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  1. admin, could you also post the clip of “a Clinton to clean-up after a Bush”. That is a terrific line and made everyone laugh. Thanks.

  2. Regardless of any personal opinion (in or outside of this blog) about this debate, I think everyone can probably agree that this event alone is not going to determine the outcome of Super Tuesday. People will probably find whatever they want through examining each candidates body of work and what each candidate offers and what they really want. I’m pretty certain that in an unstable world such as this, experience will win out. That is a win in my book and Super Tuesday is the *real* game. I think Hillary is going to be the next democratic nominee and the next President of the United States.

  3. MJ, *I* believe Hillary won the debate. I don’t believe the debate is going to become the sole influence in Super Tuesday (regardless of those idiot pundits or others).

  4. mj,

    I agree with you. The advantage went to Hillary – not Obama.

    Although, I do admit he did better in the debate than I expected and that he was better than normal (though the debate bar is rather low for him).

  5. There is much talk about Iraq vote still — somebody should tell Obama hindsight is 20/20 — he did not know the value of that speech then and he has not exhibited the same conviction or fervor to set things right after that — the audacity of him to go after her again and again, but audacity is all he has. Then again that is the only trick he has.
    I predict in the GE, we will be thankful she voted for it — that is one less ammunition (they can’t portray her as not hawkish enough) for the repubs in the swing states.

  6. I didn’t watch the entire thing, so perhaps I missed Obama shining. I think he’s capable, I just think Hill won. I think it’s incredible that these are the last two standing. 🙂

  7. He gave that speech 15 days late and stole most of it from the other anti-war folks. He sucks at originality. And sincerity.

    Hillary was great. Mature, warm, commanding and focused on party unity and winning against the GOP.

    BTW- there are already t-shirts, etc. with the “it takes a Clinton…” Just look online. Most are $18-26.

  8. (Ack! New thread…carry-over from previous thread)

    kaffleen: I disagree, I think that alot happened in this debate that went unnoticed. There were so many undercurrents with Hillary speaking to so many different people on so many different levels. It was a tour de force performance. I’ll go out on a limb and predict that this debate will go in the History books and be studied as a masterclass of debating skills.

    We’ll see on Tuesday just how effective she was, but, man, win or lose, this woman is brilliant.

  9. Stop bagging Hillary
    Michael Costello | February 01, 2008

    I HAVE watched with intense interest the rise and rise of Barack Obama over the past year. Who interested in US presidential politics (and the whole world should be, given the consequences for the globe) could not be fascinated by the young, fresh, eloquent figure who promised so much?

    When Obama won the Iowa caucus, the first vote in the nominating process for presidential candidates, I watched to see how he would behave.

    Would he follow Churchill’s great dictum: “In defeat defiance, in victory magnanimity.” No he did not. In victory he showed vanity and vindictiveness. Vanity in his clear belief that what the flatterers and fans were assuring him was the truth: he was a political messiah. And vindictiveness in his dismissive and arrogant treatment of Hillary Clinton in the last New Hampshire debate.

    He showed the same vindictiveness and lack of magnanimity after his victory in South Carolina. The first part of his victory speech was a deeply unpleasant attack on the Clintons. No graciousness there. And how did he handle defeat in New Hampshire and Nevada? With a combination of denial, petulance and the launching of a successful campaign to persuade the American media that the Clintons were engaged in a campaign of lies about him and, even worse, in a campaign of surreptitious racism.

    Let’s look at what happened.

    Obama had successfully appealed in Iowa to an American yearning for change from the Bush years.

    Everyone – Democrat and Republican – jumped on the change bandwagon. Clinton pointed out, however, that it’s not enough to hope and demand change; you had to be able to define what change you want and had to be able to deliver it.

    Obama riposted that this failed to take account of the sort of impetus for change created by great rhetoric of the kind used by John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King. So far, so good. Normal political exchange.

    Note it was Obama who introduced King into the debate, on his side. Clinton then made the obvious, and surely entirely legitimate, factual point that King’s rhetoric had certainly been the indispensable inspiration for change, but that president Lyndon Johnson’s efforts had also been indispensable in actually getting civil rights legislation through the Congress against deep opposition from parts of his own party.

    The place went into meltdown. This was said to disrespect King. How could Clinton equate King to Johnson? She wasn’t: she was simply pointing out that both were necessary, one to inspire and one to deliver.

    Soon her words were being construed not just as disrespect but as hidden racism. Make no mistake: Obama’s people joined in briefing the media and others extensively to create this impression.

    The Clintons’ record on race in general, and King in particular, has over decades of their public life proved unimpeachable.

    They have both been champions of the black cause. Yet from that moment on, the Clintons have been assailed (with obvious glee and encouragement from Republican commentators) for allegedly mounting a subliminal race campaign.

    It’s a tragedy for Obama that this has happened. The consequence has been exactly what you would expect. In the Nevada caucus, blacks voted overwhelmingly for Obama and non-blacks voted overwhelmingly for Clinton. In South Carolina, the black vote was 53 per cent of the total. Obama secured 80 per cent of it. That’s the reason for his overwhelming victory there. He won only 23 per cent of the non-black vote. Contrast this to Iowa, where he won a large proportion of the white vote.

    Yes, this is a tragedy, but it’s entirely his own fault for allowing his manifest shock and petulance at his defeat in New Hampshire to stop him doing the obvious thing. He should have vigorously defended the Clintons from the first moment on the racism charge. By letting it run, by allowing his operatives to encourage it, by appearing aggrieved, the very thing he has worked so hard to avoid has happened: he became “the black candidate.”

    This same petulance and obvious outrage at criticism is manifest in another key example, one for which Bill Clinton is taking the blame. One of Obama’s most effective criticisms of Hillary Clinton is that she voted for the resolution authorising the Iraq war, while he not only opposed it from the start but (and this is crucially important) he had consistently opposed the war ever since. Bill Clinton expressed his frustration that this story of consistent opposition over years was a “fairytale” the media had bought into uncritically.

    In fact, said Clinton, Obama in 2004 said he did not know how he would have voted on the resolution authorising the war.

    Remarkably, Obama has managed to persuade the media that this was a lie by Clinton that he would correct. He hasn’t corrected it, because he can’t. The record shows that Bill Clinton was right. Obama did say that. He has not been consistent in the terms he set himself.

    Now get this. Obama’s defence to saying this in 2004 is that he was supporting John Kerry for president at the time. Kerry had voted for the war and was continuing to justify his support for his vote. Obama said that he did not want to cause Kerry political embarrassment so he said that he, Obama, did not know how he would have voted.

    But hold on. Isn’t this the candidate who’s about change, whose whole candidacy is based on a “different kind of politics”? Isn’t this the candidate who says the country can no longer tolerate political spin, that lying in the name of political advantage is what’s destroying the country? Yet on the very issue he identifies as the biggest moral issue facing America (the Iraq war) the issue on which he most often attacks Hillary Clinton (the original vote on the Iraq war), Obama effectively states that he was lying for political advantage.

    Obama’s main claim to fame is that he’s a compelling speech-maker. Yet unlike the rhetoric of a Kennedy or King, Obama’s rhetoric seems aimless. He calls for hope, for change. Fine, but hope to do what, to change to what? He hasn’t said yet. He doesn’t seem to know. Shorn of purpose, his rhetoric seems increasingly an exercise in technique and style, “sound and fury, signifying nothing”. He says that one of the high qualities of leadership is the ability to inspire by words, and he is right. It’s a rare ability. But inspire to what end?

    It’s a pity. He promised so much.

  10. wbboei Says:
    January 31st, 2008 at 11:47 pm

    Realist: do you mind if I copy the email you sent to the DNC re. Michigan and Florida

    You’re welcome to whatever it is I wrote and am honored that you would ask.

  11. To the poster who in the previous thread wondered why anyone cared about the bias of these cable shows when their audience normally quite small, I’d point out their highly influential in any number of ways.
    For one, the post-debate audience (CNN doesn’t have numbers out yet but expect somewhere around 10M viewers) after a major event like tonight’s debate is far greater than something like Hardball, which averages between 400,000-700,000 on a given night.
    Additionally, the bits of “analysis” get picked up by radio and are played over & over the following day.
    The political junkies, bloggers, as well as many of the opinion writers, are all tuned in and are shaped by what they see (and dont see), and what they hear (and dont hear.

  12. NYCMax, you are saying the same thing carbynew and hillary4texas were saying. At some point (maybe once she clinches the nomination) I will be curious to know what you guys meant. Wow! tour de force ha? If people like me missed it, do you think she would have reached her intended audience? (I was a bit too nervous, so wasn’t listening to it with keen attention)

  13. Watching the replay of Countdown, and here’s a Special Comment for long-winded Keith Olberman.


    I know he became a hero of sorts for lefties when he began to take on Bush & Cheney (4 years after even little kids recognized them as abysmal failures) but I never liked him, even when he was a greasy- haired David Letterman wannabe on ESPN.

    And he’s proven himself untrustworthy in this campaign, that’s for sure. Night all…

  14. The focus groups are greatly misunderstood (they’re good for researching the message but little else) but here is the CNN focus group:

  15. I think that alot happened in this debate that went unnoticed. There were so many undercurrents with Hillary speaking to so many different people on so many different levels.

    yes this is true. she talked about the general election versus mccain when she was talking about iraq. thats why she kept talking about her plan and what mccain would attack democratic candidate over. media didnt notice, they thought she was just digging a hole with not having an answer. it wasnt about that! it was about asking voters to think, what happens in the fall when gop nominee mccain attacks and says democrats are waving the white flag? who can answer that in a credible way, who can win that debate.

    obama will lose big time to mccain on commander in chief issue. a few antiwar voters still want her to apologize i guess. but people also think about who can beat the republicans. obama says to mccain ‘guess what i made a speech against the war in 2002’ and mccain says ‘so what and now you are going to lose it’ and then we get 4 years of president mccain.

  16. Cool.

    “Former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack to Campaign in Oklahoma on Behalf of Hillary Clinton

    TULSA, OK Former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack will campaign for Hillary Clinton in Stillwater and Tulsa tomorrow. Governor Vilsack will tour the OSU Food & Agricultural Products Center and hold a town hall with State Regent Stuart Price in Stillwater. Governor Vilsack will then hold a meet and greet with Oklahoma State University Health Sciences students in Tulsa. ”

    And Wes Clark will be here next week in Lawton. Hot damn.

    By the way, I give full props to SoonerDemocrat. I know SD and give them my full support.

  17. Love how Drudge shamelessly spins…he is hyping the Frank Luntz/Fox focus group who says Obama won the debate. I believe that every time Luntz has done a focus group (for over a year) his group has always picked Obama. What’s amusing about this is I believe he uses the same people over and over for the groups. There was some kind of scandal about this not too long ago…totally meaningless…

    The CNN focus group of undecided voters (real group of voters) picked Hillary as the winner of the debate..

  18. luntz focus group after new hampshire debate showed maybe half the room came in supporting hillary, everyone thought she did awful, and they left with maybe two or three supporting hillary.
    then look at what happened at the polls.

  19. OMG OkieAtty

    Lost a good-sized sip of good bourbon…Keyboard covered w/ saran though, when I eat/drink around it. Learned the hard way.

    BO- “Yeah, what she said.”


  20. Hillary won big on experience (masterful answer which structurally alone answers the question of experience – because there is so much), health care, foreclosures, and the economy. If these issues are of top importance (and the empirical data says yes) Hillary wins.

    The rest is demographics of the states and turnout organization (add absentee balloting where permitted easily).

    [Her answer on immigration and the black/brown divide was genius. Hillary acknowledged that she understands the concerns on this issue from well meaning people.]

  21. Reed, Wes carried the Lawton area and is immensely well-liked here. i heard a lot of folks yesterday in line talking about him. I think it will be a town hall type event.

  22. One thing about Lawton- it’s a huge military base. Everything there revolves around the military and many voters are young.

  23. good night all i really enjoyed following the debate here. i am going to have to read transcript carefully tomorrow to pick up on all the little things remarked by hillary4texas, carbynew, and nycmax. i know i heard things that pundits ignored that i thought were big issues for average voters but i missed parts too (i turned down the volume sometimes during long winded obama answers). 🙂

  24. Thanks, Emjay! Sorry about your keyboard. I’ll have an extra tomorrow when my new PC arrives. Lemme know if you need one. 🙂

  25. As, “that poster”, allow me to reply;

    What’s your point? The numbers you quote are Nationwide, and in the debate itself, where the candidates speak directly to the electorate, Hillary excelled as usual. The chuckleheads who do the post game spin ONLY matter to political junkies and those who follow politics as sport and their viewers won’t be a TENTH of the total watching the debate. BTW, If Hardball averages 4-700,000 per night, it has to be for BOTH evening programs combined.

    Ninety percent of the country has NEVER read a blog online and people tend to filter any new information they receive through the lens of their existing knowledge. Public perception IS that Hillary is smarter and more competent and that Barry is more inspirational and you can’t really change that perception, regardless of the validity of the premise; So HIGHLY influential invests the sources you cite with a disproportionate degree of influence, one that significantly overestimates the impact of opinionated hosts on marginal networks on the average non-political junkie.

    The average person MIGHT read something about the debate in the paper, but most will see HIGHLIGHTS of the debate on TV. Hillary had several good sound bites and zero gaffes, hence there is nothing that the average person will see of the debate except a couple of laugh lines and Hillary’s, “It t
    Takes a Clinton…”, by now FAMOUS quote. Our big, buy a pack of Newman’s Own to pop, and a bottle of your favorite beverage night is only FIVE days away and there is really nothing probable to alter the happy outcome.

  26. You weren’t the intended audience. The talking heads weren’t the intended audience.

    One example: The people for whom having a President who can deliver strong Foreign Policy, were tuned into all that boring stuff she was talking about during the Iraq War segment that the Talking Heads all agree she lost. I know because Foreign Policy is important to me, and I paid close attention to what she was actually saying and she managed to change my opinion of her vote to AUMF. I’ve always sort of given her the benefit of the doubt on that issue because I agree with her position on so many other issues, but her answer this time was constructed in such a way that it built on all the details that she’s given over the campaign and just tied it up in neat package for the voters to whom it matters a great deal.

    The answers on immigration were another example. Different groups view the issue from very different perspectives. I happen to be in a position where I view it from two completely different perspectives myself. She was able to speak to the issue in such a way that people on three or four opposing sides could agree that she is presenting a workable solution that addresses the basic concerns of everyone involved.

    And for a lesson in the mechanics of debate, Obama showed his noobishness by insisting that John King issue a rebuttal to her point that it may well take a “Clinton to clean up after a Bush.” He whined that they cut to commercial so he couldn’t rebut, what he doesn’t understand is that they did him a favor because it was not his place to rebut. He had his opportunity to score his point on the previous softball question that was addressed to him and he didn’t. That question was addressed to her and didn’t refer to him in any way and she showed everyone how to knock one out of the park when given an opportunity.

    Getting in her plug at the end really was just rubbing it in. It showed that she was so at ease with her performance that she could “waste” time on a shameless plug. And she did it without coming across as over confident or cocky. Great stuff. Hillary IS 44!

  27. Is anyone thinking here about how endorsements might roll out? Do you think Edwards will endorse anyone? I have heard that some pundits have been saying that if he endorses he will be endorsing Hillary, do you think that is the case? Also, what is the deal with the Richardson endorsement? Bill was in NM today, as was Teddy; Obama and Teddy will be there Friday; Hillary will be there Saturday (event and location unknown at this time). So, before I was thinking since Obama was going to be there Friday Richardson was probably endorsing, but now that Hillary will be there Saturday, I am not sure…plus Obama gave Richardson that shout-out during the debate, was that a clue?

  28. rigso, sorry to burst your bubble but BM is against us and by 5 pm they will say Precious won. That’s how they roll. Dumb fuckers.

    We know the truth. Our girl is 44.

  29. A lot of viewers must be scratching their heads tonight. After all, they have been told over and over and over for the last month that Hillary Clinton is a nasty, racist shrew. They tune into the debate and where is this Hillary they have been told about by the pundits?

  30. TheRealist,

    A sound and logical response – per usual – to unwarranted negativity that pops up from certain posters.


    So true about the BM. They are pathetic and desperate to prop up Obama. *rolls eyes*

  31. Mango, the shout-out from Precious to Richardson was an attempt to curry favor. That means he doesn’t have an endorsement and is still working every angle.

    Speaking of endorsements, I think Hillary did a better job of keeping Edwards’ war on poverty in the limelight. She also knew more and demonstrated more history and awareness on it.

  32. I was at the pre-debate rally tonight at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles and just wanted to share how incredibly vile Obama supporters were to the Clinton supporters.

    I was pushed, called names, told to get back to my union hall (I’m not even in a union). I was told what a b—- and witch Hillary was and continually had Obama supporters shove their signs in front of mine. Mayor Villaraigosa was booed by Obama supporters and they yelled out he should be ashamed of himself for supporting HRC.

    I was there from 2-4:30 and saw several (personally attacking) anti Hillary signs held by Obama supporters and not even one negative Obama sign existed; let alone from any Hillary supporter.

    Before our Hillary group left to go to the Kodak there was discussion about being polite to other campaign supporters. Just a reminder to HRC supporters to treat others with respect. Not that we needed such a reminder, but obviously the Obama people did.

    This was just appalling and though there is nothing that we can do about it, perhaps it is a statement that the politics of hope and the notion of a different kind of politics that Obama lectures about has not reached his followers.

    I am very proud of how respectful the HRC supporters were. But isn’t it ironic that this man who declares he is going to bring the nation together somehow attracts such hate filled supporters.

    In over 10 years of volunteering for and supporting democrats, I have never encountered a situation like this.

  33. NYCMax, I agree with your assessments. I made the point on the other thread that she played well to the military types and those who fled Vietnam, etc.. That’s a huge part of the SF area population and coastal areas. And it will play well in OK and TX both of which have large Asian populations.

    I thought the theme of leaving no one behind and covering our allies backs to be important. It’s another way of saying her presidency will leave no one behind and that every one, every family deserves equality and respect.

    Precious didn’t come close on those undercurrents.

    Every time he spoke, I wanted to shout “Where’s the beef?!?”

  34. Karen, yes. It is ironic.

    My spouse unit even thought the weird Warhol knock off signs with Precious’ face were creepy. He hates Scientology, Mormonism, etc.. He just doesn’t like cults and Precious’ candidacy is shaping up more and more as a cult.

  35. Special note to pm: In reading over my previous response to your post, the opening comes across as disrespectful and that’s not at all what I intended because I totally misread your statement. My opening doesn’t even make sense as it is written and I apologize.

  36. NYCMax, thanks (I would go back to the transcript to look for these and others). I don’t know what AUMF is — but I was opposed to Iraq war from the start (mostly because I detested Bush and did not trust him and sort of expected what has happened would happen). But I could actually see why she did what she did (As a supporter who wants her to win, I see that her position is safe) — I would in fact go one step further and say that when they voted nobody knew how badly it would be executed. So there was a chance that it would have gone better and Saddam gone, anti-war democrats would have lost credibility for a long time.

    Ya, now I see that her last answer was “whatever!” (I did think “why is she wasting time?”)

    Wow, this is such an intellectual exercise and many in the media don’t/won’t want to get into it?

  37. Karen, I’m sorry about what happened to you tonight. You are wonderful to have come to the rally and show your support.

    I also want to add that I, too, think that Obama’s supporters are the most aggressive and unfriendly. Edwards supporters, the ones have I encountered, are very friendly and passionate about their candidate. This is owed to the fact that many are grassroot organization. Whenever we meet at the same event, I try to go out of my way to shake their hands and they, in turn, are gracious.

    It’s usually the Obama folks who are not interested in nicety and decorum.

  38. Karen,

    I think the behavior you described comes from one campaign vilifying the other, and from the example the candidate sets for their supporters. The misrepresentations and churlish behavior began at the top of the Obama campaign. A fish rots from the head down.

    Good on you for staying focused on being an American first.

  39. I just got into a heated convo with somebody on my friendlist on yahoo messenger.Do you people see what i have to deal with now?

    phrozenfurybeasts: what did you think about the debate tonight?
    vanityeverlastingbonet: it was good besides the fact that ur boy obama was trying to act mature but still getting in lines here and there
    vanityeverlastingbonet: so basically the same ole from him
    phrozenfurybeasts: i can respect that
    phrozenfurybeasts: next week hilary will be right back to the same ole crap
    vanityeverlastingbonet: what crap is that ?
    phrozenfurybeasts: i think its important to state the differences between the two
    vanityeverlastingbonet: dear if u followed u would have known that hillary did nit do any attacks on him
    phrozenfurybeasts: by crap i mean taking facts and distorting them to seem something that they are not
    vanityeverlastingbonet: so stop seeing color
    phrozenfurybeasts: wow
    vanityeverlastingbonet: ur boy is immature
    vanityeverlastingbonet: that is a fact
    phrozenfurybeasts: color has nothing to do with anything
    phrozenfurybeasts: at all
    phrozenfurybeasts: i could care less
    vanityeverlastingbonet: ur boy throws sand and gets up with mud in his face
    vanityeverlastingbonet: and whines about it
    vanityeverlastingbonet: so y bring it up
    vanityeverlastingbonet: when u could care less about it
    phrozenfurybeasts: i didnt say anything about color
    phrozenfurybeasts: you said keep color out of it
    vanityeverlastingbonet: yes i did
    phrozenfurybeasts: i didnt say anything about it at all
    phrozenfurybeasts: read the above convo
    vanityeverlastingbonet: ok ur point u said that hillary start all of the attacks
    vanityeverlastingbonet: when dear that is not true
    phrozenfurybeasts: i said she distorts truth
    phrozenfurybeasts: for example
    phrozenfurybeasts: the whole slum lord things
    phrozenfurybeasts: thing
    vanityeverlastingbonet: u dumb idiot
    phrozenfurybeasts: wow
    vanityeverlastingbonet: he attacked her first
    vanityeverlastingbonet: than she responded back
    phrozenfurybeasts: see, conversation over
    vanityeverlastingbonet: and u blks hated it that she dissed his azz back in front of his own audience
    vanityeverlastingbonet: which was the blks
    phrozenfurybeasts: ok
    phrozenfurybeasts: have a good night
    vanityeverlastingbonet: i know it sok
    vanityeverlastingbonet: u to

  40. NYCMax, no apology necessary — in fact, I took the first line at its face value. (I figured what AUMF is 🙂

    Karen, sorry to hear that — looks like the leadership in that campaign is sorely lacking.

  41. OkieAtty

    Keyboard is fine…wasn’t very clear I guess…I throw a piece of saran over it when eating or drinking. I learned the hard way.

    BO= “yeah, what she said.”

    A perfect word picture, just perfect.

  42. NYCMax I think that alot happened in this debate that went unnoticed. There were so many undercurrents with Hillary speaking to so many different people on so many different levels.

    Yes! That’s what I saw. This was a Hollywood live audience so everything played to that. Both of them were performing with their body language etc — all that gallant helping her with her chair etc etc. Her makeup was great! Soft gracous female mode, just a few laughs. She let him off very gently, foregoing so many fun shots.

    Something else I saw…. I was surprised that she went so deeply into the Iraq vote questions, and even gave her critics more ammunition by saying that she voted against a related bill because it would have given the UN to much control over US action!

    Most of the questions had been pretty softball, like for a Hollywood talk show audience, and she’d been playing to the audience, giving the audience what it could absorb and react to quickly. Then suddenly her voice softened and she looked down, seeming to be thinking aloud and regretting her past mistakes. Or like McCain had suddenly sat down across from her and she was just talking for him.

    As someone said a while back (David Brooks?), the Kosovo operation had recently finished very successfully, and Bush Sr had done a good job with the earlier Kuwait Gulf War. So I think the principle she brought up here is, that she still believes the US should be free to act without UN approval when necessary.

    Of course she thought the possibility of Bush Jr even trying to abuse the power given him bu the AUMF was remote, much less him making such a mess of it. Her intention was to give Powell a barginaing chip to use with the UN to get them to keep trying more inspections. A big stick so Powell could speak softly.

  43. rk1957–Costello has it exactly right and it is what I said at the time as well.

    If he had come to Clinton’s defense when the racial issue arose, contolled his surrogates, fired someone for that memo, answered the press as Maxine Waters did instead of pouting and being deeply troubled then he would have proved to the world that his claim was true and that he was a leader who could transcend race.

    But he could not see that far ahead. Huge mistake on his part. He then proceeded to exacerbate it by snubbing Hillary at the SUA.

  44. NYMax she managed to change my opinion of her vote to AUMF. I’ve always sort of given her the benefit of the doubt on that issue

    Catching up on earlier posts. Do look up David Brooks’ defense of her vote. Do you need more cites, similar? I”m sure I could find something at Noquarterusa.org — those are fierce ex-military intelligence people, Valerie Plume crowd.

  45. 1950Democrat – I agree a lot was going on with body language, and her “softer” demeanor today, less rigidly wonkish and more free-flowing was a good demeanor for her – suddenly, even for the naysayers, she was “likable”…I definitely think that appealed to the focus group.

    This has no basis in any statistics, but just a “feel” for Californians, having lived here for over a decades, Californians especially those in Southern CA are enamored of celebrity, and are even more enamored when that celebrity lives up to their reputation and are smart, well-spoken – Clinton really hit it out of the ball-park–and the audience responded.

    Another psychological dimension – watching the debate in the Kodak Theatre where the Oscars happen, seeing the cutaways to the stars, seeing the huge multi-tiered audiences in the theatre as the camera pans away to commercial has a huge psychological affect, and will likely appeal too to women.

  46. 1950 Dem: re. She was asked about the Levin Amendment–that is why she went into it. She also mentioned the Bird Amendment which she co sponsored in the same time frame which sought to limit the contingent authorization of force to one (1) year, but was rejected.

  47. It is discouraging to hear how Obama supporters were acting, but I can’t say as though I am surprised. This is one of thethings that this election is bringing out that has been under the radar–this anomosity among different groups. It is fed by Obama’s rhetoric and tone, and by his lack of graciousness or even basic respect for Senator Clinton. Again, his behavior has largely been given a “pass” while criticisms by Senator Clinton have been used to make accusations of racism. This is shameful behavior and incredibly irresponsible. I think it needs to be called to BOs attention because, like I say, his behavior feeds this. A good leader models the behavior she expects in other people. Hillary has always does this. Walking over to shake hands with Ted the other day was a perfect example. Barack turning his back on Hillary is a case in point for the disrespect he demonstrates and therefore promotes in his followers. I was less than impressed with the giant signs of his image on them. Some were reminiscent of posters that were from the 60’s (I remember one of Che Guevera) where the face of the “hero” took up the whole poster. I thought immediately of the narcissism and hero worship and tried to recall if we’d ever had a candidate for a major race that used this kind of display. On the other hand, it is something I’ve seen in other countries (some other countries). All I could think was hero worship and even “birth of a dictator.” All this talk of unity starts making one nervous when he’s never said what we would unite around or how we would become united. IF the behavior of his fans is his idea of unity I really don’t want any part of it.

  48. I wish when people go to events where Obama supporters will be out in force, you would all carry cameras and get them on tape! That would be very useful for our side to use in ads etc. Show what their ‘unity’ and ‘courtesty’ really amounts to.

  49. Karen,

    First, I am sorry that happened to you.

    We ran into the same kind of behavior at the Harkin Steak Fry and JJ Dinner in Iowa, long before the caucus. It is almost as if the candidate, or the campaign organization, attracts young testosterone-loaded young men and at their rah-rah pre-event meetings, they throw them power drinks along with raw meat and emotionally loaded anti-Edwards/Clinton/Richardson/Biden/Kucinich chants, and set them loose on the public.

    There are many, many antecdotal tales about Obama young people like that in this state. It’s going to be a cold day in Iowa before Mr. Obama is invited to anything other than an amorphous, short quick-stop rally around these parts, except maybe one university (sorry, Hawk.)

    And that comes from some people who would do the inviting and planning.

    Talking to other people, the conclusion is either he didn’t realize his young staff needed more supervision than they got, or he personally has a dismissive attitude about other people who are not loyal to him and it filters down through his staff and volunteers. As time has gone on since January 3rd, much of the opinion has shifted to the latter option.

    Politics is hardball, but it’s not kick-em-in-the-groin warfare.

    Too bad that sour tastes linger longer than any other flavor.

  50. I am so sorry to hear you go thru that.I am sure you was called the Cr-word also.But what do you expect from those people?I would not be shocked if these people riot if Obama don’t get the ticket.

  51. did all of you see the pic on the homepage of CNN – Obama holding the chair for Clinton – blech! – obviously compensating for The Snub, and knowing that women are watching his behavior.

  52. hearing reports of Ann Coulter saying she’d vote for Hillary over McCain. yikes – throw that one back in the pond.

  53. karen, Vanity4, Molly, the Obama supporters are behaving in real life exactly the way they behave online, boorish, rude, and churlish.

    Ininla, Obama holding Clinton’s chair subtly conveys Clinton is the boss, she is in charge.

  54. Lordy, I can’t believe so many of us were tapping away on the same topic til I hit “submit.”

    I would venture to say that Senator Obama has a small PR problem on his hands.

  55. Right On Molly.

    If you go to the Teamster General Hqtrs in Washington DC, beyond security, down a long aisle, past the lifesized paintings of the past general presidents you will find an old sign that reads: “An attack on one is an injury to all”.

    All women should be aware of that when it comes to Saint Obama and his merry band of followers. Some cell phones have cameras.

  56. AWESOME performance tonight by our heroine. Incredibly articulate and persuasive.

    If there are any DKooks users, please recommend Alegre’s diary (it’s on the rec list — let’s keep it up there!)

  57. I take back everything I have said about Fox news being more balanced in their coverage of Hillary. They can kiss my
    F**KING ASS!!
    Go to http://www.foxnews.com/ and click on the link on the left and read the article

    Clinton Took Money from Indicted Obama Backer

    How much more misleading can that headline be!!!!!!!

  58. carbynew Says: I’m not going to talk about the traps, because so many anti Hillary haters come to this site, that Obama fell into but anybody from Western states saw them and saw Obama falling in them.

    I hope youre right. I felt stuff going on under the surface, and HIllary kept looking smug. But did Hillary set the traps? Surely the moderators didn’t.

  59. i ont think gore will endorse yet-but here is his contact info. shoot an email orsomething encouraging him to remain nuetral. Vice President Al Gore
    2100 West End Avenue, Suite 620
    Nashville, TN 37203

  60. Guys,
    Could some one give us an analysis of the truce.
    Me, I like things like this. When kids stop fighting is when it pleases me not when they start it.

  61. The narrative that Hillary served on WalMart board and never spoke up for unions is a complete red herring.

    First, as a board member she had a number of issues, and most people are smart enough to know that not eveything gets done at once,

    Second, suppose Hillary had advocated the union position. How many Board members do you think would have voted in favor of that position when Sam Walton was on record opposing it?

    Third, she elected to press other social issues like womens rights and environmental initiatives, where progress was possible.

    Fourth, she has many unions that already support her. I have an old list of them, and the nurses union has endorsed recently.

    Fifth, she represents a large union friendly state, supports labor friendly legislation, advocates smart trade policies, middle class agenda, etc.

  62. NYCMax was 100% correct about the multi-message communication strategy going on in the deabte by our gal. She was also setting herself up for future talking points, btw. I too appreciated her AUWMD argument. Cogent, and I too changed my mind a little.

    Someone said they did not buy into NYCMax’s argument. I say, look at what HRC was wearing and then click this:


    Given, that is the best selling item, most likely worn by hundreds of female supporters tonight at debate parties. What do you think about our girls multi-pronged communication strategy now?

  63. Texan at 4:00 that talk left blog by big tent is very, very perceptive. It tells why this was a good debate for our heroine. This level of analysis is worthy of a good jury consultant.

    I expect that is why she let Barack have the last word on the judgment issue relative to Iraq. If she had made the same points Bill did in response, it would have undermined what she was primarily interested in accomplishing tonight.
    Strategy trumps tactics.

    She makes these decisions at lighting speed. Big Tent figured it out faster than I did. Poor Josh iis 10 furlongs back with on this one.

  64. I went to a luncheon at the Catholic Seaman’s Club today in my town. This is a monthly event for people involved in the Pacific Northwest maritime industry. Couple hundred attended.
    I was very pleased to see them raffling off Hillary tee shirts which were donated by Machinists, but a bit disappointed my own number was not called. I have had a Hillary bumper sticker on my car since the day she announced, but I see very few Hillary or Obama stickers in general. Mostly I see Kerry or Bush stickers. Like the Navy–always fighing the last war.

  65. Gore knows nomination is very key and will probably wait until the two candidates are selected and then pick one of them.

  66. One thing I saw in this debate is judging by the audience everyone can see that Hillary is dump on in the media. When she said she has RFK’s kids supporting people cheered partly because its a good endorsement she has had for a while and partly because they knew that all this attention was being thrown Obama’s way saying he is the Next Kennedy and Hillary says in a subtle way, well no they do not all support him. When Wolf suggested Hillary was naive there was a huge blowback on Wolf for that they booed like crazy and Hillary let them which I thought was great. There were other times when I thought the audience is with her here because how unfair of treatment she has been receiving and they are showing her support. America knows.


  67. Good Mornning!!

    Good night last night!!! I am now energized to go into TT, also looking foward to the new poll numbers that will be coming out today and tomorrow. If we can get through today without Richardson endorsing anyone (BHO in NM today) I will feel even better. Now my last opinion, let’s see what HRC financial numbers are…. no matter what BHO raises, it all comes down to money in the bank, as I have said , this is a long primary season,(longer than both thought it would be), money is and momentum is the key to winning (capturing as meany 24hr. news cycles)!!!!!

  68. Good morning, Hillfans. What – a – debate !! Shockingingly terrific !! Wolf almost got his Pumpkinhead moment but Hillary grabbed that booger and threw it right back in his face. He’ll never live that one down … I can see the YouTube replays racking up.

    Lot’s of Rezko-related news this morning and I got an email/comment (yes, I opened comments but they are strictly moderated to keep Rezbamabots and Hillhaters out) from a blogger in Rezkoville. This could start to get interesting. We’ll see.

    ArchPundit makes the point that everyday is going to be Rezbama day once the trial starts on 3/3. Rezbama may have explained his house/vacant yard situation to some people’s satisfaction but the fact that he “finds” more campaign contributions in dribs and drabs is a mistake. Anyhow, lots of interesting news.

  69. The first thing when I wake up and turn on the television is “Morning Joe” with Scarborough & Co. trying to put doubts in people’s minds about Clinton. Will the trashing never end? They don’t say a SINGLE bad word about Obama. This is seriously white guilt at its finest. They don’t have one critical thing to say about his performance. Unbelievable.

  70. The thing I like most about the debate is that MSNBC and the MSM were just waiting for something to happen in the debate that they could use to flog Hillary in the days before Feb 5 and it didn’t happen. I think she threw them off their game with her perfomance. She showed herself to be intelligent, likeable and presidential. I wish Feb. 5 would get here sooner….

  71. HEHS – Playmate Mika did try to temper some of Joe’s comments and appeared more pro-Hillary than I have seen in the past. Joe absolutely slams on McCain now, supporting what I’ve always said that Romney is the Repug “machine” candidate since he was “the one” chosen by the Legacy group.

  72. HEHS, I think Scarborough et all are frustrated that they have nothing big to bash Hillary with…they will keep up their usual Obama fest and keep trying to belittle Hillary no matter what…it’s just making them look foolish and biased (which they are)….

  73. I am not trying to be negative, I think we need to expect Richardson to endorse BO. which would be a disapointment.

  74. Clinton schedule for today…..

    *all times Eastern

    Friday, February 1

    11:30 am
    Bill Clinton holds a “Solutions for America” rally for Hillary Clinton at the University of Arkansas in Pine Bluff

    2:00 pm
    Bill Clinton holds a “Solutions for America” rally for Hillary Clinton in Texarkana, Arkansas

    4:30 pm
    Hillary Clinton attends a “Solutions for America” town hall at San Diego State University in California

    6:15 pm
    Bill Clinton holds a “Solutions for America” rally for Hillary Clinton in Kennesaw State University in Georgia

    8:45 pm
    Hillary Clinton attends a “Solutions for America” rally in San Jose, California

    11:00 pm
    Hillary Clinton attends a low-dollar fundraiser at Orpheum Theater in San Francisco, California

  75. iF Richardson ends up supporting Barack, I am going to tell relatives in New mexico to vote him outta politics.

  76. Hillary will be the ready on Day 1 and a great success.
    One of Barack Obama’s argument is, it’s essential to get it right on the First Day.

    But he couldn’t possibly be the one to tout on Judgement when he himself have avoided making judgements himself by voting for “Present” for more than a hundred legislation.

    This is someone who cannot vote for “Yes” or “No” and this lack of courage is certainly not someone experienced enough to lead on the First Day!

  77. So what exactly is Big media complaining about Hillary?
    Is she too seasoned?
    Or is she too naive?

    Can they make up their mind about which mid to sling?

    “It did take a Clinton to clean up after the first Bush and I think it might take another one to clean up after the second Bush.”

    That’s real CHANGE!

  78. I’ve thought more about a Clinton/Obama ticket since last night. I’ve said many times before that I do not like him. He is very arrogant and he jumped in the race too soon for his or our own good. But despite my feelings, he has potential and a VP slot would be perfect for him since the job basically entails doing very little. He can build experience in the White House, give his sermons across the country, and run for office in 2012 with actual experience. Not to say that I would even vote for him then but the Clinton/Obama ticket would be a winning ticket for sure and it would appease African American, youth voters, and bring in the independents who love Obama but hate Hillary.

    Hillary needs to beat Obama first. If she doesn’t it will be a disaster. I don’t think I can put up with the next 10 months of Obama people rubbing it in our faces and someone as capable and smart as Hillary does not belong in the VP position. I think Obama would be more likely to hand all of the paper work to his administration (who will probably be comprised of a lot of former Clinton people anyway) and something like another 9/11 terrorist attack will be more likely under another president who actually doesn’t read the memos and shit that are given to him.

    I think Hillary’s choices will be Obama or Senator Jim Webb from Virginia. I personally want Jim Webb over Obama. Webb is also more capable and would help with the southern white vote. But I think picking Obama is just something that might have to be done in order to make history and give the African American community a reason to come out and vote. There is a lot of pride for him in that community and there could be some irreparable damage especially after the drama that occurred in South Carolina. Many blacks no longer like Bill Clinton for his Jesse Jackson comment so convincing them to vote for Hillary might be difficult to do.

  79. admin or anyone, can you please post the part in the debate where Hillary said it takes a Clinton to clean Bush’s mess or something to that effect. Thanks…

  80. Who is Matthew Costello?? That was a stunningly good article.

    As for Obama supporters, those of us with caucuses can agree about their behaviour. Makes me very fed up when they keep talking about “inspiration” and then are inspired to be aggressive and rude.

  81. A scathing indictment of Obama’s judgment in Salon today. One word: Rezko!

    Obama’s dealings with his hinky friend have never led him afoul of the law, but they show that, despite his high-minded politics, he was no purer — or no savvier — than Illinois’ biggest hacks in his weakness for a generous contributor. He wouldn’t even say no when Rezko cooked up a deal to help the newly elected senator buy a gracious Georgian-revival home.

    Rezko, after all, built part of his fortune by exploiting the black community that Obama had served in the state Senate, and by milking government programs meant to benefit black-owned businesses. But Obama took Rezko’s money even after the businessman was sued by the city of Chicago for failing to heat his low-income apartments, and even after Rezko was caught using a black business partner to obtain a minority set-aside for a fast-food franchise at O’Hare Airport.


  82. Good news for Arizona/New Mexico.

    Navajo president endorses Clinton:


  83. Michael Costello’s article can be found in the Australian:
    Of course an American journalist would never be so critical on Obama.

    I’ve heard and read the same thing about Obama supporters. I guess that is more expected among young college-aged people to be more passionate and militant about their candidate than older people. It’s still not an excuse. I heard from people who went to Iowa to caucus that their behavior was the reason for his win. Caucuses make no sense to me. I’ve never participated in one so does it make sense that people are bargaining for lawn mowers and favors for votes? This is why Obama is putting most of his hope in states holding caucuses.

  84. NYCMAX–loced your comment re HRC debate performance–she was speaking to many on defferent levels–case in point..my younger bro eho was a BHO leaner really latched on to the immigration comment…he says it does affect those AA in LA. being aa , he says it affects not just AAs but Mexamericans as well. he has experienced it. My older bro is retired militaty as is concerned re foreign policy. he thinks people who believe we can just pull out of iraq are just feeding the base..he focused in on what HRC said about that and was really impressed,but, then you have people like my bro in law–he was impressed by HRC last night. Said he would’t mind her being president at all, BUT, he has to go with the “brotha”—whatever…….my sister called me later to inform me that my b-i-l is not registered to vote…he thinks he can regoster at the site on 2/5. i started layghing bevause in CA the last day to register was…..1/22 hah, we both had a good laygh about that..said she was gonna tell him when she got off the phone..

  85. Yes, I meant 2016. I don’t even think I would vote for him in 2016. He rubs me the wrong way.

  86. This didn’t come up when I entered the web address earlier but our favorite blog has a few new posts:

  87. Now this is interesting (more from Salon):

    The sale [the first real estate deal where Obama get the house and Rezko the yard] was brokered by real estate agent Donna Schwan, who’d known Rezko when he lived in the neighborhood. Asked who approached her about the house, Schwan told Salon, “I honestly don’t remember. Tony Rezko lived across the street, so he’d been interested in the lot.”

    Last year, Rezko sold the vacant lot to his attorney, Michael Sreenan, who is now peddling it for $950,000. A “Land for Sale” sign rises above the fenced lot, which is hidden by fir trees. Schwan is handling that deal, too. Since Tuesday, when the property was featured in an NBC report, she’s received more than 100 phone calls. Living next door to Obama is a great amenity, she insists. His house is protected by the Secret Service — their SUVs idle in the street and under the basketball hoop in the driveway. “No Stopping/No Standing” signs bar visitors from parking out front, even though there’s a synagogue directly across the street.

    Whoa! $950,000!!! That’s the $625,000 yard lot minus the Obama $104,500 strip.

    What Rezko bought for ($625,000 – $104,500 = $520,500) is now being “peddled” for $950,000.

    Seems like something was in it for ole’Rezko as well…

  88. anbritt: Many of my friends have the same excuse. They are voting for Obama because he is a brother. They were also offended by Bill Clinton’s comments in South Carolina which I don’t think were racist but whatever. I guess I can’t blame them. Who knows when we’ll have another black person come this close to winning the presidency. Obama is someone black males can look up to and aspire to become someday. I do not vote based on my race or I’d be voting for Obama too. Hillary being a woman is just a plus for me but it’s not my main reason.
    Also, I have a feeling that many Obama supporters aren’t registered to vote. It is a fact that young people and blacks are less likely to vote and are not aware of the registration deadlines. I had friends like that in the 2004 election who could not vote for Kerry because they had never voted before and did not know the process.

  89. And Salon’s conclusion is just plain beautiful:

    Obama knew about Rezko’s legal problems, but Merriner believes he didn’t think they would taint his Senator Galahad image.

    “It goes back to when Obama’s in the state Senate,” Merriner says. “He had a real sense of personal mission. I think he thought he was just above it. He seemed to think he was on a plane above that.”

    If you’ve been to Chicago, you know it’s a pretty flat place. And if you follow Chicago politics, you know that even the noblest politician can’t remain chaste.

    “The national media, they tend to overlook that Obama is a regular Cook County Democrat,” Merriner says. “Maybe he’s a cut above, but he’s still an Illinois politician.”

    As long as Rezko was only under investigation, Obama was willing to do business with him. But then Rezko committed the fixer’s biggest sin: He got indicted and got his name in the papers. After that, the friendship cooled. Obama has donated $157,835 in Rezko-linked contributions to charity and has called the real estate deal “boneheaded.” But he still lives in the house. And he still has the power Rezko helped him attain.

  90. NYTimes

    Women Voters Make Their Case

    Interviews with dozens of women across New York — a crucial bloc in the Democratic primary — show that many are bringing an intense, almost visceral connection to the election, according to an article by Anemona Hartocollis. How women vote will be critical in a state with one of the biggest delegate prizes on Super Tuesday since they represent 55 percent of registered Democrats statewide and 60 percent in the city. A statewide poll released last week showed Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton ahead among all women, though black women strongly favored Senator Barack Obama. But black women were also more likely to be undecided than most other groups.

  91. mollyjrichards
    if you want to hear how Obama supporters act in forums and blogs – trust me it is not pretty. I am trying my best for 2 months now to fight against them as much as I can. It is on the
    my name is the same there. I think you need to register.

  92. HighlyEducatedHillarySupporter
    the most funny part Bill Didin’t say anything racist and Hillary didn’t do anything as well – it was spinned by this congressmen from SC and Obama campaign

  93. kaffeen: It makes sense for women to vote for Hillary Clinton. As I said before, I am voting for Hillary because she is the most qualified and capable, she’s extremely intelligent, and the fact that she’s a woman is a huge plus. Most women who vote for her feel the same way. I think most women wouldn’t vote for just any woman but in this case Hillary has everything most progressive women are looking for in a president.

    Race usually trumps gender though. Especially within certain ethnic communities. I think it’s hard to generalize and I’m usually against networks like CNN spending an hour on race and gender in this election. The issues should be the main concern for voters followed by race and gender preferences. I think for the black community, we’ve been waiting so long for a black person to become president that I realize it is a no brainer for most blacks to pick Obama. I think blacks also feel the pressure to support him. I along with my black friends who support Clinton are in a somewhat awkward position. When I came out in support for Clinton after she lost the Iowa caucus, a black male friend of mine asked me why I “hated Obama”. He just assumed that I hated Obama because as a black person I should naturally want to vote for him. It’s a touchy subject and it is difficult to admit that race and gender might be the most important reason for many people over who they really think is the best candidate for the job.

  94. The GOP is beginning to hedge their bets. They are trying to find any associate of the Hillary campaign (regardless of how indirect) associated with Rezko. Evidently, the LA mayor is one of those. Still, you’ve got to wonder, if they are working so hard to find Rezko people, can you imagine what is going to happen in the GE? Rezko, if applicable, particularly with Obama, will crush his candidacy. The GOP was trying to engineer this to their favor, I don’t think it will happen. If we could get some hands on those files, Obama would be dead in the water.

  95. Obama is for once, totally out of character, holding a press conference in San Francisco in about an hour or so (at 11 am ET). Anyone thinks he’ll get a Rezko question or two – or will it be just the usual suck up from Big Media?

  96. DemAC, if he gets a Rezko question, the adoring media will probably phrase it in such a way that it will be like a setup for a volleyball slam. They make everything so easy for him.

  97. kaffeen,
    You’re right I guess…

    I haven’t got a clue. But press availabilities is not his usual MO.

  98. “Head to Head, Clinton, Obama Shelve Rancor” (Dan Balz and Anne Kornblut, Washington Post) Even if it wasn’t the smackdown many had hoped for, the Clinton-Obama one-on-one was still a spirited debate, as each sought to clearly emphasize their own strengths and differences and point out the other’s weaknesses. Between them, a general target was the Republicans and both got off their best lines of the night attacking the other side. But did Obama do enough to overcome Hillary’s Feb. 5 lead in the polls? Didn’t look like it.

  99. HEHS–i am running into the same issues with friends..i support HRC because i believe she is best for th job….my friends assume i hate BHO, ONE EVEN CALLED ME A RACE HATER!? the debate showed a couple people some things but they are now torn between the two.. you are right, race does trump gender everytime. i asked one friend–do you really think you are voting for the best person—her response-does not matter because he won’t win anyway, im just trying to help him out! you will never change the minds of a person like this, so i don’t try.

  100. Obama’s contributions for the year came to $102 million.

    Hillary Clinton’s end-of-the-year finance report filed before Thursday night’s deadline shows she raised $26.5 million in individual contributions during the final three months of 2007 and $107 million for the entire year.

  101. Though Hillary Clinton has not accepted any money form Antoin “Tony” Rezko, her national presidential campaign co-chair, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, accepted at least $7,500 in political donations from the man that Clinton called a “slum landlord.” Rezko’s trial for fraud has been delayed one week because of the voluminous evidence and complex legal preparations required by Rezko’s attorneys. (AP, Chicago Tribune)

  102. Admin..

    Could you please post the CNN Immigration segment please?

    The CNN debate video seems to have a crucial piece of Hillary’s response missing from their site. Something nefarious seems to be underfoot.


    Mrs. S.

  103. The American Nurses Association Endorses Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY)

    SILVER SPRING, Md., Feb. 1 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Clinton
    Campaign today announced the endorsement of the American Nurses Association
    (ANA). The ANA represents the interests of the nation’s 2.9 million
    registered nurses.

  104. The transcript of the debate is here, for those who would rather read it:


  105. The Najavo Nation has endorsed Hillary. Ap article out there right no


  106. Thanks-

    You’ve got to hear the BS Wedge Issue Rachael Maddow is creating with the Immigration issue from last night’s debate.. I don’t believe Hillary ever said or meant what Maddow is saying..

    Please listen:


    Mrs. S.

  107. OMG – someone on Taylor Marsh just talked about Obama’s campaign offering

    “Hope and Changiness”

    ROTFLMAO! For those who love Stephen Colbert’s take on “truthiness”, that is TOO hilarious! I am stealing it. Changiness. LOL!

  108. Thanks..

    I’ve posted the Maddow video with Pat Robertson. Please listen when the link comes up..It’s really important… Maddow outright lies about Hillary creating a racial divide between Hispanics and Blacks in the Immigration segment. I’ll check the NYT and see if it’s there. Hillary’s response in it’s entirety was mysteriously missing from the CNN
    version of the Immigration question..

    Maddow is doing this to undermine Hillary’s support for Super T..

    Mrs. S.

  109. Someone posted this on MSNBC’s First Read. I won’t say who…:)

    Chuckles and Co. are in high gear, doing everything that a marginal cable news network and a cadre of dedicated flaks can do to influence the outcome of the primary season. The first hour was EVEN (Read: that Hillary cleaned Barry’s clock) while Iraq, “tipped”, the scales in his favor.
    Not according to the undecideds at CNN, not by far according to their, “people meters”, and more importantly, with those around the country trying to decide who can and who should lead this nation out of the wilderness in Jan. 2009.

    When it comes to the economy (stupid) and health care, Barry is still in the wilderness, and didn’t show that he had a compass or could fend for himself, let alone for America. His best defense of the tissue thin policies he unconvincingly presented was, “Ted Kennedy said…”, as though the invocation of his name was somehow going to magically hypnotize the electorate and hide the holes in his resume, proposals and debating skill.

    Tuesday will be a shock to Chuck(les) and Co. They will preside over the evening with hollow eyes and downcast countenances as they are forced to project Hillary’s smiling visage with, “Clinton wins”, in state after state after state.

    They will scramble to explain why their constant drumbeat against her and their daily shameless promotion of Barry failed to produce the scripted outcome. They’ll trot out the Bradley effect again, act surprised at the sheer number of women who come out all across the country, 60% of whom vote for Hillary.

    They’ll be amazed that the demographics of the evening so closely resemble the, “meaningless Beauty contest”, in FL and scratch their collective heads in perplexity that the record turnouts didn’t favor their choice.

    They’ll be holding out hope by reminding everyone that the delegate take is proportional, and NO ONE will gain a sufficient number to claim the nomination that night, that even though Barry finished SECOND (they won’t say he lost) he still gets delegates. They will start talking up the next primary dates long before the final results are tallied, because they will be stuck covering a story that they didn’t want.

    After defeating Barry and the combined forces of Big Media, despite the most concerted effort against a candidate in American journalistic history, defeating the pro-war, anti-choice republican will be like a walk in the park.

  110. Just a little something, I am a software developer. I develop software for a national and international POMIS (Physician Operating Management Information System). That is code for Electronic Health Records. As someone who has been doing this for over 10 years, I can tell you, from personal experience, all of Hillary’s Health Care package can be paid for by EMR (Electronic Medical Records). She mentioned last night, 55 billion saved by this. That is a very conservative figure. Also, as a Health Care insider, I guarantee you Obama’s Health Care plan will not work. Single Payer is just not going to happen folks. The insurance companies are way too powerful to let that happen. It is a pipe dream. Just like alot of Bambi’s fuzzy tomorrow’s. We need someone realistic to make Universal Health Care a reality. This is my passion. Hillary is the only one who can make it happen.

  111. http://www.newsday.com/news/local/wire/newyork/ny-bc-ny–nyprimary-firefig0131jan31,0,913060.story

    NY state firefighters endorse Clinton

    2:27 PM EST, January 31, 2008

    ALBANY, N.Y. – New York state’s uniformed firefighters are endorsing Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton for president.

    The New York State Professional Fire Fighters Association, which represents 25,000 members statewide, says the Democrat has fought for firefighters during her time in Washington.

    Association President Charles Morello says the group considers Clinton their hero.

    Among other measures, Clinton co-sponsored a law that provides health monitoring for firefighters and other first responders in the event of terror attacks or natural disasters.

    Copyright 2008 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

  112. TheRealist,
    A very good comment by that anonymous commenter. 😉
    I don’t think I’ll watch Tuesday night, as you’ve wrapped it up nicely anyway. I’ll hang out here instead. 🙂

  113. Overheard In The Spin Room: Hillary Clinton Edition
    by Todd Beeton, Thu Jan 31, 2008 at 10:59:51 PM EST

    From Congresswoman Maxine Waters, a Clinton supporter:

    People in my district have a lot of hope. They go to bed hungry, they have trouble heating their homes but they have a lot of hope that things will get better. They don’t need more hope, they need help.


    From California House Speaker Fabian Nunez, a Clinton supporter:

    The issue of race is simply not an issue [for the latino community.] Latinos favor Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama not because he’s black and she’s white but because they’re familiar with her and remember that the Clintons brought home the bacon for the latino community.

  114. Mrs. S, another post here (I think NYCMax) called her response genius — I don’t understand the intricacies of it but I would accept that characterization.

  115. Rachel Maddow’s comments were unfortunate. It’s a shame. I like her a lot (well, not as much as I used to). She has a blog on Air America that she and her people read. You guys should go over there and make your thoughts about her immigration comments known.

  116. Kaffeen, Anthrax Coulter hates McCain. Besides, she and her Adam’s apple are a joke.

    Whoopie is doing a great job defending Hillary.

  117. great news about the Navajo Nation. I see a lot of support in the Native American communities for Hillary here in red earth country.

  118. dot, yeah. So did I. I’ve been listening to Rachel since 2005, but since the race started heating up, the folks at Air America seem to have taken sides and I sort of drifted in and out.

    I still like and respect her – this comes from 2 years of being a fan – but as of late, I just haven’t been tuning in. Anyone who goes negative on Hillary just loses me.

  119. Obama has uphill climb to win Latino votes in California

    By Julia Prodis Sulek
    Mercury News
    Article Launched: 02/01/2008 01:37:12 AM PST

    LOS ANGELES – King Taco on Cesar Chavez Avenue, across from the tattoo parlor and pawn shop, is Hillary Clinton country.

    As first lady, she met with locals at a church a couple blocks down the street. As presidential candidate, she stopped in for a taco last month. And while Spanish is the language of this street, nearly all know what Clinton means.

    “When I talk to my friends, we all say we’re going to vote for her,” said Sal Arciga, a 25-year-old phone operator having a carne asada burrito a table away from where the senator from New York sat.

    What does he think about Barack Obama, running against Clinton for the Democratic nomination?

    “O-who?” he asked, putting his burrito down, thinking about it. “I think he needs to come and eat here.”

    And that’s essentially what Obama will have to do if he expects to break the Clinton stronghold on the huge and influential Latino vote here in California. He’s got five days to do it, and he made an dramatic attempt Thursday with a rally at a Los Angeles trade college just hours before the final Democratic debate before Tuesday’s primary. The event was billed as an outreach to Latino voters.

    The only glitch? Most of the crowd was black.

    “Sí se puede!” Obama shouted out to the crowd filling the campus plaza. “Yes we can!”

    When the crowd responded to the Latino rallying cry, they did so in English.

    Obama, a senator from Illinois, has a lot of work to do
    in five days.

    An appearance today at East Los Angeles College by Sen. Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts – whose endorsement of Obama has been viewed as a help to the campaign’s Latino outreach effort – is expected to be more on target.

    The Latino vote is critical for Obama if he is to beat front-runner Clinton in the California primary on Super Tuesday, when more than 20 states will hold party contests. A quarter of Tuesday’s Democratic primary voters will likely be Latino. Two-thirds of the state’s Latino voters live in Southern California, and more than 60 percent are registered Democrats.

    The Obama campaign boasts that it launched the first Spanish-language TV ad, and for the past three months he has been sending foot soldiers into L.A.’s Latino neighborhoods with bilingual campaign fliers. This week, the campaign opened a field office in heavily Latino East Los Angeles. And when Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts comes to San Jose on Saturday to stump for Obama, he will do it at the Mexican Heritage Plaza.

    But so far, Obama has been losing California Latinos to Clinton by a 3-to-1 ratio, the latest California Field Poll shows.

    “It’s not necessarily a negative view of Obama that’s preventing him from winning it,” said Mark DiCamillo of California’s Field Poll. “It’s that Hillary is already family.”

    Some say, however, a hostile undercurrent between some Latinos and blacks – especially in urban Los Angeles – is yet another hurdle for Obama.

    Carmelo Garcia, a 20-year-old student in the crowd at the trade college Thursday, acknowledged those resentments between the two groups. He experiences them routinely, he said, in name-calling alone. Watching Obama deliver his “Sí se puede” speech in front of mostly blacks, “I worry that he might give a little bit more to the black people instead of the Latino community.”

    While he appreciated Obama’s message Thursday of unity and shared struggle among all races, he’s still voting for Clinton – a name spoken in his house since childhood. With that loyalty, he said, “I wasn’t even paying attention to Barack Obama.”

    Dolores Huerta, 77-year-old co-founder with the late and legendary Cesar Chavez of the United Farm Workers union, is not worried. She is confident the Latino voters will stay with Clinton.

    Obama, she said, “doesn’t really have a relationship with the Latino community.” His use of the term “sí se puede” in speeches and on campaign signs handed out at Thursday’s rally is just a “little shortcut” for Obama to make inroads.

    Inroads she believes are dead ends.

    She pointed out that while Obama earned the endorsement of the heavily Latino Culinary Workers Union in Nevada, many of the dishwashers and cooks defected to Clinton and created for themselves a term of endearment: “Los Hillarios.” It’s quite a tribute to Clinton, who had trouble pronouncing “sí se puede” at a Salinas rally last week with the United Farm Workers. And Clinton scored perhaps the biggest prize. She was in Salinas – to accept the endorsement of the United Farm Workers – where the slogan began.

    At the Obama headquarters in Los Angeles, where handpainted signs that say “Sí se puede” are taped to the walls, one of Obama’s chief Latino endorsers acknowledges the challenge.

    “There’s no doubt it’s uphill politically,” said Maria Elena Durazo, the executive secretary of the Los Angeles Federation of Workers, which represents 80,000 workers.

    What matters to Durazo, and to Latinos like her, she said, is “character and roots.”

    “He’s the son of an immigrant and single mother,” she said of his father’s Kenyan roots and his mother’s Kansas upbringing. “He went through and felt what it’s like for people without work every day. Being of mixed ethnic family, he had a taste of the bias people have and how that can hurt someone’s opportunities.”

    Obama had great prospects after college, she said, “but he chose to be a community organizer for mostly people of color. When we tell the Senator Obama story, it fits.”

    The campaign just needs to spread that story effectively – and fast.

    He still has a few days to grab a taco.

  120. filbertsf: I agree. I am disappointed that Rachel Maddow has become so bias and outspoken against Hillary Clinton. Despite my dislike for Obama, I think I would at least TRY to be balanced if I was on a news network. She is so bias. She can’t even acknowledge when Hillary does a good job. It’s sad because I do like her but not as much either.

    TheRealist: Your comment to MSNBC was great. You sound like you’re the author of that Anglachel blog 😉

  121. Good article, kaffeen, but this part is bullshit: “He went through and felt what it’s like for people without work every day.

    WTF??? No, he doesn’t! The guy went to exclusive private schools in Hawaii! When did he become some bro from da hood who had it hard? What a crock. It’s an insult to those who DID grow up having a hard time.

  122. BTW, I was valedictorian of my rural high school. I am white middle class. I couldn’t get in to any elite Ivy League universities. That says a lot about Obama. He grew up privileged and is still an elitist.

  123. HEHS-

    Thank you, but I am not a blogger.

    Hillary’s Q4 totals are up at opensecrets.org, and show that;

    She raised, $26,580,395
    She SPENT, $39,127,458
    Cash on hand, $37,947,874

    As I expected, Barry is yet to post his Q4 numbers, choosing to tout his January take, because he spent EVERYTHING he had in Q4. Let’s see if my hunch plays out, that is if we ever SEE Barry’s filing…

  124. As reported last night, 60/40 Hillary. Definitely got the highest tracking moments and response. Obama wins Iraq. Too bad Iraq is so low on most voters mind these days and also it was only one of many topics that resonate with voters.

  125. filbertsf..

    Rachael Maddow is starting a *firestorm* against Senator Clinton that does not exist. She is trying to create a wedge issue regarding the Immigration issue from last night’s debate where she said: “Sen Clinton is creating a racial divide between Hispanics and Blacks by blaming (Hispanic) Immigrants for the loss of work.. putting AA out of work.

    Hillary never said any such thing…and Rachael Maddow is promoting an outright “LIE” in this you tube video to affect the outcome of Super Tuesday, where Hillary maintains a huge voting block of Hispanics in CA and throughout the country and also a major AA voting block in Southern States that will be participating in the Primary on Tuesday..

    afaic…Rachael Maddow is TRASH and needs to be called on this LIE!

    Mrs. S.

  126. Good stuff…enjoy.

    “Take a few minutes right now and watch this wonderful backstage informal interview that Hillary did with America Ferrera and Amber Tamlyn. It is geared toward younger voters and it is one of the best glimpses of Hillary I have seen this campaign. Very moving.
    Hillary with America and Amber
    Please mark your calendars, and tune in Monday night to Hillary’s unprecedented Voices Across America National Town Hall Meeting. It will be aired on the Hallmark channel and live webcast at http://www.hillaryclinton.com Monday night at 9 p.m. EST, 8 p.m. CST, 7 p.m. MST, 6 p.m. PST. This election could not be more critical. Please set aside an hour of your time to watch as Hillary addresses questions one on one with voters. Watch and decide for yourself what kind of President this remarkable woman would be.
    See Hillary’s promo during last night’s debate: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etup2-pUFOQ
    Voices Across America: A National Town Hall To Be Broadcast On Hallmark Channel
    The Clinton campaign today announced that it will broadcast Hillary’s Voices Across America: A National Town Hall live on Hallmark Channel. The town hall will be broadcast live on television and online on the eve of Super Tuesday, Monday, February 4, 2008 at 9 p.m. EST. Voters will be able to participate in this historic town hall by attending the anchor event in New York or one of the other 21 satellite simulcast events across the country, watching it live on television, and viewing a real-time stream of the event at hillaryclinton.com.
    The first 60 minutes of the 90-minute town hall will be broadcast on Hallmark Channel.
    “The stakes in this election are high and this 21st century town hall is a chance for voters to make their voices heard. My campaign is about delivering solutions to the economy, the war and other challenges facing the nation. I hope that Americans throughout the country are able to join in. Our aim is to have the largest and most interactive town hall in political history,” said Hillary.
    The Clinton campaign also announced that one person who asks Hillary a question via the campaign Web site will get the opportunity to ask the question in-person at the town hall in New York. They will also have the chance to meet Hillary backstage after the event. Questions can be submitted by voters online at http://www.hillaryclinton.com/townhall.
    The 22 cities where the campaign will host events are Birmingham, AL; Phoenix, AZ; Little Rock, AR; Los Angeles, CA; San Francisco, CA; Denver, CO; Hartford, CT; Wilmington, DE; Athens, GA; Boise, ID; Chicago, IL; Wichita, KS; Boston, MA; St. Paul, MN; Kansas City, MO; Cherry Hill, NJ; Albuquerque, NM; New York, NY; Grand Forks, ND; Tulsa, OK; Knoxville, TN; Salt Lake City, UT.
    Hillary will anchor the town hall in New York, while President Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, and national and local surrogates will serve as hosts at events in the other states. Voters attending the events will be able to ask questions from these satellite events directly to Hillary in New York.”

  127. Mrs. S, I don’t think we should spread Maddow’s words anymore than we have to. I would suggest not repeating her characterization here and inadvertently fanning the flames. We all know they are extremely biased.

  128. just heard that moveon.org has endorsed Obama…

    I’m not listening to Rachel Maddow again – she’s playing the race card and trying to stir up the media pot.

  129. Mrs. Smith, have missed you. Glad to see you back.

    Maddow is exactly what’s wrong with our party and why so few GOP will cross the aisle- that abrasive “holier than thou” arrogance in which no one is allowed to deviate from their narrow concept of right-wrong, black-white. It comes across as better than you, conceitfulness and intellectually invalid as the real world is not painted in shades of black and white. It must be lonely for those types of folks. With not bathing regularly and being the sole possessors of wisdom and reason. 👿 Unfortunately, they lack compassion which is what allows us to have differences of opinion but still support one another and grow as a nation. I suspect many of these people had helicopter parents or were only children. They don’t understand their shit stinks, too.

    I may be a Yellowdog, but at least I’m not an asshole.

  130. Did someone here say that Wes Clark was going to be in OK for Hillary? If so, when, and where did you read that?

  131. TheRealist: Thanks for the numbers. Let’s keep and eye out for BO numbers, I was wondering… the amount you quoted, is that for the primay not the GE (because that is a seperate number, right??).

  132. Ininla, no way. Their voting goes on for a few more days. If it’s true, whatever. I’m sick of their spam anyhow and their “betrayus” crap would be a liability in a GE.

  133. More proof that Barry blew his bankroll in Q4;

    “Overall numbers

    Through Sunday, Democrats running for president have aired 83,320 advertisements on broadcast TV, with an estimated value of over $57 million. Barack Obama led the pack with almost 30,000 ads, worth almost $23 million, and then Hillary Clinton, with more than 25,500 ads, worth well over $18 million. John Edwards trailed far behind, with merely half of what Clinton bought and Bill Richardson at half of that. Chris Dodd and Joe Biden trailed.”

    He spent 5 million more on TV alone.

  134. Video from the JJ dinner in Georgia is available at MTV:


    It’s somewhat slow to load but well worth watching.

  135. H4T, I heard it yesterday talking with one of our state organizers. They’re heading down today (I think) to scout locations. It will be Monday I think (I’ve slept since then) in Lawton. E-mail me at OkieAtty@gmail.com and I’ll forward it on as soon as I know. I’ll post it here too, but things get lost when we have 800+ posts on a thread.

  136. Okay…. his 32M is not going too far if he spends like a drunk sailor!!!! I am still looking for HRC numbers for Jan ’08.

  137. Obama is not Hillary’s only rival.

    It’s Hillary vs Obama, MSM, progressive blogs and radio.

    Maddow’s comments re: AA/latinos was negligent. She should be ashamed to call herself a progressive.

  138. MSNBC is reporting that Moveon.org is endorsing Obama. What they fail to include is that the endorsement was based on online voting. Obama will win anything that involves online voting. Many of Hillary’s supporters do not use the internet, do not own a computer, are not members of MoveOn.org, and would not have voted in this online poll.
    The internet is anti-Hillary but I think that most of America will show that the ruling class does not make the decisions in this election. If and when she wins this will prove the huge disconnect between the ruling class and the average American.

  139. Last night Barry was wearing his stage mask. Smiling, courtley and deferential–up to a point.

    But I believe we saw the real Barry at the State of the Union, as he stood beside his mentor, and cast an icy unbroken and menacing stare at Hillary as she moved through the room.

    The Barry stare plus the subsequent snub tells you alot about who he is and how he reacts to adversity, and quite possibly women in power. And it is perserved on tape for posterity.

    Can you imagine what would happen if he pulled that little stunt on the Chinese in sensitive negotiations? History suggests that they do not react well to a showing of disrespect.

    Granted, my concern may be overstated since he has made it clear that he is more of visionary than a chief operating officer. In other words, he may decide to be MIA or vote present.

    But if he does happen to get involved, encounter adversity and screw up again then all is not lost.

    He could simply give them four different expanations for his behavior, tell them he was endorsed by Clare McCasil and ask the that all illuminating question first posed by Groucho Marx: who ya gonna believe me or your lying eyes? (Thanks Tayor)

  140. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE’S FEC filings are in but (the) ONE.

    But it isn’t NEWS, because it’s Barry. He is going to try to either hold off releasing his numbers until 2/6, or will dump them on SuperBowl Sunday, hoping they will get lost in the shuffle on Monday. One thing is certain, he’s not releasing them for a reason and he releases good news right away.

  141. TheRealist, Obama is hold a press conference today. Perhaps he’s going to razzle dazzle them with his Q4 totals. Maybe that’s the purpose of the conference.

  142. Sorry, but I don’t see the MoveOn.org ‘endorsement’ as a big deal because it is a fringe entity that the right loves to attack.

    Besides, the members probably voted solely on Iraq…and Obama has that speech. *rolls eyes*

  143. It’s not about endorsements, it’s about people. Even if all the members of MoveOn voted Obama, which they won’t, it is not going to make a dent compared to the other organizations and the real people out there.

  144. filbertsf Says:
    February 1st, 2008 at 12:09 pm

    They haven’t filed because they spent so much, that’s why they released their JANUARY totals ahead of the bad news. Believe me, the LAST thing Barry will mention today is where his Q4 Fec report is.

  145. I hate to say this as I am a rabid liberal, but progressives on the blogosphere are as dumb as bricks.

    when moveon was under attack for it’s Patraeus ad, it was Hillary who refused to condemn them. She did so by voting against the censure and during several interviews (TV and print) in which she was asked to.

    The Precious spoke against moveon in interviews and skipped out on the censure vote.

  146. filbert, the left blogoshere are complete tools and idiots. They are not reality-based, or even issue based. They are simply “rebel against anything old and jump on the hot new cause” morons.

    This is why with things like the Moveon endorse, their true colors come out. They are neither progressive nor liberal. They just like throwing tantrums against “The Man.”

  147. hillfans, i wondererd why hillary is coming back to connecticut monday becuase she was here earlier in the week,. now i know why. susa has it obama 48% to hillary 44%. arg just came out 48% hillary to obama’s 35%. yeah yeah, it is arg. im a little concerned about ct hillfans. susa nj, hillary 51% to obama 39%. ny hillary 54% to obama 38%.

  148. Good hearing from you Okieatty..and I did see the pic taken of BC with a cute little baby..yours? 🙂

    Just to let y’all know I read here almost everyday and I’m still on the front lines defending our candidate Hillary. I give her detractors NO QUARTER, especially when they are caught floating a LIE, as is Maddow. She is no friend to us and represents whats wrong with Big Media where she is a bought and paid for shill.


    I don’t know you..but I cannot speak in soft monotones about someone who has become another snake on the head of the Hydra..

    Mrs. S.

  149. media release just went up on moveon.org – what’s so annoying is the big media will report on this, and not on the NY Firemen and the CA Navajo endorsing Clinton – it’s all about (false) momentum.

    We should all write letters to moveon, about the Patraeus incident and how Hillary stood up for them, and how biased they are to let their endorsement really be about a snapshot of their youthful demographic.

  150. Filbert: since Murdock now owns the WSJ are we to assume that they will follow suit? If so that could turn out to be a good thing for us, since they are the mouthpiece of big business.

    Did anyone notice the connection between Obama and Dick Morris posted on Taylor Marsh. I now see he has pecuniary reasons as well as personal and political ones to attack Hillary.

    Realist posed an excellent question the other day in a differnent context: who are you and why do I get bad vibes. That question can just as easily be asked about Barry. We now know what he really means when he talks about bringing Democats and Republicans together.

  151. terrondt, where are you seeing those polls? I hate to be annoying, but please, people, when you post info put a darn LINK! 😀

  152. yes – I saw that earlier about the nurses- I just want to strangle the big media that they make so much hay about the obama fluff endorsements and so little about the endorsements of Clinton that matter to working class and real people.

  153. TV ALERT: Hillary on Sunday

    Feb 3

    – Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace

    – ABC This Week with George Stephanopoulos

    * James Carville (and Mary) is on NBC Meet The Press

  154. Mrs. S, not mine. That baby girl is another good Dem’s baby.

    I also give no quarter to the Obamabot asshats. For one, I’m allergic to hopium and I also as an atheist hate cults. I also value my own thoughts and values and don’t need someone else to tell me how to think. Hence why I think they’re retards.

  155. Ct. Demos for the nervous nellies still worrying about every stupid poll;


    We’ll get 35+ delegates, which is what it’s all about. Do any of you expect to win all of the primaries by 20 points?

  156. it may help for moveon to endorse obama. i suspect most moveon voters are already for obama. they took a poll for the endorsement. so what will it accomplish? those who voted to endorse obama are voting for obama, duh. kind of a tautology. except it may not look great for obama in the minds of other voters, i’m sorry, i know a lot of people have their hearts in the right place but obama is supported by most of the shoot-ourselves-in-the-foot wing of the party. i was offended by the petraeus ad myself and it was a big fat present to the gop right then, as was trying to elect lamont

  157. Kaffeen, good point.
    I suggest somebody more informed and astute than I am, make a list of Obama’s perceived liabilities for the GE and post it here — may be admin could pick up on that with their blog. I would start with his Iraq speech.

  158. I agree with all who say no thank you to the Moveon endorsement. Even if they do some ind expenditures, they have already turned off the moderates. If we can make sure the moderates have the connection between moveon and BO, then we will pick up some more momentum. If the tragedy of BO being the nominee comes true, then the Repubs will eat him alive with the MoveOn endorsement.

  159. I was a faithful listener to Air America but when they all started trashing Hillary and showing no balance at all I stopped listening. I really believe by not being balanced they are doing a lot of harm for Progressive radio. Same with Keith…after Chris Matthews got himself in hot water over his stupid, ridiculous remark about why Hillary won her election in NY that is when I noticed Keith changing. Maybe he changed before then but why he would want to be joined at the hip with Matthews is beyond me. I no longer listen to any of them and let them know why. You can disagree with someone but to be so one sided and to personally attack someone night after night in favor of another is just plain wrong. I think they are going to find out that they have made a big mistake in joining the MSM in trashing Hillary. Maybe they are threatened by her intelligence etc. But whatever, they are a huge disappointment. They have been giving an opportunity to reach a lot of people and they have taken that opportunity and abused it, in my opinion anyway. First time here but it’s nice to be here and to be able to read such great posts.

  160. Realist – ok calm my nerves here – I think she’s going to win NY, NJ and CA for sure. But does a loss in CT ( I dont think this was anticipated) upset any calculations in terms of delegates ?

  161. Craig Crawford’s take on last night:


  162. Good point, SoonerDem. Great minds think alike. Besides, Hillary can hit Precious with his no vote on the condemnation of Moveon. Another failure to take a stand.

  163. pm – liabilities –> rezko unexplained. drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants (huge). a certain speech to planned parenthood last summer (huge. and on tape). meeting with chavez, ahmendinejad, etc in first year with no preconditions.

  164. Good morning Hillfans!

    1.) I’m with The Realist. Stop worrying about the polls. HRC will probably win the big states (NY,NJ,CA,MA) by double digits and even the smaller states like TN and Ark by similar margins. Thats been the trend for most of the year.

    2.) Ditto HillaryforTexas about the blogs. I remember when the campaign first started last year and the blogs were insisting Hill apologize for Iraq. Huh? It was GWB who lied to the country and the senate to get us into Iraq! Has he ever apologized? I didn’t think so.

  165. terrondt: im a little concerned about ct hillfans.

    It’s the Lamont coalition + the black vote breaking 75:20 for BO. His numbers shot up in CT after Kennedy. Larson and Murphy endorsing didn’t help. As a CT resident, perhaps you should contact DeLauro and Dodd to express Hillary support.

  166. dt, she will not lose CT. It’s hers. And remember that Moveon offended their voters with that ad this Summer.

  167. TheRealist, Didn’t Obama have to release them by midnight last night?

    Also, The Talk Left post is really good. I was thinking Hillary didn’t zing back at Obama on the Iraq question for a reason. Her goal in the debate was to appear more “likable,” and she did that brilliantly.

  168. Don’t forget she’ll win OK. Obama has support in Norman, but the rest of the state is firmly hers. He was in 3rd here until JE dropped out. Many of the Edwards supporters I know here have Hillary as second choice. She’ll win big here. 15+ pts.

  169. thanks kingsgrove.. this part of his article cracked me up.

    Maybe Chelsea keeps mum because she is a secret chain smoker who sounds like Larry King. Or because the Clintons cannot afford to let it slip that Chelsea has actually been running this family since her prodigal childhood in Little Rock, plotting world domination once she secures an unprecedented third term as First Daughter (take that, Camelot Princess).

    chelsea clinton.. yeah I will vote for her if I live long enough to see her run. I am only 2 years elder to her btw 🙂

  170. Colarado is a caucus and apparently he’s doing well there due to high campaign visibility. I dont want “safe” North-east states which can offset the ones where he’s doing well to suddenly become up for grabs. Sorry cant help it, but my nerves are going to be frayed for the next 4 days !

  171. Hillary played all the levels in the debate last night. She reverted back to playing for the GE, not just the primary. Anyone seen the numbers for viewers last night yet?

  172. soonerdemocrat.. I will believe she will win any state with more than 20% AA except NY when I see it. they are undecided now according to pollsters but they will break 80-20 to Obama..

  173. Those who have Air America accounts and are “disappointed” with Maddow’s comments, go to her blog and post. Like all left blogosphere, Hillary supporters are outnumbered.

  174. true, delaro has been quiet. dodd, what is up with these candidates who drop out? say what you will about gulinani(i can’t stand him) at least after he dropped out and sucked up his pride and endorsed mccain. these failed candidates are so bitter they lost.

  175. btw , hillary did open an office in stamford,ct. a hour and a half away i will do some work this weekend for them as promised.

  176. Jas, this site doesn’t do html. you can post hyperlinks but they cannot have “http” in them. “www” works but not the other. You can also visit http://www.tinyurl.com and redo the link and redact the http. Otherwise it hits the spamfilter.

  177. Hey Gladiator…

    When Bill and Chelsea were in Norman, i got to give Chelsea a tour of OU and have lunch with her. I was amazed by several things…

    1. she is tiny skinny. very attractive
    2. she is incredibly smart and well spoken. She struck me as the intelligent introvert type.
    3. Very kind and personable. Though she is an introvert, when students came up to her in the student union, she had a huge crowd of people wanting pictures. She smiled and ended each photo with a version of “I Hope you will vote for my mom”
    4. she is normal. she talked about taking the subway in NYC.
    5. She talks about her mom and dad like I do. It was weird since her “mom and dad” are my two biggest political idols.

  178. I thought it was really funny when, in the post-debate comments, an Obama supporter had sent an email, I guess, (the text was on the screen) complaining about the ‘peoplemeter’, that reactions for Hill were much higher than those for BO, that it was a pre-selected group, that it was not representative, and how awful it was that the whole world saw that! HA HA!

  179. Hello everyone, I feel very good today about Hillary’s chances in Feb 5. The debate yesterday showed an authentic, likeable, presidential Hillary Clinton. It clearly showed that she represents major change from the Bush administration. It changed the media narrative. We have only 3 more days until Super Tuesday. She has significant demographic advantages and Obama won’t be able to change that. That is why he is desparately advertising everywhere and blowing his money. My prediction: Hillary will get (conservatively) at least 1,000 of the 1,600 delegates in play on Feb 5.

  180. i don’ t think BHO will touting that moveon endorsement anytime soon. I am fired up and ready to VOTE…FOR HRC

  181. TPS, I’m voting in-person absentee today. We also have Saturday absentee voting here which is gaining popularity. I can’t wait!

    SoonerDem, thanks for the take on Chelsea. You know, she more than Caroline Schlossberg is America’s daughter. Amazing, well-rounded young woman.

  182. SoonerDemocrat I agree with all the points, and I give the credit to Hillary. she raised a fine child.. very smart one too.. but I think the smartness comes from Bill :).. obviously I think he is smarter than Hillary.. LOL..

  183. Thanks you guy’s!!!

    I was so concerned about BO getting 32M in Jan. Well after reading info on Huffinton Post, he needed that $$$ I beleive some supporters were concerned about his financial situation. Still at the end of the day HRC has more in the bank ( I assume, since we do not know what the campagine have spent in Jan 08).

  184. anbritt Says:
    February 1st, 2008 at 12:55 pm
    i don’ t think BHO will touting that moveon endorsement anytime soon.

    Well, maybe we should help him with that.

  185. From TPM:
    Hillary Outraises Obama In Fourth Quarter Of 2007

    By Greg Sargent – February 1, 2008, 11:05AM

    Barack Obama may have raised $32 million in the month of January, but new FEC reports show that Hillary managed to outdo Obama in fundraising during the last quarter of 2007:

    Clinton reported raising nearly $27 million in the last three months of 2007. Obama raised $23.5 million during that period.

    Hillary also finished out the year with $18 million on hand to Obama’s $13 million. The Hillary camp has not released its January totals or said whether they’ve come close to matching Obama’s haul.

    Obama’s campaign says they filed their FEC report yesterday, but right now, only Hillary’s is available on the FEC site.

  186. terrondt, no need to feel guilty about Lamont. I was cheering his win too and had hoped he would get rid of Lieberman. And Lamont endorsed BO. Kind of surprised about CT though – thought that a fair share of Edwards support would go to her,like in MA ..

  187. anbritt Says:
    February 1st, 2008 at 12:55 pm

    i don’ t think BHO will touting that moveon endorsement anytime soon.

    You can bet that the REPUBLICAN would. We are saving the democratic party from a disaster of 1968, McGovern, Dukakis, proportions. IMAGINGE how that Petreus AD would play in the GE.

  188. i wont make predictions on delegate count.. caz despite I was right about NH, I thought florida numbers for her were surprising.. I thought her base was deeper and she would pull 55-56%, she only managed 50. Also, I thought Obama will pull in 28-30%. he pulled in 33. So I wont predict leads since I am happen to be underestimating his base, but I will call out the states he will win and lose.

  189. JAS, Hillary pre-paid thru TT months ago. 3Q I think. Her 38M is huge and will guarantee a great GOTV in Texas and other post TT states. BTW- last time I checked H4T and her crowd were kicking ass on the numbers in the Lonestar state.

  190. also, please everyone.. advertise hillary’s townhall meeting as much as possible. this is MOST important. she will explain her positions and if she pulls it off well, then media will cover it and that will give her momentum into tuesday.

  191. Obama is skipping California. He is leaving the state with no plans to return before the election on Tuesday.


  192. OkieAtty, I already voted for Hillary in early-voting here in Illinois. She will do better here than people are expecting. She will do better in Southern Illinois and in the suburbs. The city of Chicago will go overwhelmingly for Obama. She will also do better among the hispanics here.

  193. OkieAtty: You stated she pre-paid thru TT, do you mean ad buy’s (I am a little slow on the up take, not enough coffee).

  194. is he really just leaving period…..needs to be out there so undecided know he does not give a flip about them…at all

  195. Sherm Kader Says:
    February 1st, 2008 at 1:05 pm

    His own polling told him he would max out at about 40-45% no matter what he did…Half of rge votes are already in with Hill 20 points up.

  196. Obama’s campaign says they filed their FEC report yesterday, but right now, only Hillary’s is available on the FEC site.


  197. Dot48, there are other articles just out saying the same thing. Apparently he and his campaign believe Clinton has CA sewed up. I hope he skips the rest of them also.

  198. Okie, Texas has tightened some (to 10 points or so?) , but the newer poll is still pre-Edwards and pre-debate.

    Also, they are, I think, underestimating the Latino vote here. 🙂 We have a strategy meeting the day after Super Tuesday here in San Antonio, so will let you guys know more then. Hillary’s supporters here are solid as a rock, and as motivated as I’ve ever seen. Several worked in Bill’s admin, and love both Clintons with all their heart.

    You can’t buy that kind of passion and loyalty.

  199. Krugman on Precious’ “Harry and Lousie” mailers. krugman.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/02/01/obama-does-harry-and-louise-again/

    The Obamabots are losing their minds. They think Krugman is a hit man for Hillary which he is not. F-ing PINO’s and their cult of personality.

  200. Obama is skipping California.

    1) too many absentees have voted
    2) will leave SEIU-CA to try to get as many votes as possible. Hopefully CA membership went for Edwards via absentee.

  201. LawSchoolDem Says:
    February 1st, 2008 at 12:59 pm

    Hill’s 18 mil is primary money (out of almost 38 mil. on hand) We still don’t know what Barry spent or how much PRIMARY money he had on hand, and we probably won’t know until Monday. If it was Hillary, there’d be a dozen headlines saying, “Show me the Money”…

  202. Remember how those vultures in the media were deliberately farting out some stuff about money problems for her, just before NH ? Bastards ! She’s fighting the right wing, the left wing, the cable media, the print media, the progressive blogosphere, the liberal crazies, the naderites and she’s still winning, smiling and gracious. If thats not what you call an extraordinary person, then I dont know what else is.

  203. Obama is going to dirty politics with a mailer that contains lies about Hillary’s health plan.


    Things are getting more interesting all the time.

  204. Loving this….

    Obama skips California

    LOS ANGELES — Sen. Barack Obama will be leaving California in a few minutes, targeting instead Super Tuesday states like New Mexico, Missouri, Delaware and Connecticut. There are no plans for him to return before the election.

    It’s a strategy that has some baffled, given his surge in a recent poll of California Democrats and the fact the state is the largest delegate prize on Feb. 5.

    “Maybe he sees the reality,” sniffed Rep. Hilda Solis, who supports Sen. Hillary Clinton. “California has a long history with her, she’s been here many many times and he doesn’t have the same kind of legacy and experience with these voters.”

    Obama aides insist they are sending the campaign’s best surrogates to blanket California in advance of the big day — Sen. Teddy Kennedy, Sen. John Kerry and his wife, Michelle Obama.

    “Obviously everyone has resource decisions to make,” said Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs.

    Here’s my story from last night’s debate, which most agreed was a friendly setting that allowed the two Democrats left standing to showcase their policy differences.

    I also have a story up about the crucial Latino vote in the Super Tuesday states. Sen. Hillary Clinton has a huge lead among Hispanic voters, and this study suggests her Spanish-language Web site beats the others.

  205. Someone posted an article earlier about latino support for Clinton. As the article said, for them, she is family.

  206. CT might become tough for Hillary. The news pointed out that they were the wine drinking Democrats. I’ve only been through CT to visit Boston but I can believe that. I live in a yuppy college town and we have a ton of those types of liberals here. My state went Hillary and almost every county went to Hillary in my area of the state except for my town which went overwhelmingly to Obama. You tend to find the moveon.org, college anti-war hippies, upper class and highly educated liberals where I live and I can imagine that being the case in places like CT.
    I just want this to be over and Hillary the nominee. I can’t even argue with Obama people anymore. Their hatred for Hillary is overwhelming and it seems to become worse now that the media has portrayed Obama of have a very, very good chance of winning now. I haven’t seen one positive Hillary story on MSNBC at all and I watch that channel religiously.

  207. JAS, yes, some ad buys and overhead and print. She has enough money to buy more ads and by being smart with her money can roll with the punches.

    H4T, you’re right. My folks, etc. are in Houston. Dad’s a Huckabee kinda guy and my sister and her hubby are Mormon. My mom, however, is so pro-Hillary you would just laugh. She’s great and just learning about the “internets.” I sent her my post and forwarded my camera phone pics from the event. She likes her youtube on her iPhone, but doens’t quite know what she’s doing. The other day was the first time I’ve ever e-mailed her. Why? Because she didn’t know how to work her e-mail or what her address was. She’s learning now all bc of Hillary. BTW- she’s had a PC for 5 years….She’s talking up Hillary and sharing my posts now and having a great time doing it. And if you think I’m rancorous, you should meet my mama. 🙂

  208. Sherm Kader, I love that slogan. We should get T-shirts and bumper stickers made with that slogan. It truly captures who she is when it comes to her passion for children and their issues.


    THEREALIST..no doubt the repugs will make hay of it. BTW weren;t the financial reports due last night?

  210. Haha. I love that Perez Hilton was hardcore Obama and now he’s become a Hillary supporter. Go to his website. His quote of the day is “It took a Clinton to clean after the first Bush and I think it might take another one to clean up after the second Bush”. That’s going to be the quote of the year if she wins.
    I love to see people who were Obama supporters finally see the light.

  211. don’t think ted kennedy will help him in california. honest, i think his endorsement hurt…people continue to bring up that women he killed

  212. California has a long history with her, she’s been here many many times

    While he was living in IA and SC, she was in places like CA. Now we’ll see the payoff.

  213. dot48: people continue to bring up that women he killed

    I thought he should have remained neutral just for that reason alone. The symbolism is terrible.

  214. So I guess Obama won’t be campaigning in CA with Oprah after all. When you leave only your surrogates to campaign in a state, you’ve given up on it. Like Hillary did with Bill in SC.

    BTW, SoonerDemocrat, Thanks for sharing your experience about Chelsea. What a wonderful young lady.

  215. DOT48 says:

    “don’t think ted kennedy will help him in california. honest, i think his endorsement hurt…people continue to bring up that women he killed”

    Just wondering, maybe we shouldn’t even bring that up. After all, it’s water under the bridge now.

  216. i heart perez 🙂 im saying, he gets many times the readers of political blogs and probably a lot of the mainstream media. good press for hillary. not kidding. he doesn’t bring up a lot of specific political issues but is very pro-glbt rights (of course!), anti-gop, and hates castro (he is cuban)

  217. TheRealist you should see how much money he spent in there – there is a chart in NY times on that and it still don’t work. California by any poll – should be safe for Hillary

  218. yeah, and when obama mentioned ted kennedy last night, people do not care for kennedy leadership qualities…he is really spineless and if not for his last name he would already be done for. HE does not pack the power and the hope that his last name would…doesn’t seem to be getting a whole lot of bounce

  219. TPS, while I really like that slogan, and I would like to have it on a bumper sticker, I don’t have the means to have it made.

  220. Is Oprah really going to CA? I heard she might not come out for him anymore because of some backlash for her Iowa campaigning. I want to see her out in L.A. just so she can get booed then have CA go to Hillary anyway. That bitch thinks she can move mountains. I’ve never liked her.

  221. re the Kennedy endorsement: nothing brings out the women’s vote like a guy who escapes prosecution for fleeing the scene of a drowning, and stands by the side of his nephew, the rapist…

  222. sherm, yes….water under the bridge. zip my lip. but really it has been mentioned to me about every day this week several times.

  223. Great news about California. You know I’ve realized that this is finally the year that deals the death blow to the Iowa caucus! Love ya Hawk, but the importance placed on Iowa by the media and the campaigns makes me sick. This is a big country and you don’t have to be an Iowan to know who would make a good president. Hillary finished 3rd and McCain finished like 4th or 6th in Iowa but here they are. Sweet!

  224. I think Oprah is going to learn to stay out of politics publicly. It is public suicide (not that she isn’t powerful enough to overcome, but I’m sure there is some negative backlash and decrease in potential viewers/readers).

  225. oprah got overwhelming backlash on her message board and most likely sees a drop in viewership. I’m not sure she will be back out with him….unless the michelle obama event in ca is a covert cover for it

  226. hey all – write to Perez Hilton and support his support of Hillary. I know he has much influence, and although this is not the same as political endorsement, if he came out for Clinton, the entertainment media would cover it.

  227. Hey, here are the Edward’s superdelegates up for grabs. Call ’em if ya know ’em.

    Rep. Bruce Braley (D-Iowa)
    Rep. Bob Etheridge (D-N.C.)
    Rep. Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin (D-S.D.)
    Rep. Charlie Gonzalez (D-Texas)
    Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-Texas)
    Rep. Mike McIntyre (D-N.C.)
    Rep. Mike Michaud (D-Maine)
    Rep. Brad Miller (D-N.C.)
    Rep. Jim Oberstar (D-Minn.)
    Rep. David Obey (D-Wis.)
    Rep. David Price (D-N.C.)
    Rep. Heath Shuler (D-N.C.)
    Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.)
    Rep. Mel Watt (D-N.C.)

  228. He’s THREATENED it again…

    “I am confident I will get her votes if I’m the nominee,” Obama stressed. “It’s not clear she would get the votes I got if she were the nominee.”


    Ego. Hubris. Obama.

  229. maybe we ought to call senate and tell them ted needs to be at work in washington….doing what we are paying his fat arse to be doing. number anyone because he is on our dime.

  230. “I am confident I will get her votes if I’m the nominee,” Obama stressed.

    I have bad news for him. Supervoters I called in my district on Monday were complaining about the media picking our nom and said they would not vote for him.

  231. Jas, that’s wonderful. Ted can waste his time and energy campaigning in CA, a state that Obama is reported to have given up. Don’t those people talk to each other?

  232. The thing is if Oprah endorses anyone it should be Hillary. Her viewers are predominantly lower-middle income white women. Hello! These are Hillary supporters for the most part. Oprah is all about women’s empowerment before African-American issues. It would make more sense for her to endorse a woman. But you know what. I’m kinda glad she isn’t endorsing Hillary. Oprah is annoying as hell. I still would dislike her even if she endorsed Hillary. For every person who thinks she’s God there are many more who hate her guts.
    Iowa is an anomaly. These people voted for Huckabee. They obviously have no idea what the rest of our country wants in a president.

  233. I know I keep harping on the Rachel Maddow thing, but I’m fuming. I’ve been such a faithful listener and supporter for so long that Rachel’s comments is bugging the heck out of me.

    Of course I’ll be boycotting her show, but I feel betrayed.

  234. someone quick typist and smart searcher…add phone #’s to those names. we will start phone campaign…i’m just not good at search engines

  235. hillfans, i get a big kick out of rightwing crazy ann coutlter’s supposed endorsement of hillary if mccain is the gop nominee. several takes 1. i do not believe it.2., this kook will say anything to get headlines. 3. even if she is for real i do not want the sick b*tch’s vote for hillary anyway.

  236. HLR, that really is funny. Unfortunately for me, I like sick humor.

    It’s dead-on, as far as symbolism goes. Most Dems are forced into overlooking his sordid past. He really burned me up when he was talking pot shots at BC’s character.

  237. I’m not a regular listener of the Rachel Maddow show but if you are a huge fan and you are upset let her know. She needs to know that she is offending a huge portion of her listeners. I’m glad a similar thing happened to Oprah. They make their millions from our support so they should respect different viewpoints within the Democratic party. I am not going to hate on Rachel for supporting Obama but she goes to far in her criticism of Hillary. If Hillary had done a horrible job last night I would admit that but she was brilliant. Maddow has no right criticizing Hillary on her immigration response.
    I wouldn’t want Perez Hilton to pull an Oprah but he should definitely think about going to a Latino event in L.A. which supports Hillary so it will look like he is reporting on the Latino community and excitement for Hillary there rather than just stumping for Hillary which will alienate many of his fans which I don’t want him to do.

  238. Bruce Braley (D-IA)

    Washington Office
    1408 Longworth HOB
    Washington, DC 20515
    (202) 225-2911
    *Press Contact: Jeff Giertz

    Waterloo Office
    501 Sycamore St., Suite 623
    Waterloo, IA 50703
    (319) 287-3233

    Davenport Office
    209 W. 4th St., Suite 104
    Davenport, IA 52801
    (563) 323-5988

    Dubuque Office
    350 W. 6th St., Suite 222
    Dubuque, IA 52001
    (563) 557-7789

  239. mel watt nc…washington # 1202-225-1510

    called and nice response. didn’t act like I was wasting their time.

    Do not call their state office #’s…explained to me he can’t talk about issues like this so call washinton #…

  240. I hope Perez shows up to Hillary rally’s – I don’t think Perez is so worried about going against the grain even amongst his young demographic; they’re susceptible to peer pressure and following their icons – I say Perez endorse Hillary.

  241. A little off topic, but can ya’ll see Bill Clinton as first gentleman?!! I mean the big dog entertaining at the white house, doing the xmas decorations. I personally can’t wait to see him in action.

  242. Bob Ethridge (D-NC)
    Washington Office

    1533 Longworth House Office Building
    Washington, D.C. 20515
    Phone: (202) 225-4531
    Fax: (202) 225-5662

    Raleigh District Office

    225 Hillsborough Street
    Suite 490
    Raleigh, NC 27603
    Phone: (919) 829-9122 or
    North Carolina Toll Free Number: 1-888-262-6202 (BOB-NC02)
    Fax: (919) 829-9883

    Lillington District Office

    609 North First Street
    P.O. Box 1059
    Lillington, NC 27546
    Phone: (910) 814-0335
    North Carolina Toll Free Number: 1-866-384-3743 (ETHERIDGE)
    Fax: (910) 814-2264

  243. The Honorable Stephanie Herseth Sandlin
    331 Cannon House Office Building
    Washington, DC 20515

    Phone: (202) 225-2801
    Fax: (202) 225-5823
    (319) 287-3233

    Davenport Office
    209 W. 4th St., Suite 104
    Davenport, IA 52801
    (563) 323-5988

    Dubuque Office
    350 W. 6th St., Suite 222
    Dubuque, IA 52001
    (563) 557-7789

  244. nikki22, that’s a funny question. I can think of ways he will successfully get around that duty, but that would be only conjecture.

    It’s a little like George Washington who had to set the pattern for Presidents. Now Bill gets to set the pattern for first gentleman, or whatever he will be called.

  245. HillaryforTexas Says:
    February 1st, 2008 at 12:16 pm

    filbert, the left blogoshere are complete tools and idiots. They are not reality-based, or even issue based. They are simply “rebel against anything old and jump on the hot new cause” morons.

    This is why with things like the Moveon endorse, their true colors come out. They are neither progressive nor liberal. They just like throwing tantrums against “The Man.”

    Worse for The Woman. 🙂

    It’s odd, Moveon started as a backlash to the impeachment of Bill Clinton. They were going to raise money to vote out the impeachment leaders and back moderate common sense non-ideologue candidates in both parties.

  246. Wonder how many pieces of silver Rachel Maddow got to become MSNBC news person and to fall in line?

    It’s hard to resist major bucks isn’t it?

  247. Charlie Gonzales (D-TX)

    Washington Office
    303 Cannon House Office Building
    Washington, DC 20515-4320
    Phone: (202)225-3236
    Fax: (202)225-1915

    San Antonio Office
    B-124 Federal Building
    727 East Durango
    San Antonio, TX 78206-1286
    Phone: (210)472-6195
    Fax: (210)472-4009

  248. I think CT will also factor in some moderate jewish votes who may decide to back Mccain due to lieberman. There is some concern that they would like to have mccain in play as a safer choice available in GE … in case Hillary does not make it!

  249. HighlyEducatedHillarySupporter
    the whole of Air america radio is biased today. I stopped listening to them. It looks like they are being paid to say what they say – cause Rhodes used to like Clintons very much. What did change?

  250. Eddie Bernice Johnson

    Washington, D.C
    1511 Longworth House Office Building
    Washington, DC 20515
    Phone: (202) 225-8885
    Fax: (202) 226-1477

    District Office
    Dallas Office:
    3102 Maple Avenue
    Suite 600
    Dallas, TX 75201
    Phone: (214) 922-8885

  251. OkieAtty — Herseth is from SD. Why does she have offices in Iowa??

    Here are the contact nrs:


  252. I’m in agreement with those of you about Air America. It got taken off the air here in Memphis months ago and I don’t miss it at all. The only show I enjoyed was Randi Rhodes when she would rip on Bush. The problem with a lot of the liberal talk shows is that they go for the sort of leftwing activist types and not regular democrats like me. And I don’t even mind criticism of Hillary as long as its fair.

  253. Mike McIntyre (D-NC)


    2437 Rayburn House Office Building
    Washington, DC 20515
    (202) 225-2731
    fax (202) 225-5773

    500 North Cedar Street
    Lumberton, NC 28358
    (910) 735-0610
    fax (910) 739-5085

    301 Green Street, Room 218
    Fayetteville, NC 28301
    (910) 323-0260
    fax (910) 323-0069

    201 North Front Street, Suite 410
    Wilmington, NC 28401
    (910) 815-4959
    fax (910) 815-4543

    310 Government Center Drive, NE; Building S, Unit 1
    Bolivia, NC 28422
    fax (910)-253-0159
    *This office is only open during the hours of 9:30-3:30, Monday through Wednesday

  254. nikki22
    Randi Rhodes is completely biased today. I used to just love her – now I barely listen once I am in the car. NJ is all covered by this station so you can listen to it. But I just lost interest. It is like “Barack on Attack” radio

  255. I tell ya what, this holdup in the Rezko trial smells like GOP interest. Wouldn’t they just love to keep Rezko quiet until a GE with Bambi in the race and then have him squeal like a pig afterwards.

  256. Mike Michaud (D-ME)

    Washington DC
    1724 Longworth House Office Building
    Washington, D.C. 20515-1902
    Phone: 202-225-6306
    Fax: 202-225-2943

    Bangor, Maine
    23 Water Street Suite 205
    Bangor, ME 04401
    Phone: 207-942-6935
    Fax: 207-942-5907 Lewiston, Maine
    179 Lisbon Street Ground Floor
    Lewiston, ME 04240
    Phone: 207-782-3704
    Fax: 207-782-5330

    Presque Isle, Maine
    445 Main Street
    Presque Isle, ME 04769
    Phone: 207-764-1036
    Fax: 207-764-1060

    Waterville, Maine
    16 Common Street
    Waterville, ME 04901
    Phone: 207-873-5713
    Fax: 207-873-5717

  257. OK, I have to bow out for a bit. The rest of the list is:

    Rep. Brad Miller (D-N.C.)
    Rep. Jim Oberstar (D-Minn.)
    Rep. David Obey (D-Wis.)
    Rep. David Price (D-N.C.)
    Rep. Heath Shuler (D-N.C.)
    Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.)
    Rep. Mel Watt (D-N.C.)

    You guys fill in the rest if you can. Thx.

  258. Finally,

    BO Q4 raised $22,846,049
    spent $40,216,122

    on hand $18,626,248

    No listing yet as to how much of the 18 mil. is in primary funds…

  259. THEREALIST: he got alot of repub and repub leaning voters in the earlier states and he knows it…thats why he says that comment. anyhoo, its not good for the party , imo.. selfish

  260. Air America used to be really good. I was addicted to it for a while. I listened to Al Franken, Mike Malloy (who is now on Nova M Radio), Sam Seder, Randi Rhodes, and Rachel Maddow on occasion. Then Al Franken left and they got rid of Mike Malloy (who was the best thing that happened to Air America). I am left of center and even though I enjoy listening to people like Malloy and Rhodes on the radio they DO NOT represent the majority of Democrats. They would be considered extremists by mainstream Democrats.

  261. HighlyEducatedHillarySupporter
    Al Franken was good – not too much. He was supposed to run for the congress from MN… Randi Rhodes – it is sad that she is no longer what she used to be. I can understand if one of them supports BO – but not all radio. Anyways – it is too left for me today – I am not 25 years old anymore…

  262. anbritt, part of that is for the GE. And none of this includes his nat’l buys or Jan money. it means he is prolly down quite a bit more than 18M. The cut-off was 12-31-07. ‘o8 numbers aren’t included.

  263. HEHS, you are right about Mike Malloy. I only heard him once or twice because he came on at 12:00 am Memphis time. But I stream him on Nova and he is funny as hell! He’s definitely to the left of me but whenever he refers to Bush as “President Chucklenuts” I roll on the floor laughing.

  264. I agree with a lot of Clinton supporters who have pointed out that Obama only had a 4 state plan. He was pretty sure he’d get South Carolina. He used most of his money in Iowa, NH, Nevada, and SC. The loss in NH was a dose of reality for him. He probably concentrated a lot of money in SC after that loss. He was lucky to get the Ted Kennedy endorsement. This is just me making guesses here but I think he used up most of his money and was very low on funding. He will probably get a lot more money now that he has the help of Kerry, the Kennedys, and MoveOn.org doing his fundraising but overall Clinton has raised the most money and has an actual plan on how to use it wisely and most effectively.

  265. Radio Alert

    Polling “short course” on Talk of the Nation “Science Friday.”

    Painless learning in quick study format.

    On NPR now

  266. Let’s do some fast math…. 18M in the bank + 32M rasied in Jan 08= 50M on hand (this is not including what he spent in Jan 08), the 41M he spent in 4Q could have been some pre-pay for ad’s ??? But any case he is spending a Sh*t load .

  267. the 41M he spent in 4Q could have been some pre-pay for ad’s ???

    do you have any evidence for this?

  268. The DNC set-up the 4-state process to disadvantage Hilalry. Obama and Edwards wanted to push out Hillary out of the campaign before Super Tuesday. It didn’t work. Our lady is still standing.

    OkkyAtty: Thanks for the spanish translation of HILLARY IS FAMILY.

  269. I saw this at mydud:

    Yet another Congressman very close to Nancy Pelosi Earl Blumenauer of Oregon has endorsed Barack Obama. In 2003, Blumenauer, a strong progressive voice, endorsed John Kerry.

    Does anyone still believe that NP was “shocked” that Sebelius endorsed BO b/c she was selected for the SOTU for her “neutrality.”

  270. National Numbers:

    From Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll:

    GOP: McCain 48, Romney 20, Huckabee 19, Paul 5. Error margin: 6 points.

    Dems: Clinton 47, Obama 37. Error margin: 5 points


  271. I know endorsements do not mean much, but I think that the Clinton Campaign should of waited on some of her early endorses in order to roll them out this week. Because all I read in the news are stories about BO’s endorsements. Who knows, they maybe have some to announce, but the campaign has been pretty quite today.

  272. reed, after yesterday’s wonderful performance by Hillary in the debate, they don’t have to say anything. The focus now is on the local media, not national media as much. She did a round of local TV interviews this morning.

  273. looking at the polls it look s like edwards folks are going for obama. wtf? the race looks tighter to me. i guess hillary has great gotv-right?!

  274. Hillary could be endorsed by St Francis of Assisi in person, and the media would ignore it as they’ve ignored the NY firefighters, the nurses, and Maxine Waters.

  275. TPS,

    That is good to hear! I think the local media is better anyway – more people watch the 5/6/10 o’clock news than 24hr news channels.

    I think it is just nerves that makes me think about small things like endorsements.

  276. ROTFLAMO! I am sooo gonna steal that hopeum line!

    Obama supporter: Wasn’t Barack just brilliant in the debate last night?

    Idunno: What? Have you been smoking hopeum??

  277. I watched the debate and I think Hillary won it. However, I really believe that there is another way of answering the question about the Iraq war resolution. I think that her Iraq war vote is totally defensible and I want to get your feedback on this:

    Obama, when I voted for the Iraq resolution, the case made for that vote was very credible. It would be easy to say that I regret making the vote and move on. But that wouldn’t be honest. I truly believe that my vote was based on every good intention and sound judgment. The intelligence that was provided to us showed that there was strong indication that there were WMDs in Iraq and it was imperative that we need to find out for sure. While the resolution was titled an “authorization for war”, we know that this is simply necessary diplomatic language that would give us the leverage we need. The pressure of that resolution would have given us all the diplomatic leverage to get the inspectors back in Iraq and really see what they have there.

    Now, remember, you said yourself that you wouldn’t have known what you would have voted because you were not there. And that was an honest statement. Here is what we were given. We were given direct assurance from Condi Rice and the White House that this will not be abused and that no military action will take place without evidence that there were WMDs inside Iraq. It was a time of great need for solidarity and unity and we fully trusted that they will act in accordance with the dictates of sound policy and sound intelligence. In a time like that, who would have expected that the Republicans would skew the intelligence reports and renege on their commitment? In a time like that, who would have expected that they will openly lie to us and risk the lives of so many people to further their agenda?

    In the end, my vote did not get us to this mess, Barack, but the Republican’s betrayal. And the people of this country will exact vengeance in the next election.

  278. anduril, that is an excellent response…send it to confidential tips…it is very rational and explains just what about every American also thought at the time.

  279. Impressions of participants in NY Times open cacus about yesterday’s debate:


    Patricia Barry, 62, a retired editor from Kansas City, Mo. and a Democrat

    I really liked Senator Clinton’s answer about the first Clinton cleaning up after George I, and it would take another to take care of George II’s mess. Also, her response to Mr. McCain’s silly ‘’white flag’’ charge, saying that the Democrats had a more realistic grasp of the situation, including not wanting to stay in Iraq for 100 years.

    Why Mr. Obama thinks that he would have an edge in a debate with Mr. McCain because he objected to the war in the first place, I don’t know. The topic would be how we’re getting out, not how we got in.

    Julie Horwin, 55, an education consultant and retired teacher, Republican from Scottsdale, Ariz. She has decided to volunteer for the Clinton campaign.

    Hillary Clinton was magnificent last night. She responded with certainty, humor and gave me a sense of surety about her leadership of our country. I was impressed with her answer about her vote on getting us into the war. She was clear about why she voted, and the intent and understanding of that vote.
    I also liked hearing about her successes for diverse groups of Americans in the past. We can credit her with so much positive change for so many Americans. I am anxious to allow her to hold an office she deserves and where she can continue to work for everyone in America.

    Daniel Hoodin, 50, health care executive and Republican from Fayetteville County, Ga.

    During the Democratic debate last night, which I watched with my 16-year-old son, I thought Mrs. Clinton came out ahead. The differences in experience came out in how the two responded to questions, and in their ability to articulate, with details, their position.

    I did not miss the open attacks on each other, even though they both got in good shots. In this debate they used their differences in strategy to take shots, rather than attack the past records of each other. I am interested in their positions on major issues, their ideas on how to address those issues and don’t mind a candidates approaches changing over time. If a person doesn’t grow with the changing environment, they lose touch and become ineffective.

    My son ended up liking Mrs. Clinton better than Mr. Obama, but for slightly different reasons then I did. He did not get to watch the Republican debate, due to homework.

  280. I know..I know …. more damn poll numbers for Connecticut. American Research Group. Jan 30/31 MOE+-4
    HRC 48 BHO 37. I readm from the Craig Crawford site.

  281. texan4hillary: which polls are saying Edwards supporters are going to Obama? I think independents would be more attracted to Hillary after last night’s debate (minus the people who won’t forgive her for the Iraq vote). I think a good number of Edwards people are going to go to Hillary unless this momentum the cable networks are helping build have made people change their minds. I don’t know. I think we’re all guessing and hoping that our candidate comes out on top but we won’t truly know anything until Super Tuesday.

  282. hillary won, as per the people I’ve talked with today. she made her case very well and she looked just downright nice.

  283. Yes he’s a big spender all right, but his Threatening the party AGAIN is much more important.
    He’s a uniter?

    “I am confident I will get her votes if I’m the nominee,” Obama stressed. “It’s not clear she would get the votes I got if she were the nominee.”

    This is not his first threat. This quote should be plastered EVERYWHERE.

    Back to the money;

    Hillary has about 18-20 mil in GE funds as of 12/31. I am going to guess that she raised 15-18 million in January, with about 1/2 that amount for the primaries. She had sat aside funds for 2/5 back in December, according to Terry McC, so she’s probably got around 25-30 MILLION for the primaries after 2/5.

    This will not matter much. Barry won’t be coming back to the most delegate-rich state in the union. Barry won’t be winning there, and he knows it, the numbers are INSURMOUNTABLE in Hillary’s favor. New York will be a blow-out too. Those are the two biggest prizes on 2/5 and Barry has already lost them both. Where does his campaign go after losing Fl Ca. and NY? What can they say? How do you spin your claim that you are the one who can win in November, if you can’t win in February?

    Today’s exit and ultimatum are the beginning of the end for the Barry campaign; They’re hemorrhaging money, spending it MUCH faster than they can take it in, almost TWICE as fast, and you can’t do that for very long, no matter how much you raise. He (and BM BTW) KNOWS he’s already lost the two biggest Delegate states, and it’s only FRIDAY. How would YOU like to go into the weekend knowing that? It’s like the Giants KNOWING that NE will score TWO TOUCHDOWNS before they take the field, it’s DEMORALIZING, to the campaign and the candidate.

    No matter what else happens on TT, The fact that he has lost NY and Ca. brands him as incapable of winning in November. Despite any rhetoric and spin you may hear or read between now and next Wednesday, After
    the results are in, and Barry trails by 300+ delegates, TWO things will happen;

    1- SD’s will start falling over themselves to join team Clinton, and her delegate lead will go over the 500 mark.

    2- Those, “party elders”, will begin a quiet campaign to get Barry to quit in a way that allows him to save face, so that the DNC can start to get ready for the GE. Mark my words today, Barry will not see March come in as a candidate for the democratic nomination, and that fate was sealed when he, (as Albert Hammond sang 20 years ago or more) Got on board a west-bound 747…

  284. JAS,

    I don’t really trust ARG after they showed Hillary winning Iowa. Nevertheless, maybe their is truth behind those numbers. Some hopium would help! 😀

  285. dot48, please read the impressions of real voters both Democrat and Republicans about last night’s debate I posted above. I really think that matters more than endorsements at this point.

  286. Even though Hillary knocked it out of the park last night, and is leading in all the national polls I’ve seen, I am STILL freaking out. Mainly because, though I have always stood behind a democrat , I just can’t vote for Obama. A vote for him would be every bit the disaster a vote for George Bush was. And the debate last night only served to reassure me of that fact. If Hillary isn’t the Dem nom, I’m gonna be screwed.

  287. TheRealist : I agree 100% with you. I saw a site today that estimated the delegate count after 2/5 and it had HRC up 475, I know this is just a wild ass guess, but it was fun to look and dream!!!!

  288. Sherm,

    Obama is skipping California. He is leaving the state with no plans to return before the election on Tuesday.

    And last night on the ABC World News, Stephanopoulos ACTUALLY said:

    Here’s what to watch for on Tuesday night. First of all, if Barack Obama upsets Hillary Clinton in California…

    Nuthin’ like unbiased coverage, eh ?

  289. Richardson Won’t Endorse Until After 2/5
    01 Feb 2008 01:11 pm

    A Democrat consultant close to Gov. Bill Richardson says that the New Mexico governor will not endorse a presidential candidate until after February 5.


  290. I generally don’t like quoting from Republican Party press releases. But, this is what awaits Obama:


    The RNC’s New Way To Bracket Barack Obama
    01 Feb 2008 02:02 pm

    Here’s the headline on a Minnesota Republican Party press release:


    St. Paul- Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman Ron Carey today issued the following statement regarding Barack Obama’s visit to Minnesota.

    “In spite of all the feel good rhetoric, Barack Obama fundamentally lacks the experience, leadership and accomplishments necessary to be commander in chief. Given his extreme partisanship, status as the candidate of MoveOn.org and his position as the nation’s most liberal senator, Minnesotans won’t be fooled by Obama.”

  291. I think that after 2/5 Hillary will be leading Barack in those 22 states by close to 300 delegates at most. Add the superdelegates and she will be leading Barack by about 400.

  292. http://www.politico.com/blogs/bensmith/

    Teddy not making waves in East LA (latino area) according to Politico:

    “Teddy in East L.A.

    Kennedy addressed an Obama rally at East Los Angeles College this morning, introduced with a credential that the campaign hopes will appeal to Hispanic voters: Kennedy and Obama were the only two senators, the campaign says, to participate in the giant May 1, 2006 immigration marches.

    “In the streets of Chicago it was our next president, Barack Obama, that marched, and in the streets of Washington, D.C., it was Sen. Edward Kennedy who marched,” said Maria Elena Durazo, a key Los Angeles labor leader.

    But the event, at a mostly Hispanic college in a Hispanic and Asian part of town, also served as a demonstration of the ground Obama has to make up here: The crowd seemed largely made up of Obama supporters from elsewhere in Los Angeles.

    “I’ve never seen a lot of white people here before,” said Edwin Morales, 25, who grew up in the neighborhood and now studies at Cal State Los Angeles but came back to see Obama.

    Morales said he’d supported Edwards but switched to Obama because the two share an ideology: “They’re for the poor, for the working class.”

    Kennedy spoke of Obama’s “transformational” potential, and tried out his own Spanish.

    “Un voto por Obama es un voto para la gente,” he said, gamely, before offering his joking excuse.

    “It’s a Castillo accent — it’s a Castilian accent,” he said, to laughter.”

  293. rickya that sounda about right. she can win half the vote after 2/5 and walk into the nonmination. 400 delagate leads are hard to overcome.

  294. I am going to the rally tomorrow morning at Cal State Los Angeles, WOOT!

    Hope to see you there, lninla!

    This is my second time seeing her (attended the rally at UC Santa Barbara before NV). She was on message, and VERY pretty in person. She is so obviously the best candidate.

  295. Terrondt, I could feel the momentum shift to our lady during yesterday’s debate. I watched it with my wife and my oldest daughter and they are my impartial soundingboard because they are not as partisan as I am. They loved Hillary yesterday. The loved her line about how it takes a Clinton clean-up after a Bush.

  296. His threat statement is getting him hammered on MSNBC’ s First Read. It isn’t the first time he’s made it either…

  297. TheRealist Says:

    February 1st, 2008 at 2:05 pm

    BO Q4 raised $22,846,049
    spent $40,216,122

    on hand $18,626,248

    41 million my gosh on what…he spent lotts in sc iowa..NH..nev..omg…will be in debt lotts more if hes elected
    HLR lol..HillaryLandRocks Says:

    OkieAtty — Herseth is from SD. Why does she have offices in Iowa??i was going did she move no way…i lol..
    Here are the contact nrs:

    her people are way nice too…i hope hillary picks her for something in her adminstraion..very capable person…

  298. From MSNBC’s first read. This is the information backing up my comment earlier that Hillary did a round of local TV interviews this morning:

    From NBC’s Chuck Todd and Domenico Montanaro
    Hillary Clinton’s doing a major round of local TV this morning, appearing in several Feb. 5 states: Missouri (Columbia, St. Louis); Colorado (Denver); Connecticut (Hartford); Minnesota (Minneapolis/St. Paul); New York (New York, Buffalo); Arizona (Tucson); California (Fresno, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, and Central Valley).

  299. Anduril919 , here is the full text of
    From http://frwebgate.access.gpo.gov/cgi-bin/getdoc.cgi?dbname=107_cong_public_laws&docid=f:publ243.107

    And here is a conservative defending Hillary’s vote and giving more explanation of what she and others thought they were voting for:
    No Apology Needed
    New York Times
    David Brooks
    The Iraq war debate began in earnest in September 2002. At that point Clinton was saying in public what Colin Powell was saying in private: emphasizing the need to work through the U.N. and build a broad coalition to enforce inspections.
    She delivered her Senate resolution speech on Oct. 10. It was Clintonian in character. On the one hand, she rejected the Bush policy of pre-emptive war. On the other hand, she also rejected the view that the international community “should only resort to force if and when the United Nations Security Council approves it.” Drawing on the lessons of Bosnia, she said sometimes the world had to act, even if the big powers couldn’t agree.
    She sought a third way: more U.N. resolutions, more inspections, more diplomacy, with the threat of force reserved as a last resort. She was triangulating, but the Senate resolution offered her a binary choice. She voted yes in order to give Powell bipartisan leverage at the U.N.
    This is how she’s always explained that vote, and I confess that until now, I’ve regarded her explanation as a transparent political dodge. Didn’t everyone know this was a war resolution? But now, having investigated her public comments, I think diplomatic leverage really was on her mind. I also know, from a third person, that she was spending a lot of time with Powell and wanted to help.
    When you look back at Clinton’s thinking, you don’t see a classic war supporter. You see a person who was trying to seek balance between opposing arguments. You also see a person who deferred to the office of the presidency. You see a person who, as president, would be fox to Bush’s hedgehog: who would see problems in their complexities rather than in their essentials; who would elevate procedural concerns over philosophical ones; who would postpone decision points for as long as possible; and who would make distinctions few heed.

  300. Can someone tell me where this idea came from that Ted Kennedy would help BO pull in hispanic voters? Kennedy is a senator from Mass, close to 80 yrs old or something, and didn’t even get himself nominated in 1980. I know some of you on this board are latino. Does he hold any sway with your community?

  301. So he is skipping California…..hm. We need to send Bill to Missouri, Wes Clark to Oklahoma, Dolores Huerta and UFW members to Colorado, Chelsea Clinton to New York and Connecticut, Joe Wilson in New Mexico, Madeleine Albright to Delaware, HRC should get as much support in California as possible, and then she should travel to Tennessee, and then go back to Cali 🙂 We can also send Bill to Alabama and Illinois. This can be won handily by us. She can blow him out of the water with a 22 state strategy, which we mostly have already.

  302. tPS, that quote is awesome hitting Precious for the Moveon endorsment. Anyone know if he has it up on his site yet? I’ve been looking for the Nielsen ratings from last night. No luck so far.

  303. wonder if bm will start to stutter (pun intended) to a stall during this weekend…they surely see the handwriting on the wall and will not want to be made any more donkey rears than they already are..let me know if anyone sees a cooling of the ObamaMadness jets. I simply refuse to give them my time but I’m interested in when they start to spin.

    For some reason I keep thinking we will hear the mantra “if he only had enough time to get his message out” … gawd he’s been campaigning for this job since he took oath in the senate.

  304. nikki22, the idea was conceived by the idiots in the meain stream media who all thought that latinos swoon over Ted Kennedy. For them HILLARY IS FAMILY (I like it. Sherm kender and I came up with this earlier in this thread).

  305. I am so angry I’m almost not able to type. That slimeball BO has sent out mailers and has a TV Ad using Harry and Louise to defame Hillary’s healthcare plan. For those of you who don’t remember, this is the same sh*t advertising that defeated UHC in 1993.

    We, as a people, need UHC more that we need Slimebama. The latest move will make it that much harder to get ANY UHC PLAN through congress. And what a talking point for the Rethugs in the Fall “Even the Dems are skeptical of Hillarycare”.

    Here is the link to Taylor Marsh’s Blog; there is a lot of reaction from Healthcare experts not affiliated with Hillary’s campaign.

    http://www.taylormarsh.com. She also has this blog posted at Huffington.

    Deep Breath, Deep Breath….. No, it’s not helping. Still furious at Candidate Chicken Shit

  306. Hawk, Wes will be here in OK (Lawton) in a few days. Cameron. Am awaiting time info. And Vilsack will be in Tulsa. The Norman Girls have a good operation and the whole organization is working its collective tail off.

  307. OkieAtty, I never thought by endorsements by Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, and MoveOn werre that good for Obama. It made him look liberal and establishment. I am glad that he has followed this strategy. Thanks again for the spanish translation.

  308. I love how these left of center liberals believe their candidate can somehow work with Republicans. Give me a break. Independents are only voting for him because of two reasons: they hate Hillary and they don’t agree with Republicans on the war. How does that make them Democrats? If Obama wants to cater to their needs he should run as an Independent. If he wants to be a liberal Democrat then he needs to face the facts. He will become just as partisan as Hillary Clinton if not more in order to get what we (the liberal Democrats) want to get done while he’s in office. I can’t wait until the day the Republicans trash his reputation then Obama will understand the shit Hillary has had to go through since the 90s.

  309. HEHS, in fact, I think Hillary will attract a lot of independent women. Media is just spreadign this crap that Hillary won’t get independents. The last LA Times poll indicated that both Hillary and Obama are getting the same amount of independent support.

  310. Hillary also got former Gov. George Nigh’s endorsement today. That helps in McAlester and Little Dixie (the Eastern/SE part of the state). it actually helps all over since he’s so well-liked even today.

  311. OkieAtty, endorsements from local politicians well respected in their community is much more useful then Teddy jetting into East LA.

  312. healthcare is Hillary’s champion cause. even republicans know that is the one thing that she will get done. Bambi is frustrated and grasping at straws. This is one issue he cannot win on. she has battle scars to prove that she will fight for this.

  313. Okie, can you post Governor Nigh’s phone number please. We all need to give a shout out and let these people know they are much appreciated. I am still calling pledged delegates of Edwards. Seems a few have already gone to Obama…is there a chance this was prearranged.

    Also,glad to see Richardson is out till after Tuesday.

  314. MSNBC First Read re: Richardson endorsement:

    With Obama in New Mexico today, there’s been speculation that Richardson might endorse Obama. Yet as it turns out, Richardson happnes to be in DC today doing state business, lobbying for an Air Force cyberspace command contract at the Pentagon.

    He is NOT expected to endorse today, and his folks are denying the “rumors” that he would be endorsing Obama.

    He returns to New Mexico on a 3:30pm flight this afternoon.

    And note that Bill Clinton is working him over hard.

    At a press conference in New Mexico today, Obama was asked about a possible Richardson endorsement, and Obama said there were no plans of him receiving one from the New Mexico governor. Yet Obama added that he’d love to be pleasantly surprised. *** CORRECTION *** Obama’s presser was in LA; he head to New Mexico later today….

  315. Ask yourself; If BM knew that a candidate was going to lose the two Biggest states on 2/5 and the candidate’s name wasn’t Barry, what would the narrative be this weekend?

  316. LawSchoolDem, see my post earlier from Marc Ambinder about Richardson (he is sitting this one out until after Feb 5)

  317. “Barack Obama, a first-term senator from Illinois, has sparked political energy in the country with a speaking style that touches the heart.

    Americans long for a president to cut through the fog of partisanship. In these times, the United States could use a healer. Many Americans dream that the senator from Illinois can take them there.

    Obama is whistling an optimistic tune, though so far, when compared to his main rivals, it has the substance and specifics of a chewing gum ad jingle.”

    My favorite line from their endorse ment.

  318. Exactly Realist, they are trying their best to shore up their guy (the TeddyPalloza this week was all about that). Then came Florida and the Debate.

  319. dot48, She is better on every issue. Not just health care. Painting her as the health care candidate is shortsighted and easily dismissed because of her history.

    She is the economy candidate and can beat McCain who admits he knows nothing about the economy better than Precious.

    She is the pro-family candidate and unlike McCain kept her marriage together while he was screwing everything in a skirt.

    She is the national security candidate more than Precious who starts riots in Pakistan with his ill-advised grandstanding.

    She is the diplomacy candidate with ties to nearly every foreign nation.

    She is the human rights candidate with a long history of standing up for equality.

    She is the pro-military/veterans candidate because she fights for their safety and their families. Precious never has.

    She is a leader on withdrawing from Iraq. It’s her resolution to short circuit bush’s attempt to make a treaty on long term troops in Iraq. Not Precious, he didn’t even know what was going on on that issue.

    She is the immigration candidate because she has been working on that issue for years and understand the humanitarian, bureaucratic and logistical nightmares a bad policy can cause. Precious has no idea.

    So don’t pigeon-hole Hillary. The GOP branded her, big insurance/pharma did in 1994 with a $300 M campaign and like Maya Angelou says, “Still she rises.”

  320. hmmm. I think Richardson has told bambi flat out no. I think he may endorse Hillary as early as tommorrow….just a gut after reading the msnbc first read.

  321. Realist – you make an excellent point.

    THE DICK Morris has a hilarious piece on rasmussen today – about Hillary “crashing” in CA ; then he makes the case for BO saying based on the polls, he is going to win this. Then he says McCain will easily beat Romney – but the difference in the poll numbers between the two are in the low single digits. But if Hillary is leading by 10 digits or a little less, shes on her way to losing !! F**k**g jerk !!

  322. dot48, Nigh is a former governor and is in private life. He’s got to be in his 70’s or 80’s now. I think it’s sweet but we ought to leave alone. 🙂

  323. okie, you don’t have to preach to me. I was referring to the mailer that obama sent. If you follow my posts here you know that I believe she is the BEST candidate for POTUS ever and that she is the smartest candidate who has ever stood on the presidential debate stage. I am certainly not trying to say she is a one issue candidate…if she were I’d not be behind her at all.

    I’m with Bill, she is simply the best we have ever had to choose from.

  324. Also from First Read:

    Bill Clinton mentioned Ted Kennedy last night in Phoenix, Ariz., in reference to the “train wreck” of No Child Left Behind, as reported by NBC/NJ last night.

    Today, at a rally in Clinton home state of Arkansas, he just repeated the same sentiment, perhaps a bit more strongly. He said that the education bill came about because “the president made a deal with Senator Kennedy.”

    Of course, it wouldn’t be Bill without a spoonful of sugar. He added, “Neither one of them meant to mess it up.”

    As the child of two staunch educators, my parents were more enraged with Kennedy for his role in passing NCLB and the assertion by BO and the talking heads that he would drum up support in the Latino community. To tie the two together, note that NCLB has been no friend of Latino/Hispanic advocacy groups and has been challenged in federal court as having discriminatory effects. Tell me again why Kennedy helps sure up the Latino vote for BO . . . he simply doesn’t, he drives them away.

  325. LawSchoolDem, very good points about NCLB and Teddy.

    OkieAtty, impersonal blogs often lead to mis-understanding of intentions. Having said, that I will be happy to listen to your sermons.

  326. ONE MORE TIME……………….

    Lay off knocking Iowa…it makes you look ignorant, not us.

    It reinforces the fact you are not reading for learning.

    It makes you sound as though you have no sense of history, and you know what they say about repeating it….

    It makes you sound…

    Well, never mind. Right now I have better things to do than stay on here.

  327. gawd he’s been campaigning for this job since he took oath in the senate.

    Longer than than, dot48. He’s been campaigning and creating his own myth for this since he wrote his books, “Dreams of Myself” and “The Audacity of Me”

  328. Now this is fun…

    (CNN) — CNN has learned that New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson will watch the Super Bowl this Sunday with former President Bill Clinton in Red River, New Mexico.

    Despite the obvious implications for the much sought after endorsement of Richardson, a Hispanic who holds sway in the community, a top Democratic source describes this as “two old friends getting together, and not to be “construed as a coming endorsement.”

    Nonetheless, Richardson is not unaware of the power of that picture. The former president has been phoning Richardson “with regularity” since he dropped out of the Democratic presidential race.

    Richardson spokesman Pahl Shipley said the office does not comment on the governor’s private schedule.

  329. God I love this site! I’m already starting to feel the chill pill take effect. Keep posting about stuff that is going on. Where have we got people working the crowds? I know that Wes is to be in OK in a few days….anyone know if he’s doing anything today?

  330. Emjay – Was it you who said you had read Hillary’s actual statements when voting for the AUMF? Where can I find those?

    Here is a quote from a very good summary by a conservative writer.

    No Apology Needed
    New York Times
    David Brooks
    She sought a third way: more U.N. resolutions, more inspections, more diplomacy, with the threat of force reserved as a last resort. She was triangulating, but the Senate resolution offered her a binary choice. She voted yes in order to give Powell bipartisan leverage at the U.N.

  331. MoveOn. They’re only about raising money for their own pockets. The ‘General Betrayus’ stunt helped Bush push through the ‘Surge.’ They knew it would help Bush — they did it anyway so their lemming followers would send them money. They care more about cashing in on their lemming base than stopping the war.

  332. “Dreams of Myself” and “The Audacity of Me”

    Ha! Remember Gilderoy whozit in Harry Potter? Somebody should do a mashup with press asking BO those questions: “What is your favorite color?” etc. And BO muffing the answers, or quoting from his 2002 speech….

  333. wow, i hope it is true about richardson. he would be a coup. hillfans, the excitement is building. im looking for a big supertuesday for hillary. ct is going to be damn close but i feel good about the other states.

  334. Idunn: I knew you would back away from the edge!!!! Life is difficult sometimes… and hard to see the light…. that’s why we are here.

  335. well…i sent moveon an email and unsuscribed from their list and asked to be taken off of their membership roll…it felt good.

  336. I just couldn’t help but laugh right now after reading several of the comments. I’m glad that Bill is hitting Ted Kennedy back for endorsing Bambi. Kennedy should be ashamed of himself for exploiting his late brother’s legacy to further his own. He has made a ton of mistakes including NCLB. Hey, if Ted chose to turn his back on his long time friends Hillary and Bill then he should expect these sorts of attacks.

    I also laughed at Hillary4Texas’ comment:
    He’s been campaigning and creating his own myth for this since he wrote his books, “Dreams of Myself” and “The Audacity of Me”

    Seriously. He was paid to write his first book because he was the first black editor in chief of Harvard Law Review. He pretends as if his childhood was soooo difficult. Bullshit. I’m mixed and I can tell you that almost every mixed child has a story to tell which often involves their black father walking out on them at a young age. Obama was fortunate enough to be raised by an educated white mother and grandparents in Hawaii. He was fortunate to go to private schools his entire life. So I am unimpressed by his over hyped stories and dramatization of his life in order to pander votes from many black Americans who were actually born into urban poverty and were suffering while he made deals with Rezko. He has such an overinflated view of himself that I laugh every time I read about his fictional stories. I’m sure he’s been planning all of this out since he began law school.

  337. MSNBC First Read calls out Bill on his Ted Kennedy/NCLB comments:

    “*** UPDATE *** It is worth noting that Hillary Clinton voted for No Child Left Behind.”

  338. Obama skipping out on California speaks volumes. When you give up the biggest prize in the country, well, that is pretty much throwing in the towel. This guy is fading fast now and will only go faster after Tuesday.

  339. wasabigirl Says:
    February 1st, 2008 at 3:30 pm

    I am so angry I’m almost not able to type. That slimeball BO has sent out mailers and has a TV Ad using Harry and Louise to defame Hillary’s healthcare plan. For those of you who don’t remember, this is the same sh*t advertising that defeated UHC in 1993.

    I think we all should get Edwards to say something about this. If he and his supporters care about UHC, they should denounce Obama’s dirty(GoP-like) tactics.

  340. Bill Clinton and Bill Richardson watching the football game together. Only good could come of that. Oh, on the Hillary site, the Yesterday in the States thing, they are being smart, like I suggested they woud be. Hill is going to be in Connecticut. Bill will be in Missouri and Georgia. Chelsea in Colorado. Hillary in Arizona comin up. Dolores Huerta in New Mexico, Tom Vilsack and Walter Mondale in Minnesota, all of her great surrogates in Cali working hard. I have a feeling this is going to turn out wonderfully.

  341. Obama debate fact check…

    On the subject of illegal immigration, Obama also said Thursday night that he believes “we do have to crack down on those employers that are taking advantage of the situation.”

    That seems to contradict his previous position. Asked in a 2004 questionnaire, “Should the government crack down on businesses that hire illegal immigrants as major part of overhaul?” Obama answered “Oppose.

  342. redo61, you need an excuse to vote absentee in ct. the wife and i were made”unavailable” from the polls tuesday. my guess most will be voting in person. im going to right my state rep to try to get no excuse voting absentee.

  343. Thank you, Denver Post!

    Now….where’s our Edwards and Boxer endorsements? C’mon guys…shit or get off the pot. 😉

  344. great news hawk. they are clicking on all cylinders for the last push. team hillary has been planning supertuesday for a year. they will have the organazation in place to turnout the vote.

  345. Oprah Bitch is back again! Cannot stand that woman. The nerve to campaign again for Barack after all the backlash is disgusting. This woman should be sent home!

  346. Oh, I meant to mention that I spent a good part of the morning on Hill’s site trying to answer some of the independent and undecided voters questions. One came from a Native American, and while I wasn’t able to answer his questions specifically, it sure was great to be able to refer him to the Navajo President Joe Shirley Jr. endorsement posted on her site.

    Thank you, Joe Shirley!

  347. Secret: Oprah is back? I haven’t heard anything about her. Will she be in California? I can’t stand her either. She has no shame. She probably really does want to be vice president. I also read that she might be doing this to run for senate in Illinois once Obama becomes president (in her dreams!). This bitch wants to take over the world.

  348. ok, I called Edwards office and also left a message on his website requesting him to lend his voice in denouncing Obama’s GoP-like tactics distorting facts about Hillary’s healthcare plan.

    You can also contact John Edwards for President at:

    Phone: (919) 636-3131
    # pm Says:
    February 1st, 2008 at 4:26 pm

    wasabigirl Says:
    February 1st, 2008 at 3:30 pm

    I am so angry I’m almost not able to type. That slimeball BO has sent out mailers and has a TV Ad using Harry and Louise to defame Hillary’s healthcare plan. For those of you who don’t remember, this is the same sh*t advertising that defeated UHC in 1993.

    I think we all should get Edwards to say something about this. If he and his supporters care about UHC, they should denounce Obama’s dirty(GoP-like) tactics.

  349. Once Richardson endorses, fingers crossed, others will I predict. Hopefully that endorsement will open up the floodgates on endorsements. I am talkin Edwards, Biden, Dodd, the whole works.

  350. I’ve been calling my own national, state and party representatives here in Texas, urging them to support and endorse Hillary if they have not already. If they are a Democrat, they are getting a call from me. 🙂

    PLEASE DO THIS IN YOUR STATE. You can put in your zip and find them here:


  351. My favorite part of the Denver Post’s endorsement:

    “Clinton is well prepared to oversee a careful disengagement from Iraq and to serve as the military and diplomatic leader of the free world. She served with distinction on the Senate Armed Services Committee, where she mastered the intricate details of national and international security. Obama has no comparable experience on military or diplomatic issues.

    If Iraq is America’s most pressing foreign issue, health care is our most serious domestic problem. Clinton led the ill-starred 1993 fight for health care reform. She learned from her past mistakes and was a key architect of the successful Children’s Health Insurance Program. Now, Clinton’s plan for universal health insurance is far more comprehensive than the hit-and-miss proposal put forward by Obama.”

  352. Lord what I wouldn’t give to be able to counter Barack’s Oprah with Hillary’s Leo Dicaprio.

    One can always hope, I guess. He sure looked immersed in thought at the debate last night.

  353. Oprah is a true bitch. She has shown no respect for her viewer’s sentiments. Bloody bitch! Cannot stand her. Who the F**k she thinks she is? She thinks the American Presidency is one of her “Favourite things” to give away to her “Favourite senator”??? That is disgusting!
    Go bitch go to your 30 odd million dollar home at Santa Barbara and leave us alone. Go away!!

  354. any bump from oprah is over. they came to see her, it didn’t really seem to help him anyway so I’d not worry too much about it. the mo with o is over

  355. Just looked the Denver Post up on Wikipedia – in regards to their circulation:

    254,058 Daily
    704,168 Sunday

    (And the endorsement will be printed on Sunday!)

  356. go to CNN.com and vote in the quick vote on the DNC dream ticket:

    Clinton-Obama YES

    Obama-Clinton… no way.

  357. BHO’s surrogate, CNN, is going all out for him today, guided by Wolf Blitzer. I don’t recall them being so blatantly determined in the past. I guess they are getting desperate.

  358. Also, go to CNN Showbiz Tonight’s website and vote on the question of the day:
    Oprah Winfrey: Should she have endorsed Hillary Clinton instead of Barack Obama?


  359. Okay…what can we do to battle this asshole over his remarks that his voters won’t support Hillary? I’m so made over this I could punch a hole in the wall! Who the fuck does this guy think he is? Seriously!

  360. I’m from Colorado originally – Denver Post is a good paper, the other large Denver newspaper is the Rocky Mountain News. Like the NYT and even the DesMoines Register Clinton endorsement – I think the pattern reflects what a good number of voters will be thinking about when they are in the voting booths – what matters ultimately – who has the experience to lead and who is a roll of the dice?

  361. Go here and let your voice be heard, folks. Let him know we are NOT pleased with his threats!


  362. tune off Corrupt News Network and MessNBC…till Tuesday returns. Then we can alternate watching them eat $hit

  363. also if oprahdopie hits the trail again people will see it as a desperation move….they will know he is flatlining.

  364. I see MSM will not cover any of Hillary’s endorsments….The page by Mark Halperin, has the headline that the LA Times is endorsing BO and nothing about the Denver Post for HC

  365. just saw my first Hillary Clinton ad!!! On our local tv… She was good, says this is the most important time in history. No false crowds or screaming adolation…just talks about the issues. Yellow jacket.

  366. OMG…I’m dying laughing. I just now got this call from some lady who said she was doing a national survey and could I spare a few minutes. I said sure. She asked me my age and a few other pre-screen questions and then went on to give me a list of about 5 magazines and asked me if I had read any of them. Once I answered, she said they would like to send me a free copy of O (that’s oprahs mag) to review. I got the opportunity to stop her right in her tracks and tell her that I was absolutely NOT interested in anything Oprah winfrey had to say!!

    Man, that made my whole fucking day!!

  367. yes, superbowl comes to mind….

    however; don’t be surprised if you don’t see a superbowl ad for bambi..i heard that

    LA times endorses bambi? is this expected

  368. “I see MSM will not cover any of Hillary’s endorsments….The page by Mark Halperin, has the headline that the LA Times is endorsing BO and nothing about the Denver Post for HC”

    Expect LA Times Surveys to skew in favor of Obama.

  369. dot48,

    It cost an arm and a leg to advertise during the superbowl. Would BO even want to waste all that money on one ad?

  370. dot48, Fox (which is showing the SB) is not accepting any national political ads. Local stations can accept ads.

  371. I am shocked Camp Obama has not announced a country wide town hall yet. We all know how they copy Hillary’s ideas

  372. hubby said that he heard on the radio today that more people would miss work on Monday due to extracurricular activities to do with Sunday Super Bowl…said acid was mentioned as well as alcohol. wonder what are the chances this would also effect Tuesday turnout.

  373. Admittedly, I had a little heart murmur over BO’s LA Times endorsement. However, as Admin said, newspaper endorsements don’t mean much anymore either.

    That, and absentee voters here in CA have already mailed in our ballots for Hillary which gives her a huge advantage in the state, regardless as to the endorsement.

  374. rigso, hopefully that will keep a lot of males who favor Obambi away from the voting booths while the women carry Hillary to a MA surge.

  375. idunn, i think someone has padded the coffers in a chicago style rumble. most likely imo, all the dead in manyn places have donated to the max

  376. Rigso: All I can say to that is GOOD. I hope he wastes his money on superbowl ads in states like CA and MA where Hillary has a good chance of winning. I hope he drains all of his money and resources so that he has none after Super Tuesday. There are still more states to go after that. As long as Hillary wins the big states she still has money in the bank to continue after that and win more delegates.

  377. HighlyEducatedHillarySupporter:
    I just want this to be over and Hillary the nominee. I can’t even argue with Obama people anymore. Their hatred for Hillary is overwhelming and it seems to become worse now that the media has portrayed Obama of have a very, very good chance of winning now. I haven’t seen one positive Hillary story on MSNBC at all and I watch that channel religiously

    **Do what I do, limit your viewing. I tune in and out. I haven’t had any direct contact with an Obami supporter but even if I did, I live in FL and it doesn’t count. I would tell you to be optimistic…just think IN SPITE of her many adversities, MSM and piling on, she is still ahead. TT is just 4 days away. Either way, she will still be ahead. CA, NY,NJ,AK,TN will go her way. Is CT a porortionate state or winner take all?.

    I just saw a Robert Kennedy ad with C Chave’s grandson featuring Hispanic’s. This is airing in CA, so hopes that cheers you up. It lloks good.

  378. Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will answer questions on Saturday at the MTV forum, as well as Republicans Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul.

  379. Wolf Blitzer was the big loser in CNN’s recent Democratic debate twixt Clinton & Obama in Hollywood. It was clear that the two candidates decided not to replay their South Carolina squabble or duplicate the cross-talking Romney-McCain slap-back from the previous night’s GOP debate. But Blitzer was having no part of civilized talk. No. Throughout the evening, he persistently tried to deliver the brawl, battle, smackdown, and fight he, and CNN, promoted during the run-up to the event. The candidates were having none of it. At one point, an audience member actually called out “Nice try, Wolf’ during one of his attempts to pump up things. Hillary echoed the words. But Blitzer wouldn’t let go and kept it up. Now, every reporter understands the concept of friction in a news story. Without friction — who’s up, who’s down, who’s in, who’s out, — without friction it just isn’t a ‘good story.’ Friction makes the world go ’round since the beginning of recorded history. Nation against nation, West versus East, capitalism-Communism, nature-nurture, religion-science, North-South, Sunni-Shia, Red States-Blue States. Friction, as a concept, is embedded in news reporting. But broadcast news, in particular, tends to be binary in language: 0 or 1, yes or no, right or-wrong. Nuance and subtlety is not broadcast news’ strongest suit — which is another way of explaining the Blitzer Blitz to generate a brawl that just wasn’t there. It would seem CNN, and others, underestimate their audience. They tend to favor the Jerry Springer approach to friction where folks actually pummel each with words and fists. They don’t see friction as a give-and-take of ideas and issues. Clinton and Obama tried to do that. There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of daylight between these two candidates’ approaches to governing. Their debate agenda was to differentiate their positions without sounding like the Bickersons. CNN’s agenda was to do the Bickersons.

    * Email
    * Print
    * Comment

    The debate newsrooms around the country should be having is how to cover a presidential election without contributing to the fractious and coarsening that’s now embedded in our public discourse. Charlie Rose, Jim Lehrer, Bill Moyers, Terry Gross, or any of the other fine broadcast newsies out there get it. They understand there’s enough natural friction during an election without the broadcast media juicing it up with its steroidal approach.

  380. Wow those ads with Bobby KennedyJR are GREAT! The superbowl ads in MA willjust piss people off, they won’t care about Obama in the middle of the superbowl, waste of money for him I think.

  381. msm just keeps digging…they are desperately trying to win this for bamboozler so they won’t have to admit defeat…………..tuesday will be sweet victory

  382. I hope the Boston Super Bowl ad buy won’t do much good. After all, he is already leading among male voters there anyway. I know a lot of women watch the Super Bowl, but women are smarter 😉

  383. I hope there’s a media backlash (in the voting booths preferably) because people MUST be feeling like the media is shoving obama down their throats.

  384. Don’t know the forum etiquette here but I’m basil9 and I really like this site. If there are any ‘rules’ please let me know.

    I meant to post on this thread instead of the one below. Just my 2cents.

    5:00 news hour CNN leads with a 10 minute info-mercial (my phrase) of Obama speaking in NM . . . then turns to HRC and launches right into the Iraq question, calling it a win for BO.

    Then he announces LATimes, Moveon.org and Charlie Rengel’s wife’s endorsements.

    I think I’m gonna puke. I swear there are times I don’t think HRC has a chance in he11. They’ve stacked the decks too high.
    Feedback, anyone? Some positive reinforcement?

  385. OK I have to tell you guys this since hate teddy kennedy is going on.. Teddy came to our school sometime back. Our school (of which larry sabato is a part and of which Teddy boyu is an alum) maintains a presidential library. Teddy said the library should collect his archives too, since he is the only surviving person close to JFK. The library officials objected, but because of his “connections” he got the administration to accept the proposition of collecting archives on him. Now, the library also started archiving negative history of his, for which he is engaged in a HUGE tussle with them. The tussle is still ongoing, but this was a HILLARIOUS moment for my folks, since they are the core of HATE teddy southern democrats :). Just thought I would share this egomaniacs story with y’all.

  386. Texas4Hillary,

    The last Minnesota Public Radio poll put her ahead by a couple of points. (The poll was taken after Edwards dropped out.)

  387. I so agree Ininla, this has been going on for weeks now. I really feel the voters are going to give media and obama the big finger on Tuesday and I mean a finger that votes the right button for Hillary Clinton. Tricks like Wolf Blitzer and Corrupt News tried last night and the past months…it is called piling on and it is biased to the hilt.

  388. basil9..

    “I think I’m gonna puke. I swear there are times I don’t think HRC has a chance in he11. They’ve stacked the decks too high.”

    I laughed my ass off when I read that comment. look at polls. look at momentum. look at states and delegates. I have studied politics long enough to understand that a lead of that sort is almost IMPOSSIBLE to overcome. so dont worry, we hillary supporters are not as tensed as Mr. Obama supporters are 🙂

  389. southern born.. what is she saying? is she still asking AA to wake up? vile POS..

    oh btw as we had expected AL numbers have closed in on us. BO will win it if he has any organizational strength, but guess what.. Obama will win states ONLY WITH @)%+ of AA vote, and there are VERY FEW of those states in super tuesday contest 🙂 and I stand by that statement in GE too..

  390. hillfans, i jst got into a tussle on another blog about what i would do of hillary is not the dem nominee. needless to say they trashed me for my answer wich is ironic since they play the same game for obama. lol. it won’t get that far anyway. GO HILLARY GO!!!

  391. LOL, correct gladiatorstail. i thought about it hard today. im at peace with my choice. i can”t stand obama.

  392. # anbritt Says:
    February 1st, 2008 at 5:02 pm

    SEE TPS @3:08P you were right!!

    Thanks, but what exactly was I right about?

  393. Tucker just said, ‘breaking news’, the Denver post just endorsed Hillary and McCain. How are the numbers looking in CO?

  394. Michelle on CNN…puff ball peice about how her life has changed getting into BO campaign. More later…starry eyed reporter.

    When you think about presidental spouses…Bill or Michelle.

    Who would have the input and experience to help their spouse?

    It’s like the girl friend of the guy running for student body president compared to BILL CLINTON.

  395. Guys, stop watching the damn TV and reading the political blogs constantly. Really, honestly, just STOP!! Most people who are voting could give a shit what the talking heads think, as they have been showing in their votes. Most who watched the debate watched it, then switched to SciFi or ESPN or something after.

    Do you think that normal people are sitting around agonizing over what Wolf Blitzer or Keith Ogreman thinks? Hell, no.

    Quit freaking out over the bad media as if it is something new. Trust me, this in NOTHING NEW TO THE CLINTONS. If you can’t watch it without getting freaked out then STOP WATCHING IT.

  396. i talked to my wife about it. she respects my choice of mccain if it get’s that far. but no more about that. i just want you hillfans to know just in case ahead of time. no surprized from me. hillary should rack up tuesday so i will not have to pick a goper for the first time since 1988.

  397. I have been offering those in BM(Hi Ben!) a chance to get in on the ground floor of my, “Barry’s campaign mourning arm bands”, to wear for their TV appearances Tuesday night. They are discounted right now; Just a dollar until Monday, when they go up to $5.00. No takers so far…:)

  398. There is no need to worry. Hillary will win and she will win BIG!!! She has the funds to take this fight state to state if need be. But this is not going to go that far. We will have a real frontrunner after Super Tuesday. And if you haven’t seen momentum yet, wait after Super Tuesday and all momentum will be on our side. HAVE FAITH.

  399. Here is some thing on the lighter side that I found on the net:

    When Barack Obama plays poker, he doesn’t need to get a good hand. If he gets cards with low numbers, he inspires them to realize their potential, and when his cards are off-suit, he convinces them to stop being so needlessly divided, and lo, their suits change, and Barack Obama wins. And so does America.

  400. Hillary’s campaign is covering all the bases and they are doing all the right things. Her surrogates are everywhere. She is getting the right endorsements left and right. Her town hall meeting is pure genius. What is there to worry about???

  401. THE REALIST: you said that the repubs would use the moveon endoresment against BHO! Just giving props when due is all

  402. tiburones I think Hillary will win in CO if she goes there.

    About those who are freaking out, remember that at this point, its all about momentum. We have momentum on our side. We have strongest GOTV operation on the planet. So, instead of freaking out, lets just make calls to undecideds and urge them to vote for Hillary. Obambi will be toast soon. Obambi supporters think if he loses all states except IL, AL, AK and GA (trust me, these are the ONLY states he will win come ST) he still has a chance. But with just these states, CAN HE WIN nomination? lets not forget he won IW by gaming the caucus with IL students. Where is the 29% Obambi youth vote after IW? I’ll tell you where. It is back in IL :).. so lets all relax, sip some tea and have good time. we will let nutkooks explode their heads..

  403. we are closing in for the kill folks. just like we knew last night that Hillary would master the debate. her campaign is taking her message to the people the old fashioned way…with lot of hard work and boots on the ground. we can take satisfaction that she will win with no help from the media. she will not be beholden to any of them and she can relegate them to the back of the plane, the room or whatever other way she see prudent.


  404. HFT, Gladiator,
    Thanks for the reality check. I know i should turn off the tube but I gotta confess up until the past coupla months I actually thought there was some real news on the nightly news and 24-hour cable shows.
    yes, Wolff, I am (was) naive. What a friggin question!!!!

    About the 60% of HRC supporters who won’t vote BO, sad to say I’m one of them. He’s a total sham. BTW, anyone see that piece comparing his wife to Jackie-O, from the PINK suit to the flipped up hairstyle.
    ps – why can’t I type more than 12 lines here?

    Instead of watchng cable news i’m gonna haveta wean mi would never support him. I’ve seen too many others

  405. If Obama thinks people in Cali will care about Oprah? he is so wrong, this isn’t a state that Oprah will pull in so much attention as SC

  406. anbritt Says:
    February 1st, 2008 at 6:36 pm

    I’ll take what I can get…:)

    I would like to get props for being right about TT on Wednesday more than anything…

  407. gladiatorstail: “Obambi supporters think if he loses all states except IL, AL, AK and GA (trust me, these are the ONLY states he will win come ST) he still has a chance.”

    How do they figure this?!?

  408. TPS, I read the story at another site that said what Politico wouldn’t say in that article. Most of the people at the rally or townhall in CA with Obambi and kennedy were Black.

  409. I will go on limb here but I think Obama is going to be done on Tuesday.
    It is a weekend so whatever bump he may have from endorsements and SC victory will be dimmed . It is also a super ball -no one will watch politics and news ion Sunday.
    Monday there is a big town hall meeting Hillary is starting on TV with 22 states and she meets David letterman in the evening. It doesn’t leave him a lot of time to do whatever he wants to do. So IMHO – he will have a very nasty surprise on Tuesday.

  410. The repubs have so much ammo on him; rezko, button-pushing problems, no votes, missed votes, present votes, his middle name, his arrogance, his rank as the most liberal senator, moveon.org, and don’t think they won’t use race; look at what happened to Harold Ford Jr. in Tennessee. They are ready for a fight with obama. What do they have on HRC, monica and whitewater……old news where nothing involved HRC. They can’t attack her for much else. I just can’t see why people aren’t seeing this.

  411. THEREALIST: on Wednesday morning I will give you the biggest fhigh five i can. I am in calif so i will get up early and not go to bed until i have all the results..deal (lol)

  412. Clinton campaign will be airing ads in California this weekend featuring both Robert F. Kenedy Jr and Cesar Chavez Jr.

  413. you know what I find really funny – a difference of about 5 -6 pts with BO behind is taken to be an indication that he is on the verge of winning or likely to win. We are 4 days out. In a Senate race, this would be bad news for the trailing candidate. But the spin is fast and furious about “momentum” !

  414. I voted. In person absentee is fairly heavy this time. Election board buddies expect a big turn-out overall.

    Good news- Hillary is first on the Oklahoma ballot. And the folks I saw there were clearly NOT Precious supporters.

    As for the flood of negative stuff today about Hillary, I told ya by 5pm they be fuckin’ us. So what? They wouldn’t be coordinating such a massive effort unless they were worried. Edwards dropping out was not in the cards. Ultimately, many of his voters will be ours on Tuesday and beyond.

    Chins up, people. Have a stiff drink or two and do something else for an hour- like your wife or your husband. Get some of this aggression and angst out and remember you have truth and honor on your side. Be a person for ten minutes or so (although I hope it’s longer than that), and remember why we are voting and working for our girl.

    BTW- this is Super Bowl weekend, and most folks will have the dial set to ESPN or will be reading the sports page. And it’s plainly tacky to buy airtime in Boston during Superbowl. Those folks want funny Budweiser frogs, half-nekkid models and fart jokes- not hopium and changiness. I bet this turns off some folks- politics and football don’t mix on the holiest of days.

  415. Bobby Kennedy Jr’s endorsement carries much more weight than Caroline’s in environment minded California. People tend to remember the past with rose colored glasses. Bobby was loved more than Jack by the people, in fact in 1963 there was talk that JFK may not be re-elected (One of the reasons he went to Dallas was to shore up support). Jackie was always more popular than Jack and after his assassination people seemed to forget that they did not like him and tend to romanticize his presidency and life.
    The Hillary ads showing Bobby Kennedy and Bobby Jr. will more than offset Caroline’s ads.

  416. OK I know I said I wasn’t going to be on all weekend, but that doen’t mean my family wouldn’t.

    Another thing to Knock Off— the language !!

    This has never before been a site with such filthy, vulgar language.

    Sure, we hinted at it, or used blanks, which we all understood. Or found other ways to express ourselves. What has happened in the last dozen+ hours is gross, and you are costing this site…in many ways.

    Check to see how many originals are no longer here.

  417. Do not take polls seriously.

    It is in the best interest of pollsters to show a tightening of the race to justify further polling.

  418. Idunn Says: Oh, I meant to mention that I spent a good part of the morning on Hill’s site trying to answer some of the independent and undecided voters questions.

    That sounds like a great volunteer job! How do you sign up to do that? I looked around on hillaryclinton.com and didn’t see anything like that.


  419. the oprah/caroline tag team is insulting to women’s intelligence, AS IF – women vote based on celebrity endorsements rather than issues.

  420. sorry if someone posted earlier – this is from Paul Krugman: krugman.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/02/01/obama-does-harry-and-louise-again/

    February 1, 2008, 10:58 am
    Obama does Harry and Louise, again

    The Obama campaign sends out an ugly mailer. Sorry, but this is just destructive — like the Obama plan, the Clinton plan offers subsidies to lower-income families. And BO himself has conceded that he might have to penalize people who don’t buy insurance until they need care. So this is just poisoning the well for health care reform. The politics of hope, indeed.

    Update: Ezra Klein adds a screenshot of the original Harry and Louise ad — they’ve obviously deliberately copied it. Just to remind everyone, Harry and Louise were the center of the vile smear campaign the insurance lobby waged against health care reform in 1993 — and this time a Democratic candidate is doing the smearing for them.

    Ezra also points us to an Urban Institute study that shows that yes, mandates are essential. The key passage:

    Voluntary measures would tend to enroll disproportionate numbers of individuals with higher cost health problems, creating high premiums and instability in the insurance pools in which they are enrolled.

    I know that Obama supporters want to hear no evil, but this is really, really bad.

  421. They try to use oprah and caroline to steal women votes in CA.

    Nice try, but this won’t work. It will only highlight the fact that Oprah and Caroline are arguably more qualified than Barack.

  422. # dt Says:
    In a Senate race, this would be bad news for the trailing candidate. But the spin is fast and furious about “momentum” !

    dt.. the problem is.. historic nature of election. no one knows, how many AA will turn out. No one knows, how many women will turn out. Turnout models have been thrown out into trash for now. So polls are all over, but demographics dont lie. Obama campaigned on early state strategy, but hillary beat him there. Hillary campaigned with super tuesday strategy. thats why it is helping her.

  423. emjay-

    I apologize for the scatological reference if you have young children who peruse this political site meant for adults, but this is a self-policing community which means that the community sets the standards. I don’t know quite how, “original”, I am, but I have been here long enough to know that mollyj will drop her, “G’s”, as in, “darlin'”,
    Terrondt will always call us, “Hillfans” (I call the group, “my Hillaries”, when I talk to my spouse.) and that okie, will probably say, “fuck”.

    Most folks here, me included, are more concerned with providing positive vibes and energy than on spelling, grammar or profanity, but if any behavior became excessive a majority, or preponderance of criticism from the existing community.

    I don’t mean to offend, but your comment inspired me to respond as this place is too new to warrant nostalgia for some bygone better day. In reality our golden days are just beginning and that’s a great thing. As Carly Simon so aptly stated;

    “…so stay right here, for these are the GOOD OLD DAYS…”

  424. rickya Says: How do they figure this?!?

    I dunno.. we have to ask rachel maddows about it :).. I hear she is a smart and sophisticated volvo driving lady.. good for her she knows everything!

  425. # TheRealist Says:
    February 1st, 2008 at 6:57 pm

    There is no need to piss on JFK’s grave because his family has temporarily endorsed someone.

    sorry therealist.. no one is pissing on JFK’s grave.. but I hope we have a right to call out hypocrisy of Teddy..

  426. gladiatorstail Says:

    I dunno.. we have to ask rachel maddows about it :).. I hear she is a smart and sophisticated volvo driving lady.. good for her she knows everything!

    Excuse my language but… they are IDIOTS!!!

  427. As for whether I’d support the Nov candidate — it’s not a yes/no thing. I’d probably hold my nose and think about the Supreme Court and mark the ballot. But there’s no way I’d have as much ENERGY to WORK for Obama’s campaign. And if I had problems getting to the polls — I might just get drunk instead.

    Each new dirty trick he tries — is chipping at that ENERGY base.

  428. CNN reports that Bill Clinton and Bill Richardson will be watching the Superbowl together on Sunday…

    What a weasel Richardson is. It’s so obvious he wants some headlines. Either endorse or don’t.

  429. I’ve been lying to my friends/Obambi supporters. At first I said that I would rather write in Hillary’s name than vote for Obambi. Now I’m saying that I’ll *probably* vote for Obama over a Republican because I’m too ashamed to admit that I could actually vote for a Republican in my lifetime. But it might sadly come to that. I turned 21 in time to vote in the 2004 election and I never thought that day would come so soon that I’d cross over to the dark side.
    I don’t agree with McCain on most issues but I might just vote him out of spite for Hillary losing. It’s so so horrible because I’m a very liberal person but I don’t know if I can vote for Obambi. I will be pissed for the next 10 months with the OBambi supporters rubbing his win in our faces.

  430. Cable shows are very bad reflections of what real people are thinking. Cable shows reflect elite media thinking. We know they love Obama. Maybe they can all elect Obama as the president of Medialand.

    The debate yesterday confirmed people’s basic belief that Hillary is more presidential and more ready to be president. Obama simply did not seem presidential. When the media says the debate is a tie, it means, our lady won. All the crap they put on the cable shows is just noise and on a Friday evening goes into a giant blackhole.

    Hillary is leading in most of the 22 states and will win substantially more delegates than Obama. Obama campaign knows this and they are scrambling now to keep this close so that they can extend this process. It ain’t happening.

    Obama had 10 days of Obamarama on TV and has been advertising heavily and still our lady is leading everywhere. There is a core level of affection and respect for Hillary among Democratic voters and she is going to do great on Feb 5.

  431. Hillary should do what Bill did in 92′

    Do air time RIGHT AFTER or RIGHT BEFORE the superbowl with Fox or sumthn.

  432. HEHS, we are all going to vote for Hillary in November and elect her our 44th president. There is no need to even think about other scenarios.

  433. # rjk1957 Says:
    February 1st, 2008 at 7:02 pm

    I am not pissing on JFK’s grave, just making a point that Bobby was ore loved!!

    I REMRMBER Jack Kennedy, the day he was murdered and the nation’s utter sadness. There were no TV programs for THREE WHOLE DAYS, nothing but stuff about Kennedy. EVERYTHING in America came to a stop. People fell to their knees and wept in the street. There has never been anything like it in my life before or since. It was the ONE time in my life that I saw my GRANDFATHER, a man hardened by the depression and from a generation not known for public displays of emotion, cry.

    Bobby Kennedy was the anti-war candidate and the nation was split on the war with the anti-war movement gaining momentum, and coming as it did, on the heels of the murder of Dr. King, the nation went from bewilderment to despair. While those two murders ended an era, Kennedy was our LEADER, our PRESIDENT, and represented the promise of America. His death was the most traumatic shared experience of the second half of the 20th century for those who lived through it, and while the subsequent deaths of RFK and MLK were history-changing, events of inexpressible enormity, JFK’s death was first and occurred at a time when we and he seemed on the verge of a new greatness.

    IMO, There is NO ONE who lived through JFK’s death who would not agree. I would venture to say that you did not.

  434. btw, those Harry and Louise ads? Obama’s idea. he can’t blame his campaign for this. a lot of the people in his campaign were aghast that he was doing this.

    i toldya, he was gonna to stoop to levels SO low, they’d make a REpublican look like a canary.

    At this rate, I would like nothing better than to ship Obama off to Antarctica.

  435. Yikes! Why is Rangel’s wife endorsing Obama? Rangel is the person who suggested Hill run for the Senate. He’s been calling her “Madame President” for years.

  436. It’s strange … those newsreel photos morphing into Obama prancing around trying to LOOK like JFK.

    What target audience can he be aiming at? People like me who were THERE in 1963, are there any of us who aren’t just shocked and repelled by Ted Kennedy exploiting JFK’s memory?

  437. you know, i think a lot of the top official women who endorse Obama are the ones that are insanely egotistical. A lot of them can’t stand the fact that Hillary might be the first to break the glass-ceiling…just like Pelosi whose refused to endorse, Governor Seblius…etc. If you look at the pattern…a lot of these women have been written about and suggested to run for female president. Of course they would hate the idea of Hillary tarnishing their dreams of being first in the nation.

    These types of women disgust me.

  438. HighlyEducatedHillarySupporter – Like you, I will be voting for Mc Cain if BO is the nom and I will write HRC as my first choice.

  439. I lived thru his death as well and America was in shock, get mad at me all you want, but the reaction would have been the same no matter who the President was. America was shocked that someone could kill their president in that day and age. If I wanted to piss on his grave and could have said a lot of things that have come out since his death, but I didn’t and never would. Don’t twist my words, leave that to Republicans. All I was saying was that Bobby Jr’s endorsement means more than Caroline’s especially in California.

  440. I certainly hope that when these low life dems who have no loyalty ask for “Madame President” to campaign and endorse for them for their next election…she tells them she has a country to run and really can’t take time away at the time.

  441. guys, stop getting so dark. lighten up, glory days just ahead. btw, will they campaign on Super Tuesday or will Saturday, Sunday and Monday be it

    ALSO 8.3 million PEOPLE watched the debate last night…..

    can…not…wait….to….see….blitzer….and…..cafferty……choke….on…..tuesday night…

  442. Not mad, but you couldn’t possibly have lived through the experience to shrug it off like that. and if did live through it i don’t know what to say except that you didn’t have to say,

    “Bobby Kennedy Jr’s endorsement carries much more weight than Caroline’s in environment minded California. People tend to remember the past with rose colored glasses. Bobby was loved more than Jack by the people,”

    It’s trite uncalled for and historically WRONG.

    I’m not mad, just sad that you responded with the same callous attitude as the post I responded to. As to ads; God and Babe Ruth could be dueling in commercials in Cali and it won’t mean TWO points one way or the other on Tuesday.

  443. I think any gains he has made in this week is all due to the continuous media love fest over the Kennedy endorsement. For the most part of this week, thats all that they have talked about and slobbered over it lovingly, the spittle affectionately dripping all over their prejudiced newscasts. Like pointed out earlier in this thread, the political news programs are basically his campaign commercials.

  444. I’m still pissed off over OB’s obnoxious statement that his obamatons won’t vote for Hillary!

    And I even took a shower and then a walk to try to adjust my attitude.

    Arrogant pig!

  445. mjs, I do not see another female on the horizon that would really make a good presidential candidate. Many touted condi rice…I don’t think she is really that smart or courageous. I cannot think of a female candidate that I know who has put in the time and effort that Hillary has. Yes, by gosh, she has earned this right.

  446. bambi will be toast soon. Obambi supporters think if he loses all states except IL, AL, AK and GA (trust me, these are the ONLY states he will win come ST) he still has a chance. But with just these states, CAN HE WIN nomination? lets not forget he won IW by gaming the caucus with IL students. Where is the 29% Obambi youth vote after IW? I’ll tell you where.

    ***I would think that she would win Arkansas. AK= Alaska right? I believe that that is only around 13 delegates. He may also get ID. MN, MO and NM are toss ups. I would think that Hillary can get NM, MN is caucus and I don’t like them for Hillary.

    BTW, my boss approved me taking off 1/2 day on TT and Wednesday. I ‘m watching uninterrupted.

  447. rickya Says:

    “Do not take polls seriously. It is in the best interest of pollsters to show a tightening of the race to justify further polling.”

    I didn’t obey. I also didn’t obey hil4tex, and watched TV. I’m sorry about that.

    Rasmussen was on and giving his latest poll numbers. He had Hillary at 44 and BHO at 42 (national) and said BHO was moving up quickly. He said the Edwards vote was going to BHO and not to Hillary.

    If I remember correctly some of you said not to believe this guy. I don’t mind you saying that again. I don’t like what he said.

  448. well, the current word is kinda bitter. Bambi’s had to cut some paychecks and people aren’t happy. A few people left his campaign but some are reluctantly staying and will make decision to stay or go on after Super Tuesday (no more paychecks).

    the bambi camp is thinking of ways to upstage to Hill, but right now, all they can do is pour all their major endorsers into California to stem the flow of Hillary support–or so they hope.

    The campaign is not expecting to gain momentum on super tuesday. their best bet right now, according to their top dogs, is to pull within 50-100 delegates of Hillary to have a shot at the win.

    What they DON’T want, is a blowout where hillary wins a majority of states and gains real traction.

    btw, the obama campaign is pissed at the Bobby Kennedy Jr commercials. They believe we copied them. pah.

    They are spending at a faster rate NOW than they were spending before…

    My friend says before Iowa (which is the 4th quarter stuff), they mostly just concentrated Iowa and South Carolina with new Hampshire soaking in a little bit of money, and Nevada basically reserved for last minute.

    The plan had always been to blow Hillary out of the water at iowa and crush her hopes in New Hampshire. Didn’t happen.

    Nevada was kinda just last-minute preparation, though they did assemble quickly.

    now, on the national front, the campaign is stressed. They, as a whole, are not very good with money management and have spent a lot a lot a lot more than they are taking in. The whole 22-state strategy befuddles them, which is why they are just doing the easy way of national ads on CNN and MSNBC while sending endorsers to some specific states.

    negative mailer based on harry and Louise is ALL Obama’s idea. period.

  449. rickya, I have a close friend who is a big dog in the Obambi campaign. he’s turned on Obama in recent weeks, but has kept his position for the healthy paycheck 😀


    After reading a THE NATION article last summer, I responded by saying that those gals sound like a bunch of “mean girls” and that they should pull up their claws because their jealousy was showing.

  451. This is some underhanded bullshit:

    Cam Kerry wrote: To view this email as a web page, go here.

    Hello [fellow attorney],

    If the last two elections taught us anything, it taught us that you have to be ready to fight irregularities and confusion in our voting system. I’m writing to you and other attorneys because I saw first hand the important work lawyers did for my brother’s campaign on election day, and Barack Obama can use the same effort.

    We’ve now had four contested contests for the nomination, and all of them had at least some reports of voter confusion or even irregularities in the voting process. The Obama campaign could use the professional help of capable attorneys to make sure our democratic process runs smoothly and accurately reflects the will of the people.

    If you’re interested in helping out in any state holding a primary or caucus next week, please find that state from the list below and email the appropriate person to express your interest. They need plenty of help next Tuesday, February 5th, during Super Tuesday, so time is of the essence. And when you email, please let them know in what part of the state you are interested in helping.

    Our voting system is losing the confidence of the American people. We need to do all we can to ensure a fair and clean election process, and, as attorneys, we have a special role we can play.

    I hope you can help with this important effort.


    Cam Kerry

    Here’s the list:

    Alabama: Jocelyn Benson, jbenson@post.harvard.edu

    Connecticut: Jason Green, jgreen@barackobama.com
    Colorado: Jamie Mulligan, jaime.mulligan@gmail.com
    Delaware: Matt Wessler, mwessler@gmail.com
    Georgia: Rich Taylor, rsptaylor@gmail.com & Janet Hostetler, janet4obama@gmail.com
    Idaho: Tom Lloyd, tom@treasurevalleylawyers.com
    Massachusetts: Quentin Palfrey, qpalfrey@yahoo.com & Alexis Prieur, alexis.prieur@gmail.com
    Missouri: Doug Kramer, DKramer@Polsinelli.com
    New Jersey: David Isabel, dlisabel@golub-isabel.com
    New Mexico: Kendall Burman, kburman@barackobama.com
    New York: Steve Newmark, snewmark@gmail.com

    Tennessee: David Garrison, dgarrison@stklaw.com
    Maryland (February 12th): Sarah Brannon, sebrannon@hotmail.com
    Virginia (February 12 th): Chris D’Angelo, cmd279@gmail.com

    John Kerry For U.S. Senate
    129 Portland Street, Suite 500
    Boston, MA 02114-2014

    Paid for by John Kerry For U.S. Senate

  452. thats sad.. i wonder about his GOTV.. hillary is spending more on her GOTV than national advertising.. which is GOOD.. because its the troops on the ground that deliver.. not some lofty speech or a 10000 people rally..

  453. MJS:

    I’m glad that they are worried. They claim to have raised $32 M in January. Don’t tell me that they have spent this money already.

  454. Idunn, you certainly did that. I also liked what MJS said because it contradicts Rasmussen.

    I’ll just keep waiting and reading. I want to be able to sleep tonight. Someone on here is bound to give me some more positive info. They always do.

  455. well with all the free corrupt news network and mess nbc network publicity he should in reality be blowing our girl out of the water. Hillary support is solid….her support will not change thier mind….

    wouldn’t it be fun to say harry and louise helped beat bambi

  456. Sherm Kader.. what would make you happy? would a news that he will only win 5 states out of 22 come ST help you sleep better? if yes, then you should be snoring by now because thats the reality 🙂

  457. “btw, the obama campaign is pissed at the Bobby Kennedy Jr commercials. They believe we copied them. pah.”

    Bobby Kennedy endorsed Hillary about 3 months ago – the difference is that Hillary didn’t trumpet the thing all over the place and coax CNN into making a huge spectacle out of the scene – and that’s the difference between the two candidates – she’s humble, workhorse; he’s a showhorse. It would’ve been nice however had Hillary’s campaign released a deluge of photos of she and Jackie O when they were friends – Hillary has SUCH a long history with political figures – seeing the Benazir Bhutto photos remind us of how much Hillary’s been a part of international politics.

  458. Talking of polls here is a national poll aith TEN POINT HILLARY LEAD:

    From Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll:

    Dems: Clinton 47, Obama 37. Error margin: 5 points.

    Dates conducted: Jan. 30-31. Read more here.

    The only polls that matter at this point are state polls in the 22 states going to polls
    on Feb 5.

  459. You know, one thing that strikes me as very interesting is the reasoning behind all these high-profile Obama endorsements.

    Usually, endorsers speak of how their candidate has produced real change and they have witnessed their progress/ideas take form, etc.

    These Obama endorsers are basically saying that they feel hope and change in the air. Well, Ted “SPINELESS” Kennedy, there is plenty of change. Bush will be out. That will be a HUGE change in and of itself. And to say obama represents HOPE REALLY REALLY REALLY detracts from us Hillary Fans and actually all fans of all candidates. Is he saying somehow that Hillary does not ellicit hope from her supporters? Is he saying somehow that Obama supporters’ hope is greater than hillary supporters’ hope?

    What Ted Kennedy SHOULD SAY IS THE TRUTH, in that he likes OBama as a person better, which I could understand…but to SELL THIS BULLCRAP that one candidate’s hope is better than that of another candidate’s, is WRONG. JUST WRONG. What about all the hope that Hillary is giving to people in welfare, people one bill away from bankruptcy? People one sickness away from being pulled into poverty? There are millions of people who see this in Hillary.

    What hope does OBama draw? The hope of ignorant High SCHOOLERS AND COLLEGE STUDENST WHO only worry about boyfriends/girlfriends, sports, college tuition?

    GIVE ME A BREAK. HILLARY REPRESENTS THE HOPES OF THE VAST MAJORITY OF AMERICANS. Obama represents the Latte-suckers and the college students who really only care about minuscule problems like college tuitioin…which, though important, is no where near as chaotic as not having health insurance when you need it, losing a house, etc. On ALL THESE POLICIES, it has been clear that Hillary is best for the country and EVERYONE EVERYONE EVERYONE who is NOT LOOKING THROUGH BAMBI-SHIT STAINED Glasses can see that.

    Yet, the only hope I see Ted and others pointing to is in the hope he inspires in college doofuses, and those who have been enamored by how well his speech writer’s craft his speeches.

  460. Just as Blitzer tried to start a fight at last night’s debate, the MSM are looking for too close to call race between Clinton and Obama. These people will screw our country over to get higher ratings. They LOVED what happened in the 2000 election. I swear, if you want to blame anyone for 2000 blame the media. I don’t even remember who but someone (possibly on CNN) called it for Bush first before all of the votes were even counted then all of the other news networks followed suit. Once the media calls it for someone it is very hard to undo their mistake because it gets stuck in people’s minds that the person declared the winner first by all of the networks must have had the most votes. They did it back in 2000 to Al Gore and they did it after the Iowa caucus to Hillary Clinton.
    These people are ruthless. They will unfairly influence an election by misconstruing comments to make them sound racist, start fights during a debate, and give the underdog momentum so the race can be as close as humanly possible so that people will tune into their programs all night. It would be one of the best stories ever if they could get Obama, the underdog and first black man to come this close to becoming a presidential nominee, to beat Hillary Clinton, the first potential woman nominee who is portrayed as the establishment candidate. It’s ridiculous. I agree. I’m trying to watch movies this weekend and avoid watching any of those networks until Tuesday.

  461. I agree gladiatorstail, I dont want to vote for him in Senate anymore! Not just because of endorsement, just tired of his ass

  462. Just as Blitzer tried to start a fight at last night’s debate, the news networks are looking to create a too close to call race between Clinton and Obama. These people will screw our country over to get higher ratings. They LOVED what happened in the 2000 election. I swear, if you want to blame anyone for 2000 blame the media. I don’t even remember who but someone (possibly on CNN) called it for Bush first before all of the votes were even counted then all of the other news networks followed suit. Once the media calls it for someone it is very hard to undo their mistake because it gets stuck in people’s minds that the person declared the winner first by all of the networks must have had the most votes. They did it back in 2000 to Al Gore and they did it after the Iowa caucus to Hillary Clinton.
    These people are ruthless. They will unfairly influence an election by misconstruing comments to make them sound racist, start fights during a debate, and give the underdog momentum so the race can be as close as humanly possible so that people will tune into their programs all night. It would be one of the best stories ever if they could get Obama, the underdog and first black man to come this close to becoming a presidential nominee, to beat Hillary Clinton, the first potential woman nominee who is portrayed as the establishment candidate. It’s ridiculous. I agree. I’m trying to watch movies this weekend and avoid watching any of those networks until Tuesday.

  463. Okay, Gladiatorstail. You’ve never lied to me before. lol. I like you a lot better than I like Rasmussen. Of course, that isn’t saying much.

    What you said is about what I estimated. I like getting some confirmation that I might be right once. Thanks

  464. mjs, from what I read…nevada was not last minute prep…they have had massive gotv for months leading up to these states….some people have been somewhere I read last week for up to 6 months with heavy, heavy organizing.

  465. lninla

    Hillary’s campaign releasing photo’s of her and Jackie would be in extremely poor taste. It is one thing for Caroline to appear in ads with pictures of her father and Bobby Jr in ads with pictures of his father endorsing their respective candiadtes, but to use Jackie that way would not go over well with anyone, Hillary supporters included.

  466. rickya:

    Obama’s 32 million is derived largely from:

    poster sales, dvd sales, cup sales, button sales, etc.
    I don’t think these sales are supposed to be added into the numbers, which SHOULD reflect mostly, if not soley, the amount taken from donations, but the 32 million is largely from there.

    But also note, that 32 million has a lot of GE money in it as many of the donations come from wealthy people who have already donated the max and donate more.

  467. MJS, So Obama has pissed away much of the $32 million he raised last month? Also, do you have any idea when more Rezko news is coming out?

  468. dot48, the GOTV program in Nevada was not large. Compared to Nevada, NH, and South Carolina, it was the smallest program until the week leading up to election.

    Obambi fully focused on Nevada during that week, which is why many campaign officials say that was his weakest state as he put the least resources there in comparison.

  469. Some us are taking the spin on pro-Obama cable shows too seriously. If it worries you, then why are you addicted to it? There are a lot of other things you can watch on TV or you can read a book. Watching these shows constantly and taking their spin seriously and then constantly worrying is not going to help you or us. It is a positive use of our collective energy. If you feel the need to watch these shows constantly, then please don’t share it with us. If we are interested, we all have TVs at home and we can watch ourselves. There is really no need for a running commentary. We come here to escape all of that and focus on the positive. Why does this negativity from these TV shows have to follow us here?

  470. I agree TPS…lets all try to post the positive stuff and not focus on the negative. It makes me a nervous wreck.

  471. MJS:

    If that’s the case, then they wouldn’t have $32M in the bank, right? Cause those trinkets must have cost them something. Or am I missing something?

  472. My apologies, TPS. I was merely shocked, but I was also in doubt about the accuracy of that man’s words. I just needed someone to address it, and they did.

  473. I would seriously LOVE for hillary to make a commercial where she makes it clear that when Obama talks about Hope, that it is NOT HOPE that Americans need.

    Hillary supporters wake up everyday with hope. Americans wake up everyday with hope. The hope that someone will move the country in a good direction. To say that Obama gives hope is very egotistical and ARROGANT of him because all supporters have hope and faith in their candidate.

    What we need now is not hope. What we need now is work. And, judging from his numerous missed votes, his present votes, his failure to manage, even, his own campaign workers from making negative memos, etc,….it is a display of how little work this man is.

    Obama may be full of hope, but so is every American out there who wakes up, hoping the day will be good and bring about the fruits of their labor. But, where is Obama on the policies? And where has he shown that he will carry through these policies? Where in his history does he show a positive effort and success rate with accomplishing things?

  474. Idunn:

    well, the only thing that I can say definitively is that Obama has been in talks with Rezko’s lawyers over confidential things. Anything else, I wouldn’t know, but I guess he is trying to determine how much info is out, and how much can be held private, and or, what the feds have found so far.

  475. MJS

    Unless he has supporters donating their services by providing the campaign with free merchandise. In that case wouldn’t they have to report that as a contribution? Then by adding the sales of donated merchndise to the contributions sounds like it is being counted twice.

  476. i think that is what he’s doing rjk, I’m not sure about the specifics.

    My friend laughed off the suggestion that they were handling money well. says they are blowing huge chunks of money on stupid things.

  477. britney is currently in mental hospital. 🙁 she is very sick and I really feel so bad for her. she cannot go anywhere without media hounding her . I saw the ambulance video online that took her to hospital .. this last time…and the photogs were hanging on the back of the ambulance with cameras stuck in the window.

    if I had her money I’d hire me the baddest a## bodyguards and get restraining order against them and start kicking butt. she deserves some privacy

  478. MJS, I assume that the Obama campiagn is reading your comments here. Isn’t your friend worried about being found out?

  479. dot48, I think one of her previous bodyguards sold dirty lies about her for $200,000 to a tabloid, which is why she doesn’t have bodyguards anymore.

  480. TPS, while I can’t reveal who my friend is or his position…but I can say that it will take a LOT to get him fired.

  481. I just read somewhere that Bambi send out some sort of emergency email appeal to some of his bundlers in NY so that they can get material. I guess that means signs, ads etc.

    This is the only part of MJS stories that I buy that he is spending way too much too fast. I also read that he was asking for donors who hadn’t tapped out to donate more.

    Interesting: Why is the media only touting the close Rasmussen poll and not the Fox dynamics which shows Clinton 10pts up. Hmmm…

    Steady as she goes. Hillary hasbeen through 2 General elections with Bill, I’m sure that she followed Gore and Kerry and also Bill’s Governor elections. She knows what to do. This si Bambi’s first time.

    Have faith.

  482. I’ll say this again:

    Don’t trust the polls. Pollsters have every incentive to make it a close race – this is to justify further more frequent polling.

  483. oh I hope bambi camp is reading….we are warming up for the big can of whoop a## that is headed on Tuesday. Buckle up Bamboozlers real hope with real ideas for change comes in the name of Senator Hillary Clinton.

  484. Stop with not trusting the polls already. Doesn’t anyone think it’s weird that CONN is this in play? I mean, he’s leaving CA to focus up there. What ‘s that about?

  485. He has been advertising all week in 22 states and I saw on TV where they were estimating it would cost a candidate over 35 million to advertise in the 22 Super Tuesday states for 1 week and something like 2.7 mil for a 30 second ad during the Super Bowl

  486. Sherm Kader
    I worry too. But it looks like that BO is running against the time – too many states and too little time.

  487. I’m kinda surprised that Oprah hasn’t BOUGHT Obama’s entire campaign. She has billions of dollars, right? I also heard that she was into him and it was creating a strain in her “relationship” with Stedman (I keep up on my Hollywood gossip!). Why doesn’t Obama just sleep with Oprah? It’s a small price to pay to become president. He can be her gigolo for the next 10 months and she can donate another $50 million to his campaign.

  488. check out perez hilton’s website. he posted the hillary quote about “it takes a clinton to clean after a Bush” and there are 600+ comments, most of them saying GO HILLARY!


    he gets millions of viewership everydaY!

  489. Hi all – just want to vent. I felt so good after the debate last night. Woke up feeling great this morning. My husband watching KO tonite – KO was talking about BO endorsements , no mention of HRC’s endorsements. I felt bad listening to them – dont want to repeat what they said. I don’t want you guys to be upset. Please say something that will make me feel better.

    I feel that my husband is for BO – he is reading BO’s book. He ignores me when I talked about HRC and when I say anything neg about BO. I am getting annoyed!! Is their anyone here whose spouse is for BO? and how do you deal with it?

    I know that HRC will win but it makes me sick to listen to the media people.

  490. MJS, thanks for all your insight. You’ve been on the money so far! Do you agree with what was said earlier about Obama knowing he’s already lost CA but is trying to just maybe keep the margin from being too big?

  491. socal4hill: Do anything you can to change his mind! Burn that book. “Accidentally” throw it away. Why isn’t he reading Hillary or Bill’s book instead??? Has he told you why he is voting for BO instead of Hillary? You have less than 5 days left. Work on him!

  492. nikki22, that is true.

    His internals aren’t good for Cali or New York for that matter.
    He is used to doing a few states at a time, so he doesn’t really know how to go about in Hillary’s strategy of hitting nearly all of them, and certainly all of them by Monday (town-hall).

    He is concentrating himself in the ones more winnable to him and sending his endorsers out to states that are largely unwinnable to him.

    He will most likely send Ted and/or John kerry back to Massachusetts to pick up the vote for him some more.

  493. not 5 days…saturday, sunday, monday. tuesday if they decide to campaign and I asked earlier if anyone knew protocol for that day. sunday morning will be election news…sunday afternoon and evening will be all about the superbowl.

    monday they will tear back into her…I hope she has a total knock out endorsement for Monday Morning that will rip the headlines for two days….

  494. MJS, do you know anything about Auchi and the website scrubbings? I realize you may be limited as to what you can tell us, but is there maybe some more info on the web you could point me to?

  495. Wow. Someone mentioned an Oprah Obama backlash. I hadn’t heard of it until today so I just googled “Oprah Obama backlash” and got a ton of stuff. I’ll drop the subject of Oprah after this post but in case you didn’t know you can read this article on it.


    I’m really not surprised since most of her viewers are white women ranging from lower-upper middle class which is basically Hillary’s fan base.

  496. socal4hill, hang in there. Just think of this, with all this institutional advantage and non-stop media commercial, Obama is still running behind Hillary in most of the 22 states. Hillary did amazingly well in the debate yesterday. Just don’t watch MSNBC until after the primary. Obermann is a bully and so is Matthews. Their political acumen is worse than that of my cat (my cat knows the power structure in our house very well, that is why she is very friendly with my wife and my children). Tim Russert (who used to be an aide for Mario Cuomo) has still not forgiven the Clintons for winning ahead of his liberal mentor. The liberal blogs are jokes with a bunch of 20 somethings running amok. But, remember they are the elite, a tiny, tiny minority in this country. The media never liked the Clintons. I remember in the 90s, the media kept panning everyoen of Clinton’s SOTU addresses while his approval ratings kept going through the roof. The media always underestimates the Clintons as do their opponents. Hillary is an amazing candidate and she will be our 44th persident.

  497. I still think this steady onslaught by the media towards Hillary is not going unnoticed. Women are seeing this and they are silently seething. Tuesday will be our Independence Day, the day of reckoning.

  498. SoCal….every time I’ve started to feel down in the mouth, I re-read Maya’s “Rise Hillary, Rise”

    I know that sounds corney, but when I read that I just feel like God (fate, destiny, what have you) really has a hand in Hillary becoming President. Of course, I almost believe that Maya herself is an angel on earth…so maybe I’m biased. 😉

  499. dot48, Today spoke to some friends of mine in Colorado. They are going to caucus for Hillary Tuesday evening. They says it is fifty-fifty in Colorado which is great because that is one of the states Obama is targetting. When i speak to my friends around the country I sense a real anger at the media.

  500. Idunn, all i can say definitively is that Obama twists and plays with his words. He selectively picks his statements on Rezko and his associations with him by addressing very pinpointed questions and not telling the whole truth.

    Auchi will become a problem for him if he makes it to the General Election as REzko will be cracked by then.

    FOr now, i say Hillary supporters focus on the important thing:


  501. I won’t vote for BHO either, unless Mitt Romney gets the nod. My reasoning would be the same as Ann Coulter’s statement of campaigning for HRC. If we cave to that, we continue to get Dems voting based on personality and not experience and platforms.

    I don’t think that’s a petty reason.

    Also, I think HRC supporters are different because we know where BHO stands on the issue and are unhappy. Most BHO supporters cannot say that about our girl.

  502. Dodd holds media availability Friday to say he won’t endorse before Connecticut primary.

    Richardson advisers tell The Atlantic he won’t endorse either before Super Tuesday. (But he’ll watch the Super Bowl with Bill Clinton in New Mexico Sunday).

  503. glad–GOTV is very strong in certain states…less strong in others. Surprisingly, the GOTV here in Illinois is not as strong…or maybe I’m not looking in the right places…but so far as for the other 22 states, his GOTV programs are decent in big ones like Cali, New York, etc…but it is the smaller states where he has a more rigorus GOTV program in comparison and I think that the results from some of these smaller states will suprise Hillary supporters on Tuesday.

  504. Thanks Bill!!!

    Former President Clinton said that if his wife is elected president she would radically change the “No Child Left Behind Act,” which he described as an education disaster initially supported not only by President Bush, but liberal icon Ted Kennedy

  505. B Merryfield:

    What do you think of posting this over at TM?

    gladiatorstail Says:

    February 1st, 2008 at 6:21 pm
    ROFLMAO terrondt.. obambi thinks 100% of hill supporting dems will immediately warm up to him. He doesnt know that 60% of them will NEVER vote for him.

  506. TPS Says: Their political acumen is worse than that of my cat (my cat knows the power structure in our house very well, that is why she is very friendly with my wife and my children).

    ROFLMAO.. when it comes to pulling the trigger to vote, the voter always thinks.. what is the MOST important reason why I am voting for a person. S/He will be reminded of ailing family members(healthcare), sending kids to college (college affordability), social security, war to end, home to save from foreclosure and so many other issues that somehow hope takes a backseat. EXCEPT when they are busy enough to be with the most popular group in the college (obama’s young supporters) or liberals who think politicians should embrace each other despite their differences (latte liberals). those are the ones breaking for obama. for an ordinary person who is not sure if he will be able to afford next months electricity bill, for some reason these matters seem shallow and not powerful enough to pull the trigger for Obama.

  507. i think Hillary should make an appearance at Super Tuesday halftime 😀 or sing the national anthem and then apologize for her horrible singing 😀 (like in the iowa “caucusing is easy” video) lol

  508. You’re so right, Glad. The first question I always ask myself before I vote is: is this someone I trust. If it isn’t, I won’t vote for them. Period. The last time I voted was for Al Gore.

  509. gladiatorstail, let me follow-up on what you said. When you are working hard and trying to make things run smoothly, you want to hear specific things from candidates about what they would do for you and your family. When you are a latte liberal, with not a worry in the world, you have the luxury of being “inspired” by a snake oil salesman. That is what is going on here. These latte liberals are not worried about making a mistake because the cost of any such mistake is nil for them. They have health care, they have big bank accounts, and so on. Whereas real people have to make sure that they elect someone who will do right by them and they don’t have the luxury of experimenting with the untried and the untested.

  510. He does not really talk about who he is voting for. I just know that he is impressed by BO because of the stuff that he read from BO’s book. I know that his best friend is for BO – his friend says that BO is a good symbol for America. His friend tried to convince me about BO – and I told him that there is nothing he could say to change my mind. I just feel that if they can’t change my mind, I won’t be able to change their minds either!

    I am glad I have you guys – Thank you!!!

  511. I would vote for her on that promise to change No Child Left Behind, if I weren’t totally committed to her already 🙂

  512. BM has already started to spin the post-BO super tuesday loss.
    george stephanopolis(sp) with diane sawyer this morning touting how HRC would require BO as VP running mate, but BO would not need HRC. diane sawyer said, and i am paraphrasing here, “we’ll see about that”.
    (think we may have a friend in diane sawyer)

  513. socal4hill, people who read his book and believe everything written there are being foolish. This is not a biography written by an independent biographer. How many people write an autobiography before they are even 40? This is obviously an attempt to present himself in the best possible light. He may be a very good writer. That makes it even more dangerous because what you have is a charismatic guy who is a good speaker and writer and can fool a large number of people.

  514. Hear, hear:

    Gloria Molina backs ClintonPosted: Friday, February 01, 2008 6:03 PM by Mark Murray
    Filed Under: 2008, Clinton
    From NBC’s Mark Murray
    We’ve reported on a few Obama endorsements today. But Clinton has picked up a pretty significant one herself: Los Angeles County Supervisor Gloria Molina, a former Richardson supporter.

    Earlier last month, after Richardson dropped out, we said to get to know Molina’s name, that she would be a key indication of how other Richardson backers — and the Latino vote California — could break. So this is a pretty big coup for Team Clinton.

  515. I am thinking that the candidates only have Saturday and Monday to really campaign and get their message out. I would think that if they want BM attention it will need to be on those days. Who will be paying attention to the news media on Sunday with the Superbowl? Also, Tuesday people go to the polls, so campaigning during that day might be OK to grab some last minute votes but most will have made up their minds. Does this make sense or am I missing something….

  516. “I think that the results from some of these smaller states will suprise Hillary supporters on Tuesday.”

    Now that you say that, I can see why he is concentrating on smaller states. I GET his strategy. he will work his ass off in trying to win in AK, delaware, north dakota, utah and idaho. the reason is because he wants to WIN in those states. that way, he will win as many as 8-10 states. He knows that the coalation he has built will give him sizeable chunk of delegates in delagate rich states where Hillary is strong and will deliver wins. but these small states which are worth around 100 delegates in total out of 2000 delegates will give him almost equal number of WINS. I see his strategy. his point is to win delegate rich IL, GA and AL, and then siphon off small chunks of delegates in other states. But because of his wins in these smaller states with less than 5% of total delegates, it will give him bragging rights of saying he won as many states as Hillary. this is one of the main reasons I hope Hillary concentrates in these states tomorrow, or atleast send her surrogates. she needs a GOTV in these states atleast as good as Obama’s but not spend much money. I am not sure how she would do it but maybe, she should just visit these states be it even for just one hour. does anybody remember Hillary or bill going to any of these states? I mean I can hardly recall.

  517. I thought I would throw up with all that VP talk last night. You have no idea how much I wished Hillary could have told that son of a bitch what she REALLY thinks of him.

    Clinton/Obama ticket? When Hill freezes over!

  518. gladiatorstail, Bill was in Arkansas, Southern Illinois, Colorado, Oklahoma, and New Mexico over the last few days. Hillary is going to Minnesota on Sunday.

  519. hillary thinks strategically. She thinks that the big states will make all the difference, which they will.

    But this time around, obambi has the advantage. EVERYONE is expecting a clinton blowout on Super Tuesday, which means that if it doesn’t happen, they will be dancing on Hillary’s grave again.

  520. Hey, does anyone know if Ted Kennedy has any involvement with the Kennedy School Of Government? Interestingly enough, Auchi was it’s co-chair from 1996-2000.

  521. well I’m sure Hillary campaign is prepared,

    really nice to hear the Bill is taking Sunday off…does this sound like someone who is worried??

  522. MSM can kiss our proverbial a**, because all that matters is who wins at the convention, and I don’t care if it’s a blow out or not. Close doesn’t cut it. What matters is if you win.

  523. MJS, I have to diasgree with you on the last point. In fact, expectations have been rising all week for Obama. He is supposed to be the guy with the money, the momentum, and the endorsements. The media expects him to do very well on Tuesday. The Hillary campaign has been quiet adept at not raising expectations. In a lot of ways, they are the underdog here.

  524. TPS, I beg to differ. The talk all over the media is that while Obama is catching up, Hillary still holds leads in CAli and NY, delegate rich states. The expectation is still for Hillary to win.

  525. MJS, yes a win, but not a blowout. Here is a Washington Post article in which Hillary advisors quite astutely are lowering expectations:

    Clinton Advisers See a Race Through March
    By Anne E. Kornblut
    All eyes are on Feb. 5, but the Clinton campaign is looking ahead even further: to March 4, when both Ohio and Texas will hold their nominating contests.

    Clinton hopes to win the majority of votes in four states next Tuesday: California, New York, New Jersey and Arkansas. But her advisers are already quietly conceding that the delegate count will be close at the end of the day, thanks to Democratic rules that award most delegates proportionally by congressional district.

    That means that the race will almost surely drag on. Obama strategists have their focus on Feb. 9 (when Louisiana votes for 69 delegates) and Feb. 12 (when D.C., Virginia and Maryland vote for a total of 238 delegates). Clinton will naturally campaign in the states with races throughout the month (Washington State, Wisconsin and Maine are among the races after Feb. 5). But her real target is March 4, when Ohio (with 161 delegates) and Texas (and 221 delegates) vote, advisers said in interviews this week.

    A bit of expectations managing? Perhaps. Any chance she will campaign in the Virgin Islands, whose nine delegates are awarded Feb. 9? Unlikely. For now, Clinton is in California, with a San Francisco fundraiser on Friday night, moving on to New Mexico, Arizona and Missouri over the weekend. She campaigns in Massachusetts and Connecticut on Monday.

    Posted at 6:12 PM ET on Feb 1, 2008

  526. MJS, The cable shows are also doing a great job of lowering expectations for Hillary and raising expectations for Obama so much so commenters here are getting quite nervous after eatching these shows.

  527. TPS, I agree. The media will have graphics showing the potential delegate count and even if Obama wins a few more small states than expected he won’t be ahead in the delegate count. Also, people will see big states being won by Hillary while a state like Utah or something goes to Obama (no offense to Utah). I think it won’t look impressive at all but I agree that the media will try to spin it…

  528. media is spinning it too close to call….seasoned candidate being challenged by the upstart….they want it to be too close to call all the way till the convention

  529. MJS;

    Britney and Tara for Obama. hehehe Maybe Paris and Nicole will go along. And of course you know Obambi Girl is either performing at the SB or releasing a new cd or something, just in time for ST.

  530. TPS,
    I agree with you. I mean I don’t watch the 24hr cable news shows unless hillary is giving an interview but from what I read here its been BO thats gotten the hype-the Kennedys, each poll that shows him gaining (regardless of how credible or whether its in line with most others) gets trumpeted. It sounds like the picture the press has been painting is he’s the one with the big mo.

  531. “EVERYONE is expecting a clinton blowout on Super Tuesday”

    Huh? What game is this? Are you betting on the Pats?

  532. TPS it doesnt matter.. all those states except IL, hillary will win. that being said, these small states carry only 100 out of 2000 delegates, but it will give obambi sooooooooooooo much momentum! sad but that is his strategy. for hill to get better off him, she has to have blowout numbers in atleast 3 or 4 of the ST states, especially CA, NY, MA and NJ. unfortunately, she is not according to the polls. lets see how this turns out. for now I am giving Obama 10 hillary 22, with difference in delegates between them >150 but

  533. nikki22, I am like you too. I watch TV only when it is a debate or when she is on for an interview. Otherwise, no TV. It is actually quite easy in our house because my kids are always watching Nick or Disney channel and my wife watches different shows. This is my outlet.

  534. plural, MJS is correct. Media’s portrayal is that Hillary is front runner. So they will keep trashing her saying this was not a blowout for Hillary. facts dont matter anything these days.

  535. gladiatorstail, it doesn’t matter what the media thinks now. Once your scenario has unfolded, we are in a different world and the media narrative will immediately change. Nothing they said before will hold anymore. There is no more spin because there are actual results and numbers. I agree with you that the media so desparately wants Obama to win. We all know that.

  536. They are simultaneously raising expectations for BO, and saying Hillary will have a blowout victory.

    This is why I don’t watch any of it.