Vote Healthcare – Vote Hillary Clinton

[Hillary Clinton Townhall tonight. Hallmark Channel. 9:00 p.m. (ET). Also, Hillary Clinton tonight on David Letterman show.]

The real Superbowl this election is health care. With the New York team, Hillary Clinton, we win.

We’ve written before about health care. Today, Paul Krugman once again takes on the failure and flim flam man who is Barack Obama.

The principal policy division between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama involves health care. It’s a division that can seem technical and obscure — and I’ve read many assertions that only the most wonkish care about the fine print of their proposals.

But as I’ve tried to explain in previous columns, there really is a big difference between the candidates’ approaches. And new research, just released, confirms what I’ve been saying: the difference between the plans could well be the difference between achieving universal health coverage — a key progressive goal — and falling far short.

Specifically, new estimates say that a plan resembling Mrs. Clinton’s would cover almost twice as many of those now uninsured as a plan resembling Mr. Obama’s — at only slightly higher cost.

Krugman compares the plans:

The Clinton plan is, however, more explicit about affordability, promising to limit insurance costs as a percentage of family income. And it also seems to include more funds for subsidies.

But the big difference is mandates: the Clinton plan requires that everyone have insurance; the Obama plan doesn’t.

Mr. Obama claims that people will buy insurance if it becomes affordable. Unfortunately, the evidence says otherwise.

After all, we already have programs that make health insurance free or very cheap to many low-income Americans, without requiring that they sign up. And many of those eligible fail, for whatever reason, to enroll.

An Obama-type plan would also face the problem of healthy people who decide to take their chances or don’t sign up until they develop medical problems, thereby raising premiums for everyone else. Mr. Obama, contradicting his earlier assertions that affordability is the only bar to coverage, is now talking about penalizing those who delay signing up — but it’s not clear how this would work.

Krugman cites a new study by Jonathan Gruber of M.I.T.:

Mr. Gruber finds that a plan without mandates, broadly resembling the Obama plan, would cover 23 million of those currently uninsured, at a taxpayer cost of $102 billion per year. An otherwise identical plan with mandates would cover 45 million of the uninsured — essentially everyone — at a taxpayer cost of $124 billion. Over all, the Obama-type plan would cost $4,400 per newly insured person, the Clinton-type plan only $2,700.

That doesn’t look like a trivial difference to me. One plan achieves more or less universal coverage; the other, although it costs more than 80 percent as much, covers only about half of those currently uninsured.

Krugman’s diagnosis is dire and revealing:

But while it’s easy to see how the Clinton plan could end up being eviscerated, it’s hard to see how the hole in the Obama plan can be repaired. Why? Because Mr. Obama’s campaigning on the health care issue has sabotaged his own prospects.

You see, the Obama campaign has demonized the idea of mandates — most recently in a scare-tactics mailer sent to voters that bears a striking resemblance to the “Harry and Louise” ads run by the insurance lobby in 1993, ads that helped undermine our last chance at getting universal health care.

If Mr. Obama gets to the White House and tries to achieve universal coverage, he’ll find that it can’t be done without mandates — but if he tries to institute mandates, the enemies of reform will use his own words against him.

If you combine the economic analysis with these political realities, here’s what I think it says: If Mrs. Clinton gets the Democratic nomination, there is some chance — nobody knows how big — that we’ll get universal health care in the next administration. If Mr. Obama gets the nomination, it just won’t happen.

That is the stark choice on health care. Vote healthcare – Vote Hillary Clinton.


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  1. This is THE ISSUE. Absolutely everyone in the country suffers from a healthcare problem regardless of income. It’s also the quality of care for the money, not just whether or not you can afford to pay for it.

  2. She is winning this, guys. Ignore the polls. Ignore the media.

    Many, many voters do not answer polls at this point in the cycle. I never do. I get so sick of them by a day or so before election that I do not even pick up the phone.

    It is the rabid Obamabi-ites who are still picking up the phone trying to push the numbers for their guy. Hillary supporters are busy, and have lives and families. They could care less about all this hype. They are the sensible, invisible ones. They will be “polled” at the voting booth tomorrow.

  3. Thank you for the up to date newson the health care plans. Obama’s health care plan is a farce. For a democrat to take the stances he takes is unthinkable. He’ll be taken is as an honorary repug anyday.

  4. hello everyone!

    let us carry our age/gender from previous thread.

    Rezco gate is percolating….it will be ready to serve very soon…in case we need to go past tomorrow night…the dominos will start to fall…with trial set to finally begin 3/3 the eyes gotta soon be opening more. media tied up right now trying to destroy Hillary. Once they find that she is once again still standing on Wednesday morning I look for the media gates of hell to open and descend upon ObamabotNation

  5. 51yo WM

    # TheRealist Says:
    February 4th, 2008 at 1:19 pm

    These are the polls I’m basing my assessments on. Trust in the demographics, note the similarities between them. Note that Hillary is 4 and one since IA. The artificial momentum for Barry doesn’t come from any real source. The last primary saw Hillary win by more votes than Barry’s TOTAL in the tiny, demographically unrepresentative state where he has his ONLY primary win.

    Those demos will be repeated over and over and over again. The polls don’t anticipate the Tsunami of women voters, look at the % of female turnout in every state so far, it’s HUGE.

    I ma so looking forward to tonight’s Town Hall, it should be very inspiring going into tomorrow. I really can’t wait for tomorrow…

  6. Hope you will last till May – Astrology anyone?
    I found this last night. It confirms my belief that she will be 44. For a complete prediction go to –

    For OBAMA

    “My sense is Tuesday will go well enough for him but nothing extreme either way. He’s both unlikely to take the lead in delegates or the polls and neither will his campaign fizzle. At the end of it, there may still be sense that he faces an uphill battle to win the nomination perhaps because he hasn’t done as well as he had hoped.”

    “A potential turning point in his campaign may be the period of March 9-12 when transiting Mercury and Venus conjoin his natal Ketu.”

    “Also note there is a P4 Mars station exact on March 8 that occurs in a 4 degree square with his natal Venus. This looks very unfavourable to him and possibly his wife as well given the Venus symbolism that suggests some kind of major misfortune.”


    When I originally wrote this forecast in early 2007, I had thought that Hillary Clinton could only win the nomination and the presidency if Al Gore stayed out of the race, something I wasn’t sure would happen.

    At the time of writing (Jan 7, 2008), Obama is surging in the polls and has won Iowa and is poised to do the same in New Hampshire. Some observers are suggesting that Hillary Clinton’s chances are slim. They don’t look good at present, but I am sticking to my original prediction that she will win the nomination and the presidency.

    Possibly the most important date in the campaign will be February 5, 2008 — Mega Tuesday, when over a dozen states hold their Democratic primaries.

    Lots of oppositions in the transits which is not usually in a chart of someone who is happy with their performance. Perhaps the opposite transits speak to the overall stress levels and some complications and obstacles that may come into ler life at that time.

    More importantly, she is the proud owner of a tertiary progressed Venus station in February and with it forming a trine to Neptune and opposition to Pluto, it seems to be just what she needs to reverse her fortunes and reassume frontrunner status.

    Her chart for election day in November is really quite good also. She has an another station, this time it’s Neptune, which returns the favour to Venus through a trinal aspect. It is hard to see her coming away as a defeated candidate in November.

  7. Hubby said something today that really hits the nail on the head. Talking about the insecure men seem to be the ones lining up in bambicamp.

    He laughed and said, “Real men support Hillary, the weak kneed flock together in the obama pits” Loved it. He’s a real fighter for Hillary and if he were able he could rock the gotv.

  8. Texan4Hillary: THANK YOU for posting the link to Robin Morgan’s essay. I’m re-posting it, because I’ve been emailing it to my progressive boomer women friends all morning (yes I’m a 50-something) and it’s getting some traction! And, it is especially important for my “sisters” to keep in mind their own daughters as they read this:

    My husband (a REAL feminist) is supporting Hillary -and we’re rallying here in Chicago. And me, “I’m voting for Hillary not just because she is a woman, but because I am one!” Keep the faith, Hillfans!

  9. B. Merry, please don’t forget that the payback for you will be the book you will write later. LOL

    I hope all of this stuff comes out in time to help with her nomination. It could still work after the primaries are over but before the convention. If he got into a big jam over it the superdelegates might be able to make sure we get the right choice.

    Actually, I’m counting on her winning this thing anyway. I believe she will.

  10. she will win
    Was there any doubt an “Obama Surge” was going to be headlines today?
    I could have told you that a month ago.

  11. TheRealist, how much do exit poll numbers change over time? What I mean is, some polls for some states are showing jumps up for Obama but are those truly real? How can a base of support change that quickly when the demographic results from other primaries show something different? That’s what makes me suspicious of some of the polls we have seen.

    Also, can’t polls simply reflect what people say at the time of the phone call but not actually how they vote? With all the excessive media coverage, a voter contacted by phone might say Obama just because his name is on the news so much but actually vote for Hillary. Isn’t there a media effect that can be reflected in poll numbers?

  12. 33 yo, woman

    hi Hillfans! I was out on the streets yesterday rooting for Hillary. We got A LOT of honks and thumbs up and waving. just a couple haters. man, when they DO hate, they are rabid! why is that? one guy almost wrecked when he got so upset he almost fell out of his car, leaning out the window and screaming….one lady was soo crazed-looking, i thought she was a mental patient, falling out of her car, red-raced; she looked insane, her hair all out and looking like madusa. it was too funny.

    by far, we got a lot of positive support. even i was surprised!

    a lot of cars, men driving, women riding…the men would put thumbs down and the women would laugh at their men and put their thumbs up. it was so cute.

    oh and some paulies.

    it was so much fun.

  13. BTW, I just read Erica Jong’s essay on Hillary in WaPo. I know it was mentioned here before, but it’s excellent.

    Also, Taylor Marsh has a great post up on media/blogger double standards.

  14. dt, if Obama becomes the nominee I will not vote for him. I don’t like the content of his character or his raging hypocrasy.

  15. AG — I saw that.

    “I have to think about that,” she said in an interview aired on ABC’s “Good Morning America” today. “I’d have to think about her policies, her approach, her tone.”

    Can’t say I care for her tone.

  16. AmericanGal,
    You’re probably right. That’s why we shouldn’t put too much stock into any of these polls at this point in the campaign (tip to the Realist). If you really want to know how things are going, look at the candidates and what their doing. That’s why I don’t get all the uncertainty. BO is treating CA like Hillary did SC. She left for like 3 days because she knew with the state’s demos she couldn’t possibly win. Even though SOME POLLS said she had a chance. I think that’s why some of you were bummed that she lost by double digits- a few polls said she was closer but most said the state was a lost cause.

  17. 43 year old white woman here. True2party you made me laugh out loud about the crazed Obamots going nuts!

    I can’t wait until the town hall tonight, I just know that will tip all of the undecideds to Hillary. I am so excited for tomorrow night. I think the hardest thing will be waiting for the final tally from CA because it will take so long for them to count everything, the absentee ballots included.

  18. dt, That was my reaction as well. How disrespectful and arrogant. As some posters noted on Talk Left, what if Bill C. had said that?

  19. Polls have been even more unreliable and meaningless since Florida and Edwards departure the next day. The only polls of merit are EXIT polls. Polls of states where there has been early and absentee voting are utterly useless, polls with and MOE of more than 3 1/2% and or undecided of 8% or more are useless. Polls taken in the two days leading up to an election always skew towards a closer outcome. When different polls of the same state by different organizations, taken on the same day(s) show wildly divergent totals, they are reflecting the irrelevance of those polls.

    Look at the exit polls in Hillary’s victories. They are the polls that count and that will prove to be a far better predictor of tomorrow’s primaries than the polling mavens who had Rudy leading nationally until last week, despite NEVER even coming close in a single primary. It will be a better predictor than the polling experts who had Edwards in a dead heat in NEVADA, the polling geniuses who saw a CRUSHING defeat for Hillary in NH, the Polling gurus who left John McCain for dead and who now show him WAY WAY ahead.

    Trust the demographics and exit polling. Trust in common sense. Trust in Hillary and her organization. Get some popcorn and some snacks. Get ready for a SUPER TUESDAY…

  20. I’m starting to wonder if Obama is gearing up for an independent run a la his mentor Joe Lieberman. Hillary has said definitively that she will support the Democratic nominee should she not be the one. She re-iterated this the other day. Obama’s now talking about how his supporters may not vote for Hillary and now this comment from Michelle? Oh no, they don’t – this isn’t going any where good.

    I’ve always wondered if Republicans were behind Obama’s run. His use of Republican talking points – particularly on healthcare issues – and now these threats about how his supporters won’t support Clinton? Wow. Wow. Wow.

  21. TheRealist,

    You ever thought about writing for You’d be great at it!

    *22yrs old, black,woman

  22. exactly what time (Eastern) do you think we will start to get some results…

    also, what time would you expect some exit polling?

    I have a doctors appt tomorrow morning at 10:45 and it’s pretty extensive..then onto the pharmacy for meds and then a bite to eat….most likely by the time I get home some things will start happening.

    I have faith in the Hillary supporters and that they will show up and push the correct button.

  23. TheRealist, as always you keep us in the right perspective…..

    By the way I got an American Federation of Teachers phone call for Hillary today! They are not forgetting Minnesota!

    Hillary got good coverage here yesterday….I read that Obama’s speech in the Twin Cities Saturday was really flat..

  24. me – 38 yr old Asian American woman…

    I just posted this (someone posted link before), but when I put in the link, it takes forever, so it can be found on

    Goodbye To All That (#2) by Robin Morgan

    February 2, 2008

    “Goodbye To All That” was my (in)famous 1970 essay breaking free from a politics of accommodation especially affecting women (for an online version, see

    During my decades in civil-rights, anti-war, and contemporary women’s movements, I’ve avoided writing another specific “Goodbye . . .” But not since the suffrage struggle have two communities—joint conscience-keepers of this country—been so set in competition, as the contest between Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) and Barack Obama (BO) unfurls. So.

    Goodbye to the double standard . . .

    —Hillary is too ballsy but too womanly, a Snow Maiden who’s emotional, and so much a politician as to be unfit for politics.

    —She’s “ambitious” but he shows “fire in the belly.” (Ever had labor pains?)

    —When a sexist idiot screamed “Iron my shirt!” at HRC, it was considered amusing; if a racist idiot shouted “Shine my shoes!” at BO, it would’ve inspired hours of airtime and pages of newsprint analyzing our national dishonor.

    —Young political Kennedys—Kathleen, Kerry, and Bobby Jr.—all endorsed Hillary. Senator Ted, age 76, endorsed Obama. If the situation were reversed, pundits would snort “See? Ted and establishment types back her, but the forward-looking generation backs him.” (Personally, I’m unimpressed with Caroline’s longing for the Return of the Fathers. Unlike the rest of the world, Americans have short memories. Me, I still recall Marilyn Monroe’s suicide, and a dead girl named Mary Jo Kopechne in Chappaquiddick.)

    Goodbye to the toxic viciousness . . .

    Carl Bernstein’s disgust at Hillary’s “thick ankles.” Nixon-trickster Roger Stone’s new Hillary-hating 527 group, “Citizens United Not Timid” (check the capital letters). John McCain answering “How do we beat the bitch?” with “Excellent question!” Would he have dared reply similarly to “How do we beat the black bastard?” For shame.

    Goodbye to the HRC nutcracker with metal spikes between splayed thighs. If it was a tap-dancing blackface doll, we would be righteously outraged—and they would not be selling it in airports. Shame.

    Goodbye to the most intimately violent T-shirts in election history, including one with the murderous slogan “If Only Hillary had married O.J. Instead!” Shame.

    Goodbye to Comedy Central’s “Southpark” featuring a storyline in which terrorists secrete a bomb in HRC’s vagina. I refuse to wrench my brain down into the gutter far enough to find a race-based comparison. For shame.

    Goodbye to the sick, malicious idea that this is funny. This is not “Clinton hating,” not “Hillary hating.” This is sociopathic woman-hating. If it were about Jews, we would recognize it instantly as anti-Semitic propaganda; if about race, as KKK poison. Hell, PETA would go ballistic if such vomitous spew were directed at animals. Where is our sense of outrage—as citizens, voters, Americans?

    Goodbye to the news-coverage target-practice . . .

    The women’s movement and Media Matters wrung an apology from MSNBC’s Chris Matthews for relentless misogynistic comments ( But what about NBC’s Tim Russert’s continual sexist asides and his all-white-male panels pontificating on race and gender? Or CNN’s Tony Harris chuckling at “the chromosome thing” while interviewing a woman from The White House Project? And that’s not even mentioning Fox News.

    Goodbye to pretending the black community is entirely male and all women are white . . .

    Surprise! Women exist in all opinions, pigmentations, ethnicities, abilities, sexual preferences, and ages—not only African American and European American but Latina and Native American, Asian American and Pacific Islanders, Arab American and—hey, every group, because a group wouldn’t exist if we hadn’t given birth to it. A few non-racist countries may exist—but sexism is everywhere. No matter how many ways a woman breaks free from other discriminations, she remains a female human being in a world still so patriarchal that it’s the “norm.”

    So why should all women not be as justly proud of our womanhood and the centuries, even millennia, of struggle that got us this far, as black Americans, women and men, are justly proud of their struggles?

  25. didn’t he sign a pledge in order to be on the texas ballot swearing his allegiance to the eventual nominee? is that in anyway binding? and what about funds rec’d as a dem candidate. he and bloomberg together frightens me.

  26. The thing about these polls is that around half of the states voting tomorrow have early voting. Hillary will do very well with people that have already voted. Obama will have to win the votes cast tomorrow at the polls by big margins to overcome the early voters.

  27. yeah, Obama and Michele comments sound like playground bullying…either give me all the marbles or we are going home and taking the rest of the players with us. No common ground and they want to holler uniTY. Such crybabies and whiners. They think they can hold the party hostage.

    thank goodness tomorrow will see the beginning of seeing their tales gone from the stage…can’t happen soon enough for me.

  28. why did our campaign not make an ad with the Florida win to make sure all the voters Know about Hillary’s victories in Michigan and Florida? I believe that is not against any rules of DNCC.

  29. I just posted at

    Since you favor Hillary, would you please take a sceptical look at the charges of ‘racist tactics’ a bit more closely? What did the Clintons actually SAY? It all seems to be ‘invented the internet’ sort of twisting of the Clintons’ words. Jesse Jackson Sr, John Lewis, and many respected Black leaders have examined the actual conversations and are strongly defending the Clintons. Here is what John Lewis said:
    “It is unfortunate that people have tried to distort what Mrs. Clinton had to say about Dr. King.”
    “I think there has been a deliberate and systematic attempt by some people in the Obama campaign to really fan the flames about race and to really distort what Senator Clinton said. I understood and I think most right thinking people understood what she said.
    “President and Senator Clinton have a record, a history, a very long history of bringing people together. No right thinking American would ever think that Senator or President Clinton would ever do anything that would use the race card”
    “I must tell you…I’m trying to set the record straight…the Obama camp is doing something else, theyr’e sending out memos to the media trying to suggest that the Clintons are playing the race card.”
    -Rep. John Lewis on News Hour 1/14

    I’ve got more defense quotes on the ‘racist’ thing at

  30. The only polls of merit are EXIT polls.

    Exit polls are just as unreliable, actually.

    Personally, I feel good about tomorrow, which is why I don’t go into panic mode when somebody posts a poll w/ a negative outcome.

  31. # timjcain Says:
    February 4th, 2008 at 2:01 pm

    didn’t he sign a pledge in order to be on the texas ballot swearing his allegiance to the eventual nominee? is that in anyway binding? and what about funds rec’d as a dem candidate. he and bloomberg together frightens me.

    he has lied and twisted his statements too many times that he will do anything and nobody can swat him because then, that will be a racist thing to do. sometimes, this racecover against any misdeed can get to you. he is white. he is black as a convenient ploy to use for the “inspiration” campaign. we should all know better.

  32. Well, well, well….lookee here!

    Plouffe Memo: We’re The Giants, Baby

    04 Feb 2008 01:10 pm

    (not in so many words…despite or because of polls showing that Obama is now leading or tied with Hillary Clinton nationally.).

    February 4, 2008 To: Interested Parties

    From: David Plouffe

    RE: Putting Tomorrow into Perspective

    Two weeks ago, a Clinton campaign adviser told CBS News that they believed they could “wrap up” the nomination on February 5th. As the “inevitable” national frontrunner, tomorrow should be the day when she sews up the nomination or builds a formidable delegate lead. But because of Obama’s growing momentum across the country, the Clinton campaign is now unlikely to reach their stated goals of wrapping up the nomination tomorrow.

    Senator Clinton is certainly the favorite on February 5, given the huge leads she has held in many of these contests throughout the course of the campaign and the political, historical and geographic advantages she enjoys in many of these states.

    For example, California, which Clinton led by 25 points in October and 12 points two weeks ago, was once seen as the Clinton campaign’s firewall and where they planned to run up an insurmountable lead in delegates. Former Governor Gray Davis, a Clinton supporter, said on MSNBC last week, “I am pleased to be for Hillary Clinton and I expect her to do very well in Super Tuesday. I expect her to win California by a sizable amount, at least double digits, do well in New York and New Jersey and Connecticut.”

    Based on her huge head start, Hillary Clinton should still win California, but is unlikely to achieve her goal of getting a sizeable share of the delegates.

    Our path to the nomination never factored in a big day for us on February 5. Rather, we always planned to stay close enough in the delegate count so that we could proceed to individually focus on the states in the next set of contests.

    I’m sorry. Hold up, time out. What?? Unless every Obama adviser I’ve spoken to over the past year has out and out lied to me, a big day on Feb. 5 has always been a big part of Obama’s nomination strategy. That doesn’t mean they always expected to win it…just that, for months, the campaign devoted unusual amounts of resources to building robust organizations in the states…and claims 75,000 active volunteers.

    Seems like the Obama campaign is setting expectations way low so they can beat them as easily as the Giants front four beat through the line to Tom Brady.

    There’s no question that Hillary Clinton’s campaign has had to dial back their projections before every contest, a testament to Obama’s stunning rise and topsy-turvy nature of the season. (Mark Penn this week said that the campaign is now preparing to go all the way to the convention.)

    But at some point, Obama has to accept the fact that he has already vanquished the leading lord, that he has surmounted the insurmountable, and that just because he hasn’t won this thing doesn’t mean that Hillary Clinton is still the inevitable frontrunner with unspecified political and geopgraphic advantages.

    Obama has outrasied Clinton… has won more delegates than her… is, as I said, tied or leading in major polls… has name ID almost as high as she does… has favorable ratings that exceed hers…. and still claims to be the underdog. That’s one stretch of a definition.

    We fully expect Senator Clinton to earn more delegates on February 5th and also to win more states. If we were to be within 100 delegates on that day and win a number of states, we will have met our threshold for success and will be best positioned to win the nomination in the coming months.

    So there’s the number: 100 delegates. If Clinton exceeds Obama by more than 100 delegates tomorrow, then Plouffe will OK with the press’s declaring Obama “lost.”

    A performance that exceeds those benchmarks, while unlikely, would put is in a surprisingly strong position heading into the rest of the February contests.

    “While unlikely.”

    While the Clinton campaign is furiously trying to spin the expectations game, it is important to look at where they were in some of the key states just a few weeks ago.

    (You can read the rest after the jump.


    Less Than Two Weeks Before February 5th, Clinton Led Alabama By 15 Points. According to polling done by Rasmussen released on January 25, Clinton led Obama by 15 points, 43% to 28%. [Rasmussen, 1/25/08]


    Less Than Two Weeks Before February 5th, Clinton Led Arizona Obama By 21 Points. According to a poll done for the Arizona Republic that was released on January 23, Clinton led Obama 45% to 24%. [Arizona Republic, 1/23/08]


    Hartford Courant: Two Weeks Before February 5th, Clinton Led Connecticut By 14 Points. According to polling done for the Hartford Courant released on January 20, Clinton led Obama by 14 points, 41% to 27%. [Hartford Courant, 1/20/08]


    October 2007 Poll Found Clinton Leading Obama By 24 Points. According to polling done by Farleigh Dickinson that was released on October 10, Clinton led Obama by 24 points, 41% to 17%. [Fairleigh Dickinson, 10/10/07]


    In December 2007, Clinton Led Georgia By 7 Points. According to polling done by Strategic Vision released on December 12, Clinton led Obama by 7 points, 34% to 27%. [Strategic Vision, 1/22/07]


    Survey USA: Two Weeks Before February 5th, Clinton Led Massachusetts By 37 Points. According to polling done by Survey USA released on January 24, Clinton led Obama by 37 points, 59% to 22%. [Survey USA, 1/24/08]


    October Poll Found Clinton Leading Obama By 25 Points In Minnesota. According to polling done by Mason Dixon released on October 2, Clinton led Obama 47%-33%. [Star Tribune, 10/2/07]


    Less Than Two Weeks Before February 5th, Clinton Led Missouri By 19 Points. According to polling done by Rasmussen released on January 25, Clinton led Obama by 19 points, 43% to 24%. [Rasmussen, 1/25/08]


    Before February 5th, Clinton Led New York By 28 Points. According to polling done by USA Today and Gallup released on January 28, Clinton led Obama by 28 points, 56% to 28%. [Gallup, 1/28/08]


    Less Than Two Weeks Before February 5th, Clinton Led New Jersey By 17 Points. According to polling done by Quinnipiac released on January 22, Clinton led Obama by 17 points, 49% to 32%. [Quinnipiac, 1/23/08]


    Three Weeks Before February 5th, Clinton Led Oklahoma By 20 Points. According to polling done by Survey USA released on January 14, Clinton led Obama by 20 points, 45% to 25%. [Survey USA

  33. EXTREME weather predicted for some parts of country tomorrow afternoon and evening. cnn advising to get out early…..

    that beautiful yellow jacket again…she just so doesn’t make it about the clothes

  34. That woman Michelle Obama says she wont support Hillary if she is the nominee.

    What a cow!

    GMA: Could you see yourself working to support Hillary Clinton should she win the nomination?

    MICHELLE OBAMA: I’d have to think about that. I’d have to think about that, her policies, her approach, her tone.

    GMA: That’s not a given?

    MICHELLE OBAMA: You know, everyone in this party is going to work hard for whoever the nominee is. I think that we’re all working for the same thing. And, you know, I think our goal is to make sure that the person in the White House is going to take this country in a different direction. I happen to believe that Barack is the only person who can really do that.

  35. hillfans i have to run to work. new hours. im not sure i will be on late tonite becase the wife has to sleep and the computer is in our bedroom(bad mistake). i will try to chim in a word or 2 around 1:30am. same for supertuesday. keep the faith. go hillary go!!!

  36. white male – 38
    I listened to O’Reilly at noon and he had Larry Sabato (Univ. of VA) political guru and Sabato said he expected HRC to win CA and that she was doing well in the early voting according to exit polls of early voters he reviewed. O’Reilly said his prediction was “The Clinton Machine” would win out over BHO. I really can’t usually stomach O’Reilly, caught it by chance on the radio. O’Reilly also said the MSM would hype any “close” races between HRC and BHO even if BHO loses, of course we all know that!

  37. I think it is easy to say that a lot of the people on the board are jumpy/nervous about tomorrow – and a few may need some Valium. Most of this, I would assume, is brought about by the media’s horrible coverage. The coverage has been the same since before Iowa. Therefore, I would put more faith in previous polling trends/exit polls (et cetera). As has been pointed out before, the polls coming out recently are all rushed and as expected incredibly varied. NO ONE KNOWS what the out come will be in the ‘battle ground’ states – look at NH poll predictions and pundit prognostications (Hillary should be political dead right know).

    So, my suggestion would be for everyone to do something today for the campaign in order to help their GOTV efforts. Phone bank (at home or a campaign office), canvass a neighborhood (if in a Feb 5th state), talk to friends, family, neighbors even strangers, tell undecideds about the National Town hall or simply keep positive vibes. Every little bit will help Our Girl pull out another ‘media upset.’ 😀

    [Above is not meant to be preachy or put anyone down. Just my thoughts.]

    Oh, by the way, I am a 24 year-old gay white male in FL.

  38. in other words…michelle obama says *(c^ you to Hillary Clinton and fellow democrats if her obnoxious husband loses the nomination.

    Grow up Michelle…the universe does not revolve around the two of you. She is seriously whacket

  39. How can we accuse media such as CNN as being unfair in their coverage of the candidates? I just saw them announce we can see our candidates live at their events simply by going to their website /live. I did that, and sure enough there were several other kinds of events listed there, and there were two Obama events listed. That’s about as fair as they get. I sure do get p.o.’d at them.

  40. DemAC, Plouffe is lowering expectations. According to Marc Ambider, the Obama campaign was declaring a huge, and I mean winning, Super Tuesday.

  41. kaffeen,

    I started to intently read that P. letter until it clicked in my head that he was Obama’s man. However, I did scan it and it sounds like a preparation to say that Obama losses in those states would be ‘big wins.’

    *trying not to barff!*

  42. Reed, It is spin, and this is the point of me posting that. They know they are going to lose. They know they are going to lose big. They are *hoping* for something….

    Also, According to Marc (commenting after Plouffe memo)….

    I’m sorry. Hold up, time out. What?? Unless every Obama adviser I’ve spoken to over the past year has out and out lied to me, a big day on Feb. 5 has always been a big part of Obama’s nomination strategy. For months, the campaign devoted unusual amounts of resources to building robust organizations in the states…and claims 75,000 active volunteers.

  43. Exactly!

    Plouffe is saying that compared to LAST FALL Obama is doing great.

    Umm, last fall there were 7 or so candidates.

  44. Well… it’s in the eye of the beholder of course. But sentences like “Based on her huge head start, Hillary Clinton should still win California, but is unlikely to achieve her goal of getting a sizeable share of the delegates.” sure seem to raise expectaions for Obama rather than lower them.

    But then again – it’s Plouffe – it’s Obama – it’s BS 🙂

  45. Take these new polls for what they are worth. These are the daily RAs and Gallup presidential tracking polls. Sat,Clinton was up, Sunday down and now she’s back up.

    Clinton 46 Obambi 42
    Rasmussen Clinton 46 Obambi 40

    I doubt that TPM will post or hightlight these. He probably will go with Cook and CNN which has Obambi up. However, Ras and Gallup have been polling every day.

  46. DemAC,

    I think, you are right, that he did raise expectations for BO in California. However, overall it is a message of lowering expectations.

  47. BO sounds like a repub because there is only one party here in Illinois – “the combine.” He is their water boy. Four legislative leaders (“the 4 tops”) and the Gov make ALL the decisions and everyone else (including BO) simply wait for their orders. Every now and then, the D’s and R’s either agree on or fight over a social issue – like guns, human rights, or abortion – while both parties rob the taxpayers blind in a clever sleight of hand. Sweetheart deals, no-bid contracts, patronage, cronyism, kickbacks, etc. No wonder that BO thinks that a $300k+ gift of a house is OK. And, Mayor Daley regularly has dinner with GW Bush – including on his birthday a year or two ago.

    I think that there is a big fallacy in BO’s message of reconciliation: competition in our 2-party system keeps everyone honest. He’s actually advocating for an Illinois-style love fest that feeds corruption.

  48. bambi camp already lowering expectations….oh, the sweet feel of victory is washing over me already. they see the handwriting on the wall…or, they see that the “common folk” will not be fooled by the big media monster named obama and his obamaNation. The alter that cnn and messnbc has erected is of that of a false prophet…the nails are starting to fly off and no amount of hammering is going to keep them in….a lot of america has spoken…a lot more will speak tomorrow.

  49. I’m 62, a male WASP. I’m also proud to say a couple hundred years ago an AA line found it’s way into my family tree down in Cajun country.

  50. Lordy, it’s quite an exciting day. I saw Hill earlier in that beautiful yellow. What a great color for today. She is so beautiful and upbeat. I am going to take a look at the CNN videos so I can see her when her former mentor from Yale was introducing her. Even that a-hole Bernstein wasn’t as obnoxious as usual when he was talkin’ about it.

    Hope you all have a great day, no matter what you do. Right now I got a tabby cat curled up around my arm with his paws on me as if to say, it will be okay. Cats have been very supportive these last few days. Maybe they know somethin’ we don’t.

    Yall take care. mollyj 50 somethin’ wf

  51. I should add, everyone should go to Marc’s peice, it is easier to read (the formatting on here got screwed up). Perhaps that will make it somewhat clearer. Also, read between the lines people. You think Plouffe is going to come out with a white flag? He is concerned and lowering expectations by saying “a loss is a win if….” What will be beautiful, is when they don’t even fall within his benchmark of losing by a hundred delegates. I’d like to see him explain that one on Wednesday.

    Marc Ambider (Atlantic Monthly)…

  52. Informed in Illinois: that post of yours shines a lot of light on this whole thing and it’s been what I been suspectin’. Thanks for the insider point of view

  53. plouffe’s memo is simply being sent out so that the cable news networks can load it into their teleprompters for the “analysts” to read over the next two days.

    You’ll hear it, word for word, from the likes of Gloria Borger and Donna Brazile…unless, of course, you have done like me and turned the TV off!

  54. I believe this may be from Proverbs:

    He who justifies the wicked (Repugs) and he who condemns the righteous (Hillary), both of them alike are an abomination to the LORD.

    That’s our lesson for today. LOL

  55. The rally in Worcester, Mass. had a large crowd, and it was enthusiastic!

    However, you could tell that Hillary’s voice is strained from all the campaign that she has been doing.

  56. I am happy as a clam. Obambi is going to lose, their campaign knows they are going to lose, and they are only hoping to stop the bleeding that is going to eventually lead to our lady becoming 44.

  57. thanks everyone for sharing gender and age. we are a great mix here of “real” america and I feel proud to know you and be a part of Big Pink.

  58. kaffeen, Also noticed Ambinder mentioned Mark Penn saying they’re in for the long haul. BTW, I don’t remember any HRC adviser saying they’d wrap it up by TT.

  59. That GMA interview reflects very badly on the Obamas. I am disgusted at the way they both have conducted themselves in this campaign, esp. because of their unity rhetoric. In another interview she suggested that they were making huge sacrifices as if implying that we should all be grateful to them for doing this. In yet another speech she said race related comments to a predominantly Black audience almost belittling the people (non-black) who voted for him. I get the feeling that they are holding the democratic party faithfuls hostage and that their attitude is to get the nomination by any means and force us all to fall behind them.

    On another note, both my husband and I are appalled at the way Hillary is being treated (by the media and his supporters). We are also dismayed by the overt sexism towards Hillary so much so that we want to go to a different part of the world where they have better equality — Europe comes to mind and Euro is not doing bad. And if the Americans don’t get their act together, all action will be in that part of the world in the coming years because of geographical proximity of all the primary and secondary players. George Bush’s years have been a training period if you will for the rest of the world to act without America’s leadership on terrorism, economy and globalization, environment. The EU and China and the rest of the countries in the world will forge alliances if America flounders with a poor leadership again. The rest of the world is not interested in wars and military but strong economic leadership. I don’t think Obama is ready for that challenge.

  60. IMHO, if the Kennedy family did not jump in, Hillary might wrap up in TT. Since the Kennedy has jumped in, nobady know what will happen tomorrow.

  61. Paula,

    I actually do remember HRC and advisers saying that Super Tuesday would decide the Democratic nominee, most likely. However, that was last year and she has not repeated that line in a long time. In fact, her campaign is beginning to look to future states.

  62. Paula, I’m not sure I have ever seen anyone in the Clinton campaign saying a win by Super Tuesday either. I suspect that there is some inference here that Super Tuesday was created specifically for Hillary (which some people do seem to believe).

    In addition, when they say…”in it for the long haul”??? I wonder, how does that equate to party unity? They are so full of crap. I mean, this is the same kind of attitude that got Edwards being labeled as a wannabe kingmaker (i.e. he knew he was going to lose, but take it all the way to the convention). I have to wonder what exactly they think they will gain by taking it all the way to the end without winning. That is *not* a sign of someone who wants unity.

  63. does anybody know the realibility of this suffoly univ and its polling ..i have never really heard of them until this election cycle

  64. texan4hillary: i read this new ma poll this am-it had b46-h44. what is going on here? she lost 30pts in a week?

    According to the poll internals, 43% of the respondents are influenced by TK’s endorsement. Another 9% by Oprah’s.

    Poll summary:

    “If young voters, men and independents turn out for Obama, he will win,” said Paleologoas. “If older voters and women dominate the Democratic Primary as they did in neighboring New Hampshire, then it’s Clinton’s for the taking. But at this point every precinct counts, and there’s no room for a tactical mistake on Election Day.”

  65. Reed, Marc Ambinder was saying that Obama has been preaching a Super Tuesday nomination for months (long after the initial candidates were announced). This is one reason he is so confused by Plouffe’s comments.

  66. I still think turnout tomorrow is key….I still think we have a big chance to land not only a tko but a real knock out punch. For all the free media and adolation showered upon the Obamas, they should have this in the bag quite readily….what they failed to realize is that America votes, not the pundits or puppetmaster tv know it alls.

    I really think there are a lot of republicans who will silently clap their hands when Hillary Clinton slaps down big media tomorrow…and I’m not talking about gleeful in a way that they think they can beat her in GE…I’m talking in a big slap down of media who have tried to dupe the American people.

    Whether it’s doping or duping…big media has tried to slam ObamaNation down the AmericanNation. New Hampshire and Florida was just the begininng of the big whipping they will take tomorrow night.

    Hillary is still standing and they can’t knock her down. Take that Cnn and messnbc and your nitwit twits.

  67. This is one reason he is so confused by Plouffe’s comments.

    Very recently, Plouffe stated that a clear frontrunner would emerge — one that would be hard to catch was the implication.

  68. The longer this is drawn out, the worst it means for *our* party in the GE. The Republicans are *loving* this. They are known for choosing their candidate early and gaining unity and support leading up to the GE. Now, we have Obambi wanting to play games.

  69. I am 44 year old male.

    The day before the election, I never beleive any poll numbers. There are so meany, they lose creditability. However I am more intrested in polls 3-10 days from election.

  70. reed061, I did mean recently, lol. I was not clear about that, obviously.

    kaffeen, I got the impression Ambinder was referring to Mark Penn telling him Hillary’s campaign was expecting this to go on a while; in other words, TT was not make or break at all.

  71. MA and CT should never have been in play imo. I think Kennedy and Kerry are going all out to destroy her chances but I think she’ll still get by going by the crowds she’s drawing. Of course, it depends on the gotv effort too.

  72. kaffen,

    Was just giving an old Hillary campaign position.

    Also, I have not really paid that close attention to the BO campaign (so I will take Mark’s word) because the glimpses that I have gotten into that Hopium Den always frustrate/disappoint me.

  73. Wow

    I actually trusts SUSA as most accurate

    This is what they say about Cali

    24 hours till votes are counted in the California Democratic Primary, Hillary Clinton appears to fend-off a late charge from Barack Obama, 53% Clinton, 41% Obama, according to SurveyUSA’s 12th pre-primary tracking poll. Other pollsters show the contest closer. In SurveyUSA’s last 3 tracking polls, Obama had led among men. At the wire, the two are tied. For 9 months, Clinton has led among women, at one point by 50 points. At the wire, she leads by 23. Obama leads for the first time in the San Francisco Bay Area. But Clinton dominates in greater Los Angeles, and maintains smaller leads in the Inland Empire and Central Valley. Among voters under age 50, Clinton leads by 6. Among voters 50+, Clinton leads by 21. Clinton leads by 5 among white voters, but overpowers Obama among Latinos. Obama leads 4:1 among black voters, but there are materially fewer blacks in California than Latinos. Clinton leads among Democrats. Obama leads among Independents.

  74. Whew! – I know what “The Realist” says and all but you cant discount the relief a good poll number brings !

  75. I hear you Reed…I avoid the hopium den because it’s the most mean spirited place I’ve been to in a long time. The like to gather under the umbrella of change and unity and hope, but all I see there is hatemongering and hero worship.

    I’ll pass on that strain of hopium, thankyouverymuch.

  76. Susa Massachussets, Clinton leads by 17, this is what they say

    24 hours till votes are counted in Massachusetts, Barack Obama has late momentum against Hillary Clinton, and has gained ground while Clinton has remained flat, according to SurveyUSA’s final pre-primary tracking poll, conducted for WBZ-TV Boston. At the wire, Clinton 56%, Obama 39%. The size of Clinton’s victory will determine how many of Massachusetts’ 121 delegates she takes to the Democratic National Convention. Obama leads by 20 among men. Clinton leads by 42 among women. A 62-point Gender Gap. Among voters under age 50, the contest is tied. Among voters age 50+, Clinton leads by 29. The number of young voters will determine how well Obama does relative to Clinton. If new, younger, first-time voters show-up in disproportionately large numbers, Obama may out-perform his 39% showing here.

  77. i saw on the news hillary “tear up” today in ct. do u think this ould influence things again? it could

  78. All I know is, if my house were on fire, I’d rather have Hillary there with a hose than Obama “hoping” the flames would go out. 😉

  79. Has everyone seen these new Survey USA polls? Out today Feb. 4, 2008

    Hillary 53% Obama 41%

    Hillary 56% Obama 39%

    Hillary 54% Obama 43%

    Obama 49% Hillary 47%

    Obama 66% Hillary 30%

    Hillary 54% Obama 27%

    New York
    Hillary 56% Obama 38%

    New Jersey
    Hillary 52% Obama 41%

    Obama 48% Hillary 46%

  80. No Texas. I saw that clip of the “tear up” in CT. It wasn’t anything. A man she has worked closly with on behalf of children paid her a very very sweet compliment about her work with children, and she put her hand to her heart and welled up alittle. Then she said, “I said I wouldn’t tear up again” and laughed. The media will try to make it a big deal, but no-one who actually sees it will think anything other than she’s a human.

  81. Besides…I find it refreshing to think that one day, just maybe , we might have a President who isn’t afraid to FEEL. 🙂

  82. I love the SUSA polls. She can still pull Connecticut and Alabama. It’s all a matter of the GOTV effort.

  83. HLR,

    ME TOO! I am hoping that women come out in droves to vote for her as well as older voters and ‘lunch bucket’ Democrats.

  84. Caroline,

    I’m doing GOTV calling in ‘Bama today for a few hours and most of tomorrow too. I encourage everyone to do that. We can really win big. I know it.

  85. Reagan was one of the most emotional presidents. If his eyes welled up, it was taken to be an indication of how genuine and sincere he was. No one asked how he could deal with the Cold War and the Soviets did they ?

    There sure are a lot of f ‘ked up people in the media and this country if things like this are made into an issue.

  86. kaffeen, encourage everyone to go out early…the weather look ominous….our elderly need to get up early and get home as quick as possible…

  87. Has Hillary got some big surprise, she’s banned the press from the main town hall event in New York. Maybe they don’t want something coming out?

    Due to space constraints, the main town hall studio in New York will not be available to press. However, all other venues will are open.

  88. Dot, will do. Evidently the campaign believes Bama is very winnable. I lived in Birmingham as a young child, I know how to talk to ’em. I’ll tell them Bear Bryant would love Hillary (lol).

  89. Today, Academy Award winner Jack Nicholson announced his support of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on the Rick Dees in the Morning Show on Los Angeles’ Movin’ 93.9 FM.

  90. I’d love Hillary to take Massachussets by a mile, that’ll wipe the smirk of Kennedy and Kerry’s face and basically paint them as useless.

  91. The first thing I see when I go to is: 1) a front page story covering Hillary crying during her visit to Yale (and the many comments slamming her for showing emotion just so she can win CA. these people are ridiculous) and 2) Front page story on CNN politics titled “Obama erases Clinton’s lead”. They would never report on a Poll that shows her in the lead.

  92. I read yesterday, the guy from mason dixon just flat out said, Hillary is slaughtering Obama in rural Missouri, there are no AA voters to carry him there and Hillary is going to take a massive amount of delegates from rural missouri.

  93. Yes! Go SUSA, good polls for once today! not that i’m a poll junkie, but it does help to have confidence going in to a contest, but not too much, look what happened to the pats 🙁

  94. yes, by gosh. ban the turds Hillary. It is about freakin time. This is I hope (not hopium) just a taste of what she has in store for the dumb a$$es. Space constraints LOL.

    She Won’t Back Down…..I’m thrilled about this myself.

    Go Jack Nicholson.

    I see Richardson still trying to stay relevant…another story about how he ISNT going to endorse anybody. For somebody who doesn’t seem to want to say anything he sure is doing a lot of talking. Attention seeker.


  95. Wow….so great to see that, not only do they Obamaton bash Hillary over meaningless shit, but they also stoop to bashing her daughter. Tell me AGAIN how women are no longer discriminated against??!! Tell me AGAIN about hope and unity?!

  96. Here’s Obama’s OWN CAMPAIGN saying Hillary will win California!

    February 4, 2008 To: Interested Parties
    From: David Plouffe

    Senator Clinton is certainly the favorite on February 5, given the huge leads she has held in many of these contests throughout the course of the campaign and the political, historical and geographic advantages she enjoys in many of these states. [….] Based on her huge head start, Hillary Clinton should still win California,

  97. Obama in the Situation Room (one on one), how totally predictable. I despise this network during election time (the trial and tribulations of a news junkie).

  98. Our next President Hillary is up 12 in CA

    Eve of CA Democratic Primary, Clinton Appears to Blunt Late Obama Charge: 24 hours till votes are counted in the California Democratic Primary, Hillary Clinton appears to fend-off a late charge from Barack Obama, 53% Clinton, 41% Obama, according to SurveyUSA’s 12th pre-primary tracking poll. Other pollsters show the contest closer. In SurveyUSA’s last 3 tracking polls, Obama had led among men. At the wire, the two are tied. For 9 months, Clinton has led among women, at one point by 50 points. At the wire, she leads by 23. Obama leads for the first time in the San Francisco Bay Area. But Clinton dominates in greater Los Angeles, and maintains smaller leads in the Inland Empire and Central Valley. Among voters under age 50, Clinton leads by 6. Among voters 50+, Clinton leads by 21. Clinton leads by 5 among white voters, but overpowers Obama among Latinos. Obama leads 4:1 among black voters, but there are materially fewer blacks in California than Latinos. Clinton leads among Democrats. Obama leads among Independents.

    Filtering: 2,000 state of CA adults were interviewed 02/02/08 and 02/03/08. Interviews completed before and after, but not during, the Super Bowl on 02/03/08. Of the adults, 1,744 were registered to vote. Of them, 853 had already voted or were determined by SurveyUSA to be likely to vote at the precinct on 02/05/08. Among those who have already voted, Clinton leads by 12. Research conducted for KABC-TV Los Angeles, KPIX-TV San Francisco, KGTV-TV San Diego and KFSN-TV Fresno. California is a complex, multi-cultural, geographically diverse state. SurveyUSA will continue to gather data tonight Monday, 02/04/08, and will endeavor to update these results if there is further, unanticipated late movement.

  99. 1950Dem, yes, I posted that whole Plouffe memo (or rather a link to Marc Ambinder’s column at the Atlantic). They are ready to lose, how quaint.

  100. moononpluto Says:
    February 4th, 2008 at 3:20 pm

    moononpluto: I agree. SUSA is one of the most accurate polls. Don’t even believe what the guys on CNN and MSNBC say. They will use any poll to skew results and further their agenda of making this race as close as possible.

  101. State Sen. Bill Brady, a Republican who worked with Obama in the Illinois legislature, said no one can be fully prepared for the presidency, but they can have useful experience — particularly the responsibility of running a city or state or military unit.

    Obama lacks that experience, he noted.

    “Could someone hit a grand slam on their first try at running something?” Brady said. “Yes, but you learn as much from your losses in your experience of running things as you do your successes, and he doesn’t have either.”

  102. I think BO will win CT, but I am liking our chances elsewhere. CT is the place of latte liberals, not as much working class folks, who are Hillary’s base of support. There is a strong anti-war movement there, too, so they can use the fact that BO was NOT a US Senator and could NOT vote to justify supporting him based on ONE SPEECH. People are so gullible.

  103. Idunn, could you post the link to that article? It sounds interesting…

    Also, Mitt needs to not run advertisements againsts our girl! To me it only says one thing: he is scared of her and wants her out now. But I hope it doesn’t hurt her.

  104. I’m singin in the rain, just singin in the rain LOL

    I knew this morning that things were on the uptuck…I have found my gut usually is right. My gut says Hillary support will be off the charts tomorrow. The ObamaLoveFest does not pass the smell test with America.

  105. *Hillary’s Op-Ed in today’s Wall Street Journal

    My Plan for Shared Prosperity

  106. Informed in Illinois Says: BO sounds like a repub because there is only one party here in Illinois – “the combine.” He is their water boy.

    That’s how he raised his money in Chicago, and got backed for US Senate.

    Sweetheart deals, no-bid contracts, patronage, cronyism, kickbacks, etc. No wonder that BO thinks that a $300k+ gift of a house is OK. And, Mayor Daley regularly has dinner with GW Bush – including on his birthday a year or two ago.
    I think that there is a big fallacy in BO’s message of reconciliation: competition in our 2-party system keeps everyone honest. He’s actually advocating for an Illinois-style love fest that feeds corruption.

    OH, good points! I’ve seen a profile of Obama that suggests that the Mayor Daley during O’s ‘community organizing’ time would take opposing factions into a room and they’d come out agreeing — sounds like what BO thinks he could do nationally.

    Maybe you could write up some more detials of Obama’s past with the Chicago machine — if he’s still around after tomorrow.

  107. The Obama campaign will lower expectations across the board and make him into the “underdog” so if he does win any states it will be portrayed as a major loss for the Clinton campaign.

    1950democrat Says:
    February 4th, 2008 at 3:52 pm

    Here’s Obama’s OWN CAMPAIGN saying Hillary will win California!

  108. Well well, Candy Crowley with some benignly positive (yes, I made that up) remarks. You actually heard the pin drop in the CNN situation room (no kidding either).

  109. I have aunts, uncles, and cousins that live in New Mexico, twenty total, that will be getting my phone call tonight to make sure a) they watch the national townhall and b) more importantly, vote for our girl! Spirits high and onward looking. Rise Hillary Rise.

  110. I love reading this site. It always brings a smile to my face and give me a warm confidant feeling about tomorrows results. I hope everyone out there across the country will help out by making calls and getting people to the polls….that is how we win this one guys. We all know that Hillary is the best candidate and the only one who is ready to lead on day one!


  111. We all had hoped we would have a cakewalk, and it’s turned out to be the Marine Corps Marathon. Politics is not for the faint of heart. It’s a slugfest, but we’re going to win. I don’t know if it will be a knockout or a decision, but we’re going to have the prize in Denver.

  112. The Obama campaign will lower expectations across the board and make him into the “underdog” so if he does win any states it will be portrayed as a major loss for the Clinton campaign.

    Which is why I don’t want him to win CT — it’ll happen early, and the talking heads will squawk about it all night.

  113. look, the people have read headlines … Hillary is being overdone with negative headlines . Obama camp cannot twist this as anything but a BIG REJECTION.

    Americans are going to reject Barack and Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfreey and the entire media establishment.. we are sick of this sh&*.

    Get ready to hear us ROAR.

    They wanted to make this into something entirely different pre and post South Carolina…they are going to get their wish.

  114. I wonder how CN is going to come crawling when Hillary wins.

    If Hillary knocks it out of the park tomorrow night, i bet the MSM will know which side to butter up to and it wont be pleasant for Obama.

  115. BTW, where are all these people that resent the Bill Clinton Presidency? According to CNN they are coming out of the woodwork and overflowing the nation. I talk to people and they love ’em.

  116. pluto, I hope Hillary uses media after tomorrow night to her own advantage. screw them and their microphones.

    will connecticut returns come in first do you think.. i hope the pressed registration in ct is to her advantage.

  117. kaffeen: BTW, where are all these people that resent the Bill Clinton Presidency?

    Clustered in Hyannis Port and at Harpo Productions.

  118. kaffeen: BTW, where are all these people that resent the Bill Clinton Presidency?

    Playing touch football at the family compound.

  119. Hillary’s got something big planned tonight at the Townhall thing, i can feel it in my bones.

    If I was going to drop a bomb on the press, i’d do it in a 1hr special the eve of the big election, wouldnt you.

    Steal every headline going!

  120. Kaffeen, just saw a report the other day that said even with all the mud slung onto Bill Clinton post south carolina…america still loves him and would vote for him in a new york minute. There are no mass people who resent Bill Clinton…except the media who he would not kiss up too. just like Hillary.

    I said earlier that I hope upon her first day in office she assigns a press secretary who will relegate cnn and msnbc to the back of the room….remember people who screwed her over. Yes, that is you wolf blister and fat a$$ candy crawley and also scaryjoe, spittmatthews and k olgerman. The black man on cnn is insufferable as well….he needs to get some perspective. I have heard him make some remarks that IMHO are definitely racist and sexist.

  121. HillaryLandRocks: I would like Hillary to win as many states as possible. I just have a bad feeling about CT. I am optimistic that she will pull off a win in states like CA. I am going buy SUSA’s poll results which I feel are pretty accurate. I think CT will be close though. But just be prepared that any state Obama wins will be talked about all night by the pundits on MSNBC and CNN as proof that HRC will lose. Even if Obama only won CT and GA, the pundits will try to make it as big a deal as humanly possible. All that matters in the end is that HRC wins the most states and the most delegates tomorrow night. They can trash her all Tuesday and whine all Wednesday when the delegate count shows HRC ahead. Chris Matthews will pout like he did after NH and blame the voters for voting against their wishes.

  122. HEHS…..ya, they will spin it his way anyway they can… is a scenario, Obambi wins Georgia and Illinois *only*. Somehow, according to the chatterheads, these will be the most demographically important states in the country (forget the delegates~!) and house the most influential “hope-hopers” in the entire world.

  123. Big Dog rocks. The only folks who truly hate Bill are those who shall not be named (starts with an r ends in epublicans).

  124. If CT is close, it will take them hours before they can declare it, by then NY, NJ, MASS, will all be called for HRC, CT will fade into the distance.

  125. TV ALERT:

    Hillary will be on Inside Edition today. Her reaction to Ann Coulter’s endorsement is priceless!


    Hillary Clinton’s Latest Supporter
    Monday, 02/04/08
    INSIDE EDITION sat down exclusively with Hillary Clinton over the weekend at a roundtable with eight voters in Inglewood, California where the show informed the Senator of her latest supporter, ultra conservative Ann Coulter.

  126. i said last week the media would blame the voters for not making their “storyline” work LOL

    big media already has the story wrote…they just want to spoonfeed voters to fall in line like a bunch of cattle after a prodding. won’t work. we think with our head not their collective ManHead.

  127. HighlyEducatedHillarySupporter: I would like Hillary to win as many states as possible. I just have a bad feeling about CT.

    Plenty of things not to like about CT. Independents who can register as Dems up until today. The latte liberals. The ghost of Ned Lamont. Yes, I know that Lieberman is a toad, but I never bought into Neddie Lament, either. Just something about a legacy wealth cable exec and his venture capitalist wife backed by dailykooks that made me nervous.

  128. Idunn Says: All I know is, if my house were on fire, I’d rather have Hillary there with a hose than Obama “hoping” the flames would go out.

    LOL! And Hillary would BE there with the hose, too!

  129. Thanks Kingsgrove.

    I know alot of folks make digs at HRC’s laugh, but I really love it. My husband laughs from the gut like that too. It never fails to bring me right along in the merriment.

    Me? I’m a snorter. 🙁

  130. 1950Dem – re chicago machine politics – I’ll work on that as soon as I can – the rest of the country needs to know what the media refuses to report. But, something tells me that you may know more about that than I do! 🙂
    Just received an invitation to the Town Hall in Park Ridge tonight – would be nice to share the energy of Hill’s supporters. Go, President Hillary!

  131. you know that commercial with the group of financial gurus, a guy slowly being taken by quicksand outside or a guy choking at the dinner table? they’re all talking TALKING about helping the guy, but then right as the sinking or choking guy dies, one guy who isn’t talking himself up actually “makes it happen”…..that should be hillary’s commercial.

  132. I don’t pay much attention to polls and speculation, but here’s a good one. Someone said that Obama had to spend time campaigning in MA because if MA goes for Hillary, Ted Kennedy would be embarrassed!

    After all the dividing that Obama has done, that would be cool: for him and Ted Kennedy to be divided about where to campaign!

    I’m a 60+ old WASP lady.

  133. LOL! I posted the youtube video “Obama’s failures in Illinois…” on a site I post at. Obamatons are going off over it.

    Hey man, truth is sometimes painful, huh?

  134. yeah, somethings up, i’m sure of it.

    You dont do a big thing like this the eve of an election unless something is planned.

  135. Informed in Illinois Says: 1950Dem – re chicago machine politics – I’ll work on that as soon as I can – the rest of the country needs to know what the media refuses to report. But, something tells me that you may know more about that than I do!

    Never been there. Except for the Alice Palmer story which is partly on politico and Lynn Sweet, I’ve just been reading the long several-part profiles in Chicago Trib, The New Republic, etc — from last spring, before everything slanted pro-Obama. Lots to be found between the lines and put together from different places to add up to his attitude. For example a lot is said about him in the US Senate brown-nosing the older Senators — now apply that to Chicago also. He supported Daley II getting elected as a ‘healng’ thing. He always seems to quietly do what the rich and powerful want.

    Let’s just hope after Feb 5 he’s gone so we don’t HAVE to research this!

  136. is anyone else listening Michael Chertoff on CSPAN radio. He is just a slimy slimy guy. i think he’s actually a gremlin in a human body suit.

    oh, and I would pay to see Hillary go against his idiocy…’s supposed to be free since we’re paying his salary, but if she loses, i would PAY!

  137. I think Hillary will win MA! And teddy is going to be embarrassed, i hope so anyway, because Ted Kennedy thinks too highly of himself, so does John Kerry, ugh, my senators suck.

  138. anybody remember obama and michelle on orca promoting his book awhile back he talked about his trip to africa and orca gushed over him and the fact that he wouldn’t use her private jet as it would be improper contrast that with the rezko property fiasco.

  139. TV ALERT:

    A list of Hillary’s other TV appearances/interviews on the eve of Super Tuesday…..

    – Entertainment Tonight

    – Inside Edition

    – EXTRA

    – CBS Evening News with Katie Couric

    – CBS Late Show with David Letterman

  140. Am I the only one that thinks by in the a.m. people will NOT be watching or listening or trying to decide who to support. I am not a big fan of undecided or going to the poll with no idea of who one supports…I think if one is that disconnected, they most likely will not even bother going to the poll. JMHO

  141. I know Tim, the guy is so full of shit he makes Cheney look almost honest by comparison.

    (okay okay…not quite that bad…but still…)

  142. idunn, like i said before, obama doesn’t have the right energy policy in mind, and he skipped the global warming “debate.” i think BO skipped it b/c he doesn’t believe in man-made global warming. that should put obama in the anyboy but obama camp, which even though he may not like hillary, they DO agree on global warming and the possible solutions……..again, it’s about solutions, stupid. ha ha ha.

  143. If HRC is elected I think her first order of business should be to convene an investigatory committee to look into the apparent LOSS of the so-called “Free Press.” Just as Imus and now Limbaugh and Mathews were were finally taken to task for their inflamatory, biased and inaccurate remarks, the media and press should be investigated, tried and convicted of withholding information from American citizens which will impact the country’s future. BTW- can’t find the Townhall on TV! Where can I see it?!!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. I notice Hillary has not availed herself to either CNN or MSNBC this evening. applause, applause for her. they have already begun to feel the sting.

  145. NO… I am just not sure, in some circles Gore has good reputationg and in some circles it is not so positive. That’s all.

  146. what kind of a system is in place to prevent the masses of obamobots who traveled to iowa to vote from voting again in thier home states.

  147. Yes, indeed, 1950! I’m busy trying to make a living. But, BO’s “Combine” credentials so far include:
    1. His recent endorsement of political hacks over reform candidates including Todd Stroger for County Board Prez, Alexi Giannoulias for State Treasurer, and Dorothy Tillman over my friend, reformer Pat Dowell. He supported Stroger over Forrest Claypool, who co-chaired BO’s committee in his competitive US Senate primary.
    2. Support for Daley
    3. Super-chummy relationship with Kirk Dillard, super-right republican from Hinsdale, former Chief of Staff for Gov. Jim Edgar (R) – and, just coincidentally, an old high school chum of mine
    4. Phoney fight with Combine kingmaker Excelon Corp
    5. Negative personal campaign against of independent Dem candidate for US Senate 0 – his campaign used sealed divorce records, then blamed another campaign – new tone, indeed!
    And, these are just the ones I know about…. research required
    He is characterized as ungracious and ungrateful by those around here who have known him the longest. The idea that BO will lead any kind of reform is just laughable! He sure hasn’t done anything here in Illinois!

  148. Hallmark Channel…also streaming online at Hillary website.

    I hope the Hallmark Channel is widely available.

  149. Either way Sen. Ted Kennedy hurt himself badly with his Obama endorsemnent. He went against his base of support…the Irish, blue collar working class with that endorsement.
    Something his father would never do but Teddy did and it will come back to haunt him.

    Obama is a con and is a sellout…not because I’m a Hillary supporter but because of his record and his actions. This man is a ghost and I still don’t know what he stands for, I know what he won’t stand for more then what he will stand for.

  150. Basil9 – the de-regulation of broadcast media is to blame. Hillary could indeed lead a movement to restore the Fourth Estate to its rightful place as independent of coporate and special interests, simply by restoring the restrictions on ownership that prohibited ownership of multiple stations or media channels.

  151. JAS…who are Obama’s biggest supporters? Think about it. A Gore endorsement would be a slap in the face to every young, enviromental hippie who thinks OB is the next messiah.

    And also….as an environmental freak myself, it would personally make my day. So shut up! 😉

  152. the most telling for me about Barack Obama is that he seems to have no friends. NOBODY has stepped up to tell nice fuzzy stories about their college days, the people in his book are confessed to be made up friends. also, no one who steps up for Michelle Obama. It is like these people transplanted here from another planet.

    The Kennedy clan who want to have a new puppet to play with in politics and Oprah (who so obviously wants to shag him) are the only people I’ve seen get onboard the obama express.

    Rezco seems to be his biggest pal and the big media is tripping over themselves and their brooms to keep this swept away from the public…for NOW

  153. I don’t GET the Hallmark Channel! Anyone know where we can see the Town Meeting speech?

    Is C-span covering it?

    What time is it scheduled?

  154. Informed in Illinois, my husband used to work for a local news channel in Va. He got so fed up with the media, that he quit news altogether and took a job in TN as a film editor for a production co.

    He would absolutely agree with you about the de-regulation of broadcast media being to blame for the shit we see today.

  155. kingsgrove…you broke my heart LOL

    I suppose I will have to wait till she seats her press room to get my payback LOL

    I am not at heart a vindictive person but I feel so strongly against what the media, tv and print, has done.

    Every headline is negative…just the choice of the words they use. It leaves negative impression when it would be better to use more fair language and let people read the article and decide for themselves.

    I worry about us being a nation who simply reads headlines and how much power this gives media

  156. have hallmark here but they are listing a movie on the guide channel alled a season for miracles. HMMMMM? anyone know who owns hallmark?

  157. The BM may unwittingly help Hillary by hyping the bwack surge. A lot of us might get complacent and stay home, otherwise!

    60 year old white male: with incredible love and admiration

  158. sorry for multiple posts but I checked and clicked on videos but i don’t see it listed.

    TTTT, as a newbie to politics, I have to confess it is often very difficult to get info on HRC whereas BO is running ads all over the web, on CNN, MSNBC, etc.. Sometimes his site or infomercial pops up when I’m clicking on something else. He’s got some top-notch techs in his camp. Wish HRC did more of that.

  159. just sent another message…hope they won’t kick me out after so many today. keep sending folks and include her staff as well. I am sure this means a lot to them as well.

    Go Hillary. Hillary for woman…Hillary for America….Hillary for President!

  160. I have Hallmark, but it doesn’t have Hill’s Town Hall on there. There is a movie on (A Season For Miracles????). Guess I will be watching on the website (I’ll still check Hallmark just in case).

  161. Kafeen, it’s listed on the schedule I’m looking at. Does Hallmark list different schedules according to states or something?

  162. Maybe some schedules did not update due to the late time she scheduled this. Tune in…my dish network says the same thing….

  163. IDunn – agreed – I thought big media was bad during the last two elections – but this is even worse. Hurrah for HRC endorsement by the International Herald Tribune! I used to enjoy them when I was working overseas.

    BTW, story on NPR right now regarding CA electronic voting units – majority are out of service and votes may not be counted until Wed.

  164. Since we are asked not to pay attention to polls now, which I kind of agree with.
    I follow my gut more and more, no, not gut, my heart, my feelings, my soul.
    And for the past two days, I have had the feeling of this being a done deal.

    It might have been up for grabs a few days ago, but now I feel it at my core, that Hillary will truly be the next president!!
    I am in alignment with what I want, and I feel good = slam dunk, If I was feeling bad, I would have known that this would not be in the box.

    Thanks for that link to the astrology thing, I like these things, especially as they are pointing to Hillary as prez! hehe, a substitute for polls I guess, lol.

    and, white 24 year old.

  165. I’m not looking at the “online” schedule. I’m looking on my channel browser schedule. I have Time Warner cable (DVR). It says the movie is on there at 8 CST. I understand it will probably be preempted, but that is unfortunate that Hallmark didn’t update the set top boxes.

  166. wonder how many people are going to tune into a cheesy movie this evening and instead find real hope and promise.

  167. Oh, and are we all mentioning our demographic? 50 y.o. white female – WITH MUCH ADMIRATION AND RESPECT FOR HRC. SHE MAKES ME VERY PROUD!

  168. Hillary’s Halllmark Channel Host? Carole Simpson
    By Seton Motley | February 4, 2008 – 17:25 ET

    Pour Some Sugar On Me
    Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) is having a one hour town hall meeting on the Hallmark Channel this evening, the eve of Super Tuesday, with an extra half hour for internet interaction. It begins at 9:00pm EST.

    The hostess? Former ABC News pseudo-journalist and current Clinton endorser Carole Simpson.

    The only thing that might be more lovey-dovey (and nauseating) than this arrangement is its description by New York Democrat Representative Anthony D. Weiner.

    (Diabetics beware.)

    Weiner, another HRC backer, says Hallmark was chosen to “point out that the hallmark of the Clinton campaign is to focus on the substance and the challenges that we have in the four years ahead. To point out that the hallmark of this campaign is using technology to reach voters is to bring them into the process as much as possible, and to point out that the hallmark of this campaign is to make decisions based on who will be ready to govern on Day One.”

    Blake Zeff, a HRC campaign spokesman, added, “When you care enough to send the very best: Hallmark.”

    No word on if insulin will be provided to those in attendence.

    The Hallmark Channel is aptly described by the New York Times as “the cable television network that is best known for sentimental tearjerkers, didactic after-school specials and adaptations of well-loved serial juvenile fiction”.

    Barack Obama must be egregiously upset that the Oprah Channel is not yet up and running.

    —Seton Motley is Director of Communications for the Media Research Center.

  169. how reliable is SUSA? I am in a “discussion” with someone and i said they are much better than ZOGBY…

  170. Here is Jack’s take……man, I love this guy (even more now)….

    February 4, 2008
    Jack Nicholson: Clinton Is ‘Masterful’

    “In a surprise announcement on this morning’s Rick Dees show, Oscar-winning actor Jack Nicholson endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

    “Mrs. Clinton has been involved in issues, everything from health care, which we know and prison reform and helping the military, speaking for women and speaking for Americans,” Nicholson said.

    “I’m thrilled to have Jack’s support,” Hillary said. “I’m a big fan and a friend of Jack’s. Having us on the show this morning gives me a chance to thank him.”

    From Dees’ Web site:

    “I wanted to, as a performer, see how Sen Clinton dealt with the glee that they (her opponents) exhibited in their desire to bury her candidacy,” said Nicholson. “I must tell you: when I saw her sit down, and she said she ‘found her voice in New Hampshire’, that was it for me. She handled that next debate as the masterful person that she is. She’s the one to get the job done that needs to be done.”

  171. funny i assumed a lot of different races genders and ages for a lot of you whose posts i have been reading for two months
    male 41 white oh and i do occassionally enjoy a latte

  172. Idunn – Seems that it might go longer – they said just the “first hour” broadcast on Hallmark.

  173. tim…I found the same thing. funny how a username can conjur(sp) up an image of the poster. when I look at my own username I see 48 dots…LOL and no, my name isn’t dorothy or dot LOL

  174. Per CBS…

    The Hillary Clinton campaign’s strength lies with female voters, who are expected to outnumber men by a wide margin, Latinos, who could make up a quarter of the Democratic vote and who both campaigns have been targeting with Spanish-language ads, and working class voters. Clinton also has a built-in advantage thanks to her husband’s strong ties to the state.

    “One enormous advantage that Hillary Clinton has – the people of California know the Clintons, they know firsthand changes made in this state during those 8 years,” said former California Governor Gray Davis, a Clinton supporter, who cites the couple’s work to get health insurance for children.

    Davis added that it would be difficult for Obama to connect to California voters because he is a relative newcomer to the political scene.

    “In a state this big it’s hard to make an impact real quick,” he said.

    Until recently, polls showed Clinton with a double-digit lead in California. The latest surveys suggest the race has narrowed significantly, and the Illinois senator received the endorsement of the Los Angeles Times over the weekend.

    That won’t make a difference to those voters who have already cast their ballots, however. California residents have been able to mail in their votes since right around the time of Clinton’s surprise victory in New Hampshire, and up to 50 percent of the primary votes are expected to have been mailed in before Election Day, according to Mesloh.

  175. as long as ahnoold and maria and company do not try to steal those early votes in california

    i found it upsetting to hear that voting machines are out of order….how long has this election been planned???? if it sounds fishy….

  176. I once had a telephone surveyor ask me my race. Rather than go into my rather complicated racial makeup, I just said black (I could just as easily have said white, btw). Anyway, the woman on the other end of the phone said, ” Huh, you don’t sound bla…oh! I didn’t mean…oh I’m so sorry…”

    LMAO! All I could think to say to her was that not EVERY person of color is ready to kick in her door and call her a racist just because she made a little innocent faux paus.

    People are funny.

  177. Carville is slick. On CNN Wolf asked it if tomorrow will determine who the nominee is. He said with that big smile of his I doubt it, but we have been surprised before in this election. That smile tells me he knows something. Clinton internals must be looking good.


    more people asking for those delegates to be seated.

  179. Dot, as a Hillary campaign volunteer I was calling California three weeks ago. I suspect they were calling even before that. I say this honestly, most everyone I talked to (probably about 200+) were overwhelmingly Hillary fans. I say this honestly too, only *one* Obama-bot.

  180. ok SUSA polls are on the buck. just what we expected. Although we HAVE TO give Hillary 3-4% advantage in each of the races, purely because of her GOTV, so this means she will have a blowout TT. So lets brace up for Hillary MO.

    let CNN spin for Obama, I have seen and analyzed polls for quiet a good number of years now and I can say without any doubt that she will win with delegates > 100. Thats in sync with Obama campaign estimate too, but what would be unexpected will be the additional 100 delegates which Hillary will be able to seat from FL and MI, AND the additional superdelegates she will get from states where she wins. so if she breaks 100 delegates lead, its over for Obama howsoever he and media wants to spin it.

  181. When this is all said and done, and Hillary is 44, are we all going to introduce ourselves formally?? LOL jk 😉

  182. I was just driving home from work and since there is nothing else to listen I was listening to Air America Randi Rhodes show. And to tell you the truth I have to agree with such a person like Sean Hannity who says that this radio is just crazy. Jesus she was saying that Bill Clinton is such a bad person, that Hillary is about special interests and that she also took money from Rezko. I was feeling like calling her and telling her to shut up.
    In general I want to say this: if Democratic Party is indeed is going to be Obama’s party – I am not voting for it anymore – because I don’t want such a left wing crazy president and this country don’t want him either. So whoever votes for him – best of luck. But for me if it is not Hillary – that it is Mc Cain.
    I am sorry for my rant, but this is the only place I can say this openly.

  183. Here is the breakup of delegate advantage IMO

    CA : 40+
    NY : 30+
    NJ : 10+
    MA : 15+
    TN : 10+

    The rest of the races will cancel each other. That includes his expected to win IL. oh did I call CT for Hill? if I didnt I meant to..

  184. hehe 😉

    I’m off to bed to get some sleep before the townhall, this will be great! I can feel it.
    Did you read Chelsea and Bill will be moderators at their own events? I read that somewhere, wonder if it’s true, would be fun to see Chelsea ask a q for her mom, haha.

  185. 37 yr old woman, Asian American!

    on a positive – I wore my Hillary for President button to work, walking down the street, in the elevator – I certainly got some looks, but the best ones were from people – and a number of women – who had that knowing look that they too support Hillary. I do believe Southern California is Clinton country.

  186. if my family is any indication of things to come when it comes to PA iam male ihave four brothers 11 uncles and 22 male cousins and ican guarentee that they will all vote hillary. Oh and lots of us drink lattes but we lived through the reagan years and the co9llapse of the steel industry oprah oops i mean obamas evocation of the reagan name sent a lot of men into hills camp

  187. Seen on the internet…

    Obama may be loosing momentum, fails to draw crowd in NJ

    Maybe it wasn’t the best idea for Democrat Barack Obama to show up in Hillary Clinton’s back yard on the eve of Super Tuesday.

    Both Obama and Clinton decided to spend their final day of campaigning in the Northeast. The decision seems to be a good one for Hillary, but Barack may have stabbed himself in the foot.

    The Obama campaign rolled into New Jersey on Monday morning with Ted and Caroline Kennedy in tow. The problem is, the crowd was about 15,000 people short! Is Barack Obama loosing his momentum? It sure seems that way!

    Barack and his supporters reserved the Izod arena at the Meadowlands sports center on Monday. That arena holds 18,000 people, but only 3,000 showed up to hear Obama speak according to his campaign. His campaign expected to pack the place and were even worried about turning people away. It seems as though they underestimated Obama’s appeal in New Jersey.

    You’re in Hillary country now, Mr. Obama. It looks like you’ve made a mistake!

  188. 20 Year old Latino gay boi in the middle of Iowa….yeah.

    Omg, this townhall, is it just HRC answering questions, or is she giving a speech too?

  189. hey all. I’m about to move into a new apartment. My current lease is up. So, here’s how I’m going to decide where to move: if Hillary wins delegates, I’ll move into something like I have now. If Obama wins most of the delegates, I’m going to move into a dirt cheap place that’s close to work and buy a bicycle. God knows we’re headed for a great depression if he beats Hillary.

  190. What? Small crowds for the new messiah? Looks like Obama is just the flavor of the moment, huh? Some kids are soooo fickle. 😉

  191. Kaffeen – great post!
    Well, it’s foggy and the weather’s dreadful – must leave now to attend the town hall in our girl’s home town – I’ll report back to you all later tonight – 🙂

  192. Per NPR…

    Sen. Hillary Clinton plans to spend the final hours before New York’s primary campaigning in her home state.

    Among other targets, Clinton will be pushing hard to solidify support among black voters. African Americans have always been among her most reliable constituents, but endorsements from black leaders are divided.

    Although Clinton has won the support of political stalwarts like Rep. Charles Rangel and others in Harlem, Sen. Barack Obama has significant support among young politicians in Brooklyn and beyond.

    Among people walking around Harlem, the traditional cultural headquarters of black America, Clinton’s hold seems to persist, however.

    Clinton also has the backing of The New York Amsterdam News, Harlem’s newspaper for more than 100 years.

    Obama has not paid sufficient attention to Harlem, says Elinor Tatum, the publisher and editor-in-chief of the paper.

    “It was an extremely difficult decision. Are we voting for the candidate that will serve the community best or are we voting for someone on the basis of color?” Tatum says. Ultimately, it came down to the former.

    “Barack Obama has been to New York dozens and dozens of times. But he’s tended to be downtown. He’s been up to Harlem, maybe twice now … he can’t just assume that he’ll get the vote because the color of your skin. He needs to say, ‘I want to sit down and break bread with you,'” she says.

    The influential Rev. Calvin Butts, former mayor David Dinkins and New York’s senior Congressman Charles Rangel, have also thrown their support to Clinton.

    “One good reason is because I know her,” says Rangel, laughing. “I mean, I’ve known her for so long. I admire and respect Sen. Obama and there’ s a deep sense of racial pride, but in the picks and turns of our deficit — it’s kind of rough for anyone to get on-the-job training. The real question is,when you get to that desk, how many names do you have in the Rolodex?”

  193. I just saw something flash across the tv about Gov. Arnold’s Schawrzenegger’s chief of staff who is a woman Susan Kenneyd(?) wrote a story about paraphrasing’ women being their own enemies’ etc.

    Has anyone seen this?

  194. 34 year-old Asian-Am woman in California, never voted Republican in my voting life but will entertain the idea of voting for one if Obama is nominated. Either that or sit the election out, that’s how disillusioned I am about the media’s ability to brainwash millions of people, and people’s willingness to be brainwashed.

    The sense I’m getting here is that Obama will do well in SF bay area, but that Hillary is more solid in southern California especially L.A. and surrounding suburbs. I’m also hoping that some of Obama’s supporters won’t be able to vote tomorrow. To vote in the primary you’ve had to be registered by 1/22, and I personally know several co-workers in their 20s who are for Obama, but can’t vote for him because they didn’t know about the deadline.

    Did anyone see the video clip of Stevie Wonder tripping? It’s on TMZ, most comments about MO aren’t very kind….how ungracious and selfish she was when by not helping Stevie get up. On a funnier note, Perez, who loves Hillary, is reporting that exotic dancers from NY’s Scores gentlemen’s clubs are endorsing Hillary. I’m thinking Letterman might bring this up tonight…hope Hillary has a funny zinger prepared in case Dave tries to work it in.

  195. hill got ny firefighters bambi doesn’t have a prayer in the metro area. i don’t think many expected much from hill when she won the senate seat but having been there on the 11th and seeing how she trumpeted the cause for ny and the first responders with such incredible fervor will result in kind. Why wasn’t the firefighters endorsement huge? Rudy was runing on his composure and that was acknowledged but the firefighters endorsed a woman who had their back just as they have\had ours. In my opinion thier endorsement is much bigger than a kennedy or shriveled

  196. Gorto, Glad to hear about your intuition favoring Hillary, lol.

    Also, Randi Rhodes is off her rocker. Hillary took money from Rezko? WTF??

  197. I saw Michelle lead Stevie to fall off the stage. I agree with most of the folks you heard, Fashionista…not gracious AT ALL. Once Stevie was up and taken in hand by his guide, Miss Michelle made a bee line for the mic and left both Stevie and his guide trailing in her dust.

    Tacky? You betcha.

  198. I don’t think the Firefighters endorsement even got a headline…shows how biased and backhanded the media has been. There have been a lot of endorsements lately for Hillary that have gone totally eclipsed by the media worship.

    Real voters will signal tomorrow who they want to lead the country and the name will have a very familiar ring to it.

  199. Yeah, I think Randi is losing it. I used to love her, but she went berzerk. She used to be fair to HRC, especially when HRC said at the AFL-CIO debate “I am your girl”, Randi loved that. But now she has had a toke of the hopeium. Too bad, I heard she has declining ratings…..maybe she should’ve realized her largest audience is her hometown…NY….HRC’s home.

  200. Sorry about the maria shriveled line. childish on my part. we all, hopefully will get older and many more of us with universal healthcare.

  201. It doesn’t surprise me in the least that BO couldn’t lure a new Jersey crowd to the Meadowlands. I lived and worked there for a number of years and while I like my current state (NY) better I gotta hand it to the New Jersey folk. They are for real, like it or not. They don’t believe or trust in the BO BS because NJ is so multi-ethnic and so crowded and they’ve seen plenty of BO’s in the past.
    (As well as quite a few fabulous Maxine Waters I might add.) Plus driving’s a pain in NJ.

  202. Basil, well, the word is that the Obambi camp *expected* to turn people away. Hmmm, that is a big difference. 15 thousand no-shows. Just goes to show you, his campaign staff is drinking too much Kool-Aid. I guess they were just “hoping” for the best.

  203. hawk
    She used to say that she loves Bill Clinton – today she was raving about him making a deal with Uzbekistan dictator and getting a million dollars. To her knowledge – it was Kazakhstan and the president there is not a dictator. I can’t stand such a disloyalty. This is just maddening to me. This progressive paranoia and this BS – “change” of BO is just BS pure and simple.

  204. In honor of Hillary’s Letterman appearance tonight, here are the Top 10 Ways To Help Hillary on Super Tuesday:

    10) Vote, vote, vote.
    9) Put a Hillary bumper sticker on your car
    8) Put a Hillary sign on your front lawn, or front door
    7) Sign up to canvas
    6) Make a donation to Hillary’s campaign
    5) Ask your friends, neighbors, and family members to support Hillary
    4) Wear your Hillary gear tomorrow
    3) Write a blog entry about Hillary on a Big Blog
    2) Visit and sign up to make calls to voters
    1) Vote!

  205. In general I want to say this: if Democratic Party is indeed is going to be Obama’s party – I am not voting for it anymore – because I don’t want such a left wing crazy president and this country don’t want him either.

    I have no desire to support a party that disrespects women and fawns over the tired old Ted Kennedy.

    I’ll vote for Hillary tomorrow. I’ll vote for her in November if she gets the nomination. Otherwise, no more automatic benefit of the doubt for Democratic candidates. They will have to earn my vote on a case by case basis. I’ve learned a lot of about the Democratic Party over the last few months. The total lack of outrage over the sexist trashing of the woman candidate. The party’s participation in disenfranchising Florida and Michigan — because the woman candidate was strong there.

  206. this is one thing i have noticed about the clintons: to those who do/wish them bad things, they remain gracious and forgiving. but something bad happens to those who do/wish them bad.
    karma really is a bitch.

  207. I suspect tomorrow evening about this time there will be a big shortage of hopium and bullsh*&. Can’t wait to hear that Causterty, Blister, Spitball and Olgerman have exploded on set.

    While I do not agree with Bill O politics…he has been the only sane one on tv regarding Hillary Clinton. He does not like her but he has not been sexist or blatant worshipping of the Saint Obama.

    I hope Hillary will offer him a interview when she takes office.

  208. hwc
    I totally agree – it seems that this party totally lost it’s head. Do they really think that BO will win national elections? if they do – they should stay on their medication.

  209. I never thought I would agree with Pat Buchanan but he is right on the money. He thinks BO would loose 35 to 40 states if he is nominated. He agrees with Hillary that she is fully vetted . He said with 7 months of opposition research republicans would simply destroy BO.

  210. dot48 but isn’t this strange that a channel like Fox and a person like Bill O – is more fair than CNN and MSNBC?
    world had gone mad

  211. Kaffeen,
    The Meadowlands is bordered on the east by a huge Hispanic population. To the west are a lot of working class upwardly mobile type communities where people are working too darn hard for too many hours to go out and see a flim-flam artist. If they want a “Camelot” story they go to “Medieval Times,” a restaurant/dinner theater with knights and wenches and jousting and horses and family coats-of-arms. *LOL*

  212. can’t wait for the town hall tonight. no press allowed. sounds very interesting. and a very strong statement: we don’t need biased coverage anymore.

  213. I don’t know if you guys have seen this but I thought it might be interesting to see the haters taking coming out of their hiding place.:

    A Campaign of Her Own

    By Sally Quinn
    Monday, February 4, 2008; 12:00 AM

    The shrinks must be having a field day with this one. Hillary Clinton has a real chance to be the first female president, but the perception since New Hampshire has been that she is running as the first female stand-in for her husband’s third term.

    The first female president should be elected on her own merits — because she is the most qualified candidate. Just as she should not be held to a different standard because she is a woman, she should not be treated differently because her husband is out there campaigning with her.

    Yet it now appears now that the Clintons are running as a couple — a team, not a candidate and a spouse. In fact, after Obama’s big South Carolina win, Clinton said: “We went there and asked the people to vote for us. They voted for him.”

    It is also becoming clearer each day that Bill Clinton has more than just the good of the country at heart. He has his own administration, his own reputation to vindicate. The minute Hillary “found her voice” in New Hampshire, Bill went out on the hustings — face red, eyes narrowed, finger wagging — and pushed her out of the way.

    Of course it would be exciting to have a female president (as it would be to have an African American president). What we also want, though, is someone who has earned it on her own, whose power is not derivative.

    It’s true, as Chris Matthews recently dared to suggest (and was unfairly slammed by feminists for doing so), that part of the reason Hillary was elected senator in 2000 was because voters felt sympathy for her after the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Others suggested that she got the sympathy vote last month in New Hampshire.

    There’s nothing wrong with that. People vote for candidates for myriad reasons. It was charming in a debate when she said, “That hurt my feelings” after it was implied that the voters didn’t find her “likeable.” It was moving when she teared up in a diner talking about the hard campaign.

    At last, we thought, there’s a real person behind the superwoman façade. “I found my own voice,” she said, and the quote was splashed on the cover of Newsweek.

    But has she? Since then, her voice has been almost drowned out by her husband’s.

    After Hillary’s triumph in New Hampshire came Obama’s big win in South Carolina. Still, even amid speculation that Bill’s meltdowns may have contributed to her loss, reports were that Hillary staffers had decided not to muzzle the former president. The plan was just to let Bill be Bill.

    But Bill Clinton has gone way off the reservation these past few weeks, and he has hurt his wife badly. We’ve seen this movie before, and it’s not pretty. Hillary needs to get the hook, get him off the stage and win or lose on her own. “Fair and square,” as he likes to say.

    Do we really want our first female president elected out of sympathy because her husband humiliated her again? If I’ve heard one person say it I’ve heard it from 100 in the past few weeks: “If she can’t control her husband, how can she control the government?”

    There’s really only one person who is responsible for getting him off center stage effectively, and that’s Hillary Clinton herself. Harry Truman had a famous line about the presidency that could well apply to her now: The buck stops here. For Hillary, Bill’s campaign should stop now.

    Sally Quinn is moderator, with Jon Meacham of Newsweek, of OnFaith, an online conversation about religion.

  214. McCain Has Some Questions For Obama

    We are a day away from Super Tuesday. If you are thinking about voting for Barack Obama, consider whether he is the best candidate to go toe to toe with John McCain in the Fall election. Let’s look at the attack line that McCain would undoubtedly use against an Obama candidacy.


    What is Senator Obama going to say when Senator McCain asks him why he is in favor of granting drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants as Obama has admitted at least twice in Democratic debates?

    What will Senator Obama say when Senator McCain cites Obama’s present position that undocumented workers will not be covered in his health care proposal, yet when he was running for the Senate he said that children of undocumented workers should get the same health care benefits that citizens get?

    What is Senator Obama going to say when John McCain starts to ask people to compare Obama’s qualifications to be president to McCain’s experience? That his years on the Senate Armed Services Committee don’t matter?

    What is Senator Obama going to say when John McCain begins to ask him about negotiating in unstructured summits with the leaders of Iran, North Korea and Cuba without preconditions?

    What will Senator Obama say when Senator McCain asks him why he said in 2004 that he did not know how he would have voted on the Iraq war authorization and that his view of the Iraq war was not different from President Bush’s? What will Senator Obama say when Senator McCain compares Obama’s votes to fully fund the Iraq War in the Senate to Obama’s rhetorical opposition to that war?

    What is Senator Obama going to say when Senator McCain questions Obama’s claim to be “the most qualified person in America to conduct the foreign policy of the United States”? What is Senator Obama going to say when Senator McCain says that Obama is not one of the most qualified members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to lead this country in today’s dangerous world but instead one of the most absent?

    What is Senator Obama going to say when Senator McCain points out that Senator Obama has not conducted a single policy hearing as chairman of the subcommittee on European Affairs of the Foreign Relations Committee?

  215. buchanon has also been sane in this debate.

    I didn’t mean to be mean yesterday when I asked if Stevie W lost his glasses…he actually DID.

    Michelle Obama was too busy worrying about getting her arse looked at than helping the man…she is completely classless.

    I bet she abuses animals too.

  216. i bet animals sense her true nature and stay far away. probably why rezko had to buy the property next door fear of pets being traumatized by that

  217. actually those questions are the questions Hillary has been asking but the media would not pose them. They structured each debate around saint obama with questions set so Hillary could not get her questions to the front.

    Indeed there is a laundry list of questions that the repubs will ask…however, HRC asked and received no respect because she is a woman asking.

  218. I am wearing a gray underarmor hoodie, with a white and green undershirt, and jeans….not too snazzy for the Town Hall, but it is just a town hall. I went to like 20 when she was in Iowa.

  219. pulchritude
    does the word pulchritude mean physical beauty– saTS WERE ALONG TIME AGO

  220. pulch, I’m leaning towards my hot pink pajamas….

    if you are attending in person…wear a pantsuit and do Hillary proud. have fun

  221. dot48
    But I used to turn off Fox – I thought that they are next step to regular fascists. Now it looks like they are closer to sanity than this whole democratic election. I tell you – I am pretty well off. I am not suffering because of the economy and have a good business of my own. So I am voting for Hillary because if 2 reason: 1. I consider myself a patriot of this country 2. Because she is TRULY the best on real issues – not on hype BS.

  222. IDUNN
    funny what we assumed about people– many many women who asserted thier race i thought were white, went back and tried to read “race” into thier posts but found only that intelligence like stupidity knows no boundaries

  223. Well, I hate to say this, really really hate it, but I think I just agreed with something Cafferty said. (gulp). He is on with “the worst political team on television” and said that Democrats should get their primary over with all at once. Don’t draw it out. Gotta agree there.

  224. I’m also voting for her because I think she is the best candidate at this time. GWB is leaving this country with a real big MESS…see new deficit numbers out today…over 3 billion….how the heck we supposed to dig ourselves out of this without a person in the big house who knows how to get things done. we cannot hopium these bills away, we cannot hopium our troops out of Iraq, we cannot hopium we all just have good health, we cannot hopium better college tuition for students, we cannot hopium Iran or other hostile countries wisen up, we cannot hopium that the housing market stops bleeding and we sure can’t hopium the coming depression out of the way.

    These issue NOW more than EVER call for fast and swift and decisive action by a qualified leader.

    Obama blew it by being greedy. Had he waited or offered a hand to HELP rather than a big bag of HOPIUM he perhaps would be president some day. I think his hopium is gone down the drain. poofff.

  225. Only Obambi’s camp, Obama-bots, and Obama Chatterheads could spin a poll that shows Hillary winning 53 percent to 39 percent on the eve of New York’s Super Tuesday as a positive thing.

  226. dot48
    Actually together with what Social Security obligations we owe about 55 trillion dollars. 10 trillion is external debt. So it is Herculean task to change all that. If someone thinks that Obama is the guy to do that – I have nothing else to talk about.

  227. just to say that knowing you all has been a privilege. without names or gender or race we have formed a special bond. it has been a real treat putting some of the gender and age with the user names. .

  228. Yeah…it’s been fun to be so surprised by how diverse we are.

    Nobody better start singing kumabya now, or I’m gonna have to break out a can of whoop ass!

  229. Idunn, yeah…brain bleach..I see it used over at FSU a lot…figure skating universe. Old habits die hard, I still like to see who is winning skating comps.

  230. My support for Clinton confounds many of my friends. But then again, most of my friends hail from the chicagoland area.

  231. Truly fascinating article about a potential Hillary Clinton presidency through the eyes of famous women…..


    Dee Dee Myers, first female press secretary (1993-1994), author of Why Women Should Rule the World: A Memoir

    The 44th President’s First Cabinet Meeting

    “I’m glued to my television. Three, four, five. I count, as the camera pans the oversized oak table in the Cabinet Room of the White House. Nine, ten. Eleven women at the table! I can hardly believe my eyes. A reporter explains that this will be President Clinton’s first cabinet meeting, just one day after her historic inauguration. But I am less interested in the words than the pictures. Eleven women! More than half the cabinet! And the sight of them sitting in the big, brown leather chairs, each with her name and title engraved on a brass plate fastened to the back, gives me a thrill.

    “Not just half the cabinet, but half the Big Four — the powerhouse positions claimed by the Secretaries of State, Defense, and Treasury and the Attorney General. They will flank the President and Vice President at the center of the table — and at the very center of power.

    “I went to cabinet meetings during the other Clinton presidency, and there were nowhere near as many women in the room — not at the table, not among the senior staff seated along the walls, not even among the reporters recording the event for history. All the sudden the click, click, click of digital cameras interrupts my reverie, and a split second later she strides into the room. Madame President.

    “If nothing else happens at the meeting, so much will already have been accomplished, and I’m surprised by how satisfied, how inspired, I feel as I reach for the remote and turn down the sound. This moment is about pictures — and I love what I’m seeing.”

  232. I am a 40 something 🙂 female of Indian origin, well adjusted to American ways.

    This race has become too personal for me having gone through a tenure denial recently because of gender bias and sexism (for instance, a colleague told another that he (white male) thought my culture forbade me from smiling at men!), ageism (I looked too young to be a prof). In one class when I explained something complicated really well, a male student asked me if I was showing off. Oh, I have a long list of such comments. I can only imagine what Hillary may have gone through — she got into law when many women did/could not. We just have to get her elected. Many of our and our children futures rely on that. Every male should think about his mother/sister/wife/daughter being subjected to what she has been through in this race.

  233. well I finally got to speak with my brother in law who has been in Florida on a fishing tour….hitting him up to go vote for Hillary tomorrow. He already voted for Edwards and did NOT even know he had pulled out! Where are these people spending their days LOL

    I told him to go to courthouse tomorrow and ask for a doever!

  234. to the individual who first suggested that we reveal our race gender age i say thankyou as it has added an element of levity to……. unless of course that person was the same person who wrote that oprah wanted to shag bambi. that person has left indelible scar on my psyche.

  235. i keep forgetting if i’m 37 or 38 (doh!)…I’m just getting ahead of myself because I’ll be 38 when Hill is President!

  236. “While I do not agree with Bill O politics…he has been the only sane one on tv regarding Hillary Clinton. He does not like her but he has not been sexist or blatant worshipping of the Saint Obama.”

    dot48, yes and isn’t it sad that the non-sexist talking head in this election cycle is also the one with a history of sexually harrassing women?

    I have high hopes still. I just don’t see how Dems can be so stupid to nominate someone with half-term senate experience, upcoming Rezco trial, support of drivers license for illegals, admitted past cocaine use, for decriminalizing drug laws, stutters during debates, Oprah puppet, opportunistic race-baiting, and status as newly adopted son of Ted Kennedy. Yeah, those things going to win him lots of votes. He will lose on that drivers license thing alone, very unpopular in the West. Oh, when he flip-flops on that, Repubs will add flip-flopper to the list.

  237. I plead the 5th on age, gender, orientation and ethnicity.

    The media bias is going to change. It will shift Hillary’s way after tomorrow. Wait and see.

  238. # clintondem99 Says:
    February 4th, 2008 at 6:44 pm

    Idunn, You sound like young man in his 20’s.

    Before we started revealing our gender and age, my favorite mental exercise going through these comments was to guess who the person might be.

  239. o btw, it’s supposed to be horrible weather in the chicago=land tomorrow.
    Hurray Obambi vote suppressiON! 😀

  240. Hillary Clinton is an amazing woman. I think America knows this and tomorrow we will see her start to reach her highest honor.

    It is high time the workhorse receives the prize…showhorses come and go but the workhorse always carries the burdens.

  241. i said it before and i will say it again when hillary gets the nom and obama has realised how important this eletion is the campaign song should be we are family. the pirates who were all men used it and we have all had to acept that mankind means humankind so sisters can mean brothers fathers blah blah blah

  242. 42 yr old, NYC italian american, gay woman… (I would say this sounds like an eharmony ad but they don’t let my kind on eharmony…)

    A few random thoughts – Tucker Carlson is a simply a dick with a bowtie who got his job thanks to his mother, Margaret Carlson, who has apparently drunk the Obamaid too. Pat Buchanan, I am appalled to say, is the only pundit making any sense (this is so bizarre) on MSNBC next to Dan Abrams. I have written countless letters of complaint to all the networks, the blogs. I have traveled from NY to NH to watch Hillary’s incredible win there firsthand. I have phonebanked, done visibility events, I have donated to the campaign. I take the recent polls with a grain of salt. I have really enjoyed the community on this blog, and will be so happy to celebrate our wins tomorrow with all of you.

  243. well, obama’s internals aren’t looking so hot. Obama is gaining, but so is Clinton. It seems to be largely edwards supporters splitting both ways.

  244. 31, jewish-cajun, gay male

    And yes, I am one of those men with an advanced degree who supports Hillary Clinton and not Barack Obama.

  245. momentum is shifting to Hillary…I sense it. A big Tsunami is going to hit ObamaLand tomorrow…they just don’t realize the effects of it.

    chicago…..snow baby snow!!!!!!!!

  246. Romney has more money than brains. Just saw his new ad on Fox attacking Hillary and no mention for McCain or Huck. I would think he would be more worried about his Republican opponents instead of running GE ads against Hillary

  247. Hey a big shout out to the person who said lets tell who we are
    i was tense and feeding on every survey usa poll that someone would post. we are all passionnate and i for one devour this site when i can.
    at this time to read positivelyclinton saying she sounds like an eharmony post from which she may be rejected made me laugh
    i wanna know dot48 was it you who started this

  248. After Michelle’s comments, if her husband is the nominee I would rather sit on the sidelines and enjoy repugs tear BO apart. I would love to see those kossacs squirming every day. It is amazing I voted for BO in the senate race. I have always voted for Democrats all my life. But Michelle has changed my vote.

  249. By the way, hawk, my parents met at a cockfight, which were once very popular in the area of Louisiana from my family hails.

  250. 🙂

    pulchritude, that is interesting. That is not a popular thing up here that I know of. That is exotic. Jewish Cajun sounds kinda hot too lol 🙂

  251. okay pulchratude is a gay man
    i have no clue. i thought pulch was a “conventionally” attractive female mid to late 40s who loves her kids more than her own appearance, And she saw in hillary hope and promise. I believe i am only half wrong

  252. These are the states I feel Hillary will win (or has won)…..I’d be curious if any campaign insider could share their thoughts on these states…

    West Virginia
    New York
    New Hampshire
    Massachusetts (!!!)
    Rhode Island
    New Jersey

  253. Friends (sorry, could not resist)

    We have turned this into a wonderfully warm day. A day filled with support for our lady and a day that we also have helped each other.

    Now back to our regular programming…have to say this .. just saw Marie Shriver on ET and she is downright scary looking.

  254. White female, closer to 50 than 40. 😉 I’m straight, married, have kids and a 1-year-old granddaughter. She might be president one day once Hillary shatters that glass ceiling.

  255. By Associated Press
    OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) – Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama received a flurry of endorsements in Washington state Monday, just days before the state’s Democratic caucuses.

    Lt. Gov. Brad Owen endorsed Clinton, while Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown endorsed Obama.

    “I’m here for a simple reason,” Brown, D-Spokane, told a news conference outside the Capitol, surrounded by more than a dozen lawmakers. “He inspires me.”

    The Clinton campaign announced Owen’s support along with endorsements from 37 other state officials, including 18 members of the Legislature.

    “I just believe when you compare the experience between the two, that Senator Clinton is in a better position to lead the country,” Owen said later by phone.

  256. eres mexicano? es interesante, porque tienes un apellido de un gringo.

    et oui, je suis un acadien qui parle francais.

  257. 25 yo gay white guy in LA. I have been a Hillary supporter for 10 years. When I was a freshman in high school, I had to write a paper about her, in which I focused on her work for the Children’s Defense Fund. Fell in love with her then, and my love for her has only grown.

    I was at the rally in LA on Saturday, and I have to say Maxine Waters and Mayor Dellums gave everyone goosebumps. I brought with me an undecided female friend who I could *tell* was leaning towards BHO (she works in the movie industry). She will now be voting for Hillary tomorrow 🙂

  258. There may be another ObombO bomb coming:

    It [Rezko’s friendship] suggests very bad judgment, as do strong, persistent suggestions that Obama also accepted quite small contributions from extreme Left-wing veterans of the terrorist Weather Underground now living in Chicago.

    His list of contributions shows one for $200 from a certain William Ayers. Can this possibly be the same William Ayers, now a Chicago professor, who used to plant bombs in the Seventies and has said: “I don’t regret setting bombs. I feel we didn’t do enough”? His partner, Bernardine Dohrn, once “declared war” on the US government.

  259. kaffeen,

    The Obama campaign rolled into New Jersey on Monday morning with Ted and Caroline Kennedy in tow. The problem is, the crowd was about 15,000 people short!

    Interesting, as Brian Williams on the NBC Nightly News just said that the Obama campaign told him that “the large crowds (at their rallies) show that the voters are breaking their way


  260. Si, soy Mexicano. I don’t know French very well…….ummmdoes it say “and me, I am a ______ that speaks French”?

  261. Hillary has changed the landscape forever…for our children, our grandchildren, great grandchildren, nieces, aunts, sisters…..

    Hillary has so many firsts to her name just in this primary…alas…she has not been given due credit by the media,,what a shame.

  262. Maria Shriver is indeed scary looking, on a good day she resembles Skeletor, the nemesis of He-Man in the He-Man cartoons of the ’80s.

  263. My last name confuses me too. My dad’s name is Jose Ernesto Eliff. I looked up Eliff, and it is English…..? I dunno. Cody was my mom’s choice.

  264. new Obombobomb….fascinating. Wake up obamabots….smell the scandals getting ready to break. run…away…very….fast.

  265. hawk, I am trying to learn a little conversational Spanish, since I now live in a Latino majority area, and I SUCK at it! I have an anglo tongue. It’s pitiful. I can’t roll an “r” to save my life. 😀

  266. “I’m here for a simple reason,” Brown, D-Spokane, told a news conference outside the Capitol, surrounded by more than a dozen lawmakers. “He inspires me.”

    “He inspires me” What tripe. Is he going to “inspire” the troops right out of Iraq, too?

  267. on the page terry mcaulife says team hillary is seriously considering obama as vp due to his large following

  268. I mostly speak english since I live in Iowa, but when I speak to family in Safford, Arizona, or in LA, or in Brownsville, Texas, it’s all espanol.

  269. Kingsgrove…

    Someone here said it best earlier today…

    “If my house was on fire, I would want Hillary there with a hose to put it out instead of Obama just hoping it would go out by itself”.

  270. LMAO! Ya’ll are messing me up…I can’t remember now if I posted my demographic or not!

    Whoever thought I was a 20 year old white male….THANKS for the 20 year old part! 🙂

  271. hawk,

    i only know this information, as the politico published your name in one of their articles on hillary is 44.

  272. I DO NOT believe HillaryCamp will ever drink the obama koolaid. Too many skandals out there getting ready to break wide open. She is still standing, she does not need to take on his stupid doings.

  273. Yeah, they “outed” me as the President of Students for Hillary at UI…lol. Oh well. I laughed. I used to post at this site as celiff.

  274. pulch,

    Really ROTFLOL! BTW – me – SWF so that’s probably a little TOO much info. *LOL* .

    And you’re trilingual, too!
    “Are you Spanish because you sound like a ‘gringo.’

    And I take it your a French Professor?

  275. Idunn, that little quote sums up the difference between Hillary and Bambi pretty well. Hillary = Plans/Action……Obama = Unprepared/Inaction

  276. does words like “big following” scare you all as much as me….we are not some cult…those people will NOT stay with him, they are soft support and will not be standing come November…..they will abandon him at first crisis.

  277. kaffeen,

    Williams said it was Bambi’s “aides” who were telling him the size of his crowds was an indicator that the voters were breaking his way, so yes I would say large quantities of Kool-Aid was involved.

  278. one said above…The NYC firefighters i was gonna mention it last night,I hope Hillary has them with some with her tonight..

    That tells since the media didnt even mentioned them.that they endorsed HIllary!!!..they dont care about this country wolf and matthews…all of them bad was rude and shamefull.dumbass@@.They deserve OUR Hillary!!!
    with there courage and love to help when the Nation was Attacked..Those firefighters across Amercia who helped on 911…will fight her to the White House..I hope they make some movie with Hillary in it..

  279. I am gonna where my HRC Tshirt (w/ a coat) tomorrow accented by a button or 2 (america con Hillary and out for Hillary), and I am gonna get trashed at a bar and then we are going to a friend’s appartment to see the final results.

  280. basil,

    i think you are the only swf at hillary is 44. perhaps i am wrong. but we are quite the diverse lot, no?

  281. lol, from a blog about obama’s supposed momentum:

    “Thought you’d enjoy this headline from the Syracuse Post Standard, “Obama rally falls short”. A rally at Syracuse University drew 19 supporters and 11 media.”

  282. hawk,

    i found the politico’s article to be quite vindictive. in fact, i thought they attempted to humiliate you when they cited some of the comments you posted here.

  283. pulch, we are much more diverse than the bambi group, which is basically all straight, white college males or sad, depressed white women with a few african americans here and there.

  284. Hey all,

    Since all of you seem to be giving your stats here are mine: 27/female/college grad/straight/PuertoRican

    I can’t wait to see the TownHall meeting! I’m watching on-line 🙂

  285. dot 48
    i will never be a mother a sister a daughter but i held a 14 month old in my arms through a dark fever. the feelings i had for that child- terror. she came through it and for her if i can help it there ius no ceiling.

  286. there was a media representative for every pair of obama supporters at syracuse university today. i guess andy warhol was correct when he claimed everyone would be famous for 15 minutes.

  287. i bloggered my way into a conference by Penn and Wolfson for the media today. The take away points were these:

    1. Though clearly we all, Hillary and Obama supporters alike, are aware now that February 5 will not decide the race, Penn and Wolfson are very confident that when we wake up on February 6, Hillary will have a lead in the race for delegates.

    2. The race will enter an entirely new phase after Tuesday as the campaigns turn to the real race, that is, the race for delegates. After February 5, that will be the campaign’s main focus.

    3. Hillary’s bead on the nomination really focuses hereafter on her tremendous advantages in Ohio, Texas, and Pennsylvania. There is a decent chance that Hillary will lock down the nomination in one of those states, but Wolfson cautioned a couple of times that this race really and truly might go to the convention undecided.

    4. One way to resolve the problem of the Republicans having a nominee and our not having a nominee would be a decision by the Democratic National Committee before the convention about how to make the votes of Florida and Michigan voters count. Without counting the votes of Florida and Michigan, this thing might possibly have to be decided by the super delegates. Neither Clinton nor Obama made up the rules, but clearly, both Clinton and Obama are fighting to dominate this block of convention votes.

    5. The Republicans are close to getting their nominee, and their nominee is going to start a General Election campaign. The problem we as Democrats face is that though we had a front-loaded calendar, this front-loaded calendar has bumped against the party’s rules for proportional representation. The proportional rules are dominating the race, and this is the thing that really is stymieing a quick decision for our party.

    Obviously, there was a lot going on in Penn’s and Wolfson’s representation, but I thought I would share with you how they are talking to the media.

  288. the fact that the media made up more than half of his supporter base is sad.

    19 supporters in Syracuse University in NY IS HORRIBLE. Syracuse has a student pop. of 13,000 undergrads and 6,000 grads! LOL

  289. and here, we have Obambi aides pushing his large rally turnout theories. LMAO. what happened to the 18,981 STUDENTS who DIDN’T show up to barack’s rally? lol I thought this man appealed to the youth vote?

  290. Michelle Obama Doesn’t Like Her Husband ?

    She tells Deborah Roberts on the ABC World News:

    I don’t like people who don’t tell the truth.”


    BTW, 49/White/Straight/Shackin’ Up

  291. caroline
    i live in us and 16 mos ago i never heard of oprah barrack– not intended to attack you caroline unless of course your last name is kennedy

  292. Which four states does everyone believe Hillary will win by the largest margins? I predict she will win AR by 40 points (70-30), OK by 30 points (65-35), TN by 28 points (64-36) and NY by 24 (62-38).

  293. We have got to find a way to make at least the FL delegates count. It the Repugs have a nominee and we don’t before the convention, our chances in a general will not be as strong. Howard Dean HAS to know this. If the FL delegates are counted before too late, obviously Hillary will be the nominee and we can start the showdown.

  294. yeah, Michelle, I don’t like liars and your husband falls in that category.

    If Hillary accepts him as a running mate I will be deeply disappointed.

  295. I don’t think I get the Hallmark channel! I am pissed. It says it is on 50 in Iowa City, and channel 50 is Spike TV. Huh?!?! I can’t watch online since I have no audio since I broke my computer earlier today! Ugh!

  296. how do you do that tim? Good idea. And if it doesn’t work, I will go down to the computer lab in our dorm residence hall.

  297. See/Hear the town hall Tonight @ 9 p.m. EST:


    – Hallmark Channel

    – XM Satellite Radio

  298. Hillary on ET and Inside Edition .. she said it was presumptious to talk about running mates..even though she did say people liked the looks of them on the stage…do..not…drink….the…kool…aid…Hillary

  299. I now live in the Catskills and have really gotten to know the ‘locals’ in the area and they will NEVER vote for Bambi.
    Was he actually AT the Syracuse rally?
    Pulch – art history – I knew it. And, yup, I’m gonna tune it to the HC site for the meeting.
    I’m recovering from some health problems and i have been spending too much time in front of the tube listening to the chattering class and getting depressed. This site has helped me break that addiction! I may even ditch the tube.


    JOB DESCRIPTION: the successful candidate must have the ability to effectively manage and resolve a wide range of critical issues which significantly affect the welfare of 300 million Americans and billions of people in other countries across the world including but not limited to: national security, terrorism, economic recession, national debt, heath care crisis, shrinking job base, educational deficit, immigration, global warming, etc.

    It is imperative for the candidate to have job related experience for two reasons: i) past experience is the most accurate predictor of future performance, and ii) the nature and urgency of our problems is such that the next president must address them commencing on day 1.

    In addition, the candidate must have the right management philosophy, style, psychology, judgment, and moral courage to put our country to back on the right track through strong decisive leadership. In the immortal words of Harry Truman: “The buck stops here”.
    QUALIFICATIONS: here are the job related qualifications of Barack Obama as I perceive them:

    PRIOR EXPERIENCE: Freshman Senator (D-Il). Illinois State Legislator, Community Organizer, President of Harvard Law Review. Lived and travelled abroad. Close ties to Daley Machine. He has written two books about his life which have inspired people. No significant legislative accomplishments. He is married, 2 children.

    MANAGEMENT PHILOSOPHY: Claims he is not a Chief Operating Officer. Believes he should set the direction for the country, and hire other people (as yet unidentified) actually run the government. Yet, the evidence to date from the campaign trail suggests he does not hold subordinates accountable for their actions, i.e. South Carolina campaign staff, Jessie Jackson Jr., General Mc Peak, Axelrod, etc.)

    MANAGEMENT STYLE: In public, he favors mass meetings, inspirational speeches, and mass movement politics. Behind the scenes he is the exact opposite, i.e. very deferential to powerful interests, and willing to concede a publicly held position as long as he can get a positive headline. Sometimes he gets political contributions too, i.e. Execon.

    PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE: He preaches themes of empowerment and unity. But when challenged, he becomes very defensive, and tends to demonize opponents. And when he does not get his way threatens to pick up his marbles and go home. Finally, his attitude toward women is open to question, i.e. the snub, likeable enough, turning his back, etc.

    JUDGMENT: He claims that he is always right on day 1. He cites a speech in Illinois legislature opposing Iraq War as proof–but concedes does not know what he would have voted. He tries to dismiss, but ultimately a 17 year political. He minimizes the assistance he sought and received from that individual as a “bone headed mistake”. He prefers to avoid hard decisions whenever possible (infra).

    MORAL COURAGE: He failed to show up for Kyle Lieberman, but criticizes others who did. He voted pass 129 times on various pieces of legislation, on controversial issues. He decries lobbyists but uses them in his own campaign. In sum, he is never there when you need him.

    REFERENCES: Oprah, Ted Kennedy, MSNBC, CNN, Big Blogs, and a long list of self serving political opportunists who know as well as we do that that he is unqualified for the job but wish to exploit that fact for their own advantage.
    CONCLUSION: if you put aside all the media hype, it becomes obvious that Barack Obama is not qualified for the job of President of the United States of America, particularly in these perilous times.

  301. dot48,

    It’s a great way to get some of his voters, since more of them continually say that they may change their minds (as opposed to Hillary’s firm support). I say spread the message that she could make him VP. Siphon off some of those votes!

  302. wbboie..and no high school college..thats scary..

    timjcain Says:

    February 4th, 2008 at 7:55 pm
    hawk as i believe you screwed your computer yesterday try resetting it to a previous date
    you have xp hawk go to start acceories.system tools,system restore point it should work your audio too..if it worked before..set it back where you were before you took off things..

  303. i really don’t wanna miss the town hall meeting.

    i just checked the site again and i don’t see the live video tab.

    Is the streaming video gonna just pop up or do i haveta click one of the header tabs?

  304. hillary ads on tv here now quite often. yes, go Hillary. O’Reilly citing polls that show Hillary leading everywhere but Illnois and Georgia. Showing Ann Coulter support for Hillary…some think it is hilarious but I actually think she has a valid point.

  305. man you know the rating’s for Hallmark will be absolutley up,you guys how many people will be on her site and hallmark for this ..whats your millions,you got the uk too for hillary and argentina

  306. Snarf! Sounds a little like what people said about Dahmer:

    “Well, he was a loner…never really seemed to connect with anyone one on one…”

  307. reed, suggesting we just do that to get votes!!! Friends, I am surprised….LOL

    as long as we can cut him loose soon afterwards….

  308. Thanks Kaffeen.


    I just opened the HallmarkChannel site and there’s a channel locator tab that will tell you what local station broadcasts it. Just enter your zip code.

    Now I can watch on a bigger screen.

  309. i have heard this is gonna be the biggest thing i will ever see in my life.
    outside of orca or the pope i can’t h\think of anyone person who could do that, maybe multiple endorsements

  310. I’m still fuming about Florida – not just the lack of media coverage for Hill’s win, but when did the Democrats get in the business of disenfranchising voters? 1.5 million voices NOT HEARD. In scope that would dwarf what the Republicans did in Florida in 2000.

  311. in case anybody wants to live through a vicarious moment, I just threw somebody out of my house because he supports ob and gave me a smart ass reason when i asked him why

  312. wb: great post up above. You need to put that up somewhere, but I don’t know where you could get it.



    ABOUT HILLARY’S TOWNHALL TO GO ON in half hour or SO. DO IT. DO IT. GET MORE VIEWERS= more potential hill fans 😀

  314. hi all. wf, 31. i am wondering why obama team even planned the meadowlands event – waste of time and money – most everyone in that area is no doubt hung over or at least not thinking about politics today! they knew two weeks ago giants were in the super bowl.

    no offense to women like myself who love football, i know there are many, but maybe a silver lining to a sad, sad turn of events for patriots nation is maybe obama demographics less likely to turn out tomorrow. nyg victory parade is happening. new england fans if anything like me will be walking around in shock for a few more days 🙁

  315. DCDemocrat thanks for updating us re the conference call. The way I see it is the following:

    1. Hillary will win more delegates tomorrow- conservatively 75-100, optimistically 125-150, really optimistic 200 delegates.
    2. Both camps will be vying for spin. If Clinton wins CA and holds on to MA, she controls the spin as she would have won also the ‘popular vote’.
    3. Not sure if she will win more states. There are far more smaller states with smaller delegate counts that Bambi have been working.
    4.Kafeen-I believe you posted a long list of states which you think that Clinton will win- please note WV, OH, PA,WA won’t vote until later. KS seems to be going to Bambi. MO is a toss up but I believe Clinton has the edge as also AZ. I’m hoping that she can pull out NM as well. MS- up in the polls but this is a caucus states so who knows. OK, TN will also be Clintons. AL is iffy but I hope that last minute deciders break her way. However, AL is very close to GA and he is doing very weill in GA.

    I believe that it will come down to the MI and FL delegates. As this race goes on, people will want it to be over soon as the REpubs will have their canidate and time to really develop a message against the Dems.

    This is where Clinton showed her experience and campaign smarts, she kept her name on the ballot in MI. There is not excuse why FL should not be seated as everyone was on the ballot. I hope that if they toss out a cucus as a solution that she rejects it as it seems to favor Obama. I would only agree to a cucus in MI if they seat the FL delegates as is.

    I believe that they may have to cut a bargain, count the dlegates as Clintons and offer VP to Obamao.

    Can someone point out where on I can fine the live stream? I looked and I didn’t see it. Thanks.


    Thanks for the tip, Dot. Missed that part but just saw Huckabee (I know but I watch and listen to everything) is TRASHING the media and complaining about the unfair media coverage on the repub side and saying the media shouldn’t be allowed to pick the candidates, that privilege should belong to US!

  317. Well, I just had it out online with a friend I’ve been posting with for 8 years. Why? Because I told the truth about Obama, his slum lord, and his letters of recommendation. You’d have thought I slapped Jesus Christ himself right in the face judging by her vicious reaction.

    Oh well…like I said before…truth’s sometimes a bitch, huh?

  318. okay i rec’d nine emails and several phone calls from friends in nyc so i think something is up. either way i hope everyone watches the meeting in a healthy way?

  319. I love that post by a guy at the Huffington post earlier about McCain’s questions for obama, just imagine how they will tear him apart. They can spread out the attacks from the summer up until november, and the piece didn’t even mention rezko.

  320. ha, i love perez, he had another hillary photo up today and quote:

    “Well, you see, I told you I could bring the country together.”
    – Hillary Clinton tells Inside Edition, on the news that conservative commentator Ann Coulter would endorse her over John McCain

  321. This is just for fun…I don’t but it, but it is interesting….

    Is Obama the Anti-Christ? Do some Google searches (i.e. Nostradamus Obama… al). Seems Obama fits the profile for third Anti-Christ by Nostradamus and would fit into some of the Book of Revelations.

    Pretty bizarre stuff really, but there is something about 2012 and the name Mabus, which could people have found in all kinds of weird word combinations (i.e. Obamabush).

    Pretty freaky stuff…but worth a chuckle or two.

  322. everyone i know in nyc is pro hill
    so they wouldn’t call me or emaiol to watch what they knew i was already going to watch
    i could be wrong but i think we are going to see something tonight

  323. I am gonna sit at my desk w/ leftover pizza, a vitaminwater, with the townhall on, and I will enjoy my night up until the point where I have to do homework…… 🙁

  324. Hello!!!
    Thank God I’m home after being trapped in the car with Sean Hannity and guests (Zogby & Rasumessen) telling me nothing nothing nothing but that BO has major momentum and the Clintons are through.
    Sure enough I sign on and see Penn & Co are very confident ofa lead in delegates tomorrow night. That’s all that matters – plus the perception of California, of course. Zogby has Hill down by 6 – ofcourse noone else does, but no other polls are quoted on NY talk radio or the news – even by Randi Rhodes!
    Here’s a nice prediction form a pretty good source. in run by Gregg Birnbaum, a writer for the NY Post (I know, I know). He’s done a nice job over the last just linking every article from anywhere, good, bad, or indifferent.
    JUSTHILLARY.COM PREDICTS THE RESULTS ON SUPER TUESDAY… is forecasting a strong Super Tuesday for Hillary Clinton…The Barack Obama surge will not have enough time to fully impact the outcome…Hillary scores a knock down, but not a knockout…

    Hillary will carry 17 of the 21 states contested by Democrats and a big majority of delegates…Obama picks up 4 states…

    Hillary wins: Alaska; Arkansas; Arizona; California; Colorado; Connecticut; Delaware; Idaho; Kansas; Massachusetts; Minnesota; New Jersey; New York; North Dakota; Oklahoma; Tennessee; and Utah…

    Obama wins: Alabama; Illinois; Georgia; and Missouri..

    The fight for delegates continues after Tuesday night, but Obama will have difficulty fighting the perception that he faced a near-sweep and he will be furthered crippled as fence-sitting endorsements and super delegates begin to go Hillary’s way…

    – editor Gregg Birnbaum

  325. Here is a snippet of our man Nostradamus prophecy…

    The man will be called by a barbaric name
    that three sisters will receive from destiny.
    He will speak then to a great people in words and deeds,
    more than any other man will have fame and renown.

    That which neither weapon nor flame could accomplish
    will be achieved by a sweet speaking tongue in council.

    As for the Book of Revelations, isn’t the Anti-Christ supposed to be of middle-eastern descent, his name “blessed” (Barack means blessed), cunning, and a powerful speaker.

    Pretty freaky huh?

  326. The man will be called by a barbaric name
    that three sisters will receive from destiny

    OMG….that’s the 3 ugly stepsisters! Shriver, McCaskill and Oprah!

  327. kaffeen,

    I read everything and I’ve seen a lot of stuff about that. Personally, i think it’s more a conspiracy thing aimed at one world order promoted by the Council on Foreign Relations and friends.
    The absolute lock the media has had on the country the past few months reminds me of some of the stuff I’ve read about the Hitler propaganda machine. I’ll stop now.

  328. Oops, I just googled something and found it can’t be true…..says the prophecy declared the Anti-Christ will be a winner on February 5. We *know* that won’t happen, so…..we can all just go back to despising him for legitimate reasons 🙂

  329. Obama just might be the Anti-Christ! LOL! His followers are shockingly similar to cult followers who cannot hear or see any failings in their “leader”.

  330. I know you guys are joking and all but we are above all this petty stuff. Let’s leave all that to the Obamabots.

  331. Caroline,

    It *is* a joke. I was just having fun. I am scared of an Obama presidency and happened to google Obama Anti-Christ. He does scare me that much. I am atheist though, so I am either screwed on judgement day or have nothing to worry about…lol.

  332. kaffen, Do you know that one of tht right wing talking points is that BO is anti christ? Honestly I do not believe in any of that anti christ stuff but I am sure that would be one of the softer arguments the right wing nut jobs would be be making about him.

  333. Thanks guys…I haven’t laughed that hard in weeks. Perfect release so I can go watch the town hall and chill out.

    Basil and Caroline….just so ya know, I’m keeping my eyes on you two. Don’t try anything apocolyptic while I’m gone.;)

  334. Idunn
    already got a great tin foil hat
    maybe i am a litle crazy but i cannot help but believe that the democratic party has already born torn apart i will not vote for o and so they win

  335. hwc- I second that.

    gorto – i feel the same way about hrc. i can visualize her right now in the oval office, being inaugurated, walking in the white house without feeling uneasy in my stomach. but during the gore and kerry campaign – i had a very unpleasant feeling . i feel that it is a good sign.

    52 y/o female, foreign born asian, can’t tolerate latte’s, love wine though. i don’t know the abc’s of u.s. politics. i do research the candidates before i vote for them. obama lost my vote forever after the disrespect that he should hrc at the sotu. lost respect and admiration for the kennedy clan for continuing to support him after that.

  336. I do believe this, the next four years are going to be the most important in history… Daniel and Revelation…New Living Translation. I do not think Hillary should chose him as her vp.

    the 3 sisters thing is creepy … I never saw that before

  337. Kaffen, I would gurantee that when that happens the MSM would pretend as if it is real news. Bastards they would even run specials about antichrist. Such hypocrites!!!!

  338. This is great,, they totally outplayed obama on this one, AND the media, haha, I love it.

    Showing live feed from those other states shows her strong support.

  339. dot48 Says:

    February 4th, 2008 at 9:03 pm
    wow, they need to fix the audio…it is lagging….
    refresh your page at townhallhillary,the audio will come in way good

  340. # imagine44 Says:
    February 4th, 2008 at 5:56 pm

    aren’t we supposed to meet in little rock? was it BYOB, okieatty?

    I’m for it. ABSOLUTELY. And yes, BYOB. I’ve got a hollow leg and I don’t think you’d want that tab.

    I love the line “money’s worth.” She should use it on the trail and in her media stuff. Americans understand getting “their money’s worth.”

  341. The town hall was fantastic!President Hillary at her all American best.
    I flipped over to msnbd Dan Abrams going thru predictions.Horrible says BO is ahead in Mass.because of TK help,that he is cutting into NY badly he used the suffuck poll.Abrahms says the media is gonna love this he is mudding HRC everywhere he can.What a prick!
    I won’t live thru tomorrow if this is the news splash!
    Keep the faith PINK!Hillary will do miracles.

  342. SUSA’s latest CA poll has Hillary up by 12.
    SUSA has archived its accuracy since 1992.

    It is important to keep in mind that SurveyUSA’s 14-Year Interactive Election Scorecard is not a marketing document. It does not selectively include only SurveyUSA’s best work, nor does it selectively exclude the competition’s best work. Rather, the Interactive Election Scorecard is exhaustive: every SurveyUSA election poll is included, good and bad, since SurveyUSA began polling in 1992, and every known poll conducted by a competing pollster is included. In this way, the Interactive Election Scorecard is a scientific measurement of SurveyUSA’s performance. You can search the Internet: no other pollster, academic or commercial, publishes an election report card similar to this. The Interactive Election Scorecard may challenge “conventional wisdom” and the opinion of some “experts” who have written about SurveyUSA.

    Hillary will have a great day.

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