Our Lonely Days Are Over

For a long time Big Pink was a lonely, little, squeaky, demure, bird voice, chirping “rezko, rezko”. There is now a harmonious choir of full-thoated voices singing along “REZKO, REZKO.”

We always think of ourselves as a public service and especially a service to true Democrats everywhere.

Indeed, our first of many articles regarding REZKO, when no one else was paying attention, were sweet pleas of logic for Obama to come clean. We warned Big Media was missing the “big picture” and that Prosecutor Fitzgerald would bring out the facts at the worse possible moment. Neither Obama nor Big Media listened.

The Republicans, we argued, would in any general election race run extremely tough ads tying Obama to REZKO. Obama, we argued, in order to save Democrats from his ethical lapses (recall Democratic leaders had foolishly made Obama an “ethical” spokesman) had to come clean and explain quickly and fully – and with documentation – all the Obama/REZKO entanglements, which were many and going back decades.

But, Obama/Axelrod and Michelle (we’ll explain the Michelle angle and entanglements, including the medical community twists and turns, in even greater detail than we already have, soon) decided to turn even more negative and ugly than they already were. They had already stood by smiling, if not involved, when an ugly video using the Obama logo smeared Hillary as a “Big Brother” type fascist. They again took a “hands off” approach when their allies, such as David Geffen, smeared Hillary. Michelle took to the road to smear Hillary, denying any smear was intended, and not so subtly bringing up marital problems. Obama/Axelrod/Michelle spewed anonymous memos smearing Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. The anonymous memos not only smeared the Indian-American/East Asian community as somehow nefarious, they also labled Hillary the representative not of New York, but rather Punjab (Hillary Clinton (D-Punjab)). After this Obama vileness we took to labeling Obama as the representative of REZKO (Barack Obama (D-REZKO).

Obama, the supposed “community organizer” as state senator either did not know what was going on in his own district, in tenements he helped his slumlord friend purchase with government money, OR, Obama screwed those African-American constituents in order to get even more money from their slumlord tormentor – REZKO. Big Media never interviewed those tenants. Americans never saw or knew about those suffering tenants. Big Media and Big Blogs remained silent.

[Hint to Hillary campaign: When the Illinois February 5 primary heats up, consider a press conference with Hillary right outside those tenements in Obama’s old state senate district. A picture of the community Obama “organized” for a screwing should be seen by Democrats nationwide.]

Big Media cooperated fully with Barack Obama (D-REZKO). Not a word was whispered about Obama’s ties to the indicted slumlord. Nary a word was whispered about Obama’s ties to Norman Hsu and the money Obama solicited and received from Hsu. Norman Hsu mentioned Obama in his (failed) suicide note – not a word from Big Media. A Rezko business associate (elder Stroger’s godson) under investigation by authorities committed “suicide“. Suicide during criminal investigations is normally a Big Media obsession, but in this case – not a whisper from Big Media.

[Hint to Big Media: Follow the money trail of Michelle Obama (and her years on the Landmark Commission, as well as her hospital flack work), Stroger (father and son, and other hospital connections), Doctor Ray, the doctor who sold the Obamas/REZKO the house, “Barack’s Brain” and her housing connections, Giannoulias (the reputed Chicago underworld financier and Obama fundraiser). Also check out the Chicago suicide.]

[Bigger hint to Big Media: follow the money. It’s the hospital real estate investors and holdings.]

* * *

Our REZKO For Dummies series, (Part I, Part II and Part III) with wonderful videos were popular. Some of the voices added to the REZKO choir include the Los Angeles Times:

In recent weeks, including during the debate, Obama sought to minimize the nature of that relationship… A review by the Los Angeles Times shows that Rezko, a businessman long active in Chicago politics, played a deeper role in Obama’s political and financial biography than the candidate has acknowledged..

For example, Rezko, his employees and business associates — such as his consultants, lawyers and their families — have provided
Obama more than $200,000 in donations since 1995, helping fuel his rapid ascent in Illinois and U.S. politics. Although Rezko is not Obama’s largest bundler, he was there at the start and at critical moments along the way, helping support the candidate when few others were.

In addition to being a campaign benefactor, Rezko also surfaced when Obama and his wife purchased their house on Chicago’s South Side in 2005. On the day the Obamas bought their house, Rezko’s wife, Rita, bought an adjacent lot from the same sellers, part of which Obama later bought back.

Rita Rezko’s purchase, at the $625,000 asking price, came just as the Obamas successfully bid in a slow market to buy the house for $300,000 below the asking price, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Larry Johnson, at the pro-Obama site, posing as impartial, called TPM, breaks with Josh Marshall and questions – Obama’s JUDGMENT:

During Monday night’s Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton brought up Obama’s past association with Rezko. Wolf Blitzer gave Obama a chance to set the record straight:

BLITZER: I’m going to go to Suzanne Malveaux in a second, but I just want to give you a chance, Senator Obama, if you want to respond. Senator Clinton made a serious allegation that you worked for a slumlord. And I wonder if you want to respond.

OBAMA: I’m happy to respond. Here’s what happened: I was an associate at a law firm that represented a church group that had partnered with this individual to do a project and I did about five hours worth of work on this joint project. That’s what she’s referring to.

So he was just associated with a law firm that partnered with Rezko? Just some guy? This is not true. In some circles it is called a lie. Now I don’t know about you, but when someone starts tap dancing about simple, easily investigated facts it means they are covering something up. Obama had more than an incidental relationship with Rezko.

Taylor Marsh writes an exhaustive overview:

One of the classic lines last night revolved around a subject that the national press has been ignoring for some time. Barack Obama couldn’t even bring himself to utter the guy’s name. There’s a reason for that, which you’ll understand soon enough, that is unless you’re from Chicago; to you this will be old news. The exchange between Clinton and Obama is not unlike how the national press has been handling the subject. Only the Chicago Sun-Times has had the temerity and investigative spine to go after it. It is nothing short of a political godfather story. The tale of an eager, brilliant, ambitious man wanting to rise in politics, and the man who had the money to make it happen. It’s the real true tale of Barack Obama and Antoin “Tony” Rezko and the Faustian political deal made in the quest for power, fame and political prowess, which would eventually lead to a bid for the presidency. The fact that Obama won’t mention the name of the guy who made his rise to political prominence possible out loud illustrates the efforts to which Obama, with the aid of a mostly negligent press, has been able to make Rezko a forbidden word to utter, instead of an issue that we all should know a lot more about.

Obama has tried to sell his judgment as something of value.

Until Obama explains and documents how his judgment was so off when it came to REZKO – Obama’s judgment cannot be trusted.

REZKO, the slumlord who tormented Obama’s constituents, did so in a small state senate district Obama represented. Obama now wants to represent a nation of hundreds of millions. Americans can’t afford Obama’s type of “representation”.

Obama abandoned his Chicago constituents freezing in their tenements in the same way that Obama’s health care plan abandons 15 million Americans. Americans’ can’t afford Obama’s type of “representation”.


368 thoughts on “Our Lonely Days Are Over

  1. Even better: get some of BHO’s “constituents” he “organized” to talk about their living conditions while being pushed around by a slumlord with BHO’s help in SC adverts!

  2. Sen. Obama, D-Ill, went on “Good Morning America” this morning and tried to minimize his relationship with Rezko.

    “The facts are this: This is somebody who was active in politics in Illinois, who I knew. Nobody had any indications that he was engaging in wrongdoing,” Obama told Diane Sawyer on “Good Morning America.”

    “We have returned any money that we know was associated to Mr. Rezko, and that is something that, if there’s additional information that we don’t know about, we’d be happy to return the money,” he said.

    The Clinton campaign quickly pounced. Calling Rezko Obama’s “political patron,” campaign spokesman Phil Singer issued a release stating, “Sen. Obama has repeatedly tried to minimize the closeness of their relationship. This morning was no different.”

    Singer said Obama “misrepresented basic facts” and zeroed in on Obama’s claim that “nobody had an inkling” that Rezko was under investigation for fraud and for extorting kickbacks from companies doing business with the Illinois Teachers Retirement System Board and the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board.

    The Clinton camp cited four stories in newspapers from Obama’s hometown of Chicago between July 2004 and September 2005 detailing the federal investigation into Rezko’s alleged activities. The Clinton camp also cited statements from two Chicago-area civic watchdog groups this week, the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform and the Better Government Association of Chicago, who claimed Rezko’s legal troubles were well-known in Chicago political circles.”


    We’re not alone any more, is right!

  3. Congrats, admin. You’ve been carrying this burden alone for a long time. The rest of the press has finally caught up with you.

    I’m proud to be here. It’s the Rezko coverage that first caught my eye at this site. You reminded me of the now-defunct Media Whores Online – whose absense is still sorely felt.

    Ya done good. It may well be that you will have helped prevent the Democratic party from making a huge mistake with their choice of a nominee. You have been Rezko central for a long time now, and I am certain that all those other sources have used this site as a starting point – though I am sure none of ’em would admit it.

  4. AP reports that JRE complains that Hillary left SC .. but AP actually fact checks and gives JRE a smackdown.

    “After the debate she flew out and won’t be back,” Edwards told a crowd of about 150 people in this small town. “What are the chances she’s coming back when she’s president of the United States?”

    The former North Carolina senator overstated his claim, however. Clinton took part in Monday night’s debate in Myrtle Beach and then left to campaign in states scheduled to hold contests Feb. 5, including California, New Mexico and New Jersey. She’s expected to be back in South Carolina on Thursday, and her husband has been campaigning for her around South Carolina this week. Barack Obama also has been campaigning in South Carolina in advance of Saturday’s primary.


  5. I told you guys Edwards is an ass. He’s no ally. His performance at the debate attacking Obama wasn’t to help Hillary. He knows Obama is the one to beat.

    Once an ass always an ass.

  6. At a loss for words here, so I’ll just paste it in:

    Ahead of Sen. Hillary Clinton’s campaign stops in Bergen County tonight, several New Jersey Democrats who support Illinois Sen. Barack Obama accused Clinton of slander and disinformation in a radio ad her campaign is airing in Super Tuesday states.

    On a telephone conference call, Newark Mayor Cory Booker said he was “deeply disappointed” by Clinton’s efforts to make an issue of Obama’s past praising of President Ronald Reagan as an agent of change, and Obama’s remark that for more than a decade Republicans were the “party of ideas” in America.

    “It begins to make our entire party lose the moral high ground. It’s a very risky strategy. It’s a scorched Earth strategy,” Booker said. “This campaign has got to be about bigger issues and unifying themes.”

    Clinton and former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards have both raised Obama’s remarks about Reagan in debates, but Clinton is now using them in the radio spots, too. Super Tuesday is Feb. 5, when New Jersey and 23 other states will select a candidate.

    The Obama campaign set up the conference call with Booker and several other Democrats who have endorsed Obama, including Rep. Steve Rothman, state Sen. Shirley Turner and Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein.

    All said they were so outraged and offended by the ad, they felt compelled to respond


  7. He is looking more and more foolish. He keeps running to the teacher crying that he is being picked on. Good Lord, but I can’t stand a whiny tattle tale.

  8. them dumb democrats should be the ones worried about scorched earth. keep that little book out Mrs. Clinton.. .payback times coming. Pet projects, earmarks and the list could go on and on

  9. Not to change the subject, but can someone explain to me why BHO has been getting secret service since May ’07 and none of the other candidates have (exception HRC, but as ex-first lady she already had it). AND the article I read (can’t remember where) stated he could’ve turned it down, but didn’t. Um, is this the same person who claims he and the wifey still shop in Target like all normal everyday Americans? I don’t know about the rest of of you, but I don’t have a bunch of guys in suits trailing me around calling my husband “Renegade.” Oh, yeah, that was what he wanted his code name to be. He makes me sick….

  10. ron paul admitting on cavuto that Mrs. Clinton was right calling this a “global crisis” . Poor Neil trying to prop up today as a big “thang” (stock market) but Mr. Paul says nooo wayy, we are in over our head

  11. More whining ahead:

    Clinton Scoffs at Obama’s ‘No Inkling’ of Rezko Woes. Clinton Launches Toughest Attack Yet on Rival Over Ties to Indicted Realtor.

    Hillary Clinton’s campaign unleashed what may be its toughest attack yet on Barack Obama, ripping into her Democratic rival for trying to distance himself from an indicted Chicago real estate agent by claiming “nobody had an inkling” he was suspected of illegal activities.


  12. REZKO, Rezko, REzko…

    It’s a frontpage story in LA Times. Hopefully this will knock off a few points from Obama’s numbers in CA.

  13. I am so pleased that this Rezko business is finally seeing the light of day. HOWEVER, it is still NOT being spoken about on the cable news programs. All I hear is how the Clintons will do anything to win. Sure sounds like Obama will do anything to win, too. Let’s face it, people in politics WANT TO WIN!!! But Hillary is not going around preaching the “politics of hope” like Obama is!!!

    I just want this Rezko story broadcast more broadly and completely before Obama gains too many delegates and/or states.

  14. Then he should get and pay for private security detail. Why should taxpayer money suffer? I just did a search and found one article that said his detail after the Iowa win is reaching the same level as Bush’s. That’s ridiculous. Those poor agents, that must be the “punishment” detail. Oops, you did something bad, you get the Renegade detail.

  15. It will be interesting to see if Richardson endorses us. He should. We are ahead in New Mexico, and with Latinos. But in Iowa, at the caucus, he told his people anyone but Hillary for their second choice if he did not make viability. So we’ll see. He could go either way.

  16. And enough with people going after Hillary for being “shrill” and “fake”. Did anyone see the picture of the Obama family in Newsweek walking hand in hand getting ready to go on stage for some event? He’s smiling and talking to the girls and the wifey looks like she’s headed to an execution. Well, probably soon enough….his campaign!

  17. SC looks pretty grim, but a double digit win by Barry based solely on his strength among AA community won’t carry him too far.

  18. The rules are the same for everyone in the campaign. They ALL need and deserve protection, and a woman and an AA probably need more. Please don’t become as silly and petty as Obama cultists by sniping at every little thing, as there are lots of BIG things that serve the campaign and Hillary better…

  19. Wow, Hawk, WTF? I can’t fiure this out. Richardson? It makes me think Hillary had an opportunity there but everyone told their folks ABH because they actually thought they still had a chance by stopping her.

  20. I honestly believe Bill Richardson is waiting for the stick AND carrot … offer of the veep. I really don’t think his endorsement is worth that much, Hispanics already seem to “get it” that Hillary is best for them.’t

    How many delegates in New Mexico again?

    I’m not losing any sleep over his endorsement.

    also, just heard on Fox News that Oprah isn’t committing to any more campaigning right now with bambi.

    Indicating it’s because she is getting flack on her message board from Women….but do you think Oprah is really interested in how we feel? If she were, she’d have stayed neutral,

    She also refuses to do a show with Hillary Clinton

    I havent watched her dodgy show in years and if any of you do, get on her message board and boycott her show as well.

  21. long before SOME people showed up on this blog, admin and mosT of us here been posting obama’s REZKO scandal long before big media was noticing. this is a huge matter and it has to be addressed. so admin and everybody else keep REZKO capitalized despite what so called new people here say. down with REZKO/OBAMA!!!!

  22. ^^ not that I care about Hillary being on her show.

    Hillary could handle Oprah but it would make for an uncomfortable interview even in the best setting.

  23. Rezko matters because GWB is the POTUS and controls the FBI and Justice dept. so he set the time frame for when this stuff comes out. I’m not saying this is illegal but if Obma becomes the nominee and REZKO rollsover on the Obamas during this process. Do you really think the media is NOT going to cover this?

    C’mon nobody is that naive to think the Republicans are going to treat Obama with nicely and let him be president. Does anybody believe that Obama can handle the Repugs pressure like the Clinton did the 8 years in office?

  24. Oh come on. She fought back when he tried to smear her as someone who had done nothing but held a corporate position, and even at walmart she was pushing progressive goals. This Edwards stuff about Rezco is just gossip.

    MYDD is running a hit piece on Hillary on there front page. It’s really unfair.

  25. Way to go admin on your story!..I had sensed the money trail was somehow related to the medical or hospital community. I am also intrigued with possible links to other government offices and state boards. Good job.

    That’s really too bad that JE can’t play nice for more than one day in a row. Must be havin’ a bad hair day.

  26. About the capitalization comment. It gives painful reading.. But suit yourselves lol. I think the arguement would be much more powerful and credible if we used full names like Antoin “Tony” Rezko… But that’s up to the admin. 🙂

    Hillary holds solid leads in CA according to latest polls. 🙂

  27. B Merry.. I am sure you are aware that Barnicle was forced to resign from Boston Globe in 1998. Here just to jog everyone’s memory:

    BOSTON (August 19, 1998 9:06 p.m. EDT http://www.nandotimes.com) — Boston Globe columnist Mike Barnicle resigned under pressure Wednesday amid suspicions he fabricated a 1995 column about two children hospitalized with cancer.

    The 25-year columnist known for his two-fisted, working-man’s prose was already serving a two-month suspension without pay for lifting jokes from a book by George Carlin.

    Globe editor Matthew V. Storin told the staff that he asked for and received Barnicle’s resignation. The announcement drew clapping and laughter in the newsroom, which was sharply divided over his punishment for the earlier infraction.

    In a statement to WCVB-TV, the newspaper’s marquee columnist said his resignation was “the best thing for the paper.” He did not return several telephone messages to The Associated Press, and nobody answered the door at his home.

    Barnicle, 54, is the second Globe columnist to resign in the last few months. In June, Patricia Smith was forced out after admitting she had fabricated characters in four of her columns.

    Earlier this month, the Globe came under fire for only suspending Barnicle, with black leaders and others accusing the newspaper of a double standard in essentially firing a black woman while protecting a middle-aged white man.

  28. B Merry… I am sure you are aware of this:

    BOSTON (August 19, 1998 9:06 p.m. EDT http://www.nandotimes.com) — Boston Globe columnist Mike Barnicle resigned under pressure Wednesday amid suspicions he fabricated a 1995 column about two children hospitalized with cancer.

    The 25-year columnist known for his two-fisted, working-man’s prose was already serving a two-month suspension without pay for lifting jokes from a book by George Carlin.

    Globe editor Matthew V. Storin told the staff that he asked for and received Barnicle’s resignation. The announcement drew clapping and laughter in the newsroom, which was sharply divided over his punishment for the earlier infraction.

    In a statement to WCVB-TV, the newspaper’s marquee columnist said his resignation was “the best thing for the paper.” He did not return several telephone messages to The Associated Press, and nobody answered the door at his home.

    Barnicle, 54, is the second Globe columnist to resign in the last few months. In June, Patricia Smith was forced out after admitting she had fabricated characters in four of her columns.

    Earlier this month, the Globe came under fire for only suspending Barnicle, with black leaders and others accusing the newspaper of a double standard in essentially firing a black woman while protecting a middle-aged white man.

  29. More specifically re: Rasmussen — Hillary leads Obama by 12 points now, nationally. Just 4 days ago, she led by only 4 points.

  30. From FirstRead

    From NBC’s Andrea Mitchell
    Despite Clinton’s comment yesterday that she would abide by party rules and NOT campaign in Florida, aides still say the campaign is considering “all options” regarding Florida — based on their claim that Obama’s national cable TV advertising buy constitutes “campaigning” in Florida markets.

    Whether or not that is just a “pretext,” as critics say, Clinton is seriously considering expanding a private fundraiser into a public event.

    Florida is generally considered to be better turf for Clinton than Obama, and some people believe Clinton campaign is looking for an excuse to campaign there (even though the Obama campaign SAYS it consulted the South Carolina Democratic Party before running the cable ad).

    The leading Democratic candidates had pledged to bypass Florida — except for private fundraising — because the state jumped the party’s official primary calendar rules.

    Does anyone know;
    1- If anyone with any news org has VERIFIED this claim?
    2-What the SC dem chair has to do with this
    3-Why we haven’t seen or heard a peep form Dean?

    I know some in out community might be better than BM at getting to the bottom of Pledge-Gate
    South Carolina Democratic party;
    (803) 799-7798

  31. Romney is winning in florida.. It was 114 delegates… This would give Romney a huge delegate lead before Super-Tuesday..

    I think people expecting McCain to win are sadly mistaken…

  32. Look for her polling to go down again after an Obama win in SC on Saturday, but should go back up after the Tuesday Florida vote is counted.

    My concern is that because Florida “doesn’t count” there will not be much play in the media. BM could play ‘Obama the Winner’ until 2/5.

    On a related note, the DNC is a bunch of useless wimps. We definitely need new leadership at the DNC.

  33. Brilliant move by the Clinton campaign to point out the offensive nature of Obama’s old-fashioned assertions that a husband can’t support his wife on the campaign trail, from Politico:

    A campaign spokesman, Bill Burton, declined to discuss the strategy, other than to say they’d respond to attacks from every source, including the former president.

    A Clinton adviser, Ann Lewis, said she was surprised Obama would tangle with Bill Clinton.

    “There seems to be a subtext here of demanding that Hillary, of all the candidates for president, campaign alone without the support of her spouse,” she said.

    “In fact, Bill Clinton is now serving in the campaign very much the role that Hillary served when she ran.

    “This notion that women and men can support one another, can play equal roles, is very much what we’re all about,” Lewis said.

    In fact, Obama and Clinton are both in uncharted waters, particularly when it comes to how the dynamic will affect the female voters on whom Clinton depends. Will they be jarred away from Hillary by Bill’s emergence as an equal partner?

  34. I think the SC chair thing is because the original areement was with the 4 early states and all except SC have voted.

  35. Hardball has Ed Shultz is whining for Obama to get Bill Clinton out and Mark Green is standing up to that losing message.

    I have to say, Chris has been very careful to give both sides.

  36. Let us have it one more time: Syria born TONY REZKO! – one time friend of Obama.

    And silly Michelle needs her hushand to go with her to check out her new boss at an interview! Gosh – she is insecure or Obama acts like a heavy handed hushand. Or one of those Middle eastern men who needs to check out where their women go to! Shades of chavinistic Obama are appearing deep!

    How can Michelle even run the white house?

  37. Oops, got to take it back Chris Matthew had to go protect OBAMA. Hillary team has got to stand up on this and stop trying to protect Obama.

    Bob Johnson made Obama team mad on the “Guess who coming to dinner” slam. That is what pissed them off….the media implied the coke charge but Hillary people should stand say that and stop trying to save Obama skin…Blacks are just as concern about drugs as anybody else.

  38. so matthews still going overboard on his biased reporting? LOL

    nothing new

    Bambi is on the ropes now, Hillary and Bill need to get back on message and leave him to continue to whine.

    BM is going overboard to crucify Bill and Hillary and at some point it’ll start to stick to them IMO that is.

    I think they’ve made good points, continue to hammer him on HIS LACK OF RECORD and INEXPERIENCE and start to get above the fray. Hillary will be back in South Carolina tomorrow.

  39. Oh, YEAH! I love Ann Lewis! She is not the one you want in there for a down-and-dirty debate defense, but she is the Mistress of the coolly dismissive press statement. 🙂

    “In fact, Bill Clinton is now serving in the campaign very much the role that Hillary served when she ran.

    “This notion that women and men can support one another, can play equal roles, is very much what we’re all about,” Lewis said.

  40. Jumping in here for a second. Tweety played the Charlie Rose clip again, already to pounce on Green, when what do we hear but “roll the dice” coming out of Rose’s mouth FIRST. Green said “gotcha” and Tweety acknowledged in a mumble that Green was right.

  41. hillary for texas,

    thanks for the video in salinas at the united farm workers endorsement…
    it ROCKED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





    RECOGNIZE !!! 🙂

  42. you notice all the talk on these type of shows ( hardball. ed schulty etc) and hrc still leadsin most polls…people don’t watch these shows…that cnn tape says bill was upset…i didn’t see upset..i saw a man pointing out facts…

  43. I hope Bill’s video gets put on Youtube very quickly….and that it’s played on tv extensively. He didn’t yell, he was the one there telling them they wanted to take away south carolinians vote. He made it about South Carolin and pointed out the media wanted to make it otherwise.

    Heck of a job, Big Dawg!!!!!!!

  44. I never thought I would live to see the day that Pat Buchanan would say good things about the Clintons… Go Pat!!!
    (he is on MSNBC) right now

  45. I think it’s good that many different variations on Rezko’s name are getting used here. Whatever variation a person searches for, it may bring them here.

    full names like Antoin “Tony” Rezko…

    That would make the situation more clear — that we’re talking about a human being. REZKO looks like COSTCO or NAFTA or something.

    Antoin “Tony” Rezko… might be unfair stereotyping, sounds like Italian Mafia or something. Or is that realistic? “Mr. Rezko” or “Antoin Rezko” would be human with less stereotpying.

    But the more variations (including REZKO), the better!

  46. If I didn’t know any better, I would swear Pat Buchanan is a Democrat the passionate way he is defending Hillary and Bill on Hard Ball right now.

  47. also, i don;t think a win in sc is going to change many minds..the media, yes, the same media bho relys so heavily on, has been telling every body about the 50% aa vote..so most people are prepared for a huge win by bho. and another thing, why is he spending all week there polls show 15 point lead…is he trying to make sure?

  48. Tweety played the Charlie Rose clip again, already to pounce on Green, when what do we hear but “roll the dice” coming out of Rose’s mouth FIRST.

    Did Bill EVER use the phrase? I saw a clip where Rose used it twice, and Bill each time carefullyworded his answer in an alternate phrasing.

  49. 50% of the AA vote is not a big deal. That still leaves 100% of the white vote, 100% of the Hispanic vote, 100% of the Asian vote, 100% of the Native American vote AND 50% of the AA vote UP FOR GRABS! God, the media can annoy with such stupid and irrelevant “statistics.”

  50. anbritt, as the Obama campaign falters further, there only hope at this point is to get a BIG win in South Carolina, and try and gin up big press coverage and hype around the win, and then try and use it as a springboard to Super Tuesday. This is what they wanted to do with Iowa, but failed to execute on. They’re trying it again. It won’t work, because Florida votes 3 days after SC if I recall, where Hillary has a big lead.

  51. dot48, I thought the “yellin” in the link to Bill’s video meant he was yelling, too, lol. But Yellin is the name of the reporter who filed the video.

  52. Actually in 2000 Pat Buchanan came out quick and fair about the butterfly ballot, saying the numbers seemed wrong compared to his numbers elsewhere and he didn’t want to get votes by mistake.

  53. bill never said “roll of the dice”

    another myth of media….

    they still try to parce the fairytale remark too,

    it ain’t working, Bill Clinton is the Big Dawg!!!!!!

  54. Also, Bill’s strategy of chastising the media is a winner because people don’t like the media and think they blow things out of proportion anyway.

  55. Ed Schultz screamed “Bill Clinton lied” over and over.
    He thinks BC lied about Obama’s Iraq record. Pathetic. I turned it off.

    I hope Hill gets back to the economy and leave Obama, the uniter, to trash the Clintons.

    Change? Yes I’d like to change from the rightwing sliming of Hillary that Obama has adopted.

  56. I live in Kansas City, MO and I am tired of seeing BHO add’s all day!!!! I want to see Hillary!!

    Does any one have what the MO numbers look like ?????

  57. Berkeley Vox, regarding Florida:

    72% of the absentee ballots cast so far are Hillary votes according to a recent story. today there is this:


    For Democrats, the number of returned absentee ballots in Florida so far exceeds the total number turned in in the 2004 general election, and the number of Democratic early voters plus the number of absentees requested is more than the number of actual voters in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada combined.

    This means that despite the fact that NO Democrat is campaigning in Florida, no Democrat is advertising in Florida (except on cable) and the DNC is ignoring Florida, Democratic voters in Florida are organically excited about the primary race and their party’s prospects for November, 2008 — and are voting despite the temporal meaningless of their vote. That’s pretty impressive… and it also poses a philosophical quandary: if a million Democrats vote next Tuesday in a meaningless primary, did they actually vote? What does the media say about them? What if one candidate wins by a large margin?

    The state Democratic Party says that 96,286 absentee ballots have been returned, up from 93,909 in 2004. 100,000 ballots have yet to be returned. Combining the number of early voters (121,693) with the number of absentees requested, you get 316,940 — more than the total Democratic vote for each of the three early states.

    The party projects a turnout of more than 1,000,000.

  58. I can’t wait for them to seat the Florida delegates. Everyone write LTE’s to February 5th state newspapers. We are going to crush his sad lil’ campaign.

  59. Someone earlier asked about Minnesota poll numbers. My state is apparently getting ignored as I couldn’t find recent presidential polls despite a lengthy search. I found one here from Oct. 07. The numbers will most likely be closer now but as a native Minnesotan I would be very surprised if Hillary were not still ahead by a good margin. We are still true blue Democrats here despite my state leaning a little more to the right at times (we haven’t voted for a Repub president since 1972).

    Hillary Clinton 47%
    Barack Obama 22%
    John Edwards 16%


    I spoke to someone knowledgable about the MN caucus. She said only about 30 people usually show up at my location (!) but she told me to come fired up and try to win others over to our gal. Also, she encouraged me to sign up to be a county delegate. I don’t know anything about that but will ask her more tomorrow. I’m getting really excited about this….

    Hillary may visit Minnesota before the caucuses


  60. I just watched the Bill Clinton clip. He made the media and Obama’s whining surrogate look like stupid asses.


  61. I asked about Minnesota. I have a friend from California who came to work in Iowa, and then went to Nevada, and is now in Minnesota. He said they desperately need help there. We should be paying attention there. He is in Moorhead near North Dakota. He said even the Rochester office needed help.

  62. BHO…. Poor man, he had NO idea what the Clinton Machine is all about and what they can do. BHO is finding out politics is dirty and ugly. I think it is too late for BHO to catch up.

  63. admin, i agree. plus hillfans remember that california and many other states are voting early or absentee so the national polls and state polling are great becuase hillary still has the momentum going. both sc and florida are so bunched up together so whatever good press obama gets from there it will be blunted. also a big florida victory will still get good press despite the dnc snubbing ogf the state. watch the naderites try to spin it as nothing.

  64. Hey, it’s not lonely here, but maybe Obama will be soon…. poor baby…..

    Now is the time to console The One and his Obamalamadingdongs…..

    let’s let Janis Joplin do that….well, she is a bit weird, but I like her but I wasn’t even alive when she died…. 🙁

    Title : Bye, Bye Baby
    Artist : Janis Joplin

    Bye, bye-bye, baby, bye-bye.
    I may be seeing you around
    When I change my living standard and I move uptown (in the White House),
    Bye-bye, baby, bye-bye.

    So long, my honey, so long.
    I guess I’m gonna make it somehow.
    But you may not be with me, darling, when I do
    ‘Cause you’re not with me now.

    Well, I know that …

    Bye-bye, baby, bye-bye.

    ha ha ha ha….BTW whoever coined the term “obamalamadingdong” = very funny.

  65. It doesn’t really matter at all but he did say it and anyone who wanted to read the transcript or watch the whole program would know that.

    Charlie Rose: What is happening —

    Bill Clinton: But the voters are entitled to say they don’t.

    Charlie Rose: Well, they can say — they can say we think those things matter, but we choose to go this way because we think there is an overpowering reason to make another choice. And —

    Bill Clinton: And we’re prepared to ROLL THE DICE. We’re prepared to —

    Charlie Rose: You want to say to the voters, if they have prepared to choose someone with less experience, but perhaps other qualities, as you’ve said, gifted in politics, gifted in intellect, then they’re rolling the dice, is what you’re saying.

    Bill Clinton: Well, —

    Charlie Rose: Rolling the dice about America if they don’t choose the person who’s had the kind of experience you’re talking about.

    Bill Clinton: It’s less predictable, isn’t it? I mean when is the last time we elected a president based on one year of service in the Senate before he started running? He would have been a senator longer by the time he’s inaugurated, but essentially once you start running for president full-time you don’t have time to do much else.”


    Like I said, it doesn’t matter except for the sake of accuracy.

  66. Yesterday (Jan 22) in a packed college gymnasium in Salinas, California, the United Farm Workers endorsed Hillary Clinton for President (Spanish as listed on the UFW web site: “La Union de Campesinos Respaldan [sic] a Clinton”). With more than 27,000 members, the UFW will be a welcome addition to the Clinton ground team as they compete for The Golden State–the biggest prize of all on Tsunami Tuesday (Feb 5). Chances are good that whoever wins California will also win the Democratic nomination. In recent polling, Clinton holds double digit leads on Obama and Edwards, her two top rivals in the Democratic field.

    More important to Clinton than the number of UFW members, however, is the iconic value of the UFW in U.S. politics. The UFW is, quite simply, the historic symbol of the Latino civil rights movement in America.

    Started in California’s central valley by Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta in the 1960s, the UFW was the Latino counterpart to Martin Luther King, Jr.s civil rights movement in the south. With its predominantly Latino membership the UFW continues to be as much an anchor of Latino identity in America as it is a driving force for the rights of farmworkers.

    In an election where the Obama and Clinton campaigns have raised equal amounts of money, the UFW endorsement signifies Clinton’s considerable advantage over Obama and Edwards amongst Latino voters in California and elsewhere.

    With few exceptions, the English-speaking media has not really picked up on this story.

    Writing for Salon.com, Joan Walsh recently shed light on the difference way that Latino voters think about Clinton and Obama. Following an Obama campaign Spanish-language ad critical of Clinton in Nevada, Walsh quoted the following observation about the two candidates as offered by Dolores Huerta:

    [Huerta] argued that Clinton has a “cultural, political and social relationship with the Latino community, which Senator Obama does not have.” Latinos call Clinton “Hilaria,” Huerta said, adding derisively that they call Sen. Obama “Como se llama?” (as in “What’s his name?”)

    (read the full post, here)

    Given how inaccurate polling has been thus far, whether or not a candidate has an affectionate nickname in the Latino community might just be one of the better indicators of how well Clinton is doing in California. And in a week where Barack Obama has already showed himself to be more than a little annoyed by the tone of the debate, the moniker “What’s his name” is likely to throw even more cold water on his campaign.

    As for John Edwards, the UFW endorsement of Clinton will likely put him in a very difficult position. Having framed his campaign as a movement for the rights of working middle class and poor Americans, Edwards must now be very careful in how he criticizes Clinton. If ever there was a union that lived the principles Edwards is espousing, it is the union that just endorsed Clinton.

    In a Democratic primary season already marked by heightened emotions, the UFW endorsement of Clinton will likely result is some activist soul searching amongst a fair number of Edwards and Obama supporters. Or maybe not.

    Whatever happens, Americans can expect to hear an iconic phrase return to American politics, but this time with a whole new meaning. When Cesar Chavez and his followers shouted ‘Si se puede!’ (‘Yes, we can!’) in the 1960s, it meant ‘yes, we can organize!’ My guess is that ‘Si se puede’ will become a rallying cry at Clinton campaign events in California and more than a few newspaper headlines.

    ‘Can we win the nomination for Hilaria?!’

    ‘Si se puede!’

  67. “carbynew, How is Hillary protecting Obama? I’m not quite sure what you’re saying there.”

    Paula, Hillary Team sometimes pull back their attack on Obama when Chris and other bring up some of Obama protectors argument that the Clintons has been too rough on him, blah, blah, blah.

    If the team doesn’t know how to handle this they need to watch CNN video on how Bill handled the reporter questons on this by turning it around on how Hillary was treated by Obama and Edwards and that they didn’t cry about it. They just got out and worked harder to get their facts out and talk about solutions to the voters problems.

    Like the saying goes: “There’s no crying in baseball” and there surely is no crying in running for the POTUS….geesh what a whip

    Ed Shultz and Chris Matthews was bringing up how so many democrats are complaining about Bill Clinton advocacy for Hillary…like Tom Daschel, Claire MacCaskle, and the rest of Obama’s protectors running to the media to “whine with that cheese” instead of talking about issues and details of their candidate.

    Hillary Team can’t worry about those Democratic who are giving out bad advice to Hillary so their pick can win the election. What kind of campaigning is that?

    If this was Colin Powell running do you think he would need all the help that Obama is being given or would and could he run on his RECORD. Nobody is treating Obama any different for any of the other candidates…in fact Obama has been protected by the Democratic Leadership, instead of being vetted.

  68. Re the Walmart/Rezko exchange at the SC debate, and some journalists getting it backwards who struckt the first blow.

    I am pursuing it on a different website. It creates the false impression that Hillary cast the first stone whereas she was merely defending herself.

    My memory says that she was talking about some issues and he brought it to personal by saying he was on the streets seeing those in person when she was a lawyer and on the Walmart board. So she shot back saying at that time he was a lawyer doing work for/about? Rezko. Please don’t quote me on the exact words!

    This sort of simple inaccuracy in the media bothers me a lot! Where are you fighting it? This is simple and provable. All they have to do is look at their own trasncript and their own video.

    I’d love to see all the people who wrote and called to protest sexism, writing and calling to correct simple factual errors like this!

  69. cnn and the reporter Yellen parced the video and Yellin lied and said bill brought up race again in the event.

    If so why didn’t she him on it right then?

    cnn is doing a big disservice and I’m getting a queasy feeling right about now

  70. cnn once a reputable new organization has become nothing but tabloid style lies. They disgust me, I’ve already stopped msnbc so it looks like now cnn is on the chopping block

  71. so true the comments a bout the united farm workers, THAT IS WHY I ONCE AGAIN, WOULD LOVE TO SEE THIS VIDEO ON THIS THREAD GO PUBLIC IN A BIG WAY…

    cause it reminds not just hispanics, but blacks and whites and yes native americans and asians, what we are all about, what hillary is all about…


  72. I see Obama is trying to get the Kathleen Sebelius endorsement in Kansas for the 5th. SHe is giving the response to the state of the union.

  73. Dot48, I hate those CNN bastards. They never even tried to analyze what Bill actually said. They are just biased.

  74. Ha! The press on CNN is trying to spin Bill.


    You idiots think the public is skeptical of Bill’s truthfulness? Look in the mirror, you morons. They trust you even less.

  75. well , we all banded together and let msnbc/matthews have it.

    we need to do cnn the same way

    I just sent O’reilly an email and asked him to expose msnbc and cnn on this tape

  76. hawk, She might change her mind after Ed Rendell’s endorsement. She does not want to be on the wrong side. In Presidential GE Kansas has always voted republican.

  77. This is disgusting. Bill has every right to campaign for his wife. What’s the problem? He’s too effective? I am dispappointed in Sebilius if she is endorsing Obama, but it is his home state.

  78. can someone please tell me how to get links to post here? every one I post gets caught I guess as spam or something.

    cnn feedback for situation room…I just let wolf have it.


  79. That news about Sebelius possible endordement is unfortunate. I’ve long considered her a strong potential running mate for Hillary in the GE. I hope she’s not swept up by the hype…..

  80. cnn just said that Obama has filed formal complaint over the Nevada vote.

    cry me a river bambi……gosh, this guy is totally out of control stupid to the core

  81. bambi is twisting in the wind at some many levels I look for his head to explode at any minute. He does not have the “street” smarts to be here and I wonder if Michelle is feeling all fuzzy/wuzzy inside about right now. nah, her turned up nose won’t smell the crap as he stirs. uppity bunch

  82. It makes him look really good to do that. We should be grateful to be running against such a savvy and skilled adversary…:)

  83. Hillary in FL, w/o ads running…


    Undecided trouncing Edwards so far…


  84. Off topic: Different angle:

    Apparently Sen. Elizabeth Dole (R-NC) is worried about a potential challenge to her 2008 re-election bid by former Sen. John Edwards (D-NC), the Charlotte Observer reports. In a fundraising letter, she notes the former vice presidential candidate “is conducting meetings throughout our state. Edwards is a multimillionaire who put millions of dollars of his personal wealth into his last campaign for the U.S. Senate and defeated a popular incumbent Republican.”

    However, an Edwards spokesman denies the speculation: “He is making no plans to run for the United States Senate.”

  85. Perhaps that’s what Edwards and Hillary were talking about in their closed-door meeting after the debate…

  86. dot48, that really doesn’t concern me. Frankly, the guys have both spent their week post-debate complaining about Hillary who hasn’t been around. It makes them look rather small, IMO.

  87. admin,
    Our Lonely Days Are Over

    Do we know for sure that it was Dr. Paul Ray who owned what is now Obama’s current mansion, and that split his real estate into two lots, one with the house and one with the yard, and subsequently sold it to Obama and Rita Rezko, respectively? Is there a source?

  88. anyone besides me feel that while Bill is very, very effective,, the media is spinning this against them and I wonder if the voter won’t come away feeling bad about our girl.

    It’s not Hillary nor Bill fault but to hear media print and even tv continue to hound them and pin them and not even dare mention Rezko. Not one mention by Cnn,msbnc or even fox on rezko?

    I’m disgusted at cnn for teasing with totally untruthful comments. Spitball continues to be out of control it seems.

    Do you think this could eventually hurt her?

  89. That’s terrible. The Obama and Edwards camps have finally hit upon the one issue with which they can beat Hillary. She’s trapped. There is nothing she can do about it. LOL Here it comes:

    Hillary is not in South Carolina!

    Is that the best they can do? Pathetic! There are still a couple more days of campaigning. She has done it in two or three days before. Who knows what she can accomplish this time? OTOH, it doesn’t matter as much as those guys would like. She will still win the nomination.

  90. terrondt Says:
    January 23rd, 2008 at 4:37 pm
    long before SOME people showed up on this blog, admin and mosT of us here been posting obama’s REZKO scandal long before big media was noticing. this is a huge matter and it has to be addressed. so admin and everybody else keep REZKO capitalized despite what so called new people here say. down with REZKO/OBAMA!!!!


    because i resided just blocks from obama’s mansion before june of this year, i knew of rezko and of obama’s other connections in chicago. and i have discussed these connections at other blogs under many different names. i also happened to alert readers of MyDD to Rezko on many different occasions. and i will continue to do so, for i have been researching this topic for over a year.

    have a great night.

  91. You know, i really dislike the entire Barack Obama candidacy…and its not just the things he says/said.

    IF Barack wasn’t IN this race (as he still is very inexperienced and I would certainly consider voting form him in 8 years) then we would probably be in a nice position to have truly wonderful candidacies between Hillary, Edwards (eh…maybe not so much), Biden (YES YES) and Richardson.

    We’d be having discussions about REAL issues and more focused on experience and policy instead of empty hope and lying crap about “change”.

    It would be nice some day to have a democratic primary filled with policy wonks and political geniuses, duking it out but in a way less brutish than “omg, she’s racist!” or “omg! She attacked Barack by saying his middle name!” or “OMG! She called him inexperienced!”

    This is turning ridiculous and I would MUCH have preferred Joe Biden in Barack’s current position. Then, it would sorta be a win win for everyone, but most importantly, for America.

    NOw, it really is a roll of the dice and if we roll odds, we’ll either 1) have obama lose to a republican in novemebr or 2) be under the empty and “present” rule of “his preciousness”, Barack Obama.

  92. mj, Obama supporter Dick Harpootlian said the Clinton campaign’s tactics were reminiscent of Lee Atwater. Atwater was the architect of Poppy Bush’s campaign which used that Willie Horton ad to defeat Dukakis.

  93. Dot:

    just google Lee Atwater. I won’t waste your time with a less complete description. However he is deceased.

  94. and i also understand no one will acknowledge my online work. but that does not matter, for politics to me is not a career.

  95. and i used to watch msnbc lol maybe they were just as screwed up when Harold Ford was running but I didn’t see it because I actually wanted him to win and voted for him. i was really turned off by imus comments but harold would not even give him as much as a hello

  96. dot48, Don’t worry. If the Obama people want to get in a pissing contest with Bill, let them. That’s a battle they’re not winning.

  97. The media will beat up on Bill for every word he says.

    And if he weren’t out campaigning, they would beat up on him for supposedly not caring enough about Hillary.

    As to Sen. Leahy, I used to like him, before he drank the Kool Aid. But I’ve realized he’s been in the Senate for 30 years and is just another DC insider.

  98. Apropos Lee Atwater and SC…

    From TPM Muckraker yesterday:

    We’ve gotten reports from two TPM readers in South Carolina that they received a negative robo call this morning about Hillary Clinton. Here’s TPM reader RB’s description:

    I am listening to a robocall smear against Hillary Clinton repeating all kinds of rumors from the Bill Clinton years, like an FBI agent said on inauguration day that Hillary Clinton was in a fury–screaming and ranting because she couldn’t have Al Gore’s office, “when Bill dropped his pants” with Monica Lewisky and his “harem in the White House,” she had “affairs with Vince Foster,” etc. The call repeats “Can you trust her?” over and over. Says things like Hillary treats women like they are “invisible.”
    Caller ID said the number was “unavailable,” but at the end of the call, the voice says, “Robert Morrow on behalf of everybody who has been violated by Hillary and Bill…Hillary sure says a lot of things, but can you trust her…”

    And from TPM today:

    Judging from the emails we’ve been getting today from readers in South Carolina, those anti-Hillary phone calls we reported on yesterday are widespread down there.

    At first the calls appeared to be the work of a lone Hillary hater named Robert Morrow, who drags up all the worst of the old right-wing smears of the Clintons. How many calls can one guy make, right? But he wouldn’t tell us how much the calls had cost or who had done them for him and unless he has somehow figured out how to target TPM readers (there is no such list, believe me), this guy isn’t working alone.

    The Rethugs want Obama so badly that they’re investing in anti-Hillary campaigning in the midst of their own primary season.

  99. Remember, Every minute the Obama people spend attacking the Clintons and whining is one less minute they have to talk about “hope” and “change.”

  100. pulchritude:

    “and i also understand no one will acknowledge my online work. but that does not matter, for politics to me is not a career.”

    I probably missunderstood your post, but I just want to say I’m sure I’m not the only one on here who appreciates what you’ve been doing. I also enjoy your posts here.


  101. i would so love it if every radical crazy republican who believes in No-abortion, religion in schools, and all that shit Bush believes in, just suddenly all got jail sentences for 50 years.

  102. lou dobbs defending bill and calling obama an empty suit. he put yellin on the hot seat

    dobbs, its good to see a spirited arena

    off to send email to dobbs for tonight…he was fair

  103. but BTW, YOU KNOW this Robocall business is going to be out of Bill’s mouth by tomorrow 😀 he will counterattack it and even though it may have nothing to do with Obama…he can make it seem as such. 😀

    I can feel another upset victory!~

  104. a lone Hillary Hater?? I think not. This will fire up women who know that Hillary came out squeaky clean on all these things. I will also remind them what a fighter she is and she is still standing!!!!!!

  105. who do you guys want to win the REpub nomination?

    i want Romney. He will be THE easiest guy to get rid of. He’s the biggest flip flop and probably has the worst character out of all of those guys and would be so easy for Hillary to get the dirt on and just roll right over him.

  106. dot48, do you feel the people in barack’s campaign had something to do with this?

    Oh well. MORE ammunition to imply is the result of dirty Chicago obama which probably won’t bode well with his “hope” message.

  107. Hawk

    Second you on Schultz; over here on the Missouri side we get to hear him in real time, though I gave him up when he morphed into a Hill-Hater after drinking whatever they serve up in the Dakotas.

  108. Apparently it’s OK to use your spouse on the campaign trail if your name is Obama. Michelle Obama defends her poor husband who can’t do it himself:

    “You don’t measure character when everybody is looking, you measure it by what people do in the shadows when no one is watching. And the thing that I want everybody in this country to understand about Barack is he was doing a lot of the work in the shadows. So this inexperience that folks are talking about comes from the fact that you don’t know this man, you don’t know what he’s done because he hasn’t been out there selling himself,” she said.

    Running through his record in Illinois, Mrs. Obama said that no one wants to talk about the work her husband did in the “shadows” in the state Senate there. “It’s much easier to focus on a few present votes rather than focusing on all the hard work that Barack has done for regular people. Work than no other front-runner in this race can claim,” she said.

    Well, we already know that Obama make a lot of deals in the shadows. Given the REZKO development, she should probably choose her wording more carefully…


  109. Romney is good for us.

    Anyway… Hillary has to come out and say
    1) Nevada caucus should be investigated. The entire caucus system was a mess.
    2) Sour grapes
    3) Accusations of race are being stirring up by Obama camp..and robocallers.

    It’s becoming apparent that Obama and Clinton will not be able to work together. At all…

  110. dot48:

    You said CNN announced BHO filed a complaint about the Nevada caucus? I can’t find it on their website anywhere… Do you have any specifics? I didn’t have that channel on because it drives my husband nuts (and he’s a republician).

  111. yes, i do mjs….one hillary hater with an idea…paired with rough and tumble chicago

    remember the one lone guy in nevada…he was imo encouraged

    and the ‘be a democrat for s day’ why is not the dnc doing something ,,btw, dem for a day is being pushed by obama in ca

  112. Jaz, This election isn’t nastier than any others. Poppy Bush called Reagan’s economic plan “voodoo economics” and ended up as Reagan’s VP.

  113. i used to like shultz but he turned into a rabid foam at the mouth hillary hater. he have been promoting edwards but he is in the tank now.

  114. I doubt Hillary will pick either Obama or Edwards to run with her for VP WHEN she gets the nomination (thinking positively here). Not her style….

  115. Paula.. Perhaps.. I would like to see Clinton/Obama… But as it currently goes… Both don’t like each other.
    I think Obama’s campaign has some “idiots” behind the scenes…. Which is making things worse. The whole point of negative campaigning against the Clintons is for his campaign to “gain” this CLEARLY isn’t happening for Obama….

  116. yes, they had big graph on blitzer show…formal complaints about voter intimidation,etc, crying, whining

    dobbs is giving the clintons a fair shake and only one lone bitter man

  117. if obama is not experienced enough for potus he is not qualified for veep. Hillary could die first day on the job and we’d be stuck with this idiot. nooooo for veep, she can do so much better

  118. Obama is running negative radio ads around the country.

    Where is Hillarys $$$… and when is she going to spend?

  119. those cited above had more experience and smarts than obama. sorry he is dense and arrogant and he cannot help our image abroad. how would he act toward saudi women, he’d look down on them worse than they already are. this man does not respect women….period

  120. and running inspirational ads on every station I been on…American Idol the most watched show in America…last night most likely tonight. the ad with the millions and millions of people photoshopped in front of him …reminiscent of mlk speeches.

    hillary needs to spend some dough to at least look visible

  121. dot48, he is not dense. His campaign is dense though. He had a clear message in Iowa..now his campaign has gone all negative…defeating the purpose of what he intended.

    Ben Smith Blog:
    “it was Hillary Clinton, in an interview with Tom Brokaw, who quote “paid tribute” to Ronald Reagan’s economic and foreign policy.

    She championed NAFTA – even though it has cost South Carolina thousands of jobs.

    And worst of all, it was Hillary Clinton who voted for George Bush’s war in Iraq.

    Hillary Clinton. She’ll say anything, and change nothing.

    It’s time to turn the page.”

    ^^Obamas new radio ads.

  122. MJ,

    he will counterattack it and even though it may have nothing to do with Obama…he can make it seem as such.

    luv u, but saying shit like this is just f*king STUPID !!!


  123. dot48, thanks for mentioning it.

    I’ll remember not to watch American Idol. I have better things to do anyway, like the laundry 🙂

  124. Oh, lord, are you kidding me? Wow, he’s gone totally negative. Well, that didn’t work in NV with those UNITE ad’s.

  125. american idol viewers will see him though and it’s the most wathced show in america. they may have no other exposure to election….hillary needs to balance out his ads national and radio

  126. he has national ads people … national tv ads and radio ads … some people this is the only exposure they have and he sounds good in those ads…they go to poll and never hear from hillary….vote for most likely obama

    It’s less than two weeks till super tuesday, the ad wars should be up

  127. ugh. I want hillary to pulverize him in SC so this phoney upstart pidgeon will just SHUT it and go home to Rezko and Rove dearests.

    I’m puting MY faith (outlandish, yes) in a hillary win of 2-5 pts. *smiles*

  128. Ugh. CNN is still whining about Clinton telling the truth about the media. The reporter was like :” the clinton campaign really wants to win south carolina bad”. They are trying to raise her expectations there when everyone sane knows that she is not going to win there short of a miracle, because of smear tactics and race.

  129. dot, quit freaking out. Hillary and her people know EXACTLY what they are doing, and where and when to allocate resources.

  130. edwards all over tv…he is out of resources…free advertising

    he will gain support for worrying about the vets

    course olberman trying to screw oreilly

  131. wait. wait. wait.

    Obama has documentation of Hillary praising Reagan?
    IF so, seems this guy isn’t as stupid as we made him to be. He knows he cannot force any past dirt out of HIllary unless he sacrifices himself…so he pointedly made that Reagan comment (face it, which democrat would be THAT dumb?) hoping for backlash by the CLintons so that he can drudge up their past slowly…starting with the Brokaw interview.

    maybe? I think so.

    I’ve been wondering FOR A LONG TIME why OBama….whose by no means dumb, would praise Reagan so unless he had an ulterior motive.

  132. dot48, Hillary has an ad strategy. She’s not going to be putting up ads every place Obama does and vice versa. She’s using her resources wisely and pragmatically.

  133. THe HRC will have national ads by Feb 5th, but will that be enough?

    I say, SCREW IT and bring home the bacon with some heavy hitting anti-barack AND pro-hillary ads.

  134. MJS, the so-called Hillary “praise” of Reagan was standard-issue, diplomatic fluff, praising Reagan’s political abilities. Hillary never went so far as to call Reagan and the Republican Party the party “of ideas” over the last 15 years.

  135. not freaking out, just expressing a thought that maybe some people might like to be courted…like new hampshire did

    they hrc campaign is experts and super tuesday is coming fast

  136. someone explain..why the negative ads in sc from bho when everyone knows he will win sc? is he trying to run up the score? think maybe his internals are telling him something?

  137. MJS, It’s no secret she did that interview with Tom Brokaw where Reagan was discussed.

    Obama is certainly not dumb; however, the Clintons are not “falling” for anything.

  138. k, dot48, but lot’s of people don’t know him at all. She doesn’t need to do an intro. My guess is she will start her ad’s on Saturday.

  139. ^^ but because Hillary has made a larger deal out of his words, it gave Obama campaign the ammo to counterattack. And they seemed to have anticipated this WELL beforehand. Possibly, before the comment was even made…just Obama SUCKED at delivering the weapon at the debate (as he usually does)

  140. Jaz Says:

    January 23rd, 2008 at 8:16 pm
    She’s never gonna win in S.C. impossible demographics, given she’s been branded a racist…

    What are you a troll?

  141. Guys, don’t just question South Carolina, get active! Make calls.

    I’ve made calls to mostly African Americans it seems, and it DOES NOT seem like a majority prefer Barack. In fact, many are still undecided or are split evenly between Barack and Hillary.

    Everything WILL make a difference….which is why Barack is campaigning so hard because his internals SHOULD show him that the AA population is not 100% into his message as everyone is believing..

    which means, there is still PLENTY of hope for the Hill campaign there.

  142. Hillary4Texas:

    Yeah I have been very impressed with everything I have seen from Ann Lewis. I am hoping that she is the Press Secretary in the Hillary Whitehouse. Literally, on every interview I have seen with her, she makes her points so clear and concise that one can’t help nod their head in agreement by the end. I also love her testemonial about Hill on “The Hillary I Know” website.

  143. MJS, According to factcheck.org, here’s what Hillary said about Reagan to Tom Brokaw:

    “Hillary Clinton (in Brokaw book): When he had those big tax cuts and they went too far, he oversaw the largest tax increase. He could call the Soviet Union the Evil Empire and then negotiate arms-control agreements. He played the balance and the music beautifully.”

    Anyone here have a problem with that? I don’t.

  144. mj – I can’t understand why AA votes would be bloc-voting for Obama in such a hard way and the same for white-voters.
    There is obviously some kind of race issue somewhere – Or identity issue. Take your pick..but AA voters are going 75% Obama 25% Clinton (according to polls).

  145. MJS, If Hillary were concerned about his counterattack, she wouldn’t be using Obama’s Reagan comments in a new radio ad then.

  146. mj, respectfully, quit calling people out for “freaking out”. We are expressing differing opinion on whether it is wise to not at least run “some” ads before super tuesday. It’s about for me not taking any voter for granted and courting their vote. All states deserve this, every vote matters and most of all it is about the people according to Hillary.

    I as a supporter want to see her run her qualifications and distinctions into every tv set available. It sure can’t hurt any.

    I just saw Hillary signs up in my town today and made the effort to go get the Democrat party committe number so I can call and help put up signs here. The highways and off roads here are pretty peculiar about where it is legal to put signs but I am going to do this for her. It is the only way I can help.

  147. And no…I’m not saying Hillary is a racist. She is NOT. But knowing from experience from local politics – If there’s a sniff about it, you get targetted. Which is exactly why the Obama campaign are doing it.

  148. Does anyone know if Patti Solis Doyle is going to start giving public appearances in California??? I find her story very inspiring and I believe quite a number of people would feel the same.

  149. Of course BHO scare of hell. Hillary’s radio Ad has BHO’s own voice which praises GOP is the party of ideas. I think Hillary’s radio ad will be more effective than BHO’s.

  150. the ap rezko story was published in the charlotte observer today. the market for the charlotte observer extends into northwestern SC, including york county. perhaps i should urge the observer to read the chicago sun-times’s series on obama and rezko.

  151. mj, in all honesty most women have heard bad things about Hillary and the reason they are flocking to her now is because she’s opened up and let the “real” hillary shine.

    so I find the argument that most people know her…well, it’s why she lost in Iowa. She assumed they did

    there are still women in states to come that she cannot get to to do rallies who need to see ads with her strong qualifications, strong leadership qualities and just the real Hillary. many need a reason to feel okay to vote for her, it’s just a sad fact due to how she’s been kneecapped in the media for over 16 years

    that is why i am advocating more ads.

  152. i would really love for someone who has phone banked to go through it with me. I went to the website and it says you need to do a conference call. How does that work and then what happens step by step after that.

  153. just flipped through cnn and they’ve added another hour to election coverage…8 to 9

    what happened to the rest of the news LOL

  154. dot48, I agree with you, she should run ad’s but I trust Hillary to know where and when to run them. I’m not sure Obama’s is the biggest bang for the buck.

  155. pulch, would there be enough time for it to have an effect in south carolina? unsettle a few minds. It’d need to be published no later than Friday… big front page would be great

  156. “so I find the argument that most people know her…well, it’s why she lost in Iowa. She assumed they did.”

    I agree with this. Never assume, verify.

    Hillary is running against Team Obambi, Democratic leaders, Sexism, Media, and the Repugs because just like I thought their firewall is coming apart.

    I have no doubts but I do think we need to work harder in supporting Hillary until all the votes are counted.

  157. intertitles or superimposed text would also have to be utilized in order to establish the commercial’s relevance.

  158. obama really digging in sc to get that 60% threshold that jackson got…anything else he looks weaker and aa will remember that jackson won I think 11 primaries. unless he reaches jackson threshold he’ll be seen as a nice candidate but in reality a loser.

    that is why clintons still there with Hillary returning tommorow to start closing the deal

  159. Realist, thanks. Now I can stop gritting my teeth over that one (or start worrying about black helicpoters corrupting the http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2007/12/interview_with_bill_clinton_1.html Rose interview transcript). Apparently the ciip I saw started after Bill said it.

    Great positive stuff in that interview! I love Bill saying Hillary is more qualified now than he was in 1992! And talking about international experience beginning in Arkansas.

  160. “Hillary Clinton (in Brokaw book): When he had those big tax cuts and they went too far, he oversaw the largest tax increase. He could call the Soviet Union the Evil Empire and then negotiate arms-control agreements. He played the balance and the music beautifully.”

    This is praising Reagan’s economic policies? LOL.

  161. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ATTENTION WOMEN……

    if women were pissed off about the woman hating shit from obama and the press, wait till they see this, by a 527 group…



  162. Let’s not underestimate Obama’s sneakiness… His “Dem for a Day” has been up in Florida since April 2007. I saw an article saying instead of making his case to the Black leaders in SC, he’s been building his own organization from scratch, starting at street level.

    He can’t do public questions (I’d love to see some kids and reporters following him around with signs saying “Hillary talks to us after meetings — why won’t you?”) and he does some dumb-seeming things.

    But I wonder if he’s just using and discarding images/people as he goes? In Iowa he needed the dreamy-eyed idealist types, but maybe in the upcoming primaries what he needs are other types — who like dirt? Maybe his dreamy koolaid types won’t notice, or figure Waaah, she made me do it….

  163. Re: Hillary remarks in Brokaw’s book…What has that got to do with her duties as a Senator and former First Lady giving polite praise on a dead President. Every President and First Lady is kind to each other.

    But I’ve have NEVER in my life or read of a person campaigning for the Democratic Nominee for POTUS praising the other party President and ideas for the last 10 – 15 years and trashing the only successful 2 term Democratic President in his time in Office on morning tv.

    That is Obama sin, praising the competing Party(republicans) as the party of transformational and ideas. Not once did he say the ideas was bad or not the values of the democrats.

    Remember he said it twice in the NV news paper and in the NV debates.

  164. daily howler article is fantastic and truth to the t….I wish I’d known all of this before..I’d have never given them one minute of my time.

    Grateful for the facts




  166. Also keep talking about the economy…and I’m watching Cavato and they’re talking about Romney’s economic stilmulus and it’s another permanate tax cut for the rich. From 35% to 20%…so who is going to pick up the slack…you know the middle class is going to have to pay for that 15% tax cut in fees and other middle class take-aways.

    The Republicans are a one note pony. Tickle down my ass.

  167. Paula: It’s the Clinton complaint. Time’s Mike Halperin also has the document. Ben Smith also has Obama’s radio ad in response to Clinton’s in SC. Here is the transcript:

    Barack: I’m Barack Obama, running for President and I approve this message.
    Anncr: It’s what’s wrong with politics today. Hillary Clinton will say anything to get elected.
    Now she’s making false attacks on Barack Obama.
    The Washington Post says Clinton isn’t telling the truth. Obama “did not say that he liked the ideas of Republicans”
    In fact, Obama’s led the fight to raise the minimum wage, close corporate tax loopholes and cut taxes for the middle class.
    But it was Hillary Clinton, in an interview with Tom Brokaw, who quote “paid tribute” to Ronald Reagan’s economic and foreign policy.
    She championed NAFTA – even though it has cost South Carolina thousands of jobs.
    And worst of all, it was Hillary Clinton who voted for George Bush’s war in Iraq.
    Hillary Clinton. She’ll say anything, and change nothing.
    It’s time to turn the page.
    Paid for by Obama for America.

  168. Obama is tied down in SC yipping like a mangy puppy at the Big Dawg, being forced to leave his highblown rhetoric behind and get in the mud, and some of that mud stinks of REZKO. Meanwhile, Hillary is all over the country smiling like a queen and making her positive case to the voters of Super Tuesday. That is a GREAT strategy.

    The Big Media is NOT going to win or lose this election for anyone, no matter how where or when TV ads are aired, or how many hissy fits they pitch. It is going to be THE VOTERS AND THE PEOPLE ON THE GROUND, just like it has been in NH and NV. SC is likely a done deal, but still make those calls, because every point we can shave off Bambi’s vote make him look weak in a state that should by rights be a slam dunk landslide for him.

    Not to mention the REZKO stuff is brewing and bubbling along. Ohhh, there is more to come to light there, and it will. 🙂 The Chicago folks know this, and are working on it.

  169. polls seem to show him with anywhere from 40 to 45% of the vote. that seems low..which if true says he is not pulling very much of the white vote…any body seen different numbers? this explains why he is still in sc trying to get a rainbow victory

  170. dot48,
    Yeah, I’ve bookmarked Daily Howler. One of the, oh so few, sites that intrepidly scrutinizes Big Media. Usually very good articles and Daily Howler is stylistically reminiscent of our adored “admin”. 😉

  171. Script of Clinton Ad in South CarolinaVO: “Listen to Barack Obama last week talking about Republicans.

    BO: “The Republicans were the party of ideas for a pretty long chunk of time there over the last 10, 15 years.”

    VO: “Really? Aren’t those the ideas that got us into the economic mess we’re in today? Ideas like special tax breaks for Wall Street. Running up a $9 trillion debt. Refusing to raise the minimum wage or deal with the housing crisis. Are those the ideas Barack Obama’s talking about?”

    BO: “The Republicans were the party of ideas.”

    VO: Hillary Clinton thinks this election is about replacing disastrous Republican ideas with new ones, like jumpstarting the economy. Putting an immediate freeze on foreclosures and mortgages. Cutting taxes for the middle class. and creating millions of new jobs. With the economy in crisis, we need a president with the ideas, the solutions that get america working for all of us. Hillary Clinton. Solutions for America.

  172. mj Says: “Hillary Clinton (in Brokaw book): When [Reagan] had those big tax cuts and they went too far, he oversaw the largest tax increase. He could call the Soviet Union the Evil Empire and then negotiate arms-control agreements. He played the balance and the music beautifully.”

    This is praising Reagan’s economic policies? LOL.

    As Hillary said recently, context. She BEGAN by clearly condemining Reagan’s policies. Only THEN she (rather snarkily) praised the skill of his delivery, his ‘balancing’ (really hypocrisy).

    Obama might have had some similar opinion in mind, but he put the praise first, and didn’t make clear a distinction between ‘was the party of ideas’ and a better ‘posed as the party of — in fact bad — ideas.’

    Also he seems to be using a lot of GOP talking points and wanting to be another Reagan (see his “Dem for a Day” and ‘Obamacrats’).

    I think there’s a line to draw between the parsing Obama’s Reagan statements have got, and the parsing of ‘fairy tale’ and Hillary’s statement about MLK and LBJ. Their statements are being stretched further to a much more vile conclusion, which amounts to swiftboating their known reputation on civil rights.

    This is another vulnerability of Obama’s. He doesn’t HAVE a known reputation for progressive economics, so he will be easy to swiftboat as a fiscal GOP (if he hasn’t actually become one by now).

  173. DOT 48,

    if you read that, you will appreciate this comment by one of the readers,
    Totally disgusting but the more press these idiots get the more women will move into Hillary’s camp. Only a stupid, testosterone driven, man could think this will hurt Hillary.

    I think we need to start a 527 called PRICK!
    Pathetic Republicans I C K! You guys can finish it!
    CarolynKB | 01.23.08 – 6:12 pm | #


  174. Don’t write off the people who lean toward Hillary in SC! Remember NH? Look what happened in NV. The invisible people came out, that no one had spoken to (except Hillary).

    Keep speaking to them.

    Bless you all volunteers!

  175. DOT,

    women really need to get a clue this election, this is all about the hate for women finally getting a new day in court. and we are not the quiet little wimps we once were…

  176. I think Hillary’s radio Ad should peel off large trunck of voters from BHO because it use BHO’s own voice.

  177. ADMIN,


  178. No problem skmf12 – we don’t want 10,000 viagra comments posted – ergo the multiple spam filtering.

    wasabigirl – thanks for that Don’t Mess With Bill.

    Canaan, we like the Gerber baby post – can we post the link?

  179. MJS — Obama said all that about Reagan and the Republicans because he was tryng for the endorsement of a very conservative newspaper.

    He will say whatever you want to hear == like not wanting to be pres of red and blue states but all the states. How will he do that?? Trash the Clintons and any Dems who aren’t for him and all that will be left will be Rpubs and Inds and he can inspire them all to get along. But no criticism of BO will be allowed. Too racist.

  180. freckles, he thinks that all of hillary’s supporter will support him if he gets the nominee and Hillary will not get support from his supporters if she gets the nominee.

  181. Just listening to an AA program news and notes on NPR interviewing students at a Chris Rock event in SC,
    Imagine this even after the event they had a number of undecided AA college students with most saying they will decide at the time of voting.
    One AA student criticised BHO health plan that does not cover everyone
    I think Hillary may have given up on SC too soon
    SC I stronghly feel is winnable

  182. 1950democrat, he didn’t have a similar opinion in mind. He was kissing up to the GOP. He did some Reagan praising in one of his books, as well, or so I have heard. He has a fundamental misunderstanding of american politics in the Reagan era. Perhaps that’s because he was raised in Hawaii.

  183. The other night Hillary said she beats all the Republicans in poll after poll and those talking heads said she was lying had better check real clear again new polls on Real Clear all show Hillary is beating every republican. You know who is losing to McCain where as Hillary is beating McCain.

  184. hillary is in sc thurs and fir. she has not given up there at all and has some great team members working hard. she wont give up anywhere-but 2000 deleagtes are in play in 12 days. while bill has barack in a box she is free to go to these states getting full coverage.

  185. It’s odd, Obama says different things to different people, as though they would just stay isolated. Like nobody would compare, and other groups wouldn’t see it.

    He keeps dreaming about replaying the 60s — doesn’t he know the whole world is watching him now?

  186. texan4hillary
    I guess thats what has Barack Hussien pissed, he does not have the big dawg like figure who can comapaign for him in other states after tuesday FL there is only 7 days to super tuesday and its also superbowl week that sucks some media attenion and public attention also.

    I know superbowl ads are expensive but I wonder with some creativity maybe a blimp or something over the stadium would generate some free advertising

  187. I know it maybe too risky but if hillary were to come out for NY Giants in the superbowl and they do manage a win that could be something people talk about way past Feb 5 but if they lose may be a bad thing

  188. Headline: “Obama Sets Up Truth Squad”.

    You’re kidding right–tell me you’re kidding.

    No sir. I am not kidding.

    Really! So . . . what’s he gonna call it?

    Why the Obama Truth Squad, of course.

    Really! Now there’s a fine oxymoron for you!

  189. THIS IS SOOOO IMPORTANT!!!PLease get this posted on your web site and to the media.I can’t seem to link this.Go to wash post.politics the trail:On African America Blogs,sharp words for candidates.go down to postedbyhotnuke2007 Jan23,2008 1:56am.go down it starts :toKiKu.It tells the total truth how BHO played the race card to get both Clinton’s to look bad so that HE would win SC.(win the battle but not the war)You have to get the media to cover this especially in SC before Sat.Spoken by a true AA male.
    This is pure Axelrod/Obama dirty low life Chicago politics.You know Axelrod has worked for the Daily family in Chi?.

  190. Digg it del.icio.us AIM Seeking to be ‘voice’ for mother’s policies, Chelsea Clinton hits the road
    By GREG BLUESTEIN – Associated Press Writer —

    ATLANTA –While her parents have appeared at massive campaign rallies in key election states over the last two weeks, Chelsea Clinton has gone the road less traveled.

    The daughter of Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton has ventured to casinos and a cosmetology school in Nevada, made impromptu visits to coffee shops and on Wednesday visited Atlanta’s Spelman College, a historically black school for women.

    It’s part of the Clinton campaign’s bid to reach voters off the beaten path and help erode Democratic rival Barack Obama’s popularity with young voters – a sentiment that seemed to grow after his victory in the Iowa caucuses.

    “I’m actually here today, to be honest, as part of a reaction to that,” Chelsea said in response to a question about Obama’s appeal to young voters.

    That she’s out in public at all speaks volumes. Bill and Hillary Clinton took great pains to shield their daughter from the glare of presidential politics, and Chelsea managed to stay largely absent from her mother’s campaign until December.

    Chelsea rarely spoke onstage during her mother’s campaign rallies in the run-up to the Iowa caucus, choosing instead to venture into crowds after the event to ask voters for their support. Reporters covering the campaign have been told that Chelsea will not conduct interviews, and she made headlines when she turned down an interview with a 9-year-old “kid reporter” for Scholastic News.

    But Chelsea told the crowd of about 100 Spelman students Wednesday she decided to take a more vocal role because she feels her mother’s record, not Obama’s, should be the most appealing to young voters.

    “That message got lost in the story after Iowa,” she said. “I’m here because I want to be a voice for those policies.”

    She still won’t speak with reporters, but she didn’t hesitate to field questions from the crowd of about 100 students Wednesday about her mother’s policies on health care, education and illegal immigration.

    “I don’t think you should vote for her just because she’s a woman,” Chelsea said of her mother. “I think all that she’s done should clearly inform what she will do as president.”

    During the event, she also showed a lighter side. Before she took questions, she quipped that soon she might not be able to relate to college audiences.

    “I want to think of myself as your peer, but I’m 27, so I may be older than all of you,” she said.

    Laughter later rippled through the room when she refused to stand in front of a podium riddled with microphones, to the chagrin of the bank of cameramen at the back of the room.

    “I’m not going to stand in front of the podium,” she said to the crowd after an aide whispered something into her ear. “I feel weird about that.”

    (The cameramen, unrelenting, later stuck a microphone attached to a pole in front of her).

    She’ll likely have to expect more media attention in the coming weeks. Chelsea’s campaign will continue visiting colleges, high schools and other spots where young people gather leading up to Feb. 5 – or Super Tuesday – when 22 states hold Democratic presidential nominating contests.

    “We’re focusing on reaching out to all young voters, and that’s not just college students. We’re making sure to target young voters 18 to 35,” said Emily Hawkins, the campaign’s director of young voter outreach. “You go where they work, you go where they live and you go where they hang out.”

  191. Csre of MYDD:

    Jan. 26
    State Women White Black Latino 18-29 65+
    S.C. 57 51 47 1 9 20

    So, it’s a pretty dispappointing loss, IMO. Because woman and older voters could bring Hill to victory.

  192. Here in Philadelphia Hillary has been the news networks that cover much of NJ and PA. The Rendell endorsement is big for us we all really respect him. A reporter flashed a poll that had Clinton up 49% to 32% in NJ. I wonder though if they should have held on the Rendell endorsement until after SC to level off some hype if Obama wins.

  193. Carbynew, exactly! You got it.

    # carbynew Says:
    January 23rd, 2008 at 9:13 pm

    Re: Hillary remarks in Brokaw’s book…What has that got to do with her duties as a Senator and former First Lady giving polite praise on a dead President. Every President and First Lady is kind to each other.

    But I’ve have NEVER in my life or read of a person campaigning for the Democratic Nominee for POTUS praising the other party President and ideas for the last 10 – 15 years and trashing the only successful 2 term Democratic President in his time in Office on morning tv.

    That is Obama sin, praising the competing Party(republicans) as the party of transformational and ideas. Not once did he say the ideas was bad or not the values of the democrats.

    Remember he said it twice in the NV news paper and in the NV debates.

  194. Have you all seen this? Incredible…(read whole article)

    At least 5 times, the former state senator went on the record as having pushed the wrong button.

    WASHINGTON — Barack Obama angered fellow Democrats in the Illinois Senate when he voted to strip millions of dollars from a child welfare office on Chicago’s West Side. But Obama had a ready explanation: He goofed.

    “I was not aware that I had voted no,” he said that day in June 2002, asking that the record be changed to reflect that he “intended to vote yes.”

    That misfire was not an isolated case for the young former civil-rights attorney first elected to the state Senate in 1996. At least five times during his eight years in state office, Obama cast a vote and then said he had hit the wrong button, according to transcripts of the proceedings.

    The rules allow Illinois lawmakers to clear up a mishap if they suffered from a momentary case of stumbly fingers or a lapse in attention.

    But some lawmakers say the unusual practice also offers a relatively painless way to placate both sides of a difficult issue. Even if a lawmaker admits an error, the actual vote stands and the official record merely shows the senator’s “intent.”


  195. rjk,

    if you are talking about the shirts, i hope they buy them and wear them on all over, than women will really freak!!!!

  196. I agree that Team Hillary could have waited with the endorsements until next week,
    but who know they may have some more big ones next week

  197. I don’t like that clip because they seem to have Rendell agreeing that Bill Clinton and only Bill Clinton has been tough in this campaign, and I just don’t see Rendell doing that. If this reporter asked a question rather than restating, he simply should have shown what he said.

  198. Its just amazing how the media is stacked up against hillary, but the surprising thing is that the people do not seem to be listening, I wonder when will the media get the message
    One thing I hope for is that Tweety will never be invited to the correspondence dinner or have exclusives with Potus Hillary, that should shut him down

  199. rjk,



    (except for jas)… LOL



  200. I’m getting a headache, the more I read, the bigger it gets. It seems that just a few days ago John Edwards’ campaign was complaining about lopsided reporting on the candidates. Isn’t reporters’ blatent favortism towards one candidate against some regulations? Fine report the news, interview the candidates, but be fair and unbiased otherwise they should be kept off the air!

  201. Wow, Canaan, great post. I love your use of pictures. In this case, they really do say 1000 words. I feel like Tim and his ilk are trying to spoon feed us their spoon fed candidate.

    I love your blog. I have favorited it. I am so impressed you are a novelist.

  202. Regarding the LA Times article, I believe Obama’s 1999 misvote on crime legislation vote is controversial. I quote:

    “He stood on March 11, 1999, to take back his vote against legislation to end good-behavior credits for certain felons in county jails. “I pressed the wrong button on that,” he said.”

    Obama voted present on a crime bill involving adult sentencing for teenagers the same year, for he did not want to appear soft on crime, but he also did not want to offend constituents in his state Senate district, as he was engaged in a very competitive primary with Bobby Rush for Congress. This explains why he switched his vote: Bobby Rush and those who criticize the penal system for its racism and its punitive measures would have cited the “yes” vote in their opposition research documents, just as any vote on the crime legislation on which Obama voted present would have been criticized. But I am elated with the LA Times’s decision to comb through the proceedings of the Illinois state Senate. And no, I am not surprised Obama switched votes after the roll calls were tallied.

  203. Really glad to see Governor Rendell (D-Pa) endorse Hillary. He is an extemely capable leader with alot of clout in the Party. His wife is a judge on the U.S. Court of Court of Appeals (3d Circuit). Rendell is far more consequential than Pelosi aid d camp George Miller (D-Ca-7) who just endorsed Obama.

  204. pulchritude, I’m really glad they wrote that article as well…it’s proof of what type of politician he truly is . I have to tell you…I am actually scared of Obama based on how he operates. He has no core values on anything except his own ambition.

  205. Canaan- I commend you on the Gerber posting. Shows how pathetic Russert really is. And it recognizes the great work Taylor has done.

    Also, I want to commend you on the Rudy vs Barry cartoon. It is a jewel.

  206. I’m still upset about SC. I feel like Hill had a nice coalition of voters there, particularly women, and I am sorry they didn’t hold it together, or atleast it seems. A poll posted on MyDD shows her with just 25% of the vote. That’s disappointing.

  207. I’d hate for him to be responsible for carrying and entering the nuclear codes and then saying, “I was not aware that I had entered them . . .” or something to that effect. Dangerous.

  208. mj, I’m betting some people are going to vote for Hillary that aren’t reflected in any poll. That’s the way it’s been in all the primaries due to the uniqueness of the race. Also, there is strategy at work here. It might or might not be a loss in SC but there will be win after win for Hillary on Feb. 5.

    I get really bummed at times too but I’ve learned from others here to keep an eye on the big picture. We are watching a political chess game play out with these primaries.

  209. AmericanGal, yeah, I agree, and I know you are right. I just feel like some of the SC voters are getting duped by the press. But, you are right. Hillary will d her best and continue plowing ahead.

  210. Wow mj

    Hillary is running for POTUS not gov of SC. You’ve got really to keep the big picture in mind or really you’ll give yourself an ulcer. Even if she loses in SC, which regardless of what the polls say, remains to be seen. What she’s doing is much more valuable to her campaign.

    SC was set up specifically to give AAs a voice in the early selection process. AAs have from day 1 been polling at about 75% in favor of BHO. A loss in SC will not hurt her campaign, and yet, still she is going to work for every vote for three days. She can’t be everywhere at once and she doesn’t need to be.

    Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a large percentage of AA women who say they are going to vote for BO, but when they find themselves in the privacy of the voting booth, they’ll pull the lever for Hillary because Hillary is the right candidate.

    This is not a typical election and Hillary is not a typical candidate. She doesn’t need to win in the polls, she needs to win in the voting booth. Keep your eye on the prize and don’t stop believing. Hillary and her team know exactly what they’re doing…even if it’s not always transparent to those of us watching her get the job done.

  211. Hillary should form a truth squad of her own, preferrably, mostly composed of African Americans. Obama is relying on the fact that Hillary, unlike him, wouldn’t want to divide the Democrats. Hillary should call his bluff and form a truth squad of her own.

    If Obama is allowed to do divisive stuff, then Hillary should be allowed to respond. Fair is fair.

  212. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2008/president/us/general_election_mccain_vs_clinton-224.html

    I wonder what the repubs will say now, now that Hillary is beating all of the repub’s canidates? I can see how the anti-McCain crowd if Romney doesn’t win Fl or beats McCain will eventually be forced to accept Mccain as Hillary beats Romney by over 10pts.


    Hillary will lose and that is to be expected. Edwards is working around the clock and I would expect him to move up slightly. It will be interesting to see here most of his support comes from or who he takes it from rather.

    When she returns tomorrow, her campaigning there on Thurs and Fri should stabalize her. I don’t want to see more than a 10pt win for Obama but it’s possible for him to win by 15 or more pts. It depends who the White votes goes to.

  213. pulchritude,

    Every time I read one of your posts, a questions screams through my mind:

    How the hell did Obama, this sleazy politician, get so far so fast without any scrutiny except from bloggers such as yourself? Are there multiple money chains like GE -> NBC -> MSNBC -> Washinton Post that prevents the media from really looking into his background?

    This is just unbelievable. Anyone who persists in supporting him after reading these posts must be mainlining Rohypnol (date rape drug). That’s the only explanation I can find.

  214. NYCMax: SC was set up specifically to give AAs a voice in the early selection process.

    A few more points. Some have questioned Obama’s continued rallying of AA voters around ‘racism’ allegations and interpreted it as a potential sign of weakness/lack of confidence. No, he’s fine-tuning at this point. CD-6 (Clyburn) will probably have somewhere greater than 70% AA participation — we are at risk of getting blown out 6-0 delegate-wise. Another CD to watch is CD-5. The two districts contribute 12/29 total district-level delegates. Everything you see at this point is jockeying for delegates at the district-level. Don’t let the media fool you with the “here’s what Clinton needs to do to win SC” nonsense — the game plan is to optimize delegates district/state-wide.

  215. Just posted a new article which is a sort of “greatest hits” from the comments, piece. Hope audaciously that you enjoy it as it was mostly written by you. We just compiled it in thematic order.

  216. I’m not sure I understand. Michelle Obama’s involvement in Treehouse is a conflict of interest, but why didn’t she resign before the start of the campaign. It seems that as a matter of principle she would have done that once her husband began to speak out about it, which appears to be fore the campaign began.

    I know several people who work at Wally World. It’s really not a worker friendly environment.

  217. Admin.- if they gave Pulitzers to bloggers, there is no doubt in my mind that you would get one. You were the first to uncover the Rezko miasma percolating below the surface of the of the Obama campaign. . . . .

    It was vitally important for the American People to know the truth about this before they voted. But bitter partisans like Russert did everything they could to hide it from their view. See Canaan analysis (infra.). . .

    Yet you persisted and the homework was done. It only remained for the Obama to utter the WalMart remark, our girl to respond and suddenly the genie was out of the bottle.

    If you look past South Carolina to February 5, the Obama campaign will begin to realize the truth of the following statement:

    Apres Rezko, le deluge.

  218. You’re making us blush bright pink wbboei.

    On Rezko, we originally gave Obama a big benefit of the doubt. We did not think much of the story at first in late 2006 and even very early 2007. Then, more information emerged and we checked and called to Chicago and understood what was going on.

    The surprise was always Big Media reluctance to even slightly explore this story and provide Obama the opportunity to explain either his stupidity or cupidity.

    As you write, the danger we saw was Obama getting nominated then the scandal blowing up in time to save the Republicans. Hillary was always the best candidate but the real opponent was never Obama it was Big Media. Obama is just their tool to get Hillary for their own twisted reasons.

  219. Admin.- thanks for the clarification. When I first came upon this site, the Rezko issue was under discussion. Big Media was as you say mum. I was unaware of your initial skepticism about the story, but that is all to your credit. And so is the fact that you formed your conclusions only after a due diligence investigation. I can appreciate your concern that the Rezko issue be vetted and that Obama have an opportunity to respond to it in the primary process for the good of the party and no less the country. My admiration for your work only increases.

  220. Oddly enough, right after I found that particular piece on Andy Martin , I decided to peruse the official Obama site, and what do I see? Them addressing this character. Is the guy a crackpot? Probably. But he must be getting some kind of attention for the Obama camp to have addressed him.


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