The Latino Vote and Hillary Clinton

At Thursdays debate Latinos were out in force for Hillary Clinton. Latinos waved “Hillary Is 44” buttons proudly as they marched outside the debate hall.

Latinos were instrumental in Hillary Clinton’s victory in Nevada and Latinos will play a pivotal role in the 22 primaries to be held on February 5 – Super Tuesday.

How is Hillary Clinton thought of by the Latino community?

New York:

The percentage of Hispanics registered to vote in New York City is growing sharply, a new survey finds — and they’re overwhelmingly backing Hillary Clinton in the presidential primary.

The Hispanic federation survey found the five boroughs have the second highest concentration of Hispanic voters in the country — right behind Los Angeles. Three quarters of city Latinos identify themselves as democrats, and among those, Hillary Clinton is leading 66% to just sixteen percent for Barack Obama.

More than 20% of the city electorate is Latino, the survey found, with the number of registered Hispanic voters increasing 40% since 1990. The survey didn’t poll Hispanics outside of New York City — and there are big populations in Westchester, Long Island, and Syracuse that will all be voting in Tuesday’s primary.

How are Obama and Ted Kennedy doing?

Obama also hosted a “Latino Town Hall” in Los Angeles, said he should learn Spanish, and dispatched his top surrogate, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, to Hispanic centers in New Mexico.

The Illinois senator’s scramble for Latino votes is an acknowledgment that his rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, Hillary Rodham Clinton, enjoys a major head start in wooing a minority group that could prove crucial in Tuesday’s 22-state showdown. [snip]

Obama is trying to close the gap, matching Clinton’s Spanish-language ads and sending Kennedy to places where many older Latinos revere that family’s name and legacy. As for younger Latinos, Obama hopes his proven ability to energize college-age blacks and whites will apply equally to Hispanics in California and other states voting next week.

But Obama concedes that the Super Tuesday calendar gives him far less time to engage and charm voters than he had in Iowa and South Carolina, where he scored two big victories. [snip]

… [Hillary] won the popular vote in the Jan. 19 Nevada caucus after taking 64 percent of the Hispanic vote to Obama’s 26 percent. If she rolls up similar margins among Hispanics next week, Obama is in for a long night.

Latinos may indeed hold the key to the 2008 election – if they vote.

Traditionally, politicians have talked more about courting Latinos than doing it. But in light of demographic and political trends, “it is not an overstatement to say that Hispanics may hold the key to the presidency in 2008,” Simon Rosenberg, head of a left-of-center think tank called NDN, wrote in a recent study of the general and primary elections.

Latinos make up sizable portions of the Democratic electorate in California, New Mexico and Arizona, and they comprise at least 10 percent of eligible voters in Colorado, New York and New Jersey. All six states vote on Tuesday. Clinton and Obama are campaigning hard there, targeting Latinos for voter turnout, running ads in Spanish and deploying Hispanic officials as surrogates.

Hispanics surpassed blacks as the nation’s largest minority years ago. But their political clout has not kept pace. They make up about 15 percent of the U.S. population but only about 9 percent of eligible voters, largely because many are non-citizens or under 18.

And if their comparatively low turnout rates continue, Hispanics will account for less than 7 percent of the nationwide vote in November, according to the Pew Hispanic Center.

But non-Florida Latinos lean strongly Democratic, and their concentration in several Super Tuesday states gives them a significantly larger role in next week’s Democratic primaries and caucuses. That helps Clinton, analysts say.

The New York senator “has worked very hard on the Latino vote for a long time,” said Roberto Suro, a former head of the Pew Hispanic Center who now teaches communications at the University of Southern California. “Even Obama’s supporters have admitted he’s been very late in looking at the Latino vote and doing any specific outreach.”

Kennedy the Obama Latino outreach strategy?

Earlier this week, Kennedy campaigned for him at an Albuquerque Hispanic cultural center, a Santa Fe community college and a popular Spanish-language radio station where the host, El Piolin, heaped praise on the visitor. Obama fans hope Kennedy’s charisma can trump Clinton’s popularity.

But some are doubtful. “I think people are making too much of this Kennedy thing,” Falcon said.

Columbia University political scientist Rodolfo de la Garza, who tracks Hispanic issues, agreed.

It’s awfully late” for Obama and his surrogates to try to overcome Clinton’s hard-earned loyalty among Hispanics, he said. “The key is, he hasn’t been around Latinos a lot.”

Noting Kennedy’s visit to Santa Fe, de la Garza said, “the Latinos there are a longtime, established, centrist group.” Those words, he noted, fit Hillary Clinton better than Barack Obama.


King Taco on Cesar Chavez Avenue, across from the tattoo parlor and pawn shop, is Hillary Clinton country.

As first lady, she met with locals at a church a couple blocks down the street. As presidential candidate, she stopped in for a taco last month. And while Spanish is the language of this street, nearly all know what Clinton means.

“When I talk to my friends, we all say we’re going to vote for her,” said Sal Arciga, a 25-year-old phone operator having a carne asada burrito a table away from where the senator from New York sat.

What does he think about Barack Obama, running against Clinton for the Democratic nomination?

“O-who?” he asked, putting his burrito down, thinking about it. “I think he needs to come and eat here.”

“O-who? In Nevada he was “Omega”. Latinos don’t know who Obama is – Obama was never around when they needed him.

And that’s essentially what Obama will have to do if he expects to break the Clinton stronghold on the huge and influential Latino vote here in California. He’s got five days to do it, and he made an dramatic attempt Thursday with a rally at a Los Angeles trade college just hours before the final Democratic debate before Tuesday’s primary. The event was billed as an outreach to Latino voters.

The only glitch? Most of the crowd was black.

“Sí se puede!” Obama shouted out to the crowd filling the campus plaza. “Yes we can!”

When the crowd responded to the Latino rallying cry, they did so in English.

Obama, a senator from Illinois, has a lot of work to do

Dolores Huerta is the real “Si Se Puede!” spokeswoman:

Dolores Huerta, 77-year-old co-founder with the late and legendary Cesar Chavez of the United Farm Workers union, is not worried. She is confident the Latino voters will stay with Clinton.

Obama, she said, “doesn’t really have a relationship with the Latino community.” His use of the term “sí se puede” in speeches and on campaign signs handed out at Thursday’s rally is just a “little shortcut” for Obama to make inroads.

Inroads she believes are dead ends.

She pointed out that while Obama earned the endorsement of the heavily Latino Culinary Workers Union in Nevada, many of the dishwashers and cooks defected to Clinton and created for themselves a term of endearment: “Los Hillarios.” It’s quite a tribute to Clinton, who had trouble pronouncing “sí se puede” at a Salinas rally last week with the United Farm Workers. And Clinton scored perhaps the biggest prize. She was in Salinas – to accept the endorsement of the United Farm Workers – where the slogan began.

At the Obama headquarters in Los Angeles, where handpainted signs that say “Sí se puede” are taped to the walls, one of Obama’s chief Latino endorsers acknowledges the challenge.

Ted Kennedy, again:

But the event, at a mostly Hispanic college in a Hispanic and Asian part of town, also served as a demonstration of the ground Obama has to make up here: The crowd seemed largely made up of Obama supporters from elsewhere in Los Angeles.

“I’ve never seen a lot of white people here before,” said Edwin Morales, 25, who grew up in the neighborhood and now studies at Cal State Los Angeles but came back to see Obama.

Murray Hill, New York:

Support for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is strong among New York City’s Latino voters. Nearly all of the most prominent state and city Latino politicians have lined up between Mrs. Clinton, who has also received intense coverage in the Spanish-language press. [snip]

Latinos really connect with Hillary because they feel she has a real sense of compassion for what we are going through,” she said.

One thing the Clinton supporters wanted to dispel was the idea that Latinos wouldn’t vote for Mr. Obama because of historic tension between blacks and Latinos. “This is not about being against Obama,” Mr. Ferrer said. “This is about being for Hillary. I am absolutely living proof that blacks and Latinos can come together in an election coalition. It’s what happened for me in 2001 and 2005.” The strong support he received from both groups was not enough, though, in his two unsuccessful campaigns for mayor (in the abbreviated and subdued campaign after the Sept. 11 attacks, he lost the postponed 2001 Democratic primary to Mark Green, who was then defeated by Mr. Bloomberg.)

“Hillary’s relationship with the Latino community has always been strong,” Mr. Ferrer added. “It’s a long relationship based on real achievements, not something that happened two weeks ago. She’s stood with us on health care, on access to capital. She’s been with us absolutely every step of the way since the White House.”

Why support Hillary? As Congresswoman Maxine Waters has said People in my district have a lot of hope. They go to bed hungry, they have trouble heating their homes but they have a lot of hope that things will get better. They don’t need more hope, they need help.

California, again (and the nation:

Hillary Clinton is doing extraordinarily well among Latino voters, compared with rivals Barack Obama and John Edwards. According to a Times/CNN/Politico poll Tuesday, she’s running 2 to 1 ahead of Obama among California Latinos. In the Nevada caucuses, exit polls indicated that she received roughly two out of three Latino votes. Nationally, polls show only a slightly lower level of support. These findings are particularly significant because Latino voters in the general election are projected to total over 9 million, most concentrated in states rich in electoral college votes, such as California and New York, or in key “swing” states, such as New Mexico and New Jersey, in which past voting patterns show that it only takes a small percentage of the Latino vote to push a candidate’s totals up or down.

Pundits are explaining the failure of Obama to ignite the allegiance of the majority of the Latino electorate to date in terms of anti-black prejudices. But there are better explanations.

First, and most obvious, is the name recognition that the Clintons enjoy in the Latino community. Bill Clinton was the first president to have two Latino Cabinet members serve simultaneously. Moreover, during the Clinton years, rising economic tides lifted Latino boats along with many others. Even at the height of the impeachment controversy, polls by the Tomás Rivera Policy Institute indicated that Clinton had a 70% approval rating among Latino voters. In contrast, Obama is a relatively new face and voice for all but Illinois Latinos.

Perhaps more significant, Hillary Clinton has done her homework by gaining early endorsements from Latino leaders who have demonstrated influence among their constituencies. Five of the seven Latino congressional representatives in California are on her side. In addition, nationally recognized politicians , such as L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Henry Cisneros, a former San Antonio mayor and U.S. housing secretary, have endorsed Clinton. California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuñez and Raul Yzaguirre, who for 30 years headed the National Council of La Raza, are national co-chairmen of her campaign. Patti Solis Doyle, Clinton’s campaign manager, is the first Latina to run a presidential campaign.

History is one reason why Clinton has such a strong stable of Latino supporters. Many of her endorsers, such as Cisneros, established or consolidated their political networks during President Clinton’s two terms. When younger Latino politicians look at the Clinton campaign organization and ask “What Latinos are in your campaign?” they see well-known, influential faces at the top and at the state and local levels. In contrast, Obama’s campaign has few such stars.

Second, and contrary to machismo stereotypes, Latinos have no problem voting for a woman for high public office. Los Angeles County Supervisor Gloria Molina and Reps. Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-East Los Angeles), Loretta Sanchez (D-Garden Grove), Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.) and Nydia M. Velazquez (D-N.Y.) are just a few examples of many breakthrough “female firsts” for Latinos in politics.

In short, Clinton has a decade and a half of experience and ties to prominent Latinos in the regions where most Latinos live. Obama has just two years in national public office and a political base in the Midwest. In his home state of Illinois, Latino voters are about 5% of the electorate. Compare this to the Southwest or Northeast, where Latino voters make up about 18% and 8% respectively.

While Big Media misinforms Americans, Latinos will vote for Hillary.


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  1. How did Hillary do in her fundraising for January? I don’t have the information and I’m curious if she passed Obama’s $32M?

  2. Awesome post!!! Thanks so much for this admin! This quote is hilarious!

    “O-who?” he asked, putting his burrito down, thinking about it. “I think he needs to come and eat here.”

    He was so busy trying to woo my fellow African-Americans, he forgot that he was campaigning to preside over the entire country–including Latinos. And, the sources you cite are further proof that Hillary does have the experience needed to truly bring this country together. She’s been there done that. The reason he doesn’t have a tie to Latinos is because he has not gotten enough experience under his belt. Now, he wants to insult those Latinos trying to convince them that he is down for their causes. Whatever!

  3. I’m turning off my tv until next Tuesday and I’m limiting the websites I’m going to. I have never seen a candidate face the wall that Hillary is facing. I am so immensely proud of her and the job she is doing. I feel good about Tuesday.

    Onward and upward.

  4. Hey mj! I was battling it out with my cousins over email all day, and I didn’t get a chance to come over here for my daily “meds”, so I’m trying to stick the IV in my arm now. Get this, the Obamazoids are so desperately trying to make him out to be a holy saint, many of them have now transitioned into saying that Bill Clinton is the worse president this country has seen in 30 years and Hillary will be just as bad….yeah. lol I told them, if they are foolish enough to believe that, their dumb azzes need to vote for McCain, not the idiot.

  5. I mean, the brainwashing is scary! I was hitting them with facts and figures left and right and they were fuming! But, I held my own. Thanks to you guys here at Big Pink, I’m always armed with detailed, factual information.

  6. Yes. Admin this is a great post. As a Latino, I hope the community remains united behind Hillary, and I have no doubt that they will. I only wish I lived in a Feb. 5th state so I could help, but I am in Iowa, freezing my *** off. This post should be read by all Latinos and put in El Mundo or something. Dolores Huerta carries so much weight in the community, I am so glad they are putting her on the front lines in key Latino states like Colorado, New Mexico, California, and Arizona.

  7. Wow, the rare valid point from the (Daily Kos) head Kook, entitled,
    “Why Obama Lost Thursday’s Debate”

    On the substance of the debate, Obama might’ve squeezed out a narrow “victory”. Hillary owned him on health care, but he owned her on Iraq, and Iraq was toward the tail end of the debate.

    But on the politics, Hillary won.

    Here’s the bottom line: Hillary has the lead in most February 5th states. Despite the frothings of the anti-Hillary crowd, most Democrats like her and are comfortable with her. Therefore, Obama has to give them a reason NOT to vote for her, but for him instead.

    Did he do that last night? Not that I saw. I noticed him agreeing with her a lot. And even when there were points of distinction, like drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants, he let Clinton off the hook instead of pressing the advantage. The two candidates seemed to be going out of their way to find common ground. That’s great if people already like you and plan on voting for you (Hillary), not so great if you’re trying to make up ground (Barack).

    In fact, as many people commented, the two looked like a ticket. And it’s hard for Obama to win many crossover votes if people think Obama is part of the package if they vote for Clinton.

    Obama won big in South Carolina after establishing clear distinctions between himself and Clinton in their South Carolina debate. Obama may be be gaining ground nationwide, but he lost an opportunity to bolster those efforts last night.

  8. ROFLMAO @ Sugar.. I seriously wonder how you tolerate them.. when someone comes to me.. I simply tell them that they are stupid and ignorant to support him.. 🙂

    Monday is next big poll day although some tracking polls released tomorrow will help us with better picture IMO..

  9. Can I just add to what others have said earlier: I love Maxine Waters. That quote was awesome. So was the thing about the burrito in LA. HRC deserves our votes.

  10. Hawk, now that you are here.. can you dispell this myth of every latino house having photo of kennedy’s and pope on their walls.. I hear that they only have pope.. any thoughts? :media really thinks teddy is their key to latino vote .. 🙂

  11. No one in my family (they live in Long Beach, Cali and will vote for HRC 🙂 ) has a portrait of the Kennedys. They have portraits of Jesus and my grandma has a portrait of Cesar Chavez.

  12. My dad, Jose, has a picture of Bill Clinton also. So I would love to dispell this stupid myth, and if Latinos have a portrait of any Kennedy, it isn’t Teddy. It is Bobby.

  13. OMG, worst president ever? They are fucking insane. Sorry, but it is the only word strong enough.

    This country did great under Bill, and AA’s better than ever. Tell your friends that unemployment for African Americans was the lowest ever IN RECORDED HISTORY during Bill’s admin!!!!!!!

    There was the biggest drop in child poverty rates in 3 decades.
    There was a huge expansion of pell and other grants for college.
    There was the largest government investment in education in 30 years.

  14. LJ, you should submit a youtube video question for Hillary’s townhall. Sugar, if you know how to do these videos(I don’t) you should, as well.

  15. gladiatorstail, it is unreal the way these Obamazoids are supporting him so blindly. We all have a candidate we can truly prove is the better candidate. They only can “HOPE” theirs is.

    A big day here in Maryland tomorrow for Hill, even though we don’t vote on Super Tuesday. Tomorrow morning, I’m going to my county Hillary for President meeting and then we are going to fan out across the area passing out bumper strips and other information. Then, we’ll all make calls to Super Tuesday voters. I truly believe that Hillary will have a huge showing on that day and I will sleep like a baby, except for I’ll have a big dumb grin on my face.

  16. I have an aunt, uncle, cousin, and 5 friends in Illinois voting for HRC; My dad and brother in Arizona voting for HRC; My grandma, an aunt, and 3 uncles voting for HRC in Cali. Hope similar trends occur in all HRC supporter’s families.

  17. OMG SUGAR, they are f**king insane!

    AA’s had the lowest unemployment rate EVER IN RECORDED HISTORY under Bill’s administration!!!

    There was the biggest investment in education than there had been for 30 years.

    There was the biggest drop in child poverty for three decades as well.

    They began HeadStart

    They expanded Pell grants and college help.

    There was the lowest crime rate in 25 years

    They gave health care to over 6 million children

    There was the highest home ownership rate IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF THIS COUNTRY, including the highest minority home ownership rate EVER RECORDED.

  18. I hope that Hillary will emerge a winner after Super Tuesday because the longer the race drags out, the more it favors BO…

  19. HillaryforTexas, it was scary to see just how desperate they’ve become. They know Hill has him against the ropes and they are A-N-G-R-Y.

  20. Sugar: I understand where you are coming from. I just need to stay away from my people for the next week. I had yet another argument with a friend today. He told me I was the first person he has heard call Obama “arrogant”. I was being nice. I could’ve said a lot worse.
    Obama THOUGHT he could win this with the support of black folks and some white Hillary-haters. Problem is, he didn’t look ahead far enough to realize that he should’ve been courting Latinos years ago. You can’t just come out of no where and go into a community expecting votes. He has done NOTHING for Latinos and Ted Kennedy isn’t going to help him a lot either.
    If it wasn’t for the media he would have little chance in this primary. I blame the media. They’ve played him up and I only hope that Hillary can prove all of these people wrong on Tuesday.
    I’m glad that Hillary has built bridges to a wide range of groups from women to Latinos, African Americans, and Asians. Obama’s race baiting might have gotten the blacks vote but he ain’t getting the Latino vote. Sorry Obama.

  21. Question: If, as expected, Hillary wins the majority of states, but by narrow margins in either votes & delegates, is it fitting to use the results as a metaphor for Obama’s campaign.
    Something along the lines of
    “A little bit short & not quite ready.”

    Just a thought…..

    Bill Mahrer’s Obama plug (missed the 1st part of what he said, but it was a clear sign of support): “It’s time America heard the words, it’s time for something different.”

  22. Bill Mahrer’s Obama plug (missed the 1st part of what he said, but it was a clear sign of support): “It’s time America heard the words, it’s time for something different.”

    WTF does that mean? Hillary is effing completely different, way more so than Obama. Where do these people get off?

  23. Sugar the thing that is scary is that they are not just angry, they are fanatics Obama supporters are tearing the Party apart. It would not surprise me the longer this race drags on, to see Obama supporters starting riots when confronted with Hillary supporters. We all use to shake our heads when the news showed other countries actually coming to blows over politics and if they are allowed to unchecked the same thing can happen here.

  24. WTF? I am so upset. I am sick of people acting like Hillary is not different. Really, what on earth does that mean?

  25. Great post admin! It is about the relationship and conversation with the Latino community that she has been having with the Latino community for years.

    You don’t build those relationships overnight. They know her and her record, and that counts. I also agree that the Latino community tends to not have a problem with women leaders, at all. 😀

  26. Bill Maher likes him now because the legalization of marijuana thing. He is a serious advocate of it, and when the obama story came out, he totally went berzerk, just imagine.

  27. HEHS, i agree. he is so behind on whites, women, latinos, union workers, single mothers, and poor females. this guy is getting his tuesday. im sorry i will not be here to celebrate with yoy hillfans tuesday nite.

  28. HighlyEducatedHillarySupporter I think that I’m going to have to ignore mine on Monday as well. I won’t talk to them this weekend, but Monday, they’ll come out swinging. I try not to even bother them anymore because we’ve all said where we stand, but they always want to “talk” and I just tear them up with facts. He is very arrogant.

    Blue Democrat, that slogan is HILARIOUS. I’ll save that for Wednesday morning.

    rjk1957, I’m with you. It really could come to blows as scary as that is. My best friend and I had another huge argument today about this election. She too, started the conversation on politics. I’ve been trying not to even talk about this to anyone but fellow supporters and any new people that I meet, but the line has been drawn in the sand between my family and friends.

  29. The problem with “something different” is that in this case you don’t know what that is. A toothache is “something different”, but who wants that. I am very concerned that the more I look into Obama, the less I find of substance. Can someone please tell me what’s the appeal? I can understand AAs wanting to vote for a black man for President, there is a visceral connection that is beyond rationality. But if you’re not drawn by his race, what else are the Obamazoids seeing?

  30. Hillary will sweep the Latino vote on Tuesday and he’ll be scratching his head looking foolish. NOw, the new excuse is, “They don’t know me, that’s why they may not vote for me…” WTF? So, why are you running for president Rube!? Further proof that he doesn’t need to be president.

  31. So, why are you running for president Rube!?

    ROFLMAO @ sugar.. I share your dislike to Obama.. he needs to get some experience.. after that he will make a fine president.. I would prefer a clear well defined yes/no democrat to an undefined “present” democrat..

  32. Great post on the Latino community, Admin. It is such an honor to have the support and endorsement of so many leaders and activists in the Latino community. For RFK Jr to make those ads is a real tribute to her and his dad and Ceasar Chavez. It’s always been apparent to me that RFK was something quite different from JFK and Teddy. RFK was his own person who cared about poverty, working people and other disenfranchised groups. He had tremendous sympathy and empathy and didn’t try to get people angry or exploit their feelings. I do see Hillary in this light. She’s spent her lifetime giving voice to people who suffer because of economic or ethnic disadvantage or both, and trying to find solutions to their problems.

    Some worry here about the reaction of Obama’s supporters to losses on super Tuesday. And there will be many such losses. I am troubled by the behavior of some who volunteer with him and he’s seemed totally irresponsible by encouraging disrespect for Senator Clinton and her team. I think that his anger and even use of hate speech helps some people to rally around him because he defines a common enemy for himself and his followers. He is so very divisive–along race, age, gender, and class lines. He’s acted demeaning and patronizing to Hillary. Yes he promotes the kinds of high emotions many of his young fans display. It worries me because of its hero/rock star/idol kind of persona. Disenfranchised people who come into that group will find a “home” or a community and will display, at times, a blind loyalty to him. The potential for trouble is real, though I don’t expect to see it.

  33. Sugar, LJ, mollyrichards, are any of you submitting a youtube question for Hill’s townhall? I’m looking forward to it.

  34. i would post the grossman endorsement on mydd but then all i would get is folks screaming aipac and hillary is too pro israel etc.. but i may change my mind

  35. pulchritude, I like the ad. It is not warm fuzzy, but gets the message across. Good to run that one in a market for a few days, then follow with a warm one. Stir economic concern, remind how bad and stupid Bush is, then comfort with the competent mama. 🙂

  36. wasabigirl,
    I’ll try to answer that in the context of the overall campaign, briefly and as I see it.
    Obama is in many ways an attractive candidate. In short, he has a nice way about him which people respond to.
    He has several things going for him, most notably the media, but he also has the netroots, which long ago (wrongly) assumed much of what was dispersed about the Clintons over the years, particularly the charge that they are DLC democrats, aka eisenhower republicans or repub light.
    He’s run a strong and innovative campaign. But perhaps most of all it has been Hillary’s decision not to run directly on the Clinton record but to try and do it on her own merits. You’ll notice she rarely mentions the Clinton years unless it is brought up first.
    The great irony is of course the Clinton years were entirely about change, at least pre-1994 and before the republican congress settled in. Obama has in fact incorporated numerous themes from that 92 campaign, none of which he has been called on.
    And then you come to the vast right wing conspiracy element on the airwaves and in print, where nearly every facet of the media has been deeply infiltrated. It is in large part why a good word about the Clintons is so hard to find. How else to explain one of the best records in American history, be it on jobs, income growth, lowering crime, moving 8 million from poverty (Edwards supporters, if any, take note) 100 times as many as in the preceeding 12 years, etc, etc. not resulting in an insurmountable lead for Hillary?
    Lastly – and this is a particularly cruel irony – but Obama has tapped into what Bill Clinton originated in 1992 and begged for every step of the way, which is essentially (a new covenant) a new partnership between the people and their government, ending the cynicism that had surrounded our politics for the 25+ years before, promoting unity (we’re all 99.9% the same, genetically), with sensible policy-making, and doing so in progressive ways that couldn’t be called liberal or conservative, because they were a combination of both. There’s more but I have trouble with this comments window where I cant see what I’m typing, so I’ll shut up.

  37. Obama is doing well because electing a woman president is the greatest challenge to the status quo in a generation, IMO. Obama is no BC. He’s getting by because there is a very strong resistance to a woman becoming President.

  38. I read that many Jews voted for Hillary in Florida and I’m sure she has their support in NYC as well. The people who will complain are the people voting against her because of her war vote anyway. I think an endorsement from Steve Grossman will help her. I have Jewish friends who are concerned about Obama’s lack of foreign policy experience and is unsure about where he stand on the issue of Israel. Some are deciding between Hillary and McCain so this is good.

  39. I should add Obama is not yet ready, neither in terms of life experience or with regard to experience as a public servant.
    That’s something else traceable to Bill Clinton, who was I believe 46 years old when elected, but already held in his head every single policy option there was known to man.
    And he of course was not only the 1st president of the TV age, but also one of the last of the retail politicking generation, and so his experience with people was enormous.
    Somehow people took the aberation of an exceptional young Clinton as an acceptable age for presidents, though I believe only JFK was younger when elected, and made it o.k. for Bush to be (considered and) elected, despite possessing few if any of the former’s attributes.
    And so now apparently every 40-something can throw his hat in the ring, though I find it hard to believe they have the depth of knowledge required. Fear not, I will stop talking now.

  40. Ah, Bill Clinton was the senior Governor in the US at the time. He started building his political brand from his first days in college and he was already immersed in national policy as head of the Governor’s association.

  41. At Huffington Post, Robert F. Kennedy Jr — a similar comparison.

    At Newsweek Stumper, a Wilentz compares Hillary to RFK Sr.
    I think Hillary is important because the election really is the culmination of what’s been a 40 year struggle for the Democrats to rediscover who they are. A 40-year struggle against what we’ll call Nixon-slash-Reaganism.
    If the argument we’re having today in the party is like the one we had in ’68 between the Kennedyites and the McCarthyites, [Hillary is] Bobby Kennedy.

    Wilentz at Huffington Post:

    Senator Hillary Clinton is a pragmatic idealist, in the tradition of Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and Robert F. Kennedy.

  42. Last thing before I forget;

    Hillary MUST rip Obama’s balls off about this Health Care mailer the Obama campaign sent out, which -and NO other conclusion can be drawn from the fucking thing – clearly plays on the Harry & Louise ads.
    Those ads were largely responsible for killing reform, and at the time the average family’s premium was something like $3,000-4,000 per year.
    Now it is over $10,000 per.

    Let Mr. New Politics explain that.


    Get realistic — elect Clinton president
    People all over Georgia are talking about whom to vote for Feb. 5 in the Georgia presidential primaries. More than once, I’ve heard friends and relatives say that they are going to vote for Barack Obama simply because he’s black. They’re black, he’s black — it only makes sense.

    Well, I’m black, too. But as I make up my mind in this election, it isn’t about the color of someone’s skin, but what they are going to do to help not just the black community, but all of Augusta, all of Georgia and the whole country.

    This election is more than just skin deep. It’s about more than symbolism. It’s about having a candidate who wins, gets to the White House, and is ready to go to work on day one. That’s why I’m for Hillary Clinton.

    She’s smart. She’s tough. She can win. And, most importantly, once she’s president, Hillary will keep her eyes on what we all need. Jobs that pay the bills. Health care that isn’t based on emergency-room visits. A plan that fights crime through prevention and intervention, not locking us up and throwing away the key.

    Hillary Clinton has spent her entire adult life working and sacrificing and fighting for other people — for the poor, for children, for individual freedom and for equality. She was, is and will be a champion for people who aren’t living a privileged life.

    Enough talk about symbolism. A symbolic president won’t help our businesses thrive, or you get a job. A symbolic president won’t help create a better life for my kids. I want a real president who will find real solutions for the very real problems we face. I want Hillary Clinton for president.

    Franklin Delano Williams, Augusta

  44. something im sure will press on the mind-

  45. texan4hillary: If Obama wins without those Florida and Michigan delegates counted I will be so mad. This is another big reason why I do not plan to vote for him. How the hell does he think he can disenfranchise voters then expect those people in Michigan and Florida to vote for him over a McCain in the general election? If that happens I hope the 800,000+ Hillary supporters do not vote for him. That is outrageous. I know he is going to try his hardest not to have those delegates seated because he’s fighting for every single delegate he can get. But there comes a time when a candidate needs to step back and see if this is the moral thing to do and if this can come back to haunt the Democrats in the general election.

    Thankfully, political experts in the article said the chances of going that far where they have to negotiate delegates is slim to nil. I have a feeling that if it did come to that the MI and FL votes will have to be counted. It’s the only fair thing to do.

  46. FL & MI will be the first order of business in Denver. The way that I understand it, there is a kind of rules committee that sets the agenda and makes a recommendation for the floor to vote on. If Hillary has a majority of delegates on this committee (and it looks very likely that she will) then the committee will vote to recommend that they are seated.

    If the convention rejects the committee’s recommendation (which depending on how the Super Delegates stand come convention time is also unlikely) then it goes back to committee and it becomes a situation where the convention could keep rejecting the recommendation of the committee or the committee could switch their recommendation.

    The interesting thing is that since the delegates are not actually selecting a candiate at that point, they are not locked in to voting a particular way. So if either candidate has “soft” support this vote could, in essence, end up being the deciding vote for the Nominee. These are the rules as set up by the DNC, there is no question of shenanigans, because, in essence, the Delegates not being seated is ALSO a result of the rules set by the DNC. People can whine all they want, but they can’t really make a case for only following the rules that favor their candidate and be taken at all seriously on the floor of the convention.

    What the media does with it, is pretty obvious and that COULD end up hurting our chances in November so it would be in the best interest of the DNC to resolve the question before we get to the convention. I just don’t see any scenerio where the DNC could get away with negating the votes of over a million voters in FL to say nothing of the Dems in MI who came out to vote.

    Insisting on caucuses to replace the primaries at a later date, I don’t think will wash with either the States or Hillary. Whether the DNC likes it or not, the voters voted…period. Adding caucuses will not address the problem of voter disenfrancisment, so I see that as a non-starter.

    My guess is that the DNC is holding off on seating those delegates until there are more primaries on the books so as not to allow FL & MI to give any momentum to Hillary going into the coming weeks. It should all be over by March 5? when Texas and Ohio come into play, though, so expect the issue to be resolved shortly after those primaries.

  47. About it being unfair to have to choose a Black OR a woman this time, I put up a long post but can’t find it. HIllary is 60, Obama is 46. He had planned to wait till 2012 or 2016 to run for Pres. Then he got some good publicity and decided to run this year because he might never have such a good publicity again! HE chose to make an either/or situation with Hillary instead of following his original plan.

    Voting for HIllary doesn’t mean someone is rejecting Obama, because he has plenty of time to run again. But she doesn’t. The only way to get both their service, is to give her a turn now.

    References at,1,3193322.story

  48. I still think Dean and the DNC are stacking the deck against Hillary and Precious is the Establishment candidate.

    The FL situation was spurred on by the GOP state legislature in an effort to foment hostilities in our party. Dean and his cronies have been so short-sighted in bowing to IA, et al. that they will cost us the GE if they d not fix this fast. And I’m not saying that bc Hillary won those states but because it is the truth. Three elections with electoral shenanigans will kill our country’s faith in the election system and kill the two party system altogether.

  49. congressman gene green from my hometown houston is backing hillary today! why no press release to trump this from the campaign? he is a role model. his big issue is pushing for ss disability reforms and ending the 2 yrs wait bw getting ssdi and medicare. he was for richardson, now for hillary. he will help us in tx for sure . he has been around for a decade in congress-

  50. Among Latinos, pictures of JFK and RFK are the most powerful images in their homes (along with the crucifix and picture of Pope John Paul. (My 85 year old mother also keeps a photo of the San Antonio SPurs…)

    The ad capturing RFK is so especially moving, especially seated next to Cesar Chavez.

    Sorry Teddy–you were the last brother and don’t know shit about Latinos. We hang photos of JFK and RFK–and Bill Cinton. The only thing we remember about you is that left your secretary to drown after screwing her–that you gained 100 pounds–and became the worst drunk in the Senate.

  51. Um I just got off work and the first thing I saw on the net is that Fat Oprah will be campaigning for Obama on Sunday?Is that true?I am seriously about to puke.
    Somebody wake me when this Night mare is over.I am sure that the media will air the whole Oprah speech.And I am so sickened how Bill Maher is not endorsing Obama.I swear Madonna should have publically endorsed Hillary now but took back her endorsement because she did not want to hurt Hillary’s chances

  52. BlueDemocrat: I agree.

    These are Republican ads, they attack the idea of universal health care, and univeral health care is a core value of the Democratic Party as she said in the debate.

    Therefore, I fully expect that Hillary will go after Barry on these ads. This is so obvious that you almost wonder whether he is attempting in his own clumsy way to set a trap, or merely defend
    his own failure to cover 15 millon citizens.

  53. Well thank gawd Oprah will be campaigning for that pig Obama on Sunday when nobody will be paying much attention.A toast to Oprah for that.And Monday people will be talking bout the superbowl also so its no worries at all.Than we are onto super tuesday

  54. 1959democrat at 2:17: three excellent posts especially the second one from Newsweek, dealing with Princeton Professor Sean Wilenz.

    Professor Wilenz makes an elegant, sustained argument in favor of Hillary. He claims the Democratic Party has been struggling for 40 yrs. to find a credible substantive response to Nixon Reagan policies, and that Hillary (as opposed to Obama) is response which is needed, the one the country has been waiting for, etc.

    The Newsweek article is particularly useful for Hillary supporters because it not only advances a powerful rationale for her candidacy, but also demolishes and the arguments opponents routinely marshall against us when we advance the merits of her candidacy.

    Great posting. Highly recommend.

  55. Get everyone out to vote for Hillary. Don’t forget the Asian voters too.
    They are out there and proud to support Hillary.

    We need Hillary to win.
    She’s the real change!

  56. One of the persistent falsehood circulating is that Hillary will do anything to win the race.

    It seems it is alright for men to go all out to pursue their dreams while women are deemed as b*tchy and unscrupulous if they conduct themselves in the very same manner.
    I think that’s not only sexist but completely unfair.
    I want Hillary to win and I want it so bad.
    The latest FOX poll shows Hillary as the candidate most prepared to begin leading the country on “day one.”
    I know, I know, I shouldn’t be reading all that trash, but you know what they say “Keep your enemies closer.”

  57. Looks like BO has to split time with Joran Van der sloot. I am sure MSNBC, Fox and to some extent CNN would be quite busy. I hope this preempts time for Oprah.

  58. I usually log on here to participate, to read the good news, to get answers to my questions, and more. It’s usually a very cheering esperience. Yesterday afternoon, I unwisely, logged on to find solace after hearing a pollster giving some bad news about our chances on Tuesday. The mood was such that people did not want to even hear my question. I couldn’t blame them because I felt the same way. I thank everyone for their patience.

    This morning, I’ve been more successful in finding answers on the web. While I can’t point to one specific thing to raise my spirits, in general I found the glass is half full instead of half empty.

    We’re going to win on Tuesday. The margin may be narrower than I would hope for, but a win is a win. While it’s true we are in a bigger fight than I had hoped, we are still fighting. I don’t hear any fat lady singing, but when she does she will sing a victory song for Hillary.

  59. Sheesh, I’ve forgotten where I saw this. Perhaps even Kos Himself? Something about Obama mis-playing the Hollywood debate. Something like, ‘Because Hillary is leading in all races, she’s in the winner’s position of just needing to look pleasant and not rock the boat. Obama is in the challenger position so he needed to rock it to try to make some people dislike her, but he didn’t do that, so she’s still sailing along fine.’

    Btw, does Hillary deliberately hide a good joke by pumping it full of bland cliches? On the question about “bush clinton bush clinton” before she got around to hitting it out of the ballpark (yay!), she went on and on about each person being judged on their own merits, which boils down to “This is America — where anyone can be president, even someone named Clinton.”

  60. well media is definitely spoon feeding momentum to Obama…Tuesday will tell a lot.

    I’ve got faith, but I will be realistic that we still need a campaign ready to push past 2/5 and some key endorsers might be held till 2/6 and beyond. Bill says don’t look past your current election but I think they need to be readying for a BIG push into March.

    I think TeamHillary is holding some cards to the vest…

  61. What Hillary should do is do some negative ads on Sunday one dealing with the nuclear bomb button and with Obama pushing on it and saying ooops i hit the wrong button….Better yet have Britney spears “Ooops I did it again ” track playing in the ad

  62. dot48, I feel the same way. I think that the Hillary campaign resources are now being focused on post Feb. 5. How things go after that date depends on the outcome of Tuesday. Hillary’s major states are in March…Obama has ones in his favor on Feb. 9 I wish there wasn’t such a long wait for those bigger states but despite conventional wisdom Hillary could do better than expected in some of the other February states.

  63. Hate to be bringing less than steller news but MSNBC is reporting that the California SEIU, 600,000 strong, just voted to endorse Barack Obama

    I don’t know if this would impact Tuesdays race however..

  64. Good Mornning.

    I have not read all the postings so this might have already been said…. Hilliary will be in NM tonight (that was a last minute add).

  65. Good morning my friends! I had a great night’s sleep, woke up, and logged in here. Great post admin on Hillary’s latino support. This is consistent with what I am hearing from friends in California. A friend of mine, passionate Obama supporter, described California is CLINTON COUNTRY to me.

    I feel great this morning about Hillary for Feb 5 (isn’t there a song titled ‘I feel good’)

  66. Jas, interesting news on New Mexico…hmmmm, why go there at the last minute……..I will be gone all day today and won’t be home until midnight (wedding to attend). I look forward to reading everyones updates on what happens today…could be a great day for Hill!

  67. wth is bambi promising these union leaders….how much silver changing hands here folks;

    there goes edwards I do beleive

  68. AmericanGal: Let’s hope she is nailing down the endorsment from BR. Bill is going there tomorrow to watch the superbowl with BR, Maybe we can the news cycle for Monday Tuesday and Wednesday!!!

  69. clintondem99: I feel real good about this….let’ jhope and stay positive. I am swearing off all MSM till Tuesday night. Like I said yesterday … it was the best thing I have done !!

  70. JAS, the focus in the BM shifts to the Super Bowl from now until Monday. No one watches the cable shows except the highly informed who are probably also already decided.

  71. I would love to know how much BO sepent in January??? does he have to make that public now, or waite till the end of Q1??

  72. thanks to 1950Democrat for his fine post about RFK on FDR
    and about Sean Wilentz’s excellent interview

    thanks also to NYCMax re: MI and FL

    I would add that I called the DC offices in MI;
    they are confident their delegates will eventually get seated.
    The DC in FL emailed me with the same confidence.
    One of the arcane rules involves Nancy Pelosi as Chairperson
    for the Convention. Surely, Pelosi will stand up for MI and FL.

    Dean puzzles me and angers me.
    Hillary could have used victories in MI and FL for momentum.
    Dean and the others were dumb enough to take the bait.
    A. They didn’t move up the primary that was done by smart Ripublicans who control the House and Senate and Governor’s house. They knew it would screw with the election.
    B. Dean et ala should have let the delegates in FL stand anyway
    instead of losing not only the delegates, not only the Hillary momentum,
    but depriving FL of seeing Hillary campaign across the state looking forward to November.

  73. dot said: well media is definitely spoon feeding momentum to Obama

    I know you don’t believe us dot, but really Big Media is lying, they have been lying to the American public, well, since the Republicans took over the congress in 1994, but Americans didn’t catch on. They are not spoon feeding momentum, they are brainwashing people who watch them. Their targets aren’t the people who already believe them, it’s people who can’t beleive that the media would do that to them.

    The polling firms are part of “the media” now, or at least some are, the ones who aren’t are of no value to counter because of huge margins of error. Take the jump in CT, it’s just not credible to report that Obama had a 20 point jump with white voters as a result of winning a state he was expected to win, or Teddy Kennedy or both, but now you see other pollsters adjusting their models becuase of the one outlier and not wanting to be wrong. It is literally a frenzy and watching it will sear your brain (I’m not exaggerating, literally hearing the same thing over and over and over programs your brain to believe that what your lying eyes are telling you ain’t so).

    Big media has nothing to offer supporters of Hillary.

  74. Here’s something for you…I just got a call from the Obama campaign. This is the first time I’ve gotten a political call. When I told them pleasantly, but adamently “sorry, I am a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter and won’t vote for Obama” the caller (a woman) laughted at me! Wow, way to win over voters….sheesh…

  75. That article from the NY Times sucks. Did they talk to any Hillary supporters? They have tons of quotes from Obama supporters.

  76. mj, is that the article I posted…I didn’t read it completely through. If so , I need to do that in the future as the MSM is evidently hell bent on getting their spin in wherever they can. Sorry about that..

  77. NYCMax: Big media has nothing to offer supporters of Hillary.

    Comment of the day, if not the year thus far!

  78. An answer to the “war vote” that makes sense. Some of the details may need to be corrected or broadened, but this is one that becomes a positive instead of a negative:

    “George Bush has misused many well-intended votes by Democrats and others. FISA is one example. I, along with many other Democrats voted yes on that Iraq resolution with the very best of intentions. George Bush ignored us and did what he wanted to do instead. I refuse to be blamed for his misuse of any of those bills. Don’t try to saddle me with his mistakes.”

    That can be written much better, but it’s a lot better than what she has been saying. It’s also true.

  79. jonnyB,

    I don’t trust Dean any further than Rezko! I think Dean may be holding the FL and MI delegates in his own pocket to see if he can gain something in a brokered convention. If Hill or BHO gets 2,025 before the convention, he’ll seat the delegates and deny any thoughts of holding them. Sounds like Chicago politics to me!

  80. JonnyB, I am not sure about Pelosi standing up for MI and FL. She is a tacit BO supporter. I wouldn’t trust her at all.

  81. Big Media has been bashing Democrats all the way back to Jimmy Carter.

    They treated Ronnie like some kind of king-god.

  82. I worked for 2 decades in inner city school with half AA and half Hispanic populations. Not only did the kids hate each other, their parents did, too. AA’s resented Latinas encroaching on their ‘entitlement’ territory and are reeling from the high Hispanic birth. Every year the number of Latinos enrolled in Kdg rises while that of AA’s drops. There is a deep distrust and hostility between the two groups. They’re both trying to grab slices of a shrinking pie and the AA are PO’.d
    about it.
    BTW – anyone catch the BO sound bite where he says he’s more electable ‘coz ALL of HRC’s supporters would support him while none of his would support hers. Another nasty INSULT?????

  83. NYCMax, I also agree with your statement: “Big media has nothing to offer supporters of Hillary.

    Big media is a surrogate for Obama.

  84. MJS, the IL polls are definitely moving in the right direction. With a bit more time we might overtake him. That would be a great help to Hillary. I wish the Rezko thing would at least get traction in that state.

  85. Can someone show me this Illinois poll that has HRC polling in the 40’s. All the Illinois polls I have seen has her polling way lower than that.

  86. from the anglachel link above:

    Illinois – 185 delegates. Very interesting phenomenon here. Obama is steady at @ 50% and HRC has zoomed up to 40 since Florida. I dont’ see him losing, but she obviously has strength here. She was born in Illinois, after all, and has some strong partisans there.

  87. Sherm, that’s actually very close to what she’s been saying. The challenge for her is that she also needs to convince hawks to vote for her not only in the GE but also in the Primary. 80% or some other ridiculously high percentage of people were in favor of the war. These are reasonable people who showed hawkish tendancies, sure they want out now, but that’s because the other side has created a situation where there is no reasonable end in sight.

    No matter how hawkish we are as a nation, we don’t want perpetual war. I truly believe that Americans will not elect a dove into the White House. I think that Barry has painted himself into a losing argument, but there are people out there who have to be convinced that when they pull the lever for Hillary, they are pulling the lever for someone who will be strong on Foreign Policy and protecting American interests. Hillary has really showed her Foreign Policy credentials whenever the Iraq issue has been discussed. People who understand Foreign Policy understand Hillary’s Kyl/Lieberman vote, even Barry understands Hillary’s K/L vote that’s why he ducked out of it, he thinks that he’ll be add the hawks in the GE to the stupid doves he’s duped in the primaries, but he’s wrong on that.

  88. maybe Hillary has some real intense gotv effort in illinois right now…let us hope. My brother in Indiana says obama not really been good for Illinois

  89. Looks like even more nastiness from the Obama campaign…I won’t even repeat the lies here, but here is the most interesting nugget…

    McPeak later retracted his remarks, and the Obama campaign said McPeak’s words “crossed the line” and that Obama “strongly disagrees with these comments and apologizes on behalf of the campaign.”

  90. well whatever they were Hillary campaign needs to get right on tv just like they did about shaheen remarks…..smear the whole damn campaign….turn it on them….whatever it is

  91. Basil9 said:
    BTW – anyone catch the BO sound bite where he says he’s more electable ‘coz ALL of HRC’s supporters would support him while none of his would support hers. Another nasty INSULT?????

    I heard that at least twice. I believe that our campaign should frame that into a contrast Ad. After hearing that I would never vote for him. He is very divisive.

  92. Remember, plural, for Democrats, delegates are given proportionally according to districts. Hillary may win many districts in IL where people are informed about Rezko and or his “present” votes and or his 6 [hard to believe it’s true] “accidental” votes.

    In NY, for example, even though delegates are proportional, obamaoids shouldn’t hold out much hope because when Hillary won the senate for a second time, she only lost in 2 counties. She will win NY from all four points of the compass.

    In CA, Hillary’s smallest lead is in the Bay area but she leads all over the state: north and south and in LA. Even with proportional delegation, Hillary will come out strong in CA.

    In NJ and MA, fahgetaboutit, Hillary will win big.

  93. clintondem99,

    I wouldn’t even vote (for anyone) if Obama were to get the ticket. I think alot of Hillary fans feel this way (or will vote republican), he is deluding himself if he thinks otherwise.

  94. i feel the same way, kaffeen,
    i would continue to support Emily’s List though
    as I have for years
    we need the Senate in particular

  95. I just cant imagine BO as leader of the free world. I’m heavily biased of course but I just find the image of him hosting complex middle eastern summits, standing with other world leaders, negotiating complex treaties just so incongruous. Considering he was a state senator just 3 years ago. As Larry Johnson said, he is even more unqualified than Dubya was.

    By the way, the LA times praised his “foreign relations experience”. Not bad for a guy who has never convened a meeting of the one senate foreign affairs committee that he chairs.


    Save a link to this article and return to it at http://www.savethis.comSave a link to this article and return to it at Email a link to this articleEmail a link to this article Printer-friendly version of this articlePrinter-friendly version of this article View a list of the most popular articles on our siteView a list of the most popular articles on our site

    By Jose Luis Jimenez

    3:58 p.m. February 1, 2008

    SAN DIEGO – Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, accompanied by state legislators and the mayor of Los Angeles, visited San Diego Friday afternoon for the second time in three weeks in her quest for the Democratic presidential nomination.

    Associated Press
    Democratic hopeful Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton speaks Friday during a rally at Cox Arena on the SDSU campus.
    Unlike her previous visit, an intimate affair at the Bonita home of a supporter, the New York senator held a large town hall meeting on the San Diego State University campus. Delegate-rich California holds its primary next week on Super Tuesday, when voters from nearly two dozen states will participate in primaries and caucuses.

    The New York senator took the stage at Cox Arena just before 2:30 p.m., an hour later than scheduled, to a raucous greeting, and spoke for an hour outlining her goals if elected.

    * Obama faults Clinton’s explanation of Iraq war vote as he gets anti-war group’s endorsement
    * Obama uses McCain’s lead in GOP primary as argument for his own candidacy
    * He’s for him, she’s for her: Clinton-Obama race divides some couples along gender lines
    * Super Tuesday quirks add color and delays to quest for delegates

    Cognizant of her audience, she focused on many issues important to the college students that mostly filled the crowd: student loans, education reform and the environment. She did not take questions.

    “We can’t just think about the next election,” Clinton said. “We must think about the next generation.”

    Specifically, she proposed a $3,500 tax credit for each child enrolled in college. She also called for creation of a public service academy, similar to one of the military academies, to train a new generation of public servants. Both ideas received big cheers.

    “I want you to help us design what should be an education system for the 21st century,” she said.

    Clinton is locked in a tight race with Barack Obama for the party’s presidential nomination. She debated the Illinois senator Thursday night in Los Angeles, then headed south to the rally. Other issues discussed ranged from the war in Iraq to the ailing economy to universal health care.

    “It’s a moral right for people to have quality, affordable health care,” Clinton said. “That’s why I put forward a plan to cover everyone. I would not know who to leave out.”

    On Friday morning, thousands of students waited patiently in a line that snaked across the campus to undergo security screening before being allowed into the arena. A large black curtain divided the arena in half; it normally seats around 12,000. People began lining up about 6 a.m., said SDSU spokesman Tom Hanscom. Crews worked all night pulling up the floor and setting up the stage after a basketball game, which was held in the arena Thursday night, he said.

    While waiting for Clinton, the crowd warmed up by doing the “wave” and listening to three women who serve in the California Assembly and support the senator: state Sens. Denise Moreno Ducheny and Christine Kehoe, and Assemblywoman Mary Salas.

    Shortly before Clinton took the stage, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, state Controller John Chiang, and state Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, who was born and raised in San Diego, rallied the crowd. She was introduced by SDSU President Stephen L. Weber.

    Afterward, Clinton planned to head to San Jose for a rally, followed by a “low-dollar” fundraiser Friday night in San Francisco.

    Jose Jimenez: (760) 737-7568;

    179 total comments

    * Page 12 of 12
    * first

  97. Let’s not forget that his Harvard pals and connections are making alot of the media hype and misrepresentation possible. There is a network there that is very powerful in the media and they are misleading the public because of his “fraternity” with them.

  98. I live in Illinois. There is certainly a lot of support for Hillary here in the suburbs, in downstate and among the latinos.

  99. kaffeen, yesterday I saw Hillary volunteers out and about handing out Hilalry stickers and asking people to vote. She has a strong and silent support. I have women acquaintances who are excited by her historic candidacy. The jewish vote in the north shore suburbs will favor her. I don’t think she will win here but will do better than people are expecting. My sense is that her debate performance immensely helped her. As for Iraq, people are debating the initial vote they are more focused on getting out. More importantly, people are worried about the economy. That is the number one issue for people here.

  100. clintondem;

    After hearing the same comment 3 times I switched off CNN and put on Elgar.

    Great idea for an ad. It is insulting to HRC and her supporters that BO would not encourage his group to vote for her.
    Just like in Florida (the beauty contest; It’s a tie; HRC -0, Obama -0 )
    voters turned out in huge numbers after listening to the media garbage. Such an ad could be played nationally, maybe include some of the SC and Nev politricks he pulled.

  101. basil9, good choice. Did you know NBC is actually National Barack Corporation or as it used to be called in the Clinton White House Nail Bill Clinton network?

  102. kaffeen,

    The only way I’d vote for BHO is if he were Hill’s VP. I’d hold my nose, but if it made her 44, I’d do it.

  103. NYCMax, I don’t think that’s quite what she has been saying. And I agree about the importance of foreign policy in the GE. His attack has been on her judgment. I would like to ask him,

    Senator Obama, you’ve questioned the judgment of Hillary Clinton. When you voted present on some key bills in the Illinois legislature, what that good judgment? When you pressed the wrong voting button several times in that legislature, what that good judgment? When you associated with Antoin Rezko for nearly 20 years, was that good judgment? When you let Mr. Rezko help buy you a house, when you knew he was under federal investigation, was that good judgment? What right to you have to question her judgment when yours pales in comparison?

  104. DENVER POST endorses Hillary (you might have seen this, but I am posting this again)

    Democratic nominee: Clinton is better prepared

    By The Denver Post
    Article Last Updated: 02/01/2008 11:08:37 AM MST

    Post Endorsements
    Feb 1:

    When Democrats gather in Denver in August to nominate their candidate for president of the United States, they will make history by nominating someone other than a white male for the nation’s highest office.

    Whether the oldest political party (with roots dating back to Thomas Jefferson) chooses the first African-American or the first woman to bear its standard, it will send a powerful message that the promise of “liberty and justice for all” truly does mean all Americans.

    But as important as that symbolism is, Democrats have an even greater responsibility: to pick the most qualified candidate to lead America at a time when it faces great challenges at home and abroad.

    Measured by her long record in public life and her thoughtful proposals to deal with America’s most pressing problems, The Post believes that candidate is New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    We chose Clinton despite our high regard for Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, whose eloquence and vision lured young voters and independents into Democratic contests in record numbers in Iowa and South Carolina. Clinton has similarly shown a powerful appeal to women and Latinos in New Hampshire, Nevada and Florida.

    The difference between the two candidates is that Obama’s eloquence is not matched by his achievements in the mere three years he has spent in the U.S. Senate. In contrast, Clinton’s long record in public life shows her well prepared to deal with two of America’s greatest challenges: ending the war in Iraq and solving our health insurance crisis.

    The two Democratic candidates share some commonalities. Both seek to end the war in Iraq, recast the American economy to better serve poor and middle-class citizens, begin dealing with climate change, rein in the runaway budget deficits of the Bush administration and restore America’s standing in the world. But while they share a common vision of America’s future, Clinton is more likely to forge that vision into real progress.

    America must seek a swift end to the war in Iraq. But our precipitous withdrawal in 1975 from an unpopular war in Vietnam led to executions and mass imprisonments of Vietnamese who had fought on our side of the war and a desperate exodus of refugee “boat people.” We must end this war honorably, without betraying the brave Iraqi voters who proudly waved their ink-stained fingers to show their faith in America’s promises to the tender mercies of al-Qaeda torturers.

    Clinton is well prepared to oversee a careful disengagement from Iraq and to serve as the military and diplomatic leader of the free world. She served with distinction on the Senate Armed Services Committee, where she mastered the intricate details of national and international security. Obama has no comparable experience on military or diplomatic issues.

    If Iraq is America’s most pressing foreign issue, health care is our most serious domestic problem. Clinton led the ill-starred 1993 fight for health care reform. She learned from her past mistakes and was a key architect of the successful Children’s Health Insurance Program. Now, Clinton’s plan for universal health insurance is far more comprehensive than the hit-and-miss proposal put forward by Obama.

    Clinton’s health insurance plan was inspired by the one pioneered in Massachusetts by former Gov. Mitt Romney — whose success in that effort is one reason The Post has endorsed him for the Republican presidential nomination.

    Obama has criticized Clinton’s health care plan because it requires citizens to buy coverage while subsidizing low-income workers. But Obama’s voluntary plan simply won’t work, any more than a voluntary Social Security plan could work. By allowing seemingly healthy people to avoid buying insurance, Obama would simply saddle the taxpayers with the costs of their care if and when they are stricken by such catastrophic illnesses as cancer.

    We genuinely admire both these candidates and confess we’d like to see them team up in Denver in a Clinton/Obama ticket. Marrying Hillary Clinton’s proven record of performance with Barack Obama’s uplifting vision would truly make history for the Democratic Party — and possibly for America as a whole.

  105. Morning folks. I’m just now getting out of bed (didn’t sleep well last night either, hell I may not make it to Superbowl Tuesday). Anyone seen any polls or have any good news this morning? I could use some.

  106. If by some way Obama manages to win the nomination I will not be supporting him. His race baiting, lies and twisting of words have left me unable to cast a vote for him. I don’t believe that he has the experience necessary to run this country and I don’t respect the way that he has run his campaign. I find him arrogant and just don’t like his attitude overall. His campaign is all based on media hype and I don’t respect that at all. But fortunately I wont have to think about this much longer because Hillary will pull it off despite all odds and become our nominee and the next President of the United States 🙂

  107. Idunn, good morning. We are all up and happy and chipper and are here to welcome you. Denver Post endorsed Hillary. Read the endorsement above. DailyKooks head kook says Hillary won the debate (did I hear that right?).

  108. According to Obama’s state Senate colleagues, Planned Parenthood never coordinated a strategy of casting “present” votes with members of the Illinois General Assembly on antichoice legislation. I quote:

    Shortly after Obama’s presidential bid was announced a year ago, state Sen. Debbie Halvorson (D-Crete) said her “present” votes were “an easy way of voting” because casting a “no” vote would be “so harsh [since] nobody’s for killing babies.”

    “I don’t recall any kind of strategy,” said Halvorson, now seeking the Democratic nomination for Congress. Planned Parenthood “may have said it was OK to vote ‘present,’ but no one on that list [of those voting present] needed cover.”,1,4724626.story?ctrack=4&cset=true

  109. Anyone from Minnesota here? Hillary will be there Sunday.


    Hillary Rodham Clinton will hold a rally at 4 p.m. in the Melby Gymnasium at Augsburg College in Minneapolis. Doors open at 3 p.m. For more information, go to after 9 a.m. today.

  110. Comment on Taylor Marsh that cracked me up!

    In unrelated news, a few trucks with Obama signs have been going ’round the neighborhood, blasting “Come to Jesus, Latinos!” music. Yes, Latinos will come if you play mariachi, Obama.

    What a stupid troll.

    Grey | 02.02.2008 – 10:59 am

  111. basil9 Says:
    February 2nd, 2008 at 10:57 am

    Enigma Variations?….

    Just a suggestion;

    Introduce yourselves to your FAMILIES today, and do something that is 180 degrees away from politics, unless of course you are working with the campaign, in which case, DON’T SLACK OFF! (lol)

    Seriously, plan or go to a Super Bowl party, an anti-Super Bowl party, A
    A TUPPERWARE party (Do they still HAVE Tupperware parties) if you must, but some of us here seem like we are on that ledge and should be wearing blood-pressure cuffs and holter monitors for the next 72 hours.
    Plan a VICTORY party for Tuesday. Pick out your victory wardrobe or lounging clothes, snacks (What does Hillary like to snack on?) and of course, your victory beverage of choice.

    Instead of fretting and grinding teeth, let’s compare notes on our celebration plans and do our own, albeit much less technologically fancy
    version of Hillary’s Monday-night town hall as a net version of Cheers, where everybody knows your SCREEN NAME on Tuesday night.

    Post your own testimonial to Hillary, or why or when you decided to support her, and what her candidacy means to you PERSONALLY.
    We have a great group here with a lot of positive energy. Let’s try to use that energy in a positive way.

  112. OK, I am no fan of Rasmussen and have previously said that we should not take his polls seriously. But wtf, I am going to be shameless because we all need some good news. Shameless because from now on, I shall tout Rasmussen numbers only if they are favorable to Clinton and promise not to take him seriously if they are otherwise.

    Hill trending up in national poll. Good solid leads in TN and MO. and contrary to earlier posts up thread, write off IL, as we always expected to.

  113. OMG! Come to JESUS?! Are they trying to suggest that….ummm….wow. Someone sure does think he’s special, huh?

  114. DT, I’m not suprised to see an upward trend. I think the debate really had an impact. It was a brilliant performance that people could judge in real time, with out media spin. Many many people made up there minds after that debate. I really believe that.

  115. HillaryforTexas .. ROFLMAO @ come to jesus part.. for some reason that John Stewart episode is stuck in my mind forever since NH primary. Oh btw did I say John Stewart loves Hillary :).. did anybody watch snoopie on LKL yesterday?

  116. Are you guys getting this poll info from real clear politics? Or somewhere else? If it’s from some place other than RCP, can someone post a link?

  117. I’m always amazed at how scrupulous the posters in this site are about polls. In other sites that I visit, Obamabots regularly cherry-pick the polls that they would believe. The attitude here is different and consistent…polls don’t mean much.

    I think that this is the major difference between Obamabots and Hillary supporters…intellectual honesty.

  118. Good title for what’s happening in the elections, no? But it’s the concerto in G minor. I moved about 6 months ago and only now am i unpacking my CD’s. Just in time to save me from becoming an obsessive anti-Obaminite. *g*

    I agree with others who have decided not to listen to anymore cable news shows until after ST.

  119. Well, I don’t think it was literally about Jesus, but I guess they thought they could drive through the barrio blasting the right music, and the mindless Latinos would just fall under a pied piper spell and salsa all the way to the polls for him or something.

    Obama truly is living la vida LOCA if he thinks that. 😀

  120. Pulchritude,

    Just one poll, but the numbers are trending up on that one. I suspect the “positive” campaign change, obvious media bias (which I do think hurts Obama among certain groups), and the fact that Hillary scored more points in the debate and looked like a President (instead of a Pretender).

  121. Idunn says:

    “DT, I’m not suprised to see an upward trend. I think the debate really had an impact. It was a brilliant performance that people could judge in real time, with out media spin. Many many people made up there minds after that debate. I really believe that.”

    I agree completely. I think that the debate really helped her make her case. She was likable and she had mastery of the policy issues. Those who watched the debate saw a caring, confident and competent president.

  122. I hardly ever goto DailyKooks website. But, someone mentioned earlier that the HeadKook thought Obama lost the debate. I happened to see the diary heading touting the latest endorsement of some random people for Obama.

    It goes like this:

    BREAKING NEWS: The former wife of Teddy Roosevelt’s barber’s great-grandson’s friend ENDORSES OBAMA! WooHooo!

  123. pulchritude, we all felt that the debate was great for Hillary. Not surprising that the numbers are beginning to reflect that. They will continue to rise over the next few days.

  124. oh btw dont give that sucker ras any credibility.. he is a rethug hack.. his daily poll is the biggest piece of nonsense I have ever seen..

    by his polls, its not Hillary trending up.. its Obama trending up. so he will make up whatever numbers he wants to show obama winning.. even if he shows Hillary trending up.. I wont believe him..

    him and zogby have been sooo discredited that it is not even close..

    anybody knows bill’s schedule? I mean I know they have put up Hillary’s but couldnt track bill’s schedule.. so if anyone has it can they post.. I want one of them to go to these 5 smalller states even if it is just for one hour :)..

  125. The debates always help Hillary. She seems to get a bounce every time there is a debate. She is a very strong debater. That and the Hallmark Town Hall on Monday should give her good MO heading into super tuesday.

  126. I’m glad you asked that, Glad. I can’t find the link to schedules over on the offical site, and I was going to ask if anyone knew where folks were this morning.

  127. Idunn, LOL, Of course I am kidding (but those are the kind of endorsements they are highlighting on their website).

  128. TeamClinton08,

    I think that the Town Hall meetings will do less to change minds than generate energy to get out the vote for Hillary. Really, that is a masterful tactic. The night before, energize your voter base. Let’s kick some Obama @ss!

  129. Pulch, I’m sure it is a combination of many things. I do think that two things are going to make Hillary the next President of the United States…..1) Experience 2) Economy…..she is strongest in both of those and I think most people see that.

  130. Yes Kaffeen, the TownHall meeting is brilliant! Not only will it energize her voters it will also get media attention that will give her good MO for Tuesday.

  131. It’s a sad commentary on the things OB gets away with that I actually thought maybe Teddy’s barber DID endorse OB. I’m likely to believe anything at this point. LOL!

  132. I beleive the debate helped, I think the Iraq war vote is not as big of an issue as BO would like to make it out ( we have beat that dead issue). The American people want to know about the economy ahd health care, two very stong topics for HRC.

  133. There is a nice article on Rasmussen reports that gives a graphical representation of Super Tuesday:

  134. TC08, Kaffeen, Debates always help Hillary because she is able to talk directly to the American people without the biased media filter. Americans see a brilliant, charming, warm, funny, progressive woman who looks and acts like a grown-up. She looks presidential and easily outshines Obama on who is ready to be president on day 1.

  135. The National Townhall must have really freaked Bambi’s camp out. Thus, they try to counter with The Dead reunion show in Frisco on the same day. I think they are countring on that getting alot of national press, but I don’t see it. ALSO, that could really backfire for him with older, christian folks. They see a guy who smoked weed and did coke when he was in HS, and The Grateful Dead and Deadheads love him?? Kiss of death for those voters.

    (and I say that as a Deadhead)

  136. … and the American people find out that she is nothing like the image the media has painted of her and that she is very likeable.

  137. Oh btw did I say John Stewart loves Hillary :)..

    Guess you didn’t watch him Wednesday (Noonan) or Thursday (Tumilty).

    I give up…If you want to keep living and dying with every stupid poll, I suggest you check the intrade market and the

    At this point, betting odds are a far better indicator of what’s going on than polls, and are almost ALWAYS more accurate. So, if you STILL want to drive yourselves crazy, you can at least check on the current Super Bowl odds while you try to figure out, “the spread”, for Super Tuesday…

    I am taking my own advice and a break from this joint for a day or so…see you all Monday…:)

  138. Idunn, how fitting is it that a Chicago pol is having a Dead Reunion show? After all, the dead have been voting for him for years!

  139. JAS….OB’s stand on the Iraq war is a big deal for kids wanting to relive the 60’s. They want desperately to have something to stand for. For MOST people, it doesn’t matter how we got into this Iraq mess and who did or didn’t vote for it….they just want to elect someone who will get us the hell out.

  140. You can make the difference for Hillary

    We’re on the verge of doing something amazing. We’re racing toward the biggest day of this remarkable contest for the Democratic nomination, and if we succeed, we’ll have made history. Over the past week, we have asked much of you, and you have delivered every time — thank you.

    Now we’re facing the final countdown to February 5, and believe me, the final three days before Tuesday are filled with energy and activity. Right now, our offices across the country from New York to Georgia to California are packed with volunteers on the phones. We are in close contact with our state directors, making the final decisions about resources and strategies for our last push.

    Our job now is to make sure our staff and volunteers in the 22 states voting on Tuesday have everything they need to win. We’re pulling out all the stops and leaving nothing to chance. Will you help us during this critical final weekend?

    Contribute now to help us win on Tuesday!

    The task we face is enormous, and the race could not be closer. I know that every decision we make, no matter how small it may seem, could make the critical difference in this campaign.

    The same is true for your decision right now to help our campaign. Whatever you can give right now can affect the results on Tuesday. Every dollar that you give online is going to go right back out to help our campaign in the 22 states voting Tuesday.

    Contribute today and help Hillary make history.

    Your efforts are driving our campaign toward victory, and I can’t thank you enough.

  141. By the by, the Rasmussen numbers that showed her ahead by 8 points (which is based on a 4 day moving average, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) are now closer to the Fox News poll which was taken on Wednesday and Thursday which showed her ahead by 10 points.

  142. Well, get this guys. I’ve been a member of Deadnetcentral for 8 years. I’ve been so busy working to get Hillary elected that I haven’t had time to post over there in months. When this stuff about the Dead show came to my attention, I went over there to see how everyone felt about it. They were jazzed…I was shocked at how many over there were voting for OB. So I posted some links about Rezko and Auchi. It was the first my friends over there had ever heard of it!!!!! And they were aghast!

    WTF??!! When is MSM going to do their job??!!

  143. TPS, yes, I saw that Fox poll. What is also interesting is that if Obama is so very electable over McCain, why does he only have a +1???????? lol. Both Hill and Obama are pretty much neck and neck with McCain (in polling). When Obama drops out, Hillary will be winning by a great margin I believe (by getting Obama supporters). I feel very confident that a certain person from Missouri is going to be the VP and get the black vote.

  144. In a last minute push to remind voters to get out and support New York’s Senator in Tuesday’s Presidential primary, Hillary Clinton’s campaign invites you to rally in Union Square on Saturday.

    A rally for supporters is planned at 1pm on Saturday in one of NYC’s hottest spots! Come by and grab some campaign supplies to ensure Hillary wins the nomination on Tuesday.

    Clinton maintains a substantial lead in New York, but every vote will definitely count on Tuesday. For other ways to get involved in Hillary’s campaign, you can visit her website at!

  145. Kaffeen…hmmm….my gut feeling is that she has Clark pegged for the VP spot. Who’s the certain person from Missouri? Am I missing something?

  146. I think she should have on the stage representatives of all groups, white men (Bill Clinton), AA men(John Lewis), AA women (Maya), Latino women (Dolores Huerta), Latino men (Chavez), and so many dignitaries each olding townhall in one of the ST states. That is what would be a blowout. Unity in diversity is what Hillary and her supporters represents.

  147. I hope that she choses Clark as her VP. If McCain is the Repub candidate she will need Clark on her ticket.

  148. Idunn, it is no coincidence that Obama has been parading McCaskill. I look for Obama to have a white woman as VP, and Clinton to have a black man as VP. These tickets would underscore “change”.

  149. Team Clinton 08 “That and the Hallmark Town Hall on Monday should give her good MO heading into super tuesday.”
    – Also she will be on Letterman, I doubt that will give much MO but it means she will be on TV pretty much all night before Tuesday.

  150. That is what she is doing gladiatorstail. Her surrogates will be in different states taking questions. Hillary will be at the town hall in NY.

  151. kaffeen — so you think Emanuel Cleaver is it? I did see that he hinted that he’d like to be considered.

  152. Yes, HillayLandRocks, I think Cleaver is going to be VP. He would reunite the AA community with her ticket, is a good man, and would underscore the “change” theme.

  153. I spent about 5 hours volunteering at HRC office in Los Angeles last night – and interesting to note – there were so many young Asian women staffers – the Asian Pacific Islanders will be voting for Hillary; I wish the media hadn’t rendered the AAPIs invisible – one tiny critique of HRC campaign – MORE PUBLICITY – there are lots of young people working on her campaign (in fact, what seems to be most); lots of AAPIs, Bobby Kennedy endorsed her 2 months ago! – we all need to know these things because the diversity behind her is amazing.

    OK – off to the Rally.

  154. kaffeen — the only problem I see w/ him is that he’s only been a Rep since ’04 and had a hard time defeating his GOP opponent. Thoughts?

  155. Let’s go with the Obama as VP thing. I think lot’s of people will vote Hill if they think she will bring Obama along as VP. 🙂

    I still think it would be really neat to have a woman pres, and an african american man VP.

  156. HillaryLandRocks, quite simple really, Cleaver is well respected in the AA community, has the “fire and brimstone” oratory (he is a Reverend), and would unite the AA vote with Hillary’s ticket. He is, to put it simply, a great “stand-in” for Obama (which we know will probably never go VP on Hillary’s ticket).

  157. # AmericanGal Says:
    February 2nd, 2008 at 9:05 am

    Hate to be bringing less than steller news but MSNBC is reporting that the California SEIU, 600,000 strong, just voted to endorse Barack Obama

    I don’t know if this would impact Tuesdays race however..

    Yep, this was reported yesterday. However, in that union are many Latinos and as we saw in NV, I don’t think many will just go with whomever their union says to vote for.

    Oprah in CA- The gos smiled on us to give us Superbowl tomorrow so hopefully that will dull some of the noise.

    Of course, the MSM will play up on Monday so I hope that Team Clinton has something up their sleeves. Let’s see how the 22 state Town hall goes.

    If we can hold CT and win AL or come very, very close as well as Ma, she’s in good shape.

    The RFK ads are finally getting some notice. I’ve seen discussions and replaying of the ads several times today on MSNBC.

  158. Wow….I never even thought of Cleaver. Whoever she picks, I’m going to be all for it. Provided of course, it ain’t Bambi. If she choose that scumbag, I would sit out the vote all together.

    Of course, I know she’d rip out her tongue before she’s say Clinton/Obama , so it’s a moot point.

  159. B Merryfield,
    Who would’ve guessed that there was only three degrees of separation between Saddam Hussein and Barack Hussein???

    If Obama’s nominated I’m sure the Rethugs will play nice this fall and never ever mention this… 🙄

  160. Don’t worry about the SEIU endorsement of Obama. Remember the Culinary workers Union backed Obama in Nevada and what happened? Hillary won in the end.

  161. oh.. is there any prominent AA vietnam war veteran supporting Hillary? thats the person who needs to run with her if she competes with Mccain. My freind whose family is voting for Hillary in primaries will vote for Mccain in GE because he is a war veteran, and thats a HUGE chunk of voting population.

  162. No Clinton/Obama please.. The thought of it makes me want to puke.. Clinton/Clark sounds so much better 🙂

  163. Idunn, come on. Don’t you guys get it. People who like Obama feel better about supporting Hill if they see him as part of the package.

  164. CNN reporting on politicalticker that Edwards may not endorse before Feb 5- which (unless he endorses Clinton!) is fine with me – it’s a classier way to do this, not to be a kingmaker and let his people decide without undue influence.

  165. You guys are totally missing the big picture. My purpose is to make Hillary 44. If people on the fence support Hillary if they see Obama as VP, I am 100% happy with that.

  166. mj, I fully understand what you are saying. That is why Reagan chose Bush as his V.P even though they really didn’t like each other.

  167. hawk.. you said it right.. someone with military experience if you are competing with Mccain.. I dont know the precise jargon of military but someone who can say if we move two brigades of troops and one platoon.. the following will happen :).. Mccain will tout his military experience.. our VP should tout his.. while Hillary will tout her experience at solving problems here at home and abroad.. thats Mccains fundamental strength and if we have to hit it.. we need a war vet..

  168. kaffeen, not the point. Thepoint is the fence sitters who like both. I don’t even know that O wuld say yes, but if the fence leaners will go Hill for a twofer, then that is fantastic.

  169. MJ, I think the overwhelming opinion is that neither would “settle” for VP. I think you are talking about creating the mirage that it is possible and even likely. That is not appropriate in my opinion.

  170. The idea of giggling, snickering Clinton hating Claire McCaskill a heartbeat away from the presidency makes me wanna puke.

  171. Not Webb. He is too sexist, would never be good. You don’t get much more “strong military” than a 4-star General who was the Allied Supreme Commander of NATO, first in his class at WestPoint, a Southerner, and won a war (Kosovo) with zero American lives lost in battle.

    McCain could not beat up Wes Clark on national security or the military. The military loves Wes and his wife Gert (who is amazing herself.)

  172. Respectfully, I have to agree w/ kaffeen. As I have no knowledge on whether such a ticket is in the works or possible, I’d have a difficult time promoting it.

  173. I think what mj is trying to say is that no, it will never happen and we don’t want it to, but it is good strategy to make some fence-sitters THINK it might happen.

  174. clintondem.. webb is a good choice.. but a prominent AA war vet is the BEST option for her.. if she has to go with someone like webb, then Wes Clark is FAR better than Webb in each and every aspect.. in addition clark will bring in some jewish support too.. and some good media with him..

  175. Hillary does not have to pick a A.A VP! The media have been the ones that have twisted the Clintons words to make them appear racist. Most A.A’s respect and admire the Clintons. The fact that they are supporting Obama does not mean that they are rejecting Hillary. They see Obama as having a legitimate chance at being the first A.A President and are excited by the prospect. If the race ends up being Hillary Vs Mccain I seriously doubt that the A.A community would decide to throw their support to McCain. What Hillary needs is a VP with Military experience to counter NcCain’s.

  176. dt – I don’t like McCaskill either.

    HillaryforTexas — not only is Webb sexist, he doesn’t like to campaign.

  177. All these fence-sitters (Richardson, Edwards etc) are waiting to see which way Tuesday’s winds blow.

    Hillary should remember them as well as all the treacherous traitors like Kennedy and Kerry and make them all pay in spades.

  178. They say the Clintons have long memories. Anyone know if its true that in 2004 a Bill Clinton appearance at a McCaskill fundraiser was canceled after she said she would never let her daughters be anywhere near him ?

  179. HillaryLandRocks ROFLMAO at not only is Webb sexist, he doesn’t like to campaign.. so true.. 🙂

    Blue Democrats.. Edwards, Richardson etc. being fence sitters is good for us. we want them to sit on fence and not endorse anyone. establishment is forcing them to endorse Obama, so I hope they stay neutral not to piss off the establishment. the people who had enormous courage are the people who came out and supported Hillary, but media wants us to believe otherwise.. btw I hope Mccaskel gets her ass booted in next election. she looks so fake..

  180. I believe that these people should be on Hillary’s short list for VP:

    Clark: Military Experience, Popular in the progressive camp, Very smart and sharp.

    Edwards: Young/attractive, charm, good speaker, could help in the south.

    Richardson: A lot of Foreign Policy Experience, Helps with the Latino Vote.

  181. I believe Hillary will be the Democratic nominee and when she wins she will unite the party and treat those who may not have supported her in the primary with grace and class. It would be both the right thing and the smart thing to do as we turn our sights to the fall election. There is no time for petty score-setting or vindictiveness. I know the passions are high now because the media and teh Democratic establishment has not treated Hillary fairly. That doesn’t matter because it is ultimately the American people who make these decisions. On Feb 6, Hillary becomes the de-facto leader of our party and as a leader she represents everyone those who supported her and those who did not.

  182. gladiatorstail Says:

    February 2nd, 2008 at 12:12 pm
    oh.. is there any prominent AA vietnam war veteran supporting Hillary? thats the person who needs to run with her if she competes with Mccain. My freind whose family is voting for Hillary in primaries will vote for Mccain in GE because he is a war veteran, and thats a HUGE chunk of voting population.

    General Wesley K. Clark, former Allied Supreme Commander and Vietnam veteran

  183. Oh, I want a list of everyone who came out and supported her BEFORE Tuesday.

    Those are the good, brave people who will get all the help I can give. I will actively work and donate to help them. The other two categories are:

    1) Those who betrayed and especially who went out and talked degrading trash about she and Bill. (Kerry, McCaskill, Kennedy, etc.) Those are the ones I will work actively to defeat. I will give to and support their opponents.

    2) Those who endorse after ST. Those are just gutless cowards to ignore.

  184. TPS, I an sure she will be gracious. But I will not forget, and will make them pay. Not out of pure vindictiveness, but because I don’t want those sort of nasty disloyal people in power in my party. Not the ones who actively trash talked her and tried to call her racist and Bill out of control. No way.

  185. The List of Betrayers:

    John Kerry
    Ted Kennedy
    Caroline Kennedy
    Robert Reich
    Pat Leahy

    Who am I missing?

  186. I love Biden but he shoots off at the mouth sometimes and that can be dangerous. Especially when the media loves to twist the words of Clinton surrogates.

  187. About the California SEIU endorsement, really imo Obama needed this more than Hillary. Why? Speaking from personal experience, I worked briefly as a Nurse Practitioner for SF General and was automatically covered by the SEIU. SEIU has a huge number of Latino members, hospital and home health workers, not to mention a sizable group of RNs (mainly women, and many Philippinos in that group). Trust, they are not to going to vote Obama, and if some break for him, it’s not going to be a large margin. Does anyone know if the endorsement was actually based upon members voting or pretty much a top-down ruling? I’d be interested in knowing the inside story.

  188. Biden is good in debates and is very eloquent. Maybe much too eloquent for his own good, perhaps(!) but he brings a lot of foreign policy knowledge to the table ..

  189. I am sure Clark will be in the Cabinet of Hillary.

    As much as we on this site dislike Obama and his ways of campaigning the ticket IS HUGE. Both are bringing in new voters (women, hispanics, 18-25, AA) so its really an unstoppable ticket. I believe the AA community still loves the Clinton’s and its a fact they love Obama couple them together and you have LOCK on the AA vote. Plus the media has a love affair with Obama so that gives the ticket a boost in terms of positive coverage, lets also assume McCain, Nadar, and Bloomberg are all running for the independent vote Hillary will need a running mate who can help her reach out and Obama has shown he can reach those voters. We all want Hillary not just as the nominee but as President and I think Obama would greatly bolster her support. Plus think about the ENORMOUS hype that would go into just the announcement of that ticket I would guess it is a hype that would roll Hillary all the way into the White House. I really think she should pick Obama. Together they would:
    1) Gets millions of new voters in the process
    2) Solidify the Democratic Core
    3) Give positive hype and media coverage that wouldn’t die down

    Is he capable? That is the question. Of course I think she is more capable to be President, but I don’t doubt Obama can be a good VP. He is my pick for a running mate If (and when) Hillary is the nominee.

  190. From the blog update:

    By the Numbers: New polls show Hillary ahead of Sen. Obama. Nationally, Opinion Dynamics has Hillary up by 10 points. In New York, Hispanic Federation has Hillary up by 50 points among Latinos. In Massachusetts, Western New England College has Hillary up by 28 points and SurveyUSA has Hillary up by 24 points. In Tennessee, Rasmussen has Hillary up by 14 points. In Connecticut, ARG has Hillary up by 13 points. In New Jersey, SurveyUSA has Hillary up by 12 points. In Alabama, InsiderAdvantage has Hillary up by 6 points. In Missouri, SurveyUSA has Hillary up by 4 points.

  191. Obama would be THE smart VP choice, and he’d be nuts not to take it.
    Hopefully after the disappointment wears off he’d see that.
    First we’ve got to beat his ass.

    Move Wes Clark to Sec Def, maybe John Edwards to Labor Secretary, and away we go….

    I’m preparing for a bogus ABC/WaPo Poll and/or a similar WSJ/NBC poll any minute showing some sort of dramatic movement or tightening between now and tomorrow, so losers like Tim Russert have some bullshit to work off of for the Sunday shows.

    Some here might know better than me;
    This race should be pretty well frozen by now, no?

  192. gladiator…Webb could bring virginia into play. He worked as Navy Seccretary in Reagan administration. I think he could be a better campaigner than clark. He is a decorated Vietnam veteran I think you need some body who has a hard edge and is prepared to be an attack dog. Do you remeber the way he rebuffed Bush. I respect Clark but he comes across too smooth and I do not know if he could be an attack dog. I think it would be wise to go outside the Clinton circle. Wes Clark is identified very close to Clintons.

  193. The above link is broken, try again

    If BO picks a woman VP, I think it’s more likely to be Sebelius — you might remember her from the SOTU:

    FWIW — I think both McCaskill and Sebelius are getting dangled as potential VP choices as a strategy for the ‘fence-sitters’ — but I don’t think he’d pick a woman.

    And Sebelius fans, until this is over, BO supporters may get lampooned here and there …

  194. I don’t believe that Obama would accept the VP position even if Hillary offered it(which I highly doubt).

  195. TeamClinton08, good. That’s not the point. How can you guys miss this? Did you see how the crowd(a very pro-Obama crowd) cheered at the thought of a ticket w/both? Did you se how pissed Obama looked? If fence sitters will go for Hill if they think she will offfer him the spot(and frankly, if that’s what it takes, I am 100% for it), then great!

  196. To win the West and southwest, and mountain states, it would be better to bring aboard a governor. For some reason we seem to relish electing governors to the presidency. This is really true for both Dems and Reps.

  197. Ummm… I don’t mean to sound like a Debbie downer but can we please wait to win the nomination before we start touting VP’s? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

  198. How does Hillary beat McCain if she picks Obama? McCain will have a huge advantage on National Security! Obama has no experience, no national security credentials, does no appeal to Hispanics, is one of the most liberal senators in the senate. Hillary needs someone with more gravitas as her VP if McCain is the candidate. If Romney were the candidate for the Repubs I could see having Obama as her VP but not if she’s against McCain.

  199. If I could create dream tickets, they would be:

    Clinton/Gore (Yes, I know this would never happen)

    Hey….a girl can dream can’t she?

  200. H4T says: I think what mj is trying to say is that no, it will never happen and we don’t want it to, but it is good strategy to make some fence-sitters THINK it might happen.

    I’m sorry, I can’t bring myself to adopting this strategy. The best argument I can come up with against it is that if people are on the fence they aren’t reading Big Pink. I will say that I will laugh when the Obamabots start spreading the news that the we folks at Big Pink are launching a campaign to psyche people into thinking that we support Bambi for VP when we don’t.

    I’m firmly in the thinking of Bambi on the ticket makes my skin crawl. If he is on the ticket, it means Rezko is on the ticket and we lose in November. I don’t think that AA leaders will allow a Democratic President to be elected without firm AA support, that would be political suicide for them. It’s one thing to support the candidate that is familiar in the Primary, it’s quite another to withhold that support from the Democratic Nominee.

  201. I’m just listing dream tickets, MJ. Wasn’t saying Hill should or ever would choose Boxer.

    (sigh) I need to go do something fun today.

  202. clintondem99, Webb was outspokenly against Clinton when he was still in the services. He wrote about how much he hated BC on his website. No one made it up.

  203. Idunn, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to offend. I lie Boxer enough, but she could never be on a presidential ticket is all I meant.

  204. Couldn’t agree with you more, NYCMax. Much as I adore Hillary, if she ever put that scumbag Obama on the ticket, I would not vote. Period.

  205. Barbara Boxer is a great person. She is so smart and funny. She was on Curb Your Enthusiasm and was great 🙂

  206. colin powell would have been the first african american president if the repub’s had been smart enough to run him. However, his testimony at the UN makes it impossible for him to be on a Dem pres. ticket.

  207. # kaffeen Says:
    February 2nd, 2008 at 12:06 pm

    HillaryLandRocks, quite simple really, Cleaver is well respected in the AA community, has the “fire and brimstone” oratory (he is a Reverend), and would unite the AA vote with Hillary’s ticket. He is, to put it simply, a great “stand-in” for Obama (which we know will probably never go VP on Hillary’s ticket).

    I’ve never heard of this guy and I’ve lived in many states and i’m very political savvy. Never gonna happen. There will be a HUGE push for BO if Hillary gets the nod. Claire McCaskill as his vp-never gonna happen. I’m aware of her but she is also first term senator. many others are not aware of her and she has no record to stand on or large issue.

    Gen Wes Carke is a good name but the repbus will go after him re Bosnia and NATO.

    Evan Bayh, possible but I’m a realist and I think there will be a huge, I mean huge push for Bambi.

  208. 1950 democrat: thanks again. What I like about Wilenz now that you have introduced him to me is that he sees the situation exactly as I and many of us do which is to say accurately. That is reassuring.

    The comparisions he makes between Hillary and Bobby Kennedy vs Obama and Adalai Stevendo have occurred to me as well. I have mentioned them here on this blog. And they are the distinctions that matter when the awesome task of governing begins.

    I do not wish to throw cold water on anyones hopes and aspirations. Each of us sees the world a bit differently. But anyone who lives in the same world as most of us sees the leadership ability and proven track record of Hillary–unless they are in denial. They know she will deliver change.

    If you think about it for a moment there is no hard evidence that Obama has any real ability to govern anything, or would deliver change. He has moved up a party structure and got his ticket punched at each step. He is not a change agent at all despite outward appearances. That is why Republicans like him.

    We need real change in this country and Obama is not the answer. Change require moral courage and that factor is conspicously lacking in his resume. Also there is the troubling matter of how he views the office of presidency and his statement that he would not be the chief operating officer. And then there is that petulance we saw in the snub, the willingness to play racial politics, the inability to control his surrogates–all of these are troubling.

    My intuition tells me that an Obama presidency would bring a thousand misfortunes on this country and we have seen too much of that these past few years. What we need is solutions and that is where Hillary excels. She has Bobby Kennedy’s passion for social justice and the political skills to get it done.

  209. My intuition tells me that an Obama presidency would bring a thousand misfortunes on this country and we have seen too much of that these past few years.

    My feelings exactly! I would sooner put a gun to my head than put Bambi one heart beat away from the most important job in the world.

  210. I love all of this chatter about a VP choice, and about candidates for various cabinet posts. It’s a lot of fun to speculate about those things and to get our opinions out there. OTOH, I keep remembering a guy whose initials are BC saying to not look beyond the next election. I guess we could just call him a killjoy. lol

  211. Really MJ? Even realizing that is Hillary had a fatal heartattack, Atilla would be the most powerful person in the world?


  212. Sherm Kader, I’m not looking at VP choices. I see this tactically as a win for Hillary on Tuesday. I am saying I will accept that she will offer O the VP spot(who knows whether he’ll take it)as long as she gets the top spot.

  213. I know it doesn’t matter what I like or don’t like, but I don’t like to see “enemies lists” prior to the election. I don’t worry about offending those people. I just don’t want to offend any of their supporters who may be bright enough to read here.

  214. I would vote for Hillary with Obama as VP I just don’t think he is the best choice. As long as Hillary is at the top of the ticket I’m in.

  215. MJ, I didn’t have you or anyone else in mind. It was just a general statement. I definitely understand your view on accepting her choice. I too will still vote for her once she wins the nomination. I think she will.

  216. Sherm, I just think it makes sense for Hill to consider him, and if that sways the fence sitters on Tuesday, I’m totally for it.

  217. I have high hopes on the success of B. Merryfield’s project about BHO and Rezko. I don’t think that will be successful in time to help much with the primary season, but it could very well make BHO untouchable.

  218. Fair enough, MJ. All I’m saying is that I would never put my vote behind any ticket that carried Obama. Not even if Jesus Christ himself came down and told me to.

  219. MJ, I’m sure you are right that the prospects of Hillary putting BHO on the ticket if she is nominated may help some people to make up their minds to vote for Hillary. They may feel half a loaf is better than none.

  220. Blue Democrat, the polls are just a confirmation of the surge of energy we all felt from Hillary’s debate performance.

  221. I hope HRC does not pick BO as her vp, rezko trial will cause negative impact to her election if she picks him as vp…

    If BO gets elected in white house, it will be the third term of BUSH. The citizens of the country will have to suffer more.

  222. Idunn, exactly right, we all felt the she did etrrific in that debate and looked more presidential than Obama. All the polls are saying is that people across the country felt the same way.

  223. What is Bill Clinton’s mott: “If you look past the next election, you may not GET to the next election.”

    That said…CLAIRE McCASKILL…WHEW!!! Obama/McCaskill… McCain and ? would look better every day.

  224. Hillary now has moemntum, this week could be/will be big. First, Monday, National Town Hall meeting. Second, Super Tuesday (big WIN), Third, the remaining week, hopefully full of endorsments, Richardson/Edwards/Dodd/Boxer ect…

    BO know what is comming down the pike. That is why he needed and got the entire news cycle last week. His last hurrah!!!

  225. I’m actually starting to come off the ledge today. No real substantial reason for that….call it womans intuition, I guess. I just feel at peace.

    I’m gonna go get a shower and some fresh air, and enjoy my altered attitude.

    I’ll check back later, guys. Thanks for all the upbeat news.

  226. How Does the Press Fare in the Polls? It starts with treatment of her as a First Lady and into this campaign. Here is part of the CBS story:

    There has always been a sizable segment of the public that thinks the media have been harder on Hillary Clinton than on other first ladies. (In fact, more people saw harsher treatment of the first lady than saw harsher treatment of her husband.) In a CBS News Poll conducted in 1996, half the public — 51 percent — said that news media treated Mrs. Clinton harder than they had treated other first ladies. Nine percent said it had been easier, and 36 percent said there had been equal treatment. Partisanship played a role: two-thirds of Democrats said she had been treated harder, compared with 37 percent of Republicans who felt that way. And for at least some of these same people, being hard on Hillary was okay. Only 36 percent of all adults said the news media had been “too harsh” on her

    The most recent CBS News/New York Times Poll looked into perceptions within the Democratic Party. Interviewing began right after Hillary Clinton won the New Hampshire primary, which followed five days of media discussion about her likely defeat there and the possible end of her campaign.

    Did our poll find the perception of media bias? Democratic voters certainly noticed a difference in coverage. Fifty-one percent said the media had been harder on Clinton than they had been on the other Democratic candidates. Only 5 percent said the media had been easier on her.

    It was a different story when it came to the media and Barack Obama. Just 12 percent said that the news media had been harder on him than on other candidates. Twice as many, 25 percent, said the media had been easier on him.

    What’s interesting is how those answers tracked with different groups of Democratic voters. Women were more likely than men to see the media as treating Clinton more harshly (56 percent of women, compared with 44 percent of men thought this). Blacks were somewhat more likely than whites to see harsh treatment of Obama (20 percent vs. 11 percent). But about one in five blacks also saw easier media treatment of Obama.

    Attentiveness to the campaign had relatively little impact on the responses. But age did. Younger voters, perhaps because they hadn’t experienced as many campaigns as older voters had, saw more media unfairness for both candidates. Clinton’s supporters were quite a bit more likely to see media favoritism toward Obama than were voters supporting Obama.

    But in the case of the media and Hillary Clinton, it almost didn’t matter which candidates Democratic voters supported. Voters saw the same thing. Fifty-seven percent of those supporting Hillary Clinton thought she had been harshly treated, but so did about half of those supporting her principal remaining opponents — Obama and John Edwards.

    Then click on poll positions to find the story.

  227. plural Says: Big Media has been bashing Democrats all the way back to Jimmy Carter.

    And to JFK and Truman and FDR/Eleanor….

    And probably back to Teddy Roosevelt and 1776!

    Seriously someone wrote a good piece comparing hatred of the Clintons to hatred of the Roosevelts; perhaps it was RFJ Jr in HuffPo.

  228. I’m with Idunn…I feel incredible calm and I feel a real surge of momentum for Hillary. Not an in your face but a quiet turn of reality versus nonsense.

    A reairing of the debate tonight is in her advantage too.

  229. “How does Hillary beat McCain if she picks Obama? McCain will have a huge advantage on National Security! Obama has no experience, no national security credentials, does no appeal to Hispanics, is one of the most liberal senators in the senate. Hillary needs someone with more gravitas as her VP if McCain is the candidate. If Romney were the candidate for the Repubs I could see having Obama as her VP but not if she’s against McCain.”

    I don’t understand this. Hillary does not need more gravitas from her VP to be able to go toe to toe with McCain. Hillary has enough gravitas on her own. Her national security credentials are at par with McCain’s.

  230. just woke up hillfans just in time for a hillary rally on cspan. i just checked realclear politics and great news on hillary pulling away nationally!!! YAY!!! as for her vp pick i would not be happy if she picked obama but i will vote for her 100% if not her all bets are off. but she is winning YAY!!!!

  231. folks I think the Latinos have thrown down the gauntlet. They will be heard, just as the women of the United States of America!!!

  232. wbboei Says: re Wilentz:
    The comparisions he makes between Hillary and Bobby Kennedy vs Obama and Adalai Stevendo have occurred to me as well.

    I don’t know whether Wilentz has written more since the Rezko (or even the Alice Palmer) stories made news – ie a dark bare-knuckled machine below the ‘beautiful loser’ surface. At this point Obama is looking like the worst of both worlds.

  233. I’d love to see Hillary (with smug dimples) say:

    “I’m choosing a VP who is brown-skinned, of mixed blood, grew up outside the US in a very different culture … Bill Richardson!”

    But he doesn’t count much as a symbol, because he’s been around a while and has really DONE things.

  234. The word bubble is described the Merriam Webster Dictionary among other things as

    (a) a delusive scheme,

    (b) something that lacks firmness, solidity, or reality,

    (c) a state of booming economic activity (as in a stock market) that often ends in a sudden collapse.

    Obamania has all the signs of qualifying. The latest bubble to enrapture Americais the Barack Bubble. As they drooled over the booming stock market, the shock-and-awe fireworks of the Iraq invasion, and the real estate explosion, media chatterheads are now start-struck with the latest sensation, and firmly embedded with the Obama magic.

    Still, Clinton’s charge that Barack Obama has not been given the usual scrutiny holds a lot of validity.

    Wwhat did Barack Obama do once the war began? Can we ask if he led any anti-war rallies? Speak at the periodic marches and protests in various parts of the country? It may be true that he was against starting the war. What about after it started? Did he go down to Crawford to stand with Cindy Sheehan? That would have shown courage and spine. Martin Luther King spoke out against the war, frequently and forcefully. Is there a perception of Sen. Obama as such a strident and inveterate opponent, say, as … .a Dennis Kucinich or a Robert Byrd?

    What about the FISA bill? As a lawyer and as proclaimed human rights enthusiast, should Barack Obama not boil with anger when government breaks the law? Did Barack Obama, after coming to the Senate, do anything to hold the administration to account? Did he speak up supporting Dennis Kucinich’s call to impeach Bush and Cheney?

    Barack Obama can hardly claim to be more innocent. I have always been troubled how Obama claims to be the African-American’ candidate. It is something he uses all the time. One would think anyone wishing to transcend race would specifically disavow such references, and go to great lengths to say that he is equally black and white. This is hardly the impression one gets hearing him talk. He is hardly averse to taking advantage of his black heritage (“there’s a woman in this race, there’s an African-American, and there’s John Edwards”), but never his white (even though his Kenyan father abandoned him, and it was his white mother and grandparents who raised him). But he bristles with indignation if anyone else refers to him as such.

    Finally, on a matter of simple fairness and gallantry, it would have been impressive if Barack Obama, the champion of inclusion, had declared during the previous (MSNBC) debate that he would not participate unless Dennis Kucinich (who was first invited and later uninvited by MSNBC) was also included.

    But Barack Obama appears too finely honed to hunt with the hounds and run with the hare.

  235. Rikya Hillary does not need more gravitas from her VP to be able to go toe to toe with McCain. Hillary has enough gravitas on her own. Her national security credentials are at par with McCain’s.

    When the President becomes incapacitated, the VP *IS* the President, so he needs to be ready on Day 1 also. At least in areas of foreign policy and defense — there might be time for some on-job training in domestic issues.

  236. Thanks for the headsup on Hillary rally on C-Span. Looks like she hasn’t arrived yet, but look at those Latinos cheering for our gal!!!

    I do NOT think Hillary should pick Obama!!! NEVER!!! There is too much bitterness between them and things said which would make Hillary sound like a hypocrite if she chose a “naive, inexperienced” running mate. Also, I do not think Obama would accept. His ego is way too big for second place!

    I would LOVE to see one of these:

    Gen. Wesley Clark
    Joe Biden
    Evan Bayh
    Tom Vilsack


    Ok, here we go. Movement in MD. I use to live there and like I said in earlier posts, Prince George’s county is one of the if not the county in the U.S with the most affulent living AA. This county has a HUGE AA demographics. MD may go Bambis’ way because of this. Also, Batimore City and County has huge AA demographics. She would have to do well up north in counties like Hartford, Cecil, Carrol. Calverty, Alleghenty, St. Mary and Washington Couties.

    Sugar, you live in MD, what do you thing?
    Just a thing about Unions. My spouse worked for the fed. govt in MD and was a union member for years. Trust me, unions don’t hold as much sway as before. Most people vote for who they want and not whoo their union endroses.

  238. Hillary News Round-up for Saturday, 2/1/08:

    – Hillary has the momentum! Latest national tracking polls by Gallup and Rasmussen has Hillary gaining and extending her lead.

    – Hillary takes California by storm! 10,000 people in San Jose. 7,500 people in San Diego. SRO fundraiser in San Francisco. Today, on CSPAN, the rally in LA looks like it has a huge and pumped up crowd.

    – Hillary gaining momentum in Super Tuesday states.

    MO: C47, O38
    TN: C 49, O35
    AL: C 46, O41
    AL: C46, O40 (Insider Advantage)

    * All polls by Ras unless otherwise specified.

    – Obama supporter goes negative! As usual, MEDIA IGNORES!,0,1272905.story

    The jist: the guy says Obama does not go on TV and have crying fits!

    – Hillary leads with a wide margin in the two biggest prize after Super Tuesday, Texas and Ohio. BTW, in Texas, Hillary has most of the Dem Congressional endorsements while Obama has only 1.

    – MoveOn backs Obama after only 300,000 of its 3 million members vote in their online primary yesterday.

  239. 1950democrat:

    When the President becomes incapacitated, the VP *IS* the President, so he needs to be ready on Day 1 also. At least in areas of foreign policy and defense — there might be time for some on-job training in domestic issues.

    I agree that there is a need to get a VP that is ready. What I don’t agree with is the idea that Hillary needs someone with gravitas to go against McCain. She has enough GRAVITAS on her own.

    I maybe wrong about this, but I don’t think that the VP choice enters into the calculus of a lot of voters during elections.

  240. I am happy that the talk around here has turned into who will Clinton pick as VP. Does this indicate that all of us are confident about her chances on 2/5? I know I am.

  241. winning the primary will prove she does not need him or his rezco baggage to get to the White House. She will pick a strong male … not a weak man like Obama. Colin Powell has too much baggage as well. I have nothing against an AA but he should possess the strong quality of Hilliary First and Foremost. Obama is weak in too many areas and he’s show how he does not care to have muddy hands.

  242. hillfans, i have to step out with the wife for some errands, hopefully will be able to hear hillary on sirrius satilite radio in my car. later guys

  243. guess where cnn is…..obama

    gawd I hope big media gets so SCREWED on Tuesday they all have to have smellin salts. …

    get off the change shit though she don’t need that mantra to win



    new slogan….

  245. Big Media sometimes is right people, so I was listening to NPR news roundup yesterday morning and a call came in about Hillary cheating by having a party in FL.
    One guy on the panel unknowingly says dems in FL voted in such large numbers even without any compaigning ie they voted based on what they saw on TV,

    So think about it people 1 million people voted for Hillary in FL based on the scum that passes for new on tv
    If thats not remarkable then I dont know
    There is solid Hillary support out there it may not be visible and rabid or rawdy like Hussein but I feel good going into super tuesday

  246. Love it! I’ve had hope all my life. Talks about her constituents and their problems, can’t pay rent, etc. “We don’t need more hope, we need HELP!”

    Go, Maxine!

  247. fat head crowley on cnn trying to downplay youth vote into supertuesday..HAHA. their polls are telling them something…..trying to say now most youth vote will come after supertuesday….candy is smokin the hopium for sure….

    back to cspan….this is one fine rally


  249. pointing out that he endorsed her without asking for anything in return…..

    pointing in a viseral way that tooo many endorsements are not for their merit

  250. Your right dot48 – too many of BHO’s endorsers are just jumping on the bandwagon – these are Hillary’s true friends!

  251. WOW! It’s not the politics of the past, it is the politics of what has been OVERDUE for 40 years!

  252. DemAC / February 2nd, 2008 at 12:11 pm — amazing, isn’t it. And there’s more it just takes so long to find credible links/info. The Middle East connection is worrisome and, yes, the Righties ARE on these connections but sandbagging.

    Sherm, only wish there was more time in the day!

    The more you all can do to direct traffic to the blog the better. In 7 days the blog has had 2369 hits, which ain’t bad at all. Three blogs have found it and posted on it, one from Illinois. I’ve got as many blog directories, including Technorati, as I can find to help direct traffic.

    Thank you for everyone who has already helped to spread the word.

  253. Guys, I know this is corny, but I am a huge Trekkie, so I think I want a sign that says:

    “MAKE IT SO”

    Fans of Jean Luc Picard will understand. 🙂

  254. glad to hear her get that bit into those standing outside and waiting since last night to get in….

    ohh, wish she had not used bills old remark….

    it takes a village…love the homemade signs…this is true grass roots support

  255. Wonder if CNN will note how the “thousands outside could not get in” – they always play this up about BHO

  256. likens kennedy to hard worker…just like herself.

    she has seasoned as a campaigner….brilliant. she does not need bills charisma, she has her own

  257. Wonder if CNN will note how the “thousands outside could not get in” – they always play this up about BHO

    Yes, surpisingly.

  258. Go, Hillary! She’s been working and standing for the voiceless year after year after year after year after year

    Good line.

  259. I just logged on but thanks for mentioning her rally right now. I’m watching C-SPAN as we type. This is great.
    Just to answer a few people. Some of you mentioned that most people who aren’t political junkies (like ourselves) do not watch MSNBC, CNN, CSPAN, FOX NEWS, etc. My mom doesn’t even have cable and she doesn’t use the internet. These are the people voting for Hillary Clinton as well. As someone mentioned, the blogosphere is run mainly by young white men with no lives. We all know those people are voting for Obama. So this “momentum” we speak of might just be some young people mobilizing for Obama who do watch cable and are constantly on the net This momentum does not include older people like my mom who are hard-core Hillary voters. I think the media will be in for a surprise on Tuesday. I have a feeling that even in the states she won’t win (Illinois, Alabama) it will come very close and they might end up splitting delegates while HRC still wins big states like NYC and CA. This is in HRC’s benefit. She will LIKELY get most of the delegates on Tuesday and I’m betting it WON’T be as close as the media has been lying to us all week.

  260. she is making her closing argument…..saying it is not good enough to talk change, you have to work hard to get things done….she will work hard to leave country better … taking on the poverty with a bit of old edwards stump speech…global oil…ready to work for getting good jobs back to america.

    there is no stopping us, best days away. going to take strong leader to make those changes.

    she is not afraid to stomp all over the word change….

    YES SHE CAN….over, over, over chanting, chanting…chanting

    no child left behind…rework it, affordable college..

    in the american she sees….finally UHC……BIG ROAR……..WE ARE NOT GOING TO LEAVE ANYONE OUT…it is no longer acceptable to tell someone to go to er…no room at the inn cause they can’t pay….

    clear … health care is not an issue for her…her CAUSE….central passion of her public life…seen too many people denied…children denied…children with disabilities….

    will continue

  261. It’s great seeing Latinos and Asians in the crowd. So far we’ve seen mostly all white/all black crowds in other states. This is what is so great about CA. There ARE people out there that Hillary is representing and fighting for that Obama has never even thought about. To him, the country is black vs. white. There are Native Americans supporting Hillary as well. I’m sure Latinos have never even crossed Obama’s mind until this month. Hillary WILL win because she includes everyone: Jews, Asians, Latinos, Blacks, Whites, Native Americans, etc. in her plan for the future.

  262. her health care is going to include everyone and take on the drug company and health insurance companies. fight worth having…obama will not commit to UHC….don’t nominate a democrat who says NO to UHC……..huge standing ovation

    she is getting tougher and tougher.

    coming down on mortgage crisis…

    lending practice in question….college tuition….adjustable rate mortages….in the america she sees on theday she takes office … affordable housing. protec homeowners…moretorium on foreclosures…freeze mortage rates….

    she is laying out a visioin…not some false hope…

    Folks HELP IS ON THE WAY…………

  263. if this is her stump speech that is getting out there…YES WE CAN WIN ON TUESDAY….\

    this woman knows her stuff….she is not some wisher, she is a doer….


  264. This pumps me up – I feel like getting into a good political fight on issues with a BHO supporter, of course that would be one sided because all they can come up with is hope for change!

  265. she has great idea for college loans…also, good idea for those apprenticeship jobs….her green collar jobs idea will work….WE NEED THOSE JOBS.

    hard problems being turned into football…lets fix immigration…comprehensive immigration, pass ag jobs, lets change the way government works for the people…..

    appoint qualified people for jobs in government…now she is getting to general election …

    america needs to lead …

    madonna lookalike in the crowd LOL

    no military action on preemptive .. begin to end to war in iraq…first day she start plan to bring troops hone in 60 days, carefully and thoughtfully… way to get out…commander in chief who understands we got to get otu…..mccain wants to stay 100 years….think about thhsi…. I believe that we can have an election THIS TIME….WHERE ALL THE ISSUES INCLUDING NATIONAL SECURITY …..


    take care of vets…health care, comp. jobs, new gi bill of rights.

  266. Idunn – Thus, they try to counter with The Dead reunion show in Frisco on the same day. …. that could really backfire for him with older, christian folks. They see a guy who smoked weed and did coke when he was in HS, and The Grateful Dead and Deadheads love him??

    D’oh! What audience is he targeting? Do current kids like, or even know, GD? Aren’t all the old GD potheads for him already? Is this some dog-whistle for legalizing marijuana (if he can remember which hand to raise)?

    Maybe it was just something he can wave in front of cameras on short notice?

  267. era of the cowboy is over….for some reasonsa I see gwb

    she says sHE HAS BEEN willing to talk in detail about what she plans to do…hold her accountable…she will notwork on guesswork…don’t take no leap of faith ….hire her for the hardest job in the entire world.

    asking for them to talk to everyone with her message.

    she promises to start on day 1…jan 20…alll these problems and problems we do not know about yet.


  268. That was awesome. Did you see all of the Latinos? There is NO WAY IN HELL teddy’s endorsement did anything to our base of Latino voters.

  269. That speech wasn’t just targeted at CA. She’s telling the voters across the country, let’s finish this thing on Tueday, and start our journey to the WH.

  270. fat a$$ crawley reading her talking points now….did they show all of what 2 minutes???


    they do NOT want people to see this…however, word is out…..

  271. The Massachusetts Trap
    Posted by STEVEN STARK | E-Mail This | Permalink | Email Author
    Endorsements are mostly good things, of course, but occasionally they come with a downside. That fact is being demonstrated again in the run-up to Super Tuesday as Barack Obama pours more money and time into Massachusetts when, in truth, those valuable assets could probably be better spent elsewhere.

    The endorsements of Ted Kennedy and last time’s nominee, John Kerry (as well as Governor Deval Patrick), are worth a lot. But, in part because their prestige is now on the line, Obama will return to Massachusetts to campaign on Monday and is reportedly set to run an ad in the Boston market during the Super Bowl. In contrast, the word is that the candidate won’t be returning to California in the days before that primary which has, of course, far more delegates at stake.

    If the polls are to be believed, Obama is probably further behind in Massachusetts than he is in Missouri or California. And the truth is that he can probably afford to lose Massachusetts a lot more than he can afford to lose California. That is, before Kennedy endorsed him.

    Now they all know that if Obama loses Massachusetts the lead in some papers on Wednesday will be something along the line of, “Despite the endorsement of Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, and Deval Patrick, Barack Obama still couldn’t win . . . .” Obama’s endorsements have made the primary more important to him than it should be.

    Maybe they all can pull out the state for him. Even so, however, the question is whether it was worth the cost and the effort that could have been spent elsewhere.

  272. Great Rally for Hill;

    Obama put out some kind of celebrity music, includes the following: Scarlett Johansson, John Legend, Herbie Hancock, Kate Walsh, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Adam Rodriquez, Kelly Hu, Adam Rodriquez, Amber Valetta, Nick Cannon.

    Because I believe in keeping score….

  273. Nope, dot, BM is trying hard to keep a lid on a working person’s revolution in this country. And they are failing.

    This woman scares the CRAP out of the elites.

  274. I would listen to the CSPAN callers over the pundits. Most of the callers have been positive. There have been several Republicans who are voting for Hillary who have called in as well.

  275. Now Ethel Kennedy has endorsed Obama.

    The more these Kennedy endorsements have played out, the more I can’t help think it might be something a poster here said when Teddy came out with his endorsement, which is that for the Kennedys this is about who has the biggest name in Democratic politics, the Kennedys or the Clintons.

    Ethels’ endorsement says she’s watched “for years” how Obama has worked, blah, blah.

    Has it really been years? Has it?

  276. He should talk about winning when he has defeated someone other than Alan Keyes.

    Or won over any viable opponent in fair contest — unlike getting into the State senate by getting ALL his opponents taken off the ballot! (Search for “bare knuckles” and “Alice Palmer”).

  277. Ethel must be losing her marbles – most of her kids have endorsed HRC

    Most of the callers on CSPAN are supporting Hillary – one just said she was a REpub and she and her husband were supporting HRC and the Repub candidates are “duds” Ha!

  278. WOW!

    We have been so starved for coverage that catching sight of that rally on C-SPAN is like manna from heaven.

    What makes her so special is that she’s created something totally new. She’s inspirational, informative, nurturing and honest! No wonder Big Media is keeping her off the airwaves. Thank you Al Gore for the Intrenet! /wink wink

  279. I just emailed RFK jr to thank him for his support. He’s the only Kennedy who is really politically relevant anymore, and I just love the guy. Hill does remind me alot of RFK and his wonderful son, because they are of a rare breed that commits to causes, like equal justice, and a healthy environment, for the long haul. They never give up. They just keep plugging.

  280. Hi everyone, I just saw the live rally at Cal State in LA on CSpan. Her speech was very good — she used the refrain “the America I see” and it worked well. I also listened to the viewer comments later — about 10 -14 calls, 3 were registered repubs voting for Hillary — one of them said she and her husband were voting for Hillary because the Republican candidates were duds. There was also one republican caller who suggested that they should vote for Obama to get rid of Hillary. There was one caller (perhaps Obama supporter) repeating that Hillary was Goldwater girl — I think that is going around spread by Obama’s supporters. There was another republican undecided but crossing over to the democrats. The majority was for Hillary and I was especially pleased to hear those Republicans for Hillary.

  281. Republican women will cross over and vote for Hillary in droves. There were several c-span callers who were registered republicans who said they are going to vote for her. One woman caller said she decided to vote for Hillary after the debate. I keep saying this again and again. The debate was a significant event. People saw Hillary and Obama side-by-side. Hillary looked presidential and Obama didn’t. He didn’t pass the threshold.

  282. Big Leads for Clinton, McCain in New York Poll #’s
    WNBC/Marist poll:
    Dems: Clinton 54, Obama 38. Error margin: 5 points.
    GOP: McCain 61, Romney 24, Huckabee, Paul in single digits. Error margin: 7.5 points.
    Dates conducted Jan. 30-31.

  283. Ok, I just had such a hearty laugh and I just had to share this with my friends here .

    A diarist on mydd is absolutely hysterical and besides himself about the fact that Hillary seems to be trending up. He attributes it some anti BO email a bartender friend of his received last night and takes it be part of a wide sinister plan that is resulting in her bounce.

    So ? He says he’s going to complain to Kos and MSNBC about it.

    lol, my tummy is still aching ….

  284. I hope C-Spans replays the rally or that I can see it online somewhere . . . damn me for coming to study when there’s an election to win! Thanks for the posts on the coverage though.

  285. dt Says: A diarist on mydd is absolutely hysterical and besides himself about the fact that Hillary seems to be trending up.

    ROFLMAO… obamocrats and obamanicans are crappin in their pants.. LOLLL

  286. Found the link and watched most of the rally. HRC was powerful and moving. Heard the listener calls and was surprised several Rep registered voters are switching to HRC for this election.

    Just hope no dirty tricks happen before Tuesday.

    Replay tonight EST at 8pm.

  287. Hey, if any Obamabots try to hit you with the Goldwater girl crap, tell them that she was a GG in high school – at about the same age that Obama was snorting coke.

    Not sure they want to be bringing up what the candidates were doing in high school as evidence of judgement. Could be bad for them. 🙂

  288. BIG ALERT!!!!

    Just announced…keep an eye out from the National Campaign…..

    Wilma Mankiller endorsing HRC!!!! Wilma Mankiller was the first female Chief of the Cherokee Nation. This is a HUGE endorsement in Oklahoma and around the country when it comes to the Native American Vote. Spread the word!!!

    For more information on Wilma Mankiller:

  289. Law,

    I missed the first half of the rally so I’m gonna tune in to watch the first part.

    On a more somber note, 2 of LA’s biggest Hispanic newspapers endorsed BO. One is the mostly widely read daily in the country. And BC is going on a mea culpa tour through black churches to APOLOGIZE for his racial statements.

    wtf! What racial statements???????

  290. soonerdemocrat.. thanks for headsup.. whenever I see powerful women endorsing Hillary.. I see how Hillary has extremely positive influence on the society.. just goes on to say how important a womens role is in society.. leadership positions and grass roots organizations…

  291. The Culinary endorsement didn’t help him in Vegas, and a Latino paper endorsement ain’t gonna help him in LA. Latinos will vote for HRC. They can have univision endorse him if they want, but she is going to carry the Latino vote by a significant margin.

  292. Another great line from the rally:

    “I’m not asking you to take a leap of faith with me; I’m asking you to HIRE me to do the
    > hardest job in the world.”

  293. Here in Oklahoma, the Native American population is HUGE. we have been working on inroads to the leaders of this important community. IMO, We got the biggest name–another woman who knows that importance of firsts! A woman who knows about leadership. A woman who knows about leading a nation. Wilma Mankiller is an amazing woman with many incredible accomplishments. Hillary and Wilma are both strong women who know about getting big things done.

  294. HFT- what a great line that is! She has to keep saying because it shows what a difference of night and day there is between her and BO.

  295. The only newspaper endorsement that matters to me is the New York Times. Every single small town and college newspaper in the country can endorse whoever they want. I don’t think many of those writers and editorial boards are in the position to tell us who to vote for.

  296. Exactly, The NYTimes is the paper of record and the nly newspaper endorsement that matters. Plus, they conducted their endorsement process much like DMR, as a job interview.

  297. Sorry about being random but I continue to think about how selfish Barry is for running this year. It’s selfish to take away Hillary’s chance of becoming president and it’s selfish to run with such little experience. The American people deserve better after eight years of Bush. Most of my Barrybot friends don’t see the similarities between Barry and Bush. Barry said it himself: he’s not good with paperwork. He would have his staff take care of that stuff. Um…that’s probably what Bush said too when he got that memo about Al Queda planning to attack the U.S. The presidency is more than just giving speeches and making people feel good. It’s about doing the work necessary to keep us safe and fight the Republicans in order to get us universal health care and better schools. Hillary Clinton is the only choice we have in this election. There is NO ONE else left in this primary who can give us those things.

  298. TPS, all,

    Thanks for the positive feedback. I get a little paranoid; whenever HRC does something really great MSM and the Obamanites either distort it or ignore it.

    What does everyone think about the Oprama rally tomorrow?

  299. MJ:

    Regarding Massachusetts.

    Given the ball-washing from the media for Obama (they are now on their third all-out blitz to destroy Clinton), wouldn’t it be a minor miracle for her to win any primaries? I mean, she got killed in Florida.

    Didn’t she?

  300. HighlyEducatedHillarySupporter,

    It is not so much selfish as it is arrogant. It takes a lot of arrogance to run despite being inexperienced.

  301. basil9,

    I don’t think it will be that important – especially since Obama won’t even be there to speak. In my opinion, it is just a further sign that he has given up on California.

  302. We’ve discussed this last night. Oprah has no shame. I hope she loses more viewers after her rally tomorrow. She uses her fan base to make her millions but she doesn’t represent them when the time comes as in this election. I’m hoping the Super Bowl overshadows her L.A. visit. I still think L.A. is going to Hillary no matter what Oprah, Michelle Obama, and Caroline Kennedy do or say. None of these women can match Hillary in terms of wit, intelligence, political experience, and passion to help our country. I wouldn’t worry about it. As this post indicated, many of Obama’s rallies in L.A. have had mostly black turnout who are already Obama supporters. He will not get the diverse mix of people who come out for Hillary and he definitely will not get the number of Latinos to come out for him. I’m going to take a wild guess but I’m sure most Latinos could give a sh*t about Oprah. She has never done anything for them either.

  303. The Chicago newspapers endorsing Obama is a joke. How can they be taken serioulsy endorsing him while at the same time running articles questioning his honesty on the front page concerning his connections to REZKO.

  304. Oprah isn’t going to attract Latinos and certainly not men. If he is trying to get female votes, he is barking up the wrong tree. Most are upset at how she even got involved in this race. She will only attract obama supporters.

  305. hwc,

    I agree the press coverage of the HRC Florida victory in which she won almost 1 million votes, in a state that KNEW it’s delegates may not be seated, should have been front page news. That’s more popular votes for her than in the 4 previous state primaries combined.
    Instead, MSM reported the story as a dirty trick to get more delegates after the SC fiasco.
    And I think BO’s latest comment that HRC’s supporters would vote for him but his won’t vote for HRC screams for coverage! But Nooooooo. If she’d said that you know what would have happened.

  306. Yes, Hillary was a Goldwater Girl in 64. By 72 she was campaigning for McGovern. In college she was working for civil rights.

    She grew up in a Goldwater household — kind of like growing up outside the US, gives a perspective of differences. 🙂 Well, her father was GOP, mother liberal. Search for “soft as a housedress”.

  307. TPS

    that’s right, BO won’t be on TV having any crying fits. he’ll be off-camera suffering his own hissy-fit tuesday night.

  308. When CNN reruns that debate tonight, I wonder how much editing they will do of what President Hillary Clinton says. I believe it was reported on here they had edited some things she said.

    I like the sound of that: President Hillary Clinton

  309. I think BO has consistently insulted whatever and whoever is in his way. It started with the personal attacks on HRC from the “you’re likeable enough” remark to the post Nevada caucus quip that in response to what his biggest flaw was instead of saying it was paperwork he should have said it was an overwhelming urge to help little old ladies cross the street.
    Now he’s not only insulted the 800,000+ citizens who voted for HRC in Florida (it was a beauty contest) he insults his fellow democrats by announcing that his supporters won’t back HRC, dissing 100 million possible HRC voters.
    And he keeps getting away with it! That’s what drives me nuts!

  310. Glad they are replaying the debate. I have heard from a lot of people here in NJ that they made up their minds to vote for Hillary after the debate.

  311. When the talking heads on Fox were discussing the prospective winners of TT, a woman whom I don’t recall having seen before (and I didn’t hear her name), said the big news on February 6th will probably be Hillary Clinton. I hope and believe she is right.

  312. To add to the Penn post, I think the video from MTP a few years back of McCain saying HRC would be a wonderful president would make a great commercial.

  313. basil9: The only people allowing him to get away with it is the media. We along with the 100 million + HRC voters are here listening and we don’t like it one bit. He can forget our votes if he is lucky to make it to the GE. He can forget about winning FL. And he can forget about uniting this country and working with the Republicans. His presidency will be a huge failure.
    Anglachel’s Blog has a good post on Barry’s relationship with the Republicans and how bipartisanship does not benefit progressives:

  314. In New York, Hillary now leads 54% to about 39%. There is a missprint on his number. That’s the Marist Poll. She has the MO!!!

  315. Watched Hillary in L.A on C-Span and
    Dang, I’m watching Hillary rally in L.A. They are fired up! I mean fired up. They threw , ‘si se puede’ back at Obama. That Mayor from Oakland, mr. Dellums was great( I think that he is a Black Hispanic) she need to have him out on tv. He was awesome-great and powerful speaker and gave great reasons why he endorsed her.

    I missed what Maxine said. This has got to be the most electric rally of hers that I saw.

    She said I’m asking you to hire me for the most important job in the world and I primise that I will wake up every moring to fight for you.’ She also said that she is giving specific plans andproposals and that she wants the voters to hold her accountable.

  316. HEHS,
    Thanks for the link. I’m gonna check it. And I agree completely that not only is MSM letting him get away with it, but they’re promoting it.

    What i still don’t get is why? In another thread someone remarked that
    the anchors and reporters who so viciously attacked HRC are gonna have a big problem if she wins on 2/5. And they may be out of a job. Last night, despite my pledge not to watch CNN I sneaked a peak and Wolf looked positively chastened and exhausted.
    What’s the deal between media and BO?
    Also,what about the Kenya connection?

  317. HighlyEducatedHillarySupporter Says: Sorry about being random but I continue to think about how selfish Barry is for running this year. It’s selfish to take away Hillary’s chance of becoming president and it’s selfish to run with such little experience.

    I agree! I think this is the most important issue in the whole campaign. As Gloria Steinem said, cleaning up from Bush may take two terms of HIllary PLUS two terms of Obama. There didn’t need to be any conflict: Obama needs 8 more years of experience, then he can run with the Clintons’ backing.

    Actually this was Obama’s original plan: “2010-2012-2016″. He had planned to win at least one more election, re-elect or Governorship, before considering a president run.

    I think this is a big judgement/character issue against Obama — his decision to try to shove in ahead of Hillary by running in 2008, endangering our chance to get the White House and causing division with people who would otherwise have supported him.

    But eventually he succumbed to the buzz enveloping his political persona and decided to run for the presidency of the most powerful nation in history after only two years in national politics.
    ….The excitement surrounding his emergence on the national political scene had given him entree to some of the nation’s wealthiest and best-connected people, and he now employed his flair for fundraising to help fellow Democrats and potential friends.
    Obama was particularly taken with the success of his book. When he was new to the Senate, a friend said, “It was possible his star quality would fade.” But the reception on the book tour and fundraising circuit suggested the public’s enthusiasm for him was not so ephemeral. …. ‘These opportunities come around once, at best twice in a lifetime,’ ”,1,3193322.story?page=4

    This whole profile gives much good detail about Obama’s poor judgement in earlier races (like pushing another elder stateswoman, Alice Palmer, off the ballot in spite of Black leaders trying to find a solution).

  318. media is gonna spin this thing on Tuesday night as a “America just doesn’t get “it”….they will blame voters and not accept any responsibility for the failure of Barrack Hussein Obama. I can just see Fred Barnes with this arms crossed, shaking his head,….chris matthews spewing spit….sean hannity with his head exploding…and keitho naming the voters worst person in the world.

    this is the day I am so anxiously waiting on….even if I were not a supporter of Hillary on the merits…I would cross over and give her a protest vote on election day….just to shut the talking head the he** up. Wolfass blister and fat a$$ccrawley well I just want to see them suck lemons.

    Off rant now…Must Go Pray..

  319. just a quick word. that mydd diarist is a liar. (i checked out of interest to see if some new right wing smear campaign vs obama was out there.) the media, spinning for obama all the time, still knows those emails have been going around for years.

    sorry but i am sick of crazy kos diaries and comment writers hollering about these smear emails saying hill’s campaign is responsible. the emails started with bho’s senate campaign, 2004, and have been forwarded around ever since. my father received one his friends are nearly all republicans and they send email forwards about politics all the time from sites like newsmax, worldnetdaily, etc. any of you friends with vocal bushie/right wing friends must get these forwards (there are a lot more anti hillary ones out there, they REALLY hate her).

  320. there was a caller from chicago who called in on cspan. an AA…he said obama did not do jackdiddly for them ..crusin in to pick up fat checks for his campaign….it will be interesting to see how much AA vote he gets in his own districts….

    those in his own neighborhood are rejecting the man of hope…just as we are

  321. What does everyone think about the Oprama rally tomorrow?

    Perhaps I’m biased, but it seems to me that he looks kind of lame for calling on Oprah to drag him across the finish line. This isn’t the first caucus, and no matter how much his supporters scream, “name recc” is no longer an issue. There’s been non-stop media coverage for a year, and it’s hitting a frenzied pitch. It’s absurd to rely on Oprah to introduce him to voters … before Super Tuesday. Add to that how he is attached to hip of the Kennedy clan. A Dead Head concert featuring living members? Could this get any more issue-free?

  322. Sherm,

    If CNN does edit the debat, which would really be bad journalism, they will probably edit out Hillary’s National Town Hall plug as well as Wolf Blitzer getting booed (have to protect their ‘talent’).

  323. hey all – just got back from Hillary rally at California State U and yes there were 10,000 people plus there (lots and lots of women), and so you know, talking to some staffers – internal polling in California from the campaign shows that it’s very close – SO, if you are in California OR anywhere else that might be phonebanking for states that are close – GET ON THE PHONE AND HELP. We need everyone out there talking to people to GOTV for Hillary.

  324. I’d really enjoy it if the talking heads snarked all night about how the Kennedy-Kerry-Patrick axis of BO puffery was a net negative for him.

    A special bonus would be if they capped the evening with snark about how the Oprah event turned off Californians.

  325. What every happens on Tuesday, the media will present it as a big win for Obama. Remember, they’ve barred all Clinton supporters from the analyst spots. All media analysts are either announced Obama supporters or “neutral” Obama supporters.

    They will show the full hour of Obama’s speech and not show Clinton’s.

  326. “A Dead Head concert featuring living members? Could this get any more issue-free?” *LOL*
    I just saw the latest HRC commercials – there’s a Spielberg touch in the “falling” clip. I know she has that new (old) marketing guy, the one who boosted Southwest Airlines, in her camp now. Wonder if he’s shaping the message? When I peeked at CNN, a couple of commentators said those Andy Warholesque posters of BO bobbing behind Blitzer Bigbeard were bizarre, almost scary. I read somewhere else that the BO campaign paid college students $12.50 per hour to attend the rally and carry the signs.

    FWIW- Mark Penn isn’t too persuasive, is he?

  327. a second shout out to Caroline for giving me a heads up about Cspan
    and Hillary’s magnificent rally at CA St U

    Hillary gave a great speech to 7,000 +
    with thousands outside who couldn’t get in
    many people stayed overnight to get a good vantage point

    Hillary gave a great speech
    Ron Dellum, the mayor of Oakland, was very impressive
    as was Maxine

    great stuff

  328. I read somewhere else that the BO campaign paid college students $12.50 per hour to attend the rally and carry the signs.

    Really? I thought they flock to volunteer because they’re so inspired …

  329. People tend to jump on the bandwagon based on who they think is going to win. Look at the Republicans, after McCain won SC and FL all of a sudden he has leads in most of the Super Tuesday states. When Hillary wins 17 or 18 States Tuesday the average voter who is not a strong supporter of either Hillary or Obama will see the state wins and not the deleagte counts and jump on board. Let’s face it everyone likes a winner and after Tuesday they will see Hillary as the winner. I expect her numbers in the remaning states to jump just as McCains did, if not more.

  330. bill’s mea culpa-

  331. HillaryLandRocks
    The media is dying for a brokered convention. Their bias to Obama is just self serving and after Tuesday they will spin Hillary’s wins as just part of the overall delegate race, saying it is far from over unless Hillary really kicks ass and wins 1000 to 1200 of the delegates.

  332. not sure what obama’s intentions of leaving – but yes, some internal polling by HRC campaign still showing it is close in CA.

    oh, and I got to shake Ron Dellums’ hand today. He is elegant, tall, handsome – saw Sally Field too, Christine Lahti at the rally; Jane Kazmarek and her husband Bradley Whitford; Magic Johnson, Antonio Villaraigosa.

  333. that mea culpa crap is most likely sourced by candy big a$$ crawley…something about that woman. the media is just absolutely salivating for one little niblet throw in bills face tomorrow. I thought he was going to watch the superbowl.

  334. yes, lots of people at the rally today in CA – the line snaked what seemed to be nearly a mile – possibly even a thousand did not get into the gym. United Farm Workers were in red t-shirts. Clinton came out afterwards to speak to those outside, still a very large crowd and news helicopters above probably caught that…Gloria Molina endorsed today at the rally.

  335. …more phone banking for me tonight and a press conference for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (hoping Hillary will be there) in Los Angeles. Please, no one get complacent!!; help if you can from wherever you are. Would not want to see Obama pull any upset in a big state like CA.


    Veteran Journalist Carole Simpson To Serve As Moderator Of Voices Across America: A National Town Hall

    The Clinton campaign today announced that veteran journalist Carole Simpson will serve as moderator for Hillary’s Voices Across America: A National Town Hall. The three-time Emmy award winner will join Hillary at the anchor event in New York. The town hall will be broadcast live on Hallmark Channel and online on the eve of Super Tuesday, Monday, February 4, 2008 at 9 p.m. EST. Voters will be able to participate in this historic town hall by attending the New York event or one of the other 21 satellite simulcast events across the country, watching it live on television, and viewing a real-time stream of the event at

    “I’m excited to have Carole serve as moderator of this historic town hall,” said Clinton. “Carole has exemplified excellence throughout her career. Her participation in this event will ensure that we keep the voices of the American public at the forefront of this discussion.”

    Simpson is now a professor at Emerson College and was the longtime weekend anchor of ABC World News Tonight. Simpson began her career in her native Chicago, working for community newspapers, radio and local television. She joined ABC News in 1982 and served as weekend anchor for 15 years, from 1988 to 2003. During the 1992 presidential campaign, she was moderator of the historic second presidential debate, the first to follow a town-hall format and the first to be moderated by a woman and an African-American.

  337. Kingsgroove, perhaps we should forget about those absentee ballots for now. The bigger the margin, should we win, the better.

  338. yes, I did followup calls to Absentee CA voters and I would say 6-7 out of 10 already voted for Hillary – was interesting that most women said they voted for Hillary, and one really sweet woman said gushingly “I LOVE HER”…I said ME TOO – and ‘we both sound like we’re crazy Beatles fans!’ – only a few men on the phone said they voted for Hillary…definitely some diff in gender, but it was nice to hear women say, ‘my husband and I already voted for her.” the Absentee Ballot GOTV was brilliant by the HRC CA campaign.

  339. TV ALERT: Hillary on Sunday

    Feb 3

    Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace

    ABC This Week with George Stephanopoulos

    * James Carville (and Mary) is on NBC Meet The Press

  340. I just submitted this to a short comment string at
    I have cites and quotes but didn’t include them as the comments seem pretty shallow.

    The Clintons’ comments were distorted by the media. Jesse Jackson and other Black leaders (many who knew the real MLK) defended them. The Senate Black Caucus is evenly divided between HIllary and Obama. Polls showed that it was Hillary voters who said Bill’s support of Hillary was “important” — those who voted against her said it was unimportant. Obama has been steadily losing Black support since Nevada:

    Nevada 83%
    SC 80%
    Florida 70%

  341. THIS was a really interesting story told by Hill staff – that some were following up on women who signed up to volunteer, and when they called their homes to schedule, the husbands would say, “my wife isn’t volunteering for Hillary.” Basically, some men don’t even know their wives are helping the campaign!

  342. hey hillfans!

    i’m going to be waving and holding a sign on the corner of Piedmont and Chesire Bridge Road intersection in Atlanta tomorrow. I encourage everyone living in a Feb. 5th state to do the same at a busy intersection. I did this right before the Iraq war deal, and got boo’ed and spit at. I’m used to standing up for the right thing and taking the heat!

    And of course I’ll be taping the Sunday shows. 🙂

  343. For those who missed the rally, it will be repeated on CSpan at 8pm EST (about 2 hours from now.)

    Watch it! It’s GREAT!

  344. Report to the home office: Just spent the day in Manhattan – terrific rally in Union Square, all the NYC dems – from City Council, Borough Presidents, State Senate, Assembly, ALL of them there speaking on behalf of Hillary. Then went to do phone banking in Brooklyn. 60% of my calls were positively Hillary, 30% Undecided, 10% Obama. I feel good about our chances here in NY. After spending all night reading posts it was great to actually stop obsessing with polls and actually GET OUT THERE AND DO SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE! I highly recommend it! Go Hillfans, go!

  345. Hey guys. I was at the rally today in Union Square in NYC for Hillary and just let me say, it was exhilarating and wonderful. We had a huge turn-out, a lot of press and some great speakers. I just came from a phone bank party which had special guests Geraldine Ferraro and Fran Drescher. It was really great to meet the two of them and to be around Hillary supporters. We’re feeling really great about Tuesday and I can’t wait till we kick ass!

  346. Obama campaign apologizes:

    Obama Adviser: Barack “Doesn’t Go On TV And Have Crying Fits”
    He also said Obama “doesn’t go on television and have crying fits; he isn’t discovering his voice at the age of 60” — references to Clinton’s much-publicized show of emotion during the New Hampshire primary campaign and her speech after winning the contest in which she declared that she had “found my voice.”

    McPeak later retracted his remarks, and the Obama camp disassociated itself from them. […]

    An Obama campaign aide was on the line during the interview. Minutes later, McPeak called back to say he regretted his remarks and that he has “high regard” for Hillary Clinton.

    He also expressed concern that “some of those loose-lips-will-sink-ships quotes will be the big story.”

    In an email, the Obama campaign said McPeak’s words “crossed the line” and that Obama “strongly disagrees with these comments and apologizes on behalf of the campaign.”

  347. positivelyclintonian — what part of Brooklyn did you call? Was it in Yvette Clarke’s district?

    wasabigirl — why do you think Jack Johnson’s endorsement is a major get in MD?

  348. He also expressed concern that “some of those loose-lips-will-sink-ships quotes will be the big story.”

    Cry me a river, Bambi. You never mind when every little negative word of anyone Hillary ever even met is the big story in the press. Is this a shout out to your media buddies to bury this story?

  349. Thanks Hillary4Texas: for the CSPAN information. Now I can get the word out to my local organization. That rally was wonderful

  350. I doubt that, HLR. If he wanted to do that, he would have endorsed him right away. My gut instinct in that Elizabeth’s health has worsened.

  351. H4t:If some thing similar happened with our campaign the media would have run special shows calling for condemning Clintons.

  352. I meant to say:

    H4t:If some thing similar happened with our campaign the media would have run special shows condemning Clintons.

  353. I doubt that, HLR. If he wanted to do that, he would have endorsed him right away.

    This way he can hedge his bets. His staffers trashed Hillary in print on their way to the BO campaign and the SEIU-CA endorsement went to BO.

  354. HillaryLandRocks – Our call lists were mostly upstate, not downstate Dems. Good feedback though. The debate was mentioned by many late deciders as a major reason they supported Hillary.

  355. ABC News was touting the fact that the Los Angeles based La Opinion newspaper, the nation’s largest Spanish language newspaper, endorsed Bambi, but the paper wrote that they did so because of his support for drivers licenses for illegal immigrants.

  356. Bambi is a fool and the MSM which is back east is a tool…I hope they do keep up talking about Obama licenses for illegal immigrants.

  357. What’s stupid of La Opinion is that Hillary has crafted an agenda that particularly helps latinos. Universal pre-k, halt to the mortage crisis, UHC, these are all issues that particularly effect citizen latinos, but they pick Obama because of driver’s licenses.

  358. Well, take this one with a major grain of salt. FOX News’ Major Garrett said Hillary staffers say her California internals show HRC with a 17-point lead there. Who knows…
    NBC Nightly News with a cute trick. They have their Obama beat reporter – forget his name – do the HRC campaign V/O recap as he stands at an Obama rally, in front of an Obama “Change” sign for the entire time.
    Then Precious as he’s known in these parts does an ABC “interview”, where toughest question he gets is,
    “Do you pick up the phone and actually call Oprah?”
    Tuesday can’t get here quick enough…

  359. They would feel like fools if Obama were to get the nomination which he will not. Because in the GE he would have back pedal and say that is not what he meant.

  360. says she has been fighting for Americans…people living with the changes she has already made…the childrens health insurance….health care for the volunteers….making changes all her life and has good idea how to take the country….choice between the two of them and who is best ready to lead the able to lead, best able to beat the repubs….

  361. but they pick Obama because of driver’s licenses.

    And those who actually want them can’t vote.

    Driver’s licenses for the undocumented is essentially the cause of single-issue Hispanic activists.

  362. obamabots have control of the online feedback…you whizes need to get onboard here…online genious go to bat

  363. she is going back to hit than answer again…to show she is the one who can do it…skeptiscism question hit head on…this woman can hit back

  364. Blue,

    I’ll see your NBC reporter and raise with the CBS reporter.

    They ran the segment of the CBS reporter covering Bambi, then when they went to the segment of the CBS reporter covering Hillary, he spent most of the time talking about… you guessed it, Bambi.


  365. these are planted questions….not one of these kids know about porkbarrel spending….she is taking them head on….

  366. It’s stupid, because I can tell you here in San Antonio, the Latino community does not just want open borders and free drivers licenses for any old fool.

    They want an END to the racist hate verbiage of the GOP making brown people the enemy, and some REASONABLE solutions for how to work it all out so no one is hurt, and so those who want and have the dream to come here to work still can, legally. That is what they want.

  367. i’m sorry but she is not winning on iraq….she needs to get her speech out that she made on the floor and shove that up peoples noses…….not good on this question although she does have good idea on how to get out….i’m not sure she will ever be clear on this issue

  368. HillaryforTexas,

    Do you know anything about NM?

    The Santa Fe and Albuquerque papers have endorsed BO. A poll, albeit a suspect one w/ a large MOE conducted by students, has BO w/ a 6pt lead. What is going on in NM?

  369. The victory will be much sweeter on the 5th knowing all of these idiotic papers that are endorsing him are making huge mistakes.

  370. I have not yet seen a recent poll out of NM. I imagine the numbers will be in hillary’s favor after she visits the state tomorrow.

  371. The MTV poll online is probably filled with Paulites. Ron Paul got the best percentages his way, I did not see Barack go, but he was there. I dunno those young people in that room didn’t look pumped for the election at all (through the whole night).

  372. if it has anything to do with or about wary. what reasoning do those papers give for endorsement of BO

  373. andrew I agree. makes me wonder if this was just not some staged fiasco. hillary got big PLUG for her town hall meeting though…LOVED it.

  374. MTV set her up and I think it was horrible unfair. This is going to backfired on MTV and all the MSM…this is blatant tampering in an election. Very unfair and unamerican…jmho.

    That sign off was so…you know Hillary support is with Old people..WTF!!!

    Obama will lose the west and the more the media tamper with this election the more people will resist. American take their vote seriously and they hate this crap.

  375. La Opinion is owned by the LA Times which is owned by the Chicago Tribune Co. I think that explains a lot.

  376. well old people and women will rule very soon…sorry but most of those kids will not even bother to get up and go vote…most likely not even registered… blatant though and I’m sure the dude will set this up on morning shows like rotmsnbc to try to make her look bad.

    this is the first time i’ve wathced mtv in forever….so there you go

  377. Bill Clinton woos NM governor
    Associated Press Writer
    Former President Clinton will watch the Super Bowl Sunday with New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, who recently dropped out of the Democratic presidential contest and whose backing Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama have actively sought.

    The former president and Richardson planned to watch the game together at a private residence in Red River, a community of about 500 people in the mountains of northern New Mexico with a small ski area that attracts winter visitors.

    Richardson, a Hispanic, is widely popular in his home state, one of 22 holding Democratic nominating contests on Super Tuesday, Feb. 5. Both the Obama and Clinton camps have courted his endorsement, but Richardson has so far not indicated whether he will tip his hand before Tuesday.

    Richardson held two posts in Clinton’s cabinet – as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations in 1997 and as Energy secretary from 1998-2001.

    Clinton also visited Richardson last Thursday to discuss a possible endorsement of the former first lady. The former president has actively campaigned this week for his wife, a New York senator, in several Feb. 5 states.

    “They’re calling a lot,” Richardson said last week of the candidates and their supporters.

    But Richardson downplays the significance of any endorsement, including his.

    “First of all, I don’t think endorsements by other politicians mean much. I never felt that. I like both Senators Obama and Clinton. I know both well. I know Senator Clinton better, obviously.”

  378. barack obama must be upset with the schedule: he arrives in a city to espouse a series of falsehoods, and hillary arrives the next day to redress all his errors. and this, i believe, is appropriate, for hillary will have the final word on 5 feb.

  379. I think she did great on MTV. She got out her points, was VERY specific on College Affordability, and talked about ending both the War in Iraq and No Child Left Behind both of which are hated by my generation. Forget the online poll it was Paulites who is the most buzzed about candidate on college campuses, facebook, myspace, and youtube.

  380. richardson endorsement is becoming less valuable. he wants to hold them hostage…she has gone it alone and I expect her to do well on Tuesday…she will carry her own

  381. OandrewD I think Hillary did a wonderful job, she made her point and I think they scored. What I didn’t like was how the host would undercut her every time she made points.

    Even Hillary made of point of this by saying she didn’t know where these question of doubt were coming from. But what I didn’t like was how after Hillary got out her plug on her interactive townhall. The host of the show Chris was very dismissive of her campaign and ask their audience to vote but Hillary strength came not old people and imply she wasn’t cool enough to vote for.

    But I do think Hillary made inroad with that crowd because the hosts were trying very hard to play down everything she said…btw the host were all guys. I do think the girls were very interested and really wanted to hear her talk.

  382. hello hillfans – will the drivers license for illegal immigrants be an issue on tuesday? could the latinos change their minds before then?

  383. socal4hill, it is a non-issue. Most Latinos could care less about that in the big picture of it all.

  384. socal4hill
    No, it will not. Immigrants here legally are just as opposed to illegals getting drivers licenses. Beside illegals can not vote. Obama blew this one big time, 66% of voters are against it.

  385. When you make phone calls are you given a script to follow? Just curious. I’m scared but feel inspired by all of you to make as many phone calls as I possibly can. Donating isn’t enough for me anymore, I want to do more!

  386. MSNBC and CNN tank in January TV ratings:

    Below, the 20 top ranked shows for January, according to Nielsen Media Research:

    1. The O’Reilly Factor (Fox)
    2. Hannity & Colmes (Fox)
    3. The Fox Report with Shep Smith (Fox)
    4. Special Report with Brit Hume (Fox)
    5. On The Record with Greta Van Susteren (Fox)
    6. Americas Newsroom (Fox)
    7. The O’Reilly Factor (Repeat) (Fox)
    8. Larry King Live (CNN)
    9. The Big Story with John Gibson (Fox)
    10. Lou Dobbs Tonight (CNN)
    11. Studio B with Shep Smith (Fox)
    12. Your World with Neil Cavuto (Fox)
    13. Happening Now (Fox)
    14. Fox And Friends (Fox)
    15. Live Desk with Martha MacCallum (Fox)
    16. Americas Pulse (Fox)
    17. Anderson Cooper 360 (CNN)
    18, Out In The Open (CNN)
    19. Countdown with Keith Olbermann (MSNBC)
    20. CNN Election Center (CNN)

    I think this is the direct effect of Hilalry supporters abandoning MSNBC and CNN. In fact, I would say Fox News ahs provided fairer coverage to Hillary. This also suggests that we shouldn’t worry about all the Obama bias in MSNBC and CNN because really no one is watching them. Note that Lou Dobbs is the best performing CNN show. He has also been quite fair to Hillary.

  387. Hi guys. Actually did what I said I would do today…toke a shower, took and walk and saw a movie. I feel a ton better.

    Before we left, I got to see the LA rally. Loved seeing Maxine get the crowd reved up! And the mayor of Oakland (can’t recall his name)….he was really great! BIG turn out. It made me smile from ear to ear.

    Now I’m back here and looking for some news.

  388. LawSchoolDem, yes, there is a script to read. It feels REALLY awkward at first, and you stumble a lot. But it gets easy quickly.

  389. Just saw the first part of the rally. (saw the second part earlier) OMG! Amazing! And absolutely NOOOOO media coverage!

    Maxine Waters was magnificent! Her response to Bambi’s message of hope . . .

    “We’ve had plenty of hope. We need some HELP!”

    I’m so glad I found this site because otherwise I wouldn’t have known about events like this.

  390. dot48, exactly right, Wolf Blitzer’s situation room, matthews, tucker, morning with mika and joe none of these guys made even top twenty. They are a joke and they are irrelevant. Americans are voting with their feet. No one watches them. MSNBC was attracting a Democratic audience until the start of the primary season. Now, they have lost a whole lot of us who are never watching these morons again.

  391. O man I so happy SEXISTBALL with Christ Matthews is not on that list. Same goes for *rhymes with Pucker* Carlson, seriously why does he have a show?

  392. OandrewD, I share in your happiness. These guys are talking themselves into an even greater hol of irrelevance. I am especially happy to see that bully Keith Olbermann at the bottom of the list way behind. He has been so nasty to Hillary.

  393. For those of you that love polls this one might interest you.

    ARG IL Primaries: Surprisingly Small Lead for Obama, McCain Up 14

    American Research Group Illinois Poll conducted 1/30-1/31 of 600 Democrats and 600 Republicans:

    Obama 51%
    Clinton 40%

    McCain 48%
    Romney 34%
    Paul 3%
    Huckabee 3%

  394. tps, all,

    “MSNBC was attracting a Democratic audience until the start of the primary season. Now, they have lost a whole lot of us who are never watching these morons again.”

    Exactly! And while I never watched Fox before, at least they deliver the news ( not the talking heads) in a more detached and objective way. Before I found this site I’d already stopped watching Mathews, Olbermann, Scarman, etc.

  395. I have a confession, I wrote to Bill O’Reilly earlier this month and told him I have began to watch his show and more of Fox meanwhile I switched MessNBC and CNN off because believe it or not, Fox has a fairer coverage of the democrats. I also sent him some links of Keith Olbermann and Tweety dissing Hillary lol. Bill O’Reilly can’t stand them…hehe.

  396. rjk1957, actually Obama’s support is not far off from the Chicago Tribune poll which had him at 55%. However, ARG has been pretty bad all this year in its polls.

  397. basil9, Caroline, serves these morons right. A few days ago, in one of the threads I was calling for a boycott of these shows from us here. It looks like most people in this site and elsewhere who are Hillary supporters have already been doing exactly that.

  398. hehe notice lou dobbs is probably only atleast “fair” observer in CNN.. and larry king doesnt talk much about politics anyways. LOL.. payback to these asses is a bitch..

  399. “I have a confession, I wrote to Bill O’Reilly earlier this month and told him I have began to watch his show”


    You’re not alone. I’ve sent dozens of irate emails over the past several months to all the MSM shows about the skewed coverage.

    The only positive feedback I’ve sent was to Fox news.

  400. gladiatorstail, think of how idiotic these people are from even purely a business view point. Why would they alienate a whole lot of their viewers?

  401. One thing I’ve learned from watching all these shows is that I don’t hate Pat Buchanon nearly as much as I thought I did. I don’t agree with him politically, but he sure as shit shoots from the hip. PLUS, he’s taken up for HRC several times, and that always scores a few points with me.

  402. Caroline, I send it to OReilly’s slimy butt every time I catch Keith O or Tweety in a lie. And yes, he has mentioned some of them on air.

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  403. FOX has been more business savy by playing it more fair (given even their rightwing tilt). They have not been vicious on Hillary. The MSNBC morons have been just plain vicious on Hillary.

  404. Hillary was AMAZING at the L.A. rally!!! I am re-watching it again on C-Span. You know, after a year of campaigning, I think Hillary has gotten better and better at this, don’t you??? Hearing all the positive things those California officials said about Hillary made me cry! This campaign – my devotion and support of Hillary – is so personal! This is not just an election for me. I love what that mayor said – “she has paid her dues and she deserves to be President of the United States!” I could not agree more!!!

    I also agree with the poster who said they are angry about Obama running in this race. I feel that way, too. He is only 46 – he has no experience – he has plenty of time to run for president. WHY does he have to run against Hillary? At 60, I really doubt Hillary would run again if God forbid she doesn’t win this time. I think he is selfish and arrogant and as others have said if a woman with his measley experience ran, she would be laughed out of the race!

    Tomorrow I am heading to downtown Brooklyn to phone bank. I have been doing it at home but for some reason I cannot access Anyone else having this problem??

  405. TPS,

    Count me in for the boycott. That’s how Mathews was reined in. The NYT Steinem article and then the Women in Media protest at NBC in Washington forced CM to give an (insincere) apology on his show.

  406. guys did you notice above that I wrote…Karl Rove joining FOX who’s butt is out you reckon? DickO maybe…

  407. The vast majority of Latinos will vote for Hillary not only because she has stood with them and championed issues important to them but also because she is a Clinton. The Clintons are very popular with Latinos.

  408. basil9, the only think these guys’ bosses listen to is money. If their ratings go down, they get less advertising revenue, their bottom line goes down, and these guys in suits don’t get their fat bonuses. We will continue to boycott these shows until they provide a more fair coverage. We are not asking for a pro-Hillary coverage, but a more fair coverage of issues and people.

  409. I know he’s a Republican but I’ve always liked Pat Buchanan. He seems to be fair minded and calls out BS when he sees it.

  410. Question, my 17 year old brother wants to vote for Hillary in Arizona and he will be 18 in may, so he can can’t he?

  411. Hillary Clinton blossomed in LA today: she was radiant; she was lyrical; she was polemical; but most of all she was inspirational. She has just emerged, and she intends to win Super Tuesday. The primary season has just begun.

  412. TeamClinton08, After Hillary’s NH win, Pat Buchanan said that even his sister Bay Buchanan and his mom were so turned off by the negative coverage of Hillary before the primary, they felt positive towards Hillary. Bay Buchanana and Hillary would pretty much disagree on every issue.

  413. hawk, so long as he will be 18 by November. But is he registered? I think they may have had a deadline.

  414. Think about it. A fired up election cycle is supposed to be when cable news networks like CNN and MSNBC soar in their ratings. Yet, these bozos have forced a sizeable chunk of the most avid political news consumers to reach for the REMOTE and turn their damned networks OFF permanently.

    I mean, seriously, will any of us Hill fans ever watch MSNBC again? Will any of you feel a big empty place in your lives without Wolf Fucking Blitzer and Gloria Fucking Borger interpreting the news for you?

  415. Pulchritude, I liked her line about we should not nominate any Democrat who is not for universal health care. She was passionate when she said that.

  416. as for me and my several tv’s…I will never feel the same about either msnbc nor cnn. I can never watch ScaryJoe & PlaymateMika, TweetyBird nor Boogermannn again. Whether it came from above or what…the meaness and yes HATE that has come from that network…well I liken it to satan himself and I hope that station goes under and all the twits are out.

    As for cnnn…Blisterface Wolf and Scarfarty need serious counseling sessions. they think they are way too important. Malveaeux with Obama camp needs to just hurry up and get it on with the dude, she is gooeygooby eyed….CandyA$$Crawley has evidently been booted out of Hillary’s campaigns and set outside HAHA…so enuf said there.

    Cyborg shewoman borden thinks her poop don’t stink and she wants to bork king so obvious .. ever so slight leading into his desk

    BrilloDonna well…what can I say…really what can i say


  417. TeamClinton08

    What I have always liked about Buchanan even if I disagee with him is that he says what he says out of his own beliefs not hatred towards another person. This is the way politics use to be Democrats and republicans use to fight all day in Congress and then go out and have drink or dinner together that same night. It all changed with Newt’s revolution back in 1994 and has become more and more hostile ever since.

  418. TPS, wow that is quite a feat! Bay Buchanan is not exactly a Clinton fan lol The fact is that I believe that many women like Bay have felt insulted and have been turned off by some of the Obama tactics. Look for women to be a very significant demographic on super tuesday.

  419. hwc, the worst of them are Matthews, Olbermann, Joe and Mika, Carlson and all of them tanked in January. The remote control is a great weapon and I have been preaching its power here for quite sometime.

  420. dot48, that would be about right. dick morris has been wrong soooooo many times that its not even funny. I seem to like brit hume for some reason. that old man knows his shit. billo is funny. I used to watch his nonsense even before this whole shit storm started.. just during game breaks.. actually I would say he was more positive towards hillary than any other commentator.. LOL..

    messnbc and cnn still dont understand why they draw record number of viewers to their debates, but not to their shows. they will, but by the time they do, they might be out of business 🙂

  421. I plan to watch fox for returns…cnn check with what john kings board says and only glance in on msbnc when we know they are ready to admmit defeat.

    Let us Pray that this works to our advantage…please God.

  422. Hawk, it depends on the state, but most states permit 17 year olds to vote IF they will be 18 by the time of the general election. If he is turning 18 in three months, I think he should be able to vote.

  423. rjk, I agree about Buchanan. I find his politics abhhorrently WRONG, but I think he is a genuine idealogue, who thinks that his way would honestly be best for the country. He nuts about that, of course. But his political beliefs are honest, and he is not one to have a hidden agenda. He says what he thinks, fairly.

  424. dot48, it is already working. The link I provided above has a PDF file about individual shows. They give numbers on how many actual people see these shows. For matthews it is something like 400,000. Imagine that. For mika and jow it is like 200,000. These people are irrelevant. No one watches them.

  425. Dick Morris is an idiot! I have no idea why any channel would put him on as an expert. If Dick Morris says something is going to happen expect the opposite to happen. lol

  426. No, I did not attend the rally, but I viewed it on C-SPAN. This writer is located on the border separating North Carolina from South Carolina.

  427. gladiatorstail, Olbermann used to be higher and he has clearly dropped. the rest of them were always irrelevant. But, FOX did not have this many shows in the top 10.

  428. I hope the Illinois poll cited above is correct. Perhaps all this is a result of the Rezko effect?

    Likely Democratic Primary Voters Jan 30-31
    Clinton 40%
    Obama 51%
    Someone else 1%
    Undecided 8%

  429. To the poster who asked about Bill Richardson,
    I’ve never trusted or liked him.

    To my mind, you’re with us or against us.

    And if you’re not sure you’re with us, you’re against us. Period.

  430. I would encourage everyone to email MSNBC and tell them that since they did not see fit to cover the Florida primary, you are not interested in seeing them cover Super Tuesday either.

  431. Good evening all. I’m feeling really good about HRC’s chances this Tuesday. Its great so many of you are seeing the light about these bozos on tv. It took me a few years to fully realize that 1.they are almost always wrong 2.they care more about pleasing their Georgetown social set friends than providing fair coverage to the avg american and 3.when they find someone they like (McCain, BO) they’ll kiss that person’s behind until the cows come home!

  432. gladiatorstail, just google on keith Obermann and ratings and you will see stories from Fall 2007 talking about his rising ratings. No longer!

  433. Surprise! Surprise! (told you to brace for these earlier)

    New ABC-WaPo Poll: Two days before voters in 24 states go to their polling places, 47 percent of likely Democratic voters said they back Clinton and 43 percent said they support Obama, with neither candidate decisively benefiting from the departure of former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina from the race.

    Next should be MSNBC/WSJ Poll, which’ll be similar or tighter. Just enough for pumkin head Russert to labor over before throwing it to David Broder and Peggy Noonan for their unbiased take.

  434. Blue Democrat, you were right, I am sure they played around with their likely voter model until they got what they wanted.

  435. pulchritude Says:

    February 2nd, 2008 at 9:19 pm
    I hope the Illinois poll cited above is correct. Perhaps all this is a result of the Rezko effect?

    Likely Democratic Primary Voters Jan 30-31
    Clinton 40%
    Obama 51%
    Someone else 1%
    Undecided 8%
    I don’t trust this poll…it’s only polling likely democratic primary voters, Hillary’s numbers could be higher.

  436. Will try to briefly summarize the poll’s findings (cant find link yet):

    – Hillary seen by far as the stronger leader [#’s n/a].
    – The two are even among white males.
    – Hillary’s supporters are more passionate, with 3 in 5 saying they strongly support her; only 50% for Obama
    – 52-38 edge for HRC among Democrats
    – 47-42 on “who’s most electable”
    – HRC getting 30% of black vote to BO’s 62, higher % than S.C.
    – Big HRC lead on economy, Health Care; narrow edge on Iraq

  437. HillaryforTexas

    I would encourage everyone to email MSNBC and tell them that since they did not see fit to cover the Florida primary, you are not interested in seeing them cover Super Tuesday either.

    DONE. I wont be watching their coverage either. I would give fox news more ratings :). I have starting liking brit hume and hating Keith Obermann LOL

    TPS : KO dropped? any figures to compare?

    Oh btw I was reading somewhere that glenn beck is trashing tweety!!!

  438. I know you might not what to hear this but…I think Ann Coulter’s support of Hillary Clinton over John McCain did help her with “Reagan Democrats” and moderate repugs.

    She made some very good points in favor for Hillary that people who love the military and want a better country love. I know some in the religious right feel the same way about Hillary.

  439. Gladiatorstail, see the link below for a chart of Olbermann’s ratings vs. O’Reilly. Notice that is have levelled off since the middle of December and the current numbers appear lower.

  440. TPS.. beg to differ..

    O’Reilly vs. Olbermann Through Thursday, Dec 20

    O’Reilly vs. Olbermann Through Tuesday, January 1

    O’Reilly vs. Olbermann Through Thursday, January 10

    week after


    so contrary to our interpretation, his numbers have stayed constant or trended up. or am I missing something?

  441. gosh i been watching the rally Holy smokes there fird up Ready to GO!!!!!!! to the white House…
    i had to read so much to get caught

    I talked to myFamily in Illnois they dont like bo…there is lotts for Hillary in Chicago.and all the way down south to..he hasn’t done a damn thing for him they all know about rezko too..might just take some phonje banking..
    and they are spreading the word right down in chi Town,,

    She inspires me..and majic throw that majic and maxine right on the trail till tuesday out there in calif every where with Hillary…

  442. Hey guys, just wanted to say, I’m an intern with the campaign and I don’t normally talk about it because I don’t want to share information that other parties, not Hillary, would use or abuse if they check this board. And I won’t say anything about anything really except that things are looking really good in New York. We have a great Get Out The Vote effort going on and the team is kicking ass and organizing a lot of volunteers. Just wanted to boost the morale and tell you we are going to OWN SUPER TUESDAY!!!!

  443. CJ….I caught the rally earlier. Man, Maxine had me out of my seat cheering! I so love that woman! And the Mayor of Oakland was fantastic. He reminds me alittle of Morgan Freeman, in fact. Just someone who is eminently trustworthy and honest and REAL. Loved it!

  444. Blue Democrat Says:
    – HRC getting 30% of black vote to BO’s 62, higher % than S.C.

    That’s nice. So Obama is still falling in Black support:

    NV 83%
    SC 80%
    FL 70%
    now 62%

    I’m looking forward to seeing the source of the 62%.

  445. I never doubted it for a second, LJ. I have family in upstate New York and let me tell ya, New York LOVES their senator with a passion!

  446. I dunn…..maxine done it though whats oprah gonna say we need hope..she just counteracted what she was gonna say tommorrow ..maxine..we dont need no damn hope we need help..!!! she is good no shit from her she dont take it…thats my thought from way back we cant live on hope we need help and jobs lol and poor need food..those people in calif her heard her today i dont think oprah will have many people there..and that Oakland mayor omg ..they should have been out few months ago ..she would of been cornated LOL..long ago…

  447. The rally was wonderful and Hillary’s new speech is fantastic. the closing argument is very compelling. She’s got me sold…LOL. There are some wonderful lines in that speech. I am sure I am paraphrasing but something like, “I am asking you to let me do the hardest job in the world.” The crowd couldn’t have been more enthusiastic. And Maxine was great as was the Oakland Mayor who recalled the 60’s and Dr. King saying that “war is not just the absence of peace it’s the absence of justice.Hillary remembered Robert Kennedy’s legacy and talked about how pleased she was to have the endorsement of Bobby Jr and Ceasar Chavez grandson. The crowd was son inclusive. It looked like this country…all peoples were represented. Watch it if you possibly get the chance

  448. That ABC-WaPo Poll was from a new DKos diary.

    I normally would wait to see with my own eyes directly from the source, but they had a full article posted and those polls will be out today/tomorrow.

    Probably in the WaPo @ midnight.

  449. I got an email a few days ago:

    Oprah Endorses Green Tea FatBurner‏
    From: Oprah?s FatBurner (
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    So Now this is officially promoted by Oprah:

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    See it is official; Oprah is a tea hostess and nothing else!

    And after the tea, Obama will joiun them to read the “tea leaves”

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  450. Oh please send anything you want for these “Oprah tea messases” to
    GreentreePRO, 1930 village center, circle #3-108 Las vegas, 89134.

    I was so insulted that they sent me this. I AM NOT FAT!

  451. OMG… MP that’s the funniest shit everrr.

    Wait, I take that back. “Changiness” and “hopium” was the funniest shit ever. I’m still whipping those zingers out on Obamatons, and it makes them utterly furious. Like I was slapping Jesus right in the face or something. LOL!

  452. Idunn, all those young Obamatons have been snerking at the “truthiness” of the lying Republicans ever since Colbert coined the word.

    So, yeah, the “changiness” and “smoking that hopium” really pisses them off. LOL! 😀

  453. I agree with all that the speeches from Maxine Waters and Ron Dellum were outstanding.

    I actually cried when Maxine spoke. She will get some dollars from me – for her next election or whatever PAC she belongs to or any of her special charities that she is involved with.

  454. Can anyone give me a break down of Clinton safe states, Obama safe states , and swing states? Or link me to something?

  455. Here’s a good article that was posted about 40 mins ago.

  456. I been channel surfin’ and I stopped on CSPAN which is showing Obama’s rally in St. Louis with miss claire standing right behind him. I couldn’t leave it on but for a few second, but both times I stopped to listen in he is defending himself. Once he was talking about how you can’t have “false hope” the other time he is talking about how much more popular he was when his numbers were down. It all sounded very defensive and not eloquent or on message.

  457. I’m glad to see the team is still pushing forward!! We fanned out across MD today to try to spread the TRUTH about our girl and to get some bumper strips on people’s cars. We had groups at several of the grocery stores in the state passing out the bumper strips and information and holding up signs. I had one that says, “HONK FOR HILLARY”. It was great to hear people blowing their horns and waving in support. Super Tuesday is going to be a HUGE day. I’m going to watch the results come in at the Natl. Headquarters office, so I’ll take lots of pictures!! I’m banking on getting that shot of watching everyone leap into the air when it it announced that we’ve taken California!!! Go Hillary!

  458. BTW,

    On this TV deal and the character that O’Reilly plays on TV…

    I know for a fact that Bill O’Reilly quietly gives substantial money to extremely worthy causes…non-profits that run educational summer camps for innner-city Latino/a, African American, and Asian immigrant children.

  459. MollyJ, you know something else he does that is absolutely annoying is when he says, “Everyone who’s taken a look at my plan…” Who gives a damn about what “everyone” else thinks about it? Why can’t you point out the merits? He is truly slipping by just like that kid who gets through high school only to graduate and then everyone realizes he can’t read.

  460. GO, SUGAR! I read your blog all the time. 🙂 We have a strategy meeting here in San Antonio TX the day after Super Tuesday, and I am DYING to get rolling pounding the streets for my gal.

    I am stealing Maxine Waters line: “We have plenty of hope, we need some HELP!”

  461. The Daily News, The New York Times and now Newsday all endorse Hillary 🙂 Only that right wing trashy tabloid The New York Post endorsed O.

  462. Law, so did I, but I’ve gotten them from my county “For Hillary” group meetings. If you find a group that is meeting in your area, you should be able to get one. I’m friends with the assistant to one of Hillary’s policy advisers and I brought back a box full of the yard signs, bumper strips, stickers, etc. so that they could use them at HQ. They are trying to be as conservative as possible about spending so that she/we get the most bang for our buck. I’ll bet it you hit up one of your local meetings, the manager will have some bumper strips for you guys.

  463. We’ll be out in force here in East Tennessee on Monday. I know TN is a lock for Hill, but we’re not taking any chances.

  464. LawSchoolDem Says: and mj

    February 2nd, 2008 at 11:14 pm
    Speaking of bumper stickers, I’ve requested one twice from the campaign and have yet to receive any . . . any thoughts?
    i got mine it takes 10 weeks but if you call that arligton va number they will send you one I had friend who called and ask..they sent one to was 4 months back though when she called

  465. idunn, i seen the recent polls in tenn and it looks good. i hope my state of connnecticut ends up with hillary. damn tight here.

  466. Sorry for the lag. I’m in between here and Taylor Marsh and the lies that keep getting exposed from the “Second Coming” are just deplorable. He is so desperate to win it’s shameful.

  467. Terrondt…I’m actually PLEASED that CT. is tight. I thought OB would have alot more support there than Hillary. You guys have done well there.