Super Tuesday Results

Polls close (we will use East Coast time) at these times:

Georgia – 7:00 p.m.


Alabama – 8:00 p.m.

Connecticut – 8:00 p.m.

Delaware – 8:00 p.m.

Illinois – 8:00 p.m.

Massachusetts – 8:00 p.m.

Missouri – 8:00 p.m.

New Jersey – 8:00 p.m.

Oklahoma – 8:00 p.m.

Tennessee – 8:00 p.m.


Arkansas – 8:30 p.m.


New Mexico – 9:00 p.m.

New York – 9:00 p.m.

Arizona – 9:00 p.m.


Utah – 10:00 p.m.


California – 11:00 p.m.


Alaska – caucus

Colorado – caucus

Idaho – caucus

Kansas – caucus

Minnesota – caucus

North Dakota – caucus


1,046 thoughts on “Super Tuesday Results

  1. It’s still very early, and exit poll data is notoriously unreliable, but so far Drudge is reporting that Obama leads in most states. Time will tell as the night rolls on, though. To quite Terrell Owens, get yer popcorn ready!

  2. If CNN called GA for BO the second the polls closed, that means that the exit polls weren’t even close for that state. Still, we knew all along that BO was expected to win GA. Hang in there Hillfans.

  3. BV, The exit polls CNN has for GA are pretty bad, frankly. They’re on the previous thread. Looks like he wins by at least 30.

  4. i pray these early exits are wrong! blue collar folks vote after 5 so let’s hope they give her the final boost.

  5. They called GA b/c he got 86% of the black vote and 43% of the white vote, aided by independents (Dem white vote for him was 38%). So it’s a no-brainer.

  6. Everyone remember, Georgia was expected to go for obama. No worries. We all should focus on the next round…MA, CT, DE, OK, AL, TN, and MO.

  7. i’m scared for those next ones 🙁

    MA (kennedy + superbowl)
    CT (Caller experiences of someone here…)
    Delaware–20,000 strong rally
    Oklahoma: not that worried
    Alahbama–um…black vote?
    Tennesee–I’m okish with
    Mo–Stupid Claire McCaskill

  8. I see us winning Mass, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and possibly winning Alabama and Missouri. Connecticut is confusing me, but we should win and Delaware I have heard has a high % of AA voters in the democratic primary. We’ll see. What is important is that we are focused and realize that we are strong in the west, and this doesn’t happen until later.

  9. Arkansans will pick HRC no doubt. And I am leaving for parties in 30 minutes, so until then, no negative postings, capite?

  10. Hawk, Mass, Oklahoma, Tennesseee, yes, I think so too.

    I think Missouri, which the news people will squawk about all night, is going to be Hill’s. The voters there tend to be moderate, not liberals. Alabama will be interesting.

  11. Those exit polls are bs. No exit polls are correct until the polls themselves have closed as far as I am concerned.

  12. MJ, *but* those exit polls in ’04 show we should have had four years of Kerry.

    Listen, exit polls, among serious political experts, are laughed at.

  13. Simmer, everyone. These polls are wrong. We haven’t even seen more than 1 state close yet, just GA, so no one can tell me how a race is going to turn out until I see fo sho the actual results.

  14. I ahve heard HRC’s people are feeling content and pretty good, someone posted on this above or maybe in the last feed.

  15. Good for you, Gorta. I’m eating a subway sub watching all the will nillies here freak out.

    But SOON, I will drink. 😉

  16. Actually, the Drudge exit poll has Obama winning GA 75-25.5 but the CNN exit poll has it about 64-33, so if the other state polls are off by that much …

  17. i’m trying to concentrate on hw…and the prospsects of a snow day tomorrow + this! 😀

    This excitement is killing me 👿

  18. CNN says no, Georgia was no upset, or even interesting, Georgia was all expected to go to Obama. Clinton is focusing on NY and NJ.

    Hillary’s voters are the core of the Democratic party. Obama needs to make inroads with Democrats (sic!) to pull this off.

    For once Big Media gets it right!

  19. well african american voters didnt disappoint.. i dont know.. maybe we have to give up on alabama too.. as we expected.. african americans voted > 80% for Obama.. :(.. lets see how it happened for other demographics..

  20. Well, I wont subscribe to negativity, but I must say I am somewhat disappointed that she isn’t, by earlier numbers, leading by more in NY.

    But then again, CNN has certainly been over focusing on harlem and it’s black voters.

  21. CNN says no, Georgia was no upset, or even interesting, Georgia was all expected to go to Obama. Clinton is focusing on NY and NJ.

    I still want MA.

    1/2 GA voters said TK’s endorsement was important. Need the satisfaction of an MA win.

  22. Clinton: Tennessee, Oklahoma, New Jersey, Missouri, Mass,
    Could go either way: Connecticut, Alabama
    Obama: Delaware

  23. Says ABC exit polls:

    Meanwhile Hispanics and women — two key demographics targeted by Clinton — turned out in high numbers, according to preliminary exit poll results.


  24. Gotta wonder if these exit polls were leaked in order to affect voting elsewhere (i.e. California).

    Are they normally out so early?

  25. btw:


  26. Now cnn is throwing obama up to the clouds saying he really won big in GA, BUT how much time did Hillary spend campaigning in GA???? If I may ask!!! These things are connected.

  27. 1/2 GA voters said TK’s endorsement was important.

    I’m guessing they were Obama supporters to begin with; at least I hope so.

  28. NYT on exit polls:

    Asked which candidate they thought was most qualified to be commander-in-chief, regardless of whom they were voting for, voters in every state except two (Georgia and Illinois) picked Mrs. Clinton.

  29. Knock it off with georgia! Georgia has been and is an obambi state. I suspect alabama, illinois and delaware to go for him too. But we will win Massachusetts, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and probably Missouri. And we will do well in Connecticut. And Arkansas comes out not too much longer after that. So no worries.

  30. Begala said Clinton got her butt kicked, and nothing is good about that, but she needs to just soldier on….
    somewhat accurate I think, hehe

  31. Georgia,

    Those exit poll numbers were 75-26;

    but it’s a 64-30 split in actual votes

    big difference….

  32. Asked which candidate they thought was most qualified to be commander-in-chief, regardless of whom they were voting for, voters in every state except two (Georgia and Illinois) picked Mrs. Clinton.

    Well, then — let Obama be King of Georgia/Illinois. (sorry MJS)

  33. Idunn: Georgia is the butthole of the U.S. anyway.

    Explain? Have never visited, only driven thru on 95S.

  34. They can call it Gillinois and he can reign on his pedestal from Chicago, along with court jester oprah, queen michelle, and the king’s money counter, Rezko.

  35. HLR, that would be horrible 🙁 all I would hear is Michelle Obama blabbering about her sistahood with oprah and the Kennedy gurls.

    and Obama will stutter everytime he makes a state of the union speech in Il. lol

  36. fuckin tornados in Tennessee!?

    CNN: Clinton Arkansas hit with major damage?!

    Not good.

    Need to be alone. Signing off.

  37. Explain? Have never visited, only driven thru on 95S.

    LOL!! Again, just kidding.

    Damn people, have a drink already! Lighten up! 😉

  38. Georgia was never in play for us, folks. I am watchin with the sound down cause I still got calls to make tonight

  39. We were rocking the early exit polls in AR, so I’m not worried about the results there — hope the residents are ok.

    I am worried about impact on MO — the Ozark region is the one we’re relying on.

  40. fox news already spinning that obama going to be the one with momentume….even if Hillary gets the delegates….wtf????

    I still think that the media is going to force that slug down our throats for the rest of this primary season…..regardless..

  41. at this point i hope white voters turn out for hillary. they did in GA, she leads with both men and women white voters. if she repeats it in all states with latino and asian american voters exceedingly splitting with her, all she loses are GA, AL and IL. SO LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  42. Also — it’s now 60-34 in GA (compare to exit poll). That number will change until 100% of results are in. The exit polls are just a crude guide and worthless for close states.

  43. Weather channel:

    An powerful storm system is sweeping out of the Plains into the South and Midwest. The result will be a variety of weather conditions including significant snow, flooding rain and a dangerous severe weather situation.

    The severe weather threat not only includes damaging winds of 60+ mph and hail larger than golf balls but also the threat of dozens of tornadoes. Some of the tornadoes, especially over Arkansas, northern Mississippi, and western Tennessee will be large (greater than EF3 in strength) and long-tracking. This is a very dangerous situation. A tornado has already resulted in injuries near Memphis, TN. Those in the outlined areas should stay on top of the latest severe thunderstorm and tornado watches and warnings.

  44. LOL….just for kicks, someone go over to Bambi’s website and see if the Obamatons are freaking out too. 😉

  45. Says our campaign re GA:

    We’re excited by what we’re seeing. We have 21 states that are still outstanding where we expect to pick up a significant number of new delegates. To be sure, both campaigns have a long night ahead of them – but we feel very good about the numbers that we’re seeing. It’s very important that people in the states where the polls are still open get out and vote.


    Unlike the Obama campaign, the Clinton campaign never dedicated significant resources to Georgia. Sen. Obama spent over $500,000 dollars on ads on television and radio; we never went up on TV. The Obama campaign has 9 offices in Georgia. The Clinton campaign only has 2. Sen. Obama has had staff and significant campaign operation across the state for 8 months. Sen. Clinton only deployed staff to the state in the last couple of weeks. Polls have consistently showed Sen. Obama with wide lead over Sen Clinton. That lead has only widened over time.

  46. Memphis…hit bad with tornado

    Well, that’s terrible for people in Memphis. God bless them. On the other hand, might not be a terrible thing wrt Hillary winning.

    (hope that doesn’t sound as bad as it feels saying it)

  47. cnn already spinning georgia as some big win white vote…I thought the graph showed Hillary won white men…39 to 36….women in big number….cnn trying to can this for obama as if H

  48. haaa i think its gonna be closer guys.. numbers picking up.. can we say 38/55? that would be excellent for Hillary. rural votes being counted much slower.. and that should help Hillary..

  49. I wish we were all in a big living room and we could worry/ commiserate/encourage/argue/console/discuss together!

  50. idunn,

    You got cajones. 🙂

    You do it and report back to us. I’m too chicken. So glad I found this site otherwise I’d be glued to the tube and and they’d be coming to take me away.

  51. hello all…I hope the people are safe in Arkansas…

    fingers crossed and taking deep breaths…champagne is chilled…and ready for a long night…Go Hillary…

  52. Hillary did well among white women tho! We should focus on the positive.
    We always knew that if she were to win this thing, women would have to put her over the edge.

  53. I will say this again: Drudge’s exit poll had Obama beating Hillary by almost 60 points in GA. That ain’t even close to right.

  54. media is already calling ANYTHING that happens tonight as a WIN for obama. them fcukers….they still intend to gift him.

    saying now that popular vote in california will mean more than the delegate???? wtf is that supposed to mean….

    they are so screwed up….

  55. LMAO!! They are pissed at Ted because OB isn’t pulling it out in MA.

    Didn’t risk an AC comment there. I chickened out, Kaffeen I’m ashamed.

  56. Psymac…..I’m with you. I shall have to resort to the next best thing. Drinking. Possible heavily.

    Then I’ll sleep through this.

    Remember this about Georgia — 70%+ of them approve of Bush and his handlng of Iraq.
    I wonder what they think of his handling of Katrina.
    Brownie should run for office in GA.

  57. How can they declare a winner, when only 1% of Georgia’s precincts are reporting? Not even 10,000 votes have been counted

  58. By the end of the night, I predict Dot will break her long record of abstinence and have a drink.



  59. After watching Michelle and Barack comments about not supporting Hillary my decision has become very easy. I have voted 30 years always for dem candidates but if Hillary doe not get the nomination I would vote for Mccain and enjoy Republicans taking Obama apart. I would only be back here if Hillary wins tonight.

  60. HillGuy…I know, bad me LOL. My blood is boiling, I’ve avoided the tin foil hat spewing Obamamot media machine for the last 2 weeks and I hoped I’d get to watch some unbiased results…

    Boy was I wrong.

  61. ******Marc Ambinder (The Atlantic) Fellow journalists and pundits. I have the same data you have… and I would just remind all of you that the first wave of exit poll data is not reportable or reported for a simple reason: the sample sizes are not large enough to accurately tell us much of anything, unless one candidate is getting, like, 80% of the vote.***** h t t p : / /

  62. Hey, go over to Taylor Marsh site and watch that BEAUTIFUL video dedication to Hillary!! I love it, just to get us in the right mood!!!

  63. # hawk Says:
    February 5th, 2008 at 7:31 pm

    Knock it off with georgia! Georgia has been and is an obambi state. I suspect alabama, illinois and delaware to go for him too. But we will win Massachusetts, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and probably Missouri. And we will do well in Connecticut. And Arkansas comes out not too much longer after that. So no worries.

    *****Strap in folks…don’t panic. I concur with above. CT is a toss up, MA should be ours but it depends on how much emphasis voters put on Teddy’s endorsement.

  64. I just opened up a bottle of wine I received for christmas. Not a fan of those rubber corks.

    OK, it’s 8pm. Ready to rumble.

  65. OMG…if she pulls out GA. I promise you guys, I’ll go over to Bambi site and streak through with both birds flying!! LOL!

  66. WOW….she closed the gap in GA. I know she’s not going to win but still….these talking heads really need to take a chill pill before they start crowning Obama, king of the heavens.

  67. gladiator…per your suggestion, I switched to Fox News just in time to hear some woman call CA for Obama. I’m no longer on Fox.

  68. Idunn, Remember CNN said if Obama doesn’t win GA by at least 10 he’s in for a long night? It’s 10 right now!

  69. saying now that popular vote in california will mean more than the delegate???? wtf is that supposed to mean….

    Andrea Mitchell was spinning that BS yesterday. Idiot.

  70. Paula — those early precincts could just be favorable to HRC as compared to Atlanta area. Honestly, unless it’s a massive blowout like the exit polls, I’m fine w/ the win that was all but guaranteed for BO.


  72. So, I am assuming they just have not counted the cities in GA, correct? Still, if we can hold at 15% say, not bad.

  73. Hillary is holding on in Georgia….this is NOT going to be a blowout win in Georgia for him like they thought…..

  74. Vanity, those exit polls on Drudge were crap when it came to GA numbers. No reason to think they’re accurate elsewhere, either.

  75. I don’t think these aholes should be calling any state while the poles are still open. That has been an issue before! Write the networks, again!!! I like that new expression, too

  76. CNN needs to adress the numbers in GA again, they just spent and hour claiming Obama was tha man!!! And now look at the numbers, christ.

    But good news for us, CHEERS ALL!! (Idunn how ’bout you?)

  77. ABC News claiming that Bambi winning in GA was a HUGE win for him because Hillary had campaigned there and had high hopes.

    WTF ???

  78. She never stepped foot in GA !!! and look at those numbers. Christ, if thats any indication, she’ll do greaaaaaaaaattttt!!!

  79. Georgia is going to tell a lot….CNN has lost their freaking minds….they gave Georgia kudos to Obama way to too quick…..People are seeing the numbers right on the screen and they know that Obama did not (or so far) getting that huge win….

    8 points in Georgia

  80. now back to 10% georgia…if she holds that…we won in reality

    the graph I saw earlier on cnn had Hillary winning white male…they keep saying that obama won the white male…I don’t thi

  81. I would just freaking love it if MSNBC made a big ole mistake on Georgia. Shit, if she can get within 10 points in Georgia I will laugh my ass off.

  82. I don’t know. This is weird. However, I think there are towns that are heavily black and ones that are heavily white, so depends what thye have counted and what they haven’t. Does seem to fly in the face of the exit polls.

  83. I don’t mean to burst any bubbles, but the black counties have not started reporting yet. Put GA to bed — I just hope it isn’t a total blowout, delegate-wise.

  84. I want cnn to go over those numbers in GA again, 😉 see where the white vote really went, and women etc… They should just not do as they have been doing so bombastically for the past hour.

  85. I don’t want to whine but….my stomach is not made for this. My heart is not in shape for this. And my head can’t stand the strain…oh, no, scratch that — that’s from the drinking.

  86. Just got back from voting for Hillary here in Brooklyn, NY. Me, my mom and dad all voted for Hillary! 🙂

  87. OK, I thought mebbe I was crazy, because I understood Hillary only made some phone calls into Georgia.

    Well looks like STEPH is back to makin’ it up as he goes.

  88. LMAO!! Okay, they are asking if ID’s are being checked before people voted….and freaking over Bambi losing AL….and generally battering everyone to keep making calls and not give up!!

    Oh lord…

  89. I don’t know. This is weird. However, I think there are towns that are heavily black and ones that are heavily white

    Yep…very much the case here in TN. But don’t worry, she’s got it in the bag here.

  90. Out of all the states that just closed, we need to hold on to NJ. That is bragging rights for Bambi. We really need it.

    I’m looking for Clinton to get MO(take that Clair), TN, AL….aren’t these all southern states too? So why doesn’t she get some credit for winning red states.

    I’m really, really hoping that she can pull out MA. We should be able to get NJ.

  91. Mass is now 59% and Missouri , Alabama 56%, Connecticut 50% for Hill (very very very very very very early). She is winning those now though. Looks like Tennessee has been called Clinton

  92. You can’t really get any sense to which direction a state is going to go until around the 25% reporting mark… man, we’re in for an exciting night!

  93. she might pull in ga by 7 ,dang they got karl r. i shut iot off till gets off there i cant stand that idiot oddick..lieing sucker

  94. Watching online stream of the Hillary headquarters now, I want to see the crowds reaction to predictions, 😀

  95. gladiatorstail,
    Oh I sure hope so. Otherwise I’ll contemplate some lethal poison for my beverage of the night…

  96. NY, doesn’t close until 9pm. Come on NJ. Looking for MO and MA..they look promising. CT is very close but my sense is it will go to him. He should do well in caucus states but I’m hoping that she can pull out MN. HOwever, due to his huge turnout on Sun, not sure if all of the attendees turn out to vote for him.

    Come on NJ, I wonder why they are not showing the #s? Didn’t NJ close at 8pm.


    sorry CJ, I was just watching and writing, not yet reading the posts that people write here as I wanted to just update you all on what I saw, not considering you peeps wanted to see too, haha, my bad.

    But there isn’t much sound, some music in the background, still need the tv set, in my purple mind! 😛

    *Not drunk yet!*

  98. remember how Lamont was up a lot in CT in the primary and then Liarman came pretty close … please CT, go for HILL !!!

  99. Com e!!!on Girl you NYC Senator Hillary Madame President..kick his a@@…and those wolf bilzters and rachale and joe and susan m.jack cafferty.shut them out altogether i never seen such reporting liars..

  100. So much for Bambi claiming only he could win in the Red states. Hillary took Oklahoma and Tennessee, and here comes Arkansas.

  101. its ok gorto..ive been most of the day reading here you guys went out got liquid and drinking

  102. Lets go HILLARY! I want to see the media, the Kennedy’s, John Kerry and the Obamabots eat some CROW!

  103. I wish they could change Hillarys picture on CNN, they should have people smiling on a night such as this!

    CNN seriously needs to call Tennessee for Hill.

  104. Gee Wolf…can you discount Hillary’s win in Ark any more? “Expected” “Proportional delegates” “Would have been embarrassing if she didn’t win”…..

  105. # kaffeen Says:
    February 5th, 2008 at 8:31 pm

    Kristol on Fox is hating life about right now.

    ROFLMAO.. I like pissing him off.. he gets soo pissed at hillary and its soo transparent that its almost funny..

  106. By the way folks, i just talk to my mama and dad and they did not blow away in an Arkansas tornado. And looks like Arkansas blew away obama

  107. Bambi trails Hill by 8% so far in both Missouri AND Mass.

    HAHA. He was supposed to knock those both outta the park! He had McCaskill, Kennedys, Kerry, AND DEVAL PATRICK FOR CHRISTS SAKE>


  108. …….pepsi……?


    We’ll have to change that throughout the evening as we enter ‘CELEBRATING LIFE COME ‘ON!!! Everybody, celebrating life…..oh well, enjoy your …..pepsi. 😛 😉

  109. Idunn: Because we’re skeptical mountain folk

    and may be helluva lot smarter than flatlanders in CT 🙂

  110. Almost no results in yet from NJ. However Ocean County has been reporting some, so far: Hillary 58%, Obama 32%.

  111. we need Mo…you got hannibal and all those small rural towns like macon mo,ewing,mo.brookfield cameron .up north from st louis..kansas city

  112. Good to hear about your folks molly, we only want good news today!!

    David Gergen is playing ‘ro ro ro your boat’ regarding Tennessee, trying to diminish Hillarys win by saying the clinton years must have spilled over, lol, and that woman saying there aren’t as many aa voters there as in GA. These people are amazing.

  113. I’m in manhattan ballroom and we are flipping out watching returns! I’m in bleachers so when Hill comes out I will be there. Best feeling in the world!!

  114. Clintondem99, yes I know. We were talking about how CNN is always the last to call a state for Hillary…….as for a reference to it recently, I was just mentioning that their “political analysts” were talking about her win there. They were all very morose and crying into their teleprompters and laptops.

  115. Ark, Tenn, Ok, all Hillary…the last of the 4 is MO.
    If she can pull that off…she’ll have the region. MO is the bellwether state. Cross your fingers.

  116. The only thing that makes TN a red state is the fact that we are Christians and we’re NOT gonna let you take our guns! LOL! Apart from that, we’re all basically Democrats. 😉

  117. David Gergen is a typical gasbag. Look at his face and hear his voice and the first thing that comes to mind is :GASBAG !! Cant wait to see all those long gasbag faces as the results come in ..

  118. Hey, Molly J Richards,
    Your Mama and Daddy are from AR…which part of state? Our family is there too.

  119. David Gergen, one of the few honest people left along with Craig Crawford and ironically Pat Buchanan, is stating he is seeing a trend for Hillary forming…oklahoma, tenn, arkansas…says it bodes well for Missouri and she is strong in this part of the country…

    I am with you JAS & MJ…Hail Mary full of Grace…please let our girl Hillary win the race (s) : )

  120. I want her to take MA. so bad! Fucking fat ass Ted Kennedy!

    (sorry…I’m alittle thick too, but just sayin’)

  121. them small rural town are older people in family over creation there kirksville mo…and macon make up pretty good chunk of votes from them

  122. “stating he is seeing a trend for Hillary forming…oklahoma, tenn, arkansas…says it bodes well for Missouri and she is strong in this part of the country…”

    It bodes well for her and the Dems in the general election ……..

  123. kaffeen,

    I said several days back that Republicans could cross over in Alabama.

    They LOVE Bambi. Because they would LOVE to run against him.

  124. Grandmother,
    What about the returns so far in our state? St Louis city and those type of areas will not have reported yet…right?
    You know more about this type of thing.

  125. your blood pressure will even out if you LISTEN to NPR and watch whatever screen gives you real graphic returns, not guesses.

    Remember, garbage in, garbage out.

  126. Ya’ll are hilarious! Keep up the good work because I’m too chicken to watch the results on tv so I’m here to get the returns. Glad Hill kicked butt in TN!! Voted this afternoon before the storms.

  127. LOL, oh man, I have to laugh at that Wolf blitzer. He is such a military guy, was he in the army?

    He just said, imminent projections, and always says ‘stand by’, etc…. makes me laugh.

  128. im off to a hillary watch party-wait for the vote to hit 25pct and then start slowly crowing. we need to see the full trends here. as for mo-st louis lots of black votes. we shall see

  129. If she loses CT, I’m sorry to say it’s because he closed the gap w/ women voters. The exit poll shows her leading women voters, but not by much, whereas the men happily went for BO by large margins.

  130. What is interesting is that it appears the Clinton headquarters is watching CNN (from the report on FOX…lol)……..guess they want to see Wolf and company eat crow.

  131. How is Hillary doing in New Mexico?

    The polls there close soon,. shes ahead there right?

    Will be an interesting indication of the latino vote.

  132. listening to hills music at headquaters..they geting down and gonna dance the night away winning

    we whipped ted kennedy gosh dammitt YEAH the old sucker stealing hillarys line on day 1

  133. i’m feeling pretty good..feeling better and better actually…equal parts good results and that sweet xanax i took!

  134. Damn, I hate that CNN are so slow on predictions, I guess in a way it’s good, but I want to know as fast as possible!

    However, they didn’t have any problem calling GA quick for BO tho!!

  135. YES!!! TAKE THAT YOU FAT TRAITOR TED! Thank you Massachusetts for picking the best candidate! YOU GUYS ROCK!

  136. there ya go mj and terrondt take his seat from him by gowd…he’s scary old idunn said she would have to use mace to keep him away…

  137. Everyone I can’t stand to watch CNN or anyone else. You guys are keeping me posted. If MO goes for HRC it will be the best day of my life (don’t tell my husband!) It would be sweet to shove it up Claire McCaskill’s you know what. I want her to look like the fool that she is. I had a friend of mine call me a short time ago – republican woman who told me that she had just cast her vote for the first woman president! We are both of that “certain” age and can’t believe it can happen.

    GO HILLARY and thanks to all of you!!!!

  138. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!??????

    IM ready to watch the Hillary HQ with the predictions coming in, and the stream end!!! fu**

  139. Man, the effs are flying fast and furious tonight!

    (Bear with us sinners those who rise above…we can’t help ourselves)

  140. Report from Minnesota caucus:

    First of all I come from a town of about 28,000. We have a state college, a private college and a technical college. There are probably close to 8,000 students in town overall. There were a lot at the caucus location tonight (my own high school).

    This is what greeted me when I arrived. The entire cafeteria was plastered with Obama signs (none for Hillary). A college student was at the front door aggressively handing out Obama stickers. He ignored me–I’m too old. My precinct meeting room (teachers lounge) had several Obama signs and pamplets. Since I had arrived early before anyone else some of those signs mysteriously disappeared. The pamplets also mysteriously got placed underneath the flower vases on the tables so they would be less visible….my bad.. (LOL) Again, no Hillary signs or pamplets. If I had known that I would have brought the one I had at home.

    Once we got started I signed in and voted via a paper ballot. We had about 30 in our group which the caucus chairperson said was a larger than usual amount. Some, including a couple in their 60’s, were wearing the Obama stickers. It was about 1/2 young adults and 1/2 middle age or older. I sat next to a couple college age Obama supporters. One was downright goofy, the other totally obnoxious. The goofy one asked about my “Hillary is 44” button and I told him about the website and that he should check it out. The obnoxious one wasn’t amused at that. The goofy one kept saying over and over that this caucus would “change the future of America”. A complete wingnut..

    There were a lot of Obama supporters there but I don’t know if that reflects Minnesota or just my town. The demographics of my city certainly favor Obama with so many college students.

    The voting went really fast. I know some women sitting close to me voted for Hillary. I did not stay for the rest as it was a very small room and getting crowded. Also, our caucus person was going very slowly through the rules etc. . I just had to leave as it was taking so long..

  141. LOL, now they are in part blaming Obama loss in Tennessee on the tornadoes showing up in obama precincts!!!! these people are amazing!

  142. Gorto Says:

    February 5th, 2008 at 8:54 pm
    Damn, I hate that CNN are so slow on predictions, I guess in a way it’s good, but I want to know as fast as possible!

    However, they didn’t have any problem calling GA quick for BO tho!!

    Thats because they can’t say her name or face truth..they embarresed themselves to death candy carwley and wolf jack susan king cooper..thats why there slow i hope you never let them in your white house hillary

  143. CNN AA dude is saying Obama lost Tennessee because of a Tornado…..LMAO……they can’t STAND IT. LOL

    What’s he talkin’ bout….ain’t no balck folks in TN. Just ask Michelle, she’ll tell ya. 😉

  144. btw did you guys see Hill is strong in IL.. she is polling above 40%.. so that would mean HUGE BLOW for obambi… since he will be splitting delegates with Hill!!!! YAYYY

  145. Wolf is pathologically compelled to downgrade Hill at every turn…..”Would have been hugely HUGELY embarrassing if she had lost NY” He is pathetic.

    He also found it impossible not to interrupt every single answer of Hill in the debates.

  146. Idunn Says:

    February 5th, 2008 at 9:01 pm
    CNN AA dude is saying Obama lost Tennessee because of a Tornado…..LMAO……they can’t STAND IT. LOL

    What’s he talkin’ bout….ain’t no balck folks in TN. Just ask Michelle, she’ll tell ya.

    CNN is gonna make up all kinds of excuses hillary should call on it…freaking fools …im watchin fox as long as karl rove doesnt come on there again

  147. Hill by over 30,000 votes in NJ with 10% reporting.

    Too Close to Call?

    FOX saying mood in Clinton camp has “adjusted” with regards to NJ…..

    Cmon motherfffffrrrrrr

    It’s looking very good (in NJ) reports Major Garret.
    some precincts 88-12!

  148. LMAO.

    Obama is winning Kansas? blech. It’s that stupid corpse women’s fault. 😀 (aka Governor Sebelibish)

  149. I hear ya Idunn, divine intervention indeed,. lol

    will be interesting to compare IL and NY, to see who would have kicked the most ass!

  150. “Wolf is pathologically compelled to downgrade Hill at every turn…..”Would have been hugely HUGELY embarrassing if she had lost NY” He is pathetic.”

    I bet he didn’t say the same thing about BO and IL>

  151. Molly J,
    I was born and raised in AR also. Do your parents live in a town that has TWO colleges in it? If so…

  152. mj — wonderful. CNN hasn’t. It also means the exit poll was waaaay off.

    MA win is sweet. Gotta send another note to TK’s office.

  153. Notice that when Hill got NY they said it was to be expected, of course, but when O won Georgia, they said it was in spite of Hill’s campaigning there!

  154. My note to Ted Kennedy is going to start like this:

    Dear Senator Kennedy,
    Congratulations on your big w….oops….hold on….

    Dear Senator Kennedy,
    Condolences on your big loss.

  155. and major garrett is in hillarys headquaters..just as long as he doesnt start crap like iowa,guess it alright.

    YEAH for NYC Hillary dont forget the firefighters..not one station has mentioned them that they endorsed you..

  156. CNN is going to call DE before they give up Mass to Hill……..gonna somehow try to make it a big loss for Hill I’m sure……..all I gotta say is……take DE and shove it (sorry if any DE hill supporters, you guys rock).

  157. just joining in – can’t stand MSM anymore – Juan WIlliams says MA is big disappointment for BHO! Take that you Kennedy’s

  158. gorto i think she will have MO..big hannibal mark twain country..doesnt hire anyone if your not expierence thats a fact ever since i was a kid..

  159. gladiatorstail: delaware 8th highest african american population according to foxnews.. no wonder he did extremely well there..

    MD’s gonna be ugly! 40% of Dem primary. DC …. ooh, thank god few delegates.

  160. Paula, ya, they suck, they did happen to call DE for Obambi, imagine that! Bastards. They know and just can’t stand it that Mass is a HUGE EMBARRASSMENT for Obambi and that fat bastard.

  161. Says NYT on Mass:

    Fox is calling Massachusetts for Mrs. Clinton. This is kind of astounding, given the Ted Kennedy endorsement for Mr. Obama. But Mrs. Clinton built up a strong organization there. From what we can tell so far, Western Mass pretty much came out for her…

  162. You know its making CNN cringe whenever they have to project Hillary. They do not even go to the panel after the projection


  164. I told ya- LISTEN to NPR–if you have to have graphics, pick a neutral station and then hit mute.

    So far, I am getting my #’s from here and listening to NPR.

    My blood pressure has been even (except for the first 10 minutes re GA) and my blood alcohol is still ok for typing and surfing…so I’m feeling good. Didn’t plan to drive anyway.

    and the stuff about Huck is interesting.

  165. As I said earlier, Obama and HRC each get 2 delegates from DE. Whoop do do! They also tie in delegates from CT since it’s so close.

  166. This is the first time I’ve been able to watch CNN. It’s really pissing me off. How they downplay Hill.

  167. HillaryLandRocks Says:

    February 5th, 2008 at 9:12 pm
    It’s time for the media to mercilessly pillory the Kennedys.

    Idunn Says:

    February 5th, 2008 at 9:12 pm
    Someone go check on the Obamatons and make sure they’re still breathing. LOL!
    you go over there im chicken too they scare me,that might all be cry cry cry

  168. Okay…the Obamatons are the walking wounded right now. Someone should go over there and do a mercy killing. 😉

    They are still scrambling to get people to make calls in Ca.?! Ummm….hello? Earth to Obamatons??!!

  169. team Clinton, I’m counting on our latino brothers and sisters to give us Cali. If we lose it, I may have to kick YOUR ass, just on principal. 😉

  170. That’s exactly what they said. I’m only watching because they have Paul Begala on periodically.

    They cannot resist saying over and over how it would have been embarassing if she had lost New York. WTF? She was NEVER going to lose NY.

  171. Hillary, very quietly winning LOL….fox chris wallace having to eat shit…..

    Chris Wallace saying Obama is starting to get worried most likely….Wallace saying all this discussion about late momentum…..their exit polls show late deciders went to CLINTON….

    take that big media … your bias is coming back to bite you on the ass.

    Harold Ford saying Hillarys message winning voters over.

    Harold would make a good veep

  172. Grandmother,
    It would be really SWEET to see Claire go down after all that hovering over Obama, that strange SOTU snub thing, and those ads on TV. Does this mean she might not get to be VP or have a cabinet post. Pity!!!!!

  173. They are reaching for straws, I think it shows, in part I think some of Hillarys support is because people are seeing how the media is treating her!!

    Does fox have an online stream?

  174. fox news now not calling Alabama for obama….says Alabama might not be his…..exit polling WRONG

    GO HILLARY>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  175. Who the hell would vote for Bambi in North Dakota?! Ain’t no black folks or hippies in North Dakota? Just ask Michelle.

  176. Fineman who wrote, “Why endorsements matter”, is now repudiating HIMSELF. If I can find the scathing letter I wrote him earlier this week on that topic I’d re-post it now.

  177. Harold Ford is a rookie, and can you imagine the outrage and backlash against Hillary if she defeated the first real viable aa candidate, and then choose another aa as her running mate, who is not BO??

    People would be pissed, haha, almost makes me want to wish for it.

    But he would be creamed in debates, he is bad, and a pushover.

  178. sounds like exit polls weren’t too accurate for some of the things they are seeing in Alabama. Also, I would love to know how the Black vote went in Arkansas. I think it is more indicative of how Black people might vote on a more national basis absent the hype and such and, well, pressure, I think.

  179. Realist,
    Isn’t he unbelieveable?!!!!!

    He & Olberman tied themselves in knots trying to explain Massachussetts.

    Devious Mother-fers……


  180. I just can’t wait ’till CNN eats crow on Mass and Missouri. This is sooooooo beautiful. Obambi can’t even win with every single big media chatterhead talking him up.

  181. Might have to smack ya, Gorto. Harold is our boy. 🙁

    But you’re right of course about him being a rookie.

  182. sneaking you all a quick post from phone banking in LA – we’re targeting a few congressional districts here in CA with calls – mood is up and we’re all loving she won MA! FU to Ted Kennedy!

  183. remember bill clinton said that the primaries would be more difficult for her than the general?
    if it’s mccain she’s faced with? cake walk. he can only talk about the military. imagine the debates.

  184. Also, when trying to convince people to support HRC, clip Krugman and get ready to explain the healthcare thing to people that need it. I spoke to someone in NY that pays a lot of out of pocket $$$ for health insurance. She actually thought HRC’s healthcare plan would have lead to difficulty getting on organ donation lists?!*&

    Once I explained to her that she and her husband would probably get incentives that would help them pay for their insurance (they are low income) and that might help her husband finally retire (he works just to pay for her insurance), she was on the phone to friends all across the country in voting states!

    Next contests, we need to push back HARD with information and we need to put out real $$$ amounts. Translate.

    BHO only won 52% Latino vote in IL.

  185. Oh, I’m going back and comparing Zogby’s polls to results when this is all over.


  186. Was at Politico looking at results and – surprisingly – Clinton’s good states would not load. However O’s states popped right up. Hmmm…

    GO HRC!

  187. As Margo Channing would say, “Fasten your seat belts…it’s going to be a BUMPY night!”

    So, What are we all drinking, and how about those early exit polls? LOL

  188. 😛 Idunn!

    Hillary has through this entire campaign said Obama is inexperienced, do you think she would pick another inexperienced candidate over another as her VP? I don’t

    Bad news regarding tornadoes, 86 wounded, this is sad. So sad if people lose their houses too….


  190. As Margo Channing would say, “Fasten your seat belts…it’s going to be a BUMPY night!”

    Ummm…Bette Davis, ya mean.

  191. Southern Born I want to see both Obama and Claire go back to the Senate with their tails between their legs. I watched Michelle Obama on the video clip from GMA and I could not believe that she topped her husband with her arrogance. Last night on Letterman Hillary was so gracious and said she would support Obama.

    I don’t know what votes have been counted in Mo just yet. Hopefully the urban areas. If that’s true, Hillary has this state.

  192. From the Clinton campaign, re: MA:

    “One of the biggest surprises of the night is Massachusetts,” her campaign said in a statement. “Despite the fact that Senators Ted Kennedy and John Kerry were actively supporting and campaigning for Obama, Hillary Clinton won the state. Despite the fact that the Governor of Massachusetts endorsed Obama, Hillary Clinton won the state. Despite the fact that Obama visited Massachusetts just last night, Hillary Clinton won the state. This is a strong victory and shows that Hillary Clinton has strength in places where Barack Obama was expected to win.”

  193. Blue Democrat Says:

    February 5th, 2008 at 9:31 pm
    Oh, I’m going back and comparing Zogby’s polls to results when this is all over.

    yep that what i say and all them news outfits lies down right

    oh mo she’s winning yes !!!

  194. Minnesota

    62% Obama
    36% Hillary

    I hate my state…I am hoping these are just the Twin Cities numbers and that things will change with the outstate numbers. That big U of M campus probably counts for alot. Our state caucus is not well attended overall…golden opportunity for Obama..

  195. caucus states going to obama…how is that going to effect the delegate count…will she get some delegates do you think

  196. I don’t want to dampen anybody’s fury over Ted Kennedy’s endorsement BUT

    He has been a staunch fighter in the progressive camp for many years and his family has given a lot to the country. We have our revenge for this betrayal, maybe we could lower our insult level.

  197. TeamClinton08: Can Hill please win MO so McClasskill can eat her some YUMMY CROW!

    Some hot, steaming crow w/ a slice of humble pie.

  198. I have a theory about caucuses and Obama’s success in them. I don’t want to talk about it right now though

  199. Me either, Realist. Heh heh heh. S’all good…we managed to peck out the misunderstanding eventually.

    Still don’t know why I thought you typed CAROL Channing though. Pretty funny.

  200. yes, Ted Kennedy nor John Kerry deserves any respect from Hillary supporters nor the Clinton’s. They are despicable, arrogant and simply are classless.

  201. freckles: We have our revenge

    Do we? He and his clan made a whole bunch of states close this past week. That’s why this is going to go on to March/April — the rest of the states this month suck.

    MA is indeed satisfying, but he did a lot of damage in his little grudge match. Personally, I’ve put in a lot of time & $$, and it’s very frustrating to see it wiped out by one family running around pumping BO up.

  202. Grandmother, doesn’t MO remind you of Marilyn Quayle? Or, as I put it earlier, MQ without the charm 🙂

  203. no just saying.

    The obama camp is going to spin like crazy, and say they won same # of states as HIll or sumthn

  204. Idaho coming up, meaning CNN will have a lot of time to brag about obambi again until the next polls close, *shakes head*

  205. “maybe we could lower our insult level.”

    I’ll lower it tomorrow, yes. Tonight, I call it Mary Jo’s revenge.

  206. somebody please explain kansas?

    Well, it’s a small mid western state…known for it’s tornadoes and witches…

  207. Joe Trippi on CBS saying women standing for Hillary making the difference tonight. Made the difference in New Jersey and Massachusetts. Bambi simply cannot overcome the gap.

    Trippi now a CBS consultant.

  208. somebody needs to get to Clinton Campaign that those reporters need to be inside her place and have people holding HUGE clinton signs and hollering….her camp seems too low key….get the visual effect of more signage and what yelling supporters mean to people….

    show enthusiasm….although I think fat arse Candy crawley has been relegated to outside…they need to ask for a new inbed for her campaign from cnn

  209. You sissies!!

    It’s only 9.40 pm for you people, lol!!

    It’s 3.40 am here!! I am going strongly into the night!! With liquid by my side(not gonna say what kind 😉 )

  210. Idunn Says:

    February 5th, 2008 at 9:39 pm
    somebody please explain kansas?

    Well, it’s a small mid western state…known for it’s tornadoes and witches…
    Its the yellow brick go back home to chicago

  211. Freckles no disrespect indeed but kennedy betrayed his friends
    there should more to politics than what he did

  212. I’d like to dedicate this song to my Senator Ted Kennedy…..


    Fuck you Ted Kennedy and the rented Oldsmobile you rode in on….

  213. mollyjrichards :”I have a theory about caucuses and Obama’s success in them. I don’t want to talk about it right now though”

    White guilt?

  214. They are saying that McCain, “Didn’t close the deal”, tonight because he only wins in states traditionally won by democrats, what about the ones Barry wins?

  215. Trippi’s been doing updates on CBS Radio too;

    Polluting the airwaves with Anti-Clintonisms and Hopium for days.
    F him too.

    BM already doing what they always do when there’s unavoidable good Clinton news.

    Moving the goalposts! Takling on about what’s ahead. Losers!!!!!!!!

  216. mollyjrichards: HLRocks, I feel your pain too. I am damn tired myself.

    You’ve got that right. I’ve traveled out-of-state, I’ve canvassed in-state, I’ve donated and donated. TK and his clan come in the last minute and exert their influence, along w/ Oprah — hoping to bamboozle with the razzle-dazzle. You want frustrating? How about TK pumping up BO at one of the most EXPENSIVE private universities in the country?

  217. I cannot believe I just heard one comment from a guy on cnn say this:

    “Whichever way you call it, this is gonna shape up good for Obama!!!”!!!!!!!!


    oh yeah, best political team my ass!!!

  218. Early results…

    Hill will have New York, New Jersey, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Tennessee, and Missouri.

    Obambi will have Illinois, Kansas, Alabama, Georgia, and Delaware.

  219. mollyjrichards :”I have a theory about caucuses and Obama’s success in them. I don’t want to talk about it right now though”

    White guilt?

    As a woman of color, I absolve you of your ancestors sins. Now, what’s your theory.;)

  220. Clinton Campaign that those reporters need to be inside her place and have people holding HUGE clinton signs..
    I agree get some screamers hollers inside her headquaters…somebody call them..get the momnetum back strong..and show it on tv fox..

  221. Hey maybe its a good thing CNN is calling tonight as if Barack is sweeping because half the country is still voting.

  222. Obama: two states with large African American vote bloc, his home state, one state with 15 delegates.

    Clinton: deep south, blue collar north, metropolitan suburban, rural. I can’t wait to see the demos from Jersey. I don’t see how you sweep Jersey without a strong white male vote.

  223. HLR, You’re right about the Kennedy effect. It made Hillary’s job today that much harder. However, I’m so proud of her for doing as well as she has thus far.

  224. This is great, there is a slight delay on the online stream, so I just got to see the reaction at the Hillary HQ as cnn predicted MASS for Hill, they rose to their feet!! haha

  225. Wolf MA “a big BIG win”
    I love it

    I hope the media who over praised Kennedy and Kerry like the taste of Socks and Sweat. Insert foot into mouth.

  226. Idunn, I do think there is some “white guilt”. I think you see it more in the north east. This is kind of an attitude that I’ve found more in the elite dems. Now that sure as hell doesn’t explain KS. Their idea of elite is having an indoor mall. (I have relatives all over the state). I feel like there is a gender factor in caucuses, particularly in places where people aren’t used to voting in that way. Some women are not going to go against their husband, even in this day and age. These are all just my ideas. And I could be full of it tooo. It’s been known to happen. Caucuses are also a matter of organization and GOTV so I don’t want to undermine the efforts of Obama’s campaign team. But there are social factors involved in caucuses, and I think that the exit poll business might be similar.

  227. working people going for Clinton in all states…

    she needs to stay on message of WorkhoRSE for America!!!!!!!!!!

  228. I will explain what’s going on w/ the caucus states.

    Traditionally, Dems/DNC have put no money into these states. Howard Dean has been building up the Dem party in these states (this is why he got in the big argument w/ Rahm Emanuel about whether to focus on ’06 wins vs party-building). So what you have is states w/ few Dems but controlled by activists. Not sure about MN, but definitely applies to states like AK, ND, etc.

    I will also say that HRC has completely ignored ID — couldn’t even find a single house party the other day.

  229. Obama might end up with ONE more state than us.

    here’s how I see it playing out:

    Obama will win:

    AL, DE, IL, GA, CT, ID, MN, ND, AL, UT, KS, Alaska

    That’s 12.

    Hillary: 10
    NY, NJ, AR, MA, TN, MS, OK, AZ, CA, NM

    Obama will spin this like no ther

  230. OH sweet Mo we got it ya think ..

    why does he win those cacus states..i hate em its not fair..half the people dont vote then..

    and ark kafeen…you guys lotts of koolaid in your hands lol…

  231. Have discovered the PERFECT setup:,live for Live feed fromm Hillary’s NYC Headquarters

    NPR for accuate sense of the numbers

    Hillaryis44 for Family Connections

  232. Molly, of course there’s white guilt, Honey. You think that’s an accident? People…some people…keep you feeling guilty because it gives them power to do so. Real equality won’t happen until that leverage tool no longer works for anyone.

    Just my personal thoughts, mind you.

  233. 58-37%, Hill by 40,000 or so votes in Missouri.

    29% in. What’s the problem?!

    Call it! – and give me California!

  234. MJS both candidates will spin regardless, but in the end Delegates dont lie. He can have DE, MN, ID, UT, KS, and Alaska.

  235. HAha, at Hillary HQ they just chanted Yes we can, and now at the obama HQ they are chanting Yes we can, lol.

    Oh well,

    I’d like to chant, Yes We DID!!!!

  236. Molly J.
    I graduated from college O and was there probably 3-8 years before you started. Does Terrel Moore or Cone Bottoms ring a bell?

  237. BO and Mccain seem to have the same problems. BO can not win blue states and mccain can not win red states. Proves that Bo is definetly not a main stream Democrat.

  238. Trying it Emjay!

    Karl Rove can’t contain himself talking about teddy Kennedy!

    The only time in my life I can laugh along with him!

  239. Molly, from where I sit there’s no difference between black power movements and white power movements. They’re both bullshit. Just people fighting people for power over a bunch of nothin’. Sad.

  240. Grandmother, you are right. If St. Louis city and the delta has already been counted we won Missouri!

    MO cooked her goose with at least two of our friends who saw her on GMA. It was the straw that broke it all and they came home to Hillary.

  241. Says NYT:

    Here’s the story in Tennessee, which The Times has projected for Mrs. Clinton: Mr. Obama didn’t fare as well here with the white vote as he did with the white vote in Georgia. In Georgia, he got 40 percent of white voters; in Tennessee, he won less than 25 percent of white voters. While Mr. Obama has usually done better with men than Mrs. Clinton has, she got 60 percent of white men in Tennessee, and a narrow plurality of men overall. She also won 70 percent of white women (while 75 of black women supported Mr. Obama).

  242. F&king call MO already you dimwits!! I bet if Obama was winning it they would have called it a long time ago.

  243. now fox news downplaying endorsement of ted kennedy…..

    says governors mean more

    Well they damned sure played old Teddy up when they thought he’d help OB kick HRC’s ass, didn’t they?

    Fucking hypocrites!

  244. Early AP storyline on race; “Clinton, Obama start anew.”

    Hey Associated Press – Go Fuck Yourselves!

    Wow, Matthews called NJ win “Powerful”

    He must’ve made a mistake!

  245. Alaska – caucus

    Colorado – caucus

    Idaho – caucus

    Kansas – caucus

    Minnesota – caucus

    North Dakota – caucus

  246. Thank goodness she won Massachusetts. Guess what Ted Kennedy: Your opinion means squat to the American people! Same to you John Kerry!

    You guys, it’s going to be close. Be prepared for it. Everything is going as predicted. Obama will probably win Idaho, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Alaska. I have a good feeling that Hillary will win California. As long as she wins California she is still very much in this game.

    This is IMPORTANT: Continue to pressure DNC and Howard Dean to seat MI and FL delegates. This is battle will probably continue until March and those 850,000 votes for Hillary in FL need to be counted.

  247. counties to watch in missouri are jackson, st. louis and st. louis city. clinton, by the way, is winning in jefferson county, or the suburbs of st. louis.

  248. that witch on CNN just admitted Obambi’s camp is sending “talking points” to them.

    NO WAY!! What did she actually say?

  249. What is this time argument? This race has been going on for years now and they are arguing that Obama needs more time? AAAA the media never ends.

  250. HighlyEducatedHillarySupporter,

    A question if I might..

    You think we won the night big, semi-big, or basically a draw if get California?

    Just curious…

  251. IDUNN, I agree there are similarities. But the white power folks I grew up near, the kind that wore those unattractive white freaking robes, were incredible racists. The early black power movements weren’t racist, even though there was very militant talk. It was about redistribution of power and resources. That said, I think our country has a lot of work to do about race and gender. I don’t think we are anywhere near “liberated” even though we think we are. We can’t shed the shackles when people can still manipulate each other so easily because of identity or ethnicity.

  252. FYI – CA field captain saying that we’re up by 6 in California – and that we have to all keep calling to get the margin up and up!!

  253. Idunn, she said the Obama camp was sending talking points to their staff (sounded like it was very common). She was looking at her Blackberry and handed it over to wolfie.

  254. lmao. notice the pattern guys? Hill IS brilliant.

    All these places that Obama is beating Hillary in, they have like close to no delegates lol…so even in KS where it’s 73 to 26%, Barack gets like 4 delegates and hill gets 2. lol. But say….in MA….with 120+ delegates and hillary…well, u do the math 😀

  255. i don’t care how media spins this tomorrow…working people will go back to work knowing that other working people agree with them….hillary clinton will work for them…they will go to their working friends and her support is going to increase.

    those caucus states need to be really pointed out by Hillary campaign…caucus is really not that important

    i have chugged down two large glasses of milk and ate 24 chocolate chip cookies

  256. A thought: Hillary and ole’McCain sort of mirror each other tonight. Where Hillary wins, so does ole’McCain. Only that Hillary’s wins typically encompass twice or more as many actual votes as ole’McCain; partly because many of those states are blue, or at least fairly blueish purple.

    This night is a great show of strength for Hillary with regards to November. She’ll kill papa Walton in the General. 🙂

  257. I’m as angry at Kennedy as y’all. Evidently Obama was right for once and TK IS spineless. But we’re going to need all these people come November.
    Let’s not sound like the Obama trash-talkers. We’re angry at Teddy — but I’m also angry at Edwards. How can he have stayed neutral when Obama was trashing health care like an insurance company?

  258. If we win less states, MSM will play that up big, but the delegate totals will probably be close, its gonna be a protracted fight to the convention I’m afraid and I blame a lot on Kennedy and Kerry. I hope Edwards and Gore don’t endorse BHO in the coming days!

  259. PBS just came on covering the results: no slobbering, no lying, no spitting or drooling, no panic, no false HOPES.

  260. Jason, the delegates are all that matter. If we are up by more than 100 delegates, per Plouffe memo, that is a *big* loss in Obambi’s camp. I think we will be up by several hundred. The big states, the states that matter, are going to Hill……..Yay!

  261. CBS Web site repoting delegate count HC 536 BO 444

    They say if HC can come out of tonight with a 125-150 delegate count lead, She would be the winner tonight

  262. She will win OH in a big way in March and should win PA big too. Hope she can pick up VA next week and hold steady in MD. DC is foregone!

  263. No surprise about CT; one of our posters here predicted a close Obama win there based on phone banking. Said lots of voters liked Hillary but favored Obama because she’s too “polarizing.”

  264. freckles — certainly, there’s a lot of people to be angry at 🙂

    I don’t have a problem w/ their endorsement of BO. I have a problem w/ piling it on in the last minute. Endorsements should be something to reflect on, but they were trying to push BO over the line via mass marketing/indoctrination: celebrity videos, Oprah, and the ‘Kennedy aura.’

    As far as needing them in Nov goes, well, the Kennedys have the most impact in states like MA, CA — with liberals. We want them out of the way in the GE, anyway. I understand what you’re saying, but I just have this feeling that they’d rather undermine all the way up to Nov — this seems more like a grudge match than anything else.

  265. Russert is an IDIOT.

    He told Brian Williams that when all is said and done tonight that Hillary will likely only have a little more than one hundred delegates than Bambi.

    But that would be HUGE, as all the states are proportional, and it would be impossible to catch up.

  266. Can we take a minute and look at how wrong Zogby was:
    NJ C-43 O-42
    MO C-44 O-43

    Heres hoping hes wrong in CA. One the Daily Show he made a joke about Clinton “crying”. What has happened? shouldnt reporters and pollsters be neutral?

  267. believe me – we’re calling in CA. the field captain TURNED OFF the TV in our Los Angeles office so we could get to work. In one office we probably have at least 50 people, even lots of teenagers, on the phone calling away. we’re up by 6 is what I heard yelled across the room in CA – but we need to get the margins up, get more delegates here in CA, WIN, WIN.

  268. clinton and obama are tied in kansas city. st. louis city and st. louis county are now reporting. clinton is leading in st. charles county and jefferson county, both of which contain suburbs of st. louis.

  269. I’m finally watching PBS live feed. So much better (even though I’m mad at mark Shields0.

  270. LOL; hahahaha Idunn, thanks!

    And I want Hillary to have a delegate lead by 200 by the end of this!!!

    WHAT? It could happen…….. 😮

  271. God is going to punish IL for voting Obama 👿 it has already begun to unleash a winter storm on us of between 7-10 inches of snow lol

  272. CBS is just as bad – Couric saying turnabout is fair play, Clinton won NJ and Obama beats her in her own back yard in CT! I think they are all drinking the Obamaid