Election Day Is Hillary Clinton Team Day

This is it. The day voters get to speak.

Vote as early as possible so you have the rest of the day to do Hillary electioneering.

Election Day – What you can do:

If you are unable to participate in the team efforts today in such things as handing out literature at polling sites do this: thank the Hillary supporters who are working at the polls. Tell them you appreciate what they are doing. Let them know the work they are doing is valuable and appreciated. Perhaps offer to buy them a cup of coffee or a donut or to take their place for a few minutes if they need a bathroom break. Cheer the team on – It takes a village to elect Hillary.

Those that want to do something to help:

Join neighborhood teams to hand out literature at train stops and subway stops. Leave your house, or workplace 15 minutes early to hand out literature in your area.

Phone bank.

Organize a group to phone bank or hand out literature.

Most Important – Get Out To Vote Then Get Out The Vote

Vote early.

You have the most influence with family and friends. Call the Hillary supporters to make sure they have voted. Have them call other Hillary supporters in their friends and family to make sure they have voted for Hillary too.

Get the word out, get the vote out. Vote Hillary.


498 thoughts on “Election Day Is Hillary Clinton Team Day

  1. Taylor Marsh:

    It was the middle of primary season. Everyone was busy. But one morning an opportunity arose at an event I attended, when two women finally got the chance to meet. It’s on this fine day that Hillary and I chatted, and I was able to size up the woman intending to make history, as she sized up one of the many women who wanted to, against all odds, help her do it. That’s correct, against all odds. As Gloria Steinem said so well: women are never frontrunners. I’ll just add, especially when they’re competing for commander in chief. As I left after meeting her that day all I could think about was, Madame President had a nice ring and was long overdue.

    This has been a journey for me. I didn’t start out in Clinton’s camp. Watching the media eviscerate her for being a woman, being brilliant, being competent and strong, being a Clinton, I started to get incensed at the hatred I was witnessing, the unfairness too. I’ve read dozens of books and papers on her, but I began watching more closely. Then I saw her in action. She blew everyone else off the stage on substance. Barack Obama skipped the very first forum held in Carson City. The first health care debate Obama showed up, but wasn’t ready with his health care plan and didn’t have any details to offer. Clinton showed up and laid it out, point by point, Edwards too. This happened in event after event; then debate after debate. It took Obama an entire year to catch up with her on debating the issues. That’s as slow a learning curve as you’re going to find for the biggest job in the world. No one noticed. In the last debate people started saying Barack Obama finally held his own. Finally being the operative word. Seeing a segment on “Hannity & Colmes” last night, voters for Obama were asked by Sean Hannity to name an accomplishment of Barack Obama’s. Frank Luntz went from voter to voter to voter. No one could name one. Hannity was incredulous. But you’re going to nominate him for president?

    Personally speaking, we are facing an opportunity that is unlikely to happen again in my lifetime. Well, maybe it will, but I don’t see any woman in the wings waiting for a shot. It hasn’t happened in over 200 years, though that’s hardly as important as the issues facing our country and who can solve them. Women got jailed for wanting to vote, and were the last to get it; though no one has suffered voting discrimination more than African Americans, which has been even worse for AA females. Women got jailed for wanting power over our own bodies. We fought to have rights separate from our husband. We’re still fighting for equal pay. I doubt we’ll ever get equal representation on the cable shows! (Forget “Meet the Press.”) We’ve been daughters, sisters, mothers, wives, single and now we can even be child free without stigma. We’ve come a long way, baby. We can have it all. So why not the presidency? We can’t do any worse than the men, though that’s not saying much considering the jackass in power right now. But what a man can do with no experience and a little flash, a woman of the same age cannot. Women need to work for years and prove they’re ready for the job, while a man does not. Now, when one immensely qualified woman is ready to lead, we’re all being told that she’s not change enough. To some of us, regardless of race or even gender, she not only looks like change, but sounds like change, because she is the very embodiment of change. But that’s certainly not the entire issue. We’ve finally been presented with a qualified woman who is ready and who’s proven it. Elect a brilliant woman to do a job men have been doing for two centuries in a country where women are the majority. The first woman ever to run this country. Change, baby.

    In countries across the world, where women have a voice the country is stronger. Can you imagine the potential for change, however small to start, in countries across the Arab and Muslim world, Asia and beyond, with a woman president willing to say “human rights are women’s rights”? We are at a moment in world history where we have the opportunity to send a message to the world, and change the dynamics with it in countries where violence breeds world instability, bringing danger to our very door. Women can begin to change all that. By strengthening women’s voices, including in countries where they have none at all, we increase the opportunity that countries will be put on a more positive footing, a more peaceful path. That’s not just change for America, but change for the world. A girl can dream.

    I can’t tell you in one post why Hillary Clinton would be the most revolutionary change for America and also the world, but I can tell you that no one has her broad base of experiences, knowledge and Democratic ideological passion. No candidate, other than John McCain, understands the deep challenges we face in our strategic military placement, as well as in our Armed Forces structure. On foreign policy matters, I think she understands the levels of engagement that need to be in place before putting the prestige of the President of the United States and our country on the line. I also think she’s less likely to make a rookie mistake that will cost us. Her caution is comforting, because after what Bush has wrought we’re going to need patience to rebuild what he’s destroyed. She’s going to immediately start by rebuilding our diplomatic relationships through emissaries until she’s face to face with leaders around the world who have pledged to deal with the new U.S. President. She also won’t act on “actionable intelligence” alone, which has been costly in the past. Geopolitical engagement after Bush-Cheney won’t be like turning on a light switch. It will take relationship building, which starts on levels below the president if you want to construct something solid that can’t easily crumble with the world press watching.

    It’s difficult to separate emotion from a vote like this. Hillary Clinton embodies every fight I’ve ever waged. Every battle I’ve ever engaged. She is the embodiment of hope for all women, as well as anyone looking for a better life, a fairer break, young, old, poor and poorer. She’s got the passion and she’s got plans to make them happen. She gives me hope for the future, because I believe she actually knows what she’ll face if elected and walks in to meet the federal bureaucracy. I won’t be crossing my fingers. I’ll be confident she can do it and will also know how to pick others who can too.

    There are so many intangibles when picking a president. I heard Michelle Obama touting Barack Obama’s experience on Sunday in L.A., via C-SPAN. She was good too. At one point she went into a riff about his years in the Illinois State Senate saying, and I’m paraphrasing here, wouldn’t it be great to have a president who has local experience and can understand what happens at the state level? That’s a governor’s job.

    Men have been leading this country for over two centuries. But more importantly, we need someone who has demonstrated depth of knowledge on a full range of issues, with the mental acuity to also deliver on promises made. Finally, at long last, after two centuries of waiting, this time out that person is a woman. Her name is Hillary Clinton.

  2. Didn’t I read that yesterday Hill supporters made 12 million calls? 12 million!! Is that possible? Extraordinary. Well done.

  3. I’m going to phone bank tonight. They are going to be making calls out of HQ until 11pm!!! I’ll be there to the end! And, then some! It’s going to be a long night, but with EARLY VOTING on our side, our girl will bring home the prize! Go Hillary!

  4. After this it’s on to Kentucky, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virgina, Louisiana, North Carolina and the others!

  5. Michelle talking ghetto was to get that blk vote.Why are people shocked by this?Just like Obama went all blk in South Carolina.But I will say this again it is obvious that Obama supporters are the uneducated ones.I can careless what the media says.I refuse to believe they are that educated.

  6. The Info so far via hillaryhub:

    10:57 a.m.

    Polls are now open in CA, CT, NJ, NY, DE, GA, IL, MA, MO, AL, AZ, OK, TN, AR and UT.

    HRC called into the Steve Harvey Show at 9:00am EST.

    A Few Good Men’s Jack Nicholson is robo-calling for Hillary today. LISTEN

    BREAKING: The hugely-read PerezHilton endorses HRC, saying “We watched the debates and Clinton just won us over. Barack is great. But Hillary is the better leader, for us.”

    Sen. Obama, whose health plan leaves 15 million Americans uncovered, was on AM shows attacking HRC’s universal health care plan – go to FactHub for the facts.

    Take a break & watch HRC’s Letterman appearance: VIDEO

    8:21 a.m.

    HRC voted in New York this morning around 8:00am EST at the Douglas Grafflin Elementary School in Chappaqua, NY.

    Last night, the campaign made more than 12.2 million calls to voters in states voting today.

    Chelsea started turning out the vote at 5:45AM EST in Connecticut, delivering coffee and donut holes to poll workers and voters at the New Haven Fire Department.

    This morning, HRC called into the Tom Joyner radio show, appeared on the morning shows, and plans to sit in the satellite chair for the bulk of the day talking with local TV in February 5 states.

    Last night, more than a quarter of a million people went to hillaryclinton.com to watch Hillary’s national town hall meeting (that’s in addition to however many logged onto Hallmark.com & watched it live on TV).

    AND in a shout-out to Massachusetts, approximately five boxes of Dunkin Donuts have been consumed by the Clinton Boiler Room as 7:30AM EST.

  7. 12:54 p.m.

    * There are reports of irregularities at AZ polling locations that include registered voters’ names not being on registration lists, ID problems, changes in polling place locations that voters don’t know about and voters who were not provided the opportunity to vote by provisional ballot. In all of these cases, voters can and should submit a provisional ballot.
    * The campaign has set up a website for voters to report voting irregularities – http://www.hillaryclinton.com/action/pollingproblems.
    * TIME-SENSITIVE: Mark Penn, Ann Lewis and Howard Wolfson hold a conference call at 1:30PM EST TODAY. Email press@hillaryclinton.com to participate.
    * HRC called into “El Show de Piolín” this morning – HRC won its listener poll yesterday with 59% of the votes.
    * As you read this, Oscar-winner Sally Field is on the radio in AZ and NM urging voters to the polls.
    * MAKING NEWS: HRC is accepting new debates today – A 2/10 debate to be broadcast on This Week with George Stephanopoulos; A 2/27 CNN debate in OH and a 2/28 MSNBC debate in Houston.

  8. I am making calls now…I love being a part of something that is so much bigger than i know! Please help do the same in your state.

  9. I am ready for election day!!!! LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8)

    Right after I get some sleep. :0

    Which states do you people think we will hear the results from first? As there are no winner takes all, will the news media wait till all votes are counted or??

    Come on Hillary, come one Hillary!!!

    Why is she not out campaigning by the way? Just heard on cnn she is at her home in NY.

  10. V4H,

    They will not start reporting numbers until after the polls close in each particular state (7 or 8 pm).

  11. hi hillfans, ct remains tough though she might can still tough it out. i have to run to work soon but i have access to computers,tv, and text election alerts on my cellphone from cbs news. they are good to project the winners on my cell. i made some gotv calls this morning. i will be on much later tonite. GREADY FOR THE BIG CELEBRATION!! no sky is falling talk either. we just don’t need that now.

  12. 12:54 p.m.

    There are reports of irregularities at AZ polling locations that include registered voters’ names not being on registration lists, ID problems, changes in polling place locations that voters don’t know about and voters who were not provided the opportunity to vote by provisional ballot. In all of these cases, voters can and should submit a provisional ballot.
    The campaign has set up a website for voters to report voting irregularities – http://www.hillaryclinton.com/action/pollingproblems.
    TIME-SENSITIVE: Mark Penn, Ann Lewis and Howard Wolfson hold a conference call at 1:30PM EST TODAY. Email press@hillaryclinton.com to participate.
    HRC called into “El Show de Piolín” this morning – HRC won its listener poll yesterday with 59% of the votes.
    As you read this, Oscar-winner Sally Field is on the radio in AZ and NM urging voters to the polls.
    MAKING NEWS: HRC is accepting new debates today – A 2/10 debate to be broadcast on This Week with George Stephanopoulos; A 2/27 CNN debate in OH and a 2/28 MSNBC debate in Houston.

  13. @terrondt I am on the CBS website and i don’t see a text election alerts on cellphones.I rather hear it thru my cell than come on the net or watch it on the news.

  14. Guys, I am doing GOTV in BROOKLYN TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO HILLARY, GO NEW YORK!!!

    And I just heard from a previously fence-sitting friend in CALI – she voted for Hillary!!!!!!!! 😀 YEAH!!!!!!!

  15. IDunn, you are making me laugh from the last thread!

    So much for Michelle Obama’s advice that it’s okay for us black folk to feel like we are as good as white folk, huh? I don’t have a problem with self esteem, Michelle…but thanks for the pep talk anyway.

    LMAO! I must say, you have always seemed very strong and liking yourself just fine, to me!
    I don’t think you are scared of a damn thing in this world, much less afraid of being less than anybody. 😉

    Rise, Hillary rise! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  16. OK=here is a story of ultimate dedication that just happened as i was making calls today….

    I called an older woman who was obviously not feeling well. I gave my speech which is, in a nut shell, Hi, I am Mandy and I am a volunteer with Oklahomans for Hillary. I reminded her that today is election day and that Hillary would appreciate her vote. She then said, “Honey, I just got out of the Hospital. I made my husband stop by our polling place so I could vote for Hillary. Now we are home and hoping she wins!” WOW! Literally went from her hospital bed to the polls for HILLARY!!!!!!

  17. I can’t wait for tonight! Hillary’s gonna kick ass!

    You can watch a replay of last night’s Voices Across America here: townhall.hillaryclinton.com/

  18. When we had the caucus up here, there was a woman in Iowa City that had broken her hip, she had pneumonia, and was in the hospital. She forced her nurses and her husband to drive her down to the polling place under the threat that she was going to “get up and wheel herself down the street in the snow to the caucus precinct”. And one woman had hip surgery and baked 4 batches of rice crispies treats and made it to the caucus. Hillary has some dedicated supporters.

  19. Loved Letterman’s line about Bill’s involvement in the campaign: “He’s a thoroughbred, you’re not going to put him behind a milkcart!”

    I couldn’t make the Wolfson/Penn campaign update at 1:30PM ET listed on HillaryClinton.com – has anyone participated in that? If so, any updates to share?

  20. v4h, lemme check my cellphone becuase i have it. i was at work when hillary won neveda and they texted me the hillary win.

  21. I didnt know admin had a new thread so am just cutting and pasting this from the last one…

    To my utter surprise and I must say it was a pleasant one, Todd Beeton, one of the front pagers at mydd endorsed Clinton. Of course, he’s only a blogger and what political weight does he carry you may ask but his explanation is so succinct that it deserves a read.

    For the last 7 years, the liberal and progressive blogsphere craved for a fighter, a partisan who wouldn’t mind taking the fight to the republicans. The repubs and Bush, vindictive and rabidly partisan to the core have done astonishing damage to the country, thrashing the democrats all the way.

    So what do these big blogs do ? Get in line behind the candidate who preaches the Liebermanesque Kumbaya message and thrash the real fighter in this race and intellectually superior opponent. I’ll never be able to understand the hypocrisy.

    Good to know that at least some of them have a conscience and can be rational.



    So this Wolfson/Penn update is for Press only, but you can try to get on if you give them a press outlet – I didn’t think fast enough on my feet. Anyone willing to give it a try?


    PLEASE DIAL: 1-800-434-1335, CODE: 256-132

  23. In the last day of polling before NH, something changed – and the pollster did not notice until it was too late. Rasmussen, for instance, had the race dead even on the final day, but the mechanics of the tracking poll hid the effect.

    Rasmussen and Gallup, though, both have a huge movement in yesterday’s national polling: Hillary is way up, and Barack is way down. The sample individual sample sizes are on the small side, but they both have Barack nailed around the 35% mark – Hillary’s number is volatile.

    Rasmussen: 47-35
    Gallup: 55-34

    Average: 51-35

    The underlying data since 25 Jan:

    Gallup Polling Tracker

    25-Jan 47 32
    26-Jan 43 32
    27-Jan 41 34 44 33
    28-Jan 45 36 43 34
    29-Jan 40 38 42 36
    30-Jan 43 43 43 39
    31-Jan 45 42 43 41
    01-Feb 56 37 48 41
    02-Feb 37 53 46 44
    03-Feb 48 40 47 43
    04-Feb 55 34 47 42

    Ras Polling Tracker

    25-Jan 40 30
    26-Jan 40 32
    27-Jan 40 31 40 31
    28-Jan 42 33 41 32
    29-Jan 40 32 41 32
    30-Jan 44 41 42 35
    31-Jan 46 37 43 37
    01-Feb 45 34 45 37
    02-Feb 56 43 49 38
    03-Feb 38 43 46 40
    04-Feb 47 35 47 40

    Average Polling Tracker

    25-Jan 44 31
    26-Jan 42 32
    27-Jan 41 33 42 32
    28-Jan 44 35 42 33
    29-Jan 40 35 41 34
    30-Jan 44 42 42 37
    31-Jan 46 40 43 39
    01-Feb 51 36 47 39
    02-Feb 47 48 48 41
    03-Feb 43 42 47 42
    04-Feb 51 35 47 41

  24. i would appreciate that terrondt.hopefully it will just tell me the places where Hillary won and not have the name obama on my darn phone.i would rather jump off the empire than see that man name on my damn phone

  25. That is so true about the kooks. They have been saying we need more backbone. Democrats should be partisan and attack the republicans and not be afraid….HRC….duh! They lined up behind the Lieberman guy…….hypocrisy at its worst.

  26. Took my wife for her stress-test (she did fine) this morning, now comes mine. She didn’t even have to spend 15 minutes on the treadmill, I’ll be on pins and needles for the next 14 or so hours…:)

    I’m going to VOTE FOR HILLARY(!!!) after which I will be back with you my,”Hillaries”, for the run-up to tonight’s celebration. What should we get for Hill-snacks? What is everyone going to be breaking open to toast our victories with? Are we staying home or sharing the historic night with friends, or even better, Barry supporters? (lol) I’d really like to know.
    What time should we START this party? I propose we get going when Hillary is projected to win NY, which should be by 8:30 et. What do y’all think?
    My gut tells me that this is going to be an historic night, one that perhaps exceeds even the most optimistic projections.

  27. If anybody has a aol account I am bout to make a aol chatroom for hillary.If u have aol please join
    my name on aol is vanity666bonet (and no im not a devil worshipper)

  28. realist, what do you think? a early hillary california win or a long night there? btw is is cold, rainy, and raw in the hartford, ct area.

  29. Prolly the first state we’ll see results from is GA — too bad, but at least it’s an expected results. Polls close at 7pm.

  30. I spent four hours down at headquarters in Arlington, VA, and I thought that I would report in about my experience there. This report has three tiers. First, the states; second, the volunteers; and third, the technology:

    1. The States–There were four people sitting at my table. Three of
    us received a Connecticut script, and one of us received a Georgia
    script. My calls and the calls of my two Connecticut compatriots were
    going very badly. People who wanted Hillary in the heart of hearts
    were going to vote for Barack because they thought Hillary was too
    divisive and would bring out Republican haters en masse. In less than
    an hour, the campaign staff took away the Connecticut scripts and gave
    us Missouri scripts. The three of us were making calls in Missouri
    for hours. It’s raining out there, and a lot of folks have the flu,
    but even the old people still were getting out to vote. Believe me:
    We own the little old lady demographic like the United States owns
    Philadelphia. My unscientific take is that we going to lose
    Connecticut narrowly and wallop Obama in Missouri. Now, the woman at
    the table who was working on Georgia kept working on it the entire
    time I was there. That gives me hope; they never pulled her off of
    it, and she was getting a fair amount of positive feedback. I read
    Caldonia’s report on Georgia, and it actually may reflect what they’re
    finding on the phones.

    2. The volunteers–The volunteers were largely our demographic,
    middle age straight and gay people along with young women and young
    GAY males. There was a smattering of African Americans. There was a
    line of volunteers waiting for a phone to open up; all the tables were

    3. The technology–Wowzer. When I worked my heart out for Kerry in
    2004, I just dialed and dialed and dialed. I wrote notes on a piece
    of paper and handed them in. The phone system they have down at HQ
    automatically dials prospects. It only connects you when a real live
    human being answers the phones. After the end of the conversation, it
    gives you an opportunity to provide the disposition of the call: (1)
    Already voted for Hillary; (2) For Hillary but has yet to vote; (3)
    Undecided (I actually got some: what are they smoking?); (4)
    supports/voted for Obama; (5) answering machine (the system sometimes
    was fooled); and (6) hangup or Republican.

  31. Hey yall, Plenty of work here to do, cause i am in a post 2/5 state. I’ve been working since october, but things are in high gear now. I’d love to send yall tickets and have ya jump on a plane cause I could use reinforcements.

    Saw Hill on Letterman last night. She was fantastic! So proud of her. Hillary, you are rising!

    Glad I have you Hillpals in my life! Take care one and all!

  32. I have chocolate chip cookies to bake for tonights celebration. I also plan to bunch on nacho, salsa, chips and french onion dip.

    Has anyone ever heard Hillary mention a favorite food

  33. bad storms going to hit arkansas….PLEASE do not let this hurt our vote dear Lord…

    illinois getting hammered according to weather channel…

  34. I won’t be on late tonight – myself and the husband are going out to a poll-watch event at a local bar. It’s hosted by the Young Democrats here, and a lot of them are for Mr. Hopey McChangey, so we Hillary people wanted to make sure we go and represent our gal!

  35. Thanks for the information DCDemocrat.

    Does anyone know what is going on in New York?

    Is the parade for the NY Giants taking over the airwaves?

    What about weather in the states you vote in, good or bad weather?

    Have the Hillary supporters (family and friends) voting early or later?

    Our anecdotal evidence is a very high level of desire to get out to vote for Hillary. People who ordinarily vote late in the day “couldn’t wait” to vote and voted before going to work.

    Has anyone been exit polled? Are there a lot of voters where you are? Lines? Are there campaign workers at your poll site?

    If anyone participates in the conference call, keep us informed.

    Anyone going to election eve parties?

    HillaryLandRocks, is there a central place with information on which states close when and which we can expect to hear from first (you mentioned Georgia coming in early)?

    Let’s start posting information, not speculation or worries.

    HillaryHub has an updates page: http://www.hillaryhub.com/wire/

    Let’s turn this into an information site.

  36. Dot48 she likes peaches. When she served the peach cobbler to the reporters on the plane she said she loves anything peach. I wish I knew how to make peach cobbler.

    I feel so left out because I live in North Carolina and we don’t get to vote until May. I’ll be watching Fox because I just can’t stand hearing all the hype for Precious from Tweety. I may take a break at 9 to watch “House” and then go back to Fox.

  37. I am excited, and I expect victories for Hillary tonight. Now I have to choose an outfit for the private celebration I will hold at my host.

  38. I am going to a party with the udems, and yes, b.o. supporters will be there ( 🙂 ) and after this, I am going to a saki bar for a quick stop to thank the GLBTAU, and then I am going to the “Hillary Leftovers” party at a friend’s appartment (HRC leftovers are former Iowa interns, volunteers and staff) to watch the final returns come in. I am so hopeful. We are going to wipe him out tonight. Don’t worry about Connecticut or Georgia, or any of the small states he is focusing on (ID, KS, AK, ND), focus on our strengths : Early voting and Latinos and women in Cali, and victories in Arizona, Arkansas, Utah, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee, Alabama, New York, Massachusetts, and we are going to change history!

  39. OK,
    • Got indecisive Brother-in-law to finally see the pink light and vote for HILLARY: check
    • Rounded up rest of family to vote for HILLARY: check
    • Calling friends and co-workers to make sure they remember to vote for HILLARY: in progress as of now
    • Preparing Hill-snacks: uh-oh problems!!! I’m a fence sitter. Nachos and guacamole have run a very good campaign, but potato chips are the more experienced candidate with a reliable record of getting the job done… Oh the hard choices one must face in life.


    1 lg. can peaches, drain most of syrup
    Bisquick, fill half of dish with Bisquick
    1 stick of butter and 1/4 stick
    3/4 c. hot water
    1 c. sugar
    Cinnamon to taste

    Use a 9 x 3/4 x 9 3/4 x 2 inch pan.
    Mix Bisquick, butter and hot water together.
    Add peaches.
    Add 1/4 stick more butter (cut and put slices on top)
    Add cinnamon and sugar.
    Bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes or until golden brown.
    May add chopped nuts if desired.

    Add vanilla ice cream on top when warm if desired


    1 lg. can peaches
    1 c. self-rising flour
    1 c. sugar
    1 c. milk
    (Butter, optional – 1 stick)

    Pour canned peaches into a disposable pan. Mix together 1 cup self- rising flour and 1 cup sugar. Add 1 cup milk. Pour over peaches. Bake at 350 until golden brown.

    Note: If you choose to use butter; take 1 stick and melt in cup in microwave oven and pour into bottom of empty pan before peaches are added.

    Guys, she likes olive burgers and chocolate ice cream, too. I ordered a sandwich platter and am doing chips. No heat up, no muss, no fuss and I can throw it all away. Plus, it goes well with beer, the drink of choice in these here parts. Sooner thought Mardis Gras beads would be a good idea, too. It is Fat Tuesday you guys. Get your drink on (I won’t since I have court in the AM out of town).

    Turnout here is heavy. The weather is holding on this side of the state. I have a backdoor to the election board since their phones are ringing off the hook with voters looking for their polling place info. It’s seriously nuts down there right before lunch. I suspect many were college aged kids but were female from the names I overheard. All women… that may be a good sign.

  42. Thanks for the recipes! I think I’ll call my husband and tell him to swing by the grocery store on his way home from work. I have everything I need except the peaches. He’s also a big Hillary supporter by the way.
    He’s a store manager for CVS pharmacy and he told me one of his employees was a college kid who was a volunteer for John Edwards’ campaign. My husband told him he was for Hillary and this kid told my husband how he heard that so many people don’t like her, so my husband asked him “Why does everyone dislike her?” and this kid didn’t have an answer. Then my husband proceeded to tell him all about Hillary and what she stands for. This kid has since gone back to college before Edwards dropped out, so we are both curious to know who he is supporting now.

  43. ooh just an observation but fence sitting “ordinary people” will break towards hillary especially the economy is my main factor people since wall street is down 300 points today.. just an observation..

  44. pulchritude, if you had not seen it earlier, I added a link at RW to your MyDD article on MO/BO’s house deal.

    Just updated an article I did this morning which links Rezbama’s political godfather Rezko and two corrupt Iraqi businessmen, one of which is Rezko’s $3.5 million bagman, with the scheme to build a megawatt power plant in Iraq.


  45. Thanks, admin. I have gleaned some other information from other listservs to which i belong:

    A middle-aged woman (inveterate Hillary supporter) who lives in Georgia reported long lines in her precinct in south Georgia. Hillary had a presence outside the polls but there was no sign of Obama (I have read Obama is strong in Atlanta and no where else in Georgia.)

    A volunteer at a polling precinct in AZ reported to one blogger that voting was 10 percent above normal in that Tuscon polling place.

    This Kossack said she was trying to vote for Obama in NJ but kept getting Clinton: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2008/2/5/123158/7065/255/450294

    A guy who volunteered extensively in New Hampshire made this observation: “Afternoon is when the young bamadroids wake up from their slumbers. Those at the polls should see waves of twenty somethings in mid afternoon with the demographic returning to older voters after 4PM.”

    An Angelino reports, “The board of elections failed to deliver voting equipment to polling places ALL OVER LOS ANGELES.” The same fellow reported that his friends had voted in LA and were thrilled to see a woman’s name on the ballot.

    Another Californian reported: “No lines, steady light traffic, more women than men at 8:30 AM. My Pismo Beach precinct is mostly upscale exurban, GOP/’Bama country probably; the local Hillary vote will come from Grover Beach just south.”

    A third Californian reported: “I just voted this morning at (my) precinct (in) Irvine. A huge turnout for a primary, and predominately women. I’ll take that as a very good sign. I also just got off the phone with my 89-year old mother, a low-income Jewish senior who has been voting Democrat for nearly 70 years. She recently had a couple of bad spills and has two broken arms. I said I guess you won’t be able to get out to vote today. She said, no, her neighbor’s taking her so she can vote for Hillary!”

    My sister and brother-in-law both are big Hillary supporters in California and voted by absentee for her.

    More anecdotes as I collect them.

  46. At my polling place, Hillary seemed to be doing well, alot of rain, so few young people, older voters who seem to be trending Hillary!!! But then again, its only one polling place out of many, the one my boyfriend went to, he said, was also looking hillary friendly, this is in Somerville, MA.

    Now I’m in class, and alot of Obama supporters I know said they didnt go out cuz of rain, lets hope!

  47. Perez Hilton has Hillary’s new message to LGBT Americans:


  48. I still am on hiatus from cable news…I plan to watch returns most likely on Fox.

    Is the market drop even being given any coverage by the biased assed media who will do their best to even twist it into a reason to vote for bambi.

    hubby said Lanny Davis was on tv this morning while I was gone to the doctor. He said that Lanny said something personal was going on with the Clintons vs the Kennedys and that the many who made a career on Clintons backs were never going to be forgiven by him. He said it sounded like Kennedy was maybe blackmailing people to turn on the clintons…just him opinon of what he heard.

    This sounds plausible…anyone else see this.

  49. This Kossack said she was trying to vote for Obama in NJ but kept getting Clinton

    The vote fraud accusations are already starting …

  50. *Ben Smith reports on today’s Clinton campaign conference call……


    01:40 PM
    Penn: More debates! (One on Fox!)

    By Ben Smith

    In a conference call with reporters, Clinton strategist Mark Penn announced that Clinton would like to face off against Obama in one debate every week between now and March 4.

    “The campaign believes that it’s critically important that we continue the debate,” he said, citing the questions of “who offers universal healthcare and who’s best prepared to fix the economy.”

    Debates have, generally, been stronger turf for Clinton, but it’s also a mark of the shifting dynamic: You don’t usually see the frontrunner demanding debates.

    Penn said Clinton would like to see debates in Ohio, Texas, and Washington, and had already accepted three: One on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopolous, one CNN debate in Ohio February 7, and an MSNBC debate the next day hosted by Chris Matthews.

    Wolfson also said Clinton has accepted a debate on Fox News, something Democrats shunned last year. That debate is scheduled for February 11, in Washington D.C., and would also air on the local Fox affiliate.

    He defended the decision to accept a first Fox debate in response to a question from the blogger Jane Hamsher of Firedoglake, noting that both Obama and Clinton have given Fox interviews this cycle, and that this would reach a lot of voters in D.C. and Virginia.

    “Given that Senator Obama had been on the network, we’ve been on the network, and that the offer is a good one for this debate in terms of this upcoming primary, it made sense to accept it,” he said.


    02:19 PM
    Wolfson’s expectations

    By Ben Smith

    Clinton communications director Howard Wolfson, on the campaign’s conference call:

    “It is possible that Senator Obama will come out of the night having won more delegates than [Senator Clinton], and it is possible that we will come out of the night having won more delegates than Senator Obama,” he said. “I don’t think that either side is in a position to win appreciably more delegates than the other.”

    Also, some California gaming: “Judging by the Zogby poll, if Senator Obama doesn’t win by 13 points in California, it will have to be considerd a disappointing evening.”

    He said that given the Kennedy “machine,” it should also be considered a “disappointment” if Obama doesn’t win Massachusetts.

    And some sarcastic spin: “Whoever wins New York should be declared the winner and thus be given momentum and bragging rights,” he said, arguing more seriously that the key would be retaining Clinton’s lead in the overall delegate count, which includes superdelegates.

  51. HLR — nice try, but that “kept getting Clinton” gave me a clue. He/she would only be able to vote once then would have to get help if there was a problem. Just label him an Obidiot.

  52. I just read on Huffpo that Hillary agreed to debate on Fox but Obambi didn’t. If true, I wonder why. Is it because she creams him in this format? I have to say that (I can’t believe that i’m typing this), Faux News has been the most fair to her.

    p.s I heard Pat Buchanan on *ucker Carlson saying that the REpubs will cream Obambi if he is the nominee. He said that he is fresh meat and although he hasn’t been defined, they would be more than happy to define him. Regarding Hillary, *ucker tried to say that they have soo many stories and scandals out there on them. He brought up the NYT story on Kaddijistan (SP) than no one made any noise over.

    Buchanan said, you just proved my point, we’ve heard all of these stories before and people don’t care. With Obambi, it’s different, we don’t know everything about him. Pat said, Hillary is right, she has been vetted.

    IIt’s scary that Pat Buchanan is the only real grown up in the room and is making the most sense.

  53. Go, johnflint! 🙂 dot48, I have used that same recipe, and it makes great easy cobbler!

    I am completely unable to concentrate on anything today. I have been alternately online and pacing like a cat. I refuse to even watch any MSM. I feel very good. I think the ground shifted, just like it did in NH. I think the voters are going to come home to Hillary.


  54. Wolfson: given the Kennedy “machine,” it should also be considered a “disappointment” if Obama doesn’t win Massachusetts.

    Wouldn’t Barry be the first Kennedy to lose Mass?!

  55. tiburones, Coulter was on noonish and made a good argument for why she’d back Hillary if Romney loses and could not support McCain. She earnestly said that she’d work to get Hillary elected because she knew what kind of Supremes she’d nominate and how she would handle national security. She can’t trust McCain. Interesting.

  56. Clinton agrees to debate on Fox

    After joining the Democratic National Committee and the party’s other contenders in a boycott of debates sponsored by the Fox network, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign said today that it has accepted an invitation to a Fox forum scheduled for next Monday, The Huffington Post’s Sam Stein reports.

    But her Democratic rival, Sen. Barack Obama, has not yet done so.

    According to Stein, Clinton campaign spokesman Howard Wolfson gave this explanation for the decision: “There is an enormous interest in these debates and clamoring on the party of the Democrat party for them. … We have not had a large number in which two people have participated.”

    Wolfson also noted that both candidates have appeared on Fox News Channel’s news programs.

  57. h4t, I am not watching msm either. Bonanza is playing on my tv right now LOL.

    Wolfson does not sound upbeat at all….

  58. if obambi doesn’t agree to debate though..who will she debate? the republicans??? She can take any of them too..or all of them collectively.

    Ann Coulter is making Hillary’s case quite well LOL. Am I dreaming to believe than Ann perhaps realizes just what a strong president Hillary really would make and that it is not about McCain….

  59. looks like Hillary knows the only way she is going to get a soundbyte from the msm is to force them into debates….I don’t think Obama has the backbone to agree to more debates.

  60. She can debate an empty chair. That would be appropriate symbolism.

    Wolfson is playing the expectations game.

    OTOH, I wouldn’t trust anything Ben Smith says.

  61. I wonder what will be next if they will come with almost the same amount of delegates? If this fight sill continue for too long it will be trouble for the Dem party

  62. Dot, I think Wolfson is playing nice and safe. I think they are optimistic, much more than Obambi’s camp, but no need to come out sounding overconfident.

  63. Or he’s making a low expectations bid. Early voting will have a lot to do with this y’all.

    Stop second guessing.

  64. Overseas Voting: Online for the 1st Time

    By GREGORY KATZ – 11 minutes ago

    LONDON (AP) — Americans seeking a change in foreign policy and a new national image abroad flocked to churches in Rome, town halls in England and an Irish pub in Hong Kong on Tuesday to vote in a Democrats Abroad primary.

    The voting will determine who gets the 11 votes allocated to Democrats Abroad at the Democratic National Convention in August. The group is allowing online voting — a first for voters overseas — that will continue for one week.

    Porchester Hall in central London was jammed with high-spirited voters Tuesday evening as rival groups backing Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama chanted and waved banners for their candidates.

  65. can the superdelegates who have already pledged…make official open endorsements

    Don’t understand your question? Superdelegates can change who they’re backing at any time, for any reason.

  66. I wish I had it to give. If somebody wants to lend me the $ I’ll donate it and pay you back as I can. Formal agreement. I’m serious.

  67. Damn, I wish you guys would give everyone a heads up when there is a new thread. I’f been refreshing the last one for 45 mins. wondering where everyone was. 😉

  68. Here is an excerpt about SD’s….

    There are “super delegates.” These are party leaders and insiders – from obscure operatives to former presidents – who are free to back anyone they like at the convention. They will not be chosen Tuesday, but they might be influenced. At 20 percent of the total, super delegates have emerged as a wild card in the Obama-Clinton showdown.

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco, a master of party politics who chaired the 1984 convention in San Francisco, noted that there are many more super delegates now. A vestige of smoke-filled rooms, super delegates can swing a convention.

    The contest between Walter Mondale and Gary Hart was “only decided in June of that year, the day of California’s primary,” Pelosi said. “Walter Mondale had something like 53 percent of the vote. Gary Hart had a tremendous number of delegates, well over 1,000, nearly half. … It was a close race. If that race could go that long, certainly this one could go to the convention.”

    California has about a tenth of the 791 super delegates. One, Sen. Barbara Boxer, has been hounded for her endorsement but remains neutral. She promised to cast her super-delegate vote for whoever wins the popular vote in California. Sen. Dianne Feinstein has endorsed Clinton, but is not bound to vote for her at the convention.

    Super delegates also include members of the House of Representatives. The scramble for little-noticed but critical endorsements from lower-level officials has split the Bay Area delegation. Rep. George Miller, D-Martinez, for example, backs Obama, while Rep. Lynn Woolsey, D-Petaluma, backs Clinton. Such support brings access to the detailed district voter data by which campaigns live and die.

    Many super delegates are waiting for a front-runner. Those who have committed can quickly change allegiances.

    “Remember the old Huey Long rule,” said Bob Mulholland, campaign adviser to the California Democratic Party, referring to the populist Depression-era Louisiana governor and senator. “If you’re with me in the primary, you get a good government job. If you’re with me in the general, you get good government.”

    Super delegates are “like people who follow the smell of hot, fresh buns baking in the bakery,” Democratic strategist Backus said. “They follow that smell of victory.”

  69. I saw Lanny Davis on Fox with Hannity and he talked about how Bill Clinton got up out of his bed after quadruple, bipass heart surgery and campaigned for Kerry. He said that Kerry was mad about losing the election and that what he did to Bill was mean.

    I hope that the Clinton’s are keeping a list.

  70. I just told an Air America reporter that I can’t stand listening anymore to Stephanie Miller, Randi Rhodes and Rachel Maddow – that they are so far away from Fair and Balanced and including Clinton in their coverage , that they’re close to Obama fascists!

  71. B Merryfield said:
    tiburones, Coulter was on noonish and made a good argument for why she’d back Hillary if Romney loses and could not support McCain. She earnestly said that she’d work to get Hillary elected because she knew what kind of Supremes she’d nominate and how she would handle national security. She can’t trust McCain. Interesting.

    Interesting. I saw her when she first proclaimed her support for Hillary if McCain was the nominee on H &C. Not sure if she was serious but she did say that Hillary was smarter and I believe that she alluded or said that she could trust Hillary on Defense.

  72. FYI for people wondering about poll closing times:

    Polls close at 7:00 pm ET:
    Georgia primaries

    Polls close at 8 pm ET:
    Alabama primaries
    Connecticut primaries
    Delaware primaries
    Illinois primaries
    Massachusetts primaries
    Missouri primaries
    New Jersey primaries
    Oklahoma primaries
    Tennessee primaries

    Polls close at 8:30 pm ET:
    Arkansas primaries

    Polls close at 9:00 pm ET:
    Kansas caucuses (Democrats only)
    Arizona primaries
    Colorado caucuses
    Minnesota primaries
    New Mexico primary (Democrats only)
    New York primaries

    Polls close at 10:00 pm ET:
    Idaho caucuses (Democrats only)
    Montana caucuses (Republicans only)
    North Dakota caucuses
    Utah primaries

    Polls close at 11:00 pm ET:
    California primaries

    Last polls close at 1:30 am ET:
    Alaska primaries

  73. yes…little..black…book.

    I hope BC tells them a$$hats when they come begging the next time they get in the hole….Obama cannot help them keep their seat. Obama will be old news by the time their next election comes around..Bill Clinton will still be the most popular and respected President ever. I hope and pray Bill and Hillary remember these dipshi*S.

  74. Well we should not be too happy about Coulter – she is certifiable and it will bring a lot of Bs from Obama after today – you will see. So we should be careful not to cause a lot of spin in the media.

  75. johnflint1985, but part of Obama’s message is that he can bring Repugs over to vote for him. Apparently, so can Hillary 🙂

  76. apparently kos is mad that Hill has agreed to the fox debate. I say fu kos. hill defended you against Bill O but she doesnt owe you any damn explanation. if anything fox has been more fair to her than you have been. so you can go f*** yourself.

    I mean, seriously. its ok if BO panders and tries to appease repubs and calls for unity but Hill cant have a debate and try to influence with fox viewers with her knowledge and arguments ?

  77. Abrams on MSNBC citing the Zoby poll for CA over and over that Clinton is behind 13 pts etc
    Please email him at abrahams@msnbc.com
    to point him to Survey which has her up by 10. Also let him know that Zoby is not a credible poll.

  78. the bambi message is he is a uniter…where have I heard that before….he can bring repubs to his camp…already the repubs are saying Hillary would do a better job of that … so he’s losing that part of the argument and I don’t care who offers it up. Coulter is witchy but on this issue..I agree with her. Hillary all the way.

    She also said that the repubs would absolutely slaughter Obama, it’d be over as soon as he gets the nomination…..

  79. *from Bob Shrum’s book:

    Page 443:

    The only thing the Clintons care about is themselves and power.” — John Kerry to Bob Shrum, less than a year after the 2004 elections

  80. socal4hill, in CA, you need to vote at your designated polling place, based on your address and where you are registered. Google the voter registrar’s office for whatever county you are in to get the phone# to call to find out where you vote.

  81. tiburones..I think I’d rather let msnbc have egg on their faces again….

    perhaps they are setting themselves up another excuse for the results tonight….blame the pollsters…again…voters lied….they don’t want to have to lay blame on Obama shoulders

  82. Dot, Obambi and Hillary are statistically tied against a McCain GE (polling). Obambi has no proof of his electability claim. When he loses against Hillary (popular vote), his argument will be over and done.

  83. “The only thing the Clintons care about is themselves and power.” — John Kerry to Bob Shrum, less than a year after the 2004 elections

    That is truly disgusting. I don’t have to repeat what Bill did for him.

  84. when does Kerry come up for reelection???? Please those people who are here and from his state..organize against that fleabag.

  85. As of Monday night, nearly 3 million absentee ballots had been logged in California. That could be to Hillary Clinton’s advantage.

    Depending on turn-out today, that could mean more than 40% of the states’ votes were mailed. Here’s how this could help Hillary. Traditionally, more women vote absentee than men. Additionally, a lot of the votes came in after Clinton’s surge in New Hampshire.

    The polls show that those who are expected to vote today are split in California, the state with the most delegates – 370.

    California’s high number of absentee votes may also make results in that state come in very slowly.

    “I do not think we are going to be able to call California this evening unless one candidate does very well in the ‘in-person vote’,” says Michael McDonald, a politician scientist at George Mason University.

    Some of the early ballots are also useless, for example, if voters chose candidates who have since dropped out of the race, such as John Edwards for the Democrats or Rudy Giuliani for the Republicans.

  86. I’m spent 3 hours standing on the corner by UCLA holding Hillary signs with about 15 other supporters, and we got lots and lots of Honks (for Hillary). I wish that the campaign had had us do this every weekend this past month and January because it was so important for people to get validation from the Obama-news-drones – and to see there are young people, people of color including African Americans too out there for Hillary.

  87. Kerry and Edwards are better about criticizing their own fellow democrat, than they were at answering the swift boaters. Kerry can not seem to keep his foot out of his mouth!

  88. Kerry and Kennedy? Yeah, Obma has the privileged pasty whiteboy presidential LOSER wing of the party nailed down, doesn’t he?

  89. weather updates anyone??

    Looks like Tn will not get really bad till late tonight with expectations of major tornado outbreak. It is near 70 here now and the air has that funny feel about…

  90. if kerry is in trouble in his re-election, the guy is so shameless that he’ll call Bill. Now the big dog has a really big heart so it will be interesting to see what he’ll do if it does come to that.

  91. Kerry was last elected in 2002. That means his time is up this November if there is a challenger.

    Screw ’em. He has no loyalty. He has no backbone. Why would we want him anyhow? You know how many Repubs I know who think he’s the biggest wuss ever? Just goes to show that a silver star, a bronze star and three purple hearts aren’t what they used to be.

    Damn inflation. 😀

  92. Hey, guys. I heard something today.

    The AARP and the NRA are suing Oprah Winfrey. Seems that she is the single largest cause of erectile dysfunction in the US.


  93. is Kerry oppposed? In november election in his state would it be possible to write in a name .. or not vote?

    How about a write in campaign for ….Bill Clinton….he can’t acccept but it would be a good protest vote..

    Ted Kennedy next election the same thing…McCaskill and others also

  94. This is my first post here since last night, and I have to say Hillary rocked on Letterman!

    A couple of other observations after reading all the posts here: DCDemocrat, your experience with CT was interesting. I think much of Obama’s support comes from what you describe: It’s not at all a rejection of Hillary, and these voters will happily support her if she wins the nomination.

    And regarding Wolfson’s comments: By saying this could go either way and lowering expectations, he’s also making sure no Hillary supporters take anything for granted about getting out to vote. I loved that he brought up the Zogby poll, too, lol.

  95. if any of you are in Super Tues states – go to the campaign offices and make calls, and followup on the voters that committed to voting Yes for her. It’s important to followup with them, make sure they did so.

  96. kaffeen Says:
    February 5th, 2008 at 3:35 pm

    As of Monday night, nearly 3 million absentee ballots had been logged in California. That could be to Hillary Clinton’s advantage.

    **Kaffeen is this you writing or someone else? In any event, I don’t think that 3mil have voted by absentee. The electorate in Ca is a little over 4mil and right around 1/2 votes by absentee so I would think that that number would be around 1.8 or 2mil votes by absentee ballots.

    Other than that, I agree that they should lean more so to Hillary. In addition, Obama will be hurt as some of those votes will be for Richardson, Edwards etc.

    Does anyone remember what date Richardson dropped out? I know that the ballots started to be mailed out on 1/7/08.

  97. Kerry lost the election when he came on stage to give his acceptance speech at the convention. He looked like a smacked ass saluting the delegates and saying John Kerry reporting for duty. The after the swiftboat ads it took him 2 weeks to respond.

  98. Ok, I stand corrected, I just saw some lady on Greta’s show saying that 9mil voters are expected to vote today. Wow! I guess we won’t know the results of CA until tomorrow.

    I read on one of the blogs that 1/3 of the voters in AL won’t vote until Sat due to deference to AA voters for Fat Tuesday. Does anyone know anything about this?

  99. Hillary still talks of unitying the party though and all we hear from ObamaCamp is the likes of MichelleObamabot saying…we’ll I’ll have to think about whether would help Hillary…..this slash and burn style won’t hold.

  100. Tiburones…

    It is for real, not me making it up. It has been reported several places. Still, if you are unbelieving…

    This is fact…

    Permanent Absentee Ballots Requested: 4 million
    Temporary Absentee Ballots Requested: 1.07 million

    Per the LA times, About 4.1 million mail-in ballots are expected to be cast in California. Some people chose presidential candidates who have since dropped out of the races.

  101. 9 million votes TODAY or is that including absentee? They are using paper ballots too, or so I read somewhere. This could go on for days…I hope not a repeat of Florida/Gore/00

  102. I just looked at the stock market.

    Whoever gets elected is going to have a heck of an economic mess to deal with.

  103. What does Fat Tuesday have to do with AL? Unless Obama plans on bussing people from Alabama to Louisiana to vote in their primary on Saturday like he did in Iowa.

  104. Regarding CT, I just have a NH feeling about the state. I know it will be close, but I think HRC will pull it out in the end. Just a feeling.

  105. I read this morning that a lot of people had not turned their absentee ballots in though…can they still vote in person?

  106. yes, CA is using paper ballots because the electronic ones have been de-certified from use. yes, it would go on for a long time in the scanning of the ballots.

  107. 9 must include absentee
    yes in 20 counties they are using paper ballots, how after fl and sc having problems this is rediculous
    woman on greta sustern said maybe not til noon tomorrow

  108. one of the things about Obama’s strategy has been to register new voters – and that’s where it becomes difficult to tell from your regular voter base given the X new voter factor.

  109. I heard this – but can’t seem to make heads or tails of it, that Ted Kennedy’s endorsement of Obama was to keep Mitt Romney in play in his home state?…not sure what that’s about.

  110. i can understand the youth vote for oblahblah blah but i am confounded by the educated independent — i have a degree and at 41 have not heard a word from him that i find inspirational

  111. I just came home to recurl my hair as it was misting at seven AM in Columbus, Georgia when we were out waving signs. We’ve been calling this afternoon and making ourselves visible and accessible to voters and we are so hopeful for a strong finish. Our representative, Sanford Bishop’s, a die hard hope and change Obama person, wonderful wife, Vivian Creighton, has dragged herself out of bed where she has been fighting pneumonia to volunteer again at the HRC headquarters. SB conveniently forgot to mention that his wife was 1) ill and 2) an ardent HRC supporter when he spoke on Obama’s behalf at our monthly Democratic breakfast last Saturday. I am beyond anxious for this to be finished and for the votes to be counted.

  112. In the NH debate, Hillary was the first and only one to say, directly, that she thought the economy was heading to a recession. Todays news bears out that prediction. I hope folks around the country are thinking about the economic news out today and the fact that she would be infinitely more competent to handle the mess thats coming..

  113. if you had to watch a cable news channal what would it be i have fox on and i cannot stomach this shepherd guy with his make up he makes tammy faye look subtle

  114. I trust Hillary on the economy so far beyond any of them, Dem or Rep.

    Hope and vision don’t do it on the economy, as we know from GW Bush.

  115. i feel like a detoxing junkie i want to stop watching the news but i cant
    fox doing mini bios on all cans only on romney so far

  116. Funny how they sent Teddy around the nation to garner support, and yet he can’t even get his own constituents to vote for his little boy. LOL

  117. I think fox is going by the susa numbers and not exit polls. that being said, i’m sure she’s carrying MA comfortably.

  118. Re: Alabama and Mardi Gras

    There are two coastal counties that basically shut down (including the govt) for Mardi Gras. So, they voted last Wednesday. They can also vote today.

  119. copied and pasted from Taylor Marsh – but here are the Obama-bots WHO CAN’T COME UP WITH ONE ACCOMPLISHMENT OF OBAMA’S

  120. imagine 44
    i have been sitting here trying to think of a way to continue voting after november i am sure a lot of these backstabbers believe the public has a short memory. first on my list is that woman talking to bambi at the sua

  121. Tim, humor is usually that which mimics life….

    My husband cannot perform if Oprah comes on the TV. In fact it causes painful ass spasms and his brain starts bleeding and screaming in agony. 😉

  122. Okiatty: Here is an Obama joke for you:

    When Barack Obama plays poker, he doesn’t need to get a good hand. If he gets cards with low numbers, he inspires them to realize their potential, and when his cards are off-suit, he convinces them to stop being so needlessly divided, and lo, their suits change, and Barack Obama wins. And so does America.

  123. okieatty
    that was funny
    because of you i cracked open the bottle of vodka i was reserving for my first bit of good news
    salut to you and your husband

  124. Tim, just doing my part. You might try Saran Wrap on your keyboard it has saved one or more readers here from certain keyboard death.

    Funny thing. I was going to crib some jokes about Precious from google. Guess what? THERE AREN’T ANY.

    That tells me there is something really fishy about his whole candidacy. Everyone has jokes about them. He doesn’t.

    It’s creepy. Really creepy.

    (damn phone ringing again)

  125. “That tells me there is something really fishy about his whole candidacy. Everyone has jokes about them. He doesn’t.”

    That comes from the media. No one is allowed to even appear to criticize him.

  126. Most honest thing i have heard on cable news so far– tammy faye baker (shepherd something) responding to viewer mail justified the media by saying that he wants it to go on as long as possible. he said this was fun. i guess if you have a huge contract with a media conglomerate and do not need to worry about health care, the freedom to choose, your child dying in a war because it was the only job he could get or losing your home then this would be fun

  127. ininla
    isn’t that what we have all been saying for months
    scares me that the first bm to make it an issue and ask these fervent supporters why was fox

  128. If Obama loses Massachusetts, that’s a huge setback for his campaign. Everyone knows that MA is loaded with colleges, and Obama’s touted his supposed advantage with young voters. Second, Obama has spent the last week parading around with any Kennedy he can find.

  129. That’s ok. He wouldn’t vote for her if he didn’t trust her to protect him. That’s what matters. Its an asset for Hillary.

    (also you are allowed to request a party ballot if are an independent, and vote one party or another.)

    i’ve been around with my friend to several different voting sites, as she is monitoring several…

    the day here in san francisco bay area is awsome…
    clear blue, sunny and bright…
    lots of people strolling thru in waves…
    people in great mood and looking excited…

    some people saying they are for obama, lots of 20 somethings and young kids mostly…

    some wearing hill buttons and proud…
    and i think they will carry the day….

    some not saying who they will vote for, but definitely saying they dont really care if either one wins, happy with either one…
    thats about it for now…

    see ya later…

  131. anglachelg.blogspot.com

    I keep trying to put in her website but it won’t go through. Anyway, she has some new posts and I always have to recommend her blog. She just makes sense when I’m freaking out about poll numbers.

  132. 4:28 p.m.

    * False reports about voting problems in LA are being drudged up – Everything is going smoothly in LA.
    * Although the weather in NM is terrible, all caucus sites are open so we’re offering to help voters get out to caucus. We have a hotline set up for those in NM who need assistance with getting out: 1-888-472-9465.
    * Ted Danson called into Fayetteville, AR radio and urged voters to back Hillary today.
    * Sen. Obama’s health care comments have Paul Krugman seeing
    * Who’d Have Thunk It: Major bloggers are endorsing HRC today, including a top contributor to MyDD, the BlogFather of Blogs, and a DailyKos front-page poster.
    * OH and TX newspapers are already out with stories about HRC’s decision to accept debates in those states later this month. Read here and here.

  133. USAToday has some information on when the polls close in various states tonight:


    7 p.m. ET: Polls close in Georgia, where Democrats award 87 delegates and Republicans award 72.

    • 8 p.m. ET: Polls close in Illinois (153 Democratic delegates, 57 Republican); Massachusetts (93 Democratic, 40 Republican); Missouri (72 Democratic and 58 Republican); and New Jersey (107 Democratic, 52 Republican).

    • 9 p.m. ET: Polls close in Arizona (56 Democratic and 50 Republican); and New York (232 Democratic, 101 Republican).

    • 10 p.m. ET: Polls close in Utah (23 Democratic; 36 Republican).

    • 11 p.m. ET: Polls close in California (370 Democratic; 170 Republican).

    Weather report:

    the Super Tuesday states where voters may encounter some unpleasant weather include Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois and Arkansas.

    Moderate to heavy rainfall is expected from eastern Oklahoma through central and southern parts of Missouri and Illinois. The combination of melting snow and heavy ran could cause some flooding across parts of eastern Missouri and central Illinois. Farther to the north, the rain will change over to snow for parts of northern Missouri and northern Illinois by Tuesday afternoon

    Heavy rainfall is also possible for parts of western New York State.

  134. reed061
    on fox an individual from ca said 20 ounties are using paper ballots as machines are down. is la more than one county?

  135. No MJ, I think Hillary will win MA by a healthy margin. And if she pulls it off, it will be a big, big win for her.

  136. Clinton chairman: Obama would be good running mate
    Posted: 09:30 PM ET

    (CNN) — One of Hillary Clinton’s top advisers said Monday Barack Obama could make a good running mate if the New York senator is the Democratic Party’s nominee.

    Appearing on NY1’s “Inside City Hall,” Clinton Campaign Chairman Terry McAuliffe praised Barack Obama’s ability to “excite people,” adding that Clinton “needs to make sure the next, whoever the next vice president is, could take over if anything happened to her” — though he said it was too early to seriously discuss potential vice presidential picks.

    When he was asked directly whether adding Obama to a Clinton ticket would be a good idea, he responded: “Sure it would. Absolutely. How could you deny consideration of someone who has excited so many people?”

    NY1 is owned by Time Warner, the parent company of CNN.

    At CNN’s debate in Los Angeles Thursday, both candidates were asked about the possibility of a joint ticket, regardless of who held the top spot – a suggestion that prompted cheering from the audience. Both suggested it was too early to discuss potential running mates.

  137. Terry McAuliffe is a dorkus….he should shut the hell UP right now. He is making the argument that Obama is qualified to be the freaking president…HE IS NOT>


  138. rjk1957
    age or the lack there of does not dismiss ignorance
    the woman on the view said she didn’t know the world was round and she is at least in her 30s

  139. Clinton voted near her home in Chappaqua, N.Y., accompanied by husband Bill and daughter Chelsea. “You’re a Democrat, right?” election worker Evan Norris joked. “True blue” she responded, laughing. She said of Super Tuesday: “The stakes are huge.”

  140. Well, Chickadees !

    I’m back. Not gone of my own volition. I use county public access WLAN and the server has been down since Friday newstime.

    I know I’ve missed a ton of great stuff…would occasionally climb down my ice covered deck stairs to the back of the property and in the falling snow, I’m not kidding, connect to a very slow WLAN that a friend has at his warehouse…

    Would download for 4 or five minutes until my fingers and toes froze solid and run back up and inside to read pink pages and Taylor…so no links for almost four days. Will have to watch all rallies and the country-wide Town Hall starting tomorrow.

    It is blowing snow for the 2nd time today. First storm headed for Illinois…this one is going straight south into Missouri.

    As you think of it tomorrow, leave short notes about where to find all rallies and the Town hall…even the Obama 4-girl lovefest w/ themselves. Read your notes, but want to see for myself.

    Still have all of Feb 2 to read from here. Will start that tomorrow too.

    Lord it feels good to refresh and be warm at the same time!


    Another way to use our energies here after March. Don’t forget Hillary is going to need a very strong Congress to help her “get the people’s business” done come next January. That down-ticket work needs to start soon.

    We can be invaluable on the phones, bits of $$, etc., for anyone who needs help, as we’ve already proved. Rep. Boswell, who came out for our girl early in the game, is being challenged here by an Obamanut; though I really liked him before now.

    Hawk, it’s Ed Fallon…damm him.

    Anyway, nice to be back in real time.

  141. Imagine, it was a joke. Well. Sorta. He really won’t have sex with me if he hears Oprah at all. She kills the mood. He hates her worse than Scientology.

    And that’s saying something.

    BTW- for something fun to do today to keep away from BM:

    Call your local radio stations and request “American Girl” or “Won’t Back Down” for Hillary. Or better yet (and totally non-politics related), ask for Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” and dedicate it to Anonymous.


  142. OMG, I just nailed a sexists pig the wall in another discussion. I’ve been wanting to put that asshole in his place for years!

    I feel so…empowered! LOL!

    GO HILLARY!!!!!!

  143. McAuliffe’s an idiot. He’s probably my least favorite of HRC’s advisors next to Penn. Hillary has spent the better part of a year saying BO is unqualified, which he is. Now he’s ready to be vp? Secondly, there isn’t a state that he would put in play that Hill couldn’t get without him.

  144. okieatty
    you married a smart man
    a theory if mccain wins the nom the youth vote will be negated as the majority of college aged persons will have died from alcohol poisoning playing the my friends game– he gives a speech says my friends and you have to drink

  145. mj, “twofer?” I missed something….


    Delegates Available on Super Tuesday by Last Poll Closing Time
    Super Tuesday
    February 5, 2008 Poll Closings ET Delegates
    West Virginia GOP Convention 11:30 AM R: 18
    Georgia Primary 7:00 PM D: 87 R: 72
    Alabama Primary 8:00 PM D: 52 R: 45
    Connecticut Primary 8:00 PM D: 48 R: 27
    Delaware Primary 8:00 PM D: 15 R: 18
    Illinois Primary 8:00 PM D: 153 R: 57
    Massachusetts Primary 8:00 PM D: 93 R: 40
    Missouri Primary 8:00 PM D: 72 R: 58
    New Jersey Primary 8:00 PM D: 107 R: 52
    Oklahoma Primary 8:00 PM D: 38 R: 38
    Tennessee Primary 8:00 PM D: 68 R: 52
    Arkansas Primary 8:30 PM D: 35 R: 31
    Arizona Primary 9:00 PM D: 56 R: 53
    Colorado DEM & GOP Caucuses 9:00 PM D: 55 R: 43
    Kansas DEM Caucus 9:00 PM D: 32
    Minnesota DEM & GOP Caucus 9:00 PM D: 72 R: 38
    New Mexico DEM Party Run Primary 9:00 PM D: 26
    New York Primary 9:00 PM D: 232 R: 101
    North Dakota DEM Caucus 9:00 PM D: 13
    Idaho DEM Caucus 10:00 PM D: 18
    North Dakota GOP Caucus 10:00 PM R: 23
    Utah Primary 10:00 PM D: 23 R: 36
    California Primary 11:00 PM D: 370 R: 170
    Alaska DEM Caucus 12:00 AM D: 13
    Montana GOP Caucus 12:00 AM R: 25
    Alaska GOP Party Run Primary 12:30 AM R: 26
    American Samoa DEM Caucus D: 3

  146. Tim,

    Hubby’s way smart, but won’t vote for Hillary. I think it’s encoded in his DNA judging from his folks at lunch today. (*still shaking head*)

    Less than three hours until our polls close here. Two before our party and I still have a fever. 🙁

  147. *Paul Krugman sees RED!


    February 5, 2008, 12:35 pm

    More Obama ugliness on health care

    I really, really wish he would stop this:

    Obama likened Clinton’s health care mandate proposal to eliminating homelessness by requiring everyone buy a house.

    The Clinton plan does every bit as much to ensure affordability as the Obama plan. This is just grotesque.

    Add: There are no excuses this time. You can’t say that it’s the work of some staffer. This is unscrupulous demagoguery from the candidate himself.


    * from his comments section:


    1.February 5th, 2008

    1:45 pm

    Today I reluctantly voted for Hillary due to Professor Krugman’s editorial Monday which made perfect sense. While I had no interest in the Clinton scandals such as Monica, Whitewater, Paula Jones, … etc. and I am pleased with the positives of the Clinton years: i.e. economy was booming during his administration, he did not get us into an intractible war, and there a minimal attempt to make the tax code more progressive…..

    — Posted by Michael Cohen

  148. Bill Richardson really wants that cabinet position in the White House. He should have had the guts to endorse Clinton. If Ted Kennedy could do it for Obama then Richardson should’ve put himself on the line for HRC.

  149. Will be fashionably attires in black sweatpants and knee-length pink sweatshirt, with my five!
    Hillary buttons running from left shoulder to right kneecap.

    Went w/ a friend to make the 87-mile roundtrip run for booze, so have enough bourbon for the returns, plus cold ginger and chicken salad and fresh baby spinich for fajita roll-ups and edamame for nervous munching.

    Forgot the really good chocolate for the final celebration.

    For those who don’t want to watch dumbheads and spitters tonight, Jin Laher is starting live returns broadcasting at 10pm on PBS, and NPR will be on live til the final as well (will avoid Don Gonyeh and Maryl Ilesson though.)

  150. I voted in NYC around 1pm. I didn’t have to wait. Said hi to the Hillary volunteers outside the poll, told two young Obama volunteers I was voting for Hillary. They smiled.

    The parade was huge — there may have been a million people downtown. I left the parade to vote, there was already a huge exodus but the real exodus hadn’t started yet. Men who travelled from upstate NY and Jersey — they couldn’t drive in and they’ll have a headache getting home. The hardcore Giants fans had to get there hours early to line the parade route. I was a half a block back from the street, you couldn’t get any closer. So that’s a long day if you had to travel.

    All the newspaper headlines were all Giants, totally.

  151. mj, I don’t relent. I think it’s a bad idea for many reasons. FI, he’s going to get outed on stuff soon. The trial starts in a few weeks, and his defenses get weaker with each contest. He would be a liability. There’s also a thing my friend would call the “don’t date anyone who thinks they’re prettier than you.” It leads to problems. Also, he’s greedy. He’ll off Hillary given half a chance to get to the Oval Office. Look at all he’s knifed in the back so far to get where he is… think Hillary wants it a second time? And think of his supporters. THEY ARE NUTS. Then there’s the biggest reason- he’s not qualified. Plus, folks will always say Hillary couldn’t do it w/o him. He’d constantly undermine her with that undercurrent. They already say it about Bill, why not Precious?

    I want him politically dead. He’s got bad juju. Trust me. Bad juju.

  152. Tim, hubby was raised to hate the Clintons. Mostly, he’s still pissed about Monica. I know. I know. My hubby thinks he’s more moral than everyone else…..who knows he may be.

  153. Bad juju.

    Yeah, if you run around telling ppl that he’d be great on the ticket, it ups the probability that you have to deliver, lest you be called a liar. Then you’ve got bad juju all over yourself.

  154. Not that it means anything, but I just got back from voting in my small town exurb of Boston. Nasty weather. Snow this morning, changed to rain. Roads are fine, driveways are a mess.

    There was a line at the polling place…very unusual. Poll workers said it had been busy all day.

    Lots and lots and lots of women.

  155. Okie, you guys are missing the point. I don’t think for one minute he will pick him as VP. I do think she’ll float the idea for the leaners, though. It’s smart politics.

  156. a friend took out a bunch of obama supporters for lunch today hes the boss told them to drink up and they did he just dropped off the last at his apartment gave them all tomorrow off. is that voter tampering?

  157. H4T, maybe, but if she didn’t deliver and voters felt he was promised, then it would reinforce the old branding- that’s she’s untrustworthy, a liar, etc.. Better to say nothing, and float jokes about Letterman and Conan.

  158. * From TMZ.com: Hillary’s been invited to perform on “Dancing With The Stars”!! LOL! I’d love to see it. Go to the link for the hysterical photoshopped image of Hillary…..

    Letter to Hillary from DWTS producer (PDF): http://www.aolcdn.com/tmz_documents/02055_clinton_letter_wm.pdf


    “Dancing with the Stars” for Hillary?!
    Posted Feb 5th 2008 4:40PM by TMZ Staff

    Producers of the “Dancing with the Stars” tour want to tango with Hillary Clinton!

    TMZ has obtained a copy of the letter Jared Paul, co-producer of the “DWTS” tour, sent to Hillary — inviting her to shake her groove thang — on one of the next stops on the tour. Paul sent the letter after Hills told Tyra Banks in an interview that she might like to compete on “DWTS” someday. Depending on today’s primary results, it may happen sooner than she thinks!

    Hillary knows how to hustle for votes, but can she do the hustle?!

    A call to a rep for Hillary Clinton was not immediately returned.

  159. It’s smart politics.

    Not when you piss ppl off after baiting and then switching to the likes of Bayh.

    Exactly what happened to Kennedy-Townsend in MD — clamor for a black running mate, she chose a white military guy and got beat like a drum in a blue state.

  160. hillary can control him as vice president however….Bush gave many responsibility (unwisely) to Cheeeney, Hillary can give Obama toilet duty or send him out of the country to drink teas with tribal parties as much as possible.

    In all honesty, I see no good could come from him being on the ticket. She does not need him to win, he is the most unqualified person to ever run for president or vice president.

    Hillary can do this on her own.

    She needs to just say NO. I’ll do it on my own and if she doesn’t win I hope she and Bill pack up and move to some island country, kick their feet up and vacation the rest of their life. They have give and give.

  161. timjcain, thanks for the laugh. We’ve done that ourselves in the past.

    Canaan, we’ve received emails from non-posters saying this morning there were many Hillary visibility people in the West side of Manhattan (14th street neighborhood).

  162. Hi, Hillfans:
    Re Krugman – does someone have time to do this research: sometime during the last several years, Illinois passed a mandatory auto insurance law. Did BO vote to approve the bill? See if you can find out – it’s exactly the same economic principle.

    Weather turning bad here in Illinois – raining like the dickens. Changing overnight to snow – 6-12″ expected.

  163. dot, not the most unqualified. We did have Dan Quayle….

    mj, I disagree. Once the majority of the states have voted, things will get sticky. There’s a month between this and Texas. He’ll have to deal with mounting scrutiny. The BM will have to make him human to continue the saga of the Democratic nomination.

    It’s the next logical step.

    Besides, she has Richardson. She has Bayh. She has Wes.

  164. Tim, he’s great but he’s 27. You have to be 35(?) to run for Pres, so I don’t think so. Not yet, but I predict that young man will be the first latino president.

  165. Informed, Ford has already been vilified in the South. The “dating white women/playboy bunnies” ad hurt him. You can’t undo that mess. Think West Coast or Midwest.

  166. Well, it’s looking more and more like she will have to, so make the best of it.

    This isn’t the first time her campaign has put this out there. They were doing it early on in SC. I don’t think it’s a smart idea unless it’s an absolutely serious offer — and all indications are that Obama is not interested in this type of offer at this time. Can’t we wait at least for the Feb 5th results to come in?

  167. mj what is his name
    i would hedge bets on him the little i saw was what i think people see in oblhblahblah

  168. now I could get behind Harold Ford, Jr…… yes, yes, yes…..I campaigned so hard for him here in Tennessee. Also, he is well liked by Fox News and MSNBC….so they couldn’t stab him too hard…

  169. She can go Latino, but only if already accepted by the mainstream. So think older and already having govt experience. Immigration will be a big issue in the GE. She can’t be too liberal with the issue if she’s wooing Independents and anti-McCain votes….

  170. I don’t even know if he would accept the offer if she asked him to be her vp. They both really dislike each other. They are putting on a show right now but Michelle Obama was idiotic enough to show their true colors by saying she had to “think about” supporting HRC if she is nominated. These two will never work together if they can help it. I think it is great for HRC’s camp to make people believe that there might be a possibility of them running together. But I doubt it will happen either. She might also use that to say later that she really did consider him for VP to be cordial and not take a ton of heat from Obamabots but that he declined. That would be the best scenario for her and I hope that happens. I want a VP who will support HRC and not stab her in the back.

  171. Anyone on the Illinois vote for mandatory auto insurance? Sorry I can’t research right now – it might help with the Krugmanites.

  172. It has stopped rainning here south of St. Louis but it is foggy. When we voted around noon there was not a line at our polling place but the workers said there has been a big turn out despite the nasty weather this morning. We can pick either a REP or DEM ticket to vote on in the primary. The lady said there had been an almost equal request for each ballot. Our friends, neighbors, and family down in Arkansas voted earlier in the day.

  173. Dot, see my reply to Informed re: Ford. Besides, not enough experience. Give me a governor, a former cabinet member or current Senator in a safe state. We cannot afford to lose any increase in the Dem majority.

  174. Richardson….I still think he would fit the bill to a “T”…maybe he is waiting to give Hillary a boost into the next states swing….

  175. I really like Harold Ford, Jr. as well. I don’t know if he is old enough to be considered for the VP slot. I’d rather see Ford as the first African American in the White House before Obambi. I hope HRC asks Ford though because it would totally piss off the Obamabots and she would be able to get away with it because Ford is African American so she won’t be accused of passing up Obama for a white guy.

  176. By the way (and then I’ve gotta go) how about Richardson’s new facial hair? It suits him…..

  177. Hillary can leak that she seriously considered him for VP,but Obama’s Rezko connection was the deciding factor in not picking him.

  178. mj: They are serious. They may have to. This is an extremely close race.

    Unless it’s a serious and formal offer, it just looks weak. Everybody knows that Obama can continue to compete if it’s close. Just makes us look nervous unless a serious offer has been made to end this now and get started on the general.

  179. best case scenerio hill wins obama gets arrested and oprah is forced to work at zabars handing out free samples
    one can dream

  180. If she chose Ford, the BM would say she’s pandering to AA’s and young people. Ford’s okay. I’m not complaining about him, but his last race was too hot and he still has too much baggage. Check back in 10 yrs if he stays active.

    She cannot hint at Precious at all. To do so appears weak. That’s not kosher in this race. BM would smell blood and eviscerate her worse than they are doing. Right now, it’s almost “death by a thousand cuts.” To kill Precious’ bid, it will have to be taking a snapshot of him and showing the people. They don’t know him. They don’t know his record. As they learn more, they like him less. Look at NH after his comment. It gave us a chink in his armor. He gave another with the “snub.” Just wait. be patient. He’s a greedy little monster and will show his inner asshole again.


  181. “Kihuen” is not good for nat’l politics.

    I was just answering tim’s question. To your point — he’s good-looking, which counts for a lot in politics! Too young now, though.


  182. I agree with OkieAtty. You are wise…. anyway, I’ve always thought Bill Richardson would be a good choice.

  183. South of St. Louis at 4:45 p.m., it’s rainning cats and dogs again…high winds…thunder…under tornado watch just as some people are getting off work perhaps headed to the polls.

  184. HLR, I know. I’m just noting the name is hard to spell, pronounce, etc.. Too bad it’s not something easier. Lots of folks are dumb and they make fun him to cover up their ignorance.

  185. i would look at the young men who put aside financial success and instead worked internationally within the gov’t perhaps someone from the kosovos trials unknown but beyond reproach young and passionate had the party done its job that person coul have been obama

  186. Thanks, Informed. Tell my hubby that sometime. He thinks I’m an idiot (and not just bc I support HRC). 😉

  187. I know VP talk is fun, but it is a little presumptuous right now. (Talk about jinxing yourself.) Let’s wait for the results to start rolling in! 🙂

    Too bad it is GA that starts the thing off. Hopefully it is close – so that the media cannot immediately call it.

  188. I like David Iglesias as a political candidate. He’s a former USA. He’s the guy “A Few Good Men” is based on. Give him a senate seat, then run him for first Latino president in 12 to 15 yrs. Can you say, “Ho—la!”

    Hell, yeah. He’d be great. Totally solid guy and well-respected.

  189. Idunn
    my apologies perhaps you did not read my correctioobama is according to what i heard th 3rd aa elected to the senate

  190. From WaPo on GA turnout:

    GA: Contenders Phone It In

    By Darryl Fears
    You are a presidential candidate in the campaign of your life, and California and New York are the prize states, the places to be on election day. But you wish you could somehow be in a key southern state like Georgia. What do you do?

    You make a call.

    The telephone was the weapon of choice for Sen. Hillary Clinton (N.Y.) and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. Likely Democratic voters awoke this morning to hear Clinton pleading: “It’s going to be close and I need your help.” Romney got really fancy with a newfangled device that greets potential Republican voters by first name. It’s all in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution. Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) robo-called Republicans over the weekend.

    Clinton does need help in the Peach State, where she trails Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) badly in the Democratic polls. Romney, Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee were virtually inseparable in Republican polls.

    In a race where every vote seems to matter, calling on the hotline could have consequences. But in Georgia, poll monitors are reporting problems that could offset what’s shaping up to be a huge turnout. “You have people waiting in line for three hours without voting,” said Helen Butler, state coordinator for the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation, who watched a polling station in Decatur. “They’re walking away even though we’re telling them not to go.”

    Matt Carrothers, a spokesman for the secretary of state, said that the state is experiencing problems typical during large voter turnouts and that most voting is proceeding smoothly.

    Eighty-seven delegates are up for grabs for Democrats and 72 for Republicans.

  191. Yeah! If GA is like SC then the pundits will get a full hour basically to glorify BO. I will not watch that crap!

  192. Really bad weather in St. Louis is perhaps a good thing if as someone commented earlier the Obama fans don’t get up and going until afternoon.

    Not just rain but lightning and thunder right now. We just had a 7inch snow melt this week so the ground is soaked and I can see there could be flooding in low areas.

    My Arkansas relatives say it is nasty down there also.

  193. nice piece by a brave woman, Kim Mance – brave enough to post this article in the Obamapost:huffingtonpost.com/kim-mance/cold-calculating-hillary_b_85149.html

    Super Tuesday is upon us. So, let’s just get ready for: a) the polls to be wrong, b) Chicago’s weather to become national voter-suppression news, c) Rush Limbaugh to have an aneurism when McCain sweeps the Republican side.

    One more thing we can count on is our sexist cultural undertones to continue. Let’s take a moment to talk about the megalomaniacal Hillary Clinton. Clearly, she could only be in the race because of calculated political ambition. Hers is a power-grabbing exercise. The men running for president are just exercising leadership.

    In fact, Obama just happened upon his multi-million dollar campaign. He hasn’t shoved his political career into overdrive because he has ambition, geez, what do you think he is, a politician?

    Obama uses a teleprompter, but indeed that’s not disingenuous. It’s part of presenting his image to the public. It’s what some people do when they make major speeches. But can you imagine if that same night in New Hampshire, Hillary’s speech had been teleprompted? It would have given fodder to the media for days. “Is she too weak to speak on her own, is she too scripted?”

    So yes, Hillary is calculating. She’s calculating how many times she has to ignore mainstream news anchors and commentators use the word “witch” to describe her or say only white women support her. She’s calculating exactly how carefully she has to say things not to be construed as a bitch or a nag by our stereotyped gender lens. She’s calculating how to communicate complex ideas while not coming off as overly aggressive.

    In a normal world, we should be calling her approach diplomatic, pulled-together, and smart.
    As Stanley Fish’s New York Times blog entry “All You Need Is Hate,” and Jason Horowitz’ GQ article “The Hillary Haters” point out: she’s damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. I wonder if any of those slinging around their “hatred” of Hillary really thinks they’d last one day in her world.

    And just like the swaggering guy who calls me “little lady” at the gas station and then offers up some unsolicited nonsense (or common-sense) advice — I’m tired of hearing the likes of Chris Matthews and Bill Kristol among others implying that women are voting for Hillary because of our own gender. Some young women are scared of voting for Hillary for fear of being accused of voting with their vaginas.

    Reverse that argument and see if it still sounds as ‘sensible.’ In this iron-clad logic, if men vote for male candidate, what are they voting with? Come on, we’re all using our brains here.

    I wrote last month about being genuinely undecided between Barack and Hillary. Clearly I’ve decided — and I got a t-shirt. If Obama wins the nomination, I’ll change my shirt and campaign for him. But instead I hope my new shirt will read: “Clinton/Obama ’08”. Because we need to win this election and that’s a winning ticket.

    Kim Mance is a writer and women’s advocate; she has launched a new blog in anticipation of her book, “Religiarchy.”

  194. According to AP via Ben Smith:

    More than one in 10 Democratic voters were under age 30 and one in five were over age 65. Among GOP primary voters fewer than one in 10 were under 30 and a quarter were over 65.

  195. GA — votes by CD will be important here. Could hold him to +7 on district delegates, or he could romp to +23.

  196. CNN reported a couple of days ago that IF they can’t call GA for Obambi within a few minutes of the polls closing, it will be a long night for him. Here’s hoping.

    They said the same thing about HRC in NY, but we know better.

  197. OkieAtty — do you mean in GA, or just in any state where Hillary wins?

    I’m expecting the full litany of complaints: vote fraud/Diebold, voter suppression, Hillary rigged the weather, Bradley effect, etc.

  198. as we wait instead of being negative why not share a favorite president hillary clinton moment
    when she displayed emotion talking about her gratitude for this country and what she BELIEVES WE ARE CAPABLE OF

  199. After BO’s comment (threat) last week, think it was Friday, that if he won the nomination all her supporters would go to him but if SHE won his voters wouldn’t go to her, i don’t see how she could possibly name him VP. And that’s not the first insult: from the “You’re likeable enough, Hillary” comment to the “snub” to the remark i just cited, she would lose all respect from AA’s, who would joke about how Bambi dissed the white b!tch. I agree with Dot: If the country is stupid enough to give BO the nomination, the Clinton’s should find an island retreat and enjoy the rest of their lives without this absolute BS they have been going through for the past 17 years. They deserve it. I sometimes wonder why she has even subjected herself to this torture.

  200. I think my favorite moment was the debate when Rezko came up. “We’re just getting warmed up”.

    Favorite Quote: “It took a Clinton to clean after the first Bush and I think it might take another one to clean up after the second Bush.”…

  201. Well, I guess fretting over the most common story out there (H/O, O/H) about the two candidates is one way to pass the time until the results come in…

    Forgive me but not only is speculating as to running mates silly, it is counterproductive. Know that a VP is chosen to shore up a perceived deficiency in resume (Foreign policy/defense;Cheney for Bush) or to get a leg up in a state deemed necessary to for an electoral college victory. The candidate often has little real choice, as it is dictated by the situation, not some personal preference.

    Allowing that one of the most popular speculations in BM is in the realm of possibility isn’t weak, it’s SMART; Obama is an egotist who would never accept the post. In reality, he fulfills neither of the requirements for a VP, and the campaign’s main argument against his candidacy is that he wouldn’t be, “ready on day one.”, so they would be left to explain whether they were hypocrites or idiots in the event of his unlikely selection.

    That said, they could release the statement that they offered the VP to Barry (assuming that WE are the nominee) and that he respectfully declined, saving face for both sides and providing a salve to the wounds of the campaign, and freeing Hillary up to make a choice that will actually help her win in November.

  202. basil9 – after Rezko breaks completely loose, it would be near to impossible to name him. And, agree – public service is difficult and lonely. And no good deed goes unpunished – ever.

  203. HEY ADMIN

  204. HLR,

    I totally forgot that Hillary can control the weather! 😉

    Also, do not forget that:
    White people are racist,
    Blacks are race-traitors for supporting Hillary,
    Latinos hate black people,
    Gays are silly female idolizers,
    Women are naive,

    I expect to hear every excuse in the book. *rolls eyes*

  205. I hear every “Reporter” claiming high voter turnout benefits Obama, but I don’t see it that way. Hillary attracted massive amounts of voters in NH, NV, and FL. I guess it is all apart of the media’s plan to create an Obama Movement.

  206. Another favorite Hillary quote (from that video too btw)…

    “Americans from all walks of life across our country may be invisible to this president, but they’re not invisible to me.”


  207. Big Media continues to ignore WOMEN who will be voting in private booths; away from their husbands, away from a pollster on the phone, away from CNN and MSNBC.

  208. OandrewD,

    NH, MI, NV and FL do not count. Rember? Hillary won those. Only IA and SC count.

    (BTW, read above with a sarcastic voice. 🙂 )

  209. several female friends registered republicans just informed me they are voting for elizabeth hasselback
    that confused me but i asked and they informed me that they are going to write in an idiot when they also call the gop

  210. Exit polls Fox

    Barack Obama doing well…black 81% Clinton 17% Whites 44% Obama Clinton 50% HIsapanics 36% Obama, higher for Hillary

    While 57% Clinton Obama 45%

    White men 51% Obama 43% Hillary

    Clinton older voters, Barack younger…….CAVEAT: Fox says these numbers may overstate Obama’s actual numbers

  211. Here are some preliminary findings from the exit polls conducted by the television networks and the Associated Press:

    The economy is the biggest issue for both Democratic and Republican voters (approximately 50%); while Iraq is the biggest issue for about 30%.
    Clinton voters said “experience” was the most important quality in a president; Obama voters prefered “change”
    Like most states this year, turnout is higher for Democrats than Republicans
    Note: Exit polls are not conducted for caucuses, only for states that held primaries today.

  212. On women and today’s voting; something I was working on this morning but now doubt I’ll complete…

    Their daughters are waking them up, making sure that mommy and grammy get up in time to get to the polling place. Some have been up for hours, as giddy and excited as if it was Christmas eve. They’re going about their morning routine, getting the family off to school and work, getting themselves ready, sipping their coffee, reading the morning paper. Some of them have never voted before, the newly minted, just turned 18 year-old voters, getting their first chance to participate in the world’s longest standing democratic elections, casting a vote hard-won by women whose names they may not even know. Some have voted many, many times before, going back to the days of FDR and Truman, but for some reason they feel an electricity, a spring in their step as they go to the local polling place this morning that is something entirely new and even a little surprising. They’re standing outside, on line, in the rain, in the snow and cold, in bright sunshine, across the four thousand miles from coast-to-coast, waiting to make their voices heard, voices that some have struggled for a lifetime to discover and some who are still searching. They look around and see that most waiting to vote are also women, and this is both surprising and not surprising at the same time for some strange reason.

  213. Speaking of undecideds:

    Undecideds: Why I’m Doing a 180 and Voting for Hillary
    The Democratic Daily (Stuart O’Neill) | February 5, 2008


  214. AmericanGal, 57 + 45 = 102. Do you mean 57/43?

    If so, Hillary is winning, because she is up by 14 among white women and down 6 among white men. Net 5-6 overall percentage points ahead among whites, in other words. If Hispanics and AA are broadly a wash, we are looking at a 6-point win margin overall.

  215. Fox didn’t say *where* it came from. Just said it had nothing to do with western states. They did caution it could be skewed to Obama, which to me, means alot of Georgia.

  216. Fox just called their number “exit polls” I didn’t hear them say it was from any state…

    Yes Nordicus, I believe it was 57/43 just a typo…


    In the Democratic races, Barack Obama led among black voters and Hillary Rodham Clinton led among Hispanic voters. Obama led among white men, while Clinton led among white women. Overall, Obama led among men and Clinton led among women, although her advantage among women appeared smaller than was seen in early primary states. In the Republican races, John McCain led among men. He had only a small lead over Romney among women.

  218. I am a little concerned with the way MSNBC (I know they have done nothing to help us so far) is covering the night so far. They know, or at least have a very good idea how things will turn out tonight based on their exit polls and they played up the ‘will Obama be the front runner at the end of the night’ angle. I am worried they know something is coming with the results, otherwise, to prevent another NH incident you would think they wouldn’t play up that angle. Or maybe they just want good television. I am just a little paranoid tonight.

  219. The MA tie is according to the first two waves of MA exit polling. It’s not the final exit poll.

  220. Preliminary exit poll results conducted for The Associated Press show close to half of all Republican and Democratic voters say the economy is the most important challenge facing the nation.

    For Democratic voters, the war in Iraq places a close second with nearly four of ten calling it the top issue. Health care placed a distant third.

  221. # mj Says:
    February 5th, 2008 at 6:23 pm

    Thats what exit polls show. Someone just told me.

    That’s an example of what we don’t need. Unsubstantiated BS broadcast to the faithful. “Someone”, isn’t really a very reliable source. Try to take a minute before you post about 1/2 of the stuff you do…

  222. Per AP…

    Just half of Democrats who voted for Clinton said they would be satisfied if Obama won, while just half of Obama voters said they would be satisfied if Clinton won.

  223. again i ask why is she waiting to trumpet the fdny endorsement is it because it will be more effective later?

  224. Illinois,

    But doya think the rezko story will ever surface nationally? (Unless, of course, BO is the nominee and the repubs get the pleasure of airing his dirty laundry.)

    btw – liked your explanation the other day about broadcasting deregulation and how that has led to media monopoly. Now I gotta research the “Fourth Estate” coz I’m not too well-versed in such things.

  225. ..like mj or terrondt..I swear you 2 could beat kerry
    and ..b merryfield could take shperd sheep smith’s job.. by a long shot..then we would have a dem for fox news …lol

  226. I don’t know if there is a “born-in-the-US” requirement for VP, but Ruben Kuheun of NV was born about 6 hours from where I used to live in San Blas, Mexico.

  227. Hi all, just woke up, tire as Hell, 8) But slowly waking up.

    I find CNN ridiculous, trying to put Obama in a change box, and Hillary in an experience box. WHILE Hillary has been out there touting BOTH!!! as is registered!!! Instead they say her voters didn’t get it, god…..

    Oh well, just a few hours until we can all flip them off!

  228. Some people are waking up to it. Surprised it took this long.

    # Kingsgrove Says:
    February 5th, 2008 at 6:16 pm

    Speaking of undecideds:

    Undecideds: Why I’m Doing a 180 and Voting for Hillary
    The Democratic Daily (Stuart O’Neill) | February 5, 2008


  229. Some more CNN exit polls:

    Obama voters – why they voted

    74% change
    11% cares about people
    3% experience

    Hillary voters – why they voted

    45% experience
    29% change
    15% cares about people

  230. Kihuen…sorry, broke my glasses in a run to the WLAN spot; wearing 8 yr old ones…not good.

    In advance please excuse further typos. Thanx

  231. Will be interesting to see if they ACTUALLY will vote/support Hillary in the GE, or if this is some weird attempt at trying to scare democrats away from Hillary, as they seem to prefer her to Mack, and many democrats have a favorable opinion of him.

  232. From TPM

    Dem Exits, Second Wave
    These are the second wave exits. Not certain whether or not they’re weighted. Assume they’re not.

    GA: C- 25.5, O – 75

    CT: C – 45, O – 52.2

    IL: C – 29.1, O – 69.6

    AL: C – 37, O – 59.6

    DE: C – 41.9, O – 55.6

    MA: C – 47.3, O – 49.8

    MO: C – 45.1, O – 49.8

    TN: C – 51.6, O – 41.1

    NY: C – 55.6, O – 42.2

    NJ: C – 47, O – 52.2

    AR: C – 71.2, O – 25.5

    OK: C – 60.5, O – 30.4

    AZ: C – 44.8, O – 50.5

    These below are first wave …

    NM: C – 45.6, O – 51.8

    UT: C – 39.9, O – 60.1

    CA: C – 49.6, O – 46.3


  233. Yes. hawk. GA first. Next batch will include MA and CT. Then AR, and the 9pm Eastern batch will include NY.

  234. CNN are seriously downplaying Obama, Borger is reluctant to mention Hillary at all, somethings happening there.

  235. TheRealist: Try to take a minute before you post about 1/2 of the stuff you do…

    Are you a schoolmarm in real life?

  236. Oh boy… Looks like the pollsters had a bad last couple of days if these numbers are anything like true 🙁

  237. I’m not going to worry about the early exit polls — I still remember those BIG KERRY WINS in ’04.

  238. Guys, don’t know where TPM is getting those numbers…exit numbers can change dramatically as the night goes on..

  239. moonpluto,

    (I cannot watch or listen to BM so I’m getting all info from here.)

    What do you mean CNN is downplayng BO and won’t mention HRC? What do you think that means?

  240. HillaryLandRocks Says:
    February 5th, 2008 at 6:42 pm

    Do you realize the irony of your need to chastise me? This is about Hillary, not you, so lighten up.

  241. # MJS Says:
    February 5th, 2008 at 6:46 pm

    at this rate hIll only wins 5 states? WTF?

    Perhaps you should wait for a couple of votes to be counted, or at least for a couple to actually close…SHEEEEESH!

  242. I am not confident about the TPM numbers. From the looks of things the Clinton camp seem to be in very good moods, no worries, I think their internal numbers are telling them a good story.

  243. Way to early to make any guesses. LOL, I can’t believe anyone is even thinking about state wins/losses, at this moment, not even *one* poll has closed.

  244. I actually turned on MSNBC again after avoiding it for the last 3-4 days. Nothing has changed. Pat Robertson is the only person making sense. He’s looking to see if Obama’s surge is real if there is an increase in white and hispanic support for him. I agree. He can talk about HRC not being likable enough all he wants. If he can’t get more of the white vote he will totally lose the South – and most of this country – in the general election. The hispanic vote is also extremely important since they are the largest minority group in the country.

  245. Don’t put your hopes in Georgia. All the pundits on MSNBC said if Obama doesn’t beat HRC by more than 10 points in that state then he’s in trouble. Basically, everyone is expecting him to “stomp her” (as Rachel Maddow put it) in Georgia. If she wins or is a close second then it will be a pleasant surprise. But don’t let Georgia get you down just because it’s the first state with results.

  246. I don’t care about exit polls. For those of us getting our news here, not tv, please don’t post things that are blatently not ready to be posted. I would rather wait until the polls close.

  247. TheRealist — Do you realize the irony of your need to chastise me?

    Uhm, no — given that it’s a regular habit of yours.

    This is about Hillary, not you, so lighten up.

    I’m doing just fine. I don’t feel the need to tell people to think before they post half the stuff they do.

  248. I’m with Hawk. I’m not watching the T.V. for a reason. If you guys are going to just reiterate what they say, I might as well get off of here too.

  249. Hey gang,


    Are ya FEELIN‘ that STRONG RightWing Supply-Side Republican economy ?

  250. This same set of poll numbers is being touted everywhere—they have to be some kind of exit polls (who knows where they are from). I don’t know the reliabilty of exit polls. Didn’t exit polls in NH have Obama winning? I wouldn’t take them as gospel…

  251. We wont reiterate what the tv people are saying, but as we are watching to see what is happening, it is only natural to mention some of what is being reported. come one all, be fair.

    Well, Obama can keep Georgia!!! lol

  252. Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God: / And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.”

    Oh lord…all us Hillfans are going to hell!

  253. Kool-Aid Kids Backpedaling

    NBC News reporter covering Bambi just said that the campaign told him today that they expect to be behind in the delegate count at the end of the night.


  254. From today’s exit polling.


    39% – Obama

    48% – Clinton

  255. TheRealist Says: On women and today’s voting; something I was working on this morning but now doubt I’ll complete…

    That’s beautiful! Why not complete it? Did it turn out not realistic? 🙂

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