REZKO For Dummies, Part III

[Note: Democratic Party debate tonight. CNN. 8:00 p.m. (ET). We’ll be here – join us.]

See, REZKO For Dummies (Part I), and REZKO For Dummies, Part II.

* * *

Like a circus clown whose sole purpose is to distract the audience while the roustabouts change props for the next act, Barack Obama is doing his worse to distract from Saturday’s on-line revelation that Obama’s name has oozed out of REZKO trial documents.

Obama fled on Saturday from Nevada, abandoning his dejected supporters to the cold chill of defeat. Obama’s frenzied flight to Chicago was puzzling. More puzzling – Obama launched an attack on Bill Clinton, the most popular Democrat alive. No surprise: Big Media was distracted – not a mention was made on the airwaves to inform American voters of the pending Cloverfield named REZKO.

Will the strategy of distraction continue to work? What did the Chicago Sun-Times REZKO article say? (link HERE) What are the political ramifications of these latest REZKO revelations? What are the criminal implications of these latest REZKO revelations?

Come Watson! The game is afoot.

* * *

On Sunday morning Chicago awoke to a Sun-Times front page, two-thirds of which featured a picture of Obama with the blaring headline Obama Surfaces In Rezko Case.

Like police examining a kidnap ransom note we can conclude several ugly implications for Obama just by examining the mere existence of this Sunday article.

Conclusion 1: There are 4 authors of this particular article. This confirms our statement back in June 2007 that this story is not going away. The Chicago Sun-Times is not assigning 4 valued reporters to the REZKO beat because they think this is a dead story. Someone smells a Pulitzer.

Conclusion 2: It’s a front page story. The Obama defense that slumlord REZKO is irrelevant to this election died on Sunday. The Illinois primary is on February 5, 2008.

Conclusion 3: This is breaking news. New and troubling facts have emerged. “Obama surfaces in Rezko’s federal corruption case.” This is not an “old” story.

Conclusion 4: Deep Throat (see below).

* * *

Watergate started with a piece of tape on a door. Republicans for months said “nothing there”. Ohio Republicans were thrown out en masse in 2006 due to a “beanie baby” seller turned coin dealer. Republicans for months said “nothing there.” In both cases hometown newspapers bought the facts to light and the corrupt politicians were bought low. In both cases national Big Media outlets ignored the story – until the story could be ignored no longer.

The 2006 Ohio coin scandal is particularly instructive in the Obama/REZKO scandal. In Ohio a corrupt “fixer” donated money and backdoor favors to politicians. The coin scandal became a series of separate yet connected scandals. A turning point in the overall case was the revelation that political contributions to candidates had been reimbursed. The Chicago Sun-Times has now crossed that very threshold.

This weekend’s Sun-Times REZKO/Obama article is a booming echo of Ohio’s Noe:

Obama is not named in the Dec. 21 court document. But a source familiar with the case confirmed that Obama is the unnamed “political candidate” referred to in a section of the document that accuses Rezko of orchestrating a scheme in which a firm hired to handle state teacher pension investments first had to pay $250,000 in “sham” finder’s fees. From that money, $10,000 was donated to Obama’s successful run for the Senate in the name of a Rezko business associate, according to the court filing and the source.

Rezko, who was part of Obama’s senatorial finance committee, also is accused of directing “at least one other individual” to donate money to Obama and then reimbursing that individual — in possible violation of federal election law.

The Sun-Times makes it clear that Obama is now not accused of knowing about these fake contributions. Indeed the Sun-Times prints the Obama response that the U.S. prosecutor in Illinois, Patrick Fitzgerald, has NOT “contacted the senator or any of his representatives about these matters.” This should not be viewed as good news in the Obama camp however.

First of all, if Obama has not been “interviewed” by the prosecutors already, Obama will probably be interviewed by the efficient Prosecutor Fitzgerald before the trial opens on February 25. Also, the facts in the case indicate that Obama has some ‘splaining to do to prosecutors and the voters. (We’ll track down the full extent of the Obama connections that are emerging (including the L.A. Times article) in a later post, including Michelle Obama’s role in this drama.) The L.A. Times in their weekend write up on REZKO discussed a contributor whose son Obama hired as an intern.

According to the document, Rezko used a business associate to funnel $10,000 to Obama’s U.S. Senate campaign in March 2004 — money that came from an alleged $112,000 kickback intended to benefit the Chicago businessman.

But the government’s reference to the political candidate amounts to the first time Obama’s identity is hinted at in the case against Rezko. It raises the prospect Obama’s name will surface in Rezko’s trial, an unwanted distraction as the first-term senator from Illinois seeks the Democratic presidential nomination.

In a hearing last week, U.S. District Judge Amy St. Eve said she anticipated the trial, set to open Feb. 25, would last three to four months. Federal prosecutors said they expected to call 23 witnesses.

A three to four month trial in April, after the Democratic nomination is settled? Since April we have implored Obama, for the sake of Democrats, to explain fully, with documentation, his entanglements with indicted slumlord Antoin “Tony” Rezko. Our pleas fell on deaf Obama ears. Perhaps prosecutor Fitzgerald will have better luck. Prosecutor Fitzgerald has a persistent method to his investigations:

Fitzgerald’s strategy in pressing public corruption cases here has been obvious. He indicts underlings and squeezes them to “flip”—provide evidence against higher-ups in exchange for leniency. In this way, the Operation Safe Road investigation moved up the ladder from clerks in the secretary of state’s vehicle services division all the way to former governor George Ryan, convicted last year on corruption charges.

Obama’s biggest worry right now has to be these ominous words from the Sun-Times article, a source familiar with the case confirmed . This means that someone is talking. Someone is sending a message. Someone is tapping Obama on the shoulder. At the very least, this someone is making sure the Obama/REZKO entanglements are discussed before the primary season is over.

Who is this Deep Throat assisting the Sun-Times “familiar with the case”? It’s not a rival campaign because this news would have come out earlier, before the Iowa caucuses. It’s not a prosecutor. Patrick Fitzgerald is well known as a prosecutor who does not allow or employ news “leaks” from his office. But somebody is talking. Somebody wants Obama’s attention. Someone is confirming that Obama is the “political candidate” referred to in the indictment. Perhaps that someone needs Obama’s help and is signaling the help is needed now – before the trial.

Rezko is set to go to trial Feb. 25. The revelation that Obama’s name could come up in court is a political headache he doesn’t need as he heads into a round of primaries that are likely to determine his party’s nomination for president.

The Illinois primary, along with over 20 other state primaries are on February 5, 2008. Obama has several questions directly relevant to his claim to be untouched by scandal and to his claim to be fit for the presidency.

Let’s put aside all the questions about personal corruption in the Obama/REZKO house purchase scheme and myriad other scandals and deals and entanglements (Hey we are dealing with a Chicago politician and what’s a $925,000 gift between friends anyway). How can Obama get out of this mess. Let’s help Obama:

Answer the below questions and you are home free Senator Obama (Journalists, ask the questions below and there might be a Pulitzer for you):

As a part time state senator and part time attorney Obama helped funnel tens of millions, if not over a hundred million dollars to Rezko’s company Rezmar. Most of this money funnelling was performed by the law firm Obama worked at.

Question Category 1: Produce the law firm billing records. Obama claims to have only worked on Rezmar business for a few hours. The billing records will confirm or refute that claim. Billing records will also answer what kind of due diligence the law firm performed in funnelling tens of millions of government dollars to REZKO companies. Billing records will also help answer questions about the conflicts the law firm had in funnelling those tens of millions of government dollars. For instance, several members of the law firm were also investors in REZKO companies. Who were these investors? How did the law firm resolve the conflict of the dual roles as investors in REZKO companies seeking and getting tens of millions of government dollars and the attorney role as officers of the court, fiduciary responsibilities and ethical requirements for attorneys? Assure us somehow that Rezko favors did not influence your public duties.

Question Category 2: Produce the state senate office records. Obama has claimed that he did not know the tenants in REZKO owned buildings – buildings Obama helped REZKO obtain tens of millions of government dollars to purchase – were without heat and essential services. Obama claims he did not know REZKO was a slumlord. Obama claims his office never received complaints. So the questions that would resolve these issues are: How did Obama process constitutent complaints? Are there any records of these consitutent complaints? If Obama ran such a shoddy state senate office that he did not know his constituents were suffering and that it was his best friend REZKO who was the cause of that suffering Obama is not qualified to be president. If Obama did in fact know about his suffering constituents and did nothing about it other than continue to accept money from his slumlord friend REZKO – Obama is not qualified to be president.

Obama can and should answer these basic questions. Obama should answer these basic questions tonight, at the debate. Obama certainly should answer these questions before the Florida primary. Obama certainly should answer these questions before the February 5 primaries.

If Obama does not answer these questions directly and with documentation, – that silence will in fact be the answer.

Big Media might even get interested.


277 thoughts on “REZKO For Dummies, Part III

  1. # TheRealist Says:
    January 21st, 2008 at 1:46 pm

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
    Published on: 01/21/08

    With former President Bill Clinton standing not 20 feet in front of her, Atlanta mayor Shirley Franklin took what appeared to be a political shot at the former president’s comments about Barack Obama’s candidacy.

    Speaking at the 40th annual MLK commemorative service at Ebenezer Baptist Church, Franklin said the country is on the “cusp of turning the impossible into reality. Yes this is reality, not fantasy or fairy tales.”
    Clinton, in supporting his wife Hillary’s bid for the Democratic nomination, recently took heat for using the term “fairy tale” to describe Obama’s depiction of his stance on the war.

    Franklin has endorsed Obama, who spoke from the same pulpit at Ebenezer on Sunday.

    Today, after Franklin’s remarks, the crowd of more than 2000 rose to its feet — except for Bill Clinton, who sat in his front pew seat and clapped politely.

    Clinton later addressed the audience, saying, “Mayor Franklin already took care of the political stuff. I wouldn’t have said it quite the way she did but she got it all out there.”

    Five seats to Clinton’s left sat another former Arkansas govenor, Republican Mike Huckabee, also seeking his party’s nomination as president. He stood at the end of Franklin’s remarks.

    Earlier in her address, Franklin said the country was nearing a historic occasion when it could elect as president, “a former first lady, a Mormon, a Baptist preacher, and yes, a black man.”

    The first lady is Hillary Clinton, the Mormon is Republican Mitt Romney, the Baptist preacher is Huckabee, and the “black man” is Obama.”

  2. Rezko tale reads like mystery novel

    Prosecutors will tell story of scheming, kickbacks at political adviser’s fraud trial
    Monday, January 21, 2008


    AP Political Writer
    SPRINGFIELD – The two men probably looked like any other executives chatting at the posh Standard Club in downtown Chicago.

    But these men, federal prosecutors say, were going over a scheme that involved what they hoped would be a $10 million payday just weeks away – ill-gotten cash from firms hoping to handle millions of dollars in investments from a downstate teachers’ pension fund and other Illinois state boards.

    One of the men, Stuart Levine, a trustee on the pension fund board, was nicknamed “the rabbi.” The other was Antoin “Tony” Rezko, friend and political adviser to Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Levine had brought a chart with the details, and he figured the alleged scams would bring them both $3.9 million, according to prosecutors. He was excited after talking it over with Rezko.

    “Full steam ahead and whatever I want,” Levine told an alleged accomplice the next day, according to a government wiretap of his phone calls from April 2004.

    Rezko faces a highly anticipated Feb. 25 trial on charges of money laundering, attempted extortion, fraud and aiding bribery. Rezko’s close ties to the governor have heightened interest in the case, though Blagojevich has not been accused of wrongdoing.

    Cast of characters

    A 78-page document prosecutors filed last month outlining their case against Rezko sounds like stuff from a pulp mystery novel.

    The tale it weaves focuses on efforts to illegally skim millions in bogus “finder’s fees” from various firms, and it features not only the rabbi. There’s a pal nicknamed “the pope” and “the big guy” – Blagojevich – who on a private plane ride allegedly tells Levine: “You stick with us and you will do very well for yourself.”

    There are sham contracts and plans for straw companies to receive funds. One $10,000 payout goes into a political campaign account, prosecutors say. There’s a cutesy literary reference to the “Bobbsey Twins” – Rezko and Christopher Kelly, the governor’s chief fundraiser who was indicted last month on charges of filing false tax returns.

    There’s also a dizzying array of unidentified “co-schemers” and “individuals” – including an investor who pushes back after being approached for either a $1.5 million campaign contribution to Blagojevich or an unnecessary consulting fee of $2 million.

    The alleged schemers back off, prosecutors say, though Rezko vows the investor never will do business with Illinois boards again and that the man “means nothing” to Blagojevich.

    Attorneys for Rezko and Kelly did not return phone calls seeking comment. Rezko attorney Joseph Duffy has said previously his client will be vindicated.

    The plot, and the rest are here;

  3. BIG MEDIA ARE GUTLESS COWARDS. They could not wipe the butts of the likes of Rather, Murrow, or Cronkite.

    If any of you guys are reading this (Hi, Ben!), YOU LACK COURAGE. You are a joke. Were this story being uncovered about Hillary you would be all over it in a frenzy. You are spineless wimps. and when all is said and done, the American public will see how you ignored this to beat your Obama love-drums, and their already low opinion of the moral fiber of the press corps will sink even lower.

    You are all going to end up with egg on your face, and a populace disgusted at your continued lack of professional standards, especially after you handed us GW Bush on a silver platter of fawning praise. Buck up and get some damn spine before your reputation is shot worse than it already is.

  4. “It’s the Economy, Stupid.”

    James Carville, we need you.

    I heard that tomorrow is going to be the worst day for the stock market in 10 years. Is that true? This is not good, folks.

    Hillary needs to step up the Economy wonkiness or Willard (slick Mitt) is going to make that HIS forte…..

    I simply don’t trust Obama with the economy.

  5. Thanks for the installment, ADMIN, I’ve only recently started to really study this REZKO thing, and it just looks like there is a whole lot of there, there. I find it interesting some of the connections that his campaign associates have had with Illinois politics…key places in key offices at key times. Am I right, here? I mean looking at people who worked for Mayor Daley and the Gov. (long name) who now work in the campaign, and who also have played key power roles with state and local boards and agencies. There are multiple dots to be connected, but it is as convoluted a web as I’ve heard of since Watergate. Who wouldve had an oversight of the housing conditions while Rezko was busy being a slumloard?

  6. I don’t trust the media princes because most are repugs and only when GWB’s Justice dept. Resko trail start is when the MSM will start to slowly talk it up. This is the repug firewall, they hope Obama will knock out Hillary in the Primary and if he does then up pops RESKO and Obama’s involvement and with our weak, scary democratic leaders…with eggs on their face pushing this guy…the republicans hope to use the LAW & ORDER candidate to win the WH.

    Hillary is the harder candidate and the GOP is hoping the past will come back to stir up their base but that is a big risk…so they’re hoping the democratics whimpy leaders will buy into their crap like they have for the past 7 years. It’s is so obvious where this is going…Obama whinny self is toast because he believe he is safe and his powerful friends will stand by him…When has a republican stood by an democrat how is running for the job of POTUS?

    I love how Bill and Hillary are handling this, they know the score and also know that SC is not the end all of the AA yes keep on dissing the Clintons, who are great friends of AA, your actions are being observed and you are losing more votes for Obama.

  7. well it might seem to some to be pandering but I think she should bring up those 2 border patrol guards what bush will not even consider for a pardon….let America know that one of the first things she will do is look fairly over the whole situation and pardon these guys. jmo

    yes I believe that the stock market will tank tomorrow.

  8. For hours and hours we cannot get on the Hillary is 44 site without it locking up our computers.

    We don’t watch MSNBC any more or the other cable shows. We don’t read “Newsweek” , “Time” , “The Nation” or other magazines either.

    This is where we are getting our news and it is very frustrating to not be able to get to this site. Is anyone else having this problem?

  9. Yeah, I saw that article. She needs to keep putting stuff like that out there. Maybe tone down the federal govt’s increased role though. Paultards are jumping all over that. Or at least explain it and call for a new New Deal (as one of our own here is called 🙂 ) and keep focused on that, the economy. Esp. with tomorrow’s inevitable news.

  10. southern born, I have had those problems over the last few days. I continue to get CPU exceeded message.

    admin, do we need more bandwidth. I would contribute as I am sure others would

  11. HillaryforTexas, It is not because they are spineless it is beacause they are crooks. They want democrats to nominate the weakest candidate so their boy Giuliani could win the election. We have all seen the video of Morning Joe telling us that behind closed doors how scared repugs are about Hillary’s nomination. If you have not already seen it you could find it at Tennessee Guerilla women blog.

  12. The first Clinton administration cleaned up the economic mess and recession that President Bush left behind. The second Clinton administration is going to be faced with the same daunting task, but we all know they can do it.

    As Hillary famously said in 1992, it’s the economy, stupid.

  13. this is a sad day for america. for mayor frankiln to smear bill on mlk dayat ebenezer church is beyond the plae. obama is the worst thing to happen to our party in a long time

  14. Boy, you should read the right wing echo chamber over at Talking Points Memo on the story about Bill accusing Obama of lying. They’re taking their points right from the poison pens of the 90s. Obama supporters literally have no commitment to the Democratic party or progressive values. All they care about is foisting their candidate on the rest of the nation so they can be the in-crowd. Really pathetic. Creepy people.

    Anyway, I think it’s proof positive that the majority of Obama’s online support comes from Republicans.

    Oh, and another person got banned from Kos for posting articles critical of Obama.

  15. Chuck Todd other MSNBC crew you guys are giving wrong delegate count according to RCP the count is:

    Clinton Obama Edwards
    Total – – 236 148 50

    According to RCP it is +88

    Unlike other hacks at MSNBC I expect more professionalism and accuracy from chuck Todd

  16. Okay, this blog has made some answers clearer for me now. I’ve been waiting all day for a response from Bill Clinton to the attacks by Obama. The Baltimore Sun said Obama (Nicely) accused him of lying. Fox News simply said Obama flatly accused him of lying. I just knew there would be a strong response, yet carefully expressed. It hasn’t happened yet.

    While I still expect a response, either from Bill Clinton or during the debate, I can see that this thing is much bigger than I suspected. This whole thing has been building and building. Now the plot is THUCK!

    I will keep watching for a response in case it comes early, but I have no doubt it will come no later than the debate. Wolf Blitzer can’t help but ask about it. Maybe the Clintons are withholding a response to draw more people to watch that debate in which they plan to tear BHO apart. I hope that is right, and I hope it is very successful.

    Having said that, I’m sure they will have to play it carefully. It has been well established that Obama and his camp can get by in the press for saying anything they wish, while Hillary and company have to walk on eggs. Still, at some point things will come to a head. I think they have.

    I’m very anxious to see the debate tonight.

  17. Speaking of delegate counts there are some folks who are still reporting that Nevada has awarded more delegates to Obama, when those delegates aren’t awarded until the state convention (?) I think it is of April 19th. CNN was saying this yesterday–about Hill winning the popular vote and BO getting awarded more delegates.

    On the Rezko: it is so clear that people are workin hard to deflect this story. BUt I agree with whomever said that the number of reporters, alone, that the suntimes gave this story is highly suggestive that there is quite a bit here. I think this goes deep here, all the connections being linked through one official scandal. It involves many more people than we can imagine right now, and I would suspect that many are connected to housing in Chicago as well as the U of Chicago med center. We are seeing only the tip of the iceberg.

  18. Rep. Clyburn is a fool! Neutral my ass, he’s over there talking about how Clinton attacks will toughen up Obama. I thought he had more sense and his word meant something but it doesn’t and he will go down too.

    Obama is being held to the same standard just like everybody else running for POTUS and for those Obama supports crying and whiny like they are is just pathetic. Obama is getting beat because he is lazy and doesn’t work hard…he is letting other people run his campaign instead of him running it himself…

    I love how Obambi has thrown everybody over and he will do the same for the AA community like he did to Farrakan. As a AA I know Obama’s AA supporters are not that hard, and they still love the Clintons. What they’re mad about is that tired race baiting tactic that they’d use isn’t working the way they thought.

    I could have told them that wasn’t going to work in a national election. Hell, race baiting will kill you in the West that’s a big turn off. Obama need to start running on the issues and start talking about his plans in details.

    When you’re losing your home and job and all you can talk about is change and hope, then start whining when your opponet is better prepared and talk about solutions…you have a problem.

    I hope Hillary keep talking about Student loans, Subprime mess, jobs, global competition, talk about healthcare and job training. Because the media has been pumping up Obama and not vetting him like everybody else.

    What time does the SC debate start?

  19. A key paragraph for all GOTVers to pass on:

    “Rural voters made up for Obama’s more effective base: putting him over the top in the 2nd Congressional District so high that he beat Clinton for in the statewide formula for Democratic National Convention delegates, 13 to 12. (In upcoming primaries in Idaho, Utah, Arizona and Oklahoma, and upcoming caucuses in Minnesota, Colorado, North Dakota, Alaska, and Kansas – nine of the 24 contests on Tsunami Tuesday, February 5 – the formula is there for Obama to similarly utilize its rural strength to win the national delegate wars in many, of not most, if not all, of those states if it repeats its organizational emphasis on rural votes.)”

  20. i have had enough!! if you call someone a liar, or say they have mis represented your should be able to point to specifics..that way we can go back and check the record and determine who is one has asked for specifics from bho? as far as the church thing with shirley franklin, so what? blacks are closong ranks around bho…83% was gonna happen anyway. many members of my aa family are for bho in primaries and clinton in general…that said several don’t like this new tactic…What i wonder is what is the effect on the white vote in sc given all the attention to aa? i don/t mean to offend, just trying to be real

  21. Southern born

    I too had problems you describe…got to the pink pages, but any attempt to get to comments froze my computer…just for Hillis44, no other site.

    That’s why I said when I got back in to comments, i wasn’t going to make any for a while, nor use a posted link. It all started w/ a link to a radio program the day before NV primary, so I missed out on the pink’s take on what was happening. Only got back on yesterday morning.

  22. anbritt
    He has to win SC and not just win. He has to win by double digits just as the polls are saying or his campaign is over and he knows it. That is why they are in panic mode right now.

  23. Please let me share a letter to the editor that I wrote last week and posted here. It was published today. I recommend others use this letter, as well. Apparently it works!

    “To the editor: I and many other progressive women, and like-minded men, have decided enough is enough. I will no longer support or donate to any political organization which does not begin to stand up and loudly decry the sexism that has run rampant in the New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary race. Nor will I support or donate to any candidate who has not done the same.

    Half of the electorate is being disenfranchised by the knee-capping of Sen. Hillary Clinton, the first viable woman candidate this country has every had. It has not been issues-based, it has been personality and gender-based, and progressive women are spitting mad.

    I agree we should elect Democrats who are on our side. I am a woman. Who is on my side? Women’s rights are human rights. No more. It stops now.”

  24. anbritt, that is what I am hearing from my AA friends. Many are voting Obama because of a gut/heart thing to show the guy some love, and I can kind of understand that feeling. But they tell me there is NOT negative view of Hillary in their families and communities. Not at all.

    It is not about hate her/love him, which is what the media is trying to say. That is total bullshit.

  25. BMerrry

    BO lost in rural Iowa, his strength was in college towns and Des Moines, the capitol. Edwards and Clinton and Richardson won the rural vote…Richarson not enuf to get 10% of the vote.

  26. rjk1957..i agree, i just don’t think its gonna be a huge margin..i could be wrong
    hillaryfor texas–the media does not get it…there is no hatred for hrc, its just to show support..if you ask those same people if they think he will win, they will tell you they don’t think so. what i am concerned with is the backlash

  27. They must be in panic mode for Rep. Clyburn to actively support Obama instead of being neutral. If Obama can’t handle himself in the SC debates he is toast!

    Remember, this is about people’s homes, jobs, lives and Obambi’s message of change, hope without details and the Resko Mess is heating up and just like Michael Vick people are going to rollover and give Obami up then to face years in prison.

    The question is before or after the primary? Either way it’s a win for the Repugs. Clyburn is hurting his credibility with the public and the congress…his word doesn’t mean crap.

    Bill and Hillary has not lied and demean Obama in any way, Obambi did it himself…with his race baiting, his Obamacrat for a day, calling the Clintons liars and being a puppet…..and lets not forget RESKO and REAGAN.

    Obama want to be the POTUS and can’t handle the pressure now with all the help he is getting….puhlease. How is he going to handle China, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Europe, Turkey, Indonesia, Sudan, Kenya, Eygpt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon,….

  28. If Obama cannot even handle having to respond to FACTS coming from Democrats, how could he expect to handle these same FACTS along with a TON OF LIES coming from the REPUBLICANS.

    What a wimp!!!!

  29. From Politico article:

    “I would concede that I think we were not fast enough in Nevada in terms of hitting back,” Axelrod said. “We need to be even more aggressive in calling out what are shameless falsehoods and distortions.”

    Where are the specifics ? Anybody could dribble this BS!!

  30. Taylor Marsh has a post up about Bush’s spiritual adviser who endorsed BHO. But here’s the good part:

    But this latest development is very interesting. Now Rev. Caldwell’s ministry, after he endorsed Obama, has nuked the page everyone was linking to yesterday that outlines his church’s mission statement, which trumpets homosexuality as something a person “seeking freedom” from “habitual sins” should seek out.

    Thank heavens for Google cache … But the original page is now gone. Poof! Call rewrite – stat.

  31. clintondem99–this is what i am talking about!!! be specific so we can check for ourselves. these generic statements don’t cut it!! to me this debate tonite is worthless, people in sc already know how they will vote. i gove hrc much props for going into the “lions den” and fighting for votes

  32. About BHO’s attacking Bill, Taylor Marsh writes:

    Obama took Bill Clinton’s bait. It’s a rookie mistake. You don’t get into a fight on this stuff with the Big Dog, because you end up playing on his turf. You also end up losing *badly*, while revealing your an idiot for walking into the trap in the first place.

  33. Anbritt — I’m with you. There have been thousands of “liar” “lying” charges against Hill and now Bill w/o a single specific claim.

    Now that Obama has charged Bill with outrageous claims, let’s have specifics. I’m fed up.

    And BMerry — I wrote a similar letter to who wanted a contribution to help “progressive” candidates. I said “nope – not until they stood up against the sexist onslaught.”

    IMO, there is nothing progressive about excusing a candidate for anti-progressive, sexist rhetoric because of his race. Or his anti-gay, anti-union behaviour. Would we do it in reverse? Would we endorse Obama if he were a woman?? Or if he were white??

  34. So, there is a completely scurrilous and insubstantial attack on obama over at YouTube alleging drug use and gay sex in 1999 by someone named Larry Sinclair.

    I’m sure it’s the kind of totally phony stuff that all campaigns have to deal with. Still, we should all see it and be prepared because even though there isn’t any chance of there being a shred of truth to it (because we all know that the campaign has assured us that Barack loves Michelle and would never cheat on her with another man), we should be mindful that sometimes these rumors have legs and be prepared to aggressively challenge it.

    Besides, it’s hilarious. Even though it is completely false. I won’t taint this website by posting a link. But if you can find it, it is funny.

  35. Emjay, yes it was. I submitted it via email/through the newspaper’s contact and they were supposed to call me to verify it before publishing. This was in the Foster’s Daily Democrat, which endorsed Hillary. May the gods shine upon me and Carol Shea-Porter reads it. BTW, she hasn’t answered my email yet.

  36. To Axlerod

    It’s a little hard to hit back in a timely fashion when your main man has taken a powder, leaving you and hundreds of downcast supporters in the dust.

  37. “I would concede that I think we were not fast enough in Nevada in terms of hitting back,” Axelrod said. “We need to be even more aggressive in calling out what are shameless falsehoods and distortions.”

    Where are the specifics ? Anybody could dribble this BS!!”

    Hillary should challenge this if Obama brings it up. He should accuse Obama of dealing in slime through baseless charges. The Obama camp’s statement “We need to be even more aggressive in calling out what are shameless falsehoods and distortions.” is a devious attempt to slime the other party without having to produce a single evidence and Hillary should call him on it if Obama mentions anything to this effect.

    Same thing goes with his complaints about Bill Clinton’s “factually inaccurate” statements. Hillary should be ready to call him on this bluff, immediately rattling off all of Bill Clinton’s statement and declaring all of them as fact. i.e. Bill Clinton said this…and that is a fact. Bill Clinton said this….and that is a fact. All of these are facts and are supported by documentary evidence. So far as I know, these are the only statement Bill has given about you. So why now are you giving factually inaccurate statements about Bill Clinton???

  38. this was written by an edwards fan, but i like his take on ob…

    BaRockStar was always a media creation – propped up by the Corporate Owned Media and DC establishment – to knock out Edwards message exposing the Truth about Washington lobbyists and Corporate Greed that keeps the working poor poor and the middle class struggling.

    The Corporate Owned Media is one of the largest and most influential lobbyists in DC – and those Dems in Congress loves them some lobbyist donations!

    Only a fool would believe Obama’s “unity” would change SOP in DC.
    So what if we’re all holding hands?
    “Unity” doesn’t pay for milk and bread.

    The REAL problem in DC is Corporate greed – and only one candidate had the COURAGE to expose the Truth about the Economy!

  39. B Merryfield, How do you empty a cache?

    BTW, this line from Jerome Armstrong cracked me up:

    Obama and Axelrod are complaining, after Obama lost his third in a row… about the candidate’s spouse? So Obama doesn’t like campaigning against both Clintons– what’s he think they should do, each tie one arm behind their back?

  40. I just got this computer so I know its not the computer. It has Vista but I went on over to Internet Tools and tried the old fashioned way and it’s already taken care of itself.

    Also, I wonder if it has anything to do with the type of internet, high speed vs. dialup vs. satellite.

    I think its funny that Barack Obama dares chastise Bill Clinton.

  41. Statement By The Clinton Campaign On Senator Obama’s Violation Of The Early State Pledge
    The Obama campaign today began airing paid television advertisements in a national cable buy that include advertising in the state of Florida. There is no question that these ads are a clear and blatant violation of the early-state pledge that Senator Obama and the other leading Democratic candidates signed last year.

    The early state pledge was crystal clear in its prohibition against any kind of campaign activity (outside of fundraising) in states that do not adhere to the DNC calendar. There is no ambiguity. Among the list of prohibited activities are “electronic advertising that reaches a significant percentage of the voters in the aforementioned state.” (According to Nielsen, there are 6,6 million TV households in Florida that receive CNN through either local cable systems or satellite dishes. This represents 92% of all Florida TV households.) The Obama campaign knows this, but has chosen to violate the pledge regardless.

    Just last week the Obama campaign snubbed the people of Florida in a memo that stated that Florida did not matter in the nominating process. After consecutive losses in New Hampshire, Michigan and Nevada, they appear to be changing course.

    Senator Obama’s flagrant disregard for the pledge that he signed is disturbing and calls the integrity of the pledge into question.

  42. To empty the cache file:

    1. Click on Tools

    2. Click on Internet Options

    3. Go to Temporary Internet Files and click

    4. When popup asks whether you want to delete offline content, say yes.

    5. Wait for files to empty (if you haven’t done this before or for awhile, it will take some time).

    6. When the hourglass disappears, click OK.

    You’re done. Repeat frequently if you browse a lot.

  43. hillfans, im watching cnn situation room and the official word from bill clinont’s aides that BILL WILL NOT BACK DOWN ON EXAMINING OBAMA’S RECORD. good. scew these weak dems who are telling him to do so. where were these when hillary and bill was being attacked?

  44. republican strategist telling Neil Cavuto that Obama is indeed just a crybaby cause Bill Clinton is pointing out Obama’s voting record. Democratic strategist is saying that hem Bill, should be doing exactly what he is doing.

    killing cavuto that he can’t get them to agree with him…. haha

    saying Obama should have known he’d be going up against the biggest leader in the democrat party…

    gosh this day is going good so far.

    looking for Hillary to knock it out of the ballpark tonite. bambi is on the hotseat.

  45. If this talk of today’s 5-7% drops in international finance markets keeps up, tomorrow is going to be really ugly on Wall Street…futures market for tomorrow morning is already way way down.

  46. Taylor Marsh nails it. Obama is in wayyyyy over his head. First rule of Democratic politics for neophytes: do not get into a public spat with Bill Clinton. First of all, if Clinton is arguing with you publicly, he knows he’s right, and he knows he will win. Second, Bill Clinton is the most popular member of the Democratic party and a hero to many, and if you attack him, you won’t be winning anyone over. Third, the Clintons are always thinking three and four moves ahead in the chess match that is any campaign. The media is ALWAYS behind the curve with them, and political opponents typically are, too. This is a perfect case in point.

  47. hillfans, obama is getting desperate. he knows he is in trouble in florida and supertuesday. im getting more and more excited about supertuesday.

  48. i agree berkeley vox. you do not get into a pissing contest with a 2 term dem president with 90% favorable ratings with dems.

  49. msm is screaming bill is overshadowing hillary. um i dont think so-a spat w/bill boosted hillary. and note-hillary wont be insc again until fri-she is focusing on feb
    did u see clyburn cut down obama over his praise of reagan?

  50. wheee, the wheels are coming off the bambivan. he’s looking more and more like a deer in headlights. told you he looked horrible yesterday.

    Go Big Dawg Bill and Beautiful Lady Hillary

    Yes, Bill Clinton is already thinking 3 or 4 moves ahead of them. look for massive shake up at bambicamp by the end of the week.

  51. wow texan4hillary, clyburn downing obama? that’s a first. you would never now by his statements recently.

  52. Hope Hillary wears RED tonight. It’s the sign of POWER.

    msm wants bill gone because they can’t continue to ignore the bambi empty suit no substance campaign when bill clinton keeps bringing it up. people are asking where’s the beef

  53. Emjay, that’s what I’ve been saying. tomorrow will be a scary tuesday. i just looked on my 401k year to date change and it’s -4.7%

    not much, but ouch!

  54. shouldn’t the DNC sanction him for those ads.

    look for it to be brought up tonight….of course he’ll try to say ITS NOT MINE

  55. BTW, did you notice that when Hillary lost Iowa, after some initial venting about the caucus system in general, she took responsibility by saying she neglected young voters, etc. And she made obvious adjustments in how she campaigned, becoming more accessible to voters and the media.

    When Obama loses, it’s never his campaign’s fault. It’s racism or because of attacks by his opponents. Credit never goes to Hillary.

  56. yes paula I noticed that.

    i really think that the fact that he failed to even thank his supporters in NV really will show the world where his heart is. it is not in worrying about as….its all about him….bet those CU workers are still smarting

  57. Southern Born: I’ve had the same problem you are talking about. I get locked out of this site but not anywhere else. When I came home about 1:00 A.M. Sunday morning after the Clinton rally, I wanted to post some remarks about it and I couldn’t get into it. Like you, I don’t watch TV anymore (although I am going to watch the debate this evening) and so I really rely on our friends here. BTW i was able to get into Taylor Marsh and others. I agree if more bandwith is needed I’d be more than happy to pitch in so we can continue our community here.

  58. I’m not sure how this blog thing works, but at others boards I’ve posted on, during busy activity there is a request to limit refreshing.

    This place is going to get busier and busier so…

  59. Didn’t the Obama campaign issue a memo shortly after the Michigan primary outlining the restrictions put in place by the DNC and accusing the Clinton campaign of planning to campaign there (which Hillary did not)? Then they have the hutzpah to go and air a national ad that will be shown all over Florida? I think Hillary has a reason to be outraged. Obama needs to remove the national ad or the DNC will have to let everyone campaign there to be fair and make the delegates count.

    Basement Angel: that YouTube video is starting to pop up all over. While it’s some mental case goofball making the claim there are nasty comments being written about who may have placed it. I think it should be taken down entirely and I’m surprised the Obama camp hasn’t done that.

    Also, if Obama is starting to send out surrogates to specifically attack Bill Clinton I think Hillary should start sending out more surrogates to point out the lies and distortions by Obama. This is all just making Obama seem weak…

  60. i saw on cnn that party leaders are begging for o and bill to cut it out. bill brought us to power 2 times-the people love him. i say bo wants it fine-let him have it in a careful way. this allows hillary to now be the positive one while bill emolishes obama. and u bet that reagan comment will dog him till the end

  61. I have people looking at my house tommorow…must remember to not have any stock market news on at the time. I know, the market is bad right now but we are in over our heads with land to keep up and house is way too big. Join with me in a collective wish that these people fall head over heels and are financially able to buy this place.

  62. t4h, as Bill says about Hillary “she’ll be with you till the last dog dies” some people may think it’s corny but you keep hearing it over and over and you start to get it.

    the dnc should leash obama who started all this race stuff to begin with.

    BILL DO NOT STOP .. you are doing America a big favor to unmask this impostor who calls himself a Democrat

  63. Bill Clinton is only doing the job mainstream media won’t or isn’t allowed to do. He is to be applauded for being a one-man band against dorporate America. How in the world people call the Clinton “insiders” is beyond me. As the news organization chiefs sit in their ivory towers watching and monitoring events as they unfold, even they have to be amazed and impressed by the Robin in Boll Clinton. Personally, in spite of his egotism, I think Bill Clinton is truly defending (Lady Marian) Hillary’s honor and has more love and deep respect for her now than he ever has. This is a real love story at a certain level. Reality TV definitely. This brilliant man, with his genius IQ makes the top dogs at MSNBC, CNN, FOX, CBS, NBC, and ABC look like the wimps they are. I have to give Bill O’Reilly at Fox kudos however, for not becoming a complete part of the Hillary bashing. He at least acknowledges what’s going on. Even Sean Hannity has raised the Trinity United Church of Christ’s Black Values System and the Louis Farrakhan link to Obama’s pastor and church. Lou Dobbs touched on it very lightly, paying lip service, and Richard Cohen wrote an article about the controversial Obama church membership. Other than tha, Obama vetting is off-limits. So, Bill Clinton has merely taken on the entire establishment in the quest for the truth. Too bad, the majority of African Americans are so smitten with Obama that they ignore REZKO and TUCC anchors that will spell curtains for Obama. They need to fall in with this knight in shining armor, Bill Clinton, and overthrow corporate America, turning the entire establishment on its’ ear. Bill is rewriting history as we speak or blog, whichever the case may be. Oh, I do admire the Clinton’s moxie, and long for the days of Rather, Cronkite, and Murrow. There are a very few heroes left. Thank you Bill Clinton for reminding us.


    Obama parcing.

    BTW, what does he think that ad telling telling rep and ind to reregister for a day meant. It was “approved” by him. He wants it both ways and it ain’t gonna work.

    I believe I know where they are trying to go with the word “untruthful”. and this from the man who calls himself a uniter.

  65. well, I think they should ask for sanctions on him vs going ahead and advertising. he needs to be hauled to the mat. the crap he pulled so far in this campaign needs to be brought to a stop.

    Sanctions along the line of having to pull advertising in another state or a huge whopping fine with an apology to Florida for breaking the law.

    Would this not be some kind of election fraud???

  66. Yeah, baybeee!! Gonna throw down in Florida!!! Go girl!! There’s no quit in her while she breathes. The media and the whiny titty baby party poobahs need to get the FUCK out of her and Bill’s way, because we are WINNING this thing. Wooot!

    😀 🙂

  67. Um, ‘scuse the langauge, but I love how she fights. 🙂 I need to send more money tonight, because I am so damn proud of my girl. 🙂

  68. Did party leaders really call on Bill to stop talking about Obama? I think this story is being “spun” rather than intelligently reported. First of all that Newsweek article itself may have been overblown in it’s description of what was really said to Bill C. by the two senators mentioned. Also, when was the timing of the call? Was it recently or a couple weeks ago when all the racial things were going back and forth? J. Alter says there were two sources. People who aren’t sympathetic to Bill C. perhaps? Why even say that in the article? To “prove” it must be true? Secondly, the mainstream media, with their pack like mentality, has picked up on this story and is using it to fill airtime. Anything that seems like it might be a juicy story, whether it real is or not, is red meat to them. And given their obsession to be negative about the Clintons it was a no brainer that the news organizations would push this story.

    So in my view just because two senators may have called Bill C. at some time (we don’t know exactly when) does not mean that he is being forced to stop talking about Obama. For all we or the media know those two senators may have been mistaken in what they thought Bill was saying. He may have even defended his reasons to them effectively and the call may have ended on a completely positive note. I can’t believe that seasoned politicians would object to simply pointing out the background or statements of an opponant during a campaign. That doesn’t make sense.

    I think Bill Clinton has every right to keep doing what he has been doing. It’s quite easy to look up Obama’s statements on the internet to see what he actually said and see if they match Bill Clinton’s comments. It would quickly become known if Bill wasn’t being truthful. I don’t see any reason why he should stop. If Obama doesn’t like it then he shouldn’t be running for president.

    Sorry for the rant but this story has been ticking me off these days…had to vent…

  69. cnn has obama on telling how he is not muslim, etc…somebody from the crowd had to give him a line.

    The crowd not too enthusiastic IMHO

  70. btw the line was Don’t Hate Educate… signs for this line this week. i am sure this is not an original line but look for bambi to run with it

  71. Is anybody here from Florida? If so, keep us posted on what the media is saying down there about the ad issue..

  72. this is the clinton strategy and obama fell in

  73. “cnn has obama on telling how he is not muslim, etc…somebody from the crowd had to give him a line.”

    The reason he is using this line is that in the next sentence he will denounce Bill Clinton for his attacks – trying to see if the two separate issues will stick to become – “Bill Clinton is attacking me similar to these kinds of attacks”. Pathetic, really and it’s not something that will ever gain traction. But, they’ve been wonderfully stupid in their campaign strategies so far, I don’t expect them to come up with anything brilliant in the remainder of the season.

  74. Some people forgets so quickly what the Clinton administration gave to them. Either people don’t know what they were talking about at that time or they were just hypocrites, who only snatched the opportunity of the hour to yap what they had to yap, so they can be favoured by the Clinton administration. You can’t say he was the first black president ever, and now you are bashing him in a most dishonest way, when he is genuinely trying to help you to elect the most suitable candidate for you and your children. He shows you facts through his prudent judgement and experience and you dishonestly use his well meant „fairy tale phrase“ to discredit him for a day’s pleasure? Either some people are blind or they are having a day dream to think that Obama might win the presidency against the Repugs.This is a self-deceit and sadly the group of people who is going to suffer most under the hands of the Repugs are the ones now playing it wrong by ignoring Clinton’s Warning. Thanks that some of them are very smart and remain committed to the Clintons. I hope that the rest will not continue to swallow down like aligators, everything that is thrown to them by repugs dominated big media without chewing it. Please, I urge you to support Hillary and don’t close ranks and files with all the envious people and hypocrites who are now creeping out to the surface from their dark holes and spitting sheer nonsense at the Clintons. Now they are trying to hint at the failed Monika Lewinsky scandal ignoring REZKO, the actual and perhaps more fatal scandal. I have no word, it is disgusting, very disgusting indeed! But thank God, Hillary will prevail.

  75. simply Obama speaking with “muslim” as a subject is going to turn off MANY people including Muslims and racist whites. lol

    WHY is he so stupid now? 😀 he’s shooting himself in the foot with every turn today~!

  76. Hillary will not be in SC: Huff Post

    A source in the Clinton campaign confirms that Hillary Clinton will be spending most of the week before the South Carolina primary in states other than South Carolina.

    She’s expected to spend Tuesday in California and Arizona, and New Mexico. Wednesday she will be in New Mexico and New Jersey and probably New York. And on Friday, she will return to South Carolina, a day before the primary here

  77. Hillary Leaving South Carolina to Bill and Chelsea [updated]
    by Jason Horowitz | January 21, 2008 | Tags: PoliticsBill ClintonChelsea ClintonHillary ClintonSouth Carolina
    A source in the Clinton campaign confirms that Hillary Clinton will be spending most of the week before the South Carolina primary in states other than South Carolina.

    She’s expected to spend Tuesday in California and Arizona, and New Mexico. Wednesday she will be in New Mexico and New Jersey and probably New York. And on Friday, she will return to South Carolina, a day before the primary here.

    The Clinton campaign clearly sees difficult odds in South Carolina, and has decided to spend much of its time and resources this week in Feb. 5-voting states. At the same time, they are not writing it off completely: Bill and Chelsea Clinton will be campaigning here tomorrow.

    UPDATE: Wolfson calls in to say that she’s going to be here on Thursday, too.

  78. that’s ok for hillary I think.

    as long as she has Bill, Chelsea, Maya Angelou, and her thousans of supporters with her in South Carolina, she doesn’t have to be there 😀

  79. mp, while he is all of these things, we must pity him too as he is going to get his hiney whooped come super tuesday 😀

  80. The DNC has epically mishandled these primaries. The repubs have months and months of a headstart in FL and MI. If the Democrats want to win in 08 (and we do) then give FL its delegates back so our candidates can start to campaign there instead of letting Rudy sit there for months and McCain, Romney, and Huckabee to create an organization there.

  81. but Hillary DOES need to hit this next debate out of the park so that she might have a shot with the AA vote 🙂

  82. not just bill and chelsea-cong jackson lee,tubbs jones,andmany others will be thee all week. obama will be in sc most the week-great for us. hillary is free to campaign inthose feb 5 states and get a leg up. o must win sc and liekly will. but h will make a storng 2nd place

  83. So Obama attacks Bill Clinton for sticking up for his wife too much, now? Wow. That has got to be one of the most ridiculous and petty complaints I have ever heard. I HOPE Obama keeps making this complaint. The more he says it, the crazier he sounds.

  84. reckon that fl poll is what caused obama camp to disregard his pledge to not go there. the polls may tighten a bit but Hillary can fight back now with ads. He won’t get anything over on her camp.

  85. dot48

    1 hour b4 your “guests” arrive, on small stove burner, put 2 C water, 2 t. ground cinnamon (or 2 sticks) and 1 t. cloves into smallest lidded saucepan you have, bring to simmer and lower heat to warm, taking off lid.

    When doorbell rings, slip into oven.

    Worked for me.

  86. Hillary should definitely air ads on CNN, MSNBC…

    but important channels that cater to the women, like the cooking channel, lifetime
    the youth: MTV, BET vh1 (this includes some adults, and other parts she might want to focus on)
    animal planet and discovery channel 😀 my parents love this channel
    and the sports channels for those men who might be swayed to Hillary as a result 😀

  87. I just woke up from a nap and logged in. I love the Clintons and I love you guys. I have been laughin my ass off and shaking my head. I hope the debate goes well. By the way, I saw Tubbs Jones on tv this morning. She is an awesome surrogate. She was very eloquent this morning on television. Hillary’s got some great folks working for her!

    I wish we could see Hills comments from the capital this morning, Admin!

    Can’t wait for the debate! Go, Hillary!

  88. You know, Obama would be in the low teens without african american support, if you read the polls. So, I sort of wonder if some african americans, while they want to vote for him for symbolic reasons, may end up changing their minds for issues based reasons. Clearly, if Hillary were not so srong on the bread and butter/fp issues, she would not be creaming the field in every other demographic.

  89. lol, big dawg(bill)is going to be camped out in sc all week. obama can’t stand toe to toe to big dawg. he is going to be stomped. GO BILL AND HILLARY!!!

  90. I think Hillary’s decision to concentrate on the Feb. 5 states makes sense, especially if Obama’s going to be in SC all week.

  91. Terron, that’s what I was wondering. Why is Clyburn trying to shut Bill up if Obama is doing so well in SC? I mean, shat does it matter to them if Obama already has it sown up?

  92. Finished Tweety. Pat Buchanan (he’s my fave!) repeated some of what he said this morning about it being a dumb move to take on Bill. Another AA from ESPN was on (don’t know his name) and they agreed that the Clintons had set BHO up perfectly. With 50=% AA Dem voters, expectations are high for BHO. If he wins, well, the story will be that he should have. If he loses, well, the story will be that he couldn’t deliver in SC and won’t be able to elsewhere. Tweety didn’t give Pat much room to comment.

  93. i agree, have bill carry most of the water in sc and start airing ads in florida asap or better yet run in the state hard.


    Howard Wolfson just walked out of a debate-prep session into the lobby of a local Hilton and was handed a phone. It was Representative Corrine Brown of Florida.

    The Congresswoman was apparently upset about the Obama campaign’s decision to air television ads in Florida—she was watching TV when one of the ads came on—despite a pledge signed by the Democratic candidates not to campaign there to punish the state for violating Democratic National Committee rules.

    “The ban is off—the agreement is off,” Wolfson said.

    He listened for a beat as the Congresswoman told him of her desire to invite Hillary for some last-minute appearances in Florida, and he said, “Then you can say, ‘I hope that Senator Clinton comes down here.’”

    After Wolfson got off the phone, I asked him if Obama had violated the pledge. “He clearly violated the pledge,” he said.

  95. Jason Horowitz of The New York Observer reports that he overheard top Hillary adviser Howard Wolfson suggesting in a phone call with a Florida elected official that the Florida no-campaign pledge “agreement is off” and that Hillary might reconsider coming to the state.

    This was in reaction to the news today that Obama’s new national ad is airing in Florida, a possible violation of the pledge agreed upon by the leading Dem candidates not to campaign there to punish the state for moving up its primary in violation of DNC rules. This is the “agreement” that Wolfson was referring to.

    The Hillary campaign opened fire on the Obama camp in a conference call with reporters today, accusing Obama of breaking the pledge. That prompted Obama spokesperson Bill Burton to issue a statement saying that “both national cable networks told us it would be impossible for us to run advertising nationally that excluded only Florida.”

    The DNC has stripped Florida of its delegates, so any win in Florida would be symbolic — enabling the winner to proclaim a popular mandate. As of now, it’s too early to say how this will play out; the Hillary campaign is refusing to say anything about Wolfson’s overheard comments. But if the Hillary campaign does seize on this Obama ad as an opening to enter Florida, it could open up yet another front in the war between the two.

    ONLY 7 COMMENTS since 5:51 pm. Where’s the outrage? Where’s the BHO support?

  96. Asian American community is blasting Obama and endorsing Clinton. Well!!! This is GREAT news every where…

    A national political action committee aimed at unifying the Asian-American vote is supporting Hillary Clinton because Barack Obama snubbed its questions, members said Friday.
    The 80-20 Initiative will urge thousands of voters in its affiliated organizations to pick Clinton in Feb. 5’s Democratic presidential primary, and has committed $30,000 to advertising on her behalf in the Asian ethnic media.

    “80-20 has been more than fair, bent over backwards four different times” to reach out to Obama, 80-20 board member Joel Wong of San Francisco _ a former Chinese American Political Association president _ said at a news conference Friday in the Oakland Asian Cultural Center.

    Obama’s reticence “shows that he has no respect for us working together,” he added.

    “What we’re looking at is the big picture,” 80-20 board member Frank Lee, also president of the Organization for Justice & Equality, said Friday. He said the decision to back Clinton is less an endorsement than an effort “to stop any candidate who does not want to work with us.”

    “This is very cold, very strategic, not emotional,” added Wong. “(Obama) is very charismatic… but just because a person is a minority doesn’t mean he’s going to do a lot of good for minority people.”

    Wong said 80-20 California’s Democratic primary offered the most bang for the buck: a large Asian-American population in a state sending a lot of delegates to the convention. Also, he noted, most Asian Americans register as Democrats or without any party affiliation, and unaffiliated voters can vote in the Democratic primary but not in the GOP’s.

  97. It doesn’t really seem that Obama plays by anybody’s “rules” but his own. Or stated another way, the rules apply to everybody but him.

  98. I think that Obambi’s violation of the Florida pledge needs to be addressed by Howard Dean. This is a clear violation and his excuses that it was a national by and couldn’t be avoided is baloney. He had the choice to make individual buys or consult the DNC.

    Having said that, I do think that the DNC should lift the ban and allow them to campaign and award the delegates as they should the Michigan’s delegates.

    I’m in Fl and Hillary is strong here. However, I doubt that Dean will do this as it probably wouldn’t be fair to the voters in Michigan.

    This tells us that it is Obambi who is not to be trusted and it is clear that he is desparate. I believe that even though the delegates won’t count for Florida, the voters will still vote and that will be flashed on every viewers screen. This will be a positive impression in the minds of voters and will serve to stunt any kind of momentum he will have coming out of SC.

  99. Here’s Ben (hi Ben):

    They made the strategic decision to affirmatively make a buy that includes Florida,” Clinton spokesman Mo Elleithee said on a conference call the campaign held to denounce what the Clinton camp called “Senator Obama’s Violation of the Early State Pledge.”

    Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) and the party’s other candidates agreed not to campaign in Florida ahead of its primary next week because the Democratic National Committee is punishing the state party for moving its primary before Feb. 5.

    Having called out the Obama campaign over its advertising, the Clinton campaign says it may do the same thing.

    “We have honored the pledge in every way possible,” Elleithee said. “Now … we’re going to review all the options that are available to us moving forward.”

    Clinton will travel to raise Florida to raise money, which may be allowed due to a loophole in the agreement not to campaign there.

    Obama’s ad began airing Monday on CNN and MSNBC.

    The positive ad, called “Inspiring,” finishes with Obama saying: “There is not a liberal America and a conservative America — there is the United States of America.”

    Former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack (D), a key Clinton backer, said on the call: “These are sophisticated buyers that they have. They know full well that they were going to saturate the Florida mark.”

    Clinton’s campaign acknowledged that it’s not possible to buy 49-state coverage — that the only alternative would be the much more complex process of buying state by state and market by market.

    Asking a question on the call, NBC News Political Director Chuck Todd pointed out the complexity of the matter by noting that buying advertising in Mobile, Ala., gives a campaign substantial reach into the Florida Panhandle.

    Elleithee responded that Clinton has not yet bought ads in Alabama, which has Feb. 5 primary, but said the campaign reserves the right to do so.

    Bill Burton, the Obama for America press secretary, called the attack “misguided.”

    “Both national cable networks told us it would be impossible for us to run advertising nationally that excluded only Florida,” Burton said.

    “For that reason we consulted with the South Carolina Democratic Party Chair Carol Fowler who told us unequivocally she did not consider this to be in violation of pledge made to the early states.”

  100. From what I’ve seen, Hillary and her team has conceded SC which is a smart move. Bill and Chelsea will be there this week to minimize the points by which Obambi wins by. In the mean time, Hillary will be crisscrossing the nation solidifying her base in other states as none of the canidates will be able to put ads on the air in all 22 states because it is just too expensive.

  101. Of course the whole bambi team will collectively yell “who’s running Bill or Hillary” LOL

    I agree too about Clyburn,,, if Obama has SC all “signed, sealed and delivered” then they wouldn’t be so very worried and trying to make Bill Clinton a target.

    I’m sure Hillary will get several big questions from team CNN regarding Bill and I’m sure she has witty answers along with substance to boot.

  102. Emjay, have all those ingredients and will do so. I have a tart burner that I use all the time but I bet this is even better.

  103. BMerry-

    Thanks for the link to that great article on the mindless media.


    No, she just has to put up her usual solid performance. She’s not the one in a must win situation.

    T4H- I wouldn’t concede SC until at least 11pm this Saturday, at the EARLIEST.

  104. He clearly has no honor. His favorite ploy is to blame somebody else. Now the campaign says, “CNN told us we couldn’t do that.” OR, my now favorite, “the head of the democratic party said it was okay.”

  105. make that…”the head of the democratic party in south carolina said it was okay.” BO and his camp love the blame it on somebody else game. Let’s here it for transparent government and accountability. He does not believe in accountability. Or maybe he does, as long as it applies to everybody but him.

  106. I just saw Rep.Stephanie Tubb-Jones on Tucker just now. She cleaned his clock and I mean CLEANED. he was trying to pick up on what Twitty was trying to say earlier. They showed a clip of Hillary talking in SC when she mentioned that ‘here we have a young, AA man, a son of a mill worker and a son of SC and a woman running for president’. Tweety and Tucker was trying to say that it was a small put down of Obambi by using the adjective young to describe him.

    I’m not making this up folks! Tubbs said, Tucker, leave it alone, you just want to start stuff etc.

    Anything out of Hillary’s mouth will be parsed and misconstrued and this was just one incident of many that I can see airing tomorrow.

  107. Wait, Obama had a question, so instead of asking the national party, he CONSULTED THE SC PARTY CHAIR? Well, whoop-de-freaking-do!

    Since when does Carol her holiness Fowler pronounce judgement on what concerns the national party and not SC? Jesus, this guy is getting weaker and weaker on his trumped up excuses. What a maroon.

  108. I just saw Hillary co-char Tubbs on MSNBC Tucker and she wipe his face on the floor. He couldn’t start any mess with her about the Clintons.

    Also Clyburn is on CNN talking about how Bill need to stop attacking Obambi because it is making some people upset…geesh what a joke. The only people upset is Obambi supporters, I swear Clyburn is digging a hole for himself and he think people is stupid and don’t understand english….He said he was neutral and now he’s doing everything to help his boy…even smear the Clintons and then have the nerve to ask Bill not to help his wife?

    No wonder the Dems in Congress can’t get out of Iraq because they’re dumb as rocks and snakes!

    Okay for Obambi to get on national TV and smear the Clinton, Okay for Obambi to praise REAGAN, Okay for Obambi to play the race card on the CLINTONS!!!! and not a peep from the Democratic leadership until their anointed one start losing to Bill and Hillary.

  109. What in the world. Anytime Bill Clinton, Hillary, or the media criticize Barack Obama, it is deemed racist. There are distinctions that need to be made. Clyburn should just shut up.

  110. I would LOVE it if Hillary swamped Illinois with ads,just to piss people off and eat a chunk out of OBama’s delegates here 😀

  111. Oh, give me a break. The party hacks want Bill to STFU and not defend his own presidential record or his own wife. But Obambi gets to go whining and crying and pissing him pants to every Democratic Mama and Daddy he has, “They are picking on me! Both of them! Waaaaaaaaaaa!”

    Jesus on the frickin’ cross, the Republicans will eat this fool’s thin hide and spit out his skinny bones if this party is stupid enough to nominate him. You think Karl Rove is gonna shut up when James Clyburn tells him to? Puhleeeze.

    I cannot believe Clyburn and the rest can be this damn stupid. If you can’t take a hit without crying to the ref, get out the damn game.

  112. Merryfield, they need to see that website of the good spirtual advisor that just endorsed bambi.

    agree on advertising in IL…and back it up with some 527 by some good people

    American Idol advertising is BLOODY BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. Just sent off an email to the DNC voicing outrage over Obama breaking the no campaigning pledge in Florida and asked what they intend to do about it. If it is against the rules then all national ads should be pulled until after the FL primary. Otherwise all bets are off and the DNC will end up with egg on thier face just like the Culinary Union did in Nevada.

  114. This was a HUGE, HUGE mistake by BHO to put Florida back into play. He doesn’t have the ground teams and infrastructure in place to run a nationwide campaign. Florida is a huge state and Hillary has a big advantage there. Now she gets to use it.

  115. Admin-
    Let’s get this to Hil before the debate;

    Obama camp suggests Clinton will break no-Florida pledge
    By Sam Youngman
    Posted: 01/15/08 06:18 PM [ET]

    A spokesman for Sen. Barack Obama’s (D-Ill.) presidential campaign sent out a memo Tuesday afternoon suggesting that rival Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) might violate her pledge not to campaign in Florida ahead of its Jan. 29 primary.

    By Billy House

    * Obama Campaign Says Clinton May Break Fla. Boycot

    WASHINGTON – Barack Obama’s campaign says it suspects that Hillary Clinton is planning to break her pledge not to campaign in Florida before the state’s Jan. 29 Democratic primary.

    “We’re alerting people to that; it’s just what we’re hearing,” said Obama’s campaign press secretary, Bill Burton, Tuesday night.

    He said Obama has no intention of breaking his pledge not to campaign in the state, regardless of what Clinton does.

    Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama may have agreed to settle their recent disagreement on racially-charged comments, but the now the pair are fighting again, and this time Florida is in the middle.

    According to a memo released by the St. Petersburg Times, Barack Obama is suggesting that Hillary Clinton may break her promise not to campaign in the Sunshine State.

    Obama reiterates his view that Florida votes will be worthless because the state is being punished for changing its primary date.

    The Obama campaign says:

    “Our position and the position of the DNC is clear — neither the Florida nor Michigan primaries are playing any role in deciding the Democratic nominee and we are not campaigning in either state.”

    The Clinton camp responded by saying:

    “We signed a pledge not to campaign in Florida before Feb. 5, and we’re not going to, but it is disappointing that the Obama campaign continues to tell people that their voices don’t count.”

  116. LOL H4T

    Politics is all about setting the record as YOU see it. If Obama sees his records in Iraq and elsewhere as supportive of his message, then he needs to have the evidence to back up his beliefs! TRuth be told, Big Dawg HAS the facts and the history and the votes which PROVED Obama’s false cries and proud swaggering to be nothing but the FAIRY TALE that they really are.

    America IS READY for a Black president.
    But America is NOT ready for Barack Obama. Electing him would be no different from putting George Dubya back into power for the next 8 years…which I would actually gladly accept over Obama as it would be more of the same instead of a idea-less, lazy, ass-wipe who couldn’t put two words that are not pre-written together without “uh uh uh” in between and his constant empty stands, or lack thereof, on REAL important issues like the fight for abortion rights, sexual abuse bills, gun control, etc…instead of whining and crying foul everytime the truth slaps him in his ugly face.

  117. ABC World News started off their broadcast with a hit piece against President Clinton using selectively edited video to take his words out of context.

    The “Clinton Rules” in full effect.

  118. I’m watching Brit Hume round table and they’re fair but you know they love Obambi’s REAGAN love. ROTFL

    They still drinking that koolaid that Bill is going to lose the election for Hillary in the G.E…..yeah right!

  119. Hillary needs a “strike force” ready to pounce on any network who distorts anything out of context. They need to me monitoring every darn network and immediately, immediately call them on the carpet.

  120. dot48, Hillary campaign once said, “You don’t strike at the people who buy ink in bulk.” Going after the media is a losing game.

    The media has been against Hillary since day 1. She still standing tall.

  121. ^^ I think that’s Bill Clinton 😀

    but on another note…Hillary can have TWO attack dogs really…

    Bill Clinton is, of course, a media vacuum

    But as is Chelsea Clinton…She has been silent for a while…and u can bet the second she opens her mouth at a rally or a speech, the media will explode from the wait 🙂

    Chelsea will be less a DIRECT attack dog like Bill, but more of a silent assasin..slowly decreasing Obama’s youth vote in many important states. If she does attack, the media will pay attention to it too 😀 each clinton is high profile in some way or another…while Obama only has himself and possibly Oprah (but she’s too chicken to alienate any more ratings..ahem…I mean fans 😀

    Hillary has other advocates too. But her strongest ones are those closest to her right now. If need be, all HIllary needs to do is send Bill out to attack again. And if worse comes to worst, Chelsea’s voice in the crowd will be the loudest.

    So in reality, i think the Clintons might be keeping Chelsea silent for a secret weapon 😀

    idk…just speculation 🙂

  122. Now that we have House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn telling former president Bill Clinton to “chill” and not give voters the facts, it is clear that the candidate playing the race card is Barack Obama: he wants “affirmative action” for his campaign.

    Obama wants special treatment, a kid gloves process in which he gets to malign and attack Hillary Clinton, but has immunity from questions about his own history, his voting record, his campaign tactics. Treat him like any other candidate and he screams racism and calls in his “posse” — Oprah and Clyburn, for starters — to defend him.

    As someone who has followed Democratic primaries for at least 30 years, I have never witnessed such a whiney, complaining candidate as I have Obama. Like his supporters, the Untouchables, Obama picks and chooses the rules that he wants to play by. If he doesn’t like the rules of the game, he either ignores them or complains about them.

    What Obama really wants is affirmative action for his candidacy — a little “helping hand” to guide him into the White House.

    Like good Democrats, we might even give it to him. While we’re at it, why don’t we just give him food stamps, rent subsidized housing, free child care, free health care, and free tuition to Harvard, along with the Democratic nomination AND the presidency? Perhaps he will finally feel he has a level playing field?

    Don’t count on it. Given his track record as a candidate, I suspect he would then whine about Congress and accuse them of racism when none of his legislation gets passed.

  123. Bill Clinton blasts Obama for suggesting Reagan had “better ideas” than the Clinton administration did:

    “And Bill Clinton himself showed no sign of backing down. During an campaign stop in Buffalo, New York, Sunday night, the former president went after Obama for his comments to a Reno, Nevada, editorial board last week that said President Reagan had been a transformational president.

    Obama “said President Reagan was the engine of innovation and did more, had a more lasting impact on America than I did,” Bill Clinton said.”

    “And then the next day he said, ‘In the ’90s the good ideas came out from the Republicans,’ which will be costly, maybe, down the road for him because it’s factually not accurate.”

    AWESOME! Here comes the Big Dog!!!!!!!

  124. figure skating fans, please try to post that link at all the boards you frequent. most of those boards have political sections and I think this might be of interest.

    Kostner do you go to FSU

  125. From CNN: Bill Clinton blasts Obama last night over his pro-Reagan comments:

    The Clinton campaign attributed the Obama camp’s anger to sour grapes over the Saturday caucus vote results.

    “We understand Sen. Obama is frustrated by his loss in Nevada, but the facts are the facts,” said campaign spokesman Phil Singer. “President Clinton is a huge asset to our campaign and will continue talking to the American people.”

    And Bill Clinton himself showed no sign of backing down. During an campaign stop in Buffalo, New York, Sunday night, the former president went after Obama for his comments to a Reno, Nevada, editorial board last week that said President Reagan had been a transformational president.

    Obama “said President Reagan was the engine of innovation and did more, had a more lasting impact on America than I did,” Bill Clinton said.

    “And then the next day he said, ‘In the ’90s the good ideas came out from the Republicans,’ which will be costly, maybe, down the road for him because it’s factually not accurate.”

  126. Go to the “Fact Check” page on Hillary Hub, her official website, and you can see just how heavily the campaign is defending Bill Clinton against Obama’s untrue claims. It’s great to see the famed rapid-response team clicking on all cylinders.

  127. Obamapost has this huge headline that says” Obama accuses Bill Clinton of Lying.”

    Obamapost has lost of credibility.

  128. carbynew, the more Obama’s team pushes this story, the better it is for us. Bill Clinton is wildly popular among Democrats and if Obama wants to try and trash him, he will only alienate Democrats in the process. Axelrod, Plouffe, Gibbs and Obama all have huge egos, and they’re making the suicidal mistake of getting caught up in a head game.

    Get your popcorn ready!


  130. Andrea Mitchell did a hit piece against President Clinton on NBC Nightly News. Standard Operating Procedure. Editing video out of context, anonymous sources saying he is out of control, etc.

  131. “This is the speech Obama has needed to deliver.

    This is the speech America has been waiting for since that awful and glorious spring of 1968.

    Barack Obama has found the language for a politics that transforms rather than merely transitions. He should not retreat from the mountaintop. He should hold the rhetorical ground he has finally captured, and call us to join him upon it.”

    At least he’s not over-hyping the speech…LOLOLOLOL

  132. Camp Obama’s FL stunt is right out of Rove’s playbook. They know they’re going to violate the pledge themselves – so they claim it’s the fault of the Clinton campaign. A preemptive strike, so to speak.

    At least now we know exactly how much a pledge from Obama is worth…

  133. dot48,

    Considering that The Congressional Black Caucus Institute is sponoring the debate along with CNN. I would say yes, the debate was scheduled for today because it is MLK Day

  134. Okay. Time to lighten up. This should make you roll on the floor and shout with laughter. If you think THE ONE is a whiner, wait until you read this from a blog called African American Opinion:

    Monday, January 21, 2008
    Obama ’08 : Revoking Hillary’s use of Bill Clinton

    This past week’s Nevada primary has displayed some major setbacks. Obama was beating Hillary from the start until Bill Clinton stepped in. A former President can’t participate in a presidential primary this much. That’s like a Hall of Fame basketball player tripping an all-star player along the side-line during a game. A Hall of Fame hockey player skating onto the ice and slashing a hockey stick across a player’s legs. A Nascar Hall of Fame inductee driving his truck into a record setting racer going around the track. If any of these things happened, this person would be yanked. Bill Clinton is invoking his presidential privilege to get Hillary votes while he slanders, attacks and smears other candidates. This type of a role in someones primary campaign isn’t allowed. Bill Clinton’s presidential privilege should be yanked and the candidate should run her own campaign. What kind of precedent does this set? Should people thinking of the presidency be concerned with former presidents of their own party waiting to railroad them? It’s wrong. Someone kick Bill out of this process, now.

  135. b merrfield, wtf? u mean to tell me other spouses can campaign for there mate but just becuase bill clinton is a recent popular ex-pesident he can’t. what crap. bill clinton his a HUGE help to hillary. these guys are just SO JEALOUS that bill is such a great asset to hillary obama can’t match.

  136. oh gosh, fox report just showed video of Bill nodding off while a black person was speaking…maybe from yesterday.

    While we know it meant no disrespect I’m sure it will be twisted by MSNBC, CNN and others.

    makes me remember seeing Cheney nodding off during a cabinet meeting.

    For sure don’t let Chuck Norris set it LOL

  137. oh gosh, fox report just showed video of Bill nodding off while a black person was speaking…maybe from yesterday.

    While we know it meant no disrespect I’m sure it will be twisted by MSNBC, CNN and others.

    makes me remember seeing Cheney nodding off during a cabinet meeting.

    For sure don’t let Chuck Norris set it LOL

  138. DemAC Says:

    January 21st, 2008 at 7:13 pm
    Camp Obama’s FL stunt is right out of Rove’s playbook. They know they’re going to violate the pledge themselves – so they claim it’s the fault of the Clinton campaign. A preemptive strike, so to speak.

    That’s exactly what I thought. He’ll lose anyway.

  139. Hillary4Texas…you are the best! right on, I am with you all the way…

    Tucker let it slip out saying, “ok, we’re the MSM, let’s gush over the Obama ad…” I guess it is so obvious to everyone why try to hide it…notes from the top…gush over Obama all day, every day…put the Clintons on defense all day….

    …guess that Clintons on defense thing isn’t working…

    on Hardball…Chris may be seeing the writing on the wall…in his power rankings Hillary is #1 and the one to beat, in his words, not only the democratic nomination but the Presidency…

    Hillary will wear them all down…sooner or later…

    Andrea Mitchell reports that Bill is not going to stop doing what he is doing, emphasizes “he is not going to stop”…regardless of what anyone says (so there!)…Go Bill…

    …seems like after Pat Buchanan gave them a dose of reality from the morning with Joe and Mika…they are starting to get the message that going after Bill wasn’t the smartest move and the Clintons have now boxed O in a corner in SC…and he looks like a whiner and weak on top of that…


  140. All this boo-hooing from Obama supporters and the whole obama camp is making me sick. It takes courage and knowledge to run for president and if u can’t handle a few hits, then go back to the frikkn dirt hole u climbed out of!

  141. Just clicking thru the news channels today it seems Obama’s goal of deflecting attention from Rezko is working. The only problem is it makes him look like a wimp. Stop… Stop….please .. Hillary… please stop your husband he is being mean to me…….

  142. Jim Axelrod did a hit piece against President Clinton on the CBS Evening News. Standard Operating Procedure. Claimed if Obama wins South Carolina, that will put him on a roll and catapult him into a lead nationally. More nonsense about the party getting anxious about President Clinton.

  143. well it seems to me that the South Carolina primary commitee perhaps deliberately set this primary up framed around MLK birthday to simply stack the deck for bambibaby.

    Just saw the “new” excuse from bambi camp re the FL ad…says SC dem committe doesn’t see anytthing wrong with the ad in Fl and added, it’s not possible to skip florida in advertising .

    this flake is nothing full of lame excuses…and he wants Bill C to stop. NO WAY

  144. I’m starting to think there is a WHOLE treasure trove of dirty stuff involved with REzko that Obama DOES NOT want anyone to know. What we know right now are just the surface. I feel that there has been major illegal action taken part with Rezko..and ultimately, it will destroy Obama’s campaign…and it could…if he ever lets it get out.

    Heck, if its as explosive as its seems to be (from all his diverting of attention), then it could end his senate career as well.

  145. um. Obama must be a RETARDED fool if he accepts the word of the SOUTH CAROLINA Democratic committee over the NATIONAL one.

    That’s like asking your state governor to legalize gay marriage throughout the world.

  146. rjk1957, it’s not the Rezko Obama is deflecting. It’s his major defeat in NV. I guess it’s working. No one is talking about his loss.

    Just like NH all over again.

  147. but we must admit, this is a VERY good position to be in.

    Obama’s campaign is scrambling now, and its obvious. + we have him backed into a corner and with a defensive role now, instead of an offensive.

    He HAD to pick between allowing rezko to POSSIBLY be exposed…or picking a fight with President Clinton and he chose the latter.

  148. well, for MOST Americans who aren’t that attentive to politics, most people are talking about how hillary whooped his hiney 3 states in a row now.

    it’s only the obama saps and us politically attuned folks who are paying any attention to Obama’s whining.

  149. obama pushed the panic button according to congreswoman from florida…she says when you are running for president RULES matter.

    All heck might just break over this.

  150. Please don’t post the fawning editorials over Obama’s speech. He’s been giving the same speech since ’04. His speech writer is some white kid in his 20’s. I coul care a less if some Nation guy is inlove with it.

  151. While Obama is picking a fight with a popular former President, Hillary is fighting for the American people.

  152. Let me see if I’m getting this right. Obambi can’t handle Hillary AND Bill. He told the media that it’s their fault that his quote about Reagan was misconstrued. He has Clyburn and assorted senior Congressmen/women running interference for him. It’s CNN and MSNBC’s fault that his nationwide ads are running in 92% of Florida cable markets due to his package deal.

    BUT, he can handle the war in Iraq, terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan, bail out the economy, and single-handedly save the world.

    Does that about sum it up?

  153. What amazes me most about the whole Rezko thingy, is that Obama must’ve known it was coming. He knew ole’Tony was under investigation and Obama knew that Rezko was guilty as h_ll. Obama knew this when he weighed whether to run or not.

    Yet the man decides to run for President. All the while knowing that a major corruption case will erupt during the election year.

    Obama is either very very naïve. (Something that is not a good quality in a President.)

    Or Obama is one of the most arrogant men to ever engage in Democratic politics. (Something that is perhaps an even worse quality in a President than naïveté.)

  154. another_reader,

    so, what good ideas did the republicans have in the 90s?

    For Poor people, ketchup was a vegetable ?

  155. obama = arrogant. I see it in how he looks at people. We heard it in his only honest moment in the debate, when he dismissed Hillary like she was a bug on the wall, even down to the handswipe.

    That told me more than I wanted to know and I will never in no way, shape, form or fashion push a button that has his name on it or attached to it…..not in this lifetime.

  156. Obama’s going to stutter like porky pig regardless tonight.

    all that has to be done is having Obama asked about what he’s DONE for the black community vs Hillary and Bill and he’ll say sumthn to the lines of “uh…I inspire..uh….to be possible first black president?…uh….and black ppl like me….and uh….voted for me!”

  157. I think it is about time now, Hillary concentrates on campaigning for her nomination instead of keeping on fighting and arguing with Obama campaign. We see from Obama, each day that passes by, the same story, arguing and mischievously provoking protests against Hillary. It looks like an endless fairy tale for me. Hillary should now focus ahead for her nomination, at the same time not give them a big room to breath enough oxygen. I find it ingenious that Bill and his most loyal followers are taking oxygen away from them in SC and Hillary is focusing on a big picture and it appears this include also Florida. Hillary Campaign should now pull all the stoppers to prepare them the final blow on 5th Feb. Enough is enough!

  158. MJS: the Democratic debate drinking game: take a swig of your beer every time Obama stutters, or Edwards blinks furiously, when caught in the crushing grip of reason by our plucky heroine. 🙂

  159. Time to get snuggled into my nice warm bed, turn on the teevee and watch the fun begin. Back in the morning, Hillfans.

    Oh, the thought occurs .. since Hillary is leaving SC to campaign elsewhere .. and BHO has to stay there to cement his “win” .. it doesn’t mean that Hillary is giving up on SC as much as she’s setting him up with no excuses for a loss.

    Night all.

  160. We at least can stay focused on Admin’s post of today (after the debate of course.)

    We have been pushed off course by BO’s machinations like everyone else.

    I want several of us to ask Admin to steer us back ASA it is workable and on point.

  161. B Merry,
    Finally, finally just got back on to the Comments section. I have Vista and I believe is to empty automatically. Out here in the countryside, we can only get Dial Up. Wonder if that could be part of the problem with getting to this site???

  162. sajani, it is obama who will not stop. he is the one who started this up ONCE again by calling Bill Clinton a LIAR. Hillary won’t quit till the last dog dies…neither will Bill.

    bambi can’t handle the pressure simple enough. he is going to implode in a short time. He looks absolutely ghastly.

  163. even if Obama’s gloves come off, what can he say he has contributed to the black community? zilch. zero. nada. some “hope”. then..more rhetoric and zero.

    I think his smartest statement of tonight would be:
    “even though i have done little for the black community, I WILL do it in the future…through my symbolism as the first black president which says alot in itself”

    but then again, his stuttering and the way he always looks DOWN at whoever he addresses (including the camera) will detract from the statement 😀

  164. as for “party” sources, it’s a pretty big party, isn’t it. if that’s coming out of the dnc, well, isn’t the dnc (under dean) off on an island right now within the party? i know that doesn’t quite make sense but that’s how i hear it.. i’m no insider.

    i heard part of obama’s most recent speech. what struck me is, essentially he is wrapping up in a very “inspirational” rhetorical style.. plans to do mostly the exact same things hillary and edwards say they’ll do. there is pretty much no difference. it’s a question of, do you just need to feel good about it, or do you need to roll up your sleeves and get to work? let’s be honest. we just need to believe in change and unity and these problems will solve themselves? hey it’s ok for me to believe in change and unity or not believe in change and unity, whatever. what i need is someone to show me what to do about it. i’m not getting that from obama.

  165. Berkeley Vox,

    the Democratic debate drinking game: take a swig of your beer every time Obama stutters

    Are you kidding ? Everybody will be on the floor in no time.

  166. southern born…dial up sucks big time. I finally found HughesNet satellite. Not as good as high speed but it beats dialup. They are offering bigtime deals right now too! I’m so far in the country that I can’t get cable tv or high speed internet so I have to use satellite for both.

    HughesNet is the old Direcway, I’ve had it now for years and have no problems except the other night when we got snow….I had to finally figure out to go outside and sweep off the dish.

    I feel for you with dialup and I’d say that is why you can’t get on. This blog is like a big graphics file.

  167. O MAN imagine if she uses that line tonight
    “Barack while you are picking fights with my Husband I am fighting or the American people”
    It totally reverses the Obama victim card and his claim that Clintons fight and he doesnt.

  168. southern

    go to BMerry at 4:11.

    Mine cleans on auto also, but it’s still not enuf. just do what she says. It won’t hurt, trust me.

  169. kerry could barely keep his own hiney in check before during the 2004 election. He’ll do NOTHIng for the bambi camp.

  170. Anyone else watch PBS NewsHour and see Adam Nagourney first lie about where he saw OB’s TV ad (First he said FL, then quickly, “corrected”, himself and said, “uh I mean SC”, even though he was reporting from FLORIDA, where he’s covering the repubs.), then when Gwen Ifil said that it was a NATIONAL ad, he smiled sheepishly and said. “I guess that’s why I saw it in Fl.”

    The kicker; NO ONE MENTIONED THAT IT VIOLATED THE DNC’S BAN! Because it’s Obama…

  171. don’t forget

    if you don’t have cable, or tv at all ( I only get PBS)

    debate is on c-span campaign net work in 5 minutes, live

  172. I can’t drink tonite, have a lot of work tomorrow. But I’ll promise to donate a dollar for every Obama stutter! 🙂

  173. oh my goodness, it’s getting hot in there! Hillary just hit him with Rekzo! Obama is comming across as petty and mean.

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