Florida: Make Hillary 44

We’ll make this short and sweet (updates throughout the day as events warrant).

Big Media lost big last night.

Obama lost big last night.

Obama’s campaign is not very bright, smart, or swift.

What’s the proof for the above statements? The proof is John Edwards has quit.

* * *

Recall, Big Media and Obama were laughing at Hillary and Florida. They said Florida was a “beauty contest”. Florida they said does not count. They mocked Hillary. Chris Matthews sneered. Keith Olbermann snickered.

But what happened? Hillary went to Florida to defend the rights of Florida voters. Hillary went to Florida to claim the laurel wreaths of victory. And Big Media had to acknowledge her victory. Hillary was interviewed all night long on Big Media television outlets. Hillary was shown at her victory rally. Hillary was shown over and over to be the winner of the Florida primary. Hillary beat Big Media, again.

Obama? Obama laughed at the results. Obama disrespected and snubbed Florida Democrats. In turn Florida Democrats snubbed Obama. Obama and his Big Media buddies laughed at Hillary and Florida. Florida and Hillary laughed right back. Lesson: don’t whine – Fight.

If Florida did not count, if Florida does not matter – WHY THEN DID EDWARDS QUIT THE RACE TODAY?

Florida was important and that is why Edwards left the race today.

Edwards faced a wall of Big Media silence regarding his campaign. He never found a way to fight effectively against the Big Media ignoring his campaign. As we wrote in our very first post, the opposition is Big Media. The Big Media Party is running their tool in this campaign. Obama is a tool.

* * *

Obama has once again proved himself a buffoon. Instead of countering Hillary’s event in Florida last night – Obama sulked. Obama hid. Obama ran from the field of battle.

Obama campaign operatives held conference calls, issued memos, and laughed heartily at Florida and Hillary. Obama scorned the voters of the extremely important state of Florida. Florida scorned right back.

Let’s all salute the Great State of Florida and the Great Democrats of Florida. Florida Democrats did not get a purple thumb, like Iraqis did, as proof that they voted. But Florida Democrats gained the respect of the nation. Florida Democrats voted in huge numbers and made themselves relevant.

Faced with a stupid DNC enforced non-campaign in Florida – the voters fought back. Grassroots activists campaigned for their favorite candidates. Florida voters responded. Over a million Florida Democrats voted. Florida Democrats would not be left out. Hillary received close to a million votes.

* * *

The battle for Florida is not over. Obama will fight to disenfranchise Florida voters. Hillary will fight for the rights of Florida voters.


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  1. the opposition is Big Media. The Big Media Party is running their tool in this campaign. Obama is a tool.
    Oh so true. Great post admin!

  2. Nader people are pretty crazy. They *are* willing to just throw their vote away, all in the name of some higher power. I have some friends who are extreme Libertarians. They will probably follow Nader without another choice. They are perfectly willing to make a vote of conscience that will have no effect whatsoever. Even if it means a worst case scenario for president. The people border on fanaticism. It is sad. I talk to my Libertarian friends alot about politics. It usually is a very heated conversation. We have alot to disagree about. One thing for certain, they are stubborn. They would vote independent even if Hitler was going to win the Presidency because of it (that is a joke, but not far from it).

  3. Clinton schedule for today…..

    *all times Eastern

    Wednesday, January 30

    8:45 am
    Bill Clinton attends a “Solutions for America” event in Edwardsville, Illinois

    11:30 am
    Hillary Clinton attends a “Solutions for the American Economy” town hall in North Little Rock, Arkansas

    1:15 pm
    Bill Clinton attends a “Solutions for America” event in Norman, Oklahoma

    4:30 pm
    Hillary Clinton delivers remarks at the National Baptist Convention of America in Atlanta, Georgia

    8:00 pm
    Hillary Clinton and John Edwards deliver remarks at the Georgia Democratic Party’s Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner in Atlanta, Georgia

    11:00 pm
    Bill Clinton attends a “Solutions for America” event in Denver, Colorado

  4. Wrote a letter to the editor of the Boston Globe today… I doubt they will print so I copied it here:

    Dear Editor,

    I am sick and tired of the slanted news reports in the media about Hillary Clinton versus Barack Obama. It seems that Hillary can do nothing right, not even show genuine emotion, but anything Barack does, including being openly rude at the SOTU address or insulting during the debate with his “you’re likable enough Hillary” is somehow OK or misunderstood. For too many people, including those rushing to endorse him now, this man can do no wrong and is somehow above the scrutiny and investigation we expect for people running for president.

    Well I for one do not believe the hype. I have listened to his speeches, I have read his books. I have watched his interviews. Where others see “soaring oratory and inspiration” I only seem to find empty platitudes and narcissism.

    For example Barack talks endlessly about uniting the parties without giving any specifics. Unite with whom? I ask. When pressed, he mentions the names of a few moderate republicans. OK, these people work well with Democrats already. Certainly, Barack will not be inviting Condolezza Rice or Dick Cheney to help map strategy for energy use or the Middle East. Even if he did, they would not participate. His promises ring hollow.

    Contrast that with Hillary Clinton who as a Senator worked with Trent Lott, the man who had impeached her husband, to develop health care programs for children- and succeeded.

    With Hillary Clinton we have such a gift. A person who has been there and done that and can do it again. I trust her judgement in knowing when to look for unity and compromise and when to stand on the principles that separate the Democratic party from the Republicans.

    I want more than a feel good message from a beauty contestant. At a time of two wars, economic turmoil and global climate change, its time to have someone who knows what she is doing and knows how to get things done.

  5. I know some folks who were for Edwards and I don’t think that that all of them will bail for Nader.

    Meanwhile some of us just woke up: that’s great news about Patty Murray. Hooray for Senator Murray! Thank you! She’s a leading democrat in the Senate!

    Hill’s in Arkansas today!

  6. Transcript of Hillary on Edwards from a local news station in Birmingham, Alabama this morning (per TPM):

    HRC: Well Senator Edwards is a friend of mine, he was a colleague in the senate and I have the highest regard for him, and I’m really admiring of what he has done to make sure that poverty was on the agenda here in America. He encouraged all of us in his passion and advocacy and I hope he will continue that work because it is really important that we stay focused on what we’re going to do to help people.
    You know, I’m out here talking about making the economy work for everybody. And it needs to work for the middle class, working people, it needs to give a life line to poor people like we did in the 1990s, so in any way that I can be part of this effort to try to target poverty I am going to be.

    ANCHOR: Senator, there is no indication right now that he would endorse a candidate, would you hope and expect that his supporters would back you now and your candidacy?

    HRC: Well, I’m certainly going to be reaching out to everyone who did support Senator Edwards. I think that our emphasis on what happens in the real lives of Americans, making this about solving our problems, looking at taking on those interests that stand in the way of universal health care, and a tax system that doesn’t favor the wealthy and well-connected and making sure college is affordable.

    You know these are the causes that I’ve worked on for 35 years. Senator Edwards shares a lot of those passions with me and I hope that I’ll be able to persuade his supporters in the week ahead as we move toward super Tuesday to come over and endorse and support me because I want to have a united democratic party with a very strong base going into the November 2008 election.

  7. I strongly urge every Hillary supporter to call the DNC and let them know that you stand up for Florida and Michigan voters!!

  8. The thing that Big Media keeps forgetting is that their credibility is gone after 7 years of Bush. Gone, departed, they have none, zero, zip, nada. The time is long past when voters will make decisions based on what the pundits tell them.

    If they would actually cover this fairly, the American public might consider restoring a modicum of trust in their news outlets. But the media, in their arrogance, they still believe in their influence, and so continue to dig their own hole even deeper. It’s sad, really.

    (Hi, Ben!)

    I am thinking of having a bumper sticker made that says: PISS OFF THE MEDIA – VOTE HILLARY! 🙂 It would likely be effective. These morons have no idea how much they are laughed at rather than revered by the general public.

  9. I just called the Obama campaign headquarters (866) 675-2008 and explained that I am very upset to hear that *my* Florida vote will not be counted. Very upset that he won’t fight for Florida voters and that I am disgusted that CNN’s reporter, when asking the campaign about their response, said, “They are laughing at Florida”. I was nice, courteous, and explained myself without giving information on how I voted. I just wanted to let him know that as a Florida voter, who he is agreeing to disenfranchise, I am disgusted with him. Whether or not true, the volunteer on the phone said “Obama has attempted to seat the Florida delegates in the past” and “He will be making a statement soon about this”.

  10. Time to do the “Hillary Dance”, everybody.
    (In case you missed it)

    *Really charming 10 minute video of Hillary taking questions from the team of America Ferrera and Amber Tamblyn (Chelsea makes a cameo):

    Recorded backstage at last Monday’s CNN debate; posted on YouTube: January 28, 2008


  11. Good for you, Kaffeen! Obama has painted himself into a corner on this one, so we can definitely afford to keep the pressure on.

  12. Hillary has a huge pic of John and Elizabeth Edwards on her front page.

    Obama has not even a mention.

    HA! Beat you to the punch again, Obamatons!

  13. Mr. Obama, who was campaigning in Colorado on Wednesday, heard the news about Mr. Edwards’ withdrawal from the race while he was doing his morning workout.

    Edwards spoke with Hillary personally.

  14. Video of Hillary’s response to Edwards dropping out on MSNBC from the Page:


    Compassionate and on point.

  15. I am a long time employee of the Cook County Assessor and would like to come clean about personal knowledge relating to an inconsistency in Sen. Obama’s property taxes.

    Mr. Barack Obama and his wife purchased a house in Hyde Park during the month of June 2005. The total purchase price was $1,650,000. Title was put into a unnamed land trust. I will not publish a pin or address because of obvious security concerns for the Obama family.

    The house was reassessed during summer of 2006. All of the surrounding houses were increased by an average of 28%. The Obama residence increased 6%. What is more troubling is that we always attempt to assess houses at about 68% of actual sale prices. The Obama residence is assessed at 90,882 with a market value of 568,012. That is just about one third of the selling price from 2005. When I questioned this assessment, I was transferred to another project in the office. The Obama assessment was then completed by the same person who did the workup for Governor Blagojevich’s house, which also was assessed at a lower percentage of surrounding properties and rose at a fraction of the rate of surrouding properties. According to standards set up within the office, the assessment should have been 179,520 and the tax bill should have been almost double in this one assessment cycle alone.

    These types of things occur almost weekly. Such is the way of Cook County and Chicago. They probably happen every day but I don’t see it because they have me answering the telephone now.

  16. Vote for Hillary in Halperin’s poll on the page


  17. This is something that needs to be shared. How people decided in the last three days is not the story of the day. Youth, one of only two demographics Obama still owns, are now deserting him as well. This is a turning point.

    Fr: Emily Hawkins, Director of Youth Outreach
    Date: Tuesday, January 29, 2008
    RE: Tonight Hillary Won The Youth Vote In Florida.

    According to exit polling, Hillary Clinton captured the youth vote in Florida tonight, beating Senator Barack Obama 45 to 42 percent among 18-29 year olds. Because the DNC stripped Florida of its delegates, no campaign actively worked to court voters in the state.
    Our campaign’s appeal to younger voters has been increasing with our national online, multimedia and peer-to-peer efforts. In the absence of any program in Florida, many young voters organized themselves and got involved on behalf of Hillary. Young people are energized by Hillary. They like that she has solid ideas about how to really make our country and our future better. She is an inspiration for many young people especially young women eager and proud to cast their vote for the first woman president. We’re thrilled with the ever-growing support we’re receiving from young voters and obviously the work we’ve been doing nationally to engage young voters and give them greater access and input is making a difference. With economic concerns growing more young people see their future at stake in this presidential election and are looking towards Hillary Clinton as a leader who can solve those problems and provide a better future.

  18. ROFLMAO:

    Someone on BBC Radio on Rudi:

    “He was a crappy mayor on Sept 10th”
    “Then on Sept 11th and 12th he was the new Jesus”

  19. Just finished watching the end of Hillary’s speech in Little Rock. It was great and the crowd was huge. I think it is safe to say that their former first lady has that state in the win column! 🙂

    *knock-on-wood* [Just in case.]

  20. Comment from Kookistan:


    Edwards Was My First Choice, Hillary Second

    farewell to a great guy who ran an excellent campaign. I’ve always been surprised that his campaign message didn’t take off more. It always seemed to me that he had it all, and that he was the perfect candidate for president. Maybe someday. I wish him and Elizabeth the best.

    I’m going to vote for Hillary now. I think she’s the best one to deal with health care, and to pull us out of this economic quicksand. I think the Republicans will unfortunately try to stop any candidate who tries to make meaningful change. But I see her as more likely to fight them off.

    by gort on Wed Jan 30, 2008 at 09:54:02 AM PST


    Obama is a SORE LOSER and a childish, immature, naive, inexperienced hypocrite. I hope his supporters will open their eyes and realize this election is way too important to waste their vote on such a jackass!!

  22. Always, and he is “laughing” at Florida voters (his campaign words, not mine). He is very immature, condescending, and very inexperienced. He has not substance whatsoever. No *real* plans to solve the issues we care about. He is selling fairy tales. I’m not buying it, I hope others will not either.

  23. Just stopped over at Hill’s page to add my voice to the throng who salute John and Elizabeth Edwards for a campaign well fought.

  24. Gotta love Wonkette: Obama Gives Friend Tony Rezko His ‘Fear Money’ Back

    Chicago’s “Slum Landlord to the Stars,” Tony Rezko, was arrested for some “slum landlord” crime on Monday. Although Barack Obama, his ol’ pal from the community organizing days in the South Side, had claimed to not really have any interaction with this guy, he is now taking $150,000+ in Rezko-tainted donations and giving them to Charity, and this is a Hopeful Change. Chris Matthews and various Obamatards around the world will likely blame this on Hillary Clinton, because that’s what they do when their own candidate has fucked up.

  25. Guys I know this will sound really shallow but I wish Hillary would wear more color! I think she looks great in yellow and blue. After she gets the nomination I’m hoping she spruces up the wardrobe some. I know right now she probably just wants to be comfortable but hopefully we’ll get the glam Hill after she gets the votes.

  26. My calls to the DNC:

    “When is Howard Dean going to stop running the Democratic primaries like the rigged elections of a third-rate bananna republic and start counting the votes of all Americans including those in Florida and Michigan?”

  27. nikki22, I agree. I loved the red outfit she wore to SOTU.

    On a more serious note, lol, I was glad to read that N.Y. Times blog entry saying Hillary has been reaching out to Edwards since NH.

  28. Ditto what HillaryforTexas said…let’s follow the example of our candidate and show the Edwards camp the respect they’ve earned.

  29. Oh crap, they broke into “All My Children” so they could show Edwards making his speech. He’s telling the “cleft palate” story again.

  30. I wish John and Elizabeth only the best. He ran a good campaign and will continue his good works in the future.

  31. Please phone Patty Murray and tell her thanks for supporting Hillary! She’s in the top Senate Leadership and this is a big get, too. Let’s not forget to say thank you!

    Phone: (202) 224-2621

  32. Has Obama made any public statements about Edwards today? I don’t mean a press release, I mean something live.

  33. And I join the others here in wishing Senator Edwards and Elizabeth Edwards all the best. I know everybody here holds the causes of poverty , health care and the other causes that affect the working men and women dear. They are Hillary’s causes as well.

  34. molly so true.. we are not limo latte liberals.. we are common man day in day out regular working liberals who feel that government should work for americans.. not against americans

  35. OkieAtty

    Thought I’d leave you a note before I swim upthread to catch up.

    Hope you are feeling better and don’t have to drag your bod over to see/hear Bill and Chelsea; hope you can, if not skip a few steps, at least grin and feel a little jaunty.

    Feel good for the moment and get really well soon. We are quite jealous.

  36. # Tareli Says:
    January 30th, 2008 at 1:43 pm

    Is John Edwards still going to speak at the J&J dinner tonight?

    Good question. Will Hillary have the event to herself? Sweet.

  37. Nikki,

    Campaigns have very specific reasons for dressing their candidates as they do. Tons of research goes into how people respond to colors and styles that they wear. If Hillary is wearing drab clothes, comfort is the least of the issues. It probably means that they have discovered men don’t respond to her as well when she wears bright colors. This is all about research. There is no happenstance when it comes to one of the most fundamental issues with how a candidate appears. Colors provoke reactions and help form impressions. You’ll notice most male candidates usually have on either a red tie or a blue tie. When was the last time you saw a green tie on a male candidate in a debate? That’s not a coincidence. The colors a candidate wears are one of the key aspects of the impression that is formed.

  38. As a man, I don’t like the “Bumble-bee” suits. I do like her with yellow or blue blouse/dress shirt/accessories and a dark outfit. In my mind, she looks very professional when dressed like that. Hey, I know it doesn’t really make a difference too much, just my 2 cents.

  39. There is some annoying woman on MSNBC who is so clearly an Obama supporter. She keeps saying that Edwards message is more similar to Obama in terms of “change” and fighting for poverty. STFU b*tch. I hate these media people. Just because Obama was working in inner city Chicago while accepting money from Rezco doesn’t mean he has a PLAN to fight poverty, universal health, and women and children’s rights.

    Whatever. As long as Edwards doesn’t endorse Obama before Super Tuesday, Hillary benefits the most from Edwards dropping out of the race.

  40. Different colors definately bring out different emotions and appeal to different groups. Like somebody said, there’s tons of research on this. I know somebody who’s a color consultant for buildings and houses.

  41. highlyeducated let the media say its crap.. we all know who obama represents.. latte liberals who think hope is the way to make stuff happen.. bush even in his last SOTU offered lot more “hope” than obama can ever offer.. to me both of them are empty.. it was a mistake to put bush in office then, its a mistake to put obama in office now!

  42. Gallup:
    Clinton 42% (-2)
    Obama 36% (+3)
    Edwards 12% (-2)

    Looks like the Kennedy endorsement was only worth 3%. Gallup is a highly inaccurate pollster though

  43. Jaz, and we have plenty of undecided and Edwards voters now. I think those will mostly go to Hillary, but not by too much. Perhaps 2/3 of those voters, or a little less.

  44. Over at the HillHub there’s an update about Hillary leading in TN. I am SO proud to have been one tiny drop in the bucket that helped put here there! It just makes my heart swell with pride!

    (LOL…I’m tired and emotional today, can you tell?)

  45. Polls don’t matter right now and by the time they adjust to the new dynamic, Hillary will be the presumptive nominee.

  46. Tomorrow and 2/5, will change the face of this campaign. So I hope/pray these poll numbers change for the best. I wish Richardson and Edwards will endorse soon.

  47. I hope we can start a grassroots petition campaign urging media to cover the event.. ONLY THEN will the event be of any significance.. can we organize something of that scale?

  48. Admin, can we arrange somthing of that scale? I mean media covered Oprah speech for 2 hours.. cant it cover Hillary townhall? all media outlets covered teddy kennedy endorsement.. for almost 1 hour!

  49. Admin,

    It’s you and Jamison Foser who understand that the media is every Democrat’s primary opponent. I get so frustrated with Dems who expect a Democratic candidate to present themselves as an out and out progressive without any mitigation. You can’t do that. The media will eat you alive. You don’t give the media a club to beat you with and that’s what so many progressives have demanded Hillary do.

    That is the essential point and it is one of the things that drew me firmly to Clinton’s camp. Kerry never understood. Gore never understood it. But Clinton does and it’s why I think she is more likely to win than any other Dem running. And it’s why if there is a debacle around the vote as there was in 00 and 04, she can prevail in that contest as well.

    Hopefully, Dems, this time out, will pay attention as to what it takes to win.

  50. Great point, Basement Angel. Where you been? Got any recent thoughts or insights on the opposition (not the media but the person of the opponent?)

  51. Mark Johnson of the Ill GOP Network writes:

    Obama will be giving back about what most middle class people make in 5 years. My only question is why were we lead to believe from the media that with each “giving back stage” that was the totality of the contributions. Each time Rezko gets in trouble Obama coughs a little more up. I wonder what a conviction will cost?


  52. If Obama were ahead at the convention, but the FL and MI votes would give the nom to Hillary, how could DNC resist the pressure to seat those delegates? In that case, DNC would ‘select’ the nominee just as the Supreme Court selected Bush. Even more so, since the Court only ended the recount, they didn’t throw Gore’s votes in the dumpster.

    So if Obama goes into the convention with a bigger lead than the FL-MI spread, he’ll seat the delegates. If Hillary is leading, she’ll seat the delegates.

    The only scenario where they might not be seated — Obama leads by less than the FL-MI spread and refuses to seat them — is a nightmare. Mr. ‘Hope’ would be ‘Mr. Fraud’, Mr. ‘Typical’. Mr. ‘Hope’ would have less legitimacy than Bush. Mr. ‘Unity’ would start all out total war in the Democratic Party. I’m sorry, but is Howard Dean smoking crack? He needs to put this to rest right now — not wait for a potential holocaust at the Convention.

    And I for one would support Hillary and Bill in doing anything–anything!–to prevent Obama from winning by massive disenfranchisement. Women were denied the right to vote until 1920. Martin Luther King died to secure the right to vote for blacks. Now the first black Democratic nominee wins through massive disenfranchisement? The first woman Democratic nominee loses only through massive disenfranchisement? The Obama
    ‘Hope’ campaign would turn into a disgusting stain on American history. Howard Dean needs a catscan if he thinks that dog will hunt.

  53. The constant worries about endorsements are also of little import. The campaign has entered a new phase where Hillary controls her own destiny, independent of the slanders of BM, the endorsement game, and any other outside influence you can think of. She will be on stage, unfiltered and speaking directly to the electorate for 90 glorious minutes tomorrow. She will garner TENS OF MILLIONS of votes and over ONE THOUSAND delegates by this time next week.

    Keep working hard, but recognize the new paradigm; We have come through the fire of the small states primaries where the establishment (I feel like I’m back in the ’60’s man!) had hoped to derail her candidacy.
    Now that we have entered the phase where retail campaigning is impossible, and the demographic make-up of the states is more representative of the population at large, there is nothing that can stop this historic campaign.

    Endorsements are nice, but the WHOLE DEMOCRATIC PARTY by definition endorses the democratic nominee for president, from Jimmy Carter to Ted and Caroline Kennedy, to Kerry, Edwards, and even Barry himself, will all be hand in hand singing that song we associate with Barry now, but that the whole party will be sining in unison as we unite to take back the White House and restore the promise and the glory of our nation.

  54. Well, the Obama camp FINALLY decided to show John and Elizabeth Edwards some respect. Wonder what took them so long? (insert eyeroll)

  55. just heard Maya Angelou on MSBNC – she’s out with radio ads for Hillary – the newscaster looked totally befuddled when she said Hillary is a woman, not an old female – so this is what’s she’s referring to, her poem:

    There is a world of difference between being a woman and being an old female. If you’re born a girl, grow up, and live long enough, you can become an old female. But to become a woman is a serious matter. A woman takes responsibility for the time she takes up and the space she occupies. Hillary Clinton is a woman. She has been there and done that and has still risen. She is in this race for the long haul. She intends to make a difference in our country. Hillary Clinton intends to help our country to be what it can become.

    She declares she wants to see more smiles in the family, more courtesies between men and women, more honesty in the marketplace. She is the prayer of every woman and man who longs for fair play, healthy families, good schools, and a balanced economy.

    Rise, Hillary.


  56. Admin,

    see post from Ill Against Obama above. Can anyone verify? Cheating on your taxes is not a way to rise above divisive politics.

  57. called Senator Murray office and they seem so happy to hear from me!! Everyone call and voice your support for this fine ladies endorsement of Hillary.

    202 224 2621

    Also,called DNC…ladies beligerant that voters in florida had other “issues” to vote on…delegates WILL NOT be seated in any way. Darm she was a smart a$$.

    I beat her till she gave me Florida # 850-222-3411 … i’m off to call there as well.

    I told her that voters were going to march in Florida (lie) but she agreed yes, they were….anyone heard this?

  58. I’m so glad to be back online, just got my internet on last night and have been going through all the threads from last time…and let me tell you, I just could not look at any news program because they were all crap, although FoxNews weren’t that bad as the rest.

    I was like a junkie without this blog to sustain me…and I hope M.A. start looking for new senators because the ones they have are so out-of-touch from their base.

    Teddy what can I say, he is definately out-of-touch with his base and they won’t forget it either.

    Obama is an arrognant twit and his attitude that his support is deep in the AA community that they will not vote for Hillary in the GE is truly amazing to this AA who proudly wear her Hillary stinker on her truck and talk up Hillary all the time to Obama supporters and they love Hillary too.

    Great get, Maxine Waters she is a powerful figure in the L.A. Region and that says alot in SoCal politics, just as Hillary visit to Compton did too.

  59. Sheesh…just checked out the comments from Obama supporters under their salute to John Edwards. They so classless. Nary a mention of the contributions John and Elizabeth have made in this race, just endless prattle about how Edwards exit will or won’t benefit them.

    Way to show your true colors, Obama fans.

  60. Democratic White House candidate Barack Obama on Wednesday said rival Hillary Rodham Clinton is too polarizing to win the presidency and she has taken positions shared by President Bush and Republican candidate John McCain for political expediency.

    Negative campaigning, oh my! Perhaps we just misunderstand your condescending, arrogant, and complete ineptness.

  61. was just listening to Susan Rice, obama supporter, on MSNBC and wish she would just STFU- she said that Obama is ready to be leader on day one because he’s a ‘leader in the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, on the Veterans committee” – SHE IS FULL OF SH*T – he hasn’t led one hearing on the Senate Subcommittee; he’s got the 2nd worst attendance of Veteran Affairs meetings as a democrat in the 109th Congress – WHY doesn’t the media challenge these things? I know, I’m ranting because Big Media is the wine-drinkers, the Starbucks elitists, the people who don’t have to worry about their incomes or their health insurance – they are Obama supporters.

  62. called DNC in Florida. actually spoke to a quite nice young woman. She said Hillary Clinton is working to get the delegates seated and that no, as of this time Barack Obama has not responded in like fashion. She said those delegates will be seated by march 1.

  63. What is with the delegate count MSNBC is giving out? Obama has 64, Hillary has 48 and Edwards had 26 delegate?

    This is the worst campaign news cycle I’ve ever seen.

  64. lninla
    He has been a senator only for 2 short years after which he decide to run for president in Dec 2006. this guy is an upstart – pure and simple. He is trying to make us think that he is so grand and in reality there is nothing so spacial about him. He still a junior senator from Illinois and so far didn’t made anything that significant to claim any greatness.

  65. one article in newsweek indicated that the kennedy family members will hit the campaign trail in the next few days. I am not sure the country want to vote for the Kennedy family. I think the opposite may be true.

  66. meiyngsu……yes, I think it will have a negative effect. That is my personal opinion, however, there was a poll that Lou Dobbs had (I think it was him), and just as many people said his endorsement would have a negative effect as no effect. The negative/no effect was overwhelming and the positive effect votes were very minor.

  67. Hawk, ya it is really interesting to see the state by state breakdown on that poll. Hillary leads by double digits in California, Florida, and New York (delegate rich states too).

  68. I was thinking that black is Hillary’s comfort color because we all think that we look thinner. I agree that she lookes great in bright colors and in pastels but whatever gives her confidence.

    I think that she can easily outcharm Obama and can out wonk him by a mile.

    Hopefully, he will once again misquote Bill Clinton as he did on Sunday. “The era of small government is over”, he said. He thought that was the echo of Reagan. Evidently Obama hasn’t studied either man or either admin. The era that was over was BIG government. Not quite the same thing.

    Tell us what you’ve done, what you’ve fixed and what you plan to do and let Obama be Obama, hoping for change and changing for hope and inspiring for progress, and progressing for unity, and uniting for inspiration. Let them eat change.

  69. Hi, Everyone: I got out of the hospital on Monday afternoon, and I am slowly getting back into the saddle. I sent another donation this morning to Our Girl and will be at the National Headquarters on Tuesday next week to work the phones.

    I wrote a diary at Daily Kos this morning about Hillary’s big win in Florida. Hillary won 50 percent more votes than Obama won. She won 24% more votes than McCain won. She won more votes than Guiliani, Huckabee, Edwards, and Paul combined. In fact, her total is only one third less than the total of all votes for all Democratic candidates in Iowa, NH, Nevada, and SC combined. Now, that’s one hell of a victory.

  70. does anyone know if ALL the 22 states up for grabs on 2/5 have early voting? I know Tn does cause I live here. Any idea how one would find out how early voting is going in these states.

  71. B, still digging some dirt with MO? I have felt since the beginning that she is actually more corrupt than Obama is, although Obama has obviously used her to his gain.

  72. Just read this on MSNBC’s first read blog;

    “On Monday February 4, 2008, the Clinton campaign will host an unprecedented live webcast town hall with 21 Super Tuesday states participating simultaneously in the conversation by satellite. It will be the first time in presidential campaign history that voters in the Super Tuesday states can have their voices heard in a single national town hall. The event, called “Voices Across America: A National Town Hall” will be simulcast starting at 9 p.m. EST on hillaryclinton.com. […]

    The 22 cities where the campaign will host events are Birmingham, AL; Phoenix, AZ; Little Rock, AR; Los Angeles, CA; San Francisco, CA; Denver, CO; Hartford, CT; Wilmington, DE; Athens, GA; Boise, ID; Chicago, IL; Wichita, KS; Boston, MA; St. Paul, MN; Kansas City, MO; Cherry Hill, NJ; Albuquerque, NM; New York, NY; Grand Forks, ND; Tulsa, OK; Knoxville, TN; Salt Lake City, UT.”

    Is this the big news promised earlier today?

  73. Some do, but some are done sending out early voting forms like Arizona. It tells you on Hill’s website when you click on a state.

  74. Realist, not sure, but it is a fantastic thing to do. Hillary has some great resources. I encourage everyone to make a contribution to the campaign in any way they can. I contribute weekly ($$$) and contribute my time (calling). Super Tuesday could be the beginning of the end for Mr. Obama.

  75. Kaffeen, I think that FL was the beginning of the end. And, everyone in politics, including MessNBC’s Matthews seems to know it.
    Beautiful and inspiring message from Maya.

  76. more;

    Hillary Clinton will anchor the town hall in New York, while President Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, and national and local surrogates will serve as hosts at events in the other states. Voters attending the events will be able to ask questions from these satellite events directly to Hillary Clinton in New York. In addition, Clinton will take questions submitted by voters online at http://www.hillaryclinton.com/townhall.

  77. kaffeen, did you read the article I wrote about her and when she joined City Hall? BTW, I have an email link up now at “Confidential Tips” (sorry admin, a good idea is worth stealing!)

  78. B, I did see that, I’ve read all your stuff 🙂

    Hillfan435, I think Florida will be the “capitalization” of The End! (when they are finally recognized and delegates seated).

  79. As usual, lots of good comments today.

    DCDemocrat, our continued good wishes. What’s the link to your post?

    Perazul, thanks for what you are doing in California. Let all of us know how to help. Please keep us informed on the phonebanking situation.

    B. Merryfield, thanks for the Rezko updates.

    Grinnelldem on the Youth vote and Hillary rising:

    Ill Against Obama, interesting information on Obama house and taxes:

    We’ll keep track on the Monday night TownHall event and of course Hillary on Letterman.

  80. admin, can you start a petition asking msnbc, cnn and other networks to cover the entire meeting? they covered oprah, teddy kennedy endorsement etc for full one hour each on networks!!!

  81. For the poll watchers: not all polls or pollsters are created equal. Its been my experience that Rasmussen & Zogby are particularly unreliable and inaccurate. I think LAT/Bloomberg have done a good job & SUSA has a good track record. Also compare them with other polls done at the same time to see if they make sense.

  82. I have some friends who are extreme Libertarians. They will probably follow Nader without another choice.

    I’m beginning to have a dream … that we can bring so many old school lunch-bucket democrats — FDR/Truman types — back into action, that we won’t NEED any Nader types or Obama types. And with the internet, maybe we can bypass the Corporate Media too.

    Give ’em hell, HIllary!

  83. A rumor from MSNBC’s blog. I generally don’t pay attention to this stuff but there just might be a grain of truth to this one…

    “I have some inside info on what is going on in the Edwards team. I know people in the Edwards campaign including his campaign manager trying to talk him out of endorsing Hillary Clinton. But at the end, Edwards is going to endorse Clinton. She was there honoring Edwards’ son when he died in a fatal car accident, and Edwards never forgot that. Edwards will in turn get the Attorney General position, or a seat on the Supreme Court.”

    Faithful Democrat (Sent Wednesday, January 30, 2008 3:20 PM)

  84. Gladiatorstail, we could do a petition, but would it do any good? Big Media is too imperious to listen to petitioning of grievances or requests for fairness. We should annoy them and try and get them to do it – can’t hurt. How would the petition work? If you want, write a petition and we’ll post it and get people to send it to their email lists. There is a petition making website which can be utilized for a more organized petition system.

  85. did Clinton campaign feature a special spot for other presidential hopefuls who dropped out?

    I find this interesting. Loved John Edwards four years ago and I still find he has so much to offer America. While I do not find the appeal as a vp, I do think there is a good spot for him in the Clinton Administration whether he endorses her or not. I wish John and Elizabeth the best.

  86. BTW, today’s Edwards withdrawal ends the Kook dream of a brokered convention where they could throw a temper tantrum and try to gain influence for Kookdom.

    Here’s Edwards suspension speech:

  87. Realist, I do think Edwards will give Hill his endorsement. I don’t have any empirical evidence for this, however various news pieces, historical interactions, and continued interactions just make me feel he may pull the trigger for Hill. That could be a huge tip in Hillary’s favor. If there is one endorsement that *really* matters, it would be his. Hopefully he will do so before the Super (if he does indeed decide Hillary is the best choice).

  88. I read on msnbc that obama is arguing electability……………? WTF. Pleease. I think South Carolina, Florida, Nevada, and New Hampshire have all shown us that b.o. can’t get cross over votes from my 2 “niches”, GLBT and Latino voters, and he does poor with labor unions, whites, esp. women, lower educated and lower class voters, and with FDR democrats. He loses against McCain, we win. He wins us no state kerry didn’t in 04′, Hill wins Arkansas, Florida, Virginia, and New Mexico, among others. SHe gets some 24% of the republican/independent women’s vote, and she had been here, done this. Obama is livin in a dream world as usual.

  89. HI HILLFANS!!!

    Its amazing the way things happen. I live in California (the state with 440 delegates) and the talk around the watercooler is how rude it was of Obama to snub Hillary like that. I have come to expect Obama’s snubs, but previously sympathetic people to Obama really have been put off by it, and now see what we all have been seeing for the last year: that Obama is a Misogynist jerk.

    The SNUB heard round the world will help deliver super Tuesday to Hillary. Even one of my GOP girlfriends was outraged by the SNUB, and she doesnt even like Hillary.

  90. interesting.. I am at my office admin, i will see news coverage and if it is not mentioned, i will call in to cspan tomorrow morning and ask them what we as supporters can do so that we dont get ignored by media like edwards.. that would be a good tantrum for MSM..

  91. “The Snub” will live in infamy….lol…..it’s amazing these little fortuitous things can do for a campaign. It will be remembered for sure and it so succinctly defines Obama as the arrogant, condescending, misogynistic man that he *really* is.

  92. Ill Against Obama, I’d appreciate a Confidential Email at artificialintelligence7 @ gmail.com. Your info fits in with other things I’m trying to puzzle out. Your insight would help sort some things out, maybe.

  93. “did Clinton campaign feature a special spot for other presidential hopefuls who dropped out?”

    I think yes. I do remember some positive stuff from hillary website about richardson!

  94. LOL Hawk! I remember seeing an ARG Iowa poll that had Hillary up by double digits. I mean i think it was like 13pts or something like that. Look I love Hillary, but I don’t drink that much kool aid to think she would win Iowa by that margin if she ever was going to win Iowa.

  95. admin., i emailed ya on some pics from the hillary rally monday in connecticut. a lady named carol emailed me as she promised . the smiley african-american for hillary is me!!! when you get a chance share with the rest of the 44 group.

  96. Wow I just registered and I am so happy tobe around rational people. However, i am scared about the edwards drop out. However, she looked really happy last night and seemed to be grinning today when discussing Edwards.

    There is a lot of talk about all of Edwards people going to B.O., but has anyone seen any stats that might back this up or the contrary opinon – that they would go to HRC?


  97. Ever since Uncle Teddy’s endorsement things have not looked so rosey for Obama, it has been downhill ever since…..the media playing up the SNUB, Florida primary resuts and now Edwards dropping out before Super Tuesday. It must be hell to peak too early……

  98. rfk1957, the air has been sucked out of the sails of obama. superbowl sunday will also get more airtime. there is simply not enough time for obama.

  99. I think Elizabeth Edwards should run for the senate or something. I know, I know. She said some below the belt things about Hill but I really like her. She knows the issues, she’s warm and inviting. She’d give Liddy a run for her money in N Carolina. Assuming her health would allow her to.

  100. rjk, yes, their strategy has pretty much been a wash. Hillary’s campaign is beginning to show their genius, I hope there is a documentary like the one made for Bill’s run at the White House, I would *love* to see that.

  101. Yeah, ARG said we were 3 points behind obama in ILLINOIS. please. We have a lot of support there, but not that close I don’t think.

  102. nikki22, i think elizabeth edwards will have her health and her kids to deal with than running for office. my understanding her cancer is not going away.

  103. Ill Against Obama…..wow. I missed your original post. That is pretty dynamite stuff you’ve got there. The Chicago Sun-Times would be a great place to go in addition to any others.

  104. kafeen, that 1992 convention video of bill clinton set off the standard of campaign vids. im sure team hillary is ready to spring a excellent one for the convention. hillfans, if the nomination won’t be wrapped up on feb 5th look at march 4th i believe(ohio and texas) texas is a firewall plus gov. strickland is a hardened hillary supporter. this will be over soon.

  105. terrondt, rjk- I feel like such an idiot. I forgot EE had stage 4. I guess I’m just so used to seeing her out campaiging looking great and going to bat for John. But I hope she’s okay and can live to see her kids graduate and stuff like that.

  106. So I just joined, and it is great to be among rational people instead of the rabid blogging masses of B.O. supporters!

    Am I out of the loop, or is Edwards dropping out a bad thing for Senator Clinton? It si publicized both ways. My gut tells me we’re good because of his demographics, but my head is still confused with all of the conflicting messages. Does anyone know where to find any stats on this?

    I am more nervous by the day and wish Super Tuesday were here already! However, I am looking forward to tomorrow when, all things being equal, Senator Clinton mops the floor with him! NYC is proud of our Senator!

  107. Edwards dropping out helps Hillary more than Obama. However if helps Obama more in the caucus states since his precinct captains were bullies in IA and NV and it is a safe bet to assume they we be it these states as well. Hillary needs to get some precinct captains that are just as strong as Obama’s.

  108. what si the edwards camp email and phone/ someone post it admin and we can call and ask he back hillary.

  109. This may be on the wonky side, but I always check out this site to track how the futures markets are doing for Hillary. She sustained a modest dip in trading around SC but she her contract prices seem to be rebounding, while Obama’s contract prices show a downturn. These are real wagers (with real money) people are making on the likely success and/failure of each campaign, and in the aggregate, futures markets can be a pretty good predictor, unlike some polls. To be taken with a grain of salt, but interesting, and promising, nonetheless. Link here:


  110. back stabbing McCaskill coming on CNN to tell why edwards dropping out helps Obama. Lying witch… Piece of advice for Hillary surogates DO NOT DO THE SAME THING!!!

    Edwards has not endorsed anyone do not piss him off saying it helps Hillary more. Let Obama’s people piss him off.

  111. I will whole heartedly support whomever Hillary chooses as her running mate, because I KNOW that she will make that decision based on what is best for our party and what is best for this country.

  112. nikki22, don’t be. looking at her recently she looks great but last year when when both john and elizebeth anounced last year in a news conference her cancer had returned and is not curable. godbless her and yes she was brutal towards hillary but that is water under the bridge now.

  113. nikki22
    She is gravely ill with very advanced cancer stage. She was limping once she was walking that suggests that her bones are affected. I will not be surprised that Edwards in fact decided to stay with his wife and family instead of hustling around in the campaign trail. I wish her all the best. But I am not sure that money is the only problem why Edwards bowed out. He was saying many times that he will be until convention. So… I think he is an honorable man nd in fact he was my number 2 choice after Hillary. But it is clear that he has no chance in that.

  114. big media may be grossly biased but i believe it has forced alot of people to search for info from other sources. and once you do even a single search you become active i have made calls voted in online polls and contributed more than ever

  115. Terrondt, thanks for the pictures. We’ll post some soon. We’re holding off on the polls until they catch up with the new 2 person race.

    B.Merryfield, we have received a lot of confidential stuff. We’ll see what we can share with RezkoWatch and send it on.

  116. Welcome, AKBNYC. 🙂 I think that most Edwards people will drift to Hillary. If anything, it will be an equal split, but I think it leans her.

  117. OK I figured out.. Obama thinks he is “new kind of politics” because of his age and bipartisanship message.. well guess what.. it has been an age old message.. if anybody represents change, that is Hillary. you can see it from the way she has run her campaign. when she launched rapid response facthub, everyone lauded it as a new era of rapid response in campaigns.


    today news media is laudnjing her revolutionary idea of supertuesday townhall meeting. now thats fundamental change in using available tools to revolutionize the way things are done, weather it be in washington or be it in running campaigns. others will follow, but Hillary leads and she is the change maker. not only does she embody change, she is the one who can bring about change in real peoples lifes and on society. Her townhall meeting will fundamentally change the way campaigns are done, just the way rapid response team has changed the way people can seek information from campaign directly.

    maybe she should use this in the debate. what d’yall think?

  118. Ralph Nader Flirts with Presidential Bid
    With Harsh Words for Current Field, Nader Says Candidacy as Urgent as Ever

    Ralph Nader has formed a presidential exploratory committee, and said in an interview Wednesday that he will launch another presidential bid if he’s convinced he can raise enough money to appear on the vast majority of state ballots this fall.


  119. the 2 way race changes the dynamics. it will make the debates more free flowing. i can’t wait for the debate thursday. hillary will be able to schoool this guy without a doubleteam effort.

  120. Ditto Timjcain. I used to be one of those people who watched the sunday morning chat shows and stuff like Crossfire when it was still on but not anymore. It started for me after the Iraq fiasco, not finding the WMDs. I started doing some research and found out how the press just fed the public the bush talking points. Then 03/04 primaries with all the “insiders” predicting Dean would win in a landslide. The media has been wrong for too many years now and finally people are waking up and tuning them out. I mean the right has always hated and distrusted the press but now a lot of dems and liberals are getting it too.

  121. It makes better sense for JRE to endorse HRC. Lawyers love JRE and HRC (although a little less) and hate BHO. The positions of HRC and JRE on issues like class action fairness, for example, make trial lawyers a much better constituency for HRC. You can expect them to start donating to her campaign pronto. This is on top of their similar positions on Universal Health Care. If he endorses BHO, expect HRC to aggressively pursue his issues-focused supporters. I think the sheer fact that her message is so much closer to JRE would really undermine JREs credibility. For his own benefit, he should just stay out if he doesn’t want to endorse HRC.

    To win the presidency, HRC should absolutely select Gov. Ted Strickland as her running mate. The road to the WH goes through OH. It is obvious that HRC is pushing “affordable college education” which is exactly what Strickland has pushed as govenor. Note also, he is 66 years old. Not exactly going to be able to run for the presidency himself. Ed Rendell is next door, so maybe him, and he is 64.

    BHO and JRE are both young (i.e., they will probably run against each other again). If I were HRC I would say to JRE, come on board as the AG. Let BHO cast senate votes that will hurt his future chances of being elected. In the future, you can get the keys to the Clinton machine after my presidency.

  122. i think the town hall is sheer genius because if nothing else it showcases her ability to respond intelligently to anything that comes her way. Ostammer can’t even when he knows in advance what the questions will be.

  123. I just heard the NYPost has just endorse Obama over Clinton. That’s a slap in the face for Clinton. Even though endorsements don’t matter a ton, NY is still her base and many average NYC who aren’t as educated as the NYTimes crowd reads the NYPost on their way to work. That’s not cool but I think these things last a day or two and people forget about it. If she does well in the debate and on the campaign trail none of this sh*t matters.

  124. Fuck the NY Post. They will eat their’s on the 5th when we handily win New York. Oh, btw, NYTimes is MUCH MUCH more important.

  125. read on another board that Edwards is still bound with his delegates and cannot “legally” endorse anyone. This is due to his getting matching funds for his campaign and until his campaign is paid off he still controls those delegates….

    more mystery.

    sounds logical also

  126. Now this DELIBERATE ‘snub’ would be worth some ink!
    All this talk about whether Obama deliberately turned his back on Hillary’s handshake…. But here’s something that if true wasn’t just illusion or accident. Time is reporting that “leading Democrats” wanted Hillary and Obama to sit together at the SOTU. Hillary agreed but not Obama. Later Obama’s camp said: “No such invitation ever came from Senator Clinton. Had [she] made such a proposal, we would have adjusted our plans.”
    info source http://thepage.time.com/2008/01/29/the-snub-before-the-snub/

    Now here’s something a bit more solid than a handshake. Does the Obama camp deny they were asked by the ‘leading Democrats’? Were they holding out for a personal invitation direct from Hillary?

  127. He senses the end is near. He is going to get desperate and throw some nasty stuff our way….laugh it off. I hope he does at the debate and Hill looks at him, laughs, and moves on to uniting the nation and solving problems.

  128. We all need to email and call Florida Congressman Robert Wexler and voice outrage that he is endorsing a candidate that is in favor of disenfranchising the voters of Florida.

    Web Site: http://www.house.gov/wexler
    E-mail: Contact Via ‘Web Form.’

    Washington Office:
    2241 Rayburn House Office Building
    Washington, D.C. 20515-0919
    Phone: (202) 225-3001
    Fax: (202) 225-5974

    Main District Office:
    2500 N. Military Trail, #100
    Boca Raton, FL 33431
    Phone: (561) 988-6302
    Fax: (561) 988-6423

  129. terrondt! I have been trying to find your Hillary review! I missed it as I was away from the boards Monday mornign and now I’m lost! 🙁

  130. Oh please! Ralph Nader would be great!

    He will siphon off the left wing nut vote going to BO. I hope he announces before 2/5

  131. everyone knows the post is a joke
    people buy it for the subway because it is easy to read and it is only a quarter and it has the worlds most brainless game soduko

  132. Now this DELIBERATE ‘snub’ would be worth some ink!

    All this talk about whether Obama deliberately turned his back on Hillary’s handshake…. But here’s something that if true couldn’t be called illusion or accident. Time is reporting that “leading Democrats” wanted Hillary and Obama to sit together at the SOTU. Hillary agreed but not Obama. Later Obama’s camp said: “No such invitation ever came from Senator Clinton. Had [she] made such a proposal, we would have adjusted our plans.”

    info source http://thepage.time.com/2008/01/29/the-snub-before-the-snub/

  133. NYPost endorsing BO makes sense per our discussion about positioning for a GOP win in GE. Reliable right-y Chicago Trib endorsed BO and McCain. The almost never endorse the Dems in the GE. Which GOP candidate did they endorse?

  134. timjcain: I agree that the town hall benefits Hillary a lot. These sorts of events only work when you have a plan. People like Obama and George W. Bush are uncomfortable with impromptu events where people can ask them any question without giving it to them in advance.
    I have to admit that I am similar to Obama in that I can give a great speech when I have something prepared in front of me at the podium. I don’t think I am experienced and educated enough at this point in my life to go in front of an audience of 500 people with nothing prepared and answer questions that range from abortion to universal health care to the war in Iraq. That takes a true politician who has spent time in D.C. and knows what they are talking about in order to give a specific plan.
    This is why Bush stammers and only goes to events where questions are given to him in advance and that is why Obama depends on giving energetic speeches about hope and change to cover the fact that he knows squat about policy or recent history (newsflash: real Democrats hate Ronald Reagan).

  135. I’m going to put this out there and you all tell me what you think.

    My counselor and I were in session today and I turned the convo to mass protests and asked her opinion.

    She said that reverse on these types is the healthiest move for individuals. #1. by not protesting it takes away the power and relevance of the person in question.

    Since I’m in therapy and I’m sure there are tons of smart people here, what do you think of this.

    No protest or even acknowlegement of source of conflict as it will not allow said person to revel in the fact that said endorsement can cause other party to worry or be fearful.

    are we giving these endorsers too much power by letting them know we detest what they do? The act is done, the bell is rung…find another way to quelch your anger.

  136. rigso relax. If he thought he had any momentum or that the voters were responding to his flashy endorsements he wouldn’t be saying anything about being “divisive” now would he.

  137. every endorsment gets phone bank calls for Hillary vs protest calls to said party. we cannot change their mind and most likely they won’t even get the message.

  138. Hello everyone!

    I am new here. I was banned from Daily Kooks for taking up for Hillary! Each time I made a new screen name they banned me. You are not allowed to say anything against Obama there. They all troll rate you. I’m sure it happened to some of you too.

    I’m glad to be here with some other positive folks!

  139. dot48,

    I had thought of that, that maybe by calling Teddy and complaining, his sense of his own importance might be reinforced.

    But on the other hand, the one way to get the attention of the DC types is to make their phones ring off the hook, or flood them with mail. This always shakes them up, makes them pay attention to things they’d rather ignore. And it’s the only way to let them know what the public is thinking.

    So maybe the general rule doesn’t work in this particular case.

  140. The only people Obama is “uniting” are bamboozled college kids and some limousine liberals–I stress the “SOME.” The right (rightly–pardon the pun) would LOVE to see Obama as the nominee. Be very afraid: why else Karl Rove write a piece for the WSJ giving BO points on how to beat Hillary and Peggy Noonan is engaged in an embarrassingly transparent lovefest with Obama on the WSJ editorial page.

    Paul Krugman’s piece in the NYTimes is spot on, and I am flabbergasted by the naivete of any Democrat who actually believes that Obama has a snowball’s chance in Hades of defeating McCain come November. We might as well re-nominate Walter Mondale. Obama as nominee = 1984 redux. We’ll deserve what we get if we put that guy up against McCain–Hillary is the ONLY democrat who has any chance whatsoever to win the presidency in November. The Republicans know this …

  141. The Post is a joke. No worries there, in fact, worth a chuckle. That snub before the snub really lends validity to what we already are pretty certain about.

  142. Hopefully the residents of Kookistan will now get off Hillary’s back about Murdoch. Fat chance, I know.

  143. Canaan

    Delegates to the national convention vote to seat, or not, the delagates from MI and FL. There are, of course, a lot of moves by opposing forces, maybe an announced compromise, fights in the Rules Committee, meetings of which are public, etc.

    But the choice is that of the state delegates and super-delegates. I can’t remember when the Mississippi (?) delagate fight was; someone here probably can remember the year: I just remember what great theatre it was…along the lines of soap opera theater.

  144. Hey, y’all. I got to go see Big Dog and Cheslea today. Got there at 10:15 and the line wasn’t bad. Yet. Within 20 minutes it was more than a quarter of a mile long. Within an hour it was from one edge of campus to the other. Five to six people deep across.

    They let us in earlier than the 11:15 time. At about Noon they started warming up the crowd. Congressman Weeks from Queens, NY gave a great rousing speech (I got to shake his hand and thank him for supporting our girl). Then Susan Savage the mayor of Tulsa spoke. She is a real tough cookie and a fantastic mayor. Then Mike Turpen, our State Co-Chair introduced David Boren, former OK Senator and current OU President. Boren just had the Bloomberg meeting here three weeks ago. Boren went on for several minutes about the necessity of putting the country first rather than bi-partisan politics. I thought he did a good job of describing what the office of the presidency should be rather than what it has become. He stayed away from caling for 3rd party and basically related what Bill would say about responsibility as a leader and putting the needs of others first, making government work for people, and rebuilding the image of the US here and abroad.

    Then came Big Dog and Cheslea. She took no questions and stood back in the corner. 42 got up there and rocked the house. He looked tired, but the energy he emitted was awesome. I was standing about four feet from him when they walked out into the arena. It was electric. Literally everyone jumped to attention. Not out of respect for our last elected president, but because he has such a commanding presence and was sincerely glad to be there.

    He spoke for an hour. He spoke passionately about the need for a real energy policy and how it would strengthen our nation’s workforce by providing green-collar jobs that couldn’t be shipped overseas and would provide good wages for folks that needed them without raping the environment or making us susceptible to foreign oil interests. He spoke about what has happened under Bush- the loss of good jobs, good wages, the rich getting richer and special interests controlling the policies that affect each of us. He spoke warmly of Bush Sr. as his partner in helping raise money and awareness for Katrina. He spoke of the need for balanced leadership focused on the needs of real people, real families. He went on about why there is a healthcare crisis and how the new prescription drug plan has a ‘donut’ that only helps Big Pharma and that it was stupid for the federal government not to negotiate lower prices. He went on to point out how Hillary’s plan would save billions by requiring electronic medical records and gave antecdotal evidence on why it was important beyond the cost savings. He spoke about how he wished he would have done better for college students by providing a way to allow graduates to go into public life and pay back their loans by serving the greater good as policemen, firemen, rural doctors, teachers. He also pointed out Hillary has a plan to get rid of the middle man in the stuent loan process which would save students and the federal government billions by decreasing loan defaults and making payments affordable so you could get post-graduate degrees without fear of mounting debt.

    Then he got into Hillary’s life as a public servant. From staying an extra year in law school to help fashion child abuse regulations when none existed, and then her work with the Children’s Defense Fund knocking on doors. But most importantly, he spoke about how she came to him time and time again with issues and found solutions. How she helped fashion support to pass laws he would eventually sign- like adoption tax credits. He made a point she did that in Arkansas and in the White House. He talked about the bad budget policies that contribute to our import-export problems with the same folks that own us because our federal government cannot pay for its day-to-day operations without borrowing money- EVERY DAY. Big Dog gave credit to her unrelenting, untiring need to help others and how her work has helped all of us even when none of us knew it. He also pointed out her legislation as a Senator helping our troops and trying to end this war. He noted with a sense of sadness that bad things happen and that experience and committment could be the difference between a good response and a bad one.

    He made the case.

    He did it without mentioning her opponent(s).

    He did it without being divisive.

    He did it by pointing out her innumerable strengths and why we would all be better- better as a nation- better as world leaders- better as families with Hillary in the White House.

    It seemed almost that he was stating his work was undone and that the last 7 years had undone much of it and the only person to get us back on track would be Hillary.

    He made the case that much of the vision, many of the accomplishments he enjoyed came from her hard work and dedication.

    He made the case that Hillary is 44.

  145. i bet hillary can’t wait for the debate tomorrow, they’ll be face to face and people can really see how “small” he is compared to her.
    all for the whole world to see.

  146. Ok, the PPP polls on NY:

    15% are still undecided.
    Secondly, Clinton is doing “relatively” well with AA 32%, Obama only 44% – problem is that 18% of AA are undecided. 60% support clinton already with latinos.
    But the bigger news is that EVERY state has shown that Hillary’s support grows as you get older. This is not so apparent in the NY poll. – And will probably become more polarized in terms of change so nothing to worry about.

  147. lol, limabeans, it was electric. i arrived around 8:30 but i had to find parking a block away. the line was very long. while waiting i got to talk to a lot of hillfans. it was really cold. hillary aides were passing out stickers plus to get in you had to fill out contact form wich includes email address, phone numbers and pledges to work on her campaign. i have been regristered to hillaryclinton.com since early 2007 but i filled it out anyway to get back in. hillary arrived around 10:30am and gave one of the greatest stump speeches. amazing how much better feel you get seeing her live than on tv. they reported a thousand in the gym and more that were turned away. im glad i got there early. i brung my wife’s camera but the battery went dead on me. a nice lady named carol took some pics and promised to email the pics tom wich she did today. what a peach. hillary railed against bush, explained her programs in detail, she had the place jumping. she did not mention obama once. she did not have to. in the end i could not get nowhere near the ropeline becuase of the serious rush of supporters towards her. i was tired becuase i worked allnite but it was worth it. this is the second time i met her. in 1992 just before the connecticut primary that year she came to my hometown of bridgeport,ct to campaign for bill. i never met bill in person before. i also remember meeting jerry brown in 1992 also.

  148. btw, i went to a john mccain ralley at fairfield university in connecticut in 2000.offcourse i was supporting al gore for the dem nomination but it was local so i went for the hell of it. also in 1988 aweek before that election i went to a dukakis rally. by then he was around 10-points behind bush sr.

  149. TheRealist

    An interesting call into an NPR program this afternoon: An undecided Kansas Dem w/ a relative supporting BO pointed out that 120+ out-of-state BO campaign paid staff have been on the ground for four months…Hillary campaign moved 3 paid staff into the state around January 22.

    Local grassroots supporters have been trying to fill the breech.


    Sound familiar?

  150. Much thanks to those sharing their stories of seeing Bill and Chelsea. I can feel the excitement all the way through my computer monitor!

  151. hillfans, watch a piece on cnn on a married couple of the wife supporting hillary and the hubby supporting obama. should be interesting. on in a few.

  152. yeah, i agree with numbers. given the idiots were the only ones who refused to show the dem reults in florida. delgates or no delegates thet have a obligation to show the results.

  153. Only problem for Obama about stealing the Midwest: WI has a primary, but on the flip side, it’s an open primary.

  154. Blagojevich twice made reference to Obama, whose ties to Rezko have become highlighted in the national coverage of his bid for the presidency. On Monday, Blagojevich was the lone statewide elected official left out of a news conference showcasing Obama’s widespread backing among Illinois Democrats.

    Thanks for helping us make our case, Rod!

  155. I got to shake Bill’s hand and got some nice pics of him holding a very cute baby. He took his time and was really great about it. Admin, tell me how to post it and I will. I ran into the mother later and she gave me permission to put it up. Turns out she is an OU Law grad like myself. Great gal.

    Chelsea is getting a tour of the OU Campus and Campus Corner from one of the Norman Girls. Maybe she’ll grab a drink in my bar. 😉

    Anyway- it was a fantastic event with SRO and folks outside still lined up across campus (and we’re a large campus). Had the Lloyd Noble been available (dratted basketball game at 7) it might possibly have been filled to the rafters. As it stands, I’d estimate 2700-3200 indoors as they were standing up, filling aisles and finding any step or falt surface to sit on. Great turn out for a last minute change during the workday.

  156. Wisconsin, from what I saw in polls last year, is tough for Hillary already (SUSA), so I am not sure how it will go. But its largest city, Milwaukee, is right north of Chicago….

  157. regarding bo and paid staffers.. surely clintons should know these tactics. they should have had staffers on the ground as well. this is for the big job. I remember when my dad was paid to transport voters..I guess they still do that.

  158. GiveEmHill: second news conference here today. Other pols (the ones feuding with Gov) gave the same news conference earlier. The “everyone’s doing it” defense. Good reason not to elect someone from Illinois, sorry to say.

  159. Is Hillary having issues in NY?

    Probably the same issue she’s having in every state w/ a significant black vote. However, she has a GOTV advantage that won’t show up in the polls.

  160. Plural, it was my pleasure! 😀

    One of the funniest moments for me was when I was walking out with my Hillary button, my HIllaryis44.org button and my signs and this reporter wanted to interview me on camera. she asked if I was with teh campaign. I told her I was doing some volunteering but that these kids- and then I pulled these three college-aged volunteers over had been working their tail off all week and all day to put on that event and would be better interview material than an old fart like me. 🙂

    She pushed me aside and put them on camera. It was great. The kids looked shocked. LOL.I will see them tomorrow night at our inaugural meeting of “United for Clinton.” Yes, UFC. Like the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Why? Because Hillary is the ultimate fighter. 🙂

  161. Another caller said she was part of the Chicago-based 13,000 (I swear that’s what she said, maybe she meant 1,300) folks who flooded the entire state of SC for 10 days, incl the voting day; highly organized into door to door, drivers, child and elder-care providers, telephoners, small rally and community entertaiment organizers, people who just hung out in grocery stores, barbershops, beauty parlors, gas stations, people who went, in groups, to weekday and Sunday church meetings, choir practices, etc.

    And they ALWAYS packed his appearances, bringing signs, cheers, rah-rah pre-appearance activities like marching up and down neighborhood streets, signing and chanting, like pied pipers…ETC., ETC., ETC.

    The ultimate in pseudo grassroots work by pseudo citizens.

  162. Does HRC have funding issues?

    Why are we not hearing about paid campaigners for us, or massive ads on TV?
    Talkingpointsmemo says NY will be a problem for Hillary Clinton – We need a landslide there. I cant believe new yorkers could be so stupid.

  163. Emjay- the folks at Bill’s rally today were unpaid, average citizens. I guess you can say Hillary is really against exporting jobs, huh? 😉

  164. Jaz- financial info comes out this weekend. The deadline is tomorrow.
    And, BTW, Bill pointed out Hillary’s support in NY is in heavily GOP areas. She does fine in the urban areas, but does best with us normal townies.

  165. TPM is a BO talking point memo. Literally….

    We will win New York. Calm. Look at the population of New York demographically, socially, and then look how many of the people b.o. is playing to make up those numbers. We have NY no problem.

  166. Jaz, I think the Obama people like to brag, kind of like psych_ops, the way Karl Rove would brag. If they are so good and have so many volunteers, why did they lose Florida so badly, with Keenedy endorsement and with the best three days of press any candidate could ask for?

  167. This question might have been asked already, but here it goes. What happens to the Edwards Super Delegates I beleive he has 38.

  168. I agree with hawk. Josh Marshall likes to spin positive news for Obama and negative news for Hillary on his site. He is part of the main stream media cheerleading squad. Jaz, I don’t understand why you keep treating these sites as some kind of objective purveyors of news? They are shills. If I were you, I would avoid them for the sake of your own mental sanity.

  169. Jaz, Obama is blowing through money like water, with no strategy. Hillary has plenty of money, and knows EXACTLY where and when to spend it.

  170. JAS, JE’s superdelegates can repledge at any time is my understanding of the rules on SD’s. They can, if they want, re-sign with another candidate.

  171. That’s also the reason they won Iowa. They shipped the entire Chicago machine and Cook County Dem party to IA for 2 months before primary. I know at least three people personally who spent every weekend there leading up to primary. Not reported by BM.
    Anyway – financials tomorrow!

  172. The only big event between now and Feb 5 is the debate tomorrow. It will have large viewership and people will make up their mind as they should. Hillary will do just fine. Obama’s consecutive positive news cycles have been stopped. We have taken our hits and we are still standing. We will do very well on the evening of February 5.

  173. what is amazing about snoop dawg he supposed to be the demographic of the obama’s most hardcore supporters(young black males). im sure he is recieving mad flack from his peers. BUT I DOUBT THEY WILL MESS TOO MUCH ON SNOOP.LOL.

  174. I see a lot of bluster coming out of David Plouffe the Obama campiagn manager every day about how they are buying ads here and there. If he is so confident, why does he feel the need to brag so loudly? A full pail of water never tumbles, it is only the half-filled that tumbles.

  175. An email I just sent to Keith Olbermann:

    To Keith Olbermann – I have always had great respect for your talents, opinions and commitment to progressive issues. You are a rare find – I still remember watching your show a couple of years ago for the first time – it was a revelation. Your humor, your outrage and your willingness to say what the mainstream media would not was inspiring and so much fun.

    But now, the tone has changed, and I must tell you your anti-Hillary bias really makes me feel terrible. I believe in your essential integrity, but each day that goes by makes me wonder. Do you honestly think that poisoning the dialogue, and thereby possibly enabling a McCain presidency, is preferable to having Hillary Clinton in the White House?

    Your coverage of the primaries makes me feel like a fool. It must baffle you that some people actually admire Hillary Clinton on the merits; actually believe that she is best suited to drive a real democratic agenda in 2009 and beyond; actually think that Barack Obama, while a phenomenal talent, has not been properly vetted for the most important job in the world.

    I am sure you will never understand this, but the frat-boy atmosphere of the whole NBC crew, including your friends Russert and Matthews, is so deeply hurtful and demeaning to me. I am a woman who loves Countdown, really wants to be at the party, in on the joke. But it turns out I am the joke.

    A former viewer

  176. TPS

    Neither BO or Hill could campaign, and by the rules, that means sending staff into the state. Hill took Fl because of a highly organized Floridian who ran a true grassroots campaign inside the state from her home. She’s made a statement or two and I think her name is on this board somewhere, after Monday pm.

    Sorry I can’t source it, but know I read about her and a quote from her. Hill’s friend, who is a House member, I think, couldn’t even endorse or work actively for her until after the polls closed.

  177. B Merry… I hope you have seen this in WSJ 1/29.

    Bill Burton, spokesman for the Obama presidential campaign, said the senator didn’t ask the State Department to provide Mr. Auchi with a visa.

  178. Giuliani will be speaking at 6 pm – quiting the race. it keep Barack out of the TV for an evening.
    do anyone had a look at the new fresh attack Obama have started in the Newsday today?

  179. terrondt i think he likes her a lot – but he cannot show it. Begala is not on CNN now because of that.

  180. Give Em Hill, we’ll write about that video tomorrow. Tapper’s comments are interesting too.

    Terrondt, the Snoop Dog interview will be on Friday, Larry King Live. 50 cent and Snoop Dog for Hillary is amazing.

    And Faye Wattleton is a wonderful spokeswoman for Hillary.

  181. The story today is McCain win and the evening focus is the Republican debate. Tomorrow the focus shifts to the Democratic debate. We won yesterday’s newscycle. The Florida win stopped the story about Obama’s SC win. The SNUB stopped the story about Teddy.

  182. Thanks TPS! I have never written letters of complaint to anyone before, but after the last few weeks, I feel like an old hand!

  183. Is this true? I found it on MYDD…

    I am a long time employee of the Cook County Assessor and would like to come clean about personal knowledge relating to an inconsistency in Sen. Obama’s property taxes.

    Mr. Barack Obama and his wife purchased a house in Hyde Park during the month of June 2005. The total purchase price was $1,650,000. Title was put into a unnamed land trust. I will not publish a pin or address because of obvious security concerns for the Obama family.

    The house was reassessed during summer of 2006. All of the surrounding houses were increased by an average of 28%. The Obama residence increased 6%. What is more troubling is that we always attempt to assess houses at about 68% of actual sale prices. The Obama residence is assessed at 90,882 with a market value of 568,012. That is just about one third of the selling price from 2005. When I questioned this assessment, I was transferred to another project in the office. The Obama assessment was then completed by the same person who did the workup for Governor Blagojevich’s house, which also was assessed at a lower percentage of surrounding properties and rose at a fraction of the rate of surrouding properties. According to standards set up within the office, the assessment should have been 179,520 and the tax bill should have been almost double in this one assessment cycle alone.

    These types of things occur almost weekly. Such is the way of Cook County and Chicago. They probably happen every day but I don’t see it because they have me answering the telephone now.

  184. edwards leaving has been big news tooo. lots of cnn think it will help Hillary vs Obama. It pained candy crawford to say this…wonder if she is any relation to Craig Crawford? Craig sends the best emails and I visit his blog daily. I’ve emailed him that I stopped watching msnbc and he wrote back a nice few lines.

  185. rjk1957 Says: It helps Obama more in the caucus states since his precinct captains were bullies in IA and NV and it is a safe bet to assume they we be it these states as well.

    Hm? I thought what happened was that people would declare Edwards as first choice and then when he was shown ‘unviable’, they could be bullied to go to Obama instead of Hillary. If Edwards isn’t an option at all, they will declare for Hillary (or for Obama) in the first choice voting. So who is there to be bullied?

  186. I’ve read several print articles already today lowering expectations for Obama on Tuesday. They keep citing that Hillary has the most name recognition. Hello….one would need to be living under a rock to not hear the steady drone of networks collective swoooonnn over Obama.

  187. dot48
    i said get another therapist
    small minded of me i apologize the unique dynamics of a client and a doctor are beyond my limited comprehension.
    however i do feel if you smack me in the face i am going to hit back

  188. TPS
    I know – but the nerve of this guy – is just stunning. He thinks of himslef to be the one who is ready on day one – year right. This guy has some Ego – i can tell you that

  189. johnflint, if Obama is so confident of his positive momentum against Hillary, why is he going so negative today? Think their inside polls are not as good?

  190. dot48, the media friends of Obama are trying to lower expectations for him. After the swoon and the coronation since the week-end, it would be hard to do.

  191. is there someone out there who can come up with a realy effective way of cementing hills sucess.
    Like we all call someone at a specific time. Several million screaming hillary fans. If we all decide to call the dnc collectivly at the same moment i think msm could not ignore and we know whoopie would pick it up.

  192. I sense great things happening in just a few days. Although Florida has not been worthy of a headline today….the news is out there. People know that a massive vote took place in Florida yesterday and that Hillary Clinton made more history last night with her landslide victory.

    People are beginning to see through the smoke and mirrors of the media and Obama must swallow the bitter pill…rejection is coming big time Tuesday, in big numbers in big ways.

    America will not choose to be lead by the likes of waterboy Ted Kennedy nor the children of JFK. They will choose to make their own choice after listening to the issues and the leadership qualities that Hillary Clinton displays.

    I think it will be an easy decision for America on Tuesday and I think she is going to win in another landslide. I sense a backlash towards media and elected officials who show no loyalty. I hear it in talking to people. Two people today simply asked me who I voted for LOL…both volunteered they voted for Hillary…one young woman, one middle age lady.

  193. johnflint – my exact thoughts. he’ such a pompous ass**le really, isnt he ? You can see the smallness of the man just from his eyes even in that “snub” photo. But he’s played a remarkable game of duplicity so far, of course thanks in no small measure to the glowing support from the media. Talk of hope but play the dirtiest games against his opponent and talk her down with astonishing disrespect. And for the next six days, the media and his “blogger” friends are going all out to psyche him up and create an impression of some momentum for him. Reality comes knocking on their arrogant faces next Tue.

  194. After accusing Hillary and Bill of negative campaigning Senator O has made a very negative and blistering attack which has been highlighted by AP.

  195. We must plan a victory party of our own here at Big Pink. I plan to wear Pink all day Tuesday. Does anyone have any idea wihat is Hillary’s favorite candy, food, etc. I know it’s maybe tad silly but we used to do this in advance of skating competions…just fun stuff for supporters and way to watch returns.

    I remember junior mints and chicken when waiting for Michelle Kwan to compete LOL

  196. The act is done, the bell is rung…find another way to quelch your anger.

    Imo phoning someone who has ALREADY acted is a waste of energy we should be using for things that really help Hillary: such as phone banking, or making comments on major newspaper blogs that are read nationwide by people who are really undecided, etc. Or phoning VIPs who are superdelegates but haven’t decided yet.

    Letting out anger at someone who has already done their action, is a waste of time. I’m not saying suppress anger, just to express it more publically, where it can influence people who are going to act in future.

    Yelling at a tape machine or some poor little office clerk may feel good, but the message doesn’t GO anywhere.

    Phoning/mailing the DNC to seat the FL and MI delegates makes more sense, because that is something they will do in the future. But it still may not GO anywhere, unless it’s on record publically as part of a petition etc.

  197. According to my friend:

    obama campaign livid at Edwards dropping out. This is why Obama is so much more negative today. Axelrod got into argument with Trippi. Trippi was supposed to keep Edwards in.

    Oh boy…

  198. my friend has access to some internals, and they’re not good right now for Obama. Illinois is his best state, obviously, but they are not as strong as he would like. He is looking now to upstage Hill in New York and Cali. (take larger portion of NY delegates and try to upset Hill in Cali with Oprah)

  199. The Obama campaign sees what is coming down the road, first his ass is going to get kicked tomorrow, second Tuesday will be embarrassing then, money will start drying up.

  200. Trippi and Axelrod were in this together from the beginning – and John was the patsy. I have said that for months and months.

    John did not know – but Trippi had sold him out from day one.

  201. What the hell is wrong with Obama going the electibilty route?? Is he so stupid that he can’t see that hurts our party more than it hurts Hillary?

    I don’t understand this mans thinking at all!

  202. for the debate:

    If Rezko is mentioned:
    Judgment comes with experience. Experience in politics helps you identify the people to avoid and how to deal with them when there is a problem.

    Judgment does not come with platitudes.

  203. question:

    If Obama is such a uniter then why is he tearing the Democratic Party apart? Who is he reaching out to? Republicans?

  204. mjs…. cali is a tall asking for him.. isnt it? I mean half of them have already voted.. and the other half.. demographics are skewed towards hillary.. why is he bothering wasting time in cali? is he targeting SF? or down south? maybe LA?

  205. Obama is running a desperate campaign. He went very negative towards Hill and Bill to day. Hill needs to stay focued on the economy and healthcare, and smile throughout the debate…. kill’em with kindness!!!!!

  206. During the next few days, all the front page bloggers at sites like mydd, kos and tpm ( i dont visit the last 2 any more though) along with the rest of the media are going to highlight and salivate over any poll that shows a single digit lead for Hillary. That is what they have been doing all along except for the next six days they will be going berserk and portraying assumptions as facts. By writing their fantasies, they are hoping they will come true. So ready yourselves for a lot of truth stretching commentary about how polls are “really tight” in CA and NY and the rest and see it for what it is !

  207. according to Obama’s to “in-the-loop” campaign officials, Obama is frustrated. he’s spent a good time now since the last debate honing up his debating skills and is focused right now on destroying anything Hillary has to say about him at the debate.

    Rezko’s troubles before has “shaken him up” and is convincing him that the only way to win the nomination would be on Feb 5th and a few states after. Anytime after the REzko trial might destroy his chances.

  208. Letter to Howard Fineman at NEWSWEEK;

    “…the Democratic race wouldn’t be where it is—with Sen. Barack Obama poised to take the lead…”

    Mr. Fineman,

    You have accused Hillary of, “tearing the party apart”, when her voters represent a far more diverse and democratic (as in the democratic party) demographics, so it is little surprise that on the morning that the results of a so called, “Beauty Contest”, cause one of the losers of said meaningless contest to drop out of the race, and the winner take not just a majority of the vote but far outstrips her republican counterpart in the largest democratic turnout in Florida history, you would shamelessly continue your (by now amusing) virulent strain of Obama-Love.

    Only someone with stars in their eyes and a gushing schoolgirl crush could fail to see the ominous handwriting on the wall. Only a man smitten and blinded by love could fail to make the correlation between last night’s results and the results on TT. Only the victim of a love-jones could fail to see the similarity in demo breakdowns between Fl and NV. Only a fool in love would delude themselves into writing something that will forever brand them as utterly partisan and so victimized by hysterical blindness that they are never taken seriously as a journalist of merit again. You must be in love, because truly, only love could possibly be as blind and as foolishly reckless in it’s

    When Obama loses most every large state with approximately the same demographic breakdown as we saw in both NV and FL, will you be surprised? Will you say, “Boy, NO ONE could have seen that coming?”, like Brownie at the helm of FEMA on Katrina’s sad morning after?
    I’m just a mere reader, but I’ll lay down a few predictions and I DARE you to match me.

    Clinton will win at a minimum 14 of the 22 Super Tuesday primaries.
    She will carry ALL of the traditional democratic voting blocks except the very young and AA’s in almost EVERY contest.
    Her margins of victory will be on average, higher than predicted in the polling.

    Florida was a harbinger and if you were being rational (but then, those in love seldom are) you would see that it represented pretty much what we have going on next week. With 22 states, it is impossible to derive the benefit of retail politicking, you’re going on print, radio and TV; It’s WHOLESALE politicking.
    Obama has of yet shown no ability to connect with the electorate in this milieu, whereas Clinton has much experience and success in a large diverse state running two campaigns utilizing the very wholesale strategies needed to excel.

    Demographically, with the exception of IA, Obama’s demos have been, for lack of a gentler term, horrid.
    In his lone victory in SC, he relied HEAVILY (as in 80%) on ONE group, African Americans. No one has ever built a winning strategy based on one group. He has failed to get a majority of, whites, Hispanics, DEMOCRATS, union members, blue-collar workers, WOMEN, SENIORS, and on and on. There has been no evidence, based on the actual results of the previous primaries and caucuses, that senator Obama has the ability to attract those groups of voters. There are no states on TT with an AA population comparable to SC, indeed, there are many states where the % is far below that of Hispanic voters and Obama has failed to attract ANY significant support from the fastest growing group in the democratic party.

    Last night one of the more common rationalizations (read:excuses) for the margin of victory and across the board demographic dominance was the contention that Obama didn’t have TIME to have the electorate, “get to know him.”; Even allowing, for the sake of argument, that this would have had an impact on the outcome, he will not have time to charm the tens of millions in 22 states over the next six days either, nor will the endorsements (and endorsers) that you tout be able to be in enough places for enough time to have more than a small impact, assuming that they really have much influence at all. So we’re left with tomorrow’s debate and whatever rallies and wholesale ads the respective campaigns engage in.

    If today’s polls held up next Tuesday, Obama would win 2 of the 22 contests. I will go out on a limb and give him a good shot in six to eight primaries. How many do YOU say he can win? Can he win in NY? can get 40% of the vote? California? 40% PA, 40% without John Edwards in the race, Clinton will attract around 60% of the vote in the states with demographics similar to Florida, and that’s a lot of states. I see him winning, if he does, those states with OPEN primaries, where REPUBLICANS (who would no sooner support him in a general election than Clinton) and independents vote. Even in the states he wins, assuming again that he does, he will often if not always, fail to attract a majority of democrats, and his home state of Illinois.

    Clinton will have a 300-500 delegate lead by this time next week and some will be quietly calling for senator Obama to graciously concede, especially if one of the two remaining republicans has locked up the nomination. When this comes to pass, and it will, I DARE you to print my letter in your column. If I’m wrong you can get a good laugh over the degree of certitude expressed by the author. I am confident that my assessment is more solidly grounded in understanding the current dynamic of the race than yours is, because unlike you, I am not so smitten with a candidate that I am blind to what is right in front of me


  209. dt.. LOL.. they did the same thing with FL.. said Obama had HUGE surge and that he was within 6 points in FL.. sometimes I think these polling firms are bunch of crap giving us nonsense..

  210. glad, the obama campaign knows he will probbly do better in some midwestern states like Kansas or Missouri, but they are like Iowa and South Carolina…tiny delegate proportions….

    Cali is the big prize and they see it as the only way to shut up any talk about Hillary being the frontrunner. They will try to narrow down the Cali percentages to within a single digit lead for Hill to have some bragging rights. They are terrified of what happened in Florida happening in California and will concentrate most forces there.

  211. “he’s spent a good time now since the last debate honing up his debating skills and is focused right now on destroying anything Hillary has to say about him at the debate.”

    so does he promise us not to stutter and speak more coherently in the next debate? does he promise to take responsibility for his “wrong” votes? or will he again behave like a spoilt frat brat?

  212. gladiatorstail, Both Mayor wille Brown and Phil Bronstein thought that BO is going to get his A$$ kicked. It is funny considering SF chronicles endorsed BO. Atleast 1/3 of the the vote is already in.

  213. glad, while I’m sure he will stutter….LOL, I think he will go to a different approach in this debate. My friend says the top officials in the campaign have extensively reviewed all of Hillary’s debate performances, especially the ones where she deflects and then counteratttacks and are trying to come up with a similar, if not better strategy for Obama.

    Expect to see a very forceful Obama tomorrow.

  214. and you mean to say his internal polls in IL are not shaky? I mean if Hillary plays the game right, she can win each and every state except GA, AL, IL and CO. I am not sure what I am missing. so in KS Obama will beat Hillary? tough to imagine!

  215. Oprah will have little or no effect in California. A lot of people were turned off by her campaigning for him and he lost votes.

    As for the debate, if he goes on the attack he will come off as a bully. I am sure Hillary is preparing for this final debate as thoroughly and carefully as he is, if not more.

  216. Hillary has a good machine in place in both NY and CA…. she is not going to give up any ground to “crackobama”. This is way of spin… bad spin at that.

  217. I do not think debate prepping is going to help him. He is sinking or freefalling faster than that satellite which is headed towards earth.

    Old habits in tune with stress, pressure and his over tall cocky attitude will take him down tomorrow night.

    Waterloo baby

  218. clintondem, thats what I thought. The last time I checked demographics of cali, especially the delegate rich counties and saw the voting patterns and compared them to the early state voting patterns, it wasnt even close. now here is the fndamental issue. So FL had 35% early vote and she had 60% lead in early vote. if I just think about cali, I would assume that 70% of the state has already voted, and if leads which were similar to the ones in FL, then she has won even before voting has started. Maybe like the way MJS said, he wants to reduce lead to single digits. I think its still a tall order.

    MJS.. forceful Obama was what I was expecting too. Its not that Obama is not forcefull. He is very quick and frankly quiet witty. where he pales is when he loses his composure and gets pissed. thats when he starts stuttering and muttering and gets totally incoherent. I think Hillary will be prepared. the ONLY debate she didnt prepare for, she screwed up big time. she knows whats at stake and will work hard for it imo.

  219. You know I’ve realized we probably won’t get any truly accurate polls until the weekend at least. I mean in the last 2 days we’ve had Hill’s big Florida win and JE dropping out. Any polls done after SC and even Florida that still include John will be pretty useless. But it sounds like from MJSs spy that things aren’t that rosy for OB right now.

  220. My guess is that while Obama was willing to give Edwards the AG nod, Edwards wisely thought, nah…I can do better.

  221. hillfans, susa(survey usa)is doing or are about to do a slew of polls between now and the weekend. get ready for a crazy mad dash to supertuesday. they are among the best pollsters. also the q-poll was amost right on target for florida they had it hillary 50%, obama 30% and edwards 12%.

  222. I think I saw a schedule for Bill for a rallye to be held at 11:00 pm tonight. Carville would make perfect debate opponent.

  223. OkieAtty,

    That’s the way it always used to be, and the way I, and I bet Hawk, ran our events (unless Bill or Hill was scheduled…then some folks from the regional office would come in to help.)

    I have heard some horror stories about Ames and Des Moines precincts being flooded w/ BO Organizers and “observers.” We will have to ask Hawk about his county. Mine was quiet, tho I had a BO observer, who I discovered was only an observer after he had originally been counted and I pointed it out to our precinct chair.

  224. It’s getting crazy here in California, even people who don’t pay attention to politics are talking about Obama. The gossip website, Perezhilton, just put up a story about Obama going after Hillary. I just posted a reply to that story and also emailed the website with info about Obama campaigning with known homophobes. Should go down well with Perez since he’s so gay he shoots rainbows out of his ass. Oh, and I mean gay in a good way since as my moniker indicates, I am a bit of fag hag myself.

    If it’s true that 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg are supporting Hillary, then just warms my heart a little bit. Makes me want to put on a pair of stilettos and red minidress and work that street corner for Snoop….I kid! Seriously, never underestimate how people can connect on pop culture references, Obama and some of his supporters has been using it to his advantage.

  225. Edwards advisor Mudcat Saunders, tribune of the working-class rural white guy, on MSNBC not long ago:

    “I can’t speak for John. I can say this that, you know, being a southerner, being a rural American who’s been completely devastated by the trade policies of the Clintons, I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure that he does not endorse Hillary Clinton.”

  226. I think Edwards will do whatever is better for Mr. Edwards. be it hillary or obama. whoever cuts the sweetest deal and you know, that is okay with me. this is politics and this is for the biggest prize out there

  227. The media as usual is lying. Edwards made the final decision today after Florida. Obama might have called it beauty contest not Edwards.

  228. I echo what was said upthread about liberal blogs. I’ve really been hurt and disappointed this season because I used to regularly go to those sites. There were/are good posters who have a different take on the world, sort of like me. But the antihillary stuff just became ridiculous. The exceptions have been Atrios, Digby, and Jerome Armstrong. Mydd is not nearly as venomous as Kos so I go there a few times a week. Openleft is also unbearable.

  229. The thing about Edward is that he is very serious about Universal Healthcare and other programs that attack proverty, and I do think during the SC debates Obama’s flip-flops on Healthcare bothered him.

    I noticed that Obama got pretty arrogant up there and treated Edwards like he did Clinton. I don’t think he trust him to fight for this and I don’t think he like how Obama’s record of fleeing and backstabbing friends when it get hot in the kitchen.

  230. Californium is going to be close, one poll is showing Obama in the lead. (i think i read it in some local site). I’m just hoping it’ll all be over after the debate demolition.

  231. I would love for Hillary to talk about the economy and the subprime mess in California. That is a big issue and is effecting everybody…”It’s the economy, stupid” in Cali.

    Education and jobs growth.

  232. Fashionista , if you’re anywhere near east TN , I’d love to pop a bottle of merlot with you! (don’t get too excited, I’m a bi-racial, heterosexual female). 😉

  233. one thing about it, the Clintons have a definite history of working their arses off for low income and middle class, working people of America. If Edwards is going to hinge his endorsement on this…then he should have a clear conscience with an adamant endorsement of Hillary Clinton. She has been fighting the fight longer than he has, has a clear record and has accomplishements to back up her zeal.

    as I mentioned upthread…I read that he cannot legally endorse anyone because of his campaign receiving federal matching funds and he must have all that cleared away before he can even do anything with his delegates….this may or may not be the case

  234. Hillary has an advantage in the early absentee ballot voting in Cali. I believe strongly that everything favors Hillary there don’t believe that latest poll showing Obama up. Thats just a snapshot and we have all seen that polls don’t amount to much.

  235. I didn’t get to hear Maxine Waters today. Anyone care to give me a blow by blow of what she said? Did she throw down?

  236. Hawk, she has California at this time. There is no doubt in my mind. I’m not sure where people are getting these polls that say otherwise, every poll I’ve seen has Clinton in double digits and when I called California (on many occasions for over two hours each sitting) they were overwhelming Clinton.

  237. That poll is wrong. They are trying to hype up a race that is now a one woman race. Too little too late. She will win Cali, and this debate will only cement the lead.

  238. Obama is a snake, he’s not talking about issues and with MSM kissing his ass, he doesn’t have too.

    Most of those “talking heads” don’t know crap about California and it shows everytime they come out here it’s pathetic how the D.C and NYC media talk down to us everytime they come out here.

    The Writer strike is having a crippling affect on the SoCAl region. It’s just terrible the number of people hurt by this and yet not a peep this.

  239. It is possible that some will still be afflicted with the newly diagnosed illness ObamaMadness. While testing is being done at labs across America, the only known cure is a PUSH of the correct button on the most important day in history coming up for the voters.

    Let us hope they, like Obama, do not push the wrong button and suddenly realize OMG, I didn’t mean to do that.

    I personally just want to see the whole MSNBC studio and the retards over there collectively explode next Tuesday night. That would be more satisfying to me than the best sex of my life.

  240. Lou Dobbs is taking up our cause. He thinks it is outragious the DNCC wants to disenfranchise voters in FL. Hurray. he is going to have an expert. Watch CNN.

  241. Oh boy oh boy oh boy am I glad I found this forum!

    Newbie on board here agreeing with all that’s posted, especially Reality’s email to Fineman.

    I just Hooooooppppppeeee you all are right about HRC taking Super Tuesday. Otherwise, I gotta confess, if I vote at all, it won’t be for Oprama.

  242. MJS, I’d say it’s a draw on these popular, gossip websites such as Perezhilton. The ones that love Obama use worshipful language to describe him and attack Hillary with misogynist, hate-filled profanities. It is nearly impossible to try to engage them in decent discussion. Often times I’ve had to resort to facts to actually shut them up.

  243. jaz if your going to trump up some close california poll at least post the source or link. im checking tpm polltracker and there are not close california poll except a week old rasmussen poll nobody believes.

  244. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2008/01/30/BAVUUO9E4.DTL

    “On the Democratic side, the combined results of three nightly samplings of 400 different voters – for Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday – found Hillary Rodham Clinton at 36 percent, Obama at 31 percent and John Edwards at 12 percent.

    But when taken alone, Sunday’s tracking – just a day after Obama’s big win in the South Carolina primary – had Obama leading Clinton, 35 percent to 32 percent, with Edwards’ share growing to 16 percent. And pretty much the same numbers came up Monday.

    One caveat: A prominent political consultant following the numbers emphasizes that while a single night’s tracking isn’t considered statistically reliable, it does show movement and direction.”

    ^^ I agree that it’s probably inaccurate. Tomorrow’s polls will be better since its post-florida, post-snub. That poll was taken on Kennedy Day.

  245. I saw that poll, and it’s a one-day with really bad methodology.

    Jaz, you are usually pretty quick to share any bad rumors and “concerns”. I for one am not convinced of your motives, and am keeping a skeptical eye on all that you post. I didn’t fall off a turnip truck yesterday. If I’m wrong, my bad – just letting you know. I do not like how frequently you post fears as opposed to anything positive.

  246. terrondt, all — the poll is at mydd & openleft. It’s just a small sample conducted by a special interest group in CA.

  247. That one CA poll has been done by an unknown outfit and by the way was done for an entire different topic about gaming or something. The number showing BO ahead is a one day number. It has zilch value but like I said earlier, all these funny numbers are going to be touted like the gospel because of fervent hopes by these bloggers that Obama is really ahead.

  248. are you kidding me? that is a kooky wacked out tracking poll that makes no sense. i read that yesturday. it is so bad realclear politics or tpm polltracker are not using that useless poll.

  249. yeah, that poll is being used for misimformation putting out the illusion that obama is ahead. obamabots do that. makes me wonder why it is being touted here.

  250. And of course they had no comment on the more reputable LA times poll of a couple of days ago showing a 15 pt lead for Hillary.

  251. Tried posting this before: I’m a newbie very glad to have found this forum and hoping like heck y’all are right about HRC’s numbers.

  252. MJS, I’ll bet Trippi WAS supposed to keep Edwards in. Earlier, someone posted something from MSNBC that speculated Edwards was going to end up endorsing Hillary even though his campaign manager (Trippi, I assume) tried to talk him out of it.

    The bottom line we all need to keep in mind: Obama is on the attack, while Hillary is not. That tells you everything in a nutshell.

  253. Obama is attacking her brutally today. She has got to fight back. She has to stand up. The Clinton’s did nothing wrong in the SouthCarolina race!!They took a beating from the media and were out maneuvered by Axelrod and co. in the press, etc. but the public was seeing something different. She has got to fight. And fight hard. They are coming at her now with both guns blazing. Kennedy took her signature line in his endorsement of Obama, the insult in the Senate, etc. now Obama is attacking her with insults and tghe most negative speech anyone has given in tghe campaign. I say FIGHT.

  254. Idunn and dot48, drinks are on me the next time I’m near your area. I’ll gladly have some of your Merlot. I go for cocktails, can’t beat a properly made cosmopolitan with extra lime juice.

  255. Ok dismiss the poll.

    Polling standards in the UK and USA differ. Because here we got the British Polling Council (BPC) [britishpollingcouncil.org] which ENSURES quality polling data. It disallows poll figures being released without their data and some basic method supplied with it.

  256. Hillary doesn’t NEED to fight back. All she has to do know is state the facts. If Obama wants to kick and scream, let him.

  257. This is obviously not the case in the USA, so I give my apologies – I’m a poll obsessive, and take them far too seriously.

  258. Jaz, I agree with terrondt. Dont get carried away by what you read at all these other sites that you know have their own bias.

  259. I had the same concerns last night because there are conflicting polls everywhere, some good and some bad. The point is HRC won Florida big time, she won both early voters and late voters who decided the day of the election. She only came behind Obama a few points with voters who made their decision within the last week and the last month. I was expecting her to lose a lot more after Obama’s race-baiting in SC but instead she GAINED AA and youth votes. These are all good signs. Lets all look at the big picture here. Obama is losing his base while basically staying the same among other groups such as white men, women, and older voters. With Edwards out of the game, Obama will gain slightly in white male votes but Clinton will gain even more among white men and women who supported Edwards. I’m not saying this is going to be easy. We have to see what happens after the debate and what sort of lies the Obama camp will put out there but overall Clinton is in good shape despite everything Obama has tried to do to paint her as a racist and take away her delegates in MI and FL.

  260. HillaryforTexas-I’m with you on Jaz. Sorry Jaz if we’re getting you wrong. But you do seem to have this sky is falling attitude about HRC. Look most of us here are rooting for Hillary to win big. But we are also realists. If she’s slipping in the polls most of us will acknowledge it, but when I saw that poll being touted this morning on big orange (just wanted to see the heads exploding over Hills Florida victory) I didn’t even bother to look at it. Why? Usually what the antihillary blogs will do is trumpet some bogus poll or the worst one out of maybe 10 that have been taken in a week. Thanks to HillaryLandRocks I now know it was conducted by some interest group in cali and because of hillary4texas it was 1 day with jacked up methodology at that!

  261. yeah maybe some closet obama supporter hired to put negative vibes on our hillary. this has been going on for quite a while. move over to daily kooks, mydd,huffington post, and obama.com. plenty of company for you there. im all for inclusion but at least be real with it.

  262. Everyone calm down on jaz, calm. We need to focus on getting positive info about Hill that’s all. New topic, the debate or something. NOT POLLS.

  263. idunn.. not good for ur health 🙂

    what are attacks bambi is making on her? if he is setting the tone today, then I guess thats the tone of his in the debate. But Hillary knows how to stay above the fray I guess!

  264. linfar, He’s attacking her brutally because he’s in trouble. She’ll respond if she feels the need. Don’t sweat it.

    Also, about the lack of paid staff in KS: Hilary is not targeting every Feb. 5 state, remember.

  265. yes, bambi seems to be scrambling, fretting, sweating and in obvious distress, This does not sound like someone who will be able to debate Hillary Rodham Clinton and come away without a bloody nose and broken spirit.

    I want to know how big media will cover bambi negativity now…bill and hillary clinton afaik have not even mentioned him by name today. all in all I think this is their best avenue…

  266. MJS, by the by, your prediction (based on your source) that Obama is going negative has turned out to be correct.

  267. “Obama depicts Clinton as calculating, divisive figure” is the headline on yahoo.

    BTW, Hillary’s FactHub has responses to his charges. I suspect he’ll attack her quite a bit tomorrow at the debate, and she’ll be ready.

  268. lmao, so let me get this story straight.

    You think i’m hired by Obama, in Britain, who has no invested interests, who a poll obsessive, who comes on a Hillary site, where no person is ever going to change their minds… Just to give you a hard time?

    No absolutely not.

    I’ll tell you why I obsess over polls with caution. In the UK, pollsters have to meet regulations as part of BPC (you can see it on their site).
    Our polls usually have sample of 1000-2000 sample, in the US it can be as low as 300.
    The max margin of error here is 3%, in the USA i’ve seen 5.5%!
    As standard, all pollsters release their raw data, in the USA this isn’t true.
    Most pollsters use past-weighting… In the US state polls this isn’t the case.

    I hope this makes people understand why I have such belief in polls. And a failing on my part.

  269. ok this is worrying…the obama camp is very excited and happyabout sumthn…don’t know what yet though…I’ll see if I can tell you guys more

  270. So in conclusion, US polls are a pile of crap, and I should stick to UK polls, and leave this stuff to CNN. 🙂

  271. I hope he attacks her. It shows desperation, worry, anger, and impatience, all of which are unflattering in a president. He will look like a fool. I hope if he tries to trott out electability and polarization, she has a snappy, memorable answer. She has an answer no doubt, but a witty, funny one would be cool.

  272. see the obvious change in the headline though…it should read OBAMA SLAMS … that is how every headline with hillary or bill read.

    the use of the word “depict” is so called softening of the other words…calculating, etc.

    big media already taking care of the chosen one.

  273. A few assorted answers and comments to things posted above:

    a) Hillary’s schedule tonight is a speech at the Georgia Democrats Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner in Atlanta. She and Edwards were scheduled to appear. What’s His Name declined.

    b) Maxine Waters was great. She said that she decided to support Clinton because she’s more interesting in hearing specifics and what a candidate will do to address problems. This is the theme of the Clinton close. She refused to take Blitzer’s bait on divisiveness and race, saying that she thinks the media deserves the blame for ginning the whole thing up.

    c) I hope What’s His Name does attack Clinton tommorrow night. My guess is that Hillary’s plan is to go back to the 100% Positive message of action on behalf of the American people and unifying the party against the Republicans. She bloodied What’s His Name’s nose last week, now it’s time for the positive close. He’s just going to look like an ass if he comes out looking for a fight. Bad timing.

  274. Don’t look at polls. The only correct polls are exit polls and what the voters actually decide election night.

  275. Surprise, surprise.

    CBS News has declared McCain the “Front Runner” for the Republican nomination with 89 delegates to Romney’s 35, so far.

    Hillary has won four states to Obama’s two, and is leading 232 delegates to 158 (of course with the Michigan and Florida delegates her lead is even larger).

    Clearly Hillary is more of a “Front Runner” than McCain is, but we’ll never hear it from the Media Whores.

  276. if obama tries to attack hillary she will and should respond during the debate thursday. also where are all these weak punk ass dem leaders who got on bill for getting on obama’s record? if hillary responds she will be accused of the race card. she can’t win.

  277. From the http://www.hillaryclinton.com blog:

    In Oklahoma, a new SurveyUSA poll has Hillary up by 17 points over Sen. Obama (44-27). In Tennessee, a new Public Policy Polling survey has Hillary up by 11 points over Sen. Obama (43-32). In California, a new Los Angeles Times/CNN/Politico poll has Hillary up by 17 points over Sen. Obama (49-32).

  278. i know what ya mean hawk… i cant stand him either i guess shell be on shortly…i have it on mute until she comes on

  279. BO’s attack on Hillary today is the biggest bunch of outdated cliches piled on top of one another.

    Sounds like something out of Rush Limbaugh’s archives.

    As to polls — In a country of 300 million people it’s pretty easy to get whatever poll results you want. The polls are part of the media, and they’ve got their agenda.

    The campaigns have to do polling so they know what they’re dealing with, but I don’t trust any public polling for a second.

  280. i will be really disappointed if richardson joins the all mens club of fat endorsers of new kid on the block.

  281. OK is this classic race baitingor what? why doesnt the media call him out on it?

    Later Wednesday, Obama gave a 10-minute talk by live broadcast to a joint meeting in Atlanta of four historically black Baptist denominations, where Clinton was to appear in person later. These groups produced some of the most prominent civil rights leaders, including the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.. whom Obama quoted.

    “Pastors are pushing this movement forward,” Obama said of his campaign, “and I need each and every one of you in this fight.”

    He asked the audience to imagine what it would mean for the country to see him with his hand on the Bible, taking the presidential oath of office.

    “Our children will look at themselves differently and their possibilities differently. They’ll look at each other differently,” he said.


  282. I don’t believe for a second that Richardson would endorse Obama. If he did I would truly be disapointed. I like Richardson.

  283. They are saying obama will be attacking her as much as possible from now until Super Tuesday and he will do this to show the worried JE that he can fight with the republicans in november. Via johnathan alter.

  284. btw, if obama was REALLY smart and knew how to court women, he would make his case on Oprah’s show….the most watched stay-at-home women show of all time prbbly.

  285. I hope she calls him on that comment…big time.

    Just image if Hillary said something like “american women, imagine what it would mean for the country to see me with my hand on the Bible, taking the oath of office of POTUS

    this guy has gall

  286. I have faith in Bill to endorse Hillary.

    Because a) His voters are hispanic. b) He’s known the clintons for years! c) His policies on healthcare, min wage are similar to Hillary’s.

    But who really knows?

  287. yeo Hawk…except they are not to just show Edwards. Obama knows that positive campaigning will not get him as explosive headlines as he would like. That has been in the OBama campaign knowledge forefront for a while and now he will stick to negative much more often.

  288. HFT,

    Thanks for the welcome.

    I’m a political novice, but if anyone could point me toward any explanation as to WHY MSM is so disgustingly anti-Hillary, I’d appreciate it.

    That’s what got me so steamed about the election in the first place, the daily,groundless, biased trashing she puts up with.

    Sorry in advance if such info isn’t faces.they throw at her.

    Don’t know if it’s proper etiquette here to ask for such info so sorryh; the blatent

  289. guys, expect tomorrow’s debate to be twice as heated as South Carolina’s…or at least for Obama to try to make it so.

  290. basil9:

    I have a lot to say on the topic of the media and this election, but I just don’t feel like getting into it until after the election is decided.

  291. Jaz has been on thin ice before and not just for quoting polls with no undecideds or MOE’s…

    Hillary is up by double-digits in most recent polls, taken since the 26th (USA Politico, SUSA) and is up by a 12% average at rcp.


    They tend to post reputable polls and average the 4 or five most recent ones. That said, none of the polls are worth anything, and won’t be until it’s too late to worry or exult over them, as the polling won’t average out to factor in the changed dynamic in the race for at least 3 or 4 days from today. The debate will influence the polling from Friday on, so the effects (if there were any) wouldn’t start showing up until TUESDAY, so here’s my advice, IGNORE THEM. Ignore them if they’re bad and ignore them if they’re great. There’s only one poll that counts now and that’s the one they’ll be taking (and I’ll be voting in) on TT.

    Do all you can for Hillary and the campaign between now and next Tuesday. Read the polls if you want, but put no stock in them at all, and don’t come here with your worries and concerns about them either, as there is no reason to worry over NOTHING, and that is what each and every poll means now, absolutely nothing…

  292. basil9 – The media thrives on a “new story”. Hillary, and McCain are not new stories, anything that could possibly be known about them is known – So there are no exciting new scoops for them if they supported McCain or Hillary.

    I expect Hillary will be calm and prepared. She should try to stay above it all, and just call Obama the same old same old from the washington elite.

  293. Now its one on one in the debates. Obama can’t hide behind his tag-team partner, Edwards, anymore. Obama is not a strong debater and now that its one on one I believe Hillary will get the best of him.

  294. hwc, Hillary is already working on the “close.” I noticed in all her post-Fla. TV interviews she talked about uniting the party, etc. And she said she looks forward to shaking Obama’s hand at the debate, lol.

  295. basil9, a lot of this goes back to Bill’s years in office. Many of the Washington insiders (and yes, the press people are insiders) hated the Clintons from the beginning. They were outsiders. They were not part of the old political scene. Bill came from a poor family. He was a nobody governor from the south, and he had the nerve to challenge them.

    The press (whom we often refer to around here as the Georgetown Social Club) called them trailer trash from Arkansas. That was the start.

    Combine that old hatred with the fact that the news networks are now pretty much owned by right-wing big-money interests (who know that Hillary will fight them and Obama can’t or won’t), AND that they are largely a boys club that are pissing their pants at the idea of a woman president….. well, it makes for a perfect storm of mindless hatred.

    But the good news is that Hillary keeps on winning by taking her message directly to the voters, and will CONTINUE to do so. 🙂

    I still say I want someone to make a bumper sticker PISS OFF THE MEDIA- VOTE HILLARY! I would so buy some of those!

  296. Thanks Jaz.

    But isn’t MSM reaction completely out-of proportion with regards to HRC? It seems personal, spiteful, vindictive. What did she, or Bill, do to provoke this reaction? Is it that the Clintons really are the outsiders and that the real insiders want a flunky they can control? I dunno.

    I’ve been watching a lot of TV coz I’m recovering from an illness and shows that I used to like, including Mathews, Olbermann, Russert, not to mention CNN and Cafferty, whose questions of the day always trash HRC, make me even more ill and I can’t stomach watching them. anymore. Ironically, FOX now does have the fairest election coverage.

    anymore. TTTT, ironically, the best election coverage I see now is from Fox TV!

  297. basil, your reaction is as most America sees it. They have no clue except for extreme hatred of Hillary. The worm turns however.

  298. I hate Keith Olbermann… I used to like him.

    Regarding the polls: I will start beleiving the numbers on Friday/Saturday. I will the fall out of Edwards leaving and the GREAT PERFORMANCE in the debate. I know BO will show his true colors tomorrow, and that will also help HRC. Remember everyone….. we all need to be “Steady Eddie’s”.


  299. Interesting comment on http://www.taylormarsh.com/ (Taylor is a great blog and radio show, BTW, basil9. Check her out!)

    Since I consider Florida to be a good cross section of this country I think these numbers are fascinating….. what we learned from the Florida election is that Hillary Clinton can beat John McCain. Barak Obama didn’t even beat Mitt Romney.

    Clinton: 856,944
    McCain: 693,425
    Romney: 598,152
    Obama: 568,930

  300. jaz : “just call Obama the same old same old from the washington elite.” ???? doesnt make sense.

    I totally agree with the washington outsiders part. they were not the “liberals” washington liked. jimmy carter was an outsider too, and there are very few dems who even know how teddy kennedy led to his eventual loss. we southern democrats for some reason have long memories.

    they thought they could push bill around in his first two years. the first two years when bill was in job training were aweful to tell you the truth, but he got the hang of it eventually. and once he got the hang of it, he beat them at their own games. undoubtedly, in todays political scenario, he is america’s political genius WITHOUT A DOUBT!

  301. Another point is that they know the “clinton machine” – Basically, they know how the campaign manages the media, and they don’t like it. For example, telling the likes of Chris Matthews he can only ask questions x,y,z. Journalists don’t like that.

    Obama gave them free-access for a long time to gain publicity, however, eventually, like all people, he will want to control the media like he is trying to do now and I guess some have already got annoyed at him.

    Hillary after iowa, went free-style with the media hence atitudes are softening.

    They also love the “golden boy” idea, the savour, jesus, the second coming idea. – Hillary stands in their way. Quite infact, they are frustrated that Hillary, despite being “killed by the media twice” (after iowa, after S.c) and “jumping on her gave” as Bill Clinton said she is STILL here, and STILL in the lead. The resentment really builds up.. Over time.

    Fortunately the public (well 70% of it) arn’t buying it from the media. And Hillary will win. Eventually they will fall in line behind and support her.

  302. Obama is part of the Washington-Elite…. look at his high-named endorsement Kerry, Ted… Most of these guys are from pretty privileged backgrounds. Social snobbery at it’s worst. Then look at his supports, most are 100k + earners for white voters. Bloggers, or as other sites call it “creative class” – Social elitists, wine-drinkers etc etc. Rich posh-college students.

    His message is meaningless to the middle-class, the middle-class dont want to know about “hope” they want to know how to get affordable healthcare. You see my point?

  303. Hillary after iowa, went free-style with the media hence atitudes are softening. : what are you smoking buddy? they softened after Iowa? what a bull!

    Obama gave them free-access for a long time to gain publicity, however, eventually, like all people, he will want to control the media like he is trying to do now and I guess some have already got annoyed at him. : not true. its not because he gave them free access, it is because they never asked him any tough questions. they wont ask him any tough questions until right wing media screams at them equaling them to drive by media hacks. they will be FORCED to cover if he is the eventual dem nominee. luckily that wont happen.

    Fortunately the public (well 70% of it) arn’t buying it from the media. And Hillary will win. Eventually they will fall in line behind and support her. : PERFECT. THAT IS WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN. HILLARY IS 44!!!

  304. Okay… I can not type tonight, sorry….. my opinion is don’t worry…. this primary season is long, (and getting longer).
    let’s enjoy watching the Clinton machine in action.

  305. JAS- I’m with you on the polls. Even if there are polls that come out with Hillary doing great in them we need to see where Edwards supporters are going before I put too much stock in them.

  306. media will never support Hillary because she will not ever, ever roll over for them.

    she will never forget the dark days and I seriously hope that she is keeping a diary of the back stabbing jerks. forgive them yes, forget it NO. and I hope she seriously does relegate big media to the back of the room and gives her meaty interviews to local people leaving them twittling their thumbs….they will remember then

  307. Jaz iI partly agree to what you said.

    But kerry etc. support obama because they see him as anti hillary.

    100K+ support him to rid themselves of white guilt.

    students vote for him because he is cool. he is young, and connects to them since he is a professor himself.

  308. A lot of talk about polls tonight. Apparently some polls show Obama had a big bump from SC last week -One in Connecticut and another in NY -. Do anybody know anything about that?

  309. He was not a professor. He was a guest professor that taught like 1 or 2 classes. And he was never a true civil rights lawyer, he tried one case by himself. The rest he delegated to other aides.

  310. gladiator – True that he’s been given a free-ride at the moment, but they are little more suspicious of him than say after Iowa. For him…it’s down hill..the media “love” is not going to improve. The honeymoon is over for him.

    After Iowa, I think most of the media didn’t really say her “emotional moment” was fake, I think most journalists said it was real. Because it was. They gave her some benefit of doubt, whereas the obama campaign said she was faking it. I also remember Hillary doing alot more interview between iowa and NH, perhaps the relationships with the media improved?

    I’m just shocked Fox is the most decent in terms of coverage, lol.

  311. Taylor Marsh has a You Tube video of a MSNBC interview with a TeleMundo reporter. He says that latinos think Bill Clinton is the greatest president of recent years. He says Obama has a problem. This inspite of Norah trying her best to extract some positive news for her candidate out of the reporter. See for yourself.

  312. hawk.. LOL.. I agree.. he was guest professor :).. being a professor in chicao school is reserved for the best among the best.. and he was no where close.

    I thought he tried some cases :).. I see he tried only one case, and that one was for rezko.. LOLLLL

  313. JAS – i think everyone agreed that poll was a load of nonsense. Even rasmussen didn’t publicize it that much.

  314. I have some Minnesota news. I contacted the local DFL office to get information on the caucus. According to them Minnesota has 14 superdelegates. 6 of those are committed (split even Hillary Obama). The rest are uncommitted. I’m going to ask if there are any current poll results for the state.

    Marc Ambinder today has a list of Feb. 5 states he says is based on polling analysis and interviews with campaign officials. He puts Minnesota with an edge for Obama. I find that hard to believe as we are such a strong traditional Democrat state although we do have a caucus rather than a regular primary. This doesn’t match earllier polls. However, Wisconsin has been leaning to Obama so I don’t know what the true situation is here. Overall, I think his list doesn’t match current polling. He lists Massachusetts and Arizona as toss-ups but all the polling I’ve seen for those Hillary is way ahead. Some spin from the campaigns going on perhaps…

  315. anybody besides me plan to wear pink tuesday?

    btw I hope Hillary wears that RED pantsuit that she wore in Nevada. She totally rocks in red and she looks like a power broker, ready to take the bull by the horns.

    Has anyone besides me noticed that Hillary is not a clothes horse? I really like seeing her wear clothes over and over. This little detail is not lost on women who know the value of a dollar. even though she could afford to never wear the same thing twice it is a nice snapshot of her core values.

  316. johnflint, I lived in NY for several years. Upstate NY is unassailable Hillary Clinton fortress. The voters in the rural and yet conservative areas of upstate NY are solidly for Hillary because she went around on a listening tour and has done a lot for those areas. Republicans initially thought Hillar can be beaten because upstate voters will not vote for her. She proved them wrong and got sold majorities there. NY City and its suburbs will go overwhelmingly for Hillary. She will do better among the AA community in NY than in other states. She will sweep NY. Obama can spend all the money he wants and in fact if he wants to campaign there until Feb 5, he is more than welcome. This is the equivalent of Bush cmpaigning in California in the 2000 election.

  317. Dot48, I’ll be wearing my “Hillary for President” t-shirt on Tuesday. By the way, wearing your Hillary gear is a great way to strike up conversations with strangers about the campaign (people always chat me up when I’m wearing mine)!

    Less than a week away! 😀 Until then, it’s all about GOTV

  318. I will also be wearing my hillary shirt, hillary snow hat, my buttons, and I will be drinking heavily…. 🙂

  319. johnflint1985:
    I am sorry I do not have any additional info on NY. Other thatn BO is stating he can take more delegates away from HRC (agian I do not beleive that, she has a STRONG machine in her home state)

  320. rjk1957
    thank you – I have this one. I though that someone mentioned that they have only 6 points difference now in NY. I hope I am wrong.

  321. whoa…dan abrams going after the media…okay to maybe watch this on msnbc.

    inside dc media…he is giving them down the road. citing new polls…hillary ahead of them all…

    OMG….the building is going to explode….

    dan abrams….you are my hero for this night.

    I will write him immediately.

    never thought

    I’d see this

  322. Do not like this casual sitting format CNN using tonight and am sure they will do the same tomorrow night. Obama does not do well while standing and having to think in a debate.

  323. I agree, about the clothes economy thing, Dot. My husband and I are 100% behind the philosophy of Simple Living. We live below our means, because it’s more ecologically sound to do so. I own 2 pairs of jeans, 2 skirts , 2 blouses , 2 sweaters and a stack of T-shirts. That’s it. So, needless to say , it delights me to see Hillary rotate her wardrobe. Over-comsumerism has to become a thing of the past if we are to ever hope to affect a positive change in our environment.

  324. Watching the Rip debate, sorry, bored, lol. I can see now, doesn’t matter how the Rip is, HRC is going to look so good!

  325. OMG, right now Dan Abrams is doing a segment of media bias against Hillary. But he has two anti-Hillary haters spewing more hate. I don’t understand the point he’s trying to make, but Dan just said he thinks it wasn’t fair that the media ignored Hillary winning Florida and trying to muzzle Bill.

  326. The fact is – I live 10 miles from NYC – and I don’t see a Lot of support for BO here. But these polls makes me nervous.
    Thanks everybody anyways.

  327. It’s possible that Bill Richardson will endorse Bambi because he has stated that he owes his career to Ted Kennedy or some such. I guess, he is part of that Kennedy machine that’s been roused. Yes, he also has ties to the Clinton machine but that’s probably why he’s dragging his feet on making his endorsement.

    Somebody should remind him that an endorsement is only as good as there the soft support among your constituents. If he’s got a hispanic base, then it goes against his own best interests to go against the hard support of that base.

    My guess is that if he does end up Obama then it’s because Kennedy called in a chit which could end up being bad for his career. Tough spot for poor Bill R, but, dems da breaks. I hope it doesn’t end up costing us New Mexico in November. Kennedy must really be on the ropes.

  328. dan abrams is trying to be fair here. I believe Craig Crawford has set him down and talked with him. Basher still trying to downplay win for Hillary.

  329. MJS, keep us posted on your inside source and what the feeling in camp BO is. Great posts. Do they think JE is leaning their way? Still planning to go negative tomorrow?

  330. Perez Hilton was a former co-worker of mine in a very political organization, and though he has a strong personality, I am glad he’s paying attention to the campaigns on his site, and that he’s framing the race as ‘Obama attacks Clinton’ – he has at least a million unique viewers per day; huge amount of young people logging in, and this will be helpful in swaying some away from Obama.

  331. I see the Republicans are quibbling over the signification of certain morphemes. Also significant is Romney’s adaptation of Obama’s strategy of accusing the opponent of engaging in political chicanery.

  332. admin & B Merry,
    An interesting Dec ’07 posting from a right-wing (or so it seems) blog on Obama and Giannoulias:


  333. Ugh. John McCain will not stop saying my friends……again! I am sure this will wear on voters nerves if he is the nominee.

  334. Psymac, let me know what else is going on in the debate, will ya? Simple liver that I am, I only have basic cable. 😉

  335. Am I right with the impression that Rachel is pro Obama? Props to Dan Abrams for being the most fair during this cycle of media coverage and sad part is he’s not even a journalist…ha ha he just said “but I’m going to call it out.” in response to fathead O’Donnell.

  336. johnflint1985… don’t worry…. she is going to fine, her strength is upstate, BO thinks he can take votes from the city.

  337. Also significant is Romney’s adaptation of Obama’s strategy of accusing the opponent of engaging in political chicanery.

    No Mittens, No!! That always backfires!!! Get it together, Man!!

  338. Yeah, Mitt Headroom is stealing Obama’s “Washington outsider, bad old politics” lines at the Repug debate.

  339. btw: this is Ann Coulter on Hillary…she seems to kinda like her? ish?

    And btw…the other part of the email is that she thinks Democrats would be retarded if they nominated Barack HUSSEIN Obama in what should be a cake-walk election.

    ann coulter ( i hate this woman btw:)–
    The bright side of the Florida debacle is that I no longer fear Hillary Clinton. (I mean in terms of her becoming president — on a personal level, she’s still a little creepy.) I’d rather deal with President Hillary than with President McCain. With Hillary, we’ll get the same ruinous liberal policies with none of the responsibility.

  340. odonnell says he is afraid s to listen to polls now.

    abrahms a says bill clinton has been demonized and muzzled

  341. wow

    i do not remember reading so many positive great posts here @ 44. it is wonderful to read after a long day in the pits.

    welcome new members and endorsements (snoop dog and 50 cent, i’m gonna buy your entire inventory @ amazon.com)

    i also think it’s a great idea (dot48) to “dress-for-44 -success” tuesday night. like hawk said, get out the hill-gear, tee-shirts, buttons, whatever..i may even wear my best “hillary pant-suit” in her honor.

    go hillary! cannot wait for you to put his thing to bed february 5th!!

  342. I hope Hillary eschews quibbling over Obama’s word choice tomorrow: the audience will invariably lose interest, and the candidate who insists on analyzing their opponent’s statement always appears petty.

  343. Forget what the head to head polls for November say, as the economy worsens Romney will be give Hillary a tougher campaign than McCain. so I would not be pulling for him to be the nominee.

  344. And notice how McCain is deploying Hillary’s tropes of “experience,” “judgment,” “service” and “training.”

  345. Jas: I feel the same way about “journalists” like Keith Olbermann. In general they are okay but when you put them in a situation of supporting a female who can become president you can forget it.
    As a woman of color I feel that in today’s society men come before women in terms of getting ahead in inner and elite circles which is unfortunately what politics is and always will be about. It’s about making the right connections, friends, getting an invitation into their club in order to get to the top. And right now it’s still the all boys club that has existed since the founding of our country. These old white men who have lost Democrats numerous presidential elections because of their lack of backbone while our country is suffering under years of Republican rule have finally let in a black man and it makes them look good in front of the cameras. It makes them look “open-minded” and Ted Kennedy can add the moment he endorsed a black man for president to his legacy. They do this while they continue to shut the doors to power to women black, white, asian, latina – doesn’t matter. You can be sure the only women who get through those doors are high paid prostitutes and their secret gay lovers.
    This absolutely disgusts me. From the media to the halls of Washington it’s filled with white men, a few sprinklings of colored men, their young female interns, and then there are women like Hillary Clinton who make it but are reviled, hated, and spurned by the boys club. Her husband Bill Clinton is the man who came from trailer trash Arkansas. How dare he actually be smarter than the boys club and win elections! How dare he have the highest approval ratings in the country! How dare he help his wife shatter the glass ceiling they’ve tried so hard to maintain for over 300 years.
    These pigs are scared as hell. It’s their worst nightmare to report to a woman. With Obama they get an addition to the boys club while making themselves look good for “helping out” a black person on national tv. They know that Obama is easier to control than Clinton because he’s younger and inexperienced. They plan to make him their puppet – they know they can’t pull that shit with Hillary. She has her own agenda to actually change this country and they hate it. They hate that she might end up being the best president this country has ever seen and a woman will go down in the history books as the most effective leader of the western world.
    I only HOPE that women of all races and the men who love them see through this pile of bullshit and vote for Clinton next Tuesday. What Obama has done today is despicable. He should know better. As a black man he should know better not to stoop as low as the boys club to knock a woman down. But he doesn’t. He thinks he’s the shit now because he’s Ted Kennedy’s friend.
    As a woman of color I’m disappointed in Barack Obama. He’s become the liberal George W. Bush with a slightly higher IQ and better oratorical skills. He’s all rhetoric, he doesn’t have a detailed plan to “change” this country as he so often remarks in his speeches, he has betrayed the “politics of hope” by attacking Hillary Clinton today, and his likability is the only thing that will take him to the White House.

  346. Kansas, Illinois (we will get plenty o’ delegates though), Missouri is close, North Dakota, and maybe a little trouble in Alabama.

  347. Barack Obama excercising his (in)famous judgment in 2001 (per Taylor Marsh):

    “The proof in the pudding is looking at the treatment of the other Bush nominees,” Obama said. “I mean for the most part, I for example do not agree with a missile defense system, but I don’t think that soon-to-be-Secretary Rumsfeld is in any way out of the mainstream of American political life. And I would argue that the same would be true for the vast majority of the Bush nominees, and I give him credit for that.”

  348. OMG….maybe nominating McCAin IS good for us?

    This is what another commenter on Ann Coulter’s site said:

    If the Republican Party can choose the man who has done more to
    harm the Republican party than any other person in recorded history,
    well then, I give the (bleep) up!

    Ann Coulter wrote:
    “I’d rather deal with President Hillary than with President McCain.”

    I agree Ann! This ‘Radical Right Winger’ would prefer a Queen Hillary
    too. Mainly because I don’t believe in rewarding traitors like McCain.
    The man is a LIAR, a backstabbing liberal loving Rat, and he is not a
    Conservative in anyway shape of form.

  349. Watching the debate on CNN internet live, I’m looked out of the cable, Wow Wow Wuzby rules!

    McCain is old, boy don’t have to worry about the change mantra with him.

  350. RJK1957….I’m pretty sure we can answer anthing the Romney camp might throw at us wrt the economy just by pointing to 8 years of Bill Clinton.

  351. Romney is a total fake, slimy creep.. John McCain has some charm, humor and his military experience. He also appeals to independents and some Dems. McCain would be harder to beat in the GE. I believe Hillary can beat either but I truly believe she would have a harder time beating McCain.

  352. Hey folks – I heard Craig Crawford on MSN this evening with KO and he said reading the polls of FL showed that HRC took the early voting but BHO either tied or was ahead in the live voting on Tuesday, suggesting that he got a BIG bump from TK endorsement and SC primary? It was troubling. Anyone else see anything on this?

  353. Oh, Dan Abrams is the only good guy I’ve seen on MSNBC. He tries to be as balanced as possible on his show.

  354. Romney and McCain are both going to be easy to beat. McCain is old, he unofficially endorsed HRC on MTP a few years ago, he has a bad position on Iraq. Romney is a mormon, he had almost the same healthcare plan as some dems are proposing in Massachusetts, he is a massive flip flopper, and he has accomplished nothing for the working classes ever. Both are sad. I am optimistic.

  355. HighlyEducatedHillarySupporter: Well put. I am that older (44) white male, and you said a mouthful about corporate america and the good old boy network, I did not fit into that club, and for that I did not go far at my companey (General Electric). So I know what you are saying.

  356. Huckabee should refrain from complaining about the allocation of time: he appears desperate, and he unwittingly directs everyone’s attention to his marginalized status.

  357. Boy some of us, well me at least, must be bored, I we are watching a Rip debate. Good for some laughs, I guess.

  358. Polling. Remember how close it is to Ilinois. I live in Iowa and saw him bus people in. It will be competitive nonetheless.

  359. Ewww…don’t even wanna get a mental picture of anything fucking Nixon. Are you guys trying to drive me out of this thread?!

  360. Can somebody please repost those CNN exit polls from Florida so we can put these meme that Obama got a bump to rest? I distincly remember seeing that of those who decided on the day of the voting that HRC won those voters.

  361. Although Missouri and Arkansas media markets overlap, I doubt Hillary’s popularity in Arkansas will affect the results in Missouri.

  362. someone on that koss blog i see something that said hillary so scrolled some i seen this ob going to nmex friday

  363. nikki22–you are absolutely correct. the cnn site has the memo..it said the hrc won the early voting and bho lead for those who made up their minds sat, sun and mon 45to 40, HOWEVER, for those who made up their minds on voting day hrc lead by 8%. it seems to me that the bounce subsided on election day

  364. Bush has been F-ing over the country for 8 years, just like Reagan did. Rich richer, poor poorer

    These are the jerks that Obambi wants to hold hands and sing Kumbayah with.

  365. LOL! Obama now planning a primary eve event in Boston. Man, does he just watch Hillary to see what she’s doing and then go do the same thing? Where’s the change, Barack?

  366. keep repeating Reagan….dems hear that name and they shudder…also, reminds them that Obama really, really, really, really, really, really, really, loved this guy.

    i’m really not impressed with any of them. comparing to hillary they all lack.

  367. Thanks anbritt – I was so thrilled that HRC won by so much in Florida I didn’t pay attention to the breakdown, but when Craig Crawford said BHO was ahead with late deciders I began to wonder, of course MSN usually spins everything negative towards HRC, but usually Crawford is balanced

  368. BO is going to NM friday, who cares. At this point I am focused on the debate where Hill will do well, get Barbara Boxer’s endorsement (hopefully), get a bump in weekend coverage, pull out a few more endorsements (Biden) and then go in to Super Tuesday feeling great.

  369. nikki22, you are correct! Hillary won the voters who decided in the last 3 days and on the day of the voting. In my view, it doesn’t matter any way. If 90% of the voters decide months ago they are going to vote for Hillary and 10% decides in the last day for some other candidate who cares? This is just another media spin for their candidate.

  370. Idunn Says:

    January 30th, 2008 at 9:42 pm
    LOL! Obama now planning a primary eve event in Boston. Man, does he just watch Hillary to see what she’s doing and then go do the same thing? Where’s the change, Barack?

    i think hes watching her every move..thru sweeping states this week…she needs to confuse him somehow..

  371. Hawk: I thought I read (some where ) that Boxer willbe endorsing HRC. The only problem I have with BO going to NM on Friday… could he be getting the endorsement from Richardson???? (God I hope not)

  372. dot in retrospect.. obambi is the FIRST african american dem I have VEER heard praising ronald reagan.. I am not even kidding.. it s afact.. even his core constituency of latte liberals hated ronald reagan..

  373. Our girl responded to Obama’s divisive slam with grace AND determination. Guess Obama thinks Hillary is dumb enough to take the bait. LOL!

  374. I hope Barbara, one of my favs, does. SHe is a good senator and a smart woman, and she is funny. I saw her on curb your enthusiasm last year. She was funny. I hope she endorses Hillary.

  375. it is true that obama won among late deciders but then the percentage of people who decided last day were not substantial. Infact, I think they made up less than 10% of the electorate and the difference was less than 5%.

  376. On the “BIGGEST DEBATE EVER” tomorrow. Hillary needs to do what she always does and focus on the issues. Obama’s new tatic is to paint Hillary and Bill as old, cheap, dirty politics.
    You respond to that by
    1) Not enganing in stupid bickering like what McCain and Romeny did about who said what
    2) Focus on the issues
    3) If you are hit you simply say “I am not going pulled into petty fights with you because the American people want their problems solved not cheap shots”.

    I know Hillary will do well, but I think if Obama throws out another comment like the Wal-mart thing Hillary should not hit back with a comment about Rezko (that info is already out and moving), but hit back in the way Edwards did in the last debate and Ron Paul did tonight. We know how Obama is trying to paint her.

    O man, I think I am just nervous.

  377. Anyone, I know I am getting all caught up with endorsments, but didn’t Richardson say he is going to endorse by the end of the week?

  378. Nikki22, see this page for Florida exit polls


    The last three days: Obama and Clinton tied (but only 17% decided in the last three days), 83% (decided well before 3 days)

    % Clinton Edwards Gravel Obama
    Within the last 3 days 17 35 23 0 36
    Earlier than that 56 53 12 0 34
    Absentee / early voter 26 50 14 2 31

  379. fashionista,
    Lawrence O’Donnell, whom I used to like, is blatantly pro-Obama.
    AAR’s Rachel Maddow, whom I also used to like, has been horrendous in trying to hide her pro-BO bias.
    There is an interesting story of Maddow officially becoming an MSNBC analyst last week just moments after lending support to Chris Matthews in an AP story which followed his on-air “apology” for his (intentionally &) insanely slanted coverage of Hillary.

    The campaign should be terming “The Snub” as a lack of maturity.
    He’s no Jack Kennedy.

  380. Don’t worry, she’ll do awesome, as usual. She knows what she’s doing unlike that sad excuse for a greenhorn.

  381. Hmmm…can’t seem to post a link. But if you google “Obama calls Clinton Divisive” you should be able to find the full article.

    Definitely makes Obama come of like a real ass.

  382. Hillary basically said that she would continue to talk about the issues, and that him attacking her as a divisive figure makes it look as though all his talk about bring people together was just that…talk.


  383. I was hoping OB wouldn’t be in MA the night before the 5th to drum up last minute support…But I supposed I’d rather have him there with the Kennedy’s than in CA with Oprah the night before.

  384. She also said, “”That certainly sounds audacious, but not hopeful”

    Oh man…I’m starting to feel alittle sorry for Obama now. I MUST be tired!

  385. Do you believe that there was a bounce in Florida on election day for Hillary because she was there? That’s what I’m hearing a Obama fanatic say to justify why late voters went for her. When did she arrive in Florida? Did she get to the state the night before the election or several hours after the polls closed?

  386. Somehow I don’t think she should take the high road like she did in the Philly debate. She has to hit back in some way and show him to be the cheap fellow that he is ..

  387. I also recommend going to this site:

    I think it’s wonderful and I first learned about it from another poster on here. I go there all the time to read what she has to say. This blogger makes a lot of sense and if she is on here regularly and is reading this now I just want to say Thank You.

  388. andrew.. dont worry.. richardson if he endorses Obama.. is not a big deal.. her lead in NM is substantial. i dont think people will change their minds the moment richardson endorses and there isnt enough time for everyone to come on board and vote for Obama. Obama still isnt going into their communities. He doesnt understand the concept of door to door campaigning!

  389. dot48, i wouldn’t read too much into it, these things usually get leaked. BO hasnt been to NM yet, so i guess it’s just what he’s doing…

  390. Clinton at Georgia J+J

    by Jason George

    ATLANTA – ” We know that change is on the way. Are we ready for change?”

    It’s wasn’t Obama delivering this opening line, but Sen. Hillary Clinton, speaking to thousands of Georgia Democrats at the state’s Jefferson-Jackson Dinner.

    Obama wasn’t the only candidate Clinton channeled in her speech, which also took up Sen. John Edward’s poverty cry.

    Calling inequity in America a “moral disgrace,” Clinton said “children are going to bed hungry” and “John Edwards made us all face up to that.”

    She mentioned solutions like tying congressional raises to raises in the minimum wage and universal healthcare.

    “No human being should be denied healthcare,” she said.

    Clinton also spoke of her plan for a strategic energy fund, a $50 billion program to invest in renewable energy and alternative power sources like solar and wind.

    “And this is how we’d pay for it: take the tax subsidies away from the oil companies,” she said to loud applause.


  391. Thanks all for the exit poll info. You know the media’s gushing over Obama seems to have the opposite of their intended effect. They go so overboard trying to shove him down peoples throats, convince us all he is the second coming and HRC is worthless that voters actually end up going to Hill. I think that is what happened in NH.

  392. Hillary did not go to Florida until AFTER the polls closed. Her plane did not even touch down til then.

  393. tpmelectioncentral.com/2008/01/gallup_hillarys_national_lead_over_obama_down_to_six_points.php

    did this just come out today,she gets a bounce right after the florida and debate

  394. BHO could be going to NM on Friday to deflect any damage done by Richardson endorsing Hillary as well 😉

    Think of Hillary being in Springfield, MA the day Kennedy endorsed BHO. I know her visit was planned prior to the endorsement, but BHO is SUCH a follower, as was exhibited at the SOTU.

  395. nikki22, I think you are right. There are several structural problems for Obama that he cannot fix in the 5 days. Latinos revere Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. They just don’t know Obama. He hasn’t done anything for them. He is just a fisrt-term senator. He has also problems among women and people above 45. It is not easy to fix these problems in a week. There is also an undercurrent of discomfort at his lack of experience even among people who do not dislike him.

    This is not a national race. These are 22 separate races with each state having its own demographics and dynamics. Tomorrow’s debate is his biggest chance to have an impact. But, my prediction is that it will be a draw (at least the media will call it a draw and give Obama a slight advantage because they like him).

    He will try to be agressive and basically try to paint Hillary as the past and himself as the future. I think Hillary will continue to talk about issues that matter to Americans and won’t let herself get baited.

    I will hazard a guess that even in my own state of Illinois Obama will not get the kind of numbers he got against Alan Keyes in his senate race.

  396. HighlyEducatedHillarySupporter Says:
    January 30th, 2008 at 9:21 pm –

    Highly, you’d like http://anglachelg.blogspot.com/2008/01/woof.html about “Bubba”. And what Sean Wilentz said a while back (in a Newsweek interview iirc) which was highly recommending Hillary as candidate but also admitting that what the voters like about her is the same as what “we” (ie Sean and the interviewer) dislike: middleclass culture, you might say. Search for “frumpiness”. 🙂

  397. Also, has everyone in this blog donated to Hillary’s campaign? I have been giving over time and am maxed out for teh primary. If people can afford to give some more, I think it will be very helpful for the campaign at this point in time just before Feb 5.

    Please see what you can do.

  398. To be real though, Maria Shriver is one of Oprah’s best friends in the world. Don’t count on an endorsement from that Kennedy.

  399. Just wanted know…has anyone ever seen Carl Bernstein on CNN without him mentioning his Hillary Clinton book. Did he not sell many copies???

  400. for some reason I think the pollsters make up this “bounce” and then media makes the self prophesy true by talking about the poll and giving him the “bounce”. It was WRONG in NH because women never deserted Hillary. They stood by her through thick and thin. Hillary if elected president, should be extremely greatful to NH women IMO. actually to all women and to men like me who adore her and bill, actually i dont adore either her or bill, I adore their political astuteness.

  401. TPS, I have $ coming automatically out every month for Hillary’s campaign, and I just donated another chunk the night of SC. I will be maxed out soon too.

  402. I consistently giving what I can fit into my budget. That said, I just came across some extra cash via a late christmas present. Merry belated Christmas, Hillary! 🙂

  403. The Clinton’s won’t forget NH. They never forgot NH after Bill’s 2nd place “comeback” there in 92. They visited the state twice during his presidency.

  404. rjk1957, that’s true. Although for me personally, ALL my friends and family know that they had better be voting for Hillary on Tuesday. And they will.

  405. In a local radio interview three days ago, Sen Boxer agreed with the host’s supposition that powerful, establishment Dems are backing Obama. She said that she would support whoever wins California on Feb 5. So I think she’s chickening out on this one, sorry to say. Interestingly, Boxer also pointed out that if it was between Edwards and Clinton, she’d endorse Clinton, and similarly between Edwards and Obama, Obama would get her nod. She said choosing to side with either Clinton or Obama is like choosing to side with siblings. Whatever.

  406. Thought I heard Maria Shriver won’t be making any endorsements before Super Tuesday.

    The reason you think that… is because it’s absolutely true!

  407. OMG…now Ted is trying to say Hilliary’s MLK remarks infuriated him??!!

    WTF!! Can anyone with a fucking brain please explain to me HOW Hillary said anything insulting to MLK?!

    This shit is just crazy!

  408. Idunn, someone needs to tell Teddy Boy that we’re not in SC anymore. He needn’t denigrate our woman any longer.

  409. Hillguy,
    personally I do not think endorsements sway many votes. What they can do is get a lot of free air time with these talking heads debating the merits of them. I have never gone to vote and not known who I was going to vote for. Granted some people probably do decide on election day, but I do not think the numbers are as high as exit polls have shown. People lie to pollsters all the time and why should we not be surprised if they do it on exit polls as well.

  410. I have asked many friends and family of mine (who aren’t as emotionally invested in this campaign) whether or not they base their vote on an endorsement. Not ONE of them has said that an endorsement makes them choose one candidate over another. I agree, rjk1957, that it might matter to the talking heads, but it just doesn’t matter to the average voter. Not having health insurance matters. Losing one’s home to foreclosure matters. Repairing our leadership abroad matters.

  411. Rjk and HillGuy, the one endorsement and campaigning that would matter the most in the Democratic primary would be that of Bill Clinton.

  412. As to Bill Richardson’s endorsement, before his exit from the race, he was losing the Latino vote to Hillary by almost 5 to 1. Which means that if he doesn’t endorse Hillary, it probably would not have much impact on the Latino vote.

    That said, it would still be great to get his endorsement to strengthen our cause in NM, which is a caucus state.

  413. Why are caucuses especially hard for Hillary? I hear Obama will likely do better in Caucus states on Feb 5th, why is that?

  414. Teddy has been drinking again, evidently. He’s losing it. I think i may give his office an angry call tomorrow and tell him to stop pushing the race card and being divisive. He called Billout for it, so I say let’s call him out.

    It is so unbecoming when a democratic leader “overshadows” and plays nasty attack dog for his candidate that way, dontcha know. Think of your legacy, Tedster. 😉

    What were his office numbers again?

  415. rigso, I think it is just a general sentiment that has been permeating ever since Iowa. Never mind the hundreds of out-of-state students that influenced the vote there.

    NV was caucus too, and that turned out pretty well for us.

  416. Wednesday, January 30, 2008
    A Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of the Massachusetts Democratic Presidential Primary finds Hillary Clinton attracting 43% of the vote while Barack Obama earns 37%. The survey was conducted on the night that Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy endorsed Obama but before John Edwards dropped out of the race.

    Edwards picked up 11% of the vote in this survey while 4% said they would prefer

  417. is this a preview for the debate. this wont be pretty. im not looking forward to it-abcnews.go.com/Politics/Vote2008/story?id=4215588&page=1

  418. meiyingsu.. the ras poll is BS. you are telling me to believe that a simple endorsement would cause 15% shift in vote towards Obama within ONE day? thats what I call BS. like the way I said, these polls especially when they are done after “bounce” are bullshit. after the “bounce” they settle down, and then unless the trendline follows the “bounce” the poll is irrelevant POS.

  419. Above–Hillary’s remark infuriated EFK (teddy) because of the mention of Lyndon Johnson. The Kennedy’s hated Lyndon. I don’t know if Hill mentioned JFK and civil rights. I just remember her mentioning LBJ. This is just my speculation, of course, but somethin to think about.

  420. You all are scaring me. Don’t post the article. But, is Hill planning on going on the attack. I prefer she didn’t.

  421. She has to be ready to stand up for her record without being defensive. She has to be presidential and appeal to better angels. She can punch but cannot build sympathy for him

  422. For the last time Rasmussen is a crap pollster! (Why would JE be gaining at all?) Any poll including Edwards aint worth didley!!!

  423. We can never afford to become complacent. It’s healthy to stay alittle nervous. But we are riding a wave, and Hillary is going to knock out a home run tomorrow in the debate. Stay ever upbeat!

  424. mj, she won’t be on the attack, but if attacked, she has got to defend herself. This is what she said to the media networks repeatedly after the heated SC debate. She will not punch first, but she has to counter-punch. She cannot appear weak. And she won’t.

  425. Obama will come ready looking for a fight. she has to fend them off. She has to say, lets focus on issues instead of getting petty, something like what JRE had done last debate.

    In addition, when it comes to old vs new, I hope she mentions how she is revolutionising the way modern day campaigning is done. That gives her an excellent promo for the townhall meeting, as well as assures the voters that she is much more savvy than “new” barack Obama.. the man of hope and air..

  426. BO gave a speech in Denver that I heard quotes from. Attack on the flip flop front. Accuses Hillary of bad judgement and changing her mind on torture, Iraq, Iran, etc

  427. Any-one else seen that gallop poll that claims Hillary is down to a 6 point lead over Bambi nationally?

    How the hell can THAT be right?

  428. Yes, mj, Obama talked trash at a rally, calling her “old politcs”, same old yadayadayada.

    Hillary is doing GREAT, so I have no idea why people are so jumpy around here. Bambi is falling apart, going aggressive, and nervous as a cat.

  429. Anytime we hear anyone mention Iran, we need to remind people that BHO didn’t even care enough about the amendment to show up to work to VOYE for it. Wolf Blitzer actually called Obambi out on this at CNN Debate in Vegas, and Obama said his failure to show up was “one of the casualties of running for President”… Asshole.

  430. STOP QUOTING THE DAMN RASMUSSEN POLL. It has been quoted on here and debunked about six times already. It is crap.

  431. That Rass poll is crap. No way can there be such a huge shift in one day. Hillary will win that state handily.

  432. I agree with H4T. More pressure on Obama will probably mean more unforced errors for those of you who play tennis

  433. Thanks for slapping me, HillaryforTexas. I needed that. I’m just tired and burned out from all the Obama ugliness today.

    What I could really use right about now is a good healthy dose of Rezko. Start yapping, Blago! Throw that son of a bitch Obama under the bus already!

  434. Polls taken on one night with heavy media coverage of an event are meaningless. I think we are paying too much attention to all kinds of random polls here. Then, people get nervous. May I respectfully suggest that we not focus on every poll that comes out there?

    Given how this primary process has been setup by the DNC, and all of the institutional disadvantages we have (media and blogs being against us, etc), we are in great shape with 5 days to go until Feb 5. We just need to hold our nerve and have faith in our candidate and the campaign.
    We are going to come out just fine.

  435. Ah…Taylor to the rescue! I’m heading over there now. Watching proof of the snub is bound to wake me up and put alittle spring in my step.

  436. A partial re-post from above;

    None of the polls are worth anything, and won’t be until it’s too late to worry or exult over them, as the polling won’t average out to factor in the changed dynamic in the race for at least 3 or 4 days from today. The debate will influence the polling from Friday on, so the effects (if there were any) wouldn’t start showing up until TUESDAY, so here’s my advice, IGNORE THEM. Ignore them if they’re bad and ignore them if they’re great. There’s only one poll that counts now and that’s the one they’ll be taking (and I’ll be voting in) on TT.

    Do all you can for Hillary and the campaign between now and next Tuesday. Read the polls if you want, but put no stock in them at all, and don’t come here with your worries and concerns about them either, as there is no reason to worry over NOTHING, and that is what each and every poll means now, absolutely nothing…

  437. Please, let us get rid of the negativity and stay positive. We just has the most accurate poll in Florida, an election, in the middle of all this and Hillary won byclose to 300,000 votes.

  438. The TM videos are showing the photos that came out yesterday I think. I thought it was video of the event itself but oddly enough, with all the cameras in the universe in that chamber that night apparently no one caught the act on tape.

  439. mj, Here’s the article on Obama’s attacks. You’ll really like Hillary’s response!


  440. rigso, I heard that about half of California’s votes were early ballots, and it was polling 2-1 for Hillary at the time.

  441. Bill is being crazy and arguing about her supporting Hillary ‘just because shes a woman’
    Katt coming on strong and telling them why running as a woman is hard. She also said her and Ted just disagree, but no hard feelings.

  442. Kathleen Kennedy isn’t doing a great job. I’m just turning it on. She said she was sympathetic to a woman running. Not what anyone on FOX wants to hear.

  443. American Gal,
    There’s no new video in there, that’s the (very good) ABC package from yesterday and Inside Edition’s take, both based on those 4 time-lapse photos. It is wonderful seeing it get the play it is.

    A major sign of IMMATURITY from Obama.

    meiyingsu, Yup, just like the ABCNews.com story on Obama right now.
    That’s why Hillary should just rip his head off tomorrow night.
    Playing nice will get her nowhere.
    We should have learned by now the media will not credit her, no matter what.

  444. She just made fun of their ‘fair and balanced’ line, and made billo mad! it was great, they didn’t talk about Hillary enought, but at least people know there are anti Obama kennedy’s out there.

  445. RE: Ralph Nader Flirts with Presidential Bid above.

    I don’t know if anyone ever noticed my previous post, but I mentioned a few weeks ago that I met someone who happened to be visiting here in Puerto Rico (the son of a woman I know) who is a biggie with the Nadar bunch, and said N was really going to make a presidential bid. I just said “Oh, really?” You can imagine what I really wanted to say.

  446. on tomorrow’s debate, whenever BHO attacks, Hillary just need to answer ” here you go again” and then talks about issues we care.

  447. i hope ralph nader gets struck by lightning for being partially to blame for the ruin of our country, also for being stupid, and also for being a pain in the butt to deal with.

  448. Cynthia McFadden’s a parade float.

    Hillary gets a mini pink-press conference grilling, while Obama got a hand job from Terry Moran in a piece littered with adoring crowds surrounding Obama.

    More importantly, someone just happened to sneak a front page story onto the NYT about President Clinton and a supporter who made big bucks in Khazikstan dealing uranium.

    Funny how that happens….

  449. She did great. She was warm, friendly, made it clear that this is not a co-presidency and that she is her own woman.

  450. Food for thought: Bill Clinton will be in Albuquerque, NM as will Ted Kennedy tomorrow. I’m glad. Hopefully it’ll show how popular Bill still is and how many people don’t know or don’t care about Kennedy.

  451. Blue Democrat, here is how stupid NY Times reporters are? What did this supporter give money to? The William J. Clinton Foundation, which is doing incredible work in India, Africa, and other countries combating AIDS, Malaria, etc. Clinton made this great deal with drug companies to sell AIDS drugs in affordable reduced prices which is saving the lives of hundreds of thousands of children all over the world.


    No one helped the Clintons buy a house, did they?

  452. Hillary just needs to come out and say that we’ve got to start looking at what we can do to start public campaign financing. Pound that at Obama!

  453. TPS,
    I meant funny how the story (which apparently took some actual rporting, a real rarity these days) broke the night before the debate and a few days from ST.
    You don’t have to tell me about the Clinton foundation’s work; seriously. I support it every way I can.

    And actually Terry McAuliffe helped the Clinton’s buy their house in NY, because they were $10M in debt from all the bogus investigations.

  454. Blue Democrat, that is my point, NY Times or whoever fed this to them think this is some negative thing, except it ends up highlighting the heroic work the Clinton Foundation is doing. Sometimes these reporters are reaching when it comes to Clintons. To be specific, Terry McAuliffe gave them a loan guaranty unlike in the case of Obamas where there seems to have been indirect financial help.

  455. With 6 days to go to Super Tuesday and with the GOP having gone a long way towards settling on a nominee last night, all eyes are now on the Democratic primary where the stakes of the next few days are much higher. Hillary Clinton is seeking to halt the seemingly unending stream of good news for Obama (South Carolina triumph, Kennedy endorsement) by putting forward her Florida win. And the campaign must be happy with the controversy over whether Obama snubbed on the floor of the Senate. Images of that “incident” are now being widely covered by the media, and every news cycle Clinton can own this week could make the difference come Super Tuesday.

  456. Guys,

    I just wanted to make a quick not about the debate.

    I feel like you’re all expecting it to be Hillary taking the high road, or somehow brushing off Obama’s comments. We all know that if he makes some serious accusations, she will fight back. She’s not just going to laugh it off, or ask to talk about the real issues, she’s going to make sure the truth be known. Hillary is the fighting spirit and she will stand up for herself and in a perfect world everyone should be nice to each other, but in politics you fight fire with what?


  457. LJ, you are right. I’ve come to realize politics ultimately is a power grab(which is why it will never be all sunshine and rainbows as Obama implys he will invoke). Hillary will do what she needs to do.

  458. As always, I expect Hillary to be on her game. If he comes looking for a fight, I have absolutely NO doubt she’ll give him one.

  459. TPS,
    I know, no misunderstanding. My point was the story sets up a debate ambush (Wolfie’s probably writing it up right now),
    which I’m sure HRC will be prepared for.

    Correct on McAuliffe’s loan guaranty, which he hurriedly faxed from the golf course!

    But I’m sure we have more important things to talk about 🙂

  460. Obama is going to New Mexico Friday which some are speculating is an endorsement by Richardson but someone on TM is reporting that Bill Clinton is going there on Thursday for an “undisclosed function” and speculation is that it is a meeting with Richardson….

    Perhaps they are still both pressuring him for an endorsement?

  461. We learn from Nightline that Bambi did not call after the Florida primary, just as he did not call after the Nevada caucus.

    He acts more and more like a Republican.

  462. LJ.. I agree.. I am sure campaign will prepare very well for this debate. they will always have a plan B. If Obama attacks plan A. If he doesnt, plan B. In eithe rplan, the wrong votes has to be pushed into very articulately, since I dont expect moderators to do their jobs.

  463. seemingly unending stream of good news for Obama (South Carolina triumph, Kennedy endorsement)

    Huh? Obama has had very bad luck with news lately. The Rezko story came out, REZKO IS IN JAIL, Hillary won Florida, Edwards dropped out, and Ted Kennedy’s endorsement got sort of eclipsed in the ‘snub’ story.

    If anyone looked at real news, they’d see that Obama’s % among AA’s dropped, Hillary won age 18-29ers,iIn FL Hillary beat BOTH GOPs and both GOPs beat Obama (and nobody can say the GOP primary was a beauty contest 🙂 )

    Clinton: 856,944
    McCain: 693,425
    Romney: 598,152
    Obama: 568,930

  464. Ok, does anyone remember the portion of SC vote that was african american, and also the portion of the votes cast by women?

  465. Guys, for recent polls go to http://www.pollster.com

    Most of these have her up. However, I would not pay much attention to these polls as they haven’t factored in FL win and most importantly Edwards dropping out.

    I would start to look towards Friday’s poll.

  466. How cool is this? My niece, who works for an ad agency in LA, is trying to get tickets to the debate tomorrow night. She deals with a lot of media groups (radio and tv stations etc) and is trying to get tickets from them. If she goes, she will send me a synopsis of what she saw and I will post it here.

  467. Yo Hawk

    BO wasn’t even a guest professor.

    He was a visiting (or guest, don’t remember exactly) lecturer.

    That’s even lower than instructor.

    Academics are real, real picky about things like that. My husband used to love telling the academic joke, “the reason the battles within a university are so viscious is because the stakes are so low.”

  468. 1950democrat
    this is crazy it seems or it is an Obama site – but I am just trying to verify the poll numbers that they give on the same page. Something is fishy with their numbers.

  469. Re the Clinton’s house purchase in 2002, iirc, McAuliffe offered them a personal loan but the GOP made such a fuss that they declined and financed it in some more conventional way.

  470. In the latest poll that was in the field from Sunday to Tuesday, Barack Obama has risen to his highest percentage in yet (in the past 3 weeks) and is trailing Clinton by only 6%, 44% to 38%. Five days ago, it was 47% to 32% Clinton; two days ago, it was 44% to 33%. Yesterday, 44% to 34%. Clinton has been steadily declining for about a week now and this is a very worrying trend because a national lead is essential to her chances on Tuesday in what is essentially a national primary. Edwards gets 12% in the latest poll, double the margin between Obama and Clinton… The next few days could prove very instructive.

  471. johnflint, if that is the Rassmussen poll we need to see others before a trend can be determined. In the past the national polls have fluctuated, particularly after an event. We had all the media hype from Monday to Tuesday with the Kennedy business.

    Is that your analysis or what is in the Rassmussen report? What are the numbers from the Zogby daily tracking poll?

  472. Particulars about tomorrow’s debate: No time limits at the 90-minute Hollywood showdown, moderated by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. Doyle McManus of the L.A. Times and Jeanne Cummings of Politico will also question the pair.

  473. AmericanGal
    I actually have no idea about Zogby – I am fencing with 20 Obama supporters on the other forum and they posted this address and information – which I am giving to all of us here. It is possible that this is because of the bump immediately after SC, but who knows.

  474. Schedules for tomorrow:

    Clinton: Los Angeles, CA
    Obama: Los Angeles, CA

    Bill Clinton: Albuquerque, NM; Tempe, AZ
    Michelle Obama: Wilmington, Dover, DE; Chicago, IL (maybe worried about IL like mjs alluded to earlier from his inside source)

    Kennedy: Albuquerque, Santa Fe, NM Thursday and Los Angeles, Oakland, CA Friday.

    [Source: Time’s The Page]

  475. I’m puzzled. Why does the Obama campaign hype their polls and play the expectation game backwards? Then the Obamapundits echo it and we are now told that he is even in CA….

    If Hill wins by 2 points, they will have defeated themselves again.

    On another topic, my view of the endless Obama endorsers is an interesting mix of idealism, sexism, and class. These progressives don’t meet a lot of
    high school graduates, blue collar workers, low income women. They pay attention to the wine and chablis set who finance their campaign. When these nabobs look down their noses at the Clintons from the wrong side of the tracks and flog the pure minority, they see this as a civil rights thing and forget it’s a sexist — wait your turn, lady — thing.
    Thata’s my best guess.

  476. johnflint, that website appears to be a blog. The numbers are being posted and interpreted by the person posting. This is only one poll, one company and the person only posts one part of the Rassmussen analysis. There will be tightening of the numbers but that does not necessarily mean that other polling places will have something similar. We need to wait and see other polls by other groups.

  477. Media Swallows Kennedys’ Arrogant Presumption
    By Froma Harrop | Providence Journal
    Are we done worshipping the Kennedys yet? And what do you mean by “we”?

    That was quite a spectacle — the commentariat gushing superlatives over the alleged power of Ted and Caroline to deliver liberals to Barack Obama. Half the electorate wasn’t even born when the sainted John F. Kennedy was assassinated — and few have any idea who Ethel is. Though the Kennedy brand is in steep decline, the wave of conformist opinion still thinks this endorsement is very big.

    Americans fought a revolution to free themselves from ruling families. Thomas Paine wrote that “we cannot conceive a more ridiculous figure of government than hereditary succession, in all its cases, presents.”

    Nonetheless, the Kennedys fancy themselves liberal kingmakers, and the media swallow their presumption whole. “The torch is passed,” the chroniclers scribble, as candidates beg Kennedys for their “prized endorsements.”

    JFK was indeed a charismatic figure, but the more we learn about his Camelot in Washington, the less perfect it sounds. (One might start at the 1960 election, which was stolen with an assist by the mob.) Daughter Caroline was adorable, but could someone please explain her cosmic significance today?

    The career of dynasty elder, Ted Kennedy, meanwhile, is headed for a disgraceful end. The Massachusetts senator has been caught in a sneaky plot to kill a clean-energy project in Nantucket Sound. Seems he doesn’t want to see wind turbines from his waterfront estate. “Don’t you realize — that’s where I sail!” he famously said.

    The heck with his constituents, who live with some of the foulest coal-burning plants in the country. The heck with the United States, trying to free itself from foreign oil. The heck with the planet, threatened by global warming. Environmentalists now boo at the Kennedy name — not that many in the media have noticed.

    In 1994, the family parked Ted’s troubled son Patrick in a Rhode Island congressional seat. Patrick recently condemned a wind farm proposal for his state — with references to “monster windmills.” You see, making any New England waters safe for wind turbines would undercut Dad’s efforts to keep them off his Hyannisport horizon.

    Patrick moves in and out of rehab over pills and booze. In 2000, he shoved a security guard at Los Angeles International Airport. Later that year, he “trashed” a leased sailboat, according to the vessel’s owner. In the wee hours two years ago, he crashed his car into a barrier near the Capitol building. One wishes Patrick luck in recovery, but doesn’t his district does deserve a fully functional representative?

    A new Obama ad shows the Illinois senator flanked by Patrick and Ted, with Caroline spouting the same sort of vacuous platitudes that (sadly) have characterized his own speeches. Obama is better than any of these people, and the spot emphasizes what’s missing in his campaign: substance.

    In a non-romantic look at the family, “The Dark Side of Camelot,” author Seymour Hersh described John’s 1960 strategy as follows: “He made his mark not in the Senate, where his legislative output remained undistinguished, but among the voters, who responded to Kennedy as they would to a famous athlete or popular movie star.”

    Sound familiar?

    The Obama campaign has, with justification, criticized Hillary Clinton’s candidacy as another example of dynastic politics. But now that Obama is playing adopted son of the Kennedy clan, that argument falls apart. As for Clinton, her trolling for the endorsements of other family members lacked dignity. And she missed an opportunity to dismiss the Kennedy mystique as so much hot air.

    The idea of political dynasties insults a free people. Why this obvious point gets lost in the glowing and lazy reportage of the Kennedy endorsements beats me.

  478. The Obama campaign has, with justification, criticized Hillary Clinton’s candidacy as another example of dynastic politics. But now that Obama is playing adopted son of the Kennedy clan, that argument falls apart. As for Clinton, her trolling for the endorsements of other family members lacked dignity. And she missed an opportunity to dismiss the Kennedy mystique as so much hot air.

    She already had those endorsements, but I agree, she should not have given credence to TK.

  479. ri columnist (probably a conservative? i dont know) has no love for massachusetts politicians.
    now, i think that’s true about patrick, the kennedy machine and money led by ted himself came in town and all the local pols said, s***, who’s going to take the fall so patrick gets his seat

  480. Gallup Poll national Hillary 42% to Obama’s 36%. taken 1/27-1/29 after SC and the media frenzy over Kennedy endorsement. Similar to Rassmussen.

    Shows race tightening, but again, both were taken over the media frenzy days this weekend. Also, Edwards was still in the mix.
    We need to wait for more current polls that reflect the current situation including Hillary’s win in Florida, Edwards out and the snub at the SOTU.

  481. She already had those endorsements, but I agree, she should not have given credence to TK.

    mj, now that you say it, I think you might be right. BUT what was she supposed to do? say it didnt matter? you see, she had to blunt him, not go against him. if she would have said it doesnt matter, it would have been sour grapes, just like how FL gave Hillary positive press coverage. I think thats why she gave credence to the endorsement. As far as I am concerned, fuck no, who cares for an old fart teddy kennedy who is still jealous that LBJ gets praise for passing civil rights act.

  482. Heard more than a few people (Craig Crawford, Jonathan Alter) speculate today that the early voting – which presumably favors HRC) could be a major factor.

  483. I also forgot to answer sandy1938 and her impression of CA voters. I had the exact same idea that she did. (she?)

    Many CA voters — and others — idealize and romanticize their candidates like their movie stars. Snubbing Hillary doesn’t fit. It might have an effect, esp. if those two pictures are widespread.

    I believed that Rudy was through when it was revealed that he had tax-paid security for his wife AND his mistress. Obama might not do well with Rezko plus the snub. One never knows.

  484. Typically, it takes about 5 days for a bounce to subside. That means by tomorrow. In today’s age when information recycles quickly it is likely to be faster.

  485. http://rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/election_20082/daily_presidential_tracking_polling_history

    Above is Ras. daily tracking Pres. poll through 01/30- note that it had the diff of only 3 nearly a week ago and now today it has her up by 9. Again, take this with a grain of salt as we now know that Edwards isn’t a factor per se. The only thing that I take from this is that all of Obambi’s fan fair hasn’t seen to cut into her leads.

    I believe that this is the one that they are showing a 6pt gap. However, I have’nt see n their previous poll.
    Gallup CA poll through 1/26

  486. Hey, have any of you heard that Fitzgerald might also be looking into some shady hotel deals involving Obama? I ran across this rumor today, and am just wondering if anyone else has anything more solid than that.

  487. Watching a rerun of the repub debate: if HRC can make BO look half as bad as JMcC made Romey look, we win.

  488. 1950democrat,

    Re the Clinton’s house purchase in 2002, iirc, McAuliffe offered them a personal loan but the GOP made such a fuss that they declined and financed it in some more conventional way.

    The really AMAZING part of that whole episode was that Terry had merely offered to provide a temporary bridge loan, at a market rate, until they got their financing together, and the RightWing went freaking crazy.

    Yet, some wealthy RightWingers had purchased a multi-million dollar estate while Reagan was still POTUS and then just GAVE it to them, and there wasn’t even a PEEP from anybody.


  489. Just wanted to share a piece of info. I have a friend who is relatively neutral (not a U.S. citizen so can’t vote anyway). He’s from Illinois and he knew a professor at some college there who spent time with Obama and he says the guy is the most arrogant politician he has ever seen. My friend agrees the guy is arrogant even though he actually likes Obama in terms of his policies and idealism more than Hillary. Point is, Obama thinks he is the shit. Everyone always says Hillary feels entitled to the presidency. Well, you know this guy does too. I might actually like Obama if it wasn’t for his ugly personality.

  490. Okie–that was quick thinking on your part bringing those kids on camera. They may not have expected it at the time, but I’m guessing that right about now they are telling all their friends and feeling good about it. Great for the campaign too.

    I wonder if Bill would ever consider extending the dance challenge he made to Barack to Ted if their paths happen to cross on the campaign trail. Bill could have some fun with that one.

  491. I wonder why Keith Olberman has become a Hillary hater–he did not seem to be one before. If he switched at the same time Matthews was muzzled then it is possible that whoever is making the decisions at MSNBC saw business advantage in continuing that meme, realized that Matthews was too radioactive to pursue it, and therefore assigned that malignant task to old reliable Keith Olberman. I stopped watching him the moment this happened. I tell everyone I know who likes Hillary to stop watching KO.

  492. Bingo!

    Rachael Maddow has been helping pick up the slack too with an increased presence. And Matthews is up to his old tricks, he’s just taking a few MPH off his hateballs.

  493. I used to like Rachel Maddow too but she loves Obama. I’m not saying it’s a travesty to vote for Obama but it is very unfair when 90% of the people on MSNBC clearly favor Obama over Clinton. Can we get a balanced viewpoint here? The only time you see a Hillary supporter is when they invite someone in her camp to answer questions. Ridiculous.

  494. meiyingsu Says: on tomorrow’s debate, whenever BHO attacks, Hillary just need to answer ” here you go again” and then talks about issues we care.

    That’s beautiful!!! ADMIN, could you pass that up to HRC?

    If Hillary set that up with her responses to his first few attacks (dunno how) and then hit him with that….

  495. I was surprised to see Robert Wexler go for Obama. He was an ardent supporter of Bill during the impeachment process, so why is he turning his back on Hillary now? I found this notation in the Alamac of American Politics:

    “In 2002 it was revealed that Wexler had a complex financial relationship involving a loan and stock ownership with an airline security investor who was charged with stock fraud, which caused him to voice regret about his corporate dealings”. As the song says “small world isn’t it”.

    I will call his office tomorrow and ask why he is endorsing a candidate who wants to disinfranchise the voters of his state, as suggested above.

  496. hi all- it is not obama’s hand i see on the bible during the inauguration, it is hillary’s. and i see chelsea on her left and bill on her right. i also see something in white or pale pink. i see a man in dark suit in the foreground witnessing the ceremony – i hope it’s not obama as veep. i am not a psychic but i have not been wrong since 2000.

    my question is – i read in one post today about wearing pink on tues. what is the significance of pink???

  497. i have read blog comments (that seemed credible, i read enough blogs to usually have a good sense of that) saying edwards is leaning clinton. i hope so. makes more sense to me than obama on the issues.. trippi and axelrod might be friends but edwards will be true to himself. i feel sad for edwards supporters they were very dedicated, someone i know worked very hard for edwards 🙁 i was for him myself before i switched to hillary because he talks about a lot of issues i care about.

    i think one thing, for those who post on big liberal blogs, its good to highlight where hillary and edwards connect on the issues.. there is plenty of evidence to back that up, hillary strong record of working for women and families. elizabeth edwards reads blogs and has been for years. (i am a fan of her, always wished she would run for office.) ive no indication she reads big pink! but kos, mydd for sure so if you post there on threads about jre i bet she checks a lot of those, something to bear in mind. i remember 2004 watching her townhalls on cspan and she was such a great speaker & made such a connection with people.

  498. MJ – RFK Jr has been saying good things about HIllary for weeks now; see HuffPo for one. Dissing the JFK/RFK legacy would be unrealistic; to people of Hillary’s age, it is real, not a legend. Ted Kennedy may be cheapening it, and imo Obama shouldn’t be getting mixed up with TK — but TK has been through a lot and HIllary is quite right to show respect to him.

  499. Ex Edwards supporter, key point to make. Obama already negotiated the universal from the health plan, Hillary has not. I will not go with someone who already made concessions.

  500. Hey yall, I thought Hillary did a great job on Nightline. She answers questions very directly. She was asked about Bill’s comments in South Carolina. She was asked about “the snub.” She had excellent things to say: that a “co-presidency” is a bad idea and there will be no “co-Presidency” in her administration. That’s based on what’s she’s learned. She is very positive and confident. No doubt Obama will try and throw her with the same kinds of things he threw at her today in the Denver speech. But she’s very clear that this election is about the future. She commented on the Bush speech SOTU and wondered “what country is he talking about.” They featured her day in Little Rock and then in Atlanta. She refused to speculate on who JE was going to endorse.

  501. thought i would put it on mydd. it is that important. one ad with this clip. im serious. this proves how badly he needs vetting and will disturb the hell out of dems showing they are being played.

  502. t4h
    Even McCain would have a field day with that clip in November. This tells me that ABC headquarters must have put out the word, find everything we have on Obama.

  503. the clip is damning people. rec my diary on mydd. we need this everywhere. i emailed it to the campaign anyway. i would for this to come up in the debate. we need this out

  504. huffington post has the story, so others will be picking it up as well. When O attacks Hillary tonight saying she supports republicans she can throw that in his face. Even republicans say Rummy was a bad pick for DS.

  505. texan4hillary: I took a look at that clip and while it really does speak to me in that it convinces me that I made the right choice when I decided not to even consider any other candidate, I don’t think that it would convince someone who hasn’t already decided in Hillary’s favor by this point.

    There’s one demographic that Hillary needs to target in a big way in the next few days. She needs to convert people who were going to vote for Edwards even though they knew he was not going to win the nomination. I think she’s doing a fantastic job of this by incorporating his campaingn to end poverty and giving him credit for introducing that into the race.

    I think that there are other available votes for her as well. I think that Hillary has it in her to dig deeper within herself and find yet another voice. I’ve seen hints of it in the more intimate settings, but I think she can also use it when she speaks to larger audiences.

    If I could give her one image to help her find that voice, it would be to imagine that there are 12,000 teenaged Chelsea’s out there in the crowd. These Chelsea’s are unsure of themselves and maybe a tad bit rebellious and doubtful of their mother’s wisdom. Her task is to inspire these bright young beautiful children to spread their wings and shine for all their worth.

    What made me think of this image is the America/Amber video where Hillary spoke about advice that her mother gave her. If she could shape that into a stump speech…well, that’s just raw power that no one could match.

  506. Admin, B.Merry…..

    London Times has the following news item:

    The Times has, however, discovered state documents in Illinois recording that the Panamanian company Fintrade Services SA lent money to Mr Obama’s fundraiser in May 2005. Fintrade’s directors include Ibtisam Auchi, the name of Mr Auchi’s wife. Mr Auchi’s spokesman declined to respond to a question about whether he was linked to this business.

  507. Re Florida:

    I wrote this for my class and intends to send this to several papers in Florida and locally.

    Sen. Obama, Yes. We. Can.

    Is Sen. Obama insincere? Throughout the campaign for the Democratic nomination, Sen. Obama has touted that he alone can bring real change to Washington and to this country. One of the ways he said he would do this is by engaging the people to participate in the national discourse. In his speeches, he often mentions the words “we” and “change” in the same sentence. In one speech, he invited all of us to “take hold of the future of your country.” I only hope the senator is sincere about this message because it is a message that could truly change this country.

    There are many measures of an engaged populace but I doubt there is anything that is more accurate and telling than voter turnout during elections. When people come out to vote, they obviously care. When people don’t come out to vote, they obviously don’t care. Examining voter turnout in the past 30 years will give a picture that resembles the latter scenario. For instance in 2004, during the hotly contested battle between Pres. Bush and Sen. Kerry, only 55% of the voting age population came out to vote. Last year, amidst the national debate over Iraq, only 43% of voting age population came out to vote.

    Luckily for us, Sen. Obama appeared on the scene early last year. With his run for the Democratic nomination came the talk of engaging people. With his run came the theme of “Yes We Can.” Indeed, he did not disappoint. In Iowa, a historic turn out of voters took place. This was followed by equally historic voter turn out in the succeeding caucuses and primaries. No this historic turn out is not solely attributable to Sen. Obama, after all, Sen. Clinton won in four of the six states who have voted so far, all with record turnout.

    Then came Florida. Last Tuesday, at least 1.7 million Democrats in the state came out to vote for their respective choices for the Democratic nomination. This turn out was equally historic. It was larger than the five previous state’s entire record turnout combined. Although it is true that Florida is a much larger state, the 41% turnout simply trounces the 35% turnout in Iowa, the 28% turnout in Nevada, well except for the 70% turnout in New Hampshire. This historic turnout is made even more significant considering that none of the major Democratic candidates campaigned in Florida or had any ground organization in the state. Of course save the few ads that Sen. Obama ran on cable during the last few days of the Florida campaign. Contrast this to the barrage of TV ads, retail campaigning, phone banking, and get out the vote operations that the first four states experienced.

    What happened in Florida last Tuesday is truly the best example of an engaged electorate that this campaign has ever seen. It was a grass roots action. It was people like you and me coming out to declare that yes they care about the future of this country. It was sheer people power.

    So I was baffled to hear that on the night of the Florida primary, when Sen. Obama was asked about Florida, he did not extol the good sense of Florida Democrats to be engaged, he did not extol the historic voter participation, no he did not do any of these, instead, Sen. Obama smiled. Or was it a laugh? Regardless of what he did, his campaign made his point. That night, his campaign sent a mocking message to the media: “Obama and Clinton tie Florida with “0” delegates.”

    Sen. Obama was probably smiling (laughing) because his opponent, in spite of winning 50% of the vote in Florida, will not get any delegate. But to laugh at the impressive grass roots movement in Florida betrays his message. Yes the national party and the media might not take the Democratic voters of Florida seriously but what happened last Tuesday in Florida was exactly Sen. Obama’s message in action. Yet, because of politics, he readily dismissed the 1.7 million voters of Florida and their historic action.

    So is Sen. Obama insincere with his message of engaging people? Time will tell. For now, all I want to tell Sen. Obama is that with or without you, “Yes We Can.”

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