Sex, Money, and Hillary Clinton

Update: Rezko. On New Hampshire primary day we posted an article called The Return of Rezko. Today, on Nevada caucus day, Rezko Returns. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that “Obama is the unnamed ‘political candidate’ referred to in document which outlines case against Rezko“.

Obama thinks he is going to be able to slide past the February 5 “Super Tuesday” primaries without coming clean on Rezko. It looks increasingly likely that Obama will have to answer questions on Rezko much sooner than planned. The Rezko trial is at the end of February.

We’ll have much much more on this story (the third installment of “Rezko for Dummies”). For more information read Rezko for Dummies and Rezko for Dummies, Part II.

Today is Nevada caucus day. We’ll post another article later in the day to monitor the Nevada results as they come in.Good luck and best wishes to commentator Freckles and other volunteers working in Nevada. For worrywarts: there will be observers at all caucus sites today which should keep intimidation to a minimum. See, the Rules for Caucus Day. Good luck to Hillary Clinton and all the Hillary Clinton Team.

* * *

A lot of busybodies and keyhole peekers over the many years have concerned themselves with the Clinton marriage and why Hillary Clinton stayed with Bill and other such nonsense. Ordinarily it is not a good idea for outsiders to intrude and concern themselves in the private lives of others. Why marriages do or do not work, why love affairs end, or get started, is a mystery except for the people directly in the relationship. Family, friends, parents, siblings, neighbors, casual observers can cluck all they want regarding love relationships, but in the end, as the Capulets discovered, love makes us all do strange and sometimes wonderful things.

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton addressed the great mystery of love and marriage, to the delight of snoops everywhere. We can only picture the drool flooding from the lips of Maureen Dowd.

Hooray for Hillary and her very polite way of saying “Mind Your Own Business” to the snoopers everywhere. We applaud Hillary for stating what should be obvious: everyone is different and every love situation is unique and people have the right to decide what they do in their private lives without having to explain themselves to others.

* * *

The reason Hillary is doing well and will do better in the coming days is because Hillary is talking not about Sex, but about the Economy. We noted in our analysis of the New Hampshire results that the stock market had been swooning in the days leading to the primary. In the last few days the stock market is doing worse – set to break through the 12,000 barrier in the opposite direction desired. Short – It’s the economy, stupid…

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said the U.S. economy has replaced Iraq as the nation’s top concern and the government must take quick action to avoid a lengthy recession.

“We don’t have time to wait,” the New York senator said in an interview with Bloomberg Television from Las Vegas, where she is campaigning before the state’s party caucuses in three days. “We’ve got to get the president and Congress working together to take the fiscal steps that hopefully will eliminate some of the pain.”

Clinton’s campaign said today she will spend the “next several weeks” addressing the subject. She and the other candidates are facing more than two dozen primaries and caucuses over the next three weeks, including states such as Florida and California that have been hit hard by the housing market slump.

Voters “are feeling incredible anxiety,” Clinton said.

Hillary believes in actions not words. Hillary has proposed an intelligent take-charge stimulus package to help the economy. Hillary is a Doer, not just a Talker:

Clinton, 60, proposed a $70 billion stimulus package on Jan. 11, including assistance for some taxpayers to compensate for rising energy costs and to help avoid foreclosures on homes. It includes a $40 billion tax rebate for middle-income families if the economy continues to decline.

She said today the government should invest money in so- called “green-collar jobs,” such as those involved in alternative energy production and conservation, to reduce the U.S. dependency on foreign oil. “I want to start funding the jobs of the future,” she said. [snip]

Clinton also took aim at Obama for comments he made to the Reno Gazette-Journal and at last night’s debate in Las Vegas that he doesn’t see himself acting as the government’s “operating officer” if he wins the presidency.

Clinton said she was “taken aback” by Obama’s comments.

“It’s important that we have a president who understands that you have to run the government,” she said. Americans “want a president who they believe gets up every single day and works for them. That requires a president who is hands-on.”


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  1. NV a Must-Win State for Obama

    Put the pieces together and this points to an Obama win. No one benefits so much as Obama from the structure of the caucuses in Nevada, and he and his supporters have worked that structure from all the angles. They have, at the same time, attracted the sort of mainstream support and favorable media coverage that is traditionally afforded a front-runner.

    And what if Obama loses? It’s serious setback after a week that will then be remembered not as a week of triumph but as a week in which he failed to capitalize on tremendous advantages — and also took the bizarre step for a candidate in a tight Democratic contest of praising Ronald Reagan for addressing “the excesses of the 60s and 70s.”

    Bottom line: While caucuses should not be definitional, this one could be. Nevada has become a must-win state for Barack Obama. He should get that win; but if he doesn’t it will be a serious stumble for the campaign that played Vegas with the best hand.

    Works for me.

  2. Hmmm… This is a bit disturbing. Anyone knows anything about this? From Las Vegas Sun:

    The Democratic Party has confirmed that some voters received calls deliberately providing false information about their caucus site and time. To be clear: Caucus meetings open at 9 a.m. for Republicans and 11 a.m. for Democrats. You can double-check your caucus site online or by phone. Republicans: (702) 258-9182. Democrats: (702) 737-VOTE (8683).

  3. DemAC, it’s not the most elegantly constructed sentence. Thanks for the assistance. Good to know we are not writing for yokels. We were swept up by love. It’s so nice to hear Hillary say she never doubted Bill’s love. For what it’s worth (not much) we snoopy Susans never doubted Bill loves Hillary either.

  4. [begin rant over Big Media hypocrisy and disgusting bias]

    The once venerable Washington Post is nowadays more like a piece of junk mail than a credible newspaper. The bias sometimes almost surpasses belief. The WaPo has a particularly despicable piece on the A 1 page today. Innocent Saturday readers are, among other things, being fed that poor Obama now has had to change somewhat his high minded campaign strategy because of unseemly attacks from the Clinton campaign. Example:

    But the new, more aggressive strategy also poses a challenge for Obama: The more time he spends rebutting Clinton attacks, the more difficult it is for him to focus on the broader themes and uplifting rhetoric that have been drawing voters to him. While Obama may have the facts on his side — at least in several instances — engaging with the senator from New York may seem to many voters to be a wearying and obscure show of tit-for-tats that distracts from his overarching offer of a “new kind of politics.”

    Yeah, poor poor Obama indeed. And poor poor voters alike. Having to be distracted from the “broader themes and uplifting rhetoric” by facts and issues and such.

    Luckily for Obama the WaPo seldom mix facts and issues into their hit pieces of articles. Link to the entire sorry excuse for reporting here:

    [temporary end rant over Big Media hypocrisy and disgusting bias]

  5. Here’s a little piece on the Chicago style politics (literally) of camp Obama. The campaign apparently insists on controlling the endorsements of his own home county’s local Democrats:

  6. Wasn’t it during the Reagan administration that food service workers were required to pay taxes on tips bet that would have went over well with the culinary workers had they known obama was such a fan of ronnie.

  7. Jerome Armstrong on BRonnie Obama:

    “Their whole strategy, make or break, revolves around getting into the general with appeal to moderate Republicans and right-leaning Independents intact. I’ve said all along that it’s the calculation which is going to keep him from getting the nomination, but the strategy is a sealed deal at this point, and we’ll know the outcome within a few weeks.

    “Reagan was a terrible president, and if Obama loses tomorrow, we have a convenient scapegoat that will ensure other Democrats refrain from cozying up to Reagan.”

  8. How can the big media with its race obsession have failed to have mentioned Reagans track record with regards to affimative action? I realize obama is pandering to independents and dissatisfied republicans but I would have thought he’d wait til after SC for that. I guess the majority of his base isn’t old enough to recall. They probably hear the name Reagan and think tear down this wall mr gorbachev. scary

  9. On the “So What!!” list, I find the following on RCP.

    They show Clinton leading in Nevada by +4. I used the information they provided and found it to be +5. I wonder what causes the difference.

    Then, looking at all of the polls listed for Nevada on their site, I found every single poll shown has Hillary leading. Of course, most of those are outdated now. Still, while the polls matter very little, if any at all, I found it fun to read.

  10. This is something I had not thought of, although it’s a good news-bad news item, which was written by a blog commenter elsewhere:

    …the Obama followers — and I must point out that they’re more followers than supporters — are an angry mob. They have consumed Daily Kos in a fiery inferno, and whatever other comments section they can find. Now it’s Politico,… Some friends of mine call them the “pitchfork and torch” mob. That’s just how crazed they appear. … They behaved that way at the NH Democratic party dinner the Saturday before the primary. They booed Hillary Clinton and they interrupted Bill Richardson’s speech with chants for Obama. That is behavior unknown at party formal functions. Until this crowd came along. (It wouldn’t surprise me if that turned off a lot of NH SOLID Democrats, and affected their vote.)”

    If this behavior follows Ronbama everywhere it goes, it could very well have an influence on how people vote. If you recall, this is exactly the kind of thing we had primary election morning outside Hillary’s office here in Rochester.

  11. Morning everyone… I was greeted today with an ABC radio news report of Obama telling a crowd that he wants increases in the minimum wage every single year when he is president. To their credit, the news pointed out that this may be a very difficult sell with business… Another shameless effort by Obama to do or say anything just to try and get votes.

  12. Wow, this is great. For so long in this campaign, because of Iowa where Obama had some built in advantages, and because of the media Obama-lovefest, Hillary has had to sort of do Obama speak, which she is NOT comfortable with. You know, like talk about “change” in the abstract. Well, my how the tables have changed. Now Obama’s having to talk substantively about stuff he doesn’t seem to know much about, economic stimulus, minimum wage, etc.. Pass the popcorn this is fun to watch.

  13. Jill Derby (Nevavda Democratic Chairperson) taking calls on C-Span was just blasted by a republican about the casino caucus sites forcing voters to vote for Obama.

  14. Good morning, gang.

    I am up. I am not a morning person. I can’t seem to focus this early. I only got about 3 hours sleep. Don’t I have to be somewhere this morning??

    Let’s hope for a bit of warmth here. It’s 34 degrees now, and I don’t own a sweater or jacket or coat (courtesy of a previous robbery). We shall be on site about 9:00 waiting for the Republicans to finish up so we can have the use of the hall.

    I am somehow incredibly nervous. My stomach is churning. I think I have done all my work and really have little to do, except persuade the non-viable to come join Hillary.

    I just heard a CNN reporter in Vegas say that she often gets the response, “What is a caucus?”
    Ayayayayay! I’m off to drown myself in the shower.

  15. Hopefully some of you watched Joe Scarborough this morning. Around 10:00 Mike Barnicle and Scarborough accused the Clintons of doing “anything” to get elected and accused Bill Clinton of lying about the Obama Reagan statements and about the Obama “Democrat for a day” strategy.

    The fun began when Lanny Davis called in and refuted Scarborough. As Mika Brezinsky and David Shuster joined in the Clinton bashing Davis managed to defend Bill Clinton. The interview ended with a jovial sounding but tough talking Lanny Davis reminding everyone that Scarborough had voted to impeach Bill Clinton and Clinton still is triumphant.

    This is what we like… no whining. Just hit back. Monitor those morning shows and have someone ready to refute the garbage. Kudos to Davis.

    When we see things like this instant response we are happy because this is the way to help Freckles and other volunteers in their efforts.

  16. freckles

    We are all with you today in in spirit. Thank you for being there for us. This is going to be another long day for all us, especially you. I am just hoping that by the time Bill and Hillary get here to St. Louis tonight, we will be celebrating. I’m going to our headquarters today to do some work just to be with like minded souls.


  17. Ok, here is the Penn memo, and there is nothing weird about it:
    Memo: Will the polls be predictive in Nevada?
    To: Interested Parties

    From: Mark Penn, Chief Strategist

    Date: January 18, 2008

    Regarding: Will the polls be predictive in Nevada?

    The public polls are in and they show Hillary Clinton with a lead in the Nevada caucuses. The Review Journal poll done by Mason Dixon shows Hillary ahead 9 points by 41 to 32, and the Zogby poll puts it at 5 points.

    Unlike the tumultuous few days after Iowa when the media was wall-to-wall with coverage of Obama’s Iowa performance and key moments occurred, absent anything dramatic on tonight’s news we are heading into a very normal end of the campaign in Nevada.

    So the question is – will these polls be reflective of the result? Turnout is uncertain since the last election saw only 9000 voters come out in 2004. This time the state is in the limelight, and 1800 people were in the debate audience alone, so we may get a significant turnout that could make the results broadly reflective of the polls.

    But while union endorsements are usually helpful to candidates they have never come with their own self-contained precincts before. Nine caucus sites have been set up essentially for members of the Culinary union, who have endorsed Senator Obama. Because of a unique weighting system., these sites will count disproportionately in awarding delegates. This should give Obama a clear 5-point advantage starting out.

    Can we make that up? Senator Obama’s National Field Director said, “The Nevada election is going to come down to: Whoever gets the endorsement of the Culinary Workers Union, more than likely, is going to win Nevada.”

    On the other hand, we have a great organization, huge crowds and a great candidate delivering strong message. So stay tuned.

    But if the polls turn out differently from the result, there may be an easy explanation for it this time.

  18. Just heard a joke on talk radio. Two guys in a bar argueing, first guy says the democrates are the party of change this year and his buddy says you’re an idiot the republicans are and I can prove it! So the first guy says prove it. Okay says his buddy “this is the first time in 32 years the there will not be a Bush or Dole on the republican ticket and you can not have any bigger change than that.”

  19. Scarborough is on commercial break at the moment. Before they went to break Scarborough announced that now Howard Wolfson was calling in.

    This is good. We need to monitor these shows and respond instantly. Don’t let them get away with anything.

    Howard Wolfson by phone will be on soon.

  20. been saying all along that Hillary surrogate s like Lenny need to be calling in or going on these shows. The conversation is one sided when nobody steps up for Hillary…..

    Mika and Joe have been off my list, they are both rather nutty. shuster ugghh

  21. I am now working on my “come to Hillary” speech.
    Like Hillary, I like to have an idea in my head before I open my mouth. I am also not much of a public speaker.

    Do you think I could say, “Come over one by one” so I could dazzle them with my silver-tongued oratory? Maybe not, so….

    I was going to base my appeal on fact that we are in serious shape and going the wrong way. We need the best we have, the most prepared, the most experienced if we are to face a worse economic scene than we had when the first Clinton admin. took over. We don’t have time to break someone in. We need someone with Hillary’s lawyer-cautious, organized nature. Had someone read the fine print in the last 7 years, we might have done better in Iraq, in Katrina, in the economy etc. The chances are very strong that the Dem we choose will be the next president. Hillary is the best we have. Let’s back her and turn this country around!

    Comments, suggestions, criticisms??? I need an editor now! (That was off the top of my head — I can improve)

  22. is anyone else having trouble with the page loading today? I think perhaps the two big video files are maybe slowing it down. I’m on satellite but the page keeps freezing and not responding.

    did they have wolfson on msnbc

  23. Sounds good, freckles. I heard reports that they are warning the Dow may drop 2000 points next week, and that my friends is probably what we call a major recession.

  24. Excerpts from Zoby new poll. Take this poll for what it’s worth but the internal commentary is interesting:


    Obama, an Illinois senator, and Clinton, a New York senator, split the first two Democratic battles and have been running close in polls in Nevada. Clinton, who would be the first woman U.S. president, led Obama among women, older voters and voters in union households. She also had double-digit advantages among white and Hispanic voters.

    Obama, who would be the first black U.S. president, led by almost 3-to-1 among black voters and enjoyed a double-digit edge among younger voters.


  25. Freckles, maybe you want to include that Hillary is a career long children’s advocate, and that we need someone in the WH who has always thought of the children first.

  26. I hear Rezco creeping up pitter, patter, pitter, patter:

    January 19, 2008
    Sun-Times Dumps Story on Obama
    Posted by TOM BEVAN | E-Mail This | Permalink | Email Author

    He’s not accused of any wrongdoing, mind you, but this story just published on the Chicago Sun-Times web site is not doing the Illinois Senator any favors: “Obama surfaces in Rekzo’s federal corruption case.” Here are the nut grafs of the story:

    Obama is not named in the Dec. 21 court document. But a source familiar with the case confirmed that Obama is the unnamed “political candidate” referred to in a section of the document that accuses Rezko of orchestrating a scheme in which a firm hired to handle state teacher pension investments first had to pay $250,000 in “sham” finder’s fees. From that money, $10,000 was donated to Obama’s successful run for the Senate in the name of a Rezko business associate, according to the court filing and the source.

    Rezko, who was part of Obama’s senatorial finance committee, also is accused of directing “at least one other individual” to donate money to Obama and then reimbursing that individual – in possible violation of federal election law.

    Included at the end of the piece are responses from the Obama campaign to a handful of written questions submitted by the Sun-Times:

    Q. What is Sen. Obama’s reaction to being referred to in the Rezko evidentiary proffer?

    A. We have no way of knowing he is the politician named here but we returned this money months ago for other reasons.

    Q. Was Sen. Obama aware that Rezko allegedly had directed at least one person to donate to the senator’s campaign and later reimbursed that person, possibly violating federal election law?

    A. No.

    Q. Has the Federal Election Commission or the U.S. attorney’s office in Chicago contacted the senator or any of his representatives about these matters?

    A. No.

    Q. Why has the senator donated to charity campaign contributions from Rezko and Rezko-linked people?

    A. In keeping with our practice of donating to charity donations from people who have been called into question through the legal process, when he was named in documents as potentially engaging in wrongdoing we thought it was appropriate to return his donation to charity.

    Q. Does the senator think this development will have any impact on the presidential campaign or undercut the senator’s message that he is an agent of change?

    A. No. In fact, Sen. Obama has been a champion of reforms that have made campaign finance laws more transparent so that the public can more closely follow the source of contributions to campaigns. As with any campaign, occasionally individual contributions are called into question. Sen. Obama’s policy in such instances is to donate that money to charity which is what he did in this case seven months ago when questions first surfaced.

  27. about

    this is it. we don’t get another chance after today. you will not find another candidate who has worked her entire life on behalf of people such as yourself. you will not find another candidate with the brains, knowledge and experience to get things done. she is a work-horse and will never give up in the face of adversity. she will challenge the elitist and work for you. if you are swayed by lofty-pretty speeches, go elsewhere. if you want to get the job done, stand with us. let’s make history.

  28. hi hillfans, bu 2:30pm eastern, i will be on my way to work so i will be back on around 2am. GO HILLARY GO!! and bless you all.

  29. Wow, ok, Tyra Banks is so smart. She did the right thing by staying neutral. She and Hill handle the affair business beautifully.

  30. B Merry: the YouTube video is hilarious, I’m loving it.

    Admin: Lanny Davis is a great surrogate for the Clinton’s. He even manages to put Tucker in his place every time he’s on his show.

    freckles: Give ’em hell today!

    TPM has the video of Bill Moyers giving the historical significance of the Clinton LBJ quote, it’s worth a watch, albeit a little lengthy.

  31. Sure, Obama was unaware of where the contirbutions came from. Just like he was unaware that rezko’s wife bought the land next to his house on the same day he purchased it..

  32. pulchritude, That is a serious accusation for a so called “squeaky clean” candidate. What would rethugs do with it?

  33. Good luck Freckles and thanks for all of your hard work. Stay warm, stay positive and take care of yourself.

    P.S It’s MorningJoke y’all. 🙂

  34. Who is Howard Fineman? He is saying that John Edwards will eventually endorse Obama and that people in his camp say there is no way he will endorse Hillary. I don’t really think this will be that big a deal if it happens (not a surprise either)…

  35. My theory is he’s cozied up to Obama because he thinks Obama is most likely to ither appont him in his admin OR more importantly, lose. So that Edwards can come back and run in 4 years. It’s not going to happen, but the Edwards people are delusional.

  36. Scabby Joe is on his way to NY for the results and Mika and David Shuster are holding down the fort in SC. No Wolfson. Craig Crawford was on, so no back and forth with Joe.

    We’ve finally figured out what it is about Mika that is so off-putting: she is a calculating (w/ smug side glances), condescending, spoiled brat who only got the gig because of her father’s name. In any other arena she’d just be a pretty face.

    I doubt that Wolfson would waste his time with Mika or David. Unfortunately, Lanny Davis let Joe get away with not playing the rest of Ronbama’s film clip where he states the 10-15 year part. He may or may not have been aware of what MSNBC pulled off by using Pumpkin Head’s tactic of cropping the video.

  37. Trippi and Axelrod worked out a deal loooong ago, before this campaign even started. And poor Johnny Boy likely did not even know he was being played.

  38. I know I’m partisian but this Sun Times article could be big. I’m going to Champaign-Urbana on Wednesday for a court docket and this is the kind of place where a lot of lawyers stand around and talk about what is going on. There are people who come down from Chicago, up from St. Louis and the in betweeners from Central Illinois. I am anxious to hear what the buzz is – or isn’t. In the meantime this article should be sent everywhere.

  39. I think Wolfson was going to call Joe out on it but Joe had already left for the airport by the time Craig Crawford came on. I think that since Craig is sitting it out in Florida with his ankle in a cast, it was easy to get him on while Wolfson was waiting, then Joe was not available. No point tusseling it out with Mika and David since the skirmish was with Joe.

  40. Here is a very funny blog by someone named J. J. Jackson about the changes to be made by BHO. It’s based on the fact that BHO talks about making changes but not much about what changes he will make. Jackson suggests a number of things including the War on Poverty, Social Security, and the Constitution. It’s tongue-in-cheek, but it’s well worth reading. Add www.

  41. Someone please explain to me what THIS is all about?

    Illegal immigration foes targeting Clinton
    By Brian Eckhouse · January 19, 2008 · 8:09 AM

    A group against illegal immigration, Americans 4 America, is planning a rally this afternoon at Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters in Las Vegas.

    Clinton, who is leading Barack Obama in recent polls of likely Democratic caucus voters, is being targeted because the organization contends she at one point said: “No woman is illegal.”

    Americans 4 America has encouraged supporters to bring illegal illegal immigration signs and American flags in an effort “to clearly send our message to Hillary and the world.”

    The rally on East Tropicana is scheduled to last two hours, starting at 1 p.m.

    What’s the message supposed to be? The caucus will be over with by then.

  42. Tiburones, thanks for the heads up on the Sun-Times Rezko article.

    We agree Grandmother. We updated with the story. Rezko puts everything Obama does in the proper context – Chicago politics. The “new” politics is the old crooked Chicago politics which Obama now threatens to inflict on the presidential campaign. Of course we know Obama has been employing Dirty Chicago Mud Politics for a long time now.

  43. Zogby’s daily tracking has Edwards cratering in NV. His internals may be showing the same thing. Makes you wonder if that is the reason he took Hillary’s side and attacked BO for that disgusting ad. When all along he has spared no effort to team up with BO against her. Trust me, he did not do it because he felt it was wrong and felt for her – it was to redeem himself and bring his numbers up.

  44. “What’s the message supposed to be? The caucus will be over with by then.”

    ssshhh…they’re probably too ignorant to realize that!

  45. I’m dressed and ready with no place to go yet.

    So, what’s happening? Anybody seen a good movie?

    BTW, it has warmed to 36 degrees, so I’m OK.

    I wish we could vote a lot of people off the air. My list would be very long.

    Nothing, as Iowan vets will probably agree, is as nerve-wracking as a caucus.

    OK….I’ve stopped babbling….I’ve reread your posts.
    I’m on my 2nd cup of coffee….I’m not going to be disappointed if things don’t work out as well as I hope (hah!)….actually I’ll be crushed but we will go on no matter what….see you in 4 hours…..

  46. That protest is just so stupid. People just protest for the sake of protest. What is their point exactly? I swear this world is full of crazies, I just never knew how much.

  47. I actually appreciated everything Edwards said recently but mark my words, he lost the election when, in the NH debate, he wagged his finger at Hillary and called her the status quo. The hypocrisy of a southern white male calling the first woman with a credible shot at the WH the “status quo” is a blow from which he simply cannot recover.

  48. grandmother, I agree. This is big. Alert everyone you can that a scandal is about to blow up in the Democratic Party’s face if we are so stupid as to nominate this guy!

  49. Does anyone know if Nevada caucus also practices not being viable if you are below 15%? I sure hope not in case Edwards doesn’t get to the 15% mark and you know how the Obama-mafia nuts at the caucus will manipulate his supporters to come to their side because that is what Edwards will want.

  50. Yes, Caroline, Freckles said this happens there just like in Iowa, which is confusing because Jeff Toobin made it sound like it doesn’t happen.

  51. Clintondem99, Politico has a mention. We will do a total wrap up on Monday. We don’t want the story to get lost in the weekend primary/caucus hubbub.

    Our third installment of Rezko For Dummies will make some commonsense connections that Big Media is either covering up or simply not seeing even though it is staring them right in the face.

    This story increasingly resembles the Ohio “coin scandal”. The coin scandal started with beanie babies and led to the imprisonment of several officials and the overthrow of the Republican machine in power for over 16 years.

    The Obama defense teams will be out all day to try to kill this story. They will use the usual “old story” line.

    Monday, they will see the trap they have dug for themselves. BTW, there is a debate on Monday night.

  52. Hooray for Freckles and all the other Hillfolks making things happen in Las Vegas! Hooray for admin for continuing to write the Rezko guide, the connect the dots of Rezko. Keep on keeping on! Freckles good luck today with the art of persuasion! We ARE with you in spirit! The GOTV effort is terrific! Let’s make it a good day Hillfans!

  53. This whole media reaction to Obama’s Reagan comments (blaming the Clintons instead of holding Obama responsible for saying something stupid) convinces me more than ever that nothing will change in their treatment of him till HRC is out of the way.

  54. yeah, Paula, It shows me how ingrained this bias, this sexism is. Yes, we should start a list of 101 things we didn’t appreciate about RR. He might’ve been the great communicator but he was no friend to the homeless. Remember, “there are no homeless in America”?

  55. Wont it be a travesty if BO “wins” NV ? She clearly has more support and popularity. But a stupid caucus system and one powerful union can affect a result. Thats why I am so hoping she wins. It will be a powerful slap in the face for him.

  56. Interesting development in SC on the GOP side. Looks like Huckabee is surging there and may have overtaken McCain.

  57. Paula Says:

    January 19th, 2008 at 1:05 pm
    Interesting development in SC on the GOP side. Looks like Huckabee is surging there and may have overtaken McCain.


  58. Didn’t have time mention it last night, but Nightline had a (unintentionally) funny segment with the ABC News correspondent covering the Obama campaign (David Wright ?), going around asking people how they were going to vote.

    He went to a Bunny Ranch (legal brothel), and the owner was a HUGE Ron Paul supporter, and he made all the girls take contributions for Paul in their rooms, where they had HUGE Ron Paul signs on the walls. Bizarre to say the least.

    He went to a “Gentlemen’s Club”, and talked with four strippers. Three said they were for Hillary and one was for Paul.

    He talked with some casino workers and it was mixed Obama and Clinton.

  59. Guys – pardon my ignorance but how did the results of the republican NV caucuses come out so soon ? When was the repub caucus anyway ??

  60. I am feeling just the way I did the night of the NH primary. Seeing the first positive numbers come out, then the “YESSSS” then the happy disbelief ..Though this time around am definitely more optimistic …Please God, let her pull it off …

  61. i can’t rember iowa, did they have exit polls or do we have any way of knowing how its going. btw, this page keeps freezing my i.e. anyone else having a problem?

  62. Guess who’s bashing the Clinton’s this mornin’. He can’t help himself. Mr. Slimball, … he needs a special room at the betty ford clinic. TIme to write another letter…

  63. Ok, I’m confused. What time does the NV Dem caucus start? I’ve seen 11am and 12pm. How long does it last? I’ve seen 1 hr, 1.5hrs to 2hrs. If so, how can the casino voters get off for 2hrs on their lunch break. When does it end? I’ve seen 1pm, 2pm etc.

    Does anyone know?

  64. the first hard numbers come in at 5pm eastern for the dems in nevada. i don’t know about trusting the entrance polls though.

  65. yeah terrondt, I have the same reservations about entrance polls. Not having problems with page loading today. Thanks for the link, Realist.

  66. Storm warning;

    “Voting Problems Reported in South Carolina

    Sherriff’s deputies rushing paper ballots to Myrtle Beach and other areas after widespread problems with electronic voting machines. The Page, 12:02”

  67. Does anyone have an idea about where Obama is supposed to be strong in NV? And where do we expect Hillary to win in NV?

  68. Obama appears in prosecution outline of case against Rezko
    January 19, 2008 12:28 PM

    The esteemed Chicago Sun-Times reports today that Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., appears as an unnamed “political candidate” in a prosecutorial document outlining the corruption and fraud case against his longtime campaign fundraiser, Tony Rezko.

    – jpt

  69. I think having 2 videos perhaps causing problems for us on slower speed. Maybe we could put a link for the youtube one.

  70. just spoke to my little sis in a caucus room in henderson, NV. she is sitting with her HRC group..about 30-40 people. i asked how many in the room for BO and she said 4! 🙂

  71. alcina Says:

    January 19th, 2008 at 1:58 pm
    just spoke to my little sis in a caucus room in henderson, NV. she is sitting with her HRC group..about 30-40 people. i asked how many in the room for BO and she said 4!


  72. HillaryforTexas Says:

    January 19th, 2008 at 2:02 pm
    Go, mj’s little sister!

    Alcina. I was just quoting her so I could say “Woot!”.

  73. dot48 Says:

    January 19th, 2008 at 2:02 pm
    they showed as precinct room in the strip place and nobody was there

    Interesting. But perhaps they were just sshowing what it looks like.

  74. I mean, perhaps the footage is from this morning. Also, these voters are taking a break so imagine they will just come in at the exact time.

  75. my little sis said they were leaving the doors open for an extra hour due to the large turnout. she also said she was the youngest ( 47yrs old ) so it sounds like a high elderly turn-out for least in her precinct.

  76. Those elderly turnin’ out are the ones that remember what ronald wilson reagan really did for this country. all his good trickle down ideas

  77. Wow. This has been a brilliant morning. Here’s the rundown on our activities in OK.

    A group of us (Norman Girls) got together for an organized phone bank drive. We dialed in on the “Donkey” and all together made about 300 calls. Most of us had a good response. I’d say a 50% for Hillary with a 85% caucus rate. I called my family friends there and guess what- they were leaving for caucus and were all pro-Hillary. Hubby is a postal guy, wife a union musician/contractor. All their friends were pro-Hillary. I also spoke with a precinct captain who was leaving to pick folks up. She said her precinct had 150 folks, 40 firmly committed to Hillary. She thought they’d have more by caucus time but was worried about LV because of the recent ruckus. Most over 50 yo were firmly pro-Hillary. All but one woman was Hillary. Most were couples and in support together. One guy (AA) was from Hillary’s hometown and leaving for caucus. After about an hour we had to give up. Folks were leaving and we were holding them up, some had received multiple calls from us. One that I spoke to had rec’d 15 calls this AM and had switched to BO because he was pissed. I apologized and explained the computer system. After that letdown we contacted national and they told us to enter *1 to take folks off the list otherwise the computer will keep calling them. So word to the wise- *1. There were also concerns about traffic and getting in the sites because the GOP was in the same sites at 9AM. Weird, huh?

    Anyhow brilliant news. Hillary will be in Tulsa on Tuesday night. It’ll be short and advance hasn’t said where yet, but it will be free. Bill will be in on the 30th and it’s also free. The Norman Girls will be doing crowd building for the next several days. We’re justing waiting on National to give us the info. So, YAY!

    Re: Edward’s OKC visit last night . Venue was small but about 1200 were there. Most outside in nasty cold weather. 1000 of them were Teamsters. So there is now a question of what’s going on with the local Teamsters union. We thought they were with us…I think they are, but union members can break ranks and JRE has done a good job with garnering their support.

    Just keep talking and keep on pushing. And for those who haven’t done so, visit Hillary’s site for a how-to on the GOTV phone efforts. It’s updated regularly and even making 5-10 calls a night helps.

    Hillary is 44!

  78. BTW- one of our girls spoke with a guy who was actually at the caucus site. He had his phone forwarded. LOL. He was sorta pissed like we were stalking him, but he was with our girl. 🙂

  79. Who the frick is Kate Michelman? She’s got the floor on MSNBC right now. Makin’ the case for good ole progressive john edwards…Hillary as the status quo…LOL

  80. dt,

    Spitball, Mika, Ugly Joe, Slimeman, Pumpkinhead and the rest are going to be mighty mad if she wins…

    Three in a row would definitely have their panties in a bunch.

  81. mj, no need to thank me. It was fun. Crazy, but fun. The “Donkey” doesn’t give you room to breathe. It’s go-go-go. I’m just happy to do my part. To tell the truth, I really needed it. I was feeling like I wasn’t helping and I so want our country to move forward and it takes all of us (or a village if you will) to move it. Each of us, making 5-10 calls a night can help this cause. I really feel like Bill’s visit will go well here. Imagine 13K folks crowding in to see him…And Hillary coming on Tuesday to a heavily GOP town like Tulsa? I hope they get a big enough venue. It’d be great if they could get the Mabee Center at ORU. I saw Frank Sinatra’s last OK concert there two years before he died. It’d be nice to think two great folks shared the same stage.

  82. Holy hell. Love the MGM story in the Sun. Anyone noticed the link on the right where Bill did the same thing at the Mirage? LOL. Talk about a gut punch. That’s what we call chutzpah.

  83. So they are delaying closing caucus doors for an hour due to turnout. I wonder if some of the union workers taking their break will be forced to go back to work prior to caucusing…

  84. Go Hillary! Can’t wait to learn the exit polls…

    Here’s a little music, to try and keep us all calm, lol

  85. Isn’t this a nice little tidbit: the judge, Amy J. St. Eve, in Rezko worked for Kenneth Starr during Whitewater.

    Small world.

  86. Jaz, what venue is it? Also, didn’t someone say it didn’t matter how many votes because delegates are weighted.

  87. MSNBC reported that Obama and his family have returned to Chicago. they claim he will “rest before a week of campaigning” in SC. has he conceded Nevada? will he try to suppress Rezko?

  88. This is the CNN feed, Las Vegas..doesn’t say where though.

    It’s not a huge venue..perhaps only a few hundred seats it looks like. (or less)

    Some people are chanting Obama like a cult. Ugh.

  89. What’s also great about Hill, Bill and Chelsea campaigning up and down the strip is that they didn’t tell anyone about it. They just showed up and it has thrown the Obama camp off. He still has 20 mins to make an appearance.

  90. pulchritude Says: January 19th, 2008 at 2:42 pm
    MSNBC reported that Obama and his family have returned to Chicago.

    Holy shit! Are you sure about that?

  91. Many will not go against the union with union officials standing there brow beating them. I would have called the FBI and had an agent in every room to step in a flash his ID when they get out of hand.

  92. Reuters/Cspan/Zogby Dem Poll (MoE 3.6%)
    H 45%
    O 39%
    E 6%

    MSNBC/McClatchy/Mason-Dixon (MoE 4.5%)
    H 41%
    O 32%

    The MGM/Mirage stories can be followed on a link above here. Or can be found at the LV Sun’s site.

  93. Could internal polling be that bad for Obama? Man..That’s shabby… Not bothering to give thanks to your own supporters.

  94. I imagine the Strip is chaos: Obama ditches NV; Bill campaigns on the strip; there are shouting matches; more employees claim union bosses state caucus locations are only for Obama supporters; Rezko breaks. This is a frenzy made for television.

  95. Oh, my. He went back to Chicago? Uh, oh. That’s a putting out a fire move. He’s shoring up cracks in the Chicago base. His ass should be in NV or SC or even CA, not IL. He’s strong there- except with Rezco.

  96. Lets not read too much in to BO going back to Chicago. It may be nothing. All that matters is Hillary taking NV today..

  97. I do not know. Let me wait for more from Norah O’Donnell. But I believe she said “left,” not “will leave.”

    By the way, it is snowing in northern SC. I see the snow right now. This will hurt Huckabee.

  98. Berkley, there’s no exit polling yet. It has to be Rezco. His lead is down in SC. He should be there if anywhere.

  99. She said “afternoon.” I know that. Would not a victory party or a concession speech take place during the early evening?

  100. If Obama has gone back to Chicago, that does seem a bit odd. The Clintons are going to St. Louis, but that’s not till this evening.

  101. Maybe he’s trying to put out some fire that Rezko started in his house lol :-).

    Shit, if thats what he’s gone back for, he’s done. Imagine trying to explain away some fraud in the middle of your campaign. I read about his going back home an hour ago somewhere but it was reported so nonchalantly (not surprised).

  102. My friends there said they were leaving early bc turnout would be very heavy. So far reports on TV confirm this.

  103. Fox News said that Hillary has a lead in the caucus areas but they don’t know the numbers for the ones on the strip.

  104. It is a VERY good sign that HRC and BHO are splitting Clark County. That is Vegas. If we can get half the vote there, we should be fine.

  105. This CNN caucus is going to scare a lot of white voters. I know that sound racist, but all the chanting AA faces will scare some of the white folks down South, and in the Midwest. Count on it. CNN isn’t doing any favors to BO’s campaign by making it look like his support is all AA when it crosses racial lines fairly well.

  106. Obama has left NV!

    MSNBC First Read: Per the campaign, Obama has gone home to spend time with his family in Illinois before a long week of campaigning. He’s in the air now.

    Clinton will be leaving the state later today as well — as she heads to St. Louis.

  107. Bill C. live on Fox..he said he and his people found 8 workers who were told that if they didn’t register to vote by Wednesday and pledged to vote for Obama they couldn’t vote. He said they got them registered and to a caucus site.

  108. You know, it’s funny. The folks at this CNN caucus site all work together. They’re having fun chanting back and forth. Wish I were there. It looks like fun.

  109. Oh, and one of the talking heads warned ominiousely for all to look at the Hillary44 website to see where the new attacks are coming from….I’m mean wtf?
    Tim | 01.19.2008 – 6:52 pm | #


    hehehe… 🙂

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