Let The Sunshine In

[Send some Sunshiny love to the Great Congresswoman Maxine Waters from the Great State of California for her Great Endorsement of Hillary today. (323) 757-8900 and (310) 642-4610 Thank the Congresswoman’s great and friendly staff too.]

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Barack Obama wants to disenfranchise Florida voters. Obama calls the votes of millions in the Sunshine state a “beauty contest”. That’s an ugly remark. Florida Democrats were disenfranchised in 2000 and the entire nation and world suffered. Florida Democrats Will Demand To Be Heard. The lessons of 2000 will not be forgotten.

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Having followed all the foolish directives from the Democratic National Committee, Hillary tonight will be the first in Florida after the DNC blockade is lifted.

Hillary Clinton plans to end a five-month Democratic campaign boycott of Florida tonight by hosting a public rally in Davie to thank her supporters and prepare for the general election.

The doors will open to the Signature Grand Ballroom at 7 p.m., just when voting ends for the state’s presidential primaries. The event is set to begin at 8 p.m. at 6900 State Road 84.

The rally will draw elected officials and party leaders as well as grass-roots activists.

“Sen. Clinton will come to Florida the first minute she can,” said U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Weston, a Clinton supporter. “She will come as soon as she has an opportunity to show Floridians how important we are and our issues are.”

Florida Sen. Bill Nelson plans to endorse Clinton’s campaign while introducing her at the event.

“For too many years, too many Americans have been invisible to their own government. In this primary, some even tried to silence our state,” Nelson said in prepared remarks released to The Associated Press. “Hillary Clinton will never let that happen.” [snip]

Democratic candidate Barack Obama has accused Clinton of violating that pledge by planning large fund-raisers. Clinton’s camp accused him of breaking the pledge by running television ads in Florida on cable news network MSNBC.

The rally tonight does not violate the pledge because it comes after the polls close, said Mo Elleithee, a Clinton campaign spokesman.

Exit polls will start to be released at 5:00 p.m. (ET)

Florida election results HERE (other links too).

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Today’s earlier post noted Obama’s nasty snubs of Hillary and Florida, and 15 Million Americans on healthcare. We posted one of several photographs showing Obama’s latest nasty snub.

Readers of Big Pink knew long ago of Obama’s nasty anti-Hillary demeanor.

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  1. Florida Exit Polls: From The Naples Daily News (state results expected at 5PM et–vote Mitt!)
    National Review ^ | 01/29 03:33 PM | Jim Geraghty

    Posted on 01/29/2008 1:24:48 PM PST by propol

    For Those Seeking The Usual Leaks…

    I’m told not to expect any word of exit polls until around 5 p.m. …

    UPDATE: For extremely localized results, the Naples Daily News is publishing its exit poll results as they get them. Their numbers so far:

    Republican presidential primary

    Mitt Romney – 107

    John McCain – 66

    Rudy Giuliani – 32

    Mike Huckabee – 15

    Fred Thompson – 3

    Ron Paul – 2

    Democratic presidential primary

    Hillary Clinton – 48

    John Edwards – 15

    Barack Obama – 15

    Joe Biden – 2

    01/29 03:33 PM

  2. The exit poll demographics posted in the previous thread are pretty much in line with the demographics from the 2004 Florida primary. Maybe slightly higher Latino/Hispanic turnout (9% last time, more than 1 in 10 this time).

  3. Some highlights of preliminary data from exit polls conducted for The Associated Press and television networks in the Florida presidential primary Tuesday:


    Given four choices, nearly half of Florida Republican primary voters said the economy is the most important issue facing the country. Terrorism, Iraq and immigration each were picked by fewer than two in 10. The economy also was the top issue out of three choices for voters in the Democratic primary, which none of the candidates contested because of questions over whether Florida’s Democratic delegates will be seated. The economy has been seen as increasingly important since the start of the 2008 presidential nomination season.


    Republicans were more likely than Democrats to rate the national economy positively, though few in either party rated it excellent. A third of Republicans but fewer than one in 10 Democrats rated the economy good. Half of Democrats called it poor, compared to only about one in seven Republican primary voters.


    Both parties’ electorates were older than in any other presidential contest this year. A third or more in each primary were at least 65 years old. In earlier Democratic contests no more than a quarter were senior citizens, and on the Republican side only the Nevada caucuses came anywhere close to Florida in the proportion of older voters.


    • Eight in 10 Republican primary voters were white and a little more than one in 10 were Hispanic — about half of whom were of Cuban heritage. There were few blacks on the GOP side. In the Democratic primary, two-thirds were white, about one in five were black and a little more than one in 10 were Hispanic.

    • About one in seven voters in each party’s primary described themselves as independents.

    • About three in 10 Republican voters called themselves moderates. Slightly more Democrats identified themselves as moderate.


    There were fewer late-deciding voters in both parties in Florida than in most earlier contests.


    From partial samples of 970 Republican primary voters and 989 Democratic primary voters conducted by Edison Media Research and Mitofsky International in 40 precincts across Florida on Tuesday. The samples include 235 Republican voters and 294 Democratic voters who voted early or absentee and were surveyed in the past week by telephone. Margin of sampling error plus or minus 4 percentage points for each primary.

  4. Hey folks. I have been lurking for months…this is my first comment. Decatur, GA here. Gay man and Hillary supporter for two decades!!!!!!!
    I just called Gov. Richardson’s office to ask for his endorsement of Hillary. Female answered the phone, took my name and comment. She sounded really tired and not at all friendly.

  5. welcome GA4Hill, there are more and more of us who are just tired of the big media bias and nastiness and joining here.

  6. Are you kidding me???? I emailed Chris Matthews tired butt two weeks ago. I told him that I am a nightly watcher, and that I will no longer be viewing Hardball. That should take his viewership down to single digits.

  7. Come on Realist, give us a break here on the groovy video. 🙂

    You should see what the other choices were – a video with floating syringes (the “sunshine” being a potent hallucinogenic).

    We want to let the Sunshine State in.

  8. I have convinced two Obama leaning voters to vote for Hillary just this week on my table. I have a very successful line I use.

  9. Admin, I love you so much right now. Both for posting that song (which is seriously cheering me up) and for posting the picture of Sen. SnootyPants being a diiiiiiiiiiiiick!

  10. Here is a piece on Inside Edition on Obama SNUB. Again very negative for him:


    Once it goes to popular media everyone will know.

  11. Express your views on the disenfranchisement of Floridian voters on MSNBC’s field notes:

  12. LOL…His Hillary obsession is freaky. Always wondering why she won’t come on his show. She gets more viewrs at a neighborhood diner

  13. I’m on strike at both CNN and MSNBC. I’m a FoxNews guy these days. They hate Democrats, but at least they hate them all equally.

  14. welcome all the new people too..ga4hill welcome…
    and all the new woman who are reading this site come on board…men too…

    I would never go on date with BO if he was single,he snubs women…bad for the Country…I dont see alott of men that do that,I think infact he is the first one that i know of…would do that to a woman…lot of divorced women who are fiends with there x’s expecially after having children.get along with out making that kinda of face…very disrespectfull of Barack o.b…

  15. On the snub:

    Isn’t it ironic that Mr. Kumbaya is getting taken down because he can’t hide his inner asshole self?

  16. I tell my clients the simple truth (no negativity)…

    Sen. Obama may be a good man. However, so is Jimmy Carter. Jimmy was sent to Washington without the political network to be successful. While his intentions were good, he was not setup for success. Therefore, we ended up with 12 years of republicans. Obama is simply not ready to make change.

  17. Despite Kennedy Endorsement, Obama Faces Uphill Fight In Mass:

    There is an article by Sam Stein on Fluff(Huff) post. It would be hilarious if BO looses in MA after kerry and Teddy campaign all over the country for him.

    With roughly a week to go before Massachusetts’ voters cast their ballots in the February 5th primary, Obama is trailing his chief opponent, Sen. Hillary Clinton, by a substantial margin. A recent Survey USA poll had the New York Democrat beating Obama in Massachusetts by a nearly 3-to-1 edge: 59 percent to 22 percent.

    Caroline kennedy thinks I should listen to her childern and vote for BO ????

  18. Admin-

    Just a little humor…

    I liked it, and as one of those who was there (Not that I actually remember, mind you) the 60’s, I couldn’t help but fall back into the vernacular.

    PS the coughing wasn’t about embarrassment…:)

  19. You guys are saving me from cable news withdrawal. I haven’t been able to stomach watching MSNBC and CNN for the past couple of days, and for a news junkie such as myself, that has been very difficult indeed.

    I can’t believe how vicious some Obama supporters are towards Hillary. As a thirtysomething year-old single woman, it personally offends me how they are getting away with it via MSM’s coverage. A few hours ago, KGO radio Ronn Owens show in San Francisco had this personality expert on for an hour saying awful stuff about Hillary having the worst personality out of all the candidates, Rep and Dem. He said that Hillary’s “cackle” was fake and that she’s basically unlikable. I was so angry that I had to pull over into a nearby grocery store’s parking lot, I didn’t believe my ears. Then the “expert” went on to say that Obama is the most charismatic politician he’s ever come across. I’m glad I didn’t eat breakfast ’cause I would’ve puked inside my car.

    I’ve never given to campaigns before, but I’m going to go over to Hillary’s campaign website to make a substantial donation. I was going to treat myself by buying this Marc Jacobs handbag I’d had my eyes on. Instead I’ve decided to donate that money to the Clinton campaign. So keep the sexism coming boys, I’m not rich but I have a good amount of disposable income to donate AND I vote!

  20. and…do you really think that Reid and Pelosi (with decades of Washington experience) are going to pass the agenda of a congressional novice? Bush has been a puppet for 7 years…Obama would be way in over his head.

  21. at this time next Tuesday….we will be awaiting the Tsunami Tusday results….

    Godspeed Hillary, wind at your back and spring in your stride. You are well on your way to Jan 09 inaugeration.

  22. I enjoy telling friends and clients the simple truth.

    Hillary Clinton is stronger than Margaret Thatcher ever thought about being. Hillary has had everything (including the kitchen sink thrown at her). She will be one hell of a strong preident.

  23. fashionista, don’t worry. there is a cable network that is very fair to Hillary. And that network is Fox. They have defended her quite a bit, especially with Bill C. An example:www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,322780,00.html

  24. GA4HILL, that is why my husband ended up liking her. He is a retired military officer, and has come to have the UTMOST respect for her. He knows leadership when he sees it, and says she has it.

  25. Just donated to Hill again. And, folks, I’ve changed my name– don’t deserve it in such informed company. Thanks for being so much more positive, but informed and fair than anywhere else!
    Anyway, that photo captures the true BO. Bravo!

  26. oh ive been around along time…but i guess i was brought up to respect :my grandma taught me that… and so was the people around me…if she was alive today she would be throwing books at that tv…and all the stuff that comes out of there mouths…

  27. Hey guys I have gotten two of my gay tranny friends to vote for Obama.They was going to vote for him til I gave them a break down bout this man from rezko to him no even having a real plan.He just keep saying change.And blk people thought changed just meant he was saying as in its time for change to have a blk man in the white house.I told them that is no reason to vote for some damn body.We got heated a lil bit but they listened to me.And i did my job
    im so proud of myself

  28. Please clarify;

    My understanding is any candidate with one vote majority at the convention could seat all florida delegates. It only needs a simple majority.

    Am I right?

  29. Grandmother, Jaz, did you see OUR senator hovering behind BO and him saying that the reason he turned away from Hillary at the SOTU speech last night is that he was responding to something OUR senator said and certainly not because….

    OUR senator has been sticking to BO like super glue the past two days.

  30. Southern Born, it’s pathetic. She has this look in her eyes like the highschool mathlete hanging around the captain of the football team, who dissed the student body president(Hill).

  31. The more this snub is being played in the press, the more it is looking like a very smart moveon Hillary’s part not to do any interviews last night. You know she would have been asked about it and she would have probably said she did not take it as a snub. By not commenting the media is running with it and Obama is now on the defensive. That backstabber McCaskill said on CNN it looks like someone is looking for a fight. Who does she think is looking for a fight? The Clinton camp has not commented and the glares Obama was giving Hillary last night are letting the whole world know who is looking for a fight OBAMA!!

  32. Done. I just went on the website and donated a one time $1000 to Hillary. A quick question though, it asked for me to provide my employer and occupation so that they could keep track of any donors who donate over $200 in any campaign cycle. What does that mean for me? Are they going to contact my employer in any way in the future if I decide to make more contributions? Just asking, I’ve no skeletons in the closet or anything. BTW, I’m a Nurse Practitioner.

  33. Don’t watch msnbc if you are. John Kerry is going to be on……ugh. He is sooo rediculously boring and slow.

  34. Oh boy…History sucks.

    60% of my classroom is hardcore republican and the only dems I know in there are pro-obama.

    The class discussion the State of the Union went something along the lines of:

    -Bush is trying to unite everyone!
    -OMG, did you see nancy pelosi acting like a bitch?
    – Bush only focused so heavily on the war in Iraq to promote stability and national security.
    – I believe Bush will accomplish many things this year, regardless of the elections.
    – It’s right to terminate those 121 useless programs for $18 Billion.

    and I countered with:
    -well, if Bush just terminated his Oil company subsidies, that’s $50 Billion right there.
    – The economy can’t be resuscitated by tax breaks and rebates. The only way to help people is to fix the economy for the long term…like the price of oil, our dependence on foreign resources, loss of jobs, etc.
    – He said the samet hing about uniting the country in 2000. Look where that’s gotten us?

    And finally, we talked aobut experience in nominating/electing a person and the Repubs as well as the pro-bamas basically leapt at the comment.

    Stupid lunk-headed teens. I just know that there is a future-Bush in our class…i just kNOW IT.

  35. fashionista, you can only donate $2300 in 6 months, total of 4600 a year, I think. They have to report contributions to the FEC. It’s just procedure.

  36. Hey yall, I am sittin here watching the pigs flyin around on tv. I see them as sort a morphed version of the flyin monkeys in the Wizard of Oz.

    All kiddin aside, we saw last night a mismatch between Bo’s talk and his action. He talks the vision and language of change from business as usual. He talks the talk of coming together, or uniying. But he can’t even have the decency to shake Senator Clinton’s hand. eventually more and more people will notice that he has all this grandiose talk of a unifier. but none of the actions. IF you cannot model the behavior you expect in others well….this is NOT what leadership looks like.

  37. ClintonDem99 the simple answer is yes. But there is a credentials committee too and other complications. Simple answer is with a majority of votes things happen.

  38. He’ll have to answer about it during the debate, Tony REZKO-GATE too.
    It was supposed to be all hearts and flowers for Barry after the Teddy endorsement, but just like the arrogance that he flashed in the last debate, (“You’re likeable ENOUGH) his immaturity, hubris and ARROGANCE was again on display for a national audience. When BM decides to turn on him, they will fall on him like a ton of bricks.

  39. fashionista, they have to disclose what “sectors” all the large donations come from. So yours would go under “healthcare industry” and your employer if it is a big enough corporation, like HCA or something. I’m a nurse, so mine are under that as well. Personal info is not released, just the categories.

  40. This kind of egocentric individual almost always turns of people who’ve helped him in the past. I’d look for that to happen with BO. Indeed, it already has. I believe both Hill and Bill campaigned for him when he was running for the Senate.

  41. Minor point of interest: I heard Zogby on radio saying the votes already received before the polls opened set a new record for votes in both parties. He said there are long lines at the polls today, so this is going much higher.

    The point of all this, in my opinion, is this size vote has to get some attention in the media. They absolutely cannot ignore this election regardless of what they have been saying.

  42. fashionista
    They do that for the FEC. If they see a lot of donations linked to the same employer, they may check just to make sure an employer is not presuring employees to donate or making donations in employees names to get around the limit.

  43. # mj Says:
    January 29th, 2008 at 6:20 pm

    fashionista, you can only donate $2300 in 6 months, total of 4600 a year, I think. They have to report contributions to the FEC. It’s just procedure

    It’s 4600 TOTAL for the entire election cycle (Primaries and GE), meaning 2300 primary and 2300 GE money per household member. As a maxxed out contributor, I know…:)

  44. Southern born, may be they should bring back Bob Holden and beat the crap out of CM in the next election.

  45. obama is a lowlife with no class. hillfans, it maybe a outlier but ras has hillary and obama tied with 40% in connecticut. i have to see a second poll to see confirm this.

  46. loved watching Norah Odookey get the smackdown!!!!!!!!

    delicious. we need more of this kind of straight talk in the media.

  47. mj-

    I was disappointed when I found out that it wasn’t 4600 per year, but for the ENTIRE ELECTION. I only wish I could give/do more.

  48. fashionista:

    They simply report your employer and your occupation on the FEC filings. It’s purely informational.

    You could put “nurse practicioner” and leave your employer blank if you felt like it. They have to ask. You don’t have to answer.


    Thats all Im saying. The man is arrogant.

    Lets see- last time we had a uniter (not divider) elected… he was arrogant too! and where did that get us??

  50. Poor Edwards. Even though he annoys me, the coverage needs to be fair so they need to cover him. No one will know he was in this race because of the MEDIA. The MEDIA just has too much influence on this election and it is just not right at all.

  51. Wish I had seen that dot48. What channel is that on? How come nobody mentions on tv that Obama campaigned in FL?

  52. Edwards is staying out of the line of fire….

    I LOVE the idea of Edwards as Attorney General. I think he’d be a class act there and would be the new RFK.

    I LOVE the idea of Precious as sewer maintenance. Why? ‘Cos that man brings everything down to gutter politics.

    BO= Audacity of Hubris

  53. Thanks for clarifying, everyone. It’s a sad state of affairs when Fox News is considered the watcheable news network. I think I will cautiously tread over there now to see some live news, first time in a few days.

  54. Fashionista:

    they will not contact your employer; they like to know that you are employed and can afford to contribute your own money.

  55. Has Wolf Blitzer been asleep all month? Just said that Democrats have voted in NEAR record numbers in the states that have voted so far. Last time I check the records have been shattered in every state so far. I take that back I am not sure about Michigan.

  56. molly..see kingsgrove 6:10 comment…link to video provided.

    I am very perturbed as well that nobody mentions that Obama has been running ads in Florida.

    I wish there is a way Hillary can highlight that tonight…no wait. Bill Nelson would be best one to do so….let American in on the news that indeed SOMEONE in the campaign broke the promise and now he calls their votes a “judging vote in a beauty contest”

  57. Exit polls won’t include early ballots, which number in the tens of thousands at least. I expect Hillary to win by approximately the aggregate numbers at RCP, between 15-25%, with broad and deep demographics that will establish the template for her sweeping victory on 2/5.

  58. He has the SNUBACITY of DOPE.
    Keep up the wonderful work. I’m going home now. G’day, friends!

  59. You think they would totally ignore Hillary’s rally in Florida? I plan to attend Bill’s rally at SIU Edwardsville tomorrow.

  60. I wish there is a way Hillary can highlight that tonight…no wait. Bill Nelson would be best one to do so….let American in on the news that indeed SOMEONE in the campaign broke the promise and now he calls their votes a “judging vote in a beauty contest”
    I agree^
    yep it needs to get out there people dont know whats going on…yes and let ben nelson do it..and watch bo’s mouth jaw drop lol///

  61. I wish there is a way Hillary can highlight that tonight…no wait. Bill Nelson would be best one to do so….let American in on the news that indeed SOMEONE in the campaign broke the promise and now he calls their votes a “judging vote in a beauty contest”

    I agree

    people dont know what going on lotts of dems voters
    and ben nelson let him do it…i wish i could see his bo’s mouth jaw drop..lol

  62. Hillary needs to knock this speech outta the park. If she does, this may be the cascading set of momentum that we desire. It will outshadow Barack Obama’s South Carolina win by a mile.

    But Hillary must hit the right notes and sing the right chords to her people and let everyone know that she will not disenfranchise ANY voters, no matter if they have delegates or not.

  63. Editor’s note: Today the Daily News Staff and Marco Eagle Staff will be conducting exit polls throughout the day at area precincts. The results are based on voters willing to share how they voted. Vignettes from polling places follow:

    Republican presidential primary

    • Mitt Romney – 130

    • John McCain – 91

    • Rudy Giuliani – 49

    • Mike Huckabee – 24

    • Ron Paul – 5

    • Fred Thompson – 4

    Democratic presidential primary

    • Hillary Clinton – 75

    • Barack Obama – 27

    • John Edwards – 19

    • Joe Biden – 2

  64. Screw MSNBC, why are we still watching that crap?

    Or… If you want to watch it, I suggest a letter writing campaign.

  65. the previous polls were pre sc what we need to see are polls post sc the latest ras from conn includes the sc bounce

  66. i think they are going to be very tight now but i suspect the campaign already knows this and they know what they are doing

  67. Mitt Romney numbers looking good! I kinda do hope Romney eeks one out.

    Though he may be slick as a fish, I hear he was a pretty moderate governor of Mass.

  68. Wouldn’t that be awesome if it turned out to be like 65%-20%-15% or something like that. I would be happier than ever.

  69. Just saw this from Capitol Fax (Rich Miller – Springfield-watcher and columnist for Daily Southtown)

    REZKO’S STINK A minor uproar ensued yesterday when Gov. Rod Blagojevich appeared to be excluded from a press conference held by five statewide constitutional officers to push Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. It didn’t go unnoticed that both Blagojevich and Obama have a “Rezko problem,” which only served to highlight a bad situation for Obama.

    As you know by now, Rezko is sitting in jail after his bond was temporarily revoked yesterday. The feds raided his house before dawn and hauled him downtown, where a judge didn’t buy his lawyer’s explanation that an Iraqi-born billionaire’s $3.5 million loan was completely innocent and wasn’t part of a scheme to flee the country.

    While it’s true that Obama and Blagojevich have been linked to specific allegations regarding favors done by and/or for Rezko, it’s also true that all but one of those statewides at yesterday’s press conference have their own campaign finance connections to the guy.

    According to a Sun-Times report last year, Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s campaign received $43,000 from Rezko. Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn got $32,000. Secretary of State Jesse White took over $23,000. And Comptroller Dan Hynes was the beneficiary of $22,500. Only Alexi Giannoulias appears to be Rezko-free – and that’s probably because the freshman came to the game so late.

    The lesson is that Rezko was simply everywhere. He gave to everybody who was anybody in Chicago politics. He even contributed almost $19,000 to Jim Edgar’s campaign fund and apparently raised quite a bit more. George Ryan got $500 from the man. Rev. Sen. James Meeks, a media darling, received $20,000.

    Unlike Obama and Blagojevich, there’s not a lot that links many of those other politicians to Rezko beyond mere campaign contributions and fundraising events. But his stink is everywhere. And as yesterday’s press conference and court action showed, there’s going to be no way to avoid his ugly shadow in the days leading up to Super Tuesday. The Senator might want to just avoid his home state altogether.

  70. Precious shouldn’t have dogged the FL voters while the polls were open. When delegates are seated (and they will be), he could cost himself the nomination if it were close. What an arrogant putz.

  71. I saw on the news this monring that an estimated 450,000 voters will have voted before the polls opened today with early voting and absentee ballots. Problems with optical scanners could cause the absentee ballot count to take up to 17 hours.

    Shouldn’t matter on the Democratic side, but Reps may have a long night ahead of them.

  72. well, Romney was apparently very good with the economy in Mass and generated a lot of state funds through removing tax loopholes and increasing tax on gasoline.

    but either way. Hill ALL THE WAY

  73. If edwards came in second I would laugh my ass off. Wow. But anyways, this is a great night for us. We win no matter what. I am excited.

  74. +, tonight is the death of Rudy FOOLiani’s campaigN! which, btw, has been THE worst campaign in history probably.

    SRSLY, Living in FLorida for a few months? What an idiot.

  75. Absentee ballots could push Hillary’s numbers up into the sixties. It would be very hard for BM to ignore that kind of dominance. Hillary finishing in the sixties tonight would make Admin look like, “The Amazing KRESKIN”,
    especially in light of the video of the 5th dimension in full psydellicality…

  76. ABC Nightly News had terrific coverage of the “snub” moment. They explained the situation then followed with several sequential photos of the snub clearly showing Obama as the snubber.

    The icing on the cake was Hillary saying her hand is always stretched out in friendship. Really good coverage.

  77. sorry america but Barack Obama will never be the new Camelot Prince. yahoo headline….obama new camelot. Hillary is now the underdog

  78. Guys this snub thing is all over the news CNN and MSNBC – they picked it up on it. Obama is explaining again. What a retarded candidate with no class whatsoever. 😆

  79. I am loving this, CNN and Lou Dobbs can not stop speaking about the SNUB.. The pictures do not back up Obama and McCaskills’s excuse that she asked him a question and he turned towards her to answer. In the pictures they are facing towards each other , but not looking at each other and neither appears to be talking.

  80. He is arrogant.

    This could really bring him down. He has started to believe the hype about him. Say what you will about Hillary, but when you listen to what she says, you realize she is humbled by her history making quest for the WH. It comes with maturity.

    arrogance comes with immaturity.

  81. is it true that the kennedy woman is running nationwide ads with pictures of her dad and obama and campaigning for obama.

  82. for those who think McCain will win…don’t bet on it.

    FLorida is a closed Primary


    Which also means Obama NEVER had a shot here.

  83. Um, how about Oprah just SHUT HER TRAP? I hope Whoopi, Barbara Walters, and Chelsea will all go beat her to the punch and knock out any voice of hers.

  84. They are talking about Hillary “campaigning in FLorida” via telephone messages and an AFSCME mailer. She is not in control of afscme, first of all, and second of all, obama campaigned there with TV ADS. Ugh.

  85. Making calls to Oklahoma tonight for Hill….I encourage everyone to do this (call campaign headquarters if you are not on the list). In addition, I know Hill has deployed her “truth squad”, do they have a phone number? Can someone give me that number for my more belligerent folks tonight?

  86. well oprah is not listening to her viewers then. i knew it was a matter of time before she went back out. Hillary really, really needs to hold that lead in California. That is going to be the battleground state going into next Tuesday. This is going to be a real tsunami people.

  87. Rasmussen is crap. the other day he had a 5 pt spread in CA or something, wasnt it ? When all the rest shows her at the minimum 12-15 pts ahead in CA. But trust the Obamabots to start jumping up and down looking at the CT poll. But anything goes, even an obvious outlier, to distract from the whacking in FL tonight !

  88. # dot48 Says:
    January 29th, 2008 at 7:05 pm

    sorry america but Barack Obama will never be the new Camelot Prince. yahoo headline….obama new camelot. Hillary is now the underdog

    Excellent! We WANT to be seen as the underdog, even if we’re 20 points up in the polls. lol
    Let them prattle while we work. You have seen exactly what kind of a “sore winner”, Barry is; His two most arrogant moments coming on the heels of his only victories. Let HIM believe his own press clippings and sycophantic cult members, he’s likely to do something even uglier.

    Women are ALWAYS the underdog, sad to say, but people LOVE the underdog, just ask my GIANTS how much love they’re getting during SuperBowl week!

    When the demographics of tonight’s win are posted, it will be hard for us to get anyone to believe that Hillary is the underdog, but with BM on our side (as in totally against us) we may still be able to pull it off…:)

  89. anything to crown the next prince of camelot it seems. if by chance he becomes the nominee, say hello to another 8 years of Republican rule.

  90. If she can pull in the high 50’s prior to counting the absentees, we could have an historic night on our hands here…

  91. from msnbc website:

    Worried that Obama is ‘too soft’
    As for Clinton’s rival for the Democratic nomination, Teske said, “I’m worried Obama is a little too soft. He just seems a little young and smushy. I want smart and strong, someone who can sit down and make a decision and stick behind it.”

    Another Jacksonville Democrat with doubts about Obama was retiree and Marine Corps veteran Virginia Newman who voted for Clinton Tuesday. “My daughter works full-time as a teacher and can’t even afford to carry medical insurance on her children. That’s bad, isn’t it?” She wants Clinton to fix the insurance problem.

    As for Obama, “I don’t trust him because he’s too young. And there’s something there, I’m not sure what’s going on, but I just have a feeling that there’s someone backing him and that he’s not really his own person. I’ve had that sense all along. He came up too quick.”

  92. admin,

    I too saw the ABC news “snub” moment. NY times provided them with four-frame time-lapse photos that caught the entire episode. Charlie Gibson did a very good job! I hope we get a video soon 🙂

    Where I live, ABC news is followed by Inside Edition with Deborah Norvil. The lead-in story this evening was THE-SNUB-HEARD-AROUND-THE-WORLD !!! Yeah, the whole world saw it. 😉

  93. hillary needs some 9/11 ads…showing her work with the newyork firefighters,,,she needs ads with Katarina victims to show her work for Katrina…she needs ads that contrast HER WORK vs the hope of the Kennedy camelot dream. Show they cannot dream up a proven fighter for this country.

    show her working…america loves hard workers

  94. so for florida, I’m hoping:

    Mitt Romney in 1st
    John in 2nd

    and for the dems:

    Hill in 1st DUH
    Edwards 2nd

    ANd that other guy…whose name I can’t pronounce…LOL

  95. Brian Williams/NBC Nightly News doing a story on Rezko/Obama.

    Hard hitting.

    Including that Obama could NOT have purchased the house without the lot being sold at the same time, as seller demanded. Realtor states “It was a requirement of the listing that they both close on the same day“. She says that Obama COULD NOT HAVE BOUGHT THE HOUSE unless SOMEONE bought the lot at the same time, and Obama could not afford to buy the lot.


  96. Oprah…umm you mean the self-important Oprah whose good judgement gave us unethical, publicity whore Dr. Phil, phony memoir writer James Frey, and that cosmetic surgeon hack who operated on Kanye West’s mom? That Oprah?

    Funny, Shepard Smith on Fox isn’t as buggy-eyed as I remembered. No Obama lovefest so far…crossing my fingers. How bias and effed up do CNN and MSNBC have to be for my Dennis Prager-listening, Giuliani-voting brother to say to me that he feels sorry for Hillary and prefers her over Obama if he had to vote for a Dem?! BTW, my brother isn’t as loony as he sounds, for some reason he also likes Bill Clinton….I know Prager, Giuliani, and Clinton, he’s in a demographic all by himself.

  97. Anyone worried about an Oprah effect in California (wonder how her & Barry’s condescending southern preacher shtick plays there?) should take a look at this. (Politico yesterday):


    Poll: Obama trails Clinton in Calif.

    By: David Mark
    Jan 28, 2008 03:59 PM EST

    Barack Obama continues to trail Hillary Rodham Clinton in California by a wide margin, according to a new Politico/CNN/Los Angeles Times poll….

    Clinton won the support of 49 percent of those polled by telephone by Opinion Research Corporation from Jan. 23-27, a period that covered several days in advance of the South Carolina Democratic primary and one day afterwards.

    Obama came in second place with 32 percent to 14 percent for John Edwards.

    The poll surveyed 690 likely Democratic primary voters, and margin of error was plus or minus four percent.

    The results are similar to a Politico/CNN/Los Angeles Times poll taken Jan. 11-13, in which Clinton led 47 percent to 31 percent, with Edwards claiming 10 percent.

    And perhaps most promising for the Clinton campaign, the new poll found that only 4 percent of likely Democratic primary voters had not made up their minds.

    Moreover, 70 percent of Democrats said they were certain of their choice, while only 30 percent said they might vote for someone else.


    California is the delegate-rich anchor of the Feb. 5 “Super Tuesday” bloc of primary states.

    Fifty-two percent of Democratic national convention delegates will be chosen that day, compared to 41 percent on the Republican side.


    Among California Democratic primary voters, the poll found, Clinton rates best by wide margins at being able to handle the economy, health care and the situation in Iraq.

    Even on Obama’s signature line – calling for “change” in the way things are done in Washington – the Illinois senator beats Clinton only 40-39 percent.

  98. I am calling Maxine Waters in the morning. Maxine is a very big catch here in California. She has been influential in blocking WalMart (unlike Obama in Illinois, who voted to allow WalMart into town) from Inglewood. She was the face of sanity and healing immediately after the Rodney King riots. She was one of the few senators who stood up and demanded more recounts in 2000, even going against Al Gore’s own concession. She carries a lot of weight and clout here in Los Angeles, and is very admired in the AA community and the community at large. I am so proud that she is endorsing our girl.

    Things are looking very good for Hillary here in Los Angeles. There are Hillary signs all over West Hollywood, a predominantly LGBT community. But what was fantastic was the other day, when I went for a walk in McAurthur Park, a predominantly Latino neighborhood, there were Hillary signs up everywhere…..on hair salons, on nail salons, on clothing stores , on restaurants.

    I am hoping that during this next week mayor Antonio Villaragosa and Maxine get together and agressively get out the vote.

    As for the TV ads here……..I have not seen any Obama ads on television yet. Hillary ads usually play during the local 6pm and 11PM news on KABC-7, the number one local news in Los Angeles. The one that plays over and over is the Alternative Energy one. My theory as to why she has chosen to play THIS PARTICULAR ad is to appeal to Hollywood types, who are often prone to the “SHINEY NEW” like Obama. West Hollywood, as a city, prides itself on being “The Greenest City in America” , green referring to environmental regulations. This ad should play well for Angelinos.

    I have to admit, it was sad that the Kennedy’s endorsed Obama. But I am encouraged by the fact that the Culinary Workers endorsement didnt mean much in Nevada (from where Obama snuck out of town without saying boo).

    With the media attacking Bill Clinton relentlessly, there is an interesting article linked on Real Clear Politics about a possible “ANTI CLINTON BACKLASH-BACKLASH” which basically speculates that there is a growing resentment among voters that the ELITES in Washington (like the Kennedys) are turning their backs on the Clintons.

    All I can say is this: Hillary has shown us time and time again, there is no fight she is not willing to take on. She will not let her supporters down. She will not let America down. She will fight tooth and nail for every vote, and is in this contest to win the Whitehouse, not to pontificate on flowery themes.

    Perhaps thats why she is so inspiring to many of us.

  99. admin,

    ABC Nightly News had terrific coverage of the ‘snub’ moment.

    How about their video of Bambi on the plane with Claire McCaskill peering around his shoulder like a cat that ate the canary as Bambi issues a NON-DENIAL denial about not snubbing Hillary ?

    Good stuff.

  100. Hey all, finally I’ve cought up with all the posts!!
    I hope there is a video of that ABC report of the snub, would love to see it.

    And now Oprah, you have got to be KIDDING me!!??! Sheees baaaack!!
    :O Can’t she just go away??!! Many people saw her endorsement of BO as a ‘snub’ for women by rejecting the woman candidate. But to go out of her way to campaign for him, again? is just taking it too far, in my view. And bringing out oprah, isn’t the obama campaign announcing that they think they are in trouble?!!!

  101. Blobberman, Tweety think Iowa an NH are more important than Fl and MI where do you think they have thir heads????

  102. And bringing out oprah, isn’t the obama campaign announcing that they think they are in trouble?!!!

    Good point.

  103. Yes I heard that O. was going to visit California for BO. Anything to upstage Hillary, substance and anything having to do with Rezko.

  104. Sandy1938,

    I agree, we’ll see a big anti-clinton backlash.

    Looking at the Florida numbers, I believe the “backlash” is in motion already! 🙂

  105. hey sandy thats good in la,like san diego and suburan areas..like santee there is Hillary signs all over to from what my neice told me..

    GO Hillary Go come on edwards place 2nd ..

  106. No worries about Oprah in Cali.. California has a large population of Latinos who favor Hillary by a wide margin. I love the coverage of hanshakegate on the nightly news. This will very likely turn off many women voters for Obama. Hillary is kicking booty in Florida! GO HILLARY 🙂

  107. Andrea Mitchell on NBC Nightly News claiming that while campaigning in New Jersey and Ohio today, it was clear President Clinton had been restrained.

    Silly Rabbit. Nobody restrains the Big Dog.

  108. Thanks Paula, so I lose out on a cute handbag but gain new pride when I know that I’ve contributed even just a tiny part to a greater cause. My real respect is with those of you who donate your valuable time to call and canvas for Hillary. Me, all I do is click on keys on the keyboard.

  109. 6%


    I guess BO’s advertising didn’t go down too well… Hillary’s speech has to got to be direct and amazing today I hope. 🙂

  110. So how many votes is it realistic to hope for, for Hillary?
    Can she reach the magic number??

    I feel myself rooting for edwards here, lol, come on breck girl give that arrogant a@@ a run for his money!

  111. SHe just needs Dolores Huerta, Antonio Villaraigosa, Gavin Newsom, Fabian Nunez, Maxine Waters, Diane Watson, Lynn Woolsey, Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Diane Feinstein, Rob Reiner, and all of her other supporters there to get out and GOTV. It will be fine. Screw Oprah, she is a burden for obama really, so she needs to stay put in chicago where she belongs, with all of the other sleezeball politicians and high profile people from there.

  112. Amazing. Major networks don’t even show the results of 1 million Democrats voting in Florida and not a peep of protest from the DNC.

    I think it’s pretty clear why Bill Clinton is the only Democrat to win the White House in 36 years.

    Democratic Party = the party of losers

    The party poobahs are like battered spouses. They are so used to being abused by the media, they don’t even recognize it any more.

  113. What they are not telling you is that both Teddy’s endorsement and the great SC do not seem to have any effect.

  114. yeah a million votes…and a million of them,with pundits lying can they imagine if they keep saying florida and Michigan doesnt count…they will block cnn from there view and msnbc..thats quite a few voters from both states and Hillary is going to let them know she cares about them too..

    Oprah will get those letters back on her sight if she does…her viewers have gone down tremendously…
    she better stay at harpo…they’ll be about rezko on there then

  115. RESULTS: FloridaSTATE INFORMATION: 27 electoral votes

    10,208,431 total registered voters — 41% Democratic, 37% Republican, 19% Independent,
    3% Other

  116. They are used to the dem elites leadin’ em around

    Yep. Teddy Kennedy has been effin’ up Democratic presidential races since 1980. Same old, same old. Kukakis, Kerry, Kennedy, Daschle.

    Just amazing.

    I think the reason they hate Bill Clinton is that he won – twice.

  117. From Taylor Marsh, and I agree. We should email MSNBC, and tell all we can to do the same.

    I wrote MSNBC, and I encourage others to do the same:

    Your job is not to do the bidding of the DNC. Your job is to cover the news. MILLIONS of Florida Democrats are voting, and you refuse to cover it?

    You do not deserve the title of “news organization” any more. Your license should be revoked by the FCC.


  118. No Hawk, she’ll add 2-3% points when they count the absentees, at a minimum. It’s an HISTORIC night!

  119. blogs.tnr.com/tnr/blogs/the_stump/archive/2008/01/29/a-clinton-backlash-backlash.aspx

    A Clinton-Backlash Backlash?

    God knows I’m the last person to dismiss the Clinton backlash apparently underway in establishment circles, but you do wonder: Is it possible that all the establishment types now turning on the Clintons are laying the groundwork for a backlash of their own? Washington’s esteem for the Clintons may be falling by the day. But, for all their faults, the Clintons, particularly Bill, are still pretty popular among rank-and-file Democrats. It wouldn’t shock me if some of these voters–to the extent they hear about it–feel like the rush to demonize the Clintons is a little unfair and premature.

    –Noam Scheiber

  120. Florida is a CRUCIAL swing state — the most important of them all — and we need a Democrat who can carry the state. Hillary’s getting more votes than McCain!

  121. bfox ..Hillary’s getting more votes than McCain!
    Oprah wont have no effect on calif…nah…she picked the wrong person and she started that race crap to hes the one..yeah right!!!!women will not fall for her crap

  122. REthugs:

    GULIANI!! HAHA HE is clocking a few percent above Huckabee…though he LIVED in Florida for basically a month. lol

  123. CJ..some women are not bright. Just as some men are not bright. Expect Oprah to shift some votes or at least garner HUGE headlines…which is the Obama goal.

  124. hahah tweety freudian slip taking about the headlines being the significance of this about bara.. romney. 🙂

  125. another hmm, cnn’s numbers don’t agree with themselves, on the big screen they say hills got 52%, but on the tiny screen on the tv, it’s 49%

  126. bill schneider on cnn is saying if this trend continues for obama, getting so low % of the white votes, as was also the case in SC, he’s in trouble.

    So this is good, they are covering this!!!

  127. am i crazy or does it probably HELP hillary for a lot of people to see dc establishment going wild over obama

  128. Im rooting Romney too lol! Romney is a much weaker candidate and would be much easier to beat in the GE.

  129. Gorto…they are trying to inject race again….prbbly trying to attract ppl who will vote for Obama just to say “I’m white, and I’m not racist”


  130. I just gave our girl a little dough. I wish I could do more. I’d given on South Carolina day, too. I just feel so frustrated wanting to do more and can’t. A nice lady from California called so I gave her some money. I also wrote a little letter to MSNBC. They grown more obnoxious by the day. The free commercial for the campaign by John Kerry was certainly the “highlight” thus far tonight. I hope for a backlash-backlash as mentioned above.


  131. CNN claiming BHO getting 30% of the latino vote, Hillary got 59%. This is an improvement in the latino vote for BHO, but as Hawk said, Miami/Dade results aren’t in yet.

  132. I don’t think they are doing that (yet), they are reporting the statistics as they have all along, showing the % of the latino votes hillary has so far, if I remember it was 60%, and etc… It’s important stuff.

    And this could indicate whether Obama has become the black candidate instead of just a candidate who happens to be black.

    But this result from Florida has been clear long before SC, so it’s not like white people suddenly didn’t like so many aa voting for obama, so they changed their vote. This could be obamas ticket out of the race. (and I don’t mind)

  133. i can see McCain basically having a stroke if our girl Hill calls him out on something…lol

    and Romney would probably just keep flip flopping like no tomorrow.

  134. I got the sound down on CNN right now (BIll Bennett) and I saw the heading “Ronald Reagan Library.” First phrase that went through my mind was “comic books.”

  135. already got a call from someone who says a backlash against establishment turning on the clintons will hurt obama. they see this as a classic slap in the face…especially with Bill Clinton on the Kerry deal. It is just now starting to sink in to people.

  136. You know I remember President Clinton saying that Hillary would have a much more difficult time in the primary and I can see that. I think her debating McCain or Romney would be so sad for them. Not that I’d be sad.

  137. “As for Obama, “I don’t trust him because he’s too young. And there’s something there, I’m not sure what’s going on, but I just have a feeling that there’s someone backing him and that he’s not really his own person. I’ve had that sense all along. He came up too quick.”

    That’s interesting. Maybe Kennedy is pulling Obama’s strings all along?

  138. hahah, norah odonnell doing her best to make the case that votes for hillary by people who made up their mind earlier somehow dont count as much as other votes. WRONG

  139. OMG




  140. Obama has a serious problem on his hands.. Hillary beats him 2-1 with Latino voters, White females, the 50+ crowd and basically ties her with men. Obama can’t beat her with A.A and the under thirty crowd alone. These advantages should help Hillary win a majority of the Feb 5 states.

  141. people don’t watch msnbc…they are hell bent on derailing anything positive for Hillary. this is the mess they are.

  142. I made up my mind a long time ago and haven’t voted yet. I guess Norah would say my vote doesn’t count either.

  143. Fox pundit Krystol saying that exit polls show the late deciders in Florida split between Obama and Hillary and that means they have an even playing field going out into the Feb. 5 states. Oh good grief, they probably split late deciders evenly because no one got to campaign there or have a GOTV effort there…

  144. CNN percentages for the incoming vote are not correct. Based on the vote totals, it’s really 52% to 32% right now.

  145. Admin, Is there any way we could take the results of Florida put it on one paper and add it as a part of Sunday suppement of every newspaper in the country.

  146. that is not logical from kristol. in every state, there are people make up their minds earlier and there are late deciders. if hillary overwhelmingly wins people who make up their minds early, and ties obama with late deciders, than that says hillary has kept her support all that time. late deciders votes are not super votes or anything!

  147. yeah, the aa vote is 18% of the dems in florida and he won 70% of them. i agree, not enough aa votes to get him over the hump. he is the african-american vote only candidate.

  148. only 70? thats surprising.. well Obama didnt campaign there.. so maybe.. otherwise he would have gotten 82%..miami dade county results coming in.. hill will kick ass in this in this county!

  149. sorry for confusion, i dont think hill’s total has absentees. i mean exit poll data showing, from people who voted today, when those people made up their minds. (i think. msnbc wasn’t very clear.)

  150. another reader- Kristol is one of the most antihillary pundits on fox. After Hillary won by double digits in Michigan, Kristol actually tried to argue it was “encouraging” for Obama going into Nevada! LOL!!!

  151. Hot Damn.. That damn old man can’t be beating that HUNK OF GREASE MITTENS.. Come on you slippery BASTARD! LOL

  152. if we’re lucky, cspan will cover HRC’s speech live @ 8:45 EST. cspan is great. no BM-pukes destroying the moment of V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!

  153. LOL he only got 29% of women??! Guess his rude and snooty attitude didn’t charm them to his side 😛

  154. Wow, Hillary is receiving the highest number of votes, beating McCain and Romney!

    Florida is THE most important swing state. If we want to win the general, Hillary is without doubt the strongest candidate.

    The Messianic candidate chosen by the Washington insiders/elites/losers/misogynists is being soundly rejected by the PEOPLE.

  155. Hill4Tex, that 29% of women includes the snobby “i’m too good for hillary” kind and the cowards who don’t want to be labeled as sexists.

  156. Looks like more voters in Florida than all the previous states combined. Maybe CNN will total the numbers from the previous states and compare them to the huge vote totals in the Sunshine state.

    Obama is Bush to Al Gore tonight. Obama wants to get elected by ignoring the popular vote.

  157. I do not know why everyone wants Romney to win. McCain is a 1 issue candidate (Iraq) and will not bring out the Republican base in November. Romney on the other hand has more economic experience than McCain both in the political and private sector. McCain has said the economy is not his strong suit. Remember “it’s the economy stupid”
    I do not care what the polls say as the economy worsens Romney will give Hillary a much tougher fight in November. Also keep in mind it is not a fluke that a sitting Senator has not been elected President since JFK. Americans tend to vote for Governors over Senators because they have much more executive experience.

  158. My email to MSNBC

    As a democrat, I am outraged at the insult to the millions who are voting in the Florida Democratic primary, and your denigration and minimization of it’s significance in the nominating process. Does momentum come from WINNING or accumulating delegates? Your shunning and ridiculing the vote and by extension, the democratic voters of Florida, who will cast more votes tonight than all of the previous states COMBINED, is either a drug-induced editorial decision or evidence of a blatant favoritism towards one candidate.

    The voters in the 2/5 states don’t care much or KNOW much about delegates, but they will sure as hell know what vote totals represent, and so do you. The deliberate attempt to propagandize the democratic results by minimizing the fact that Hillary Clinton scored as large a victory in a multi-racial, diverse state (10 times as large as any previous state) and a VITAL swing state in the general election to boot, re-inforces the pro Obama, anti-Clinton slant that at least one of your on air talking heads has had to publicly apologize for.

    This is an HISTORIC win for a female candidate in a presidential primary. Your network didn’t make much of Hillary’s FIRST IN UNITED STATES HISTORY primary win by a woman candidate, and now you seem determined to NOT acknowledge her amassing over a MILLION votes for the nomination, a WOMAN, and I bet that the demographics you won’t show will indicate that she captured almost every demographic.

    You won’t show it because your network supports a candidate who HASN’T captured across the board demos since his fluke win in Iowa. You won’t show her demographics because your network is dedicated to promoting the fallacy that it is she who is tearing the democratic party apart, and not the candidate with 80%+ support from ONE group in each of the contests prior to this one. Dedicated to promoting the candidate who FAILED to garner a majority of DEMOCRATS until his AA powered win in unrepresentative SC.

    I have been a long time viewer of Countdown, but I have been so appalled at the blatant bias shown by even Keith Olbermann, someone I respected, that I am taking his show off my tivo until whoever gets to send out the memo, orders you to act like JOURNALISTS instead of paid shills for one guy.

    (Former viewer)

  159. Guys I know some of you are worried about McCain in the general but I’m not. Look for all the talk of the antihillary vote in the dems primary there really is an anitmccain vote in the repub primary. Like I said earlier conservatives hate McCain. A lot of them will vote for him if he gets nominated but he won’t have all their footsoldiers- the evangelicals & talk radio.

  160. “msnbc breaking: “obama will finish second behind clinton..”

    he’ll finish second in a two-way race — good for him.

  161. Oh please Mitt, win this one for me…..I love a man with Brill cream hair!

    Is it really true what Krystol said, about voters voting today splitting evenly among Hillary and Obama? It could mean a tighter race in our California. I think we need something to counteract Oprah. Maybe we should have a team of West Hollywood fabulous Gay stylists trail Oprah at all the events, distract the targeted women audience by offering free makeovers. It’s shallow, yes, but also just as shallow is Obama’s premise that women will fall weak at the knees for him and Oprah. What a nitwit, disrespecting women while having another, prominent woman do his dirty work.

    I used to live in Pasadena and West Hollywood, I’m more comfortable that Hillary will win there. C’mon WeHo Gays and Santa Monica power Lesbians, we need your help! Actually, I’m more concerned by the other bastion of Democratic hold, the SF Bay Area. I think Obama might do better over there.

  162. fashionista, Don’t worry about Kristol. If Hillary’s ahead in a state, and the undecideds break evenly, she still wins.

  163. YAY. CLINTON WINS BY 21% (so far)

    IF THESE ARE THE RESULTS and delegates were in…she’d have an additional 100+ delegates 😀

  164. Bill Nelson —

    I endorse Hillary Clinton!

    And, I give you the next President of United States!

    Amen! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  165. Jaz – You mean 70% of Blacks for Obama in Florida? I’ve been seeing higher. If 70% is right, then when we get final figures, somebody should track Obama’s loss curve for Black support:

    NV 83
    SC 80
    FL 70

  166. andrea mitchell is awful – this is ‘ginned up’ and a ‘potemkin village.’ 🙂 heheh. now, just a few weeks ago making iowa out to be the deciding contest in the entire race was not ginned up, was it.

  167. “Is it really true what Krystol said?”

    I can say confidently that the answer to that question is always no.

  168. Krystol is an idiot on Fox. He doesn’t get it at all…keeps trying to say that because Hillary had higher numbers from earlier deciders and was even with Obama in later deciders that this somehow is a plus for Obama. This does not make sense. It’s because she has those loyal voters who decided early that she was the one that she is ahead. Polls show that these voters are solidly in her camp. They are not going to split from her and the late deciders are not enough to make the difference for Obama.

  169. Why do you guys watch MSNBC? You know their biased coverage is not accidental. They are doing it on purpose. Don’t expect it to change.

  170. Florida is a potemkin village?

    How insulting can they be.

    I love the crowd behind Hillary — they’re having such a great time.

  171. AmericanGal,
    Plus, early deciders = older voters, late deciders = younger voters, so this is not at all unexpected.

  172. rjk1957. i think you are right about romney. he is talking about economy. probably knows a lot about that and can get support on that. mccain is easier to beat.

  173. apparently guys, the four big ones:

    Gore, Dean, Kerry, and Kennedy had pledged beforehand to STOP an HRC nomination for personal reasons? (from newsmax I think…found in on bambi site)

    gore–hillary siphoning key resources for his candidacy towards NY senate race

    Dean–pressuring washington insiders not to back Dean (the clintons)

    kerry–Hillary not doing all she could do even though she pledged to help him get elected

    Kennedy–disturbed by Hillary’s hawkish war stance.


  174. Just what I was about to say, plural. Also continues the pattern of arrogance we saw when Obama wouldn’t shake HRC’s hand.

  175. looks like mccain is probably gonna beat the mittster. i say good. hardcore conservatives hate mccain. go huck go, take those votes from mitt. i dont want to run against a guy who can write his own campaign tens of million dollar checks.

  176. Teamclinton, don’t worry. This will backfire in their face. Especially if the Hilary team knows aobut it…oh boy…she can GRILL ‘EM about it.

  177. Kingsgrove: found this on bambi site:

    Insider Report Special Edition

    Who Will Al Gore Endorse Now That
    Teddy Has Spoken?

    Sen. Ted Kennedy’s endorsement of Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination should come as no surprise to readers of Newsmax’s Insider Report, which has disclosed Kennedy’s membership in the so-called “Gang of Four” Hillary Clinton haters.

    The Four — Kennedy, John Kerry, Howard Dean, and Al Gore — have pledged to stop Hillary from getting the nomination, and each has his own reason for detesting Clinton.

    Newsmax has learned from Democratic sources that Gore is said to be waiting until after the primaries on Super Tuesday, Feb. 5 to enter the fray with an endorsement.

    Story continues below . . .

    The word in political circles is that if Obama appears the winner that day, Gore will endorse him — in hopes of driving the final nail into the coffin of the Hillary Clinton campaign.

    As the Insider Report has disclosed on several occasions beginning in June 2005, Kennedy and Gore have been disgusted by Bill and Hillary Clinton’s moderate politics.

    Both were disturbed by Hillary’s hawkish stance on the Iraq war. Early on in the 2008 race, Kennedy had even endorsed Kerry for the 2008 nomination.

    In his endorsement speech Monday, Kennedy praised Hillary Clinton, but then made veiled comparisons with her and Obama, noting that the Illinois senator opposed the Iraq war from the beginning and that he does not “demonize” his opponents.

    Who could Uncle Ted be referring to with those comments?

    Former White House hopeful Gore blames his 2000 loss on Hillary, whom he says siphoned off key resources to her Senate race.

    Howard Dean blames the Clintons for his 2004 campaign woes. A year earlier, Clinton had launched a behind-the-scenes campaign to pressure fellow Democrats not to support Dean for president.

    As the Insider Report disclosed in July 2006, Dean supporters were unhappy with Clinton’s stand on Iraq and her cautious shift to the center. And Sen. Kerry feels Hillary stabbed him in the back, promising to go all out to support his 2004 White House campaign but then doing as little as possible to help him.

    Newsmax.com cited Kerry’s membership in the Gang of Four on Jan. 10 after Kerry announced his endorsement of Obama for president. Now Kennedy has joined him.

    Dean, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, has not yet endorsed a candidate, but insiders say he

  178. Come next Wednesday they will all be wetting their pants. When Hillary wins the nomination she will clean house at the DNC and throw them all out.

  179. So I just did some quick math. Here’s what’s up, I pretended Delegates from Nevada and Iowa were actually votes and then I didn’t count Uncommitted for one vote, and one for the other….

    Without uncommitted, as it stands with Florida:

    Clinton totals: 1,045, 580

    Obama totals: 544,996

    With committed, which I’m adding all, not factoring in Edwards either is: 782,758
    Which means: 1 million strong want Hillary as 44… and about half that want Obama. You do the math.

  180. That’s right, the clinton camp should go all out with this ‘obama camp laughing at florida voters’. not good for him, but good for us.

    What an asshole, is he looking past his ego at all? he seems trapped in it. If he won, how does he suppose he would get florida to come out and vote for him in the GE with this kind of a behavior?

  181. MJS,
    That’s just a crap load of BS. Or perhaps a transcript of Obama/Rezko’s wet dream.

    Howard Dean, for example, can’t endorse anyone – he’s the Party chairman.

  182. Great Introductions 🙂

    Gore would be stupid to endorse obama…

    yes exit poll (cnn) says 70% black supported obama.

  183. Great, Great, Blowout VICTORY for HILLARY!!!

    This is the true test and Obama and Edwards failed miserable. The networkls are covering this
    appropriately! People went out and voted. They saw all the all-Obama-all-the-time coverage
    from all the networks. He has had amazing press in the last 3 days. Yet, Hillary will win
    by 21 points.

    HUGE LOSS FOR OBAMA however they try to spin it.

  184. Hope obama knows aughing at the most populous swing state is a really fuckin stupid idea. What an arrogant prick, yet again. I can’t wait until we hit it big on the 5th of february.

  185. Dean, chairman of the Democratic National Committee…

    the clintons supported mcauliffe (sp?) for dean’s position as chairman but as we all know now, dean won. so there are grudges spread around the clintons. all from proven presidential alsorans. i didn’t say losers.

  186. When Hillary wins the nomination she will clean house at the DNC and throw them all out.

    Can’t wait! The Dems are so out of touch.

  187. Got that right MJS.. On super tuesday Hillary and her team will get the last laugh. Can’t wait to see Obamahype, his team and the traitor ( Kerry and Kennedy) eat CROW! That will be priceless 😛

  188. Regarding even coverage and John King maps. Send complimentiary letter to CNN citing fairness and information and how you went to them 100% and send a blind carbon copy to MSNBC

  189. another_reader,

    “…romney. he is talking about economy. probably knows a lot about that and can get support on that.”

    Willard Romney was a corporate raider. Cost a lot of working people their jobs.

  190. Headline on Hotline:

    Obama Won’t Commit To Seat FL Delegates

    Obama Campaign manager David Plouffe brushed off the question of whether he would support or oppose seating Florida’s delegates.

    “That’s obviously a long way down the road, he said. “…Obviously this could end up being a very, very close delegate race where we’re fighting for every delegate.” (St. Pete Times)

  191. yup, every voting citizen in florida should wake up to the headline that they’re a big joke, big laugh to mister BO.

    HRC’s response should be “you’re not a joke to me”.

  192. Obama Gives Away Money Tied to Donor

    By JIM KUHNHENN | Associated Press Writer
    7:00 PM CST, January 29, 2008

    WASHINGOTN – Barack Obama is giving to charity more than $70,000 in contributions linked to an indicted Chicago businessman whose past connections to the Democratic presidential candidate have created a distraction and raised questions about his judgment.

    The campaign announced the decision to shed the money Tuesday evening, saying it was the result of a further review of contributions related to Antoin Rezko, a real estate developer and fast-food magnate who has been a long time political figure in Chicago, Obama’s hometown.

    Overall, the campaign has now given to charity nearly $150,000 in contributions received by Obama’s House, Senate and presidential campaigns that came from Rezko, his employees, his associates and his family.

    Obama’s relationship with Rezko came under greater scrutiny this week after prosecutors disclosed Rezko received $3.5 million from an Iraqi billionaire while claiming to be broke. He was jailed on Monday and a federal judge on Tuesday refused to reinstate his bond.

    The campaign’s timing for its announcement seemed designed to avoid major news coverage. It came as political attention was focused on Tuesday’s Republican presidential contest in Florida. Earlier this month, the campaign announced it would give more than $40,000 to charity on the same day as the Republican primary in South Carolina and the Nevada caucuses.

    The charitable contribution announced Tuesday came after Obama ordered a more detailed review of contributions related to Rezko, Obama spokesman Bill Burton said. The money covered contributions from Rezko family members and employees and from others who may have given to Obama’s 2004 Senate campaign.

    “By refunding these donations, the campaign has returned any and all funds that could be reasonably credited to Mr. Rezko’s political support,” Burton said.

    Rezko has been a patron of Illinois politicians for years and Obama’s connections to Rezko go back more than 15 years. Rezko has contributed thousands of dollars to the campaigns of both Obama and Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Neither has been accused of any wrongdoing.

    Besides the contributions, Obama has fielded questions about Rezko’s role in a June 2006 real estate deal involving Obama’s home on the South Side of Chicago. On the same day the Obama’s purchased the house, Rezko’s wife bought an adjoining lot. Obama has said that the sellers had required that both of the lots had to be sold simultaneously. He has called the arrangement a “boneheaded” mistake, but has said Rezko was not doing him a favor.

    Prosecutors have charged Rezko with fraud, attempted extortion and money laundering in what they allege was a scheme to get campaign money and payoffs from firms seeking to do business before two state boards.

    His campaign s just keeps changing it’s story, after getting rid of the first $40,000 they said they hadno more donations related to REZKO. When the Sun Times reposrted on another $40,000 the day after NV they donated that to charity as well saying that they can find no more money tied to REZKO.
    Now after ABC does a story tying more money to REZKO they are donating this to charity as well.

    My guess is as long as no one reports it they feel safe in keeping the dirty money and once caught and only when caught do they get rid of it.

  193. guys..think about it..they are not laughing..they are pouring over the exit polls figuring out what the hell is going on. they know there is trouble for peter pan…and if you look at the exit data from cnn..the kennedy endorsement resulted in a vote for bho for 25% of those voting..however even with that how do we know that they were already not planning to vote for him..in other words i can;t see where it helped that much..anybody else have an opinion

  194. Do the idiots in the Obama camp and the news media think Florida will not sit their delegates? They are dreaming. I am looking at HRC’s numbers and she has way more than McCain and she DIDN’T even campaign there. Imagine telling over a million voters that their votes don’t count and then you want them to come out for you in November? Dream on.

  195. Where can we find video of the entire speech? These bastards gave her about 1 minute before going back to the Republican primary. This is so outrageous. OVER 500,000 Floridians voted for Clinton yet she doesn’t get 5 minutes on television. What does this say about our voting system and the MSM? 500,000 people, more votes than any Republican candidate and Hillary gets absolutely no recognition or respect. This is disgusting.

  196. Caroline –
    For sure, if Hillary does not wipe the board on super-Tuesday… then it will go to delegates. At some point, the DNC will realise that people voted in a fair election in florida and will have to include the delegates.

  197. Bill Schneider on CNN said going over exit polls and calculating in the Super Tuesday states, unless Obama changes his support among Latinos and Whites his percentage of the vote for Super Tuesday will be in the low 30’s.

    Super Tuesday could be a lot more SUPER than we thought.

  198. Obama’s Talking Points Memo notes that their candidate is sending negative mailers against Hillary in… North Dakota!


  199. Is anyone in Florida or the HRC campaign planning to set up a petition for people to sign demanding the DNC to make their votes count? This is ridiculous. Expect another 2000 election if Florida isn’t counted.

  200. Guys I read Hillary and team like Fl had the early vote in CA already
    we are in very good shape there
    A very good head start
    Debate Thursday Hillary will nail it and setup Super tuesday
    Oprah sorry but too little too late

  201. glad, It would get nasty no matter who the nominees are on both sides. The Repubs aren’t giving up the WH without a fight.

  202. Caroline, I would feel bad for Giuliani too if he hadn’t been such an asshole to Hillary all these years.

  203. With McCain at the top of the ticket the Reagan coalition is pretty much dead. Thats how the r’s have dominated the white house for so many years. I wouldn’t be shocked if we see a conservative 3rd party candidate. Now if Bloomberg jumps in McCain will really have trouble cause he’ll cut into his indy vote.

  204. hawk Says:
    January 29th, 2008 at 9:17 pm
    McCain wins…..shit.

    LOL! i can just imagine the look on yours and mjs’s faces. it’s okay, have faith in our girl.
    regarding guilliani, isn’t karma a bitch?

  205. “Canaan, Gore won, at least in my book.”

    Oh, I’m sorry about that, I just reacted. Gore hasn’t endorsed and I hope he has the good sense to stay neutral. I do want to say Gore’s website current.tv is absolutely fantastic. Truly the edge in web technology. Everyone should join. He should get another Nobel just for that website.

    And I’m not really mad at Kennedy either. My bet is Kennedy knows O is going to get creamed on Super Tuesday, and he wants to keep him alive for 2016.

  206. Obama will be hoping he and Edwards together can muster enough votes that combining them will give Obama the victory so Edwards can have a place in his administration. I don’t know how possible that may be, and I’m not certain of just how it would be done. Many delegates may not obey when told for whom they should vote other than the candidate for whom they voted.

    From what I understand, Hillary does not have to win more delegates than both of them as long as she has enough super delegates who will join her at the convention. If she has enough delegates to be in the lead, she can ask that the Florida and Michigan delegates be seated. The idea is for that to give her enough votes to win the nomination. I hope she wins enough delegates outright to avoid having to do that, but I’ll take her win anyway I can get it.

    If anyone knows different from what I’ve tried to describe, I would love to be instructed on the matter.

  207. This campagin is getting me sick. Obama breaks the ban running a national ad and including Florida – but Hillary gets hit. But – let’s put all that aside and talk about the 2.5 million Floridians who have just been told by the media, Howard Dean and Obama – that their votes don’t count. They don’t support women – they have no problem in gutting them – and their supporters who have had to deal with the fact that women were the last to get the vote – a half-century after black men. No one talks about that – no one talks about the violence against women – no one has a debate or forum about women’s issues – but raise one question about Obama – and you are called a racist. What is it that people hated about the Clinton years – was it the peace, was it the prosperity, was it the way we were held in high esteem internationally (I know, I traveled over 100,000 miles internationally during those years). What do they hate – was it Hillary saying women’s issues are human issues – what did they hate? What did our mothers fight for all these years – we are resurrecting the dead to endorse. How the heck does anyone know what Caroline Kennedy’s mother or father would feel about this – that is only a comment an idiot would make – we are as bad as the Republicans who are trying to raise Reagan from the dead. Yes, I am mad – I am mad as hell that this campaign has turned into a race where it is OK to “beat up” a woman – but we can’t ask one question of a man – wake up America – wake up American women – this election is about you – and we will not have another chance for a very long time –


  209. I’m concerned about Hillary… Some of the red states are strong for obama.

    However, we will win and SHOULD give a huge delegate lead CA, NY,NJ, TN, AZ, AR, CT, MA
    Obama: IL,CO, KS, UT, GA, ID, ND, AK, DC

    Either: NM (depends on Bill richardson endorsement), AL, MO

    Note: Hillaries states all have more delegates. She could have a pledged lead of over 400 on tuesday.

  210. pulchritude Says:
    January 29th, 2008 at 9:19 pm
    Hawk, I did not realize Romney is your type. You “wanted” him?

    hawk wants a “daddy”…na na na na na!LOL!

  211. in regards to the GE, like ted kennedy would say “we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it”

    ( i know, it’s a bad, old joke..couldn’t resist )

  212. MSNBC gives more time to Guiliani dropping out than Hillary who is taking the most votes out of Florida – for either party tonight.

    Am I wrong?

  213. romney will give Hillary a tougher fight, throw out the polls.
    thats what i think too. hope huck stays in and keeps taking mitt votes

  214. Notice most of those obama states, which seems right, are all tiny and ones we won’t carry in the ge anyway. New Mexico will go for us, we will have the closest races in Missouri and Tennessee.

  215. Hawk, I do not know. But I am excited about the prospect of Hillary garnering over 1,000,000 votes tonight.

  216. At least McCain can be spun too look too old and senile for the job and he has a bad position on Iraq for independents.

  217. People lets donate to Hillary
    This is it
    If you can please donate
    Those losers will not prevail(Kerry, Kennedy etc)
    Ps Canaan you have every right to be mad with Kennedy –
    Obama blew it he got greedy he was not ready
    Harold Ford in after Hillary

  218. This diary has a nice quad of the “snub” photos, but perhaps most telling is the one of Obama grinning ear-to-ear with George W. Bush!!!

    Coffee pot at the ready, looks like I’ll be doing some posting tonight!

  219. rigso

    “It’s the Economy Stupid” was the slogan in 1992 and the way things are going now it will be again in the Fall of 2008.

    McCain has no clue on economic issues, look at the last debate when Ron Paul asked him that question about the council of economic advisors, he had no idea of what Paul was talking about.

  220. cnn reported that the florida late deciders went to HRC..bho people have to be very concerned with the outcome as bill scheider says…they are not laughing..you cannot ognore this many voters..if bho were to get the nom with these numbers we would lose florida for sure somebody wakeup!!!

  221. leneh,
    I actually think the core of the hate is hatred of ordinary people. Both Clintons are larger than life figures. But both Clintons are, at the same time, great inspiring role models for ordinary people. They are extraordinary people but they don’t come from extraordinary circumstances. And this is the great danger – that ordinary Americans think that they have opportunities, and have a say and have value.

    The essence of Hillary hating is (although sexism is an important factor too) that ordinary people should know their proper place in society. Hillary transcends societal hierarchies and she’s a torn in the side of almost every elitist group in American society.

  222. hawk, i take it back. soowweee…

    leneh said: What is it that people hated about the Clinton years – was it the peace, was it the prosperity, was it the way we were held in high esteem internationally ?
    it’s the fact that the clintons are smarter, more articulate and winners (despite all the odds stackedagainst them). so formidable that they can’t put down at all. they hate that.

  223. I personally subscribe to the practice of always having a daddy or two at one’s disposable. Regarding Super Tuesday, I desire to see polling data from this week before prognosticating the outcome of any particular primary or caucus.

  224. We need a Bill Richardson endorsement to nail the latino vote. Then Obama wont have a chance. Imo.

    Bill for VP! Originally I wanted Obama as VP..but he’s shown he’s a total jerk this week….

  225. jk imagine, but you are right about the Clintons. I hope the republicans know that we will do everything we can to prevent them from even getting near us in november.

  226. i say the clintons have the right idea in dealing with republicans in that when they strike, you strike back not just once, but twice as hard!

  227. I guess Mitt looked at the Democratic exit polls too!! Sounds like he is campaigning against Hillary. At least the Republicans know who the Democratic nominee will be even if the old guard of the democratic party do not.

  228. Absolutely, MJS. As the Big Dog himself once joked, it’s hard for your opponent to say bad things about you if your fist is in his face 🙂

  229. I just caught a video on youtube called ” Obama’s Failures In Illinois…from gangs to the ghetto”. If you guys haven’t seen it, please do. I cried like a baby watching those images.

  230. jaz

    Obama : CO, KS, UT, GA, ID, ND, AK, DC

    are you sure???? firstly DC is not red state. it is blue to the core.

    I will believe UT. KS, CO and AK vote for Obama when I see it. I cannot imagine these states voting for Obama. Are you sure you know the demographics? Trust me, if Obama doesnt have 15+% of AA vote in a state, he wont win the state. Thats factually accurate.

  231. Says Taylor Marsh:

    After 2000, Florida matters.

    We’re calling this a win, a big win. No Democrat campaigned in Florida, but Clinton got the most votes by a mile. Obama can continue his sour grapes strategy, even with a Florida cable ad buy. We gave him credit where it was due for South Carolina. It would be nice to see some class from him, but after The Snub I won’t hold my breath. Today, Clinton wins Florida and she won it big.

  232. Paula-when Bennet gives up one addiction (gambling) another one inevitably sets in (glutony). Even when you are moralistic.

    On the other hand he could emulate Rush and do a 2 fer (drugs)+ (gluttony). I should not joke about this. For him Romney goes down like a mouth full of grass burrs. Better post a suicide watch for ditto head, in case he decides to slit his wrists for Mitt.

    Speaking of Mitt, where the hell is the family Irish setter Seamus ? Lashed to the top of the family car with hershey highway heading down the windshield . Shit! Call out the pita brigade with firehoses. They can help Mitt celebrate his Florida victory.

    CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR GIRL! Just wait til I get sober. Called Maxine Waters office and left message we love her, and that interview.

    CAUTION FOR US. If Mitt gets the ultimate nod (rather than McCain who likes Hillary) then its scorched earth. Hillary knows how to deal with it but Bambi would be a deer in the headlights. The Bushies support Mitt and they have the attack dogs. Watch the driftwood on NewsMax and you will get a feel for this.

  233. DC will go obama, but I disagree with Utah. Hill is the only candidate who has been there, if only for fundraising.

  234. Wow. Over 700,000 Floridians voted for Hillary today. That’s what you call a route. It’s just unbelievable to me that their votes don’t matter!
    I just called the DNC and I was on the phone for about a minute. The operator just told me that he understands my concern and he would pass it along to the DNC chairman. Who knows if that will happen but I recommend all of you to call. It’s toll free anyway.

  235. These are the CNN late decider numbers:

    Voters who made their decision in the last 3 days (including today):

    Hillary 37% Obama 34%

    Voters who made their decision on election day:

    Hillary 35% Edwards 31% Obama 27%

    If you remove the last minute deciders and have look at those voters who made a decision over the weekend

    Obama 45% Hillary 40%

    So perhaps there was some kind of backlash to the Kennedy endorsement (or perhaps the snub?)


  236. The only places I can think of where Obama has a very, very good chance of winning are Alabama, DC, Georgia, and Illinois. Those southern states have larger AA populations and more whites who would rather vote for someone incompetent over a woman and especially Hillary Clinton. I expect for Edwards to split votes with Clinton in those southern states but she has a very good chance on the east and west coast.

  237. The lesson of the McCain win for us is “never give up”, never get distracted, never get depressed.

    The man’s campaign collapsed last year but he kept chugging along.

    Hillary also keeps chugging along – even when all Big Media, PINOs, Naderites, and old boys network tries to stop her. These boobs have talked themselves out. Today and next week the voters speak.

  238. Am studying Florida polls for future reference. If the results we’re seeing now stands SurveyUSA had very accurate results in their two last polls, both the Dem and the GOP primaries we’re almost spot on.

    LA Times poll was also very accurate in predicting the Dem result, but a bit more off in predicting the GOP. LA Times had however a correct order of finish also for the GOP.

    ARG on the other hand was totally lost as usual. This season ARG is the polling equivalent of Rudy’s campaign. Or perhaps ARG is Aquarius – far, far out there…

  239. AmericanGal: Those numbers aren’t good. I’m hoping there isn’t a huge backlash. I think CA is going to Clinton anyway since 50% are absentee and have already been sent in. I think MA and NY will go to Hillary even with the Kennedy endorsement.
    Hopefully the snub photo will change a few minds and Bill Clinton going around the country talking about the issues instead of Obama.
    Clinton still got 30% of the black vote in Florida which I think is good. Anytime Obama gets below 75% of the black vote, that is not a good sign for him. He counts on the black vote. Clinton even got a lot of the youth vote in Florida which surprised me.

  240. I’m more worried about McCain simply because Americans have a track record of voting for the personable candidate over the more stellar or smarter candidate. He can pull Independents and conservative Dems, plus the MSM loves him. To them, he’s like their funny, un-PC grandpa or something. However, he can’t talk about the economy without looking and sounding like an out of touch idiot. That’s the one, big advantage that Hillary has.

    Romney comes across as a smarmy executive type. He might be easier for Hillary to attack without coming across as disrespecting veterans or beating up on an affable old dude.

  241. Just caught my first HRC ad here in Memphis! I thought it was great. She talked about standing up for people her whole life and there was soft majestic music playing as she spoke. Can’t wait till Tuesday.

  242. This is why I wanted Romney to win, but now I don’t know. They can all be beat, but with this bs media, should be an interesting fall.

  243. McCain is dangerous.

    He sounds like a person we could trust, his tone of voice is like a grandfathers…

    That said, his policies are wacky..

  244. fashionista.. bush has shown us how to defeat him.. he is personable.. but he has fundamental flaws in terms of fiscal conservatism.. he is a war freak.. bomb bomb and keep on bombing..

  245. HighlyEducatedHillarySupporter,
    Remember that late deciders = tend to be younger, early deciders = tend to be older. Hillary is stronger among the older demographics that also are more reliable to actually vote. With 50 % absentee in California, things are very bright indeed.

  246. Please Arkansas is not going to be close. Hellooo…HRC was first lady of Arkansas, Bill Clinton was governor and was born in Arkansas. Not even close.

  247. Roland Martin, ya know the obama supporter, was talking about mccain needing to unify the republican party and Anderson cooper tried to move on to the next topic, he quickly added that hillary is the person to unite the republican base. Yuck.

  248. we had 100’s of arkansan supporters bused up to NH during the final week. they LOVE hillary and will stop at nothing to help her out. they were wonderful.

  249. If McCain gets the Republican nod Hillary MUST pick Clark as her VP. If Romney is the candidate ( which I believe can still happen) she is safe picking either Edwards, Clark, Bayh, Biden etc..

  250. HighlyEducatedHillarySupporter, I don’t understand why the CNN numbers should be considered bad. If Obama was on a roll he would have dominated the voters that decided today I would think and he came in third. The fact that Hillary and Obama had almost the same numbers of weekend late deciders seems a positive considering all the hoopla over SC .

    As many have posted, late deciders are usually younger. This would be Obama natural voting group overall.

  251. # wasabigirl Says:
    January 29th, 2008 at 10:02 pm

    I think there is a change that Arkansas will be close. They have a large AA population.

    AA population is about 16%. There is nowhere except DC where the AA vote is a factor on 2/5, especially based on the demo tonight.

  252. wow. well, here’s how I see tonight.

    obama got shafted, whipped, spanked, and dunked by our girl…which is merely a preview of what is to come on Super Tuesday when states, largely following the same demographic basis, will vote in massive numbers.

    Romney got slapped in the face by a man who looks old enough to be his dad.

    McCain, we ALL should realize now, is THE most dangerous REpublican candidate in that he is nice, gooey, and makes you want to hug him (like a granpa). Echkkk. America will vote “on heart” once again if we can’t find a way to block this guy. At least with Romney, we won’t have to worry about perceptions of the CLintons playing dirty because there is 150% chance of Romney being THE dirtiest pig. period.

    Giuliani proved himself to be a joke. he could’ve nailed florida…perhaps…had he not chosen to nail his adulterating mistress in her NY home while using NYC’s money.

    and btw, Obama’s a joke. This guy will never get elected to president if he keeps using this message…and I’m thinking ahead…even to 2016 and beyond.

  253. But Anderson, how can Hillary unite the republican base? Obama’s got the momentum right? Hell Teddy Kennedy’s gonna deliver the hispanic vote & erase the double digit leads HRC’s had all year, isn’t he? (Laughing hysterically!!!)

  254. I am so proud of my state and so proud of our girl, HILLARY!

    On a side note:

    My Uncle is a moderate Republican, however we both got a good laugh out of Rudy’s showing tonight! Also, he told me that Hillary is going to be a tough candidate in the general election and that tonight’s results show that Obama should be worrying about next Tuesday. 🙂

  255. Here’s the 3rd reason given by Obama for his SOTU Hillary snub..

    “To reporters on his press plane, Obama said he really just didn’t see Sen. Clinton intending to say hello to him and meant no disrespect.”


  256. I’m watching Hannity & Colmes and that fat fuck toe sucker Dick Morris said that the last minute voters broke evenly for Hillary and Obama and he said that means that Obama is gaining in momentum. I just laughed. He hates Hillary so much and wants her to lose. He’s another one who is drinking the Obama Kool-aid.

    Hillary on Fox right now!

  257. Obama killed his chances when he started that whole race baiting crap. Before that he was doing well with whites and women. That was a mortal self-inflicted wound to his campaign.

  258. Just got off the phone from calling Oklahoma for the Hill campaign. Two hours here. Interestingly, most were undecided voters. More hangups than I am used to having (compared to California, Nevada, New Hampshire), but still many Hillary voters. Not one, not *one* Obama vote during my time. I encourage everyone to make calls, it is very rewarding.

  259. TeamClinton, he thought that that was necessary to win SC! Well, he succeeded in doing that…there’s just the question of HOW TO BRING THOSE PEOPLE BACK? lol

  260. hehehehe, Chris Wallace tried to sandbag Hillary with those “late decider” numbers, saying they broke evenly and it must mean Obama is “closing the gap”.

    Hillary answered she only pays attention to final numbers, and they were “overwhelming”.

  261. Brazil said on CNN that the delegates for FL and MI will be probably be seated once the state party determines how to select delegates. She mentioned a caucus. Screw that!!

  262. “The Snub” on Fox…interesting question…..Hill says, “Chris, I reached out my hand in friendship and am still reaching out, what’s important here is (democrats versus republicans) and party unity, et al”.

  263. Giuliani endorses McCain tomorrow. Romney still win the nomination. Romney can BUY the nomination. He has much more money than McCain. He can spend an extra $20-40 million of his own money while McCain is supposedly going broke.

  264. I meant Romney CAN still win the nomination. It will be tougher for him though with Giuliani and possibly and Schwarzenegger endorsement (though I think he will endorse Obama because he’s married to a Kennedy).

  265. This is a big win and yet there are still worry-warts and nervous nellies who just can’t seem to enjoy something even when it’s happening.

    This is the TEMPLATE for next week. He’ll get about 30-35% of the vote in most states less or more in the others. He’ll even win a few, but he can’t deliver the typical democratic demographic, worse, his demographic (young people) is the LEAST reliable on election day. His proven inability to win the Hispanic vote, the white vote, the over 40 vote, and the FEMALE vote should be as calming as a couple of Margaritas to your souls. We’ll be up somewhere between 350-550 delegates, and we’ll gather SD’s like moths to the flame.

    Also, his financials come out by Friday at the latest, and the scuttlebutt is that it paints an ugly picture of a campaign under intense pressure to raise funds at an accelerated pace to keep up with the hemorrhaging of his bank account.

    Enjoy tonight and bask in the glow of defeating BO, JE, and the entire united force of BM to score an HISTORIC victory in the FL primary. We will be slighted, slandered and treated sarcastically by BM this week as they fire every last arrow in their quiver at Hillary and her campaign. Let me say that I was wrong about boycotting MSNBC, as their, “coverage”, of tonights results made my blood boil, and then run cold. Olbermann is no longer on my tivo, and MSNBC will only get my viewership next Tuesday night, when they have to eat crow all night long.

  266. She handled that question beautifully, that and the question about the Kennedy endorsement. She’s a real class act!

  267. I feel good about next Tuesday. Hilliary needs to stay on message about the economy (poor obama has no chance with that topic). She needs to get as maney interview as possible (they are free), and yes that means going on MSNBC, I say kill’em with kindness, the more she does this the better she looks. GO HILLARY!

  268. admin,
    There’s a certain interest in Rezko from the supporters of our enemy’s enemy.


  269. based on the florida election tonight, hil wins over mccain by 100,000 votes – even without campaigning yet.
    that bodes well for her campaign.
    and remember what barack said, that he wins against all the republicans? think again, hussein.

  270. btw: My friend says the Obama campaign doesn’t see this as a laughing matter (the florida vote).

    Obama personally called Axelrod.
    worried about demographics and especially, the latino vote in California.

    New methods to raise funds are under way.

  271. I am not an attorney and maybe some of them here can adress this issue. With Donna Brazil a representative of the DNC saying on CNN that the Florida and Michigan delegates can be seated once the state parties come up with a plan to select the delegates. Isn’t that just the opening that FL and MI have been looking for? They can go to court and say we did decide how to determine the delegates and we had elections to do it.

  272. TeamClinton08: I did not see HC, what did she say about the dnub last night????

    Also -anyone out there , any idea how much $$ HC has on hand?

  273. perez hilton seems to be endorsing hillary! his website is a pop culture/gossip site…he’s known for writing over people’s photographs to make his point…the last few days he has been being pretty positive for hillary after being very very pro obama for the last few months…tonight…he had a posting of hillary’s victory speech in florida and over her picture he wrote mrs. president! his site is one of the most visited sites on the net especially for the under 30 demographic…small victory but a satisfying one.

  274. I found the following [snip] from a Miami Herald article interesting:


    And interviews with voters suggested that some paid little attention to the issue of delegates or no delegates.

    Davie resident Mark Flynt, 52, waited until right before the election to make his decision, joking, “I almost made up my mind on the way over here.”

    But in the end, Flynt picked Clinton. And it all came down to the 2008 campaign buzzword: Change.

    ”I think both want change,” said Flynt, who owns a landscaping company. “But to use a football analogy, we would get more attempts with Obama, but we’d get more completions with Clinton. Obama gets my heart, but she’s got my head and I had to use my head to vote.”

  275. realist – once the shine (new, charismatic, hopeladida, unity) dims on obama, the impressionable young voters will show less enthusiasm for him…so he’ll just be left with the AA vote.

  276. DC — of course Obama will win DC. However, that’s not until Feb 12th.

    AR — what stands out in my mind is that the black vote broke for Bush in ’00 in this state 60-40.

    The Feb 5th caucus states — for some of them, the demographic arguments don’t apply. Howard Dean has been putting DNC resources in them, and by definition, a caucus is intended to be controlled by party activists. Also, AK demographics favor men.

  277. Hubby and I are so sick of the words “hope” and “change” that we’ve banned it from the house.

    Everyone must now say “wish” and “alter”.

  278. gladiatorstail, your point is well taken, but I’m afraid that McCain’s maverick/ truth-talkin’ grandma schtick is just nutty and paradoxical enough to win over sane people’s votes.

    Gross, eww Chris Matthews can’t contain his disdain for Hillary. Good for Hillary to keep on talking about the issues and not get suckered into talking about “reining Bill in”. Is he going to use Ted Kennedy as verb and noun in every sentence he utters from now until next Tuesday? Damn, those makeup people at MSNBC must have a hard time doing Matthew’s tv face, where they’d find that ghoulish shade of pale pink foundation is beyond me.

  279. MEMO: A Significant Victory in Florida
    To: Interested Parties
    From: Mark Penn, Chief Strategist
    Date: Tuesday, January 29, 2008
    Re: A Significant Victory in Florida

    Hillary Clinton won a significant victory today in the Florida primary with biggest turnout in Florida Democratic primary history. She will end up with more votes than John McCain, the winner of the Republican primary. And Floridians cast more votes than were cast in Iowa, Nevada, South Carolina, and New Hampshire combined.

    A large, broad, and diverse group of voters came out and voted for Hillary in Florida. She won women, men, and just about every age category. She won nearly 6 in 10 Latinos and nearly 3 in 10 African American voters.

    The vote turned out to be far more than symbolic. Well over 1.5 million Democrats cast their ballots, more than twice the number of voters who came out to vote in the 2004 primary.

    Most of the voters in Florida fully expect that their votes will not be wasted again — they too have a voice at the convention, and Hillary has asked her delegates to support their being seated.

    This result comes after Senator Obama ran TV commercials that reached Florida homes and after the enormous publicity he received for South Carolina and for the Ted Kennedy endorsement. The exit polls show widespread recognition of the endorsement — but even so among those who decided on Election Day, a plurality of those chose Hillary.

    But any momentum seemed to run out today — among those who decided on Election Day, a plurality of those chose Hillary.

  280. And, of course, he’s been forced to give some of that cash back.

    I hope MSM keeps pressuring him to give back the rest of the Rezko and co. cash. If he won’t he looks like an ass….if he does, he’ll tank cash wise. That’s a win-win situation in my book.

  281. His proven inability to win the Hispanic vote, the white vote,

    The South does not reflect the nation as a whole. For example, they are tied in CA w/r/t to the white vote 43:41.

  282. I had chat with a young Obama supporter today, and before I could pitch my Hillary story he came out and said he was worried about his experience
    I was so surprised
    Rezko just got him in the undecided camp
    Also he believes Obama is a front for some washington people
    The point is even young college kids are now looking for more than chanting slogans for Obama
    and they are not finding it

  283. phone # for DNC: 1-877-336-7200.

    If you would like to let the Democratic National Committee know what you think about seating the Florida and Michigan delegates, or about the party leadership allowing the sexist kneecapping and smearing of Hillary.

    I told them I had had enough, and I would never give them another dime or another vote unless they listened to the voice of the VOTERS, stood up for women, and seated those delegates.

  284. his supporters are maxed out lot of them are i read that on a blog 2 weeks ago..

    ted keeps his for camelot and booooozie….

    Idunn Says:

    January 29th, 2008 at 10:40 pm
    Hubby and I are so sick of the words “hope” and “change” that we’ve banned it from the house.
    me to hope and change drives me nuts..banned

    welcome all the new people hope you all will chat with these great people here..im learning ive bben here for awhile now..and they are very scary smart too..lol gotcha all..lol

  285. I’ll call the DNC first thing in the morning. If I don’t stop to have my coffee first, I’ll really feel like getting in their faces.

  286. blue dem

    Farther down in that kos photo snub link is the info from a poster that the one and only CNN’s Jessica Yellin disputes the Mccaskil/BO explanation of what happened. Says she saw it, was reporting live for CNN and was watching BO/TK/HRC carefully, and that McCaskil engaged him in conversation only AFTER he had fully turned away.

    And that coming from the reporter who asked a question fed to her by a BO staffer, the one that drew the lecture about not asking questions that “the people” are concerned with, ending with the famous exhortation to her “Shame on you.”

  287. welcome all the new people hope you all will chat with these great people here..

    I told you, we don’t use the H word, girl! 😉

  288. 6/10 Latinos is great, but in CA I hope Hillary can get that number to 8/10. Big latino rallies with all her high standing latino endorsements will go a long way .

  289. Jas, she said as Kafeen reported: “Chris, I reached out my hand in friendship and am still reaching out, what’s important here is (democrats versus republicans) and party unity, et al”.

  290. Emjay,
    Several others backed up Yellin’s version. ABC did a nice feature on this tonight, not sure if the link is in that diary (it’s not my diary).

    The KEY now with regards to “The Snub” story is not only Obama being on record with at least 2 differing explanations, but that both are at odds with what Axelrod rushed onto the radio with this morning as a defense.

    I’d push this for all it’s worth – because it was a telling moment and therefore worth quite a lot.

  291. For those of you who worry about McCain I suggest browsing some of the conservative websites/blogs like NRO or Redstate. You’ll get a much better sense of his strengths and weaknesses and why if he does get nominated its because of a weak, divided republican field. To me McCain has that Dole 96 feel.

  292. Folks, the snub, his present votes, his many positions on the war and single payer health care, even Tony REZKO-GATE, don’t really matter much any more. BM could spend the week showing photoshopped images of Hillary kicking old men and kissing Newt Gingrich (UGHHH!) and it wouldn’t really do much to effect the outcome next Tuesday night.

    He’s DONE, finished, spent, see ya’, bye, stick a fork in him, done.

    I do not mean stop calling. I do not mean slack off or relax. We must still do our part with even more energy and enthusiasm as we hurtle towards this historic watershed moment in American politics because now it is so close. We have a nomination and a GE to win and we haven’t won ANYTHING yet, but we are MUCH closer tonight than we were this afternoon, and NO ONE will be able to deny the power of a MILLION votes in a record turn-out (led by 59% women!) for Hillary in the morning.

  293. Heh. Per Mark Halperin:

    Sources: Obama staffers rejected proposal for their candidate to sit with Clinton at State of the Union.
    Leading Democrats wanted rivals to sit together for the sake of party unity. Clinton was willing, but Obama chose to sit with newly-minted supporter Ted Kennedy.

    Obama’s a really classy guy… for a three year old that is.

  294. Ugh and Obama is sounding and acting just as petty and divisive as George W Bush. YUCK! Hillary has the grace and class to try and show a picture of unity but Obama as usual acts like a spoiled BRAT!

  295. pulchritude,
    The numbers, with 93% of precincts reporting:

    Clinton 827,917 50%

    Obama 546,753 33%

    Edwards 239,985 14%

  296. No, pulchritude, her margin is almost 200,000, isn’t it?

    And I hope that Halperin story gets around. This is your uniter? What a pompous little prick. No thanks, don’t want another one of those in the Whitehouse.

  297. Yes, I understand. I am referring to the number of votes Clinton garnered above the 50% threshold that constitutes a majority.

  298. For everyone:

    Was w/o a server all day, with problems staring last night, but this is still timely.

    When you are feeling really really pissed at MSM, google craig crawford trail mix, read and enjoy his posts, and at the bottom one “injecting race:who started it”, link with the morning joe message board. There are currently 32 t messages (skip the first one) that will reinforce the fact we at pink are NOT alone.

    I’ve saved it all as a tonic for one of those awful days like yesterday.

    We should all check him out each day too; nothing wrong w/ helping out a voice of sanity in the MSM world.

  299. Again, I am referring to the number of votes required for a majority, not a plurality. If Clinton wins with a majority, she bests all of her competition combined.

  300. Hillary was magnificent with Oberman, Matthews and Blitzer. I was so proud to be supporting our next president! Wow! Whatta victory! Florida is far more likely a predictor of success than any previous contest. Not to acknowledge that is dishonest. BO’s camp is probably not having a good a night as we are.

  301. Exactly Realist. The Obama strategy has always been to knock Hillary off in the early small states (and bringing in non-Democrats to vote for him) by creating the impression that they are a “movement” led by Obama. NH then Nevada destroyed that possibility.

    They tried again this past weekend to create that “movement” impression. Now Florida has destroyed that ploy.

    Obama did not want Hillary to get to her strongholds in the big states.

    Now we are at our stronghold city gates, after crossing the desert.

  302. nikki22 , but americans are regular people.. they vote on character.. mccain is almost perfect on character by their measure.. iraq is his achilles heel. i think even economy is his weakness. but then in the long campaign, I hope hillary doesnt make some of the mistakes she is making with Obama.

  303. Realist, is it a million? Oh how I hope you’re right!

    Media is still such a major part, the little shit like Matthews running BO new Kennedy ad twice on Hardball, all the little tricks that drive me through the roof!

    Dem AC, nice get. Time for a Barack I-Don’t-Wanna diary for the Daily Kook crowd!

  304. admin, you are spot on on movement crap.. thats how he tried to play it.. NH took a HARD look at what he was.. they applied breaks.. I am sure plenty of Iowa voters are having buyers remorse now!

  305. Those Caroline Kennedy ads are going to backfire. Many older Americans feel that Jack and Bobby walked on water and those ads are going to turn them off. You leave icons rest in peace and never allow yourself to be compared to one.

  306. If that Halperin story is true, wow. What as ass!

    Glad to see these “leading Democrats” get to see what Obama’s really like when you get past all the talk.

  307. The Orlando Sentinel’s story was unfair on a couple of points, so I posted there at http://www.topix.net/forum/source/orlando-sentinel/TSTHFU2TNJ24OBTBK#lastPost

    It is unfair to say that Hillary’s opponents did not campaign in FLorida, with the implication that Hillary did campaign.

    Obama ran tv ads in Florida, a clear violation of the ban. He is the one who ‘winked’ at it.

    Hillary did not ‘wink’ at the ban, she obeyed it to the letter! Private fundraisers were allowed, so she did a few. The ban expired when the polls closed, so then she held a rally.

    Why should she do anything against the rules since she was a shoo-in to win; violating the rules might cause trouble in eventually getting the Florida delegates seated. Better to follow the rules carefully, as she did, even if it meant one or two fewer delegates — than risk having all the delegates continue barred.

  308. Says NYT:

    From our colleague, Jeff Zeleny, who is traveling with Mr. Obama: Asked about the Florida results as he flew to Denver on Tuesday evening, Mr. Obama flashed a wide smile and declined to answer. He referred reporters to the written statement put out by his campaign.

    Someone forgot to load the teleprompters onboard…

  309. What did I miss? I had to work some tonight? What’s this about hispanics, pat and bill? Is it true she did an interview with Olbermann/Matthews?

  310. Roland Martin making a fool of himself on CNN, ranting that Hillary’s win & the campaign’s promotion of it is “ridiculous”
    Jeffrey Tubin (CNN legal analyst, who has no business even being there) with the rare valid point. said “A million votes, they don’t count?”
    Gloria Borger: Hillary got a “talking point” after win.
    John King taking his shots too, saying campaign’s Penn’s e-mails are “laughable”.

    We’ll have our day…..

  311. Isn’t Ben amusing, like a little wind-up monkey?

    January 29, 2008
    Read More: Primary Calendar

    Florida final spin (for now)

    People who follow this, and have a sense of fair play, find the Clinton spin kind of maddening. At the same time, the Obama argument is sort of hard to explain to people who aren’t following this as closely as we were.

    The rest isn’t really important, but it’s on his little blog. What’s funny is his total lack of the irony gene. Does he even know whose spin he means?

  312. Gladiatorstail- McCain has character in the eyes of the beltway press that has bought his straight talk express for the last 7yrs. But I get what you are saying. There are still voters out there who believe the 2000 version of him. But here’s where it gets interesting:1)McCain hasn’t been exposed by our side yet & I have no doubt that Hillary and her team will tear him a new one(bomb bomb Iran, flip flop on tax cuts, the Bush hug, staying in Iraq etc) 2.)Even w/low negs and his supposed appeal to indys McCain performs either no better or only slighly better than the other repubs. Now I don’t put too much stock into GE polls this far out but you’d think he’d be wiping the floor with democrats and he isn’t.

  313. Sure had fun reading through all this. It was almost like seeing it on television. I’m still nervous about getting the obamabots to support Hill once she gets the nomination. It will really be up to him to make sure that happens. Will he be capable of it?

  314. I’m starting to hate Pat Buchanan a little bit less. Mainly because of this comment:

    “Of course Hillary won that round! He slapped her in the face with Walmart, and she kicked him in the groin with Rezko!”

    psssst…it’s funny ’cause it’s true.

  315. nikki22 agree with you on uselessness of polls. I think a third candidate is in play, and the third candidate will be to hurt republicans. I see someone like a fiscal person like bloomberg, OR if Huckabee is not the nominee, then values independent candidate would be important.. otherwise to peoples surprise, value voters will move to Hillary!

  316. My worst fear is that, once the Obamatons lose, they will feel so outraged by the injustice of it all that they will riot in the streets.

    Hold on to your TV sets folks…it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

  317. Yeah, will have to send Pat a birthday card. He is really mellowing as he gets older and becoming much more likeable. Who knows if he lives long enough he may actually endorse a Democrat.

  318. I just checked my e-mail. Both Bill and Chelsea will be here tomorrow. YAY!!!!

    The two most important people in our girl’s life will be here and I will get to see them speak. As Spacedog would sing, “Fuck ya, fuck ya. F.U.C.K.Y.A.”

    I’m so damn sick right now, but this will be a real treat. I’ll bundle up and walk across the street tomorrow come hell or high water.

  319. Emmy dont worry.. obama HAS to get behind Hillary if he wants to have any future in the party and if Hillary is nominee.. else his future runs for higher office will never be realized.. so he will bring them to the voting booths.. thats his job and he will do it if hillary is the nominee.. vice versa is also true!

  320. Did any of the talking heads mention that Florida only awarded HALF of their delegates tonight as their penalty against the FL Republican party for moving up the date of the FL primary? Did they only accord it 1/2 the significance to the totals? Did they say McCain was 1/2 a winner? Did they say anything?

  321. Just as a funny aside. I saw a series of erotic stories a buddy sent me about Pat Buchanan being a gay rapist who has to help a young CR to the heights of power. Weird as hell. But funny.

  322. rjk, it may be. I’d have to know more about the statute or caselaw the states would use to get into court, but it does sound like she may get subpoenaed.

  323. Obama fluff piece on Nightline. Says “he’s spoken to John Edwards”
    but doesn’t want to characterize it.

    Terry Moran will ask a tough question sometime in this life, but not in this piece! Fuckin’ campaign ad!

  324. rjk, the talking heads did say that. On FOX I think. The GOP only penalized half the delegates that would normally be awarded (114). The fact that the delegates are not apportioned under their state rules means McCain takes all delegates available (57).

  325. Thanks,
    I thought so. I hope the Florida and Michigan Democratic Parties caught that interview and at the begining she was asked as a DNC Official what do you think. So she was speaking as a representative of the DNC.

  326. Blue Dem, don’t be so sure of Terry Moran’s ability to ask a tough question. That “duh” look he perpetually wears should have been a tip-off. 🙂

  327. REalist: no, they have mentioned it but didn’t do an election lite– with only half the coverage, like the Dem primary. Pat B. also chastised the DNC for their short-sighted actions.

  328. T4H, we saw it earlier, and we all think it is an outlier since just a few days ago it was her in the 40’s and him in the high twenties or low thirties.

  329. This Roland Martin on CNN is such a pimp for Obama I’m ready to Elvis my TV! The guy’s reading an anti-Hillary rant from the Manchester Union Leader. Even that walking corpse Gloria Borger had to point out it’s a conservative rag!

    He’s got no business being on a national broadcast – which puts him in perfect company with the rest of them!

    Oh, Larry King (who once actually covered politics)! Time for a very special edition of LKL; Candy Crowley stepping down from the rig. Ari Fleischer and Markos! What an anti-Hill crew!

  330. What do they mean Obama didn’t campaign? Not only was he the one who violated the rules and ran ads, but the entire media corps was campaigning for him the last 2 months. HRC won so big, even with bashing 24/7.

  331. That picture is scary! I told them over at Taylor Marsh last week that I think Senator Precious has a temper worse than a hornet and I’m willing to bet he’ll pop any day now! What a jerk! Hillary spanked his ass tonight in Florida and is it me, or is Roland Martin getting a little big in his britches? He was so nasty about the results in Florida damn near screaming that it was just a “BEAUTY CONTEST!” I mean, the people voted and they had a chance to have their say. And, they said, “HILLARY! HILLARY! HILLARY!” Screw the MSM!

  332. John King on CNN claimed that the campaign’s claims about their win among the different groups was, “laughable”, because it didn’t match any other state.

    Admin, B MERRY, or anyone who knows, what ARE the demos for the previous contests and is this John King full of it?

  333. I thought the interesting part of Nightline was when Obama told Terry Moran that he expects it to be a tie after Super Tuesday, and then somebody will breakout in the states that follow.

    It’s gotta be Axelrod who’s feeding him this nonsense. He said he thought the race was “dead even” when Hillary had won three states to Bambi’s one.

  334. Hillary won Florida. The media gave her equal billing and interviewed her as they would a winner. More importantly, those increasing numbers at the bottom of the screen that told the story. Hillary won the most votes of any candidate (Democrat or Republican) in the Florida primary. She won across all demographics and beat McCain by almost 200,000 votes. I don’t give a s**t what the DNC rules are. Dean and Brazile and their rules can take a hike. The turnout in the Democratic primary was twice that in 2004 and about equalled that of the Republican primary where there was a campaign. This is a huge win for Hillary and provides her huge momentum going into Super Tuesday.

  335. Ugh….Edwards and his king maker strategy make me feel more than alittle unsettled right now. Should I be worried?

  336. Hey, SUGAR! Our girl is on a roll! And yeah, I agree about the picture. I have never felt easy around a man who’d look at a woman that way, and I’m not starting now. The man has some issues.

  337. MJS Says: apparently guys, the four big ones:Gore, Dean, Kerry, and Kennedy had pledged beforehand to STOP an HRC nomination for personal reasons? (from newsmax I think

    Newsmax is (or was in 2000) tabloid right-wing nonsense. I don’t believe any of them would act just on personal feelings from years ago. For one thing, Bill Clinton did come out of the hospital (heart by-pass) in 2004 to campaign for Kerry.

    I don’t believe Gore would backstab the Clintons (tho I was wrong about Ted Kennedy, he’s stabbign hard). I think Gore’s either staying out altogether or waiting till he’s really needed. AS for Dean, he invented the ’50 state strategy’ and trying to bring back rural southerners, and that’s close to what the Clintons are doing, so why would he object; Dean at least wants the Dems to win and isn’t elitist.

  338. The Realist, let John wanna-be-King show me a state that matches the demos of FREAKIN’ SC or Iowa, then we will talk. Most of America looks more like FL than not. A little edge to the age factor, but that’s about it.


  339. hehe therealist thats what I was thinking too.. the latino vote, the white vote, the AA vote EVERYTHING was pretty close to what the pattern was in earlier contests. for example, he got EXACTLY the same % of latino vote that he got in NV.. white vote.. EXACTLY the same white vote he got in SC.. so on and so forth!

  340. I don’t expect Al to endorse until the general.

    Now, if Barbara Boxer sticks to her word, she will give Hill the nod after California. In my opinion, Boxer is a much more credible endorsement than Teddy.

  341. Obama Gets Rid of More Dirty Money

    Jan 29, 2008 20:00 EST

    Barack Obama is giving to charity more than $70,000 in contributions linked to an indicted Chicago businessman whose past connections to the Democratic presidential candidate have created a distraction and raised questions about his judgment.

    The campaign announced the decision to shed the money Tuesday evening, saying it was the result of a further review of contributions related to Antoin Rezko, a real estate developer and fast-food magnate who has been a long time political figure in Chicago, Obama’s hometown.

    Overall, the campaign has now given to charity nearly $150,000 in contributions received by Obama’s House, Senate and presidential campaigns that came from Rezko, his employees, his associates and his family.

    Obama’s relationship with Rezko came under greater scrutiny this week after prosecutors disclosed Rezko received $3.5 million from an Iraqi billionaire while claiming to be broke. He was jailed on Monday and a federal judge on Tuesday refused to reinstate his bond.

    The campaign’s timing for its announcement seemed designed to avoid major news coverage. It came as political attention was focused on Tuesday’s Republican presidential contest in Florida. Earlier this month, the campaign announced it would give more than $40,000 to charity on the same day as the Republican primary in South Carolina and the Nevada caucuses.

    The charitable contribution announced Tuesday came after Obama ordered a more detailed review of contributions related to Rezko, Obama spokesman Bill Burton said. The money covered contributions from Rezko family members and employees and from others who may have given to Obama’s 2004 Senate campaign.

    “By refunding these donations, the campaign has returned any and all funds that could be reasonably credited to Mr. Rezko’s political support,” Burton said.

    Rezko has been a patron of Illinois politicians for years and Obama’s connections to Rezko go back more than 15 years. Rezko has contributed thousands of dollars to the campaigns of both Obama and Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Neither has been accused of any wrongdoing.

    Besides the contributions, Obama has fielded questions about Rezko’s role in a June 2006 real estate deal involving Obama’s home on the South Side of Chicago. On the same day the Obama’s purchased the house, Rezko’s wife bought an adjoining lot. Obama has said that the sellers had required that both of the lots had to be sold simultaneously. He has called the arrangement a “boneheaded” mistake, but has said Rezko was not doing him a favor.

    Prosecutors have charged Rezko with fraud, attempted extortion and money laundering in what they allege was a scheme to get campaign money and payoffs from firms seeking to do business before two state boards.

  342. What a great night! I live in FL and I knew that we would deliver and deliver big for her. The media can try to spin this for Bambi anyway that they can but people will wake up in the morning and see that Hillary won and won big. They will see that her total vote was more than McCain who campaigned there.

    In addition, they say that the eyes are the window to our souls….and so we got to see how arrogant, condenscending and cold towards Hillary who was very gracious after having to endure which was surely a hard 3 days. His spin and lies couldn’t change the narrative of what we saw in our own eyes.

    The media and specifically MessMSNBC who tonight obviously showed that they are in the tank for Bambi by not showing the count of the FL Dem race deserve to lose rations and not be taking seriously. How can you ignore over 2mil votes. I saw Hill on CNN, Faux News and MessMSNBC and she handled herself well. She loooked fresh and rested and I expect her to put in a good performance at the debate on Thurs.

  343. Obama told Terry Moran that he expects it to be a tie after Super Tuesday, and then somebody will breakout in the states that follow.

    Of course. He wants to push MD-DC-VA on Feb 12th as ‘the breakout.’

  344. FROM Mark Halperin at Page:

    “The Snub” Before “The Snub”

    Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

    Sources: Senior Obama staffers rejected proposal for their candidate to sit with Clinton at State of the Union.

    Leading Democrats wanted rivals to sit together for the sake of party unity.

    Clinton was willing, but Obama chose to sit with newly-minted supporter Ted Kennedy.


  345. i hope al gore stays above the fray. the rethugs have tarnished his image in 2000 that it took some grace and courage to get him to where he is right now. besides, she does not need his endorsement.

  346. according to my friend:

    The Obama Warm-Room is steaming. Top strategists of the bambi convention are, as we speak, thinking of talking points and digging through files labelled “hillary negatives” to use in Thursday’s debate. They will put up a good fight on Thursday for the debate and they will certainly spin tomorrow.

  347. from earlier – nice post from perez hilton! he gets a TON of readers. probably a hugely more popular site than any political blogs, maybe the biggest blog out there. i admit i read it every day 🙂
    perez also had a post on maya angelou supporting hillary and on america ferrara and amber tamblyn/hillary q&a. he does follow politics, does not like gop at all, and is starting to lean toward hillary.

  348. TPS, you bring up Dean and Brazile. I’ve had a hunch for a while that the DNC is trying to force a “do-over” for the benefit of Obama. If that doesn’t mean Precious is the Establishment candidate, I don’t know what does.

    Brazile’s comments about state parties meeting and coming up with a plan means they want another election with different results. If I were FL Dems, I’d file a lawsuit so fucking fast tomorrow and shove it straight up their asses. Then I’d tie Axelrod to the whole damn thing and with it Obama because that’s where this shit is coming from-

    BTW- if this were a beauty contest, I think I could shave my dog’s ass, teach him to walk backwards and he’d still beat Precious. 👿

  349. okieatty,
    she was even talking about having a caucus to choose delegates for Florida. Screw that, the voters have already spoken. Although the courts have a history of ignoring Florida voters, I say file a lawsuit!!

  350. OkieAtty, your analysis make sense. That is what Dean Brazille want. Florida Democratic party won’t accept that. They will select delegates based on the primary results and lobby fro them to be seated. Alcee Hastings and Ben Nelson are supporting Hillary. They will not agree to a do over.

  351. Oprah is going to campaign for Obama again…most likely in California. With the economy the biggest thing on voters minds does anyone think that seeing Oprah, a multimillionaire celebrity, will make them shift their votes? I don’t think so…..

  352. Sugar

    Glad to see you back on board! Did you love your time in SC ? If you talked abt it already, just point me to the day. I’ve been waiting to hear what you saw, felt, smelled, etc.

  353. Hi all…great night for Hillary and us…been thinking about the last few days and tonight…I think we should call the and email the DNC regarding Florida and Michigan…frankly, this is ridiculous and this could actually come back to hurt the Democrats…we already look foolish…

    we have already marginalized the Democratic Party and the democratic voters and if we start to get into some complicated and contentious battle during the convention we are going to look divided and stupid to the public as opposed to united and competent…this has the potential to really hurt the democratic brand just before the general election…AND as far as Florida goes, Governor Crist is extremely popular and liked even by Dems because he often acts like a Dem…he endorsed McCain and delivered for McCain…we cannot fool around with Florida…this is political suicide…

    tomorrow I will write and call the DNC to voice my feelings…the DNC are in the process of taking us down a losing road and I believe they need to be heavily pressured to settle this quickly…

    as it is, all of the MSM is blatantly saying it was a big mistake on the part of the Dems…they should have done what the Repubs did and split the delegates in half rather than just ignore these two very valuable states (and VOTERS) that we will need in the general election…WTH????

    I can see the Dems made the butt of jokes as the convention unfolds…this is a big problem…with the potential for a lot of fighting and acrimony…not a winning strategy…someone at the DNC needs to exercise a bit of humility and get this mess straightened out without a lot of unnecessary negative publicity…we need some solutions…I fear this could be our undoing as we go into the general…

    I find it mind boggiling that after what the whole country went thru with Florida in 2000 that for the DNC to play this game this way is a big, big mistake…we do not need lawsuits, etc to bring us into the general election

    …other than that…great night and I look forward to next Tuesday…

  354. Americangal, Oafrah is a billionaire. And she’s not exactly in touch with us common folk. But hey, the economy is getting to everyone with the price of arugula and all. 😉

  355. So Obama gave back another handful of the Rezko tainted cash. Big deal. When is he gonna give back the friggin’ house??

    And since he’s donating all that dirty money to charity, how about he shows he cares about his own constituents and gives that money to the people he and that scuzzbag Rezko hurt the most…the people of the 13th district! After all, they were the ones that money was stolen from in the first place!

  356. Ah, hell. I dunno what’s with ABCNews.com. They have an “Exclusive” with Precious and when you swipe your cursor over it- Precious and his grandparents are on it. What is this? A subliminal message he’s half-white therefore better able to unite??? A way to get past his blatant race-baiting since NH?

  357. Great point, Idunn.

    New slogan for Obama in public: “GIVE BACK THE HOUSE! GIVE BACK THE HOUSE!”

    Sad thing is as sleazy as he is he’d just spin it into “I’ve been homeless. I’ve lived abroad….I can’t afford arugula…”

  358. or he’d try to divert attention. “Well…Hillary’s husband was mean to me…so who’s really WRONG here?”

  359. Florida tells me that many people have made up their minds about this race for a long time. They like Hillary and think she is ready to be president, they think Obama is intriguing but also think he is inexperienced and it is not yet his time. These underlying structural issues are not going to change over the next week however mightily the media might try and however many speeches Obama gives. or ads he runs. Meanwhile Obama’s childish antics (SNUB) only serve to increase his negatives.

  360. yes, perez hilton reaches a lot of people! he posted two of hill’s youtube videos and i bet they got a ton of views because of him

    hawk, you & some of your college friends should put on your hill stickers and send a “we love perez” photo for his next “adoration” collection 🙂


  361. Hillary Clinton at the end of her Florida speech:

    “Stay with us, because starting tomorrow, we’re going to sweep through the states across our country to February 5th, and we will together not only take back the White House, but take back our country.”

  362. Hi yall, I’m readin and thinkin about all of this and imagining a bad scenario about bustin; up the dem party. Here we have a candidate who’s the opposite of what he says: he says he’s for change, but he’s really for the status quo; he says he’s for ethics, but he’s just another dirty Chicago politician; He’s sayin he’s for unity, though he won’t say united about what or how we’re suppose to unify. He’s also caused more divisions than we’ve seen in our party in many, many years. I fear if things don’t get worked out by the DNC it will most definately go to court or we;ll have floor fights at the convention that’ll make everybody’s hair turn gray over nite. THis is just nightmarish stuff.

  363. hehe, larry king showing a preview of a later show, in which he asks questions about the election to snoop dogg! 🙂 snoop said he liked hillary and barack both and that he knew hill was the backbone during bills administration because every man needs a strong woman.

  364. John Grisham om Charlie Rose BIG BIG HillFan!

    Supports w/ money friendship etc…says she will win in big states bec of women. His wife has gone to several places to volunteer and they will again next week for super Tues. Gave maximum $$$.

  365. AmericanGal: I said that these numbers made me a bit worried because you can also look at it as voters who made up there mind early went to Clinton. But those who made their decisions within the last month or week went more for Obama. That is not a good sign. I’m not saying it’s disastrous but it means that in states where there isn’t a lot of absentee voting, voters who are making their minds now are more likely to choose Obama then they were over a month ago.
    It all depends on how you want to look at the numbers. Hillary made some really good strides. Like she gained numbers in the black, youth, and independent vote which is great.
    I would just take all of this with a grain of salt because this is how things SHOULD look like everywhere else without the influence of attack ads, Ted Kennedy, or endorsements.
    # AmericanGal Says:
    January 29th, 2008 at 9:49 pm

    These are the CNN late decider numbers:

    Voters who made their decision in the last 3 days (including today):

    Hillary 37% Obama 34%

    Voters who made their decision on election day:

    Hillary 35% Edwards 31% Obama 27%

    If you remove the last minute deciders and have look at those voters who made a decision over the weekend

    Obama 45% Hillary 40%

    So perhaps there was some kind of backlash to the Kennedy endorsement (or perhaps the snub?)


  366. MJS
    Hillary should do the same. But she should avoid a pitch battle with him on TV – she will loose normal face that she has. It should be put in a way that he is an attack dog and she is not. This is quite a task, but i don’t see an alternative.
    I think after the last debate the only winner was Edwards who didn’t participate in a fight.
    Also the latest poll from CN shows them as a tie 40 and 40. this is not a good news and we should not dismiss it so lightly. It is possible that more states becoming competitive for him.

  367. Sorry. There were some typos and grammatical errors in my last post. Anyway, I think that the numbers can be affected with the addition of attack ads, campaigning, and endorsements like Ted Kennedy on the campaign trail. Even though I despise the guy, I have to admit that Obama’s oratorical skills (when he has a teleprompter or speech in front of him) affects people. Not me of course, but young people especially are drawn to him and more willing to vote for him after they see him live giving his sermon.
    But then again, we only have 7 days and 22 states. HRC currently leads in most of the big delegate states and there is only so much Obama can do in 7 days. Ted Kennedy helps because right now Obama needs as many celebrities like the Kennedys and Oprah to travel all across the country since he can’t be everywhere at once. So time is on our side. If these numbers are a reflection of the country right now then we don’t have a lot to worry about.

  368. YES. I agree with you johnflint1985. We can’t just sit back and think that Florida reflects where America is right now. California will likely go to Hillary and I’m confident of that only because 50% of the votes have already been decided in absentee ballots and because HRC has big Latino support. In the other states I’m not so sure. I think South Carolina and Ted Kennedy did a bit of damage. But as I said in my last post, he has 7 days. If we had another month, Florida wouldn’t matter. But the more time passes, the more votes Obama will be able to court as he travels around the country. This man only has his speeches to court voters. People (like in Florida) who don’t see the man give a speech can only base their decision on his platform and issues and in that area he loses big time to Clinton. But as I said, we need to cross our fingers that Clinton nails this final debate before Super Tuesday and nothing scandalous happens before then (keep your mouth shut Bill Clinton).

  369. Hey Emjay! You know, it was a very interesting trip. To say the least. I was beaten up pretty badly by my fellow African-Americans, but I’m over it now. If Hillary can get up every day and put a smile on her face and get things done, I can certainly deal with a little name calling for a few hours.

    It was sad though to see A.A. people who were almost trying to sneak and blow their horns during our “Honk and Holler” corner stops. I spoke with several who thought that Hillary was the better candidate, but alas she was overwhelmed. It’s also amazing to note that not many A.A. know much about Obama. It was really scary. Many of them are only voting for him because he’s Black. That’s why, I think if he is trying to use his white grandparents (the way he’s used so many others) to appeal to white voters, it may seriously backfire on him with his base (AA) because many of them are in denial about the fact that he is half white. lol It’s really amazing how he’s been able to dupe so many of them with slick speeches given in a cadence nothing like his own voice.

    The whole trip though, was an experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world–loss and all. I got to shake Hillary and Bill’s hands and she signed a rally poster for me. I’m going to get a nice sleeve for it this weekend so that I can carefully preserve it because that baby is going to send my grandchildren to college. An autographed poster from the country’s FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT??? Please. It will almost be priceless. I might not be able to part with it. 🙂

  370. http://www.fladems.com/content/w/amazing_night_for_democrats_everywhere

    Amazing Night For Democrats Everywhere

    No campaigns? No delegates? No problem. Florida Democrats prove America is ready for change

    January 29, 2008

    ORLANDO – Florida Democrats today surpassed the total combined vote in the first four “early states”, topped the total population of New Hampshire, shattered the previous state record for turnout in a Democratic Presidential Primary, and even broke the previous record for turnout in ANY Democratic primary in Florida.

    Incredibly, Democratic turnout has exceeded 1,708,489 voters with 97% of precincts reporting – only 195,074 less than Florida Republicans whose turnout was relatively dismal, considering five multi-million dollar GOP presidential campaigns were working the state for months. Republicans appear to have even failed to meet their own expected turnout, which was rumored to be between 2.2 and 2.5 million.

    “Florida Democrats have spoken, and they are being heard loud and clear. More than one and a half million Democratic voters went to the polls and made a powerful collective statement,'” Florida Democratic Party Chair Karen L. Thurman said. “The nation’s largest battleground state proved today that America wants change. Democrats clearly have the momentum in Florida and across this country. No matter the challenges we face, Florida Democrats will deliver for this country in November just like they did today. This is an incredible night for the people of Florida!”

    Florida Democratic Presidential Preference Primary Turnout: 1,708,489

    Population of New Hampshire according to 2007 US Census Projections: 1,315,828

    1988 State of Florida record for Democratic Presidential Primary Turnout: 1,273,338

    Combined 2008 turnout of the 4 early states (IA, NH, NV, SC) – 1,174,227 voters

  371. # MJS Says:
    January 30th, 2008 at 12:26 am

    according to my friend:

    The Obama Warm-Room is steaming. Top strategists of the bambi convention are, as we speak, thinking of talking points and digging through files labelled “hillary negatives” to use in Thursday’s debate. They will put up a good fight on Thursday for the debate and they will certainly spin tomorrow.

    So he’s going on the attack again huh? Bad move on his part. I expect Hillary will keep it cool and not take the bait. He will come out looking like a bully while she sticks to the issues and scores points.

  372. Tareli,

    I think this debate she will stay above fray. She is almost double digit leads in all the states except one or two. So she will just stay above fray IMO and then just slip in his wrong voting for five times if need arises. remember what she said to fox news today? she has her hand reached out to him and she will be waiting for Obama to accept the handshake of friendship!

  373. the kennedy endorsement resulted in a vote for bho for 25% of those voting..however even with that how do we know that they were already not planning to vote for him..in other words i can;t see where it helped that much..anybody else have an opinion

    WEll, I will make an emotinal guess. Florida has a lot of retirees and a record number of elderly voters came out. Some of us REMEMBER JFK. Ted Kennedy recently put out an ad full of real JFK images (from black and white newsreels) mixed with pictures of Obama trying to look like JFK.

    This gave me a deep emotional negative reaction, to say the least. JFK is a special and tragic memory. His image shouldn’t be exploited (even by his brother) just for advertising for another candidate. Maybe some people saw, not the resemblences, but the difference.

  374. Keep your chin up, Sugar.

    I honestly can’t fault AA’s for voting for Obama, though. I can understand how they see this as a chance to break through the toughest of all racial barriers. I also can’t fault some Hill voters who want to push her through that glass ceiling. But I CAN honestly say that, if I didn’t agree with Hillary on the issues…if I didn’t have absolutely faith that she would do exactly what she says she will do, nothing could make me vote for her. For me, it has to come down to who I think can best do the job at hand. For me, that’s Hilary…hands down.

  375. Reed, those numbers are hard to dismiss. We should all take heed with those facts and go forth armed so when some jackass says “beauty contest” we can whomp them upside the head.

    I wish I had enough time to do a parody site about Precious. Sorta in teh same vein as Bush or C

  376. as Bush or Chimp but with Precious and Bush. Uniter, not divider… detachment issues, judgment being better, etc.. It’d be a hoot if done correctly.

  377. Heh heh heh…I used Malcolm X’s “You’ve been bamboozled…hoodwinked…” speech on an Obamaton just yesterday. And let me tell ya, they got mad!

    I also wasn’t nuts about Obama’s “Go get Ray Ray and cousin Pookie” remarks. I found it slightly demeaning. I’m bi-racial…and we don’t speak like that in my house. Who the heck is he trying to represent?? Sheesh.

  378. And while I’m on the subject…I was MORE than alittle ticked at Michelle Obama for this generalization:

    “There’s always that doubt in the back of the minds of people of color. People who have been oppressed and haven’t been given real opportunities that you never really, that you believe somehow, someone is better than you. ”

    WTF? I’m a strong woman of color, Michelle. I don’t have a self esteem problem, thank you very much.

  379. Idunn, I totally agree! That comment from MO really pissed me off! She had no right and that comment from several weeks ago, just proves that they were the ones who injected race into this whole thing.

  380. LMFAO@Idun
    She has the nerve that is the woman that has had to have her hubby interview her employer before she takes a job………Oh my I guess she is the one that think little of herself

  381. Idunn and Sugar, I also agree. I’m a minority and I’m not voting for Hillary because I think whites are better than me. This is so crazy. Someone should’ve called her out on that because that is an example of the Obama campaign injecting race into this campaign.
    She shouldn’t put this kind of stuff in our heads. This is why those of us who do support Clinton are seen as traitors to our people. Whatever! A minority should not be afraid to wear a Hillary ’08 tshirt or tell their friends that they are voting for Clinton or anyone else in this race because they hate themselves and their people.

  382. Haha … on Michele Obama, as Hillary says, “Both campaigns & candidates have spouses that want to help & carried away sometimes.”
    Fair’s fair…

    Hillary will be fine Thursday; she’ll be her usual rock-like self.
    It’s Barack Obama who’s been showing signs of cracking.

    The president is always an asset, I really don’t care what anyone says on that subject.

    Let’s get it on.

  383. I voted early in the primary, but you can bet I’m gonna be out there come Super Tuesday waving my Hill sign in the face of every voter! And I won’t be alone…I’m going armed with my husband, my veteran father, my lesbian friend and her grandmother, my 19 year old niece, AND the family dog.

    We ARE the face of America, Baby!

  384. So I guess when I voted for Jesse, I was ashamed of being white? Pfffffffffft! That whole mess is so silly. I vote for who I choose, who I think is best, and who moves me.

    This time around it is Hillary – big time.

  385. Obama is going to be his usually cocky self on Thursday night and expose his true self once again. Hopefully Edwards will do what he did the last time, taking shots at both instead of joining Obama in tag teaming Hillary. Maybe the moderators will show some balls and ask about Obama’s attitude towards women, his snub at the SOTU and reporters refuting his claim that it was unintentional

  386. LOL….no slight to Bill, but if HE were running against Hillary today, I’d STILL back Hillary. She’s smarter.

  387. Go to MSNBC and vote that Florida delegates should be counted. It’s obvious that Obama fanatics rule the nytimes and msnbc:

  388. Hillary is wicked smart.

    The President is the great synthesizer. There’s no one like him.

    That’s why together they’re unbeatable (even against a multi-billion dollar communications apparatus designed to beat them and stifle change in this country).

    But feel free to disagree 🙂

  389. HighlyEducatedHillarySupporter: You make a good point to note that upon closer inspection of the exit polls, Obama may have gained some input. However, of those who decided to day, they broke for Clinton, also there was a number about was the Kennedy endorsement a factor and of those who said yes, only 25% went to Obama.

    Reading the polls is often like reading tea leave, however, it looks to me that Obama may have been closing the gap over the last week, I’d say that’s due in part to his S.C win and media hype as well as a bit of the kennedy endorsement. However, I sense that the ‘snub’ and the media pile on and probably the fact that Clinto said that she was coming here may have pushed her over the edge to stop the Obama surges as clearly she won the day off deiders.

    I would hope that her enourmous win as categorized by the vast amount of votes that she got shuld be able to neutralize Obama a bit as well as women who are turned off from the snub.

    It is even more important that she does well at the debates. I thik that she has to stay positive and go after him on the issues and smile.

    Regarding the CT poll, I have to see other polling as this may be an outlier. However, the USA poll shows no bounce for Obama even after 3 days out form SC. We’ll know more tomorrow and Friday to see how the neddedy endoresment and media lovefest have afftected his numbers and if FL will neutralize him.

    I’d also say that Hillary needs to have surrogates (not wimpy) ones constantly on the air. This is the one thing that Obama does we..

  390. Just listen to Jesse’s speech at the 1984 Democratic Convention for the first time since that night in 84. I always considered it to be one of the best speeches ever given at a convention and after listening to it again, have to say I still think it is. All these critics of Bill need to listen to it again for themselves and put an end to this bickering and we all need to move forward.

  391. tiburones: also there was a number about was the Kennedy endorsement a factor and of those who said yes, only 25% went to Obama.

    So 75% of the voters who said TK was a factor went with another candidate? Good.

  392. http://www.journalism.org/node/9512

    Study on campaign coverage shows that Bill (18%) & Hill (40%) combined dominated more than half the coverage for all candidates.
    What they fail to mention is that nearly all of it is negative.
    Someone should study radio coverage, which has to be running 1000-to-1 negative.
    If I told you you could listen to AAR all day and never hear a good word about the Clintons, you might not believe it. But it’s true. And it’s been that way forever.

  393. Nice image from Snoop (?)….Hillary as ‘backbone’.

    backbone of the family, Bill’s backbone, now our backbone.

    There’s been a lot of upfront black v. white, a lot of unacknowledged male v. female, but not much about a 3rd division.

    What do Oprah, Kerry, & Kennedy have most in common? Lots of money! They can afford to tell us to take a chance on the recession, our mortgages, oil, healthcare, and other serious problems we face.
    I wonder how many middle class and poor voters want to risk their futures on Obama the Hapless.

    More bad advice from Oprah.

  394. # tiburones Says:
    January 30th, 2008 at 3:05 am

    HighlyEducated HillarySupporter:

    This is for you:
    People who decided who to vote for on last day (10% of voters)
    Clinton 34%
    Obama 30%
    Edwards 29%

    I would take heart in the numbers above a bit. This says to me that even after her crushing defeat in S.C. the heavy media biased and the huge Kennedy endorsement, day of deciders went to her. Something moved those voters. I can’t say that it was entirely her statmnent that she wuld be coming here. Part of that might be the reason but I have a sneaking suspicion that the people may be throwing back a backlash of their own re the media trying to chose the canidates.

    We’ll know more the nex few days. Again, the question can be asked if a huge amout of people decidded to vote for her several weeks ago, then couldn’t they also have changed their minds and switched? She won by what most of the polls predicted. I would expect to see the votes/polls tighten in the upcoming days but I have to think that this FL win may if not give her momentur, it will atleast neutralize Obama’s mo.

  395. I’m off to bed but I’m deeply disturbed by what MessMSNBC attempted to do tonight and that is not report the news. The fact that they interviewed her and carried a part of her speech imo was not altruistic. I think that they got alot of hate mail and frankly they must have realized that all of their competitors were reporting it.

    So Morning Joke with Playmate Mika shouldn’t even try to hide that they are Obambi’s supporters.

  396. January 29, 2008
    Exit polls: Clinton wins late deciders
    Posted: 08:26 PM ET

    (CNN) — Democratic primary voters in South Carolina who made their presidential pick in the week before voting overwhelmingly chose Barack Obama. In Florida, according to exit polls, those last-minute deciders went for Hillary Clinton.

    All the major Democratic candidates had pledged not to campaign in Florida following national party sanctions that rendered the contest irrelevant to the presidential nominating process. None of the candidates have visited, except for private fundraisers, and none have advertised in the state.

    But over the past few days, the Clinton campaign called for the Democratic National Committee’s decision not to seat Florida’s delegates at the party’s summer convention to be reversed; announced several major state endorsements, like U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson; and revealed plans for a major election night celebration in the state featuring a visit from Hillary Clinton herself – all factors which may have helped sway late-deciding voters.

    Among all voters who made their decision in the last three days (including those who made their decision today), 37 percent went for Clinton and 34 percent went for Obama in early exit polls.

    Among voters who made their decision on Election Day, the gap was even larger: 35 percent supported Clinton, 31 percent John Edwards, and 27 percent Obama. When those last minute-deciders are removed from the equation, Obama regains a 5-point edge over Clinton among just those voters who made their decision over the weekend, 45 to 40 percent.

    The votes in Florida will not count towards the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination.

    –CNN Associate Political Editor Rebecca Sinderbrand

    Filed under: Exit Polls • Florida

  397. tiburones,
    It’s EVERYONE in the media. And it’s not an accident.

    But if you wanna talk about deeply disturbed, just imagine how the Obama campaign feels tonight.
    They’ve thrown everything but the kitchen sink this week and they lost by how many hundreds thousand votes?

    This has been a PSA…

  398. Blue Democrat… yup. What’s a few hundred thousand votes behind when you’re ‘The One’?

    Congratulations to all who voted or called or did whatever they did. Florida was decisive.

    Now Maxine will organize L.A. If we can turn the Brie and Chablis set (some of my best friends) in the S.F. area away from BO, we could have a great night on Tuesday.

    I might be wrong but Obama’s snub could turn out to be a BIG mistake. He’s got to stop taking a page from the Rick Lazio playbook!

  399. Good morning, Hillfans. Seems like it’s taken HOURS to read through all your wonderful comments (actually, it did).

    I’ve added a confidential tips email link at RezkoWatch. If you have any Rezbama related info, please email me. I will check this gmail box throughout the day.

    New posts up at rezkowatch.blogspot.com

  400. So rumour has it Obama is going to come out swinging in the debate.

    Hillary shouldn’t. It’s time to go above his insults, call him where he is being a hypocrite…. Otherwise stick the message.

  401. Hillary doesn’t need to hit him any more. She opened up a big cut over his eye in South Carolina by injecting Rezko into to public domain and helping him pidgeon-hole himself as the race candidate.

  402. He’s got to stop taking a page from the Rick Lazio playbook!

    Arrogant frat boys like Lazio and Obama can’t help it. They harbor such disdain for women that they can’t hide their true colors.

  403. Just discovered this site a few days ago and have been lurking ever since. This is seriously cutting into my sleep time. I get so caught up in reading the comments.

    I remember 2000 and all of the problems with the Florida. I can’t believe that Obama is so short sighted that he wouldn’t support the voters, especially after that little diatribe about Hillary trying to disenfranchise voters. that’s why Maxine Water’s endorsement was so special. This is one of her special causes. For anyone passionant about voter rights, she’s the greatest. Obama can have the fat cat insiders if Hillary gets the real fighters like MW. He’s been outflanked. Now he’s the status quo and Hillary is the outsider storming the walls. You would think this would be the WTF moment for the progressive netroots, especially with the virtual news blackout of anything positive for Hillary the last few days.

    If Florida was a Beauty Pagent, Hillary won it tiara, scepter, robe and all.

    Obama was NOT awarded Miss Congeniality.

  404. Good morning HillaryFans! B Merry… The only way you are going to get the answer is by asking the question repeatedly at many places till he is compelled to answer:

    Senator Obama did you try to get the visa for the Iraqi billionire?

  405. What happened in Florida should not stay in Florida! I wish last nights celebration with Hill could be made into a commercial that is shown in all Super Tuesday states. Mr. O called it a beauty contest. I thought the beauty contest results are usually shown all across the world. May be he could see it himself as to how beautiful he is compared to Hill.

  406. Those pictures sure capture his condescending attitude toward Hillary. But he can’t even admit it was a snub. Real passive aggressive.

    I saw his campaign video that Constitional Law Professor Larry Tribe is panning for him. What do you suppose he has been promised in return? Steven’s seat on the US Supreme Court perhaps

    One more reason to elect Hillary.

  407. She should rise above Obama. Right now, what Obama is desperately looking for in that debate is a lucky punch. Hillary is coming into the debate a winner and she will leave a winner by playing it cool and just sticking with facts and staying very positive. She should adopt a patient tone like a veteran professor to a misguided but otherwise talented student when correcting his misapprehensions.

    But she shouldn’t hold back if it becomes an all-out assault. She should be ready with snappy retorts and comebacks. Edwards is waiting for any opening so his alliance will shift throughout the debate. Hillary shouldn’t make it appear that she is trying to help Edwards or take him under his fold. He responds negatively to that. If there’s an opening, Edwards will find the inconsistency and make it stick – he will need no prompting.

    If Hillary can pull off the role of uniter – that would be best – although I doubt if she will be able to do that. Obama will be trying a lot of things looking for an opening. Hillary should answer adequately the questions but make it appear that it is derailing them from talking about the real issues. If Obama persists, counter-attack with a byline or two and go back to the positive message. By doing this, it will make Obama look foolish.

  408. Anduril, I disagree – He’s looking to make Hillary look shrill, abusive who uses punch and judy (dunno how this phrase translates for americans) politics.

    Hillary will do much better if she plays uniter, calm, composed, articulate. And then make obama look abusive and vile when he attacks her.

    Anyway, I’m confident that Hillary will do well in the debate regardless.

  409. Good Morrning!

    Regarding the debate tomorrow, I will give my opinion (what it is worth). Hilliary needs to stay on message and give the facts, if she can focus on the economy, better for her. Come out of debate with a healthy knowledge of the issues!

  410. Wolf Blitzer, during the part of CNN’s coverage of the returns that I watched, must have said 50 times Hillary was winning no delegates. He found it very important to emphasize that point.

    My question: If BHO had won, would the reporting have been different?

    That’s an easy one.

  411. wow, hillary knocked it out of the park last night. numbers are incredible. she’s got wind at her back now for the rest of the weeek.

    while media will not give her one iota of credit…people hear that she did win florida…that is enough. the less media they watch, the better. Hillary is out on the trail eyeball to eyeball with the voters. Next Tuesday will speak volumes.

    I have a busy day today but I plan to start phone banking again for Hillary this evening and I hope everyone here who can will do so.

    I challenge you all to this: Everytime you hear something negative on the networks about Hillary, pick up your phone banking tool and make a phone call. Every negative remark can be turned to a positive one with our grass root effort here. WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE

  412. starting to see a stream of hillary ads on cnn. good. i was getting sick and tired of seeing only obama ads all week.

  413. regarding the exit polls—why is it necessary to take out the last minute deciders and say bho won over the weekend 45 to 40? the last minute deviders count!! and he lost, over the weeend he had his bounce but by election day je was losong it

  414. glad to see rudy “mr 9/11 for every answer” guliani went down hard. he is the second person whom i liked to see fall flat on his face. he folded in 2000 against hillary and he folded on one of the biggest political blunders in american history. i like to know who was advising his campaign. that person should not be let near a presidential candidate for the rest of his or her life. the 1st person i want to fall on his face, well you all know that person.

  415. Hillary do not fight back. Just say you are past that and want to talk about the issues. It gets applause, it hits Obama, and it is what we all want to hear. Obama would like nothing more than to avoid the issues do not buy in.

  416. ABC radio is saying this morning that Edwards has cancelled all campaign appearances and will be giving a speech in New Orleans today. Speculation is that is going to drop out. Have any of you heard anything and what does this mean for the race?

  417. Jaz, I don’t know if he will endorse someone but given that he doesn’t have that much support I don’t think it would make an impact if he did. Part of his supporters would probably go to Obama, part would go to Hillary.

  418. If edwards cares for the people of america he will endorse HRC, both are after the same vote, trade union voters, hard workers, on low incomes, white people. Personally I think he would make a good sec of state
    If edwards is ambitious he will endorse Obama and be VP.

    Or he will be the statesman and endorse nobody.

  419. I am sure Hillary would stay on the message which she always does. We all know it was BO that provoked her in the last debate.

  420. I agree he is more aligned with Hillary’s views, however, I’m not sure about where he would go. He does seem to be more about himself than the real people.

    That being said, I’d love him to endorse Hillary and I do think he’d make a great Labor Secretary,

  421. AmericanGal, i’m not so sure, he has some REAL hardcore support – His word is everything. The 15% he has could benefit us ALOT.

  422. terrondt.. ROFLMAO on the first person you want to fall comment. Rudy thought, bashing Hillary will win him the nomination. He rose because he was the best basher of Hillary, but then when it comes for people to actually vote, they look at more than how well you can bash opponents. The voters see through you. Voters are not stupid, which is why Obama can never win working mans/womans vote..

  423. Jaz, I agree. I think that if he does drop out he should send his supporters to Hillary. The question will be if he will do that or stick with Obama. Hopefully Rezko has put doubts in his mind…

  424. WASHINGTON — Barack Obama is giving to charity more than $70,000 in contributions linked to an indicted Chicago businessman whose past connections to the Democratic presidential candidate have created a distraction and raised questions about his judgment.

    The campaign announced the decision to shed the money Tuesday evening, saying it was the result of a further review of contributions related to Antoin Rezko, a real estate developer and fast-food magnate who has been a long time political figure in Chicago, Obama’s hometown.

    Overall, the campaign has now given to charity nearly $150,000 in contributions received by Obama’s House, Senate and presidential campaigns that came from Rezko, his employees, his associates and his family.

    Obama’s relationship with Rezko came under greater scrutiny this week after prosecutors disclosed Rezko received $3.5 million from an Iraqi billionaire while claiming to be broke. He was jailed on Monday and a federal judge on Tuesday refused to reinstate his bond.

    The campaign’s timing for its announcement seemed designed to avoid major news coverage. It came as political attention was focused on Tuesday’s Republican presidential contest in Florida. Earlier this month, the campaign announced it would give more than $40,000 to charity on the same day as the Republican primary in South Carolina and the Nevada caucuses.

    The charitable contribution announced Tuesday came after Obama ordered a more detailed review of contributions related to Rezko, Obama spokesman Bill Burton said. The money covered contributions from Rezko family members and employees and from others who may have given to Obama’s 2004 Senate campaign.

    “By refunding these donations, the campaign has returned any and all funds that could be reasonably credited to Mr. Rezko’s political support,” Burton said.

    Rezko has been a patron of Illinois politicians for years and Obama’s connections to Rezko go back more than 15 years. Rezko has contributed thousands of dollars to the campaigns of both Obama and Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Neither has been accused of any wrongdoing.

    Besides the contributions, Obama has fielded questions about Rezko’s role in a June 2006 real estate deal involving Obama’s home on the South Side of Chicago. On the same day the Obama’s purchased the house, Rezko’s wife bought an adjoining lot. Obama has said that the sellers had required that both of the lots had to be sold simultaneously. He has called the arrangement a “boneheaded” mistake, but has said Rezko was not doing him a favor.

    Prosecutors have charged Rezko with fraud, attempted extortion and money laundering in what they allege was a scheme to get campaign money and payoffs from firms seeking to do business before two state boards.