Snubbing The Unknown

Update: Recall the Obama “mistaken” votes in the Illinois State Senate? Well, apparently Obama not only does not know how to press the right button, Obama can’t get voting with raised arm right either. And, Obama does not bother to tell Americans when he has voted “incorrectly”. Here is the amazing story which demonstrates how little we know about Obama (VIDEOs at the article link) and we wonder what other boneheaded “mistakes” Obama has not told us about.:

Last fall during a nationally televised presidential debate, Sen. Barack Obama hesitantly raised his hand and joined with most of his Democratic rivals to declare that he opposed decriminalizing marijuana.

But as a candidate for the U.S. Senate four years ago, Mr. Obama told Illinois college students that he supported eliminating criminal penalties for marijuana use or possession, according to a videotape of a little noticed debate that was obtained by The Washington Times.

“I think we need to rethink and decriminalize our marijuana laws,” Mr. Obama told an audience during a debate at Northwestern University in 2004. “But I’m not somebody who believes in legalization of marijuana.”

Asked about the two different answers, Mr. Obama’s presidential campaign said he in fact has “always” supported decriminalizing marijuana as he answered in 2004, meaning the candidate mistakenly raised his hand during the presidential debate last fall.

Apparently Obama did not bother to correct his “mistake” vote in a nationally televised debate. Hillary was right when she stated at the last debate that Obama does not take responsibility for his record.

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[Democratic Party debate tonight. CNN, 8:00 p.m. (ET). Join us tonight.]

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For a long time we have been writing that Obama is a total unknown. Big Media has avoided vetting Obama. Big Media has protected Obama.

With less than a week to go before the Super Tuesday primaries one major network, ABC, has at least acknowledged (on-line only, not in their broadcasts) that little is known about Obama. Just last week it was uncovered that Obama cannot discern between a green “Yes” button, a red “No” button, and a yellow “Present” button when voting.

The Obama entanglements with indicted Chicago slumlord Rezko only became national news when Hillary, after she was attacked by Obama, called out that poisonous name in a debate. Obama’s many “present” votes became an issue well after 9 months of campaigning by Obama.

The most rudimentary facts about Obama’s history, including his vote history, are still largely unknown, waiting to explode.

ABC News reports on the just beginning look at the Obama record and certain comments Obama made about Bush appointees in a film clip (below):

The underlying question that this clip raises with me is — what else is there about Obama that we don’t know about? What other clips? What other comments?

Obama is on the cusp of doing well on Super Duper Tuesday and has still never had a negative TV ad run against him, and it seems clear that Hillary Clinton is correct in her implication — he has not been fully “vetted.”

There’s a lot voters — and the media — do not know about him.

The Chicago Tribune’s Eric Zorn places the blame on Obama for the unanswered questions, at least on the Rezko aspect, of Obama’s unexamined record.

A big question I have about the Rezko rumpus is this:

Why in the world are there still questions? [snip]

And that’s Obama’s fault. At some point early in his campaign for the White House, he apparently decided he’d said all he wanted to say and all there was to say about his dealings with Rezko. He would not grant follow-up interviews on the subject to investigative reporters, and his staff provided written and often inadequate responses to written questions.

Maybe he thought the questions were irritating—picky, repetitive, dripping with insinuations. Maybe he thought there was so little to this would-be scandal that reporters would forget about it and move on to another politician’s curious entanglements. Or maybe . . .

Well, it sure looked like he was hiding something.

This was bonehead deluxe. Megabonehead. Boneheadissimo.

Rezko’s looming trial date (it’s next month) was bound to exhume any part of the story that had died. The national media was inevitably going to want to take a crack at the story that places Obama squarely in the skeezy milieu of Illinois politics.

The trial of Rezko starts next month – after the Super Tuesday vote.

John Kass of the Chicago Tribune paints a vivid and ugly picture of possibilities:

Can Rezko really sing, loudly in a clear voice, in that orange federal jumpsuit he’s forced to wear, after a federal judge on Tuesday [January 29, 2008,] revoked his bond, figuring he’d run to Syria and skip out on his federal political corruption trial? [snip]

He’ll make a fortune if Obama becomes president.

For the good of the Democratic Party Obama must answer questions – throughly – about his financial entanglements with Rezko.

Even if Obama were totally innocent, once the Rezko trial starts Rezko will gain a great deal of power over Obama. At any moment Rezko could plunge Obama into the very middle of his kickback and extortion trial. Rezko could honestly or maliciously cut a deal with prosecutors to “give up” Obama in exchange for a sweet plea deal. Democrats will suffer if Obama is still in contention for the nomination.

* * *

“Skeezy” not only describes Chicago politics. It is also a good word to describe Obama’s latest nastiness towards Hillary and his broken down attempts to explain “The Snub” with flowery words.

ABC News as well as Inside Edition document the nasty Obama snub of Hillary Clinton.


555 thoughts on “Snubbing The Unknown

  1. I have been communicating by email with a friend of mine who is pretty handy with statistical packages. He is thinking that after Super Tuesday, Hillary will have between 51% and 57% of all the delegates she needs to be the nominee. Conversely, Obama will have 47% to 41% of the delegates he needs. Another friend wrote that he thinks the following will happen next Tuesday:

    Safe Hillary states:
    New Jersey
    New York

    Safe Obama states-
    North Dakota

    Swing states-
    Connecticut (should be ours due to NY proximity, but also ripe with Obama’s prime “latte liberal” demo)
    Colorado (it’s a caucus that Obama’s been working, but the demographics [especially urban, heavily Latino Denver] can help us)
    Bew Mexico (depends on Richardson endorsement- if there’s none, we can pull it off there)
    Minnesota (another caucus Obama’s been working, but Hill’s also been working it there… and seems to have a STRONG operation there)
    Georgia (with Edwards’s departure, we may have a chance at it)
    Utah (who knows what Democrats in Utah think–there are too few to know their thinking.

  2. I think Hillary can still carry CT, Mn and NM among swing states. she will have good showing in GA, and CO. but Obama has a good organization in CO and has african american support in GA from what I understand. Polls are tightening, so I dont know how this whole thing will play out. we should start looking for extremely close polls in sevaral states form now on!

  3. That 2001 clip of Obama from ABC News needs to be shown heavily for the next 1-2 days because it is important for voters to know that his latest praise of Reagan isn’t the only time he has spoken fondly of Republicans who are anything but mainstream. There is soooo little that we know about him and I think the more we know the more he looks like an average crook politician. It’s a shame so many young people have put their hope in this man and look up to him as the next JFK or MLK. Imagine what will happen if Obama wins the nomination and shortly thereafter Rezko comes forward with damaging evidence against him. Imagine when people start to figure out this guy isn’t really as progressive as Hillary Clinton and has been involved with dirty Chicago politics. In less then a month we’ve seen him labeled as a demi-God and each day that image is being chipped away slowly. He is nothing but an arrogant, egotistical crook who has fooled our youth into believing he was our generations JFK/MLK. It makes me sick.

  4. Um ok so when are we going ti start seeing big ads from the Hillary camp?Is she going to wait a day b4 super Tuesday or what?

  5. The clips are sensational. There goes Mr. Unity. There goes Mr. Inclusive.

    It’s a character-revealing moment better than any policy discussion. You can promise anything but you can’t explain away this smallness of heart, no matter how many tries you give it.

  6. Obama strikes me as petulant. There is something boyishly immature about the guy. He doesn’t have the emotional temperament of a president. He’s more like Bush emotionally than, say, FDR or Lincoln.

  7. What does the paper or “wire” computer trail show about Rezko’s obtaining the mysterious cash? Why can’t prosecutor’s ensure that Rezko warbles now rather than later? After all, deals (and pleas) are cut all the time. What about the fact that Obama wasn’t paying the right amount of taxes due to bogus appraisal on his home in Chicago – saw that in more than one article yesterday on internet. The nerve of Obama and his cronies. Anybody else would’ve already been exposed by now by MSM, and certainly been indicted for bribery and extortion. At some point, MSM is an accomplice. This is not a made-for-TV-movie, or is it? If it is, I hope “law and order” (Patrick) throws the book at him NOW. NOT LATER

  8. May I ask why are people here saying that Hillary should not go on the attack tomorrow when we all know Obama will be throwing out the punches tonight?Tomorrow she will have a big audience( television) and she needs to get out as much info out there about that man.This man creeps me out and again people do not want to see a passive Hillary.That is not her character and by her acting passive like she has been for awhile it is sorta not cool.But again let him attack first which he will do

  9. @meit
    Will that cooper guy from CNN be hosting the debate tonite also.If so I would suggest Hillary to even diss them for there one sided assault on her.That is a must since people is only hearing evil Clinton over saint Allah Obama.

  10. I’m hoping Obama has very LOW LOW attacks…like making fun of Bill or implying Hill is a lesbian or something….that will get basically the entire party to turn on him. 😀

    and I agree. Hillary should answer every single attack from Obama and counter it with harder punches to knock him cold.

  11. OObama will FIRST OFF try to play down the snub. He will say Hillary I DID NOT snub you…trying to take away from the fact that even Media has said it was a snub. He will offer one of his many excuses.

    I hope Hillary cites EVERY ONE of those excuses and simply say….well, which is it Barack. If you have so much trouble finding the rigth excuse tofit the moment that I think America needs to know this is a character flaw. Don’t accept or even recognize his trying to come clean.

  12. ^^ great time to insert “here you go again Barack, which excuse are you going to cite now….let’s see there have been how many different excuses now…

  13. i agree mjs, there a few on this site say hillary should be above it all when he attacks.well that worked well with president john kerry did it? that is nonsense. he played like a wipped wimp against the swiftboat slime and did nothing until it was to late. she needs to hit back harder.

  14. beware everyone..just to let you know rass has a new poll re calif with hrc 3 points ahead of bho and bho winning the white vote…its already being touted as huge news..just wanted to give a heads up…i think right now its all about the gotv anyway.. ras says taken hour… after fla vote..expect all polls to tighten..its natural

  15. well taken anbritt, i would like for surveyusa to confirm the trends. the mass and ct poll is a little too close for comfort. we will see.

  16. Maybe Hillary will simply forgive The Snub. After all, he is very “inexperienced”. LOL

    I wish she would go after “the Obama we don’t know”. That could open it up for a lot of good comments, from pressing the wrong buttons, to him not being vetted, to the truth about his relationship to RezKo. This way she could seem more like being rightfully interested or concerned. She should raise serious doubts and questions about this guy.

    I understand Wolf Blitzer intends to give them no real time limits on their answers, although I don’t know how he will keep BHO from trying to filibuster for 90 minutes. He said he would give them a chance to really open up. If this is his plan to somehow give BHO an opportunity to run all over Hillary, I hope she shows her mettle. She can take that wimp two out of three falls any day.

    This debate is being called “the big one” by commentators all over TV. I hope she is very ready to take advantage of this opportunity. After all, he has been going negative against her all week with mostly a free ride by the media.

  17. Hillary needs to KNOCK HIS LIGHTS OUT. THAT is clear. No wimpy Kerry-esque movements with the boo-hooing or the wah-wah-wahs as i expect Mr. Hussein to do within minutes of Hillary’s moment.

    Hillary needs to show Obama the real klieg lights. If he brings ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING negative up about her, she must throw her fist down hard and knock him cold. Then, continue on a narrative of comparing and contrasting her actions/words against Barack’s…etc, with his “oops” votes, his present votes, his missed votes, his excuse for the handshake, his support of Donnie Rumsfeld, etc.

  18. ABC is saying Hillary never supported unions while on the wal-mart board as their topstory.

    We know now what Obama is going to do that.

    Firstly, I believe Hillary was the first women on the walmart baord and should be proud of it.
    No 2. Obama’s wife is on the board of a good company that supplies Walmart….

  19. after phone banking experience I really am not sure that polls really reflect a whole lot.

    I think many, many people will glean from the pollster what they want to hear and go along with it.

    I think tonights debate is very, very important…this will solidify that Hillary is the strongest to lead to day one.

    Hillary needs to neutralize the “good ole boy” network who’s currently running with Obama….contrast that suddenly Obama isn’t the outsider at all and mildy inject in a nonattack way that Kennedy establishment want a puppet in the WH and that is why they didn’t endorse her.

    and wear RED!

  20. Why do the Repugs get by with going negative against each other in the debates? CNN, for example, briefly referred to the “digs” they were doing to each other before moving on to more substantive matters.

    Maybe they have to be harder on the Dems because they are trying to protect tender little Obama from the powerful Hillary. Somebody has to do it I suppose.

  21. as for Walmart and union support… Hillary can tell people the truth….she worked hard to get changes made at Walmart while she was on the board. Simple truth…don’t get bogged down with long drawn out answer….the longer the ans
    wer the more people will doubt

    highlight other areas she has worked for union, etc after Walmart.

    big media is HELL BENT on electing Obama

  22. Obama isn’t waiting until the debate to go fiercely negative about Hillary. He isn’t shy about it either. He went all out in Denver. Take a look at this article from the LA Times:,1,7339204.story

    I hope Hillary doesn’t get bogged down in trying to defend herself from all of those attacks. I want her to put him on the defensive.

  23. A great line if Obama goes negative is “You know Barack things in Washington do no get done with negative attack like that, things don’t get done by bickering, and things really don’t get done BY TURNING YOUR BACK on your fellow Democrats. The American People want things to get done:

  24. re bho going seems tome that when you go neg at this are trying to being down your opponents numbers so as to be able to compete…why do you want that to be the last thing voters remember about you..attacking…you should be telling the positives about youeself…seems he is trying to throw red meet to the base and edwards supporters

  25. The sad thing is that negative without answering work. from now on till TT, Hillary should answer the attacks from BHO and put him in defensive in the same time.

  26. Hillary can ask Obama directly if there is any more money that needs to be given back from Rezko. She also needs to ask about his statements re: Rumsfeld.

    Perhaps she will challenge him on many things tonight…play up on the doubts about him as ready to lead. With all the incredible fawing media coverage she needs to do something that goes at his weaknesses (and will make the news no matter what).

  27. I’m honestly starting to think Obama is crazy. I’m serious.

    “I opposed this war from the start…and I love Rumsfeld!”

    “I’m a liberal to the core….and I think Reagan had better ideas than Bill Clinton!”

    “I’m asking you to believe in change and unity….so long as that doesn’t include that divisive bitch Hillary!”

    It would almost make me die laughing…. if I wasn’y so terrified about the chance that the future of our country might possible get handed over to this moron.

  28. I believe we are worried about her because she has had to debate him with one hand tied behind her back in all of the previous debates. She knows all restrictions are off now, and she can feel free to demolish him. There is so much stuff she can use, and she knows how to do that. And she will keep it clean!

    He is going to regret going negative against her in these last days. We are going to be even more proud of her than we’ve ever been, if that’s possible.

    Sic ‘im, Hillary!!!

  29. Slam him on Rumsfeld, Hill!! And then kick that son of a bitch in the nuts for every true democrat in our party!

  30. Here is an example of Obama’s demagoguery on Iran: he thinks Bush is doing right thing applying pressure:

    This from 2004 debate with Alan Keyes
    MODERATOR: Senator Obama, how would you handle the potential threat from countries like Iran and North Korea?

    OBAMA: Well, I think that we have to do everything we can diplomatically. I think that the Bush administration has done the right thing in ratcheting up the pressure on Iran, and attempting to ratchet up some pressure on North Korea to see if they will stand down with respect to the development of nuclear weapons.

  31. So, while Ted Kennedy wants to take us back to 1960, John McCain reminds me of Barry Goldwater and 1964.

    This reinforces my support for Hillary — she’s in the 21st century, not 50 years back into the 20th.

  32. Okay let me try to be positive here about Obama for a sec.Can somebody tell me what does this man mean by “CHANGE” THAT IS SO DAMN DIFFERENT FROM THE NEXT DAMN POLITICIAN?I keep hearing his lil following keep saying this line.What is he talking bout?Do he mean change by just having a blk man in office?Thats what it seem like to me.Sorry as a blk person myself that is not good enough.

  33. Welp…lack of sleep, and 3 days of dealing with the mindless ObamaNation lead me to go off over on Political punch. Here’s what I posted (and you better believe I meant every words of it!)

    You know what, I know absolutely NOTHING about Barack Obama other than he gives a pretty good speech. That doesn’t cut it for me, and it doesn’t cut it for the majority of Democrats. I’m done arguing with you cult of personality idiots. Those of us with clearer heads are taking back the white house! For REAL democrats!

    Unite that!

    I suddenly feel fresh as a daisy and ready return to battle! Thanks for being here for me, Big Pink! You renew my energy every single day.

  34. With regards to polls i once took a job in nyc doing phone polling. the interview was a simple read from a script. i was paid 9/hr and started the evening i applied. you had to meet an hourly quota or your were sent home so you learned how to manipulate people to stay on the phone. I did the grey davis recall and one on an ohio referendum to build a stadium. from experience i can tell you there are a lot of lonely people out there who just want to chat and will tell you what they think you want to hear.
    oh and i was fired.

  35. Great clip and piece on Obama by ABC. It’s funny to read the comments on there, so many people refuse to believe that he has any hidden (or still hidden) agenda, thoughts, or history. How many times can Obama just be, to use his own words, “misunderstood”??? What happens when other countries “misunderstand” him. Poor little Obama, I think we still have alot to learn about Mr. Obama, and what I already know is enough for me to realize he is not capable of being President of the United States.

    Here is a song for Mr. Obama….

  36. Here is the “Obama Song” lyrics…

    Baby, do you understand me now
    Sometimes I feel a little mad
    But don’t you know that no one alive
    Can always be an angel
    When things go wrong I seem to be bad
    But I’m just a soul whose intentions are good
    Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood
    Baby, sometimes I’m so carefree
    With a joy that’s hard to hide
    And sometimes it seems that all I have do is worry
    Then you’re bound to see my other side
    But I’m just a soul whose intentions are good
    Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood
    If I seem edgy I want you to know
    That I never mean to take it out on you
    Life has it’s problems and I get my share
    And that’s one thing I never meant to do
    Because I love you
    Oh, Oh baby don’t you know I’m human
    Have thoughts like any other one
    Sometimes I find myself long regretting
    Some foolish thing some little simple thing I’ve done
    But I’m just a soul whose intentions are good
    Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood
    Yes, I’m just a soul whose intentions are good
    Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood
    Yes, I’m just a soul whose intentions are good
    Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood

  37. with regards to the snub felt around the 22 states what does obama mean when he says he thinks its people reading tea leaves
    tea leaves? i don’t get the correlation.

  38. kaffeen
    that is what strange – it looks like Rassmuisen shows some weird numbers. I can understand that the MA can go from 37 points to 20 points – but to 6 – this is insane. How is this possible?

  39. What he means i guess is – that no oneknow what really happened so you read the tea leaves as a source of information. In other words – making stuff up.

  40. gladiatorstail
    I pray to god that you are right. My day starts with these polls every day
    so it is rather upsetting to see this.

  41. so i didn’t snub her you are seeing something that wasn’t there cameras caught something that wasn’t there
    still seems like an inane way to attempt to diffuse the situation

  42. The whole problem with the polls – that they are picked up by the media and blown out of proportion. And he is already all over the TV – so extra publicity even as non significant as this – is not needed. I am happy that super ball will turn him off for the whole of Sunday. But…

  43. john my advise to you is that there are 3 polls you need to take with a grain of salt which are ras, zogby and ARG. If you want to keep reading those polls then I don’t know how else to help. Also please stop putting everything is polls.

  44. timjcain
    yes it is. But he seems to be able to do this. I just wonder what feminist organizations think about his whole behavior. Sounds like this horrible husband – who mistreats his women.

  45. jf1985
    worst job ever i did polling 90% of the people contacted don’t want to be bothered those who do respond are either passionate or lonely and hispanics are the most difficult to reach via the phone

  46. timjcain
    of course it did. it is clear to anyone who wants to look and see. Big media should pay a bit more attention to this whole behavior

  47. john 80% of american public has already made up their decision and the remaining 20% will split evenly. john edwards people are already pissed at media. so they will disproportionately split to us.. just relax.. the media is already trumpeting second coming of christ for obama.. we shall see what happens in todays debate!

  48. I heard that Bill suppose to speak with Richardson in NM. I hope he will endorse Hillary, or at least not endorse anyone for now.

  49. Caroline,

    Well, I don’t have the actual quotes, but of the top of my head (feel free to correct me anyone), let’s see….

    First was Axelrod on Morning Joe. “Private Moment”
    Second, I think was “Oops, I did it again”
    Third, I think was “McCaskill Bumped Me” (asked him a question)
    Now the fourth, wasn’t it “Just a misunderstanding” (queue Animals, Misunderstood)

    There was also something about “I waved” and then there is also the multiple answers about why he refused to sit with Clinton as Clinton asked.

  50. gladiatorstail
    Year I know. CNN comments were- that if Obama shows more fighting spirit than supposedly Edwards will endorse him if not then he will go with Hillary. Because Edwards believes that his agenda about poverty needs a lot of fighting. What he is waiting for – Hillary is the best fighter that is known.

  51. Its almost comical the number of middle aged also rans that have ganged up against her. they all ran and lost.

  52. plural
    I think he wants to see Obama being more aggressive in implementation of poverty issue. If and when he will show it – according to this comment – Edwards will embrace Obama. I think he is looking in the wrong place – if he wants a champion – Hillary is the one and he don’t need to find more aggressiveness – she is very hardball politician. and this is why I like her. All the previous candidates from democrats were whinies. and She is not.

  53. I think Hillary will do well on poverty, she will say she will increase the minimum wage and reduce inequality by removing tax rebates for the rich and many other things. Like debt forgiveness for teachers.

  54. Obama’s attacks are important to us…

    If he attacck Hillary, he doesn’t talk about the issues… But Hillary should and will take about the issues.

  55. Good Morrning!!
    I have read the postings and have to say, the Rass polls are wrong. The debate tonight: Hilliary needs to stay on message and stick to the facts, ask BO to explain his postion, force him to show his hand. She needs to do this in a positive and professional manner (because she is a woman, she is under the spot light more). Last, but not least, the Richardson endorsment is big, because of the Latino vote. I beleive he will endorse HC (positive thinking ), in a debate, Richardson asked why experience does not matter, this was directed to BO . So with that said …. that were I stand …. for the moment!!!

  56. gladiatorstail

    that what I was telling on all other forums – that no one plays nice anymore. To describe what is going on in congress only one word comes to my mind – war. Hillary is the best for that.

  57. Rasmussen is a republican pollster. The guy has people like THE DICK Morris and Michelle Magalongalong Malkin contributing to his website. And sometimes he picks up Robert Novakula too. Now I dont know what it is with republican pollsters but Strategic Advantage also showed a closer race than most other polls in FL.

    Dead heat in CT ? Puhleeeze !!

    And for that matter, lets not hype up his daily numbers too even if they are favorable to her.

  58. You know, last night I was talking to my husband about how weird it is that Obama has these HUGE rally’s , and yet his poll and vote counts nowhere near reflect that. Hubby, ever the voice of reason , said “He has tons of kids voting for him. And he is carrying a large portion of the AA vote”. I looked at him alittle off and asked him what the heck he was getting at. To which HE replied, “A large demographic not REGISTERED to vote. They tried to register in time for the primaries, but didn’t make it.”

    Boy, hubby got a big pay off later that night for those words of wisdom. (wink wink, nudge nudge)

  59. Umm… Idunn…

    He does fewer rallies in a day, Hillary and Bill seem to visit more towns/cities/states than he does. So his campaign strategy is to pack huge stadiums.

    Like everything else in his campaign, it’s hotair and hype and media manipulation.

  60. I’m posting this AGAIN (feel like Forrest Gump) for all those acting, “as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.” (Hi Jimmy!) about every poll they see;

    # TheRealist Says:
    January 30th, 2008 at 11:17 pm

    A partial re-post from above;

    None of the polls are worth anything, and won’t be until it’s too late to worry or exult over them, as the polling won’t average out to factor in the changed dynamic in the race for at least 3 or 4 days from today. The debate will influence the polling from Friday on, so the effects (if there were any) wouldn’t start showing up until TUESDAY, so here’s my advice, IGNORE THEM. Ignore them if they’re bad and ignore them if they’re great. There’s only one poll that counts now and that’s the one they’ll be taking (and I’ll be voting in) on TT.

    Do all you can for Hillary and the campaign between now and next Tuesday. Read the polls if you want, but put no stock in them at all, and don’t come here with your worries and concerns about them either, as there is no reason to worry over NOTHING, and that is what each and every poll means now, absolutely nothing…

  61. Maya Angelou has written a poem in praise of Hillary Clinton. Funny how the only place I could find this was the Gaurdian (a British paper)

    State Package for Hillary Clinton
    by Maya Angelou

    You may write me down in history

    With your bitter, twisted lies,

    You may tread me in the very dirt

    But still, like dust, I’ll rise.

    This is not the first time you have seen Hillary Clinton seemingly at her wits’ end, but she has always risen, always risen, don’t forget she has always risen, much to the dismay of her adversaries and the delight of her friends.

    Hillary Clinton will not give up on you and all she asks of you is that you do not give up on her.

    There is a world of difference between being a woman and being an old female. If you’re born a girl, grow up, and live long enough, you can become an old female. But to become a woman is a serious matter. A woman takes responsibility for the time she takes up and the space she occupies. Hillary Clinton is a woman. She has been there and done that and has still risen. She is in this race for the long haul. She intends to make a difference in our country. Hillary Clinton intends to help our country to be what it can become.

    She declares she wants to see more smiles in the family, more courtesies between men and women, more honesty in the marketplace. She is the prayer of every woman and man who longs for fair play, healthy families, good schools, and a balanced economy.

    She means to rise.

    Don’t give up on Hillary. In fact, if you help her to rise, you will rise with her and help her make this country the wonderful, wonderful place where every man and every woman can live freely without sanctimonious piety and without crippling fear.

    Rise, Hillary.


  62. by Maya Angelou

    State Package for Hillary Clinton

    You may write me down in history

    With your bitter, twisted lies,

    You may tread me in the very dirt

    But still, like dust, I’ll rise.

    This is not the first time you have seen Hillary Clinton seemingly at her wits’ end, but she has always risen, always risen, don’t forget she has always risen, much to the dismay of her adversaries and the delight of her friends.

    Hillary Clinton will not give up on you and all she asks of you is that you do not give up on her.

    There is a world of difference between being a woman and being an old female. If you’re born a girl, grow up, and live long enough, you can become an old female. But to become a woman is a serious matter. A woman takes responsibility for the time she takes up and the space she occupies. Hillary Clinton is a woman. She has been there and done that and has still risen. She is in this race for the long haul. She intends to make a difference in our country. Hillary Clinton intends to help our country to be what it can become.

    She declares she wants to see more smiles in the family, more courtesies between men and women, more honesty in the marketplace. She is the prayer of every woman and man who longs for fair play, healthy families, good schools, and a balanced economy.

    She means to rise.

    Don’t give up on Hillary. In fact, if you help her to rise, you will rise with her and help her make this country the wonderful, wonderful place where every man and every woman can live freely without sanctimonious piety and without crippling fear.

    Rise, Hillary.


  63. That’s true too Jaz, but I really think my husband made a great point. Think about it….you’re young, this is your first time voting and ALL your peers are getting you caught up in Obamamania. You go to register to vote, but whoops , you can’t make the deadline. But you STILL want to be part of “the hot new thing”, so what do you do? You pose.

    Makes perfect sense to me. Granted, I get that this isn’t the only thing that makes the rally size and the vote size so drastically different. But I do think it’s a big part of the puzzle.

  64. Today is the FINAL day for 4th quarter FEC filing. According to the AP, from 1/10/08, Hillary out raised Barry by 1.5 million in primary money for the quarter. The things to look at are, what they spent, and what they have on hand. Barry said that he should be judged as to what kind of Prez he’d be based on what kind of campaign he ran. Thus far Hillary has spent less than she took in in every quarter, while last quarter Barry spent MORE than he took in. I suspect that he spent a LOT more this past quarter than he took in, 3-5 million more, while Hill broke even.
    If you can’t manage the money in your own campaign, how can you manage the how ECONOMY?

  65. gladiatorstail, Edwards has not dropped out of the race he has only suspended it. He has taken matching funds. By law I do not believe he could really endorse anyone.

  66. Hillary has alot of cash on-hand. I think..

    If Hillary outraised Obama, then by far, Obama is a failure, even all the hype…people are not convinced enough to give him money. Only a few hours I guess.

  67. About Ca. A LARGE percentage of CA. voters have cast their ballots via absentee, someone (B Merry?) posted the actual totals. This is true in several states. No polling can reflect that, and all polls are taken on the assumption that they are surveying 100% of the sample, thus they don’t reflect the reality on the ground. If 40% of the votes have been cast, the polling only reflects 60% of available voters, skewing the results beyond all recognition and rendering them USELESS.

  68. This from the Political Punch article:

    “Obama continued. “I think it’s legitimate for me to raise that. As I said before, if he brought before us a nominee who didn’t agree with me on affirmative action and yet said that, you know, I do think that and showed a history for showing regard and concern for racial justice, if he came before us and said I oppose a woman’s right to choose, or I oppose abortion, I find it religiously offensive, and yet I do respect, for example, the notion that we shouldn’t be solving these things with violence, historically, if that had been what was said, then I don’t think I would object. And I think that’s a fair position to take.”

    My HEAD HURTS after reading that passage. He can’t give a straight answer to save his life! I was battling it out with some of my family yesterday and the absolute madness of those Obamacrats is sickening. I hope Hillary whips his a$$ tonight at that debate. She needs to let him stick his own foot in it and then chop that damn foot off!! He doesn’t debate well at all, so I suspect she’ll really be able to expose him for who he is. That’s why my mother was so upset that John Edwards won’t be at the debate tonight. Because she knows, Hillary will run CIRCLES around BHO! Go Hillary!

  69. For him to start up his campaign again, something miraculous would have to happen. For example, if Obama destroys Hillary on February 5th, and she drops out, but then his campaign gets fatally wounded during the Rezko trial due to new information, Edwards might get back into it. Otherwise, he might as well have conceded.

  70. Am I posting info wrong?

    I tried 3 times to put up a link to the great pro-Hillary (almost) Dan Abrams segment about the Media Smears about HRC but they don’t show up.

    Last time; here it is. Could someone pull my coat if this isn’t proper etiquette for this forum?

    Here’s a good 10 minute clip of Dan Abrams defending Hillary and chastising his guests over the Media Smear campaign against her.

  71. MSN is showing an article form The New York Times today about Pres. Clinton and a shady deal with people in Kazakstan (sp?) – its confusing. Looks like they’ll spin this one into a monster!

  72. I hear you, Sugar. I had to take that entire paragraph apart and try to put it back together. Even then, it didn’t make sense in any real way. Shelby Steel, who I have a tremendous ammount of respect for (despite our political differences) pegs Obama EXACTLY right. Everything Obama says is said with a purpose. He is intentionally making himself a blank canvas upon which people can project anything they like. If you sat 100 Obama supporters down in a room together, gave them a pen and paper and asked them to write down what change they think Obama will bring to America, I gaurantee you, you’d get 100 different answers. Why? Because he forcing the viewer to define him, so that he doesn’t have to define himself.

  73. I think that Hillary should stay positive. Deflect Obambi’s criticism and then quickly pivot to the economy and her plans. Attack Dubya and incorportate Edwards plea to fight poverty. Co-op Edwards goals and put her spin on how she would highlight those problems and what her solutions will be.

    History shows that when she gets into a squabble, the media spins it against her and it helped Edwards. Stay on message and be positive.

    I’m so proud of her, she has been smiling more and staying on message more this entire week. Even Tweety this morning threw her a bone. In addition, he basically said that the Snub will be brought up and he thought that it was a snub(or he implied rather).

    Of course, playmate Mika said that it was the media…whatever.This debate will be one of the most watched, so she has to be on game and that is to smile, be the WONK that you are, speak to your strenght which is the economy and co-op Edwards.

    Winning combination.

  74. I find it religiously offensive, and yet I do respect

    for christ sake.. what is this guy saying here? he finds it religiously offensive? but he respects? I mean why does he throw those words around so loosely? offensive yet he “allows” it out of respect of others? and he claims to be a man of “faith”? go back and check the christmas ad fellas, he and guiliani are the ONLY two people who pulled out that “merry christmas, happy holidays” stunt.. i kept quiet at that time, but it is for some reason making me uneasy. I mean Macy Bacy trashed religious cons when they were pissing him off.. but this guy wants to take us more right? i dont know.. and oh.. forgot to add.. his voting record is more liberal than Hillary’s when it comes to womens choice issue.. what am I getting? a double whopper with stuffed cheese?

  75. I hope HRC gets a big lead on Tuesday, because the following Tues. Feb 12 doesn’t look good. I live in MD and it is definitely Obama majority and also DC and VA vote that day. DC is a foregone conclusion and the VA Gov has endorsed Obama and he is very popular in VA. The 3 together are over 200 delegate! Yikes!

  76. Vanity4hillary, No. There was a discussion going on about Edwards endorsement that is what I was commenting about.

  77. SUGAR – where is that article from? Sounds like he is saying that he doesn’t object to Repugs opposing the right to choose, so long as they don’t condone violence?

  78. LMAO HillaryforTexas!! That was the only message I could draw out of Obama’s comments too. But see…how can anyone object or not object. He’s saying nothing, but forcing you to draw your own conclusions. Blank canvas. If you object, he simply says “You misunderstood what I was trying to say”. If you agree (by projecting your own thoughts onto the canvas) he just allows you to do that.

    Cult of personality. Scary!

  79. TheRealist: Good point re: Campaign filing. HRC realizes she is going to need $$$ going far beyond 2/5 (Iam not sure BO thought about this) He spent a lot of $$$ thus far, and with out a good showing on2/5 funds could dry up, making it harder to campaign in WI,PA and so on.

  80. And hell, maybe THAT is the reason he shows such scorn and derision for Hillary and her supporters. He’s pissed we’re smart enough to see the game.

  81. # jasonmalott Says:
    January 31st, 2008 at 10:35 am

    MSN is showing an article form The New York Times today about Pres. Clinton and a shady deal with people in Kazakstan (sp?) – its confusing. Looks like they’ll spin this one into a monster!

    I hope HRC gets a big lead on Tuesday, because the following Tues. Feb 12 doesn’t look good. I live in MD and it is definitely Obama majority and also DC and VA vote that day. DC is a foregone conclusion and the VA Gov has endorsed Obama and he is very popular in VA. The 3 together are over 200 delegate! Yikes!

    Welcome to the board. Do you have any positive news?

  82. jason mallot.. I read the NYTimes article twice, and I could NOT get the head and tail of the article. I mean it was like there there yet nothing there.. I think their point was that someone was donating money to clinton foundation for political favors.. by why would bill clinton risk his credibility to get money for a non profit foundation? He is bringing in billionaires including slimy murdoch to donate for right causes. why would he do such a thing, especially when it comes to international matters? I think at the end of the day, its another gotcha “investigative” report that is so convoluted that even an rabid clinton hater will find it tough to make it stick..

  83. ill gotten gains being given to cheritable organization that has had a measurable positive effect globally. I think this is a nonissue

  84. Clinton schedule for today…..

    *all times Eastern

    Thursday, January 31

    5:00 pm
    Bill Clinton attends a “Solutions for America” event in Albuquerque, New Mexico

    8:00 pm
    Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton participate in the CNN/Los Angeles Times/Politico debate at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles, California

    10:30 pm
    Bill Clinton visits Arizona State University in Tempe

  85. Radio Alert

    This morning, the rescheduled full hour live with Carl Bernstein, author of the negative Hillary book.

    Live streaming from WOI 640

    google woi 640, click listen to live broadcast, click WOI AM stream.

    easy as that. call in tel #866-780-9100

    BTW program comes from the city where Hawk lives.

  86. Realist, I am with you on this. There are some people who are always posting negative news here. They seem to find the smallest of the negative news and magnify it. I wonder why?

  87. Re: tonight’s debates I think Hillary (as a leader) should set the tone. She should menton how she’s been taking personal attack after personal attack for about a year, and kept turning the other cheek. And as she did on ABC NIGHTLINE yesterday, she should turn to Obama and tell him that IF he feels anyone in her campaign unfairly, personally attacked him, she takes full responsibility and sincerely apologizes.

    By doing this, she gets to make her point and present a unifying message for the party. Especially after The Snub, it also allows her to be the Grown-up candidate.

  88. If this is all the NYT — and the oppo team from somewhere or other — can dredge up, Hillary’s in good shape.

    I’d like to know where the oppo came from. BO? Rove?

  89. jasonmalott, Obama wouldn’t get all those delegates; they’re allotted proportionately.

    BTW, FactHub has a rebuttal to the ABC Wal-Mart story.

  90. To calm your nerves;

    “About half of voters are expected to use mail-in ballots — which have been available since Jan. 7 — and Clinton was romping over Obama among that group, 53% to 30%. Among those expecting to cast ballots in a traditional precinct visit, the race was a closer 42% to 34% in Clinton’s favor. Former Massachusetts Gov. Romney was also running stronger among mail-in voters, if still behind McCain.”,1,5092615.story?track=crosspromo

  91. Why on earth would I tune in to listen to Bernstein? I always thought Carville was a much better writer. I recommend “Stickin'” .

  92. I know there’s a moratorium on talking about polls, lol, but I want to bring up an important point about the Rasmussen CA poll showing Hillary only up 3.

    Two weeks ago, Ras only had her up 5 in CA when everyone else had the lead in double digits.

  93. Just announced on CNN that BO raosed 32 million $ in the month of January. I can’t take these news anymore

  94. HillaryforTexas, that passage is from the link to the Political Punch article in the post. Read is slowly or you may have a seizure.

    Idunn, that is a perfect analysis:

    “Because he forcing the viewer to define him, so that he doesn’t have to define himself.”

    That’s exactly what he does. Looking all sheepish on the one hand and then like a wolf the next. He is has very sociopathic tendencies.

  95. That’s great news, Reed! I’m so excited about Voices Across America!

    We only have basic cable though, so I’m going to have to figure out a way to watch it. Man, living on a tight budget can really suck sometimes.

  96. # johnflint1985 Says:
    January 31st, 2008 at 11:03 am

    Just announced on CNN that BO raosed 32 million $ in the month of January. I can’t take these news anymore

    We haven’t even seen his 4th quarter filing and you’re touting what would appear to be an obvious attempt to deflect what is sure to be a a near broke campaign based on the ACTUAL figures to be released today.
    If I knew I was releasing a report that said I spent 5-10 MILLION more than I took in, I’d be looking for damage control too.

    Who are you and why do i get a bad vibe?

  97. I like the sound of this!

    “Hillary Clinton had Georgia Democrats to herself Wednesday evening, and the party dinner nearly turned into a campaign party,” reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

  98. Sherm Kader
    ain’t this sickening? Big media literally propels him upward. People cannot make up their choice in this barrage of “Bravo Barack” news.

  99. “Hillary Clinton had Georgia Democrats to herself Wednesday evening, and the party dinner nearly turned into a campaign party,”

    Excellent 🙂

  100. Good morning, Hillfans.

    CD99, now that Edwards has “suspended” his candidacy there’s no place for the anti-Hillary Edwardians to go but to spread around their venom. I expect that H44 will get more than its fair share.

    To be fair, I’m sure that it was traumatic for them to lose their candidate, particularly after working hard to support him. Comments on his forum/blog was so anti-Hillary before that I doubt that there will be much if any movement in Hillary’s direction.

    Also, with the influx of so many “new” people here I’m reluctantly optimistic that H44 is being used, as some have said, as a “safe haven” and not another place to infiltrate and destroy from within.

    Hence, I’m commenting less but “listening” more, particularly after an alarming posting popped up here yesterday and wound up within no time at all as a post at MyDD.

    Not to be an alarmist, this was something I cautioned about within the past week. Things that are spoken of here can easily be taken out of context and become “fact” elsewhere regardless of whether it is less than flattering to Rezbama or supportive of Hillary.

    Ok. Rant over! 🙄

  101. Sugar, you should check out some of Shelby Steele’s work some time. He’s the Robert J. and Marion E. Oster Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, and specializes in the study of races relations and multiculturalism. He’s also a black conservative Republican…and never apologizes for his views on anything. As a woman of color, I often find Steele’s words difficult to hear , but I recognize the truth in them none the less.

  102. I know there is supposed to be a moratorium on polls, however I remember people asking about Minnesota. Hillary 40 to Obama 33…

  103. Hi jasonmalott. Did you come here to join in supporting Hillary and she marches to her WIN on Tuesday, or did you come here to cry and moan and try to convince us how terrible all the news is?

    Because if it’s the latter, don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

  104. Merry, I try to keep in mind that both Obama and Edwards sites allow any and all posts to go through unscreened. As a result, you get alot of really young posters at both sites playing hide and seek games. That’s why I always applauded Hillary’s decision to make her site a screened site. Trolls and shit stirrers can be pegged and eliminated from the jump.

    Just one more thing that proves our girl ALWAYS thinks carefully about the decisions she makes.

  105. A nice post about the National Town Hall on Tuesday:

  106. johnflint. BiGMedia has been propelling BO from the beginning, and the voters are still laughing at them. Nothing has changed. Nothing is different. Hillary has ALWAYS been taking her message directly to the people, bypassing the media.

    She will do it again Monday evening, with her town hall. Go make some calls for Hillary, you’ll feel better. 🙂

  107. SUGAR Says:
    January 31st, 2008 at 10:28 am

    This from the Political Punch article:

    “Obama continued. “I think it’s legitimate for me to raise that. As I said before, if he brought before us a nominee who didn’t agree with me on affirmative action and yet said that, you know, I do think that and showed a history for showing regard and concern for racial justice, if he came before us and said I oppose a woman’s right to choose, or I oppose abortion, I find it religiously offensive, and yet I do respect, for example, the notion that we shouldn’t be solving these things with violence, historically, if that had been what was said, then I don’t think I would object. And I think that’s a fair position to take.”
    I think what he is saying here is that he won’t have a problem appointing someone to SC who is against Affirmative action and who is also against Roe V. Wade. If nothing else it is a ploy to appease republicans but what about telling us democrats what we want to hear? Or why should we be expected to vote for him?

  108. therealist—how does this report work? they report income and is there an expense report also? i am not familiar with these things and i noticed your response to the 32mil..appreciate you explanation thanks in advance

  109. The only polls I look at are the real clear politics polls. I’m smart enough to acknowledge my own weaknesses, and poll analysis is one of them.

  110. TheRealist says:

    We haven’t even seen his 4th quarter filing and you’re touting what would appear to be an obvious attempt to deflect what is sure to be a a near broke campaign based on the ACTUAL figures to be released today.


    B Merryfield, I don’t know where Edwards’ supporters will go. But I don’t think we should read too much into what people post on the Internet. Heck, Edwards was my parents’ first choice, and they’ve never read or posted in a political blog in their lives, lol.

  111. johnflint1985 and Sherm Kader — what I think that you’re missing here is the more Rezbama is built up, the harder he will fall.

    Perhaps you’ve not seen me write this before, but my very, very smart son pointed out weeks ago that the media just loves to pump up their “favorite” candidate in hopes of watching them go down. Ghouliani is a prime example. MSNBC in particular has been in “man love” with his shaving lotion for months. Now he’s gone, leaving them all sad and … NOT! They’ve moved on to McCain and quickly point out that not a single Repug candidate likes Romney. So, now the pro-McCain bandwagon has picked up the “noun, verb and 9/11” candidate’s adoration.

    Same thing is happening already with Edwards. Now that he’s out, Big Media has discovered that there WAS a third frontrunner-sort-of-candidate … but where, oh where, my oh my, what will happen to his supporters/money/delegate votes now?

    It comes down to the flavor of the month.

    Even the Romney anti-McCain campaign ad featuring Hillary is really a free ad for Hillary since it touts her positives and poses them as McCain’s negatives. The more Romney and McCain beat each other up as being THE “liberal” candidate, using Hillary as a foil, the more that communicates to voters what she stands for. Besides, if both Romney and McCain are liberals just like Hillary, why would women want to vote for the male version when they can have the REAL female version.

    Don’t let the media get under your skin. Embrace their fickleness. (hi Ben)

  112. PM say:

    “I think what he is saying here is that he won’t have a problem appointing someone to SC who is against Affirmative action and who is also against Roe V. Wade. If nothing else it is a ploy to appease republicans but what about telling us democrats what we want to hear? Or why should we be expected to vote for him?”

    See how the blank canvas thing works? I didn’t get that interpretation at all. LOL!

  113. the realist
    my parents as well and they have definately moved into the hill camp with the snub having been the proverbial straw

  114. Richardson would reveal himself to be a craven opportunist if he were to indeed endorse BO. After all that talk from him about “is experience a leper ??”, the only reason he would do something like this is if he was offered something in exchange. I dont put it beyond him though, but it would be helpful if he stays quiet or endorses Hill.

    From what I hear, he was not polling well among hispancis too. An endorsement would be big PR for BO and he and the doting media in their doting news cycles will try to make it look like momentum for him. But I doubt if it will actually change latino votes to any meaningful extent.

  115. the 32M is supposed to negate the negatives if any from the debate. if he outperforms in the debate, it will give him momentum. hehe.. the sorry thing for Obama is, he is spending money like gas with minimal returns. good luck to him on that!

  116. JAS, It only matters how much he has left. Read what TheRealist posted above.

    Also, it’s no coincidence the N.Y. Times had that story today. That’s Obama’s oppo at work.

  117. JohnFlint1985 says:

    “Ain’t this sickening!” John is talking about the media lovefest with BHO. That’s very true, and has been all along. They don’t only promote his candidacy, but they defend and protect him. They’ve been blasting Hillary for even trying to point out differences on their positions or their records. They looked for “code words” to use in painting the Clintons as racist, and almost anything worked for them.

    John, I just hope tonight Hillary begins to define him for the media once and for all. They really don’t know who he is. I don’t know what she can do about the media itself, because they always get the last word. They seldom lose to anyone outside of journalism.

    Meanwhile, Hillary’s situation in this election is much better than it may appear. That “snub” is working against BHO.

    I also wish BHO’s campaign had not started and expanded upon the racism stuff. They made him the “black candidate” at a time when we need to ignore race (and gender). That will hurt him in the long run. I don’t mind if it hurts his chances as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone of other races.

    Of course, I have to note that you beat me to the punch about that $32 million story. It doesn’t really matter.

  118. Most voters would not know a political blog if it hit them in the face. People, you have to come up for air sometimes and remember that. What the blogs are chattering about has NO EFFECT on your average voter.

    Get a grip, and get some perspective.

  119. dt.. the “I will endorse based on my gut” gives it away too.. I think he is for sho in Obama’s pockets :).. oh btw netroots has consolidated around him after exit of edwards.. I somehow feel Edwards voice will be missed in todays debate.. he is a fine man..

  120. I keep trying to post a link to a GREAT N.Y. Times article from back in October that casts some doubt onto whether BHO is who he really says he is, but it’s not showing up!

    If you guys are interested, this is the name of the article by Janny Scott:

    “Obama’s Account of New York Years Often Differs From What Others Say”

  121. Kerry may be giving Rezbama “man love” but he ain’t forking over any of his cash:

    Sen. John Kerry’s PAC giving seems to have gone the way of his presidential aspirations. The 2004 Democratic nominee’s leadership PAC, Keeping America’s Promise, distributed $34,000 to federal candidates last year. In the halcyon days when Kerry was considering another White House run he gave out $638,000 in contributions in 2005 alone and $4 million for the entire 2005-2006 cycle.

  122. B Merryfield
    so what are you saying that all this crazy hype about this hollow candidate is just deliberate way of putting him down?

  123. And we forced him to give back ALOT of cash. I’m still happy as shit over that, by the way. Not so much for Hillary, but for all those invisible people in Obama’s 13th district. I really felt like we got a chance to kick him in the nuts for every tenent in his low income housing project who went without heat for 3 weeks in the middle of winter. Scumbag!

  124. b Merry… As for edwards supporters I think there is big disconnect between the bloggers and actual voters in the primaries so far. I do not think the bloggers truly represent them.

  125. It is not how much you raise that matters, it is how much you have left over at the end of the month that matters. I wonder why David Plouffe finds the need to put out this number on the day the 4th quarter reports are expected to come out? I have noticed that he often likes to brag about their ads, strategy, money raised etc. Doesn’t strike me as being confident.

  126. CD99, you are right .. and not as many people sit around watching the political teevee shows as you might think, either.

    I sent this addy already but here’s another try.

    Paste the following in the browswer for Obama’s campaign finance info

  127. B. Merryfield says:

    “johnflint1985 and Sherm Kader — what I think that you’re missing here is the more Rezbama is built up, the harder he will fall.”

    I certainly agree with that, but I don’t know what is taking them so long. It could still help after he has enough delegates to win the nomination if the superdelegates are ready to correct it. I just don’t want to rely on that. My God, what a new story that would be!

    Meanwhile I applaud the work you’re doing. I’ve been following your stuff since I found this website several weeks ago. I check your site from time to time, but I’ve yet to see something that will really cause BHO to “fall”. I realize the media doesn’t need much to start grinding on a political candidate, but they are very slow to move this time. That’s very frustrating to me.

    You probably know more about this than almost anyone else here with the possible exception of Admin. Are you able to predict a date upon which the axe will fall? I hope you do, but I don’t believe you do. I don’t doubt you will get there, but I hope it isn’t too late.

  128. clintondem 99, The NETROOTS which should appropriately be called, in my view, NUTROOTS, we know is all for Obama. Fortunately, for the country, though they are a miniscule part of the voting public.

  129. That Ras poll scares me a little, only because it reinforces a sense of momentum for Obama. Anna Eshoo, our Dem rep for the silicon valley just endorsed Obama. I was at dinner last night with my sister-in-law and her friends, all of whom are your typical high techies, naturally talk turned to politics. Final vote was 5 for Obama and 4 for Hillary….I was so bummed out. Interestingly enough, 3 of the 4 Hillary voters were Asian. Luckily the SF bay area has a large Asian population to sort of blunt the effect.

    Last night got me very down, I just don’t think Hillary is going to win the SF bay area. Just the fact that I as an Chinese-American, professional woman have to be made defensive about voting for Hillary, and to be implied as stupid or racist got me so mad! I finally told off this obnoxious acquaintance of my sister-in-law after he made one too many reference to Hillary voters being lowly educated. I told him “Look, if we’re going to play the brain game then here goes. I speak and write three languages fluently. I have two Bachelors, one of them in Russian, the other one in microbiology, not to mention a Masters degree in Psych Nursing. And so what if a Hillary voter didn’t finish high school or college? Does that make his or her vote count any less than yours? Stop being so condescending.” I didn’t add the phrase jackass at the end, I should have but I have this thing called manners.

    I’d be interested in knowing what types of voters in these Super Tue states are still undecided, and what Hillary can do to win them over. In California, we’re so diverse in ethnicity and socioeconomic status that it’s really hard for me to tell which group is still up for grabs. I don’t know how it is in other areas, but here in SF area we’re bombarded by Obama ads and not so much Hillary ads. It makes me anxious.

  130. Here is a nice blog post about the Democrats Abroad Primary:

  131. Morning HUBdate: Voices Across America
    New Ads: The campaign began airing three new ads: “Times,” “Freefall” and “Can Do.” Watch.

    Showtime: At tonight’s debate, Hillary will focus on her ability to deliver solutions for the American economy starting on day one. Hillary supporters will host watch parties nationwide, including 63 in New York alone.

    Ask Hillary: On Monday, Hillary will host an unprecedented national town hall. For the first time in presidential campaign history, voters at simultaneous events in 21 Super Tuesday states will via satellite join a single national conversation and have their voices heard. Read more.

    Endorsement Watch: Sen. Patty Murray yesterday endorsed Hillary. Sen. Murray is the 12th Senator to join the campaign.

    Recapping Yesterday: “Hillary Clinton had Georgia Democrats to herself Wednesday evening, and the party dinner nearly turned into a campaign party,” reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

    Real Solutions: In Arkansas, Hillary announced a comprehensive plan to address the credit crisis and help millions of Americas trapped in a vicious cycle of credit card debt. Hillary proposed to end unfair interest rates, make the rules for credit cards fairer and easier to understand, promote financial literacy, and crack down on illegal credit card practices. Read more.

    Nationwide Strength: A new Minnesota Public Radio poll has Hillary up by 7 points over Sen. Obama (40-33)… In California, a new SurveyUSA poll has Hillary up by 11 points over Sen. Obama (49-38)… In Massachusetts, a new Rasmussen poll has Hillary up by 6 points over Sen. Obama (43-37).

    FactCheck: On the trail and via the mail, Sen. Obama continues to make negative, misleading attacks on Hillary’s record. Get the facts.

  132. john, that’s exactly what I’m saying. For example, this morning on Morning Joke it was obvious that they were pumping up Rezbama. There’s a certain twinkle in the eye and body language that just says they don’t believe a word that they’re saying. Tweety is just the same. In fact, I watched the whole hour last night and it was almost unbelievable how “nice” Tweety was talking about Hillary. Of course, he’s a bi-polar idiot and you can expect his The Exorcist act tonight.

  133. all.. GA poll 52-37? if BO loses in GA, will e cry of bradley effect? even if 80% of AA vote for him there, can he still make it? given that 70% southern white democrats think teddy’s endorsement would be the worst thing to happen to obambi?

  134. fashonista, Obama is trying to stem his losses for Hillary elsewhere in CA with the San Francisco area. My sense is that Asian Americans will break for Hillary. The LGBT community cannot be happy with Obama with his McClurkin fiasco. Even if the bay area breaks 50/50, she has such overwheling advantage elsewhere, I think she will do just fine in CA.

  135. Hillary should play up some of the discrepancies in who he says he is and who he actually is…which we do not know!!! I’m sure the Times held back in that article–a lot of the more juicy quotes from interviewees. You guys mentioned here at Big Pink before that we haven’t heard from any of his friends of fellow college alums and it is all very strange. I don’t know about anybody else, but I don’t know how the Obamazoids can be comfortable even considering someone who nobody truly knows!!!

  136. fashionista. There is more talk and less votes for BO. It mirrors BO all talk and no action. The talk will not translate into votes.

  137. Damn…I’m starting to get a little pissed at Barbara Boxer. Much as I love her.

    Take a stand already, Barb! Do the right thing for other woman and do the right thing for this country! Maxine Waters didn’t woose out…neither should you!

  138. Sherm, the closer we get to Rezko’s trial Feb 25th the higher the local media scrutiny — not the national –is going to be. The recent turn of events with Rezko landing back in jail because of his nasty little habit of playing hide and seek with $millions was telling. The judge called it a “shell game” .. well, guess who has been playing hide and seek with the local media? And now they’re starting to ask the hard questions. It was speculated yesterday that Rezko might want to sing a tune, particularly one about Rezbama. Who has the most to lose? Who would be the juiciest tidbit to handover for some “good time”? You always keep the most precious trinket to pawn until last.

    C99, I don’t think that there was much love lost there before between Kerry and Edwards. As one of the talking heads pointed out on Hardball last week, I think it was, Gore was a weak candidate and didn’t have a vp candidate attack dog (i.e. Loserman) and, unfortunately, besides shooting himself in the foot by not immediately coming out against the Swiftboaters, Kerry was too and Edwards failed to act as the attack dog to defend the both of them.

  139. WNEC poll focuses on Mass. vote
    Thursday, January 31, 2008

    SPRINGFIELD – A Western New England College poll of likely Democratic voters heading into Tuesday’s state primary shows U.S. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, of New York, leads U.S. Sen. Barack Obama, of Illinois, by a margin of nearly 3-1.

    A survey of 424 registered voters statewide who said they planned to vote in the Massachusetts presidential primary on Tuesday showed Clinton leading Obama 43 percent to 15 percent. ”

    Just another example of polls being all over the place. This one doesn’t mean any more of less than the others, but it might calm the nervous Nellies some…:)

  140. gladiatorstail, where did you get that GA poll from. It will be nice to post links when you post things like that.

  141. They will release the fourth quarter report required by the law. I don’t think they are going to brag how they did in January. Let Obama brag all he wants and raise expectations for himself For Super Tuesday. He and his campiagn remind me a lot of GW.

  142. Today is the FEC filing deadline for 4th quarter campaign fundraising and expenditures. EVERYONE must file…

  143. caroline.. someone posted at mydd.. i am waiting for the link from them too.. but I expect it to be correct, since the poll would have included AA disproportionately just to piss us off.. the point of pollsters will be.. where Hillary could run weak, they will devastate the polls so that it gives the campaign false idea that the lead is unsurmountable. Where it is genuinely good for Obambi, they will give a better demographic so that Hillary wastes some of her resources in the state. where it is neck and neck, they will give Hillary substantial advantage so that her supporters feel complacent and quit voting for her.. thats the way pollsters have been playing the game this election season.. the same way they played it for Kerry.. but in the final days they tricked Bush to go to Cali 🙂

  144. Let’s not forget how upset we all were after SC and went and immediately contributed to Hillary . . . I think her numbers will be equally as impressive and I think BO is just trying to create an advantage for himself with [more] positive media coverage going into the debate, to offset the damage he will do to himself in tonight’s debate.

  145. LSD-

    It’s about the damning numbers they will be forced to release today. They will file EXACTLY at midnight, just like this past Tuesday night when they unloaded another 70 grand in dirty money…

  146. I’m pretty sure she didn’t raise $32 million in January, lol. But I’m confident her financial situation is good.

  147. I know I/we need to stay positive, and HRC campaign knows what they are doing, however, they need to get ahead of this story (32M in fundraising). It all comes down to momentum(sp),

  148. Conference call with Patty and Wolfson said that we exceeded all fund raising goals for January, whatever that means.
    This will be academic as Barry probably won’t not be around to boast about his February totals this March…

  149. Massachusetts Democratic Primary Western NE College
    Clinton 43, Obama 15, Edwards 8 Clinton +28

    Minnesota Democratic Primary Minn. Pub. Radio
    Clinton 40, Obama 33, Edwards 12 Clinton +7

    Tennessee Democratic Primary InsiderAdvantage
    Clinton 59, Obama 26 Clinton +33

  150. We will see a momentum after tonight and a few more endorsements later, it will be the 5th and it will be the day of reckoning. I suspect obama’s team is coming up with a list of excuses why HRC won on the 5th as I type this. They will have to give their media something to spin.

  151. Obama is wildly spending money as fast as he can raise it. Hillary is spending hers with strategy. I am not maxed out yet, and plan to keep on giving til we win, as are a lot of supporters.

  152. Yeah, no polls. Enough please. They are always “duh” polls, where we are way ahead, or wrong polls and outliers and everyone starts freaking out. Admin isn’t doing any yet, why should we.

  153. Good for you fashionista. Spaceba!

    This has been part of the media narrative for a long time — designed to “shame” people away from Hillary.

  154. This story did not get ANY play in the media and it should. I think the debate would be a great time for Hillary to cite her work as First Lady and she can point to this story as an example. BO is quick to dismiss what she did as First Lady but if he thinks its so easy, he should try it.

    Kinkri Devi Is Dead at 82;
    Fought Illegal Mining in India

    Published: January 6, 2008

    Kinkri Devi, an illiterate and impoverished woman who had waged a long and at least partly successful fight against illegal mining and quarrying in the mountainous northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, died last Sunday in Chandigarh, India. She was 82.

    Ms. Devi was born into a poor Dalit, or untouchable, family in the village of Ghaton in 1925. Her father was a subsistence farmer. That she came from a low caste made her struggle against powerful and politically connected mining interests all the more remarkable.

    With no hope of an education, she began working as a servant in early childhood and, at 14, married Shamu Ram, a bonded laborer. He died of typhoid when she was just 22, and she was forced to become a sweeper.

    Over the years, she watched the world around her change for the worse. Uncontrolled quarrying despoiled the fabled hills in many parts of Himachal Pradesh, harming the water supply and destroying once-rich paddy fields. Seeing the damage in her own district, she vowed to take on the mining interests.

    Backed by People’s Action for People in Need, a local volunteer group, Ms. Devi filed a public interest lawsuit in the High Court of Shimla, the state capital, against 48 mine owners, accusing them of reckless limestone quarrying. The quarry owners dismissed her campaign, saying she was only trying to blackmail them.

    After a long period with no response to her suit, she headed for Shimla and staged a 19-day hunger strike outside the court until it agreed to take up the issue. The strike won Ms. Devi national and international headlines. In 1987, the High Court not only ordered a stay on mining but also imposed a blanket ban on blasting in the hills.

    Faced with the prospect of closing their operations, her opponents threatened to kill her, but she continued to fight. The mine owners appealed to the Supreme Court of India, which ruled against them in July 1995, adding to Ms. Devi’s renown.

    The same year, still working as a sweeper, she was invited to attend the International Women’s Conference in Beijing because of the keen interest taken in her by Hillary Rodham Clinton, then the first lady.

    A private organization sponsored her trip to China, where Mrs. Clinton asked her to light the lamp at the inaugural function. She spoke to thunderous applause about how the enchanting Himalayas were being degraded by illegal limestone quarrying and how it was up to ordinary people like her to save the environment.

    Despite Ms. Devi’s efforts and the Supreme Court ruling, quarrying continues not only in the hills but also in the forest preserves, though with some improved regulation.

    Full story:

  155. # johnflint1985 Says:
    January 31st, 2008 at 12:02 pm

    Massachusetts Democratic Primary Western NE College
    Clinton 43, Obama 15, Edwards 8 Clinton +28

    Minnesota Democratic Primary Minn. Pub. Radio
    Clinton 40, Obama 33, Edwards 12 Clinton +7

    Tennessee Democratic Primary InsiderAdvantage
    Clinton 59, Obama 26 Clinton +33

    We have repeatedly cautioned about polls, good or bad, at this time as they don’t really mean anything, and are all over the place. As a new poster please read the previous comments on the thread (especially those directed to you) including my posting of the Mass. poll with the caveat that it too, while wildly positive, was MEANINGLESS.

  156. to the general voter the fundraising won’t mean jackolantern. I am not impressed.

    I expect most people like me want to know where the candidates stand on Low Income/Middle Class issues.

    The fact that he is raising tons of money and spending tons of money…does not bode well for him with “regular America” we are tightfisted because we know there is no bottomless well…well maybe for him, but IMO this $ means nothing

  157. HLRocks, the media has failed abjectly. 850,000 voters in Florida chose Hillary more than any other candidate Republican or Democrat in the primary after a week of Obama-rama in the media.

  158. Tennessee Democratic Primary InsiderAdvantage
    Clinton 59, Obama 26 Clinton +33

    Wow…I am so proud to be a Tennessean for Hillary! Way to vote SMART TN!

    Go Hillary!

    and as always…

    GO VOLS!

  159. The polls look good. Stop slamming people for posting polls, it’s only natural to post these things. It’s the ONLY indication we have of what’s happening in places. Infact, I would say it would be irresponsible not to use them good or bad.

    Not one person here is slamming HRC, only discussing possible issues and ways to solve them. There seems to be extreme paranoia here, and instead of attacking fellow Hill fans, go and campaign for Hill.

  160. Hillfans

    If you get a chance, listen to Fresh Air on NPR w/ Terry Gross today, whatever time it is on in your area.

    It is a very clear and simply put explanation of the delegate system by a political scientist who, so far, does not have an axe to grind.

  161. No I meant fund-raising. Johnflint, I agree there is movement to Obama – but I still think his “hype” will die down eventually.

  162. polls really do not show public opinion…I found that out in phone banking in south carolina. I say we need to wait until Tuesday, in which I think HRC is not going to really surprise any of us…but the media will act like it’s some kind of white backlash….I see where they are heading already.

    both tv and print media are into this for the ratings and selling of newspapers…they want a horserace to the finish…what else will they talk about? possibly that satellite that is getting ready to hit somebodys house and that has been out of control since liftoff in 2006—with nary a word from the BUSHIES.

  163. Obama also received some criticism last summer for his effort to brush off his refusal to support “marriage” for gay couples as a being just a matter of “semantics

    Boy, according to him EVERYTHING is just a matter of semantics, misintrepretations , misunderstandings and people trying to put words in his mouth.

    I honestly can’t understand how ANYONE can believe ANYTHING he says. IF, that is , they can ever figure out what the hell is is supposed to be saying to begin with.

  164. Post Edwards: Rasmussen: 42% and Barack Obama 35%

    I’d say this is good news for us!! Lead is firm and steady. Obama can throw money at it, but he will not beat Hillary.

  165. Hmm.. I don’t know. However, I’ve always been told, when being served up with a lemon, take it and make lemonaid.

    The stories are out now and there is only one thing that she can do and that is explain and then pivot to her issues and solutions for America.

    With the Wal-Mart story- use it as an opportunity to shine light on the disparity between women’s pay and men (speak to women- they make up 57-59% of the Dem electorate and they vote), talk about the glass ceiling and then say what she did at Wal-Mart to help that course, what she did elsewhere about this problem and where her campaign is with this issue. Talk about how she urged the campaign in envirnomental issues.

    RE: WJC foundation, talk about everything being above board, tell them to redirect to her husband and then bring out the laundry list of ALL the good things that the WJC Foundation has done and is continuing to do re World Health and Aids.

    She can’t affort to get tangled in the weeds like Romney did on McCain’s turf re Iraq, explain, stay positive and pivot to her own issues.

    It’s been proven now that voters don’t like attacks in debates. Also, the MSM will spin it against her, stay positive. The good thing is that she had the opportunity to see Romney and McCain go first so she probably got some pointers out of that.

    I see a slow dump of negative stories and endorsements coming from Obama…that is why I think that richardson and Moveo on will go to Obama.

    He is gunning for Edwards voters and gunning hard. If she can take 6-7 of the 12%, hold on to the Latino vote and women vote and break even with White vote, she is fine.

    The difference will come with the GOTV effort and who got the most absentee ballots in from CA and other early voting/absentee balloting state.

    Now is not the time to dispair or turn inward. I’ve limited my viewing of television and pretty much just scan blogs. If Hillary can put her chin up so can we. This is going to be tough but persevere we must.

  166. oh btw did i tell you i hope hill brings the ronald reagan quote with her to the debate podium today, and reads out his quote word to word, especially big government and wasteful spending.. lets see how he counters that.. bingo i cant equivocate there.. or can i?

  167. Richardson I don’t think will endorse Obama… He’s been a long long time friend of the clintons. I suggest you PHONE HIM!

    As for negative stories…they’re not gonna make a difference against Hillary. If a negative story was going to impact Hillary it would have done 16 years ago! It didn’t work then… it won’t work now!

  168. Idunn, his “story” is all so strange!! Especially this part of the article:

    “Yet he declined repeated requests to talk about his New York years, release his Columbia transcript or identify even a single fellow student, co-worker, roommate or friend from those years.

    “He doesn’t remember the names of a lot of people in his life,” said Ben LaBolt, a campaign spokesman.”

    WTF? I will fight tooth and NAIL to keep him out of the White House! Tooth and Nail!!!

  169. # johnflint1985 Says:
    January 31st, 2008 at 12:27 pm

    I am posting polls because as inaccurate they are – they show where the public opinion is moving.

    That makes NO sense. If you agree that they are INACCURATE how can they possibly be showing anything of significance?

    You can post all the polls you want and Jaz can be their usual abrasive self, but those with the sense God gave a rabbit will won’t post or discuss information that they know is inaccurate.

    If this site becomes reduced to looking for negative news to fret over and meaningless polls, then Hillary and the campaign have been ill served. There are many better places to put our energies.

  170. I said CA is close the other day, it’s a progressive rich state. Demographics are mixed…. Rasmussen is also rubbish sometimes.

    However, we WILL win CA, because of early voting. And strong Latino vote. Stop worrying about polls:
    1) Not many post-edwards polls.
    2) There’s alot of raw data taken from post-SC, TK.

    The debate tonight is more important.

  171. I have not watched any media today. I have not gone to my home page which is yahoo to look at any headlines. I think this will give me a perspective on what average people are getting in this run up to the primary. I admit to having being really caught up in the 24 hour news cycle..print and media. Most people are not that way.

    The debate tonight will be watched by many people tonight and I think they will make up their minds tonite. They won’t listen or read much more till they vote on Tuesday.

    I think when they get in the booth they will cast their vote for Hillary Clinton…I’m also not counting on upcoming endorsements of either candidate by anyone to stir anyone at this time. Time is running out and people will judge based on the merits of their own situations…who can best help them in the next 4 years or 8 years. Change cannot be wished or asked for…it must be implemented with strong policy, iniative and hard work….all which point straight to Hillary Clinton

  172. Hey everyone. Last night, I got to see Hillary at the JJ dinner here in Atlanta. It was awesome. There were a ton of young Hillfans there. It was sooooo much fun. I loved it.

    And she was great. She really is getting the hang of talking to audiences and inspiring them.

    I hope she’s preparing for tonight by being a wonky, smart, nice, and taking Obama to task when she has to. He’s like the son she never had….ha ha ha!

    Oh, and I got some buttons and signs. I put the signs all over my car.

    I have never felt so inspired by a presidential candidate EVER.

    And she looked really good last night. I can see why she and Bill have a new sparkle in their eyes. 😉

    Go Hillary!

  173. Here’s where I’m gonna put my energies: I’m gonna go scrub off the Obama, take a long well earned nap, and then get geared up to watch our girl take this son of a bitch down.

    (And Sugar….I’m gonna be fighting tooth and nail right along beside you, Darlin’ )

  174. SUGAR, that part of the article freaks me out as well. If I were deciding whether to DATE a guy I wouldn’t based on this! Some guy nobody can vouch for from way back – who just appeared on the Daley/Rezko scene out of the blue?

    If a 46 year old man has no real close friends (just politicians and hangers-on), and no one from college or ANYWHERE previous that have stayed his friends, then he is BAD NEWS. Period.

    I would not go to dinner with him, much less put him in charge of my country.

  175. sorry about the multiple posts of the same story. Im new at the blog thing and I didn’t see the post go through…

  176. The polls in many of the Feb 5 states originally showed huge margins for Hillary. There were very few polls there until recently. If I recall correctly, the gap in the polls usually shrink as election day nears. Okay, so now the polls show smaller gaps. Don’t assume that means a trend showing Hillary is being overtaken by Obama. I hope and expect her to still win those states, but probably not by as wide a margin as was shown before.

    I have to agree with those on this forum who advise strongly against worrying about the polls. They are a fun game which makes money for pollsters, but they are proven to be (even in this election) totally unreliable.

    Having said that, I don’t mind posting the results of a poll in Hillary’s favor now and then. It makes me feel good.

  177. i cannot figure out why someone has not investigated those “lost” years or those “lost” friends.

    they are covering up a lot of skeletons in this guys closet. the man who has no “old” friends…that should scare anyones butt off.

  178. Guys and Girls, This won’t be over Feb 5th, im starting to worry about the state of the race, its too even, hillary’s leads are evaporating in CA, nationally, etc…, this is going to be an all out battle for delegate by delegate…

  179. TPS…
    Not much else to talk about. There’s not really a positive story for Hillary in the media. I mean, I could bitch about Obama…but it’s not worth the effort.

  180. Okay….. someone needs to talk me off the edge. I am bothered with BO getting the 24 hr news cycle today, of all days. These campaigns are coming down to, who can get the headlines, and that can/is driving me (all of us) crazy. People just look and listen to the headlines when they make up their minds, maybe I don’t give people enough credit. Keeping ahead of BO campaign is a job with in its self. Okay I have vented…. I will stay positive!!!!

  181. Before I go though, I found this little gem of unity over at the Obamanation.

    Bill Clinton back in a White House he left in the wake of scandalous presidential pardons? The Karl Roves of this world would have a field day with a dual-Clinton candidacy, whether or not the ex-president were to go back in the closet and let the extremely sharp senator run on her own. The nation’s newspaper readers and TV audiences would be in for nine months of propaganda far beyond mere mudslinging.

    Hillary Clinton is only one of two outstanding candidates for the Democratic nomination, and The New Mexican endorses the other: Illinois Sen. Barack Obama.

    Shorter on experience, he also is unsullied by the quid-pro-quo world of Washington. That puts him in excellent position:

    Yep…he’s some Uniter, that Barack Obama. (insert major eyeroll)

  182. Gladiatorstail: Are you sue about that GA poll? GA is suppose to be Obama’s country and it has at least 30% AA population so I highly, highly doubt that Hillary is leading there. The poll at has Obama winning there.

    She is up in TN and MA. Most southern states are his but their delegate counts are low.

    All she needs to do is to keep the majority of CA, win NJ, NY, AK, and hopefully MA and CT and she should be fine.

    I don’t know what it looks like in CO, DE, AZ or NM but I would hope that she can get NM and AZ.

    Fashionista: I know it’s a bummer but don’t worry about SF. The reason that you aer seeing more Obambi ads and signs and presence there is because h is trying to pick of areas to off set Hillary’s strengths in other CA areas. If she cant maintain the Latino vote and consolidate the AsianA. vote without slipping with the White vote where they are even, she should be fine.

    Hopefully, women continue to break for her. The one gold nugget in CA for her are the absentee ballots.

  183. dot48: Cleaver is a representative from the MO 5th (Kansas City) and yes he is a Minister. Has a good reputation (I am from Kansas City)

  184. do not buy into their obamahype(tm)….this will be very close to over on 2/5…she is going to slaughter him when it comes down to 22 states pushing the CORRECT button.

  185. “He doesn’t remember the names of a lot of people in his life,” said Ben LaBolt, a campaign spokesman.”

    Damn, Obama seems more like Ronald Reagan every day! I don’t know if I want a middle-aged guy with pre-Alzheimers in the WH. Okay that was mean but I couldn’t help it. Can anyone in the NY media find one, single friend of Obama’s during his life-altering NYC years? Methinks his memoir has more in common with the other Oprah-approved, faux-memoir A Million Little Pieces. What bothers me is how Obama embellishes his own story, a story that already was, by virtue of his family background, extraordinary. This act shows the man to be deeply and internally insecure, someone who doesn’t have the strength and gravitas to lead, unlike our Hillary. As my brother said with grudging respect, she has “more balls” than Obama.

  186. dot48, this race is going to go on for a long time. I hope however, that we will have a delegate lead of atleast 200 on super-tuesday.

    Obama-hype is media hype all they hear is obama obama obama. The clinton campaign have got to stop it somehow..don’t know how though..

  187. BO beings up Walmart in the SC debate and suddenly we have ABC dig up something and write a hit piece. The BO campaign has been desperately scrounging for anything they can get about Bill Clinton’s presidential library for months and months and 2 known Clinton haters write another typical 90’s hit job. No guessing where all this material is coming from.

    Barack Hussein Obama is the biggest fraud to have ever run for President. Mr. Hope is where he is today because of his friends in the media who hate Hillary. Thats why such a small minded, duplicitious narcissist who got a shady bosom friend to finance the purchase of his dream home can create a flattering illusion of himself while adequately hiding his real fork-tongued, dirty and mean-minded persona driven by his overriding ambition. In short – a real asshole.

  188. I think Hillary should make a little ad about pushing the “correct” button on election day. Dare to go into his territory and point out the mistakes he made pushing the “incorrect” button. There are no DO OVERS after election day.

    Really good ad to run all over on the day before election…radio, tv and internet.

  189. Can anyone in the NY media find one, single friend of Obama’s during his life-altering NYC years?

    Of course not, he’s the invisible fucking man! Now ya see him…now ya don’t….now ya see him…

    (okay, now I really am gonna get some sleep)

  190. I’m not religious, but today, I am praying that CNN asks Obama about Rezko. I’m a little short on the draw here, but hopefully, you all have submitted some Rezko related questions – all I see on Politico right now is “vote for your favorite question’ but seems that there was a time period when questions were accepted.

  191. I do hope that after TX/OH, depending on who’s leading, the other should drop out, I dont want this thing to go all the way to PA, in the meanwhile MAc is gettting a head start..

  192. Has anyone here submitted a question for Hillary’s town hall Mon. night? I did! You can also do a youtube of yourself asking, if you are brave enough.

    I just emailed mine – LOL!

  193. Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio, Wisconsin, Kentucky, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington, Oregon, Maryland, Louisiana, and Hawaii are all later past the 5th.

  194. U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, a Clinton supporter, said McCaskill’s statements could hurt the eventual nominee in the fall.

    “I don’t think (McCaskill’s comments) are cautious comments,” Cleaver said. “Claire’s very bright. If she thought about it, she’d probably want to use different language.”

  195. Jaz Says:
    January 31st, 2008 at 12:52 pm

    Not much else to talk about. There’s not really a positive story for Hillary in the media.,,2250258,00.html,1,5353493.column

    Took me less than five minutes to find these on Google. I guess it’s where you look…

  196. yes, we need some good pi onto the lost obama years…in case this is too close to call on 2/5. I still have faith in America voters who can see through a phoney. I sort of see this negligence of any reporting on Hillary’s campaign to backfire and it’ll push people to vote more for her because they see what is happening before their very eyes. underdog is a good place to be.

  197. Anyone know when/if Hillary’s fund raising figures come out? That would be real interesting. It might come out during the debate the bury if its not as much as Obama’s.

  198. Afternoon all! Have I missed something? Have there been new, CREDIBLE polls released showing Hillary freefalling or this just more handwringing over bogus rasmussen?

  199. The celebration of the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. always seems to draw diverse crowds of people together for a common goal.

    Two days later, though, has that goal lost it luster?

    We hope not. For most, however, the answer is probably yes.

    At the end of his speech at Rocky Mount’s Unity Breakfast Saturday, U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo., challenged listeners.

    Cleaver’s passion boiled over as he shouted and pleaded with the audience to honor King’s legacy more than one day a year.

    Cleaver, the first black mayor of Kansas City, asked for a much larger commitment.

    Will leaders in the Twin Counties be split down racial lines in 2008? Will residents bicker with their neighbors over trivial matters because of internal prejudice?

    Nearly 40 years after King was shot dead on a balcony in Memphis, Tenn., inequality remains imbedded in our society.

    Will majority leaders accept that truth in 2008? Will minority leaders set egos aside to work toward just compromises?

    They must.

  200. Anyone with a account, remember to vote for hllary for their endorsement, it seems unlikely but if no candidate gets 2/3rds they will not endorse

  201. There are 2 new ads for Hillary:

    And for connecticut:

    I think local campaigns are more effective than national, good move.

  202. Somebody needs to remind Senator McCaskill that the women of Missouri helped to get her elected in Missouri, and they can just as easily help to her fired.

  203. See the latest Taylor Marsh. The “NOW president” lady who did the youtube about Obambi’s present votes on abortion?

    She had nothing to do with NOW at the times those votes were cast, and has not even been a member of Illinois NOW since 1999!!!!

  204. Jaz, I’m too lazy to scan back up the page to count but I swear that you’ve asked several times about Hillary’s fundraising figures, which leads me to wonder why in the love of everything holy are you asking H44?

    Go check the FEC website and look. Go to OpenSecrets and look. Call up Hillary’s campaign HQ and ask them.

    Why don’t you just check with Don Van Natta at the NYT. He’s an “expert” on Hillary. Just ask him.

    Hillary doesn’t send H44 a memo about her campaign finances.

    Sniff .. sniff .. do I smell a rat? 🙄

  205. Yall, It took me a good hour to read through the Hillposts this mornin’ and I read all of ’em. Lordy folks, slow down and breathe. I;m havin to tell myself to do the same thing. I’m watchin John Kerry on tv tellin’ us that Barock is just contrastin’ his record with Hills. And not bein negative. He’s arguin that Barock has had more experience legislative than Hillary. This is another free Barock commerical.

    You know, Hillary knows what she’s dealin’ with. She’s dealin’ with the boyz club. There’s no two ways about it. The boyz club is closin’ rank. And yes there our some women in the boyz club. Go back and read Maya’s piece on what it means to grow into bein’ a woman and Hillary has made that journey. She is a woman, a wise one, and she is comin’ into her own. Hillary has known what she has done: she knows that she gave one of the most important policy speeches of the Clinton administration. She knows what she learned from the people she talked to in over 80 countries around the world. She knows that she’s been working on an end to poverty and remediating poverty since Barock was a little kid.

    The main thing is: the Kennedy dog don’t hunt for Barock.He wants to critisize Hill for not focusing on the future, and yet he drags us back to the 60’s. Folks, that’s nothin more than a sentimental walk in time trying to win the boomer vote. Well, if anything, it’s just goin’ to pull more boomers in Hills corner. And I got news for BO and those pundits out there: most americans are not elites. that said, there are plenty of highly educated people for Hillary. Count me among ’em.

    And, show me an endorsement he has that is comparable to the ANA for Hillary.

    Hillary is the person best equipped to help us confront the problems of today. She is the leader best equipped to help us confront our economic crisis. She understands working people; she is not a member of the elite.
    I heard a man say the other day, “When I see Hillary I think of a doctor or a nurse. She’s smart and skilled, but she’s about love too. I think about my children and my wife. She cares for people. She loves the people of this country and she loves this country. She’s a healer, a “great physician.”

    And I advocate a new policy here for the time bein’. It’s like a good ole fashion cuss box. We need us a 48 hour ban on poll talk and worrying. Anybody doin’ poll talk and worryin has to throw in a contribution or make a Hill call. How’s that for a good idea?

  206. As a guy, i’m starting to get the feeling that this ‘boys club’ does not want a WOMAN president, even intelligent ones like Kerry and Kennedy, deep down, they don’t want it, sorry if that’s extreme but I think tat’s a part of why they’re deciding to trash Hillary. I can’t wait for her to be POTUS and reject these losers.

  207. I’m sufficiently convinced that the ObamaNation is shaking in their boots over the most recent polls and tonights debate (as they well should be).

    I’m gonna go rest up for tonight’s final nail in the coffin. I can’t WAIT!

  208. Check the update we just posted. You won’t believe it. It’s about another “mistaken” Obama vote – which he never bothered to correct. The videos at the link show how Obama did not correct his “mistake” when he had the opportunity.

  209. B Merryfield… What’s your problem man, that I asked twice…? Jeez, I guess it’s now wrong to talk about polls and finances, oh and the media.

  210. Jaz-

    When the most respected regulars here consistently question your methods and your intent, you might take a minute to reflect and wonder why, rather than adopt your usual offended and sarcastic tone.

  211. He may have raised 32 mil in January, but that money is already gone. Estimates show that it would take over 35 mil to advertise in all Super Tuesday states for a week and he is advertising in 22 of them right now. So after Tuesday he will not have much money left on hand.

  212. National Journal Vote Ratings
    Obama: Most Liberal Senator In 2007

    How The Vote Ratings Are Calculated

    Key Vote Breakdown

    Q&A: From The Editor

    (Subscribers Only)
    2006 · 2005 · 2004 · 2003 · 2002 · 2001 · 2000 · 1999 · 1998 · 1997 · 1996 · 1995

    (Subscribers Only)
    2006 · 2005 · 2004 · 2003 · 2002 · 2001 · 2000 · 1999 · 1998 · 1997 · 1996 · 1995

    Campaigns Tracker 2008
    By Brian Friel, Richard E. Cohen and Kirk Victor, National Journal
    © National Journal Group Inc.
    Thursday, Jan. 31, 2008

    Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., was the most liberal senator in 2007, according to National Journal’s 27th annual vote ratings. The insurgent presidential candidate shifted further to the left last year in the run-up to the primaries, after ranking as the 16th- and 10th-most-liberal during his first two years in the Senate.

  213. What do people think the odds are at this point, i put it at 60/40 favoring hillary, not huge, but not bad…

  214. yes, obama .. the repugs would eat him alive in the first few days. vote for obama = vote for repug in november

  215. Just one little note about endorsements…

    Clinton already has more Democratic governors and members of Congress than Obama. This week she added congresswoman Maxine Waters, a liberal African-American representing part of delegate-rich California. She already has the New York governor Eliot Spitzer and governor Ted Strickland of Ohio.

  216. you know the cheerleading that says

    rah, rah, she’s our woman
    if she can’t do it nobody can…

    I really feel that now is her time and if we let this slip out of our hands, there will never be a candidate who is as qualified or is a woman … never again in our lifetime.

    People talk to your families, friends, enemies, church members… the time is NOW or NEVER

    The country is indeed at a crossroads…elect the most qualfied who happens to be a white woman…or let guilt and shame force you to vote what your gut tells you is simply wrong…the wrong vote is like the wrong button…it cannot be undone.

  217. Wow. Just when I think I couldn’t hate him more. He is the typical Chicago pol. No one pays attention to that in the msm, hopefully the WaPo spreads it around.

  218. CNN Political Ticker…

    Clinton’s townhall push to Super Tuesday

    WASHINGTON (CNN) – Heading into the remaining days before Super Tuesday, all the presidential campaigns are facing the same conundrum: too much ground to cover in a finite amount of time.

    To maximize the calendar, campaigns are relying on free media pick-up in key February 5 states and high-profile surrogates to stump for the candidates whose time is better used in closely competitive or must-win states.

    Hillary Clinton’s campaign is putting together a 22-city townhall on Super Tuesday eve in an effort to put the final touch on supporters and undecided voters.

    The New York senator will host the session from New York City. Her campaign says she will field questions from a live audience as well as from gatherings in other cities — from San Francisco and Denver to Grand Forks, North Dakota — that will all be connected via satellite.

    President Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton are scheduled to participate. The 90-minute townhall will be simulcast on the campaign’s website, and the first hour will be broadcast live on the Hallmark channel.

  219. Thanks to all for being so positive, it’s easy to get demoralized from watching the coverage. That’s why I come here to get de-demoralized. Okay something positive, my bf who is Jewish, attended SF Jewish Comm. Ctr’s presidential candidates forum on Monday and said overall the large crowd was definitely more pro-Hillary than Obama. These were mostly affluent, “latte-drinking” people, some from Marin County as well. Marin County would be interesting to watch with its sizable number of Jewish voters.

  220. yes hawk…I can hear Faux news right now…if the country were not at stake it would be laughable, but serious times face us ahead,

    now we know why Ted Kennedy endorsed him….the ole boyz club is indeed hard a work in d.c.

    now the Womens Club need to step up on SuperTuesday..we have already made great strides…we will hit it out of the part on Tuesday. I BELIEVE Hillary 08. Keep the faith, keep positive, help campaign or do anything that forces people to look at both candidates and size up the field…Hillary is simply the better choice.

  221. … I guess he really is a pot head?

    Washington Times:

    Obama: Decriminalize pot
    By Jen Haberkorn
    January 31, 2008

    Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama talks with supporters Wednesday at a “Stand for Change” rally at Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix, Ariz. Obama is flanked by Arizona’s Democratic Governor Janet Napolitano, left, and Caroline Kennedy.

    Last fall during a nationally televised presidential debate, Sen. Barack Obama hesitantly raised his hand and joined with most of his Democratic rivals to declare that he opposed decriminalizing marijuana. (Play video)

    But as a candidate for the U.S. Senate four years ago, Mr. Obama told Illinois college students that he supported eliminating criminal penalties for marijuana use or possession, according to a videotape of a little noticed debate that was obtained by The Washington Times.

    “I think we need to rethink and decriminalize our marijuana laws,” Mr. Obama told an audience during a debate at Northwestern University in 2004. “But I’m not somebody who believes in legalization of marijuana.” (Play video)

    Asked about the two different answers, Mr. Obama’s presidential campaign said he in fact has “always” supported decriminalizing marijuana as he answered in 2004, meaning the candidate mistakenly raised his hand during the presidential debate last fall.

    That position leaves Mr. Obama as the lone presidential candidate among the four leading challengers in either party who supports eliminating criminal penalties for marijuana. Mr. Obama’s chief rival for the Democratic nomination, Sen. Hillary Clinton, opposes decriminalization, Clinton campaign spokesman Phil Singer said.

  222. Good point kaffeen. To the extent that endorsements carry any weight with me at all i’ve been impressed that Hillary has gotten Strickland (Ohio), Rendell (Pennsylvania), Beebe (Arkansas), and Bill Nelson (Florida). Lots of governors from swing states which is awesome. I don’t know why some of you get so bent out of shape with people like McCaskill and Sebelius. I just get the coward vibe from them. Unfortunately some democrats from red states have bought into the “high negatives” & hillary will “mobilize the repub base” memes. They chose BO to cover themselves because they think somehow the right won’t attack him. They just don’t have the fight in them.

  223. Admin, B.Merry…..

    London Times has the following news item:

    The Times has, however, discovered state documents in Illinois recording that the Panamanian company Fintrade Services SA lent money to Mr Obama’s fundraiser in May 2005. Fintrade’s directors include Ibtisam Auchi, the name of Mr Auchi’s wife. Mr Auchi’s spokesman declined to respond to a question about whether he was linked to this business.

  224. National Journal ranks Obama as ‘most liberal’ senator in 2007

    After analyzing senators’ votes on 99 key pieces of legislation, National Journal has concluded that Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama was the “most liberal” member of the Senate last year.

    His rival for the Democratic nomination, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, was ranked No. 16. But “the policy differences between Clinton and Obama are so slight they are almost nonexistent to the average voter,” Richard Lau, a Rutgers University political scientist, told National Journal.

    The rest of the “most liberal” top 5: Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I.; Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del.; Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.; and Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J.

    National Journal ranked Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., as the most liberal member of the Senate in 2003 — a distinction that Republicans used against him frequently the following year when he was the Democratic presidential nominee.

  225. its not so much the pot… even W was a pot head and a coke head.

    It more the back and forth: Yes, I smoked it and Im proud.. to Yes I think it should not be decriminalized to yes I think it should be decriminalized.

    You never know where this guy stands on any issue, personal or political. Its all just me talk preety without any thing worth saying.

  226. t2p…I just thought it would give plenty of time for the positivity to catch up to her if we did it collectively at a set time. I picked 4pm…I BELIEVE 08.

  227. # kaffeen Says:
    January 31st, 2008 at 2:05 pm

    molly, yes, that is why I posted that.

    Check the thread before you post. The first post on NJ and comments weren’t far above…

  228. Im proud to be a liberal and a progressive too.

    BO is the worst kind of liberal- a closet libera. He plays liberal when he needs to but campaigns on the idea that he will win over all the republicans- how? by being a liberal? doubt it

  229. maybe we could ask for new thread for 4pm…



  230. I especially liked that the insider National Journal is calling him an “insurgent,” when they surely know better.

  231. If Clinton had reported a Big January number in raising funds, BM would be asking about the reason and the timing. I have yet to see so much as a single skeptical or inquisitive flutter from the Obama-Love-Train thet is BM…

  232. Bo biggie Kaffeen, it IS a long thread, and it’s worth repeating, considering that any democrat who reads it will know that to nominate him is POLITICAL SUICIDE.

  233. Realist, they’d be saying it was irrelevant, as the only numbers that are real are the 4Q 2007 ones, and heavily implying that the campaign was lying about it.

  234. CD99, I saw that but because it is mostly a UK connection, not much chance of finding too many details on this end. BTW, the 2004 Chicago visit by Auchi, who “loaned” that $3.5 million to Resko, was posted on the MiddleEastOnline website but was taken down right after it was discovered. I found that it had been webscrubbed days ago (and posted it on RW) but Big Media, of course, didn’t find it until today.

    Now, ask yourself, why? The clean up op is on!

  235. One of my many fantasy debate questions for Barack Obama tonight:

    Senator Obama, in your recent book you stated that you used to “smoke pot, do a little blow when there was money. But never smack.” Do you think it is off limits to suggest that your choice of language is unpresidential, and would your potential Republican opponent be out of line to raise the issue?

  236. are there creative loopholes for people like me who have no funds to get a loan from somebody and do with is as we wish? If I had the max I would freely give…being on a fixed budget though it is very, very tight right now. Anyone who knows please answer.

  237. that national journal most liberal rating of obama is really going make repugs work with him like what a pipe dream obama is touting. he is so liberal the gop hit machine will not work with him.

  238. hillfans it really looks like it is tightening somewhat nationally but im not worried. she will do well enough to the nomination if not feb 5th but march 4th(ohio and texas). there will be a bunch of susa polls this weekend thru monday. watch the realclear politics averages.

  239. NY state firefighters endorse Clinton

    2:27 PM EST, January 31, 2008

    ALBANY, N.Y. – New York state’s uniformed firefighters are endorsing Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton for president.

    The New York State Professional Fire Fighters Association, which represents 25,000 members statewide, says the Democrat has fought for firefighters during her time in Washington.

    Association President Charles Morello says the group considers Clinton their hero.

    Among other measures, Clinton co-sponsored a law that provides health monitoring for firefighters and other first responders in the event of terror attacks or natural disasters.

  240. i hope rezko is mentioned by the moderators not by clinton. she already brought it up once. the media have to step up on it now. but then again we are talking about big media. golden boy obama is god to them.

  241. I really like seeing Chelsea more involved in this…..

    Chelsea Clinton at CU: Mom’s plans ‘visionary’

    Hillary Clinton has a clear concept for America’s future and a carefully laid plan of action for how to get there — and she makes killer banana bread, too.

    Those were some of the tidbits a crowd of about 150 people learned from Chelsea Clinton — the 27-year-old former first daughter — about her mom at a last-minute campaign stop at the University of Colorado this morning.

    “I think that my mom’s plans are more visionary and more practical than any other candidate, and (she) will tell you how she’ll pay for” them, Chelsea Clinton said.

    The hastily organized CU appearance follows a Wednesday night rally at the University of Denver’s Magness Arena, where Chelsea Clinton and her father, former President Clinton, appeared on behalf of the New York senator’s bid for the Democratic nomination for president. Earlier that day, the same venue hosted an appearance by Hillary Clinton’s rival, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama.

    As soon as Chelsea Clinton took the mic in the tiny classroom in the University Memorial Center this morning, she asked for questions from the crowd. Her answers spanned issues such as the war in Iraq and mideast peace process to student loans and global warming.

    The biggest cheers came following Chelsea Clinton’s comments about her mom’s plans to make the financial aid process easier to participate in.

    “My mom is completely committed to getting rid of the FAFSA form,” she said to overwhelming applause from CU students.

    The FAFSA form is the mandatory — and tedious — paperwork students must file to be eligible for federal grants and loans for education.

    “Chelsea sounded really genuine — I was glad she came out,” said Shane Grigsby, a senior in philosophy who says he’ll likely support Obama.

    Grigsby said he’s wary of the idea of having only Clintons and Bushes in the White House for 25 years, but he maintains the choice between Hillary Clinton and Obama is a “tough call.”

  242. terrondt, I know I am late, but THANKS for re-capping your even with Hillary AGAIN! 😀 It was very fun to read!

  243. cheers for the firefighters…. they do know a true hero.

    Hillary needs to be touting this HUGE ENDORSMENT.

    let us hope that the firefighters will really get to work for their hero and campaign, advertise and put BOOTS on the ground for the insurgency of Hillary Clinton.

    This could not come at a better time….just needs to hit press BIG TIME

  244. Did BO start advertising nationally before Hillary did with his “i dont give a damn if I’m advertising in FL too” strategy? The Clinton campaign decided not to advertise in FL but were their national ads up at the same time ? I dont watch cable news any more in order to keep my sanity so can someone please fill me in ?

  245. kaffeen, that is really GREAT news. The fire fighters endorsement is much more important and symbolic than some old Washington pol’s endorsement. This is what we need to see here more.

    Kaffen, great post on asking peopel to contribute.

  246. In the hours leading up to Thursday night’s Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton’s staffers are ramping up recent accusations that rival Barack Obama’s team is engaged in negative campaigning.

    In a conference call with reporters Wednesday afternoon, the Clinton camp pointed to direct mailings distributed by the Obama campaign in Connecticut that they said take a Clinton statement about her Iraq war vote out of context.

    The Obama flier said the New York senator had admitted to voting in favor of the Iraq war despite the fact that she had not read an intelligence report that cast doubt on claims that Saddam Hussein’s government possessed weapons of mass destruction.

    The Clinton campaign called the mailer misleading, saying only “a handful of senators” had read the report itself – and that most, like Clinton, had instead opted for a briefing by the report’s authors.

    On Tuesday, the Clinton campaign highlighted another mailing sent by the Obama campaign. The North Dakota mail piece alleged that Hillary Clinton had once supported the North American Free Trade Agreement, but shifted her position to one of opposition as her presidential campaign began. The flier also claimed that she was too close to “lobbyists and special interests.”

    Clinton’s team told reporters that Obama and his campaign had been “misquoting and misrepresenting Hillary’s views on NAFTA for weeks,” and said that Obama himself had raised money from lobbyists in the past.

  247. Hillary will win but it is nerve wracking.
    Time Zone states will matter on Super Tuesday.

    Hillary’s smile will be all over TV from 8 pm Eastern on . . .
    At 5 pm in CA, millions of TV viewers will see Hillary win the Eastern zone states:
    big ones: NY and NJ and MA and TN even CT.
    The latest poll in TN, Jan.30th, shows Hillary winning by better than 2 to 1: 59 to 26.
    Hillary leads among 18 to 29 yr olds by 80 to 14!
    Hillary leads all age groups, leads by 35 among men, by 33 among women,
    by 23 among HIspanics and – yes, Hillary even leads among Blacks, albeit by 2%.

    O will win only GA.

    O will look forward to the central zone state of IL but his smile will be small.
    Hillary will be smiling on TV again, winning MN and AK and OK.
    Hillary is ahead in all 3, way ahead in AK and OK where O runs a distant third.

    CA, – at 6 pm – , will see Hillary has already won NY,NJ,MA,CT,MN,AK,OK.

    CA, at 7 pm, before the CA polls have closed,
    CA will see Hillary’s victories in the Mountain states:
    CA will see Hillary winning NM – big – Hispanics have 34% of the electorate
    and Richardson is out of the race
    and Hispanics love the Clintons, both of them.
    CA will see Hillary winning AZ

    Many in CA have already cast their absentee ballots,
    long before Kennedy’s endorsement
    – if it means anything,
    [it will be like FL, where Hillary had almost 500,000 absentee votes!]
    many others in CA will see Hillary’s wins at 5pm
    and at 6pm and at 7pm
    and they will get on the electable bandwagon.

    Hillary’s momentum will be so large on Tuesday even big media will have to say
    something nice about her.

    well, maybe not, Big Media will be rationalizing about how NC and TX will save O
    except Hillary will win both of them plus OH

  248. hopefully new yorkers take pride in their firefighters….

    hillary will fight for us, as she did the firefighters ..

    we believe08

  249. For those worried about CA- Whie FL was a closed primary and CA is not, look at these #s regarding those who voted by absentee ballots. Remember that 50% of CA voters vote by absentee ballots:
    When did you finally decide for whom to vote in the presidential primary?
    Category % Total Clinton Edwards Kucinich Obama
    Just today 10 34 29 1 30
    In the last three days 7 38 14 – 46
    Sometime last week 7 31 26 1 39
    In the last month 16 40 12 0 47
    Before that 33 63 9 0 27
    Absentee / early voter 26 50 14 2 31

    When did you finally decide for whom to vote in today’s primary?
    Category % Total Clinton Edwards Kucinich Obama
    Within the last 3 days 17 35 23 0 36
    Earlier than that 56 53 12 0 34
    Absentee / early voter 26 50 14 2 31

    When did you finally decide for whom to vote in today’s primary?
    Category % Total Clinton Edwards Kucinich Obama
    Within the last week 24 34 24 0 37
    Earlier than that 49 55 10 0 34
    Absentee / Early Voter 26 50 14 2 31


  250. Idunn @10:59

    One of the things we talk about on this board is taking action, not just sitting and listening or watching or reading. So we try to let each other know when there is an opportunity to push back against a negative force or support a positive on..

    A one hour opportunity to push back against Carl Bernstein is one of those examples.

    Too bad he overran the moderator and allowed very little time for response. He sounded more like he was on MSNBC than NPR.

  251. This black American backs Hillary Clinton
    By Bonnie Greer

    “I suppose what I resent the most from the Obamaramas, and what I think would appal the senator if he knew this was being said about him, is the suggestion that he is the last hope, in our lifetime, of a black person becoming president. But there is a generation of African Americans born after 1960 who are talented, capable, brilliant and ready. Barack Obama is not the end.

    I am proud of Obama, proud of what he has made of his life, what he has done and wants to do. But I lean towards Hillary – as strange, traitorous and misguided as this may seem to the followers of “Obamarama”.

    Forget the dynastic fears and the worries that Bill may be in the driving seat. The Kennedys are a dynasty. No one batted an eye when Bobby ran all those decades ago. Or that Bush père et fils stood for election: twice. This shouldn’t worry us.

    Just think about what Hillary has to offer: not dreams, but what President Theodore Roosevelt promised and what Churchill appropriated and re-stated to the British at the start of the Battle of Britain: “Blood, toil, tears and sweat.”

    From my vantage point in Britain, as I watch the world grow smaller and other countries grow in influence, I can’t help but think that this is what America needs. A reality check. There will be no dreams under this President Clinton. We will stay awake, face the music and change.”

  252. johnny b, I believe big media will again be asking themselves tuesday night how they could once again be so wrong…I believe it will be because people care about the issues, not some puffed up empty suit that media is trying to sell to us. people are wary when the big media gets too cozy with a politician..we have been burned before.

    we believe 08

  253. There was a big push by the campaign to win absentee voters in California. These are a huge number, especially when compared to other states. Even if California were to be split, which I don’t, I do believe the absentee votes will be overwhelmingly in her favor.

  254. t seems that 26% of FL voters vote early and by absentee ballots.
    There you go for those who are worried about CA.

    Chime in as this state certainly is her firewall..

    Note that 50% of CA voters vote by absentee ballots.

    What do you guys think? Also, Hillary will be in CA today through Sat. Chuckie Todd said that Bill will be in more TT states than Hill.

    Thats fine,she’s shoring up CA. I’m sure that she will be back in NJ, NY. He also said that Bambi will only be spending 12 hrs there. That doesn’t seem right but that is what he said.

    To be sure, Bambi did raise a lot of meony but look at Romney, he outspent McCain 5-1 and still couldn’t win.

  255. TPS, thanks for posting that! I LOVE this line:

    “There will be no dreams under this President Clinton. We will stay awake, face the music and change.”

    Wonderful and so inspiring!!!!

  256. Obama campaign and the media, unwittingly, have raised expectations for Obama foor tonight’s debate with talk of him being the “front runner”, having raised a lot of money, momentum, etc. I think the Hillary campaign has shrewdly stayed quiet and lowered expectations. They really aren’t out there spinning.

    Bill and Hillary Clinton have been through national campaigns before. They know about the pressures, polls, organizing, politics, etc. They will keep their cool and will do what is necessary to come out ahead on Feb 5.

  257. Yes, kaffeen, I agree.

    Did anyone notice how subtle Bill Schneider was after the FL numbers were coming out? He saw Hillary’s lead among whites and Hispanics and her decent showing among AAs; he pointed out Obama’s lack of being able to get more than 25% of whites on his side in any caucus/primary. Schneider said, “If this trend continues, Senator Obama could be in a lot of trouble come Tuesday.”

    Schneider is CNN’s most neutral, factual person;
    he sees the tidal wave coming.

  258. Ronald Says:
    January 31st, 2008 at 1:57 pm

    … I guess he really is a pot head?

    Washington Times:

    Obama: Decriminalize pot
    By Jen Haberkorn
    January 31, 2008

    Admin, Somebody should get that video from 2004 and put that alongside his debate response (like they did the single payer stuff) — before the repubs do!

  259. obama free trader, hypocrite if he’s bashing hill on nafta!

    Krizner: Do you believe that current trade policies, in terms of our key trading partners, are flawed? Has free trade essentially helped to weaken the U.S. economy?

    Goolsbee: Look, those are two totally different questions. I’m an economist, so you know I’m going to say “no” to the second question — open markets are good. But I don’t think it helps when you open up trade agreements and see that they’re 2,000 pages long, and they look just like the tax code — that the first three pages are about opening markets, and then the next 1,997 pages are loopholes, giveaways, special protections for individual industries. I mean, that’s getting us pretty far from the case for open markets.

    Krizner: Austan Goolsbee is the chief economic advisor to Senator Barack Obama. Professor Goolsbee, thanks so much for speaking with us.

  260. i really don’t think we should push the pot thing too much. i’m sorry to say this but many young people think this is a “cool” position to take. Most older people who know how to use the right head know how wrong this kind of thing is.

  261. Jaz: There are many places on the web where people like to discuss things in a “neutral” environment. This is not one of them. We are unapologetically proHillary.

    Each of us is being assaulted in our own way by the wave of negative stories that are being promoted by our biased media. This place is our sanctuary. You say it would be irresponsible not to look at the negative polls. Why? None of us is in a position to do anything but support each other as we make our way through this very difficult time.

    I really can understand it if people see something particularly distressing, and ask for help in dealing with that news. If it’s a poll that distresses them then citing it on this board is not going to help because as Realist has pointed out…polls at this stage in the game are meaningless.

    Citing a poll and then putting it in a bigger context that helps to relax some of the more nervous-nellies among us is arguably beneficial. Citing a poll (positive or negative) with no discussion is not beneficial. Obviously, you like what we have to say or you wouldn’t be around. Please try to drink the Pink Lemonade here and be a part of the gang. It’s really tasty and good for you.

    Believe me when I say, you’re not smarter than any of us. We know that we’re partisan and we don’t care. We don’t need to be responsible with our positive vision at Big Pink. While we do, on occasion, revel in our glee to see the opposition have to deal with some of the negative stuff we have to deal with, we are not so over the top as some bloggers who prefer KoolAde. Rest assured that we have not checked our brains when logging in to Big Pink, some of us even try to brainstorm ideas for countering the maelstrom of negative spin out there, why not give that a try. Share with us how an economist from across the pond can frame some of the negative stories in such a way that we can see the positive aspects and share with readers in other forums who may not know how good Pink Lemonade really is.

  262. at the start of this thread, DCDemocrat suggested Hillary may get 51 to 57% of the delegates she needs on Tues

    I didn’t see any mention of PLEOs:
    Public Leaders & Elected Officials
    Their votes count every bit as much as delegates from states.
    In fact, there are 797 Superdelegates/PLEOs in the Democratic primary.

    PLEOs are worth 14 Iowas!

    In every poll I’ve seen, Hillary leads among Superdelegates 2 to 1 [although many have not made up their minds].
    If Hillary wins 2/3s of the Superdelegates,
    she will have another 26% of what she needs to be the nominee.

  263. Dot48 – The kids may love Obama’s position on decriminalizing pot, but no matter what people say about the youth vote (come in, Howard Deaniacs) they don’t seem to have the clout in the actual voting booth. Youth = Much Heat But No Light. But in terms of perception, just watch how this issue would dominate countless news cycles if McCain’s people got to use it in the general. We need to keep circulating this story so the media properly vets his positions, now, before it’s too late!

  264. California is heading toward a recession and if California goes so does most of the country. Hillary’s economic experience will be very beneficial in tonight’s debate but only if CNN ask good questions about the economy, subprime mess and Obama’s managering style.

  265. Well, my brother who lives in Burlington, Mass. called me about an hour ago and he was beyond livid. Wayne, who is an Obama supporter, went to the Obama website today, saw Senator Obama’s slam on Bill Clinton , and went off. I mean, he’s not just mad , he’s raging pissed. He emailed Ted Kennedy all but demanding that Obama publicly apologize for his blatant disrespect of a man who has given so much to the American people over the course of his lifetime. (I won’t go on, I’m sure you can guess the rest.)

    He needs to vent in a big way. Anyone have any ideas who else I might direct him to wrt venting. I already turned him loose on McCaskill.

    Sheesh….I’m seriously starting to give up any hope of getting a nap today.

  266. nycmax is right. this is not for the waivering sometimey, and wishywashy hillary supporter site. this place is hardcore hillary all the way. we are unabashed hillary supporters here. we are also REALISTIC too. when we see somthing wrong we will state it. but we will not tout anti-hillary sites, biased hillary hatin groups, obamabot talking points, and allow big meida messages being egged on here. most of us will call out bs here when we suspect it. I KNOW I WILL.

  267. I don’t like counting states until they’re in the hand. I don’t like to underestimate Obama’s supporters…like BM. They have a big reason to support Hillary…it’s no secret in LA that BM is supporting Obama because of media consolidation. He’s their guy, so I’m not surprised at the pro Obama support from MSM and the anti-Hillary stant from them.

    Hillary has been very clear about her position on all these Huge MegaBiz consolidation.

    Haven’t heard a peep out of Obama stand on this but from his speech today…he’s will continue George Bush free trading ways with Big Business. I really don’t see a huge difference in Obama and George Bush in this issue. I don’t trust Obama because he’ll tell you anything you what to here depending on his audience.

  268. terrondt, you are exactly right. The entire media and liberal blogs are all unabashedly pro-Obma all the time. This is the only place we have where we can be with like-minded supporters. I don’t want this also to be ruined.

  269. They have a big reason to support Hillary…it’s no secret in LA that BM is supporting

    correction:They have a big reason not to support Hillary…it’s no secret in LA that BM is supporting Obama because of media consolidation.

    This is one of the reason why the writers are striking.

  270. Terrondt, when I was in S.C. this past weekend, a couple of times I heard people say, “I love the way the Obama supporters sound when they chant his name.” I just about spit fire!!! It’s all or nothing for me. No love for the ObamaNation/Abomination from me. No time to play kissy face with them. The country is at stake!!!

  271. I wish Hillary would go up to Obama and offer to shake his hand to night. She could say something like, “My hand is always extended in friendship even though you turned your back on me. I forgive you.”


  272. sugar, chanting names is so childish, I agree. that is why americans will reject obama and his kennedy clan on tuesday. we are not going backwards to the kennedyschool…we are moving forward with the real ideas and leadership of Hillary Clinton.

  273. I saw the Gallup poll. They only interviewd 1,000 people nationwide. That is stupid. There is no way they can get an accurate poll of just 1,000 people in a country this large.

    Those national polls are a joke. There is no way that Obama is close to Hillary.

    After New Hampshire, we should all ignore the polls and be positive!

  274. Check this out…

    The controversial Iraq-born billionaire Nadhmi Auchi visited the state of Illinois in 2004 at the behest of Antoin “Tony” Rezko, the businessman and political player who helped raise money for Senator Barack Obama’s early political campaigns. During the visit, Auchi met with the state’s Democratic Governor, Rod Blagojevich, and other political figures. In what appears to be a clumsy “cleanup” operation, evidence of Auchi’s visit to Illinois has now been deleted from two websites linked to his company, General Mediterranean Holding.

    Auchi is no stranger to controversy but has been back in the news in recent weeks because of Rezko’s pending prosecution on fraud and extortion charges. When federal authorities learned of a $3.5 million wire transfer from Auchi’s company to Rezko’s law firm, they sent the long-time friend of Senator Obama back to jail for violating the terms of his bail. Rezko’s prosecution is scheduled to begin in late February.

    After rumors began circulating that Auchi may have met with Obama, information was deleted from two websites connected to Auchi’s company about a spring 2004 visit to the United States that occurred as Obama was campaigning to be Illinois’ junior senator.

  275. Hey Guys…OkieAttorney got me hooked up with this site and it appears to be a wealth of information. It is exciting to get so much information about the campaign in one great place….

    I am a huge Hillary Fan and am looking forward to reading more. Any advice or suggestions are welcome and I look forward to asking questions and sharing opinions!

  276. Thanks, Admin for the update — if you notice in the video, Obama is the last raise his hand and slowly and unsurely.:)

  277. Paula…I’m really not sure. I’m so exhausted it was hard to follow the conversation. But whatever it was Wayne saw over there made him totally go apeshit. And he was in the Obama camp until then.

    I went over there and looked, and I see a bunch of editorials really disrespecting Bills presidency, but I’m not sure if those were what sent him into the stratosphere or not.

    Whatever it was, it got us another voter….and I’m sure Wayne will live. I just gave him a few places to vent for awhile until he cools down.

  278. Our candidate has a chance to knock it out of the ballpark tonight. This is probably going to be a defining moment. This is what champions live for. Hillary is a champion. Champions win, and they win big. All my best wishes Hill, you’ve got a chance to shine, show them why you are the best candidate to be President of the United States.

  279. GiveEmHill / January 31st, 2008 at 3:45 pm

    “I wish Hillary would go up to Obama and offer to shake his hand to night.”

    Well, this raises an interesting issue. In the past, Rezbama has had other candidates on the stage so he could give Hillary a cursory nod on the way to joining up with the “boyz”. Tonight, not only can he not use that as a supterfuge to get by her but he’s stuck there standing alone without any help … plus he can’t feed off Edwards’ answers to play Mr. Mimic again.

    Too flipping funny!!! 8)

  280. Vote in’s presidential election. You can vote from now until 11am tomorrow. I think they sent an email to everyone on their email list. Or go to their website for more info.

  281. no torondt,

    this is not just for the strong hillary fan, it seems to be for the strong obama fan as well…

    we know there are some on here right now that are perpetrating…
    everyone on here should keep that in mind…

    this site has been infiltrated alot in the last month or so, but whatever, we know who they are, and we just go elsewhere when they are on…
    but again dont think we are all real here…

  282. BMerry, look at the rawstory link upthread. It’s pretty fishy. Repost.

    Hmmm. Auchi’s company is scrubbing mentions of his 2004 visit to Illinois from the company website, evidently.

    After rumors began circulating that Auchi may have met with Obama, information was deleted from two websites connected to Auchi’s company about a spring 2004 visit to the United States that occurred as Obama was campaigning to be Illinois’ junior senator.

    If there is no problem, why scrub it?

  283. Just got back from a “time out” and watched a bit of teevee. Rezbama’s $32 million take for the month of January was discussed and then, all of a sudden, the 💡 went off in my head ….

    All those $$$$$$$$ don’t matter. Look at Romney, burning up the $$$$$$$ by the millions and he still can’t close the deal. The $$$$$$$ may be impressive but its the voters, stupid ! who decide. In fact, in Romney’s case, it’s all those $$$$$$ that have turned the voters off.

  284. Heading to right now….and then I really have to take a nap.

    (Bet ya’ll are getting sick of hearing me say that, huh?)

  285. Well if money could win election Phil Gramm would have been president. Steve Forbes would have been president. Heck Ron Paul who has raised a lot of money online in a short-time period would become president.

  286. Nothing but good vibes sent Hillary’s way. You guys should go to her site and send her a message there. Apparently, they post the messages up on an internal electronic board of sorts and it helps boost the morale of the whole team–and, I’m sure they all need it.

    It’s quick!

    Now, mangomist3, that story is HUGE!!! Has this been discussed here before????! His foreign policy credentials are screwed to the hilt!

  287. H4T, I responded to that earlier as I had already posted about it at RW. You are right .. but then Rezbama already has experience with webscrubbing .. remember that 2002 speech?

    skmf12, you are absolutely correct. Again, I caution about what we say that can be copied and used against Hillary as fact. It happened yesterday and could happen again anytime. There are wolves lurking on all the pro-Hillary or more neutral sites and we had one here yesterday planting a story that got carried right to MyDD (or the person who planted it here WAS the person who posted it at MyDD); either way, it was great propaganda since we all bought into it. Enuf said.

  288. I would not be surprised to see Hillary shake his hand, and perhaps do something more in the way of an olive branch, at the debate. She mentioned extending her hand in friendship to Obama at the debate when she was interviewed Tuesday night on one of the cable channels.

    Don’t get me wrong: I know Obama’s going to come out swinging, and it’s no coincidence the Wal-Mart and foundation donor stories came out today, so she’ll be asked about them. But she’ll be prepared. 🙂

  289. hillfansf, i think i told ya i will not be available online tuesday eve im started a new job wich i work 4pm to 1230am. i will celebrate later with you all much later.

  290. B Merry… I think Bo would be very agressive today because he knows that he is the media darling and they are always going to cover his A$$ and spin it to his advantage. I am sure Hillary would perform great as usual.

  291. B Merry-

    If it was Hillary BM would be questioning the TIMING of the announcement and the SUBTEXT, because you can’t discuss Hillary in BM without ANALYZING every angle. If they were doing their job, they’d wonder what Barry’s Q4 DEFICIT will be…

  292. Just in case you’re thinking that you’re going to see anything about this $32 million in the January report, you won’t. The next report that becomes available is the Q4, which has a January 31, 2008, dealine (today). The $32 million was from January only.

  293. B Merryfield-

    That’s my point exactly; Promote their January take to preempt the potential fallout from tomorrow’s Q4 stories. They don’t want to have to spin a debate loss and a multi-million dollar deficit too…

  294. CNN just hinted that a question tonight could come from them or has been planted with Obama about Bill Clinton and a multimillion dollar uranium deal with a Canadian and Kazakhstan. It apparently happened in 2005. More than $30 million was reported to have been donated to Bill’s foundation. I don’t see what is wrong in this matter, but the CNN guys seemed gleeful about it. It’s a long story, but if you want to know about it in advance, look here:

  295. guys, i was in my car listening to hannity(yes i listen to the enemy to see what they are talking about) and he hates mccain. rightwing radio hates this guy. even ann coulter whould support hillary to keep mccain out. strange.

  296. That NYT story makes my blood boil. It’s just lies and innuendo.

    Hillary’s facthub tells about it — Bill had nothing to do with the uranium deal.

    You would think the NYT would have more sense than to try to demonize donations to charity.

  297. she should say it has nothing to do with this election. Bill’s foundation has nothing to do with American ecomony or voter issues.

    It’s a non question and she can shoot it down quite easily.

    She will be prepared

  298. one ominous line about Barry’s spending in, “The Caucus”

    The campaign is spending record sums of money, too.

    HMMMMM, RECORD SUMS? I wonder what that means?

  299. Re Florida:

    I wrote this for my class and intends to send this to several papers in Florida and locally.

    Sen. Obama, Yes. We. Can.

    Is Sen. Obama insincere? Throughout the campaign for the Democratic nomination, Sen. Obama has touted that he alone can bring real change to Washington and to this country. One of the ways he said he would do this is by engaging the people to participate in the national discourse. In his speeches, he often mentions the words “we” and “change” in the same sentence. In one speech, he invited all of us to “take hold of the future of your country.” I only hope the senator is sincere about this message because it is a message that could truly change this country.

    There are many measures of an engaged populace but I doubt there is anything that is more accurate and telling than voter turnout during elections. When people come out to vote, they obviously care. When people don’t come out to vote, they obviously don’t care. Examining voter turnout in the past 30 years will give a picture that resembles the latter scenario. For instance in 2004, during the hotly contested battle between Pres. Bush and Sen. Kerry, only 55% of the voting age population came out to vote. Last year, amidst the national debate over Iraq, only 43% of voting age population came out to vote.

    Luckily for us, Sen. Obama appeared on the scene early last year. With his run for the Democratic nomination came the talk of engaging people. With his run came the theme of “Yes We Can.” Indeed, he did not disappoint. In Iowa, a historic turn out of voters took place. This was followed by equally historic voter turn out in the succeeding caucuses and primaries. No this historic turn out is not solely attributable to Sen. Obama, after all, Sen. Clinton won in four of the six states who have voted so far, all with record turnout.

    Then came Florida. Last Tuesday, at least 1.7 million Democrats in the state came out to vote for their respective choices for the Democratic nomination. This turn out was equally historic. It was larger than the five previous state’s entire record turnout combined. Although it is true that Florida is a much larger state, the 41% turnout simply trounces the 35% turnout in Iowa, the 28% turnout in Nevada, well except for the 70% turnout in New Hampshire. This historic turnout is made even more significant considering that none of the major Democratic candidates campaigned in Florida or had any ground organization in the state. Of course save the few ads that Sen. Obama ran on cable during the last few days of the Florida campaign. Contrast this to the barrage of TV ads, retail campaigning, phone banking, and get out the vote operations that the first four states experienced.

    What happened in Florida last Tuesday is truly the best example of an engaged electorate that this campaign has ever seen. It was a grass roots action. It was people like you and me coming out to declare that yes they care about the future of this country. It was sheer people power.

    So I was baffled to hear that on the night of the Florida primary, when Sen. Obama was asked about Florida, he did not extol the good sense of Florida Democrats to be engaged, he did not extol the historic voter participation, no he did not do any of these, instead, Sen. Obama smiled. Or was it a laugh? Regardless of what he did, his campaign made his point. That night, his campaign sent a mocking message to the media: “Obama and Clinton tie Florida with “0” delegates.”

    Sen. Obama was probably smiling (laughing) because his opponent, in spite of winning 50% of the vote in Florida, will not get any delegate. But to laugh at the impressive grass roots movement in Florida betrays his message. Yes the national party and the media might not take the Democratic voters of Florida seriously but what happened last Tuesday in Florida was exactly Sen. Obama’s message in action. Yet, because of politics, he readily dismissed the 1.7 million voters of Florida and their historic action.

    So is Sen. Obama insincere with his message of engaging people? Time will tell. For now, all I want to tell Sen. Obama is that with or without you, “Yes We Can.”

  300. I have not watched any Cable News today…. It just pisses me off…. BO has had the news cycle all day. I am trying to stay positive… but I am just tired of it.

  301. Just to prove that Hillary’s HillPAC-NY did not take in any contributions, here’s her year-end filing for July-December 2007.

    And here’s her HillPAC main account.

    The rest should be up tomorrow.

  302. Isn’t there a clear journalistic conflict of interest between a Media outlet like CNN both hosting the Democratic Presidential Debate with anchorman Wolf Blitzer presiding and one of their primary reporters, Jack Cafferty, leading off each of his Situation Room “blog’ questions with criticism and unsupported trashing of Hillary Clinton?

    At 4pm on 1/31/08, before announcing his question, “What do the viewers want to hear from the candidates tonight,” he launched into a 2 minute trouncing of Bill Clinton in regards to a Kazakhstan connection.

    Also, the ads for the Democratic Debate are announced as follows;

    Obama Democratic Debate. There is no mention of Hillary Clinton.

    Isn’t that also a conflict of interest?

  303. kaffeen, wacko…stay away from tv…I have for the last several days. broke away last night and watched a bit of Abrams. it helps my blood pressure.

    who is the nutcase by the is at times like this I really wish God would send some lighting strikes straight out of above.

  304. I would love for Hillary to get a cute, exasperated mom/woman look on her face (like she did in the Tweety is obsessed video) and say,

    “I can’t understand why my opponents seem to have such difficulty telling Bill and I apart. I’m shorter and have much better hair and makeup!”

  305. i’m telling you people that american do not like to feel forced into anything. the feeling right now is that media is trying to force obama, the black candidate down our throats. there will be a backlash, mark my words. people are asking why they hate hillary so much and are quickly learning that it is because she will not be a puppet for anyone.

  306. Shame on Bill for trying to do something that might benefit others, rather than have his friends steal from the most downtrodden and leave them with no running water and no heat for 3 weeks, while he pads up Hills campaign funds.

    I don’t know how that man sleeps at night. 😉

  307. Hmmm…now I’m starting to wonder if this has anything to do with what Wayne saw that sent him into a rage.

  308. kaffeen,

    Yup. A Latino for Obama comparing JC and BO. ROTF

    Just herd a ‘revised’ version of the CNN ad, no longer saying “Obama, the Democratic Debate,” but now mentioning HRC as well.

  309. My God, CNN is promoting tonight’s debate as the Obama Democratic debate??? That’s as about as ridiculous as it gets.

  310. Not so;
    From the Page

    Clinton Campaign Memo

    To: Interested Parties
    From: Phil Singer
    Date: Thursday, January 31, 2008
    Re: Which Barack Obama Will Show Up Tonight?

    Which Barack Obama will show up at tonight’s Democratic debate?

    The Barack Obama who once told the press: “I would challenge anyone to find a statement that I’ve made that has been personal as opposed to a substantive difference with a candidate.” [Associated Press, 8/20/07]


    The Barack Obama who is increasingly not drawing policy differences or highlighting issue contrasts – but personally launching or allowing his campaign to launch a series of personal negative attacks against Hillary Clinton.

    Yesterday, Sen. Obama unleashed eleven attacks against Hillary Clinton. While some touched on substance, such as trade or foreign policy, “the thrust of his argument about Clinton was to cast her as a polarizing figure.” [Associated Press, 1/30/08] In his speech, Sen. Obama – not his campaign, not a surrogate and not a spokesperson – accused Hillary Clinton of “changing positions when the politics of the moment changed” – a charge that goes directly to character, not substance.

    This was not an isolated incident. This was part of a broader, orchestrated effort by the Obama campaign to focus on character attacks:

    · On January 23, Sen. Obama told the Boston Globe that Hillary Clinton’s ‘positions change with the politics of the moment.’
    · On January 23, Sen. Obama told Newsday that Americans “are looking for a president they can trust. That’s not what we’re seeing out of the former president and the Clinton campaign over the last several weeks.”
    · On January 25, Sen. Obama’s campaign manager issued a statement that flatly stated “Hillary Clinton will do or say anything to win an election.”
    · On January 29, a paid mailer by the Obama campaign claimed that “Hillary Clinton puts Washington thinking and Washington interests firsts.”

    And while Sen. Obama once told his staff “I don’t want us to be a party to these kinds of distractions because I want to make sure that we’re spending time talking about the issues,” [New York Times, 2/23/07], to date, he has not condemned any of these personal – not substantive or issue-based contrasts – against Hillary Clinton.

    If Sen. Obama wants to prove that he’s ready to lead, he should practice what he once preached and stick to the issues.

  311. Hi guys…I have CNN on and Wolf is having segment after segment and the only signs visible are Obama signs…they have signs in Spanish and with Obama’s face. I have called West LA office and SF office (LA Headquarters voicemail is full)…there is no excuse for this…they need to get people down there in Hollywood with Hillary signs on camers behind Wolf…this has been going on for over an hour…it looks like an Obama commerical…maybe some of you can call and press LA to get some signs down there West LA office 310-689-5610…this stuff begins ton worry me…this is basic … the Hillary supporters need to get behind Wolf and the people he is speaking with…otherwise it is all Obama on camera.

  312. Good article too;

    Debate advice…

    For Clinton

    Dress to convey authority: “She’s been coming in with a scarf around her neck; she’s been wearing pearls. That’s all nice, but it doesn’t convey the kind of authority that a suit does for a woman,” Smith said.

    Don’t get mean: In the Democrats’ South Carolina debate, “when she made the comment about him working for a slumlord, it really came off as mean-spirited,” Smith said. “It’s something a man can get away with easier than a woman can. That’s unfair, but that’s the way things are. If a woman does it, it seems bitchy. If a man does it, it seems masculine.”

    Stay upbeat: “The only time she’s not been effective is when she seems to get defensive or when she has permitted herself to come across as a little bit whiny,” Hollihan said, adding: “She gained from the use of a feminine style.”

    Emphasize competence: “When she says she’s going to be ready on Day One, we know what she’s saying — she’s saying, ‘He isn’t going to be ready on Day One, and I am, therefore I’m more competent.’ . . . She makes a mistake when she tries to swing over to the change side — it fuzzes up her message,” Smith said.

    Talk to the audience: “John Kennedy did that so well against Richard Nixon in 1960. Richard Nixon was a trained college debater, and he kept going after Kennedy. Kennedy just ignored Nixon and went for the audience. She’s got to do the same thing. She’s spending much too much time pointing her finger at Barack Obama, getting in his face. It just doesn’t look nice,” Smith said.,1,5968564.story?ctrack=2&cset=true

  313. S, regarding the LA HQ, it’s closed early today so that the staff, volunteers, and supporters can be at the rally outside the Kodak Theatre.

    At 2PM together, they’re all gathering at the Dolores and Ben Smith Park. Maxine Waters will be there.

    At around 3PM the crowd will gather outside the Kodak Theatre with signs. You need not worry. Hillary’s supporters will come out in full force by 4PM.

  314. Listen up everybody! When have Hillary or Bill Clinton ever gotten positive or even fair news coverage?…Drawing a blank? They never have. Not in 1992 or during Bill’s 2 terms or Hillary’s 2000 senate race. If ya’ll think this is bad you should have been around during the Lewinsky saga. I mean the big dog had 60% plus positive ratings from the voters but if you tuned in to the talking heads you would have thought he was the most unpopular guy in the world. Yes, it would be nice to have unbiased, fair coverage of our girl but it ain’t happening anytime soon. Just remember: there’s the real world and then there’s the world of the DC elite media.

  315. call dick durbin 202 224 2152 nd ssk if he got the visa request for Audhimu…whatever this iraqi’s name is.
    if he says no – then tell him that as senior senator he shoudl find out who from IL – any rep – got the request.

  316. I believe Hillary will abide by much of that debate advice. That’s the sense I’m getting from what I’ve been seeing and reading about her in recent days.

    BTW, what did Carville say?

  317. BMerry: You keep saying it, but I really don’t understand what your concern is.

    You warn us to “be careful” what we say because there are spies among us who are coming on this board and writing stupid things that they then clip and post on other sites?

    How exactly are we supposed to do anything about that? If they are the ones who are writing the negative stuff that the board-drag then they are not going to listen to your admonishments to “be careful.”

    This is a public message board with very no screening process. Bad people are going to join in and try to disrupt our conversation. Talking about these people disrupts our conversation. So, really, thank you for your concern, but there’s nothing that anyone who would act on your concern can do to combat it. I disagree that we have to be careful about what we say. There are people who have varying levels of sophistication with regard to what goes on in the blogosphere. I don’t think it’s a good idea to make them nervous about posting here. All we can do is continue to support one another and answer questions when they arise.

    People on other boards are gonna do what they do, nothing we do or don’t do will change their activities. The single worst thing we can do is allow them to control our agenda. Big Pink is ours not theirs, they can only watch in envy at the spirit we have here.

  318. nikki22, exactly! Those new to this are freaking out, but those of us who remember KNOW that Bill won 2 elections with the media slashing with their knives at he and Hillary the whole time!

    Which is another reason they hate them, because they DARED to talk directly to the people instead of kowtowing and ass-kissing for the “endorsement” of the media first. Boy, that pissed off the pundits! The NERVE of them to not recognize the authority of the blathering kingmakers!

    Bill got elected TWICE by the public giving the big middle finger to the media. And Hillary is about to do it again. 🙂

  319. I read in TPM that Carville and Begalia were banned from appearing on CNN because the Obama campaign complained they were too biased against him.

    CNN apparently agreed. How ironic. Now, not only does CNN interpret Obami for us, they also conduct his polls, for free, via Cafferty and Blitzer and censor who does or doesn’t appear on their show.

    I’m still waiting to hear Carville, as you mentioned, but don’t hold your breath waiting for him to speak. What a crock.

  320. OMG, this dude on CNN is comparing Obama to Jesus.

    I told you guys! Obama is slipping stuff in the water supply, and it’s turning our normally sane democratic brothers and sisters into mindless zombies! Those of us who wisely refused to drink the water, must do all that we can to save our lost brothers and sisters from themselves.

    A Vote For Hillary Is a Vote For Sanity!

  321. still wish carville and begalia would tell cnn to kiss their grits…and go on other networks to battle the hatred and lies.

  322. kaffeen, obamabot most likely called CNN just like he did the other day when they were getting ready to roll with his driver license roll over story.

    sad to see the former really good cnn go to the literal dogs.

    look at the ratings race though…faux news (much as I really don’t like them) still beats them in all time slots. the draw of course tonight is the debate…after that back to slumping ratings…they will DO or SAY anything to try to get a leg up so to speak….

    I hope cnn and msnbc both go under soon and I’m talking SOON.

  323. Was reading some UK thoughts from regular people, this one stood out…

    I am a black woman, but if I had a vote in the US elections it would go to Hillary Clinton because she is a known quantity and the person with the greatest experience in every way relevant to the job description. In addition, given similar acceptable politics, I instinctively trust an older woman to do the right thing over a younger man, regardless of race or charisma.

  324. LMAO! Did you guys see the fact check on health care where Hill nails Obama only cited source as a college newspaper?!

    Oh man….it doesn’t get any better than that! Our girl is soooo on it tonight!

  325. CD99, I agree Lou Dobbs has been quite fair to the Clintons. I think Charlie Gibson has also been fair. CBS, in general, also seems to be fair.

  326. Idunn, I did see that, lol. They also caught ABC’s Jake Tapper taking a quote from Bill, on the economy, out of context.

  327. Dudes. I am supposed to watch the debate tonight at one of my local bars, but I think I might be too nervous! Not b/c I ‘m at all afraid Hill won’t perform well, but b/c I am on pins and needles during the whole thing and I like to pause and rewind and savor the debates. ;0 I’m afraid at the bar I will be shushing people. HA! And ‘shushing’ anyone at a bar… that’s just lame. :/ So maybe I should stay home after all….

  328. I know I shouldn’t feel this way but the unfairness of this campaign and the way the media has treated the Clintons has made me take this election more personally than ever before. I don’t think I can vote for Obama. I know it’s stupid to stay home and let the Republicans win this election but I can’t vote for a man I dislike so much. And I can’t vote for someone who won the nomination due to how the media has played him up. It sucks and I wish I didn’t feel this way.

  329. Hi Filbertsf and Dot 48…it is now 5:30 pm EST and for the last hour the Obama people are hogging all the air time while Wolf is on the air…my point is they are out hustling us…when the camera pans to the big crowd you can see a few Hillary signs and a Hillary banner…but already EST the Obama people are situated right behind Wolf with big blowups of O and spanish signs and obama change signs…that is the key spot getting all the coverage during segments…Hill folks need to muscle their way in to that area for best visual

    Dot..that was the WLA office on the LA headquarters VM was full…I called West LA twice and stressed please get down there and get on camera…I lived in LA for over 20 years and believe me…I would have pushed my self and sign where it need to be to represent our girl…

    I know everyone is working so hard…I appreciate everything we are all doing…but the O people are very aggressive…

  330. dot,

    Yeah. I really miss Carville. Hopefully he’s lending a hand behind the scenes.

    Here’s the headline from 1/24 THM (horses Mouth)

    Exclusive: After Obama Complaints, CNN Bans James Carville And Paul Begala From Appearing As Analysts Until Dem Primary Is Settled
    January 24, 2008 — 7:11 PM EST // link //

  331. I miss Carville, too. Hopefully he’s working behind scenes. Here’s the Horses Mouth article.

    Exclusive: After Obama Complaints, CNN Bans James Carville And Paul Begala From Appearing As Analysts Until Dem Primary Is Settled
    January 24, 2008 — 7:11 PM EST // link //

  332. TheRealist

    Thank you for asking folks to check upthread before posting. You type much more in a much more diplomatic way than I think.

  333. woopsie…didn’t want to try and spell diplomatically (?) and didn’t read before I pushed the red button. Wish I could stand and ask that it be revoked. hehehe

  334. “I think we need to rethink and decriminalize our marijuana laws,” Mr. Obama told an audience during a debate at Northwestern University in 2004. “But I’m not somebody who believes in legalization of marijuana.”

    There goes that mysterious mumbo jumbo again. Hey wait a minute…maybe he really IS God if he can criminalize and decriminalize something all at the same time.


  335. Carville was very subdued. Still, a great guy, got a couple of good points in. Very benign overall. I like that guy though, it is always fun to see him. He does say this is the *biggest* debate in political history and will determine (or influence greatly) what happens on Tuesday.

  336. I cut Carville alot of slack…it’s his job, you know? Can’t risk that. But I will say that I love the guy anyway. Carville knows the meaning of loyalty.

  337. CD, Kaff,

    Oh No! I missed it! Couldn’t take the BS anymore and switched off the tube.

    But if he was subdued someone probably read him the riot act before letting him on CNN.

  338. MA average: I would love it if Hillary picks off MA right under the nose Teddy and Johnny.

    RCP Average 01/09 – 01/30 – 45.0 27.5 Clinton +17.5
    SurveyUSA 01/30 – 01/30 575 LV 57 33 Clinton +24.0
    Rasmussen 01/28 – 01/28 1023 LV 43 37 Clinton +6.0
    Western NE College 01/20 – 01/26 151 LV 43 15 Clinton +28.0
    State House News 01/09 – 01/12 400 LV 37 25 Clinton +12.0

  339. you know the sad thing of it is, no matter good Hilliary does , MSM will call Obama the winner. Carville did the best he could considering he has been gaged by CNN. I need an attitude adjustment.

  340. Jas…I still believe in the inherent intelligence of Americans. They can and will decide who THEY think won.

  341. Idunn,

    Oh Sh!T. Guess Rezko figured alive in jail for a couple of more weeks was better than the alternatives. They’ll do anything to keep HRC out of the WH. They may succeed unless there really is a silent majority grass roots pro-Clinton movement.

    This is scary. There is something so bizarre about the last week, especially. Does anyone think the Kennedy-Obama lovefest wasn’t planned months in advance of the actual event? Supposedly, he made the endorsement Sat. or Sunday and on Monday the entire cable news ssssss machine was running wall-to-wall Obama to Camelot coverage. it was
    sickening. Look at the turn-out, the props, the people . . . well-planned; breaking News:unday

  342. Sorry all- can’t get used to the format here.


    Rezko’s trial happening later keeps Obama-scrutiny under control. I’ve read that he’s gonna implicate BO. MSM will do whatever it takes to keep the shine on the apple, at least long enough for him to get as many delegates as possible. Stave off negative coverage at all costs.


  343. Thanx NYCMax

    As a former “boots on the ground” HillWorker, your sentiment re: safe haven and respite re: this site is one of the things that drew, supported and has kept me.

  344. One more,

    S mentioned upthread that the Obama coverage was intimidating – posters of BO behind Blitzer, chanting mobs of BO sign-wielding enthusiasts in the street, and now, as I listen, all BO commercials between segments.

    YIKES. I dunno if i can watch tonight. HRC is one heck of a fighter but, jeez, she isn’t superwoman – how many attackers can she fend off simultaneously?

  345. Very good news from the firefighters…I was wondering about that,but you have more from other states that helped them like nebraska..and some of those FF were there over a long period of time to,when Hillary was helping them also…

    Thank you NYC FIRE FIGHTERS!!!!!

  346. Just posted this message at

    Hi from Louisiana. We still have very painful memories about the abandonment from the Bush administration that we’ve experienced after Katrina. We’ve had an uphill battle that isn’t over yet (Hurry Hillary). But with Mardi Gras on Feb 5th and the Super Tuesday primaries, I’m going to really be celebrating.

    Lessez les bon temps rouler, (Let the good times roll)!

    All the best tonight at the debate.

  347. TPS and Okie Atty–

    thanks for the welcome…Hillary is up 20 points according to the last poll.

    Campaigning hard…Bill and Chelsea here yesterday, Vilsack here tomorrow and Clark maybe here on Monday. Clark won in Oklahoma in 2004–his only win actually so should be a good surrogate, though I wish he could have been here more!

    The debate tonight was incredible…Hillary was incredibly Presidential. I am sick of Obama…he is far too inexperienced and I fear that he will be eatn alive if the nominee.

  348. Thanks for posting that link, Sooner. I will love Bill Clinton until the day I die, I don’t care how many mistakes he makes. That man really cares about people.

    Now, I hope he goes home, gargles with some salt water and gets some rest. He’s earned a day off! 🙂

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