Hillary Clinton From Amsterdam News To South Carolina

Some links for tonight’s South Carolina vote results (Unofficial results statewide HERE)

Unofficial results by County HERE

Unofficial results by Congressional District HERE.

South Carolina State Election Commission statewide results HERE interactive results map.

South Carolina Unofficial results Estimated Voter turnout HERE.

South Carolina Democratic Party Statewide Results HERE

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[From the previous comments section:]

Don’t forget to thank Craig Crawford for inflicting some rationality on MSNBC ( CCrawford@cq.com ). (via newsbusters)

Craig Crawford said this:

CRAIG CRAWFORD: I never understood exactly what Bill Clinton said that was supposed to interject race, actually. I know he was arguing at arm’s length with Obama about the war and some other issues. It wasn’t clear to me — I mean the most direct reference to race I saw in this campaign was interjected by the media after New Hampshire trying to say that for some reason Obama lost New Hampshire because of racism. I never followed that one either.

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The Amsterdam News yesterday joined the New York Times and endorsed Hillary Clinton. The Amsterdam News is 95 years old. The newspaper was one of only 50 Black papers in the United States at that time This is why they endorsed Hillary Clinton:

People get nervous, upset, angry and frightened when they are not certain about the position they have taken and realize it may be the best or the worst decision they have ever made. This is especially true when it comes to having the ability to guide others to make decisions for themselves. That is not to suggest that we tell them what to do, but to say to them, “This is the decision that we have made. Would you follow us?”

That is the case when it comes to political office in this city, state and country. We listen to the candidates and we come back and make a decision that reflects, to the best of our ability, the position of the ownership and readership of this newspaper. We have never been so carefully guarded as now for making the decision around this year’s presidential primary.

It has been difficult to make a decision as to who would be our Democratic nominee for President of the United States in 2008. We wish that we could say that it has been an easy task. It was not easy, but it was fair and it was the right thing to do.

Our endorsement of Hillary Rodham Clinton for President of the United States could perhaps be viewed as the best and most difficult decision that many of us will make in our lives. Hillary Rodham Clinton is wise, competent and strong enough to lead America with dignity, forthrightness, anger when it has to be, love as it must always be, temperance as required and justice with everything.

Hillary has been close enough to some of us during the years when she was running for the United States Senate and as Senator to make us know one or two things about her. Number one, she is smart as hell and number two, she will not take a back seat to any man, including her husband and does not believe that tomorrow will never come.

Hers is a razor wit with a meat, vegetable, corn and potatoes mentality. She is a farm girl without the hayseed. She is blunt, determined and funny in the same way that the good farmers that we have always known have wielded their craft.

Her mind is a razor blade that is always open for sharpening as she opens herself to the American people for the Presidency of the Untied States. One must believe that she means everybody.

It is also true that she wants the job as President of the Untied States. Is there anyone else who wants or deserves it? Yes, many. You could name them all: who wanted the job and who qualified from the short list of Democrats who made themselves available; other Democrats and Republicans and men and women from other parties who stood in the doorway of opportunity, but who did not believe or could not afford to rise to the task.

Mrs. Clinton chose to connect and to continue until the time came when the eleventh hour was at her door and she, at the twelfth hour with those who she needed and who needed her in order for us to make a new and better America by the simple process of governing correctly, had to make a choice. Now Hillary is running with our need, God’s anger and our power to vote.For those who believe that Mrs. Clinton will be waiting around to make up her mind about whether or not she chooses us, there is a major problem. She has stood in the well of the United States Senate and said that she wanted us and on the floor of the Speakers Assembly of the State of New York and said that she could not do it without us. There is a lot more. It will come. There is time now, since guidelines have finally been established and commitments made.

We choose Hillary Rodham Clinton as the Democratic nominee for the Presidency of the United States of America.


852 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton From Amsterdam News To South Carolina

  1. Exit poll results appear to make fools of Big Media again. Democrats in South Carolina are not polarized and not blaming evil Bill and evil Hillary. The economy is the top issue. People care about this election and Big Media is trying to make a mess again instead of focusing on real issues that matter to Americans.

    Don’t forget to thank Craig Crawford for being a sane voice.

  2. Fire their asses! Fire all those media 2-bit whores who are stumpin’ for the repugs.
    Except for Craig Crawford. We love ya son. You did right today.

  3. Clinton Chosen as Nominee in Country’s Most Accurate Mock Convention

    LEXINGTON, Va. — After gathering information from polls, blogs and interviews with experts, students at Washington and Lee are giving the nod to Hillary Rodham Clinton in the country’s most accurate mock convention.

    The Virginia liberal arts school’s contest has proven correct all but five times in the last 100 years. The school has only missed the mark once since 1948.

    Clinton won more than 2,100 fake delegates, 92 more than she needed to secure the nomination thanks to her home state, New York. Rival Barack Obama won over about 1,600 delegates while John Edwards trailed with 288.

    Former President Clinton called to thank the students for their support and encouraged them to stay in politics.

    The choice for vice president was former Congressman Harold Ford Junior of Tennessee

  4. Admin, thanks for posting that endorsement. It’s just beautifully written. Honestly, it’s the finest written newspaper endorsement I’ve ever read.

  5. Kudos to Craig Crawford who single handedly cleaned up the clocks of the despicable MSNBC personalities. He defended Bill vigorously like a pro unlike the hack turds of MSNBC. He cited the following factors responsible for race becoming an issue:

    1) Oprah and BO’s joint visit to SC.
    2) Democratic party moving up the date to highlight the AA participation.
    3) The media characters of MSNBC who first brought up Bradley factor. We all know it was Tweety that brought that up first.
    4) Repeated reference by the media to race issues.

    He said it was very unfair for the hack from Boston to blame Bill Clinton. You know whom I am talking about.

  6. Fox News: Per the network/AP early exit poll results: African-Americans Obama 81%, Clinton 17%, Edwards 1% African-American women Obama 82%, Clinton 17%, Edwards 0% Whites Edwards 39%, Clinton 36%, Obama 24% Edwards winning white men, Clinton white women.

  7. i predict an Obama victory, but you never know.
    I also predict that Hillary will lose, but will gain/learn something in the long run which will clinch the nomination for her.

  8. Nothing surprising in the results, and it’s great that Hillary can take 2nd place in Edwards’ home state.

  9. Rough numbers, this means the South Carolina Million Man March should end up something like:

    Obama 52%
    Clinton 27%
    Edwards 18%

    That’s assuming a 50%/50% racial split. Edwards backs up if the AA vote is above 50%.

  10. WOW!!! That is quite and endorsement!! How beautifully and passionately written! This is one to keep 😀

    And to Kingsgrove, thanks so much for the link to download (with their permission) Big head todd and the monsters latest album, I’m listening to it now.

  11. Yes, at least she’s second. And finishing second among whites and AA voters shows balance (grasping at straws here, lol).

  12. mj, I have never once thought she would win SC. It is just not her state. Tuesday is looming, and even as good as Hillary is, she can’t win EVERY state. Those results, and his behavior and rhetoric in SC, have pigeonholed him as “the black candidate”. It won him SC, but it will hurt him in the other states. Not pretty, but true. Watch.

  13. Latinos, as one, will not vote for him. He cannot win out west. If he is nominated, our party will lose the latino vote. I am not worried at all about the west 🙂

  14. Exactly H4Texas. This was a must-win state for Obama to keep his campaign alive, and there was no pressure on Hillary today to win, whatsoever. She’ll win Florida in a couple days and then we’re on to Super Tuesday.

  15. I guess Hillary had no choice but to compete in SC, though it looks like she should’ve just written it off.

  16. From ABC Polling Director: ABC polling director Gary Langer: “Women and African-Americans… are turning out in large numbers today. Preliminary exit poll results indicate that just over half are blacks this year; if that holds in final data later tonight, it would be the highest turnout among African-Americans in any Democratic presidential primary at least since 1984.”

  17. mj-

    Why do you always seem to be worried or upset about whatever is going on? Thing are good here and they’re getting better all the time. Chin up and try to send out some positive energy…:)

    We will do fine tonight, but regardless, we will be three days from a big win in FL, and only TEN days from Tsunami Tuesday!

    That 82% of AA women # is just WRONG, wherever it came from.
    The Hillary Factor for this primary is between 5-10% IMO.
    OB will fall FAR short of equaling Jesse Jackson’s 1988 caucus win.
    AA women will not split EIGHT out of TEN for OB, that’s just silly. I predict that Hillary at least SPLITS the AA women’s vote.

    Anyway, we’ll know very shortly now…

  18. Still, I thought she would do better with african american women than this. This is very sad to me.

    Barack Obama’s Million Man March

  19. My prediction:

    Obama wins. Less than Jesse Jackson. Hillary 2nd. I’m going to say there will be less than a 15% gap between Hillary and Obama. 11% gap between HRC and BHO.

    Ofcourse… we’ve had PLENTY of surprises this campaign, so fingers crossed that HRC does well.

  20. Networks all calling it for Obama. Looks like Hillary gets second and beats native son Edwards — good stuff.

  21. This can be good tho!

    This would have hurt Obama if Hillary had been withing single digits. But if he wins by 10 to 15 it would have been great for him. BUT, to get such a huge win I honestly believe will hurt him later. As he will most definitely be labeled the black candidate.

    One to watch: the white numbers….. That is what is important now.

  22. Says NYT of the exit polls:

    Voters said they cared more about the economy than anything else, including the war in Iraq.
    In terms of what the voters said they want in a candidate, they cared a lot more about a candidate’s ability to bring about change than whether the candidate cares about people like them, has the right experience, or is able to beat the Republican nominee in November.

  23. Admin

    Thank you for the repost of the Amsterdam’s endorsement.

    The prose is so beautiful, it almost reads like poetry.

    Hate to leave Prairie Home, it’s so good tonight, but am dutifully in front of C-Span.Let’s go chickadees!

  24. Guys, if you can, DONATE TO HILLARY TONIGHT. I plan to give again, just to make sure she knows we are solid as a rock.

  25. LSD-

    Proof of how WRONG those numbers are; It says that she’s getting about the same % of AA men and women. Don’t believe it…

  26. “7 pm ET: ABC IS CALLING THE RACE RIGHT AT POLL CLOSING TIME. From our decision desk: “Based on exit poll data, ABC News projects that Obama will win the South Carolina Democratic primary. We do not yet have enough information to project who will be second or third, but based on the exit polls Clinton is leading over Edwards in a race for second.”

    This would SUGGEST a large margin — networks don’t call races based only on exit polls unless it’s pretty convincing.”

    CNN projects Obama wins South Carolina Democratic primary
    CNN Polls: Clinton, Obama race tight

    CNN seems like it doesn’t have a clue…..

  27. In terms of what the voters said they want in a candidate, they cared a lot more about a candidate’s ability to bring about change than whether the candidate cares about people like them, has the right experience, or is able to beat the Republican nominee in November.

    No wonder she didn’t come close to winning, lol. Frankly, those last three are most important to me. I mean, if you can’t win in November, who cares whether you can bring change?

  28. same share among black men and women. Whomever didn’t know that race would trump gender…damnation

  29. AA voters in SC 81% Obama 17% Clinton 1 % Edwards
    White Edwards 39% 36% Clinton 24% Obama

    AA men 80% Obama 17% Hillary
    AA wome 82% Obama 17% Hillary

    “Race trumped gender” Bill Schneider

    Edwards White men 44% Hillary 28 % Obama 17%
    Hillary 42% white women Edwards 35% Obama 22%

  30. Edwards made it harder for Hillary to do well here, too, but with the AA vote going that heavily to Obama, she had absolutely no chance.

  31. Exit polls are of course much more reliable than ordinary polls, as pollsters obviously don’t have to care about likely voters, only to make a proper selection of actual voters.

  32. I just turned off CNN, they already are saying that the race is changed and all that stuff now that Obama won what he was expected to win. I don’t get them. They say “there’s no spinning away a first place victory”…well what have they been doing to Hillary since New Hampshire?

  33. DemAC – Not always true, the NH exit polls were wrong I think, UK exit polls have been wrong in the past too… However, this seems pretty certain tonight…supposedly.

  34. I don’t think Edwards is that viable in states beyond SC. And how is a third-place finish in SC a help to him? He got zilch percent of the AA vote.

  35. Ofcourse they are LJ. Typical. Hillary wins, it’s nothing. Obama wins it changes everything. I am just sick of it all.

  36. Apparently our campaign aired negative radio ads egainst Edwards in SC…


  37. I ordered a pizza and I am going to keep it off of the news. I will get my news online and I am gunna watch a movie.

  38. cnn is just fawning over BO, jeebus.

    They are jumping at the chance to say that this was NOT a black primary!! lol, right!

  39. CNN already SPINNING Obama’s momentum. Carl Bernstein saying BHO can go back to his “inspirational message” based on this win. WHATEVER.

    Amy Holmes just said “This is a significant win for Barack Obama, and not just because of race.” STFU. She’s an idiot.

    The AA guy on CNN said because 61% of SC primary voters were female, it shows Obama is strong among female voters. Whatever, all this shows is that AA women in SC favored BHO.

  40. Paula and hwc

    she was gone, doing all that work, for a bit over 55 hours. Gone Tuesday and Wednesday, back Thursday morning.

    That is not “most of the week.”

  41. OH MY GOD, all the morons on MSNBC and CNN are WETTING THEIR PANTS with a TREMENDOUS, AMZING, FANTASTIC BARACK VICTORY THIS IS. God, it is sickening. The reports of Hillarys’ THREE-IN-A-ROW VICTORIES were soooooo begrudging and belittling and lackluster. Now the pundits are trumpeting this as some sort of MORAL VICTORY like we cured AIDS or some shit. GOD, there fawning is SO PITIFUL! Not one vote has been counted yet! I need to turn off the TV but I want to see the ACTUAL RESULTS! 🙁

  42. SHEEZ. Can they get any more biased ?

    Check out the contrast in the coverage by David Wright, the ABC News correspondent covering Obama:

    * Of Obama, he said:

    He greeted patrons at Harper’s Restaurant here in Columbia

    * Of Clinton, he said:

    Hillary and Chelsea Clinton BARGED INTO Shoney’s at breakfast time

    How the hell does one BARGE INTO a public restaurant, anyway ???

    Then David Wright went on to add:

    Several leading Democrats, including 2004 nominee John Kerry, have expressed concern about the long-term impact of the Clinton tactics here. Polarizing the electorate along racial lines may help them divide and conquer, but at what cost ?

    Good grief.

  43. And might I add that when Edwards beat Hillary by a fraction of a point in Iowa, he was a serious “challenger.” Nevada and NH proved otherwise. Edwards SHOULD do well in his home state. The West does NOT like Edwards.

  44. Gene Lyons has written many times that the Clintons’ inclusiveness and NOT being racist is what started a lot of the craziness against them that came out of Arkansas. Stuff that the national media should have had the sense to ignore but didn’t, as we know.

    IMO accusing the Clintons of racism is about as Big a Lie as I’ve ever seen in politics.

  45. a quarter of african-americans did not vote for obama, and a quarter of caucasians did. how is this significant caucasian support for obama?

  46. A double digit loss in SC will not halt Hillary’s momentum. But I am still hoping for a single digit loss so MSM can STFU!!!

  47. Dont watch those fucked up talking heads on the TV. I told you – they’ll put their golden boy on a pedestal at the slightest opportunity. They want to give him as much momentum to take her down. Sorry, aint gonna happen… she wins this big starting next Tue.


  49. It appears as thought AA women vote based on race over gender. We know they aren’t voting based on EXPERIENCE. Oprah, IMHO, represented a microcosm of this concept.

  50. msnbc is acting like they did not expect this victory by obama. this guy is getting 80% of the black vote. he is the black candidate. period.

  51. Hillary’s support in the West and North East are SO STRONG. And these two places are where the delegate numbers are HUGE.

  52. Look, all the lines we are hearing from these Big Media boobs are the lines they had prepared for after New Hampshire (but did not get to use). There’s a writers strike so they are recycling. 🙂

    The exit polls they rely on for the results also show that every accusation against Bill and Hillary are ravings of feverish minds. Let the children play tonight. Don’t get too excited nor upset, nor angry. Florida is Tuesday and all this huffing and puffing about Obama will have to be explained Tuesday night.

    Big Media is happy tonight but they are wrong as usual.

  53. I have been watching Fox and it is not too bad. Von Williams thinks it would be very difficult for BO in the other states.

  54. This is depressing. 🙁 Obama campaign should have to claim MSNBC and CNN broadcasts for the last month as campaign contributions and have a message before each commercial break,”I’m BO and I approved this broadcast.” Can’t someone file a complaint or lawsuit with the FEC and the FCC? These are public airwaves/bandwidths subject to equal time rules, aren’t they?

  55. Very interesting that Fox News is saying that 24% of the white vote for Obama is problematic for him (the truth), while CNN is saying that 24% of the white vote in SC represents how strong he is among white voters.

    I hate CNN.

  56. this is awful; we’ve said all along, Hillary has multiple opponents all along. The media is most definately on somebody else’s side. As if they should take sides. Don’t people get it??? I guess not.

  57. HillGuy Says:

    January 26th, 2008 at 7:27 pm
    BHO now down to 63%. Hillary strongly in 2nd at 25%.

    among all voters?

  58. clinton cobbled together a multicultural coalition, while obama and edwards relied upon their respective races.

  59. the media and “progressive” blogosphere is ecstatic. let them be. it will be their last celebration for a while … look, they were not willing to grant her victory in NV when she won fair square. how do you think they’ll act when she loses ?

  60. Clinton schedule for tonight…..

    *all times Eastern

    Saturday, January 26

    8:30 pm
    Hillary Clinton hosts a “Solutions for America” town hall meeting in Nashville, Tennessee
    Bill Clinton attends a “Solutions for America” event in Independence, Missouri

  61. AmericanGal, I know. I was just saying that Fox, unlike CNN, is stating the truth, which is that 22% of the white vote isn’t a good number for BHO. CNN is stating that 22% of the white vote is HUGE for Obama and shows how strong he is among white voters.

  62. Everybody,

    Make sure to repeatedly correct all these idiots who will now be saying that Hillary and Bambi are now TIED with two states each. It’s THREE states to two. Not to mention she is WAY AHEAD in the delegate count.

  63. Of course BO was going to win SC, no shock. Let’s see how the Clinton Machine reacts, they need to keep BO on the defence. HRC will show strong in the west and northeast, however this could go to a brokered(sp) convention???

  64. Pfffffffffffft! They’re going to do a grave dance for two days, guys. I see no reason to even watch it. I don’t plan to. I’m watching Doctor Who!

    Please don’t start the handwringing over the media’s glee. We EXPECTED this. Just turn them off. They are irrelevant.

  65. I think that the thing to remember, which will be lost in all the media superhype, is that this is only one state, one primary. Many of the results here are specific to the situation with this state, not the nation as a whole. I can’t imagine Feb. 5 states or Florida suddenly dropping Hillary and going ga ga over Obama just because of this one victory. I think the average person will see this as a black candidate wins in a heavily black state.

    Also, are Democrats more conservative in SC? Might explain why some went for Obama as it’s a conservative state…

  66. Hey Admin, I hope everybody goes up and reads the endorsement at the top of the page, it is beautiful. Thank you

  67. Says NYT:

    We talked a short time ago with Jack Bass, who teaches at the College of Charleston. He doesn’t really buy the argument that Mr. Obama won only because he is the “black” candidate. He points out that Mr. Obama actually built a terrific organization in South Carolina and he came in to the state early and often.

    This is actually a good thing. Obama’s strength is a one state phenomenon. Come Florida, come Hillary. Come Feb 5, come Hillary.

  68. Again, 0% reporting. I’m not saying anything here except that the actual vote totals are still almost 100% unknown. What did the exit polling in NH say? It certainly didn’t predict a win for Hillary. Please stop wildly speculating about the ramifications and implications of the vote in SC until you SEE what the vote and demo really is. Did Obama come close to JJ’s 60+%? Did he win solely as the race candidate? How did the ACTUAL vote from women break out?

  69. Fox news seems to be the most nonpartial in their reporting. I just can’t stomach listening to Pumpkinhead on MSNBC praising Obama.

  70. You usually know who’s won at 10%… Unless it’s close…

    For Caucus’ around 50% and you usually know who’s won..

  71. right, sorry monday, but will it still affect tuesdays election coverage?
    There is always a lot of attention spent on the SOTU speech

  72. terrondt,

    You’re our HERO!!! LOL. We love you when we feel Hillary is no longer loved by AA community….

    Hero, Terrodt for sticking with Hillary…

    Have some fun, this is expected based on NV/MI polls…

  73. SC is done and Obama got it. Now its time to move to bigger fish. Feb 5 is Hillary’s turn to shine. She will finish this Obamathon on Feb 5.. It can’t come to soon for me!

  74. I turned my TV off! I really think Bill might have put his foot in his mouth by handicapping the results and bringing up Jesse Jackson in response to that one reporter’s question. I hope not, but my gut reaction was, “Oh, no!”

  75. i’m predicting around 50% win for Obama followed by 30-35% Hillary and who cares abotu Edwards’ number anyway? 😀

  76. F*ing Wolf Blitzer keeps saying how much of a comeback this is for Obama “after his NH loss”…Not even mentioning NV or MI.

    OandrewD, I turned off the TV.

  77. Another question to ask is: What kind (if any) bounce will BO get. IMO, he will get none, because everybody expected him to win.

  78. I don’t like what I see and hear on tv, but still I will watch some of it, just so that I can follow what crap they are sending out there for people to see. They can affect people in a good or bad way, people can either agree with the media, or see it for what it is: trying to sway people to one direction (away from Hill)

    Yeay!! Hill just got the 2nd place!

  79. toobin finally acknowledging that maybe media has made too much about the race thang and about bill clinton….borgen frowning.

    Hillary called 2nd…..

  80. Okay, night, all. I really do not want to hear what the BM idiots are saying. Its why I turned off the news channels. I guess I’m done here too. 🙂 No worries, see you all later.

  81. Frankly the coverage on CNN and MSNBC was so deranged that Obama must be cringing. It was a mass wave of hate, like an atomic explosion. This is very reminiscent of post Iowa Big Media coverage. None of what is happening tonight helps Obama. The rabid tearing at Hillary was more than over the top. Buchanan is the only voice of reason (sad fact there) on cable (have not checked out Fox).

    As has been pointed out the voting results in are at about 1%. Edwards spent more money in ads than Hillary and Obama combined. SC is Edwards’ birth state. Facts matter. Hillary still beat Edwards who invested all his time in SC.

    Facts matter. The deranged opinions expressed tonight on cable are not facts. Indeed they are mistatements of fact.

  82. The coalitions of Obama and Edwards are comprised of their respective races. Clinton and not Obama is the multicultural candidate.

  83. Understand BM needs to make this as dramatic as possible, exaggerate everything, get the ratings up, thats all.

  84. Stupid media finally called 2nd for Hillary. Can we sue the media? They are not providing me with the service I pay for which is fair, balanced and truthful coverage. This is a travesty.

  85. I’m watching the best songs of the 90s on Vh1…far more fulfilling, recalling the Clinton era 😉

    I love Hillary and Bambi can have his little night

  86. Thanks admin! Always a voice of reason. Ditto on Buchanan who is being silenced tonight by angry Eugene Robinson who was the FIRST to bring up the Bradley effect after NH and Morning Joke.

  87. I think that I was lulled into thinking that Hillary and her campaign team can do miracles even against impossible odds. And I was wishing to be pleasantly surprised about the results despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

    This win for Obama has been expected and will not produce a boost to his campaign. On the contrary, playing the race card will lower his chances in other states.

  88. From Lynn Sweet

    COLUMBIA, S.C.–Barack Obama clinchedt he South Carolina Democratic primary on Saturday after a race with a nasty tone where former President Bill Clinton’s aggresive push for his wife became an issue.

    In a state where race played a roll, and with a hefty black electorate, exit polls showed that Obama snared a whooping 81 per cent of the African-American vote and the white splitting between the three rivals.

    Obama delivers a victory speech at 9 p.m. eastern, and I hear that Obama will talk about how his victories in Iowa and South Carolina–states with vastly different popullations–show that his “movement” politics are taking hold.

    And that big endorsement I hear is coming….the two biggest out there are Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass) and former Vice President Al Gore.


  89. Watching the preparations for Obama’s victory speech at CNN live – and yes, the teleprompters are there…

  90. “Guys – high 30’s is not bad at all. If she touches 40, it will be a bonus..”

    This is not impossible.

  91. is it true that obama won every demographic. if so this could be troubling…of course it’s cnn saying this, we will have to really see….but spouting that stuff before the votes are counted really is biased reporting

    they just went through every aa state and I didn’t realize that there were so many with large aa populations. if this is really going race .. perhaps the white backlash that morris spoke of may be needed..just saying

  92. Really, there was never any question was there? If hill had about 17% of the aa vote, and just under what Edwards got of the white vote, and 0% aa vote, how could she come in third?

  93. admin

    it is difficult at times facing the “mass wave of hate”. i hope HRC knows there are many of us behind her that will never give up. .. never.

  94. mj: but won’t that cause an uproar at the conventio? and if so what about MI how do you seat them? I am not saying you are wrong, but this could be a big problem.

  95. When you think about all the vile, vicious media TRASHING that Hillary and Bill, too have gotten during the past 2-3 months DAILY and continually, it is triuly amazing that Hillary got many votes. What other candidate could have stood up to that and still be going without whining, crying, or running to Daddy Media to beat up on that mean girl.
    It shows the strengh and character of Hillary. She’s got what it takes…now if someone could just take the nuts at MSNBC and CNN to the woodshed for a big attitude adjustment.

    I can NOT watch BO’s acceptance speech tonight. I hope I never in this lifetime have to hear another of those:
    “They saaaaaaaaid. They saaaaaid. They saaaaid this time would never come…but on this historic moment in history…..


  96. Jas, I think like 400,000 absentee’s have already come in to fl. There are something like 3-4 million registered dem’s there. If one million voters or more vote, I hardly can see how a valid argument can be made not to seat those delegates.

  97. I agree that Obama’s victory was sooooo expected even if Bill Clinton hadn’t criticized him. I am half African-American. I KNEW that after Iowa, the majority of blacks would side with Obama REGARDLESS of what happens from here on out. Obama winning 81% of the black vote proves that this is a race issue for SOME people.
    I hate the fact that MSNBC declared a “substantial” victory for Obama in SC even though less than 2% of the votes had come in. They had him at a 70% victory which is ABSURD. Now that they have 7% reporting, Obama has 51% and Clinton with 34% which isn’t THAT SUBSTANTIAL. Clinton can definitely rise to 40% and Obama can definitely drop to 45% by the end of the night. It’s so ridiculous. The only thing that is clear is that the black vote won Obama SC and if it wasn’t for that, the race in that state wouold be much, much closer.

  98. good news is
    State of the Union
    These could help minimize the media coronation of Obama….But I doubt it.

  99. I have to say that I think Bill needs to back off for awhile, BM is making him the story rather than Hillary.

  100. From the exit polls:

    Blacks made up 53% of voters, and Obama dominated, winning 82% of black men and 79% of black women. Edwards won among white men, with 43%. Hillary won white women with 44%. But Obama fared better with white men than perhaps expected. Hillary barely beat him among white men, 29% to 27%.

  101. dot says: “lets hope the delegates is a “TIE” or one less”

    This would be difficult if he wins in double digits.

  102. Also about BO’s “big” speech tonight…Great Ball O’ Fire…what if the teleprompters go out!!!!!!!!!!!

    Then were will he be?

  103. Gorto Says:
    January 26th, 2008 at 6:50 pm
    And to Kingsgrove, thanks so much for the link to download (with their permission) Big head todd and the monsters latest album, I’m listening to it now.


    No problem, Gorto.

    Repost (in case you missed it):

    Re: Hillary’s new theme song:

    “Blue Sky” is featured on Big Head Todd’s new album “All The Love You Need”.

    You can hear it by downloading the album for free here:


    The lyrics:

    Blue Sky
    We’ve waited long – for this day to come
    For all the midnight lights we’ve burnt into the morning sun
    I can’t wait to see your sweet mysteries
    The stars, the sun, the universe, the galaxies
    Fly home on your silver wings
    With a new song for the world to sing
    Light this candle, make it right

    Yes you can change the world
    True love discovers. She stands, and she won’t back down
    Oh yes you can change the world
    There is no other one just
    See if you can find blue sky
    Gonna chase the dream, gonna set it free
    Gonna make it real, gonna make it shine, gonna keep it grooving on

    One small stepping stone
    Baby we’re not alone
    Gonna take you further, higher, faster then your out a sight
    You’ve got my flame in your fire
    You’ve got my twinkle in your eye,
    Reaching for the distant light

    Yes you can change the world
    True love discovers. She stands, and she won’t back down
    Oh yes you can change the world
    There is no other one just
    See if you can find blue sky
    Don’t Change to late, hey, yeah yeah
    Or Fade away, hey , yeah yeah,
    My stars won’t wait
    Oh yes you can change the world
    True love discovers. When she stands and she wont back down.
    There is no other one
    Believe and you will find blue sky


  104. “It will not be anywhere near a tie if Obama won by 25+ points. So what? SC only carries 45 delegates.”

    Don’t worry, Obama won’t win by 25%.

  105. More on the Exit Polls:

    Mr. Obama repeated his pattern of doing better with affluent white voters with higher educations, according to the exit polls. He also did best among whites for whom the war in Iraq was the most important issue.

  106. Yeah, I can see Kennedy endorsing him. Gore, if he does, will lose my respect. I like Al Gore, and I love him even more since he came out for marriage equality, but if he did this, I would be very dissapointed in him.

  107. On cnn they showed Hillary and Chelsea leaving their hotel. And as Hill was going down the stair you could hear some women SCREAMING!! LOL!!! she waved them over and hugged them, at least we got some good coverage!

    I cannot watch Obamas speech later either. I honestly cannot stomach that guy, or his prompters!

    Southern Born, I loved your recap of BO speeches in the past, right on!!

  108. It may be Kennedy – they may want to push up his numbers in MA where she is quite ahead. But bear in mind this could be just some thing they intentionally put out in order to give the feeling of momentum.. just like they have done these last couple of weeks.

  109. OandrewD…Lynn Sweet wrote the article mentioning Kennedy and Gore. I don’t know much about her…she could be reporting rumor, her own opinion or something she has genuinely heard. It hasn’t popped up anywhere else so take it for what it’s worth…a rumor of endorsment by those two has been floating around for some time…

  110. Realist – What did the exit polling in NH say? It certainly didn’t predict a win for Hillary.

    NH exit polling didn’t match the vote? Did anyone figure out why? (Maybe some busy people who hadn’t planned to vote came out but didn’t stick around to talk to the exit pollsters?)

    Assuming one exit poll was correct, it had good news. Only 21% said that HIllary started the race thing. I’d have expected all the Obama voters to say that.

  111. I just want the Hillary/Edwards vote to be more than Obama’s. winning 81% of the Black vote and not winning a majority would be considered a big loss.

  112. We are WAY ahead in Massachusetts with men and women according to the latest poll (we are at 59%). This would be stupid of Kennedy, but who knows, maybe he would make such a stupid move. Obama will get some endorsements from this, but so what. What will this matter when on monday Bill Nelson endorses us, Tuesday we win Florida, and I am sure Hill will have a great response to the SOTU speech by President Chimpy. Then campaign time in Cali, NY, NJ, TN, MO, MN, CT, UT, AZ, AR, NM, CO, GA, AL, IL, AK, ID, DE, OK, ND, and KS.

  113. The “Barack effect” will die after this…

    HRC supporters, especially women will harden. *(I hope) and Hillary should try to dominate the media. I also think bill should stop responding to people who “want” responses to him.

  114. Psymac, I have to say I agree with you about Bill. He can still campaign for her, but he should probably cut down on making news, lol. The fact is, she was going to lose SC anyway no matter what he said, but I’d like to see her and her message be more of the focus.

  115. Politico is pro-obama… al Gore will not endorse anyone… He’s far far too respected to do anything like that.
    Ted Kennedy rumours have been around for a while…

  116. Yes, lets start to dis people based on our depressed speculations. Save the invective until someone actually endorses someone. Winners focus on the positive and the future and don’t waste their time with making the present as depressing as possible.

    Why are you all wallowing in this negativity? Gore’s endorsement did jack shit for dean so why would it be a KILLER? What does that even mean?
    Millions of people are waiting for Kennedy and Gore to tell them who to vote for?

    This smells of, “front-runner syndrome”, where folks can only be positive when things are perfect and they are on top. Frankly, I’m disappointed not in tonight’s results, but with the folks in the place I come to to get away from the negativity…

  117. I don’t think Gore will endorse anyone, I think he will stay out of it. That said tho, Gore just posted a video, unexpectedly saying he is for gay marriage! Now, bless you Gore, I love you for that, but contrast that to Obamas hate parade in the past with his anti gay supporters.

    And then with the republican media narrative: “pro gay gore and his puppy BO”. a shot in the foot.

    nah, I think he will stay out of it. I would also hope, considering Gore got killed by the media for being the stiff knowledgeable guy, that he would have some sympathy and admiration for Hill for being of the same quality type. Not supporting the same fate happen to her as it did him, with bush.

  118. Some on DD are already asking if Obama is making too much of this win. I think that if he tries to make the case in his speech tonight that this victory is a “movement” as described in the Lynn Sweet article we need to hit back hard on that with the facts.

  119. The State: Obama: 5 keys to winning today:

    Turnout Heavy statewide turnout is expected to favor U.S. Sen. Barack Obama, who was behind in earlier S.C. polls, but surged in recent weeks.)

    African-Americans (Almost half of Democratic voters in the state are African-American, and big turnouts in counties like Richland, Charleston and Orangeburg counties could indicate strong support for Obama.)

    Women (Women have helped U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton in other primaries, especially in her surprise win in New Hampshire. Reports of heavy turnout in Greenville or Horry counties could indicate hope for Clinton.)

    Youth Votes (Obama heavily courted the youth vote; heavy turnout in wards adjacent to Clemson University, USC and Benedict College could point toward votes for Obama.)

    Independents (Exit polling data showing a higher than expected vote by independents could benefit Obama and the Democratic Party, which is trying to claim the independent vote.)

    This from the paper that endorsed BO . . . five reasons to discount his win, if you ask me.

  120. I just realized something: Obama’s AA vote in SC mirrors what he received in NV, doesn’t it? One of his big problems going forward is his very poor support among Latino voters.

  121. Yup. As a gay guy I am VERY uncomfortable with obama. I got into a debate on this topic on politico last night with a gay obama supporter in Massachusetts. He is Definitely not there on either gay issues, or Latino issues, which matter to me. I hope Kennedy also keeps his gay constituency in mind when endorsing if at all.

  122. Al Gore would love nothing more than a deadlocked convention and ride in to save the party. That is not going to happen, but in the back of his mind he is saying “just sit back watch Al and see what happens”.

  123. Hooray for Loretta Sanchez! Hooray! Doin’ right by our girl. On MSNBC talkin’ about how Hillary will do fine in the rest of the country: “we elect women in California.”

  124. TheRealist, I meant Gore’s endorsement would disappoint me greatly; however, I also believe it would have more of an impact than in ’04 because his stature is at an all-time high. But you’re right; it’s all useless speculation at this point.

  125. Sorry TheRealist for posting that article…didn’t know people would obsess over it…it appeared to be breaking news but I think it’s just rumor spinning.

    We do need to move on–the giddy hype of the media will fade as the state of the union approaches. They Hillary will win Florida and we will move on to more wins in a week….

  126. hawk, kennedy has been coy for a while. i think obama will try to pressure for an endorsement. i won’t be surprized he goes with the wind and do what the in think to do

  127. Yeah, I don’t know why the gay community is not more vocal in its opinions about this race. Maybe it would help if Andrew Sullivan could stop blowing Obama for 5 minutes and actually give a damn about gay issues.

    Sorry, I just couldn’t resist the swipe at phony bitch-ass Andrew.

  128. I HATE Andrew Sullivan, hate him as part of the community, and I think he needs to do us all a favor and shut his f***in’ mouth!

  129. 20%

    53, 27, 20

    Ok…i’m going to stop posting these..if this is ok..it’s obvious that nothing much is changing.

  130. As to any further endorsements for Bambi, one of the reports I just watched said that several Democrats who had intended to endorse him decided to hold back because they are seeing the LARGE LEADS Hillary has in so many of the Super Tuesday states.

    Oh, and Timmeh just declared South Carolina “a HUGE WIN for Obama“.


  131. its ok, we know HIllary does best when the Media is hating her and coronating Obama, when shes coming from Behind. On to FEB 5th

  132. AG-

    Didn’t even know that folks were reacting to yet another rumor. Hey did you hear that James Carville and Paul Begala are joining the Hillary team?
    It’s an OFFICIAL rumor. LOLOLOL

  133. I am still waiting for Obama’s congratulatory call to Hillary from Michigan and Nevada.

    Statement from Hillary Clinton
    “I have called Senator Obama to congratulate him and wish him well.

    “Thank you to the people of South Carolina who voted today and welcomed me into their homes over the last year. Your stories will stay with me well beyond this campaign and I am grateful for the support so many of you gave to me.

    “We now turn our attention to the millions of Americans who will make their voices heard in Florida and the twenty-two states as well as American Samoa who will vote on February 5th.

    “In the days ahead, I’ll work to give voice to those who are working harder than ever to be heard. For those who have lost their job or their home or their health care, I will focus on the solutions needed to move this country forward. That’s what this election is about. It’s about our country, our hopes and dreams. Our families and our future.”

  134. Heh heh. 🙂 Let me cheer ya’ll up!
    This is what Kooks writes a night when their candidate, for once, actually wins something. It’s only minutes old comments:

    Hillary is 44 is also…..
    They even have a few posts that state that the black vote may be bad for Obama.
    Looking at that site reveals why the Clintons felt so safe with their supporters playing the race card.
    Thankfully, there is something to celebrate this evening.

    Oh my goodness, I wading into that cesspool
    Thank God I had on a hazmat suit and mask.
    Check out the comments if you have a strong stomach. Obama was called “uppity” and Kos was called all sorts of nasty things. They link to freerepublic for their “source” material.
    I think that is where trolls go to eat mucus and grow.

    That site
    makes freerepublic look sane. Someone will eventually find out who is behind that anonymous horrorshow and the aftermath will not be pretty.

    Oh those Kooks – they’re sure funny. 😀

  135. hawk, andrew sullivan is a bushie who claims to support ron paul and obama but he is hates hillary. the guy cannot even vote in this country.

  136. Well timed Bill rally in Independence, Missouri. Hillary has issued a statement and is on her way to Tennessee. Can’t wait to hear what Edwards says to explain his loss.

  137. I just thought of something: Blaming Bill for what happened in SC actually takes some pressure off Hillary, lol.

  138. Paula, I agree.

    Hillary should atleast “feign” action over Bill. This will help her, because, pinning this loss on bill could benefit her. Perhaps this was the plan all along?

  139. Oh please, like I give a damn what “Kooks” thinks!

    Yes, we are all racist. Especially the people of color here. *eyeroll*

  140. Thanks DemAC. We love news from Kooksville. We’re not surprised denizens of the Orange Sulfur site have hazmat suits.

  141. The goal has been accomplished in South Carolina (a state that Clinton was going to lose after Iowa):

    a) Got Rezko in the mainstream media

    b) Got Obama’s present votes in the mainstream media

    c) Pidgeon-holed Obama as the Million Man March Candidate

  142. Kos and Obama will eat pure dirt in a few weeks.
    Let them savor their delicious appetizer while the Hillary campaign silently strings a web to ensnare them.

    We all predicted and knew Obama was a shoo-in for South Carolina and I had predicted that Obama would carry iowa.

    However, the buck stops here. This will be the climax and the only pinnacle of Obama’s primary campaign. After today, know well that there will be few victories to savor. Hillary will destroy the punk in Florida and Feb 5th states + Texas, Pennsylvania, etc.

  143. Frankly, I remember somebody here using the word “uppity” in reference to Obama. I know it was not meant to be insulting in the full context of how it was used, but I felt very uncomfortable reading it, I must say.

    However, I don’t recall people linking to freerepublic here, lol. That place is a right-wing cesspool.

  144. Obamabots are having their laughs now but Hillary, Bill, team Clinton and all her supporters will have the last laugh on Feb 5th! GO HILLARY 🙂

  145. Hillary’s statement:

    “I have called Senator Obama to congratulate him and wish him well.
    “Thank you to the people of South Carolina who voted today and welcomed me into their homes over the last year. Your stories will stay with me well beyond this campaign and I am grateful for the support so many of you gave to me.

    “We now turn our attention to the millions of Americans who will make their voices heard in Florida and the twenty-two states as well as American Samoa who will vote on Feb. 5.

    “In the days ahead, I’ll work to give voice to those who are working harder than ever to be heard. For those who have lost their job or their home or their health care, I will focus on the solutions needed to move this country forward. That’s what this election is about. It’s about our country, our hopes and dreams. Our families and our future.”

  146. Bill Clinton giving a great speech for Hillary on CNN–MSNBC not showing speech–a***hole Russert is calling Bill a racist.

  147. i prefer thinking of Obama as a self-righteous, stubborn, careless, ignorant, shallow, and blindingly overrated dimwit with audacity of mouse and about as much vision as Helen Keller

  148. Am I the only one who has a huge problem with Obama not calling Hillary after she won Nevada to congratulate her? Hillary the lady with so much class picks up the phone and wishes him well. Where is the uproar?

  149. Those of you on this site who are asking for Bill to disappear have sadly bought into the narrative Big Media has been force-feeding viewers over the past week. I can’t believe some of you are buying it! Bill is one of the campaign’s BEST ASSETS. Let’s not soon forget it.

  150. Says NYT:

    Bill Clinton is speaking in Independence, Mo. Again, interesting tag-team strategy from the Clintons — Mr. Clinton goes on television so Mrs. Clinton doesn’t have to.

  151. Hillary should at least “feign” action over Bill. This will help her, because, pinning this loss on Bill could benefit her. Perhaps this was the plan all along?

    You know, you might be on to something. The Clintons knew she was going to lose SC badly, because of the organization Obama painstakingly built there. It was his firewall state. It doesn’t strike me as accidental that Bill kept being a “distraction” during the past week. I think that was an attempt to cloud Obama’s inevitable win by making Bill a scapegoat.

  152. MSNBC saying Carolyn Kennedy Slossberg will endose Obama in tomorrows New York Times. Can’t find confirmation yet (see, no Gore, no Ted).

  153. Bill Clinton has more political savvy in his little finger than these idiots will learn in their whole lifetimes.

  154. HillGuy,
    Says NYT (very well actually):

    Mr. Clinton says that Mr. Obama “won fair and square,” but added: “Now we go to Feb. 5th and millions of Americans will finally get in the act.” That drew a big applause. Now Mr. Clinton seems to be addressing the TV pundits who are all questioning his value on the campaign trail. “I think I know something about what it takes to put together a successful presidency” and he refers to his “post-politics” career. Yes, that’s all about him, but he says he was just setting up his point: Even if he hadn’t been married to Mrs. Clinton, he would still support her!

  155. “Mr. Clinton says that Mr. Obama “won fair and square,” but added: “Now we go to Feb. 5th and millions of Americans will finally get in the act.” That drew a big applause. Now Mr. Clinton seems to be addressing the TV pundits who are all questioning his value on the campaign trail. “I think I know something about what it takes to put together a successful presidency” and he refers to his “post-politics” career. Yes, that’s all about him, but he says he was just setting up his point: Even if he hadn’t been married to Mrs. Clinton, he would still support her!”

    There is really a marked difference in how the two campaigns react to a loss.

    Clinton camp: “the other camp won fair and square”
    Obama camp: ” We were cheated!” ” Race-baiting” ” this doesn’t count”

  156. HillGuy, I don’t think he should disappear, and he won’t. I believe, though, that he intentionally made himself an issue in SC so Hillary wouldn’t get the blame for losing SC, which they knew was going to happen.

    And, yes, Caroline, I’m with you. Hillary shows class time and time again while Obama never even bothered to congratulate her after NV. Did he even do that after NH? I don’t recall.

  157. Paula:

    I think they viewed SC as a “freebie” to go up the side of Obama’s head. It’s low risk because Hillary already knew that African American voters going with Obama — no matter what Hillary does.

  158. This is one victory. It was an expected victory. Tommorow people will get up and go on with their lives. Most people won’t be hanging on every word that msnbc or cnn says.

    We will win florida HOWEVER, do not expect any kudos from the press….even though obama has been running ads there… they will deem a Hillary win as a “nothing”…I’ve already seen the media doing rthis…saying that the GOP primary is Tuesday….media has no plans to give her an iota of coverage in florida.

    so be prepared for next weeks coverage of florida

  159. Carolyn Kennedy Slossberg

    Who? Is she that annoying one on The View?

    Just kidding. Maybe Hillary can get Amy Carter.

  160. Dot 48: I don’t know if youre old enough to remember that old Kingston Trio song about the ner do well who shot a deputy down, gets caught, receives 99 years on the hard rock pile, and says “this has sure been a lesson to me”. Jeff Toobin sounds a little like that.

    When the tumult and shouting dies down, some members of Big Media may realize that there is such a thing as a tactical victory and a strategic defeat. In order to win Obama must have significant support outside the AA community, and must be perceived as someone who transends race rather than someone who uses it opportunistically.

    But in South Carolina, Obama failed to achieve either objective. The fact that he won 82% of the AA vote according to exit polls means he will be perceived as the black candidate–whether he likes it or not. The fact that he played the race card in the process (the campaign memo, the advertisements, failure to keep his pledge, etc.) will make other groups nervous about him. And the fact that he received only 22% of the white vote according to Juan Williams is an ominous sign, notwithstanding the cultural heritage of that state.

    The end result of this may turn out to be a negative bounce for Obama as we head to Florida, California, etc. If that is true, then Big Media’s fixation with the issue of race may turn out to be the undoing of their faux candidate, before he has a chance to undo the party and the country—opps wrong button– hello Vladimir. . . I have got some good news and some bad news . . . .

  161. To be fair, Obama did mention in his NH speech that he congratulated Hillary on a well-run campaign in the state.

    This doesn’t make me like the asshole any more, but wanted to be fair.

  162. Okay yall–deep breath. It is what it is. Hillary shows class and we should as well. We knew she would not take South Carolina. After Iowa we were all dispondent but after New Hampshire we were back. Remember that this will be a roller coaster–primaries, daily polls, daily endorsements, lousy coverage, death marches, debates…. Some will go our way and some will not.

    She will win because she is the best candidate and will be the best president.

    Note that the exit polls showed that for those who believed experience was important, she got more than 80% of the vote.

  163. “before he has a chance to undo the party and the country—opps wrong button– hello Vladimir. . . I have got some good news and some bad news . . . .”


  164. Hooray: for Pat Buchannan. Lord god I never thought that was a hooray I’d ever give. but this has to stop on CNN and I am just sick listening to the crap with Joe asshole. Good for Pat B. he says, “why are you so aggitated over there.” He was talkin’ about the CLinton Foundation … the assholes …not himself

  165. Pat Buchanan just asked Robinson, Scarborough and Carlson why, if Obama actually won tonight, they were so agitated. Buchanan is the sole person who understands what happened tonight. Buchanan also said Bill Clinton is smiling and happy tonight because Obama has been hurt tonight. Buchanan is getting mocked but it’s easy to see that Buchanan knows he is right and the rest of them are boobs.

    Maureen Dowd will be on Meet the Press tomorrow – so all the Haters are having a hatefest.

  166. CNN looking at super tuesday in regards to BO potential wins was focusing on southern states, black vote, only. what does that tell you?

  167. Seeing Bill speaking now, I see he was making himself the target seemingly intentionally in SC. I have never seen him more on target as in this speech. He said he would make Hillarys pitch the way she would have. And he is absolutely sticking to the ‘script’! Keeping it all about Hillary!

    This is a conscious shift, and I believe this was planned prior to the outcome of tonights election, rather than a fast turnabout. This seems to be according to the plan, which helps to calm me down right now. Alright!! Back on track, haha.

  168. I only think to contribute money to HRC after a loss so I haven’t since Iowa. I’ll do so tonight but since it only occurs when she loses, I may never contribute again. This idiocy will give me a chance to get some things done while I am avoiding the MSM’s and too many “progressive” blogs’ last chance at coronation. After Florida, they will remember that they are sexists and go back to trying to destroy the only candidate with a vagina, something they, obviously, fear and envy.

  169. York
    updated 5 minutes ago

    clinton is presently winning the county in which i volunteered.

    york county


  170. I think we need to send an email to Pat Buchanan because he seems to be the only one standing up for us and he is a REPUG. What is this world coming too?

    Who can remember during MSNBC’s coverage of the results in NH. Pat was like the media told Obama that he was born in Bethlehem and the voters said no he isn’t. That had me rolling on the floor with laughter. Pat is cool.

  171. Yall go up and read admins post at 8:38 about the MSNBC beneath contempt brainless wonders; except for Buchannan.

  172. What are the latest SC results?

    Another thing to keep in mind about the media: Anyone who calls either of the Clintons a racist just embarrasses him or herself and not the Clintons. When the media goes overboard, Hillary benefits from the backlash.

  173. Seeing Bill speaking now, I see he was making himself the target seemingly intentionally in SC. I have never seen him more on target as in this speech.

    This is the same speech Bill was giving in SC. The media didn’t report it because it didn’t fit their storyline.

  174. A note on the “whose to blame” question on the exit poll. CNN is reporting the numbers as Hillary 21% and Obama 6% and “both of them” 51%. MSNBC is adding those numbers and saying 70% are blaming Hillary. Shoddy reporting.

  175. I never thought the day would come where I’d look forward to hearing from Pat Buchanan. But he’s the only one keeping me sane about now.

    Noticeably absent from MSNBC’s coverage?

    Chris Matthews. They’ll still do everything single thing they can to stop the Clintons (nice job Brian Williams quoting Peggy Noonan!).
    They know enough not to be so obvious about it, thus Matthews absence.

  176. Obama picked up more in the redneck counties. Hillary did better in the true multi-cultural areas. I guarantee you that most of those Independents have absolutely no intention of voting for him in the general.

    I KNOW those counties he won, and there is no way in hell. He got the Repug and Indie “let’s screw Hillary” vote, and they laughed at Barack all the way home. I know SC like the back of my hand. My mama was a social worker and I have family all over those rural counties. All of those people ain’t voting Dem in the general. No way no how.

  177. JAS, Because that word is what white people used to describe African Americans when they wouldn’t stay in their “place.” If you meant Obama was an elitist, fine, but uppity has very bad connotations.

    Gorto, I’m fully convinced that Bill did what he did in SC on purpose, to INTENTIONALLY become an issue. Now it looks like she’s “reigning him in,” which makes her look like she’s taking charge – also planned.

  178. Obama is an arrogant asshole. Hillary does not deserve a congratulatory phone call and Obama’s tireless supporters do not deserve a pep talk after their loss in Nevada. That is his attitude! it is ALL ABOUT OBAMA.

    Republicans want to vote in our primaries to stop Hillary? Go for it! DISGUSTING.

    I know a lot of people are not loyal to the Democratic Party; they lean liberal but can swayed to vote otherwise if someone flashes a shiny object in their face. THESE PEOPLE VOTE OBAMA. I don’t. I am a democrat with democratic values. I don’t give a shit about reducing fights with Republicans and rolling over and compromising. Nuh-uh. As to the fight, I say: BRING IT! I want a hard-nosed fighter, someone who can get her hands dirty, someone who can put aside her EGO and her sense of COSMETIC SUPERIORITY to sully herself in the fight for the greater good. Give me a fucking break with all this high-minded, posturing BULLSHIT.

    I will admit that I was taken with Obama when I first heard him at the 2004 DNC. I was excited! I ordered Obama magnets from Cafe Press the next day. 🙂 As a matter of fact, that magnet is STILL on my fridge. I cannot bring myself to take it down simply out of petty spite. I can’t. It’s still up there and I still have hopes for Obama as a future leader of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY. The other day I saw a kids’ book about Obama being sold on the street here in NYC. My husband and I are expecting kids soon; I thought “I need to buy that for my kid!” Becasue despite whatever I think of Obama’s campaign, I am still proud of him and I still think he is a good role model. I WANT him to be a good role model for my kids. I want my kids to see a black president, of COURSE I do!

    Having said ALL THAT, I am so angry with his campaign right now and disgusted with him personally that I can barely look at him on the TV! I don’t think I can stomach his victory speech tonight. 🙁 I mean…. he (or at least HIS CAMPAIGN) has smeared two of the most beloved public figures in my life: Bill and Hillary. That is SO NOT FUCKING COOL in my book.

    I am just SO DISAPPOINTED in Obama. I am disappointed about his very promising candidacy which has shaken out to be about little more than lofty rhetoric. I will be frank and say that I was disappointed he jumped into the presidential race so early in his career as were ALL MY FRIENDS. I understand that Obama has EXTREME expectations to live up to and that many of them are probably inflated and unfair (just like Hillary’s). But I am also annoyed at him for DRINKING HIS OWN KOOL-AID and jumping into the race now. In my gut I really believe that his decision was born out of ego and NOT his best judgment. And to that I say: FU, Barack. FU for guilting black voters and calling the Clintons racist and THREATENING not to support Hillary in the general and THREATENING never to run again in the future. You know what, buddy? This isn’t all about YOU, despite what your cult followers and the puppet MSM say. Like it or not, I’ve been wishing and hoping and working for and looking forward to a Hillary for President campaign before she even declared! Don’t spit on me because I’m supporting Hillary! I want a black president too, goddamnit, and fuck you for implying that I DON’T just because I am crazy about Hillary!

    OK, sorry for that rant. I just really needed to get that off my chest. Thank you admin for actually let me speak! I LOOOOVE LOOOOVE LOVE this place!!! 🙂

  179. Buchanan also said Bill Clinton is smiling and happy tonight because Obama has been hurt tonight.

    yup, admin. BO has been pigeonholed. both he and the BM-pukes know it.

  180. HERE HERE!! LIMABEANS. love the entire 44 team. this will be almost over by feb 5th. hang in there hillfans. are big night will come feb 5th.

  181. hwc, It was Bill’s “fights” with the media that garnered attention, and I believe he did that on purpose. Otherwise, he would’ve just had his town hall meetings and kept a low profile with the press.

  182. I’m more concerned with the men vote … I know it’s a “man” thing…but how can she turn them to her better.

  183. Paula: Thanks for explaining that, I understand. I would also agree with you about the Clintons do not say anything with out knowing the outcome (I am paraphrasing ). They know what the outcome is, on every action they take, I am not saying that is bad, that is GREAT, it is part of that machine.

  184. looks like the 54% to 27% is going to hold there. damn. so much for edwards coming in second. is he going to drop out or what?

  185. I guess most of you are too young to remeber 1980 election how Ted kennedy cost us the election. What happened to Carter would never have happened to an incumbent Republican president.

    You know Democrats are very good at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Obama does not remind me of Bobby Kennedy. He is more like Ted Kennedy.

    It is too painful to take. Goodnight and Goodbye.

  186. It increasingly appears that the goal of Big Media is to give the job to McCain. Phase 1 get rid of Hillary using Obama; Phase 2 get rid of Obama using Rezko; get their job to their favorite backslapper – McCain.

  187. On the man vote: Remember, this is South Carolina. It is one of the most Republican states in the country. There are black Democrats, Birkenstock limosine liberal Democrats, and a small number of working white Democrats.

    White women voted overwhelmingly for Hillary. White men voted overwhelmingly for Edwards. Obama got the wealthy white limosine liberals like he usually does. He’s Bill Bradley and the black vote.

  188. admin, I think they don’t want a democrat in the white house at all. they don’t like the universal healthcare.

  189. She got 51% in Nevada, he got 54% in SC. They have ONE day to celebrate, tomorrow, then the story will be the sinking economy and the STOU Monday night. Tuesday is Florida and the dual pleasures of enjoying a BIG Hillary win and a CRUSHING defeat for RUDY (Hey, I’m FROM NYC) the same night. It will be fun to hear the Obama-Nation cry that the last primary before TT doesn’t mean ANYTHING…

  190. admin, Spot on about McCain. If Obama’s the nominee, the media will turn on him to promote McCain, of that I have no doubt.

  191. Earlier, Joe Friday mentioned something about Dems holding back on endorsing Obama because of Hillary’s leads in the Feb. 5 states. Too bad John Kerry isn’t as smart as they are, lol.

  192. hey there, pulchritude

    thanks for all your hard work in york, county SC. we will all win this thing in the end!

  193. OB didn’t capture the majority of either white men or women, and this is a big win? I’m not watching the talking heads, but I am sure that they’re framing that fact as evidence that he’s in trouble on TT, no? lol

  194. I’m at work and not watching TV, but I can bet they are NOT raising that point, TheRealist. Except for Pat Buchanan, I take it.

  195. Interesting. The money is still on Hillary. On Intrade, Hillary’s down 2.2, Obama’s up 1.7. Hillary still leads 65.5 to 32.5.

    That means that even with a huge win, Obama did not get big bounce. Intrade usually reacts almost immediately.

  196. BTW,

    Just a reminder, ‘State of the Union’ address is actually on Monday, which should be a huge news day for drive-by media.

    So Obama’s honeymoon will last for one day only.

  197. Thanks, terrondt! 🙂 I love this place for all the love and support. Hold hands, everyone!!

    That is too bad about Caroline Kennedy. 🙁 She lives in my neighborhood, in Park Slope. We have had pretty good support here in general but on Sunday there was a small group of Obama supporters out on the streets. One of them approached me with a clip board and I gently said “nope. Hillary.” as I walked past. Some pompous borgeouis asshat said “shame on you” under his breath as I walked past!!!!! I was so enraged at his UNMITIGATED GALL that I turned around, got in his face and said “What’s that supposed to mean?!” I am not at all violent (and couldn’t beat a man anyway) but I was so absolutely enraged that I could not let it stand. SHAME ON ME?? For voting for the candidate I feel is best in the Democratic primary? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME????? please, I mean no offense to white males here, but that is soooooo obnoxious, some random “liberal” white male I’ve never met who thinks he has the right and duty to TELL ME how to vote. God, I am mad all over again about it typing this. AAARRRRRRRRGG!

  198. Notice that Obama won the Million Man March in South Carolina and his advance team put nothing but white folk on the stage behind him.

    I’m sure James Clyburn won’t notice.

  199. alright. Bill is done, then so am I, off to bed. BO is still there talking, and talking and talk……………………ing.. I know what he is saying, the same kind of empty bull he’s been saying all along, even tho I have the mute button on. hehe.

    ok, off to bed.

  200. thanks, hawk!!! BTW, the dude’s response was “We’ll just repeat the 90’s all over again…” (implying that ubiquitous “polarization,” I guess).

    As we walked away, my awesome husband sarcastically replied “Repeat the 90’s? Can we do that?? Sweet!” 😀

  201. trying to convince america his win was with those whites LOL. I’m watching figure skating on nbc but following on the board here

    reckon he’ll thank pookie and the cousins?

    how about uncle jethro.

    he’s a tool…just short of his toolbox

  202. “Notice that Obama won the Million Man March in South Carolina and his advance team put nothing but white folk on the stage behind him.

    I’m sure James Clyburn won’t notice.”


    Snnnnnnnap! 😛

  203. LawSchoolDem

    Was it Eugene Robinson or Chris Matthews that first mentioned Bradley effect? I have been trying to fact check the sequence of events from Bradley effect to explain away NH to the first person to use the word “race” or “racist.”

  204. Lol. I wish I was old enough to recall the details of all of the good that took place during the Clinton years.

  205. Because CNN and other media outlets are bent on undertaking all the discursive work of the Obama campaign, I have decided to shun the television.

  206. limabeans

    way to go, girl. that asshole just received some park slope brooklyn attitude in his face. ( that BO volunteer probably had to clean his diaper after his encounter with you..HA! )

  207. hwc Says:

    January 26th, 2008 at 9:15 pm
    Notice that Obama won the Million Man March in South Carolina and his advance team put nothing but white folk on the stage behind him.

    Wow, are you sure about that? That would be insulting. But I think you should tone it down a little about the Million Man March. Someone told me it was reported most SC Dem’s said they would be happy with any of the Dem’s, so that means Obama was wrong, these folks will vote for Hill in the GE. She managed to come in second in JE’s home state in a deep red state, in a very polarized state she carried about 17% of the african american vote, and she carried white women, which she has in every contest so far except Iowa(?). That’s pretty good. I think Hillary is doing well.

  208. I crossed paths with one Obama sign in SC. I guess he concentrated his efforts in other portions of the state.

  209. If it was not considered such a huge win for Edwards 4 years ago why is it such a huge win for BO who is an AA?

  210. In Re: “uppity.”

    I once had a client complain to my boss that I was “uppity!” I found this offensive b/c it is historically a racist word… but also odd b/c I am white. LOL! Still, it was funny since my boss was black so we were both like, “Uppity?!? WTF?”

    I think it’s possible this was used (on this site) innocently. But it’s still a word that you gotta be careful with. Whatevs.

  211. Someone told me it was reported most SC Dem’s said they would be happy with any of the Dems, so that means Obama was wrong, these folks will vote for Hill in the GE.

    I think they will, too.

    Oh, and way to go, limabeans!!!

  212. Thanks guys!! paula, caroline, alcina! 🙂

    This is a good place to keep our spirits up.


  213. Fron C-SPAN:

    2163 of 2259 Precincts Reporting – 96%
    Name Party Votes Vote %
    Obama, Barack Dem 281,365 55%
    Clinton, Hillary Dem 134,798 26%
    Edwards, John Dem 90,602 18%
    Richardson, Bill Dem 684 0%
    Biden, Joe Dem 647 0%
    Kucinich, Dennis Dem 526 0%
    Gravel, Mike Dem 232 0%
    Dodd, Chris Dem 225 0%

  214. uppity imho describes someone who looks down on other people of lower class. sorry, i think michelle and obama seem uppity.

    in my neighborhood it means “getting above your raising”

  215. limabeans.. myself and my collegues have these wars all the times.. they hate me for it :).. all are not even obamabots.. they are republicans.. we still argue around having fun and kicking each others groins every now and then with talking points.. the best was bush’s recent sword dance in soudi arabia 🙂

  216. admin do you mind? thanks…

    WHAT THE F*CK !!!

    i come home from work, and get on to 44, and new people would be down, but PLEASE, WHO DID NOT KNOW WE WOULD LOSE THIS?

    today when my coworker was having a big o about his candidate winning.
    i congratulated him. he told me this was the start of obamas comeback.
    but i said: NO how do you figure?
    he said it was overwhelming…
    and i said:

    and thats what happened, and you all know it is…
    and wallow a little if you like, i’m sad too, but we dont want to give outside listeners something to blog about…

    its a couple of days to florida…
    different story…

    CHEER UP !!!!


  217. Does anyone have any polls for Illinois. I am really curious because I don’t think that State is a given to Obama with Rezko being the news in Chicago.

  218. dot48, I am sure that some are unaware of the connotations of the word “uppity” and mean no harm. But yes, it has historically been used in a very derogatory way toward AA’s, so we would all appreciate it if no one on here used it.

  219. I think her support is strong, we have a Congressman from the 5th District (KC) that is her state co-chair. The Kansas City Star endorsed her, but with Claire going with BO, it has me a little worried. Claire has lost my vote in 2012.

  220. Bradley effect was first raised by Eugene Robinson on MSNBC. Everyone at the table looked at him like he was insane. Then they all checked their blackberrys to get the talking point points from Axelrod. By the time they came back from break, Mathews and the rest of ’em were alternating between singing choruses of Kumbaya and Bradley Effect.

  221. skmf.. we are delighted.. only wished he got little less of white vote.. then the definition would have been PERFECT for us..

    caroline.. the last I saw he had about 20 point lead.. I actually think hillary can do pretty well in IL.. especially IL has a HUGE rural area where her family has some roots.. but again she has to balance time vs money and amount of mileage she can get in terms of delegates..

  222. I think its being held up as a big win because of all the media spin about racism. The black candidate triumphs over the white oppressor(s). That’s the sub-message in this win. In actuality, it’s not many delegates, in a smallish state, and the demographics are only repeatable in the deep south.

    If you couple this with the fact that Obama had to work for 3 months to introduce himself to the black voters, you can see why Pat B is saying the Clintons are happy tonight, Hillary is a respectable second. You only need to look at the AL poll numbers: HC 43, OB 28. This means that the black voters don’t know Obama. They know Clinton, they don’t know Obama.

    IMO, while I expect the numbers to change in Alabama, Obama hasn’t got the ground game at this point to pull off another SC or the numbers would already be tighter. All that being said, I still expect he will do well in IL, GA, AL, MS, and LA.

  223. Yes, alleging racism in NH was insane. Especially as they claimed that somehow the racists would vote for Hillary, which on the planet I live on is not possible.

    But however insane, it took over the media.

  224. I wonder if a clip of this will surface (from someone posting at DU–another person backed it up):

    “I was just watching MSNBC’s SC primary coverage on free-to-air satellite (this is network feeds, public stations, foreign stations, etc.) about ½ hour ago, while bill clinton was making a statement. During this statement the camera was on joe scarborough; his microphone was on so you could hear him talking at the same time as clinton was speaking; you could also see that contempt on his face. He was saying something along the lines of “he’s talking about himself. he’s talking about his presidential library… can you believe this…” at one point he uttered the F word, but nevermind.

    What really got me was that somewhere in the speech Clinton said something like “the campaign is looking forward to going into super Tuesday when millions of people will vote…” and a woman sitting to the left of scarborough said “Millions of WHITE people.” Some of you who get the real MSNBC may be able to say who this woman is, but she wasn’t on camera, so I don’t know who it was. Anyway, people keep saying that the Clintons are playing the race card, but if they can’t even say they’re looking forward to millions of people voting on super Tuesday without being accused (by the media, at least) of racism, it seem like they’re damned if they do, damned if they don’t.”

  225. Y’all have to tune into the Hillary event being broadcast via CNN live stream at CNN.com. Right now, Dolly Parton’s 9-to-5 is part of the music set. Someone on this Website was complaining about that song not in the set a few weeks back.

  226. sorry, it was innocent on my part. goes to show how one word can divide in an innocent fashion. white people use it a lot against each other and I’m sure they, as I, didn’t know this

  227. I think the Clintons accomplished what they set out to do, that is keep BO in SC the entire time and make him spend $$. This was his state he was going to win. and in the mean time HC is out in the Feb. 5th states. So the Clintons in a way are still in control.

  228. TAIL,

    your right ofcourse, but than again. the whites and others there, where in the middle of the storm, i dont blame them for being unduly influenced…
    its okay, the guy will win his, and we will win ours…




  229. AmericanGal, Scarborough was one of the Clinton Impeachment managers. I would never trust that SOB my entire life.

  230. Let us all relax.
    Deep Breaths.
    We all know what is coming the next 10 days
    We have seen it before after Iowa
    Stay Strong, Stay on Message, Support Hillary

  231. What I see clearly, and what the Invertebrate WIng of the DNC REFUSES to see, is that the ones being bamboozled and hoodwinked are the Obama supporters. And the ones doing the bamboozling and hoodwinking are the conservatives and the drive-by media. They are trying to set the country up for a fall. And the man’s ego is so big that he doesn’t care. This is what is at stake, and what Hillary is fighting to prevent.

  232. (1) You know we need to just laugh at the pundits. They can’t help themselves. It looks like post-Iowa. We are hearing “movement”, unlike anything I have ever seen, blah, blah, blah.

    (2) “uppity” is absolutely, undeniably racially charged in my part of the country and should not be used.

    (3) Again, let’s show some class. There is more to come and we will win. If for some reason we do not ultimately win, it will not be because we were wrong. We were right in 2000. We were right in 2004. We are right now. Hillary will be the best president.

  233. Sittin Bull they will all have a “movement like they’ve never seen” after Super Tuesday. Right in their jockeys. 😀

  234. OVER the years, I’ve been deeply moved by the people who’ve told me they wished they could feel inspired and hopeful about America the way people did when my father was president. This sense is even more profound today. That is why I am supporting a presidential candidate in the Democratic primaries, Barack Obama.

    Skip to next paragraph
    Times Topics: John Fitzgerald Kennedy

    Times Topics: Barack Obama
    My reasons are patriotic, political and personal, and the three are intertwined. All my life, people have told me that my father changed their lives, that they got involved in public service or politics because he asked them to. And the generation he inspired has passed that spirit on to its children. I meet young people who were born long after John F. Kennedy was president, yet who ask me how to live out his ideals.

    Sometimes it takes a while to recognize that someone has a special ability to get us to believe in ourselves, to tie that belief to our highest ideals and imagine that together we can do great things. In those rare moments, when such a person comes along, we need to put aside our plans and reach for what we know is possible.

    We have that kind of opportunity with Senator Obama. It isn’t that the other candidates are not experienced or knowledgeable. But this year, that may not be enough. We need a change in the leadership of this country — just as we did in 1960.

  235. WTF. I wanted to see the entire Clinton stump speech in Tennessee but both CNN and MSNBC cut her off. Damn it.

  236. I can’t believe the just cut her speech off like that? They have NEVER treated any of the presidential candidates as they do HRC. I hope viewers who watch these channels can see through all this hatred been shown by the media and will run to the polls to support HRC. This has gone way past illegal now.

  237. What a wonderful site this is. Everyone wants to avoid the word ‘uppity’ because of its racial connotations. I wonder if the Hillary-hating sites feel the same about misogynistic words like ‘bitch’, and all those other words!

  238. Next time our girl gets sucker punched, on cable, radio, the net, print news, flyers, push polling, whatever… remember how you are feeling right now and realize that she has to deal with that feeling every damm day, at least so far.

    Once you’ve got that gut to gut connection, give her, Bill, her staff, Chelsea, and her public endorsers a little break…instead of Monday-morning or long distance quarterbacking advice, and dare I say, criticism.

    And next time you see her hand-wringing, then we have permission to do the same…not before, nor any longer, than she.

  239. Ted Sorenson who wrote JFK’s speeches is working for BO. So I think Caroline’s endorsement isn’t surprising.

  240. SC: When did the dems win this red state in GE? It is not even a swing state!

    That is the question!

    We need to concentrate on states DEMS will win.

  241. PAULA,

    he has drank the water ofcourse. he says this is the result of bill clinton and hillary team, showing people what they would be in for if these to are in the white house, ect ect ect…

    so i said: really, you think so?
    well we’re about to find out in the next couple of weeks…
    the polls in the big feb 5 states, say your wrong, latinos say your wrong, democrats say your wrong, and women say your wrong…
    but you could be right…

    thats how it went…
    but yeah, alot of the people are saying bill had a lot to do with it.. go figure…

  242. I don’t think this was a “horrible” night for Hillary as these news networks are saying. Some are saying the “worst night of her life”. Give me a break. We all knew she would lose South Carolina because of the black vote (I’m half black and yes, I am saying she lost SC because 81% of blacks support Obama). If Obama thinks he can keep this up then good luck because there are only three other states that have black populations as large as SC. Hillary’s correct with her plan to move forward. SC is behind us and none of this was unexpected. Lets work on winning Hillary most of the states on Super Tuesday!

  243. My question is, what is it about BO, specifically, that reminds people of JFK. JFK was a war hero, first of all, and extensively traveled. He grew up in a large family with a political heritage. He became a congressman in the mid fifties and then made it to the US Senate around ’55. In ’56 he was nominated for VP at the convention. He became PResident in 1960 and died in ’63. Other than oratory and youth, I see no resemblances in the two except for the fact that both were born of priviledge. I will be unpopular for saying that but I believe it is true even in BO’s case. One of Bo’s speechwriters is connected with one of JFK’s speechwriters. Keep your eye on the prize. Jackie O liked Hillary. People are not standing with Hillary because often people move away from strong people, particularly strong women. And, when those people are working toward change, people really fall away from those forces. BO is not JFK, and this aint the 60’s. The real leader is standing in front of me on the television screen doin’ a town hall meeting in Nashville.

  244. Interesting comment seen on MSNBC First Read :

    “So much is being made of Bill Clinton’s comments contributing to the 81% black vote for Obama in SC. To what do the talking heads attribute the 83% black vote Obama received in Nevada?”

  245. I love it. Hillary is taking questions at her event in Nashville. She’s a fighter. I’m sure the haters expected her to give a concession speech and breakdown but she’s back out there doing her job. THIS is why the woman would make a great president.

  246. What’s wrong with those people in Iowa and South Carolina??? How ANYBODY could vote for Obama is just nuts!!!! I am so disgusted by the media’s coverage all week long and I think THIS helped him win so big!

    I wrote to MSNBC and complained about Scarborough, Carlson and Matthews for their blatant CLinton hatred bashing!!!

    I could especially punch Scarborough in the nose. He really has such a strong HATRED for Bill Clinton, I think he’s going to have a stroke!

    I am SICK that Caroline Kennedy has endorsed Obama. She is actually comparing him TO HER FATHER!!!!???? Am I CRAZY or is she?? I was only 10 years old when JFK was killed but I always loved the Kennedys but I am so disappointed with Caroline. Her mother and Hillary were great friends who liked and respected each other. Jackie said Hillary was the only First Lady she felt she had some kind of connection to. I think it would have been wonderful if a prominent woman like Caroline would have endorsed Hillary. I have changed my opinion of her!


    “They’re trying to bamboozle you. It’s the same old okie-doke. Y’all know about okie doke, right? … They try to bamboozle you. Hoodwink ya. Try to hoodwink ya. Alright, I’m having too much fun here. … ” – Barack Obama

    Those are the classic words of Malcolm X.

    “You’ve been hoodwinked. You’ve been had. You’ve been took. You’ve been led astray, led amok. You’ve been bamboozled.” – Malcolm X

    Mind you, Barack Obama is a devout Christian, which Malcolm X was not. But why isn’t Barack Obama’s speech, which he touts on his presidential website, being used as exhibit A, not only for using words that reach out to his community, but also as an example of how he’s using race whenever he can and when it suits his needs and benefits his candidacy? Mind you, there’s nothing wrong with using all you have in your arsenal. But there is no coverage of this speech anywhere today.

    It’s all about the Clintons allegedly injecting race, in a negative way, into the South Carolina primary bloodstream. The national press story is all about the white woman and her white husband going after the African American in South Carolina.

    Where’s the other side of the story? The side that illustrates the African American candidate using words from a famous black leader to reach his own constituency in a more direct way; talking the language that they all know so well.

    Now I’ve done it. By even mentioning this dynamic I’ll be accused of racism. The emails are likely already on their way.

    So three cheers for Craig Crawford.

  248. Hill is doing one of her live Q & A sessions now on c-span

    “why are so many of the commentators so biased against you”
    A= you’ll have to ask them, etc…….but I am focused on you, not their agenda…(or something like that)

  249. She is doing a greatjob with these questions. She got a good question about what do you say to people who say “we’re not ready for a woman President.”

    Earlier, on the media bias question, she talked about how she doesn’t think “politics is a game” or a “horse race”.

    She just got asked if she would release all the files about John Kennedy’s assassination. She answers that within the legitimate concerns for national security she would.

  250. If any of you are from Missouri besides Grandmother, Jaz, and I, please consider doing as we will in the next Claire McCaskill election…VOTE AGAINST HER!

  251. so, all this stuff on fox, cnn and messnbc..how many people total..maybe 10 mil tops? most people are NOT paying attention to this stuff!!! as far as endorsements..average joe and jane don’t care…when lost people hear the results on the evening news or newspaper they will see the percentages and then see the racial makeup and move on..i know i just called members of my aa family and asked what they thought of the results, most did’nt know and when i told them they were not suprised…my bro said he would have been shocked if bho didn’t win..its a noce win but no biggie really..just my 2 cents

  252. hillfans, i just got a email from hillary’s camp anouncing she will be in hartford, connecticut monday morning around 9:30am. yay!!!

  253. Olberman attacked her again – for not giving a “concession speech” even though she congratulated BO. He had no problems when Obama did not even congratulate her after Nevada, not talk of the fact that he did not even give any speech..

    This alone should tell you how seriously fucked up in the head these guys are. Its not just bias. This is insanity. And he accuses her of “being in denial” !

  254. allwaysforhillary, let them have thier moment in the sun. come feb 5th we are going to be the ones that will celebrate. as for caroline kennedy they are just following the wind blowing.

  255. All of you Hillfans who are telling us to “chill” are corrrect. 🙂 We shall be adults and good sports. Absolutely.

    Hill is on CSPAN now and on in our house, being taped and being watched. A friend just called me to say how GREAT he thought she is doing!! 🙂 And just listening to her is making me feel soooooo much better. I know it is corny but I LOVE her!!! I got so excited when she does Q-n-A! I genuinely feel this is her strong suit and that everyone who sees her in this forum will be immeasurably impressed! She is an excellent listener. Her ability to not only ANSWER THE QUESTIONS, but to LISTEN to people and accurately repeat their questions back to the crowd is AWESOME. People really respect that. ALL people do! It is one of her best gifts. This is why I think personal contact with voters is a WIN-WIN-WIN for Hillary!

    my friend said over the phone: “you know how I said before she should go for the ‘stern, midwestern mother’ thing?!? She is doing that right now and KICKING ASS!” 🙂

  256. Will everyone please STOP TYPING what KO and the talking heads are saying?????

    If i wanted to hear that garbage, I WOULD HAVE MY TV ON MSNBC. I DO NOT. I am watching Hillary. I do not give one flying fuck what KO says, and DO NOT want the dictation of the play by play of his arrogant ass.

  257. HillaryforTexas…….. How do you come up with these: “Invertebrate WIng of the DNC”. I almost swallowed my gum.

    Thanks, I needed a laugh.

  258. From TM comments section:

    MSNBC talking heads got riled up by this quote from Pat Buchanan: “SC doesn’t matter unless it gives Obama a bounce that yields 40-50% of the delegates on Super Tuesday.” Wish I would have seen it but I can’t stomach watching MSNBC.

    Pet peeve of the night: commentators constantly calling Obama’s win “momentum”. Close second: that sorry group of so-called pundits on CNN. The MSNBC group is in a class by themselves. I think Media Matters, who reported on Chris Matthews, seriously needs to out the pro Obama/anti-Clinton bias of this group. It’s just shocking…

  259. Sure, I’m ready to fight harder and stronger for HRC than ever but I am taking this time to put out here that I am really tired of the stupidity. We have been forced to endure eight years of idiocy that has, at its most innocent, caused the US to be an international embarrassment and, at its worst, cost many lives the world over. This all began with a hijacking of the will of the voters by a SCOTUS featuring one of the most inept members ever (appointed and pushed through by GHWB, no less). Now we are being bothered by “progressives” who see no problem with thwarting the will of Floridians yet again so that their pal can get a free pass. We have the daughter of a beloved president allowing Obama’s “accomplishments” to be compared favorably with her father’s. People who should know better are surrendering their credibility in order to prop up a man who is quite willing to tear apart this country. We will get past this but the stupidity is really trying on my soul right now.

  260. HighlyEducatedHillarySupporter:

    Watch it LIVE over the Internet at CNN.com or Campaign network. She is taking questions as I type this.

  261. I just caught up. I had to watch a movie and stop obsessing between scanning the news channels, reading this post and surfing for updates. I was getting so pissed at the news media my 22-month old was looking at me like I wasn’t his mother and my husband (the republican) was laughing!

    Limabeans, my hat’s off to you. I am in no way a violent person, but with all the BO crap about unity and change coming together…if someone did that to me, man or woman, they would’ve been kissing gravel before my common sense could stop me. When I read it, I flipped out.

    Can we just fast-forward to Feb. 5th? I don’t think my nerves can take all these days of praise and glory and speculation about how things have changed and BO is the new front-runner. My fingers are gagging typing the thought.

  262. While the chattering class prattles about, I watch the next president of the United States of America take questions and answer them with knowledge, insight, humor and warmth. I don’t need me no talking heads…

  263. Question: do campaigns just hammer away at their basic message during the time leading up to super Tuesday or is this the time when campaigns go into their highest gears: new focus in speeches, bringing out endorsments, doing something bold etc? I am wondering if Hillary has something up her sleeve for the next several day to really draw attention to her campaign, especially since the primaries coming up are so national in scope.

    Also, do you think that Hillary has to directly address the charges by the MSM that her campaign is using the race card? This is the narrative of the press as we have seen in all it’s ugly glory tonight. Do they feel they can’t change it? Or is this something that isn’t worth the effort to confront as the media won’t change?

  264. Wow. I am learnin’ things about Hillary that I did not know. I didn’t know Mrs. Rodham was abandoned when she was young. It’s from her that she learned that “you never give up on anyone.” She just alluded to bush flying over Katrina at 30,000. “How an you do that without seeing the suffering.” She wants to be a “champion.” This is great stuff. Every child needs a champion.

    LimaBeans it aint corny. I love her, too. And I loved your impassioned statement about BO’s win today.

  265. Hey, did Bambi ever sign on to cosponsor her “no bases in Iraq” legislation the way she asked him to?

  266. OMG. Are y’all watchign Hill on CSPAN? She is SO AWESOME! She just answered a question about why she entered the race. Talked about her upbringing and her family and how she is fighting for CHILDREN like her MOTHER! That is deep! Makes me teary! 🙂 I love her and I LOVE that she fights for children. That is one of the most important issues for me. Children need defenders!


  267. I am glad that she talked about “unity”. She, like Bill, doesn’t like imprecision in language. She uses her words and chooses her words very carefully. She knows the meaning and power of words. And she talked about how unity comes through hard work.

  268. I’m watching live on CNN. I’ve been watching the entire time except for about five minutes trying to look for it. I think she’s doing great. The pundits will continue to talk about this SC win like they did with Iowa. Fuck them! It was expected. This was not a surprise. Hillary Clinton will win in places where her voice is heard and where the voters focus on the issues rather than hype, race, and their hatred for Hillary for no other reason except that she’s a tough woman who will get things done and prove the Republicans and life-long Hillary haters wrong.

  269. A girl in the audience asked Hillary how she is handling her loss in South Carolina, her voice was breaking like she was about to cry, or maybe she was just so ovewhelmed by being in the presence of Hillary, because I know if I were to ever meet her I would probably cry too.

  270. I mean CNN.com. Ooh. One more question. I love this. She needs to do this more often. People need to see the real Hillary. Imagine Obama doing this. Bleh!

  271. Oh my, she’s losing her voice. That question by the woman who lost her job at 55 was so poignant.

  272. This woman is incredible. I cannot for the life of me comprehend why people get all swoony over Reverend Teleprompter of the First Church of Cliches, when they could vote for such an accomplished person with such a broad understanding of issues and specific vision for America.

  273. Wow, I know someone said we shouldn’t write about MSNBC but the past 5 minutes have been a blast. Pat B. took on Joe S. like crazy. Accuses him of drinking the Obama Kool-aid. It was great, worth watching MSNBC for a few minutes….some highlights.

    Scarborough acused Pat B. of assuming white voters are basically racist because he keeps saying Hillary will win on Feb 5. Pat B. fights back. He asks Joe “Do you really believe Obama will win”. Scarborough says no, not predicting win. Pat calls negative articles about Hillary/Bill comments “silly”. He says “Bill Clinton is playing hardball”. Says voters don’t care about Scarborough and what pundits think.

    Says national lead of Hillary will be reflected in Feb. 5 polls.

  274. “Reverend Teleprompter of the First Church of Cliches:

    OMG! Genuis! 😀

    Oh, and thanks, emmy, for the shout-out! 🙂

  275. I don’t understand why these pundits are still calling people “racist” for voting for Hillary. Hispanics and whites vote for Hillary but not as much as the number of blacks who vote for Obama. So what? Lets admit that race matters and many people vote on these reasons over the real issues. If you are going to call Hillary supporters racist then call Obama supporters racist too. I can’t believe I’m agreeing with Pat Buchanan over these other assholes on MSNBC. Can’t stand Scarborough.

  276. Emjay: Sorry to just now be replying (I had to go out for a beer!). I am almost confident that it was Eugene Robinson who first mentioned the Bradley effect toward the end of the night of coverage in NH. Fineman thought he was referring to Bill Bradley’s endorsement and was about to interject when Robinson told him he was referring to a different Bradley.

  277. Good Lord, what is the matter with those pundits? So if Hill wins on Super Tuesday it’s because whites are racists? Really, nothing, nothing negative can be said about OB, not even that he probably won’t win on Feb. 5, without it being twisted into racism!

  278. Guys, SC was a necessary bad pill that had to be swallowed. It’s done, it’s over andnow we can move on. We expected Obana to win but just not by this much. The story is that Edwards is a spoiler and he is spilting the white vote which works for Hillary.

    However, I’m in FL and I can tell you that she will win and win big on Tuesday. Many of the absentee b allots were sent in weeks ago and she had wins in NV and Michigan and NH which I’m sure galvanized folks to work for her. The story is that Obama is officially the Black vote. The media is distorting the truth, his white support was soft and if Edwards wasn’t in the race, it would have been closer.

    Good newws: The state of the union speech is tomorrow and that will be the focus of the nightly news as story 1 and of the news on Tuesday morning. Sure there will be talk of Obama winning but the media will have to focus on the SOTU and the Florida GOP race which should stunt any big bump that Obama gets.

    I do expect the national polls to tighten and other states. However, in states where there is a larger Latino population and fewer Blacks, her lead will hold.. so don’t be disheartened. This is just one battle in the war.

    Now, Bill needs to draw back a little, stilll campaign but don’t talk to the press as much as they will twisht anything he says.

    Chin up as The REalist allways say.

  279. Scarborough was trying to understand where Buchanan was coming from as Pat is consistently saying Hillary will win big on Feb. 5. He asked Pat if he thought that was because of racism. That’s when Pat came back at him–it was a fun exchange. Although I hate that network I will watch Feb. 5 to see Pat really give it to the panel there (Tweety will be there that day–extra fun to see his reaction).

    Another pet peeve for the night: Why did Obama say in his speech he had the most delegates? Hillary has way more than him…

  280. Oh yeah, I will definitely be watching MSNBC. I wanna see there fake-racist claims go down the drain when she wins the AA vote in Cali and NY and MASSIVELY wins the Latino vote.

  281. sittin bull.

    i’m in for the long haul, too. won’t rest until justice roberts instructs HRC to put her left hand on the bible and raise her right hand.

    night all.

  282. Yeah I am gonna send in some extra contribution tonight, too. She was wonderful answering questions. She has so much respect and compassion for people. She really hears them. And when she speaks from her heart you can see exactly why she is doing what she is doing. She is about wanting to help people. And that’s the Hillary I have always known about.

  283. I have to thank everybody on this site for bringing some sanity to this day. This, along with seeing the whole HRC thing on CSPAN helped me recover from my loss of breath and chest-tightening when I briefly saw BHO stepping on to the stage tonite.

    So, thanks to all and HRC!

  284. limabeans, yes: Reverend Teleprompter of the First Church of Cliches, and his prissy deacons from the Invertebrate Wing of the DNC.

    Sittin Bull, I sent Hillary more money as well. 🙂

  285. Of course when Hillary wins Florida the media will downplay it and say she gets no delegates from there and it doesn’t matter.

  286. Guys, we should start coming up with ideas for Hillary’s campaign now 😀

    they have good stuff, but they need innovative stuff.

    Like today…i got a TEXT MESSAGE from the stupid Obama campaign for his win in SC. O_O


    but hillary needs something like that 😀 hit the new technology age~!

  287. # TheRealist Says:
    January 26th, 2008 at 9:00 pm

    She got 51% in Nevada, he got 54% in SC. They have ONE day to celebrate, tomorrow, then the story will be the sinking economy and the STOU Monday night. Tuesday is Florida and the dual pleasures of enjoying a BIG Hillary win and a CRUSHING defeat for RUDY (Hey, I’m FROM NYC) the same night. It will be fun to hear the Obama-Nation cry that the last primary before TT doesn’t mean ANYTHING…

    Exactly! By Tuesday, the shine will have dimmed as the story shifts to the winner of the REpub primary in L and the commentary of the SOTU address.

    Question, because Bambi won by an amount much larger than the polls predicted, does this mean that we havethe reverse Bradly affect! Just asking.

  288. i think Bill Clinton needs to hit harder, to be honest.

    Bring up the “oops, i pushed it again” votes in the state senate 😀

  289. i strongly feel hillary must show up in fla after the polls close for a victory speech. we are talking a million votes cast and her winning huge. they deserve an appearance by her and it will get ehr some attn that night bc it will eb a surprise. it si critical she do this guys. my sister lives in fla and is voting for her tues. hillary ya got to go to fla tues night

  290. I think Bill should not be used as a lightening rod/basher. He can campaign, but ultimately, I find Hillary is the future, and bill the past.

    Bill has got to understand, that if Hillary has nothing to say on issue x, neither should he.

  291. tiburones, “reverse Bradley affect”…I love it…

    From MyDD–on whether the SC win helps Obama–short and to the point:

    ..”IA didn’t help Obama in MI, NV or NH. He’s not going to win FL and his demographic support isn’t broad enough to win in a majority of the super tuesday states.”

  292. Texan4Hillary: I will go on hillaryclinton.com and ask her to fly to Florida if only for a few hours to give a speech. Or at least in her own way thank Florida wherever she is. I think it is important to acknowledge that Michigan and Florida SHOULD have a voice in this election. I am from Michigan and I want my vote for Hillary to count. I’m hoping our votes can help her win delegates at the convention.

  293. texan4hillary, I was just about to ask the same question about if Hillary can go to Florida AFTER the polls close. I think that would be great and generate a lot of attention. Plus, the people of Florida deserve to be thanked for their efforts, hard work and votes.

  294. It would be BRILLIANT to go to FL after the polls and have a rally! I so hope she does this!

    GO TO FLORIDA HILLARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAVE A ROCKIN BAND!!!

  295. I watched Hillary on C-SPAN. She was moving and inspiring. I have basically stopped watching Cable TV. Obama’s South carolina win is not a surprise. He has organized there for months and concentrated all his resources there. He doesn’t have the same organization in other states. I know the Tv pundits are blaming Bill Clinton for his win. But, Obama’s win has nothing to do with whether Bill Clinton campaigned here or not. Obama would have won anyway.

    I am even more strongly for Hillary and in spite of the entire media and liberal blogs being lined up against her, I strongly believe she will win the nomination and win the presidency. Obama is not qualified to be president and most people know this.

  296. I am not sure. I know the entire Alabama Black Congress endorsed Hillary a few months ago. I am not sure how that state will play out. Arizona will see a victory for HRC and in Tennessee, she will definitely win. I am not worried about all southern states. Hill will win Florida, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and she will do well in Alabama and Georgia.

  297. reagobama wont have much of a party feb 5. 60pct of the feb 5 vote is white, 15pct is latino and hillary will do better with black voters i think in some states eg ny. i do not think she will go after obama as much for the enxt 9 days. she will go state to state making her arguement and drive the press bonkers.

  298. Thanks Hawk! I also want to send word to everyone in Hilalry’s campaign to hang tough and know that we are all behind Hillary and her campaign all the way! The more the media attacks her, the more my support for her gets strong. I felt this way about Bill Clinton in the nineties! The reason the media and all of the liberal blogs (except MyDD, Talk Left and Taylor Marsh) are so biased against Hillary is that they all want her to recognize how “precious” Obama is and get out of the way because they think he is so “special.” I live in Illinois and I never heard of him until he ran for the senate. He was very lucky to win the senate race because his Republican opponent had to drop out due to some personal scandal.

  299. Too bad someone can not arrange some quick award to give Hillary and she flies to Florida to pick it up. Dade County Woman of the Year or something. She would not be campaigning, just like obama is noy airing ads there.

  300. TPS, I live in Davenport, so we get Rock Island and Moline info and they get Davenport and Bettendorf’s in the Quad Cities, and I had never heard of him before the senate race either.

  301. btw: from a family member in a university in New York city:

    most students there are for barack obama and have labeled Hillary as a B****, especially after hearing her go after Obama on Rezko and stuff.

  302. I am not worried at all, of all states, about New York. Those kids can say whatever they want about her, their grand paper, that I am sure they read, endorsed Hillary, so whatev.

  303. Probably the same type of elitist liberal snob kids that like obama that I had to deal with here at the University of Iowa. Iowa City is Kucinich/Obama country.

  304. This is so funny though, isn’t it?

    Why do people never make the distinction or ask the question that when a women argues or points out differences with a man, she is labeled a bitch, but when a man does the same, he is defending his views or being noble/courageous?

    This is sickening.

    Personally, I think that men who argue with women are just as at fault.

  305. from the AP tonight


    By NEDRA PICKLER, Associated Press Writer 6 minutes ago

    WASHINGTON – The questions surrounding Barack Obama’s victory in South Carolina: Was the split between white and black voters an anomaly in a state were the Confederate flag still flies on the statehouse grounds? ………..

    What’s clear is that for Obama to win the nomination, he will have to improve his performance among white voters over South Carolina. Being the clear favorite among blacks won’t be enough as the candidates turn to 22 states that hold contests on Feb. 5.

    Obama’s overwhelming victory over Hillary Rodham Clinton came with 80 percent of South Carolina’s black voters backing him, but only a quarter of whites. Clinton and former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards each got about a third of the white vote.

    That’s a division Obama will have to close if he is to win the nomination.


  306. “I know if I were to ever meet her I would probably cry too.”

    Tareli, I cried when she came on stage at Abyssinian Baptist Church (day after her birthday). I couldn’t believe my eyes, there she was.

    Buchanan has real influence — sometimes he uses it horribly. But he bodyslammed President Bush on immigration. For every Pat Buchanan, there’s a hundred or a thousand who feel the same way. Dan Abrams said it best. “No white person can even mention the name of Dr. King now.”

    For every person who says that, there’s a hundred who feel it.

  307. Most of Obama supporters in online blogs I suspect are younger. They tend to use really mean and sexist language against her. Language far worse then what even rightwingers might use. I think Americans are fair people and at the end of the day they will compare Hillary’s experience and record against Obama’s and they will go with Hillary.

    She has always been the underdog given that the entire Washington establishment (media, Democratic establishment, and the Republican party) is arrayed against her. I know many people like me who are strong Hillary supporters but are the silent types who will never go on blogs to express their opinions. Their voices are grossly underrepresented in the mainstream media.

  308. I think Hillary should worry more about Edwards in states like Tennessee where he will split the white male vote with her. Obama has no chance in these places. You can call it racism or common sense or preference – you choose. Obama will likely win Georgia because it is about 30% AA (you can call that win whatever you want too) and I think he will do quite well in Alabama. I’ve never been to the South so I won’t pretend to know anything about the politics down there. But I will take a guess that blacks down there will be more reluctant to vote for anyone besides Obama more than blacks who live in places like NY who are more open to Hillary. I’m also going to guess that many more whites in the South hate Hillary and will rather vote for Obama or Edwards simply because they have and always will hate her for no good reason.

  309. Canaan, I know what you mean. Any criticism of Obama is met with the “racism” response. I have been called a racist in some of the liberal blogs for questioning Obama’s positions.

  310. Edwards is a problem, but only to an extent. If he starts coming across as desperate and people start telling him he should drop out, he will lose votes as unviable, I hope. It is going to come down to delegates and super delegates and we are way ahead. All of those endorsements help. She is going to win this whether we are sure on the 5th or not. We will get more delegates than Edwards everywhere except maybe Alaska or something obscure like that.

  311. From a communication standpoint, I think Hillary needs to be portrayed as a limited commodity. In other words, that this is HER moment and only will voters have this ONE chance to help break the last glass ceiling of all for women.

    According to the scarcity principle, people assign more value to opportunities or people when they are less available. Voters will value things that become restricted and voters will be more attracted to scarce resources when we compete with others for them. Scarcity pressures have emotion-arousing qualities that make thinking difficult.

    I know MO already did this once in IA, but I think from a communication standpoint, it is effective and it can work. If voters sense that an HRC presidency is now or never, I think she will win over more voters. BO cannot make that same argument because voters are alert to a rush of arousal when he is cast in scarcity because he is young and can wait to be president later on down the road.

    Just a thought.

  312. Hawk: Edwards might hurt in some of the southern states but he might also help split some of the anti-Hillary vote in other states. I think the impact of his presence in the race is a bit complicated.

  313. Obama will win delegates from Cali and from Massachusetts and Texas and other places, but not enough to be anywhere close to what we will win. We are going to dominate delegates from all states except maybe Illinois, Georgia, Kansas and not much more. He is limited in his ability to gain significant amounts of delegates in states where it matters thanks to women, sensible men, Latinos, GLBT, Asian Americans, and name recognition for HRC will help where no one campaigns like Idaho, North Dakota, Utah, and Alaska.

  314. Can anyone point me to the SC caucus results where Jesse Jackson got 64%? I am not getting that same figure – I’m getting 54% elsewhere.

  315. mj, a surrogate can do the job more effectively and I think it needs to be done. If we can get people to understand that there are no other formidable women candidates for president in our recent lifetime who can in fact be formidable, I think they will fight for her and fight for that opportunity with as much passion and dedication as the BO supporters.

  316. Can anyone point me to the SC caucus results where Jesse Jackson got 64%? I am not getting that same figure – I’m getting 54% elsewhere.

    I’m arguing this in a message board and someone called me on my figures.

  317. Sorry yall but I am gonna refuse delivery on bein’ told that because Hill and I are old white ladies that we can’t talk about Dr. King, or quote Dr. King. That’s a bunch of horse shit. My parents worked hard for integration in this country. My mama did so at her own peril at times. When I was a young girl she bundled us up one night and drove us off to a neighboring city where we heard Dr. King speak. I can remember that clearly to this day. He is a profound influence on how I live my life, much as Ghandi and other great people have been. There were white people who died for civil rights in this country. No, we never suffered the way black people did, but some did die and some did suffer. And the day after Dr. King died I was one of several girls who got our schools’ flag lowered. Nobody owns Dr. King. To even think so is to totally misunderstand what he lived and died for. To even think so makes a mockery of all this talk of unity. Racism is a part of this country’s heritage and something every generation must grapple with — and I am talkin’ black and white and eveyr other color. We all have to come clean with it. And so tell me that the people who tell me I have no right to talk about Dr. King aren’t racist. What unity is there in that message?

  318. The scary thing is that I think THIS IS IT for HC. This SHOULD be her moment to win the presidency. BO’s SHOULD be in 2016. I don’t know if HC will be able to come back in 2016. Even still, I think this is now or never for HC. That’s just my feeling. But I also believe that if and when BO comes back in 2016, he won’t have the momentum he’s getting from young people right now. Young people are very fickle. So I guess it’s easier for BO supporters to say his time is now because of all the hype even though he has a better chance than HC of coming back later down the road to run for office again as an actual experienced, qualified candidate 😛

  319. Then that needs to be changed. Obama did exceed JJ’s feat, at least in SC – considering that JJ’s was a caucus and not a primary. However, the SC results are not that surprising considering the successful race-baiting of Obama.

  320. mollj, The Obama campaign twisted Bill and Hilalry Clinton’s words to rally AA voters to their side. Obviously, it worked. The race card, in my view, was played by the Obama campaign to get the AA vote. Well, it is politics. Then to turn around and claim that the Clintons played the race card is unconscionable. These are two people who fought for civil rights all their lives. I am really saddened that Obama sank to this level.

  321. One of the reasons why this race is so personal to so many of us is that many of us identify with Hillary in the sense that we have experienced the feeling that it is our time — from a professional point of view. We’ve worked really hard in our careers to reach a certain point. We got a lot of experience, worked extremely hard, and did other things too (like support a husband and have babies) and all of a sudden here comes a young man who is much less experienced. But he impresses everybody with his feel good ways. He’s got charisma and a fancy way of speaking and most importantly he makes us feel real good but not think too hard. And whammo…sabotage. Guy gets promotion; girls get left behind. Of course it doesn’t always happen this way, but very often it has and it still does.

  322. mollyjrichards: I think it’s sad to see that many black voters have appeared to be so fickle in this election. As a black person, I am proud to support HC and I don’t think I’m a traitor or a sell-out because of it. It’s sad that so many people have forgotten the work the Clintons have done and are saying that their reputation is tarnished because of one week in South Carolina. That’s ridiculous to me. And it’s ridiculous that people aren’t able to see that, yes, even older white women can and have done positive work in the civil rights movement as well as the women’s rights movement. Having a black man in the WH is exciting, I understand. But the fact that they twisted HC’s words to make her appear as if she purposefully tried to disrespect MLK is ridiculous. Anyone who can’t see HC’s commitment to civil rights and uman rights is an idiot.

  323. Can someone explain how the Florida delegates work? I know that Florida is a winner-takes-all state, but when Hillary wins there on Tuesday does that mean she won’t get any because Florida broke the rules about moving their primary date up? MSNBC is reporting that the democratic nominee gets to decide whether or not to seat the delegates from Michigan and Florida.

    This from MSNBC

    From NBC’s Mark Murray
    Clinton released this statement: “I have called Senator Obama to congratulate him and wish him well. Thank you to the people of South Carolina who voted today and welcomed me into their homes over the last year. Your stories will stay with me well beyond this campaign and I am grateful for the support so many of you gave to me. We now turn our attention to the millions of Americans who will make their voices heard in Florida and the twenty-two states as well as American Samoa who will vote on February 5th.

    “In the days ahead, I’ll work to give voice to those who are working harder than ever to be heard. For those who have lost their job or their home or their health care, I will focus on the solutions needed to move this country forward. That’s what this election is about. It’s about our country, our hopes and dreams. Our families and our future.”

    A quick note about Clinton’s statement: While American Samoa will actually award delegates to the Democratic National Convention, Florida WILL NOT. The Democratic National Committee stripped Florida — like it did Michigan — of ALL of its delegates for moving its primary before February 5. The eventual nominee can decide to sit Florida’s and Michigan’s delegates at the convention, but they won’t count toward deciding the nominee.

    So while Florida Democrats will vote in the state’s primary on January 29, the contest will not be awarding delegates.

  324. HEHSupporter: I think you’re absolutely right, but that message has not been communicated as well as it should have been. MO plainly told a crowd in IA that it was now or never. We need to play on the same sentiment. Young people are fickle, but I think it’s because of two reasons: 1) Uncertainty. Young people are hearing a message that they can have an impact on this race but are unsure of the power they have and our being influenced by the actions of others in their demographic; and 2) Similarity. People are more inclined to follow the lead of similar others. You cannot deny that the media has made young voters a focal point since IA and I think they see and hear that young people overwhelmingly support BO and that they, fitting within this demographic, need to support him too.

    I think this is counterfeit evidence of what others are doing and should not form the basis for their decisions and thus if BO wanted to run again, he could, because as I see, the young people who support him are not driven by him but by their peers.

  325. I hate that Hillary supporters in MI and FL will be ignored. Why punish the voters for something beyond their control? We didn’t decide to move our primary. This is so undemocratic. Our votes need to be counted and if OB wins because MI and FL weren’t included I will be pissed.

  326. BTW:

    If you want to know WHO has been pressuring the DNC to NOT sit Michigan and Florida delegates, it is the Obama camp. A few months ago, i think in August, everyone was on facebook talking about writing letters and emails to the DNC and people in the DNC even THREATENING to not vote Democratic if the Florida votes and Michigan ones are counted.

    While i don’t know how many Obamalamas did this, i do know that this WAS done and could be an explanation for the insanely stupid reasoning behind not counting Florida/michigan and not allowing candidates to campaign there.

  327. I agree, TPS, the Obama campaign did play that card…early on. I remember when he gave his speech to the NAACP. Hillary, I think, had already addressed them and she laid out specific plans. She talked about policy, like she does, and it was a very good talk. Obama gets up there and gets the question, and what do we hear: what Senator Obama will you do when you are elected for race relations–Obama answered, essentially, it’ll change things just because I am elected. When people see me in the White House, things will change. poof just like that. Well, change doesn’t happen that way. One has to set the message, establish the tone. given the anomosity that’s stirred up in South Carolina, I’d say he’s not off to such a hot start unless he wants to pit people against each other.

  328. I guess we all have a writing assignment then. In order to push back at the “Obamalamadingdongs” we ALL need to start writing letters to: 1.) local Dem. Party, 2.) state Dem. party, and 3.) the DNC.

    LawSchoolDem raises some interesting points about language. It seems to be that bringing up the delegate seating of American Samoa is highly effective. We should use that language in our letters and use it often on blogs. Does anyone know anyone at floridaforhillary.com? They should definitely be using that language and I LOVE to see some official like Sen. Nelson or Gov. Granholm using that language.

    Also, we should repost this often so that we can get a lot of people writing emails or letters.

  329. mollyj: Obama and his supporters are grossly underestimating how hard it is to bring about change in systems like ours. They think if you give a great speech, everyone will give up their self interest and just go along with you. The Republicans are vicious and won’t easily give up power. For all kinds of reasons, Obama is a very weak general election candidate.


    I hope the folks at Barack’s party tonight enjoy themselves because the worm has turned and he is painted into a corner of his own making. If Barack, after playing the race card, had garnered more than 50% of the white vote he would have reason to celebrate. Why? Because his victory was not dependent on black voters. But that is not the story line. Barack is the candidate of black voters and that won’t win him much in the rest of the country.

    Perhaps it should be phrased this way–Barack, no se puede. Yes boys and girls, the largest and fastest growning ethnic minority in the United States is Latino not African American. And Latinos no son locos por Obama (they are not wild about Obama). That was a reality he bumped up against in Nevada and it is one that will clobber him come Super Tuesday. But for tonight, Oborgs, party hearty.

  331. Ok, well, let’s step away a bit from all this race stuff. She did ok in a state that is very racially divided. I am happy about that. I hope after FL we can just focus more on the positive.

  332. One thing I admire about Republicans. They are very clear-eyed about winning power. Look at their primary, they all go after each other in any way possible in order to win. There is no hand-wringing in the party. The media is not accusing anyone of being negative. Then they get the toughest GE candidate. Remember what Bush did to McCain in SC in 2000. I don’t recall all the bloviators in the media giving Bush a hard time. Instead, they were criticising Gore of being negative against Bradley.

  333. I hope Hillary and her surrogates pull out demographics from Iowa, NH and NV and use it in media saying AA have always voted 80% + for Obama.. btw can someone point to me demographics and vote pattern in IW and NH? Please? I know in NV it was 83%..

  334. EXACTLY TPS. The wimpy democratic party is debating who has the dirtier campaign…instead of wondering whose campaign is OBVIOUSLY the toughest one to take on the repubs in Novemebr!

    such losers. no wonder we are known as the Wimpy democrats.

  335. The staff members of this blog should put up a post on how voters in Michigan and Florida can help Hillary win back our delegates. Addresses and names of people we can email or send letters to, sample letters, anything that we can all do in the next several days to show our support.

  336. A now or never campaign about a Hillary Clinton presidency will play very well within the Latino demographics. Latino voters know and understand the idea of now or never and are more apt to relish in the past than they are to be optimistic about the future, it’s part of the culture. The focus is on the here and now and how we got to where we are today and appreciate those that sacrificed for us along the way. It’s why, I believe, the Clintons have strong [positive] sentiment within the Latino community.

  337. I think that this is about the right time to get out the National AD 😀

    but only on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, Cooking Channel, and some hispanic channels 😀

    (BET could help too 🙂

  338. meiyingsu, why do you keep saying that? Someone said there was an exit poll saying the voters in tonight’s primary said they would be happy with any of the three candidates. Terron said earlier that in SC it would be hard for african americans to get past the notion of an african american in the WH. Surely you can understand that. They voted for Obama tonight, not against Hillary. They will still be part of the base in November, and I dislike that sort of talk that they won’t

  339. Bye everyone! I am sleepy. I will see you all tomorrow. It is a new day and I am very optimistic about this campaign.

  340. Does anyone know how Obama’s support among Blacks in SC compares with his support among Blacks in NV? I heard he’d actually LOST a percent or two.

    Wouldn’t the MSM be shouting that, if it were Hillary!

    Of course in SC there may be a different demographic of Blacks than in NV.

  341. I hope Hillary and her surrogates pull out demographics from Iowa, NH and NV and use it in media saying AA have always voted 80% + for Obama.. btw can someone point to me demographics and vote pattern in IW and NH? Please? I know in NV it was 83%..

    Well, I hope not.

    At the risk of having ppl jump all over me much as when I stated that I thought SC was a waste of time/resources a few weeks ago, I’ll offer up an opinion again.

    Fact: Obama poured in all kinds of time and resources into Iowa and South Carolina. I mentioned a little while ago that his campaign was even attempting to contact every known AA in SC. Really, an admirable effort. (cont)

  342. gladiatorstail , yeah, he wasn’t competing but really he was. He had more orginization than Hill there. The whole Conyers gang was running a very active campaign for uncommitted as Obama, so I think she did quite well, considering she had no orginization.

  343. Hi, I just de-lurked after discovering this site and lurking here for the past month. A big thanks for educating me on why Hillary is the best candidate, thanks to you guys I was able to convert an undecided friend recently to Hillary’s side. I was for Hillary all along, but I was getting demoralized by all the ganging up by the MSM.

    I plan to volunteer for Hillary’s campaign and cast a vote for her in our California primary, partly also for my late mother. My mom was a longtime Hillary fan, and she passed away from a sudden illness just before Hillary made her announcement to run for president. She would’ve gotten a big kick out of all this.

  344. HLR,

    you are correct. and i know the databases in SC contained demographic categories. according to one woman who entered the office today, the obama campaign contacted her at least 10 times, while hillary’s campaign never telephoned.

  345. HLR,

    voters were placed into different categories depending on age, race and location. and if one reviews the congressional district returns, one notices how Obama’s turnout operation was largely focused on district six, or clyburn’s district.

  346. 1950democrat: I don’t know the exact numbers but Obama’s black support has been solid ever since Iowa. In Michigan, he won nearly 70% of black voters and I think that number was about the same in Nevada. I feel SC’s demographic is a tiny bit different because it’s the South and they have a large black population. But other than that, I am going to predict that black support for Obama will be between 65-80% in upcoming states. Probably more when you go to southern states with large black populations. I think Meyingsu has a point that Hillary will need a solid base in the rest of the contest. She can forget about black voters. Those who support her will stick with her but I think most black voters already have their mind up that they are voting for Obama. I can only think of Harlem where the Clintons havev strong ties and there are a good number of older black voters and politicians who still support her. She can give up on young black voters. They aren’t standing behind her in this election.

  347. Hillary, on the other hand, has attempted a much broader effort with more of an eye of Feb 5th states. Her early organizing states were NH, NV. While she did secure some important endorsements in SC, if you think over the past year, she did not spend that much time in the state.

    The most important thing now is to pick the Feb 5th state nearest you and do whatever you can to pitch in.

  348. HLR,

    you are correct. some voters i contacted complained about hillary’s lack of sc appearances. in fact, one man claimed she “did not even bother to campaign here.”

  349. pulchritude — sure. CDs 5/6 yield 12/29 delegates. I believe we managed to squeeze out one in CD-6 — a big thanks to all SC volunteeers for making this possible.

  350. pulchritude, even Hillary went to SC and made phone calls. Those AA still went to BHO to feel good and made Hillary feel bad.

  351. pulchritude — hillary’s lack of sc appearances.

    Similar to IA (as compared to the other candidates). I’m getting worried that if we focus to much on racial divides (like the media) that we miss the big picture — hard work and communication count.

  352. Yes pulchritude. I just read an article on msnbc that said Hillary did not put in her best effort in SC. I think she should have put in a bit more money and time. She would’ve lost anyway but it wouldn’t have been as big of a loss. From the MSNBC article:

    Why did Obama win South Carolina and what does this triumph portend for future contests?

    One short answer: He and his campaign staffers worked.

    Thus Obama vindicated Sen. Hillary Clinton’s own New Hampshire campaign slogan when she said, “Some believe you can get change by hoping for it. I believe you get change by working hard.”

    Democratic activists here in South Carolina said that the Obama campaign had perhaps the most extensive field operation ever seen in this state.

    Superb field organization
    The reach of the Obama field operation extended even to such often forgotten places as Allendale County, which has the second smallest population of any of the state’s 46 counties.

    To cite another locale, Obama had had about 20 supporters working out of his Greenville, S.C. office since mid-summer; Clinton had only five or six starting in the fall, according to one Greenville Democratic activist.

    The Obama high command showed a skill for picking talent: Craig Schirmer, a veteran South Carolina get-out-the-vote expert, was in charge of Obama’s mobilization effort in the state.

    Obama: ‘Ready to believe again’
    Jan. 26: Barack Obama addresses his supporters in South Carolina after his triumph in the state’s Democratic primary. He says the election is “not about black vs. white, but about the past vs. the future.”

    Obama also won because Clinton and her strategists, sensing defeat, apparently decided to trim their effort in the state.

    “They basically pulled out of the state,” said veteran Charleston, S.C. Democrat Phil Noble, the president of South Carolina New Democrats, and an Obama supporter.

    “They did no phones, they did no mail, any real extensive expenditures seemed to have stopped about two months ago,” Noble said.

    “I’m a Yellow Dog Democrat and I didn’t get any direct mail” from the Clinton campaign.

    “I got zero mail from the Clinton campaign in the last two weeks; I probably got six pieces from Obama and easily eight from Edwards,” said Greenville, S.C. Democratic activist Kevin Mertens, who supported Sen. Joe Biden, who pulled out of the race three weeks ago.

  353. As far as lack of appearances: if I were Bill or Hillary Clinton, I would never set foot in the state of S. Carolina again.

  354. meiyingsu
    Concerning NJ

    As Michelle would say while pandering to SC voters:

    “If they ain’t registered as Democrats they ain’t voting”

    If they registered as independents which over half the registered voters of NJ are they had to have declared as a Democrat before the December deadline otherwise they can not vote.

  355. meiyingsu-

    Are you an ethnologist? Why do you keep harping on AA’s not supporting Hillary? I don’t think you could have any real insight into that topic so I assume that it is based on something else, and something potentially creepy and insulting to the AA members of our community, AA’s in the states you mention and as important to Hillary’s campaign and useful in a negative way to the prying eyes that read these pages (HI BEN!). Hillary will do just fine with ALL voters on TT and that broad cross-section of support will be IMPOSSIBLE for BM and the Hillary Hit Squads to deny or spin away.

  356. OK I have the figures.. I want as many of us to use these talking points when we visit other blogs as possible. Infact, I hope Hillary campaign comes out and uses these talking points. I will e-mail them using tips link on Hillaryhub.

    here are the raw numbers.

    AA voting pattern :
    Iowa : 5% : Obama 76%, Hillary 17% (I doubt the 5%, because of imported students from IL but thats another discussion for another day)
    NH : too less to make an impact
    MI : 26% Hillary, 72% uncommitted (the 26% was because most probably AA women and elderly AA voters)
    NV : 83% Obama 14% Hillary
    SC : 81% Obama 17 % Hillary

    So where is the impact? AA voted the same way in EACH AND EVERY STATE.. why is media blaming Bill and Hillary with all racist crap when AA have shown a pattern of voting ever since voting began in IW? there were no fairy tale comments or MLK comments then.. or were there? If anything Hillary did better in SC than in all other states with AA’s.

  357. thank you, realist. i mention the complaints i heard, for i believe her loss in sc was not so much a result of race but more a result of her abandonment of the state.

  358. mollyjrichards Says: We got a lot of experience, worked extremely hard, and did other things too (like support a husband and have babies) and all of a sudden here comes a young man who is much less experienced.

    Yep. That’s one reason I get mad at calls for Obama/Hillary. At the NV debate he was acting so much like Remington Steele.

  359. …in GE, if Hillary can win FL, OH, and so on, she doesn’t need to set foot in the deep south.

    That’s what I mean. The Dems have no prayer in SC for the General Election. South Carolinians think the Clintons are racists. So, there’s not much there for them. They can find nicer beaches than Hilton Head.

  360. I don’t think meiyingsu has said anything wrong. S/he is right and I have said that the Clintons should continue to court black voters but should not count on the majority of blacks to vote for them. I think in places where they have strong ties (HARLEM), yes, they need to continue that strong relationship. I think Clinton, however, has formed the bases she needs to win already. She has strong support in the Latino community and Asian American community. She is popular with women and older voters. She is popular with working class voters.
    There are some bases that she should continue to work on (youth voters and blacks) but she shouldn’t count on them to take her to the WH and she should use her resources wisely. I think she was smart not to spend too much time and money in SC since she wasn’t going to win that anyway but this also proves that she can’t completely forget those constituencies or she will get her ass beat big time.

  361. …sure AA is important,, but no matter what they do not vote hillary in the primary, that is a fact.

    About 20% do.

  362. meiyingsu, well, about 20% are and that’s pretty good. Probably more in the NE, particulalry NY. Your tone is not appreciated. Please desist.

  363. therealist.. I dont precisely.. but I am searching.. However from what I have documented.. it is VERY CLEAR.. the 20% represent women and elderly AA men, and that is the demographic she has to court. but just to rub it onto the media in your face, she should go on talk shows tomorrow and say she is improving her standing among AA consistently, from 17% in IW, or 14% in NV to 18% in SC, and will work harder to try and gain more of their support. for polling perspective, I think her campaign should assume they will get 20% of AA and Obama will get 80% irrespective of how much she tries to reach them. oh wait she is smarter than you and I, her polls would have already reflected that, which is why she I think will stop courting them more aggresively.

  364. hwc, actually there is no evidence they think that. I think exit polls showed they were happy with all the Dem’s in a GE. The african american vote went en masse for Obama but that doesn’t really mean they were against Hill. She got around 20% of the african american vote there, that’s not bad.

  365. I am proud to say that tonight, I made my first every political campaign to HRC and I used the $.44 suffix. This is my way of showing my support.

  366. Be it big media or the obama campaign which brought racism into the forfront the damage has been done. I was on a bus in pittsburgh late last night several young african american men proceeded to loudly celebrate the win. to say the least it got ugly. It was one of the saddest experiences of my life.

  367. hillfans, son’t fret about sc. obama won’t have the 50% plus aa advantage in the florida and the super tuesday states. we will party then.

  368. Hope this one makes it; for reasons I don’t understand, my previous attempts at a 1st post have yet to appear.
    Thankfully reading this blog has helped me maintain my sanity. Here and virtually nowhere else on the net will you find people who actually understand the dynamics the Clintons are up against – in short, nearly everyone and everything when it comes to media & politics.

    Have faith. We know BC’s been maligned, taken entirely out of context and distorted, just as he has been for 15 years. Still, he perseveres, and in the end it’ll come out all right. No one in the world has his kind of synthesizing intelligence, and he’s read this race perfectly.

    There’s no

  369. hi all! about sc, i got nothin’ except – the expected happened. that’s what id say on the blogs, too, if you go there. really, i’m kinda like everyone thought obama would win sc for weeks and apparently hillary’s team cut way back on expenditures there even. (i wonder how much obama spent but worry about that later.) i’m not going to comment much myself because lots of daily kooks obama supporters are.. not very hopeful lets say! 🙂

    so enough about south carolina, aside from a big thank you thank you to all who worked hard there for hillary.

    what i do want to know about is FLORIDA. why can’t the delegates be seated, those votes should count and i dont agree with what the dnc is doing here. i am holding on for a big hillary win in florida.

  370. I think what Hillary did tonight was great and she’s on the right track. What she did was not focus on the mess that is South Carolina and moved onto Nashville where she stuck to the issues and answered questions. Whenever she does that she WINS because Obama can’t compare when it comes down to answering voters on where he stands and what he wants to do except “change” Washington, whatever that means.
    We are all focused on race right now which is understandable. It is a problem that the vote was so divided in South Carolina. But lets face it folks. It’s SOUTH CAROLINA. That along with Iowa are anomalies when you look at the big picture. Iowa also voted for HUCKABEE for crying out loud. Those people have no clue who is qualified to lead this country. I will generalize here but SC does not represent America. That place just from what I gather from the news is racially divided and still has lots of racial tension as does other parts of the South.
    I think in 42 hours the media will be focused on Florida and Hillary can then plan her next method of attack. Don’t underestimate this woman. She might surprise all of us in the next coming weeks and gather more youth and black votes than we expected. It all depends on her strategy and what she wants to do from here along with what she thinks Bill’s role should be in her campaign in the next several weeks.

  371. Good morning Hillfans. After the networks declared Obamican the winner at 7pm the writing was pretty much on the wall. Time to move on to the real contests on Feb 5th taking just enough time to enjoy the Florida win.

    If you haven’t yet, please visit my new blog at (add http to) rezkowatch.blogspot.com/. It’s an information site only at this point. I’ve closed the comments for now to avoid the Obamabots. Believe it or not, almost 400 hits since about 10am yesterday when I started the counter.

    Any new Rezbama links will be appreciated.

    On to Florida!!!!

  372. btw. i have a feeling (clues) that the Obama campaign has been feeling some strain in money matters. while this SC win might take in some for him, it will not last or be much more. He was expected to win…

    The Obama campaign, as we speak, is fretting about having used so much money on early states and is attempting a scaling back of fiscal expidentures.

    (don’t ask who its from, just know that I know someone close up there in the Obama campaign 😀 )

  373. HillaryLandRocks said:
    I hope Hillary and her surrogates pull out demographics from Iowa, NH and NV and use it in media saying AA have always voted 80% + for Obama.. btw can someone point to me demographics and vote pattern in IW and NH? Please? I know in NV it was 83%..

    Well, I hope not.

    At the risk of having ppl jump all over me much as when I stated that I thought SC was a waste of time/resources a few weeks ago, I’ll offer up an opinion again.

    Fact: Obama poured in all kinds of time and resources into Iowa and ***I also said the same thing earlier. However, I came to change my mind that she had to competed albeitly with fewer resources and not spending as much time there. IF she did not campaign, the narrative would have been worse…it would have been said that she doesn’t care about Black people so why should any Black person vote for her.

    Shew knew that she would take a beating and that he was more organized but it was a necessary bad pilll that she had to swallow.

    Now it is behind us and we can look forward to a symbolic FL win and TT. Even though the media will spin that FL doesn’t matter, the average person quickly tuning in to the news will hear that she won and that is what I think will stick in their minds come TT.South Carolina. I mentioned a little while ago that his campaign was even attempting to contact every known AA in SC. Really, an admirable effort. (cont)

  374. ANYWAYS, problems Obama has now:

    The candidate is very weary. Both he and his wife really want to get this race over and done (of course, they want to win). They toughened up a little in the past few days, but during nevada and after New Hampshire, the two have been weakened and wary (though they try best to hide it). While this win is a victory for Obama, a part of him is also longing to leave the campaign trail soon.

    Just as some earlier reports had suspected, the Obama campaign chugs money faster than it takes it in. After Iowa, they had gotten a huge boost but their money making has turned in less newer donators than they have hoped for/projected. South Carolina did not give as immediate a boost to their campaign funds as they would like to have + The Obama Campaign is changing many tactics in their long term plans both to cut costs and to brace for a Clinton win in Florida and some major Feb 5th states. They are trying to cut expidentures by nearly 20%.

    They are also very intimidated. As much as they appear confident, they are afraid of the Hillary campaign and Bill. They envy the power of HIll and Bill to be almost co-candidates and deliver two different messages. NOt surprisingly, their attempts to imitate such an effect with Michelle Obama have failed, though they realize she is a wonderful speaker to African American communities.

    The Obama campaign is going to concentrate most efforts now on other southern states. They will, of course, still make rounds to California, but the overall assumption is that their early buy of national ads will help knock off a few Hillary percentage points.

    Have been asking Oprah to come back for some time now. She won’t. Or at least, “not yet.”

    South Carolina did not go as well as the Obama camp had planned. They had already foreseen the high AA vote in internals and in previous primaries, but what they were hoping for was to gain a lot of the anti-clinton white votes. What they didn’t account for was Edwards’ surprisingly STRONGER campaign in this state where they had basically ignored him till this week.

    Trying hard to spin and drift memos out saying obama is a cross-racial lines appeal candidate.

    They are apprehensive of how HRC camp might spin the win and also of her bringing up Florida, which they do not want to see at the DNC convention (or at least not the delegates).

    Obama is planning media hordeing for the next few days, either directly (ON TV) or indirectly (TALKING POITNS/MEMOS) is not certain, but he personally believes that’s the best way to sway soft-clinton supporters.

  375. Found this on usually despicable HuffPost;
    Acknowledging that Obama won South Carolina decisively, Berkeley political scientist Bruce Cain then added:
    “The bad news is the racial divide. Obama cannot let himself be defined as a black candidate for his sake and for that of the party. And he is not a black candidate; he is half black and half white, but I bet many Democratic voters do not know this. Going forward to California, he needs to talk about his white mother. He needs to present himself as a racial fusion candidate, bridging the divide between white and non-white. What will sell in California as an uplifting message, and maybe in New York and New Jersey as well.”
    Question I have is, does Obama have enough time?

  376. mydd is wrong. Obama camp is taking in LESS money than EXPECTED. They projected huge money outpour to the proportions of Iowa. But they aren’t. And they are worried…but happy about the bump, nonetheless.

  377. tiburones — by not pouring in time/resources, I meant an all-out battle for the win. The tv ads and the mailers are the really expensive stuff, so I’m glad that money is saved for elsewhere.

    Here’s what I mean — for example Clyburn’s district: 69.6% vote for BO, 20.7% for us and Edwards was not even viable! How much money/time should one sink in just to try to get one additional delegate? Does the same amount of money perhaps yield more fruit if spent elsewhere, where your opponent has not spent almost a year organizing?

  378. I knew several people who helped out with the Iowa caucus. I heard that if it had been a primary instead of a caucus that Hillary probably would’ve won. People were arguing for their candidate based on stuff like lawnmowers and favors for neighbors in order for their friends to vote for their candidate and apparently the Obama supporters were very energetic and aggressive (I guess that would be the case since he has the youngest voters helping him).

    I haven’t read how much Obama spent in Iowa. I am not surprised that he concentrated so hard in SC. He knew he had a good chance of winning big with the black population there. I am sure that his campaign is running out of money. I heard the same thing with McCain’s campaign which is why Romney might be able to BUY himself this nomination since he’s already spent an estimated $40 million of his own fortune on this election.

    Unfortunately I think meiyingsu might be right. I will expect Obama to get a ton more money after his win. At least over the weekend he will get a ton of contributions. John Kerry (remember, the guy who lost us the 2004 election?) has endorsed Obama and is using his listserv to ask for contributions for Obama. So I don’t think Obama has too much to worry about in terms of funding. But I hope that the hype and media goes to Obama’s head again. Whenever he lets his guard down (Iowa win or Culinary Workers’ Union endorsement), Hillary always takes the chance to put in the extra effort to pull off a “surprise” upset. The next several weeks will be very exciting to watch.

  379. meiyingsu: bill successed one thing in SC that he made BHO spent a lot of money and time in SC.


    Onward to the 5th!

  380. ^ Obama was aiming for Anti-clinton vote and/or soft-hillary supporters. He campaigned extremely hard in SC because he knew he would do well with AAs, but wanted to up his white voter support. What he got was not what he had aimed for and their fear of being labeled THE black candidate looks more and more probable.

  381. HillaryEducateSupport:
    1950democrat: I don’t know the exact numbers but Obama’s black support has been solid ever since Iowa. In Michigan, he won nearly 70% of black voters and I think that number was about the same in Nevada. I feel SC’s demographic is a tiny bit different because it’s the South and they have a large black population. But other than that, I am going to predict that black support for Obama will be between 65-80% in upcoming states. Probably more when you go to southern states with large black populations. I think Meyingsu has a point that Hillary will need a solid base in the rest of the contest. She can forget about black voters. Those who support her will stick with her but I think most black voters already have their mind up that they are voting for Obama. I can only think of Harlem where the Clintons havev strong ties and there are a good number of older black voters and politicians who still support her. She can give up on young black voters. They aren’t standing behind her in this election.
    ****You haven’t been more righter than right than what you are saying above. This is the story that the media is not ereporting. Obambi winning over 80% of the Black vote in SC was not suprising. He has been winning around this % from Iowa. Your post is a stark reality and the cold hearted truth to the Hillary supporters here and everywhere. The Black vote has left the statin and they’re not coming back except at the National Election and Convention time. The Black youth has left also. The only faction that she will retain are the older Blacks and they do tend to turn out. I suspect she will retain an average of 20% of the bBlck vote moving forward.

    The interesting thing that I see is whether this win and race rhetoric by Obama and the media will serve to galvanize the Hispanic vote more for Hillary or witl it start to spliter her support.?

    Like I said, I leve in FL where there is a heavy Latino population, I seriously doubt that many Latinos will re\\deflect from her except some of the younger ones.

    Hillary must concentrate on the white male vote. I would suggest have Gen. Clarke and other military men come out and stump for her. Right now her coalition appears to be White women, Latinos, Asians(but numbers are smaller), beer drinkers i.e less educated and single mothers. That’s about it until we can see more polls re cathoolic voters etc.

    Sorry for typos but for some reason I can’t see what I’m typing.

  382. I have been getting emails from obama camp everday asking for money, so I agree he is spending money faster than it is coming in. He is not spending any money in NJ, I have seen no TV ads and have received no mailings. I have received mailings from Hillary and Emily’s list.

  383. sitting bull.. pundits are idiots.. you would think they know how to crunch =numbers? MY ASS.. they are fools.. if anything people like mark penn would know it, but maybe, they never looked into it in this angle, but I hope admin or someone from campaign reads it and gets it.. THAT NOTHING HAS CHANGED AND % VOTERS HILL HAD FROM AA COMMUNITY IS EXACTLY SAME.. I want hill to reveal the secret to media too :)..

    having said that, I think I have a fair formula for either pollsters or poll readers like us.

    After any poll, take the number, check demographics of state AA voters last time, take ratio of SC AA voters from last election to this election (it will be more since Obama is able to turn out AA in massive numbers).. this ratio multiplied by % of AA voters last time should give us precise amount of increase Obama will have because of AA. The method can quickly give us more accurate readings into polls from any state with more than 10% AA voting block IMO.

  384. # meiyingsu Says:
    January 27th, 2008 at 1:04 am

    After SC win, the AA in NJ, NY, and MD will not be a base for Hillary.

    True but the AA population and registered voters pool is much less than in SC. I believe that AAs in NY is around 11 or 17%. She is very popular in NY and has been a good senator, she will carry NY, NY very convincingly, I believe. Obami will not waste his time campaigning all over NY, he will focus on districts where Blacks are concentrated as I think that NY is a proportiately delegates states.

    I use to live in MD for 12 years and I can tell you that he will probably carry MD. Why? MD is the only state that has a higher % of more affulent Blacks. Counties like Baltimore, Prince Georges etc will vote for him in droves. Now, down south closer to D.C. there is a growing Hispanic community but I’m not sure if they are all legal or not resident alients so they may not be able to vote. There are also a lot of Black elected officials so I doubt that she ill do well here. I blieve that one of the kennedy ladies was the Lt. Gov of MD for a while and then loss in her bid to be governer. MD, is a waste. I would concentrate on counties like HOward, Cecil, Hartford counties up north where it is a bit more conservative and less AA live there. VA will be interesting. I believe their Hispanic population is more than MD(it is) but it may not be enought to offset the AA base there.

    However, if she targest certain conties she could maximize her delegate potential.

    Ca will go for Hillary. However, Obambi will focus on ares such as SF(more liberal) and other areas where he is strong and thus he will be able to pick up quite a bit of delegates here even as Hillary carries the state.

    I’d like to know which state will she sop campaigning in on TT? Will it be NY or will it be CA?

  385. I am not surprised that Obama and his wife are tired and weary from this election. They have never experienced (emphasis on the word experience) anything like this before. Hillary knew what she was getting herself into which is why it is much easier her to bounce back from a loss and move forward which is what she did tonight in Nashville. I can’t even imagine BO and Michelle being able to do the same thing after a loss. Remember the disappointment that was clear on their faces after the NH loss? Yea, Hillary is definitely stronger and more experienced when it comes to dealing with loss and expectations in this race. That will come in handy when we go against the GOP machine.

    Tiburones: I agree that Hillary needs to start bringing more white men into this campaign. General Wesley Clarke is an excellent recommendation. We need a strong, distinguished white man (besides Bill) to speak up for her on the campaign trail. I think that is the biggest mistake she’s made in this campaign. She can only count on Bill so much. She needs more white male representation. Someone who is respected and a general with military experience would be an amazing and much needed addition to this campaign season. I feel that many white men are feeling left out hence the vote for Edwards when it could’ve went to Clinton. This is what I mean when I say she needs to watch out for Edwards. The only way she is going to take those white men voters away from Edwards is if she gets more white men out there campaigning for her.

  386. I am new here and i am a black person and i must say Hillary was never going to be able to compete with a black male.I don’t know why anybody take this as a shock.Blks are for there own and the Clinton’s need to realize that.I truly hope if Clinton get the ticket she does not put that Hussein on her ticket.But i think she will have no other choice.But I can just imagine Obama taken all the credit .And guys please feel free to join my myspace blog on this campaign titled “Obama Hussein Barack

  387. tiburnes: Why? MD is the only state that has a higher % of more affulent Blacks. and latte-sipping whites.

    MD is one of the few states where if you limited voting to the highest income levels, it would *still* go Dem. CT is another one, which is how they got Ned Lamont in their primary. Yes, I know Lieberman is a bad word, but there was always something a little iffy about Lamont — the cable company exec from Greenwich with the venture capitalist wife as progressive champions.

  388. HillaryLandRocks:
    # HillaryLandRocks Says:
    January 27th, 2008 at 1:51 am

    tiburones — by not pouring in time/resources, I meant an all-out battle for the win. The tv ads and the mailers are the really expensive stuff, so I’m glad that money is saved for elsewhere.

    Here’s what I mean — for example Clyburn’s district: 69.6% vote for BO, 20.7% for us and Edwards was not even viable! How much money/time should one sink in just to try to get one additional delegate? Does the same amount of money perhaps yield more fruit if spent elsewhere, where your opponent has not spent almost a year organizing?
    If I’m reading yoou right, then I agree with you. You’re talking about ‘opportunity costs’. I see that the campaign rightly or wrongly (I believe rightly) made the decision that he was going to win, that he was going to carry a very large fraction of the AA vote and they decided to direct the bulk of their resources and Hillary ‘s time elsewhere where the yield would be more positive that if they were directed in SC where the outcome would have remained the same and the only diff. would have been that she may have picked up maybe 3-5 more delegates.

    I think that overall she gained in the long run as she was able to shore up support and reintroduce herelf and her campaign in the minds of voters in MO, CA, NY etc and now TN. She is one step ahead of him in the game of chess. The Big Dawg has been deployed tonight in another sated. That is 4 or 5 more states that Clinton has been able to positively campaign and have her message out in the local news than Obambi who was stuck in a quamire in S.C.

    She will take the hit tonight and tomorrow(clue..don’t watch MTP tonommor as M Dowd will be guest) but as of Monday night, the news cycle will be about the SOTU and then Tuesday, GOP race.

  389. I don’t know how I feel about Edwards. I think there is no point for him to stay in this election any longer unless he is planning to be picked for VP or have some power over who his delegates go to at the national convention. I’m still worried about him because I feel that if he does pull out of the race that a good number of his supporters will flock to Obama or that he will endorse Obama in the hopes of being his running mate. Regardless, I get bad vibes from Edwards and I don’t know what would be best for Hillary. To have Edwards remain in the race and split the white vote with him or have him out of the race and have many of his supporters join Obama.

  390. hillarylandrocks, im of the lieberman haters in connecticut. the jerk got support from dodd in 2004, but the knuclehead supports warmongering mccain. screw him. maybe john larson, my congressman can run against him in 2012.

  391. Hello everyone at Big Pink, I must admit that any loss, even one that was expected leaves me very sad. I pretty much stayed away from all things Primary until I could digest this outcome. I’m better now and ready for the next challenge.

    There seems to be a big brou-ha-ha over a the Orange Sewer about Bill telling it like it is. I don’t get it, and I certainly don’t see how it’s racist to admit that he never thought that Hillary could win in SC against an AA candidate. He said early, way before the IA caucus that he didn’t think she could win IA because of Edward’s organization and Obama being from a neighboring state. Seems reasonable enough to me. As long as you are realistic and you win the ones you’re supposed to win and are competitive in the others, then you’re in pretty good shape.

    Anyway, my thoughts on how Hillary should respond to any flack that she might receive about Bill’s comments is she should say that she’s disappointed that she could not convince more AAs that she’s the best candidate for them. Clearly if 80% of any demographic in the Democratic party is not convinced by her message thus far, it’s a sign that she’ll need to work on making a stronger case for herself as their Presidential Candidate for that very important part of the Democratic base.

    By framing the issue this way, she takes the responsibility on herself instead of blaming them for doing what every demographic does when they have a horse in the race, which is basically vote according to how they identify themselves. Personally, I don’t see why it’s even an issue. Every candidate starts with a base of support and then tries to make their case for attacting undecideds and soft support from the bases of other candidates. That’s the simple nature of election politics.

  392. hillfans, please for your sanity, STAY AWAY FROM MTP SUNDAY. i will watch it after supertuesday but not this sunday.

  393. HillaryLandRocks:
    # HillaryLandRocks Says:
    January 27th, 2008 at 2:20 am

    tiburnes: Why? MD is the only state that has a higher % of more affulent Blacks. and latte-sipping whites.

    MD is one of the few states where if you limited voting to the highest income levels, it would *still* go Dem. CT is another one, which is how they got Ned Lamont in their primary. Yes, I know Lieberman is a bad word, but there was always something a little iffy about Lamont — the cable company exec from Greenwich with the venture capitalist wife as progressive champions.
    ***You’re missing my point. That is precisely why it will be a state more popular and trending for Obambi. Mayor Schmoke(sp) a Black man was a very popular, two term mayor of Baltimore City, PG cvounty is avery affulent for Blacks but the school system sucks. Even thought, MD is overwhelmingly a Blue stae, it has the demographics more friendly for Bambi IMO. He will carry the state but Hillary can still pick up delegates in Baltimore County(they will spilt the delegates IMO) and she should do better in the norther counties.

    I can tell you as having a spouse who worked for the federal gov. in MD for over a decade, MD is one of the few states with the most goverment employees. TheIt is home to Socicial Security office, Center for Medicaide and Medicare services and many othe4r fed. departments. If AfsME endorceses her there then they can play a huge role in helping her GOTV and neutralizing Obambi. However, from my read, he should carry this tate but not convincinly if that makes sense. In D.C, it will be a blow out for him. Her prizes are CA, NY, NJ, AK, CT, MA etc. I hve to study the other states to weigh in more, however, my guess is this is where her name recognition should help her.

  394. tiburones.. agree with you on MD.. but NJ and NY , hill will carry. Hill should also siphon off a little o f Obamas IL vote. thats a very low hanging fruit, and easy to siphon off, especially after this race thing that Obama has done. IMO she can invoke her roots in urban IL and work the 12% hispanic and huge rural population with extreme ease. I hope someone advices her to do exactly the same. NY blacks wont desert Hillary IMO, but again the 75-25 voting pattern will stay. so yes 26% of AA will hurt her by shrinking her lead in NY. but all other states are safe, except ofcourse MD, AL, GA , DCand MS. so y’all do the math and tell me if you come to different conclusions.

  395. HighlyEducatedHillarySupporter -The scary thing is that I think THIS IS IT for HC. This SHOULD be her moment to win the presidency. BO’s SHOULD be in 2016.

    I agree. This makes me furious. Obama actually HAD a plan “2010-2012-2016” to run for US Senate again and/or Illinois Governor before considering a Pres run. Then he got so much applause for his speeches in 2006 that he decided he’d never have such a good chance again! See http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/chi-obama_senate_recordjun12,1,3193322.story

    Strategy-wise, we need the Clintons back now while they’re available, and to do the hard work of cleaning up after Bush Jr, and cleaning up the voting machines. Then it will be SAFE for Obama to run.

    By making his run now, he gets destroyed in Nov and damages our chances overall, and Hillary and Bill may not want to commit 9 years starting 2016. (She’s 60, Bill may be due for heart surgery again in about 15 years or less.)

  396. tiburones: You’re missing my point. That is precisely why it will be a state more popular and trending for Obambi.

    Well, that was my point, so not much was missed. I consider high-income whites to be a major Obama demo.

  397. To HillaryEducatedSupporter, I hear the dilemman. However, if I wer to be bold, I would say it would be better for her if Edwards is out of the race. What he is doing by staying in is spilting the White vote which she needs to neutralize Obama’s huge AA franchise. When Edwards spilt the White votes in states that have AA population of 20% and more, it hurts Hillary as she is not able to consolidate the White vote to neutralize this hit that she takes.

    However, we have to remember that Edwards is a son of the south and he spent more than Bambi and Clinton combined in tv ads. My bet says that even though he will get more money based on his % of voters today, it won’t be enough to get his message out to the bulk of the TT states. However, e very minute that he remains in, he is like a slow bleed that hurts Hillary.

    I’m not saying that all of his voters will go to Hillary but I’m willing to bet that more will move to her than to Obami.

    Edwards, I have no love for him. I’m with Feingold, I’m wary of a canidate who is running on a message that is almost 100% opposite of his voting record in the senate. He is an opportunist and we see that in his switctchhitting between attacking Hillary and Bambi.

    Let’s see what his #s are in FL, if less than 10%, he’s irrevelevant.

    Rtgarding the debate, it’s unfair but when Hillary hits back hard, it’s spun as she is mean, vicious, etc, She has to walk a very fine line here. I would say continue to focus on Bambi’s inconsistencies and his voting recrod. Attack him there but with a smile.

  398. a lot of pumped up hillfans on hillaryclinton.com blog. they are very much looking forward to feb 5th. they like us know feb 5th is not only a even playing field but a huge advantage for hillary. they are offcourse less aminated than we are here becuase they will not post more “spirited” conversation.

  399. As a CA resident, I am very familiar with SF county. There is a large LGBT and Asian population in SF, and our girl will do well there, despite BHO’s early ad buys in that county. It is a very liberal county, but they are Hillary Liberals. Across the bay is where Oakland resides, and that is Alameda county. This is the county in northern CA to keep our eyes on, as it has a very high AA population.

    As for Los Angeles county (where I am), Hillary will do fine here, what with the extremely populous Latino community.

  400. # HillaryforTexas Says:
    January 26th, 2008 at 8:48 pm

    Obama picked up more in the redneck counties. Hillary did better in the true multi-cultural areas. I guarantee you that most of those Independents have absolutely no intention of voting for him in the general.

    I KNOW those counties he won, and there is no way in hell. He got the Repug and Indie “let’s screw Hillary” vote, and they laughed at Barack all the way home. I know SC like the back of my hand. My mama was a social worker and I have family all over those rural counties. All of those people ain’t voting Dem in the general. No way no how.

    HillaryForTexas: I just saw your post and I couldn’t agree with you more. Obama supporters are always bragging how he wins with the highly educated/wealthy population (hence my screenname. there are some of us with graduate degrees and the sense to vote for Hillary). I don’t necessarily think that is a true representation of Obama voters nor do I think that is a good thing. First of all, Obama wins with naive 18-24 year old voters. I’m not saying that some of those voters don’t understand the issues important in this campaign. After all, I belong in that demographic. However, there are many more young voters who really don’t know a damn thing and are voting based on what their friends are doing as well as the hype and excitement surrounding Obama’s campaign right now. Winning wealthy voters to me tells me that there is an extreme disconnect with the working class. Wealthy voters have the ability to sit through the rough times because their kids aren’t the ones fighting in the war or struggling to pay off their loans. The educated class can sit around and wait for this vague term of hope and change to happen. Poor people need someone who is actually going to do something for them soon before they die from lack of health care or money to put food on the table. So the fact that Obama doesn’t have the support Hillary does with the working class is very telling about his campaign and the vague promises that make young and wealthy liberal elitists love him.

    Secondly, I have also read elsewhere that a good number of Republicans in South Carolina voted for Obama probably to make sure that he beats Hillary. That’s the thing. He thinks he’s winning because of his messages of unity and change when in actuality he relies on the Hillary haters and the dividers who cannot be counted on to vote Democrat to vote for him. Sorry, but I don’t want to be voting for the same candidate as flip-floppers who thought Bush was a good choice 4 years ago. I agree with you that after all the money and time Obama has poured into that state, SC will still go Republican. No way are most of the voters in many parts of SC will pick an inexperienced Obama over a McCain. Times havevn’t changed THAT MUCH in the deep south. I think Hillary and Bill realized this which is why they thought their time and money was better spent elsewhere in states that they knew would support them now and after she wins the nomination.

  401. What is LGBT? I’m guessing Lesbian, Gay, B?T?

    Agreed but we have to see how many delegates are awarded in each county. The good thing for Hillary is that absentee ballots were mailed out about 2-3wks ago and many should have already been turned in.

    Gladiatorstail: It will be interested to see how the Chicago newspapers story will affect the voters if at all?

  402. In addition to women, latinos, LGBT’s, Asian and white voters, we have to remember the OVER 60 voters (the elderly to some). They are the group that religiously votes. And they are for Hillary by large numbers. We will see this in FL and then on Feb. 5th.

    Edwards will NOT be splitting as much of the white vote in most Feb. 5th states. Don’t forget, he does well in the South, as he should — he’s from there. Look at Edwards’s NV numbers and you can see how well he will do with white voters in the West. AND as long as the amount of delegates Edwards and BHO have combined equates to less than Hillary’s (including superdelegates), she will be fine come convention time.

  403. Well, it’s been six and half hours since the polls closed in SC and six hours and 24 minutes since Obama was declared the winner; I think I’m over it and ready to move on. What helped was that I remembered that Bill had accurately predicted in late August that he thought winning the nomination would be harder than winning the general election. I admit I didn’t believe him because Hillary was blowing everyone away in the polls. Silly me.

    It’s big state time now folks.

    Rise Hillary, Rise

  404. Just to let you guys know, I have already informed my boss that I’m taking a vacation day on Feb5.

    I heard Rev. Sharpton tonight on Geraldo and I have one message for me, ‘Kiss my ar*e’, he was trying to say that the voters confirmed what he had been saying for years that the Clintons didn’t do all good for AA. Like you Sharpton with your FBI stings and corporate shake downs. hmmm….

    Buckle up ladies and gents, the polls will tighten up in the next few days but don’t get depressed, remember, all politics are local and people being asked to vote will wake up on TT and say, ‘come se llamo’?

  405. i agree hillguy, edwards will be a nonfactor on supertueday. he was the biggest loser. remember all that talk about him moving past hilary to 2nd place in florida? hillary beat him by 9 points. thank goodness that did not happen

  406. Anyone want to speculate on how long Edwards stays in the race? I guessing it will be through the North Carolina primary on May 6th if he can make his money last until then. I think he needs to run in NC to setup a run for the Senate in 2010.

  407. hehe lol @ terrondt.. well, now the thing is, how fast does Hill move.. she needs to do what she did in IW.. move across the most important states very quickly while keeping Obama on defensive.. Obama will now abandon all his racial talk and get back to his “i believe in fundamental good of the people” talk.. so probably hillary should throw in two or three attacks at him so he keeps himself busy responding to them..in addition maybe rezko info can give them some more raw meat.. when is the next debate?

  408. IMO, the only states BHO will win on Feb. 5th are: IL, GA, AK, ND, and KS. Five states. Out of 22.

    Only two of those states (IL and GA) have any substantial number of delegates at stake.

  409. Arkansas was H: 57, O: 17, E: 14 on 12/17, but that was a lifetime ago. I haven’t seen any recent polling.

  410. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/horseraceblog/2008/01/demography_and_the

    Jay Cost wrote an interesting article on demographics for TT states. It’s a bit inconclusive but i’d have to say that the edge goes to Hillary. He does make a valid point, the Latino % is higher than AA by 3% or so. In NV the AA population is 6% and Hispanics were 19%, however, if you believe the entrance polls, the groups each had 15% going in. His argument, I believe, is that even though NV has less AA than Hispanics, the AA were move motivated and turned out more people.
    He raises an interesting point, but I have to believe that if it were a primary, the % of Hispanics would have been higher and if it wasn’t the scrap over the CU, it also would have been higher.


  411. AK stands for Alaska, not Arkansas. Hillary is going to win Arkansas, no doubt. I don’t care if it’s a southern state, she was former first lady there, the governor has endorsed her and the love for the Clintons runs deep there.

    gladiatorstail, my ND prediction is based on the fact that BHO has two superdelegates from there already, according to CNN. No other Dem candidate has any. As for Alabama, the most recent Rasmussen poll from yesterday has Hillary up by 15.

  412. A fellow who hates Hillary telephoned at 3:05 AM to inform me that Hillary lost in SC. I told him: No battle was ever won without sacrificing a few soldiers’ lives from the winning side.

    I went to sleep again and had very good dreams.

  413. Hillguy- just curious why do you think Obama will win Alaska?

    I spent many years travelling and working up there there in places like Anchorage, Ketchikan,, Petersburg, Homer, Kodiak, the Yukon River and the other garden spots. I knew the state.

    I was never directly involved in politics there, but it always seemed they were a conservative lot. Perhaps you are thinking they will vote for him in the primary and pull the rug out from under him in the GE-that is possible.

  414. Gezahegn at 3:59 am: I admire your self restraint. He woke you at 3 in the morning to give you bad news and your response was in finest traditions of diplomatic corps.

    If it had been me, I would have reached for that loaded gun by my bedside and let smith and wesson do the talking. They speak a language varmits like him can understand-just kidding.

  415. Good morning, again, Hillfans. Time for java but here’s a really good diary with a true perspective on the status of the race:


  416. Good Morning….. I am new here. I’ve been following most of you for some time. I am from Iowa. So maybe I can add some insight to Iowa.
    As you know…lots of college kids from other states registered as Democrats to vote for Obama. I hope they dont go back and vote again in their own states. We are a relatively conservative state. I know many Republicans crossed party lines…and voted against Hillary. I call that the anti-Hillary crowd. They wont vote as Democrats in the General Election. I am proud to say our county voted for her …and she won here in Western Iowa…the most conservative part of the State. I hated to see her loose…but some positives have come from that in watching how much sharper her campaign has become. I have no idea why we are first in the nation…and personally believe the caucus is a silly way to handle a primary. Her whole demeaner has become much more personal. I agree the Republicans in this area are relishing running against Senator Obama. They view him as ” easy pickings”. I was so glad to find a sight of some very intelligent people who support this great candidate. I remember President Kennedys campaign. I was 18 than. Much of the infatuation with him…is because he was assassinated. At the time he was a President…he wasnt regarded as highly. I also remember the civil rights years. We as a nation have come so far. Most of these young people who are so infatuated with Senator Obama have no idea what this ” boomer” generation did. I am personally offended by him…in so many ways he dismisses the battles we did….to give him the opportunities he has today. Just a comment.
    Must tell you …I so enjoy reading your posts. The Ronald Reagon years..were the back lash against the changes we made with Lyndon Johnson. I have been a Democrat for many years…although a silent one. There are many like me. No fear…Senator Clinton will come through this fine.

  417. I hope Hillary starts spending some $$
    this week is important
    I wonder what the superball effect will be its also a very historic event with New England

  418. Imagine what the Repub would do with the present votes
    In an ad I can just here voice say Barack voted present

  419. To all those who are feeling down and unsure –
    after Feb 5th, we’ll all look back at this night and have a good laugh.

    Cheer up !!. Now is when the “fun part starts” !

  420. media keeps reporting edwards be offered AG under obama adm….

    if edwards goes to obama camp you are going to see edwards out drumming up white male support for obama. I see where obama is going with this.

    Hillary need to make a deal with edwards. he could court that male white vote for her but would it take a veep nod to get him? She needs a strong surrogate male if edwards heads to obama camp….I see him going to obama if Hillary does not offer him something

  421. confused about what happens with edwards delegates
    never followed the process this closely and as such i’m confused looked at the dnc home page nothing there
    how much power does he wield with a few hundred

  422. are we even sure now that they do intend to sit florida and michigan. this is the most stupid primary I’ve ever seen. If I were in Florida and I kept hereing this crap about not seating delegates I’d most likely skip the primary altogether.

    this is totally screwed and dean needs to beat with a big stick.

  423. Guys please get off big media sites you would almost think OBama is God,
    Lets get to work people
    We are in verygood shape
    we have more money and better organisation in most states

  424. Good morning Hillary Fans, It is time to turn the page. The media and BO had a temporary success but we should not let get it in the way. The media and Obama folks are calling the Florida contest a straw poll, a beauty contest and it is not true. A simple majority of convention delegates could seat the Florida and Michigan delegations.

  425. Also even with edwards delegates overall BHO is still behind Hillary
    By breaking AG story Barack probably is worried edwards is slipping away to Hillary
    We may not need help from anyone people

  426. dot48 Says:
    January 27th, 2008 at 7:11 am

    media keeps reporting edwards be offered AG under obama adm….

    John Edwards is a hack and I do not trust him at all. He will do anything to get ahead in politics. It’s so ironic how he continually criticizes Hillary for that when her record is more consistent with her platform than his. He’s another Lieberman.

    I can TOTALLY see him doing anything to get HRC out of the way so he can win the white vote and/or get the VP nom under Obama or an important position in his administration. This is the third time I’ll say it: HRC needs to watch out for Edwards. Not only will he continue to split the white vote with her but he is also on friendlier terms with Obama (if you don’t think so just check out the NH debate) and will stab Clinton in the back before he does it to Obama. Clinton needs to seriously get on the issue of white male voters because if she doesn’t you better be sure Edwards will use this constituency to his advantage against Clinton.

  427. tim –

    Start here:


    2025 total needed to win. If one candidate is not able to get there on his/her own via a combination of pledged/unpledged delegates, then potentially somebody holding enough to get either one over the top has power.

  428. For the life of me, I can’t understand how anyone can say that the Clintons deliberately played the “race card”. Its like, Bill and Hillary come up with a devious scheme like this – Hillary says she’ll say something about MLK and LBJ make it look racist. Bill says that in his next speech, he remark about how he’ll choose his wife over Mandela any day so that’ll appear “racist”. Then they plan upon getting Andrew Cuomo, not associated with the campaign to say something suggestive at a non-campaign event. And in the midst of all this, Bill says,you know what, I’ll use the word “fairy tale” and then that’ll be interpreted very suggestively too. So c’mon lets get on with the plan !

    Our discourse has been so polluted by really screwed up in the head media figures that it just borders on insanity. And whats worse, there will always be people, a large number of people who’ll buy this crap.
    So now, if you say anything about BO or question his record, thats “racist”, including calling into question his experience.

    I read an interesting comment somewhere – who would have thought that using the race card against the first “black” president would work?
    But it did, in many ways. Just like who would have thought the swiftboat thing would work against Kerry ?

  429. Here are the stats for SC primary:
    Obama got 68% of the black vote, 54% of the women vote (black women for the most part), and 67% of the youth vote.

    So Obama didn’t get 80% of the black vote as the media reported last night. 68% is still good but it’s about the same percentage as we saw in Michigan and not even as much as in Nevada.
    Remember, SC is a state where Obama put in a ton more money, time, and resources than Clinton. I’m just trying to put a more positive light on the entire situation. Clinton still won a good number of women and even black voters without doing a ton of work in the state.

    From here on out you can be sure that Clinton will not slack off in other states where she has a good chance of winning. Clinton can essentially split the black vote with Obama (I say she can work to bring Obama’s support among blacks to as low as 55-60% in some states) if she works for it and doesn’t make any controversial statements in the next several weeks.

    If Obama can’t win among white, latino, asian voters and can only get a little over half of black voters, he’s in trouble. Don’t believe the media hype. Just look at the statistics and numbers from previous primaries and the population of the states in super Tuesday.

  430. HighlyEducatedHillarySupporter, You are right about Edwards. The question is how do you neutralise him?

  431. Yesterday I read here that Obama repeatedly uses the words hoodwinked and bamboozeled the same words used by Malcome X character as created by Spike Lee. The words are used in reference to greedy white politicians. Is there any truth to this?

  432. I got my statistics from CNN news earlier in the hour. Maybe they were wrong??? Anyone have a link to the most current stats?

  433. yes how do we neutralize edwards

    well just to show you how normal folks are with media…sister and brother jumped back on obama bandwagon….one freaking win and the overboard media swooning …. i disavow my relationship with them

    also, they really think this kennedy woman will help obama….

  434. # B Merryfield Says:
    January 27th, 2008 at 5:42 am

    Good morning, again, Hillfans. Time for java but here’s a really good diary with a true perspective on the status of the race:



    I have to second that. Anglachel’s perspective on this race is so dead on I couldn’t believe it.

    You find more truth in her entry than in any article on CNN or MSNBC

  435. HEY IS IT POSSIBLE FOR HILLARY TO GET MORE DELEGATES THAN OBAMA OR WHAT?also why am i hearing that only the uneducated is voting for hillary?This is the funniest shyt i have ever heard in my entire life.and if thats the case and they r talking bout educated blks than i must ad that thanks to affirmative action/quota that is the only reason a dumb blk boy can get in school b4 a smart white boy.
    u do know that is a fact right?
    And as a blk I have came to the conclusion that these white people has to be voting for Obama out of white guilt (i mean lets be serious for a sec) and to prove that they are not racist

  436. I feel very very good this morning about Hillary’s chances. Obama was expected to win SC inpite of what the big media says.
    I find nothing wrong in AA feeling proud that one of their own has come this far and showing their pride in their votes for him. That speaks
    highly of our party unlike the Republican party. Hillary will do very well in Florida and will get an overwhelming number of delegates on Feb 5th.
    I am going to do early voting next week here in Illinois in our Democratic primary.

  437. realist: how much of a bump do you think bho gets out of all this, also. the page is reporting ted kennedy is ready to jump in for bho…i just don;t think alot of people pay much attention to endorsements but everyone seems to think this is a big deal..your thoughts?

  438. Clintondem99 says:
    Yesterday I read here that Obama repeatedly uses the words hoodwinked and bamboozeled the same words used by Malcome X character as created by Spike Lee. The words are used in reference to greedy white politicians. Is there any truth to this?

    Yes, it’s true. They were showing him doing that on TV yesterday. There is no doubt at all that it was deliberate in order to appeal to black voters.

  439. anbritt, the most popular Democratic politician is Bill Clinton. No matter who else endorses Obama. The Democratic voters is most of the inner states do not know Ted Kennedy! This will have no impact other than media making a big deal for a few days. A few years ago he almost lost his own state to Mitt Romney and Bill Clinton had to ride to his rescue. I have always felt that Obama is an establishment candidate and endorsements from people like Ted Kennedy and John Kerry only goes on to prove this. If Obama wants his picture with Ted Kennedy splshed across all Super Tuesday states before Feb 5, he is welcome to do that. I don’t think ti will help him much even in his own state of Massachussets. Deval Patrick has already endorsed Obama. In my view, this means very little.

    I am not a troll dear.I am just not being politically correct.and yes i am blk you can see that from my myspace page?

  441. About the same bump that he got from IA…
    How have endorsements affected the vote so far? Hillary has a huge lead in Ma. and OB was already endorsed by the Governor there.
    Ted Kennedy and everyone else in the party will be solidly behind Hillary in November and that’s what really matters…

  442. V4H-
    …and how do you think your post reads to those outside the community? There has been enough racial idiocy going on without adding gasoline to the fire. Your melanin doesn’t excuse your insensitivity. What we post here is often quoted in BM, so try to remember what you’re representing when you post here.

  443. Ok. Now MSNBC says Obama won 78% of the black vote in SC. Not 68%. I love how the Obama people are on tv saying that getting 24% of the white vote is “great”. HAHAHA. So I guess Hillary getting 20% of the black vote is great to by their definition???

  444. HEHS, That 78% is based on the questioneer filled by the voters. I think the actual vote is much higher more like 85%.

  445. I would value caroline kennedy schlossbergs endorsement of obama about as much as i would place stock in paris hilton if i were considering building a hotel
    and ted i doubt has much sway

  446. dt, at 7:39 am, I believe you’ve broken the code. You’ve made it clear that the following terms are off limits and must not be used:

    MLK and LBJ … racist
    Mandela … racist
    Fairy tale … racist
    Obama’s record … racist
    Hillary’s record … racist
    Vote for Hillary … racist
    African American … racist
    Rezko … racist
    Push wrong buttons … racist
    Woman candidate … racist
    White … racist
    Black … racist

    If I had a better vocabulary I could probably name more. To defend themselves against BHO is totally racist. It appears that if Bill or Hillary speak at all they are racists. They are supposed to campaign by sitting quietly and nodding their heads when MSM speaks.

    This is the weirdest Presidential campaign I’ve ever experienced.

  447. @therealist
    I understand now I willl hate for outsiders to think this is a stormfront.But I am beyond pissed at what has happened.And now the Kennedy’s has endorsed this man.Who idea was it to have a woman and than a blk man run in this dem race?I knew from day one that it was going to turn out this way.Its nice seeing that some people is trying to stay positive.But what I am hearing/reading is that Clinton does not have enough delegates to win and she will not win enough on super Tuesday to beat this man.And if she does win the nm she will definitely have to put this man on her ticket which i do not want whatsoever.I can imagine him telling people that he was the brains behind the glory in the Clinton white house.
    But can somebody answer my question tho?Why am I hearing only the educated is voting for Hillary?I have been reading this for awhile

  448. Bo has no class he took a swipe at Hillary in his victory speech. I expect nothing better from Indy/Repub Obama.

  449. the kennedy “name” not the individuals who endorse is what I’m worried about. hear the name “kennedy” and who comes to mind “JFK” subliminal

    that being said…it ain’t over till the fat lady sings and we got a while to go yet

    BTW, everyone write Craig Crawford … he sent me a really nice email back with a link for his blog….I will post it but you wi

  450. msm is trying to paint this as “uneducated” vote for hillary. I read and heard the same thing.

    Like saying “only dumb people vote for Hillary”…. I’m serious. It’s out there

    turn around “only the smart people know Obam

  451. Vanity4hillary, you are repeating the story line of MSM. That is their narrative. My wife is a Physician and I have a Graduate degree in Engineering we both support her. So are many of my friends. I do not buy MSM argument.

  452. carter has been quite controversial himself…I’m not sure if an endorsement by him matters. JMHO folks

    I actually think Ted Kennedy endorsement to Obama will sting Hillary but hopefully it will get shooed over in the next couple of days… unless they spring it a day or so before super tuesday to try to knock her down a peg.

    that is what I see these people in senate doing…trying to knock the clintons down..they know if HRC wins they will not have someone who will roll over and play dead for them…they see obama as that shallow

  453. what I feel is worrysome though with the MSM:

    the constant drumbeat, the constant drone on and on. whether we feel it or not there are a lot of people who will buy into this bullcrap and who actually can’t think for themselves.

  454. So i have donated and have implored everyone i know to explore hills record, success
    but what else can i do – i would make calls but i doubt i have the finesse for that i’m in pittsburgh and the last time i checked there was not an office. i would gladly, proudly clean the place

  455. clintondem99, I have a PhD and taught for years and I support her. There are well educated people in my neighborhood
    here in Illinois who support Hillary.

  456. tim, calling is easy. I was intimidated at first. I called in south carolina but I will be honest, I think maybe a lot of those people lied. It’s still worth calling though…I think I’m going to stick with my own state however.

  457. dot48, I share your worries! The silverlining is I remember the nineties when the media was equally negative on Bill and Hillary Clinton and their support became stronger. My sincere belief mosts rank and file Democrats do not have the time to watch this cable coverage and newspapers and local TV for the most part are quite fair. This is what Hillary campaign has to do. Go over the BM and go directly to local media where she gets really good coverage.

  458. my brother lives in hammond, indiana and he thinks that Hillary could carry Chicago itself. He says Rezco is big news there and that he couldn’t understand why it is not receiving more attention in msm.

    he says many in illinois might come down with rezko….his opinion

  459. people remember..these cable news channels have time to fill…they put every nut job with a half-assed opinion on..some are looking for their 5 min of fame and say what they think will impress the big boys..in reality messnbc, cnn and fox will have about 6 million in viewers..most people do not sit around all day watching cable news…fox has approx 2mil reg viewers and its the highest rated..imo, i think there will be a backlash against the over the top analysis..i don;t watch these channels..i only know what they say because of the things i read on this site…im just sayin

  460. dot48, I live in Illinois and I think you may be right. I have had conversations with several friends of ours who are Democrats and Independents who are disgusted by his land deal with Rezko. I will be doing early voting tomorrow for Hillary here.

    Admin, can you emphasize the LOCAL MEDIA to the campaign? They may have already thought of that. I think the campaign has a long-term strategy which they are sticking to no matter what the day-to-day media noise is. This is not different from a long-term investing strategy regardless of how the stock market moves day-to-day. The big media opinion is worse than the stock market. And is clearly biased against Hillary.

    I also have a suggestion. Let us all BOYCOTT MSNBC. Let us not watch it anymore and let us encourage like-minded friends not to watch MSNBC. Let them not make money at our expense.

  461. i have signed up to the Hillary.com site to mae calls but i dont see any numbers listed for me to call?Do I have to be in the same state and city

  462. Tps I have a myspace page with over 18,000 friends on it.I made a blog on this Obama shady campaign but I need help with it.Is it away to boycott msm.?Let me know

  463. timjcain and Vanity4hillary these are both great ideas! How can we go about this? Any suggestions from others here?

  464. Halperin has a 2nd picture of Teddy up; He’s wetting his pants over something that hasn’t and may not happen.

  465. meiyingsu, the same here! As a rule I don’t watch much of TV at all. I get all my news from the web. I find it more
    convenient. I watch network television when Hillary is on it.

  466. Can anyone understand the logics behind higher educated people not voting for Hillary?
    I thought the higher you are educated, the less you make media influence your opinion, the more you appreciate substance over empty talk.

    Therefore since I am following the US primaries, I get always confused by this narrative. How can higher educated people favour empty talk over action and Hillary’s knowledge?

  467. We had this conversation about the educational level of Obama and Clinton voters last night. I have a graduate degree from a top 10 university. Obama tends to do better among college aged youth and white voters who make more than $200K (the establishment!) but Clinton does well with a wide range of voters from the working class to the upper class and educated. Don’t believe the media and the Obama supporters who feed people this stuff on their blogs.

  468. I also complained at CNN for their biased reporting. I always thought CNN was the only US news which can be trusted. These days I am going back to watching BBC world.

  469. European, well-educated liberals are quite naive about winning elections are easily taken by anyone who gives a great speeach. I know because I taught with people like this for years. They are always looking for the next Kennedy forgetting that all of Kennedy’s rhetoric was put into policy by LBJ. IF you look at the history, they loved Eugene McCarthy, Paul Tsongas, Bill Bradley. Now, they have someone who is a good speaker and they think everyone should be as inspired by him as they are. Well! I am not inspired and many are not inspired. His speeched, I am sorry to say, do nothing for me. I find a lot of empty rhetoric. In this hard economic times, I cannot vote for an inexperienced first-term senator.

  470. Plenty of highly educated people are voting for Hillary.

    The media is insulting Hillary and all her supporters by generalizing from some of the voting in New Hampshire to try to say that only people who don’t know better would vote for her.

  471. Exit polling has a MOE like any statistical sample.

    I’m noticing something interesting about that increased turnout. SC has 46 counties.

    10 counties turned out less voters than in ’04.

    It is reported that turnout increased by 210K. 7/46 counties account for that increase. Includes Horry, the only county HRC won.

  472. European, (painting with a broad brush here) the more educated, ergo better off financially the more you are able to gamble. There is also a chi-chi factor in voting for the latest fad. Nader attracted the same types as Obama is attracting.

    Hillary is attracting the educated and sensible/responsible. Hillary is also attracting people who need a functioning government. These people need health care and are worried about being one of Obama’s left out 15 million.

    Hillarylandrocks, we have not yet looked at the SC results in detail. Interesting data you highlight.

  473. # Blue Democrat Says:
    January 27th, 2008 at 2:43 am

    Trying to upload link to new Hillary video;
    your thoughts would be appreciated if this one makes it;


    IMO, the video is too choppy and too many things going on — lacks focus and the voice overs are also confusing.

  474. TPS,

    same for me. Can not find anything in his speeches.

    I actually liked Obama in the biginning, just thought he is not ready yet. But after seeing some of his teleprompter speeches and poor debate perforamances I already got more critical, but started to really dislike him after HE STARTED negative campining against Hillary.

    Since he started this and Media turned it into Hillary’s fault I can not immagine him becoming a good leader of the western world.

  475. http :// tools.hillaryclinton .com /calling/

    you will of course have to dissect this link

    tennessee is what is listed for me now

  476. European, I am the same way. I started of being mildly positive, and when I saw his arrogance and sense of entitlement I became negative. He has been taking cheap shots at Hillary since October and the media has been so strongly biased towards him. More than anything else, I don’t want elites like David Broder, Maureen Dowd, Frank Rich, Eugene Robinson, Chris Matthews, and Tim Russert telling me who I should like and how I should vote.

  477. h4t go to

    tools.hillaryclinton. com /calling /
    put http

    can someone explain why I am never able to post links

  478. cbs has got some nonsense on with a guy eating a fishes head off!!!!!

    not much of a lead in to our girl…am I on the right channel?

  479. this guy hitting giuliani hard. will be interesting to see hillary, rudi is laughing too much

    hillary do not laugh please before answering any question

  480. I just finished watching Hillary on CBS Face the Nation. She is strong, on message, and unflappable. She looked happy, positive,
    and focused on making the country better.

  481. She said she will be in Florida Tuesday evening. Florida is the first serious and fair test of the candidates’ stengths. All of the candidates are on the ballot and no one has campaigned there. Florida democrats have had ample chance to judge the various candidates and let us see who does well there.

  482. I’m new to this site….
    I’m a big supporter of Hillary and hope that she will win the Democratic Nomination.
    If Super Tuesday were held today, I think that she will come out ahead, but I am concerned that as Obama gain the positive exposure conveniently provided by the press who adores him, I think that she will narrow that gap further. Some pointed out earlier that many people vote with their hearts and not with their minds. Because Obama is such a captivating speaker, I’m afraid that he will also convert many people as well. I think that Hillary is a much more experienced candidate and really knows how to cross party lines and get things done. I just hope that she will be able to have that chance to show it.

  483. Hello to all. I am new to your site. Glad to have found it through Peggy Noonan. She called this site Hillary’s war room.

    I have been reading your post for a few weeks now…but too intimidated to join in – English is not my first language and I’m not a good typist.

    I stopped watching the news media, gave up on HUFFPO- just getting all the information from here and sometimes visit the links that are included in some of the postings. Oh what a relief this is – I don’t have to listen to MSNBC, CNN, etc. The media is treating Hillary the way they treated Gore and Kerry.

    I was an Obama supporter for a very short time. Like most of his supporters I was inspired. But after 2 debates, after listening to HRC being interviewed, and after watching the media attacks on HRC – I became Hil