South Carolina Debate With Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Barack Obama – debate tonight on CNN. The debate begins at 8:00 p.m. (ET). The debate will last 2 hours. 

Wolf Blitzer will moderate. The first part of the debate will take place with each candidate standing and behind a podium. The second part of the debate will resemble the last two previous debates – there will be more of the candidates and less control by the moderators. Conversation between the candidates will be encouraged. The Congressional Black Caucus which is sponsoring the debate is in attendance. The debate takes place on the holiday to commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Do not expect REZKO or Obama’s violation of the Democratic National Committee rules forbidding campaigning in Florida, to be mentioned. Expect attacks on Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. We welcome the possibility of being wrong.

Watch the debate on the internet HERE.

Joe Johns: Economy. How much money would your stimulus plan put in the pockets of average South Carolinian?

Clinton: My stimulus package would address the mortgage crisis with a moratorium. I also have a way to put provide money for energy costs. We will have money for rebates but the right rebates. Bush is proposing rebates that leaves many out. We need the right kind of stimulus. On Dr. King’s day we need to address his legacy for economic justice.

Obama: The King march was for jobs. It is critical to give a stimulus to the economy. Senator Clinton’s plan originally did not have rebates. We can stimulate the economy.

Edwards: I am proud to be here on Dr. King’s holiday. Central to his work was equality between the races. The chasm between rich and poor is widening. What Bush does, as Hillary pointed out, leaves out 50 million Americans. The difference between what I propose and the others is to create long term jobs and green jobs. They both support the Peru trade deal. This is crucial to South Carolina.

Obama: The plan for green jobs is a long term solution. We are sliding into a recession. John is right that the textile mills are closing. NAFTA was a mistake. Hillary says this was good for the economy. I disagree on Peru. Peru is the size of New Hampshire. John you voted for China trade.

Clinton: I want to clarify. I don’t want to open up the tax codes while Bush is in charge. I wanted to do it through spending. Rebate money was separate but things have become desperate. I do believe the green collar jobs are possible now. We can put hundreds and hundreds of young people to work today. From a jobs and justice effort we need to lay down the markers now. We have to hold the line against Bush.

Edwards: What I have proposed on green collar jobs would be available in 30 to 60 days. The problem with Peru Barack is you are leaving it in the hands of George Bush.

Obama: In a year’s time it will be me who is enforcing the rules. I first moved to Chicago as a community organizer, I know what it is for families to have the rug pulled out from under them. NAFTA was a tremendous problem. China trade which you voted for also was a tremendous problem.

Malveaux: Clinton says she pays for her programs.

Obama: What she says is not true. There are a set of assertions made by Senator Clinton and her husband are not true. When president Clinton says it is a fairy tale I did not oppose the war it is not true, same with Republican policies.

Clinton: I could not agree more. Your record and what you say does matter. It is difficult to trace what Senator Obama has said because he always says that is not what he meant. The Republicans had ideas but they were bad ideas. I can give you the quotes. You have a lot of money for foreign aid but not how you pay for them. Elections are about the future but you have to look to the record. Neither I nor my campaign are saying you did not oppose the war. You gave a great speech. The problem is that by the next year you took the speech off your website and you voted for funding time after time.

Obama: Hillary I will be happy to provide you with the information. BACK AND FORTH BETWEEN HILLARY and OBAMA. While I was fighting you were on the Board of Wal-Mart. I did not say that about Ronald Reagan. The irony of this is that you gave more praise to Ronald Reagan in a new book than I did.

Clinton: We’re just getting warmed up. In an editorial Board in Reno you said 2 different things. I never mentioned Ronald Reagan. You mentioned Ronald Reagan, not me. You said the Republicans had ideas. I fought against Reagan while you defended your contributor and slumlord REZKO.


Edwards: ….. Both Senator Obama and I have proposals on Social Security not Senator Clinton.  Hillary does not want to talk about raising taxes. 

Johns: Sub-prime loans and African-Americans.  Have lenders specifically targeted African-Americans?

Edwards: Yes.  They have targeted the most vulnerable families. 

Blitzer: Does your plan prolong the agony?

Clinton: No it prevents the agony.  The mortgage crisis is not only destroying the dream of home ownership is having a worldwide ripple effect.  I disagree with those who say don’t do anything. 

Obama: We should help but not the speculators.  We have a history in this country of preying on poor people.  The bankruptcy bill was like this.  In the last debate Senator Clinton said she voted for the bill but was happy it did not pass.

 Blitzer: Respond to the slumlord charge?

Obama: I worked for someone and a church group and I did a few hours work.  Consistency matters.  Truthfulness matters. 

Clinton: I regretted voting for the bankruptcy bill.  I opposed the second bankruptcy bill.  There was an amendment on credit card charges over 30%.  Obama voted for it.  Senator Obama did the work of the insurance companies on the Illinois health care bill.  Obama does not want his record examined. 

Obama: I thought 30% was too high. 

Edwards: You voted for it because it was too high????

Obama: We had not talked about it.

Clinton: But you voted for it and the credit card companies.

Clinton: It is difficult to have a discussion with you because you never take responsibilities for your votes.  In Illinois Senator Obama voted 136 times “present”.  Voted present on sex shops near schools.  It is difficult to get a straight answer from Senator Obama. 

Obama: The bill on sexual abuse I sponsored.  I have family members who were victims of sexual abuse.  There was a legal problem with it.  You pick one vote.  People are not wanting to say anything to get elected.  I don’t mind having policy debates but I don’t enjoy having to enjoy these criticisms which are not factually accurate. 

Clinton: That law is still on the books.  It was never struck down. 

Edwards: I do think it is important whether you are willing to take hard positions.  People have to vote up or down.  Why did you vote for over 100 times “present” instead of yes or no. 

Obama: In Illinois you vote present if there are problems.

Edwards: You criticise us but you have done the same thing.  You pick one vote from us, you do the same thing.  What if I had not shown up to vote.  It would have been safe for me. 

Obama: Most of these votes had no political consequences.  I opposed legislation that is now being used against me.  It was not smart for me to oppose this war.  Illinois has a different system than Washington. 

Malveaux:  Healthcare.  Who would African-American women be better under your program?

Clinton: I do not leave anyone out.  We can withstand the attacks that will come. 


Johns: Does your healthcare plan cover illegal aliens?

Obama: No.  We cover children.  The issue is how are we going to get it done.  Hillary Clinton and President Clinton tried to get it done in the wrong way, behind closed doors. 

Edwards: None of our plans cover illegal aliens.  I strengthen emergency room help.  Senator Obama said we need to be honest about our positions.  Senator Obama’s plan is not universal.  Senator Obama has taken more money from the insurance companies. 

Obama: I don’t take PAC money or federal lobbyist money.  I’ve raised a lot of money.  This is a legitimate policy debate.  Hillary and John have in their plan a mandate which forces everyone to pay for insurance.  Senator Clinton is not clear on how that will be enforced.  The problem is that people can’t afford health care. 

Edwards: The problem with this argument is that you can say the same thing about Social Security.  Bush says people should be able to get out of Social Security if they want to. 

Clinton: If you don’t start out trying to get Universal health care you won’t get there.  It is imperative that from the very beginning we say everyone will be covered.  My plan does that.  This is a core Democratic principle.  I am not going to start out leaving 15 million people out.  Obama again has “evolved” .  This is like the “present” votes.  The Chicago papers said Obama voted present for political reasons.  I am not going to put band aids on the problem.  I will fight for this. 

Obama: Folks are having to pay fines in Massachusetts because they can’t afford it.  People will purchase it if they can afford it.  I never said we should try for single payer.  Your presentation of my positions is what has evolved. 

Johns: Iraq. 

Clinton: The surge pacified parts of Iraq.  The purpose of the surge was to force the Iraqi government to move politically.  What is moving the Iraqi government is what is happening here.  They know they will not have a blank check once I am president. 

Blitzer: John McCain says the surge is working.  He says the U.S. must not surrender?

Edwards: He’s wrong.  The surge was for political purposes. 


Obama: I want us to be careful getting out.  McCain says we can stay in for 100 years.

Clinton: I hope to have nearly all out within a year.  The problem is that Bush is trying to have a long term agreement with Iraq.  Bush thinks he will not need to go to our congress but only to the Iraqi congress.  We have to reign in President Bush.  We need legislation in a hurry.  Bush cannot bind our country without going to congress. 


Blitzer: Congressman Charlie Rangel said he likes you and is proud of you but that black voters should not do what makes them feel good but what is good for the nation?

Obama: African-Americans should do what is best for the country.  We differ on what is best for the nation.  I can unite the country and fight the special interests.  His principle is right but he miscalculates on his equation. 

Malveaux: Many African-American voters say voting for Obama would change how they see themselves?

Edwards: I am not going to tell African-American voters what to think.  No one has been more aggressive on ending poverty than I.  It is central to my campaign.  We need to take on this moral challenge.

Clinton: When I left law school I went to work not for a law firm but for Marian Wright-Edelman.  This infuses why I am in public services.  Standing up time and time again for health care and children.  But we need a reality check.  How do we end poverty?  The average AA family these past few years have lost income.  During the 1990s income for AA went up $7600.  We need a president who creates shared prosperity. 

Obama: I have put forward a comprehensive poverty plan.  But it is not just talking about it during a campaign.  I started my career as a community organizer.  One last point – the media has focused on race but as I travel around South Carolina people want to move beyond our divisions. 

Edwards: Before I was involved in politics I was involved in faith ministries.  I worked with the poorest of the poor.  I don’t want to have the poor thought of as a statistic. 

Johns: Obama, Toni Morrison called Bill Clinton the “first black president”.  Do you agree?

Obama: Well, Bill Clinton had an enormous affinity for the African-American community.  I have to investigate more Bill’s dancing abilities before I accurately judge whether he is a ‘brother’.

Clinton: I am sure that can be arranged.  I want to echo what Barack has said.  This campaign is part of making history.  What better way to celebrate the birthday of Dr. King than to look on this stage.  “Right has no sex, truth has no color” was said by Frederick Douglass.  We are competing for the most important job in the world.  We have to stay focused on the future. 

Obama: I’m glad that Hillary and John were giving me a tough time because it shows I’m good.  When I say we should not focus on my race or Hillary’s gender, we need to acknowledge that there is still racism.  How do we pursue racial justice? 


Clinton: We all have to address these issues.  We also have to fight for gender equality.  Women do not get equal pay and African-American women get even less.  You don’t hear Republicans speak to these issues.  We have a specific set of priorities. 

Edwards: I was born in South Carolina in the segregated south.  I saw things up close. 

Malveaux: People think your husband’s voice is too loud.  Is he overshadowing you?

Clinton: He is a strong advocate for me.  He feels strongly about this country.  Michelle and Elizabeth are strong advocates for their husbands.  But the big question is who is ready on day one and who can resist the republicans.  I think I make the best case for that.  Ultimately this is not about us, it is about the people of South Carolina, it is about people who come to me and tell me their stories.  Politics is not a game.  We have seen for the past seven years a president who does not care. 

Obama: All of us have smart and effective spouses.  I do not begrudge Bill Clinton campaigning vigorously on your behalf.  That is an asset to your campaign.  I am troubled by not having my record accurately portrayed.  When you say taking on the Republicans it is important to redraw the electoral map.  We Democrats have not had a working majority for a long time.  Bush and Cheney have given their party a very bad name.  We want to expand the scope of the electorate to get 60% support. 

Edwards: It is important for South Carolina to understand that they are not just voting in a primary but electing the next president.  I will fight the Republicans.  We always do well in Chicago and New York but not in rural areas.  I grew up in the rural south, I can go everywhere. 


Obama: John is right to compete everywhere. The polls I’ve seen show me winning. In Nevada I won in the north. We can reach out to all. On the issue of faith, I am a proud Christian. There have been times when the Democratic Party has not reached out to evangelicals.

Clinton: There are many polls showing me beating everyone too. We know that we will have a general election about national security. I believe I am better positioned on the issue of defending our country. The Republicans have been after me for 16 years and I’m still here.

Edwards: McCain has made central campaign finance reform. You talk about day 1 but I have committed to not having lobbyist in the White House.

Clinton: I will hire honest people. You employ lobbyists wives and others. I think I am tough enough to fight the lobbyists.

Edwards: When people give you money they expect something.

Clinton: You take money from trial attorneys.

Edwards: And they expect me to defend people.

Clinton: Lobbyists represent interests of the people paying the lobbyists.

Obama: No one is clean. On national security you say you are best prepared. I fundamentally disagree. We need to serve a strong contrast. We need to overcome the politics of fear. I will meet with our enemies and our friends.

Edwards: We need a visionary foreign policy.

Blitzer: final question. If Dr. King were alive why should he endorse you?

Edwards: I met with Martin III and he was happy that I was pushing the issues of equality and ending poverty.

Obama: Dr. King would not endorse any of us. He would hold us accountable. I believe change does not happen from the top down but from the bottom up. Transparency and accountablity is the hallmark of my career.

Clinton: Change comes from the extraordinary efforts of the American people. Dr. King pushed political leaders to get them over the line to become part of the movement. We are strongest when we lead by our values. I intend to make his legacy real.



487 thoughts on “South Carolina Debate With Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Barack Obama

  1. Anyone else watch PBS NewsHour and see Adam Nagourney first lie about where he saw OB’s TV ad (First he said FL, then quickly, “corrected”, himself and said, “uh I mean SC”, even though he was reporting from FLORIDA, where he’s covering the repubs.), then when Gwen Ifil said that it was a NATIONAL ad, he smiled sheepishly and said. “I guess that’s why I saw it in Fl.”

    The kicker; NO ONE MENTIONED THAT IT VIOLATED THE DNC’S BAN! Because it’s Obama…

  2. Hillary’s mic was on when she walked out and you could hear her pleasantly say hello to BO, JE, and Wolf. Her spirit and enthusiasm seem to be up and she’s looking great!

  3. So did Hillary tho!! She could have worn more colors in my view. But oh well-

    They showed an aa woman standing for Hillary, that was great.

  4. Hi guys,

    Had this site blocked today to et some work done. Now want to enjoy the debate with you all.

  5. Once again a debate sponsored by the black …something, can’t remember, but again for aa issues, this is good, but hasn’t there been incredibly many of these?

  6. That would so be it Psymac, he only has the majority of the african american support left, it that goes, so does he!!

  7. HRC setting the tone, great. I expect JRE to be his usual whiney self, adding maybe a little southern drawl for this audience, lol.

  8. Hillary great, she got a nice applause. Starting with the economy is always strong for her. Obama already stuttering.

  9. His face got stuck that way along time ago!!!

    His campaign is afraid that if he smiles, he’ll be seen as too young!
    Having an angry look on his face doesn’t help at all.

    The audience cheered, so I guess they are free to express themselves.
    Means Hillary has a great opportunity to get a good response from the audience, maybe a good laugh!

  10. Gorto, I disagree. I like these kinds of debates. And, african americans have a very influential spot in politics right now. I think they should flex their muscle, and get the issues of african americans, particularly the issues of their constiuents, addressed.

  11. Obama and Edwards both reffer to Hillary in their answers.

    “As Hillary said…”

    Get your own answers people

  12. It is just the area. Whenever I go to tennessee for a week or two and come home pople asking me why I am talking southern. You just fall into it without realizing.

  13. mj I don’t have a problem with these kinds of debates, I just feel it should be balanced out with for instances some debates on(or at least bring up) womens issues.

    Is this debate heading towards the kind of debate we saw in NH?
    They are attacking each other!!
    Did they learn nothing from that backlash?

  14. OUCH

    obama attacked Edwards…

    I hope Edwards EATS obama tonight. Especially since Edwards has NOTHING nad zilch, to lose

  15. Ya know, its very clear to me, HRC really wants to be president, the others are hoping to be, its pathetic the difference, not even close.

  16. Gorto, it’s up to women to organize that. African american men and women organized this debate and lobbied for it. If other people did that they would have debates like this as well.

  17. Obama attacking Edwards as well I guess is a way to not create the impression they are ganging up on her,

    oh the mill guy again…

  18. Wolf keeps interrupting Hillary while she’s speaking; he let’s Obama stutter incessantly without urging him to stop. Bullshit.

  19. mj I’m not against these debates, I just find them to be many, and once again giving obama many advances.

    I’d be happy just to have a debate closer to New York, he’s had debates held in Chicago….

  20. He is SO F*cking arrogant. I can’t stand him, and I can’t stand that people applauded his “I will be enforcing them” comment.

  21. On CNN stream, there is a “tracker” of opinions. Hillary’s response by far the highest. Obama’s “I will be president” caused him to sink a bit.

  22. Ok, Gorto, the point is, these particular groups decide they want to have these debates and then they lobby for them. It’s not really about the networks or the candidates.

  23. she is hitting him hard and he can’t answer back .. why is this important. she is whopping him like a rented mule

  24. No one is saying you’re against the war, you were, great speech. It was after giving speech, that it was off web site, telling reporters that you agreed with Bush and his conduct and next year in Senate were voting to fund war and more about dinstinction about words and actions and a fair assement to make.

  25. Hillary is putting a big bad fork in him.
    Poor, poor Obama – being in the recieving end of a commanding Hillary. 🙂

  26. Oooh, the meter on cnn online, they did NOT like obama attacking back at hillary, it dipped under 50! which is the middle,!

    Hillary saying we are just getting warmed up!! hahaha

  27. CD99,
    no no, not too far, not by a million miles… Obama started it, she is right to fight back and put him on the hot spot.

  28. she needed to force the media to report on this! might backfire short term, but will hurt obama more long term

  29. No, I think think Hillary would never have brought it up if she did not know DAMN well that he doesn’t want to go there.

  30. OMG! She just hit him with Rekzo! Obama is coming off as petty and mean. I thought that he was preaching unity yesterday and today, what happened to that!

  31. asking another question ,, I am sooo proud of this woman. She shows why she is still standing after 35 years. she told him right where to get off on her fighting while he was lecturing in law school.

    B Merry is probably too the moon

  32. clintondem99, given Obama’s tone, I don’t think she went too far. Her Rezko response did get boo’s but don’t know if HRC or Obama was being booed.

    Edwards is going to leave this debate the good guy.

  33. Most people don’t have a clue who Rezko is or what it means – it’s actually quite risk free for her to mention Rezko because only a tiny minority knows who Rezko is…

  34. She had to trump his ace when he said, “Well, I don’t know who I’m running against” [in reference to Hillary and Bill]. Now when that snip is played, they have to play her response with it.

    It was good politics and she wins the fight with her smile throughout the segment afterward. Obama looked like he was schooled and just like he did in the ABC News debate when he told HIllary she was likable enough.

  35. obama failing on the home foreclosures. not wanting to help people sucks big time. he is showing his elitist. he is worrying about opening banks….now he says banks dominated policy in washington…which way does he want it

  36. Edwards is pandering to the AA votes about the subprime mess…he is going to lose votes.

    It just isn’t about AA only who was targeted but all americans of many stripes. Edwards is a fool and Obama is not going to win this by not explaining his policies.

  37. Why should she not have bought up Rezko. The media refuses to do it. Now everyone will be wondering who Rezko is and will do their research.

  38. BO is on the defensive, HRC (and Bill) is getting to him, his internal polling must not be looking good, lol.

  39. LawSchoolDem,
    I think you’re spot on. Plus, O comes off as weak… he apparently can’t handle Bill…
    Not very Presidential…


    Obama says he’s happy to answer hillarys charge regarding rezko, but quickly moves away from it, not answering it!

  41. If Wolf interrupts her one more time and lets Obama talk indefinitely, I’ll have a stroke.

    5 hours of work with a church??? that’s the Rezko explanation?

  42. he says he worked 5 minutes on rezko….trying to skip around it. she needs to bring it back round to rezko,,he did not answer the rezko question at all

  43. Hillary: “I’m used to taking the incoming fire, I’ve been taking it for 16 years and when you get into this arena you should not expect a hands off policy on your record.”

  44. rjk1957, well, ok but so was that bs about walmart. Hillary worked for the Children’s Defense Fund out of college, and she had to raise the money for her salary. She studied chilren’s issues for a year after law school while Bill was finishing up. At walmart, her initiatives were to start an environmental group at the company, which is credited with fostering the companies now infamous green standards, and to encourage the company to employee women in more leadership positions. He slandared her as though she were just some greedy executive.

  45. Darn it, I got to be dad her in a minute, diaper change/sleeping clothes, that’s my reality, lol. How about a bill to lower diaper prices?

  46. the tracking is moving up and down, not so favorably towards obama tho, it liked edwards going after obamas absence on voting

  47. Edwards is ripping him on his non-votes after Obama went after him on trade issues on China.

    So Edwards is not going to be Obama bitch while he is in his home town.

  48. I think Hillary knows she’ll lose SC so she’s actually talking to the Super Tuesday states.

    She knows the audience is backing Obama and they will boo her. She’s thinking looking term.

  49. I don’t know why O’s comments praising Reagan have not had a backlash in SC, since Reagan set civil rights back.

  50. Obama is really getting beaten up…. He needs some help..Or else he will get sympathy vote..

    Thats how bad it is!

  51. oh i can’t type, I meant 75 at the end there.

    I think this will calm down in the second segment when they will be seated.

    Hillary needs a humorous moment now to weigh up on the attacking side of her tonight. to finish off on a good note.

  52. I love the fact that Obama didn’t answer or follow up on the Rezko situation. All he said that he worked with him in a church. Obama is good at diverting.

  53. I kinda like it when BO refers to President Clinton, it makes me feel like it helps HRC, although I know he’s referring to Bill, not sure many younger voters get his, giving her more credibility.

  54. obama thinks we should solve all of our own problems., forget about the taxes we pay . Obama does not want to give anything to us for our tax dollars. He is a republican.

  55. I think Obama might get a response in SC similar to what HRC got after the NH debate. Big Media will report this as two whities attacking the black candidate.

  56. The campaign might have decided to finally demonstrate what an empty suit Obama is. Attack him, maul him and leave him to rot…

  57. You know, I don’t think she would have mentioned the Rezco thing if he had not just had to donate 40k, which has gone almost completely unreported, and he wasn’t seemingly mentioned in the case. Any campaign would say, hey, what’s the deal with you and this character?

  58. This is what I see. This is a feisty debate that probably most voters won’t like…too personal. However, t his is what happens when the media doesn’t vet canidates. Hillary gives a knockout, passionate answer as to why she wants UC and will go to the mat for it.



  60. She’s coming off as a fighter, she needs to calm down a little, stop attacking obama so much.

    Otherwise, on the debate, policy wise, she’s kicking ass.

  61. again, she whopped him like a rented mule. she has the COMMAND here. Her debate here is for the super tuesday voter.

    she has won this hour.

  62. I think she had to come out swinging against Obama because of all the talk of how Kennedy, Emmanuel, Clyburn have all told Bill to tone it down. I think she’s better at it anyway and she hit several grand slams in the process of bringing up his record. She smiled and was polite in distinguishing her record from Obama’s and he was smug and arrogant.

  63. If there’s any audience out there for this debate, like it was in New Hamsphire, then SC is now very much in play… For a serious Democrat wheighing the issues Obama must be hard to stomach after this…

  64. Hillary vetted bambi a lot here….since media won’t do it I admire her guts to take on the issue herself.

    This is why she is the best candidate for president and the most qualified.

  65. Hillary is not the big media, therefore he is not obliged not to mention REZKO. I think it is okay, that she has done it. Who else?

  66. Hillguy said:

    I think Obama might get a response in SC similar to what HRC got after the NH debate. Big Media will report this as two whities attacking the black candidate.


    Hillguy, you’re forgetting that Obama started hitting her first very directly with stuff that Wolf isn’t even asking about. She has to defend herself and Bill. He is hitting Bill and not even to his face so she had to hit back. It’s tat simple.

  67. A commanding performance by Hillary. Unless something goes badly wrong now… she will sweep super-Tuesday by a landslide.

  68. tiburones, I understand the defense tactic. BHO did start attacking first, BUT if the response of the audience is remotely representative of the voting constituency in SC, he will benefit in SC (only), imo.

  69. Hillary up in the 80′ at the end of her response there!

    I didn’t see that lawschooldem, did she shake obamas hand?

    It sounded as Hillary was loosing her voice a bit there, come one Hill, just one hour left, you can do it.

    She needs to bring out her humor and charm in this next segment, what seems as certain is that the tracking meter on cnn,com does not like obama after he started attacking.

  70. I wonder if she is thinking of JRE as a VP pick? I think Hillary landed her punches, and now she needs to go all kind and nice to Bawack in the last half and smile at the foolish child.

  71. Who cares if the press says that she and Edwards beat up on Bambi tonight. They are going to say nasty things about her anyway.

  72. well I doubt they will.
    they haven’t before.
    But not all focus groups have been representative, we know fox news(franks luntz) in the past have not been.

    But I think we worry too much, over at they are harsh on obama as well.

  73. Where was Edwards all this time? He is very good today! But of course Hillary is like always, strong, strong, strong!

  74. Name the church who worked with Rezko. And explain why your constituents did not have heat for five weeks during a Chicago winter.

  75. I think Hillary also needs to make a point, maybe later, with the AA community that she HAS TOO MUCH RESPECT for a black man to treat him any different than any other opponent. Maybe not word it like that, but you know what I mean.

  76. Gorto,
    You’re correct. We need not worry. Hillary is kickin’ ass… And this is, arguably, Obama’s worst debate performance ever.

  77. i couldn’t even type when she said rezko..he is sweating bad..and getting flustered…
    blah blah stutter him to sweat more ..

  78. I might not like Edward for buying into Obambi but he is serious about universal Healthcare and other programs. Obambi will sell-out the dems as quick as you can say RESKO.

    Did you see him pull back on Iraq…he would have us stay there longer.

  79. I can’t get over how obama side tracked answering the rezko charge…!!

    He spent all his time saying how fair of Hill and John it was to bring these topics up, and then went on to avoiding answering them!!! unbelievable!

    I think people are seeing a new side to obama and they don’t like it, as it reveals he is just another politician.

  80. i would not mind edwards as veep…but what draw of states would he bring..he’s passionate about the same things Hillary is.

  81. i would not mind edwards as veep…but what draw of states would he bring..he’s passionate about the same things Hillary is.

  82. the audience is applauding obama saying he believes he can best bring the country together. unbelievably partisan.

  83. Look Hillary should keep on pounding him on his record because his answers aren’t making the audience happy. His claps have gotten less and less. Hillary is doing the right thing fighting back she know the debates help get her message out and that her audience is watching and not in the room.

  84. Psymac, Lord have mercy you don’t want to hear me talk, then! I grew up in SC, and sound like the Lowcountry. It’s a softer accent than the harder NC one, though. I can even speak a little gullah. 🙂

  85. Hillguy said:
    tiburones, I understand the defense tactic. BHO did start attacking first, BUT if the response of the audience is remotely representative of the voting constituency in SC, he will benefit in SC (only), imo.


    Understood but Obama will win SC. She is speaking pass SC IMO. Today, he and his surrogates straight out implied that she needed Bill to help her, that he was running against both of them and that they were twisting his words. The audience members are mostly SC and are representative of mostly AF so it’s expected. However, she has been able to get applauses too so that says something. Lest’s face it, the media will spin it any way they can’t which is likely anti-Hillary but I’m sure most people in the other states will see him as agressive when he didn’t need to do so and whining.

  86. Edwards can have a position in the Clinton administration, but I wouldn’t like his as VP.

    This debate does not take away from all the things not so good about JE

  87. Gorto, it is not the actual audience being meter if they do it like they have in the past they have a room with a group of undecided voters being metered watching the debate.

  88. Sorry HillaryforTexas, I spendt four years in Mississippi from Calif, so now I can do a pretty good imitation, lol.

  89. Gorto, stop worrying. No one wants the President to be the guy they most felt bad for at the debate. They want a winner.

  90. good moment for hillary there, looking good through the tv screen.
    and did you notice they turn on her mic there so you could hear her laugh a little, regarding bill being the first black president.

  91. CD99,
    He probably thinks it’s important for the AA viewers to actually hear him say that…
    To hear is to believe, that’s Obama’s credo in this campaign.

  92. Obama is not ready to be POTUS, he is way over his head. He is a sweet talker giving out hope and dreams.

    Somebody must have told him his tracking numbers were low and that he had to start bring out Mr. Charming.

  93. Great of Hillary to bring up the gender differences in pay, right after BHO mentioned the black incarceration problem.

  94. Is it done?? I wasn’t able to watch it. Dang!! Looks like she slapped around Obama the entire night!!!

  95. “The reason I’m running for Prez is because I can bore our enemies to death by talking, talking, talking…zzz…”

  96. What an asssssshole!!!

    Saying “That’s why we(meaning obama) are bringing out record numbers of voters! I’m not saying I take all the credit, many people are coming out to vote against bush…”

    What about women barack????????????
    Not seeing records of women NOT voting for you perhaps???

  97. Grandmother, how is Claire decision going down in MO?

    Edward it’s too late…you been carrying Obambi so long nobody take you serious.

  98. I hope factcheck addresses the answers in this debate.

    esp. Rezko?? Rezko?? who’s that? ohhhh…5 hours for a charity — that’s it.

  99. hey all! what’d i miss? 🙂 just tuned in to obama looking unhappy and edwards getting pwned on the corporate lobbyist issue.

  100. During that break, there was an anti-Hillary quote from someone, and a pro-Edwards quote. No pro-Hillary quote!

  101. yep rjk….rezko b merryfield will be happy…..
    i cant understand either je or bo…they do that ..drift to something i get lost…Hillary isthe only one who makes sense..

  102. freckles Says:

    January 21st, 2008 at 10:00 pm
    I must be tired — I don’t quite understand what BO is saying

    me either he does that drifting stuff i only follow what hillary says..i can undersatnd her.

  103. a dude on cnn saying clinton was obviously not campaigning for SC but looking ahead to other states, clearly succeeding SC to obama, I think this is true, and it showed, she is in it for the long haul and I think if this debate backfires in any way, I believe it will be short term. And then benefit her elsewhere in the long term.

    I see a lot of mention of this guy rezko online now!!!

  104. Carbynew – Among those in my circle, Claire’s endorsement hasn’t gone down well at all. Women, particularly those that worked for and supported her in her bid to oust Republican Jim Talent, are angry. Some say its because they are both junior senators and he was nice to her when she go there; I’ve also heard that Claire’s kids pushed her to endorse him. The problem is that most of Mo is rural and very, very conservative. It’s only the two sides of the state, KC and St. Louis city/county that is Democratic. Claire had to walk a very fine line with the rural crowd. I’m not sure that it’s playing well in Sikeston!

    Southern Born how about where you are? Any feel for the Claire/Obama lovefest?

  105. CNN pundits are saying Obama did well because he stood up to Hillary. Mark Halperin gives Obama A- Hillary and Edwards B+. Focus group up next..

    Pundits did say Hillary was focusing on Feb 5. Said Edwards helped himself but wouldn’t win SC

  106. And some good shots of Edwards standing around to chat with Chelsea at the end there! And Howard Dean getting a hug.

  107. Obama as usual was out of his league tonight. Edwards did a good job, finally at hitting him even if we did have to listen to his mill worker story again and again and again….

  108. Edwards talking about bickering at the debate. I think Obama was clearly the one who started the back and forth..

  109. Hillary was absolutely incredible tonight. WOW, WOW, WOW. What a heavyweight battle, too! One of the best debates I’ve ever seen.

  110. We know who the heavyweight is now..

    Obama was struggling in the first part of the debate. If it ended there… Jeez.

  111. Obama landed a couple of hits, but he showed that he panics and can’t go the distance. He’s not up to it. The Republicans would kill him in a tough race. She is ready.

  112. Hillary is not ceding SC to anyone people. The strategy is to use Bill more. AA like the story telling kind og compainging like Bill was doing in Nashville tonight, Its called strategy and I think Hillary can pull it out.
    Trust me there are still AA in SC who feel good about Hills Bill will seal the deal.

    Do you realise if we were to carry SC BHO is done,’everyone knows that and the compaign wont cede the state withou a fight

  113. Hillary brought up Rezco as a play for votes in Illinois. Some people discussed above. I’m absolutely convinced that is the reason.

  114. from the fix in washington post

    ‘Clinton is playing less to the room, which sounds, at least on TV, like a pro-Obama group, and far more to the national audience. If you look at Clinton’s schedule for the next week, after tonight’s debate she won’t touch down in South Carolina again until Thursday — a sign that she is literally and figuratively trying to push the emphasis of the campaign to Super Tuesday on Feb. 5. While several of Clinton’s lines have been met with boos or catcalls by people in the room, she is ensuring that people watching tonight’s debate outside of South Carolina (or reading coverage about it in the newspapers tomorrow) will be sure to know about Antoin Rezko and Obama’s present votes in the Illinois Senate. We saw this tactic first emerge in New Hampshire where Clinton attacked Obama over the fact that his campaign chair in the state was a lobbyist. It might not have played all that well in the room, but it ensured Jim Demers name was part of the political discussion the following day. ‘

  115. This debate did 3 things to HURT Obama
    1)Hillary Brought out Rezko as a response to an attack
    2) Brought up the present votes and was backed by Edwards
    3) Destroyed Obama’s healthcare plan from both sides

    I think the best part was the Healthcare debate. Followed by the exchange on the present votes. Third the part about being tested and vetted against the republicans.

    It really shows the differences in these candidates. For me this is not there are 3 good Cadidates just pick one it is about the differences and picking not just one of the 3, but THE BEST. This debate proved Hillary is the best.

  116. Everyone needs to email the DNC about Obama’s national ads airing in FL. Either have the ads pulled or lift the campaigning ban and seat the FL delegates.

  117. We put a new post up to continue the discussion. Totally agree OandrewD. Hillary was also speaking to the nation not just South Carolina.

    The consensus before the debate was that this one would be genteel. Consensus and conventional wisdom were wrong again. Gunfight at the OK Corral.

  118. agree OandrewD. I think it also showed how passionate and articulate Hillary is, yet again. She expresses herself much more clearly than bo.

  119. I think that some in SC may actually respect her for having to balls to not treat “the black
    guy” with kid gloves in that environment and in front of that audience.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I think people are smart enough to see that someone with REAL
    respect for you and your community will go after you just they would like any other opponent. Smiling
    and sucking up all the time is a sign of not really taking you seriously. If I fight with you, I
    take you seriously. I think that many in the AA community might appreciate that, truth be

    Maybe some of our AA Hillfans can weigh in on this, but it would seem to me the kid glove approach is sort of patronizing.

  120. treating anyone in the big leagues with kid gloves is patronizing, of course. it’s like pro sports teams “running up the score,” no way, you play professionals like they’re professionals

  121. Bzzzt! Incorrect. There was an amendment on credit card charges over 30%. Obama voted for it.

    Obama voted AGAINST the amendment to put a cap on credit card charges. He voted against the whole 2005 bankruptcy bill.

  122. Hello Barack Obama Supporter!

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  123. From First Read:

    From Chuck Todd, Mark Murray, and Domenico Montanaro
    *** Obama’s tough press day: Rezko is EVERYWHERE today. The Clinton campaign always wondered what it would take for the media to cover this story nationally. Well, have the candidate utter the words “slum lord” in a debate and voila. It’s easily Obama’s worst free press day of the campaign. It’s also a bit ironic, too, given that the Clintons have had many more problematic donors than Obama (Hsu, Gupta, Chung, Denise Rich, those donations to the Clinton Library). Then again, the point of the Clintons pushing Rezko is to make Obama look like just another politician who got caught up with a questionable donor. And if the Clintons can prove Obama’s no better than them then they can beat him on other points. It’s also worth asking why Rezko, and not Wal-Mart, is getting all the play today. The Clintons — at least in the short term — won the spin war after a debate that looked like a draw to us. Meanwhile, the Obama folks are pushing the two Clintons vs. one Obama story, and it’s getting its share of pickup. But nothing like Rezko today.

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