Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Barack Obama – Tumbling Dice

On Monday we will publish the third installment of REZKO For Dummies. In that third installment we will discuss today’s Chicago Sun-Times report that “Obama is the unnamed ‘political candidate’ referred to in document which outlines case against Rezko“.

For more information read Rezko for Dummies and Rezko for Dummies, Part II and our April 30, 2007 seminal article Will Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald Destroy the Obama Campaign?

Freckles and others are helping us elect Hillary Clinton in Nevada. We wish them well. We’re optimistic and hope the “Snow wall” which is Nevada holds.

For once we hope audaciously that Nevada does not gamble and instead goes with a sure thing – a president ready on day 1 – Hillary Clinton.

OkieAtty, in O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A has been helping elect Hillary Clinton in Nevada too:

Wow. This has been a brilliant morning. Here’s the rundown on our activities in OK.

A group of us (Norman Girls) got together for an organized phone bank drive. We dialed in on the “Donkey” and all together made about 300 calls. Most of us had a good response. I’d say a 50% for Hillary with a 85% caucus rate. I called my family friends there and guess what- they were leaving for caucus and were all pro-Hillary. Hubby is a postal guy, wife a union musician/contractor. All their friends were pro-Hillary. I also spoke with a precinct captain who was leaving to pick folks up. She said her precinct had 150 folks, 40 firmly committed to Hillary. She thought they’d have more by caucus time but was worried about LV because of the recent ruckus. Most over 50 yo were firmly pro-Hillary. All but one woman was Hillary. Most were couples and in support together. One guy (AA) was from Hillary’s hometown and leaving for caucus. After about an hour we had to give up. Folks were leaving and we were holding them up, some had received multiple calls from us. One that I spoke to had rec’d 15 calls this AM and had switched to BO because he was pissed. I apologized and explained the computer system. After that letdown we contacted national and they told us to enter *1 to take folks off the list otherwise the computer will keep calling them. So word to the wise- *1. There were also concerns about traffic and getting in the sites because the GOP was in the same sites at 9AM. Weird, huh?

Anyhow brilliant news. Hillary will be in Tulsa on Tuesday night. It’ll be short and advance hasn’t said where yet, but it will be free. Bill will be in on the 30th and it’s also free. The Norman Girls will be doing crowd building for the next several days. We’re justing waiting on National to give us the info. So, YAY!

Re: Edward’s OKC visit last night . Venue was small but about 1200 were there. Most outside in nasty cold weather. 1000 of them were Teamsters. So there is now a question of what’s going on with the local Teamsters union. We thought they were with us…I think they are, but union members can break ranks and JRE has done a good job with garnering their support.

Just keep talking and keep on pushing. And for those who haven’t done so, visit Hillary’s site for a how-to on the GOTV phone efforts. It’s updated regularly and even making 5-10 calls a night helps.

Hillary is 44!

Independent observers from across the sea are optimistic for Hillary too:

I’ve just come back from the two final eve-of-caucus rallies for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton here in Nevada. And if the entirely unscientific evidence of head-count and mood is any guide, then things are looking good for the former First Lady.

Her exuberant supporters filled a school gymnasium in Henderson way past capacity. I’d estimate that there were 3,000-4,000 people combined in the gym and the overflow space in the nearby cafeteria where a giant screen kept them in touch with the action. After his puce-faced bulldog attack mode earlier in the week, Bill Clinton was back to his genial best as he worked the crowd in his warm-up speech and daughter Chelsea beamed radiantly while maintaining her trademark silence.

The former First Lady then delivered a rousing speech, curbing her tendency to drone on about policy in painstaking detail, before dispatching the room off to caucus in Nevada 12 hours later.

Mr Obama by contrast attracted maybe about 2,000-2,500 supporters to his gathering at the University of Nevada Las Vegas student union, although the chilly outdoor setting may have kept the numbers down (it can get pretty cold in the desert after dark in January). His speech was competent but muted by his usual standards and the barrage of constant campaigning had clearly taken its toll on his voice.

A couple of opinion polls in recent days have also given Mrs Clinton leads of between six and nine per cent – although after New Hampshire, nobody’s putting too much store by such surveys. And as I blogged here, most pollsters decided discretion was the better part of valour and have not tried to gauge the sentiment of caucus-goers in a state that has never held a meaningful nomination ballot before.

So the polls, the rallies and the buzz favour Mrs Clinton. With all those omens going for her, Mr Obama will doubtless triumph in this most unpredictable of contests. Roll on the real thing in a few hours time….

Luck be a lady tonight.


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  1. remember that what they are showing is the strip…this is not going to be what is happening all across nevada.

  2. reporting room dominated by obama supporters ‘very spirited’…asking for a spanish speaker to help the chair out

  3. From MSNBC First Read: Based on early entrance polls, Clinton has a significant lead in the initial preference for the Democratic Nevada caucuses.

    But this is initial preference only (before second-choice realignment).

  4. getting spirited…hillary supporters are getting passionate now, going down and up the aisle, hillary support not as big but they love her. interesting black vs white and hispanic

  5. Senator Barack Obama: 47.56%
    Senator Hillary Clinton: 46.34%
    Senator John Edwards: 4.88%
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: 1.22%
    Senator Mike Gravel: 0%
    Uncommitted: 0%
    Precincts Reporting 3.46%

  6. And YES, Obama has left NV:

    First Read: Per the campaign, Obama has gone home to spend time with his family in Illinois before a long week of campaigning. He’s in the air now.

    Clinton will be leaving the state later today as well — as she heads to St. Louis.

  7. Senator Hillary Clinton: 50.49%
    Senator Barack Obama: 42.72%
    Senator John Edwards: 5.83%
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: 0.97%
    Senator Mike Gravel: 0%
    Uncommitted: 0%
    Precincts Reporting 3.91%

    This is going to be bumpy!!!

  8. so far, mj Hillary has 40 delegates in clark to baracks 28. In the Caucus I am seeing on CNN they are both viable. Edwards is not

  9. Bill C. live on Fox..he said he and his people found 8 workers who were told that if they didn’t register to vote by Wednesday and pledged to vote for Obama they couldn’t vote. He said they got them registered and to a caucus site.

  10. BTW, Fox said they are going to follow up on the story of the workers and what they were told…never thought I’d say GO FOX NEWS ever in my life!

  11. At Esmeralda County, with 40% in – 16.67% uncommited? That’s a big portion – and Hillary is behind.

  12. What do people see in BO anyways? I try, but I look at him and I just see a faker trying to get to be the VEEP

  13. Senator Hillary Clinton: 48.08%
    Senator Barack Obama: 44.95%
    Senator John Edwards: 5.77%
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: 0.72%
    Uncommitted: 0.48%
    Senator Mike Gravel: 0%

  14. Some of you may be getting more updated results from TV..the webpage is working very slowly and hasn’t changed in a while.

  15. Can’t get on that NV results site anymore. If somewhere is still refreshing that site, please post updates.

  16. that big guy in the red shirt on cnn is definitely intimidating

    i don’t think they should show this caucusing live…talk about intimidation.

  17. Even Drudge has the number mj posted..website appears out of commission. I can reach it but no updates.

  18. Great post Admin!

    I vote for this being Hillary’s new “weakness” when asked about what are her strengths and weaknesses.

    “I have to consciously curb my tendency to drone on about policy in painstaking detail.”

  19. Jaz, hubby is wondering aloud here just how difficult it is to count to 168…..

    Geez, it looks like total confusion.

  20. Hey, to carry forward my comment on race in the CNN caucus being intimidating to Southern and Midwestern voters. HuffPo (I know *groan*) has a story up on it now about racial lines in the South. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/01/19/obama-faces-white-resista_n_82300.html

    Personally, I think anyone who would not vote for BO bc he’s black is a dumbass. I think someone shouldn’t vote for him on the basis of ideas (or lack thereof) and experience- and of course ethics as we are seeing with Rezco blowing up again today. If I were Hillary, I would not want a vote from someone who would not vote for a candidate based upon racial animus. Same if I were BO and it were a vote garnered on the basis of gender animus.

    Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world. I do say, if you hear of anyone disparaging a candidate based upon race (either way bc I have heard AA on white discrimination recently), tell that person to STFU. Our party is better than that and our nation deserves better than that.

    We do things the right way in HillaryLand and at Big Pink.

    BTW- BO left before the results bc turnout at the 9 at large sites sucks donkey doo. He needed massive numbers to counter the non-Clark Co. areas.

  21. Latest from Drudge

    22.46% Current Nevada Democratic Caucus Results:
    CLINTON 49.21%
    OBAMA 44.82%
    EDWARDS 5.37%

  22. Senator Hillary Clinton: 49.51%
    Senator Barack Obama: 44.69%
    Senator John Edwards: 5.28%
    Uncommitted: 0.36%
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: 0.15%

  23. Yeah, molly, that’s what we are hoping, but you never know, could be a family issue they don’t want to release to the press just yet.

  24. Off to the OU-TX Tech game. Gawd, I’m nervous and so excited. I’ll be checking my the web on my cell every 5 minutes….

  25. 50.22%
    Senator Barack Obama: 44.53%
    Senator John Edwards: 4.88%
    Uncommitted: 0.27%
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: 0.1%
    Senator Mike Gravel: 0%

  26. at least they are splitting the delegates on the strip somewhat evenly if we are to extrapolate from the cesar’s palace results.

  27. Caesar’s Palace rigged caucus site just finished:

    86 Obama
    80 Hillary

    17 delegates for Obama, 16 for Hillary! One delegate difference.

  28. obama should have one that cesar’s palace special precinct by a landslide, but he did not. that does not bode well for him.

  29. Final count at Caesar’s rigged caucus:

    Obama 86 (17 delegates)
    Hillary 80 (16 delegates)

    One Edwards supporter went home.

  30. Senator Hillary Clinton: 50.36%
    Senator Barack Obama: 44.46%
    Senator John Edwards: 4.81%
    Uncommitted: 0.27%
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: 0.1%

  31. At 38.4%:

    Senator Hillary Clinton: 50.21%
    Senator Barack Obama: 44.4%
    Senator John Edwards: 5.06%
    Uncommitted: 0.24%
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: 0.09%
    Senator Mike Gravel: 0%

  32. how much percent do they need to call it? its 42%

    enator Hillary Clinton: 50.21%
    Senator Barack Obama: 44.52%
    Senator John Edwards: 4.95%
    Uncommitted: 0.24%
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: 0.08%
    Senator Mike Gravel: 0%

  33. Off topic: Did anyone bother to find out what happened to the Edwards “money bomb” yesterday? Edwards had a goal of $7 million. Did he reach the goal?

    Today is a disaster for him if he does not even get double digits. South Carolina looks like another single digit performance state. If he did not raise the money yesterday – Blinkie might be gone.

  34. Continue reading…
    Suprise: Clinton carrying Paris Las Vegas, 2 to 1

    By Sam Morris · January 19, 2008 · 12:35 PM

    What happened to the Culinary at Paris Las Vegas? With final caucus
    tallies are being added up, it’s 203 for Clinton, 90 for Obama and
    four for Edwards.

  35. Senator Hillary Clinton: 50.3%
    Senator Barack Obama: 44.5%
    Senator John Edwards: 4.89%
    Uncommitted: 0.23%
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: 0.08%
    Senator Mike Gravel: 0%


    Looking Good!

  36. Not very sportsman like for BO to go home . . . what if he had won? Would he have given some remarks from his controversial mansion in Chicago? What does that say to his supporters? Not presidential.

  37. I sure hope she is not a cashier at the casino. Why was she relying on headcounters 3 and 4 times. They turned in the prefence cards. Just count the votes on the damn cards!!

  38. I smile….thanks admin to for the page..she is the best..now will people realize she can run the country to its fullest extent.

    what happens with je now you guys..he wasn’t viable..

  39. Hey guys, finally catching up to all your comments, this is quite the back and forth drama….. but looking good. fingers crossed!!

    And thanx to all who have provided links for us to watch the numbers, anyone know which of them is the fastest one to update?

  40. Is Obama going to miss conceding to Hillary tonight? It would not be surprising. Obama is abandoning his supporters and voting “not present”. Obama is never there when you need him.

  41. I’m ba-a-a-a-ck!

    ….from hell!

    We were two precincts in one room so we had to separate with no idea how. Then the registration forms were from another precinct and then they asked for numbers nobody had.

    The neighboring precinct split 27-26 Clinton/Obama with no other candidates viable. They will each get 3 delegates.

    Our precinct split…………………..wait for it……….
    71-48 Clinton/Obama with no other viable. So we get 6 delegates, they get 4.

    I didn’t realize that this is a big AA district — they were there in huge numbers for Obama and most of the Edwards went to them…They didn’t give us a chance to try to get them and the Obama people just came and swooped them over and that was that.

    There was an Assemblyman there who I asked to put in a bill for no caucuses ever again and he said the whole room was for that.

    Sorry we didn’t do better, but we certainly turned them out….68 the first time around.

    I checked a precinct on the other side of town and Hillary won there — will have numbers shortly.

    What neww from the strip?

  42. Senator Hillary Clinton: 50%
    Senator Barack Obama: 44.56%
    Senator John Edwards: 5.14%
    Uncommitted: 0.24%
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: 0.07%
    Senator Mike Gravel: 0%

  43. …and the Obama camp works hard to divert attention from their LOSS…

    Obama Campaign Slams Clinton Efforts to “Discredit” Nevada Caucuses

    Fiery memo from Obama campaign manager Plouffe makes accusations about push polls, robocalls, and “old-style say anything or do anything to win” Clinton politics:

    “It is a sad day when Democrats start trying to suppress the vote of other Democrats.”

    “Beginning with the lawsuit filed by their allies to suppress turnout among union members, the Clinton Campaign has been engaged in a systematic effort to discredit the process – a process which was pushed, developed, and approved by their supporters at the Democratic National Committee and in Nevada. It wasn’t until Obama began gaining strength in a state they expected to win by at least 20 points that they began their attempts to delegitimize the process.”

  44. Fox panel saying there could be protest about the voter suppression tactics of the CU union irregardless of who wins..

  45. admin Says:

    January 19th, 2008 at 3:53 pm
    Is Obama going to miss conceding to Hillary tonight? It would not be surprising. Obama is abandoning his supporters and voting “not present”. Obama is never there when you need him.

    Your are so right .admin….his supporters ,no thank you no nothing .tells ya he doesn’t appreicate anything….i would never vote for him doing that to people who came to see him…
    why illinois ..should be at sc…REZKO mess…

  46. With 56.27% of precincts reporting:

    Senator Hillary Clinton: 50.39%
    Senator Barack Obama: 44.6%
    Senator John Edwards: 4.72%

  47. Senator Hillary Clinton: 50.43%
    Senator Barack Obama: 44.76%
    Senator John Edwards: 4.55%
    Uncommitted: 0.21%
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: 0.05%
    Senator Mike Gravel: 0%

    at 60.35%

  48. The talking heads are already trying to spin a Clinton win as “not really surprising”. I would like to repeat the Axelrod statement that the Culinar endorsement was the big cheese advantage.

    Where is that quote again?

  49. cnn already with the spin that it is not such a big win for HRC as she was expected to win huge…the shit never stops.

  50. DemAC, it was pretty aggressive..lots of shouting going on…

    HRC would have beaten Obama by a landslide if it was primary voting. Our problem now is…. Alot of states near nevada are caucus states on Super-Tuesday.

  51. Thank you NEVADA and FRECKLES and your whole TEAM down there and all you voters down in NEVADA…….

    cnnn is crazy…try to make a tight race when hillary takes it away to the moon ..lol

  52. CNN can kiss my black ass. In fact, they can all kiss my black ass. Were they all not the fools who mentioned how Obama had a huge advantage because he was enforsed by CU? They are all full of shit and I am sick of it. Sorry for venting but I need to let it all out.

  53. From Drudge:

    Senator Hillary Clinton: 50.21%
    Senator Barack Obama: 44.4%
    Senator John Edwards: 5.06%
    Uncommitted: 0.24%
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: 0.09%
    Senator Mike Gravel: 0%

  54. From Drudge at 63%:

    Senator Hillary Clinton: 50.21%
    Senator Barack Obama: 44.4%
    Senator John Edwards: 5.06%
    Uncommitted: 0.24%
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: 0.09%
    Senator Mike Gravel: 0%

  55. the media will not give her an inch…everything she accomplishes they have a BUT…all the spin on CNN and MSNBC is framed for her win to be almost a loss…

    Go Hillary…and Bill…I love them…Hillary our Happy Warrior…

    btw…if you have a chance to catch her speech on C-span in Nevada last night (when c-span repeats)…she is really hitting her stride…coming into her own on the trail and appearing very comfortable in her own skin…she already looks like she is the next leader…

  56. 64% in!

    Senator Hillary Clinton: 50.2%
    Senator Barack Obama: 45.07%
    Senator John Edwards: 4.46%
    Uncommitted: 0.23%
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: 0.05%
    Senator Mike Gravel: 0%

  57. Fox saying Hillarys campaign is saying their internal pollling shows a 4-5% victory over Obama if everythings goes as expected.

  58. Senator Hillary Clinton: 50.34%
    Senator Barack Obama: 44.93%
    Senator John Edwards: 4.46%
    Uncommitted: 0.23%
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: 0.04%
    Senator Mike Gravel: 0%
    at 66% in

  59. Caroline Says:

    January 19th, 2008 at 4:01 pm
    CNN can kiss my black ass. In fact, they can all kiss my black ass. Were they all not the fools who mentioned how Obama had a huge advantage because he was enforsed by CU? They are all full of shit and I am sick of it. Sorry for venting but I need to let it all out…..Lmao

    and MSNBC can kiss my b+++ another viewer right here goodbye….

  60. 66%

    Senator Hillary Clinton: 50.29%
    Senator Barack Obama: 44.99%
    Senator John Edwards: 4.44%
    Uncommitted: 0.23%
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: 0.04%
    Senator Mike Gravel: 0%

    This seems done and dusted.

  61. Who was the pollster who had Edwards at 29 or 30%? Where are the talking heads who said that it would be a 3 way race?

  62. I want this win worse than New Hamoshire, of course I want them all.

    A win here will boost her in South Carolina…keeps fingers crossed

  63. Caroline, I will line up my lily-white pasty ass right next to yours, sister, and MSNBC can kiss them both!

    Assholes. We are going to get our gal to the Whitehouse by plowing right through the damn media. Bring it on, suckas.

  64. Hello Hillfans and friends.

    I was invited to a semi-private party for workers right now but I came home to party/commiserate with you all. The guest of honor was Hillary!!!

    I’m not big on parties and they stole my party shoes so I’ll hang out here and see how it goes.
    I’m enjoying the quiet after the “O-ba-ma!” shouts endlessly in my ear.

  65. i could not volunteer in SC today. but i will resume work once the snow is no longer falling. carolinians do not know how to drive in winter weather.

  66. Senator Hillary Clinton: 50.22%
    Senator Barack Obama: 45.15%
    Senator John Edwards: 4.36%
    Uncommitted: 0.22%

  67. HILLARY!! wow, she is awsome. she will beat the repugs so badly, she’s got latinos, women, all behind her, no way to beat that.

  68. The real success stories are apparently Clark and Lincoln counties. In most other counties Obama had the upper hand. So, thank you Las Vegas!

  69. 74.93% reporting

    Senator Hillary Clinton: 50.37%
    Senator Barack Obama: 45.12%
    Senator John Edwards: 4.22%
    Uncommitted: 0.23%
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: 0.05%
    Senator Mike Gravel: 0%

  70. WITH 72% REPORTING!!!

    Senator Hillary Clinton: 50.34%
    Senator Barack Obama: 45.1%
    Senator John Edwards: 4.28%
    Uncommitted: 0.23%
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: 0.05%
    Senator Mike Gravel: 0%

  71. AP also reporting Hillary as the winner!!!!!!!!!

    BTW, how many Feb. 5 states have caucuses? The big states – CA, NY and NJ – don’t at least.

  72. love to see HRC’s little smiling face next to that winning “check-mark”..

    thank you freckles for all your work. pass the baton to SC.

  73. Great. Big. Huge. Win. I love it! The pundits can kiss the multi-colored asses of all of those damned incovenient voters!

  74. CNN says it’s Hillary!

    I believe that I posted months ago: Keep it close in IA, eke out a win in NH, and I’ll have your back in NV.

    It wasn’t pretty or a blow out but it’s a win.

    We are going all the way! close in SC, big on 2/5.

  75. 76.8% reporting

    Senator Hillary Clinton: 50.35%
    Senator Barack Obama: 45.19%
    Senator John Edwards: 4.17%
    Uncommitted: 0.24%
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: 0.05%
    Senator Mike Gravel: 0%

  76. cnn is downplaying Hillarys win, wolf saying they are predicting Hillary will win, “but perhaps with not as big of a margin as she might have hoped”

    WHAT THE HELL IS THAT????? It was never certain she would win, for fugs sake….. 60% of the Hispanic vote went to Hillary according to cbs. 😀

  77. Fox saying won via core of Dem party–women, seniors, hispanics

    52%–35% women
    64%-24% Hispanics
    61%–28% seniors



    Debate 2/3 said important factor–50% of those supported Hillary

  78. It doesn’t matter if BO did well. Caucuses do not favor Hillary for several reasons. If she did this well, she would have won by 10 or 15 points in a primary as she did in MI.

  79. Paula Says:

    January 19th, 2008 at 4:14 pm
    Hey, Culinary union, up yours!
    LMao….. take that BHO KERRY MS CASKILL

  80. 78.56% reporting

    Senator Hillary Clinton: 50.31%
    Senator Barack Obama: 45.26%
    Senator John Edwards: 4.15%
    Uncommitted: 0.23%
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: 0.05%

  81. bm really now trying to to drag this out till convention. i’ll never watch any news after this election

    and I meant those cu who allowed themselves to be intimidated by their union

  82. Yeah, I don’t care if she won by 1 point or 20. The bottom line is, her campaign overcame that Culinary endorsement. Oh, and someone needs to tell Plouffe that lawsuit failed. As I said a few days ago, that leaves Obama with no excuse for a loss.

  83. maybe they shoud say Hillary actually lost (like they did in NH) and Barack won because they think the can get better ratings drawing out this whole thing with his story of being the first AA to run for president. Then they can sit there and analyze how they got it all wrong after the fact without ever admitting their bias. They could interview each other about what was said and why… Amazing.

    FACT IS: Hillary is a revolution. Hillary is a RADICAL idea. Hillary is America.

    and she knows what she is doing. We are so lucky to have her.
    go girl go!

  84. the media is pissed – AP headline “Hillary surivives” ..
    Fuck you AP. Fuck you media, she won fair and square and she won big.

    So Fuck you Media and all those progressive blogs and their screwed up proprietors – She’ll be President, with you, without you, in spite of you !

  85. Edwards so low? So the anti-Hillaries united behind Obama – and Hil beat him anyway. Downplay that, Barack!

  86. Don’t worry about South Carolina, as after that, more of the primaries will be closed, so the Right will unable to cross over and vote for Bambi, and more of the primaries will lean more to Blue Collar Dems, which favors Hillary.

  87. yes, hillary won with a majority, not a plurality. those who support hillary outnumber all those who oppose her.

  88. I saw a clip of Bill on where he was talking at a rally from yesterday and he apologised to the crowd for being late. His made the excuse that he was “working the workers at the Bellagio to vote for Hillary.” I love that guy lol. Hillary won the Bellagio.

  89. LOL! The talking heads are suddenly interested that “the delegate count was only apart by 1” Not a word about that in Iowa, was there?

    Jesus, how transparent can you be? They are laughable at this point.

  90. from nvdem08:

    at 81.23%

    Senator Hillary Clinton: 50.53%
    Senator Barack Obama: 45.22%
    Senator John Edwards: 3.97%
    Uncommitted: 0.23%
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: 0.04%
    Senator Mike Gravel: 0%

  91. peeps, the media bias is being picked up on out in the states. the contstant down playing her success and browbeating anything positive is turning on them. maybe we should just hush about them and let Them have nervous breakdowns while sane people listen for the “real MESSAGE”

  92. Senator Hillary Clinton: 50.53%
    Senator Barack Obama: 45.21%
    Senator John Edwards: 3.96%
    Uncommitted: 0.26%
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: 0.04%
    Senator Mike Gravel: 0%

  93. From myDD, a post by a Hillary Clinton supporter:

    Viva la Clinton!

    To my Latino & Latina brothers & sisters in Nevada,

    Sí, se puede ! Viva Hillary Clinton !

    Numero Uno El Presidente Hillary Clinton!

    If Nevada entrance polls are accurate, Hillary beat Obama by a landslide 40 pts. among Latinos.

    Wait until California, Arizona, Colorodo, & New Mexico on Super Tuesday- It will be an even bigger margin of victory!

    You will see 50 to 60 point wins for Hillary among Latinos in the upcoming Western states!

    We are waiting for our hermana- Hillary Clinton!

    by Demlady4life on Sat Jan 19, 2008 at 04:06:43 PM EST

  94. So, what have we learned? That caucuses and Republicans are Obama’s best friends (besides Tony Rezko of course) and that elections and Democrats are Hillary’s best friends.

    Kinda comforting thought, don’t you think? 🙂

  95. The coverage is pathetic!!! This morning Timmy had 3 other people all anti-Hillary. No need to balance the panel with one Hill voice.

    Now CNN is telling us how well Obama did.

    AA voters went 79% for Obama. We’ll have to get some of them back in CA, elsewhere.

    Ron Paul is beating McCain in NV…..

  96. at 82.53%

    Senator Hillary Clinton: 50.4%
    Senator Barack Obama: 45.4%
    Senator John Edwards: 3.9%
    Uncommitted: 0.25%
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: 0.04%
    Senator Mike Gravel: 0%

  97. when will she give her VICTORY Speech

    shushter sublime saying Vegas is Sin City LOL…they are so hating on the Clintons

  98. I had a guts feeling Culinary union actually delivered an unexpectedly victory for Clinton… Look at those #s among hispanic voters, this is called backlash!!

    Just imagine the similar scenario, if a union is largely made up of African American members, and their hearts are with Obama, now the union boss threaten them to go for Clinton or Edwards… What’s going to happen? You can bet these AA members’ families, relatives will come out in droves to vote for Obama.

    I’ll write a diary on this one…

    Hispanic voters were for Clinton in the past, after this twist, they are now firmly for Clinton and AGAINST Obama… I don’t think that’s the thing Obama camp wants to watch in the following states such as FL, AZ, CO, CA….

    This is HUGE

  99. Jaz,
    OK, so we’ll have to be prepared for small victories in the caucus states, and BIG victories in the primary states.

  100. I hate caucus system. Clinton actually did much much better in entrance poll, this should be a double-digit victory…

    Those bizarre allocation of delegates, those relignment, threats… It’s called Chicago style of politics.. I absolutely hate it…

    The good news is Clinton will do better in large primary states than many polls suggest.

  101. SC should be interesting. My AA friends are realy sophisticated voters. I think the over 30 AA women will swing even or better with Hillary as they know how to assess doers versus preachers.

  102. i don’t think the super tuesday caucus will be as heated as this one. if nothing else, they’ll turn to Hillary now. She continues to look like the real leader, act like the real leader, come up with the best and freshest ideas….the country can her as POTUS…they can’t picture empty suit cause he is simply empty

  103. As I have said before media will down play this victory because they want a brokered convention. The same media that crowned Obama the winner of NV because of the union endorsements are now saying well she was ahead by 20 point a few months ago and she did not win by a big enough margin. Get a life no one is ahead before anyone votes!!!

  104. How can anyone still justify having a caucus?

    Any talks of getting rid of this system and having a DEMOCRATIC voting system, where there is ONE person ONE vote?

  105. Paula,
    Plus, most primaries in Feb 5 are closed. Democrats only. And no change of registration at the door, in fact in most (all?) states the time limit for registration is up.

  106. People do you realise that with this momentum we could just run the table now
    I for one am not conceding SC yet
    its going to be fight
    AA i know are torn nothing is set in stone yet for BHO

  107. Are the delegates apportioned based on who won each county?

    I ask only because Hillary just won 6 out of the 17 counties. Is it possible for her to win but have a smaller number of delegates?

  108. freckles, imagine an african american showing up to go against Obama at the caucus. That would be very hard to do. If you are saying she got 20%, that’s damn good. Primaries are different. Private voting.

  109. 84.46% reporting

    Senator Hillary Clinton: 50.5%
    Senator Barack Obama: 45.31%
    Senator John Edwards: 3.89%
    Uncommitted: 0.26%
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: 0.04%

  110. DemAC Says:

    January 19th, 2008 at 4:27 pm
    So, what have we learned? That caucuses
    are cheating source for electing a President…and yes they are BHO best friends…get rid of them…

  111. the hispanic vote is really a win, win for Hillary. Chuck Todd actually giving Hillary team a pat on the back. Shuster is simply dying. Bet Matthews is still on oxygen.

  112. Senator Hillary Clinton: 50.55%
    Senator Barack Obama: 45.27%
    Senator John Edwards: 3.87%
    Uncommitted: 0.27%
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: 0.04%
    Senator Mike Gravel: 0%

    Heh heh! Poor Edwards – less then 4 %… That gotta hurt.

  113. 84.91% reporting

    Senator Hillary Clinton: 50.62%
    Senator Barack Obama: 45.2%
    Senator John Edwards: 3.86%
    Uncommitted: 0.28%
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: 0.04%

  114. Hey y’all, When’s our girl comin’ out and makin’ a speech? I don’t wanna miss that. Romney’s talkin’ now and he’s about as excitin’ as watching the Mississippi River flow.

  115. her lead is increasing

    85.71% reporting

    Senator Hillary Clinton: 50.7%
    Senator Barack Obama: 45.17%
    Senator John Edwards: 3.81%
    Uncommitted: 0.28%
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: 0.04%

  116. AA voters are very perceptive – they know how to make the political calculations for their interests. So – will they vote heart or head?

  117. 86.84% reporting

    Senator Hillary Clinton: 50.77%
    Senator Barack Obama: 45.09%
    Senator John Edwards: 3.8%
    Uncommitted: 0.29%
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: 0.04%

    he lead is still increasing

  118. Caroline, From what freckles reported, it sounds like much of Edwards’ supporters went to Obama in areas he wasn’t viable.

  119. Here are the results of Obama playing the race card from the Nevada entrance polls:

    White voters (65% of voters):
    Clinton: 52%
    Obama: 34%

    Latino/a voters (15% of voters):
    Clinton: 64%
    Obama: 26%

    African American voters (15% of voters):
    Clinton: 14%
    Obama: 83%

    On gender:

    Female voters (59% of voters):
    Clinton: 51%
    Obama: 38%

    Male voters (41% of voters):
    Clinton: 43%
    Obama: 45%

  120. BTW, Clinton won 7 of the 9 rigged Culinary Union caucus sites.

    She lost Caesars by 86-80.

    I guess the big galoot Bill’s “meltdown” the other day must not have been so bad after all. Poor Georgetown Social Club (Hi, Ben!). When will they ever learn. They should all have “He underestimated Bill Clinton” on their gravestones.

  121. alcina that’s right!! I cannot get over the fact that they had THAT song picked out, lol, that makes this so much more ‘delicious’ !! 8)

    And yeah whats up with BO?? I want to see him concede!!! 🙂

    And poor Edwards, I almost feel sorry for him.

  122. you guys are all funny …i just seen this…tweety on 0*2…im lmao..and mika joe…timmmeh…sharing the tube..dot48 ….sooooo not me..lmao…oh gosh

  123. According to Las Vegas Sun:

    The victory in Nevada was decisive and included a stunning showing at the nine controversial at-large sites on the Las Vegas Strip. She won seven of the nine sites, according to Sun reporters inside each caucus room.

    The Culinary Union had painted itself as the state’s presidential kingmaker all year. It ran an aggressive field program but did not endorse Obama until last week, just 10 days before the caucus. The outcome demonstrates that the endorsement itself was counter to the wishes of the union’s rank and file.

  124. 88.03% reporting

    Senator Hillary Clinton: 50.75%
    Senator Barack Obama: 45.12%
    Senator John Edwards: 3.78%
    Uncommitted: 0.3%
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: 0.04%

  125. Mydd is saying Hillary will speak in 10 minutes, anyone have an online link to a channel that will broadcast this???

    and Obama will not make a speech, hes gone home to cry

  126. Bambi had to leave town. He was talkin’ to much smack that he was going to win and too much trash against the Clintons to show his face now.

  127. HG,

    The outcome demonstrates that the endorsement itself was counter to the wishes of the union’s rank and file.

    Not to mention the national. The local really stepped in it BIGTIME.

  128. Gorto,
    The live stream from http://www.nvdems08.com/ shows State Delegates. The Delegates to DNC (according to CNN) are: 33 total delegates, whereof 25 tied to January 19 caucuses and 8 are superdelegates.

    So 51% * 25 = ca 13 delegates. Perhaps 14 or maybe even 15, depending on thresholds.

  129. The Obama flight from defeat really angers us.

    Those volunteers were with him for good or ill. Obama abandoned them at the moment they need him most.

    It’s always easy to attend victory parties. It’s when you lose an election, an extremely painful moment, that the candidate should be there with those who worked hard for him.

    This is reprehensible behavior. You just don’t leave your wounded troops on the field, bleeding.

    Recall how hard it was for Hillary supporters on Iowa caucus night. We needed to hear from Hillary that painful night. That is what Obama volunteers, misguided and misinformed as some of them are, are feeling tonight. These Obama volunteers and voters deserve better from their candidate.

  130. CNN – Potentially troubling news in Clinton’s Nevada win

    This is the second time they’ve run with the story that AA voters are not voting for her?

  131. Freezing tenants, votes in State Senate, votes in US Senate, his own volunteers in Nevada…

    Obama is never there for anyone but himself.

  132. Admin, You are so right. It’s how you behave in those difficult moments that really show character.

  133. I have just returned from phonebanking at our Mo Headquarters in St. Louis and inviting voters to the town hall meeting with the Clintons that is going to held here this evening. I was there when the returns were announced. Everyone is so excited that this will now be a victory celebration. The phone was ringing all day with people calling to reserve their spot because the internet was overloaded and people couldn’t RSVP. freckles thank you so much for helping make this such an exciting evening for those of us here in St. Louis.

    The excitement is palpable. GO HILLARY

  134. Theres got to be a really important reason why he fled to Chicago. must be something that they are really worried about….


  135. Chris has got sour grapes. Talkin’ about how the Clinton’s lower expectations so they can showcase big victories.

  136. hear hear, admin.

    this is a true reflection of BO’s leadership qualities. how selfish, what an incredible lack of class. he cares about no one but himself.

  137. matthews trying to denegrate her win … again………..

    somei witty person get us a letter ready. I’ve got everybody on nbc/msnbc/cnbc and every other cc or mm or nn on speed dial and in my email addy book.

    hurry, Hillary, want to hear you soon

  138. sorry christopher baby, SHE won, against the odds again. stuff it whine baby, get barack and cry me a river. you dopes suit each other. just switched darn channel. wanted to see him have to eat his words ain’t going to happen with the media.

  139. 89% reporting

    Senator Hillary Clinton: 50.73%
    Senator Barack Obama: 45.16%
    Senator John Edwards: 3.76%
    Uncommitted: 0.3%
    Congressman Dennis Kucinich: 0.04%

  140. From Halperin;

    “9. Clinton thrives when in a position of strength, but Obama thrives during a fight, so expect them to be at the top of their games during the next seven days.”

    Yet it was Hillary who pulled out NH in a come from behind win. When has Obama EVER been in a fight? Halperin’s Kool-aide has been diluted, but it’s still Kool-aide…

  141. MSNBC is reporting that Hillary will be speaking soon. The delay is apparently due to big crowds trying to get into the room. Bill and Hillary will be at the victory party. We suspect Chelsea will be there too.

    Viva Las Vegas.

  142. Just received this email from camo Obama, too funny!!

    Dear Friend,

    After our dramatic win in Iowa and a strong finish in New Hampshire, we’re off to a great start — now let’s keep our momentum building.

    This Saturday, January 19, come out and share the excitement by watching the results of the Nevada caucuses with fellow Obama supporters.

    You can also help build our organization in New Jersey by reaching out to voters across the Garden State.

    Sign up to attend a Nevada watch party and join a phone canvass near you:


    With the primary season in full swing, voters across the country are seeing why Barack is the one candidate who can bring about change we can believe in.

    It’s going to be a great day. Hope you can make it.



    Mark Alexander
    New Jersey State Director
    Obama for America

  143. Just received this email from camo Obama, too funny!!

    Dear Friend,

    After our dramatic win in Iowa and a strong finish in New Hampshire, we’re off to a great start — now let’s keep our momentum building.

    This Saturday, January 19, come out and share the excitement by watching the results of the Nevada caucuses with fellow Obama supporters.

    You can also help build our organization in New Jersey by reaching out to voters across the Garden State.

    Sign up to attend a Nevada watch party and join a phone canvass near you:


    With the primary season in full swing, voters across the country are seeing why Barack is the one candidate who can bring about change we can believe in.

    It’s going to be a great day. Hope you can make it.



    Mark Alexander
    New Jersey State Director
    Obama for America

  144. I love it ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Revenge of the maids?

    A NYTimes blog item described a “casino caucus” site with all the maids lined up on the Hillary side of the room — wearing the uniforms of different hotels but all with Hillary buttons.

  145. cnn saying they will have her remarks as soon as she makes them. we are so anxious and I know her supporters in Nevada are too!

    Bill and Chelsea need to get to sc asap!

  146. Kos agrees with Jerome Armstrong’s prediction that Hillary would win the nomination. He thinks “his refusal to run as a Democrat in a Democratic primary — would ultimately prove his undoing. “. Interesting take!

  147. Something just occurred to me; How much smarter an more savvy than BM is the big Dawg? He’s playing them like a violin, and they don’t even realize what he’s doing. Bill KNOWS exactly HOW BM is going to characterize him and his actions BEFORE he does something and how that characterization will play to both supporters and the other side. Think about what he did in NH, and now in Nevada, and the impact of his actions. They think that he’s erratic and a loose cannon, but the RESULTS of his actions indicate that his every action and remark are carefully calculated and CALIBRATED by him to achieve
    maximum effect for the campaign. I bet right now that he will be worth 20 points in the AA community in SC and 5-7 points in the final vote. He’s a freaking political Einstein!

  148. The rally/victory celebration in St. Louis will be held at McCluer North High School, 705 Waterford Dr., Florissant, MO 63033. It is across the street from the Civic Center. This is a north county suburb of St. Louis. Doors will open at 6:30. Volunteers are meeting at 5:30 and we are going to give our next president the biggest welcome our midwest hearts and lungs can pour out! LET’S HEAR IT FOR WOMEN!!! And especially our woman.

  149. she needs to keep putting reagans face right up beside of his in every stump speech.

    nobody that is a democrat that I know can stomach the thoughts of revisiting anything Reagan

    she should compare the really good Clinton times to the sour reagan times…

  150. Re AA vote, I wrote this over at Taylor Marsh, but I’ll repeat it here because I think it’s important for all of Hillary’s supporters to remember that this is a primary, and that the Democrats will need every single Democratic vote in the GE.

    “I truly believe that every single TRUE democrat regardless of who they support during the primary, is confident in Hillary’s commitment to Democratic ideals.

    There are a lot of fake Democrats out there who would drive a wedge in our party, but we know better. The Clintons would never begrudge any voter who votes his/her conscience and heart no matter who the candidate is.

    They will try to make their case and then let the voters decide.”

    I also believe that the Clintons because of this will be able to repair any damage done by the other side regarding a rift in the party. There is no chance in Hell that Bill or Hillary would abandon the AA community regardless of how they vote in the primaries.

  151. shuster just totally refusted to let lenny rebut him but we got our message across.

    shuster trying to cover tweets butt, well somebody just send them a roll of toilet paper.

  152. “Latino voters love the Clintons make no mistake about it”

    They have a great chant in Spanish: ‘Como se llama Obama’

    It translates ‘what’s his name’, as in someone who doesn’t make much of an impression. He’s such toast in California.

    “There is no chance in Hell that Bill or Hillary would abandon the AA community regardless of how they vote in the primaries.” Amen to that!

  153. I just figured out what to do in lieu of crowding into Planet Hollywood. I just ignored my diet and opened a beer. Here’s to you, emjay, mj, alcina, HLR and H4T, dot48, pulch, pamelab, and admin…..you’re just a few of the many, many supporters and cheerleaders that got me through.
    Cheers to you all!!!

    My notes say that I got about 12 people to other precincts and I got 41 to ours. I wish I had had a chance to vie for the Edwards people but it would have made no difference or one delegate difference.

    I say this as a challenge to you yet-to-be-counted state volunteers. If you have a primary, your count will have to be higher. If you’re a caucus state, get a chair and a whip and move ’em out!!

  154. we need to remember and remind that Bill Clinton was the first AA president!!

    I do not believe a loss in sc would set us back. The expectations are now on Obama to show his showhorse trot in south carolina.

    I think we can get really, really close in South Carolina

  155. freckles, thank you so very, very much for your hard work for our girl out there. YOU made a difference and we owe you for helping us be able to celebrate today.

    I thank all the volunteers and if I can get the guts I’m getting on gotv for south carolina. I’m a bit intimidated.

  156. I want to see the raw vote. Probably much higher. Unlike Iowa I am told the raw numbers would be available.

  157. If winning or just coming in close in SC, this would be considered great, the perception in my view is that BO has had a lock on SC since day one because of the large numbers of aa voters.

    So a loss there will essentially be expected, so no ‘shock’ win for BO and no big momentum he can bring with him….

  158. I do, too, Dot48. I think that the support is much stronger for Hillary in SC than the polls reflect. She really needs to go back there and reach out to the folks there–all the folks there. A win like this really builds more enthusiasm.

  159. Of course Hillary knows that she has to go to SC and she will. She just got done winning Nevada and she hasn’t given her speech yet and we already have people rushing her over to SC. She or BC are not stupid so they know what needs to be done and they are going to do it. She just won Nevada. Can she and her supporters enjoy it for a minute before you go back and start acting like professional worriers again?

  160. You know my sister is not as vested as me in this thing and she says she feels normal everyday voter won’t be tuning in to all time election news and getting angry at pundits. She thinks I’m a bit nutty 🙁

    She says she’ll hear from Nevada that Hillary beat Obama …again!!!! and then tune in after south carolina to see who wins. She says this nip and tug in media isn’t effecting most people like it is me.

    What do you all think?

  161. well I really felt like she would stay in Nevada to speak, the rally could be held up an hour or so…just saying

  162. Ironically Obama won only 2 of the strip caucuses at the casinos. Obama won at Ceasar’s Palace and appropriately enough The Mirage.

    For Michelle the symbolism might be too much. It has all been a mirage.

  163. They’re touting a robocall that used Barack H. Obama’s FULL name, including (gasp!) his MIDDLE name. There was nothing slanderous in the call, but the caller repeatedly used his MIDDLE name.

    If saying his middle name is a smear, then his middle name is, “unelectable”.

  164. What happened to the victory speech in NV? I hope there is one. Otherwise it provides cover for our slinking non-hero .

  165. Freckles…thank you so much!

    gang, forgive me, but the MSM is constipated…they are so obvious…we will set them straight by winning…

    I can’t wait for Monday’s debate…remember ‘Never say Never regarding Hillary’s ability to win’

    South Carolina…here we come…Hill, Bill, Magic Johnson, hopefully Maya, John Lewis…

    Timmie is now saying that Bill plans to go door to door and church to church in SC to win this for Hillary…

    I have chills…

  166. They’re suicidal over at Daily Kos. LOL Obama’s supporters cannot understand that not everyone is mermerized by His Marvelousness.

  167. Did anyone else hear CNN read part of BO’s statement saying he still had more delegates than Clinton!?! They also reported Hillary had already spoken saying something to the effect, ” . . . so this is how the West was won!” Video to come, according to CNN.

  168. Wow, Oberman on MSNBC asked about the electibility of Obama considering that he is so unpopular with hispanic voters…they also admitted it was a big win for Hillary

  169. What did Obama drink his own kool-aid? In his dreams he has more delegates. In actual voted pledged delegates they are tied and Hillary is killing him in superdelegates. Then there is MI and FL.

  170. WOOT! WOOT! The double woot is for our girl and for my Sooners who just pulled out a fantastic last minute victory. hot damn. I’m playing the Powerball tonight!

  171. I think it was freckles (?) who said something about this wonderful on-line community that, regardless of age, gender, race, etc. etc. is all about one vision: Hillary is 44!!! Love you guys.

  172. Frank Rich of NYTimes is now on MESSMSNBC, he is so obvious. He’s for Obama. He basically said this win for Hillary was inconsequential. I expect the NYtimes to basically come out and endorse Obambi probably on 2/5- it’s clear.

    When asked which of the two is more electable, he said both are then said personally speaking Obambi is because Hillary has baggage.

    Duh! we know of all that stuff and it’s old. The general public know nothing about Obambi because the stupid media refuses to vet him but when the rethugs do, his negs will be higher.

  173. That 20 sec clip of Hillary’s acceptance speech was just shameful. They are trying to ignore her win and they don’t want to pipe up her win. They think we are idiots.

    On to something better. Hillary looked smashing in red.

  174. I switched to CNN and they had her speaking giving a victory speech and then they cut in, MessMSNBC and Fox didn’t even carry it. How disgusting! They refuse to allow her to celebrate her win.

  175. Many rural precincts are yet to report in Nevada. How can the calculate delegates when 10% of the state’s votes are not tabulated?

  176. well she looked great in her red suit….she should wear red more often. they just didn’t show enough of her


    she won women,latino,core democrats …

    great photos of her

  177. tweety looks literally sick…oh sweet victory

    the media are all but giving south carolina to obama…just wait. bills going door to door and church to church ,, bet he starts in the morning

  178. IF Obama wins SC, Big Media had BETTER call his win there “inconsequential” too because, all political correctness aside, he is supposed to win there.

    But they won’t. It will be the second coming again. They are so disgusting and transparent. That’s ok because FL and then Feb. 5th will be ours.

    I mean Her’s. 🙂

  179. Yes, folks, they are tryin’ to take away and undercut just as much as they possibly can from Hillary’s win. The guys just can’t stand it, but they’ll have a long time to get over it. I am sad that they didn’t show more of Hillary’s speech and they are really emphasizing the repugs and sayin’ that Bo won more delegates.

  180. Remember how they gave Hillary shit after the Iowa caucus because she said the caucus process disenfranchised voters (which it does)? At least she stayed and gave a concession speech and thanked her volunteers and staff. Obambi was on a FRIGGIN PLANE before the results were tallied. He left. Gone. What an asshole.

  181. i saw the speech on cnn, she had a hoarse voice, but still she was beaming!! Looked fantastic and gave a nice short speech.

  182. If those despicable talking heads are spinning her win as something that was expected and like it is no big deal really, just imagine how ecstatic the coverage would have been had BO won, even if by a point. If this was a closed primary and not a caucus, she would have crushed him.

    After Iowa, she was behind by only 2 delegates and they wrote her obituary. Suddenly, everyone is focusing on the delegate count to boost their Golden Boy.

    And if BO wins SC, the media is going to be delirious. And that idiot Kos has officially lost his mind from what I hear. Get over it guys, she’s on her way to winning this thing big ..

  183. you know what, this smug media is helping Hillary. the more they diminish every win, the more women will flock to her.

    andrea mitchell saying clintons knew how to run up the vote, but that delegates went to bambi…wth .. how can he get more delegates and she win? I loathe andrea mitchell.

    Women really feel the ability to make a change and make their voices heard and so far so good.

  184. how stupid-o spends all thsi time on vote rigging etc now says well nv rejected me hanidly but i still got delegates. laughable! hillary won this! she won dems,latinos, jews,union folks-the keys ot winning feb 5. obama im sure si thinking of tommorrow’s smear. if hillary cn peel a bit of the aa vote in sc she can win. i bet next week the polls there will be much closer. bill is going there, jackson lee, ame folks etc.

  185. Guys, my husband is almost completely apolitical. I mean, he votes in presidential elections, and catches the odd 5 minutes of cable news here and there, but that’s it. So he is a pretty neutral, non-wonkish average type observer.

    He was LAUGHING watching MSNBC today. He said that the bias is so over-the-top and obvious, that any voter with one lick of sense will see right through it. He said that it is going to turn more voters towards Hillary than away, because they are just ridiculous.

    He sees it clearly, and he pays VERY little attention to politics – he’s the original Mr. Workaholic.

  186. Yep, a 20 sec clip of her speech — they were all for giving cover to that slinking jerk instead of pointing out how rude his behavior is toward his supporters. Is this the guy people want for their president? Every one of her wins is equally historic but they are mean…they should be ashamed of themselves.
    Can somebody get a video of it and put it on YouTube please? Admin?

  187. http://dailykos.com/storyonly/2008/1/19/162953/644/790/439573

    Thereisnospoon, the author of the diary, denied the existence of date rape at MyLeftWing.

    Thereisnosppon, the author of the diary, penned a diary entitled “Hillary Must Be Stopped” at MyLeftWing

    Thereisnospoon, the author of the diary, is a volunteer of the Obama campaign.

    Obama supporters online are attempting to circulate this rumor in order to pressure the media to invalidate Clinton’s victory. They hope it will “taint” her victory. Notice how this was presented at MyDD.

    Notice that Thereisnospoon does not claim this would have affected the final results. He knows what he types is not true, and Obama will not ask for an investigation, even though the campaign will allege widespread fraud.

    Jill Derby, Chairwoman of the Nevada Democratic Party, will not launch an investigation, for Derby knows the allegations are baseless.

  188. Axelrod is stating BO got 13 delegates and HRC got 12, how??? and Tim Russert said the same thing. Can someone explain that to me?

  189. dailykos.com/storyonly/2008/1/19/162953/644/790/439573

    this is laughable.

    i posted a comment about this diary, but it is now caught in moderation.

  190. i am so pissed at the BM coverage, or lack of, HRC’s victory today. this is bullshit. guess i’ll have to wait until february 5 to put this to bed. damn!

  191. The bias is so obvious — they really are afraid of her, aren’t they?

    In Iowa she got only one delegate less despite the percentage difference. They didn’t headline that, did they?

  192. No kidding, plural, and if he ends up with more delegates, well, people in NV are going to be pissed. She is the one they chose.

  193. when she wins the White House they can’t dismiss her then. I hope when she gets to give press conferences and take questions that she relegates these thugs to the back of the room.

  194. Hearty congratulations to freckles and everyone on the ground in Nevada!

    While critiquing the post-victory coverage is inescapable, in a larger sense, the implications for the remainder of the primary campaign. SC is winnable now, especially if Edwards starts to seriously tank there. If OB loses SC, he’ll get crushed on Feb. 5th, and it will be all over except for the crying.

  195. I cannot believe what losers the Tim Russerts and the Kos’s are. Effing kos has a headline “obama wins nevada”. What a dick! Nice to shove that in the face of all these voters who came out for Hill.

  196. I really think South Carolina is within grasp. I’m going to do the phone and I really wish I was financially and physically able (hubby is seriously disabled) to go to South Carolina.

  197. Best to view the Big Blogs and BM as SATIRE and laugh at how silly it all is. Listening to Fineman say it’s civil war and it will tear the party apart, I laughed and laughed. They’re comedians, feel free to laugh at their antics. Remember that they don’t really know any more than you do and that they feel the desperate need to say something that will justify their existence and paycheck, so they say the most outrageous thing that comes into their heads. The next timed you want to throw something at the screen, just LAUGH!

  198. Plouffe claims these reports of irregularities, such as registration forms running out, but what does that have to do with the Clinton campaign? And he says the lawsuit/fight against those Strip caucus sites reduced turnout. Huh?

    It’s clear to me the Obama campaign is never going to give Hillary credit for anything. After NH, racism was the excuse. Not it’s dirty tricks. Hogwash.

  199. they are still trying to carve a chink in her armor and it hasn’t happened yet, they can’t beat her so they want to try to derail her victories.

    well we will celebrate along with all the brave Nevadans who STOOD UP for Hillary.

    we keep expecting to wake from a bad nightmare and see the media gets it..they wont’ and don’t plan to. I wish I had advice on how to deal with it, it sucks but we do have our community here to hold close and comfort one another in good times and bad times.

    it’s hard to put in words how hurtful it is the way they treat her, it’s like having one of my own hurt. we just have to deal and be strong, like our girl.

  200. Be prepared: This dirty tricks claim will be pushed by Obama and Big Media for days to take away from Hillary’s win.

  201. They ran out of forms — when the turnout exceeded expectations — and that’s a dirty trick? Talk about sounding desperate.

  202. so did bambi, that we know, ever acknowledge he lost or is he simply chatting with his bm friends on how to dismiss her win with his negative flounering?

  203. Axelrod and Obama are nothing but scum. Assholes. After every Hillary victory, whether its a debate or an election ,they come up with some despicable trumped up lie to divert attention because they know a friendly media, print and cable, is on their side. So now after the race card, its “voting irregularities”. The asshole loses by 6 % and his campaign puts out an official press release declaring “victory” and spewing this crap. After they refused to put a stop to the racist ad in NV and overtly supported it, their credibility is zilch. Sore losers.

  204. Delegates are awarded by winning a congressional district. Obama won more districts in Washoe county because Edwards won 9% of the vote. Delegate counts are tentative anyway since there are county conventions and then the state convention when the actual delegates will be awarded. Just as Edwards received a higher percentage than Hillary in Iowa and she won more delegates.

  205. timjcain, I read that it is because Obama won in Reno and that the distribution of the delegates was based on that.

    People will remember Al Gore in 2000 when they keep bringing up him winning the delegates and Hillary winning the state, it won’t sit well with folks. I expect turnout for Hillary to get even better..

    I expect next week to see more big guns out in the media to fight for Hillary..just a gut feeling.

    I told you all earlier this week I had a gut feeling about Nevada.

  206. Guys do not worry about the media Hillary has won 3 in a row, they cant stop her as it appears and like I said before I am not conceding SC to BHO we could just run the tables here. I heard on NPR this morning that some Indies in Sc were torn on whether to vote for Mccain today or Hillary next week. It was said just as I am writing here. Also people now understand the media bias and most feel its unfair that works in our favor.
    People will rise for Hillary
    Hussien is about to realise that this fairy tale has no happy ending

  207. John Ralston of Las Vegas Sun stated that Hillary won 15 and Obama 13. He refuted Axelrod’s claims and explained how Hillary did in fact win. According to Ralston, Axelrod does not know how to calculate delegates.

  208. Everyone calm down and stop worrying about it Hillary could still end up winning more delegates at the state convention when they have it before the nominating convention.

  209. It about momentum which ever way they may slice it the headline will be Clinton up 3 to 1 on Hussien
    mOst people do not read beyond the headline

  210. “what is so important about hearing fred thompson concede south carolina.”

    obviously much more important than hearing a HRC victory speech in NV..

  211. mj, you think? He’s going to have to hurry up, I’m sure Matthews is twisting in his seat to get back to attacking Hillary.

    this does not sound like someone dropping out…….he’s droning on and on and on and on

    yes, fred I know you are from tennesee

  212. nope not dropping out…people at msnbc confounded….told you matthews would be twisting, he is going to tear that chair up with his big butt

  213. listening to cnn re the republican coverage. this is the only fair coverage i’m seeing. cnn really seems to be giving them all respect. I think Mccain will win and he may present our biggest challenge although I do think the country will see him as an extension of Bush.

  214. Matthews wasn’t paying attention – he was swooning over the smell of cigars and Aqua Velva on the set.

    I’m telling you, the sheer fear in that studio is palpable, every time Hillary wins. They all start clutching at their group manliness like security blankets. Their entire body language changes.
    They have no idea how pitiful they look, or how America is laughing at them and their love affair with their candidate, The Hollow Man. Honestly they are behaving like sullen little boys.

  215. the MSM media is going to try to spin Nevada as nobody won because of the delegates…they will keep falling back to that idea over and over

  216. Read something about a group they have formed to emphasize the infrastructure. Today Govs Rendell and Schwarzenager appeared with Bloomberg as he lambasted wash and agreed to work together to push for investments in ports hihways etc. If he decides to run could be damaging.

  217. Matthew is a repug, he’s not a democrat never forget that, but he think he knows what’s best and it ain’t a woman, so he and MSNBC have been tampering with the election.

    MSNBC Reality play went some where they didn’t expect…back at them. MSNBC hire nothing but hacks and political operatives to be their news face…all the good MSNBC/NBC ones are not in D.C. or NYC.

    They don’t know shit!!! I still say Chrissy girl needs a pink slip another year of that crap…puhlease!!!!

    Re: the AA votes…don’t be so sure that Obama’s AA base is that strong or deep. Most of my family are voting sympathy, but I call them pity votes for Obama and will vote for Clinton in the GE. They think Hillary is going to win but they want Obama to look good.

    I’ve been telling them…that crap is so 1980’s with what happened with Jessie Jackson campaign and how he used that to enrich himself and his family…not the struggle. At least Jessie stood and fought for something. But Obama——–puppet. I just haven’t figured out who is pulling all the strings.

  218. I fell asleep — more like passed out — a couple of hours and wake up to hear that Obama gets more delegates and that Plouffe says they ran out of ballots so Obama was hurt?

    Well, the Obama people grabbed the last of the ballots and we had to make do without them. Lemme at ‘im! The Obama people also added all the Edwards people and we got no chance to speak to them. Let’s hope the Assemblyman in our precinct speaks up.

  219. They are the same jerks that claimed that Edwards was second in Iowa though he had less delegates than Hillary. Some body needs to tell them that.

  220. Look, forget about, Hillary won. The Sun disputes Obama’s claim. But, folks, I believe she can no longer lose this primary. Why? Latinos chose her 3 to 1. That suggests deep support among latino voters. So which big state can she lose with that advantage? Not NY. Not NJ. Not FL. Not CA. Not TX.

  221. CNN Delegate Scorecard earlier had Nevada at 15 Hillary and 13 Obama, but now they have it as 14 each.

    No biggie. If Bambi wants to start talkin’ up delegates:

    210 – Clinton

    123 – Obama

    And that doesn’t include Michigan, which would add 20+ more for Hillary.

  222. As I fell asleep, I thought:

    The people who designed this caucus hate Dems.

    As a matter of fact, I am working on a thesis that this was conceived by the old Communist party of Poland. It would have worked better if it were not for the translation by a man for whom English was his 9th language. He was hired because of his work translating assembly instructions on Japanese items in the 1950s.

    Obama might want to redo this caucus next week with the original Polish rules. That way, there can be no quibbling about the meaning of “sign your preference card”. ‘Add to the bigos’ is the proper translation and only the Obama voters were victimized by the lack of clarity. If they had achieved far less votes as was intended, they would have far more delegates than they do.

    Any more caucus states coming up? I would be happy to use my Polish skills to explain it all to you.

  223. Admin at 5:02–the decision by Barack to make a mad dash out of Las Vegas, instead of remaining behind to console his troops is further proof that he lacks the moral courage to be President of the United States.

    As always, there is an historical parallel. In the Revolutionary War there was an American General by the name of Horatio Gates.

    He was one of Washintongton’s favorites, and was given credit for our victory in the Battle of Saratoga, although most historians agree that the real credit belonged to a far more able general Benedict Arnold-before his defection.

    In 1780 Gates was given a much larger job as commander of the southern army, and he led his troops in the disastrous Battle of Camden, where he was badly outmaneuvered by the British under Tarleton. Ultimately,two thirds of our soldiers were lost.

    The interesting thing is that when the battle turned against the Americans, Gates got on his horse, fled the battlefield and did not stop until he reached the safety of Washington DC. Shortly thereafter he was relieved of command. Today they use airplanes for evacuation.

    Perhaps I am being too difficult on Barack. Maybe he didn’t understand that it was important to stay in the field with his troops; maybe he did not understand that it was unwise to seek financial help from a political fixer under investigation by the FBI; maybe he did not understand that if he wanted to oppose the Iran Resolution the way to do so is by casting a vote like a US Senator is expected to; maybe he did not understand that it is wrong to take 130 present votes as an Illinois Senator: maybe he did not understand that when he took a pledge to stop using race in the campaign, that he
    needed to advise his surrogates and repudiate them when they broke his pledge. Maybe.

    Or it may simply be that he lacks moral courage which is fundamental to leadership.

  224. MSNBC is a bitter betty…it’s so sad to see a once great news organisation reduce to propagandising the news. It’s really, really sad and pathetic.

    MSNBC/NBC has lost so much of their credibility, Tom Brokaw must be sick to see how low the mighty has fallen.

    At least Fox news has some since of credibility as a news organization. They haven’t drinked the koolaid like MSNBC/NBC has…wow.

    Now Keith Olberman is giving out false NV delegate count info like facts, even when the NV State party said the official delegate count will be in April.

    Goebbels anyone?

  225. MSNBC is really trying to stir up trouble in the Democratic party… Tim Russert is really going overboard now trying to pit Obama against Bill and saying they have to go mano on mano…going on and on about Bill…they really need to cool their jets…especially Tim R…over at MSNBC…they could ratchet things up to a point of no return and a dangerous level…they really need to cool it…

  226. carbynew, are we surprised? They were always cheerleaders for Obama. I do agree though this is even lower than just cheer leading.

  227. There were plenty of bitter beer faces on CNN, too. Donna Brazille, Gloria Borger, and everybody’s favority Carl Bernstein all needed their diapers changed because they were full of stinky poopies.

    My favorite of the night was Eugene “Hurry Up and Play the Race Card” Robinson.

  228. CBS News Bob Schieffer said that Hillary’s win in Nevada was a “very big deal“, as Obama had gotten the endorsement of the huge Culinary Union, yet she won more union votes.

    Schieffer also said that Edwards camp is saying he will “reassess” his campaign after South Carolina. Said his campaign is running on fumes.

  229. hi hillfans, im art work but GO HILLARY!! BIG MEDIA IS TRYING TO DOWN PLAY IT BUT IT WON’T WORK. later hillfans!! LOVE U GUYS!!!!

  230. Mike Huckabee is really congratulaing his workers and telling them not to be disappointed. They left it all on the field…be proud. This is a great concession speech.

    This is a class act.

    any more info on where obama went? i feel he might be off cooking up a good sympathy story…just a gut feel

  231. Oh brother.

    CBS News Lee Cowan reporting that Obama left Nevada even before hearing the results of the caucus, saying that he flew home to Chicago to spend more time with his children.

  232. mj, in Nevada he got more delegates. Check politico. I dont know how the hell they work this shit out though….

  233. told you, he’s cooking up some illness or something to deflect having to face the voters and concede ONCE again….he’s shady


  234. Went home to Chicago to spend more time with children and is suppose to be in Atlanta in the morning… More like he went home to have a meeting with his lawyers…

  235. hwc says:
    There were plenty of bitter beer faces on CNN, too. Donna Brazille, Gloria Borger, and everybody’s favority Carl Bernstein all needed their diapers changed because they were full of stinky poopies.

    LMAO!!! (Yes, I remember those bitter beer face commercials well, lol.)

  236. The “delegates” that were chosen today were representatives to the internal party caucus in April. The last count reported is:

    Clinton: 5355
    Obama: 4773
    Edwards: 396
    Kucinich: 5
    Uncommitted: 31

    But keep in mind that today was a ‘non-binding’ caucus, meaning the representatives can change their minds in April. At that time these party members will get together and chose the 25 Delegates to the Democratic Party convention in Denver. So a lot will still depend on the status of the race at the time the party meets in April. I’m betting that Clinton will also come out ahead after that meeting.

    This convoluted process is the best argument for primaries that I’ve heard.

  237. reckon how all those caucusers who took their time to support him REALLY feel right now. bet they wish the could go back on the time machine about 12 hours or so.

  238. Jesus, stop worrying about the delegates. She won by 6 points. She will win the delegates there. Sun says it Hill 15, O 13. Even if it were O 13, H 12, the super delegates kick in and she wins by atleat 2 or 3 delegates. She won by 6 points! This is spin from a sore loser.

  239. mj… cnn and msnvc are saying the same thing.

    NV gives 13 delegates to Obama, 12 to Clinton? This doesn’t include super-delegates. How is that possible?

  240. even if he wanted to get out of dodge so to speak he could have recorded something for the flock. I sort a feel sorry for them…but then again HAHA,

  241. Jaz, they are full of shit. Do ya think Nevada is going to deny a six point win from their voters? Absolutely will not happen. This is Obama spin. No one in Nevada agrees with it. They all say she won, and won big. Just, please, try to move on.

  242. Jaz the “Obama got more delegates” is spin. It’s a way to dirty up the noise and belittle Hillary’s big achievement. It’s petty and small minded because it doesn’t really hurt Hillary but the media is insulting the NV voters, but they are too stupid to understand that.

    It seem too many talking head have a problem with having a “Big Head” and have drunk the Koolaid and think they are kingmakers and propagandists. The problem with MSM is that political operatives has invaded the news as pundits and analysists…like Chrissy gal and they really believe they are that powerful and important.

    They’re not!!!

  243. I don’t give a f___ about who got what delegates. It’s only a difference of one or two. Big deal. She won by 6 points, which is all that matters.

  244. Does anyone know the exact number of votes cast, and how many of those Hill won? I’m curious.

    This is so exciting.

  245. just back from nv:

    It was great to see so much support for Hillary. I believe if this was a primary. with secret/private voting, her support would be greater.

    I know a lot of her supportter could not make it to their precincts.

    Also there was some pressure from a certain religious group to back their candidate – regardless of party – so some people decided to forgo attending the causus.

    Caususes are not really democratic!

  246. Oh, SNAP! Hillary’s press release, throwing the pundits own words back in their faces:

    What Does Nevada Mean?

    CNN’s Don Lemon – ‘A victory in Nevada could be huge for the winning campaign.’ [CNN, 1/17/08]

    MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough – ‘Boy, I’ll tell you what, a Nevada win would be very big for Hillary Clinton.’ [MSNBC Hardball, 1/18/08]

    NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell – ‘Clearly, if she were to pull this off in Nevada, that is a big win for her.’ [MSNBC Hardball, 1/18/08]

    MSNBC’s Chris Matthews – ‘It just seems to me if Hillary Clinton wins this one… she’s back in the lead big-time.’ “It just seems to me if Hillary Clinton wins this one, after all the hoopla and hopes in some quarters about Barack Obama winning two in a row… that she’s back in the lead big-time.”

    [MSNBC Hardball, 1/18/08] Newsday’s Glenn Thrush – ‘Nevada is a vital, if not essential, prize for both candidates.’ [Newsday, 1/18/08]

    NY Observer’s Steve Kornacki – ‘Barack Obama needs Nevada more than Hillary Clinton does.’ “Barack Obama needs Nevada more than Hillary Clinton does… it’s Obama’s best – and only chance – of turning February 5 into something other than a fatal draw.” [observer.com, 1/18/08]

    Obama National Feild Director Temo Figueroa ‘The Nevada election is going to come down to: Whoever gets the endorsement of the Culinary Workers Union, more than likely, is going to win Nevada’ [Politico, 1/10/08]

  247. If the AP is connecting Obama w/Rezko in their reporting…then this is going to blow up big.

    Obama is giving way $40,000.00 campaign financing from Rezko to charity. That’s current money…I didn’t think Obama was that stupid and dumb after knowing that Rezko was being investigated by the feds and he still accepted Rezko money?….yikes

  248. I just checked the Nevada Web site the delegates are called soft pledge delegates that is non binding. There are 8 soft unpledged delegates still to be decided . The 25 soft pledged delegates are divided as
    13-BO and 12-Hillary. These are soft pledged and could change between now and Apr 18. As I said before there are 8 soft unpledged still to be decided. I am not posting the link because it may be stuck in the spam filter.

  249. No one outside of a few political junkies is paying any attention to this. The rest of the country thinks, rightly, Hillary won.

  250. it is so painfully obvious that media is a boys club.

    they gave large time for fumbling fred thompson and for everybody else’s speechs .. the men.

    they gave Hillary a few moments for REMARKS.

  251. dot48, my Dad is a political scientist(by education). He’s brilliant. He said, a)Hill won, b)she won big because of those 7 of 9 at-large precincts Obama should have won, c)no one outside of the political junkies even understands delegates, but they know winning by 6 points means Hill won, and d)his guess is alot of these infotainment pundits have never had a female boss and they just can’t fathom a woman is becoming president. 🙂

  252. Hmm, I’ve tried to post a link 4 times and it hasn’t gotten through, so I guess it gets stuck. The Left Coaster has an interesting post on the delgate debacle: A Reality Check on Nevada.

  253. anyone else find the timing of that article about him giving the $ back a little suspect.

    there is dirt there…it’s going to bust out and he’s running scared. that excuse to go home for the kiddies…won’t fly.

    hope this busts all out next week….big time

  254. well somewhere up there his campaign is feigning that he got more delegates…..hey buddy you LOST can’t you at least say something to your poor supporters out there. that is why i say he’ll come up with some slick excuse i.e . sick kiddie, poor grandma (or has she been found yet)

  255. How interesting that Obama is giving $40,000 to charity after his connection with Rezko is getting into the media. I guess he thought it was OK to have that money before as long as no one knew about it. Didn’t he give other money to charity earlier in the campaign when Rezko came up? It makes you wonder just how much $$ he got from Rezko overall and if there is more that will need to be donated in the future.

  256. Put NV in the bag people and lets move on, we have won 3 in a row Hussein and his people know that this is just spin.
    Now this week he has the Rezko story to contend with which should throw him of his game a little. The stategy i think for Hillary this week is to keep him back peddling and off balance. I sure wish we had a 527 right now to keep this Rezko story alive.
    Hussein is in trouble we need to go for the jagular in SC. Starting with the debate Hillary has to keep up the pressure we saw in NH that 5 days is a long time in politics. If we win Sc this race is over so lets throw everything at him this week including the kitchen sink.

  257. The Tim Russert rant about Bill playing the mean guy and having to attack Obama was utter nonsense. He carried on about Bill getting access to the casinos and how next week he would really have to get nasty.

    Timmy left out 2 rather important facts. Bill’s stroll through the casinos was credited with the great result from those precincts. And the films showed it.
    There was also not one word — nada — about the despicable ad about Hillary being shameless which DID NOT WORK.

    There was a similar line by John Dickerson in Slate that said that Hillary won by attacking BO and dirty tricks. ?????????

    When did newsmen start to believe that they had to give opinions on everything including the weather? Was it just after they started thanking each other for giving us a news item?

  258. Just got home and happy to see that Hillary has NV in the bag. Lets stay positive and keep the wins coming! GO HILLARY!

  259. Why can’t MSM say it is a non binding caucus. Nevada proves beyond a doubt that BO can not win any of the western states. He is not viable. MSM knows that but they do not want to admit the fact.

  260. Yes, yall, time to get to more letters to MSNBC. I don’t think the guys got it. They are closin’ ranks. One of ’em spent i don’t know how many minutes of air time this afternoon talkin’ about what a brilliant politico Chris Matthews is. Then we have Olbermann focusin’ entirely on BO. They are not only sexist as all hell, they are also racist as all hell. They assume all Blacks will vote for BO because BO is Black. I would like to give all people more credit than that. I think most people I’ve encountered take this election pretty doggone seriously. It’s only a game to the boys of MSNBC. Time to write their boss again. Sigh a big ole al gore sigh.

    Dot, I agree the timing of the article is most interesting. And I don’t remember the last time a candidate left without thanking their folks. That’s bad form. So I am really wonderin’ what’s goin’ on. The pundits were quick to talk about where Hill’s goin’ to church tomorrow. As if she and Bill hadn’t been goin’ to AA churches for years off and on. She will reach out to the AA community, just as she is doing to all Americans. I think Hillary really knows what it is to honor diversity in this country and not just talk about appealin’ to one constituency. As one who remembers the Civil Rights movement, and the people who gave their lives to make this country better, I really resent people trying to pit one group against one another. It’s a crime and the media is culpable. And it is dangerous business. I heard one of Obama’s people today refer to his candidacy as an insurgency. That’s right, a damn insurgency. You know, I don’t think we need that kind of talk in this country.

    Admin, I’ll be interested to see how this Rezko business shakes out, cause I have a funny feeling about that quick trip home and that newspaper article. thank you for getting us all up to speed on that. Lord knows it’ll take an act of congress to get much discussion of it in the MSM.

  261. I really believe that the more headlines that say “women backing Hillary” will propel even more closet supporters to step up and be counted. it is now officially okay for women to not only like Hillary but to actually openly or quietly support her.

    women know that women can do any job a man can do,,,just better and more efficiently

    i’m off to bed now, catch you

  262. I really believe that the more headlines that say “women backing Hillary” will propel even more closet supporters to step up and be counted. it is now officially okay for women to not only like Hillary but to actually openly or quietly support her.

    women know that women can do any job a man can do,,,just better and more efficiently

    i’m off to bed now, catch you

  263. Let me preface this by saying…..Woo hoo! WE WON! Yay, Hillary!

    It’s a shame that Obambi is getting his spin spun in the MSM. It’ll be great when Hillary is back in the White House and at least SOME of the press will be willing to at the very least tell the story from her side. I’d prefer it if journalists were more neutral but I don’t have a problem hearing two versions of spin and figuring out what’s closer the truth. Hillary’s team is great, but I do wish that more people had easier access to the information she’s putting out.

    If anyone is curious about why the delegate count was what it was, here’s probably the best explanation that I’ve found so far:

    “While the process of delegate apportionment is extremely complicated, it boils down to this: in the places that Clinton won, there were an even number of delegates that were split between she and Obama. In the places Obama won, there were an odd number of delegates, meaning that he often took two delegates to one for Clinton.”

    from this article:

  264. *********BLOGGER FROM LV SUN TIMES*****
    POOR GUY……….
    By Jeffko
    1/19/08 at 7:17 p.m.
    Suggest removal Hey — Harry Reid !

    I have spent a year of my life and oodles of my time trying to get people to get involved and pay attention to us.

    You guys screwed up.

    My Caucus was the worst organized debacle I have ever been involved in.

    I first have to give up my candidate, John Edwards, because he did not stay viable. OK. My guy lost. My party rules said if you do not get enough votes you move to another candidate or you choose uncommited or you leave.

    I joined Hillary Clinton’s caucus.

    Then I come home and see that Barack Obama, despite getting a substantially fewer amount of votes, has more delegates than my new choice, Hillary Clinton.

    I lost three times today, and you wasted my time.

    You guys have now joined the US Supreme Court in the annals of US Political History in stealing the election from the person who won it. Hillary Clinton won, but Barack Obama becomes our Presidential nominee if we are the last criteria used to choose the Democratic nominee.

    Shame, shame, shame on all of you.

    God Bless

  265. It’s crazy…

    6% win…fewer delegates? Widely reported now.

    Clintons should make an issue.. For electoral reform!

  266. Let them doubt us, and we’ll just keep proving the pundits wrong. We should be taking joy in their frustration.

    No one ever said getting a woman into the White House would be easy…but we’re one step closer to making it a reality.

  267. The reagan statement, the republicans being the party of ideas, the blatent attack on hillary in spanish, the statement about him not being a burocrat, the stoking of the fabricated fires of racism
    hes not a stupid man — almost seems like hes comitting political suicide
    in an earlier post someone referred to him as a puppit and was wondering who was pulling the strings
    Bloomberg the conference a few weeks back about stopping the gridlock of partianship i believe during the iowa caucas
    bloomberg democrat to republican to independent?
    bloomberg NV caucus same day holds an event with the democratic governor of PA and the republican govenor of CA two very big states to blast washington not only bush but a stagnated congress on progressing with improvements to americas infrastructure
    the dem party has become a bit polarized more so than i can remember in a primary
    if bburg and obama were to combine forces what would be the effect?
    has anyone ever after losing the primary contest ran independently
    maybe i am just paranoid but it seemed to me that his statements over the last couple of days were not off the cuff but calculated

  268. You are off base. His comments were the words of a desperate guy who has seen the Hillary juggernaut in the Dem base. I don’t think he has a way to win.

  269. Fox has some live footage of Clinton in MS. I love how she apologized for being late but explained that they wanted to stay and thank the people who helped her and voted for her.

    IMHO, she was ever so subtly drawing the contrast with Obambi not being the gracious loser.

  270. I think you’re right mj. BO has painted himself into the unity corner and it has him pandering on the one hand and attacking on the other. It’s not a pretty picture.Nost of his comments have him soundin’ naive and irresponsible.

  271. I’ve been at the bar (but still sober unfortunately). I checked the web on my cell and saw the KC Star endorsement a couple of hours ago. Figured that was in the works after my visit there in October. Also makes sense she’d visit that state tonight. I think Hillary’s support is fairly deep in the AA religious community. She has a long history there.

    The delegate count story was debunked in TOM Election Central hours ago in the comments on Greg Sargeant’s post. Bwak lost. Fuck ’em.

    Now to address the hurt feelings here: Bwak should have given a statement congratulating her. To not do so, smacks of pettiness. But there are a couple of reasons he can’t. First is obviously ego. The guy can’t ever admit a mistake. At least Breck Girl gets a nod for being a big enough man to admit making mistakes as a candidate and a former Senator. Second, if Bwak conceded he would be viewed as weak…against a girl. Sorry but this is the basest of all sexism and BM won’t call him on it. Oh, well. Not our faults they have small peckers. 🙂

    As for the quick flight home…watch for TPM and others to start asking questions. The donation to charity of the $40K was ill-timed to say the least, but they’ll try to spin it. Oh, we didn’t know until now or worse yet…this has been in the works and it’s just a coinkie dink. BM will buy it. They have to or their narrative of the Golden Child is over. And seeing how those assholes can’t invent a new story at this late date (remember Hillary is already vetted),. they have to perpetuate the myth of the ethically pure hope monger.

    WTE. Folks are catching on and they’re getting closer to the attic where the portrait of Ronnie, Jr. hangs in all its ugly infamy like a twin of Dorian Grey.

    I’ll post more tomorrow on my theory on why the “establishment” isn’t supporting Hillary. Let’s just say it has to do with party control come next November and who will be cut out of it.

  272. congrats to Hillary, and congrats to all of us! the hillary supporters! The volunteers! The people who helped make a difference! 😀

  273. Its good to be the underdog, its about expectations and meeting those expectations that makes Hillarys win the more dramatic, let the media go on like they are doing in a way it helps trust me i will take the sympathy vote anytime.
    People SC is very very important lets not lose fous, some great ideas have been born here we need to defy the odds there,
    We know we can do it we have NH to learn from and remember this is a an election which we have done well in

  274. Seriously, i can’t remember the last time a candidate just skipped town without sayin’ thank you. And to not call her and have a word at least. My fear is that this is goin’ to be gettin’ even uglier.

  275. Tim, I said last week I thought Bwak was working on a 3rd party deal with Bloomie. Watch for that 3rd party ticket as a hedged bet. He isn’t a Democrat. Screw him and that carpetbagger sexual harasser, Bloomberg.

  276. of course establishments like Pelosi, kerry, etc won’t support Hillary 😀

    They all know how strong she is and how she can’t be easily swindled or bought over with loving comments or words (the clinton years from 92-2000 were prbbly a nightmare for all these ass-kissing suckers :D) so they’ll want the next egomaniac douche to be president so that they actually retain all the power 😀

  277. timjcain, John Anderson ran unsucessfully as an independent in 1980 after loosing to Reagan in the primaries. He finally ended up with 7% of the vote. I do not see BO running as independent.

  278. Last night I met someone in the Green party who told me that Ralph Nader is planning to run!

  279. HEY OAKIE,





  280. MollyJ, it will be so ugly and the BM will lay it Hillary’s feet even though she’s just playing defense. This is a watershed moment in political history. If women unite, there’s nothing the GOP or a 3rd party run by the Bloomers can do to stop her….that’s why they’re trying so hard.

  281. OMG LMAO

    look at Obama’s website:

    it says:

    Obama :13
    Clinton: 12


    someone’s a soreee loserrrrrrr

  282. chaz356 , Please stop with the Hussian comments, it’s undermine Hillary message. I don’t have a problem with his name or any of the candidates names. I have a problem with his record, his campaign, his lack of detail in his policies and his inexperience.

    He prolly would have been a excellent candidate 2016 if had worked hard and prepared himself for the job. Let me tell you this if Colin Powell had elected to become a democrat and he was competing against Hillary, Colin would have beaten Hillary if he was running in this race.

    So it was never about race but about who is the best person to handle the problems of this country on day one, once GWB is gone. I happen to believe it’s Hillary.

    P.S. why are we talking about NV delegate count since it’s not official until April? I will not have my joy taken away because MSM is pissed at being wrong again.

    Like I said before MSNBC/NBC are pigs, they have no honor and because they’re in the media they can say anything and think they can get away with it….Take no prisoners!!!

    Go to the advertisers, FCC about the sexism on display, take it to them hard because they are tapering with an election…it obvious and it’s pissing me off. MSNBC reality play must end!!

  283. timj re: “if bburg and obama were to combine forces what would be the effect?”

    I just can’t really think of any way that a Bloomberg run would hurt Hillary or Democrats. Hillary has been very protective of the base. Obama is not beating her among Democrats, his success is with Independents and disenchanted Republicans who are voting in the Dem primaries. The only traditional Dems that he’s pulling are among the AA community, and while they can vote for him over Hillary in a primary, I just don’t think that they would break away from the Democratic party to vote for him as a Veep to Bloomberg, and Bloomberg wouldn’t pay for a run as Veep.

    Bloomberg in the race helps Hillary any way you slice it, the way I see it. The best he could hope for would be to siphon votes off the Republican nominee like Ross Perot did in Bill’s race.

  284. if obama bolted for a 3rd party it would severely harm hillary’s chnces and ensure 4 more yrs of nutty rule. as for sc-she can win it. lord knows bill is there, cong jackson lee is there etc.. its doable-and if edwards’ numbers implode further there hillary will gain

  285. United, I can’t post from my phone. Actually can’t get this site. Way too big. I’m home now. Fat gassy Boston Terrier at my feet, snoring hubby by my side (I’m thinking couch but the PC is in the bedroom).

    No BBQ here. I’m outta propane since someone used my grill without turning it off. Hint. Hint.

  286. Oh…and people on Barack’s website are fuming over supposedly “unfair” dirty tricks that Hillary’s people did during caucus

  287. Okie, Yes, I believe you are right. I don’t think it’s good for the party or the country. But this just confirms what we’ve suspected time and again on this site. It’s all about him. It’s about his ego and the power of those that are playin’ him like a fiddle so they can hang onto what they’ve got.

  288. Wow what a day!!!! Hillary deserves at least a short rest. She is sooo wonderful and I love her thanking Bill and Chelsy first.

    Hillary 2008!!!!

  289. Understand that these delegates from each precinct go to a county convention where they select the real delegates but it isn’t exactly binding…..never mind, this explanation is worse than the spin….

    Hillary won Nevada! Yippee.

  290. OkieAtty
    Hope we are both paranoid
    Am i correct that each of the summits/ meetings bloomie has been a part of coincided with caucases(sp?)
    and each has gone out of the way to be emphatic about erasing gridlock
    the statements by obama with regards to how he would act as prez admitting that his shortcomings in the nuts and bolts aspect couple him with bloomie to handle that part ???

  291. EEEEWWWW,

    did you have to say gassy?
    well, you guys are the party poopers,
    anyway, waiting to hear your theory tomorrow,


  292. Hillary won Women, Voters over 50, Whites, Hispanics while Obama won AA and won men by a small margin in NV. Women+voters over 50+whites+Hispanics= WINS. If Obama can only win AA and men he has a huge problem on his hands. California and Florida have a very large Hispanic population. The fact is that Hillary has their support and that is a HUGE advantage over Obama.

  293. Carbynew point taken, I do not have a problem with his name I am sure he is proud of it also. I am just pissed how dirty this guy can be they tried to swift boat Hillary with the 527 ad and trust me the more he gets panicked more will come.
    trust me he is not compaigning on issues, I know people who do not even know anything and I mean anything but plan to vote for him.
    The repbs have been winning elections by swiftboating dems for a long time BHO nows dems can be naive at times trust me this guy knows how to play dirty

  294. I would like to tell you that in our 119 member caucus, amid the endlessly noisy Obama group who used dirty tricks to get all of the Edwards people, there were a handful of latinos.

    They were charming, polite, patient, soft-spoken and all for Hillary. As I met them, all I could think of is that in this illegal immigrant discussion, these people have been endlessly maligned, in fear that we are becoming less Anglo-Saxon and more Hispanic. It’s not such a bad thing.

    I was grateful to see them and happy they were so enthusiastic for Hillary. Pat Buchanan, leave these people alone!!

  295. I blame the weak Democratic base that would fall for anything. No wonder GWB is slapping the Dem’s around because of this. I mean really when I see some of the Dems standing with this guys and it’s not because they respect him…c’mon John Kerry, that loser. He’s trying to play kingmaker and what get me is the silent from the dems on the sexism in the media.

    That’s pissing me off, it so disrespectful to women, which is the dems largest base and these clowns can’t even stand up for women. They don’t have to support Hillary if they don’t want to but to let these clown in the media treat her like this and not say something to their bosses…is just an indication how weak and stupid our party is.

    I have seen the Clintons time and time again give advise to the democrats (not that some take it) and take their lumps without making excuses or blaming anyone. They’re a class act….while Obama is not, he has a mean streak in him that comes out under stress. Not a classy guy at all.(

  296. Does anyone know of a group which has compiled a list of the regular advertisers on Matthews and Russerts programs. I’d love to fire off a letter to them. I think that would be far more effective than writing to the honchos at nbc/fox et al. Forgive my genaralization but in most homes aren’t women responsible for the majority of the shopping?

  297. Listen to Maya Angelou, what she wrote about Hillary. We fight on, and screw the Big Media:

    You may write me down in history

    With your bitter, twisted lies,

    You may tread me in the very dirt

    But still, like dust, I’ll rise.

    This is not the first time you have seen Hillary Clinton seemingly at her wits’ end, but she has always risen, always risen, don’t forget she has always risen, much to the dismay of her adversaries and the delight of her friends.

    Hillary Clinton will not give up on you and all she asks of you is that you do not give up on her.

    There is a world of difference between being a woman and being an old female. If you’re born a girl, grow up, and live long enough, you can become an old female. But to become a woman is a serious matter. A woman takes responsibility for the time she takes up and the space she occupies. Hillary Clinton is a woman. She has been there and done that and has still risen. She is in this race for the long haul. She intends to make a difference in our country. Hillary Clinton intends to help our country to be what it can become.

    She declares she wants to see more smiles in the family, more courtesies between men and women, more honesty in the marketplace. She is the prayer of every woman and man who longs for fair play, healthy families, good schools, and a balanced economy.

    She means to rise.

    Don’t give up on Hillary. In fact, if you help her to rise, you will rise with her and help her make this country the wonderful, wonderful place where every man and every woman can live freely without sanctimonious piety and without crippling fear.

    Rise, Hillary.


  298. Hi Freckles, Thanks for all your great work in Nevada today and during the campaign. It is great that Hillary has such strong support in the Latino/Latina community. In time I know that her support is going to pull even more broadly across different constituencies.
    When you feel up to it, I’d be interested in hearin’ about what kinds of tricks were being used to get all the Edwards people to join with Bo’s. I had the same impressions of how Hillary’s people were behaving compared to BO’s.

  299. Chaz356, thanks for clarifying…I totally agree with you on the lack of vetting Obama is getting.

    Correction:I meant to write: I blame the weak Democratic leadership that would fall for anything. No wonder GWB is slapping the Dem’s around because of this.

  300. If Obama thought her had won, he would never have missed an opportunity to give one of those barn burner Iowa acceptance speeches. He does not think he won, no matter how the pundits try to spin it.

  301. H4T
    where did you find the Angelou piece
    it is all the more moving that she incorpoated I Rise once again for a Clinton. And out of curiosity has Toni Morisson, the woman who labeled Bill as the first black prez, weighed in?

    Hillary, Maya, Magic, Bill – Those should be the faces campaigning in South Carolina for the next week.

    My question is when does Oprah make her rounds for Barack again?

  303. I believe that Hillary should write off South Carolina and spend next week with the Latino/a communities in Florida and California, instead.

    The African American political base has gone “all-in”, putting their chips on Obama. If he wins, they are looking good. If he loses, they have lost their pre-eminent position in the Democratic Party, replaced at the table by the Latino/a political base.

    Don’t think for a moment that Af Am political leaders don’t understand the risk of their all-in bet.

  304. Disagree, HWC. He’s lost three contest in a row. He’s going to be seen as less than viable. She won about 35% of the aa vote in MI. If this had been a primary, that probably would have happened again.

  305. From Hotline:

    Russert: “I think this is going to get very rough and tough now in South Carolina not only between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, but between Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. I think the Obama campaign is at a point where they have to now return fire in their minds. … Bill Clinton’s going to go door to door, church to church in South Africa. … I’m sorry, South Carolina” — NBC’s Tim Russert (MSNBC).

    Coming off a week of intense debate over race, Dems Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton head to SC for a very different vote, in a very different state, that will decide who gets the last boost of momentum before 2/5. Who gets that highly coveted burst of mo’, and why, will be determined largely by how the media reads the vote and, yes, the SC electorate.

    Does Russert’s slip of the tongue reveal anything about how the media views the SC Dem primary and, more importantly, how they will cover it over the next week? Will an Obama win be widely dismissed as black Dems simply voting for one of their own, depriving him of any post-SC bounce? [JOHN MERCURIO].

  306. From the Moderate Voice:
    Top Democrats Now Trying To Quiet Down Bill Clinton
    By Joe Gandelman

    This site has gotten lots of emails from angry readers saying we’re “anti-Clinton” due to posts from SEVERAL independent writers here that strongly condemned the role and tone of former President Bill Clinton’s campaign appearances to help his wife, Senator Hillary Clinton, get the Democratic Party’s Presidential nomination. These readers should now add the names of some top Democrats to the “anti-Clinton” list — since they’re saying the same thing, Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter reports:

    Prominent Democrats are upset with the aggressive role that Bill Clinton is playing in the 2008 campaign, a role they believe is inappropriate for a former president and the titular head of the Democratic Party. In recent weeks, Sen. Edward Kennedy and Rep. Rahm Emanuel, both currently neutral in the Democratic contest, have told their old friend heatedly on the phone that he needs to change his tone and stop attacking Sen. Barack Obama, according to two sources familiar with the conversations who asked for anonymity because of their sensitive nature. Clinton, Kennedy and Emanuel all declined to comment.

    On balance, aides to both Bill and Hillary still see Bill as a huge net plus in fund-raising, attracting large crowds and providing a megaphone to raise doubts about Obama—even if some of those doubts are distortions. But there’s concern that in hatcheting the Illinois senator and losing his temper with the news media (last week he thrashed a San Francisco TV reporter for asking about a lawsuit filed by Clinton-backing teachers union members to limit the number of Nevada caucuses), Clinton is drawing down his political capital and harming his role as a global statesman. “This is excruciating,” says a member of the Clintons’ circle, who asked for anonymity. “But the stakes couldn’t be higher. It’s worth it to tarnish himself a bit now to win the presidency.”

    Actually, it isn’t worth it — since there may be a larger, long-term political cost.

    The reaction of THIS independent voter who lives in California and has his mail in ballot right next to his computer as he writes this — is sheer revulsion over the angry tone and role of Mr. Clinton who sucks up all the media attention and distracts from the fact that his wife has proven to be a skillful centrist New York Senator who reportedly responds well to constituent requests. Moreover, you can see Hillary Clinton blossom each day on the campaign trail — the only candidate in either party who is actually showing ‘growth’ as politician, speaker and television presence.

    Mr. Clinton may delight Democrat partisans who love a good, bitter, divisive, angry battle complete with red-faced comments delivered with a sneer, but exit polls from Nevada showed that that Mrs. Clinton is losing a SHOCKING number of black voters. And we’d bet money in Vegas that a good number of those voters are turned off by what they’re hearing from Mr. Clinton.

    Yes, there is Obamamania but there has to be some angry backlash — and that won’t help Hillary Clinton in the general election.

    Advice to Hillary Clinton: Let Bill raise money and lower his tone. He could still play a vital speaking role if he acts like a dignified former President with the classy scent of the Oval Office versus the stench of a ward heeler.

    He’ll keep losing you the support among black voters, who may decide to stay home on Election Day in November. And you will likely lose some independent voters.

    In fact, I know of one independent voter who used to LIKE Bill Clinton who is now turned off by his tone, his red-faced appearances, his attempt to put words in a working reporter’s mouth and his downsizing before our very eyes from a respected former President to just another rage-filled partisan on the warpath because someone dares to campaign against his favorite candidate.

    If you don’t listen to us, why not listen to prominent Democrats? (And readers who are mad at all of us, can direct their emails screaming about being “anti-Clinton” to them..)

    UPDATE I: A cartoonist’s view:

    UPDATE II: Bill Clinton has declared that he personally witnessed voter suppression by Obama supporters in Nevada. The Politico:

    Bill Clinton, speaking at a Vegas YMCA last night, made more charges against Obama and claimed to have, with Chelsea, personally witnessed voter suppression by the Culinary Workers:

    …And the Vegas papers haven’t found any evidence of the kind of straightforward voter suppression Clinton reports. The Obama campaign has suggested the Clinton campaign file formal complaints if it has evidence.

    “This is ludicrous,” Culinary Workers political director Pilar Weiss told Politico. She said the union is “aware that some workers aren’t going to vote our way” and doesn’t engage in intimidation.

    “The fact that they lost a lawsuit aimed at suppressing workers’ votes, and that now they’re trying to hold on to these baseless claims is ridiculous,” she said.

    Weiss also said Clinton’s claim is “technically impossible.” Clinton supporters can ask union organizers — who are actively promoting Obama’s candidacy — to add their names to the lists of workers who will take time off to caucus today. But signs posted around the casinos advertise another avenue to get the time off: Workers can go around the union and ask their managers directly.

    “We have found it shocking that President Clinton has gotten so engaged in promoting these accusations,” she said.

    And, indeed, Mr. Clinton: We’ve written against ugly, divisive, name-calling campaigning on this site for four years. And if you look at polls, many independent voters want to see campaigns waged ON ISSUES versus a constant flow of innuendo and attack-dog accusations. All you do is create sympathy — and potential support — for the people you attack. Can you take breath?

    Posted on January 19th, 2008

  307. mj:

    Get back to me after Hillary gets boo’d up one side and down the other at the Congressional Black Caucus debate in South Carolina Monday night. I predict a very, very ugly scene there.

  308. Maya’s poem: observer.guardian.co.uk/world/story/0,,2243668,00.html

    I was so touched that she honored Hillary by using her “Still I Rise” in this. It really bespeaks her great love for Hillary, that she would do that.

  309. I don’t see President Clinton attacking Obama. Here we go again with Obama using the Rovian strategy of making an asset a weakness. President Clinton is the great leveler…he helps level the playing field which is tilted. The media and repugs both desperately want Obama. Hillary’s gender is used against her implicitly and explicitly. President Clinton can step in and say things that other people can say, but with no visibility or impact. He sticks up for Hillary and this is characterized as “ugly, divisive, name-calling” when Pres. Clinton has heard Hillary called every bloody thing from shillery to bitch on national television and yet he is the one who is called out for it. Ted and Rahm should be talking to the naive and irresponsible Obama who’s idea of unity is an age-old political game called divide and conquer.

  310. kennedy has hillry nervous-he is giving them an earful an appears leaning to bo bc hillary isnt being very nice to st obama

  311. HWC: She has to go to south carolina and work very hard. She has been booed before. She will be booed again. A President or Presidential campaign knows how to take the boos and keep going. I truly feel that if she ignores the anomosity that BO has created a worse problem will emerge. She has to take this hot potato and embrace it. We need a serious discussion in this country about race and gender. Only in part can we say that Dr. King’s dream has been realized. She has to be the leader here, she cannot concede the issue to another candidate based on his skin color or not campaign or debate in a state because of hers.

  312. Weiss also said Clinton’s claim is “technically impossible.” Clinton supporters can ask union organizers — who are actively promoting Obama’s candidacy — to add their names to the lists of workers who will take time off to caucus today. But signs posted around the casinos advertise another avenue to get the time off: Workers can go around the union and ask their managers directly.

    This is conflating two stories: the above paragraph was the union’s defense about an incident in a lunch room involving registration cards and pledge cards. It was well witnessed and the worker has since spoken out openly. See TaylorMarsh.com

  313. Because I withdrew from the blogs and from the news coverage in order to engage in one of those activities all of us must attend to from time to time, I skimmed comments here and elsewhere about the various campaigns’ reactions to Hillary’s Nevada victory. May I say I am stunned? Obama never congratulated Hillary for her decisive victory today? He will instead quibble over delegates to be determined in May? This is outrageous, but I guess it is to be expected.

  314. Oh, and one of the talking heads warned ominiousely for all to look at the Hillary44 website to see where the new attacks are coming from….I’m mean wtf?
    Tim | 01.19.2008 – 6:52 pm | #


    hehehe… 🙂

  315. Hillary should make a token appearance or two in South Carolina, sandwiched in between very high profile campaign appearance in the Latino/a communities in Florida and California. Just graciously step aside and let Obama have his South Carolina coronation.

    She has no chance in the state. Not only do you have racially charged voting, but half of the people who voted in today’s Republican primary will come back out to cast an anti-Hillary vote. You don’t think that the South Carolina Democratic Party is going to be checking voter registration lists very closely, do you?

  316. Obama never congratulated Hillary for her decisive victory today?

    Correct. He skipped town and didn’t even thank his supporters.

    BTW, Obama never congratulated Clinton after New Hampshire, either.

  317. Carby, Talyor Marsh would love that article. Full of anonymous tips and innuendo (I’ll put it in their innuendo…). Notice they never source those stories about internal Clinton campaign stuff and it’s always on the heels of something bad for Obama. I mean ALWAYS.

    That asshole needs to be stopped.

  318. skm, Oh, you mean the Big Media talking heads are watching us now? Or at least, their minions are? (Hi, Ben!) Good, then I have a message for them:


  319. Well, as long as the Georgetown Social Club is eavesdropping:

    Do any of ya’ll know where I can get some really top-grade scented geraniums for the fingertbowls at my dinner party tomorrow night? I’ve looked everywhere. 7-11 stopped carrying them. Walmart won’t get a new shipment until Monday. And K-Mart never has what I’m looking for.

    And, by the way, aren’t you guys just SHOCKED at the price of arugula at Whole Foods these days?

  320. hwc, she has to compete in SC. This is a delegate fight. Every vote counts. The polls have him in the lead, but we have one week and more commitment and principles.

    The media has been playing candidate against candidate, and Obama has been playing them for montsh with leaks and pushing stories. Obama pushed teh racism issue. I will never forgive him for that. Not only did he call a fine lady and her husband racists, but eh called us that by implication. As someone who was once on the road to being a civil rights lawyer and still could be if I moved to another state, I take great, great offense at that notion.

    He started this bloodshed within the party. He tested the waters with gays and got away with it, now he pushes the envelope with sexism and racism. A man of progressive ideals (in reality the embodiment of hope) would not be so cynical. A man of progressive ideals wouldn’t be scurrying his rat’s ass back to Chicago to give back more Rezco money. He’d stand side-by-side with his wounded troops and rally them for the next battle. That’s what MLK would do. Instead he treated his supporters and volunteers like used up whores. It’s pitiful. Those supporters (even though some can be vile Obamabots) deserve better. Most are really looking for a life ring and unfortunately they’re listening to a flim-flam man right now.

  321. What I want is for someone to dub over that crying titty baby “Leave Brittney ALONE!” video, and morph Timmeh Russert’s face onto it.

    “You came here and trashed the place and it wasn’t yours to trash!! Sniff! Sob! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

    Picture me waving at the Beltway Boys: “Hi guys! 😀 You’ve got 99 million problems, and this bitch is one.”

  322. It’s 1am here and I’m pooped from today’s excitement. I will not let them deflate my jubilation nor my commitment.

    Tomorrow is another day and we shall fight on. Besides, I’ll need some donuts and coffee before watching “Scott Baio is 46…” since there’s no way I’m watching the turd burglar Sunday talking heads (well, save George- he’s still dead cute and always pays a tribute to our fallen troops. This week one of them will be a friend’s soldier. He lost one of his guys in an ambush this week and nearly several others. We have to get out of Iraq….).

    Stopping now…lack of sleep getting me.

    Go Big Pink. Hillary is 44.

  323. why would media look here for new attacks. afaik this site has been on rezko story for months and months w/o media noticing..

    that said, (hi Ben!) maybe media should just pay attention and ask themselves why there is mostly a class divide in the race and the working class are consistently for hillary. see i never got all this allegedly inspirational stuff from his speeches and wish to elect someone on promises of hope and change. i didn’t have health care for a while, i have expensive student loans, making low middle class salary for expensive city and almost living paycheck to paycheck and heck i still owe taxes (wtf!). making differences on these real issues, that IS hope and change for me. i don’t care about how good a speech makes me feel. also i would like to know – change to what, if he talks about change? his whole candidacy is so vague. i don’t really know what he would do in office and it troubles me.

    i know hill isn’t expected to win sc but i think she’ll do better than expected. keep talking about subprime mortgages, the economy, bread and butter issues. i wonder how real estate is going in sc. still watching news reports about baltimore where foreclosures and predatory lending is so predominant in minority neighborhoods. sure i understand if many aa voters strongly want an aa president. that’s ok. but i think she wins many votes talking about economy, housing, education. real issues.

  324. I cannot believe Obama abandoned his supporters in Nevada after campaigning in that state for a whole week.

  325. ps – arugula at whole foods in dc is stupid expensive but it’s georgetown/glover park, lots of people have money and nice bmw’s. i buy bags of frozen kale/mustard greens/spinach at safeway – about $1. 🙂 even the damn safeway in georgetown carries $60 tins of caviar, somebody must be buying

  326. pulchritude, if you contrast Obama’s bailing out and frantic spin with Hillary’s classy and gracious concession speech in Iowa, the difference could not be more stark.

    Obama is a petulant egotistical child. Sorry, but we already have one of those in the Oval Office, and it’s been a disaster. Even funnier – THE PRESS LOVED HIM, TOO. Hmmmmmmm….

  327. I think we should all send an email to mediamatters about the media coverage of NV election — especially the delegate stuff coming out of Obama’s campaign and the media. They are both insulting the intelligence and the dignity of the NV voters by not recognizing their choice (6% is no laughing matter).

  328. hi hillfans. wonderful win by hillary. sorry i was not here to join in the celebration. better late than never!

  329. To assuage his stinging defeat in the Nevada caucuses Obama is telling the world that he really won because he got more delegates (13 to 12).

    But here is what Nevada Democratic Party Chair Jill Derby disagrees with the MSM Golden Calf on that issue:

    Just like in Iowa what was awarded today were delegates to the County Convention. No national convention delegates were awarded. The calculations of national convention delegates being circulated are based upon an assumption that delegate preferences will remain the same between now and April 2008. We look forward to our county and state conventions where we will choose the delegates for the nominee that Nevadans support.

    With a 6% margin of victory it seems highly unlikely that the State convention would award Hillary less vote than Barack.

    Taylor Marsh is all over this. The comment section is wonderful too.

  330. mj, what the nutkooks are saying? i have to check mydd and kos. they are crying in thier beer i guess.lol.

  331. Well, terrondt, the Obama losers ofcourse are saying she didn’t win. It’s pathetic. This was a devastating loss for Obama because not only lost by 6%, but because he lost 7 of the 9 of those at large precincts. Yikes. The Edwardians are stunned by their loss, but much nicer and accepting of Hill’s win.

  332. Obama’s a sore loser. Hillary will win more super delegates anyway, so she still wins Nevada, and she won the popular vote, which is all that counts to voters.

  333. As Big Media scrambles to minimize the Clinton victory in Nevada, Hillary’s campaign uses their own words to impeach their credibility:

    What Does Nevada Mean?
    CNN’s Don Lemon – ‘A victory in Nevada could be huge for the winning campaign.’ [CNN, 1/17/08] MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough – ‘Boy, I’ll tell you what, a Nevada win would be very big for Hillary Clinton.’ [MSNBC Hardball, 1/18/08] NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell – ‘Clearly, if she were to pull this off in Nevada, that is a big win for her.’ [MSNBC Hardball, 1/18/08] MSNBC’s Chris Matthews – ‘It just seems to me if Hillary Clinton wins this one… she’s back in the lead big-time.’ “It just seems to me if Hillary Clinton wins this one, after all the hoopla and hopes in some quarters about Barack Obama winning two in a row… that she’s back in the lead big-time.” [MSNBC Hardball, 1/18/08] Newsday’s Glenn Thrush – ‘Nevada is a vital, if not essential, prize for both candidates.’ [Newsday, 1/18/08] NY Observer’s Steve Kornacki – ‘Barack Obama needs Nevada more than Hillary Clinton does.’ “Barack Obama needs Nevada more than Hillary Clinton does… it’s Obama’s best – and only chance – of turning February 5 into something other than a fatal draw.” [observer.com, 1/18/08] Obama National Feild Director Temo Figueroa ‘The Nevada election is going to come down to: Whoever gets the endorsement of the Culinary Workers Union, more than likely, is going to win Nevada’ [Politico, 1/10/08]

  334. I have to say that I am quite disgusted by Atler’s article from Newsweek. Ted Kennedy and Rahm Emanuel are telling Bill Clinton to “pipe down” ?!?! Are they also telling Obama to no longer air scathing radio ads directly attacking Hillary’s character? Are they also complaining about the revolting misogynistic stance of Big Media? Are they questioning why Obama didn’t have the balls to call and congratulate Hillary on her Nevada win? Are they pissed that Obama is playing the desperate race card in order to win SC, and thereby jeopardizing ANY Democrat’s chances in the general election come November??

    NO. They’re not. They are worried about that empty-suited piece of shit elitist and his “image”… Give me a break.

    This whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen.

  335. Ted Kennedy had better think again if he thinks he is going to pledge his superdelegate to Obama. Hillary has very strong support in this state. In three states now, women and working people have said yes to Hillary. Just because his elitist ass would feel warm and fuzzy about endorsing Obama, is not enough. I am trying to leave a message with him now, but his line is busy.

  336. wbboei, is it possible to email media matters on those pre nevada predictions by big media who try to backtrack now?

  337. texan4hillary Says:
    January 20th, 2008 at 1:14 am

    jonathan alter/matthews/russert = fools who think they can rule the world.

    cancelled my newsweek subscription. on the last issue (with our girl on the cover), even the article written above her read like a love note to hussein. wtf?

  338. Let me see if I have this straight.

    Bill and Chelsea stroll through the casinos with adoring fans posing for pictures and workers coming up to shake his hand.

    Bill argues with a man who was misleading people about the strip precincts.

    From this, we get Dems, esp. Kennedy and Emanuel angry on the phone telling him to stop.

    And we hear nothing — absolutely nothing — about the racist ad the Obama supporters (referred to in the media as an independent 527) ran against Hillary.

    What does Clinton have to stop? Don’t tell the children but he used the phrase “roll of the dice”.
    In my opinion, Kennedy and Emanuel (who probably never heard of this) would do better to spend their time on the phone with journalists anxious to fan the racist flames (‘roll of the dice’ being one of the more notorious racist comments)
    and anxious to distort the facts and blame the Clintons — and only the Clintons.

  339. God Bless Bill Clinton. The most interesting sub-plot of this election fiasco is Bill Clinton’s love for Hillary. Man, he is willing to risk his legacy to 1.) support HRC and 2.) to speak truth to the MSM attacks. You keep going Bill!!! Bull Moose baby. Only, with this sequel (see NH win) we win this time.

  340. So which politician wants to tell all those union workers their votes don’t count? They are going to offer an additional delegate to Obama? This is absurd. Someone needs to step up tomorrow and say they will be voting for Hillary.

  341. HillaryforTexas Says:

    January 20th, 2008 at 1:52 am
    What I want is for someone to dub over that crying titty baby “Leave Brittney ALONE!” video, and morph Timmeh Russert’s face onto it.

    “You came here and trashed the place and it wasn’t yours to trash!! Sniff! Sob! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

    Picture me waving at the Beltway Boys: “Hi guys! You’ve got 99 million problems, and this bitch is one.

    working…all night..and watching ya guys i lol

    and those beltway boys can let me wave to ya.one thing you all lie.Hillary doesn’t play dirty tricks…you think the American people are stupid.we see your gestures your eyes roll in your head,your untruthfullness.out of your mouth’s..I cant wait until we have a Democratic Tv Station ..with real Truth..

  342. If it is true that Big Media is reading this site then they need to realize that their own credibility is the problem in this election. This was clearly articulated by a contributor at another site:

    “The media is freaking out as well, because it is beginning to occur to them that while America may watch or read them for entertainment, NO ONE REALLY GIVES A SHIT WHAT THEY THINK ANYMORE.”

    The why of it is equally clear. Instead of helping the public sort through the complex issues and make wise choices, people like Russert are entirely consumed with promoting their own narrative, and twisting the truth if necessary. The public sees through them for this and give very little weight to their opinions.

  343. Thank you, mj, for calling Ted Kennedy. I still doubt that he will ultimately endorse BHO. He has a long-standing rapport and friendship with the Clintons. His very famous late sister-in-law (Jackie O) was one of Hillary’s best friends. The vacationed together quite a bit, according to Hillary’s autobiography.

  344. HillGuy, I told him in three states the women and the working people have chosen Hillary(NH, MI, NV), and that while I realize those with alot of money(not saying who, but he, Kerry, and Patrick) like his personality, the women and the working folks just want the most competent president, that we need that.

  345. It was reported that Bill’s stroll through the casinos helped win them for Hillary.

    Is that what Kennedy and Emanuel want him to stop?

    Clintons are going to a church in Harlem tomorrow.
    Can we allow them to attack Obama in this way?

    I am awed by their ability to take one sleazy attack after another and keep going.

  346. I don’t think Bill Clinton really said “rolling the dice.” I saw a video where the interviewer kept saying it and trying to get Bill to go along with it, but Bill kept carefully rephrasing his answer.

    As to big media — let them go on with the obvious insults and exism, that just erodes their credibility. For the amount of actual content in most of their shows and websites, a bunch of people like Taylormarsh could keep people supplied with the same content in a more decent way.

    A lot of women are out there voting and working, and they know what the facts are — then see the facts distorted. Maybe it’s time for a more feudal system: individual bloggers we trust.

  347. Nice, mj. I hope he will take your words to heart. Or simply remain neutral. I am appalled at all these endorsements for the inexperienced asshole.

  348. tim russert,
    if you are reading this: are you angry with hill because she has class, grace and substance that you have never had, and never will?
    besides, your gotcha’s never worked with her. give up already. you keep embarassing yourself. she will keep showing you how small you are, with a sweet smile on her face.

  349. I can’t get the words of Gloria Steinem out of my mind (and I am paraphrasing here), that IF an African American WOMAN with the same exact resume as Obama was running for President, she would be laughed out of the race. This is so profound and true, that it is worth repeating.

  350. HillGuy, it’s because most of our pols are just like Obama, rich, elitist, out of touch with the working people.

  351. re: ted and rahm
    we don’t know yet for a fact if they really confronted bill, so let’s withold judgment and energy on this issue.
    could be another msm ploy to ruffle the core dem structure.
    besides, the kennedys and the clintons go a long way. and rahm was in the white house because of bill. some people still have debts of gratitude, and rahm’s a decent guy. (hi, george stephanopoulus!)

  352. To tell what Obama is going to do next (or get caught at doing) — look at what he is accusing HIllary of. Those GOP types usually accuse the Dems of what THEY are getting ready to do.

  353. Hillguy, there was a debate to the Steinem peice between Steinem and a Princeton U. prof. Gloria was very gracious. While the debate centered on Race vs. Gender, I think several points about gender were generally glossed over.

    The story of gender is largely overlooked because of what we do not know. For every white woman before the voting rights’ act, we have a Dorothy Rodham, a female abandoned by her parents and forced into indentured servitude.

  354. imagine44, good points (all of them). Not going to waste any more energy on unfounded rumors.

    Rahm is a good guy.

  355. thanks mj hope he takes your words to heart…I think he will….or stay nuetral….and BO calling him names ted kennedy…that is totally wrong…

  356. oh yeah big media is watching here..damn liars..
    i cant stand them,twist and turns of words..but they really make themselves look like fools,..oh there up MTP,face the nation,( HI )
    respect those shows on Sundays,not anymore and lying on A SUNDAY…they better not forget who brings there ratings up,if they dont have her on the shows,quit cutting her up and down ,quit saying bad things about her its ZERO Ratings for MSNBC and FOX …NBC…I think .CBS,Abc is quite fair ,if she wants to talk with BOb S..or Charles Gibson,or Diane Sawyer,OM mY, there ratings will skyrocket..to first place..Or better yet the VIEW whoppie will whoop there butts,in ratings ..so there losing out…

  357. 1950d — very good point.

    We can not only find out what BO is going to do by what he accuses Hill of, but we can know what he did the same way.

    “I haven’t been planning a presidential bid for 20 years like others.” — that’s a rephrase but that’s what he said. Partly true – more like 40 years.

    I can’t wait to hear the excuse for no concession speech, no thanks to his supporters.

  358. Los Angeles Times: “Obama passes on donations. He’ll give $40,350 in campaign contributions to charity after filings for a patron’s kickback trial suggest the money is tainted”


    Andy Martin, “Crime-fighting U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin will disclose new pieces of the Obama-Rezko puzzle at a Sunday news conference”:

    “‘Rezko was indicted months ago; what took Obama so long to ‘check his records?’ Obama’s own admission is that disclosures in the Chicago Sun-Times forced him to conduct these new reviews on Saturday, in January, 2008? Of the 2004 election? In the midst of a presidential election?

    “‘Obama has been in the U.S. Senate for three years. And he is still giving back 2004 campaign cash? Whoa.”


  359. Yesterday I sent my comments along with the link to Sun-Times article to MSNBC the news suppression net work they did not publish it. They had no problem in publishing many abusive and obnoxious comments to Hillary largely written by Kossacks.

  360. The networks need to see this:

    Below is an estimate of the 19 January 2008 delegate count by CD. Note that no national convention delegates are elected on 19 January. The process of allocating national convention delegates begins in April.


    CD stads for County delegates

    There are 8 Unpledged delegates from NV . The total count of delegates is 33 not 25.

  361. Wapo says ……..

    The Nevada results contained some worrisome signs for Obama along demographic lines. The heavy support that Clinton won among Hispanics suggested that he could face an uphill climb to win that important group in California, New York and New Jersey, the three most populous states with primaries on Feb. 5. In the first contest in which race has played an important role, white caucusgoers in Nevada backed Clinton over Obama, 52 percent to 34 percent, and nearly two-thirds of Latinos chose Clinton. Black voters broke heavily for Obama over Clinton, 83 percent to 14 percent

  362. Taylor Marsh, who lives in and caucused yesterday in Nevada, wrote:

    There was some guy at the caucus touting he’d worked in the Clinton White House, speaking for Obama, who evidently didn’t even live in Nevada. He spoke against Clinton. Another main Obama supporter said that, “When Bill was in the White House, everything Hillary touched went down.” They attacked Clinton while trying to convert voters whose candidates were not viable. Edwards wasn’t viable, nor was Kucinich, so speakers volunteered to pitch the voters whose candidate didn’t make it. The Obama speaker was a young African American woman who talked about change. Later she also attacked Clinton, saying that her past would come up and be part of the general election. Hillary supporters spoke saying, “We hope so,” talking about her experience. But the Obama lead supporter never gave one single fact or specific about Obama. A Republican also stood up, saying that “unity” was what we needed and that Obama would ignore party labels.

    I performed in my role as voter today, so I actually spoke a moment on Clinton’s behalf. I gave a disclaimer about what I do, then I said that all of our candidates were good, something that would never be uttered by an Obama supporter. I then called the Obama supporter out for attacking Clinton’s past, and mentioned Obama’s troubles with Rezko. I thought the alleged White House hack crashing our particular caucus was going to faint. Several people came up to me afterwards to ask, “What is Rezko.” I got through to some. I finished by saying hope is one thing, but turning words into actions and results is what matters.

    Read the rest at http://www.taylormarsh.com

  363. media now basically trying to say Obama has ALL the black vote!!

    Boy are they out of step with America


  364. Good Morning all….and already I’m ticked off! NBC Today show is saying that Hillary won the popular vote in NV but Obama won the most delegates. They aren’t calling it a win for her. Wow, just when you thought they couldn’t show their bias more directly…shame on them!

  365. Analysis: Momentum shifts to Clinton By BETH FOUHY, Associated Press Writer
    1 hour, 12 minutes ago

    FLORISSANT, Mo. – Political momentum now shifted her way, Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton flew to Missouri, a key Feb. 5 battleground state, while rival Barack Obama hoped to rejuvenate his candidacy with the help of black voters in the South.


    “Now we’re back here in the Midwest, where I’m from. I’m so happy to see all of you,” Clinton, a Chicago native, said to cheers at a campaign rally late Saturday in this St. Louis suburb.

    Nevada’s presidential caucuses gave Clinton a big boost, powering her to a second straight win over Obama in the first Western contest of the 2008 calendar. She bested Obama among women, as she did in New Hampshire, and showed significant strength among Hispanic voters — an important and growing segment of the Democratic electorate in the mountain West and key states like California, Florida and New York.

    But Obama won decisively among black voters, who could account for more than 50 percent of the voters in South Carolina’s primary next Saturday. And Nevada’s likely delegate count appeared to be almost evenly split between Clinton and Obama, indicating a protracted delegate battle yet to come.

    Clinton acknowledged the excruciatingly tight race before departing Nevada, calling her win “one step on a long journey.”

    The Nevada results still spelled trouble for Obama, whose stunning victory in the Iowa caucuses Jan. 3 has begun to fade amid evidence of his vulnerability among important demographic groups, especially white, working-class Democrats and women.

    He tried to remedy that problem in Nevada, holding economic roundtables with women voters and bringing in his popular wife, Michelle, to campaign with him. But women outnumbered men among caucus-goers, and a sizable majority went with Clinton.

    Obama is now under greater pressure to win South Carolina, while Clinton is mostly hoping to hold her own there. Both campaigns are also looking ahead to “mega Tuesday” Feb. 5, when more than 20 states hold contests.

    Polls in South Carolina have shown black voters shifting to Obama despite their longtime loyalty to the Clintons and particularly to Bill Clinton, who was once nicknamed the first black president.

    With her Nevada win, campaign officials say she will campaign hard this week in South Carolina and hope for a strong enough showing to pick up sizable number of the state’s delegates.

    Former Democratic National Committee chairman Don Fowler, a South Carolinian who recently endorsed Clinton, said he was optimistic.

    “I think she’s doing very well,” Fowler said. “I’m confident with the kind of campaign we’re running next week we’re going to win.”

    Clinton is scheduled to attend a prayer service in South Carolina Monday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday before attending an NAACP rally at the state capitol and a nationally televised debate in Myrtle Beach.

    Ferrell Guillory, director of the Program on Southern Politics at the University of North Carolina, said the former first lady needs to compete hard in South Carolina in part to address lingering questions of electability.

    “Part of her political challenge is to overcome, if she can, the sense that she is a polarizing figure in the country, particularly in the South,” Guillory said.

    Obama faces a different challenge in South Carolina.

    While he is running to be the first black president, he rarely talks about race while pledging to unite people across the ideological and demographic spectrum. He needs to win South Carolina to restore co-frontrunner status without narrowcasting his appeal only to black voters.

    If Obama does win South Carolina, both campaigns say they envision a grueling war of attrition for delegates that could potentially extend beyond mega Tuesday into early March.

    Then there’s the matter of how to prioritize time and resources for the far-flung states holding contests Feb. 5. With 441 delegates, the biggest prize that day is California, where Clinton made several stops last week.

    The New York senator is expected to do well in her adopted home state and in her former home state of Arkansas. Both campaigns plan to contest New Jersey, while Obama should soundly win his home state of Illinois.

    The map is murkier after that. Missouri is considered a toss-up, while caucuses in Minnesota, Kansas and Colorado present a huge organizational challenge for the candidates. Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama each have a large population of black voters and are expected to favor Obama, while Clinton hopes for a strong showing in Hispanic-heavy New Mexico and Arizona.


  366. David Jackson, Chicago Tribune, “Obama to return Rezko-linked donations. $40,000 more will be donated to charities”


    More from Andy Martin yesterday: “‘Obama’s local boosters in the media can try to ignore me in the short run; they can’t ignore the coming explosion in the long run. The Rezko case is a time bomb that is coming closer to exploding.”


  367. AG, Pachacutec at Firedoglake puts his finger right on it:

    “Funny, Timmeh did not look so confident as he does in this picture [on page] when I saw him testify in the Libby trial about how he spilled everything to the FBI before acting like a First Amendment martyr, claiming he could not possibly speak to that nasty Pat Fitzgerald.

    “Never forget that Timmeh’s credibility was conclusively ended forever in open court.”


  368. MTP claiming Bill lied about the caucus goers story… bringing up the Ted Kennedy/Emanual phone calls. Questioning how he could be controlled in a Hillary white house. Discussing how he would have too much input–who would be in control. Why does Hillary have to have her husband campaign for her–its jarring and anti-feminist. Utterand total crap!! The whole discussion was on Bill. They are going after him now evidently….

  369. Forgot to add…obviously the talking heads on NBC are realizing that he has been a tremendous asset to Hillary…thus the bashing..

  370. Caroline…I watch MTP because it’s just jawdropping how a mainstream news broadcast can be so blatently, obviously and endlessly supporting one candidate for the Presidency. Today it’s been just stunning… the panel is bringing up comment after comment on how Obama is great, his strengths etc and negative after negative about Hillary. IMO, Media Matters should report on NBC/MSNBC as a whole, not just Matthews, because this is unprecidented biased reporting and coverage. It’s outrageous…..

  371. Remember how popular he is with democrats and how this Bill bashing on the day after another Hillary win will play with the democratic rank and file. He as, kinda like Superman, being impervious to their attacks and able to come out even stronger and more popular. He is TWICE the extemporaneous speaker OB is and TWICE the political strategist of anyone else PERIOD. There is fear and loathing on the campaign trail…

    Remember what I said. View it as satire, as comedy, as theater. One of the unintended consequences of this campaign will be the end of the influence of BM to sway the electorate. Hillary has to defeat BM to win the White House (and she WILL), and in doing so will cause a seismic shift in the 4th estate. Before this is over, everyone will know that they are all biased and that, in today’s age of universal instant access to information, they don’t know any more than you or I.

  372. Just caught the end of Face the Nation and the panel, including Katrina Vanden Heuvel, were all saying how BillC basically should STFU. They would so like him to go away because they know how effective he is. It’s going to be poor BO and how only he can unite white men and AAs and Hillary is dividing the country into women and Hispanics on her side. Only BO will be able to bring the country back together.

    BS – they want BO as the Dem nom because a Repug doesn’t have a prayer’s chance in hell against Hillary.

    Let them spin and spin and spin. Take a chill pill. This is going to be a long, long run and we’ve only just begun. As I’ve written several times before, if you can’t take it (as Hillary said, she likes it in the kitchen), then go take up a new hobby until after the GE.

  373. Jane Hamsher writes: “Nobody told Fred Thompson he’s dead. He gave an endless and rambling speech of a quality you’d expect at an Elks Lodge pancake breakfast, and now says he’s on to Florida — where Joe Lieberman is stumping for McCain. Holy Joe is telling Florida voters that St. John the Divine thinks heaven is filled with Jews praying. Since the Democrats have agreed not to campaign in Florida, no wonder Hillary Clinton is saying lovely things about him — nobody wants that bitter, vindictive little man torpedoing him there. Which he most certainly could and would.”


  374. AmericanGal, I have faith that the American public that watches shows like MTP and other news stations are not as stupid as the media thinks. A casual viewer who watches will be able to see right through it. It’s becoming laughable and unreal. NH gave me faith because the media coverage after Obama won Iowa, was so outrageous and I seriously began to wonder how Hillary could fight through all that but NH proved to me that they are not stupid and the rest of America will prove to us that they aren’t either.

  375. caroline….I really enjoy cursing at them. I live on a lake the geese on the frozen lake have a lot more sense than these idiots.

  376. Hillary’s campaign has to hit the ground running like they did in NH and NV. Door to door and meet the people. Obama is too upity to do that and that will be his downfall in SC. Send Bill to the churchs and beauty salons saying Hillary has been fighting for children for 35 years, while Hillary hits the northern conservative areas and the coastal areas with it’s heavy military population touting her expierence over Obama’s. MEET THE PEOPLE!!

  377. rjk1957, I’m sure Hillary’s campaign appreciates your advice, but that’s what GOTV is all about and Hillary does it better than anybody else. Need proof? NH, Nevada, and now SC.

  378. rjk1957, I saw a picture of Bill C. at a beauty salon in SC a while back. He took pictures and there were a couple of woman with rollers their hair. I couldn’t stop laughing for a minute when I saw the pictures. That man will go anywhere to get people’s votes. Everyone matters. I love him. Hillary sure is Hillary’s biggest fan.

    Hillary ’08

  379. I think the NBC conducted “Bill Clinton bashing extravaganza” is prompted by the Clinton campaign’s plan to use him in SC. How transparent and how totally corrupt media has become these days!!

  380. I like the way all the pundits when breaking down Super Tuesday say Obama will win Illinois in a landslide. What proof do they have? His 1 statewide election to the US Senate against Alan Keyes, who by the way did not campaign. If I remember correctly before the Jack Ryan scandal broke he was trailing Ryan in the polls for his Senate seat. Obama should win Illinois, but it is not a given..

  381. Okay… Let’s not forget who owns NBC/MSNBC, that is General Electric (GE). Hit NBC/MSNBC where is it hurts, call and write the head of GE. It is known fact that after the 2008 Olympics GE will put NBCU on the action block, if and I say if ratings fall on these shows, it would be harder to sell this unite of GE.

    What would be great is to have a protest at the shareholders meeting this year!!(I am not sure where it is)

    The power is in the purse, GE knows this…… STOP WATCHING ALL NBCU PROGRAMING.

  382. Over at MyDD, Robert Ethan makes a good point which managed to escape me: Drudge, RealClearPolitics, and Politico all push the same headlines and stories to create an echo chamber and amp up the volume. I hadn’t thought of that. Had anyone else?

  383. When the “Equal Time” regulation was passed, it was with the intent that the News Media not be allowed to influence or manipulate the outcome of elections. NBC is doing just that, they may say that they give equal coverage to both Hillary and Obama. What they are doing is skirting “Equal Time” by slamming Hillary during the coverage of her and praising Obama during their coverage of him is in effect doing just what the Equal Time law was designed to prevent. I’m sure filing complaints with the FCC will go nowhere, but worth a shot.

  384. Anduril919, keep in mind that it is only political junkies like us who are paying any real attention — particularly the details and/or analysis — to what MSNBC or CNN or even Fox has to say. These shows that are on Sunday mornings are watched by a slice of the viewership. Kids watch cartoons, dads watch sports or car shows, etc., and moms are getting the family ready for the upcoming week. Church goers are in church and unless they tape or tivo to watch later, aren’t paying any attention either. This is a week time of day to attract a major audience.

    When I was doing campaign calls prior to the NH primary, the majority of people just were not tuned in to all this. Take the influence of these pundits with a shaker of salt.

  385. Rezko/Obama contributions:

    The Los Angeles Times today is reporting that Obama has received at least $185,000 in Rezko related donations and will be giving back a total of $85,185.

    “In a review of Obama’s donations, the Los Angeles Times has identified as much as $185,000 from Rezko-related donors. Sources familiar with Obama’s 2004 Senate campaign said Rezko’s name was prominently displayed on a white board that totaled the amount his bundlers had raised in the Senate race.

    “Rezko was there from the beginning,” said a source who had been close to Obama’s political operation and did not want to be identified for fear of alienating political associates in Illinois where Obama’s support is strong. “He is closer than Obama is putting on. The guy was always raising money.”


    This total is even more than the Chicago Sun Times report from June 2007 that says Obama has recieved at least $168, 000 from Rezko and associates. This article also includes this quote from the Obama campaign.

    “(Obama Press Secretary) Burton said Obama can only estimate how much money Rezko has raised for him. Obama’s staff, he said, only knows of one fund-raiser Rezko hosted for Obama — a June 27, 2003, cocktail party at Rezko’s mansion. Sources close to both Rezko and Obama, however, said Rezko raised money often for Obama. Burton said Friday the campaign was sticking by its original estimate that Rezko raised no more than $60,000.”


    Obama has already given back way more than the amount his campaign says they had received. This is a big story….even the MSM won’t be able to ignore it as more and more of this starts coming out…Where is the rest of the money? And why hasn’t it all been given to charity by now? How could the Obama camp not know how much they have received from Rezko and others? Perhaps there is much more money involved than just what’s being reported? If ever there were a story for investigative reporters this is it….

  386. I also saw Charlie Rose;s interview with Bill Clinton. Rose kept pushing and pushing to put words into Bill;s mouth, who was trying to be as gracious as he could be about BO, praising him to the hilt for his charisma and political skills, but Rose kept pushing and pushing and finally put Bill on the spot by saying, “So you think electing BO would be like a roll of the dice?” Bill very reluctantly said something like,”Well, you might call it something like that…” (I may not be quoting exactly right but that is how it went.)
    Of course, BM blared that “roll of the dice” were Bill’s words! And how dare he insult BO like that!

  387. I watch MTP sometimes, because it used to have a fine reputation for interesting interviews. I guess I keep longing for “days gone by”!!! I am gradually staying away from NBC on Sunday mornings (that is unless our girl is on!).

  388. i for the most part stopped except last week in our victor was on. but they ususually talk up the victor’s story from the latest contests. wtf happened to that story. hillfans, they are scared and desperate despite thier best efforts hillary is going to take the white house.

  389. BM is livid because they know that IT’S OVER! Obama has not shown the ability to attract enough mainstream democratic support to be a viable candidate, relying on independents and REPUBLICANS (who would no sooner vote for him than Hillary in the GE) for his lone victory. His abject failure to connect with working class democrats and his lack of support from whites, Hispanics, and women bodes ill for his hopes beyond SC.

    Even if OB wins SC, he will win it (Like Jesse Jackson) on the basis (primarily if not solely) of AA support. If he doesn’t win SC, he’s done. If he wins, the demographics will kill him on Tsunami Tuesday. His theme of bringing people together will look hollow if he can’t get the majority of at least one of the aforementioned voting blocs in SC, even if he does win there.

    He will lose Fl., by double digits. New York(281), California(370), New Jersey(107), Connecticut, Arizona are all solid for Hillary and her three wins in a row haven’t hurt her momentum. Except for his adopted home state, where does OB stand a chance on Feb. 5th? It’s all over except the shouting (and crying) so BM is SHOUTING at the top of it’s collective lungs to try to drown out the simple demographic reality that has begun to make crystal clear; Women will be voting in RECORD numbers everywhere, and SIX OUT OF TEN will be casting their votes for Hillary.
    She will lead him by HUNDREDS of delegates (if not more) on the morning of Feb. 6th and there will be the first, polite calls asking him to consider dropping out of the race for the sake of party unity. What will Mr. Unite-us be able to say?
    I say it’s all over now for OB. Politically speaking, He’s a dead man walking.

  390. I do not even turn on MSNBC or NBC anymore unless Hillary is on.

    Oh, and I am MAKING SURE I talk up how reasonably fair and balanced FOX is being even to the Democrats (their regular news coverage, not the Hannitys, etc)

    I hate FOX personally, but it’s true. I have even sent letters to Bill O telling him that while I despise his politics, he is right to call out MSNBC on their sexist crap.

    I give Bill O links to youtubes of the egregious stuff, and sometimes he has USED the stuff I cite!

    Want to hurt MSNBC? Hold your nose and give FOX a boost. Write Bill O outlining the outrageous statements by Keith O, and examples of the sexist bias. Losing ratings is bad, but nothing on God’s green earth could make them more furious than losing more ratings and credibility to FOX.

  391. This guy WCMB posts comments at TM and is a real talent. In case you did not see his posting today here it is for your enjoyment.


    [1/20/08, 1:22pm] Barack Obama, on a stage today before admiring millions of the press corps, broke wind, and it was sweetly redolent of Aqua Velva and cigar smoke.

    There are confirmed reports that several cases of ED were miraculously cured by touching the hem of his garment. Tim Russert wept openly, and Chris Matthews licked his lips and visibly shivered as the scent wafted over the crowd. It was beautiful.

    In other news, tonight at eight Keith Olbermann asks the question on the mind of many pundits: How do we beat the bitch, if the American people are behind her? Tune in for the game plan, and even more truthful truthiness, to be determined by talking heads reading the entrails of the opinions of other talking heads. (In other words, I am basing my editorial opining on what Markos told me at the urinal.)”

  392. I think WCMB is a she. And I think she posts here as well with a different user name ..or maybe I’m mistaking her for someone else. But yeah – a real talent !

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