Friendly Faces

[ Don’t forget – Debate tonight- 8:00 p.m. (ET) CNN.]

Lots of friendly faces sending photos to us. The photograph to the left is from Connecticut and includes a certain comment writer we enjoy hearing from every morning (“Good Morning Hillfans”).

Recently the American Nurses Association, representing 2.9 million registered nurses endorsed Hillary. Today, New York Firefighters endorsed Hillary.

El Mundo and The Post News Group endorsed Hillary today too:

Hillary Clinton, however, receives our support for her long standing commitment to implement the Dellums Commission agenda which addresses employment and anti-crime measures. Her experience, knowledge and commitment will serve us well. Her success as New York’s senator where she demonstrated an ability to work both sides of the aisle bodes well as to how she could bring us together as a nation. The Post News Group and El Mundo agrees with assembly member Sandre Swanson, council members Ignacio De La Fuente and Jean Quan, Mayors Ron Dellums, Gavin Newsom, Antonio Villaraigosa, and Congresswoman Maxine Waters along with half of the members of the Congressional Black Caucus that Hillary Clinton has the mettle to fight for a green economy, increased educational support, withdrawal from Iraq, jobs for ex-offenders, foreclosure protection and the prosecution of predatory lenders, and increased support for urban areas.

Friendly faces are being deployed around the country to help make Hillary 44.

Former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack will meet with voters across southwest Minnesota to discuss Hillary’s plan to boost research and development of clean and alternative energy.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee will attend a “Women for Hillary” event in Los Angeles, California.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa will speak on Hillary’s behalf after the democratic debate in Los Angeles, California.

NOW President Kim Gandy will speak to Hillary supporters and undecided students at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.

Former Ambassador Joe Wilson will speak on Hillary’s behalf at the University of New Mexico and attend a debate watch party in Santa Fe.

United Farm Workers co-founder Dolores Huerta will stump for Hillary in Albuquerque and join President Bill Clinton at a rally at the University of New Mexico.

We’ll have pictures from tonight’s watch party above the Kodak theater.

Here is another picture from Hillary in Connecticut:

And OkieAtty sends us this picture of Bill Clinton in Oklahoma:


254 thoughts on “Friendly Faces

  1. James Carville to be on CNN to talk about the upcoming debate. An Obama supporter will appear with him. I’m pleasantly surprised. What time? Coming up! In other words, who knows when that will be.

  2. LOL, hillfans, that’s me. thanks for the post admin. i wish there were better closeups of hillary. photo credits go to a hillfan named carol. connecticut is hillcountry!!! GO HILLARY GO!!!!

  3. Cheers to you Terrondt! Great picture! And to you Okie! Great to see so many smilin faces! Thinking about HIllary and all my hillfans here makes me smile too

  4. im looking foward to the one on one debate. man, this should be exciting. no 3rd candidate messing up the flow. a grudge match.

  5. Awesome!

    I can’t wait to pop some corn and watch the debate tonight.

    This will be better than the Super Bowl for me.

    I just hope Obama doesn’t make me spill the popcorn again. I can’t stand him!

  6. I will be at the rally for Hilary outside of Kodak Theatre – and will be thinking of you all. Will try and find a pink scarf to wear!

  7. Hey all!! Ready to see Hillary go in for the ‘debate kill’?!!!!!
    I sure am!!
    Been sleeping today so I can manage to stay up all night, then go to work in the morning.
    Now let me tell you I LOVE the Oscars!! Love’em!! Never missed one since I was ten, and I’m now ** years old! 8) But I am way more excited about tonight then I have been for any oscar show for years now!
    I love that they are in the Kodak Theater, beautiful place.

    Best wishes Hill, I said to myself before I went to sleep, that I wanted to do everything I could to help you from ‘the other side’, and I hope I have, at least I woke up with a smile on my face.

    I think she has the energy/flow now people, let’s hope that above all else, tonight she will appear as The Presidential One, gracious, classy, smart, tough, charming…. in essence: Herself!

  8. A California Latin elected official was on CNN earlier to talk about Obama. I didn’t catch his name. Wolf Blitzer asked him what it was about Obama that made Latinos want to vote for him instead of Hillary. The politician answered that it was “Se si puede, and Yes we can, and the idea of change. Everybody is so very excited about it.”

    That’s about what I thought.

    Suzanne Malveaux raised the bar for Obama tonight, saying his supporters want him to get to the specifics of what he will do and how he will do it. I wonder if he can do that now after going so long without it. She said Hillary has to be nicer. I’m paraphrasing, but that’s about what it was. Hillary is already nice, but she is probably going to have to get tough at some point. Do you suppose she can very nicely tell him he’s a jerk who doesn’t know how to do whatever he hopes to do?

    I’m very excited about this debate.

  9. hillfans, new survey usa mass poll, hillary 57% and obama 33%. hey teddy,john, and deval hows that endorsement doing? HA!!!

  10. Joe Trippi was on hardball raisong expectations for Hillary in Massachusetts. He sounds like he likes obama. I am excited about the debate too. I am always nervous beforehand, but when it comes down to it, Hillary’s preformance is usually awesome.

  11. Cuteness!!!! πŸ˜€ I love the photos!! (sorry for sounding 12; I am getting a little squirelly waiting for the debate!)

  12. terrondt, I’m confused. Didn’t Survey USA come out with a poll yesterday showing Hillary up by 6?

    Anyways, I don’t know if I want to believe in polls anymore. They either get me too excited and optimistic or depressed. The bipolar experience is not good for the heart.

  13. not sure flibertsf, the susa numbers are hot off the presses. goodnews though. i think they are in the field in connecticut. the nutkooks are grasping at that ras ct poll showing a tie. i want susa to crush that poll as a outlier.

  14. thanks terrondt for the MA poll

    by the way, Survery USA has a documented History of accuracy

    yeah, I didn’t think Ted’s endorsement would do much

  15. Caroline, heh.

    You know that song… “signs, signs… everywhere there’s signs… blocking all the city, breaking my mind.”

    That’s how I feel about this election cycle. Polls, polls…. everywhere there’s polls.

  16. unfortunatly caroline we still need to see the trends in these states. polls or not they drive the media narrative and strategy. political reality.

  17. terrondt, I found the answer on Hillary’s site. The 6% lead in MA was from Rasmussen. As I’ve said, so many polls I can’t keep track.

  18. personally I think having ted kennedy on bambitour will hurt bambi. that old spineless man brings up bad memories to a lot of older people. besides he is simply not pleasant to look at.

    one thing about it … tk is not in league with William Jefferson Clinton.

  19. yeah, i love jfk and bobby but to be blunt they were elected 48 years ago. bill is the only dem elected president in the last 28 years. i think i would go to the most recent 2 term winner bill anyday.

  20. Seriously. Bill is to Dems what Reagan is to GOPs. I don’t know what JFK would be? Nixon? Hmmmmn, guess not. What other beloved GOP presidents are there? Oh, yeah, LINCOLN! HA!!!! The GOP touts him as much as they can…

  21. By the way, love that picture of you terrondt, great to actually see people we talk with all the time, and you look just like the picture I had of you in my head.

    Has anyone heard anything about the rules with regards to the audience? Will they be allowed to express themselves, or do they need to shut up? Anyone know?

  22. I quote Survey USA:

    “5 Days to Massachusetts Democratic Primary, Clinton 24 points Atop Obama: In a Democratic Primary in Massachusetts today, 01/31/08, 5 days to the 02/05/08 vote, Hillary Clinton, on the backs of women, leads Barack Obama by 24 points, according to research conducted exclusively for WBZ-TV Boston. Clinton gets 57% to Obama’s 33% today. But the contest is suddenly tied among men. All of Clinton’s lead comes from women, where she leads by 39 points. This is SurveyUSA’s 3rd tracking poll in MA, but the first since John Edwards withdrew from the contest. Likely Primary voters are asked to pick which one of 8 issues is most important to them. On all 8 issues, Clinton does better than Obama.”

  23. Lookin’ good, terrondt…:)

    He never tried a case. He never gave an opening statement, never planned a cross-examination of a witness and never had to give a persuasive summation to a jury. He has NO experience as a debater, is light on specifics and doesn’t even know how to stand ad look at his opponent(s) when they are talking. This is stuff you PRACTICE. This isn’t something you just DO, there is a METHOD to the process.

    The ONLY disadvantage Hillary suffers from in the debate is her GENDER, and the constrictions of perception. Every woman here knows what I mean; She can’t be too tough, or too loud or too ANYTHING, because every gesture and every word are under the microscope.

    Hillary is an accomplished debater, because she was an accomplished LITIGATOR, who had to actually prepare a case for trial and WIN that case in front of a judge, jury, or both. While EVERYONE knows that JE is the (the last time anyone probably has to see it) SON of a Mill worker, and Barry was a “Law Professor” (lol), not everyone knows that Hillary was selected as one of the 100 most influential lawyers in America TWICE.

    Tonight you and I and every one of the MILLIONS who will tune in will see someone who knows the issues, someone who can explain complex policy proposals in terms that the average person can relate to WITHOUT dumbing it down. Tonight you and I and every one of the MILLIONS watching from coast-to-coast will see One person who is ready to take on the mess that these idiot republicans have made of our great nation, and one who OBVIOUSLY is not.
    Tonight, you and I and every one of the millions watching from coast-to-coast will get to see the first appearance of President Hillary Clinton.

  24. Gorto, it’s CNN. They will be permitted to boo, hiss, and cheer. Remember the last debated hosted by CNN?

  25. President Hillary Clinton…yes, sweet music to our ears. I cannot wait. I’m extremely nervous for tonight but in a good way…feel like I did before watching skating knowing that my girl was the most talented, most consistent and repeatedly hit it out of the park.

  26. thanks hillfans for the compliments on the pic. my wife still thinks i look a little tired in it. i did work all nite and got there by 8:30am.

  27. B Merryfield, Isnt that shit what this poster called robert ethan was telling us some time ago? frankly, I didnt understand and comprehend the impact/importance of the diary, but probably because I am so ignorant that I wont be able to point out where precise location of Kenya is on the map. I would guess its near horn of africa though, but thats all I can guess.

  28. man, what a circus outside the debate hall in california. seems there are more obama supporters than hillary.

  29. YESSSSS they are deploying Carville!!! πŸ˜€

    …Here’s hoping Hillary sticks to the economy tonight, and reminds voters of America’s record prosperity during the first Clinton administration.

  30. oh boy admin! you know you’re going to be bombarded with photos now, right? i’ll be emailing mine from last night to you as well. i got one with my goofy face and clinton in the background…..and i “accidentally” took a close up pic of a secret service agent…..he’s kind of cute πŸ™‚

    last night was a blast, i tell ya! i thought that hillary had on blue jeans at first, but they were just tight pants…d’oh!…..i think she would look pretty decent in jeans, though, don’t you?

  31. OKIE,

    there is nothing like seeing the big dog in person…
    the guy has something unexplainable going on…

    thanks for the pic…

  32. limabeans data wise Bill was a better president than reagan. but his personal life spilled onto his legacy. I would go back to one of the books that Bill refered to some time back, to understand his legacy. I cant remember the name of the book on top of my head, but I understand the way he sees his legacy. for me he is an icon of political genius and an extremely smart man, with a wonderful smart lady besides him.

  33. well of course when you make 12.50 an hour to stand with a sign….they show up in droves.

    “paid mourners”

  34. I just spoke to a dear friend who lives in LA. She is an Obama supporter and was trying to argue her case for Obama with me. We agreed to disagree. She, however, told me that California is Clinton country. She also said latinos will go by huge margins for Hillary and that it would be very tough for Obama there. She is really a passionate Obama supporter. She was complaining that there isn’t enough time for Obama to take his story to the country.

  35. Cool pic, terrondt — is that a Yankees jacket? I’m an A’s fan but I won’t go there… πŸ™‚

  36. glad, I should have put a big IF in there because Larry quotes Ethan and, yes, that was what he was trying to say here. Larry, though, is a well-credentialled, well-respected Intell guy and I have to take it on faith that he knows what he is talking about (or agreeing to). I’ve seen other mentions of this but because of Ethan have ignored. African history is not my expertise. However, what I did not see mentioned about Africa is the extent of US military operations there.

    DoD established a U.S. African Command there similar to the U.S. Southern Command, Northern Command, European Command, to extend US presence into Africa. I find it odd that Obama would be involved in the Kenya matter with the State Dept.

    This somehow doesn’t pass my smell test.

  37. gladiator, this is exactly why BO has not been vetted. When something comes up, its looked at with a lot of trepidation because BO is supposed to be his holiness who can do no wrong. Even though Rezko was around for a long time, its only after ABC news decided to cover it that it got some traction. I bet the media is going to approach the Kenyan connection in the same manner by pretending it does not exist…

  38. Mark Halperin announced that if Barry doesn’t have to be carried off stage with a case of, “the Vapors”, it’s a TIE…:)
    (After all, he’s been SO objective before)

  39. TPS (actually to your LA friend),

    He has had a little over a year to spread his message to the country. I hate hearing the excuse that Hillary is better known than Obama. A person would have to have lived under a HUGE rock not to know something – anything – about him.

  40. kenya used to be a really cool place. not that i know entirely, but i wanted to visit for a long time. and see The Mountain –see

    now, i wouldnt’ go there at all. but really i would love to climb that mountain some day. i used to mountain climb with my uncle, but that was long ago. and now, my uncle is probably voting for obama b/c he’s definitely a “latte liberal”

  41. TPS.. that was the mistake Obama made. He never introduced himself to the country. The media successfully portrayed him as an empty suit with extremely good rhetoric. He never defined himself for the umpteen number of reasons we all have argued here on this board. his entire strategy was based on momentum in Iowa, and winning of all four early primary states. Unfortunately NH rejected his greedy bid. Now no one knows him enough to vote for him.

  42. reed, I agree. But, this is a close friend and I didn’t want to get too aggressive and I just let it go. But, it also gives you insight into the concerns Obama supporters have about their chances on Feb 5. They are not all as confident as their campaign would have us believe.

  43. TPS

    You should have told your friend:
    Hillary got her story out in 4 days between IA and NH. Obama will have had 8 days between SC and Super Tuesday. Are you telling me that Hillary can get things done in half the time that Obama can and you are still voting for him?

  44. Gladiator, I think he would have been better off giving detailed policy speeches rather than this hairy-fairy lofty rhetoric empty of ideas and issues. Then, I am not complaining. People really don’t know what he stands for. Because, he seems to stand on everyside of every issue in his unity shtick.

  45. anbritt & dot48 — check out the first comment in this thread, re: Carville. I was just getting psyched to hear that he’s being sent out on behalf of the Clinton campaign. IMO he is one of the MOST persuasive Clinton advocates of all time, if not the best.

  46. hillfans, just saw a ad attacking mccain for being like hillary. wow.i think it is a independent buy here in ct or national. dunno.

  47. We California AAs (the other kind – Asian Americans!) are for Hillary too. The press has ignored Hispanics and Asian Americans and put all their attention towards African Americans – one track mind, the media.

  48. Just a personal observation. I have worked in the mental health field over twenty years…doing groups. I visited with some co workers today. They have the same impressions I do. We all agreed the Senator Obama would get “nailed” if he were in one of our groups. Not for anything that has been found out about his past…or how he has voted…but for the empty rhetoric. It borders on “magical thinking”. It is hard for me to believe that more people cannot see through this. It is not “reality based”. I pray that this country does not vote him in as President. The thought of that happening …scares me speechless. That is one of the maid reasons I am a Hillary supporter. We cannot let that happen.

  49. I hope the race drags on long enough so Hillary comes down south to VA/DC/MD to campaign. the last time she came they had $500 charge and I being student at that time couldnt afford to see her. Well, lets see! oh I saw Obama though. He had a meanie $5 entry charge, and he connects well with students. He was just too empty rhetoric for geek like me but the crowd loved him.

  50. # B Merryfield Says:
    January 31st, 2008 at 5:49 pm

    I hope Larry Johnson is wrong. The shit storm he forsees unleashed against Rezbama by the Repugs should be released sooner rather than later by somebody. It looks like Larry is trying and maybe Joe Wilson will pick up on it. TM linked to this article today, as well.
    This makes me nervous — even if much of it is untrue, republicans won’t have any qualms about using things like these in the GE. If they do, we have no way of winning.

  51. ADMIN.,





  52. skmf12, LA is an expensive market for Obama. He is trying to trim his losses by focusing on SF. Hillary doesn’t have this problem. LA country has a motherlode of votes.

  53. Continuing my previous post, a free press is an essential entity in a democracy but so is an unbiased press that gives good information to the citizens.

  54. was listening to the radio today and soldier/veteran suicides are highest since the 1980s and some of this is due to not being taken care of by the government upon their return from war…however, Center for American Progress noted that in upstate NY, most soldiers were getting 100% of their benefits because the VA centers there were helping veterans fill out forms to get their benefits – I really really hope Hillary has something to do with that and it will be a great highlight of her attention to our veterans and soldiers.

  55. clintondem…do tell about carville…are you picking up something??? carville subdued = forced by cnn? I just find it highly unlikely.

  56. B Merry I thought the base was in Ethiopia. Maybe I was wrong. I did visit Nairobi as a kid, but I was too young to remember much, except that I was surprised to see so many italians over there, but that was a while ago.

    ROFLMAO@torrentd, let them destroy each other :).. atleast we are not running ads destroying each other as they are. Romney is a fighter, and he may pull off an upset ST victory too..

    lninla, AA (asian) here in NOVA/DC strip love her too.

  57. glad, Hillary’s events here in NH were free. Was it a fundraiser?

    re Rezbama’s “fundraising” — In the 1st Qtr, he was selling t-shirts and other campaign stuff and charging for it, then wrote up those receipts as “campaign contributions”. In SW I have a newspaper article on this somewhere. I was amazed at the ____ hubris !

    This is where he comes up with these fantastic numbers of “new supporters”. The media that travels with him HAS TO know this. The huge crowds translate into huge sales .. counted as “campaign contributors”.

  58. If I recall didn’t Gavin Newsom the mayor of San Fran endorse Hillary? Is he campaigning for her in his city?

  59. Here it is: “Inflating the numbers”

    “The news that Barack Obama has been counting all the people who buy his t-shirts and bumper stickers as being among his record 258,000 campaign donors is causing something of a stir.

    “It turns out that Obama’s contributor numbers were WAY inflated, because they included anyone who bought a bumper sticker, or a keychain with his name on it, or paid $5 to hear him talk. Yet he represented these people as if they had simply handed over cash for nothing in return, and the media went all ga-ga over his ‘stunning’ (the word one reporter used to describe it) contributor base. Basically, he made the mainstream media look like idiots…,” ”Swampland” contributor Paul Lukasiak commented.

    From: Ben Smith, “Obama, the T-shirt,” ”The Politico”, July 17, 2007;;

  60. Gavin Newsom is the most persuasive surrogate for Hillary I have ever heard. I am not exaggerating. He came to Iowa City, we have Iowa’s largest gay population via the university, and he was amazing. He needs to be out more if he is not.


    Just look how MSNBC works for Obama. I just wonder who is pushing all this to the top of the press?

  62. Caroline, et al., thanks for the props. I like Terrondt’s a lot. BTW- you look exactly like I thought you would. Usually isn’t the case, but for once my imagination was right. Your wife should be glad to have you.

    As for my pic, I have to say, Bill really took his time with the baby. No rushing. Noi discomfort. He was having fun.

    As for the comment about there’s something about Bill. I had to admit to my mom last night that I never though of Bill as being sexy or even attractive, but in person…well he does have this magnetism. One of my best gf’s in DC asked me about it this morning and I had to tell her he gave me a baby. LOL. A picture of him and a baby. HA!

    I also have another pic of the AARP’s folks. They were great! Came in from Shawnee. Multiple generations of one family from child to great grandparent. All taking part in our great democracy and all in Hillary’s column. They were even moved to the area right behind Bill and were quite enthusiastic in their red shirts. They were surprised I knew what their organization was and their issues. I told them I had been following it since this Summer and had even mentioned it on this site. That seemed to make them really happy. Sometimes it’s lonely working for a cause.

  63. Survey USA released a poll from MA today. Will they release more, or will I have to wait until tomorrow?

  64. Just saw the stage, I think I saw podiums, I hode I did, I don’t want them to sit when they are just two. Looks more presidential when standing.

    But they where standing awfully close to each other, I didn’t like that they had a mini stage on the stage.
    The stage is a big one and I had hoped to just see the two of them on there, and the moderator/s down back in the audience, would have made it seem bigger, πŸ™‚ but oh well.

    I hope Hillary will stand on the left side from our perspective looking at them, that would trap obama in between hillary and the moderators that will be sitting on the stage next to them.

  65. dot48, I have never seen him like that before. He looked totally disassociated. He had sunglasses on may be it masked his expression. Funny he did not say any thing complimentary about girl. He was not at all animated. I have never seen him like that before. He did not even want to predict the outcome on Super Tuesday. That is really strange.

  66. BTW- I have seen 5 or 6 ads here on OKC local stations. Obama’s ads are only on CNN and send me into a shit fit. I think it has something to do with the concept of “don’t piss on my back and tell me it’s raining.” I think Precious needs a diaper.

  67. carville muzzled. hard to believe. cnn must be paying him a boatload salary. is all I can say. strange indeed. keeps fingers, toes, arms, legs, everything crossed.

  68. clintondem99
    I saw Carville too and think he was just trying to lower expectations to make the victory Tuesday look really big. That way they can say we did much better than expected.

  69. He said something to the effect that he is always happy to be on his favourite network(CNN). I really think we should make Crawford one of our spokes persons he seems to be totally fearless. The other day I watched him slam the whole gang on morning joke.

  70. rjk1957, Carville is the master. I am sure he knows what he is doing. It is just that I have not seen him like that in the last 20 years.

  71. I was wondering if anyone knows how to e-mail Jon Stewart of the Daily Show. I saw a few seconds of his interview with Peggy Noonan in which they were appallingly nasty about Bill Clinton.

    It was nasty, brutish, and unfunny. It was also very sexist and racist (in reverse). I can never feel the same way about Jon again.

    I can’t find a way to e-mail him or the show. Any suggestions?

  72. # clintondem99 Says:
    January 31st, 2008 at 6:41 pm

    It is like they read the riot act. Some one else suggested that too.

    What do you mean?

  73. oh, and can I just say how much I despise obamas homepage?! Can you believe that they have a picture of him surrounded by white light, probably to make him look Christ like?!!

    Disgusting, shows what he thinks of himself and what the supporters have been fooled to support.


  74. pulchritude, I really liked your diary it is excellent. You did a great job.I am glad that there is a truth teller.

  75. actually the bay area is huge, san francisco is the center of a many many towns, there’s san jose, oakland, berkely. marin, sacramento not far away…

    and lots of lots of money….
    this is the home of the dot com…
    and the home of bio/stem cell research in america..

    and what a lot of people dont realize, is alot of these mult-multi millionaires are in there 20s and 30s.
    some like ob…

    and lets not forget marin county, where all the hippies of the 60s are living large now.

    just saying, alot of reason to compete here…

    as for gavin newsom, he and others are very strong for hillary, including mayor delums of oakland.
    but television reaches everyone, newson doesnt, and phone banking doesnt…

  76. And all those posters people are holding up now outside kodak theater, with that picture, and the text Believe in…. “picture of OBAMA” just sickening.

    You know, I am almost a bit unsure of whether I am looking more forward to seeing Hillary elected the nominee, or to not have to see obama and his supporters act in this fashion.

    I am tho, I must admit, devilishly looking forward to seeing obama squashed! A person with that much ego, almost deserves to be stepped on! hihi hahaha ha ha HA HAHAHAHA, …..sorry, I’ll shut up now, for a few minutes.

  77. Yes, the other day someone SERIOUS posted a diary on DKOS talking about how obama was the messiah, not even the dumbass Obama supporters there bought it, but it showed how some out there are foolish enough. The ONLY time the guy sounds inspiring is after he wins a state… other than that he is a stuttering knownothing

  78. if he seriously thinks he is the Messiah or if any of his supporters really think that…well IMHO they are headed straight to the pits of hello.

  79. Anybody else think it is possible for this man to be the anti-Christ?even tho I am a atheist but this holy image that the media is painting him as is scary?

  80. really though where are Hillary signs and supporters…I am not watching till 8pm but it sounds like her support has been seriously dwarfed by the paid mourners

  81. hehe, ok I can’t seem to stop, just yet.

    Now I’ll be the first to admit I would love to see posters with pictures of Hillary, BUT looking at the crowd on CNN, it is quite telling, the Hillary supporters holding signs and posters with ‘Hillary’ on them, while obama supporters seems to be having new posters, with just his picture, and in all kinds of colors, weird looking.
    No text. No msg. Just him, ugh.

  82. Vanity4hillary
    well the anti-christ is suppose to come out of nowhere and have all the answers for all the problems of the world. People and world leaders will blindly follow him… sound familar

  83. holy image + media will kill him…and I am not talking literal. they are hyping him to glory status and the freefall is going to be a hard drop. expect him to suffer serious depression.

  84. obama does not have answers for the world…hello, he cannot answer one freakin question without stumbling around like a drunk man.

  85. Will bill be in Cali with Hillary during this debate?I find it tragic how it will be nothing but Obama supporters in the debate tonite.This is sick
    Guys I think it is over.I hate that so many people put so much hope into the general public when it comes to the media.Its the media that is programming people mind on who to vote for.It’s as simple as that
    And rjk if I am not mistaken when the anti-Christ comes the end of America will just begin?I wonder if America will end in his first 4 years?

  86. LOL!!!! oh man, clintondem99 that’s so true, making him look latin, good catch.
    just a great display of the obama campaigns empty ‘message’. All image and no substance.

  87. Jesus, Vanity4Hillary, take that CRAP elsewhere. Sorry, but “it is over” is not something that should EVER be put forward on this site.

  88. Vanity4hillary what do you mean when you say. “Guys I think it is over.”
    on cnn they just said that obama supporters came first and outnumbered hillary supporters, but ‘the Hills’ have now arrived and they are about even.

    So no loosing mentality here please!!!

  89. vanity?

    what r u sick about?

    whats over?


  90. Nothing is over, we are just getting started!!!

    Hillary is ahead, she enters this debate leading! She is the best at these debates, Hillary will win, both the debate and the election/s!

    Who quits at the finish line?

  91. lninla Says:

    January 31st, 2008 at 6:13 pm
    We California AAs (the other kind – Asian Americans!) are for Hillary too.

    Have fun ..yell for hillary kick his as___:}

    getting tense everyone..i…i wont be able to type…

    and to that ted K…people will not go for what he says.. left the girl in river drowing, with a phone and a house near by.. ,people have not forgot about it and never will…
    even shahannfitys mentioned it…

  92. 2012 actually is the date many bible scholars believe will be the end….that being said…many also believe a woman will be President at the time. Things really do point to our saviour stepping out on to the clouds at any time…the economy right now points to some really serious times for us ahead…that is why we need a strong leader at the helm…there is no time for on the job training.

  93. @ Hillary I am just getting my mind set for next week.It’s best to not set standards so high so thats why i say this.Have you not seen the polls?Trust I do not want it to come to that.But I am not going to be delusional by saying the typical American public is going to vote with there minds but will vote from what the media throws in a typical American face.Um thats why we got a bush for another 4 years



  95. Vanity4Hillary, you can think and FEEL whatever you want. That is not my point. My point is that you do NOT need to come saying it on here. Keep that negative crap to your own damn self.

  96. Online cnn just showed obama arrived, they have a camera in the back where the cars come in.
    I haven’t watched that stream so much,, but I think he is first.

    Now I want to stick with that to see when hillary arrives.
    It’s an area with no supporters, only the people working there guiding them through.

    only think to note: Obama has his ‘notes’ with him, yellow stock of papers with scramblings to remember I’m sure.

  97. oh lordy, the sky is falling in crowd on this board. we don’t need pessimism around here ya know. mostly everybody here are excited about tonite only to hear from a defeatist so called supporter. we need to be uplifted not down and outers.

  98. or I am gettinthe cuss box

    Did you see it when Hillary arrived. Black overcoat (I think) and a beautiful scarf…kindof a tourquoise.

  99. I have to say, we have not had the best week (not the worse). It would be nice to have the news cycle for a couple of days in our favor. As I have said in the past, the campagin is about preseption (sp), and right now HRC has not gotten a lot of traction. I know she is going to knock BO out, lets hope she gets the positive news coverage she deserves.

  100. I hope so too JAS. We got to trust her and her folks to run the campaign as best the can. And they are the best. We can only control what we can control

  101. Tomorrow Hillary will be at the San Jose Convention Ctr for a rally in the afternoon. Can’t wait. I RSVP’d yesterday, I’m hoping to leave work early to drive from SF to the south bay. The weather will be cooperative, it’s supposed to be dry after past few days of rain.

    Not watching cable news until the debate, but I was wondering if any of the talking heads on MSNBC or CNN brought up The Nation’s endorsement of Obama as 2007’s #1 liberal senator? Ted Kennedy + #1 liberal in senate= getting Independents and Republicans to vote Democratic. Are they living in an alternate universe? 36 minutes left until the showdown.

  102. dot48 Says:

    January 31st, 2008 at 7:18 pm
    cj…my mother in law mentioned the young woman he left to die…people have not forgotten…

    yep because it was a concocketed story…all the older woman i was young was working when it happened, but they all agreed said that lying jerk..

  103. Negative I can deal with, irrational hysteria is another thing. I don’t think that’s the 1st time you’ve declared it, “over”, V4H. How’s about we have the debate and the primaries first? You’re either really worried, a little unstable or a troll. The first two I can deal with…

  104. JAS,

    dont you see?
    it isnt what the news sees, its what the people see..


  105. no this world will never end. a new world order will be set up after Jesus returns for the believers. The REAL antichrist will rise out of the eu and will yield massive power due to economic reasons. It IS NOT obama…I personally nominate Tony Blair…

  106. You know – I am starting being afraid of this Obama guy – he seems trying to develop this personal cult that may prove to be more trouble than GWB to this country. This obsession of people with him, his pictures everywhere, his attitudes – sounds like a personal love fest. To me all of this reminds Stalin or some Middle eastern Tyrant who is trying to build himself a kingdom of sorts. Not a good sign.

  107. kingsgrove i agree. in a one on one setting she can really forcus on obama. no sideshow distractions from other candidates and wannabe’s.

  108. john…remember idols die rather quickly…..Obama = American Idol…season flavor then ko’d. all flash no substance. america will not go down that road…we have been burned before.

  109. Hi, everyone: I just spent the last two days talking to all my friends who are OB supporters and have persuaded at least some of them to help make Hillary 44. I’ve also been pitching Trib columnists here and and asking others who I know have contacts to do same. πŸ™‚ I’ve gotta get home for the debate and the weather is bad here in Chicago. I’ve got it tivo’d just in case – I’m so excited! Your amazing hard work here keeps me informed like nowhere else! Thank you! Go Hillary!

  110. crap, I went away for a few minutes and missed her arrival, I hope she wears color, could you see something under her coat? besides the scarf.

    She should wear color, as that is such an energizing thing, it will bring her energy and keep people from falling asleep while watching debates.

    Well, not us, we would never do that, but I have heard rumors that there are people out there like this, ….no it’s true, I’ve heard it! πŸ˜› They live under rocks most of the time and eat leafs.

  111. I cant wait until she gets him stutering..uhhh uhhh
    and drift in to the wind with your a** kicked..

    Voters arent stupid listening to the media…thousands and thousands wont let it happen again…27 % of Bush rating..74% wont let the media pick a goofball for President..thats what was on blogs everywhere at the beggining of this race seen what NH did…The media lied and Polls lied…

  112. guys right now…send ALL YOUR POSITIV ENERGY (well..mosto f it anyway, lol) towards HRC! HELP her get in the zone.

    Any leftover bad energy you have, you can radiate towards Obambi πŸ˜€ though he won’t need it to deliver his usual failure.

  113. was hoping she would wear that really gorgeous red pantsuit…but I am sure some anchors would say she was trying to come off sexy or sleazy. still wished she would just give them the silent finger.

    Women will rule come Tuesday…please pray for good weather in all states that Hillary is strong in.

  114. I don’t even get where the negativity is coming from. Our girl won Florida big; i’m with the realist & admin about the polls but the ones we’ve seen (excluding of course the ALWAYS WRONG rasmussen) from Mass, TN etc have been really good for HRC. She’s doing just fine!

  115. I haven’t seen anyone mention ted kennedy yet, watching cnn, and nothing on the endorsement.

    but it has been mentioned that obama needs to show he is tough enough. and that guy, king? is saying over and over that even some obama supporters are voicing that they want to see if obama is tough enough. And how Hillary was the president of the debate team at Wellesley. twice! lol

  116. mjs, I am a firm believer in positive energy…we did this today at 4pm…everyone on board one more time….collective good vibes for the next President of the United States

  117. dot48
    well I really hope that you are right – because if he is indeed the democratic candidate for the presidency – I will probably vote for Mc Cainor not vote at all. Not because I like Mc Cain so much or I think that he is right – but because this guy should not be president. Period.

  118. @ Molly thanks for that I will take deep breaths because I was just about to go off on these people here that is trying to go into personal attacks on me here.Uh some of these people was getting my hopes up when they was saying its possible for Hillary to win SC.But I am moving on to the next subject

    And CJ I am hoping since its just two of them on the debate tonite that Hillary piss all over that idiot Obama.I have my tv off because i don’t want to hear all of that messiah Obama Network aka CNN.And if Obama stumbles we all know the media will paint it as tho its Hillary’s fault

  119. pressure on Obama to outperform…he will stutter himself off the stage. I thought they could not take notes onto the stage

  120. The thing that pisses me off with the media and the way they have been acting all year, is IMAGINE how far ahead she would have been, and way on her way uniting, at least democrats, if they hadn’t sided with Obama, she is ahead now, imagine if they had actually done their job and stayed neutral.

    Oh well, just shows the people how strong she really is.

    By the way, my recorder is set! This is one to keep!

  121. btw…don’t believe that bullshit Obama fundraising number. They have sold SO many Barack Obama DVDs, posters, t-shirts, cups, mugs, buttons, CDs, and key chains that when y ou factor everything in, you’ve got to have that much. lol.

    You see, what the Obama campaign is worrying about is their spending rate and the fact that they must come out with all these little trinkets to encourage donaters instead of just pure donations.

  122. @terron nobody here is a Obama fan so seriously stop it b4 I attack you like Hillary attacks your boy Obama in a debate.So you know that would be a losing battle for you.Don’t throw accusations like that honey.

  123. I agree, nikki. Bad week for Hillary, someone said? HELLLOOO??????? FLORIDA??????????

    She is going to kick butt on Super Tuesday. Bambi’s plan was always to get big mo before then, try to knock her out early before Super Tuesday hit. Her plan was always to concentrate on the 2/05 states. Guess whose plan is working out? πŸ™‚

  124. but either way, this debate will be the stuff of legends. Think about it. When’s the next time we’ll be in a debate with only a woman and an African American candidate? Alone? The two frontrunners of a major party in the United States well positioned to take back the white house?

    Tonight, is history.

  125. i agree gorto. msnbc we all agree is the worst. i will love seeing the look on tweety face when hillary sweeps supertuesday. connecticut like mass will fall into line come tuesday.

  126. Just posted this on Hillary’s message board.

    Hi from Louisiana. We still have very painful memories about the abandonment from the Bush administration that we’ve experienced after Katrina. We’ve had an uphill battle that isn’t over yet (Hurry Hillary). But with Mardi Gras on Feb 5th and the Super Tuesday primaries, I’m going to really be celebrating.

    Lessez les bon temps rouler, (Let the good times roll)!

    All the best tonight at the debate.

  127. im just sorry i will not be here tuesday eve. there are tv’s and computers i can check at work tuesday. i may be able to have a quick shout out but not long. not really supposed to be using the work

  128. good luck hillary!

    you have many fans rooting for you tonight. stay cool, stay on subject and always with that amazing sense of humor. give us that wonderful hillary smile while you twist the blade.

    we love ya’, girl!!!

  129. The Realist, I don’t think I can count past 100 when I’m busy tuning out from Obama and tuning into valuable stuff that Hillary actually has to offer. Besides, I’ve heard jhis speeches and his debates are mostly just twists of his speeches with no real details and the occasional flip flop on something he had said earlier.

  130. WOW! V4H, you calling obama terrondt’s boy????????????

    Admin throw this one out!!! Terrondt like all, scratch that, MOST of us supports and loves Hillary, he is no obama guy so just stop it!

  131. yeah, right whatever, i am one of the biggest hillary fans here. everybody can vouch for me and have my back. HA!!!!

  132. This is it folks. A chance for Hillary, the absolute best candidate, to show her stuff. This is going to be one of the biggest debates in political history. You and I will be watching a monumental moment that is, and will be, historically remembered for a very long time. I’m recording this (for posterity) and watching live. Champions are made by delivering defining moments. I have no doubt that Hillary will be the Champion tonight. She is the smartest, most prepared, and most experienced. She will rise to the occasion and make us all proud. I know that Hillary will connect with people like me and you. She will outline her plans, strategy, and show her mastery of politics and the political. She is going to knock it out of the ballpark tonight. Go Hillary!

  133. v4h..please calm down. stop the handwringing and please don’t call other people out on the mat. let Hillary do that tonight at the debate.

  134. And your description of Bill, OkieAtty. I also thought he was pretty attractive myself, lol.


  135. thanks therealist, i have been here since last june. in the pic check out my hillary pins why you are at it v4t.

  136. VANITY,




  137. Admin should we start a new thread as the debate starts?? Already a lot of posts on this one, might be taking more time to refresh the page for some.

    Alright, I can feel the nerves coming now! But good nerves. I’m in alignment with my desires! haha.

    Come on girl!

    They just said Steven Spielberg is there tonight, and dicaprio. and many more celebs.

  138. I believe Hillary should play it nice this time. But she also has to stand her ground and attack. The best tack would be to show Obama’s inconsistent/shifting positions. Hillary is an excellent debater and she would do very well!!!


  139. well stating you don’t like to be called an obama supporter, why call another hillary supporter an obama supporter??? Your doing the same crap.

    But fine, we’re all a little fired up now, so lets calm down, and unite for the debate, focus positive energy.

    I will be watching the focus groups reaction online and the debate on tv, will be fun.

  140. terrondt…don’t sweat the losers. you know we love you.

    let’s pool our positive energy toward our girl. how lucky we are to support the greatest candidate of the 21st century. so much to be proud of.

    let’s do it. time to put this pretender to bed.

  141. Uh I so hope Hillary goes on a attack band wagon(when he attempt to first).And she must do a closing remark on his arse also.


    Just read your article:

    Obama’s African Hubris..

    In case you missed this:,8599,1707857,00.html

    Mrs. S.

  143. CNN saying that BO is trending up and HRC is trending down…. I know I sound like a broken record… Endorsments mean every thing

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