Hillary Clinton Versus The Kooks

James Carville and Paul Begala are out at CNN. Carville and Begala are Hillary supporters. Hillary supporters on Big Media broadcasts will not be tolerated.

Carville and Begala have been targeted for a long time by the denizens of Kookville and other assorted Hillary Hating Naderites and PINOs. The Kooks whined that Carville and Begala did not disclose their love of Hillary and their support of Hillary. Fine. We love and are all for full disclosure. Point taken. CNN however has now gotten rid of the Hillary supporting duo. Disclosure is not the issue now, CNN has simply removed them.

A while back, the New York Times devoted its busy pages to push the unrelenting attack against those naughty boys – C & B. The New York Times even quoted the Head Kook:

“Would it kill CNN to disclose that James Carville is a partisan Clinton supporter when talking about the presidential race?” wrote Daily Kos. “Would it kill James Carville to disclose that he is a partisan Clinton supporter when on the air talking about the presidential race? Apparently so.”

Of course the Head Kook himself has been hired by Newsweek magazine to represent Democrats. Problem is, the Head Kook is not a Democrat. Newsweek hired a dyed in the wool Republican to represent Republican views on its pages – Karl Rove. Democrats get the Head Kook. The Head Kook loves attacking Democrats while pretending to support Democrats. But the Head Kook is a self-interested “libertarian” or somesuch. And — the Head Kook has endorsed Obama. Does the Head Kook disclose that? The Head Kook has trashed Hillary (recall the great “waitress tips” witch hunt) on his orange sulfur, waste enhancement plant, which we lovingly and accurately call DailyKooks.

Newsweek should follow the CNN model and remove the Head Kook as a Democratic spokesman.. Newsweek should get a real Democrat to represent real Democrats.

* * *

Meanwhile, the NBC head kook and head Hillary Hater (yes, Tim Russert) moderated the Republican debate last night. “Moderated” is the right word. Russert was sweetness and light with the Republicans. The only bile from the plump Russert was – surprise – a question to Mitt Romney about “the Clintons”. Russert was worried about how Romney would beat up and defeat his arch enemies – the Clintons. Apparently all the Kooks nationwide are worried that the Clintons will win the White House again – a job left undone in 2000 and 2004 when there were no Clintons running for president.

Russert wasn’t done going after the Clintons after the debate though. Today on the Today show Russert’s NBC showed a photo of Obama’s slumlord friend Rezko – taken with – (surprise) the Clintons. The photo was “received” by NBC from an undisclosed source, undated. The photo also appeared on Drudge (surprise).

The photo is one of those “assembly line” photo opportunities taken at who knows what event. But where oh where would such a photo come from? Who, oH who would have that photo? Who? Anyone? Let’s see… the photo was taken at some undisclosed event (NBC needs to come clean on this and disclose their source). The only people with a copy of that photo would be the event organizers, the Clintons, and of course the third person in the picture. Now who would have that photo within easy reach – like on their desk or mantle? Who would display a picture with the President and First Lady? Who? Who is an Obama friend, with a copy of a photo of himself and Bill and Hillary Clinton?

The only source that appears to have access to a photo which benefits Obama would be a friend of 17 years – a slumlord – an indicted slumlord – dare we say that name? Yes, you guessed it – it’s REZKO.

The Hillary campaign got the truth out on the photo:

Tony Rezko has never contributed a dime to Hillary or Bill Clinton. They have no relationship with Tony Rezko.

Tony Rezko has been described as Sen. Obama’s “political patron” and friend of 17 years.

Tony Rezko and his associates have directly donated over $200,000 to Sen. Obama, and bundled more, but Sen. Obama has only returned $85,000. Sen. Obama’s name recently appeared in court documents because it was revealed some money Rezko raised was funneled through at least one straw donor or stolen from the government.

Sen. Obama wrote letters to city and state officials that helped secure $14 million for Rezko in taxpayer money.

Sen. Obama helped Rezko impress potential investors by appearing at his business meetings.

Most famously, Sen. Obama and Rezko were involved in a controversial real estate transaction.

Obama/Michelle/Drudge/Russert and assorted Kooks think we somehow will shy away from REZKO because of this photo. Hardly. We want NBC to come clean. Obama has to come clean. We rejoice at the release of this photo. We want the REZKO issue aired as much as possible. The big story today is that the Obama – REZKO friendship continues even though the slumlord friend of 17 years is under indictement. REZKO once again is trying to come to Obama’s rescue.

* * *

Russert, the Head Kook, Kerry, Klein and others who do not know how to fight, nor how to win elections, or who simply Hate the Clintons have been demanding that Bill Clinton stop campaigning for Hillary. The arguments bring tears of laughter to seeing eyes. These “get rid of Bill” Kooks worry about Bill Clinton’s reputation – really that is what they say – no joke. They worry about how Bill is not being a “statesman”, diminishing his greatness. Ha! “Bill is too tough” they say. “The tone is too rough” they worry. Really, who are they kidding. Where were these louts when Obama slipped anonymous lie filled memos attacking the Clintons personally?

So we raise a salute to the Hillary Team for keeping the wonderful Bill Clinton in the campaign. Let Bill Clinton make the case for Hillary. Al Gore listened to the Donna Brazile’s and the Russerts and other know-nothings and kept Bill Clinton out of the 2000 campaign. Al Gore was not inaugurated.

Once again, we salute the great Hillary Team.

* * *

The next few weeks the Hillary Team will be tested.

With over 20 states voting on February 5 it will be the entire Hillary Team, the entire Hillary organization that will be carrying the battle. Hillary will not be able to make repeat appearances every day in more than 20 states. Now the Hillary Team will make the difference.

The previous contests in Iowa, New Hampshire, Michigan, Nevada were one state contests. South Carolina too is a one state contest. Obama and Edwards were able to go toe to toe with Hillary in those states. But after Florida, the contest is nationwide in more than 20 states. Edwards does not have an organization worth speaking of. Obama has an untested organization. Will Obama be able to compete, will the Obama organization be able to compete in more than 20 states, with competing messages, competing budgets? We know the Hillary Team will do us proud. The Hillary Team did not wilt, but rather triumphed, in New Hampshire. Thank you Hillary Team.

* * *

Before the February 5 contests, South Carolina and Florida vote. South Carolina votes on Saturday. In 1988 Jesse Jackson, a real progressive, won 64% of the vote in South Carolina. Anything less for Obama and Obama will be humiliated.

As to Florida, we long ago felt that all candidates should demand that Michigan and Florida be respected. We urge all candidates to demand that the voters in the crucial states of Florida and Michigan not be disenfranchised. Today, Hillary has come out for full representation rights. Hillary demands that Florida and Michigan voters be respected and that their votes be counted – not just counted but respected.

“I hear all the time from people in Florida and Michigan that they want their voices heard in selecting the Democratic nominee.

“I believe our nominee will need the enthusiastic support of Democrats in these states to win the general election, and so I will ask my Democratic convention delegates to support seating the delegations from Florida and Michigan. I know not all of my delegates will do so and I fully respect that decision. But I hope to be President of all 50 states and U.S. territories, and that we have all 50 states represented and counted at the Democratic convention.

“I hope my fellow potential nominees will join me in this.

“I will of course be following the no-campaigning pledge that I signed, and expect others will as well.”

When will Obama and Edwards follow Hillary’s lead? When will Obama demand that Florida have a voice in the Democratic convention?

Obama and Edwards must be pressed on this issue before Florida votes early next week.

Thank you Hillary Clinton and the Hillary Team.


543 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Versus The Kooks

  1. I agree. I hope people begin questioning them on Florida and Michigan’s delegates. And when she crushes obama in Florida, we will see the beginning of the end of the obama bulls**t express. I can’t wait. I will be very very jovial, especially here in Iowa, where apparently people had a lack of judgement in the worst sense.

  2. Kos is definitely a kook and so are his minions…..lemmings who will jump off a cliff, if Kos said to….and they call themselves progressives? Oh please! Anyone who is the mirror image of Karl Rove is a die hard kook…..just the other side of the coin…..of fanasty land thinking.

  3. Dear Admin.,
    A thorough examination of Big Media’s promotion of the Clintons’ “injecting race” into the campaign would be appreciated. As far as this reader can tell this angle is completely predicated upon an analysis that Sen. Clinton provided re.: “It took a president to get it done” when lauding Dr. King. Although, perhaps, inopportune and clumsy (not my opinion) her point was inarguable from a political science perspective. It is also patently ridiculous to construe those remarks as in any way “engaging in the politics of race” as recent media coverage would have us believe.

  4. rogerwilliams: the “race” meme did not start with that statement from hillary.
    michelle obama has always been disparaging about hillary, talking about barack being black yet trnascendent; barack’s candidacy plays on his being black (BLACK MY ASS, he was raised by his white family) and then hillary won new hampshire – which was supposed to be barack’s coronation. that was when the issue of “racism” of the people of new hampshire was blamed for his loss. hillary made that statement, yes, but she was stating a historical fact that rhetoric can only go so far. and anybody with their head above their shoulders have proven her right.

  5. and don’t forget the kooks screaming racism a long time ago. in fact, people at dkos were saying clinton was a part of the KKK. no kidding. that was going on in early november…..before the clintons decided to confront the wildly false accusations.

  6. A new McClatchy/MSNBC poll holds warning signs for Obama. He leads Hillary Rodham Clinton in South Carolina, but his support among white Democrats fell in one week from 20 percent to a mere 10 percent after race became more of an issue in the campaign.


    The Harvard Law School graduate (Obama) sometimes playfully breaks into vernacular, which seems to amuse him and his audiences greatly.

    “I need you to grab Cousin Pookie to vote,” he told a crowd in Kingstree on Thursday. “I need you to get Ray-Ray to vote.”

    A new McClatchy/MSNBC poll holds warning signs for Obama. He leads Hillary Rodham Clinton in South Carolina, but his sup\port among white Democrats fell in one week from 20 percent to a mere 10 percent after race became more of an issue in the campaign.
    # Caroline Says:
    January 25th, 2008 at 3:16 pm

    There goes Zogby again with his worthless deep analysis again. I will be happy if he were right but Zogby is way at the bottom of barrell in polling.

    I will be happy if the race ended up being tight. I will be estatic if there was an upset. You never know.
    # kaffeen Says:
    January 25th, 2008 at 3:22 pm

    The Harvard Law School graduate (Obama) sometimes playfully breaks into vernacular, which seems to amuse him and his audiences greatly.

    “I need you to grab Cousin Pookie to vote,” he told a crowd in Kingstree on Thursday. “I need you to get Ray-Ray to vote.”

    At a similar rally in Dillon, Obama said Hillary Clinton was ducking the need to shore up Social Security. “There are some things that aren’t right,” he said, “and some things that just ain’t right. And that ain’t right!”
    ow degrading, I find it hard to believe that some people find this amusing and somehow working to his advantage. And it is the Clinton’s who are pushing him into a “black candidate”…..please…..he is pretty much declaring this on his own.

    At a similar rally in Dillon, Obama said Hillary Clinton was ducking the need to shore up Social Security. “There are some things that aren’t right,” he said, “and some things that just ain’t right. And that ain’t right!


    How degrading, I find it hard to believe that some people find this amusing and somehow working to his advantage. And it is the Clinton’s who are pushing him into a “black candidate”…..please…..he is pretty much declaring this on his own.

  7. The dismissal of Carville and Begala Stinks!!! I think the obama camp twisted some arms here. Jeeeze. the msm is virtually a 24/7 hillary and clinton-hating machine. I think this so biased. Allthey have to do is say they support her.

  8. Cousin Pooky? Ray-Ray? Ain’t……and all from the mouth of a Harvard Graduate? I sure hope that those who he directs this at see if for what it is. Degrading and completely condescending.

  9. He is going to pale in comparison to Jesse Jackson’s numbers no doubt. His comments in the “vernacular” sound a bit stereotypical themselves.

  10. Announced on some radio station 45 minutes ago: Obama has lost 8% in the white women category. Apparently that was in reference to some poll reported today. They did not name it, so it may be one of those already reported here. I like it regardless.

  11. I’ve been seeing this more and more and have commented so several times. There are portions of his campaign in SC that are very disturbing and degrades, panders, and condescends the southern blacks. Can anyone imagine if Hillary had said any of these things? Or what about a white man? Or, what about a mixed race man?

  12. If there is any Hillary campaign person who reads this, or anyone who has direct campaign contacts, just have your newspapers in SC print “Cousin Pookie” headlines.

  13. But he is up 20% in another poll. I fear sc may be like Iowa, too sexist for Hill. i don’t think that would be true if she could rely on the african american vote. But, since she can not, I do fear that alot of potential hill voters, whill go Edwards.

  14. Yeah, and when the media and obama were chastising Hillary for pretending to have a southern accent, which from experience can tell you that it does happen in southern surroundings (I am an Iowan that vacations in Arkansas), He did it too, and still does. He is anything but southern, at least Hillary lived there for a major portion of her life. B.O. lived in Hawaii, Indonesia, and Illinois. Pleeeasse. He is very condescending towards African Americans.

  15. If you look at his SC speech during his earlier visits at the end of October and in December you’ll see that he has done the same thing before — lapsing, dare I say, into “ghettospeak”. I wrote about this before — he’s not fooling anyone, especially the locals. It may sound cute but when folks think it over afterwards you can be sure that many are smart enough to see it for what it was — pandering.

  16. Guys, they must have tested the cousin pookie stuff. It’s a shame anyone would fall for that because Obama wasn’t raised anywhere near the south, nor with any cousin’s named “Pookie”.

  17. # TheRealist Says:
    January 25th, 2008 at 3:54 pm

    Plouffe flails in all directions while his candidate’s chances go, “POOF”!

    “No one is more disappointed that Florida Democrats will have no role in selecting delegates for the nomination of the party’s standard bearer than Senator Obama,” said Obama campaign manager David Plouffe.

    “When Senator Clinton was campaigning in Iowa and New Hampshire, she made it clear that states like Michigan and Florida that wouldn’t produce any delegates, ‘don’t count for anything.’ Now that Senator Clinton’s worried about losing the first Southern primary, she’s using Florida for her own political gain by trying to assign meaning to a contest that awards zero delegates and where no campaigning has occurred. Senator Clinton’s own campaign has repeatedly said that this is a ‘contest for delegates’, and Florida is a contest that offers zero.

    Whether it is Barack Obama’s record, her position on Social Security, or even the meaning of the Florida Primary, it seems like Hillary Clinton will do or say anything to win an election. When he is the nominee, Barack Obama will campaign vigorously in Florida and Michigan to put them in the Democratic column in 2008.”

    He forgot to add that he’s been running ads there for over a week…lol


  18. Do you think that the black voters really want someone, especially a mixed-race person such as Obama, who would even say “Cousin Pookie”? How disgusting.

  19. Wow, does anyone realize how damaging “Cousin Pookie” really is? If I had a contact in the campaign, I’d grab some of that speech, slap it on YouTube and feed the media.

  20. He’ll win South Carolina anyhow because he lied and smeared and when HRC and Bill defended themselves, the media puts it all on the Clintons. It’s sick. I sincerely hope for a miracle whereby the African Americans in South Carolina wake up and see how this man really operates and how condescending, snobby and debased he really is, but it won’t happen. We will have to battle Edwards in his homestate for 2nd place. I am ready for Florida.

  21. kaffeen, we all follow this very closely. Alot of people who support any of the candidates won’t know much about their upbringing except what they learn at campaign events.

  22. These polls are giving me a head ach, does anyone have an idea wich poll might have the correct numbers?? This is starting to look like NH. The NH. polls were all over the board, and we all know what happen in NH. Please give me your thoughts.

  23. Mocking a Clinton answer that, he said, smacked of Beltway-speak a moment later, he said, “In Washington, that’s how they do.” That got a big laugh, and he said it again with a grin. “That’s how they do!”

  24. kaffeen, it IS degrading. But not only that, it is laughable and not believable in the slightest.

    African American culture is not monolithic, and I can tell you for a fact that the culture and cadences of the SC community is NOTHING like what he is doing. Good Lord, I could do better than that, and I am white! But I also grew up one of three poor white trash children of a single mother in SC, and in that setting I lived more close to the AA community there, and know their speech and their problems better than some slick grew-up-in-private-schools suit from Chicago ever will. We were all trying to work and put food on the table together – we had no time for politicians from not around here.

    In the coastal lowcountry where I last lived, the cadences were beautiful and lilting, with a bit of Barbados in them. There still exists a unique language there, Gullah (often called Geechi by locals), that is a blend of an African dialect spoken in Sierra Leone, English, French, and the West Indies. Even for those who do not speak it, the tones and syntax creep over.

    Obama’s speeches are, IMO, an insult to the unique and culturally significant dialects of the SC Black community, lumping them into “generic black folk” in how he addresses them.

    Just my two cents.

  25. JAS, all I can tell you is that I am feeling good about SC. Don’t ask me why. There is what I call “The Hidden Hillary Vote.” I am not expecting her to win but there is something called a miracle.

  26. Daily Howler takes on Josh Marshall. Josh Marshall is an Obama shill who pretends he is impartial. Here’s the Howler:


    A bit of background: Our opinion of Josh has dropped and dropped over the past several years. In our view, he was out there in the summer of 2002, saying things he knew were untrue, and he has refused to tell you, over the years, about the real shape of your politics. (Today’s post in an example.) With growing surprise, we’ve watched him turn himself into the Inconsequential Republican Blow-Job Police, presumably as a way to throw bones to his readers, whom he apparently takes to be dimwits. (If we may borrow from the Steinbeck: Whenever an inconsequential state senator gives someone a blow job, Josh will be there.) A few months ago, we reviewed his work from 1999 and 2000, and we were truly stunned by its brilliance—stunned because we’d grown accustomed to the dumbed-down version of Josh we’d been reading over the past several years.

    We can’t tell you why Josh has played this game, but his persistent failure to lead has been deep and consequential. But then, Josh has hardly been alone in this gut-bucket conduct. A very long line of housebroken “good liberals” have kept their delicate traps tightly shut about the mainstream press corps’ conduct over the past dozen years. They’ve done what’s safe; they’ve protected their careers. And they gave you the dead of Iraq.

    This morning, E. J. Dionne—a higher-placed version of Josh—shows what we mean by that.

    Omigod! Finally, E. J. is ready to tattle about the press corps’ “irrational Clinton hatred!” But omigod! What cowards they be! He does so only as a throw-away in a safe and conventional column about the Clintons’ vile conduct. After typing some perfect conventional wisdom, E. J. the Brave hands you this:

    DIONNE (1/25/08): Let’s grant the Clintons their claims: The press is tougher on Hillary Clinton than it is on Barack Obama; the old, irrational Clinton hatred is alive and well in certain parts of the media; Hillary Clinton gets hit harder when she criticizes Obama than Obama does when he goes after her.

    Finally! Ten to fifteen years later, E. J. finally notices something about “certain parts of the media.” Omigod! Fifteen years after the Whitewater hoaxings; fifteen years after the murder charges (later rerun on Hardball, of course); eight years after the war against Clinton’s vice president (the one who’s now honored all over the world); after a full year of rank gender-trashing; E. J. finally notes a few facts about “certain parts” of his cohort! Finally! “The press is tougher on Hillary Clinton than it is on Barack Obama,” he finally tells us; “the old, irrational Clinton hatred is alive and well in certain parts of the media.” But isn’t it just like a gut-bucket coward? Absent-mindedly, E. J. completely forgets to tell readers which “parts of the media” he is discussing! He doesn’t tell them he means Chris Matthews (on whose show he’s a regular guest); he doesn’t say that he means Maureen Dowd—or perhaps the sneering, simpering Kornblut, of his very own newspaper. Like so many others before him, E. J. simply forgets to say who he’s actually talking about! And many readers will therefore think this: Surely, he must mean Fox—and Rush! He must mean the “right-wing press corps.”

    In these ways, our leaders maintain their place in the klub, while issuing a few worthless peeps—a dozen years later, of course. In this way, your most vital interests have been sent down the drain, thrown like dust into the wind. In this way, Bush ended up in the White House. In this way, Dionne’s cohort got to enact their “irrational hatred” over the course of a good many years. Carefully failing to name any names, E. J. pipes up today. Finally!

    And just like E. J., Josh has kept his mouth shut about this matter right up to this dying day. And now, in history’s most disingenuous paragraph, he runs to catch up with conventional wisdom. Let us marvel, once again, at how disingenuous a paragraph can be:

    MARSHALL (1/24/08): If you’re watching the post-game on MSNBC, Matthews’ inner Clinton-hating id has been released. And yes, I know you thought he’d given it full rein before.

    That’s cute. “Yes, I know,” Josh tells his readers. In fact, Josh has “known” for a very long time; he just didn’t choose to tell. Years of careful silence are masked by the gentleman’s statement.

    We’ll suspend further operation today so you can gaze on the way your world works. Have you ever seen a paragraph so fake? In which a leader ran so hard to get in front of his restive admirers?

  27. Caroline, I think you are right, Hillary might not win tomorrow, however, i alway said if she loses by 3-4 points, then she won and that will the 24hr news cycle.

  28. doesn’t this remind you of bush, growing up in private schools in the northeast, then coming down to texas and all the sudden picking up a southern accent?

    a lot of things in obamaland remind me of bush. you think obama would clear brush or try to milk a horse? ha ha ha. just kidding.

    however, i have to say that here in the south (the deep south), family and language means a lot. and of course racial issues are tender. people can tell a fake southern accent from a real one. i can actually distinguish a true atlantan accent from a north georgia accent…..and of course the s.c. accent is individual in its own way too. tennessee accents are a lot like a north georgia accents. southern accents are really cool, i think. especially the genuine ones. 🙂

  29. jas: the news cycle will be about obama’s “resurgence” and “reenergized” second coming. remember nevada?
    but i have a weird feeling about south carolina and hillary/bill/chelsea door-to-door campaign.
    keep praying, dot!

  30. do not give up on south carolina peeps. I think it’s closer than than being reported…IF people are being truthful.

    This time tomorrow we should have a better idea.

  31. Imagine44, your right, how could I think the media could be fare to HRC. going door to door is the smartest campagining they can do. I also think (don’t ask me why) but AA women don’t like BO uppity(sp) attitude, this is where the polls could be getting the wrong information.

  32. hey all, it’s not to late to phone bank. do not be intimidated. I’ve only done south carolina and these folks are very courteous, bubbly, issue oriented and I guess just simply “normal people”. I’m finishing up for my day cause I have things to do this evening. this has been quite rewarding for me.

  33. Well, I agree. We can’t give up. Keep making those calls. It’s unlikely we win SC, but we can still pick up alot of delegates. The edwards voters are literally throwing away their votes, IMO.

  34. Wow, these blurbs come faster than I can type them…

    “if Uncle Jethro would get off the couch and stop watching SportsCenter and go register some folks and go to the polls, we might have a different kind of politics.” ~ Obama

  35. wow. the Howler and big pink.

    if we want to win our Country back, we need you two to meet , marry and make babies.

    two lone voices telling the whole truth are not enough to counter 500 full time “village” idiots and their net wannabee “on hardball” followers.

    actually, there are three voices calling out the media on their bs.
    you, the howler and the Big Dawg himself, god bless him…

    2008 will not be a repeat of 2000. no frigging way…


  36. Hillary’s campaign said days ago that Obama hadn’t returned all the Rezko-associated money. Glad to see ABC following up on that. You’d think Obama’s campaign would be smart enough to do what Hillary did with all the Hsu money (return it ASA), but I guess not.

    BTW, I have to comment on that snippet from the Peggy Noonan column that’s in the previous thread. It had me LMAO. The woman’s a conservative, so you think she’d be glad the Clintons were “destroying” the Dem Party, lol. They’re not, of course, but her feigned concern is priceless. She’s just mad because her GOP probably won’t get to face Obama in the GE and rip him to shreds.

  37. he is really “blackening” himself for south carolina. i hope they see through this blatant dumbing down.

    jas: i have some black friends and coworkers, they are part of the hush hush hillary support system.

  38. he’ll do anything to get a vote!

    seriously, south carolinians don’t need this kind of clownish behavior. I believe they are seeing through the smoke and mirrors and Hillary message is seeping in. They see a smart woman speaking to them in adult language and then they get to see him..nuf said

  39. Seems that Mr. Obama, a Harvard Graduate, mixed-race person from the north is very well acquainted with his cousin Pookie and Uncle Jethro and has some southern twang and slang ready to sling around whenever he goes south of the maxon-dixon.

  40. Imagine44: I think there are a lot of people out there !! Now let me ask, what is going to happen to MI and FL delegates, they seem to be the white elephant in the room?

  41. “And if Cousin Pookie would vote, and Uncle Jethro would turn off ESPN, we might have a different kind of politics. And don’t tell me it doesn’t have something to do with too many daddies not acting like daddies.” ~ Obama (different event)

  42. i believe howard dean will come to his senses when hillary becomes the nominee. they all will fall back in line. they’ll all come back to mama.

    but they better realize that she has a photographic memory.

  43. Admin, It is interesting Rezko donated to Kerry in 2004 and 1998. Why was he contributing to MA Senator?

  44. People listen here hillary can win in SC, people are not revealing their preferance openly thats all, this is a primary election not that other sham way of voting caucusing i believe they call it.
    Their are a lot of closet Hillary supporters in SC who would rather not be harassed by the B Hussein Obama thugs
    I am just excited about Sc
    Who the culinary union would lose in its own hotels
    Hussien you aint seen nothing yet

  45. Rezko is just getting bigger and bigger. The picture of Rezko with the Clintons — why is it being released now? Is this being pushed by Obama?

  46. I continue to remain hopeful in south carolina. it ain’t over yet..(pardon the pun)

    Maybe Hillary and Bill might pull a semi all nighter. I think the should fight till the polls open in the a.m. but then again, they have to keep some energy for going out of south carolina

  47. Oh. My. God. He actually said “kick off your bedroom slippers?” Fuck, no. That is about as insulting and stereotypical to poor Black women as it gets. I mean, really. Did he tell them to take the rollers out they hair and change that baby’s saggy diaper as well?

    This guy is an ass.

  48. imagine44, lmao “the hillary hush hush support system” true so true. the primary system should protect the hidden hillary vote hopefully.

  49. H4T, yes, he said it, and he has been saying this stuff every time he goes south of the Mason-Dixon. Alabama, Georgia, SC…….every time. Pookie, Jethro, and “Bedroom Slippers” somehow become a part of his woeful strategy (which only demeans the south, blacks, whites, and women).

  50. Now keep in mind, he is trying to say all this in a particular context (jokingly), but I think we can all agree that it is nothing but pandering, condescending, and distasteful. What is next, if we can just get the Irish out of the Bars? It doesn’t do anyone any good to promote stereotypes and I think there are plenty of psychologists and sociology persons who will find these remarks have no place in politics.

  51. I would make some SC calls but honestly, I might not show the proper respect if someone said they were considering Obama.

    It’s like laughing in church. I’m afraid I would giggle at the thought of His Holiness BO as CIC. Has anyone asked a voter if BO’s inability to distinguish between two buttons gives them pause? What was their reaction? Please report here.

    It brings us back to an ad Obama ran endlessly here.
    It began with Obama at a rally saying “I haven’t spent much time learning the ways of Washington” which he said must be changed and he could do it.
    If you don’t know much about it, how do you change it? And do you want to just change it or improve it? Why do you think you don’t need to learn something before fixing it?

    Am I going too fast here?

    We now learn that he didn’t learn much about how the voting buttons worked and that didn’t work out too well.

    I had two sons. One I could send on a complicated errand when he was 6…I dropped him off at the airport to find an arriving passenger he had never seen before, find his luggage and bring him out to find my car. The other, now in his 30s, I still would not send without written instructions and a map.
    And even then………

    I loved them both but one was like Hillary and the other is like Obama. Very bright, charming, but hopelessly inept.

    “I pressed the wrong button”! Never mind, dear, we’ll put you in charge because Oprah told us “You’re the One.”

  52. No but one the programs i listen to on npr ie news an notes was reporting from sc all week and no matter how hey tried to push OBAMA on tthe AAs they spoke to almost half were still undecided now they late in the game i would think AAs would be sold on Obama if they were to vote for him.
    This program is an AA program btw.
    I am in Texas and am AA and the AA I know are not sold on him I just think SC is his last stand
    He has been effectively taken of his Hope message by Bill and other than the hope thing he has nothing more to offer.
    To bring out the Rezko photo is a total miscalculation I think, why give more steam to the issue when you are trying to let it die.

  53. The other, now in his 30s, I still would not send without written instructions and a map.
    And even then………

    HA! That sounds like my husband. 🙂 Exceedingly intelligent and a successful physician but he could get lost in a paper bag.

    I saw a Howard Dean clip on ABC online where he was asked about the Obama-Clinton snip-fest. Dean said it was all good in the hood and that everyone needs to relax; the party is just fine, thank you very much.

    Go Dean! 🙂

  54. i had one man in two days tell me he is Obama…one couple said they had been sort of shamed into Obama line but that they could change their mind at the last minute.

    The people I have talked to have seemed like my next door neighbors, I sense no resentment or scorn at the mention of Hillary’s name. I find them still very loving of Bill Clinton and they feel Hillary will lead on the economy the way he did. Otherwise, I find that they feel Hillary is very capable of being a strong commander in chief.

    that is why I say, I find south carolina either a win win with a small percentage loss or a blowout surprise win by Hillary with our gotv campaign.

  55. One commenter wrote:

    “Utterly ridiculous. After seven years of being ground into the dirt, Democrats want the meanest, nastiest, sonofabitchiest candidate they can find. But they’ll settle for his wife.”

  56. Eleanor Clift writes at Newsweek:

    This week’s Democratic debate was hard to take: Hillary Clinton leaning on the podium, looking smug, hurling insults and lecturing Barack Obama. “You never take responsibility for any votes,” she said, accusing him among other things of betraying victims of sexual abuse by voting “present” in the Illinois legislature. When the jabbing back and forth lingered on Obama’s reference to Ronald Reagan as a transformative president while sliding over Bill Clinton’s contribution, Hillary couldn’t get enough of the phony argument. “We’re just getting warmed up here,” she declared with relish. …

    To find the deck so suddenly stacked against Obama seems unfair, yet it is a tribute of sorts to Hillary Clinton and the way she picked herself up off the mat after losing Iowa. If goody-two-shoe Democrats are squeamish, they had better get used to it. The Clinton game plan is to demolish Obama, and they may well succeed only to pay the price in November. “It’s what we do,” a Democratic pollster, who is not aligned with any of the major contenders, told me, laughing at the notion that it’s somehow unseemly to unleash Bill Clinton. As long as the nomination is in doubt, the general election takes a back seat. Whatever damage is inflicted now, they’ll worry about later–once she’s the nominee. “Losers don’t legislate,” President Clinton said after he reached the White House. He’ll happily take a hit to his status as a global world leader if it means getting his wife elected.

    Read on. It’s good.


  57. B Merryfield, it is a very good article. Hillary will win the nominnee. Imagine, who want to elect a push-wrong-button-in-chief.

  58. hawk,

    Is there any ‘buyer’s remorse’ in Iowa? Is anyone questioning all the Chicago imports who participated in the caucus?

  59. Polling is not an exact science, however. Before the New Hampshire primary, many polls showed Obama beating Clinton by approximately 9 percentage points. But Clinton won, beating Obama 39 percent to 37 percent.

    Deja Vu?

  60. Speaking of Kooks, check out the comments thread at politico under the story called say anything on Ben Smith’s blog. I (hawkeye sophomore) am having a blast blasting obama on delegates, GLBT issues and Latino issues.

  61. yup, it was all cute, funny and chummy when BO and JE gang-banged our girl a couple weeks ago at the debate in NH. unknown to them at the time, they opened the gates of hell.

    have a nice day, BO.

  62. I love seeing the Hillary pins still on people’s coats. I am still always wearing mine. I think once february 5th hits, things will shape up here and the people of my homestate will realize they were dooped and sold a candidate brand name, a farse, that’s all. I just want february 5th to happen so I can wear my Hillary t-shirts and buttons and be happy. Can’t wait.

  63. Tweety is back to his old tricks. He is talking less about BO and more about Hillary. Looks like he is already thinking of GE.

  64. Send your cards and letters to CNN.

    They kick Begala and Carville off the air in exchange for a $1 million Obama ad buy and then they put Clinton-hater Carl Bernstein on the air this afternoon to spew his hate unchallenged. Including his statement of “fact” that the Clinton campaign played the race card on purpose.

    There’s a contact link at the bottom of the CNN website.

  65. hawk

    your day of redemption grows near. you will be wearing pins, tee-shirts, buttons and drinking cafe out of your HRC mug, all at the same time winking at passersby saying “i told you so..”

  66. LMAO alcina. This is very true. I can’t wait. Good job in NH btw. JAS, I plan to, but as a behind the scenes type of person. I am the President of Students for Hillary at the University of Iowa and am an executive on the University Democrats, the largest student org here.

  67. Obama camp SLAMS FLORIDA VOTERS!!!!

    Just heard on CNN that Obama’s campaign responded to Hillary asking her delegates to vote to seat Florida delegates by saying that “she is facing a big loss in South Carolina and is trying to make Florida more important than it is”

    What nerve, talk about disenfranchising voters, telling Florida you do not count!!

    I bet that will not be in his CNN commercials airing in Florida!

  68. I think cafferty is very obnoxious worse than Tweety. The fact that Wolf blitzer lets him get away with it proves wolf is Obama shill. I guess Dick parsons is a Obama shill.

  69. Can someone tell who these ex-aides are? It’s just so funny how they have all these so called no name sources who supposedly made statements. It’s like someone saying I know a cousin who has a cousin that was married to the in-law of her neighbor. Totally ridiculous.


  70. Funny how CNN has banned Carville and Begala, yet allow obvious Obama supporters to remain on the air. Time to start a campaign against CNN to take Cafferty and Roland Martin off the air.

  71. I can not believe Schnider thinks Ny times endosement is not good for Hillary. I can not believe it. CNN is really anti clinton.

  72. kingsgrove, do you sense a definite change in CNN? It is almost like they all got the same memo? I was wondering if they got it from the chairman Dick Parsons of Time Warner. You know he is good friend of Obama.

  73. How Much Did an Accused Political Fixer Raise for Obama?
    ABCNews.com Review Shows an Additional $100,000 in Rezko-Linked Contributions Not Returned by the Campaign By AVNI PATEL and REHAB EL-BURI, ABC News Analysis
    Jan. 25, 2008

    Months after reporters started asking Sen. Barack Obama to account for contributions raised by longtime friend and donor Antoin “Tony” Rezko, questions remain about the full extent of the accused Illinois political fixer’s role as a patron of Obama’s political career.

    “We have returned any money that we know was associated to Mr. Rezko,” Obama told Diane Sawyer on Wednesday morning during an appearance on “Good Morning America.” “That is something that if there’s additional information we don’t know about, we’d be happy to return the money.”

    The Obama campaign says it has given away more than $85,000 in Rezko-linked contributions since Rezko was indicted on federal fraud and extortion charges in the fall of 2006.

    An ABCNews.com review, however, has identified an additional $100,000 in contributions made to Obama from Rezko’s associates that have not been returned, including $19,500 in contributions from Rezko’s wife and employees of Rezko’s business enterprises. The ABCNews.com review includes individuals who have been linked to Rezko in news reports, court documents and public records.

    Other news organizations have reviewed Obama’s campaign finance records and have also found Rezko-linked contributions that are more than double what the campaign has publicly acknowledged. The Chicago Sun-Times, which published its review last June, found that “Obama has collected at least $168,308 from Rezko and his circle,” and earlier this week the Los Angeles Times reported that it had found that Rezko and his associates had given “Obama more than $200,000 in donations since 1995.”

  74. Sunday shows: Hillary on Face the Nation, Obama on This Week

    When will the first returns be shown from the SC primary? I have to be out of town part of the day. Will they have returns early in the evening?

  75. Observer: Dick Parsons welcomes Obama
    Published: July 26 2007 19:30 | Last updated: July 26 2007 19:30

    Long before there was a company called Time Warner, Richard Parsons was a young lawyer learning politics from Nelson Rockefeller, New York’s Republican governor. A successful career in law or politics seemed more likely for Parsons than where he ended up – chief executive of a giant media conglomerate.

    Still, running a company that publishes Time magazine and owns CNN allows Parsons to dip his toe in occasionally. This week the company hosted one of its occasional off-the-record forums at the Time Warner Center in Manhattan, and the guest was Barack Obama. Because the event was off-the-record, there’s not much Observer can say about it – though it is safe to say the two men enjoyed a warm, friendly banter.

    A photo from the event – of Parsons with his arm around Obama’s neck – made it out on to the web, though, and sent Observer scurrying for a list of Parsons’ political contributions. Parsons has tended to support Republicans, not surprising given that he cut his political teeth with Rockefeller. So it would be quite something if Parsons crossed over to support Obama – and would be a nice counterstrike to Hillary Clinton’s recent endorsement from Terry Duffy, the chairman of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. (Obama represents Illinois in the Senate; Clinton represents New York, where Time Warner is based.)

    A search of donations by Richard Parsons of New York does indeed show a $500 donation to Obama, from a few years ago. But this does not appear to be the same Parsons who runs Time Warner.

    Time Warner’s Parsons has been giving this year, however – to John McCain. Parsons sent $1,500 to McCain’s campaign in late March. With McCain losing more staffers this week (they said the cash-strapped campaign had not paid them in a while), it would seem that the Arizona senator needs more friends as generous as Parsons.

    Still, Obama seems to be hoping to bring Parsons over to his side. According to a few blogs, Obama told Parsons he would love to have him as a vice-president – as long as the CEO would be willing to take a pay cut.

  76. I wonder if the Illinois State Senate contracted text messaging services with the same company that the City of Detroit did. If so the is a record out there of every text message Obama sent and received.

  77. Senator Bill Nelson, D-FL, will endorse Sen. Hillary Clinton for president, according to several sources with knowledge of his plans.

    Nelson was expected to announce the endorsement early next week, shortly before his state’s presidential primary, in which no Democratic candidate is formally competing. All of the candidates signed a pledge to not campaign in Florida after the state moved up its primary and the Democratic Party stripped its delegates. Nelson and others filed an unsuccessful suit attempting to reverse the decision.

    On Friday morning, Sen. Clinton released a statement urging the party to reconsider and accept delegates from the Sunshine State at the national convention.

    “I believe our nominee will need the enthusiastic support of Democrats in these states to win the general election, and so I will ask my Democratic convention delegates to support seating the delegations from Florida and Michigan,” she said. “I know not all of my delegates will do so and I fully respect that decision. But I hope to be President of all 50 states and U.S. territories, and that we have all 50 states represented and counted at the Democratic convention.”

    A well-connected Democratic strategist who asked not to be named did not think that Nelson’s endorsement was part of a quid-pro-quo for Clinton’s statement. But Nelson was quoted as recently as two weeks ago saying that his endorsement would depend on “how [the candidates] treat Florida.”

    An official with Nelson’s office declined to confirm or deny the endorsement. They did, however, send a press release issued by the office in which the Senator criticized the stripping of his state’s delegates. Nelson, the release read, is “happy to see that Clinton agrees with the principle at issue in his lawsuit – that every person has a right to vote, and have the vote count as intended.”

    The Clinton campaign did not return a request for comment.

    If Clinton does not win South Carolina’s primary on Saturday, a victory in Florida (where polls show her ahead) could provide some positive media coverage heading into the February 5 “Super Tuesday” primary elections. Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign released a memo earlier this month downplaying the Florida race, noting that it has “no bearing on the Democratic nomination contest.”

    Via Huffington Post

  78. Couldn’t keep it secret? Oh well, huffington post hates Hillary, so they want to post it now so this doesn’t seem like news after south carolina.

  79. Super Bowl 08 HRC-3 BHO-1
    less than a minute remaining… 4th and inches

    BO drops back, scrambles, looking for an available receiver..south carolina? uh, uh, oh, oh, florida? uh, uh, can’t seem to find anyone out there..scrambles again, looking.. uh, uh, oh, oh… B-L-A-M!
    never saw it coming… sacked by #44, that pretty little blond defensive end.. team HRC takes over on downs. boys and girls, this game is over!

  80. ag, 7pm eastern polls close in sc. i wil be home later sat eve to catch the returns. the wife and i will go see alvin and the chipmunks. we have been planning to see it for some time but kept putting it off. i do have text alerts from cbsnews so i will get the winners while at the movies.

  81. Faye Wattleton is doing a good job defending Hillary on Mudball. We’re surprised. Faye used to date Carl Bernstein.

  82. they mentioned in detail it was unwise of the obama camp to put that pic out becuase it looks 10 years old(long before rezko’s legal problems) and puts rezko in a more public like. translation more invesigative reporting on rezko/bawak ties to come.

  83. admin Says:

    January 25th, 2008 at 7:11 pm
    Faye Wattleton is doing a good job defending Hillary on Mudball. We’re surprised. Faye used to date Carl Bernstein.

    that’s probably why she’s defending hillary…. 😉

  84. Can someone give a brief review of Fox’s round table? I am avoiding all news channels till the primary season is over.

  85. Thanks admin,Terron.. I appreciate your input. I can not figure out why the whole media is against our girl. I feel there is a republican conspiracy behind it. I can never be comfortable when some one says repubs are the party of ideas. Where is the outrage from Dean and company?

  86. clintondem99, its a far left conspiracy, not a republican conspiracy. lets face it. the Loony left hates Hillary.

  87. Caroline, That US News thing you posted actually isn’t that bad. I agree that Bill was originally going to be “above the fray.” However, major strategic changes needed to be made, and his deeper involvement was one of them.

    However, Bill’s statement that AA voters would probably push Obama over the top in SC was not an “attack” on him but an effort to lower expectations. And everyone seems to be forgetting that 95 percent of what Bill says about Obama is positive. I also don’t believe blaming the media will hurt Hillary one iota.

    On a related topic, anyone else notice above how the Obama campaign said Hillary was facing a “big loss” in SC? Very dumb statement. Because if it comes true, people will say, so what, you predicted it anyway.

  88. Faye Wattleton did a great job on mud ball. I just can not figure out why she decided to appear on Mud ball. She definitely is cut above the class.

  89. “HA! That sounds like my husband. Exceedingly intelligent and a successful physician but he could get lost in a paper bag.”

    Very funny. But I assume that when examining a patient he, doesn’t have to be told which end is up.
    Unlike Obama the Inept.

    I read the Fix at the Washington Post on Fridays and discovered that I had messaged them. They must have liked it or been short of Hill choices because they printed it in their answers to the question, Who gave the better speech on MLK Day, Hill or Barack? It’s under my name titled..”7 min of Obama was enough” or something like it.

  90. Exactly, clintondem99. Where is is outrage of Dean when one of the Democratic candidates is unfairly hit by the “unbiased” media?

    Where are all the liberal magazine and newpaper writers? Where were they in 1999-2000 and in 2004? They were totally silent as Al Gore and John Kerry, their candidates were being totally trashed?

    Are there any real Democratic writers except “The Daily Howler”?

  91. wow, Rezko story continues to grow and grow… Another ABCNews investigative story … Gosh… Why can’t this come up tomorrow to embrace an Obama win? LOL

  92. So now they are saying a “big loss” awaits Hillary in SC. Lets brace ourselves already – the unbearably cocky fellow is going to get even more cocky and arrogant if he does win, with the media cheering him on.

  93. great of the nelson endoresment. but look at sen mckaskill of missouri and john kerry’s endorsemant of obama. in both those states hillary is going to humiliate obama in mass and missouri. HA!!!

  94. * New York’s Amsterdam News Endorses Hillary……


    [AmNews Endorsement] Hillary Rodham Clinton for president

    Amsterdam News
    Originally posted 1/25/2008

    People get nervous, upset, angry and frightened when they are not certain about the position they have taken and realize it may be the best or the worst decision they have ever made.

    This is especially true when it comes to having the ability to guide others to make decisions for themselves. That is not to suggest that we tell them what to do, but to say to them, “This is the decision that we have made. Would you follow us?”

    That is the case when it comes to political office in this city, state and country. We listen to the candidates and we come back and make a decision that reflects, to the best of our ability, the position of the ownership and readership of this newspaper. We have never been so carefully guarded as now for making the decision around this year’s presidential primary.

    It has been difficult to make a decision as to who would be our Democratic nominee for President of the United States in 2008. We wish that we could say that it has been an easy task.

    It was not easy, but it was fair and it was the right thing to do.

    Our endorsement of Hillary Rodham Clinton for President of the United States could perhaps be viewed as the best and most difficult decision that many of us will make in our lives.

    Hillary Rodham Clinton is wise, competent and strong enough to lead America with dignity, forthrightness, anger when it has to be, love as it must always be, temperance as required and justice with everything.

    Hillary has been close enough to some of us during the years when she was running for the United States Senate and as Senator to make us know one or two things about her. Number one, she is smart as hell and number two, she will not take a back seat to any man, including her husband and does not believe that tomorrow will never come.

    Hers is a razor wit with a meat, vegetable, corn and potatoes mentality. She is a farm girl without the hayseed. She is blunt, determined and funny in the same way that the good farmers that we have always known have wielded their craft.

    Her mind is a razor blade that is always open for sharpening as she opens herself to the American people for the Presidency of the Untied States. One must believe that she means everybody.

    It is also true that she wants the job as President of the Untied States. Is there anyone else who wants or deserves it? Yes, many. You could name them all: who wanted the job and who qualified from the short list of Democrats who made themselves available; other Democrats and Republicans and men and women from other parties who stood in the doorway of opportunity, but who did not believe or could not afford to rise to the task.

    Mrs. Clinton chose to connect and to continue until the time came when the eleventh hour was at her door and she, at the twelfth hour with those who she needed and who needed her in order for us to make a new and better America by the simple process of governing correctly, had to make a choice. Now Hillary is running with our need, God’s anger and our power to vote.

    For those who believe that Mrs. Clinton will be waiting around to make up her mind about whether or not she chooses us, there is a major problem. She has stood in the well of the United States Senate and said that she wanted us and on the floor of the Speakers Assembly of the State of New York and said that she could not do it without us. There is a lot more. It will come. There is time now, since guidelines have finally been established and commitments made.

    We choose Hillary Rodham Clinton as the Democratic nominee for the Presidency of the United States of America.

  95. Kingsgrove Says:

    January 25th, 2008 at 7:39 pm
    * New York’s Amsterdam News Endorses Hillary……

    wow…i am speechless

  96. Southern Born, Thanks! I feel the same outrage I felt when the supporter of Mccain called Hillary the B**ch
    and none of the Dem establishmet came forward to say anything support her.

  97. Has the HRC campaign made any effort today to lower expectations for tomorrow? If they haven’t, it makes me wonder if the race is closer than polls make it appear. Again, I found that Obama campaign statement about Hillary facing a big loss kind of strange. Why in the world would you raise expectations like that?

  98. The Guardian (the British newspaper) has a really good write up of Bill vs Barack:

    […] Obama of 2008 faces an obstacle the Clinton of 1992 never had to endure. He is up against a wholly novel phenomenon in US politics: the double-headed presidential candidate. All week in South Carolina he has done battle with not just his main opponent, but that opponent’s spouse, the pair commanding as much media attention as if both their names were on the ballot. What’s more – and this is a problem Bill Clinton never faced – one of those two adversaries is the most effective campaigner in modern political history: one William Jefferson Clinton.

    But there’s more to the Clinton machine than that. There’s also a team of operatives with great tactical nous. In South Carolina, they repeatedly have succeeded in putting Obama on the defensive – whether over his comments praising Ronald Reagan or past legal work for a slum landlord – even in areas where Hillary herself should be vulnerable.

    Above all, Hillary’s greatest asset has been her husband. Few doubt that he is steering campaign strategy and there is no one better. In South Carolina, he has been happy to play attack dog for his wife, leaving her to make high-minded speeches that ignore her Democratic opponent and focus, loftily, on the case against George Bush. They are “double-teaming” against Obama, leaving his head spinning so badly that, as he admitted the other day: “Sometimes I don’t know who I’m running against.”

    So fate has played a cruel trick against Barack Obama. It has made him the most exciting newcomer in US politics for a very long time – then pitted him against the man who held that title first.

  99. BTW, Obama keeps claiming his health care plan covers everyone. Naturally, the media never calls him on it. Only the Clintons “lie,” apparently.

  100. I resent the implication that Obama is running against Bill. He is not. I also don’t find Obama nearly as exciting as the media does. I actullay find him sort of empty. I think Hillary is exciting. I really do.

  101. terrondt, we HOPE, HOPE that Obama and his MO supporter, Claire, get humiliated in Missouri.

    Sounds great!

    We shall not forget Claire McCaskill in the next election.

  102. Southern Born, McCaskill and Kerry are going down if I have anything to do with it. BTW, they both got Rezko money as well.

  103. Thanks Kostner for the heads up on ABC Nightline and Rezko. There was a time when a google of Rezko yielded a few pages. Now the links are many, many.

    Kingsgrove, the Amsterdam News endorsement carries weight too. Great news.

    Paula, we certainly are lowering expectations. After New Hampshire and Nevada lowering expectations is smart thing to do. Hillary and the Team are lowering expectations. Obama is raising expectations. Jesse Jackson got 64% in SC in 1988. As far as we are concerned Obama has to beat Jesse Jackson’s total.

    The good news in SC is over 50 years old African-American women are beginning ever so slghtly to move back to Hillary. We are still keeping expectations down. Hey, you never know. Keep hope alive. 🙂

  104. edwards daughter just on Fox news interviewed and said what young people don’t understand (fail to read and check up on,my interpretation) that Obama’s health plan leaves YOUNG people out in overwhelming numbers,

  105. I am about to say something cheesy now so don’t tease me. I find it adorable the way Bill defend Hill. I just find myself going awwww…….that’s so cute. Ok, I will shut up now.

  106. Paula: Obama campaign statement about Hillary facing a big loss kind of strange. Why in the world would you raise expectations like that?

    He will play up the role black voters play in swing states. A BBC reporter got a look at the advance spin for tomorrow:

    “The fact of the matter is that blacks represent potentially pivotal blocs of voters in most battleground states in November – including Florida, Ohio, Missouri, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia and even Nevada. Obama’s ability to inspire and mobilize black voters could easily prove instrumental in swinging those competitive states to the Democratic column in November. Indeed, in Nevada where blacks are about 6% of the voting age population, with Obama on the ballot they comprised fully 15% of the caucus electorate according to the Entrance Poll -proof that he can bring them out beyond their numbers or past participation.”

  107. John kerry is phony, silly and always side on the wired side. I hope MA people will give hime a lesson. the phony democrats like him need to be kicked out in order for the party to success in the future.

  108. remember the last new hampshir8e poll: obama 41 … hillary 28 ….sc numbers look like that. don’t count out the WOMEN vote who really care about where the next leader will take this country.

    I am not so sure that South Carolina women are ready to turn the reins over to a newcomer just yet…even if he is their same color….just a feeling I got..

  109. OK, here’s what Hillary said today about SC:

    “We are in a very close race here … I have no idea what is going to happen tomorrow,” Clinton said, as she chased votes ahead of Saturday’s clash — the last contested contest prior to “Super Tuesday” February 5, when nearly half a dozen states are up for grabs.

  110. Hillary will already win atleast Florida, Ohio, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia and Nevada, and probably Missouri. But, just to be prepared, this is how he will spin it if he is able to get all these folks out.

  111. mj, caroline, it’s the right thing for Bill to do.

    these pundits on tv just can’t get down onto “real” people level.. That is what transcends Bill Clinton, he is able to get here.

    they can’t get it cause they are out in space doing gosh knows what with themselves

  112. More British analysis of Obama in SC (or rather “Obamania”) this actually really interesting:

    For the Illinois senator to have a mania named after him is quite something. Reagan, Clinton and Kennedy were all very popular – but none could claim a mania. Strolling through Charleston during the Martin Luther King day parade on Monday, you did get a sense of something special. His overwhelmingly white group of volunteers marched through black neighbourhoods cheering, dancing and waving, calling on the African Americans who lined the sidewalk to support them. African Americans clapped and cheered back. These are not scenes one witnesses often in the South. But when we tried to speak to them afterwards they told us they couldn’t speak without prior permission.

    “I just want to ask you why you’re so excited about Obama?” I said. “Sorry, you have to call Columbia [Obama’s South Carolina campaign office],” they reply.

    It is so sad and pathetic when people lose their own voice. If one were in any doubt about whether this is a grass roots movement or a professional campaign, this kind of behaviour seems to settle it.


    Wow. I mean really wow. They hold a loud cheering parade with a lot of banners and a lot of greeting bystanders (see the very Obama friendly video clip). But they aren’t allowed to talk about why they support their candidate of choice! They need permission to speak!!!

    Apparently, when you join the Obamalamas they strip you of your first amendment rights. Wow.

    I’d sure like to know how that “Hope” and “Change” is working out for them…

  113. mj, wouldn’t all that the Clintons have to do is point to the number of black voters who came out for Bill Clinton’s elections? Without Obama as the nominee they wouldn’t go to the Republicans. Also, Hillary can argue she is pulling in the women vote and they vote in larger numbers then men I believe. You don’t have to rely only on black voters for a Democratic victory. Hillary brings huge Hispanic and Asian support. I don’t think this spin will work. No one is going to be motivated to keep voting for Obama due to his twisted logic that only he is the Democratic savior who will win November.

  114. Ofcourse, AG. But the media refuses to acknowledge all the women, young and old alike, Hill is bringing to the process. It’s bizarre. Ofcourse, electing the first female president affects over half the population, but the media acts like it is just not happening.

  115. This only goes to reinforce the obvious; that many so called volunteers and idealistic supporters in camp Obama in fact are paid operatives. They’re salaried to look like volunteers.

    The Obama campaign really is pathetic.

  116. Admin, has this been posted? A blogger points out that in the Rezko/Clinton photo Hillary is wearing the same dress as in the photo for this website. Wow, someone has eagle eyes out there…..


  117. Okay, time to say what I said before NH, I’ll be happy for Hillary to be within 6 or 7 points taking the thunder once again from Obama and the double digit pollsters. I pray for the same results as NH, but a close second will be a Hillary win…

  118. hillary will get large amount of Latinos and big trunck of Ansia Americans, and wommen. She will build a new base.

  119. mj Says:

    January 25th, 2008 at 8:14 pm
    Ofcourse, AG. But the media refuses to acknowledge all the women, young and old alike, Hill is bringing to the process. It’s bizarre. Ofcourse, electing the first female president affects over half the population, but the media acts like it is just not happening.

    hey, girls…we’ll just keep it a secret

  120. Taylor Marsh has the following interesting tidbits on that Clintons-Rezko photo… It looks like Rezko sells the photo to save Obama’s ass… Stupid move to put Rezko back into the news…

    I’m also still wondering how Matt Lauer got the photo of the Clintons with Rezko. Did Rezko give it to them? Because who would have access to that photo? Or did Rezko provide the photo to the Obama campaign who then got it to Lauer and the “Today” show? I got an interesting email from a realiable source today that got my attention:

    The Rezko photo was taken at a Sen. Carol Mosley Braun fundraiser in 1997 in Chicago. Rezko was one among many Braun contributors who stood in line and posed for pictures with the President and First Lady.

    A donation was indeed made to Braun in 1997 from Rezko in the amount of $1,000. Somehow that photo got from Rezko to Lauer. Connect the dots.

  121. meiyingsu, I want african americans to be part of that base. I like that the Democrats have an increasingly multi-cultural base. I am not at all concerned that they will leave the Party.

  122. Taylor Marsh is a pretty good investigative blotter… She really helped quite a bit by pushing out NV culniary voter suppression story…

    We have Taylormarsh, Hillaryis44 and myDD…

    Obamabots have dailykooks.

  123. HillaryforTexas: stupid strategy

    I think he’s reaped many rewards already. I don’t believe for one minute that CNN’s actions had anything to do w/ a donor executive making his preference clear — that’s not how businesses work. Consider how hard FOX tried to make the CBC-sponsored debate happen — it’s because FOX has virtually no black viewership.

    Advertising/marketing has only recently recognized the “black” market as a growing and profitable segment — old stereotypes take a long time to die out. Whether it’s CNN or a swing state, there are commercial and political interests that rely on a black ‘share,’ so to speak.

  124. Although I see the flaws in it, as others have pointed out. And it still doesn’t explain why Obama is raising expectations in a state where the polls all show him with decent lead.

  125. mj, I am not AA and I like AA. My church have a lot of AA. Sometime I feel frustrated that AA more like to vot based on skin color in block.

  126. Thanks AmericanGal. We’ll laugh all night. We love both photos. Thanks to archpundit for helping us bring the Rezko story to the nation, unwittingly.

  127. Another thing that stands out to me: A few days ago, Bill was definitely lowering expectations for SC. Hillary’s remarks today don’t strike me as that way at all. Now maybe she’s saying it’s neck and neck to make sure her voters don’t stay home, but still …

  128. Howard Dean defends Obama-Clinton tiff 🙂

    Video link:


    Jan. 25 – The chairman of the Democrats says the terse language in the Clinton and Obama camps is “not poisoning the well”.

    Howard Dean, the former governor and presidential candidate who now is the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, says that the tough rhetoric in the primaries will prepare the candidates for the rough and tumble of the general election. During a visit to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Dean spoke with Reuters correspondent John Mastrini about the hectic campaign schedule, generational change in the U.S. electorate, the economic stimulus package and perceptions of U.S. politics in Europe.

  129. Kostner, we remember when MyDD was a bastion of Hillary Hate. Thanks to the Hillary Heros (you especially taking a lot of heat) from our Hall of Fame Mydd readers now get Hillary Love too.

    Anyone who wants to start a website we have an idea: Rezko Watch. We have thought of a separate page/website to track the Rezko story but we are generous and put the idea out there for ambitious would-be Bloggers.

  130. Howard Dean, the former governor and presidential candidate who now is the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, says that the tough rhetoric in the primaries will prepare the candidates for the rough and tumble of the general election.


  131. Kostner, connect the dots is right. Another Obama campaign blunder. The 2 Matts (Lauer and Drudge) have done Obama harm while aiming at Hillary.

    Rezko probably had the photo behind his desk on a photo wall, called the campaign (which boob? Plouffe, Gibbs? Axelrod? Michelle?), let them do the dirty work. Obama better hope that Fitzgerald does not have the Rezko phones tapped.

    ABC meanwhile has uncovered more Rezko/Obama hot cash.


    Nightline should be interesting tonight. Lesson: Don’t accuse Brian Ross of lying about you unless you know what you are saying is true.

    “Months after reporters started asking Sen. Barack Obama to account for contributions raised by longtime friend and donor Antoin “Tony” Rezko, questions remain about the full extent of the accused Illinois political fixer’s role as a patron of Obama’s political career.”

    The Obama campaign says it has given away more than $85,000 in Rezko-linked contributions since Rezko was indicted on federal fraud and extortion charges in the fall of 2006.

    An ABCNews.com review, however, has identified an additional $100,000 in contributions made to Obama from Rezko’s associates that have not been returned, including $19,500 in contributions from Rezko’s wife and employees of Rezko’s business enterprises. The ABCNews.com review includes individuals who have been linked to Rezko in news reports, court documents and public records.

    Other news organizations have reviewed Obama’s campaign finance records and have also found Rezko-linked contributions that are more than double what the campaign has publicly acknowledged. The Chicago Sun-Times, which published its review last June, found that “Obama has collected at least $168,308 from Rezko and his circle,” and earlier this week the Los Angeles Times reported that it had found that Rezko and his associates had given “Obama more than $200,000 in donations since 1995.”

  132. Totally inconsequential, I know, but quite funny nonetheless. Obama sure needs his teleprompter… 🙂

    Think these campaign listening tours are getting a little scripted?

    The Barack Obama campaign organized an “economic roundtable” of South Carolinians, scheduled with the Illinois senator for 11:30 a.m. today. But nearly an hour and a half before the event — at 9:36 a.m. — the campaign e-mailed to reporters a text of what the participants “said.”

    “At the Columbia roundtable, Donna McGreevy, a mother of two grown sons, said her family was feeling pinched on all sides by the weakening economy,” the e-mail read. “When it comes to the economy I have firsthand knowledge and experience in just about every area where we are seeing problems.”


  133. Paula: And it still doesn’t explain why Obama is raising expectations in a state where the polls all show him with decent lead.

    Well, “big loss” is relative. It can be spun in so many different ways, that he’s on pretty safe ground unless there’s a huge, huge surprise tomorrow — but attaching “big loss” to Hillary diverts from NV, FL.

    Even if the popular vote total is less than the current spread, here’s things he might try to spin: Black turnout (47% in ’04) if it’s way up, performance in black-dominated CDs like SC-06 or counties like Richland.


  134. Paula — in summary, he has nothing to lose at this point by spinning it as a “big loss” for Hillary. If he underperforms, it’s over, anyway.

  135. Clinton picks two African American women’s endorsements… Hopefully those African American women will go ahead and push the button for their sister – Hillary!!! Hillary is an audacious fighter like many AA women who have to fight against the odds… Obama, a born elite… Please choose Hillary, African American sisters!!!

    Senator Hillary Clinton received the endorsement of two prominent African American women in South Carolina today. I’m glad to see it and glad to see herself campaigning in predominantly African American settings.

    Prominent quote from the AP article:

    Stacey Jones, a Benedict College Dean who described herself as “a woman, an African American, a size 9 wide and any other label you choose to use,” said she understood why many blacks might pause before voting Saturday for Clinton.

    “For some of us it may take a very, very bold step to walk into that voting booth and focus on our community’s future rather than acting on pure emotion. Let’s do the right thing and elect Sen. Hillary Clinton president of the United States,” she said to applause.

    She was followed by Richland County Councilwoman Bernice Scott, who bluntly told the audience “this race is not about race or gender.”

    Scott said the decision should come down to which candidate can “feed the sheep.”

    “Senator Clinton has a record that can feed everybody. And we need to be fed,” she said.

  136. mj,

    I really believe we should not be obsessed with tomorrow’s results. I predict there will little momentum coming from SC. Right now, all the momentum play is gone. I predict a double digits loss due to the difficult demographics… Clinton even has the danger of running close to Edwards…

    Plus Obama has invested heavily heavily in SC.

  137. I just posted this at http://www.newsweek.com/id/104430/output/comments
    Mine is the third comment and the string is rational so far (and pro-Hillary).

    Comment: Hillary has been taking the high road all along, descending briefly to each level she’s been attacked on. At the debate she was talking about issues; Obama took it to a more personal level by saying he had lived with those issues while she was a lawyer on Walmarts’ board; so she returned the ‘lawyer’ shot by saying Obama at that time had done work for Rezko the ‘slumlord’.
    After racism was brought in by distorting her MLK point (supported by many Black leaders since) and Bill’s ‘fairy tale’ term, then she went after Obama’s ambiguous statements on Reagan and ‘party of ideas’.
    If this gets up and the comment string is still rational, I may come back with more details.

  138. mj,
    I have been looking for a clip on CNN since I saw it. It was a reporter talking to Wolf Blitzer after they showed a clip of Hillary saying she was asking her delegates to vote to seat the Florida delegation.

  139. rjk1957 Says:

    January 25th, 2008 at 8:58 pm
    I have been looking for a clip on CNN since I saw it. It was a reporter talking to Wolf Blitzer after they showed a clip of Hillary saying she was asking her delegates to vote to seat the Florida delegation

    Well, that doesn’t bode well, does it?

  140. That she is talking to her supporters in SC about FL delegates. I’d feel better if she didn’t feel the need to discuss it. Come on, SC. Come out for Hill.

  141. mj, There’s a statement on her Web site about it. I don’t know if she mentioned it in her speeches today.

  142. The media is still reeling from the bloody nose it got from Hillary’s NH victory. They are bitter, angry and cant understand how she has managed to get ahead when they have invested so much in getting their Golden Boy to where he is now. I just read somewhere that Dana Milbank said that if she were to come in third in SC, it would change the dynamics and cause a “political earthquake”. Asshole. The big media is dying to change the narrative again and pull her down. They are hoping and praying that something like that happens so that they can return to the giddy post Iowa and pre NH days. Her three wins in a row clearly mean nothing to characters like Olberman and Milbank. Even after she deals the knock out punch to Lord Fauntleroy come Feb 5th, they’ll stop at nothing to diminish her victory.

    Shameless bastards, I swear. Nothing brings out all the profanity, albeit reluctantly(!), than reading and watching these constipated jerks peddle their biased crap and like the inimitable WMCB said, ” throw up their blackened bowels” as wisdom ……

  143. So fate has played a cruel trick against Barack Obama. It has made him the most exciting newcomer in US politics for a very long time – then pitted him against the man who held that title first.

    Can’t find a comment link for this so I’ll vent here:

    Fate?!? Obama chose his timing. He abandoned his plan of 2010-2012-2016 to try this year, which may be the last time that Bill and HIllary feel like running. He should have checked with Hillary first and waited his turn.

    The Clintons have always been a twofer the price of one. That’s how they did such a good job in the 90s, and will again in their NEXT two terms. So they’re campaigning as a team: what we see is what we’ll get.

    US presidents are limited to two terms. Obama (now 46) can take his terms beginning 2016 or later. As Gloria Steinem said, it may take two terms of Hillary PLUS two terms of Obama to clean up from the GOP this time.

  144. the ‘”big loss” comment, I read it somewhere as well. It was on yahoo article I believe. It was in response to Hillary asking for the delegates from Fl and Mi to be seated. He had arrogance to basically say that Florida didn’t matter (and this after him advertising there) He said Hillary was facing a “big loss” in South Carolina and already trying to run from the results there…run into Florida for a safe haven sort of

    paraphrasing here a bit

  145. Gee, I hope SC comes through for Hill. Someone posted something on MyDD saying Edwards would come in atleast second because of his debate performance? Who are these dolts that still think he has a chance?

  146. Hillary said today that she has no idea about the outcome tomorrow. Either a politically correct answer or they are puzzled as well.

    Olberman tried to raz up Milbanks to suggest that Edwards would overtake for 2nd…he did say that he saw no evidence of that kind of surge for edwards and it would be of earthquake proportion if he did.

    Interesting that Obama floating article that his administration would offer edwards attorney general .. this after Hillary and John met last week. eeentersting indeed.

  147. mj, they are just following that Zogby daily tracking poll where he has inched up somewhat. Just the other day they had a post on mydd about some poll that showed BO within 15 pts or something in Florida and they said it could be a “close race”. The Mason-Dixon poll yesterday put an end to that fond speculation yesterday and Jonathan Singer was crestfallen. Edwards has no chance but if one poll shows him within 10 points of Clinton, then they start to fantasize.

  148. I’m out for the evening, hope everyone has a good night rest. I’ll be wired all day tomorrow and sending positive vibes for our champion.

  149. mj, He clearly got a boost from his debate performance, but I feel confident Hillary will do worse than second.

  150. Hi everyone, new here, finally figured out a way to register and login. I have been listening here for the last month. Very proud to be among like-minded Hilalry supporters. I am proud to say, I donated money to her the day after her Iowa loss because I believed. I have been trying to stand-up for her in the various leftist blogs.

  151. pulchritude – great idea. Actually Barack Obama himself can be a lecturer for ” Rezko And Influence Peddling 101″ (admin can make sure he doesn’t refer to himself as a “professor” ) , a subject he is well versed with.

  152. I have had a terrible sinus headache all day. Let us hope i will recover, for I plan to volunteer tomorrow in SC. although obama should win sc, i believe it is a competitive race.

  153. Maybe Hillary’s Fla. comments about seating delegates are a response to Obama violating the pledge with his Fla. ads.

  154. News here in the Carolinas claims the race is “too close to call.” I believe I was viewing Fox News 10.

  155. Bill is on C-Span right now. He’s really wonking it up. I love the way he explains stuff, so that everyday people can understand.

  156. Caroline, I’m watching too, and eating up every word. BTW, I like what you said earlier about Bill defending Hillary. 🙂

  157. I believed that Hillary would win when I first supported her. I am going by my unblemished primary support record to continue to believe.

    The only candidate with which I felt nearly as much enthusiasm was Bill Clinton. As much admiration as I had for him, having met him years before, I have more for Hillary.

    Competence used to be a basic requirent from which we required superior skill sets. Not this year. Looking at the entire field, we have the Hapless, the Inept, the Below Average, the Blind, the Crazy, and the Badly Misinformed. That leaves John Edwards and his awful campaign.

    And Hillary.

    As nervous as each primary day makes me because of the high stakes here, I shall have faith that, no matter what tomorrow brings, the best prepared candidate will win. Oh yes, and she’s a woman.

  158. Re Obama’s marchers who aren’t allowed to speak to reporters, I saw posted a copy of an ad Obama ran in California offering to pay ‘campaign workers’ $12.50/hr.

    Is Obama himself still refusing to answer questions from reporters or the public?

  159. Barack obama has the endorsement of the state (columbia) and the greenville news, which is the state’s second largest newspaper.

    the charleston news and courier has not yet endorsed any of the democratic candidates.

  160. So weird that he would have both of these. Hill has won three contests in a row. She’s on her way. It’s sad to see neither of the big SC papers endorsed her.

  161. Good for you Hillguy. I am sure it felt great voting for Hillary. I can’t wait to go to the voting booth on Feb 5th. I can do an absentee ballot but I want to enjoy the occasion by going to the booth.

    I have a question regarding absentee ballots. Do they get counted before or after the day of the elections?

  162. Okay… is it me, or is the Clinton Machine sitting back and letting the issue BHO advertising in FL. just go on by????

  163. mj, the upstate (where those two papers are) is rabid conservative Republican country. VERY Red papers!

    The only even semi-moderate paper in the whole state is the Charleston Post and Courier, down on the coast. They did not endorse. A Liberal paper does not exist in SC.

  164. congrats hillguy. last week the wife and i voted absentee for hillary in connecticut. felt good huh? anyway arg has just put up thier sc poll hillary 36%, obama, 39%, and edwards 22%. zogby will have his last one at 2am eastern.

  165. Nice comment on MyDD about which African Americans are supporting Hillary. I thought I’d post it here:

    Hat goes off to AA elected politicians for HRC (none / 0)

    I was a big supporter of Former NYC Mayor David Dinkins. The 1st & only African-American of New York. I was so proud of him when he beat Rudy Giuliani for Mayor in a very intense battle.

    It was very nice to see two of the most prominent African-Americans in New York City ( Mayor David Dinkins & Charlie Rangel) fly to South Carolina just to rally the AA community in SC in support of Hillary Clinton.

    If you’ll notice, any African-American who has known & worked with Hillary & Bill Clinton are very strong & vocal in their support of Hillary. People like David Dinkins, Charlie Rangel, David Paterson, Rev. Calvin Butts, John Lewis, Andrew Young, several members of the Congressional Black Caucus, etc.

    That’s very impressive & courageous. Everyone knows that there is tremendous pressure for Black elected politicians to support Obama.

    But when you see people like Bernice Johnson, John Lewis, Sheila Jackson Lee, Rangel, etc. risking ridicule from segments of the AA community- they must be true believers of Hillary Clinton & what she is all about.w she would be an awesome President.

    These people have seen first hand that

  166. I know that a lot of her Iowa staff went to SC on January 4th, so there should have been a pretty large operation over the past two to three weeks.

  167. paula, i knew they were going to post around 10pm eastern. i am horrible at posting links so you are the first at providing the link.

  168. I hope she at least comes in second. This race only matters a little bit in South Carolina. I am ready for FLA, Super Tuesday, and Pennsylvania, Ohio and Texas thereafter.

  169. paula,

    ARG is garbage. They are the worst pollster ever. The first 8 contests(counting both D and R), they got 4 winners completely wrong. We can toss a coin without reading ARG’s final #s. I still believe a double digits win by Obama.

    Mason-Dixon is pretty consistent. The winning margins of MI, NV and SC(R) were close to their last polls…

  170. kostner, My point is that several polls have Obama dropping, Hillary holding steady and Edwards gaining, though 3 points seems pretty low, I agree.

  171. Paula,

    Yes. If Clinton can pull within 10 points, it’s going to be a miracle. The demographics are just too difficult to overcome. Let’s pray for a minute and hope our AA sisters will pull the buttons for Hillary!

  172. Today, Hillary said the SC race was very close, and she wasn’t sure which way it would go. Seems strange she’d say that if she expected to lose by double digits. But what do I know, lol.

  173. An MSNBC/McClatchy poll Friday showed Obama leading his rival by 38 percent to 30 percent in South Carolina, based largely on staunch backing from African Americans. Former senator John Edwards was third on 19 percent.

  174. 38+30+19=87 Are 13% undecided? Obama has shown a lead in every poll since Iowa, I believe so it seems impossible he would lose.

  175. ARG:

    Clinton 34: Obama 25 , and we all know what happened.

    Obama 40, Clinton 31

    McCain 31 – Romney 30, Romney won by 9 pts

    Huckabee 33- McCain 26, McCain won by 3 pts

  176. although obama should win sc by 8 points, i will assume the results will fall within any poll’s margin of error.

    regarding offices in sc, they appear fully staffed and organized. but i promise of deliver a report tomorrow after i volunteer.

  177. the craziest thing about ARG’s polls is that they can flip one candidate’s # up or down by 10 pts overnight…

  178. The CNN exit poll from the 2004 primary is what people use to set expectations and as a turnout model. It had 51% W, 47% B, 2% Other.

    I just looked up the 2004 vote count at the SC Board of Elections and pulled the results by county and race. The totals yield something very different from the exit poll: 42% W, 58% Non-white.

    The voter registration app in SC has a section for ID by race. So, I imagine SC’s actual vote count data is more accurate than an exit poll.

  179. M-D is based on 56% AA turnout, which is quite reasonable.

    Yes, in terms of reconciling these polls, I’d give low weight to the ones that have black turnout at less than the 50s.

  180. mj — talking about relative composition.

    One unknown is that participation in the GOP primary was quite depressed as compared to ’04 (about 130K missing voters, 98% white). If a substantial number show up tomorrow, it might boost white turnout.

  181. I can’t get any feel for the ground from any of the reports. However, if african americans come out en masse for Obama, then he can not lose. I wish I had a feel for what was happening on the ground.

  182. kostner, I am not sure the Hillary volunteers in SC will be happy to read that we should forget SC. Win or loose, we should give them all our support. Someone on this board is going out tomorrow for a GOTV operation and I am sure he/she will not be to happy reading comments about forgetting SC.

  183. Yeah, I am not forgetting SC. Frankly, she should win. She’s won three contests in a row, and it took a caucus in a neighboring state for Obama to win one, but the media has largely continued to carry water for Obama so he has maintained this edge there.

  184. I’m just irritated w/ the media spin and BS. I’ve heard an unlimited number of times “where black turnout is expected to be as high as 50%.”

    Can’t these people do any basic legwork? The state gives out the info for free!

  185. I have a had time believing that white Republican turnout will go to Hillary. My guess is that any Republican turnout will go to Edwards.

  186. pulchritude, I thought Hill was going to lose NH by double digits, and I was there! Go, and work your heart out, it means alot.

  187. Oh, ok, because SC is only about 30% african american, however whites must make up a smaller part of the dem party there, because it is a red state.

  188. I read that voters needed to registered about 3 weeks ago and that the Obama camp was blaming Bill Clinton because those non registered blacks wouldn’t be able to vote. They were claiming vote suppression.

    Don’t have a link so I can’t verify if that is not just a rumor.

  189. wasabigirl — it includes independents. I should clarify — GOP turnout was depressed as compared to the last competitive GOP primary, which was ’00, of course.

  190. pulchritude,

    sorry for my rudeness. I just want everybody to have a realistic goal, if we can have another pleasant surprise, it’s going to be even sweeter…

  191. Merle Haggard was on Bill Maher’s show on HBO and he wrote a song for Hillary. He was funny. He was talking about Willy Nelson and said that he and willie and Hillary smoked marijuana in willie’s trailer.

    They had Richard Belzer on too, he praised obama to high heaven and so did the other guest herbie hancock. Amy Holmes, a conservative African American woman, went to a salon in LA and talked with ladies there and she was asking questions to make Hillary seem racist and the ladies in the salon, all African Americans said Hillary was stepping over the line in attacking Barack at the SC debate and she “already had her time in the white house”. It was disgusting, but Merle Haggard came on after and made me feel better.

  192. Admin,

    This site always has CPU problems when the thread gets to be greater than ~300 comments. It’s due to the cycles a reload takes for that many comments.

    Just a suggestion, start an open thread after 8:00 pm or so. This site has become very important as a meeting place for Hilfans. I certainly would be willing to contribute if that would help.

  193. Hi guys,

    The Left Coaster has a link to John Stewart from yesterday (concerning the media), which is priceless, on
    The Media, Rezko, South Carolina And The NY Times

    I can’t post the link here because it won’t go through, but if you haven’t seen it, check it out!

  194. BTW,

    Monday is ‘state of union’ address. Obama’s SC MO will be further diminished… Media will spend time in talking about ‘state of union’.

  195. She already had her time in the WH? WTF does that mean? She stepped over the line in the debate? This is pathetic. The double standard is outrageous. If Obama maintains 70% support among african americans in SC, and aa’s make up roughly 60% of the Dem electorate then Hill can’t win SC, but these ladies, f this is how they are thinking as Hawk observed on tv, are being duped, and I resent the implication that Hill has “already had her time”. That’s silly.

  196. Polling shows there is still some indecision: 13 percent of voters have not settled on a candidate, and about 20 percent say they could change their minds.

    That’s alot of give and take. This will definitely be interesting.

  197. This is starting to piss me off. Hillary is so the superior candidate. Come on ladies, we need to do this together. Sorry, but my lord, she is so prepared for the job. We are lucky to have someone this ready, and this willingness to believe Hillary, whom by the way, has the most diverse staff of anyone running, including Obama, this willingness to believe she is racist, or has had her time in the WH, well, that just pisses me off.

  198. She is running the most inclusive, diverse campaign. I hope race doesn’t trump know-how and readiness in other states besides South Carolina.

  199. kaffeen…. I disagree with you. I think he’ll win GA, AL, MS, LA in the South if he is > 5 – 6% of Hillary.

  200. I think he will lose Louisiana. Most of the major black vote has left since 2005. This is why Mary Landrieu’s seat is in jeopardy. Georgia, Alabama, Illinois, South Carolina, Mississippi, and maybe Maryland will go for Obama. I hope not Maryland. We should win there.

  201. Exactly, kaffeen. One must remember the the entire reason that the SC primary was moved up was in order to give more voice and clout both to a Southern state and to the Black Congressional Caucus and the AA community in general. SC was considered the state that would give the MOST VOICE to those groups, hands down.

    If Obama cannot win SC by a LANDSLIDE, then he is sunk. He will posture and preen and shout victory and spin it, but he is toast unless it’s huge.

  202. Well, I hope the women from the salon are not very representative. “She’s had her time in the WH”? I can not believe how women can so casually shot themselves in the foot.

  203. People please If Jesse jackson won those southern states it was because he was not running against the clinton machine,
    AA s are choosing between Hillary and Obama they are torn between the two
    All bets in those staes are off
    Wait for SC tomorrow I feel a surprise is brewing

  204. I just want him to win fewer than Jesse did. I LOVED Jesse, and he was fantastic. It pisses me off that Obama never even acknowledges that Jesse broke that ground for him and paved the way. Obama is not fit to be in the same category as Jesse Jackson. I want Jesse to keep his 11 primary record for now. 😀

  205. First off, it is very very close to chicago, secondly, I have heard rumors about Russ Feingold’s endorsement leaning obama. The people there are VERY similar to the Iowan people.

  206. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in Georgia shows Barack Obama leading Hillary Clinton by six percentage points, 41% to 35%. John Edwards is a distant third at 13%.

  207. Nope…. Jena has solidified black politics in this state. Mary Landrieu is in trouble because this is one of the redest states in the union. A substantial number of democrats down here are black. We lost a lot of our democrat base in the southern part of the state as a result of Katrina. South LA was heavily democrat, but the rest of the is heavily republican. She won the last election as a result of her support in New Orleans where she has a lot of family and had a lot of support in the black community. Once you get past Baton Rouge going north, it’s rare to find a democrat.

  208. Just watched the Jon Stewart take on Bill erupting as the media would have it, it surely puts these cnn, etc to shame
    Boy I thought I had seen the worst of the media heading into Iraq, now this I am sure after Hillary wins we will get the how did we get it wrong talk and we should do better etc

  209. I’ve got a question, yall. It is just drivin’ me crazy. Obama has this pattern of what Hillary called attention to in the debate. He doesn’t take responsibility for any vote. But another pattern is that he just down right lies. Tonight on the FACTHUB they quote him from a speech today. He talked about how he wouldn’t just talk to our friends but also our enemies but, he says, Sen. Clinton told him that would be naive and irresponsible. Now we all know why Hillary referred to his debate answer is naive and irresponsible. It’s because he said he’d promise that in his first year as president that he’d meet with a whole slew of dictators without preconditions. How can he think that it is okay to lie and mislead like this?

  210. When white voters go to the polls tomorrow, let us hope they understand the difference between words and actions re. John Edwards. That distinction was captured in the New York Times comments when it endorsed Hillary:

    We have enjoyed hearing Mr. Edwards’s fiery oratory, but we cannot support his candidacy. The former senator from North Carolina has repudiated so many of his earlier positions, so many of his Senate votes, that we’re not sure where he stands. We certainly don’t buy the notion that he can hold back the tide of globalization

  211. Juan Williams on NPR this morning said he thought the Dem race would be settled on Feb 5 ie not mathematically but a clear front runner will emerge, I took that to mean that hIllary will be too far ahead and have too much momentum for hussein to catch up.
    He thought the Rep race would be far from over come after Feb 5
    what do you think

  212. He’s back to that tired line about being naive? My gosh, people must know Hillary will use a ton of diplomacy. He husband runs the freaking global initiative. He’s talking to people all over the world all the time. How can people be so foolish as to believe this bs?

  213. NY Times got it right on JE imagine in some debate JE was given a chance to shine asked what his major accomplishment was in the senate and the answer he gave was a bill that never passed patients bill of rights,
    JE is a joke I am sorry to say and if he runs one more time I bet you he will start seeing UFOs

  214. At this point, Edwards hurts Hillary more than Obama. Unless he has some hidden agenda, he should bow out gracefully when he is not able to win his home state.

  215. I saw an interesting article by Dick Morris. He says the loss in SC will eventually help Hillary win the campaign by making the race strictly a racial one.

  216. I think JE could just be helping most of his people know he cant win, if they were for Hillary they would have moved I think, the only place I think they could go is Obama, his support I think is the anti-Hillary crowd

  217. Amy Holmes, a conservative African American woman, went to a salon in LA and talked with ladies there and she was asking questions to make Hillary seem racist

    Well, if the interviewer, Holmes, a conservative, was slanting the questions and maybe omitting to report any answers she didn’t like … then it doesn’t mean much. There could have been a lot of pro-Hillary women she didn’t quote. Maybe it does give us some idea which issues/areas to work on.

  218. I think she will win Missouri, it’s Mississippi that she will probably loose. I think she’ll do pretty well in the border states.

    Down here there are Black Democrats and White Republicans. It’s been that way since 1964 – 65 when the Civil Rights Act was passed. Race is the dirty secret to the success of Republicans in the south. They’ve been successful is depressing the black vote with a variety of legislative moves plus blacks have not been motivated to vote because they don’t think their vote matters. Obama’s win in Iowa changed that dynamic dramatically and that momentum in the black community will continue through the nominating process.

    I’m guessing he will win approximately 10 – 12 states. In these states, I think Hillary work to keep it close and take as many delegates from him as possible. He is using the same strategy in states like NY, NJ, MA, CA. The name of the game at this point is delegate count. Particularly watch the Super Delegate counts.

  219. kaffeen. That’s right, he splits the white vote. IMO, that’s the biggest reason Obama is so anxious to get Edwards on board, but keep him in the race. I read that BO has offered him the Attorney General position in an Obama administration.

  220. COLUMBIA, S.C. —
    Polls point to a Barack Obama victory in South Carolina’s primary Saturday, but the Rev. Larry McCutcheon isn’t so sure.

    The pastor of Orangeburg’s Trinity United Methodist Church finds “most of the people I talk to are trying to choose” between Obama and Hillary Clinton.

    “Obama brings a freshness,” he said, “but people recognize Clinton’s experience.”

    That ambivalence echoed all through the state Friday, as Obama, Clinton and former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards spent a frenetic day trying to woo votes in a state that could make or break at least one of them.

  221. hillfans. im up and adam. i should get some sleep but im a nite owel so that will not work. i did not watch nightline yet. i will watch it on my dvr now.

  222. kafeen, don’t believe a word what dick”all fours with call girl”morris says. he has been so wrong about hillary’s political careet is pathetic.

  223. chaz356: Juan Williams on NPR this morning said he thought the Dem race would be settled on Feb 5 ie not mathematically but a clear front runner will emerge

    After SC, you’ll have a few more endorsements for Obama like Sebelius, etc. Then, if we win, say: CA, NY, NJ, CT, MA, MO, AR, AZ, NM, one more southern state and throw in MI, FL for kicks, I think there will be quiet, behind-the-scenes motion to pressure BO a bit. They’ll say that they did their part in supporting him, blah-blah.

  224. admin and others: a friend of mine told me about this late tonight . . . type the following web address: hillaryLCinton dot com (switch the “C” and the “L” in Clinton) and don’t be surprised where you’re redirected. Obama=shady.

  225. It tells you alot about JE when he repudiates the very things he believed in and voted for as a US Senator in order to pursue the presidency.

    I once thought he would drop out after SC, but I now believe he will stay in the race, gather as many votes as he can, try to be a king maker if possible and trade up to the highest position he can get in the campaign he thinks will win.

    Believe me, I would love to be wrong.

  226. wbboei …. I agree. Edwards is about a New York minute away from being a professional candidate. He hasn’t held elective office for almost four years and he badly needs a win or a deal. I think he may stay in the race and trades his delegates for as much as he can get for them. That being said, I also think he will stay in the race until after the primary in North Carolina. I read he was talking to some people about running for the Senate again in 2010 from NC. He would use his organization for the 2008 race for the senate campaign.

  227. Call me old fashioned (or as they NOW say, “Old School”) but I would never concede ANY state until the votes are actually in, and I would bet that team Hillary would concur. It’s fun to parse polls and speculate about the future, but primary contests are historically based on the momentum of the LAST contest. Look at the republicans; Huck wins in IA and he’s the front runner. McCain wins in NH and, HE’S the FR, Romney wins and he’s the FR, etc.

    No one knows what tomorrow’s outcome will be. The polls suggest OB will win by 8-15 points, but the polls have often not only been wrong, but in complete disagreement with each other. One thing I do know; Never underestimate Hillary Clinton.

  228. I’ve crunched the numbers, and it seems to me african american women make up about a third of the dem primary in SC. If she splits them, she wins. If not, she can still win but it becomes more challenging. If she cannot get more than 30% of african women voters, she has to rely on Edwards bottoming out. So, it’s anyone’s game, but those are the scenarios, as I can see. I’ve read that women make up a disproportionate amount of the electorate in SC(about 57%), and I figure 60% of primary voters will be african americans, so that’s where I get my starting point.

  229. I suspect that many AA people are conflicted about this race. I do believe that a good many people won’t make up their minds until they are actually right there in the voting booth. IT makes it all the more unfortunate that BO chose to run before he was really ready. After what we’ve learned about him I am not sure that I would ever consider him “ready” to be president but he certainly could’ve worked on his resume some.

  230. obama has now become the “black candidate” mean ala jesse and chislom his vote will be primarily blacks with young students, educated wealthy whites, and small band of idealists who supported kennedy in 1980, hart 1984,tsongas, 1992, bradley 2000, and dean in 2004. same ole same ole.

  231. The cross tabs of the public policy poll make utterly no sense:

    On issues:
    War in Iraq 24% Hill 45% Obama
    Health Care 17% Hill 40% Obama
    Education 19% Hill 58% Obama
    Taxes 8% Hill 53% Obama

  232. mj … is this still from SC. If it is, it means the race certainly isn’t about policy, proposals, or experience.

  233. I really think the primary in SC is about the emotion of the moment. Obama gens up the folks like a tent revival preacher and everyone says ‘amen’. They can’t tell you what they said ‘amen’ about, but they all sang it in unison.

    It’s really a contest of style vs substance.

  234. wasabigirl: They can’t tell you what they said ‘amen’ about, but they all sang it in unison.

    Reminds me of Iowa.

  235. I’m really curious to see what the turnout is going to be in SC (along with some demographic numbers). Republicans got a low turnout, if that happens for the dems, it could be favorable to Hillary.

  236. It also reminds me of GWB. Do you think any of the people who voted for him could really explain a thing he said?

  237. kaffeen… Not to be a wet blanket, but the Charlotte newspaper is expecting a very high turnout in the northern precincts.

  238. I really think the primary in SC is about the emotion of the moment.

    It’s about voting along strict racial lines. Plain and simple.

    Obama played the race card to justify his loss in NH and as a shield to prevent being attacked. He has rallied his African American base against the white oppressor in South Carolina.

  239. The final Zogby gives Obama a 15% lead. This looks like Obama has it sewn up. Please, if you ae volunteering for Hill in SC, go on out there. She needs you. We need those delegates.

  240. Yeah, I totally agree. His problem is that in all likelihood he’s alienated a lot of whites who might have supported him. The politics of race is a bloody double edged sword that cuts deep for all concerned. It’s pretty much assured that SC will be one of the brightest red states in November.

    I’m just hoping that there is not a lot of spill over after tomorrow into other races, but after Nevada, I just don’t believe that so.

  241. Zogby is just one of many polls. Others show a much narrower race. In addition, even Zogby admits that the voters in SC are “fluid”. That 20% of voters willing to change their mind on voting day and the undecided may make a huge difference.

  242. Well, someone has a diary up on mydd, and this guy is just basically smearing Hill at this point, all while playing the pure one. It’s actually depressing.

  243. Regardless of SC results, the campaign made the best move to concentrate on Super Tuesday states. That is where Obama will hopefully get the knockout punch. If this becomes the “white” candidate against the “black” candidate as many see happening after SC, I think that this helps Hillary. It’s not ideal, but she will win the black vote back for the GE.

  244. I also find it very sad that it could go along racial lines, however, in the end, I want Hillary to be President and if that is what it takes to win, so be it (with regret).

  245. I think the SC people most likely to vote for Hillary are also the ones least likely to grab the phone when a pollster calls. Those who value age and experience will be more likely to keep quiet to keep peace in the family, and just quietly vote for her on the secret ballot.

    The pity is there doesn’t NEED to be a conflict. Hillary can take her terms now when we need her most, to clean things up. Then they can vote for Obama next time.

    As for the same ole same ole, the only one of those candidates to get nominated was JFK — thanks, Terrondt!

  246. mj-

    When you see something in a poll that every other piece of information you have and your gut both tell you are wrong, it probably is, so why bother complaining about it?

    As to the ALWAYS reliable zogby (LOL) and any other poll that you’d like to mention; What is the MOE and what is the percentage of undecideds?
    How STRONG was the support for each candidate (What percentage said they would ABSOLUTELY vote for a candidate, as in, “Seventy-four percent (74%) of Likely Democratic Primary Voters say they are “certain” they will not change their mind before voting. Just 3% say there is a good chance they will change their mind.”, from Rasmussen’s last SC poll.

    Let’s look at those numbers;

    OB- 43
    Hillary- 28
    Edwards- 17
    Someone else-5
    Not Sure- 6
    Margin of error +/- 4%

    While the numbers look like they say that Hillary is 15 points down, There is at LEAST 15% that is unknown here. 11% of the vote is either for a write in candidate or undecided and there is a 4 point MOE for that 15%
    then there is the 3% of support (which is a very small number BTW) that is, “soft”, and could change and now it’s up to 18 percent unknown.

    With Hillary there is a factor I’ll call the, “Hillary Factor”, as I believe that at least 1 or 2 percent of Hillary supporters do so in silence or pretend to be supporting another candidate but are really for Hillary. Now we’re up to 20% unknown and that’s 5 points more than the spread. I could (justifiably, I think) also include the 1-5 percent increase in female turnout that Hillary generates as a historic watershed candidate, but that’s much harder to quantify from the limited data-set.

    My point is that you can’t read a poll like a football score, It isn’t simply


    I posted above in this thread about polling and predicting outcomes. Hillary has already defied the polls in this campaign. She’s a unique candidate in a complex environment who we don’t have enough data from the primaries to be able to predict exactly what the, “Hillary Effect”, is on a given election, but I’ll repeat, and I don’t care what the polls say, “Never underestimate Hillary Clinton.”

  247. I think Obama will win by a comfortable margin tomorrow. I’m also fine with that. Look, while I don’t like to lose, and the stakes are high, it’s a bit much to expect to win every state.

    I think it’s unrealistic to view this as a straight-up conflict between race and gender. There’s an additional element, which is plantation politics. We’re talking about a state where the location of the Confederate flag is still an issue.

  248. Donna Brazile took several shots at the Clinton campaign, under the guise of the suggestion that she should run for POTUS, but were sad and apparent. If someone has a clip of this, please post so we can write letters to Media Matters and CNN.

    Donna is openly Lesbian. So, I guess she is willing to overlook the blatant anti-gay moves by the BHO campaign. I don’t know why that’s O.K. with her?

  249. donna brazile can spin it any way she wants to but she is maligning hillary because she is supporting the candidate of her race. plain and simple.

    MJ: if hillary will win today, it’s gonna be another sweet “steal the rug from under him” victory for her.
    if not, it will be because blacks voted for a black man. it’s not about substance or experience, not at all.

  250. It was suggested that she should run for POTUS, as a joke. She said, well you know “I’m not . . . (insert every single talking point the MSM attributed to WJC) . . .” It was blatant and obvious.

  251. Good morning Hillary fans: We have two candidates running for POTUS and one for AG in the same race? I really do not see any logic in voting for Edwards. If they really want to vote for a President for working people they should be voting for Hillary. We all know that Mr. Obama is really not a democrat and is anti union. He has one foot in the republican camp and one foot in the independent camp. IMO if he does not get the nomination he would bolt out of Democratic Party.

  252. It was very interesting to read the post by TheRealist with all the numbers about undecided voters, those who could change their minds, and others. If she did eke out a victory, that could provide a possible explanation. There is a lot of uncertainty going into this election day.
    He didn’t say she was going to win or even come close, but she could.

    I’m braced for a loss in this one, but I hope she can stay within 5%. I understand the reasons for losing, and I’m willing to accept it. I certainly don’t think it will have much of an effect in future contests.

    She may lose this battle, but she will win the war! Having said that, I still can’t help but hope she manages to win somehow. That would feel good!

  253. I think Hillary will win Missouri. Obama has a lot of support here in the St. Louis area but I’m not so sure about outstate. Southern Born what’s your take?

    BTW we have our own political shakeup here in Mo. Our one term governor announced this week that he will not run for re-election. This is Matt “Baby” Blunt who is Roy “Big Daddy” Blunt’s kid. The Dem candidate (no Claire will not be dividing Democrats again this year she’s trying to derail Hillary by supporting Obama – a real spoiler) will be Jay Nixon. Because Blunt has been such a weak governor Nixon was expected to win. Now we have to see who the new republican candidate will be.
    This will be important in the GE for MO. If Jay can be strong, then he can carry Hillary along in this red Limbaugh, Blunt, Ashcroft state.

    Also – Matt Lauer and Donna Brazille are both shitbags and evil. She couldn’t win anything – much less become POTUS. What a joke she is.

  254. Why do Carville and Begala get banned from CNN, while Brazile and Cafferty (who took a cheap shot at Chelsea on Friday) get to continue? It makes no sense, other than…..follow the money! It has to be the Obama ad purchase! Can we get Watts, Cafferty, Bill Bennett, et. al. banned during the GE is we buy enough ads?

  255. B.Merry, I checked out your new Rezko site, and it looks very good. Thanks for that.

    Your link didn’t work for me, so I had to google rezkowatch. I posted this information about an hour ago, but it hasn’t appeared, so I will try it again – different.

    Try this link, but add the http:


  256. chrisC, I think it has to do with BO’s friendship with the chairman of Times Warner:
    read my earlier post.

    clintondem99 Says:

    January 25th, 2008 at 7:05 pm

  257. “Could Obama Win South Carolina, But Get No Bounce?”

    Excellent article about this on CBSnews. It asks a lot of questions which it leaves unanswered, but they have no choice at this point. I found it to be an interesting read.


  258. B. Merry,

    I didn’t try it that way. It’s okay. I saved it in my favorites so I can keep up with what happens there.

  259. Thanks, clintondem99. That answers it all!

    (I still find the Cafferty comment offensive…the Parsons alliance should not be a license for that.)

  260. I also thank you, Clintondem99. That answered a lot of questions for me. “I can see clearly now…”

  261. While we’re waiting…

    I want to thank everyone responsible for all the interesting names used on this site. It has helped to keep things light here. I don’t remember them all but Obamacan is one that comes to mind.

    My favorite refers to the BHO supporters as Obamalamdingdongs. That one obviously came from an old rock song of the late 50’s named Ramalamadingdong. I like it.

    I think it shows that even a group of obvious political pros have a lot of character. Thanks, everybody.

  262. Just a thought, but anyone want to make a bar bet for after Hillary’s inauguration 8) for how long it takes for Ben Smith (hi Ben) and the nutkooks to start complaining about ReskoWatch? I have comments turned off to shut them out but you can be sure that they’ll pop up somewhere whining and complaining.

  263. Sherm, I believe that “Obamalamdingdongs” comes from secular at Taylor Marsh. I personally like Obamabots because they’re more like androids than real thinking human beings.

  264. B Merryfield,
    It took them quite a while to start complaining of Hillaryis44, but then again things move at a much quicker pace now. I’d go for the first “official” complaint about RezkoWatch in the end of next week.

    And it’ll go something like: “The Hillary supporters will stop at nothing to tar the immaculate, the pure, the clean, the transcendent Knight of Hope and Change. It’s so sad and so drags this primary season in the gutters. The latest example of their low morale is a vile blog entirely devoted to following the trial against Tony Rezko, a Chicago real estate developer who has never ever met any Senator from Illinois, and who is best known for once appearing on a photo with Bill and Hillary Clinton.

  265. Sherm..& Chris c … I hope I am totally wrong about my assesment of the situation at CNN I do not like to be cynical. When some one as high as Dick parsons gives a signal I think it has impact.

  266. I love how Politico, the all things Obama website, has a headline describing the SC primary as a potential “game changer”. Then, of course, in the actual article the columnist says nothing about this other than a short comment that Obama could get a boost and even that isn’t explored in detail or supported by any facts. I love how these sites use headlines as a propaganda tool for the candidates they support. I could bet money on what this columnists next article (and headline) will be should Obama win…

  267. B Merryfield,
    I’ve just linked to, and praised, RezkoWatch at DailyKooks and TalkingPointlessMemo. They won’t like it of course – but it’ll draw some traffic to the site and create some buzz which should be good.

    And there’s always the occasional Hillary supporter passing by…

  268. B Merryfield,
    Yeah, well, I saw that as our que to praise RezkoWatch even when in hostile territory. 🙂

    Buzz and links are important to spread the word. And this blog is well worth to highlight. You’re very good at what you’re doing!

  269. I really do not want to hear stuff like “Barack’s victory speech in SC was inspiring” “It sent chills down my back” “He spoke like Martin Luther King ready to lead his people”.

    But I know it is coming.

  270. clintondem99,

    I don’t think you are cynical. When you look up the definition of cynical, David Axelrod’s picture pops up! That is cynical!

  271. OAndrewD, my advice is to ignore the big blogs and turn off the television for 2 days after today.

    Seriously, guys – when/if Obama wins this one, I DO NOT WANT to come here and hear people telling me what he and his people are saying. If you want to repeat their gloating, go post it somewhere else. Not here!

    I want to talk about the game plan for FL and Feb 5th. 🙂

  272. OAndrew – yes, its coming and we better brace ourselves for the lovefest. They dismissed the Clinton NV and MI victories but the media is going to be ecstatic with a BO SC win. Thats why you hear all the bs talk about momentum and “gamechanging”. They are dying to put him up on a pedestal at the slightest opportunity and the narcissist will bask in their love. If he wins, any bets that he is going to say that “America” has rejected the politics of “division” and “fear” and that he is on his way to the nomination ?

  273. dt, I think voters are very smart. they don’t want anything drama. they worry about economic and the future of the county. the more the media talk about BHO is maching to nominee, the more people will turn out and vote him out. remember NH the media said large turn out benefited BHO and it ended up benefited Hillary.

  274. A particularly venomous column in today’s WaPoop by Colbert King. Also, in the article discussing SC, a hint of what is to come.

    More than four in five African American voters said they have a favorable impression of Obama, but only about a third of white voters have a positive view of his candidacy. Big majorities of white voters give Clinton and Edwards positive marks, but fewer than half of blacks rated them positively.

    The racial polarization concerns Democrats on all sides of the primary fight here, but it will not be clear until Saturday’s primary results how the division might affect the campaign going forward. Obama has demonstrated clear appeal across racial lines, and his advisers — and other Democrats — expect that to continue in future contests.

    “Only Obama can unite us”

  275. meiyingsu: push-wrong-button-in-chief

    I wouldn’t vote for any of my state senators a couple of years out of office while launching the perpetual campaign. I am sick of how the media has puffed this character up. Do you realize that we’re almost into February — this Obamathon is going on a year now.

  276. HillaryforTexas, I agree. Please people, do not bring Obama praise here. If I wanted to see it, I’d watch he MSM. I am shocked by what Colbert King is saying, because just last week a poll in SC showed favorability for Hill in tht 80’s among aa’s.

  277. re Colbert King, it is articles LIKE THE ONE HE WROTE that is turning off white voters. It is Obama’s race-baiting that is pushing them away, not the color of his skin. It is that same race-baiting that is pulling Blacks to feel guilty and obligated to vote for him, as he and Michelle keep telling them they are betraying King’s dream if they don’t and that Hllary is a nasty racist.

    He disgusts me. He has created this divide, and now has his people out there hand-wringing over it in order to shove it even wider.

    His ego knows no bounds. He is as narcisistic as GWB.

  278. I look forward to today’s SC primary because win or lose for Hillary (and I think she will do better than expected) it’s definitely an overall lose situation for Obama.

  279. AmericanGal, I try to fill some of my time reading articles that support your opinion stated above. The WSJ has an online article that says:

    To Truly Win in Carolina,
    Obama Needs Large Margin

    Then they give their NewsCorp views on the subject. While it isn’t really new for anyone on this forum, I liked reading their perspective. I realize that organization will do a 180 turn in a few weeks, but it’s nice to have them saying these things now.


  280. To Truly Win in Carolina,
    Obama Needs Large Margin
    January 26, 2008; Page A4

    COLUMBIA, S.C. — When is a win in the South Carolina Democratic primary really a win?

    For Sen. Barack Obama, anything less than a decisive victory Saturday might lead some political operatives and observers to shrug off a first-place finish as a given.
    Mr. Obama has been leading rival Sen. Hillary Clinton in polls by as much as 16 percentage points over the past week. He fares particularly well among African-American voters, who make up half of all registered Democrats in the state. By a 5 to 1 margin, they said they would vote for Mr. Obama over Mrs. Clinton.

    This may seem like good news for Mr. Obama, who scored a first-place finish in the Iowa caucus but finished second to Mrs. Clinton in New Hampshire and Nevada. But with expectations set so high, political pundits say the Illinois senator faces a dilemma: He will have to win by a double-digit margin in order for voters nationwide to perceive South Carolina as a real victory.

    This struggle to meet expectations has been heightened by the Clinton campaign. For the past week, campaign officials have been publicly lowering expectations in South Carolina while reaching out to the nearly two dozen states that will hold primaries on “Super Tuesday,” Feb. 5. Mrs. Clinton spent much of the week campaigning in California, Arizona, New Jersey and New York.
    After days of criticizing Mrs. Clinton for ignoring the Palmetto State, the Obama campaign seemed to grasp how this expectations game was playing out. It released a memo Wednesday titled “Hillary Clinton going all out to win in South Carolina” that claims she has invested seven months of on-the-ground efforts and more than $200,000 in TV advertising in South Carolina.


  281. H 4 T

    couldn’t agree more. in the event of a BO-SC win, there is no place here for whiny, pissin’ and moanin’. like you said, let’s focus on florida and february 5th where the mighty BO will face a bone-crushing defeat.

    btw – joe scarborough is completely losing-it as we speak. i believe he sees the writing on the wall that the almighty BO’s days are numbered. the guy is in panic overdrive. out of control blaming bill clinton.

  282. Well, you knw, demographically with Edwards sucking up the white vote, he could win by a wide margin, so not sure why you print that here. It gives me utterly no comfort.

  283. From Chuck(les the Clown) Todd and MSNBC;

    “Things to keep an eye on: As much as we’d like for race to not be a part of the picture, it is. In 2004, the makeup of the Democratic primary electorate in South Carolina was 51% white and 47% black. In that contest, Edwards won over 50% of the white vote and narrowly won the black vote over Kerry, 37%-34% with Sharpton getting 17%. Overall, Edwards beat Kerry, 45%-30%, followed by Sharpton at 10%. Turnout was just under 300,000 in 2004. Also of note, 24% of the 2004 Dem electorate was independent. What does that mean for today? Well, the most recent MSNBC/McClatchy/Mason-Dixon poll anticipates an electorate that’s 55% African-American and 42% white. Obviously, the Obama campaign hopes the electorate today is closer to Mason-Dixon’s survey than the 2004 exit poll. And that’s basically THE number to watch for — the black-white split. More importantly, what will the white number be for Obama? In the last poll we conducted, Obama received just 10% of the white vote; that was a 10-point drop from a week earlier. Also, watch how black women break. In the poll and on the ground, young, black women tend to support him, but not older ones necessarily.”

  284. btw, consulted my magic 8 ball this morning, asking “will hillary do OK in SC?” answer was “most likely”.. 😉

  285. AP: “Obama seeks Hispanic inroads as California leans toward Clinton”: “Bidding for Hispanic support in California’s upcoming primary, Barack Obama describes himself in a Spanish-language television ad as the son of an immigrant whose success is a beacon to others. ‘This is your country,’ a narrator says in the ad that began airing Friday in Los Angeles. ‘Don’t let anyone or anything take away those dreams.’ But it is an older, more familiar success story — that of the Clintons — that seems to be holding sway among most California Hispanics. They will play a key role in deciding the Democratic winner.

  286. Well, if polls are to be believed, aa women in SC will break mostly Obama, so I think Chuck Todd is setting us up so he can say ah, the aa women in SC broke to Obama.

  287. Clintondem99, I had to turn off mornin’ Joe, too. I went to headline News which had a Professor from Spelman College talking about how the issues of Black women were put on the back burner by the leaders of the Civil Rights movement. It talked about how Hillary’s canidacy had opened up a debate over gender in the AA community. This is a good thing. Finally somebody speakin about the conflict. The spot featured the AA leader of the young democrats who is personally backing Clinton. Hooray.

  288. A little history…

    Edwards beat Kerry by FIFTEEN POINTS! That really gave Edwards a lot of momentum, NOT! The only subsequent primary he won in 2004 was NC (April 17th) LONG after Super Tuesday.

  289. I had my Hillary group out in the streets yesterday wavin’ signs in Friday afternoon traffic. Wanted to give the obamalamadingdongs somethin to think about on their way home for the weekend. Also wanted all silent Hillfans to know that theyweren’t alone. We’re a long way from SC but what happens there is just about there in all its complexity. It’s 10 days till super Tuesday and hell that’s a lifetime in politics. But I want to see Hill on some national ad buys.

  290. A little humor…

    January 25, 2008, 5:20 pm
    From One New Yorker to Another

    By Patrick Healy

    ROCK HILL, S.C. – Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is 2 for 3 in Democratic nominating contest victories, while her fellow New Yorker and old nemesis Rudolph W. Giuliani is 0 for 6 and seems on the ropes as the Florida primary approaches on Tuesday.

    Mrs. Clinton is feeling confident these days: “I’m working very hard, it looks good, it feels good,” she said at a rally here this afternoon. So I asked her at a news conference just now if she felt at all sorry for Mr. Giuliani.

    As some reporters laughed, she met the mischievous question with a mischievous smile. (No cackle, though.) The newly emotive Hillary Clinton first made her feelings plain – “You are so bad, Pat” – and then spoke with grace about the man who has thrown barbs at her ever since he briefly challenged her for a United States Senate seat in 2000.

    “He’s worked very hard in this campaign,” Mrs. Clinton said. “Anybody who puts themselves into this arena deserves our respect.”

    “This is the hardest job in the world, and getting there is probably the hardest path in the world – we never know what’s going to happen,” she added.”

  291. mollyrichards, regarding the ad buys:

    One of the mistakes that Obama keeps seeming to make are mistakes in timing. Look at NH and NV. He always makes his big push a little too soon,and the fairy dust has time to wear off by the time voters go to the polls. You have to time these things correctly, and trust me, the Clintons KNOW in their gut the precise moment to get a message out for maximum impact. They are masters at it.

  292. As Taylor Marsh said the other day – “Just who is this guy? And how did he come so close to getting the democratic nomination?”

    He accuses Hillary of being “republican-lite” when he actually preaches a sophisticated version of Lieberman style bi-partisanship. He begs repubs for their votes and says he cant guarantee that his supporters will vote for her. Praises Reagan but disses the accomplishments of the last popular two-term democratic president. Uses repub talking points and slimy tactics against his opponents and divides the party using race like no candidate in the past, in order to boost his candidacy.

    He’s a dangerously ambitious creep. In the next 2 weeks, at long last the time will come to say good riddance for once and for all to this bad, really bad rubbish. VP ? Hell no. She is not crazy so as to want the Rezko stench that comes along with the narcissist and calculating personality in her WH.

  293. The Professor’s name at Spelman is Professor Bahati Kuumba author of Gender and Social Movements. Civil Rights leaders put Women’s Issues on the back burner. The discussion of women’s issues is “not usual” in politics. She praises Clinton for her emphasis on health since minority women are disproportionately affected by many illnesses and access to health care.

  294. I am actually very upset and I WANT TO THANK THIS WEBSITE for sticking up against the constant media skewing and subtle remark after remark meant to damage Hillary’s candidacy. It is so sad as I watch the Washington Journal and hear some callers’ remarks that are taken directly from the media and are simply false! I agree with meiyingsu, voters are smart, but voters who are voting for Hillary have to take the extra step of not letting themselves get caught up by a constant barage of CNN/MSNBC/FOX/POLITICO/RCP/ETC hatred.. it’s simply not fair and I’m sick of it.

  295. I am setting here drinking my coffee and surfing the net, I have noticed some articals about Hillary fighting for second place. Where the hell is that coming from?

  296. dayum, msnbc just deliberately cut Ann Lewis off on something about “code”….wth is that bunch up to now.

    The blatant bias against Hillary is sickening.

  297. I heard she may have trouble with John Edwards and that voters turned off by obama because of race and whatnot will go to him instead of her. This is scary.

  298. Hawk, he’s from SC. We have a snowballs chance in hell of winning SC in a GE. He won SC by 15 points last time. I wouldn’t worry about it.

  299. I just switched over to MSM and Ann Lewis called in. BO’s campaign person is criticizing Clinton because she’s not there.

  300. It is total infortainment and I am so concerned that the meaning of “news” and “journalism” has become so blurred. I wondered where my students got the idea that it was all about people’s opinions and everybody’s ideas were equally valid….I am beginnin’ to understand.

  301. I think I am not worried about it mj, I agree. I just think the msm will use this to attempt to end her candidacy as they have always wanted to do, but I hope Florida will reverse this loss.

  302. Hillary has other fish to fry and she’s using her day to campaign in other places.

    Wonder if this same guy complained when Obama left his NV supporters without as much as a kiss my a$$.

    PlaymatewannabeMika just has to keep saying that Nevada wasn’t a win for Hillary….my a$$, she won.

    I’m off my soapbox…switched to western channel LOL

    anybody heard anything about what early exit polls are showing

  303. How come Obama gets his own personal spokesperson on MSNBC? Why don’t they just let Chris Matthews come on as well. Then we’d had Obama’s personal spokesperson and another Hillary basher (a woman basher in general) sittin’ side by side

  304. ouch. Interesting stuff, no matter how unfortunate. I am so ready for monday. Our roll through super tuesday begins with Bill Nelson’s endorsement on monday. Then Florida votes, then a debate in LA, then february 5th, then Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Maryland, Oregon and many others. Should be a good time.

  305. DemAC, you’ve started a shitstorm over at DailyKooks. In fact, I’m so impressed that I’m going to put it up a salute to all the DailyKooks who have so warmly welcomed RezkoWatch into the fold. 😈

  306. I witnessed that hatchet job Donna Brazil did on Lou Dobbs last night too and already emailed CNN demanding that they ban her and Roland Martin from CNN until after the primaries like they have done to James Carville and Paul Begala. If they want the news to be fair and balanced they can not ban one side and allow the other side free air time which is a violation of FCC regulations.

  307. Mika just admitted on-air “for the sake of transparency” that she has two brothers (or maybe a brother and her dad) working on the Obama campaign! Did we already know this?

  308. Limabeans: Yes she has stated this before, My thought, the picture of HRC and Rezco(sp) came to NBC through her andher family.

  309. Look at the pic on HillHub. I don’t care what happens in SC today. I believe the majority of african americans like Hill, even if most vote Obama in the primary.

  310. hillfans, you notice it seems the only people on msnbc that defensds the clintons are craig crawford and the lady from salon.com who is on now. they defend her from the big media and obamabots from the race charge. they are one of the best.

  311. terrondt, thank godness for them. Craig Crawford wrote the book “Don’t blame the messenger”, so when he see’s media bias you know it is there.

  312. UGH! Why am I watching Morning Joe, anyway? I must hate myself. heh. But seriously, folks… they spent all morning talking about how the evil, devisive Clintons played the race card. OVER and OVER! They keep beating this drum to death, and it is so FRUSTRATING! They had Rep. Clyburn on to discuss racial code and how Bill Clinton was using it deliberately. Now, with all due respect to Rep. Clyburn, I just plain disagree. Of course I agree that there IS racial code and I’m sensitive to it, but to prove code you have to prove intent and no one has been able to do that with Bill! Nevertheless, they’re been talking about race ALL FREAKING MORNING and refuse to let the issue die. Part of the discussion was how Barack has been steadily losing white support since the media picked up the racial stuff and no one has been able to figure out why this is. Everyone seems to understand just fine how he’s gaining black support, but everyone is baffled by the white flight. I can’t believe they haven’t figured this out yet! He is not losing white votes b/c the electorate just noticed he’s black. (I mean, DUH, we all already knew that) He’s losing white support because of his campaingn’s REACTION to all this racial stuff! maybe if the Obama camp hadn’t been so eager to brand the Clinton’s as racist and weren’t WHINING about EVERY DAMN LITTLE THING Obama might still be on his pedestal.

    OK, sorry just had to VENT. thanks.

  313. this morning crawford was defending the clintons and joe took a snide swipe at him about taking his meds. crawford did seem a bit offsrtide but was passionate to push back the lie of the race thing.

  314. Here is what I hope Hillary does when she becomes President. Give Fox News all of her meaty interviews, we know she can handle anything they throw at her.

    Delegate MSNBC and all other networks to covering Bill’s events.

    Not give them anything of herself. I tell you, we know fox news despises her because of politics, but they do seem to have been fairer so far.

  315. limabeans, true i go against my own advise but im trying to find out about how the turnout is going in sc. i say the more turnout the more it helps hillary. i hope hillary’s turnout operation is top notch like neveda and nh. mmmm look at that soul food. tasty!!!! my african-american taste buds are throbbin at the food.lol.

  316. terron, did you read that endorsement for Hillary from New York’s Amsterdam News? It’s a african american paper, and the endorsement is just beautiful.

  317. msnbc the place for politics…politics all the time…their so called brand now.

    I call their place the place of the biggest a$$wipes that ever hit tv land.

    I have lost all faith in the media.

    Are there no real journalists left?

  318. dot48, i agree. damn i hated foxnews for 9 years every since 1999 when al gore started to run for president. they were relentless against him and for bush. now they are among the most fair.

  319. anybody know where to find ratings for msnbc? I’m interested to know if they see some percolating ratings in this bashing…this is the worst I’ve ever seen them. It’s like its a dogfight between the different shows to see who can inject enough hatred towards Hillary and Bill Clinton.

  320. Dot48: I like your idea. Put MSNBC and CNN on Bill Clinton detail. At least they would have to deal with some important stories like global climate change and the AIDS epidemic.

  321. limabeans and dot48

    msnbc is completely out of control. hopefully the rest of the country sees them for the lying sacks-o-shit that they are.

  322. no mj, but i will check it out now. i have a terrible toothacke now. i just woke up. i have to eat somthing so i can take some pain medicine.

  323. limabeans, you are exactly right. White voters are not fleeing because they “just noticed” he’s black. Gimme a break. It is because they are disgusted at the whole thing and how he is pushing it. Many AA voters are as well, but they (understandably) feel more pressure to support him MORE if race becomes an issue. He is the one who has put everyone in this bad position, and I DESPISE him for it.

  324. hillaryfortexas, i agree. dissapointed but i under stand the aa vote in sc. they see a black in the white house and that will win out evry time. i hope hillary can hold a sizable chunk of the aa vote to hold steady.

  325. Obama is condescending toward his competition. He’s also puttin’ on a big act tryin’ to decide who to be. Timeh’s on now. Barf

  326. The media are a bunch of dirtbags! They are using the Clintons as a scapegoat so that they can now make this campaign all about race, which is what they wanted to do from the GET-GO. They found a way to blame it on Bill and now they have an excuse, in the interest of “legitimate campaign coverage” to obsess about race and wallow in their own small-mindedness and lust for sensationalism. The first aa candidate with a real shot at the White House and GOD FORBID we should let him be judged by his own merits. No, according to the idiot MSM, THAT is racist. When actually what they MEAN is that it is unsexy. Issues are unsexy. Democratic in-fighting and racial hostility, OTOH, gets ratings. ARGHH!!!!!!!!!!!

  327. Yes, which is why they had a hissy fit when Bill called ’em out on it and told that reporter….you’re the only one who cares about this. Then all of a sudden you got dick morris writin’ his columns about bill beatin’ up on him verbally. People who are jealous do that sort of thing; not real journalists.

  328. HillaryforTexas

    Obama is losing white votes not because he is AA, he is losing the votes because many see AA voting for him just because he is AA as unfair. If he wins the AA vote in SC by the numbers the polls suggest there will be a backlash. Sad to say, but there will one. They will not be voting against him, they will be voting for Hillary to offset AA voting for him because of his race.

  329. I wish hillary campaign releases video with all racial innuendos starting from jesse jackson jr to obama using bamboozled and michelle obama using fairy tale as excuse to rake up racial tone and distributes it to media..

  330. Exactly, HillforTex! I understand the dilemma of aa voters in SC (and elsewhere) and am totally sympathetic to that. And if I examine my own prejudices… I thought about it the other day and realized that if Barack was running against some unispiring white guy (like say, JOHN DOUCHEBAG KERRY)I would totally vote for him, too! I mean, all things being equal I always vote for the aa candidate or the woman candidate (assuming there is one, HA), I won’t lie. I’m not pretending I’m impervious to issues of race and/or gender.

    Having said that, this race is getting SOOOO PETTY and STUPID and the media is really trying HARD to reshape this race and control the discussion. And it’s frankly INSULTING to all of us; like we’re not taking this seriously or we’re too stupid to take a hard unbiased look at the candidates.

  331. Here in NJ there were about 48,000 new voter registrations by the deadline. Around 300 were republican and 42,000 were Independent and the rest Democrats. Independents can vote in the NJ primary only if they have never voted in a NJ primary election before and can declare a party affiliation at the polls. Independents who have previously voted must have changed their registration 50 days prior to election day. So it does not look good for Obama and his be a Democrat for 1 day here in the Garden State. Better luck next time…………………

  332. rogerwilliams 1/25 at 3:10-this is partially responsive to your point. I would discount his comments that the Clinton campaign is using the race card which are little more than a restatement of the lies and half truths which the Obama campaign have fed to the Big Media.

    I would focus instead on his aknowledgment that the Obama campaign is using the race card, the fact that Big Media yelling fire in a crowded theater, and his statement that Edwards pulls from Obama as opposed to Hillary, which is contrary to the conventional meme.

    ON DEADLINE: Hillary wins race on race By RON FOURNIER, Associated Press Writer
    Fri Jan 25, 10:59 AM ET

    COLUMBIA, S.C. – Hillary Rodham Clinton has won in South Carolina.


    No, not Saturday’s primary — though it’s no longer outside the realm of possibility that Clinton will defeat Barack Obama here. What she has won in South Carolina is the larger campaign to polarize voters around race and marginalize Obama (in the insidious words of one of her top advisers) as “The Black Candidate.”

    The most recent public and private polls show the New York senator narrowing Obama’s lead in South Carolina, with the electorate divided along racial lines. A new McClatchy/MSNBC survey shows that Obama’s support among white Democrats fell in one week from 20 percent to a mere 10 percent, a staggering decline that could portend trouble for Obama in majority-white contests beyond Saturday.

    Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards, who is running third, appeared to pick up the white support Obama lost.

    It is too easy to lay blame at Clinton’s feet. True, she did spark racial tension with an ill-advised assessment of the civil rights struggle (President Johnson carried out Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream), hours after her husband, Bill, took a jab at Obama (his Iraq posturing is a political “fairy tale”) during the New Hampshire primary campaign.

    And the former president knowingly fanned the flames by lashing out at the media and the Obama campaign over an unspecified “hit job,” raising the specter of race as he campaigned furiously and petulantly on behalf of his wife.

    But it was not just the Clintons who played the race card. There were plenty of people dealing from the sordid deck: Obama advisers who pointed reporters to the remarks; Obama supporters who took the Clintons’ remarks out of context to condemn them; a Clinton surrogate who made a veiled reference to Obama’s drug use as a youth; the conflict-obsessed media that exaggerated every twist of the race debate; black voters who publicly declared a black man is unelectable; and white voters who openly admitted that they or their neighbors couldn’t vote for a black man.

    If nothing else, South Carolina has reminded us, sadly, that race is still an issue in America.

    As for Obama and Clinton, racially tinged remarks were slipped into their stumps speeches like so many stale bread crumbs. On Friday, the New York senator praised New York Rep. Charles Rangel as a man who rise to power without “leapfrogging” — a term that any thinking member of her predominantly black audience understood to apply to the precocious Obama.

    The Illinois senator, following a strategic template that his top adviser, David Axelrod, has deployed to elect other young black politicians, waited until as late as possible in the campaign to start overtly identifying with the black community. He did so in South Carolina, where blacks make up half or more of the Democratic electorate.

    “I need you to grab Cousin Pookie to vote,” Obama said, playfully breaking out the black vernacular in Kingstree, S.C., on Thursday. “I need you to get Ray-Ray to vote.”

    David Smith, 36, a black voter backing Obama, shook his head in disgust as he discussed the spat over race while awaiting for Obama to speak in Sumpter, S.C.

    “They both ought to knock it off,” he said of Obama and Clinton. “It’s not becoming of a past or future president.”

    A black man who identified himself as a pastor told Bill Clinton at an event in Kingstree, S.C., that black voters should rally behind his wife to keep Republicans out of the White House. “They’re not ready for a black president,” he said.

    Several black audience members nodded and said, “That’s right.”

    “I have to tell you I hope you’re not right,” Bill Clinton responded.

    Unfortunately, the man may be right. At least that’s a hard-to-escape conclusion when you talk to enough white voters who firmly deny that race plays a role in their decision but — guess what? — it matters to their friends, neighbors and co-workers.

    “It doesn’t matter to me, really, but race will be a problem for Obama,” said Haley Bishop, an 18-year-old white resident of Columbia. Interviewed outside a book store near her home, she said, “A lot of people around here aren’t ready for that.”

    Kathy Adams, a lawyer attending a Hillary Clinton event in Anderson, S.C., blamed the media.

    “I have a message for the press — South Carolina is not what you’re portraying it to be,” she said, wagging her finger at the press corps. “We don’t care about a person’s color or gender. We care about finding a leader.”

    The sad fact is that, for a week or so in South Carolina, there was hardly a leader to be found.


  333. People we need to regroup fast,
    I know there is a compaign strategy in place Hillary knew the result here a week ago,
    but as her supporters we need to get up these nine days and kick some serious butt,
    I just introduced one Hussien supporter to Rezko today it got him thinking
    Come on people let it go
    Feb 5 it will be our turn

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