New York Times: Make Hillary 44

As the Republican Party displays its rotten wares in debate tonight (on MSNBC), Hillary Clinton continues to grow in strength and vigor.

The New York Times, a decades long poisoned well of Hillary Hate is swallowing their own venom tonight. Just in time for the South Carolina primary and the upcoming Florida primary and Big State primaries on February 5, 2008 the New York Times endorses Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Party primary.

The endorsement by the New York Times is considered by many to be a valuable commodity. In Florida in particular, with its many ex-New Yorkers, the endorsement might be of some value. Of course, Hillary already enjoys strong support in the Sunshine State. The New York Times editorial page also has a residue of respect with readers in Connecticut and New Jersey, and in all honesty many of the February 5 primary states.

Congratulations to Hillary Clinton and the hardworking Hillary Team:

We have enjoyed hearing Mr. Edwards’s fiery oratory, but we cannot support his candidacy. The former senator from North Carolina has repudiated so many of his earlier positions, so many of his Senate votes, that we’re not sure where he stands. [snip]

Mr. Obama has built an exciting campaign around the notion of change, but holds no monopoly on ideas that would repair the governing of America. [snip]

It is unfair, especially after seven years of Mr. Bush’s inept leadership, but any Democrat will face tougher questioning about his or her fitness to be commander in chief. Mrs. Clinton has more than cleared that bar, using her years in the Senate well to immerse herself in national security issues, and has won the respect of world leaders and many in the American military. She would be a strong commander in chief.

Domestically, Mrs. Clinton has tackled complex policy issues, sometimes failing. She has shown a willingness to learn and change. Her current proposals on health insurance reflect a clear shift from her first, famously disastrous foray into the issue. She has learned that powerful interests cannot simply be left out of the meetings. She understands that all Americans must be covered — but must be allowed to choose their coverage, including keeping their current plans. Mr. Obama may also be capable of tackling such issues, but we have not yet seen it. Voters have to judge candidates not just on the promise they hold, but also on the here and now. [snip]

The next president needs to start immediately on challenges that will require concrete solutions, resolve, and the ability to make government work. Mrs. Clinton is more qualified, right now, to be president. [snip]

Mrs. Clinton seems not only more aware than Mr. Obama of the consequences of withdrawal, but is already thinking through the diplomatic and military steps that will be required to contain Iraq’s chaos after American troops leave. [snip]

We know that she is capable of both uniting and leading. We saw her going town by town through New York in 2000, including places where Clinton-bashing was a popular sport. She won over skeptical voters and then delivered on her promises and handily won re-election in 2006.

Mrs. Clinton must now do the same job with a broad range of America’s voters. She will have to let Americans see her power to listen and lead, but she won’t be able to do it town by town.

When we endorsed Mrs. Clinton in 2006, we were certain she would continue to be a great senator, but since her higher ambitions were evident, we wondered if she could present herself as a leader to the nation.

Her ideas, her comeback in New Hampshire and strong showing in Nevada, her new openness to explaining herself and not just her programs, and her abiding, powerful intellect show she is fully capable of doing just that. She is the best choice for the Democratic Party as it tries to regain the White House.


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  1. The New York Times, a decades long poisoned well of Hillary Hate is swallowing their own venom tonight.

    Truer words were never written admin!

  2. Ok, why are they all mentioning Hillary Clinton at this debate? And what about Romeny calling her General Hillary!

  3. As I said on the last thread, that’s awesome news, tiburones! Means their own internal polls are showing Hillary will be the candidate. What the hell is Romney saying, General Hillary? Look for some strong responses from military people tomorrow. He doesn’t know who he is messing with. What a dummy! LOL.

  4. alcina, you made me laugh so hard! 😀 Bringing this forward from last thread..

    romney has major shrinkage in regards to general hillary

  5. mj, she has 4-star General and former NATO Supreme Commander Wesley Clark campaigning for her.

    I’d LOVE to see her turn Wes loose on Romney’s bullshit. Wes will kick his preppy ass.

  6. lol pulchritude. These rethugs just have me shaking my head. They are just so boring, I had to change the channel. Now I am watching nick at nite.

  7. thats what im watching nick at nite i turn that boring debate..sounds like there at a funeral…and rommney is scared shi0less of gen hill..and i think mc cain chews tobacco..down under his jaws..looks like hee wants to spit it out lol..I like that who said grandpa watson..

    Congrats to hillary and the NYT….they picked the right winner to lead us better lives…

  8. according to romney, hillary clinton is “washington to the core.” he has coopted obama’s bankrupt message of change.

  9. The NYT endorsement is the ONLY newspaper endorsement that actually delivers votes, as many folks I know wait for the Times to endorse before making their own choice. It will help in almost every TT(Tsunami Tuesday) state and will pad her sure to be big win in Fl. this coming Tuesday. It’s a lot better to get the Times’ endorsement then not. It will have an impact and be covered far and wide on the day before SC. Sweet.

  10. wowwww… CNN HAD THE BEST REZKO REPORT TILL DATE.. Admin, I could not TIVO it, but could you or someone TIVO it when it airs in alternate coast and put it up on youtube. i seriously think this report beats any report till date on rezko.. there was substantial input from chicago sun times..

  11. ROFLMAO @ pulc.. that nutcase ron paul will take the government and flush it down the toilet. he is much worse than Obama when managing government and has no patience to run it..


    right across the bay, is oakland, a huge AA community and they are working the ob story hard…
    they are also reaching out to outlying communities, nothing is written in stone, and we have a ton of delegates at stake here, can we just GET SOME LOVE from Hillary here? we need some nice commercial spots folks…

    oh and congrats on the nyt endorsment…

  13. tonight i will read the superceding indictment fitzgerald filed against REZKO.

    should we design REZKO gear?

  14. the charlotte observer’s coverage of rezko was superficial and wanting. should i contact the political editor with a few recommendations?

  15. I am worried about Obama ads too.. I saw a couple today on cnn and MSNBC.. this is crazy.. she shouldnt lose VA or DC.. she runs pretty strong here.. and is only democrat who can win against mccain in this state..

  16. I think everyone needs to relax about the ads. I’m sure her campaign is well aware of what Obama is airing where. Just because she’s not airing ads now in particular areas doesn’t mean she’s not planning to.

  17. come tuesday just one week till super tuesday….ads need to be out there asap, like yesterday

    unless they know something we don’t….rezko total national explosion…

  18. chris matthews asked huckabee to comment on the clintons’ campaign against obama. huckabee thankfully avoided the question, but he did refer to the clinton’s as a formidable force.

  19. On the ads: we were going to write a much longer post about them, but here is the gist of the argument.

    The Obama nationwide ad buy is a the clearest sign yet of a dead campaign. It seems to us that the Obama high command knows the race is run and they have lost.


    The nationwide ad buy makes no sense. Why advertise in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and all the other states that are not voting?

    We suspect that Axelrod and friends are buying ads nationwide to get their 15% before the big top collapses.

  20. If you don’t realize by now that Hillary knows what she’s doing…

    Even though Russert is reviled by the community, he asked a GREAT question that pretty much wrote itself as a GE ad. Something like,

    “After 8 years of George Bush and the Republicans, Unemployment went from 4.2% to 5.1%, the National debt more than doubled. In 2001 we had a 250 BILLION dollar surplus, in 2008 we have a 250 billion dollar DEFICIT. In 2001 a gallon of gas was 1.42 or less, today it’s well over THREE DOLLARS.”

  21. admin,

    jerome armstrong at mydd made the same assertion. because axelrod is unscrupulous, i believe you are correct.

  22. Admin-

    You are spot-on with your analysis, succinct though it may be. I have been in similar positions with clients in trouble and that’s what you do.

  23. If you have a link pulchritude please send it on.

    TheRealist, you are a rascal. 🙂

    We’ve been secretly smiling about the ad buy thinking about what happens when someone clues Michelle in on the scam and she confronts Axelrod.

  24. pulch-

    It isn’t about scruples, it’s about self-interest, which everyone has. I am sure that you would want to derive the most you could from whatever your endeavors are, and sales, marketing, consulting and the like are not populated by altruists, but alas, realists… 🙂

    I’m not saying Axlerod doesn’t bite, though, just not for this.

  25. I just hope that the “I pressed the wrong vote button” 6 times revelation is repeated everywhere.

    Tell the truth..when you first heard it, what was your first thought? “You have GOT to be kidding!”?

    In an earlier post I compared Obama with Ethelred the Unready (you remember him). I named him Obama the Hapless, but he could swap titles with old Ethelred.

    It’s something you can’t get out of your mind — the next time I see an Obama ad or speech, I shall be wondering how he could have pressed the wrong button 6 times. Won’t you? And now he wants to be CIC. Is there still a red button involved??

    I think this is his ‘groom on the wedding cake’ moment. Voting is too complicated. He could change his middle name to ‘Oops’.

  26. having had observed the costs of some of the media buys axelrod has recommended, i believe he is unscrupulous.

  27. “Hearing her talk about the presidency, her policies and answers for America’s big problems, we are hugely impressed by the depth of her knowledge, by the force of her intellect and by the breadth of, yes, her experience.”

    How sweet it is to here that!! Congratulations Mrs Clinton! I am so glad NY times endorsed her.

  28. I also thought the national ad buy was weird because it’s hugely expensive, and the argument that Obama needs to introduce himself to voters after 12 months of campaigning makes no sense.

  29. Freckles, there was a post earlier in the day by rjk1957 with the video of Joe Scarborough reacting exactly the way you state to the news of the wrong button votes.


  30. Apparently Matthews loved Romney’s answer–I can’t imagine Bill Clinton in the White House again with nothing to do.

    How about this Chris–It’s alot less frightening than Romney in the White House continuing Bush’s policies on steroids.

  31. admin: The Obama nationwide ad buy is a the clearest sign yet of a dead campaign.

    And here I thought it was all the screaming about Bradley effect/fraud after NH. 🙂

    I’ve thought for a while that BO’s last gambit was hinting that his supporters wouldn’t support the Dem nominee, which is why we’re seeing so many concern troll articles on the topic.

    The WaPoop one was particularly obvious w/ statements from Mary Landrieu (out of luck in LA if black voters don’t turn out for her) and Ben Cardin (had some worries about ‘Steele Democrats’ that crossed over in his senate race).

  32. campaign no want to talk to big media…rezko is busting out kiddies…too bad this wasn’t happening a week ago…….

  33. kaffeen: I assume that you’re correct. I’m only going by Obama’s own explanation. Evidently he kept saying “Oops, I pressed the wrong button”.
    So either he is Obama the Hapless or he lied.

  34. personally freckles, I prefer the name: Obama the Spineless.

    It has a nice ring and it will make you wonder whether he will replace the “veto” stamp in the white house with a “present” one.

  35. pulchritude: at least mary landrieu did not blame assign blame.

    Cardin didn’t either. Statements were collected from them because they’re no strangers to the ramifications of racial politics. I suspect both would have been Clinton-leaners, endorsement-wise, but don’t dare to do so, for obvious reasons.

    gladiatorstail: she shouldnt lose VA or DC.

    Feb 12th is the ‘Cheseapeake Primary’ MD/DC/VA. Irrespective of what happens in SC (I’m hoping it’s close, one way or the other), I’d like to see Feb 5th make the nominee, not in actual delegate count, but just the emergin narrative/momentum of capturing CA, NY, NJ, MA, AZ, CT

  36. Maybe that’s one of the reasons Obama’s pushing the “victim” thing, so he can tarnish Hillary’s eventual win.

  37. in addition to FL, MI.

    DC is Obama’s. Ordinarily, VA should be ours, but the entire state machine appears to be behind Obama. While some disagree w/ me on this, I think Warner-Hillary don’t have a good relationship. MD is problematic, for a whole lot of reasons.

  38. just a thought before turning in

    obama will most likely register a complaint tomorrow against the republican debate,

    “cause Hillary got all the attention”


    (No, it’s not a Star Trek movie)

    “I never heard a word of public complaint when Mr. Obama said Hillary was not truthful, no character, was poll-driven. He had more pollsters than she did.

    “When he put out a hit job on me at the same time he called her the senator from Punjab, I never said a word. And I don’t care about it today. I’m not upset about it.

    “The only thing I pointed out was that there was substantially no difference in her record and his on Iraq, and that he had said in 2004 there was no difference between his position and President Bush. And he said that was somehow dishonest, but he never answers how it’s not accurate. So this is crazy.

    “This rhetoric is getting a little carried away here. And let me remind you, my ultimate answer is this — there are still two people around who marched with Martin Luther King and risked their lives, John Lewis and Reverend Andrew Young. They both said that Hillary was right and the people who attacked her were wrong, and that she did not play the race card, but they did.

    “So I don’t have to defend myself from Dick Harpootlian. I will just refer you to John Lewis and Andrew Young. And let him go get in an argument with them about it.

    “Let him go get in an argument with Dolores Huerta, one of the founders of Farm Workers, against what happened in Nevada. There is a fact here — this is almost like once you accuse somebody of racism or bigotry, or something, the facts become irrelevant. There are facts here.

    “And the final thing I would like to say is, you’re asking me about this, and you sat through this whole meeting. Not one single, solitary soul asked about any of this. And they never do. They are feeding you this because they know this is what you want to cover. This is what you live for. But this hurts the people of South Carolina, because the people of South Carolina are coming to these meetings and asking questions about what they care about. And what they care about is not going to be in the news coverage tonight because you don’t care about it. What you care about is this. And the Obama people know that. So they just spin you up on this and you happily go along.”

  40. Here’s an idea for an ad:

    Britney’s song “Oops, I did it again” playing mixed with BHO saying he “made a mistake….again.”

    Can’t think of a better celebrity to link his name with right now… 🙂

    Loved that clip of the the news people talking about it, I missed it.

  41. O’Reilly said tonight that he is looking into Obama’s church and Rev Wright and will doing a show on him shortly and is trying to get Wright on the show to explain his views and past statements.

  42. The new narrative is slowly taking shape and the first part is to diminish Hillary’s victory by implying that Bill’s campaigning for her makes a him de facto co-candidate. Thus, Russert asked how the pubs would run against Bill AND Hillary, and tonight’s talking heads almost always referring to, “the Clintons”, when they speak about her. This is insulting to Hillary and to all women everywhere IMO.

    Whoever said they liked Rachel Maddow; Did you hear her INSIST that all the republicans mentioning Hillary’s name in the debate was a good thing for OB???? She isn’t the brightest bulb in the box, or she’s blinded by “the one”.

  43. which is why I think she needs a strong Vice Presidential candidate. I think Bill should campaign in blue states, while Hill campaigns in red states, and VP becomes attack dog.. I think wes clark has the highest credibility and is much better straight talker than mccain or any other person repubs have got,… romney IMO will take huckabee to get those religious vote with him..

  44. that hit the wrong button is hillarious…dont they feel like an ass they couldnt even look at the tv…
    heads down joe mika,and the chuckle from the reporter on the ground somewhere……what ashamed can you imagine oops push the nuclear button wrong one..omg hes dangerous…

    GO Hillary GO!!!!

  45. Exclusive: After Obama Complaints, CNN Bans James Carville And Paul Begala From Appearing As Analysts Until Dem Primary Is Settled
    January 24, 2008 — 7:11 PM EST // //
    Okay, this is interesting. I’ve just learned that CNN has told top Dem strategists James Carville, Paul Begala, and Robert Zimmerman — who are CNN mainstays but are all Hillary supporters — that they will not be doing any more political analysis on the network until the Democratic primary has reached a conclusion.

    I’m also told that this move came after the Obama campaign repeatedly complained to high level officials at CNN about the presence of Carville and Begala on the network.

    After I reached him today and pointed out that he hadn’t been on CNN in some time, Carville confirmed to me that the network had told him that he wouldn’t appear until the Dem primary is resolved.

    Sam Feist, CNN’s political director, also confirmed the decision to me. “As we got closer to the voting, we made a decision to make sure that all the analysts that are on are non-aligned,” Feist said, adding that the decision had been made around the start of December. “Carville and Begala are two of the best analysts around and we look forward to seeing them on CNN plenty of times in the future, once the nominating process has ended.”

    Feist pointed out that a few other analysts aligned with campaigns of both parties had been told the same, and added that aligned analysts would only be appearing in contexts where they were acting as campaign surrogates. Carville did appear on Larry King on Jan. 9 as a surrogate.

    Carville and Begala’s presence on CNN has led to criticism for the network in the past. A few months ago the liberal blogosphere roundly condemned CNN for presenting them as neutral observers without identifying them clearly and frequently as Hillary supporters. In response to the criticism, CNN started identifying them as Hillary backers.

    It appears that the Obama campaign may have kept up its criticism of their appearances, however. Asked about the Obama camp’s protest, Feist said: “We get advice from all the major campaigns about who should or should not be on CNN. If we listened to all of their advice, then there would be very few commentators left to put on television.”

    Interestingly, not everyone at CNN appears to agree with this decision. “People inside CNN are surprised,” one person involved with CNN programming told me. “No other network buckled to this political pressure. CNN has removed from its lineup top analysts who know about the national political scene.” Not an argument that will find much sympathy in the lib blogosphere, perhaps, but worth noting.

    Anyway, interesting stuff.

  46. We are going to have to start a campaign against pro Obama analysts on CNN and have them banned as well. We can play that game too and probably better then him the whinny wimp…

  47. dailykooks are celebrating about how “effectively” romney contrasted and attacked Hillary.. idiots.. they have NO CLUE how tough Hillary is when she is on campaign trial against a republican.. I was in NY when she was running against Guiliani, and boy.. it was tough to watch her initially since she was all over the place.. but once she got hang of it, she reduced him to pulp.. so bad that he had to withdraw from the race out of fear of losing :).. some of these people have VERY short memories..

  48. yes, obama wins dc. i haven’t seen polling on maryland, i’m curious.. but i get that cardin’s senate race was touchy, after the primary vs mfume and then the general vs steele, and can see why he wouldn’t want to engage on this.

  49. Regarding Obama’s national cable ad buy:

    It’s important to remember who his base is. The national media reporters and pundits.

  50. OK.. here is another observation which I couldnt miss noticing..

    there wasnt a single colored person in entire ad.. and the ad was about how intellectually gifted Obama was.. some testimonials and stuff.. I think it was aimed at latte drinking white liberals and students whom Obama wants to consolidate..

  51. Idealism is a tender plant. It can only thrive in a warm, comfortable, cozy, and well fed environment. When I was 17 and my parents were still supporting me in college, I was a very idealistic kid. But when I had to take a job washing dishes, during the Reagan recession, and live on the one meal a day I was allowed in the restaurant I worked in to get by until there were jobs again, I quickly lost all that idealism and began to look at the world in a realistic way. My politics changed. I was still a democrat, but a pragmatic democrat. High flown rhetoric without a plan and the will to make it real just didn’t get it anymore.

    Students and liberal elites can afford an idealism that I just don’t find practical in the world I live in. I think that’s why, when voters look closely at Obama, the phrase that comes to mind is “Get Real”.

  52. OMG, the Repug debate was too funny. Did you all see when Ron Paul asked John McCain about the council of economic advisers? It was a substantive and academic question, AND John McCain had NO clue. He dodged the question just as Bambi and Breck do when asked questions of such substance. What makes it most interesting is that Hillary has mentioned the role of the council of economic advisers several times during her answers on economic issues.

  53. Peggy Noonan thinks she’s so f@!&*g clever. Look at this excerpt just posted on the Wall Street Journal Editorial page:

    “But the Clintons are tearing the party apart. It will not be the same after this. It will not be the same after its most famous leader, and probable ultimate victor, treated a proud and accomplished black man who is a U.S. senator as if he were nothing, a mere impediment to their plans. And to do it in a way that signals, to his supporters, How dare you have the temerity, the ingratitude, after all we’ve done for you?”

    What thinly veiled, racist, third-rate partisan drivel. HRC is the best for the job; she’s right on the issues; it’s nothing personal against BHO — he just hasn’t had enough seasoning but is a bit too arrogant (or deluded) to know it. The NYT was correct in its endorsement of HRC but it is people like Peggy Noonan–who are TERRIBLY afraid of HRC–who keep spouting this rubbish in the hopes of dividing the Democratic party. I just hope we don’t fall for it.

  54. wasabigirl, you are BRILLIANT! Eureka! This is Hillary’s new campaign slogan! PUT IT ON SOME SIGNS!

    GET REAL. 🙂

  55. ADMIN: Tell the campaign that Hillary needs to go ahead and plan a HUGE victory party for Florida. I saw this idea on a blog, and think it would be a BRILLIANT strategy for momentum. The press is going to try hard not to cover her FL victory, saying it won’t count.

    Hard to ignore it if there is a big-assed giant gala going on. Heck, do it at DisneyWorld or something. Also, it would energize FL voters to stay with us for the general against to Republicans.

    She should really do this. It would be perfect. Do it up BIG.

  56. Ok, Just woke up from the Repubs debate. What a snorefest! I fell sleep after 10pm. I guess it is reruns now. Wow!, I have to say, give me the Dems slugfest over this. No passion, no heart, they all seem like plastic robots!

  57. Well, that’s a real interestin’ spin for Peggy to put on the story. Spoken like a person who is entirely clueless about the real dynamics of race and gender in this society. Her confused remarks are laden with her own unsettled and conflicting emotions. They certainly are baseless: how can she possibly demonstrate that Hillary treated Obama as “if he were nothing”? She can’t. And we all know that that is not the case. We know that Hillary was hesitant to even engage any of the guys in the kind of attack strategy that they had planned. What we have, rather, is a highly qualified woman who is being challenged by a less qualified man with a questionable record. She supported him in his bid for Senate, as did her husband. She endured condescending comments and put downs and hesitated to answer them, at first, for the sake of party unity. Peggy Noonan’s quote is the double bind of successful women who find themselves in the uncomfortable situation of being more qualified than their male counterparts, particularly when the male also happens to be a person of color. It is a difficult and complex situation that the media is completely clueless about. If nothing else, perhaps this race will demonstrate to all of us that we have a long, long way to go in this country when it comes to issues of race and gender.

  58. Clinton schedule for today…..

    *all times Eastern

    Friday, January 25

    9:00 am
    Hillary Clinton hosts a “Solution for America: Expanding Access to College” town hall in Columbia, South Carolina

    10:15 am
    Bill Clinton talks to a “Solutions for America” town hall meeting in Spartanburg, South Carolina

    12:30 pm
    Bill Clinton talks to a “Solutions for America” town hall meeting in Clinton, South Carolina

    1:30 pm
    Hillary Clinton hosts a “Solution for America: Expanding Access to College” rally in Rock Hill, South Carolina

    5:15 pm
    Bill Clinton talks to a “Solutions for America” town hall meeting in St. Helena Island, South Carolina

    9:00 pm
    Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton talks to a “Solutions for America” town hall meeting at the North Charleston Convention Center in South Carolina

  59. One last thing before I turn in and something to keep in mind when (misguided) friends buy into the media hype:

    Obama has NOT substantively refuted ANYTHING Bill Clinton has said recently. Truth speaks for itself. As noted earlier, Democrats need to GET REAL!

  60. Hawk and Pulchritude: I enjoyed your conversation about Hawk’s feminist theory class in the earlier thread. I have thought so much about the work of feminist and queer theorists in the course of this campaign. This campaign has really put the spotlight on sexism and racism and heterosexism in our society and it aint a pretty picture. It concerns me a lot but it helps me feel better to know that there are students who are talkin’ about these things.

  61. Hi guys I am new here and I am a supporter of Hillary Clinton all the freaking way.I am a blk female 30+ of age.And i must say this about blkness.Blks was never going to support a white woman over a blk man.And may i add more blk men are sexist than say a white man and most blk women are passive and submissive than say a white woman.That is a fact but everybody is so trying to be pc around here.Blks was waiting for that race card to play and again white people fell for it.Most blks are not even political and no zilch about politics.They just see this blk male that they think will take them out of the pj’s
    And about the republicans attack on Clinton tonite.You people read that so wrong.All blogs/media are saying Obama is the only one that the Repug’s can’t touch and will guarantee a victory to the dem’s since he has nothing in his past like Clinton(which we know is a lie btw).The repug’s know that if they diss Clinton(there real threat) like this that it will make people think even more so that Hill cannot go against the repub’s.So that they can get Obama on that ticket and crush his lil whining arse

  62. Feared i was going to have to give up the new york times crossword puzzle but whoo-hoo. a huge endorsement couple that with rendell makes for a happy day
    ???? Did I read that someone said their were no “colored” people in an obama add? Colored really?

  63. Feared i was going to have to give up the new york times crossword puzzle but whoo-hoo. a huge endorsement couple that with rendell makes for a happy day
    ???? Did I read that someone said their were no “colored” people in an obama add? Colored really?

  64. CNN has Cafferty going after Hillary plus a bunch of other reporters and pundits but they have banned Begala and Carville?? They’ve bowed to Obamawhining.

    Evidently it’s open season on the Clintons and nobody is ever allowed to defend them. Ain’t democracy grand.

    Let’s e-mail CNN every time an Obama fan spouts nonsense.

  65. freckles
    cannot bring myself to watch the talking heads
    if you will post when nonsense is spewed i will probably respond
    let us know

  66. it;s time for carville and begala to tell cnn to kiss thier a$$ and simply get on board with Hillary for good.

    Carville just did nbc interview so I’d say he’s ready to give the old kiss off to cnn.

  67. favorite line from nytimes endoresement—“already cleared that bar.”
    i think it’d make a graet t-shirt

  68. RadicalHegelian,Don’t forget this is a part of repugs conspiracy to select the weakest Democratic candidate for GE. Don’t forget WSJ is owned by Murdoch. What else could you expect from an old Reagan speech writer.

    Noonan’s attempted maneuver about grace and free speech is clunky, but it’s not unfamiliar. She’s simply mimicking a popular right-wing attack that happens to be a classic Rovian, jujitsu thrust, which is to acknowledge your own weakness — unhinged hatred for liberals and bullying desire to muzzle dissent — and relentlessly project it onto your opponents, arguing that they’re the ones who have blinders on and are driven by partisan rage. Consequently, Republican pundits pretend it’s high-minded conservatives — gentlemen and women who prefer the Queensbury Rules of intellectual combat — who are trying to cling to a fading notion of poise and civility in the public square.

  69. goodmorning hillfans. one thing about ron paul. this guy is the gop version of kushinich except he is rolling in millions of dollars from internet supporters. the top tier gop guys except romney would kill for his money. this guy would get rid of every governent program known to man and leftwing nutkooks support him for his antiwar stance? but at least he is attracting 6% of the gop vote. kuchinich was -0% with a trophy wife to boot. he better worry about his own primary in ohio let alone the presidential one.

  70. How do you like this. Kucinich endorses BO and in return the Blessed One asks Mr K to join Obama brain trust. win! win! Eh!

  71. of course they got to trot old rusett potatoe head out trash the clintons. hasn’t his same ole lines got old enough yet.

    obama dropped 10 points in polls,,,,trying to say it’s because of his getting ganged up on. why not look at the fact that people are not buying his two faced message

  72. harry reed on cbs asked her if she was at least going to take responsibility for all of the negativity
    she handled him with aplomb

  73. When it is unreasonable going after someone without justification, then the time comes for foes to turn friends. I imagine the NYT will use better language when speaking about Hillary hereafter.

  74. well the oid codgers want to make this all out to be her fault. she has every right to question obamas record and his judgement. Media won’t touch nothing about him because he is an african american. this is not right

  75. New Zogby/Reuters SC poll for what it’s worth. Obama losing, Edwards gaining in this poll… some interesting comments from the article however:

    “Obama still leads, but the lead keeps going down,” pollster John Zogby said.”

    “…But the attacks have not dimmed admiration for Bill Clinton among the party faithful, with 75 percent saying they had a favorable view of him and only 20 percent holding an unfavorable view.”

    Obama 38
    Clinton 25
    Edwards 21

    MOE 3.4%

  76. I hope how soon Hillary can tell the coooks that the reason she has to vet obama is because media so called journalists are not doing their jobs. they are cooking and ginning this up for ratings..

  77. dot48, Did you know what MO said in her interview with Mika in her interview on on Nov 13:

    Brzezinski: So let’s talk about changing the game a little bit. I’m interested in this issue of race that keep coming up and is now evolving and how you perceive how this conversation is going. The polls show your husband is trailing Hillary 46% to 37% in the African American community. What is going on?

    Obama: First of all I think that that’s not gonna hold. I’m completely confident. Black America will wake up and get it, but what we’re dealing with in the black community is just the natural fear of possibility, ok and when I look at my life, you know the stuff that we see in these polls has played out my whole life and I’ve always been told by someone that I’m not ready that I can’t do something, my scores weren’t high enough, you know there’s always that doubt in the back of the minds of people of color, people who have been oppressed, who have never been given the real opportunities that you never really believe, that you believe somehow that somehow someone is better than you, you know deep down inside you doubt that you can really do this cause that’s all you’ve been told is no, wait, that’s all you hear and you hear it from people who love you not because they don’t care about you but because they’re afraid. They’re afraid something might happen to you.

    Now tell me who injected race into these primaries ?

  78. No offence but Zogby needs to stop polling and stealing peoples money with his worthless packages. This guy is at the bottom of the list with polling results. He and Rammassen (sp).

  79. I really can’t wait for the primary season to be over and hopefully HRC comes up on top. I am so excited to see her take up those rethugs. It will be just like old times. With her charm and ability to listen, she will be able to pick thse women rethugettes.

  80. Well I expect HRC to be leading on delegated by about 300-400 after Super-Tuesday…. will Obama concede? Or will get keep on going?

  81. page xv Author’s note of Living History
    “We are all on new ground, and somehow we must make it common ground.”
    Written in 2003 long before Obama started preaching about working together.

  82. CD99: Did he really say that? OMG!

    Is it possible that he thinks the reason he’s not winning is because people, especially people in Black America, think that he’s not ready because he’s Black?

    “I’ve always been told by someone that I’m not ready that I can’t do something, my scores weren’t high enough, you know there’s always that doubt in the back of the minds of people of color, people who have been oppressed, who have never been given the real opportunities that you never really believe, that you believe somehow that somehow someone is better than you”

    I’m really trying hard to determine what he is saying here. It sounds like he’s suggesting that people think Hillary is a better choice than he is because they’ve been oppressed. I know that that is a huge simplification of a very complicated rambling thought process, but that’s really what it looks like he’s saying. He doesn’t seem to entertain the thought that someone else might be more qualified than he is to do the job.

  83. Ah, okay, LOL I was so taken aback when trying to figure out what was actually being said, that I didn’t go back to re-read who was being quoted. Still, it’s stunning stuff, and something that I hope she’s moved away from.

    I know that there IS racism (and just as troubling, sexism) out there, but I would hope that people would look to themselves for any shortcomings before suggesting that any given situation is an example of either.

  84. Not really. The MSM never asked about it. Actuall Mika blurted out after the inetrview that MO’s interview could be controversial. They never again wanted to talk about it. She has always made very controversial remarks but nobody has questioned her.

    There is youtube video where she takes a dig at Hillary saying that Clintons would be a bad family role model.

    She has done a lot of negative campaigning which nobody questions.

  85. networks trying to turn rezko on hillary with that photo.

    media intent on total annililation of both clintons

    glad sc be over soon

  86. morning all – new to this site. Love it, love it…. Went to drudge this morning & he has a pic of hillary & bill up with Rezko. Wonder where they came up with that – they look very young. Looks like one of those meet/greet type of jobs. Story listed as ‘devloping’. Hmmm. Methinks OB must still be in touch with Rezko, since it looks like one of those trophy pics that hang on an office wall. curious.

  87. Someone needs to punch me in the face and ask me why I decided to turn to Faux News for just a minute to catch what the trolls were saying. Can you believe that they had trolls on there that showed a picture of the Clintons standing between Rezko and made it sound that the Clintons had something going on with Rezko and that will be Obama’s trump card? I can’t believe these people for the life of me. I can’t believe the lies and the absurdites being rendered to bring the Clintons down on behalf of his Preciousness (D-Whine).

  88. Well it’s just not a good argument. It invites too many of the wrong kinds of questions from people who are really listening to what she’s saying.

    MO: “I’ve always been told by someone that I’m not ready that I can’t do something, my scores weren’t high enough”

    So what did you do about it Michelle, did you work hard to get your test scores high enough to meet the standard that was being asked for? Did you work in a different way to create an opportunity for yourself that allowed you to set your own standard?

    The real damage is coming now because we know what she and her husband did. They got themselves involved with questionable people whose standards may not have been as stringent as more legitimate businesses. The shortcut may have worked for a while in the local political arena of Chicago, but the stakes are much different on the national stage.

    I don’t begrudge MO her thought process or even her feelings, I just don’t think that it helps her husband’s cause to make this kind of statement. For all that he whines about the attention that Big Dawg gets, if this is the kind of message that Michelle is delivering, he should be thanking his lucky stars that no one is paying attention to what Michelle is saying.

  89. A picture of the Clintons with Rezko (apparently at some fundraiser in 90’s). The picture was also shown during Hillary’s NBC Today interview.

  90. media trying to blunt any future blows to obama by insinuating with that photo that the clintons know rezko too.

    her surrogates need to keep this story alive

  91. Rezko did not buy them the mansion. He was not their patron for 15 years. They are not refered in the grand jury indictment.

  92. She was not a presidential candidate at that time. It is meaningless. MSM is not even ashamed of themselves, that they never investigated REZKO.

  93. If Obama is behind the release of this picture, he’s dumber than a bag of rocks. Trying to muddy the Rezko issue is not in his interests. Any further mention of Rezko hurts him more.

    Also, the Clintons don’t portay themselves as beyond all mere mortal politicians.

  94. I say let BO spend money on national add’s now….. but Hillary will have money in the bank when it counts, wich is 3 to 4 days before 2/5. It will come down to money in the bank!

  95. Norman Hsu did donate to the Obama camp so the idiot can’t bring up Norman Hsu. The Obama camp are just really really dumb to go dig up a picture that happened in the ’90’s where Hillary takes pictures with mostly anyone that asks for it. What are they trying to pull here? I seriously dislike this guy.

  96. i’m saying it part of the broad main stream media plot to derail anything with the Clinton name.

    nasty buch and I really hope that when Hillary takes oath she will give the first interview to ANYBODY but the whole media bunch that is trying to tear her apart right now

  97. i admire the internet fast action however a lot of older people do not have computers and rely on so called news from tv.

    I’m glad Hillary was on tv this am to set some facts straight.

  98. and would hillary mention rezko during the debate if she was in any way tied to his fraudulent schemes and corrupt bundling network?

  99. no, she would not. and yes, the obama campaign exhumed this photograph, most probably at the behest of REZKO.

  100. I understand the Obama camp did solicit support from Hsu, but I didn’t find where he was successful. If he was, I hope someone has a link to that.

    It’s no surprise to me that some Obamalamadingdong would try to sacrifice Hillary at the feet of Rezko with some photo, but that’s a very weak attempt without additional information. Has MSM picked it up yet? They probably will, even though it’s meaningless.

    When MSM totally refused to vet BHO in spite of hints and other encouragement from Hillary supporters, they left no alternative to the Clinton campaign. That was the obvious reason why Hillary dropped the name Rezko in the debate. The always fair-minded MSM have tried to turn it back upon the Clintons by showing them as being negative.

    When Hillary wins in spite of all of this stuff, it is going to be a sweet victory.

  101. Brookhaven in TM comments supplied a NYT page that added to a SW/Congresspedia item, and which I merged into a separate section on BHO at SW:

    In January 2005, Sen. Obama’s first action in the U.S. Senate was to decline to be the Senate co-sponsor of a move to question Ohio’s Electoral College votes following the 2004 presidential election. He then voted against the resolution.

    “Some members of the Congressional Black Caucus moved to contest the certification of the Ohio votes. Mr. Obama did not join them. In a hastily arranged maiden speech, he said he was convinced that President Bush had won but he also urged Congress to address the need for voting reform.” page 3

    Apparently, BHO also made a speech about this and Brookhaven and others are looking for it. I will as well. Here we have Obamican in effect endorsing Pugs theft of 2004 election in Ohio.


    Fact Sheet: Tony Rezko
    1/25/2008 9:32:51 AM

    Today, NBC aired an undated photo of Hillary and Bill Clinton taken with Tony Rezko and tried to compare that picture to Sen. Obama’s 17-year relationship with the indicted influence peddler. Over the course of her career, Hillary has probably taken tens of thousands of photos. Here are some facts you should know:

    Tony Rezko has never contributed a dime to Hillary or Bill Clinton. They have no relationship with Tony Rezko.

    Tony Rezko has been described as Sen. Obama’s “political patron” and friend of 17 years.

    Tony Rezko and his associates have directly donated over $200,000 to Sen. Obama, and bundled more, but Sen. Obama has only returned $85,000. Sen. Obama’s name recently appeared in court documents because it was revealed some money Rezko raised was funneled through at least one straw donor or stolen from the government.

    Sen. Obama wrote letters to city and state officials that helped secure $14 million for Rezko in taxpayer money.

    Sen. Obama helped Rezko impress potential investors by appearing at his business meetings.

    Most famously, Sen. Obama and Rezko were involved in a controversial real estate transaction.

    For more on Sen. Obama’s relationship with Rezko, watch the segments after the jump.

  103. The Page has a round-up of Hillary’s morning show appearances. She has not only, “found her voice”, but she’s hit her stride, got her groove back,
    and moved up to the next level. She’s going to focus on the pubs now and begin to hone her message for the GE.

    The NYT has an article on advertising that is sure to calm those who have been decrying OB’s national (idiotic) ad buy (Axelrod is probably looking at a co-op in my building with his take as I write this.) as Hillary is set to drop a couple of million on TV.

  104. if we can hold that 8% poll number in South Carolina it will be considered a win, win.

    I’m back to calling for her this afternoon.

  105. Looking for the link, but this comes from the congressional record:

    (Sen. Barack Obama, D-IL) This was his first Senate speech.

    “Mr. President, I did not anticipate speaking today, but the importance of this issue is enough for me to address this body.

    During the election, I had the occasion of meeting a woman who had supported me in my campaign. She decided to come to shake my hand and take a photograph. She is a wonderful woman. She was not asking for anything. I was very grateful that she took time to come by. It was an unexceptional moment except for the fact that she was born in 1894. Her name is Marguerite Lewis, an African-American woman who had been born in Louisiana, born in the shadow of slavery, born at a time when lynchings were commonplace, born at a time when African Americans and women could not vote. Yet, over the course of decades she had participated in broadening our democracy and ensuring that, in fact, at some point, if not herself, then her children, her grandchildren, and her great-grandchildren would be in a position in which they could, too, call themselves citizens of the United States and make certain that this Government works not just on behalf of the mighty and the powerful but also on behalf of people like her.

    So the fact that she voted and her vote was counted in this election was of supreme importance to her and it is the memory of talking to her and shaking her hand that causes me to rise on this occasion.

    I am absolutely convinced that the President of the United States, George Bush, won this election. I also believe he got more votes in Ohio. As has already been said by some of the speakers in this body, this is not an issue in which we are challenging the outcome of the election. It is important for us to separate the issue of the election outcome with the election process.

    I was not in this body 4 years ago, but what I observed as a voter and as a citizen of Illinois 4 years ago was troubling evidence of the fact that not every vote was being counted. It is unfortunate that 4 years later we continue to see circumstances in which people who believe they have the right to vote, who show up at the polls, still continue to confront the sort of problems that have been documented as taking place not just in Ohio but places all across the country.

    I strongly urge that this Chamber, as well as the House of Representatives, take it upon itself once and for all to reform this system.

    There is no reason, at a time when we have enormous battles taking place ideologically all across the globe, at a time when we try to make certain we encourage democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan and other places throughout the world, that we have the legitimacy of our elections challenged–rightly or wrongly–by people who are not certain as to whether our processes are fair and just.

    This is something we can fix. We have experts on both sides of the aisle who know how to fix it. What we have lacked is the political will.

    I strongly urge that, in a circumstance in which too many voters have stood in long lines for hours, in which too many voters have cast votes on machines that jam or malfunction or suck the votes without a trace, in which too many voters try to register to vote only to discover that their names don’t appear on the roles or that partisan political interests and those that serve them have worked hard to throw up every barrier to recognize them as lawful, in which too many voters will know that there are different elections for different parts of the country and that these differences turn shamefully on differences of wealth or
    of race, in which too many voters have to contend with State officials, servants of the public, who put partisan or personal political interests ahead of the public in administering our elections–in such circumstances, we have an obligation to fix the problem.

    I have to add this is not a problem unique to this election, and it is not a partisan problem. Keep in mind, I come from Cook County, from Chicago, in which there is a long record of these kinds of problems taking place and disadvantaging Republicans as well as Democrats. So I ask that all of us rise up and use this occasion to amend this problem.

    – – –

    Note his statement “at a time when we try to make certain we encourage democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan and other places throughout the world”

    That doesn’t sound like any anti-war rhetoric to my ears.

  106. CNN is cannonizing Michelle. May be they should switch to Latin may be pig Latin:

    Obamaway ethay essedblay oneway ashay away eatgray ifeway owhay
    isway ethay embodimentway ofway allway irtuevay. Eshay ancay
    oday onay ongwray. Eshay ouldcay ishday anyway amountway ofway
    irtday eshay antsway andway eway ouldway evernay ameblay erhay
    ecausebay eshay isway ethay ifeway ofway ethay essedblay oneway
    . Ethay olewhay ountrycay ouldshay eelknay inway ontfray ofway
    Ingkay andway Eenquay Obamaway.

    Obama the blessed one has a great wife who is the embodiment of all virtue. She can do no wrong. She could dish any amount of dirt she wants and we would never blame her because she is the wife of the blessed one. The whole country should kneel in front of King and Queen Obama.


  107. On “Russ Parr in the Morning” radio show, Clinton called the GOP the “can’t do party” with campaigns “bankrupt” of ideas, went after McCain on the war. On infighting with Obama, said she’ll take NYT editorial’s advice and change the tone.

    Listen to the interview here. [10:41 mins]

  108. B Merry.. He knew he was running for the nomination obviously he wanted to keep all his options open. In spite of his claims we all know that he is a typical Chicago politician.

  109. i am convinced bored now of mydd is a chicago operative for obama. i know he resides in northeastern illinois, and i know from his comments at other blogs that he is politically connected.

  110. pulchritude, The negative campaign by BO started in March 2007 when they made the the video on Hillary. In spite of their claims to the contrary I do not believe them.

  111. pulchritude — desperate times call for desperate measures. You only have to wonder how long Axelrod and company have held on to that pic waiting for the time to whip it out as a diversion.

  112. Don’t worry about it, folks. Obama proves again what an idiot he is. You’d think he wants to kill this story but instead he puts a phote, probably from his privat collection(lol) out there. Dumb. Hill doesn’t need to prove she is above it all, that’s Obama’s schtick. Now he puts out this photo and it just keeps the story alive, and the story is all about Obama’s close relationship with this guy, bot a chance encounted between him an the Clinton’s 20 years ago.

  113. having had read the superseding indictment fitzgerald filed against REZKO, i understand why they necessarily have to circulate that photograph.

  114. Looks like $1 million not only buys an ad schedule on CNN, but the editorial department as well.

    At least we now know why Carville and Begala are off the air.

  115. view page 11 and view the sections of the indictment that discuss individual F. also keep in mind that obama sat on the illinois state senate committee on pensions in 2003.

  116. This picture only keeps Rezko in the news. I think at the next debate Hillary should hit Obama on:
    1) not holding any meeting of his commitee
    2) the present votes again
    3)the WRONG button issue.

    These together clearly show he is not ready to lead this ocuntry

  117. i am viewing the document. read 4 a and 4b on pages 10-11. also pay very close attention to 10a-10h on pages 25-27.

  118. I mentioned that to my wife, who is not a huge political person, the other night (wrong button 6 times), here eyes got as big as saucers and she was completely in disbelief that someone would do that.

  119. 6a- 6k on pagea 11-14 is also of interest. obama sat on the state senate pensions committee at the time when the consolidation of state pensions was proposed. and obama is also the recipient of bundled donations from many investment firms in chicago who received access to state pension funds in 2003.

    that article discusses one network of bundlers.

    and here is a link to the superseding indictment

    the unnamed public official and the unnamed local politician on pages 11-14 and 25-27 may or may not be obama. but this, in my opinion, is worth investigating.

  120. Could this be reason he gets a good coverage from CNN (Time Warner)

    Obama Comes to Time Warner Center, Shares Banal Secrets

    Obama and Parsons in one of the 207 — 207! — photos of the “off-the-record” event at the Time Warner Center.Photo: Patrick McMullan

    Time Warner hosted another in its series “off-the-record” conversations with big-shot newsmakers yesterday, and this time the guest was Barack Obama, who really ought to know that if he wants something to remain off the record, you shouldn’t say it onstage in front of about 200 movers and shakers, many of whom are journalists. But, of course, he does know that, which is why no one at these events ever says anything interesting or controversial enough to merit being off the record. And our spy tells us that was the case at yesterday’s event. The spy reports that Obama criticized John McCain’s management skills and said Iraq, health care, and energy would be his top three priorities. The spy says Barbara Walters asked a question about terrorism and Jeffrey Toobin asked one about the Supreme Court. (Remember, guys: off the record!) Obama said he’s only on chapter five of Harry Potter, according to our spy, who also said he offered his interviewer, Time Warner chief Dick Parsons, a Republican, his vice-presidency, if Parsons would take the pay cut. Is the spy telling the truth? We think so, but it’s all off the record, so you’ll never know

  121. they were referring to a different document, the proffer of evidence. this is the superseding indictment, which is different. perhaps this may be the same person. but unnamed public official are the exact terms to refer to a politician who was to receive political donations from an investment firm if they were to receive a contract with the illinois teachers pension fund in 2004. notice this is the year obama ran for the senate, and notice this is the period when rezko held fundraisers for obama. obama also sat on the senate committee that managed illinois’s pension funds in 2003.

  122. filbertsf, I asked which pages to look at for my own benefit. I don’t give a bippy who confirmed it already. But thanks for caring.

    BTW, the Clinton-Rezko pic is posted on Drudge, who may have had it first before NBC. Anything that starts out on Drudge is suspect. IMHO it could even have been photoshopped unless someone can produce and authenticate the original or source.

  123. In the end, big media has a lot of republican controlled persons. Hillary is more of a threat to win the presidency that Obama. They clearly want Obama to be the one they run against.

  124. Hi Hillfans! Today is FRIDAY! YAY!

    Last night I heard all over the radio (Mark Levin and Hannity) about what our girl Hillary is saying about the economy and how the fed. should take a more active role in balancing the corporate tax rate with the everyday American tax rate. Well, duh, that’s EXACTLY what should happen.

    If you have a healthy powerful corporate structure, you have a to have a healthy powerful gov’t regulation. Otherwise, the country is completely owned by corporations, which works against the everyday American taxpayer. That much is totally obvious. So, the radio right wing hateful shock jocks are calling that socialist or even worse, communist? Oh puuuulleeze! Personally I think they’re making Hillary look better b/c I think the everyday American taxpayer is feeling gouged by corporations, esp. during this mortgage meltdown and selling off to foreign countries (China, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, etc), so they’re all for a reining in of the corporate elitists who get untold amounts of gov’t subsidies and tax breaks….can you say eminent domain?

    Anyway, these GOP thugs are ridiculous. Did you notice at the debate last night that Romney had an earpiece and that the audience was totally made up of overdressed white men? Voters are getting sick of this. This is why I love my country, because the people ultimately have control of the gov’t, if they all get together and cause a shift. Gotta love democracy. Romney doesn’t have a chance with the everyday voter, which is NOT made up of old white men in corporate business suits.

  125. HillaryLandRocks

    Don’t know if you are still on the board this morning:

    Ragbrai XXXVI Route announced this morning. Google Ragbrai Route. Has deadline dates as well, both paper and on-line.

  126. It occurs to me (yes, taking that break!) that no matter how much we might speculate on who each of these unknowns may be, including the media, it will not be until the trial actually starts that we will get an inkling as to where Fitzgerald will take this. Even some legal-oriented bloggers have said that they’ve read the documents and see no problems for Obama. Somehow, given the nearly two-decades-long relationship, I doubt that there is not some “there” there.

  127. i understand, but i would not make these allegations unless i thought there was at least something worth exploring. and yes, i am hesitant to even type these words, for i understand what it is i am writing.

  128. It doesn’t really matter what is there or not there. All that needs to be established is that there was a two decade relationship with a slum-lord. That is damaging enough and something that even the lowest common denominator can understand and relate to.

  129. Has it occurred to many here that much of what is being discussed vis a vi OB will most likely be rendered academic in less than two weeks? We do have REAL obstacles to the White House, but not from OB, he’s done.

    Take it from Hillary, it’s all about the republicans and taking them down in November. Tony Rezko, and Rezko-Gate, photos, and indictments will soon fall into the category of, “campaign trivia”, which, while it will make a potentially interesting JEOPARDY question, won’t mean anything when it comes to the actual election.

  130. TheRealist, I think Russert’s question to Mitt is a signal where the MSM going next. I think they have written off BO for #1 for sure. I guess the BM wants to attack the ’90s.

  131. Unless something else comes up, the Hill campaign has some great ammunition…

    1) Rezko = Obama is indeed a politician and perhaps a corrupt one at that.
    2) Present Votes = Obama dodges the tough questions and is unable to decide.
    3) Accidental No Votes = Obama can’t be trusted.

    All of these things are identifiable with the average voter and are deadly points.

  132. yeah, I loved the 90’s and most everybody I know who isn’t some big shot with bucket loads of money appreciates what Bill Clinton did for us little ones during his presidency. We got to feel like somebody when he was in office and we finally got some relief.

    Nope, don’t mind going back to the 90’s but with a different Clinton at the desk.

    I think Bill Clinton is accurate, she will make the best President we have ever had, she is a stong leader and she won’t take no crap from anybody. Being woman is just a cherry on the top of the sundae.

    I can’t wait till she mops the floor with them and again I say I hope she is keeping a little black book.

    Go Senator Clinton!!!!!

  133. That Rezko photo with the Clintons isn’t going to change any votes in my opinion. I refuse to worry about it.

    I’m not expert enough to study that photo, however I believe such photos can be manufactured with today’s technology. It probably was not, but there are some who would be very willing to do that just as there are those who like to release viruses on the web. We probably should expect more photos to emerge in the coming weeks and months.

  134. hmm, today not as successful in south carolina. answering machines and no answers. is it some kind of check day possibly? not one person home so far.

  135. Dick Bennett from the American Research Group emails an update on their South Carolina primary polling:

    “We switched to daily sample replicates in South Carolina to make the samples more responsive to daily results. For the first time in 10 days, we saw some shifts last night that could change the race. John Edwards is picking up some support among white voters who were with Clinton and Obama in the past. This places Edwards close to 20%, but that is not the major trend. Clinton is making up support she is losing to Edwards from African American women age 50 and older at the expense of Obama. If this trend holds tonight coupled with a decrease in African American voting, the race between Clinton and Obama will be closer than our Jan 22-23 survey suggests.”

    ARG’s final survey results for South Carolina will be available around 10:30 tonight.

  136. “Obama still leads, but the lead keeps going down,” pollster John Zogby said.

    In the last day of polling on Thursday, Obama’s advantage over Clinton, a New York senator who would be the first woman U.S. president, was only 7 percentage points.

  137. Obama has offered pointed criticism of not only Clinton but also her husband, former President Bill Clinton, who has criticized Obama and called the idea of his consistent opposition to the Iraq war “a fairy tale.”

    But the attacks have not dimmed admiration for Bill Clinton among the party faithful, with 75 percent saying they had a favorable view of him and only 20 percent holding an unfavorable view.

    Go Bill.

  138. I was just doing some research on how Obama was made into a rising star during the republican majority in the Senate (2004-2005). I have always thought that Obama and Dick Lugar were too friendly. He just seems too much like a republican. He’s a politician, no doubt. But, BECAUSE the republicans pushed him into the star status, I just have a gut feeling that they are using him to 1. block Hillary and 2. to be a do-nothing president. He has no experience. No matter how smart he is, I doubt he’ll get anything done without holding hands with republicans, who do not have everyday Americans in mind when they make laws that favor lobbyists and corporations. I just don’t see why liberals think that he’s some star. Don’t they see his republican ties? Doesn’t it worry them? Someone please explain this to me.

  139. True2Party…..I am boggled sometimes that people don’t see Obama for who he really is. Even some of the “unbiased” reporters and pundits have suggested that Obama’s republican remarks were not friendly or positive towards the republican party. That is really hard to swallow. He clearly has positive views on some republican’s and their party (as well as some ties to them, both directly and indirectly). If it were not for Obama’s amazing oratory, eloquence, and “positive” message, he would not be a player right now. The man has charisma and lots of flash, there is no denying this. He is a great salesman. He is selling snake oil, but people don’t really get it; there are lots of suckers out there. His best support is among young voters and blacks. That really says alot. The young are naive and inexperienced (and buying lots of snake oil). The blacks, well, that is understandable and pretty obvious. I’m sure Obama has a bridge he would like to sell you too.

  140. Chelsea Clinton spent the day before the first-in-the-South primary stumping for her mother at colleges across northwestern South Carolina, where she took questions from students and voters from nearby communities.

  141. Obama and Dick Lugar were too friendly. He just seems too much like a republican. He’s a politician, no doubt. But, BECAUSE the republicans pushed him into the star status

    The same pattern might be seen in his Chicago days. Sucking up to the establishment politicians (?Daley Junior as a ‘healing’ thing?), helping them raise money…. A shiny puppet looking for handlers.

    But that isn’t what’s happened with the Black leaders in the South….

  142. A little reality check;

    1- OB is the 10th most liberal senator

    2- No One cares about a photo

    3- We have bigger fish to fry to get hung up on the daily trivia

    4- Tomorrow COUNTS Tuesday COUNTS, TT COUNTS. What the assholes on CNN, MSNBC, etc. have to say DOESN’T count. Worried party, “elders”, who have NEVER WON A PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION don’t count.
    John Kerry REALLY DOESN’T count, and every time he knocks us, it’s a boost.

    In a short while Obama, for better or worse, will be standing WITH Hillary (and Bill too), hand in hand, and all of this intra mural bickering will dissolve into a chorus of Kumbaya, as the party pulls together behind Hillary. It’s happening now, behind the scenes. We want a UNIFIED party for the GE and Obama is a very important part of that effort.

    Obama isn’t going to be the nominee, but he is now one of the most important and powerful democrats in the party, and unless Rezko-Gate pulls him down, he will be for years to come. Soon Bill will have, ‘the talk”, with Barry, the one where Bill maps out Barry’s path to the White House. Win re-election to the senate, run for Governor of Illinois, and We will do everything but hand you the keys to the White House in 9 years.
    It’s called politics, and it isn’t called that for nothing.

    We are all democrats (I hope!) and after the battle, we join forces to defeat the common enemy. You KNOW how I feel about OB, and I’m not trying to put a damper on all the great oppo work that we have all done on Hillary’s behalf, but I would counsel everyone to recognize that it won’t be long before the rivals are PARTNERS in a common cause, Making sure that HILLARY IS 44!

  143. Targeting Bill’s recent calling out of BO come clean and be honest, John Kerry said, “I think you had an abuse of the truth, is what happened. …I mean, being an ex-president does not give you license to abuse the truth, and I think that over the last days it’s been over the top.”

    Well, Mr. Kerry: you, sir, have no license whatsoever to speak for the Democratic electorate. Who does this guy think he is, anyway?

  144. On “Russ Parr in the Morning” radio show, Clinton called the GOP the “can’t do party” with campaigns “bankrupt” of ideas, went after McCain on the war. On infighting with Obama, said she’ll take NYT editorial’s advice and change the tone.

    Listen to the interview here. [10:41 mins]

  145. Oops! Here’s the link to the “Russ Parr in the Morning” show:

  146. I hear what you’re saying TheRealist, but the reality right now is that Hillary still has an election to win before we all start singing kumbaya.

    Also, Hillfans, we now have clear evidence that Obamican supporters are getting really, REALLY desperate. Andrew Sullivan (i.e. Obama worshipper extraordinaire) has come up with the theory that Hillary and Bill can’t be trusted in the White House because it’s somehow unconstitutional (as if) because — gasp! — they sleep together:

    “This basic issue of accountability needs to be placed firmly on the table. One option for Barack Obama is to demand now that all the records of the Clintons’ marital/political dealings with each other in their first two terms be released in full for public inspection.”

  147. in the wake of REZKO, i demand obama compile all documents and notes pertaining to his service in the illinois state senate.

  148. OMG, is Sullivan really going *there*. Wow. Amazing. Desperate.

    Just re-read the NYT endorsement. That is absolutely glowing and a very good endorsement indeed. Right on the money, concise, and to the point. I’ll have to remember to point my undecided phone calls to this article.

  149. Alabama Democratic Presidential Primary
    Alabama: Clinton 43% Obama 28%
    Friday, January 25, 2008

    While the nation is focused on the upcoming Democratic Primary in South Carolina, Hillary Clinton leads Barack Obama by fifteen percentage points in Alabama’s Democratic Presidential Primary.

    It’s Clinton 43% Obama 28% and John Edwards a distant third at 16%.

  150. I am very happy that NYT went into explicit detail about her skills in dealing with New York state. That seems to me has always been a big plus for her in running for president.

    As to inspecting the Clintons’ marital dealings in the 90s or any other time as Sully wants, count me out.

  151. Let me see if I have this straight? The editor of The Atlantic magazine is demanding a full accounting of Bill and Hillary’s sex life?

    Do we get a full accounting of Andrew Sullivan’s sex life?

  152. I hope that photo is a fake and proven to be fake. It doesn’t really make a difference if it is real, because it is so benign. However, wouldn’t that be wonderful to see that photo determined a fake and somehow linked to the Obama campaign for providing it.

  153. That photo looks photo shopped.

    I doubt it. Tens of thousands of people have their photos taken whenever a President appears at an event.

    The guests wait in a line. As they reach the front of the line, they quickly walk up and stand in between the President and the First Lady while the official photographer snaps the photo. Takes about five seconds and it’s on to the next person in line.

    The temporary blue curtain suggests this was an event outside of the White House…I’m guessing mid-1990s. Probably an Illinois Democratic Party event or a fundraiser for Mayor Daley.

  154. and they close the piece with the rezko photograph with the clintons. but they did show the letters obama wrote on rezko’s behalf.

  155. 8 things you need to know about Obama and Rezko
    Tale in national spotlight, thanks to Clinton

    January 24, 2008
    All of a sudden, seems as if everybody’s talking about Barack Obama and Tony Rezko. Even Jay Leno.

    Rezko already was a big story in Chicago, accused of influence-peddling in the Blagojevich administration and set to face trial Feb. 25.

    » Click to enlarge image

    Presidential hopeful Barack Obama and Tony Rezko (left).
    (AP, file photo)

    Brown: Time for Obama to come clean

    Mitchell: Why do civil rights heroes cheer ‘Rezko card’?
    Suffredin’s lobbying clients

    Sweet: The ‘polka-dots’ doctrine

    Barack Obama and his slumlord patron
    Why didn’t City Hall stop him?
    Obama’s letters for Rezko
    Rezko cash triple what Obama says
    Obama: I didn’t know about Rezko problems
    Obama ducks the questions
    City should have cut off Rezko: aldermen
    But Monday, he became national news — and an issue in the presidential race. That’s when Hillary Clinton blasted Obama for having represented “your contributor, Rezko, in his slum landlord business in inner-city Chicago.”

    Having a hard time keeping track of the facts? Here are eight things to know:

    1. They met in 1990. Obama was a student at Harvard Law School and got an unsolicited job offer from Rezko, then a low-income housing developer in Chicago. Obama turned it down.

    2. Obama took a job in 1993 with a small Chicago law firm, Davis Miner Barnhill, that represents developers — primarily not-for-profit groups — building low-income housing with government funds.

    3. One of the firm’s not-for-profit clients — the Woodlawn Preservation and Investment Corp., co-founded by Obama’s then-boss Allison Davis — was partners with Rezko’s company in a 1995 deal to convert an abandoned nursing home at 61st and Drexel into low-income apartments. Altogether, Obama spent 32 hours on the project, according to the firm. Only five hours of that came after Rezko and WPIC became partners, the firm says. The rest of the future senator’s time was helping WPIC strike the deal with Rezko. Rezko’s company, Rezmar Corp., also partnered with the firm’s clients in four later deals — none of which involved Obama, according to the firm. In each deal, Rezmar “made the decisions for the joint venture,” says William Miceli, an attorney with the firm.

    4. In 1995, Obama began campaigning for a seat in the Illinois Senate. Among his earliest supporters: Rezko. Two Rezko companies donated a total of $2,000. Obama was elected in 1996 — representing a district that included 11 of Rezko’s 30 low-income housing projects.

    5. Rezko’s low-income housing empire began crumbling in 2001, when his company stopped making mortgage payments on the old nursing home that had been converted into apartments. The state foreclosed on the building — which was in Obama’s Illinois Senate district.

    6. In 2003, Obama announced he was running for the U.S. Senate, and Rezko — a member of his campaign finance committee — held a lavish fund-raiser June 27, 2003, at his Wilmette mansion.

    7. A few months after Obama became a U.S. senator, he and Rezko’s wife, Rita, bought adjacent pieces of property from a doctor in Chicago’s Kenwood neighborhood — a deal that has dogged Obama the last two years. The doctor sold the mansion to Obama for $1.65 million — $300,000 below the asking price. Rezko’s wife paid full price — $625,000 — for the adjacent vacant lot. The deals closed in June 2005. Six months later, Obama paid Rezko’s wife $104,500 for a strip of her land, so he could have a bigger yard. At the time, it had been widely reported that Tony Rezko was under federal investigation. Questioned later about the timing of the Rezko deal, Obama called it “boneheaded” because people might think the Rezkos had done him a favor.

    8. Eight months later — in October 2006 — Rezko was indicted on charges he solicited kickbacks from companies seeking state pension business under his friend Gov. Blagojevich. Federal prosecutors maintain that $10,000 from the alleged kickback scheme was donated to Obama’s run for the U.S. Senate. Obama has given the money to charity.

    Tim Novak

  156. * You think Hillaryland is reading this site?! LOL!

    Statement by Senator Hillary Clinton on the Seating of Delegates at the Democratic National Convention

    “I hear all the time from people in Florida and Michigan that they want their voices heard in selecting the Democratic nominee.

    “I believe our nominee will need the enthusiastic support of Democrats in these states to win the general election, and so I will ask my Democratic convention delegates to support seating the delegations from Florida and Michigan. I know not all of my delegates will do so and I fully respect that decision. But I hope to be President of all 50 states and U.S. territories, and that we have all 50 states represented and counted at the Democratic convention.

    “I hope my fellow potential nominees will join me in this.

    “I will of course be following the no-campaigning pledge that I signed, and expect others will as well.”

  157. The Clinton campaign isn’t doubting the authenticity of the photo, so I’m not going to. That being said, I couldn’t care less about it. It just keeps the issue in the news longer.

    BTW, that stuff from the ARG poll is interesting. Their last poll had Obama up 9, so if it gets closer, we could possibly be looking at a much narrower win than he would’ve expected just a week ago.

  158. Hillary should speak out that the stimulus package agreed to yesterday does not go far enough. Senior citizens many of whom just rely on that SS check each month as their only source of income will not get a rebate. Pandering, I know. My 86 year old mother was all excited until I told her she probably will not get a rebate.

  159. I think Hillary seems pretty solid among SS. Take Florida polls as an example. The retirement capitol of the world…

    ARG Jan 23-24

    Clinton 58%
    Obama 20%
    Edwards 15%

  160. kaffeen
    I had to laugh last night during the debate when they all said the surge was working (except Paul). Gen Petraeus said just the other day that he needs another 6 months before saying we turned the corner in Iraq. Wasn’t the surge suppose to work in 6 months to begin with and now he needs another 6 months?

  161. hwc, i agree, and i could care a less about the phote. it’s meaningless. i’m just saying it looks funny. but honestly, it means nothing and camp obama is dumb to keep this story in the press.

  162. An Obama Patron and Friend Until an Indictment
    Published: June 14, 2007

    Antoin Rezko, an entrepreneur of considerable charm who found riches in fast food and real estate, is known around Chicago as a collector of politicians.

    Back in the 1990s, Mr. Rezko’s office was adorned with framed photos of candidates he viewed as up-and-comers. Among them was Barack Obama, a state legislator whose first campaign donations included $2,000 from Mr. Rezko’s companies. As Mr. Obama built a career that carried him to the Senate in 2004, Mr. Rezko was there with him, holding fund-raisers and rallying support.

    Now, as Mr. Obama runs for president, the once-beneficial relationship with his old friend and patron has become problematic.

    Last fall, Mr. Rezko was indicted on federal charges of business fraud and influence peddling involving the administration of Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich of Illinois, whose picture was also on Mr. Rezko’s wall. Since then, Mr. Obama, a Democrat, has had to answer questions about a land deal with Mr. Rezko’s wife, Rita, and about other ties to him.

    Since early June, Mr. Obama has given to charity more than $21,000 in donations that his Senate campaign had received from Rezko associates now linked to the federal inquiries. He gave away $11,500 from Mr. Rezko himself last fall.

    Mr. Obama says he never did any favors for Mr. Rezko, who raised about $150,000 for his campaigns over the years and was once one of the most powerful men in Illinois. There is no sign that Mr. Obama, who declined to be interviewed for this article, did anything improper.

    Mr. Obama has portrayed Mr. Rezko as a one-time fund-raiser whom he had occasionally seen socially. But interviews with more than a dozen political and business associates suggest that the two men were closer than the senator has indicated.

    Mr. Obama turned to Mr. Rezko for help at several important junctures. Records show that when Mr. Obama needed cash in the waning days of his losing 2000 Congressional campaign, Mr. Rezko rounded up thousands of dollars from business contacts. In 2003, Mr. Rezko helped Mr. Obama expand his fund-raising for the Senate primary by being host of a dinner at his Mediterranean-style home for 150 people, including some whose names have since come up in the influence scandal.

    And when Mr. Obama and his wife, Michelle, bought a house in 2005, Mr. Rezko stepped in again. Even though his finances were deteriorating, Mr. Rezko arranged for his wife to buy an adjacent lot, and she later sold the Obamas a 10-foot-wide strip of land that expanded their yard.

    The land sale occurred after it had been reported that Mr. Rezko was under federal investigation. That awkward fact prompted Mr. Obama, who has cast himself as largely free from the normal influences of politics, to express regret over what he called his own bad judgment.

    “Senator Obama is a very intelligent man, and everyone by then was very familiar with who Tony Rezko was,” said Cindi Canary, executive director of the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform, a nonpartisan research group. “So it was a little stunning that so late in the game Senator Obama would still have such close involvement with Rezko.”

    While it is not clear what Mr. Rezko got from the relationship, he liked to display his alliances with politicians, including Mr. Obama.

    In one instance, when he was running for the Senate, Mr. Obama stopped by to shake hands while Mr. Rezko, an immigrant from Syria, was entertaining Middle Eastern bankers considering an investment in one of his projects.

    [Years earlier, as a state legislator, Mr. Obama wrote letters to city and state officials supporting efforts by Mr. Rezko and a partner to build apartments for the elderly with $14 million in government money, The Chicago Sun-Times reported in its June 13 editions. The developers received $855,000 in fees.]

    Mr. Obama’s spokesman, Bill Burton, said the senator was one of several politicians who intervened because the project was important to local residents.

    Mr. Burton also said in a statement that the senator “has held himself to a high standard and has had a career in public service fighting for the toughest possible ethical rules.”

    “This is not a record changed by anything that has happened to Tony Rezko,” Mr. Burton said.

    Mr. Rezko, 51, declined to comment. He has pleaded not guilty to the federal charges.

    People who know Mr. Rezko describe him as warm and personable.

    “I am sure that Obama saw in Tony the same thing that many of us saw — someone who was willing to help if asked, and for little in return,” said Michael Rumman, a former top Illinois official and Rezko business partner.

    Mr. Rezko, whose politics were more practical than partisan, raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Democrats, in particular Mr. Blagojevich, who gave Mr. Rezko’s associates state jobs and contracts. He also raised money for Republicans, including President Bush.

    Mr. Rezko sometimes got involved in the private lives of the officials he backed. Governor Blagojevich’s wife, Patti, did real estate work for him, and Mr. Rezko sold a town house to Representative Luis V. Gutierrez, a Chicago Democrat.

    Mr. Rezko got his start in business and politics after graduating from college in Chicago in the late 1970s, when he met a son of the late Nation of Islam leader, Elijah Muhammad. Through this contact, he joined Muhammad Ali’s entourage and won county food concessions.

    By the 1990s, Mr. Rezko was developing low-income housing. One of his partners spotted a news item about Mr. Obama’s being the first black president of the Harvard Law Review and offered him a job. Mr. Obama decided to join a law firm, where he later spent several hours on work involving Mr. Rezko’s housing developments.

    Mr. Rezko also owned dozens of pizza and Chinese food franchises, as well as commercial real estate projects. And after he raised $500,000 for Mr. Blagojevich’s election in 2002, Mr. Rezko became the man to see for state appointments.

    When Mr. Obama first fielded questions about Mr. Rezko last fall, he said they had had lunch once or twice a year and had socialized with their wives “two to four times.”

    In addition to enlisting his huge circle of donors, Mr. Rezko and Mr. Obama talked frequently about campaign developments during the Senate race, Mr. Rezko’s associates said. Many of the donors also contributed to Mr. Blagojevich, and several have been linked to the federal charges against Mr. Rezko. One indictment accuses him of seeking payoffs from companies doing business with state boards, another with fraud in his business dealings.

    Mr. Obama recently said he would give away three donations totaling $21,500 from Mr. Rezko’s fund-raising dinner. The senator has said that he was giving away the donations to “make sure there were no questions” about the matter.

    Several other Rezko associates who contributed to the Senate campaign were appointed to the state boards that Mr. Rezko is accused of influencing. Mr. Obama has not returned those donations; Mr. Burton, his spokesman, said the senator had nothing to do with the appointments. Mr. Burton also said that Mr. Obama had not known of any questions about Mr. Rezko and his associates at the time he took their donations.

    While Mr. Obama was running for the Senate, Mr. Rezko was also raising money for a huge development in the South Loop of Chicago, often playing host to dinners in a private room at the Four Seasons Hotel here.

    Former Rezko associates said that Governor Blagojevich attended one of the dinners, and that at Mr. Rezko’s request, Mr. Obama dropped in at one for Middle Eastern bankers in early 2004, just as he was starting to pull ahead in the Senate primary. The visits, Mr. Rezko’s partners said, helped impress foreign guests.

    “I remember that he had been on the campaign trail, and he was completely wiped out and exhausted,” said Anthony Licata, a lawyer who represented Mr. Rezko on real estate deals. “My recollection is that he drank ice tea, and he talked about how he was really making progress, and we were all excited to see him.”

    Mr. Burton said it was not unusual for Mr. Obama to be “shaking hands late in the Senate primary season.”

    “If someone recalls meeting him during this period,” he said, “Senator Obama has no reason to doubt it.”

    By 2004, Mr. Rezko’s pizza restaurants were in trouble, and creditors were suing him. Yet after the Obamas bid $1.65 million for their house in January 2005, Mr. Rezko got involved. Mr. Obama has said that he mentioned the deal to Mr. Rezko.

    People familiar with the transaction said that the sellers did not want to close until that June 15, and that the sale would go through only if someone bought the adjacent lot from them on the same date. Rita Rezko paid $625,000 to outbid others for the lot and later sold the Obamas one-sixth of that land, for $104,500.

    After The Chicago Tribune reported the transactions last November, Mr. Obama said he had acted ethically, though it had been a mistake to let Mr. Rezko do anything that could be seen as a favor.

    The disclosure came four days before Michelle Obama was to appear as a special guest at a charity fashion show organized by Mrs. Rezko. Mrs. Obama attended, though others there said it seemed a bit awkward.

  163. I’d say that the NYT article indicates a little more of a relationship between Obamican and Rezko than a 5-hour paperwork shuffle. But that’s me. MSM? Not so much.

  164. Rep. Charles Rangel and former New York Mayor David Dinkins joined Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail Friday, appearing with her first thing in the morning at Benedict College, a historically black school.

    Rangel went straight to the point of whether he, as an African American, should be supporting Barack Obama for president instead of Clinton.

    “Some people have asked me,” he said, “‘Do I feel awkward supporting the senator when her opponent is of color?'”

    In answering, the New York congressman took a slight jab at Obama, who speaks so often of the country’s future with use of the word “hope.”

    “I find it very easy to say, ‘Who do you know who can do the job?'” Rangel said. “As opposed to, ‘Who do you hope and dream could do the job?'”

  165. Behind all the fuss about the racial issue in the South Carolina primary, Democratic insiders say Hillary Clinton’s campaign may be implementing a broader strategy for dealing with Barack Obama in their fight for the Democratic presidential nomination.

    Clinton may be trying to paint Obama into a corner as a candidate who appeals mostly to African-Americans, not to the electorate as a whole, undermining his chances of winning a majority of the party, the insiders say. Whether it’s intentional or not, that appears to be what’s happening.

  166. now, what about rangel being her V.P. pick? i know a lot of republicans hate him, but didn’t he slam teh doj on committee re: jena 6?

  167. listen folks, if you want to help Hillary please phone bank to south carolina.

    I still find a lot of support for her and people who are torn between race and gender, they just need a little push…they may just be saying anything to get off the phone but its worth a try.

    I’m not ready to Kumbaya just yet and Hillary still has to secure the nomination.

    We need all your help … phone calls … don’t call past 9pm either.

  168. Found this tidbit in the Zogby poll:

    More evidence that the race is tightening down the stretch: Thursday’s polling alone had Obama leading with 36%, but Clinton was just five points back at 31% (a good day for her). Edwards came in with 19% yesterday alone. The one-day sample was not enough to draw sweeping conclusions, but it is an indicator that this race continues to change.

  169. i believe zogby is right. if what I’m hearing is true then I hope Bill and Hillary pull an all nighter in south carolina.

  170. A new McClatchy/MSNBC poll holds warning signs for Obama. He leads Hillary Rodham Clinton in South Carolina, but his support among white Democrats fell in one week from 20 percent to a mere 10 percent after race became more of an issue in the campaign.

  171. There goes Zogby again with his worthless deep analysis again. I will be happy if he were right but Zogby is way at the bottom of barrell in polling.

    I will be happy if the race ended up being tight. I will be estatic if there was an upset. You never know.

  172. The Harvard Law School graduate (Obama) sometimes playfully breaks into vernacular, which seems to amuse him and his audiences greatly.

    “I need you to grab Cousin Pookie to vote,” he told a crowd in Kingstree on Thursday. “I need you to get Ray-Ray to vote.”

    At a similar rally in Dillon, Obama said Hillary Clinton was ducking the need to shore up Social Security. “There are some things that aren’t right,” he said, “and some things that just ain’t right. And that ain’t right!”

    How degrading, I find it hard to believe that some people find this amusing and somehow working to his advantage. And it is the Clinton’s who are pushing him into a “black candidate”…..please…..he is pretty much declaring this on his own.

  173. pulchritude
    After going thru the indictment again trying keep track of A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H and I
    Has me wondering if Michelle is not deeply invloved in this. I wonder what hospital the Doctor they bought their house from is affiliated with.

  174. Plouffe flails in all directions while his candidate’s chances go, “POOF”!

    “No one is more disappointed that Florida Democrats will have no role in selecting delegates for the nomination of the party’s standard bearer than Senator Obama,” said Obama campaign manager David Plouffe.

    “When Senator Clinton was campaigning in Iowa and New Hampshire, she made it clear that states like Michigan and Florida that wouldn’t produce any delegates, ‘don’t count for anything.’ Now that Senator Clinton’s worried about losing the first Southern primary, she’s using Florida for her own political gain by trying to assign meaning to a contest that awards zero delegates and where no campaigning has occurred. Senator Clinton’s own campaign has repeatedly said that this is a ‘contest for delegates’, and Florida is a contest that offers zero.

    Whether it is Barack Obama’s record, her position on Social Security, or even the meaning of the Florida Primary, it seems like Hillary Clinton will do or say anything to win an election. When he is the nominee, Barack Obama will campaign vigorously in Florida and Michigan to put them in the Democratic column in 2008.”

    He forgot to add that he’s been running ads there for over a week…lol

  175. VanityforHillary said:
    And i must say this about blkness.Blks was never going to support a white woman over a blk man.And may i add more blk men are sexist than say a white man and most blk women are passive and submissive than say a white woman.That is a fact but everybody is so trying to be pc around here.Blks was waiting for that race card to play and again white people fell for it.Most blks are not even political and no zilch about politics.They just see this blk male that they think will take them out of the pj’s

    ** My only comment here is to disagree about blk women being passive. That, I don’t believe. In fact, it is one of the reasons why it is believed that blk men more so than blk women and /or famous blk men sports stars marry blk women. Many blk men speak of blk women as being very agressive. In fact, I wouldn’t tangle with many a lbk lady..

    I do agree that there is alot of apathy in this community repolitics, however, I do think that the older ones are more aware and I’m interested in seeing if the demographics will break out blk, older peopple- I have a feeling that they will go for Hillary.

  176. Realist – Obama may have BEEN voting progressive (when he voted at all), but that doesn’t mean he will continue voting that way, if he gets a better offer…. Around 2004 he sure got quiet and didn’t vote his famous anti-war instinct.

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