Hillary Clinton Townhall, Letterman Appearance

Don’t forget to VOTE tomorrow if you live in one of the many states and territories which hold elections tomorrow.

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The Hillary Clinton Townhall will begin at 9:00 p.m. (ET) It will be broadcast for 1 hour on the Hallmark cable channel. To locate the Hallmark channel where you live go HERE.

The Townhall will continue online after the televised broadcast ends. To watch the Hillary Clinton Townhall online go HERE.


599 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Townhall, Letterman Appearance

  1. thanks admin.

    dot48 my audio is working fine, I can hear somewhat of lagging occasionally.
    Try refreshing or stopping other programs running in the background.

  2. this is a home run event….wow. I’m so impressed. she is doing fantastic. her vision for this country is being spelled out with question after question and answer after answer

  3. Maybe she is speaking this softly to take care of her voice as it has been a bit soar for a few days.
    But I would love it if she roughened up a bit! hehe

    But at the same time show sounds great… Aaaahh dilemma! 😉

  4. she is so good at explaining.so relaxed..and so glad she left the press out Im proud of her all the bad things they say..scruee them..

  5. here we go, her voice is more ‘normal’ now.

    That women moderator needs to stop laughing in the background, lol kind of annoying,

  6. she is getting passionate now…voice getting stronger….you can tell these are urgent issues…more agressive now. superb

    carol told her to limit to 3 minutes…she is talking faster lol

  7. tim, this is her at her wonky best. People who are concerned with issues will be impressed. People who are only concerned with emotion and short soundbytes are on the Hopium Train anyway.

  8. I don’t think this feels like an infomercial at all….I have never seen an infomercial take live questions LOL

  9. okay i hated it at first and almost reahed for my phone to buy a magic bullit but i believe her message is transcending the medium

  10. this is real very real than infomercial..lol..they take questions from audience infomercial..but not across america like this

  11. From my limited perspective, this is great! I think it’s a great idea. I don’t know how many people will see this, but if undecideds are seeing it then she should do great tomorrow and in future states.

  12. This is a novel way of using technology and bringing together people. Brilliant! Way more than what Obama can do and I think that is the contrast they are trying to draw. I wonder how many are watching this.

  13. I like it when she walks around, looks more in control and not so uncomfortable, She needs to OWN the room. This will transcend to viewers at home.

  14. it was the stage
    i adore hill
    but i found the stage cheesy
    when she speaks i see nothing but i hear her voice where is the beef its in her answers
    i worked in ad once and i never would have let her walk out on that stage and i would have been grossly mistaken because no one even sees the stage now that she has spoken. Advertising teaches you to create artiface and she is being genuine. to say the least i think the staging was brilliant. damn she is good

  15. Next Question: What type of country do you want my generation to inherit? From a young girl 🙂 Looks like she’s about 12 years old.

  16. How are the questions chosen? Do you think the media will even try to spin this in a negative way?

    They don’t have much time to do so tho.
    As they were shut out do you think they will even comment on this??

  17. Bringing this forward:

    # imagine44 Says:
    February 4th, 2008 at 5:56 pm

    aren’t we supposed to meet in little rock? was it BYOB, okieatty?

    I’m for it. ABSOLUTELY. And yes, BYOB. I’ve got a hollow leg and I don’t think you’d want that tab.

    I love the line “money’s worth.” She should use it on the trail and in her media stuff. Americans understand getting “their money’s worth.”

  18. its not her
    i just have a problem with the staging
    its only 5 rows deep with only several feet between the next block
    i am not an ad pro but i would have made it look more crowded but perhaps her genius may lay in her ability to speak with substance without the clueless exuberence of a multidude. i pray she is right

  19. A multitude isn’t necessary, since she is connecting to people directly in all the states. Imagine if all those people involved were there!

  20. Gorto,

    You know the GE/NBC/MSNBC team will find a way to get negative, especially since it is anti-coronation of BHO!

  21. I could freaking care less what the media thinks. She is taking her message to the people and that’s all that matter.

  22. multitude would be something obama would do/need.

    Hillary has the substance and wants people to hear her. I like it, I don’t look at the audience I look at her.

    Wonder how they will deal with time, they are out of it.

  23. Damn DVR is funking out. I get about every third word now. 🙁

    She looks great. I can’t believe she’s 60.

    As for the a/s/l thread earlier..f/34/ok. I’m 40% NA (3 tribes) but count as Caucasian. I’m very married with a fat Boston terrier. Hubby is a RP type of guy. He hates everybody and everything. Thank his mother for that- a former Goldwater girl and die hard Repub. His dad is Libertarian. My mom is a former RR Dem, dad is just Rep. I’m as Yellowdog as it gets thanks to my mom’s influence.

  24. I’m hosting a watch party tomorrow at a local bar. I guess I better provide some chips and dips…. They’ll be buying their own beer.

  25. I hope they bought a few backup minutes, hehe you would want to say you have the 22 states on, and then miss out a few of they, don’t want people to hold a grudge on TT, 🙂

  26. I agree caroline this is OUR vote and me to
    those pudits are probably scratching ther heads,there getting beat with this

    Hillary Must be put in the WHITE HOUSE

    you Rock Hillary!!!

  27. I’m willing to bet the media, if they cover this at all, will accuse Hillary of taking only planted questions. I’m sure she did not do that, but those people look for any way to attack her and her campaign.

  28. Hawk, I’d guess they’ll go to Arkansas at some point before Election Night. I bet her watch party will be in NYC.

    i can see Bill now- a cold November night. Large ballroom and him introducing the next President of the United States… Balloons falling. Confetti dotting the air. Chelsea grinning and holding her mother’s hand…

    I can see it.

  29. Hallmark channel—times up! They just abruptly went to scheduled programming. It’s too bad they didn’t do a segway with the address for HillaryClinton.com

  30. The questions are great. They are far better than those from Wolf Blitzer, for example. The answers really show how knowledgeable she is. I love this.

  31. she couldnot have been better
    my friends that i referred to earlier i am sure were talking about the stage but that would have been all style over substance she did me proud

  32. LOLOLOL; OkieAtty, that ‘s so true!!! I didn’t catch that, but I remember I was bemused at that remark from him.

    Are they off hallmark now? only taking internet questions?

    She did sneak in her closing remark it seemed! people watching on hallmark please let us know.

    They got to 16 states then?!!! Oh well, they should have bought 1,5hours.

  33. Hallmark just ended the broadcast in midsentence with a sentence on the screen saying “we now return to regular programming”. I am watching online now.

  34. people who saw it on tv, did they let her have her ending remark in? Or was it cut off?

    How long will they take internet questions?

    I really think they should have bought more time, maybe they weren’t allowed.

  35. well since they abruptly cut away, hopefully it will make people scream at the tv, realizing they wanted to see more of her. haha, then vote for her.

  36. Crap, that sux, oh well, it’s the first time anyone has done such a ting, I guess it can’t be all smooth, but I wished they had gotten it in there.

  37. Sherm Kader that’s true, at least women should be able to claim that word as sexist, if african americans can claim the word fairytale as racist!

  38. oklahoma is going to go huge for hillary…i predict that oklahoma will be hillary’s #1 state tomorrow!

  39. We get cable but we have to pay more to get Hallmark here, so we don’t have it. I wonder how many were watching on Hallmark. I suspect most people would watch this webcast.

  40. Oklabubba……when I was calling Oklahoma, the people in your state was one of the kindest and most interested that I talked to. They were very honest and seemed to sincerely either support Clinton or were honestly undecided. I hope I was able to convince a few of your neighbors!

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  42. Kaffeen, folks here are fairly nice. We have the same societal problems as anyone else, but as a whole, as backwards as folks cab be- they are sincere and good-hearted. I remember working the relief stuff after the May 3rd tornado and all I can say is “Wow.” The generosity got me teary a few times.

  43. The meanest folks- Obama supporters. And I’m not just saying it. They strike me as happily ignorant and mostly sexist.

  44. The travel options in Europe are splendid! Rail is good I tell you!

    I think that annoying whispering is that moderator, she sounds unsure at times at what to do. Maybe someone comes and tell her.

  45. She does her damn homework but lord gosh she is scary smart as taylor marsh says.if i knew what she knew id be president to…oh she said it…again it takes a clinton to take up the mess of bushies 2 x lol..

  46. Yeah, I wonder how much this whole thing must have cost.
    It seems like something many would want to do again, and someone certain might be pissed he didn’t think himself. hint hint.

    She’s great now! I think they might have gotten positive feedback from the video America ferrero and amber tamblyn and chelsea did with her, her answer on that same question was awesome.

  47. Wow…I felt just like we were all sitting down with Hill having a cup of coffee at the kitchen table.

    How great. Hope she does more of these once she’s elected. Fireside chat with internet access. Wow.

  48. The only thing that bothered me about this, was that the whole thing wasn’t also shown on tv!!
    It was great, altho, how many people watch hallmark, let’s be honest.
    So most probably saw it online, I hope they get the option of viewing it over again online.

    Well done Madam President!

  49. If Hillary is not the nominee I am becoming am Independent! How could a Democrat even consider voting for Obama over this BRILLIANT woman??

  50. I’m confused. Were there bigger audiences and only those people were shown? It strikes me as odd that there would be that few number of people in NYC of all places.

  51. Time to go to bed… polls open at 6:00am I plan to be there at 7:00am. Before I go, I will ask my question again, What time do the polls close in the east coast??

  52. Great! I was very worried that their server would crash or some such technical difficulties but it went without a hitch. They are starting again, if anybody wants catch it.

  53. I find some of the latest polls amusing for different reasons, but, get this, if Obama is so “electable” against McCain, why is McCain beating him in the polls? You’d think he was going to blow the blowhard out of the water from the Kool-Aid he has been passing around.

  54. Poor Dear….I know she must be exhausted. AND she still has Letterman to do. How she does it, I’ll never know. I’d be bitching out everyone in my immediate vicinity if it were me.

  55. The HallMark Channel gets very good ratings check this out:


  56. Kentucky, it was a “town hall” format. What does *your* town hall meeting look like? It wasn’t supposed to be a rally. I love the concept and Hillary was BRILLIANT.

  57. It was a good townhall and I learn alot…she answered people questions without the media twisting her answers.

    What is happening in MA, has Obama closed the gap?

    I’m having a problem with the media tampering with the election with all this Clinton bashing vs Saint Obama.

  58. They chose the locations themselves, perhaps chose a smaller room that would be able to handle all the equipment they would have to put up, not a showing of poor support, don’t think that.

    I hope they divide the video so that one can click on a specific question or location to watch later. I want to see Bill and Chelsea again.

    HRC2009 what are you talking about??? I LOVED her hair! I don’t want it to be too flat nor too big, this one was a good one.
    BUt I have to say one of my favorites was yesterday in her blue suit and scarf at her throat, you know the one where she laughs off anne coulters endorsement, her hair was flawless!!

  59. I get that as far as what it was supposed to look like. It strikes me as odd that she wouldn’t double count as a rally.

  60. Watch the Anti-Christ come out tomorrow and say, “Hillary Clinton has town hall meetings! Thay proves she’s divisive! She doesn’t love Cities!”


  61. What a night for HRC. Letterman, the town hall, and prep for Super Tuesday. YAY! I am so excited. I have so much to do tomorrow and I live in a state that’s already voted.

  62. “I felt just like we were all sitting down with Hill having a cup of coffee at the kitchen table.”

    I know just what you mean, ldunn. Cofee with Hill and the rest of America. She should do one before every State of the Union address.

    This is the way to unify the country. It really makes a difference to hear people from around America talk and ask about the issues in their states. Now for me all those states aren’t just shapes on the map that I hope turn blue on election night — I feel more connected to them.

    As always, he talks. She does.

  63. everyone who won’t be voting tomorrow, do some phone banking!

    key states to phone bank in:

    Illinois–for the hell of it 😀

  64. Mrs. Clinton’s town hall potentially reached over one million viewers; in the fourth quarter of 2007, the Hallmark Channel averaged almost 1.1 million households in prime time. The cable channel is available in 84 million homes.

  65. A national women’s rights group supporting Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) distributed an e-mail yesterday accusing Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) of being soft on abortion rights, revisiting an eleventh-hour attack that some analysts credited with swaying women voters in New Hampshire.

    The e-mail from Rosemary J. Dempsey, president of Connecticut National Organization for Women, told members that Obama’s record during his time in the Illinois Senate included several instances in which he voted “present” instead of yes or no on abortion-related legislation.

    Note: He was voting present when he didn’t press the wrong button (lol)

  66. Tonight on Hannity and Combs that idiot Frank Luntz had another focus group of 22 Democrats, the majority of whom are voting for Obama. Sean Hannity asked them to name one thing Obama had done in his career and what he has accomplished. Nobody could name one thing…


  67. Yes, I didn’t actually see it–my sister saw the report posted on another website. Hannity and Combs is repeated at 11 PM CST.

  68. Gladiator…this is what is being reported currently,

    Mrs. Clinton’s town hall potentially reached over one million viewers; in the fourth quarter of 2007, the Hallmark Channel averaged almost 1.1 million households in prime time. The cable channel is available in 84 million homes.

    Real numbers won’t be available this soon.

  69. npr news update just now don gonyea reporting on obama in nj with de niro, kennedy and kennedy (no mention on vast number empty seats), repeating all his talking points uncritically, playing a clip of speech. then the news reader plays a few words from hill about what the elections’ about, and then notes that obama is closing in the polls. bias, anyone? for real.

  70. Illinois–for the hell of it ..msj your right i think she can take him if we call im am.what has he done for the City of Chicago zip zippola ..

  71. If Clinton supporters could get fence sitters to watch that in key swing states, I think it was money well spent. Behavioral research, if nothing else, has clearly shown that people are not much for thinking. So, this is clearly better than handing out literature or pointing someone to a Website.

    Also, I have heard from several NY undecideds today that were put over the top by her comment about cleaning up after Bush. I guess most of us are so embedded in this that we sometimes forget other people are not so much, which seems to explain why I was shocked to hear that was what did it.

  72. Hi everyone…great town hall for Hillary…

    I happen to turn on MSNBC with Dan Abrams and they are going across the country giving states based on the polls…and they are actually saying that even if Hillary wins a state the media will say Obama won because he closed the gap…WTH??? if she wins, the media will still spin that she lost…this is insane…

    …also the cable shows are nonstop Obama tonight…our MSM is so rigged it is unAmerican…

    Hillary is phenomenal…she just soldiers on with that poise and confidence and good nature…Go Hillary…prove them all wrong again…

  73. I read Kate Michelman’s post on Huffpo about why she’s for Obama and it was all fluff, about “uniting the country.” What planet are these people on?

  74. Last post, from WaPo…

    Clinton On Message, and On Television

    By Perry Bacon Jr.
    NEW YORK — Appearing on the “Late Show with David Letterman,” Sen. Hillary Clinton, asked by Letterman about what role her husband would play in her administration, said, “in my White House, we will know who wears the pantsuits.”

    On the eve of a series of key votes in states around the country, Letterman repeatedly pressed Clinton about her views on the two men who have dominated the news about the Democratic presidential race in recent weeks, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

    Of Obama, Clinton said, “Barack is a friend of mine. He’ll be a friend of mine when this is over no matter what happens….One of us will change history.”

    Pressed on whether she had to rein in her husband after his attacks on Obama, she said “it was more like, you know, I think that we need to get back on the positive here, because this campaign really has to be about the future.”

    If Clinton was on message with Letterman, she was even more so in a bizarre event her campaign organized that was dubbed “Voices Across America.”

    A “national town hall” that was broadcast on the Hallmark Channel, XM Satellite Radio, and her campaign website, the event appeared heavily staged. Clinton, appearing before an audience in a studio in New York, took questions via satellite from supporters in Feb. 5 states around the country who had organized in their own small town hall-style forums. Clinton faced questions such as “what kind of country do you want children to inherit?” and “will you do away with no-bid contracts?” that allowed her to repeat standard stump lines.

    She said she was the only candidate left in the race with a “universal” health care plan, a dig at Obama, touted her ability to lead from “Day One,” her plan to remove most troops from Iraq in the first year after she takes office and literally dozens of other policy proposals. The candidate sounded as if were running for “Wonk-In-Chief” as she took a question from a person in every state and two from California.

  75. made calls in az and al-very positive. women and latinos very excited to go vote hillary tommorrow. tired of msm and ted kennedy telling them how to vote. it is a shame the msm only covers obama. im tired of obama whining he is the underdog-not true. he has millions, a appluading media etc.. hillary is the underdog my friends.

  76. AmericanGal,

    Sean Hannity asked them to name one thing Obama had done in his career and what he has accomplished. Nobody could name one thing

    But… but… he’s SO inspirational !

  77. Low key, conversationali, informative, all questions answered with a razer sharp mind…She looks good in pink and black, she walks well, very relaxed, no stress.’She’s mySHEREO!
    It’s being rebroadcast now.
    Got fingers crossed for tomorrow. Whas a tour de force, especially Bill and Chelsea showing up. She has such command over the material. you sense a great intellec.t And what a fabulous contrast with BO’s glizy substanceless events. This lady knows her sh!t inside out! I

  78. Here’s something unique…an editor of Slate says that Obama speeches are fascist in tone.. .


  79. does mn have a primary or caucus? msm says mn will go obama. but it doesnt feel that way to me-mn loves strong women and seems ready made for hillary

  80. Minnesota has a caucus. There was a poll last week by Minnesota Public Radio that had Hillary ahead. However, the poll was not of likely caucus goers..I think it was just registered Democrats.

    I am a Minnesotan. I think that Hillary will win here…I will go to my first caucus tomorrow.

  81. Hey all! The town hall was awesome! I watched it online and I hope that a lot of people did the same so that they could see the additional half hour.

    I’m about to go say a long prayer to the sweet Baby Jesus to help us whoop some Obamacan tail tomorrow. Remember, “If you’re not first, you’re last.”

  82. ag-bless u for goign to caucus night. i hate caucuses-they are not demcoratic to me, but hillfans must go in mn. o loves caucuses-but hillary has a mn team and i can see lots of mn women goign to support hillary that night.

  83. I hear you, Sugar. Guys, if the Dems nominate that pompous ass, empty suit, I will be forced to reregister independent. It would mean our Party is as shallow as the Repub’s who nominated Bush. Arn’t we better than that?

  84. AmericanGal, I could believe the fascist angle. I studied political communication and the presidency in college. This season of rhetoric ranks up there.

    The “Freefall commercial was just on our local CBS affiliate. I’m tuned in since Letterman is about to start. I hope she does at least half as well on the Letterman appearance as she did on the town hall. She was great as always. Warm, personable, knowledgeable, and decisive about what needs to be done to put us back on the right track to prosperity and growth. Some folks say Edwards was the idea candidate, not even close. Hillary owns that mantle.

    I’m still sick and running a fever so, I’m done for the night. I’ll try to chime in late tomorrow after the watch party. We may have a laptop there, so I may touch base earlier for online results. I’d have made calls the last several days but my voice and hearing are messed up. Damn colds/flu. Arghhh. 👿

    G’night, y’all. Get some rest and remember our girl is 44.

    PS- Anyone see Bobby Knight quit TT today? Got his dinger and hung ’em up. Sorry I didn’t go in costume and heckle him two weeks ago. Damnit. I’ll never get another chance.

  85. S,

    I happen to turn on MSNBC with Dan Abrams and they are going across the country giving states based on the polls…and they are actually saying that even if Hillary wins a state the media will say Obama won because he closed the gap…WTH???

    All this stuff about Bambi surging, or closing the gap, or that they are dead even, or that it is tied, or that they will split the delegates Tuesday, it’s all garbage.

    Hillary is ahead in the delegate count now. Even if they split all the delegates Tuesday (which is unlikely), Bambi will still be behind. He would have to win VERY BIG in MANY large states, and I’m not seeing ANY indication of that and I’ve not seen anyone even speculating on that (outside of the Kool-Aid campaign).

  86. I don’t know about anyone else but it feels like the democratic party is torn in half and it is a fight between the Kennedy and Chicago machines which have a history going back to the 1960’s and the Clintons…there is something sad about this to me…like a divide and the Kennedy-Chicago side is out for blood…now they are trying to capture the women thing with Oprah and Kennedy girls…from the clips I saw, Oprah mocked women…and Michele is so tough and hardnosed and making these condescending statements that maybe she would not help in the general…it is so in your face…they know they have the MSM in the bag…like my senior mother mentioned to me…they have this flashy, dazzling media manufactured campaign…all the bells and whistles and lost of noise…but no substance…

    Good vibes out to Hillary to rock the house tomorrow….

  87. thanks, Joe Friday…I am just so sick and tired of our MSM and every time I turn it on there’s O or someone is praising him…enough already…

    I am with you…tomorrow Hillary shines…

  88. This is giving me hope! She’s reminding us how things were in the sane days before the GOP got their way! There’s really a sense of ‘we CAN get back to normal!’

  89. i guess raw story is breaking that about obama style being fascistic as a piece of shocking, horrible news because the editor said something raw story thinks is completely offensive and should not be said.

    but the editor has a point about the way obama talks to crowds and the cult of personality surrounding him. i know that was a strategy for his campaign to be a movement, ok, but i don’t like it, it scares me as much as it scares the guy from slate. does he get pressed to take a position much and does he take questions a lot? he is lauded for these repetitive inspirational speeches that are very vapid and everywhere i go online that allows comments (nyt, politico – hi ben! – slate, msnbc, abc, not just blogs) whenever anything remotely critical is posted his followers defend him for anything, no matter what, accuse the journalist of pro-hillary bias. he is never accountable, it is never his fault, he will even throw staff under the bus (cf jake tapper pointing out yet another survey “staff” allegedly filled out that obama wants to distance himself from now). on kos it is vicious too.

    i don’t like this in politics. i am very proud of the campaign hillary is running and i am very happy the clintons dont do that, she is about issue (i know media thinks thats boring) not a personality cult. obama i think is a disturbing trend. thats how bush got elected.

  90. u are giht on the party. it is divided bad. the dnc must work out mi and fla NOW. hell seat them. why drag out such a fight bc they moved their primary up before feb 5-millions should be punished? now the dnc says oh lets have caucuses in those states. yeah right. they voted. we must have mi and fla for the general guys. seat them. then try and figure out how to save the party from a fight thru august while mccain consolidates his general election plots. junkies want it brokered-i want it solved in the next month. mccain will eb the nominee tommorrw night for the gop. from that point on-if hillary has the delegate edge-she should push for uniting to fight mccain asap. i know many here wont agree-but if that means putting obama for vp fine . i dislike obama. but a bargain may be made to unite our party. that is my worry tonight-4 mor eyrs of gop rule. oh i pray hillary does better than well tommorrow an dpushes the momentum hard. trust me guys-u dont want this in tx mar 4. trust me.

  91. I’m going to go back to mentioning the disenfranchised voters in Michigan and Florida. We need to remember that with the race so close that it is unfair to Hillary and the voters who came out to support her won’t have those delegates counted. Continue to email and call the DNC and let them know what you think. Regardless of whether Hillary gets most of the delegates tomorrow or not, she still deserves to officially win Michigan and Florida.

  92. regarding washington post article. a townhall is bizarre? what does it take for hillary to catch a break from the media? can that reporter, perry bacon, not just state what the event was without adding “bizarre”? of course it was set up and run by the campaign. find me a political event that is not..

  93. hey all – I’m sneaking you a message while I phone bank in Los Angeles, but my favorite calls have been –

    –a guy who sounds in his 40s says, I’m voting for Clinton – she’s my girl!
    –an older woman (likely Latino) says, I’m voting for Clinton and I’ve got one grandson convinced and I’m working on the other one.

  94. Exactly. How was it “bizarre”? And heavily scripted? Nope. She’s answered those types of questions dozens of times. She’s just smart.

  95. This is great! She keeps saying “back to like things used to be”! She talks about when she went to college, she earned it herself, and she had a student loan at 2.7 % — and now it’s private companies with 27% == NOT a misprint.

    But I love this “back to normal” thing. And it’s great to see a whole hour of this normal can-do positive atmosphere. And she has such creative solutions!

    Why need that pesky MSM anyway? Why not just do this every time?

  96. Attacking Hillary and Bill isn’t enough. Now Politico has put up a hit-piece on Chelsea Clinton. I assume Socks the cat will be next.

    Amazing how angry the media is that Hillary would have the nerve to hold a national town hall meeting and answer issues-oriented questions.

  97. Hi everyone:
    I just returned from the Illinois town hall meeting in Hillary’s home town, Park Ridge. The auditorium was filled will Hillary’s high school friends and local supporters, and the mood was buoyant and very upbeat in anticipation of connecting with Hillary and 21 other town hall meetings across the country.
    Let me tell you, the questions absolutely were NOT staged; we brainstormed some 28 questions, then pared the list down to a dozen, which we “voted” on by applause. We selected our top three to have at the ready, depending upon which questions already would have been asked by the time we went on air. The question that made it to the meeting was, “What would you do as a woman to set the example for oppressed countries” was asked – rather unclearly – by an Irani-American woman who is a US citizen. But, Hillary fully answered her question with grace and tact – and I don’t have to tell you all how brilliant, connected and complete all Hillary’s answers were.
    The place was FULL of what seemed to be local media – but I didn’t get home in time to see what made the news. A few political hot-shots were floating around – JB Pritzker, Danny Solis (brother of Hill’s CM. Most were nearby locals, solidly middle class – teachers, union members, students, young working people. Gender leaning slightly female; more than half white for sure, but many AA’s, hispanics and eastern Europeans also represented – typical for the area northwest of Chicago.
    I sat next to a guy who previously supported Edwards, but is now very enthusiastic about Hillary. We agreed that Obama is eerily similar to Bush Junior. To my other side was a young woman whose husband is in his fourth year in Iraq.
    This was a really great experience. And, HILLARY WAS TERRIFIC! I was so proud to be supporting her! How was your evening?

  98. npr news break: playing another obama speech clip for free! it goes on for a while, he makes his argument on why he is tough enough to take on gop. then announcer says hill was at yale event and said she was able to handle the challenge of being in the oval office (paraphrase). no speech clips for her.

    bias, anyone?

  99. I agree with mj……those of you in caucuses, be aware that the Obama group will try to roll over you.
    I heard it from people in 4 different caucuses in NV, not to mention the tales we’ve heard here from IA.
    The first thing people said when I asked about the caucus was about the Obama people.

    Be strong and get your voters organized.

  100. Anyone who knows anyone in the campaign, please alert them:
    Polling hours in Illinois

    A reader points out that Hillary Clinton’s website advertises the wrong hours for the polls in, of all places, Illinois.

    The site says it’s 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

    The state board of elections, however, says (.pdf) they’re open from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

    Before you get carried away with conspiracy theories, note that the only people like to get their information from that site are Clinton supporters.

    (And yes, it is an odd hour to be blogging. I’m procrastinating on my Super Tuesday preview story.)

    From Ben Smith: http://www.politico.com/blogs/bensmith/

  101. It’s officially Super Tuesday y’all. The next 24 hours is gonna be CRAAAAZY. I plan to stay up well into the morning until we have a good idea who will win California.
    Lots of different parties going on around my town. Try to make the evening as enjoyable as possible regardless of the results. I’m still deciding where I will go to watch. I might watch with a friend who is a Clinton supporter or go to one of several parties.

  102. Woops lost a post. It’s ending and replaying.

    STAR WARS music? Leia’s theme? REstore the Republic! I thought I was joking about that!

    Practical, upbeat, can do — get back to clean and normal just by plain problem solving!

    I love that CArole Simpson!

  103. I’m super excited. I’m nervous too. It’s gonna be a big day. I’m excited to be at the event tomorrow night, watching the returns and seeing Hillary speak as she will be at an event here in NYC. Guys, I think we are gonna win big. We gotta put our positive thinking full speed ahead for tomorrow because if you think and believe it, it will become reality. HERE WE GO!

    Also, McCain was at Grand Central today with Rudy. We showed up with our signs and pissed all the supporters off. It was pretty exciting seeing all the McCainitez be all upset that Hill supporters were fanning in the crowd. One guy told me…hold on, Obama is showing a commercial saying his health care plan is Universal. WILL HE STOP LYING!!!!

    Anyways…this one guy told me Bush was a “stroke of genius” and that having a deficit is better than having a surplus.

  104. the piece on chelsea is ok, but i feel sorry for politico staff (hi Ben!) that the readers of their site are such a bunch of awful, mean spirited jerks – the comments have two nice things to say about chelsea and the rest are just random potshots at the whole family.

    i worry about what happens to our politics in the future when reporters get instant feedback from readers who are only a small and not representative portion of the american public. nearly all the pushback comes from these guys (it is mostly guys), while other folks who don’t sit at a computer on politics sites all day, their voices are not heard

  105. They are running a piece about Chelsea because they have pretty much run out of nasty things to say about Bill and Hillary and they are pissed off that Chelsea won’t hold press conferences and kiss the media’s feet.

    It’s full of snide little asides such as implying that Chelsea only has her job because friends of the Clintons hired her or that she wouldn’t have been invited to join the sorority she spoke at when she visited Stanford.

  106. The amount of really awful TV coverage is soaring.
    There’s no point in describing it. Suffice it to say that we should resurrect the

    Spite the press; vote Hillary


  107. I have a question for the gays on the board or anyone else who knows. After the uproar about the Donnie McClurkin tour, it seemed to vanish.

    Is it still alive on gay boards or magazines? Or even on straight boards somewhere? Or does he get a pass for this particular revolting behaviour?

  108. Chelsea isn’t the only person to benefit from her family connections. I’m not going to deny that she is very fortunate to come from a powerful and wealthy family but I give the girl credit for being a poised and intelligent young lady. I don’t know what her grades were in high school and college but from all accounts on the campaign trail so far everyone has said that she is extremely intelligent and articulate. I think connections aren’t something to be ashamed of as long as you have the smarts and work ethic to do your job well and she seems to do that in her career and with helping her mom’s campaign.

    If you want to talk about people who only got where they were because of connections those people should look at the Bush family as the best example of people who don’t deserve their jobs and haven’t earned their keep. Look at the Bush twins. You can’t even compare those two to Chelsea. Jenna Bush has partied her way into the spotlight and only has a book out (I doubt she even wrote it herself) because she is the president’s daughter. Let’s not even start with their father.

  109. Hillary was fantastic on Letterman and he was as always a perfect gentleman. He complimented (not directly) her on how she answered in the debate about Bill’s role in the WH — she joked that we have to see who wears the pant suit in her WH?

  110. Watching Hillary on Letterman, wow, she is just great! So relaxed and in charge at the same time. Don’t want to give anything away to those of you in other than east time zones, but its one of her best interviews yet, funny but serious, great job.

  111. Hey I am with you on the fascist angle, described above. It’s been scaring the hell out of me. I did say the other night there are many ways to “unite” people… I’ve been thinking this for months because the rhetoric is very reminiscent of some times and places I don’t want to call out. I also think the behavior of some supporters who act more like thugs than just your average young adult is quite disturbing. I have heard more than one story of this. And the media pass is only aiding and abetting the whole process.

  112. Informed in Illinois Says:
    February 5th, 2008 at 12:02 am
    Thanks for filling us in — couple of us here wondered about the questions. You told us how it was done. May be emailing it to that WaPo reporter up thread or others may be a good idea.

  113. I am impressed with her performance on Letterman. How many potential voters would have viewed Letterman tonight?

  114. Y’all in Illinois, Tennessee, New York, California, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Missouri, and if there are any I forgot, Have fun tomorrow, keep your eyes on the prize, work your hardest, get it done for HRC, make calls, do visibility, gotv/gotc, and remember, we are trying to put bambi to rest once and for all, let’s go for a big punch and let’s permanently cripple the Chicago Circus.

  115. Hey Everyone….Loved reading the posts since I wasnt able to post earlier…few highlights from me on tonight and tomorrow!

    1. Hillary was incredible tonight with awesome idea of the town hall. We were making calls during the town hall and actually had someone say they were voting for HRC and couldnt talk because they were watching!

    2. Hillary will go strong for Oklahoma…sad news though–the Edwards people are telling everyone to vote for Edwards so he can get the delegates! BOOOOOOO

    3. Team Inhofe(US Senator that doesnt believe in Global Warming) is having their watch party at the same bar/pub as the Obama people. Apparently, NPR will be doing a live remote at the repub party as a part of their national coverage.

    4. I will be joining OkieAtty at Joes tomorrow for our watch party and I will try to get a good picture of us to share with you all—assuming she will let me!

  116. I just read SUGAR’s blog. She has the BEST name for Obambi yet. She referred to him as Mr. Hopey McChangey.


  117. Hey you all, I’m so excited. I made last calls and visits with friend, family and neighbors for Hillary. I was so shocked. The family that was the most rabidly Obama fans HAVE COME HOME TO HILLARY and the whole bunch plan to vote for her tomorrow!
    My long time Clinton hating, died in the wool Republican brother-in-law is so afraid of Obama that he told me tonight that he is going to hold his nose and actually vote in Arkansas tomorrow for Hillary!!! Except for ones who are one issue Republicans, almost all of the ones I have talked with are GOING TO VOTE FOR HILLARY!!

    Michelle Obama (her own self) actually helped two of the women make up their minds with her comments about not being sure if she could support Hillary this morning on GMA! They said they just realized with BO’s comments about his people might not support Hillary that we did not need such ego’s and liars in the White House!!! Other women did not like the Oprahrama yesterday and really hated being talked down to with the sistah talk. One said Hillary had her vote if for no othere reason than they are near the same age and Hillary is menopausal and if Hillary would be so clear and never have a moment where she could not think of a noun…she was going for her. She actually said that in the debates if she didn’t know better she would think it was Barack with his stuttering and reaching for words that had “gone through the change”. Whoa!

    Wow! I don’t know how Missouri will go timorrow but I’m excited. Hillary haters, BO lovers, and those who said they would never vote for a woman are coming home to Hillary and they only began to turn this week end!!


  118. You go SOuthern Born! You and your arkansas kin made my evening! I needed some of that! Thank you!!!!

  119. guys, it was predicted in the stars!

    On this day…Feb 5th, people will come back down to reality and come overwhelmingly for the realistic candidate who brings real change and experience to the table 😀

  120. Thanks Southern Born. I’ve never been to the South but it’s good to see that there are many people down there supporting Hillary as well. I used to like Michelle Obama but the more I see her the more I can see the meanness in her eyes. I have heard several reports that she is as arrogant as her husband. I did not hear about the GMA interview until I read your post. If Michelle meant she couldn’t support Hillary if she won the nomination then that is truly ignorant. You don’t say things like that on national television. I even keep opinions like that to myself. I guess she’s as much of a spoiled sport as her husband.

    I hope the Oprah Winfrey backlash begins after Hillary wins today. All of the women who showed up to that L.A. event (Oprah, Michelle, Caroline Kennedy) are not friends to women’s causes. I’ve always disliked Oprah and her fame and fortune has just gone to her head. I agree with other people who have mentioned it on here but she’s even changed her accent and speech in the last several years. I don’t get it. This has nothing to do with wanting to sound more “black” or more “white”. She’s using incorrect grammar for some reason and I don’t understand why. She dissed many of her devoted viewers at that rally without acknowledging that she wouldn’t be where she is today without those women who watch her everyday and buy her stupid products and books.

    I’m hoping that karma rears its ugly head today and these arrogant a-holes pay big time. Hillary shouldn’t even want Oprah’s help when she runs in the fall. That traitor/attention whore doesn’t deserve anymore attention.

  121. back from phone banking in Los Angeles – I didn’t have much of a chance to ask staffers about internal polling in CA, but only heard this snippet that if all of the people that originally said “yes” to voting for Hillary actually follow through, we’re in “good shape.” other than that, got a long-winded explanation from a local SoCal advisor to the Campaign, that it’s all about gamesmanship and playing the card of Florida and Superdelegates – my head is spinning. I never thought it was THAT much of a poker-game, and still don’t get it. But, tomorrow, it’ll be important for Hill to win some of the East Coast states because of the perceived momentum of the “winner” since the media will be calling some of these states around 6pm ET, so GOTV earlier than later will be important for that reason. Also, got info that about 2/3 of Asians in CA for Hillary.

  122. great article – gave me goose bumps

  123. right on Southern Born…I passed it on to some of the ‘on the fence’ and deluded that I know…

    Texasfor Hillary…what did you mean about March 4 and Texas…do you feel Texas is leaning towards Hill?…
    this thing could be dragged out for awhile…

  124. perez hilton has all of the Hillary interview on Letterman up – he’s a brave guy to keep supporting Hillary on his site given his 20-something followers are mostly obamabots –

    ADMIN – will you please send Perez a Hillaryis44 T-Shirt – I bet he would wear it – send it to Coffee Bean, 8789 Sunset Blvd.
    West Hollywood CA, 90069…I believe that’s where he does his writing. we should also notify him to go pick it up.

  125. MJS, don’t you have school tomorrow? You need to be rested so that you can report on the depression within the Obama camp tomorrow night 😉

  126. hi hillfans. i was on my way home from work on the merrit parkway 15 and guess what yardsigns i saw all along the route? hillary? obama? nope. ron paul signs everywhere. hillfans goes to show just becuase you have millions of dollars it does not buy you votes. this guy is rasing tons of it online.

  127. Americangal: “Tonight on Hannity and Combs that idiot Frank Luntz had another focus group of 22 Democrats, the majority of whom are voting for Obama. Sean Hannity asked them to name one thing Obama had done in his career and what he has accomplished. Nobody could name one thing…


    WOW!!! These people are obviously not undecided. These people make me wish for an intelligence test as a requirement for voting. We should be able to make it harder for idiots to vote.

  128. Frank Luntz has never met a person who after seeing and hearing Hillary did not change their mind against Hillary…that man is the biggest fraud going…

  129. *From Mark Halperin’s The Page. Hmmm…..do losers celebrate?


    7:00 pm
    Barack Obama holds a primary night event at the Hyatt Regency Chicago in Illinois

    8:00 pm
    Hillary Clinton attends a election night celebration at Manhattan Center Studios in New York, New York

  130. http://anglachelg.blogspot.com/

    New journal entries are up. She sums up really well why every progressive in America should go out and vote for Hillary Clinton today at the polls. Hillary Clinton will be the FDR of our generation. I can just feel it. It’s been long overdue that a Democrat will guts will take on the Republicans and fight for universal health care.

  131. This is REALLY classy, y’all.

    If you haven’t seen the video, here is Michelle Obama on GMA yesterday morning saying that she would “Have To Think About” supporting Hillary if she were the nominee. Cool…so we have a democratic candidate’s wife saying that she could possibly vote for another candidate who isn’t a Democrat. NO CLASS. As I said above, I don’t even tell my friends that I might not vote for Obama if he’s the nominee. No real Democrat should be saying on national television that they would have to think about supporting a fellow Democrat:

  132. 1950: you are right on– Hillary was terrific. Great showcase for her warmth, humor and wit. Wonderful answer that first time voters should look to their heart (does candidate care about me) and mind (ability to work through the system to deliver solutions to urgent problems–like the economy). Wonderful leader.

  133. Hmmm…why didn’t my post show up??? Ok, I’ll post again:


  134. The latest Gallup tracking poll found Clinton at 49% to Obama’s 44% in the states voting Tuesday.
    The five biggest prizes today are New York, California, Illinois, New Jersey and Massachusetts – worth a total of 1,155 delegates.
    The race to watch is California, where Clinton’s double-digit lead has suddenly evaporated. Several polls show a tie, and one even shows Obama leading by 6 percentage points.
    However, Clinton remains the favorite because half of Golden State voters – 2.5 million of them – have already cast their ballots in early voting.

  135. Final Susa poll just released with new figures

    Clinton 52% to 42% for bambi

    just polled.

    Hillary Clinton appearing to fend-off a late charge from Barack Obama, 52% Clinton, 42% Obama, according to SurveyUSA’s 13th and final pre-primary tracking poll.

    Obama leads among men.
    Clinton leads among women. total 44-point Gender Gap.
    Clinton leads among whites.
    Obama leads among blacks. total 53-point Race Gap.
    Among younger voters, Clinton leads by 3. Among older voters, Clinton leads by 18.
    In greater San Francisco, the contest is tied.
    In the Central Valley, Clinton leads by 7. In greater Los Angeles, Clinton leads by 15. In the Inland Empire, Clinton leads by 16.

    Filtering: 2,000 state of CA adults were interviewed 02/03/08 and 02/04/08. Of them, 1,762 were registered to vote. Of them, 872 had already voted or were determined by SurveyUSA to be likely to vote at the precinct on 02/05/08. Research conducted for KABC-TV Los Angeles, KPIX-TV San Francisco, KGTV-TV San Diego and KFSN-TV Fresno. Other polls in CA show Clinton with a smaller lead than SurveyUSA shows here.

    Two polls at this hour show Obama ahead in CA. For Obama to win in CA, he needs a larger turnout among males and African Americans than SurveyUSA’s results indicate he will get.

  136. For Obama to win in CA, he needs a larger turnout among males and African Americans than SurveyUSA’s results indicate he will get.

    Good morning.

    I’m satisfied w/ SUSA’s explanation for their poll results as compared to others more favorable to BO. Basically it’s all about turnout (both sides).


  138. It really is all about voter turnout. These surveys also do not include absentee ballots which HRC is counting on in large part to pull off a victory. Everything sounds believable with the SurveyUSA poll. HRC has consistently been the favorable candidate for women and older voters. I’m a bit surprised that she now leads Obambi with young voters. He has only been very popular with blacks and men who just can’t imagine a woman in charge. I say HRC will win CA. Of course ANYTHING can happen but as long as a good number of women, Latinos, and Asians (7/10 go for HRC) then HRC is pretty much set. Let’s cross our fingers!

  139. I mean if Hillary takes over 50% of the white vote, 70% of the hispanic vote, 70% of the asian vote, 60% of women, i dont see how she can lose, frankly.

  140. HEHS — the SUSA polls always have the results for absentees as well as those who will vote today. Absentees were in the low 30s, IIRC. Spread for today’s voters slightly narrower.

  141. Also if it is credible that almost 50% of the vote was early voting and she took that as i heard 55 to 30%, then she’s in a damn good position in California.

    The SurveryUSA poll says that 50% of the people they polled were early voters., I think she will be at least 10% ahead tonight.

  142. The one unklnow tonight is Edwards thought, he still may take 10% of the total vote and that will be bad news for bambi, as it will cut into his total.

  143. Oh ok. Thanks. I am hoping that SurveyUSA ends up being the most accurate today because things look good for HRC right now in their polls. I think San Francisco will go to Obambi. I have friends who are from Berkeley or attend Stanford. Lots of young, rich, progressive types who typically go for Obambi. She still has a good chance with SoCal and everyone else as well as the undecided/Edwards voters who I predict are more likely to vote for HRC.

  144. Just got back from voting in NJ and found a problem. After signing the registration book the poll worker asked me if I wanted a Democratic or Republican ballot. It is in the book what my party affiliation is and this poll worker obviously does not know what she is doing. Just got off the phone with both the county Democratic party and Hillary’s campaign headquarters. Hell, if they ask a republican that question they can say democrat and vote for Obama.

  145. HighlyEducatedHillarySupporter

    we are not bad, I have been praying for a freak blizzard to hit Chicago today as well as a monsoon to hit SF Bay area. Suppressing Obama’s vote in 2 of his strongest areas.

  146. A fact that only FOX News is reporting: 34% of Democrats decided not to vote for Obama after Ted Kennedy endorsed him.

    Meanwhile MSNBC and CNN continue to spread the myth that Ted Kennedy gave Obama a huge boost. When will the lies end? And how sad is it that I’m watching FOX News for my information now?

  147. HEHS, you’re not the only one who’s tuning in to Fox and ignoring the others-whose-names-may-not-be-mentioned-here.

    BTW, sometimes I’m just too clever for my own good, I finally figured it out — Obama’s a Hopium dealer.

  148. CA is composed of the San Francisco area….liberal, Brie and Chablis, Pelosi country….North of SF which is increasingly Republican and rural and used to run the state even though nobody lives there.–Then there’s the L.A. area – was once Republican esp. with Orange Co. (Disneyland) but now quite Democratic. San Diego is Republican.

    Between LA and SF is the rich valley farmland. There’s Fresno and Sacramento in the northern part. And east of LA is nothing — known as the Inland Empire.

  149. CD99 — I’m not very poll-savvy. My gut tells me that Hillary is going to do very well. I watched her on the evening shows and Letterman, as well as the townhall. What I’m not watching is MessNBC or CNN. Bad for your mental health.

  150. Just read a nice article which has good arguments aginst Obama:

  151. alabama weather not looking good…later this afternoon tennessee….say geogia looks good but the map looks like georgia might get rain tooo…

    upstate ny … snow..


  152. Feeling pumped for Hillary! 🙂 I’m off to work but will cast my vote after work sometime in the evening. Lets keep positive for Hillary today. I know she will prevail!

  153. I am surprised that there has been very little talk about Florida and Michigan from our campaign. We all know why MSM would ignore it, but why should we?? Why did our campaign not make a Hillary Ad based on Michigan and Florida? If BO could get a bump out of lopsided demographics of SC. why can’t we make commercials out of more representative states like Michigan and Florida??? Any one here have answers?

  154. freckles – And east of LA is nothing — known as the Inland Empire.

    Basically San Bernardino? Let’s not diss them — Hillary dominates this area …

  155. rjk i think that is wishful thinking on your part.Even if Hillary when Cali she have to share delegates with Hussein..And everybody perezhilton has endorsed hillary finally.But the Clinton haters and Obama cult members r all over there ripping her to shreds so get over there and help out girl
    I am over there now responding to the haters i am vanity of course


  156. Just saw an uplifting and hilarious interview on CNN.
    The correspondents are spread out to talk to “the people” about their vote. So the pompous twit in GA tells us that he is about to talk to an undecided voter. He turns to an AA woman, fairly young, and says (knowing the answer) “Who are you voting for?” and she says “Hillary”. The twit almost falls over. “But but you were undecided a little while ago” and she says yes but she’s decided for Hillary.

    Now starts a conversation in which the twit basically tries to talk her out of it. She says she’s better for the little people and she never heard of Obama till he ran for president. Now the twit gets desperate. “What’s your number one issue?” She says probably healthcare. “But there isn’t much difference between them”, he protests. She reluctantly says, “Not a big difference — but Hillary can do it”.

    There went the AA voter in GA, completely destroying the last-minute ‘surge’ for Obama that he was just about to explain to us. It’s a truly funny interview, never to be seen again, I’ll bet. It’s off to another AA precinct as fast as possible or a place that Kennedy and Obama just visited, hoping to resurrect that “Obama surging” thingy.

  157. freckles: I hope that shows up on youtube because I want to find that girl and send her a gift. You know these ignorant fools have the stereotype planted in their minds that every black person MUST vote for Obama and if they are an undecided voter there is no doubt that they are going to eventually vote for Obama. Ha! I’m so glad that girl told him she was an undecided voter because if she had said HRC he wouldn’t have given her a chance to get on television.

  158. I forgot to add that when it got to the healthcare thing, John the Twit not only said “But they’re almost the same” (a lie) but said, “Have you studied their plans?” which was intended to mean that this woman was ignorant and hadn’t heard Candy Crowley just tell us that there wasn’t a big difference in healthcare that would matter to healthcare.

    Ohmigosh!!! Before I could finish typing this, a young AA man said that he had just voted for Hillary because of healthcare. He got grilled by Kiran Chetry, I think, about wasn’t he offended about the racist thing in SC and he said yes but there’s sexism too and he just thought Hillary was more focused.
    She wouldn’t let him go till he said that his whole family was for Hillary but that his mother had changed her vote. She then let him out of a half-Nelson and sent it back to John the Twit in part triumph.

  159. This is better than the young and the bold and the restless and the beautiful.

    Where are we going next, CNN?

    They’re in a long commercial break until they can corral an Obama voter.

  160. I have been trying to get an answer to this question forever but for some reason, no one seems to know the answer. I will ask it again and hopefully someone can give me a definate answer. My question is in California, when do they count the absentee ballots?

    Freckles, that is a funny story. Where they in GA?

  161. this is not turning out like corrupt news network wanted LOL

    I think this is representative of all over US.

    also, there is a BIG difference in the health plans….Hillary will not leave 15 million people OUT IN THE COLD

  162. freckles…ahem, i live in the inland empire…tho this is primarily repub country…as for democrats clinton seems to be the preferred one although bho has an office in riverside..oh, and farming stopped a long time ago unless you mean the chino corp dairy farms

  163. I hope someone is videotaping this sh*t and will post this on youtube or on their blog or on this site. I was watching FOX News for a little while then turned the television off. I need to go out and do errands and go to class but I want to see this mess with my own eyes.

  164. corrupt news keeps piling on about the arkansas weather…I hope those people get out early and get their votes in for Hillary…..

  165. I say, get Bill out on the fund raising tail and start brining in the $$$$, this is going to be a long primary season.

  166. Caroline: I asked that yesterday…and the answer is … today….from what I was told, they are the first to be counted. Hope this helps.

  167. Vanity: You surprised me. I immediately checked perezhilton.com and he’s still for Hillary. He likes Obambi and wants a Clinton/Obambi ticket.


    #522 – PEREZ HILTON HERE says – reply to this

    OOPS, FORGOT TO TURN ON THE PINK. Hi Everyone, Perez Here (Hence the OFFICIAL PINK text) and I am having trouble with updating this Blog article. The computer is screwing me over BIG TIME. I wanted to go back and tell you I rethought about it and have decided to SWITCH MY VOTE TO HILLARY!!! YEA!! Sorry to have to post it here and not on the main site, but something is wrong with the software. I’ll fix it when my tech help returns, but wanted to let you know so you can RUN OUT AND VOTE FOR OBAMA!!!!!! Please forgive me for first picking Hillary – I had too much to drink and was a bit out of it. I HAVE REALIZED MY MISTAKE AND WANT YOU TO VOTE FOR OBAMA!!! GO WIN ONE FOR THE NEW AMERICA PEREZ FANS!!! –

  169. Vanity, his site just endorsed HRC so I am not sure where you got your information from.

    Thanks JAS for your reply. I just don’t want the California ballot counting to drag on for days.

  170. CNN…Next stop: Harlem. 2 older voters: the woman last-minute decided on Hillary,(“love her, love Bill”) the man Obama because he had to vote for an AA since he had waited for so long for an AA president. He said that wasn’t the whole reason but he loved Hillary.

    Close enough for CNN work: a 1-1 tie. Whew!

  171. Vanity: Yea, I just saw the comment in pink. I don’t know if someone else did that or not. I kinda have a hard time believing he’s having problems with his computer and would change his decision by typing it in the comment section. I don’t know. If he does that it would be really fickle of him. Let’s hope it’s just someone who found a way to do that.

  172. I know TT just started, but I am looking forward to the next set of primays. What’s up with Washington? according to SUSA, HR 40 BO 53.


  174. I dislike Bob Herbert and Maureen Dowd of the New York Times. They are Obamabots. Worshipers who have made it their career to discredit any good HRC does.

  175. The absentee votes are partly counted first, then the rest are counted last. It is bizarre but that’s what they do.

    I didn’t say the Inland Empire was ag…the central inland is the Salinas valley, rich farmland.

    I was being a little snippy about the Inland Empire. Very grand name for a place with not so much there, there.


    vanity4hillary. its a he. his website CLEARLY says perez hilton is supporting hillary. he has this website up for a while, so i dont think if he wanted to change his votes, he would do it in comments section.

    for those who didnt know how influential perez hilton is, perez came in 4th in times most influential person in the world online poll. first, second and third were shared by rain, colbert and sanjaya malakar. I went ahead and posted on all their forums the other day an appeal to vote for hillary and watch her townhall meeting. btw obama didnt even come close to top 5 🙂

  177. This was Zogby poll in NH:

    ReutersC-Span/Zogby 01/05 – 01/07 862 LV 42 29 17 5 Obama +13.0

    I would say don’t put your faith in these polls.

  178. One guy on another forum just told me that – Experience is a liability. I can’t believe that!!!! Are people are really so blind or it is an election hype?


  180. Askhim if he’d say the same about a surgeon if he needed heart surgery. Would he say experience is a liability, i’ll take the surgeon right out of school?

  181. Fox embed with BO campaign says they are lowering expectations. They expect their candidate to win the red states.

  182. Oklahoma is a red state. Arkansas sometimes. Tennessee also.

    I think they mean Georgia and Alabama.

    Today is all a turnout game, trying to depress the other candidate’s turnout and increase your own.

    Hopefully, Hillary’s voters will show their enthusiasm and ignore all the media and turn out and vote!!

  183. The NY Giants owner standing in the NY Stock Exchange had a funny line. Asked about the hype (more pundit wisdom) of the Patriots as the “greatest team of all time”, Tisch said, “If you travel to India this summer you’ll see a lot of kids in ’19-0′ t-shirts.

    Just trying to keep you all smiling.

  184. mj, They did not say which ones. According to the embed bo’s campaign expects our campaign to win more states.

    Caroline, Red states are the republican majority states.

  185. OMG, you guys have to watch this. This is so called Obamabots on Hannity and Colmes yesterday asked to name one specific thing Obama has ever done. Not one single person can name anything.


  186. no way if Obama winning Tennessee…..have not seen ONE obama sign in my area…….could be wrong about Western Tennesee

  187. I will be happy to see her win Tennessee.

    Nothing they say today can be taken as fact. It’s all a game of expectations and turnout.

    Not that anything they say *any* day can be taken seriously ;-), but today especially.


  189. Caroline: I just watched the youtube video and I am not surprised at all. It makes me ashamed to be a liberal because we spent the last 8 years criticizing Bush supporters for voting for a moron with charisma and now we do the same thing??? I can’t even blame FOX News for making fun of us anymore.

    Here is the video link again if more people want to watch this.

  190. # Vanity4hillary Says:
    February 5th, 2008 at 9:33 am


    What is Obvious Vanity? This is the third time you have come on here to declare that it’s OVER. I for one do not need your negative attitude and doomsday outlook on this day in particular. This is a great day for Hillary and you are not going to spoil it, so get with the program or get out of here.

  191. I beleive Hillary will do very well today, and with said she and her campagine will need to get ahead of the news cycle and control it for the remaining week. It’s all about momentum, and one of the best ways to get momentum is through the press.


  193. Politico:

    Best served cold

    San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, or people around him, wait until election day to put his damaging beef with Barack Obama in the the San Francisco Chronicle:

    “I gave a fundraiser, at his (Obama’s) request at the Waterfront restaurant,” said former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. “And he said to me, he would really appreciate it if he didn’t get his photo taken with my mayor. He said he would really not like to have his picture taken with Gavin.”

    Today, of course, Obama’s people are backpedaling away from that account like crazy. His deputy campaign director, Steve Hildebrand, who lives with his partner as an openly gay man, calls it “a ridiculous story.”

    “Barack Obama gets his picture taken with gay people all the time,” Hildebrand said. “Including me, his deputy campaign manager.”

    But insiders at City Hall, both current and former members of Newsom’s staff, recall the incident well. And you can bet that Newsom hasn’t forgotten it either.

    “He was pissed,” said one former staffer.

    In fact, early last year, Newsom alluded to the incident in an interview at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Speaking to Reuters on Jan. 26, 2007, Newsom was asked about three potential Democratic candidates: Obama, Hillary Clinton and Al Gore.

    He was asked about the flak he took after announcing that San Francisco would allow same-sex marriages – flak that included claims he had helped Republicans by handing them a wedge issue heading into a presidential election year. In the interview, Newsom admitted he’d been hammered over the decision. “And I’m not just saying from Republicans,” he added at the time.

    “One of the three Democrats you mentioned as presidential candidates, as God is my witness, will not be photographed with me, will not be in the same room with me,” Newsom told Reuters, “even though I’ve done fundraisers for that particular person – not once, but twice – because of this issue.”

    Newsom’s on-record comment:

    I believe in his leadership qualities, and I look forward to voting for him. In eight years.

    UPDATE: Fumes a high-level Obama backer: “He is never going to serve in our administration, and we may give San Francisco to Canada.”


    The story actually links to the actual SF Chronicle story and I’ve already e-mailed it from coast to coast and I hope you do too!

  194. Oklahoma seems pretty Clinton. Alabama is close to a tie. Tenn and Ark seem Clinton. Now some of those may have a big Obama surge and CNN is combing the precincts for it.

    Obama’s best bets outside of GA and IL are Alaska, Idaho and strangely enough, Connecticut. What’s in the water there? It’s a truly strange state.

  195. Good morning to everyone. It will be a long day and we will all be nervous as it progresses but let’s keep the faith. Southern Born I really think, despite Claire, (did ‘ya ever think!) that MO will go for Hill. I just don’t see that space between St. Louis County and K.C. as big Obama country.

    I loved your post and I’m sure that we will all be relying upon each other through the day and evening. I have court appearances and depositions today which will keep me busy (and a sick granddaughter) but I will be checking in as much as possible.

    And please, please everyone let’s be nice to each other. Remember we are HRC supporters. This is our site. This is our home away from home. Recently (and maybe I’m being hypersensitive) I’ve seen some snipping. We must remember there are lots of people (not all nice) who read what we post. I am off to proudly cast my vote for the first female president of the US!!

  196. Just a warning….if I hear ANYONE in this discussion say the words “it’s over”, I will hunt you down and destroy you like the cowardly dog you are! This is Big Pink…we don’t know the meaning of “over”!

    Now…on to the positive. 🙂

  197. And if I see ONE more article about a Clinton/Obama dream ticket, I’m gonna have to kill somebody!

    It’s never going to happen. People need to shut up with that shit. Seriously.

  198. Time’s The Page:

    Clinton Camp Super Tuesday Update

    * Last night, more than a QUARTER of a MILLION people went to hillaryclinton.com to watch Hillary’s national town hall meeting (that’s in addition to however many logged onto Hallmark.com watched it live on TV).

    * HRC voted in New York this morning around 8:00am EST at the Douglas Grafflin Elementary School in Chappaqua, NY

    * Last night, the campaign made more than 12.2 million calls to voters in states voting today.

    * Chelsea started turning out the vote at 5:45AM EST in Connecticut, delivering coffee and donut holes to poll workers and voters at the New Haven Fire Department.

    * This morning, HRC called into the Tom Joyner radio show, appeared on the morning shows, and plans to sit in the satellite chair for the bulk of the day talking with local TV in February 5 states.


  199. So, as you guys might remember, I am a Deadhead. My friend got to go see the dead reunion show for OB in Frisco, and here’s what she posted for me over on another board:

    kat, before the show last night there was a press conference with Bobby, Phil & Mickey. They were wrapping it up & Phil asked if anyone had anything more they wanted to ask. At the last second someone stepped up, gave some details about Rezko and asked their opinions on the whole deal. Phil asked where the person had heard of it & they said the front page of the NYT. Phil said he knew nothing about it. Bobby jumped in seeming like he had at least heard something about it and said this is definitely a subject in need of more clarification.

  200. LOL MJ. Most of the Deadheads I know couldn’t care less about OB wanting to legalize drugs. We’re not all kids anymore, ya know? 😉

  201. This is just a follow up on my previous commernts during the wee hours.

    My brother-in-law is a Hillary hating, Bush loving, died in the wool Republican. As you can imagine, we’ve had many a spirited discussions over the years when he usually say…”Democrats would be right when pig fly.” When pigs fly, when pigs fly. I’ve heard that over and over.

    During the past couple of months I’ve been printing out and sending him selected HILLARY IS 44 articles and some of your comments along with the Rezko Watch…thanks B Merry. My brother-in-law is in law enforcement and that got his attention and he started really checking out things about Obama.

    He told me last night that since he didn’t have a dog in the hunt for the Rep nomination, he was going to hold his nose and vote for Hillary because he is VERY concerned about Obama.

    I just got off the phone with him and he voted for Hillary this morning. Thank you to this site and your comments.



    may I submit to you: THE PIGS ARE FLYING IN ARKANSAS TODAY!!!!

  202. That Gavin Newsom story offers a crystal clear insight into BO’s phony character. Too bad that he waited till the last minute to tell it but then again, I guess nothing would have come of it even if he had disclosed it earlier. Just like how MO’s outrageous comment yesterday not only gets her a pass but instead a favorable headline about how she is an asset to him. The more you know about this couple, the more creepy they seem.

  203. Well, Phil Lesh never was one to “partake”. Although he does like his wine.;)

    But anyway…. I’m looking forward to having a great day today. DESPITE the fact that I seriously doubt we’ll know anything definite for a few days. I do wish it would just be a blowout though. I’m going to lose my mind if this gets stretched out.

  204. HighlyEducatedHillarySupporter Says:

    February 5th, 2008 at 4:25 am
    Hmmm…why didn’t my post show up??? Ok, I’ll post again:


    FYI, I think that he is a Latino from Miami. If so, there goes the Hispanic vote and he is gay.

  205. Obama is pushing the race card x10. Over the weekend I talked to my Mom about the election. She watches Spanish TV & radio. She said that Obama’s people are saying that Obama is like Latinos. Obama is a minority, but if Hillary wins it won’t make any difference since she’s white. That Obama was poor and can relate to Latinos a lot more than Hillary. That Hillary is the typical rich white person that always wins. They then end by saying that a vote for Obama is a vote for change and a vote for all minorities. They are saying this over and over again, I guess the media doesn’t notice what is said on Spanish TV & radio. They probably don’t mention this because they are biased. If Hillary said stuff like that they would be all over her.

  206. Grandmother,
    I’m on my way, as well, to proudly vote for Hillary Clinton, the next President of the United States! I hope rural Missouri will bring it on home for her, too.

  207. I think it may be a good strategy to publish the Newsom story today. If it were earlier, BHO would have had the chance to play the martyr, and dismiss the story as more lies about him. This way, he’s in Illinois, and can’t get an ad running in CA quickly enough to counter the story.

  208. HillaryLandRocks Says:

    February 5th, 2008 at 6:32 am
    From the crosstabs:

    Already voted: 34% 54-37
    Likely voter: 66% 51-45

    Does this mean that she begins the race with a 15or 17pt advantage?

  209. Exactly mj but me as a blk person knows for a fact that blk folk think obama came from the same background as the typical blk person.when i tell them they are stupid idiots for thinking that and i lay out the facts they are shocked.These people don’t care bout the policy’s all they care about is having a blk AA in the white house.I know that is not pc around here but “FACTS ARE FACTS”

    Also considering that most Americans are idiots they did elect George W Bush not once but twice i say let them be influenced by their lord and savior Obama

    I don’t get anything from Obama. The Kennedy’s calling him the new JFK or whatever is a joke they just don’t want Hillary Clinton to become president because the Clintons political dynasty would be that much more if both of them were presidents, That would be history! It would take a bit away from the Kennedy’s dynasty and Jackie O was a big fan of Hillary Clinton.

    Most Canadians want Hillary Clinton and Europe like the Clintons especially Bill Clinton. They would help big time in restoring the reputation of America worldwide sorry not Obama. There is something about Barack Obama i don’t trust. ok there is my rant!

  210. obama and poor.. ROFLMAO.. he was a rich spoilt brat who could afford to buy expensive drugs in high school.. he paid for his law school, and lived in rich neighborhoods throughout his life.. infact Hillary is more of normal middle class upbringing.

  211. olitico:

    Best served cold

    San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, or people around him, wait until election day to put his damaging beef with Barack Obama in the the San Francisco Chronicle:

    “I gave a fundraiser, at his (Obama’s) request at the Waterfront restaurant,” said former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. “And he said to me, he would really appreciate it if he didn’t get his photo taken with my mayor. He said he would really not like to have his picture taken with Gavin.”

    Today, of course, Obama’s people are backpedaling away from that account like crazy. His deputy campaign director, Steve Hildebrand, who lives with his partner as an openly gay man, calls it “a ridiculous story.”

    “Barack Obama gets his picture taken with gay people all the time,” Hildebrand said. “Including me, his deputy campaign manager.”

    But insiders at City Hall, both current and former members of Newsom’s staff, recall the incident well. And you can bet that Newsom hasn’t forgotten it either.

    “He was pissed,” said one former staffer.

    In fact, early last year, Newsom alluded to the incident in an interview at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Speaking to Reuters on Jan. 26, 2007, Newsom was asked about three potential Democratic candidates: Obama, Hillary Clinton and Al Gore.

    He was asked about the flak he took after announcing that San Francisco would allow same-sex marriages – flak that included claims he had helped Republicans by handing them a wedge issue heading into a presidential election year. In the interview, Newsom admitted he’d been hammered over the decision. “And I’m not just saying from Republicans,” he added at the time.

    “One of the three Democrats you mentioned as presidential candidates, as God is my witness, will not be photographed with me, will not be in the same room with me,” Newsom told Reuters, “even though I’ve done fundraisers for that particular person – not once, but twice – because of this issue.”

    idunn, this one:
    Newsom’s on-record comment:

    I believe in his leadership qualities, and I look forward to voting for him. In eight years.

    UPDATE: Fumes a high-level Obama backer: “He is never going to serve in our administration, and we may give San Francisco to Canada.”

  212. Good morning, Hillfans. I’m sure Sherm Kader has already been there, but a couple new rezkowatch.blogspot.com posts up, including a link I put up last night to pulchritude’s MyDD diary on MO’s “insider trading” to get that stately mansion in Kenwood. Enjoy!

  213. john
    I am in NJ. my whole family votes. And later I will bring my grandfather who is 92 to do the same – all for Hillary.

  214. freckles
    after reading your question regarding the gay communities response to oblahblahblah’s homophobic concert tour i spoke with several friends in nyc all attorneys who went to ohio in the last election to register voters. i was essentially told that they are a 100% behind hillary and do not want to energize the other side by creating an issue that will be played effectively by repugs in general election. in thier opinion to much of america in the last eletion voted to protect the sanctity of marriage than about an ill-concieved war and as result gwb appointed sc judges
    also does anyone else think susan estrich on fox news sounds eerily similar to carol channing? i’ve never seen them in the same room

  215. Wooooooo!!! I voted this morning. MAN, I love pulling that lever! 😀 As a NYer, this is the 3rd time I have voted for Hillary, but of course the first time my vote was for US PRESIDENT!!! 🙂

  216. Today, In Oklahoma, we are facing bad weather around the OKC Metro area. Snow, Rain, Hail, etc…That won’t keep me from being out on a street corner waving signs at noon, going to make calls, and celebrating her victory! This afternoon’s impending mix of light rain and snow won’t stop the HRC Fans in Norman and around the state.

    Headed to go vote—keep up the hard work folks!

  217. why has the media only barely mentioned the way hill won the hearts of the majority of nyers. upstate manhattan. talk about someone who can bridge a divide

  218. Hey guys, I went out to Letterman yesterday to support Hillary! It was so cathartic to scream “MAD-AME! PRES-I-DENT!” at the top of my lungs all night, lemme tell ya! I stood outside for almost 2 hours, but it was worth it.
    After taping Letterman (and on her way to the Town Hall!), Hill stopped for about 10 minutes to talk to reporters. Between interviews she came over to our group (behind the barricades) and gave us hugs and talked to us and took pictures! It was so awesome, I LOVE HER! 🙂

  219. She just said she decided yesterday because she heard him say first that he was opposed to tax breaks for companies that hire undocumented people. She followed with it could still change, but very disappointing!

  220. who cares.. whoopie has done us the BIGGEST favors by supporting Hillary during the snub episode.. I respect her decision.. she might have her own reasons and I dont think she can sway many voters on the election day.. most of her viewers who had intentions to vote would be in polling booths now.. :).. lets hope she still stays positive about hillary though..

  221. We all know what is going to happen today. The media and the blogs are going to report any and all good news about Barack and the voting, but nothing about Hillary. On this site we must stay positive to combat the others.

  222. Obama campaign is raising expectations for Hillary tonight, don’t let them get away with this . . . if she wins less than what they are predicting they will claim victory tonight. Let’s keep our eyes and ears open.

    “Obama campaign Super Tuesday surrogate talking points: “We fully expect Senator Clinton to earn more delegates on February 5th and also to win more states.”

    Plus: Fifteen TV interviews Tuesday morning, as surrogates call in to radio stations across the country.”


  223. Whoopi never said anything bad about Hillary…It is sad to me that someone makes a decision based on one thing…especially when it ends up being for a guy who has yet to accomplish a darn thing in office!

  224. The weather here in Missouri is not pretty today…rain, fog, weather warnings in the southern Boot Heel area.

    I don’t know how this is going to help or hurt but it is a day to stay home with a good book.

    I’m proud to say that my 87 year old mother down in Arkansas just drove herself to the polls to vote for Hillary!! She says the weather is nasty down there as well.

  225. I’m sending positive vibes to Hillary and her camp. I can’t do much as I’m in Fl but when I go home today, I will contribute to her campaign again.

    Do the Damn thing, girl! Yes, you can!

  226. weather warnings in the southern Boot Heel area.

    What is the Boot Heel area? Friend of mine says that if we dominate SW MO, we win MO.

  227. whoopee
    a recovering heroin addict single welfare mother
    if anyone she should be aware of what hill will do and what she stands for

  228. Good morning, Hillfans! (I am stealing terrondt’s line :-)) I am saying a prayer for our gal, and feel hopeful.

    THERE WILL BE NO NEGATIVE STUFF POSTED TODAY ON HERE. Do you guys hear me? NOT TODAY. I do not wish to hear any descriptions of how the MSM wankstains are spinning this for Bambi. If I want to hear that, I will turn on my TV.

    Today, this is the Hillary cheering section. I am going to jump down some throats with both feet if anyone starts with the handwringing and moaning today. Chins up, people!

    GOOOOOOOOOO, HILLARY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  229. This morning Zoby poll had Obambi beating Clinton by 13 pts in Ca. He also reversed his poll from yesterday which showed Romey up by 8 pts over McCain in CA to now McCain up by 8. Even Morning Joke had to say that he had difficulty believing that McCain could have swung 16pts overnight.
    Why do people commission him to do polls? I’ve seen him on shows, he’s a pundit and anti- Hillary. Throw out this poll.

    I believe that she will take TN and OK. as well as CA. However, I WANT MA BAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDd!!

  230. Now the Democrats are picking poor Elisasbeth Hasselback—stupid republicans! 🙂 hahaha

    Joy hasnt said who she is for yet and Sherri Shepard seems a little moronic sometimes so who knows!

    I just can’t stomach the news stations right now!

  231. So, none of those dingbats on yet another women’s show endorse Hill, but whoppie endorses Obama? Women in this country really know how to embarrass themselves.

  232. I am from southern Illinois and I alreay voted for Hillary this morning. I don’t want any one to tell me my vote does not count because I am from Illinois.

  233. I am going with HillaryforTexas…I am going to try hard to quit worrying and focus on the good clean campaign HRC has run and know in my heart that my state, Oklahoma, will be a STRONG VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  234. I love Ellen. With her New Orleans ties, she was focused on Mardi Gras than Super Tuesday from what I saw.

  235. clintondem99
    with your vote and the liklihood that obama will push the wrong button thats two votes in illonois for hill

  236. I’m with Sooner. OK is Hill country.

    As for Whoopi, she obviously didn’t watch the town hall. Someone e-mail her. I’m late to the office.

  237. I saw an interview with Hillary a few days ago (can’t remember which), when asked if the campaign would go to court regarding the DNC’s dissing of FL and MI, she graciously skirted the question. So, that could be something else that could help her wrap up the nomination.

  238. HillaryLandRocks,
    The Boot Heel of Missouri is on the far eastern side along the Mississippi River. It’s that little piece of land that hangs down into Arkansas. When you look at the map it sort of does look like a boot heel.
    Southwest Missouri is probably quite conservative. The St Louis City area is most likely Obama all the way. Along the delta and the Mississippi River down in the Boot Heel you have a mixed population. Rush Limbaugh is from that area if that tells you anything.
    My area south of St Louis (out in the country) seems to be making up their minds for Hillary. Some of them just decided this weekend.
    As for Whoopi and her suddenly going for BO…in this area and down in Arkansas..I doubt if it is even a blimp on the radar screen!

  239. how many people are alive and healthy living with hiv because of WJC negotiating an incredible deal with the drug companies.

  240. timjcain…thanks for the response about McClurkin. I was just wondering if this was determinative to gays and if there was info sharing on their sites or if they knew about it anyway.

    I am straight but this was the incident that made me say for the first time in my life that I could not vote for the Dem — if it was Obama. I found several more reasons as we went along. I don’t expect to have to make that choice.

  241. Guys, NO WHINING OR FRETTING TODAY!!! Stay positive and confident! HILL IS A WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am following Realist’s advice…. Today is about voting and GOTV. Tonight is for celebrating. Tomorrow is for watching all the haters EAT SH*T!!!!!!!!! >:)

  242. George Stephanopolous (or however you spell it) has his wife with him on the View now. His wife just told Whoopi that Hillary has been calling while they were backstage. Whoopi laughed and said it has been tough to decide!

  243. i think joy is for hillary, and maybe whoppi too. she said it’s her decision – “for now, but who knows?” she likes hillary.
    sherri is a dingbat anyway. she is a Luntz kind of obamavoter.

  244. OK – I cast my vote for Hillary in Oak Park, IL. I also put up signs at the appropriate location near my polling place – there were none for HRC. I want to send a message: it’s OK to vote for Hillary, you don’t have to do what the Chicago machine says!
    And, the Town Hall mtg was terrific – see my post from last night. I may be able to leave a few hours early and phone call out west for a few hours tonight. Good day, all!

  245. PS – the weather will go downhill fast, starting about 5pm. Expecting 6-12″ of snow to hit during rush hour. Don’t know what that will mean for turnout.

  246. Another black man in Harlem who says he voted for Hill twice but said he had to vote for the black man. I’m sorry that this is a trend because it makes it hard to complain when it is done in reverse. MLK talked about the content of one’s character. It doesn’t seem to be a step forward when the color of someone’s skin is the determining factor.

  247. This is hilarious:

    Obama: The New Princess Diana?

    Posted By James Kirchick On February 5, 2008 @ 6:35 am In Contentions | 24 Comments

    [1] This was Christopher Hitchens’s question a year after the death of Princess Diana, which brought forth a “frightful binging and gorging of sentimentality” from the British populace, odd in a nation stoic by reputation. The people of a stiff upper lip had quavered. Hitchens is hardly averse to sentimentality, some of his best writing causes a catch in the throat; it is bogus sentimentality that be abhors. The death of a “hyperactive debutante” didn’t merit the wall-to-wall coverage, acres of flowers, and very public, very group-therapyesque bereavement that it had inspired.

    As a 24 year-old male — just the sort of demographic he has solidly won over — I should probably hide while admitting this, but I feel the same away about the Barack Obama phenomenon as Hitchens did about the mourning of Princess Diana. And I’ll risk sounding a little self-satisfied by predicting that should Obama not be the one sworn into office come January 2009, the country will look back on this current presidential campaign feeling a similar sort of collective embarrassment that the British felt about their mourning of “The People’s Princess.” We may even be asking ourselves “What the hell was that all about?” should Obama actually win the presidency, a year or so into his tenure when his unpreparedness becomes manifest.

    CONTENTIONS contributor Fred Siegel has a brilliant [2] essay up on the website of City Journal that lays waste to much of the mythology surrounding Barack Obama. Siegel highlights the naivete and contradictions behind Obama’s various claims, from his vow to invade Pakistan unilaterally to his belief that hosting a convention with Muslim nations will bring about the end of Islamic extremism. What is most obnoxious about the Obama candidacy is the belief that his mere presence in the White House will end the world’s problems, for instance, Andrew Sullivan’s [3] assertion that the reason to support Obama, “First and foremost,” is “his face.”

    Siegel’s piece is worth reading in full, but I’ll excerpt this short portion:

    It will be ironic if in the name of post-partisanship we manage, with the contrivance of both Left and Right, to elect Oprah’s candidate, a man with a narrowly partisan record who has never demonstrated a capacity (rhetoric aside) either to lead or to govern. Only Clinton derangement syndrome can explain the alliance of so many otherwise thoughtful people of both parties who speak well of the candidacy of a man with scant knowledge of the world who has never been tested and has never run anything larger than a senatorial office. The question that we need to ask is whether this man—who candidly admits, “I’m not a manager”—can manage the vast apparatus of the federal government. Will packaging be enough to deal with our problems?

    Those who think like Siegel are not uncommon, but you would never know it from the media, which long ago gave up on any pretense of objectivity and is firmly in the tank for Obama. After all, a competitive campaign is not only fun for the journalists covering it, it also translates into better ratings. For the same reason that, during the Diana spectacle, the British media didn’t bother to report on curmudgeonly, unpleasant arguments like the one Hitchens raised, questions about Obama’s fitness for office — for instance, [4] the whole Jeremiah Wright thing — are going unexplored (Mormonism has become a crucial issue for Mitt Romney, yet what the Mormon Church says pales in comparison to Wright). When Richard Cohen brought up the issue last month, Alan Wolfe [5] pronounced it “the single most despicable op-ed of this century so far.” Far from unique, Hitchens’s “revulsion” towards the lachrymose “had been plentiful at the time but didn’t stand a prayer of being reported by a deferential mass media that became an echo chamber and feedback loop to the blubbering classes.” Sound familiar? While Diana had her “Candle in the Wind,” we now get the hip-hop video [6] “Yes We Can.”

    It’s long past time that we pause, take a deep breath, and evaluate the presidential candidates using concrete criteria as opposed to vague pronouncements that this or that candidate can “unite” the country or “transcend” this or that division, whether it be racial or political or what have you. It may be that Barack Obama is the best candidate at this moment in time; ultimately, of course, that’s a purely subjective question. But I fear about the emotional baggage that people have invested in his candidacy, and what his most fervent supporters will believe about American democracy should he lose. The country will, in short, become irredeemable. Given the unchecked passion already on display, it may already be too late to save this election from becoming marked, like the decade-old death of a blond divorcée, for its “bogus emotion and mass credulity.”

  248. Guys. I’m outta here. Stay positive. Stop fretting over Zogby. He’s a tool and incredibly wrong all the time. He’s become a celebrity instead of a pollster. He’ll say anything to get on TV. Hill being ahead won’t get interviews, a huge surge for Obama will. Besides, almost half the folks voted absentee in CA.

    Chill out. Grab an olive burger, some chocolate ice cream and relax.

  249. “We may even be asking ourselves ‘What the hell was that all about?’ should Obama actually win the presidency, a year or so into his tenure when his unpreparedness becomes manifest.”

    I’ve been wondering what the hell it’s all about for some time.

  250. Two things:

    1. Perez endorsed Hillary today.

    2. I saw Kiki Mclean on Morning Joe today and she whooped his ass. She needs to be on air more often!

  251. Perez Hilton took a big risk in endorsing our girl. And, you should see the homophobic comments he is getting on his Website! Some of this is coming from Obamabots and some equally offensive, misogynist comments.

    Send Perez some thank you love all:


  252. Gladiator: Chicago’s conventional wisdom holds that at least some of HRC’s demographic (women) are among the most consistently reliable voters. (Not rain, nor sleet, nor dark of night….) And, conventional wisdom of the Chicago machine also holds that bad weather may keep some of BO’s urban voters away– as for the students? Hard to imagine them voting before mid-day. As for the working men/women – if they get off at 3pm, they should be OK– but, again, they also are usually reliable. If they have to stop on the way home (before 5), they also should be OK. Hopefully, our GOTV reminded them that the polls are open until 7pm and how much Hillary is counting on them.

  253. freckles, i think that it is a given that barack will get most of the black vote, unless you are an informed, involved voter (thanks terrondt, sugar) and you have a history with the clintons.
    but then again, there are people who are ruthlessly selfish…hillary stood in the rain to campaign for barack, she was his mentor in the senate – that ungrateful bastard.

  254. There are, however, good comments like this one:

    #94 – Jordan says – reply to this

    People are so naive when it comes to Obama. He plays the same game that every politician plays! He twists the words of others! He more than anyone says what people want to hear, and he speaks in sweeping generalities! Hillary has maintained the same position on most issues for over 20 years, and has been a tireless advocate for women and children. Hillary ’08!

  255. i just voted! there were about 10 people voting while i was there…there was only one other guy…the rest were women…i took that as a good sign…as i was getting into my car after voting…THE OTHER GUY said…oh…you have the right bumper sticker…i just voted for your girl!!!!!

  256. One more thing: I can’t believe I’m still debating health care issues with some of my progressive urban girlfriends, but here is my response to a concern (in brackets, below). Maybe it will still prove useful to someone here.

    From my friend:

    Health care is not universal if not everyone participates – and the public gets hit with the high costs for those who choose no coverage. Studies show that a significant number of the uninsured make over $70k/year. Think of mandatory auto insurance in Illinois – I haven’t done the legislative research, but I expect that Obama supported that! The same economic principles apply.

    Part of HRC’s proposed plan is to subsidize those who (really) can’t afford it. And, those who already are in a program that they like, can stay exactly where they are. BHO may spin a good line about reducing costs for all without “mandating,” but without full participation, the economics simply are not there. Most health care economists agree. He is pandering to the republicans for the GE. Yet, at the same time, in some friendly forums and in mailers, BHO is calling his program “universal”– when it simply is not. Why is he feigning Hillary’s position on this issue at this late date? He recognizes that she is right– universal health care is a core Democratic principle, as well as an urgent practical and financial matter for all Americans.

    This is our ONE chance to establish universal health care since we currently have a Democratic congress – not to make universal health care the goal betrays BHO’s weakness and opportunism and, I believe, also shows a lack of understanding of the problem. It will take more than flowery prose to get work done over the next four to eight years.

  257. Um i must complain here for a bit.I am keep hearing stay positive here .So shall we stay positive about Illinois also?Come on its one thing to be delusional and another to be a realist.I think it is safe to say everybody here want Hillary to be the winner( i know i do ) but to ask people here not to be concerned and to be delusional is not healthy whatsoever.
    And mj are the majority of Obama supporters black?As in if it was not for blks voting for him he would have not gotten this far?If so that should tell people something.

  258. kentucky perez always get those homophobic remarks and he usually get them from gay blk males who has never been for the gay movement.but what u expect they support homophobic arse hip hop

  259. freckles
    i have no idea in all honesty how the homophobia tour played outside of nyc and my accomplished affluent friends would not feel the backlash of a conservative downturn for years i too wonder how much awareness of the issue has played out across the country. the youth so vehemently supporting obama grew up with homosexuals regularly featured on tv the struggles the alienation has been featured prominently during thier juvenescence and so i doubt that much has been made of it

  260. Sorry, the friend part didn’t get in – I guess I can’t use that type of bracket. Here is is:

    krugman really has it in for obama on this… my feeling is that people don’t like to be forced to do anything—even if it is in their best interests and i think obama is zeroing in on that.. hillary is already being tarred as a person who will garnish wages to pay for plans for people who choose not to buy it… i think obama is trying to avoid that… love, b

  261. Great Response Informed!

    Sorry if this is a repost:


    I think this Robert Deniro (Obama) vs. Jack Nicholson (HRC) whatever it is (dynamic?) is very interesting. I do think it works more in our favor because while people seem to respect Robert Deniro, people LIKE Jack Nicholson.

  262. mj: No, she was still supposed to get alot of Harlem votes.

    I don’t know how familiar you are w/ nyc. The media likes to make Harlem “the black vote,” but really, there’s a larger vote share in Brooklyn. NY-11, entirely in Kings County (Brooklyn), has the largest D registration in the state.

    SUSA has it 57-39 in favor of Obama for black voting statewide. I would guess the Harlem split is more favorable than that. That’s a lot of votes, don’t you think?

  263. vanity, i am sure that people of other races and color vote for barack too. but, if we base it on the pattern – from nh to sc (duh!), he gets majority of the black vote. so it is a given. he wouldn’t have gone this far if he didn’t have the support from a lot of people but the core black vote goes to him.

  264. de niro ugh
    hillary has had nyc’s back for 6 yrs
    a lot of his tribeca filmfest would not have come to fruition without the support of senator clinton and other new york pols
    and once again the new york firefighters endorsed hillary

  265. Another story I forgot to share from last night’s Park Ridge, IL event:
    I was introduced to and sat just behind the woman who was the sitting state senator that BO knocked off the ballot to win his first election to the IL senate – sorry, can’t recall the name – anyone? Alice?

  266. I know… I know…..another weather forecast…but it may change the vote turnout.

    In Missouri and Arkansas especially the central and eastern parts…it is thundering, pouring…a toad strangler as my great grandma used to say…no wonder we have flash flood warnings out. We are under moderate to high risk of tornadoes, as well.

    This may keep some older voters home but who knows. If you are a really dedicated voter you will go through anything.

    We’ve been hoping the weather will let up, however, it is getting worse. So off we go through wind, rain, and storms to vote for our girl. We’d swim the creeks if need be to get there to vote for Hillary!

  267. noise about college kids influencing thier parents to go oblahblahblah eek gotta say thankyou to diane simmons wherever you maybe iwas a college student at hunter supporting nadar over bill clinton. she followed me to the subway then on the subway giving me the education of my life

  268. Hey, I adore Dinero…but I’m damned sure not going to vote for someone just because he says I should. That just ain’t how I roll, yo? 😉

  269. robert de niro loves black women. that is my one stupid explanation.

    and yes, alice palmer was the one barack kicked to the curb for his ambition. shows how much respect he has for women. and oprah and her minions are so blinded by him regardless.
    saw ms. palmer at the hillary event at the hyatt and she seemed like a real nice lady, i shook her hand and thanked her for supporting hillary.

  270. LOL…someone yesterday said they thought I sounded like a 20 year old white guy. Heh heh heh…I guess sometimes, maybe I DO! 😉

  271. as a bartender in nyc i made bobby spell his name before i got a table for him. i knew he was but it amused me to make him spell his LAST NAME he was not amused and he complained. i didn’t defer to him then everyone was asked to do the same. he makes a few million a year and complains that i asked him to spell his name i made 36 that year. pretentiops a**

  272. The AA man to which I reerred was a professor at a nearby college. He said that he voted for O because of his race. I simply said that I thought that was unfortunate.

    CNN now has a panel in which an AA reporter is talking about the “extraordinary electricity” and “charisma” of Obama, followed by Klein who talked about that “extraordinary moment” in the debate where when asked about all the Clinton advisors he had, Obama said “you can advise me too, Hillary”. Klein thought that was “so cool”. Then came Gloria Borger. They are so in the tank for BO. They are salivating to announce that he has won the popular vote. If it doesn’t work out, they will need therapy.

  273. Have you guys read Krugman’s blog lately? It’s a wealth of funny:


    By my count, 3 of my last 10 columns have criticized Barack Obama.
    7 of Frank Rich’s 10 last columns, and 6 of Maureen Dowd’s last 10 columns, have criticized Hillary Clinton.
    But, of course, that’s different: Hillary is eeevil, and deserves it.

  274. Personally, I am amusing myself this morning by googling Obama/antichrist. I find perverse pleasure in reading these “end of times” articles. Sue me. 😉

  275. imagine44
    celebs can be such asses my favorite thing to say when i met them was always oh my god i can’t believe you’re seeing me.
    to her credit only drew barrymore ever got it.

  276. You know what? I think these polls are full of shit. I’d be willing to bet my LAST dollar that alot of these people who are going for Obama never even made the registration deadline to vote in this primary. Mark my words.

  277. Idunn
    never change

    I’m awesome, Tim…so why would I?

    So much for Michelle Obama’s advice that it’s okay for us black folk to feel like we are as good as white folk, huh? I don’t have a problem with self esteem, Michelle…but thanks for the pep talk anyway. 😉

  278. idunn
    if i were a black woman and heard michelle saying ain’t i would be offended. she is a harvard or is it yale grad

  279. tim, expand on fox remarks please.

    I found out Arkansas started voting over a week ago…I think a LOT of people choose to vote early now.. Especially older people who find a decent day…they just go ahead a get it done.

  280. h t t p : / / stanforddaily.com/comments/2008/2/5/stusViewsHillaryClintonForPresident

    An endorsement making very good points, and a short rational comment string, no registration etc required.

  281. 32(will be 33 on the 7th)/BLK TRANSSEXUAL/FLORIDA
    This has got to be the worst year in my damn life.
    And “blank” a Michelle.This is the woman that could not get a job b4 her hubby met her employer right?Talk about strong

  282. dot48
    it was on across the room and i was paying more attention to you guys- but in a nutshell we went after her over and over and she has come out on top . we called her a carpetbagger and she won. we said she would never get upstate ny and she won. we dissected her life and she won

  283. v4h…this is going to be one of the best days in your life. get off the pity party…get online at HillaryClinton.com and phone bank. Use your negative power for something positive.

    I do agree that MichelleO is not a good role model for young black women. The hood talk, the ganster mentality, and the overall impression that she has to “get down” to get to the level of most people…well it is disturbing.

  284. I don’t have a problem with Michelle using creative language, I sometimes do that myself. I simply have some real problems with the core meaning and intent hidden within the things she says. Don’t talk down to me or insult my intelligence to serve your own political ends, you know? That’s just pisses me slam off.

    But enough about Michelle Obama. She’s gotta do what she’s gotta do, and I gotta do what I gotta do. Simple as that.

  285. Caroline – I’m not sure, but I think I’ve read that some California absentee ballots will be counted AFTER the regular ballots are counted tonight. They may have been counting absentee already but will interrupt that count for the regular ballots when the polls close, and finishing the absentee count may take a long time. — But I don’t have a reference handy, so better double check.

  286. tim..it’s all true too!

    I really wish to see Bill Crystol and Fred Barnes … head explode.

    Hillary needs to propel the news cycle next few days to her behalf. I think they saved some major endorsements…they have a plan starting tonight for the rest of the primary states.


  288. I kept seeing online last night that California might not know votes till tomorrow.

    something about going back to paper ballots…machines all broken….complete disarray in how they are now going to count the machine ballots that have been cast in early vote.

    I think some shit is trying to get pulled in california….another florida 2000.

  289. I do agree that MichelleO is not a good role model for young black women. The hood talk, the ganster mentality, and the overall impression that she has to “get down” to get to the level of most people…well it is disturbing

    My mother would absolutely agree. One time, at dinner, my brother made the mistake of using ghetto slang in front of my mother. She slapped him so hard his dinner fork when flying out of his hand. ” No child of mine is ever going to use ignorance as a tool to fit in!” she hissed. LOL…we grew up thinking my mom was crazy when it came to stuff like that, but really , she was right.

  290. Just stopping by on my way to southern illinois to say that I voted. In my small suburban St. Louis community about 10 miles from downtown St. Louis my polling place only had about 5 voters. And Southern Born it was pouring cats and dogs when I came out! It is still raining but not as hard. I wondered too how it would affect turnout. At least it is not snow although I just spoke to another attorney I work with in K.C. and he said it was supposed to start snowing there.

    It will be very interesting to see how the demographics turn out today. I agree that the city of St. Louis will go for Obama (although my daughter lives there and she is a HRC supporter) but I’m not sure about the county.

    BTW I asked for a paper ballot just because I can. When I was standing there I noticed that the republican paper ballot stack was much thicker. I think I was voter #275. Not sure if that means more republicans are voting touch screen or more people are voting as Democrats today. Anyway, back to the races and I’ll be checking in this afternoon.

  291. Damn…we’re never going to get put out of our misery, are we? (sigh)

    Well, if it’s tied or we’re ahead before they go back to the absentees, we’ll know!

  292. I’m not feeling these polls that say this is close. I’m just not. I think today is going to be a big surprise to a whole lot of people.

  293. Michelle talking ghetto was to get that blk vote.Why are people shocked by this?Just like Obama went all blk in South Carolina.But I will say this again it is obvious that Obama supporters are the uneducated ones.I can careless what the media says.I refuse to believe they are that educated.

  294. Vanity – *HUGS HUGS* It’s okay, honey. It’s not that bad. Hillary has won almost all the states so far, even against predictions. NH, NV, FL, MI. The only states she’s lost are the very unuusal situations: SC with so many AA’s, and Iowa with the caucuses next door to Obama’s home state where he could bring people in.

    Now we’re into states more like NH, NV, and Florida, so she’ll do fine. Even if not,there are good big states coming up later where she has good support.

    Remember actions speak louder than words, and Obama’s ACTION was to abandon California. Even his campaign people are predicing to lose the TT.

    Go get in hot bubble bath where you can’t see the tv. 🙂

  295. To my utter surprise and I must say it was a pleasant one, Todd Beeton, one of the front pagers at mydd endorsed Clinton. Of course, he’s only a blogger and what political weight does he carry you may ask but his explanation is so succinct that it deserves a read.

    For the last 7 years, the liberal and progressive blogsphere craved for a fighter, a partisan who wouldn’t mind taking the fight to the republicans. The repubs and Bush, vindictive and rabidly partisan to the core have done astonishing damage to the country, thrashing the democrats all the way.

    So what do these big blogs do ? Get in line behind the candidate who preaches the Liebermanesque Kumbaya message and thrash the real fighter in this race and intellectually superior opponent. I’ll never be able to understand the hypocrisy.

    Good to know that at least some of them have a conscience and can be rational.


  296. I’m not a big proponent of worrying about things that are beyond my control. So my personal feeling today is that, we’ve have done all that we could possibly do to support HRC. That’s the “now” of where we are. If things don’t go our way today, do we become angry? Inbittered? Or defeated? Or do we find some other way to stand strongly for what we believe?

    I’ll choose the later. Come the general election, I’ll simply ask for a paper ballot and write in the person I truly believe is best qualified to be President.

    Let the “now” be whatever it will be. 🙂

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