Hillary Clinton and Invisible Americans

Democrats are going to determine the Democratic nominee. As we wrote in the early morning hours: Hillary Clinton won the big Democratic states – the very states wherein Super-delegates reside. After Super Tuesday wins in states like Massachusetts Super delegates will not go against their constituencies.

Mark Penn echos our argument today:

As super-delegates consider which candidate to support, they will be looking at which one candidate has a base and can win the big states, including the crucial swing constituencies. We believe the impressive wins in NY, CA, MA, MI, FL, NJ, AZ suggest that Hillary is the one who can motivate a strong turnout in November. Several civil rights activists have recently written to Howard Dean to ask him to work out a solution to count the votes cast in FL and MI before the convention. More people voted in the Florida Democratic presidential primary (1.7 million) than voted in any other Florida presidential primary in history — about the same number who voted in New York.

In 2004, the Republicans peeled off close to 40% of the Latinos and many women concerned about national security – two groups that were pivotal in the 2004 general election. Catholics were another group Hillary swept that Democrats lost in 2004. The states and her strong diverse coalition of support presents a powerful case to the superdelegates looking at who can beat John McCain.

Mark Penn will be dismissed by the incense burning Big Media and their tool. But, the argument we made is also echoed today by reknown Hillary Hater Dick Morris:

While the apportionment of the delegates will distort her victory, the message is clear: Obama’s surge fell short.

Once again, the polls proved to be blind to the single women, the core of Hillary’s base, who flood the polls to back the possible first woman president.

Obama may inspire, but it is Hillary who quietly wins the unmarried women who struggle at minimum-wage jobs and desperately need public schools, mass transit, day care, health insurance and public services.

The political establishment does not hear their voices, but Hillary’s victory on Super Tuesday is based on them.

The polls will continue to be wrong because they are not geared to counting those who have never voted and are not normally part of the political system.

It must pain Dick to write those words, but he has more (in-between big servings of toxic hate) spiteful words acknowledging the eventual Hillary Clinton nomination:

But through it all are the inexorable demographics in Democratic primaries where women cast upwards of 60 percent of the vote.

Yesterday, inspiration confronted demographics. Charisma faced a laundry list of proposals that a large block of voters needed.

The prosaic won. And the doctrinaire ideological construct that her candidacy represents is likely to sweep the remaining contests and land her in the White House.

Big Pink, Penn and Morris are not alone in this analysis and understanding of Democrats and the American future:

Hillary Clinton’s strength among core Democratic constituencies — women, Latinos and working class whites — pushed her to victory in the mega-state primaries of California, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts on Tuesday, slowing, at least for the moment, the momentum that had been building behind Barack Obama’s bid for the nomination.

Clinton’s solid majorities among women, who make up from 55 to 59 percent of voters in Democratic primaries, remains her most reliable source of support, although her backing among Latino voters not only helped her win California, but should work to her advantage in the potentially crucial March 4 Texas primary.

It’s feigned optimism in Mudville:

“I was beginning to feel optimistic,” said Notre Dame political scientist Darren Davis. “I bought into the fascination with Obama as the primary season went on.” Obama’s success winning support from blacks, independents, the college educated and young voters is “all well and good, but not significant enough to counteract the traditional Democratic base.” [snip]

MIT’s Charles Stewart did a study of how well Obama and Clinton did among African Americans, Hispanics, women and whites. Obama, as the campaign progressed, secured the backing of a decisive majority of black voters, but the other three groups backed Clinton — often by large margins — far more often than they cast majorities for Obama.

In the 19 primary states for which detailed exit poll data is available, Stewart found that whites and women in 15 states backed Clinton over Obama. Latinos in six of the nine states with Hispanic populations large enough to show up in exit poll data backed Clinton, Obama in two states and tied in one state.

In the nine states with large enough Latino populations to estimate how they voted, “Hillary Clinton has got a political base of women, seniors, and Hispanics that has been quite stable. He has African Americans and the [Bill] Bradley-[Paul] Tsongas Democrats. Her coalition is just slightly bigger in the Democratic primaries,” said Republican strategist-pollster Bill McInturff.

African-Americans progressed during the Bill Clinton presidency. African-Americans will do well in a Hillary Clinton presidency. The voices the “political establishment” does not listen to- such as women will also benefit with Hillary at the Helm.

Obama’s appeal to the well-off is a warning. The comfortable are not the ones who need help. As Congresswoman Maxine Waters said: People in my district have a lot of hope. They go to bed hungry, they have trouble heating their homes but they have a lot of hope that things will get better. They don’t need more hope, they need help.

Comfortable Big Media princes will continue to denigrate Hillary and her supporters. But Americans “invisible” to the comfortable will continue to afflict the comfortable every election day by voting for Hillary.


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  1. Hillary herself just needs to remain visible to America. Don’t back down. Get out to as many places in the country as you can. YOU make the difference.

  2. I’m going to repost this from the other thread because I think it’s worth the listen : )

    If you have the time you might be interested in listening to this


    it’s a segment from a local radio show, the Dave Ross show, from this morning. His guests were Melissa Line, a political scientist and James Boyce from Huffington. They discuss Super Tuesday, the “big state” strategy vs the “small state” strategy, the convention, delegates, media etc. It’s very informative and interesting. Melissa comes on a few minutes in, she’s pro-Hillary and I enjoy listening to her analysis.

  3. Juan Williams defending Hillary on O’Reilly? Has the world gone crazy? Juan Williams congratulating O’Reilly for being the only one daring to state that Big Media is openly rooting and supporting Obama? Wild.

  4. This is supposedly a mailer sent out by Obama just before Super Tuesday; Said it last night, will say it again:
    It’s time to rip this guy’s head off!

    In what may be Obama’s most direct and aggressive criticism of Bill Clinton’s presidency yet, the Obama campaign dropped a new mailer just before Super Tuesday that blasts “the Clintons” for wreaking massive losses on the Democratic party throughout the 1990s.
    “8 years of the Clintons, major losses for Democrats across the nation,” reads the mailer, which goes on to list the post-1992 losses suffered by Dems among governors, Senators and members of the House of Representatives. The mailer was forwarded to us by a political operative who told us it was sent to Alaska, though it was probably sent elsewhere, too.

  5. Guys, endorsements are nice to have but unless they are superdelegates then they have little value. I mean Ted Kennedy & MA, Maria Shriver & CA…

  6. we dont need anybody’s endorsements :). Hill can carry it on her own.

    Well current CA delegate count

    Hillary : 42
    Obama : 23

    Total pledged : 370

    If she holds this lead by 1:2 she will handily be ahead by end of ST with a comfortable 100 point lead. Lets all hope so :).

  7. yeah, but the question is will bill o’reilly and others point out that some of the Obama voters were members of their republican hillary-hating audience? doubtful.

  8. admin ROFLMAO.. you wont believe if I tell you that I watched fox news for super tuesday coverage 🙂 they have no dog at stake as far as dems are concerned. they had that looney major garrett covering Hillary campaign, and they didnt care to be biased against one democrat to another :).

  9. The DNC really messed up this election and I bet it is going to end on something screwy which will get either Obama supporters or Us extremely pissed.

  10. # admin Says:
    February 6th, 2008 at 8:19 pm

    Juan Williams defending Hillary on O’Reilly? Has the world gone crazy? Juan Williams congratulating O’Reilly for being the only one daring to state that Big Media is openly rooting and supporting Obama? Wild.
    believe it or not, Juan has been consistent as the voice of reason with regards to the hillary/barack fight, he foils bill kristol’s vitriol against hillary; and bill o’reilly has been surprisingly (miraculously) supportive of hillary in this race.
    that’s why i’ve written here countless tiimes, that if you HAVE TO watch cable news, Fox is the most “fair and balanced” of the big three.
    their coverage of the election last night was very reasonably fair. even karl rove.
    (i cannot believe e i will be defending fox news in my lifetime). i need a drink.

  11. Since BO was on the ballot in Florida and got votes, wouldn’t he benefit (although less) from getting the FL delegates seated? MI is a bigger issue, since he took himself off the ballot.

  12. gladiatorstail Says:
    February 6th, 2008 at 8:22 pm

    More current(?) count at


    # TheRealist Says:
    February 6th, 2008 at 7:16 pm

    99 of 441 delegates in Ca. have been posted with Hillary leading, 64-35. It appears that she could ultimately win the delegate count by 50 to 100 or even more, in Ca. alone. How do the, “experts”, know what the delegate race will look like before and until the final official delegate totals are confirmed? I am sticking to my previous (you could look it up) estimate of somewhere around 200-300+ delegate lead (with SD’s) by the end of the week or whenever the totals are known.

  13. fox news is the only channel I will watch now. of course once Hillary is the nominee, they will turn…but till then, they have been decent. I’ve written to Bill O several times…calling to his attention things that Olgermann said.

  14. just how “soft” are the superdelegates? If something happens on the RezcoWatch could Obama delegates switch to Hillary.

  15. gladiatorstail,
    Ok, then what’s your guesstimate as to what happens with these FLA & MI delegates?
    You think there’s anything to this notion of having another “special primary” in those states? Heard that few times today….

  16. In the Invisible Americans category, I’d like to mention Asian Americans, who were a factor in Cali and could be next week in MD and VA, and who strongly back Hillary.

  17. undlers for Barack Obama Who Have Registered as Federal Lobbyists

    Frank Clark
    Commonwealth Edison


    Commonwealth Edison is a subsidiary of Exelon, the nuclear energy company to whom Barack Obama is beholden. Clark is Commonwealth Edison’s chief legislative strategist. Clark is also a Board member of Aetna, a health insurance company.

    Scott Harris
    Harris Wiltshire and Grannis


    Lobbies the FCC on behalf of international foreign governments and foreign telecommunications providers.

    Allan J. Katz
    Akerman Senterfitt


    Katz is a member of the Florida Democratic Committee and the Democratic National Committee. Perhaps he will convince Obama to seat the Florida delegates at the convention. He sits on the Board of Citizens Property Insurance, and he lobbies legislators on behalf of insurance companies. Is Katz a superdelegate?

    Robert S. Litt
    Arnold & Porter


    Litt is a white collar criminal defense attorney who previously worked at the Department of Justice. He has represented a range of clients, including pharmaceutical companies, who were the subjects of Congressional investigations. He also has extensive experience in national security matters.

    Thomas J. Perrelli
    Jenner and Block


    Perrelli is a lobbyist who represents the recording industry who served as counsel to Attorney General Janet Reno. He was also highly engaged in litigation surrounding reapportionment of Congressional districts in 2000.

    Thomas A. Reed
    Kirkpatrick & Lockhart Preston Gates Ellis LLP


    Reed, an attorney who hails from Chicago, specializes in product liability, business litigation and antitrust defense. He also served in the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice.

    Paul N. Roth
    Schulte Roth & Zabel


    Roth is a finance attorney who specializes in mergers, investment management and business transactions.

    Miriam Sapiro
    Summit Strategies


    Summit Strategies is an institutional investment consulting firm.

    Alan Solomont*
    Solomont Bailis Ventures


    Solomont is a former Finance Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. He served as a delegate of Massachusetts to the national convention during the 1990s, and he was appointed by former President Bill Clinton to serve on the Board of Directors of the Corporation for National and Community Service. He is also heavily engaged in various health care ventures.

    Tom E. Wheeler*
    Core Capital Partners


    Wheeler is an expert in telecommunications policy and business development who specializes in cable, wireless and video communications. He lobbies state and federal legislators on matters of telecommunications policy.

  18. icestream.bonnint.net:8000/seattle/kiro/2008/02/02062008134924.mp3

    This is a great radio segment….worth listening to….

  19. The thing that really suprised me last night , is how well Hillary did in the rural counties of Missouri especially in southern Missouri with all their christian conservatives. Bodes well for her carrying the state in November.

  20. Hi all,

    I just wanted to say that I will be donating some $$$$ to Hillary this week and I hope you guys do too. Lets get the cash rolling for Hillary!

  21. I’m maxed out for the primary, but I gave some for the general.

    I suspect she has a fair amount she can’t use until after the convention in August. Such crazy finance laws.

  22. Thanks Asian Americans, i’m from Cali and I know how great supporter the community was for Hillary.

    I’m so pissed at Donna Brazile and Jessie Jackson JR race bait tactics on the Clintons I hated so much because I truly want to see an African American be president one day but only if he has the political experience on a national stage. I had no problem with Colin Powell being floated as presidential or VP but Obama “stweet talking” Barack just doesn’t reach my comfort level of being the POTUS and I choice the better candidate.

    The first time in my life have I been this active for a candidate.

  23. guys.. like we discussed in last thread.. organize small hillary support chains.. like ask 3-4 of hill supporters to donate $5-$10 to her and keep it going. $5 or $10 is no big amount for anyone, but it all adds up pretty quickly. I am having small pizza&contribute party at my place over the weekend.. I hope y’all can organize similar events too.. we need her base to be as large as possible, because the more grass roots money, the more people will be invested in the campaign! 🙂

  24. well. this campaign finance trouble news could turn out to be a reversal in campaign financing news for Hillary, I believe.

  25. Hi, everyone. I emailed this site about this, but I know this place is hugely busy so I’m asking here.

    All day I’ve been unable to get into the Clinton site about making donations. All the pages are coming up with errors on my end–don’t know what’s going on. But could someone post the contact and maybe some other info about how to make donations–post that here?

    I’ve never made any before, am largely a nihilist and am unhappy with society, period, which means I’m waaaay off in the left and can’t stand politics. I think Hillary might have more support on the far left than people portray. I don’t agree with everything she’s done and in recent times (before the campaign), I’ve been angry at some of the stuff the media has reported she’s said and has supported. But I think the media for these past eight years has been the Bush machine’s right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg…you get the picture. So it can’t be trusted. And that media machine is STILL IN PLACE and it apparently wants Obama to win. Whoever the media wants to win is not who I want to win. Not that I don’t have other problems with the current media favorite.

    But I’ve always liked Clinton; she’s clearly extremely smart, measured in her approach, strong, passionate, and more than qualified, as females typically must be because otherwise they’ll get laughed at nonstop, another sexist double-standard in a long line of them. The misogynist sexist deplorable garbage she’s been getting from all corners (including her OWN PARTY—where are the denouncements? Has anyone official addressed the biased way she’s been treated? Instead, I see nonstop boys-club endorsements and adulations of Obama, I’m voting for HER, not for the party) has been upsetting and frustrating me so much, I click into this place all day long looking for any news. This is the only large site I know of that’s not full of media spin for The Reagan Wannabe. I know a narcissist when I see one and after having painfully lived with one for over seven years, you’d think much of America would be able to recognize another one in two seconds. But nooooo. Plenty of America cannot, it seems. I’ve said all along during this Bush Age of Unreason that no matter people’s intentions, propaganda can affect their brains, whether those brains want to be affected or not. And it seems to me that too many brains in America have turned into Bush mush. As others have advised here, I think people should avoid listening to mainstream news! I NEVER do anymore. Haven’t for years.

    Anyway, give me Hillary or give me nobody. If it isn’t her as the nominee, I won’t be voting and neither will my husband. Tell that to the Dem party; that’s two votes it will automatically lose. (I’m an independent. I’ve only voted one time, a straight Dem ticket [for The One who Turned Out To Be A Schmuck, Kerry, and would NEVER vote for a republican, but I can’t stand group-based ideologies and the deep misogyny I think has been revealed in too much of the democratic party has turned me off in the extreme]. Now that many more misogynists have firmly come out, and so many of them have been male, I’m sorry to say, because I’m now strongly suspicious of misogyny being present in many male politicians, I cannot vote for any man at this time. It’s woman’s turn. It’s looooong past due with typically around 90% of heads-of-state in the world being MALE. And NONE ever having been female here. Fifty percent of the human population repeatedly being snubbed, ignored, shat on—you name it. Here and worldwide. Enough is enough! In my opinion, there’s no not-pro-male country of women where women can go or be born and get proportionate representation, or even close to proportionate representation. Except in times of colonialism, this is generally not the case for ethnic and racial groups, where most countries heads-of-state typically represent whatever the racial majorities are. Women of all kinds need to fight together for an equally represented voice, and they must fight HARD, as this campaign season has shown. They must stick together…and yet too many repeatedly let themselves be divided; a united front is a strong front. That more women haven’t united over Hillary really disappoints me. I know a lot have, but I want even more.

    But Hillary’s being a woman is really the bonus for me on top of the overall package; she could do the job and I think be an even better president than her husband. The unsupportive too often clueless (IMO) world being what it is, she probably won’t be able to do nearly as much as she’s said. But I believe as president she’d work really toward at least some of it and would succeed, and would be unlikely to pull any surprise narcissistic ego-based moves. Though I’m still gonna hold her feet to the fire and hope she moves further left!

    I’m tempted to start a Nihilist’s And Anarchist’s For Hillary blog, but I’m afraid that might not be helpful (lol).

    Finally, as an outside reader here, I must agree with the calls for keeping the place positive. People can go practically everywhere else and hear many accolades for Obama and his Republican pals and yet hear many smears toward Clinton. There needs to be a sanctuary from the mainstream insanity somewhere.

    Hang in there, everyone, I too strongly wish this would have been over by now, but wishing doesn’t often get people anywhere. Hard work does. And sometimes a boatload of patience (which I admit I don’t have much of…). Considering all the nastiness and lack of support Clinton has received from the mainstream and she’s STILL standing and WINNING so may votes, she’s really done great.

    More power to her!

  26. i really can’t afford to give anything. i’m at freaking work working overtime for more money. my credit cards are maxed, i’m behind on the student loans and gas costs a fortune. i’m sure my male counterparts make more than i do….what is it 75cents to every dollar? i’ve only given $75 to hillary and $20 to the dnc back in early 2007. that’s really all i can afford.

    i think the obama crowd will allienate a lot of fellow poor americans by their boasting.

  27. New DNC numbers. These worked just now and I left messages on their tapes:
    DNC Credentials Committee contacts:
    (720) 362-2006 and (202) 863-8148

    These worked earlier today. Main DNC:
    202-863-8000 and also 1-877-336-7200

  28. Can we discuss the corrupt pollster Zogby? His polls are absolute trash and he needs to be called out on it. He manufactures polls trying to influence elections. They need to stop commissioning him to take polls.

  29. The demographics of her supporters are such that many can’t give, I suspect. And the Republicans won’t give to her as they are to BO.

    And I’m afraid that the myth of the Clintons’ having vast personal wealth and access to vast sums of campaign money is hurting her.

  30. Re: MJS Says:

    February 6th, 2008 at 9:05 pm
    well. this campaign finance trouble news could turn out to be a reversal in campaign financing news for Hillary, I believe.

    Sorry – what do you mean by this? Thx.

  31. Guys, the more I am thinking about this, she’s won. You can’t become the nominee without winning the big states. Just doesn’t happen.

  32. The parties are a great idea! Donate as much as you can 10, 20, 50, 100, it doesn’t matter, it all helps. 🙂

  33. guys, i just donated 10 bucks….. very easy.

    thanks for all you guys for doing the good thing here and making my day…..gotta go home and get ready for another day.

  34. true2party dont worry.. we all stand by you.. Obama and his supporters can donate millions but they cant buy your vote.. which is MOST important.. thank you.. the leats you can probably do is maybe forward to 10-20 of your known supporters, the memo that Hillary needs small donations in terms of $5 and $10 so she can campaign. that will be of great help IMO

  35. It just goes to show you that Obama supporters are mostly upper class elitist that can afford to give thousands of dollars to his campaign. Hillary appeals to the working class.. 🙂

  36. Another great post by Anglachel:

    Tuesday, February 05, 2008
    What to make of the votes?

    Obama lost in a big way tonight because he lost the constituencies that matter – women voters nationwide and white voters in red states.

    Obama wins AA votes and he wins white votes in states with low minority presence and low density populations. In California, we finally have a large enough Asian voting block to see that he is losing them big time. He is losing Hispanic votes. And he loses most white votes.

    There is a clear class split in the votes as well. Hillary does best with middle income voters and those who are not college educated. As I explained in my post “Who pays for a party’s mistakes?” the people who vote for Obama are those who are going to be least affected by a Republican win or by the failure of Democratic policies. People like Markos, Kevin Drum and Josh Marshall. People like the young, white male bloggers who always seem to have an excuse to explain away some stupid anti-Democratic gaffe by The Golden One, or who try to assure us that the nebulous and half-assed “policy” positions Barry puts forward are really veeeery clever ploys to keep the Republicans off balance. The people voting for Hillary are those who are one paycheck away from disaster, or who can make ends meet, but have nothing left over for college, retirement, or even a nice vacation to Disneyland.

    Obama also cannot win a solid majority within his own party. Over and over, he has failed to attract a majority of Democrats who are not Black. He pulls a collection of Independents and, like his mentor Joe Lieberman seems to think this makes up for not having the solid backing of the party. Even in states where he wins, he often doesn’t win the party.

    Obama’s supporters scream and squall about how much more electable he is than Hillary, how much lower his negatives, how much he is energizing the party, etc. Given that polls conducted by Gallup and other organizations are consistently showing her with positives in the 70s and 80s among Democrats and over 50% with the public at large, these claims simply cannot be taken seriously any more. Given that she has cleaned his clock in California, New York, Massachsetts, New Jersey, Michigan and Florida, it is getting difficult to argue that she is not as or more competitive in the big races than Golden Boy Barry.

    Professional Clinton concern trolls like Josh Marshall wring their hands and publically fret over how muchy Hillary will be a drag on down-ticket votes should she somehow manage to eke out the nomination (no doubt through underhanded means…). I am looking at the county by county voting maps on the New York Times, paying close attention to the suburban and rural areas in the red states. Obama can’t even win majorities in these counties in a Democratic primary unless they are majority AA counties. Hillary wins them handily. Just how is someone who can’t even win his own party’s support in these areas supposed to add strength to these ballots?

    Hillary has won despite every major media outlet trashing her, in the face of enormous amounts of vitriol from the left and right blogosphere endlessly repeating bullshit and hurling groundless accusations, and finally by corrupt polling operations, like Zogby, simply manipulating poll results to try to throw the elections. Obama has been showered with money, praise, adulation and a free pass on his sleazy campaign by the media.

    Hillary wins white and hispanic votes. She wins women. She wins Democrats. She wins middle income voters. She wins the suburbs. She wins in red states. And, when she doesn’t win, she still does strongly with both her own constituency and usually with Obama’s as well. His threat to take his supporters and go home if we don’t coronate him is both toothless and petulant as she is obviously more acceptable to a wider group of people than he is.

    As I said back in September, Hillary is *so* going to win…


    See also this amazing, fair, and accurate post from eriposte in Left Coaster why yesterday was a big day for Hillary given the odds she faced:


  37. Fran welcome. I am not sure why you are getting errors trying to access HRC’s site. I can get on just fine.

  38. If money won elections, Phil Gramm and Mitt Romney would be president. Obama might raise more money but Hillary will raise enough to get her message out. I have convinced some friends to donate money to her campaign.

  39. positivelyclintonian:

    By slipping this ounce of negative news into the media, or letting it slip, Hillary Clinton has alerted and started, perhaps, a great fundraising venture. Think of how many times this will be repeated? On TV, in the papers, online, on the radio..: HILLARY CLINTON NEEDS MONEY. SHE’S TRAILING DESPERATELY. etc.

    While it may not have been on purpose, this news will most certainly rally many Hillary supporters, who perhaps have never donated, to donate and contribute now, when this remarkable woman needs it.


    btw, in regards to my reports, I was right. While everyone was on this site trumpeting that Obama would leave TT with only 4 states, I had predicted days on, with sources from Obama’s campaign that he would carry the small states and that the PRIMARY reason for him visiting and rallying states like Idaho was to win more states than Hillary. His campaign officials knew he would lose the delegate count in the end, but Obama could very well end up spinning wins in a section of the country that Hillary did not focus on.

    The obama campaign is looking forward to knockout punches in Louisiana, DC, and Maryland. Expect Obama to win with large proportions (10-12%).

  40. true2party – it’s okey. i’m sure your support is enough for her; as the good book says, we all have gifts. you are giving her your support.
    besides, look how far mitt romney has come with his money.
    we will prevail.

  41. NM according to their website

    Updated as of: 2/6/2008 5:36 p.m. (MST)

    180 of 184 Sites Reporting

    Statewide Totals

    Hillary Clinton:
    64,530 (43.09%)

    Barack Obama:
    64,377 (42.99%)

  42. Paula, you make a good point about the myth. I assumed that Hillary was ok in terms of finance so I just donated once and that was when her campaign started. Now that the talk of her finance has come out, all her supporters who thought she was ok and of course the new ones all are donating which I think is good because I donated twice today from 2 different credit cards lol.

  43. MJS, I do agree with you that this will rally a lot of Hillary supporters to donate money. I have already forwarded her fundraising appeal to several of my friends. And the online contributions will pick-up.

  44. +, while emails may work in contributions, what better way than to PLAY big media pundits and barack-lovers by hoisting the largest advertisement and plea for campaign finances so far? lol. Big Media is right now letting MILLIONS of people know that Hillary is running low on finances. Hopefully, those MILLIONS will donate in return 😀

  45. I hope Hillary has some boots on the ground in Louisiana, Maryland and DC. I hope money issues do not stop Hillary from getting her message to those folks

  46. I picked this up from someone who speaks highly of Hillary in a comment on Krugman’s blog:Yes, I know that she’s ambitious, I know that she failed to overcome Harry and Louise back in the 90’s, and I know that she’s not as gifted a speaker as her husband or Senator Obama.

    I’d like to appeal to anyone who has access to the people who work with Hillary on how she presents herself as a candidate. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Hillary in all her wonky glory. I disagree with the quoted statement that “she is not as gifted a speaker as her husband and Senator Obama.” I actually believe she is by far a more gifted speaker than either of the two gentlemen. I base my assessment on the fact that despite that at least one of them (Bill) is as versed on the issues that afflict our nation, it is only Hillary who is able to present them in such a way that I retain the information she gives me. That is a gift for oration that is rare and incredibly valuable. If you bother to listen to her, you are drawn in to what she is saying and you understand it and remember it. I adore Bill, but I don’t remember alot of what he says beyond his zingers and one liners.

    Which brings me to the point of what I’m getting at. Hillary’s oration requires attentiveness from me, because I’m more than willing, I am able to be drawn in by her wonkish spell. I think that at this stage in the game, with her support coming early and stable, she has reached the point where she must find ways to draw in those who are reluctant to listen to her.

    Watching her brilliant performance on Monday’s Town Hall, and then her magnificent speech on Tuesday, I noticed an opportunity for refinement that her handlers can help her with. There were moments where Hillary was so intent on the various constraints of giving a televised speech, that she didn’t pause to enjoy the adulation of her supporters around her. I’m not going to armchair psychoanalyze her but I will say what it looked like. It looked like a person who is uncomfortable with adulation. I don’t know if that’s the case or if it only looked like that to me; regardless, it is something that could be used to broaden her appeal and help her to capitvate more people with her oration.

    My advice to her advisors is to watch Ellen DeGeneres when she opens her show. There is fine line that Ellen has mastered in handling the adulations of a crowd who is fired up. Study how Ellen controls time and grabs hold of it firmly in her grasp so that what she has to say no matter how mundane becomes the most important thing in the world to those people who are watching her perform. It is especially important for Hillary to control time and space, because, unlike Ellen (or any other performer/entertainer for that mater), what she says really is life and death urgent in the real world. When she speaks, Hillary needs to know that the connection is the most important thing in the world, because without the connection nothing she says will be heard by those who are not inclined to listen. The choir is already on board, but we need new members.

    Anyway, those were my thoughts anyway. I hope it made sense.

  47. thank you TPS.. I have convinced 6 of my friends too.. all of them hadnt made a single $ campaign donation till date to anyone. They said they will also ask others whom they know who might chip in a $ or 2 🙂

  48. I just think she needs more money for the primary to compete against Obama and the media. Obama has been getting a free ride with all the positive media election tampering going on right know.

  49. I think obamas plan to win more states was actually good….I just hope her campaign is getting ready to rumble in the rest of these February states….6 weeks to March is an eternity if politics…

  50. Thanks gladiatorstail, a lot of rain drops can turn into a flood. I think she will get a lot of online contributions. The stupid left blogs like DailyKooks and Obama Talking Points Memo and Dumbington Post all dance in glee thinking this is evidenec of a campaign in trouble, they are not smart enough tp realize that this has upped the ante for Obama. It has made him the establishment-loved front-runner while Hillary has become the under dog. It has also raised expectations for Obama for the rest of the month which he is not going to be able to beat.

  51. carbynew, with all of that free media Obama still could not win any big state other than his home state. That says her message is getting out. Everytime she debates people see her unfiltered and they like what they see.

  52. Guys, for now, focus on the very winnable states. In a game of chess, you do not win without sacrifice.

    Obama will, most likely, take Maryland, Louisiana, and DC. Prepare yourself for that, and understand that we cannot win everything. What we, as supporters, and Hillary should do right now is 1) turn to other winnable and favorable states, 2) mitigate her losses in these states in the most financially intelligent way possible.

    Maryland, Louisiana, and DC should consist ONLY of a team of trained, amiable hillary VOLUNTEERS (non-paid), who should have goals of making 10,000+ calls daily to undecideds, hillary supporters, and soft-bambi support. Demographically, the campaign should be able to pin point these people out. Next, a few TV ad spots would be ok, but don’t go overboard. Hillary should look to spend no more than $100,000 in each of these states.

    Hillary should also opt for free advertisement, i.e. going on news, radio, and talk shows more to reach potential audience. Offer to go onto Oprah and patch things up, go to ellen, hit Martha Stewart, go on Hardball and make a fool of Matthews, but most important, go on Fox. Start to reach right-leaning voters as well as pissed off Hillary supporters, lol.

    public media, a few tv-spots, calling, and blanketing the state with non-paid volunteers who are trained in GOTV should be able to at the very least mitigate Obama wins in his favorable states.

    Next: For States where Hillary is favorable, send out America and Chelsea. They need to wrap up or at least decrease the lead that Obama undeniably has among many of the youth. ads airing at certain times, during certain shows, and with the right “spunk” or message, should be able to do the trick. Also, these states should be where Hillary sends her surrogates. Remember how awesome her campaign was in iowa? All the tons of Hillary friends blanketting the state and stumping for her? Do that again, except spread these people out among different states.Enlist prominent African American supporters to stump separately for Senator Clinton in heavily African American areas…people like that BET founder, Lee Jackson, Maxine Waters, etc.

    Also, it’s necessary that hillary revamp her stump speeches. There is a way to work both wonkiness and inspirationality into a speech in a perfect blend without forfeiting either the necessary details or the beautiful tone.

    Have Bill out in places that she is more favorable in. Why have your top dog in places you can’t win? Send him to places to increase your lead.

    Keep running as the underdog and use the big media to advantage.

    that’s my advice, imo, for the campaign in these weeks before the next BIG THREE.

  53. TPS,
    Dumbington Post has been utterly disgraceful. Arianna just posted what amounts to a preview article on McCain V Obama, and they’ve cutely tried every lame trick in the book to deceive their readers into thinking it’s a straight up site while they’re really in the tank for BO.
    I must have registered there about 10 times in recent weeks so I could give them a piece of my mind, but whaddayaknow, Im still waiting for posting privledges.
    Them & other hideous blogs/newssites , the networks, the deceitful BO campaign and the Dem bigwigs behind it, it’s all why I say it’s time for the campaign (INCLUDING BILL) and all of us to go to DEFCON 5. Now.

  54. Hillary should just write the African American vote off. Seriously. No point in beating her head against the wall.

    Bill should be spending his Sundays in white churches.

  55. Hi Caroline, I haven’t been able to get into Hillary’s main site, the one where donations are made. People keep posting the links to that place, but I can’t get into them. I’ve tried going in through google searches too. Is there some way to donate from off the web???

  56. Blue Democrat, the morons at the National Barack Corporation were close to committing suicide en masse yesterday after their exit-poll and Zogby fed fantasies didn’t amterialize and Obama lost large state after large state. I am posting a piece by a National review Online contributor Stanley Kurtz. Note that NRO is a conservative website but mostly intellectually honest and they are not great fans of Hillary. Even they recognize this:

    “No-Mentum, Democrat-Style [Stanley Kurtz]

    Something about the Obama campaign reminds me of the Howard Dean phenomenon. I don’t mean Obama’s a flash in the pan. Obviously, Obama’s a serious candidate with a real chance of victory. Having said that, Democrats who deeply excite young people and play most strongly to the party’s anti-war left seem to have a bigger barks than bites. Young people and “latte liberals” have disproportionately high media profiles, and that seems to make for a misleading impression of momentum. I suspect that Hillary’s women backers give her an unshakable floor of support. Hillary’s women may not make as much noise as Barack’s college students, but they will not be moved by mere buzz. It’s been noted how little difference a raft of high profile endorsements by the Kennedy clan and other heavy hitters in Massachusetts made to the outcome there. Apparently, Hillary got huge margins of support from Massachusetts women. That’s the unshakable base I’m talking about. Hillary’s women will either give her victory or keep her in play till the very end.

    02/06 01:32 AM”

  57. Glad,

    Obama campaign is absolutely feeling triumphant of the 13 or 14 state clinch. They keep citing the win in Missouri, and the fact that Obama is close to Hillary’s number in New York. (or at least more so than the reverse in Illinois)

    However, there is disappointment in Masschusetts. Some campaign insiders have angst towards Kennedy, believing he didn’t do enough to GOTV in massachusetts and/or to say negative things about Clinton.

    Obama is planning to spend heavily on advertising in these future states. Their campaign sees this as the last stand and chance to stop Hillary’s nomination. They tied her in Tsunami Tuesday, or at least did what they wanted to do…and they look forward to blowing her out of the water. They are looking at a best case scenario of leading by 100-150 delegates by the time Texas gets here, which they believe will only spell good news for them.

  58. MJS wrote: by hoisting the largest advertisement and plea for campaign finances so far? lol. Big Media is right now letting MILLIONS of people know that Hillary is running low on finances. Hopefully, those MILLIONS will donate in return

    Brilliant! And that’s why Hillary (and Bill before her) are able to succeed against BM and the VRWC and others end up as tattered losers.

    dot48 wrote: I think obamas plan to win more states was actually good

    No, dot, don’t listen to them! Always remember that no matter what they say, the talking heads are ALWAYS wrong. Even if you have to watch Fox to get something other than BambiLove, never forget what the Media (including Fox) has sold this country for 15 years. We have no allies, we have only Big Pink and a few other oases on the web.

    Bambi’s plan to win more states was his only option. BM want to turn this last ditch attempt to bring down our girl as a success. It was not, even the upcoming caucus states will not win the nomination for him, no matter how many times they tell you that it will. They’re trying to break us.

    The number one question for me is this. If there was $60 million dollars (I read that Bambi is picking up another $30 million this month) available from Democrats to Democrats, how is it possible that the best fundraiser in the Democratic Party (a popular among Democrats former President, no less), did not manage to sniff it out. I smell Clinton H8 money here, and Democrats just don’t H8 Clinton…there’s only one other place that kind of money can come from, and the DNC needs to figure out why beating Clinton in the primary is so important to the other side.

  59. Fran, I suspect that there is some firewall on your computer or your Internet Service Provider. Here is a phone number to call:703-469-2008. When yuo get to the recorded message press the number for finance. You can pay them over the phone.

  60. The majority of A.A are going to go to Obama no matter what so why waste time. Send Bill to Texas and Ohio, Chelsea to Philly.. Hillary should spend her time courting Latinos, Asian, Women, the 50+ crowd and young voters. She needs to get big turnouts from her core supporters!

  61. Just wanted to bop in and report that Dean said this evening that if there is no finalization in the nomination by late Spring, he would call both campaigns together to avoid it going all the way to the convention and handing a victory to the Republicans.

    Sumthin’ like that. Don’t quote me.

  62. dot48, you are being optimistic.
    while my friend has not been clear, he has certainly implied that Obama has connectiosn that run through both MSNBC and CNN. Any “turn” is not likely to happen unless its forced…and the only way to force a “turn” would be for either Obama to say something extremely stupid, or for Hillary to find a good spot to corner him on an issue, and have him make a fool of himself in either a debate, or in a public spar.

    For now, do not count on the media leaving his cradle anytime soon.

  63. Thanks, everyone! I searched for that address and found that and the phone number listed for her on another site but linked to her main site. I think you’re right, TPS, it’s probably just my PC.

  64. From the last thread..

    # hwc Says:
    February 6th, 2008 at 6:42 pm

    Hey guys. I posted an important diary outlining the 55.5% to 45.5% lead Clinton has in votes cast so far in 2008 along with her sizeable lead in electoral college votes of states won (210 to 145 out of 270 needed).

    I took a look at your numbers. I am not sure we can make an argument that if he is the nominee he won’t get CA, NY,..and so on. The fact is he did not now in the primary and therefore is a weaker candidate coming out of ST. The winning argument now is that she has won all the big states with big numbers and diverse electorate and therefore she is the stronger candidate going forward and will win other big states.

  65. There is no excuse for not giving.

    1. Hillary needs this right now. We need to give her a whole bunch of cash in order to swing back the momentum on her side again.
    2. I am a student with no income whatsoever. But by taking 10 bucks out of my budget for the next seven months, I was able to contribute to Hillary today. If I can do it, I’m sure you can.

    Pls. lets all give some love to Hillary. Lets not allow this nomination to be hijacked by money supplied to Obama by the elite liberals of Marin county and the Beltway.

  66. Visited latinalista.net/palabrafinal….etc. – saw that BO is a guest blogger – this is Hillary Country – can someone ask the campaign if HRC can be a guest blogger?

    (Tried to post the exact link, but it wouldn’t post – is there a trick to it?)

  67. Fran,
    My two cents: the contribution site reroutes to a secure site (h t t p s) so I’d guess you’re experiencing a problem with the settings of your web browser. Try to adjust the security settings of your browser and try again.

  68. I think we are all saying how Hillary won despite the negative media and all other hurdles they put in front of her. I think we should frame it differently — the question we should ask is:

    With the full media adoration and no negative press, lots of money and a cult like following, why didn’t Obama do better than he did yesterday? with all the positives going for him why did he not win CA, NJ, MA, even FL (didn’t he advertise there?). They are muddying the water with delegate count but that is not the point. There is an inherent lack in his candidacy that prevented him from winning those states and therefore, it should be soundly rejected. But they are playing their dirty political game by counting their delegates. I think the people in the coming elections should see through such tactics and reject them.

  69. I donated to Hillary three times in the last 48 hours – chipping into our household budget and greatly annoying my husband! (Don’t worry, he loves Hill, too – )
    I’ll email five friends tomorrow – promise. C’mon Hillfans, go for it!

  70. Great job Informed in Illinois, I have also convinced some friends to donate and have asked them to contact other friends of theirs.

  71. Out of curiousity MJS does your friend know you share info here, any chance he could be playing you
    to keep us here rattled
    I look at it like this Obama own all the media but so far Hillary has won the popular vote in the primaries. Also if his hopium was that addictive we would have been blown out of the water by now
    Also remember people the rebugs still will still be in control of the justice department when Rezko goes on trial

  72. btw: I think a great idea for a hillary ad would be:

    [at first loud, but dimming clatter of voices, of young, old, adult, happy, sad, angry voices…]
    [Show scenes of homeless people, jobless, those frustrated with their bills, those getting statements for college tuitions, health care-denied people, etc (just snippets in black and white) while Hillary’s voice comes on, loud and clearer than the rest:]

    “Everyday when I wake up, there are voices in my ear. Voices that touch the very concerns that I have worked for, for the past thirty-five years. These are the voices of parents without money to support their children, without money to pay their bills, without a place to spend the night, without healthcare to help the family, without decent wages or dreams of rising up. Everyday, these voices stay with me. They are your voices. Your voices will always stay with me, as they have done for the past thirty-five years, to help me make a difference in America and the lives of American people. When I am president, I will carry your voices with me everyday. America needs a listener who will listen to and solve your problems. (and then end with something like “I’m Your gal!”) lol”

  73. TPS, Imagine – please keep after Admin to forward email. I really want to work together on a plan – codename “ripples on the pond.” We can do it!

  74. how about those emily list sites and other places that posters talk about on here sometimes. what about enlisting NOW to support her,

    How about somebody who knows how to reach those New York Firefighters…they would contribute and they might even do a big fundraiser as a tank you to Hillary.

    How about some of the causes Hillary has taken up….surely there are people connected with some of those groups….

    Groups that Hillary has helped…



  75. TeamClinton,
    It’d be hard to construct a paragraph more lofty or more full of it – but I’m sure it’ll have plenty of competion in the coming days.

    “Zogby fed fantasies”. Now that’s a line. Soon as I get some time I want to compile something. Keep in mind it’s not just the grossly misleading polls, but the endless series of TV/Radio appearances where he’s promoting the polls.
    The first place to lodge protest will be C-SPAN, who got in bed with that —-.

  76. Chaz, my friend does not know. In fact, I doubt many Obama-supporters wouuld bother looking at this site. i mean, they read the stuff that admin posts, but I highly doubt they would spend time sifting through 700 comments per thread. lol

    besides, my friend has been for hillary for a few weeks now. He voted for her yesterday in Illinois, if that’s any indication 😀 and he doesn’t know I frequent this site.

    besides, everything I’ve been saying has happened, hasn’t it? I’m pretty sure he isn’t playing me.

  77. btw: more info–>

    republicans have contributed heavily to the Obama campaign, make no mistake about it. Just looking at my teachers here at my school, 5 are supportive of Romney, 1 is for McCAin, but all six voted for Obama in the primary yesterday to spite Hillary and at least three of these SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHERS have donated to Obama.

  78. DemAC – great post – and very interesting comments. BO’s peeps don’t seem to realize that Hillary has totally pulled her punches. (a source of frustration for fans) BO won’t survive the GOP defamation league.

  79. MJS, with all due respect, are you in high school? Because I was just wondering how much older your friend must be and find it surprising that he/she would share all of this information with you! I really am not tryng to knock you at all, I appreciate the information, I am just surprised because I was not nearly as politically engaged in high school…

  80. MJS, are you in high school? How come your friend, who must be also young, has access to all this high-level information?

  81. Damn–I’m a writer and I have so many typos in my first post! How embarrassing; that sloppiness is unlike me. Eh, I slept like two hours last night….

    DemAC, this computer’s been collapsing for about a year; it has other problems. After I eat, gonna try calling the number tonight and see what I can do from there….

  82. New Mexico


    Hillary Rodham Clinton 66,173 48.5% delegates 14
    Barack Obama 65,963 48.4 delegates 12

  83. I say we all head to Puerto Rico the first week in June to GOTV and celebrate Hillary’s win. Afterall by then we will all need a well deserved vacation!!

  84. Informed in Illinois,
    The Obamabots keep reassuring themselves that nothing will hurt their candidate because he’s sooo likable and because Big Media treats him like the Chosen One. That can change in an instant however.

    While clever primary tactics, to a point, I think this also reveals that his supporters generally are very smug and very inexperienced in politics and they certainly don’t understand the operations of that hell hole that is the Rethug election command centre.

  85. Fran,
    Calling in will do just fine. Whatever you’ve saved to buy a new computer – you can put it to better use by donating it to Hillary instead. 😀

  86. That’s only 98% reporting in NM from what I see. Is there more?

    This is from (I hate to say it) Dick Morris.
    Say what you will, even the Clintons know he was a good analyst.
    I’ve spared you the 1st half which was predictably brutal.

    “through it all are the inexorable demographics in Democratic primaries where women cast upwards of 60 percent of the vote.
    Yesterday, inspiration confronted demographics. Charisma faced a laundry list of proposals that a large block of voters needed.
    The prosaic won. And the doctrinaire ideological construct that her candidacy represents is likely to sweep the remaining contests and land her in the White House.”

  87. Obama is really getting cocky and starting to believe his own hype. He is dreaming if he thinks the Republicans do not already have their ads and swiftboaters ready for him.

    Wed Feb 6, 5:48 PM EST
    CHICAGO Sen. Barack Obama predicted Wednesday that Republicans will have a dump truck full of dirt to unload on Hillary Rodham Clinton if the former first lady wins the Democratic presidential nomination. Obama said he offers the party its best hope of winning the White House this fall, a claim Clinton also made.

    At a news conference on the morning after Super Tuesday, Obama offered some pointed advice to members of Congress and other party leaders who will attend the national convention this summer as delegates not chosen in primaries or caucuses.

    He said if he winds up winning the most delegates in voting, they “would have to think long and hard about how they approach the nomination when the people they claim to represent have said, ‘Obama’s our guy.'”

    Clinton, in a news conference at her campaign headquarters in Arlington, Va., said, “If voters start to think about who would be the best president, to be commander in chief on Day One, to turn the economy around and who would be the best Democratic nominee to win in November, I am very comfortable with the answers to those questions.”

    Obama won primaries and caucuses in 13 states on Tuesday, including his home state of Illinois. Clinton won eight states, including her adopted home state of New York, and American Samoa. Obama and Clinton were in a tight race in New Mexico.

    Obama said he had won a majority of the 1,681 delegates at stake, although The Associated Press tally showed several hundred yet to be allocated.

    Asked about Clinton’s recent comment that she would not allow herself to be victimized by the type of Swift Boat-style attacks that were leveled against the Democratic nominee, Sen. John Kerry, in the 2004 race, Obama said he had been vetted by his opponent in the nominating campaign.

    “I have to just respond by saying that the Clinton research operation is about as good as anybody’s out there,” he said.

    “I assure you that having engaged in a contest against them for the last year that they’ve pulled out all the stops. And you know I think what is absolutely true is whoever the Democratic nominee is the Republicans will go after them. The notion that somehow Senator Clinton is going to be immune from attack or there’s not a whole dump truck they can’t back up in a match between her and John McCain is just not true.”

    Clinton said there is nothing in her past that she tries to play down or hide, including the years she worked as a corporate lawyer for a Little Rock, Ark., law firm. Her oft-cited 35 years of experience includes service “in the public, private and not-for profit sectors,” she said.

    As to the race between her and Obama, Clinton said, “This is a vigorous two-person contest now. And I think it’s only just become a two-person contest in the last, what, 10 days or so. Therefore I am hoping we’re going to have more debates, we’re going to be able to showcase our records, our qualifications, the differences, the contrast between us, because voters are really tuning in now.”

    Obama suggested there were several areas in which he could do better than Clinton against the Republicans in the fall.

    “I have no doubt that I can get the people who vote for Senator Clinton. … It’s not clear that Senator Clinton can get all the people I’m getting,” he said.

    Obama sought to claim the permanent underdog’s role in the race, saying the New York senator is backed by a “political machine honed over two decades.”

    At the same time, the Illinois senator said the more he appears before voters, the better he does on primary days.

    He said he intends to campaign in the states next up on the calendar — Louisiana, Nebraska and Washington vote on Saturday; Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia on Tuesday. Clinton said she, too, looked forward to the upcoming contests.

    Obama got a boost in Washington state Wednesday, securing the endorsement from the Service Employees International Union’s 100,000-member state council. That state’s largest union had endorsed John Edwards but decided to support Obama once Edwards quit the race.

    Copyright 2008 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.


  88. It’s funny. Supposedly people will be outraged over Puerto Rico getting a say in who will be our President, but they’re ok with Florida having no say.

  89. The one thing I want to say based on exit polling. There is only a minority of people who support Obama who are anti-Hillary. Something like 73% of Obama supporters say that they will be happy with Hillary as the nominee and about the same percentage of Hillary supporters say that about Obama. So all this crap from Obama about how his supporters may not support Hillary is just that, crap. The Democratic primary voters, not the moronic lefty bloggers, seem entirely happy with the choice of candidates they have and will be happy with either of them. The really nasty ones seem to be the ones we find online. There are a lot of perfectly nice people who will be happy with Hillary as their nominee.

  90. DemAC – thanks – believe me, I know – I live in the heart of BO country. They’ve all drunk the kool-aid around here. But, the more that the word gets out about their naive assumptions, flip-flops, lies, slimy friends and Chicago machine export, the more unstable that soft support becomes. And for the love-struck ones, it’s a flakey kind of support – like you (or someone) posted – the people who the next Prez will affect least are his so-called highly educated, limousine liberal base. They’re in it to feel good and for sport – what have they got to lose?

  91. TPS – some of the other 28% are probably republicans who crossed over to make him McCain’s opponent!

  92. Informed in Illinois, I think you are right. There is a lot of that from Republican men who will never vote for Obama but showing up in the primary to try to spite Hillary. Well, their despicable tactics are failing and flailing.

  93. Paula, I’d like to know why he gets so many newspaper endorsements as well. You wonder if he pays them…

  94. Obama : “I have no doubt that I can get the people who vote for Senator Clinton. …

    Oh Yeah? Think again Barack. Any respect I had for how this guy was conducting himself & his campaign is long gone.

    I’d like to see Hillary start calling him on his continued references to the horse race and it’s surrounding politics, instead of focusing (as she always does) on policy & people.

  95. The only time the Clinton “Slime Machine” has mentioned Rezko was when BHO mentioned the Walmart thing. But according to him, they threw every dirty trick at him. Please, take yourself off the cross.

  96. Last post of the night – I’ve got to plow through the big snow early tomorrow morning to get to work. We ended up with about 8 or 9″ of snow today.
    The other fallacy (besides the “BO or no one else” lie disproved by TPS, above) is what I heard BO say today, something about contrasting his so-called grassroots support “from lots of small donors” with “all of Hillary’s big donors” – what? NO ONE actually has “big donors” if you can only donate $2,300 in the primary cycle! Not only that, but BO has HUGE political fat-cats and hollywood donors of his own hosting big funders for him–more hypocrisy. Most people – who will not get to the point of maxing out on donations – aren’t aware of this big lie.

    But, we can call his bluff with big grassroots action this week and during February.

    G’night, all.

  97. AmericanGal,

    Nice get, thanks. The prick was beaming hours before going on air thinking the Clintons were done. Mother……

    I luv to see him subdued, as I now have twice, after new Hampshire and again last night. He actually looks sickly & green when Hill wins.

  98. John Zogby admits only one mistake in Super Tuesday primaries

    About California: Some of you may have noticed our pre-election polling differed from the actual results. It appears that we underestimated Hispanic turnout and overestimated the importance of younger Hispanic voters. We also overestimated turnout among African-American voters. Those of you who have been following our work know that we have gotten 13 out of 17 races right this year, and so many others over the years. This does happen.


  99. regarding how I know him:

    no, this friend is not as young as me. He is someone I met outside of school while doing volunteering. Let’s just leave it at that.

  100. Did anyone see the clip on CNN of Al Gore voting on super Tuesday? Said he hoped “she” would win as she is the only one who will implement a green energy plan. Further he said he would put his differences (with Clintons) aside for the sake of the environment and that he would help HRC. I was told of the clip, but can’t find it. Any info. on this? It would be incredible backing since HRC is the only candidate serious about a “green energy future”, creating green jobs and agressively attacking global warming. (her dipshit opponent still hooked on nuclear power and taking their money).

  101. John Zogby admits only one mistake in Super Tuesday primaries……… Those of you who have been following our work know that we have gotten 13 out of 17 races right this year…..

    So he’s touting getting 75% right, a c+ grade as an accomplishment? He just did 25% better than random guesswork.

  102. I thought pollsters used statisical models, not estimating turnouts among specific groups. It is human nature when estimating anything that you will allow your own bias to taint the results.

  103. Hey everyone!

    I’m new here, (well at least on the actual threads) I’ve been adamantly going to this site for quite some time.

    I finally decided to stop lurking in the shadows and join in.


  104. NYCMax Says:
    February 6th, 2008 at 9:32 pm
    i think she’s embarassed by the applause, just as she showed us last night. she does not want it to be about her.

  105. Guys, the new memo of Obama campaign to discredit superdelegates is incredible? so they are trying to change rules in between the game? I mean werent these the same guys harping about Hillary changing the rules of the game wen it came to MI and FL?

  106. NYCMax Says:
    February 6th, 2008 at 9:52 pm
    I agree with your last post. We should keep repeating that she won the big states and he did not. People in the next primaries know (ought to) the difference between winning Idaho and not winning CA. They will pay attention to who won CA, NY, FL… and wonder why he did not if he was such a strong candidate as he is made out to be. They are not going to worry about how many delegates he got in Alaska..

    I also think there is something sinister going on with his funding — esp. the Jan millions — how nice in the nick of time even when he did not do well in NH, MI, NV, FL?

    About Hillary’s speech on Tues — it looked like she felt rushed. I don’t know if it was the TV window she was given (in fact Jim Lehrer cut it off and I saw the full video on CSpan). She is improving and her rally in LA was definitely better. The fact that she can mix substance with some inspiring poetry was a plus. You know what, I am ready for a smart/brainy President after 8 years of this bozo.

  107. According to Ben Smith (hi ben!), Al did not disclose who he voted for. (Also, there are some very special comments in the thread. SIGH………)


  108. That speech was her best yet. She has found her voice. Remember, despite the talk that she is unispiring, she has uttered the most famous lines of inspiration in the last 20 years:
    1) I still believe in a place called hope
    2) Women’s rights are human rights


  109. Welcome, aubry9!

    MJS, You mentioned several days ago about Obama running through money pretty quickly and laying off staff. But he’s on track to raise $30 million this month. Could you elaborate?

  110. Thanks guys!

    I’m from the Lower East Side, here in NYC.

    And my first time voting EVER was getting to vote for Hillary.

    Now we all have to just keep moving forward.

  111. CNN aired the Gore clip on super Tuesday. After he voted, he was asked about endorsing, he stated “I’m trying to stay out of it but I hope “she” wins”. Further, he stated that “she ” is the only candidate who will implement a renewable energry/environmental plan. He will put aside his differences to help the environment and he can help HRC.

  112. I’m curious to know about the states coming up.

    I know the ones coming fast are caucuses, but I can’t recall which states.

  113. I wish Al Gore would endorse Hillary. Not only that but he could become a champion for those voters in Florida and Michigan that may be disenfranchised if their delegates aren’t counted. Who would be a better spokesman for their cause than Al?

  114. ok Paula. It’s simple.

    Obama was burning through cash throughout January. What he was taking in was not projected to be able to cover his expenses or what he had planned. He has scaled back on many more lucrative ideas, since then. He was planning many other things, but would cost too much and more than the budget could handle, even if it were so big.

  115. No offense but I have a heard time believing this Gore business (though oddly, Charlie Rose and guests including Mark Halperin are discussing a Gore endorsement right now. their conclusion is he won’t endorse anyone).

    This would’ve been picked up by someone somewhere.

    it would be major news in several respects…..

  116. the obama camp has had plans that would dwarf the ‘national townhall’ by Hillary. but now, they are unnecessary since Super Tuesday is over + the plans he was thinking about most likely cost too much for him to throw them away.

  117. MJS, But it seems common knowledge that Obama will be able to significantly outspend Hillary in the coming states. Both camps confirmed that. And what about his February projected overhaul?

  118. Paula, I did not tell u that a “few days ago”, but during the SC primaries.
    Perhaps my friend is wrong, but its clear that Barack needed money to spend, but also to hold money on hand. campaign plans did not coordinate well with campaign finances.

  119. It also seems pretty obvious he outspent her badly on Feb. 5 states because of how many places she wrote off. But she did well regardless, and I’m very proud of her. 🙂

  120. Well honestly, I know all the pundits are selling caucuses to Obama, but I see some hope.

    Washington: Whites and Asians make up most of this state, and agriculture is a huge economic source.

    Louisiana: Yes a large AA block, but also many (more) rural whites, farmers, and a growing hispanic community.

    Nebraska: Oddly enough the home state where Kool-Aid was invented (go figure) many rural whites.

    Virgin Islands: (insert something here)

    Maine: Another large white voting bloc. Another agricultural economy.

  121. Admin, can we pl. get a clip of this?

    Karen Says:
    February 6th, 2008 at 10:58 pm

    Did anyone see the clip on CNN of Al Gore voting on super Tuesday? Said he hoped “she” would win as she is the only one who will implement a green energy plan. Further he said he would put his differences (with Clintons) aside for the sake of the environment and that he would help HRC.

  122. I know Hillary is working her heart out, so I have full faith in what she decides is best as the campaign goes on.

  123. I think Hill campaign should stop courting AA vote and start going for asian american and hispanic votes aggrewssively. thats what will win them VA, WA and MAYBE MD come next week.

  124. I think there is some good circumstantial evidence that Obama has some deeply hidden ties to some right wing heavy hitters. It’s not just the money that is suspect, but the six main media outlets all owned or controlled by republicans. They same is true for NPR, their government appointed director is one of Bush’s Brownies who mission was to take NPR to the right. Next, many newspapers have the same kind of ownership/directorship.

    In my opinion, the NRC desperately do not want to run against Hillary Clinton and are doing everything they can to prop BO up. But even more, they are not happy with their own candidates. I think (my opinion only) is that they view Obama as a person that can be manipulated much as he appeared to be in Chicago. He offers few specifics about proposals that he has. He is running to the right of Hillary on many core democratic values, including healthcare. And he’s using right wing talking points to discredit Hillary’s campaign proposals.

    Without being a conspiracy theorist, I think the cabal of republican power brokers would be just peachy keen to have Obama in the White House. He is a person with nebulous core values who is amenable to power brokers of all stripes. I think he would make an excellent sock puppet who, based on his record, would not likely be willing to rock the political boat in Washington. He would certainly be easier to control than John McCain.

    Hillary Clinton is their worst nightmare: a strong, independent leader.

  125. To all:

    The Gore endorsement would have been big news – not even big media would ignore it. It did not happen. They kept their votes private.

  126. imagine44 said: i think she’s embarassed by the applause, just as she showed us last night. she does not want it to be about her.

    I agree, that’s how I read it also. I pointed out Ellen’s work because Ellen’s persona is such that she appears surprised or embarrassed by the adoration that is sent her way. It’s different from a Rosie or an Oprah. There’s a quiet humility in her acceptance that allows her to make every moment special. I think that Hillary could really use that technique to connect with some of the doubters who are interested enough to watch her on TV or to attend one of her rallies. These people are only willing to go so far, but it is important for Hillary to reach them. When she does, I have no doubt that they will be just as loyal and fierce in their support as those of us who went in wanting to listen. That’s how powerful a speaker I think Hillary is. The tricky part is making the connection with someone who is somewhat resistant for whatever reason.

  127. The Gore clip was aired on CNN super Tuesday around 7:30-9 pm (west coast) it was viewed by a room full of people. This is not Big Foot sighting or the Locknest Monster, it was aired on CNN!!

  128. TaylorMarsh.com reporting a huge 24 hour online campaign contribution haul of $3million for HRC. Taylor has an unverified HRC email allegedly going out tomorrow asking to meet $6m in 72 hours.

  129. Obama is the worst, like Stalin or something. He sits there and soaks in the applause, stopping for several minutes. It’s very disconcerting.

  130. mj,
    I was just thinking the same thing, there is no reason to give O those delegates without a fight. It is a caucus state, but still I am getting tired of just giving him the delegates from caucus states.

  131. Texas also has a caucus system, but it’s called a precinct convention. 1/3 of the delegate share from Texas is based on the primary vote and 2/3 on the precinct convention vote. You must have voted in the primary to take part in the precinct convention. It is supposed to test your commitment and determination and it has its roots in Texas’ Democratic Party being worried about collusion from Republicans. It’s not an ideal system, but I am going to travel back home to make sure and caucus (I vote through absentee) just to make sure Hillary carries my county.

  132. Hillary did great last night. Her demographics are much more diverse than Mr. Unity’s.

    I absolutely believe that Republicans are funding this “money surge” for Obama. They did it in 2004 and 2006 to effect democratic races. They want to run against him.

    Hillary and Obama have raised and spent about $200 million. That is amazing and ridiculous. This money could have been spent on the Republicans. The Democratic party has created this mess and now there is really no way to solve it without seriously pissing off millions of voters.

    I just gave to Hillary again. I agree this press will help her funding and will again raise expectations for Obama.

    Regarding his press release and all the money he raised along with his press conference can only be described as overplaying your hand. He looks arrogant and cruel. Not characteristics we tend to reward.

  133. Hillary is going to fight for Washington. Bill was originally supposed to come here, but at the last minute they switched it. Yay!

    Barack is holding a rally at Key Arena. Do they just kind of assume he’ll get 20k everywhere he goes? :/

  134. rjk I agree with you. MN was the BIGGEST disappointment. the demographics favoured us SOOO much better.. who is advising her to skip caucus states? its demographics not type of election that will make hill win.
    I agree with GOTV being a tougher effort in caucus states, but then what would she do about TX where 2/3rd of delegates are through caucus and 1/3rd through primaries? I mean at some point she has to take him on in caucus states..

  135. Wasabigirl, I think I agree with you but one surprising thing about that theory (which I have thought of myself) is that they are willing to give up their republican brand for the presidency — this becomes a democratic presidency — not sure they are willing to do that? I think they will crush him easily in the GE and tame McCain enough. Their deal with McCain at the point will be that they will play kingmakers for him and he will sell his soul to them. (I am using exaggerated language here but only for emphasis.)

  136. In Maine and in Washington, I am hoping that women come out in force for Hillary. That was one of the problems with the other caucus states yesterday. Also, I hope that women are able to keep Louisiana close.

  137. I’m not going down without a fight.

    There is no reason I have to hear CNN say “Well these are caucuses, and Obama has got them in the bag.” and crap of that nature.

    Tomorrow I’m making calls. 🙂

  138. Maybe Bill should blanket Maine and Nebraska.. Hillary in WA. more traditional women voters and diverse demographics help Hillary. Blue collared working class males Bill handles better IMO..

  139. How long does it take to count 2%? Apparently quite while in New Mexico. All day and they couldn’t finish?

    67,921 / 49%
    66,829 / 48%


  140. hey LornaDoone pointed this out first on taylormarsh:



    Clinton had a MASSIVE day of online fundraising blowing past the $3 million dollar – 3 day goal.

    There’s an email appeal going out tomorrow for $6 million in 72 hours.

    THOUSANDS of NEW donors flooding in.

  141. In New Mexico, they are counting provisional ballots, which have to all be checked out for accuracy. NM always sucks at vote counting anyways (no offense to New Mexicans. 😉 ).

  142. that is NM, what CNN has posted.

    Could swear I saw Hillary’s margin jump from about 150 to now just under 1,100. But still 98%, or so they say….

  143. i can not imagine why gore would endorse obama. i know nothing about any gore endorsement except reading speculation on the web. but what i DID hear from some environmental nonprofit types in dc is bad things about obama’s energy plan.

    Who, but who, would soil the environmental reputation of Barack Obama?
    The Democratic senator from Illinois gets stellar marks from greens. Just a few months ago he was calling global warming “real,” saying: “It is here. . . . We couldn’t just keep burning fossil fuels and contribute to the changing atmosphere without consequence.”

    So why then, environmentalists ask, is Obama backing a law supporting the expanded use of coal, whose emissions are cooking the globe? It seems the answer is twofold: his interest in energy independence — and his interest in downstate Illinois, where the senator’s green tinge makes the coal industry queasy.

    photo: Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) has reintroduced the Coal-to-Liquid Fuel Promotion Act of 2007. It’s a development that has the coal crowd cheering. (Charles Dharapak – AP)

  144. Exactly RJK there is no reason to concede any state coming up.

    I believe we could remain viable in each, and possibly come out on top.

  145. hillary has a call tool up for the wash caucus-use it! and give-shut these fools up gloating she is borke. she isnt. she will mount a full tx campaign, will fight in va for sure and ohio. those i know big doings in tx comming fast guys. get ready

  146. Blue Democrat
    all morning they reported that BO won this state – I am tired of the regular news channels

  147. Ya know, how the fuck could NBC news flood the airwaves today with their delegate calls when there are so many ballots outstanding ?

    (all their calls predicted BO ahead, btw)

  148. Gore held an environmental conference in the last couple of weeks and all the Dem candidates attended EXCEPT OBAMA.

    Obama also claimed credit for some bill about nuclear waste, but a major paper (NYT) debunked that, saying that he kept changing it at the industry’s request so that by the time it was passed it was watered down or counterproductive.

    As for Gore endorsing, in 2004 he tried endorsing early (before Iowa?), imploring the Dems to settle on one candidate (Dean?) instead of wasting energy fighting among themselves. They ignored him, and Dean washed out anyway.

    I hope he’ll do the same unity thing now, but it’s understandable if he’s being cautious, perhaps waiting for the right moment.

  149. Blue Democrat
    exactly – and now CNN is showing him ahead in terms of delegates – it is crazy what is going on

  150. Well, I just spent $60 dollars at Hills site tonight. Also donated $100 in cash. I feel terrible that I can’t do more, but every little bit helps.

  151. They talked about him being ahead in delegates on the radio today too. It’s another way the press is playing him up. The first day or so is when the new makes the biggest impression. By giving early numbers or projections before all the final results are in, it makes it seem like he’s in the lead and gets that into the public’s mind. When the real totals come in and Hillary takes the lead, no one will notice. Boo press.

  152. CBS news has it
    1058 Clinton
    984 Obama

    He has to get a majority of the remaining delegates. We passed the halfway mark first. We have a shot at picking a big chunk of delegates in MD, VA, WA, LA in the next week. Inching us closer to that magic number of 2025

  153. Info about Texas (according to wikipedia):

    Texas holds primary election and begins caucusing at the precinct conventions immediately after primary elections close. Any person casting a vote in the party primary is eligible to caucus at their precinct location at 7:15 pm of election night. Allocation of delegates between primary and caucus varies among political parties. According to Texas Democratic Party rules, District Level delegates (126) are allocated based on primary elections. At-Large and PLEO (42 + 25 = 67) delegates are allocated based on state convention delegate sign-ins after caucusing at the precinct and district/county levels.

  154. Tiny Dancer,

    That is an absolutely brilliant point, one that is continually overlooked.
    I won’t get into specifics; just look back over the past 20 years or so….

  155. Ew. Texas is such a messed up state.

    So a Primary and a Caucus?

    It’s like NM! We’ll know the results come July. 😛

  156. for fun.. fashion people in nyc talk politics

    Clinton supporter Mickey Boardman, who was getting periodic updates from his boss Kim Hastreiter, seemed upset that no one was reporting how Hillary had won over the gays. “Every gay I know voted for her!” he said. “Jacob Bernstein from Women’s Wear Daily had a theory, and I agree, that gays love her because we all had domineering mothers, and she reminds us of them.”


  157. PM…. “Branding” is for the masses. Those who’s goal is power are not really that interested in branding. They sell that like cereal. The fact is that most Republican presidential contenders since Richard Nixon have been either power brokers themselves or been very weak guys. You don’t see ‘outsiders’ or ‘independent thinkers’ elected by the Republicans. You see men who will toe the Party line. McCain doesn’t fit that mold.

    Further, I think this is why the Clintons have been so hated by the Washington power structure from both Parties. They are not maleable politicians. For good or bad, they act according to their own insight and vision. The only real mussy candidate left that is viable after ST is Obama.

    I think those who read the American electorate know that most voters want the Republicans out of the White House and they see a quiet revolution coming in November. What better way to ride that wave than to control the candidate being swept into office.

    Again, just my opinion, I think Hillary Clinton offers the only hope for a real direction change in this election.

  158. In an earlier thread, I was exploring legal options for people who are maxed out in terms of their primary contributions to Hillary to find ways to make additional contributions. I had mistakenly assumed that buying HillaryGear (T-shirts, mugs, etc.) are not contributions based on talking to someone over the phone there. Hillary’s website clearly states (see below) that these are considered contributions. So, if we are maxed out we cannot purchase these items from her website:

    “Any purchase is considered a federal contribution to Hillary Clinton for President. If you have already contributed the maximum amount under federal law or are otherwise ineligible to contribute under the federal rules, you may still purchase Hillary merchandise by visiting the bulk purchase store, HillaryGear.com.

    All t-shirts are union printed/ made in the USA.

    HillaryGear.com is not affiliated with the Committee.”


    My apologies for any misinformation.

  159. Keep the donations coming!!! GOOD NEWS: http://www.taylormarsh.com/



    Clinton had a MASSIVE day of online fundraising blowing past the $3 million dollar – 3 day goal.

    There’s an email appeal going out tomorrow for $6 million in 72 hours.

    THOUSANDS of NEW donors flooding in.

    Clinton keeping pace with Obama and MoveOn.

    Hillary’s loan to be paid back by supporters in 48 hours after Super Tuesday.

    below is an unverified excerpt of Clinton’s email… ..

    “Now THAT is what I call two good days. Not only did we celebrate huge victories for Hillary all over the country on Super Tuesday, but you matched our success with a breathtaking show of support. You exceeded our $3 million goal in less than 24 hours. Incredible. So we’re doubling it to $6 million in 72 hours because of your amazing response.”

  160. I heard it on Top 40 radio, not news talk. I’m sure many of those listeners aren’t that deeply invested in the campaign and just get brief updates from the radio or other news outlets. It was reported as fact too. No qualifications that the full results aren’t in yet, super delegates blah blah blah. There’s a lot of people out there already who think BO “won” ST, and will continue to think so regardless of what happens in the next couple of days.

  161. karen, limabeans – I followed the link politico.com/blogs/bensmith/0208/Al_Gores_vote.html but there is nothing about a video clip (cnn?) or him saying the things that have been posted here.

    Maybe the media is ignoring it, as they ignore CA? 🙂

  162. I hit submit too fast… I wanted to add that it sucks ass that they’re not getting the full facts. I wish the media played fair. 🙁

  163. a few good hillary diaries at daily kos, one on recommend list, from the wonderful alegre

    this one maybe went overlooked
    Feb. 5 Analysis: Clinton Proves to be the most Electable Candidate for the General Election
    Hillary Clinton appears to have received more votes than Barack Obama overall in the states holding contests on February 5th. Her actual vote total was far greater than predicted by the exit polls. She was a formidable candidate in rural and suburban counties and with non-African American voters in urban areas. She won more big states. Although Obama’s wins in Georgia, Alabama, Kansas, North Dakota, Idaho, Utah and Alaska were impressive, Democrats have no chance of carrying any of these states in the fall. The caucus system does not reflect how elections are run in the fall. They do not account for early and absentee voting, all day voting, and do not not have flexibility to accommodate voters work/family needs.

    In states like California and Missouri, Obama won counties that Democrats always carry in general elections (e.g., San Francisco, Alameda counties in CA, St. Louis County in MO). He did not demonstrate an ability to win in suburban or rural counties. With such results, he would not beat John McCain in Missouri in the fall. Furthermore, given that McCain is from the west, it is not likely that voters in that region will abandon him for Obama, as the region already leans conservative and McCain’s politics and heritage fit the demographics better than Obama. Therefore, Obama’s victories in the mountain west, while important from the standpoint of earning delegates, are illusory if one thinks that these results will have any bearing on the general election in those states.

  164. No, people don’t think he won. You don’t lost all the big states and have people thinking you win. This is spin. Don’t assume everyone buys it.

  165. Law School Dem, thank you so much for posting that! What a relief. I know I dug as deep as I could without cutting into my food budget, and everyone I know gave something. So glad we (ALL OF US!) could help lift Hill up right now.

  166. Oh I know not everyone buys it, I’m just saying there’s an audience out there who isn’t as informed who just gets media soundbytes and that’s what the media is feeding them – results that are projected before all the votes have been counted. That SUCKS.

    But I know a lot of people do pay closer attention and they all know Hillary kicked ass last night.

  167. also very smart comment from the diary quoted above. where she won matters, it really does. obama won the same places dems win no problem. hillary competes and wins among rural voters, working class voters, hispanic voters, the swing voters who will swing the next election. obama shows no ability to win them.

    In Missouri, Obama won no rural counties. That spells trouble for him in the general election. That pattern repeated everywhere across the US. Even in Alabama, Hillary looks like she might get more delegates than him, because she won rural counties. All I’m saying is that Democrats need to win working class white voters and a larger share of the hispanic vote to win general elections. Hillary accomplished this yesterday. Obama did not.

  168. Idunn, thank you for your committment to Hillary. A candidate is judged by the kind of people she attracts! Judging by you, Hillary is a mighty fine candidate.

  169. It’s great news! But let’s continue the momentum if we can . . . we’ll dominate the morning news cycles at the very least, but Obama has been raising money today to counter any perceived momentum we would get out of this, so there is no stopping! But yes, great, great news!

  170. FWIW the DJ who made that proclamation is a total tool and no one really takes him seriously. It only irked me because we vote in a few days. 😉

    I feel pretty good about WA actually. She’s had the Machinist union here backing her since last year and they’ll GOTV like no other.

  171. wasabigirl Says:
    February 7th, 2008 at 12:16 am
    I don’t know. I don’t think they (media, RNC) will give up on branding (party before anything else) that easily. I saw you on Taylor Marsh, so you probably have already seen her blog on McCain and why it will be tough to beat him. There are so many things unvetted with this guy Obama — starting with Rezko’s trial in March — he will soon become a liability. But right now their mission is to use him to stop Hillary and then get rid of him to put a Republican in the WH.

  172. I donated my $100 today.

    I hope the Rezko stuff starts hitting the Big Media fan this month and leading up to the trial – Please let it be so.

  173. Ininla, thanks for your support for Hillary. I am so moved by the committment shown by the people on this blog today sparing whatever they can within their budget.

  174. ***Read the Story, not Just the Headline***

    Time: Obama is the Frontrunner

    “For anyone who thinks this race might be a tie, and yes, David Axelrod, that includes you, there’s a lot of evidence today that Obama is now the frontrunner. He leads in number of states won, he leads by his own campaign’s tally in pledged delegates, he is so far ahead in the money race that his opponent is borrowing money and he clearly has the momentum coming out of Super Tuesday. How is he NOT the frontrunner??

    Many of my colleagues will say: Never underestimate the Clintons. But looking at the caucus-heavy schedule through February they are going to have a tough slog for a positive news cycle for three looong weeks before they get to the more calendar-friendly March. If fundraising in January was hard when she was the New Hampshire “comeback kid” and had victories in Nevada, Florida and Michigan, finding money now is going to be twice the challenge.

    Obama was asked at a press conference in Chicago this morning if it isn’t a little disingenuous to still be clinging to the “underdog” title. “I’m never disingenuous,” Obama said. “Here’s’ a fair way to put it: I think we are less of an underdog than we were two weeks ago. Now we’re slight underdogs.”

    “If I were writing this story,” he said over the open laughs of reporters in the room. “If I were writing this story, what I would say would be: Senator Obama came in as a challenger two weeks ago who I think that nobody thought would come out of February 5th standing…. I think Senator Clinton remains the favorite because of the enormous familiarity that people have with her and the institutional support that she carries… I think we’re turning out to be a scrappy little team.”

    Perhaps we’ve let him write the story a little too much – for a campaign so opposed to spin (one of Obama’s favorite stump lines, as said two days ago in Hartford, Connecticut: “I was convinced that the American people didn’t want spin, didn’t want PR, they wanted straight talk”), they have done a masterful job in managing news cycle expectations. We should not let him get away with calling himself the underdog and escape the glare of the frontrunner’s seat – a glare Hillary Clinton has endured for most of the campaign.”


  175. TPS, that’s sweet, but really I’m not doing anything that we ALL aren’t doing. We can’t all give the same amounts of money, and we can’t all give the same amounts of time and energy , but one thing I know for a fact is that each and every single one of us is supporting our girl with all our hearts.

    THAT’S what really matters. 🙂

  176. One of the things I got was the Hill button that says, “I’m your girl”. I thought it was just adorable, but considered maybe it would be better for word of mouth purposes to get the one that says, “I voted for Hillary. Ask me why.” Anyway, I was trying to decide between the two when hubby came looking over my shoulder, pointed to the I’m your girl one, and said “Get THAT ! It’s sexy!”

    I thought Hillary would approve of that sentiment, so that’s the one I got. LOL!

  177. Dear Big Media if you want to treat obama like the frontrunner please ask why his chief economy guy is a big free-trader, why he has no universal health care plan, why he has a bad energy plan and why voters do not know this because he talks about vague ideas and not real issues? ask the voters if they want trade agreements that are fair to american workers. someone want to bring this to the attention of lou dobbs maybe? i do not like his views much but this difference is not nothing

    Austan Goolsbee (BARACK OBAMA): “I’m a University of Chicago economist and no one is ever going to be more in favor of open markets and free trade than an economist, so you would presume I’d be for anything that has the words ‘free trade agreement’ in it and all I’ll tell you is this: I do believe there’s no one more in favor of open markets than me and that said, if you look at a free trade agreement – if you have never read a free trade agreement I encourage you to go read it – because it is as close to the economists’ case for free trade as our tax code is to the economists’ case for the ideal tax system.

  178. McCain is a viable candidate in all the big western states, he’ll not only get the male vote but also the Latino vote if Obama is the nominee. We have to keep driving this talking point home. Also watch Asian-Ams stay home or vote McCain big time if the unthinkable happens. People forget that McCain will be competitive in Cali since the governator will be trolling around in his hummer campaigning for him. Unfortunately, Arnold is still popular in our state despite the economy tanking.

    SF Chronicle had a story today which I think perfectly illustrates the kind of person that Obama truly is. Uggh…he’s a friend to you only when you have something to offer him. I hope this story gets around in the GLBT community, especially in WA, pretty sizable in Seattle. BTW who wouldn’t want pictures taken with Gavin Newsome? He’s kinda hot imo.


  179. mj, it’s a good thing. Everyone wants to be the “underdog.” If he’s the front runner he gets more scrutiny and a win for a front runner doesn’t make news, but a win for the underdog always makes news.

  180. “We should not let him get away with calling himself the underdog and escape the glare of the frontrunner’s seat – a glare Hillary Clinton has endured for most of the campaign.”

  181. look at missouri, swing state extraordinaire! obama is going to brag he won the primary in a swing state. and??? this map shows you exactly what he won: big margins in cities. the difference is stark. tell me which democrat is in better shape to win missouri in the general election?


  182. I’ve given up MSNBC…CNN…and obama blah blah. I was beginning to feel like i had a plumber’s friend over my ear…and someone was messing with my brain. I feel soo much better..since it stopped 😀

  183. I donated today….and called my …working poor girlfriends. They donated too. Now we are broke and eating cherrios 😀

  184. Yeah, I had to just shut that noise off myself today. One can only take so much before you start to feel like you’ve stepped into bizarro world or something.

    I’m just not listening anyone. I have faith it will all work out.

  185. also interesting is goolsbee, obama’s chief economic advisor, last year writing about subprime mortgages and thinking they are great pretty much, has nothing critical to say.

    ‘Irresponsible’ Mortgages Have Opened Doors to Many of the Excluded

    When Senator Christopher J. Dodd, Democrat of Connecticut, gave his opening statement last week at the hearings lambasting the rise of “risky exotic and subprime mortgages,” he was actually tapping into a very old vein of suspicion against innovations in the mortgage market.

  186. Anyone know how to go about starting a 50 state petition drive to have the DNC honor the results of the Michigan and Florida primaries and seat the delegates as allocated or we will all vote for the Republican in November?

  187. My opinion as to why the Florida and Michigan delegates must be seated as follows:

    (The time is sometime in November of 2008. The DNC voted to forgo seating the Florida and Michigan delegates. This decision leads to Barack Obama being nominated by the Democratic Party as their presidential candidate. John McCain is making his final pitch to voters.)

    “My friends, America is not divided. It’s that the power brokers in Washington that I have been fighting against my entire career, my friends, don’t care about what you think. The vast majorities of Americans are in the middle on the issues and want a president that reflects their values. My opponent’s party had the chance to nominate a moderate, my friend Senator Clinton, to be their nominee, but they allowed the liberal wing of their party to hijack their nominating process to select the most liberal member of the U.S. Senate. They think they know better than you my friends. They think their academic ways are more important than experience, my friends. You told them, my friends, that you wanted a candidate that was concerned about manufacturing jobs in Michigan, and they ignored you and lectured you. My friends, you told them that you wanted a candidate that was for middle class tax cuts for small businesses in Florida, my friends, and they ignored you. Well I say to you my Reagan Democrat friends and my conservative Republican friends: you have a home with John McCain.”

  188. Me too…Idunn. Hillary has only gotten stronger and more focused with this difficult campaign. People can see that…and she has earned their respect. I hear that comment from so many Republicans in this area…and I live in a Republican stronghold. Most of us who work for a living admire what she has accomplished. I find it interesting that Obama gets his support from people who have no idea what that is all about…and have been blessed with not worrying how they are going to pay the bills…or put food on the table.

  189. he’s not the antichrist he’s just a candidate who will do about as much as reagan did to make the economy fair for all americans. struggling middle class voters should think about it.

  190. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2008/2/6/23290/73380

    check out this diary, Hillary is set to announce 3 MILLION in ONE DAY of online funds!!!!! KEEP IT UP!!! donate all you can please!!! I am donating every wednesday, pay day, until march 4th, and an extraa 100 when I get my tax return, lets show Obama he’s not the only one that can raise alot!!!!!!!! Oh and rec that diary if you can…

  191. Good point Kentucky_mkt. And Obama has pretty much come out and said Florida and Michigan voters don’t count, but I’m sure the Republicans will play nice and won’t use that against him.

  192. mj,

    Here is a link to a report that he said it. I have seen him several times on TV saying it the past few days, so there has to be a clip of it somewhere.


  193. This is turning out to be a busy week. Thursday evening we have the Hillary Rally in Seattle. Saturday afternoon we have the caucuses.
    I will be working hard to get people who support Hillary to attend both events, but particularly the caucus.

  194. Some things surprise me.

    How good Tiger Woods is. He’s awesome.
    How incompetent the Bush Admin. is. Totally.
    How lazy, one-sided and gullible our press is.

    Lazy because they don’t investigate or hunt down stories. They never have — which is why two young hungry reporters ran down the Watergate thing.
    Now a candidate can make a claim — “passed my bill” and nobody notices that the bill never passed.
    They get their information from lunches with each other. If the first guy gets it wrong, it’s forever.

    One-sided: There’s always someone that the press can feel superior to. They don’t tell us what happened — they tell us WHY X did something as if they know. So the object of their derision is never sincere.

    Gullible: This is the surprise. The same ‘insiders’ can tell them things that prove not to be true and they fall for it over and over and over. The BO campaign cook the polls, boast of their wins that never materialize and they report it as gospel.
    Luckily their ‘informants’ aren’t that bright. If they hadn’t over-promised each time, they would be doing much better. And this boasting of their affluence and Hillary’s lack of funds should only help her.

    Most of you have called Clinton supporters. Call them back and ask for a $10. contribution. If it is a hardship (something the BO rich kids and the press wouldn’t understand) ask them to find someone else and pool for $10. Ask them to ask two more people to donate. And so on. She has so many million supporters. Let’s do it by 1 to 2 to 4 to 8 to 16………you know how fast that multiplies. Those that can will give 20 or 40 but the $10 goal will include almost everyody. What do you think?

  195. OMG: freckles said “something the BO rich kids” that is the best, motivating use of language I have heard in a long time.

    I have a lot of education, but many of my friends do not. These friends I am talking about are the Clinton demographic. You have no idea, the say “rich kids” all the time. And, when referring to college kids things like why should they care about this and that when “mommy and daddy are fitting the bill.”

    Great, motivating language.

  196. Does anyone else have young friends/ family in states that will vote next? Can’t we just encourage friends/ family to start small HRC groups and help them out? Sort of a goal to boost the chapters on this site.


    I know of several of these chapters and it isn’t a big deal to do, but it gets a group of students talking to their friends about HRC.

    Also, I donated again, but I am working on getting more people to signup as phone bankers, even if they cannot make $$ contributions.

  197. this is going to sound very racist and “stereotyping” but i don’t think asian-americans nor hispanic-americans will vote for barack obama for president. they’d rather go for mccain.

  198. T4H says: “Obama hires 60 staff for texas-hillary will need every dime for this fight.”

    I think HRC needs to be actively trying to pull out retired party activists from the woodwork. Look at this site, there are so many highly skilled people on this site. Projecting from that and knowing that we kick ass among the retired generation, I am certain that there are people who know what they are doing out there that could be volunteers.

    I swear, we are in the age of the Chinese imports generation. Last night, I watched CNN. And, in the midst of their Chinese imports reporting, Paul Begala (a volunteer) showed how a master craftsman works. He called out everyone and they had no idea he was doing it.

    T4H would it help if I could get some new Latinas signed up to help makes calls to Texas?

  199. we need begala where he is, to counter the 24/7 spin-cycle that used to be cnn. otherwise, the donna braziles will get free rein and no one can call on their bullshit.
    watch fox news, so much better – for now.

  200. No, I am not in TX. I have Latina friends (again none in TX but in forthcoming states) that I could coax into phone banking to TX via the HRC Website if it would be worthwhile for them to do so because of demographics.

  201. Imagine:

    I watched H and C tonight. Let me tell you, it was the Obama hour with Newt Gingrich. If you watch Fox, do so knowing that it is still Fox.

  202. I’m just going to say this…I have never in my life seen a leading candidate running for the president of the United State treated so badly by the press and the party they represent like Hillary Clinton and I will not forget this for a long, long time.

    Fair my azz! This has shown me that women are taken for granted in the democratic party and barely given the respect that their work and accomplishment deserves.

    Like I said before women spend millions of dollars supporting democratic candidates and this is how you treat this accomplished woman by smearing and taking away her dignity?

  203. Ha! I just realized this. After Iowa, HRC brought in the top TX ad guy:


    TX, what me worry?

  204. Here’s a nice video explaining the consevatives B plan.:


  205. goodnews rfk1957. hopefully hillary can lockup texas with a big win in a BIG STATE. gov. strickland in ohio should be a huge help.

  206. where di u get that jim wright piece-please post link asap. im goign to have to email the campaign on getting pressers on tese things-ken bentsen is a biggie for hillary here etc

  207. So should Gov. Rendell. And, I said this before don’t underestimate Northeast PA. She has the backing of Paul Kanjorski too. Northeast PA is Clinton country. First, demographically it fits perfectly. All of the major colleges are filled with out-of-state students that already voted. Second, HRC essentially spent every summer there. Like Arkansas, she knows all of the little insider stuff. Moreover, there is a latent and large Latino population that she could target with a multi-pronged communications strategy. She should fight to win PA by big margins.

  208. # Kentucky_mkt Says:
    February 7th, 2008 at 2:18 am
    I watched H and C tonight. Let me tell you, it was the Obama hour with Newt Gingrich. If you watch
    Fox, do so knowing that it is still Fox.
    i saw that show too, it’s hannity and newt – you wont expect hiilary love from eoither one.
    what i’m saying is, fox news is more tolerable compared to cnn and msnbc – for now.

  209. Keep your heads up and keep fighting, Hillfans. We are winning — don’t forget that. And we may not have the droves of wealthy “limousine liberal” supporters that Obama has, but we know that Hillary is fighting for the rights of ALL Americans, including working Americans and those who have been hit hardest by the Bush recession.

    The Hillary Team — from the top strategists to the volunteers to the bloggers to the donors to the voters — is an AWESOME crew. What a fun, exhilarating, and historic campaign to be a part of.

  210. texan4hillary Says:
    February 7th, 2008 at 2:37 am
    where di u get that jim wright piece-please post link asap.
    he was hired right before the new hampshire primary. they said he helped with the new ad, and advised hillary to be more open and not be so “guarded” all the time.

  211. tx is hillcountry-here is a good list of er backers here-but its missing frmr cong ken bentsen, wright, state rep ellen cohen and frmr dem sen candidate barbara radnofsky-

  212. What a bunch of snakes:

    DNC pushes for Michigan, Florida caucuses

    States stripped of delegates for holding early primaries
    By Chad Selweski
    Macomb Daily Staff Writer

    One solution to Michigan’s controversial Jan. 15 Democratic primary may be this: a do-over.
    Democratic National Committee officials have discussed the prospect of having Michigan and Florida conduct Democratic caucuses in the coming weeks that would nullify those states’ January primary results and award delegates to the national convention based on a second election. Both states were stripped of their delegates for violating DNC rules and holding primaries prior to this week’s Super Tuesday vote.

    “Some from the DNC have approached me about that (a caucus),” said Debbie Dingell, a longtime DNC member from Dearborn. “I’m trying to understand the situation, from a legal standpoint, and trying to figure out how you can avoid the results of the Michigan primary.”

    Nervous party officials are hoping to dodge a nasty convention fight if the Michigan and Florida delegations are banned. Michigan’s 156 delegates and Florida’s 210 could prove key if Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama remain locked in a protracted, neck-and-neck fight for the nomination.

    A Michigan election official said that state law would apparently allow a re-vote in a caucus, which would be run by the party. A September amendment to a 1954 law declares that political party officials are the “sole and exclusive aribiter” of how delegates are awarded to their convention.

    “They get to determine how they slice and dice everything,” said Kelly Chesney, a spokeswoman for the Secretary of State’s Office.

    The Jan. 15 primary created tens of thousands of disgruntled Democratic voters because the two leading candidates – Barack Obama and John Edwards – boycotted the state and removed their names from the ballot. Edwards and Obama supporters were urged to vote “uncommitted” and the final result had Hillary Clinton with 55 percent of the vote compared to 40 percent uncommitted.

    The DNC has not budged, vowing that Michigan’s 156 delegates will not be seated at the party’s Aug. 25-28 convention in Denver. The party has issued the same sanction against Florida, which held a Jan. 29 primary where Clinton outdistanced Obama by a 50 percent to 33 percent margin.

    David Bonior, who served as Edwards’ national campaign manager before the former senator’s withdrawal from the race, said he has also heard suggestions for Michigan and Florida caucuses. Bonior, a former congressman from Mount Clemens, said the re-vote is an “interesting idea” that would avoid a convention fight if neither Obama nor Clinton has sealed the nomination by that time.

    “That is one way around the dilemma,” he said. “It could possibly avoid a floor fight in Denver. That would be huge, it would be divisive, it would be bitter, it would be counterproductive.”

    Michigan Democratic Party Chairman Mark Brewer said the prospect of a re-vote puts party officials in “uncharted territory,” but he has not taken a position in favor or against a caucus. He is primarily hoping that Michigan can seat its delegates without becoming embroiled in a controversy pitting Clinton against Obama.

    The party chairman continues to talk with DNC members, including Chairman Howard Dean, and the two presidential campaigns, telling them that “there are all kinds of ways to work this out.”

    Most of all, Brewer hopes to avoid becoming entangled in a tug of war over the nomination on national TV.

    “We’ll try to avoid that. If we can do that, we’ll try to satisfy everybody,” Brewer said, without offering details. “We want to win in November.”

    Florida Democratic Party spokesman Mark Bubriski said the party has no intention of holding another election.

    “We’ve said all along that we’re going forward with our delegate selection program using the vote on Jan. 29,” he said. “We’ve got more delegate applications than ever.”

    After the Super Tuesday results rolled in from 22 states, the two candidates remained within 60 delegates of each other, according to some estimates. With analysts predicting they will remain knotted in a tight race for weeks to come, the specter of including 156 delegates from Michigan and 210 from Florida will soon loom large.

    “It’s already beginning to loom large. Lots of people are starting to ask questions,” said Dingell, wife of U.S. Rep. John Dingell. “I don’t know what’s going to happen in the next few weeks but there are going to be some intense discussions and it’s not going to be the smoothest of sailing.”

    Even before Super Tuesday, the Clinton and Obama camps had suggested a battle was brewing. Clinton said on Jan. 25 that the Michigan and Florida delegates should be seated, even though she complied with a candidate pledge not to campaign in either state.

    That announcement prompted a sharp rebuttal from the Obama campaign, with assertions that Clinton was flip-flopping and trying to change the rules of the game.

    While Dingell was a leading advocate of moving up the Michigan primary to compete with Iowa and New Hamphire for political clout, Bonior was on the other side of the fence. He had praised the value of “retail politics” as practiced in the first two states to vote and he opposed Michigan’s attempt at leap-frogging other states. The 26-year congressional veteran said he’s still undecided whether Michigan delegates should be seated, based on the rogue Jan. 15 vote.

    “Obviously my loyalties lie with my state but Michigan shouldn’t have done what it did,” he said.

    The January primary, which offered only uncommitted – not write-in votes – as an option for many voters was controversial, but the prospect of holding a new vote could prompt another uproar.

    One factor would be that Michigan spent $10 million to $12 million on a primary that would be essentially wiped off the Democratic books. A second possible outcome could be lawsuits filed by the Clinton campaign, which scored big wins in the Michigan and Florida primaries.

    Brewer and others have argued for months that the DNC will not follow through with the sanctions against Michigan and Florida because the party cannot afford riling voters in two key states that are needed to capture the White House in November.

    “You don’t win Michigan in November by refusing to seat Michigan in August,” Brewer said. “So somehow, this has got to be worked out.”


  213. Here are some great letters to Boston Globe about Ted Kennedy’s loss in Massachusetts. I’m so happy this is coming back to bite their asses. Karma is a b*tch!

    MANY DEMOCRATS in Massachusetts expect our “super-delegates” to pledge their super vote to Clinton in a race that will probably go to the national convention.

    Despite the premature Obama endorsements of Deval Patrick, Ted Kennedy, and John Kerry, the state’s Democrats have told our party representatives how we expect them to vote by handing Clinton a decisive victory Tuesday.

    It is important to notice that middle-class and working poor voters are backing Clinton. Those maintaining the status quo and big-money interests supported her opponent here, and were defeated.

    We will be watching to make certain that local political “leaders” no longer squander the investment of our time, energy, and resources within the state party to promote the personal gain of the few and those with national aspirations. After all, we’re not Republicans and we shouldn’t act like them.


    I AM not a Clinton fan in any way, but I do love the way she beat old Ted in his own state. And what he did just shows you his character, and how he will stab you in the back every chance he gets. We haven’t voted in Texas yet, but I am looking forward to voting for Clinton now. I was going to vote for Obama until the Kennedys starting backing him. There’s no way I would ever vote for someone they back, and that’s the feeling of a lot of my co-workers. We had already made up our minds to vote for Obama, but not now, no way.

    Collinsville, Texas

  214. Its always a good day when you get three superdelegates.

    As for Big Media, they have been so focused on their narrative for so long that they have lost their analytical edge and instinctively reject contrary facts and new developments that fail to conform. As a result they become increasingly out of touch with reality.

    If you have ever done a navigation exercise on a nautical chart and happen to get the first fix wrong, then every subsequent fix you make thereafter is wrong as well until finally you fall off the chart. At MSNBC that tends to happen, more often than not these days

  215. Media Downplay Widespread Support for Hillary
    By Peggy Simpson, Women’s Media Center
    Posted on February 6, 2008, Printed on February 7, 2008
    The political and media hype about the Kennedy family’s anointment of Senator Barack Obama eclipsed the Clinton campaign’s boots-on-the-ground organizational work in the 22 states with Democratic primaries on Super Tuesday.

    In the end, Hillary Clinton held her own through hard work and an improved message, and continued to court women who rewarded her with a 20-point margin over Obama. She took New York, New Jersey, the prized battleground state of California — and Massachusetts — as well as Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Arizona (where Governor Janet Napolitano had endorsed Obama).

    Right after her comeback victory in New Hampshire, the Clinton campaign put a priority on getting Californians to vote absentee. More than half of Californians did just that, blunting the Obama momentum of the past week that had cut her lead to nothing. She bought time on Spanish-language broadcast outlets, not just those broadcasting in English.

    Clinton emerged from Super Tuesday with a 70-delegate margin over Obama, but primaries coming in the next week will pose new challenges, in Louisiana, Nebraska, Washington, Maine, Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

    Obama increased his credibility and votes with whites, most notably in the South and Midwest. He may have inherited votes of white men from former Senator John Edwards, who dropped out a week ago. Obama took 13 states. And he took every state that held caucuses rather than primaries, reflecting his strength with more liberal Democrats who turn out to caucus.

    On election eve, the pundits were back-pedaling somewhat from their predictions days earlier that the Obama endorsement by Senator Edward Kennedy and his niece, Caroline Kennedy, would prove fatal to Clinton — with union voters, Latinos and in delegate-rich states such as California.

    Clinton withstood the Kennedy onslaught. And one of the sweetest victories was the earliest: an upset in Kennedy’s home turf of Massachusetts, with women voting for her 62-36. One of her key supporters, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, said his state was “Clinton country” and that the election “was about real people,” about the working class.

    Clinton won the hotly contested California primary with a huge margin among Hispanics, Asians — and women. Women voted for her by a commanding 57-39 margin, ignoring appeals last weekend from Oprah Winfrey, Caroline Kennedy and her cousin Maria Shriver to switch to Obama.

    Clinton’s endorsements from three children of the late Robert Kennedy had been discounted, when noticed at all, by the East Coast media. They wrote in a Los Angeles Times op-ed piece that ran soon after Caroline Kennedy’s bombshell Obama endorsement that, in essence, deeds count more than poetic words. Former Maryland Lieutenant Governor Kathleen Kennedy Townsend said she had worked with Clinton for 25 years, as had her two brothers for 15 years, on issues of children and poverty. This may have had resonance with California Latinos.

    They stayed hitched to Clinton. They also turned out in record numbers, comprising nearly 30 percent of the California vote, voting 66-33 for Clinton. Hispanic women also voted with Clinton in Obama’s home state of Illinois, as well as in other states where they are a significant bloc, such as New Jersey and New Mexico.

    Super Tuesday reinforced certain realities. Obama does best with blacks, more affluent and better educated voters and with those under 30. He is doing better with whites than in earlier primaries. Clinton wins with a solid bloc of women voters, a better than 2-1 margin among Hispanics, an even larger one among Asian voters and a major edge among older voters.

    That doesn’t tell the full story. Women are turning out in record numbers and have averaged 58 percent of Democratic primary voters. Young voters are not. Their turnout Tuesday ranged from 8 percent in New Mexico to 16 percent in California but the average was about 12 percent — not much more than their historic average. The Iowa caucus surge of young voters has not been replicated elsewhere.

    More pertinent is the fact that Obama’s clout with young voters is eclipsed by Clinton’s strength with voters 60 and over, who form a core chunk of the Democratic electorate. They constituted 30 percent of the voters in New York and Massachusetts, 36 percent in New Mexico, 28 percent in California and 32 percent in Missouri.

    The outside noise of a severely distressed economy may affect the coming votes. Clinton’s wonkish speeches on specific economic programs may kick in here to provide a more secure basis of support than had been thought. That is partly because she is spelling out relief plans for homeowners who risk losing their homes in the subprime mortgage crisis. When she talks about reform of the health care system, she talks about providing relief to small business owners who face huge and escalating health care costs for their workers.

    And Clinton may be getting more comfortable with finding a more lyrical way of talking about what she wants to do. She’ll never match Obama in his soaring rhetoric about hope.

    But, in her election-night speech, she said she’d work for “people on the day shift, the night shift, the late shift with the crying baby” and for “all those who aren’t in the headlines but have always written America’s story.”

    Peggy Simpson worked 17 years for the Associated Press, in Texas and Washington, D.C.; covered economics and politics for the Hearst Newspapers, served as Washington bureau chief for Ms. magazine and reported on Eastern Europe’s transition from communism to a Democratic market economy, as a freelancer during the 1990s. She has taught at Indiana University, George Washington University and at the American Studies Center at Warsaw University. She currently is a freelance writer in Washington.


  216. From today’s NYTimes (whether valid or not):


    “Mrs. Clinton had the overall lead of delegates and so-called superdelegates — Democrats who are governors, senators and party leaders, according to an analysis by The New York Times. Mrs. Clinton had 892 delegates and Mr. Obama 716; the Democratic nomination requires support from 2,025 delegates. The Times counts only delegates that have been officially selected and are bound by their preferences.”

  217. For those asking about Massachusetts, here’s an interactive map of the Kennedy/Obama towns and the Clinton towns:


    Just roll your mouse over the towns to see the percentages.

    Basically, Obama won all the latte liberal areas:

    Boston and Cambridge
    the expensive suburbs extending northwest along Rt 2
    the expensive suburbs on the north shore north of Boston
    the cape and the ritzy islands
    the “vermont” volvo areas of western mass
    the ritzy “connecticut” areas of southwestern mass

    Everywhere else, all the towns and cities where working families live, Kennedy/Obama got wiped out. Some of the percentages are staggering. Like 71-25 in Peabody.

    This is very sobering stuff for Massachussetts Democratic elected leaders. Kerry and Kennedy and Deval Patrick are seriously out of touch with their own voters.

  218. DNC please don’t help McCain with this strategy.:
    Democrats feel McCain’s heat, mud-slinging begins

    By Bob Turner
    AXcessWashington Correspondent

    (AXcess News) Wasington – The Democratic Party is feeling Republican front-runner Senator John McCain’s campaign heat and on Wednesday began a mud-slinging campaign to discredit the Republican candidate’s primary race, fearing him most as a Presidential opponent this November.

    In an announcement released Wednesday afternoon following news of McCain’s endorsement from four-term Wisconsin Republican Governor Tommy Thompson, the Democratic National Committee tried to discredit Senator McCain by saying he “turned away from his principals” in using their old-hat tactic of picking quotes out of prior news media reports – and then choosing those whose reporting are known to be pro-Democratic.

    Citing a CNN debate, the DNC said McCain had turned away from the immigration bill he himself had proposed in 2006, though noting that under its current form McCain said he would not vote in favor of it. Yet in McCain’s defense, his real position is to do something about the border first and then work on a program where illegal’s could become U.S. citizens under some form of worker program. But for the Democrats to take one slice out of a loaf and call it a meal is hardly fair. The immigration issue is a hot button to conservatives who want something done to stop the flood of undocumented aliens entering the United States, while on the other side of the isle the answer seems more in line with figuring a way to provide those illegal aliens already in the United States with equal rights and access to all of the social support systems in place that are costing taxpayers billions already.

    While the DNC’s pitch was low-handed and clever, they state in their press release that no candidate had endorsed the message – yet the message was – no matter who wins the Democratic primary race, they don’t want to face McCain in November.

    If this is the best Democrats can do, it’s no wonder their running scared so early in the real race that lays before the Democratic frontrunners, Clinton and Obama. While Clinton’s political machine has been split hard by the Kennedy’s, who have endorsed Sen. Obama, much of the criticism the DMC had in Wednesday’s mud-slinging tactic came from the fact that the original immigration legislation they referred to was co-authored by Senator Ted Kennedy, which has created a bitter division between Clinton’s Party backers and the Kennedy’s.

    On Obama, while he spouts JFKisms quite well and the late President Kennedy’s own daughter says “he reminds me of my father”, the Illinois Senator has the least experience of any Democratic candidate that ran in the 2008 primary race. Now it’s rumored that the Kennedy’s got behind Obama because they see him as 180lb rubber stamp for Democratic legislation if he were to gain the White House this November. At the same time, the Party division the Kennedy endorsement caused has weakened the Democratic Party as a whole and are looking to damage McCain early on in the hopes that Independent voters will swing towards a Democrat in the White House.

    Someone should call Howard Dean and tell him the next time he wants to make a TV appearance to wear a shirt that fits.. his dress code is one of a bulging neck in shirts too small for his head, though unfortunately for the Democratic Party, his mouth is covered up by that tight-fighting signature collar. Also, if the Party’s going to play dirty politics and spend voters’ donations on press releases that undermine their political opponents, the least they could do is say who wrote it, instead of releasing it under an anonymous monolog of “DNC- no candidate has paid for this”.


  219. Don’t know gladiatorstail.

    But notice that this count is without Superdelegates included. If Hillary is at 892 without the Superdelegates then this is big news. Even with Superdelegates included this would be big news.

    Maybe our eyes are deceiving us. This does have Hillary at 892 and Obama at 716 right? Are we losing our minds? Our we misreading something? It does say “The Times counts only delegates that have been officially selected and are bound by their preferences” doesn’t it?

    Where are the mental health professionals on this site? Do we need to join Britney or is the New York Times reporting what we think they are reporting? It is almost a 200 vote difference right? Maybe the New York Times is confused. Who knows?

    What do you think?

  220. How sweet you all are. Especially the Cheerios eater.

    Spread the cost. Find those old HRC lists and start the ball rolling. Wear your Hillary buttons out. When you get a smile or a thumbs up, ask them to send $10. If they’ll give more, they’ll probably want your Hill button.

    BTW, if you’re in a not-yet-voted state, wear those Hill buttons everywhere. You’ll be astonished how many people will make contact with you and you can get them to the caucus or whatever.

  221. admin by ANY math, that lead is IMPOSSIBLE UNLESS Obambi loses 1 to 3 iin CA. I doubt it, because he approached 40 in almost all the precincts. the link is was there somewhere yesterday. I think its wrong, and the lead with SD included for is around 100 delegates. she has won NM which should probably give her one or two additional delegates lead.

  222. here is my question-how hard is hillary ging to play for the me and wa caucuses. i ahte them but i feel she can win them. i knwo she is traveling to me and wa for 2-3 days and im hoping doing some real organizing. i feel she must organize and caucus in a couple of ones. i wish she didnt but its doable–no?

  223. California has been updated although I think there are still 20 more to allocate:

    Clinton: 195
    Obama: 155

    That doesn’t include Super Delegates which the NY Times doesn’t count. Also, the Times doesn’t count any delegates from caucus states until they are actually selected and pledged down the road; thus, Obama’s total is lower than it should be.

  224. Gladiatorstail, HWC probably has the answer. Maybe there will be more reliable final numbers by the end of the week – the caucus numbers will probably be later than that.

    HWC, any idea if those 20 you describe will be evenly divided?

    Texan4Hillary: Ohio is getting priority treatment then Virginia, according to what we have heard and the article you posted. Maine and Washington are possibilities but as always there are balancing tests of likely success and affordability. If Hillary is traveling to Washington and Maine that’s a good indication of what the campaign is thinking.

  225. HWC: I looked at Boston.com’s interactive map and I am not surprised at all. I mentioned last week that I am also from a yuppy, highly educated college town like Cambridge. My city was the only place that went overwhelmingly for Obama. Every other city surrounding mine went for Clinton. So did other areas where there was even a substantial AA population. This just shows how amazingly disconnected establishment politicians like Ted Kennedy and Obama as well as wealthy liberals are with real Americans. I am on my way to earning a professional degree from a top 10 school but I grew up dirt poor so I guess that makes me different from most of the people I go to school with who are voting for Obama. These people just don’t get it and there is nothing we can do to convince these people that Obama might be nice for rich whites who have black guilt and like to watch him give sermons but he is not a good choice for working class Americans who depend on the Democratic party to give help them with home foreclosures, universal health insurance, and helping them send their kids to college. It just makes me so frustrated because I really do understand what it is like to wish for a candidate who stood up for the working people and that person is Hillary Clinton. I’m so sick of these spoiled brats I go to school with who were privileged to go to private schools their entire life and can afford to vote for a moron and still live worry free lives. It’s so f-ing selfish and shortsighted.

  226. hillary sent paid folks to wa state-to hold rallies and caucus training sessions in crunch-
    can cantwell and murray and guv locke, inslee push her over the top here?

  227. Clinton schedule for today…..

    *all times Eastern

    Thursday, February 7

    2:00 pm
    Hillary Clinton attends a “Solutions for America” rally at Washington Lee High School in Arlington, Virginia

    7:30 pm
    Bill Clinton hosts a “Solutions for America” rally in Portland, Maine

  228. ohio, texas, and pa are the big factors with good advantages for hillary in march and april. but she has to perform decent in the rest of feb to get there. god knows big media again will be gunning for her.

  229. HWC, any idea if those 20 you describe will be evenly divided?

    I have no clue.

    With the eff’d up district by district allocation, it’s pretty much guaranteed to produce equal results. Most of these districts get 3, 4, or 5 delegates, so the splits are essentially guarateed to be 2-1, 2-2, or 2-3.

    The Democratic Party nominating process is the most FUBAR thing I’ve ever seen, top to bottom. The caucuses, the proportional allocation down to the nano-district, and (of course) the bananna republic style disenfranchisement of states that don’t vote like the latte swilling members of the DNC wants them to vote.

    BTW, NM hasn’t even started counting their 17,000 provisional ballots. Another example of the Democratic Party in action. It’s pretty easy to understand why the Democrats have only elected one President in the last 30 years. It truly is the party of incompetence.

    The Repubs are held hostage by the Jesus Freaks. The Dems are held hostage by latte drinking new age kumbaya trust fund liberals.

  230. And on the hostage issue, I’m starting have real questions about which is actually worse. At least the Jesus Freaks are principled about their dogma.

  231. LOL Admin at the NYTimes Delegate count!

    It would seem that some of these people know what they’re talking about. If you look at their running totals, they only include actual real live pledged delegates. Seems they were paying attention when the Nevada brou-ha-ha erupted.

    It looks like the caucus states select delegates to attend interim conventions where the official national delegates will be selected. Different states have different rules, of course. If I remember correctly, IA binds the elected delegates to a particular candidate at least for the first round of voting, NV doesn’t bind the delegates at all. That’s why the Democratic Party Leader was adamant about not giving delegate breakdowns…because any delegate can vote any way they want at the interim convention.

    In any case, as the NYTimes correctly points out, most of the delegates in the caucus states will be determined at a later date. They may very well break the way people are interpretting, but the pledged delegates are not yet in play. I find this MOST amusing! Obambi didn’t come close to getting more delegates on Super Tuesday.

  232. re: HWC, any idea if those 20 you describe will be evenly divided?

    I’m not HWC, but I wanted to know how CA would split last night so I used the spreadsheet that the Obama supporter posted on MyDD before the election:


    It lists all the CDs along with his prediction for how it would break. CA lists actual CD percentages on the website so I went through each CD and I came up with a final result of H:136 to B:105 then added the two pools of Statewide at large for a total of H:208 to B:162 which means Hillary comes out with a 45 delegate advantage. Open Left predicts H:202 to B:163 with 5 TBD. The NYTimes number leaves 20 delegates TBD.

  233. That re-vote idea for MI and FLA is very interesting. They should be done right away though so they have time to do it once more if BHO doesn’t win the first re-vote.

    Yesterday I posted some numbers from CNN saying Hillary had 1113 delegates and BHO had 963. Here is how that happened:

    At the beginning of the first hour of the Situation Room on CNN, Wolf Oblitzer said the totals were very close, and possibly even showing a slight lead for Obama. Much later in the hour John King was going over the numbers on the board, as he so often does. He clearly showed and read the numbers quoted above.

    That doesn’t mean the numbers are accurate considering where they came from. It’s also very likely that Oblitzer gave John King hell later.

    A week or two ago someone posted a photo showing the head man at CNN on political reporting. A name was given, but I don’t remember it. It seems he was a VP or other higher up. The fact that he is AA merely opens room for speculation. I know no more than I just posted.

  234. hwc, above here, was talking about hostages. Let’s not forget


    The delegates, or at least their voters, in MI and FLA are being held hostage by the DNC.


  235. WTF ?SO IT WILL BE A RE-VOTE IN FLORIDA AND MI?I can’t believe you people are for this if this is going to be the case.I am not down for that.
    And Hillary is ok with this?Bye bye Dem’s
    You just made the Republicans win again
    I hope you people are thrilled

  236. Good MOrning All,

    I am reading this blog for some months now as I am a big Hillary supporter, however I am not posting a lot as I think this is your election and who am I in Europe to tell you what I think.

    Anyway I strongly believe that Hillary is the best choice not only for you in the US, but that she would really be able to bring positive impulses to the rest of the world too.

    When I hear Obama speaking about likeability I get sick as I believe that she is very likeable and he is an arrogant superficial a….

    I wonder if her campaign has the best possible strategy as i my opinion they fail to point out Obama’s weaknesses. I know that big media makes this very difficult and I already complained several times at cnn for their Obama-celebrations.

    If it is legal for a candidate to accept contributions from outside the US I would like to transfer some money.

    Anyone can tell me if I can?

  237. Vanity, the re-vote idea has been floated by the DNC. I’m not sure what MI thinks about it yet, but the Dem chairman in FLA says they will not do it.

    Even with your strenuous objection to the re-vote idea, you may have the most positive view for it of anyone here. LOL. My dumb joke is merely to emphasize the point. You aren’t going to find anyone here who is for it.

  238. Good morning, Hillfans.

    Talked with a Hillary worker at UNH here in NH yesterday and folks who worked in Hillary’s Dover office (and she was just back from Conn.) arrived in ME yesterday. I was telling her about BHO’s stormtroopers that raised such a ruckus downtown on primary day and she told me about the pre-winter break efforts to get students registered to vote .. and the problem at UNH with Rezbama’s imported jackboot squad that was so over-the-top that the Durham police had to be called in to escort them from town.

    This is what ME and other caucus states will now be confronted with … well-trained, well-paid bullies.

    Pass the word on.

  239. Good Morning European: No, I don’t believe you can donate to U.S. presidential candidates. If this were the case I’m sure Hillary would have millions more to spend instead of having to tap into her own bank account. It’s good to see that most of the Europeans I speak to have a very favorable view of the Clintons. Here is what I found on campaign contributions for foreign nationals:

    Unless a foreign national is a legal permanent resident of the United States, he or she is strictly barred from funneling money to political candidates on the federal, state, and even local levels. The prohibition originated in 1966, when the Foreign Agents Registration Act was amended to forbid “any contribution of money or other thing of value” to a political campaign by an agent of a foreign nation. In 1974, the Federal Election Commission was made responsible for enforcing and interpreting the ban when the no-foreigners rule was added to the Federal Election Campaign Act. The language in the act made clear that the ban applied to all foreign nationals, not just lobbyists or government representatives.

  240. Thanks HighlyEducated,

    it makes sense as in fact probably the whole world would contribute to her.

    I will probably send some money to friends in the US and let them contribute.

    Nominating BO means the US will elect the next republican president, which I dont want to see, even if I think MCCain is probably the least evil of the republican candidates.

  241. There is no way Florida will do a re-vote. No freakin’ way. 1.5 million people voted in their Democratic primary and the turn out won’t be nearly as much if they do it again. It makes no sense. What the hell is Dean doing? MI shouldn’t have to vote again either. It was Obambi’s fault for taking his name off the ballot because he wasn’t sure whether he’d get the black vote in Detroit (the mayor was leaning towards Hillary a while back but never made a formal endorsement). Now that Obambi knows he can get 80%+ of the black vote I’m sure he’s all for re-voting in Michigan.

    Oh. For some reason I have MSNBC in the background and they are talking about the “front page news” which is that Hillary is going bankrupt and has to use $5 million of her own money. Do these people have anything else to talk about? Aren’t there people dead in that horrible storm in Arkansas? These people will do anything to make Hillary look like a complete loser. Turning off tv now.

  242. Sherm I know you was not for it but I am sure those obama Cult members are for it.We can ignore Michigan but we shall not ignore Florida for the simple fact that Obama went against the pledge and his name was on the ballot eventho he did tell his bots to vote uncommitted.This man is trouble

  243. Good morning,

    Based on the popular votes organized by CDs, as made available by the CA SOS, Hillary has a +44 CA advantage, not including superdelegates.

    If the absentees haven’t been fully counted, I’ll update my spreadsheet. There are some CDs where the absentees *could* have an impact. For example, CD-01 has a popular vote split C/O 45149/45599 which gives BO 3 del while we get 2. It could conceivably flip. Not sure if all the ballots have been counted statewide yet.

  244. Yesterday, after taking a lot of abuse at DailyKooks in over 154 comments for my Rezbama-Iraq post, the poll results are interesting. Of 71 votes, 59% (42 votes) said that it was time for Rezbama to be vetted, 38% (27 votes) said that they knew enough about him, and 2% (2 votes) said vetting wasn’t necessary, let the Repugs do it. So, at the end of the day, all the anti-Hillary pro-Rezbama BS comes down to the fact that the majority of those polled can see a problem as well. Wonder how the head kook voted.


  245. Obama is beginning to look like a suicide bomber. Hillary fighting to seat the FL and MI delegates, Obama fighting against seating them.

    If Obama should win the nomination this way — would he expect those who voted for Hillary in FL and MI to vote for HIM in November?

  246. I think Hillary should take the advice of somebody here last night….do every local news shows in these states. take her message straight to the LOCAL evening news folks. She needs to hold her support, elderly watch the local evening news. Try to figure a way to reach her supportive youner working and nonworking women without tapping in her funds.

    It is obvious the republicans are funding Obama.

  247. Larry Johnson at No Quarter writes:

    Let’s assume that come the general election, Hillary wins the states she has won and loses the states Obama has won. Similarly, Obama wins the states he has won so far and loses the states Hillary has won. Do the math and tell me who is the more viable candidate.

    Hillary — 205 Electoral votes (FL, NH, AR, NV, MI, NY, NJ, TN MA, OK, CA, AZ)

    Obama — 110 Electoral votes (IA, MO, GA, SC, ID, NM, AL, IL, AK, KS, UT, DE, ND, MN)

    If you are math challenged, you are an Obama supporter.


  248. Is Hillarys money woos, coming rightr out of campaign 101, what I mean is, is this just a ploy to play the under dog for now, then when she out rasies BO in Feb/March. she will be known as the come back girl and a fighter which will/can bring positive news cycle???

  249. Vanity4hillary:
    I know, I was just thinking positive …. because the remaining month is not going to be pretty. Oh well … hpofully Bill will get out and do some major fundrasing. 🙂

  250. I think Hillary has real financial problems. I already donated a lot of money, but it is of course only a drop ion what she really needs.
    On the other hand I take pride in making some Obama supporters mad with my comments – it is amazing to see people chanting ” yes we can” without really any clew to what they are talking about. I heard one persistent rumor from a friend of mine who is a member of DNC.
    According to him – establishment Democrats are feeling threatened by Obama and his movement due to total lack of any control over them whatsoever. So what sounded like a good idea in the beginning – now became real threat to the establishment. Obama is very very ambitious and rarely listens to advice. He is followed by an entourage of followers from lower level of Democratic party which was shut out of the higher positions due to their uncontrolled behavior. Also Obama is openly bragging about cleansing Democratic party of all it’s establishment. While I can agree to certain degree that this is indeed needed – I am not comfortable with the idea that all democratic party will become one big Obama crowd. So as a result – there is a wide consensus among middle level democrats and most of the Establishment of the democrats to do the following. 1. If Obama and Hillary will go forward as today – with little lead – it is assumed that they will have to find an accommodation between themselves. 2. If Obama is balking at the idea and want to continue the “fight” -then it is considered a danger to the whole of the democratic party and he will be stalled at every step of the way while Hillary will be promoted. 3. Hillary is also going to clean house, but she will not do such a sweeping changes inside the leadership of the DNC – due to her very friendly relations with them. So it is assumed – she is more safe.
    How about that scenario?

  251. HWC, I love you map. Province town makes me happy. Rich folks strongly for Hillary. The difference, they are gay. Gay’s strongly support her.

  252. I just can’t believe that the Clinton Machine let this happen. They are too controled and disciplned to let this happen.

  253. As a MI voter, I have sent an email to Mark Brewer (Chair, Michigan Democratic Party) (mbrewer@michigandems.com) explaining that a do-over is ludicrous. First, I already voted! The expense of a caucus is not responsible. In addition, it is obvious that this idea is to cover for a candidate who thought so little of of Michigan voters, that he voluntarily left his name off of the primary ballot. I urged that the state convention validate the January 15 results, and DNC seat the delegates.

  254. Good morning back at you, Hillfriends:
    B Merry is right – Obamabots are thugs. They bully their own community and women; they guilt the limousine liberals. Secret ballots are their enemies. I see it every day here in O-land.
    Second, lending her campaign money may be a great strategy.
    1. The media smells blood in the water, so they report it – incessantly! (Think of John McCain)
    2. This gets the word out to regular Hillfans that she NEEDS THEIR HELP! They CAN make a difference!
    3. It calls Bam-Bam out as a liar – HE’s the one who has the fat-cats, the establishment, the high-rollers, who fills auditoriums with 25,000 of his closest friends.
    4. She is the one who spends her time listening to people, preparing for her job, communicating her plans. This is not very lucrative.
    5. He’s simply on a rock tour – repeating (reading, really) the same speech – FROM 2004 – to a new crowd. VERY lucrative, not very substantive.
    Hillfriends, I’ve got to go to work now – I probably won’t check in until later this evening.
    I hope to hear from Admin by then, so we can start “ripples on the pond.” G’day.

  255. Parts of the article that all of us should read


    With no breakout winner in Tuesday’s Democratic primaries, Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama on Wednesday began fortifying for a drawn-out nomination fight, with Mrs. Clinton disclosing that she had lent her campaign $5 million while Mr. Obama raised $3 million online in a single day and rejected calls for more debates…………

    The narrow margin in delegates, and the growing likelihood that it will remain close, prompted concern on Wednesday from the chairman of the Democratic Party, Howard Dean, who said Tuesday night that Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton should avoid taking the nominating fight all the way to the party convention in August.

    “I think we will have a nominee sometime in the middle of March or April,” Mr. Dean said Wednesday on the NY1 cable news channel, “but if we don’t, then we’re going to have to get the candidates together and make some kind of an arrangement. Because I don’t think we can afford to have a brokered convention; that would not be good news for either party.”

    An adviser to Mr. Dean said Wednesday that he had not discussed the idea with either candidate………..

    At his news conference, Mr. Obama also rejected calls by Clinton advisers and some Democrats for more televised debates; the Clinton camp had proposed one debate a week through March 4.

    “I don’t think anybody is clamoring for more debates,” Mr. Obama said. “We’ve had 18 debates so far.”

    Mr. Obama added that he would agree to at least one debate, but noted, “It’s very important for me to spend time with voters.”

  256. Absolutely, CD99. And, if I don’t hear from Admin later, I’ll post an email address where big pink activists can reach me.

  257. By the way, H’fans – would it be sweet to put away the nomination in March – Women’s history month! It’s great to have a goal!

  258. Mr. Obama added that he would agree to at least one debate, but noted, “It’s very important for me to spend time with voters.”

    um, hello! you can spend time with more than 1 million voters in one single night if you do debate. i swear i don’t understand why supposedly educated dems support this guy. must be the prestigious harvard thing.

  259. my gut tells e that the month of feb may hold some suprises..hrc has experienced this before..i don;t care how muchmoney bo raises..i want hrc to raise enough to compete…look where mccain was..he just kept at it.. romney wrote his own check…how did that work?…

  260. ‘Yes we can.” said the BHO fan.
    “You can do what?”, the Hillary fan asked.
    “We don’t know,” answered the BHO fan.
    “Then why do it?”, asked the Hillary fan.
    “Uh..uh..uh…uh,” replied the BHO fan.

    That’s our competition?

  261. he doesn;t want to have any more one on one debates–he does not do well…i am not sure more debates are needed…she does very well meeting with voters..she explains her policies and does not preach to them as he does…

  262. Welcome Fran, glad to have you.

    MJS: You really didn’t say anything groundbreaking. We all knew that Obama would carry the caucus states. If you search my posts, you will see that I said that he should win at least 5 of the 6 caucus states. The only primary states where we missed was MO and KS.
    Regarding your projections, everyone here on this bbs thinks that D.C, LA and MD have the demographics for him to win i.e Large concentrated AA populations. We have turned our eyes to VA, PA, Oh and Tx. We do thinkt hat she should compete in WA and MN. I’m sure that her goal is to keep the delegate count very close although we know and her team knows that they those caucuses and states favor him.

    Right now, it’s not time for bragging, we’re trying to get the word out, GOTV with phone calling and doing what we can to raise money for Hillary.

    I’ve done my part and I’m working on spouse who announce with no prodding from me that he was going to send money for hillary. He is at most a-political although he does watch a bit of news. I tuned out the news yesterday and after having taking a 1/2 day off from work, I retired to bed early.

    I woke up this morning and he said, ‘I hear that Hillary is broke’ then he ran on about how he doesn’t trust Obama and that the media is bias before he said, I’m going to send hermoney’.

    If more side lined folk think like my husband, I’m sure that she will reach her goal and then some.

  263. Sigh of relief: Texas’ voting only awards 1/3 of its delegate shares based on their precinct conventions/caucuses, while 2/3 are awarded through primary voting, which means, out of 193 pledged delegates only 67 will be awarded based on the results of the precinct convention and 126 from the primary vote. We’ll still fight for every vote, but this is much better news.

  264. can you believe the stupid dnc now doesn’t have enough available mailbox space left to take messages….when you hit 0 for other options it just cuts you off.

    this is freakin unbelieveable.

    yes a republican will most likely be in office again

    screw you DNC

  265. REgarding the poster who wrote, ‘Positively Clintonian’. I have to agree with you to the degree that they let this slip out in the media that she is broke, what better way than to motivate supporters who support her but have not donated and are just sitting on the sidelines.

    I think that she will be fine as the real test comes for her on 3/4 in TX and Oh. We just need to hope that he doesn’t build up mass momentum with his wins in the interrim.

    I would think that they need to get surrogates on the MSM with talking points:
    She won the youth vote in CA, she is bringing more people to the process- don’t let this go unchallenged. She won by huge margins in NY and MA and CA. She is the one winning the democratic race.

    yes, he won more states but they are Red states that we have no chance of winning in NOv and in all of the caucus states, very few came out to vote.

  266. One more thing: no matter what he says, time is NOT on BO’s side – the more they look under the covers, the more Americans will learn that there’s no “there” there. No wonder he’s preaching “the fierce urgency of now.” Time is NOT on his side.
    The more people get to know and work with Hillary, the more they like and respect her. Think of upstate New Yorkers. Time may be our good friend.
    Gotta go to work. Really.

  267. Letter from Patti Solis Doyle, Campaign Manager
    David Plouffe, Campaign Manager
    Obama for America
    P.O. Box 8102
    Chicago, IL 60680

    Dear David:

    Congratulations again on your victories Tuesday night. As Senator Obama declared, it was a great evening for Democrats.

    One of the things I’ve always appreciated about the Democratic Party is its willingness to engage the toughest issues facing our country, even if we don’t always agree on how best to solve them.

    After seven years of a Bush administration that has left the economy struggling and our health care system in crisis, Americans are certainly facing their fair share of challenges and deserve to hear how the candidates for the nomination will address them.

    As such, I was disappointed to see that Senator Obama rejected the idea of having more debates given the fact that he and Senator Clinton have had only a single one-on-one debate. I think we can do better and so does Hillary.

    Senator Clinton believes voters should have more than one opportunity to see the candidates discuss the issues and has accepted five debates between now and March 4th from CNN, MSNBC, WJLA, ABC and Fox News.

    To that end, we hope Senator Obama will join Senator Clinton for a debate a week beginning this weekend. I’m sure we can find a suitable place to meet on the campaign trail. There’s too much at stake and the issues facing the country are too grave to deny voters the opportunity to see the candidates up close.

    As Senator Obama has said, “In an era when Americans are rightfully skeptical about the quality of our politics, let us set an example [they] can be proud of and give them the kind of campaign they deserve.” We couldn’t agree more.


    Patti Solis Doyle
    Campaign Manager

  268. johnflint1985 Says:

    February 7th, 2008 at 9:18 am
    He is trying to bankrupt her while promoting his campaign.

    exactly. he acts all innocent and says things that should make an educated voter know otherwise. what do they call this? “bamboozled”? “hoodwinked”?

  269. So…I’m trying to scour the online news this morning. Does anyone have anything interesting I can check out?

  270. and BTW, I will NEVER vote for someone who takes money from NUCLEAR POWER CORPS, never never never…..and I will NEVER vote for someone who didnt’ even bother to show up at the global warming debate…..NEVER!!!

  271. I love Patti Solis Doyle. She is a great leader for our community. Along with HRC, she makes an excellent role model for girls.

  272. CNN mentioned Hillary has raised 3 million in one day, and that her campaign is using the momentum to match her funds.

  273. Why not start a campaign to get Lieberman to start airing Obama’s baggage? He certainly could do it… And for the people suggesting Obama as VP, why not Harold Ford Jr? He doesn’t have the baggage that Obama has…

  274. DemHawk — good suggestion about Lieberman but I think that the strategy will be that McCain will be keeping the Rezbama info in his pocket unless he needs it. No point in telling everything you know before you know whether it’ll be necessary.

  275. Hey guys, I know you all have donated, I am sure we could do more and donate some more. We have to keep pace with Obama and Moveon who are raising for Obama. Let’s carry Hillary to the finish line.

  276. ford has his own baggage.

    i think we need to start going after the latte liberals and tell them, convince them that obama is freaking republican. hello?!

  277. BTW, I pointed out in response to a comment at RW that jury selection for the Rezko trial starts March 3rd. You can count on at least one article per day for each major Chicago newspaper — I’d anticipate at least a morning, afternoon, and post-court time posting — in addition to wire services, teevee and radio reports — with every single one of those mentioning the ties between Rezko and Obama.

    Eric Zorn of the ChiTrib has encouraged Rezbama to come forward and share what he knows now before the trial starts. Ain’t gonna happen .. to Rezbama’s future regret. I doubt he realizes how much coverage the trial is going to get in the midst of a presidential primary.

    Can you say “gotcha”?

  278. Ford is fine. There’s a little family bs there, but I don’t think that would be a big deal. No one is pefect in politics.

  279. I may have found some more dirt on Obama, I did some research and wrote this up based on several published accounts…

    “When you’ve got drug companies and insurance companies spending $1 billion on lobbying over the past 10 years, then it shouldn’t be any wonder that the health system works well for insurance companies and drug companies but doesn’t work well for you.” ~ Obama

    Despite intensifying his rhetoric against Washington lobbyists controlling the political system, the Obama campaign has hired Billy Vassiliadis as a senior adviser with the Obama campaign.

    Vassiliadis is a longtime Democratic operative who has been a fixture in many statewide campaigns. He’s also a registered Nevada state lobbyist representing some of the United States largest companies.

    Although Vassiliadis is not a registered federal lobbyist, his firm, R&R Partners, has a Washington, D.C., branch that lobbies Congress.

    The client lists of the lobbyists on Obama’s Nevada steering committee do not include drug or insurance companies.

    But Vassiliadis’ firm lists Pfizer as a client, advertising on its Web site that is has worked with “state legislators, governor’s office, and state agencies … to protect and promote Pfizer’s position as a leading drug manufacturer.”

    As a member of Obama’s steering committee, Vassiliadis will plays an integral role in organizing the campaign and advising on such aspects as marketing and message.

    “I will be supporting him financially,” Vassiliadis’ said.

  280. from http://www.politicalwire.com,

    The Clinton campaign tells Political Wire they raised $4 million since the Super Tuesday polls closed from 35,000 new donors.

    Meanwhile, the Obama campaign reports raising $5.8 million since the polls closed on Tuesday.

  281. Some of Barry’s Big Wins, their electoral votes, the results of the LAST presidential election, and the last time ANY democrat won the state

    Alabama (9EV) 2004 Bush 1,176,394
    Kerry 693,933
    total 1,883,449
    Most recent D victory 1976

    Alaska (3EV) Bush 190,889
    Kerry 111,025
    total 312,598


    Utah (5EV) B-663,742


    Idaho(4EV) B-409,235


    Kansas (6EV) B-736,456

    N. Dakota (3EV) B-196,651


    Georgia (15EV) B-1,914,254

    1992(Bill Clinton)

    Obama’s BIG WINS. What if the results last night had been reversed, today WOULD be Obama’s coronation, it’s only because it’s Hillary who won NY CA NJ NM AR TN and (wait for it….) MA! that it wasn’t considered to be a crippling blow to his candidacy. Imagine the headlines if he had won her states and she won these…

    ev=electoral votes
    Alabama (9EV) 2004 Bush 1,176,394
    Kerry 693,933
    total 1,883,449
    Most recent D victory 1976

    Alaska (3EV) Bush 190,889
    Kerry 111,025
    total 312,598


    Utah (5EV) B-663,742


    Idaho(4EV) B-409,235


    Kansas (6EV) B-736,456

    N. Dakota (3EV) B-196,651


    Georgia (15EV) B-1,914,254

    1992(Bill Clinton)

    Which of these important states will any democrat win and how crucial would any of them be to victory in November? The Obama phenomenon is a media construction of the first order that evaporates on closer examination…

  282. oh no, don’t get me wrong but i do think that the ford family is weird. also, something that bothers me about harold ford is that he didnt’ pass his bar exam. other than that, i absolutely think the world of him. he is VERY smart and talks fast, which is by far the opposite of obama’s stuttering and stammering.

    ford ran circles around the fart nose from chattanooga during debates.

  283. Marie Coco’s thoughts on the Hillary and the economy(stupid!)

    February 07, 2008
    Economic Woes Lift Clinton
    By Marie Cocco

    WASHINGTON — Kitchen-table worries trumped even the charisma of Camelot. This theme has sounded again and again since the Democratic primary contests began, yet neither the national media nor, apparently, the Obama campaign can hear it.

    The deafening buzz that heralded Barack Obama’s supposed surge of support heading into Super Tuesday was drowned out by the quiet casting of ballots. Traditional Democrats gave Hillary Clinton convincing victories in most of the largest states, where votes had to be won among economically and racially diverse groups and where the most delegates were at stake. Obama racked up huge margins in smaller, caucus states, the sort of contests where liberal activists dominate.


  284. MJS: I’m sorry, I have to keep it real. I don’t believe that you have a friend who is high up in Obambi’s campaign and that he is feeding you info. Sorry. Anything that you have said here or ‘predicted’ was logically worked out by other serious commentors here including me.
    karen: Could not have happen. If al Gore really said that, that would have a rippling effect throughout the media and it hasn’t.

    Guys, if it sounds too good to be true, it ususally is. Don’t waste time trying to get ‘insider’ info that is not there. It’s out in the public. He will outraise and will do better in the next upcoming contests. His goal right now is to poison the well against superdelegates. I heard Donna Bazile(close BO fan) on CNN Wolf Blitzer say that she will resign from DNC if superdelegates decide the race. What a hypocrite! Why didn’t she work to change the rules before this scenario.

    The fact is, yes Obama hasmore money but he is also burning through it. That fact has given him extra mileage in the media.

    Hillary does need money but is not broke. I suspect that she will do good in the month of feb. for fundraising. The fact that the next races are spread out will help her.

    Caucuses- Expect Obama to win all or just about ll including DC and probably MD and LA. Expect VA to be hotly contested and I do believe that she has an excellent chance to win that state.

    OH and TX as well as PA should be states that she does well in.

    Fact: The more voters see and hear Hillary they like her and realize that she is not a ‘witch’ like they have been conditioned to believe.

    Fact: The more they see and hear her in debates, they realize that she is the smarter of the two and has really great ideas.

    Do not be drawn in by spin or ‘insider’ talk. What can we do? That is the question.

    Contribute to http://www.hillaryclinton.com and get others to do. Spread the link.

    Make phone calls. In the past, I have been reluctant to do that but starting Friday, I will pledge to call for 1 hr a day.

    This may seem small but if thousands do it, it can make a difference. REad the story in the San Fran. newspaper abouthow she won CA. They made over 12mil calls and 2 mil between 5-8pm on TT.

    That did it.

  285. kaffen, If you want to learn more on BO’s modus operendai read this article:


  286. I still feel that the caucus’ coming up, don’t automatically translate into Obama victories. Just my 2 cents.

  287. Clintondem99, yes, Obambi is a slimy wolf in sheep’s clothing. I am convinced there is something to this Billy Vassiliadis (and perhaps another link to Rezko).

  288. tinurones, everyone should do calling! You don’t have to do it for hours, just commit to do it for an hour a day. Heck, commit to do it for 30 min a day!


  289. meiyingsu….I live in Austin. The white vote is primarily Bush country (McCain and Ron Paul also figure prominently). There is a large contingent of libertarians here too. There is a huge Hispanic population throughout Texas, although alot are illegals. There are pockets of Hillary support in Austin, but alot of the younger UT students are with Obambi. Austin is the most “progressive” of all Texas (perhaps due to UT, but other factors like California natives and internal companies contribute as well).

  290. boxer.senate.gov/

    every office with phone number is listed. I called everyone of them and left a message. I will call again when their offices open.

    everyone call or email.

  291. Questions:

    kaffeen / February 7th, 2008 at 10:12 am
    Billy Vassiliadis is also well acquainted with……Antoin Rezko.

    kaffeen / February 7th, 2008 at 10:20 am
    Clintondem99, yes, Obambi is a slimy wolf in sheep’s clothing. I am convinced there is something to this Billy Vassiliadis (and perhaps another link to Rezko).

    I googled Vassiliadis and Rezko and found nothing. Links please.

  292. meiyingsu, Hispanics are the MAJORITY in Texas. A lot of Hispanic voters have an affinity for the Clintons, especially in South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley. Houston, Dallas and San Antonio comprise the largest cities in the state. Houston has a large multi cultural population. Home to a very large multi-ethnic Asian population, Hispanic and AAs also make up a sizable majority. San Antonio is a predominately Hispanic community, home to an air force base and an army medical facility. Dallas is home of the “thirty thousand dollar millionaires” but boasts a very younger demographic.

  293. “McALLEN, Tex. — During the first nine months of this year, Sen. Barack Obama raised just $2,086 for his presidential campaign from people who live in and around this border town of stucco bungalows and weed-covered farm lots, and most candidates raised even less. But Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Democratic front-runner, has already raised more than $640,000 here, and her campaign expects to collect even more.”


  294. Please, Al, endorse Hillary already! I’ve always liked him too, he was who I’d first hoped would run. The rumbles lately that he’d endorse Obama–I’ve been so sick. Is he gonna join that boy’s club too? Imminent environmental collapse is honestly my top concern; there are so many bad signs lately, not just climate instability, other enormous ones too, mass extinctions are happening now. In my opinion, environmental collapse affects EVERYTHING else, and plenty of other collapses (social, economic, governmental!) will follow if humans don’t address the myriad of pollution and resource problems they’ve created.

    I don’t know how much Clinton can and will do environmental-wise, don’t want to get my hopes too high because there might be a lot of resistance from others around here (as usual with humans unfortunately), but I think she’ll do something. I like that her campaign keeps discussing alternative-energy resources. They are a necessary part of changes that should be implemented, like, yesterday. The Bush crowd has rushed this country to an environmental precipice, though even without him, things still would have been bad. They’re just really, really, really bad now. He’s been the straw on the proverbial back. Hopefully, humanity can get that back back into some shape soon….

    Hi there, Tiburones and thanks. By the way, I called and my donation to Hillary will be in the mail today! I’ve lost my donating-to-a-political-campaign virginity, hehe.

    That thing with the caucuses for Michigan and Florida sooooo turns my stomach! Can the proObama bias be anymore transparent considering Obama and his bullying campaign had done better in caucuses? So millions of people’s votes might not count then, only maybe the votes of some higher ups and their finageling, who might override the will of the people in those states? Wake me up from this nightmare because this sure don’t sound like a democracy.

  295. B Merryfield……

    You might want to check out Rezko’s gambling initiatives. He tried to bring Casino Gambling to Illinois. Vassiliadis is connected to Casino Gambling in a HUGE way (perhaps even a “made” way).

  296. Thanks ChrisC,

    I am not happy though! I thought Hillary leads even without SDs. Or will that change after California is counted?

  297. B Merry…

    But two of Obama’s bumbles came on more-sensitive topics. On Nov. 14, 1997, he backed legislation to permit riverboat casinos to operate even when the boats were dockside.

    The measure, pushed by the gambling industry and fought by church groups whose support Obama was seeking, passed with two “yeas” to spare — including Obama’s. Moments after its passage he rose to say, “I’d like to be recorded as a no vote,” explaining that he had mistakenly voted for it.

    The senator who led the opposition to the gambling measure, Republican Todd Sieben, said he took Obama at his word that the initial vote was an error. But Sieben also said the thin margin of victory was a sign that perhaps there was more to the vote than met the eye. “He was obviously paying attention to this vote. It was a major, major issue in the state, and it was a long debate,” Sieben said. “The inadvertent ‘Oops, I missed the switch’ — I’d be kind of skeptical of that.”

  298. Ugh, that should have been “there might be a lot of resistance from others around her.” I got five hours of sleep last night, better than the night before, but still not enough apparently!

  299. bambi is going to make this about people with big money vs people with little money….our little money can vote at the booth

  300. I think Austin (Travis County) is likely to go in his favor, but there are a lot of old time Democrats who will make the case for her there: Sarah Weddington (Roe v. Wade), Liz Carpenter (Press Secretary to Lady Bird), Roy Spence (GSD&M (ad agency)), Gary Mauro, etc. BHO will make it close because of the 1/3 votes that will come from the precinct conventions/caucuses, but I think Hispanic voters will come out in droves for her in South Texas and West Texas (which includes El Paso) and give her the primary vote advantage. [Side note: Travis County was the only county in the state that did not vote for Bush; it was the only shade of blue in a sea of red].

  301. You’re welcome European,

    This scorecard does not have complete CA or NY delegates, as some of those are still being determined. Alot of what we see on MSM are based on exit polls.

  302. was speaking with someone who worked for Clinton’s senate campaign in 2000 and he said the Boxer thing – with the messy divorce from HRC’s brother – could be the sticking point.

  303. One thing to keep in mind is that many Texans never have had to attend a precinct convention/caucus in the past; it will be teaching a dog new tricks, but I think it can be done.

  304. tiburones, I am with you on this. I am highly doubtful that an Obama source deep inside their campaign is feeding info. I think what is available in the public square is good enough for me to be a passionate supprter of Hillary.

  305. B Merry,

    Also, I would look (and am looking) for links with R&R Partners (Vassiliadis firm), Rezko, Rezmar (Rezko frim), Chris Kelly (Indicted w/ Gambling).

  306. BTW, I am not a fan of the Rightie NewsMax although they do sometimes have some good info. Today I was contacted by them to let me know that an article which I had cited THEY had found to be unsubstantiated. I removed that info which did not change the RW article in any way. Nice to know that some folks in the media actually DO show some journalistic integrity.

  307. Last thing about Texas: You can only participate in a precinct convention if you have already voted . . . so reminding people to go back to their precincts immediately after the polls close and explaining why they need to, despite having already voted, is going to be a stickler. I’m hoping the news media does a better job of educating Texans, whose primary was never this important.

  308. kaffeen, would you like to submit a “guest post”? I would edit/fact check but am open to the idea. In fact, this offer is open to anyone. We just have to be very careful of facts versus rumor.

  309. B, I would be happy to contribute to RW, I’m still researching this and looking for substantiated and documented links. It is well know that Vassiliadis = gambling. I am sure there is documented proof of his or related involvement, just gotta find it. I don’t want to say how I got this, but let’s just say it was divine intervention.

  310. “I don’t think anybody is clamoring for more debates,” Mr. Obama said. “We’ve had 18 debates so far.”

    So … let’s clamour for some more debates. 🙂 Better to contact Fox and the other news media, than just contacting Obama.

  311. meiyingsu, regarding your demographics question:

    TX is now a majority minority state, which means that less than half the population is white anglo. It’s roughly 35% Latino, 12% AA, 4% Asian.

    Texas is largely white evangelical in the northeast, and as you move west and south it turns brown. Here in San Antonio, in south central Texas, we are about 80% Latino, and we are the 7th largest city in the country, bigger than San Diego or Detroit or Indianapolis. El Paso is similar, largely Latino.

    Austin is probably the only latte liberal city, college town. Dallas is the money city, but pretty red. The vast majority of the AA vote is centered around Houston. Texas is a BIG military state, with several bases – which is mostly how Bush was able to turn it red – national security concerns.

    TX will come down to getting out the vote, especially in the Latino community.

    I will notify here as soon as a Texas calling tool is up in Hillary’s site. WE NEED TO CALL AND GET OUT THAT VOTE!!!!

    There is no same day registration here, the deadline has already passed. But it is an open primary, unfortunately, so there will be Indie and Repub crosssover voting. However, McCain is popular here, and Ron Paul is HUGE, so hopefully that will draw them to their own primary and keep them out of ours.

  312. For RW, I am keeping the discussion to just the triangulation of Obama-Rezko-and whomever.

    IMHO — it doesn’t matter whether or not Obama knew the details of anything Rezko was doing. The fact is that nearly everything has been mentioned in the Chicago newspapers, nevermind other means of contact or other sources of info. Someone with a Harvard degree who was the editor of the Law Review, who worked for a Chicago law firm, who married MO who worked for Daley’s city hall, etc., just can’t claim that his decisions are bone-headed and he was dumb as a rock. It goes beyond judgment …

  313. R&R is the name of the Roosevelt Road development project affiliated with Rezmar. But this is a different company.

  314. To Nick Kristoff, on his op-ed in today’s NYT


    Basing your opinion on your personal preference and finding facts to fit your conclusion is disingenuous and frankly, dishonest. Mr. Rich, the pathetic, “why does she even have a column?”, Ms. Dowd, and sadly, you have been (for lack of a better term), “shills”, for the Obama campaign from day one.

    Using an Obama supporter (Eisenhower)to support your contention is something you would ridicule if you were looking objectively at someone else. Your contention about Obama being able to win red states is simply not supported by the empirical historical data, which may be why you fail to cite any numbers.
    Not that I expect to sway your feelings of romance towards senator Obama, but I’ve compiled some real world numbers that you might like to look at.
    The following lists some of mr. Obama’s red state wins, the totals from the last (2004) election, the number of electoral votes for the state, and MOST important, the last time ANY democrat managed to win the state. It is virtually impossible for anyone with any political acumen at all to view these numbers and project a single victory for senator Obama in any of the states he, ‘won”.

    Obama’s BIG WINS. What if the results last night had been reversed, today WOULD be Obama’s coronation, it’s only because it’s Hillary who won NY CA NJ NM AR TN and (wait for it….) MA! that it wasn’t considered to be a crippling blow to his candidacy. Imagine the headlines if he had won her states and she won these…

    ev=electoral votes
    Alabama (9EV) 2004 Bush 1,176,394
    Kerry 693,933
    total 1,883,449
    Most recent D victory 1976

    Alaska (3EV) Bush 190,889
    Kerry 111,025
    total 312,598


    Utah (5EV) B-663,742


    Idaho(4EV) B-409,235


    Kansas (6EV) B-736,456

    N. Dakota (3EV) B-196,651


    Georgia (15EV) B-1,914,254

    1992(Bill Clinton)

    Which of these important states will any democrat win and how crucial would any of them be to victory in November? The Obama phenomenon is a media construction of the first order that evaporates on closer examination…

    I ask you sincerely to review the above and tell me how you can possibly believe that it is senator Obama who can win red states when we already know that Clinton CAN win AR, TN, MO, and several other states that President Clinton carried, as the LAST democrat to win the White House. You are an intelligent man, how can you allow all reason to desert you on such an important topic to our nation’s future?

  315. Pulch, the initials R&R are very intriguing to me. It may just be coincidence, but R&R marketing is Vassiliadis firm (and yes, I am aware that the other R&R is different). Still, R&R (in various forms) pops up rather frequently in Chicago…..hmmmm.

  316. According to CBS, Hillary is at 1065, O at 986 delegates. She is up 3 from yesterday, he is up 2.

    This is agonizingly slow — and unclear. But that’s the latest. With Edwards’ 26, it makes a total distribution of 2075 delegates so far out of 4000+.
    Something like 4040.

  317. Boy, if ever I felt like I was fighting an uphill battle, today is that day.

    And good…that just makes me work all the harder.

    To the person who refered to HRC as “the clit” in another forum today: thanks for that. It provoked me to find another $50 to stick on HRC’s coffers. Keep it up sexist idiots! 🙂

  318. kaffeen, that’s fine. Looking forward to it. With the trial coming up, the more info the better, especially since the search engines are starting to pick up posts and I’m working hard to expand the network.

  319. Yes aubry. And then tried to belittle and ridicule me for condemning it.

    LMAO!! It felt great to find that extra $50 to send Hillary this morning! 🙂

  320. Just something I had to mention: All I hear about from both major news organizations and friends that are BO supports is how much money he raised recently. No mention that Hillary raised $3 million in a day recently after super tuesday (from a campaign e-mail I got.) I just made another contribution–am getting close to the max, but it’s worth it. Yet the news media does not even bother to report anything other than HRC lent her campaign some funds…no mention of the contributions she received after super tuesday yet she is close to matching BO’s supposed major fundraising efforts. It annoys. Even if you can only afford $5 now, go online and contribute something to make HRC 44!!!

  321. Dear Mr & Mrs. Realist,

    Now THAT is what I call two good days.

    Not only did we celebrate huge victories for Hillary all over the country on Super Tuesday, but you matched our success with a breathtaking show of support.

    You exceeded our $3 million goal in less than 24 hours. In fact, we’ve already hit FOUR MILLION DOLLARS! Incredible! And so far, more than 35,000 people — 35,000! — have made online contributions.

    Your response has been so amazing that we are doubling our goal: $6 million in 72 hours.

    I’m simply awed to see everyone stepping up for Hillary. And boy did you pick a good time to do it! We poured our heart, our soul, and — you better believe — tens of millions of dollars into February 5. Now it’s time to build our resources back up for what we know will be a long and hard-fought contest.

    If you’ve been considering whether or not to give, Hillary needs you right now. The next contests for the nomination are just days away.

    Contribute now to help us reach $6 million by midnight Friday.

    We have the best candidate. We have the best strategy. All we need to win are the resources to put our plan into place. And we are depending on you.

    You accomplished something incredible in the last 24 hours — $4 million contributed and 35,000 online donations. We know you can sustain our campaign when we need you the most.

    Let’s reach a new milestone for Hillary — help us raise $6 million by midnight Friday.

    Contribute today to help us reach our new goal.”

    Let’s all give just a little more….

  322. Radical: If it creates the perception that he is the front runner, so be it. I’d rather be the underdog, despite how frustrating it is to hear the MSM’s love fest with BHO.

  323. Idunn, yes, definitely get a bumper sticker *and* contribute. I have my sticker at the top of my tailgate on my truck. It is right in the face of anyone behind me….lol 🙂

  324. those obama fundraising numbers are a bunch of hooey IMO

    also, he” looking more and more like somebody’s wallet and that won’t sit well with voters

  325. Let’s get the CAMPAIGN to advertise on his (Hilton’s) site with a link to contribute. Unorthodox, perhaps, but if you folks are right about his traffic, it could be productive…

  326. JAS, You made some reference to the Clinton machine, and I assume you were referring to the money situation. Hillary’s raised a record amount of money for a Dem candidate. Obama, however, has and is raising ungodly amounts, and that put her in a hole she has no control over.

    I also agree wholeheartedly that Obama is now the front-runner, despite the delegate count being slightly in Hillary’s favor. Frankly, I’ve felt she’s the underdog since her Iowa loss. The DNC needs to dump this proportionate delegate system, too. And I urge everyone here to read Taylor Marsh’s post on why McCain will be formidable GE opponent. We need to get this thing resolved very soon. The longer this drags on, the worse our chances are in November.

  327. Done Hillaryfor Texas.

    And I made it a point to let the DNC know that they will not recieve another dime from me until the Florida and Michigan delegates are seated.

  328. I really don’t want to get hopes up but Oh my god, have you heard the latest, a possible Gore endorsement of Hillary on the way

    CNN aired the Gore clip on super Tuesday. After he voted, he was asked about endorsing, he stated “I’m trying to stay out of it but I hope “she” wins”. Further, he stated that “she ” is the only candidate who will implement a renewable energy/environmental plan. He will put aside his differences to help the environment and he can help HRC. I’ve just seen rumors on other forums to the effect, its being said this was the “huge” one rumoured for Super Tuesday and it may be soon.

    Obama supporters heads will explode if it happens. Cross your fingers guys.

  329. McCain benefited from the winner-take-all policy in the Republican primaries, or so I heard.

    If the Dems had winner take all, Hillary would be in great shape.

  330. I really resent that someone posted something about Gore. I find it hard to believe he said any of that. We would have heard about it.

  331. She certainly has the best environmental plan by far.

    But the Gore rumor was mentioned way above in this thread. I searched for it and found nothing.

    If it had been on CNN, it would be somewhere in yahoo news, wouldn’t it?

  332. It would be beyond ironic if we nominate someone who can’t even win CA, NJ, MI and FL in the primaries, with a huge money advantage and the media in his pocket.

    I also want to comment on johnflint’s post about the DNC reaction to Obama. I have no sympathy; they get what they deserve for front-loading the calendar to help him and disenfranchising FL and MI. Now they’re having second thoughts? Screw ’em. This GE was ours to win, and now we’ve given McCain a head start. Exactly what we didn’t need.

  333. Speaking of voting, have not several thing been made quite clear this year?

    Caucuses are undemocratic, burdensome, and can too easily be manipulated. Period. Whatever happened to the privacy of the voting booth?

    Whereas the interest in the Dem nomination has been high, the ‘new young voters’ that Obama boasts about have not swamped the votes except for IA — where they were bussed in. In fact, it seems that the young vote is at its usual percent.
    Everyone is up, but particularly women are up.

    In the reporting of Obama’s young rich supporters, the media has, at every turn, dissed the senior vote. They cannot believe that seniors can be forward-looking or anxious for change. Therefore, they reason, that the young hold the key to innovation or inspiration. It is enraging to me.

    How much better to chart a new course when you know where we’ve been. When you know what has been tried. When you know what has worked. When you can recognize a bulls**t artist when you hear one. When you can distinguish patriotic from patronizing. When you can tell a workhorse from a showhorse.

    That too becomes clearer with a bit of experience.

    My favorite line of late is from an article about BO’s Chicago reputation: “He was always in the bathroom for the really tough votes.”

  334. I used to live in Texas. The southeastern part of Texas includes Beaumont and Houston and San Antonio and Padre Island. That part of Texas is Clinton Country. Why? B/c they are the work horses of the state. I say she totally has that part of the state. Also, the parts of northeastern, near Oklahoma, that’s all hers. Oh god, I could go on and on, Texas is hers. Not that I want to say it’s in the bag; I just know people down there want solutions and results. They don’t care about looking pretty and being charming and coming from Harvard and being a high-minded liberal.

    Parts of Dallas and Austin and the panhandle, I think, will be problem areas. She needs to go see NASA too in Houston, and keep on pushing for more funding for space exploration in the name of science that help OUR OWN DAMN PLANET!

    Actually, you know what? I think that’s where she could start changing the latte liberal base’s support for Obama. If I were a part of the campaign, I would take some engineers from Houston and have them go to Austin, making Hillary Clinton’s case for global warming and energy independence.

  335. Though there were a lot of Hillary haters at MSNBC, MSNBC as a channel has turned into a propaganda outlet against Hillary some where around the time that she has proposed universal health care. I realize a lot of advertisers on MSNBC are pharmaceuticals. Do you think that there was some back hand signal from their sponsors to go all out against her candidacy? They sure will have a lot of leverage over MSNBC because they have a lot of ads running on msnbc.

    The same pharma lobbyists seem to be heavily contributing to Obama’s campaign in the last two months. This seems to be an oraganized campaign from drug and insurance companies to make sure she does not win.

  336. I’ve just seen rumors on other forums to the effect, its being said this was the “huge” one rumoured for Super Tuesday and it may be soon.

    You’ve seen these rumors today? Did you see the Gore CNN comments? No one else here except Karen saw it.

  337. Would you please tell me how to post a link? There’s a good article in Buck Naked Politics (bucknakedpolitics.typead.com) and I can’t get the post to, well, post!

  338. oh Yeah Texas is definitely Clintons country, and I’m absolutely sure so will Kentucky and indiana and Ohio.

  339. I’ve just been on DU, they are all talking about it and other bloggers too, i can’t vouch for it myself, i can only tell what i’m seeing elsewhere, sorry.

  340. just imagine if she got stephen hawking and al gore on her side! the green economy folks would definitely think about that one.

  341. It’s interesting, though, that the rumors up till now were always about Gore endorsing Obama. So it’s nice to the opposite speculation, at least.

  342. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/hey-dnc-count-every-vote

    The Democratic National Committee has decided that the “first in the nation” status of New Hampshire and Iowa trumps participatory democracy, and is disenfranchising the voters of Florida and Michigan.

    Voters in Florida and Michigan are being unfairly punished for wanting to have a voice in selecting our party’s candidate for president. By refusing to seat these delegates, our party is shutting out almost one in ten Democratic voters from the primary process. This situation is unacceptable.

    Tell Chairman Howard Dean and the DNC to stop behaving like the Bush campaign of 2000 and start empowering voters for change in 2008. Make every vote count, and let the people of Florida and Michigan have a voice!

  343. one can only hope, but if he were to endorse that other “candidate” i’d be very unhappy with a certain Mr Gore

  344. I’ve been on the phone with a precinct list of Dem voters here in San Antonio, mostly Hispanic names. So far NO ONE has been for Obama. All for Hillary. A lot not home this time of day, though, so am leaving messages and will backtrack later.

    I just spoke to one nice lady whose whole family is voting for Hillary. She says her son is in the Secret Service, and was on Bill’s presidential detail, so saw them up close and personal. They LOVE the Clintons. She went on and on. 🙂

  345. Bambi has bamboozled pundits like Brooks, Shields, and others of lesser repute. I marvel at their ability to sit in front of in front of a camera and tell you with a straight face that he represents a new kind of politics and will heal partisan differences

    I beg to differ because I believe we have seen this movie before. A utopian dream, a cult personality, a propaganda machine (MSNBC), and a cast of credulous followers who are emotionally connected to him, suspend analytical judgment, and surrender to group think.

    There is nothing new under the sun.
    wbboei | 02.07.2008 – 04:39 am | #

  346. If we can pull of a NM victory (one precinct outstanding and we’re up 1,092 votes) coupled with our NV win, I don’t think it will be fair to say that BHO has a caucus advantage over us . . . just something to keep in mind when you hear the MSM big kooks spinning any caucuses in BHO’s favor.

  347. Guys I am sorry to say this – but I don’t think Rezko affair will do anything damaging to Obama at this point. Unless we have something 100% connecting to him – no one will listen outside our cirlcle. And to make this known it has to be done by big media. so we should look for something else I think.

  348. LSD, Actually, Hillary’s campaign says he has a caucus advantage, lol.

    I also wanted to respond to something glad (I think) said earlier about MN. I just don’t think Hillary had the resources to compete there.

  349. The very good article:

  350. johnflint, I agree. I’m not assuming anything about Rezko. Perhaps the trial wll embarrass Obama, but no one here should rely on that to damage Obama.

  351. As that trial of Rezko’s gets closer, you watch Obama start to sweat a bit, i’m betting that if they start taking people down like Gov Blagoveich, some people are going to start squealing like pigs.

    the Ironic thing is the Rezko trial starts on March the 3rd, the day before Ohio and Texas, i think we need to make mileage out of that.

  352. I don’t think it would matter to either the press or the Obamatons if Obama stabbed his grandmother through the heart with a butcher knife.

  353. About those Rezbama funds he’s raising — he’s bamboozling his supporters into continuously feeding the kitty — what’s the return on their investment been so far?

    Free? tickets / entry to events?
    4 – Oprahmaloozas
    ?? – mega rallies
    ?? – Super Bowl commercials

    And he just wants them to keep on feeding the bottomless pit.

    It’s an investment in ego for an elitist by elitists not in the future of the Democratic base which just so happens to be the working class.

  354. hillary needs major money right now and some key endorsements….maybe they are waiting in the wings. however, obamas major fundraising since TT is now garnering allhe headlines…again not one thing about clinton

    perception is he has the momentum…

  355. ohhh…right.

    CBS election news. I have checked all the states that they don’t seem to have fully counted and, based on this assumption, it would seem that at the end, HRC will lead by about 16 delegates.

    I wouldn’t put much stock by that — just an attempt to see where they are coming from. They haven’t tallied CO at all yet.


  356. Email received a few minutes ago from our friends at Emily’s List:

    Dear ,

    What a Super Tuesday!

    In state after state, double-digit gender gaps helped create dramatic victory for Hillary Clinton’s historic presidential campaign.

    Gaps of 15 points in California … 18 points in Arizona … 21 points in New York!

    It seems like every time the pundits write Hillary’s political obituary, women voters step in and say “not so fast!”

    Click here to make an immediate contribution to Hillary today.

    The women who are delivering primary victories for Hillary are the very heart and soul of the Democratic party. These are the single moms, the women working double shifts and two jobs, taking care of their children and their parents. These are the Hispanic women who want their children to live the American dream and the senior women who are wondering how they’ll pay for expensive prescription drugs.

    Hillary speaks to these voters — and they are backing her at the polls. But critical primary contests are ahead, and Hillary’s coffers are depleted. She needs our help today to bypass the media filter and get her message straight to the voters who count on her to fight for them. Click here to give now!

    We’ve seen how far pundits like Chris Matthews will go to define Hillary on their terms. We’ve fought back against the gender stereotypes that keep popping up again and again.

    But it’s not going to stop just because we want it to. The only way Hillary can talk to voters unfiltered is if she has enough money to deliver her message of change straight to the grassroots. Click here to help Hillary today.

    Television talking heads don’t understand the lives and pressures of the women who make up Hillary’s core supporters — but Hillary does, which is why she’s got their trust.

    Tuesday night was a huge victory created by women. Hillary won the biggest states and heads into the next round of contests leading in the popular vote, and is in a dead heat in the delegate count.

    Please, click here to keep this historic campaign going.

    Warmest regards,

  357. Will someone explain to me how she can win big states by big percentages and still be so close in delegate count?

    The Democratic party doesn’t appear to be very democratic.

  358. Here is a good source for delegates won, and for potential delegates in upcoming states. If you do the math. You will see that Obama will need alot of help to keep up, much less win.


  359. mj Says:

    February 7th, 2008 at 9:51 am
    What can we do to really make Hillary some money?

    Great idea! How about each of us hold a garage sale every weekend. I have some old Avon products and other old,’new’ stuff that I can sell. I know that I can raise at least $50 and at best over $100.
    What do you guys thing?

    Just got a call from my sis in S Florida. She called to say that she was happy to see Hillary win CA and MA. Asked about Hillary’s money problems. I told her that i donated and she wanted to know how much. She said that she didn’t have much outside of her budget but she would be sure to donate.

    I think that the media slamming her in the press will work to her advantage. My sister called me at WORK and even though she is a Hillary fan, she’s not up and up in the weeds like we are. I’m sending the link to everyone I know.

  360. Just removed my name from the Dem Party email list. They wanted a reason for unsubscribe and I said I wanted nothing to do with a party that is willing to disenfranchise voters in Florida and Michigan.

  361. From Marc Ambinder at the Atlantic.COM:

    “Something has lit a grassfire under the hind quarters of Democrats who support Hillary Clinton.

    In the 24 hours since polls closed on Super Tuesday, as more than $4M in donations from 35,000 new donors have poured into Clinton’s campaign, according to a senior campaign official. (As of 11:00 am, the total is nearly $5M.)”


    Everyone, please forward the fund-raising email to like-minded friends and family. Let us show that we are passionate about Hillary and will not let her fall behind on funds.

  362. Is DNC mining phone numbers from those that called in re the MI and Fl seats.

    I just received a call wanting me to pledge “at least” $50.

    I told the I’m donating to somebody who can get something done…Hillary Clinton.

    I wish I’d thought to tell them not to call me again.

  363. Dot, per the reps I talked with at the DNC, they are recording the calls (statistically). They are also making “notes” that are forwarded to Howard Dean’s office. Supposedly, he reads every one. That would make Mr. Dean a very very busy man these days. I guess that is why we haven’t really heard a peep from him lately…lol.

  364. Yes–once again, come on, Al! Hillary’s supposedly got Whoopi in her corner now. If she had both Al and Whoopi, Hillary would have everything! …Hehe. Whoopi’s another person I’ve always liked; I’m glad she came through on this.

    Just saw some of the stupidity on another site, and it reminded me of one thing that sickens me: the harping on Clinton and Iraq. Now this is one area where she disappointed me, but the anti-Hillary people and/or Obama supporters who keep harping on this amaze me: where were they when Kerry ran? Where was their outrage, their vicious attacking toward Kerry FOR HIS VOTE ON IRAQ? So how come he didn’t get the amount of shit Clinton’s now getting, from her own party even? Why is this now an I-can’t-vote-for-an-Iraq-war-supporter sticking point for many people when it hadn’t been one in 2004? (Actually, it HAD been one for me. I had to hold my nose to vote for Kerry because of his Iraq vote and other reasons, I did not like him, but I still voted because Bush had to be removed and I thought Kerry would try to fix Iraq.) So how come plenty of antiwar people pulled the lever for Kerry without attacking him nonstop about his vote? How come I saw little your-vote-on-Iraq attacking from the left toward him, but I now see more toward Clinton? How come I saw people accepting his past vote, but now those very same people won’t accept hers? I know the Iraq disaster has worsened since then and people are even more fed up, but I think many left-people are being not only hypocritical and just general juvenile Hillary haters, but, yes, misogynistic again too. She can’t do no right, the operative word being “she.”

    Honestly, I listened to Clinton on that last debate, and I realized that her implication that at the time she represented a lot of (IMO foolish) people’s viewpoints is probably true. My view was a minority view. I don’t think Iraq had as much citizen support as the Bush media liked to claim, but for many people, there didn’t seem to be as strong an opposition to it like from someone like me.

    I saw the Iraq fiasco coming a mile away and I was totally against it, I said it would turn into a Vietnam-type disaster, and in my opinion, it has. Maybe not as large a mistake, but still a big mistake.

    BUT but-but-but, this country has got to move forward now and try to fix this mess and other messes Bush and congress have made. If this country harps on every little shitting thing from the past, those messes of today will never get fixed. Hold people’s feet to the fire in the future; you can no longer do anything about their feet in the past.

  365. hawk Says:

    February 7th, 2008 at 11:57 am
    Wow the NY Times has us up 200 almost in delegates. That’s right correct?

    If you noticed they did not add Obama’s Caucus numbers because they are not finalized.

  366. Before TT, the “experts” in the progressive blogosphere and the media were confident about 2 definite scenarios emerging in CA – one where she gets the most delegates and he gets the popular vote and the other was the opposite – he with the greater delegates and she with the popular votes. And the goal posts kept changing. If it was obvious that she might do well in the popular vote, then of course the delegate count mattered more. And vice versa.

    She smoked him in the popular vote and will of course get more delegates.

    Havent heard a squeak from some of these folks lately.

  367. just heard on the news that obama’s campaign has just recievied 5 million since the 5th, they are saying that money is just pouring in, and that ob did not solicite it… and they are saying that hillary had to spend 5 mil of her own money…

    so i hope its true that hillary has some money coming in…

  368. Oh shit! The garage sale idea just made a lightbulb go off in my head! I have several boxes of vintage kitchenware up in the attic. I’ve been meaning to Ebay them for about a year, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

    I’m getting the boxes down TODAY, getting out my camera and posting them on Ebay by the end of the evening. Should be a AT LEAST $100 worth of stuff there.

    Thanks for a GREAT suggestion!

  369. dot, I just unsubscribed from the DNC mailing list and told them why – disenfranchisement of FL and MI, and failure to take a strong stand against sexism. I told them not a dime or a vote for the DNC until they solved those problems. I donated AGAIN to Hillary today, and told them so.

  370. plural Says:
    February 7th, 2008 at 12:12 pm

    because, unlike the Republicans, Democratic primaries are not winner take all. for as long as you reach a certain threshold (%) of votes, you get a number of delegates. although it varies from state to state. you get the point.

  371. OK, I just got two of my friends to donate, and they are calling two friends, and so on…. and so on….. 🙂

  372. Idunn, the garage sale is a great idea.

    Has everyone who visit this blog, including those who are registered and those who aren’t,contributed to Hillary campaign? Has everyone forwarded the fund-raising email to like-minded friends and family?

    Can we set a goal of forwarding the fund-raising email to at least 5 other people?



  373. TPS – did you get the plan yet? If not, I’ll arrange a new email account for this initiative. I want to know what you think.

  374. I donated 100.00 for the first time in my life yesterday. I would do some more soon and often. Hopefully mine and contribution from others, will help the campaign make push in some more states. We need some more good news before March 1st. It is depressing to see that this country is voting to elect a cult leader- who has little to show for in results- into office.

  375. I intend to propose a new entry for Websters Dictionary, since they are constantly updating their contents to reflect current subjects. The entry would read as follows:

    Barack the Bamboozler: a cult figure who preaches change, but is really a shill for the Daley Machine, Republicans and Big Business interests who wish to preserve the status quo.

    The mask came off on Super Tuesday. He lost the major Democratic States by significant margins, and won the smaller Republican states where the party has no chance in the GE. He lost the popular vote by over 600,000. And his demographic base will not win elections.

  376. well since it’ll just be Huckabee and McCain in Ohio…..will that mean a lot of repubs will vote for Obama since they know he can be whipped easier?

  377. DNC numbers:

    202-863-8000 (DC)

    877-336-7200 (Utah, works for DC)

    Call ’em, Call ’em alot. Be Nice, but give ’em hell about disenfranchisement of Florida and Michigan.

  378. Go, RA1029!!! Spread the word, people! She does not need MORE money than Bambi (after all, Romney had way more than McCain), but she needs enough to compete and get her message out!

  379. Folks, there is NO official delegate count and it would seem that every news organization has their own rule of thumb for doing the figuring. Some count SD’s, and caucus pledges while others do not. I respectfully suggest that WE designate the NYT’s count as the OFFICIAL delegate count and start promoting those delegate numbers everywhere.

    Please use the NYT delegate counts when you post here and elsewhere.

    Barry -716

  380. never mind, i found them.

    i’m serious, if they don’t let FL and mI delegates county and enable a republican in democratic clothing, nuclear power puppet, slum lord buddy (totally inexperienced at that!), then I will leave the democratic party on jan 20, 2009

  381. Finally – the media is just starting to question the “Cult of Obama”.


  382. I in Ill: Perfect!!!! That’s the start we want. I think the goal should be $10 for every Hill supporter. Since many can’t even afford that, and they don’t have computers, those that can and do can add another $10 or $20 or more to cover them.

    It’s Lent…spend your cigarette money or your candy money or your beer money on Hill. This is an ecumenical movement: Protestants, Jews, et al and atheists join Catholics for a Lent sacrifice.

  383. dot48: your post at 12:09 pm

    You are dead on. She needs positive news. I have made reference about the Clinton machine, and I will state this again, I can not beleive they let this happen ie.. running out of money and also not getting ahead of the news cycles. Where is the Clinton machine of 92 and 96????? Not to sound negative … but honest… Heads need to roll and Bill needs to take more of an active roll in the “War Room” and get him out fund rasing and dialing for dollars. At this point they need to get 50M + in the next 30-45 days… just to stay in the game. I know the Clintons work best under pressure and behine the 8 ball…. but this is nerve racking !!! (sorry for the spelling typing too fast!!!)

  384. Where can I find out more about the Gore clip on cnn saying he voted for “her.”

    Gore’s endorsement would go a long way to take the sting out of the next wins by the messiah and his messianic children



  385. linfar, I have not heard anything about this in the media. My understanding was that Al and Tipper Gore voted absentee in Tennessee. I don’t think he said any such thing.

  386. I am wondering if she has a war room. I am beginning to believe that it was Hillary’s brains behind BIlls wins and she can’t campaign and run the war room

    I see why carville and begala no show…no money.

    I donated….I wish I had more.

  387. dot48, it is your passion and committment that matters more. Each of us contributing what we can, little streams joining and turning into a mighty river…

  388. Okay, what up coming states do we need to make the most inroads in?

    And how do I go about getting a call list for those states?

  389. Another reason to donate for people who don’t usually contribute is:

    torment the press: contribute to Hillary

  390. Admin: I called Boxer’s office to get some clarity on her position. I was told that she said she would cast her vote as a superdelegate for whoever won the California primary but would not endorse anybody.

    What exactly does that mean?

    I understand that she is a superdelegate, and therefore is not bound by the vote of her constituents. But when she says she will vote for the winner of California then it seems to me that she assumed an affirmative obligation to do so regardless of the options she might otherwise have as a superdelegate.

    If my understanding is correct, then she should be listed as a superdelegate for Hillary and can be counted upon to vote accordingly. True or false?

  391. ROFLMAO now they are calling that abc blogger racist .. LOLLLLL… yayyyy yesterday when I argued with someone about why Obama should be held accountable, they called me racist 🙂

  392. 4get it, i see it under the Romney is Out post. yay for perez!! you know way more people read that site than dailykos…

  393. uh i love Perez guys i am in tears over here.we must make Hillary win this thing.I am so emotional about all of this.

  394. Romney is out of the race…

    So the Republican ticket will be McCain/Huckabee (Evangelicals love him not so much McCain…it’s just my guess), and they will be starting a national campaign.

    While us Dems – it looks like, will be battling it out until Puerto Rico.

    This all bodes well for nobody except the Rethugs.

    I hate my party at times. :/

  395. dot48, Bill invented the war room

    positivelyclintonian Says:

    re Jake Tapper on the “Cult of Obama” — and he’s already been swamped by more than 500 Kool Ade drinkers. Bet he won’t post like that again.


  396. romney had no choice but to drop out. i really wanted him to make a race of it. looks like the real battle is in out own party. HALF WAY TO THE DELAGATES HILLFANS!!!!

  397. I heard Donna Bazile(close BO fan) on CNN Wolf Blitzer say that she will resign from DNC if superdelegates decide the race. What a hypocrite! Why didn’t she work to change the rules before this scenario.

    Donna Brazile is full of crap. She led the charge at the DNC to disenfranchise Michigan and Florida voters.

    Make no mistake, the DNC did this specifically to rob Hillary of a delegate advantage in two of her strongest states. If Florida and Michigan were counted, Hillary would have essentially wrapped up the nomination on Super Tuesday.

  398. OMG, dont’ even get me started with the cry wolf (racist) labeling. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Here at work, many of my friends are black/AA women. I told them that I support Clinton; we were having a group emailing conversation. One of them, just sent out a picture of Hitler and said nothing in the email. I’m so pissed off, I dont’ talk to her anymore. Talk about divding the party! How is that supposed to unify anyone when we show our support for Hillary proudly? I’m pissed off, but I can understand their support of Obama, but to call Hillary’s supporters racist is absolutely degrading to our party. Not to mention emailing pics of Hitler without any commentary….

    at Dkos, if you show your support for Hillary, they automatically call you racist. I guess it’s expected. But, how does that unify anyone? It doesn’t.

  399. Clintonian…… excellent link!

    Political Punch
    Power, pop, and probings from ABC News Senior National Correspondent Jake Tapper
    And Obama Wept
    February 07, 2008 9:43 AM

    Inspiration is nice. But some folks seem to be getting out of hand.

    It’s as if Tom Daschle descended from on high saying, “Be not afraid; for behold I bring you good tidings of great joy which shall be to all the people: for there is born to you this day in the city of Chicago a Savior, who is Barack the Democrat.”

    Obama supporter Kathleen Geier writes that she’s “getting increasingly weirded out by some of Obama’s supporters. On listservs I’m on, some people who should know better – hard-bitten, not-so-young cynics, even – are gushing about Barack…

    Describing various encounters with Obama supporters, she writes, “Excuse me, but this sounds more like a cult than a political campaign. The language used here is the language of evangelical Christianity – the Obama volunteers speak of ‘coming to Obama’ in the same way born-again Christians talk about ‘coming to Jesus.’…So I say, we should all get a grip, stop all this unseemly mooning over Barack, see him and the political landscape he is a part of in a cooler, clearer, and more realistic light, and get to work.”

    Joe Klein, writing at Time, notes “something just a wee bit creepy about the mass messianism” he sees in Obama’s Super Tuesday speech.

    “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for,” Obama said. “This time can be different because this campaign for the presidency of the United States of America is different. It’s different not because of me. It’s different because of you.”

    Says Klein: “That is not just maddeningly vague but also disingenuous: the campaign is entirely about Obama and his ability to inspire. Rather than focusing on any specific issue or cause — other than an amorphous desire for change — the message is becoming dangerously self-referential. The Obama campaign all too often is about how wonderful the Obama campaign is. “

    The always interesting James Wolcott writes that “(p)erhaps it’s my atheism at work but I found myself increasingly wary of and resistant to the salvational fervor of the Obama campaign, the idealistic zeal divorced from any particular policy or cause and chariot-driven by pure euphoria. I can picture President Hillary in the White House dealing with a recalcitrant Republican faction; I can’t picture President Obama in the same role because his summons to history and call to hope seems to transcend legislative maneuvers and horse-trading; his charisma is on a more ethereal plane, and I don’t look to politics for transcendence and self-certification.”

    Then there’s MSNBC’s Chris Matthews who tells Felix Gillette in the New York Observer, “I’ve been following politics since I was about 5. I’ve never seen anything like this. This is bigger than Kennedy. [Obama] comes along, and he seems to have the answers. This is the New Testament.”

    And behold, Obama met them and greeted them. And they came up and took hold of His feet and worshiped Him.

    The Holy Season of Lent is upon us. Can Obama worshippers try to give up their Helter-Skelter cult-ish qualities for a few weeks?

    At least until Easter, or the Pennsylvania primary, whichever comes first…

  400. i Just got the Email from the Campaign 4 MILLION!!! lets keep it up, make it 8MILLION!!! I’m donating again, I don’t care that I’m broke.

  401. Somehow, I don’t think Donna Brazille would have a problem with SD’s if Obama boy was their favorite. She knows, if SD’s decide, it will be Hillary (experience over kool-aid).

  402. From a DC blogger:

    If Hillary was a stock, as an investor I would feel comfortable as I know in what range she trades. Obama would be one of the risky tech ones. Hey, a good speech writer can make anyone sound good.

  403. tru2party, i never did recieve vile stuff like that from obama supporters but i put them in their place quick! i will not tolerate that garbage. i had this obama supporter mention bill past and i corrected him quick on what that has to do on hillary’s run of what bill did? he knew i had him stumped. ignorant obamabots for sure.

  404. hillfans new mexico 99% reporting hillary leads still by 1,000 votes. i hope they finnally call it by the end of the day. not much but another win in hillary’s cap is a morale booster considering no help from richardson.

  405. Donna Brazille has also been a Bush apologist these last few years. Funny how all those types have found their way to the messiah’s abode .

  406. B, I’m glad to see I am not the only person who thinks he is creepy. Some kind of cross between preacher/salesman/cult figure. Once as a young lad, full of innocence, I was part of what could have been considered a cult (nothing well known, just a slice of radical buddhist in the woods somewhere). He reminds me of the “leader” of that group. Very inspirational man, full of shit too.

  407. terrondt:

    The problem with the 1000 vote lead in New Mexico is that the Democratic Party hasn’t even started counting 17,000 provisional ballots.

  408. I think he is creepy too. Harold Ford is too conservative for me, but I am starting to think he’s a better choice.

  409. to tell the truth until a few days agao i never heard of this perez. what is this person all about? i checked his website. dunno what to make of it.

  410. It’s a ogssip site. But he supposedly get 9 million page hits a day. He’s HUGE with the youth crowd. Consider the 5th most influential person online.

  411. mj, i would grab up ford in a heartbeat. aa will be satisified but not the deaniacs. we don’t need the deaniac votes anyway.

  412. terrondt Says:
    February 7th, 2008 at 1:40 pm
    “perez hilton” is a gay cuban american with outrageous hairdos who started this website about celebrities that get updated every so often and he gets hit by 9 million readers every day. so he is a good advertisement for the campaign because people read his site everyday. it’s like reading those tabloids in the supermarket aisles but this you do in the privacy of your own home.

  413. Terron, screw the latte crowd. I don’t think aa’s are deeply tied to Obama. I think they would be just as hppay with Ford, but maybe I’m wrong.

  414. oic, mj. thanks for the info. lol dt, i guess im out of the loop when it comes to celebrity gossip websites.

  415. (The only county left)

    Congressional District 2, NM in general is 99% reported


    Clinton 19,787 55%

    Obama 14,517 41%

  416. i think the media is scared to say anything negative bout the man or else they will be considered racist

  417. B, I’m glad to see I am not the only person who thinks he is creepy.

    I think the antichrist is SUPPOSED to be creepy. It’s in the contract. 😉

  418. v4h, you hid it on the head. how can you hit this guy on the issues without being called out on the likes of brazille and so called black leaders on being racial? wtf, if you hit him on his past changing positions on iraqi funding and be called a racist?

  419. Can’t call ME a racist…I’m a woman of color.

    So then the next attack becomes I’m a femi-nazi.

    LOL….kinda wish I was a gay man. 😉

  420. FYI, I just checked an email account from years ago. It appears that email was still on Kerry’s email list from his Presidential run. Evidently, he still sends emails to that address. Guess what, he has given his mailing list over to Obambi. I deleted the mail account, I hope if everyone does that it will ping Kerry’s server and shut it down whenever they send out an email.

  421. Why won’t “Chicken Obama” agree to debates? Oh, that’s right — he’d rather hide behind mountains of money and TV commercials. Give me a break. I feel like I’m watching a Republican primary.

  422. While reading the Jake Tapper and Taylor Marsh articles it dawned on me (okay, showing my age now) that this reminded me of something — Neil Diamond’s Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show .. so here’s the video from the 60s on Johnny Cash’s show … song starts about 2 minutes in. See if it strikes you the same way.


  423. mj,

    Exactly. Obama got Kerry’s 2004 Presidential nominee list and he also got access to MoveOn.org’s email list.

  424. mj, john kerry run for the president 4 years ago that is why he has the email list with 3 mil address. other endorsement won’t have the 3 mil address.

  425. ford has baggage too, she does not need that. she has clark, bayh, webb and some other people to choose from.
    ford will remind people of bill’s bad boy days.

  426. i’ll say again.. team perez! 🙂 he takes a strong stand for gay rights and has been putting up posts about the primaries all the way, i know he does a lot of trashy material and loves to, but i do think.. if he has 9 million readers he knows he takes a big risk if they don’t like him getting political, anyone can have a backlash. i kind of think it is better than a celebrity endorsement to have a guy who makes a living making fun of celebrities instead of worshipping them 🙂

    also put a thumb in the eye of the so-called “progressive” netroots if one smart gossip blogger can generate more fundraising money than all those obama cheerleaders on daily kooks. HA

  427. Can a Canadian observer and newbie say a few words here?

    I just want to wish you all and the Clintons the best of luck in reaching your goals.

    Most of us remember how well our countries worked together during Bill Clinton’s tenure and are looking forward to an even better relationship with Hillary Clinton as your president.

    As far as her democratic rival goes, it amazes me that his legion of supporters are so taken in by empty rhetoric and false promises that can never be fulfilled.

  428. mj and bmerry,

    I had been on Kerry’s email list and never received any BHO mail until after Kerry’s endorsement. I have now unsubscribed!

  429. What is really evil about Kerry’s email list…..when you click “unsubscribe”, it only unsubscribes from his emails with a particular topic (not his entire list). This means, he can continue to send you other emails with different topics. In addition, this means he could be “selling” his email list or using it for purposes that were not originally intended.

  430. hillfans, i have to admit i subscribe to obama’s email but i subcribed to every campaign except gravel and kushinich. i even subcribed to mayor mike bloomberg. i like to see what they are saying and doing.

  431. The important criteria for VP selection are:

    1) if he/she is qualified to be president if something happens to the president
    2) if you agree with the person (on most important issues for you)
    3) if that person can work well with you (chemistry wise)
    4) if that person can be of real use to you in winning a general election.
    5) if that person can offer a balance on the ticket

    You don’t select VPs just to play identity politics unless that is your real weak point, and you want to balance it out.

  432. Please show Perez Hilton some love and email him to thank him. I’m sure that the Obambi’s cult supporters are hitting him.

    Also, email Whoopi at the View for being a standup gal and voting for Hillary AND reversing her stand on national tv. She had said that she was waiting to hear who would say first that they would hit coportations for hiring illegals or sending jobs overseas(something like that). She said that she heard Obama say it last week and as a result was going to vote for him

    She said that after she said that, she got over 500 emails saying that Hillary had said it first and had said it in 2007 so when she got into the booth, she voted for Hilllary.

    Please thank her for being honsest and supporting Hillary.

  433. I believe we have a chance of winning Maine and Washington state. Perhaps we can also focus on Hillary’s advocacy for Louisianans in the wake of Hurricanes Rita and Katrina. This document is particularly useful in this respect:


  434. OK having a yard sale this weekend to get donations supporting Hillary. I will have sale, and whatever people would want to pay, I will ask them to donate to Hillary through her website. I will let you guys know the final figure. I expect it to be as small as $150, but any contribution is good contribution IMO..

  435. …I think there has been some racism and there will continue to be in the way some people vote, especially once the republicans enter the picture more and if the media darling’s bestowed the nomination. I’m not saying anyone here has done this, but I don’t think people should give the impression that NO racism has entered the picture, which I’ve seen people too quick to do (partly the fault of racism being used as a political tool, see below). Claiming and acting as if there’s-no-racism is gonna offend some people because it’s not true, in my opinion. I think the numbers also show that many people have been voting along racial lines, sex lines too, among the various races and sexes. In my opinion, this election season has clearly shown that society has a lot of work to do; people are much too divided over group-based nonsense, and they aren’t focusing enough on humans as individuals, which is what humans are.

    I think the problem is: the racism charges have been unsubstantiated in too many cases, they are being used as a tactic to motivate specific groups of voters, which will probably hurt those groups in the long run as other groups will get very tired of hearing racism cry wolf’s. I’ve made several posts here about the sexism and misogyny (which I think has been and is often worse than the racism, more widespread and pervasive), but I won’t keep doing that because then people might get tired of that too and start ignoring it. It’s best to stick with highlighting the most substantial incidences. If I want to speak out more, I do it at my own places.

    And, definitely, feeling worried about criticizing Obama because of possible racism charges—I think that’s valid and has affected a significant number of people’s judgments when approaching Obama and his campaign (which I think has been a NASTY behaving one). But, in my opinion, no one’s above criticism, no matter skin color, sex, whatever. And government officials—to me, criticizing them is like a citizen’s duty. If they think they’ve always got your vote and support no matter what they say and do, why should they meet your needs? Make them EARN your support, make the EARN your vote.

    I’ve been vociferously antiBush and will continue to be. Thought I couldn’t stand anyone more than Reagan. And then came Bush. I see Bush in Obama’s style. If he’s sitting in the white house some day and proves to BE another Bush, I will vociferously be antiObama. No free passes for anyone. This is a country, not a high-school popularity contest. Politicians’ actions affect the planet, affect people’s lives, affect their survival—can destroy their survival.

    The cult stuff—on my old message board years ago, someone posted about Bush and his followers being a cult, and we got into a long discussion about how true that seemed. All this stuff now’s like déjà vu. As I’ve said, you’d think after these terrible Bush years, many people would have learned to spot the same damn thing right away.

    Sorry for another long post! I’ll likely be quiet now, especially because I’m exhausted.

    Keep at it, everyone,


  436. Everyone should go to the link below and email the NYTimes story about the nuclear power industry and BO to everyone in their address book. We can make this the most emailed story on the net. I am amazed that it isn’t being picked up by any other BM. At the very least, it shows that BO may have some good ideas but he has no follow through. HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT HE ISN’T DOING.

    Admin, can we highlight this? why isn’t drudge picking this up??


  437. I will have sale, and whatever people would want to pay, I will ask them to donate to Hillary through her website.

    NO! Take the money yourself and THEN donate it. Why trust someone to do what they say they will do? YOU take control!

  438. No to Harold Ford. IMO, he is a coward! Whether you agree or not agree with what Imus said, he was a fried to him and a very, very vocal supporter and he abandoned him. He refused his calls and laid low until it blew over. I could never trust him when the going got touch so no to him.

    Also, his family has alot of ethics problems and investigatins. No, No, NO! so drop it. It will never happen and that is just one of the reasons why it won’t.

    I’m off to thank Perez and to write a supportive comment.

  439. I just convinced a friend of mine who is a Hillary supporter to contribute to her campaign. She is going to do it. I also asked her to forward the fund-rasising email to at least five of her like-minded friends and colleagues.

  440. Fran:

    YOu are so right!

    Obama is the new Bush. ]

    who would you rather have a beer with, Barack or Hillary? OK… how about Al Gore?
    Maybe we should put the beer (or the kool-aid) down and pick a president.

  441. The Washington Post’s Paul Kane: “We’ve done a bad job of explaining this, but it is now basically mathematically impossible for either Clinton or Obama to win the nomination through the regular voting process (meaning the super-delegates decide this one, baby!).

    “Here’s the math. There are 3,253 pledged delegates, those doled out based on actual voting in primaries and caucuses. And you need 2,025 to win the nomination. To date, about 55% of those 3,253 delegates have been pledged in the voting process — with Clinton and Obamb roughly splitting them at about 900 delegates a piece. That means there are now only about 1,400 delegates left up for grabs in the remaining states and territories voting.

    “So, do the math. If they both have about 900 pledged delegates so far, they need to win more than 1,100 of the remaining 1,400 delegates to win the nomination through actual voting.

    “Ain’t gonna happen, barring a stunning scandal or some new crazy revelation. So, they’ll keep fighting this thing out, each accumulating their chunk of delegates, one of them holding a slight edge and bothing finishing the voting process with 1,600 or so delegates. And then the super delegates decide this thing. That’s the math.”

  442. I think we have to stop picking VPs because they are AA or female. That’s racist. Or sexist. Let’s hope she picks the best candidate — as Bill did in 92. 2 white southern boys did just fine.

    S/he should be experienced enough, a great campaigner, and a loyal team member. Obama need not apply unless it is the price of him dropping out.

    The vast majority of AAs will vote for her. So will Latinos although McCain is the best candidate the Repubs could get for them. She will get women and that leaves white men. As the economy worsens, she will rise. Rise, Hillary, rise.

  443. mj,
    me too! but Im just saying…

    I just emailed a friend in Washington with the NY times story and convinced him to vote HRC. He was leaning BO but I asked why and there was no answer. Uh… OK. SO now Hillary has another supporter in SEattle.

  444. meiyingsu:

    You are right. The super delegates will decide this thing. Obama will threaten to use the race card again against any super delegates supporting Hillary over him. Looking at the way he has run his campaign so far, I will be surprised, if he and his surrogates in the media do not pull it out. It will get ugly on the democratic side.

  445. dot48 – I’ll contradict B Merryfield here, but Hillary coined the War Room – check out the documentary, The War Room, by DA Pennebaker and the intro says that Hillary dubbed their strategy – the “war room”

  446. do not pull it out (race card that is). They will accuse super delegates of racism and force some of them to change their minds due to fear of being called racist.

  447. regarding race, barack and michele have used it to their advantage.
    and if we talk about racism, then let’s throw in sexism too.
    but let’s leave this for another day.
    what matters now is getting hillary the help that she needs to win these next caucus states and not be damaged by the barrage of abuse and belittling that the media (lazio in a grand scale) heap on her.
    but she’s still standing. let’s stand up for her.

  448. Blanche Lincoln endorsement is official


    The Clinton campaign today announced that U.S. Senator Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas has endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. The announcement comes just two days after Hillary’s strong showing on Super Tuesday, when she won the popular vote and won states from Massachusetts to California. Hillary had a particularly strong showing in Arkansas, winning the state by a 40-point margin. In a statement on her endorsement, Senator Lincoln notes that Hillary is ready to tackle the challenges facing the nation. “Hillary and I have worked together on issues affecting children and families since we both went to Washington in 1993. She understands that by strengthening our working families, we are strengthening our nation. She is well equipped to lead our country through the economic difficulties that lie ahead,” said Senator Lincoln. “I am honored to have the support of Senator Lincoln, who has been a longtime champion for children and families,” said Clinton. “When we take back the office on January 2009, we’re going to roll up our sleeves and solve the problems that our nation faces. I look forward to working with leaders like Senator Lincoln to get our country back on track and deliver the change our country needs.”

  449. You already saw Donna Brazille implicity threatening super delegates saying that if they decide the nomination (wink, wink – if you support Hillary that is), then she will leave the party.

  450. and if we talk about racism, then let’s throw in sexism too.

    accusing some one of being a sexist has no where near impact as to accusing someone of being a racist. People are terrified of being called a racist.

  451. hey admin – 2nd request – but send a Hillaryis44 T-shirt to Perez Hilton c/o of The Coffee Bean 8789 Sunset Blvd.
    West Hollywood CA, 90069

    I’m pretty sure this is where he does his writing – and we’ll all tell him to pick it up.

    I know he’d wear it

  452. i’ve said this before, donna can leave the party if she wants. no tears will be shed. take oprah and conyers with her.

    You are not understanding the implication of that statement and what she means. She is saying that African American community will outraged if Hillary wins the nomination due to super delegates. You know how the press (Obama surrogates) played up “Bill Clinton is a racist” theme in SC. It will be amplified 100 times more by MSNBC and all other TV channels and the press. It will force some super delegates to switch their support.

    His campaign is playing race card to its extreme and not having it reported because the press is playing along.

  453. Agreed. Take the money from the garage sale and forward yourself. Most people are not motivated and will either delay, forget or keep the money themselves. You can have some flyers out if you like with http://www.hillaryclinton.com but don’t be pushy about it.

  454. The point is all campaigns knew there were 800+ superdelegates out there that had to be won over by the campaigns.

    Obama is whinging now he figures that they are soon going to go with Clinton, she’s racking them up. Thats why theres a sudden outcry now.
    He was not complaining when he was racking up superdelegates. So in a word, I’m sorry but fuck him.

    If they wont change the rules the rules about Florida and Michigan, then tough Superdelegates it is. Theres a reason why there are SD’s that if there was a deadlock, that it could decide the way forward, pure and simple.

  455. ra1029, how many SD in each state?

    I don’t know, meiyingsu, but I know from the washingtonpost snippet you posted, that unless someone sweeps the remaining states by 70-30, this is going to depend on super delegates.

  456. Sorry but Obama supporters are starting to act a lot like the SS during 1930’s Germany, anything that they don’t like they kick the living shit out of and its just like Bush all over again.

  457. ra1029 / February 7th, 2008 at 2:46 pm

    You are not understanding the implication of that statement and what she means. She is saying that African American community will outraged if Hillary wins the nomination due to super delegates.

    About a gazillion times I’ve started to post this comment and deleted my words because the time didn’t seem right. I think that now it is.

    This is about the Congressional Black Caucus. Back on September 29, 2007, because my spouse and I are early risers and there’s not a lot to do in a hotel room at 6 am, we flipped channels until we found something politically interesting. It was a CBC sponsored round table on CSPAN in which Donna Brazile, Arthur Davis and about three others were in a panel discussion. We didn’t get to see the whole thing but saw and heard enough. Unfortunately there is neither a video (even though it was obviously on tape) or transcript from the event.

    It was the same weekend event to which Hillary was an invited speaker but which caused an uproar because BHO’s supporters in the CBC objected.


    Davis’s speech at the weekend event was pretty much the same one he had delivered at other annual events about the “glass ceiling” (see the problem coming here?)


    The particular round table we watched was about the future of AAs in politics.

    Not to stretch the details in the discussion beyond memory, the gist was this — everybody just couldn’t wait, including Donna and Artur, for BHO to be president so that FINALLY AAs would be able to enact all the plans waiting so long for “the one” to lead.

    It was chilling and I’ve sat numb and dumb about it ever since. This, I believe, is the undercurrent that pushes so many in the CBC to back BHO … and an equal number to back Hillary because, perhaps, they are wiser and can foresee problems ahead. These leaders each have their own individual agenda, none of which are for the good the American people in general, IMHO.

    Okay. That’s it. Wish I could be more eloquent about the round table discussion.

  458. I just got out of the shower ( I do my best thinking in the shower, also I sing real good too) but anyway. I read where Perez Hilton has 9M visitor daily, wouldn’t it be great, if say half those visitor donated $10.00 each!!! Okay I know that is a dream, but it made me feel good…. just though I woluld share my good thoughts!!!

  459. I think the mathematical realities of this race are only starting to dawn on the media and on us. The outcome of this race had shifted into new territory, and we have to figure out how best to influence the direction it’s taking.

    We must continue to make calls and fundraise, volunteer and win as many remaining states as possible, that goes without saying. But the calculus seems to have shifted, and whoever grasps this and takes control of the narrative first will win. The Obama camp’s “inadvertently leaked” projections are telling – they expect Hillary to win ME, RI, TX, OH, PA, WV, KY and PR. They expect to win the rest – some by small margins. The extent to whether they are correct or not is not important – the delegate counts will probably not move significantly in either direction. All said, it is likely that Hillary and Obama will be fairly even in pledged delegates – the post Super Tuesday count will probably be around 900 delegates each. After all states have voted, it will probably be around 1,600 each, unless there are major upsets. No one will be able to win this without the help of superdelegates, and these are politicians who are looking to see how the wind blows. These superdelegates are going to be lobbied aggressively by both campaigns. This concerns me greatly. Now this is not only about picking up wins in the states and GOTV efforts – We must figure out a way to both influence superdelegates AND lobby the DNC to seat the FL and MI delegates.

  460. KAFEEN
    Yes they can.blks that support Hillary over Obama are called self haters.As in blk sthat want to be white.Something like a Uncle Tom.
    Blks love to play that race card to the hilt

  461. HOLY S**T! WOW. That Washington Post analysis just triggered the lightbulb over my head.

    This ain’t gonna be decided at the polls. It will be decided in Denver. The math requires it. Now, more than ever, Florida and Michigan need their voices heard.

  462. B Merryfield,

    I think my husband saw that because he was telling me about it back around that timeframe. He said (and from what I remember) that it almost sounded as if the only purpose of the “right president” was to promote and help AA interests. Sounds like that church BHO belongs to. Even back then we both thought and wished that that discussion would have been better reported. That attitude is not only sick, but will set this country back hundreds of years.

  463. I’ve been hitting some other sites and posting “GIVE BACK THE HOUSE!”

    I encourage you to do it, too. Someone will start asking what it is eventually and a discussion will ensue. Or at least we’ll aggravate the assholes.

  464. B Merry… Did you know that Neil Diamond recently confessed that he wrote Sweet caroline in praise of Caroline Kennedy. I watched that video you posted.

  465. BTW- I encourage calling Precious by his old name when he stopped attending debates and forums this last Summer and Fall- “Bwak.” Short. To the point. And implies he is a chickenshit. Which he is.

  466. B, I’d be lying if I said I haven’t thought of that. Probably many voters of various races think of that, just like asian/black/hispanic voters probably do when having to vote for white politicians. Will people from the other group care about your own? These are valid concerns, but it’s like you’re not supposed to voice them when you’re white especially because then you’re called a racist. Society can’t have double-standards for unfairness. When I talk about sexism in general, I don’t only mean toward females; males are victims of it too. There’s just a greater more damaging amount toward females because society is patriarchal. And, yes, there’s a greater more damaging amount of racism toward not-white people in western society.

    As I’ve said above, the way so many people have been voting and endorsing in this election–watching it has been really painful for me. I was very upset several weeks ago, very hurt when it seemed like NO black people were supporting Clinton, especially no black females. (But then the media is ALSO promoting this image, it’s injecting race all over the place, and, yes, Obama’s camp has injected it too or at least been using the media’s injection, so maybe Clinton has more support from AAs than people are being told). And I and I’m sure other people have asked themselves about the situation with Obama: if so many black people are going to vote for the black candidate in large part because he’s black,* what will that candidate do if he’s in office? Will he only work for the black people’s comfort? I believe in proportionate representation, which is why I think there shouldn’t be only a single person at the top for a diverse country but several people so better representation is possible. But when there is a single person, a single president, that person should never only represent, address, focus on, minority concerns for whatever minority. BUSH does this: he represents the superwealthy minority. Single presidents must have the interests of a diverse group of people in mind, especially for a large country like this.

    To be honest though, while I think some of Obama’s supporters probably do have an “AA agenda,”** I don’t think he has that much of one. He’s more likely in this for one person only: himself. In office, he probably wouldn’t do shit for anyone, black, white or purple.

    (*And I really think some are doing this—they can deny it, but if so, I think they’re being dishonest. This stuff goes on with humans. All groups of people are doing it and the results of this election even show it. Like I said, it’s disappointing. I’m an individualist; I don’t like seeing this shit.

    **Whatever an “AA agenda” may be—that expression’s kind of a stereotype, in my opinion.)

  467. kaffeen,

    Use your email filter and block Kerry’s domain name. johnkerry.com. That will send all of his email to you to the junk folder where it belongs and you can delete it. If your email provider is on top of it, it will block it as SPAM and you won’t see it at all.

    SPAM, that about describes Kerry. An imitation of the real thing.

  468. Can someone please post an email link or address for The View and also for Whoopi, Joy, Sherri and Elizabeth’s address as well as Bill O’ Reilly.

    I believe that Dan Abrahms should also be targeted.
    He is supposedly their boss and even he has noticed the biashed covereage so why hasn’t he done something?

    I also want Playmate Mika’s address. She does hav daughter’s. I want to hear her condemn that language. Enough!

    It’s a new day and I’m still pissed. He has just got to be held accountable. I emailed media matters, firedoglake, MSNBC and emily’s list.

    This morning, I’m ccing Capus, NYTimes, The View and Bill O’.

    Everyone, if there is one thing that you do today, if you want to help and can’t contribute $5 or more to http://www.hillaryclinton.com, then please take 5mins and email at least 5 people listed in this thread if you are so moved to register your outrage.

    This is something that you can directly do for Hillary. Hold the media accountable. If this had been said about Obama and his daughters, ‘Pimp’ would have been seen as code word for racist. But, oh no, it’s only Hillary and her family and we all know that they are objects and not humans.

    Mr. Phil Griffin,
    Senior Vice President, News
    NBC Television Network
    30 Rockefeller Plz
    New York, NY 10112

    Steve Capus,
    President, NBC News

    30 Rockefeller Plz
    3rd Fl
    New York, NY 10112
    (212) 664-4444

    Over at http://www.taylormarsh.com, they are really incensed over this. If you want to help Hillary and can’t afford to send $10, or don’t have time to call, please take 5mins of your time thismorning if you are so moved to email at least 5 contacts in this post to express your outrage over this blatant misogeny and double standard.

    Like I said, if someone had said this about Obama and his girls, the media would have been rerunning tape, jumping up and down saying that the word, ‘pimp’ was code word for race baiting. Let’ not get into his other comment about, ‘something creepy’.

    The media MUST be held accountable to for their double standard and Hillary hate. We have to act or it will only continue. He needs to apologize and corporate heads at NBC needs to take meaningful action.

    This is the 3rd major commentor at MESSMSNBC: Imus, Tweety and now Shuster. How many more will we allow to get away with it. Tweety gave a half a$rse apology and his fellow reporters bent over to support him. Stronger signals and actions should have been sent my the heads at the top. They didn’t and this is why other reporters/commentators at this station feel that they can get away with it.

    Please take a stand this morning.

  469. Someone just posted on http://www.taylormarsh.com that either Abrahams or Shuster just apologize.

    Ladies, and gentleman, I submit that that is not enough.

    I implore you, if you want to see real change and you are fed up with the treatment of Hillary as an object and now Chelsea, email and email to your heart’s content.

    If this is what is said o the air thinking that he could have gotten away with it, laughing and all, what is said when they are not on the air!

    Please, I implore you (can you tell that i’m beyond incensed),email and call:

    The View- can someone voluteer to research and post the view’s addy as well as the personal addy for Whoopi, Joy, Sherry and Elizabeth,
    Cnn- need an address for their viewers and Wolf and Cafferty
    Playmate Mika- I want to hear her condemn this as she has daughters- I read that his fellow co-workers supported him -deja vu-r emember Shuster and Mika and Morning Joke showing support for Tweety,
    Bill O’REilly- can some one volunteer to find his address.

    I would but i’m at work and I have limited access.

    Take a stand and be a part of tearing down the veil of sexism at MessMSNBC….this is clearly a pattern and reverse race baiting. This is sexist and just plain mean.

  470. Admin,
    can you please front page this with commentary and phone/email addys please.

    I’ve had enough. They obviously haven’t learned their lesson.

  471. Woohoo…her goal on her website is now $10 million!! Let’s do this! We need to tell everyone we know to give and show everyone how much support Hillary has.

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