11 In 88, 2 To 12

Dreams die hard Michelle.

Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny.

Tough night for Obama yesterday. Even tougher for Obama supporters.

It’s not much better today.

* * *

Last night a frustrated, lurching, axelrodded Obama tried to lie with impunity before a national audience.

The conventional wisdom going into the debate (we count ourselves among the conventional last night) was that because it was the Martin Luther King holiday; because it was before a predominately African-American audience, because South Carolina Democratic primary voters will likely be over 45% African-American; because South Carolina African-Americans justly proud of a favorite “son” will vote mostly for Obama; because Obama leads in double digits in South Carolina; because Hillary leads just about everywhere else; because there is not much left of the John Edwards campaign; because of these circumstances – Obama would play a “rose garden” strategy and Hillary and Edwards would give Obama a “get out of jail free” card.

Instead of a rose garden tea party in Myrtle Beach, we witnessed a historic political prize fight rivaling any hard fought boxing match. By the end of the night Obama lay senseless on the canvass. Whelps of searing pain could be heard nation wide from the incense heavy redoubts where Obama supporters lay as stunned as their canvas hugging, bloodied pretender.

* * *

Perhaps the Obama/Axelrod high command made the same judgment as conventional wisdom. Perhaps Obama/Axelrod thought that instead of playing a safe “rose garden” strategy, assuring them of a South Carolina victory, and because of the venue and the holiday they would have a sort of immunity and could attack at will and Hillary Clinton and John Edwards would stand passively by while an arrogant Obama amused himself at their plight. Perhaps, perhaps that is the mindset that led to the gross miscalculation by Obama last night.

In either case the Obama attack strategy backfired.

On Iraq, Hillary exposed the real Obama history. Hillary made the case for examining the record of Obama. Obama responded with a slimy implication regarding Hillary and Wal-Mart. Hillary did not take the Obama Wal-Mart punch as a loving kiss. Hillary could have responded, as we did long ago when discussing Hillary’s history with Wal-Mart, with a defense reply. Instead of a defense Hillary struck back in kind. REZKO. Slumlord. Inner-city. Voters nationwide were perplexed. REZKO? What is a REZKO? Why have American voters never been informed by Big Media of REZKO, many wondered? The REZKO google search was on.

* * *

John Edwards finally provided a glimpse of why he was a successful trial advocate. Ol’ Blinky stared Obama down and forced Obama to blink. More blood on the canvass.

Edwards ripped Obama on his support for credit card companies and their usurious rates. Why did Obama vote against setting a ceiling of 30% on credit card interest rates and thereby allow skys-the-limit interest rates? Edwards punched. Obama attacks individual votes by Hillary and Edwards but objects to having his individual votes examined. Edwards punched. Why did Obama persistently vote “present” instead of “yes” or “no”? Edwards punched.

Edwards weak moment was in trying to stop the needed discussion on the stage regarding Obama’s ugly history. The issues are important and the discussion was and is needed. Edwards strongest moment was his heartfelt and genuine expressions of concern for a mother and her children trapped in poverty. Why does Obama abandon 15 million Americans to no health care? Edwards punched. Obama bled.

* * *

Obama’s careful, Axelrod constructed, history is now under examination. Obama’s “history making” candidacy was autopsied.

In 1988 Jesse Jackson, won 11 primaries. Obama has won 1 caucus. The “history making” African-American candidate was Jesse. And Jesse did not parrot Republicans. Jesse Jackson carried the flag proudly for progressives. That’s why Jesse Jackson won 11 primaries – Jesse fought Republicans.

It’s 2 minutes to midnight for Obama. Obama might win the upcoming South Carolina primary. But last night we witnessed the clock running out on a slumlord hugging Chicago pol.

Good riddance.


472 thoughts on “11 In 88, 2 To 12

  1. The Clinton campaign fired back this afternoon at the latest false charges from Obama. It’s up on Fact Hub:

    Obama Continues False Attacks On Hillary

    During today’s event in South Carolina, Sen. Obama resumed his attacks on Hillary. He falsely accused Hillary of copying his economic stimulus plan:

    Something that concerned me when Senator Clinton first released her economic stimulus plan. She kept saying that workers and seniors needed immediate tax relief.…Five days later, the economy didn’t really change, but the politics apparently did. Because she changed her plan to look like mine.

    This is not true. Hillary’s plan, which was introduced before Sen. Obama’s plan, has always included $40 billion in contingent tax rebates. Details here.

    Senator Obama then attacked Senator Clinton on her vote for the bankruptcy bill:

    Believe it or not, Senator Clinton said again last night that even though she voted for the bill, she was glad it didn’t pass…I know you can get away with this in Washington, but most of us know that if you don’t want to see a bill pass, there’s a pretty easy option available – you can vote against the bill

    Obama is distorting Hillary’s comments. As she explained yesterday – and at the last debate — Hillary said she was “happy” the bill “didn’t become law” because “she regretted voting for it.”

    In the same speech, Sen. Obama then misrepresented Hillary’s position on NAFTA:

    About NAFTA. An agreement that left millions of jobs overseas. Thousands from this state of South Carolina. Because only in Washington did Senator Clinton say that NAFTA led to economic development, up until she started running for President.

    Sen. Obama and his campaign has been misquoting and misrepresenting Hillary’s views on NAFTA for weeks.

  2. look at the nevada exit polls. he is becoming just a draw from mostly african american votes. hillary won the white vote and latino vote. what happened to the liberal college age kids vote that was supposed to boom obama upwards? once feb 5th rolls around this guy would have won iowa, maybe sc, and illinois. he is not going to win much after sc. the problem is this. florida, the supertuesday states like nevada have a universe filled with hillary votes. i mean a whole lot of them. union workers, single woman, poor woman, and older voters. obama has the upscale nutkook crowd, mostly african american male support, and very young voters who cannot remember bill clinton’s presidency.

  3. Why is he attacking her in SC? I would think he could spend the week talking himself up since he is expected to win there, no?

  4. I am so damn proud of my gal that she had the SPINE to go after Obama that hard, in that venue.

    And I am doubly proud that she trusts the wisdom and judgement of the African American community enough to stake her political life on the fact that they have sense enough to see through bullshit and would not punish her for pointing it out.

    That’s not just words and pandering for the Black vote, people. That is real, gut level RESPECT. Something the Clintons have always had.

  5. Axelrod and Gibbs are clearly out of their league, and getting absolutely bamboozled by the Clinton team this week. This is the point that we political junkies were waiting for: the moment when the Clinton team unveils its breathtaking campaign skills and begins to pull away from the field. Super Tuesday is beginning to look very, very good.

  6. is south carolina winnable for hillary. maybe not. but after seeing hillary beat the punk in nh i will not count our girl out.

  7. Good point, mj. Again, another example of how he’s off message.

    BTW, terrondt, your description of Fred Thompson’s candidacy in the last thread had me LMAO.

  8. # TheRealist Says:
    January 22nd, 2008 at 3:16 pm

    Funny stuff on, “Big Speech Obama”, Vs “Debate Obama”,

    “But then there’s Debate Obama, a hesitant, stuttering, easily rattled and mostly unsmiling public performer who litters his platitudes and “uh’s” and misses countless opportunities to throw his opponents’ taunts back in their faces. Debate Obama unwittingly affirms Hillary Clinton’s suggestion that he lacks the seasoning to withstand the scrutiny of a fall campaign and leaves those who have only seen Big Speech Obama wondering, “Is this really the same guy?”


  9. Terrondt, Obama has a decent lead in SC, but I think Hillary has a shot still. She doesn’t need to win there the way that he does, and she has the enviable position of being able to campaign hard, get as many delegates as she can, and then be in prime position for Super Tuesday.

    But with Bill Clinton hitting the SC pavement as he’s been doing all week, just like he did in NH, it’s anybody’s guess!

  10. terrondt, It may be winnable but the Clinton campaign is not expecting a victory there. Having the Fla. primary three days later is good, too, because her lead there is substantial. I think it’s interesting Obama is campaigning heavily in a state he’s supposed to win handily.

  11. Berkeley Vox, the Hillary Team expertise now comes into play is right. Axelrod and Gibbs were able to run campaigns on an individual state basis. Now there are multiple states with multiple messages needed – all coordinated. Hillary and her Team have EXPERIENCE at doing this type of coordinated multi-state campaigns.

    Obama still thinks it is a state by state campaign. Obama is clinging to South Carolina and a potential win there while Hillary is already in Arizona, California and New Jersey. The Hillary Team is again playing chess and Obama is playing tic tac toe.

    At the debate yesterday Hillary was addressing the nation and the big February 5 states. Obama was addressing the people in the auditorium.

    Experience matters.

  12. Yes, the Obama strategy was to win Iowa and use that momentum to win NH and the states immediately thereafter, creating a domino effect that would hand the nomination to Obama. Hillary’s win in NH screwed that up, and nothing’s been the same since for him.

    Hillary also learned from what happened in Iowa not to overinvest in a state that’s not favorable to her (SC). She’s not making that mistake twice.

  13. yeah, he ought to be talking about his own record…oh, he can’t cah’t cause he has none.

    the hope, change campaign is gone…the substance campaign can’t happen cause he is an empty suit..wo what else is left …attack the other person.

    he’s wearing thin and some in south carolina might just ‘get it’ before Saturday.

    go big dawg bill..keep him on the ropes and pull out some Ali ropeadopes on him.

    Ooops, forgot bambi and dope can’t be used in the same sentence.

  14. Yeah, I agree, Paula. Wouldn’t it be great if she got rewarded for not over investing. I think though, now there is so much pressure on african americans to vote for Obama there that many who might have voted Hillary will feel compelled to vote Obama.

  15. Worst moment for Obama:
    The 30% Credit Card thing. I thought he was about straight talk and getting real answers. C’mon his shroud of infallibility fell last night and I have not watched Cable News since then, but I hope they are picking up on it.

  16. I don’t think that AA who really care about this country will vote for Obama. If they look at the whole dea l they will see what many already see. he is not qualifed to be chief ceo of this country. he is not seasoned and I highly doubt that with his arrogant attitude that he would ever be effective.

    we would have another bush attitude in the white house…my way or no way…and americans pay.

  17. Exactly Paula. Axelrod/Obama still think that failed “domino” strategy is still viable. They somehow think that a win in SC will revive the “domino” theory. But the theory was disproved in NH.

    While Obama wastes time and money and effort in SC, Hillary is busy in the huge states coming up on February 5 and Bill is on the job in SC. [Kudos to the Hillary Team that they have not been intimidated or thrown off their game by whiners who want Hillary to pull a Gore and stop using Bill as a weapon].

    In between SC and February 5 states is Florida which appears to be a blowout (fingers crossed). By Saturday, tons more absentee votes for Hillary will be racked up in Florida so any South Carolina win by Obama will not produce any effect on later states.

    Axelrod does not want to give up his hallucination of falling dominos.

  18. You’re naughty Dot48. Don’t use the word “dope” in this campaign or you will get blasted. Also, don’t mention or drink Coke. 😉 And middle names are verboten too (except when Big Media refers to Hillary).

  19. Thank you all for this wonderful place I come to when the MSM drives me around the bend.I felt like I was fighting alone yelling at the TV,but I think Matthews is under control thanks to media matters.Now to get Andrea,Mika,and Nora and the others at his own network under control.
    The super bowl of debates had the half baked jihad pinata showing his true self.HRC was wonderful and will be the Best President ever.
    I sent email to campaign yesterday to say BHO ads in Fla had started.Good Hillary support here(Palm Beach County,Fl) but need some ads very soon.

  20. Bingo Admin and Paula. No matter how he spins it (or how big media helps him), a SC win for Obama does very little in terms of momentum. Fair or not, he is the favorite by a mile there for demographic reasons. Jesse Jackson won it with 64%. That is the expectation for Obama.

    I think there needs to be lots of GOTV organizing in Florida – not by the campaign, but by Emily’s List and other surrogates.

    We are going to win this thing. Feb 5th is coming up too fast, and Obama is busy defending himself. The hard core Obamadroids are having tantrums all over the place, which is a good sign. Axelrod is reeling and trying hard to delude himself and his candidate, and recapture some Hope(TM), which is blowing away like the smoke it was.

    Bring it on.

  21. when is the DNC going to address Obama campaign deliberately going against party rules.

    Is that bunch dead?

    I’ll be back with phone numbers and email. We need to start calling. I tell you folks WE, the voters, can get more done by mass email and phone calls.

  22. B vox, AT 3:34
    Terrondt, Obama has a decent lead in SC, but I think Hillary has a shot still

    She’s got a “SURE SHOT”…..by the Beastie Boys……..”ill communication” album.

    Excuse me while I rock the mic for Hillary!! Our computers are down at work ( 🙂 ):

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    Artist : Beastie Boys
    Album : Ill Communication

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  23. How very sad for Obama that the Rezko exposure came on national TV. He asked for it. He came out fighting with the Walmart comment.

    In what country do we disparage the first woman to be on the board of a major corporation, even if it is Walmart?

    Obama looked really angry last night from the get-go. It’s a face many of his supporters rarely see.

    The Golden Boy fries easily in the heat of a debate, doesn’t he? How will he manage when the GOP swiftboat him?

  24. true2party, South Carolina is still in play until the last vote is counted. Bill is on the job as is the full Hillary Team. Hillary returns to SC on Friday. Hillary will be with her SC supporters, whether she wins or not, on Saturday night. Obama was not there when his Nevada supporters needed him. Hillary will be there with those working for her in SC while she prepares for the Big Battle.

    As to Beastie Boys, we’ll go with “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” on February 5.

  25. I don’t know if this was just cspan doing this or not but the other night when I watched Hillary, they played “Taking Care of Business” and that song fits her whole life and her vision for America.

    Does anyone know if she plans to use this song?

    I ho.pe so

  26. Takin’ Care of Business

    You get up every morning
    From your alarm clock’s warning
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    [Repeat first 2 verses]


    Takin’ care of business [4x]


    Takin’ care of business [repeat, fade]

  27. rjk, I think they see something internal that has them worried, I saw Obama urging voters earlier today to not be mislead by the polls and to get out to vote.

    I think Hillary is being very smart, she has made it a MUST WIN BIG for him, anything else and he’s considered the loser of this thing.

    Hillary supporters will stand staunch..Obamabots may not … they may decide to go for the more experienced rather than young face.

  28. Remember, Obama had a 30+ lead in South Carolina very recently, and I’m sure as Hillary begins to chip away at that once-massive lead, the Obama campaign is getting antsy and nervous. GREAT move by Hillary to send Bill out in to the field full-time.

  29. I posted this elsewhere but no one seems to agree with me, ah well…I still think it’s true, and I think it MIGHT have an effect on SC:

    I posted my comments in your debate thread but it seems that the conversation has moved here so I’ll repost it them here:

    The two most significant things that I saw in last night’s debate were:

    1) JE went for and probably won the ABH Whiteguy vote in SC. Unfortunately for him, their wives are probably gonna vote for Hillary.

    2) HRC told the Congressional Black Caucus that she will not be selecting BHO as her running mate so they’d better make plans accordingly. (This may or may not have an impact on SC votes, I think likely it will because AA leaders seriously do not want to diminish their place at the table).

    Interestly, because she did it as a hit-back for BHO’s Walmart comment, she can’t really faulted for it because he brought it on himself. IMO, there is no way that the Clintons will allow themselves to be forced to put Rezko on the ticket. In this case, the Republican Whitewater fiasco, will help them to defend their position.

  30. oops! I copy/pasted directly from the other site I posted on…I should have removed the second intro sentence…

  31. NYCMax: 2) HRC told the Congressional Black Caucus that she will not be selecting BHO as her running mate so they’d better make plans accordingly. (This may or may not have an impact on SC votes, I think likely it will because AA leaders seriously do not want to diminish their place at the table).

    I didn’t hear her say that.

  32. SC’s The State endorses Obama.

    Looks like HRC didn’t even show up for her endorsement interview, LOL.

  33. NYCMax,

    Saw your post last night and I agree with you. The white vote is split is SC, but that would not have made a difference anyway with the black vote so strong for Obama. For so many reason, BHO won’t be on the ticket with Hillary; she can’t afford the looming scandal. The repugs will be all over that even if Obama isn’t the nominee. They will need to diminish his voice in the election.

    Look for AA leaders to move to Clinton in large numbers, but it won’t be until after Super Tuesday. I think Harold Ford as VP could heal any lingering animosity if that exists after the nomination is decided.

  34. this email stuff has been out there for a long, long time… why is he choosing now to address it

    deflect it from the realllll story

    big media still has him as their flavor of the month…sigh

    any coverage of bill today or hillary>?

  35. wasabigirl (i like crunchy/spicy/eel sushi BTW),

    the problem with Ford is that a lot of folks dislike the DLC (KosKiddies), but they have to give Ford credit. He knows his shit. I’m still pissed that he didn’t win in 2006.

  36. Obama on CNN still complaining about President Clinton… Keep saying it Obama President Clinton … President Clinton….President Clinton and it will stick in voters minds.

  37. 🙂 I didn’t mean that she actually used those words.

    I only mean that by bringing up Rezko, she, as much as said that, because it would be political suicide to choose as a running mate someone who is so closely tied to that kind of scandal. Especially because of how hard the VRWC tried to make something of Whitewater.

    With Whitewater, it didn’t matter that there was nothing there, the Republicans insisted on using…what was it…70 million dollars?…to keep the scandal alive. Whether Rezko turns out to be nothing, doesn’t matter, either, the Democratic Nominee cannot afford to have attack ads being run with an unvetted scandal.

    I think that the members of the CBC who were in the audience understood that. As long as Rezko wasn’t in the mainstream media, supporters of BO could have made a case to force him onto the ticket. Forcing him on the ticket now, I don’t think is possible anymore.

    I’ve always gotten the sense from the Clinton campaign that they were playing nice with BO. Sure they attacked his record, but nothing they were calling him on could do any real lasting damage to his career. Rezko could, and I don’t think she would have brought it up without the kind of attack that Obama chose to make.

    He’s gotten alot of money, probably alot of money from the VRWC people in order to bring Hillary down, so he might still have a career if the Rezko thing plays out when he’s not in the glare of a Presidential Campaign, but the more famous he gets, the less likely that he’ll escape unscathed. He really should have waited till 2016 to run, but I think that the VRWC people’s money was just too irresisible to pass up. Sad really.

  38. Harold Ford just as inexperienced as Obama to be veep. I supported him in his Senate run, he had a lot of white support in my county and others.

    Corker has done squat so far…

  39. did u see jesse jackson on hardball-dont ever watch it but caught jackson ripping obama as causing division in maerica over race. he said he rsiks losinghis hope edge if he wins sc due to the race card. dang

  40. Playing with the 2/5 numbers, I come up with a total of between 1300-1500 (current delegates plus super delegates plus % of delegates won on 2/5) delegates for Hillary as of 2/6. Has anyone else done any #’s crunching?

  41. Except for his stupid ill-advised ploy to Michigan Voters, I’d have put money on John Conyers getting some attention if an AA running mate was necessary to heal the party.

  42. TheRealist
    I was doing the same thing yesterday looking at the states and guestemating what Clinton delegate would be after 2/5

    I came out with around 1400

  43. Jesse Jackson Sr was on with Tweetie and an AA female minister who is supporting Hillary. Sorry, but I just can’t understand what JJ says and the woman was hard to understand as well. It was almost like MessNBC deliberately had bad mikes or something. Anyhow, Tweetie brought up Rezko by name (not in discussion) twice and almost got in a mention of drugs at the very end of the segment when it seemed like JJ cut him off. End of segment. Tweetie still wants to stir the pot .. what else can he do except discuss how Grampaw Fred dropped out of the race?

  44. John Conyers is Chairman of the Judiciary in the House. He’s not going to give that up for anything. It’s a very important job.

  45. Two, “firsts”, on the dem ticket would neutralize the current natural advantage the party enjoys. Hillary will choose someone who can deliver a RED electoral vote state, like Evan Bayh, or someone to shore up a perceived weakness in resume, like a Wes Clarke or a governor like Tom Vilsack IMO.

  46. Does anyone know which states are ‘winner take all’, and which states split their delegates according to percent of the vote?

  47. I don’t like Ford, he isn’t loyal. I use to see him many times on Imus in the MOrning and Imus really supported his campaign. When Imus got in troube, he said he could never reach Ford. Ford dissed him. You may not agree with what your friends do when they get in trouble but you don’t abandon them completly.

    I don’t trust him.

  48. rjk, ours. – Knowing Obama is going to blanket the media after s.c. Launching ads now will be a waste of money.

    I wouldn’t be suprised if he runs out of money. Lmao.

  49. Hillary again stated today she was sticking to the pledge not to campaign in FL before their primary. so I don’t see any national ads appearing until after next tuesday.

  50. Evan Bayh is my choice with Wes Clarke as a sound second. I really don’t think Hillary has any weakness in her resume but of course she’ll be looking at what the repugs will be trying to throw at her.

    If Obama can’t handle two politicians in Primary how the heck does he think he’ll handle Iran, China, etc. He is so in over his head.

    for cnn to be the so called clinton news network all they do is run obama stories. The last one I watched on the present votes hit hard

  51. I like Ed Rendell govenor of PA and former mayor of Phila. I really think she needs to pick a running mate from a red state that he or she can deliver to the dems.

  52. rjk1957-

    Sounds about right. It will be moot after Super Tuesday, as with Edwards sure to drop out and over 600 super delegates at large, she should be able to garner the requisite number of delegates to be the presumptive nominee by the end of February.

  53. rjk1957, her lead is so large in florida thet figure it might be a waste of money. i think most likely if it were hurting them trust me they would have pumped ads so fast their heads would spin.

  54. Well the CA people know Obama broke the rules and he will be punished… just like he was in Nevada BY THE VOTERS!

  55. The wrong focus

    On the Rezko issue everyone is focusing on the donations. It’s not the donations. It’s the nature of community organizing. If you are a good organizer, your ear is in the street. You know what is going on and who is getting what, and where people are screwing the community. Well, Obama claims he did not notice the 30 fucked up buildings Rezko had. The buildings that it took, which is usually true, the city years to figure out. Now he claims he only worked 5 hours on due dilligence paper work. Well, the due dilligence needed to be done before taking the money.

    Any person with any care or love for a community would have checked out Rezko. You don’t just do that in community organizing, take money from developers and not check them out. If you walk the Streets, you listen to what people tell you.

    This is my concern, his style, his inexperience. He delgates and trusts. You have to do the work, you have to check these people. As a community organizer, worker and fighter I find this to be negligent. There is no excuse.


  56. IMO, VP must be the following:

    – southern to contrast her yankee image….yes, even though Bill is a true southerner
    – young b/c you never know….she’s a female and well, look what happened to bhutto (i still can’t believe she’s gone, btw)
    – recently authored a popular current events book (maybe even jim webb?)
    – out of nowhere appeal (tom sestak)
    – progressive economist/security (both for overseas trade and overseas security (really, one in the same) (tom sestak?)

  57. read the article by dee dee, I think that saying bill’s characterization of Obama’s abortion stance was below the belt and that his remarks about his war stance are as well is completely off. Obamas record on Iraq is clear and he did say that had he been in the Senate and had to actually VOTE, he may have done something completely different.

    The Clintons need to keep putting this in print and letting people know what Obama actually said. I admire Bill Clinton for standing firm.

  58. obviously i was thinking about football……i meant joe sestak….

    what about that mcmaster guy from iraq?

  59. LOL! Lou Dobbs just said that Hillary was aggressive in a good way, but Obama came across like “Lord Fauntleroy” in the debate.

  60. The problem with Webb, is he has a habit of being a bit dismissive of women. If he did that to Hilll in anyway in a debate or in an interview, that would look really bad.

  61. Yeah, no, I agree, Hawk. I like him. We will see. If Hillary withstands all of this she may earn alot of respect from him.

  62. I think this is because he is a recovering republican in a slightly red state (changing blue) and he’s a military man.

  63. nobody as veep who has any problem with women at ALL.

    what red states do the dems have any chance of turning and who are the potential candidate in those states

    electoral college sucks and isn’t it about time we got away from it

  64. I’d be fine with Webb, as long as he doesn’t come of condescending in debates or interviews. I like the guy. I recognize that he is from a different background. I didn’t mean to make it sound like he has not matured alot on this issue. He has.

  65. Iowa-Tom Vilsack
    Missouri-Dick Gephardt
    New Mexico-Bill Richardson
    Virginia-Jim Webb
    Ohio-Ted Strickland
    Indiana-Evan Bayh

    Just some possibilities.

  66. I say General Wesley Clark for VP. He’s southern, a trusted military man, already has lots of grassroots support from working with VoteVets etc, and he and Hillary obviously like each other and get along really well.

    Plus they look good together, which to be honest you have to consider.

  67. okay statistics people 🙂 which states of those above have the most electoral college votes and which would be easiest for us to win in. of course we have no idea who she’ll pick and what her criteria are but this is fun.

    Just heard the funniest quip on Big Valley “6 years of false hope”. An Obama presidency would give at least 4 years

  68. Wes Clark would be a great choice for the national election when she has to win over republicans and not just AAs in South Carolina…

    But, to be honest, Im hoping she will settle things with the young Jedi warrior BO, before he turns to the dark side. He could learn a lot from her as veep if he would just pay attention.

    ah yes, false hope I guess

  69. It is not safe to watch Situation Room on CNN either. Clinton bashing. Jack Cafferty and Gloria Borger are NO friend of the Clintons. They are saying the race issue was brought up solely by the Clintons and suggests therefore it is the Clinton’s fault that the Democratic party is being divided or torn apart.

    This time, I really am swearing off TV.

    I’ll depend completely on you all for news. I really enjoy this site and reading al you all have to say. You all are the brightest and the best!

  70. aw guys you are partypoopers. i found the discussion quite interesting. just because they may or may not be dull doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be a good veep. Al Gore was quite dull and he was a very good veep for the most part..and had he used Bill boy how things would be so different right now.

  71. Southern Born, no one believes these clowns. The media has lost all credibility after NH. I think alot of people have said the race issue is the media’s fault(I personally think it started with jesse jr and the Obama campaign). But no one is going to believe this is somehow the Clinton’s fault.

  72. southern born, I just said above for cnn to be the so called clinton news network all they push is Obama . they refuse to see through the smoke.

    trainswrecks in progress I say about all of them. I’ve not stopped 3 minutes on any of them today and boy does it feel good.

  73. Can we talk about the whining going on. I’m watching CNN and Wolf is talking about how the Democratic leadership is worried about Clintons spliting the party.

    I fine this strange that Hillary Clinton has a strong AA base too and now the media is talking about Black Causus being upset about how Obama is being treated…GMAFB. Clyburn, Jessie Jackson Jr. and the rest of those ilk had no problem trashing Bill and Hillary record on race. And as a AA who supports Hillary Clinton, I’m glad they didn’t back down. That was a weak move and I’m tired of the weak ass dems in Congress bending over for GBW because of these weak politicians that say one thing and do another when they get in office.

    I have found nothing the Clinton has done that is offensive to AA’s, they are going after Obama’s message and his character…for Obama to act like he didn’t have a personal relationship with Resko is inexcusable.

  74. demhawk, Ohio would be easiest for us to win I believe. They have staggered around in the past. Who the heck is the governor of Ohio.

  75. DewHawk, someone mentioned him above, Ted Strickland. I really like him, but he would likely be too old to run as pres in 8 years. Personally, that sort of appeals to me. I think these wide open races are good for the country and you don’t usually have that when you have a VP running.

  76. Webb? Former regpug who is degrading to women? HELL NO. If you are looking for someone with military background, what about Clark?

  77. carbynew, the media and the whining will go on. I personally would like to lighten it up a bit here. We just came off a great debate performance by Hillary and her campaign has Obama on the ropes, headed for the countdown.

    I find it exhilirating to simply stay off the news networks. They are pigs at the trough and I’m not giving them once second of my time any longer.

    The voters will decide and I don’t think they’ll let CNN or MSNBC choose who they vote for. The more the media spews gutterage the better Hillary will do. You know the old saying, the more you poop the worse it stinks. The more they parade Obama as the showhorse, the more Hillary looks like the workhorse.

    Who would working class america rather have at their back…the workhorse.

  78. I have met Clark, and if I were old enough, I would have caucused for him in 04′, but he is pretty hawkish from what I heard in his speech. But I think Hill and her advisers will choose a smart vp choice.

  79. Yeah, I never watch cable news anymore. It’s just infotainment anyway. I think MSNBC market is probably the same demographic as dkos.

  80. Read this…. Gosh, this is why I’ve been so fearful of women voters… They are their own enemy from time to time…. From caucus…

    The audience seemed pleased with him, and he hung around for several minutes at the end to sign autographs and pose for pictures before heading to his next event, in Greenville.
    One woman here, Jeanne Amaral, 60, a retired office worker, said that she had just decided to support Mrs. Clinton. She had been considering supporting Mr. Obama, but decided to vote for Mrs. Clinton based largely on the toughness she displayed at last night’s debate.
    “She’s super-intelligent and she’s calm under pressure,” Ms. Amaral said. “She stood her own.”
    She said was undecided for so long because she thought a woman should not be president. “I thought it’s a man’s world,” she said. “But it’s not. She’s a tough cookie.

  81. ^^ should read: “the more you STIR poop, the worse it stinks”

    then again, what I put sounds pretty good LOL 👿

  82. Kostner, as long as they come around. I mean, I agree with you, but under the radar, women are largely rallying to Hillary. After the embarrassment in Iowa that gave Obama the women’s vote, she has won a clear majority of women in NH, MI and NV, so just like this woman, women are not letting these prejudices stop them from picking the right candidate.

  83. kostner, I believe that Hillary won a lot of women over last night with her debate performance.

    she showed absolute mastery of every issue, true vision for where the country needs to go and how she can get us there and she showed that she is willing to go toe to toe for what she believes.

    Women have been sort of semi poisoned about Hillary by all the outlandish lies that have been told about her…not one lie was ever proven after tons of our dollars spent. They want to be reassured about her and Hillary is her own best spokesman. She is really shining now, a real role model.

    Women want a champion for the cause and Hillary is that champion.

    As Bill says, and I truely believe, she is the most qualfied candidate for POTUS in history.

    She is a remarkable woman and I think she will be the best President in history.

  84. If women had the same zeal about identity politics as AA community, there would have been a woman president looooog looooog time ago…. Remember over 50% of voting population …

    Sigh… That’s why I can’t understand what’s going on…. They had this historical opportunity to elect the most qualified, smartest, toughest one, but blew it big time in Iowa…

    Gosh, I hope women can stand on their feet from now on….

  85. LOL I feel really really bad for the Dem leaders that are squawking about the Clintons. It’s an obvious and desperate attempt to remain relevant in the new climate.

    The Party’s nominee is the defacto leader of the Democratic President. These leaders must see the writing on the wall. To openly oppose the obvious frontrunner means that they know that they will soon be losing whatever influence they may currently enjoy.

  86. Yeah, that was embarrassing, but I think it woke up women everywhere else. You could really sense that on the ground in NH. Also, Obama mostly won the counties that neighbored his state so he basically did manage to get alot of those students(many female)to come back to Iowa and vote for him, so it’s skewed.

  87. Just imagine if women voters vote the same way as AA and Latinos, 75%, 65% for their ‘own’ … Gosh, this would not even be close…

  88. mj,

    I’m pinning my hope on FL for such a dramatic victory… Based on Survey USA poll, she’s polling 60% among women…

  89. Carbynew,

    I’m with you. Race baiting and gender baiting are both red herrings the media is using to gen up ratings. The discussion between the candidates has been about politics, policies and records since before the Nevada caucus.

    I can completely understand why a lot of women would want to support Hillary and why a lot of AAs would be proud to support Barack; and vice versa for both of the previous groups. No harm in any of that. But to make more of it than that is disingenuous. People support the candidate that they think will speak for them,

    I’m not a racist because I support Hillary nor is any AA who supports Obama a sexist. It’s tragic to me that we’ve come to this in our party. I thinks it’s been bad for all the candidates. Nothing good can come from sh*t like this. I fully expect all democrats to support the party’s nominee when that is decided.

  90. Oh, yeah, well, women in this country(maybe everywhere, actually) get more progressive with age. The demographics in FL are perfect for Hill. I think I read somewhere that she is in the 70’s to his high teens in early voting.

  91. Well, I support Hillary because she is the best candidate, and because she will be the first Democratic woman president. If she were not clearly the best candidate, the latter wouldn’t be enough of a factor, if that makes sense.

  92. wasabigirl, I think you are letting the media convince you there is some great split. There is nothing tragic in having an african american man and a woman compete for top stop in the Democratic Party.

  93. Can someone explain the delegate situation? Is it possible for Obama to get the majority of delegates for the nomination even if he doesn’t win the most states or the popular vote? Or will Hillary’s overwhelming advantage in many states give her the edge in delegates? I don’t completely understand how this works but I’ve seen lots of discussion out there…mostly by Obama-maniacs believing that he can win even if he loses…I’m betting that’s a pretty difficult thing to do…

  94. AG, nah. If Hill wins the big states by a 10-15% margin as she did in MI, which polls indicate she will, the small delegate here and there will not matter.

  95. AmericanGal,

    They’re delusional, I wouldn’t spend too much time on this. The big states such as CA/NY generally carry far more delegates than others…

  96. Kostner, exactly. But given that Hill is clearly the best candidate, then she is the best to break the glass ceiling.

  97. I think we are going to see a massive womens turnout in primary and in November. WE can make a difference and we are going to.

  98. mj,

    I really want to knock off Kerry. Any viable candidate might have a chance in primary? How about the woman who ran against Romney but lost? Is she still interested??? Maybe we should write to encourage her to run against Kerry…

  99. dot48, I agree. Particularly in Nov. Even more than the primary. I think even lot’s of Repub women will end up voting for Hillary.

  100. dot48, there will definitely be more women voting.

    However, Hillary is losing on men.. So she will need a strong V.P. Another point is Bloomberg. If he runs and independant, it’s all over for the republicans.

  101. There are so many excellent women politicians in MA, but our primary was moved up to Feb fifth so there is no time. I think some woman who is a Dem, should run in the general as and independent.

  102. Jaz, men are slowley coming around. I think super Tuesday will start to reverse that, but her margin with women makes up for it.

  103. I think men are afraid that Hillary will appoint a lot of women…I heard that, honestly.

    They feel threatened..it goes back to the cavemen thing.

  104. Clinton picks up two more superdelegates…. Endorsements mean little, but it’s better to have more superdelegates… I like the way Hillary is running as an undergot against Barry+drive-by media…

    .S. Representative Joe Baca Endorses Hillary Clinton For President

    Endorsement Shows Momentum for Clinton Campaign in Southern California

    LOS ANGELES, CA – In the wake of Hillary’s huge victory in Nevada, the Clinton Campaign in California continues to gain momentum as today Hillary Clinton received the endorsement of U.S. Congressman Joe Baca of California’s 43rd Congressional District. Rep. Baca will join as Co-Chair of the campaign’s National Hispanic Leadership Council.

    DNC Member Prats Palerm (PR) endorses Clinton (Oreo)
    Hillary gets another superdelegate endorsement today. The Chair of the Puerto Rico Democratic Committee Roberto Prats Palerm brings Hillary’s superdelegate total to 172. Obama now has 80 and Edwards 28.

  105. mj,

    Neither race nor gender are important to me in choosing a candidate to support , unfortunately, the latest SC polling suggests otherwise for many people:

    “There is a substantial racial disparity in candidate support in the state. Obama now has
    the support of 70% of likely African American primary voters, but has just 17% among
    white voters. Clinton leads that demographic with 43%, followed by Edwards at 30%.”


    IMO, the media is responsible for the animus in the situation and that was my point.

  106. dot48, I’m a man, and sexism is alive and well. 😉

    But like I said, most of the worlds great leaders have been women, or atleast, anyone who can get there has done a great job. Thatcher (went crazy in the last few years), Indra Ghandi (well…she went crazy eventually).

    What’s more distressing is that America – World’s supposed leader of the the “free world” – Has had white, christian, male, >50 presidents only.
    Heck countries like India,Pakistan have had better track records than that.

  107. I’m very disappointed in the Democratic Leadership…very! They let this get out of hand by not reigning in the media and what happened in NH and after. They was not reason for the race baiting and for Jessie Jackson Jr, Donna Brazille and Clyburn to start that crap on the Clintons just pissed me off.

    Why, because it was unnecessary to play that card, it’s a weak ass move that doesn’t work in a national campaign like it use to do. I do think SEXISM is the underlining motivation in a lot of what has been happening to Hillary.

    Obama is okay and he had promise but it became clear to me he didn’t have the experience to take us out of the mess GWB has put this country into, and the more I researched him, the more concerned I got.

    Obama campaign has been more on a cult level then political, you can’t get solid information on where he truly stand on issues. And I didn’t like how he “throws people(friends) under the bus” or twist his words or never taking responsibility.

    Those things bothered me a lot but his true face came out during the NH primary…that face reminded me too much of GWB and I really, really didn’t like that at all. For a guy how really been getting off easy from everybody, no vetting at all from the media and the so-call Dems leaders willing to trash another democrat to annoint this light weight pissed me off.

    I’m a proud Hillary Clinton supporter because I think she is the best candidate and will make a excellent president. I’m voting my heart and my head.

  108. Matthews saying Obama took weak shot at Hillary with Wal-Mart remark and Hillary responded swiftly knee-capping Obama with slum lord last night and that opens the door for everything about Obama, Rezko and the house deal to be explored more fully.

  109. i hope matthews and others consider reading the fact check truthteller2007 posted at mydd last night. it was just knocked off the recommended list by other diaries. but it is strategically embedded in all google searches on obama and rezko.

  110. This from Paul Krugman about on of the GOP frontrunners:

    “Can this be true?

    According to Sam Stein:

    At a recent meeting with the Wall Street Journal editorial board, Republican presidential candidate John McCain admitted he “doesn’t really understand economics” and then pointed to his adviser and former Senate colleague, Phil Gramm – whom he had brought with him to the meeting – as the expert he turns to on the subject, The Huffington Post has learned.

    Oh boy.

    About Phil Gramm, courtesy of the late, much mourned Molly Ivins:

    When he ran for president in 1996 and finished fifth in Iowa, all the profiles written of him included the line “Even his friends don’t like him.” Self-righteous and strident, Gramm demonized his opponents and used bitter, polarizing rhetoric. During a Senate debate over Social Security, a member pointed out that the proposal under consideration would hurt 80-year-old retirees. “Most people don’t have the luxury of living to be 80 years old,” Gramm scoffed, “so it’s hard for me to feel sorry for them.” Well, there is that. ”


    What more can I say?

  111. mj, at least kerry is still a dem. i have lieberman-turncoat one of my senators in connecticut. idiot is for mccain.

  112. kostner,

    The woman that ran against Romney and lost is Jill Stein. She represented the Green Party.

    She is a graduate of Harvard College (1973, Magna Cum Laude) and Harvard Medical School (1979).


    I like her very much. I would be very happy to vote for her should she run for the Massachsetts Senate race. I don’t want to vote for a Republican candidate but I will be very happy to vote for Jill Stein running as a Green Party candidate.

  113. cheers for Hillary Clintons supporters, both those who come here and those who don’t!

    She’s Takin Care of Business For Us.

    I feel momentum for her now folks. My sister who was leaning Obama has seen the light and today she called up to say she watched the debate and that if she’d had any doubts about her up till then…they were gone after last night. She and my brother had been flimflamed with the hope for change bs and I challenged them both to research and go to both websites…my brother had the men thing going on, my sister was being influenced by him cause they both live in the same place…I’m far away.

    I know that in her heart my sister wanted to support Hillary but it’s like she needed a good reason to just give in. She sounded relieved today and I am so glad she watched the debate.

  114. Wow. that John McCain revelation is really bad. Phil Gramm? Yikes!

    BTW, ignore the hand-wringing Dem “leaders.” They didn’t seem to care when the media was eviscerating Hillary with misogynistic crap.

  115. Talking to my nephew away at college tonight he told me about the lastest college drinking game. Watch McCain speak and have a shot everytime he says “My Friends”.

  116. Bill had me till the last sentence. Sorry BigDawg I don’t ever want a chance to vote for Obama. He’s is simply a poison on the party IMHO.

  117. paula i read that link you provided and read where that greenvielle voter had to nerve to tell bill he is in the way for obama. wtf? i would have said “what do you want me to do, campaign against my wife?” or “people are not entited to the presidency, they have to earn it.” bill earned hard for it. hillary is working hard for it now. if obama want’s it, earn it.

  118. The good news is the poll was BEFORE the debate. And that we should wait until tomorrows polls to see what happens.

  119. yeah jaz,that is the worst poll yet out of sc. more to come from zogby and others the next few days though.

  120. dot48, that is great news! I KNEW that Hillary just stepping on up to the plate, and being that feisty take-no-shit-from-nobody broad that she is, would win over some undecideds. Especially some women, who know how you have to be when some man gets all up on his high horse. 😀

    Paula, I am ignoring the hand-wringing Dem leaders, except that I do write the DNC from time to time. I told them today to get the hell out of the way, since those losers know NOTHING about how to win any elections, but Bill and Hillary DO. 😀

  121. Kostner, thanks for the info on delegates. The new superdelegate endorsements for Hillary are great news!

  122. pulchtritude, i would not get to happy about lou dobbs. he rails against illegal aliens and free trade. he is a independent. more like a ron paul type guy. maybe he was once a old style dem in the past. he hates bush i do see that.

  123. HG,

    No. I was not referring to that lady… I was talking about the governor race… Her name is O’Brein or sth… She used to be in charge of treasury…

  124. terrondt Says:

    January 22nd, 2008 at 7:59 pm
    mj, at least kerry is still a dem. i have lieberman-turncoat one of my senators in connecticut. idiot is for mccain.

    Terrondt how is Lieberman pro-repug love going down in connecticut since he became a independent?

  125. Terrondt, you know…he didn’t say much at the start of the day but later he did admit that he thought Obama probably wasn’t going to get the nomination. He still thinks it’s racism though that is preventing it. He told me Hillary really knew her facts at the debate before that caucus but overall he thought that Edwards won. This is because he flatly doesn’t think a woman should be President. What’s funny is he let slip that his wife is a Hillary supporter! Smart woman…wonder though how she lives with this guy…

  126. I don’t think anybody knows what going on in SC until the voters vote…Obama might win or Hillary might win…IDK. But I do think Hillary had a great debate and Obama didn’t.

    So Idk, I hope the voters of SC saw a passionate debate got a feel of the candidates and vote for Hillary because she is the best candidate.

  127. LMAO, americangal. carbynew, not well with dems i tell you that. he won by gop voters in 2006. he had a loyal 35% dem vote compared to 65% for lamont whom i voted for. the white house winked and nodded there endorsement of lieberman. governor rell and the state gop threw the gop nominee under the bus with 10% of the vote. he comes up for reelection in 2012 and i bet he goes gop. he might turn gop next year given he endorsed mccan.

  128. It was my first day of classes today, and in my Feminist Theory class, the teacher had us describe why we took this course. I told the class I was a poli-sci/international relations double major and I worked on the Clinton campaign, and she said we will probably talk about Hill during some class discussions, but the teacher, who is older, comes off as someone who doesn’t want Hillary, which would be ironically sad if true. Can’t wait for discussion in class. I am one of two guys in the class (of only about 16 total), and we are both gay, this should be an interesting course. If I hear any obama supporters attack her, I will flip sh*t!

  129. americangal, let’s shut him up for good feb 5th. i bet he goes gop or 3rd party your co-worker. that’s how these hillary haters operate. not real dems at all. naderites. i get into with them on another blog.

  130. well I know many of you think it should be all kumlabahya after this primary but I tell you, Hillary should keep a little black book

  131. terrondt, I thought Bill answered that loaded question very well, by saying no one has a right to the presidency. Praising Obama afterwards was fine, too.

    Since Hillary took on Obama so strongly during the debate, I think Bill doesn’t have to do it anymore.

  132. was james carville during the 1992 dem primary exploded he was going to have a good steak and make a list of every dem that tried to f*ck them? i think i got it right. can somebody help me out here.

  133. I know I am biased because I have always loved the Clintons and have been volunteering for Hillary since she announced her candidacy. HOWEVER, I have always wondered WHAT people saw in Obama and how could they vote for someone so “green” and inexperienced?

    After last night’s debate, I have not a bit of fear that Hillary will not win the nomination!!!! Obama proved himself to be a real whiney baby who cannot even defend his OWN RECORD!!! Everything Bill and Hillary have said is TRUE!! I don’t think Obama knows the truth even if it hit him in the face!

    Hillary has shown she has a warm, compassionate side, YET SHE IS TOUGH!!!! She is a strong, proven leader who has been vetted for 16 years!! She can take a punch and she is still standing! Even when some of the crowd booed her last night, it didn’t phase her! She rattles off information like an intelligent woman that she is. Obama stutters and fumbles. It takes him 5 times as long as Hillary to say the same amount of words.

    I just hope everybody will realize that Obama is NOT who they thought he was. I still do not see this Rezko scandal being brought out fully. They are not really talking about it with all the full implications. Obama LIED about what his involvement with Rezko was last night. He is really kind of dumb for a person who is supposed to be intelligent!!

    I am fully confident that Hillary will sweep all the Feb. 5th states with Obama!!! She will drag him all across the country as she picks up state after state, delegates upon delegates and ultimately wins the Democratic nomination!!! Oh how great it will be NOT to hear and see Obama anymore!!!

  134. Jaz, I wouldn’t worry about SC polls. It still makes me wonder why Obama is campaigning so hard in a state he leads comfortably.

  135. I went to the MLK march in Atlanta yesterday and was too tired and wired to watch the debate and had to settle for the great play by play from this site and Taylor Marsh’s. The mood at the march was interesting and, for me, enlightening. The Obama support is there but the supporters know that there is no clear reason why. The Black male HRC marchers, and they numbered about 15% of our group, were very comfortable talking to anybody who would listen about sexism’s role in this electoral campaign. One man, Brian told me that he really wanted to vote for a Black person for president but experience and ability trumps everything else. Only the most rabid Obama supporters made themselves obvious and that was simply to chant their catchphrase, over and over again. While the MSM is hoping and praying that the Black community marches lockstep into the booth and votes for Obama, the community I marched with seems to be busy thinking hard about the everyday things that effect all of us. I also felt a distinct discomfort with the idea that either of the Clintons are racists.

  136. alwaysforhillary, as always(pun)you are right on target. i get blasted on another blog when i tell them hillary is going to mop the floor with obama on feb5th. they just can’t believe how deep and strong hillary is in the dem party. even in then general she will be strong. they are in so deep denial that they will not give up until she wins this november. they will stop at nothing. real nasty crowd that makes rightwingers like sean hannity blush. well, im pushing it on hannity. he is the so called stop hillary express thing going.

  137. Yup. I am very very comfortable in the fact that we are going to get the nomination. He can win South Carolina and Illinois and whatever, but we will wipe him out in Florida and on February 5th in Arkansas, California, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Minnesota, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, and Tennessee. We will do well in Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Kansas, North Dakota, Alaska, and Missouri, and we will have the most delegates, and then we will win in Texas and Pennsylvania following the 5th, and in Kentucky, Virginia, Ohio, Oregon and Washington. This is going to be fun.

  138. Paula..because he can’t lose it. If he does, he’s dead.

    He’s also giving credit to HRC, who has beaten him fair and square in NH and Nevada. If took S.Cers for granted, he would lose, he knows that.

  139. loyalty imo is an attribute that the clintons have in spades, those who they have helped so much in this party. whole careers made, those are the ones who i loathe and i hope these turncoat backstabbers get their due.

  140. Keith Olberman is sad…he has Rachael Maddox on and I like her but these guys have not read or talk to Hillary about her economic plans so they twist it to fit MSNBC Reality Play.

    Right now Keith is pushing Edwards because the Obama fairy dust has washed away and they’re left with the anti-Hillary person Edwards.

    Hillary Clinton campaign is sure hitting a lot of nerves from people who talk the talk but don’t walk it.

  141. terrondt, my co-worker has already told me he will vote for McCain if Hillary is the Dem nominee. And get this, he thinks McCain should choose Lieberman as his running mate..He just thinks he’s great!

  142. terrondt, I think that was the Cajun that did that. Carville never minced any words, and could be funny doing it, unlike these whiny titty babies trying to shut up Bill. I agree – don’t burn any bridges yet for people you might need, but keep that damn list.

    I am keeping mine, and I plan to help f*ck over anyone who f*cked my girl. No necessarily everyone who endorsed Bambi, but the ones going out doing his hitman kneecapping for him, like Kerry? Oh, yes, I will remember that. Yes, indeedy.

  143. Another thought. When Hillary was ganged up on in the debate a month or so ago, Obama and Edwards said she should not expect to be treated differently because she is a woman. That they were talking about the issues. WELL, HILLARY WAS TALKING ABOUT THE ISSUES, too!!! Now it’s Obama who is claiming foul!! The mainstream media still protects him, though. Nora O’Donnell on MSNBC was very rough on Hillary and Bill regarding Obama. What has Obama done? Brainwash half the population???

  144. yeah, these so called weak knee dem leaders needs to STFU. and daschele, loser could not even hold onto his seat let alone tell some to pipe down.

  145. Is anybody else planning on going to Hillary’s Inauguration?? I said awhile ago that WHEN Hillary wins the general election, the very next day, I am making reservations in Washington, D.C. I have to see it with my own eyes to see history being made and the FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT SWORN IN!!!!

  146. alwaysforhillary, BINGO!! where was the outcry when they ganged up on hillary including the moderator. where were these so called leaders then. f#cking fairness my A**.

  147. A great reply post to the article at


    ava (not verified) says:

    Mr Obama we love you.
    America’s blacks love you dearly. We are not trying to take anything from you but we have to let you know that the time is not ripe for your presidency. I, for one, am sure you are going to make a great president someday, but not now. Not in this crisis that the country is facing. We need someone who has a semblance of being there before and who the world already knows somewhat. Leave the Clintons to do their thing this time around. Allow them to deal with the diplomatic mess that is world politics at the moment. The world recognizes them and are more likely to respond to them to get this ship which is America back on track. Your day is coming and I hope very soon, but it is not right now. We need to get the “two for one” combination right now because the task at hand is a very daunting one for any one person, congress aside. Step aside graciously now. The country will remember and love you more for it. And even better, your greatest following will finally be of age to vote at that time. You could create history as not only the first black president (If we push the reality of John Hanson The Moor aside. That farmer who served as the first president of America for one year and seems to be forgotten except for his portrait on the retracted two dollar bill,) but you’ll be remembered as one who the american people voted for unanimously. We will remember. We always do.

  148. i would love to go. money is tight so i would take time off work and drive down there for the swearing in.

  149. A great reply post to the article at
    ava (not verified) says:

    Mr Obama we love you.
    America’s blacks love you dearly. We are not trying to take anything from you but we have to let you know that the time is not ripe for your presidency. I, for one, am sure you are going to make a great president someday, but not now. Not in this crisis that the country is facing. We need someone who has a semblance of being there before and who the world already knows somewhat. Leave the Clintons to do their thing this time around. Allow them to deal with the diplomatic mess that is world politics at the moment. The world recognizes them and are more likely to respond to them to get this ship which is America back on track. Your day is coming and I hope very soon, but it is not right now. We need to get the “two for one” combination right now because the task at hand is a very daunting one for any one person, congress aside. Step aside graciously now. The country will remember and love you more for it. And even better, your greatest following will finally be of age to vote at that time. You could create history as not only the first black president (If we push the reality of John Hanson The Moor aside. That farmer who served as the first president of America for one year and seems to be forgotten except for his portrait on the retracted two dollar bill,) but you’ll be remembered as one who the american people voted for unanimously. We will remember. We always do.

  150. A great reply post to the article: 2008 debate, Obama Does Not Soar (Link posted above, but I can’t get this post through with the link)

    Ada (not verified) says:

    Mr Obama we love you.
    America’s blacks love you dearly. We are not trying to take anything from you but we have to let you know that the time is not ripe for your presidency. I, for one, am sure you are going to make a great president someday, but not now. Not in this crisis that the country is facing. We need someone who has a semblance of being there before and who the world already knows somewhat. Leave the Clintons to do their thing this time around. Allow them to deal with the diplomatic mess that is world politics at the moment. The world recognizes them and are more likely to respond to them to get this ship which is America back on track. Your day is coming and I hope very soon, but it is not right now. We need to get the “two for one” combination right now because the task at hand is a very daunting one for any one person, congress aside. Step aside graciously now. The country will remember and love you more for it. And even better, your greatest following will finally be of age to vote at that time. You could create history as not only the first black president (If we push the reality of John Hanson The Moor aside. That farmer who served as the first president of America for one year and seems to be forgotten except for his portrait on the retracted two dollar bill,) but you’ll be remembered as one who the american people voted for unanimously. We will remember. We always do.

  151. I’ve been trying to be nice and embrace the whole we’re all Democrats deal but this is trying my patience. I was taught never to reward bad behavior and this constant pass given to the sexism, the double standards and the outright lies is difficult to address without getting down and dirty. My memory is very long (I’m still waiting to catch up with Arlen Spector over his reprehensible behavior toward Anita Hill) and I, too, am taking names for future action.

  152. Jaz, I wouldn’t worry about SC polls. It still makes me wonder why Obama is campaigning so hard in a state he leads comfortably.

    Craig Crawford nailed it on Olbermann’s show. He said the Clinton campaign has Obama chasing the decoy (Bill Clinton) all over South Carolina, while Hillary travels around to the all-important Feb 5th states.

    Obama tying himself down in SC is a major strategic mistake. The critical shortage is available campaign days before 23 states go to the polls in less than two weeks. Hillary has free run at Feb 5th states this week.

  153. From the ABC News “Political Radar” Blog:

    Is Bill Clinton Getting in Obama’s Head?

    ABC News’ Sunlen Miller Reports: It should have been an easy question for Sen. Barack Obama: “Are you allowing President Clinton to get in your head?”

    Yet, it took Obama three tries to answer the question, in what turned into a testy exchange with the New York Times’ Jeff Zeleny following a campaign event in Greenwood, South Carolina.

    I am trying to make sure that his statements by him are answered. Don’t you think that’s important?” Obama shot back, while walking away. When Zeleny yelled a follow up question suggesting the Illinois senator had not answered the question, Obama fired back angrily, “Don’t try cheap stunts like that.

    Obama then walked away and shook hands with the mass of voters that surrounded him. A few minutes later, Obama came back and confronted Zeleny again.

    I will answer your question though off the record, would you like to talk off the record?” Obama asked. Zeleny refused to go off the record and then motioned toward the gaggle of TV cameras gathered around him. Obama then returned to his supporters and began shaking more hands before returning a third time to the group of reporters.

    My suspicion is that the other side must be rattled if they’re continuing saying false things about us,” Obama finally responded, ignoring follow up questions as he left the room.


    (Who’s rattled, Bambi ?)

  154. Bambi has become used to the press being all starry-eyed, asking him questions about “And just how inspiring ARE you, Senator? Please please tell us!”, and eating him up like candy.

    He has never had to face the hostile microphones shoved in his face and reporters following him like jackals to catch every slip and misstep and jump him in a pack.


    That is the truth. Like him or not, HE IS NOT READY TO DO THIS. Democrats had better wake up and get behind the candidate who can hand the Republicans their asses on a platter in November, and can do it EVEN IF THE PRESS TRIES TO SLAM HER. Name me another Democrat can do that. There isn’t one.

  155. ABC news:

    Is Bill Clinton Getting in Obama’s Head?
    Share January 22, 2008 6:13 PM

    ABC News’ Sunlen Miller Reports: It should have been an easy question for Sen. Barack Obama: “Are you allowing President Clinton to get in your head?”

    Yet, it took Obama three tries to answer the question, in what turned into a testy exchange with the New York Times’ Jeff Zeleny following a campaign event in Greenwood, South Carolina.

    “I am trying to make sure that his statements by him are answered. Don’t you think that’s important?” Obama shot back, while walking away.

    When Zeleny yelled a follow up question suggesting the Illinois senator had not answered the question, Obama fired back angrily, “Don’t try cheap stunts like that.”

    Obama then walked away and shook hands with the mass of voters that surrounded him.

    A few minutes later, Obama came back and confronted Zeleny again.

    “I will answer your question though off the record, would you like to talk off the record?” Obama asked. Zeleny refused to go off the record and then motioned toward the gaggle of TV cameras gathered around him.

    Obama then returned to his supporters and began shaking more hands before returning a third time to the group of reporters.

    “My suspicion is that the other side must be rattled if they’re continuing saying false things about us,” Obama finally responded, ignoring follow up questions as he left the room

  156. What is Howad Dean and the DNC going to do about BO adds in FL??? BO can not be trusted and this needs to be brought out so everyone can see BO is lier and an ASSHOLE.

  157. paula, that is one of THE most intelligent campaign strategies to get out the youth vote.

    i hope they work hard in South Carolina and throughout the Feb 5th states to squeeze down the barack vote.

  158. terrondt, I recall the statement you’re attributing to Carville as a line from the movie, The American President. It is spoken by the character played by Michael J. Fox who is angry that a congressman is not going to vote for a bill, despite Fox asking him to do this for the President. Maybe Aaron Sorkin, who wrote the screenplay, stole it from Carville.

  159. any news of Bill today?

    Yep. Bill Clinton challenged Barack Obama to a dance contest today. However, since Obama has fifteen years and fewer pounds on him, Bill said he wants an “age adjustment” in the judging.

  160. Guys, go to the article TeamClinton posted and click on email, even if you have to email it to yourself. It helps these stories get play if they go on the “most emailed” list.

  161. terrondt ,

    I know you’re poll-obsessed… I’m getting superstitious about polls and don’t want to talk a lot after Iowa disaster, but here’s a good one from a rarely polled state…

    Poll: Clinton, McCain hold clear leads as Arizona primary nears, As for Democrats, 45 percent support or are leaning toward Clinton, while 24 percent support or are leaning toward Sen. Barack Obama. Sen. John Edwards drew 9 percent of the responses and Congressman Dennis Kucinich another 1 percent. Twenty-one percent were undecided

  162. the poll may have underestimated Obama’s strength though since…

    The information in the poll was collected by telephone from two independent statewide samples of Republican and Democratic “high-efficacy” voters. High-efficacy voters have voted in at least three of the past six elections. The results were derived from interviews with 375 Republicans and 366 Democrats.

    The Republican sample has a sampling error of plus or minus 5.0 percent. The sampling error for the sample of Democrats is plus or minus 5.1 percent. The samples were stratified to be representative of each county in Arizona and each sample was weighted to have one-half of the respondents be women and one-half men.

  163. pulchritude Says:

    January 22nd, 2008 at 9:01 pm
    what should i wear?

    what else but your favorite HRC pants-suit..
    seriously, have a great time with your GOTV activities saturday. nothing feels better than representing HRC on primary day. we’ll be rooting for ya!

  164. By the way in that clip when the Audience gets really loud after Bill says “our former presidents” it is because someone yells out “AND OUR FUTURE PRESIDENT”

  165. After watching that clip of Bill it so amazing that my fellow AAs would call this couple racist, I am so moved my black brothers and sisters Bill and Hillary see beyond race.
    How sad that the guy who was doing something else in the hood when the Clintons were representing AAs in this country feels because of the color of his skin he cares more about black people.
    Wake up america and if Chelsea is the best candidate if she runs for POTUS I will vote for her also
    Its not about your last name,
    its not about giving chances or getting a chance
    It about being the best at the time

    Go Hillary

  166. chaz, that clip made me sad, too. There is such love there, and who is Barack Obama to try to come crap on that and try to smear this man and woman as racist? I am sorry, if he wants to run for president, then run and run fair and square. But don’t try to put a wedge in that love in the cold way he has done it.

  167. John Kerry is a disgrace. He needs to be knocked off hard… Per politico:

    From: John Kerry, Re: Swiftboating

    The new email from John Kerry, on Obama’s behalf, doesn’t accuse Clinton of complicity in attacks on Obama, but doesn’t shy away from that reading either — particularly with Obama’s suggestion today at the Muslim smear is straightforwardly political.

    “We must stop the Swiftboating, stop the push-polling, stop the front groups, and stop the email chain smears,” Kerry writes, in the only sentence of his email that suggests he’s talking about something other than the viral emails. (His spokesman says he’s just talking about the emails, though it’s not entirely clear which push polls he means.)

    At some level, Obama’s campaign can hardly help being suspicious: Robocalls don’t spring out of nowhere, and whoever is doing them seems to be doing Clinton a favor, whether or not anybody tied to the campaign has a role. On the other hand, the hinted charges would bite more sharply in the primary if they could be substantiated.

  168. A total thorough NO on Gov Strickland. He said some nasty things about IA and Iowans the minute he got home from a full day of campaigning with Hill in Iowa.

  169. “yeah, these so called weak knee dem leaders needs to STFU. and daschele, loser could not even hold onto his seat let alone tell some to pipe down.”

    that guy Daschele — ultimate loser telling two winners like Hill and Bill how to campaign -that ‘s a joke. That’s where the ‘Dems are wimps’ stereotype comes from. The Repubs were tearing him apart, and he’d just stand there on the Senate Floor saying “it’s outrageous, it’s outrageous.”

  170. for vp what about someone young
    with experience in international human rights obama has excited a new generation why not capitalize on that
    In PA students who will turn 18 before the ge have filed a suit to be allowed to vote in the primary.
    with regards to contacting DNC should the emphasis be on chastising obama for adverising or for seating the delegates? if Fl are seated does that mena michigan would as well

  171. Emjay,

    Sorry, I’m not a fan of a state whose record is on par with MS in terms of electing women candidates…

    I’m actually pretty sick and tired of Iowa being the first-in-the-nation status… I am sure this was their last turn after selecting two preachers from both parties…

    I’ll take Strickland’s advice in a heartbeat….

  172. I’ll be here less and less the next few weeks. I’m going to do battle at Okie sites to drum up support. That along with GOTV stuff will take up more of my time in this epic primary battle. I’ll also be looking into starting a “Drinking Liberally” type club for college students. I have a bar in mind, but I need a name. Ideas will be greatly appreciated. E-mail me at OkieAtty@gmail.com . This could be a prototype for other GOTV efforts for college-aged voters if this experiment works. Besides, I like beer.

    A few things- if you’re in the Norman or OKC area next week, come see Bill. Noon at the Lloyd Noble Center at OU. It will be fun and is the highest, and largest profile visit by any camp this election cycle. Next, please note that Hillary is the only Democratic candidate to take on women’s reproductive rights today on this 35th anniversary of Roe. Obama’s lack of public record speaks volumes about his lack of Democratic cred. Hammer him with it.

    Don’t forget to contribute. There’s a chance to hang out with Team Clinton at the next debate in LA. So sign up, and donate. Money keeps this dream alive. And contribute to this site. I will be doing so before week’s end. Instead of seeing Bill, I’ll spend some of that money here because this place is great for support and ideas and also venting. We share a lot here and I cannot wait to meet some of y’all this year.

  173. Oh, speaking of Lou Dobbs… I about lost it when he called him “precious Obama” and went on to basically say he tried to be a streetfighter but came across like a whiny baby. Friggin’ priceless. So from from here on out Bwak, Omega, Obama, BO, Stinky will be “Precious.” 👿 How appropriate (and a lot easier to spell than Little Lord Fauntleroy).

    Edwards did well last night. He earned my respect back. But Hillary had the right combination on all issues and owned the economy, healthcare and foreign policy. Her answers on race and gender were good.

    I watched the debate at my local watering hole. The waitress, a friend and client, is AA and recently registered to vote. This will be her first presidential election and she has been asking lots of questions about all the candidates. She is new to this whole process and she watched the debate with me (one of the reasons I went was to help her watch it). Her take at the end about the MLK question: Edwards most like MLK bc of his stance on poverty, Hillary most competent and knowledgeable and a fighter like MLK, and Obama just cloaked himself in being an AA but really wasn’t in her opinion. She said she didn’t believe he cared about AA issues really and was just acting like it for votes and she didn’t like being pandered to. This young lady is now in our camp. She will be volunteering and will attend Bill’s rally next week.

    Go Big Pink. Hillary is 44.

  174. oh, so much for Kerry’s endorsement. Or Deval Patrick’s…..

    Delegates At Stake: 121. Awarded Proportionally

    Survey USA
    Date: 1/16
    Added: 1/18/08
    Est. MoE = 4.2% [?]
    Hillary Clinton 56%
    Barack Obama 23%
    John Edwards 14%
    Unsure 4%
    Other 3%

  175. In what country do we disparage the first woman to be on the board of a major corporation, even if it is Walmart?

    Didn’t she make a HIllary-sized hole in that board, pretty quick? 🙂 Pushed them to environmental standards for one thing, and Gore came right through and greened them some more.

    It’s not what board you sit on, it’s what you DO there.


  176. Hillary picked up United Farm Workers today.

    “Si Se Pueda”

  177. Did anyone else catch Obama during the debate when he and Hillary were going at it about Reagan, Obama said he did not praise Reagan and then accused Hillary of giving more praise to Reagan in Tom Brokow’s new book? So which is it I did not praise him or I did, but you praised him more.

  178. You know Koster,

    mostly, mostly I like the way you put things…
    but every once in a while, I feel like…feel like Pow, as Jackie Gleason
    used to say.

    Of course I won’t, because I’m just a wimpy, whiny Iowan broad.

  179. Please remember whenever it comes up, to vote against any more caucuses. They are highly discriminatory and non-democratic.

    There is no reason why each state should have their own rules for national elections, nor should two parties make up all the rules. Nor should they control what kind of machines are used or how many are apportioned and to whom.

    If Jimmy Carter were monitoring our caucus, we might not have been certified. And no, the Obama crowd was not penalized.

  180. Awww, Emjay. Hugs to you. I hate caucuses, but I don’t blame Iowans for the result. Methinks a good many of them weren’t Iowans but Illinoisans, anyway.

  181. Bedtime, but I have to ask a question before crash…

    Maybe it’s just me and the overwhelming political ignorance that I have, but why doesn’t the Rezko story ring warning bells for investigative journalists everywhere? I have read stories tonight where people remind readers that Obama hasn’t been charged with anything (and he hasn’t) But a politician with a 17 year association with a proven slumlord under federal indictment, who has provided at least hundreds of thousands of dollars to his campaign, and for whom the politician worked for and wrote letters on his behalf of as part of this same slumlords scheme to get non-profits organizations so that he could scam the government…well, why on Earth wouldn’t this relationship be examined closely for possible illegalities by the politician? Why is it assumed Obama is some innocent here? He doesn’t look like he is so dumb that he couldn’t tell something shady was going on. And he had to have known Rezko was under indictment or investigation at the time he helped out with his house loan? Why would Rezko be so willing to help Obama if they didn’t have some kind of very close relationship? Thank God the Chicago newspapers are appalled. If it weren’t for them the story would remain hidden.

    I know the media is still in their love fest with Obama but these are the same people that went after the Clintons like there was no tomorrow and that was over a business deal. Why is the media buying Obamas “5 hours of work story”? It’s such a blatant and obvious lie. Back in another time we used to make sure our candidates didn’t have shady dealings that might come back to haunt them later. It’s just fascinating to me to see that, evidently, we just don’t seem to care anymore. I guess there is no more investigative journalism…

  182. i was reading tm too.. just got done and her comments she has more..she is talking with chicagoans…there is people going there and here and reading all about it until they understand it and i am one who is still figuring it out…i got some it down but there is lottsmore…look at some of the comments…at tm…

  183. Taylor Marsh has a great article on Rezko. It just amazes me though the the MSM isn’t suspicious about the whole Rezko story and doesn’t think it has to be explored. I guess they just want to wait until the trial and can’t bring themselves to get out of their Obama haze to take a good look at it.

  184. if msm does not report thoroughly on rezko then how does the passive observer interpret the debate exchange?

  185. Part of it is that investigative journalism requires a little work, not just yapping to their other pundit buddies and regurgitating each others opinions. Also MSM does not have the BALLS to report on Rezko. That’s the big problem. They lost them when they sucked up to Bush and allowed people like Dan Rather to be driven out without a peep from his cowardly colleagues.

    They could not find their own testicles with both hands. (Hi Ben!)

  186. When Hill wins nomination and the fences have been mended between the candidates what about using Sister Sledges “We Are Family” The song was used by the World Series winning Pittsburgh Pirates in the seventies its upbeat

  187. UGH. Christian Broadcasting Network? Pat Robertson’s brainchild? I don’t want to see a Democrat on there. More pandering to the wingnut Repugs by Obambi.

  188. Another seventies campaign song idea “Enough is Enough” with babs and summers being joined by contempory artists– in the chorus

  189. I think he is protesting the Muslim thing a little too much and now implying it is coming from Clinton camp. The more he protests the more Iam beginning to believe there may be something there. Afterall he lies about everything else why not that.

  190. It is interesting to speculate on how far ahead human civilization would be today if we could have avoided the Dark Ages and instead moved directly into the Renaissance and Enlightenment.

    It is equally interesting to speculate on how far ahead our country would be today, and how much better positioned to compete in the world environment if we had only adopted Hillary’s ideas on health care and education years ago, and if we had avoided the unmitigated disaster of Bush 43.

    Thank God for the country that Hillary is 44.

  191. wwboei
    more than anything her tenacity with regards to healthcare cements my support
    why doesn’t anyone talk about the number of Americans who did the right thing saved paid taxes and then proceeded in thier senescence to loose everything they had worked for thier entire lives. there are widows and widowers in america living hand to mouth because they had to use everything to care for a loved one.

  192. hillary’s and obama’s sc strategy. for obama its about race stupid-evenb bringing out michele bc her skin is blacker. online.wsj.com/article/SB120105705756408791.html?mod=googlenews_wsj

  193. What about Michelle frequently sayin ain’t on the campaign trail.
    She is a yale educated attorney she is pandering.

  194. rev jackson thinks obama is getting away from hope in sc an will come out in trouble?!www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp/22789538#22789538

  195. Well, the old curmudgeon Charles Krautheimer on Fox News had the line of the day.

    He was talking about how the Clintons have been trying to goad Obama into a street fight to bring him down into the mud off the pedestal the media has put him on and that Obama is making a huge mistake to attack.

    He concluded that the Clintons are the last people Obama want to fight with. “They are the best brass knuckle street fighters in the business. You get in a fight with them and you’ll wake up with a horse head in your bed…..”

  196. Did anyone take notice of obama accentuating infrastructure?
    bloomberg has craeted a coalitioin with regard to this issue.
    I have already stated that i believe they are working together.
    O is losing traction but Bloom may be gaining

  197. Vote Hope, a group with a PAC and 527, founded by Steve Phillips, emailed supporters today with a help-wanted, announcing that they’re “fired up to win California for Obama!” The email suggests that the organizing will be done through another group of which Phillips, son-in-law of the Democratic mega-donors Herb and Marion Sandler, is president, PowerPAC.

  198. Hello Barack Obama Supporter!

    With Election Day fast approaching, we wanted to let you know about a great opportunity to support Obama and get paid! On February 5th, PowerPAC, an organization supporting Barack Obama, will be hiring organizers to help turn out the vote. Here is the job description:

    Organizers are responsible for:
    • Calling Voters in specific locations and reminding them to vote.
    • Providing Voters rides to their polling location.
    • Checking polling locations to make sure supporters have voted.

    Specific Requirements:
    • Car and valid driver’s license w/ insurance strongly preferred.
    • Ability to work form 8am-8pm on Election Day: Tuesday, February 5th.
    • Must attend Mandatory one-hour training on Sunday, February 3rd.

    Organizers will be working out of Alameda, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego Counties.

    The Pay is $12.50/ hr and will include the 1-hour training on Sunday, February 3, a 12 hour workday on Tuesday, February 5 and $15 gas reimbursement.

    Do you want to Barack the Vote on February 5th? Contact the lead organizer in your region:

    Alameda County: —- Cell 202——-. Email: —-@votehope2008.org
    San Francisco County: —- Cell 415——-. Email: —-@votehope2008.org
    Los Angeles County: —- Cell 949——-. Email: —-@votehope2008.org. OR —-. Cell 818——. Email: —-@votehope2008.org
    San Diego County: —- Cell 323——-. Email —-@votehope2008.org

    Positions are going fast, so if you are interested, please contact the above organizers soon! We are fired up to win California for Obama!

    In solidarity,

    The Vote Hope Team

  199. apologies if this was posted earlier, but if you’d like to view HRC’s news conference without interruption or cherry-picked sound bites.

    CSPAN campaign network
    Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) News Conference (24 min.)
    Tuesday | Watch | Related Info

    (looks great in the taxi-cab yellow)

  200. From today’s Sun-Times: RUMBLES OVER REZKO

    In part, the Clinton team figured Rezko would become more of a campaign storyline because the Clintons rarely caught a break when it came to reporting about anything even remotely controversial about their lives.


    There are indications that Clinton and her allies will continue to press Obama on Rezko, especially as the Feb. 5 votes are looming in 22 states and Rezko’s trial is near. Meanwhile, Rezko hovers as an issue for Obama if he gets the nomination.

    For weeks now, the Republican National Committee has been circulating Rezko clips.

    Interesting article.

  201. About REZKO: Not even one A$$ hole at MSM asked this simple question so far: “How come we have never reported this story before?”

    The answer:
    Because they are media pimps.

  202. As Democratic candidates battle to gain the favor of black women in South Carolina, a key demographic in Saturday’s primary, African-American women in Congress, have already made up their minds: Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    Seven of 10 black female lawmakers who have made endorsements are supporting Clinton, mirroring a wider trend in congressional endorsements in which the New York senator has a wide lead over rivals Barack Obama and John Edwards.


  203. Some Democratic Party leaders would like to “chill Bill” and aides to rival presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama might be thinking more of the film “Kill Bill.” But when it comes to Bill Clinton’s controversial campaign comments in support of his wife, many voters seem to think the former president is just doing his duty as “Hill’s Bill.” [snip]

    Obama often mentions “Sen. Clinton and President Clinton” in the same breath and in a pejorative way suggesting they are running as a tandem team against him.

    But many voters seem to have no problem with this idea as they point out that if Hillary Clinton becomes president, Bill is the bonus.

    ‘We get both of them’ [SNAP !!!]


  204. Not sure where to categorize this but it makes no sense to me: BHO wants Georgia’s AG to investigate robocalls made about Hillary supporter John Lewis:

    “The calls urge listeners to call Lewis and tell him to support a member of the Congressional Black Caucus.

    “Obama’s camp wasted no time denying responsibility for the automated calls. In an e-mail to supporters today, Obama’s Georgia director, Eureka Gilkey, said they had received “disturbing reports” about the calls from metro-Atlanta area residents.”

    Can you say “suck up”?

  205. Morning all! I’m very exicited as our local paper had information on the Feb. 5 Minnesota caucus and how to participate. I always vote in state and national elections but have never been to the caucus. It’s being held at the very high school where I teach. I’m going to wear my Hillary is 44 button and have a blast! Can’t wait…

    On the DU someone is saying Obama had a “gotcha” moment on the Today show this morning (hope this shows up on YouTube):

    “Obama just made such an embarrassment of himself on the Today show. He was going on and on about how the Clinton camp hasn’t been consistent.

    So Meredith Viera takes him straight to the video….That is, the videos of HIM saying two different things about single payer health care.

    Then she asked him “where’s the consistency.” It was great. My advice to Obama: don’t write a check you can’t cash.”

  206. Dan Gerstein,

    For most of the campaign, that split was due in large part to doubts about Obama’s readiness. Now, it seems, Obama has less of an experience problem than an expectations problem. He is so inspiring and his rhetoric so grandiose that many voters come in anticipating a comparably breathtaking agenda – only to walk away shaking their heads at the dearth of status quo-shaking ideas.

    No 21st century equivalent of the New Deal. No moon shot. No ending welfare as we know it. Nothing yet that truly breaks the mold, exceeds our imagination or challenges Democratic orthodoxy.

    Is it audacious to hope for more than conventional solutions from such a transformational figure?

    Like a lot of uncommitted Democrats, I am excited by Obama’s promise. But he ought to know he’s in trouble when his opponent is stealing her strategy from Walter Mondale – Hillary Clinton actually revived the famous “Where’s the beef?” line at one point – and it’s working. If this keeps up, we may soon see there is a thin line between hope and hype.


  207. Good morning everybody!

    B Merryfield,
    The LA Times article is a pretty good wrap up. Lots and lots of little nuggets to chew on:

    But a government watchdog group that once lauded Obama for leadership on ethics says the Illinois senator should have known better.

    “Everybody in this town knew that Tony Rezko was headed for trouble,” said Jay Stewart of the Better Government Assn. in Chicago. “When he got indicted, there wasn’t a single insider who was surprised. It was viewed as a long time coming. . . . Why would you be having anything to do with Tony Rezko, particularly if you’re planning to run for president?”

    Obama’s connection to the businessman dates to his return to Chicago after graduating from Harvard Law School.

    The Times arrived at the total of more than $200,000 by reviewing donations dating back to 1995, primarily looking at people who had business relationships with Rezko. Aides to Obama said they thought the total for Rezko-linked donations was lower, but were uncertain of the exact amount.

    Just a few years ago, Rezko was hobnobbing with the emir of Qatar, squiring him to Springfield and Chicago. He sold to a British billionaire — but still helps manage — what would be the largest undeveloped swath of land left in downtown Chicago, 62 acres along the Chicago River. He even became partners in a planned power plant in Iraq.

    Obama has said repeatedly that he did nothing in exchange for Rezko’s early and consistent support.

    But in 1998, then-state Sen. Obama wrote to state and city officials urging them to provide funding for New Kenwood LLC, a company formed by Rezko and Allison Davis. Obama wrote the letters, first reported by the Chicago Sun-Times, on Illinois Senate stationery, saying: “This project will provide much needed housing for 4th Ward citizens.”

  208. B Merryfield,
    Yes but for the MSM to admit fault in Their Anointed One thay will have to admit fault with themselves…

    Btw, Lynn Sweet’s closing sentence is not un-interesting:

    For weeks now, the Republican National Committee has been circulating Rezko clips.

    Whaddaya know… Who could’ve imagined that the Rethugs 👿 would use Rezko?

  209. Has anyone seen this comment from the latest Zogby tracking poll? I wonder if something is really going on there and thus the Obama all out effort to keep campaigning there this week…or is Zogby just hedging his bets about the eventual outcome?

    “Like other states before, this race appears to be fluid. After the first night of polling, Obama led by some 20 points. The second night alone, Clinton was down by just 10. So, is there movement? Yes, back and forth.

    “The question here in South Carolina is, if Obama wins South Carolina, will his win be big enough? If his lead is cut to single digits, given where this race has been in recent weeks, it stands to be a big victory for Clinton. ”


  210. Obama’s whole campaign is based on some of the most noble and inspiring sentiments in political life: hope, togetherness, bipartisanship. As he proclaimed in February at a Democratic National Committee meeting: “There are those who don’t believe in talking about hope. They say, ‘Well, we want specifics, we want details, and we want white papers, and we want plans.’ We’ve had a lot of plans, Democrats. What we’ve had is a shortage of hope. And over the next year, over the next two years, that will be my call to you.”

    He’s stayed true to that pledge. Not only does he talk about hope — a lot — he talks about the importance of talking about hope.

    He talks about how he hopes to talk more about talking about the importance of talking about hope. Hopefully.

    He touts unity the same way. If we all buy into his “message of hope,” he explains, then everybody — blacks and whites, men and women, Republicans and Democrats, lions, bears and park rangers, Superman and Lex Luthor — will be united!

    But united toward what end, exactly?

    Or does it all boil down to being united about being hopeful and hopeful about being united?

    Obama’s fairy tale is the idea that we can get beyond disagreement. But democracy is about disagreement, not agreement. We have real arguments in this country, and the political arena exists for us to hash them out peacefully.

    Obama — and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger — promise to take the disagreement out of democracy. You can’t do that.

    What if you disagree with Obama’s ideas? Are you suddenly against hope? Given recent events, it seems that if you’re not with the Obama program, you’re fair game for tarring as a crypto-racist.

    And that’s what Obama supporters are willing to say about the Clintons!


  211. Per Mark Halperin:

    States include: California, New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma, Missouri, Connecticut, Massachusetts.

  212. I tried numerous times to copy the address for the latest from buckley
    for some reason wouldn’t happen
    anywho- buckley in his piece states that hill referred to rezko/obama and it was in defense that Obama brought up walmart. this is unfathomable. Unacceptable!!!
    Backslash and colon keys aren’t working so cannot post link
    but it can be found on yahoo–elections- opinion 3rd piece down

  213. timjcain,
    William Buckley’s an idiot. He clearly didn’t watch the debate as his timeline is off. He’s got it backwards – as so often. 🙂

    The link to the not readworthy piece:

  214. ABC News’ Teddy Davis Reports: Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., inaccurately claimed [1/22/07] that the Democratic National Committee has defended his decision to launch a national cable buy reaching a substantial number of homes in Florida, a state which violated D.N.C. rules by scheduling its contest before Feb. 5.

    “The DNC has consistently said that we have not broken that pledge,” said Obama.

    Obama’s claim is not true.

    “The DNC has not weighed in on the pledge because it was a pledge with the state party chairs from the four early states, not the DNC,” DNC spokeswoman Stacie Paxton told ABC News.


  215. Its one thing to take a biased stance it is another to flat out lie which buckley does
    i can’t believe any publication would knowingly print complete untruths
    we know what buckley is but there are people who believe everything they read

  216. On the plus side instead of coffee i think i will start each day with a buckley piece– he sure got my blood going

  217. skmf12 – I’m working on the ‘flyers to print at home’ project.
    So far the best bet looks like each local person to post/compose her own flyer at docs.google.com and notify her local people to check that site.

    docs.google.com is really easy. If you’ve got gmail or google groups etc you’ve already got the account.

    Each person having her own docs.google.com account is sort of ‘communist cell’ security, so trolls can’t post incorrect information. You can make reading each file as public as you like, or limit reading to people you know.

    After you post a flyer at docs.google.com, you can post a link to it at my new site, http://www.ironmyvote.com

    Are you or Shez ready for me to link to anything at her new site?

    1950democrat – a*t* g*m*a*i*l

  218. One final note about the debate. After watching it in reruns and then reading Texans4Hillary’s statement above, I’m now convinced that Hillary would appreciate a gift of our infamous “Texas Toilet Paper”, which is marketed as “The World’s Worst Toilet Paper!” because they both have something in common…you see Texas Toilet Paper is considered the world’s worst toilet paper because it, as well as Mrs Clinton apparently, doesn’t take shit off of anybody (if you’ll pardon my Texan)! :>)

  219. Halperin at ThePage reports that BHO did all three network news programs today. Can you say damage control ❓ 😉

    NBC: After reports on Ledger and the economy, Clinton was described as “waving the white flag” in South Carolina, where she trails by double digits in some polls. In live interview, Obama said he and Clinton have both spent millions in the state, and Bill Clinton is “not getting to me.” Shown Clinton campaign video on single payer health care, said he likes the idea but believes it is impractical.

    ABC: Fact check report calls out Clinton on a debate accusation about Obama and the Iraq War and both Clintons on their descriptions of Obama’s comments on Reagan and the GOP. Also flagged: Obama’s denial of endorsing single-payer health insurance. In taped interview, Obama said he wasn’t “looking for a fight” in Monday’s debate, but simply trying to “correct the distortions” of his record. Also said his campaign had returned funds associated with Rezko, acknowledged their link over a real estate deal may not look good.

    CBS: Following coverage of stock markets and Heath Ledger, Obama said in a taped interview that he does not regret anything he said in Monday’s “vigorous debate.” Also said economic stimulus was important and denied that his relationship with Rezko was anything but legal.

  220. John Kerry is sending out emails to his email list saying BO is being “swift boated”. He doesn’t name any names but he does say:

    “These are the same tactics the right has used again and again, and as we’ve learned, these attacks, no matter how bogus, can spread and take root if they go unchecked”.

    I think his implication is clear. What a loser. Bill Clinton helped him in ’04 when he rolled over and played dead during the swift boating thing. Now he is going to help BO??? Give me break.

    What can we do to stop this?

  221. Not only Buckley reversed the order of the Rezko – Wal-Mart clash. It was also reversed by Wolf Blitzer the next day on CNN. He made it clear Obama merely responded to her “attack” upon him with one of his own at her. If I remember correctly (LOL) Blitzer was there at least long enough to know that was false.

    No level is too low for Blitzer or Obama.

  222. Ronald, I’d suggest letters to the editor and comments at Boston Globe (endorsed BHO), Boston Herald, and other Mass. websites. People have not forgotten. Also, Deval Patrick is not so popular, either, and while Mass. bleeds he’s campaigning in SC.

  223. There is an intelligent article on the rasmussen site saying this:

    Campaigning hard by both Clinton and OBama in S.C will result in:
    1) AA bloc-voting regardless for Obama despite campaigning.
    2) Firmly making race is an issue in the campaign, because black people are bloc-voting.
    3) White people bloc-voting for Hillary.

    The article suggests that Hillary losing S,C will win the Dem Nominee.

  224. Good idea! If anyone is Swift boating its BO with his stupid attempt at an attack for HRC’s work at Walmart. She was the first woman on a corporate board and got them to listen to ideas like treating women employees as equals, bringing natural light into their stores with skylights, being more environmentally responsible. Crazy stuff!

  225. You know what made me sick yesterday was here in Iowa City, Obama’s office is still open. I am kinda excited for super tuesday so we can go brag and laugh at the fact that they wasted their money and time for the past year.

  226. I am so sick and tired to hear people say that they are swiftboated bla bla…. If you think you are swiftboated then hit it back and if you was not able to hit back then you are weak which means that you are not ready for primetime.

  227. Clinton schedule for today…..

    *all times Eastern

    Wednesday, January 23

    1:15 pm
    Hillary Clinton attends a campaign event at Philadelphia City Hall in Pennsylvania

    5:30 pm
    Hillary Clinton hosts a “Solutions for America” rally with Senator Bob Menendez in Hackensack, New Jersey

    7:00 pm
    Hillary Clinton hosts a “Solutions for America” rally with Senator Bob Menendez in North Bergen, New Jersey

  228. Sherm Kader Says:

    January 23rd, 2008 at 8:54 am
    Not only Buckley reversed the order of the Rezko – Wal-Mart clash. It was also reversed by Wolf Blitzer the next day on CNN. He made it clear Obama merely responded to her “attack” upon him with one of his own at her. If I remember correctly (LOL) Blitzer was there at least long enough to know that was false.

    i guess since she was so quick to answer his attack, they got it mixed up. this is what happens when people don’t pay attention and there’s not an instant replay or a ref on the field… congrats to hillary for answering his attack so quickly. it was like “oh really? well, have that, you bully!”

  229. * A John Edwards supporter gets it…..


    Ouch…knockout punch?
    Posted on Wed, Jan 23, 2008 at 3:34 AM

    Barack Obama’s got a lot of good things going for him, but it’s really dangerous for politicians to claim that they are above politics, that they somehow transcend the weaknesses of typical politicians. Why?

    Because from time to time, all politicians are full of crap, even the best ones. Even John Edwards.

    The thing that allows us to forgive them is that we knew they were flawed before they proved it to us.

    When you set the bar as high as Obama has, however, you are forcing yourself to be perfect. When you lie, you pretty much destroy the entire rationale for your political existence.

    Here’s what’s happening right now in the campaign: Clinton is starting the process of demolishing Barack Obama. She’s finally doing it now because she think John Edwards is no longer viable. Until this point, she thought it was a three-way game of chicken, but because she’s discounting Edwards, she’s starting the process of eliminating Obama as an opponent.

    Her goal? To sweep the Super Tuesday states and end the primary on February 5.

    Today Hillary put out a brutal web advertisement (see below). It is brutal because it’s honest — one hundred percent honest. There’s really no recovery from it.

    During Monday’s debate, Obama forcefully denied ever having advocated single-payer. He said that he supported it in theory, but only if he were designing a health care system for scratch.

    As this web ad shows, Obama was lying — completely, totally, unequivocally.

    Now that he’s been caught in a full-throated lie, he moves from being St. Barack to just another politician.

    If he’d run on a progressive economic platform, liberals like me might have been willing to defend him, but I see no reason to. He’s made his own bed.


    As I said, this ad is completely, devastatingly honest. Here is the raw footage from which it was made:


    Now, if Hillary — or even Edwards — were caught in such a lie (they’ve probably uttered them) it wouldn’t be quite as big a deal.

    Why not?

    Because neither of them have made honesty or a new kind of politics the cornerstone of their campaign.

    Obama has.

    This ad also shows him flip-flopping. He’s claimed never to have flip-flopped, making him more electable than either Hillary or Edwards. Well, now that argument is toast.

    This comes on the heels of the effective assault on his opposition to the Iraq war. The basic Clinton strategy there was to concede that Obama was in fact against the war in 2002, but that he’d subsequently waffled (which he did), and voted to fund the war (which he also did).

    I’m going to predict that as of February 5, it will be clear that Obama will not be the Democratic Party’s nominee.

    Of course, I could be wrong.

  230. Is BHO going to be held accountable from the DNC for his actions toward campaign advertising in FL?? Why is not more being said about this????

  231. From First Read:

    From Chuck Todd, Mark Murray, and Domenico Montanaro
    *** Obama’s tough press day: Rezko is EVERYWHERE today. The Clinton campaign always wondered what it would take for the media to cover this story nationally. Well, have the candidate utter the words “slum lord” in a debate and voila. It’s easily Obama’s worst free press day of the campaign. It’s also a bit ironic, too, given that the Clintons have had many more problematic donors than Obama (Hsu, Gupta, Chung, Denise Rich, those donations to the Clinton Library). Then again, the point of the Clintons pushing Rezko is to make Obama look like just another politician who got caught up with a questionable donor. And if the Clintons can prove Obama’s no better than them then they can beat him on other points. It’s also worth asking why Rezko, and not Wal-Mart, is getting all the play today. The Clintons — at least in the short term — won the spin war after a debate that looked like a draw to us. Meanwhile, the Obama folks are pushing the two Clintons vs. one Obama story, and it’s getting its share of pickup. But nothing like Rezko today.

  232. According to that SC Zogby poll, Edwards and Hillary are splitting the white vote. He appears to have gained from his debate performance. That’s not a surprise, because he did very well. Maybe his boost will fade a bit by Saturday and Hillary can finish within single digits of Obama.

    BTW, Rasmussen is right: Hillary campaigning in SC won’t help. I have no problem with the media reporting that she’s writing off SC if that results in lowered expectations.

  233. Today’s NYtimes Too Nasty? Ron Klain concluded NOt Really!

    Too Nasty?
    By Ron Klain

    Since Monday night’s debate among Democrats, much of the talk in political circles has been around just how pointed the exchanges were between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.
    Were the exchanges – in which Obama criticized Clinton’s service on the Walmart Board, and Clinton questioned Obama’s association with a Chicago “slumlord” – too “intense and personal”? The question is being asked because many Democrats – who would be quite happy with either Clinton or Obama as the nominee – are concerned that harsh blows leveled in primary debates might damage the ultimate winner of the nomination. Are these two candidates advancing their own primary campaigns at the expense of the party’s shot at the presidency?
    In a word: no.
    That’s not to say that it is pleasant to watch the carnage. When you take two fierce competitors, add the best-funded and most-talented research, polling and consulting teams in recent memory – and mix in the rhetorically gifted John Edwards – you have three well-armed, well-equipped political powers on stage at the debates, capable of inflicting great damage on any political opponent, including one another. Nonetheless, Democrats overly concerned about the impact that the sharp exchanges might have on the party’s general election prospects have less to worry about than they fear.
    History teaches us that even when primary opponents inflict hard shots, the “victim” of those attacks – once he (or she) secures the nomination – is little worse for the wear. Most infamously, George H.W. Bush assailed Ronald Reagan’s economic plan as “voodoo economics” in 1980. Reagan went on to defeat Bush in the primaries, choose him for his running mate, and then win the general election in a landslide.
    During the 1992 primaries, Bill Clinton withstood a withering assault from Paul Tsongas, who called Clinton the “pander bear” – and worse. Tsongas’ harsh attacks did not prevent Clinton from winning that election. Equally strong barbs were thrown at Al Gore by primary opponent Bill Bradley, and by John McCain at George W. Bush in the 2000 primaries (not to mention hard shots going the other way, too). But these primary campaign attacks didn’t prevent Gore from winning the popular vote, nor Bush from winning the electoral college.
    For better or worse, the candidates would have to hurl much fiercer attacks than they did on Monday night before the Clinton-Obama-Edwards exchanges get anywhere near as hot as some other winning candidates have endured.
    Far from inflicting damage, these exchanges can serve as an inoculation against damage in the general election campaign. Every patient is familiar with the idea that you protect yourself from an ailment later by exposing yourself – via a vaccination – to a little bit of the disease now. The same is true for political attacks. Nothing that was said at the South Carolina debate will go unsaid in the October debates when one of those Democrats is the party’s nominee. Better to have the voters exposed to these issues now, and have the candidates address them in the warm and friendly confines of the primary electorate than have them emerge as new attacks in the harsher and graver venue of the general election.
    Moreover, there is something about the ability to throw – and absorb – a punch that is a legitimate part of what voters should be looking for in a candidate. If a candidate for president can’t overcome a shot from a fellow Democrat, then how can he or she overcome the sort of attacks and adversity that befall any president in the Oval Office? And if a presidential candidate can’t dish out some hits effectively, how can he or she win the presidency, or stand up for the United States in the world? Today’s rigorous presidential campaigns are essentially trials-by-fire, modern-day Arthurian battles: the candidate cannot take the office unless it is won, and it cannot be won except by combat.
    So watch the presidential candidate debates – in both parties – and know that the shots being taken by one partisan at his or her fellow party member are nothing compared to what is coming in the fall. Or, to quote the immortal words of Friedrich Nietzsche – and, more recently, Kanye West – “what does not kill me, makes me stronger

  234. Also from First Read:

    Time looks at how Clinton is avoiding and competing in S.C. at the same time. “As the race between Clinton and Obama has tightened and become increasingly heated, Bill Clinton has spent more and more time on the trail for his wife – often to mixed reviews. But their South Carolina strategy carries a one-two punch. By not actively campaigning here for most of this week, Clinton is essentially ceding the state to Obama, who, on the strength of the black vote, is ahead here by 10.5 percentage points, according to an average of South Carolina polls by Real Clear Politics. Not making a real effort here allows her to discount an Obama win as uncontested, and hence less meaningful. But by leaving the state to her husband, who won two presidential contests here, she makes it impossible for Obama to relax or focus his energies elsewhere.”

  235. We know BHO lied about the single payer health plan, but many others may not. I’ve read Hillary has an ad showing he lied about that. I just hope it’s running in South Carolina.

    The Baltimore Sun has a great article that spells it out completely. I don’t expect anyone from here to go read it since you already know it, but at least you might direct someone else to it.


  236. From Chuck Todd, Mark Murray, and Domenico Montanaro
    *** Obama’s tough press day: Rezko is EVERYWHERE today. The Clinton campaign always wondered what it would take for the media to cover this story nationally. Well, have the candidate utter the words “slum lord” in a debate and voila. It’s easily Obama’s worst free press day of the campaign.

  237. After the debate Hillary gained 1% and BO lost 1% Edwards lost 1% in the DT of Rasmussen:


  238. LawSchoolDem, Is First Read referring to today or yesterday as Obama’s tough day?

    As that Edwards supporter pointed out earlier, the problem is Obama set himself up on a pedestal in that area, and Hillary has not. Obama doesn’t seem to understand that when you have something embarrassing, you act preemptively (like when Hillary gave back all the bundled Hsu money) and get it out there. Sitting on it and hoping it goes away is the worst strategy.

  239. B Merryfield

    I read that yesterday I think in the article “Obama is no JFK”. What irked me, not only has that sub-committee not had any meetings since Obama has been the chair he has not visited Eastern Europe at all. He touts his extensive travels as part of his expertise on foreign affairs.

  240. rjk1957, yes, I had read the links about his “foreign policy experience”, hence easy to find. What was missing is this new piece about NATO. BHO is so TOTALLY out of the loop. Can you say dropped the ball … again 🙄

  241. How well is Edwards doing in SC? I mean, he was born there and is the neighboring Senator so he shouldn’t do so bad there, but at the same time, I hope he doesn’t beat Hill.

  242. true2party: that switch was no accident. I believe some asshole in the CNN editing department did this and I am pursuing it on a different website. It creates the false impression that Hillary cast the first stone whereas she was merely defending herself. I do not accuse Wolf because I think he has been fair to her in both debates in giving her the time and opportunity to answer charges.

  243. mj, I don’t think he’ll beat Hillary but it seems the debate helped him there, at least in the short term.

    Also, did you all read that WaPo item B Merryfield linked? Do you agree with their characterization?

  244. Not really, Paula. He claimed yesterday that Obama brought up Walmart after Hill brought up Rezco, but it was the other way around.

  245. During the 1992 primaries, Bill Clinton withstood a withering assault from Paul Tsongas

    oh man. I was so young back then. I remember just being into politics then and I LOVED Paul Tsongas. I didn’t know who Bill Clinton was….but maybe it was because I just liked the name “Paul”….that was my first bf’s name. 🙂 Ross Perot made me laugh and I liked him too. and no, I’m saying that losing jobs overseas was funny. It was Ross Perot who was funny.

  246. b merry, I blocked Dkos from my computers (all of them), so I can’t go there.

    Daily Kos is dead to me….ha ha ha ha

  247. by the way, truthteller2007’s rezko fact check is still on the recommended list at my dd. please recommend if you have not already done so.

  248. BHO’s Wal-Mart jab shows how out of touch he is with working people. Some people can’t afford not to shop at Wal-Mart. Not to say it is the greatest company around, but the largest complaint about them, lack of unionization and no health insurance, would no longer in a large part be a problem if HRC’s healthcare plan is put into action. And what did HRC do when she was ON Wal-Mart’s board? All board members do is to technically oversee management, who are responsible for making all business decisions. Wal-Mart has its problems, but I’ll take being a board member of a company that provides working people with things they need at a low price to REZKO any day!!!

  249. BTW, we all know Obama is touting his ability to work with Repubs. Keep in mind, Hillary has a real track record in that area in the Senate. Should she win the nomination, I’m sure she’ll emphasize that as she tries to broaden her support.

  250. this whole Wal-mart deal with Obama and his supporters is crazy. What a hypocrit to say anything about Hillary being on the board back when it was a much smaller store chain and based in the damn state of arkansas. it’s like hello?

    some people are just too elitest for their own good. next thing they’re going to say is that eating at mcdonalds, the way that Bill Clinton still does (big macs), is evil. i bet Hillary’s fave at mcdonalds is a fiesta salad…..yum.

    of course some things that go on with fast food joints these days is dispiscable, but i still eat there……sometimes. 😉

  251. I say good ahead and tape Bill, and please share it with all your fans, Obama. People love Bill Clinton. This guy is looking dumb as rocks.

  252. Michelle Obama was involved with WAL-MART when Daley vetoed the Big Box Ordinance, which would have required WAL-MART and other superstores to pay their employees living wages at all their Chicago facilities.

  253. B Merryfield, I read that Fox transcript you posted. I don’t agree with a lot of what they say. To make the argument that the Clintons don’t care if the Dem party is divided makes no sense. She needs a united party to win the GE. Duh …

  254. Paula, I agree with you and, of course, disagree with Fox. The point they make, though, that you have to be careful what you wish for applies to BHO’s “Truth Squad” .. don’t go snooping around for “truth” about others unless you’re sure nobody will find “truth” about you.

  255. Hillary should bring up Walmart and Michelle Obama if bambi keeps on trying to trash her or bill.

    Jan 18 poll has Ca tightening…not comfortable with 5% unless the demos are proof in the pudding

    looks like rezco slumlord is starting to get some traction…hope the media gets really interested

  256. I have a question about this Mark Halperin bit posted at 8:49 a.m. by B Merryfield. What exactly did the Clintons misrepresent about Obama’s Reagan comments? His Reagan stiff seemed pretty clear-cut on the videos. I tried to find the ABC Fact Check thing on this online and couldn’t.

    ABC: Fact check report calls out Clinton on a debate accusation about Obama and the Iraq War and both Clintons on their descriptions of Obama’s comments on Reagan and the GOP. Also flagged: Obama’s denial of endorsing single-payer health insurance.

  257. I posted the 4 July diary as a Hot Topic at Taylor Marsh. Perhaps others will have an opinion or two now that Obama mentioned WAL-MART during the SC debate. But remember I wrote the diary at the peak of Obamamania.

  258. * LOL! And the Big Media idiots think Bill’s not an asset?!


    January 22, 2008, 6:32 pm

    Dance Off!
    By Katharine Q. Seelye

    GREENVILLE — Former President Bill Clinton said today that he would take Senator Barack Obama up on his challenge last night to prove himself as the first black president by entering a dance competition — against Mr. Obama.

    Mr. Obama was asked at last night’s debate whether Mr. Clinton was “the first black president,” as Toni Morrison, the novelist, has said. Mr. Obama replied that he would first have to see whether Mr. Clinton can dance before calling him a brother. It was a brief moment of levity in a contentious slug-fest of a debate with Senator Hillary Clinton and former Senator John Edwards.

    In response to a question at a town hall meeting here today, Mr. Clinton said, “I would be willing to engage in a dancing competition with him, even though he’s much thinner and younger than I am, but only if I got an age allowance.”

    The audience laughed and applauded. No response from the Obama campaign yet as to whether they want to go toe to toe, literally, with the former president on the dance floor. They have been going head to head lately, but Mr. Clinton today had largely shed his combative persona and appeared more relaxed.

    He was asked several other questions here specifically relating to race.

    One young man, whom Mr. Clinton later suggested might have been from the Obama campaign, said to him: “A lot of us believe Senator Obama eventually will be the first black president. Are you going to be OK with having stood in his way? Do you think that will affect your legacy among blacks in South Carolina?”

    “No,” Mr. Clinton replied. “Yes and no. Yes, I’m OK, but I’m not standing in his way; I think Hillary would be a better president.” This brought a round of applause as he went on to say that “with the severity of our economic challenges and the severity of our challenges abroad,” the country needs someone who is “ready for the job on the first day.”

    He said this reasoning did not amount to standing in Mr. Obama’s way. “No one has a right to be president, including Hillary,” he said. “Keep in mind, in the last two primaries, we ran as an underdog. She was out there as the underdog winning in New Hampshire, where no one thought she could win, and in Nevada, where all the organized forces were against her.”

    He said he hoped to have the chance to vote for Senator Obama “some day,” presumably after Mrs. Clinton has served two terms.

    Mr. Clinton told the audience, about half of whom were black, “I think it would be just as much a change, and some people think more, to have the first woman president as to have the first African-American president.” The crowd whooped and cheered.

    As for his legacy, he said: “My legacy, whatever it is, is done. I did what I did.” By his own measure, which is whether people were better off after he left office than when he started, he said his presidency was a success.

    At yet another point, he said he understood the pride that African-Americans felt in Mr. Obama’s candidacy. “We honor your decision,” he said, “but we think you ought to support Hillary.”

    He then went on to say it was a sign of progress that a black man and a woman could have such a spirited debate as they had last night. “I know you think it’s crazy, but I kind of like seeing Barack and Hillary fighting,” he said. “They’re real people, flesh and blood people, they have differences, let them have it. That’s America. I’ve been waiting all my life to see this sort of thing.”

    He was applauded throughout, and the crowd thronged around him afterward seeking his autograph and pictures.

  259. Another thing to keep in mind: There’s tons more interest in the Dem nomination fight than the GOP one. Remember all the record turnout in Iowa, NH and NV? Meanwhile, in SC turnout for the GOP primary was only 13 percent.

    My point is, Repubs who think the hard-fought battle among Dems helps them need to think again. Our nominee will be all the more formidable in November because of what’s happening now.

  260. Dot-

    What 1/18 poll? If it isn’t on RCP, it isn’t reputable. The most recent polling has her ahead by double-digits, as does the latest poll, (Field 1/14-20)

  261. *Hillaryland plays chess. A look at the post-S.C./Super Tuesday strategy…..


    Clinton Now Looking Beyond S.C.
    Focus on 4 Delegate-Rich States Is Considered Risky

    By Anne E. Kornblut and Shailagh Murray
    Washington Post Staff Writers
    Wednesday, January 23, 2008; A01

    SALINAS, Calif., Jan. 22 — The next Democratic presidential nominating contest will take place in South Carolina on Saturday, but Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has already turned her full attention to places such as this: delegate-rich pockets of states that will vote in a tidal wave of primaries two weeks from now.

    Clinton has been focused on California, New York, New Jersey and Arkansas since her defeat in the Iowa caucuses earlier this month, betting that she can sweep states where her name recognition and popularity are strong.

    The logic seems simple: She represents New York in the Senate, and New Jersey is next door; she was the first lady of Arkansas for a decade; and California will be the biggest prize when 22 states vote on Feb. 5. But in a system that awards delegates by congressional district, with some worth more than others, the calculation is far from straightforward, and Clinton backers fear that the setup could boost Sen. Barack Obama if he fares well in populous corners of key states.

    Her strategists call it a “game of chess,” part of the byzantine path to the Democratic nomination in a campaign that has pitted two strong front-runners and a determined third candidate, former senator John Edwards, in a tight battle from one contest to the next.

    The approach is demanding. Clinton made a one-day cross-country round trip to visit this vital district, a heavily Hispanic area with a number of less-affluent voters who her advisers believe are likely to support her. She hopes to sweep the entire state of California, and polls have shown her doing well statewide, but it is just as critical that she pick up the five delegates that come with the Salinas area. Under the Democratic nominating rules, 70 percent of California’s delegates will be awarded on a district-by-district basis; the remaining 30 percent will go to the candidate who wins statewide.

    The same is true for the other big-prize states, forcing the Clinton and Obama campaigns, despite their record fundraising and an avalanche of media attention, to make carefully targeted choices about where to send the contenders and where to place ads.

    On this trip, Clinton won the endorsement of the United Farm Workers, the union founded by César Chávez, and tailored her pitch to the area’s economic concerns.

    “When I talk about what I want to do as your president, it is about you and your families, your jobs, your futures,” she told a crowd of cheering supporters, including numerous farmworkers, at Hartnell College.

    Clinton strategists think Obama will do better in African American districts while Clinton will fare better in places such as this, with a heavy Hispanic population. It is one piece of a puzzle that the campaign is putting together — or, in the words of one strategist, paring down — as it makes budget decisions. “You start out with this huge list of congressional districts and you slowly whittle it down” to ones that are winnable, the adviser said.

    Obama is making similar decisions. Although he has opened offices in all 22 states holding contests on Feb. 5, he is zeroing in on specific voter groups in which he believes he has an inherent advantage over Clinton. In New Jersey, one of his targets is independent voters. In Georgia and Alabama, he is seeking to replicate his South Carolina strategy by targeting African Americans.

    Clinton denied that she is skating past South Carolina, the first state where African Americans are expected to make up a majority of the Democratic electorate, in order to win states that are set up better for her. Her campaign is already walking a fine line with the black community in its criticisms of Obama, and aides want to avoid the appearance that she is ignoring the concerns of black voters in the South.

    In a news conference before she left Washington on Tuesday, Clinton argued that it is “absolutely not fair” to say that she is ceding South Carolina to Obama, who is campaigning there most of this week. After traveling to California and Arizona on Tuesday, she was scheduled to return to Washington late that night and then go to New Jersey on Wednesday.

    “I have a couple of obligations that I have to meet today and tomorrow, but my husband and my daughter are in South Carolina, and we are waging a very vigorous campaign in South Carolina,” Clinton said. “We are obviously on the ground, pushing hard.”

    But Clinton strategists have done the math. More than four in 10 of the delegates awarded on Feb. 5 (the day when half the overall Democratic delegates will be won) lie in the four states at the heart of their plan: California, New York, New Jersey and Arkansas.

    Obama, equally aware of the quirky math of the nominating process, began his ground operation months before Clinton. Because of her huge national name-recognition advantage, “it was important to get up and operational early,” said Steve Hildebrand, a senior Obama adviser. The one exception is Illinois, Obama’s home turf.

    The Obama campaign’s heavy emphasis on grass-roots organizing, which served it so well in Iowa, has led it to target the six states that will hold caucuses rather than primaries on Feb. 5. These are typically lightly attended affairs, but they could deliver big returns if Obama can follow his Iowa model of identifying a pool of supporters, including nontraditional participants such as college students and independents, and methodically turning them out.

    The big three in that category are Colorado, Kansas and Minnesota. But the campaign also is active in North Dakota, where Obama has three offices; Alaska, where he has two; and Idaho, where he has one. To help balance out Clinton’s edge with Democratic Party faithful, Obama is seeking endorsements in all six of the caucus states and may be close to securing the nod of Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, sources close to the campaign said. (The Clinton team counters that the Feb. 5 caucus states are relatively unimportant, accounting for just 12 percent of the delegates who will be awarded that day.)

    To catch the attention of voters who will cast their ballots early, the Obama campaign picked Arizona and California for the airing of its first round of Feb. 5 ads. San Francisco Bay area residents are among the most likely to vote early, and Obama’s California ad targets them by addressing his call for alternative energy sources, a major local concern. Obama scored a key Bay Area endorsement, from longtime Rep. George Miller, a close ally of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

    The campaign is also tackling the No. 2 prize of New York by congressional district, seeking to capitalize on a rule that would grant Obama two-fifths of all delegates if he can hit the 31 percent mark in each district. “We don’t plan to win New York, but we do plan to take a lot of delegates out of there,” Hildebrand said. The Clinton team has the same approach in Illinois. That is why Clinton stopped in St. Louis en route from Las Vegas to New York after winning the Nevada caucuses last weekend, making an appearance that would be seen in crossover media markets in Illinois.

  262. dot48, every other poll has her ahead by double digits. Also, many votes have already been cast in early voting, so those people probably are not talking to the pollsters anymore. Some 40% will have already been cast by Feb 5th.

  263. wapo, i’m not sure what to make of it. it makes it sound like the nomination might be like the election…popular votes loses.

  264. admin should post some newer polls LOL. The caucus states are worrysome, I didn’t realize that 6 states left to caucus….

  265. This telephone survey of 897 Likely Democratic Primary Voters was conducted by Rasmussen Reports on January 14, 2008. The margin of sampling error for the survey is +/- 4 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.

    It’s over a week old, taken on ONE DAY, 1/14. It came out on the 17th, but was complied on the 14th. I thought you were referring to the RAS, but the RCP page clearly shows the date of the poll as being the 14th.


    Use the RCP page and their, “latest polls”, page for the most up-to-date numbers…

  266. Interesting point about the Washington Post from today’s Daily Howler:

    “For the record, the Post is a corporate partner of MSNBC”

    Seems to explain a lot.

  267. it looks like reading the Yahoo headlines:

    Obama hurling, slamming, accusing Hillary…..doesn’t help his image any. Clintons got him on the ropes and he’s frustrated, flustering and is not able to stay on his hope,change,give me your heart, I’ll save the world, campaigning….

    America is gettiing to really see who this guy is and what he is about.

    Brilliant stratedy, he’s having to slam her cause he doesn’t have a record or ideas to run on.

    Keep on obama….

  268. The Howler also has some very useful comments about what Hillary said about Reagan and the Republicans — contrasted with Obama’s and the media’s lies about what she said.

  269. Realist, I was looking at a Rasmussen Poll here that simply said, 1/18 that is here

    Goes to show that polls can be non indicative and it’s necessary to read the polling date, something I don’t do LOL

  270. Arizona is a Super Tuesday state. Hillary campaign there yesterday.

    Hillary draws 10,000 AND is ahead of Obama by 21 points in Arizona.

    She made a campaign appearance on just more than 24 hours notice, yet drew an estimated 10,000 people. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Nice pictures in the eastvalleytribune news article linked below:


    New Arizona Poll:

    Clinton, 45
    Obama, 24

    On the Republican side,

    McCain, Arizona’s senior U.S. senator, 41
    former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, 18


  271. It makes sense for Hillary to concentrate on the delegate-rich states. As I said before, I’m glad she’s not overinvesting in SC like she did in Iowa. I’m glad she has a head start in those states while Obama is spending all his time in SC.

  272. Paula, I agree.

    SC — 54 delegates.

    Super Tuesday Delegates:

    North -Connecticut 61D, 30R; Massachusetts 121D, 40R; New Jersey 127D, 52R; New York 280D, 101R

    South – Alabama 60D, 48R; Arkansas 47D, 34R; Delaware 23D, 18R; Georgia 104D, 72R; Tennessee 85D, 55R

    Central Plains -Illinois 185D, 70R; Kansas 40D, 39R; Minnesota 88D, 41R; Missouri 88D, 58R; North Dakota 21D, 26R; Oklahoma 47D, 41R

    West – Alaska 18D, 29R; Arizona 67D, 53R; California 441D, 173R; Colorado 71D, 46R; Idaho 23D, N/A R;

    Montana N/A D, 25R; New Mexico 38D, N/A R; Utah 29D, 36R

    D = Democrat

    R = Republican

  273. Massachusetts — 121 delegates.

    Most recent poll:

    Survey USA
    Est. MoE = 4.2%
    Hillary Clinton 56%
    Barack Obama 23%
    John Edwards 14%
    Unsure 4%
    Other 3%

    This in spite of Obambi endorsements by Boston Globe, John Kerry and Governor Deval Patrick.

  274. Hey people, I haven’t read the full thread yet, but I’m just gonna jump in with this thing I read somewhere, that just PISSED ME OFF!!!!
    You have got to be kidding me!!! I didn’t think this kind of “reporting” was possible.

    Finally with Hillary bringing up Rezko’s name in the debate, the media has no choice now but to report on it. Well…after the debate, CNN’s Anderson Cooper looked clueless, saying ‘this slum lord’ (not his name).

    Then this article in Washington post: tinyurl.com/2d2mnl . Read this paragraph, very conveniently leaving out JUST his name!!!

    “Clinton quickly retaliated: “I was fighting against those [Republican] ideas when you were practicing law and representing your contributor . . . in his slum landlord business in inner-city Chicago.””

  275. Gorto, don’t worry about it. Rezko is everywhere in the media today. Diane Sawyers mentioned the land deal.

  276. Good to get some of this frustration out!

    If your like me, check out this great picture of Hillary, she looks fab!!
    Cheers me up. 😀

    See what color can do to a woman?!!!! And that red suit she just wore, wonderful Hillary wear more color!


  277. good to hear filbert, but still, this was a low blow by this ‘reporter’. He was going out of his way to not write his name.

  278. BM, Rahm Emanuel is Bill’s protege. I remembered an interview he did with Charlie Rose in which he repeatedly quoted Bill. Thinks the world of him.

    I don’t think Emanuel is behind BO.

  279. I don’t doubt there’s more Rezko stuff coming out. It won’t be from her campaign, though. But she probably knows where the media is going with this.

    BTW, remember on Saturday that Sun-Times story said a source confirmed Obama was the unnamed political candidate in the Rezko indictment? His campaign denied it. Someone’s not telling the truth here.

  280. B Merryfield, Emanuel is the only Illinois congressperson staying neutral in the race (the others back Obama) because of his longstanding ties to the Clintons. He’s friends with Obama, too.

  281. Oh geez! Obama camp files complaint with Nevada Dem.

    Story on Yahoo under the “Politics” section.

    “WASHINGTON – Barack Obama’s presidential campaign complained in a letter to the Nevada Democratic Party Wednesday that rival Hillary Rodham Clinton benefited from numerous violations of party rules during the state’s caucuses on Saturday.


    The letter to Nevada Democratic Chairwoman Jill Derby from Obama lawyer Robert Bauer lists instances of early door closings, obstruction of voters, and improper handling of voter preference cards. Obama aides said the campaign has received more than 1,600 complaints, including 300 that came in to a hotline at the time of the caucuses.”

  282. Kostner,

    Responding to your last night’s comment.

    Right. Shannon O’Brien was the Dem candidate against Romney in the 2002 Massachusetts gubernatorial election.

    She hasn’t shown any intention to run against Kerry in the primary. She is a very loyal Dem party member. I don’t think she would ever consider running as an Independent against John Kerry.

  283. Let’s see, this is the first time Nevada held a caucus and way more people than expected showed up. Think THAT might be why there were some problems? Hillary’s people reported the same thing. How exactly did Hillary benefit from these violations anyway? Maybe they helped Obama.

    This whining is really getting on my nerves.

  284. Clinton Campaign Memo:

    Clinton Campaign Memo on RezkoToday, Sen. Obama went on the morning shows and was asked about his relationship with Tony Rezko, the Chicago real estate mogul who is now under federal indictment in Chicago for influence peddling. Despite the fact that Mr. Rezko was Sen. Obama’s political patron for years, Sen. Obama has repeatedly tried to minimize the closeness of their relationship.

    This morning was no different: When asked about his relationship with Mr. Rezko, Sen. Obama misrepresented basic facts and contended that “nobody had an inkling” of Mr. Rezko’s legal problems during the course of their relationship – including during their controversial land deal. Sen. Obama’s assertion is contradicted by press reports, federal indictments and independent groups.


    – Obama said ‘no one had an inkling he was involved in any problems’ at the time of his relationship with Rezko. He was somebody who I knew and had been a supporter for many years. He was somebody who had supported a wide range of candidates all throughout Illinois. Nobody had an inkling that he was involved in any problems. When those problems were discovered, we returned money from him that had been contributed, and what is true is that I also purchased a piece of land from him. Everything was above board, and there’s been no allegations that there wasn’t. [CBS, 1/23/08]

    – Obama said, ‘no one had any indications [Rezko] was engaging in wrong-doing.’ Well, we have returned any money that we know was associated to Mr. Rezko and that is something that if there’s additional information that we don’t know about, we’d be happy to return the money. The facts are this. This is somebody who was active in politics in Illinois, who I knew. Nobody had any indications that he was engaging in wrong-doing. [ABC, 1/23/07]

    – June 2005 – Obama and Rezko made coordinated purchase of two adjacent properties in June 2005. Obama paid $1.65 million–some $300,000 less than the asking price, while Rezko paid full price. [Chicago Tribune, 11/1/06]

    – January 2006 – Obama purchased a strip of adjacent land from Rezko to expand his property. To preserve the aesthetic balance, Obama also wanted to put some space between his house and the proposed fence, so he personally asked Tony Rezko if they would sell a portion of their lot. The sale closed in January 2006. [Chicago Tribune, 11/1/06]

    – September 2005 – Chicago Sun Times reported Rezko was implicated in kickback scheme connected to the indictment of two close associates. Sources confirmed that Rezko was the ‘close associate’ implicated in Cari’s plea agreement. The plea agreement specified that Rezko and another ‘close associate’ rewarded campaign donors with fees from teacher pension consulting contracts. [Chicago Sun-Times, 9/16/05]

    – August 2005 – Chicago Sun Times reported two close Rezko associates were indicted for kickback scheme. A Glenview businessman who federal investigators believe received a $250,000 kickback in a state teacher pension scheme has had past business dealings with gubernatorial fund-raiser Antoin “Tony” Rezko, the Chicago Sun-Times has found [Chicago Sun Times, 8/7/05]

    – May 2005 – Chicago Tribune reported under headline: ‘Tony Rezko; Top fundraiser, adviser and close friend of Blagojevich faces scrutiny as controversies dog the administration in which he has played a crucial behind-the-scenes role.’ [Chicago Tribune, 5/26/05]

    – March 2005 – Chicago Sun Times reported that Rezko was under scrutiny for using fronts to obtain minority business certification. [Chicago Sun-Times, 3/18/05]

    – July, 2004 – Chicago Sun Times reported that Rezko was under scrutiny for failing to pay pizza chain employees. [Chicago Sun Times, 7/16/04]


    – Illinois Campaign for Political Reform: Obama continued relationship with Rezko after ‘it became clear’ Rezko ‘had such serious clouds overhead.’ “Nevertheless, the former state legislator and first-term U.S. senator seemingly missed plentiful warning signs that Rezko was headed for trouble with the law. ‘The senator exhibited some bad judgment in continuing the relationship once it became clear that Tony Rezko had such serious clouds overhead,’ says Cindi Canary, director of the nonpartisan Illinois Campaign for Political Reform.” [AP, 1/22/08 ]

    – Better Government Association of Chicago ‘Everybody in this town knew that Tony Rezko was headed for trouble.. why would you have anything to do with Tony Rezko’ “‘Everybody in this town knew that Tony Rezko was headed for trouble,’ said Jay Stewart of the Better Government Assn. in Chicago. ‘When he got indicted, there wasn’t a single insider who was surprised. It was viewed as a long time coming. . . . Why would you be having anything to do with Tony Rezko, particularly if you’re planning to run for president?’” [LA Times, 1/23/08 ]

  285. filbertsf

    He can complain all he wants, it is responsibility of the Nevada Democratic Party to have representatives at each caucus site to say when the doors close and I am sure they did. The Clinton campaign should file complaints about the union not arranging time off for workers who wanted to caucus for Hillary and had to go to management themselves to arrange it becuase the union told them unless they were caucusing for Obama they could not take of to caucusf.

    Hi is really grasping at straws now and is turning into Dennis Kucinich. Watch after Super Tuesday he will demand recounts in every state he loses.

  286. Here is an example between Obama’s poertry and reatlime prose: no credibility here

    It’s a familiar story. In most speeches Obama has a riff about how one tired morning, wet, cold and bummed out he went to an event far from civilization where a wizened old lady fired him up with her chants of “Fired Up! Ready to Go!” I was surprised to find today when I went back with Obama for a Greenwood rally that the reality did not live up to my imagination – or the imagination of many of my colleagues.

    First of all, Greenwood is not really in the middle of nowhere and it’s not a tiny town – as of 2006 it has a population of 22,400 and is more of a city than a town complete with federal buildings, a Marriot and a main drag that boasts a community theater (that’s playing Oklahoma!). It’s 90-minutes from both Columbia and Greenville — while far it’s not like many western towns that are really in the middle of nowhere, upwards of five hours from the next town with a population of 20,000.

    So big is Greenwood that Obama spoke today at Lander university, not a community college, not a full-fledged college, but a university. The event drew a couple thousand people, a far cry from the 20 folks Obama says greeted him on his first visit.

    Then came Edith Childs, the woman of “Fired Up, Ready to Go” fame. I’d imagined a little bird of an old lady barking out the mantra. Instead I was surprised to see emerge on stage a normal-to-tall 59-year-old woman in a purple hat and jacket who sang the cheer like she was standing in a choir – lots of aplomb, but no punch, no fire (see The Page’s video of it here). And as a speaker at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day celebration in Columbia yesterday pointed out, the chant’s origins can be traced back to the NAACP in the early 1980’s.

    Also, he complained of being wet and cold that morning, but upon reflection – the event happened in June. The rain today was likely far more chilling. So, yes, the woman and the town exist. I’m still checking if there really was a bad story in the Times that day

  287. 01/23/08 – Rasmussen

    Clinton 42%

    Obama 30%

    Edwards 15%


    ^^Data taken from after the debate – Edwards +1, Obama -1

  288. clintondem, I am FROM SC and know Greenwood well. There is no way in hell any human being has ever been cold in June in Greenwood, I don’t care if it was 2 am and pouring buckets and they were standing butt naked in it.

    It is simply not possible.

  289. The Obama campaign is wilting before our very eyes. Wow. Rezko is doing them in. This is what happens when Big Media actually does its job and vets presidential candidates.

  290. Really? Do you think they will actually stick with it? I have no faith in the media. I wonder what will happen in SC saturday.

  291. Yesterday’s article: NH Recount Uncovers Discrepancies — Result of Human Error Officials Say


    NH Democratic vote recount ended today, 1/23/08. Kucinich ran out of funds. Anyone want to bet that he’ll “find” some money?

    Obama did not gain enough votes that it mattered. Compare for yourself. It looks to me that Hillary actually picked up more than he did. Here are the results:


  292. The Rezko thing has certainly distracted Obama. However, I think his win in SC will quiet the media.

    I don’t want to be a negative Nancy/Nate, but I do think Obama will capture SC. The black voters are solidly behind him. In that Rasmussen piece someone posted, he said that it doesn’t matter how much Hillary campaigns there, the voters want to vote for their guy.

    I guess race does trump reason.

  293. Jesse Jackson won SC with over 60% of the vote. If Obama doesn’t beat Jackson’s number and/or doesn’t get significant non-AA support, it’s as good as a loss…

  294. Well that just proves that Hillary won New Hampshire fair and square. We all know that Obama was behind the recount, even if he denies it.

  295. Remember Hillary Clinton has a strong chance to win SC but with Edwards in the race it pulls votes from her. I think we can win there it’s will be tough because MSM is supporting Obama but I do think the debate helped Hillary.

    My issue is SEXISM is the underlining motivator as this cross all racial lines. Obama is a fresh face and most AA doesn’t know alot about him yet. So he has been able to get away with his sweet talk but the more information comes out and the fairy dust disappear the real face of Obama will appear.

    BTW/What is it with Hillary’s pollsters blabbling to the media about stuff they do not know what the Hell they are talking about. STOP with the Blacks don’t support Latinos and the LAtinos don’t support Black candidates crap. That is an opinion that is false and I should know…I support Latinos all the time in SoCal and the reverse is true with the Black candidates….geesh.

  296. filbertsf, You’re not being negative, just realistic, lol. I think if expectations are lowered enough for Hillary in SC, Obama’s win may not mean much in Fla. and the Feb. 5 states.

    Also, I believe momentum decreases from each individual state the further along the process you go. In other words, the maximum momentum was to Obama after Iowa.

  297. I don’t think it’s Mark Penn, it’s another “outside” pollster associated with Hillary’s campaign.

  298. I am pursuing it on a different website. It creates the false impression that Hillary cast the first stone whereas she was merely defending herself.

    My memory says that she was talking about some issues and he brought it to personal by saying he was on the streets seeing those in person when she was a lawyer and on the Walmart board. So she shot back saying at that time he was a lawyer doing work for/about? Rezko. Please don’t quote me on the exact words!

    This sort of simple inaccuracy in the media bothers me a lot! Where are you fighting it? This is simple and provable. All they have to do is look at their own trasncript and their own video.

    I’d love to see all the people who wrote and called to protest sexism, writing and calling to correct simple factual errors like this!

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