Obama Snubs Hillary Clinton, Florida, and 15 Million Americans

Boor Obama Snubs Senator Hillary ClintonBarack Obama betrayed his true unvarnished personality and politics when he responded at a New Hampshire debate to Hillary’s warm compliments, “You’re likeable enough, Hillary“.

Last night at the State of the Union speech Obama once again revealed himself. The Chicago Tribune caught Obama in the act of being himself:

“Sen. Barack Obama refused to make himself available to greet Sen. Hillary Clinton before the speech.

When members of the Senate entered the chamber, Obama came in before Clinton. He went out of his way to greet as many House members as possible and walked halfway across the chamber to greet members of the Supreme Court, the president’s cabinet, the military joint chiefs.

That made what happened next even more striking. Obama returned to stand by his seat next to Sen. Edward Kennedy who endorsed Obama today in a widely watched event that reverberated across the political world.

As Clinton approached, Kennedy made sure to make eye contact and indicated he wanted to shake her hand. Clinton leaned towards Kennedy over a row of seats and Kennedy leaned in towards her. They shook hands.

Obama stood icily staring at Clinton during this, then turned his back and stepped a few feet away. Kennedy may’ve wanted to make peace with Clinton but Obama clearly wanted no part of that.

As president, Obama has said he would meet with the U.S.’s enemies without precondition. But making nice with Clinton apparently is another mattter after the increasingly angry fight the two have waged, with charges and countercharges, for the Democratic presidential nomination.

The sense in the press gallery was that Obama didn’t cover himself in glory. Someone even used the word “childish.” (Not this writer.) Judging by how much conversation there was about this brush off in the press gallery, Americans will be hearing a lot more about this tomorrow and in coming days.”

Don’t bet on Big Media highlighting Obama’s boorish behavior.

Senator Hillary Clinton is not the only one Obama is snubbing these days. Obama has snubbed 15 million Americans by leaving them out of his health care plan. Obama is also snubbing the millions of Democrats who vote in the state of Florida.

Barack Obama doesn’t care what Florida Democrats say on Jan. 29.

In a memo released Tuesday, he reiterated his long-standing view that their primary votes will be worthless.

Obama has not been on the national scene for long. Obama needs to learn that Florida has millions of voters. Obama needs to learn that in 2000 a Democrat did not become president because Florida votes were not fully counted. Snubbing Florida is not a winning strategy for Democrats. We suspect that today, Florida voters will snub Obama.


703 thoughts on “Obama Snubs Hillary Clinton, Florida, and 15 Million Americans

  1. again, the snub of Hillary goes to his character. it also goes to the heart that he disdains women. no I do not look for media to give it a shout out. media will continue today to poopah voters in Florida. Florida will rise today and Hillary will be the victor. When it all shakes out, the dual snub by Obama will come back to haunt him as other democrat voters around America feel that Florida votes should count .. they remember Gore.

  2. Good morning, again, Hillfans. I’ve got the latest up about Rezko’s $3.5 million Middle East loan. There will be more later today when Rezko returns to court in an attempt to clear himself. Meanwhile, he’s cooling his well-heeled heels in the slammer, most likely with some folks who’d like to remind him of how he’s treated them and the humble place they call home for a long time. Let’s wish him well. A Chicago jail is not a friendly place, particularly not for slumlords.


  3. Obama…Childish…!!!!!!!

    At SOTU, Obama’s Clinton snub was the news
    by Frank James

    So President Bush has delivered his last State of the Union. And what everyone in the House press gallery is talking about isn’t the speech. Rather, it’s the snub.

    Sen. Barack Obama refused to make himself available to greet Sen. Hillary Clinton before the speech.

    When members of the Senate entered the chamber, Obama came in before Clinton. He went out of his way to greet as many House members as possible and walked halfway across the chamber to greet members of the Supreme Court, the president’s cabinet, the military joint chiefs.

    That made what happened next even more striking. Obama returned to stand by his seat next to Sen. Edward Kennedy who endorsed Obama today in a widely watched event that reverberated across the political world.

    As Clinton approached, Kennedy made sure to make eye contact and indicated he wanted to shake her hand. Clinton leaned towards Kennedy over a row of seats and Kennedy leaned in towards her. They shook hands.

    Obama stood icily staring at Clinton during this, then turned his back and stepped a few feet away. Kennedy may’ve wanted to make peace with Clinton but Obama clearly wanted no part of that.

    The sense in the press gallery was that Obama didn’t cover himself in glory. Someone even used the word “childish.” (Not this writer.) Judging by how much conversation there was about this brush off in the press gallery, Americans will be hearing a lot more about this tomorrow and in coming days.

    The fact that much of the discussion in the press gallery was about the snub is probably an indication of how we journalists and perhaps the nation are already moving past Bush, how the presidential campaign is increasingly crowding out anything Bush has to say .

    Not that you could move past him completely. It was after all his night to a large extent.

    When the president entered the chamber, once he got through the gauntlet of well wishers and got to the podium, he was cheered lustily by Republicans for what seemed like many minutes while he received polite applause from the Democrats. As the noise washed over him, he looked like a man who was really enjoying himself.

    As White House aides had indicated in recent days, the speech contained no major new initiatives since the president has just a year left in the White House and he’s dealing with a Democratic Congress that’s not exactly friendly.

    Still, if there was no major news or memorable soundbite, this SOTU was interesting because it was the last featuring this president and because at least two potential successors were sitting there on the Democratic side glowering at him much of the night.

    Oh, there were moments when Clinton and Obama stood and politely applauded the president, like when he spoke about the nation owing a debt of gratitude to the military serving so bravely in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    But there were many moments when the two leading Democratic presidential candidates sat on their hands, like the rest of their Democratic.colleagues.

    And there was at least one instance when Clinton shook her head at the president. It was when he said “…As families have to balance their budget, so should government.” The thought bubble above her head seemed to be “Can you believe this guy?”

    There was one moment when Bush seemed to take a shot at his predecessor and Sen. Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, who’s on the receiving end of a lot of criticism lately. The former president has said repeatedly that he believes the Bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 unfairly benefit the superwealthy, like himself.

    “Others have said they would personally be happy yo pay higher taxes. I welcome their enthusiasm, and I am pleased to report that the IRS accepts both checks and money orders,” Bush said.

    Clinton gave Bush the kind of look Obama had given her a few minutes earlier.

    When Bush got into the energy part of his speech, it was noteworthy that when the president mentioned increasing the use of “emissions-free nuclear power” Obama didn’t applaud.

    He probably didn’t want to give Clinton, who has attacked his pro-nuclear energy position (Illinois operates the most nuclear plants in the nation, after all) any more ammunition on that front.

    This SOTU had scenes typical of SOTU, the moments when the president would say something that would send his Republicans cheering while Democrats would sit mutely just waiting for the speech to be over, like when the president advocated for trade agreements.

    But there were also some moments where some odd, clapping coalitions occured. For instance, the president threw out a red-meat line meant for conservatives about strict constructionist judges. “On matters of justice, we must trust in the wisdom of our Founders and empower judges who understand that the Constitution means what it says.”

    This got an ovation from Republicans and, on the other side of the aisle, Rep. Maxine Waters, one of the most liberal members of the Congress who obviously read her own civil-libertarian meaning onto what the president said.

    After Bush completed his speech and left the rostrum, he slowly walked through the chamber, through the lawmakers and congressional staffers who asked him to autograph copies of his speech.

    For a man who usually is in bed by the time this speech finished tonight, around 10 pm, he lingered some time, like he wasn’t in a rush to leave, like he was savoring what was probably his last time in the House chamber. And he probably was.

  4. From the UK Times:

    He is also said to regard a remark by Mrs Clinton that appeared to give President Johnson — disliked by the Kennedys — the greatest credit for civil rights legislation, as a “direct repudiation of the work of his family”.

    So that’s what Teddy means by the politics of distortion!

  5. The sense in the press gallery was that Obama didn’t cover himself in glory. Someone even used the word “childish.” (Not this writer.) Judging by how much conversation there was about this brush off in the press gallery, Americans will be hearing a lot more about this tomorrow and in coming days.

  6. Apparently, CNN’s morning show is playing this as a mutual snub. It’s insane. The media protects this guy from his own worse behavior. How can you look at this pic and imagine Hillary is “mutually” snubbing Obama.

  7. On second thought, this is total BS. Teddy had made his mind up based on a whole lot of other factors, including inserting his own people into the new Dem White House. He’s shopping for excuses at this point:

    He is also said to regard a remark by Mrs Clinton that appeared to give President Johnson — disliked by the Kennedys — the greatest credit for civil rights legislation, as a “direct repudiation of the work of his family”.

  8. B. Merryfield – with all the developments and the upcoming trial RezkoWatch is becoming indispensible.

    Now we have, according to your links, another Doctor involved – Dr. Robert Simon of Cook County Medical Hospital. Of course sharp eyed readers know that Cook County Medical Hospital is now called the John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital. Mr. Stroger has too long a history to discuss here. We are once again amazed at the links between Stroger, the Chicago medical community, and the entire Rezko mess.


  9. it’s obvious the kennedys and other establishment plan to roll into those 22 states on feb 5 with large money and resources. they plan to target the caucus states bigtime. I’m not sure Hillary camp has the resources or ground support to battle the coop that obama now has with the kennedy crew behind him.

  10. Good Morning all. Happy Primary Day.

    A few morning musings…..

    1. I think we all know now which two candidates will not be choosing the other for a running mate. Let’s hope the HRC/Biden seating arrangement was not an accident.

    2. Understand, I’m in MI so I am biased. The mention that HRC was the “only” name on the MI Primary is not true. BHO, Biden, Richardson and JE separately decided not to include their names. HRC, Dodd, Kucinich and uncommitted remained. She was consistent from Day One that voters should have a voice. I smell a Dean thing here. What kind of promise is he looking for? How about Surgeon General?

    3. I am very weary of the media bias. After TT, and a definitive overall HRC victory, will it change? or will we be bombarded with coverage of BHO winning two or three states? How do I really feel, you ask.

    GO FLORIDA!!!!!!!! I hope we both get seated at the Convention.

  11. timjcain Says:

    January 29th, 2008 at 8:03 am
    toni morrison has endorsed obama

    Yeah, that happened a couple of days ago.

  12. Mr.Toni Morrison endorsed Obama because of the guilt trip blks have put him on for calling Bill the first blk president.Thats not a shock.

  13. I attended a penn lecture back in the 90’s on writing in a racialized society featuring Toni Morrisson. A young AA woman stood up and called her traiter and said she was only read by white women at elitist new england colleges. She took offense at the issue asserting that there was not a single black experience and as an artist didn’t need to explain herself. I wondered why she would then sit on a board discussing race. I guess i shouldn’t be suprised as she is an editor at the nation and they have long esposed obama.

  14. Toni Morrison is one of the finest american fiction writers in the last century. She endorsed Obama. I can live with it.

  15. Where is Hillary today, I noticed she is doing just one campagine event, which is in FL.??? Last nights snub is just another example of his attitude toward Hilliary, and he can bring hope to this country???

  16. I have trouble with this

    “He is also said to regard a remark by Mrs Clinton that appeared to give President Johnson — disliked by the Kennedys — the greatest credit for civil rights legislation, as a “direct repudiation of the work of his family”. ”

    Does Teddy revenges the clintons?

  17. Jas Lets just hope he continually attack her at the last debate that is scheduled for I believe Thursday and when its about over she counter attack like she never done before.Thats what women wants to see in Hillary.Men already look at her as a bitch so let them to continue to look at her as a bitch.They are not her darn supporters anyways.
    Christ men sucks unless they are gay!

  18. Not to change the subject but, Real Clear Politics has polling information on the 2/5 states. (this is great for a numbers person like me)!!!!

  19. V4H,

    Respectfully, for the record, I am a straight male that does not look at her like a bitch. I want her to be the leader of our country!

  20. Great post admin, I’m glad this photo and BO’s outlandish behavior is getting some press today. It really does demonstrate his true [lack of] character. If this is what a BO presidency would look like (turning your back on NV voters and the American people at the SOU address) count me out. Nobama!

  21. Jas
    I was under the impression that the larger polling organizations submitted regular results but in order to access daily state polls one had to subscribe to their service.

  22. Fox News morning crew is describing the Kennedy endorsement as a stab in the back of Hillary after her and Bill’s years of support. They also voiced opinion that JFK was over 40 years ago so how much impact will it have with voters today. Overall these days, Fox has been much more reasonable (even supportive) of Hillary in their news…I know it sounds incredible but it’ true….

    Some people are trying to blame the handshake thing on Hillary. I even read a report in The Hill newspaper that tried to spin it that way. Pictures don’t lie however. Pehaps someone even has video….

    Obama is coming to the Twin Cities on Saturday…no mention of when Hillary will be here. I hope the Hill groups there give him the welcome he deserves.

  23. timjcain: no I never have had to subscribe, I just goto RCP and they are there I also can goto Survey USA polling site at no charge.

  24. I did not see where HRC is today other than FL. I can not beleive that is taking the day off!!! and for that matter is bill out on the campaign trail????

  25. JAS, maybe they are just doing debate prep or perhaps planning for the Feb. 5 states. It’s going to be a massive effort including the weekend so maybe they just want Hillary to get some rest.

  26. Clinton schedule for today…..

    *all times Eastern

    Tuesday, January 29

    10:15 am
    Bill Clinton hosts a “Solutions for America” rally in Blackwood, New Jersey

    3:15 pm
    Bill Clinton hosts a “Solutions for America” rally in Highland Hills, Ohio

    8:00 pmFL POLLS CLOSE
    Last of the polls close within the state

    8:45 pm
    Hillary Clinton thanks Florida supporters at the Signature Ballroom in Davie, Florida

  27. I e-mailed Patrick Kennedy this morning because he said on early morning TV that he was for Obama because he could bring people together.

    I wrote that Obama could but not in the way PK meant. Gays, Latinos, and many women will unite but against Obama. I told him he forgot to factor in the hurt and fury of women that he would elbow aside a qualified woman for a man who can’t press the right vote button.

    You’ve changed the rules against a woman again. If Obama wins the nomination, I leave the party.
    Meantime, I fight. Having done delegate math, if we can persuade a few Edwards voters not to throw away their vote, and a few more Hillary voters to show up, we could get Hillary over the hump and heading for nomination.

  28. This snub story & photo should be bad news for Obama; it’s why Axelrod was trying to get in front of it by hitting the airwaves this morning;
    (From TIME: On “Morning Joe,” Obama chief strato-man Axelrod said The Snub wasn’t a snub, but simply a matter of Obama dealing with the “awkwardness” of the day and wanting to give Kennedy and Clinton a private moment.
    Press buzz, pix suggested Obama purposely turned away from Clinton as she shook Sen. Kennedy’s hand at the State of the Union speech.)
    IT IS BEING FINESSED BY BIG MEDIA TO PROTECT BO. They’re EITHER mentioning it by blaming both, or using a different photo, ETC.

  29. Sen. Edward Kennedy says his endorsement of Barack Obama for president wasn’t intended as a repudiation of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign or of her husband, the former president.

    “I have great respect for President Clinton and respect for Senator Clinton,” the Massachusetts Democrat said Tuesday on NBC’s “Today” show as he made a round of appearances on morning network news programs.

    Kennedy said he’ll support the New York senator if she is the eventual Democratic presidential nominee. “It’s enormously important that we elect a Democrat and change the direction of the nation. Should Barack Obama not get the nomination, I’ll support her,” or John Edwards or whoever wins the nomination, Kennedy said on CBS’ “The Early Show.”

  30. From TALK LEFT:

    The Washington Elite Are Anti-Hillary; Obama Is Their Candidate
    By Big Tent Democrat, Section Elections 2008
    Posted on Tue Jan 29, 2008 at 08:06:00 AM EST
    Tags: (all tags) Share This:
    There is a great irony in Barack Obama’s claim to be the anti-Washington candidate. The DC Establishment of course HATE the Clintons and have come to love Barack Obama. But the DC Establishment have always hated the Clintons:

    Clinton spent so long as the dominant personality in the Democratic Party that it is easy to forget: Lots of elite Democrats never liked the guy that much. Or, perhaps more precisely, their feelings of admiration were constantly at war with feelings of disdain.

    The ferocity of anti-Clinton sentiments heard around Washington in recent days — as even some former Clinton White House aides say they are enjoying the Kennedy endorsement and the implicit rebuke of the Clintons — has reached levels that haven’t been seen for seven years. Clinton’s pardons in the closing hours of his presidency prompted a similar backlash.

    One thing to wonder about is whether the DC Establishment take Obama’s criticisms of Washington seriously. I submit they do not. And rightly so. These “outsider” appeals are always phony.


  31. That wasn’t backpeddling. It was more attack. He treats Hillar like a mere appendage of her husband, and dismisses any notion that Hillary’s run is inspiring.

  32. MJ, I disagree, I think he is covering all his bases. After being deluged by irate phone calls, he has no choice but to remind people that he will support Hillary as the Presidential Nominee.

  33. Are you kidding me? He heaps praise on Obama’s health plan. He reduces Hillary to nothing more than Bill’s side kick, basically not noting her as a candidate in her own right. I am sorry, but that was not backpeddling.

  34. I do hope the mass angry with the endorsement of Kennedy’s family can transfer to mass volunteer ground work for Hillary.

  35. B. merry… I think Michelle might have known Rezko before BO did. I think REzmar was a client of Sidley Austin for some land development deal. Do a search for Sidley austin Rezmar

  36. I mean, no offense Kafeen, but reminding people he will support her if she is the nominee? Yeah. This is Ted Kennedy we are talking about. There is no chance he would not support the Dem. That ain’t back pedaling.

  37. MJ, I might add, I suspect that after Feb 5 and a “rout” by Clinton, you will see a great deal more compassion from Mr. Kennedy. He will be so happy that there are so many great “democratic” choices, et al, ad nauseaum….he always does that MJ.

  38. Personally, I think that Michelle is the original key to the whole Rezko mess, not Obama. I think that she is the one who introduced and pushed him into those circles. I think the original connections were hers. And I think that if one looked closer at her dealmaking, it might be enlightening.

    B Merry, good REZKO post. Think it would help to email that stuff to Waxman and encourage him to look closer?

  39. Pat Buchanan is beginning to scare me. He is one of the very few voice of reason out there. I think I need to check my meds.

  40. Excerpt from Buchanan’s Hollow Victory (link above)…

    It is the media’s obsession with race that has done the job for the Clintons in marginalizing Obama and given him the high hurdles he faces on Feb. 5.

    The problem for Barack is this: If, on Super Tuesday, he wins again the same 78 percent of the black vote he won in South Carolina, while losing the 76 percent of the white vole he lost, and loses that two-thirds of the Hispanic vote he lost in Nevada, he could be wiped out.

  41. That article by Buchanan is awful. He’s right about the media but dead wrong about an african american becoming President. It seems more accepted than a woman. We’ll know we have achieved equality when we have our first african american female president.

  42. And, there is no indication Obama will lose 76% of the white vote. He has not thus far except in the deep south.

  43. Okay, when you have Republicans praising the Clinton campaign…..I normally would say that is scary…..but, given the fact that they have ruled the political landscape and made fools of the democrats in so many ways, I will take this back handed compliment for the bit of truth it holds (with the usual reservations in mind).

    Besides, As Obama says, “They are the party of ideas…” LOL

  44. mj
    as long as that first african american woman is the most qualified
    i am not voting for hillary because of her gender or race but because i believe in her and where she can take the country

  45. “As a woman, leader, and person of deep convictions, I believe Hillary Clinton would make the best possible choice for president. She shares so many of the concerns of my father. Hillary has spent a lifetime speaking out on behalf of the powerless and working to alleviate poverty, in our country and around the world … At this moment when so much is at stake at home and overseas, I urge our fellow Americans to support Hillary Clinton. That is why my brother Bobby, my sister Kerry, and I are supporting Hillary Clinton.”

    — Kathleen Kennedy Townsend

  46. timjcain, agreed, obviously. I support Hill because she is best qualified. However, I’m inspired by her historic run and how I believe a child, women, and family advocate as president will shape our culture.

  47. I just posted this on the CNN blog for the BO pic. what an asshole. I doubt CNN will run it so Im posting it here too….

    Im so mad I could spit. What do people see in this guy? UGH.

    When he isn’t reading a well written speech, his true character shows. This man is a fake. There is no substance behind his empty promises. He speaks of unity but he cant bother to shake hands with his colleague and competitor. Much like his debate performance when he let an insult slip out saying “you’re likeable enough, Hillary”.

    I am appalled at how everyone seems to drink the Obama koolaid. He talks about unity but has no concept of what that means. Where is the unity? with the Clinton’s? apparently not. With the Bush adminstration? No. Democrats dont want that and fat chance bringing Condi RIce or DIck Cheney to a table to negotiate a future for America or the world. Who then? moderate republicans? well, gee, dont we work well with them already??

    It took a woman of courage like Hillary Clinton to bury a hatchet and work with Trent Lott, the man who impeached her husband, to come up with real solutions to finding healthcare for children. That is a real concrete example of working towards unity.

    Obama is insulting. He can talk the talk but he cant walk the walk. A picture speaks a thousand words. If he is the Democratic nominee, John McCain will be our next president.

  48. Denver Post has a picture of Obama turning away from Hillary at the State of the Union…

    Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., greets Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., back to camera, as fellow hopeful, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill. turns away before President Bush’s the State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress, Monday on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP | J. Scott Applewhite)

  49. kaffeen
    how much if any attention has the media given to this statement on the yahoo election page there are 5 stories about teds endorsement and not one about Kathleen’s

  50. With all due respect so far I don’t believe that this country is ready to vote for AA candidate. Especially south especially in general elections. Let’s not have wishful thinking. I know I am ready. But not the USA in general.
    In Obama particular case – I am not voting for him no matter what and not because of his skin, but because the guy doesn’t deserve to be a president in a first place.

  51. Kennedy is trying to keep his options open, barely, and to appear statesman-like. It won’t work.

    He made over a dozen direct references to the campaign’s (Hillary’s) rhetoric and comments by President Clinton in yesterday’s speech, including insisting that Obama was ready to be Prez from Day 1.

  52. timjcain, I’ll give away all the Kennedy endorsements, I don’t think they will mean anything significant (and according to some, will be a negative for Obama). I just like the wording of the “other” Kennedy endorsement.

  53. johnflint1985, it seems to me Hillary is the greater challenge to the status quo, and that is why, despite her obvious superior qualifications, she is having such a hard time with the DC elite and the media establishment, while Obama is coasting through, so I disagree.

  54. I support Hillary because I believe that she is the best candidate it has nothing to do with either gender or race.

  55. Kennedy: No Clinton Slight Intended
    sure, that’s why he gave that speech with all the heavily implied slights of the clintons? its just politics i know, funny to see him have to go say that today though

    For Obama & Clinton, an ‘icy’ moment at State of the Union

    i heard buchanan on tv last night, i notice other panelists let him talk because he has been in politics long enough to at least know things. i think he makes some good points in that article about media and how sc didn’t change much, but what he misses is that.. far as i know obama was never doing well with working class democrats (except those aas who are) or with latinos. ever. its just a few early states had more of obama supporters. working class & struggling middle class need jobs and health care more than talk to make you feel good.

  56. Ok, all. That’s great. You don’t care about gender. As a woman, I disagree. I think it’s a worthy consideration for women. We do make up the majority of this country.

  57. about ted speech yeah, like i wrote last night there were lots of obvious slams on clintons. hardball did a segment compiling them. not statesmanlike. angry and divisive in my view

  58. mj
    She, of course has more problems, she has the name and aura of Clinton in the end. So that alone and also press hatred for her – shows almost daily. So, yes, her way to the white house is quite difficult. But once she will overcome Obama, and I hope it is soon. She will beat any republican that will be running against her – I am positive on that. Economy is number one issue – Hillary has a gold medal in this. MC Cain is very very weak on this issue. He is running on national security and Iraq. Oops it is not number one in people’s minds anymore – so….

  59. kaffeen
    I agree with you. I mistakenly assumed that if the press were to give as much time to the endorsement by ted they would at least attempt to capitalize on the controversy of a split kennedy camp. The longer this draws out the higher the ratings/circulation.

  60. johnflint1985, oh, I agree with you, she will cream the Repub in a GE, but I actually think gender becomes a huge asset at that point, so I do not dismiss it as relevant.

  61. TPS quoted this earlier today:

    “Clinton spent so long as the dominant personality in the Democratic Party that it is easy to forget: Lots of elite Democrats never liked the guy that much. Or, perhaps more precisely, their feelings of admiration were constantly at war with feelings of disdain.”

    This is so true. The snobbery of the DC insiders about the Clintons is beyond belief and completely unreasonable. Unless you think of it as envy, of course.

  62. CD99, thanks, I’ll do that.

    H4T, somehow I think that Michelle IS more involved here but has escaped scrutiny so far. Only wish I lived closer to Chicago. I’d research the heck out of this.

    Are there any Chicagoans here?

    Pat Buchanan ran in 2000, not that long ago, and knows the political landscape pretty well. He is an anti-neocon, more than can be said for Rezbama. He is an anti-globalist and was against going into Iraq. From that standpoint, he knows what being against Iraq really means, not just a “noun, verb and a 5-year-old speech”. He was a speechwriter for Nixon and coined the phrases “silent majority” and “hardball”, for which Tweety keeps taking credit. He’s not a raging Rightie.

  63. Ronald
    for the last 3 days on CNN – it is Obama – non stop. Everybody kiss his behind for some reason. So what do you expect?
    Don’t worry she will be vindicated in the end.

  64. Take Buchanon with a grain of salt. He defined the culture wars, and referred to Hillary as a “radical feminist”.

  65. plural
    Clinton was an upstart for them. They still cannot com to understanding how he became the best president after WWII. Envy is a powerful thing. Nothing else need to be added.

  66. TPMMuckraker “Daily Muck” is a day late and a dollar short on Rezko’s going to jail. I’m almost surprised that they posted about it at all. They call Rezko “ethically challenged” — no adjectives for Rezbama.

  67. the historical significance of hillarys run and i pray eventual presidency is incontaivertable. And i believe i can understand why women would become enthused at the prospect. But i reiterate as a man a have chosen to vote for her and work in any capacity i can because i believe hands down she can save this country.

  68. timjcain, yes, ofcourse. But it is a potent tool that has been dulled by Obama’s campaign of generational division. That will not be true in a GE, and according to a recent poll 98% of young women are more apt to vote if a woman is on the ticket.

  69. I haven’t noticed any mention anywhere of this Obama Bushism on Sunday This Week with Geo. Stephanopoulos. I may have missed it and you all discussed it for hours.

    Obama was explaining how Clinton was influenced by Ronald Reagan when BC said, “The era of small government is over.”

    For the youngsters, the problem with Obama’s quote is that Bill Clinton said, “The era of BIG govt. is over.” Is our children learning?

  70. JF1985

    I agree. They act like he is the second coming. WTF. I used to think the press was addicted to his story line- it makes for good press. sell more papers, get more hits online. Now I dont know. They are infatuated. THe bias shows everytime they run a story. Even now they are saying HRC and BO didn’t shake hands when clearly she is reaching out and he is turning away. WTF kind of unity is that.

    Im pissed off. I was phone banking this weekend. I went to the fundraiser in Boston last night- not uplifting. I have signs everywhere. I dont know what else to do.

  71. *More on the Liberal elite’s hatred/jealousy of the Clintons…..



    Washington libs lead backlash against Bill

    By: John F. Harris
    Jan 28, 2008 07:06 PM EST

    Washington’s liberal establishment — members of Congress, fundraisers and commentators — has coalesced around the view that Bill Clinton is soiling his legacy and wounding Hillary Rodham Clinton’s prospects as he rambles around the country in a peevish, piece-of-my-mind monologue ostensibly devoted to helping her win the Democratic nomination.


    It is striking how many people around town seem to be loving it. But it should not really be surprising.

    Clinton spent so long as the dominant personality in the Democratic Party that it is easy to forget: Lots of elite Democrats never liked the guy that much. Or, perhaps more precisely, their feelings of admiration were constantly at war with feelings of disdain.

    The ferocity of anti-Clinton sentiments heard around Washington in recent days — as even some former Clinton White House aides say they are enjoying the Kennedy endorsement and the implicit rebuke of the Clintons — has reached levels that haven’t been seen for seven years. Clinton’s pardons in the closing hours of his presidency prompted a similar backlash.

  72. Ronald
    First of – don’t despair. We have work to do. Media hate Clintons for the last 16 years – so nothing new here. WE should win Feb 5 states – as many as possible I have the most recent polls here I posted on another forum I will repost here. Take some confort in these numbers.

    New York Democratic Primary
    RCP Average 01/14 – 01/26 – 50.2 27.3 9.8 Clinton +22.9

    Tennessee Democratic Primary
    WSMV-TV 01/19 – 01/21 503 LV 34 20 16 Clinton +14.0

    Oklahoma Democratic Primary
    SurveyUSA 01/11 – 01/13 650 LV 45 25 19 Clinton +20.0

    New Jersey Primary
    RCP Average 01/09 – 01/22 – 46.0 28.0 10.3 Clinton +18.0

    Missouri Democratic Primary
    RCP Average 01/09 – 01/22 – 46.0 28.0 10.3 Clinton +18.0

    Massachusetts Democratic Primary
    SurveyUSA 01/22 – 01/23 586 LV 59 22 11 Clinton +37.0

    Georgia Democratic Primary
    Rasmussen 01/22 – 01/22 571 LV 41 35 13 Obama +6.0

    Connecticut Democratic Primary
    Hartford Courant 01/09 – 01/17 403 LV 41 27 9 Clinton +14.0

    California Democratic Primary
    RCP Average 01/13 – 01/27 – 43.2 31.0 11.4 Clinton +12.2

    Arizona Democratic Primary
    Behavior Res. Ctr 01/20 – 01/24 LV 37 27 15 Clinton +10.0

    Alabama Democratic Primary
    Rasmussen 01/23 – 01/23 649 LV 43 28 16 Clinton +15.0

    Colorado Democratic Caucus
    Denver Post 01/21 – 01/23 LV 34 32 17 Obama +2.0

  73. I wish an office would open in pittsburgh. i have donated all the funds i can but i’d like to do more. And PA is looking to become a major player.
    after my last post i thought about letters from birmingham and how doctor king could not stand down because of his children. i think for a woman and a mother looking at a daughter and all that may lay before her that would rank pretty high.

  74. The Today show led with a segment including a joint live appearance by Sen. Kennedy and BO. Why? Because Andrea Mitchell HAD TO report that BO had snubbed The Next President of the United States. That shows how much impact this snub has. Yes the media is trying to downplay the snub but they can’t ignore it.

  75. B Merry, looking forward to it! Perhaps *you* will be that aspiring investigative reporter who wins the accolades of bringing down the white pony 😉

  76. Well OK. the media, especially the liberal medial hate the Clintons.

    But why? or even more importantly- what can we do to change this? we should remind VOTERS that the media prancing about praising BO are many of the same people who did those long detailed exposes on potential WMDs before the war. Hello, Judy Miller! Its almost as if they are trying to absolve their guilt. More realistically, I think they will write anything without looking at the facts.

    Im still hopeful but ugh.

  77. Will BHO was having a great day yesterday… untill… last night, instead of having headlines about the Kennedy endorsment he is sharing the headlones with his bad behavior. I bet Ted wanted to kick him in the A$$.

  78. timjcain

    I used to live in Pittsburgh and moved to Boston in July 07. I bet you could accomplish a lot by doing some phone banking. Pittsburghers are very friendly people. I went door knocking in Butler (imagine that) for Jason Altmire for the 2006 elections and everyone was very friendly. I even convinced a few to go vote.

    Call or email the national campaign. They can help you get something set up. PA isn’t a 2/5 state but every state counts.

  79. Ronald
    we should win on February 5 – then they will have to change their behavior. Obama will have to as well

  80. To galvanize the young female vote i think airing the response from nobama when clinton asked him if he would cosponsor her bill stopping bush from creating a long term military presence in Iraq and he responded with a very dismissive tone that they would talk about it. Came across to me as a father talking to a child. i was offended but i saw no notice of this.

  81. Thanks for those number John. 🙂

    Hillary will need to win at least 845 pledged delegates on Super Tuesday to break even.

  82. timjcain

    GREAT idea. That would really hit home with the women of Pgh.

    He really is insulting and patronizing when left to his own devices. Who is his speechwriter? The NYT did a story on some 27 year old kid writing for him but I couldn’t read it. Eveytime I hear him talk, i feel like he is condescing and talking down to me.

  83. okay just to pat myself on the back for my support i need to share this i lived in manhattan for the last 20 yrs and had to return to pitsburgh for family stuff the last thing i ever wanted to do was register to vote in pa but as i will be here for a few months and i think my vote will mean more here i did it. but i will not give up my 212 exchange

  84. LOL timjcain

    you are funny. In 2004, I moved from the LES of Manhattan to Pgh so I could register to vote by the deadline. My new job didn’t start till december.

    I voted for Kerry (used to like him) and my vote tilted the state in his behalf 😉

  85. Did anyone see any mention of the exchange
    “I’ll talk to you later”
    my blood boiled but i saw nothing about it anywhere and as i was new to this blogging phenom i was reticent. If you can watch it is beyond denegrating and dismissive

  86. Ronald
    first apartment ridge and rivington in 92 i remember vividly sitting in my apt as bill clintons results came in didn’t know a soul but a great memory

  87. * Richardson may (or may not) endorse this week.


    Richardson’s Choice
    By Jose Antonio Vargas

    SANTA FE, N.M. — Gov. Bill Richardson’s phone has been ringing off the hook. Sen. Hillary Clinton called Sunday night. That was followed by a call from former president Bill Clinton, then a call from Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, who’s supporting Clinton. Sen. Barack Obama called twice Monday morning.

    And, at around 4 p.m. Monday, as we entered Richardson’s office on the fourth floor of the state Capitol here, Richardson was finishing up a 15-minute phone conversation.

    “That was Teddy,” Richardson told The Trail. Sen. Ted Kennedy, who alongside his niece Caroline and son Patrick endorsed Obama at a packed rally at American University just hours before, is scheduled to stump for the Illinois senator in northern New Mexico Wednesday night. Kennedy is urging Richardson to support Obama. “Teddy’s argument is that Obama can bring people together,” Richardson said. “That’s his rationale.” [huh?]


    Richardson’s torn. He served in the Clinton White House, first as ambassador to the United Nations, then as Clinton’s Secretary of Energy. “I have a history with the Clintons,” Richardson said. “And I’ve always liked her. She always seems very genuine.” But Richardson considers Kennedy, who’s long been respected by Hispanics, as “a mentor.” In 1982, when Richardson ran for Congress for the second time — he lost two years before — Kennedy flew to Santa Fe and campaigned for him. “That might have been the reason I was elected,” Richardson said.


    Some political observers here are surprised that he’s waited this long to endorse a candidate, though they wonder if he’s negotiating a vice presidential spot in the Democratic ticket, or perhaps a place in the cabinet.

    If Richardson is to endorse either Clinton or Obama — “I might, I might not, how’s that for an answer?” — he said he’ll do so by the end of the week.

    “If I do endorse, it’s going to be a gut feeling. [uh-oh] It’s not going to be about statistics, about past ties,” Richardson said. “I’ve been on the campaign trail with both of them. I feel that I know them. I feel I know the issues. I feel I know what makes them both tick.”

  88. Josh Marshall of Obama Talking Points Memo posts the headline on the front page: “Clinton and Obama Snub Each Other At SOTU”

  89. Regarding Richardson, I’m not holding my breath out for his endorsement. The way things are lining up this week, I tend to think that it would go to Obama which I believe would be counter productive to his own constituents but who knows.

  90. Interesting article here, with some nice links and video…

    Obama advisor on Hillary snub: He was being polite


  91. Great, great, great, great, picture here…..no misinterpretation here…


  92. richardson endlorsement to obama this week will give him more headlines. hillary needs some news, good news, some key endorsments. Obama is going to have the momentum going into feb 5…media isn’t giving florida votes time of day.

  93. Marc Ambinder, The Atlantic, has this nugget today:

    “Even though some advisers concede that Hillary Clinton will probably win California, Barack Obama’s campaign will heavily target a number of large-and-small, odd-and-even congressional districts in the Bay Area (think Oakland, Berkeley, Marin County) because Democrats there tend to be more educated and younger — and black — exactly the demographic profile Obama has used to success in earlier states.”

    Notice his use of the phrase –and black– . Interjecting race may get him labeled a racist in today’s politically charged climate, but better him than any of us.

  94. tiburones Says:
    January 29th, 2008 at 11:03 am

    Things are lining up just fine. Senator Nelson to endorse today, a big win and over a million votes cast for Hillary who will be all over the tube tonight, “thanking”, her supporters in FL. The truly revealing, “snub”, that is more than a, “dog whistle”, signal to many voters and groups of voters.

    There will be several high-profile endorsements for Hillary between now and next Tuesday, when we will win over a thousand delegates to the national convention. The campaign coffers are overflowing, while Barry has been pissing away his money like a drunken sailor. I see thing lining up perfectly for Hillary to emerge a week from now as the likely, “presumptive nominee”

    Look for Biden, who was very kind to Barry last night, and who will be Hillary’s secretary of State, to be one of those endorsements…

  95. i know i will sound like a complete conspiracy freak, but the orchastration of these endorsements the arrangements of the primaries/caucases seems to me that the democratic party is delivering the presidency to a republican. Has the party been torn asunder i do not know i only know that i will never vote for obama.

  96. yeah, that was very Bush-like. In fact, didn’t Bush snub Obama? Maybe I missed it, but I think Bush totally did the same thing to Obama did to Clinton. Talk about childish. If Obama is the nominee, I will NOT vote for him. He is a prick! He’s just like Bush.

  97. Breaking: Clinton’s Solis Doyle and Penn to hold high noon ET conference call with media to pre-spin Florida.

    The Page, 10:56 AM
    Clinton Campaign Touts Major Endorsement Tuesday

  98. New York senator will be joined by mystery guest to make an announcement on 10:00 pm PT/1:00 pm ET media conference call.

    Campaign listing of Pacific Time on notification to press a West Coast hint?

  99. how offensive is it to call someone a tool.
    that what i think obama is a tool
    i hope it is significantly offensive.

  100. Looks like Ted Kennedy’s endorsement is not having aneffect. Actually Hillary seems to have jumpe two points:

    Rasmussen daily tracking: Jan 29

    In the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, it’s now Hillary Clinton 41%, Barack Obama 32% and John Edwards 18%

  101. Reference, effect and polls….

    Watching the Clinton political machine, it is like watching a beautiful rose bloom. They laid the seed and now…..wow, I am in awe.

    Most agree, this is Hillary’s nomination to lose. Does anyone really think she is going to “lose” anything in politics?

  102. Senator Nelson is not from the west coast and isn’t a surprise. This is a different endorsement. Have both California senators already endorsed Hillary?

  103. About Biden, he’s the new chair of the Foreign Relations committee. He knows how close Obama is to Dick Lugar (former chair- rep.) and the other republican scumbuckets. Biden knows an unprepared senator when he sees one and Obama is not fit to be president. He hardly ever comes to the foreign relations committee and when he does, he’s not prepared, he stumbled his way through questioning the witnesses (at some times, the witnesses even were confused about what he was asking and said, “i’m confused, do you want me to answer that or make a statement?”

    Not many people watch CSPAN like I do. Obama is NOT PREPARED. He can barely hold a conservation about policy while working on committee or on the floor. It will be very painful to see him get beat up by the republican nominee unless he shifts wildly to the right…..which WILL HAPPEN, no doubt. So, it’ll be painful to see all the so-called liberals watch as their hero falls from grace.

  104. If BO is nominated, Im voting for McCain. Not because Im a closet republican, but because I cant trust the future of our country in the hand of a know nothing neophyte.

    I am not the only one who feels this way.

    Its so obvious that Republicans are keeping quiet and keeping their fingers crossed hoping BO is the nominee.

  105. The Realist, so not til late tonight? That’s kind of a weird time to make an announcement. Sure it’s not 1pm eastern, 10 am pacific?

  106. It’s timed to be AFTER the results in FL. The REASON why the times are listed as 10pm PACIFIC time is to LET YOU KNOW that it is a west coast endorsement.
    Go to;

    and see for yourself.

  107. ronald
    i am more afraid of what obama would do to this country than any republican save huckabee but i still don’t believe i could vote rep instead if nobama is nom i will not vote. in good conscience i could never vote for him. the lesser of two evils only comes into play when i am aware of the evil.

  108. nelson is not mystery. his name has been out there for days. this is hopefully someone new. obama got another governor today.

  109. Biden or Richardson, maybe? It has to be someone at least fairly significant, or there would not have been a press release touting it.

  110. I think as pr it would be good to have a major endorser come out every day from now till Tuesday. this is obama plan. he is out of $, out of game plan and now shilling for those who are silly enough to believe his message and for those who think that those in washington elite, old school who have jumped over to obama really believe he can change things…well I got a lot to sell you….they know he will roll over for thim in the white house and that hillary won’t. simple as wanting to get the one with the least spine inthere.

  111. The Realist..I read a report yesterday that the California Teachers Union is going to put off any endorsement until April–pressure from the Obamamanics. I think it was from a Calif. newspaper..havent’ seen this confirmed other places though.

  112. This in the SF Chronicle…

    Schwarzenegger declined to address a possible endorsement by his wife, saying “you’ll have to ask her yourself.”

    But sources in the office of the California First Lady, who is the daughter of Eunice Kennedy Shriver and Sargent Shriver – and the niece to Ted Kennedy, the late Sen. Robert F. Kennedy and the late president John F. Kennedy – said today that Shriver currently has no plans to endorse in the 2008 presidential race.

  113. The Page is stating that Maxine Waters to endorse HC, this is good!!!

    Now what’s all this talk about tonight???? I can’t wait. I wish Richardson would make up his mind! HRC could use his help in Colorado.

  114. admin (10:23) , Josh Marshall is a shameless fucktard. Because only a shameless pretentious jerk who likes to think of himself as a reasonable, “investigative” (lol!) ” blogger can come up with a headline like that.

  115. Halperin is now saying Maxine Waters is endorsing. Cool! thepage.time.com/2008/01/29/a-liberal-lion-of-her-own/

  116. JAS, there IS no endorsement tonight. The times got screwed up. There was supposed to be an endorsement at 1 pm EST. Not sure if Waters is it, or if that is extra.

  117. Maxine Waters led the way in the Out of Iraq Caucus and on the recount in Florida in 2000. She is a good pick-up for Hillary.

  118. One more superdelegate in Cali, we have a ot of prominent ground troops in California. I am very excited about California.

  119. *love Halperin’s mention of the NNoN! lol

    A Liberal Lion(ess) of Her Own
    Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

    by Mark Halperin

    Defying the Nattering Nabobs of Negativism, Clinton scores the endorsement of symbolically and substantively potent superdelegate/California Representative Maxine Waters.

  120. I am noticing that BO did not get a lot of bang for the buck from Ted’s endorsment, IMO he did not even get the 24 hr cycle. The news on to FL. and the SOTU.

  121. At this point going into tomorrow Hillary will have one day positive news and after that 5 days. Todays polls from Feb 5th states would be telling, since they will carry both SC win and and Teddy Kennedy’s endorsement momentum. After that, she will carry all the states with double digit leads. Oh btw Bill Clinton will be campaigning in IL. So I think thats good, since he will easily put the word out for rural IL. Obama will win chhicago area, Hillary will win everything else, the blue collared workers and women. I am sure she has good GOTV in IL. So, from now on, all we have to worry is states like GA, where there is HIGH possibility that she will come third. It comes down to GOTV. Help her as much as we can in GOTV. Thats all that matters now IMO, no media coverage helped Obama in NH.

    Mika is an asshole. I hope she is fired. I am sure she will be. Media is an extension of Obama’s campaign. These liberal nutcooks have forgotten what media did to gore. Kerry was an ass, I always thought he was an elite and could never connect to ordinary person on the street. Hillary and Bill are different. They connect to voters. NONE of these “pundits” point out to the fact that Obama had 80% of black vote since Iowa. idiots!

  122. Hooray for TPS!

    Anyone else get to vote yet in the SuperTuesday/Florida states?

    And SuperDuper Hooray for Maxine Waters!

  123. Rep. Waters Endorses Clinton

    23 minutes ago

    NEW YORK (AP) — Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton has won the backing of California Rep. Maxine Waters, an influential member of the Congressional Black Caucus whose support could help blunt charges of racial polarization against the Clinton campaign in the South Carolina primary.

    Clinton and Waters were expected to announce the endorsement via conference call later Tuesday.

    In a statement, Waters praise the former first lady’s readiness to tackle the nation’s economic woes.

    “At a time when the economy continues to worsen and so many of my constituents are losing their homes and their jobs, we need someone with the leadership and experience who can step in on day one to tackle the economic challenges our country is facing,” Waters said. “Hillary understands the daily challenges that people are facing and she will fight for them everyday she is in the White House.”

    Issues of race and gender have come to the forefront of the campaign, pitting Clinton, who hopes to be the first female president, against Obama, seeking to become the first black to hold the job.


  124. Timjcain
    You know – I can understand Ronald on his desire to vote for Mc Cain instead of Obama. Mc Cain for all his stupidity acts more honorably and with more integrity then Obama. It is my personal opinion. I am probably will just stay home and don’t vote at all. My whole family is voting for a republican is Obama is indeed a nominee.

  125. As far as Al Gore goes, it is my thought that politics is below him now… not saying he stuck up… but he has moved on to the next stage in his life… he is now being taken seriously. and he van get his agenda accross to the world.

  126. Good work B Merry! Good reading and very, very, interesting. Now, give it some “oomph!”. Rezko = Barack + Michelle. Marack? Barachelle? A family invested in corrupt politics, inside information, “Do as I say, Not as I Do” politics, and preferential treatment. I’m sure there is even more to the story. I am impressed!

  127. looks like kos FINALLY woke up from a dream 🙂

    Fraud in South Carolina!
    by kos
    Tue Jan 29, 2008 at 07:32:02 AM PST

    The pre-election poll average in New Hampshire was:

    Obama 36.7
    Clinton 30.4
    Edwards 18.4

    The final results were:

    Clinton 39
    Obama 37
    Edwards 17

    So the polls nailed Obama and Edwards, while Clinton picked up the undecided vote. But overall, it was about a 10-point difference between the polls and the actual results.

    Of course, this launched the Mother of All Whines, with morons across the internet charging fraud without knowing what the hell they were talking about. But it was Clinton! And she won! And of course, that meant that her victory couldn’t have been legitimate.

    So let’s go to South Carolina.

    The pre-election poll average in South Carolina was:

    Obama 43.1
    Clinton 28.5
    Edwards 17

    The final results were:

    Obama 55
    Clinton 27
    Edwards 18

    So again, the polls pretty much nailed the second and third spots, but … wait … what’s this? Obama got 12 points more than the polls indicated? Overall, the poll average was 14 points off from the final results, worse than in New Hampshire. So this could only mean ONE THING — FRAUD!!!!!!!!

    Did I mention that South Carolina uses ES&S touch screen machines with no paper trail?

    But funny how there’s nothing but silence out there. Is there any doubt that if the results were reversed, and if Hillary had outperformed the polls by 12 points, that people would once again be crying about fraud, demanding recounts in the Palmetto State, and concocting all manners of fantastical theories to rationalize their skepticism? Apparently, since Clinton didn’t win South Carolina, the voting machines worked perfectly.

    Perhaps the cries of fraud in New Hampshire had little to do with actual concerns about electoral integrity, and everything to do with irrational Clinton hatred and the pathological need to see dark conspiracies even were none exist?. (Apparently the Clinton cabal is capable of the darkest, most sinister conspiracies, but the Obama cabal is not.)

    New Hampshire was crying “wolf!”, and for all the wrong reasons. As a result, they did the legitimate cause of electoral reform few favors.

    (Stupid people prophylactic — no, this isn’t an endorsement of Hillary Clinton. I’m just pointing out that Hillary won New Hampshire fair and square, just like Barack won South Carolina fair and square. And yes, South Carolina needs to move to voting machines with a verified paper trail. Like New Hampshire.)

  128. an ad with hill from the new hamphire diner focusing on the potential that she sees for this country in the background a flower blooming. seeing the potential being the theme along with nothing more hearbreaking than wasted potential
    just an idea

  129. Looks like Waters is the big fish. Not really what I would consider to be overly impressive, particularly to people outside of California, but for delegate rich California, definitely a great “get”.

  130. this is why Gore won’t be endorsing anyone:

    There was a Presidential Forum on Global Warming and America’s Energy Future hosted by Grist and Living on Earth yesterday. The Democratic contenders–absent Barack Obama–gathered to talk about their commitment to America’s energy future.

  131. I disagree. Waters is a huge fish. She can help shore up support among anti-war liberals for Hill, and maybe cause african american women to give Hill another look. This is a very potent endorsement.

  132. kaffeen, I think she’s significant also because she’s a very influential member of the Congressional Black Caucus.

    BTW, it’s probably too early to gauge the impact of the Kennedy endorsement, but maybe it’s more of an “inside the Beltway” thing that impresses talking heads more than voters.

  133. Like I said, great for California, perhaps in some AA areas around the nation. However, outside of politics, to the average joe, not much name recognition there.

  134. yes, we are hawk, and all the african-american congresswomen from the los angeles metropolitan area have endorsed hillary clinton.

  135. He can have Kansas’ governor…..she is the most boring person EEEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!

  136. But, also, you underestimate how well known she is, particularly in the african american community, and as an anti-war voice.

  137. # dot48 Says:
    January 29th, 2008 at 11:42 am

    any chance ted kennedy would be the obama vp pick?

    NO way.. anybody who has been in politics long enough knows that Ted Kennedy will not win any state in south, or midwest :). southern dems havent yet forgiven him 🙂

  138. Living here in socal as i do i can tellyou maxine waters ( madmax) as she is often called is a huge get, especially in the la area she represents. she has a very good machine. it doe not matter if she is well known..her people know her and cali is rich with votes, she plays to win…we will see if she can deliver

  139. with all due repect most of hills endorsements are not household names outside of thier precincts. Ted is well known through out america.
    on a positive note my 77 year old aunt in pittsburgh who has two pics of jfk hanging in her home responded to teds endorsement with the man is an a$$. she votes and is probably never counted in a poll.

  140. B Merryfield,
    hwc’s MyDD diary on the house deal is really great! Excellent footage. I’ve said it all along: Obama’s explanation for the property deal doesn’t make sense. The idea that Obama would pay nearly two million dollars for a stately mansion, only to have Rezko “develop” something on the yard a few feet away from his house is ridiculous and insulting to our intelligence.

    Remove Obama’s afterthought fantasies, his rationalizations and coincidences however and add instead a corrupt intent – and voila! It all makes perfect sense: Obama took a $625,000 gift from a known crook, the known target of a federal investigation.

    Live by superior judgment – die by RezkoWatch…

  141. CNN blathering about Obama endorsement from Kansas Governor.

    Tit for Tat. The trick is to make it an endless stream of endorsements…..this will actually work in favor of minimalizing them all.

  142. B. Merry.. Great work.There is so much nepotism. It is sad that the media is missing the real picture. I believe that MR would have lots of explaining to do. I am sure repugs have the whole file.

  143. ok ok ok
    So the big secret endorsement was Waters? Thats fine if it was shes a great woman and a big asset, but was that THE big endorsement?

    Also does anyone else think ‘Liberal Lion’ is just about the coolest label a person can earn?

  144. *Who says Hillary isn’t inspiring? BTW, make sure to email the writer to thank her for this positive story, okay? 🙂


    LI women leaders thrilled about Clinton’s candidacy

    BY STACEY ALTHERR | stacey.altherr@newsday.com
    January 29, 2008

    Long Island’s female political leaders are paying close attention to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign and, regardless of their political affiliation, they agree that her historic run has changed politics forever.

    “I would hope that [voters] would vote for Hillary Clinton because she is the most qualified, not just because she is a woman,” said Smithtown Councilwoman Patricia Biancaniello. “But the fact that she is a woman is just so very, very exciting.” Biancaniello, a Democrat, supports Clinton.

    “I believe we are ready for a woman president,” said Huntington Democratic Councilwoman Susan Berland. “Of all the candidates, hands down, the most qualified is Hillary Clinton.”

    Even local Republican leaders say her candidacy is important.

    “I’m a Republican and Hillary is a Democrat, but I’m thrilled that a woman is running a viable campaign,” said Hempstead Supervisor Kate Murray, who added that gender and race are becoming lesser factors than character and vision. “Then we all win,” she said.

    Women leaders also dismiss Clinton’s much-reported “emotional” moment at a New Hampshire diner.

    “That’s the adrenaline that’s driving her,” said Babylon Councilwoman Jacqueline Gordon. “We want a president that really cares about this country, and that passion is coming through.”

    According to local lawmakers, Clinton’s run also has allowed her to show that women can be tough.

    “I believe women can make the toughest of decisions,” said Nassau Democratic Legis. Judy Jacobs. “And that comes from my own little world as [former] presiding officer.”

    Suffolk Legis. Kate Browning (WF-Shirley) noted other countries are far more accepting of a woman as head of government.

    “We just had one assassinated,” Browning said, referring to Benazir Bhutto, the former Pakistan prime minister killed last month. “Look what a fighter she was.”

    Despite political differences, Suffolk Legis. Lynne C. Nowick (R-St. James) calls Clinton inspiring, and as a mother of grown daughters herself, she is interested to see Chelsea Clinton at her mother’s side.

    Win or lose, local leaders say Clinton already has broken through the male stranglehold on contenders.

    “It’s a great stepping-stone for us all,” said Nowick. “Even if she doesn’t win, this is the beginning of women involved in presidential politics.”

  145. and gets her dig, by saying Clinton is sending “mixed message” (re: Endorsements don’t matter (her words), and here is our endorsement coming!).

  146. kaffeen, I disagree. I think Hillary needs her own stream of steady high profile endorsements..such as Maxine Waters to prove pound for pound going into next Tuesday. I do not discount the effect the media coverage will have on this election. Not fair but Hillary needs to reinforce her image as that of one that washington is not throwing overboard for the new kid on the block

  147. I just think that this endless stream of endorsements, which is what it appears to be happening now, is probably going to have a numbing effect on all of ’em.

  148. Yes OandrewD she is a big endorsement plus she is also a SUPERDELEGATE. You might not know her but she is well known in California.

  149. who can be the better person to say “every votes count” in FL? I hope the secret endorsment will be Gore.

  150. “CNN reporter mentions “hanging chads””

    The media loves to make fun of those chads, but every one of those was somebody’s vote.

  151. Caroline – I know of her and this it is BIG for Hill’s campaign. I was just confused reading all the posts.

  152. Plural, exactly. They mention the chads, which represents disenfranchised voters, yet no mention of the fact that the DNC is doing the same equivalent.

  153. Mark my words, we’re going to see a second female voter tsunami after all this. Older women know full well the Ted (and other womanizing Kennedys) story(ies) and the whole “Camelot” coronation yesterday was way over the top and, actually, distasteful, as if that every slowed down a D.C. blowhard.

    DemAC and CD99, you’re making me blush. Lunch, kiddies, then back to wait for the judge’s decision.

  154. TPS, You have point there! kansas has not elected a democratic presidential candidate in more than 50 years i think. LOL

  155. This is a good get! Maxine Waters in huge in the AA community. She doesn’t take no junk. Her name may not reverate in other parts of the country but when that racism/racist sh*it pop up, she’ll be able to neutralize that. Also, being an AA, getting her is symbolic to show that she harbours no ill will to the Clintons.

    I predict Richardson crosses the line and go to Bambi and Biden does the right thing and goes to Clinton based on her Foreign policy knowledge.

  156. gore/florida/tonight … would be perfect but I think it was waters. also, Hillary can’t send mixed messages…if people want to endorse her it is up to them.

    you know what I think about media coverage. I thinks its time we quit sending them any emails, etc. they know they are riling people up and if we let them think we are so over their crap they will get the message that they are preaching to deaf ears.

    cnn and msnbc never beats fox anyway and fox has been more fair…not honest fair but decent.

  157. I hate to be the one to rain on the pity parade some of you are having but endorsements dont mean jack! They don’t make a difference if they are for Hillary or for Obama. Hell if Gore endorsed HRC tomorrow it would make absolutely no difference in the world. The people who don’t like her & won’t vote for her still won’t even after Gore sang her praises on national tv. Same thing with people like me who already support Hillary. Hey nice to have him on board but I’ll vote for Hillary because I like her & think she’ll make a great president. Some of you are going to have to decide what’s important: having the approval of the media or winning the democratic nomination. Any bets on which one Hillary wants? Do you really think she’d rather have Mika, Timmy MoDo etc kissing her butt all day or the support of the voters who’ll decide this thing in 7 days??!!!

  158. Endorsements help the news cycle. Further, MW given all these racist charges, is a boon to the Hill campaign, and endorsements that have a machine and can produce votes are always good. But, yes, in general, they don’t mean alot. Gore will not endorse Hill, so I hope people are not counting on that.

  159. *Even this Obama supporter gets it:



    January 29, 2008 10:40
    Obama SwoonWatch
    Posted by James Poniewozik


    To the punditocracy’s credit, we haven’t reached the heights of the post-Iowa swoon yet. Nobody’s wondering how soon Hillary will drop out, and you have to imagine that the media haven’t totally forgotten the lessons of New Hampshire already. Still, it’s hard not to see that the punditocracy embraces bad news for Hillary and good news for Obama more eagerly than the opposite.

    Call me cynical, but I wonder if the Obama campaign has thought about making this media dynamic part of their electability argument. The press has a famously contentious relationship with the Hillary Clinton campaign and a famously cozy one with John McCain, who has a good shot at being the Republican nominee. “Barack Obama: Because the press is even more in the tank for us than for John McCain!” Surely there’s a way of making that into a catchy bumper sticker.

  160. As an ex-Waters constituent, her district is now not just black and white but Latino too. She will explain to black women that it is in their interest to vote Hillary and will cover the Clintons from that stupid racist charge.

    I already called to congratulate her.

    As for the delegate math on Feb 5, the more states that Obama does not reach 30%, the wider the gap for Hill. CA being the most important, NY 2nd.

    Here’s hoping that Obama is about to get the 2nd look…the one voters always give when they think this guy could actually win. Huckabee got one and now Obama will, but his will come on a day where everyone will do it together.

    This is my scenario: “I think Obama is great, he’s fresh, he’s new….geez the economy is tanking and the Repubs are talking about staying in Iraq forever. Is Obama REALLY ready on day 1?? Omigosh, my doctor bill just arrived….I think I’d better vote Hillary.”

  161. Hillary fans: I implore you to PLEASE stop speculating in public about future endorsements. Everytime an endorsement is scheduled, please don’t go all over the web saying, “It must be Gore!”.

    This kind of speculation has the unintended consequence of diminishing endorsements as they are announced, as in the kid opening presents on Christmas morning, “The Barbi doll is really nice, but I really wanted a pony.”

  162. *Even this Obama supporter gets it:



    January 29, 2008 10:40
    Obama SwoonWatch
    Posted by James Poniewozik


    To the punditocracy’s credit, we haven’t reached the heights of the post-Iowa swoon yet. Nobody’s wondering how soon Hillary will drop out, and you have to imagine that the media haven’t totally forgotten the lessons of New Hampshire already. Still, it’s hard not to see that the punditocracy embraces bad news for Hillary and good news for Obama more eagerly than the opposite.

    Call me cynical, but I wonder if the Obama campaign has thought about making this media dynamic part of their electability argument. The press has a famously contentious relationship with the Hillary Clinton campaign and a famously cozy one with John McCain, who has a good shot at being the Republican nominee. “Barack Obama: Because the press is even more in the tank for us than for John McCain!” Surely there’s a way of making that into a catchy bumper sticker.

  163. Ya, how could any objective or sane person not understand the “punditocracy”? I think half these young attractive women reporters have a serious crush on Mr. Obama. There is only time that my wife glows like that…..hmmm…..

  164. In Obama’s case, I think he’s using these endorsements to create a sense of momentum; if Hillary can throw a few good ones in there, too, that’s fine with me. But I agree with you, nikki22, that it doesn’t make or break anything in the long run.

  165. the realist
    i would lay money that the vast majority of americans cannot name their senators and reps
    i had to quell the urge to say they shoot horses dont they.
    to be honest what i feel is probably irrational as i feel betrayed by senator kennedy. I grew up of irish/english/cherokee descent in a steel town where jfk was deified. I am fully committed to Senator Clinton, and feel that the evocation of jfk is a cheap shot. I grew up on a myth and i feel betrayed. Stupid i know but honest

  166. Evan Bayh is on msnbc and they are asking him about the kennedy thing…..GET OVER IT. Bayh said he doesn’t think political endorsements make a huge difference. I like him.

  167. Yeah Hawk if the endorser is a superdelegate then great. But keep in mind most superdelegates are uncommitted at this time & they’ll go with whoever gets the popular vote/most delegates. Hillary has the majority of the pledged superdelegates right now and that’s great for her & the campaign. My point is the handwringing on this site over Teddy Freaking Kennedy is ridiculous! Ted K might be a major player in DC in terms of getting legislation passed but thats about it people. I guess what I’m trying to say is some of you guys let the media sway you too much. I mean before SC most of you were pretty optimistic about HRCs chances. Even knowing she wasn’t going to win there because of the black vote. Then all of a sudden because the expected happen (she lost) and Obama gets treated like Jesus by the media (fyi they’ve done that alll year) now its like Hillary is in a deathspiral! OMG she has no chance cause the media said so! I hope Hillary’s supporters around the country aren’t as easily influenced by the beltway pundits as some of you seem to be otherwise she could be in big trouble!!

  168. Ijust can’t watch this CNN – it shows complete BS about her. They said that more states in Super Tuesday leaning to Obama – this is crap. because all polls indicate the other thing. where they get these BS news?

    And again the amount of Obama, Obama, and again Obama news is just sickening. A new savior is coming…. Give me a break

  169. In regards to Richardson:

    Richardson was the Ambassador to the U.N., he realizes how important foreign relations are. BO is on the Senate Foreign Relations Comittee and is head of the Sub Committee for Europe (Correct me if I am wrong). He has not held one meeting or has meet with any European leaders. I hope Richardson sees this and will endorse HRC. I can only hope!

  170. B. Merry, good job on the latest Rezko post. Mark my words, those boards Michelle served on are in this up to their necks.

  171. Let the media predict all of this BS and then on Super Tuesday night we can all watch them act surprised and watch tweety’s jaw hanging open and Wolf Blitzer’s constant constipation get worse. Good Lord! I have never seen such a bunch of biased fools.

  172. Crawl on CNN: Tony Rezko, linked to Barack Obama……arrested…….

    How nice.

    Evan Bayh talking about how nice for Hill to shake Teddy’s hand….asked about Obama snub, said he turned away, you’ll have to ask him.

    MSNBC reporter said Obama sent around an e-mail saying it wasn’t a snub…he just HAPPENED to turn away. Sure, baby, and you just happened to press the wrong button 5 times.

  173. Pulchritude: Good for you. I have started to call or write to thank endorsers of our girl. I have also done the same for non endorsers but I don’t of course thank them. I wrote the KS gov and implored her not to do what she did. Now she’ll get a different letter from me.

    So it’s morning here still and I am getting ready to make my phone calls for the day.

  174. I’m glad Hillar gave the finger to msnbc and cnn last night. I did hear she spoke to brian williams on nbc…anyone have a clip

  175. Freckles 12:15 the “turn away” or “snub moment” just goes to the not taking responsibility for actions theme that seems to dominate Senator Clinton’s opponent.

  176. maxine waters is a great get – anti-war (also big proponent of impeaching Bush/Cheney -she was at opening of the LA impeachment center). For those in socal – rally for Hillary at Kodak Theatre prior to debate Jan 31 (2-7pm), and Feb 2, rally 2-4pm at california state university.

  177. kaffeen..I think by cancelling those interviews, she got her message through. Still wish she’d done fox though…just to stick it further.

  178. V4H, contact the campaign (get the number from the campaign website) and ask to make calls on behalf of Hillary. They may let you in for the predictive dialer, but they prefer people who have done it before.

  179. Lots of reading to catch up on today. I ran across this posted at another site.


    It might be too late to do anything about it for Super Tuesday, but then any effect on Super Tuesday was always going to be limited, but the article finally gives me an explanation that makes sense about the Kennedy endorsement.

    I think Kennedy has made a huge error in judgement and that as many people as can should bombard him with a reminder that any power he has been able to broker was funded by the voices of Democrats around the country. We don’t mind it when serving his interests does not interfere with serving our interests, but when he starts to go against the will if the masses in favor of the elite, he is going to pay a price.

    And can I just say, reading all the fire and brimstone that is being flung about here and at Taylor Marsh’s site is true amazing to behold. Teddy Kennedy really stepped in it big time when he decided to endorse the young buck in favor of the more experienced and well qualified woman in this Democratic Primary. The energy that his been unleashed is palpable and exciting, lets hope that all those invisible networks of women can be activated and really bring about a true Tsusami Tuesday.

    Remember, the old commercial? If every woman were to tell two friends and so on and so on and so on…well that would be amazing to behold. BM will not report the story, but the snub of TK’s Golden Boy coming on the heels of TK’s horrendous misstep are the kinds of actions that are unmistakable red flags to women of any political affiliation!

  180. It was a slight. No doubt. Kennedy went with an unqualified candidate over Hillary because she was a woman who, in his own words, “can’t win the GE”.

  181. The Kennedy machine has no power outside of Washington DC and Massachusetts. The Clintons have influence nation wide, and more importantly in the super tuesday states (Ark, Cal, Ill, Tenn, Mo, and NY).

  182. The grapevine is that Hillary praising LBJ was taken as a slight to the JFK civil rights legacy and got Teddy all worked up. Thats only an excuse. BO has been courting him for more than a year and Teddy Kennedy has been planning this back-stabbing for weeks.

    But you know what the funny thing is ? – its well known that RFK and LBJ could not stand each other. And RFK’s family is solidly in Hillary’s corner.

  183. I posted this at 1:00am EST while most of you were asleep but it speaks to the truth behind Teddy’s endorsement:

    “Kennedy has a big machine that’s been with him a long time and he’d like to staff a new administration with them. That won’t happen with Clinton because they’ve got their own people. So Obama is the one.”

  184. I called Kennedy’s offices again today and reminded them that Kennedy’s history of walking away from women dates back to 1969.

    I also asked them if Kennedy had seen the video of Obama calling him “old” and “spineless”.

  185. I wouldn’t get too worked up about the MSM saying that Super Tuesday is leaning toward Obama. Let them raise expectations, we know better. On the Kennedy endorsement, my mom, who is Hispanic, said in no way would his endorsement make a difference to her. She also said that he is a “womanizer” which I had never heard my mother utter. I think the previous posts are correct, older women will recall the dirty tricks of Ted Kennedy.

  186. Amen to that Hawk! The only thing I’d disagree with is whether there is still a “Kennedy machine” left at all. I mean Teddy lost the nomination in 1980, Kathleen Kennedy didn’t get elected gov of Maryland a few years back and very few family members hold elected office. I think Patrick is the only other one. For me the last Kennedy to hold any true power was John Jr. He was an absolute star! If he had lived he would have definitely become president. I think he would have won a landslide, he was just that charming and genuine.

  187. The author of Rezko watch incorrectly claims Obama represents the thirteenth police district. Obama represents the thirteenth Senate district, which is located on Chicago’s south side, not Chicago west side.


    View the map entitled Chicago Area Legislative District, and locate the area shaded pink near the Lake Michigan shoreline.

    A pdf document also contains the map of Chicago area legislative districts:

  188. I think all IL elected officials need to be asked about Rezko and that visa thing for that iraqi billionaire :

    Dick durbin
    Rahm Emanuel
    Bobby rush
    Jan Sc…
    Jackson Jr.

    even some Republican from IL like ex spesker hastert!

    While our soldiers were doing their work in iraq for freedom, some washington elected official wanted to bring this iraqi to US.

    Nuff said!

    IL sounds rotten at the moment

  189. B. Merry – its something that I touched on yesterday. Its all dirty, ego driven politics. TK knows in his heart that Hillary is scary smart and will be a good CEO. Plus you can be sure she’s going to be having some seasoned and knowledgeable veterans around her. Its all about power plays and how much influence you can have in Congress and calling the shots.

  190. The Obama/Rezko/Kerry/Kennedy camp really has learned nothing of the dangers of disenfranchising Florida:

    Obama camp counters [Hillary’s conference call] in conference call of its own. Opens with supporter John Kerry telling the media not to take the Clinton camp’s bait and cover Florida for the Dems, saying “Bottom line: Florida has no delegates.”


  191. From Ben Smith in Politico, John Kerry unleashed:

    “Kerry on Florida, if you will

    Obama puts together a conference call with John Kerry, who attacks Clinton spin on Florida, denouncing “the juxtaposition of a switched position, if you will, an avoidance of the rule set by the chairman, an effort to try to create something that isn’t supposed to be something, and it’s precisely counter-reaction to that kind of effort that I think a lot of Americans are responding to.”

    Got that?”

    I am glad this guy is supporting Obama.

  192. but Mr.Kerry FLORIDA has voters.

    this totally sucks. why did dnc even put the candidates in this position. they should be lined up and shot.

  193. Take the Clinton camp’s bait?

    What about the Florida voters?

    Jeez, I am still angry about what happened to Florida in 2000.

    I thought Howie Kurtz said the BO campaign doesn’t court the press.

  194. hi hilfans, i just woke to get my hillary news. checking the latest poll results and so forth. rasmussen is coming out with his connecticut primary poll later. no doubt hillary should be doing well in my state. GO HILLARY GO!!!!

  195. “the juxtaposition of a switched position, if you will, an avoidance of the rule set by the chairman, an effort to try to create something that isn’t supposed to be something, and it’s precisely counter-reaction to that kind of effort that I think a lot of Americans are responding to.”

    Say what?

  196. ok, now. i think i heard ted kennedy yelling and screaming about not funding S-CHIP. as i recall, he was PISSED OFF! big time.

    so how can he back someone (Obama) who didn’t even bother to vote on S-CHIP?

  197. Ugh, new low for kerry, I don’t think Ill be voting for Him in Nov… Ill write myself in, but he is NOT getting my vote

  198. TPS posted:

    Clinton spent so long as the dominant personality in the Democratic Party that it is easy to forget: Lots of elite Democrats never liked the guy that much. Or, perhaps more precisely, their feelings of admiration were constantly at war with feelings of disdain.

    This dovetails nicely with the SURPRISING remark from Evan Thomas (NEWSWEEK) on Monday night’s Charlie Rose Show:

    [Bill] Clinton has been ‘outrageous’ in the view of, certainly the so-called elites and the chattering-classes in the press. I’m really struck by how my colleagues in the press are down on the Clintons and up on Obama.

    BUT, I’m not so sure the rest of the country feels that way. This may be one of those things where we have a gap, where everybody whose on the Charlie Rose Show feels indignant about it, but not the rest of the country … This could be one of those times where the elites get ahead of the folks.

  199. Hi yall, I think the message on Florida needs to be this: Those peole matter and their votes matter. And the DNC should’ve never been allowed to force penalties like those on those states. What the DNC is doing is denying our fellow Americans from Florida and Michigan the right to participate in the election of the Democratic nominee. They are denying them the right to participate, in any meaningful way, in this historic election. Hillary is standing up for all those people.

    Obama can whine all he wants, but the fact is he broke the rules by buying a national campaign ad on CNN that was shown in Florida. And, imagine him as President, is he going to need to call Teddy or Johnny evertime some body calls him on the phone or looks at him cross-eyed? Honestly, I think we need a CIC who is a grown up and he most certainly is not. If he can’t stand up for himself how are we supposed to believe he is ready to be CIC at all much less on day 1. Remember also folks, that if he can keep all focused on some misdeed of Hillary, he can keep eyes off a certain Chicago courtroom and the misdoings of his good friend Rezko.

  200. who cares what kerry says:

    “blah blah blah blah, i didn’t fight against the swiftboat ads, blah blah blah blah blah, i’m a member of the skull and bones, blah blah blah blah, i voted for obama after i voted against him, blah blah blah”

  201. a bunch of calls yesterday said something
    a bunch of calls today says it louder
    sen kennedys numbers
    i’m sure they are thinking this will fade away. dont let it.
    i got through on first calls today yesterday it took five keep up the heat

  202. Coming soon, to a theater near you…

    “Slum Lords of the Ring”


    Antoine Rezko
    Barrack Obama
    Michelle Obama

    Barack and Michelle are up for Oscars this year from what I understand.

  203. Well, what does this mean? I mean, did you write that or someone in the press?

    Joe Friday Says:

    January 29th, 2008 at 1:35 pm
    TPS posted:

    “Clinton spent so long as the dominant personality in the Democratic Party that it is easy to forget: Lots of elite Democrats never liked the guy that much. Or, perhaps more precisely, their feelings of admiration were constantly at war with feelings of disdain.”

    This dovetails nicely with the SURPRISING remark from Evan Thomas (NEWSWEEK) on Monday night’s Charlie Rose Show:

    “[Bill] Clinton has been ‘outrageous’ in the view of, certainly the so-called elites and the chattering-classes in the press. I’m really struck by how my colleagues in the press are down on the Clintons and up on Obama.

    BUT, I’m not so sure the rest of the country feels that way. This may be one of those things where we have a gap, where everybody whose on the Charlie Rose Show feels indignant about it, but not the rest of the country … This could be one of those times where the elites get ahead of the folks.“

  204. Classless and completely unprofessional behavior from BHO last night. And we’re supposed to buy into this guy’s schtick that he’s going to be able to “unite” everyone across party lines, when he can’t even be civil to his fellow Democrats? Sheesh!

  205. –Clinton high command throws down the Florida gauntlet:

    Communications director Howard Wolfson says in conference call: “When you have record number of people turning out they’re sending the signal that this matters to them. We don’t envision a circumstance where the DNC doesn’t seat delegates from Michigan, Florida, two of the most important, largest states…”

    And: Clinton will thank supporters in Davie, Florida at 8:45 pm ET Tuesday night.

    –Obama camp counters in conference call of its own. Opens with supporter John Kerry telling the media not to take the Clinton camp’s bait and cover Florida for the Dems, saying “Bottom line: Florida has no delegates.” The Page, 12:50 PM

  206. if i remember correctly..kennedy recommedned mary cahill to kerry as his campaign manager for the general in 2000….correct me if i am wrong..i asked my parents about kenedy endorsement..it did not impress them at all and oneof the few times my 70 something dad ever went to church was when president kennedy was shot. they have absentee voted for hrc

  207. NYCMax, Thamks for posting that. I think Steve Clemons hits the nail on the head, talking about how the Kennedy “machine” is threatened by the Clinton “machine.” This endorsement has nothing to do with Ted being mad at Bill, blah blah blah.

    Also, that John Kerry quote had me LMAO. I have no idea what he was trying to say. No wonder he lost to Bush in ’04.

  208. I believe Hillarys greatest endorsement will come when she resouningly wins upstate New York -talk about crossing a great divide

  209. Answer to Kerry in a language that perhaps he can understand :

    The multitude of citizens in the great State of Florida who have been loyally affiliated to the Democratic Party have chosen to exercise their right to self determination in a process that is the hallmark of a democracy and if that in any way goes against your pre-conceived notion of what is right and legal which again is no doubt prejudiced because of your devotion and support to a candidate other than the one who is requesting that the aforesaid right to self-determination then it confirms the widely held view among your loyal democratic compatriots that you John Kerry, you Sir, of the haughty, condescending nature, will proceed to any extent in the pursuit of your prejudice with the intent of personal gain.

    In plain english – You, Senator John Kerry are a loser. Like we did not know that already.

  210. florida voters matter. hillary surrogates only need get on tv and talk about gore and disenfranchised voters. Obama wants to silence voters. It also needs to be noted that for Florida to have no delegates he sure worried about campaigning there. AND he is the only one that did. He can’t have it both ways.

    Whiner back on now….baby needs a bottle and possible diaper change.

  211. hehe if john kerry tells media not to cover.. they will be all over to cover.. they hate kerry more than they hate hillary 🙂 actually they dont really hate hillary except a few like mathews and joe, but they love obama. but unequivocally they HATE kerry 🙂

  212. I hope that as sc is over i will never have to listen to the princeton law graduate using the word ‘ain’t” when talking to an audiance. SShe defines pandering.(In the event that anyone doesn’t know Michelle at several rallies over the last month)

  213. Just got an e-mail from Ted Kennedy via Kerry. I unsubscribed immediately (thought I had done it before – guess not, lol).

  214. florida media,i think, will cover this alot..perhaps someone from florida can comment..if a million people vote thats hard to ignore..alos, re kerry..explains alot

  215. Barbara Boxer’s daughter was married to Hillary’s brother, but they got divorced, but the 2 senators are great friends, so I hope this is still possible.

  216. mj, that was from an article by John Harris of Politico on the Washington elite’s bias against the Clintons. Evan Thomas of Newsweek is saying that the elites are full of themselves and that the country is not with them.

  217. From Politico on the handshake controversy:

    Obama says he was turning away because Claire McCaskill asked him a question

    However, Axelrod says he turned away to give Hillary and Ted a private moment

    Perhaps later today we will have excuse #3…..

  218. Kerry has me LMAO. He is in no postition. This is the guy that lost to BUSH. They are all so weak. No wonder Bush is trouncing them in congress.

  219. Nah, Kerry is rehabilitated now, gladiator. BM loves anyone who loves Obambi. My husband was shaking his head yesterday, because BM has always hated Teddy as well, but suddenly yesterday he was Obi Wan Kenobi to them. He was like, “Are you kidding me?? Do they think people won’t notice? This is a joke!”

    BTW, husband does NOT follow politics at all, so he is who I use to judge what the average person is thinking.

  220. A new Public Policy Polling survey in Tennessee finds Mike Huckabee leading the Republican presidential race with 30% support, followed by Sen. John McCain at 26% and Mitt Romney at 22%.

    Key finding: “The reason Huckabee’s doing better here than he did in South Carolina is a greater percentage of likely GOP voters listing moral and family values as their top issue when voting.”

    On the Democratic side, Sen. Hillary Clinton leads with 43%, followed by Sen. Barack Obama at 32% and John Edwards at 16%.

  221. it needs to be made abundantly clear tonight that Florida voters VOTED and in mass numbers and they NO ONE (even the supreme court) should have the right to take away the validity of their choice for the democrat nominee.

    Florida representatives need to be on National tv as soon as votes start coming in to force msm to look at Florida.

    I said yesterday that msnbc already called the “dem primary” whatever they are having in florida.

    Florida does not need it rammed to them again.

    Here is one instance where one sentence from Al Gore would be worth a thousand endorsement.


  222. Another conference call scheduled by the Hillary campaign for this afternoon on Florida and Michigan…response to Kerry I would think. It’s at 3 pm EST

  223. I’ve seen the Florida primary called a “meaningless beauty contest.”

    How dismissive and contemptible can they be.

  224. admin, cnn had to have a staff meeting and check with their chairman to see if they were allowed to report the waters endorsement. After all, this is the same network that banned Carville and Begala!

  225. Hi, all: busy day at work, but dropped in to see what is going on and read part-way down the dkos thread linked above, and found this that I hadn’t seen and thought I’d share, just in case:

    –The photo [of Clintons + Rez] was taken at an event in support of Sen. Carol Mosley Braun.–

    Seems highly plausible – so the photo could have been supplied by Rez himself and/or Obama camp.

  226. mj
    oops i did it again
    just going through my junk mail folder i meant to hit delete but well
    ted kennedy is now going to recieve info about a memory enhancer
    hope he uses it
    scary my junk mail has over 6oo pieces i hope i dont hit he wrong button over and over again/ that could have consequences

  227. Hillary said that she always wanted to win a beauty contest…
    I’d like to see her win it by 100,000, “meaningless”, votes at least.

  228. admin,
    Perhaps the anonymity of the quote is just as well. I’ve found that the marvelous Big Pink is somewhat underappreciated among the kooks…

  229. The elite vs. the regular joe & jane. That pretty much sums up why Hillary will win big tonight and again in a few days from now. Great speaches are nice but for me and I suspect the majority of democrats you’ve got to speak to those of us who don’t make the six figure salaries, who don’t have health insurance, who need pell grants to go to college. Folks the elite don’t have to worry about any of that. Hillary is not a perfect politician and I’ve disagreed with some of her stances, but she speaks to the average person who needs a little help in their lives. It aint glamorous but thats how you get nominated in the democratic party. In fact I think thats where we’ve gone wrong with Kerry and the 2000 version of Gore. They were elites, spoke to the elite, and cared what the elite thought of them and their campaign. Not a good strategy in my humble opinion.

  230. Look CNN has Michigan and Florida counted among Democrats and correctly notes that Clinton won NH, MI, NV. The press will take Florida into account and they are not going to ignore it.

    CNN website front page:

    Today’s Races
    FloridaLast polls close 8:00 p.m. ET
    Delegate Count
    Republicans States Won Del

    Romney NV, MI, WY 67
    McCain SC, NH 38
    Huckabee IA 26

    Obama SC, IA 63
    Clinton NV, MI, NH 48
    Edwards — 26

  231. My, oh my, he’s really stepping in it. I mean, is he so damn stupid not to realize that with a thousand cameras in the room, it would be easy to confirm if McCaskill really asked him a question at that precise moment or not ? Of course she did not !

  232. anyone have any idea what the weather will be on Feb 5…I know there is a site you can find extended forecasts.’

    It would be interesting to know advance warning of weather in the states we consider most important.

    Just watching bad weather coming in my area and thought about this.

  233. McCaskill’s take on “The Snub” (Source: Baltimore Sun)…

    McCaskill, who was traveling with Obama today, dismissed many journalists’ interpretation of last night’s near-miss.

    MCCASKILL: It was not a snub. I had a ringside seat. It was one of those accidents that just happened, caught on film. Frankly, everybody’s spoiling for a fight, which is the politics of old. This campaign isn’t about the politics of old, it’s about new. So it’s unfortunate that everyone’s so anxious for there to be some kind of problem on a personal level. I’ve got to tell you, it’s just not there. I hope that you guys correct the impression that’s out there, that somehow there was some kind of an attempt on the part of Barack to be in any way disrespectful or impolite to Senator Clinton.”

    Q. Was there a handshake we missed?

    MCCASKILL: “There was a wave. There was a wave. There was a friendly moment. As somebody who watched the whole thing, I was amazed when I woke up this morning and I was part of it. I didn’t even realize. It was one of those things that all of a sudden it’s been blown into something that frankly just wasn’t. We’ve got lots to argue about, that isn’t one of those.”

  234. A little off topic, but there is one thing that confuses me. Why does FoxNews show that HRC has 246 delegates to BO’s 173 where CNN says BO has 68 delegates to HRC’s 48 — what is the disconnect? Thanks in advance to anyone who knows. (I am an ignoramus when it comes to the arcane workings of the primary/caucus process.)

  235. I second you admin. Nikki22 has made most sensible statements in the last two days. Don’t get too excited by an endorsement or a poll and don’t get too depressed by the same.

  236. I might be inclined to believe her if the Obama campaign weren’t producing multiple excuses about what happened. BTW, wouldn’t that “wave” she’s referring to be on film?

  237. americangirl
    wher are you getting your stats on harlem? I love new york and have been displaced for last 6 mos. But i will always consider it home. would love to know how hill is fairing.

  238. Dear Claire: We will let those who look at this photo make up their own mind. Thank you

    Note, Obama must always have someone else talk him up. Who will talk him up to Iran, Pakistan and AlQuaeda.

  239. Good article on “The Snub” from the Washington Post (mentions the disparity in remarks between Obama and Axelrod, et al)…


  240. I think McCain will win slightly. I would rather see Romney win, he’s easier to beat in the general. I am hoping he pulls it off.

  241. radicalheligan
    hillary has more superdelegates supporting her
    they are members of the dem party who are given a vote
    im new to this as well and someone considerately passed this on to me go to new york times politics and follow links

  242. timjcain, the Harlem article was all I have. There is a report of a WNBC/Marist poll showing Obama’s poll numbers close to Hillary in New York City itself which isn’t surprising as that is where the AA numbers are greatest (43% vs 39%) but Hillary has a lead overall in New York State 47% vs 31%.

    Other polling outfits may have that statewide gap even larger.

  243. nikki22, you are a very astute historian.
    and to whom this may concern, let us stop complaining about cnn and msnbc – how biased they are etc etc – stop watching them. good for your health too.

  244. terrondt, yes. We’ve abstained recently because the polls have been so wrong. The SuperTuesday polling should be better and we are going to start it all up after Florida. We want to focus on Florida.

  245. Pulchritude, you asked:
    Has Rezko had any effect on voter sentiment in Illinois?
    It’s plastered all over the dailies and local news broadcasts.

    But, people I’ve talked to (besides HRC fans doing the dance of joy) still need a picture drawn for them of why this is so serious: it’s NEVER OK to accept any favor from someone doing business with the government you’re elected to. And a favor of that magnitude! Pols around here have been sent to jail over far less. I don’t think this is over. Anyway, if OB thinks that deal was ethical, what else has he done? What other favors has he accepted?

    Question: it’s my understanding that the property was subdivided to accomodate Rezkobama’s deal, right? In other words, it was not a “lot next door bought at the same time” but, rather an artificial subdivision of a property that BO couldn’t afford but for the Rezkos help. I’ve read both interpretations. Can anyone clarify?

  246. “Bob” at CNN News says something interesting…

    “Once again Obama does something arguably unbecoming and he claims he was misunderstood or that there was something else behind it. This reminds me of his “Hillary you’re likeable enough” comment at the debate.

  247. Informed in Illinois, the property was sub-divided. The seller wanted to sell the whole thing. Obama couldn’t afford it. So, he had Rezko’s wife step-in to buy the lot. The house was bought at 300,000 discount. The lot was bought at full price. Months later, Obama bought a piece of the lot from Rezko’s wife.

  248. I agree w/ Paula. I think Romney will get it by a few points maybe 2 or 3. I also disagree with CW about McCain. I mean think about: conservatives HATE McCain! I mean Delay, Limbaugh, all the rigtwing footsoldiers are not with this guy. His fundraising has been horrible too. Money is one of those indicators about how the base feels about your candidacy, will people give and raise the green for you. With all the tired antihillary talking points the gop base just hasn’t been excited. If McCain gets it it will be because the republican field was so weak and he was the last one standing. And don’t even get me started on the age thing. McCain is really old and he looks even worse on tv. He does no better against HRC than any of the other repubs in the head to head matchups even with low negatives and good press. I actually think Romney or even Hizoner would be a tougher challenge for Hillary at least. I think it will be a close election regardless but the democrats have the upper hand.

  249. How many “get out of jail free” cards does Obama have? Anything he does that is “unbecoming” or could potentially be considered suspect, is a misunderstanding?

  250. Thanks, TPS. So, just to be clear, are we sure there was no discussion with the O’s before it was subdivided?

  251. January 29, 2008, 2:27 pm
    Obama Says It Was a Turn, Not a Snub
    By Jeff Zeleny

    New York Times Caucus blog (another nice write-up)


    It is everywhere now!

  252. I called Kennedy’s office yesterday and today.

    Yesterday they had females answering; today males.

    I asked “if Senator kennedy is now too old and spineless to be serving in the senate”.

    The guy was startled, said “ummm no” and put the phone down.

    As for Kerry: He cannot even recite his speechwriter’s speech correctly without gaffing. remember that “if you do not do well at school you will end up in iraq” gaffe in 2006.

    Gosh these MA elitist oldies are enough for me.

  253. Oops, I pressed the wrong button…..I voted present because…..I didn’t mean that…..It was bad judgment…..there was no snub, I waved, um, I mean, got asked a question, um, I mean was giving Ted a moment.

  254. americangirl
    thanks for the get back
    Manhattan going for obama does not suprise me. I am sure obama is the new trendy thing. Latinos are pretty much outer boroughs and wash hts. And as Manhatttan is so transient alot of people that remember her exceptional leadership/equanimity/inspiration following the horrific days are gone, But if she has harlem who knows

  255. Obama answers questions about the lawn mowing of Rezko’s yard. It was out of Obama’s good heart, it turns out:

    Obama said he and his family have never used the Rezko yard–even for a brief picnic or Frisbee game. But Obama said he pays his landscaper to mow Rezko’s 7,500-square-foot yard.

    A person can’t enter the Rezko lot from the street–but Obama’s groundskeeper gets in through the gate that opens from Obama’s lot.


  256. oic, admin. good idea. im waiting for the ct poll from ras. hillfans, i think as soon as the polls close hillary will be declared the winner quick in florida like obama was in sc. a good boost for us.

  257. # imagine44 Says:
    January 29th, 2008 at 2:27 pm

    how many lies does it take to explain a snub?

    I am happy he is being forced to explain. Good!

  258. Ok it was flip or a flop or a twirl! not a turn…

    man he was dancing – twirling, turning, clapping, snubbing, talking, smirking showing his prowess!

    you know that dancing skill defines one is a “brother”! most important skill in the WH than being a workhorse

    BO – the real word is lying the day after.

    Hiding behind Mama Claire now?

  259. The thing about the snub is for me as a voter I do not care who shakes what hand. Ok yeah it was a jerk move, but Obama should have just been honest about the whole thing instead of spinning it 4 different ways in a couple of hours. That is the bigger issue for me He preaches STRAIGHT TALK, but just lied 4 different ways over something so stupid.

  260. It’s an old (2006!) Chicago Tribune article – but there seems to be much confusion about that lawn mowing on other sites, where people are not knowledgble, like they are here. 🙂
    But Obama did indeed pay for the uppkeep of the yard. He’ said so himself to the Trib. It’s a prt of the chain of evidence that the yard functioned as a gift from Rezko to Obama.

  261. This one was good.. AA’s love Bill Clinton. They love Hillary. substance wise, Bill and Hillary have done more for the community than Obama has EVER had..

    “These questions have to come up. If Obama gets the nomination, folks will ask, ‘So who are you?’ So far, he’s a nice white middle-class guy,” said Mr. Gordon, acknowledging the cheekiness of his remark with a cagey little smile. “You try to pull a black thing on Bill Clinton, he’s going to say, ‘Now wait a minute now.’ ”

  262. Question: it’s my understanding that the property was subdivided to accomodate Rezkobama’s deal, right? In other words, it was not a “lot next door bought at the same time” but, rather an artificial subdivision of a property that BO couldn’t afford but for the Rezkos help. I’ve read both interpretations. Can anyone clarify?

    it’s like buying a house but can’t afford your yard, somebody (political sponsor) buys it for you. chicago politics as usual.
    the bad thing for barack is, he decided to buy his own hype and ran for higher office and started his campaign with this holier than thou meme. hoping that everybody will be worshipful enough not to believe any of the dirt that will be thrown at him. because, as we know now, he is one slick bastard (“this is what i really mean…”). despite the media being blinded by the glory, bits and pieces are coming out about the rezko dirt.

  263. lol mp. I don’t know how you can spin that rude behaviour. Claire whatever her last name is just needs to shut up too and start thinking of how she is going to save her sit in the next election.

  264. here’s some funny “CNN users” reactions to the Ted Kennedy endorsement: cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/01/29/kennedy.reax/

    Scott Jackson: “Considering Ted Kennedy’s dubious and largely checkered past, I honestly see no reason why it is headline news that he’s backing Obama, or why it matters in the least.”

    Brian Nancoo: “The line-up to endorse Obama has more of an anti-Clinton position than a pro-Obama position. For a candidate who is running on the promise of bringing people together, Obama seems to relish any opportunity to encourage the anti-Clinton rhetoric as opposed to the anti-poverty, or anti-war, anti-crime. The Kennedy endorsement is pathetic for Obama to accept. He is starting to look like a bought-and-paid-for candidate.”

    Caleb Granger: “I always thought presidential elections were supposed [to be] about the issues, but now I see it is really about who gets the endorsement of the remaining Kennedys and Oprah. Good job America!”

    Susan Nicole: “I read Caroline Kennedy’s op-ed in the Times comparing Senator Obama to her father, JFK. That comparison means nothing to my generation, one that has only read about JFK’s contributions as a president through our history books. Presidents we read about in grade school are as real to us as Santa Claus. We have heard stories and are told they made a difference. However, we did not witness the change.”

    Lambert: “Ted Kennedy’s endorsement of Obama influences me about as much as Don Shula’s commercial for NutriSystem makes me want to go on a diet.”

  265. Informed in Illinois, the reason why you are confused is due to Obama’s conflicting statements. Obama changes his story constantly regarding the house. We’ll have to check with our early posts to get the cites but, if memory serves, it was the Chicago Tribune which said the Rezko purchased lot was originally the “lush side yard” of the house. It was all 1 property at a time.

    Obama has given conflicting answers – first saying he had not spoken with Rezko about the side yard, then saying he thinks he mentioned it to Rezko.

    We will obviously have to write a post to detail this aspect of the Rezko deals further (unless B.Merryfield beat us to it). But think about this logicaly – this is all a distinction without a difference. The bottom line is that the doctor/seller wanted the entire property sold on the same day – isn’t this essentially saying that it really is one property – you just don’t care how it is paid for.

  266. Read this:
    CNN.com users react to Kennedy backing Obama

    I’m glad that most of the comments sounded like Kennedy’s endorsement means absolutely nothing. I don’t believe that one comment from “Mike Mills” who said he was a staunch Hillary supporter until he heard Ted Kennedy’s speech. Give me a break. Anyone that easily swayed is an idiot. It was probably another Obama supporter trying to make it seem as if the Ted Kennedy endorsement can actually change people’s minds.

  267. to caroline,
    we will remember those who slimed her. hillary will be magnanimous but her being “scary smart”, she has a long memory.
    and we will never forget. remember: those who forget history are bound to repeat it (or something like this)
    voted for hill today. called ted’s office twice already.
    will be phonebanking on friday here in my neighborhood.

  268. They are separate lots. They were wanting to be sold *together* but Obama couldn’t “afford it”. So, buddy Rezko…er um, his wife….chipped in.

  269. For whoever asked, no media intends to call Florida a hollow victory for Hillary so that they can styme any momentum she gets. If by chance Obama wins…we’ll see a landslide of victory headlines.

    just brace yourself

  270. Also, I see a lot of parallels between a Hillary v McCain 08 & Bush v Kerry in 04. In 2004 Bush had an excited republican base and he split the independents with Kerry. On the democratic side you had John Kerry getting the nom because people thought he was the most electable dem against Bush. That may very well have been true because we had a pretty weak field in 04. Our base hated Bush & we assumed everyone else did as well. So Kerry ran a horrible campaign (come on windsurfing, John?) and got a lot of antibush voters including myself but we still lost. Why? People were voting against bush not for Kerry. I see that with McCain this time. He’ll get a lot of antihillary repub votes but is that enough?

  271. teds numbers
    all you need to say is that you are dissapointed in ted’s decision to leave 15 million behind.
    call today call tomorrow. If you want to be heard raise your voice.

  272. I don’t think the house deal is the real crux of the Rezco. If it were just about a house it would be easy for Obama to explain. He refuses to even discuss this with reporters who know the whole story. That speaks volumes.

  273. AP 11/04/06:

    “Obama and his wife closed on a $1.65 million home last year in the city’s Kenwood neighborhood. The same day, Rezko’s wife closed on a $625,000 vacant lot next the home, the Chicago Tribune reported on Wednesday.

    “Both lots had once been part of the same estate, but were listed for sale separately by the owner.”


  274. Senator Nelson is introducing Hillary tonight. We are sure that Nelson will make a strong case for seating delegates. Hillary too will defend Florida and make a case for seating delegates. Nelson and Hillary will probably remind everyone of 2000 and how important Florida is and will be.

  275. i wonder how many students voted in iowa that are allowed to then vote in thier home state will proceed to vote twice. Is the a mechanism within the dem party to prohibit such fraud?

  276. dot48, no, I don’t think that the house is THE issue but it’s a clear sign of the “benefits” the Obamas enjoyed due to the relationship with Rezko. The bottom line is the influence peddling that began the day Michelle agreed to take the job at City Hall — but not until Rezbama could meet with her prospective boss to find out what would be in it for HIM.

  277. i am sure that ther is no national database for voters.
    so i could in a number of states vote repeatedly.
    The only punishment for me would be civil?

  278. And keep in mind, BO and MO were only engaged at the time .. not married. So, already he’s gaming the system to see whether there would be any payoff for him if she took the job .. and she had to call him into a 3-way conversation with her prospective boss so that HE could size up whether or not it was worth it to HIM.

  279. here is the worry about Obama whisper campaign

    if he is nominee and if rezko trial turns out disastrous and republicans associate rezkos name to Obama’s, then its such a HUGE issue. Like they will tie him to all deals of rezko, particularly middle east deals. we have to remeber that rezko is in custody right now not for some lame ass reason, but because he is considered as FLIGHT RISK!!! how serious is that? republicans will make it look like obama is talking with bin laden daily.. asses!

  280. “The Snub” is a bit overwrought, however, for those Obama supporters trying to make little of it, I’m not so sure there isn’t something important there. If you can’t talk to someone pointing a finger at you, how are you going to be a diplomat with someone pointing a nuclear weapon on you?

    Oops? I didn’t mean to offend you? Or worse, does he just press the wrong button? lol

  281. All of the Obama fanatics live at NYTimes.com. I’ve had to stop going to their website because his biggest fans (the establishment) are on there making comments to every blog post and on the NYT editorial board. I’m surprised the paper even endorsed HRC.

    On another topic: Do you think Oprah Winfrey will sever all ties with Maya Angelou for endorsing Hillary Clinton?

    Says Angelou:

    “As a child, Hillary Clinton was taught that all God’s children are equal, so as a mother she understood that her child wasn’t safe unless all children were safe.

    I know what kind of president Hillary Clinton will be because I know who she is. Hillary Clinton has always been a strong woman and a passionate protector of families. For 35 years, that’s exactly what she has been doing.

    Each generation of African Americans stands on the shoulders of those who came before. Today, the challenges facing us threaten the dreams we have had for our children. We need a president with the experience and strength to meet those challenges.

    I am inspired by Hillary Clinton’s commitment and courage — a daughter, a wife, a mother — my girl.”

  282. How can these bas##### totally ignore more than a million people voting in Florida and call this a beauty contest??? Do these media nitwits really think these delegates will not be seated ????

  283. Went to Bill’s “solutions for America” rally today in Blackwood, NJ. It was rainy, cold and my toddler was miserable standing out in the rain for over an hour until they would let us in at 10:15 (ended up being closer to 10:30). I have to say, I was like a little kid at an amusement park for the first time. The music, the crowds, the speakers before “the man”… There was a public speaking teacher from the college standing next to me and she said at the end of every semester, her classes rate the 10 best speakers of all time. She said he is always in the top 5. No doubt after today. His speech was fantastic. He has definitely changes tactics since Saturday. He is definitely a plus on the campaign trail. He probably could’ve told that crowd to go outside and start walking to Florida and they would’ve followed.

    Here’s the best part, that teacher and a few others in line while waiting said they were there for “Bill” and would be voting for Obama. That the country needs change. A calm and friendly debate arose in line…however, after the rally. I walked out with those same folks AND THEY CHANGED THEIR MINDS! Seeing him, hearing him, hearing in person Hillary’s DETAILED PLANS… was something they never saw from the Obama side. One comment I overheard was, “how come no one has pushed Obama for details like this?”

    I have to wonder the same thing….

  284. okay
    you are all much smarter than me
    i have asked this question 2x and have gotten no response
    Perhaps i did not make my querry articulate.
    What i want to know is if the students et al others who voted in the iowa primary from out of state are in anyway prohibited from voting in their own states and if the individuals are later discovered to have committed fraud by voting twice what if any actions can be taken against them.

  285. When Hillary wins in Novemeber, she should send one of these to all of her male colleagues that turned their backs on her.


  286. timjcain — honestly, I don’t know a definitive answer but I cannot think of any way to verify that one way or the other. Who would know? There’s no national database for voters.

  287. why would the dnc have access to ssn
    the dem party is not a part of the govt
    in the ge maybe the ssn is considered but not a primary

  288. Wow: jezebel.com/350128/

    Why is this woman on television? Why did Barbara Walters even hire her in the first place? Damn, there are enough black women in this country with graduate degrees who deserved that spot more than Sherri Shepard.
    I’m gonna bet this idiot is voting for Obama. Just a guess!

  289. Ok, just saw Maxine Waters being interviewed on MessMSNBC by Norah O’Donnell. Maxine just B*itched slapped her. The 3rd or 4th question was, Cgr. Waters, you are a woman and African Amerincan, a lot of talk have been made of Bill Clinton and race etc, what do you think about it.

    Maxine without skipping a beat said, ‘ I won’t go there with you and I’m not answering or taking this question from you or anyone else. ”

    Norah said ‘why’ and Maxine said because it’ s too divisive and the media, and you too have spent so much time on it and it’s not good for the country.

    This is why you want Maxine in your corner.

  290. joeysmom, thanks for that nice report and your committment and passion for Hillary standing in rain with your child. I am really moved by the committment of supporters like you. That is why I come to this website.

  291. B Merry … it would be interesting to know more about who was helping to get the visa for Iraqi/british billionire.

  292. TimJ- I’ll try to answer your question. My understanding of the Iowa situation was that if the students themselves were residents of Iowa but happened to be attending college in Illinois or elsewhere they could vote in the Iowa caucus no problem. I also think you’d to be a resident in Iowa to participate but they were no procedures in place to verify residency or anything like that. To your last point I don’t think these students will be able to pull the same trick nationwide it was just an Iowa phenomeno because the Obama camp targeted the youth aggressively and he was from neighboring Illinois so that made it easier. As far as voting twice I believe in most states you have to show your ID or voter card or your name has to be on the rolls in that state otherwise you can’t vote. Hope this helps.

  293. joeysmom Says:
    January 29th, 2008 at 3:14 pm

    joeysmom that is absolutely wonderful. Thanks for sharing. I can totally believe Bill Clinton has the ability to change minds. Ted Kennedy endorsing Obama? Not so much. But I am glad that Bill is leaving behind the drama (the Obama people started) at the beginning of the primary and is now focused on the issues.

    He is definitely a huge asset in this campaign and Obama knows that which is why he hates Hillary enough to snub her last night. Even with the Ted Kennedy endorsement he is still angry that Bill is on her side. Love it. So glad to hear Bill is back.

  294. I voted absentee Florida….I am on the Florida dem mailing list, here some interesting news snippets they provided me…

    “But with well over a million Democrats likely to cast ballots in a state that has already decided one recent presidential election, the results may be hard to ignore.”…”Usually, Republicans see heavier turnout in early voting, but this year almost as many Democrats as Republicans have cast early ballots.” [Boston Globe, 01/29/08]

    “…the early turn-out reflects the fact that even without the physical presence of the Democratic candidates, this state has been pulsing with presidential politics for more than week.”…”But most of all, the results will offer a peculiarly unfiltered glimpse of an electorate: An election that will be cast without a crush of television advertisements, appeals and attacks pitched to the particular politics of this state and get-out-the-vote operations.” [New York Times, 01/28/08]

  295. BMerryfield
    you are right
    no way to tell
    i am as i said very new to this process as i understand it one vote in the ge and that can be investigated but the primaries are private and as such do not fall under anything but the perview(sp? Word) of the dnc.
    after hill becomes prez let us please rectify all of the flaws,
    And to everyone who disagrees with me on this sight i thankyou. i have alot to learn.

  296. Joeysmom – THIS is why I keep saying that those telling Bill to STFU are nucking futs. He is the best advocate Hillary has, and the enemy knows it. Which is WHY they so desperately want to SHUT HIM UP. This man is the most effective politician in my lifetime.

    No way. Let Bill roll! 🙂

    reed, yay for your vote! It will count in the end. 😀

  297. TPS, I’m committed to the right candidate. When Bill ran in 1992, that was the first election I was old enough to vote in. I voted for him then, again and 1996. Now I’ll vote for Hillary in 2008 and 2012!

    Tim…to change my registration from Independent to Democrat (so I could vote in primaries in NJ) I had to fill out a form with my SS# on it to send to the state. I don’t think the DNC has or should have access to this info. But I would think there would be a way to see if people are registering in two places and hit two different primaries.

    I do not have any facts to back that up, other than my own experience of the process I had to go through here. But I do HOPE in 2008 there are barriers against that happening. Just my opinion, I guess.

  298. Claire MaCaskill is a lying retard. Precious was clearly scowling as he turned away. Why would he scowl at someone waving hello unless they were doing it Dick Cheney style which I seriously doubt on national TV on the floor of the House??? I hope CM gets a small case of butt cancer. Treatable, but enough to remind her not to be an incredibly stupid liar.

    Bill’s visit in Norman has been moved. It will be at 12:15, not Noon. And the venue changed due to an OU women’s basketball game a few hours later. I can walk over and won’t have to fight for parking. 🙂

    rjk, the nutcracker is inappropriate. I don’t think I need to say why.

    Here’s a link about Bill going to IL and why it may pay off. campaignspot.nationalreview.com/post/?q=YTZjNjhhOGY1ODQ0NjQ0MTBiNTQ5ZGYxNzEwYWQxMzI=

  299. GO MAXINE!!! She is somethin’ else. Norah thought she could take on Maxine Waters? HA! Woman is too real – takes no shit from anybody. 😀

  300. florida having trouble with touch screen voting machines today. two counties Palm and Dade have tossed machines out. this according to shepherd smith on fox report

  301. I would lay money on the fact that at least 25% of the out of state students who came back to iowa are going to vote again. Does a causas take each voters name and ssn and then enter it into a national data base. I think not. I was also told thgat i could show up in iowa stay in a hotel for two nights and then register. If persons acting in such a manner they may be exempt from criminal prosecution but i believe they could be held responsible civilly for thier duplicity. Lets let that be known.

  302. I’ve been calling Kerry’s office again today and asking whether Kerry believes that both Sunni and Shia votes should count in fair Iraqi elections. When they say yes, I ask why Senator Kerry believes that one million Florida Democrats should not have their votes counted? I ask if Sen. Kerry is aware that not counting Florida votes gave us George Bush? I ask why Sen. Kerry believes that Democratic Party elections should be run like third-world bannana Republics. I then end the call by saying that I’ve fought too long for every American to have a vote to continue supporting my Senator who doesn’t even believe in a free and fair democracy.

  303. Joeysmom, et al….here’s the way to check voter registration for many states:

    First, go to the individual county’s election board, get copies of the voter sign-in sheets for a given election. Second, pull all voter registrations. Most folks think these are private. They’re not. They are part of a public record, thus, why voter fraud can be punishable since you’re falsfying a government document. Third, get a very fast typist to enter it into a database showing who showed up to vote and compare and contrast.

    It is a HUGE undertaking. I know in my last election contest suit, I spent no less than 40 hours myself pouring over sign-in sheets, comparing precinct affiliation, home addresses on the voter card vs. public utilities… And that election only had a few hundred voters. Imagine doing it with 200,000….or multiple states….You get my drift.

    Besides, only asshats like Precious who cannot take losing start asking for recounts and registering complaints.

    Admin, I’d like to point out Precious will fight the validity of each and every contest. He did it in NH, he’s doing it in NV and he’ll do it elsewhere. We need a huge army of lawyers willing to fuck with him right back. His history in IL shows he’ll abuse the legal system any way that he can. So, let’s abuse him right back…only let’s do it better.

  304. fox says this is going to into april…democratic nomination that is. Fox will not even report on Democrat Primary if I understood them correctly. Fox reporter following Obama in Missouri….do not know if anyone is covering Hillary campaign but they don’t indicate they will cover her “free media” night in Florida.

    says on 2/5 it is likely there will be only 100 delegate difference between obama and hillary and I see now why obama is getting all those dudes on board…its the money.

  305. Im so glad Maxine..slammed Norah…good job more people like that for hillary… i respect her ..all cousins in Calif.. love her..

    joey so glad you got to see bill…people know they lived well with him..and they will never turn there backs on him…

    and florida..can you imagine if they tune out cnn and msnbc forever…i hope they do…thats alott of democratic voters…

  306. I was just havinng coffee with a colleague at work (who is a republican). On his own, he brought up seeing Obama and Ted Kennedy sitting together and whispering to each other at the SOTU. He asked whether Obama was going to be under Ted’s control and said it made him feel more negatively towards Obama.

  307. CD99 – I’d like to know as well .. but how?

    H4Tex – now ask yourself, do you really think that the BoysClub wants to shut BillC up for (1) “the good of the party” or (2) because it just might be that Hillary is going to win this thing and their poor misogynistic pea-picking hearts just can’t stand it? – especially because she’s doing it without all their “manly” support? I pick #2.

  308. okieatty the democratic results are not public
    the dem party is not an officialb govt body
    in order to have those records made public wrong doing would have to be proved first
    i think collusion is pretty easy

  309. just telling what fox news is reporting. Major garrett said both candidates have acknowledged that 2/5 is not the end.

  310. from my understand of what major garrett just said.

    It is the Florida National Committee who is to blame. He said they were asked not to jump in the middle of the primary season (michigan too) and this is why the delegates were stripped.

    some media seem adamant that florida nor michigan will ever be seated at the convention.

    this is a worse freaking mess than gore in 2000; did the dems not learn anything.

    I thought this was screamin dean work but it is not

  311. mj I don’t really know except what I heard them say. I most likely should not report that as gospel however, lol.

  312. kafeen
    i hope i did not offend
    my point is that from what i have learned about the iowa caucas was that any individual who could caim that he/she lived in iowa for two days prior to the caucas could vote,
    that may be the states policy my question was okay i ama student from ny i vote for obama in iowa who is going to stop me from voting for obama again in ny?

  313. Barbara Boxer, thank you but why wait till 2/5.

    going to her website now to thank her. everyone, remember maxine too!

  314. I shouldn’t have made the butt cancer comment. My receptionist had it. She’s a nice women and doesn’t deserve it. (Yet another reason we need Hillary- so we can have decent healthcare options). But I still say CM is an inconsiderate liar…okay. maye I do mean the butt cancer comment (I’m sick today and worry I may be too sick to go tomorrow to see Bill, so I am extra cranky).

  315. gulp, it says she will endorse the “winner”. Is it appropriate to send her a thank you just yet. I’m superstitious.

  316. Boxer won’t endorse until 2/5 because there are OTHER endorsements scheduled to be announced between today and 2/5.

  317. Please someone answer me– Is it possible that someone could have voted in the iowa caucas legitamately under ia rules and then voted again in another state without detection?

  318. MCCASKILL: Frankly, everybody’s spoiling for a fight, which is the politics of old. This campaign isn’t about the politics of old, it’s about new. So it’s unfortunate that everyone’s so anxious for there to be some kind of problem on a personal level.

    I’d be a lot more impressed if McCaskill had left out the jab about [Obama’s] campaign being about ‘politics of new’ — hinting that Hillary’s is ‘politics of old’ and that HIllary people started this. The original incident may have been an accident — but McCaskill’s spin here is deliberate.

  319. timjcain: In the end there’s not really anything that anyone can do about it. Your questions are the basis that the Republicans have been using for years for trying to enact voter registration laws that in the end really only result in disenfrancizing Democratic voters.

    It’s not a winning proposition for our side to echo their talking points. In the end, giving credance to their tactics makes it more difficult for our side to muster the kind of numbers that we need to counteract the shenanigans that they’ve pulled in states like Florida and Ohio in the last two Presidential elections.

    The Republican machine chooses to rig the votes their way, the Democrats will always have the upper hand and moral high ground with GOTV. There’s a certain amount of cynicism involved in this statement, but if BO wins the nomination it won’t be because he gamed the system in IA and IL. If he wins the nomination, it will be because Hillary was not able to rally her support get her message across…which is something that I just don’t see happening.

    The DNC has done it’s best to set up the primary season in such a way that she could not possibly win the nomination. They have chosen to try to cut off their nose (w/FL) to spite their face and STILL they have failed. The people are roused and ready to meet the challenge with Hillary as our champion, we WILL win the White House, we don’t need dirty election fraud to do it, we own the moral high ground.

  320. Thanks, admin. I can’t wait!

    timjcain, I’d say yes, unless someone starts checking, they are likely to get away with that.

  321. CNN might take the Democratic primary in Florida seriously. Wolf Blitzer said although Obama is calling it a “beauty contest” a lot of Democrats are voting and therefore it is important.

  322. please go to cnn.com/caffertyfile and b*tchslap the IDIOT Cafferty for posing this leading question just minutes ago: why are so many in the democrat establishment turning their back on Hillary Clinton and endorsing Obama?

    Please remind him how many in the democratic establishment have already endorsed clinton. IDIOT!

  323. Hear, hear, admin. Glad to see that CNN is actually doing its job for once. We don’t need to see Florida voters disenfranchised again. 2000 was enough.

  324. Admin- I wonder what Obama will call all the other primaries Tuesday when he gets thumped in most of the 22 states?!

  325. Admin, yes, after Cafferty inserted his anti-Hillary commentary and question of the day. Then they segmented, “why is the Florida Clinton Party important?”…..I’m offended a bit more than usual today, I’m a former Floridian and absentee voter.

  326. Sheesh, that one older guy (grey hair) who reports politics/exit polls on CNN says Hillary is expected to win…she is the “best known” of the Dems. My God, who wouldn’t know who Obama is by now. What a stupid statement…insulting to viewers…

  327. I used to like Jack, but now…he is just a crotchety old man. He’s sounding more like Morton Downey, Jr. every day. I coud see him and Rush taking trips offshore with a couple of bottles of little blue pills and a jar of monkey grease.

    Kaffeen, former Floridian here. I understand your pain. I could hardly get down the street without a joke in November 2000. Holy hell. That was a brutal time. And then Foley….can’t these idiots get anything right?!?

  328. those kinds of words will come back to haunt Barack Obama. this just shows how naive and silly he is. he is basically telling those people to shut their doors and stay home. he will get votes there, how will he thank them…oh yeah, like nevada. Nary a peep

    Obama is getting a littly ballsy since he thinks he’s got Kerry and Kennedy gotv and ground making teams on his side. Can’t wait till it blows up in their faces.

  329. Mama Claire mean that the new Obama politics is SNUB your opponent!

    Macho Obama and Mama claire… new politics!

  330. Not only that AmericanGal, but a bit condescending to Floridians. Just because our voting machines suck, doesn’t mean we don’t know politics.

  331. Obama calling FL a “beauty contest” does not bold well for Democrats in Nov. should he be the nominee.

    As we learned from 2000 and 2004, FL is key to winning the Presidency. Never bite the hand that feeds you, Mr. Junior Senator.

  332. go answer Jack cafferty’s bogus 4-5 pm question! My answer:

    What exactly do you mean by “so many” in the party turning on Hillary Clinton? She has many more senators and congressmen endorsing her than Obama, including the majority of the Congressional Black Caucus.

    Her endorsers are busy talking to the voters, not grandstanding in DC for the cameras trying to revive their own faded glory.

  333. campaignspot.nationalreview.com/

    Jim Geraghty of NRO

    Why Bill Clinton’s Going To Illinois

    Earlier today, I wrote, regarding Bill Clinton doing a campaign event in Edwardsville, Illinois, “Illinois is an unusual pick, as Obama’s home state would seem to be too much of an uphill climb to put much resources in, but then again, maybe Team Hillary sees something the rest of us don’t.”

    Campaign Spot reader Ted in Chicago writes, “A Bill Clinton visit to Southern Illinois makes perfect sense given Illinois’ internal political geography. Any outsider could make the mistake of projecting their familiarity with Chicago/Cook County Democracy onto the rest of the state. Up North, Chicago, Cook County, and collar county Democrats (blue collars, yuppie progressives, urban minorities) are obvious Obama constituencies…

    But Southern Illinois is its own animal and a bastion for Democrats of a very different stripe… In the Democratic Senate primary, Obama did not do all that well down there, and in the general election, Alan Keyes managed to carry a handful of the most conservative counties. So Illinois may show up on the map as a Blue State, but there is an undeniable North/South Democratic faultline. Looks like the Clintons recognize it and hope to exploit it.

    Still, you have to figure that the pro-Obama vote coming out of Chicago is going to be enormous. If Obama could maximize turnout in places like Iowa and South Carolina, then Illinois should be extremely fertile ground.

    But an Illinois-focused blogger notes:

    FYI – Edwardsville, IL is in the St. Louis media market, where Hillary has been airing TV commercials. It may be designed with an eye towards Missouri’s Primary, and/or Hillary may think she can win delegates in the two metro-east congressional districts in Illinois. (Illinois votes for delegates by direct election in each Congressional district. The statewide vote totals for the actual presidential candidates are a meaningless beauty contest. The only votes that matter are the direct votes for the pledged delegate candidates in each CD, FWLIW.)

    That makes a bit more sense.

  334. Hey yall, I just called the office of Maxine Waters and thanked her and I understand she has a website. I’ll go and sign up so I can keep up with her. She’s been an important person in the system for years and her endorsement is huge.

  335. I saw this picture on CNN’s blog earlier today! What a childish, childish thing for him to do. He is such a whiny, silly man. Even his supporters are crazed to the point of damn near throwing tantrums when the Clintons flex their muscles a bit. This is not some beauty pagaent, but a contest to see who becomes the next leader of the free world as we know it! This was a very unpresidential thing for him to do, among many others. I’m glad CNN mentioned it, if nowhere else, at least on their site. I haven’t watched the news on television yet today.

  336. wait a minute???

    Obama “is calling it a beauty contest.” HA! this is the best story line.


    Hillary is running as a qualified candidate for PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

    BO is running as the beauty contestant for the beauty pagent. I can just see him saying- all I want is world peace with a big toothy smile.

    bathing suit competition…. no wait, he did that already didnt he?

  337. TimjCain:

    Your scenario on somebody voting in multiple states is possible.

    I was in Nv and people could reigister on the same day to vote. No id necessary.

    This is moslt likely to happen in caususes!

    Which state do you live in? I live in Ca..

    so people could move from state to state – with 30 days or less for registration.

    To catch somebody would be difficult and a long process.

  338. MSNBC has an embed in clinton campaign who is always critical. They have an embed in Obama campaign always says only good things. I wish our campaign could just get her out she is not helping us any.

  339. kaffeen, your vote will count. I think the DNC and FL will make amends come July at the Convention. FL is too important to be dismissed. The delegates will be seated.

  340. somebody from Hillary’s campaign needs to point out the OBAMA BROKE THE PLEDGE AND CAMPAIGNED THERE. He is now calling it a beauty contest

  341. OMG, is CNN having a segment called “Obama Flip-Flop”? If that happens to be negative, it would be the *first* negative story I’ve seen on him at CNN.

  342. I just went to Cafferty to answer that idiotic question: Top Democrats turn their backs on Clinton?
    Here is my answer:
    Because the old white male elitist establishment HATE the Clinton family for being the only Democrats in decades to know how to win national elections! Kerry is a loser. Why are people still listening to this man? He lost us the 2004 election.

    Kennedy, Kerry and the others will pay soon enough for backing Obama. He is always talking about being the anti-establishment candidate but he is now the establishment candidate. I can tell this is going to go to his head like the Iowa win. Kennedy and Kerry will not win Obama the nomination or the general election. Heck, they couldn’t even win it for themselves.

    They do not represent America. We live in 2008 not 1964. We want to move forward with a president who understand the problems that affect typical Americans, not some guy who gives lofty speeches and is now an extended member of the Kennedy family. The Kennedy family is dying out. Ted Kennedy does not have the influence over Americans he wants to believe.

    You’re an idiot to even ask this question.

  343. Rezko To Remain Jailed

    CHICAGO (WBBM) — A federal judge denied politically connected Chicago businessman Tony Rezko’s attempt to reinstate his bond Tuesday a day after his bond was revoked and he was sent to jail.

    Rezko has raised thousands of dollars in campaign contributions for Illinois political leaders, most notably Gov. Rod Blagojevich, but also Sen. Barack Obama. Rezko was arrested on Monday at his Wilmette home.

    U.S. District Judge Amy J. St. Eve said at a hearing Monday that she should have been told about money matters such as $3.5 million Rezko received from a company based in Lebanon after he told her he had no income and that explanations offered by four Rezko lawyers at the hearing failed to dissuade her.

    His $2 million bond was revoked because prosecutors say he could be a flight risk.

    Rezko is charged with scheming to pressure companies seeking to do business with the state to pay kickbacks and make campaign contributions to Blagojevich. Neither Blagojevich nor Obama has been accused of any wrongdoing in connection with the case.

    Rezko is due to start trial Feb. 25 on charges of mail fraud, wire fraud, money laundering and attempted extortion. He also is charged with swindling the General Electric Capital Corp. out of $10 million in loans involving the sale of a pizza business.

    It was learned last week that an associate of Rezko’s had sent a $10,000 campaign contribution to Obama’s U.S. Senate campaign using money from the alleged pizza scheme. Obama’s campaign then sent $40,000 in Rezko-related campaign contributions to charity.

  344. Clinton Booked for Letterman Show
    By BETH FOUHY | Associated Press Writer
    2:59 PM CST, January 29, 2008
    Article tools
    E-mail Share
    Digg Del.icio.us Facebook Fark Google Newsvine Reddit Yahoo Print Reprints Post comment Text size: NEW YORK – Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton will yuk it up on CBS’s “Late Show with David Letterman,” a day before the Feb. 5 Super Tuesday contests.

    Clinton will join Letterman on set before a studio audience in New York this coming Monday. She was last on the program Jan. 2, in a cameo appearance from Iowa.

    It will be the former first lady’s ninth visit to the show. She first appeared in 1994 from the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway, where she was interviewed by Letterman’s mother.

  345. Ben Smith has a photo-by-photo replay of the “snub” and after looking at them, there is no doubt, you cannot spin this. It’s his “likable” moment all over again. What an arrogant SOB.

  346. timjcain: I’m saying it’s a battle we don’t want to fight. Voter fraud is not okay, no. However…the winning strategy for countering voter fraud for Democrats is GOTV not handing Republicans a win in their attempts to suppress the votes of Democrats.

    There are alot of wrong things that are possible, and the biggest wrong would be to enact a system that could be exploited by Republicans to disenfrancise Democratic voters. Lower income and lesser educated voters are more likely to select Democrats to represent them, making the process more difficult for these people to cast their votes is bad for the Democratic party. There are some not okay things that we have to put up with in order to ensure that the most voices are heard.

    Every decision and every position you take has consequences that you have to deal with and disenfranchising voters is always bad for Democrats.

  347. rjk1957, that’s wonderful! I just wish CBS didn’t announce it so early. Mr. Unity is going to whine about equal time and end up booked on Feb 3rd!

  348. Obama calling FL a beauty contest will come back to haunt him if he’s the nominee . . . I can’t stand him and will not vote for him. I cannot tell you how frustrated I have been the past couple of days. On a separate note, B Merry I just wanted to say that you’re my hero and your Rezko watch is a class act. Keep up the good work.

  349. Thanks, LawSchoolDem. It’s appreciated. Guess now that Rezko’s bond is revoked, it’s gonna be a wait and see until the trial starts 2/25. BUT .. lot’s to work on in between.

  350. Richardson says a decision by end of week. I would say Obama supporters are calling him. If everyone calls it would be a nice gesture for Hillary and show grass roots support for her.

  351. MEssMSNBC probably won’t cover Hillary in Fl but what’s new. CNN will and should carry it and they have the most viewership of all 3 of the cable channels.

    Whether the delegates will be seated or not isn’t quite the question, if you have over 1million people voting for a Democrat and all of the canidates names are on the ballot and they all have the non-advantage of not campaigning except Obambi whose ads I see all the time on CNN and we have had:
    1. The ‘monumental annointing of ‘the one’ by kennedy
    2. Obambi winning S.C
    3. A state that has a significant portion of Blacks and Latinos etc
    4. A State that always plays a pivotal role in the National election

    Well it stands to reason that maybe the rest of the country would want to know the following:

    1. How many people turned out
    2. Was there an increase in voter turn out and also in specific demographics
    3. which democrat won the popular vote

    In addition, if the cable channels can take the unprecedented step in carrying the full speech of an endorser and endorsee (free publicity and free advertising with no equal opportunity for the other canidates)

    Then Yes, Hillary Clinton should be covered in FL!

  352. why will nobody call cnn on obama running ads in florida. they only have obama asskissers on there and repubs

  353. There was someone on CNN saying that Hillary violated her pledge by fundraising in the state of Florida. Wolf corrected him by saying that 1) every candidate has done that and then directed his attention to a DNC member who said 2) there is nothing wrong with fundraising in Florida.

  354. well blitzer knew obama was running ads i florida.

    the bald guy tried to say that Hillary “very public private” fundraiser was in violation of campaign pledge. Donna brazil sat on her fat butt and let it go by…wolf called him then brillo pad said no that hillary did not break campaign pledge.

    not on peep about obamas ads.

  355. dot, don’t worry about. These people sound like highschool losers. Her “very public private” fundraiser? Oh, boo hoo. What losers.

  356. mj: this is their statements:

    “Women have just experienced the ultimate betrayal. Senator Kennedy’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton’s opponent in the Democratic presidential primary campaign has really hit women hard. Women have forgiven Kennedy, stuck up for him, stood by him, hushed the fact that he was late in his support of Title IX, the ERA, the Family Leave and Medical Act to name a few. Women have buried their anger that his support for the compromises in No Child Left Behind and the Medicare bogus drug benefit brought us the passage of these flawed bills. We have thanked him for his ardent support of many civil rights bills, BUT women are always waiting in the wings.

    “And now the greatest betrayal! We are repaid with his abandonment! He’s picked the new guy over us. He’s joined the list of progressive white men who can’t or won’t handle the prospect of a woman president who is Hillary Clinton (they will of course say they support a woman president, just not “this” one). ‘They’ are Howard Dean and Jim Dean (Yup! That’s Howard’s brother) who run DFA (that’s the group and list from the Dean campaign that we women helped start and grow). They are Alternet, Progressive Democrats of America, democrats.com, Kucinich lovers and all the other groups that take women’s money, say they’ll do feminist and women’s rights issues one of these days, and conveniently forget to mention women and children when they talk about poverty or human needs or America’s future or whatever.

    “This latest move by Kennedy, is so telling about the status of and respect for women’s rights, women’s voices, women’s equality, women’s authority and our ability – indeed, our obligation – to promote and earn and deserve and elect, unabashedly, a President that is the first woman after centuries of men who ‘know what’s best for us.’”

  357. Yes, Cafferty gets a thump everytime I see him (on my TV). I really despise that man. Notice he leads off with a anti-Hillary Q&A, then sandwiches anything pro-Hill between anti-Hill comments.

  358. I think Obama is making a mistake running ads with Caroline Kennedy saying that Obama is the next Kennedy. These ads will not speak to working and middle class voters. They want to hear about issues that affect their lives. These ads might work with wealthy liberals. First, there are not many of them. Second, most of these people are already voting for Obama anyway. It is his money, he can waste it anyway he wants. Hillary’s ad strategy of she talking about issues that voters care about makes a lot more sense to me.

  359. dot, you should ask admin to contact the campaign. If this woman is just damaging Hillary for Obama’s sake, may as well cut her off.

    I can not believe they are not covering the Dem’s in FL in anyway. Woud be nice to here a report or something.

  360. I called Richardson and registered my and my husbands support (husband yelling in background, me too!)

    Richardson staff very nice, said they would pass it on.
    Yeah Hillary

  361. So Hillary has some paid staff in Ill.
    Link: newsblogs.chicagotribune.com/clout_st/2008/01/hillary-bringin.html

  362. Well, it appears that the Obama Flip-Flop story has Flip-Flopped its way out of the CNN Situation Room. Advertised it, now seems to have pulled it. Guess Obama’s grandmother was watching and called Obama immediately. “Don’t worry grams, I’ll call CNN personally”.

  363. Called Richardson’s office very nice woman answered the phone and said i’ll pass your message along. I think everyone here should make the call.

  364. hillary supporter on fox, really did good job of emphasizing that younger Kennedy clan has gone for Hillary. Also, tried to get him to say what Bill’s role would be…he countered with “what will Oprah’s be” LOL

    wish I’d caught the whole thing.


    i’m not calling no bill richardson, i dont want his freaking endorsement…
    as a half breed myself, i’ve had nothing but embarrasement from the guy…

    i’m not the only one who has felt this way, his always been a laughingstock at the debates…
    now dont get me wrong, i want good things for him and his family, but his endorsement…


  366. Early FL Exit Poll Highlights

    By The Associated Press – 17 minutes ago

    Some highlights of preliminary data from exit polls conducted for The Associated Press and television networks in the Florida presidential primary Tuesday:



    Given four choices, nearly half of Florida Republican primary voters said the economy is the most important issue facing the country. Terrorism, Iraq and immigration each were picked by fewer than two in 10. The economy also was the top issue out of three choices for voters in the Democratic primary, which none of the candidates contested because of questions over whether Florida’s Democratic delegates will be seated. The economy has been seen as increasingly important since the start of the 2008 presidential nomination season.


    Republicans were more likely than Democrats to rate the national economy positively, though few in either party rated it excellent. A third of Republicans but fewer than one in 10 Democrats rated the economy good. Half of Democrats called it poor, compared to only about one in seven Republican primary voters.


    Both parties’ electorates were older than in any other presidential contest this year. A third or more in each primary were at least 65 years old. In earlier Democratic contests no more than a quarter were senior citizens, and on the Republican side only the Nevada caucuses came anywhere close to Florida in the proportion of older voters.


    _ Eight in 10 Republican primary voters were white and a little more than one in 10 were Hispanic — about half of whom were of Cuban heritage. There were few blacks on the GOP side. In the Democratic primary, two-thirds were white, about one in five were black and a little more than one in 10 were Hispanic.

    _ About one in seven voters in each party’s primary described themselves as independents.

    _ About three in 10 Republican voters called themselves moderates. Slightly more Democrats identified themselves as moderate.


    There were fewer late-deciding voters in both parties in Florida than in most earlier contests.

  367. Okay, now, according to CNN, the Flip-Flop story has turned into something about how Obama is going to win the Latino vote (versus changing his opinion on the vote, ala Flip-Flop).

  368. is it safe to ask if the Clintons were aware that the media would be this biased against them? I mean this rabid, unconventional, team it up, drive it in the ground, knee cap style, down and dirty, rough and tumble, lying every breath deal that is being done.

    They are strong people and I see this campaign as a huge sacrifice on their part.

  369. yes, the most Misunderstood guy in America.

    don’t think he will win over many Latinos with a true flipflop. trust is a big issue for them and they trust Hillary Clinton

  370. Florida Exit Polls: From The Naples Daily News (state results expected at 5PM et–vote Mitt!)
    National Review ^ | 01/29 03:33 PM | Jim Geraghty

    Posted on 01/29/2008 1:24:48 PM PST by propol

    For Those Seeking The Usual Leaks…

    I’m told not to expect any word of exit polls until around 5 p.m. …

    UPDATE: For extremely localized results, the Naples Daily News is publishing its exit poll results as they get them. Their numbers so far:

    Republican presidential primary

    Mitt Romney – 107

    John McCain – 66

    Rudy Giuliani – 32

    Mike Huckabee – 15

    Fred Thompson – 3

    Ron Paul – 2

    Democratic presidential primary

    Hillary Clinton – 48

    John Edwards – 15

    Barack Obama – 15

    Joe Biden – 2

    01/29 03:33 PM

  371. hehe.. I think Bill going to southern IL has HUGE implications. if he can draw substantial crowds, then that would force Obama to spend a day of his in IL. That would be the BIGGEST waste of time he could ever do, especially when you have six days to campaign for 22 states.

  372. Voter suppression by Obama in Florida. Nice headline.

    Maxine Waters-great interview. Right up there with the interview I saw with Admiral Richover 30 years ago when the Big Media denizons of that day tried to entrap him, and claimed they were the voice of the people.

    He replied: ” You are nothing but a bunch of soap and deoderant salesmen, and as far as I am concerned this interview is terminated”. Time for a commecial? Great idea. Return. The Admiral has agreed to continue this interview and we have agreed to let him talk about whatever he wants to talk about”.

  373. dot48, I’ve been wondering that myself. Here’s what I think: They knew the media and DC establishment didn’t like them, but probably didn’t realize they’d go absolutely ga-ga over Obama and elevate him to some superhuman level. However, they certainly know it now.

  374. hey, once again it’s time to leave work and go home and cook something….i hope my family will like pizza…..it’s been a busy day.

    and by the looks of it, today has been crazy here too. thanks for being so informative today… you guys rock my world!!

    Hey, Hey, Hey H_I_L_L_A_R_Y! Ggggggoooooooooooooo Hillary!

    Have a good night.

  375. Bill is down by southern Illl university…lotts of democrats..,down stream..where to be there alott different than Chicago…that al sharpton needs to be quite too…

  376. I hate Edwards but I would love to see him come in a distant second with Obama in third. It will give Edwards false hope and make Obama look like a loser in a state where he attempted to disenfranchise voters only because he knew he could not win.

  377. If I lived in Florida or Michigan I would sign a petetion to the DNC saying seat our delegates or we the under signed will support, campaign and vote for the republican nominee.

  378. Express your views on the disenfranchisement of Floridians on MSNBC’s FieldNotes:

  379. I just called the Richardson office and told the nice girl: “I was impressed by Richardson on the debate a few weeks ago and I think he’d make a great VP under Hillary Clinton. I’m sure he’d be an asset to Obama too, but if Obama gets the nomination, I’m voting Republican!”

    (Well, maybe I’d cool down by November, but I sure wouldn’t work as hard as for Hillary.)

  380. A post from Marc Ambinder’s blog writes:

    “Earlier today Obama was snubbing Florida voters and yesterday he was snubbing Senator Clinton. His campaign offered three different explanations for the incident at yesterday’s State of the Union and all three are completely different and contrary to reports from CNN and the pictures of the NY Times. Sorry Bill Burton if I don’t buy your spin tonight, quite frankly your spin all day has made me dizzy and queezy.”

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