Nevada and Michigan: “Make Hillary 44”

The Obama jokes write themselves.

In Michigan, which Hillary Clinton won with over 50% of the vote, Obama supporters urged a vote for “uncommitted”. Obama… uncommitted. As Homer Simpson says “It’s funny, because its true.”

In Nevada, which Hillary Clinton also won with over 50% of the vote, Obama decided to “take a powder” – that’s Chicago style mob talk for depart without taking leave, as to avoid something unpleasant: He took a powder and left his mother to worry about his gambling debts.

Obama “took a powder” in Nevada. No, we are not cleverly raising “the drug issue”. We are raising the issue that Obama Is Never There When You Need Him. Obama volunteers, staff, supporters, and voters, after working so hard for Obama found themselves alone – to face their devastating Nevada loss. Obama was not there when they needed him.

Obama took a powder. He disappeared. Maybe Obama had to leave in a hurry to tend to the billowing stink from the upcoming REZKO trial (we’ll discuss REZKO tomorrow and the latest developments as detailed by the Chicago Sun-Times in the Saturday editions of the paper).

After his loss in Iowa, John Edwards was criticized for not congratulating Senator Obama. No such equal treatment for Obama. Obama took a powder in Las Vegas and Big Media did not say a word.

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton proved once again the value of hard work. Hillary outworked all the other candidates and she won. That simple. After working so hard Hillary Clinton attended a victory party in Las Vegas, flew to a night rally in Missouri, then flew late at night back to New York – to get up early to attend Abyssinian Baptist Church on the eve of the official celebration of Martin Luther King Day.

* * *

All the carefully crafted Obama campaign Hoopla, all the fireworks regarding endorsements, all the divisive lies from Obama, and still Obama lost. Sad. Obama unveiled all those endorsements which impressed Big Media but left voters unpersuaded that Obama has the experience necessary to be president.

How did Hillary win in Nevada? Why did Obama lose?

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton won the Nevada caucuses on Saturday, capturing strong support from women voters and adding a fresh boost of momentum to her campaign as the Democratic presidential race heads to South Carolina, where she is engaged in a fierce battle with her rival, Senator Barack Obama.

Mrs. Clinton’s victory in Nevada – her second straight win over Mr. Obama – underscored her strength among Hispanic voters, who comprise a large share of the electorate in several upcoming states, as the campaign expands into a coast-to-coast series of 22 contests on Feb. 5.

Hillary Clinton won among women and latino voters in the Western state of Nevada. This does not mean that African-Americans will be abandoned in this campaign. The contrary is true. African-Americans will not be taken for granted in this election. Hillary Clinton is going to contest every vote in South Carolina. Armed with testimonials, from African-Americans Hillary has worked with for decades, the Hillary Clinton Team will bring its message of accomplishment to African-Americans in South Carolina.

Mr. Obama, in a terse statement, barely acknowledged his defeat. “We ran an honest, uplifting campaign in Nevada that focused on the real problems Americans are facing, a campaign that appealed to people’s hopes instead of their fears,” he said. “That’s the campaign we’ll take to South Carolina and across America in the weeks to come, and that’s how we will truly bring about the change this country is hungry for.”

Mr. Obama said that he received more national delegates in Nevada than Mrs. Clinton because of his strong performance across the state, “including rural areas where Democrats have traditionally struggled.”

But some election officials said they were confused about Mr. Obama’s claim that he more delegates than Mrs. Clinton.

“I don’t know why they’re saying that,” said Jill Derby, president of the Nevada State Democratic Party, referring to the Obama campaign. “We don’t select our national delegates the way they’re saying. We won’t select national delegates for a few more months.”

Losers whine. Champions fight. When Hillary Clinton’s campaign and supporters were disappointed in Iowa Hillary congratulated Obama in a public election night speech then went on to work hard and WIN in New Hampshire. Obama’s gracelessness in Nevada on election night was only matched by the Big Media princes who cannot believe a girl beat them AGAIN.

Obama was graceless, Frank Rich of the New York Times was flacking division:

CONTEMPLATING the Clinton-Obama racial war, some Republicans were so excited you’d have thought Ronald Reagan had risen from the dead to slap around a welfare deadbeat.

Racial war? That’s rich. Rich did not mention Obama’s remarks about Reagan this past week in a column devoted to Reagan. The Big Media princes are becoming so transparent even the casual Big Media consumer can see right through them. The more Big Media attacks Hillary – and yes their very big target lately – Bill Clinton, the more Americans and voters laugh at the Big Media princes and princesses.

Voters are getting wise to Big Media Hillary Haters and to Obama flim-flammery. Obama supporters ran advertisments in Nevada attempting to paint Hillary as a hater of latinos. The results demonstrate that latinos did not fall for the Obama flim flam.

Big Media keeps losing to Hillary. Obama keeps losing to Hillary. For Obama the news from Nevada is even more ominous than just the results in Nevada. Leading Democrats in Nevada said its caucus results suggested Clinton would fare well throughout the West.

The news for Obama gets worse when the issues landscape is surveyed:

In CBS News entrance polls, half of Democratic caucus-goers cited the economy as the most important issue to them. Twenty-three percent cited health care and 22 percent cited the Iraq war.

Twenty-nine percent of Democratic voters said they were members of a union household. Fourty-five percent of union voters said they favored Clinton, while 44 percent favored Obama and 7 percent favored Edwards.

Obama won the support of younger voters and Clinton won among older voters. Voters under age 45 broke for Obama over Clinton 48 percent to 34 percent, while those over 45 chose Clinton over Obama 54 percent to 33 percent.

More than half of women said backed Clinton in today’s caucuses, while men were more divided in their support, with 43 percent supporting Clinton and 42 percent supporting Obama.

Hispanics made up 14 percent of Democratic caucus-goers in Nevada today, and they overwhelmingly supported Clinton. She got 64 percent support from Hispanics, while Obama got 26 percent and Edwards got 8 percent. [snip]

“Clinton has to be especially heartened at her success among Hispanic voters, a key block in some of the upcoming Super Tuesday states,” added Ververs.

Big Media and Obama racial pot stirring aside, Hillary will do well in South Carolina:

After a brawling presidential contest in Nevada, Clinton heads into the next battleground of South Carolina with back-to-back victories. For Obama, whose Jan. 3 Iowa victory recedes with time, South Carolina is where he must regain his footing in time for the Feb. 5 megacontest when 22 states will be in competition.

Obama is relying on black voters, who make up more than half of the South Carolina Democratic electorate. Most polls have him leading Clinton in the state. But Clinton has won over many influential black leaders and had led in the state before Obama’s Iowa victory established him as a strong contender.

Clinton is likely to continue to be strong among women voters. They gave her a big advantage in Nevada on Saturday.

Six out of 10 of these attending the state’s caucuses were women and nearly half of them backed her, according to a survey of caucus attendees. One in three women supported Obama.

She and Obama split men about evenly. Clinton also prevailed among white voters, getting half of them compared to Obama’s one in three. The white vote made up two-thirds of the overall vote.

Black voters heavily favored Obama, but made up fewer than one in five voters.

That won’t be the case in South Carolina. By Friday night, at a Martin Luther King Jr. banquet in Nevada, Obama already was making his case for black voters to stick with him.

“Sometimes we’ve got that thing in our heads that says we cannot do something,” he said as his largely black audience shouted “Yes!” in response. “We have been told for so long it’s not possible. We’ve got to wait for somebody else to tell us it’s possible before we decide it’s possible. But let me tell you, I’m here to say it’s possible. We’re doing it right now. Don’t tell me I can’t do something!”

That kind of exhortation is likely to continue throughout the week, boosted by Monday’s observation of the Martin Luther King holiday.

“Obama has to really take South Carolina to reassert his place in the order,” said Scott Huffmon, a political scientist at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, S.C.

Obama MUST win South Carolina. Hillary will not surrender one single vote.

The battle for South Carolina begins today.


718 thoughts on “Nevada and Michigan: “Make Hillary 44”

  1. I do not even turn on MSNBC or NBC anymore unless Hillary is on.

    Oh, and I am MAKING SURE I talk up how reasonably fair and balanced FOX is being even to the Democrats (their regular news coverage, not the Hannitys, etc)

    I hate FOX personally, but it’s true. I have even sent letters to Bill O telling him that while I despise his politics, he is right to call out MSNBC on their sexist crap.

    I give Bill O links to youtubes of the egregious stuff, and sometimes he has USED the stuff I cite!

    Want to hurt MSNBC? Hold your nose and give FOX a boost. Write Bill O outlining the outrageous statements by Keith O, and examples of the sexist bias. Losing ratings is bad, but nothing on God’s green earth could make them more furious than losing more ratings and credibility to FOX.

  2. On MTP today, TImmie, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Peggy Noonan, Jon Meacham, Michelle Norris and TOM BROKAW were TRASHING Bill and Hillary Clinton. Shameful.

    Matthews and his “guests” are trashing the Clintons, especially Bill Clinton.

    These two bullies have to go and get “friends” to help them out.

  3. BM is livid because they know that IT’S OVER! Obama has not shown the ability to attract enough mainstream democratic support to be a viable candidate, relying on independents and REPUBLICANS (who would no sooner vote for him than Hillary in the GE) for his lone victory. His abject failure to connect with working class democrats and his lack of support from whites, Hispanics, and women bodes ill for his hopes beyond SC.

    Even if OB wins SC, he will win it (Like Jesse Jackson) on the basis (primarily if not solely) of AA support. If he doesn’t win SC, he’s done. If he wins, the demographics will kill him on Tsunami Tuesday. His theme of bringing people together will look hollow if he can’t get the majority of at least one of the aforementioned voting blocs in SC, even if he does win there.

    He will lose Fl., by double digits. New York(281), California(370), New Jersey(107), Connecticut, Arizona are all solid for Hillary and her three wins in a row haven’t hurt her momentum. Except for his adopted home state, where does OB stand a chance on Feb. 5th? It’s all over except the shouting (and crying) so BM is SHOUTING at the top of it’s collective lungs to try to drown out the simple demographic reality that has begun to be crystal clear; Women will be voting in RECORD numbers everywhere, and SIX OUT OF TEN will be casting their votes for Hillary.
    She will lead him by HUNDREDS of delegates (if not more) on the morning of Feb. 6th and there will be the first, polite calls asking him to consider dropping out of the race for the sake of party unity. What will Mr. Unite-us be able to say?
    I say it’s all over now for OB. Politically speaking, He’s a dead man walking.

  4. I like the way all the pundits when breaking down Super Tuesday say Obama will win Illinois in a landslide. What proof do they have? His 1 statewide election to the US Senate against Alan Keyes, who by the way did not campaign. If I remember correctly before the Jack Ryan scandal broke he was trailing Ryan in the polls for his Senate seat. Obama should win Illinois, but it is not a given..

  5. hillfans,connecticut poll by the hartford courant. hillary 41%,obama 27%, and edwards 9%. YAY!! my state won’t swallow this obama suck-up.

  6. HillaryforTexas you make up a good point. I am going to contact Bill O’Reilly and use his hatred for MSNBC to get my point across. I can’t believe how FOX has been more watchable than MessNBC.

  7. LOL, and what about mr. all 9/11 guliani? his campaign is a joke. he dissapeared from the national stage by putting all his eggs in florida. mccain is winning that one guys. i am perplex why guliani is killing his run by such a horrible tactic.

  8. hillfans, watch mccain. hillary will beat him also but big media will suck up to him also. he is another big media favorite.

  9. Obama has joined Hillary in the northwestern SC media market, and his media buy is large and expensive. While viewing television last night, I saw four Obama ads. Hillary has been on the air for two weeks, however. Are the polls in this portions of SC unfavorable to Obama? How else does one explain Obama’s recent media buy?

  10. hillfans, for years i loathed foxnews, but msnbc made me into foxnews watcher. i do not buy into the entire foxnews act but they are far better fair coverage than the rest of the so called big 3 national news. fred barns is the worst of the lot though.

  11. this is the charlotte media market, and a poll surveying nc primary preferences had clinton leading obama by large margins. this, i believe, is also the case in york county, sc, and the surrounding area. perhaps this explains why obama has invested so much money in the charlotte and northwestern SC media market.

  12. We need to be careful with NYC – The reception at the firefighters place was umm…frosty. That said…

    NE should be ours, and perhaps the west. The real battle is the central and southern states.

    New Mexico should be HRC too.. In other words… everything “around” Missouri is the real battle.
    Also the caucus states, I think there are 3 of them…. Could give potential problems.

  13. I live in Illinois and I am seeing a lot of BO commercials today. This is the first day I am seeing these ads. I am closer to st. Louis markets. I think they started ad campaign in MO. I have not seen any hillary ads so far.

  14. admin, just a suggestion, but it might be a good idea to put a master link for Rezko articles under “Visit our pages” at the top. That should help drive searches.

  15. Several of us are having trouble logging on to comments. We could not get the comments after midnight yesterday until now and we are still having problems.

  16. From Taylor Marsh comments:

    Hillary is running against Obama, the media, AND some movers and shakers in her own party who think they will retain more power with the n00b in the Whitehouse.

    And she is winning, and will keep winning.

    The male power structure is shaking in their boots. Absolutely TERRIFIED.

    As for Bill – the press has decided to savage him in an attempt to shut him down, because they know how effective he is, and they don’t know how to stop him. Bill has not been out of control. Bill has been TRUTHFUL and sometimes angry, but he knows what he is fighting. It’s balls-to-the-wall, ignore the media, and take the message to THE VOTERS. And the Big Dawg can do that better than anyone on the planet.

    And the VOTERS are hearing it., and giving the big finger to Timmeh and Ben Smith and Donna Brazile and the rest. Oh, how the press and the Boy Blogz are foaming at the mouth that we DARE to do that!

    I reiterate – real lunch-bucket American voters are laughing at the talking heads, and spitting in their fingerbowls with every ballot we cast. And we will continue to do so, until the Beltways Boys crap in their loafers and keel over in a dead faint when we put this woman in the Whitehouse.

  17. clintondem99

    A lot of people are bandwagon jumpers, they see someone in the lead they jump onboard. That is why I am not worried about the deleagte arguement over NV delegates. Their state convention is in April and most delegates if not all will jump onboard the leader’s wagon in this case Hillary’s.

  18. B.O is being careless with his money. They spent alot on Nevada, I wondering if their money will dry up after Super-Tuesday?

  19. Regardless of who wins this election proves two things’
    1) The media is simply spin machines
    2) The highest glass ceiling has not broken

  20. Jaz, If Hillary does well in SC and his money backers then see her win FL his money will dry up trying to buy ads for the Super tuesday states with no money coming in..

  21. When the “Equal Time” regulation was passed, it was with the intent that the News Media not be allowed to influence or manipulate the outcome of elections. NBC is doing just that, they may say that they give equal coverage to both Hillary and Obama. What they are doing is skirting “Equal Time” by slamming Hillary during the coverage of her and praising Obama during their coverage of him is in effect doing just what the Equal Time law was designed to prevent. I’m sure filing complaints with the FCC will go nowhere, but worth a shot.

  22. OandrewD…well the highest glass ceiling could be broken when HRC become President.

    It’s only the USA so behind in the times… Countries like India, have even had women leaders.

  23. This is what happens when MSM is owned by so few men. The same talking head act like they own this country but don’t have their children fighting for this country. A bunch of elitist snobs up on MTP. Just disgraceful and Obama is a republican in sheep clothing. He has no love for the Democratic party or ideals.

    As a AA I’ve seen this all my life and I’m sick of it. It’s all about power and money for themselves and not for the people. Obama is a sweet talking man, but will backstab you in a minute if he think you will get in his way to his goal.

    Now MSNBC talking heads need a reality check. Most of the national host are paid and bought and looking at Tim Russert, Chris Matthews and others they haven’t a clue what is going on…that old boys, old women club is pathetic. I hope Media Matters start listing these guys incomes so you get to see if they have a conflict of interest. I’m not saying Democrat don’t have money…they do, but I’m seeing a lot of incestuous talking head.

  24. AP via Daily Herald:

    BO’s “returned money includes three $10,000 contributions from donors that the campaign identified as having connections to Rezko. They are Michel Malek, Craig Morgan and Elie Maloof.”

    So, who are these people?

    Michel Malek (

    From ChiTrib (,0,142713.story?coll=chi_tab01_layout)

    *$10,500 from Michel Malek, a neurologist and former investor in Rezko Enterprises.

    *$2,000 from Fortunee Massuda, a founder of a chain of foot and ankle clinics and a former investor in Rezko Enterprises.

    *$3,000 from Imad Almanaseer, a real estate and fast-food impresario and former member of LARC Realty, a Rezko business.

  25. I am being very annoyed about CNN coverage of the US elections. I always knew that the European version of them is much better than the US version, but now I see even our version is so anti-clinton. It is disgusting, especially as 80% of the Europeans would vote for her. I think I go back watching only BBC. Does anyone have an e-mail address on which I could efficiently complain at CNN?

  26. It time is long overdue for the leader of the free world to be added to this list

    From Jone Johnson Lewis,

    Women Prime Ministers and Presidents: 20th Century

    Global Women Political Leaders
    How many women have served as Presidents or Prime Ministers in the 20th century? How many can you name?

    I’ve listed women leaders of countries both large and small. Many names will be familiar; some will be unfamiliar to all but a few readers.

    Some were highly controversial; some were compromise candidates. Some presided over peace; others over war. Some were elected; some were appointed. Some served briefly; others were elected; one, though elected, was prevented from serving.

    Many followed into office their fathers or husbands; others were elected or appointed on their own reputations and political contributions. One even followed her mother into politics, and her mother served a third term as prime minister, filling the office left vacant when the daughter took office as president!

    Follow the links on the names below, to find biographies, news articles, speeches and background information to learn more about these pioneer women leaders.

    Sirimavo Bandaranaike, Sri Lanka
    Prime Minister, 1960-1965, 1970-1977, 1994-2000.
    Indira Gandhi, India
    Prime Minister, 1966-77, 1980-1984.
    Golda Meir, Israel
    Prime Minister, 1969-1974.
    Isabel Peron, Argentina
    President, 1974-1976
    Elisabeth Domitien, Central African Republic
    Prime Minister, 1975-1976
    Margaret Thatcher, Great Britain
    Prime Minister, 1979-1990.
    Maria da Lourdes Pintasilgo, Portugal
    Prime Minister, 1979-1980.
    Lidia Gueiler Tejada, Bolivia
    Prime Minister, 1979-1980.
    Dame Eugenia Charles, Dominica
    Prime Minister, 1980-1995.
    Vigdís Finnbogadóttír, Iceland
    President, 1980-96.
    Gro Harlem Brundtland, Norway
    Prime Minister, 1981, 1986-1989, 1990-1996.
    Soong Ching-Ling, Peoples’ Republic of China
    Honorary President, 1981.
    Milka Planinc, Yugoslavia
    Federal Prime Minister, 1982-1986.
    Agatha Barbara, Malta
    President, 1982-1987.
    Maria Liberia-Peters, Netherlands Antilles
    Prime Minister, 1984-1986, 1988-1993.
    Corazon Aquino, Philippines
    President, 1986-92.
    Benazir Bhutto, Pakistan
    Prime Minister, 1988-1990, 1993-1996.
    Kazimiera Danuta Prunskiena, Lithuania
    Prime Minister, 1990-91.
    Violeta Barrios de Chamorro, Nicaragua
    Prime Minister, 1990-1996.
    Mary Robinson, Ireland
    President, 1990-1997.
    Ertha Pascal Trouillot, Haiti
    Interim President, 1990-1991.
    Sabine Bergmann-Pohl, German Democratic Republic
    President, 1990.
    Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar (Burma)
    Her party won 80% of the seats in a democratic election in 1990, but the military government refused to recognize the results. She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991.
    Khaleda Zia, Bangladesh
    Prime Minister, 1991-1996.
    Edith Cresson, France
    Prime Minister, 1991-1992.
    Hanna Suchocka, Poland
    Prime Minister, 1992-1993.
    Kim Campbell, Canada
    Prime Minister, 1993.
    Sylvie Kinigi, Burundi
    Prime Minister, 1993-1994.
    Agathe Uwilingiyimana, Rwanda
    Prime Minister, 1993-1994.
    Susanne Camelia-Romer, Netherlands Antilles
    Prime Minister, 1993, 1998-
    Tansu Çiller, Turkey
    Prime Minister, 1993-1995.
    Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunge, Sri Lanka
    Prime Minister, 1994, President, 1994-
    Reneta Indzhova, Bulgaria
    Interim Prime Minister, 1994-1995.
    Claudette Werleigh, Haiti
    Prime Minister, 1995-1996.
    Sheikh Hasina Wajed, Bangladesh
    Prime Minister, 1996-.
    Mary McAleese, Ireland
    President, 1997-.
    Pamela Gordon, Bermuda
    Premier, 1997-1998.
    Janet Jagan, Guyana
    Prime Minister, 1997, President, 1997-1999.
    Jenny Shipley, New Zealand
    Prime Minister, 1997-1999.
    Ruth Dreifuss, Switzerland
    President, 1999-2000.
    Jennifer Smith, Bermuda
    Prime Minister, 1998-.
    Nyam-Osoriyn Tuyaa, Mongolia
    Acting Prime Minister, July 1999.
    Helen Clark, New Zealand
    Prime Minister, 1999-.
    Mireya Elisa Moscoso de Arias, Panama
    President, 1999-.
    Vaira Vike-Freiberga, Latvia
    President, 1999-.
    Tarja Kaarina Halonen, Finland
    President, 2000-.

  27. What a hoot. To the Georgetown Social Club (Hi, Ben!), challenging a reporter is “having a meltdown”.

    I didn’t see any meltdown at all with The Big Galoot last week. I saw him “owning” a reporter on the facts.

  28. The List of woman leaders misses the current German Chancellor Angela Merkel… though I do not find her half as qualified as Hillary.

  29. I posted this earlier…just how much money did Obama actually get from Rezko? The amount seems to be growing…

    The Los Angeles Times today is reporting that Obama has received at least $185,000 in Rezko related donations and will be giving back a total of $85,185.

    “In a review of Obama’s donations, the Los Angeles Times has identified as much as $185,000 from Rezko-related donors. Sources familiar with Obama’s 2004 Senate campaign said Rezko’s name was prominently displayed on a white board that totaled the amount his bundlers had raised in the Senate race.

    “Rezko was there from the beginning,” said a source who had been close to Obama’s political operation and did not want to be identified for fear of alienating political associates in Illinois where Obama’s support is strong. “He is closer than Obama is putting on. The guy was always raising money.”,1,1607630.story?track=rss

    This total is even more than the Chicago Sun Times report from June 2007 that says Obama has recieved at least $168, 000 from Rezko and associates. This article also includes this quote from the Obama campaign.

    “(Obama Press Secretary) Burton said Obama can only estimate how much money Rezko has raised for him. Obama’s staff, he said, only knows of one fund-raiser Rezko hosted for Obama — a June 27, 2003, cocktail party at Rezko’s mansion. Sources close to both Rezko and Obama, however, said Rezko raised money often for Obama. Burton said Friday the campaign was sticking by its original estimate that Rezko raised no more than $60,000.”,CST-NWS-obama18.article

  30. The Las Vegas Sun says that Hillary won because:

    *Foresaw a huge wave of new voters unlike in her failed Iowa campaign.
    *Worked relentlessly to appeal to Hispanics from the ground up rather than the top down.
    *Sewed up the support of many Culinary workers long before the union endorsed Obama.
    *Dominated among women and then persuaded them show up to caucus.
    *Won the final week of publicity with tough political gamesmanship.

  31. All BM can seem to talk about today is how Hillary and Ronbama have a gender and race divide going on, Hillary with the women, Hispanic, and Boomer+ vote and Ronbama with the young white male and AA vote. Eriposte discusses this (link below).

    But if Ronbama is this great uniter of all ages, sexes, races, and creeds, why do we have this split demographic?

    The proof, as my grandmother used to say, is in the pudding. Sorry, no pudding here.

  32. As I’ve posted previously, the same crowd that is now saying that President Clinton is a negative and Hillary should distance herself from him, is the same crowd that told Al Gore in 2000 that President Clinton was a negative and he should distance himself from him.

    Gore made a MASSIVE mistake listening to this crowd. Hillary will not make that mistake.

    And to those in the party who are complaining that President Clinton is being to tough on Bambi, I say, just tell him to STOP LYING. Stop lying about his record and stop lying about the Clintons. If Bambi stops the lying, it would take away 90% of President Clinton’s ammo against him.

    People forget that a basic tenet of President Clinton’s ’92 campaign was, if you hit me, I’m coming right back at you, only harder. That’s why the American RightWing hates him so badly. He didn’t just fight back, he counterattacked.

  33. BM is not going to let this race issue die and expect questions about it tomorrow night during the debate. on CNN Even after the debate Anderson Cooper will have a special about race… Doesn’t he have a safari to go on or something????

  34. The big media is in full swing for their golden boy – Obama.

    I think Clinton has to work as hard as possible to at least cut her loss among AA community. Obama’s strategy is to run president/VP for the same time. He wants to rack up as much support as possible among AA community in order to blackmail Clinton to give him the V.P slot. If Clinton loses badly among this demographic group, the Georgetown club, the old limousine liberals(Kerry, Kennedy, netnuts) will then pressure Clinton to pick up Obama for the fear of fracturing the democratic party…

    Obama is the biggest fraud. He has no substance whatsoever. There is no evidence except Iowa that he can attract independents, GOP despite drive-by media’s stupid analysis.

  35. How about this list probably still has mistakes:

  36. Hillarylandrocks posted this yesterday:
    NV a Must-Win State for Obama

    Put the pieces together and this points to an Obama win. No one benefits so much as Obama from the structure of the caucuses in Nevada, and he and his supporters have worked that structure from all the angles. They have, at the same time, attracted the sort of mainstream support and favorable media coverage that is traditionally afforded a front-runner.


    So why is MSM backtracking that this ‘loss’ didn’t hurt him. A win is a win imo and gets the headlines and gives momentum. The fact that MSM haven’t hit him on leaving the state before the caucus was over and thanking his staff/vulunteers is a tavesty. I would just hope that Bill and Hillary thread carefully as it is clear that the MSM is waiting on any little thing that they say to twist into a diss or put down of AA.

    And what if Obama loses? It’s serious setback after a week that will then be remembered not as a week of triumph but as a week in which he failed to capitalize on tremendous advantages — and also took the bizarre step for a candidate in a tight Democratic contest of praising Ronald Reagan for addressing “the excesses of the 60s and 70s.”

    Bottom line: While caucuses should not be definitional, this one could be. Nevada has become a must-win state for Barack Obama. He should get that win; but if he doesn’t it will be a serious stumble for the campaign that played Vegas with the best hand.

    Works for me.

  37. hillfans, at around 3pm eastern i was on my way to work listening to foxnews on sirrus radio in my car when a reporter on foxnews scooped a quick interview with bill clinton. it was fantastic!! bill was workin the crowd at one of the 9 at large sites in las vagas and made sure some voters were able to vote becuase they were almost turned away. for any idiot who thinks bil clinton is not a asset to hillay’s run is crazy.

  38. Clinton/Obama ticket will be powerful to win the White-House. We shouldn’t discount it…

    That said, the betting markets are pro-clinton right now..and heavily.

  39. Are not Obama’s recent donations to charity tacit admissions of guilt? They certainly were when Bill Frist and others were engaging in politically motivated charitable activity in 2005 and 2006.

  40. There is a risk involved in having Bill do this, but if he stayed out of the limelight people would say, “Why isn’t he helping Hillary?”

    Having him stay as the party’s elder statesman while his wife is running for president makes no sense. He thinks she’s clearly the most qualified, why shouldn’t he be shouting that from the rooftops? And she needs a defender. Lord knows, no one else is doing it.

  41. jaz, i will vote hillary in november no matter who is her runningmate. that tells you somthing my strong support for hillary is. will i be crazy about it, no!!! she can win without him.

  42. Also, having Bill serve as a lightning rod isn’t a bad thing, and he’s doing that very willingly.

    BTW, I doubt Bill is driving AA voters to Obama; maybe the media misinterpretation of his “fairy tale” comments is, but they twist everything he says.

  43. “That said, the betting markets are pro-clinton right now..and heavily.”
    – That worries me, I like the underdog story much better.

    On Bill: He is on of the greatest Politicians in the last 50 years. Having him speak is not a liability it is an asset that NO Presidential Candidate has ever had before. Does he need a tone change from negative on Obama to positive about Hillary… I don’t know.

  44. Paula, the press is playing a game. Al the evidence says Bill is HELPING her, but they want to convince he is a liability, so they can shut him up.

    Don’t buy their crap, don’t fall for it. Bill pulled 8000 people and 3000 waiting outside in CA. He delivered caucus votes in NV by being there in those casinos grabbing those votes one at a time.

    Those who have met him in person say his outright charisma is like a solid, palpable thing you can feel.

    Bill is an ASSET. Don’t let the lying press tell you any different, just because they are having tantrums that he routinely CALLS them on their bullshit, and scoffs when they ask him to kiss Timmeh’s ring.


  45. Now that Obama is donating S40,000 linked to Rezko to charity we now know why he left Nevada early to head to Chicago. He had to have met with his attorneys. Would be interesting to find out who his attorneys are and where they were last night. My money is on Obama’s mansion.

  46. LOL,rfk1957 those union bosses are bafoons. the rank and file voted thier hearts. i hope there is no retaliations on those hillary union members.

  47. I think Clinton/Obama would be good to us… It will unite the Democrats after this pretty fierce race and also attract independents… And Think about it… 2 super-speakers Obama/Bill and then Hillary. It’s like 3 presidents rolled into one.

    The main concern with Obama is Rezko, and how bad it can go for him…

  48. jaz,

    I do not want Hillary to be pressured to do something that she believes will help the democratic party to win the white house. She has to listen to her instincts and make the call… She may or she may not pick Obama, but that should be her privilege…

    Kerry picked up Edwards under the pressure… Did Edwards help him? Nothing in the end…

    Obama is all rhetoric, and I seriously doubt he can help Hillary in the end. But that’s her call…

  49. hillfans, those intratrade market ratings are a joke. they literally go were the polls and political wind blows. don’t pay attention to them.

  50. kostner is right, edwards was a flop then and he is a flop now. edwards really damaged himself this year. he is gasping for political air and on life support. time to put his political career to rest. by johnny!!!

  51. Sorry I have been gone so long. I hope everyone is safe and well and I am back to civilization with internet …. lol

    Thank you Nevada!

  52. “The same dynamic that propelled Clinton to victory in Nevada could play a big role on Feb. 5, when 22 states vote for a Democratic nominee. In the 2004 nomination fight, the Democratic electorate in California — one of this year’s Super Tuesday states — was 53 percent female and 16 percent Latino, compared with 8 percent black. Arizona, another Feb. 5 state, represents a similarly favorable demographic for Clinton. Latinos represented 17 percent of the Democratic electorate in Arizona four years ago, and women were 59 percent of the vote, compared with African Americans, who made up 2 percent of Democratic voters.

    But in the East, the demographics will be much more even. In Georgia, for instance, women were 56 percent of the Democratic vote in 2004, but blacks were 47 percent, while Latinos made up 3 percent. Tennessee was 54 percent women, 23 percent black and just 1 percent Latino. New York, Clinton’s home state, was 57 percent women, 20 percent black and 11 percent Latino. ”

    From that washingtonpost article…

  53. H4T, I agree. The risk is, people saying he overshadows her. Not that I really care, though, lol.

    BTW, I wonder what Bill told Rahm Emmanuel and Ted Kennedy when they called him. Hmm…

  54. Gosh, this is not the headline Obama wants to read… MO…

    Edwards, Clinton reach out to Missouri Democrats

    Two of the leading Democratic contenders for president — Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and former Sen. John Edwards — laid out their prescriptions for change Saturday to overflow crowds of eager St. Louis-area supporters.

    Both called for expanding access to health care, protecting jobs, making college more affordable, addressing global warming and changing the nation’s course in Iraq.

    But their dueling appearances — his in the morning and hers Saturday night — underscored their contrasting political fortunes.

    Energized by Saturday’s caucus success in Nevada, Clinton exuded the confidence of a frontrunner during a brief telephone interview before boarding a plane for St. Louis and later at the rally.

    At McCluer North High School in Florissant, the senator ignited deafening cheers when she said “this election is about you and your family and your future, and to make sure we keep faith with previous generations.”

    She then pledged to “rebuild a strong and prosperous middle class,” by spurring the creation of good paying jobs with benefits. She continued, “it wasn’t rich people, with all due respect, who made America great.”

    Clinton, D-N.Y., was joined by her husband, former President Bill Clinton, who said: “Eleven days ago people were dancing on Hillary’s grave. They’ve got another thing coming now.” The rally, titled “Solutions for America,” attracted thousands who overflowed the gym and packed an adjoining cafeteria.

    In the interview, Clinton said she hoped Missouri voters would pay attention to “my previous record of producing positive change for people.” She singled out her work in Congress which she said expanded health care access for children and veterans.

    Coupled with her latest proposals to bolster the economy and curb housing foreclosures, Clinton said her commitment spans from “saving our homes to saving our lives.”

    In the interview, Clinton challenged Edwards’ attacks on her fundraising success and said that her record makes clear that “I’m not afraid to take on those vested interests.”

    Saturday’s stops in Missouri highlight its swing-state status and its potential role as a nominee-maker on Feb. 5. Missouri is among close to two dozen states holding primaries or caucuses that day. And many in both parties predict that the outcome of those contests likely will determine the presidential nominees.

  55. kostner, she should pick someone who she thinks she can work with.

    Edwards (and Kerry) are plain stupid, Obama clearly is not. Neither is Hillary. I think, personally, they would make a good combination, but we will see. My main concern is if HRC is the Dem nominee, we have issue with the Male vote and currently the AA vote. The male vote definitely is an issue, perhaps Obama can help with that.. The AA vote will follow any dem candidate.

    We’ll see, but for now, HRC on the road to Victory.

  56. Welcome back, hawk!

    Not to beat a dead horse, but what were they saying about Big Dog on MTP?

    Also, notice they said nothing about Rezko. If something like that involved Hillary, they’d be on it 24/7.

  57. “We ran an honest, uplifting campaign in Nevada that focused on the real problems Americans are facing, a campaign that appealed to people’s hopes instead of their fears….”- Barack Obama

    The problem with this statement is he is dismissing their fears. Fears about the economy, fears about Iraq, fears about their mortgages and global warming and health care. In Obamaland, there is no disease, there is no famine, no death and no war. Bill Clinton got the terms right even if he was just addressing Obama’s voting record- it is a fairy tale.

    Obama is playing on Americans’ eternal optimism, that built in dynamic of at once believing in the American dream and the self-centeredness of attaining it. Without exception pro-Obama supporters I met fall into one of three categories: 1) the ill-informed, 2) the Anti-Hillary folks (anti-Bill or anti-woman) or 3) the immature who cannot grasp the existence of real problems. The latter category really does believe in the hype of hope.

    One of the reasons we so much vitriol is with the first group they do not want to be discovered for being so ill-informed (therefore stupid) and shallow. The middle group really is just patently hateful, and the last group refuses to give up the notions of childhood like pink hearts, yellow moons and green clovers. They resent the intrusion of reality and the need for hardwork.

    I said yesterday I’d address why it seems so many “heavy hitters” are endorsing BO. Personally, I think they are scared of Hillary as the de facto party leader as POTUS. Bill had Terry McAuliffe working with him and Terry is once again there helping Hillary. I’m not completely up on all the inner workings of the DLC, DNC etc., but it seems some folks are scared of losing position if she were elected. Anyone have any background on what’s been going on for the last 7 years since McAuliffe and Bill have been gone? Did Hillary bust heads or something in the party? Or is it a pervasiveness of sexism since no woman has ever been the Democratic party leader?

    Finally, LBJ did help get the Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed, but it is important to note it did not contain a provision for the protection of gender. It wasn’t until a smartass Congressman from the South inserted the provision as a joke, certain that the measure would fail, that gender was included. It was a joke. It was designed to make sure the CRA would fail. That backfired and bigots were fucked twice. Once by the race issue and next by the gender. If it had not been for that crass, bigoted man, women would not have the right to sue for discrimination in the workplace.

    Maybe that’s why Hillary and other women still encounter so much hostility….it was supposed to be a joke.

  58. Does anybody know NM’s ballot situation? Is Richardson still on the ticket? Richardson is no longer in the race, but I hate the ‘beloved-dead-man’ phenomenon will cost Clintons’ easy victory there…

    Remember Howard Dean withdrew from the race, but VT still gave him a win due to his popularity there in 2004.

    Hillary should win NM easily while Richardson is out of the picture. If my memory is correct, 40% of NM democrats are hispanic… NM is a nominal caucus, but in reality it’s a primary. People are already starting to vote by absteen, and you can cast your ballots during the entire day of Feb 5th..

  59. hillfans, any bounce for hillary post nevada? i think polling for sc will start by monday all the way to saturday. i will be off then.

  60. Jaz-

    You have some interesting ideas and I’m sure that you only have Hillary’s success in mind, but I often find myself wondering about some of your comments. Obama would have little to offer in the GE. Candidates usually choose someone who fills in a perceived shortcoming or weakness in the candidate’s resume, and/or someone who can deliver a crucial state or states. Obama can do neither of these things and the combination of two, “firsts”, on the same ticket may be too much to ask the voters to go for in such uncertain times. Just as important, OB is a STAR, and stars don’t accept 2nd billing, and considering Mr. Clinton, that could be3rd billing.

  61. OK, this is why I love the Big Dog:

    Clinton, D-N.Y., was joined by her husband, former President Bill Clinton, who said: “Eleven days ago people were dancing on Hillary’s grave. They’ve got another thing coming now.”

    That quote totally kicks ass!

  62. i think obama’s ego is so big he would say no but the vp slot is a great way to springboard to a future run. dunno.

  63. If HRC wins the nom, I want her to have nothing to do with BO. I am sorry, I just feel he is dishonest and with his Chicago dirty politics, you can’t trust the guy. After all his lies and bad mouthing the Clintons’ and his Reagan love? The guy isn’t a real democrat anyway. I feel that Hillary should pick someone with military experience like Wesley Clark.

  64. no obama …period.

    she would be one gunshot away, his mob ties scare me.

    why do you think he asked for secret service protection. this runs deep and he’s in deep. it will come out very soon, he is trying to cover up…we all know that will not work.

  65. hillfans it is safe to say that big media and the haters will never stop hatin on hillary. and if anybody thinks it will stop once hillary is elected president, think again. i remember when bill clinton became president in 1993. they gave him 1 week of honeymoon and then attemped to derail him.

  66. Jaz, If BO performs poorly (which I expect) on Super Tuesday he would be the flavor of the month. He would fade and totally forgotten. Loosers are not liked in this country. I expect a huge band wagon effect after Feb 5 for Hillary.

  67. Well, I’m actually a Conservative in the UK (we’ve been in opposition for umm…11 years and running). I feel we”re still left of the Democrats in the UK, despite being the right-wing party. We are following a national health care, environmental agenda that the Democrats are only beginning to think about now.

    That said, a win-at-all-costs is better than the opposition style of thinking for us…. For me, and just me personally, hillary being President is better than a republican being president, and she should do the best thing that enables here to do that. That said, I know American political thinking is alot different. This is because the V-P can’t really be changes? In the UK, we can have cabinet reshuffles when we feel.

  68. Can you imagine the uproar in the BM if Hillary had
    1) suddenly fled to NY without waiting for the results or thanking her local campaign staff
    2) Refused to congratulate the winner or make any concession remarks
    3) Put out a statement accusing the winning campaign of dirty tactics with no evidence whatsoever and say that their’s was an “uplifting” campaign even when they supported a racist ad
    4) Proclaim victory in a delegate count because of some arcane caucus math, even though contradicted by the state democratic party
    5) Lose by 6 % along with the popular vote

    The media would be delirious, mocking her and the hate would be dripping bucketloads from Pumpkin head’s sweaty odorous calorie ossified frame.

    But the spoiled golden boy, the petulant, arrogant phony who gets all worked up if he doesn’t get his way still gets a pass. Mr Hope’s phony hope express is losing its wheels faster than the time it takes him to come up with his next dirty trick. His desperate, stinking, duplicitous campaign is now being carried on the shoulders of an equally desperate media. And I bet if he wins SC, the media will ecstatically proclaim him as the “comeback kid” and try to to boost him to the maximum.
    But come Feb 5th and Mr Hope will meet Mr Reality. And the sound of that crash will be ever so sweet.

  69. clintondem99, watch mustache bumbling axelrod spin it on supertuesday as a win for obama. these guys are delusional.

  70. Also, this may be stating the obvious, but it’s clear Obama flew back to Chicago to handle the Rezko thing. It’s no coincidence the story about his giving back the $40,000 came out last evening.

  71. Interesting post at about how the media is portraing Obambi’s candidacy as novel and the potential split among the races in the Democratic party is false:

    Saturday :: Jan 19, 2008
    The Divisive Frauds in the Media

    by eriposte

    I am glad that Steve appended this to my post on the Nevada results – where I mentioned how the results are being used by the media to sow the seeds of division amongst Democrats:

    …And yet all the media wants to spin is that a Clinton nomination will split the party and that African Americans will stay home at the disappointment of Obama not getting the top spot…

    …Andrea Mitchell is still at it. She calls the Nevada outcome, based on their exit polls showing African Americans going for Barack in a big way while women and “Latinos” going for Hillary, as a “historic divide” within the party, and “not something that any Democrat would want to see.” That’s right – it’s nothing but doom and gloom from Mrs. Alan Greenspan at the sight that women and Hispanics go for Hillary while African Americans go for Obama.

    Can I just say how much I deeply detest the frauds on TV, the ones like Andrea Mitchell – among many others?

    First of all, if Sen. Obama☼ is the great uniter that he claims to be, isn’t it more than reasonable to think that he would unite behind the eventual Democratic nominee (if Sen. Clinton☼ wins the nomination) and get his supporters to do the same? Does anyone seriously believe that a charismatic Democrat who says he can unite Republicans and Independents with Democrats cannot unite Democrats with other Democrats?

    Secondly, what is more important here is the fact that the “stars” in the media – those who get paid undeservedly princely sums to pontificate ignorantly and spread lies and division – routinely keep people uninformed. I wrote earlier that despite the Rev. Jesse Jackson having gotten historic primary wins in the 1984 and 1988 Presidential campaigns – a generation earlier – many in the media have repeatedly ignored that to create the false impression that Sen. Obama’s campaign was uniquely historic. Now, bloviators in the media, like Andrea Mitchell, are spreading another canard – a highly divisive one – in the hope that voters won’t notice. Let’s go back to this 1984 article in the New York Times by Ronald Smothers to see what I mean (emphasis mine, throughout this post):

    The Rev. Jesse Jackson has won as much as 79 percent of the black vote in the Democratic Presidential primaries so far, but three of his biggest tests lie ahead.

    As the primaries move into New York today, Pennsylvania next Tuesday and Ohio on May 8, his showing among black voters in three major cities, New York, Philadelphia and Cleveland, will be watched closely.

    The Jackson candidacy has the potential of broad effects in the black community. It appears to have generated a growing sense of political involvement among blacks, but it also has divided black leaders between Mr. Jackson and Walter F. Mondale, with potential for repercussions for some leaders’ own political future.

    In the race for the party’s nomination, polls have shown that Mr. Jackson’s popularity among blacks has appeared to be most harmful to Mr, Mondale, who is the second Presidential choice among most blacks. Senator Gary Hart’s support among blacks has been minimal.


    The Rev. William Jones, pastor of Bethany Baptist Church in Brooklyn who is a Jackson delegate in the primary today, told an audience at his church Sunday that the Jackson candidacy represented ”something unparalleled in our time or perhaps in our century” for blacks.

    A ‘Groundswell’ for Jackson

    ”There is a Jesse Jackson groundswell, and it is becoming everyone’s black, patriotic duty to support him,” said Lawrence Briskar, dean of students at Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland.

    ”I had no interest in politics, but when Jesse said he was running, I said I was running, too,” said 25-year-old Davida Jacobe, running as a Jackson delegate in Philadelphia. ”At first people seemed to think it was radical to vote for a black candidate, but they don’t say that any more.”

    What percentage of the African-American vote did Walter Mondale get in the 1984 general election? Here are some statistics from the book “Racial and Cultural Minorities: An Analysis of Prejudice and Discrimination” by George Eaton Simpson and John Milton Yinger, page 234:
    Continue reading “The Divisive Frauds in the Media”

    Email this • Technorati Links • Add to
    eriposte @ 6:31 PM :: Link :: Comments (22) :: Spotlight :: Digg It!
    A Reality-Check on Nevada

  72. I still say women are realizing what big media is doing. subconsciously we are remembering every slam and every way they short her and criticize her. we will get our revenge, it’s coming in each primary, each caucus and come November they will hear the collective revenge of the women of the United States of America. Even people who are not turned in like we are every day see the sexism and blatant lying of the MSNBC NBC and CNN.

    I switched to fox earlier, of course Hannity will always be nuts.

    We should get our letter writing out to Olberman and let him know we have tuned him off as well because at least Oreilly will not out and out lie and use sexism against Hillary. I am not of the same political view of Oreilly but he has had some good moments on his show recently for Hillary

    We need to pit Oreilly against Olberman because they despise each other and it will further throw a damp cloth on Olberman, tweety and scarface over at msnbc. Let Olberman know we are tuning him out.

  73. I hate to say this, but moustache bumbling axelrod looks so pathetic to me. I can’t erase the stereotypical image of a dirty old pedophilia whenever I see him on TV….

  74. kostner, I want to congratulate you for your prescience. You said Hillary would likely lose Iowa but then win NH, MI and NV.

  75. Jaz,

    Thatcher has always been my favorite!!! That’s exactly why I love Hillary so much… Both of them are tough and smart, I say this as a man. haha..

  76. im telling you hillfans, feb 5th is going to be massive and sweeping for hillary. even big media just might give hillary some credit but i doubt it. they will spin it like”oh at least obama came out with delagates”. too bad i have to work that evening. when i was hat work last evening i was listening to 880 cbs radio when hillary was declared the winner. i pumped up my fist and yelled YES!!! i startled my co-worker. there are a bunch of tvs all over the place there so i was taking quick peeks on the results all last evening.

  77. BTW Howard Fineman acknowledged on the Chris Matthews show today that Obama invented the racism flack. I swear you could have heard a pin drop when he admitted that fact. His words were something to the effect Obama suckered the Clintons with the racism charge therefore implicitly stating it was a manufactured story.

  78. terron, I think Bumblerod fell flat on his face trying to spin 6% loss as a victory. He looked really hungover this morning barely could keep his eyes open on FN(CBS).

  79. OkieAtty, what was Matthews response? That’s really something considering that Fineman guy seems to be an Obama supporter..

  80. I remember reading that the reason the press likes McCain so much is that he’s very careful to keep an open bar on the press bus. He just keeps ’em a little buzzed all the time.

    Since the reporters following Hillary all seem to have such issues with her, we should butter them up a bit on her behalf. I never watch broadcast or cable media, but we should start sending them little presents. I know it seems counter-intuitive, but if Hillary’s supporters started making them laugh in a good way, or sent them good booze on occasion, it might help relax the air enough that the next time she brings them bagels and hot coffee, they won’t perceive it as warmer outside the bus.

    Just a thought. But I think I’m gonna do it. My husband and I aren’t much for drinking but we always have people giving us bottles of Jack Daniels, and cognac and stuff – I literally don’t know what most of it is. Maybe I should send a few bottles off. 🙂

    How about it, folks? No kneejerks responses about how much you hate the press. How about picking a reporter and sending them a nice note, and a small gift once a week. Just think about it. It could be a genuinely odd moment in the campaign, which could pay off.

    You get more flies with honey….

  81. rjk1957,

    You’re wrong. Check it out. I’m pretty sure NM is a totally different ‘caucuses’… They are always starting to vote absteen ballots now! On election day, they will cast secret ballots. It’s called ‘caucus’, but a primary nevertheless…

    I do not want to take credit with Hillary’s extraordinary comeback in NH. I did not expect her to win there…
    I’m quite pessimistic from time to time since I believe women are their own worst enemies in the past. The strong showing by women voters in NH really surprised me since I assumed they would easily be manipulated by the media. I think Hillary really did it, she inspired women to believe in themselves.

  82. AmericanGal, Tweety said nothing since Fineman was the last speaker before the break. He only had like ten seconds to say it and then a commercial break. It went unaddressed.

  83. On Super Tuesday Obama will probably concentrate on the following 8 states and write off the others:
    New York
    New Jersey

  84. rjk1957,

    can you list super Tuesday states in full? I’d like to take a look what states Obama will be focused on.

  85. rjk1957,

    Yes, and also you can vote throughout the entire day, so it’s basically a primary… I remember Howard Dean did much better in NM since he was able to bag in lots of absteen ballots before that famous ‘scream’….

  86. Well, I live in Upstate NY were repugs live and I can tell you that they even love HRC here. So, Obama should save his time and money not concentrating himself here in NY and campaign in some other state because HRC isn’t loosing NY. Put that in the bank.

  87. TheRealist

    He is going to concentrate on states with the most delegates. Since no state is a winner take all he will get delegates in every state on Super Tuesday so naturally he will concentrate on states with more delegates. If you look at the map he will campaign heavily in CA to try get delegates. He is going to hit NY and NJ heavy to try and score in Hillary’s home base. He has been endorsed by Kerry and the Govenor of MA and thinks he can win most of those delegates.

  88. Thanks for the greetings. I missed y’all. I was going to change my posting name back to celiff, but it would take forever, so I will stick with Hawk. Sorry about Iowa y’all, but we are ready for a general election fight, we still have our 4′ x 8′ sign out. You should have seen the charter bus pull up to my caucus place, 80 obama kids got off. Wow. Anywho, enough with his dirty cheating tactics, how is everything going in SC, I have been away from the news lately. I know HRC won my people’s vote in Nevada like 3 to 1. And she did awesome with women too.

  89. Kostner, I agree. Thatcher was a brilliant leader. She was a right-winger and she did whatever it took to make change.

    I’m a man too, and she “owned” everyone. Probably the most effective change-marker in post-WWII Britain.

    I think most men have a fear for Hillary being the “thatcher of the USA” – This is evidently true, because on they call her Hitlery (which is gravely offensive), and lots of sexist abuse. The simple fact it is, you should put people in positions of power with merit, man or women, black or white. It turns out Hillary is far more talented than anyone else republican or democrat.

  90. but even if he gets the more delegates in those states mentioned would he be able to match HRC delegates right now…those superdelegates already given to her

  91. We have no idea where OB will put his efforts and neither does his campaign. They (and we) will have to see what the demographic breakdowns are in Fl. and SC. If the demo established in Nevada holds true, states with a significant Hispanic population, like AZ and CA may not be his best choice. Until we see the results in SC and FLA, I don’t see how anyone could confidently state where the OB campaign will focus.

    Another HUGE factor is cash-on-hand. Scuttlebutt says that OB dropped big dollars in IA, NH, and NV, just how much we’ll know in a couple of weeks. He will have to concentrate on places where he can get the most bang (delegates) for the buck. That said, a loss in SC and a crushing defeat in FL would make any speculation moot, as he would have but one early win and a string of losses going into 2/5. The dynamic of the race has changed and until the debate and the next two contests before Tsunami Tuesday, we won’t know if OB is still a viable candidate.

  92. Don’t you just love this hypocracy from Obama’s speech at the Ebenezer Baptist Church…he’s trying to call for unity with gay/lesbians after he had campaigned there with a gay bigot:

    “For most of this country’s history, we in the African American community have been at the receiving end of man’s inhumanity to man. And all of us understand intimately the insidious role that race still sometimes plays – on the job, in the schools, in our health care system and in our criminal justice system.

    And yet, if we are honest with ourselves, we must admit that none of our hands are entirely clean. If we’re honest with ourselves, we’ll acknowledge that our own community has not always been true to King’s vision of a beloved community.

    We have scorned our gay brothers and sisters instead of embracing them. The scourge of anti-Semitism has, at times, revealed itself in our community. For too long, some of us have seen immigrants as competitors for jobs instead of companions in the fight for opportunity.”

  93. I think if HRC is “close” to obama in S.c. He will have to change his strategy.

    HRC, I think has the financial backing to go for “all states”. Something tells me Obama might not…

  94. Jaz,

    I love love Thatcher, and read her biographer as a teen… She is tough but extremely smart as well… The so-called charismatic John Major(?) reminds me of Obama… Thatcher was pushed out by party rebellious faction, but John Major was a dud, a disaster.

  95. TheRealist,

    Obama is already starting to drop big ads dollars in those Tsunami states… It’s hard to gauge his financial situation right now, he may still have significant back of wealthy liberals… It may also be his gamble to burn every dollar possible to at least stop Hillary’s MO in those states before it’s too late…

    Clinton has one week until Feb 26th to maintain momentum to bag in as many absteen ballots as possible in CA, FL etc… I expect a loss in SC, but her campaign in the next week will determine whether she can cut her loss among AA community. If it’s a narrow loss in SC, she will have a clean sweep in the South.

  96. TheRealist
    I agree, no one has enough money on hand to campaign in all the states and will have to pick and choose their battle states. Considering CA has over 400 delegates available he has to spend resources there even if he only gets 30% of the delegates and also in NY.

    Dot48 I never said he would win more delegates in the states I listed only that he will campaign hard there.
    Lets face is no one is going to win 70% of the delegates in any state and this is a numbers game now getting what delegates you can wherever you can.

  97. jaz – please move away from the obama for vp push…he is one sickeningly vicious politician who will do anything to get what he wants, party solidarity be kicked to the curb.
    there are a lot of viable democrats in this country that she can choose from for vp. people of solid character, team-players and not just “playas”.
    hawk – welcome back!!!

  98. Democratic party’s primary system is fucked up big time. It should be a winner-take-all system in each state. The current system further reinforce the notion democratic party is undecisive…

  99. Since Edwards is barely getting support will he really have enough delegates earned to be a “kingmaker”? This has been speculated recently but it seems to me that could only happen if Obama and Hillary are very close in the delegate count and if Edwards has a substantial amount to donate. Is this really likely?

  100. a lot hinges on sc…..if she can come in even with 5. it will be a coup,

    sc is going to black vs white, men vs women

    stand up southcarolina women for hillarr, i think hillary has a loy of silent strength there

  101. SC is truly a battle: each campaign is consolidating its support with its respective demographic, and the Clinton and Obama campaigns have flooded the media markets. Volunteers and staffers are pouring into the state, and all the offices are full of volunteers. I notice some voters are excited to hear from Hillary, and those who are undecided are swayed when they are reminded of Hillary’s extensive record of advocacy for the middle class. Next week should be exciting and contentious.

  102. AmericanGal,

    There are still over 3000 delegates to be decided by the primaries if he stays where he is at and continues to get 13 or 14% of the vote he could end up with between 400 and 500 delegates. I do not think that will happen but who the hell knows….

  103. dot48 – for your HRC viewing pleasure, you can watch her videos from yesterday @ CSPAN Campaign Network

    Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) Press Briefing in Las Vegas, Nevada (7 min.)
    Saturday | Watch

    Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) Campaign Rally in St. Louis, Missouri (41 min.)
    Saturday | Watch

  104. AmericanGal, what people keep forgetting when they talk about Edwards as “kingmaker” is that Richardson has more pledged delegates than he does right now. Richardson has 19, Edwards has 18.
    Since most of Richardson’s supporters and campaign staff are being steered to Hillary now, I would bet he throws his delegates her way eventually.

    Richardson offsets Edwards, unless Edwards picks up a lot more delegates down the road. I just don’t see that happening now. He is out of money and running on fumes.

  105. “Why Obama’s wrong about Reagan, maybe our most disastrous leader”

    “Here’s why Barack Obama’s recent comments about Ronald Reagan rubbed so many the wrong way and why Hillary will make hay of them for a long while. Reagan famously blamed global warming on the trees, cut taxes for the wealthy, deregulated industries and busted unions, but the Reagan legacy is especially onerous when it comes to terrorism. In a fundamental sense Reagan helped create our two most infamous enemies–Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. Reagan’s intentions were good, many believe, and in some ways his policies paid off, but in other ways they’ve been disastrous.”

  106. see, the word donates gives the impression that he is doing a good deed

    we need some harsher headlines out in bm that tell he got caught and had to do this..he is trying to distance himself from this by donating the $ to charity ;; i only hope the real story breaks soon

  107. # kostner Says:
    January 20th, 2008 at 2:00 pm

    Edwards won’t get above 15% in most states, which means he will have no delegate, and no kingmaker …

    he’s just hanging in there…this has become his life…all dressed up and nowhere to go…sad.

  108. what is arkansas,i think i read the other day somewhere he open up a office..i cant remember where i read maybe on a blog..

  109. Alright, even if you guys aren’t, I’m going to do this. I’m going to start writing little notes and sending out little presents. I’m going to explain why I’m supporting Hillary and what I liked about the story I’m writing in response to. I collect vintage jewelry and have a fair amount that I could part with that women reporters would regard as desirable. I’m gonna have to work a bit harder on the guy stuff, but I do have liquor out the whazoo and other than an occasional hot toddy, never drink it.

    Why not? The balance is so out of whack and as long as I’m not unreasonably fawning, it can’t hurt and it just might help. Think about how you would feel if you were them. Let’s do what we can to soften antagonism. The press gets tons of criticism. Why not pay them some compliments? I guarantee you, they won’t see it coming.

    I’m not looking to create a situation where they only write positive coverage so much as help find a way to take the undue venom out of their coverage.

    Does anyone here think this is a bad idea? Unworkable? Unreasonable?

  110. Two quick thoughts from watching Meet the Press today.

    1) MTP talked about Clinton’s high negatives yet record numbers of people are coming out to support her. The media should be playing that story.
    2) Bloomberg running only helps Hillary because it splits the anti-Hillary vote and if McCain is running against her it splits the independent vote.

    I want to say thank you to all of you on these boards who helped Hillary win NV.

  111. Gov.’s Camp Backs Clinton

    By Jeff Jones
    Journal Politics Writer
    While Gov. Bill Richardson is still playing his cards close to the vest on a possible presidential endorsement, a steady stream of his top campaign backers and advisers have decided to support Hillary Clinton.
    Mike Stratton, a top adviser for Richardson’s now-disbanded Democratic presidential bid, said Friday he is now a Clinton backer. Ditto for Javier Trujillo, Richardson’s Nevada political director; former Richardson endorser and House Intelligence chair Silvestre Reyes, D-Texas; and Martha Burk, Richardson’s senior adviser on women’s issues.
    “Before I got off the plane from New Hampshire, I had calls from the two … top campaigns,” Burk said Friday, referring to the courting that took place after the Jan. 8 New Hampshire primary. “I have decided to back Hillary Clinton.”
    Los Angeles County Supervisor Gloria Molina, Richardson’s most prominent political backer in delegate-rich California, indicated Friday that she is leaning toward Clinton. And a Fox TV report from Colorado said the co-chairs of Richardson’s effort there are backing Clinton.
    Could the exodus to the Clinton camp be an indicator of which way Richardson— a former U.S. energy secretary under former President Bill Clinton— might be leaning?
    A senior Richardson aide said Friday no inference should be made between the political decisions of some of Richardson’s former presidential campaign players and Richardson’s own, ultimate endorsement decision.
    And several of the Clinton converts said Friday that Richardson made it clear they should back whomever they wanted— essentially the same message he gave during his Feb. 10 concession speech in Santa Fe.
    “There was no pressure from the governor,” Burk said.
    Stratton also pointed out that many of Richardson’s backers already had longstanding Clinton ties.
    For example, Stratton said he helped raise cash for Hillary Clinton’s U.S. Senate bids, was a top Commerce Department assistant under Bill Clinton and co-directed one of the former president’s inaugural committees. And Molina said she was a national co-chair for Bill Clinton’s first White House bid.
    Given the history, “it’s a natural place for many of us to go,” Stratton said of the moves to the Hillary camp.
    The campaign musical chairs began after Richardson pulled the plug on his long shot presidential bid following poor showings in the two early voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire.
    Ed Romero of Albuquerque, Richardson’s national campaign finance chair, and Albuquerque Mayor Martin Chávez, both who also have Bill Clinton ties, have made the move to Hillary Clinton.
    But not everyone who had been plugging for Richardson has headed Clinton’s way.
    Theresa Navarro, Richardson’s former, northern Nevada political director, said Friday she was undecided on a candidate heading into today’s Nevada Democratic caucus.
    “If I were to pick a candidate, it would probably be (Barack) Obama,” Navarro said.
    Prominent businessmen Paul Blanchard of Albuquerque and Jamie Koch of Santa Fe, both longtime Richardson supporters, are backing Obama, they confirmed.
    Meanwhile, the Obama camp said Friday it would soon announce the members of its New Mexico leadership committee

  112. Jaz-

    Bill will be in SC until the election, I would bet. Hillary will win BIG in CA and doesn’t need much help. Both senators are WOMEN and the demo favors her. The campaign can deliver a death blow to OB if Bill can work his magic in the AA community, and I for one would not bet against him.
    South Carolina is a win/win for the Clinton Campaign. It’s a MUST win for OB, so if he wins, he HAD to and was supposed to. If he wins solely due to overwhelming (65% or more) AA support, it could actually do him more harm than good.

    If Hillary can win SC, it’s all over but the shouting. If she can finish within 5 points in his must win state, it will be a win without the ability to bring momentum. It isn’t just about winning for him any more, it’s about HOW he wins, by how much and with what demographic breakdown. Regardless of what the chattering class says, OB is on the ropes and SC MUST be his firewall. The Clinton campaign knows this as well as the Obama camp does and they will be going all out to try to make it his last stand.

  113. On Face the Nation, Axelrod claimed “it’s a dead even race“.


    I hope the entire campaign believes that, as they will be in for a RUDE awakening come Feb 5th.

    THEN Axelrod claimed that they had carried the rural areas of Nevada, which he said was evidence that Bambi would fair better in the general election.

    Except Wolfson pointed out that the exit polling showed that Hillary WON the rural areas of Nevada.

    GEEZ, I thought Loony Noonan on MTP was the crazy one. This Axelrod guy is DELUSIONAL.

  114. hello to all…I am thinking back to when I was living in LA and it was during Bill’s first run at the Presidency and he had to battle all the stories the MSM kept pushing and when it came to the big primary day…I was sitting there (as we probably all were) and one state after another state came in with Bill Clinton’s picture as the declared winner…he took all those states one after another…

    I am looking forward to the same thing on Feb 5…that is when Hillary and Bill and all of us will reap our reward and the MSM will be left speechless…they will not be able to spin or unravel the blatant and obvious truth that Hillary has WON and the people are behind her…plain and simple…

    I cannot wait for that day…

    btw…John Kaisch is doing analysis on FOX and I have found him honest and insightful…sort of like a Craig Crawford…who calls them as he sees them, without agenda attached…

    …anyway John nailed it yesterday…he said “the women are coming home to Hillary BIG TIME…and when there is uncertainty in the country over the economy, the people do not want to take risks with the unknown or change, they want stability and that is in Hillary’s favor”

    …our day is coming…in spite of what MSM is trying to pull off…

    …and Go Bill Go…he knows what he is doing…MSM can’t stand that he always outfoxes them and leaves them in his dust…

  115. OandrewD, that’s the invisible story that’s never told. That Hillary is doing well with enormous support and is the first woman to be a successful Presidential candidate. I think what some others have said on this board is right: the public is noticing this fact and is also seeing that the media is ignoring it. I think the candidate with the true movement may be Hillary, not Obama. And once we get through Feb. 5, with all the resulting media hoople, women all across this country in particular will become completely energized at the prospect of a woman president.

  116. as predictions go..

    green bay vs new england (don’t laugh, super-bowl coverage will dominate the news for the next two weeks)

  117. endorsements do not mean anything, votes matter…

    I find it’s extremely amusing Obama puts out a couple of token women politicans who endorsed him at those rallies…

    It means nothing…

  118. alcina, I agree that it will be the Packers vs. the Pats. I though will be cheering for Green Bay. Its a home state thing…

  119. I watched MTP this morning and you can bet I’m writin a letter to NBC today. Perhaps I should just spend my time doing something else. BUt this is crazy. There is nothing even remotely resembling balanced coverage. There was nobody remotely representing a democratic point of view. I am ashamed of Brokaw…They were sayin’ the repugs want to run against Hillary. They are saying that they repugs don’t know how they would run against an African American for President because they would be afraid to criticize him. What planet are they on? Is this racism or what? Of course it is. We all should be concerned with who is the best qualified for President. Peggy Noonan says that bringing Bill Clinton out is like Hillary saying “honey, come deal with the neighbors.” Sorry, but that dog don’t hunt anymore, Peggy. Bill is being effective and we know it. And people, for the most part, we welcome Bill into their homes when he goes door to door in South Carolina. They will welcome Hillary too. I think some folks are in for a big ole surprise.

  120. “They are saying that they repugs don’t know how they would run against an African American for President because they would be afraid to criticize him.”

    Actually, that’s something I’ve been wondering about (the criticizing part). However, if they go overboard on Hillary, which they will, there will be a backlash, too.

  121. Alcina, agreed. Patriot’s v. Packers. Don’t know what my Mom will do. We are originally from WIand she is a cheesehead and a pat’s fan. 🙂

  122. This is the most stupid analysis by these Georgetown social club members. Republicans will not hesitate to run a very negative campaign against Obama. AA will not vote for republican, it’s a group they’ve been writing off… By ramping up Obama’s negativity, they’ll definitely pull away some swing votes from the democratic party…

    They’ll be treading very carefully while runnign a very negative campaign against Hillary. Women are over 50% of voting pool,,, many independents or even GOP women voters will probably flip if they run hard negative campaign.

    Crazy drive-by media and they can never learn.

  123. dot, I love the AA man with the “Husbands 4 Hillary” sign! He keeps standing up and cheering and waving it! 😀 Smart man.

  124. Speech in St. Louis is great: That is great use of Winston’s Churchill’s quote: difference between a politician and a statesmen: a politician thinks about the next election, and statesmen thinks about the next generation! This is about the next generation. We have to have our eye on the future. Students today are competing with people all over the world. We need a President who believes the buck stops in the Oval Office. We need a President is hands on, and not hands off, that’s what we have lived with for the last 7 years. Let’s make history together! Great speech.

  125. I think that “Husbands 4 Hillary” should be taken over and promoted heavily. Maybe that helps to convert the scared white male 😉

  126. In the circle of people I’ve been interacting directly with on a local level, I’ve met three repub women are crossing over to vote for and support Hillary.

  127. Husbands for Hillary….adm, send someone to campaign with banners made just like that looked handmade. Perfect

  128. kostner, Good point. I think some in the media are afraid to criticize Obama for that reason and they’re projecting that same reticence on the GOP.

  129. Paula and Kostner, you guys are right. They have the very problem they are anticipating the GOP having in the future. I think it is about projection.

  130. Great link to and article about the disgusting behavior of the Culinary union. Shop stewards even wnated to kick Chelsea out of the hotel while campaigning.

    When I got back to my room at the Paris after the caucus, I found five housekeeping workers speaking in Spanish about Clinton’s surprising win. Except it wasn’t surprising to them: All had caucused for her. One of them told me she’s a CWU leader who was appalled at the union’s decision to support Obama; she asked that I not use her name. “They were going to stay neutral. They wound up pushing too much. Yesterday, when Chelsea Clinton came here, we had shop stewards saying, ‘Kick her out! Kick her out!’ I thought that was real rude; it sounded dirty to me.” This Paris worker was also appalled by the Spanish-language ad sponsored by CWU’s parent, UNITE HERE, that claimed Clinton didn’t “respect” Latino people. “Hillary’s been there for us. They just pushed too hard. It was dirty.”

  131. demhawk

    having grown-up in upstate new york, i am a lonely (lowly?) bills fan 🙁
    however, i have to admit, brett favre is pretty damn cute!!

  132. mjr @ 3:03pm: i agree with you, they just wait for someone to open up about choosing hillary. then the floodgates start: people want her.
    there’s some truth to not saying anything about obama, worry that whatever you say about him will be considered as a racist (or somesuch) remark.
    in the place where i work, even among the AA community there’s a silent hillary support.
    she’ll surprise them yet

  133. Watching Obama on C-SPAN muted of course. He already looks tired and worn out and his press has been good so far, he might end up looking as old as John McCain once the press get on his back about Rezko.

  134. dot48 Says:
    January 20th, 2008 at 3:04 pm

    obama looking weary and off balance…boy he has aged!!!!!!!!!

    maybe worried about the Rezko scandal now getting into the MSM?

  135. From what I am reading, Horry County, South Carolina will need a massive gotv for Hillary. Republicans turned away and advised to come back and vote next week due to so called machine problems.

  136. Of course I didn’t listen to Bambi … his body language spoke volumes to me though.

    I think something is brewing big……keeps fingers, toes, hands, arms, legs crossed

  137. admin, in time for tomorrow’s rezko III article, can you add a timeline for barack’s replies/responses/reactions (read: lies) whenever he gets asked about rezko? the inconsistensies are very telling of his true character.

  138. yahoo headline: obama calls for unity.

    haven’t we heard enough of that phony speech? where’s the beef? that is what the CU asked last night and that is what many other states will ask very soon

  139. More evidence Obama is not ready for prime time or a campaign….Bring it on! I’m sure BC will have a lot to say in response…

    From Drudge:

    EXCLUSIVE: OBAMA RIPS INTO BILL CLINTON MONDAY DURING ABC INTERVIEW WITH ‘GOOD MORNING AMERICA’ HOST ROBIN ROBERTS… SAYS HE FEELS LIKE HE RUNNING AGAINST BOTH CLINTONS… Bill ‘has taken his advocacy on behalf of his wife to a level that I think is pretty troubling. He continues to make statements that are not supported by the facts. Whether it’s about my record of opposition to the war in Iraq or our approach to organizing in Las Vegas. This has become a habit and one of the things that we’re gonnna have to do is to directly confront Bill Clinton when he’s making statements that are not factually accurate’

  140. Has anyone else noticed that Hillary supporters when speaking of her say they indentify themselves as supporters and Obama supporters say they are huge fans of Obama? That is a big difference, fans have a tendancy to jump on a winning bandwagon and are just as fast to jump off when things don’t look so good.

  141. I think Bill needs to keep doing what he’s doing. He’s obviously and effective spokesman for his wife and he is pointing out accurate and factual discrepancies in Obama’s record. Obama is just whining because it’s been effective..

  142. Americangal: this is more the divide and conquer strategy: this is the classic Obama strategy: pit old against young, pit black and against white, and now: we pit democrat against democrat. All in the sake of unity. Now he is trying to divide those who support Hillary by using Bill to divide.

  143. bambi vs big dawg…look for a fast Mike Tyson ko by big dawg within first round!!

    bambi is getting ready to get totally squashed.

    he does…not….want…to….really….mess….with…..Bill……Clinton.

    we should start ripping every statement Micheele Obama makes and find everything we can to rip it apart.

  144. Hello all,

    The news that Obama is set to take on Bill is Hilarious! What a big whinny baby Obomb is.. “I feel like I’m running against both Clinton’s” waaaaaaahhhhhhhawaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Cry me a river.. Who ever advised him to take on the Big Dog should be fired immediately. That is not a winning strategy. I can’t wait to see Bill rip him a new one.. lol

  145. “…pit old against young, pit black and against white, and now: we pit democrat against democrat. All in the sake of unity.”

    That’s a great line, molly…:)

  146. I want to see the SC polling in three days to see what effect NV and Rezco bubbling up again means. I also want to see Edwards” numbers most of all Tom Edsall’s piece cited polling where racial fractures are happening and BO losing ground with white voters. The last numbers I saw about demographics in SC showed AA’s being roughly 25% of the population. I do not know what that translates to in numbers of registered voters, new registrations, switched parties, etc.. I think he and Hillary will offset each other’s votes on racial lines. It’s the Edward’s supporters who can go one way or another. Their demographic makeup might play a part in this.

    Dot, you’re right. Bambi looks uncomfortable. It may be him faking solemnity bc he’s in church. Lots of folks get uptight also when they think the Almighty may strike them down for their sins.

  147. MollyRichards, I never looked at it that way but it does appear divisive…could backfire though. Bill is very popular amongst us Democrats–Obama might lose even more support from mainstream Dems if he goes after him couldn’t he?

  148. yes, Bill got the rust out of his pipes over the last two weeks. This Bill is the one I remember from the 90’s. He is a freakin political genius and he now has it all figured out, re BM and press. He has a strategy and it’s working. Bambi is on the canvas and the countdown will soon start.

    If they think they can intimidate Bill Clinton with statements that they are to “come after him”…well, Bill’s been there done that, he knows the rules of the game quite well.

    Do we have a popcorn smiley by any chance, this will be well worth watching.

  149. So, here’s the deal, last night the story is broken that Senator Kennedy and Congressman Emmanuel criticize Bill for bein’ too outspoken and now, today, the story is broken that Obama is cryin’ waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah about runnin’ against both Clinton’s. I am smellin’ somethin’ rat like yet again in denmark.

  150. I haven’t heard Hillary in an interview saying “Whaaaa….whaaa…John and Barack are ganging up on me. They’re making me run against both of them.”

    Maybe just further proof Edwards is in cahoots with Bambi. Or maybe proof Bambi doesn’t take John’s candidacy seriously.

  151. MollyJ, that Ted/Rahm story is unsourced. I smell another plant by Team Bambi. Like the Biden story on IA caucus day….

    Lazy fucking journalists (yeah, I’m talkin’ to you…)…..

  152. Shorter Obambi: My opponent is married to a better, more politically savvy, and more influential spouse, and it’s not FAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIR! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

    Too freaking bad. Obambi wants to have his cake and eat it too – attack Hillary by attacking Bill’s administration (which he has done from the beginning), then turn around and muzzle Bill to say a word.

    Obambi is falling apart. He has made such a habit of whining, that people are getting sick of it.

  153. Bill Clinton must be licking his chops just waiting for Obambi to tell an untruth. At the same time, Hillary will be trucking it in SC while Bill does her dirty work. I love that strategy.

  154. even if Kennedy endorses Obama … no big deal. I think people are starting to realize that the elite democrats (and I’m sorry to say this) are simply for sale, to the flavor of the month. It would not surprise me if Kennedy endorses obama.

  155. I think bambi just wants us to “appoint” him President. He’s learning you got to be smart to be the President and handle the tough questions on the campaign trail.

    His campaign is based on one word “change”. He has yet to unveil what he means because he isn’t smart enough and hasnt surrounded himself with the right people to have a clear message. It is empty speak and now that he is in the middle of the campaign he has suddenly realized he is on a sinking ship.

    Instead of a campaign of unity, he has been the whiney kid at the playground.

    It does not take Americans long to smell out the rat, his internals are telling him something is afoot and he has not a clue what to do.

  156. btw, if you can catch it on a rerun or online, Bill Moyers’ Journal opened with a great segment. Moyers was a junior aide to LBJ and was in the thick of all the negotiations between MLK and LBJ and told the real story. Bottom line — Ronbama is a whining weiner.

  157. “His campaign is based on one word “change”. ”

    That’s unfair. His campaign is also based on another word – “hope”. “Hope for change” and also “Believe”. “Dare to believe”. “Dare to Believe that you can Hope for Change” and “Dream”. See how that works? And people are lapping that up I tell you!!

  158. Actually no one in the Kennedy family has endorsed Obama and several have endorsed Hillary and a few endorsed Chris Dodd. Many made donations to several democrats most of them to Hillary and Chris Dodd.

  159. Not much chance that this is not going to split along racial lines:

    “After winning the Nevada caucuses and only a few hours of sleep at her home in Chappaqua, N.Y., Hillary Clinton put on her Sunday best to worship at Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem. Although Clinton recieved a nice welcome inside the church, the crowd awaiting outside was less than welcoming. Following the church service, Clinton emerged accompanied by Rev. Calvin Butts, who endorsed her.

    The press conference was interrupted by loud supporters of Barack Obama who chanted his name as Butts spoke. Soon after the press conference Clinton handed out coffee to those who braved the frigid temperatures, including handing some joe to Obama’s crowd. Some yelled to Clinton to ‘stay out of Harlem’ and told her not to ‘steal the black vote.‘”

  160. obama is realizing now that his perception (read: hype) of himself is not enough to persuade people to root for him. for the stupid media (yes, you tim, chris, mrs. greenspan, and your chain of fools).
    he read a great speech in ’04 (whoever wrote it should have run instead) and then he’s the wunderkid?
    if he was the rockstar, now’s the time to show some talent/substance/beef/whatever it takes. and some balls.
    you can fool some people some of the time…

  161. The speeches that Obama gives all basically go like this (and the Obama drones lap it up):

    We must hope for change for change brings hope and hope brings change. Change is hope and therefore if we hope change will bring hope. Hope is a change that brings hope and change is the hope that brings change. America is in desperate need of change which can only be brought to us through hope. We must believe that hope brings change because change is hope. This campaign is about bringing change to hope. If you believe that change is hope and hope is change then join us in this journey of hope and change.

  162. OkieAtty, the Kennedy/Rham comments are being reported by Newsweek. They have an article by Jonathan Alter that’s anti-Bill Clinton. That’s probably why Obama is getting all huffy and trying to make it an issue.

  163. besides, other black candidates have been there, done that…jesse jackson…al sharpton…yet the media whores are drooling all over him like he is the freshest idea. yawn.

  164. truely sad what happened in Harlem, however, she handled it with grace and dignity. They’ll need her someday.

    I suspect bambi will continue playing the race card.

    Now that Hillary has been confronted with this, she needs to have a strategy to have a talking points memo showing what she has done for AA in her life and then say…you get to choose who fights for your race.

  165. sounds like the big dawg has knocked BO off his arrogant stride. keep it comin’, BC. little BO-baby is playing way out of his league.

  166. thepage says obama’s gma interview tommorrow will attack bill clinton. o says he will now go after bill in a dem primary. good luck on that one. hesdone

  167. I think the Harlen thing was a set up. Those people knew she would be there. I would like to know how many people were out there. no biggie… alot of the newsies don’t seem to understand most black folks don’t have an a problem with the clintons….but they are voting for bho just be cause…if you were to ask them if they believed he could win, most would also tell you no…my bro is bho all the way yet he does not believe bho will win and he likes the clintons…he will tell you bho in the primary and hrc in the general(his statement not mine) although, he called yesterday and did not care for the way bho conducted himself after nevada…

  168. Obama attacks Bill Clinton!
    by American1989, Sun Jan 20, 2008 at 03:31:39 PM EST

    Mr. Nice Guy no more, no more hope, just false fairy tale spin:

    This from Mr. Obama on GMA on Monday, the day of Martin Luther King Jr.

    Bill ‘has taken his advocacy on behalf of his wife to a level that I think is pretty troubling. He continues to make statements that are not supported by the facts. Whether it’s about my record of opposition to the war in Iraq or our approach to organizing in Las Vegas. This has become a habit and one of the things that we’re gonnna have to do is to directly confront Bill Clinton when he’s making statements that are not factually accurate’

    This, from Obama during Dr. King’s day is just disgusting. He needs to keep it civil and stop attacking the only success of the Democratic party in 30 years.

    ** Originally from Drudge .. Obama speaks to Robin Roberts

  169. Hillary Campaign:
    Tell Bill to to say he is campaigning for his wife. And that Obama has been attaccking his presidency for a while now.
    Tell Hillary: To say that Obama’s “New Politics” has already gone out the windows in 3 weeks.

  170. yes, Hillary campaign found the exact right tone last week. Obama was back on his heels and he couldn’t get up from the knock down, the loss of those “prized” set up caucus, he ran out of dodge before the voting even began and afaik, he never even bothered to thank the cu workers who compromised themselves by giving a shout out to anyone who idolizes the biggest union buster in history.

    My husband got hurt on the job in an occupation that was busted by Reagan. The company laid everybody off, started up under a new name, hired everybody back w/o any union benefits. The men lost the previous union time paid in under the retirement plan and it has impacted us because it came down to him losing those years counted. He didn’t have enough quarters due to this to get full medical card.

    I was affected by Reagonomics and I’d roll over dead before I’d vote for Barack Obama. I Hillary but if he were her vp, I’d pass the voting….sorry girls.

  171. Nope. In general, Hillary doesn’t “attack”. She wanted to run a positive campaign and only attack when she absolutely had too. Bill called out Obama’s attempt to portray himself as antiwar; that’s what BO is pissed about. You can’t portray yourself as antiwar if you are votin’ to support the war. You have got to explain yourself. He is basing his entire campaign on words…as pointed to above…hope…believe…change…the word of the week…now we have unity…But how are we suppose to do these things? He’s a little lite on practicalities

  172. “hhmm, can’t imagine HRC saying she would attack michelle or elizabeth.”

    Good point.

    This is all just a smokescreen – my take is they will go super-negative on BC – below-the-belt negative, to lessen his impact on SC. They want to develop in BC a siege mentality in SC and with a few chosen hecklers here and there (which would probably be in more abundance in SC) along with the media, Obama is hoping to trip BC into something really “racial” instead of the invented racial charge that they and the stupid BM foisted on the public a week of two ago.

    As if that would happen. They’ll probably invent it yet again in the end.

  173. This is my first chance to comment since I spent yesterday from 10 am frozen out of the board…wish some one would say what happened…noted that Southern had same problem.

    Took me all day to catch up on the reading, plus one other 2pm board freezeout. I’m just going to push the refresh real slow, and not try to go to links for a while. (That’s what froze me out the first time yesterday)

    I know some of you don’t like him, but have wanted to point out that Howard Dean is looking pretty smart right now…he wanted to open the party to previously overlooked constituencies…look at NV.

    As some are saying: are there more soccer moms or waitress moms? Are there more NASCAR dads or men holding down one and 1/2 or even two jobs?

    We have known for 2 years that the West is the new blue-tinged region and some current tactics recognize that.

    Caucus states puts real politician faces in front of voters…the entire country gets a chance to see a candidate up close and personal, compared to an advert/huge rally only campaign.

    The growth in turnout because of Dean’s 50- state stategy is awesome! 9000 vs 110,000 in Nevada…Holy crow!

    Repubs are looking at those numbers and weeping. Rep congress people are quitting before they have to run against that kind of Dem vs Rep turnout.

    Dean has quaranteed that primaries are not a cakewalk; our girl knew that going in, so did Edwards, though Obama and his advisors seem clueless still.

    But look at the results. In one year we will be talking about his brilliant strategy, not weeping over the tactics.

    The goal is to undermine the Rep stranglehold on this country’s electoral system…this year by just sheer numbers.

    And it’s working.

    I think in the end, we dems will look back and

  174. o is desperate. bill is very popular inthe party-a 2 time winning dem prez since wilson. people like him. where is kennedy and dean to say dont attack the dem’s own frmr prez?

  175. Emjay, Dean was right about the 50 state, but that’s not all this is about. It’s because we have the widest presidential election since 1968. It’s making nearly every state important to the race, so that’s actually pushing Dean’s vision more than Dean.

  176. southern born, I was repeatedly having to control,alt,delete and even shut down a few times. I think it had to do with the big pictures on the page. I’m on satellite internet but it still is not as fast as high speed internet and the weather was a bit bad yesterday.

    Never underestimate Hillary or Bill Clinton. Obama has not experienced the Clinton Machine yet.

  177. and another thing..bho is going for the big prize…stop cryin about he hit me and act like you are willing to fught for the job… you can tell hrc wants the job..if you want to take on bc then do it. the clintons have been through this before, they can handle it

  178. Yes, mj, time and again, I flash back to ’68. BMerry…I highly recommend Bill Moyers Journal, too. He has had a lot of good to say in this election. He was one of the first to call out the misogyny goin’ on. He worked for LBJ among others and he has a certain wisdom about him most times. T4Hill you are right..Bill is very popular to this day. He is an elder statesmen and he is also a fighter. Somebody wants to go head to head with every dictator in the world and he’s gonna whine about bill clinton. Give me a damn break!

  179. Admin,

    Did you notice the Sunday Suntimes’ frontpage story of ‘Obama’s Rezko Entaglements’ , they have a big big Obama photo up… It is hilarious.

    myDD has a diary on this one with the photos, I hope you’ll pick it up tomorrow…

  180. You know, y’all, I didn’t hear BO complainin’ when both of them went to bat for him when he was runnin’ for Senator.

  181. Hillary warmly received at Harlem church

    By KAREN MATTHEWS, Associated Press Writer
    1 hour, 57 minutes ago

    NEW YORK – Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton attended services Sunday at a historic black church in Harlem, a day after her victory in the Nevada caucus and with a fresh challenge looming ahead of her in South Carolina.

    Clinton received a standing ovation from the congregation at the Abyssinian Baptist Church, founded by Ethiopian sea traders more than 200 years ago. Rev. Calvin Butts, a Clinton supporter, introduced her as someone who “has been our friend.”

    In her remarks, Clinton told churchgoers how pleased she was to be there on the weekend before the federal holiday honoring Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., and she recounted how she had gone with her church youth group to hear him speak.

    “It was a transforming experience for me,” she said. “He made it very clear that the Civil Rights movement was about economic justice.”

    Clinton, who represents New York in the Senate, has been criticized for saying King’s dream of racial equality was realized only when President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. She since has reiterated her admiration of King and his work.

    Clinton defeated Illinois Sen. Barack Obama in the Nevada caucus on Saturday, garnering support from women and making a strong showing among Hispanics. But Obama won among black voters, who are expected to make up more than half of the voters in South Carolina’s Democratic primary next Saturday.

    After the service, Butts officially endorsed Clinton. It was a lively scene, as a couple dozen Obama supporters showed up and shouted, “Harlem for Obama.” Clinton supporters tried to drown them out by shouting, “Hil-la-ry!”

    Clinton spoke warmly of her opponent, saying, “I recognize what a challenging choice this is.”

    (What a classy lady Hillary is! 🙂 )

  182. Hello everyone, I haven’t read today’s comments yet, but I was over at myDD and ran across this little nugget that Obami is reportedly going to be saying tomorrow on GMA. I really really hope it’s true, because if it is then, I think, it’s game over for him. Against Hillary, with all the sexism in the country sexism that, imo, trumps racism especially in our party, Obambi has a chance. Against Bill Clinton, yikes, the poor guy is gonna be squashed like a bug.

    “Bill ‘has taken his advocacy on behalf of his wife to a level that I think is pretty troubling. He continues to make statements that are not supported by the facts. Whether it’s about my record of opposition to the war in Iraq or our approach to organizing in Las Vegas. This has become a habit and one of the things that we’re gonnna have to do is to directly confront Bill Clinton when he’s making statements that are not factually accurate'”

    hwc has a terrific clip of the first President Clinton in fine form introducing Hillary in St. Louis. Must see TV, indeed.

  183. On the day Obama says he is going to attack Bill Clinton this is what he said in his church speech…

    “The division, the stereotypes, the scape-goating, the ease with which we blame our plight on others – all of this distracts us from the common challenges we face….We can no longer afford to build ourselves up by tearing someone else down. We can no longer afford to traffic in lies or fear or hate. It is the poison that we must purge from our politics…..”

    Evidently he doesn’t intend to practice what he preaches..

  184. Dot48

    I totally feel your past…have said on this site before that I lost my most favorite position ever because of RR’s cutbacks…It took him 7 years to get rid of me, and I hated him every week of those seven years.

  185. I remember during the general Presidential election, George H.W. Bush attacked Hillary.

    Bill Clinton had a great response to that attack:

    “Is George Bush running for first lady?”

    Hee hee hee ! 🙂 🙂

    I think Hillary can use the same line against Obambi’s attack against Bill Clinton — Is Obambi running for first laddie?

  186. Huckleberry had a funny line. Asked if he felt McCain was the frontrunner he said “No, I consider myself the frontrunner, the voters just have not caught up with me yet”

  187. admin,

    I prefer using ‘drive-by media’ to ‘big media’. haha… Sometimes, Rush still has some residual value.

  188. On the official celebration of Martin Luther King day Obama is attacking Bill Clinton? What a way to disrespect MKL.

    Obama must be doing everything to distract from Rezko. Illinois is a February 5 primary state. Obama must be fearing that this story will erupt in South Carolina or Florida. At the very least Obama must fear that news coverage of the February 5 primaries will include pictures from the Sun Times.

    It is possible that Obama would rather have attacks on Bill Clinton questioned at tomorrow’s debate than questions about the REZKO.

  189. If this were an ABC debate there might be Rezko questions, but CNN wants to keep race an issue. I expect a lot of questions like Russert/willaims had in the last debate.

  190. after watching Bill Clinton in Missouri I can see why Obama is quaking in his boots.

    Bill is majic, enough said.

    He has his groove back and Hillary is rising. God Bless America and the whole Clinton family

  191. “It is possible that Obama would rather have attacks on Bill Clinton questioned at tomorrow’s debate than questions about the REZKO.”

    That makes sense. Now, what can we do so he doesn’t get away with it?

  192. yes, is cnn taking questions for the debate? I’ll see what I can find. If they are EVERYONE HERE should send them an email.

  193. Yes, I am sure ADMIN that he is trying to deflect any attention away from anything negative that could be said about him…Rezko, no experience, lies. The lies are troubling me more and more everyday. Like “we really won”….

  194. can’t wait to see BO at tomorrow’s debate. he’ll probably be all pissy and whiny after sittin’ in that wet diaper all weekend.

    that february tsunami is looming large on BO’s horizon and he’s starting to panic.

  195. Got to love plumbers who come out on a Sunday…I love you Charlie!

    In addition to temp loss of big pink, woke up this am to no water.

    We’re having coldest weather in 13 years. Several days running of 0 weather, last three of 0 degrees to 5-25 below at night, so frozen pipes in the unheated 5 foot high, 110 year old basement this am.

    Not much to thaw, a good flame in the hands of a good plumber and in 15 minutes…voila, running water. Prob is I have to keep it running up here til this goes away, and green person that I am, hate wasting the water.

    No heat tape left in town 🙁

  196. I think it’s CLEAR what Hillary or Bill need to say in South Carolina:

    “People in the media enjoy saying that African Americans are shifting towards Barack Obama because he is black. I hope and know that is not true. The people of S. Carolina are smarter than that, and can see through skin deep colors and quibbles about ethnicity. The people of the United States once called me the first Black president because of the things me and Hillary did for the people of S. Carolina and African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, Americans in general, during my term in the white house. I’m proud to say that under my presidency, the economy for African Americans improved, jobs were made more readily available and this talk about black, white, etc, would not have existed as we are all Americans. I am Bill Clinton, your first black, yellow, red, brown, white president because I stand for American dreams and made sure that those dreams became a reality.

    As you all know the extensive history of my wife…etc”

    SOmething along these lines would suffice 😀

  197. Bill Clinton: “she is the best candidate and most qualified candidate for POTUS that I have ever met”

    This is why bambi is whing…..this resonates.

    Bill DO NOT go away!

  198. off topic but how long does it take to get used to a laptop keyboard??? I had this one about a couple months and I still have trouble. I type too fast and it can’t keep up. Sorry you all for my bad postings, I go back and look and them and crack up at the typos

  199. Regards Feb 5th, I hope Edwards’ name on the ballot… It remains unclear where his supporters will go if he drops out… The evidence is inconclusive… In NV, Clinton polled much better than her actual vote counting after relignment…

    If Edwards stays in, he will pull under 15% and get zero delegate. I fear the uncertainity of where his supporters will go when this becomes a true 2 way race.

  200. Wrong. They will go 2 to 1 to Hillary. Michigan is a better predictor, because most of the upcoming races are primaries, and Hillary has extra hurdles in caucuses. You have to imagine the scene in a caucus, where women, particularly older women, would have to agressively persuade voters to go Hillary. They dynamics are terrible.

  201. Basement Angel re your question about wooing the press:
    It’s a fine sentiment, but I think that your time and resources are better spent helping Hillary’s campaign directly. Go to Hillary’s website, there are links there for people who want to volunteer for her campaign.

    The press are the press and they won’t change how they’re covering the story, mostly, because their bosses are telling them how they want the story covered. It truly is a sad state what our news media has become.

  202. thanks all, I’ll keep plugging along on this thing.

    Would you suppose that with matching funds and all Edwards has enough money to stay in the campaign. If I were a supporter of his I’d already be looking at other candidates.

    Edwards seems wishy washy on who he would endorse, he’s a bit bipolar on it.

    I cannot find anything about cnn debate taking email questions.

  203. Regarding talk of BO as VP, I just don’t think that it’s even a possibility. Aside from all the excellent practical points that have been brought up about why candidates choose their running mate, the most obvious reason is that there is not a snowball’s chance in hell that Hillary will leave her campaign and her administration open to the Rezko scandal. It would be political suicide.

  204. You know when it was just CNN they had a pretty decent organization. Dedicated to real news.

    When MSNBC and Fox jumped in it all became a ratings race.

    They try and trot out anything to fuel the ratings and they disgust me. I personally hold all three networks in contempt. Where is Nancy Grace when you need her?

  205. +, all the sound bites of Bill Clinton calling Barack Obama’s war ideology a fairy tale would play into Republican hands if Barack became VP 😀

  206. dot48, CNN was a great network back when Ted Turner still owned and ran it. Ted ran a tight journalistic ship. It started going downhill the day he sold it.

  207. excellent points NYCmax and MJS. not only that, just think how much fun it will be watching BO spend the rest of his career in senate-purgatory..hehe.

  208. the thought of Mr. “present” even being in the Senate makes me shudder.

    But in other news, did you know that Obama was originally an intern than michelle (his wife) had to manage? 😀 lol

    looks like SOMEONE ELSE has the pants in THAT family 😀

  209. Obama is getting terrible advice. Obamapost and the rest of MSM don’t know crap about the AA vote…puhlease. Bill and Hillary is running a positive campaign, they are going after his record and nothing else. They have been gracious when Bambi won and no time have they cross the line.

    The Democratic Leadership is weak, weak, weak….what a bunch of whimps to let this guy get away with bashing this great party that has help so many people. They need to run Bambi video where he talk about Reagan, his management style and his non answer on the economy question.

    Since I don’t trust MSM anymore, I wonder how CNN is going to handle the debate?

  210. I feel better now. Just sent Olberman a fiery email with subject: Worst Person In The World

    I nominated him and the whole MSNBC gang…for their sexist coverage of Hillary Clinton.

    Let him know I changed my channel from MSNBC and hit him about Oreilly at least trying to be fair and balanced.

  211. u know, i think the only reason Obama ever ran as a democrat is because he knew the Republicans are too racist to elect him. Otherwise, he’d be sucking up to Dick and Rove…not that he hasn’t been in bed with them already.

  212. i dont like hearing the snyping going back and forth i dont. i’m disappointed in the whole democratic party right now, and after the gore fiasco, yall know i changed my affiliation to independant as a protest against our party… i loved al gore… like i loved the clintons before him.
    but i went independant not cause i am, but because dems werent the same party anymore.
    i always vote democrat and never anything different, although i did not vote for kerry, and so i didnt vote at all last election. i thought kerry was a loser, and i thought edwards a fake.

    if its between bills supposed big mouth and baracks ethereal ‘hope’, i will vote for bill any day.
    no i dont like hearing bill have to get down and dirty and fight our own party like he’s forced to do. it makes me sad, but i dont for a minute not understand why he is doing it…

    true dems, will not like this dirty fight, but they will break for the true democrat in the party, mark my words…
    we’ve waited a long time for the perfect candidate and perfect time to come along again. this is it the ‘perfect storm’ as they say, and no uncommitted democrat like ob is going to stop us now…

  213. Watching the Sunday shows, I saw this same theme esp. on MTP.

    Repub: Nobody is the right candidate.

    Dems: Hillary won and here’s what she and Bill are doing wrong.

    MTP always come to the unanswered prediction: The only thing that will unite the Repubs is Hillary.
    None of these geniuses (which they all think they are) admit to the possibility that, faced with a badly flawed candidate on their side, many Repub women will cross the divide for her.

    It was twenty-something in NY, I think it might be at least that.

    They can’t admit it because the corresponding cross-over for Obama — AA Repubs — isn’t going to work well. That makes Hillary far more electable and they are not going to have any of that. So they avoid anyone who might point it out to them
    and stick with the Peggy Noonans who will say that no real woman would vote for Hillary..

    On Stephanopoulos, George tried to dampen the criticis of his old boss by saying “It’s working” but his panel was having none of that either. They were too busy advising Bill to stay out of the campaign — or was that MTP or MSNBC?

    At any rate, they seem to have convinced BO to attack Bill. Nothing like attacking the Dems most loved President to represent the ‘new politics’ of hope and change.

  214. Rezko and Obama are discussed on the front pages of two major newspapers. Will CNN discuss Obama’s checkered past? Will MSNBC cover the story? Or did the Sun-Times dedicate half of their front page to Obama’s financial and political ties to Rezko in vain?

  215. Just caught the Desitin bit…

    Who, pray tell, would know, better than a woman, what Desitin is, and how much men in twisted boxers or damp briefs have a need for that cure.

  216. I don’t believe that CNN will bring it up. They simply don’t have the balls. They all have their heads stuck so far up bambis rear end they can’t catch a glimpse of the real world. When they decide to come out for air, they’ll grab for the rose colored glasses.

    This is part “trying to finally kill the beast they think of as The Clintons”…they could not pin anything on them through all the digging and fistfighting during 2 presidential terms…they are frustrated because they lost that war. Media wants to kneecap the Clintons in the worst way.

    I heard I think Olberman say the other night that the ghosts of Mr. Clintons past would soon rear their heads again….setup for Chicago style rough and tumble politics.

  217. I’m honestly surprised as to why ANYONE would make news out of a possible Obama win in SC.
    big deal. So the half-african american dude gets the black vote? are Americans going to be surprised?

  218. Emjay – CSPAN Campaign

    Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) Press Briefing in Las Vegas, Nevada (7 min.)
    Saturday | Watch

    Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) Campaign Rally in St. Louis, Missouri (41 min.)
    Saturday | Watch

  219. The European press isn’t shy about reporting on Obama and Rezco. I went to Google News and googled obama rezco. There are many stories about it. Here is a sample:

    “Republican U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin will hold a Chicago news conference Sunday, January 20th at 12:00 noon to comment on Senator Barack Obama’s latest disclosures in the Sunday Chicago Tribune that Obama is disgorging over $40,000 in tainted campaign cash. Martin will also disclose new pieces of the Obama-Rezko puzzle. Obama acted to disgorge campaign within hours after Martin announced a Chicago news conference disclosing new links between Obama, indicted influence peddler Tony Rezko and Rezko’s forthcoming federal criminal trial where Obama is still only an anonymous, but significant, factor.”
    Add www, of course.

  220. emjay,

    not sure if it is the clip you are refering to, but the link I post earlier is Bill from last night:

    rjk1957 Says:

    January 20th, 2008 at 4:43 pm

  221. Guys… is there any way we can get “I Got a Crush…On Hillary” (take that obama girl!) on Youtube on the mainstream media? Like a “helpful” email…

    Might help with the youth vote if it goes on nbc etc etc…

  222. Jaz Says: Well, I’m actually … in the UK … We are following a national health care, environmental agenda … hillary being President is better than a republican being president, and she should do the best thing that enables here to do that. That said, I know American political thinking is alot different. This is because the V-P can’t really be changes? In the UK, we can have cabinet reshuffles when we feel.

    Jaz, thanks for clarifying where you’re (literally) coming from! Many things about our system must look odd to you Brits.

    Yes, for us a VP choice, like the choice of President, is for all 4 years, and usually for 8 years (as the incumbent has an advantage in re-election). We CANNOT just throw either of them out any time our Congress wants to.

    Balancing the ticket is often done — with someone who can and will carry out the same policies if the President dies (as LBJ did for JFK). Balancing an older Pres with a younger VP makes sense, as the VP may be getting training for succeeding the Pres (as Bush Sr succeeded Reagan). Balancing locale and background and ethnicity makes sense too (Richardson would be a good VP choice imo). But a VP choice that looks too much like just a play to win the current election, would seem irresponsible: sacrificing long-term to short-term gain.

    Imo for two candidates who have been fighting very hard to then join on the ticket hurts the credibility of both, but that may have happened sometimes — Kerry/Edwards perhaps, and they lost.

  223. PS. You know, if balancing the ticket were the main thing, Jesse Jackson SENIOR might be a great move. 🙂 Dunno how qualified he is, though. (It is his son who is campaigning for Obama and offending many people.)


    add http of course ..

    Hillary was to hold a press conference at 6:15 anyone else seen this.

    cites caucus sites being closed earlier than they were supposed to be.

  225. veepees..interesting dilemma.

    i supported general wesley clark in 2004. he is very smart and progressive, in addition to, an impressive military resume. i also think richardson would be a good carry for the southwest. but, let’s not get carried away…let’s focus on SC and kick some butt there!

  226. kostner January 20th, 2008 at 1:54 pm
    Democratic party’s primary system …should be a winner-take-all system in each state.

    I agree that caucuses are a pain (except maybe where they have been used a long time and people really like them). Imo primaries should be run the same way as the GE, with secret ballot (pref Vote By Mail) to system-test the process before the GE.

    However imo it would be good to split the ‘delegates’ according to the percentage of vote. This would be more fair and make it less of a crisis when the vote is close or disputed (a good idea for the electoral votes too).

    I also think there’s something to be said for the Superdelegates and perhaps the Uncommitted, as a balance factor.

  227. Basement Angel

    Just read about you stash…bring it to the reunion in Hot Springs…date DBA after Nov 4th.

    I’ll be a serious looker at the vintage jewelry, and contribute to any fund to help rid you of the vintage you know what in bottles. 🙂

  228. dot48, That link doesn’t work even with http.

    mj, I’m assuming this is a pushback against the Obama campaign’s claim of dirty tricks. After all, that’s their excuse for losing.

  229. i am really getting uncomfortable about Bill Richardson. His support staff have all gone to Hillary.. but he continues to hold close to the vest, reckon he is wanting the veep….obama might just offer him that to get the Latino support that Richardson could pack. I just read online that Obama will announce new committe “members” for his New Mexico campaign tommorrow. One of Richardson former staff says that Richardson has been getting to know bambi pretty well……hmmm

  230. mj, Here’s the article. The Clinton people are responding to Obama’s claims.


  231. If Obama is trying to use caucus irregularities claims to drum up support in SC it’s going to backfire as I’ve read that Hillary’s campaign has numerous reports of irregularities by the Culinary Union in intimidating people. Why push this when it won’t change anything?

  232. Maybe they are hitting the panic button, they know carrying a double digit lead into SC and losing there would be the last nail in his campaign.

  233. They do not want to claim irregularities — besides the whining aspect, it will infuriate Hillary voters who were really put upon.

  234. “Maybe they are hitting the panic button, they know carrying a double digit lead into SC and losing there would be the last nail in his campaign.”

    I have a feeling that they are going to come out swinging this week because of that…thus the interview tomorrow by Obama on GMA. I can’t wait for the debate tomorrow….I wonder if Obama is going to try to go after Hillary more….she will dominate the whole thing however…

  235. alcina

    no fight…I don’t think there will be anything left after the reunion. Just feel basement angel deserves just and fair compensation for keeping the “good stuff” out of the yellow dog journalists’ mitts.

  236. I don’t know how BHO can go after Hillary in SC. Both of Bill and Hill have record that help AA communication and BHO doesn’t seem to have one he can run on except to link him to MLK.

  237. This is being hotly discussed on DU…I don’t know if this will become an issue for Obama but it could:

    The Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell, longtime spiritual adviser to President George W. Bush and senior pastor of Windsor Village United Methodist Church, plans to campaign on behalf of Illinois Sen. Barack Obama.

    Evidently Caldwell is the senior pastor of Metonia Ministries, a group whose website advertises “A program created to provide Christ centered instruction for those seeking freedom from homeosexuality, lesbianism, prostitution, sex addiction, and other habitual sins”.

    The pastor..said he has informed his congregation of his presidential choice and that Obama may even pay a visit to his church.
    “I have been in contact with the Obama campaign team,” he said. “I will be making visits on his behalf.”

  238. SC should be very interesting this week. I think the Clintons are doing an excellent job right now and it’s too early to speculate on a VP. Let’s take one step at a time and after locking up the nomination then think about it.

    The voters are going to have the final say. I think Obama is advice is stupid and if he doesn’t talk about issues and solutions he will get slam. I don’t know why he’s going after Bill Clinton, it won’t help him.

    This week is going to be a ball.

  239. He is saying media is making race an issue to raise ratings. Damn he is still defending Hillary saying her comments about LBJ/MLK were not racist in any way and were factual. Obama camp and media feeding the frenzy.

  240. Obama is beginning to establish a very solid reputation as a Republican in the Democratic Party. Can you imagine a candidate in a party that is supposed to be very inclusive playing off one constituency against another? This is what Obama has been doing and it is very destructive to the party. Blacks vs. Whites, Blacks vs. Hispanics, Evangelicals vs. LGBT, Misogynists vs. Feminists, etc.

    He’s quite the divider and absent any other information, you would think that he’s trying to destroy the party from within.

  241. boy, just got my email off to olberman just in time!

    oreilly will play devils advocate for hillary just to pea off msnbc jerks.

  242. dot48,

    Richardson won’t endorse anybody until he knows who will win… Secondly, Richardson’s endorsement means very little among hispanic community even if Obama promises him a VP slot… I find hispanic community is not particularly obsessed with identity politics. That’s why Richardson gained no traction in NV, FL etc…

  243. They have 3 Dems and 3 Reps talking baout the races. Lanny Davi, Jullian Epstein on Dems side and Ann is the only one on Rep side that has spoken.

  244. sore loser obama never did even give those fans out in Nevada a shout out. what you want to bet that there will be heated debate in nevada tommorrow. first that Hillary won and second that the Hillary supporters will goad the obamabots about not even getting a big ole thank you

  245. Where in the world was Pastor Caldwell since 1998, when Republican leaders of the move to impeach President Clinton had to resign from leadership posts w/in the US Congress, and finally from their elected offices for:

    extra- marital affairs w/ female staff
    ditto /male staff
    ditto /paid companions
    overseas golfing trips w/ Abramoff
    homosexual harrassment of congressional pages

    need I go on about other addictions or purportedly “sinful” same sexual activities of his lamb’s party members, a party of which his lamb is the titular head?

    Give me a reality break…and bring it on Reverand Caldwell!

  246. Obama touts another token woman politician’s support, but Clinton gets a superdelegate…

    And a woman to boot — former Missouri Senator Jean Carnahan endorses the Illinois senator.

    And/but: Clinton gets superdelegate/Rep. Ed Pastor of Arizona

  247. grabbed remote long enough to see Lanny at the end…he didn’t seem very forceful, did I miss a great moment. of course with witchy coulter there she’s going to override anything. geraldo should stick to getting his nose broken in that old show.

  248. anybody besides me seeing this women senator/governor/congresswoman support for Obama as a simple vote out of jealousy over the fact that Hillary stands great chance to break the glass ceiling.,

    I think these women are simply jealous.

  249. BTW, when Bill Clinton was talking about people dancing on Hillary’s grave, he didn’t just mean the media.

  250. want to bet Bill C helped her at one time?

    what has obama ever done for these people?

    My gut tells me I’m onto something with the green eyed monster

  251. Again, sad to say that Bill O’Reilly seems to be the only adult in the room. Again, he stated that Hillary was stating a historical fact and that there was nothing offensive in her remarks. He again stated that it was media driven.

    The Black attorney on Geraldo, Tanya ? was very refreshing and fair as well. I would love to see more of her on panels, very articulate and fair. Lanny, imho is often infurianting to me, I think that he is the great triangulator, he is always trying to be pc. Julain ? had it about right as well.

    I missed the first portion of Geraldo which I be lieve was on Hillary’s visit to the Abyssinian Baptis Church in Harlem.

  252. Obama is the Senator of Illinois and has ties to surrounding states. Also the Democrats are a bunch of weenies and some do truly believe Hillary is a unifying force for the Repugs.

    I don’t think so but I’m not losing any sleep over it. Non of the democrats know how to win the White House except the Clintons so I’m putting my faith in them.

    It’s going to be a fight to the white house and those Dems that buy into the rhetoric of change and hope without solutions are digging up “fools” gold.

  253. her son russ carnanhan supports obama so it is no surprize. i think hillary can win missouri still on feb 5th

  254. Hillary supporters, we need to continue to remember these people. The Clintons have given and given and given to the democrat party, to the candidates themselves of their time and effort and this is the payback they get. I hope when the dust dies down that Bill Clinton himself will set down and write personal letters to these people and officially write them off.

  255. gotta idea-an we comprose a reagan refresher? some tlking points on what reagan did to remind of how bad reagan was for liberal values eg trying to end the dept of ed etc?

  256. Claire McCaskill holds the senate seat that Jean Carnahan lost to Jim Talent (republican) after our state elected a dead man to the senate. Mel Carnahan and his son were killed in a plane crash shortly before the 2000 election and Jean took his place. Jean, a nice lady, ran a terrible campaign when two years later she had to run on her own. Her daughter Robin is secretary of state (don’t know where she is on the endorsement issue but I think she’ll steer clear of making any) and her son Russ is a US representative (my representative ugh) who won Dick Gephardt’s seat. Russ is one of BO’s Missouri campaign chairs I think. I went to a BO rally last year and he was there introducing him. Jean’s endorsement doesn’t mean anything but I suspect son put the heat on. The Carnahans are a powerful Democratic family in Mo but not much nationally. It would have been different if Mel had lived and won, which he was expected to do.

    Interestingly, I had lunch today with some of my female attorney friends. One topic of discussion was how angry most women, especially women lawyers, are about Claire and would not support her if she decided to run again.

  257. Maybe Bill can’t write them off, but those of us who elect/reelect them can. And we will.

    Dollars to do-nuts, lists of Carnahans and Claire-Whatshernames and others WILL begin to circulate…

    and they will go down.

    or pay for a very expensive re-election themselves because the money we gave before will not be there.

    Any $$ I give to Emily’s list will specifically be noted “except for “so-and-so’.”

    Eventually, shrinking support at the polls, and in the bank, will bring Karma around.

    In the meantime, just reminding them of the betrayal will cause sleeplessness, mistakes in seeking support and false fronts…killers in the long run.

  258. Paula, this is very personal for Bill and it is unchartered water. Yes I understand that he will be First Gentleman but there is a political way to freeze those people out. This is serious stuff and IMO they diss Bill more than they do Hillary by endorseing Obama. Mend fences but take names

  259. BTW I posted over at TM my impression of the rally with Hillary and Bill last night from a volunteer (and biased I might add) point of view. I have seen the video of Bill introducing her but I have to say that Hillary was WONDERFUL and it is worth the time to watch her. We always think of Bill “filling up the room” and he does but she is right on his heels. He looked a little tired, she looked like she had slept for two or three hours and was refreshed, lively and on point. It was an absolutely wonderful two hours. Crowd estimates up to 6,000. Coldest night in St. Louis this season and people just poured in and very few left despite the late hour when they arrived.

    We had a great time and we are going to do everything we can to make sure HRC wins on Feb. 5th and Mo goes for HRC. BTW her speech was much better than when I saw her here in December. She is focused more on domestic issues. Campaign workers that worked Iowa and NH for her think she is really in her groove now.

  260. Rezko cochaired a fundraiser for George W. Bush in 2003.,0,3093652.story

    Rezko also donated to Bush in 1999. This is what I found at the FEC’s website:

    GLENVIEW, IL 60025

    10/20/1999 1000.00 20990021495

    WILMITTE, IL 60091

    12/19/2003 2000.00 24990268810

    WILMITTE, IL 60091

    12/09/2003 4000.00 24990263675
    12/19/2003 -2000.00 24990263676

  261. terrondt,

    I think its because MO has a significant AA population, and they are the backbone of local democratic party…. They just want to curry a favor to Obama… They do not want any backlash in the future when they run for reelection… It’s all about power/politics, I don’t blame it… I think those endorsements mean absolutely nothing…

  262. Rezko also donated to Spencer Abraham, the Republican Debbie Stabenow ousted, and Peter Fitzgerald, Obama’s Republican predecessor.

  263. The first Hillary enemy I want to knock off after she clinches the nominee is John Kerry… First primary him…

  264. Bill Clinton will be in Nashville Tn tommorrow night at Frist college for a rally. Wish, so wish I could go

    whoa, those connections make Obama really look republican minded

  265. Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones campaigns for Clinton in South Carolina
    Posted by Mark Naymik January 20, 2008 20:56PM
    Paula Illingworth

    Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones greets a Hillary Clinton supporter on Saturday in Johns Island, SC. Congressman Kendrick Meek (right) also joined the rally. North Charleston, South Carolina — Side roads lined with squat cinder block homes and arching Live Oak trees cut the path for Stephanie Tubbs Jones as she campaigned during heavy rains in the Palmetto State over the weekend.

    Though hundreds of miles from home, she was never far from issues embedded in her own political career in Cuyahoga County: race and gender.

    Cleveland’s first black congresswoman and other black politicians fanned out to rally Hillary Clinton’s volunteers and sell the presidential candidate to the state’s Democratic voters, who in five days cast ballots in the party’s first Southern primary. At the moment, the contest is largely between Clinton and her colleague in the U.S. Senate, Barack Obama. Both are trying to make history: She as the nation’s first woman to reach the White House, he as the first black.

    Tapped in part for the obvious credibility they carry, Tubbs Jones and others urged Democrats — an estimated 50 percent in the state are black — to look beyond color.

    “I support this campaign because I believe in her and having worked with her for 15 years, she has come through for me and the people I represent in Cleveland, who are just like you,” she told a dozen volunteers who waited an hour at the St. Peter’s AME Church to hear her. “The thing you can’t do in South Carolina is assume we can’t win. I have a lot of respect for Obama, but I’m clear that Sen. Clinton possesses the skills and leadership skills we need.”

    Yet, like the ubiquitous Spanish moss that hangs from trees in the South, the issue of race is unavoidable.

    Joanne Mouzon, who is black, lives in North Charleston and calls voters on behalf of Clinton’s campaign. She can pepper voters with Clinton’s accomplishments or details of her health care plan. But the conversation often turns to Obama.

    “That’s what people want to talk about,” said Mouzon, who planted yard signs in the rain along the road leading to St. Peter’s.

    Samuel Hart, a 75-year-old retired school principal and one of the first black councilmen on North Charleston City Council, said people, especially blacks, need to appreciate the significance of Obama’s candidacy.

    “Obama being in the race has been a good thing,” he said. “People look at it and say, ‘It can be done, yes it can.’ ”

    But Hart is for Clinton, and waited nearly an hour to hear Tubbs Jones, whose trip was delayed by weather. He said he hopes voters won’t let the emotional appeal of Obama’s campaign blind them to Clinton’s experience.

    “I’m thinking with my head, not my heart,” he said.

    The weekend campaign was dubbed the “get on board tour” and featured several members of the Congressional Black Caucus, the co-sponsor of tonight’s Democratic debate in Myrtle Beach. (Support from caucus members is split among the three Democratic front runners.) The push followed several weeks of heated exchanges between Clinton and Obama’s campaigns stemming from remarks each made that touched on race and gender.

    Obama supporters argued that Clinton downplayed the significance of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s civil rights work when she said that it took President Lyndon Johnson, who signed the Civil Rights Act, to help King realize his dream. Clinton supporters complained that Obama slighted her when he cracked that she is “likable enough” and questioned the authenticity of her now infamous emotional exchange with a New Hampshire voter.

    The campaigns have since called a truce. And Tubbs Jones and the others stayed away from the controversies.

    “Clinton told the surrogates to calm down,” Tubbs Jones said before a stop at a church on Johns Island, where she was joined by Kendrick Meek, a young black congressman from Florida. “I’m trying to run a campaign for Hillary that will allow us Democrats to still come together after the primary and defeat a Republican.”

    Making her fourth trip to the state, whose population is nearly 30 percent black, Tubbs Jones is more than a weekend emissary. She co-chairs Clinton’s national campaign and is active within Clinton’s circle of advisers.

    On Friday, she attended a tea party in Columbia, the state’s capitol, with influential political women, including another campaign co-chair, Emily Malcolm, president of Emily’s List, an influential political group that tries to elect Democratic women who support abortion rights to public office. She and Tubbs Jones also greeted shoppers at an upscale retail center. During much of the weekend, Tubbs Jones concentrated her time in and around Charleston, where rural poverty washes over the small coastal city like the angry ocean weather that forced the cancellation of an afternoon of events on Saturday.

    In the Charleston area, Tubbs Jones spoke at a local Democratic party breakfast, took the stage at large conference of black educators, met volunteers at several churches, and ate shrimp and grits at the home of Jacquelyn Heyward, the mayor of the small town of Hollywood, S.C. Heyward, who is black, backs Clinton.

    Though few people knew of her, Tubbs Jones was comfortable in the role, relying on her forceful personality and personal stories to reach common ground with volunteers and voters. She often noted that her parents were from Alabama, and after moving to Cleveland, her dad became a sky cap, her mother a factory worker. And she mentioned that she is the first black woman on Congress’ powerful Ways and Means Committee. Wearing bright red slacks and a white Hillary for President T-shirt, she beamed in the role.

    “I’m so proud to be a part of her campaign and the national stage,” she told several audiences. As a political surrogate, Tubbs Jones has been on the other side of the race and gender debate. In Cleveland’s 2001 mayoral race, she backed attorney Raymond Pierce, who is black, over Jane Campbell, who is white and had strong ties to the black community.

    Campbell won but was defeated in 2005 by Frank Jackson, who is black and also had Tubbs Jones behind him. In both races, Tubbs Jones said she believed the black candidates had better experience. She made a more explicit appeal to black voters and leaders in 2003 when she favored three Cleveland Municipal Court candidates, arguing, “If I don’t support African-American candidates, the playing field never levels. That’s not to say I will always support African-American candidates.”

    Throughout the weekend, Clinton’s surrogates played up Clinton’s ties to the South, particularly her friendship with Marian Wright Edelman, who was born in South Carolina and founded the Children’s Defense Fund in 1973. It’s a strategy that will likely continue this week as Clinton, Obama and former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards, a South Carolina native, ratchet up their campaigns leading to Saturday’s primary.

    Clinton, whose husband, Bill, remains enormously popular among black voters, has lost a solid lead over Obama among blacks. The latest ABC News/Washington Post poll found that approximately 60 percent of blacks support Obama, compared to 32 percent who say they are supporting Clinton.

    Asked if she thought the success of Obama would propel more black voters to side with him, Tubbs Jones said, “I think more are open to vote for Barack because of his successes.”

    On Sunday, Tubbs Jones attended worship services at the sprawling Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church in North Charleston. She entered the complex, which includes a family center and a gym, with religion and politics on her mind, having just learned that influential Harlem pastor, the Rev. Calvin O. Butts of the Abyssinian Baptist Church, would back Clinton later that day.

    “It’s a strategically timed endorsement,” she said excitedly.

    The Rev. Augustine Robinson of Mount Moriah, however, was less inclined to jump into presidential politics. Robinson, according to the Clinton campaign, is undecided. He allowed Tubbs Jones to introduce herself during the service but not to say much more. He did the same for an Obama surrogate early that morning.

    After the service, Tubbs Jones headed to Myrtle Beach, where she’ll have breakfast this morning with Clinton before beginning more campaigning on her behalf through today’s debate.

    Tubbs Jones said that in the end, “I would hope we can rise above race.”

  266. I read an interesting article by George Will in the Washington Post this week about what Obama’s endorsements from Democratic Senators and Governors have in come:

    “All this nonsense is, however, perhaps germane to something sensible occurring in the Democratic contest. Endorsements of politicians by politicians may matter little to voters, but they are indicators of the endorsers’ estimates of strengths and dangers. So what do Sens. Kent Conrad of North Dakota, Tim Johnson of South Dakota, Claire McCaskill of Missouri and Ben Nelson of Nebraska; former senator Gary Hart of Colorado; and Govs. Jim Doyle of Wisconsin, Tim Kaine of Virginia and Janet Napolitano of Arizona have in common?

    Three things, actually. They are Democrats, they have been elected in red or swing states, and they have endorsed Obama.”

    You can add Patrick Leahy and Jean Carnahan to this list. All red state politicians. I think their endorsements are meant to cover their b*tts in their home states and not necessarily to
    endorse Obama’s policies or rhetoric.

    Kerry is the outlier, a Senator from a blue state, but what else is new.

  267. kostner

    i also responded to you but got cpu’d off.

    don”t have it in me to be that clever about Teresa’s $$$ again.

    can anyone explain these cpu burps or the fact we get frozen off the board for hours at a time?

  268. I have a silly question regarding the Nevada vote count yesterday. When I was reading the scrolls on CNN it had HRC with 5,000+ votes with 51%. That to me doesn’t look high since I heard the democratic turnout was over 100,000. Can someone please help me out here?

  269. George Will has an interesting article in the Washington Post this week about Obama’s endorsements among other things:

    “All this nonsense is, however, perhaps germane to something sensible occurring in the Democratic contest. Endorsements of politicians by politicians may matter little to voters, but they are indicators of the endorsers’ estimates of strengths and dangers. So what do Sens. Kent Conrad of North Dakota, Tim Johnson of South Dakota, Claire McCaskill of Missouri and Ben Nelson of Nebraska; former senator Gary Hart of Colorado; and Govs. Jim Doyle of Wisconsin, Tim Kaine of Virginia and Janet Napolitano of Arizona have in common?

    Three things, actually. They are Democrats, they have been elected in red or swing states, and they have endorsed Obama. ”

    I think these endorsements are more about covering the endorser’s back side as opposed to the actual support for Obama’s policies or rhetoric. You can add Leahy and Carnahan to this list. Kerry is the outlier, but what else is new.

  270. Caroline,

    The number you’ve referred to are county delegates assigned to candidate. These delegates will caucus again in their respective counties and eventually the number will be reduced to the 25 (33) delegates to the Democratic convention in Denver.

    Actual voter turn out for the Democrates was 114,000 +.

  271. emjay, cpu – probably has to do with load on the server caused by number of people using the site, more calls to server = more bandwidth = occasional overload. this site can tell what’s using the bandwidth

    mostly it seems like if you have this many comments and people hitting ‘refresh’ the html file gets to be pretty big. maybe if there’s time to just make a ‘post II’ per day for additional comments because, if there are hundreds in one thread it’s a bigger file and more likely to cause overload.

  272. wasabgirl, thanks for the clarification. Whew…I was looking at the repugs numbers and I was shocked that they were doing better than us in turnout and they didn’t even campaign in Nevada lol.

  273. another reader


    I just know it is frustrating to sit here and compose and correct my own spelling (n0 spellckeck or other fancy stuff) reread for clarity and “is it making a point?” and so on, hit the submit thingy and end up on the cpu bluepage.

  274. I think those rezko contributions to george w bush are mighty interestin’. I am thinkin’ now this: maybe he really IS a repug. Not just one who’s kinda kissin’ up to the repugs. But a bona fide repug who’s been takin’ somewhat democratic positions to “position” himself as a democrat just to get elected.

  275. Grandmother, I have reached a boiling point with my colleagues. They exhibit some of the most hideous sexist qualities. Males act like small-minded children and think calling women “bitches” is not just okay but funny, too. And the women stay silent, sometimes even apologizing for the behavior. It’s disgusting.

    What’s your take in the legal community in MO? Any better? Different? Worse? And what are you and your friends doing about it or better stated- how are you coping with it? I’m ready to walk away because I am so frustrated.

    When I was in law school and president of OAWL it was annoying to hear the sniggering of male students as we had meetings. It was also embarrassing to see the females sneak in so as not to be seen by the male students. I dunno, I guess I have a low tolerance for that type of behavior.

    BTW- anyone read Mo was at the same service as Hillary and Chelsea this morning?

  276. During the lead up to the Iowa caucus, it was often stated there had never been a state wide office held by a woman in that state. I’m sure none of the Obamalamadingdongs ever worried about that.

    Similarly, in South Carolina there has never been a black person elected to a state wide office. By contrast, I’m also sure no one associated with the Hillary campaign wants to win on that basis. We want our win to be based upon the issues.

    Still, it’s an interesting parallel.

  277. Emjay, “can anyone explain these cpu burps or the fact we get frozen off the board for hours at a time?”

    Next time that happens to you, copy the statement telling you what happened and Google it. There are things you can do. However, you may have to turn your computer off and back on again afterwards for it to help. Temporarily, you might try refreshing the page, although that one didn’t work for me.

  278. “Bill ‘has taken his advocacy on behalf of his wife to a level that I think is pretty troubling. He continues to make statements that are not supported by the facts. [ more of same ]

    This plus the quiet humble sad face and voice remind me a lot of Bush Jr in 2000 accusing Gore of being a pathological liar. “Well, it troubles me that he still won’t admit it was a fund-raiser. [ more of same ]”

    I wish someone who had time and resources would juxtapose film clips of Obama now and the various people he is mimicking from past campaigns. (Including Bill Clinton in 92 who made the bi-partisan new solutions thing WORK, who really did deliver solutions that reallly solved problems. See Dick MOrris at Wikipedia on the old meaning of ‘trianguation’, or search for ‘triangulation’ at my LJ.)

  279. OkieAtty

    A woman doesn’t have to be a lawyer to experience what you briefly describe. Any female academic understands precisely what you describe, also any female support staffer w/in the university, or any female medical professional, or female government employee or female pastor or female farmer/rancher or female film-maker or elected freshman office holder or…

    Many women and the smart men who get-it on this board know exactly what you’re saying. And we are here for you, for families who are raising get-it children, for the growing social networks that support get-it populations, and…

    Hang on my dear, for now by your fingernails, bra strap, whatever.

    Let’s all inhale and think solidarity.

  280. Michelle Obama apparently enjoys fashion shows. I quote the Chicago Magazine article I cite above:

    “Two days before last November’s elections, benefactors held a fashion show in the Rosemont convention center to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis. The invitation to the affair offered a veritable guidebook to political influence in Illinois, much of it centered on one St. Jude benefactor, Antoin “Tony” Rezko.

    The chair of the event was Rezko’s wife, Rita, a member of the Cook County Employee Appeals Board, which hears cases brought by fired or disciplined workers. (She was appointed to the part-time post, which pays $37,000 a year, by John Stroger, the former president of the Cook County Board, whose 2002 campaign finance committee was headed by Tony Rezko.) The fashion show’s honorary cochair was Governor Rod Blagojevich’s wife, Patti, who owns a real-estate firm (and has been involved in real-estate deals with Tony Rezko dating back to 1997).

    The event’s sponsoring committee included Governor Blagojevich’s former spokeswoman, Cheryle Jackson, who now heads the Chicago Urban League; Becky Ruff Chipparoni, whose husband, Guy Chipparoni, was the press secretary for then secretary of state Jim Edgar before setting up a public-relations firm in Chicago (Chipparoni has represented some of Rezko’s businesses); and Hollie Rumman, whose husband, Michael Rumman, served as one of Blagojevich’s cabinet members (and is an investor with Rezko in various deals, such as a proposed power plant in Iraq).

    Michelle Obama, wife of the Democratic U.S. senator and presidential candidate Barack Obama, was a special guest that day (even though the news had just broken about Rezko’s participation in a funky real-estate transaction involving the Obamas’ Hyde Park home).”

  281. OkieAtty: I wish I could say that all were as fired up as you and I but it ain’t so just yet. Sometimes I think those of us who are so immersed in this campaign have to remember that most of the country just isn’t paying much attention right now. I stay sane by reading this blog, TM and a few others. I don’t watch T.V., I try to go over to HRC campaign headquarters and volunteer when time allows. Fortunately, my practice keeps me busy and my granddaughter has HRC posters all over her bedroom!
    I want to clarify one thing about the state of Missouri. Missouri does not have a large AA population. St. Louis City has a large AA population but most of the state is rural with St. Louis City/County on the east and Kansas City on the West being the urban areas. St. Louis county has become more Democratic but that is a recent trend. Claire McCaskill comes from rural Mo and rural Mo is NOT liberal or Democratic. Remember this state had John Ashcroft as its governor, has the Limbaugh family in Cape Girardeau, Matt Blunt as a governor and Daddy Roy Blunt from Springfield (very red, very conservative). The most liberal part of the state is St. Louis City (separate from St. Louis County) and Kansas City proper. Claire McCaskill is taking some big chances endorsing BO. Rumor has it he has promised her something but that’s just speculation.

  282. This is hysterical…more whining and complaining, this time from Axelrod. From CNN…

  283. Okie: I have a very low tolerance for that kind of behavior as well. It’s one reason why this election hits me so personally. Not only do I admire Hillary for all that she has done, but I also see in her campaign for President some of the same struggles that I encountered in my own professional life. I’m an ex university prof… I just can’t tolerate that kind of shit anymore.

  284. This is an alert. This is an alerlt.

    Missouri water has been contaminated with Obama kool-aid.

    Mama Carnahan and son Russ along with Clarie McCaskill afficited.

    This is an alert. Do NOT drink the water if you pass through this state.

    Missouri Water Commsioner

  285. Paula, I misspoke. Chelsea and Michelle did attend the same church service in SC. Chelsea got a slightly better reception.

    Grandmother, thanks. You’re right. I need to take a step back and find something other to focus on lest I end up a defendant in a criminal complaint. 🙂

  286. FactHub sticking up for Bill:

    During today’s taping of Good Morning America, Sen. Obama accused President Clinton of making factually inaccurate statements.

    ‘[The Former President] has taken his advocacy on behalf of his wife to a level that I think is pretty troubling. He continues to make statements that are not supported by the facts. Whether it’s about my record of opposition to the war in Iraq or our approach to organizing in Las Vegas. This has become a habit and one of the things that we’re gonna have to do is to directly confront Bill Clinton when he’s making statements that are not factually accurate.’ [Good Morning America, taped 1/20/08]

    Actually, President Clinton’s statements about Sen. Obama are true. Yesterday, President Clinton said he observed voter suppression in Nevada:

    There was a representative of the organization following along behind us going up to everybody who said that, saying ‘if you’re not gonna vote for our guy were gonna give you a schedule tomorrow so you can’t be there.’

    The Las Vegas Sun confirmed the tactics that President Clinton was discussing:

    Take, for instance, the case of Ruben Beltran, a Culinary member and Clinton volunteer who helps set up conventions at Mandalay Bay. Union representatives, he said, are telling employees they must caucus for Obama on Saturday, making it sound more like a demand than a suggestion. Beltran said workers feel intimidated because the union holds sway over their jobs.

    Yesterday, President Clinton said Sen. Obama’s radio ad instructed Republicans and Independents to register as Democrats:

    There’s a radio ad up in the northern part of Nevada telling Republicans that they ought to just register as Democrats for a day so they can beat Hillary and go out and be Republicans next week and vote in the primary. Doesn’t sound like the new politics to me.

    President Clinton is correct. Sen. Obama was running radio ads asking Republicans and Independents to switch their registration:

    Caucus for Barack Obama Saturday the 19th 11am. You can register right at the caucus. Independents and Republicans who want real change can attend and switch registration. Call 888-622-6268 to learn more.

    In fact, Sen. Obama’s Nevada precinct captain made a flyer urging Republicans to caucus for Sen. Obama “if you think a Democrat will win in November and you don’t want Hillary.”

    Earlier this week, President Clinton highlighted Sen. Obama’s comments on how Republicans had all the ideas for the past 15 years:

    Her principal opponent said that since 1992, the Republicans have had all the good idea…So now it turns out you can choose between somebody who thinks our ideas or better or the Republicans had all the good ideas.

    Don’t take President Clinton’s word on it, here is Sen. Obama praising the Republican Party for being the party of ideas that challenged ‘conventional wisdom’:

    “I think it’s fair to say that the Republicans were the party of ideas for a pretty long chunk of time there over the last 10-15 years in the sense that they were challenging conventional wisdom.”

    Earlier this month, President Clinton questioned Sen. Obama’s Iraq War Record:

    It is wrong that Senator Obama got to go through 15 debates trumpeting his superior judgment and how he had been against the war in every year, enumerating the years, and never got asked one time, not once, well, how could you say that when you said in 2004 you didn’t know how you would have voted on the resolution, you said in 2004 there was no difference between you and George Bush on the war, and you took that speech you’re now running on off your Web site in 2004, and there’s no difference in your voting record and Hillary’s ever since.

    President Clinton’s statements are confirmed by the facts. In 2004, Sen. Obama said he didn’t know how he would have voted on the Iraq War resolution.

    ‘When asked about Senators Kerry and Edwards’ votes on the Iraq war, Obama said, “I’m not privy to Senate intelligence reports,’ Mr. Obama said. ‘What would I have done? I don’t know. What I know is that from my vantage point the case was not made.’

    In 2004, Sen. Obama also said there was little difference between his position and George Bush’s position on Iraq:

    In a meeting with Chicago Tribune reporters at the Democratic National Convention, Obama said, “On Iraq, on paper, there’s not as much difference, I think, between the Bush administration and a Kerry administration as there would have been a year ago. […] There’s not much of a difference between my position and George Bush’s position at this stage.” [Chicago Tribune, 07/27/04]

    While running for Senate, Sen. Obama acknowledged that he took his anti-war speech off his campaign website, calling it “dated”:

    Specifically, State Senator Obama maintains that an October 2002 anti-war speech was removed from his campaign web site because “the speech was dated once the formal phase of the war was over, and my staff’s desire to continually provide fresh news clips.”

    Finally, Sen. Obama and Hillary do have almost identical voting records on Iraq:

    In fact, Obama’s Senate voting record on Iraq is nearly identical to Clinton’s. Over the two years Obama has been in the Senate, the only Iraq-related vote on which they differed was the confirmation earlier this year of General George Casey to be Chief of Staff of the Army, which Obama voted for and Clinton voted against. [ABC News, 5/17/07]

  287. Paula, I misspoke. Chelsea and Michelle did attend the same church service in SC. Chelsea got a slightly better reception.


  288. the CPU thing is coming from this website itself, when it gets too many people using it at once, the place where it is hosted can’t handle it. too much traffic, so to speak. it is not a problem with anyone’s computer, so no worries about that.

    emjay if you get that message have you tried hitting the “back” button on your browser? sometimes it will take you back to the page where you were entering comments so you can at least copy them to clipboard and post later.

  289. Let go and take SC people forget the polls BHO had more momentum than this going into NH but lost do not about the AA vote trust me most are still torn between the two. I think Hillary with her new strategy of answering questions will repond to their concerns this week.
    We cannot let BHO dictate the debate this week,
    Rezko should keep him on the defensive,

  290. people do not want to take risks with the unknown or change, they want stability and that is in Hillary’s favor”

    Good point! But at the same time we can vote FOR a big change — first woman pres — AND rebel at the media coverage…. History may say Obama never had a chance….

    (Yay Princess Leia! Restore the Republic!)

  291. I know we got some attorneys here. Have any of you looked at any of the cases that BO worked on when he was a civil rights lawyer?

  292. I suggest you guys go to msnbc site to watch Clinton’s interview on nightly news. He was extremely gracious towards Obama… On the other hand, Obama is attacking Bill Clinton, what an asshole.

  293. I don’t know how to save this, but want to tell pink page folks abt it tomorrow, when everybody has had their java…especially this is for HillaryLandRocks and for Hawk.

    Will someone please save this?

    Las vegas Sun, January 20, 2008
    “How Clinton Hit Pay Dirt”

    Available right now on Yahoo! News, Election08 Presidential Election page.

    Please say if you’ve tagged it or whatever you have to do…otherwise I will beg again soon.


  294. Thanks for the suggestions emjay and Kostner! My there has been some great reading and listening material lately! Kostner was this a recent interview with Bill Clinton? That has been Obama’s pattern hasn’t it…the attack mode in which he tries to feign his incredulousness that anybody would ever say such things about him!

  295. No. Honestly there is no way to fully check what any attorney has worked on without billing records. Many attorneys do transactional work and their names will not appear in public records. Trial attorneys will often have a paper record at the courthouse. Imagine someone who just does contracts or wills- where would you find their cases or clients? Short answer is you wouldn’t. Also, what if you’re fresh out of school writing briefs and doing research for an associate? Where would you appear except in properly kept billing records? One loophole is a firm that goes for attorneys fees by motion and includes the billing record with legal assistants, researchers, etc. on the attached exhibit. Something like that requires actual legwork in every court, in every state, in every district where that attorney’s firm has done business ever. It’s also something that would need to be done in person.

    now, some states have searchable databases but most of those have been set up in the last 5 years in the few states that have them- and even then not all counties, courts, etc. have searchable records online or have searchable records going back 15-20 years.

    There’s a lot of stuff no one would ever know about in my practice unless they had full access to my files and billing records.

  296. (Sorry. Trying to figure out what emoticons work and don’t. I wanted to post popcorn for someone who had asked for it last night.)

  297. :bsflag:

    They are tags. One site to find some is

    the evil one is “: evil :” without the spaces between or the “


    D’oh. He’s noticed. And if Hillary wins, we’ll have both Clintons back in the White House. Two-fer yeehaw.

  299. Obama at a speech tonight trying to say Bill Clinton distorted what he said about Reagan:

    “What I said was Ronald Reagan, back in the 1980s, was able to tap into the discontent of the American people,” Obama said. “There were Reagan Democrats. So what I said is we need to tap into the discontent of Republicans. I want some Obama Republicans. I want ‘Obamacans.’”
    “So when I see Sen. Clinton, President Clinton distort my own words, saying Republicans are the only ones who had good ideas since the 1980s — that is not a way to move the debate forward,” Obama said.”

    Obama’s actual words:

    “I think it’s fair to say that the Republicans were the party of ideas for a pretty long chunk of time there over the last 10 to 15 years in the sense that they were challenging conventional wisdom,” Obama told the newspaper. (Reno Gazette Journal).

    Obama’s words were not distorted. Edwards as well as Hillary and Bill took him to task for what he said. I for one don’t think we need an “Obamacans” in the Democratic party, do you?

  300. 1950 Democrat, Bill should tell him fine, I will stop attacking you when you agree that you cannot say a negative word about me or the 90’s or my presidency in your run against Hillary.

    BO wants to have his cake and eat it too. He’s been ragging on Bill from day one in his campaign. He wants to piss and moan about how Bill did nothing as president and the nineties were crap (unlike the great and godly Saint Ronnie and his deliriously happy chock-full-O-ideas 80’s), then say Bill can’t hit back.


  301. emjay – Before posting to ANY board or comment string, I always copy my comment to clipboard. Hit Ctl-A to highlight the whole comment, then Ctl-C to copy it. If it doesn’t appear quickly where I posted it, I copy it to my LiveJournal, and/or to here and/or to Taylormarsh.

  302. guys, i think barack is trying to shift the narrative in his favor. this is his pattern – like a needy child, he wants the spotlight only on him.
    when hillary won new hampshire, the race card was played to the hilt.
    me, a black man, was dumped by the white racist NH people, hillary mispoke blah blah blah…
    now, with the nevada win, it’s me (barack) against the big shot bill clinton…tagteam-ing with his wife. boohoo…

  303. And with all this, the press has been distracted from following up on Obama’s statement at an earlier debate (NH?) that he had no lobbyist on payroll — when in fact even the MSM printed that one of his co-chairs was a registered lobbyist.

    If Clinton or Gore had made such a mis-statement — they’d still be talking about it. Has anyone even made the lobbyist resign?

  304. imagine44, you could also argue it’s all designed to get attention away from him as well. When these attention getting comments are brought up, as 1950democrat notes, then actual issues won’t get addressed. Trying to blame things on others shifts attention to them because they are forced to respond…it distracts the media from looking into things that might seriously reflect on your own character or qualifications as a candidate.

  305. Southern Born – thanks for a good laugh before I head off to bed. You are so right -don’t drink the water in this state! But you know Mama Carnahan’s endorsement just doesn’t do much do ‘ya think? And Russy boy is not Mel. He’s pretty ineffective as far as I’m concerned. For sure he is NOT Dick Gephardt. Dick is supporting HRC by the way and he has a lot more respect in this town than Russ. Claire is a lost cause and we will not forget come time for her to run again.

  306. Taylor Marsh reports Bambi is trying the “Democrat for a Day” shtick in California now. What a poseur. 👿

  307. Since Obama is courting the college vote hard, it got me thinking about all the colleges and universities across the country that have newspapers online. We should be posting on those blogs about Obama’s connections to Rezko, his real estate and stock dealings. Maybe plant a seed of doubt before they drink the kool aid and are too far gone.

  308. I love Paul Krugman. He says with an asterisk:

    *In my next life I want to have legions of devoted followers who will fiercely declare that I didn’t really mean what I seem to have said, and that anyone who thinks I did must be a paid shill.

    Krugman bloag 1/19:

    Is he talking about Reagan, Obama, or maybe both?

  309. Everybody needs to read that Chicago Sun Times article about Rezko. And that recent endorsement BO got from this Rev. Caldwell is just sick. Follow the link at 1:06 above. And I do agree that he has this way of distracting folks, or tryin’ to, when unpleasant news surfaces. I think all of this is pretty scary and I for one will be glad when we are through all of this.

  310. 1950Dem

    Thanx for the homework. Don’t be surprised if a recipie or my plumber’s bill shows up here while I practice..

  311. bill and hillary ..well on mtp timmeh….showing those clips…of them ….well they all lol…that table looks at timmehh..get off the crap…they know Hillary is gonna win…and bill they only go so far to mess with him….they are afraid timmeh always ducks his head down never looks at them in the eyes…i liked hillarys answer that isnt how i remembered the last 15 guys see her look on her face.i lol….i wonder what she was really thinking
    she is so smart talented

  312. molly ..pulctride..i was reading that to…man im glad im hillary all the way….pretty scary to…your right cant wait until this is over with..and her leading on day 1..degayfying that is over board.ive heard it all now…..where do they find crazy people like that..they are senseless… responding…i hope they give em hell…

  313. Update: Here’s a video from the Obama campaign promoting their “Democrat for a Day” scheme:

    This is a very professional, expensively produced video.

    SURE Obama himself didn’t know his campaign was doing this stuff.

    A paper flyer in Nevada might have been dismissed as an individual mistake … a webpage in Florida (up from April till Nov and still in a Google cache at … might have been some kind of abberation….

    But this expensive video? Will Saint Obama disavow all knowledge of THIS?

  314. Obama’a camp said on Saturday he will be donating the $40,000 in donations linked to Rezko to charity. yet on Friday his camp said they had done so months ago. I know they were refering to the $44,000 donated months ago, but you would think they would get their story straight before answering questions in writing.

    A Chicago Sun-Times Exclusive: Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign gave the following written responses to these questions about the Rezko court filing.
    Q. What is Sen. Obama’s reaction to being referred to in the Rezko evidentiary proffer?

    A. We have no way of knowing he is the politician named here but we returned this money months ago for other reasons.

    Q. Was Sen. Obama aware that Rezko allegedly had directed at least one person to donate to the senator’s campaign and later reimbursed that person, possibly violating federal election law?

    A. No.

    Q. Has the Federal Election Commission or the U.S. attorney’s office in Chicago contacted the senator or any of his representatives about these matters?

    A. No.

    Q. Why has the senator donated to charity campaign contributions from Rezko and Rezko-linked people?

    A. In keeping with our practice of donating to charity donations from people who have been called into question through the legal process, when he was named in documents as potentially engaging in wrongdoing we thought it was appropriate to return his donation to charity.

    Q. Does the senator think this development will have any impact on the presidential campaign or undercut the senator’s message that he is an agent of change?

    A. No. In fact, Sen. Obama has been a champion of reforms that have made campaign finance laws more transparent so that the public can more closely follow the source of contributions to campaigns. As with any campaign, occasionally individual contributions are called into question. Sen. Obama’s policy in such instances is to donate that money to charity which is what he did in this case seven months ago when questions first surfaced.

  315. yep-that mydd link on caldwell is so true. im glad i got some bloggers talking about this dude. and see me note there too. he lost much of his flock over his blessing of bush stealing the 2000 election. we texans know all about this dude. this si one to push-the guy tries to convert gays to straighthood! obama is a liar yet the media will blame bill for lying and let obama off. and obama is going to caldwell’s church to campaign here in tx. lovely. wake up dems there is only one dem in thsi race!

  316. IN hindsight, Hillary’s loss in Iowa was the best thing that could have happened to her. It woke up her own campaign staff, but more importantly, it woke up Clinton voters and supporters who thought “oh she will just glide to the nomination so no need for my vote”…………People who might have stayed home in New Hampshire and Nevada made a special point in voting for Hillary. And I believe its because of her Iowa loss.


    Please dont be let that mess of a campaign called Obama silence you. We need you supporting HIllary!!! You are doing a great job!!!

    Obama is only attacking the Big Dog because he is jealous. There is nowhere where Obama wont stoop in trying to fulfil his narcissistic self serving interests.

    Go Bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and as always GO HILL!!!!!!!!!)

  318. Timmeh you and your buddies are not capable of understanding this:

    This essay by Bill Moyers proves Hillary’s point:

    A Bill Moyers Essay

    BILL MOYERS: If William Shakespeare were around I suspect he might describe the recent flap between the Obama and Clinton camps as much ado about nothing or a tempest in a teapot. Senator Clinton was heard to say that it took a president – Lyndon Johnson – to consummate the work of Martin Luther King by passing the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Almost no one in the media bothered to run the whole quote. Here it is:

    HILLARY CLINTON: Dr. King’s dream began to be realized when President Lyndon Johnson passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, when he was able to get through Congress something that President Kennedy was hopeful to do, the president before had not even tried, but it took a president to get it done”

    BILL MOYERS: There was nothing in that quote about race. It was an historical fact, an affirmation of the obvious. But critics pounced. THE NEW YORK TIMES published a lead editorial accusing Senator Clinton of “the distasteful implication that a black man needed the help of a white man to effect change.” Suddenly we had a rhetorical inferno on our hands, with charges flying left and right, and pundits throwing gasoline on the tiniest of embers. Fortunately the furor has quieted down, and everyone’s said they’re sorry, except THE NEW YORK TIMES. But I can’t resist this footnote to the story.

    Many many years ago, I was a young White House Assistant, when President Johnson at first wanted Martin Luther King to call off the marching, demonstrations, and protests. The civil rights movement had met massive resistance in the south, and the south, because of the seniority system, controlled congress, making it virtually impossible for congress to enact laws giving full citizenship to black Americans, no matter how desperate their lives. LBJ worried that the mounting demonstrations were hardening white resistance.

    He had been the master of the Senate, the great persuader, who could twist your arm with such flair and flattery you thought he was actually doing you a favor by wrenching it from its socket. He reckoned that with a little time he could twist enough arms in Congress to end, or neutralize, the power of die-hard racists – all of them, including some of his old mentors, white supremacists who threatened to bring the government, if not the country, to its knees before they would see blacks eat at the same restaurants, go to the same schools, drink from the same fountains, and live in the same neighborhoods as whites.

    As the pressure intensified on each side, Johnson wanted king to wait a little longer and give him a chance to bring Congress around by hook or crook. But Martin Luther King said his people had already waited too long. He talked about the murders and lynchings, the churches set on fire, children brutalized, the law defied, men and women humiliated, their lives exhausted, their hearts broken. LBJ listened, as intently as I ever saw him listen. He listened, and then he put his hand on Martin Luther King’s shoulder, and said, in effect: “OK. You go out there Dr. King and keep doing what you’re doing, and make it possible for me to do the right thing.” Lyndon Johnson was no racist but he had not been a civil rights hero, either. Now, as president, he came down on the side of civil disobedience, believing it might quicken America’s conscience until the cry for justice became irresistible, enabling him to turn Congress. So King marched and Johnson maneuvered and Congress folded.

    NEWS COVERAGE: President Johnson calls for all Americans to back what he calls a turning point in history.

    BILL MOYERS: The Civil Rights Act of 1964 ended segregation in public places.

    MARCHERS: “We shall overcome…

    BILL MOYERS: But they weren’t done. King kept on marching, this time for the right to vote, and once again Johnson kept his word, and did the right thing. As one of his young assistants, I stood on the floor of the House that ides of March when morality and politics converged, and watched the faces of congress transfixed…mesmerized… knowing they were riding the surf of history as the president of the United States enlisted all of us in the cause.

    LYNDON JOHNSON: It’s all of us, who must overcome the crippling legacy of bigotry and injustice. And we shall overcome.

    BILL MOYERS: As he finished, Congress stood and thunderous applause shook the chamber. Johnson would soon sign into law the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and black people were no longer second class citizens. Martin Luther King had marched and preached and witnessed for this day. Countless ordinary people had put their bodies on the line for it, been berated, bullied and beaten, only to rise, organize and struggle on, against the dogs and guns, the bias and burning crosses. Take nothing from them; their courage is their legacy. But take nothing from the president who once had seen the light but dimly, as through a dark glass — and now did the right thing. Lyndon Johnson threw the full weight of his office on the side of justice. Of course the movement had come first, watered by the blood of so many, championed bravely now by the preacher turned prophet who would himself soon be martyred. But there is no inevitability to history, someone has to seize and turn it. With these words at the right moment — “we shall overcome” — Lyndon Johnson transcended race and color, and history, too — reminding us that a president matters, and so do we.

  319. Timmeh, Your problem is you assume people are stupid and you think you can fool them for ever. We are not and you are dumb as hell. No wonder you get those election results wrong every time.

  320. Paul Krugman in today’s NY times:

    Historical narratives matter. That’s why conservatives are still writing books denouncing F.D.R. and the New Deal; they understand that the way Americans perceive bygone eras, even eras from the seemingly distant past, affects politics today.

    And it’s also why the furor over Barack Obama’s praise for Ronald Reagan is not, as some think, overblown. The fact is that how we talk about the Reagan era still matters immensely for American politics.

    Bill Clinton knew that in 1991, when he began his presidential campaign. “The Reagan-Bush years,” he declared, “have exalted private gain over public obligation, special interests over the common good, wealth and fame over work and family. The 1980s ushered in a Gilded Age of greed and selfishness, of irresponsibility and excess, and of neglect.”

    Contrast that with Mr. Obama’s recent statement, in an interview with a Nevada newspaper, that Reagan offered a “sense of dynamism and entrepreneurship that had been missing.”

    Maybe Mr. Obama was, as his supporters insist, simply praising Reagan’s political skills. (I think he was trying to curry favor with a conservative editorial board, which did in fact endorse him.) But where in his remarks was the clear declaration that Reaganomics failed?

  321. just heard on nbc that 40% of absentee votes already cast in Florida. I would suspect this helps HRC and Guiliana.

  322. I still hold out hope for South Carolina.
    Fineman on NBC insulted black every middle age, elderly and less educated woman in the US. By saying AA women who are more educated are rushing over to Obama. What a slam.

    Women of all color who have lived in this world know what HRC has done for them.These men are being dismisive of all women voters and we will continue to show them that we STAND UP.

  323. I’m hoping to see BHO on ABC this morning whining about being picked on by Bill Clinton. From the clips I’ve seen, he is threatening to start hitting back. LOL.

    There has been some discussion of that kind of thing on this forum, so maybe others have advance information about it.

  324. Mika and ScaryJoe ambushing Romney on MSNBC. Calling him a liar. He is calling them about headlines and pundits. He is quite adept. I’m impressed with him

    They are treating Romney like Clinton .. trying to dismiss his every win and his whole campaign.

    the more these pundits do crap like this ..scary joe would not even discuss Bill Clintons charges about those 8 workers in NV who he had to help caucus. Calling Bill Clinton a liar is not going to up his ratings.

    Back to real journalist now…oh, are there any LOL

  325. Good morning, Hillfans. Been catching up on my reading.

    Watched Morning Joke long enough to hear Pat Buchanan, who was first up. Pat had a lot of interesting things to say. On whether or not Obamican (love that even better than Ronbama) is running against both Bill and Hillary, Pat spoke right up and said “he is” with all seriousness.

    On whether Bloomberg was going to run, Pat seems to think that he will but — and are you ready for this? — Pat says that Bloomberg “will get beat like a rented mule”. Bloomies only appeal is NY state (not Hillary territory) liberals and his national appeal will only be to elitist liberals (Obamican’s supporters).

    Pat pretty much said that Obamican is done, stick a fork in him. Obamican’s Iowa supporters of young whites and assorted mixed demographic is slowly but perceptibly slipping away. Ob’s claims that he can unite and cross all lines held out somewhat in Iowa and tentatively in NH, but he lost the women. In Nevada, Hillary had the Hispanic vote, the women vote, and the majority of the white vote. Obamican garnered the majority of the AA vote and youth vote. BUT, that’s all he’s got left.

    Nevada, Pat said, shows that Obamican cannot get the Hispanic vote in the SW or west of the Rockies. Approximately 50% of the Dem vote in SC is AA, but that still leaves the majority that is not. Even assuming he pulled 100% of the AA vote, and he won’t have Indys to count on, he still loses whether he wins SC or not, as it will be a highly motivating factor for the rest of the demographic.

    Also, now that Obamican thinks that he can take on BillC, he’s showing desperation. Obamican strikes out at BillC and BillC will do exactly what he did with Tom Brokaw and be gracious and respectful towards Obamican. It’s a lose-lose for Obs, who is losing his white demographic.

    BTW, Joe just sat there (in Pensacola) and didn’t disagree on a single thing.

    This new development about Rev. Caldwell is NOT going to help either as word spreads.

    Also, watching the various talk shows this weekend I want to say that instead of railing against MessNBC, CNN, etc., we need to embrace them, hanging on every word. They are (please avert your eyes, Ben) being suckered by the Big Dawg. The biggest loser in this primary season is Big Media. They are being played like a fine violin and are tuned in to the sweet Clinton melody whether they know it or can resist it or not. Obamican and his retinue are no match for this game and all then can do now is spin in the wind and hope for a kind breeze. What they don’t realize is that the Clinton tsunami has already blown through and they’re too whiplashed to know it yet.

    Please, please stop the hand wringing and railing against Big Media. Hillary has already won, there’s not a single Repug or even Bloomie who can withstand Hillary’s experience, determination, dilligence, tenacity, wisdom, knowledge, etc. Let’s cheer her on, keep our eyes and ears wide open, and start the countdown to Feb 5th and then the GE.

  326. A really good write up in NYT on Hillary’s economic plan. It’s also a nice counterpoint to Obama’s “Ronald Reagan love fest”.

    Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton said that if she became president, the federal government would take a more active role in the economy to address what she called the excesses of the market and of the Bush administration.

    Reflecting what her aides said were very different conditions today, Mrs. Clinton put her emphasis on issues like inequality and the role of institutions like government, rather than market forces, in addressing them.

    She said that economic excesses — including executive-pay packages she characterized as often “offensive” and “wrong” and a tax code that had become “so far out of whack” in favoring the wealthy — were holding down middle-class living standards.

    Interviewed between campaign appearances in Los Angeles on Thursday, she said those problems were also keeping the United States economy from growing as quickly as it could.

    “If you go back and look at our history, we were most successful when we had that balance between an effective, vigorous government and a dynamic, appropriately regulated market,” Mrs. Clinton said. “And we have systematically diminished the role and the responsibility of our government, and we have watched our market become imbalanced.”

    She added: “I want to get back to the appropriate balance of power between government and the market.”

  327. dot48, it finally hit me this morning that Mika thinks that she’s a Playboy Bunny without the genuine convincing smile. She wants you to think she’s having great sex 👿 but she’d really rather be somewhere else. Somebody needs to tell her she’s over-emoting.

  328. Thanks B. Merryfield.

    Coundown to Feb 5 starting now!

    I am not handwrining but simply pissed at how biased the media coverage is and what blatant distortion and downright lying that they get away with. Nothing I can do about it but vent sometimes but it is hard to accept.

  329. dot48, it will a much better strategy to mock the media (hi Ben) than get upset over what they say negative about Hillary or when they shout halleleuia in the Obamican Chorus. They are being played by the Master. The more they go negative on Hillary, the more it will drive women and men her way. Even Hillary’s deep campaign pockets couldn’t afford all this FREE advertising. So, let Obamican rant and rave, let MSM report every detail. It’s great!

    Also, have to say I was a bit disappointed this morning. Joe, Mika and Pat Buchanan made it all the way through the segment without saying “drugs” one time. Oh, well, there’s always Spitball tonight — before the debate.

  330. Thanks Merryfield,

    Actually their frustration showed yesterday on MTP. Today Buchanan said something very revealing which I do not want to repeat here. You are correct BO is done and he knows it and so does Bumblerod. CD99

  331. Okay, just have to post this one from ABC:

    “ABC News’ Michael James and Tahman Bradley Report: Sen. Barack Obama says he’s ready to confront former President Bill Clinton, calling his advocacy on behalf of his wife’s presidential campaign, “troubling.” … In an exclusive interview with ABC News’ Robin Roberts to air Monday on “Good Morning America,” Obama, D-Ill., directly engages Bill Clinton on a series of issues.”
    Excuse my ignorance, please. But when you CONFRONT someone or DIRECTLY ENGAGE someone, doesn’t that mean FACE-TO-FACE ???

    Bring it on, Obamican! I can’t wait for this “confrontation” to “engage”.

  332. B Merryfield,
    While I agree, in general, with your statement above, it’s always a good thing to actually shoot the Bear first and then sell its skin.

    Everything looks bright and prosperous right now. I’m very optimistic too, but we can not afford to rest one minute. Like it’s said in Harry Potter: “Constant vigilance is necessary!”

  333. I expect some movement from a lot of people to Hillary this week. The Iowa, NH, and NV numbers Bexposed some real facts that the democrat party has to accept. Pat Buchananon talked about it this morning. Obama’s numbers show that he cannot win except in the AA community.

  334. CD99, absolutely. Going on the attack from someone who’s supposed to be in the catbird seat is both a sign of weakness and a desperation move. Maybe you can kick around those less intelligent or weaker than you are, but when you take on the Big Dawg with words like “confront” and “engage”, you damn well better be ready to back them up. Throwing down the gauntlet on AM teevee from the safe distance of a teevee studio is one thing, going mano-a-mano is a whole different ballgame.

    And, yes, keep your friends close, your dumbass challengers closer.

  335. The thought occurs to me regarding the timing .. duh! .. of course, the debate is tonight. Obamican wants to stir the crap up in hopes that the stench will follow him onto the stage and that Hillary is amateur enough or pissed off enough to attack him. Another losing strategy!

  336. obama is opening up a can of worms. he is going to have to start talking about real issues vs empty suit and he has no answers. they are twisting in the wind and Bill Clinton just needs to keep on talking…

    Go Big Dawg and Go Hillary.

  337. Hillary’s comments, that both she and Obama have spouses that are strong passionate advocates, are masterful.

  338. Mica is totally out of control some body needs to tell her that they are soft pledged delegates in NV. She is spinning that NV is a win for BO.

  339. Hillary should say to Obama if he ever gets nasty : “If you don’t want people to talk about Rezko, don’t use this fabricated issue with Bill Clinton to cover it up”.

  340. It occurs to me that this was an extremely STUPID thing for Obamican to do. Doesn’t he realize that the whole world is watching/listening to him call Bill a liar? Does he have any idea what that does for his (BO’s) credibility or standing with other countries? The Brits and Aussies are having a field day reading about this (and are NOT on BO’s side, by the way). What a wanker.

  341. A very interesting article in the LA Times ponders the possibility of a huge influx of independent voters in the Democratic CA primary, as the GOP has closed its primary while Democrats still have an open primary.

    SAN MATEO — — Medea Bern, once a registered Republican, is one of a growing number of California voters who shun party membership and declare themselves independent. In the upcoming presidential election, that makes her the kind of voter all the candidates would like to reach.

    But when it comes to California’s Feb. 5 primary, there is only one major party where she’s welcome: the Democratic Party. She isn’t allowed to cast her ballot in the Republican primary, and that upsets her.

    Not surprisingly, the Democratic Party is delighted at the prospect of attracting hundreds of thousands of independents to vote for one of its candidates next month. Democratic strategists believe that an independent who votes Democratic in February is likely to vote for a Democratic candidate in November too.

    A recent Los Angeles Times/CNN/Politico poll showed independents going for Hillary Clinton by a large margin. But Times Poll Director Susan Pinkus cautioned that the situation is fluid and the numbers could change as election day nears.,0,7057489.story?coll=la-home-center&vote34617362=1

  342. Clinton schedule for today…..

    *all times Eastern

    Monday, January 21

    9:45 am
    Hillary Clinton participates in the annual NAACP’s Martin Luther King Day march to the dome in Columbia, South Carolina

    10:30 am
    Hillary Clinton participates in a rally at the statehouse in Columbia, South Carolina

    2:30 pm
    Bill Clinton hosts a “Hillary Clinton for President” campaign rally at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia

    7:15 pm
    Bill Clinton hosts a “Hillary Clinton for President” campaign rally at Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee

    8:00 pm
    Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards participate in the Congressional Black Caucus/CNN Democratic presidential debate in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

  343. Mr Clinton simply needs to pull out Obama’s own statement that he DID NOT KNOW how he would vote on the war since he was not a member of the Senate at the the time and then pull out the speech he made later in the same month.

  344. You mean this:

    “It’s not clear to me what differences we’ve had since I’ve been in the Senate,” Obama told the New Yorker magazine. “I think what people might point to is our different assessments of the war in Iraq, although I’m always careful to say that I was not in the Senate, so perhaps the reason I thought it was such a bad idea was that I didn’t have the benefit of U.S. intelligence. And, for those who did, it might have led to a different set of choices. . . . We were in different circumstances at that time: I was running for the U.S. Senate, she had to take a vote, and casting votes is always a difficult test.”

  345. A recent Los Angeles Times/CNN/Politico poll showed independents going for Hillary Clinton by a large margin. But Times Poll Director Susan Pinkus cautioned that the situation is fluid and the numbers could change as election day nears.

    This is very good. 🙂

  346. Interesting Siena College Presidential poll from New York. Hillary still ahead with AA voters

    Clinton 48, Obama 23, Edwards 10, Undecided 19
    Among African-Americans: Clinton 46, Obama 36, Edwards 2
    Error margin: 3.9 points
    Survey conducted: Jan 14-17

  347. Kingsgrove,
    Yes it is. Indies in California regularly breaks heaviliy for Democrats in elections (the infamous recall and Schwarzenegger’s election being one exception though). I have no idea though how indies will perform in the primaires now when they are locked out from one, but no the other.

    It was probably a wise move for the campaign to go on air in CA recently. It’s expensive alright, but I think it’s worth to stay on air until Feb 5 as most indies are not all that interested in politics and TV commercials after all is the singular most effective way to reach “the masses”.

  348. “It occurs to me that this was an extremely STUPID thing for Obamican to do. Doesn’t he realize that the whole world is watching/listening to him call Bill a liar? Does he have any idea what that does for his (BO’s) credibility or standing with other countries?”

    Right. And it’s so easy to check if Bill DID lie. And since Bill DIDN’T lie, where does that leave Obama? Didn’t he just persuade MORE PEOPLE to look into Bill Clinton’s allegations? I’ve been posting on a lot of news sites mentioning this canard and inviting people to look at the sources cited by if they don’t believe that what Bill said was factual.

  349. well my brother and sister finally saw the light…the Reagan comments was all it took. My brother was rabid for Obama and my sister who lives up there around him was leaning Obama. I kept pointing her to those Reagan years and how hard they were on unions…my situation and many more…my brother was union during that time but tried to blow it off the other day with flip remarks.

    The Reagan remarks finally sunk in. Four more for Hillary and even more if brother can get his girls out. However their primary is not till May…but still…it shows people are paying attention.

    Clinton camp does not need to let those Reagan remarks die out in her speechs.

  350. dot48,
    Good work. 🙂

    I’ll try The Obamican Man Crush on Reagan Thing on my brother in law. He has stubbornly refused to accept my arguments so far. My sister has been for Hillary all the time, but my brother in law is stuck in some strange conviction that Hillary just isn’t progressive enough. Yet he’s a New Yorker by birth and voted for Hillary in 2006.

    Thanx for the inspiration dot48!

  351. Hey Hillfans. It’s MLK,jr day and I’m at work….ugh. Oh well, I need to make some $$$ big time. My student loans are racking up overdue fees, and I just applied for either deferment or forbearance….ugh!

    Please Hillary, we need your leadership and wonkiness (is that a word?)!! For God’s sake, let’s get her elected……we need some economic help! Not just short term either…..what’s the deal with Bush mailing out checks to tax payers? I understand it’s a shot in the arm to improve the economy, but what about the long term?

  352. Yesterday, Ben Smith (hi Ben) wrote:

    Obama engages Hillary’s husband, surrogate-in-chief, and attack dog, essentially calling the former president a liar.

    I won’t venture a guess as to how this plays out for the actual race between Obama and Bill’s wife — does it in some way diminish or sideline her, while elevating Obama? Or does it drag Obama off into 12 rounds with Bill on Iraq, while she’s off running for president?

    Reaganbama just sounded the death knell of his campaign. The clue is in the last sentence: “Or does it drag Obama off into 12 rounds with Bill on Iraq, while she’s off running for president?”

    Ya think?

  353. “Hey, hey, we’re the Wonkees
    And people say we wonkey around.
    But we’re too busy wonking
    To put anybody down.”


  354. Will Big Media never learn? The expectations game just keeps falling flat on its arse.

    The debate tonight “might prove to be a watershed moment for New York Sen. Hillary Clinton.

    “Entering a debate sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus Institute, one almost certain to focus heavily on minority issues, Clinton finds herself playing catch-up to Illinois Sen. Barack Obama for the votes of black Democrats in their first ballot box test in a diverse state. Black voters may comprise about 50 percent of the primary turnout.”

  355. B Merry.. After further reflection after my last comment I feel BO’s comments are a preamble to pull other politicians to speak on his behalf.

  356. # Jaz Says:
    January 21st, 2008 at 10:02 am

    Decent wins in NYC and CA will give us the edge. If we can hang on somehow to Illinois and surrounding states.”

    What is a decent win?

    Jaz, perhaps it is because of the natural vaunted British penchant for understatement, but many of your comments strike me as somewhat subversive; Highlighting negative stories, damning with faint praise, promoting OB as Hillary’s running mate in the GE, among them.

    Most would be looking for BIG wins in NY and CA, and the polling data supports that expectation. It is not practical or logical to create expectations for Hillary to win OB’s home state, where he won in a landslide and currently enjoys a substantial lead. To say that if we can, “hang on”, to Ill, when it is one of the few places that, no matter what transpires between today and 2/5, would be most likely to go to OB sets up framing how Hillary fares in Ill. and the surrounding states as a metric of success that the campaign is least likely to achieve.

    I am sure that your heart is in the right place, and I’m not questioning the sincerity of your support (and I know that you have answered similar questions by saying that you were being realistic and/or pragmatic) , but downplaying our strongholds while promoting unlikely expectations in our probable weak spots doesn’t seem to be the best way to evidence that support IMHO.

  357. I would be mystified by the fact that it’s apparently ok for Michelle Obama to say anything at all and not ok for Bill Clinton to ever say anything.

    Is this sexism — i.e., the “little woman” is tolerated and/or praised for her outspokenness, but the man must be silent?

    At any rate, it’s blatant and ridiculous.

  358. CD99, if what you say is true, then Obamican will manage to totally destroy any possibility of unity within the Democratic Party. If true, then he is asking Dem leaders to take sides — in particular his side — against Bill. So, if true, you have to ask yourself who would benefit most from this — not any Dems, since without unity no Dem could win. Repugs? They certainly would benefit with Dems split apart. Maybe Bloomberg? Is it possible that this is the plan? Set the Dem house against itself, then run as VP with Bloomberg, winner take all? There are a lot of possibilities here. None of them good.

  359. TheRealist,
    With all due respect to everyone, including Jaz, he/she has confessed to being a Tory.

    I do seem to recall that we had a little rumble around here in the late 18th century where it was distinctly decided that Toryism would no longer be the rule of the land.

    Had I for a minute believed that Hillary would politically and personally be anything like Margaret Thatcher I would drop my support instantly. But Hillary is a Democrat. She’s no Tory. And she never will be.

    While a Tory certainly has a heart for the Right, I’m not convinced that a Tory has the heart in the right place.

  360. RADIO ALERT for Tuesday, 10 am CST, 11 ET

    Carl Bernstein on for full hour, live, answering questions about his Hillary book, on “The Exchange.” Host’s name is Ben Keiffer. Call-in # is 866-780-9100.

    CB was pretty brutal in places in that book. This is a good time to push back if you want.

    google “woi 640” , 1st listing has listen to live broadcast, choose AM, (FM is classical music)

  361. Jaz, I agree with TheRealist.You claimed before that you are an admirer of Thatcher I can not see what you woud find in common here. I would think you would have a lot more in common with republicans.

  362. plural, plus MO has been very vocal acting as her husband’s attack dog in criticizing both Bill and Hillary. It may just be MSM is as afraid of going after her as they are of vetting her husband.

    And don’t forget, the Obamas have made race an issue in the media ever since he announced in Feb 07.

  363. B Merry… With his comments that republicans are a party of Ideas BO has proved to me beyond any doubt that he is not a Democrat. I am surprised that people like Dean and the party big wigs have been so silent.

  364. Just in case you had any illusions on whose side MSM is on:

    ABC News’ Kate Snow and Sunlen Miller Report: Senator Barack Obama just marched through the streets of Columbia, S.C. with hundreds of people around him.

    It was quite a scene – a crush of media, people screaming his name, kids and adults straining to see the Democratic senator from Illinois, shouts of “fired up! Ready to go!”

    One sign near the front of the march read “no Clinton dynasty”.

    Senator Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., had been scheduled to march as well but, much to the delight of Obama staffers, her flight was delayed. She missed the march.

    She is scheduled to speak at an event honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. now underway at the Capitol, as is Obama and Senator John Edwards, D-N.C.

    But the visual that will be all over local newscasts on this MLK holiday, is one of a joyous Obama, smiling, marching with throngs of supporters – and not a Clinton in sight.

  365. Monday Ras-

    In the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, it’s now Hillary Clinton 41%, Barack Obama 32% and John Edwards 14% (see recent daily numbers). Looking ahead, Obama leads Clinton in South Carolina while Clinton leads in California, New Jersey, and Florida. New data on the Democratic Primary Race in Florida will be released later today.

  366. The media would find a way to present that picture even if Hillary had been at the march.

    Remember the stories last year about how she was marching at a civil rights event but wasn’t smiling enough?

  367. Tomorrow’s news won’t be about his smiling visage, it will show him scowling in tonight’s debate when Hillary hands his ass to him and OB has to say, “thank you, may I have another…”

  368. Tories don’t take anything for predicted. Because they told us we lost elections when we won them after polls. Polls only show a trend, but not the true value. Which is why I keep saying big wins, could be small wins. And Small wins could turn out to be big wins. We can’t be sure until polling day!

    As for Thatcher, it was the necessity of the time, her economic liberalization policies were what was needed (and brought closer trade ties with the USA). The Trade unions were running the country and she made the necessary changes that no man would dare do.

    Why modern tories are more democrat that republican – Anti-war, tax-cuts (especially income cuts) are now low priority. Our priorities are now healthcare and solving family breakdown. And tories are big fans of raising “green taxes”. – So tell me is this more republican than democrat? No… I don’t think so.

  369. It worked!

    Ok, CD99, 💡

    I should have recognized Obamican’s tactic here. This is a pure-right-out-of-the-Right’s-playbook tactic. When you find yourself losing in the message war (i.e. “hope” and “change”) and lack substance, change the subject. Now everyone is talking about BO calling out Bill instead of focusing on the fact that BO is in the same position he was in before — no substance, no real leadership, etc.

    As I’m sure that they will, Hillary’s campaign just needs to keep marching forward — as we all should — and keep delivering the same message that Hillary is ready to be president on Day One. All BO has to offer is more distraction, smoke & mirrors, and his mermerizing “The Oneness”.

  370. Obambi is also trying to discredit Bill in the mind’s of SC AA voters on the eve of the SC debate and prior to the SC primary. It’s a really, really DUMB and tricky thing to try. Wonder whether Axelrod message tested this?

  371. I mean how ridiculous is this? Let’s talk about issues! Of course we have to answer Obama’s attacks, but let’s also discuss issues. A lot lurkers here notice that we always talk about Obama. Well, it’s obvious we do so b/c he’s attacking us, while at the same time saying we should unite and stop attacking. I can’t follow him sometimes, I swear.

  372. Off topic:

    Not everybody is happy that Oprah Winfrey has given Rabbi Shmuley Boteach his own show on her XM radio channel, Oprah and Friends, starting Jan. 28. They question how Oprah, Barack Obama’s most famous backer, could give the coveted slot to Rabbi Shmuley, a Rudolph Giuliani booster.

    The “Kosher Sex” author held a fund-raiser for Giuliani’s presidential bid at his mansion in Englewood, N.J., last year.

    “I don’t understand why someone like Oprah, who ostensibly supports the causes of women and people of color, would hire a host who raised money for Giuliani,” said Randy Credico, the comedian-turned-activist who’s director of the William Moses Kunstler Fund for Racial Justice and who was the subject of the Jack Black-produced documentary “60 Spins Around the Sun.”

    “Giuliani has a history of treating women like dirt, including the mother of his children. And he’s never distanced himself from racist supporters like radio host Bob Grant, who called Martin Luther King a scumbag …

    “Oprah has a lot of explaining to do.”

  373. From Michigan, some more info on the breakdown of the vote:

    Seven out of 10 African Americans did not vote for Sen. Hillary Clinton in Michigan’s Democratic presidential primary.


    Statewide, Clinton garnered 55 percent of the vote to 40 percent for Uncommitted – the presumed supporters of Sen. Barack Obama and John Edwards, who were not on the ballot. She did not campaign here.

    In Benton Harbor, 92 percent black, it was 277 Uncommitted, 157 Clinton. [63% voted against Hillary]

    In Detroit, where African Americans make up 81 percent of the city’s population, Uncommitted beat Clinton, 56 percent to 38 percent.

    In Southfield, where blacks compose 54 percent of the suburban population, Clinton lost all 44 precincts (Uncommitted 6,867, Clinton 3,017). [69% voted against Hillary]

    In Flint, 53 percent black, Uncommitted beat Clinton, 3,775-2,842. Uncommitted similarly carried Highland Park, Oak Park, Muskegon Heights and Saginaw. [57% voted against Hillary]

    Obama supporters canvassed Michigan urging folks to vote Uncommitted.

    If nothing else, our primary results seem to suggest black voters are apprehensive about Clinton. Worst case scenario, she gets the nomination without the support of a significant segment of the black community who sit out voting, which could cinch another Republican presidency.

    Obama started slowly in winning African American support. He had to demonstrate he was electable apart from his race.

    My conclusion is this: Obamican not only played the race card but he enlisted the AA community in his plan. One can only wonder what Michigan’s AA community was told.

  374. CD99, the answer to that is simple: Oprah is all about the money, nothing but the money, and is what some would call a media whore. Others would say she’s expanding her media demographic. Take your pick 😉

  375. As for Thatcher, it was the necessity of the time
    OK, this is not the time and place… but:

    What I distinctly recall about the Tories under Margaret Thatcher is that they:

    • Fought, and broke the back of, the labor unions in Britain
    • Implemented huge tax cuts for the wealthy
    • Sent soldiers to go to war overseas, far, far away from the homeland
    • Refused to negotiate and/or compromise regarding Northern Ireland
    • Cozied up to Ronald Reagan (of recent Obama fame!) whenever they had an opportunity
    • Created a more unequal society, with greater gaps in income between people and with more people living in poverty
    • Always claimed that history was on their side, and that time would prove them right

    Now, which American politician does this remind you of…?

    (Hint: he’s our current President…)

  376. Okay. Let’s take another look at this: Obama supporters canvassed Michigan urging folks to vote Uncommitted.

    In order to do this, BO would have had to operate an anti-GOTV effort. Michigan is a whole lot bigger than NH, which alone requires a huge GOTV effort.

    If you want to talk about tampering with the primary process, you have to ask where all these “supporters” came from and how they managed this ground operation without some kind of organized effort.

    The alarm bells went off when I reread this. This was a huge operation which appears to have missed the attention it deserves from the Michigan Dem Party, DNC, etc.

    BO is throwing a hissy fit over an unofficial delegate count in Nevada. How about the hullabaloo that will go up when it comes time to officially admit the Michigan delegates?

    This is a M-E-S-S !!!

  377. • Fought, and broke the back of, the labor unions in Britain – Had to be, why should Coal miners get more than private sector workers? Why? Equality had to be forced into society. Public and Private Sector workers should be offered the same wages.
    • Implemented huge tax cuts for the wealthy – They are still higher than the USA and were higher still back then.
    • Sent soldiers to go to war overseas, far, far away from the homeland. – Defending home territory. If Hawaii is invaded… should the USA not send troops.
    • Refused to negotiate and/or compromise regarding Northern Ireland. – There was no compromise, the USA critizens FUNDED the IRA to attack Britain. You are woefully ignorant of the dynamic in Northern Ireland, it’s more religious that country between Catholic and Protestant.
    • Cozied up to Ronald Reagan (of recent Obama fame!) whenever they had an opportunity – Cold War, all western leaders practically did this.
    • Created a more unequal society, with greater gaps in income between people and with more people living in poverty – Since when did the democrats reduce inequality? Or the UK labour party. Its NEVER happened. EVER!

  378. hey guys.

    just finished 9 phone calls for Barack Obama 😉

    I think we have a few new Hillary Clinton supporters after that round of mess 😀

  379. Since when did the democrats reduce inequality?
    Heard of FDR? Harry Truman perhaps? Is the name Lyndon B Johnson familiar to you?

    OK, I’m officially declaring you a right wing troll!!!

    Admin – please ban!

  380. DemAC – I’m an economist, as far as I’m concerned, there has been no instance of reduction in equality except from the society union. Please come back to reality, and check the figures. Especially for the UK.

    You can reduce the rate of inequality, but inequality does seem to always increase unless you charge huge tax rates at high wages.

  381. jaz, coal miners SHOULD make more than private sector. You ever been down in one? You have a spouse or entire family working down in the ground for miles and miles in the dark and sucking in the dust. Ever have a spouse lose a lung from the coal dust. Ever have a family member or spouse need 5 back fusions because the whole mine top caved in on him. Ever lost part of your years of work service which includes your medical card due to union busting?

  382. Hello ___________, My name is ___________ and I’m calling you from the Barack Obama campaign about the Democratic primary on February 26th, 2008.
    It’s crucial in this time of division that we turn to someone with strength and conviction, and who emulates the great uniter Ronald Reagan. Even though he doesn’t have a lot of experience, the experience that he DOES have, is the right kind. Whether it was in Illinois where he refused to vote 129 times on bills about abortion, gun control, sexual profanity, and sexual abuse because the legislation was inadequate, or in the Senate where he refused to vote on bills on Iran because they were founded on a partisan basis, Barack Obama is the right person. He is full of hope and dreams, and with that hope, he can return America to the age of Reagan and make everyone both an Obamacan and an Obamacrat.

    In the eyes of the Great Obama and myself, Ronald Reagan is the president who we want to be back in power, and he is represented by the candidate of dreams and hope, Senator Obama of Illinois.

    Thank you and we hope you participate in this next election for the great Reganite, Senator Obama 🙂

  383. Personally, I don’t like Brits coming here to discuss this US DEMOCRATIC primary anyway. As a major american patriot, I take offense to it actually.

  384. dot48. My father is a steel worker, he’s in a union. But for sure, he did not expect to be payed working as govt owned “british Steel” anymore than other people who worked for the private steel industries.

    You were not here in the UK, in the 70’s when trade unions had a strike everyweek. Or the winter of discontent when garbage was never collected for months. Trade unions should never have a hand in government, but only an opinion, like everyone else. That’s my view.

  385. srsly, I just use the Hillary clinton phone call thing and use the numbers and names to make my wonderful calls for Barack Obama’s campaign of hope! 🙂

  386. “clintondem99 Says:

    January 21st, 2008 at 10:42 am
    B Merry.. After further reflection after my last comment I feel BO’s comments are a preamble to pull other politicians to speak on his behalf.”

    This could be it. He would find a puppet – particularly an African American who would cry racist at every counter-attack while at the same time use below-the-belt attacks on Bill Clinton. Right now, Obama is basically saying, “I’m gonna go dirty.” Politics of Hope and Change, indeed. I doubt if it would be effective in getting more votes outside of Obama’s demographic (Idiots who don’t know any better.)

  387. Yes, Kingsgrove, I agree Obama, the darling of the media, is pure poison. He is all about divide and conquer under the guise of “unity”. Everytime he gets himself on a morning show you can be sure he’s flubbed up somewhere. So he wants to confront Bill Clinton directly? What exactly does that mean, I wonder. Is he challenging him to a duel? Does he want him to debate? That ought to be interesting…Why don’t we just provide a brochure whish spells out BO’s “antiwar” position. BO is openly trying to circumvent party procedures (as in Michigan) and antagonizing people (instead of letting them make up their own minds). He’s on tv right now talking about unity. Right….

  388. true2party. You rule the world, we are entitled to our say as we are part of the world.

    Sorry, but our government tory or labour are foolish enough to follow anything America says republican or democrat. This does effect us, more than you realise.
    Secondly, IIRC…. Bill Clinton always gives an endorsement to the labour candidate… is that “offensive to britain”? Absolutely not. It works both ways, as a Brit I feel American disgregard our opinions…so much for the “special relationship”.

  389. MJS, you cannot do that. I think it’s illegal to make calls pretendingto be from a different political campaign if you are using a phone list from another political campaign, so don’t even joke about that. At best, it’s unethical.

    Who cares if Obama gets more of the aa vote? That’s to be expected. If Hillary gets 30-40% of that vote, as it appears she did in much of Michigan, she’s doing great. The MM is full of crap to act like that’s a poor showing when there is a viable black candidate.

    Also, most african americans still have a high regard for Hill, even if they plan to vote for O,sothere is no divide here.

  390. If anybody calls using the calling tool it is going to say the Hillary Clinton campaign on the call back number. You aren’t doing ANYBODY ANY GOOD MJS of ANYBODY ELSE if you are doing FAKE calls. DO something positive for Hillary or don’t do anything AT ALL.

  391. obama’s speech today:

    Remarks of Senator Barack Obama: The Great Need of the Hour
    Atlanta, GA | January 20, 2008
    The Scripture tells us that when Joshua and the Israelites arrived at the gates of Jericho, they could not enter. The walls of the city were too steep for any one person to climb; too strong to be taken down with brute force. And so they sat for days, unable to pass on through.

    But God had a plan for his people. He told them to stand together and march together around the city, and on the seventh day he told them that when they heard the sound of the ram’s horn, they should speak with one voice. And at the chosen hour, when the horn sounded and a chorus of voices cried out together, the mighty walls of Jericho came tumbling down.

    There are many lessons to take from this passage, just as there are many lessons to take from this day, just as there are many memories that fill the space of this church. As I was thinking about which ones we need to remember at this hour, my mind went back to the very beginning of the modern Civil Rights Era.

    Because before Memphis and the mountaintop; before the bridge in Selma and the march on Washington; before Birmingham and the beatings; the fire hoses and the loss of those four little girls; before there was King the icon and his magnificent dream, there was King the young preacher and a people who found themselves suffering under the yoke of oppression.

    And on the eve of the bus boycotts in Montgomery, at a time when many were still doubtful about the possibilities of change, a time when those in the black community mistrusted themselves, and at times mistrusted each other, King inspired with words not of anger, but of an urgency that still speaks to us today:

    “Unity is the great need of the hour” is what King said. Unity is how we shall overcome.

    What Dr. King understood is that if just one person chose to walk instead of ride the bus, those walls of oppression would not be moved. But maybe if a few more walked, the foundation might start to shake. If a few more women were willing to do what Rosa Parks had done, maybe the cracks would start to show. If teenagers took freedom rides from North to South, maybe a few bricks would come loose. Maybe if white folks marched because they had come to understand that their freedom too was at stake in the impending battle, the wall would begin to sway. And if enough Americans were awakened to the injustice; if they joined together, North and South, rich and poor, Christian and Jew, then perhaps that wall would come tumbling down, and justice would flow like water, and righteousness like a mighty stream.

    Unity is the great need of the hour – the great need of this hour. Not because it sounds pleasant or because it makes us feel good, but because it’s the only way we can overcome the essential deficit that exists in this country.

    I’m not talking about a budget deficit. I’m not talking about a trade deficit. I’m not talking about a deficit of good ideas or new plans.

    I’m talking about a moral deficit. I’m talking about an empathy deficit. I’m taking about an inability to recognize ourselves in one another; to understand that we are our brother’s keeper; we are our sister’s keeper; that, in the words of Dr. King, we are all tied together in a single garment of destiny.

    We have an empathy deficit when we’re still sending our children down corridors of shame – schools in the forgotten corners of America where the color of your skin still affects the content of your education.

    We have a deficit when CEOs are making more in ten minutes than some workers make in ten months; when families lose their homes so that lenders make a profit; when mothers can’t afford a doctor when their children get sick.

    We have a deficit in this country when there is Scooter Libby justice for some and Jena justice for others; when our children see nooses hanging from a schoolyard tree today, in the present, in the twenty-first century.

    We have a deficit when homeless veterans sleep on the streets of our cities; when innocents are slaughtered in the deserts of Darfur; when young Americans serve tour after tour of duty in a war that should’ve never been authorized and never been waged.

    And we have a deficit when it takes a breach in our levees to reveal a breach in our compassion; when it takes a terrible storm to reveal the hungry that God calls on us to feed; the sick He calls on us to care for; the least of these He commands that we treat as our own.

    So we have a deficit to close. We have walls – barriers to justice and equality – that must come down. And to do this, we know that unity is the great need of this hour.

    Unfortunately, all too often when we talk about unity in this country, we’ve come to believe that it can be purchased on the cheap. We’ve come to believe that racial reconciliation can come easily – that it’s just a matter of a few ignorant people trapped in the prejudices of the past, and that if the demagogues and those who exploit our racial divisions will simply go away, then all our problems would be solved.

    All too often, we seek to ignore the profound institutional barriers that stand in the way of ensuring opportunity for all children, or decent jobs for all people, or health care for those who are sick. We long for unity, but are unwilling to pay the price.

    But of course, true unity cannot be so easily won. It starts with a change in attitudes – a broadening of our minds, and a broadening of our hearts.

    It’s not easy to stand in somebody else’s shoes. It’s not easy to see past our differences. We’ve all encountered this in our own lives. But what makes it even more difficult is that we have a politics in this country that seeks to drive us apart – that puts up walls between us.

    We are told that those who differ from us on a few things are different from us on all things; that our problems are the fault of those who don’t think like us or look like us or come from where we do. The welfare queen is taking our tax money. The immigrant is taking our jobs. The believer condemns the non-believer as immoral, and the non-believer chides the believer as intolerant.

    For most of this country’s history, we in the African-American community have been at the receiving end of man’s inhumanity to man. And all of us understand intimately the insidious role that race still sometimes plays – on the job, in the schools, in our health care system, and in our criminal justice system.

    And yet, if we are honest with ourselves, we must admit that none of our hands are entirely clean. If we’re honest with ourselves, we’ll acknowledge that our own community has not always been true to King’s vision of a beloved community.

    We have scorned our gay brothers and sisters instead of embracing them. The scourge of anti-Semitism has, at times, revealed itself in our community. For too long, some of us have seen immigrants as competitors for jobs instead of companions in the fight for opportunity.

    Every day, our politics fuels and exploits this kind of division across all races and regions; across gender and party. It is played out on television. It is sensationalized by the media. And last week, it even crept into the campaign for President, with charges and counter-charges that served to obscure the issues instead of illuminating the critical choices we face as a nation.

    So let us say that on this day of all days, each of us carries with us the task of changing our hearts and minds. The division, the stereotypes, the scape-goating, the ease with which we blame our plight on others – all of this distracts us from the common challenges we face – war and poverty; injustice and inequality. We can no longer afford to build ourselves up by tearing someone else down. We can no longer afford to traffic in lies or fear or hate. It is the poison that we must purge from our politics; the wall that we must tear down before the hour grows too late.

    Because if Dr. King could love his jailor; if he could call on the faithful who once sat where you do to forgive those who set dogs and fire hoses upon them, then surely we can look past what divides us in our time, and bind up our wounds, and erase the empathy deficit that exists in our hearts.

    But if changing our hearts and minds is the first critical step, we cannot stop there. It is not enough to bemoan the plight of poor children in this country and remain unwilling to push our elected officials to provide the resources to fix our schools. It is not enough to decry the disparities of health care and yet allow the insurance companies and the drug companies to block much-needed reforms. It is not enough for us to abhor the costs of a misguided war, and yet allow ourselves to be driven by a politics of fear that sees the threat of attack as way to scare up votes instead of a call to come together around a common effort.

    The Scripture tells us that we are judged not just by word, but by deed. And if we are to truly bring about the unity that is so crucial in this time, we must find it within ourselves to act on what we know; to understand that living up to this country’s ideals and its possibilities will require great effort and resources; sacrifice and stamina.

    And that is what is at stake in the great political debate we are having today. The changes that are needed are not just a matter of tinkering at the edges, and they will not come if politicians simply tell us what we want to hear. All of us will be called upon to make some sacrifice. None of us will be exempt from responsibility. We will have to fight to fix our schools, but we will also have to challenge ourselves to be better parents. We will have to confront the biases in our criminal justice system, but we will also have to acknowledge the deep-seated violence that still resides in our own communities and marshal the will to break its grip.

    That is how we will bring about the change we seek. That is how Dr. King led this country through the wilderness. He did it with words – words that he spoke not just to the children of slaves, but the children of slave owners. Words that inspired not just black but also white; not just the Christian but the Jew; not just the Southerner but also the Northerner.

    He led with words, but he also led with deeds. He also led by example. He led by marching and going to jail and suffering threats and being away from his family. He led by taking a stand against a war, knowing full well that it would diminish his popularity. He led by challenging our economic structures, understanding that it would cause discomfort. Dr. King understood that unity cannot be won on the cheap; that we would have to earn it through great effort and determination.

    That is the unity – the hard-earned unity – that we need right now. It is that effort, and that determination, that can transform blind optimism into hope – the hope to imagine, and work for, and fight for what seemed impossible before.

    The stories that give me such hope don’t happen in the spotlight. They don’t happen on the presidential stage. They happen in the quiet corners of our lives. They happen in the moments we least expect. Let me give you an example of one of those stories.

    There is a young, twenty-three year old white woman named Ashley Baia who organizes for our campaign in Florence, South Carolina. She’s been working to organize a mostly African-American community since the beginning of this campaign, and the other day she was at a roundtable discussion where everyone went around telling their story and why they were there.

    And Ashley said that when she was nine years old, her mother got cancer. And because she had to miss days of work, she was let go and lost her health care. They had to file for bankruptcy, and that’s when Ashley decided that she had to do something to help her mom.

    She knew that food was one of their most expensive costs, and so Ashley convinced her mother that what she really liked and really wanted to eat more than anything else was mustard and relish sandwiches. Because that was the cheapest way to eat.

    She did this for a year until her mom got better, and she told everyone at the roundtable that the reason she joined our campaign was so that she could help the millions of other children in the country who want and need to help their parents too.

    So Ashley finishes her story and then goes around the room and asks everyone else why they’re supporting the campaign. They all have different stories and reasons. Many bring up a specific issue. And finally they come to this elderly black man who’s been sitting there quietly the entire time. And Ashley asks him why he’s there. And he does not bring up a specific issue. He does not say health care or the economy. He does not say education or the war. He does not say that he was there because of Barack Obama. He simply says to everyone in the room, “I am here because of Ashley.”

    By itself, that single moment of recognition between that young white girl and that old black man is not enough. It is not enough to give health care to the sick, or jobs to the jobless, or education to our children.

    But it is where we begin. It is why the walls in that room began to crack and shake.

    And if they can shake in that room, they can shake in Atlanta.

    And if they can shake in Atlanta, they can shake in Georgia.

    And if they can shake in Georgia, they can shake all across America. And if enough of our voices join together; we can bring those walls tumbling down. The walls of Jericho can finally come tumbling down. That is our hope – but only if we pray together, and work together, and march together.

    Brothers and sisters, we cannot walk alone.

    In the struggle for peace and justice, we cannot walk alone.

    In the struggle for opportunity and equality, we cannot walk alone

    In the struggle to heal this nation and repair this world, we cannot walk alone.

    So I ask you to walk with me, and march with me, and join your voice with mine, and together we will sing the song that tears down the walls that divide us, and lift up an America that is truly indivisible, with liberty, and justice, for all. May God bless the memory of the great pastor of this church, and may God bless the United States of America.

  392. MJS, I can not get them to cut and paste. I mean those yellow thingies. How did you do that. I wanted to make it O in Obama.

  393. You may worries jaz but respectfully, you are not personally vested in this election. Americans are.

    so I take that as a no, you don’t have a spouse or family member who is coal miner? You can’t walk in our shoes then, I respect the steel workers but coal miners rule 🙂

  394. acutally Molljrichards, it should only say my name as I’m using my telephone with the phone numbers that are on the tool. but I have stopped.

  395. Just because Jaz has a different perspective doesn’t mean that their opinion isn’t welcome or shouldn’t be heard. If you’re a Hillary supporter (or from BM-Hi Ben!) you should be welcomed here, but prepare to deal with incoming if we think you’re outputting negative energy.


    PLEASE don’t even joke about shit like that here, as there are a thousand eyes watching. We don’t need to sink to the level of the worst of OB’s supporters and campaign advisors to counter their attacks, we actually have the FACTS on our side.

    Let’s keep our hearts in the right place and our heads out of our…:)

  396. a new website has surfaced.

    simply copy and paste the address without the www affix.

  397. do you all know that obama’s head speechwriter is a 26 year old white male. None of this stuff is even Obamas .. that is why he starts stuttering and uhhhhhing when he is not reading the speech. he really has no substance

  398. New OB Tsunami Tuesday spot. Will he have to pull it tomorrow?

    Script for Obama National Ad “Inspiring”

    BARACK OBAMA: I’m Barack Obama and I approve this message.

    OBAMA (2004 Democratic National Convention): We are one people, all of us pledging allegiance to the stars and stripes.

    Announcer: After college and law school, Barack Obama could have cashed in. Instead he fought for change. Working to rebuild an area torn apart by plant closings.

    HARVARD LAW PROFESSOR LAURENCE TRIBE: It was inspiring, absolutely inspiring to see someone as brilliant as Barack Obama… take all of the talent and devote it to… making people’s lives better.

    Announcer: In Illinois he brought Republicans and Democrats together. Cutting taxes for workers and winning healthcare for children.

    ILLINOIS STATE SENATOR KIRK DILLARD: Senator Obama worked on some of the deepest issues we had and he was successful in a bipartisan way.

    Announcer: And in the U.S. Senate, he’s led on issues from arms control to landmark ethics reform.

    U.S. SENATOR CLAIRE McCASKILL: It was hard to get that ethics bill passed. This is a man who knows how to get things done. He understands that we’ve to move forward with a different kind of politics.

    OBAMA: There is not a liberal America and a conservative America — there is the United States of America.

  399. pulchritude
    physical beauty (especially of a woman) — nice!

    anyway, the way to make sure your link is hyperlinked is to put the “www” before the link without the h t t p. this can be done even for links without a “www.”

  400. TheRealist…mind boggling! Hillary should come right back with an ad touting her fight for Democratic ideals and her specific plans for what she wants to do. I think that Obama’s schtick is getting old. I’ve even heard those Koolaid drinking pundits say that he’s got to start being more specific. Running as Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush isn’t going to work. People have heard this song before and look where it got us…

  401. “I’m talking about a moral deficit.”

    It was a great speech. I know how inspiring that church is, and also the national park service site is spectacular… doubt.

    But whenver I hear a politician talk about “moral deficit,” I cringe.

  402. MJS, unless you are joking, then you ned to STOP making any calls claiming to represent the Obama campaign. That is UGLY and WRONG.

    ADMIN – please delete these comments. It is going to look really bad on Hillary if they stay.

  403. mj thats f*_ked up!

    we dont do anything to bring shame on hillary…

    and please don’t post obamas speech here, that too is just f*_ked up!!!

    oh and while we are at it, jas is just F*_ked up too…

  404. MSNBC is talking all about delegate count. That is their new strategy to make BO look good. Ofcourse they are not showing Super delegate count.Bastards!!!

  405. Excuse me? Do you mean mjs?

    Also, I find Obama’s speeches boring and full of hot air, absolutly nothing like Bobby Kennedy, or MLK Jr, the great speech makers of the last century. He says alot, but he isn’t saying anything.

  406. wow. talk about overreacting?
    note: I even said “ok, I will not do it anymore” several times and ppl are still screaming/yelling.

  407. TheRealist, I just saw that obama Ad. It is pretty good but i think they are talking about too many things could be distracting.

  408. OK..Hillary’s campaign is awfully slow. The Barack ad is ALREADY going to CNN and MSNBC nationwide. Why isn’t her campaign beating him to the punch? that ad is good. She needs better.

  409. I heard MLK in person. BO is no MLK. Not even close. All this call for unity…all this talk about a “moral deficit”. That “moral deficit” stuff is meaningless…what does that mean. He says these phrases and then never really tells us what they mean. I suspect, he doesn’t know himself. On the other hand, Bill Clinton uses language very precisely. He knows exactly what he wants to say. If he is going to argue, it is with a very well thought out argument. He nailed OBAMA on that Iraq war point and BO knows it. That’s why BO is so crazed about it.

  410. Everyone needs to take a chill pill here. We are all here for a common goal and that is to see Hillary get elected. As Obama the leader of the Obamacrat party says, “We need to unite.”

  411. I don’t understand why you are all so happy about Barack taking Bill to task. If anything, we know Barack Obama is NOT stupid. They know this is a trap.

    I think they will more forcefully point out Clinton flaws and imperfections and irregularities through other elder statemen.

    He will try his best to BURY Bill’s comments with his own version of Bill and Hill

  412. ADMIN,

    I was watching kron channel 4 news this morning in san francisco, and i saw something interesting.

    there is a gentelmen named joe wong, and he is the head of some ASIAN american group, he’s an astrophysicist or something like that.
    anyway he and his group plan to put out T.V. ADS in the next couple of weeks, targeting barack obama. he is urging asian americans around the country to vote no on obama because, obama was the only dem senator to vote no to a bill that would encourage the integration of asian americans into the supreme court… dont ask, i was in the middle of stuff and got to the tv late…
    anyway he said he and his group of asians of all cultures will do a vigourous campaign against obama…

    I myself am not asian, but i appreciate their support for hillalry…

    and while you are at it, please take note that across the bay in oakland alot of AA constituents, are getting obama’d pretty heavily.
    and also obama has been here a number of times here in northern california for our dot com fundraising money…
    we love hillary here, but obamas people are really working hard here as well.

  413. We should all buy who ever is advising Obama to fight the Clintons a drink of thanks. Americans in the end ultimately vote their wallet and whether they love Bill or hate him 99% of Americans know in their hearts that they were better off in the 90’s than they are today.

  414. mjs , you heard the old saying “if you can’t run with the big dawgs, stay off the porch”

    the pup formerly known as babmi is no match for the big dawg. Bill Clinton will wipe the deck with him.

    as someone said earlier what is bambi going to do, challenge bill to a duel or how about a debate on those statements that bambi is calling troubling.

    bambi puppy message of hope is change, change is hope, droning on and on, and on….it’s shelf life is done will end it. Pundits finally waking up from their trance and asking where is the beef.

    He is on the ropes, yes he most llikely will win SC but if he doesn’t win by much….well he is back on the ropes again. Hillary will be very close in SC..I already looked at a couple polls (if they can be believed) with her already closing the gap.

    the pressure is on babmi to deliver substance and he simply doesn’t have it.

  415. moral deficit? ha ha…obama talking about a moral deficit? no doubt, this current administration (bush) lacks moralities when it comes to nation building, war, free trade, free market, no-bid contracts, health services, environmental cleanup, decreasing aid to Africa and medical research. that’s obvious.

    but obama talking about it? where was he when his druggie “friends” were dropped just b/c he wanted to be a politician? why does his grandmother still live in a “shack” in Kenya when he has millions (some profits even coming from African assets)? Where was he when we needed a leader in the Senate during the 2003-2006 GOP majority? When the netroots wanted some dems with some backbone? Speaking of addicts, I’m an addict, of watching C-SPAN, and I really don’t remember EVER seeing him on the floor or anything taking on a leadership role. Ted Kennedy? Yep. Barney Frank? Yep. What was he thinking when he voted for the 2005 energy bill? where was he when he missed all those votes on controversial bills?


  416. skfm, as I have been saying for a while, Asians are almost universally for Hillary Rodham Clinton.
    Me being an Asian myself, I know that all Asian newspaper polls have showed basically 90% (more or less) for HRC with like 2% for Obama.

  417. Obama is attacking Bill to play the victim card. He claims he is going against two Clintons so he can be seen as he was before he was considered a frontrunner, an underdog. Im being attacked by two Clintons = Everyone is trying to stop change. No response is the best response in this case, but if they must keep it simple and short so they do not play into the hand Obama is currently dealing.

    Also the new ad is not that great it is simply more of the same. Hillary’s ad IMO should deal with actual accomplishments and readiness to lead the entire country.

    *Anyone else think Maya’s new poem should be made into an ad? Maybe Maya reading it with pictures of Hillary and words like “gave healthcare to millions of children*. This would be great!!!!

  418. “I think they will more forcefully point out Clinton flaws and imperfections and irregularities through other elder statemen.”

    Which Clinton? With what, “elder statesmen”, in the democratic party? Kerry? Who, in the democratic party will forcefully point out these flaws?
    You can only use the tactic of defining your opponent when their image is still fuzzy in the public eye, like Bush did to Kerry. The Clintons, BOTH of them, are so well known and their images are, for better or worse, so solidly fixed in the psyche of the electorate that attempting to define them is a fool’s game. OB is the one who has to constantly be concerned about being defined.
    Look for the dynamic of the race to change again tonight as the more the economy is the primary issue and the more specific the candidates must become in proposals and rhetoric, the flimsier BO’s candidacy looks.

  419. Here’s a bit of unsolicited advice that anyone is free to dismiss if he/she likes.

    The way that I see it is that there are a lot of pieces in play out there. I agree, that as Hillary says, “this is not a game,” but I just can’t think of another metaphor to apply to what’s going on. The advice: If you choose to watch/listen to what people in the Media are saying, then in order to remain helpful to the cause of electing Hillary, you need to always keep in mind that Hillary Clinton does not need the Media to win this election. She and her team are capible of using their own tactics against them. It doesn’t matter that they have annointed Saint Obama, and it doesn’t matter that AA are voting for Obama in great numbers. They are only one faction of the Democratic Party. And it is not a bad thing that one faction votes for their own horse in the race.

    The beauty of the Clinton campaign, is that they can and will heal the divisions that Obambi is trying to bring to the party. We WILL need all factions come November, and the Clintons WILL bring everyone together in a way that only they have been able to show that they can do.

    Ladies and gentlemen, we’re winning. We’re winning the primaries, we’re winning the Media narrative, and we’re winning back the White House. At this point, the best thing to do to continue the conversation (my advice) is if you see something that makes you mad. Post it, then ask the question…how does this help Hillary? There are lots of good thinkers on this site and together we can find the angle that we need to watch it from in order to make us feel better.

  420. I don’t mean the entire poem, but maybe the lines:

    She declares she wants to see more smiles in the family, more courtesies between men and women, more honesty in the marketplace. She is the prayer of every woman and man who longs for fair play, healthy families, good schools, and a balanced economy.

    She means to rise.




  422. Oh and I have to say that my blocking Dkos from my browsers (at home and here at work) was successful. If you have not done it, think about it. It works when you have that curious moment..

    His supporters there are cruel and mean and even violent! Yes, violent. Language, simple words, can be violent too, IMO. Maybe those writers don’t actually work for Obama; but seriously, if they’re not getting paid, I feel sorry for them. They should.

  423. “Sometimes we’ve got that thing in our heads that says we cannot do something,” he said as his largely black audience shouted “Yes!” in response. “We have been told for so long it’s not possible. We’ve got to wait for somebody else to tell us it’s possible before we decide it’s possible. But let me tell you, I’m here to say it’s possible. We’re doing it right now. Don’t tell me I can’t do something!”

    He is so full of himself. First of all, he is only USING my fellow African-Americans for his own gain and it’s such a sad shame that so many don’t realize it. Nobody’s telling him he “can’t” be president because he’s Black. He doesn’t NEED to be president because he doesn’t have the experience and as a Black woman I don’t have a problem saying it. They are not going to guilt me into voting for him. I met HUNDREDS of AA’s this past Saturday while at the D.C. delegate caucus who are not being fooled by him and that was very refreshing. Don’t worry guys. We aren’t all being fooled by him. I have a feeling S.C. is going to shock some of these pundits too. I’m heading down there before sunrise on Friday to help the Hillary campaign on the ground. I can’t wait!

  424. mjs: this “bring it on” by barack againts bill clinton is two-pronged –
    1. have msm attack bill clinton for him.
    2. deflect from rezko, losses in 3 states consecutively, erosion of support from all americans, except for aa.

    as everyone knows, desperate times call for desperate measures.

  425. MJS,

    yes i agree, asian americans are often overlooked, and many are staunch democrats and i hate that any group does not get the credit they deserve when they work and struggle right along with us other slobs…


  426. If dealing with two Clinton’s is a problem for Mr Obama I have a suggestion. He could act as a Ventriloquist with a Reagan puppet. That could be very entertaining.

  427. Thanks SUGAR for your help. Being AA myself, it just hurts my heart that some are fooled by this man. Hopefully those in SC will wake up and see this.

  428. Hey Sugar. I like your screenname, sugar. My softball team calls everyone “Sugar” when we go up to bat and make good plays. 😉

  429. It’s always been two clintons, clintondem99.

    in ’92, Hillary was as large a part of the campaigning process as Bill is now. It’s different now though, because Bill is more high profile than hillary back then, but they both were essential strategists to each other and helped make the case for one another.

    It’s always been that the clintons are two for the price of one.

  430. Shirley Franklin, speaking at Ebenezer Baptist Church with the former president standing 20 feet in front of her, says: The country is on the “cusp of turning the impossible into reality. Yes this is reality, not fantasy or fairy tales.“

    On MLK day yet…

    He’s a real uniter that OB.

  431. new york times article dated 1/20 his name is Mr. Fevreau .. look under fashion, there is an article. I cannot post links…they get caught

  432. IF HILLARY COULD SEE inside some of these obama campaigns, and see a lot of minorities cluster to him, because many do feel that they are on the fringes in america…

    alot of minorities have feelings that they are disenfranchised, and the subject of ridicule and hate, obama makes them think that he will be color blind and he will usher in a new day of color blilndness as well as class blindness.
    well hillary will offer the same thing, but she as we have said is wonkish, and she doesnt really talk about the inclusive thing too often.


    YES !!!


  433. btw: we should all pray that Hillary WINS south carolina.

    I know its not the be all end all, but if she DOES WIN South Carolina, then barack Obama is finished, as is John edwards.

  434. –Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson responding more to Obama’s lashing out at Bill Clinton: “The Obama campaign was convinced he would win New Hampshire and he lost. They were convinced he was going to win Nevada and he lost again.”

    “Now they are frustrated and they are attacking Bill Clinton out of frustration.”

  435. No, I haven’t read the Maya Angelou poem, but I’m going to go find it RIGHT NOW! Caroline, it hurts my heart too. I argued with my mother, whom I haven’t argued with since I was 20, for over 45 minutes this morning. She’s been telling me that she’s voting for Hillary, but I don’t believe her. She gets too worked up whenever I mention any new information that I find that reveals his lies. Other than the Hillary supporters I meet while volunteering and you guys and over at Taylor Marsh, I don’t really have many other people I can talk to about all of this and it’s very hurtful.

  436. I don’t feel right praying for her to win. I pray for her to have the strength and wisdom in her struggle to fight off the biased, sexist media and I think my Lord approves. I pray for her well being as well as Bills and Chelseas.

  437. Rezko tale reads like mystery novel

    Prosecutors will tell story of scheming, kickbacks at political adviser’s fraud trial

    Monday, January 21, 2008


    AP Political Writer
    SPRINGFIELD – The two men probably looked like any other executives chatting at the posh Standard Club in downtown Chicago.

    But these men, federal prosecutors say, were going over a scheme that involved what they hoped would be a $10 million payday just weeks away – ill-gotten cash from firms hoping to handle millions of dollars in investments from a downstate teachers’ pension fund and other Illinois state boards.

    One of the men, Stuart Levine, a trustee on the pension fund board, was nicknamed “the rabbi.” The other was Antoin “Tony” Rezko, friend and political adviser to Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Levine had brought a chart with the details, and he figured the alleged scams would bring them both $3.9 million, according to prosecutors. He was excited after talking it over with Rezko.

    “Full steam ahead and whatever I want,” Levine told an alleged accomplice the next day, according to a government wiretap of his phone calls from April 2004.

    Rezko faces a highly anticipated Feb. 25 trial on charges of money laundering, attempted extortion, fraud and aiding bribery. Rezko’s close ties to the governor have heightened interest in the case, though Blagojevich has not been accused of wrongdoing.

    Cast of characters

    A 78-page document prosecutors filed last month outlining their case against Rezko sounds like stuff from a pulp mystery novel.

    The tale it weaves focuses on efforts to illegally skim millions in bogus “finder’s fees” from various firms, and it features not only the rabbi. There’s a pal nicknamed “the pope” and “the big guy” – Blagojevich – who on a private plane ride allegedly tells Levine: “You stick with us and you will do very well for yourself.”

    There are sham contracts and plans for straw companies to receive funds. One $10,000 payout goes into a political campaign account, prosecutors say. There’s a cutesy literary reference to the “Bobbsey Twins” – Rezko and Christopher Kelly, the governor’s chief fundraiser who was indicted last month on charges of filing false tax returns.

    There’s also a dizzying array of unidentified “co-schemers” and “individuals” – including an investor who pushes back after being approached for either a $1.5 million campaign contribution to Blagojevich or an unnecessary consulting fee of $2 million.

    The alleged schemers back off, prosecutors say, though Rezko vows the investor never will do business with Illinois boards again and that the man “means nothing” to Blagojevich.

    Attorneys for Rezko and Kelly did not return phone calls seeking comment. Rezko attorney Joseph Duffy has said previously his client will be vindicated.”

    The rest is here;

  438. sugar, we are here for you. we are all in this together. my own family was turning on me towards obama and the winning word for them was Reagan. Your mother will get it, lets just hope it’s now rather than November.

  439. well my reasoning for the prayer:

    If there is someone up there, they know that Hillary Clinton is the best person for the USA. Please allow her to win the support of those in S. Carolina and most importantly, for this woman to lead our nation into the next era of progress.


  440. SUGAR:

    You may write me down in history

    With your bitter, twisted lies,

    You may tread me in the very dirt

    But still, like dust, I’ll rise.

    This is not the first time you have seen Hillary Clinton seemingly at her wits’ end, but she has always risen, always risen, don’t forget she has always risen, much to the dismay of her adversaries and the delight of her friends.

    Hillary Clinton will not give up on you and all she asks of you is that you do not give up on her.

    There is a world of difference between being a woman and being an old female. If you’re born a girl, grow up, and live long enough, you can become an old female. But to become a woman is a serious matter. A woman takes responsibility for the time she takes up and the space she occupies. Hillary Clinton is a woman. She has been there and done that and has still risen. She is in this race for the long haul. She intends to make a difference in our country. Hillary Clinton intends to help our country to be what it can become.

    She declares she wants to see more smiles in the family, more courtesies between men and women, more honesty in the marketplace. She is the prayer of every woman and man who longs for fair play, healthy families, good schools, and a balanced economy.

    She means to rise.

    Don’t give up on Hillary. In fact, if you help her to rise, you will rise with her and help her make this country the wonderful, wonderful place where every man and every woman can live freely without sanctimonious piety and without crippling fear.

    Rise, Hillary.


    Read the article as well. Maya also talks about how everyone was “looking under Hillary’s bedclothes” after the Monica crap, and the strength she showed through that.,,2243668,00.html

  441. sugar, we’ll be here for you. My family is pro-hill, but is school is outlandishly pro-obama. I have lost friends because of the Obama-spiel, but whatever. I really don’t get what they see in him, and I guess I never will.

  442. obama’s speechwriter is a young guy who used to work for kerry, corrected some parts of obama’s speech during the kerry convention and eventually ended up working for barack. this from the NYT article that wrote about.
    mr. fevreau mentioned that he has to rehash the obama speech in NH from a victory speech into a concession-but sounds like a victory/inspiration speech when barack lost to hillary.
    so imagine this. if the msm were so taken by barack’s Iowa speech, those fools (hi, tim and your chainoffools) should appreciate the speechwriter, not the mouthpiece.

  443. IMAGINE,

    maybe someone could do a bio on mr favreau and post it all over the web…

    perhaps he should get the credit he deserves for once..

  444. Obama can not even get his SC schedule out…

    Has the Obama press office caught a virus?
    by Mike Dorning

    MYRTLE BEACH, S.C.–Has the Barack Obama press office caught a computer virus?

    As usual, the Obama press office sent out an email this morning to reporters around the country under the subject header “Barack Obama Public Schedule.” Only this time, instead of the candidate’s schedule for the day, the email was a pitch for a telephone service provider.

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
    Published on: 01/21/08

    With former President Bill Clinton standing not 20 feet in front of her, Atlanta mayor Shirley Franklin took what appeared to be a political shot at the former president’s comments about Barack Obama’s candidacy.

    Speaking at the 40th annual MLK commemorative service at Ebenezer Baptist Church, Franklin said the country is on the “cusp of turning the impossible into reality. Yes this is reality, not fantasy or fairy tales.”
    Clinton, in supporting his wife Hillary’s bid for the Democratic nomination, recently took heat for using the term “fairy tale” to describe Obama’s depiction of his stance on the war.

    Franklin has endorsed Obama, who spoke from the same pulpit at Ebenezer on Sunday.

    Today, after Franklin’s remarks, the crowd of more than 2000 rose to its feet — except for Bill Clinton, who sat in his front pew seat and clapped politely.

    Clinton later addressed the audience, saying, “Mayor Franklin already took care of the political stuff. I wouldn’t have said it quite the way she did but she got it all out there.”

    Five seats to Clinton’s left sat another former Arkansas govenor, Republican Mike Huckabee, also seeking his party’s nomination as president. He stood at the end of Franklin’s remarks.

    Earlier in her address, Franklin said the country was nearing a historic occasion when it could elect as president, “a former first lady, a Mormon, a Baptist preacher, and yes, a black man.”

    The first lady is Hillary Clinton, the Mormon is Republican Mitt Romney, the Baptist preacher is Huckabee, and the “black man” is Obama.”

  446. TheRealist, A church is no place make comments like that. She seems to be overlooking the the fact that the first lady also happens to first “Woman” candidate.

  447. When I see Harvard Law Professor Larry Tribe et. al. promote the candidacy of Obama, I begin to understand something William Buckley of all people said many years ago:

    “I would rather be ruled by the first 200 names in the Brooklyn phone directory than by the entire faculty of Harvard Law School.”

    As for the public officials who have taken a blind leap for Obama, I believe the explanation offered up by George Will is the correct one: they reside in red states and are looking to cover their collective derriers. How better to do that than to endorse a de facto Republican.

  448. I love Shirely Franklin. She’s a very strong woman….possibly the best mayor Atlanta has EVER had. She too is a fan of eliminating debt. I think she’s the first to have a surplus….imagine that, a huge city, with a surplus. And Atlanta is by far the best city ever to exist on the planet. That woman is the essence of leadership, I tell ya. When the beltline, MARTA, and Atlantic Station gets connected, this city will be even better, thanks to Mayor Franklin. Plus, you can’t forget about the rehabilitation of the sewer system. She’s the only one to really take it on….and make the surrounding counties pay for it as well.

    Grady Memorial Hospital is another issue to be dealt with, but I feel she’s the one with the leadership to fix that mess.

  449. No, I actually do like her. Not so much her endorsement, but I do like her, honestly.

    Sorry to ruffle feathers, but I really do like her.

  450. I just read a couple of profiles on her. She seems to be one helluva politician. I look forward to her joining her long time friend John Lewis in supporting Hillary in the general election.

  451. Exactly….as Hillary said, “we’ll all be united in November” and the GOP machine and their fat cats will be shaking in their cowboy boots.

  452. Regardless of Franklins leadership skills or lack thereof, it struck me as a bad idea for her
    to use a church ceremony to throw down the gauntlet to a former President in attendance who has been a consistent supporter of the AA community, and to miscast his words for partisan ends. I realize this is part of an Obama strategy to use surrogates to attack Bill Clinton, but it is reckless and divisive for the party and country.

  453. ALERT!!

    I live in Florida and around noon, I saw the first Obama ad aired here. I was either watching CNN or MESSMSNBC and it came on. It tickled my mind but I couldn’t put a finger on it.

    Then just now, I read J ARmstrong’s post over at and it finally clicked. There was a pledge taken that because the DNC penalized FL ofr moving up their primary none of their delegates would be seated at the convention. Also, ALL the canidates pledged not to campaign and here we see Obama breaking that pledge.

    Let’s see how he stutters his way out of that!

    P.S it was the one that openned with b&w pictures of him and rousing cheers, then we hear him speak. Now who can’t be trusted.

  454. Hey guys!! I can’t wait for the debate, BUT I have to get up early for work, so I’m off to sleep for a few hours, then get up to watch the debate, then sleep some more, then off to work….. 8)

    I’m committed tho!!!

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