don’t remember who I voted for, I think I just closed my eyes and choose.

    LOVE Patty Murray, she’s very well respected around here. As are Maria Cantwell and Jay Inslee.

  485. I don’t understand the media’s hatred for Hillary. My apolitical friends and family are noticing how negative the media is and they asked me about it.

    I tell them I have no idea and that it might be stemming from the Clintonian era. But truly, I don’t understand the piling on. I was a mere teenager during the Clintonian era and do not know what their relationship was with the MSM. It is a fact that MSNBC is going out of its way to bash Hillary at every opportunity.

    I haven’t watched MSNBC since IA. I’ll watch CNN after debates and such. Most of my news come from the internet.

  486. Response from NYNOW: If you have time, please email the NY offices of NOW, the National chapter, MSNBC and most importantly and, look to the bottom left for the contact us link.

    NYNOw emailed me back as seen below as well as someone at TaylorMarsh’s site. Someone else over at also got a response from Phil Griffin one of the heads at MSNBC.
    **So to the ones who think that their voices won’t be heard when they send an email, don’t doubt yourself. We are just a pebble as someone alluded to yesterday but if we all send 5 emails today and get 1 friend to send 3 more, we would be like a boulder dropping into a steam and smashing it.

    It can be done. Don’t let this story die. Let us force MSNBC to do more and get http://www.mediamatters, NYnow and others to carry this to a Monday story next week. I’ms rue that there are millions of like minded people who believe as we do:
    Dear Lavon: Thank you for writing. Yes, I agree, this is horrible. We
    have a Media Watch Campaign going at the National NOW office. Please join
    us in the fight. These sexist remarks have hurt so many women. We are
    seeing what women endure in a sexist culture by watching and listening what
    Chelsea and Hillary have had to deal with.

    Also, please write to our National NOW office and ask them to make a
    statement on how deplorable this is. I have been criticized for speaking
    about about Kennedy (sexist person) and his now endorsement of Obama. We
    need to stick together. Many women agree with me. And I guess his home
    state agreed with me too. Massachusetts voted for Hillary. I think they
    told Kennedy, they are not going along with him antics anymore.
    thanks again for writing.
    Marcia Pappas

    Original Message:
    Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2008 07:06:24 -0800 (PST)
    Subject: David Shuster’s Sexist and hate filled remarks about Chelsea

    I am contacting you in hopes that we as women can ban together to hold the
    powers that be at MSNBC and NBC accountable for the sexist and hate filled
    comment made by David Shuster filling in for Tucker Carlson last night when
    speaking to Bill Press:
    DAVID SHUSTER: Bill, there’s just something a little bit unseemly to me
    that Chelsea’s out there calling up celebrities, saying support my mom, and
    she’s apparently also calling these super delegates.
    BILL PRESS: Hey, she’s working for her mom. What’s unseemly about that?
    During the last campaign, the Bush twins were out working for their dad. I
    think it’s great, I think she’s grown up in a political family, she’s got
    politics in her blood, she loves her mom, she thinks she’d make a great
    president —
    SHUSTER: But doesn’t it seem like Chelsea’s sort of being pimped out in
    some weird sort of way?

    Shuster: Chelsea’s Being ‘Pimped Out’

    I had stopped watching MSNBC after watching day in and out the unbiased and
    obvious sexist and vicious pumelling of her by their reporters and
    commentators. Please note the report that came out this week saying that
    MSNBC and NBC were the worst offenders in their overwhelmingly negative
    reporting on Sen. Clinton and their overwhelmingly, positive coverage of
    Sen. Obama.

    After watching the tape of Mr. Shuster, I came away thinking that this is
    coming from the top. First Imus, Then Matthews and now Shuster. They have
    not learned their lessons and their continued openned hate filled, sexist
    criticisms of the Clinton’s havenot gone unnoticed. I must conclude that
    because management have not taken a stronger stand, that the reporters feel
    that once they give a half-hearted apology, they would wait a week and then
    continue with their attack.

    Well, i have had enought. This rage only prompted me to donate to
    Sen.Clinton’s campaign and to fire off letters to Phil Griffin, Steve
    Capus, Dan Abrahms of MSNBC/NBC, Emily’s list, media Matters and now to you.

    I know that you will find his remarks equally offensive and it is my hope
    that your organization will be prompted to issue a pres release demanding a
    real apology from Mr. shuster and a clear statement from the head honchos
    at MSNBC/NBC saying that this will not be tolerated.

    What he has essentially said is that Chelsea is an unwilling prosititute
    being pimped out my Senator Clinton. There isno two ways to spin this and
    the laughter int he background gives it away.
    p.s. I hope that women will not turn a blind eye to this. Enough is
    Turned off and disgusted.

    p.s. Please read these findings:


    Hillary Pilloried?

    Since mid-December, when the presidential candidates turned their full
    attention to the Iowa caucuses, Sen. Barack Obama has led the race for good
    press and Sen. Hillary Clinton has lagged the farthest behind. From Dec 16
    through Jan 27 five out of six on-air evaluations of Obama (84%) have been
    favorable, compared to a bare majority (51%) of evaluations of Mrs.
    Clinton. Examples:

    “[Obama’s] message is one of change and reconciliation, not protest and
    looking back at old wounds.” – Donna Brazile, ABC

    “In the face of two staggering defeats, two questions loom: Is Hillary’s
    campaign in crisis? And is a massive shakeup necessary?” – Brit Hume, FOX

    The gap in good press has widened since the New Hampshire primary, with
    Clinton dropping to 47% positive comments and Obama holding steady at 83%
    positive. NBC’s coverage has been the most critical of Clinton – nearly 2
    to 1 negative (36% positive and to 64% negative) Conversely, ABC’s coverage
    was most supportive — nearly 2 to 1 positive (63% v. 37%). CBS and FOX
    were more balanced – 50% positive comments on FOX and 56% positive on CBS.”

    Notice that CBS & Fox were more fair and balanced than NBC/MSNBC- I think
    the Clinton campaign could mention that analysis- they have been in the
    business of studying elections for 20 years!

  487. Oh and fmr. Gov. Gary Locke! He’s great. There was a ton of talk that Gore would choose him for the VP slot. I wish he had, things might have been different. . .

    Hill has good people backing her here.

  488. I really liked this graf from the Matt Stoller post Taylor Marsh has linked:

    In other words, the Obama campaign has had a strategy of cultivating online donors and activists, they know how to do it, and they are very good at it. The Clinton campaign has not done any of this particularly well because it hasn’t been their strategy. And somehow, they are at rough parity over the last 48 hours. There is probably something of an earthquake inside the Clinton campaign when these tired Clinton operatives, cynical for 20 years, actually feel, really feel, her supporters reach out and lift them up for the first time.

  489. From Hillary’s Web site:

    The Hillary Clinton campaign today announced Hillary will attend this year’s State of the Black Union, a symposium hosted each year by Tavis Smiley Presents.

    “I care passionately about delivering solutions to the big issues we face in this country,” said Senator Clinton. “After 35 years of working on issues like education, health care, and racial equality, I am ready to continue the dialogue with symposium participants and to further outline my platform to move this country forward,” she concluded.

    State of the Black Union 2008: Reclaiming Our Democracy, Deciding Our Future brings together a diverse group of participants including entertainers, political and community leaders who will discuss the state of the Black community and seek to educate, enlighten and empower America.

    Tavis Smiley, oversaw the collaboration of The Covenant with Black America. In 2007, Smiley moderated and executive produced the Democratic and Republican All-American Presidential Forums on PBS. This marked the first time in history that a panel exclusively comprised of journalists of color was represented in primetime television conducting a presidential debate.

    Senator Clinton is the only Democratic presidential hopeful scheduled for this year’s event which will be held on February 23, 2008, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

  490. Hi Everybody! It’s my first post here and I am excited to join in support of Hillary. I just wanted to say that I’ve also been writing letters in support of journalists who have been covering Hillary in a positive light, that’s important too because they said they’ve been getting a lot of Obama hate mail and rarely supportive emails, so let’s write to them to encourage the journalists who support Hillary.

  491. And in the 90s at least they didn’t bash Chelsea.

    Yes they did. Maybe you missed John McCain’s “joke” back then: “Why is Chelsea so ugly? Because her mother is Hillary Clinton and her father is Janet Reno…”

  492. “There is no crying in politics! There are no do-overs in politics!”

    We need out buddy Tom Hanks to do a commercial. LOL!

  493. I had forgotten that, hwc, although I do think I’d seen it lately.

    Speaking of McCain, the Repuglicans have a problem. Hannity and Rush don’t want him. Coulter doesn’t want him. NOW! what do they do? Gotta love it!

  494. B Merryfield, They’ll rally around him eventually. Our problem is, we don’t have a clear front-runner and they do, which gives McCain a big GE head start. All thanks to the dumbasses at the DNC.

  495. “…The other point to take from the Survey USA statement is that only a sliver of the primary electorate is represented in a caucus, so Obama has to win over fewer people in a state to win just as many delegates…” (from

    I hope the superdelegates are thinking about these inequities when they see Obama’s caucus wins on ST and vote with good conscience for the person who has won more votes in all big states (diverse and more meaningful). Going by just delegate count is very misleading and unconscionable.

  496. i’m sorry but i have watched Tavis Smileys state of blck america event for the past 4 years..its worthless.. its is not going to help with votes..i have been disappointed with a lack of results

  497. Who would have thought!!
    Today while watching Bill O’Reilly (Keep your enemies closer), I see him do a segment on MSNBC hatred on Hillary.

    What a switcheroo for me.
    I have never hated Keith Olbermann more.