From Sea To Shining Sea: “Make Hillary 44”

Big Media keeps trying to destroy Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton keeps on winning.

California was touted by Big Media, before Super Tuesday, as the “big one” – the earthquake that would topple Hillary Clinton. Instead of toppling Hillary, California topped a great night of Hillary victories.

Hillary Clinton won the big Democratic states – the very states wherein Super-delegates reside. After Super Tuesday wins in states like Massachusetts Super delegates will not go against their constituencies. Super-delegates will affirm the majority votes in their states. Senator Barbara Boxer will show the way (Senator Boxer has said she will vote for the winner in California).

Super-delegates can also look to Massachusetts for guidance. The Kennedys, Deval Patrick, John Kerry could not beat Hillary – in Massachusetts. Oprah, Caroline Kennedy, DeNiro and myriad endorses could not convince Americans that Obama is experienced enough to be president. Big Media and all the incense burning pundits on cable could not stop Hillary from winning the big Democratic states, nor the “red” states of Oklahoma, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Arizona.

Incense burners will continue to believe that the Democratic Party will reject the winner and nominate the loser of New York, New Jersey, Florida, Michigan, Massachusetts and California. [For comparison purposes only, not to denigrate the state, Alaska cast a total of 406 (four-hundred and six) votes.] This will not happen.

Hillary Clinton won big last night. Big Media and their tool lost big last night.


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  1. thank you admin. kerry and kennedy, i thought they had a machine in massachusetts? i guess not!! 🙂

  2. Amen.

    I’m working on an Electoral College chart to help focus Democrats on the states are important if we want to keep our eye on the prize (so to speak) instead of being hoodwinked and bamboozled. Enough of the okie-doke.

    Winning primaries in states (like South Carolina) that wouldn’t vote for Ronald Reagan if he ran as a Democrat don’t mean squat.

    What’s important are Democratic states and swing states that are plausible Dem wins (like Florida). The bigger the state, the more important.

  3. i also read that very bad anddangerous weather probably kept a lot of hillary voters away from the polls in MO. i think she gets more delegates anyway but just saying.

    wtf was wrong with zogby and other pollsters in california? i was at a bar and went outside around poll close, back inside within the half hour and they called it, it wasn’t even close. what garbage. i wouldnt care about garbage polls except when the media have shit fits over the ones that put obama ahead, until the voters actually vote

  4. bumbling fools kerry,kennedy, and patrick can’t win anything for bumbling preacha wannabe bawak. wtf that speech by bawak was all about!! what is he a pastor now?

  5. hil leads by a few hundred votes in new mexico. in a way, i hope she wins this so bill richardson can just say goodbye to his ambitions beyond his state.

  6. HWC, you’ve kept us laughing the past couple of days with some of your comments. As to the Super-delegates, they mostly come from the big blue states and the loss of Massachusetts by the Kennedys has to bring some fear to those who think winning Alaska is more important than winning Florida.

    You’re welcome anotherreader and gladiatorstail.

  7. yeah, that idiot richardson kept hillary and bill hostage then no f*cking endorsement anyway. i hope hillary wins nm so what little leverage richardson had will be gone. hillary can win hispanics without tub of lard.

  8. We do have a machine in Massachusetts. John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, and their lap dog Deval Patrick aren’t part of it.

    Lady-killer Ted Kennedy has never been a part of the Democratic machine. He’s a Cambridge liberal. His daddy, the Irish Catholic moonshiner and his grandmother (of the Mayor Curly Fitzgeralds) were cogs in the machine. But, not Teddy and his drunk yachting friends.

    Clinton won the Boston machine led by Mayor “Mumbles” Menino and the blue collar towns.

    BTW, Kennedy/Obama did carry Edgartown, which I believe includes the voters on Chappaquidick Island (who presumably didn’t have to swim the channel to get to the polls).

  9. crappy admin, i got a few text alerts. ironically the 1st one was when obama won georgia. i had access to computers and tvs so i kept tabs. ct really broke my heart though. i had hope when it was 50% obama to 48% but the cities killed hillary(bridgeport, new haven, and hartford). hillary did well in the suburbs. missouri reminded me of florida in 2000. i thought that nightmare was long past.

  10. As to the Super-delegates, they mostly come from the big blue states and the loss of Massachusetts by the Kennedys has to bring some fear to those who think winning Alaska is more important than winning Florida.

    Kennedy and Kerry are this week’s Biggest Losers. They both look like buffoons (what else is new, right?)

    They put their (questionable) political reputations on the line and got blown out in their own damn state. Baaaawaaahaaahaaa.

    Honestly, I think the endorsement of the three stooges (Kennedy, Kerry, and Patrick) probably hurt Obama in Massachusetts. The working stiff Democrats resent the hell out of those mocha latte sippers.

  11. Can you imagine how strong a candidate Hillary would be if she could go a week or two with getting pole-axed night and day by every media outlet and Birkenstock wearing member of the DNC?

  12. terrondt that would mean she would have gotten more delegates than Obama if she overwhelmingly won suburbs.. let me check and get back.. oh well it isnt 100% of CT yet I think!

  13. thanks for the input hwc. so hill wins fall river, woostah etc, all those parts of mass? i figured that but i dont know mass well enough except i should have remembered from what i heard in 2004 where.. lets say plenty of political folks in new england who were NOT for john kerry.

    btw npr is still kissing obama’s butt with a news update saying hill was supposed to win big but race is tied and then clip of random voter saying something positive about obama. no quote from hillary voter. bias anyone? i know obama wins npr vote anyhow but every news brief i hear is just plain not objective.

  14. idiots.. press is hyping up his strength in caucus state where 15000 votes were cast .. LOL.. and then they started showing how strong he is in red states.. LOL.. I sometimes feel freedom of press is a dangerous tool in hands of irresponsible media..

  15. So what’s the bet – will Obama continue to drag Ted and the rest to the next states? Will Oprah make an appearance in New Orleans? Will McCaskill and Janet still get on the plane?

    BTW, what elections are left that have not reported (Americans Abroad, Samoa, NM)?

  16. obama did great with all 8000 or so democrats in idaho. all my sympathies to anyone in idaho who is a dem of course, but.. didnt he have a rally there where they claimed 15000 showed up? how did he get 15K for a rally and couldn’t get that many for him in a caucus.

  17. admin I think we won American Somoa. NM is a tossup for now, but fox news said they had around 16K provisional early ballots, now I think that benefits Hillary.. I hope Hill does well in nebraska and WA come next week, and then go to VA and MD and wrap this crap up. it s getting tiring out here 🙂

  18. So what’s the bet – will Obama continue to drag Ted and the rest to the next states?

    I think it’s the least Obama can do for Teddy and Kerry. I’m sure neither of them is eager to spend much time back at home in Massachusetts right now, having added mightily to their careers supporting losing Democrats.

    I want to hear some more from those two idiots about how Bill Clinton is hurting his candidate. Like having Mutt and Jeff was a big boon to Obama in Massachusetts….

    Don’t forget, both of those idiots had their phones rung off the hook last week. I’m calling them both tomorrow demanding to know when they pressure the DNC to seat the Florida delegation so that our party’s primary calendar isn’t run like a riggest election in a third world bananna republic. Last week, I asked Kerry’s office if the Sunni’s votes should count in Iraq. Why not Florida.

    I’ve been calling Kennedy’s office and asking if they’ve seen the video of Obama calling Teddy “old” and “spineless” yet.

  19. I know in anger that people react accordingly. But, from our end, though it would be nice that BHO’s deceitfulness was on full display, I fail to see what good it does.

    Instead, can’t we step up the good things HRCis44 community? I’m serious and hear me out. First, most of us would love to the Dem electorate to see the the wealth of literature our community has organized. So, to achieve that we should just call attention to it, right?

    First, what if we just find ways to raise money and the old fashioned way. Can we legally, rather what would be the legal strcuture OkieAtty, that would could have say a nationwide spaghetti dinner and donate ALL proceeds to the campaign?

    Second, as far as phone banking, can’t we do this ourselves and apart from the campaign? Seriously, can’t we just get a list of our contacts in various states and pool them via our more well known members here (i.e., the ones with Websites and associated e-mails) and start to call them and get their friends numbers. HRC cannot discuss Rezco et al. BUT we can apart from her campaign.

    Plus, we can upsell. Why not using the principles of personal selling to win over BHO supporters?! We are *right* on the issues folks! That’s not a hard sell.

  20. My favorite photo of the campaign season thus far has been Taylor Marsh’s photo of Oprah speaking before the throngs of empty seats behind her.

  21. terrondt
    You may be waiting a while. NM has a history of taking forever and may not be done today. CA has all those absentee and early voting ballots to count and they must compare the signatures to the registration book before counting those votes.

  22. I’m cross-posting my comment from Anglache’s site because I think that it’s important for us to think about even if it’s not politically correct to discuss it anywhere else.

    Regarding electability, we need to consider the huge elephants in the room. Race and gender.

    Democrats don’t like to talk about race an issue. They’re more comfortable with condoning sexism, but even then when, push comes to shove, the Dem boys will likely come to mama instead of voting for the old white Republican. So they aren’t really a factor, I’m sure, much to the blogboi’s chagrin.

    Which leaves the key demographics for the frontrunners. Barack does well among Blacks. Do we think that a majority of AA men will, seriously, vote for the old white guy over the woman? Some will, of course, and some will stay home, but mostly AAs DO like the Clintons, and AA women still have a horse in the race.

    Which brings us to other women. The reason that it’s significant that Hillary is doing well among women as a demographic is because there really are a significant number of women (particularly older women) who will vote for a female candidate in November. The Dem primary could very well do for Clinton what the IA caucuses did for Barack. That is, actually winning the nomination may be just enough to convince Republican and Independent women that they could be instrumental in electing the first woman President. These votes could be the tipping point come November. It’s conceivable that they could off-set a good amount of the Hillary H8 on the other side.

    I’m sure Barack could pull in the AA Independent and Republican blocks, but I’m not sure that they are a big enough group to offset the bigotry that exists in some sectors of the Republican base.

  23. # hwc Says:
    February 6th, 2008 at 4:16 am

    They had to stop counting in New Mexico until they could fly in some more ballots from Chicago!

    ROFLMAO… I hear they did this shit in MN..

    terrondt.. they are having severe snow storms out there.. so i dont blame em..

  24. I know what is up with that, terrondt?? They have problems year after year. You’d think they would get it worked out, geesh.

  25. NYCMax are you Mark Penn? That has been his position for a while and it is born out of my experience with 40+ women.

  26. Really? I didn’t know that. I really didn’t think it could be openly discussed by a Democratic campaign. No wonder he makes the big bucks.

  27. Kinda surprised Hillary is doing so well so far in San Mateo and Santa Clara i.e. Silicon Valley. I know fundraising with Madonna is a dream scenario, but raising dollars in Silicon Valley is very realistic. I hope the campaign is on it already…there’s some major $$$ to be had in those 2 counties. You’re talking about a huge Asian-Am population, in fact we’ve got some Asian-Am mayors within these counties.

  28. fashionista – Asian Americans (like me and you in CA) make up 7% of the CA population, and we went around 72% for Clinton. Maybe we were the key in those counties.

  29. NYCMax, I know you are not Mark Penn because of your superior intellect. However, it hasn’t been broadcast because the media hates us.

  30. I know it has been mentioned several times before, but Rasmussen was also crap. He had HRC winning in AL and MO, and losing in CA. What a joke.

  31. Notice, she made an explicit grab for the women tonight and I for one say about G’D time!

    You want change, how about the 1st female US president telling the Saudis that it ain’t cool that their women are treated like property.

    I don’t think Usama Bin Laden would like a pro-Israel female president either.

  32. Ininla, isn’t it amazing? Out of all the demographic groups we were the most solid for Hillary! Now we have to convince our counterparts in Wa to do the same. Paging Seattle Asian-Ams…

  33. We read several comments over the past few weeks regarding the Asian-American vote. There was also some friction between the Asian-American community and Obama which was also posted here. Readers here should not be surprised at how well Hillary did with the Asian-American vote. So, Hooray for Asian-Americans who supported Hillary last night.

  34. fashionista, that’s a great idea. Perhaps contacting some Asian American leadership organizations on WA to help with the caucus there for Hillary.

  35. so remaining 3000 precincts where votes have to be counted in CA are those where Hillary leads with average of 55%. they are counting too slow :).. I want to see some real lead of hillary.. like 16-17% in CA 🙂

  36. The Asian population is 12% is California. It’s higher than the African American population (according to Wikipedia). It’s great to see Hillary carry so many constituencies. I did not believe the Zogby poll at all that Obambi was leading by 13% of whatever outrageous number in CA. Whatever. They were out to destroy Hillary and instead it destroyed Obama even more. His egotistical self and his campaign built him up to be invincible and Hillary once again blew them down, winning the big blue states. I wonder what Ted Kennedy has to say now. That’s what he gets for betraying the “friendship” he had with the Clintons in order to support the upstart.

  37. is she going to play in wa? she could win it with cantwell ,inslee etc.. its important to try and get a few wins before mar 4 guys.

  38. glad, her lead is actually shrinking as the night progresses. She now leads by 12% with 75% of the vote in…

  39. The demographics in WA certainly favor her; women, blue collar dems, Asian Americans. She better fight for it there.

  40. Some of the superdelegates pledged to BO might switch now. She won the popular vote and the delegates what the f***k is MSNBC and CNN talking about. How about FL and MI.

  41. The one thing here, i think we need to push is that only 4 states that Obama won last night will go Democratic in a GE. the others are complete Republican strongholds and will not go to Democrats in the general election whatsoever.

    Hillary won in the big Democrat states we need to hold. Thats a major plus for her.

  42. SUSA not only called CA but had the # exactly:
    52 for the next President of the US, Hillary Rodham Clinton
    and 42 for the historic albeit losing also ran

    Zogby was only 23 points off; I will write him and ask for my $ back.

  43. The republicans are trying to pick our nominee, I mean look at what states Obama is carrying and what states Clintons is carrying and you see the difference.

    Obama is not winning in states needed in the GE

  44. moononpluto, I totally agree with you. All the democratic insiders know the facts and BO can not fool them. I am sure a lot of party insiders would see the writing on the wall and fall in line.

  45. It is not only big media it is also big names that plotted and lost. Remember our remarks about the Oprha and Kerry endorsements? We knew these were of no use and said it. As for Massachusetts, it is a victory which indicates that people reason not just listen to people who think can tell them who to vote for.

  46. From, at the beginning of the evening before results came in:

    … Nearby, writer Honor Moore was looking mildly stricken. The Clinton supporter said that she had been “nervous for a week” about reports of Clinton’s foundering campaign, in part because she knows so many Obama converts. “They are a lot of writers and young people, a certain kind of ’60s liberal, who just love him,” she said. When asked what kind of ’60s liberal she was describing, Moore gave an explanation simultaneously oblique and damning. “I think things are so complicated and unpleasant that the idea of an inspiring leader who can erase all these conflicts, rather than go through and deal with them, is very appealing,” she said. “It’s a way of blanking all the problems out. It’s a wonderful idea, but it just doesn’t work.”

  47. Morning all! Happy,happy,happy for our girl. I’m all smiles today. Does anyone know how Hillary did in Boston?

  48. Results for Boston Northwest are at

    Numbers in parentheses are median household income from Wikipedia.

    Obama won in Acton ($92K), Concord ($116K), Groton ($83K), Boxboro ($88K). Westford ($98K) and Bedford ($104K) leaned Hillary. Burlington ($75K) went for Hillary two to one.

    The poorer areas like Lowell ($39K), Dracut ($58K) went around two to one for Hillary. In Lowell, Asians and Latinos make up 30% of the population. The main blog in the area, Left in Lowell had a lot of posts about organizing for Obama in the last two weeks.

    Deval Patrick was in Downtown Lowell Monday morning campaigning for Obama and I heard that he gave an inspiring speech. Inspiration isn’t enough to deal with the economic problems facing MA right now and the problems that Patrick has in working with the legislature.

  49. I really enjoyed this story. It tells who Edward Kennedy is:

    HILLARY CLINTON didn’t just beat Barack Obama in Massachusetts.

    She beat Senator Edward M. Kennedy, the Bay State’s liberal icon; Senator John Kerry, the 2004 Democratic Party nominee; and Governor Deval Patrick, the Bay State’s purveyor of hope and optimism.

    Politics doesn’t get any more personal than the Clinton-Obama showdown in Massachusetts. Kennedy’s blessing threatened to give older, more traditional Democrats permission to vote with their hearts. It was a stab at the heart of the Clinton campaign – and a disloyal one, from the Clinton perspective.

    Back in 1994, Kennedy was suddenly and shockingly vulnerable to a challenge from a rich, smart Republican named Mitt Romney. On the defense in his first real political fight in decades, Kennedy wrapped himself “in President Clinton’s mantle,” the Globe reported in June 1994. “I am honored to stand with him, day after day, week after week, month after month, in our fight for jobs, economic justice, and progress on the great issues like health reform,” Kennedy told delegates to that year’s Democratic state convention.
    Both Clintons rushed to Kennedy’s aid.

    “There is not a single, solitary member of the US Senate more interested in new ideas than he is. In the most partisan atmosphere in modern history, he is absolutely the ablest member of the Congress at getting Republicans to vote with him and work with him to make this country a better place,” President Clinton told Massachusetts voters.
    Hillary Clinton also campaigned for Kennedy: “Do not let the political climate of the moment undermine the record of one of the greatest senators who has ever served in the US Senate,” she said at a September 1994 event.

    In 2008, Kennedy didn’t return the favor. Kennedy Country took on Clinton Country.
    Now, that’s personal. Clinton backers vowed to battle for a state that Bill and Hillary Clinton vacationed in, raised millions in, and nurtured for years. Clinton headquarters buzzed with volunteers the day before the primary vote.

    “We’ll do everything we can to deliver Massachusetts. Bill and Hillary Clinton never forgot this state,” said Boston City Council President Maureen E. Feeney. Added House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi: “There are show horses and workhorses. We’re the workhorses.”

    The workhorses beat the show horses. Clinton won.

  50. BOSTON (AP) — Hillary Rodham Clinton turned back Barack Obama and his high-profile endorsements to win the presidential primary in Massachusetts, while former Gov. Mitt Romney had little trouble defending his home turf against Republican rival John McCain.

    The New York senator relied on state lawmakers, who cranked up their get-out-the-vote efforts on Super Tuesday to offset Obama’s headline-grabbing endorsements from Sen. Edward Kennedy and Gov. Deval Patrick.

    Clinton was bolstered by support among rank-and-file state lawmakers, as well as Senate President Therese Murray, who has suggested Clinton lost key endorsements in part because she’s a woman.

    In Massachusetts, the Legislature has had far more control of the state than the Governor going back to Weld. The Governor either gets along with the Legislature or winds up sitting on his or her (in the case of Jane Swift) hands. It seems that Patrick hasn’t figured this out yet. His campaign slogan was: Together We Can! After the election, a reporter asked him to finish the phrase.

    It looks like Patrick, Kennedy and Kerry got the headlines in their campaigning but that’s all they got.

  51. I have felt personally very offended with Barack and Michelle’s petulance and their constant and Unceasing attacks on Hillary. For me party unity is still very important. Last night I noticed some what of a conciliatory tone in Hillary’s speech. May be it is time to offer an olive branch and see if a deal can be worked out.

  52. Can someone explain something to me. I thought CA was going to award 370 Delegates yet I see on Obama and Clinton together only got 65.

  53. Two things strike me….I thought all the media reporters looked as if they had swallowed an egg as they gave the numbers for Hillary.

    Another thing that really gets me..why do they keep saying the Hillary supporters are “uneducated”..not true of me nor many others I know. Is that somethng they repeat to give the Obama people more arrogance than they already have.

    Thanks for this website.

  54. California Democratic presidential primary, 2008
    88% of precincts reporting[74]
    Candidate Votes Percentage National delegates
    Hillary Clinton 1,926,478 52.97% 42
    Barack Obama 1,547,354 42.55% 23
    John Edwards 162,855 4.48% 0
    Totals 3,636,717 100.00% 65

  55. Good Mornning.

    We had a great night. So far the delegate count is HC 900 BO 824. HRC is building her momentum and putting a damper on BO. Now I know not to get negative, but I am worried about fund raising and the money in the bank. The BO campaign is going to use his fund raising to help build up momentum. Any one… give me your feedback.

  56. Here is explanation about CA delegate selection:

    There will be 3 to 7 delegates allocated in each of California’s 53 Congressional Districts (CDs).
    In addition, 40 CDs will each get 1 Alternate. Delegates are allocated to each Presidential candidate who receives 15% or more of the vote in any CD on February 5, 2008.

  57. california will now come through for Hillary with more fundraising….Bill needs to stay out fundraising and try to silently call i some more markers.

    Governors out there who Hillary can glean an endorsement from would help

    I think last night shows that Obama’s hopium is wearing thin…now whether the media will finally detox and cleam themselves up…I don’t think so. They need rating to bad.

    HRC needs to go straight to local media now….fcuk cnn, msnbc,

    also, obama is not going to debate her anymore….she needs to debate the republicans and show that she ain’t afraid of them….

    organanize in these last few states

  58. Yesterday, Hillary enjoyed a feast while BHO picked up the scraps.

    I believe the polls in Texas, Penn, and Ohio still show Hillary with a strong lead. I hope she can hang onto those.

    I wonder where the campaign will go next. I understand BHO will be in Louisiana for two or three events. I also read something like “recent polls show he should do well in LA”, but I’ve found no polls to support that. It isn’t that big of a state, but I don’t want anything to make it look like BHO is gaining momentum.

    Even if Hillary ends up with more than a 1000 delegates after all the votes are counted, she still has a long ways to go even when MI and FLA delegates are assigned and seated. I had hoped for signs that I could relax now, but no chance of that anytime soon.

  59. Good morning! Yes She Can! I think these wins give her the momentum to raise lots of cash. This was a huge night for Hillary.

  60. well what happened to california being delegate rich. I thought there would be major delegates for hillary iout of california. this is confusing. I thought california would take her over the top.

    california was supposed to be the big prize…doesn’t sound like it gives us much

  61. # JAS Says:
    February 6th, 2008 at 8:16 am

    Good Mornning.

    We had a great night. So far the delegate count is HC 900 BO 824. HRC is building her momentum and putting a damper on BO. Now I know not to get negative, but I am worried about fund raising and the money in the bank. The BO campaign is going to use his fund raising to help build up momentum. Any one… give me your feedback.

    Ron Paul.

  62. Sherm.. That is another red state that democrats have not won in presidential election for a very long time. It is not one of the democratic party targeted states. He is going there because there are a lot of aa.

  63. it doesn’t matter about red states now I believe…if he gets the darn delegates we are out of the ballgame. he is changing the goal post, thinking only of himself.

  64. should is the key world though….we need real workers on the ground to shore up that support and massive gotv mission….obamamediaobsession has made this harder and they will continue to paint him as the one with momentum….

  65. It was great following your posts from last night. It was as if I ha been here with everyone. Now I have to go to work, and I have no idea what the National News is saying. This is my news.

  66. For someone who likes to play with numbers…

    Total votes cast?

    If the democratic primaries were, “winner take all”, what would the count be?

    Which states won by each candidate break for (or against) their party in the GE, and could that candidate affect that outcome in the GE?

    Great night all around. Won’t deny that it could have been better, but considering what we have been up against, it could have been much worse. As to worrying about money, don’t. Our side isn’t lacking for contributors and isn’t spending like a drunken sailor…

  67. Good morning Hillfans. WHAT A GREAT NIGHT!!! The greatest moment for me was “napping” between 8 and 10:30pm and waking to Hillary’s Massachusetts smackdown. My spouse was absolutely thrilled as well. What a way to come out of a groggy sleep!

    Second greatest moment was “our boy” Karl Rove explaining how BHO’s “wins” didn’t amount to all the hype — red states, SOLID red states, don’t vote Dem in the GE. So, great job, BHO — hollow victory.

    Third greatest moment was confirming something we all already knew — BHO can swing a caucus to his advantage but falls flat on his arse when it comes to winning a primary by the same margins. Odd, eh? My inner-Lucy says he’s got some “splaining to do”.

    Then, drifting back to sleep after California went all-Hill and knowing that the Oprah Desperation Show was not “all that” — more like the Oprah & Friends Loser-rama — I had one of those great a-ha moments and whipped up this little diary, wrapping the bow on a week’s worth of diaries:

    Now, I want to ask my Hillfan friends, if I dare to cross-post at MyDD and DailyKooks, can you all turn out to post comments when the inevitable Rezbamabots show up? I will post and run, I assure you. Any takers?

  68. # dot48 Says:
    February 6th, 2008 at 8:34 am

    it doesn’t matter about red states now I believe…if he gets the darn delegates we are out of the ballgame. he is changing the goal post, thinking only of himself.

    What does that mean?

  69. clintondem99, I understand those things, but there will be some Dem delegates available. I don’t expect her to win in this state no matter what she does. However, it’s very important to get her portion of the delegates wherever possible. My guess is, except for PA, TX, and OH, the campaign will count on just getting her share of most of the other states. That, plus leading in the superdelegate hunt should be enough.

  70. With the delegate count still under way, NBC News said Obama appears to have won around 840 delegates in yesterday’s contests, while Clinton earned about 830 — “give or take a few,” Tim Russert, the network’s Washington bureau chief, said on the “Today” show.
    The running totals for the two, which includes previous contests and the party officials known as “superdelegates,” are only about 70 delegates apart, Russert said.
    The Clinton campaign said it was crunching its delegate numbers but was not sure it was correct that Obama got more.
    The Obama campaign sent an e-mailed statement titled: “Obama wins Super Tuesday by winning more states and more delegates.”

  71. The party’s nominee will be the one who can carry the BLUE states and a couple of red ones, not the one who carries the red states and a couple of blue ones…

  72. Realist, he is willing to go anywhere to get delegates…forget about whether we stand a chance in November in that state. he is going for total delegates regardless of GE. perhaps it makes since…if it is about the delegates and who gets the most if he gathers small amounts in lots of states he can overtake Hillary.

    Losses leading into PA, TX, AND OHIO will be spun by big media. she needs endorsements and media coverage to combat some of the negativity that will come.

    media will portray another surge by Obama….

    Hillary needs to look at the states now and go where the big population districts are….go where the people are so she gets the congressionaldistricts for delegant counts.

    she can do that in Louisiana too. She really helped Katrina maybe they will remember


  73. Hello everyone. I sated until 1 am last night and she won a big victory. All the big states except Illinois is after her not including Florida and Michigan. Got myself pretty liqueured up by that time with rum. LOL. The most I enjoyed – was MA. She spit in the face of these disloyal Kerry and Kennedy. So she won virtually in all the major states. But we have very tense battles ahead of us – Md, Virginia, PA.
    Media is already bragging that she don’t have the money and that is why she wants to debate every week. Who have any updates on that?

  74. B Merry… I would definitely post a comment.

    Have you seen this story “Despite Rhetoric, Obama pushed Lobbyists’ interests”

    This is an older story and there was no further followup. I believe BO is playing with the word “lobbyists”. he seems to deal with people who are not registered lobbyists but are involve in the same business.


  75. talked to family members…big media now absolutely saying Hillary is BROKE…

    her campaign needs to quelsh that rumor quickly. it is headline today on spin rooms…trying to say she wants to debate cause she can’t afford to advertise or campaign

    Her team needs to be out there putting that rumor to rest

  76. dot48
    You know – if I was a woman I would be hugely offended by this Big media spin that I see all the time. I wonder why women organisations didn’t say anything about this whole shenanigan?

  77. That NBC story doesn’t sound good, even if she still leads in delegates overall w/o Mi and Fla at this time.

    Yesterday when the Zogby numbers were being tossed around some pundits were saying it didn’t matter who won the most delegates. The real winner would be whoever won California. I guess they have stopped saying that for some reason.

  78. The update is that if Barry had more cookies than Hillary, or more paper clips, then BM would deem cookies and paper clips to be most important.

    How has Ron Paul’s significant money advantage helped him beat McCain? I am always mystified by those who pick up on every opposition talking point and repeat it verbatim as gospel.

    Here’s what you SHOULD be asking;
    Why did Barry announce his January fund raising total BEFORE the month ended, when releasing it on Tuesday or today would have had much more effect?

    He spent TWICE AS MUCH AS HE TOOK IN last quarter, and most of what he reported in January. They took the focus off what they spent by releasing what they raised, but if you spend TWICE AS MUCH as you take in, it doesn’t matter how much you raise. His bundlers are working overtime as I write this and perhaps you think that winning NY and CA isn’t important to winning the nomination and raising funds, and losing isn’t detrimental, but I suspect that despite the BM spin, DEMOCRATS are coming out of their HOPEIUM dream and reading the handwriting on the proverbial wall…

  79. well if he won more states and more delegates he can indeed say he won SuperTuesday.

    sorry folks, imo that was what supertuesday was about.

    he’s got the momentum now and he’s got bragging rights for it all.

    I’m deeply disappointed. I thought california was more important with delegate count….

    I’m wounded and worried more than ever. TT did not make me feel better at all.

  80. According to the media if this is a tie, we may end up nominating someone who did not win CA, NY, FL, MA, NJ, + primary red states. What a joke!

  81. # anbritt Says:
    February 6th, 2008 at 9:04 am

    THEREALIST: as i told you last weekend i would do….HIGH FIVE

    Right back at you…:)

  82. Don’t expect the media to change it tune about Hillary.

    They are against her and will be.

    She is still the best and will win.

  83. # dot48 Says:
    February 6th, 2008 at 9:06 am

    well if he won more states and more delegates he can indeed say he won SuperTuesday.

    sorry folks, imo that was what supertuesday was about.

    he’s got the momentum now and he’s got bragging rights for it all.

    I’m deeply disappointed. I thought california was more important with delegate count….

    I’m wounded and worried more than ever. TT did not make me feel better at all.

    But you sure as hell are brightening up everyone’s day repeating anti-Hillary rumors and announcing Barry as the winner. What is your agenda?

  84. dot48, stop listening to the media. You are getting infilterated with their spin. Come into the light. They will say or do anything to derail Hillary. Yesterday was a HUGE night for Hillary. All what you are hearing is just SPIN.

  85. TheRealist; Thanks for your point of view and information. It makes me feel better. So HC needs to get out and generate a positive news cycle.

  86. Lets see: HRC won MA, NJ, NY, FLA, MI, CA, NV and came very close in CT and MO Democrats cannot win the GE without those states. He has demonstrated that he cannot win in those states. N offence, but who cares about Idaho..North Dakota and even SC we don’t winthose states..i hate karl rove but he was right last night, those are solidly red states….he a joke for you, hope i don;t offend, but, whatever…one potato is standing on the corner and another walks up and asks why are you here, the first one says ” this is my spot cus i da ho”. corney, but i thought it was cute.

  87. Hillfans, even Joe on the Morning Joke said this morning that every time the media, pundits and pollsters count Hillary out she comes back with a win. Even MessNBC is calling it a win.

    Time for the whiners and doubters (and trolls) to leave Big Pink and the rest of us alone. We’re behind Hillary 1000% .. it you’re not, don’t let the door hit ya’ in the arse on the way out.

  88. BHO… is not the winner…. he would have you beleive he is, and for that reason positive news cycle is what HC needs to get. BO is holding a press conf. today, Hillary should also… remember it is free air time!!!

    thios is a map showing the wins yest

  90. Too much negativity on here this morning. Look folks it could have been much, much worse. She picks up lots of delegates and big states and the important SUPER DELEGATES will start falling for her. Sure its close, sure BM and BO and all those on the juice will spin everything his way and make her out to be next to dead. Money will be fine coming in, they know what they are doing. I would hope that she and surrogates will campaign in MD, VA, LA and WA coming up. I live in MD and it will be uphill because we have 40% AA but if she campaigns and gets her face out there this week she can cut into delegates. VA is important also, its over 200 delegates next week, she needs to stay even at least.

  91. Dot, the way you are feeling is exactly the way they want you to feel. Stop listening to them.

    BTW, I was calling the media spin a joke in my last post (if anybody didn’t get it). It is inconceivable that the media thinks they can get away with what they are doing. Shame on them.
    # pm Says:
    February 6th, 2008 at 9:06 am

    According to the media if this is a tie, we may end up nominating someone who did not win CA, NY, FL, MA, NJ, + primary red states. What a joke!

  92. Alrightie! Good mornin,’ Hillfans (TM terrondt). 🙂

    So while I am certainly enjoying my break 😀 I will soon be ready to get back on the horse and do whatever I can to make Hillary 44. What do we concentrate on next? I am in NY, so where is my best area of focus? MD and/or VA? What do y’all think??

  93. A loss for Kennedy. This just makes MA so soweeet.

  94. limabeans- I think MD and VA can be close. In MD we have Sen. Mikulski and Gov. O’Malley endorsing HRC also Jack Johnson (PG Co. Exec.) is supporting HRC. PG County has large AA population.

  95. Sorry everyone I will stay positive, I was just saying what was on my mind…. now that I got off my chest… nothing but good thoughts from me 🙂

    Off to Maui for a well deserved vacation on Saturday… I don’t know what I am going to do with out watching the next set of election (WA, NE, LA). and talking with you all!!!

  96. HA!!! My friend (also a BIG Hill supporter) just emailed me the following: “I had this grand vision the other day where Obama picks Ted Kennedy to be his VP and Ted Kennedy turns out to be, like, the Democratic Dick Cheney. Ha ah aha ha…. I’ve apparently got too much free time lately.”

  97. I was doing some silly math just fooling around. If yesterday’s delegates that are still undecided break in the same proportion to Clinton and Hopey McChange Obomination the same way the already decided Super Tuesday delegates broke, Hillary will wind up with 1,300 and Hopey will wind up with 1,200. If Hillary and Hopey split the remainder of the undecided delegates 50-50, Hillary goes to the convention with a 200 vote surplus. There will be some who cry foul because super delegates will decide it, but given how Hillary has dominated the popular vote with wins in Michigan, Florida, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and California, she already can begin to lay a moral claim to the party’s nod.

  98. jasonmalott: Not just PG County but also Baltimore City. Hillary will carry the western and southern Maryland counties. Obama will do well in Baltimore and the Maryland suburbs.

  99. Here is the Primary schedule:

    State Date Delegates
    Wisconsin 02/19 92

    Hawaii 02/19 29

    Texas 03/04 228

    Ohio 03/04 161

    Rhode Island 03/04 32

    Vermont 03/04 23

    Wyoming 03/08 18

    Mississippi 03/10 40

    Pennsylvania 04/22 188

    North Carolina 05/06 134

    Indiana 05/06 84

    West Virginia 05/13 39

    Oregon 05/20 65

    Kentucky 05/20 60

    Montana 06/03 24

    South Dakota 06/03 23

  100. I posted something somewhere else where I called Barry the, “Spinal Tap”, candidate. If anyone has ever seen the movie, “tap” is a rock act doing their American tour, who begin the movie playing a huge auditorium, and wind up playing at an amusement park, listed BELOW the other act on the bill, a puppet show. So the sign reads, “Puppet Show, Spinal Tap”, and the band’s manager says, “I TOLD them to reverse that…”

    Barry is Spinal Tap, we are The Rolling Stones. He plays well in the small (REPUBLICAN) venues, whereas we play in the BIG STADIUMS! I think party DEMOCRATS are going to get behind the person who can win NY and CA as opposed to the one who can win Utah and Alaska…

  101. It should be hill/bama ’08. I know some of you dont like that, but together they could win a landslide. They both offer a different but substantial piece of the electorate something unusual, dream fulfillment.

  102. Let’s put everything in perspective and stay positive. NM is still yet to be determined and we had a slight lead when counting was suspended last night. We’re in a better position than the early exit numbers would have had us believe and we’re gaining momentum. WA, NE, and LA are important, but the bigger prizes are Ohio, Texas, and Penn. We have the governor’s of Ohio and Penn. in our camp and strong organizations there and she can count on big Hispanic turn outs in her favor in Texas (give or take Travis County (Austin)). The Clinton name carries well in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas and in the Western part of the state. This race is not over and we need to stay focused on where we expend our energies! And it is true that every time the BM discounts Hillary, she comes back with a win. So, with that in mind, I say, Rise. Hillary. Rise.

  103. I see this a bit differently. This Super Tues was more or less celebrities vs Hillary. Hillary won against the Oprahs, Kennedys, Eisenhower relatives, and hip-hop videos designed to win BO big prizes like NJ, MA or CA. I imagine she would have focused more on MO, NM and MN if she didn’t have to spend so much time defending against a celebrity-driven raid.

    The good news is that this celebrity-momentum-driven campaigning doesn’t have a shelf life. It’s already getting old (Oprah empty seats).

  104. Hillary’s delegates from California are yet to be counted, and I doubt Obama performed as well as he and his sycophants claim.

  105. # mj Says:
    February 6th, 2008 at 9:34 am

    It should be hill/bama ‘08. I know some of you dont like that, but together they could win a landslide. They both offer a different but substantial piece of the electorate something unusual, dream fulfillment.

    Don’t promote this again. It is insulting to us, and a bad idea for the GE.
    If this is your pet notion, please promote it elsewhere…

  106. Sorry about the earlier list!

    State Date Delegates
    Washington 02/09 97

    Louisiana 02/09 66 C

    Nebraska 02/09 31

    Maine 02/10 34 C

    Virginia 02/12 101

    Maryland 02/12 99 C

    District of Columbia 02/12 38 C

    Wisconsin 02/19 92

    Hawaii 02/19 29

    Texas 03/04 228

    Ohio 03/04 161

    Rhode Island 03/04 32

    Vermont 03/04 23

    Wyoming 03/08 18 C

    Mississippi 03/10 40

    Pennsylvania 04/22 188 C

    North Carolina 05/06 134

    Indiana 05/06 84

    West Virginia 05/13 39

    Oregon 05/20 65 C

    Kentucky 05/20 60 C

    Montana 06/03 24

    South Dakota 06/03 23 C

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  107. Isnt the writing on the wall ?

    He’s not winning traditional core democratic voters – blue collar and union blocs. He gains yuppies, whites and those idolizing youth who think they are voting for a rock star not a president. And of course a disproportionate percent of AA’s. And strangely he happens to do to well in caucus states. In Delaware, 9 out of 10 AA’s voted for him and thats why he won. Considering the barrage of free loving publicity that he’s got the last couple of weeks with the media slobbering over him, the establishment lining up behind him, the anti-Clinton talking points repeated over and over again and still core democrats wont vote for him. And dont forget that in a lot of the caucuse states late registrations were possible and he’s won due to indies and repubs who’ll stomp all over him in the general. If he ever gets there, that is.

  108. I don’t see how Obama can lay any moral claim to the nomination when he has failed to carry any state (other than Connecticut) that forms the base of our electoral program. Good grief. If he were a party man, he would go now and suggest to Hillary they form the Clinton/Obama ticket of national unity. But Barack Obama has proven one thing incontrovertibly: He is not a party man.

  109. mj: None of us much fancies Obama. But I think you’re right: We’re going to have to face reality that if Obama does not come away with a prize, a huge block of voters who are integral to our base are going to feel somehow slighted. We cannot afford this. Politics makes strange bedfellows. The same people who hate women probably also are racist, so we will not compromise our chances with this accommodation: people can’t vote against us twice. Moreover, the same people who are racist misogynists probably also hate John McCain.

    Watch their heads explode.

  110. I’ll trust Hillary to pick the VP candidate.

    She hasn’t disappointed me, and she won’t.

    But as of now this amounts to counting one’s chickens … IMO.

  111. TheRealist,

    If that is what it takes to heal the party and get us all united why not the olive branch? We all are Democrats one big family right? Honestly I am very pissed with BO and MO but part unity is still important. Don’t you think? I have voted for a democrat for past 30 years I would hate to see this party breakup. I can not think straight any more.

  112. Despite an overwhelmingly biased media and an army of hopelessly naive and/or sexist “progressive” democrats, Hillary Clinton is still standing strong, having won all the big prizes last night.

    The delegate count seems a bit too inside baseball for anyone to truly know at this time, but I can’t believe that the superdelegates aren’t thinking about electability, across a broad spectrum of constituents – and only our girl has it.

    Right now we should be doing all we can to give and raise money, as well as continue to volunteer for the campaign. Stay positive – and stay involved!

  113. Don’t promote this again. It is insulting to us, and a bad idea for the GE.
    If this is your pet notion, please promote it elsewhere…

    I’m going to have to agree with Realist on this one. I’ve heard this repeated over and over and over again, and quite honestly , the whole notion makes me want to puke.

    I’d rather not have to deal with that when I come here.

    No offense, MJ. Really.

  114. Clinton / Obama makes me wanna puke. His ambition is deadly and this may sound outlandish but with him as a running mate, he may deliberately forgo his organizational strengths in order to LOSE so that he can have a stab at it again with him at the top, in 4 years time.

    I just dont trust the guy. He’ll be a major distraction in a Clinton administration. I would rather prefer Edwards than him.

  115. anybody here who expresses any doubt gets labeled a troll. this is silly. we have a right to ask questions and express doubts.

    I have serious doubts…the exit polls show Hillary is losing some women and she is not gaining on any demographic of Obama. If this trend continues I think she is looking at a bigger road to hoe.

    Some of us refuse to simply stick our head in the sand.

    I thing some of us were duped on the value of TT…the delegate difference is not that much….what if those soft superdelegates start smokin the hopium…..I’m tellling you he is not going to fold up shop and go home. he is not finished like many predicted he would be after last night.

    he already is getting big media to spin it for him….she needs to simply figure out a way to get traction and not by way of the media

  116. For instance, I could care a less about the rezco stuff. Has nothing to do with why I support Hillary, but people here go on and on about. I just ignore it.

  117. Marc Ambinder, The Atlantic (some excerpts):

    “Hillary Clinton won the votes of more Democrats than Barack Obama did. She won the votes of enough “red” states to temper, at least for now, the idea that Democrats in those states believe she is manifestly unelectable and would drag the party down in their states.”

    “Nothing in tonight’s results will temper fears that black voters are choosing one candidate and Hispanic voters are choosing another. Ted Kennedy’s endorsement did not seem to matter among Hispanics.” (h t t p : / / before)

  118. If you guys do only one thing today, please call the DNC and take a stand to reinstate Florida and Michigan!

    I’ve already made my call for the day.

  119. Not to take sides in a one-to-one argument because I respect the energy and committment of everyone on this site, but frankly I feel uneasy when I hear someone like Realist telling mj that her ideas aren’t exceptable here. I find that to be a very totalitarian approach to speech and ideas that I’d prefer we not be seen as promoting.

    I understand the concern about trolling, but my view-for what it’s worth- of the conversation doesn’t see mj’s comments as an indication of a destructive mole.

  120. Gooood morning!!! It didn’t start as a fu#king “whisper in Illinois” (three times he said that!!!!) it started as a WHISPER IN CALIFORNIA AND MASSASCHUSETTS and grew into a ROAR! Admin, I really needed to read your pull no punches post this morning! Bless you for that! Here and Taylor Marsh are the only two places that I visit regulary where I can find some peace. I had to block the emails of my family members this morning after I got a ridiculous email that said, “I know Hillary is wondering what happened!” I told them that I loved them to death, but I will be blocking their emails from my inbox for the next few weeks. I don’t need that negative energy sucking the life out of me every day.

    Hillary! Hillary! Hillary!


    February 6, 2008 — Hillary Clinton’s victory in California restores her as the front-runner, a title that was in doubt as Barack Obama racked up victory after victory in states he was not supposed to win.

    While the apportionment of the delegates will distort her victory, the message is clear: Obama’s surge fell short.

    Once again, the polls proved to be blind to the single women, the core of Hillary’s base, who flood the polls to back the possible first woman president.

    Obama may inspire, but it is Hillary who quietly wins the unmarried women who struggle at minimum-wage jobs and desperately need public schools, mass transit, day care, health insurance and public services.

    The political establishment does not hear their voices, but Hillary’s victory on Super Tuesday is based on them.

    The polls will continue to be wrong because they are not geared to counting those who have never voted and are not normally part of the political system.

    Ultimately, Hillary’s candidacy is so much stronger than her campaign.

    Her efforts to polarize the race racially backfired massively. Her speeches are downright boring.

    Her focus on experience, hitting the “ground running on day one,” and her pathetic attempts to adopt Bill Clinton’s record as her own are falling flat.

    But through it all are the inexorable demographics in Democratic primaries where women cast upwards of 60 percent of the vote.

    Yesterday, inspiration confronted demographics. Charisma faced a laundry list of proposals that a large block of voters needed.

    The prosaic won. And the doctrinaire ideological construct that her candidacy represents is likely to sweep the remaining contests and land her in the White House.

  122. Obomination makes me puke, too. But he excites African Americans, the young, and the latte liberals. We need these people. Hillary is a complete and total pro, and I know she knows this, too. Her surrogates have been floating the idea, and I believe that nothing Hillaryland happens by accident.

  123. so according to DickO … Hillary needs to still focus on women, women, women….

    I can agree with that.

    More women endorsements….more women movement behind her……

    speak more to women issues for the next states….hone in on those…..

  124. Really bad storms here in upper East TN. We already have 3 trees down up on the ridge, and it looks like a few up near the house might go as well.

    Hope like hell we don’t get the tornado’s that west TN got last night. 🙁

  125. Exactly. I don’t like the guy. I think he’s a snot. But, this is splitting the Party. And, african americans are invested in him.

  126. I think it is time to convince aa women that they they have nothing in common with volvo driving, latte drinking liberals.

  127. Yeah, I agree. I really dislike Obama at this point, but I realize that he is still VERY popular. Even a lot of Hillary supporters still like him. So I could tolerate him as VP.

    Now don’t get me wrong… I find it messed-up and a bit depressing that Hillary cannot just give a blanket FUCK YOU to all the so-called friends who recently shat all over her. (Kerry, Kennedy, Sebelius, Oprah, Michelle, etc.) I would prefer not to reward these haters. BUT…. I also live in the real world and understand that sometimes you have to compromise. I wish it weren’t so, but hey, whatever. To me, the most important thing is that Hillary is 44. If we have to make some distasteful compromises to get there…. ehh.

    Problem is, I don’t think BO wants to be VP.

  128. clintondem99 Says:

    February 6th, 2008 at 9:58 am
    I think it is time to convince aa women that they they have nothing in common with volvo driving, latte drinking liberals.

    I keep wishing that would happen. Maybe it still will. I think there is a lot of pressure (sugar can attest to this) for them to support him.

  129. Well MJ, Hillary is going to do whatever she thinks she needs to do. That’s the bottom line. I don’t understand why it’s neccesary for us to speculate about a Clinton/Obama ticket, but if you want to do that, that’s your right.

    Much as I hate to do it though, if you’re going to continue to promote that here, I’m going to have to ignore your posts.

    Again, no offense.

  130. cwille, thank you. I could hardly be a mole. LOL. I spent 24 hours a day from Iowa to NH working my butt off in NH to bring Hillary her victory, which thank god she got.

  131. Hillary isn’t broke. she may not have raised as much as he did in Jan but she had $5m more on hand than in in Dec and she made strategic buys.

    Remember, Obamba ran those expensive local superbowl ads, he also had ads running in 21 or 22 states. Clinton spent $500k on the Hallmark channel and only had ads up and running in 16 states.

    I would have to think that she still has some more money but not as much as he does.

    She will raise money this month. They need to work on more grass roots,i nternet fundraising. Collect emails from attendees at her rallys. I know Obama did this in Ca andIA when Oprah toured with him.
    Obama is playing dirty, he is trying to shift the narrative on how has the most money to go on and MSM is all so happy to play along. However, I point to Mitt Romney, could not buy him a win and he had tons of money.

    Advice: Keep taking her case directly to the people. How is this accomplished: debates: these are are strong points.

    Continue to be a workhorse. Do you guys know that she did 37 tv interviews yesterday morning!

    Strategically direct limited resources and personnel into states where the demographics favor her and she has a chance. Obama will probably do well in caucus states but those delegate counts are small and the proportianal appropriaction of delegates helps her as she should be able to keep it close until TX and Oh.

    Work harder on getting more superdelegates and endorsements. Yes, we know that endorsements doesn’t really matter but it is free press.

    Perfect answer on Iraq as they will continue to try to hammer her on that as this is the only issue that MSM thinks he has an edge over her. The voters have spoken and they trust her more on the economy and health care. The funny thing is that more people trusted her to be a better commander in chief! So how do they square that peg into the circle that because he was against the Iraq war, he has better judgement to be commander in chielf and president.

  132. mj: I have just as much a right to voice my thoughts as the next person.

    Yes you do.

    I don’t agree w/you on promoting that ticket at this time but wouldn’t dream of attacking you personally on it. Ignore the thought police.

  133. And I am still awaiting the final delegate count from California. Until those numbers have been tabulated, any notion that Obama won the most delegates yesterday will remain premature and unfounded.

  134. I agree with clintendom99. It’s understandable that early on many African Americans would be attracted to Obama. However, when you get beyond that group and look at his demographics vrs Hillary’s you do see a very stark ” elite” vrs “real-people” split that I would think would be troubling to a thoughtful Obama supporter.

  135. triburones, I think Hill will raise substantial funds now. She won all the big contests. Obama won ct, but he could not win ma. That’s a problem.

  136. Anyway….I need a breather. Guess I’ll go see what I can drag out of the news.

    THAT’S sure to be equally depressing.


  137. Idunn, last night was good news for Hill. Read the Morris piece. Obama lost all the big states aside from his own. Take heart. She’s winning. The sooner we can end this the better.

  138. Great, we just lost a tree close to the house and it appears to have destroyed part of our pasture fence.

    What a lovely fucking day this is turning out to be.

  139. Clintondem, this is one of the things I told my cousins (four females who beat up on me daily lol):

    “It does my heart good to see African-Americans, women and especially strong, intelligent black MEN, with the courage to publicly say that they are voting for her and why–having failed to get caught up in this Obama Dream Machine. Making informed, intelligent decisions and not simply voting for the candidate with a skin tone similar to their own–refusing to let the harsh words and criticisms from fellow African-Americans sway their decisions. I’ll bet Obama laughs his azz off when he and Michelle are in bed at night about how they’ve been able to trick so many of us into voting for him by switching into that preacher mode even though he has clearly stated views contrary to what’s good for those of us who need the most help. They aren’t struggling to pay their bills or find jobs. They aren’t the ones who have a hard time putting their kids into good schools. If you don’t think that someone with a skin tone similar to your own could be that cold, just see how Condoleeza Rice and Clarence Thomas feels about you. lol”

    Then, I told them this, after I was told that I had been brainwashed and that I needed to “Come back to being BLACK!:

    “See what I’m talking about? You guys are ONLY voting for him because he’s “BLACK”. I swear. When the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings (for the Supreme Court) were going on and Anita Hill came out with the allegations about sexual harrassment, effectively harming his chances to being confirmed, Black folks were ready to burn that woman at the stake! So caught up in trying to get another BLACK Supreme Court justice. Raked that woman over the coals!! And, he got in. Now, look at how he’s voted when it comes to matters of affirmative action and civil rights….against OUR black azzes. I’m just saying, you guys are acting like this has never happened before, but it has. You are being hoodwinked. Point blank. Nobody wants to admit that they have been. I can understand that, but at least take a moment to truly search your soul and tell me if you really believe in light of how horrible a shape this country is in, he’s the one for the job?”

    I’m not going to fight with them anymore because they are just too brutal. lol I love them because they are my family and I’m trying not to lose my family over some election.

  140. Yikes–Ann Coulter threatening to campaign for Hillary, and Dick Morris writing something encouraging and true.

    What a world, what a world.

  141. Millions off dollars has done nothing for Mitty and Rudy. The fact is BO needs the money to tell his lies. He has very little name recognition so he needs the money. Hillary’s needs are not the same. Let us not make it a big issue.

  142. Well, I can confirm my suspicions from a week or so ago. Hope08 at DailyKooks has been lurking here as a mole, which he/she just revealed in the comments section of my diary.

    Wonder who he/she is?

  143. MJ, don’t feel sorry for me! lol If Hillary can get up every morning, put a smile on her face and “do it again”, the little attacks from my family are nothing.

  144. It will be interesting to see how Hill’s campaign keeps America’s “eyes on the prize” (key primaries like Ohio, Texas, Penn and of course her nomination), over the next
    week or two while a hand-full of small states where demographics give Precious a head start play out.

    Any insights from the campaign that you estimable contributors to this site might have?

  145. I think Morris is right. Single women are coming out for Hill. They will keep coming out for her. This is the greatest untapped demographic in recent GE’s by the way.

  146. Marryfield, I think we could figure it out if you know the username on dkos. We’ll review some of their past comments, and by writing style be able to determine who it is.

  147. Everyone… we a losing sight of the big prize (the White House). Hillary has not sight, she will do what ever it takes to win, and if that mean that BO is VP, then so be it. We don’t have to like it, we just want to win, and BO could/would bring the AA vote with him (and that is about the only good thing he brings).

  148. Hey, Hillfans!

    Good news is that Ohio will probably go to Hillary. I hear a lot of Ohioans say that Hillary is their choice b/c of the economy and they want Bill to help out, too. So, that’s good news.

  149. OMG..come on guys..give us 24 hrs to enjoy last night..and it was a victoryHRC knows what she has to do..they have probably been thinking past TT since the weekend..AAs will come back to HRC if she is the nominee…speaking with my cousins in Delaware..they voted enmasse for BHO..its a black thing…but they like HRC just one of my cousins said in Nov its straight democratic ticket…

  150. DCDemocrat, I am with theRealist on this. Frankly I think Obama comes with baggage and since the media has not done its job in vetting him now and who knows what others will dig up at GE, I don’t want him to become a problem for the ticket as a whole in GE. At this point, instead of muddying the race with these notions, I think we should firmly stand behind Clinton and leave it up to her to decide her strategy. Her surrogates may be floating it (for short term gain?) but without knowing their full strategy, I don’t think we should promote it as a given.

    On a different note, it is ironic, that people who need the govt are voting for Hillary. People who do well without it (they did well even in Bush years — I did well in spite of Bush) are going for Obama. They don’t care about what the govt does, they are in it for the glamor candidate (who in my opinion is not electable in GE) — shame on them. I don’t need the govt but I will stand by those people who need it and give them a voice.

  151. true2party i think ur circle of friends is not the voice of Ohio.Christ I hate the way the media is going to spin this.I am seriously about to puke.Anyways anybody know the latest on the Cali votes?

  152. trying to locate a copy of the new york fire depts endorsementof hill when i get it i am going to have very nice copies made and i amgoing to to every fire hall police station i can find
    i need to be proactive in this and i have given all the money allowed
    what do you think a decent idea if so lets do it in the remaining states

  153. cwille, I think you are the first Wisonsinite on the site. We have people from the states surrounding, but not wisconsin. How’s it lookin up there? I am right next door in Iowa. I have a friend from the campaign coming to Green Bay for the campaign.

  154. Awww, SUGAR, hang in there, sister! 🙁

    I am totally feeling your pain right now (clinton-style, tee-hee!), as most of our friends (and my spouse and I have a wide group of DEMOCRATIC friends) are split. Almost all the men (besides my AWESOME husband) are for Barack and almost all the women are for Hillary. It’s very frustrating. But honestly, as much as I hate to say it, I understand why the black males want or even feel like they HAVE to support Barack. It’s unfair and a bit irrational, but my heart breaks a little whenever I see women (of any color!) supporting Barack. I want their votes! But of course it is undemocratic and unamerican to just EXPECT all women to support Hillary. Still, there is a kneejerk part of me that wants to scream at them, “WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!?!?! Supporting that MAN when Hillary needs you?!?!?”

    All in all, I HATE the way this race is forcing Dems to choose such harsh sides. My best friend is an aa guy who just loves Barack… but he also thinks Hillary will be an AWESOME president. He is reluctantly supporting Barack, but still wishes he hadn’t run this year. He feels that this is Hillary’s time. Nonetheless, he has done a small bit of campaign support for BO. And yet somehow, he and I are the only people on opposite sides who can ALWAYS talk openly about the race in all aspects. I cannot talk to any of the other BO supporters we know. I just….. can’t deal with them AT ALL.

    UGH! Sorry if that got a bit off-topic. Thanks for letting me share, guys! ;0

  155. In terms of the BO for VP idea, on one level I’m as nauseated by that thought as anyone. However, it is true that he sorely needs an apprenticeship with an adult somewhere so that he can actually gain some skills to fill his empty suit.

    Maybe asst. to the ambassador to Molvania during Hill’s administration.

  156. Christ I will hate to have this man on Hillary Vp ticket. I can see when Clinton’s 8 years are up how he will try to take credit for every good thing in that white house.Uh I hate that coward.He seem like such a backstabber.But on fox I heard Obama say it was not cute how Hillary was touting him as p but he ended it with maybe she can be my vp.Hillary better not agree to that at all

  157. Dot48 said;

    “More women endorsements….more women movement behind her……

    speak more to women issues for the next states….hone in on those…..”

    Thanks, Dot48, you just answered my question. Someone recently said it’s very difficult for a standard campaign to compete against a “movement”. There is no question BHO does have a movment. That’s why those Obamabots don’t care that he has no experience or is self-contradictory, etc. etc. They can’t even name anything he has done.

    I’ve been wondering how to fight a movement. The answer is to start another one. I’m just a straight good ol’ boy, but I think there should be a women’s movement to offset what he is doing. I realize a lot is being done, but I don’t think it’s focused enough. I also realize it’s at the 11th hour, but any small amount could help. After all, what Hillary is already doing is on the right path.

    It doesn’t have to be another ERA movement. Just one designed to give women a fair break in this country. A lot has been done, but the trouble Hillary is having getting men to vote for her shows a lot more needs to be done. We also have to overcome the resistance to voting for her that some women in Missouri experienced. That Dick Morris article is in this vein. Probably all we need at this point is for Hillary to begin addressing those young ladies a bit more specifically in her stump speech.

    OK, I feel I’m all alone out here on this limb, but I don’t think it’s as ridiculous as it may sound at first reading. However, the idea certainly could stand to be further developed.

  158. New Mexico results with 98 percent in show small HRC lead. Latest is up on KOB website. Not sure why CNN/Fox/etc don’t have that info. Still over 16k provisional ballots out.

  159. morning hillfans, im a little groggy becuase i worked last eve plus stayed up most of the night but it was worth it. as for obama as vp, im open to but i DO FEEL SHE CAN WIN WITHOUT HIM. that said i will vote for hillary if my cat jasper was the vp nominee so it is a given for me. mj, i respect your views but the dislike for this guy(obama) is so intense i can understand why therealist can reacted strongly. do i agree with him. no. we have to all cool it a bit. even i get worked up

  160. Hi true2party
    Do we have poll numbers for Ohio?To let us think that Hillary can win there.
    And people why am i reading that Obama is ahead in delegate counts?
    And what is the schedule for the Clinton’s today

  161. mj .. I don’t know .. but he lifted two full comments I made here and reposted them in the comments section of my diary. He had alluded to it before but when I called him on it, he posted my complete comments, which means he had saved them.

  162. watch texas and ohio. that might be the endgame but this may go all the way to the convention. i thing the closest i came to to a tight convention was 1984 mondale/hart race.

  163. Merryfield, I do not understand the Obama people who do that. it’s so wierd. I neveer go to his supporter sites. I could care a less what they have to say.

  164. There are many native American’s here (not sure of the percentage, but Wisconsin is home to the largest number of Native American tribes east of the Mississippi River.) While it’s a reasonable question, I don’t think Chicago’s closeness to Milwaukee per se is a problem. Living in Madison, I certainly see a lot of students and “progressives” who somehow (strangely) see Precious as a preferred candidate. However, as a whole Wisconsin has a significant working class/rural population who I think will have the good sense to to see Hillary as better for the state and country. Gov. Doyle dissappointingly endorsed BO, but he isn’t exactly a high profile influencer in the state. I’d love to see Russ Feingold endorse Hill.

  165. Limabeans, trust me I’m all smiles today. I even feel as if a weight has been lifted from my chest now that I don’t have to click on my hotmail inbox wondering what nasty email they’ve sent next. lol I’m thinking about taking Tuesday off to work the primary day here in Maryland. What do you guys think? Worth it, or just cast my vote and let the day play out? My supervisor, an AVID Hillary supporter, works in Virginia and she and I were talking about our day next Tuesday. She and I both agree that Hillary might have a better chance in VA. I just want to do all that I can to help get her in the White House!!

  166. rezko is important to me becuase it shows obama’s past is not all as scandal free and rosey big media and obamabots led us to believe. but i lost faith on it ever becoming a issue during the debates. it just not getting enough press despite our best efforts and the few out there. i just don’t get it.

  167. I meant, my supervisor lives in VA. I work in VA, but live in MD. MJ, I think I will take the day off. I’ve been riding around with my “Honk 4 Hillary” sign since S.C. I guess I’ll pull it back out for the big matchup here.

  168. To Limabeans, MJ and Dot48:

    It is premature to be discussing making a deal woth B.O. He will continue to go on and why wouldn’t he? He has the full support of MSM and the media. This sian’t going to happen.

    Any call of this by Hillary’s camp outside the day of a primary will be perceived by MSM as an act of desparation. I see why Terry M. did it this week as he was trying to get the fence sitters who liked both and was leaning a tad to B.O to jump in if they felt that B.O would still be on the ticket.

    Guys, this is a long road and we have to keep optimistic. If you are worried, watching MSM will only exacerbate it. Dip in and out but don’t watch for protracted periods of time. Think about what she accomplished in CA, MA and NJ. That is phenomenal and still you doubt.
    Focus on donating(if you can’t perhaps sacrifice a coffee or a dinner and send $10, $20 $50 whatever you can afford and call. I was shy of calling but this week, I will begin. I also sent another contribution. Every little bit helps.

    She can do this…..we just have to plough on to OH, TX and PA and have her continue to do well in debates and her town halls.

    Unfortunately, they have neutered the Big Dawg as anything that he, she or the campaign says that is the least negative will be used against her. I do believe that when her campaign changed the tone to be more positive, the perception of her seemed to change.

    Her firewall is the Dem base, women and the Hispanic vote. Once women continue to buy in that she is viable, smart and that she has great ideas, I think that more will come. She has a lock on the 60+yr olds. She has to work more on the 40+ and 30+.

    Read blogs like anglechel, Bigtent, Taylor Marsh etc.

    Wringing hads will not help. We will win one contest at a time. TT is over and she’s still here WITH CA, MA and NJ.

    I doubt that many more heavyweights will be willing to put their prestige on the line the way that Teddy, John Kerry, Oprah, Shriver etc did. They got slapped back big time!

    Have faith!

  169. Terry Mac didn’t talk up BO on his own. The interviewer pushed him, and of course he had to say something positive.

  170. MJ said:

    “It’s a movement. A real one. It’s simmering below the surface already.”

    That’s true. It’s there, but more of a potential movement. Let’s bring it to the surface so it can be an effective movement. Let’s give it strength by challenging men to have the balls to support it. Let it be a challenge to their manhood or something to agree to back single women.

  171. Obama campaign reporting that Texas is a mixed primary/caucus state and they feel they have an organizational advantage. I wouldn’t buy too much into their argument. South Texas loves the Clintons and Hispanics are the majority in the state. Roy Spence, now part of her message team and ad guru in his own right, has lived in Texas his whole life and knows what messages work within Texas. Don’t buy the spin is my point.

  172. Re-post on the VP thing.

    Note; Worry trolls and negativity trolls are not anti-Hillary plants…I’ll explain (if I have to) when I get back from taking my wife to the doctor…

    # TheRealist Says:
    February 5th, 2008 at 6:03 pm

    Well, I guess fretting over the most common story out there (H/O, O/H) about the two candidates is one way to pass the time until the results come in…

    Forgive me but not only is speculating as to running mates silly, it is counterproductive. Know that a VP is chosen to shore up a perceived deficiency in resume (Foreign policy/defense;Cheney for Bush) or to get a leg up in a state deemed necessary to for an electoral college victory. The candidate often has little real choice, as it is dictated by the situation, not some personal preference.

    Allowing that one of the most popular speculations in BM is in the realm of possibility isn’t weak, it’s SMART; Obama is an egotist who would never accept the post. In reality, he fulfills neither of the requirements for a VP, and the campaign’s main argument against his candidacy is that he wouldn’t be, “ready on day one.”, so they would be left to explain whether they were hypocrites or idiots in the event of his unlikely selection.

    That said, they could release the statement that they offered the VP to Barry (assuming that WE are the nominee) and that he respectfully declined, saving face for both sides and providing a salve to the wounds of the campaign, and freeing Hillary up to make a choice that will actually help her win in November.

  173. btw, my state of connecticut was a repeat of ned lamont’s dem primary win in 2006. also a fact the winner of the ct dem primary never produced a president. a little political trivia and silver lining.

  174. As a Texan, I’m surprised to hear that we’re a mixed state. Maybe it’s that our primary votes have never really mattered, but call me a skeptic on that point for now . . .

  175. yeah mj, some of my co-workers were gloating about ct last night. then ca came in for hillary then i made i my buisness to break the news to him. man, he was

  176. carter did not win ct primary in 1976, teddy kennedy won ct in 1980, hart in 1984, dukakis in 1988, jerry brown in 1992, al gore in 2000, and hohn kerry in 2004. every last one of these guys won ct but went on to lose the nomination or the general election.

  177. “I’m thinking about taking Tuesday off to work the primary day here in Maryland. What do you guys think? Worth it, or just cast my vote and let the day play out?”

    DEFINITELY DO IT! 🙂 I stood with my Hillary stuff outside a poll site yesterday for a mere 90 minutes (I took today off instead to reccover) to offer lit (and stickers!) to voters. Needless to say, 99% of the people going to vote had already made up their minds, BUT we DID run into one undecided! AND SHE DECIDED TO VOTE FOR HILL AFTER TALKING TO US!!! 😀 To me, that made the whole thing worthwhile. That we actually made a difference and converted one voter. It is a great feeling. 🙂 And really, that’s how this stuff gets done! Voter by voter. Everything counts. And there ARE undecided people out there! We have the advantage in that we can actually articulate CONCRETE REASONS to support our candidate! 😀 Obamabots are just like, “Err… HOPE! CHange!…Changiness!..uhh, no more clintons!…Viva Barack!” In my experience, EVERY undecided and/or soft supporter of Barack can be converted to a Hillary supporter with a gentle push and appeal to reason. I’m dead serious.

  178. mj, I wish I was good at starting movements. I just sometimes join them.

    Since time is so short, the first step should be to get Hillary to address the matter more specifically in her stump speech, as I mentioned above. She needs to encourage them even more by recognizing that they are interested. Then we need to all jump on the idea and spread it to every possible outlet we can find, including comments to blogs. We need someone to write blogs on the subject. We need someone in the press to begin writing about it, especially in reference to this campaign.

    Since time is so short, there is not a lot that can be accomplished, but any small amount may be enough. Hillary is so close to winning this thing that it may not take much.

  179. Wow I see nobody answerig my question about the delegate count so i take that as Obama is still leading with delegates counts as politico is suggesting.

  180. it is bad enough lot of these people endorsed obama. but then they go around and trash hillary in blantant terms or subliminal terms. that is the real problem i have with them. if it were not the bill’s 8 years there would be no dem in the white house the last 28 years. and let’s be blunt JFK godbless is soul was elected president 48 YEARS AGO!!! you would think bill clinton and his great years in the white house never happened.

  181. Obama is so opposite JFK> JFK ran as a strong Dem because he knew there were more Dem’s out there than Repubs. He was uber experienced and he loved politics, dirt and all.

  182. Vanity, if you don’t mind reading a biased view of the delegate count you can go to:

    That one shows her still ahead by about 70 delegates, but they are still showing only 22 new delegates in California. The counting is still going on.

    Get well!!

  183. There was only one embarrassment last night, that was Massachusetts. What a lovely thing Mass……still, overall, it was closer than I thought it might be. I think it is obvious Hillary is the one who can carry the “blue” states. Obambi seems to have alot of appeal with all those Obambi-bots. He has lots of Kool-aid. Let’s see how long that lasts. Personally, it is my opinion, he is fracturing the party if this goes to the convention. We could be wrapping this thing up in a gifted box without his hope, dope, and hallelujahs.

    Based on results last night, if we were truly interested in winning back this nation for the Democratic Party, we would see a Clinton/Obama ticket this morning. I find it rather disgusting personally, but Obama is the best VP candidate right now (numbers wise). If Dean has any wits, he is going to push this.

    One thing I believe is evident. Hillary will be the democratic nominee. It is just a matter of when.

  184. Vanity4Hillary, neither CNN or Fox is reporting that Obama is leading in delegates, so I don’t know why Drudge or anybody else is reporting that.

  185. i will say this again she won the ny male vote because of what she has done
    in most towns across america fire depts have some sway so i think if we all went to our local police/fire cos with a copy of the fdny’s endorsement it might have an efect

  186. I just checked Politico, and they are showing Hillary with a lead in delegates as well. THey have an article that BO is CLAIMING that he’s leading, but he’s not. I even heard the foolish woman on one of the local stations in D.C. this morning say he was leading, even though I had JUST looked at the most current numbers before heading out the door. The day and delegates belong to Hillary. Point blank.

  187. good mornin’!!!

    idunn- i hope everything will be ok, that the damage was not that bad…

    mj – thanks for dropping the obama for vp spin, let us leave that decision to her.

    sugar – thank you for staying strong despite family pressures. did you tell him that he is not black in the sense that he did not struggle like everyone else? he was white growing up until it was convenient to be black

  188. JFK was in Congress for 14 years before he became President. BO thinks too much time in washington is “bad”. I have never understood that facetious argument, used for running as an “outsider”. He may not spent time in Washington but he’s scheming and devious to the core.

  189. jas, i think richardson and edwards lost whatever leverage they had before supertuesday. i could be wrong. richardson chickened out and took the wimpy way out.

  190. LOL@SHERM


  191. We don’t know just how big Hillary won CA, but it’s possible by the end of the day she could be leading by nearly 300 delegates. That would give Obama a tough hill to climb.

  192. I live in Maryland (Montgomery county) and would welcome suggestions on what I/we should do to make this a Hillary state.

  193. California is probably counting absentee votes (unless someone knows otherwise). Those can push California in a big way. Even with a small percentage out, that can be alot of votes (more than some states combined).

  194. my understanding obama shunned his biracial side in his early years and became the “black” person. look how he plays up black audiences. you would never know he had a white mother. preachin like a soul brotha. makes me wonder if he overplaying that black preacher thing too much now. might turn off many voters that way.

  195. timjcain, you are correct! Hillary kicked ass with her constituents in NY. The only place she lost was with the 18-15 year olds who just moved to the City and have no clue what she has done for our state. These kids vote for who is “cool,” plain and simple. I don’t begrudge them (I was an obnoxious 20 year old once too! HA!), but now that I am over 30 I realize how little influence they have on most mature voters.

    Your firefighter idea is great! 🙂 Go for it!

  196. Vanity, I’m as interested as you are about any potential debates. I believe I recall a post or something suggesting Obama would not want to do any more debating with Hillary. Well, someone said he was bright.

    I was just teasing you because you said “This is sick”. I have a mean streak I can’t control.

  197. Pm, I live in Montgomery County too! I asked the group earlier about whether they thought it was a good idea to take off work on Tuesday and a couple said it’s a good idea. I don’t know if that’s something you are willing to do, but I’m pretty sure I am. I’m going to link up with the Montgomery County for Hillary group and fan out over the area with them on primary day. They have a new headquarters on Wisconsin Avenue in Bethesda. I can’t remember the number of the building, but apparently you can’t miss it for the signs.

  198. Lets Analise a bit.
    1. BO won mostly republican red states yest. The only 2 that are swing – Missouri and New Mexico. She won traditional democratic states and Also Oklahoma, Arkansas and Tennessee outside the regular blue states. What does she stand to gain by allying with him?
    2. She is less than 100 delegates ahead – so her position – didn’t improve much since before super Tuesday. Neither is his – but a tie is not favorable to her
    3. He is very ambitious (I will even say brazen) guy. He will not accept the VP position unless really forced to.
    4. Establishment of Democrats is worrying that unless they will have a clear winner within a month – the party will loose in November. So Dean explicitly said yest – that he will not have a brokered convention.
    5 Which brings us to Michigan and Florida. Provided their delegates are seated in the convention and as a result she will win nomination, but huge chunk of his voters will turn away from her because they will say it is unfair play.

    My solution is put him in a position where he have to accept the VP position, If not – they should go with nuclear option – seating Florida and Michigan

  199. Obama endorser, Big Tent Democrat, sees the “beginning of the end of the Obama Presidential campaign”.

    TalkLeft’s Big Tent Democrat: After Super Tuesday

    By Big Tent Democrat
    Wed Feb 06, 2008

    Unlike the entire world apparently, I see last night’s results as the beginning of the end for the Obama Presidential campaign. My thinking is fairly straightforward – Obama’s has been a Media and Mo campaign to knock off the resilient favorite. He has had a ten day stretch that is not likely to be matched again. From the Media coverage of the South Carolina primary, to the Kennedy endorsements, to polls showing him with a REAL chance of winning states like Massachusetts, New Jersey and California, this was a perfect storm for the Obama campaign. If he could have won Massachusetts and either New Jersey or California, he would have gained a stranglehold on the nomination. And not only did he not win any of those states, he got clobbered in all of them.

    What does this bode for the rest of the schedule? IMO, more of the same. Obama will win states with the right demographic but lose the big states by large margins. What is going to happen to push Obama to victories in Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania, the 3 biggest prizes remaining? Can a nominee lose New York, California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Florida and Michigan by wide margins?

    For that is what is being posited here as the Obama case. Because he won states like Delaware, Connecticut, North Dakota and Idaho, Obama’s spinners are claiming he had a big night. I simply do not see how that can be. What last night revealed is no amount of spin, mo, Media and endorsements can get Obama over the hump in big heterogenuous states. Indeed, his performance in the big states has underperformed polls and expectations.

    Tom Edsall writes:

    Hillary Clinton’s strength among core Democratic constituencies — women, Latinos and working class whites — pushed her to victory in the mega-state primaries of California, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts on Tuesday, slowing, at least for the moment, the momentum that had been building behind Barack Obama’s bid for the nomination. Clinton’s solid majorities among women, who make up from 55 to 59 percent of voters in Democratic primaries, remains her most reliable source of support, although her backing among Latino voters not only helped her win California, but should work to her advantage in the potentially crucial March 4 Texas primary. . . .

    The dynamics of this race are now set in stone. No amount of Media and Mo and Kennedys can get Obama over the hump. He can not win women, Latinos, older voters and lower income non-African Americans. The Obama coalition is simply not enough. I discussed this problem for the past month.

    The bottom line is nothing has changed from Nevada. Obama can not break through. He will not be the Presidential nominee. He will be the Vice Presidential nominee

  200. Hillary’s campaign NEEDS to get the New York Fire Fighters out working on her behalf all OVER the place. There are REAL men…who she helped big time….this will bring men to her.

    More signs up at campaign events….fire fighters ARE FOR hillary, woman ARE FOR hillary, Men ARE FOR hillary, Women ARE FOR hillary….Hispanic ARE FOR hillary.

    start using powerful words … words that people remember….

  201. No one knows yet what the delegate count is because CA hasn’t been done counting. When CA is all said and done, she will be way ahead in the count.

  202. wbboei, that article makes my heart sing!!! Not so much about the VP thing, but the reality that he will not the be the nominee.

    PM, here you go:

    The following is a message regarding:

    MoCo Update – We Need Your Help Again!

    There are several ways you can help Hillary Clinton win the Maryland primary next Tuesday. ****A) Take part in a “Sign Wave” at a Metro station on Wednesday morning, February 6 or Thursday morning or evening, February 7. – Details to follow in seperate email. ****B) Attend the volunteer meeting on Saturday February 9 from 10 a.m. to noon at the County Council Café/Cafeteria on the second floor of 100 Maryland Avenue in Rockville. We will discuss plans for the remaining days of the campaign. ****C) Volunteer to work on February 12. We will need people to make get-out-the-vote phone calls using their own cell phones at the Bethesda headquarters (7832 Wisconsin Avenue), to work at polling places throughout the county, and to help at the Bethesda HQ from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Contact Mary Boergers (240-497-1909 or

    This is all on the site if you click on MD in the States tab.

  203. lol, hillfans get this. in california hillary is at 52% to obama’s 42% with 96% reporting now. the last survey usa poll in ca had it hillary 52% to obama’s 42%. a little bragging rights for survey usa if it holds. on the flip side they sucked with there final missouri poll. they had hillary at 54% to obama’s 43% i believe. polls are all messed up nowadays.

  204. For Hillary to have a total of 900 delegates after the count today, she would have to have broken about even with BHO in California. As I said, we don’t know what the final count will be in CA, but I understand they are still counting absentee ballots, and I understand Hillary did very well among those. Out of the 370+ delegates, she may win a couple hundred more to go with her lead of 74 delegates there. Then there is likely to be some additional superdelegates. I think it’s possible she will be well ahead at the end of the day. Just maybe not quite 300!! LOL

  205. yes or no
    should i make a hudred thous copies of the nyfds endorsement of our girl and deliver it peronally to every firehouse and police dept in the pa ohio area. i have a voucher for unlimited greyhound travel which i thought i would never use but hey maybe i held onto it for this

  206. LAWD SO WHAT IS THE SCHEDULE FOR THE CLINTON’S TODAY?SHE DON’T NEED TO BE SITTING ON HER ASS LIKE SHE DID YESTERDAY( i still do not understand why she was not out or at least bill was not out campaigning )

  207. Did Hillary win less delegates than Obama in Super Tuesday?


    AND let’s not forget Florida and Michigan. Those delegates WILL be seated.

  208. Vanity what do you mean that Hillary doesn’t need to be sitting on her ass like she did yesterday? Hillary did 37 interviews yesterday. I don’t see that as sitting on her ass and doing nothing. ENOUGH.

  209. Vanity4Hillary!? lol Give her a break!


  210. @idunn How are you so sure that Florida & Michigan will be seated?

    Because the DNC knows we need Florida to win the general election. They wouldn’t DARE piss Florida dems off. Trust me on this.

  211. mj, that’s a great map you linked. If Hillary won all of those counties in CA indicated there, she should get a ton of delegates there.

  212. cannot find the actual fdny endorsement which is what i want to print without any editorializing. wann walk into a thousand differentplaces and say think about this


    Seriously, the girl is starting to slack off. What? Does she think we won’t kick her ass just ’cause she’s the next Prez??!! 😉

  214. Okay. So, all in all, Hillary is projected to have won more delegates than Obama in Super Tuesday. If that is the case, this is a big win for Hillary. I have never seen an MSM so biased against one candidate while at the same time biased for another candidate. Add to that the fact that practically every pundit is against Hillary and that most of the celebrity and political endorsements are coming out for Obama – for Hillary to withstand all that – she’s one tough lady. Anyone else would have been knocked out flat. If not for anything, this would show everyone that she is ready to take on anyone. Had the roles been reversed, Obama would be begging to retain his Senate position – after all the attacks and the biased reporting. He would not survive a Republican onslaught.

    McCain was right when he said that Obama can be cocksure right now because he is inexperienced. (I’m paraphrasing) He doesn’t know what it means to face an oppositional media. He will stutter, he will stammer, his true colors will be exposed. He will be painted in the worst possible light. His inexperience will come through in stark relief beside McCain. He will be exposed as a flip-flopper on many issues – and the records will ACTUALLY SHOW IT – the Republicans wouldn’t even have to invent it. He is toast.

    Hillary faced the liberal and conservative media all at the same time. She faced an onslaught of Obama supporters and endorses who are combative and openly critical of her (I’m happy that Hillary’s supporters and endorses are not this combative or openly critical – it only shows how classy the Hillary campaign is). She faced an onslaught of liberal and conservative pundits all at the same time. And still, she came out victorious. She is a tough fighter and more importantly, she IS A WINNER!!

  215. A loss for Kennedy
    Email|Print| Text size – + By Joan Vennochi
    Globe Columnist / February 6, 2008
    HILLARY CLINTON didn’t just beat Barack Obama in Massachusetts.

    She beat Senator Edward M. Kennedy, the Bay State’s liberal icon; Senator John Kerry, the 2004 Democratic Party nominee; and Governor Deval Patrick, the Bay State’s purveyor of hope and optimism.

    Politics doesn’t get any more personal than the Clinton-Obama showdown in Massachusetts.

    Kennedy’s blessing threatened to give older, more traditional Democrats permission to vote with their hearts. It was a stab at the heart of the Clinton campaign – and a disloyal one, from the Clinton perspective.

    Back in 1994, Kennedy was suddenly and shockingly vulnerable to a challenge from a rich, smart Republican named Mitt Romney. On the defense in his first real political fight in decades, Kennedy wrapped himself “in President Clinton’s mantle,” the Globe reported in June 1994. “I am honored to stand with him, day after day, week after week, month after month, in our fight for jobs, economic justice, and progress on the great issues like health reform,” Kennedy told delegates to that year’s Democratic state convention.

    Both Clintons rushed to Kennedy’s aid.

    “There is not a single, solitary member of the US Senate more interested in new ideas than he is. In the most partisan atmosphere in modern history, he is absolutely the ablest member of the Congress at getting Republicans to vote with him and work with him to make this country a better place,” President Clinton told Massachusetts voters.

    Hillary Clinton also campaigned for Kennedy: “Do not let the political climate of the moment undermine the record of one of the greatest senators who has ever served in the US Senate,” she said at a September 1994 event.

    In 2008, Kennedy didn’t return the favor. Kennedy Country took on Clinton Country.

    Now, that’s personal. Clinton backers vowed to battle for a state that Bill and Hillary Clinton vacationed in, raised millions in, and nurtured for years. Clinton headquarters buzzed with volunteers the day before the primary vote.

    “We’ll do everything we can to deliver Massachusetts. Bill and Hillary Clinton never forgot this state,” said Boston City Council President Maureen E. Feeney. Added House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi: “There are show horses and workhorses. We’re the workhorses.”

    The workhorses beat the show horses. Clinton won.

    Joan Vennochi’s e-mail address is

  216. Kerry said that it was impressive what O did in red states and how important that will be in the GE, and that they already knew they had an uphill battle in MA because Hillary had so many endorsements from officials there – i wish there was a BULLSHIT meter next to Kerry because it’d be going nuts.

  217. rickya, maybe I missunderstand your comment about Hillary ending up with between 20 and 30 delegate lead. She already has a 74 delegate lead. Surely she will add a lot more after CA is counted, and a few more after NM is counted.

  218. i am willing to drop off hill endorsements living on greyhound for two weeks and with the exception of mj no one says a word. how do we get the white male vote—— by working for it as hillary did not by preachingtothe converted.

  219. Yeah, BO won red states, but against a republican, 400something Alaskans are not going to put you over the top, the same with the small numbers of dem voters in Kansas, Idaho, Utah, and North Dakota. Seriously. He didn’t win the important red states, like Tennessee and Arkansas and Arizona and Florida, where there are higher populations and they are more inclined to be important swing states.

  220. If Hillary is the candidate, as I believe she will be, we will win a lot more than two of those red states. I think McCain is a nice man, but he will have an uphill battle against her in the GE. I don’t think he can overcome all of the negatives the Repugs have created.

  221. I agree Tim has a great idea. I thought it was something he was going to do. I didn’t think he needed any encouragement. If only those firemen will spread the word to family and friends, it could be worth a lot.

  222. timj
    that would be a good idea but you might need to coordinate with the campaign. i’m wondering why they’re not touting that endorsement either. maybe it was saved for when guilliani was the opponent-to-be.

  223. timjcain: living on greyhound for two weeks

    Hillary’s endorsement is from the NY local of the IAFF? What happened to the IAFF’s endorsement after Dodd dropped out? What about the PA, OH and TX locals? Are they doing their own endorsements?

  224. I share my views with Big Tent Democrat — it is ludicrous to think we can nominate someone who has not won CA, NY, MA, NJ, FL(yes), and will not win Ohio, Texas, PA for the same reasons.

    Let us not forget 6 of his state wins last night were caucuses (how representative is that?)

  225. I just saw some good news, i’ve been trawling through results by congress district and in over half of them Obama has not punched through 40%. I think Hill’s getting much more delegates out of Cal than i thought.

  226. MA win is soooo sweet but so is NJ. She had Menendez on her side of course but popular Newark mayor Cory Booker and one of the most, if not the most popular politicians Richard Cody threw all their institutional heavy weight behind him. BO had counted on wresting this one and that asshole charlatan Zogby tried his level best to help him too with his fudged polls.

  227. I hope those people at that university are alright. Anytime something happens on a college campus I get nervous. I was soooooooo nervous when Virginia Tech happened because we had a similar smaller scale incident happen in the 90’s here at Iowa, and we are in tornado alley, just look at the pics from the Iowa City tornado from 2 aprils ago.

  228. mjs had the right “read” about obama’s plan: he’ll campaign in those small states that she won’t go for so that even when she wins the big states, he can spin a victory. even kerry is talking about a “win”.he is all about perception.
    regarding the vp slot, i don’t think hillary will fall for that. she’d rather slug it out till the end. remember what he did to alice palmer in chicago? she trusted him then. we all should learn from that, and never forget. she does not need him. and regardless of the votes that he said he will carry with him, she will win against mcccain and /or romney.

  229. I think HRC needs to get the following phrase into her vocabulary fast:

    “A college degree does not pay or get you the kind of job it once did.”

    If you look to the cross tabs, she does well among 25-29. This is because they are coming to the realization that they are in debt and that their BS degree will not get them $100K a year. That is her problem with young people. They should care about the prose issues, but they don’t know it and she is not helping to connect them with the why.

  230. In 29 out 53 congressional districts in California Obama has not reached 40%.

    This is big delegate wise i think.

  231. I demand Hillary to but tv time and do a eva peron type powerful speech

  232. mj
    i am hungry
    i am also ready/willing and able to do whatever it takes to make HILLARY44 love this post but sometimes i feel crippled when i read. i know somany of you are working for the same thing but other times i read passivity, i agree bm sucks i cannot stop them
    i read that white men are moving to owhatsisface and i asked myself what i could do at first i thought nothing and then i thought i w ould spend two weeks of my time and money walking door to door simply dropping off endorsements

  233. Hey TimJ – good idea – I think it’s a good idea to check with the campaign, but not to wait – if they have nothing in the works than start an independent effort so long as they know its going on. I think you need to get some earned media – make sure that you are exponentially reaching men through the press- and that local press and bloggers are tracking “that brave guy on a 2 week greyhound spree to show that there are men for Hillary”…

    In the summer, I had asked the Los Angeles campaign to start a blogger effort and train people to pushback on the negativity in the netroots, but no followup, and I wish that I had started an indie effort.

  234. Good morning.

    Could we please look at yesterday slightly differently than the frustration we feel.

    The Obama camp threw everything they had at Hill to try to end this yesterday. The celebs, the ‘women’ rally in CA, the media spin was all calculated to bring Hill to her knees. (We know this because everything they accuse Hill of is something they are doing. Thus Claire McCaskill claimed that the Hill camp expected it to be over yesterday. We know that isn’t true so……)

    Oprah, Teddy, Caroline, Maria, Kerry, “Obama is surging”, “Obama is ahead”, “Polls show Hill fading”….etc. Hill withstood it and prevailed. They had 5 targets: NJ, MA, TN, MO, and CA. Their score: 0-4-1

    Conversely, we are 4-0-1

    Also, we learned that the overwhelming Obama support is racial…and not, BTW, anti-Hillary. The really nasty claims that Latinos are sexist have the same validity as the same claims about NH.

    Unfortunately, we will have to fight a little longer for WA, TX, OH, and PA. Also VA, MD, and LA.

    Maxine Waters and John Lewis can help us explain to the AA community that it will not help them to turn their back on their allies to support someone who hasn’t done anything for them. Bad precedent.

    Meanwhile we must keep pushing to get out the Rezko/voting/absentee/homophobic stories out.
    We must kill the ‘Obama is a progressive’ nonsense.
    If we keep on keeping on a little while longer we will win. We won yesterday and we will win it all.

    As they say in the movies: take some time off, relax, and get back to work this afternoon. 🙂

  235. my critique of the Hil campaign is that they need a PUBLICIST – their press efforts are not what they should be – and they need someone actively pitching stories to Details Mag, Mens Journal, GQ, local sports magazines…whatever is read by men…to get the stories of men/the firemen/husbands for Hillary out there. Men need that validation, need to see their icons (ie. Jack Nicholson, Leo DiCaprio!) standing up for Hillary.

  236. ITA JAS. This delegate count is just annoying as hell. For the good of the party the DNC need to get their shit together so that Hillary can move into tht next phase.

  237. haa she won delegate count in Alabama? :D:D GOOD!!

    so if he didnt win 40% in 29 congressional districts, then it gives us an easy 2 delegate per congressional district advantage?

    PURELY on ST and not including other past results and CA and NM, the delegate count breaks as follows according to meteor blades at dailykos.

    Clinton: 697
    Obama: 631

    adding 50-60 more CA delegate advantage and 3-4 more NM advantage, can we stillc all it a draw ST?

  238. Why is BO keeping on having press conferences ? Did he not just have one 3 -4 days ago ? Apparently, the media love he’s getting is not enough for him.

    Btw, Kerry is saying that Clinton win in MA was “expected” .. .Lying piece of shit … Got so slapped badly on your face that it took the Botox off, right John Kerry ?

  239. Ininla
    decaprio a male icon ha ha ha

    Seriously, he’s starting to become one. Due in large part to his work with Scorsese.

    Also….he’s HUGE with environmentalists. (which I am)

    And women adore him! (which I do)

  240. This should help to get the MI delegates included:

    Endorsements: Today, Congressman John D. Dingell (MI-15), Chairman of the House Committee on Energy & Commerce and the Dean of the House of Representatives, and Congressman Dale Kildee (MI-05), Chairman of the Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Education of the Committee on Education & Labor, endorsed Senator Hillary Clinton for President.

  241. hearing about these storms and tornadoes – i wonder if some of these people (52 dead now) were out voting; did they literally die for democracy…it’s so sad.

  242. I see Hillary when i see this clip from Evita

    High flying, adored
    That’s good to hear but unimportant
    My story’s quite usual
    Local girl makes good, weds famous man
    I was stuck in the right place at the perfect time
    Filled a gap, I was lucky
    But one thing I’ll say for me
    Noone else can fill it like I can

  243. Kaffeen & Caroline: Thanks for your information

    Bottom line: Kerry, Kennedy and Patrick did not do their job, BO should have won MA, with all that support

  244. Hello everyone,
    I am just wondering what DEMHAWK meant by “there are more Wisconsinites here”.
    I am a Wisconsinite. What can I do to help? Bam-Bam’s people keep calling me and I keep telling them I have already committed to my girl – Hillary – and they are blatantly pushy and rude.

  245. The only reason BO is giving a press conf.,it makes him look more presiental. He did this last week … and see where it got him!!!

  246. 4. Establishment of Democrats is worrying that unless they will have a clear winner within a month – the party will loose in November. So Dean explicitly said yest – that he will not have a brokered convention.

    Interesting point, johnflint. I think they’re right, too. I would like to see this resolved sooner rather than later. That’s one reason I believe Hillary will be the nominee.

    Other than IL, Obama has shown no ability to even come to winning large states. That’s a liability, not an asset.

  247. Yup. Massachusetts’ victory for HRC was pretty much the one race I cared the most deeply about winning. And she did. It was the equivalent of when we play the Illini in Basketball or football, I can care less if that is the only game we win all season, but we better win that one. And we usually do 😉

  248. # hawk Says:
    February 6th, 2008 at 11:43 am

    Don’t worry about that 20-30 delegate lead this is false. We will have a 65-150 delegate lead.

    Hawk, bless you. if it is 120+, there is NO WAY Obama can make up come out of ST and even he and media knows this. They just dont want to tell americans the truth! SADDDD SADDDDDDD

  249. Obama is just bruning his bridges. He must really hate he VP slot. He is saying patently absurd things about Hillary today. Oh, well. His loss…literally. 🙂

  250. What was the thing about Santa Barbara? I grew up there. Did they go for Obama? Large university there, not surprising.

  251. from Craig Crawford (thank you Craig for calling like it is):

    Media Gets It Wrong Again

    If I were Barack Obama I would tell my flaks in the news media to shut up in the final days before elections. The chattering crowd’s frenzy for this man only raises expectations that he cannot meet.

    As a result, what was otherwise not too shabby a night for Obama on Super Tuesday came across like a public relations defeat because so much more had been expected. Still, those who predicted a bigger night for Obama are invested in downplaying what actually happened, and will surely gin him up for the next contests.

    Before Super Tuesday, gushing pundits predicted that the Kennedy family endorsements would, at a minimum, deliver Massachusetts. Didn’t happen. Feverish news reports of rising momentum for Obama led to hints that he was winning New Jersey. Didn’t happen.

    And, oh yeah, California’s returns were supposed to keep us up all night because the “force of nature” that is Obama had erased Clinton’s lead in the state. Oops, it turned out that Hillary Rodham Clinton’s lead was so substantial that the networks could call the state for her just after midnight.

    The California surprise promoted a bit of mea culpa from former NBC anchor Tom Brokaw, who has actually been a voice of reason as so many of his colleagues have lost their minds for Obama.

    “Once again,” Brokaw said on MSNBC as Clinton’s early California win was announced, “in all of our conventional and collective wisdom, we were wrong.” More on Craig Crawford’s Trail Mix

  252. can anyone give me the link to nyfds endorsement
    i want it as it was made no qualifications as that is how i plan on delivering it to every firehouse police station ican get to in ohio/pa i will walk in and ask to speak with the individual in charge and the i will hand them the endorsement and simply say think about it

  253. The easiest way out for Dean is to allocate the delegates for Florida and Michigan.Then there will not be a brokerd convention.

  254. like a cry baby , he always surrounds himself with his surrogates like Kerry and Kennedy at these media events like press conferences. He needs them for what ? I mean, can he not hold his own , for once ?!!

  255. Wait! When did Dicaprio endorse, HRC??!! I need confirmation, because I’vce been begging for a Dicaprio endorsement like there’s no tomorrow!

    Someone confirm, please?

  256. I got my 65-150 from my own calculations based on my estimates. Mine were pretty correct. I guessed a 44-44 split for Missouri and I think that happened, I guessed a win in Minnesota for obambi and that happened. I am going to venture out and say that when NM is in, and Cali is done, we will have a delegate lead of around 100, maybe a little more, and from there we will go on to get Barbara Boxer’s superdelegate, and hopefully some others, and then we need to start vigorously campaigning in Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Washington, Nebraska, Virginia and D.C. We may, with hard work and dedication pull off victories in states that are supposed to favor obama like D.C., Virginia, and Louisiana. Oh, and Nebraska is a midwestern caucus state, which obama tends to do well in. We need to send Hill, Bill, Chelsea, Magic Johnson, Barbara McCulski, Martin O’Malley, Tom Vilsack, Evan Bayh, Maria Cantwell, Patty Murray, Maine’s governor Baldacci, America Ferrera, Dolores Huerta, Maxine Waters, Jack Nicholson, and all of the other top surrogates out to these states to campaign HARD and to gotv. We must pull these off. We can end it if we win these upcoming states.

  257. Guys, I hope all of you have donated to Hillary campaign after last nights win. she NEEDS our support going forward.

    Again, media is raising his expectations. WHY will he win WA again? because he does better in caucus states where she hasnt competed? the last one she competed.. she beat him to pulp over there :)..

    this storm disaster is bad for the country :(.. I feel bad.. 52 people dead.. Hillary remembered them yesterday night which was the right thing to do :(.. pray for the victims!

  258. It’s not adding up. One source says there are 52 delegates in AL, another 60. And so far it’s 21C 20BO. Same with NM, so what’s up with that?

  259. Pulchitrude 12:15: TM bloggers are projecting a 30-40 delegate advantage for Hillary coming out of California, with the caveat that it could still swing 10-20 delegates either way because there are still nearly 1 million absentee ballots to be tabulated. Presumably those would favor Hillary.

    Also, they have done an analysis of voters by age and it appears that the youth vote in California went Hillary’s way MSM assumptions and Obama talking points to the contrary notwithanding. You will enjoy this exchange:

    “In California, Clinton and Obama tied in one age group (30-39), but Clinton won every other age group:

    18-24 – Clinton 52, Obama 46
    25-29 – Clinton 50, Obama 48
    30-39 – Clinton 49, Obama 49
    40-49 – Clinton 55, Obama 39
    50-64 – Clinton 56, Obama 38
    65 or Over – Clinton 49, Obama 30

    You must be lying Grey because according to that stat, Hillary won among YOUNG VOTERS and the media keeps telling me all the young people are voting for obama because they are the new next generation “change” future of this country.

    so why did you lie?”

  260. He does well in caucus states, but that doesn’t mean we can’t beat him in his own territory. We need to perfect our caucus preformances (I know this first hand) and we will win Washington, with gotc efforts focused on women, Latinos, Asian Americans, and GLBT voters.

  261. Same with MO all the votes have been counted and from I can tell BO only carried 5 counties (mind you they are St’Louis and Kansas City) but what is the hold up??

  262. johnflint1985 Says:
    February 6th, 2008 at 11:13 am

    4. Establishment of Democrats is worrying that unless they will have a clear winner within a month – the party will loose in November. So Dean explicitly said yest – that he will not have a brokered convention.
    I just got an email from Dean asking for money — email gist was we don’t know who the nominee will be but give us money to fight against McCain.
    Wrote a reply telling him that they won’t see a red cent from me unless they start propping the right candidate and got rid of the spoiler candidate who has not won any of the states that matter (CA, NY, NJ, MA, FL, MI..)

  263. Thanks for numbers —

    New Mexico 130,000 total

    Florida 850,000 just for Hillary

    Florida big purple swing state has to be counted by the DNC.

  264. Obama said he would agree to at least one more debate with Clinton this month, though he didn’t sound enthusiastic. “I don’t think anyone’s clamoring for more debates,” said Obama.

    Although signs now point to a protracted nomination battle, possibly all the way to Denver this summer, Obama said he wasn’t ready to ponder a floor fight over unpledged superdelegates – members of Congress, elected officials and the like, who could end as the brokers of the nomination.

  265. Hey Hillfans, if you are deeply concerned about the economy and want to have a listen to the candidates’ economic advisors debate (from Oct 07 however), click here to download the audio discussion:

    here’s the information about who was there and such:

    why does everything about obama’s campaign (even his advisors) smack of high school popularity / britney spears / pep rallies? listen to this debate….austan goolsbee himself acts like a high school most popular frat guy. does anyone know who this guy is? does he come from clinton’s administration or what? i’d like to know about him.

  266. I got those nasty calls from Obamabots before our primary here in NJ. I wish there was a way to capture what they are doing and send it to all the news outlets that think he is the Savior who “brings people together.”

  267. did we have a discussion about how Obama raised 32M in January? I remember we did, but then I dont seem to remember it.. was he still at a disadvantage because of immense spending?

  268. He spent in bad places. He didn’t do so hot placing ads in Boston, LA, and NYC for the superbowl cuz we won there. He had bad spending habits. I think if Hill gets ome endorsements and then wins at least 2 of the upcoming 4 states (WA, LA, NE, or ME) we will win the fundraising race.

  269. you guys, this economic advisor, austan goolsbee, of obama’s concerns me a lot. he scares me.

    Care to expound on that? Or is it just a feeling?

  270. I never once got a call from the obamatrons in Iowa, i think they knew our household was firmly HRC territory because I looked myslef up in the Iowa VAN, and my info was listed with all kinds of stuff I did for HRC in Iowa. The republicans called our house for me oddly enough. I began to wonder if I was somehow on both party’s registeries, because McCain called me, and so did Ron Paul (about 32 times).

  271. People do not listen to anything CNN or MSM are saying about he delegate count until it is official because CNN said last night they were doing an conservative estimate (that broke toward Obama’s way) count.

    What I don’t like and what makes the citizens upset is how the media is spinning this. My daughter who is voting for Obama because of Black pride belief the crap the media is spinning on the delegate count and state wins…this gives a false impression that Obama has won this and when I try to explain that the media is full of crap and how the primary nominating system is different then running in the GE, she think I’m being bias for Hillary.

    The good thing is she loves Hillary and will vote for her. Right now I’m so disgusted with the media and it’s lack of respect for Hillary but that’s alright because Hillary has won the respect of millions of voters by how she is running her campaign. Hillary is a fighter and is winning by going directly to the voters and presenting her case. She does not have to steal ideas and phrases from others and that make her authentic and Hillary will be the next president of the United States.

  272. About the dnc seating Florida and Michigan I think somebody here need to come up with a petition.I remember a petition was put up for Madonna during one of her eras(2002) when she bashed bush and clear channel boycotted her for it.And thousands signed this petition and it got media attention also.I am trying to think of the petition site that we used.Your lil emails to dnc is not going to do a damn thing.So i suggest somebody here think of something and fast.Sorry if i sound like a bully but sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do.

  273. carbynew Says:

    February 6th, 2008 at 1:03 pm

    What I don’t like and what makes the citizens upset is how the media is spinning this. My daughter who is voting for Obama because of Black pride belief the crap the media is spinning on the delegate count and state wins…this gives a false impression that Obama has won this and when I try to explain that the media is full of crap and how the primary nominating system is different then running in the GE, she think I’m being bias for Hillary.

    Carbynew, at least your daughter still has the presence of mind to think Hillary would be a fine president too. 🙂 There are some of us out there who have become so brainwashed, they won’t even admit to that.

  274. The Morning HUBdate: February 6, 2008
    by Howard Wolfson, Communications Directorin News2/6/2008 11:27 AMTremendous Victories: Hillary yesterday won the largest states and the most coveted prizes, California and New York. Hillary won red states, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Tennessee, blue states, Massachusetts and New Jersey, and a purple state, Arizona. Hillary won both with and without institutional support, overcoming high-profile endorsements in Massachusetts to pull the upset of the day.

    The Bottom Line: “With California cementing a series of wins across the country, Ms. Clinton can claim a slight advantage,” writes the Washington Post’s editorial board. Hillary continues to lead Sen. Obama in the race for thousands of delegates and superdelegates nationwide.

    Youth for Hillary: According to exit polls, Hillary yesterday won 18-29 year olds in California, home to more young adults than any other state. Hillary also won 18-29 year olds in Massachusetts, home to more than 250 college and universities.

    One-on-One: Hillary called for weekly debates through March 4th and accepted invitations from CNN, MSNBC, ABC and Fox News to debate Sen. Obama in Ohio, Texas and Washington, DC.

    If You Read One Thing Today: “Clinton will try to focus on policy to win voters” from the Gannett News Service. Read more.

    Strong in the States: In Texas, former House Speaker Jim Wright and Reps. Gene Green and Solomon Ortiz this week endorsed Hillary. Reps. Green and Ortiz had earlier backed Gov. Bill Richardson’s campaign for President. In Ohio, Hillary supporter Gov. Ted Strickland joined President Bill Clinton at a “Solutions for America” rally in Cleveland. In Pennsylvania, Rep. Paul E. Kanjorski endorsed Hillary, joining Gov. Ed Rendell as a campaign supporter.

    In Case You Missed It: “Two civil rights leaders — one a prominent Obama supporter — have written DNC Chairman Howard Dean to press him to resolve the looming conflict over Florida’s and Michigan’s role at the Democratic National Convention.” Read more.

  275. Phone # for DNC 202-863-8000

    Put the pressure on, guys. They CANNOT disenfranchise millions of voters and have a PRAYER of winning the general election. Tell them that. Tell them it is electoral SUICIDE for the party to even contemplate it. SEAT THE FLORIDA AND MICHIGAN DELEGATES!

  276. Hello everyone, I was out of town for the last two days on business. Congrats to Hillary on an amazing performance last might in spite of the establishment emdia, liberal media, rightwing media, and the Democratic establishment being against her. Obama had 10 days of best press anayone could imagine including high profile endorsements and still Hillary won almost a million votes more than him yesterday. This is a tremendous win for Hillary.

  277. hawk, doesnt matter.. Hillary’s entire campaign is focussed on ST and post ST strategy, while Obama’s is concentrated on early states culminating into ST.. he has establishment in VA, demographics help him in DC, LA and MD. But there are SOOOOO many other states, starting with WA where she is in much better condition.

    Hillary will win caucus or primary, no matter what :). and 7% hispanic and 7% asian american in WA doesnt hurt :). add that to say fairly even split of 45%-40% white vote and 4% of AA JUST DOESNT HELP HIM. Nebraska is similar demographics. VA 5% asian american and 5% hispanic will help hillary. white voters split to Hillary by substantial margin, because of kind of democrats virginians are. southern, rural democrats dont like showoffs :).

    He has advantage in LA, MD and DC and those are places where she just needs to have minimal presence. 🙂 GO HILLARY!!!

  278. Dont you think it is high time that we call states like Missouri and New Mexico a “tie”. Common’–71 vote margin is not a win. There are more votes than that on a two block stretch of Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn.

  279. I can go along with most of that, except Nebraska. He does better in Nebraska because of the similarities to Iowa, Kansas and the Dakotas. He has Ben Nelson’s support. We have Bob Kerrey’s support. It will be close, but I think I will give him Louisiana, Nebraska, and give HRC Maine and Washington (if we work HARD).

  280. About Nebraska:

    Hill will probably be sending in Bob Kerrey – still popular there – to do some heavy lifting. Also, if you remember Iowa, Hillary did very well in western Iowa – borders Nebraska.

    Not saying it will be a cake walk, but she has a shot.

  281. Petition sites:

    By the way, while looking for these I found a few already started (probably by BHO people) to STOP the seating of the delegates. All I did was google “florida delegates petition.” If anyone finds one already started to help our cause, we should sign that and forward to everyone in our email lists. Having more votes on one may hold more weight than a bunch of separate ones.

  282. hawk: He does better in Nebraska because of the similarities to Iowa

    but the region of IA that gets the Omaha News-Herald went for Hillary, so what do you mean by this? I also think IAM is very active in Omaha — no locals in SW IA, so the union folks I met were all from Omaha. Not saying you’re wrong, btw, but would like you to expand on what you mean.

  283. Check out this comment from a commenter over at Taylor Marsh who lives in MD. VERY good insight:

    “Re: Maryland –

    I live in Maryland, and am a native Marylander, so I’ve had a great oppportunity to observe changes here over the years. Here are my thoughts (for what they’re worth):

    Though the state has a population of approx. 1/3 AAs, I wouldn’t cede MD to Obama. We also have a rapidly increasing Latino & Asian population. The area I live in (just outside of DC) is extremely diverse.

    Sen. Barbara Mikulski (whom Marylanders love and have re-elected overwhelmingly year after year) and Gov. Martin O’Malley have endorsed Hillary and are actively campaigning for her.

    Maryland also has a fairly sizeable LGBT population, and I’m told that the Blade newspaper (the DC LGBT paper) recently endorsed Hillary.

    Heck, MD has just about every kind of person here – you name it, we’ve got it.

    I don’t think Obama will automatically get MD. Everyone I know (male and female) supports Hillary. I even know some Repub males who would vote for her.

    Sen. Ben Cardin (white, middle-aged Dem male) beat Lt. Gov. Michael Steele (AA Repub male, kind of the Repub version of Obama) last election when the press here was swooning over Steele.

    So, I wouldn’t automatically assume MD will go for Obama. I’m very optimistic for Hillary here!”

  284. HillaryLandRocks yes. Establishment supports him. Tim kine has come out for him. Jim Webb is a tacit supporter, who might go Obama’s way. Mark Warner is neutral but we all know whom he supports.. so yes Obama starts off with an advantage but we start off with demographic advantage. VA is military state too, so I am yet to see how he will do in the state.

  285. Remember Obama has a two prong attack plan. 1) to win the nomination and 2) to be picked as the VP if Hillary wins the nomination.

    I don’t want to see those scenarios at all. I don’t think he will be a good president and I think he would be a horrible VP because you can not trust him.

  286. I had forgotten all about the heavy Latino population in MD, because I moved about ten minutes from where I used to live and I don’t see them as much, but they are in the area in large numbers and no, not all of them are undocumented.

  287. I may be wrong. It just seems to me that since he won Colorado, Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, and North Dakota, all nearby states, we are going to have to put a little effort into winning that Caucus.

  288. Saw this on Taylor Marsh, and it is perfect for Hillary!

    “Some of you here already know that I am a sucker for finding “theme music” for the campaign on youtube.

    So here’s my latest for her, in light of the media insanity arrayed against her:

    And if it’s bad
    Don’t let it get you down, you can take it.
    And if it hurts
    Don’t let them see you cry, you can make it.

    Hold your head up (woman), hold your head up (woman)
    Hold your head up (woman), hold your head high.

    And if they stare
    Just let them burn their eyes on you moving.
    And if they shout
    Don’t let it change a thing that you’re doing.

    Hold your head up (woman), hold your head up (woman)
    Hold your head up (woman), hold your head high.”

  289. gladiatorstail:

    I live in VA too and have never voted before. Do we need to register as a democrat ahead of time to vote on 12th or can we just walk into our voting place on Tuesday and vote? Me and my wife are not registered democrats but we support both the Clintons. So, I want to make sure that it is open to independents as well.

  290. Whoopi said she voted for Clinton. AWESOME. Alright, I might be a pop culture person and not a delegate cruncher, but this stuff matters.

  291. Sugar, you are about right. MD especially Baltimore and DC suburb are not monolithic AA dominated cities anymore. and NE younger voters LOVE Hillary. Its no surprise if polls show Hillary dominating younger voters in NE. I think we need to work 10 times more harder from now on until February 12th.

  292. johnflint,

    She is less than 100 delegates ahead – so her position – didn’t improve much since before super Tuesday. Neither is his – but a tie is not favorable to her

    Actually, any ties are not favorable to Bambi. He will never catch up, let alone overtake Hillary by just splitting delegate counts.

  293. I think we can Compete in MD, VA, NEB, WA, WI, and hopefully win at least half of those in Feb, leading to blowouts in TX/OH. After last nights results im much less worried, if she keeps winning Big states, and a few small, we got it!!! Latinos, women, will give Hillary this nomination.

  294. Oops, trying again – caught in the spam filter the first time. I saw this on Taylor Marsh, and it is perfect for Hillary!

    “Some of you here already know that I am a sucker for finding “theme music” for the campaign on youtube.

    So here’s my latest for her, in light of the media insanity arrayed against her:

    And if it’s bad
    Don’t let it get you down, you can take it.
    And if it hurts
    Don’t let them see you cry, you can make it.

    Hold your head up (woman), hold your head up (woman)
    Hold your head up (woman), hold your head high.

    And if they stare
    Just let them burn their eyes on you moving.
    And if they shout
    Don’t let it change a thing that you’re doing.

    Hold your head up (woman), hold your head up (woman)
    Hold your head up (woman), hold your head high.”

  295. Somebody need to do a write up for the petition but it must be a grand site.And i will put these all over the sites that i post on.Trust me the majority on my page r pro-hillary.We must do this and please send me the link when it is up
    and please do not even sign those other petitions that dont want flo or michigan to be seated because that is a signature for it.

  296. tru2party, That guy is trouble. He is positioning Bo to the right of Hillary. I am stock trader and hear to a lot of financial news. He has convinced the people in the financial media that Hillary is not good for wall street because she is asking for a freeze on sub prime mortgages.

  297. ra1029, you dont have to register as a democrat to vote in VA primaries, BUT you have to be a registered voter. The deadline to register was sometime in January. So, I am not sure if you can vote if you havent registered by now.

  298. Admin:

    Didn’t I read on here (maybe a few weeks ago) that Nancy Pelosi said something about the seating of the delegates? I think it was in one of your main day posts….

    Any more info regarding that?

  299. Does anyone know how I can contact Elizabeth Edwards? I’d like her to support Hill given she has cancer and knows how important UHC is and Krugman has said no UHC with Obama.

  300. Per the Atlantic…

    Clinton Weighs A Self-Loan To Finance Campaign

    06 Feb 2008 01:30 pm

    As first floated by The Page, I can confirm that, according to advisers to the campaign, Sen. Hillary Clinton is weighing a self-loan in order to finance a competitive race against Barack Obama over the next few weeks.

    Clinton raised less than $20M in January and has spent most of its store of money on ads leading up to Tuesday’s multi-state primary.

    Campaign advisers would not say how much money she has left.

    Upon leaving the White House, both Clintons secured large advances for their memoirs, and Bill Clinton’s post-presidential speaking and consulting has left the couple comfortably wealthy, although not Mitt Romney-wealthy.

    If Clinton decides to loan herself money, I envision that it would produce at least two countervailing forces. There would be a spate of stories on the End of the Clinton Machine — that her donor base is tapped out and hasn’t been able to expand like Obama’s.

    But perceptually, it would turn her into an underdog, and it would prove Obama’s statement today that Clinton is “the frontrunner” to be vacuous. How can the frontrunner be tied for delegates and be nearly broke?

    The move could help with her grassroots fundraising. She’d be able to show potential donors than she will sacrifice as she’s asking them to sacrifice. One can imagine a fundraising appeal along the lines of: “Help Us Match HIllary!”

    Truth be told, Clinton cannot afford to allow Obama to rack up delegates by blowing her away in the next set of caucuses and primaries. Clinton needs to find a way to take 42% of the vote of or so in these states in order to limit Obama’s delegate acquisition.

  301. BTW, I spoke to a Super Delegate this morning. They said that many of the delegates have had the position for a while that Michigan and Florida will have to be seated eventually, as how does the candidate campaign in those states in the general and ask for people’s votes when they were denied the vote in the primary ?

    But now that McCain may wrap up the nomination early, their position is that if Michigan and Florida will have to seated at some point, then let’s get on with it. The fact that the candidates did not personally campaign in the two states and the states lost out on any economic benefit from campaign expenditures being spent in the states should be punishment enough.

  302. Vanity, some of the petitions on that site have tens of thousands of votes, so it does draw people apparently.

  303. Joe Friday,

    I agree. In my email to the DNC and when I signed the petition, I noted that the millions of citizens in those states did not “choose” to have their votes not count. That decision to move the primary up was made by a select few and the entire population should not be punished for it. They went out and voted specifically to show the DNC that they wanted to be heard. And the loss of revenue to the state during campaigning is sufficient punishment.

    One question, even if they are seated, is there a strong chance they will cut the delegates in half like the republician party did?

  304. Marc Ambinder, The Atlantic:

    Clinton Weighs A Self-Loan To Finance Campaign
    06 Feb 2008 01:30 pm

    “As first floated by The Page, I can confirm that, according to advisers to the campaign, Sen. Hillary Clinton is weighing a self-loan in order to finance a competitive race against Barack Obama over the next few weeks.

    Clinton raised less than $20M in January and has spent most of its store of money on ads leading up to Tuesday’s multi-state primary.

    Campaign advisers would not say how much money she has left.

    Upon leaving the White House, both Clintons secured large advances for their memoirs, and Bill Clinton’s post-presidential speaking and consulting has left the couple comfortably wealthy, although not Mitt Romney-wealthy.

    If Clinton decides to loan herself money, I envision that it would produce at least two countervailing forces. There would be a spate of stories on the End of the Clinton Machine — that her donor base is tapped out and hasn’t been able to expand like Obama’s.

    But perceptually, it would turn her into an underdog, and it would prove Obama’s statement today that Clinton is “the frontrunner” to be vacuous. How can the frontrunner be tied for delegates and be nearly broke?

    The move could help with her grassroots fundraising. She’d be able to show potential donors than she will sacrifice as she’s asking them to sacrifice. One can imagine a fundraising appeal along the lines of: “Help Us Match HIllary!”

    Truth be told, Clinton cannot afford to allow Obama to rack up delegates by blowing her away in the next set of caucuses and primaries. Clinton needs to find a way to take 42% of the vote of or so in these states in order to limit Obama’s delegate acquisition.”

    All this to say, donate, donate, donate, if you can!

  305. vanity, while you are sending out that to your friends list, also ask them to donate $10 to hillary campaign if possible :).. I hope she doesnt crumble to Obama because of lack of funds. I only wish I could give more 🙁

  306. Obama doesn’t get it! If this is the best he could do with all the help he got then it’s over for him. Everybody who is honest and know politics understand this. He lost big time last night and going foward will not help the democrats at all because most of the states left are republican strong holds except for a few and they’re trending Hillary way.

    Hillary has earned the respect from both parties because she did it the hard way on the ground working direct to the voters and she is one of the few to manage her money very well.

    The republicans do not respect Obama at all and if the Party elites still want to back this loser…then expect another John Kerry campaign….oops no a Mondale one.

    The problem is that McCain is very popular with the independents and moderate republicans and democrats. He’s an hero and is very experience and has a strong Latino base I just don’t see inexperienced Obama winning against McCain.

  307. Despite losing in the Democratic presidential primary in Alabama, Hillary Roddam Clinton could get more delegates from the state than Barack Obama, based on an Associated Press tabulation today.

  308. Hi. First response of the day. To all of those who have mentioned Obama playing up his preacher image I couldn’t agree more. I’m half black and I consider myself bi-racial. I have seen A LOT of this among mixed people, especially those who are black/white. Many are very conflicted with who they are and how they fit in. There are people who can pass for white and do so and there are those like Obama who overcompensate in order to fit into the black community. I feel REALLY BAD for these people. Some people I know obviously hate who they are or hate a part of themselves.

    I have no doubt that Obama changed his identity at some point and took on the preacher/Southern accent to seem “more black”. He grew up with a white mother in Hawaii. There is NO WAY that is his natural accent and way of talking. This stuff isn’t genetic. I grew up with my mother (who is not black) and my voice is clearly different from someone who grew up in a southern black town or the inner city. It is pretty clear to me that Obama probably did grow up very insecure about who he was and decided at some point that he was going to become completely black in order to mask the fact that he is actually half white.

    I think Obama is taking it a bit overboard and it may hurt him. I find it unfortunate that as a mixed person, Obama had the ability to bring this country together and instead he has shot himself in the foot. He should’ve opened up about his mixed heritage, his white mother, growing up with a sister who is half Asian, and the black father he barely knew. If he openly discussed race and racism in this country and being bi-racial, he might have lose a few black voters but he probably would’ve gained more white and Asian support. Instead he continues to say there is no black and white America but one America…um, newsflash there are racial divides in this country and this election proves that. He proves that by trying to overcompensate. He can’t continue to ignore the fact that he gets 80% of the black vote and less than 50% of the white vote and less than 40% of the Asian and Hispanic vote if he wants to actually win the general election.

  309. carbynew: I agree with you 100%. This is NOT the year Obama needed to split the party. It was Hillary’s year to bring the Democratic party together in order to defeat John McCain. Instead, even if Hillary wins the nomination she’ll have a lot to do to repair relations with the black community. They along with the Obamabots might not come out for her in November and there goes another election we could’ve won. Obama made a huge mistake and he’s too egotistical to stop. He’s going to keep going and he will continue to try and get every single delegate he can up until the convention even if it means the Democrats starting WWIII. This just shows how f-ing selfish he is. His wife is egotistical and selfish as well. She might not even support Hillary if she wins the nomination. Michelle, Obama, and anyone else can do whatever they want in the voting booth but for her to say that on national television was shameful.

  310. HRC up by 210 votes in NM with 98% counted. It would be nice to add another state to her WIN column and watch how they spin that! Make up a bit for MO!

  311. B Merryfield, is the $2,300 max per year. In other words, if someone gave $2,300 last year could they give $2,300 again this year for teh primary? Also, if the husband gave $2,300 could the wife also give $2,300?

    We have to come up with a way of raising funds for Hillary!

  312. B Merryfield,

    Kudos!!! Bloody brilliant posting! The Rethugs will scare the bejeezez out of the voters with this. And Big Media will play the Rethug game and pretend to be as shocked and suprised as the next guy.

    (I saw too late to help out that it was cross posted with the kooks, apparently they were a bit peeved…)

  313. I agree. It sucks that Hillary has to use her own money and take out a freakin’ loan to secure this election. I know she’s wealthy but as the article above stated, the Clintons aren’t Romney wealthy. She doesn’t have 40 million in the bank to spend.
    I’m thinking about having a potluck to raise money. I don’t have a lot of money myself since I’m a student. if I could I’d be writing a check for $1,000 right now. But we can all do our part to send in $10 or more to her campaign whether it’s from our own pockets or through fundraising and Hillary parties. She needs every dollar right now.
    It’s sad that she has to resort to this and I hate that assholes like the Kennedy family and Oprah are pouring thousands into Obama’s pockets.


  315. Hi, all: count me on on the viral effort. Someone mentioned a “virtual spaghetti dinner” building on the virtual town hall concept – it would take some organization, but if we could get the campaign to send to all supporters and captain in each state to push the viral, it just might work. I just emailed a friend who was an HRC precinct captain in IA to see what he thought. What do you guys think?

    And, MSNBC just stated that BO is ahead in delegates? What?

  316. shouldn’t donations be pouring in about right now though will all these huge wins? Obama must be tapped out too so where will his rainy day fund come from?

    Somebody in NY needs to go straight to the firefighters of 9/11 and get them to do a fundraiser for Hillary….Pancake breakfast or something….high profile ad or something….let the people know she needs money to keep fighting for them

  317. will somebody please find out about delegates??? How can Hillary win California and still be behind. This does not make any sense

  318. I just got an email from the Hillary campaign. They have a “3,000,000 dollars in 3 days” campaign underway and they are about two thirds there. I wish I had someone I could spread the word to.

  319. Guys, Hillary is NOT broke. When are you going to learn to IGNORE the media spin? They got that story direct from the mouth of David-fecking- Axelrod, and are passing it around.

    dot, she is ahead in delegates. Again, will you people STOP STOP STOP slurping up everything Big Media tells you with a straw, then running here in a panic to say OMG OMG OMG

    Jesus H. Christ.

  320. # Vanity4hillary Says:
    February 6th, 2008 at 11:26 am

    LAWD SO WHAT IS THE SCHEDULE FOR THE CLINTON’S TODAY?SHE DON’T NEED TO BE SITTING ON HER ASS LIKE SHE DID YESTERDAY( i still do not understand why she was not out or at least bill was not out campaigning )
    *** You need to calm down. Hillary worked her butt off yesterday. She did 37 interviews as well as went out to some polling stations to greet voters. It is tradition that on election day, the canidates don’t really campaign i.e townhalls, rallies etc. She will be in D.C today to cast her vote for the stimulas package and them I elieve a newsconference. I’m sure that they will use today to strategize and plan for the upcoming primaries this week.

    She is only human, remember than and not a robot.

  321. It’s time to get Bill out fundrasing (I have said this in the past), but he can really bring in the $$$, and they need to do this FAST.

  322. My last post didn’t go through so here it is again.

    Perez Hilton is going all out for Hillary on his website. He called Hillary the front runner last night and today he posted the video of Whoopi on the View saying that she voted for Hillary Clinton. Yay. I have newfound respect for Whoopi:

  323. look, some of us are NOT watching media. I’m reading stuff posted here. There is article above that says Hillary is going to lend herself $. That means she needs $, it doesn’t mean she’s broke. It does mean that her contributors are tapping out….no insults or nothing. Her supporters are little people who cannot afford to contribute like the Oprahs of the world.

    I think it’s admirable that Hillary is willing to sacrifice her own funds to help her bid.

  324. dot48, Simple! If the narrative does not match reality then change reality! I never expected any thing better from them; they are a pathetic bunch of hacks pretending to be journalists.

  325. HillaryforTexas,

    Cheers,Cheers,Cheers! The media has tried to burn Hillary at the stake for 15yrs now. Quite frankly, its gotten old, pathetic, and the voters aren’t listening anymore. Oh yeah- I don’t know much about Texas politics but whats your take on HRC’s chances in the primary there & could she win the state in the general?

  326. I’m seriously going to have to kill someone today!!!

    I’ve had a miserable fucking day from start to finish, including a knock down drag out with a misogynistic son of a bitch who accused me of playing “the victim card”.



  327. TPS – By my calculation with some modest assumptions, we could gather a minimum of $625,000 – I hate to post this in the public – can we talk off line somewhere? Or, maybe I’ll send the idea and offer to organize to the event to the campaign. What do you think?

  328. Well, I think I will have a pizza&movie fundraiser for Hillary on Friday along with couple of Hillary supporters. I think it will help hillary raise atleast $200. I hope others do small events like this one too and help her raise small amounts.

  329. I’m a big pop culture geek, and I noticed early on how politically influential Perez can be, and said so to my friends. They kinda laughed at me, but I think there’s something there. Even Sam Donaldson is agreeing with me now. Check out veteran newsman Sam talking about/ interviewing Perez today…gosh I didn’t know Perez’s website gets 9 million hits a day!

  330. That’s what I need to do today….get the hell off the computer and get down in the trenches working for my girl.

    I’m gonna finish this smoke and that’s EXACTLY what I’m going to do.

    Victim my ass!

  331. Informed in Illinois Says: Or, maybe I’ll send the idea and offer to organize to the event to the campaign. What do you think?

    whatever makes you comfy III. But the real contributions should come from small donors like us, not from campaign. so I hope you can reveal it to us on board by some means, maybe like make a quick blogspot a/c and then discuss the plan and then close the blog.

  332. Informed in Illinois, may be you can cummicate the idea to the admin and she/he can email it to us since she/he has our email addresses.

  333. nikki, the demographics here in TX look good. Many don’t know this, but TX is a “majority minority” state. White anglos are LESS THAN 50% of the population here. 🙂

    AA population is small. TONS of Latinos and a good many Asians or those from India. Heavy military state. If we can GOTV, TX should be solid for Hillary for the primary.

    I would not count on TX for the general against McCain, but it’s not impossible. Against Romney, we’d have a shot, but not sure on McCain.

  334. HEHS, Could we get PEREZ HILTON to post a fund-raising appeal for Hillary on his website or at least post a link to her fund-raising link?

    I had earleur asked a question of fund-rasising max? It applies to each individual correct? i.e., Husband and wife can each contribute the max $2,300, right?

  335. It’s funny that Sam Donaldson asked Perez if there’s a correlation between Hillary beating Obama on the youth vote in California, with Perez supporting Hillary on his website. 9 million hits a day is a lot! Sam Donaldson and Perez…what an odd pair.

  336. Regrding the story of Hillary loaning her campaign money… does anyone know what happened?? I can’t believe with Bill and Terry McA. lthis c;uld have happened.

  337. Even by the crooked MSNBC calculations he lost last night. Going into last night he was +15. Today he is +4 that means his lead has decreased by 11. Which idicates he lost.

  338. I just donated some $$$ too. Damn, at this rate I’ll be known as “rags” instead of “fashionista”. MSNBC can kiss my behind, they’re trying to suppress potential Hillary donors by painting her campaign as being desperate. I think that’s why it’s time for Hillary to cash in some celeb chips and ask them to step up with fundraising, some people need to be assured by familiar faces that supporting Hillary isn’t a waste of money!

  339. jas, inflation!!! It costs more now than ever for everything. she has had to spend a lot of $ to get her message out above the screamin freaking media. Hillary has not had the luxury of having the media as her lapdog.

    Bambi has spent more than she has and he’s been given tons of free media and print.

  340. jas, I do not believe it. She is supposed to have a press conference this afternoon. We would know more.

  341. OK – I just emailed the campaign. And, I’ll email Admin in a few minutes. And I just donated another $100.44. More soon, Hillfriends!

  342. NOW-NYS Declares Victory
    NOW-NYS President Marcia Pappas, who caused quite a stir for branding Sen. Ted Kennedy’s endorsement of Barack Obama “the ultimate betrayal” of women, today released the following self-congratulatory statement announcing that “women made the difference” for Hillary Clinton both in New York and outside it.

    “Today NOW (National Organization for Women) New York State and its forty thousand supporters stand and cheer for Senator Hillary Clinton. We took the huge states and we grew our delegate count in a very big way. Furthermore, women made the difference. Yes, WE made the difference, not only in New York State, but all around the country.

    Women get it! This historic race has energized millions of women; and our mass mobilization continues as we march to the polls for Hillary.

    And It’s Still The Economy! Senator Clinton understands the importance of the US economy and how it impacts particularly upon women’s lives. Hillary is the only candidate addressing the economic struggles women face every day. Women, in general, make only seventy-seven cents for every dollar a man makes. And women of color fair even worse.

    Back in March of 2007, during women’s history month, our National NOW PAC endorsed Senator Clinton for President. That momentous kickoff of the ongoing mobilization will go down in history, as will Hillary Clinton’s eventual victory.

    We, of NOW New York State, are proud of Senator Clinton’s accomplishments and of her commitment to a presidency that will level the playing field for ALL women in the United States.

    Onwards and upwards we go. And we’ll keep it up because, at the risk of repeating ourselves, WOMEN MADE THE DIFFERENCE!”

  343. Guys, big shout out to whoever came up with calling BO “hopey mcchangey”! Too funny. As a former Grey’s Anatomy fan that was pure genius.

  344. dot48 Says:
    February 6th, 2008 at 2:32 pm

    look, some of us are NOT watching media. I’m reading stuff posted here. There is article above that says Hillary is going to lend herself $. That means she needs $,

    No, dot, it means that the ONE big negative that BM can float today is that Hillary’s campaign is BROKE. ALL campaigns must CONSTANTLY raise funds, every day and EVERY campaign uses EVERY excuse they can to create URGENCY. As a maxed out contributor, I can tell you that it’s 2300.00 per person for the primaries and 2300 per person for the GE, period. She needs money and will continue to need money every day from today until election day in November.

    If you must watch BM and peruse the big blogs, use this, “rule”. What if you just had the information, but not who it was about;

    “Last night one of the candidates won NY, NJ, AR, TN, CA, and Ma.
    What does that mean to the nominating process?
    Ask yourself, “What if it was Barry? What would the headline be?”
    You KNOW that the narrative today is that he won more states, delegate count is within range, he’s expecting a, “war of attrition”, and he is flush and she is broke, but what if the results had been REVERSED?

    Does anyone NOT think that the narrative today would be one of coronation for Barry? He won NY he won Ca. and that’s the whole ball of wax. They wouldn’t be touting Hillary’s winning more primaries, they’d be quick to point out that they are states that the democrats usually don’t win anyway and are meaningless next to the HUGE states Barry won. They would be calling for Hillary to drop out NOW, TODAY, for the sake of party unity.

    Whenever you read, see or hear BM’s reporting of something negative about the election or the (Clinton) campaign, ask, What if it was Barry?
    How would they report it then?
    Whenever you see a positive, fawning, worshipful, story about Barry or his campaign, ask again, “What if it was Hillary?”, How would they report it then.
    It isn’t just an interesting intellectual exercise, it MAY help to keep you sane and maybe even give you pause before you post something or worry about some story you’ve read and post those doubts here on these pages.

    When Barry’s campaign released their JANUARY fund raising numbers BEFORE they released their Q4 SPENDING, BM showed ZERO journalistic inquisitiveness and acted as the Barry campaigns PR arm and completely obscured the real story, that the FEC report showed that Barry’s campaign was spending twice as much as it was taking in.
    Ask yourself what the story would have been if it was Hillary’s campaign.
    They would have QUESTIONED THE TIMING, wouldn’t they? They would have mad a point of highlighting that her campaign was spending at TWICE the rate they were raising funds, wouldn’t they?

    Let’s learn HOW to read BM, as in slant and to learn to read between the lines. It will save you a lot of needless grief and worry, and it will raise the morale here, to boot.

  345. the obama people are trying to get as much spin as possible out of money because they raised a lot in january and so they want to focus on that instead of not winning enough votes.. so what happened to changing how politics is done huh?

    if you are on political blogs POST INFO about that hillary online fundraiser please!

    and i heart perez. 🙂

  346. Yeah. It’s true. Obama lost all the big states. he’s a loser today, and he’s relying on his usual media crutch.

  347. Yesterday I planned to write a post about the likely outcome of the Super Tuesday voting, but gave up when I saw the glut of over-excited punditry filling the newspapers and jamming the Internet’s tubes. When the votes finally came in, it was clear that most of what had been written and said was little more than idle speculation, much of it based on a combination of worthless polls and the personal hopes of the pundit in question.

    During the past week, the media narrative has been that a wave of momentum was building for Barack Obama. There were all those endorsements from top Democratic elected officials, the backing from, that music video, and the tightening polls. Meanwhile, it was said that Bill Clinton had singlehandedly destroyed Hillary’s chances, even though this theory is illogical because the former president, no matter how high-profile, is not on the ballot.

    In Massachusetts, backing from Ted Kennedy and assorted family members was supposedly going to turn the tide for Obama. Last night, Hillary Clinton won there easily. (Who knows, perhaps an Obama endorsement from Michael Skakel, the one Kennedy family member who seemingly did not to make an official endorsement, would have tipped the race?) There was fevered speculation that Al Gore might endorse Obama, which was going to turn the tide in his favor in Tennessee (and possibly nationally). No endorsement came and it clearly wouldn’t have a made a difference anyway given that Clinton trounced Obama in Tennessee by 13 points. Obama also lost decisively in a number of other states where the hype, and the early exit polls, suggested he would either win or come very close.

    Now that the votes have (mostly) been counted and there’s actually something to analyze, I’d say that Hillary Clinton came out slightly ahead last night, but the future favors Obama. But given how tight the race is at this point everything is essentially guesswork.

    It’s far more simple on the G.O.P. side. The Republicans are stuck with John McCain whether they like it or not. The press keeps reviving Mitt Romney from the dead, but last night should prove to be the final stake through his heart. (You could tell during Romeny’s “victory” speech that even wife Ann has had enough. The look on her face said it all–Please, Mitt, pull the plug on this thing and stop blowing through the kids’ inheritance.) Mike Huckabee performed well, but his base of support is narrow and it’s hard to see how he could possibly stop McCain now.

    All told, the best state-of-the-game analysis I’ve seen today is this one at The New Republic. Check it out, get back to your normal life and don’t read anything more about the presidential race until after the next set of primaries. You’ll free up a lot of time.

    I still can’t muster much enthusiasm for either of the Democratic candidates. There’s a lot to admire in Barack Obama and the excitement he has generated on the campaign trail is genuinely stirring. On the other hand I still don’t know what he really stands for and fear that he’d be a cautious, middle-of-the-road president who’d disappoint his followers. Hillary Clinton is meaner and tougher and that in some ways seems preferable to Obama’s naïve calls for bipartisanship. Also, you know from the get-go what Hillary is all about. Hence, it’s possible to skip the phases of betrayal and disillusionment and go straight to opposition, which is almost always the best place to be in American politics.

  348. It’s funny how older people don’t know anything about these sites like Perez Hilton which are hugely popular among people my age. I go to perezhilton and daily. I didn’t know Perez gets 9 million hits each day. No wonder he makes so much money off of the advertising on his site. He apparently makes $600-700,000 each year so this site is his full time job.

    TPS: I don’t know if Perez would want to link to a fundraising site BUT I would suggest to the Hillary Clinton campaign to start buying ad space on Since he gets 9 million viewers each day and he endorsed her I think spending a few thousand to buy a column of space on his site might help with the youth vote and get more people to donate on her site. I think HRC still has bigwigs giving money to her campaign but she might run out if she has to battle this with Obambi up until the national convention.
    This makes me so mad. Obama will have the wealthy in Hollywood, Greenwich, CT and other parts where he won with upper class white vote to donate to his campaign but it doesn’t mean he has more support than HRC. This just proves that the people Hillary represents don’t have that kind of money to donate to her campaign. You can’t expect a working class family to donate $100. That’s a lot of money to most Americans. All we can do is try our best to gather every dollar through fundraising and spreading the word in order to help HRC.

  349. MESSMSNBC reporting delegates:
    Clinton 834 Obambi 838

    The reporter just said that that is not counting the superdelegates on New Mexico. She said if they included the SD, it would be:

    Clinton 1170 and obami 1050-1060

    I’m figuring about a 100 or so spread for her. If she can keep the delegate count close this and next week and pull out at least 2-3 wins out of the 6, she can run in place until TX, Oh.

    On payday this Friday, I will give more money. I think that she can do the $3m in 3 days. I am not sure but it may be that they are trying to frame her as the underdog.

    I just heard Obambi on tv talking about the superdelegates. He said that they need to think long and hard when they weig in because basically paraphrasing, they can’t decide the election of the people said, ‘Obamba is our guy’.

    What! The converse of that is Hillary won more votes and you don’t change the rules in the middle of the game. That is how the rules are set up. Just how he is throwing down the gauntlet, I hope that she has a press conference and say that hose MI and FL delegates should not be punished. The people voted and 1.5mil people shoul d not be disenfranchised.

  350. We won’t know the ACTUAL delegate count until they are finished. When we have the ACTUAL count, we will know what it is, until then it’s a parlor game…

  351. I am so proud of Hillary – my God I could not be more proud if she were my sister!!! I was there amongst the thousands of people at Hillary’s Election Celebration here in NYC last night!! The electricity in the ballroom was on fire!! The people were screaming for Hillary’s victories in between our cheers and chants!! And that was all BEFORE Hillary, Bill and Chelsea arrived!!! NEW YORK LOVES HILLARY!!! “SMART” AMERICANS LOVE HILLARY!!!!

    Hillary was going around greeting supporters when an announcement was made that Hillary had won Arizona, too! She was SO HAPPY!!!! That was a real Kodak moment!! I was so happy to be there to share this wonderful occasion with her!!

    Inspite of the media’s exhaustive attempt to trash Hillary, I KNOW she is so strong and tough that she will prevail! ESPECIALLY that she can sustain these attacks by the media as well as the Repugnants and Obama, shows the strength she has!!


  352. What is up with New Mexico…..are they eating too much peyote down there? I’ve never seen such a small state take sooooooo long to calculate their votes. Especially for a freaking caucus.

  353. OK, I started sending out emails to people on my email list. I encourage others of you to do the same thing. Here is my email, but you may want to tailor your emails to those you will be writing to:


    Dear Friend or Family Member:

    Get involved with helping to elect Hillary Clinton President, by far the most pro-union and pro-woman candidate running. The XXXXX primary is on the horizon and we need those delegates to win!

    Here is a Website that tells the story that the misogynist (e.g., mainstream media refuses to tell:

    Also, signup to make calls from home to encourage others to vote, esp. those with great telemarketing skills! All you have to do is register and then you will periodically get emails asking for your help with making calls and information on how to do this. It is easy!

    That address is

    Your Pal,

    Insert Name Here

    P.S. Hillary’s healthcare plan includes tax credits and subsidies to help low and middle income families reduce the amount of out-of-pocket expenses that they pay for insurance. So, for example, if someone were working to pay for $400 insurance a month for their spouse, their costs might be drastically reduced.

    P.S.S. Note also, Obama is essentially lying when he says that he can fix this problem. Prof. Paul Krugman of Princeton University explains why here:

  354. realist, I have not worry or grief, thank you very much.

    It may be your perception that this is being done by the BO campaign. We will have to wait and see.

    It is no shame nor sin for her to ask for money.

    Frankly it gets tiring here to keep seeing peoples panties in a twist if somebody says or asks the least thing that doesn’t meet the smell test to some people.

    we all support hillary and the nitpicking reeks of desperation. Frankly, some of you try to come across as elite and smartalecs when those of us have a question. It’s not necessary.

  355. i sure believe perez does get 9+ million readers a day, he is the big dog of gossip sites. i have been reading him for a long time, it’s kind of addictive, i like him better than a lot of other gossip bloggers (but fourfour is great too). i see he has up the video on whoopi switching to hillary!

    team perez!! 🙂

  356. Perhaps, we can do a virtual fundraiser starting today and ending tomorrow. A modest figure $2k or so and go by pledges. In any event, I will donate again today. Not much but I’m sure that every little $50 and $25 helps.

  357. She should ask for money. BO is the candidate of the richie riches. Hill is the candidate of the average joe. Takes a little more to get money.

  358. i sent perez an email earlier asking him to consider some kind of hrc fundraiser on his site…his email is Perez is known for coloring his hair…I wonder…if we set an amount…say…$500k or something…if he would be willing to dye his hair pink…or possibly RAINBOW? he could put up a cartoon of himself with the rainbow hair and a rising bar that shows how close we are to goal?

  359. the media also spun that “Clinton campaign is broke” on the eve of new hampshire. it was even headline news at Drudge’s site. not true then, not true now. i trust her for being good with finances, then there’s terry mc. loyal and energetic (albeit shameless hehehe!)
    if true, then let’s do it. InformedInIllinois, contact me thru admin with your plan – i’m all for it.

  360. I love this article from the Guardian: Unbalanced Critic

  361. like I said earlier, “perez” used to be a co-worker of mine; I just sent him a personal note of thanks – he is definitely giving validation to the millions of youth who are Clinton supporters who need to know that they’re not the only out there and there is a respite from the peer pressure of the obama-bots.

  362. lninla: he is definitely giving validation to the millions of youth who are Clinton supporters who need to know that they’re not the only out there and there is a respite from the peer pressure of the obama-bots.

    I think bo volunteers are specifically advised to use “shame” tactics against Hillary supporters.

  363. HillaryLandRocks, I think you are right about the “shame” tactics. They will try to cover a Hillary supporter with it like molasses! I feel like my breathing is more even now since I haven’t had to beat back those negative Hillary emails all day!!

  364. totally. yesterday while I was on the street holding signs for clinton, there were some of obama supporters there too. OMG, they were so snobby. and of note, a lot of his supporters were middle aged white men who definitely looked just like republicans. if it werent’ for BHO’s supporters, I might have drank teh koolaid and supported obama. they are bullies and definitely try to shame us.

  365. Obama’s Huge Cash Advantage

    by Steve M, Wed Feb 06, 2008 at 02:11:52 AM EST

    It seems to have become accepted wisdom that, thanks to his spectacular $32 million month in January, Obama has a massive cash advantage over Clinton as we move into the post-Super Tuesday stage.

    Today alone, I’ve seen numerous comments to the effect that Hillary has serious money problems, that she didn’t compete in as many Super Tuesday states as Obama because she didn’t have the cash, that she’s challenging Obama to debates because free media is her only chance.

    Let’s see how the conventional wisdom measures up against reality.

    According to year-end FEC filings, the Clinton campaign had $37.9 million in the bank as of December 31. By comparison, the Obama campaign had $18.6 million.

    Obama raised $32 million in January, bringing his total to $50.6 million. Clinton raised $13.5 million, bringing her total to $51.4 million. Does this look like a significant cash gap to anyone?

    The missing variable, of course, is how much each campaign spent in the month of January. We won’t know this figure until the campaigns file their monthly reports on February 20. But looking back to the fourth quarter of 2007, Obama spent $40.9 million while Clinton spent $39.9 million. There’s no reason to postulate a significant difference in burn rate.

    If anything, I’d expect Obama spent more in January, given that he was the first to make a national TV buy, and that he made a serious effort in more Super Tuesday states than Clinton. Lord knows I saw more of his ads on TV here in super-expensive NYC.

    And of course, the campaign gets significantly cheaper from this point forward, with the pace slowing down significantly and 4 of the 5 largest states off the table.

    Everyone is free to speculate about how fundraising will go in the future, and maybe Obama will continue to raise $32 million every single month for all I know. But looking solely at where the campaigns stand at this moment in time, all the evidence suggests that there’s no cash gap whatsoever. All these comments about how Clinton is out of money are based on nothing, and I hope some people will rethink their assumptions going forward.

  366. tiburones, Did you notice going into TT msnbc was claiming +15 for BO today +4 so last night was a net loss. Ofcourse I do not trust any of their numbers.

  367. OK – I emailed a rough event plan to Admin.
    Realist at 3:08 – you are SO right! Death to the double standard!

  368. i don’t think that she is out of money…far from it..i do think that he has the capability to go online and raise a big chunk all at once to move resources to a state as needed…i’d love for us to have that ability…i think perez would be a good start.

  369. I sure wish they wouldn’t put misleading headlines on articles that support an opposite conclusion – so many read only the headline.

  370. Sorry people, but they are having money issues..

    WASHINGTON — Hillary Rodham Clinton loaned her campaign $5 million late last month as Barack Obama outraised and outspent her in the Democratic presidential race.


  371. to whom this may concern:

    we know that cnn/nbc/msnbc is wayyyyy biased and tilted towards barack and very mudsling-y againts the clintons, i wonder why there’s still a lot of us who watch their shows and then
    1. believe their news and get upset.
    2. wonder if what they are saying is true, regardless of what we already know.
    curious minds (me) want to know…

  372. Clintondem, go google “Hillary Clinton Loan”…….you will see many many sources. I’m sorry, I wish it wasn’t true, but our girl is in a cash crunch. Hopefully ST will encourage more financial support, but we need to do our part too.

  373. imagine44, I am with you on this, there are too many of us who watch biased coverage in CNN and MSNBC and waste too much of their pychic energy trying to battle the negativity that comes from the media. We saw yesterday that real voters did not fall for that. Why are we falling for the same? I have said this before and I will say this again. We all have TVs at home. If we want to watch MSNBC an CNN we will watch it ourselves. There is no need for a running commentary on what someone said on this show or that show. If there is a debate or Hillary is giving a presser, I can understand posting a thread. Otherwise, it is a waste of time.

  374. imagine44, Howard Wolfson just put out a press release confirming the loan. You can see it on Politico and the Time’s Page.

  375. I will fundraise. I will go door to door. I swear. How do we help with the ole doreme? But we have to come up with some substantial cash here. The idea that the gas bag is getting more money is insane!!


  377. She says that they’ve both run vigorous campaigns thus far and she’s excited about competing. She mentioned that D.C. should be a state. Big points for that!

  378. Hill is on the telly right now – it’s true – Admin – please forward my email to the troops and send me a note to set a blog-meeting.

  379. # clintondem99 Says:
    February 6th, 2008 at 3:47 pm

    tiburones, Did you notice going into TT msnbc was claiming +15 for BO today +4 so last night was a net loss. Ofcourse I do not trust any of their numbers.

    ***Yes, I noticed that as well. chuck Todd is not to be trusted. He was a little too gleeful last night.

  380. Kaffeen, calm down. Step away from the hopium.

    Okay, look at the source story- Marc Ambinder at Atlantic Online. Not exactly a fan of Hillary’s. Also the story is not properly sourced. All other stories report what Ambinder says citing him as a source. I studied journalism in college and this is poor reporting. Mac Palmer would have flunked that guy on Day One and made him cry like a first grader.

    Second, why report that story today instead of the breakdown on demographics and the races in the next few days??? That’s easy, to try and spin the narrative to something negative of Hillary to slow her momentum and make folks not pay attention to the fact Obama can’t win anything that is not a caucus and doesn’t have a huge black turnout.

    Third, you obviously haven’t read Taylor Marsh’s satire on unsourced stories regarding Hillary. Nor have you paid attention to this tactic being used after NH, NV and FL. Seriously think about that. They completely do a 180 on the story with some rumor from an unnamed “insider,” “source,” or “senior advisor.” Puh-leaze. Hillary’s insiders are incredibly loyal, smart, tough and in-it-to-win-it. They’d never do something like talk off the record about a negative story. Not ever in a million years.

    So, step away from the hopium, practice some changiness in your selection of media outlets and get back to work.

  381. She says that MD has a strong Dem. presence and there have been big changes in VA that are very positive…for her she was implying.

  382. Look, I’m an ardent Hillary supporter. I support her with my time and money. I’m just reporting something that I hope will motivate everyone on here to contribute to the campaign. The next month will not require anywhere near the amount of money Super Tuesday did. She doesn’t need a whole lot to lock up the nomination. Plus, with Obambi agreeing to another debate, that is free advertising right there.

  383. Dc is a HUGE AA majority. No point in her competing there. That’s just reality. Don’t waste the time or money.

  384. Says that her legal background “sets me up to understand the needs of this country and the changes that the country wants.”

  385. Welp, I’m going to send in another $100 of our tax refund. And I needed to buy a few new shirts anyway, so I might as well make those Hill shirts.

    That’s the best I can do right now, but at least it’s something.

  386. Says that some of the states that were won yesterday are states that Dems would have a very hard time winning, but the states that she’s won are the states that Dems have to win. Never mentioned his name. Says that caucuses are not the most democratic way of letting voters express the opinions. Says that Bill never won a caucus.

  387. Says she prefers primaries and they give a better idea of what would happen during the general election. Says she is VERY pleased with last night’s results.

  388. Candy Crowley on CNN just said that she self-loaned $5mil. I’m thinking that many of her large donors or tapped out. However, I fully expect her to start to bring new donors in. I just sent what I could.

    The REalist is right, campaigns have to and must raise money daily.

  389. Has no schedule for VA yet, but things are moving fast. Will be at the “Jefferson-Jackson Day” dinner on Saturday night.

  390. Okay- I see Wolfson put out a memo, but I still don’t trust unnamed sources. Especially with the history of timing in these events.

    BTW- I say hit every other blog and in response to anything written, post “GIVE BACK THE HOUSE! GIVE BACK THE HOUSE!”

  391. kaffeen, you can join me in “the corner”.

    there is too much tension here today.

    I mentioned she needed money and I’m admonished to start reading tea leaves

  392. She says things have only JUST become a two person contest in the past ten days and she hopes to have more debates. Says that voters are interested in knowing candidates stances on the issues.

  393. The point is NOT whether yes she needs more money. The point is NOT “turning a blind eye” and never reporting anything negative.

    The point is that many on here do not like the tone in which it is being done. Saying, “Okay, we need to raise some more money (and she will)” is NOT THE SAME as running in here like a chicken with your head cut off every time you hear a negative report on the media, and reinforcing their theme by parroting “OMG OMG OMG HIllary is going BROKE, it’s hooooribblleeeee, we may be dooooooooooomed, how can we ever win with all this against us, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

    That crap needs to stop. Not that you can’t let people know, but FOR GOD’S SAKE pay attention to your tone and the way you FRAME it!

  394. Just a quick note about the money, I’ve told you all before what I do, so I won’t mention it here. But I have it on good faith as in direct from the center that we are not broke by any stretch of the means. The media like drama and lies. Hillary loaning money is complete bs. We raised a lot of money and are still raising it. Don’t you worry one little bit.

  395. Says her relationships in the Hispanic community are very broad and very deep because they know her and she’s worked very hard for them.

  396. Says it will be a lot of fun campaigning in Texas. Says that if voters are able to really get to know the issues, they realize that she is the best president. Press conference over.

  397. Kerry lent himself money in ’04, too, everyone. And as kaffeen said, it’s not as expensive going forward once TT is over. We also have no idea how much money Obama has to play with, though he has the advantages of the Kennedy-Kerry fundraising network now.

    I’m going to give Hillary some of my expected tax refund, too. Good idea!

  398. kaffeen,
    what i (and probably okieatty) am trying to say is that “check the source”. i read the AP story and the witer is not familiar to me. the msnbc article was written by andrea mitchell who is one of the hillhaters/talkingheads on msnbc that’s why i doubted it. if true then, ok.
    then let us raise funds.

  399. She’s talking to a young woman who is a new face in the press corp there. Very gracious in how she’s talking to the young woman. Very presidential.

  400. She just exudes confidence. Her press conference was flawless. Obama would have never been able to get up there and get asked questions without studdering.

  401. Dot, sigh, I guess so. Hell, I’m one of the most positive posters on this board. I will continue to link to what I believe is pertinent information, I suggest you do the same.

  402. kaffeen, your phone banking has not gone unnoticed either. Your commitment to the effort is what pushed me to make that first call as well.

  403. A little electoral history…

    Some of the red states Barry, “won”, with the totals for, electoral votes(EV) the vote totals from the 2004 election, and the LAST time a democrat won there;

    Alabama (9EV) 2004 Bush 1,176,394
    Kerry 693,933
    total 1,883,449
    Most recent D victory 1976

    Alaska (3EV) Bush 190,889
    Kerry 111,025
    total 312,598


    Utah (5EV) B-663,742


    Idaho(4EV) B-409,235


    Kansas (6EV) B-736,456

    N. Dakota (3EV) B-196,651


    Georgia (15EV) B-1,914,254

    1992(Bill Clinton)

  404. Don’t forget to call the DNC and register your opinion on these topics!

    I’ve called them on
    -need to seat FL&MI delegates
    -lack of DNC response to media bias against Hillary and media sexism
    -Obama’s statements about who his supporters will vote for in the general if he doesn’t get the nomination
    -Obama not stating that he will support the Democratic Nominee in the General election
    -MichelleObama’s lack of support for the Dem in General Election if Hillary is the nominee
    -My concern that Obama is threatening a 3rd party run if he is not the nominee
    … etc

    I have also said I will not donate to the DNC until Dean gets on the record about the sexism. Until that time every penny goes DIRECTLY to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

    Democratic National Committee Contact numbers

    Very painless to give feedback. Please be firm and strong, but polite. The person on the phone may actually be a Hillary supporter, in any case they are low on the totem pole and not making the DNC decisions.

    Encourage your friends to call…

  405. stay strong everyone
    imitate Hillary the warrior, who isn’t going to get down

    Hillary will win OH, TX and PA for starters

    and, eventually, despite the shortsighted DNC,

    MI and FL will both count

  406. Kafeen, dot48, I am in total agreement with you that we should all help Hillary in any way possible to raise money. I am maxed out on the primary. I am going to ask my wife to give. I am going to ask other friends who can to support also. Maybe we can all buy campaign paraphernalia if we are maxed out and that may be one way of also donating to the campaign. We should all discuss various ideas and see what we can do.

  407. The increase in support for Hillary Clinton at the national level that Gallup saw in interviewing conducted Sunday and Monday continued in interviewing Tuesday night. Gallup Poll Daily tracking conducted Feb. 3-5 now includes three consecutive days in which Clinton has done well, giving her a 13-percentage point lead over Barack Obama, 52% to 39%.

  408. LJ, She and her campaign admitted the $5 mill loan. However, I don’t buy the sky-is-falling argument either.

  409. Who is BM kidding. Barry has MEANINGLESS wins in states that NO DEMOCRAT is even remotely likely to win.

  410. V4H, I never said they shouldn’t be. I specifically said that it is fine to pass on info, good or bad. But I said that coming in here and repeating the media spin that the campaign is BROKE, and just regurgitating every little slimy spin out of the media lying mouths with no sane analysis or looking at it skeptically is a bad idea. I stand by that.

    Our gal did GREAT last night, and for some of the people on here, 90% of what has come out of their mouths (fingers) today is ALL NEGATIVE WORRY and repeats of what they heard some hack on MSNBC say. There is something badly wrong with that picture.


  411. One thing I want to make very clear. I don’t think the loan is a negative. I am proud of Hillary for putting her money up. That is alot of dough (even for the Clintons). Not many would be willing to give up 20 percent (guesstimation based on tax records) of their net worth, she did. That speaks volumes. This is a rally call! We need to get more energized. We need to started collecting contributions wherever possible. This is a chance to be part of history. To be a huge part of the reason Hillary became the first woman President of the United States. 🙂

  412. I love the way she said she’s a touch and feel type of person, that she doesn’t pay attention to the polls to tell her what is going on in a state, that she bases it on going out and connecting with the people on a personal level, listening to their stories and addressing their concerns.

  413. So any idea how I can contact elizabeth edwards? I’d like to ask her to support hillary, because of the health care issue.

  414. Is there a widget we can all use to put a “contribute” button on our blogs/sites that would link directly to her? Let me go check it out…

  415. TheRealist Says:
    February 6th, 2008 at 3:08 pm

    dot48 Says:
    February 6th, 2008 at 2:32 pm

    look, some of us are NOT watching media. I’m reading stuff posted here. There is article above that says Hillary is going to lend herself $. That means she needs $,

    No, dot, it means that the ONE big negative that BM can float today is that Hillary’s campaign is BROKE. ALL campaigns must CONSTANTLY raise funds, every day and EVERY campaign uses EVERY excuse they can to create URGENCY. As a maxed out contributor, I can tell you that it’s 2300.00 per person for the primaries and 2300 per person for the GE, period. She needs money and will continue to need money every day from today until election day in November.”

    OkieAtty Says:
    February 6th, 2008 at 4:10 pm

    Kaffeen, calm down. Step away from the hopium.

    Okay, look at the source story- Marc Ambinder at Atlantic Online. Not exactly a fan of Hillary’s. Also the story is not properly sourced. All other stories report what Ambinder says citing him as a source. I studied journalism in college and this is poor reporting. Mac Palmer would have flunked that guy on Day One and made him cry like a first grader.

    Second, why report that story today instead of the breakdown on demographics and the races in the next few days??? That’s easy, to try and spin the narrative to something negative of Hillary to slow her momentum and make folks not pay attention to the fact Obama can’t win anything that is not a caucus and doesn’t have a huge black turnout.”

    We both see through the BS to the heart of the matter. I suspect we’ll be writing similar posts until this is done and we are victorious…:)

  416. Hillary did so well last night. Don’t believe the hype. He’s ruined his chances at VP with his negative attack today.

  417. Rasmusses 2/6
    Clinton 46 Obama 42
    Gallup C 52 O 39
    PRINCETON, NJ — The increase in support for Hillary Clinton at the national level that Gallup saw in interviewing conducted Sunday and Monday continued in interviewing Tuesday night. Gallup Poll Daily tracking conducted Feb. 3-5 now includes three consecutive days in which Clinton has done well, giving her a 13-percentage point lead over Barack Obama, 52% to 39%.

    Democratic preferences in Tuesday night’s interviews — mostly conducted before Super Tuesday election results were known — were similar to Sunday and Monday night’s interviews. Gallup Poll Daily tracking will not begin to reflect the impact of Tuesday’s voting on national Democratic preferences until tomorrow.

    Obama had been competitive with Clinton in interviews conducted Feb. 2 (as well as earlier last week), but those interviews have now dropped out of Gallup’s continuous three-day rolling average reporting.

  418. These talking heads all saying Obama will do very well in DC, MD and VA next Tuesday saying Hillary does not have a chance . They really need to rethink their positions. Obama will win DC, but MD and VA are up for grabs. MD demographics show the about 30% of the population is AA and in VA that number drops to around 21%. Time to hits the phones for Saturdays primaries, LA, WA and NE.

  419. Hillfans,

    I just listened to that economic advisors debate from ( where Obama’s and Clinton’s economic advisors debated alongside other candidates’ advisors. Of course, I focused on Clintons and Obamas.

    Clinton’s economic advisor is Gene Sperling and Obama’s advisor is Austan Goolsbee.

    After most of the debate was offer, they did closing statements and I kid you not. Goolsbee was first of all LATE and second of all he recited a F*&KING POEM! Doesn’t that just top off their campaign? While people lose their healthcare and lose their jobs, Obama’s advisors are reciting F&*KING poems!

    I kid you not. Go to that website.

    In the mean time, I chose to write some quotes while listening to them:

    Here it is:

    Gene sperling

    Worries about combined hit on consumers….housing market generally, lag in decreasing energy prices

    Right policy for short term situation

    Fundamental goal…laying strong foundation for economy shared prosperity…in good times and bad times.

    Not to blame for any particularly moment

    Has this admin congress done nothing and been on sidelines? GPD ok, but real divide on shared prosperity….

    Real test, have we laid the foundation on issues typical American families…higher education?

    Look at current problems and not just the temp. situation.

    Admin, asleep at the wheel

    Goolsbee: 6 years on the us census advisement committee, census data funding is an issue. Dangerously low infrastructure funding. Only silver lining of recession, makes salient problems in the economy. Infrastructure. 6 years of admin apathy

    That coupled with rising cost, healthy, energy prescription drugs. Incomes mobility is highly restrictive. If you play by the rules, education, you advance, but not so.

    Question: foreclosures problem

    Sperling: policies have been called for…..raising the portfolio cap by 5% allowing an additional 70 million GCE’s

    We’ve seen timidity. You have to worry about taking steps that harm….but it doesn’t mean you can’t do something.

    Called for March and April … let local groups do …only 1% is being re-negotiated. Mayor Daley…they had a campaign…..calling hotline for ideas. That’s good.

    Worry moral issues. Foreclosure is not just an issue of families…..but it also affects neighboring problems.

    Inaction by the admin (Katrina) move quickly off the ball…makes it larger than just a individual. Families.

    Austan: 2 things about housing… is diff. to do the work outs for 2 : they got securitized….we have a bankruptcy system…you can’t work out the primary residence…not thing to do to get new terms. The lenders aren’t even following the laws. That are in bankruptcy court….2nd thing: we know how we got into sit…..tempted to shade around the edges to neglect credit scores…etc. now that’s after the fact…get us not turn a blind eye…credit cards, now. Dangerously large debt in credit cards,,,,2 years from now….same thing but with credit cards. Got to keep an eye on that. Obama has outlined housing changes in disclosure more definitive. Cracking down on mortgage fraud. Massive amount of abuse….predatory lending going on. Have to address it.

    Question: energy security/global warming

    Closely related. Oil near 100…issues from Russia to Iran…perfect storm. Dependent on foreign and security issues…problem is by letting oil go high, helping fund the most fragile and irresponsible regimes. Climate change, economic issue. Don’t need nuclear power. We need bolder change here…to do something good. Cap and trade…CAFA standards 55 by 2030….move towards improvement in electricity hybrid cars good. What’s needed for there to be a sense of bigness in this. Both parties have to work together. Like social security and climate change. Can’t do this by one party doing the work….just asking for partisanship. Need to be in a quiet room…bipartisan way. Big question: where are the new jobs coming from? Billions of dollars being created by alternative energy. Next pres. Need to be strong. 5 million new energy jobs to make sure it happens here and not elsewhere in the world. Capping carbs and trading carbs. In favor of that market….work through details. Auction 100% of permits to make sure it’s not being used as corporate welfare. Protecting American consumer who is already taking efforts.

    Austan: you can’t separate the price of energy and foreign polity. Reason for oil is agitating Iran and Iraq. That’s the supply side of the equation. Here’s a case we’re not about foreign policy have to address that.

    Question: tax policy

    Sperling: not surplus…have deficit. 3 trillion dollar swing. Challenge to restore the fiscal situation. Still need the resources for investment at the same time. The GOP, Mitt Romney criticized Hillary’s plan even before it was out. In the GE people will focus. It won’t be about tax cuts and tax raises. They will look at the works and smart plans. Hillary taxes: extending the tax cuts….affect 98% American….overwhelming tax cuts would stay. She would also propose new tax cuts. Tax cuts that insure that healthcare will be affordable. Every middle class American can have a 401k, tax cut. Reform tax policy for colleges so that all Americans can have access to college….higher percentage of tax cuts for students. Everyone would benefit from middle class tax cuts.

    Should we be giving an extra tax breaks at the top 1%. When we have people not paying for 401k or colledge and saving is down. We will hear people screaming tax cuts and tax raises.

    Austan: mentions something about baseball….obama has called for rebating payroll tax….for the people who need it. Tax code reflects a society values. We value special interests and corp.s blah blah….the same thing about the building in the caman islands….tax sham. Tax is code is issue of special interests. Middle class taxes are high b/c people who buy lobbyists don’t pay as much as taxes. Kept on talking about special interests and that’s why the middle class’s taxes are high.

    Question: spending, what goes..when spending goes down?

    Austan, wants to decrease iraq funding/ war. (his only comment)

    Sperling: elimnatioing guarantee student loans/funding instead of individual educational programs. Cut back on medicare advantage funding. When you have universal coverage, you can cut back on tehat. Cut back on subsidies on energy/oil. She would not cut the federal employee numbers. Clinton is against raising taxes on under $250,000. tax cuts for other over 250,000. limiting the degree of tax cuts for people making over 250,000. poverty went down and small businesses made money. Need to seriously debate why over 250k tax cuts elimination is beneficial..

    Question: healthcare

    Sperling: gop senators are coming forward with universal healthcare plans. People are coming together to get universal healthcare, but gop candidates are not coming forward with this.

    Clinton’s plan, individual requirement. Give people more choice. If you like your insurance right now, you’re not affected at all. If not, gives you a chance of buying healthcare by tax refunds. Most of us could end the conversation there. But Clinton cares about having fiscal responsibily. If we simply return the tax breaks like int eh 90’s. desire to make choices and have priorities…universal healthcare….not raising taxes for it. Have to deal with medicare and Medicaid costs too.

    No austan comment.

    Question: jobs, overseas. What do you say.

    Austan: long run the only way to compete is to upgrade the skillbase of the workforce. Can’t neglect college and college financing and on and on about college skillbase. Americans don’t have a skillbase. Got to make the investments. (talks about himself a lot)

    Short term, trade. Same message for everyone: Trade is beneficials but some people are left out or behind, from the opening up markets. If we don’t’ pay attention all the policial will and consese will dry up.

    Dirty reality with free trade agreements. Riddled with loopholes and things that started out as interesting. Protect companies.

    First thing to say is that gov’t and industry is together. Aren’t going to be more concerned about lobbyist. If we can’t get rid of lobbyists then we can’t get rid of the corporate loopholes in/for free-trade agreements.


    Sperling. We do need to engage globably. One does have to make a true soicial compact. Not just overseas. Need to have labor standards and not exploitation. Foreign assistance if with globally. Women’s empowerment and shared groth. Increasing up to 3 billion a year ofr overseas. Helping health effects. Education for all, bill was bipartisan. Wins hearts and minds for engaging globablly.

    Question: oil problem

    Austan: Short run, remove the uncertainty from the middle east, that could take $30 off oil prices.

    Doesn’t like the petroleum reserve.

    Medium run, conservation

    Question: China, how to engage. For win/win, both sides

    Sperling: Clinton thinks it a positive thing….to bring china into the international trade law… bring them into a system they have to be accounted for. Transparent trade rules. China frustrated to be a responsible member in law such as in sudan, taking responsibility for the killing in darfur. She’s got a probme with the currency. We will be tougher on day one. Will have a better relationship if we see that china will be a positive trade …if we make sure that stuff is safe and regulated. Right now, it’s not working….it’s to their benefit. Fix the currency first.

    Question: consumption tax in trade? Better way?

    Austan: yes, issue is 2 issues: if you tax consumption…you’ll increase taxes on middle class people. Savings is on the people who have high income who already get a tax break..

    Second issues: in European taxes…the VA tax is unseen and grows out of control.

    Closing statements:

    Sperling: instead of raising all boats, we must focus on the middle class…and not by increased gov’t spending. It would be from tax incentives to move the middle class where they want to go…to assist them in their aspirations, not make them.

    Austan: one: obama believes America is great. We have beaten all the odds. He wrote a poem to summarize this: only comprehensive middle class tax relief, fighting the special interests program that would improve education, teacher pay, our health system and retirement and small business b/c we are all in this together.

  420. Oh good! Thanks MJ. Anything helps right? I may have to start more carefully crafting my posts to draw in more Hillary supporters and I’m going to start seeking more out. I’m going to hit up (A.A. women’s magazine) message boards and such in the coming days, telling A.A. women that they do not have to be shamed into voting for BO and inviting them to my blog. Also, Craigslist. I’m posting an ad there tonight that will call my blog a “Support Group for African-American Women For Hillary”! lol You should all do the same. I’ve drawn a lot of visitors to my blogs with catchy Craigslist postings. Post an ad tailored to drawing in Hillary supporters. I’ll bet there are tons of BO ads there. Let’s barnstorm Craigslist!!!!

  421. I called the DNC and spoke with a Lorenzo at Dr. Dean’s office. He told me that the stand of the DNC is that MI and FL will not be seated at the convention and that the nominee will have to appeal to the credentials committee during (?) the convention to have those disenfranchised delegates be seated.
    And that is that.

  422. Vanity4hillary Says:

    February 6th, 2008 at 4:47 pm

    Why do you ask? Try reading the FEC reports.

  423. Vanity, you remind me of “vanity smurf” he always worried and carried around a mirror, as if projecting things of his own onto other people. hmmmmm

  424. I think this is a great issue for Hillary:

    Sex Assault Suit Vs. Halliburton Killed

    What do you guys think?

  425. Donna Brazile just told Wolf Blitzer that she won’t support the super delegates selecting the nominee – well, then, why do they have such rules? The rules is the rules!

  426. Vanity is a, “worry troll”.

    A worry troll projects their fears on to the board with the hope of getting responses to assuage their concerns. The result is that they, “infect”, others with the same worry, irrational or not, and the back and forth saps the groups energy and diverts attention from real issues. They don’t mean for or want this to happen, but the results are the same.

  427. Iis this a safe question to ask then: is it really possible the super delegates will end up selecting the nominee?

  428. Donna Brazile can kiss my butt. She doesn’t like the superdelegate rules? I don’t like the rules that say that a few thousand people in a caucus state can count 2/3 as much as over a MILLION in the big states. But them’s the rules, and Hillfans have to live with it. Cuts both ways.

  429. mj, I’m going to hit my African-American sisters HARD in the coming days. And, I’m listed on the site (which bloggers in the District, MD and VA visit), so my posts get highlighted as they appear. I’m going to have to think of some great titles and issues to present to the masses. They can like it or not. We’ve all got to do all we can. Now, I’ve got to head to the gym so that I can get home at a decent hour tonight and get some sleep tonight! Go Hillary!!!

  430. i just donated 100.44…try to do a little more later…hope she reaches her 3 mil goal…i think she will…also i would be corious to know exactly how much money BHO hason doubt they are fundraising as we speak…also didn’t someone say that she picked up deans ex fundraiser?

  431. Dot, assuming that Florida and Michigan are never counted, unless Obambi runs away with all the states left, which I doubt very seriously. The Supers will decide the nomination (if he stays in the race). They represent up to 20% of overall delegate count and many are unpledged at this point.

    If Florida and Michigan are counted, I don’t think it will come down to supers.

  432. I have a question. If I bought some Hillary gear for personal use an for giving to family and friends would that count as a campaign contribution or just like any other purchase? The reason I am asking this is that I am maxed out on the primary contribution and am exploring other legal ways of helping the campiagn. If this is ok, could others who are maxed out also do this?



  435. New Mexico, 98% reporting






    Clinton leads by 210 votes.

  436. Caroline — it’s still *stuck* at 98% in, Hillary w/ a 110 vote lead.

    Here’s my theory as to why it’s taking so long:

  437. curious minds (me) want to know…
    I watch (BM) basically as opposition research.

    For instance, right this minute you can see & hear the Matthews/Mirchell/Gregory/MSNBC/NBC/GE VRW Conspirators
    attempting to bend the public discourse against all reason.

    Paraphrasing, “Oh, if it’s close the party bosses will give it to Hillary. Won’t that cause a backlash among this (Obama) movement.”
    Fucking repulsive, but it’s there, and it’s telling – because far more often than not that is where the debate heads – where they want it to.
    Why do you think Hillary’s even in a race like this?
    Not because voters have compared & contrasted their actual records, that’s for damn sure!

  438. DNC is adamant they WILL NOT SEAT those delegates. Latest word is they are trying to figure out another way i.e. open caucus.. to settle the situation. Yet another way to disenfranchise those voters. They already spoke and voted.

    I still do not understand why Hillary’s publicist never highlited the campaigning ads that Obama ran in Florida. That was a direct violation of the pledge. Nobody but us ever commented on it.

  439. mj, What did Obama say today about Hillary? Notice no one in her campaign since SC has uttered even the remotest criticism of Obama yet he continues to go negatives. Hmmm…

  440. Ok! I just spoke to someone at the campaign headquarters. They confirmed to me that people who are maxed out can of course buy HillaryGear which are products that we are paying for and are not considered contributions. The campaign’s profit margins on these products are quite high so that would be able to recover most of the revenues. I am thinking of doing that. Any thoughts, comments, brickbats, or suggestions?

  441. WTF? The voters already voted. Who said this about an open caucus? We must reject tht. There are no do-overs in politics.

  442. Now, the flip side the spin about being a “movement” is that the “movement” candidates include the following (forgive me if I don’t remember all):
    otice anything?

  443. He said the GOP had a dump truck of dirt to pour on her. And, played victim again. Hillaary has attacked him and he withstood it. Please.

  444. Negativity Trolls post any negative thought, conversation, or story they see in hopes of having someone on the board assuage their doubts and fears. The result is often making that rumor or negative story the focus of the group for awhile, whether or not it has any validity or real impact on our candidate or the campaign. They DON’T mean to bring everyone else down, as they really DO support Hillary (Just like the worry trolls) but despite their intent, they promote negativity and offer fodder for the anti-Hillary media and blogs.


    Do you understand NOW that I wasn’t claiming that you were an anti-Hillary TROLL or plant? I don’t mind being told to FUCK OFF on my only oasis from the bash Hillary crowd, just so long as the person doing so is doing it for the right reason.

    I like to promote reasonable discussion of positive things that we can do for Hillary and the campaign and discourage the promotion of worry and negativity in this forum. That does not mean that ALL Hillary issues should not be addressed here, it means that if you are worried about some story you read, instead of posting it here with your worried commentary, post the LINK to that story and ask the group what they think or know about it. You will have the same support without potentially providing the other side with ammunition they may not even have known about.
    (I am not referring to an individual here, I am speaking in GENERAL.)



  446. kaffeen,

    the representative at the dnc abruptly terminated the telephone call after informing you of the inconsequentiality of your vote?

  447. Looks like the campaign to make the claim that the usage of the superdelegates to play a role in determining the nominee has begun, at least on CNN. They keep talking about how it overturns the democratic process of choosing the nominee. Even Donna Brazile declared if the superdelegates have anything to do with it she will leave the Dem Party. I’m not sure what harm that would do.

    Maybe it looks like the decision may ultimately be made by the superdelegates, particularly if it will hasten the settling of the question for the party.

    Meanwhile CNN reported the delegate count is now 1113 for Hillary and 963 for BHO. Don’t know if that was reported here.

  448. SO the DNC is hanging up on people when they call. I can’t believe this bs. If they refuse to seat those delegates I am going to register as an independent. I honestly cannot believe these fools we have running our party.

  449. WTF? Who the hell is she fooling? She doesn’t want to seat FL or MI, and now says supers can’t be part of it. This is a joke.

  450. Please,

    Donna’s a SD that is very pro-Obama. The only reason she has not pledged her support is so she can stay on CNN and spin for BO. She needs to shut her ass up!

  451. I called dnc and the people that answer the phones sound beyond “GHETTO” so I hung up.Since I know i have been called to bully and to do personal attacks against people that don’t agree with me.

  452. If I hear one more peep about troll or trolling or whatever the f***, I am not coming back. All of a sudden some people have gotten contentious on this site and as long as I have been on here, under celiff and hawk, I haven’t seen this. Knock it off all of you.

  453. I demand Hillary not to support the party if she do not get the nom.I am so serious
    This is beyond unfair.They all back stabbed her and they deserve what they get

  454. That’s what I hear Pulchritude. Isn’t it wonderful 🙂 I assumed we’d be about here. This is a decent lead in to the next batch of states.

  455. I was tlaking about the post above that said the DNC wants an open “caucus” in FL and MI. Forget it. Obama lost. Deal with it.

  456. BO & Co’s spin against the supers may mean that the supers are leaning HRC and it looks possible that their “wise counsel” may be needed for the first time in decades– I’ll also bet that party leadership sees the wisdom in seating MI and FL.

  457. Vanity, Hillary has made a decision to run a totally positive campaign from this point on, probably because even the tiniest criticism of Obama gets twisted and turned by the press into an example of race-baiting. It’s a tough environment to operate in, but she’s doing the best she can and what she thinks is right.

  458. Guys Hillary needs as please put personal issues aside
    and lets win this thing
    just donated $100.44
    Let the movement for Hillary begin

  459. TheRealist, I realize it isn’t my place to say anything about this, but I wanted to say I believe you are very important on this forum. I appreciate the good information you bring here. I even agree we need to be on the lookout for trolls. However, it’s beginning to look as if you are finding them everywhere today.

    The situation in the campaign has been very tense lately. It’s hard to keep it cool under the circumstances. I’m confident things will be much smoother in the coming days, once Hillary solves her finances problem. I ask everybody to continue to contribute in a positive manner. I like to think this is a wonderful group of people. Let’s risk a troll or two for the sake of civility.

    No offense intended.

  460. Yes, hawk, it is, although I still believe Hillary must compete in Louisiana. In fact, I will write the campaign and offer my suggestions later this evening.

  461. As for fundraising…BO charges for his rallies, doesnt he? I know that he did when he came to Oklahoma. 20 bucks a head and when you can get 5,000 people —that adds up big time!!!

  462. Idea for us Florida voters– send an Orange with an Sharpie quote
    ” Count my Vote” to the DNC. We can flood them with hundreds plus get some media attention. What do you guys think?

  463. the open caucus is one of the solutions “they” (DNC) are trying to suggest as a way to settle the MI and FL fiasco.
    donna brazile was the first to mention this on CNN a long time ago, after “uncommitted” failed in michigan.

    and now, donna is threatening to leave the democratic party? OMG! i’m so fucking relieved!

  464. Sherm, I agree with you – I appreciate your great research and measured communication, Realist. And, I just donated another 100.44, too, chaz. Just like a moving freight train, let the REAL movement be unstoppable!

  465. We’ll post this just once. A lot of people are bringing habits learned at Big Blogs like DailyKooks here. Stop it. This is a Hillary support site, not a therapy center for the worried or upset or angry.

    There are plenty of people and organizations to be opposed to and write about. Hillary supporters should not attack Hillary supporters. Rumors that stir the pot are not productive.

    We do not want to do it – BUT – if we have to block accounts temporarily we will – Permanently if we have to do that.

    A lot of Hillary volunteers come here for a respite. This is an oasis from the ugliness of other blogs.

    First and last comment of this sort. We do not intend to get into “meta” garbage or site administration talk – our goal is to elect Hillary Clinton.

  466. Dammit, I am so pissed about the DNC. We need those delegates seated!!! What kind of idiots are running the party?!?!?! I hate my own party!

  467. Okay, everyone, call this number

    ask to speak the the chairman (which is actually a woman). Complain about being disenfranchised to her. Let her get mad at you and hang up on you, tell you some BS, or ask for your name and number to “call you back” (ya right). If she is rude or hangs up on you, call this number

    877-336-7200 and register your complaint about Florida/Michigan and, if a bad experience with the “chairman”, complain about her too. I lodged a complain that is going to the DC headquarters.

    In addition, I spoke with the national headquarters in Utah (second number) and it appears there is a HUGE number of irate calls. They are swamped and it is getting their attention. Per my representative, Howard Dean is looking at possible solutions. One solution mentioned as assigning 10 super delegates for Florida. What BS is that! I told the guy, we would still be disenfranchised. The SD’s don’t have to look at my vote and it still won’t count. Not to mention, that number is nowhere near the total delegate count of Florida. I told them that “solution” was unacceptable.

    I encourage everyone to call the DNC, we are getting their attention.

  468. Of course the superdeleagtes are leaning towards Hillary. Superdelegates from the big states that Hillary won do not want to alienate their constituency. That is why that witch Boxer took the easy way out, saying she would endorse the winner of the popular vote. I have a feeling that many of the superdelegates are doing the same thing.

  469. In MI and FL – the voters already spoke out. Their party leaders got the vote out, and I’ll bet that turnout was comparable to most other states. They don’t get a “do-over!”

  470. Perhaps you should write them as a Iowa Democrat, hawk. For these rules were drafted in order to secure the primacy of your state’s caucus.

  471. i wonder if there’s something in the FL and MI constitution that says that voting must remain secret? Imagine being a child or a wife of a bullying father and couldn’t vote for who you wanted to without being “outed”?

  472. I have written under the issues section of their site for the 2008 election, and the Hispanic (latino) section. I hope they actually read these. I told them I am a member of Iowa’s Latino and GLBT communities and that if they do not seat these delegates, I am going to spread the word in these communities that the DNC is not working in our interests.

  473. The problem with Obama’s people is that they want a do over. I’m getting sick and tired of all the special treatment Obama is getting. I can’t believe that the Democratic Party think they can get away with this tactic and still win the G.E.?

    Because if the Democrat keep up on this unfair b.s. they’re doing, they will split that party and will lose in November. DON’T BE A HYPOCRITE play by the rules and seat those FL & MI quickly. If they don’t there will be hell to play because the base of the party could sit at home or vote for McCain if they don’t get their act together.

    Also Donna Brazile need to sit down or leave the deomcratic party if this is not where she wants to be.

  474. Imagine the financial strain on Michigan and Florida democrats if they were to pursue the caucus option. Who would defray the costs of the caucus, the state or the state parties?

  475. Keep telling the DNC – and QUOTE THE NUMBERS AT THEM. Over a million voters already voted in FL. Their choice counts. There will be no do-over caucuses. There will be no 10 superdelegates. Florida is the FOURTH LARGEST STATE IN THE COUNTRY.

    Seat their delegates, period.

  476. It’s time to tell the Democratic National Committee to seat Florida and Michigan. Call them at 202-863-8000

    The Florida and Michigan delegations are big enough to settle this thing right now (for Hillary). Eventually they will get seated but after a nasty convention fight the GOP will love and much money and energy spent with our candidates damaging each other. We need this time and energy to fight the GOP not each other.

    The real Democratic base has spoken in CA, MA, AZ, AR, MO, NJ, NY, OK, TN. Call the DNC at 202-863-8000 and ask them to go ahead and settle this thing now!

  477. I really feel that Dean and Co devised this freakish primary in effort to derail Hillary. It ain’t working and they are freaking.

    Ironic that Brazille is now decrying the very rules she helped set up.

  478. Thanks, Admin – I can’t spend time here any more if this kind of crazy all-caps ranting becomes the norm. I’ll find other ways to connect and help Hillary. For example, I sent you an email with a constructive idea– several 44-regulars suggested that you should pose it off-line. Appreciate if you would facilitate.