Sticky Fingers

Keep that man’s fingers away from the nuclear button!

If this wasn’t so sad and emblematic it would be funny. It’s not only a 2 second threshold on giving him paper that’s a problem. It’s not just voting “present” that’s a problem – even when he’s there he’s not all there:

Barack Obama angered fellow Democrats in the Illinois Senate when he voted to strip millions of dollars from a child welfare office on Chicago’s West Side. But Obama had a ready explanation: He goofed.

“I was not aware that I had voted no,” he said that day in June 2002, asking that the record be changed to reflect that he “intended to vote yes.”

That misfire was not an isolated case for the young former civil-rights attorney first elected to the state Senate in 1996. At least five times during his eight years in state office, Obama cast a vote and then said he had hit the wrong button, according to transcripts of the proceedings.

The rules allow Illinois lawmakers to clear up a mishap if they suffered from a momentary case of stumbly fingers or a lapse in attention.

But some lawmakers say the unusual practice also offers a relatively painless way to placate both sides of a difficult issue. Even if a lawmaker admits an error, the actual vote stands and the official record merely shows the senator’s “intent.”


Sen. Obama, it is very difficult having a straight-up debate with you, because you never take responsibility for any vote, and that has been a pattern,” Clinton told him in a debate Monday night.

Double Yikes!

You got a lot of nerve to talk about being responsible,” said Sen. Rickey Hendon, accusing Obama of voting to close the child welfare office.

Obama replied right away.

“I understand Sen. Hendon’s anger at — actually — the — I was not aware that I had voted no on that last — last piece of legislation,” he said.

Obama asked that the record reflect “that I intended to vote yes.”

Sticky Fingers Obama also has to watch his tongue – he says one thing but means another:

Our friend Ben Smith at Politico reports on a pro-Obama outside group in California called Vote Hope (its website bears an uncanny resemblance to Obama’s official one)…Vote Hope is both a PAC and a 527, meaning its different arms can conduct different activities playing under different rules.

As you may recall, in Iowa Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, was a fierce critic of outside cash and third party groups — when they were helping former Sen. John Edwards, D-NC.

In an email Smith obtained, Vote Hope told supporters that a different group, PowerPAC would in preparation for Super Duper Tuesday be hiring organizers to help turn out the vote at a salary of $12.50 an hour as well as $15 gas reimbursement.

In August, Obama said “We do not think people should be donating to 527s.” Of Vote Hope, he told the San Francisco Chronicle ‘It would be hypocrisy if I had anything to do with them, since I just heard of them. This not something that I authorized or had any part of…My recommendation to people who are interested in supporting me is to support me through our campaign …Get involved in the campaign that we’ve set up, that is above board, that is transparent, that is legal.”

But some suggest that Obama has gotten mighty silent on the subject since Iowa — when he assailed pro-Edwards 527s as part of “the Wild West” and slammed Edwards, their beneficiary, despite the North Carolinian’s claims he had nothing to do with the groups and had no way to control them.

“So you can’t say yesterday you don’t believe in ‘em, and today you have three quarters of a million dollars being spent for you,” Obama said then. “You can’t just talk the talk. The easiest thing in the world is to talk about change during election time.”

Well? Mr. Obama? What about Vote Hope?

“Oops. Nevermind” we can already hear Sticky Fingers Obama say.

Sticky Fingers Obama is having problems with his hearing too:

There are times in campaigns when candidates say or do things that destroy the major premises of their campaigns in an instant. Barack Obama did that this morning in his interview with Meredith Vieira on the Today Show.

When confronted with a clip (starting at about 5 minutes into the interview) of him saying in Monday night’s debate that he never supported a single-payer health care system and then a clip of him saying he was a proponent of a single-payer system, Obama uncomfortably dodged his very obvious contradiction by telling Vieira that he could not hear the clips.

By relying on the Groucho Marx defense (“Who are you going to believe, me or your lyin’ eyes?”), Obama reduced himself to a typical politician in front of millions of voters.

Vieira reported that the clips were prepared by the Clinton campaign, which was all the more reason for Obama to have been prepared to respond to the clips.

Voters react to demonstrated behavior. If a politician says he or she represents a new style of politics, but his or her behavior clearly demonstrates the opposite, voters will base their judgments on the behavior and not on what the politician tells them.

Taylor Marsh further exposes the Sticky Fingers Republican in the act of misplacing his Democratic loyalty:

Obama: I have no doubt that once the nomination contest is over, I will get the people who voted for her. Now the question is can she get the people who voted for me? And I think that describes sort of one of the choices that people have, just a practical choice, as they move forward.”

There’s a resentment showing from Obama that is quite telling and lacks all grace. As long as everything was going along smoothly and the press was loving him, and there was no real scrutiny and he wasn’t being challenged, he was all for a different kind of politics and change. Now, not so much. The second he started losing we got another glimpse of the man. He sounds resentful after he’s lost a couple of tough battles. He seems to resent the possibility that someone would consider voting for Hillary and almost goes out of his way to scoff at the notion. Who would vote for her? Not my people! It’s the same type of attitude he displayed when he said about Clinton, “You’re likable enough, Hillary.”

I think we’re finally getting a look at the man who stepped on Alice Palmer, and pushed Bobby Rush aside. It’s not pretty.

Whatever happened to the “Politics of Hope”? Maybe Obama misplaced that too.


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  1. wasabigirl Says:
    January 24th, 2008 at 1:36 am
    I’m not sure I understand. Michelle Obama’s involvement in Treehouse is a conflict of interest, but why didn’t she resign before the start of the campaign. It seems that as a matter of principle she would have done that once her husband began to speak out about it, which appears to be fore the campaign began.

    I know several people who work at Wally World. It’s really not a worker friendly environment.


    She was nominated and elected to the board of the WAL-MART friendly company after her husband was elected to the US Senate, and she was reelected after her husband announced for the Presidency. She also presided over the WAL-MART facilitator while Daley vetoed the Big Box Ordinance, a piece of legislation that would have required WAL-MART and other superstores to pay employees living wages. Because Chicago’s municipal elections took place in March 2007, it was unclear if Daley would be able to sustain a veto after the election. But once it was clear he could, she could quit the Board of the WAL-MART colluder. And notice it was after the Chicago municipal election, an election in which the Big Box Veto and WAL-MART were major topics of discussion in many aldermanic races, that Obama uttered his critical comments before the AFL-CIO in New Jersey, which prompted Michelle’s decision to quit the WAL-MART friendly board.

    Also remember that the Rezko slumlord mansion was purchased with WAL-MART money.


    Lynn Sweet’s discussion of Obama’s interview with George Stephanopolous is apposite now that Obama is distorting his checkered past with REZKO.

  3. Obama logic makes sense once you understand how it works. It’s based upon an important difference in definitions of true or false, right or wrong, good or bad. “Movements” are often that way. After all, they are often merely a warped sense of idealism.

    If something advances the cause towards the desired goal, it is true, or right, or good depending upon the particular application. If it is detrimental to the cause then the opposite applies. Once we understand that difference things about Obama begin to make sense.

    It explains why all of his excuses are totally logical to him. It’s reasonable and acceptable to say “oops” when making a stupid mistake, or to vote “present” when it’s politically risky, or to completely contradict yourself on important issues. Reaching the goal is all that matters.

    This isn’t new. The US had to understand that when dealing with the old Soviet foreign policy differences. It also applies in dealing with many religion-controlled governments. Unfortunately understanding this difference in definitions does not make dealing with it any easier. Many people posting here seem to be doing okay anyway.

  4. it was unclear if Daley would be able to sustain a veto after the election. But once it was clear he could, she could quit the Board of the WAL-MART colluder.

    Why would Treehouse care if Wal-Mart puts stores inside or outside Chicago city limits?

  5. pulchritude,

    So there was a quid pro quo relationship between the Daley machine, Wal-Mart, and the Obama’s?

    You said the slumlord mansion was purchased with Wal-Mart money. I thought that occured in 2006. What you’ve described above was in 2007. Were there other questionable situations that involved Wal-Mart and Michelle Obama?

  6. Because TreeHouse supplies WAL-MART, and more WAL-MART stores in the Midwest would increase their profit margin substantially. Because Chicago threatened WAL-MART with living wage legislation and other regulations, WAL-MART never built a franchise within the city limits of Chicago.

  7. What do the voters in Chicago/Illinois this about this? Is there no press coverage or are there threats that keep this quiet?

  8. Because TreeHouse supplies WAL-MART, and more WAL-MART stores in the Midwest would increase their profit margin substantially.

    Right, but the standard pressure exerted by Wal-Mart in these situations is jobs and access to stores (in this case, for South Side citizens, whether an actual store is breaking ground today or not). Isn’t it true that Wal-Mart opened a store outside city limits after their initial proposal for a Chicago store was rejected?

    As a vendor for Wal-Mart, its primary client, certainly Tree Foods is allied, but as a board member, what did MO do specifically to ensure that the veto would be upheld? Why did she need to stay on the board while the outcome was still in question?

  9. The campaign is making commercials using BH’s stupid remark “The Republicans were the party of ideas for a pretty long chunk of time there over the last 10, 15 years.”

    MSM constantly defends BHO by saying “He didn’t say any of those ideas were good.” He also said that in the debate. OTOH, he didn’t say any of them were bad either.

    Hillary said they were bad.

    I wish she had said that in the debate.

  10. who cares what the MSM’s saying about the ads. regrettably, the voters have stubbornly and consistently refused to go along with their analysis of what is supposed to be happening in this campaign post-iowa. obama was pandering to gop & independents when he said that, and if he tried to be clear about where he stood about reagan and gop in the past 15 years, instead of being a politician trying to have it both ways, he wouldn’t be in this dilemma right now.

    honestly what bothers me even more is that he said in the debate, what is positive about reagan/gop is how they got democrats to vote against their own economic interests to form a majority and push through their agenda. how is any of that transformation worth mentioning in any positive way? what, he wants to be same kind of transformative figure, eg, one who fools people with feel-good language that they should vote against their own interests? how about just being honest with the people.

    i dont agree with republicans but i dont agree that politics should be about using your personality to get people to vote against their interests and push an agenda the majority wouldn’t actually want. reagan’s majority wouldn’t have held if a lot of people knew it was against their interest to support him. seems like obama is saying that reagan built a majority by having a significant part of the majority unwittingly screwing themselves over. who thinks that is a good model? that’s not unity, that’s a sham.

  11. Clinton schedule for today…..

    *all times Eastern

    Thursday, January 24

    8:15 am
    Bill Clinton attends a “Solutions for America” event in Lexington, South Carolina

    10:30 am
    Bill Clinton attends a “Solutions for America” event in Orangeburg, South Carolina

    11:00 am
    Hillary Clinton delivers a speech on the economy in Greenville, South Carolina

    3:00 pm
    Bill Clinton attends a “Solutions for America” event in Walterboro, South Carolina

    6:00 pm
    Bill Clinton attends a “Solutions for America” event in Barnwell, South Carolina

  12. Orangeburg, Walterboro, and Barnwell, South Carolina. Having been through all of those places, I can vouch for the fact that is some heavy lifting.

  13. I just want to know if Obama flim-flam ways are starting to be noticed in the Democratic Leadership. This guy will cause the democrats big problems because he really isn’t a democrat. His record belies this all the time…you don’t make mistakes like this if you truly believe in the democratic values.

    He’s telling big lies that is not necessary unless his actions are his true beliefs. It’s interesting to me that Obama got so little vetting from the party when everybody knows GWB is going to leave a huge mess to clean up after.

    Why did Obama get the chair of that foreign relation subcommittee and never have a meeting outside of approving GWB nominations…what kind of leadership oversight is that? We’re talking about our country and if the weak ass Democratic leaders don’t get off their rear and start working for the people and not these power game

  14. When you go to a blog and are at a loss for words when some Obamamite or Repugnican says something to the effect that, “Hillary CAN NOT (sic; it is actually CANNOT) be elected . . . blah,” post this:

    Follette, a “cradle Republican” who has never before voted for a Democrat or worked on a political campaign, was won over by Clinton’s universal health care proposal and is recruiting other health care professionals. (

  15. Some internet nice reads I found.

    Hillary may be tough to beat in California
    (put htpp:// in the front).

    Hillary Clinton’s own Bill of rights.
    (put http://www in the front).

  16. Some internet nice reads I found.

    Hillary may be tough to beat in California

    Hillary Clinton’s own Bill of rights.

  17. Yesterday I heard somebody complaining because Hillary isn’t in SC. Now I know, according to Kingsgrove, that she will be in Greenville wihin a few hours.

  18. Good morning, Hillfans. Just did my due diligence by watching first 15 minutes of Morning Joke. Sorry, Joe, Willie and PlaymateMika aren’t even believable in their faux shock and awe about Obamican anymore. Joe asked why Hillary needed to win on Super Tuesday by 30 points and wasn’t just going to be happy with a 5-point win. Around 5:45 on Fox News, Morton Kondrake pointed out that if Obamican thinks this is rough going up against Bill and Hill, what did he think a GE would be like. Some of the MSM gets it, others, like Bill said, just want to roll out another story.

  19. seems like msnbc is hell bent on keeping this alive and my sister told me some fat guy on there is outright calling Bill Clinton a liar.

    after I saw the piece on left coaster last night this all adds up…

    why the heck is joe saying she needs to win by 30 points? delegates?

  20. dot48, the “fat guy” was a clip of Ed Schultz on Tweety’s show yesterday afternoon. He’s on AirAmerica and supports JRE and absolutely berates Hillary every chance he gets.

    What I found interesting was that Joe et al. were not very convincing this morning, more like tongue in cheek stuff. As I watched Tweety last night, it was pretty much the same — pushing the narrative but not believing his own crapola.

  21. I hope Hillary goes on Obama trail when she gets to Greenville…follow him everywhere he’s been in the last few days and show them real leadership with real ideas and real solutions for America.

    New slogan for campaign perhaps? Solutions for America

  22. Joe wasn’t saying that she needed to win by 30 points. His point was that she would win but why push for a win by 30 points when she was going to win by 5 anyway. Just talk, no substance.

  23. This from DemUnderground:

    Every day brings another whine from this guy’s campaign. Bill’s beating up on me – whine! Hillary’s going to campaign in FL just because I’m running campaign ads in Florida, but I got special permission from SC to campaign and FL! Special permission, just for me, me, me!! – whine! Just because I said Reagan was great and Bill wasn’t doesn’t mean you Dems should pick on me!! — whine! NH wasn’t fair. I lost, so it wasn’t fair!! — whine. And on and on and on!

    Doesn’t he get, doesn’t his supporters get that this is the equivelent of the Dean scream in slo mo? Nothing, and I mean nothing could make him look less presidential than this non-stop whining and complaining. He looks like he can’t play with the big boys and girls and looks more like he’s running for president of his 6th grade class.

    It’s pathetic for him, and sorry to say, embarrassing for Dems in general at this point.

  24. this article suggest that it is impossible for any democrat to have the necessary delegates…if they win every super tuesday state….to get the nominaton….surely this is not right ap_on_el_pr/super_tuesday_not_over;


  25. Rezko / Obama links

    “Tie to indicted developer tests Obama’s image”

    “Barack Obama mired in claims over link to ‘crooked slum landlord'”

    “8 things you need to know about Obama and Rezko. Tale in national spotlight, thanks to Clinton”,CST-NWS-watchdog24.article

  26. Morning Joke reminds me of a drowning man unsucessfully trying to grab a lifeline. This drum beat about bill is going to continue through GE IMO.

  27. Buchanan got it right. He told tweety yesterday that BO is not going to win as long as he is whining. People hate whiners. He lost women’s vote and IMO this is a sure way to loose men’s vote.

  28. I was happy when Hillary brought out the Rezko name in the debate. It was also encouraging when the media began giving that matter a lot more attention. I feel sure that will become something very big at some point.

    I have my doubts it will have much of an effect in the pirmary election season in time to do any good. There is something Hillary can do in the meantime. Obama has admitted it was a mistake to get involved with Rezko, as if he had not been for many years. This can be used now.

    It’s a “JUDGMENT ISSUE”. If I recall correctly, there are other things that can be used regarding his judgment. I would really like to see that get hammered hard, starting soon. After all, his most effective attack in the early going appeared to be raising questions about her judgment.

    Rezkogate may break open in plenty of time to give Hillary a way out of selecting BHO as a running mate without offending his supporters. It has been reported that 62% of Hillary’s supporters want her to choose him if she is nominated. If he isn’t qualified to be President, then he isn’t qualified to be VP.

  29. i hope hillary does not choose him as the veep. his condescending attitude toward women in general is enough for me. she could never trust him….he’d be telling stuff out of school I have no doubt. He wants to be president so bad that I would not trust myself around him at all if I were Hillary

  30. Unpledged delegates to the Dem. National convention who are giving their preference are favoring Hillary

  31. dot48, you are right that BHO would be working behind Hillary’s back for his own interests. Even more of concern would be MO — would she be working to undermine Hillary? I think so. One snake in the rose garden is enough. Two would be an infestation worthy of calling the exterminator (and I don’t mean Tom DeLay).

  32. After claiming that he is a candidate for “Politics of hope” , BO is ready to admit that he really is for “Politics of party destruction”. His threat proves again that he is not a democrat.


    obama losing support among black vote, hillary losing support among white…edwards within striking distance of 2nd now???

    polling once again forgets what people will do in the booth….clinton getting in sc today is good, solidify her base and remind people that JRE hasn’t a chance to get the nomination

  34. now we can see clearly that the “politics of hope” is actually a politics of “present votes” and “wrong button votes”.

  35. dot48: this article suggest that it is impossible for any democrat to have the necessary delegates…if they win every super tuesday state….to get the nominaton….surely this is not right

    It’s correct, although I’d say that if one of them won all the states, enough superdelegates would commit to make it a foregone conclusion!

    The more likely scenario is a lot of delegate-splitting. Take CA, for example, cited as 370 delegates. 129 are at-large — they will be allocated according to the statewide result. 241 are allocated at the district level — which means according to the results in each of 53 individual congressional districts. Consider that they’ll probably split the vote in the Bay Area, so those CDs will give them equal numbers of delegates, and so on.

    I’d guess that after the 5th, you’ll see Obama heavily spinning delegate counts, while we’ll be spinning momentum. It’s hard to imagine a Dem nominee that doesn’t win CA, NY, FL, MA, NJ, MI, for crying out loud.

  36. dot48: obama losing support among black vote, hillary losing support among white…edwards within striking distance of 2nd now???

    I’d say that unless there’s a super-duper Edwards surge, no — our organization is just too good.

    I imagine that the campaign’s focus in SC is reducing the margin of victory for BO statewide while at the same time ensuring that there are no surprises in CDs like SC-6: the goal is to ensure viability in this heavily black district and score a delegate or two.

  37. I can’t find the link to verify this, maybe someone can keep an eye out…I read somewhere in the past couple days that the buttons in the Illinois legislature are coded red green yellow for the different types of votes..if that turns out to be true how could one make a mistake?

    Also, unless Obama has a serious learning disability or is dyslexic the buttons would be in a certain order… yes no present, even if they weren’t actually color coded. You mean to tell me that a Yale graduate can’t memorize a series of 3 buttons or a simple sequence of pushes to indicate a certain vote?

    I think this is a big story as it’s another example of how Obama stretches the truth for his own advantage….

  38. People seem to forget that Clinton’s comments were trigarred when the dumb cnn reporter took the talking points of Obama comparing Clinton to Lee Atwater on their face value:

    Dick Harpootlian, a former South Carolina Democratic chairman and Obama supporter, had called the Clinton campaign “reprehensible” and suggested it had borrowed tactics from Lee Atwater, the late South Carolina GOP strategist who famously practiced negative campaigning.

    Shame on Obama and his Media surrogates.

  39. Obama: “I have no doubt that once the nomination contest is over, I will get the people who voted for her. Now the question is can she get the people who voted for me? And I think that describes sort of one of the choices that people have, just a practical choice, as they move forward.”

    If he thinks all the Hillary supporters will simply forgive and forget and “come home to Jesus” should Hillary not prevail in this election, he’s made another error in judgement. If the disengenuous, lyin’ SOS actually wins, I will follow the lead of others on here and write in Hillary’s name in November and watch while the Republic attack machine rips him a new one!

    So say we all!

  40. This may be related to wrong button issue: This is from Obama’s debate with Alan Keyes in 2004:

    PONCE: I now want to get to a section which, for want of a better term, I call the “quick hit” section. “Yes” or “no” answers, only. Partial privatization of Social Security for younger workers–yes or no?

    OBAMA: No.

    KEYES: Yes.

    PONCE: Casino gambling in Chicago? Yes or no?

    OBAMA: No.

    KEYES: No.

    PONCE: Drilling in the Alaskan wilderness?

    OBAMA: Yes.

    KEYES: Yes.

    PONCE: “Yes?”

    OBAMA: Oh, I’m sorry. Pardon me.

    (laughter and applause)

    OBAMA: I appreciate that, Phil. We had already talked about that. You were going a little too fast.

    PONCE: (laughs)

    OBAMA: You were going too fast.

    PONCE: I thought we were about to make news here, Mr. Obama.

    OBAMA: Almost. No!

  41. Sen. Barack Obama’s lead over Sen. Hillary Clinton in South Carolina has shrunk by four points overall and by nine points among black voters, during the last 24 hours of polling, but he retains a sizable edge, the latest Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby survey shows.

    Obama in in front with 39% support from likely Democratic voters, followed by Clinton at 24% and John Edwards at 19%.

    Key finding: “Obama still has a healthy lead among African American voters, but lost almost nine points since yesterday, dropping from 65% to 56% support among that group. Edwards, who registered no support from black voters the day before, picked up five points and Clinton added about two points to reach 18% of black support.”

    A new Rasmussen poll has Obama at 43%, Clinton at 28% and Edwards at 17%.

  42. I’m at work and i cannot access the Carville video. Can someone summarize what he said in the video?


  43. said the handwringing by top democrats in washington is silly. said that these candidates (obama) need to realize that running for president is a hard job and that he is going to get hard questions and be expected to answer on his record…basically, he needs to shut up whining…yes, he said nothing short of obama whining.

    had spent two days in nevada with bill and that bill had every right to campaign for his wife and talk about differences in records.

    said race and gender is part of politics. hard campaigning is part of politics and not for the feint of heart.

    i think i summed it up.

  44. * LOL! I really hope there’s video of this!

    January 24, 2008, 8:08 am
    Clinton Hollers Out a Plea for Votes

    By Patrick Healy

    NORTH BERGEN, N.J. – It wasn’t quite the Howard Dean Scream of 2004, but Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has never sounded like this before.

    At the end of a rally here in northern New Jersey on Wednesday night, Mrs. Clinton implored a nursing home banquet room packed with people to come out and support her in this state’s Feb. 5 primary.

    “Will you help me?” Mrs. Clinton yelled to cheers. And then, in an increasingly frenzied tone, she bellowed:

    “Will you help me?” … “Will you help me?”

    Six times in all.

    She didn’t cap it off with a shrieking “Yeeeee-ahhhhh!” the way Mr. Dean memorably did after naming state after state that he hoped to win after his defeat in the Iowa caucuses. Still, it was a memorably animated performance.

  45. Carville was great in that clip.

    Said, if Bill wasn’t campaigning for Hillary, they’d be asking why he wasn’t.

    And politics is a rough business — if there weren’t competition among candidates, we’d be stuck with some editorial board BS.

  46. Yesterday some were suggesting the fairness of CNN and particularly Wolf Blitzer. I must watch a different Blitzer and CNN. Many times I’ve wanted to throw a shoe or something at the TV. They don’t sound like Mathews or any of those kind, but they do their best to show Hillary or Bill in a bad light while praising BHO.

    CNN is strongly promoting “race” in this campaign, although they are not alone. Race is brought up at nearly every opportunity. The Jessica Yellen story elicited a long and calm response from Bill Clinton which was described as “lashing out” at Yellen.

    CNN, starting with Blitzer yesterday and continuing this morning, has constantly brought up “race”. Since this is usually paired with negative comments about Bill and Hillary, they are trying to use it against the Clinton compaign. That may work in South Carolina, but probably not very much in the Feb 5th states.

    CNN asked a group of AA women if they were going to vote based upon race or gender (I didn’t see the original interview), and caused a major fuss among AA women everywhere. They said CNN was demeaning black women. They say they are voting totally on the issues. They are also said to support BHO by a 3 to 1 margin. I don’t know what issues are influencing their vote.

    That whole mess is getting uglier all the time. I wonder if that will end up helping Clinton, if it makes people in SC stop and think about what they are doing with this election. Black people are not stupid, and they don’t want to be considered stupid or naive. That Carville video showed BHO leading among blacks at 51 to 21 over Hillary. That’s bad, but it was a much wider gap recently.

  47. don’t know how that blog will go over…media will make her look panicked, I hope there is video as well, to temper the effect

  48. sherm, I just said yesterday that wolf and co has joined msnbc in demeaning this election coverage. I fired him off an email and told the whole bunch off. best for me to not watch any election coverage because it shoots my blood pressure up and makes me totally angry

  49. A really interesting video from WSJ on the Democratic ground game in the South in general and camp Obama’s in particular:

  50. The WSJ piece is interesting but says what? That BHO is waiting for people to just walk in in a poor neighborhood and puts up signs and hands out buttons with his mug on them? Or does this “journalist” miss the point that the Clinton ground game is a real GOTV effort and folks aren’t just sitting around the office waiting for the voters to show up? Putz!

  51. B Merryfield,
    Apparently Chris Cooper of WSJ is drinking the Obama Kool-Aid as Hildebrand served it up. But the idea that Obama is sort of bypassing the traditional African-American leadership is still interesting. How will the traditional leadership react to this image of themselves being largely irrelevant?

  52. If people that normally play a crucial role in traditional GOTV efforts in SC feel disenchantment with camp Obama, that’s not a bad thing. 😉

  53. Can anyone figure out why the Obama camp are campaigning so hard in S.C?

    To get 50%+? Push Hillary into 3rd? Is he worried about Bill’s effectiveness?

  54. DemAC, apparently MSM misses the point that Obamican DOES NOT have the support of traditional Democratic voters, DOES NOT have the support of the majority of women, and has to work hard against tradition to create a “new” voter base. I could go on, but the point is, he just doesn’t represent the average citizen. It also occurs to me that because AA voters in SC don’t know who he is or anything about him, it’s another “fairy tale” in the making. His spin team can make him out to be anything that they want since voters have no idea of who really is.

  55. Wow! You guys and Taylor Marsh have been blowing me away with all of this information!! When will the MSM finally catch a hint??? I mean seriously, are bloggers going to have to bring this guy down from his moral high horse? If the likes of Russert and Tweety don’t want to do their jobs accurately, I say we start buying t.v. spots for blogs! The sad thing is, despite the fact that the information is out there, so many just want to stick their heads in the sand and pretend it doesn’t exist. Arghhhhhhh!! Keep up the good work admin! I’m almost tempted to print out flyers with the www to you guys and Taylor Marsh and hand out tomorrow while I’m working on the ground in South Carolina. Hell, I just may do that. A simple black and white won’t take anything to print up.

  56. Jaz, IMHO he’s pushing so hard to prove he can stockpile the AA vote in SC in order to prove to AAs nationwide that he’s “The One” for him. However, a quick visit to Oprah’s website will tell you that not only are women not happy with her political activities in endosing Obamican but AA women are particularly not happy with her. Not all teevee idols can turn viewers into sheeple.

  57. I think after south carolina, more positive constrants on Obama’s record.

    The media keeps ginning up Bill’s remarks, distorting, lying.

    clinton’s do need their own strike force to combat this.

    every darn network has spinned his remarks totally out of context…playing soundbites and saying he was aggressive. while anyone who sees the entire video know this is not so…the cumulative effect of all of this negativity around him by media could hurt her

    I suggest he just refuse to answer any reporters questions because they are going to distort and lie about anything he says. He can be more effective answering the voters questions in his events and *&ck the reporters.

    Don’t give this the first utter of a word…look at the very next one with a stare down and tell them, I’m not giving you the chance to distort my answer.

    stop them cold

  58. B Merryfield,
    The MSM always misses the point. But I’m sure that – besides Cooper’s stupid amazement of “wow, the campaign has buttons with the candidate’s picture on, wow” – this is really a reflection of a good dynamic in the South right now. The good folks down there are getting to know Mr. Obamican and his good ole’ pal Rezko, and I think a growing number are a tad bit worried about what they see.

  59. Well latest polls for S.C:

    SC-Pres (D)
    Jan 24 Zogby
    Obama 39%, Clinton 24%, Edwards 19%

    I have no clue what’s going on…. I’m guessing Edwards supports will go Clinton… Obama HAS to get 50%+ to claim a good victory, imo.

    I’m just surprised at the amount of negative campaigning going on in S.C. which should be a safe Obama area.

  60. As for Bill, I think even people know people are twisting Bill’s words….media can go on about it all they want… People don’t really care.

  61. B Merry said: The MSM always misses the point. But I’m sure that – besides Cooper’s stupid amazement of “wow, the campaign has buttons with the candidate’s picture on, wow”

    My lord, he didn’t really get excited about that did he? All the campaigns have pins like that. What a dolt.

  62. mj,
    Well, technically it was me, DemAC, who said it. 🙂
    And yes, Cooper’s a dolt, but the underlying narrative that Obama doesn’t trust, and doesn’t cooperate well with, the African-American leadership in SC is nevertheless interesting.

  63. love anderson cooper when he is doing real journalist work like his overseas reporting,,but some of the stuf he says really dumb stuff

  64. C’mon guys, what credibility does Wolf Blitzer have left ? The guy insanely says that BO’s Walmart comment was a “comeback” moment for him, even though BO made it first and Hillary responded with Rezko. Now this happened in front of his lying two eyes when he was standing a few feet away. There was a transcript available not to talk of the video from his own friggin’ network and he still lied.

    Call me paranoid but when you have guys like Blitzer in the business, I can only imagine how they would spin an expected BO victory in SC. They’ll hail him as a hero and a ‘comeback kid’ and try to give him as much momentum as possible going into Florida and Super Tuesday. If they can treat a solid defeat in MI and NV as a “victory” for him, you can imagine how ecstatic they’ll be with a win. And the stupid cocky fellow will then announce he is on the way to the nomination.

    Its not over till its over. Only after it is certain that his campaign is dead in the water after Super Tuesday, will I heave a sigh of relief. Because the media and his campaign are capable of just about any wickedness to help him win.

  65. What I found interesting about the WSJ video clip was that the poster shows Obamican in a barber shop. Although one would expect to find a gathering of AA men in a barber shop, it is very stereotypical — particularly coming from a group of white male spinners. I am sure the message is supposed to be that BHO is one of them, are we going to see posters of BHO in every state posed in such a way? Once again, Obamican is pandering — but not necessarily in a good way. Wonder what the voters think.

  66. MSNBC First Read:

    Obama leads Clinton in South Carolina, 37%-27%, according to a poll by Ron Lester & Associates, commissioned by Ebony and Jet Magazines. Edwards is third with 15%. Twenty-two percent say they are undecided. Among black voters, Obama holds a commanding 53%-21% lead; even among black women, Obama leads 2-to-1. Among single, black mothers, however, his lead over Clinton is thinner, 35%-32%. Among all voters, Obama was seen as most “honest and trustworthy” and Clinton is viewed as having the “best experience.”

  67. Unless Florida has changed a whole lot since I moved back north in 2000, I cannot see a Obamican win there. There are more U-Hauls going into Florida than going out. In fact, there are constant “rolling parking lots” of rental cars and U-Hauls driven out of the state all the time. The native Floridian population is small compared to the northern invasion over the past decades. Ever since the 1910s, for that matter, folks who live there group up according to state of origin. How they vote will depend more on where they are from than anything else. New Yorkers will vote the same in Florida as they would back home, and there are a whole lot of them there. Why do you think Ghouliani has banked his future on Florida? Native Floridians “summer” in N.C. and S.C., not vice versa.

  68. Not bad at all for not campaigning hard in the state so far 🙂 I’ll be interested to see some Fri/Saturday poll numbers to see how her actual presence sways voters. This tightening of the polls might explain why BO and Co. are starting to seem and sound worried.

  69. A few days ago there was something on TV about how low is the percentage of voters who believe the MSM and how unlikely they are to take instruction from them on how to vote. The numbers were surprisingly low. It sounded too good to be true.

    Unfortunately I was not able to write anything down at that time, and I don’t remember the source of the info. Maybe there is no hard copy of that source or anything on the web. However, if anyone knows where that information is available, I would like to follow it up. Thanks.

  70. B Merry, Cooper is dong WSJ bidding. We saw a couple of days ago how the editorial board had great things to say about Obama. In the old WSJ there was a distinction between the editorial board and the general reporting. With Murdoch’s take over I do not believe you are going to see that any more.

  71. “Obama holds a commanding 53%-21% lead; even among black women, Obama leads 2-to-1. Among single, black mothers, however, his lead over Clinton is thinner, 35%-32%.” Actually, none of this is great from Obama. Sure, it may land him a win, but it is down right surprising that he is not doing better than this in South Carolina among african americans. I bet Jesse Jackson did better. Ofcourse, Jackson also scored significant support from whites in SC, if I remember correctly. I am pleased to see how well Hill is still doing among african american single moms. It demonstrates alot of people are still looking at the issues in this campaign.

  72. I feel very reassured with the fact that MSM very rarely mentions Democratic poll numbers in Florida or the National Polls. Obviously it does not fit their narrative. In stark contrast they give repug numbers every 20 minutes.

  73. Okay, Hillfans, just got off phone (and it’s going to ring shortly — she is in the security line at the airport!) with Cindy, an EMILY’s List contact I met when she was here in NH on primary day. She is in Miami and I can tell you that she is totally frustrated since BHO’s CNN and MSNBC ad is running constantly and Hillary has no media presence since we all know that Hillary is going to keep her pledge to not advertise there.

    Cindy has a website that you can go check at There is a forum, etc., but even that word is not getting out.

    She has no funds for flyers or other campaign materials and would like to be able to even print out a black and white flyer. She paid to have Hillary buttons made up out of her own pocket.

    She does have a phone list of about 5,000 Latino names and could put out a robocall at 5 cents per name. That’s only $250.

    What can we do to help? I’m going to put together a diary for MyDD on the Florida situation pointing out that BHO is capitalizing by breaking his pledge and Hillary’s campaign is being penalized by her keeping the pledge.


  74. More good news from the “Delegate Race”. Hillary expands her lead among the unpledged:

  75. Sherm the media thinks the people still believe their spin, and that is their primary delusion.

    We don’t. This Big Media are the ones who hounded a very good president out of office over a blowjob, then turned around and handed us GWB and the Iraq war on a cheerleading silver platter.

    The American voter has decided that these morons are not to be trusted. So every time they spit and sputter and screech that Bill is a liar and can’t be trusted, they only remind the people that the only thing he ever lied about was a deeply personal matter while trying to salvage his marriage.

    They, on the other hand, LIED us into Georgie Boy, a lot of dead people, a record deficit, and 7 years of hell. Who is less trustworthy, them or Bill?

    This is the thing the pundits don’t seem to see. (Hi, Ben!) That it is THEIR credibility that is far more tarnished than Bill’s ever was.

  76. BM.. I think Hillary will break into florida some way or another. Just give it couple of days. Obama has only 3 day advantage in FL, and Hillary has time. she could use the loss in SC and Obama ads as an excuse. Meanwhile, I think some of us can give $10 each. I think I will donate some tomorrow. I went to their website but could not find the link to donate. I think posting on both mydd and dkos is a good idea, so people wont cry foul.

  77. Admin, great post! I was thinking about your first line when I read the article in the LATimes last night. How did this clown even get this far?

  78. Glad, Cindy just called back and I have a semi gameplan to get an article put together then look for some of my old media contacts in Florida and see if I can shake one or two out of the palm trees. She said the Miami Herald has Hillary at 40+$ and BHO in the 20s but that’s a snapshot.

    Will be back!

  79. You know what, though, I am glad Hill is not the media darling. Bill seems to love it! He knows, as I know, nobody likes a media darling, especially Democrats.

  80. She’s way ahead in FL. I think I read in early voting she has 71% of the vote. That’s why Obama is making a stink about FL, and it is why Hill called him on his national ad’s. He is trying to deligitimize the vote there because he already knows he won’t win, she is legitimizing the vote there, because she will probably win atleast 51% of the vote.

  81. Glad, I just registered and posted links at the forum to direct folks here and to Taylor Marsh, MyDD, and No Quarter blogs. The forum really needs some activity from folks in Florida in particular.

  82. H4T, while I’m aware of the things you posted, you said it far better than I ever could. It’s nice to read all of that in one place.

    My hope for finding those numbers was merely to confirm the kinds of things you wrote about. I can survive without those numbers.

  83. here is what I’d do in Florida.

    no advertising. no this is hillary and I approved this message

    A simple message to Floridians that the reason you will see no campaign ads in your state by me is that the that all democrat candidates signed a pledge that we would not campaign in your state due to the issues that brought about it.

    Explain that obama has broken his pledge and that that is a violation of the rules….rules MATTER in campaigns.

    If he can’t be responsible enough to honor that pledge then it’s up to you to decide his integrity.


  84. This is from a current story in the Seattle Times.

    “Bill Clinton says race shouldn’t be an issue in the Democratic presidential campaign. Well, then perhaps he should stop talking about it.”

    Isn’t it wonderful how they ask him a question about race, he admonishes them for it, and then they accuse him of bringing it up?

    I’m convinced the MSM is making a mistake by constantly bringing up race. It may help BHO in the short run, but it won’t help at all in most of the remaining states. There is still a slight possibility it won’t even help him in SC. That would be a tough chore for Hillary.

    I like to think of her with that old line: She takes care of the difficult things immediately, but the impossible things takes her a little longer.



  86. LOL One thing you can say about James Carville, he’s always “on message”

    New bumper sticker:
    Stop the whining!

  87. Would it be too harsh fro HRC to campaign that BHO can not be trusted, ie. campaigning in FL after he signed an agreement not to. why is this not getting more press?

  88. I don’t know, I sort of wish she had ignored that pledge. I don’t think the average voter gives a rat’s ass. But the demographics in FL work so well for Hill, I have no worries there.

  89. if clinton could shave some of that edwards support to her side within the next two days she might come a whole lot closer than we think,

    also, I still think it will closer than polls show. I think its possible that more white voters may swamp the polls and tamp down the black vote. Its normal IMO for the whites to decide we are not going down to defeat … jmho

  90. i think going for the jugular on Florida. put Obama’s integrity to issue and his trustworthiness, he will do anything to get a vote…

    no campaign ad. just some messages explaining why you see no Hillary ads.

    Maybe a 527 could do this but I think message from hillary herself which will not be considered a campaign ad…would hit a home run

  91. But, what makes you think Obama’s ad will be so persuasive just 6 days prior to the election? Remember, as I said, early voting gives her over 70% of the vote so far.

  92. Recount of N.H. Dem primary ends:

    CONCORD, N.H.—A re-count of about 40 percent of the ballots in New Hampshire’s Democratic presidential primary closely tracks the results reported on election night.

    “None of the results, as far as where the candidates finished, changed,” Assistant Secretary of State David Scanlan said. “There were minimal changes in the different voting precincts. Where there were differences beyond one or two votes, we were able to explain them” as human error.

  93. its not his ad being persuasive.

    it would be another gut punch by HRC campaign to contrast that she upholds her commitments and he’ll do anything to get a viote. it shows his intergrity and his disregard of rules and how he operates.

    it also goes to the jugular on his chief campign message…hope, above board, change..

    it will show he doesn’t have any respect for rules and it goes to his character.

    contrast that…

    florida voters have friends across the country who they might decide to call up…word would get around the country … posted in headlines how she basically challenged him to a duel on his ethics and honesty.

  94. OandrewD,
    SC will be closer than conventional wisdom (= Big Media cluelessness) would have it. Maybe even a repeat of sorts of New Hampshire, now wouldn’t that be something.

  95. Anyone from S.C. here? What on earth is going on? Hillary’s numbers seem stable…so do Obama’s… So why all the “negative campaigning” by Obama?

  96. mj, they are radio ads, not tv ads, sorry for the confusion. I think Maya’s is the one that aired during Oprah’s appearance in the state not too long ago, but I’ve never heard the one Bill’s featured in.

  97. hey, did you guys see this? how cute!
    KINGSTREE, S.C. — During a day marked by sparring with reporters, Bill Clinton fielded perhaps his toughest question Wednesday from a 5-year-old.

    “What do you do when you get married?” McKenna Chance asked the former president.

    Laughter erupted from the crowd of about 400 people gathered at a recreation center. Clinton paced the stage for several moments. Then he pointed to the back of the room at the media horde that’s been following him as he campaigns around the state for his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    “See all the press people back there? They put me through the wringer this morning, and everything I said is about to pale in comparison to what I’m now going to say,” Bill Clinton said.

    But the remarks were rather innocuous. The best things about being married, he said, are spending your life with your best friend and having children.

    “The best moment of my life, I think, was that I was in the hospital, in the room, with my wife when our daughter was born,” Bill Clinton said.

    Earlier Wednesday, during a heated exchange with a CNN reporter, Clinton said his wife’s rival, Barack Obama, and the media had stirred up tensions over race.

  98. I should also say the ads also explicitly target AA in their appeal. Ben Smith has a memo from BO and Co. trying to say they deserve whatever credit for a win in SC because Hillary is in full campaign swing mode there with a fully staffed operation, media buys, etc. Hard to say this and reconcile it with yesterday’s statement that she was writing off the state, don’t you think? Silly Bambi, tricks are for kids.

  99. Rasmussen (23rd): S.C.
    Obama 43%
    Clinton 28%
    Edwards 17%

    01/24/08 – National Rasmussen:
    Clinton 42% (-)
    Obama 30% (-)
    Edwards 16% (+1)


  100. well actually the msm is calling them both (Hill and Bill) out for trying to run a presidential campaign LOL

    all I hear is two to one by the msm

  101. Rasmussen (23rd): S.C.
    Obama 43%
    Clinton 28%
    Edwards 17%

    Here’s one potential problem for Obama. 28+17>43. Does Edwards support dissolve as it did in NV? Perhaps not because he is a southerner born in SC, but potentially. Does Obama continue to bleed support among african americans in SC?

  102. Edwards’s support dissolved in NV because it was a caucus and any candidate getting less than 15% in a specific place lost that support. That won’t happen in a primary.

    I just watched that CNN tape of Bill Clinton and can’t for the life of me see what the problem is supposed to be with it. He’s absolutely right, people don’t care about these stupid controversies the media gets into — they care about what happens in their own lives.

  103. Obama’s supporters might not turn out to so much thinking he is going to win.
    Some Edwards will go Clinton. I think Hillary will be in the 30’s…and Obama in the 40’s. It really depends on last minute deciders.

    “Is there a shy-Hillary effect?”
    There are two things in s.c. that may lead people not telling pollsters their intentions correctly:
    1) Supporting Clinton publicly (say to a pollster) might be socially disagreeably due to AA bloc-voting….
    2) Male-dominated families, most men support Obama… though it is somewhat clear that this is not as extensive for black women. They might actually vote for HRC instead of what their partner/husband is saying.

    HRC will not get lower than the lowest poll…that’s for sure. Obama might though.

  104. He’ll show a lead in Georgia as well. My guess. Georgia, LA are majority african american voters in Dem primaries, I think.

  105. “I just watched that CNN tape of Bill Clinton and can’t for the life of me see what the problem is supposed to be with it. He’s absolutely right, people don’t care about these stupid controversies the media gets into — they care about what happens in their own lives.”

    I saw that too. And the media people are just miffed at any suggestion that they are reveling in this. Most of the MSM have been biased from the very start but the moment that this is brought up by anyone, the MSM acts all offended.

  106. jaz, yes hillary did and I expect to see a lot of support for her in new orleans…other areas will go racially by most part. This is going to boil down to a black vs white, sorry to say

  107. Another brilliant piece from the Daily Howler, on Big Media’s crush on self-professed “moderates” McCain and Obamican:

    Btw, the blatant hypocrisy and lack of professionalism in Big Media is starting to get to me. I think I’ll throw out my TV-set for good soon.

    I remember, for example, the days (yes, there were such days!) when I read Maureen Dowd and Frank Rich in my NYT with expectation of wit and intelligence. Alas, no more. I have however found the true calling for Rich and Dowd: nothing is better for your rain soaked sneakers as the NYT columnists!

    Just shove them in your shoes and they will do what they do best – they’ll suck!

  108. Oh, Somerby tells it like it is — insider Dems are just tools of the media:

    “Yep! Leahy and Daschle are brave boys today—but they just sat there and took it last fall. But then, they’ve played this game for years. They just sat there and took it during the 90s—and they kept their traps shut during Campaign 2000. These boys are very brave today—because this time, Tim and Brian happen to be on their side.”

  109. If the DNC allows MI & FL to be seated at the convention, how will the delegates be allocated? MI could be an issue with BO.

  110. B Merryfield,
    The link’s not working. Should be no w w w… Here’s the link:

  111. What do you guys think of this short video?

    from Slate:

    Hillary’s Inner Tracy Flick
    “Don’t you just hate when some upstart comes along and threatens your best-laid plans? We were struck by how well one of Reese Witherspoon’s monologues from the film Election fits the narrative of Campaign 2008.”

  112. SC-Pres (D)
    Jan 24 Clemson
    Obama 27%, Clinton 20%, Edwards 17%, 36% Undecided.

    Poll does not say how big the sample size was…so I’d say its a load of junk.

  113. Hillary Clinton returned to the Palmetto State after taking a few days to campaign in February 5th states and her message to voters this time was simple, “I’m not a show horse, I’m a workhorse and I will go to work for you.” Although this veiled jab at Barack Obama isn’t new, its revival indicates a plan by Clinton to push that message from now until Super Tuesday.

    Clinton came to Greenville to discuss the economy, a bread and butter issue that remains a great concern for most voters. She gave a similar version of her economic speech today a few weeks ago in California where she called for a 90-day moratorium on home foreclosures as well as immediate tax breaks for middle class Americans, something she did not originally support when she laid out her plan in California.

    She also took another veiled shot at Obama when she discussed the impact a lagging economy has on American families.

    “The American people don’t hire a president to talk about problems, but to solve them, to set a vision for the future and then to roll up our sleeves and get about fulfilling them. It’s time we had a president that leading an economic comeback is a full-time, hands-on job.”

    Clinton’s remarks come just two days before the South Carolina primary where polls show her trailing to Obama.

  114. B Merryfield,
    Well, it won’t hyperlink without the triple-w. But if you insert the triple-w it will create a broken link. So it’s really a catch 22. 🙂

    Any link without triple-w: paste it as is and we’ll just have to cut and paste.

  115. McLean, Va.: Paul: What’s the real feeling among congressional Democrats about Bill Clinton’s actions on the campaign trail? I’m disgusted and fully prepared not to vote for Hillary if she gets the nomination (and I’m a Democrat!). Do they feel that people like me are anomalies or are they really worried? Will this push them into open support of Obama?

    Paul Kane: I think Democrats up here on Capitol Hill forgot how just plain tough Bill Clinton could be. Remember, for the last 7 years Clinton has been party elder statesman, he’s been the guy who jumped in and told people to cool it down, tone down the rhetoric. but, back in the ’90s, this was the toughest Democrat alive. He invented the phrase “War Room”. Now they’re remembering that side of Clinton. Sure, they’d like to cool things down a bit. Then there are folks like Joe Biden, who I spoke to yesterday and who undertands the old mantra that politics is war without blood. What does Biden think of this fighting? He called it “patty-cake.”

    . . .

    Another view on Clinton: Thanks for the chats, Paul! I’m actually glad to see Bill Clinton unleashed. It’s good to see a Democrat who is not afraid to roll up his/her sleeves and get scrappy, especially given the ways in which the Democratic congressional leadership of Reid and Pelosi have refused to use confrontation and bareknuckled tactics against obstructionist Republicans. And, seriously, any “Democrat” who is considering not voting for Hillary Clinton if she gets the party’s nod really isn’t much of a Democrat at all. Just my two cents.

  116. Hmmm, good for Biden.

    I’ve been disgusted by Leahy’s acting like a school monitor, lecturing Bill Clinton on how former presidents are supposed to behave.

  117. Oh, yes, please let the whining ratchet up a notch. Now there are THREE Clintons on the campaign trail. Oh whatever shall we do?

  118. Caroline:, cnn, and the rasmussen site. Usually. is useful occasionally.

  119. gladiatorstail, Is that poll you cited at 11:40 a.m. from SC? What’s the source?

    It looks like Obama’s lead in the state may be shrinking a bit, and his support among AA voters softening. I’m glad Hillary’s back in SC campaigining. I’m expecting a loss there but not assuming anything, given what transpired in NH.

    Another thing to remember: If Obama’s lead dropped 4 points in the Zogby poll, and it’s a rolling, three-day average, then he did not have a good day yesterday. Unless I’m misinterpreting what I read ..

  120. B Merryfield,
    Some Presidential candidate the Obamican is, huh?

    “Oh no! They’ve got a girl on the campaign trail too! I don’t know what to do… Boo hoo…”

    Inspiring confidence much?

  121. *Hillarious article from The Onion!

    Hillary Clinton Is Too Ambitious To Be The First Female President

    By Gerald Collins
    May 24, 2006 | Issue 42•21

    I think it’s about time we had a female president of the United States. I don’t care what anyone says: Women can be just as smart and qualified as men—especially the clowns we’ve had in Washington lately. But Hillary Clinton? She’s just a little too ambitious to do what no woman before her has ever done.

    Hillary seems to think she knows what our country needs better than anyone else, and believes that she, among the hundreds or thousands of qualified politicians, is the only one who can do it. Is that really the sort of person we want at the helm of our federal government?

    Not to mention that she’s extremely self-promoting. She spends almost all her time these days going to fundraising events dedicated to raising money for—you guessed it—Hillary Clinton. She’s always popping up in the news with a new initiative she’s spearheading or some kind of complaint against the president. I don’t want to use the B word, but she seems awfully bossy to head an executive branch that employs 450,000 people.

    Sen. Clinton always wants to be throwing her opinion around about this bill or that law. I saw her on Meet The Press just last week. Every time Tim Russert would take her to task on one issue or another, she’d come right back at him with some sort of smart answer. She needs to learn that sometimes you need to just accept your place; it’s not polite to always act like you know things. Not to mention the fact that, as a working woman, she should take those precious Sundays to spend some time with her family, not to meet with the press on national television.

    I’d rather see a female presidential candidate who wasn’t so focused on herself and her political aspirations. It seems like she puts a lot of thought into every decision that she makes, as if every little move were planned ahead of time down to the smallest little detail. It’s hard to pin down exactly why, but it just wouldn’t feel right to see someone who is so politically calculating win those precious 270 electoral votes in the next election.

    Hillary doesn’t shy away from tough situations, as she proved with her health- care proposal during her husband’s first term. She likes to tackle the hard problems, no matter how entrenched the current failing system seems to be. Is it just me, or should the woman who overturns a 230-year-old tradition not have such a tendency to rock the boat?

    Hillary has some very strong opinions, and she certainly doesn’t hesitate to voice them. She’s got an entire website dedicated to her positions on every last little thing. In debates, she always wants to have the last word. She’s in love with the sound of her own voice. That’s not the sort of person who should be in politics, much less the White House.

    Do we really want the first woman leading the free world to be such an outright take-charge type?

    What’s more, nobody asked her to run. In fact, a lot of people on both sides of the aisle don’t even want her to run, and many other politicians are planning on running against her. Yet she’s stayed in the race, blatantly ignoring the wishes of some people. Shouldn’t the first woman to break the gender barrier of the American presidency be the type of woman who listens to those who doubt her and bows to public opinion more often?

    Ever heard of letting others take the lead, Sen. Clinton? If you’re going to become the first woman in the Oval Office, you should start thinking about acting a little more ladylike.

  122. Too funny, Kingsgrove!

    As for Chelsea, she rocks! She is a secret weapon! His Preciousness (D-Whine) will be complaining about her any minute now.

  123. Rezko-gate. This gets only better by the hour now. And it’s yet a whole month to the trial starts.

    Obama farewell (freely after Ashokan farewell)

    “The sun is sinking low in the sky above Obama.
    The pines and the willows know soon we will part.
    There’s a whisper in the wind of promises unspoken,
    And a love that will always remain in Rezko’s heart.

    His thoughts will return to the sound of your stutter,
    The magic of listening to hope,
    And a time we’ll remember long ever after
    The moonlight and voting present are done.

    Will we climb the polls once more?
    Will we walk the streets together?
    Will I hear you fooling me once again?
    Will every chant we’ve sung stay with us forever?
    Will you dance in my dreams or on my TV ’til then?

    Under the moon the mountains lie sleeping
    Over the lake the stars shine.
    They wonder if you and I will be keeping
    The hope and change, or leave them behind.”


    What this does is bump the stories up the the “most emailed” list, which in turn tells the press there is interest, and makes them more likely to pursue it.

  125. pulchritude,
    But they’ve got plenty of time to improve. Hillary is winning with or without Rezko-gate. When the story really starts to get hot it will only hasten the inevitable demise of his campaign.

  126. Hillary, Bill, and campaign need to really hit up Obama on “actions vs. words” (with examples provided to the press). Now is the time to turn up the heat. This is the most scrutiny that Obama has had throughout this process and although the press is trying to make it about the two campaigns, the worm will turn when they play that card out. Make the case now, play it cool at the next debate and let the “next great hope” crumble into a million pieces. Something big should come right before the debate and then let Obama play the “bad guy” at the debate. Hill should be working with Edwards and sweetening the pot so that he will support her when his run is done.

  127. the I am for single player healthcare system before I am not for single player healthcare system video clip should kill his campaign.

  128. pulchritude
    remember that when Woodward and Bernstein started writing about the break in at the watergate and following the money trail it took forever for big media to jump on board.

  129. I have been forwarding rezko articles to all the cable news outfits and the network news divisions…it’s a double whammy.

  130. Well, I think if Edwards comes in 3rd place in SC, he’s finished. I honestly think he will drop out.

    However, if he comes in a close second… it’s still a 3-way contest.

  131. I don’t read HuffPO, but looking for rezko on Google, I found this opinion piece by someone named Karen Russell, who idiotically tries to cover OB’s ass by dredging up the Whitewater case. Obamanites resorting to anything they can isn’t surprising, so the ridiculous attempt to compare a case where Hillary has been tried and exonerated to one that’s JUST BEGINNING isn’t what caught my eye, it was the replies to the article.
    HuffPo is anti-Hillary in general, no? The replies posted, at least the first three or four that I read were all PRO-Hillary and took the author and OB to task on Rezko-Gate. I was shocked! Is the climate over there changing, is this a watershed moment in the Big Blogs, or is this an isolated incident? Does anyone know?

  132. TheRealist, ah, yeah. Arianna is a huge Obama cheerleader, and hated Hill when she was still a Repub.. I think one of the Huffpo investors is an Obama fundraiser. I consider HuffPo an unofficial arm of the Obama campaign.

  133. Thursday, January 24, 2008

    The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in Florida finds Senator Hillary Clinton leading Barack Obama 51% to 26%. Last week, Clinton was leading in Florida by eighteen percentage point. The week before, she was up by twenty-four points.

    OB- 26

  134. plural,

    I just watched that CNN tape of Bill Clinton and can’t for the life of me see what the problem is supposed to be with it.

    I’ve seen the video on several broadcasts, with Bill saying that the media is running with the lies that Obama is feeding them, nevermind the facts, and the Media Whores are all acting like they have NO IDEA what he’s talking about. Like he’s talkin’ crazy talk or sumthin’.


    i am wondering, if it would be possible to go to one of those e petition sites, and start a petition, to send to the elder dems that are critisizing bill clinton.

    i would like to see a petition that says:

    i wouild appreciate it if, those heads of the democratic party who dont have a spouse in the race, would refrain from influencing voters, by chastising the titular head of the democratic party…
    and furthermore, they of all people, should not take sides in a matter better left to the constituents of the party.

    everywhere i look, i see crap on bill, and its one thing to hear it from the repugs or biased media, but its quite another to hear it from our own dem representitives…

    if it was a petition online, we could post the link at all the hrc friendly site…

  136. This is actually quite funny (per TPM):

    The Hillary campaign responds to the Obama camp’s memo saying that Hillary is “pulling out all the stops” to win South Carolina by pointing out that a few days ago, Obama hit Hillary for neglecting the state and not taking it seriously.

    Here’s Hillary spokesperson Phil Singer’s retort:
    So does the Obama campaign think we are giving up on South Carolina or going all out for it? I guess it depends on the day.

  137. Go Bill go…..and what a great tactic by the campaign I might add, divide and conquer (and save face to boot). Can u imagine pulling an upset in SC???? Now that would be just delicious.

  138. From TheRealist’s Huffpuff link:

    • Fact: The Chicago Sun-Times has just reported that Obama is the unnamed “political candidate” referred to in the 78-page indictment which outlines the federal prosecutors case against Rezko

    So after all that rumor, Obama is that “unnamed political candidate”

    If he’s nominated, the GOP will eat him up.

  139. Ooops… I hit send before I was finished… Anyway, the poll from Clemson University has some interesting figures. Only 50 % of the SC voters had “a good idea” whom to support and ca 40 % were unsure about whom to support.

    Apparently it’s currently a much more fluid race than Big Media would have us believe.

  140. I think it would be interesting to get clips of Obama talking in northern or midwest states and how he talks in SC. He is clearly attempting to dumb himself down for the south (cadence, talking points, slang), and being a southerner I resent that. I’m sure others will too.

  141. The clemson poll is useless. I wouldn’t take it seriously, the data period is too long, it doesn’t say the sample size and undecided are crazily high compared to every other poll.

  142. ARG has one out today too:
    SC-Pres (D)
    Jan 24
    Obama 45%,
    Clinton 36%,
    Edwards 12%

    as does Zogby:
    SC-Pres (D)
    Jan 24
    Obama 39%,
    Clinton 24%,
    Edwards 19%

    But both ARG and Zogby has performed horribly this season. They were wide off the mark in both IA and NH. I especially don’t count ARG for much.

    Clemson U on the other hand is on the ground in SC and should know their state as good as anyone. For example, Clemson U accurately predicted McCain’s victory in the GOP primary.

  143. BHO camp def trying to meme-ify that his supporters won’t support her if she were to get the nod.

    In reply to the question BHO posed on Olbermann, I would not vote for you Mr. BHO were you to get the nod.

  144. Meiyingsu said:

    “the I am for single player healthcare system before I am not for single player healthcare system video clip should kill his campaign.”

    I think you’re onto something. It’s so obvious. Obama says, “I was for single payer healthcare before I was against it.”

    That would make a nice ad (for the Internet?). It would slap BHO and Kerry at the same time. I like it.

  145. Fundraising email from the OB campaign, from MICHELLE, no less…

    In the past week or two, another candidate’s spouse has been getting an awful lot of attention.

    We knew getting into this race that Barack would be competing with Senator Clinton and President Clinton at the same time.

    We expected that Bill Clinton would tout his record from the nineties and talk about Hillary’s role in his past success. That’s a fair approach and a challenge we are prepared to face.

    What we didn’t expect, at least not from our fellow Democrats, are the win-at-all-costs tactics we’ve seen recently. We didn’t expect misleading accusations that willfully distort Barack’s record.

    Barack Obama isn’t relying on a former President of the United States to campaign for him.

    He’s relying on us — you, me, and hundreds of thousands of people like us who are giving whatever they can afford to support this movement.

    Please stand up in the face of these new attacks. Make your first online donation of $50 today and own a piece of this campaign:

    Barack’s unwavering opposition to the war in Iraq, his outspoken support of women’s rights, and his call for leadership that will transform our party and our country have all been mischaracterized in the past two weeks.

    We’ve seen disingenuous attacks and smear tactics turn people off from the political process for too long, and enough is enough.

    It’s time for a change. It’s time for a new kind of leadership and a new kind of politics in our party and in our country.

    And while Senator Clinton has a former president in her corner, I’ll put my faith in a movement of a whole lot of people who are ready for change.

    South Carolina votes in 48 hours, and more than 20 states will make their voices heard in less than two weeks on February 5th. Now is the time for all of us to step up and take personal responsibility for making change happen.

    Please make your first online donation of $50 now:

  146. I think the Obama camp is rattled/desperate.
    Hillary should come out and say it, and also launch a formal complaint for disturbing remarks.

  147. Michelle’s being a bit disingenuous. She’s been all over the media for months, attacking the Clintons and defending her husband.

  148. # Jaz Says:
    January 24th, 2008 at 3:50 pm

    The clemson poll is useless. I wouldn’t take it seriously, the data period is too long, it doesn’t say the sample size and undecided are crazily high compared to every other poll.


    Are you a troll? I keep getting bad vibes from your posts, sometimes in tone, sometimes in content. You jumped on the Clemson poll like an OB supporter, why?

  149. kaffeen, we in California are holding a major phone banking on Saturday with calls to SC.

    But CA is unique in that 1/2 of registered voters are absentee so many of us got our ballot in the mail 3 weeks ago. At the office, we’ve been making calls to Democratic voters asking them to support Hillary and to mail out the ballot as soon as possible.

  150. Well that explains just how little they really know about politics and how the game is played. If they did not know that Hillary’s campaign was in this to win at all costs then they should take their marbles, go home and cry by themselves. True Democrats do not and will not tolerate their whinning. Geez, what the hell did they think a campaign against the Republican War Machine would be like in the Fall? Hi my name is Hope Change vote for me… go home Barak and grow up, you are out of your league…….

  151. I LOVE reading comments on this site and Taylor Marsh, too. It is such a pleasure to see people actually seeing the TRUTH!!! I am sick and tired of watching MSNBC and CNN and hearing those jerks mock and bash the Clintons and ALWAYS siding with Obama!! It’s like it’s black and white (excuse the pun! LOL!) – it’s so plain to see WHO the qualified candidate is!!!

    I am waiting for Obama to start crying that he has 3 Clintons against him!! Chelsea’s been on the campaign trail alone now! I am so proud of her! When I met her in N.H. in early January, she was always with Hillary but just as a bystander! She can hopefully bring in the youth vote!

    I agree with those who said – Obama is a WHINER!!!! CRY BABY!!! Can you even begin to IMAGINE how he would be demolished in a general election? I read an article by the head of the RNC and he said he was loving all this info on both Hillary and Obama and they planned to use this in the GE!! Obama would be flat on the stage and they would roll over him like a rolling pin!

    This guy doesn’t KNOW what dirty politics are! He has had it so easy and the press has praised him and given him a free pass. His press has always been adoration! He cannot stand negativity!! Welcome to the real world Mr. OSAMA, oh I mean Obama!!

  152. the realist, i have my suspicions about jaz for a long time of being a troll. very quick to discounnt the clemson poll showing a tighter race plus other comments latley. i wonder. we don’t need double agents here.

  153. The Clemson Poll has a margin of error of 4.6% which would suggest a pretty decent sample size of probably 350 to 500.

    The caveat I would point out is that it uses a pretty strict likely voter screen, only counting respondents who say they have voted in at least one of the last four Democratic primary elections.

    With their enthusiastic support, both Clinton and Obama are driving new voters to the polls in record numbers, so this kind of screen is probably too conservative.

  154. I am watching CNN. Why can’t the media remember 2000 and 2004 campaigns, did Bush play fare ? NO he did not. Now that we have a woman running, do they think it’s going to nice? I am not saying that HRC is mean, I am for her, but this is politics it’s dirty and nasty and you have to fight to win. I would be disapointed with her if she just laid back and took it.

  155. Another thing I forgot to say. The first time RACE was brought into this primary was when Oprah Winfrey campaigned for Obama. Just the way she talked, it sounded like she was a preacher in a black church! THAT”S WHEN IT STARTED!!!

    I can’t stand Oprah and I am SO HAPPY that she is getting a lot of negative comments about her endorsing Obama!!! It’s true, if she were to endorse anybody, she should have endorsed HILLARY!!!

  156. B Merryfield Says:
    January 24th, 2008 at 4:17 pm
    pulchritude, if you read susanhu’s comments she explains that No Quarter has been switching servers, etc., and she’s trying to keep up.

    she recommended the diary. but i understand, i am not a member of the club. i think i understand what has happened, and i am not in the least bit surprised.

  157. Here’s a good post (including hyperlinks) to use for the Clinton bashers who are now trotting out every pseudo-Clinton “scandal” they can to post in the comments sections. I think that this will be quite effective.

    Here, I Googled “Clinton scandals” (, Clinton lies” (, “Clinton fraud” (, and “Clinton sex” ( for you. Should save you some time later.

  158. How the heck is politics as usual damaging this party? This is the most absurd argument I have ever heard and CNN seems to be putting it on a warm platter lately. Do you think that when the race is really on, the republicans are going to play with kid gloves?

  159. pulchritude, wht are you talking about? She is just trying to get the story out. You are taking this too personally.

  160. alwaysforhillary, oprah is not even coming near obama now after the backlash against her from her female base. she was stunned by it. now she is making excuses why she can’t campaign for obama.

  161. An Obama supporter responded to one of the comments I posted in a Las Vegas Sun thread. Did anyone else receive this message?


    The user amc7150 sent the following message to you via Las Vegas Sun:


    You must be on drugs to think that Hillary will do any of that. Don’t you know when you are being lied too? Wake up and smell the coffee – do you really think the Clinton’s care about you and your little job on the strip – heck no – they just want your vote. Do some research and you’ll see just how the Clinton’s use people


    Please do not reply to this e-mail message. To send amc7150 a response, visit this Web page:

  162. hwc,
    I certainly agree that Clemson’s turnout model is a bit on the conservative side. But it’s anybody’s guess who’ll benefit the most from increased turnout. My guess is that Edwards is the big loser in this respect.

    Clemson U had McCain’s win and Huckabee’s second place correctly in their GOP primary poll. They had Thompson and Romney reversed for third and fourth place respectively, but these candidates’ numbers were very close, both in the poll and in the results. The GOP race thus suggests that Clemson is not worse than any other polling institute.

    The high number of undecideds; that’s because the Clemson U pollsters don’t push the unsure respondents while other pollsters do just that. The point with not pushing the respondents (as in the Clemson U poll) is to get a fell for the “hardness” and “softness” of the support of each candidate.

    Assuming that the undecideds break exactly like the decideds we’d get numbers approximately like:

    Obama ca 43 %
    Clinton ca 32 %
    Edwards ca 26 %

    Which are numbers in the realms of the Zogby poll.

    The interesting part is of course that the undecideds (40 % or so) probably don’t break exactly like the decided voters. And it’s good to know that Hillary has a big pool of voters that haven’t made up their minds just yet.

  163. TheRealist – Be realistic for once, I read the poll results, there was no sample size given. Details mean alot in polling – If you accept polls just as they are then frankly, you don’t understand how to use them effectively. Samples should be taken on ONE-DAY, two max, anymore and they are subject to change.

    I’m not surprised it’s polling figures are so far away from EVERY OTHER polling company.

    You’ve accused me of being a troll so many times it’s tiresome, either prove it, or don’t say it again.

  164. as i said, i understand what has happened. and i prefer not to discuss it in this thread, for i have already formulated an opinion about a certain chain of events. let us change the topic, please.

  165. kuchinich is reported out of the race. to tell the truth he has been out since he got in to begin with. good riddance.

  166. Those democrats on Capital Hill who are telling Bill to STFU are the same ones who’ve been kissing GWB hind quarters for the last eight years. They’ve simply forgotten what it takes to fight the media and an opponent supported by the rich elites in this country.

    My advice: grow some back bone.

  167. We’re working on a forthcoming article on Michelle Obama – to be printed if the attacks on Bill continue. If Obama wants to discuss spouses, we won’t whine. If Obama wants to open that door, we’ll walk through it.

    Towards that end we have a question – Where is Michelle?

    Michelle seems to have disappeared from the radar recently. Certainly since the Rezko bomb was dropped at the debate we have not been able to locate Michelle. Michelle really disappeared after the Sun-Times published the news that Obama is the politician mentioned in the Rezko evidence proffer and indictment.

    We joked that maybe Michelle is back at the mansion burning papers in the 4 fireplaces or possibly trying to contact Rezko without being noticed.

    Back to our question, does anyone know what Michelle has been up to lately? This is not a rhetorical question or a philosophical question. Does anyone know?

  168. hillfans cnn is just going with the fad thing to do by attacking bill and hillary while leaving golden boy barack to saint hood. i really can’t wait until flordia then super tuesday to see this guy go down hard. and he will.

  169. Actually, Margin of Error and Sample Size are just two ways of stating exactly the same thing. The Margin of Error is calculated strictly from the sample size. There are charts available that translate sample size to margin of error.

    I think most pollsters would disagree about one day polls. Pollsters would much rather do polling over multiple days so that they average out the wild swings they often see in single day polls. Day to day tracking polls are notoriously volatile.

  170. admin, come to think of it you are right. with all this hoopla i have not noticed michelle obama either. strange and wierd.

  171. fundraising mailer:

    Obama’s wife, Michelle, was brought into the race conversation Wednesday when she was asked what role it played in the election.

    “Race is still an important issue in this country. … The issue is real, but our belief is that the decision of who will be the next president will not be based solely on race or gender,” she told a News 14 Carolina reporter.

    “My deep hope is that people will base their decision on who they think they can trust, who’s got a vision for the country, who’s bringing a different tone to politics, who’s going to really take this country in a different direction. And quite frankly, I think the only person who comes close to that is Barack, and he happens to be a black man,” she said.

  172. And Sylvester Brown of the ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH indicates that she phoned him “from the South Carolina campaign trail.”

  173. So while she’s flying to South Carolina to spend four days campaigning for her husband, she’ll take a minute to check an e-mail from her 9-year-old daughter Malia’s teacher.

  174. Well, given that Rezko used his wife as subterfuge, I’ll bet Obama has done the same in the past and Michelle’s history is probably going to be more revealing than his.

  175. Jaz-

    You are insulting, sarcastic and do not play well with others. I would bet that I know at least as much about polling as you do, but I would never insult the intelligence of any of the long-time regulars here. You are confusing me with the many others who have questioned where your loyalties lie when you bemoan tiring of my many accusations as to your trolldom.
    I will leave it to the community to judge, as we have a great SUPPORTIVE group here, whether or not your antics here are in Hillary’s best interests. I trust in their judgment. What I don’t trust is you…

  176. Michelle Obama Begins Tour of South Carolina Tomorrow (that’s yesterday):

    COLUMBIA, S.C. – Michelle Obama, wife of Democratic Presidential Candidate and U.S. Sen. Barack Obama, will return to South Carolina tomorrow, January 23, for a four day swing through the state. Kicking off her trip in Greenville, Michelle will continue meeting with voters and discussing the experience, perspective, values and conviction her husband will bring to the Oval Office. Mrs. Obama will stop in Greenville, Spartanburg, and Columbia tomorrow and Cheraw, Columbia, and Charleston on Thursday.

    Details of Mrs. Obama’s events are listed below. Additional details about the trip will be released soon.

  177. This campaign needs to address the Trust issue with Obama. That is probably the biggest Achilles heel for Hill/Bill and Obama needs to be exposed as someone who cannot be trusted. Rezko, present votes, “oops” votes, before and after statements…….use it all now and if the press can’t do their jobs, then give them the material and do the footwork for them.

  178. B Merry-

    You and several others…:)

    Like I said, I’ll leave it to the community. Thanks again for turning me on to that, “Mindless Beast”, article, one of the best things on BM I’ve read lately.

  179. Omigod what a nice and civil campaign we’re having… From TPM-EC:

    A truce in the ad wars? For now, anyway. Earlier today CNN reported that the Hillary campaign has yanked their radio ad in South Carolina hitting Obama for saying the GOP is the “party of ideas.” The Hillary campaign is claiming that it was scheduled to come down.

    Now the Obama campaign has responded in kind with their S.C. ad hitting Hillary for being willing to “say anything” to win. Obama spokesperson Bill Burton tells us: “Once we confirmed that Clinton was taking down her attack ad, we instructed radio stations in South Carolina to take down our response ad.”

  180. hwc – This is true if you used a different sample each day. I’m wondering if Rasmussen use the same sample each day, because they have good consistency.

    But from 15-23 That is a long long time in politics. We’ve had the debate..and nevada I think. Anyway… tomorrow is Friday and we’ll have the most solid polls tomorrow (day before primary).

    TheRealist – Like I said, prove it… I’m sorry if I can’t go hyping polls I don’t have trust in (as an economist). If you want to question me, you can read all my posts (in the last 5 threads). And if, at any point, I’ve criticized her, let me know. I doubt you will find anything.

    Like usual, the witchhunt is still on, rational thought is severely lacking sometimes. Here I was thinking only Obama fans were irrational. If I wanted to troll you, why on earth would I be so indirect and spend so much of my time here where everyone is a Hillary supporter and no-one is going to change their stance?

  181. ms. wal-mart queen michelle obama apparently enjoys fashion shows. i quote:

    “The chair of the event was Rezko’s wife, Rita, a member of the Cook County Employee Appeals Board, which hears cases brought by fired or disciplined workers. (She was appointed to the part-time post, which pays $37,000 a year, by John Stroger, the former president of the Cook County Board, whose 2002 campaign finance committee was headed by Tony Rezko.) The fashion show’s honorary cochair was Governor Rod Blagojevich’s wife, Patti, who owns a real-estate firm (and has been involved in real-estate deals with Tony Rezko dating back to 1997).
    The event’s sponsoring committee included Governor Blagojevich’s former spokeswoman, Cheryle Jackson, who now heads the Chicago Urban League; Becky Ruff Chipparoni, whose husband, Guy Chipparoni, was the press secretary for then secretary of state Jim Edgar before setting up a public-relations firm in Chicago (Chipparoni has represented some of Rezko’s businesses); and Hollie Rumman, whose husband, Michael Rumman, served as one of Blagojevich’s cabinet members (and is an investor with Rezko in various deals, such as a proposed power plant in Iraq).

    Michelle Obama, wife of the Democratic U.S. senator and presidential candidate Barack Obama, was a special guest that day (even though the news had just broken about Rezko’s participation in a funky real-estate transaction involving the Obamas’ Hyde Park home).

    The fashion show attracted little if any media coverage, which may have been exactly as its organizers and sponsors had hoped. Just three weeks earlier, Tony Rezko had been indicted on charges of extorting kickbacks from businesses seeking contracts from the Blagojevich administration. Rezko has pleaded not guilty. The trial is scheduled for February 25th in the U.S. District Court for Northern Illinois.”

  182. jaz: The clemson poll is useless. I wouldn’t take it seriously, the data period is too long, it doesn’t say the sample size and undecided are crazily high compared to every other poll.

    The sample size is about 473, which I approximate from the stated MOE.

    Since November (last Clemson poll)

    Obama +10
    Hill +1
    JE +5

    Undecided -13% (49% in Nov, 36% now).

    36% undecided is not out of line. Consider that the “crazily” high number is due in part to 45% of the African American vote (55% of sample) either unsure or refusing to state. They weren’t pushed for a response. I could also see voters being unsure about whether to “waste” a vote on JRE.

  183. All: I live in NJ and got an automated poll call today. It asked if the election were tomorrow who would I vote for. Of course I selected “1” for Hillary Clinton and I volunteered to help on election day. At the end of the recording it said it was paid for by Hillary Clinton for President.

    Don’t know what in the world I volunteered myself for, but they said someone from campaign headquarters would be calling soon…..

  184. And the pulled radio ad in SC is being replaced with *drumroll* – Bill! 🙂


    BC: This is Bill Clinton. These are tough economic times. There aren’t enough jobs, health care costs and gas prices are soaring, and now millions of people are worried about losing their homes.

    The question is what to do about it. You’ve got a great decision to make, but I believe it’s Hillary who can help solve these problems.

    I also know that African Americans have been hit the hardest these last seven years. Who can fix health care, who can fix our economy, who can create new jobs, who can reduce the price of gas at the pump?

    Hillary can. I’ve known her for 36 years. When it comes to seeing a problem and figuring out how to solve it, she’s the best I’ve ever seen.

    She’s always heard your voice and you’ll be heard in the White House.

    I want to thank you for twice giving me the chance to serve as president. The 1990s were a time of prosperity. We created more than 22 million new jobs, moved eight million people out of poverty, and turned our economy around.

    It’s time for another comeback, time to make America great again. I know Hillary’s the one that can do it.

    ANNCR: Paid for by Hillary Clinton for President.

    HRC: I’m Hillary Clinton, candidate for president, and I approve this message.

  185. AlwaysforHillary, I think it was earlier than that Micichelle Obama said “Black America will wake up and get it” in an interview with Mika on Morning Joe. This was on Nov 13 2007.

  186. i guess the chicago sun-times reproduced the photograph of rezko i posted in my fact on the exchange between clinton and obama on rezko during the debate. my diary at mydd, by the way, was posted almost 24 hours before others wrote on the subject. but i notice it is not cited.

  187. joeysmom, I’ll tell you what you’re volunteering for: Phone banking.

    You come into the HQ in NJ and you get a list of Democratic voters. You call them and urge them to go to the poll and vote for Hillary. That’s it.

  188. filbertsf, I have a question about your comment at 3:44 p.m.: Didn’t the Sun-Times say Obama was the unnnamed politician in their article on Saturday, or is this new confirmation?

  189. Okay, let me add that you’re get a lot of hang ups and rude replies. But the reward is speaking to people who say to you: “Of course I’m voting for Hillary! I love her!”

  190. They probably did plan to pull it. Played it just enough to do damage, then wrap it up with a Pres Dem’s actually liked. Obama got played.

  191. I’m sure the tactics behind the ad had several possibilities depending on reaction. I’m sure one of the options was to pull it after 24 hours.

  192. I am begining to believe that Democrats can not stomach a hard fought campaign, what are they going to do in GE with the Republicans???

  193. Just got done watching the clip of Morning Joe making fun of Obama and his voting present and pressing the wrong button on occasion. Too funny…… What is this guy doing running for President?

  194. filbertsf, thanks. I tried telemarketing a few years ago and lasted a day. Wonderful. Stupid me thought they’d need volunteers at the voting precincts to make sure crap like what happened in Nevada didn’t happen again. I hate making phone calls. I’m better in person. This coming from a Realtor. …

  195. It’s not the democrats unwilling to fight, or unable to stomach a hard fight, it is the press who is telling everyone that it is somehow wrong when Bill/Hill are fighting. Just a story they are running with right now. Feed the machine. As Bill said, “Shame on you”.

  196. I am pretty disgusted with CNN right now. We are going to have to take over the airwaves and soon. We must have the answer to FOX and an alternative point of view.

  197. Interesting article on Huffington Post

    The Problem With Obama’s Message David Sirota
    Thu Jan 24, 11:25 AM ET

    The Politico previews a story about Barack Obama’s campaign strategy for confronting Hillary Clinton by writing that the Illinois senator “wants to run against ’90s — without saying what was wrong with 90s.” That’s absolutely right – and that’s the big problem.


    Obama’s criticism of Clintonism is that it was too rancorous and polarizing. The problem is that’s a tactical/political argument that doesn’t connect to regular people’s daily lives. The most powerful indictment of Clintonism goes after its capitulation on core issues like health care, trade and helping the poor, leading to results like no universal health care plan, NAFTA, welfare “reform” an acceleration of income inequality – results that harmed millions of Americans and that would appall Democratic primary voters if Obama forced them to center stage in the campaign.

    People may tell pollsters they don’t like “polarization” in a general sense, but what that really means is they don’t like gridlock – that is, they really don’t like progress being inhibited on the issues that matter to them, and they especially don’t like when the White House uses its power to hurt the middle-class as the Clintons did in so many fundamental ways (last I checked, most people weren’t complaining about “polarization” when FDR was powering through the New Deal over the objections of his opponents).

    Obama may be waking up to his strategy’s shortcomings. The New York Daily News reports that he is starting to indict Clinton on the issue of trade, and NAFTA in specific. However, he supported the recent Peru Free Trade Agreement – a bill that expands the NAFTA model into South America.

    More generally, it may be too little, too late. Having surrounded himself by insiders since he went to the Senate, Obama’s has gotten used to making high-brow argument about “polarization” and “divisiveness” that don’t really make those in power uncomfortable. For a while, he has needed to make arguments about substance – how Clintonism sold out the middle class, how Clinton represents Big Money, etc. In short, he has been making a case about how politics should be conducted rather than a case about why his opponent’s politics hurt regular working people, and why his politics will help working people. And while the former might make his consultants and Washington aides happy, I don’t think it helps his campaign.

  198. bill clinton like us really hates big media. he hated them for years for trying to bring him down since 1992. where were these weak dems when bill was beating back the gop with them cheering him on when they full supported him? big media, obamabots, nutkooks, and crazies hate bill and hillary and will stop at nothing to beat them.

  199. The reason conservatives are mocking Obama for whining about the Clintons is because their party is full of fighters, and they know that’s what the Clintons are. Unfortunately, a lot of Dems are pantywaists, which is why they’re moaning and groaning.

    BTW, people who claim their opponent is doing “anything to win” are people accustomed to losing. That’s what happened to Kerry in ’04; we got whining about the Swift Boaters, Karl Rove, etc., but not action to stop them. Obama reminds me a lot of Kerry in this regard.

  200. I remembered right after IA (or maybe before) sources were saying that Bill Clinton was unhappy with the way the campaign was going. He didn’t like Mark Penn’s dependence on polls and being “above the fray” and running as a GE candidate.

    Bill wanted this to be rough and tumble.

    Let’s see if Bill is right.

  201. If people want to compare Rezko to Whitewater, the first thing to notice is that in Whitewater the Clintons LOST MONEY. There was some kind of bubble where their side were the VICTIMS.

    The next thing is that the Clintons were investigated for years at great hostile expense and CLEARED (in Whitewater and everything else they’ve been investigated for): VERDICT INNOCENT

    Obama GAINED from his assocations with Rezko (donations, patronage, house deal), and the investigation is just beginning: NO VERDICT YET IN SIGHT

  202. Obama is a bit of a joke to me. His campaign reminds me of my starry-eyed youth, and if I were younger, perhaps I would be inclined to give him the time of day. I’m not naive anymore though and am more experienced. If I was once an optimist of the extreme kind, I am definitely a realist now. He is a very eloquent speaker, very vibrant, but no substance at all. All flash. I always think of Daydream Believer playing in the background when I hear him talk. Either that, or a purple and gold clothed choir. I don’t believe in God either, so he might as well preach to the next one in line. Change does not happen dramatically, it happens gradually. Hillary will put us on the right track and has the experience, skill, and capabilities to guide our nation through a very difficult time. I suspect Bill will be doing more than blowing his horn too.

  203. Ronald, I don’t agree with the premise of that David Sirota piece. Few Dem primary voters, except for certain Nader types, will buy the argument that Clinton’s presidency hurt the middle class. That’s not a winning strategy for Obama.

  204. I called folks for Hillary today!!! I’m so excited. I chose Tn first but got mostly answering machines.

    I swithed to South Carolina and got a few machines, wrong numbers and talked with one white gentleman who said they’d already voted (early voting eh?) and said they were real busy and couldn’t talk right now. I gave him the hillaryclinton website just in case LOL

    Spoke to 2 AA women who are strongly for Hillary. Both said experience trumped it all and they were worried about the economy and who was going to handle overseas affairs. I told them both that, yes, the next president is going to inherit an overloaded desk when they go in and that having a real hand on president is really necessary.

    I’m only having very slow response on giving the responses back to the website and getting a new number to call.

    I was so intimidated but everyone, PLEASE make some south carolina calls. I believe her support is deeper there than what we think

  205. filbertsf, i remember when it was reported bill basically said enough. that’s when he went off to defend hillary and gets the facts corrected of bawak!!

  206. TheRealist
    Too bad Hillary does not us David Shuster’s comments from that clip in an ad. Those comments from an MSNBC reporter are amazing enough, but his comments would surely turn a lot of Obama supporters the other way.

  207. I’ve got the flu and don’t have enough energy to copy a title and look it up on Google and then maybe hold my nose through HuffPo to comment. But when people criticize the Clinton 90s admin, I don’t know what they expected Bill to get through against a veto-proof GOP congress toward the end. He began with a Dem congress, got the budget passed that began paying down the national debt and making a surplus — and by 1998 the GOP had enough power to impeach him just for the fun of it.

    So instead of someone who ‘capitulated’ — they want someone who BEGINS by running as a closet GOP?

  208. record early/absentee voting in florida reported. great because according to realclear politics averages hillary leads by a solid 20 plus points there. she is banking votes before sc.

  209. filbertsf, Changes obviously had to be made after Iowa, and running Hillary as a de facto incumbent was a mistake. I’m glad they’ve adopted the meme that they’re the underdog, running an insurgent campaign against the media/establishment darling Obama.

    BTW, I also like the new SC radio ad featuring Bill. I have no idea if the Clinton people planned to pull the Reagan radio ad (for the sake of argument, I’ll assume they’re telling the truth, lol), but the fact they immediately followed it up with a positive ad with a president Dems voters LIKE (as someone else here noted) makes me think this is coordinated.

  210. Michelle in SC is a sign of desperation. I wonder when they are going to bring Oprah? She is pretty dangerous and has more influence than I care to think about.

  211. Paula-

    The fact that it’s the Big Dawg is a total, “in your face”, to OB’s campaign and his and their whining. Psychologically, it’s brilliant, and another example of how the campaign has been on fire since the campaign unleashed the Einstein of political strategy, the BIG DAWG.

  212. Spoke to 2 AA women who are strongly for Hillary.

    If you have a chance, could you ask SC Hillary supporters if their family has been contacted by any of the media polls, and … well, I guess you couldn’t ask if they lied to the media … but find out whether their Hillarly support is getting into those polls or whether maybe it’s the Obama supporters in the household who take the phone when the polls call.

  213. Michelle Obama said “Black America will wake up and get it”

    I’ve seen that cited as from an MSNBC interview. Worth looking up, kind of long.

    Look also for reaction to it, I remember some Black bloggers saying it was insulting, that they voted on issues.

    Also about that time there was a long interview in Vanity Fair. I think maybe it was the one with the nonsense about “We’re not going to do this again” because they’d be too old and have lost their freshness, and more experience and ‘seasoning’ would be bad.

    Somewhere she said they could at least still remember what it was like to be ordinary people instead of rich, but by next term they’d have forgotten. If she really thinks that’s a problem, there’s an easy solution…. 🙂

  214. Ya know, if Bill ends up winning SC for Hill, which I think is very possible (but a long shot), I will be very interested to see how big media portrays his involvement at that time.

  215. 1950democrat,

    Brzezinski: So let’s talk about changing the game a little bit. I’m interested in this issue of race that keep coming up and is now evolving and how you perceive how this conversation is going. The polls show your husband is trailing Hillary 46% to 37% in the African American community. What is going on?

    Obama: First of all I think that that’s not gonna hold. I’m completely confident. Black America will wake up and get it, but what we’re dealing with in the black community is just the natural fear of possibility, ok and when I look at my life, you know the stuff that we see in these polls has played out my whole life and I’ve always been told by someone that I’m not ready that I can’t do something, my scores weren’t high enough, you know there’s always that doubt in the back of the minds of people of color, people who have been oppressed, who have never been given the real opportunities that you never really believe, that you believe somehow that somehow someone is better than you, you know deep down inside you doubt that you can really do this cause that’s all you’ve been told is no, wait, that’s all you hear and you hear it from people who love you not because they don’t care about you but because they’re afraid. They’re afraid something might happen to you.

  216. Since I’ve not run in to anyone who isn’t for Hillary just yet, I will keep that in mind.

    Sent Governor Sebelius a nice letter asking her to support Hillary.

  217. RE: SC Polls-

    Just a FEELING, but the polls in SC may not be reflecting what’s actually going on there right now, kind of like the last couple of days in NH. I also think (as some others here have also expressed) that what folks say in public and what they do in the privacy of the voting booth are not always the same.

    OB MUST win SC, and he must win by at least the same margin as Jackson did in ’88, but with a completely different demo., or his candidacy is mortally wounded. If he fails to win by the aggregate polling, say 10-12%, and if his share of the AA vote is his margin of victory, he’s in trouble. If he fails to win a majority of any other demo., he’s in trouble. SC isn’t just a must win for him it’s a, “How did he win”.

    Hillary pulling a NH, is far from out of the question at this point IMO. The bigger OB’s lead looks in the polls, all of them, the better it will be for Hillary when the actual vote is tabulated. Wouldn’t it be absolutely WONDERFUL to watch election night coverage of New Hampshire pt.II?
    I bet that at least one well known, ‘pundit”, would commit Hari-Kiri, live and on camera!

  218. I think alot of southern blacks will see Obama and Michelle as oreo’s (not a good thing). In addition, it is so obvious that they are trying to “dumb” down their speeches and campaign for the south (along with cadence, slang, and speech patterns). Don’t think that black southerners are going to miss that. There is a lot of southern pride (some of us are actually not idiots down here) and their speeches and presentation is going to come across as false.

  219. Reality is that if the SC result is within 5, it might as well be a victory. And if the result is balanced across congressional districts, the delegate count will be close as well.

  220. I don’t think BO’s strategy in SC is because they’re worried he won’t win. I think he’s running to pick up as many delegates as possible because he’s going to need them after 2/5. I think he’s targeting those CD that are showing that he isn’t winning all the delegates.

    His focus is on that number rather than the % of the winning margin.

  221. Hello, Everyone! Longtime reader, first-time poster. Thank you all for diligently sharing information for all us Hillary supporters. Will share the view from Chicago whenever it might enrich the discussion. SO glad Rezko-gate is finally getting national play! (Pfwew!) Go, Hill!

  222. If these polls get Hillary within 5 points, there is a legitimate shot at taking SC. They are scared, and if they aren’t, well, that is just fine too.

  223. wasabigirl, I agree and have been mentioning the same for the past few days. Consider this: almost 50% of the black vote is in 2 congressional districts. GA should be interesting — I think about 3 of 7 CDs are majority-black. GA will be even more polarized than SC.

  224. Margaret Talev of McClatchy Newspapers reported November 26, 2007, that while speaking in Orangeburg, S.C., Michelle Obama “has a heavy message for blacks in this early voting Southern state: Her husband’s chances of defeating Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination may hinge more on them than they do on white voters…. ‘I know folks talk in barbershops and beauty salons, and I’ve heard some folks say, ‘That Barack, he seems like a nice guy, but I’m not sure America’s ready for a black president,’ Michelle Obama told a crowd Tuesday at historically black South Carolina State University. ‘We’ve heard those voices before, voices that say, ‘Maybe you should wait’ — you know? — ‘You can’’t do it,’ she said. ‘It’s the bitter legacy of racism and discrimination and oppression in this country.'”

  225. On “The Tavis Smiley Show” [October 18, 2007, Obama] went into some detail on his thinking on African-American voters, arguing that they’ll ultimately wind up with him, once he’s able to address them directly on television.

    He said he wasn’t winning among black voters in Illinois polling in 2004.

    “We went up on TV, and by the end of it, we got 85 percent,” he said. “[It’s] the same thing you’re starting to see in this race.”

    He said African-Americans don’t quite know where he’s from or what to make of his name, that they’re “concerned about my safety,” and that “they’re not sure white folks will vote for me,” but that he’d overcome those objections.

  226. Unfortunately, it looks to me like people are going to be voting their race. From my perspective, I see whites voting for Hillary or Edwards, and blacks voting for Obama. I live in Louisiana and our primary is on 2/9 and those I’ve spoken to, both black and white, are breaking along these lines.

    This hurts my heart more than I can tell you. I don’t think that a good hard fight hurts our party, but the schism between the races really does.

    I pray that I’m wrong.





  228. BHO/Secret Service protection “Barack Obama placed under Secret Service protection,” CNN, May 3, 2007. “Obama ‘black enough’ for S. Service,” ””, May 10, 2007. “Racial hatred stalks Obama campaign. Illinois senator given unprecedented early protection by Secret Service,” ”The Globe and Mail” (Canada), May 15, 2007.

  229. That link won’t hunt…

    Hope this will.

  230. B Merryfield, why are you posting that? Hillary was actually the first candidate in this campaign to be threatened. I am not sure what your point is.

  231. No matter what the result, media will spin it as some sort of Obama victory. And he will too: after HIllary won Nevada by 6% with landslides in the caucuses his supporters had set up — he said she ‘eked out’ a popular vote victory.

  232. First little elderly AA woman and husband who I’ve found that loves the Clintons but feels shamed into obama. I explained health care, the volatile international mess that Bush is leaving and told her that HRC was in town for the remainder of the week and encouraged her to watch her events if at all possible. She said Bill had been not far from her.

    Bill Clinton is LOVED and RESPECTED by these people !!!!!!!!!!!

  233. I encourage everyone here tomorrow to do phone calling. It’s truely uplifting to talks with people about Hillary’s visioin for America. They want to talk too…they seem to be encouraged to hear from a Clinton supporter

  234. A pattern is beginning to shape up about Obama’s personality. Wasn’t he raised (in a white family) as what we’d call a ‘spoiled child’ (they paid his way all through law school anyway).

    His pattern seems to be, to disarm criticism by charmingly admitting something, without any hint of trying to improve in future.

    Losing papers, messy desk, pushing the wrong button…. The subtext seems to be “I’m so loveable that I don’t have to think about real life details, because I’m surrounded by people who will always take care of me and pick up the pieces.”

    Unfortunately it works with the media — and unfortunately it won’t work in the real world.

    Same with cocaine, and his gratuitiously destroying Alice Palmer’s political career and then trying to smile it off….

    And his reaction to defeats seems like a spoiled child too — and his insistence on running now, blocking a Clinton restoration which we really need…. “Me me me! Now now now!”

  235. About this Survey –

    Survey Sponsor: American Research Group, Inc.

    The American Research Group has been conducting surveys of voters since 1985.

    Sample Size: 600 completed telephone interviews among a random sample of likely Democratic primary voters living in South Carolina (450 Democrats and 150 independent voters).

    Sample Dates: January 22-23, 2008

    Margin of Error: ± 4 percentage points, 95% of the time, on questions where opinion is evenly split.

    Question Wording:

    If the 2008 Democratic presidential preference primary were being held today between (names rotated) Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Mike Gravel, Dennis Kucinich, and Barack Obama, for whom would you vote?

    Would you say that you definitely plan to vote in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary, that you might vote in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary, or that you will probably not vote in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary?

    When it comes to your ethnic or racial background, do you consider yourself to be white, African American, or something else?

  236. Well, you know, you have to assume Obama will win, and work as hard as we can that Hillary gains five and Obama loses five and the uncommiteds break even or tilt Hill.

  237. New NBC poll from nightly news

    South Carolina
    Obama 38
    Hillary 30
    Edwards 19

    Voters by race

    black white

    Obama 59 10
    Hillary 25 36
    Edwards 4 40

  238. American Research Group has the following…

    South Carolina
    Likely Democratic Primary Voters Jan 15-16 Jan 17-18 Jan 22-23
    Clinton 38% 39% 36%
    Edwards 9% 10% 12%
    Gravel – – –
    Kucinich 1% 1% 1%
    Obama 44% 45% 45%
    Undecided 8% 5% 6%


  239. wasabigirl (6:14 pm), Yes it hurts, but who is to blame? I think the big media. They only think of the numbers they get and not of the consequences of their stories to the public minds. They distort any story they get, so that it results into affecting the society negatively. The whole thing looks bizzare, unbelievable and somehow satanic. Like Mr Clinton said to them, “shame on you”. Myself, as far as I’m concerned, the big media can go to hell!

  240. Okay I think we can agree this race is starting to tighten up if hillary loses by 5 points or less she will be topic of the next 24hrs news cycle, not BO. HRC will be in the offence and BO will be in the defence.

  241. DemHawk, I expect the MSM to go into high gear after SC to act as OBAMA’s surrogates in Florida. I think they would do some live shows. They would have Obama and his campaign surrogates on all the time. As you know Florida is off limits this could be the crooked strategy of BO.

  242. There will be a segment on tonight’s NIGHTLINE about President Clinton versus Bambi and those in the party that are whining little babies.

  243. It will be less than 3 days until FL, and a huge victory. Race will be the topic from Saturday until Tuesday, because that’s what BM wants, and they’ll be poring over and spinning the (decidedly negative) OB numbers and the balanced across the board demo numbers for Hillary, and chattering about what it will mean for Tsunami Tuesday a week from NEXT TUESDAY (I can hardly wait.) and the nomination. I expect a subtle shift from BM post FL and coming into Big Tuesday, as it becomes clearer and clearer that Hillary is going to be a Tsunami that washes away OB’s hopes and dreams of grandeur.

  244. y’all know what the sad part of the media coverage is?

    a morning talk show host is doing better interviews than “best political team in the business” and “best political hardball hosts”.. idiots.. they should all be thrown out of business and new blood needs to come into broadcasting.. I hope rachael maddows is given her own show.. then I can stick with keith and rachael for getting my politics titbits for the day..

  245. Kingsgrove, It is better not to think about those polls. I would be very happy if the difference is less than 10%. It is better to move on. In the big picture SC does not really matter.

  246. My prediction is that Clinton and Obama will essentially be tied in SC. Either Clinton will win by not more than 2.5% or Obama will win by not more than 2.5%.

  247. kaffeen, I thought they would go Obama, even though she is the home town girl. He is more in line with the media establishment. This is a big endorsement for the NE states. IMO, this makes it extremely likely she will maintain her lead in the NE states an win them on super Tuesday.

  248. My wife and I moved from Florida to Austin last summer. We brought our Hillary yard sign with us and it actually lasted two months before some hillbilly ripped it out. Note to self: get another sign.

  249. San Antonio, is about 80% Hispanic, and loves Hill as well. I think that Texas will be a big firewall for her, if she needs it (though I doubt she will.)

    I wear my Hillary button everywhere, and get good response to her here.


    Remember, they own the Globe, which endorsed Obama.

  251. MJ, I read the times every morning. They have had some very favorable op-eds and the Hillary website has been linking to them for awhile now. Still, great news and very respected.

  252. New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger, Jr., has decided to endorse Hillary Clinton for president, Radar has learned. The editorial expressing that view is scheduled to appear this weekend.

    New York Times sister paper the Boston Globe had previously endorsed Barack Obama, prior to the New Hampshire primary. The Times has apparently decided to make its endorsement of Clinton public before the Democratic primary in South Carolina this Saturday.

    Reached at his office, Times editorial page editor Andy Rosenthal was asked if the paper would be endorsing a white person or a black person for president. “Yes,” he replied. He refused any further comment.

    The average of six polls tracked by Real Clear Politics shows Obama leading Clinton in South Carolina by 12 points, 39.2 to 27.2.

  253. guys lets kick that rumour of NYT endorsing Hill out.. its a bad rumour.. there is a high probability that they will endorse Obama.. so lets push back against the rumour.. no point.. faux publicity..

  254. kaffeen-

    I too read the Times every day and I live in NYC. Between Frank Rich, MoDo the dragonLady, Brooks, Kristoff and even my favorite Gail Collins, there have been very few favorable op-ed’s in recent memory from the Gray Lady. It almost seemed like they were prepared to spit in the face of one of their own senators and I was ready to cancel a subscription of over THIRTY years. While I’ll believe it when I see it, I am really looking forward to seeing it.

  255. TheRealist, I agree I still think it is great if she gets the endorsement because I was not expecting it.

  256. thank you, gladiatorstail. oprah will apparently force adult children of divorce to confront their parents on national television. she is shameless.

  257. I’m also taking that NY Times rumor with a grain of salt. Let’s not forget that in Dec., RADAR (falsely) reported that James Carville was joinging the campaign.

  258. dot48: thanks for the reminder of phone banking. Had one undecided so far and a couple of voice mails. Good suggestion everybody: it’s still early enough to make calls and it does help!

  259. Who said Carville is not on the campagine team. I have not seen him on CNN for weeks for that matter I have not seen Paul B. either.

  260. wat a crazy wierdo oprah is.. glad neither I nor my gf enjoy that big mouth..

    this NYT endorsement rumour is not a good one for Hillary unfortunately.. we know the pattern of articles coming from NYT both edirotials as well as caucus website.. I hope it doesnt get overplayed until confirmed..

  261. Endorsing a white person or a black person for president? Is this how far down the big media has come? Who is promoting this divisive issue? This is obscene reporting, really.

  262. I found this from a poster at Taylor Marsh’s blog.

    This is an amazing comparison of the Clinton vs Bush Presidencies.


    The Country He Inherited, The Country He Leaves Behind{D68CD0B2-1442-4804-9F6B-AF67DE7FF585}&DE={FDD09C4F-E958-4E13-A92B-179C2FAC6FEA}&Design=PrintView

  263. I don’t think it is a rumor about the Times. It seems legit and is becoming rather viral at this point. If it isn’t true, you’ll know pretty soon.

  264. Newspaper endorsements are worth about as much as the paper they;re printed on. The Washington Post regularly endorses candidates they’ve spent months trashing — by then the damage is done.

    Boston Globe endorsed BO, he lost NH. Demoines Register endorsed Hillary, she lost Iowa.

  265. I never really doubted they would endorse Hillary. I’d be surprised if they didn’t. Alot of high profile leaders in NYC have endorsed Hillary, the Times has endorsed her previously.

    Is it a big deal?


    It *is* the NYT. Pretty much *the* newspaper in America.

  266. That’s a great video of Carville above on NBC today, I think it was. He says it’s the elite in this country who want to take the competition out of politics. You can’t do that, he says, and people should just stop the whining! I love it! Stop the whining! He said Bill is in the campaign. Hill’s his wife and therefore he’s in it! And he also said that he traveled with Bill in SC and that the people out there loved Bill. My experience is that he is a wonderful campaigner. The media can’t stand it!

  267. Y’all are almost getting my nerve up to make some GOTV calls to SC. What if someone gives their address and asks where they vote? Or asks about some issue I don’t know about.

    I’d want to tell them that delegates will be split, so even if Hillary just got 10% of the vote and just a few delegates, it would still be worth going out to give her those delegates. But what if people ask for details?

    I’d also want to say that Hillary is 60 and Bill has heart trouble and this may be the last time she wants to run. But Obama is 46 and has plenty more chances to run later. But I might get carried away and say he can darn well wait his turm, and that might not be good….

    Can some of you callers reassure some of us who’ve never done it?

  268. kingsgrove, thanx for the link so i can watch our girl. hillfans maybe we can make sc close afterall. fingers crossed.

  269. Don’t remind them of Hill’s age or Bill’s heart.

    Agree, and don’t talk about anything complicated like delegates, either. “Your vote counts, and Hillary is so grateful for your support” will suffice.

  270. I love it both the AA journalists that ware on Teweety’s show fucked Tweety and f(t)ucker carlson. it is fantastic.

  271. plural-

    If it were any other rag I’d agree, but The NYT isn’t just a newspaper, it’s THE newspaper and it’s influence is national. The Boston Globe et al are not comparable to the Times, and their endorsement is one of the very few nods from anywhere that have as much potential impact. Hillary doesn’t need the NYT endorsement to win HUGE in NY, it’s about the NYT NATIONAL influence as, “the paper of record.” Their endorsement is the gold standard and the most sought after of any in the country.

  272. Ok, Realist, but now I am worried I spoke too soon. I always thought they would endorse Obama. It may be this is a false report. Someone emailed it to me, and I assumed it was valid, but it may not be. Sorry.

  273. 1950 ..there is a script to follow. It gives you the phone number at the top of the page with the persons name. call the number. the script tells you what to say igives you blocks of post after the spill on whether they are for Hillary or leaning somewhere else. I found that in reading the little paragraph, I would relate with people on a one on one basis with my endorsement of Hillary’s health care plan. There may be a particular thing in that paragraph that you wish to go a bit in depth with them about.

    I have not had one person ask me about where to go vote. These names are registered voters who are aware of their areas. If they ask something like that tell them to call their election office for their county/parish.

    also, before ending tell them to visit hillary’s website and enjoy reading this great ladies legacy and her vision for the country.

    I’ve not had one rude person. mostly AA who love both Clintons. Only one couple I found so far who admitted been shamed into voting for obama….they still may change their mind when the get to the booth.

    I was afraid too but when I started it just went smoothly

  274. mj-

    The only site going with the story is the previously discredited Radar so far, as the HuffPo is linked to the radar site, so there is really nothing but unsubstantiated rumor to support the story as of now. I will await corroboration form more than one source or better yet, reading the endorsement over my morning coffee this Saturday…

  275. Ok, again sorry, my friend who sent me this is consistently right about these things. Sorry for raising everyones hopes.

  276. Realist, I will defer to you. It is certainly sought after.

    We can hope that the NYT has seen things about BO that give them pause, as we here have seen. And that they *know* Hillary and how good she is, how she has represented all of New York state and how the people all over the state love and respect her.

    I would think that the News in Review is being printed tonight for Sunday’s paper, and so the editorial may have leaked.

    I just have so little respect for the media — any of them — and more respect for the people’s being able to make up their own minds about the things that matter to them.

  277. More from the new NBC/WSJ poll

    Most Democrats — 51% — say Mrs. Clinton would have the best chance to beat a Republican; 29% say Mr. Obama, up from 18% last month. Among Americans overall, 47% have positive views of Mrs. Clinton, 41% negative — her best reading since 2004.

  278. I put a link to SC precinct info for look-up in a post that’s in moderation.

    google South Carolina State Election Commission Voter Registration Information

    and you’ll find it.

    They can confirm by calling one of the field offices:

    dot48 — all of the calling I’ve ever done has the precinct at the top of the page, but that’s been hard-copy sheets, not web calling.

  279. Charles Kaiser is the one breaking the NYT endorsement. He worked for the Times.

    Charles Kaiser was born in Washington, D.C. He grew up there and in Albany, N.Y., Dakar, Senegal, London, England and Windsor, Conn. He is a former writer for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Newsweek. His articles have also appeared in New York, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, The Washington Post, and The New York Observer, among many other publications. He has taught at Columbia and Princeton, where he was the Ferris Professor of Journalism. In 1968 he was a volunteer in the McCarthy campaign and a freshman at Columbia University.

  280. I’m just throwing this out there as a “wouldn’t this shake things up” idea. What would it do to the SC primary if Hillary made an appearance tomorrow in SC and asked a room full of African American women, “Wouldn’t it be great if Senator Obama would agree to be my Vice-President!”

  281. That’s an interesting post on TPM about the spin war over who’s the victim. Obama’s winning that war because Clinton’s not even trying. Playing the victim in an effort to win votes is a losing strategy. It signifies weakness, and that’s not the kind of thing you want to project.

  282. i’ve read the nyt pieces that get onto yahoo and if they endorse hillary it is because they know something from Obamas past is getting ready to rear it ugly head.

    i’ve found them as sexist and biased against hillary as msnbc and now cnn and nbc.

    if you all think this would be a great endorsement, well I’m happy. I’m just not thrilled with their coverage of her.

    dumb head/dick head Morris on oreilly trying to read Big Dawgs strategy. I find him insulting, crude, rude and a pompous a$$.

  283. Paula, exactly. Remember the pile-on? Didn’t work for Hillary. People like the underdog. What they don’t like is victimhood.

  284. It also looks like Obama’s AA support is dropping in SC, with some polls showing him under 60 percent. What I like about the NBC SC poll is it shows Hillary running second among both whites and African Americans, so she has a balance no other candidate has.

  285. most polls i have seen claim obama’s support in the african-american community is hovering around 51%.

  286. i’m planning all day phone calling tomorrow. After SC I plan to start on Tn again. I feel like I’m doing something to help, as many of you are doing. Tuesday I get to go pick up Hillary signs and start putting them out in my county.

    I worked a local campaign office at one time for a woman running for governor of my old home state. It was fun but in the end we couldn’t pull it off. That was a heartbreaker.

  287. Wow: Hills’ numbers ARE GREAT against the republicans. BOs numbers not so good–larger undecided against repubs. Watchin on Olbermann with mute button very close by.

  288. Good point about the pile-on, filbertsf; I forgot about that.

    Also, I wonder as others here do if Hillary’s AA support is a lot stronger than the polls indicate. They may feel compelled to tell pollsters they’re voting for Obama but are much more conflicted than they let on.

  289. hey dot48, are you doing these calls from the HQ or at home on the internet?

    You’re fantastic, BTW. I know how aggravating it is to do phone banking for hours at a time. It does help, though, to be at the HQ surrounded by other supporters.

  290. if it comes out tommorrow….perfect!!!

    I think Hillary can close well in South Carolina…I found AA embracing her….but then again, we got burned with polling before. Time will tell but I didn’t feel any hate or anger from those I spoke too.

    One woman would not talk about her politics with me and she sounded howty/towty, however hubby answered the it was hard to gauge her. I thanked her for her time and wished them a great evening and even better weekend.

    This the only person I have talked to today that didn’t welcome hearing from me.

  291. Wow! I didn’t know that Hillary had Iyanla Vanzant supporting her. She is such an inspiring lady…a little rough around the edges but very enthusiastic and uplifting. She had a show on tv several years ago but it was short lived.

    Rev. Marcia Dyson: She is the wife of the professor Dyson who has appeared on MessMSNBC and CNN about the race factor etc. Isn’t it funny that his wife is for Hillary! I’ve seen her on Larry King and Tweety show and she is VERY articulate … in the vein of Rev. Jesse Jackson whom she appeared opposite of on Tweety’s show this week. He was no match for her…I believe she said that he was her mentor. This is who then need to speak for Hillary. She takes no prisoners and she had no compunction about cutting off and disagreeing with her husband on Larry King.

    Haave anyone of you seen her campaign on Hillary’s behalf?

  292. Paula: They may feel compelled to tell pollsters they’re voting for Obama

    Debra Dickerson had an interesting comment on that. Compelled due to pride, yes, due to pressure, no.

    What if they tell pollsters that because of how torn we are between Clinton and Obama? Blacks might know, or suspect, they’re going to vote Old School but symbolically ‘vote’ for Obama in a poll. If I didn’t immediately hang up on the pests, I’d say I was voting for Obama when I know very well my mind’s far from made up. I just want to give him a shout-out and let America know we’re on the move. ‘Voting’ in a poll is cost-free. Voting in the booth—that’s the real deal.

    As for the notion that blacks avoid telling pollsters the truth for fear of being suspected of group think…a sister has to chuckle. Frontin’ to a faceless Zogby drone on the phone, or even at the polling place when you’re high on the franchise, is the least of our concerns; right or wrong, we know you think much worse of us than that. We could yell our support of OJ to the skies but tremble to say Hillary’s name? Right.

  293. I’m making these on my own phone and getting my info from Hillary’s calling center. It’s easy.

    Names are provided, numbers, the persons name is automatically inserted into the little thing you say to them. There is a paragraph after you get done to mark a box as to what you found out during the call…hillary, leaning hillary, obama, leaning obama, etc. box for republican or refused.

    end paragraph gives you a good evening thank you message to the caller.

    my first call was stiff I know. the more I called the more I let my own personality come through. I know from working customer service for 17 years that people like to hear their own name so I use their name quite often. Use their name again when you thank them for your call.

    there is also a paragraph to read them if the answering machine picks up and one for if somebody offers to take a message for these people.

    I am finding people are lonely and we talked about several things, one woman’s husband died on Tuesday…she was a republican and tried to vote in another district while her husband was in hospital last weekend and she didn’t get to cast a vote. We chatted about her loss, her faith and she is the one who told me that in November she may decide to vote for Hillary.

  294. I’m in Central Florida and I listen to right wing talk show all day at work because sadly we don’t get Air America or any liberal talk show here.

    I’m only hearing McCain and Romney’s radio ad here and that’s several times a day. I guess Romney really don’t have much money. It’s funny how Laura Ingraham. Limbaug and Hugh Hewitt are admantly against McCain and only Michael Medved is for McCain. I mean they have been hitting McCain pretty hard. They call him a R.I.N.O aka Republican in Name Only. 🙂

    ** How about Mitt Romney campaigning in the hood with the ‘Woot! WWoot! Who let the dogs out!’ thing going on. Uggghhhh!!!

  295. dot48, that’s interesting… about the part where people just want to stay online and talk to you about things other than politics.

    The people I speak to aren’t that engaging. Many who support Hillary are friendly, but they don’t want long, drawn-out conversations. Well, maybe it’s just Californians.

    As an aside — and I hope I’m not offending an New Hampsters — but of all the calls I’ve made to IA, NH, NV and CA, I have to say that NH voters were very curt and rude, especially the men. 2 called me a ‘moron’ and others just screamed “stop calling me or I’m not voting!” Other people working and volunteering at the office said the same thing.

    Well, I guess if I was receiving 4-5 calls a day from pollsters and campaigns, I’d be curt, too.

  296. if we do not discuss rezko, the republicans will. i quote:

    There are indications that Clinton and her allies will continue to press Obama on Rezko, especially as the Feb. 5 votes are looming in 22 states and Rezko’s trial is near. Meanwhile, Rezko hovers as an issue for Obama if he gets the nomination.

    For weeks now, the Republican National Committee has been circulating Rezko clips.,CST-NWS-sweet23.article

  297. I am so fed up with the charge that Hillary’s radio ad was false. Meanwhile not a word about the “Hillary will say anything” ad. That’s not a policy discussion; that’s a personal rap.

    Now the Bill and Hillary played the race card nonsense. What was Oprah doing? What was the “fierce urgency of now”?

    And BTW, who did Michele mean when she said “If you can’t run your own house, you can’t run the White House”?

    But none of that matters if the “I pressed the wrong button 6 times” gets out. It’s indefensible. And it’s something that W would do. And it leads to derision. And laughter. Hard to vote for someone you think of as hapless. It’s like an early ruler name: Ethelred the Unready. Now Obama the Hapless. Or vice versa.

  298. tiburones, you are from florida, what are you hearing from the ground there. most of the polls show hillary is stomping obama there? is there excitement despite of no campaigning there?

  299. dot48, Sounds like you’re a wonderful advocate for Hillary, and a very nice person to boot. 🙂

    HLR, Debra Dickerson’s comments are very interesting. Thanks for posting them.

  300. mj, I am applolagise for my bad choice of words. On Tweety matthews show there were two AA guests. As usual Tweety was blaming Clintons bu both the journalists disagreed with him and Tucker carlson(he was the other guests).

  301. its southern hospitality, these older folks have this instilled from birth. One gentleman was 92 and chipper and I asked him if he could give me any advice on making it to that age.

    It may be the demographics of the list for those who the campaign wants to call in south carolina.

    You will like calling these people, they are witty, fun and I find well informed.

  302. rev dyson is a fast talkin idiot who thinks he is smarter than everybody else. thank goodness he does not force his wife to support obama.

  303. dot48, as one who grew up in SC, I can tell you that most of the people, black and white, and especially the Democrats, are some very friendly, down-to-earth, common-sense individuals.

    And a lot of our older folks are funny as hel,l with the gift of gab. Most Southerners love a good story, and can tell one, too. 😀

    Call SC, folks! It will be fun, and help our gal!

  304. i will telephone tomorrow. and then i will be at their doors on saturday. it is 9pm here in the carolinas. be careful.

  305. Pulchritude, good thing Truthteller is on the job. The other Sun-times lines which are almost direct quotes from our early Rezko posts (and from an Obama supporter no less):,CST-NWS-brown24.article

    From the start, Obama’s approach to the Rezko situation has been to minimize and avoid, as if it would eventually just go away. It won’t.

    Most troubling to me is how Obama keeps handling this, a continuing lapse in judgment that leaves me wondering if there’s more here than meets the eye instead of less.

    Just last weekend, the Obama campaign donated to charity another $40,000 in past campaign donations linked to Rezko. Why hadn’t they taken care of that months ago instead of waiting for the latest Sun-Times’ story?

    Remember, this is a relationship to which Rezko could soon be testifying in federal court if he chooses.

    But one way or another, it’s all going to come out before Obama can reach the finish line in November. He needs to prove he can deal with this forthrightly now before the Republicans make him explain it.

  306. Well, this is the first sane thing to come out of NYT this primary season, so we have better be thankful for it. 🙂

  307. pulchritude, thanks for the reminder. DO NOT make calls to SC after 9 pm EST! I talked to one woman in NH who was upset that she had received a Hillary call the day before at 11pm. I had to apologize all over the place and tell her it was likely a volunteer who got the time zones mixed up, that the campaign has specifically told us the appropriate hours to call.

  308. The Gray Lady must be bipolar. For months they’ve been trashing her. Now they have a glowing endorsement?

    Anywhooo… YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  309. admin,

    i enjoy your coverage of rezko, and i look forward to more of your probing analyses. when will i have the opportunity to read on michelle obama?

  310. Don’t like breaking up this wonderful dialog but the comments are in the several hundreds again. We’ll post a quickie post on the New York Times Hillary endorsement and anyone with the stomach to watch the Republican debate will have plenty of space to exercise their fingers.

  311. ClintonDem99 said:
    I love it both the AA journalists that ware on Teweety’s show fucked Tweety and f(t)ucker carlson. it is fantastic.


    Lol! I saw that. Tucker was acting in the role of an advocate for Obama and saying without a doubt that Bill and Hill were playing the race card and was dividing the party. At least Tweety said that he would leave the question open.

    The lady talk show hose, said, ‘you didn’t think that people would notice that Barrack was Black when they looked at him?’ Too funny. The Balck reporter from the Wash. Post also didn’t take the bait. Tucker wass so mad!

  312. in fact, admin, you were the first online to discuss rezko, and you are one of the few to even mention giannoulias. you are also well placed in google searches.

  313. kaffeen,
    Well, yes, of course. But I’m bitterly disappointed with The Gray Lady this season. This however was admittedly a silver lining to it.

  314. filbertsf and dot48

    no offense taken regarding the NH phone banking response. as we closed-in on primary day, people were receiving between 10-12 phone calls a day from various campaigns..thus, the hang-ups and rude responses.

    i had it a bit easier canvassing door to door. most people were polite, even if they didn’t support HRC.

    bottom line is, if you can get over the initial “fear”, you’ll find the script goes out the window and you end up talking to folks just like we do here @ 44.

    keep up the great work!!!

  315. glowing endorsement with a bit of straight talk as well. Impressive.

    Kudos for recognizing what we here at Big Pink have known…she’s simply the BEST!

  316. Terront:

    tiburones, you are from florida, what are you hearing from the ground there. most of the polls show hillary is stomping obama there? is there excitement despite of no campaigning there?

    *****There are no signs here. The only signs that I’ve ever seen is Ron Paul all over, even in South Florida when I visited last month. I’m surprised that I haven’t seen much of any other Repub. either.
    Just anecdotal, the elder women and all of my sisters are for Hillary when I asked. When I asked about Obama, the older women said, ‘He just need to sit down’. I expect her to win and win with more than a 10 pt margin. One thing that I can say is that I see Obama’s ad on Mess Msnbc and Cnn regularly. It has Cllair McCaskill testifying for him etc. This is bothering me. I’ve seen Rudy on local tv but he seems to be campaigning mostly to seniors at retirement homes, retirement cities etc.

    Wow! I’m watching him now on the debates, he just sounded nervous. I sort of feel bad for him.

  317. i notice i had protracted discussions with potential voters in sc when i telephoned on hillary’s behalf. it is difficult at first, but after the third conversation it seems effortless.

  318. i honestly forgot about the gop debate. anyway im not interested anyway. as soon as hillary wraps this nomination by feb 5th then i will direct fire to the gop nominee. i just don’t see the dem race going past march 4th, texas and ohio.

  319. McCain giving straight talk he says at the debate,,,,i have not heard one democrat say they’d raise taxes…

  320. ^^mccain saying dems will raise taxes…….i have not heard one dem say anything about raising taxes

    I think romney personally is the smartest man on the panel

  321. terrondt,
    I can’t wait to dig into McCain (or maybe Romney). Perhaps they’ve got a little slumlord hidden somewhere in Arizona or Massachusetts…

  322. entitlements,,,,they consider social security an ‘ENTITLEMENT’ they still want our ss taxes but not to pay out

    republicans will cut social security

    I’m applying for my disability soon…hillary better make it in 👿

  323. mccain ripping into hillary .. he knows who he is going to be running against.

    mccain would be worse war monger than bush…….commit our troops around the world to police…let them use their own freakin men and women to protect themselve.

    Hillary ain’t waving no white flag either you old fart

  324. im all romney for gop nomination. hopefully he wins florida. i want them to fight all the wy to the convention. the dem nomination will not go that far.

  325. according to romney, it is unthinkable that democrats plan to withdraw the troops. “we cannot turn iraq over to al queada.” he also believes hillary claims credit for the surge. but even worse was his misogynistic reference to hillary as “general clinton.”

  326. Ok, why are they all mentioning Hillary Clinton at this debate? And what about Romeny calling her General Hillary!

  327. Only 2 guys are in that class, we are both gay, and the other is a product of queer theory and feminism too. I am enjoying the course thus far.

  328. now giuliani has to disparage hillary. according to him, hillary’s stance on the war is shaped and determined by the polls. the feminine is pliant, while the masculine is hard, unyielding, impenetrable.

  329. repubs refuse to admit iraq was/is a mistake

    mccain said we will be there for 100 years

    too bad the dolt dems in wash have made no progress on ending the war

  330. Hey guys, this is great. If the GOP is going after Hill again, than that means their internal polling is showing she’ll be the candidate. This is hysterical: “tiburones Says: Ok, why are they all mentioning Hillary Clinton at this debate? And what about Romeny calling her General Hillary!”

    In what context did he call her that? She will wipe the floor with he opponent next fall.

  331. Bodes That Matter: On the Discursive Limits of “Sex”

    Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity

    Excitable Speech: The Politics of the Performative

    Undoing Gender

    Giving an Account of Oneself

  332. MJ–great scoop on NYT. I too was skeptical but thank God this rumor turned out to be true. As TheRealist noted above this is the gold standard when it comes to endorsements in terms of media leadersip and national reach.

    This is crushing news for the Obama campaign and the jounalists mentioned. It will give cover to other members of Big Media who believe in Hillary but were afraid speak out. In the sexist citadel of MSNBC, the lonely truth tellers like Craig Crawford and Pat Buchanan are smiling.

  333. I am in in Palm Beach,Fl and very frustrated hearing BHO ads many times a day on Cnn,msnbc.Please get HRC people to hurry before tues.I have volunteered but have heard nothing from Florida for Hillary.The polls here show large lead.
    Romney is misquoting all of HRC programs,really trashing her I hope he is the one so she can beat his butt, he is acting so superior.McCain is not going to make it ,Rush and Ann Coulter,Laura Ing the real icks of the Repubs are protesting him, they call him RINO repub in name only? These clowns are in Boca which is 25mi.from here I would like to punch all of them and their demeaning of HRC. Keep the faith.You are all great .The best President ever will be HRC!!!

  334. I just posted at Gail Collins’ column at NYT

    Good grief. I’ll take Billary and a balanced budget over a misty feminist moment any day.

    BOTH Clintons did a good job in the 90s against a hostile Congress. Let’s get BOTH of them back in to continue. Hopefully with a Dem congress.

    Give ’em hell, Billary!


    Dunno if it will go up, 180 comments already. Mostly Clinton bashing.

  335. But two of Obama’s bumbles came on more-sensitive topics. On Nov. 14, 1997, he backed legislation to permit riverboat casinos to operate even when the boats were dockside.

    The measure, pushed by the gambling industry and fought by church groups whose support Obama was seeking, passed with two “yeas” to spare — including Obama’s. Moments after its passage he rose to say, “I’d like to be recorded as a no vote,” explaining that he had mistakenly voted for it.

    Wonder if THIS is the vote the Obama camp refers to when they state that they did no favors for Rezko, and even voted against his interests in the gaming industry.

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