Hillary Clinton Defends Voter Rights in Florida

Before discussing the Florida situation we must post the latest news regarding the arrest of Antoin “Tony” Rezko.

After today’s arrest of Antoin “Tony” Rezko, Barack Obama’s indicted slumlord friend, there was a court hearing. The top ABC News investigative reporter, Brian Ross, is on the job. Ross reports that A federal judge sent accused Illinois political fixer Antoin “Tony” Rezko to jail today after federal prosecutors accused him of violating his bail terms by a convoluted series of financial transactions with Mideast banks.

Ross hints at more ominous news for Obama:

The filing says when Auchi was unable to obtain a visa to visit the United States in 2005, Rezko intervened and “asked certain Illinois government officials” to appeal the State Department’s ruling.

The officials who Rezko approached are not specified. Sen. Obama had just taken office as a U.S. senator in 2005, the same year he sought Rezko’s help in the purchase of his home.

The Guardian has more on Nadhmi Auchi in The Politics of Sleaze.

* * *

Obama’s hypocrisy, as well as the hypocrisy of Obama supporters such as those at Obama’s Talking Points Memo, is exposed. Months ago, when Obama thought he would win Florida, Obama supported voter rights in Florida:

Barack Obama hinted during a Tampa fundraiser Sunday that if he’s the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, he’ll seat a Florida delegation at the party’s national convention, despite national party sanctions prohibiting it.

Obama also appeared to violate a pledge he and the other leading candidates took by holding a brief news conference outside the fundraiser. That was less than a day after the pledge took effect Saturday, and Obama is the first Democratic presidential candidate to visit Florida since then.

Obama and others have pledged not to campaign in Florida until the Jan. 29 primary except for fundraising, which is what he was doing in Tampa.

But after the fundraiser at the Hyde Park home of Tom and Linda Scarritt, Obama crossed the street to take half a dozen questions from reporters waiting there.

The pledge covers anything referred to in Democratic National Committee rules as “campaigning,” and those include “holding news conferences.”

Obama continues to violate the pledge he took by airing television ads in Florida. But while Hillary is fighting for the rights of Florida voters, Obama now turns his back on his own then flowery words:

According to Sanchez and Tom Scarritt, Obama was asked during the event about making sure Floridians have a role in the nomination, despite the DNC sanctions and the pledge. Scarritt said Obama responded that he’ll “do what’s right by Florida voters.”

The DNC has threatened to refuse to seat a Florida convention delegation because of the too-early primary, which the Florida Legislature decided on last spring. But if a candidate amasses enough delegates before the primary to ensure the nomination, that candidate would take control of the convention, including the power to seat a delegation.

We discussed the Sunshine State fight for voter rights on Sunday. Florida newspapers will communicate to Florida voters that Hillary Clinton is defending voter rights in Florida. Florida Democrats in 2000 were abused. Obama will abuse Florida voters in 2008.

Hillary is fighting for the rights of voters in Florida:

I hear all the time from people in Florida and Michigan that they want their voices heard in selecting the Democratic nominee.

“I believe our nominee will need the enthusiastic support of Democrats in these states to win the general election, and so I will ask my Democratic convention delegates to support seating the delegations from Florida and Michigan. I know not all of my delegates will do so and I fully respect that decision. But I hope to be President of all 50 states and U.S. territories, and that we have all 50 states represented and counted at the Democratic convention.

“I hope my fellow potential nominees will join me in this.

“I will of course be following the no-campaigning pledge that I signed, and expect others will as well.”


808 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Defends Voter Rights in Florida


    Speaker Fabian Núñez (D- 46th District) Now in his fourth year as Speaker, he has served longer than any other Speaker since Californians adopted term limits in 1990.

    the California State Assembly approved the largest state expansion of health care coverage in the nation’s history. That bill, AB 1X, authored by Speaker Núñez, will soon be up for a vote in the California State Senate.

    Last year, the Speaker also authored AB 118, an important bill that will fund alternative fuels research and promote cleaner air.

    In 2006, he presided over what the San Francisco Chronicle called “…one of the most productive legislative sessions in decades.” (8/31/06)

    That year, the Speaker authored first-in-the-nation legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from California industries. This law, AB 32, has become the gold standard for other states and the U.S. Congress to tackle. Speaker Núñez has testified before Congress in support of national greenhouse gas legislation and was invited to the World Economic Summit in Davos, Switzerland this year to discuss the law with the world’s leaders in business and government.

    In addition, Speaker Núñez crafted legislation to raise California’s minimum wage to the highest in the nation as well as a bill to make prescription drugs more affordable to low- and middle-income families. e.

    Speaker Núñez also led the successful fight for more than $4 billion in infrastructure investments for California, including funds for school modernization and construction, affordable housing, and traffic congestion relief.

    In previous legislative sessions, Núñez authored bills to curb pollution, aid small business, help the homeless, discourage predatory lending, improve working conditions, and offer solutions to California’s long-term energy needs.

    In 2007, Speaker Núñez was named Governing Magazine’s “Legislator of the Year.”

    In April of 2007 Speaker Núñez was named by Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton as a national campaign co-chair.

    Prior to being elected to the Assembly, from 2000-2002, Núñez was government affairs director for the Los Angeles Unified School District. In this capacity, he tackled a broad range of education issues and secured millions in funding for school construction projects, children’s health insurance, and low-performing schools.

    From 1996 to 2000, he served as political director for the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor.

    Updated: January 11, 2008

    Speaker Núñez color portrait (jpg, 407K)
    Speaker Núñez b/w portrait (jpg, 279K)


    Photo Gallery

    Capitol Office:
    State Capitol
    P.O. Box 942849

  2. Who said Kennedy would help w/ latinos? Even if he himself is/was popular with hispanics he isn’t running for the democratic nomination. Getting the culinary union endorsement didn’t help Obama with the hispanic vote in Nevada.

  3. SORRY,

    just want to make it clear, we have latinos here in my state that dwarf sen kennedys work for californias latino… or any other group for that matter…

  4. We got to be able to do some thing about this MSM. Their bashing of bill and Hillary has reached the fever pitch. They are portraying them as racists. It is unbelievable. I have never seen any thing like this. I do not wantto Whine about it. What is it that we can really do about this???

  5. I wanted to post this here again (sorry I posted it at the end of the last thread)

    H4T, I will donate money to MyDD. They have been more than fair. We should also give money to Taylor Marsh.

    May I also suggest somthing else?

    Every Hillary supporter who visits here should avoid MSNBC, DKos, TPM, Huffington Post. This will reduce their Nielsen Ratings or web visits and automatically reduce their impact and ad dollars.

    Let us not watch MSNBC, let us not go to their website. Same thing for the other sites. This will reduce their viewership and web traffic.

    Let us instead visit Taylor Marsh, MyDD, Talk Left, Open Left, Left Coaster, archangel (am i saying this right?) and of course this website.

    What do you think?

  6. Actual Headline right now from the Huffington Post:
    “JFK, RFK, Barack Obama”

    Watching the coverage of the Clintons in our political media has obviously been an unprecedented horror show the past 15 years.

    But I don’t know if I’ve ever seen it as spaced out as it is now.
    It’s like a different horror movie every single day.

    Next Tuesday can’t get here quick enough.

  7. # TheRealist Says:
    January 28th, 2008 at 6:00 pm

    Boycotting every outlet that is critical of Hillary is silly, short-sighted, and counterproductive IMO, and sounds for all the world like the kind of thing Barry’s kids would do. If Hillary can stand the heat, we should be able to withstand it too, plus it will be all the more satisfying to hear them eat crow on 2/5. I have previously suggested that we view BM as unintentional satire and think of how John Stewart will ridicule their excesses at 11pm et. with REAL satire.

  8. In response to Ted Kennedy’s endorsement, I went to the City Hall today and changed my registration from Democrat to Independent. I no longer feel that I belong in the Democratic Party.

    I was able to vote absentee on the spot. I proudly casted my absentee vote for Hillary today. The absentee ballot is dated 1/28/08. This is my way of expressing a protest against Ted Kennedy.

    If Hillary is not the nominee, I will write Hillary Clinton on the voting ballot in November.

  9. Realist, we don’t have to boycott everyone only the ones who are anti-Hillary. This is what the rightwingers do all the time.

  10. Alexi Giannoulias—a “man who has long been dogged by charges that the bank his family owns helped finance a Chicago crime figure” and “who became Illinois state treasurer” in 2006 after Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) “vouched for him”—”pledged to raise $100,000 for the senator’s Oval Office bid,” Charles Hurt reported September 5, 2007, in the New York Post.[1]

    The September 5, 2007, Chicago fundraiser was omitted from Obama’s public schedule and the event was closed to the press,” Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times reported.[2]

    “Before he promised to raise funds for Obama, Giannoulias bankrolled Michael ‘Jaws’ Giorango, a Chicagoan twice convicted of bookmaking and promoting prostitution.

    “Giannoulias is so tainted by reputed mob links that several top Illinois Dems, including the state’s speaker of the House and party chairman, refused to endorse him even after he won the Democratic nomination with Obama’s help.

    “Giannoulias was the bank’s vice president and chief loan officer for most of the more than $15 million in loans,” Hurt wrote.[1] although “he was not charged with breaking any laws. The Obama campaign disputed any suggestion that Obama is tarnished by the association.”

    Obama and Giannoulias reportedly met on the basketball court “in the late 1990s … at the East Bank Club, a luxurious spot in downtown Chicago,” Jodi Kantor wrote June 1, 2007, in the New York Times.[3] Now, “thanks in part to [Obama’s] backing, [Giannoulias] is now the Illinois state treasurer. Other regular gymmates include the president of the Cook County Board of Commissioners, the director of the Illinois Department of Public Health and several investment bankers who were early and energetic fund-raisers,” Kantor wrote.

    Additionally, it would appear that any concerns about the crime-related bank loans expressed by Obama in April 2006 had long blown over prior to the September 5, 2007, fundraiser.[4]

    All of above from sourcewatch.org

  11. This is about web traffic and nielsen ratings which is what gives them advertising dollars. This is an economic boycott which is the only thing that will change their behavior in my view.

  12. No one should try in over look the voters of Florida! We are a diverse and vitally important state – in both the nomination process and GE. And, when the vote totals tomorrow break not only state records but also surpasses the number of voters who have voted in the previous four ‘legitimate’ states, I want to see the pundits and BO’s campaign spin that away. We matter here in Florida, and I cannot wait for my voice to be heard! (Seriously, I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve night. 🙂 )

    I think it is shameful and deplorable for Obama to turn his back on us because we do not match his speeches that the nation is behind him in his ‘coronation’ march – that’s just the media. This will make his loss here all the more sweeter for me! *knock on wood*

  13. clintondem- I think you should probably limit what you take in from the msm. The media has and will always be antihillary. And that won’t change even after she gets the nomination, especially if McCain gets the R nom. It just doesn’t bother me all that much because I rarely watch the pundits and cable news shows. Here in Memphis Hillary got pretty good coverage when she visited on Sunday and the major paper here, The Commercial Appeal, endorsed her. I think if you take in a lot of what gets said you’ll tend to think its what voters are believing. You’d be surprised how many could care less what Joe Scarborough or Matthews thinks. I hate to sound like a broken record but if you look at the results the press has not dictated the 2008 race. I mean if McCain doesn’t win Florida tomorrow I don’t see how he gets the nod despite the fawning. Similarly unless Obama wins tomorrow or comes really close & erases his gap in the super tuesday states I think all the positive press and Kennedy endorsements won’t mean didly. I could be wrong but he’s gotten the same great press the whole year and he’s still not where he needs to be to get the nomination.

  14. Realist, where they are effective, there is nothing wrong in using their tactics. This is why media matters was started. An economic boycott will affect their ratings and bottomline.

  15. admin & B Merry,
    You’ve made the world see
    The real Senator from C
    I bow to thee
    As Rezko tries to flee

  16. The old boys network anointed their own today and I could scream! Obama is a crooked demagogue, and I hope Kennedy rues the day he passed the torch to this suck-up. Obama started massaging Kennedy from his first day in the Senate. And it has paid off.

  17. nikki22, I am with you on this. She will never get a fair shake from MSM (some a lot worse than others, for instance ABC and CBS seem ok). Local media tends to be fairer to her because they report straight news and don’t proffer opinions. The liberal blogs are the worst. I can’t say anymore whether they are liberal or rightwing. That is why I don’t watch MSNBC, don’t read TPM or DKOS or Huff.Post.

  18. TPS,
    Couldn’t (respectfully) disagree more. It is far from just “just MSNBC and NBC news.”
    Dollars to donuts ABC will not push Rezko to the fevered
    pitch it deserves prior to next Tuesday. This is the network that aired Path-to-9/11, leaked like a sieve during the Starr “investigation”, I could go on for quite a while.
    Everyone else will ignore Rezko to the best of their ability.
    Add that disadvantage to stacked (in terms of R’s vs. D’s) political talk shows, the massive conservative edge on the radio airwaves, etc, etc and it is truly a miracle the Clintons are where they are.

  19. I now the Kennedy endorsement is supposed to be ‘huge,’ however I do not see women and her union supporters breaking from her because of his endorsement.

    Besides, our girl has numerous elected and influential supporters in MA.

  20. For the sanity of others and mainly for my sanity, enough with the Kennedy endorsement. It has happened, let’s move forward. We have Florida tomorrow which contrary to what some believe, is a big deal.

  21. New CA poll (per Mark Halperin):
    CNN/Los Angeles Times/Politico
    Dems: Clinton 49, Obama 32, Edwards 11. Error margin: 4 points.

    Looking good Mme President.

  22. Blue Democrat, when everyone is so negative, the few who are less negative seem not too bad. That is all.

    Caroline, I feel the same way, much freer, less stressed. I think there is a silent backlash developing against this pile-on that is going on in the media right now. Just talking to family, friends, and colleagues at work, that is my sense.

    I work with a bunch of Republicans (nice people even though Republicans, LOL) and none of them like Obama. They all think he is ahallow and inexperienced and can’t understand why the media loves him. I have spoken to several Republican women who are strongly for Hillary.

  23. Caroline Says:
    January 28th, 2008 at 6:13 pm

    For the sanity of others and mainly for my sanity, enough with the Kennedy endorsement. It has happened, let’s move forward. We have Florida tomorrow which contrary to what some believe, is a big deal.

    God bless you.

  24. b merryfield, can i post comments on rezkowatch.com? i bookmarked your site. and hg wich state are you from?

  25. not visiting a website maybe an effective way of protesting sites but i believe that nielsen uses a very different means to gage viewership -neilsen households which are supposed to be representative of society at large. So unless you are “nielsen family” they won’t know you’ve tuned out. But one can always write to the advertisers.

  26. Yeah, I agree. Who cares? Bill Clinton must be more of an asset than most of us thought. They are clearly bringing Ted in to counter him. Big deal. Actually, alot of women will probably reject this move by Ted, and it will probably pull even more of them out tomorrow.

  27. Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy
    This is exactly what Barack wanted; to be compared to Kennedy.
    The good thing I see is that Barack is having his “HUGE” day today more than a week before Feb 5.
    So even if there is a “Kennedy bounce” it will level out in a couple of days.

    It saddens me that the 4th estate (the media) is spoon feeding Americans Obama.
    It saddens me that instead of fighting for FL the media is skipping over FL.
    It saddens me that I have come to realize just how bad the state of “news” actually is.

    What can you do? Tune out of the spin and Tune in to spreading the Hillary word.

    Just out of curiosity how many of you are Hill supporters from PA?
    I am from just outside Philadelphia.

  28. Great CA poll demac! I second Caroline & TPS. I try to get news from the real world & Hardball, MTP, DailyKos etc is not the real world. Its tough sometimes but you have to do your own research, find out what the facts are and don’t believe the hype. I mean many of you were worried that Oprah would have this enormous impact but it never happened. Same thing with Gore and Dean. Al’s love for Dean didn’t stop his 3rd place showing in Iowa. Until I see Hillary take a big hit in the polls or something like that all of it is just noise to me.

  29. Ted Kennedy, for all the good work he’s done over the years, is — and let’s be real about this — a bit of a dinosaur. And now the New York chapter of N.O.W. has just issued a BLISTERING review of Ted’s record (or lack thereof) on women’s issues, and criticizing his endorsement of BHO.

  30. terrondt, I’m from Massachusetts.

    Here is link to a video of Hillary’s Hartfort rally from this morning:


    I’m so glad you made it to the rally, and thanks so much for your wonderful report earlier, it cheered me up. 🙂

  31. As I had foreshadowed to you all yesterday, this Rezko stuff is much deeper even then what you see now.

    I got some more out of my friend..Oh btw…there seems to be a quivering fear in the Obama campaign about a possible shake-up. I’ll keep you guys updated on that!


    Rezko has very deep ties to the middle-east, as you have probably guessed from this. What’s more telling, however, is that a lot of Rezko’s dealings with big players in the middle east is because of Obama.–you will get more info about this…trust me on this one.

    + Obama is aware that he has been on the receiving end of some very dirty money which Rezko was trying to rashly get rid of when he was first under indictments.

    also: Obama is not the ONLY one is his political campaign who is involved with Rezko. Expect more top-name campaign officials to surface in the link to rezko.

    and on a boring-er note, Obama is thinking of new ideas for commercials that will try to denigrate HRC

  32. Who are the Kennedys? All past!

    Who knows! JFK might not even have won a second term! Things were not that rosy!

  33. Today, NOW has come out with an obviously fervent statement that reveals real anger over Senator Kennedy’s endorsement of Barack Obama. It is more screed than press release. The passion is unmistakable. I will let you judge it for yourself.

    “Women have just experienced the ultimate betrayal. Senator Kennedy’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton’s opponent in the Democratic presidential primary campaign has really hit women hard. Women have forgiven Kennedy, stuck up for him, stood by him, hushed the fact that he was late in his support of Title IX, the ERA, the Family Leave and Medical Act to name a few. Women have buried their anger that his support for the compromises in No Child Left Behind and the Medicare bogus drug benefit brought us the passage of these flawed bills. We have thanked him for his ardent support of many civil rights bills, BUT women are always waiting in the wings.

    “And now the greatest betrayal! We are repaid with his abandonment! He’s picked the new guy over us. He’s joined the list of progressive white men who can’t or won’t handle the prospect of a woman president who is Hillary Clinton (they will of course say they support a woman president, just not “this” one). … ..

  34. well we have Obama not called to congratulate Hillary on her Nevada win, we have Kerry not calling Edwards to tell him he was endorsing Obama and if it is true about Kennedy not calling Sen Clinton then we do indeed have a pattern of the kind of men these are. A$$holes big time.

  35. Yes, Teddy is bad. Get over it. You’ll have to eat these words when the party closes ranks around Hillary for the GE, Barry and Teddy included.
    There has been more than enough kvetching and sniping over what is nothing more than another endorsement, and one that will fail to even deliver endorser’s home state.

    Do something positive. Hillary’s campaign has a list of unpledged delegates (super-delegates) available. Instead of calling to complain, why not start calling the SD’s who are not yet pledged? Commiserating over a disappointment is understandable, but it has been going on for over a day now and really should end.

  36. A few weeks old, but still a good piece on congressional endorsements and their, neither huge nor important, impact on the race:


    I honestly can’t recall any endorsement ever that had me go “wow – this person endorsed that candidate. Thus that candidate must be goooood.”

  37. Berkeley Vox, we love Ted and don’t want to trash him. However, no one mentions that Ted is the one who opened the door to cooperation with Bush on No Child Left Behind – which turned into a disaster. Many Democrats wanted to fight Bush but Ted cooperated.

    But let’s all get over the endorsement and go on to Florida.


    We heard from some of our California correspondents that Hillary ads are now appearing there. A good “energy plan” ad is airing in California.

    Has anyone else see ads in their states? Which ad and what is the rotation?

  38. shake up in Obama camp? most likely trying to pin Rezcogate on one of his own…that is what the quivering in the camp most likely is… who will be led to sacrifice for the BlessedOne

  39. I would not be surrpised that Obama has ties to people in the Middle east.

    He lived with an illegal pakistiani for two years while at columbia!

    And his hlf-brothers from his father’s sides also have ties there!

    Ha ha!

    Obama (R-Syria?) R= REZKO

  40. You people are doing just what Obama and the media want talking about that endorsement. STOP IT, GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON!

    If I want to hear this crap I would turn the TV on.

  41. Sorry to belabor Kennedy but just a note to call him but to call others who are beguiled by Obama and/or are waffling.

    Point #1: This is a slap at women. A well-qualified woman is dumped for a man who cannot properly press a vote button — 5 times.

    Point #2: If you are beguiled by the inspiration/unity theme of the Obama candidacy, you aren’t hearing the hurt and fury of women (and their supporters) who will not stay with or vote for a party that rejects them.

    Point #3: If Obama was a woman, and Hillary a man, who would get your endorsement? Ri-i-i-i-ght.

  42. dot48, there doesn’t need to be a narrative. You just need to follow your heart and why you support Hillary! You must communicate that as a citizen of these United States, you know that Hillary is the best candidate to allow our nation to reach its full potential, etc.

  43. freckles, its not simply a vote button. lol. they were even COLOR COORDINATED. RED = NO. GREEN = YES. YELLOW = I’m A PUSSY.

    He hit the yellow button 120+ times 😀

  44. Lets not forget, Gore endorsed Dean in 04, and he is supposedly the biggest catch for dems, we all know what happened with that! Obama will fail because he doesnt appeal to very important democratic groups, latinos, women, working people, people who don’t have time for “hope” and “audacity” They want things done!

  45. thanks, mjs. I’m one of those who tend to prattle on and thought a talking point bullet thing I can wrap my head around. I know why I want her to be President but I want what I say to sound smart enough to make these people get off the fence…you know what I mean LOL

  46. Skmf12, You are right Latinos do not need Ted Kennedy. In fact it is Ted Kennedy who needs the Latinos.
    Otherwise he would be a man without cause.

  47. Mr. Kennedy needs women too, put from some of the postings I’ve been reading, that worm is about turn.

  48. *More on today’s positive poll numbers from California. They should rename it Gold rush Tuesday…..


    Poll: Obama trails Clinton in Calif.

    By: David Mark
    Jan 28, 2008 03:59 PM EST

    Barack Obama continues to trail Hillary Rodham Clinton in California by a wide margin, according to a new Politico/CNN/Los Angeles Times poll….

    Clinton won the support of 49 percent of those polled by telephone by Opinion Research Corporation from Jan. 23-27, a period that covered several days in advance of the South Carolina Democratic primary and one day afterwards.

    Obama came in second place with 32 percent to 14 percent for John Edwards.

    The poll surveyed 690 likely Democratic primary voters, and margin of error was plus or minus four percent.

    The results are similar to a Politico/CNN/Los Angeles Times poll taken Jan. 11-13, in which Clinton led 47 percent to 31 percent, with Edwards claiming 10 percent.

    And perhaps most promising for the Clinton campaign, the new poll found that only 4 percent of likely Democratic primary voters had not made up their minds.

    Moreover, 70 percent of Democrats said they were certain of their choice, while only 30 percent said they might vote for someone else.


    California is the delegate-rich anchor of the Feb. 5 “Super Tuesday” bloc of primary states.

    Fifty-two percent of Democratic national convention delegates will be chosen that day, compared to 41 percent on the Republican side.


    Among California Democratic primary voters, the poll found, Clinton rates best by wide margins at being able to handle the economy, health care and the situation in Iraq.

    Even on Obama’s signature line – calling for “change” in the way things are done in Washington – the Illinois senator beats Clinton only 40-39 percent.

  49. ADMIN,


    i’ve seen hillarys ad twice, and,well, love her as i do, i need to be honest, its quite dull…

    baracks two have literally been on 4 or 5 times a day, and in one he’s somewhat funny, and the other, hes a little more animated…

    just saying admin…
    they should’nt get lax, if they wanted to pack a punch, they should edit down that video taken at from the pheonix event, done by the latin guy.
    that has a punch…

  50. What in Gods sakes did the Clintons do to Ted Kennedy? As I remember, it was Bill who told the military to look for JFK Jr. when his airplane crashed (that it unheard for the military to go look for a private pilot). Kennedy has no loyalty.

  51. admin, this is the ad. I think the anchors know what times it airs. just before it airs, they pump up Obama and praise him to levels of Messiah and suddenly we have to see this ad. Its almost irritating.


  52. MJS-

    Exactly. It’s a chance via telephone, email or snail if you prefer, to express your reasons why Hillary deserves their support. A script or form letter would defeat the purpose and would likely not have the same effect as a real, grass-roots campaign. Imagine how it would feel to see that the SD you called or wrote was now on Hillary’s side! It beats using the same energy to complain about things that have already happened that you cannot change.
    Like the St. Francis of Assisi poem used by 12-steppers…

    grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    courage to change the things I can,
    and the wisdom to know the difference.

  53. What a guy Ted Kennedy is! He gets mad at Bill but takes it out on Hillary…says a lot.

    I just checked in on the news. I made an effort to not check the internet today at work. I thought this might be a really depressing evening but wow, seeing what’s been posted here I’m really fired up! NY NOW attacking Kennedy (I hope the national organization follows suit), Kennedy’s office being flooded with complaints (I actually heard about this even before I checked in here), and the incredible Rezko news (warning bells should be going off everywhere on Rezko contacting Illinois politicians).

    I’m making Minnesota phone calls tonight for Hillary…she will win here…no doubt about it..

  54. Report CNN to the FCC, by praising Obama and then airing his ad is a violation of the Equal Time regulation. Also banning Carville and Begala whilce allowing Brazil, Martin and Cafferty to voice their obvious bias towards O is as well.

  55. Who cares about Ted Kennedy, i like him usually, but tomorrow after Hillary’s win, he will be old news. Even without her win, he will be old news, endorsements provide about half a day of good news, then its over. After Tuesday, the focus will be on Feb 5th, and the debate, Hillary has got an advantage on Feb 5th!

  56. posted by Jake D. in washington post:

    That’s real cute.

    I’m glad that everyone neglects to mention the fact that B.O. blatantly lied about his connections to Rezko at the SC debate. 5 hours? Church group?

    I can’t wait until after Feb. 5 when he realizes that Hillary is the clear winner, and that he is a 2 hit wonder.

    But of course, Obama’s ignorant cult of followers who are blinded by the most ridiculous rhetoric since Hitler, won’t stop chugging the koolaid long enough to stop and listen and actually look at the issues.

    The race card is irrelevant; it was B.O. who pushed it, him and his wife.

    Did anyone not read the NY TIMES article spotlighting B.O.’s speechwriter??????? Yeah, a clever young man who writes “a little MLK, a little JFK and RFK.” Pathetic

  57. Well, Rezko/Obama made the top ten on my Yahoo start page…


  58. MJS: You’re right about the buttons. But if you’re sending this to a legislator, he probably gets it. If you’re sending it to a supporter, your detail paints the picture of Obama the Inept very clearly.

    The other point which stems from the 3 that I listed is that if the Democratic establishment is endorsing a man who won’t fight in order to get along, that’s what we’ve had and it’s not what we want and we’ll go for a tough party that won’t roll over.

  59. JAS,

    I took a scientific wild ass guess at it. There are 2064 delegates that will be awarded on Super Tuesday. If you follow the RCP polls (I told you it was a SWAG) and assign the delegates by percent:

    Clinton: 889 + 230 (current count) = 1119
    Obama: 681 + 152 (current count) = 833
    Edward: 350 + 61 (current count) = 350

    To be really accurate you would need to figure each state separately by expected vote count so I may be way off. Most of the states haven’t had any polling except the National Poll so I’m not sure how you can really figure it. I think she will get somewhere between 800 to 1000 delegate not including Super Delegates. But to be fair, let me say again, it’s a guess.

  60. those california numbers are great becuase early/absentee balloting is still going on so hillary is banking the votes!! YAY!!!!!

  61. HAHA. Just got off the phone with my Obama campaign friend. The Obama offices are going bonkers. They have spent a good few hours reassuring precint captains, supporters, and even some endorsers that Obama has very little to do with Obama. 😀

  62. I’ve called California for the Hill campaign…..most everyone I’ve spoken with (that didn’t hang up…lol) had already sent in their absentee ballot for Hillary.

  63. Hey everyone,

    I just saw an event added on Hillary’s website for tomorrow. Bill is going to be at a local college here in NJ for a rally. My husband has to work so I’m taking our 22-month old myself. It is scheduled to start at 10:15 am. I have never been to anything like this before. I need help. What can I expect? How early should I plan to arrive? I responded on the website that I was going to attend. Nothing emailed back so far. I’m assuming they limit attendance…. I’m rattling on…but I’m really excited to finally be able to get out there and be a part of the excitement!!!!

  64. thanks hg. and as for kennedy i don’t want to sound like sour grapes but screw it. screw the FAT BOY!!! the clintons gave the kennedys so much respect and honor in the 8 years he was president and this is how they repay them? kennedy is a champion to a lot of causes i believe him but he is a loser when he ran in 1980 splitting up the party and was part of the reason carter lost that year.

  65. Hopefully Bill goes back to his supportive role, I think the Media doesn’t like Bill, way more than they don’t like Hillary

  66. I have a question guys.

    let’s just hypothetically assume that obama somehow eeks out the nomination, but REzko has exploded and tied up Obama in multiple ways. Will he still be the nominee?

  67. Where do I find the unpledged delegates? I looked on Hillary’s website and can’t find them. Also, I took time to send her another message. I’m sure she loves getting those.

  68. i hope someone like Colin powell will endorse Hillary 😀 I know he was under the bush admin and all, but he was one heck of a great person and one of the most well respected African Americans in office in America 😀

  69. Ok Admin, I’m going to post one item at a time.

    The campaign announced in today’s conference call that they had a lead of over 200 (over Barry) delegates as of today, meaning that there are many more SD’s pledged for Hillary than any news service has listed…

  70. I think up until the convention, there is still latitude for delegates to change their votes. If you’ve seen a convention, the delegates change all their votes to the candidate that’s gone over the top, making the nomination unanimous. If it blows up in September, Katie bar the door; Ya gotta dance with the guy what brung ya.

  71. dot48
    Here is a link of the unpledged superdelegates and there is a link at the top of the page to see pledged superdelegates.


  72. MJS, I don’t mean to pick on your typo, but your phrase “Obama has very little to do with Obama” had me lol. 🙂

  73. THIS is how you build a winning campaign machine. Hint: Not by whinning!



    Clinton volunteer army ramps up in California
    They seek absentee votes here before polls open elsewhere

    Carla Marinucci, Chronicle Political Writer
    Tuesday, August 21, 2007

    They call themselves “HillStars,” and they are part of a dedicated campaign army – the “HillCorps.”

    And with just more than five months until California’s Feb. 5 presidential primary, the effort by the campaign of New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton to organize trained volunteers – 1,000 strong across the state – suggests it is no coincidence that she has amassed a 30-point lead in California over her closest Democratic rival, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama.

    The Democratic front-runner’s California grassroots organizing effort has been dubbed by Clinton campaign strategists as the “1,000-20-200” plan. And it will use “the power of the Internet with traditional field methods to create millions of voter contacts leading up to the Feb. 5 primary,” according to a 27-page “HillStar” campaign manual obtained by The Chronicle.

    The Clinton campaign strategy in California is noteworthy for its scope and for its target – to help her secure the votes of potentially millions of absentee voters in California’s rich delegate field before Democratic voters in Iowa and New Hampshire ever weigh in at the polls.

    “Politics is about the bottom line,” said Averill “Ace” Smith, Clinton’s California campaign manager, who noted that in 2008, “the largest number of votes cast at a relatively early stage” will be in California.

  74. At the end of the day, I think most Democrats are qestioning Ted’s actions and maybe they are thinking his actions are disingenuious (sp I can’t spell worth sh*t).

  75. Nice list of unpledged SD’s. I think we will definitely get Blanche Lincoln. Also, we will get Bill Richardson I think.

  76. In concentrating on the good that has happened today, NY NOW has shown the other chapters how to respond to the sexism HRC, and all of us, women and men, have endured at the hands of old boy politicians, both women and men. I am so proud of the article written by, I believe, Marcia Pappas. Also, Janet Reno endorsed HRC. I volunteered full-time on her campaign for governor and it was the first time I realized the extent of the sexism inside and outside of our Democratic Party. JR was marginalized by the Republicans and many Democrats and thrown away for the “more electable” option of Bill McBride, an attorney with a dynamic spouse, who really didn’t seem to want the job. That gave us four more years of Jeb and now, Charlie Crist. I must believe that some of the sexism practiced by my fellow Democrats in 2002 has been replaced with the wisdom defeat brings. When FL goes for HRC, perhaps some of mt scars will begin to fade. Perhaps.

  77. Report from battlefront New Jersey:

    The new volunteer, Wanda Osinski, said she was 78, and had stopped by because “Hillary is a very smart lady, and I don’t like the media criticizing her so much,” she said, as she put her name on a volunteer form. “My daughter is voting for Hillary, too,” she added, as she was led to a phone to begin calling Bayonne’s sizable cohort of Polish-speaking voters.

    In Bayonne, the campaign is renting its two-room office from the Bayonne City Regular Democratic Organization. Mrs. Clinton attracts about 40 regular volunteers each day, who make more than 2,000 daily calls. Among the workers are Arabs, Asians, Hispanics, Indians, Italians “and a couple of Orthodox Jews who keep coming in to call people,” Mr. Derris said.


  78. will come out soon Paula. Obama campaign is trying to rapidly put a lid on it. His allies have tried putting a lid on REzko case and were the main ones pushing for a later court date than the Feb 26th that they got.

  79. I hope b.o. is asked about this developing Rezko thing at the LA debate. Also, I think HRC is gonna blow him away in the debate. She knows what Cali needs and what the country needs better than b.o. could ever hope to. I have a friend, Alexis, who was an obama fan until this december, she caucused for HRC. She took a little time to look at the issues and saw how little he has done compared to her. And she got of the college bandwagon. She is from Rockford, Illinois and is going to go volunteer there this weekend and on the 5th. I am so happy. I think we can get a good number of delegates from Illinois.

  80. I hope Florida works out for Hillary. I can’t wait for the Obama fanatics to spin Florida to make to look like Hillary won this unfairly. I’m so glad that Obama was quoted as saying that he’d support voter rights in Florida but is now singing a different tune since he can’t win there.
    I turn on the tv for five minutes and of course they are talking about Ted Kennedy. The guy is not God for crying out loud.
    NY Now’s statements on Ted Kennedy’s betrayal should be put up on the official NOW website. Unfortunately, if you go to now.org, you only find a very mild statement from NOW president Kim Gandy:

    “The National Organization for Women has enormous respect and admiration for Sen. Edward Kennedy (D- Mass.). For decades Sen. Kennedy has been a friend of NOW, and a leader and fighter for women’s civil and reproductive rights, and his record shows that.

    Though the National Organization for Women Political Action Committee has proudly endorsed Sen. Hillary Clinton for president, we respect Sen. Kennedy’s endorsement. We continue to encourage women everywhere to express their opinions and exercise their right to vote. ”

    UMMM…What??? NOW had the opportunity to hit Ted Kennedy and instead they put up that statement? Hopefully the statement from NOW NY will be forwarded to people and put on the NY chapter’s website.

  81. The teddy Kennedy endorsement was timed at this time for a reason, to distract from FLorida and from Rezko. This is going to be bad for him and kennedy when HRC wins, and they want favors….too bad.

  82. And it may have been dead before she even left the gate….

    Will the Kennedy family’s endorsement of Senator Obama have any impact on your choice for President?
    Yes, positive 19% 1146
    Yes, negative 29% 1736
    It will have no impact 52% 3165

  83. hawk, I think they may have a coy plan for drip, drip, drip all this week into TT….endorsements to override any news coverage of Rezko or Hillary. I think they have a plan to try to box Hillary in all week with no momentum from a win in Florida or any positive coverage after the debate.

    sounds like advice I heard dick morris giving on fnc

  84. Isn’t this an interesting little tidbit from Ben “Obamarama” Smith at the Politico:

    Total scene right outta high school in the Senate chamber today. Sens. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) and Barack Obama (D-Ill) are feet away each other, inches even. He’s laughing. She’s smiling. But not at each other. Obama is talking to Sen. Johnny Isakson, R-GA, who tells him “I heard you lit ’em up in Macon yesterday.” It was the first time in weeks that the two Democratic front runners have actually shown up for their day jobs and voted in the Senate. Sen. Mel Martinez, who endorsed Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on Friday, greets Obama with a friendly, “How are ya, man?” Obama has his back to Clinton, who is chatting away with Sens. Chris Dodd (D-Conn), Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Kent Conrad (D-N.D.).

    It’s like a micrcosm of the primaries – Obama with his Rethugs and Hillary with her Democrats…

  85. Please vote on Lou Dobbs:

    Quick Vote
    Will the Kennedy family’s endorsement of Senator Obama have any impact on your choice for President?
    Yes, positive 19% 1212
    Yes, negative 29% 1834
    It will have no impact 53% 3385
    Total Votes: 6431

  86. The campaign said that they had an important endorsement tomorrow, (Nelson) and that they had SEVERAL other endorsements which they would be highlighting between now and TT…

  87. MJS, tantalizing posts! Today is the first time I am seriously concerned about Rezko. I don’t say this as a partisan. I say this as an American. Why is this guy Rezko getting money from Lebanon through an Iraqi billionaire? Why was he trying to get a visa for this Iraqi guy? Until now, I really thought this was a garden variety political scandal. I mean a lot of bad guys end up giving money to a campaign and it may not be a campaign’s fault.

    Now, I am not so sure about this Rezko guy.

  88. Like Kevin, we too are more likely to vote for Obama because of what Bill Clinton said. But was it a “dog whistle racial appeal?” We’ll take the Drum Challenge, “pretending” it might have been something else:



    i am deeply troubled by this statement on daily howler, really…
    what say you on this?

  89. I don’t understand the delegate/super delegate business…will Hillary have a chance to win or not if she does well on Feb. 5?

  90. The Howler went over the edge a while back.

    I sent him a protest and stopped reading when he said we shouldn’t vote for Hillary because the media doesn’t like her.

    He needs to check in with Gene Lyons, who tells it like it is on the Clintons and race.

  91. Nice to have you back on a regular basis Hawk.


    BM thanks you for the lead (HI Ben!)…You want to talk, “privately”, you send an email. Common sense should be your guide on things like this.

  92. There will be no winner on Feb 5th, as in no one will get the nomination then, but if you win big, it will give you major MO! more than any single state except Iowa/NH

  93. I have said it before but it bears repeating. Hillary Clinton is the finest leader of our generation. She is truly committed to the American People. The battle she is fighting in this election is for all of us–even those who oppose her. This election is about the future. We have a daunting set of problems. She has the vision, judgment and moral courage to solve them. In a time of tumultous change and corresponding peril she is the right choice for ourselves, our families and our nation.

  94. February 5th may determine the nominee, but with big states like Texas and Ohio and Pennsylvania afterward, there may be enough to mount a comeback for someone….so we are I am sure going to campaign hard in those 3 states, and the others like Kentucky, Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Hawaii.

  95. skmf12, remember right after Iowa! remember how they were all dancing on Hillary’s political grave? Remember how we all felt? Remember how she pulled it out in NH? Please have faith. Please be strong. This too shall pass.

    She will come out ahead and we will come out ahead.

  96. Doesn’t Obama realize the only hope he had was to win indies/repugs in open states, Kennedy endorsement is like poison to those people haha, what a fool!

  97. Since it appears this will go beyond 2/5 when do you believe a presence will be made in pa.
    i am itching to do something. gave five copies of living history to local library when i noticed they were all checked out. called and left messages for the MA senator, voted on lou dobbs site and gave a five star rating on rezko piece on yahoo. keep it coming.

  98. Dobbs reading emails, everyone says Kennedy Endorsement SUCKS! haha, I wrote the last post right before he started reading, that was weird!

  99. Obama was done on January 8th. Please. He won South Carolina for obvious reasons already discussed, and he will go on to get less delegates than us, and win less states, a lot less.

  100. yeah…um…I just watched the two new Obama ads…and Hillary needs to up the likeability (lol) of her commercials.

    This man has McCaskill AND Nepolitano on his ads.

  101. And remember, the Howler was completely wrong about Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson.

    He kept echoing MSM talking points about how they were lying.

  102. Joeysmom:

    Arrive 45 min early to get a spot; i know you have a little one with you but people round you usually help when kids are involved.

    Have fun.

  103. Kafeen, yes he did, he gave results, and then read a few emails blasting the endorsement. I hate Dobbs, but I liked his poll and emails!

  104. Call it a gut feeling or whatever, I just feel like the next 2 weeks are going to very good for Hillary and very bad for Obama. He has peaked and there is only one place to go from there…down…..down….down……

  105. UGH Obama on CNN, he was taping JFK’s spirit, what a joke. JFK had been in congress 14 years, nice try. They’re showing her rally in MA, it looks HUGE!

  106. No, “Realist”, in the campaign is likely to believe that it can be wrapped up on TT, but when the smoke clears on Wednesday morning, we will be well more than half way there, and the gap in delegates now that is measured in single digits will be a gap of HUNDREDS in our favor. TT won’t seal the deal, but it will change the entire language of the campaign and BM, substituting, “likely nominee, favorite”, instead of front-runner. Superdelegates, who comprise almost one quarter of all delegates will begin to flock to the likely nominee and the rhetoric from BM will be about delegates and unlikely possible scenarios that would still give Barry an outside shot at the convention. They will still be against us but they will be using the language of the defeated.

    This will influence the remaining states yet to vote, because everyone wants to back a winner; Expect Hill’s winning margins to increase geometrically, as the only race remaining is the race to see if Hillary can win enough delegates to be the, “Presumptive Nominee”, before the convention.

  107. Todays is Bush’s last SOTU address WOHOOOO. He’s going to tell the whole country the state of people’s lives…how he fu**** up everyone (I can dream can’t I). I always love it when HRC starts on Bush. I laugh when she disses him.

  108. Please folks, don’t gang up on the Howler. He’s has written some pretty brilliant pieces over a long period of time.

    The Howler needs gentle Hillary love to be able to always see the light. The Howler needs not to be brutalized and left in the cold – Chicago style…

    If you’re upset, write Mr. Howler an e-mail and kindly let him know he’s been misinformed and let him feel the warm Hillary light.

  109. kaffeen, Obama is wasting his money on national ads on cable television. The most effective ads are the ones on local TV. Very few people watch cable shows. Most people are watching prime time television shows. Hillary would target her ads in the places she needs to advertise and get better bang for the buck.

  110. oreilly and gingrich predict clinton/obama ticket…..

    said to watch floor tonight to see who is huddled with each candidate,

    none believes 2/5 is the big day..to volatile. gingchrich really believes aa vote riled up/white vote not.

    said that kennedy, and kerry both lean liberal like obama and they are not surpriseed about thees endorsements and expect more of the same. said Hillary might be worried cause left and right are seeming to abandon her.

    I would not be happy with obama on the ticket.

  111. I once thought a Clinton-Obama ticket would be great. I’ve changed my mind since that time. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t accept it anyway.

  112. I do wonder who is waiting in the wings. I’m sure the choice of VP has come up within the inner circle. It would be interesting to see who is in the running.

  113. Exactly TPS. Someone posted a link above showing the NBC local affliate in New Haven, CT covering HRC’s live speech. They showed a huge portion of the speech including question and answer. That is what makes the most effect and matters the most. The locals see it because that is what they watch. They watch their local news before they watch cable news.

  114. none of these pundits really know anything. Their opinions are as good as ours. If in a how like Lou Dobbs most people are saying that the Ted Kennedy endorsement is either negative or has no effect without any orchestration then that tells you how people are reacting to this pile-on.

  115. I’d be happy with that ticket, so long as Hill is on the top. That’s what matters to me. The pitfall is you end up with a Kerry/Edwards situation where the VP candidate is making an argument for himself so that if the candidate loses the VP has national recognition and a storyline to run with in four years.

  116. Caroline, and the local media tends to be more straight-up news and less opinion. They are also happy that the politicians come to their area.

  117. I see very little chance of Hillary/Obama ticket especially after Obama essentially called Bill and Hillary Clinton racists.

  118. Does anyone know if there is a way to submit questions for the last Democratic debate? If what MJS was saying yesterday were true, maybe we should be submitting a question to be asked of John Edwards. If we were to formulate the question here and if we all submitted the same question verbatim, we could get our question asked.

    Along these lines I would suggest a question that brings into question Edwards’s credentials as a progressive via the quote by Russ Feingold. Perhaps, we could make it a two-part question, calling into question BHO’s credentials as a progressive a la Paul Krugman. Thoughts?

  119. People who don’t like eachother often are forced to run together. Also, Hillary actually likes Obama. She had a fundraiser for him. She was his unofficial mentor in the Sentae. And, Hillary, despite her reputation, doesn’t hold grudges.


    maybe kennedy would like her to get out and just be vp or maybe gingrich gives his seal of approval, but we wont…



  121. Bill Clinton to stump for Hillary in Cleveland Tuesday with Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones

    Kim Wendel
    Created: 1/28/2008 4:20:00 PM
    Updated:1/28/2008 4:23:09 PM

    HIGHLAND HILLS — Former President Bill Clinton will headline a “Hillary Clinton for President” rally Tuesday afternoon in the auditorium at the Eastern Campus of Cuyahoga County Community College, 4250 Richmond Road.
    The event is free and the public is invited. The doors will open at 2 p.m.

    Anyone from Cleveland here?

  122. If it were merely the animosity, but she though he was the best political bet? Hell, yeah, she’d take him as VP. Our gal knows how to win.

    But Hillary is NOT TOUCHING REZKO with a 200 foot pole. That is why he will never be her VP.

  123. Is it possible that the Florida delegates won’t be seated? Nobody is even mentioning that there is a Democrat primary in Florida tomorrow night. I just don’t get this. Could Florida have been designed as another stumbling block/card stack against Hillary?

    It does not seem that media will give any traction to her win…instead already calling it “whatever the dems are doing in florida tomorrow night”

  124. i personally would not like to see hillary do her last gig at the debates as an attack dog, ( not unless she has too of course defend herself)

    i would like to see her- KEEP IT LIGHT, AND KEEP IT TIGHT…

    on message, smart, charming, maybe a little sexy and coy, and totally woman…

  125. I think Ted Kennedy will make little difference at the moment. He MIGHT be able to bring out older voters to Obama’s events since Ted plans to go on the road with him. I think it’s a bit late to make inroads that make a huge difference.

    Obama can only make people believe that he is the next JFK or MLK because there is nothing else to this guy. Obama has the “spirit”, his youth, and idealism. This is will the contrast from Clintons’ pragmatism and experience platform. Voters can make a choice and I’m going to bet that most voters – the majority who fall in the lower and middle class – will vote Clinton. Only the rich can afford to be idealists. Working class people want to vote for someone they can trust in and know that this person can get things done. Obama has the college people who tend to be idealists, the rich people who can AFFORD to be idealists while the rest suffer, and blacks who are hoping to have a first black president. This is NOT the majority of Americans! Clinton still has the advantage.

  126. It seems that every time something happens that highlights one of Obama’s many vulnerabilities enough to cloud the kool-aid of his followers, they pipe up with the joint ticket “option”. They simply want him to be a winner and believe that, if he were HRC’s vp, she would suddenly see the light, feel the love, sing Kumbaya (in tune) and hand him the reins. It’s their fear based idol worship showing.

  127. Guys, i think the best things for hillary to do on her last and MOST OBVIOUSLY the most IMPORTANT and WATCHED debate of the Election primaries would be to draw on the strengths of her nevada (RIGHT AFTER THE DRIVERS LICENSE CRAP-CNN), New Hampshire (ABC), and South Carolina (Cnn) debates.

    IN Nevada, she was like the scolding mother, trying to point out that the American people deman a language that means more than going after one another, namely her.

    In New Hampshire, she effectively conveyed that Barack and Edwards ran on a promise of change while she runs on a record of proven change. It was during THIS debate that she made the MOST sense to average voters and shared the most ideas with them. THIS ONE IS BY FAR THE BEST.

    In South Carolina, she successfully pointed out OBama’s problems, but happened to get sidetracked from questions.

    A good mixture of the three of Thursday will yield amazing results on FEb 5th!! 😀

  128. After the despicable way he used the race card against them, I doubt if he’ll be on the ticket. It just maddening and frustrating looking at how this thing played out(and still is). A mob frenzy by the media and the Clinton haters.. and of course all the others with an axe to grind, within and outside of Congress. I don’t think they can ever forgive him for that. And don’t forget, as Bill pointed out, it was the BO campaign that started all the negative personal attacks, going back to last summer.

  129. um, ew skfm. HILLARY is running for president here and you want her to be sexy? That is wrong on all levels and so misogynistic.

  130. MJS, tantalizing posts on Rezko. I started taking rezko seriously today after reading about how he got money from Lebanon.

  131. do you think that most voters in democrat primary tomorrow know that their delegates might not get seated? Do you think this will affect turnout? The steady drumbeat by media about it this night is senseless, those people deserve some attention.

  132. dot48, the turnout tomorrow is going to be extraordinary. The early voting itself is touching half a million people.

  133. yes TPS. There is going to be more from this case, and by the sounds of it, they can very well poison Obama’s political chances for a long long time. Oh well. KARMA, baby. I want to see that sad lying, corrupt, egotistic, and sadistic republican-loving fool lose his seat in the Illinois senate.

  134. Hey hwc, I am sure you must have seen this but maybe you haven’t. On Hillaryhub, the blog report that you did regarding her endorsements by nurses is a feature story on her hub. Congrats.

  135. sorry guys, i sound really harsh here, but i HATE politicians who LIE to the American people..especially LYING ABOUT LYING! 🙁

  136. I don’t believe that Hillary would even offer Obama the VP position after he slandered her and her husband as racist. Obama has disparaged Bill Clitnons President in favor of Reagan! No way would Hillary run with him ! I believe either Clark or Edwards will be her running mate. I would prefer it to be Wesley Clark.. 🙂

  137. As much as I HATE BO. Hilliary will pick him as VP if it means going to the White House. Presidents do not have like their VP’s …usally they serve a purpose, that is VOTES!!!!!

  138. JAS, no, no, no, we wish Senator McCaskill a long and healthy life. We pray that she sees the error of her ways soon.

  139. ew. Nancy Pelosi and Dick Cheney together….kinda says a lot doesn’t it??? 😀 is this why she so weak in the House?

  140. I don’t want Obama as VP. I can’t stand his ass. He’s so arrogant. BUT JAS has a point. I think in order to get most of the black vote, Hillary might have to at least give him an offer even if he doesn’t take it. I think a lot of blacks and youth voters will be very, very bitter and either not vote for Hillary or stay home on election day. I know it sucks but he might very well be VP.
    I would personally love Joe Biden or Bill Richardson as VP pick.

  141. dot48, the msm is trying very hard to convince the world that FL voters don’t matter, like it did in 2000. Instead of making a case for not sitting the delegates (which they can’t), the msm has decided to frame the debate as over, a done deal. They hope Floridians and the rest of the country won’t notice. That we won’t notice that, again, FL voters are being discarded in order to appoint the “fun” frat boy with no experience and even less will. I don’t know when incompetence became just another word for fun either but here we are. Denying people their right to be counted is what got us into this mess in the first place. Go ahead, try again, msm.


    one of the most talked about brilliant moments for hillary, came after the question of how she felt after people said they liked ob better than her. she replied in a sweet voice that it hurt her feelings, and than took on an oh so coquettish manner, that many called a sexy manner…

    it was cute it was clever and quite endearing…

    as for mysongynistic, SCREW IT, WE ARE WOMEN, HERE US ROAR… OR PURRRRRRR….

  143. rigso, I thought of that too! Then I worried people might say he is too young and inexperienced. But, he is an attractive VP choice.

  144. FL is very important as we all learned in the 2000 election. By disenfranchising them or not even sticking up for them, Edwards and Obama have screwed themselves over. If either of them become the nominee (which they won’t – especially not Edwards), Florida will screw the Democrats over again for sure and this time we’ll deserve it.

  145. I’ll take Obama as VP if that’s what’s needed to unite the party. But only if Rezko isn’t still hanging over his head.

  146. Excellent.
    From The Politico (per Ben “Obamarama” Smith):

    A media-buying source says [Hillary’s] bought time on Spanish-language radio starting tomorrow…in New York.

    The Latino community is important to us and that the campaign is courting them is very good for the long term planning.

  147. The only other Democratic candidate who is sticking up for Florida has no chance to win which is probably why he doesn’t care: Mike Gravel.
    He knows he has no chance but I admire that he is still out on the road talking to people about important issues which is what this should be about instead of the drama we see each day on tv. I got an email from him today. He also holds alternative debates which I think is awesome:

    Dear Friend,
    Tuesday, January 29, is primary day in Florida, and the LGBT Democratic Caucus in Florida has graciously offered to host a reception for Presidential Candidate Mike Gravel during the evening on that day.

    Mike has been the only Democratic presidential candidate to publicly and honestly campaign in Florida despite a ban imposed by the party. He has also been the only candidate to openly criticize the party’s decision to disenfranchise the state by deciding not to seat its delegates.

  148. HighlyEducatedHillarySupporter: I beleive BO realizes he will not get the nomonation, so, he is positioning (sp) himself with endorsments and support, this puts HRC campaign with no other choice. Let’s just get to the point that HRC get’s the nomonation!!!!!!

  149. I’m young! Only 22, and haven’t been led astray! Neither have lots of my young friends who will be out voting for Hillary on Feb 5th!

  150. Wesley Clark for VP. At least I think that was the plan.

    Political realities – like at least offering it to BO – may ultimately interfere.

    In which case it could be Clark for SecDef and BO for VP.

    Could be a lot of things, who knows..

  151. mmhm paula. Rezko’s contents will develop in the following weeks…they will leak.

    But anyways, back to SOTU 😀

  152. yes, america get a word of his arrogance…..if america listening they heard this…i hope it get major attention in news..he is so clueless

  153. This is my thoughts:
    Wesley Clark-Secratary of Defence
    Joe Biden- Secratary of State
    John Edwards- AG.

    Anyone… your thoughts?????

  154. mj, Who said that? Yikes …

    BTW, when I hung around Democratic Underground, people there used to call SOTU STFU, lol.

  155. mjs…weeks needs to be days…like freight train going into next tuesday

    whe the hell doesn’t wolf stfu with the endorsement crap

  156. BO is very very arrogant,, I just hope the AA community see this and realizes they have nothing in common with him.

  157. John Edwards? No Way. I dislike Edwards and Obama. Edwards doesn’t even deserve the VP nomination again. I think HRC dislikes the two of them as well, especially after this primary season because they are both working together to bring her down. I think HRC will only ask Obama for the VP pick because she almost has to in order to mend relationships with blacks and get more of the youth vote.

  158. BHO cannot win nominee. he tries to get as many delegates as he can to fracture the party and teddy just helped him with that by endorsing him before TT. that is why I think it is time for MA people to retire him.

  159. I can’t stand Obama! I don’t want him in a Hillary Clinton administration. I want him to go crawl back under the rock he came from and never come back again.. LOL

  160. lol Jas. I felt the same way when bill was down to his last year. I like familiarity. 🙁 but i like change too 😀

  161. W&L picks Clinton in mock convention

    By Bob Gibson / bgibson@dailyprogress.com | 978-7243
    January 26, 2008

    LEXINGTON – The students at Washington and Lee University put their unsurpassed record of nomination predictions on the line Saturday by choosing Hillary Rodham Clinton as the Democratic presidential nominee.

    Former President Bill Clinton got on the phone from South Carolina to thank the 1,600 students who participated in W&L’s 100th anniversary Mock Convention, telling them: “We have got to restore economic opportunity in America. We’ve got to restore America’s standing in the world. We’ve got a war to end in Iraq.”

    To loud cheers throughout the convention hall in W&L’s gymnasium, he thanked the students five times in three minutes and added, “We have got to do something major to combat the threat of global warming,” among other issues.

    “I am more grateful than you will ever know for what you have done, and I want you to keep on doing it,” the former president said. “Stay active all the way through these months, all the way to November, and we can turn this country around and move it forward.”

    W&L students every four years conduct a mock convention predicting the nomination of the political party out of power in the White House and they have been right 18 out of the last 23 times and have been wrong only once since 1948. In 1972, the W&L students chose Ted Kennedy instead of George McGovern.

    Ironically, Hillary Clinton’s nomination came despite louder cheers at times from students who favored presidential candidate Barack Obama, whom the convention picked to win Saturday’s South Carolina primary plus Virginia’s Feb 12 Democratic primary.

    But students, in keeping with the convention’s tradition, carefully researched each state’s likely leanings for this summer’s national convention in Denver and voted the way they think the states will vote, based on conversations with political leaders, journalists, professors and others in the 50 states.

    Clinton’s phone call capped two days of convention activity and a morning of speeches from U.S. Sen. Jim Webb, D-Arlington; West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin and former Rep. Harold E. Ford Jr. of Memphis, chairman of the Democratic Leadership Council.

    In a move that surprised even convention organizers, the convention chose Ford by voice vote as Clinton’s running mate for vice president.

    Ford, a rising star in the Democratic Party, was thrilled with the choice and told a local radio station that he “has got to ask his fiancée if that’s OK.” Ford nosed out Webb and Obama in the voice votes for vice president.

    “Nominating Harold Ford was not on our schedule,” said Wesley Little of Austin, the convention’s political chairman.

    “I think he gave such an amazing speech that people felt compelled to support him,” Little said. “Personally, I thought that Jim Webb would win after his speech, but people were definitely swayed by Harold Ford’s speech.”

    Richard Friedman, the convention’s general chairman, said the Ford pick as a running mate was not as much predicative as it was “recognizing him as a rising star and we’re looking forward to him being a major player in the Democratic Party.”

    Friedman said the student body takes the convention very seriously, with more than 90 percent of students participating in the civic educational exercise by playing the roles that they expect the summer’s convention delegations to play.

    In fact, W&L’s student body leans Republican, he said.

    “I would say that we’re more politically diverse than we have been in the past, but we are still more of a conservative school than a liberal school at this time, largely Republican, but we have growing numbers of Democrats,” Friedman said.

    Sara Mueller, the convention’s personnel chairwoman, said the convention “gets everyone excited about a political party. People just put aside [personal] partisanship for two days, which is great.”

    Steve Jarding, a Democratic political consultant who teaches at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, called the convention “a good political effort.”

    “This group of students does as good a job as any of the pundits,” said Jarding, an adviser to the students conducting the convention.

    Jarding said Hillary Clinton “is going to win a lot of states on Super Tuesday [Feb. 5], and a lot of big states. If I had to bet, she puts it away on Super Tuesday.” He listed New York, Texas, New Jersey and California as states where she is very likely to win the majority of delegates.

    Webb told the convention that the Bush administration still lacks an exit strategy to leave Iraq and noted that Republicans are talking about having U.S. troops there for 50 years.

    “When you are dropping off your grandchildren at Washington and Lee, the Republican Party still wants to be in Iraq,” Webb said.

    He said the price of oil was $24 a barrel before America invaded Iraq and “the price of oil has quadrupled since the invasion of Iraq.”

    “All of this instability around the world affects the world’s economy and especially our own,” Webb said. “The value of our dollar is crashing”

    As for Iraq, Webb said his grandmother would say, “Don’t take out a hornet’s nest by sitting on it. It’s time we did something else.”

  162. I won’t miss that ignoramus, Bush. I can’t wait to see the brilliant Hillary Clinton as our President 🙂

  163. bush must be on something. he is acting gooofy while giving this. he is chastising and taking NO responsibility for what he has done

  164. OMG…I find it hilarious that the dems are not finding Bush’s jokes funny. Did you see the camera pan out to Hillary, Biden and other dems when he cracked some awful joke about IRS checks. They just looked like they couldn’t wait for him to get out of office. I found it hilarious.

  165. Is it true that CNN is reporting that Obama turned away and refused to shake Hillary’s hand? If it is he is a totally classless, smug, JACKASS!

  166. “embolden” “populism” Ok…now I’m SURE Bush didn’t have anything to DO with this speech. BIG words.

  167. UGH! And I thought I couldn’t dislike Obama more.. What a pompous ass! Well I’m sure this rude episode will make some headlines.

  168. Teddy can’t wait to get home.. The bottle of whiskey is waiting.. :p I love Joe Biden too! He was my second choice after Hillary..

  169. I hpoe Biden, Dodd and Richardson would endorse her, soon I thought I read that Boxer would endorse the winner of CA.

  170. clintondem99 Says:

    January 28th, 2008 at 9:36 pm
    Cheney looks like he is ready to unload one!!lmao

    get them people out of office my gawd…nancy p//reading the transscipt thinking in her head what bull shit

  171. do you believe anyone really believes any of this crap? They all look like they want to be ANYWHERE but here. Bush keeps doing the kewpie shrug. Yeah, cut social security but send more $ to Pakistan…

  172. dot48 Say

    do you believe anyone really believes any of this crap? lol
    yeah NP readin the transscript..thinking in her head what crock of baloney

    get these people out of office my gawd..

  173. clintondem99 Says:

    January 28th, 2008 at 9:36 pm
    Cheney looks like he is ready to unload one!!

    when he does, they’ll have to evacuate the capitol

  174. All this clapping is really annoying me. Don’t tell me they all believe the drivel coming out of this guys mouth?

  175. I’ve actually switched to FOX for clearer viewing. CNN only shows Bambi and Fat Guy. I actually heard Malveaux say on CNN about the shaking hands incident, she said TK shook Sen. Clinton’s hand and everyone around him, except for Bambi! How rude – it’s only common decency to shake hands with your adversary.

  176. come on, emjay, didn’t you notice how great that flight suit fit when he was prancing around on the deck of that aircraft carrier? mission accomplished!

  177. Cnn said he actually turned away from her as she shook someone elses hand
    notice that the distance betwwen kennedy and obama was much larger as bush talked about no child left behind

  178. Thanks Paula, have been reading for awhile and finally jumped in! I’m in Maryland, hoping we can get some Delegates for Sen. Clinton. Our Gov. is supporting her as well as Sen. Mikulski. Large AA population in Baltimore and Metro area is questionable?

  179. body. I just wanted to mention how distressing it is to me to see, not only hateful responses to on-line pieces about Bill and Hillary, but also, responses defending and praising Hill yet using disgusting, racially disparaging name-calling on Obama. We are so careful here, which makes me proud. I wish we could keep other supportes in check. (Although I sometimes wonder if these are not “trolls”, who want to make it appear like Hill’s supporters are disgusting.)

  180. Guys, even the Obama hynotized posters over at DU noticed the Obama snub of Hillary. This might become a story since it was reported by CNN live on air.

  181. SNOREZZZZZZZZZZZZ that was sleep inducing. I remember when Bill was President .. Those were great SOTU speeches..

  182. She won’t endorse him now, not until Tuesday. Obama is going to his mom’s hometown in Kansas. We never win Kansas’ meger votes in the general anyways.

  183. We need a new GI Bill of Rights that gives the soldiers coming home and their families enormous benefits in education and healthcare/medical care.
    The President hinted at this and I think one candidate (Hillary) should make this a big issue in their campaign. I know Hill has worked really hard for medical care to returning soldiers, but the state of care for them (walter reed) is just horrible.

  184. Does anyone really think an inexperienced candidate like Obama would benefit from this woman as his running mate? She’s certainly not dynamic and completely unknown outside of Kansas. She wouldn’t bring gravitas to the ticket although she probably has more experience than him..

  185. she is gray haired, elderly and sounds wimpy. exactly the opposite of Hillary. I see why he’d want her.

    the dems should not have let her do this … especially since she is going to endorse obama tomorrow.

  186. I kinda wanna rip my hair out listening to her….I would never be abe to get excited for her on a national ticket……yuck.

  187. dot48, no one is watching her response. I bet very few people watched the SOTU to begin with. Bush lost us Americans a long time ago.

  188. TPS, not suggesting he will be at all…just reacting to the commentary by the talking heads on TV that said she was a name floating around as a running mate if Obama wins the nomination. This is the first time I’ve ever seen her..

  189. key word — transform america…divisive politics…new leaders on the horizon…yeah, she’s gunnin for veep for obama. new american majority …

  190. Tweety probably would say she is the greatest thing. This is teweety kind of woman.

    Tweety’s idea of a good woman is one on her hands and knees scrubbing the floor.

  191. I would be pleased with Ford or Webb. We could use VA or TN electoral votes. Ford almost squeaked out a victory in 06 and I think he’s much more dynamic than Obama

  192. I have like Ford for years and even though he responded quickly to the Swiftboaters, he could not change the minds of some people. I think he would be a good choice for VP. He has more experience than O.

  193. i want someone whose great in debates. Not like OBama-stustustutter-er-er-er-er-uh- or Edwards Blinkydink lying baloney.

  194. I heard that Obama was sitiing next to Ted. Big mistake in my view! This looks like he is being led around by Ted Kennedy.

  195. problem with harold ford? he is DLC, there is already a risk of a third party fringe left split off, picking a DLC’er as VP may not be good, someone like Wes Clark would be good, though someone younger might be good. Well, I’ll leave it to Hillary, tho it is fun to speculate…

  196. i do not believe he refused but rather turned away before it could be offered- a refusal i think would have displayed more character had a woman behaved that way you bet people would have screamed bit**

  197. Eww. Brian Williams is talking about the Kennedys and about the Jesse Jackson comment. I cannot wait for Florida tomorrow. Cannot wait. They all need to shut the fuck up.

  198. RJK, i think so too, one DLCer would be fine, but two? may be too much for the very activist left to handle, they dont like DLC at all.

  199. This was posted over at TM in the SOTU thread:

    “CNN just mentioned Obama looking over at Hillary Clinton to see if she was standing! He doesn’t know what to do – should I stand for this. Jeez…”

  200. Hillary is not DLC. She wrote one paper for them, the American Dream Initiative, and it’s full of ideas like energy from wid and solar, and more investment in our children. It’s not conservative.

  201. the other days I heard on Foxnews that there were millions of signle women and/or single moms voted in 2004, if hillary can mobile those women votes, she has great chance to win GE.

  202. Did you see the way BO looked at Hillary in the AP photos! Man if that doesn’t scare millions of women I don’t know what will. You have got to go look at that picture.

  203. AP has story about Obama turning away from Clinton..


  204. mj,

    What is wrong with being a member of DLC? Seriously? Some of the guys advocating for DLC were whimpy. However, that does not mean they did not have good ideas. A lot of fiscally responsible ideas came out of DLC. I will not vote for a “surrender monkey” like Take Back America’s dream candidate.

  205. Hillary is not on MSNBC yet. They said at first that she was coming over but she hasn’t yet. They’re about to talk to Biden.

  206. Ha, the picture from AP is great, even as they compete, the attention from all the eyes is still on Hillary! CNN said she cancelled

  207. Ford would make a great Sc nominee or
    AG… or white house chief of staff!

    But he is pro-life!

    He beat Nancy as minority leader so we know that he could be a greater leader.

    Ford would be an awesome choice for some big position!

    He just needs to get married soon – his fiance should get him to the alter as soon as possible.

  208. No, ignoring these talking heads only makes them madder, she’s got to charm them, you know these blubbering men turn into little boys around Hillary, i’m reminded of her Interview with Joe, where he was reduced to apologizing to her on air.

  209. Those AP pictures are terrible for Obama. First, he turns away. Next, he looks like a student of Ted Kennedy looking mean at Hillary.

  210. Hillary should consider going on Fox. They have been more balanced in their regular news coverage (really!).

  211. maybe Hillary is meeting right now with Biden and Richardson and Dodd. Something is up, she doesn’t usally not say she’ll be there and not.

    People will wonder why she didn’t show up but I feel it is something in the works. From my lips to gods ears. Maybe other congress and senate superdelegates wanted meetings, also other people there want to powwow.

  212. why does she need to go to TV tonight to explain why teddy didn’t endorse her when she is going to have a great day tomorrow?

  213. I don’t know. Kennedy is smearing her, saying Bill is racist and that’s why he’s endorsing Obama. It’s crazy. That’s what they asked her about on Brian Williams. My guess is she was like screw you, I’m not going towaitfor Obama.

  214. Yea, I just saw the infamous photo on MSNBC with commentary. Wow. Obama is so f-ing immature and arrogant. But this doesn’t even surprise me. I can’t believe how people can call Hillary a b*tch and Obama the next MLK and yet this photo says a thousand words. She reaches across the divide to shake Ted Kennedy’s hand while Obama turns away without the willingness to “unite” as he so often uses the word to describe his campaign.

    Wow. Wow. Wow. I’m so thankful to the person who took this photo. I’m sure this is going to be in the media for the next day or two. They sooo can’t work together. That will be a total mess. There is so much tension between those two. I’m sure they even hate making eye contact.
    Well, I’m glad Hillary had the grace to speak to Ted even after he betrayed her and dissed her on national tv!

  215. I emailed Joe as well. If you do so, please be respectful, and speak of concern re: Bambi;s inexperience, and the serious problems facing this country.

  216. Ok, Webb is probably siding with Obama if he is quoting him. Not a surprise. He’s a sexist and he hated Bill Clinton.

  217. Something important must have come up. There will be time to pick up that interview with CNN after Florida. There will be more to talk about then.

  218. Wow. Wow. Wow. I’m so thankful to the person who took this photo. I’m sure this is going to be in the media for the next day or two.

    Do you really think that the media (MSNBC, NBC, Washingtonpost, Newsweek et.all) are going to show and discuss that photo? If so, you haven’t really being digesting what they have been doing so far.

  219. rigso, That happened two weeks ago and after that they have been very mean. They do not want to be charmed. It is the decision of the news organization not to be nice to Hillary. It has nothing to do with her behaviour. If their bosses tell them to be nice they woud turn on a dime.

  220. But did you hear Obama – unless he is giving a speech – and using a telepromter – he can’t answer a question.

  221. They just showed the AP pic of Obama – ugh! This is the BO we know around here– ungracious and ungrateful. Maybe this will educate more people on the true churlishness of the precious one. MSNBC is making me crazy for sure– Matthews is still going on and on–

  222. No, that photo will be forgotten tomorrow. Obama is George Bush, folks. He can be the biggest ass in the world, and will not be called on it by big media. No worries. Florida votes tomorrow!

  223. This is huge. Video clip of Congressman Meeks on CNN today, confirming (he was there) that Bill’s Jesse Jackson comment (seemingly out of the blue) was in response to a question about historic voting in South Carolina. The question was clipped both from the video and the transcript which was posted at Political Punch by Jake Tapper, and taken as gospel by all the big boy bloggers!! Arghhhh!!!


    Video at this link:


  224. i saw that too. teddy should have sat it out-it hurts the party having him do this . im sick of the whole thing with him! john king claims bill pushed kennedy to back obama-but i read today kennedy had been planning for months to support barack. am i wrong?

  225. I was very respectful to Joe Biden. I campaigned for him here in Iowa. I have worked in the Healthcare Industry for over twenty years. If Obama’s plan is selected…we will be in the same shape we are now. Healthcare is in deep trouble…and changes are needed immediately. I have watched the horrible injustices that have happened. I believe Hillary’s plan is the best for the American People..and the country. I am suprised that Michelle Obama doesnt know this. If she is a executive with a hospital…she would have to. My personal opinion…is his lack of mandates are a pandering to the students. If there are no mandates…we will not be able to reduce the cost. The bigger the pool…the less it costs. Anyone who works in this industry knows that.

  226. EW…look at that TOAD…AKA SENATOR MCCASKILL with that BROAD mouth and those squinty evil eyes. (in the AP picture, staring at Hill)

    Barack has the look of a high school dumb jock. (a skinny, pussified one at that) He’s kinda just giving his usual haughty look except OLD and FAT Teddy is whispering something in his ear!

  227. Those pictures are just disgusting. Does he think he’s in highschool? They better be cirulated everywhere to show what a hypocritical, divisive, mean spirited person Obama is. He’s a wolf in sheeps clothing. Shame on him.

  228. Too Bad Barack’s about as dumb as a piece of drift wood when you compare him to hillary. The only thing different from a drift wood and Barack is that a drift wood doesn’t PRESS THE WROng COlor-coordinated buttons when it votes.

  229. They aren’t covering news that is just as big: The RFK kids endorsed HRC (right?) and even bigger, the NURSES endorsed her! Why is no one talking about that, when health care is one of the top concerns?

  230. We shouldn’t fret about these endorsements. They don’t matter. What matters is that she talks to as many people as possible on her message. Also, she should let Bill campaign full swing. He should avoid talking to the press completely. They only want to talk to Bill so that they can distort what he is saying and trash him some more.

  231. He was saying that the Caroline and Ted endorsements were HUGE and he said huge loudly. Then he praised obama’s victory speech in South Carolina. He said he thinks Hillary will get the nomination probably. EMAIL HIM.

  232. t4h, you are right. He was going to endorse Obma anyway. It has nothing to do with Bill. The spin on this is all coming from Obama camp through their surrogates in the media.

  233. clintondem99,

    That is how endorsements work. They ask the campaign what words they want to use while endorsing the candidate. In Hillary’s case, her campaign wants them to emphasize her strength and experience. In BO’s case, his campaign wants them to call Bill and Hillary racists.

  234. i think biden is being diplomatic for once 🙂 he wouldn’t want to piss off ted by saying his endorsement didnt matter.

    that said i saw cnn footage of obama rally today and there is sure something ironic about the banner of CHANGE and then ted kennedy standing up there saying in one breath this is about change, the future and then it’s about stuff that went on 40 years ago. and about bringing both sides together, thats not what ted kennedy is about at all (god bless him), right? i mean maybe i am crazy but obama started out all as a fresh face and break with the past, now he has kerry and kennedy out there to claim he’s realizing whatever happened 40 years in the past? i dont get it..

  235. Kennedy was planning to endorse Obama for weeks, I heard. BTW, why would Hillary cancel interviews? And when did Brian Williams ask her about Teddy?

  236. I’ll email Biden whats his email?

    Also I think Ted Kennedy endorsing Obama is good because it overshadows Caroline’s endorsement which I think is much bigger.

  237. Obama just made a big mistake by not shaking Hillary’s hand. It smacks of arrogance and pettiness, just like the “You’re likable enough Hillary” comment he made at the debate in NH with that smirk on his face.

    That picture will be all over the news tomorrow, mark my words, and people will remember it – especially women – when they go to vote on TT.

  238. Someone said I guess Kennedy doesn’t think she can win a GE. Can they please explain where that comment came from?

  239. something else too. cnn pundit said one of last calls from ted kennedy to bill in which kennedy said bill should not campaign that much in sc, the pundit said kennedy was angry when he made the call and actually angrier when the call ended. again i don’t know how ted plays with a lot of folks except.. he has been around forever this is change? i just don’t get it, i thought obama didn’t want to re fight the battles of the 60’s. i see kerry and kennedys as MUCH more emblematic of that than the clintons.

    i think hillary really messed with obama by walking right over there to shake hands with ted and others (and him, no doubt), and i was surprised because if someone is just there to mess with you, if you are tough and confident you smile back and shake their hand, not turn away.

  240. # jasonmalott Says:
    January 28th, 2008 at 10:09 pm

    Thanks Paula, have been reading for awhile and finally jumped in! I’m in Maryland, hoping we can get some Delegates for Sen. Clinton. Our Gov. is supporting her as well as Sen. Mikulski. Large AA population in Baltimore and Metro area is questionable?

    **Welcome Jasonmalott. I use to live in MD for many years ie. Baltimore and Howard county. I’m glad that Sen. B Mikulski and the gov is supporting her but you and I both know that Baltimore County, Baltimore City and Prince Georges county has a very large Black population so that favors Obama. However, because of so many federal jobs, there is a heavy union presence but we have seen that people don’t always vote with their unions. I have to think that MD will go Obama’s way;. What do you think about Hartford, Cecill, and Frederick county?

  241. Look at BOTH of the photos (there are two):

    The first photo just reeks of immaturity.
    But look at the second photo which is also almost as telling. Look at the way Obama looks at HRC. You just know he and Kennedy are talking about her!

  242. I also emailed Senator Kennedy…and told him exactly what i though….in a “diplomatic” way…how he had just sabotaged any chance we had of changing healthcare with his endorsement ..HA

  243. So Obama got Teddie to try to convince Bill Clinton not to campaign against him in South Carolina? I get it. All the other candidates were supposed to step aside for Obama in South Carolina because he’s the black candidate?

  244. People I see i have to stay away away for awhile.I am so sorry I don’t think Hillary is going to get the ticket.I hope i am wrong but the way the media is handling this is beyond awful and one sided.You people have way more strength than i do.The media is what got Bush elected again.Do you people think America is bright enough to not listen to the media sick twisted love affair with Obama?Lets be serious here.
    And I must be honest Hillary has been so nice to Obama til he attacks her but even after a slug fest she still compliments him.That needs to stop and it needs to stop now.I am on the verge of tears just thinking I will not see Hillary as the President of this crappy country.I am so out hopefully we get good news tomorrow.And if Obama does win the nom I hope Hillary goes back to stone cold on there arses and diss the whole party.
    This is beyond unfair.

  245. Final Florida Democratic Primary Numbers: No Late Momentum for Obama —

    SurveyUSA’s 10th and final tracking point in the Florida Democratic Primary shows no late momentum for Barack Obama, following endorsements of Obama in the past 36 hours by President Kennedy’s Brother Edward and daughter Caroline.

    Hillary Clinton 52%, Obama 28%, John Edwards 13%.



    Clinton 80%
    Obama 8%
    Edwards 1%


    Obama 66%
    Clinton 29%
    Edwards 2%

    Filtering / Timing: 3,200 state of Florida adults were interviewed 01/27/08 and 01/28/08. Of them, 2,835 were registered to vote. Of them 903 were determined by SurveyUSA to be Democrats who had either already voted in the Democratic Primary, using early voting, or who were likely to vote at the precinct on 01/29/08.

  246. I wasn’t too diplomatic with Kennedy’s offices on the phone today. I told them that I had held my nose about his history with women and voted for every time in Massachusetts, but that I am finished with his old boys club and will vote against him every chance I get from here on out.

  247. vanity4hillary:

    Just turn the TV off for a few days. This is exactly the same thing that happened between Iowa and New Hampshire. The dancing on Hillary’s grave just makes people vote for her more.

    I have banned political news shows in my house. My wife turned on the TV and I made her turn it off. We’ll watch football news about my undefeated New England Patriots.

  248. yowza look at that poll number for hispanics in florida.
    vanity do not worry. most people are not that tuned in to the day in day out with the media. they really arent.

    ps – go pats!

  249. Good for you hwc! They deserved a few really nasty phone calls. I emailed him today and told him I was deeply disappointed in his endorsement as well as his decision to bash the Clintons on national television.

    Keep your head up Vanity4hillary. I think Hillary still has a very good chance. Just from looking at those photos of Obama turning away from Hillary I can tell that she has the strength, class, sophistication, intelligence, and humor to pull through this. Whenever Obama has a bump in the road he acts like an upset child. Hillary just keeps on going. You have to admire her for that. I’m hoping that this time around Americans are smarter than they were in the last two elections when they elected probably the most incompetent man ever to lead our country. They are really looking for someone who is competent this time around.

  250. hwc, exactly the same. My wife doesn’t watch political shows. My kids watch Disney or Nick. So, we are pundit and spin free in our house.

  251. Americangirl.. the AA vote will change. So probably the final tally will be 49-31. African americans will break 80-20 for Obama. We already have the model to adjust polls 🙂

  252. you know i saw historian dorris kearns goodwin-one of my favorites-on tv today. she says hillary is just as inspirational as barack. she gives the best debate performances etc..but she could benefit from giving some speeches of inspiration re electing the 1st woman. inspiration andmeoiton go hand in hand. emotion helps win elections. i hope hillary does this-think the nh debate when she said it is historic to elect a woman to the white house…

  253. Vanity4Hillary, I will go out on a limb and make a prediction. Hillary will win in a blow out in Florida tomorrow. She will ride the coattails of overwhelming hispanic vote and significant women vote and AA vote to perform very well on Feb 5. The TV news is just noise at this point. People have already made up their mind. The media is campaigning as hard as possible for Obama but it won’t work. Why? Because, people resent being told by media who to vote for.

  254. I’m watching MSNBC and I guess Chris Matthews is back to bashing Hillary (even though he thinks she’s has the best chance of winning the presidency).
    He just asked when Al Gore will come out to endorse Barack Obama. UGH. If Al Gore endorses him I will hate him forever. He already f-cked up by not winning the 2000 election. I can’t believe he would turn his back on the Clintons after 8 years with them.

  255. Oh, yeah, right Doris. Give some speeches about being the first woman President. Uhhh…she did that at her alma mater, Wellesley College, and got crucified for two weeks by the all-boys club.

  256. I HOPE she does well in super tuesday debate. I wont mind if she takes a day off preparing for it :). She needs to stay above the fray, when Obama attacks, she has to say, dont attack unnecessarily, and offer details of her plans. Somehow, if Obama goes overboard, she needs to slip in the 5 times vote miss part, and that should be IT. NOTHING ELSE. Just detailed list of plans when Obama will talk about hope and justice and ideals for our country! 🙂

  257. HEHS, remember how Gore’s endorsement helped Dean in 2004? I will take Dolores Huerta of UFW over any of these guys.

  258. Vanity
    Turn the damn tv off
    Hillary has won 3 states soon to be 4 tomorrow without media help,
    Hillary is destiny nothing can stop destiny
    I am sorry but what part of Hillary being up in all big states so close to voting is hard to understand
    Save for a few things here and there I do not think I could have scripted this any better
    we are in good shape
    have faith

  259. I think in the the new debate Obama will attack Hillary at every angle.I mean why else would this man do that by turning his head in such a way?And I want him to throw the daggers and I so want Hillary to attack like she has never attacked b4.I don’t care who think it shows her as a robot(i been hearing that line bout her even tho i don’t know what that mean im guessing they mean bitch by that).I want Hillary to terminate that idiot

  260. African americans will break 80-20 for Obama. We already have the model to adjust polls

    Yep. Any poll that doesn’t show 80-20 for the black candidate is automatically wrong!

    Tonight’s LA Times California poll had the African American splits. Anybody wanna guess? Yep. 80-20.

  261. hwc or some else from MA, if possible, could y’all call teddy and ask him why he decided to bash clintons? I mean endorsing another candidate is perfectly fine, but bashing fellow democrat? and you want to be called party lion and senior senator? wtf.. Bill himself has never bashed Obama until Obama went after Bill saying reagan was better president, 90’s fights were worthless, so on and so forth! wat a prick!

  262. hwc, I guess it’s okay to talk about being black, but as soon as you “play the gender card” that’s off limit.

    The media is pathetic.

    Vanity4hillary, will you please calm down? We’re working our asses off right now for Hillary. She’s still leading by double-digits in CA. She’s going to win FL tomorrow.

    Other than IL and GA, Obama is not strong in any of the Feb 5th states.

    The woman won NH and NV. She lost SC b/c of the huge AA vote. We all knew she’d lose. She knew she’d lose. The media knew she’d lose, but anything good for Obama is magnified by 100%. That’s the way it has been all her political life. She will always be the underdog.

    And, BTW, f*ck the Kennedys!

  263. It is the media that had Hillary as inevitable but we all knew it would be easy
    This is no cake walk
    Do not worry Hillary has the cash and the staff to pull this out of the bag
    There is a plan at Hillary HQ
    Do not forget that

  264. meiyingsu.. nah 90-10 is not possible. because the remaining 20% are those people who are intelligent. about 15% of them are women and most probably single moms/elderly, and 5% of them are men, elderly men.

  265. Just so you know on CNN they just said Hillary going to Florida tomorrow when she wins is a stunt -that the vote in Florida is meaningless. If anyone on this site lives in Florida – you were just told your greatest civil right – the right to vote doesn’t matter. If I lived in Florida I would be BLASTING CNN right now –

  266. February is the shortest month of the year and I am willing to bet that the Obama camp will begin thinking it is the longest month and will never end….

  267. Screw the media. We have been winning without them. We did it in NH. We will continue to do it. People can see how frantic the big TV guys are to shove Obama down our throats. I don’t think they are buying it, myself.

  268. If Bill is racist, why would he continue working on projects to help people in Africa suffering from AIDS? Why would he help small minority business in Harlem turn around their business by assembling a team that provides them with good business plans? Why would he run around the world collecting funds to help people affected by Katrina? He could have spent this whole time giving paid speeches around the world and made a lot of money.

    It is one thing to vote for BO because he is an AA. Yet, it is whole another thing to vote for them because they accused the Clintons as racists just before the SC primary knowing very well the racial composition of the electorate there.

  269. Meh, remember Hillary’s win in FL will matter to voters, whether CNN and other shitty networks say anything, most people get news from their local news, and they are not likely to go into details of delegates and such. ALSO, if turnout is HUGE on dem side, they will at least have to report it. There is also a change these delegates get seated right? Why isn’t the media talkin about that?

  270. gladiator i would not put it that way. 80-20 because despite what big media say most of voters like both, like bill said some will gain votes based on gender or race, thats ok. doesn’t mean they are not intelligent

    who cares if cnn thinks it’s a stunt. hillary cares about the voters in florida, it’s their primary and millions are voting in it, good for her.

    as far as endoresments…teddy and caroline endosed gore in 2000..remember her speaking at the convention..did you like president gore,or how about the same duo endorsed kerry..caroline even went on the road a little for kerry..did you like president kerry…daschle, kerry and now kennedy…bho has his own trifecta..two losers and an old fartbuster…really these endorsements are window dressing and experience shows people really don’t fall for them…the washington social club thinks its important…the average joe does not..ask every day people u see what they think of the endorsements…it what i have done today..most did not know about it and some asked who caroline was.. the checker at the store, the lady at the bys stop…

  272. ra you are absolutely right! President Clinton’s work has helped more poor, downtrodden, and minoroties in the world than anything Obama has ever done. And, Bill will continue to do that.

  273. The difference between MI and FL is that FL will have the names of ALL the Dem candidates still running. So no one can say that she wasn’t running against anyone.

    Like rigso said, if there’s a huge Dem turnout and a big win for Hillary, the media just can’t ignore it.

  274. Don’t you think it’s strange that no one talks about BO’s days as a community organizer – but BO? Where are the people he helped – lives he made better or saved? Strange – very, very strange.

  275. To CNN, Floridians are like the Sunnis. In our elections only Shiite votes are counted.

    The Democratic Party has turned into a third-world banana republic in terms of its democratic election principles.

  276. ok maybe i shouldnt go here but, some elite liberals (i guess i am one even though i dont make much $) will fall all over themselves to prove they are not racist. one easy way to “prove” you are not racist, if you are worried about being racist, is to point a finger at the other guy and say “you’re racist!”

    none of these big media people were the racism police when they were on don imus show every morning (the incident that got him kicked off was nowhere near the first). bill is not racist and does not race bait, but.. let me say.. i sure know people who are so touchy about the subject they will make accusations at the drop of a hat.

    media will have to cover florida results, gop contest is happening at the same time and its close. good

  277. By disenfranchising Floridians and Michiganders, the Democratic Party nominating elections wouldn’t even pass muster with UN observers.

  278. Latest Cali #s:

    Among Democrats, New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton led Illinois Sen. Barack Obama here by 12 percentage points, 47%-35%, fueled by a 20-point lead among women. The snapshot was taken before Obama’s huge win Saturday in South Carolina. He’s looking to capitalize on that here and stay competitive in the delegate count. A Clinton victory would give her campaign new energy.

  279. Bill did two major fundraisers in 2006 for McCaskill. One of them was for a million dollars. What a way to repay the favors? One month later she goes on MTP and says she wouldn’t let him anywhere near her kids.

  280. HRC will be asked about Bill and the race card at the debate. The perfect answer to that question was given by one of our members:

    ra1029 Says:

    January 29th, 2008 at 12:11 am
    If Bill is racist, why would he continue working on projects to help people in Africa suffering from AIDS? Why would he help small minority business in Harlem turn around their business by assembling a team that provides them with good business plans? Why would he run around the world collecting funds to help people affected by Katrina? He could have spent this whole time giving paid speeches around the world and made a lot of money.

  281. another_reader, Yes, this Big Media who is ready to get up on their white liberal high horse and run stories for a week over the terrible racism of Bill mentioning Jesse Jackson, BARELY COVERED the JENA 6 and has totally lost interest in NEW ORLEANS and all the displaced AA from there who still can’t go home and likely never will.

    Now, who is doing the hoodwinking and bamboozling????? Hint – it ain’t Bill.

  282. At SOTU, Obama’s Clinton snub was the news
    by Frank James

    So President Bush has delivered his last State of the Union. And what everyone in the House press gallery is talking about isn’t the speech. Rather, it’s the snub.

    Sen. Barack Obama refused to make himself available to greet Sen. Hillary Clinton before the speech.

    When members of the Senate entered the chamber, Obama came in before Clinton. He went out of his way to greet as many House members as possible and walked halfway across the chamber to greet members of the Supreme Court, the president’s cabinet, the military joint chiefs.

    That made what happened next even more striking. Obama returned to stand by his seat next to Sen. Edward Kennedy who endorsed Obama today in a widely watched event that reverberated across the political world.

    As Clinton approached, Kennedy made sure to make eye contact and indicated he wanted to shake her hand. Clinton leaned towards Kennedy over a row of seats and Kennedy leaned in towards her. They shook hands.

    Obama stood icily staring at Clinton during this, then turned his back and stepped a few feet away. Kennedy may’ve wanted to make peace with Clinton but Obama clearly wanted no part of that.

    The sense in the press gallery was that Obama didn’t cover himself in glory. Someone even used the word “childish.” (Not this writer.) Judging by how much conversation there was about this brush off in the press gallery, Americans will be hearing a lot more about this tomorrow and in coming days.

  283. So….. The new Prince of Camelot is really a childish boor? Who da thunk it.

    Hawk, you got it sir. If he can’t even face Hillary, how is he going to handle the International power players. In every way possible this guy is not Prime Time.

  284. One month later she goes on MTP and says she wouldn’t let him anywhere near her kids.

    She actually said that?

    Yes, in 2006.

  285. And … didn’t Hillary look fabulous at tonight’s SOTU? She’s always come out on top, and tomorrow is, indeed, another day. Good night, all.

  286. I’d have every one of Hillary’s woman endorsers playing this up big time in all the Super Tuesday states exposing him as a sexist and reminding everyone of “You’re likeable enough Hillary” remark

  287. Play up not only that he is a sexist, but what happened to his claim that he is a uniter and not a divider. He does not look like a unifier to me.

  288. Judging from his behavior during NH debate and today at the STOU, he is as much a uniter as Bush is. Hillary is the actual uniter because inspite of back stabbing endorsement from Ted Kennedy who promised to remain neutral, she went over to him to shake his hands and basically say “No hard feelings.”

  289. hwc Says:

    January 29th, 2008 at 12:46 am
    My guess is that Obama disdains women.

    I agree. How many moments like this do women need to see before they wake the hell up to this guy?

  290. My father always told me to go with my gut and I have been saying for a year that there is something this guy is hiding. He gives me a very uneasy feeling in my gut.

  291. The L.A. Times/CNN/Politico poll, conducted by Opinion Research Corp., showed that McCain has vaulted ahead of three other candidates with whom he shared a statistical tie for the Republican nomination just two weeks ago. He carried 39% of likely Republican primary voters, to 26% for Mitt Romney, who also bolstered his standing among Californians. Rudolph W. Giuliani and Mike Huckabee were stalled at essentially the same level as two weeks ago — 13% and 11%, respectively.

  292. This is sad, but one poster over at Taylor Marsh said that the media portrayed it as Hillary snubbing Obama, even though it was clearly the opposite…I wasn’t watching, so I don’t have first hand accounts, but would it surprise anyone that they blatantly twist facts to make Obama come out on top? Of course not…

  293. Clinton held onto a 49% to 32% lead over Illinois Sen. Barack Obama among Democrats, despite losing some support in key voter groups. Democratic women continued to power her effort, siding with Clinton by nearly a 2-1 margin.

    The poll was conducted largely before Obama’s victory Saturday in South Carolina and today’s high-profile endorsements of him by U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts and his niece, Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg.

  294. WASHINGTON (CNN) – Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy is under heavy fire from a state chapter of the National Organization for Women for his decision to back Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton.

    In a sharply critical statement, the New York state chapter of NOW took aim at Kennedy Monday for what it called an “ultimate betrayal,” and suggested the Massachusetts Democrat “can’t or won’t” handle the idea of Clinton becoming President of the United States.

    “Sen. Kennedy’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton’s opponent in the Democratic presidential primary campaign has really hit women hard,” said the statement. “Women have forgiven Kennedy, stuck up for him, stood by him, hushed the fact that he was late in his support of Title IX, the ERA, the Family Leave and Medical Act to name a few.”

    “And now the greatest betrayal! We are repaid with his abandonment!” the statement continues. “He’s picked the new guy over us. He’s joined the list of progressive white men who can’t or won’t handle the prospect of a woman president who is Hillary Clinton.”

    After months on the sidelines, Kennedy formally endorsed Obama Monday during a speech at American University, despite reported pleas from the Clinton campaign that he remain neutral. He hailed the Illinois senator for his potential to be a “president who appeals to the hopes of those who still believe in the American dream.”

    Kennedy also praised Clinton and John Edwards in his speech, saying that “whoever is our nominee will have my enthusiastic support.”

    But the NOW state chapter suggested Monday Kennedy’s decision was a larger representation of society’s ongoing disrespect for women’s rights.

    “This latest move by Kennedy is so telling about the status of and respect for women’s rights, women’s voices, women’s equality, women’s authority and our ability – indeed, our obligation — to promote and earn and deserve and elect, unabashedly, a president that is the first woman after centuries of men who ‘know what’s best for us.’”

    Meanwhile, the national chapter of NOW sought to distance itself from the state chapter’s comments, issuing a statement Monday evening that praised Kennedy’s record with respect to women’s rights.

    “Though the National Organization for Women Political Action Committee has proudly endorsed Sen. Hillary Clinton for president, we respect Sen. Kennedy’s endorsement,” NOW President Kim Gandy said. “We continue to encourage women everywhere to express their opinions and exercise their right to vote.”

    Kennedy’s office has not returned CNN’s request for comment.

  295. tonight msnbc replayed all the kennedy slams on the clintons one after the next. when i saw it, i thought, this is how hope and unity rhetoric actually becomes extremely divisive. ted kennedy giving that speech for obama full of attacks on the clintons, what kind of hope and unity is that? i could be nuts but what the media pundits call a very bad day for hillary did not seem like a bad day at all from my pov.

    also about “the snub” i thought, obama, you gotta put on your game face. something i really like about hill is that she is gracious and works with people even when they have had differences. she was graceful in that speech after iowa (and that was a very very tough loss) and she has worked with gop who went after her and bill, and she went right over to shake ted’s hand. i know some say about hillary and bill that they really love politics, like it’s a bad thing, but you see hill move on from political battles, it isn’t personal. barack seems to take it personal. i don’t know how it goes behind the scenes but that is how i see it 🙂

    good night everyone

  296. I have a feeling that moment was the beginning of the end of Obama’s chances for the nomination. Hillary is such a class act. After what must have been a very difficult day for her, she still managed to reach out and shake Ted’s hand and make eye contact. She is gracious in both victory and defeat, and will do this country proud when she’s elected President.

  297. What’s there for Kennedy to comment on? There isn’t an American alive who isn’t familar Kennedy’s history with women. Senator Clinton isn’t the first woman he’s turned his back on and left to sink or swim on her own.

  298. another_reader, he really slammed them in the speech? I didn’t watch but people keep calling it inspirational. I’ll never understand how some people find demeaning Hillary inspirational.

  299. ok one last thing i will say i hope it is a net positive all this media freak out about race – they suddenly seem to have more aa pundits on tv, panels are suddenly more diverse. yes? i hope they keep it that way, usually it is mostly white guys (nothing against white guys but news media should reflect america i think!). one pundit show i saw that was actually good was cnn show on race and politics (about all campaigns) it was thoughtful not just the same guys yelling over each other.

  300. Wow, what a bitch. He was a great leader but I don’t want my daughter near him? Wow, what a class act that one is. When she is making such remarks she should remember Bill is a father of a daughter who might happen to catch her disparaging him that way.

  301. mj, i didnt watch the speech itself but evidently hardball compiled all the not-subtle attacks on the clintons and put them one after the other with a counter and a ding! noise in between each one! it was on tonight during talking head panel but said it was from hardball.

    i’m sure the rest of the speech was all inspirational hope and change to the unity of hope for inspiration of the hope for change and unity. but i missed that part

  302. terrondt, I’m not allowing comments right now but may consider it after things settle down. One option is that I can select who can add comments but have to figure that out first.

    Good morning, Hillfans. Just dropping by ….

    pulchritude, you are entirely welcome.

    My one and only comment about Ted Kennedy. Found this in comments, which really says it all:

    “Kennedy has a big machine that’s been with him a long time and he’d like to staff a new administration with them. That won’t happen with Clinton because they’ve got their own people. So Obama is the one.”

  303. “Obama…Childish…”

    At SOTU, Obama’s Clinton snub was the news
    by Frank James

    So President Bush has delivered his last State of the Union. And what everyone in the House press gallery is talking about isn’t the speech. Rather, it’s the snub.

    Sen. Barack Obama refused to make himself available to greet Sen. Hillary Clinton before the speech.

    When members of the Senate entered the chamber, Obama came in before Clinton. He went out of his way to greet as many House members as possible and walked halfway across the chamber to greet members of the Supreme Court, the president’s cabinet, the military joint chiefs.

    That made what happened next even more striking. Obama returned to stand by his seat next to Sen. Edward Kennedy who endorsed Obama today in a widely watched event that reverberated across the political world.

    As Clinton approached, Kennedy made sure to make eye contact and indicated he wanted to shake her hand. Clinton leaned towards Kennedy over a row of seats and Kennedy leaned in towards her. They shook hands.

    Obama stood icily staring at Clinton during this, then turned his back and stepped a few feet away. Kennedy may’ve wanted to make peace with Clinton but Obama clearly wanted no part of that.

    The sense in the press gallery was that Obama didn’t cover himself in glory. Someone even used the word “childish.” (Not this writer.) Judging by how much conversation there was about this brush off in the press gallery, Americans will be hearing a lot more about this tomorrow and in coming days.

    The fact that much of the discussion in the press gallery was about the snub is probably an indication of how we journalists and perhaps the nation are already moving past Bush, how the presidential campaign is increasingly crowding out anything Bush has to say .

    Not that you could move past him completely. It was after all his night to a large extent.

    When the president entered the chamber, once he got through the gauntlet of well wishers and got to the podium, he was cheered lustily by Republicans for what seemed like many minutes while he received polite applause from the Democrats. As the noise washed over him, he looked like a man who was really enjoying himself.

    As White House aides had indicated in recent days, the speech contained no major new initiatives since the president has just a year left in the White House and he’s dealing with a Democratic Congress that’s not exactly friendly.

    Still, if there was no major news or memorable soundbite, this SOTU was interesting because it was the last featuring this president and because at least two potential successors were sitting there on the Democratic side glowering at him much of the night.

    Oh, there were moments when Clinton and Obama stood and politely applauded the president, like when he spoke about the nation owing a debt of gratitude to the military serving so bravely in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    But there were many moments when the two leading Democratic presidential candidates sat on their hands, like the rest of their Democratic.colleagues.

    And there was at least one instance when Clinton shook her head at the president. It was when he said “…As families have to balance their budget, so should government.” The thought bubble above her head seemed to be “Can you believe this guy?”

    There was one moment when Bush seemed to take a shot at his predecessor and Sen. Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, who’s on the receiving end of a lot of criticism lately. The former president has said repeatedly that he believes the Bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 unfairly benefit the superwealthy, like himself.

    “Others have said they would personally be happy yo pay higher taxes. I welcome their enthusiasm, and I am pleased to report that the IRS accepts both checks and money orders,” Bush said.

    Clinton gave Bush the kind of look Obama had given her a few minutes earlier.

    When Bush got into the energy part of his speech, it was noteworthy that when the president mentioned increasing the use of “emissions-free nuclear power” Obama didn’t applaud.

    He probably didn’t want to give Clinton, who has attacked his pro-nuclear energy position (Illinois operates the most nuclear plants in the nation, after all) any more ammunition on that front.

    This SOTU had scenes typical of SOTU, the moments when the president would say something that would send his Republicans cheering while Democrats would sit mutely just waiting for the speech to be over, like when the president advocated for trade agreements.

    But there were also some moments where some odd, clapping coalitions occured. For instance, the president threw out a red-meat line meant for conservatives about strict constructionist judges. “On matters of justice, we must trust in the wisdom of our Founders and empower judges who understand that the Constitution means what it says.”

    This got an ovation from Republicans and, on the other side of the aisle, Rep. Maxine Waters, one of the most liberal members of the Congress who obviously read her own civil-libertarian meaning onto what the president said.

    After Bush completed his speech and left the rostrum, he slowly walked through the chamber, through the lawmakers and congressional staffers who asked him to autograph copies of his speech.

    For a man who usually is in bed by the time this speech finished tonight, around 10 pm, he lingered some time, like he wasn’t in a rush to leave, like he was savoring what was probably his last time in the House chamber. And he probably was.

  304. Missing the boat on this Obama snubs Hillary Photo story.
    It’s No. 1 on Drudge, been mentioned on both CNN and MSNBC (they carefully mitigated the damage for Obama by bailing – though not before Pat Buchanan called it “Ungracious”.

    I’ve posted a diary over at Daily Kos, many Obama-ites sound fearful of the damage this may inflict.
    And the Baltimore Sun now has an account of it that is quite surprising.

    Hope this posts!! They haven’t been making it for reasons unknown to me! If there’s aposting limit, please advise.

  305. Washingpost has six opinion pieces today each and every one of them trashing the Clintons. From now on this looks like a norm. I am glad that I cancelled their subscription and I have no plans of renewing it.

  306. rjk1957 Says:

    January 29th, 2008 at 12:48 am
    My father always told me to go with my gut and I have been saying for a year that there is something this guy is hiding. He gives me a very uneasy feeling in my gut.

    i do too

    you can tell he lies…i dont know if its shady or his actions..something in deep to tellls me he is dangerous..and crooked this money from overseas to rezko… someone over there knows something about bo,my opinion is he has ties there for some odd reason, it might be from idonesia or pakstani,or syria, and him meeting with leaders like iran,i think he has pals over there..just gut feelings that i think of,so that bothers me…he doesnt look at anyone straight in the eyes either..he rumbles and rambles on.it was 17 years now its 20yrs he says…i do not trust him in a heartbeat

  307. CJ,
    they have known each other longer than that. Rezko called Obama when he was in college or Law school offering him a job. Obama turned him down, but that begs the question who put Rezko up to offering someone who he does not know a job? There is something much bigger going on here than Rezko, someone else is pulling the strings.

  308. b merryfield …i got in my toolbar,great stuff im learning thanks for it and admin to it keeps me busy to read…

    Well that is ungraciuos of BO,it will go forward especially the view.tuesday mornin i bet whoopie will say something…

  309. Jeez, how about a new front page story or diary on this photo admin.?
    Is it because it doesn’t want to be seen as being pushed?

    Because otherwise, it should be! Even posters at Huffington Post are laying into Obama on this. Could haunt him all week – as it should.
    As I’ve pointed out at DKOS, Obama has already hollered at the former first lady (several times) during the last debate, nastily said,”You’re likeable enough, Hillary”, and now this, after walking all over the chamber to shake hands with everyone.
    I don’t take this stuff lightly, as you may be able to detect.

  310. rjk..i agree…There is something much bigger going on here than Rezko, someone else is pulling the strings…thats what make me uneasy,i know just like somebloggs i was reading few days ago and people some were i want to know right now who is bo and this guy i wanna know before the gelection..so people are wondering its quite a few i seen who write that on thee blogs

  311. He’s an ordinary pol who’s heavy on the rhetoric, light on the substance, and a purity hypocrite. But, I think you all are thinking far more sinister than reality.

  312. I think this photo moment is much worse than the “likable enough” comment. I am so HAPPY this happened. This is taking over a lot of blogs and news networks which is good for HRC. Anything bad about Obama that takes away from his Ted Kennedy endorsement and the SOTU is good for us.
    This comes at the worst time for him as well. At least the “likable enough” comment was during the NH primary. We’re very close to Super Tuesday and I think these photos will be his Howard Dean “Yeeaaah!” moment. Not good. Maybe not as bad as Dean’s moment in Iowa but still bad. His campaign is all about image; rising above politics as usual, unifying the country, changing politics. And this just PROVES that who he really is is far from being a uniter.

  313. Thank You! (Highly Educated)

    No known video as of now.

    Also of note; I read an early account after the SOTU that Obama was watching Hillary to gauge her reaction to Bush’s speech, when she was standing to applaud, etc.

    Wouldn’t you know it? A story in the Politico has the roles reversed!

    This is how they do folks…. Night.

  314. Jesus, are you kidding me? Hillary would never look to see how Obama reacted. This is so sad. It’s utter propaganda.

  315. Oddly, the photo/ handshake story isn’t mentioned anywhere in this morning’s Washington Post, despite them having an article entitled,
    “Kisses, Hand Shakes and Skin Dominate Bush’s Last SOTU”, and despite this having been broadcast and discussed on several networks and been the No. 1 story on Drudge, as well as it receiving prominent mention on several major blogs, well before any 12:00 deadline.

    Ok, now I’m going to sleep.

  316. washtimes on the snub-but o managed to shake alito’s hand

  317. It’s No. 1 on FOX’s politics page, ahead of the SOTU.

    With that headline, they of course attempt to share/shift blame from Obama.

  318. Let us not watch MSNBC, let us not go to their website. Same thing for the other sites. This will reduce their viewership and web traffic.
    Let us instead visit Taylor Marsh, MyDD, Talk Left, Open Left, Left Coaster, archangel (am i saying this right?) and of course this website.

    Right on! The corporate media has been like this since around 2000; they were Gore’s biggest opponent. I’ve heard some people get most of their news from Leno and Letterman, thinking them less biased!

    Boycotting Corp Media with our clicks is fine, but I think it’s time to set up a whole new information loop and leave them out! Non-wonky readers have only so much time to spend on news, whether on tv or on internet. Every minute we can keep a person reading our own sites instead of Corp Med sites, the better. Even if they’re just reading jokes on our sites, not getting detailed political news from us, they’re not getting Corp Med propoganda either.

    I’d love to see a bunch of mostly entertaining, non-wonky sites — with links to the most sane stories each day at New York Times, or at foreign sites with stories about US politics. (And to each others’ sites and good diaries at mydd etc maybe — I don’t like linking to such semi-toxic places even to one good diary).

    Is there anyone who reads the half way decent, paper media such as New York Times, Chicago Tribune, etc — who would be willing to each day make a list of the links and headlines of the nearest to sane stories, which could be mirrored on other people’s sites?

  319. hey all – i’m back from Sundance film fest- but have been keeping one eye on your comments, and my heart behind hillary – not sure if this was posted earlier, but if so, sorry about the repeat:

    There is a world of difference between being a woman and being an old female. If you’re born a girl, grow up, and live long enough, you can become an old female. But to become a woman is a serious matter. A woman takes responsibility for the time she takes up and the space she occupies. Hillary Clinton is a woman. She has been there and done that and has still risen. She is in this race for the long haul. She intends to make a difference in our country. Hillary Clinton intends to help our country to be what it can become.

    She declares she wants to see more smiles in the family, more courtesies between men and women, more honesty in the marketplace. She is the prayer of every woman and man who longs for fair play, healthy families, good schools, and a balanced economy.

    Rise, Hillary.


  320. Why it seem like Hillary is not counter attacking?I mean she should not just allow this.She never answer a question with a question.Why is she not attacking the media?Most people love the strong ice queen that is Hillary.But lately she is not reminding me of the Hillary that I freaking love and adore.She needs to turn to stone of these people.Its obvious her acting nice is getting her anywhere

  321. In case you haven’t read it, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Kerry Kennedy have written their endorsement for HRC. Too bad it’s not getting as much attention:

    Kennedys for Clinton
    She stands for Democrats and for the nation, these family members say.
    January 29, 2008
    This is a wonderful year for Democrats. Our party is blessed with the most impressive array of primary candidates in modern history. All would make superb presidents.

    By now you may have read or heard that our cousin, Caroline Kennedy, and our uncle, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, have come out in favor of Sen. Barack Obama. We, however, are supporting Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton because we believe that she is the strongest candidate for our party and our country.

    While talk of unity and compromise are inspiring to a nation wary of divisiveness, America stands at a historic crossroads where real issues divide our political landscapes. Democrats believe that America should not be torturing people, eavesdropping on our citizens or imprisoning them without habeas corpus or other constitutional rights. We should not be an imperial power. We need healthcare for all and a clean, safe environment.

    The loftiest poetry will not solve these issues. We need a president willing to engage in a fistfight to safeguard and restore our national virtues.

    We have worked with Hillary Clinton for 15 years (and in Kathleen’s case, 25 years) and witnessed the power and depth of her convictions firsthand. We’ve seen her formidable work ethic, courage in the face of adversity and her dignity and clear head in crisis. We’ve also seen her two-fisted willingness to enter the brawl when America’s principles are challenged. Her measured rhetoric, political savvy and pragmatism shield the heart of our nation’s most determined and most democratic warrior.

    She has been an uncompromising and loyal ally for each of us in our battles to protect the environment and to promote human rights around the world and juvenile justice in America. Hillary is a problem-solver, listening to people and then achieving solutions by changing attitudes.

    Her transformational leadership was on display when she ran for the Senate seat in New York that had been held by our father, Sen. Robert F. Kennedy. She faced rabid, heavily funded attacks from the far right and the challenge of prevailing in traditionally Republican upstate New York. Traveling with her, we watched admiringly as she persuasively articulated an inspiring and unifying vision rooted in American values and history. Then, through patience, hard work, leadership and political acumen, she transformed many of those rock-solid conservative counties into solid Democratic strongholds.

    We look forward to working beside her in the general election as she uses those same talents to change once rigid opinions and political affiliations across the nation.

    Like our father, Hillary has devoted her life to embracing and including those on the bottom rung of society’s ladder — giving voice to the alienated and disenfranchised and working to alleviate poverty and injustice, while urging that we cannot advance ourselves as a nation by leaving our poorer brothers and sisters behind.

    She’s been an equally effective champion for human rights and for women’s rights, a worldwide cause that will profit enormously by her elevation to the presidency. She has worked for peace in Northern Ireland and fought to bridge religious, racial and ethnic divides from Bosnia to the Middle East to South Africa. She has shown a rare understanding that American values can only be exported by moral leadership, by a strong home economy and by a detailed understanding of the history and cultural backdrops of the nations we engage.

    She understands, as our current administration does not, the uses of power. The world, she says, is hungry for U.S. leadership but will not accept our bullying. She knows the difference and will reestablish America’s lost prestige and moral authority.

    Hillary Clinton’s political career has been centered in comforting the afflicted, afflicting the comfortable and reminding Americans what it means to be American. As a young lawyer, she focused on children’s issues and legal aid. As first lady of Arkansas, she brought healthcare to rural areas and helped reform the state’s lagging education system.

    As first lady, she courageously took on healthcare reform. When a massive propaganda campaign by Big Pharma and the radical right derailed her efforts, she didn’t give up. She helped create the nationally acclaimed Children’s Health Insurance Program. That kind of persistence in pursuit of our highest ideals is the brand of leadership America now requires. Inspirational leadership comes in many forms.

    Seldom has history confronted America with such daunting challenges: a catastrophic foreign policy that has cost us our international leadership and aggravated the threat of terror; a misbegotten war that is squandering precious American lives and treasure; a healthcare system that leaves millions of Americans without coverage; irresponsible corporate power that is corroding our democracy and outsourcing our jobs, aggravating global warming and other environmental crises and reducing our economy to shambles.

    We need a leader who is battle-tested, resilient and sure-footed on the shifting landscapes of domestic and foreign policy. Hillary Clinton will move our country forward while promoting its noblest ideals.

    Kathleen Kennedy Townsend is the former lieutenant governor of Maryland, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is an environmental advocate and Kerry Kennedy is a human rights activist.

  322. Tweetie was wondering if Bob Casey, PA’s Jr. Senator, might endorse anyone. He is from Scranton, PA, which is union town USA. HRC is VERY popular there and that region is known to sway the state often. In 2004, both Bush and Kerry made it there first campaign stop after their conventions.

    If anyone on this board is from PA, call Bob (casey.senate.gov). He is a pro-life Dem, so you might want to express enthusiasm for HRC’s adoption proposals.

  323. Singer madonna was so right on when she stated this.And may I add

    “I’ve never been treated more disrespectfully as a woman than by the Black men that I’ve dated.”
    “I think Black men have just been shit on for so long, that, in a way, Black women are maybe more willing to accept rage from a Black man, because they see what’s happened to them.”
    She said many Black men grow up without fathers or strong male figures, and they are used to seeing men disrespect women.Madonna noted she thought she appealed to Blacks because she’s a female, therefore in a minority group also. But she said she later realized that the Black community does not support her.
    “I identified with Black men because I thought in a way we experience the same things–people treat you like shit ’cause you’re Black, people treat you like shit ’cause you’re a woman.”
    The outspoken singer went on to say, “And I came to the realization that a strong female is frightening to everybody, because all societies are male-dominated–Black societies, poor people, rich people, any racial group, they’re all dominated by men. A strong female is going to threaten everybody across the board.”

  324. i enjoyed this comment on baracks behavior, from a blogger on another site…

    Not cool (5.00 / 2) (#81)
    by mexboy on Tue Jan 29, 2008 at 12:51:14 AM EST

    If Obama were to become president is this how he would treat world leaders when they criticize him??
    He is showing his true colors and I don’t like it one bit. Hilary should keep putting pressure on him because PRESSURE REVEALS CHARACTER, and I’m not liking what I see from him.

    It is petty, childish and immature and it shows Obama’s lack of diplomacy to put it delicately.

  325. I know this sounds crazy, but Hillary has an item on her Fact Hub http://facts.hillaryhub.com/archive/?id=5548 that talks about her position regarding her support for immigration reform. The timing of this spotlight has me worried and it really looks like this could be a real “gotcha” moment at the debate. Since I’m having a bit of ansomnia I thought I’d share a bit of framing that might help.

    The Fact Hub points out that Hillary, in her stump, is referring to “the process outlined in the comprehensive immigration reform she supports.” It’s the “she supports” part that could get her in trouble despite the fact that many other Democratic Senators may also support it.

    One way to explain her support is to remind people that as Senator she has a responsibility, whenever possible, to vote according to the wishes and interests of her constituents in New York. However, in running for President, she has a unique opportunity to hear how legislation affects and is important to Americans and not just New Yorkers. By bringing up the topic of immigration, it allows people from all over the country who feel strong on either side of the issue to speak directly to her and add their shades to the perspective that she will incorporate when next approaching the issue.

    The campaign trail offers a wonderful opportunity to learn, first hand, from the people it affects those points of contention that could be compromised because they are not of great urgency to members of your constituency.

    I write this because I grew up on the border in South Texas and now live in NYC. People in these two places view immigration very differently. I expect that the Senator from New York will have a different set of priorities than I expect the POTUS to have. I’m happy that she speaks openly about her position and welcomes questions on the issue on the campaign trail. I am confident that with her better understanding of the issue she will come up with a winning solution once she’s in the White House.

  326. Hey yall. Long day. Please go up and read the endorsement of Hillary by Katheen Kennedy Townsend, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and Kerry Kennedy. It’s at 3:18 or there abouts. I think I am going to try to remember to write and thank these folks for their support of Hillary. It is particularly inspiring to hear the words of Bobby Kennedy and remember him. He had a way of connecting with people that is what I see and hear in Hillary when she is talking with people in a town hall. I hope folks saw her when she was in Nashville the other night. I was so touched by the questions that were asked. It is so clear that she is motivated by a sincere desire to help people. She has heart and empathy and she is a brilliant leader. I believe with all my being that this country needs her. We need her. And we must all pledge to do everything we can to work on her behalf. To put our very best, most positive efforts in this.

    I also want to say that I believe we will do very well in Florida and I hope everyone down there goes out and votes if they haven’t submitted their ballot already. I grew really angry at hearing men who should know better, namely David Gergen and John King, among others, talk about how the votes of FLoridians in the Democratic primary “don’t matter.” They said in fact that the media should essentially ignore the votes. Generally, I think Mr. Gergen has very reasoned opinions and I respect him. But I think this sends a horrible message in a country where we do everything we can to convince people to participate, and one way is to go out and vote. Their voice DOES matter. Their votes do matter. Perhaps they don’t matter to Barack or David Gergen or John Edwards. Perhaps many will hide behind the excuse “it’s all the DNC’s fault” or it’s all Florida’s fault. Truth to tell, an election is an election and at least 400,000 people in Florida have voted. Tell them their votes don’t matter! Senator Clinton knows that they matter. I am weary of Obama’s hypocrisy talking about the agreement not to campaign when his ads ran in Florida. Well, if there’s anybody from Florida reading this tonight, be assured that there are some people who know that your votes matter and that will make sure that they are counted and considered. Our candidate, Senator Hillary Clinton, cares enough to make sure that you are heard and to give voice to those who’s opinions cannot be registered “officially.”

    Thank you Senator Clinton. Thanks for caring about Florida and the rest of us. We know you are too gracious and mature to ever be disturbed by a petty snub. Not when there’s so much more going on in the world that needs our attention. Not when it’s not about any one of us but, rather, our future.

    We love you here and we are with you.

  327. Good points on the threads above about immigration, snubs and character and Madonna. I guess there’s more than one of us not sleeping tonight. I agree on the immigration issue that the campaign trail is a place to listen and learn. It may not be pitched as such and it may be hard to do any learning in the kind of atmosphere that is important but I do think there are excellent points here in saying that this is an issue that affects different states differently and so all Americans need to really be learning about this issue. It’s also fair to say that we are a long way toward solutions on this issue and our leaders are showing us how they will go about solving problems by how they approach this issue.

    About character and pressure: I think that’s exactly right. You don’t find out much about character, perhaps, when everything is going smoothly, but when the screws start tightening what will happen? We should be prepared to watch and learn. What I am seeing of Senator Obama right now is not impressive. I mean, why snub a fellow candidate and Senator? We teach our children that even in heated competition, it’s important to shake hands and show respect. It shows a real underlying problem I think and we should encourage people to take a close look.

  328. I can’t sleep @ molly .I do not understand what is going on.It kills me this is y first time registering to vote and all and now i have to sit thru another 4 years with this clown in office.If he win the ticket i suggest women to turn there back on the democrats.I refuse to suppose them if they abandon Hillary like this.Its cute and nice that people is trying to be positive round here but lets again be serious.
    And this Rezko crap is not going anywhere besides on blogs and such.

  329. the snub now front and enter on halperin’s the page. that is msm. let’s see if tv reports are done on it

  330. Vanity: It’s going to be okay. Try not to be too shaken by the events of the past week. All the ugliness that got stirred up in South Carolina, all the hype of today, all the pettiness of the snub, I think all that is going to be old news in another week. Hillary Clinton is probably the strongest woman I’ve ever known of. I think obstacles are challenges to her and she takes them and turns them around into opportunities. That’s one of many reasons why she will be a great President. I remember when President Clinton ran the first time (and the second time). I’ve seen a lot of difficult campaigns. And I’ve thought before on other campaigns all was lost only to have them turn around. I know it is hard to be positive, but we have to try. Even if we have to turn our tvs off and take turns watching the news just to see the idiocy first hand, we have to stay positive. We are in this together and we are in it for each other, for our country and for the future. Generations depend on what we choose to do.

    The Rezko thing has a life of its own and Americans like few things more than a good story about who did what to whom and when did they do it. We can’t control that unfolding. It will take care of itself.

    Try to take it easy and rest even if you can’t sleep. Watch stuff that’s entertaining and not stuff that makes you upset. You don’t have to be serious all the time! Take good care.

  331. I’ve always been more a fan of Bobby Kennedy than Jack. And, this is not to be vitriolic at all, but I just don’t think JFK as the greatest president of his generation. Most of the news stations have been pushing Kennedys’ endorsement of Obama as though it were the whole family. The children of RFK, at least two of whom have considerably more experience in political and governmental affairs, have endorsed HRC. I hope she says something smart about this in the next debate.

  332. Here’s hoping that Hillary wins Florida tomorrow, celebrates the big win, and draws significant attention to the Florida delegates’ right to be seated in Denver.

  333. Does the amnesia-prone media and public forget that Jacqueline Onassis and Hillary Clinton were good friends – did Ted Kennedy forget this too when he said to Caroline Kennedy – Your mother and father would be proud? Did he too forget Jackie O’s friendship with Clinton?

    On a totally different note – another article of wisdom from Paul Krugman today in NYT (sorry if this has already been posted): nytimes.com/2008/01/28/opinion/28krugman.html?_r=1&hp&oref=slogin

    “…Still, to the extent that Barack Obama 2008 does sound like Bill Clinton 1992, here’s my question: Has everyone forgotten what happened after the 1992 election?

    Let’s review the sad tale, starting with the politics.

    Whatever hopes people might have had that Mr. Clinton would usher in a new era of national unity were quickly dashed. Within just a few months the country was wracked by the bitter partisanship Mr. Obama has decried.

    This bitter partisanship wasn’t the result of anything the Clintons did. Instead, from Day 1 they faced an all-out assault from conservatives determined to use any means at hand to discredit a Democratic president.

    For those who are reaching for their smelling salts because Democratic candidates are saying slightly critical things about each other, it’s worth revisiting those years, simply to get a sense of what dirty politics really looks like.

  334. B Merry: I’m certain that they know of the google phenom. Emily’s list was doing just that and widely known fact that the Clintons and Larry Page are buddies.

    My guess is that their research suggests that people discount the information that they get from search engines as they would from used car salesmen.

    On another note, why has WaPo “journalist” Eugene Robinson gotten as far as he has. He is awful. Describing him is like describing your least favorite muppet; not very interesting, but he doesn’t leave you inclined to want to criticize him.

  335. Three thoughts on the Kennedy family.

    First, I always liked John. Barack is no more of a Jack Kennedy than Dan Quale was. The article posted the other day proves as much. I realize his daughter has drawn that comparison, but it is difficult for a child to accurately asses who their parents were as people, especially when they die too young.

    Second, the best leader in the family was Bobby. His commitment to social justice was real and palpable. He lived it every day. It is no accident that his son and daughter have endorsed Hillary. She is like their father in so many ways including the passion social justice.
    If he were living today he too would endorse Hillarry, I am sure.

    Third, I have a strong aversion to Ted Kennedy. I realize some of you may bear a continuing allegiance to him even after today so I wil not elaborate further. Instead, I will simply say that the comments by NOW and Taylor Marsh concerning him are 100% accurate and they are only the tip of the iceberg.

  336. I second wbboei at 4:55 am.

    In addition, most people I know, know I am an HRC supporter. When I said guess who Ted Kennedy endorsed, someone literally reacted, “Oh, I am sorry.” That was because they though he had endorsed HRC and they felt it would hurt her. Outside of MA, I don’t see the value. And, from what I have heard from friends (remember MA elected Romney Gov. and that was not that long ago), the vast majority of their electorate isn’t so likely to be swayed.

    America Ferrera = a big endorsement for HRC’s strategy, but not TK. 2nd, look at which newspaper the RFK children chose for their reply.

  337. Isn’t Obama the one always saying we should talk with people we don’t agree with? That’s how he justified the gaybashing gospel singer, and meeeting unconditionally with murderous dictators. What’s he going to do when Chavez calls him the devil and Ahmanidejad calls him an apostate infidel stooge?

    Thin-skinned President? I don’t think so.

  338. BTW, I like Evan Bayh for VP, a lot. He’s white, which shouldn’t exclude him btw. However, the VP should be QUALIFIED to be president if the POTUS dies. Read his bio on wikipedia:


    He’s only a couple of years older than BHO. But, his resume is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooetc. much more impressive.

    America, we are the HR managers. Let us hire the best.

    P.S. “Bayh has voted against confirming United States Attorney General John Ashcroft, Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito.”

  339. watching local TV. carol shea-porter and paul hoades representing NH at the SOTU. they make me sick and i am embarrassed to say i voted for hoades. it will not happen again.

  340. For VP Jesse Jackson SENIOR might be nice. He’s shown a real cool head through all this, and he’s been around a long time. Dunno if he’s got enough experience for POTUS if necessary. But he seems to have good instincts. 🙂

  341. 1950democrat Says:

    January 29th, 2008 at 5:55 am

    “For VP Jesse Jackson SENIOR might be nice. He’s shown a real cool head through all this, and he’s been around a long time. Dunno if he’s got enough experience for POTUS if necessary.”

    No, he doesn’t! Andrew Young did. He is too old now, but he still backs HRC. And, I don’t care what he said in jest on the campaign trail, Amb. Young is an American hero!

  342. alcina / January 29th, 2008 at 5:39 am

    Amen on CSP. I emailed her over a week ago to let her know exactly how I felt and Foster’s published my letter to the editor expressing how I would and would not vote for our next Rep.

    Like Teddy, she was only looking out for what the endorsement might get for her — since she obviously found out not much in a Clinton admin for reasons we shall not know — and thereby proves that she does NOT put the well-being of her country first. This, for me, is the ultimate test of who I will vote for and, hopefully, will be the benchmark for others.

  343. Krugman: “This bitter partisanship wasn’t the result of anything the Clintons did. Instead, from Day 1 they faced an all-out assault from conservatives determined to use any means at hand to discredit a Democratic president.”

    And the way to prevent that happening again … is to elect a big Dem majority in House and Senate along with the Dem President. The GOP can’t start these silly investigations without a majority.

    Give ’em hell, Hillary!

  344. Vanity – *Hugs*. Honey, look back to the New Hampshire primary. Hillary thought it was lost and got misty in public. Everyone thought it was lost. Then just look at the comment string while the votes were being counted. We couldn’t believe that she was really getting a majority in precinct after precinct, all night!

    And look at the coverage of the Nevada caucuses. We all thought the culinary union was going to win the casino caucuses for Obama. Instead Hillary brought out a lot of other workers and got the casino caucuses by a landslide!

    I don’t even watch the tv news or anything else crazy. I get my news here and at Taylormarsh and Noquarter (and sometimes at the NYT or some British webpages).

  345. B. Merryfield…. What is this obsession media has with a charismatic leader to inspire. As far as I am concerned Charismatic leaders are for immature democracies where demogouges like Chavez come into power.

  346. This is what I mean:

    Fact Check: Chappaqua and Hillary
    1/28/2008 9:28:07 AM

    Today, a Washington Post reporter suggests that some residents of Chappaqua, New York “resent” Hillary and Bill Clinton for moving into the area in 1999. Other reporters visited Chappaqua and found the opposite.

    Time Magazine reported: “[I]n Chappaqua there is nary a bad word to be said about either of them.”

    Westchester Magazine described her positive reception in the community.

    The New York Times covered a pot luck dinner Hillary hosted for community members, her participation in a support group for working mothers and how she was integrating into local life.

    Further, in the Town of New Castle (which Chappaqua is in), her margin of the vote went from 58.6% in 2000 to 76.9% in 2006 – after the town got to know her.

  347. Thanks 1950
    I am done with television for awhile.I have not been sleep yet.I will try to stay off here for a lil minute til tonite when we get the winner of Florida.I can’t wait………….I mean she can’t be beating in Florida right?And the delegates will be seated right?Just tell me what I want to hear………..

  348. From Chicago Tribune: The Swamp:

    At SOTU, Obama’s Clinton snub was the news
    by Frank James

    So President Bush has delivered his last State of the Union. And what everyone in the House press gallery is talking about isn’t the speech. Rather, it’s the snub.

    Sen. Barack Obama refused to make himself available to greet Sen. Hillary Clinton before the speech.

    When members of the Senate entered the chamber, Obama came in before Clinton. He went out of his way to greet as many House members as possible and walked halfway across the chamber to greet members of the Supreme Court, the president’s cabinet, the military joint chiefs.

    That made what happened next even more striking. Obama returned to stand by his seat next to Sen. Edward Kennedy who endorsed Obama today in a widely watched event that reverberated across the political world.

    As Clinton approached, Kennedy made sure to make eye contact and indicated he wanted to shake her hand. Clinton leaned towards Kennedy over a row of seats and Kennedy leaned in towards her. They shook hands.

    Obama stood icily staring at Clinton during this, then turned his back and stepped a few feet away. Kennedy may’ve wanted to make peace with Clinton but Obama clearly wanted no part of that.

    As president, Obama has said he would meet with the U.S.’s enemies without precondition. But making nice with Clinton apparently is another mattter after the increasingly angry fight the two have waged, with charges and countercharges, for the Democratic presidential nomination.

    The sense in the press gallery was that Obama didn’t cover himself in glory. Someone even used the word “childish.” (Not this writer.) Judging by how much conversation there was about this brush off in the press gallery, Americans will be hearing a lot more about this tomorrow and in coming days.

    The fact that much of the discussion in the press gallery after Bush’s was about the snub is probably an indication of how we journalists and perhaps the nation are already moving past Bush, how the presidential campaign is increasingly crowding out anything Bush has to say .

  349. HighlyEducated HillarySupporter:

    This is for you:
    People who decided who to vote for on last day (10% of voters)
    Clinton 34%
    Obama 30%
    Edwards 29%

    I would take heart in the numbers above a bit. This says to me that even after her crushing defeat in S.C. the heavy media biased and the huge Kennedy endorsement, day of deciders went to her. Something moved those voters. I can’t say that it was entirely her statmnent that she wuld be coming here. Part of that might be the reason but I have a sneaking suspicion that the people may be throwing back a backlash of their own re the media trying to chose the canidates.

    We’ll know more the nex few days. Again, the question can be asked if a huge amout of people decidded to vote for her several weeks ago, then couldn’t they also have changed their minds and switched? She won by what most of the polls predicted. I would expect to see the votes/polls tighten in the upcoming days but I have to think that this FL win may if not give her momentur, it will atleast neutralize Obama’s mo.

  350. Yesterday I had the privilege to help out at the Rally at Cal State. We got to the University at 6AM to get ready for the 9AM start and there were already people lined up in the cold Los Angles morning. As the minutes passed – the line just got longer and longer. We knew the gym would only hold 8,000 people and plans had been made to support overflow if necessary. I wish I could find the words to tell you about the atmosphere in the gym as people began to arrive – in the thousands. Everyone was happy and upbeat and so excited to be there. People came faster and faster – young, old, white, black and brown. They came on their own two feet and in wheel chairs – they came hearing and non-hearing, they came men and women, they came powerful and just plain folks.
    It was not the first time I had heard Hillary during this campaign – I was also at the CSUN (Northridge) event but to hear 8,000 people and thousands more outside chant over and over again Hillary, Hillary, Hillary brought many to tears. Women looked at one another and talked about how long they had waited for this moment to come. They spoke of never doubting the time would come when we would see a women run for President – but the wonder of this time and THIS WOMEN – was not lost on anyone. They spoke to little girls and told them that THIS WOMEN would make it possible for them to be President one day – and men spoke of their mothers and grandmothers and how they would vote for Hillary – not just because she was the right candidate, but as a tribute to their mothers and grandmothers who had worked so hard to make this moment possible. I wish you all could have been there – in many, many years of campaigning I cannot remember another moment like this one. God speed Hillary as you carry the hopes and dreams of so many – you are in our hearts and our souls.

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