“Make Hillary 44”: New York, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Massachusetts, New Jersey

The Exit polls buried Hillary. Then Hillary buried the exit polls.

Zogby buried Hillary. Hillary buried Zogby.

Congratulations to SurveyUSA.

Big Media loses another big night. Big Media tool Obama was rejected by Democrats nationwide.

One more thing to note: Those politicians that endorsed Hillary were rewarded by the voters. Politicians that endorsed Hillary Obama were punished by the voters.


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  1. admin, TYPO: “Those politicians that endorsed Hillary were rewarded by the voters. Politicians that endorsed Hillary were punished by the voters.”

    That can’t be right 😉

  2. I want to know how you get to the Democratic nomination w/o winning CA, NY, MA or NJ. Has that ever happened before?

  3. # TheRealist Says:
    February 5th, 2008 at 10:21 pm

    PBS put Utah in perspective, they don’t elect democrats DOGCATCHER in that state.

  4. Totally right admin. I was thinking the same thing. I never believed the polls, especially Zogby. Remember 2004? The exits predicted Kerry to win big time! In fact, Kerry was already celebrating. Then the counting started. I remember Zogby really well since he was one of those pollsters who projected Kerry winning in 04 pre election and in exit polls.

  5. I’ve noticed that so far the SurveyUsa polls have correctly predicted all the Hillary wins. They have Hillary ahead in Cali 🙂

  6. HLR, That’s a good question. Someone here said Ted Kennedy was the only Dem to win CA and not win the nomination (in 1980). I don’t know if he won NJ.

  7. admin,
    I love this site and admire your work a lot – with many prying eyes it’s my experience that it’s worth the extra trouble to get it right 🙂

  8. When Hill becomes president, I’m gonna call her and tell her to get rid of these wacko caucus things.

    Caucus states… you’ve been put on notice.

  9. CBS is giving good breakdowns of Delegates – state by state and then totals. HRC needs to win CA big time!

  10. hopefully they call MO for Hillary soon – here’s a good sign – the last 100 years of Presidents have won Missouri.

  11. alcinca: Idunn..buy stonyfield yogurt. it’s made here in NH and the company is owned by democrats!

    No, boycott! The owners came out early for BO — said Hillary was too polarizing. Edwards was their second choice.

  12. buy stonyfield yogurt. it’s made here in NH and the company is owned by democrats!

    I will. And I hope that CT feels my wrath! 😉

  13. Caucuses are not democratic, in my opinion. Or perhaps they are democratic in process but they disenfranchise elderly people. people with chronic illnesses, people who can’t get off from work, etc.

  14. Clinton ahead in Arizona 52%-34%. Hillary also ahead in Utah. I don’t understand what happened in Minnesota. She is also losing Colorado as, well but they only have 1%.

  15. i think we won missouri. obama would have to win jackson county by large margins, and i simply do not see this in the results thus far. st. louis and st. louis county are yet to report, but hillary is holding him to a 3,000 vote margin in st. louis county. i believe we won missouri.

  16. lninla — St. Louis city and county are just now starting to report. It’ll tighten here:

    St Louis – 28% reporting O 71 C 27

  17. Man, I afraid that if we don’t put the nail into the coffin tonight, tomorrow Jesus and Moses might come down and endorse this doofus. 🙁

  18. have you had too much coffee?

    No Psymac, it’s that freaking tainted CT yogurt! Who knows what that whacko shit is laced with?

  19. Oh, McAuliffe just said

    “people have thrown the kitchen sink at Hillary –

    and you Chris Matthews, threw the whole house at her! –

    and we’re winning all the big states (words to that effect)!

    I wanna hear you say you love Hillary Clinton tomorrow!”

  20. LMAO



  21. Well as long as they call missouri for Hill in the end, I don’t care how long they wait, get the momentum near the end!!!

    Obama will be a foregone memory by then!

  22. EEP! New thread! Carry-over from previous thread…

    feckles said: I don’t want to dampen anybody’s fury over Ted Kennedy’s endorsement BUT
    He has been a staunch fighter in the progressive camp for many years and his family has given a lot to the country. We have our revenge for this betrayal, maybe we could lower our insult level.

    I want to give Kennedy props for his voting record, what I can’t seem to get over is what his actions (based on his ego?) have done to damage the Democratic party. He chose to make this personal. He chose to do to Hillary Clinton what he did to President Carter. This decision has put us in a position where we are on the verge of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory in November.

    Whether he is successful or not in his push for Obama, the Democratic Party will emerge bloodied and bruised because of him. What I am pleased about is that because of the embarrassment of Massachusettes , I don’t think he will be able to recover and cause mischief in the party ever again.

  23. alcina: wapo article. whatabummer..

    For real. They were actually planning around defeating Hillary in NH!

  24. Romney and Huckabee go on, that’s good for Dems, they need to keep fighting too. History shows the party who gets nominee first usually wins in Nov!

  25. Obama will win most likely 5 of the 6 caucuses but I believe that Hillary will pull out ARizona, MO and NM.

    I expect Obama to win the most states but Hillary to win the popular vote and the most delegates. Hopefully, she can get 150 delegates net difference but realistically about 100-125 delegates.
    Let the spin begin.

  26. People, Minnesota was largely ignored by Hillary. She and Bill visited in the fall but other than that I haven’t seen any campaigning here. There aren’t even any Hillary signs. I just received a phone call for Hillary a couple days ago. I just don’t think they put in much effort due to it being a caucus state.

    Seeing how things went at the caucus tonight it looks like Obama really worked on getting out his student vote here. We have lots of colleges in MN plus wealthy suburban areas around the Twin Cities. That plus the AA population there probably gave him his majority of votes.

  27. Whose gonna caucus on the northern border in February with 2 good Dem candidates?

    No good demographic news for Obama. None at all.

  28. I love what Letterman said about Mitt last night: Looks like a guy who’d wink at ya when he’s shakin’ your hand.

  29. Blue Democrat: To answer your question in the last thread. I think the media will call tonight a win for Obama. I don’t think this is a loss for Hillary at all. Everything tonight has been predictable. Obama was expected to win all of the caucus states. Hillary didn’t spend any time in places like Alaska, North Dakota, and Idaho where Obama set up campaign offices and visited. He knows that he wins big in caucuses where his people can intimidate others to join their group.

    The race will be close until the end. If Hillary loses CA tonight it will just look bad for her and the media will say all of this proves Obama’s electability with white voters but it won’t mean she’s out of the race. I expect CA to be close anyway. It’s just a matter of perception. I think Clinton is still in a very good position. I predict she will win later states like Texas where there is a large Hispanic population and a small black population. She also has the most super delegates (Chelsea has been calling those people to make sure they’ll pull through) and she still has MI and FL and I believe those two states will eventually be seated especially since this race is so close.

    Obama has so many advantages over Clinton. He has the black community solidly supporting him and calling out the Clintons on practically anything that can be perceived as racist. He has the mass media who will continue to report on his surge for the next month while breaking Clinton down. But I still believe that it will be Clinton v. McCain in the end which is the way it’s supposed to be. Obama’s turn is in eight years. Let’s hope that Californians and the rest of the country who hasn’t voted yet feel the same way.

  30. Idunn…huh???

    I thought your brand of yogurt was made in NH. Thus, I thought maybe you were saying NH was going OB too. My bad…reading comp. starting to dwindle.

  31. Blue Democrat,

    50% to 41% among late deciders for HRC!

    And STEPH yelled out: I DON’T BELIEVE IT !


  32. 60-36 among Hispanics nationwide for Hill as per CBS…

    66-25 among over 65’s…..

    320-272 delegate lead for HRC as per CBS

  33. everyone, pray for a Clinton win in Utah too. That way we can say that they at least tied in state count, but hill bested him in the delegate race.

  34. Kansas City/Jackson County





    St. Louis Suburbs/St. Louis County






    St. Louis City






    I fail to see how Obama can win Missouri.

  35. 60-36 among Hispanics nationwide for Hill as per CBS…

    66-25 among over 65’s…..

    320-272 delegate lead for HRC as per CBS

    Very NICE! 🙂

  36. Well, NM has the highest percentage of hispanic voters in the country.

    If sumpin’s up in NM, I blame Richardson.

  37. Massachusetts! This one is for you, Mary Jo Kopechne. May you rest in peace.

    And Martha Moxley too. On principal.

  38. HighlyEducatedHillarySupporter,

    Thanks for the detailed response. I concur completely (from what I know). I know the CA delegates will be near-equal, but I think being able to make the claim she’s won (virtually) all the big states is invaluable considering what she’s up against.

    And if you really think those FLA & Michigan delegates will be seated, that’s an awesome insurance policy.

  39. Somewhat OT, but if B Merryfield is around, I saw that the counter at
    was over 3000 now…
    Kudos! 🙂

  40. wth….i told you all today…something fishy is going on in california….they plan to try to steal the election

    arnold and maria are most likely behind this along with oracwhaleoprah and the whole kennedy clan.

  41. TeamClinton08 Says:

    February 5th, 2008 at 10:47 pm
    Ok, what is happening with Utah? I’m confused? Didn’t O win that state?
    i was gonna ssk that to she is ahead and they have his name checkedhillary is on live

  42. Just in from my pollwatch bar party. Mostly Obamazoids, with a few diehard Hillary people.

    Our gal is doing just grand! I did a little dance when she won Mass. Take THAT Kerry and Kennedy! Ha!

  43. OkieAtty and I are watching the result and watching HRC now!

    Wow what a night! No super shocks but we are both smiling!!!

    We are proud of our girl!

    Hillary is 44!!!!!!!

  44. Says NYT:

    In New Jersey, Mrs. Clinton got about 60 percent of the Hispanic vote and 60 percent of the white vote, while Mr. Obama, with a big boost from Cory Booker, the mayor of Newark, won 90 percent of the black vote. That, readers, looks like a racially divided electorate, regardless of what the campaigns tell you. On issues, New Jersey voters said the economy and health care were more important than the war in Iraq.

  45. OK so Hill had a good night and she should have an even better night when she wins Arizona, MO, California and NM 🙂

  46. Very good of her to speak of the people hit by the tornadoes!

    She should slow down tho, speaking fast!!
    Had much coffee?? hehe 🙂

    But she looks great.

    She’s speaking about voices being hear by her etc…

  47. telling that tonight has been about hearing peoples voices….going to stump speech now sort of.

    she is campaigning for next weeks states..

  48. “it’s about you” she’s basically saying

    Notes tornados in Ark & Tenn, presidentially.

    Goes into green collar jobs, science, research, stem cells, contractors, infrastructure
    for 7 years, we’ve seen Bush’s answer.
    We need someone ready on day one….”

  49. So powerful in her speaking, she never waivers, always the same, consistent message, so presidental, damn, I can’t wait until the convention!!

  50. She’s running through the people it’s about

    We need someone ready on day one

    who can you count on to listen to you

  51. expect obama to close the gap in missouri by 15,000-20,000 votes at the most. we won the state, and they should announce their projections.

  52. “Who can you count on to stand up and deliver for you?”
    They see 5 years in Iraq, why not 100 years more.

    Well they’ve got till Jan 20 0- and not one day more!!!!”

    I won’t let anyone swift boat this country’s future.

    I see an America where……”

  53. she is already campaigning into next primaries … very smart use of her time here. she is not grandiosing about herself….once again she makes it about AMERICA and US

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. She says “tonight is your night, it’s America’s night, and the polls are still open in California” “please join our campaign…it’s about our future…the stories I’ve heard around the country…veterans who come home, man who trained another for a job he had lost…It’s about our scientists and researchers who want to be able to do stem cell research. It’s about our builders and contractors who want to rebuild our infrastructure.” “WHen the bright lights are off …who do you want to stand up for you.” She is calling out the repubs, mostly. “I won’t let anyone swiftboat this country’s future.” “Together we will take back America…I see an America where…..we lauch a clean energy revolution..where we provide healthcare for every single man, woman and child.”

  55. She’s becoming the President tonight (she didn’t say that – that one’s mine), before our very eyes…..

  56. “Tom Menino for Senate” should be the headline tomorrow on the Boston Globe. Menino is the popular mayor of Boston who was able to turn the tide against big Obama endorsements coming from senator Kerry, Kennedy and governor Patrick and thus carry a strategic split of the Boston vote.
    Comment by Agron – February 5, 2008 at

  57. Burn that gold colored jacket…not her color…but isn’t she an amazing looking BRILLIANT woman.


  58. Obama believes they won the delegate race:

    David Plouffe, on a conference call just now, offered the Obama campaign’s estimate of where they stand at this moment in terms of delegates.

    “We are, in terms of delegates, ahead currently: about 606 to 534, in terms of pledged delegates awarded tonight,” he said.

    The Obama campaign’s delegate guy, Jeff Berman, caught and corrected the inaccurate early reports of Nevada’s delegate count, so they’ve got credibility on this count.

    Plouffe cited wide margins in Kansas and Minnesota, as well as the fact that Obama had a larger margin in Illinois than Clinton did in New York.

    Details of their argument after the jump.

  59. “And if you really think those FLA & Michigan delegates will be seated, that’s an awesome insurance policy.”

    Some interesting comments from Dean. He doesn’t want a big fight at the convention 8 weeks before election day. And if Dean has his own Presidential ambitions for the future, he’ll make the smart move now.

    I don’t care how many states O wins. The media spin doesn’t matter — people know MSNBC is full of shit.

  60. Thanks her MOM! Born before women could vote and is watching her daughter on this stage tonight.” Looks forward to continuing the debate and congrats Obama on his victories.

  61. Hillary is not selfserving…..challenging Obama to debate….drawing line in the sand Genious.

    I just wish she could find a way to strike out at the biased coverage……..

  62. Haha, calls out Barack on more debates.
    She’s gonna grind him down!!!!!

    Missouri Update: 53-44 with 73% in

  63. alright – my last phone bank call in CA was to a Latino man who voted for Hillary already – and he said WE ARE GOING TO WIN! Headed to the Election Night Party – crossing all fingers for CA, but I know we all worked hard to win in CA!

  64. After that speech…that caring for others…who could even think of voting for that other ego guy with his bitter wife????


  65. Yes, like New Hampshire.

    I’m amazed to find out though that people actually thought Massachusetts vote would be changed by Teddy. Voters are smarter than that. IMO

  66. I just calculated the exit poll for California, based on the male/female vote:

    Clinton: 51%
    Obama: 44%

    It’s not exact, but it’s a snapshot.

  67. If the delegates are seated before the March primary then that will give Hillary some momentum going into the convention. This is about delegate counts now and Hillary is in the lead. These pundits will do whatever they can to make this night into a loss for her. How can that be the case when she won in MA where she had every establishment politician against her (the mayor of Boston, Kerry, the Kennedy family, etc) and she has the most super delegates and has won the most delegates so far tonight.

  68. Hey, if I knew where that bitch Claire lived I’d have already been on it. Then everyone would have been put out of their “declare MO!” misery. Alas…

  69. They would say that she lost if she had won every state tonight.

    But who cares what they say? They’re always wrong.

  70. Why can’t they just give as some % to go on, they haven’t said anything regarding CA on cnn, so data, just that they can’t call it yet, hmmm, makes me suspicious that they know something we don’t, and they don’t want the evening to be over yet. Meaning Hillary wins! 🙂 well I can hope, hehe

  71. Errrg. Dumb Ass Carl Bernstein trying to spin this as a BIG night for BO. Can’t we do something about these crazy ramblings?

  72. how about we just ADD UP the number of people who voted for HIllary vs the number who voted for Barack. Total. That should shut some people up 😀

  73. About these California votes coming in, don’t forget that as much as 40-50% of the votes are going to be absentee votes that will not be available until morning. If we can kick butt with “in person” votes, we are going to get a huge chunk of delegates!

  74. Claire McCaskill:

    Screw you and the horse you rode in on, too. Maybe Teddie can give you one of his beers to cry into.

  75. ooo cmon MO
    So far this is arguments pro Obama on CNN tonight
    1) Weather
    2) Obama needs more time
    3) Hillary was supposed to have won by NH
    4) HILLARY was supposed to have won tonight therefore it is a tie
    5) Obama wins white vote in GA therefore wins election

  76. ok srsly, are these people smoking CRACK PIPES or HOPEIUM OR WHAT? UTAH is at 5% and is right now, Hillary LEADING BY 6% yet they CALL IT FOR OBAMBI? WTF

  77. I think AZ and MO can be safely counted for Hillary. The only thing that worries me is MN. I am disappointed Hillary didnt spend enough time here.. the demographics clearly gave her lead.. lets see how it goes.. CA she is rocking.. I wish she did better in MN. thats the real disappointment of the day.

  78. Who the hell lives in Colorado anyway? The Ramseys and the kids from south park. That’s it. About 6 people total. And four of them are cartoon characters.

    I’m just keeping it real. 😉

  79. You guys are we sure Utah has been called??? Because she is leading there according to CNN:

    HC 46%
    BO 40

    6% reporting

  80. Man, who on here went on about Asians. Well you go girl. CNN confirmed the analysis you were predicting all along.

  81. glad, tons of my friends were in Minnesota today. They skipped school to help GOTV.

    What can you expect from a campaign that employs thousands of teenage boys to do the trick? Obama won MN because its basically 2-3 hrs from here.

  82. Did he talk about her ankles tonight?

    I don’t know….I just know I’ll be glad when he can crawl back into the woodwork.

  83. glad, Hillary just has problems in caucus states, so I think she just pretty much wrote them off. Thank goodness there are no caucuses on Nov. 4, lol.

    I was referring to Bernstein’s earlier comment on her ankles. 🙂

  84. It’s too close to call in CA but she’s leading by more than 30,000 votes. I predict Hillary will be the winner in CA. Tonight is a WIN for Hillary. Don’t let any of these pundits tell you otherwise.

  85. Hmm, what the hell are white voters doing voting for obama over Hill??? No offense meant in a racial way, but christ sake, have they not payed attention to the ISSUES, obama has none!!

    Oh well, look at that lead already!! This will be very interesting!!!

    Wouldn’t you love it tho if cnn and perhaps others would have to say “We retract that! lol with regards to Utah! Only 5% in, but Hill is leading, oh well I have no idea how they count these things.

  86. I know Reed, pretty soon I will have offended everyone. LOL!

    But as Dave Chappelle would say, “I’m just keeping it real.” 😉

  87. I don’t exactly remember Hillary’s speech but the last part started w/ Emma Lazarus’ words on the Statue of Liberty…..”Give us your tired”… etc followed by the others we’re for, “the child who wants to learn, the workers who want a job, the veterans who…etc.” It was graceful, uplifting, and inspiring.

  88. dot48 Says:

    February 5th, 2008 at 11:21 pm
    obama camp doing fuzzy math to try to get a delegate win…..they are all smokin the hopium

    i heard thta about the math what is thta he thinks he can tie her..with delgetes

  89. Dianne Sawyer of ABC and another reporter on another channel said Hillary did 37 tv and radio interviews today. They said it with awe. She really is a worker.

  90. OK guys, sleep for me on the East coast, exciting night. I’ll wake up to HRC with a commanding delegate count (and Idunn a little calmer).

  91. From the CNN exit polling…

    Asian-American voters: Clinton 73, Obama 25
    Black voters: Obama 81, Clinton 16
    Hispanic voters: Clinton 66, Obama 33
    White voters: Obama 49, Clinton 43

  92. The GLP (guilty liberal party) which includes elite dems will vote bama over our girl because of the iraq vote. That’s part of COlorado. Then there is the conservative element in Colorado, down by the springs. But it was a split of the liberal vote.

  93. MO is a nail biter. Hopefully she can pull it out. St. Louis, they are still counting and that is a AA stronghold.

    I’m looking for MO, AZ, NM and CA.

  94. Damn…11:20….I’m gonna hang in for at least another 1/2.

    I’m too excited to sleep anyway. Plus, I’ll have to pray and ask god to forgive me for all the things I’ve said in her tonight. That’ll take a good hour. 😉

  95. I’m so glad I found such a terrific spot of Love for Madame President Hillary.Thanks for all your insight these have been hectic days trying to deal with the Overbearing MSM Especially Tweety and Timmy and the Wolf pack.(Bernstein ick)
    She is 44!!!! and the greatest laugh that will linger with all is Fat Butt Ted ,Kerry and any Kennedy walking down the St.Yes,Bill and Hill will keep notes wouldn’t you love to be at the WH when they invite them in for cocktails after they settle in HA! Let’s keep the Mo going west tonight and forward to Denver.

  96. Interesting:

    The LGBT community in California broke for Hillary 62% to 32% for Obama. (4% of total CA electorate.)

    Based on CNN’s exit poll.

  97. Hi, everyone! Done calling, done with dinner, done donating – and our girl is ROMPING! MA was especially sweet! Loved McAuliffe pushing back on stupid Chris Matthews. The talking heads are still puffing on their hopium tonight.
    But, have you noticed: BO has only won RED STATES! I think that the GOP’s have crossed over to put him on the ballot so they can have the chance to clean his clock in Nov. Well, we won’t let that happen.
    (Sorry we couldn’t do any better in Illinois, all.)
    AND, HER SPEECH WAS EXCELLENT! Does everyone feel better than yesterday – I know I do!

  98. Regarding the California exit demographics, I assume it does not include early voters. I expect those demos are somewhat off.

  99. Says NYT:

    The N.Y. Numbers: In New York State, which Mrs. Clinton won 57 percent to 39 percent, Mr. Obama won just one county — Tompkins, home of Cornell. There had been speculation that he could win Brooklyn, and he came very close there — 48 percent, to Mrs. Clinton’s 50 percent. That was the closest he came in the five boroughs. In Manhattan, she won with 54 percent, to Mr. Obama’s 44 percent.
    Still, this is Mrs. Clinton’s state; she didn’t do as well in Illinois as he did in New York. In Illinois, Mr. Obama got 64 percent to her 32 percent, although that’s with just three-fourths of the precincts reporting.

  100. southernborn: i jumped around alot sociology…religion (it’s not what you think) but ended up teachin’ anthro in college. i am retired now.

  101. He truely does have his head up his ass, check out this quote from the page:

    Obama’s David Axelrod: “In terms of delegates we’re going to end up in essentially a draw today.”

  102. As a gay man myslelf, I had no doubt (we do love her). Just the first state that I saw that question in the exit poll.

  103. Michael Barrone (the guy on FOX) is a horrible, horrible human being.

    Obama doesn’t speak on the nights he gets whupped, huh?

  104. IDUNN, God was real busy last night after i threw that smart ass obama member of the GLP outta my house. I scared the wahoo out of ’em

  105. can cnn call missouri yet or what?!!!! The page has for Hillary!!!!!!

    Has anyone else called missouri???

    Oh heres Johnny!!! To tell us a goodnight story, god, I can’t watch or I’ll fall asleep.

  106. “Still, this is Mrs. Clinton’s state; she didn’t do as well in Illinois as he did in New York”

    Yes, but Obama starts every race with a headstart — blacks are voting in bloc out of racial pride.

  107. According to the CNN exits poll, it looks like she’ll win CA by 7 percent or so. And Zogby had her losing by 13, lol.

  108. McCain’s mother looks like she could be his sister – he looks so Old – HRC will chew him up and spit him out

  109. “Still, this is Mrs. Clinton’s state; she didn’t do as well in Illinois as he did in New York”

    Snotty NYT.

  110. Obama’s David Axelrod: ‘In terms of delegates we’re going to end up in essentially a draw today’.

    First off, he’s full of crap.

    Second, as I’ve mentioned previously, even a draw makes Bambi a loser. He would not be able to catch up.

  111. Canaan,
    It’s just NYT repeating camp Obama’s talking points. (What else is new…?) Anyhow, it’s really a stupid comparison. The rest of the piece was interesting though.

  112. Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!!

  113. lol, look at cnn trying to remain professional watching the entire mccain speech, but are DYING to show obama who has just come out to speak, lol.

  114. I hope Bambi says, “Sorry. I was wrong. I give up. And I really really apolohise for Ted and Claire. That was WAY wrong of me.”


  115. look at obama dissing the voting people of CA, what the hell. our time has come, how about OUR time, you ass! you can stay in IL

  116. OH NO NOT THAT…”On this February night…our time has come…change is coming to America” Oh! GEE! Can’t stand the thought of listening to his guy for 4 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  117. Our time has come? Is he singing?

    Our time has come….and we’ll do everything. Our day has come….

    (however the hell that stupid song goes)

  118. It’s getting so I can no longer stand the sound of his halting speech, “Our time has come…. ” yes, your time to throw in the towel! He only has ONE speech! He just reads the same thing over and over – can’t people get that?

  119. Can I just say that his “red states, blue states, united states” is meaningless dribble. it is meaningless dribble.

  120. I think he is so late because he had to go back and rewrite his speech after he heard Hillary – he keeps picking up her lines!

  121. look at the strategic placing of the prompters, just out of view so it looks as if he is thinking of this icky stuff right now, lol.

    Is it just me or has he given the same speech after each election???

    Frooom thaaa vaaaalllyyyss aaaand thaaa amooountains…..bla blah zzZZZzzz…..

  122. Obama: “Maybe Washington doesn’t need to be run by lobbyists anymore.”

    How true. Who needs a lobbyist when you have Rezko… and Auch… and Giannoulias… and…

  123. He’s been saying the same lines since the 2004 convention – and what’s that thing about always saying “the United States of America..” never “our country” or just “America” or just the “United States” – I think that’s so WIERD….

  124. Obama’s speech. I wish Taylor Marsh would do a piece on it.

    HE HASN’T SAID ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  125. ABC:


  126. what the hell happened to Arkansas and the weather and people dying? Jim Lehrer just said that one county after the storm hit – put the election back together and finished voting at a Red Cross shelter?

  127. I am just a poor boy but my story’s not been told
    I will squander your existence on a pocket full of mumbles,
    Such are promises,
    All lies and jests,
    Still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.
    Lie, La-lie, lie, lie la-lie, lie la-lie

    To paraphrase Mr. Simon.

  128. “We have to choose between our future and our past…”
    “We have to choose between a fair fight on the issues, keeping all honest, and a one-party combine who can be full partners in bilking the American taxpayers!

  129. What a jerk! He is using this speech to hit her. I don’t like his tone. I hope she wins CA and then hits him back in the morning. How low!

  130. Yes, these caucus things are horrible, uncivilized! They make the race not about issues but about snow shovels!

    If they must have the darn things, at least have them in good weather — like the previous Sept or Oct! Nobody should schedule elections in the dead of winter!

  131. “Someday, the rivers will meet, and the rock will send waves upon the seagull and all will find the harmony that is the one!”

    Hocus fucking pocus, Barack.

  132. Obamatons are enthralled by his hypnotizing chant: hope and change hope and change hope and change hope and change…………..They are like brainwashed cult leaders.. YUCK!

  133. You know, the view is pretty good from the cheap seats – Mr. Profiles in Courage has absolutely no idea how he would have voted if he actually had the responsibility to do so – he would have been too busy positioning for the GE.

  134. MO: 13,000 lead in MO, 94% in.

    I know Realist, but I wanna SEE it.

    This BO speech is flat.

    I think the boy is shook from tonight…

  135. What a fucking asshole!!!!!!!!!!

    Saying: If im the nominee my opponent wont be able to say I voted for the war, because I didn’t!

    Well obama you weren’t in the fricking senate!! that’s why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh man that little boy pisses me off!

  136. Oh that’s just too cute by half! Now Hillary is pro torture too… Riiight. Obama/Rezko ’08 is a despicable and a desperate campaign.

  137. “It’s just NYT repeating camp Obama’s talking points.”

    Yeah, I know. What I see is no objective voters going for Obama. Blacks voting in bloc, men who will never vote for a woman, anti-Hillaryites, Ned Lamonters. Only the youth vote is objectively choosing Obama. He’s competitive, but these numbers show me a certified second place. Like losing a football game by 10 points. Not a blowout, but definitely a loss.

  138. folks will contrast Hillary speech and his speech.

    who sounds like they have a real PLAN to move the country.

    I believe media is about to lower the boom

  139. OB…going negative…..what a pious a$$.

    After hearing his speeches….don’t they all begin to just run together…same old same old!

    Is it just my dislike of him pouring out or is he not seeming so new and fresh and exciting???

    He just sounds like a regular politican with a good speech writer now to me.

  140. The late cache of votes for Hillary came from Jefferson County, which is located in the Saint Louis Suburbs. This will be very close.

  141. He can go negative all he wants.. Hillary will just slap him across the face with more votes and delagates! hahahahha

  142. Wow. I can’t believe how classless he is being right now. Can’t he wait until tomorrow to start the attacks? How can you commend her then a second later diss her? Sad but seems like this cocky man has not matured at all since the start of this primary.

  143. I thought the new messiah was supposed to be all rainbows and sunshine and inspiration?

    Guess he turned out to be a shady hitman instead, huh?

  144. Comment on Dkos i trully agreed with:

    Am I the only one creeped out by Obama’s Baptist preacher cadence? I know every says he’s a brilliant speaker, but I don’t hear it. I hear empty words with a religious rhythm.

  145. Watching BHO’s speech is like watching the scene from Miss Congeniality . . . “and World Peace”

    Compare that to the substantive crime issues that Gracie Lou Freebush states first for making a better world.

    Just reminds me of the difference between the two speeches.

  146. “That is what I am going to do when I am Preacher of the United States.”

    This may be a technicality, but I don’t think the antichrist is ALLOWED to be the preacher of the United States. There ARE rules, ya know?

  147. Rigso, he is preaching, not communicating. I guess some like to be preached at, but for me, I prefer communication, ideas, and a plan. Not some hope, dope, and hallelujahs thrown in.

  148. Great news:

    Hillary Clinton projected winner in Missouri

    AP Reporting

    The Democratic primary in the presidential testing ground of Missouri goes to Hillary Rodham Clinton. With about three-fourths of the precincts reporting, she has about 51 percent, to Barack Obama’s 46 percent. Clinton carried most of the state. In some rural, mostly-white counties, she got two or three times Obama’s vote totals. Obama kept the race close by racking up leads in the St. Louis and Kansas City areas, where many of Missouri’s black voters live. Among Republicans, Mike Huckabee and John McCain are running about even. But most of the votes that are still coming in are from the St. Louis area, where McCain has been doing better than Huckabee. In Missouri, the Republican winner gets all 58 delegates. But the Democratic delegates are awarded proportionally, based partly on statewide results and partly on congressional district results. So, Clinton is likely to split the 72 delegates with Obama.

  149. FUCK YOU OBAMA, first time ive EVER said such a thing, but i cant take his FAKE accent anymore, his BULLSHIT anymore. Harvard educated, but all of a sudden speaks like a southern black minister, what a FAKE

  150. I love you all SO MUCH!!! I had to come and check up on y’all here when Barack started speaking…. That man was getting on my last nerve!!! I was in a good mood until he started his faux-preacher bullshit. Ummm, Barack? Reverend LoveJoy called… and he wants his voice back. 😛

  151. Please lazy investigative reporters…check on his organizing days in Chicago. Get some of those he helped so much and find out exactly WHAT he did to actually help them. What did he organize? Oh, silly me…..he organized change and hope. Now I get the picture!

  152. SouthernBorn: OB…going negative…..what a pious a$$.

    YAY! That means we’ve won. He’s already picked up everything he’s gonna pick up from attacking her. Hillary’s support has been rock steady from day 1, the only votes in play are the undecideds and the soft support that was for other candidates. What he doesn’t seem to understand is that Hillary has been attacked from all sides for a very long time. These voters know who she is and who the haters think she is, if they’re still undecided at this point it’s because they want to know who he is.

  153. Obama going on and on. When will he shut up? I have the tv on mute because I can’t stand his voice either.

    Does anyone notice that he won all of the caucus states except for Oklahoma? That sounds fishy to me.
    Also, where are the numbers for NM?

  154. kentucky_mkt – you are making me laugh – Miss Congeniality’s one of my favorite movies, and Gracie Lou Freebush would kick the sh*t out of Obama.

  155. “If I’m the nominee my opponent won’t be able to say I voted for the war, because I didn’t!” BO

    As far as his war position goes, even a broken clock is right twice a day. Besides, I don’t even think it was right. HRC’s position that the vote added leverage to successful inspections actually operated in the real world, not in Precious’ Illinois State legislator office (probably decorated with photos of Jim Jones.)

  156. Okay new plan…I’m gonna have to smack everyone in MO (not just Claire, I guess) and tell them we taking their fucking state by force!

    Enough already!

  157. Maaaaaaaaaan, I am SO SICK OF OBAMA!!! Thank GOD there is a place where I can say this without getting horribly flamed!!!!

    He needs to take his tired ass back to Rezkoville, IL.

  158. Sorry for the profanity. I’m just so F-ING HAPPY she proved those pundits and those polls WRONG.

  159. Obama’s history is idiotic too. He’s referring time and again to Lincoln’s “house divided” speech to reinforce the idea that Obama’s the man to heal a wounded nation with compromise and cooperation. But a “house divided” was on slavery! How do you compromise with slavery? Well there was the Northwest Ordinance and the Missouri compromise of 1920, and the Kansas-Nebraska act in the 1850’s, and there was Bleeding Kansas and there was frigging Civil War!

    Lincoln’s whole point was that there are certain things which you cannot compromise, where you have to fight!

    Obama’s a dimwit. He can’t even quote Lincoln and get it right.

  160. It was a combination of St. Louis, St. Louis County and Jackson County. Boone County also reported late, and those voters cast their ballots for Obama.

  161. AND we have Florida and Michigan…let’s not forget that. Of course, we have work to do to make the DNC bow to the will of the people. But make no mistake, bow they must!

  162. If he wins I think it will definitely be the City of St. Louis with some of the county thrown in. St. Louis County used to be pretty red but in the last decade or so it has turned more blue. However, I thought that with the weather today the count in the city would be held down but I suspect that the Obama people went door to door and ferried a lot of elderly folks to the polls. Just my guess I don’t have any real information to that effect. I know my husband voted absentee but I don’t really have any information about it.
    I will be very interested in seeing the breakdown on the numbers, etc and see who actually pushed him over the top if that’s the case. I still contend that in a GE he could not win this state. The demographics just don’t support it.

  163. I’m so proud of us level-headed Californians tonight. I’d be interested in finding out which precincts have already reported, because if Hillary is ahead by this margin with Obama’s stronghold SF bay area already counted, then we may have a blow out brewing. So Cal is stronger for Hillary than Nor Cal.

    Mr. Potato Head (Rove) on Fox giving props to Hillary saying she won all the relevant states while Obama wins states that in GE Dems have no chance of winning.

  164. Why all the excitement?? Didn’t I explain earlier in the evening that I got my son’s vote in CA?? NO problemo 🙂

  165. Mr. Potato Head (Rove) on Fox giving props to Hillary saying she won all the relevant states while Obama wins states that in GE Dems have no chance of winning.

    That cause OB is a republican.
    All his changiness don’t change THAT. 😉

  166. Karl Rove totally discounted all of Obama’s victories. Obama won in states where Democrats have no chance of winning.

  167. clintondem99 Says:

    February 6th, 2008 at 12:25 am
    St Louis city is notorious for cheating in every election. Just like Chicago.
    i can believe that..slime claire too..

  168. Just for fun, here’s a quick peak at the reality challenged spin from the Head Kook:

    Huge night for Obama

    Obama has, at this point, won 11 states, of 22 in play. Worst-case scenario, he’s already won half. If he picks up Alaska, which I suspect he will, he wins the battle of the states. California is looking like it might head SUSA’s way, so that’ll be good news for Hillary. But the rest of the night is bleak. She didn’t exceed expectations anywhere. She lost states she led big in just a few weeks ago. She’s hurting for money. The calendar up ahead is tailor made for Obama. The momentum is there.

    I will say that I agree with the Head Kook. I truly, madly, absolutely wish Obama more “huge nights” like this one. 😀

  169. mollyjrichards Says: ended up teachin’ anthro in college. i am retired now.

    Molly, do you have a take on Michelle’s body language tonight, stalking around in that red dress — vs Carole Simpson at Hillary’s Town Hall, those beautiful gestures she made and her motherly voice, black dress and pearls and a crown of beautiful curly hair?

  170. # Tareli Says:
    February 6th, 2008 at 12:25 am

    Ugh Tweety spinning trend toward Obama.

    tareli.. it DOESNT matter.. hillary will be ahead by 150+ delegates at the end of it all. add super delegates and florida+MI delegates to that and you get the picture. Its Over UNLESS hillary messes up something big, which I dont think she will. We should all make sure we make calls tomorrow and ask the superdelegates from the states where she won to endorse her.

    Lets go to next contest, Louisiana, Nebraska, Washington and Virgin Island. I’m predicting louisiana and WA going for her. she just needs to keep it close from here on going further.

  171. We also need to keep up the pressure tomorrow on the DNC to SEAT THE DELEGATES for FL and MI. Call them.

    Guys, ignore the talking heads. Don’t let them steal the joy. It’s about the delegates, and she is pulling ahead there.

  172. nebraska…I’m not sure about….Louisiana…if Hillary will get down to Katrina and remind them how hard she worked for them….

  173. Anduril, No, she doesn’t, she needs to win the most delegates and the states that *count*. The SD’s are going to break Hill’s way in a big way because of the states she won. She will have won the overall popular vote and the overall delegate count.

  174. Has Obama won the most number of states? Is he poised to get the most number of states? Because if he does pull that off – he will gain all the momentum that any candidate would want to have.

  175. Oh yeah…I didn’t get my Cali F-U’s in either.

    Here goes:

    Fuck you, Oprah! Fuck you and your fortune 500 lifestyle, your weepy book club AND your overpriced magazine! Oh and one more thing, WOMEN made you what you are you ungrateful bitch! Watch how fast we can turn our backs on you. That shit cuts 2 ways.

    Fuck you too, Maria! Do the world a favor and eat some fucking cake, you boney bitch!

  176. There’s a real story there with the caucuses being so totally out of whack with the rest of the country. Why is this guy winning 60% in caucus states and getting stomped everywhere else?

  177. Anduril, go troll somewhere else. Momentum? LOL. Ya, that’s that thing that was supposed to knock Hillary out of the campaign according to all the chatterheads?

    Hillary wins Super Tuesday.

  178. She needs to win the most delegates! Which she has done by winning the states with the higher delegate counts..

  179. well we need delegates…..how are the delegates going to trend out…oh gawd I hopie bambi’s fuzzy math
    was not correct.

    a massive win in California will surely up the delegate count in her favor.

    I notice Hillary did not

  180. Okay … we had a great night… now let’s look to Saturday and the states of WA, NE, and LA. Any idea how HC is doing in these states?

  181. I love her:

    “Give us this nation to heal, this world to lead, this moment to seize,” she said.
    “I know we’re ready.” – Hillary Clinton

  182. alright well the HRC machine and their PR machine have to blow their horn and be a showhorse and drown out the BO and Big Media and Tweety spins – they have to talk about Missouri and the greater delegate count, and the big upset in MA and the upset in CA even.

  183. Obama’s Missouri victory was predicated on his exploitation of what Missouri Democrats call the old paradigm, or the attempt to win state elections by generating high turnout in Democratic precincts in St. Louis. And although he won statewide, Hillary’s margins outstate yielded more delegates.

  184. Hillary wins CA big I bet. Pushes her way over in delegate count (pledged, won, or anything anyone can make up). She wins the overall popular vote and the overall delegate count, not to mention Florida and Michigan totals when they get seated.

  185. Rove is handing HRC supporters the correct spin from this election.

    You all may think I am crazy for saying this, but I seriously believe the following people WANT HRC to be the next president:

    1.) Rove/ Bush
    2.) Rush Limbaugh
    3.) Ann Coulter

    Here’s why. Rove and Bush realize that HRC is least likely to wage another war and most likely to end this responsibly. Also, like it or not, this whole period of time including the Bushes’ year are intertwined with the Clinton presidencies. So, this is about legacy for them.

    Rush/ Coulter: stand to make WAY more $$$ if HRC is president. A Republican president that many Americans like leaves them no one to rail against. That is their JOB. They made their names off the Clintons.

  186. Ininla, I said this before but I think you had already left when I posted. But I just want to thank you again for everything you’ve been doing to help our girl in CA.

    I know we’ve all worked our asses off, but I just wanted to show you alittle extra love tonight.

  187. cnn seriously needs to get rid of carl bernstein, he has said nothing but the word, movement, coming out of his mouth tonight.

  188. they have to talk about Missouri and the greater delegate count,

    Our very own NV. Remember that? “Clinton wins but BO leads in delegates” — those were the headlines.

  189. Carl Bernstein should return all the money from his book sales by exploiting Clinton’s life story and then backstabbing her on CNN – send it to the Clinton Foundation.

  190. Sen. McCaskill is spinning like crazy about how Hill was supposed to wrap it up by now but Obama is surging. Actually the very last-minute voters went to Hill. I think the Obama surge is slowing.

    Obama has won the states Dems cannot win. Hill has won the purple states that we need.

  191. Grandmother, if BO won in our state, I feel sick about it.

    Well onward…how about Jay? All the Dem particiipation is going to put him over the top in Nov. I hope…as long as Claire doesn’t endorse and hover over the Rep nominee!!

  192. Let it out, Blue Dem. We ALL deserve to get shit off our chests tonight. No-one is gonna hold it against you. 🙂

  193. Louisiana, Washington, and Nebraska are all close states. Who knows how they will go. And then we have Maine coming up, and Wisconsin.

  194. I say we all start a little project where we send back all these O (prah) magazines and multiple copies of Carl Bernstein’s book back to these jerks.

  195. “Has Obama won the most number of states? Is he poised to get the most number of states? Because if he does pull that off – he will gain all the momentum that any candidate would want to have.”

    Only in his dreams. The voters aren’t buying the bullshit. This guy is toast. Chris Matthews can say whatever he wants. People around the country know the media is full of shit!

  196. off to bed now.. I’m happy with the night we had and can’t wait till we wrap up the nomination in March 🙂 Go Hillary!

  197. I mean, in my head I know I’m going against my own principals to hate on another woman for making a different choice than I made. I’ll make ammends for that tomorrow.

    But for tonight…. fuck that rich bitch Oprah, and Cat Claws McCaskill, and Skeletor Shriver, and 3 sheets to the wind Joan, and most of all, FUCK THAT UPPITY BITCH MICHELLE!!! FUCK EM, FUCK EM, AND THEN BEND EM OVER AND FUCK EM AGAIN!!

    (lord forgive me)

  198. ABC’s making it sound like Hill’s gonna lose the next 8 contests after tonight.

    anyone got a ray of light?

  199. Frontline doing an expose on Big Media – Dan Rather saying that the media draining out public service aspect of journalism.

  200. Evil MSNBC political director is just saying delegate count:
    847 – BHO
    831 – HRC
    Can this be right?

  201. SO many of Obama’s wins tonight were in states that the Democrats won’t need to win in November, so who cares? (Idaho, Alaska, Utah, etc.) Hillary has proven she can win the crucial battleground states… (California… Florida… she’s ahead in Ohio, etc.) This is a KEY point that we need to PUSH.

  202. the democrat tent will see that bambi won the states that are no benefit to us in GE. more endorsements for Hillary will come this week….major endorsements.

    worrysome though that obama is gaining on white vote. I want to know if Hillary is making inroads in any new demographic areas.

  203. lol, Idunn, 🙂

    Well…. we all know that if Hillary would have won as many states as obama now has, and obama had the number of delegates that hillary now has, they would have given this night to Obama!! Saying she would have a hard time catching up!!!

    Media bias at it’s worst, whatever happened to neutral unbiased reporting????
    Fuck the media!

  204. Soutnern Born: If he wins here we just suck it up. I can handle a loss here (although it will be difficult) if she can take California.

    As for Jay I guess it depends on who he is going to run against since Baby Blunt decided to bail. He was such an easy target and we were guaranteed to win. Now I’m afraid that Kenny Holshoff (sp?) might decide to take a chance. I haven’t heard anything yet but I think he is the most difficult to beat.

    I so wanted to laugh at Claire. Well we will still have our chance when HRC wins the nomination. It is amazing how well she has done. Who would have thought a year ago!

  205. Frontline doing an expose on Big Media – Dan Rather saying that the media draining out public service aspect of journalism.

    Big Media doing an expose on itself. Well isn’t THAT rich! LOL!

  206. Based on the statements from the Obama camp and Stephanopolous (sp?) before tonight, it was my understanding that if Hillary lead the delegate count by over 100 by the end of the night it was a win for her. Hasn’t she done that and more?

  207. JAS what is your take on the county by county breakdown look like. Southern Born and I might be able to shed some light on the numbers.

  208. The way MSNBC was talking… Hilliary will not be able to compete because she will not be able to raise enough money. They daid BO will be able to rasie more in Feb than he did in Jan

  209. Informed…. The vote counting is not even done in several states, the Congressional District delegates will be awarded proportionally in most cases. Delegate counting is at this point is premature. Karl Rove said his math gave Hillary about a 100 vote lead, but even he was vague about it.

  210. I’m not speaking to you, Informed in Illinois. I don’t think you voted often enough.;)

    J/k…I don’t really know when it airs.

  211. fox saying major black population in all next states that will swing obama way?? all I know is if this is so…we need to do a major shake up of the white folk and I mean major….

    I thought this would be over tonight or a lot more clearer.

  212. Obama has collected delegates from states where Democrats have no chance of winning. Those states are not targeted by Dems in GE.

  213. what a night…major garret saying clinton camp disappointed on reversal of Missouri and now it goes to Obama…

    a great night…for me, the best was Massachusetts (Take that!), New Jersey and California…and all the rest…the hispanic and asian dems really had our back in Ca…thank you so much!

    this is such a great site and homebase…thanks admin, for all your hard work…and to everyone who visits…

    …some of you are so funny…Idun…you always have me laughing…

    do we have many more caucuses? hope not…we need to counterpunch somehow in that area…

    oh one more thing…does Obama go on and on and on or what? I kept turning to E Entertainment and going back and thinking he must be done….but no…he just kept on saying the same thing over and over…I cannot take that for four years either

    Juan Williams is another straight shooter…as he just said…the polls were really wrong…and those late deciders went to Hillary Clinton

  214. I just checked the Alaska results (on Politico) and well…

    60% reporting –

    Obama 176 Votes (72.43 %)
    Clinton 66 Votes (27.16 %)
    Other 1 Vote (.47 %)

    Wow…talk about a successful GOTV effort by Obama! 😀

  215. About the Obama rally:

    “Sweet: Report from inside Obama election party in Chicago. $200 internet; $3 soda.

    CHICAGO–The Obama Super Tuesday election night party is in a small ballroom in the belly of the Hyatt Regency on Wacker Drive. And only half the room is really available for people to stand in to celebrate Obama’s victories, since the whole set-up is really designed for optics: to look good on television and in pictures.”

    h t t p : / / blogs.suntimes.com/sweet/

  216. Says NYT:

    Some of the broad trends across state lines basically reinforce what we’ve seen in states that voted before today. But there were some oddities: In Massachusetts, independents were split between Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton, while in other states they have flocked to Mr. Obama. Mrs. Clinton won women everywhere except Georgia, where a lot of black women voted for Mr. Obama, and in New Mexico. Mr. Obama won a majority of men everywhere except New York and Tennessee. Mr. Obama did quite well among whites, winning half of white voters in California, according to exit polls, and more than half in New Mexico. Even in Georgia, he won 40 percent of white voters. In New York, Mrs. Clinton did better among the traditional Obama constituencies than she normally does. For example, she got nearly 40 percent of the black vote and slightly more than 40 percent of those under 30.

  217. Informed in Illinois Says:
    February 6th, 2008 at 12:51 am

    Evil MSNBC political director is just saying delegate count:
    847 – BHO
    831 – HRC

    fuck that shit.. ROFLMAO.. thats their dream count.. in reality it is around 624-518. add to that wins in AZ, NM and CA and you get the picture of lead of 150 delegates lead. add that to FL+MI delegates and Its over, but media wants the race to continue.

  218. Hey S…you forgot our lesbian and gay brothers and sister! They REALLY came through for us tonight too!!

    Thank you guys!! And gals!! And everything in between!! 🙂

  219. she is going to come out with over 100 more delegates….according to Rover and Fox news….take it to the bank….

    still want to know what is going on in new mexico

  220. Chuck todd always was wrong so far, I am not going to believe him now. I was watching msnbc and cnn, cnn was way behind in calling states and msnbc was projecting too early.

  221. Chuck Toad – was gloating about the delegate count – I don’t know how it could come out that way – she won some big states 2-1.

  222. gladiatorstail,

    from your lips straight to God’s ears…..
    I’m gonna wrapup soon, feeling good overall….

  223. CD99. Exactly. We need to take every state that Kerry got plus one more. That means we need Florida or Ohio and we need to hold Michigan. Doesn’t that sound like the leadership at the DNC really screwed the pooch with the seating of the Florida and Michigan delegates. We NEED to have a good turn out from Democrats in those state in November, regardless of who the nominee is.

    Seating these delegates shouldn’t even be a question.

  224. Who cares who “wins” MO? It’s about delegates folks and if it’s that close we are bound to get a good share of the delegates. Let’s keep it positive and donate if we can.

  225. Says ABC:


  226. Informed in Il…..now you tell us…..why’d you not mention yesterday that my dog and cats could vote too.

  227. S Says do we have many more caucuses? hope not…we need to counterpunch somehow in that area…

    yes. washington and nebraska. its HUGE. she needs to start working right away. 4% black doesnt help. 7% hispanic and 6% asian helps. this campaign will be interesting. nebraska is similar

  228. OK, we are not going to win NM according to the exit poll.

    Male (44%) 39% H 53% O
    Female (56%) 47% H 47% O

  229. Hey guys. California is looking like it could be big for Clinton. Obama is only leading in three counties — two very rural counties and (you guessed it) Marin County!

    Around the Bay Area, he’s trailing in San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Clara counties. No returns yet from Oakland/Almedia County.

  230. And don’t forget the delegates we’re hoping to receive from American Samoa!

    Ummm…yeah. I didn’t even know there WAS an American Samoa. LOL!

  231. dot48,
    Yup, the count is about to be finished and it’s very close. Though with a tiny edge for Obama/Rezko ’08…

  232. Idunn: Oh yeah, speaking of NM….FUCK BILL RICHARDSON!

    Exactly. It has the highest % of voting Hispanics in the nation. For something to have gone wrong here means the fix is in. Somebody explain this now!

  233. I saw Chuck Todd say that Obama will come out ahead with 4 delegates. I don’t know, I can’t believe with her winning CA early that she would not be up. Most of the states that he won was little with smaller delegate counts.

    Fox seems to think that she won in the states that she needed to except MO. The upcoming states are a concern especially Chesapeake Tuesday i.e MD/VA/DC. I expect her to do well in Tx and Oh but they are like 4wks away. I hope that they have their ground game up and running. There is hope for VA but DC, forget about it, MD- large AA population and they are voting 80-90% for him.

    CA was a good win as was MA. Those are bragging rights alone as well as winning the popular vote. Hopefully, the media will s;pw down in endorsing him and people will start to ask what kind of change and where is the beff?

    Don’t look for MessNMC to spin her way. Fox will do b etter, CNN is a ?.

  234. Well, I was a bit over optimistic today, but I am happy with the results. This will go on, it is going to be a long fight and much harder than I anticipated or am comfortable with. Missouri bites my ass, that would have really made me pretty ecstatic. In the end, I think Hillary won where it counts, will have won the overall popular vote and overall delegate count. This is huge and I think the Super Delegates will fall for Hillary. That and Florida will push us to the nomination. Go Hillary!

  235. gladiatorstail: 47 47 is a joke. i will beleive it when i see it!

    I’m praying it’s way off. NM should be a lock for us — what’s going on here?

  236. Bottom line, I thought tonight was the night we’d get waxed and it might be all over. Instead, we live to fight another day.
    Wanted MO bad, as my 4 million updates will attest.
    Would be thrilled to get more delegates from there, if anyone knows.
    Ultimately, as time goes on Obama’s shallowness will continue to show (as it did tonight in a very dull fuckin’ speech), and I’ve always agreed with what President Clinton said, that the nomination would be the hardest part. I’ve also always believed the cream would rise to the top.
    These next debates should do the trick.
    Now’s the time when (as Chris matthews drones on), in the words of Toby Zeigler, it has to be about a heavyweight.
    Hillary’s a heavyweight. The other guy’s not.
    Thanks for the great company. Night.

  237. Bill richardson is a complete ass, and he can look far and wide for that vp spot!!! F U!

    Does todd count florida and michigan?

    CNN has something of 530 H 420 O
    if I remember somewhat right, I need to get my ass off to bed.

  238. Time to get to bed and then get up in the morning and get in the DNC’s face again about Florida and Michigan.

    (sigh) I wanted an end to this tonight.

  239. I can not believe Tweety and “Shyster” are trying to spin tonight as a victory for Obama. Unbelievable.

  240. well, if obama joins hillary and accepts to to the FOX debate, SHE WOULD WIPE THE FLOOR WITH HIM!!!

    there will be no softball questions for him there!!!!

  241. hawk: Obama might sue LA county for “voting problems”

    LOL. We should sue him for all of the problems in IA.

  242. For those who need a fresh talking point:

    Note that BO has, three times, according to the talking heads (the pros and the spitters, whiners, other non-pros etc.) who have noted, with great solemnity, “Senator Barack Obama has” been “surging”…….always before some kind of test with voters, not adorants, just before he falters in the surge. He surges….he falters, he surges, he falters.

    He cannot maintain momentum with the voters…especially up close.

    I listened to Hillary’s speech from Manhatten tonight, didn’t “see”, but heard, what she said…

    I recommend it to any of you who want to hear. and understand, her new statement of direction. If some one could post the transcript. It is poetic prose, if there is such a thing.

    It’s not long, but we need to really hear it again.

  243. media is already saying they are staying with obama because he is “new’ and hillary is a “throw back”, just saw spitball admit it.

    I think Hillary campaign will come up with another genious way to overshadow him without the freakin media and their insane headlines.

    Their headlines all proved wrong…obama did not overtake Hillary anywhere….they were all wrong.

    he won states that don’t matter…this will matter to the superdelegates and to the democrat party who will now shore up Hillary starting tomorrow.

  244. Canaan Says:

    February 6th, 2008 at 12:38 am
    There’s a real story there with the caucuses being so totally out of whack with the rest of the country. Why is this guy winning 60% in caucus states and getting stomped everywhere else?

    It may be that the public forum discourages women from declaring their support for Hillary for fear of alienating their husbands, and/or men from voting against Obama for fear of being called racist, etc. Peer group pressure whether real or perceived has a chilling effect on the exercise of free choice, and that is the flaw I see in the caucus model.

    I am so proud of our teams in all the states, and our many leaders on the ground. I will be happy to tell my friend the arbitrator that Dolores Huerta came through for us in California and I am sure he will tell me something like: ” I knew she would, so stop worrying”.

    Rove’s point is important. Barry’s wins are phantom wins because those wins were in states which we will not win in the General Election. And you know that might just be another argument we should use to support the Michigan and Florida delegates.

    Here is how it goes: Howard Dean: if you are going to count the delegates which were won by candidates in red states that we have no chance of winning in the GE, then by what sophistry of reason can you exclude delegates from the states where we would be competitive in the general election, unless we have some sort of death wish.

  245. We did win American Samoa

    Like, in a war or something? 😉

    I’m kidding. I know, 4 delegates. I’ll take them.

  246. Loving your numbers Berkeley, I was reporting less than 1%! If she wins NM, Todd’s numbers are out the window because he gave the advantage to Obama because it was a caucus state. Vox, where are you getting your numbers?

  247. Here in upper East TN, it went from bad T-storms last night, to beautiful and sunny and 68 degrees today, to cool tonight. Having a bad storm right now. Major wind. BUT, voting weather was gorgeous.

  248. Here we go, now. Pat Buchanan after weeks and weeks of being the voice of reason on MSNBC is now showing his hand. He wants Hillary to hamstring herself by putting Rezko on the ticket.

  249. From here on out, it looks very, very good for Hillary. CNN is actually running a fairly accurate delegate count, with Hillary ahead by 100+, including superdelegates, which are critical.

    The big challenge for us will be fundraising. Obama has boatloads of cash (raised $32 million in January, compared to $13 million for Hillary), but a strong push on the heels of today’s wins should help HRC.

    Great win in California tonight.

  250. Okay, I was duped by Pat. I was actually starting to like him, too. Now he’s back to trying to make me puke.

    I won’t stand for a Clinton/Rezko ticket. Period. I want Clark. I’m gonna have to call and talk to Hill about this.

  251. Rachel Maddow sucks and so does that black guy and white woman sitting with her at the desk right now (I don’t know there names). It’s so obvious that the black guy is going for Obama. He can’t say a single good thing about Clinton. The white woman (not Rachel) leans to Obama but isn’t as obvious about her biases. Rachel needs to shut up. I used to like her but her Obama bias is obvious. The only person who can be honest about polls and trends is Pat Buchanan.

    I suggest that we all take 10 minutes to write to MSNBC and tell them their bias needs to stop right here and now and that it is unfair for them to dictate election results and skew them to favor the “underdog”.
    They probably won’t change but we can at least flood their mail boxes.
    If anyone has contact info to MSNBC TV (not MSNBC.COM), please post it.

  252. Good night all. Sorry Mo couldn’t come through for our gal but glad we stuck it to the Kennedys. I gotta get some sleep but thanks for being here tonight. I can’t imagine if we were all together in one room but this was the next best thing. Remember we still have some rough going in our future but if Hillary can do it so can we!

  253. Does anyone else think that Edwards might be watching the media coverage tonight and get so pissed he comes out and endorses Hill on principal tomorrow?

    I wouldn’t be surprised.

  254. Idunn: With Pat Buchanan I think he’s being honest about Obama gaining among white men. I won’t hold him against it. He just tells it like it is and doesn’t seem to be bias since he probably won’t vote for either of them.

  255. Has anyone heard one positive comment about hillary tonight??

    Cause I sure haven’t! The media is the evil monster in society today. Remember we wouldn’t have had bush if it wasn’t for the media giving him a pass in 2000 and now they are giving obama a pass now.

    Oh well, I hope Clinton camp has a good plan forward!

  256. msm says bo won red states-wow o bought soem caucuses in states few dems dont id with-eg idaho. dems care about ca, ma nj, ny, ak etc –

  257. I hear you, Highly Educated…but I just can’t stomach any more Clinton/Obama talk. I’d rather cut off my voting arm than force myself to vote for that guy.

  258. Great night! Great speech by Hillary. Probably her best in the campaign.

    For what it’s worth, Ed Shultz (radio host) was on CNN tonight. Hwe said the CA win would help Hillary with fundraising.

  259. shep sounds like new mexico has been called for hillary….said very bad snow there did keep latinos away from polls.

    has nm been called>?

  260. Meh…I can shuffle my budget around alittle and come up with alittle more cash. I need a couple of shirts anyway, might as well make them Hill shirts.

  261. She needs to campaign asap in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Omaha, Lincoln, (btw, we won NM acc. to fox) Seattle, Olympia, Tacoma, Walla Walla, Portland (ME), Bangor, Augusta, and as many other towns as possible in the upcoming states.

  262. MSNBC First Read:

    13 states
    9 red states / 4 blue states

    8 states
    4 red states / 4 blue states

    NBC News’ updated delegate totals…

    DEM TOTALS (As of 12:30PM 02-05)
    2/5 Overall
    Clinton 199 247
    Edwards 0 26
    Obama 79 142
    Other 0 0

  263. Hillary can reject Bambi as VP candidate by simply pointing out that he can not deliver a single state that she cannot already win.

  264. ive heard many good hrc comments-even borger said hil wins the night bc she won ca. begala helped saying as a dem this is hillary’s night period. fox ridiculed bo over winning little holes in the wall most dems dont care much about. here is wht we must do-1. pick 2 states to try and pull a win in this month. 2.the camp needs a better low dollar system to fight o 3.if it is commign to my home in tx talk about bucks-but most latino leaders are behing here here incl cisneros. hillary needs to come to the valley ,san anotnio etc. she should do well here-but bo will target the colleges.

  265. I get that you’d welcome a Clinton/Obama ticket, Mj. I get it.

    Anyway…I’m beat. Off to bed. Thanks everyone for being here tonight. I felt like I was with family.:)

  266. (Ted) was even significant . . . dead weight.

    Like a bloated, rotting whale carcass washed up on the shores of Obama. 😉

    (okay, now I’m really going)

  267. I agree with other people on here that Bill Richardson has shot himself in the foot if Hillary Clinton wins the nomination. He is waiting to see a clear front runner but he needs to realize that 1) the media probably won’t declare a clear “front runner” until March or April or even May, 2) Hillary Clinton IS the front runner. She has the most super delegates and she will have a clear lead once MI and FL delegates are seated, 3) She has had to put up with SOOOO much from the media, Hillary haters, and the Obama camp without anyone sticking up for her besides a few older feminists who seem to be the only people with common sense these days.

    Richardson should help her out. If he can’t do that for her now then he doesn’t even deserve to be considered for a VP spot with Clinton and I would even go as far as saying that he should be passed up for a cabinet position.

    My mom has told me it’s the little things that people do for you that count. It really shows whether a person will be committed and loyal to you in the long haul and I don’t know if I could put my trust in Richardson if I was HRC. He hasn’t stuck up for her at all and he refuses to endorse her.

  268. If Hillary can figure out a way to get the media monkey off her back

    Rezco is NOT happening…media will not VET him….

    I do not know the solution, she is working her ass of and getting results….

    the media is still going to tout him … she needs much funds to fully push towards the next states and have really good ground operations…

  269. Cheers guys! We have much to be excited about. Yes, Obambi won more states but what kind of states were they? They were mostly red that the Dems don’t win in the GE anyway. 5 of the 6 or all of the 6 were caucuses and not really demonstrative of how the electorate feels.

    Notice that Clinton didn’t put much time and energy in those states. Yes, Obama won more states but how much time and energy did he have to put in them to win! He outspent her 6 ways to Sunday. I believe that she made smart, strategic choices which should leave her well positioned financially.

    Hillary won the large, blue states that she needed to win i.e NY, MA, NJ, CA and AZ. This is the Dems base and she won convincingly. I know that the upcoming calendar doesn’t really favor her but Oh, Tx and PA are her demographics i.e Latinoss, larger states, Union households, beer drinkers etc. Take heart and don’t waste time watching MessNBC or NBC. Go with Fox and once in a while CNN for more decent coverage.

    She Won the popular vote which is hard to deny. FL and MI will come more and more into focus. Even Dean is acknowledging that he doesn’t want it to come to the convention as it would only leave 8wks for the nominee to campaign.

    More and more people will be calling for FL and MI to be seated( I expect FL to continue to raise this issue) and the press is starting to ask questions.

    We have seen that Obambi’s crowds are beginning to dwindle. We have seen that his super endorsers i.e Oprah, Teddy K, John Kerry, MAria Shriver and Caroline Kennedy have been repuked by the voters especially in MA, NJ and CA.

    Clinton was smart to call for more debates. I wouldn’t have personally accepted the Tweety moderated debate as I’m sure that he will confer with Timmy and they will try to hit her with her Iraq vote. They really ought to move on, she has answered that a million times and the voters have moved on to the Economy.

    Next week, I will try to donate more to Hillary’s campaign and attempt to phone ban nk.

    p.s bad news in AK re tornadoes. I am praying for those families.

  270. I see cnn is not the right channel to watch then.

    But they just had some interesting numbers.

    Hillary won the popular vote by about 100,000. She got 5,763,143 votes!!! HAHA, shes more popular!

    they are showing changing numbers when it comes to delegates, but the latest I saw, which included super delegates, it was H 543 and O 413, shes ahead 130!

  271. Ok, one more post;

    CNN has delegate count (with super delegates) at:
    HRC: 591 / BO:476

    “If someone emerges from ST with an extra 100 or so delegates, it becomes very difficult to catch up.”
    – George Stephanoupoulous/ ABC’s This Week, 2/03/08

  272. dot48, american public is already tired of media hype.. today my friend was saying he is tired of this obama spin.. we will turn out in record numbers in VA to support her.. hope she goes for the win..

    she WILL win in WA.. there is no doubt about WA and Nebraska.. lets see..

  273. I hope Ted Kennedy and John Kerry eat this and realize that HRC has a good memory and will not forget the backstabbing.

  274. Gorto Says:
    February 6th, 2008 at 1:29 am
    Has anyone heard one positive comment about hillary tonight??

    Well in Hillary’s case, the rare positive comment is usually followed by a caveat. And you can see it even among the more “reasonable” analysts.

  275. “If someone emerges from ST with an extra 100 or so delegates, it becomes very difficult to catch up.”

    thats why if she eeks out a win in NM, its over. Again, the 50 or so advantage she had in super delegates doesnt matter much as of now. but if she has 100-120 delegate advantage come out of super tuesday, its over..

  276. I think after this we need to win the next few, and then Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania will seal the deal for HRC.

  277. What was Bill Richardson thinking not endorsing, and yet sitting down to watch football with bill??? Now obama is leading NM, I am just pissed, even if Hillary is sneaking out a win, this was just unnecessary.

  278. admin,
    A thought for the coming weeks: Rezkogate has the potential to be important. But Rezkogate is too complicated to communicate as is right now. You’ve certainly tried everything, you’ve linked to the sources, you’ve written by theme, you’ve written break downs, you’ve written the primers “Rezko for dummies”, etc. B Merryfield is doing a truly great job with RezkoWatch.

    Problem is, all in all, information comes in dribs and drabs, is often vague and is sometimes contradictory. Names and money swirl around in a disgusting merry-go-round. On top of this come the constant spin, the smoke and the mirrors of the Obamabots who desperately, and on the whole rather successfully, claim that this horse is dead, that the story is old, that Obama is as clean as his white shirts etc. Yet, as I’ve experienced many times most (all?) of these Obamabots debunking Rezkogate don’t understand Rezkogate themselves and seldom have any command of the publicly available facts.

    We need to make Rezkogate simple and easy to grasp. We have excellent “storage” of facts here at Big Pink and RezkoWatch – but we need to come up with some idea how to communicate this as if we were to communicate Rezkogate with five year old children.

    Would it be possible to condense Rezkogate into, say, a two minute youtube video? Not a series of videos, nothing that demands that the viewer read anything or know anything beforehand about neither Obama nor Rezko, just a video, something that directly confronts Obama and charges him with poor judgment and questionable ethics.

    Perhaps yet another written account too. Writing is after all the best format for information. Maybe a “Rezko for really dumb dummies” or something to that effect. Basically, it’s necessary to sacrifice nuance for clarity and to get everything that’s important into very little space.

    Evidence won’t be produced out of the trial in time to have any effect on the primaries, so we can’t count on Big Media (when could we ever…?) to start serious reporting anytime before March. We have better punch really hard ourselves, or nothing will ever happen until it’s way too late.

  279. Does anyone else think that Edwards might be watching the media coverage tonight and get so pissed he comes out and endorses Hill on principal tomorrow?

    Sadly, I think Edwards is a lost cause. I never really warmed up to him because I could never get past the notion that he was a cheap imitation of Big Dawg (his voting record was always weaker than his rhetoric, that matters to me). Nevertheless, I had hoped that I would be proven wrong by the effect of his leaving the race.

    He specifically gave as the reason for leaving the race was that he didn’t want to play spoiler. Despite a few examples of anecdotal evidence from the blogs, it really looks like him being in the race favored Hillary, by splitting the anti-Hillary vote. I’m just glad that Hillary’s support came early and strong, one thing that most every poll tells us that if you chose Hillary you stay with Hillary. The challenge remains to reach those voters who vote based on style over substance.

  280. It was a Hillary night, and she’s got it unless she screws up which she won’t i just wish we could get the asshole out of the race..I am soooo tired of this jerk.

  281. OK, with 77% of the vote in, Obama overtook Clinton in San Francisco. But, across the bay in Oakland/Alameda County, Clinton is up 9 points with 35% reporting.

    Clinton is winning 2 to 1 in Los Angeles County — which is a huge county including all of Los Angeles plus the San Fernando Valley.

  282. This has been a night of ups and downs…while we lost the caucus states, we won the most of the big ones….keep your fingers crossed for NM and final CA results…then everyone email a staff member with the campaign asking what you can do tomorrow to help lock up these last states…its takes a village guys and we are her village…

  283. A pollster on Fox is saying that more late deciders broke for Clinton on Mon and “Tuesday in CA. I wonder if the Oprah lolapalooza turned them off. She also got Asians and Hispanics. Shep Smith said all the pollsters were wrong. Whites broke 49-43 O, the Hispanics and Asian-Americans did it for Clinton in CA.

    Zogby has been sooooooooo discredited.

  284. mj it doesnt matter.. the superdelegates will keep going proportionately.. it will be one to one from here.. if she has even 20 more delegates come convention she will make sure FL and MI delegates are seated..

  285. DC, my idea to make Rezko stick. Get a group to follow Precious. Sorta like Macaca. Have them chant at every event “GIVE BACK THE HOUSE! GIVE BACK THE HOUSE!” Eventually, that shit will stick.