Hillary Clinton Fights For Florida

[South Carolina votes today. We’ll cover the primary in South Carolina when the polls close. Jesse Jackson received 64% of the vote in South Carolina in 1988. Will Obama get less than 64% of the vote? We’ll know tonight.]

* * *

It is a constant source of amazement how dense Big Blogs are. Even when you spell things out for them in Pink and Black, they still don’t get it. Some, like Josh Marshall are simple Obama shills not wanting to face the facts. Other Big Blogs are simply not that bright. Case in point: the seating of Florida delegates at the Democratic National Convention.

Right after the epic New Hampshire victory we wrote What Happened? What Happens Next? We suggested Hillary should declare that the Michigan delegation to the Democratic convention should be seated. Hillary should demand that all candidates agree that the Democrats of Michigan should not be disenfranchised. Make Michigan a big deal.

We understood at the time that Michigan was a more complex situation because Obama and Edwards had removed their names, stupidly, from the Michigan ballot. Here is the gist of our argument and what the ninny Big Blogs (and ninny Big Media) still don’t get:

Force Obama and Edwards to say whether the Democrats of Michigan and Florida should be disenfranchised – NOW – Before the Michigan and Florida primaries.

Let the Democrats of Michigan and Florida know who is fighting for them and their rights to representation. New Hampshire and Iowa also violated the calendar the DNC set up and have not been punished by having their right to representation at the Democratic convention abolished. Restore the rights of Michigan and Florida Democrats. [snip]

[Why do we suggest the above? Once the voting starts the race becomes about acquiring the delegates that will vote to elect the nominee at the Democratic convention. Hillary needs to secure the massive delegations from Michigan and Florida. The way to do that is to fight for them. Obama, via John Conyers, will run an advertising campaign to try to get the Michigan voters to vote noncommitted, not for Hillary, in their primary and deprive Hillary of a Michigan victory. Hillary has to fight for the votes in Michigan and Florida and demonstrate that Obama has not and will not support the voters of Michigan and Florida.]

Hopefully the above is sufficient for ninny Big Blogs. Florida newspapers will discuss the fight over Florida delegates and the right of Florida to be represented at the Democratic convention. Florida voters will see Hillary fighting for their rights. Florida voters will see Obama fighting to DISENFRANCISE Florida delegates. Get it? In November Florida voters will remember.

Nationally the Florida delegate disenfrancisement might not make too many headlines. But where it counts, in Florida, the voters will see Hillary fighting for them, Obama fighting against them. This will have consequences in Florida in November and this coming Tuesday at the Florida primaries. Do we need to make this any clearer?

* * *

Meanwhile it is clear that Josh Marshall is a know nothing Obama shill. Josh Marshall is now writing the Obama Talking Points Memo. Think we are being unfair? Read Marshall’s first sentence in yesterday’s front page post. Marshall thinks he is now a an Obama Field Marshal issuing directives to the troops:

The Clinton camp really needs to be shut down on this new gambit of theirs to muscle the party and the other candidates into seating the Michigan and Florida delegate slates.

And let me be very clear about what I mean. It was very debatable decision whether the DNC should have punished Florida and Michigan with the loss of their delegates slates because they broke the rules the party had set down for scheduling their primaries. By ‘debatable’ I don’t mean it was right or wrong, only that it was a pretty draconian move and I know there was a lot of discussion about whether or not it was the right thing to do.

But that was the decision — one that each of the candidates at least implicitly agreed to. Indeed, each agreed not to campaign in either of these states, again implicitly agreeing to the decision not to seat the delegates.

The Clinton camp is just pushing to seat these delegates now because the contingencies of the moment mean that the decision would favor Hillary. She was the only one whose name was on the ballot in Michigan, thus insuring her win. She has a wide lead in every Florida poll taken this month.

Even Michigan was a matter of her basically pulling a fast one on the other candidates by not taking her name off the ballot. Each of the major candidates signed a pledge not to “campaign or participate” in any primary or caucus prior to Feb. 5th except for Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina. The other major candidates adopted what seems like the only reasonable interpretation of the pledge (see text here) and pulled their names from the ballot.

But then Hillary didn’t, thus in essence guaranteeing her win in Michigan.

The Clinton campaign said taking her name off the ballot wasn’t required by the pledge. But what can “participate” mean over and above “campaigning” other than formally being a candidate in the race?

In any case, by gaming the process Clinton already insured her win in Michigan, though it seemed only for a symbolic victory, not real delegates.

Josh Marshall is disqualified from discussing politics. He is either a mendacious shill or a total ninny. Marshall either does not have the facts but still discusses what he does not know anything about or Marshall is deliberately deluding his readers.

We discussed the Michigan situation regarding Obama’s stupidity and his and Edwards attempts to mug Hillary on October 14, 2007. We wrote:

These clumsy Obama and Edwards campaigns are desperate and it shows every day. Earlier last week, having failed with their “policy” arguments they tried to help themselves in Iowa by playing “tactical” games in Michigan. They shot themselves in the foot. The Flint Journal editorialized:

Obama, John Edwards, Bill Richardson and Joe Biden “apparently are all but conceding” the Dem nomination to HRC. Otherwise, “they wouldn’t have made such a shortsighted and cowardly decision” to remove their names from MI’s primary ballot. Only a “desperate longshot would deliberately offend residents of a state crucial to electing the next” POTUS. HRC “notably wasn’t too intimidated” by the DNC or “afraid of upsetting the voters” in NH, IA, SC or NV. Conversely, the decisions of Obama, Edwards, Richardson and Biden “suggests that they know it’s nearly over for them”.

The clumsy “campaigns” indulged themselves in silly games and shot themselves in the foot. Typical.

Check out the link in the above (which appeared in our original post in October) to understand the full stupidity of the Obama/Edward camps. Marshall did not bother to inform himself with facts before attacking Hillary. [Here is the key sentence Josh, educate yourself: The campaign for Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, arguably fearing a poor showing in Michigan, reached out to the others with a desire of leaving New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton as the only candidate on the ballot. The hope was that such a move would provide one more political obstacle for the Clinton campaign to overcome in Iowa.]

Obama’s Talking Points Memo was not content with only 1 article on the Florida situation. There was another equally stupid article issuing directives to the Obama troops:

A cynic would note that Hillary was the only major candidate whose name was on the ballot in Michigan, running against “uncommitted,” and that she is also favored to win Florida after none of the candidates campaigned in the state.

Obama’s Talking Points Memo is wrong again and pushing a big Michigan-sized lie. Disgusting.

* * *

Here is what Hillary actually said, fighting for the rights of voters in Florida:

“I hear all the time from people in Florida and Michigan that they want their voices heard in selecting the Democratic nominee.

“I believe our nominee will need the enthusiastic support of Democrats in these states to win the general election, and so I will ask my Democratic convention delegates to support seating the delegations from Florida and Michigan. I know not all of my delegates will do so and I fully respect that decision. But I hope to be President of all 50 states and U.S. territories, and that we have all 50 states represented and counted at the Democratic convention.

I hope my fellow potential nominees will join me in this.

“I will of course be following the no-campaigning pledge that I signed, and expect others will as well.”

While Hillary fights for the right of voters to be counted, Obama is fighting to disenfrancise the voters from 2 big electoral vote states while at the same time engaging in a personal attack against Hillary:

“Whether it is Barack Obama’s record, her position on Social Security, or even the meaning of the Florida Primary, it seems like Hillary Clinton will do or say anything to win an election.”

Where are those hacks like Obama’s Talking Points Memo and assorted politicians who defend Obama now that Obama is making a personal attack on Hillary? “New Politics” indeed.

Where is John Edwards on this issue? Where is the self-styled tribune of the people on disenfranchisement of Florida and Michigan voters? Speak up BEFORE the Florida primary John. Don’t blink on this one.

* * *

As we wrote Florida newspapers will inform Florida voters about Hillary fighting for Florida. Florida newspapers will also inform Florida voters that Obama wants to disenfranchise them.

Florida is a crucial state for Democrats (Does anyone in the Obama campaign remember the 2000 election?)

The Florida Democratic Party knows Hillary is fighting for the rights of Florida voters and Obama is fighting to disenfrancise Florida voters:


TALLAHASSEE – U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton today publicly committed to seating Florida’s and Michigan’s delegates at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

“I believe our nominee will need the enthusiastic support of Democrats in these states to win the general election, and so I will ask my Democratic convention delegates to support seating the delegations from Florida and Michigan,” the Senator said in a statement.

Florida will send 210 delegates and 31 alternates to the Convention. While the Democratic National Committee Rules & Bylaws Committee reduced Florida’s delegation, the Florida Democratic Party is confident that all of Florida’s delegates will be seated in Denver.

We thank Senator Clinton for her support and commitment to the Sunshine State,” Florida Democratic Chairwoman Karen Thurman said. “Florida will play an extremely important role in this election. The incredible Democratic primary turnout across the state of Florida and in all of the early primary states is proving that this entire nation is hungry for change. The nation needs Florida, and Florida is ready to deliver.”

United States Senator Bill Nelson of Florida will endorse Sen. Hillary Clinton for president. Senator Nelson was quoted recently saying that his endorsement would depend on “how [the candidates] treat Florida.” Senator Nelson now has his answer. Hillary Clinton Fights for the Rights of Florida Voters – Obama will disenfranchise Florida voters – Edwards is AWOL.

A press release issued by Senator Nelson stated “happy to see that Clinton agrees with the principle at issue in his lawsuit – that every person has a right to vote, and have the vote count as intended.”

Obama is instructing Florida Republicans (as he has done in numerous other states) to become “Democrats for a Day”. Obama does not care about Democrats. Obama only cares about himself. Obama will disenfranchise Florida Democratic voters while inciting Republicans to sneak into our party to make inexperienced Obama our nominee. Shame.

Florida voters will, thanks to Florida Big Media, know that Obama is never there when you need him. Obama can’t tell a green “Yes” button from a “Red” no button when he is voting. Florida voters will press the “Red” No button on Obama.

Obama’s Talking Points Memo is fighting to silence Florida voters.

Voter disenfranchisement in Florida must end. Hooray for Hillary.


478 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Fights For Florida

  1. Unbelieveable.

    When Hillary refused to engage Obama/Edwards for the better part of 2007 as she was being personally attacked, she was accused by Big Media of being arrogant, because she was “looking past the the primaries”. When she finally responds she’s accused by the very same pundits of setting the negative tone of the campaign; playing the race card; etc. Disgusting.

    What planet are idiots living on?!

  2. My lone thought on todays election: Don’t under estimate the AA-woman’s vote. They can see that BO is uppity(sp) and could care less about that demographic.

  3. that commentator on foxnews just lied”south carolina has never sent a woman to the congress” not true liz patterson in the late 1980’s to the early 90″s. i wish these guys would research before they shoot thier mouths off.

  4. Excellent post admin! Josh M seriously needs to pull his head out of his posterior… And soon too. He’s giving progressives and New Yorkers a bad name.

    And kudos to B Merry for RezkoWatch!!!

  5. Hey, if Hillary gets an equal number of delegates, do we get to go around trumpeting that it was a TIE? 😀

  6. A 6-point loss would be very good, IMO.

    BTW, the whole media narrative that the Clintons are pushing the race card really depresses me. I just don’t understand it.

    BTW, what potshot did Jack Cafferty take at Chelsea yesterday? ChrisC mentioned it.

  7. Paula, it’s really not the “whole media narative”. It’s mostly the cable news folks. She just won the endorsement of the paper of record, NYT, as well as one of the oldest african american papers in the country. That would not have happened if people were buying this bs.

  8. let us just hope that this exit polls early doesn’t push more aa to the polls.

    I hope this is not what cnn is trying to do.

    suppress hillary votes by saying she is only slightly behind in a race already won by aa

    drive obama votes by giving the effect that hillary is about to beat him


  9. A very good post, admin. good job! i wish the personal attacks against clinton would stop.

    even if the obama camp can’t see that they’re personal, i’m sure the average amercian voter can tell it’s personal. it’s like they’re stabbing someone and repeating while stabbing that they aren’t the one doing the assault. it’s just crazy.

    and good point about michigan. if they didn’t want the votes to count now, then why did they do everything to get people to vote “uncommitted”? in essence, “uncommitted” meant obama and edwards. so, now the only reason michigan is even being discussed is b/c hillary won, almost 2/3rds majority.

    and THEY say she’ll do anything to win?! ha! first of all, it’s like “duh”….like that mortgage guy says: it’s “the biggest no brainer in the history of earth”. secondly, how can obama say that hillary will do anything and say anything to win exactly at the same time he is doing the same damn thing? e.g.pandering to the christian right fundies, taking money from hillary-hating rethugs, saying good things about reagan, speaking a fake southern accent, using oprah, etc. what a prick.

    any democrat who has debated with a crazy-ass republican knows what this all feels like….say one thing and the republican comes back with something else and it’s usually something that would come from a CRAZY verbal abuser.

    we have to keep on pointing out stuff like the above post. over and over again.

  10. Here in NJ there were about 48,000 new voter registrations by the deadline. Around 300 were republican and 42,000 were Independent and the rest Democrats. Independents can vote in the NJ primary only if they have never voted in a NJ primary election before and can declare a party affiliation at the polls. Independents who have previously voted must have changed their registration 50 days prior to election day. So it does not look good for Obama and his be a Democrat for 1 day here in the Garden State. Better luck next time…………………

  11. Clyburn is just trying so hard not to break his pledge to come out and endorse obama, and I will be happy when we can all stop trying to please him.

  12. BMerry

    Love having all the Rezko stuff in one place! Spent much of last night w/ Leftcoaster and the indictment pages here trying to study beyond Rezko for Dummies.

    And the background and design are easy on the eyes, btw.Thanx for it all.

    I have always been pleased w/ the thoughtful intelligence and analysis here.

    Same goes for the HRC support and cheerleading that also extends to those who are doing the campaign work…something I badly needed when I first found the site in late November.

    I’ll leave the what-upsets-many-of-us here for another time because this is a laudatory missive aimed at your contributions to what this site is supposed to be…especially this last effort.

    Because one the very best things about the big pink is the chance to get an education, and you educate and provide analysis very, very well.

  13. I would also point out that Obama suggests a tax raise on working class Americans in two of the biggest and bluest states. Obama has not yet acknowledged that working class Democrats in states like Cali and New York may well earn over $97k a year. Here in Los Angeles, sheriff deputies frequently earn up to $150k and considering the fact that a 1200 square foot bungalow costs over $500k and the average house payment is around $3400 a month, that’s not an upper income salary in the real world. And that’s who Obama wants to raise taxes on on – the people who have already gotten clobbered by housing costs.

    Not seating delegates in Michigan and Florida. Raising taxes on working class people in NY and Cali. I just don’t see the guy as much of a Democrat.

  14. hillfans, i hope nobody is putting there hopes on exit polls espeacially when 6 hours is left to vote. don’t trust them.

  15. Off of DrudgeReport…

    Im finally understanding JE’s strategy. He really is a scumbag lawyer. Good thing the NYT called his bluff.

    Attorney General Edwards?
    An Inside Report by Robert Novak
    Friday, January 25, 2008

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — Illinois Democrats close to Sen. Barack Obama are quietly passing the word that John Edwards will be named attorney general in an Obama administration.

    Installation at the Justice Department of multimillionaire trial lawyer Edwards would please not only the union leaders supporting him for president but organized labor in general. The unions relish the prospect of an unequivocal labor partisan as the nation’s top legal officer.

    In public debates, Obama and Edwards often seem to bond together in alliance against front-running Sen. Hillary Clinton. While running a poor third, Edwards could collect a substantial bag of delegates under the Democratic Party’s proportional representation. Edwards then could try to turn his delegates over to Obama in the still unlikely event of a deadlocked Democratic National Convention

  16. B Merryfield,
    I may be certifiably crazy, but I actually enjoy the Kooks! 🙂 They’re so gullible and so easily provoked. It gets boring in the long run though…

  17. That story Edwards has been offered the AG in an Obama administration doesn’t look good for him, because if he endorses Obama it’ll look like he did it because Obama bought him off.

  18. I heard about the JE AG thing too. John Edwards, that 2 faced rat would take this job to help obama out too, he would I just know it. We’ll see. I would rather him drop out and run for the senate against Elizabeth Dole in North Carolina.

  19. Emjay, thanks.

    Hillfans, no need to panic, listen to the bubble-headed pundits or the Obamabots. Ain’t nuttin’ over tonight until the fat lady sings. Just went through this in NH and it was like watching the grass grow only to suddenly discover that the tulips had bloomed. It’s all good and just one more benchmark.

  20. Paula,

    Cafferty was talking about the HRC campaign email that was sent from Chelsea Clinton that offered the winner to sit with her at the CA debate. Cafferty then said that the second prize was to sit with her twice. Wolf then calmly chastised Cafferty, explaining what a nice young lady Chelsea is.

  21. This has to be some kind of a record for a new blog, though. I’ve only been up since early this morning and approaching 200 hits already. REZKO goes through the roof, Hillfans!!!

  22. JE is a loser. He cant run for senate in NC cause he will lose. What else can he do but angle for a position by leveraging what is left of his popularity from the last election… Kerry is doing the same thing.

    I hope he is crushed on 2/5. Im so disappointed in him. Its funny how obvious he is about saying anything to get power. He is totally transparent but the media only looks at Hillary and says she is the one shifting positions to get ahead when she is the only one of the three who has remained true to form and not reversed prior positions.

    Im going to read the NYT editorial again. UGH.

  23. I can’t imagine how this will go over, but it’s something I want to say, even if it comes off hokey. I’ve never let that stop me before.

    It would be nice to be able to talk to Hillary regularly during this campaign. Failing that, it would be nice to just write messages to her. Failing that, it would be nice to talk to one or more of her surrogates. Failing that, it would be nice to just exchange messages with one or more of her surrogates.

    IMHO, that latter point is precisely what we get to do here on this site. Maybe most or all of them are unpaid, or unofficial, or whatever, but it’s obvious many of those who post here are bonafide surrogates for her – in one way or another. They really seem to know what’s going on regarding so many important matters. And, they are doing something about them.

    It’s great to be able to read and comment on a lot of the stuff that’s going on in this campaign, even if it’s partly or even mostly on the fringes. They make me feel like I’m involved in this campaign, on a very minor scale. I don’t write this to flatter anybody. I just want to express my appreciation for what you are doing. I really want Hillary to become our next President — at least as much as all of you do.

    Thanks, everybody.

  24. mj,

    That’s my point! Cafferty is allowed to say stuff like this, yet Carville and Begala are banned from CNN!

  25. Hello all,

    Just wanted to say that I believe that SC will be closer than we think and that if Obama wins by less than 10 points it will be a win for Hillary. Obama doesn’t have much more going for him after SC. Just look at these numbers posted at the http://www.hillaryclinton.com blog:

    Strength in the States: In Tennessee, a new poll from NBC affiliate WSMV-TV has Hillary up by 14 points over Sen. Obama (34-20). In Missouri, a new Rasmussen poll has Hillary up by 19 points over Sen. Obama (43-24). In Arizona, a new Behavior Research Center poll has Hillary up by 10 points over Sen. Obama (37-27). In Alabama, a new Rasmussen poll has Hillary up 15 points over Sen. Obama (43-28).In California, a new Public Policy Institute of California poll has Hillary up by 15 points over Sen. Obama (43-28). 🙂

  26. mj, i saw that cafferty snide remark about chelsea friday. cafferty rails against dems and repuks. he goes were it is popular to rail against. he is a grumpy old man most of the time.

  27. 🙂

    That would be funny, and it would make a lot of em’ happy. I am ready for Florida. Ready for FLorida. Ready for Florida. Can’t wait. This will be the first true fair primary because it includes African Americans, Latinos, whites, Asian Americans, GLBT voters, men and women and the elderly vote. It is much more telling.

  28. Ok, I hope I won’t offend the guys, but regardless of what happens in SC, I hope women really look at this opportunity to unify and help Hillary become president. Hill has always focused on women’s, chlidren’s and family issues. She has the strongest record and has demonstrated the strongest commitment to issues that most effect women. And, in the end,there are more simliarities between the issues faced by women of all ethnicities, than not. Ofcourse I hope she retains and grows her vote with men, but this does present a unique opportunity for all women.

  29. lol, sorry hawk. i can’t wait for florida and supertuesday. i wanna shut these obamabots and nutkooks up once and for all.

  30. Re Sherm Kader’s 1:06 post. You really expressed my own feelings. It is great to feel involved, part of a community, very different in terms of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, etc. with the same vision: HILLARY IS 44!

  31. ok heres a titbit..

    Edwards campaign actually has been outspending both Obama and Clinton on TV ads this past week. In fact, according to our sources, Obama’s ranks THIRD in TV-ad spending here over the past week. Overall, Edwards will have spent more on TV ads in South Carolina than either of the two front-runners combined!

    btw they didnt say anything about Edwards in exit poll..but again they are TOOOOO priliminary and must be a hack job by cnn..fwiw..

  32. Chuck Todd is calling the Florida Vote as Non Binding meanigless straw vote. That must be Obama campaign talking points.

  33. how come no woman’s forum? be had black forums, latino formums, and labor forums. wtf is that all about?

  34. it was a while ago that they mentioned on CNN.. might not be an official poll per se..

    the titbit is fact.. i think there were some figures i read elsewhere cant remember where!

  35. ok, i just caved and read that dick morris column. which reminded me of the recent headlines saying “bill rages…..at reporters” or something like that. then when you go and watch the video, it’s not even a yelling match or a rage.

    also, speaking of bill standing up for himself, i know i wasn’t the only one cheering when he took on chris wallace. and that wasn’t even a rage either, but it was welcome, back when democrats weren’t speaking up….and i bet we can find a lot of diaries on dkos supporting bill clinton during that so-called “rage” it’s just plain ridiculous.

    dick morris is a hooker toe-sucking toad living in pond scum. nuff said….moving on….

  36. terrondt Says:

    January 26th, 2008 at 1:32 pm
    how come no woman’s forum? be had black forums, latino formums, and labor forums. wtf is that all about?

    terrondt..just ONE of many reasons women in NH spoke so loudly and clearly. blatant sexism is still treated as a big joke in this country. hopefully, the women’s vote will catapult HRC to the nomination, february 5th.

  37. dot48, the thing about ratings is, it makes no difference unless you are a Nielsen family with a box, right? They have no way of knowing who is watching them or not, unless you are one of the ones Nielsen tracks.

    I still won’t watch CNN or MSNBC, though.

  38. Wow, Hawk, good. That’s great. I wonder why she didn’t earlier. She did in NH starting as soon as they opened.

  39. hawk,

    In December 2005, Todd was featured as one of “Washingtonian’s ‘Best Of'” journalists. In March 2001, “George” magazine named him one of the 50 most influential people in politics.


  40. I am wondering why the Philadelphia Inquierer endorsed obama? Don’t they know that is a state Hill is ahead in and will handily win? Idiots.

  41. Chris Jansing seems to have a crush on Edwards. She is repeatedly speaking about him. She also keeps saying that he could be No 2.

  42. I know. MSNBC keeps saying they think Edwards will come in 2nd at is sickening. I have it on mute right now and am listening to my mp3 player.

  43. for any opera nuts out there, the metroplitan opera broadcast this afternoon is rossini’s il barbiere di siviglia. beats msnbc, any day.

  44. gladiatorstail, let’s hope as many SC voters for Hill go out despite Wolfson’s memo. I’d still like to get as many of those votes as possible.

  45. Hawk

    taking a breather from surfing for tidbits…

    Started asking bout you after caucus…finally someone said you were laying low…I felt alone out here towards the Missouri River trying to point out how BO’s IA support was 5 miles wide and 1 inch deep. Glad to see you back.

    Do you believe as I do that BO’s win here was not that big a win in reality…that it was only what the media made of it?

    Sorry I hounded you about getting off here and get to your books and pathetic class notes…but really was concerned you do that and get 4 1/2 hours sleep to get at least 3 rounds of REM.

    So, how’d you come out. And where did you go for break?

    PS. I got 100 yard signs when the office closed…am gearing up for the GE. It’s not over til it’s over.

  46. I think that Wolfson is just trying to lower expectations by pushing for the 12% figure from RCP. I think they feel that they will do much better than 12% behind Obama.

  47. horray for b merryfield!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love your new rezko watch webpage! i added it to my toolbar, right next to the big pink. great job!!

  48. They way over-did his win here in Iowa. He only got one (i think) more delegate, maybe more. Thanks for pushing me during finals week. I did fine. I got 3 B’s and a C, which is good for me considering I was campaigning. I can’t wait for the GE here in Iowa. Should be interesting.

  49. Sigh. Is there a major network that is fair and leans democrat? I used to watch CNN, but I can’t stand them anymore, they are slinging mud these days. Any suggestions?

  50. kaffeen..just made the mistake of listening to msnbc for ONE minute and they were already touting a HRC campaign realignment based on a loss in SC. AAUUGHH! should have known better.
    back to my opera broadcast.

  51. Exit polls aren’t very private, are they? If your family is divided and all drove to the voting place together, is the person who secretly voted for HIllary going to come right out and say so in an exit poll? More likely just disappear to the restroom. 🙂

  52. please rec this at myDD if you can – this ought to get known.

    “You’ve Been Bamboozled!”; Obama, Spike Lee, Malcolm X , Bill Clinton and the Press Corps

    by Seymour Glass

    As reported by the Chicago Sun Times on Friday from South Carolina:”Don’t be hoodwinked. Don’t be bamboozled,” Obama told crowds several times during the day.
    As a movie and Denzel fan, those words were very familiar to me.  Theyr’e from Spike Lee’s Malcolm X.  I remember going to see that movie soon after Bill Clinton won in 1992.
    They were the eternal words of Malcolm X regarding political maneuvering in the African American community

    In my mind, I heard Denzel Washington proclaiming them,

    So I’m not here this afternoon as a Republican, nor as a Democrat…
    So I have to stand here today as what I was when I was born: A black man.
    Before there was any such thing as a Republican or a Democrat, we were black…
    In fact, before there was any such place as America, we were black!
    And after America has long passed from the scene, there will still be black people.
    I’m gonna tell you like it really is. Every election year these politicians are sent up here to pacify us! They’re sent here and setup here by the White Man!
    “I say and I say it again, you’ve been had. You’ve been took. You’ve been HOODWINKED, BAMBOOZLED, led astray, run amok.”

    OH MY GOD! I KNEW I HAD HEARD THOSE WORDS BEFORE! But it wasn’t just one word – “bamboozled” that had made my ears prick up and ask, Malcolm – is that you? So when I saw that both Spike’s Malcolm and Obama had both said HOODWINKED, BAMBOOZLED, it became quite clear. It was two odd, rare and unique words used in tandem. So coincidence was OUT! Obama was sure as heck sending a clear message to the movie going public (the Spike Lee movie going public that is – if you know what I mean) of South Carolina.
    Here Obama was channeling Spike Lee – channeling Malclom X! Now that’s somethin’!
    I Googled to see who in the national political media had written about the amazing fact that Obama had been quoting Malcolm X (as dreamed up by Spike Lee that is, Malcolm never gave such a speech, none of it, it’s pure movie magic)around the state of SC at the moment that the entire national press corps was screaming like banshees about how awful and shocking it was that the Clintons just wont stop talking in dog whistle RACE CODE while campaigning!
    Guess how many articles I found had been written about this in the entire media and press corps.  Go ahead guess…..of course, none.  Not one. There’s one piece about this – this one. The members of the media “village” were  all too busy obsessing about and making up stories about Bill’s “explosion” (again)and what  a “disgrace” and distraction he has become…to…uh, well… them.(again)

    As Steve M so clearly put it:

    I buy that it is not a coincidence that Barack Obama is going around, the day before the South Carolina primary, repeating over and over two words that just happen to be a well-known quote from a movie speech where Malcolm X just happens to be warning the black folks not to trust white politicians who come into their community.

    Look a it this way. Do you think the press corps would look the other way if in her stump speech Hillary started quoting Gary Sinese playing the race baiting George Wallace in John Frankenheimer’s bio-pic “Wallace’. Ya think?


    “Don’t be hoodwinked. Don’t be bamboozled,” Obama told crowds several times during the day.

    So we now find that Obama’s been using Spike Lee’s words from fictional speeches by Malcolm X in his SC stump speech as he campaigned around the state complaining about how those awful Clintons had dared to make race an issue in this campaign….

    Telling “folk” in SC they’ve been “hoodwinked” and bamboozled”

    But there’s more.  Seems “Bamboozled” means more to both Spike and Barack too! Theres actually a movie called ‘Bamboozled’, that was also directed by Spike Lee. I’m not hoodwinking ya folks!
    Let’s go to the pages of the academic quarterly, the “Literary Review” to consider the deeper meaning behind all of this.
    A Rhetoric Of Symbolic Identity: An Analysis Of Spike Lee’s X And(1992) and Bamboozled (2000).



    The film’ Bamboozled’ starts where Spike Lee’s ‘X’ ends. The term bamboozled was used by Malcolm to illustrate white corporate America management, manipulation of ideology, and discourse within the public sphere. In the opening scene of Bamboozled, Malcom’s voice is cleary heard, “you have been hoodwinked, bamboozled…”  The film centers on the “bamboozled effect” of blacks and how that, in turn, shapes and defies black identity.

    From Wiki:

    Bamboozled is a 2000 satirical film written and directed by Spike Lee about a modern televised minstrel show featuring black actors donning blackface makeup and the violent fall-out from the show’s success. The word “Bamboozled” means “purposefully confused, tricked or led astray”.
    The content is intended as satirical, with its show within a show featuring its characters, all in blackface, performing in a watermelon patch.  
    The script expresses rage and grief at media representations of black people, largely through the eyes of its moral center, Sloan Hopkins (played by Jada Pinkett Smith). Johnnie Cochran, and Al Sharpton (Cochran and Sharpton appear as themselves in the film, protesting the television series).
    Pierre Delacroix , played by Damon Wayans, is an uptight Harvard-educated black man working for a television network that routinely rejects his proposals for what he sees as intelligent shows involving black people. He is further tormented by his boss Thomas Dunwitty (played by Michael Rapaport), a tactless, boorish white man who proudly proclaims that he is more black than Delacroix.  
    (Think Obama identifies with this movie a little?)
    Facing the necessity of either coming up with a hit black-centric show or being fired, Delacroix decides to aim for the latter. If the network fires him, he rationalizes, it will release him from his employment contract, allowing him to seek work at another network. With help from his personal assistant, Sloan Hopkins (played by Jada Pinkett Smith), Delacroix decides to pitch a minstrel show, complete with black actors in blackface, in the belief that the network will reject such over-the-top racism and fire him on the spot.  To Delacroix’s horror, not only does Dunwitty enthusiastically endorse the show, it also becomes hugely successful.
    The film concludes with a long montage of racially insensitive and demeaning clips of black characters from Hollywood films of the first half of the 20th century.

    Oh those damn Clintons.  Why do THEY have to keep bringing race into this campaign. Why can’t they be more like Barack, abide by the pledge (wink, wink!), and just quote from their favorite movies when they speak!  Like ‘Birth of the Nation’ or something…
    Thursday in SC President Clinton responded to a CNN reporter who grabbed him on his way out of a event and asked him to respond to charges from Dick Harpootlian, a former chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party and a supporter of Barack Obama, who said some of Bill Clinton’s recent remarks on the campaign trail were appeals based on race and gender. He said the comments were meant to “suppresses the vote, demoralize voters, and distort the record,” and said they were “reminiscent of Lee Atwater.”
    Bill responded to these charges and the reporter calmly and truthfully, which of course, set the media on another round of false tales that the President had “exploded”, distorted and lied.



    “This rhetoric is getting a little carried away here. And let me remind you, my ultimate answer is this — there are still two people around who marched with Martin Luther King and risked their lives, John Lewis and Reverend Andrew Young. They both said that Hillary was right and the people who attacked her were wrong, and that she did not play the race card, but they did.
    “So I don’t have to defend myself from Dick Harpootlian. I will just refer you to John Lewis and Andrew Young. And let him go get in an argument with them about it.

    Of course, the entire press corps went crazy and breathless about this – but STILL refused to present the Presidents POV.  They pretended complete confusion about his charge of Obama’s “hit job”, even though it was clear the President was referring to the companion piece to the “Punjab’ memo that attacked Clinton’s finances that Obamas campaign had tried to silently push with the press corps. They feigned confusion even though the President had been quite specific about what he meant by this up in NH.
    Here’s John Lewis on PBS News Hour, which was not reported on anywhere else in the media.  No where.  Just this little blog.  Google it to see.  The only place Rep. Lewis’s response has been seen is here and on a few blogs who have picked it up from here. Even after the President said go look to the hero Lewis, they still all have refused to show you his words. These words:

    “It is unfortunate that people have tried to distort what Mrs. Clinton had to say about Dr. King.”
    “I think there has been a deliberate and systematic attempt by some people in the Obama campaign to really fan the flames about race and to really distort what Senator Clinton said.  I understood and I think most right thinking people understood what she said.
    “President and Senator Clinton have a record, a history, a very long history of bringing people together. No right thinking American would ever think that Senator or President Clinton would ever do anything that would use the race card”
    “I must tell you…I’m trying to set the record straight…the Obama camp is doing something else, theyr’e sending out memos to the media trying to suggest that the Clintons are playing the race card.”

    -Rep. John Lewis on News Hour 1/14

    Is that clear enough? Don’t you think in fairness that the American people should get to hear that point of view from a civil rights icon and true national hero?
    But the media refuses to report anything that doesnt fit their script that the Clintons are truly bad and loathsome scoundrels.
    Through distortion and deception the press corps is once again “hoodwinking” many voters who don’t as yet know not to trust these unworthy bastard sons of Cronkite, Lippman and Reston. They’re “Bamboozling” a large and gullible segment of the American people who would never consider the idea that our news media has become so corrupted that they are as much of the problem as the Bushies, the Abramhoffs, the Delays all added together.
    Remember all the media darlings who now savage Hillary and promote Obama; Russert, Mathewss Dowd, Rich, Arianna, Sullivan. They all worked to destroy Gore in 2000 and elect Dubya to the White House. Remember these are obamas friends. Remember that and wonder why.

  53. If you watch CNN, MSNBC and FOX you will see that lately FOX has been the most balanced. MSNBC falls over backwards kissing Obama’s ass and CNN is trying to catch up with them by banning Hillary supporters Carville and Begala yet allowing Cafferty, Brazil and Martin voice their bias views in favor of Obama and against Hillary.

  54. kaffeen, for years i hated fox but compared cnn and msnbc. they are still gop leaning though. they will turn on her in the general.

  55. Fox has done an uncanny job so far. They seem to dislike all Democrats equally, and thus have been giving moderately fair coverage. Plus, Rupert and Hillary are tight now, which can’t hurt.

  56. Well, I have usually been watching CNN, but lately I have to thump Cafferty’s head every time he comes on. My fingers are starting to hurt…lol.

  57. lol, be careful about rupert murdock and hillary being chummy. he is very hated in the dem universe. i guess rupert is realistic about hillary’s chances. he see’s a winner in hillary.

  58. I am so sick of the media saying or implying that the Clintons brought race into this campaign. I wish they would just do their jobs and go back to December and watch Oprah’s speeches about “He is the One” in Iowa and South Carolina. The Clintons did not bring up the race issue it was Oprah and Obama!!

  59. I was screaming at my TV this morning listening to Joe Scarborough blaming Bill Clinton for bringing race into this election!!! I am SICK AND TIRED of all of them blaming the Clintons. Neither Bill or Hillary brought race into this. It all started with #1 – Oprah preaching for Obama and #2 – Chris Matthews talking about the “Bradley Effect” when Hillary won New Hampshire! THEY STARTED IT (MEDIA) AND THEY ARE CONTINUING IT BY CONSTANTLY TALKING ABOUT IT!!!

    I think the white people in S.C. are sick and tired of hearing the Clintons being bashed and maybe some Obama supporters have changed their minds and gone Hillary’s way!!

    The media hates the Clintons so damn much and they are so obvious about it. WHY do they love Obama so much???

    If anyone is interested I have a Hillary blog, too.


  60. Murdoch did a fundraiser for Hillary because he said she’s a good Senator for New York.

    But he won’t be for her this fall.

  61. this is why i think the foxnews roundtable has been even handed except that idiot barnes. he will not give hillary an inch.

  62. I just posted a reply but it hasn’t showed up so I will try again. I am SO SICK AND TIRED of listening to these media people blaming the Clintons for bringing RACE into this election!!!! NEVER have Bill or Hillary brought race into it. It was Oprah, Obama’s wife and Chris Matthews who started talking about the “Bradley Effect” when he was dumbfounded that Hillary won the N.H. primary!!!

    The media is so ANTI-CLINTON and PRO-OBAMA!!! I felt like kicking my foot through the TV this morning listening to Joe Scarborough blaming Bill Clinton for always bringing race into the campaign. DO THEY NOT REALIZE THAT IT IS THEM – THEMSELVES – THE MEDIA – WHO IS CONSTANTLY TALKING ABOUT THIS????

    If anyone is interested I have my own Hillary blog.


  63. As long as she doesn’t say anything about cousin Pookie, Ray-Ray, Bamboozled, Hoodwinked, Bedroom Slippers, or ESPN…..a little southern drawl is ok.

  64. I like that in Columbia just a trickle for voter turnout. Maybe Obama supporters listened to the news and heard it was going to be a blowout and decided not to vote.

  65. I want to see her wear more red.

    Any chance to get a video? oh gosh, I hate it I missed it….showing my house darn it!

    everyone here collectively send good vibes for me….i need to sell fast and find a smaller ranch

  66. can you give an email for Mr Craig…I’ve been tryiing to thank those that are fair to Hillary…any chance he’d write a media article for newpapers.

  67. hawk.. This content is currently unavailable

    The page you requested can not be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.

  68. you guys are so funny! i made my home page hillary’s web site, and my co-workers were like “OMG, you are a die hard hillfan!” i said well “duh”…..it drives my boss c-r-a-z-y.

  69. [quote]Just bought a house here. Got a fantastic deal with the market the way it is. Not a great seller’s market right now dot.[/quote]

    Awww….pity Rezko couldn’t hook you up since he’s been detained at the moment.

  70. true2party, hear ya. my co-workers and my wife thinks im a crazed hillary fan. wich reminds me for goodluck i allways wear my hillary pin at home. i have to get on.

  71. yes, caroline. we have a horse farm and it’s creating quite a stir. I think these people are really, really interested. keeps fingers crossed

  72. hi all, hope things are going well in sc today! 🙂
    i always liked craig crawford & take him much more seriously than most pundits, that was a good post he wrote about race issues in the campaign. afaik he’s been at cq for many years, cq is extremely fair and independent.

  73. terrondt, you are funny….wearing your pin at home……ha ha ha ha.

    i have hillary bumper stickers all over my stereo at home! right next to my fave bands stickers: guster, beastie boys, uzeda (a really cool italian band), and an album 88 (college radio in the ATL!) stickers.

    go hillary!!!

  74. thank you kaffeen. this is my dream home but my husband has had to have a back fusion and has 5 nerve root damaged to the spinal cord. we show horses and we are just in over our head with animal care and property care. i’ve had to shoulder a lot of responsibility that is hard for a 95 lb weaking lol.

    its heart wrenching to sell the horses but we have to do what we have to do. life deal hard cards sometime

  75. terrondt..yep, we’re all a bit nuts here at 44 as i sit amongst a collection of campaign paraphernalia. my prize is an autographed baseball.

  76. Me too. You should see my dorm room. I have 8 pics of me and Bill Clinton, all different, and I have my favorite thing, the letter I got from Hillary 🙂

  77. hawk, cool song. my fave RIGHT NOW is “sure shot”

    as in Hillary has a sure shot of winning S.C. yay!

  78. DemDem

    What a fabulous compilation!

    Went to MyDD and couldn’t find anything by Semour Glass.

    Did you pull that comment together? It would do so well as a separate posting somewhere, but am not in the know like pulch, BMerry, Admin and others, so will not presume to offer guidance. Hope they see this and will follow through.

  79. Hawk,

    I do go to Grinnell, although I’m from NYC. I’m also one of about four voices for Hillary here. It’s pretty sad, actually.

  80. llser trippi on fox. why the hell people think this moron is such a genious? he lost badly with dean now getting trashed with edwards.

  81. I have been to Grinnell once. Everything was closed. We were driving back from the JJ Dinner in Des Moines and were hungry at around 12 or 1 am. But anyways, enjoying the weather?? I am in Iowa City, not too far away.

  82. spy satellite creening towards earth..it has hazardous material aboard. it’s ours, lost power

    expect to hit feb or march .. dounds serious

  83. Hey guys, looking forward to the results. My gut is silent at the moment, the polls have been in all directions. But if Hillary is withing 10% I think it is great news!

    Can anyone help with a song title?? They often play it in the background at events where Hillary is campaigning, I think the lyrics goes something like: “Yes she can, change the world….. theres no one else…… yes she can, change the world…” etc. I love it, and of course it fits perfectly, so wondering if anyone know which song this is, who plays it and whats it called.

  84. Took a blog break and watched a little Food Network (Dinner Impossible) to clear the foggy brain. MessNBC was over the top — must have been smacked with the stupid stick.

    Anyhow, Craig Crawford’s email is
    CCrawford AT cq.com

  85. That is the best song! It is played at her events and it was written for NASA and the first trip into space after Columbia.

  86. gorto, under 10 points is doable. the obama camp is trying like crazy to discount the 12 point average lead in sc. the expectations game is in full swing.

  87. I don’t like the Police, but the song they play at her events, every little thing she does is magic, grew on me.

  88. ok, i’ve been waiting to talk about Big Head Todd and the Monsters.

    they are awesome!

    i saw them in concert in knoxville, tn once and they blew me away. had to change guitars multiple times b/c strings were popping left and right. also, the bass player has his mojo and seems to be one with the drummer, which kicks ass live. awesome sounds.

    i had a paper to write the day after and i had poison ivy and i STILL went to the concert. i highly recommend seeing them LIVE.

  89. hehe, hawk that’s a good thing to know, BUT do you happen to know what the song is called? 🙂 hehe

    agree with you regarding the Police, but as with all songs, if they fit the occasion all songs can suddenly seem good.

    Obama has notably been backpedaling with regards to expectations. telling people to ignore the polls, and come out to vote even if the polls show him with a big lead. I guess he is learning after what happened in NH, but still he and his campaign are bad at playing the expectations game.

  90. hawk, you can still buy the song from iTunes and then save it as an mp3 and put it on your pc or your player. i have a regular mp3-player too….dell though. iPods are cool, but they ARE damn expensive!

    all songs are usually $0.99.

  91. how about a paypal account? it’s easy to set up.

    ya know, i have always wanted to make a compilation cd of songs i think the campaign should use…..i can offer to send a copy to who ever wants it from this board? or would that be obviously illegal?

  92. hillfans, im gonna nap until 8pm. no new hardstuff until then i guess. later hillfans and GO HILLARY GO!!!

  93. Sherm…many of us feel the same way about this site. I’m plumping for it to be on the universal healthcare plan….for those of us with bad hearts, it’s better than nitroglycerin or valium.

    Just when you wonder if the planet is on a different trajectory than you…..and you don’t understand the English language….when facts become smears … and smears are facts… and criticisms are racist…and fighting for us is corrupt… and experience is bad …
    and sexism is everywhere … Hillaryis44 lets you know that you’re not crazy.

    BTW, I thought Romney’s ‘joke’ about Bill was smarmy and utterly false. I have heard nobody on air criticize it. In the 7 years since Bill has had “nothing to do” he has raised money for the tsunami, raised bilions for international problems, written a book about giving, worked on his own AIDS foundation, and helped with Katrina. Is there nobody who wants to point this out? I love it when Bill has “nothing to do”.

    When TV gets really bad, watch Tiger Woods play golf on CBS in a way nobody else is familiar with.

  94. freckles, if Romney is the nominee and Clinton is the nominee (hopefully) they will use that if Romney dares repeat such a statement. You don’t want Clinton to unleash anything right now to do with the rethugs. The Clintons have it all covered believe me.

  95. Caroline, I’m sure you’re right. I’m not so worried about them — it’s MY stomach that churns. And I don’t care so much about Romney — it’s about every single pundit/analyst/commentator/Obama stooge that just thought it was “the best line of the night”.

  96. I’m off to feed and walk the dog (a hill fan too 😉 ) then I’ll make myself a cup of coffee, then I’m all ready to go!!!!

  97. Hey everyone,go to drudgereport.”Surge in early balloting shifts Florida races” I am so excited to Vote for Hillary this tues. The article says she will fly in tomorrow.TN tonight how does she do it?I pray for her everday.Thanks to all of you for the super job you are doing.

  98. Early SC Exit Polls (AP)…

    Given three choices, half the voters said the economy was the most important issue facing the country _ up from 38 percent in the only other competitive Democratic primary to date, in New Hampshire on Jan. 8. About a quarter picked health care, comparable to New Hampshire. Only about one in five picked Iraq, down from 27 percent in New Hampshire.

  99. A wave of robocalls from the Hillary Clinton campaign hit South Carolina voters today, according to Time magazine’s The Page, which has transcribed the calls:

    Voice: Hello, This is the Hillary Clinton for President Campaign.

    Before you vote on Saturday, you should know that John Edwards voted for permanent trade relations with China. That’s right, John Edwards voted for the bill that cost thousands of jobs. Like the ones in the textile mills he talks about so much down here.

    You should also know that John Edwards made nearly a half a million dollars working for a Wall Street investment fund. A fund that’s been profiting on foreclosing on the homes of families; including 100 homes right here in South Carolina. That’s according to The State newspaper. Here in South Carolina, Edwards says he’s one of us, but up on Wall Street he was just another one of them.

    Can you trust John Edwards? This call is paid for by the Hillary Clinton for President Campaign.

  100. Mollyjrichards sends a big hooray to Craig Crawford. Hooray for callin’ out the bullshit.

    Yall it’s time to get on the media big time. This is obnoxious. I just canvassed for Hillary all mornin’ and I’m telling ya something: people like the Clintons. News flash, BO: we’d be far more united without you in the race, dude.

  101. Democratic voter turnout in South Carolina’s presidential primary is “very good” thus far, the chairwoman of the state Democratic Party said this afternoon.

    “I’m hearing that it’s very good,” Carol Fowler, chairwoman of the party, told GreenvilleOnline.com this afternoon. “Poll managers that you talk to say it’s much better than in previous primaries.”

  102. My roommate makes a joke where he sings “Bette Davis eyes” to the tune of “Candy Crowley eyes…” and he tells the story how George W. said Candy Crowley gave him a virus.. A great George W quote is when he said: “”What I’m not gonna miss, which is what we all, some of us went through in 2000, which was getting on an airplane and having…my friend Candy Crowley pass a virus around. I got a respiratory infection, so did half the press corps. They got off the plane; I didn’t get to get off the plane! It was tough.”

    CNN truly has the best of the best. I mean, we just had Rudy and now Mike Huckabee is on talking about….??

  103. I think certain demographics of Obama supporters are going to be a bit lulled by the consensus that Obama has already won SC (even days in advance of this thing). I would expect Hill’s supporters to be a little older, and wiser.

  104. lol @ mj.. mj I read a lot.. but then I dont store the links :).. oh btw, be prepared for surprise.. there is chance of Hillary actually pulling off a victory if she does as good as she did in rural america in other states.. it looks like 14% independents and rethugs who didnt vote in repub primary, majority of them might vote in dem, and despite conventional wisdom and media hype, we all know except in IW, indies have heavily favoured Hillary, especially in rural areas..

  105. I think it was a good call on the robo message. Alot of support is fluid among Edwards supporters and Hill can win those. I am positive the call was targeted to certain people/demographics.

  106. gladiatorstail, it’s helpful to know what you are talking about if you let us know where you learned something. In NV, Obama won alot of rural areas, right? There may be repubs going out to stop Hill, so we really won’t know unti the votes are in.

  107. The deadline for primary registration was over a month ago. All voters must present ID at polling locations. And no, voters in the Republican primary cannot vote today, for the same rolls will be used to verify voters’ identities.

  108. Has this been posted? An update on SC voter turnout–this was posted on DU:

    From NBC’s Terry Pickard
    An update from South Carolina’s Elections Commission:

    Turnout is heavier than last Saturday’s GOP primary.

    Reports from various counties:
    Marlboro County — heavy
    Dorchester County — slightly heavier than last weekend
    Charleston County — much heavier in some precincts
    Williamsburg County — average
    Edgefield County — very busy
    Cherokee County — greater turnout than last week
    Hampton County — turnout is much higher than last week
    Darlington County — fairly good

    Marlboro County: 44% White, 51% Black.
    Dorchester County: 71% White, 25% Black
    Charleston County: 62% White, 34% Black
    Williamsburg County: 33% White, 66% Black
    Edgefield County: 57% White, 42% Black
    Cherokee County: 78% White, 21% Black
    Hampton County: 43% White, 57% Black
    Darlington County: 57% White, 42% Black

  109. Most voters I contacted will cast their votes for Hillary, and my reception while standing on my rightful place, the street corner, was welcoming and supportive. But I volunteered in York County, the high country, a notoriously conservative portion of SC.

  110. I hate to say this, but SC is going down racial lines. I don’t like it anymore than the other person, but I’m a realist about this and it is obviously evident. Those numbers about turnout, if they hold true, would probably be welcome to Hillary’s campaign.

  111. the office was bustling with volunteers, and the GOTV operation was extensive. elderly voters will receive transportation; workers are staffing offices in the smaller counties; visibility activities were fielded on major intersections in the region; and Hillary’s signs are ubiquitous.

  112. I am so furious with Shields and Brooks from the NewsHour! Brooks said “I just think what the Clintons have said has been shameless and absurd. The idea that Barack Obama was supporting Ronald Reagan’s policies is just a lie…”

    WOW! I saw the interview and read the transcript — Barack sure fooled me into thinking that very same thing!

    Shields: “I mean, the most baseless charge that Bill Clinton has made this past week-and-a-half, two weeks is that Barack Obama injected the issue of race into this campaign.”
    WOW AGAIN! So saying that it took a President to turn MLK’s dream into reality was playing the race card. Geez. was playing the race card!


  113. And Bill never said Barack was supporting Reagan’s policies — they sure know how to twist words.

  114. BM.. this nuclear plantstuff worries me if its true.. I mean rezko the slum lord was fine.. but if he got help from Obama to mess around in Iraq, then thats wrong at SOOOOOOOOOOO many levels.. I am still looking around for other articles.. or is it coming out of rethug oppo research?

  115. and those who acknowledged me while i was manning the street corner were largely african-american. in fact, two african-american women stopped their cars and asked me why they should vote for hillary. i offered my explanation, and i believe i convinced them to support our candidate. and by the way, many SC voters still remain undecided.

  116. Re: Hillary’s new theme song:

    “Blue Sky” is featured on Big Head Todd’s new album “All The Love You Need”.

    You can hear it by downloading the album for free here:



    The lyrics:

    Blue Sky
    We’ve waited long – for this day to come
    For all the midnight lights we’ve burnt into the morning sun
    I can’t wait to see your sweet mysteries
    The stars, the sun, the universe, the galaxies
    Fly home on your silver wings
    With a new song for the world to sing
    Light this candle, make it right

    Yes you can change the world
    True love discovers. She stands, and she won’t back down
    Oh yes you can change the world
    There is no other one just
    See if you can find blue sky
    Gonna chase the dream, gonna set it free
    Gonna make it real, gonna make it shine, gonna keep it grooving on

    One small stepping stone
    Baby we’re not alone
    Gonna take you further, higher, faster then your out a sight
    You’ve got my flame in your fire
    You’ve got my twinkle in your eye,
    Reaching for the distant light

    Yes you can change the world
    True love discovers. She stands, and she won’t back down
    Oh yes you can change the world
    There is no other one just
    See if you can find blue sky
    Don’t Change to late, hey, yeah yeah
    Or Fade away, hey , yeah yeah,
    My stars won’t wait
    Oh yes you can change the world
    True love discovers. When she stands and she wont back down.
    There is no other one
    Believe and you will find blue sky




    Big Head Todd jumps on Clinton’s bandwagon

    By: Susan Greene, The Denver Post

    DENVER – Never known as a political rock band, Big Head Todd and the Monsters have jumped on the Hillary Clinton bandwagon, hoping that their song, “Blue Sky” becomes an anthem for her presidential campaign.

    The group tries to keep political issues out of its music because, as guitarist and vocalist Todd Park Mohr tells it, “politics is very polarizing.”

    But because band members “are all Democratic folks leaning left of the dial” who are “excited about the prospect of Hillary being president,” they agreed when Clinton’s campaign asked them to perform at her whistle stop on Denver’s Auraria campus.

    As Mohr tells it, Tuesday’s rally marked the first big political gig for the Colorado-based group. He said he hopes for a “longer relationship” with the U.S. Senator from New York, envisioning the group’s song “Blue Sky” as a possible campaign theme.

    “It’s a very optimistic song about how you can change the world. We think it would work for her,” he said.

    Mohr, 42, told The Post that he long has followed politics and actively votes near his home in Steamboat Springs.

    Routt County’s recording supervisor Tina Fry said Tuesday that her records show “we don’t have him as an active registered voter.” Mohr later told The Post, “Actually, I haven’t voted in a while there. But I’m gonna change that now.”

  117. Exit poll information:

    Interviews with voters as they left their polling places indicated about half the electorate was black.

    Half the voters said the economy was the most important issue in the race. About one quarter picked health care. And only one in five said it was the war in Iraq, underscoring the extent to which the once-dominant issue has faded in the face of financial concerns.

    Roughly half the voters said former President Clinton’s campaigning for his wife was very important to their choice.

    The exit poll was conducted by Edison Media Research and Mitofsky International for The Associated Press and the networks.

    ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5gOW83yaVQ5F284fIP5pDfXWvJGDgD8UDR5600 (put http in front)

  118. Results without insults can also be found live on c-span tonight after polls close, as well as on NPR.com, according to Saturday’s All Things Considered on NPR.

  119. york county is the county to monitor this evening.

    population 199,035

    and the rock hill herald, the largest newspaper in the region, had favorable articles on hillary and chelsea on their front pages. the local us representative, john spratt, introduced hillary at her rally in rock hill last night. although he did not officially endorse her, his words were encouraging. I quote: “Senator Clinton, you can go back and tell Bill that you drew a bigger crowd than he did.”

  120. Remember that Carol Fowler, the one who talked about SC turnout, is the same person who gave BO “permission” to run ads in Florida.


    I just heard we have one of those pesky caucuses here too! There is a ‘surrogate affidavit’ that some people can file instead of attending, but it has to reach the right office by FEB 1 !!!!

    The caucus itself is Feb 9, but helping get those surrogate affidavit forms to eligible people (disabled etc) and then in to the office on time might be important.

    I’m trying to locate some experienced WA state people and find out more about this.

    1950democrat -at- gmail.com

  122. Hillary’s quote of the evening from the Rock Hill rally:

    “Some of the stuff that’s happened in the last seven years, you can’t make up,” she said during a critique of George Bush. “When the vice president shot somebody in the fact, I thought that was the end.”

  123. Hillary’s quote of the evening from the Rock Hill rally:

    “Some of the stuff that’s happened in the last seven years, you can’t make up,” she said during a critique of George Bush. “When the vice president shot somebody in the face, I thought that was the end.”

    This was printed in today’s edition of the Rock Hill Herald.

  124. I just thanked Craig Crawford. I’;ve always wondered myself why saying Obama’s anti-war record is a ‘fairytale’ is racist, or why mentioning OB’s teen drug use (which neither Clinton has done) is racist, since white kids do just as much or more. It’s like ANY criticism of OB is considered racist!

  125. Clinton offers her assessment of SC to a Rock Hill Herald reporter.

    “We’re in a very close contest,” she said. “Obviously, each of us bring strengths to this campaign….I have no idea what’s going to happen.”

  126. Pulchritude, we all appreciate your reports from South Carolina. Now Hawk and Emjay and Freckles (etc.) can appreciate how much we all appreciated their reports from the earlier voting states. As we go from state to state to state it appears we will have eyewitness reports from all the states.

  127. Clinton Chosen as Nominee in Country’s Most Accurate Mock Convention

    LEXINGTON, Va. — After gathering information from polls, blogs and interviews with experts, students at Washington and Lee are giving the nod to Hillary Rodham Clinton in the country’s most accurate mock convention.

    The Virginia liberal arts school’s contest has proven correct all but five times in the last 100 years. The school has only missed the mark once since 1948.

    Clinton won more than 2,100 fake delegates, 92 more than she needed to secure the nomination thanks to her home state, New York. Rival Barack Obama won over about 1,600 delegates while John Edwards trailed with 288.

    Former President Clinton called to thank the students for their support and encouraged them to stay in politics.

    The choice for vice president was former Congressman Harold Ford Junior of Tennessee

  128. I have an email question in the thinking-drawer for this Wednesday’s NewsHour on-line forum starring Brooks and Shields…if you want to contribute a question or comment, go to pbs.org…NewsHour Forum. it’ a live online thing.

    Have never done it before, but I’m so mad at Mark, I’m going to let him have it!

    Prairie Home Companion a hoot already…going to stock up on ketsup and a stiff bourbon and get a reality check b4 polls close.

  129. Was that quote from Hillary from today, pulchritude? And I hope you’re right about the silent vote. It sure was evident in NH.

  130. well hell, there’s that story of Rezko’s friend in Iraq and then there’s somethin’ about obamer and a movie. Yall aren’t pullin’ on Molly’s leg are ya?

  131. paula,

    i culled the quote from the front page article of today’s edition of the rock hill herald, the newspaper of the largest city in northwestern sc.

  132. I LOVE Craig Crawford! He has now joined Paul Krugman in the ranks of men whom I think are adorable and will likely wrap my arms around if I ever meet them in person.

    Hey, Craig, we Liberal women already talk about how we think Paul is sort of sexy in his nerdy way. He has kind of a fan club. You may get added to the list, because smart, enlightened men who don’t freak out over strong women are HAWT in my book. 😉

  133. gladiatorstail, As long as most of them saw Bill’s campaigning as a positive, lol.

    Also, I wonder if the economy being the biggest issue by far, according to exit polling, helps Hillary. What do you guys think?

  134. I don’t know, Paula. I posted the results from that public policy poll last night, and the dolts who responded to that poll, gave Obama a huge lead on the economy, which frankly is unbelievable.

  135. a big ole mollyj hooray for pulchritude (hope i spelt that rite). Thank you for helping our girl today…Hooray.

  136. by the way, husbands answered telephones today, not wives. and according to the husbands, their wives were “at their sister’s house today.” remember that republicans voted last week.

  137. Maybe somebody will nudge me any minute and say, you know BO …. well he’s just a made up reality tv show that oprehs producin’

  138. oprah started both the sexist and racist issue.

    then the media – helped by dowd, huffington, sully and the majority of the press took it from there.

  139. CNN exit polls:

    Blacks most important issue: economy 53% , health care, iraq Whites similar numbers–same order

  140. party identification split along gender lines, and women created excuses in order to vote in the democratic primary.

  141. Nest time some media person asks Bill about his injecting racism, he should say, “specifically, what did I say that was racist and why?”

  142. hence the husbands who claimed multiple times that their wives were “at their sister’s house” today.

  143. molly,

    republicans voted last week, and women did not want their husbands to know how they voted. this explanation was cited multiple times today, and sc is one of the few states to have staggered primaries.

  144. Look folks, I agree that the economy being deemed most important, however if african americans have already decided on Obama they are likely to see him as best qualified on the issue, as well.

  145. caroline,

    yes, because their republican husbands voted last week. they needed a pretext in order to keep their votes confidential.

  146. Don’t you just love it? CNN does “extensive” exit polling and says overwhelmingly that the economy is the number one concern, then Bernstein says it is character. Will somebody please fire this idiot?

  147. molly,

    I saw a clip of a speech Obama gave today or last night and he was quoting the movie without saying he was talking in code to the audience as the press likes to say about Bill. Playing the race card!!!

  148. Some exit poll nuggets found on the web…

    Nearly six in 10 of those voting said former President Clinton’s campaigning in the state was an important factor for them, including a quarter who called it very important.

  149. dem dem AT 2:30 is their more malcolm x in obama’s speeches? or spike lee?

    john king is also saying … repeating the party line that obama’s people said Clinton played the race card/ at least he’s sayin “the obama people” and not just repeatin’ it like it’s fact

  150. to get people who have always loved the Clinton (for very damn good reasons) to doubt them and think he’s (obama) gods gift

  151. yes, and they claim bill is enacting a southern strategy. a cnn anchor used this term during the last segment.

  152. And Obama is not making this about race? Look at this excerpt from the AP…

    The Obama campaign has long argued that South Carolina would be his best state among the early voting states, figuring that interest in putting the first black president in office would attract many of the black voters who make up half of the state’s Democratic primary electorate.

    Obama sent a large staff to the state early, when polls showed him trailing far behind Hillary Rodham Clinton, and their focus was on building support in churches, beauty salons, barber shops and neighborhoods where black voters spend their time.

  153. Is that 6/10 stat a good thing or a bad thing?
    Did they people who claimed that Bill had an effect say if it was a negative or positive effect?

  154. As an AA, I am really offended by Obama’s tactics. He is the one that is dividing groups. I don’t need this sh**. All I care about is who is better suited to fix the crappy economy that we have and the answer is Hillary.

  155. OandrewD…..that remains to be seen if it is positive or negative. Considering that 70% of dems hold a favorable view of Bill, I’m going to believe it is positive until proven otherwise.

  156. So next time I tell you Carl Bernstein is going to be on live for a full hour on Iowa Public Radio, welcoming call-in questions, you’ll join me?

    He was supposed to be on this past Tues, but had to cancel because of layngitus…it’s being rescheduled.

    Shape your questions/comments now…by the way the screeners only want your name and the gist of your question, and you don’t get bumped if you are not asking what the guest wants on this Univ of Iowa show…streamed to the world.

    I’ll give a radio alert next time he is scheduled. The reason he’s on so much is cause his Hillary hit-book is not doing well in stores, so he’s on his 2nd round of shilling to get some sales…no appearence fees, so lots of shows take the free “pundit.”

  157. You go Caroline. He’s as phoney as a 3 dollar bill. He’s a repug. A wolf in sheeps clothin, and evidently a plagerist on top of all that

  158. This from ABC exit polls..

    Two groups that have been heavily courted in the run-up to today’s South Carolina Democratic primary — women and African-Americans — are turning out in large numbers today.

    Preliminary exit poll results indicate that just over half are blacks this year; if that holds in final data later tonight, it would be the highest turnout among African-Americans in any Democratic presidential primary at least since 1984.

    Turnout among women is high as well — they account for six in 10 voters, similar to their 57 percent share in 2004 and higher than their 52 percent in the 1992 exit poll. (There were no South Carolina Democratic primaries in 1996 or 2000.)

  159. CNN Exit polls:

    Who is responsible for the race being injected in the campaign? Hillary 21% Obama 6% Both of them 50% Neither of them 21%

  160. somethin’ interestin’ about the GOTV effort in SC: from CNN: those gettin out for BO in one area were evidently “not affiliated with the campaign officiallly.”

  161. Kudos to Craig Crawford who single handedly cleaned up the clocks of the despicable MSNBC personalities. He defended Bill vigorously like a pro unlike the hack turds of MSNBC. He cited the following factors responsible for race becoming an issue:

    1) Oprah and BO’s joint visit to SC.
    2) Democratic party moveing up the date to highlight the AA participation.
    3) The media characters of MSNBC who brought up Bradley effect. We all know it was Tweety that brought that up first.
    4) Repeated reference by the media to race issues.

    He said it was very unfair for the hack from Boston to blame Bill Clinton. You know whom I am talking about.

  162. We posted a new article to discuss the South Carolina results. We also posted some links.

    The exit polls are making fools of Big Media.

  163. I’m going to go see a movie tonight (There Will Be Blood). I’ll be in the movie while the count comes in. I kind of live for this stuff, but my significant other couldn’t be less intrigued. I’m going to bring my phone in with me, I’ll be the little blue light in the middle row watching the numbers roll in (lol). I’ll check in later tonight here.

  164. mj, That’s just 1 in 5 voters. Considering all the garbage spewed by the media, that’s pretty good, frankly.

  165. LJ Says:

    January 26th, 2008 at 5:24 pm
    Is anyone else a little bit creeped out by Candy Crowley?

    LJ – did you ever see stephen kings movie “misery” with kathy bates?

  166. I was just looking at the cnn website. How is it possible that BO has 2 more delegates than Hill?

  167. Emmy – It’s true, he had 1 more in iowa, and 1 more in Nevada (as he won more districts).

    However, on super-delegates, Hillary is around 100+ ahead.

  168. Woops, re Obama quoting Malcom X film codewords, it’s posted right in this comment string! Search for:

    “You’ve Been Bamboozled!”; Obama, Spike Lee, Malcolm X , Bill Clinton and the Press Corps
    by Seymour Glass

  169. alcina, yes I have….Great comparison!!!

    rickya, I was the one who finds her creepy. I think she looks so sad all the time…and what is she wearing? She looks like Malificent from Sleeping Beauty tonight.

    I was also laughing at George Bush when asked about what he’ll miss about campaigning…

    “What I’m not gonna miss, which is what we all, some of us went through in 2000, which was getting on an airplane and having…my friend Candy Crowley pass a virus around. I got a respiratory infection, so did half the press corps. They got off the plane; I didn’t get to get off the plane! It was tough. I said my friend, I’m not dissen Candy!”

    I just loved that he said dissen. It made my life!

  170. Also,

    Who is responsible for the race being injected in the campaign? Hillary 21% Obama 6% Both of them 50% Neither of them 21%

    I thought the question was who do you think was responsible for the fighting at the debate, not race injection…?

  171. I like Candy Crowley. She is an intelligent hard working woman who doesn’t fit the stereotype of blond fake boob women you see as pretend news reporters.

    We would do well to have her on our side.

  172. Fox News exsit polling

    AA-BO 81%
    HC 17%
    JE 1%

    AA women BO 86%
    HC 17%
    JE 0%

    White Vote JE 39%
    HC 36%

    Edwards heavier with white men
    Clinton heavier with white women

  173. “21% think HIllary injected race” … most think “Both did” or “Neither did.”

    That’s great! If I were a gambler, I’d bet money on Obama getting around 21% of the vote!

    Either that, or there were a lot of Obama supporters who didn’t take that bit of koolaid.

  174. Caroline Kennedy just endorsed Barack Obama in the NYT. UGH. Whatever, she has her last name but she has done very little that is worthwhile in politics.

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