Here Comes The Sun

As we wrote yesterday, Chris Matthews “apologized” for only one of this many disgusting attacks against Hillary Clinton.

Matthews was forced to issue his misleading “apology” because organizations with resources to do more than just talk and type finally began to take action. Actions speak louder than words.

Media Matters led the online charge and the presidents of the National Organization for Women, Feminist Majority and National Women’s Political Caucus signed onto a joint letter of complaint to NBC News President Steve Capus – the person who is ultimately responsible for Chris Matthews’ capacity to spew his hate.

More importantly the National Women’s Political Caucus took action by demonstrating in front of NBC’s Washington, D.C. office.

Make no mistake, Chris Matthews was forced to apologize, despite his reluctance to do so:

For 10 days, the “Hardball” host had doggedly insisted he was just reciting a bit of history when he said on the air that “the reason she’s a U.S. senator, the reason she’s a candidate for president, the reason she may be a front-runner is her husband messed around.” [snip]

As criticism from liberal bloggers and others mounted over the past week, top MSNBC officials urged Matthews to apologize, according to network officials who would not be identified discussing internal deliberations. But Matthews dug in his heels, deciding to deliver the mea culpa only after he had returned from a Democratic presidential debate sponsored by the network in Las Vegas.

NBC and MSNBC must be held to account. Chris Matthews like Don Imus is a repeat offender who should not be on the air. Matthews will soon enough give in to his Hillary hating misogenystic obsessions and slime again.

For years Don Imus spewed his hate while Tim Russert, among other Big Media princes, enabled him to spew that hate by appearing on his show. The same Don Imus enablers are enabling Chris Matthews. The same Don Imus enablers also enable the Hillary Hate wafting from the offices of Tim Russert and writers such as the New York Time’s Patrick Healy and Maureen Dowd.

NBC and MSNBC are playing with fire. You do not leave a pedophile in a schoolyard filled with children. Likewise, you do not leave Chris Matthews in front of a TV camera or with a microphone to discuss presidential politics in a race with Hillary Clinton as a candidate. Eventually Chris Matthews’ obsession with raise a stink again.

We will not defend Matthews or NBC or MSNBC when, and it will happen, a Republican or Democratic candidate running against Hillary accuses NBC/MSNBC of bias in protecting Hillary. Obama, or Edwards, or McCain, or Giuliani, or Romney will at some point say that Chris Matthews is “leaning over backwards” to protect Hillary due to fear. This will happen. NBC/MSNBC need to get rid of the portly Matthews.

Our suggestion to NBC/MSNBC is to take up Chris Matthews’ professed love of politics. Send him to Iraq to comment on Sunni/Shia politics. Send him to Chechnya – politics are real interesting there. Send Matthews to Sudan, politics are real interesting there. Send him to Chicago, have Matthews cover the Rezko trial, politics are real interesting there.

Send him anywhere, but get rid of him.

* * * * *

Tomorrow is election day in Nevada. The Las Vegas Sun today endorsed Hillary Clinton:

One word can sum up George W. Bush’s presidency: incompetence.

For seven years this nation has been subjected to an administration riddled with abject failures of leadership — Hurricane Katrina and the Iraq war instantly come to mind. We also have had an administration infested with cronyism and drenched in secrecy. [snip]

This year’s presidential election offers an opportunity to change course and get our country moving in the right direction again. And, this Saturday, Nevadans will have their say. [snip]

Clinton has a long and substantial record of leadership fighting on behalf of working Americans and children, and it is this experience and her passion for creating a better country that would serve this nation so well.

Our country needs someone who can be president from Day One after taking the oath of office. Her steadiness and resolve certainly would aid us in reestablishing better relations with other nations after Bush’s go-it-alone foreign policy, not to mention a thoughtful and responsible policy regarding our combat troops in Iraq.

On domestic issues, such as the economy and health care, Clinton clearly has the best command of the issues, as was witnessed in Tuesday’s debate in Las Vegas. For example, in contrast to Obama’s health care plan, Clinton’s would truly offer universal health care coverage. She also has an economic stimulus plan, including tax rebates for working- and middle-class families, that could help jump-start our sluggish economy, which is in danger of heading into a recession. We need someone in the White House who can get our economy back to the way it was when Hillary’s husband, Bill, was president.

Of special interest to Nevadans are the candidates’ views on the federal government’s efforts to bury the nation’s nuclear waste 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas. The three leading Democratic presidential candidates say they would stop the Yucca Mountain project, but rhetoric can be just that, rhetoric.

Clinton’s longtime opposition stands out.

Despite the fact that her state relies heavily on nuclear power for its energy, and that the companies providing that power desperately want the nuclear waste buried in Nevada, Clinton stood with Nevada when George Bush’s plan for Yucca Mountain went before Congress. Clinton voted with Nevada, and against the dump. Edwards, whose state has nuclear power, voted for the dump. Obama wasn’t yet elected to the Senate, but it should be noted that the energy corporation Exelon, the sixth-largest donor to his presidential campaign, supports a nuclear waste dump in Nevada.

If Nevada is to stand a chance of killing the nuclear waste dump, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is going to need a friend in the White House, and that friend would be Clinton.

As we see it, the only obstacle in Clinton’s way in Nevada is the unfair caucus system that has been set up, specifically the rule that allows on-site voting at casino workplaces on the Strip. Not only is it unfair because it isn’t an option for noncasino workers who can’t get away from work, but it also enables the Culinary Union, which has endorsed Obama, to pressure its members into voting for their union’s endorsed candidate even if they prefer Clinton.

Nonetheless, it is our sincere hope that Nevadans on Saturday turn out for the caucus in large numbers and vote for Hillary Clinton, who stands ready to restore dignity and competence to the Oval Office.


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  1. OkieAtty, brought your post forward. Will comment after reading admin’s new post:

    I know one of the guys who works for the House and does the automated e-mail stuff. I bet he’s overworked right.

    BTW- just so y’all know, it was Kerry who gave the Obama campaign our e-mails. It was not the DCCC, DLC or Moveon.

    I’m pretty sick over this sexism stuff right now. I’ve even sworn off a professional site I visited daily. The fact that folks with the education and skills to right a social injustice think sexism is funny is shameful to me. This race really is about bigger issues than any of these candidates. I was voting for Hillary because she is the best qualified candidate and because I feel like she has her finger on the pulse of our country. Now….I’m also voting for her as a woman. I think I know what those voters in NH felt a few weeks ago.

    It’s called outrage.

  2. Kerry has been behind the Obama campaign from day one. Kerry is the one who okayed Obama’s 2004 DNC speech. Kerry is the one who handed Obama his finance chair, who, by the way, just happened to have access to Kerry’s full Rolodex and fundraising files. Kerry is the one who recently endorsed and has been campaigning for Obama. If anyone cannot see Kerry’s hand stuck up Obama’s ass, then you’re not looking close enough.

  3. I hope Clinton’s radio ads, tv ads, and speeches take a much more comedic tone and start POINTING OUT Obama’s weaknesses and lack of a record.

    Obama is freely saying negative things about Hillary, I think its time she does the same.

    And bill should just explode and do a multi-media news conference.

  4. Barney Frank hits Obama:

    See here:

    And here:

    Her team of Congressional backers are piling on now in a conference call. Barney Frank, emphasizing that many Democrats think Reagan and the GOP did awful things to middle- and working-class Americans over the last couple of decades, said it’s not just a matter of style. “This is not simply stylistic (though) I do think Sen Obama exaggerates style over substance.”

  5. My prediction for SC is a repeat of the NH phenomenon: Women, when allowed to vote in private, will stand up for Hillary.

    Now I’m not expecting she will win the black vote completely! But I do NOT think she will be trounced as badly as the polls/MSM are suggesting.

  6. limebeans, Hillary will have to campaign real real hard though. Is it worth it though?

    I mean if S.C. is close, or if HRC wins Obama’s campaign is over. However, we could be better targetting other states like Obama’s own Illinois.

  7. Rasmussen Reports
    Date: 1/14
    Added: 1/18/08
    Est. MoE = 3.2%
    Hillary Clinton 38%
    Barack Obama 33%
    John Edwards 12%
    Unsure 13%
    Other 3%

  8. Hillary need to send an ad to SC running Obama’s I Love Reagan and then have a Comparison of what Hillary was doing during Reagan years in Office.

    “While Obama was loving Reagan, I was dealing with the fall-out of his policiess, in Arkansas.

    I don’t know something like that. Also push economy.

    Obama is book smart, not street smart, while Hillary is both.

  9. I can’t help but believe there are many AAs who are looking at Obama with the same critical eye that I am looking at him with. They are responsible, hard working people and they understand politics and the importance of getting the right candidate. I have many misgivings about Obama and I am sure some of them do too. The matter of color or gender cannot cloud these misgivings. They are too blatant to ignore. I have faith in the AA community.

  10. If she wins in NV, SC will look very different.

    I am looking for men’s vote in NV. Will it be as high for Obama?

    Dot, the word you were looking for is pariah, an outcast, but you came closer to piranha, a nasty little creature, which is how they treat Hillary. She is so good that they are forced to fault her because of her husband. As Hillary says, How pathetic!

    For you devoted supporters, be careful about the phone calls — I think everyone in NV on any list has been called about 10 times. I got another one last night. The best time to call is about 10am tomorrow (NV time) to remind them to get there by 11:00. That’s just my personal opinion. We need to reach those people who will say, oh i meant to go but i decided to clean the oven and then i forgot…. OTOH, those people are likely to be Obama voters 🙂

  11. Compare and contrast the Reagan/Bush economic record with the Clinton/Gore economic record, and the statistics speak for themselves. Obama’s championing of Ronald Reagan as the best “agent for change” is the biggest stumble by any candidate during this entire primary season, hands down. What an idiotic thing to say.

  12. Edwards’ transparent strategy right now, in the dwindling days of his campaign, is to paint Hillary and Obama as the two “squabbling, bickering candidates,” while he is somehow above the fray. Nice to see him blast Obama’s phoniness, though.

  13. Hey, anyone else watching Hillary on the Tyra Banks show, don’t ususally watch that, but Hillary is doing great!

  14. Berkeley Vox, I’m not sure it was a stumble in the traditional sense, because Obama knew exactly what he was saying.

    BTW, I read that Anne Kornblut article linked on Hillary’s Web site. I think she’s found her core message: the economy. Pretty much everything else (health care, etc.) can be tied to that, so it’s a perfect focus for her.

  15. Jaz, I don’t think Hillary will have to campaign THAT hard, though. All she has to do is connect with the women voters in a tiny way. It does not have to be a “big moment” like the over-hyped Teary Diner Moment in NH. All she has to do is drop something in the next debate like “women undestand, b/c we still make less than men do for the same work” or something like that. Anything that will get women nodding their heads in agreement. 🙂 (It works on me and all my friends anyway!)

    I really believe women are intimidated about supporting Hillary in public. I think she has much more “quiet” support than we realize.

  16. “While Obama was loving Reagan, I was dealing with the fall-out of his policiess, in Arkansas.”

    HA!! I love it, carbynew. 🙂

  17. Is there a HRC rest home somewhere for the brave souls who trudged through the freeze in IA and NH and the now-babbling troops who have spent months explaining a caucus to bewildered voters?

    If I hear one more time about how the Clintons tried to prevent people from voting, I will scream.
    If they show Pres. Clinton explaining about the culinary union advantage one more time with the headline ‘loses his temper’ I will scream. I liked how the paper covered it and I hope that by now, the rest of NV is pretty annoyed at Obama’s throwing them under the bus.

    There can no longer be any bus travel in the USA because there are so many people under there, courtesy of BO. I have been thrown under multiple times, as a woman, a senior, a NV voter, a pres Clinton supporter, and as a CA resident under Gov. Reagan just to name a few.

  18. Hillary’s comments at the Las Vegas print shop are very powerful. They are useful now and will be useful as well in the general election.

    “My leading opponent the other day said that he thought the Republicans had better ideas than Democrats the last 10 to 15 years. That’s not the way I remember the last 10 to 15 years.

    “I don’t think it’s a better idea to privatize Social Security. I don’t think it’s a better idea to try to eliminate the minimum wage. I don’t think it’s a better idea to undercut health benefits and to give drug companies the right to make billions of dollars by providing prescription drugs to medicare recipients. I don’t think it’s a better idea to shut down the government, to drive us into debt. I think we know what needs to be done in American and I think we’re ready to do it. And I’m ready to lead on day one, to run this government, to manage this economy.”

  19. Alos, I wanted to reiterate what freckles has been saying about voter contact. I had EXACTLY the same experience in NH! Once you start talking (and LISTENING) to voters, they WILL turn your way. Most of the women I met were VERY easy to persuade. They wanted to support Hillary in the first place, but just having a bit of contact with some femal volunteers really made the difference with them and gave them the impetus to make up their minds and VOTE! As for the men, I found that many of them basically just wanted to get something off their chest about Hillary… Like freckles said, they will start off with a negative sentance or two but if you hang on, let them say their peice, and then talk up Hillary’s professionalism and experience, they WILL CONCEDE! All of the undecided men I met admitted that Hillary was knowledgeable and sensible. I think they need to hear THEMSELVES say these things aloud -HA! Once they hear themselves saying that Hillary is the best person for the job, I think they have a moment and realize…..”hmmmm. Guess maybe I should vote her then?”

  20. At the debate, did anyone notice how Edwards and Hillary were kidding with each other? Edwards made a joke and then poked Hillary, then they both laughed. I like them working together. They seem to have a good time with each other when they do play with each other.

  21. Just before 4 I caught the end of a segment on MSNBC with Pat Buchanan and some other fellow whose name I didn’t see on the screen. The bottom line was that all Hillary has to do is keep on message on the ECONOMY.

    They also discussed the Nev caucus strip locations and agreed that it was not fair that one set of workers got their own caucus location and other groups of workers didn’t, especially with shop bosses openly overseeing (and possibly influencing) how workers voted.

    But that was the fault of both the Nev Dem Party and the DNC. Nobody thought this idea through, particularly since it was not forseen that the Culinary folks would endorse BHO … and who knew who would be in the lead last March?

  22. tru2party, that to me is just small talk jibberish. edwards for months have been bashing hillary with the nutkooks egging him on. you know what? it did not do a dime’s worth of difference. i suspect he will not win any state this year.

  23. Yep, she needs to keep pounding on the economy. That’s the message that’ll take her all the way to November. No more competing with Obama on who can bring “change.” Stop fighting on his turf.

  24. Now the Obamabot whining has started … Bill and Hillary are now accused of double-teaming against B-Ronald-O. My answer in the comments section:

    Let’s see. Michelle Obama double-teaming with her hubby is okay. Obama’s consigliere Kerry double-teaming with Obama is okay. Axelrod and Trippi double-teaming with Obama and Edwards is okay. Obama local politco and Congressional endorsers double-teaming with Obama is okay. But President Clinton or any of Hillary Clinton’s supporters double-teaming or backing Sen. Clinton is not okay? Just what I thought.

  25. I have to agree it’s the Economy and the more they talk about this the less Obama has to say.

    I’m not good with video…but if someone can string his Vegas debate together with his Reagan love and then his non answer to the economy question…the cut to the wide shot where Obama and Edwards is watching Hillary is giving her plans on the economy.

    Voice over at the end…When Hillary speak about the economy, Wall Street listen.

    Keep banging out Obama’s Reagan Love.

  26. Would it be too harsh for HRC to tell the union members they were lied to by BO. I mean, he has so much respect for Regan, and regan was a union buster. She needs to connect that dots for the electorate. Or would that be too harsh?

  27. And Hillary is nothing if not disciplined, so you can be damn sure she’ll stick with that economic message till the cows come home. We can thank the voters of NH for this, too. It was those exit polls that revealed the economic anxiety of voters.

  28. terrondt, i know. the trashing did happen. but, as a democrat, i really do like (i said “like” not love) all of them. i LOVE hillary though. 🙂

    but i like to see edwards call BHO on this. and these obama supporters are vile people who do just what they say they won’t do….they divide, divide divide.

    i heard somewhere that Obama’s teacher in Indonesia said that young Barack was a good math student: i bet he was really good at long division! divide divide divide….that’s Obama, for sure.

  29. And there’s no need to really push the “I’m experienced more” meme either other than to say, “I will be ready to manage the economy and start solving problems on Day 1.”

  30. Staying on message and “being presidental” is the name of the game. The american people are looking for a leader, and that is what HRC is.

  31. We’re gearing up here for our afternoon Snotball Drinking Contest (my husband drinks when Reagan is mentioned; I drink on drugs/pot/cocaine; and my son drinks on lobbyists) .. anyhow, my son wanted me to share with you all that we’ve come up with a new product:

    Gipper Brand Roll-on Deoderant for your B.O. (use it conservatively, please).

  32. BTW – Admin, I think that “Here Comes The Sun” would make a great song for Hillary’s VICTORY! After the long cold winter of Bush, the time for healing our country is here. PLEASE SUGGEST IT TO HER CAMPAIGN.

    Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter
    Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been here
    Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
    and I say it’s all right

    Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces
    Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been here
    Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
    and I say it’s all right

    Sun, sun, sun, here it comes…
    Sun, sun, sun, here it comes…
    Sun, sun, sun, here it comes…
    Sun, sun, sun, here it comes…
    Sun, sun, sun, here it comes…

    Little darling, I feel that ice is slowly melting
    Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been clear
    Here comes the sun, here comes the sun,
    and I say it’s all right
    It’s all right

  33. I think her message is really hitting home. She was the first candidate to mention recession and she got the first plan out…others quickly tried to follow. Now the president is following her advice

    She is the real leader the US needs now.

  34. i smell fear in the obama camp. he’s working too hard to diss her and her husband. a confident candidate would just sit it out.

  35. Good News, Part I:

    Las Vegas, Nevada – During a “Get Out the Caucus” rally in Las Vegas today, John Edwards made the following statement calling on Senator Obama to denounce the UNITE HERE radio ads.

    “Just a few days ago, on a stage where all three of us were participating in the debate, there was a discussion of putting behind us and stopping the race politics that had been going on for a few days before that between Senator Clinton and Senator Obama. And everyone pledged that this kind of divisive politics that divides the Democratic Party and could divide America would come to an end.

    “Senator Obama made that pledge. I was sitting five feet from him when I heard him say it. And now it turns out that in the last twenty-four hours, there’s a radio ad that’s being run—a malicious radio ad attacking Senator Clinton. That is exactly that kind of divisive politics. It’s being run right here in Las Vegas.

    “I denounce it. This kind of ad, I don’t care who’s doing it—in this case it’s Senator Obama’s supporters—but this sort of thing needs to stop. And from what I’ve seen, Senator Obama has not said a single word about this. Nothing…when two days ago, three days ago, he sat on a stage in front of America and said this kind of politics had no place in America. That is divides America. It divides the Democratic Party. And he denounced it. Well, now it’s happening…by his supporters…right here in this campaign twenty-four hours before the caucuses. And what I have to say is he should speak up. If he really means what he says—and this is not just talk—he should speak up and denounce this kind of divisive politics. It is not what the Democratic Party needs. It is not what America needs. And let me say this very clearly, vis-a-vis Senator Obama, I will not divide America. I will unite America.”

  36. Good News, Part II:

    This is Magic Johnson. On the court and in life, successful leadership comes from hard work and experience. That’s why I’m endorsing Hillary Clinton for President. We have great candidates this year, but I believe only Hillary is a proven leader, with 35 years’ experience dealing with challenges facing America. Are you looking for better jobs, universal health care, better treatment for veterans, opportunities for your children? Then you want Hillary Clinton for President. My rookie year, we won our first game on a last second shot. I was so hyped. But the captain of my team said, “take it easy rookie, it’s a long season, it’s a long road to the championship.” He was right. Winning comes from years of hard work and preparation. Whether it’s winning championships or a President who can lead us back to greatness, I’ll always want the most prepared and experienced person leading my team. That’s why I’m asking you to join me in voting for Hillary Clinton for President.

    Hear the ad here:

  37. admin, can team hillary run obama loves reagan ads in nevada, sc, or any other state here on out? reagan policies were devastating to african americans as well as many others in the 1980’s.

  38. CNN SPIN!

    Pres ’08 (D)
    Jan 18 CNN
    Clinton 42%, Obama 33%, Edwards 17%

    CNN Story: “Poll: Obama makes big gains among black voters”

    Another poll:
    Pres ’08 (D)
    Jan 18 AP/Ipsos
    Clinton 40%, Obama 33%, Edwards 13%

    Obama is stuck on 33% –> So he obviously lost voters if he gained AA too.. What for the next stunt…

  39. i’m queasy about edwards but he is making the point w/o our camp having to do so.

    it’s true everything he said too. i just don’t trust him.

  40. Southern Born and anyone else in the neighborhood: Hillary and Bill are going to be in St. Louis for a rally tomorrow evening from 8:00 – 10:00 P.M. Details are on her website but it is at McCluer North High School in Florissant, Mo (a suburb of St. Louis in North County.) It is billed as a Town Hall meeting “Solutions for America.”

    We went to her last appearance here in December and the crowd was huge. There were rumors this morning but it has been confirmed by the campaign and I received my e-mail this afternoon. Anyone and everyone if you are close by come and show support for our gal!

  41. Hillary needs to send Bill and Majic to South Carolina asap. Maya and Madeline Albright as well, people respect these 2 women regardless of race.

  42. freckles

    no rest home, but a few of us here have been kicking around the idea of a reunion, in cold caucus weather, to be held in Arkansas, where else? At Hot Springs, better tan a rest home, Where OkieAtty guar–on–tees ! she can get aholt of the world’s best BBQ.

    Will that getcha thru the night?

  43. I got an e-mail from one of our esteemed members of the steering Clinton Steering Committee in OK. We’re doing a phone bank in the morning to call NV voters. I’m totally psyched.

    I’ve been calling and buttonholing friends and acquaintances here for months- especially this week. One friend I spoke with this afternoon at length was leaning towards Ronnie Junior but doesn’t know anything about him or the other candidates. I told her a bit about differences in policies and some of the scandals. She sounded a bit unsure by the time we hung up and assured me she would read up before Super Tuesday. One thing she didn’t realize is that this a delegate count race and that every state actually matters. She thought she could just vote one way and support Hillary come the GE. We also talked about sexism and how it permeates every aspect of our culture. She understood a lot of that because of her own background as a single mother.

    People are smart and when confronted with facts and the greater aspects of our union and bigotry will usually make the right decision. I dunno if my friend will vote for Hillary but she will take her vote more seriously which I think is ultimately what we all want. We cannot let one person vote or not vote out of ignorance. The last 8 years prove that. And the last two elections prove every vote counts.

    All in all, I feel a little better, but not much. I may be getting out of the law business. When I was president of the Organization for the Advancement of Women in Law in law school I was often struck by how juvenile some male students acted and how aloof many women were. In our profession, some women think they can’t stand up for what they believe for fear of retaliation by the powers that be. It’s sad when they act like the folks that stood around Kitty Genovese as she was attacked and di nothing. I’m sick of feeling powerless and I’m ashamed so many of my fellow women are held hostage by antiquated notions of acceptable and unacceptable activism.

    A cool thing though- one of the guys on the site directed me to a bio on William Wilberforce. Check him out and let him be an inspiration. One person can inspire change with unrelenting hardwork, uncompromising ethics, and determination.

    Go Big Pink.

  44. Clinton is more electable than Obama in Virginia

    Survey USA, Virginia
    535 Voters, +/- 4.3%
    16-17 JAN 2008

    Clinton/Giuliani 44/50 (Clinton)
    Clinton/Romney 51/43 (Clinton)
    Clinton/Huckabee 50/43 (Clinton)
    Clinton/McCain 43/52 (McCain)

    Obama/Giuliani 46/45 (statistical dead heat)
    Obama/Romney 48/44 (statistical dead heat)
    Obama/Huckabee 49/44
    Obama/McCain 40/52 (McCain)

  45. OkieAtty said: We also talked about sexism and how it permeates every aspect of our culture.

    Okie, I’ve come to realize there is no greater challenge to the status quo in this election than this woman. I think that in part is why people like Obama. They can feel like they are going for change, challenging the status quo but avoid the real challenge that Hillary represents, and in doing so, miss out on the most prepared presidential candidate in my lifetime, in the process.

  46. Another e-mail from same SC member. Bill’s visit on the 30th will be at the Lloyd Noble. It seats about 12-13K people. Expect a packed house. Maybe I can get a good seat. Biggest place in this area by far.

    “President William Jefferson Clinton

    Wednesday, January 30, 2008
    Campaign Rally for Hillary Clinton
    12 Noon- 1:00 PM
    Lloyd Noble Center
    2900 Jenkins Avenue
    Norman, OK 73019

    Free and Open to the Public”

    There is also a fundraiser following in the Countryside Club at 1:15pm
    $1000 per person.

  47. Yes, they are. Here is the corrected data for Virginia.

    Clinton is more electable than Obama in Virginia

    Survey USA, Virginia
    535 Voters, +/- 4.3%
    16-17 JAN 2008

    Clinton/Giuliani 50/44 (Clinton)
    Clinton/Romney 51/43 (Clinton)
    Clinton/Huckabee 50/43 (Clinton)
    Clinton/McCain 43/52 (McCain)

    Obama/Giuliani 46/45 (statistical dead heat)
    Obama/Romney 48/44 (statistical dead heat)
    Obama/Huckabee 49/44
    Obama/McCain 40/52 (McCain)

  48. The last numbers I saw look good here. It’s still a red state though and our party is infiltrated with DINO’s. Edwards was in 2nd I thought…Speaking of which he spoke at a Teamsters local in OKC earlier today. A lot of the old guard still likes him. It may be a Southern thing. Many of the Obamabots here are college kids or really malleable adults. And many just don’t like Hillary.

  49. terrondt, I’d take Barney Frank over those two anyday. Actually, I was as bad as the Obama supporters when it came to Patrick, and I do like him. He’s much more substantive than Obama, and he’s not high on himself like Obama is. But his first term taught me one thing, experience matters. He’s still not found his rhythm, and he wants to bring casinos to my state as a “jobs program”, which is a bad idea. We have great casinos in CT. We don’t need them here. Our working people already have a sratch card addiction that is just sad and out of hand. We need higher taxes on the millionaires here. That’s what Patrick should have done but that’s more difficult than casinos. I still have faith in him. In truth, I’d like him to run for Pres in ’16. I have to say, I got alot of people to vote for him. How? By telling him he was a Clinton appointee.

  50. Clinton is more electable than Obama in Kansas

    Survey USA, Kansas
    512 Voters, +/- 4.4%

    Clinton/Giuliani 48/42 (Clinton +6)
    Clinton/Romney 47/44 (Clinton +3 – statistical dead heat)
    Clinton/Huckabee 47/46 (Clinton +1 – statistical dead heat)
    Clinton/McCain 40/53 (McCain +13)

    Obama/Giuliani 43/45 (Giuliani +2 – statistical dead heat)
    Obama/Romney 45/43 (Obama +2 – statistical dead heat)
    Obama/Huckabee 44/46 (Huckabee +2 – statistical dead heat)
    Obama/McCain 39/53 (McCain +14)

  51. this has been the longest month..still 3 weeks till super tuesday. just hang in there Senator Clinton , we need you.

  52. If Hillary is going to be in St. Louis tomorrow evening is there no victory celebration planned in NV?

  53. with caucus being at 11 am I would think all would be wrapped up by 8 in the evening. I think the caucus is just a couple hours if that.

  54. Hello all…catching up with all the comments and watching some analysis…

    freckles…thanks for all you are doing…hang in there…

    I agree with Admin re: Matthews, it is only a matter of time…that was not an apology and on Morning Joe they basically tried to absolve him from any wrong doing and just dismiss the whole thing and chalk it up to a bunch of finge women’s groups. Mika is useless…MSNBC will simply continue every day from morning to night to frame everything in a negative or ridiculing vein as it relates to Hillary and Bill…they will keep trying to put them on the defense and never suggest that Obama should take responsiblity for his actions and the MSM, in general, has just assumed the posture that Obama has been vetted and they are going to focus on horserace and personality…and play their favorite clips of the day over and over and over again…that’s MSM…no depth to come…

    …having said that and speaking of Pat Buchanan…don’t know if any of you caught him last night on Tucker…anyway like him or not, Pat calls them like he sees it and while I don’t agree with his political POV I have always respected his analysis…last night Pat just hit the nail on the head…and said poetically that ‘if Obama gets the nomination the republicans are going to cream him…”they are not going to put up with this MUSH”…all this change, hope, no specifics…they will destroy him…they will bring up his pastor, and everything they are stockpiling etc, etc, etc”

    …I want to say that I will be holding many of the ‘male’ progressive blogs personally responsible if that situation ever comes to pass…because they have intentionally tried to marginalize and hurt Hillary and at the same time shirked any responsible vetting of Obama…so they have, in effect, recklessly championed a candidate on blind and faith and would be sending us into battle totally unprepared and as Pat B says ‘equipped with mush that the republicans will anniliate…and this will also go for Kerry, Leahy and the rest of them…

    tomorrow is looking good…I do not doubt Hillary for one second and believe we just go on fighting as hard as we can and keep pushing back and stating her positives…and keep monitoring MSM

    …I hope that the progressives that have been so ‘groupthink’ and frankly immature will start to wake up and begin to understand how important this is and start letting go of this rock star mania and hurting our own team from within

    …tomorrow should be exciting…

  55. Anyone know if there will be anymore clips from Tyra Banks Hillary interview? I have to say this woman is smart. Oprah goes on the road with Obama and pisses off her fans, and little Tyra Banks gets the interview of the century where she actually gets to have a heart to heart with Hillary that includes Bill’s little WH problem.

  56. ding light bulb moment for the strip caucus….it says anybody who lives or works within that 2.5 mile radius can use these precincts…maybe enough hillary nonunion support would give those union members who want to caucus for Hillary some support. gotv in that 2.5 mile radius.

  57. ABC Nightly News had a very (unintentionally) funny package tonight. They were discussing the latino vote in Nevada. They discussed how strong Hillary is with latinos. They visited a supermarket in Nevada. They did quick interviews of latinos all of whom said “Hillary”. One of the workers at the supermarket after saying “Hillary” was not sure who Hillary was running against. The worker said “Omega”. The reporter corrected him “Obama”. “Yeah, right, Obama” said the worker.

    Sounds like Hillary will do fine in Nevada. Hopefully the video will be posted soon.

  58. bmerry – regarding an earlier post

    thanks so much for telling carol shea-porter to go shit-in-her-hat.

    (i feel the same way about p.hoades, the a-hole i voted for)

  59. regarding these women in congress and senate just letting this media crap go by…we all need to contact them. Nobody from my own state has done anything yet but I’m calling all these women and others to let them know that the women in the USA will not forget when their election bid comes back up.

    Somebody here who is good at lists should keep a list and for the next 4 years WE AT BIG PINK need to band together and hold these people feet to the fire.

    First things first, help Hillary

  60. omega 08 – sounds like a chemical or something which makes you sick lol ! Cant wait for the moment when the United States Democratic Party certifies Obama 08 as unsuitable for consumption.

  61. Admin,

    That video on ABC News was friggin’ amazing.

    Kate Snow said that EVERY SINGLE LATINO VOTER she spoke to mentioned Hillary Clinton.

    Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton.

  62. joe friday, i saw that too. a young did not even know how to pronounce obama’s name. man, it may look good. hillfans. i have to go to work at 2:30pm eastern time so i will not be online with you guys to follow the caucus vote. but i will keep checking my text alerts, radio, and tv at work for info.

  63. Just saw that America Ferrera (Ugly Betty, Real Women Have Curves) was campaigning for and introducing Hillary today to Latino crowds.

  64. The best thing about a computer is that people can band together through an interest, get to know each other, become fond of each other, without knowing their ages, genders, ethnicity, orientation, occupations, or other classifications. And isn’t it amazing how much it doesn’t matter?

    Just thinking out loud….on the way to thanking you all for the supportive notes in these last, tiring, days, esp. the warriors from IA and NH. It means a lot and I will return the favor when you get into a big push somewhere.

    What I meant to report is that the word here is “excited” and it refers to ….wait for it….. voting!
    Hill supporters are very excited about caucusing for her. I have been told that 4 times today and in my little world, they are men as much as women. I do, however, have two women who are now HRC supporters who have no doubt they will bring their boyfriends into line for Hillary. A given, as they report.

    I should be home with reports from 3 precincts by 12-12:30 our time if the press hasn’t called it by then.

    If calling, and you get a “gee I’m still undecided” answer, the question “are you worried about the economy”? pretty much gets you a Hill caucuser.

  65. Omega! LOL!! Chris Matthews is on here now. By the way, count me in for the Arkansas reunion. Okie, I am with you on the depth of this sexism. I am looking back at my last three years on the job in a whole new light now…working in administration at a university for a monster boss. I think that so many women are in situations like this and they think…this can’t really be blatant sexism…but it is! Part of our mind says this isn’t real and it can’t be happening to me, having twice the work load and 10 times the criticism as my male counterparts in the same job. Perhaps, this election will help shed light on the fact that we’re not even addressing sexism in this country anymore.Consequently, we’re in a real sorry place.

  66. America Ferrera – Great Actress…. also got nothing to do during the writers strike.

    Is it me or do you think Chelsea Clinton could potentially follow in her parents footsteps?

  67. Jaz Says:

    January 18th, 2008 at 7:18 pm
    America Ferrera – Great Actress…. also got nothing to do during the writers strike.

    Is it me or do you think Chelsea Clinton could potentially follow in her parents footsteps?

    Definately could if she wanted to, but she won’t. She literally will not take any questions from reporters. Not one. She’s a very private person, and I don’t think she wants that. That said, I could see her marrying someone in politics.

  68. Emjay Says:

    January 18th, 2008 at 7:22 pm
    Obama the Omega male.

    Notice how he’s not the Alpha male?

    Good catch. 😉

  69. way-to-go-freckles!

    after this week, tomorrow will be a breeze.

    go out tomorrow, be proud and stand tall. how lucky we are to have a candidate like HRC. we’re making history, one state at a time..

  70. But he used the opportunity to dump on Bill. saying he’s damaged Hillary this week. Brooks of course agreed.

    I don’t.

  71. Well mj, she seems to be devoted, well-educated, well-mannered.

    Perhaps she doesn’t want to do it now, but in a few decades time, perhaps she will go into politics. The video on ABC is striking, there are so few people under 30 who would be doing such a job for their parents, and staying respectable. A great family.

    You can tell she’s been brought up in a political household, but she doesn’t come across as calculating like Hillary (occasionally) comes across.

  72. Just a happy-teary moment of my own…. I’ve seen two posts dunno where, by canvassers who say they asked “Who are you supporting?” and got these answers.

    “I’m for that girl who’s running for President.”

    “I like that colored fellow, what’s his name?”

    On the bigger picture, we’ve all come a long way….

  73. Emay, they always say that. They are so out of touch. Bill knows exactly what he is doing. He’s is ginning up voters. Those guys spend too much time in DC talking to no one but eachother.

  74. freckles,

    the question ‘are you worried about the economy’? pretty much gets you a Hill caucuser.

    That reminds me, I meant to mention before, that Hillary was the ONLY person that raised the issue in the New Hampshire debate that there might be a recession coming. Of course, the White House and the RightWing Fake Media all mocked her, but here we are today with Chimpy calling for a stimulus package (too little, too late) to keep the economy from going into recession (for the SECOND TIME on his watch).

  75. The greatest Presidents are calculating. FDR is the prime example. People just dump on her for it because we don’t expect it from women. Chelsea rocks. She’s a superstar in her own. She makes Obama look downright old. I love it!

  76. Someone please perform a Google search for “Barack Obama Yucca Mountain” or “Obama Yucca Mountain” and tell me what you find.

  77. Joe Friday, I know. Even Bush follows her lead, ofcourse his stimulus package is more like Obama’s and thus not very good. He should have just taken Hill’s.

  78. I am so sick of those Washington folks talking about how Bill is bringing down her campaign. Do they know anything outside Washington. Bill knows what he’s doing. If he knew for one minute he was going to damage her campaign in any way, he will have stepped back. He is firing her base up. He is no fool.

  79. New S.C. Poll:

    SC-Pres (D)
    Jan 18 SurveyUSA
    Obama 46%, Clinton 36%, Edwards 15% …

    I just can’t figure out what’s going on in South Carolina. HRC needs to go there quickly, and unleash bill too for a day or two… But I think bill is better off campaigning in CA, NYC, NJ – Power States. 10% is not so bad, but it’s significant.

    Bill Clinton/Chelsea are a powerful pair, they can attract huge, huge crowds. It’s very good that they have now split Bill and Hillary up… a) You target more people b) People know you’re electing Hillary, not bill.

  80. While I applaud Edwards for taking a stand against these deplorable ads, I still don’t really trust him. He’s flip flopped on many core issues and changed his opinion on several issues since he was in the senate. I’m not sure if he has made some informal deal with Obambi and is staying in to spilt the white vote. Who knows? However, I’m not ready to kiss and make up.

  81. mj and Emjay, I agree with you about Bill. The D.C. establishment has been trying to claim he’s a liability for months.

  82. caroline, they said that same crap about bill just before the nh primary. they are talking out of their *ss.

  83. Jaz, That SC poll is pretty typical of what we’re seeing there. The Clintons will start focusing there once the NV caucus is over.

  84. They hit on Bill because they know he is a damn effective campaigner for her. Hellooooooo, 8000 people and 3000 left outside the door at Bill’s appearance in CA?

    The media drooling over BO’s crowds hardly mention this, though it is almost as big as the Oprah crowd was, and certainly bigger than ANY other crowds in this campaign. Yet, crickets on cable news.

    Don’t fall for it. The media WANTS you to think Bill is a negative, so the campaign will shut him up. They HATE that he is campaigning so effectively for Hill. Today, Obama’s camp started whining like babies that Bill and Hill were “tag-teaming” Obama. Pfffffffffffffffffffffft!

    I say GO BIG DAWG! EAT ‘EM UP!

  85. And he (Bill) had a face-to-face spitdown with a reporter, which is what I think has the Press Corps’ boxers sorta damp. They are used to being in charge.

    Mitt took one of those rolly poley pencil chewers on this week too.

  86. Actually… I also thought Bill was a liability, but now, I think…the more he talks, the more people “endearing” to him. His honesty gives a good laugh.
    He gives a rougher side to the polished campaign, which is good.

    Obama will say some nonsense about Bill soon. But LMAO, he will fall into Bill’s trap. People like Bill, yeah, he’s getting angrier nowadays, but still passionate about the democratic cause.

  87. we’re not expected to do so well in sc and so low expectations will force expectations on obama. If she is able to pull out at least a 5 point margin it will be considered a loss for him. I think ads targeted specifically towards the elderly and women are key in south carolina. with them they don’t want to take a chance on a young upstart and neither do I

  88. I had alot of college kids in NH tell me Hill should send Bill to the campuses because he’s such a great speaker.

    I can’t find the SC radio ad. Admin, do you have a link?

  89. I would imagine Bill and Chelsea campaign well together. I saw Chelsea the other day on the tv and she was doin a great job with prospective voters. yes, you can tell she grew up watchin this. South Carolina is still tryin’ to figure this out. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hillary shows a “come back.” I think Bill is a smart politician and I trust his instincts. He does have those moments where he gets short with people who aren’t too bright and they get to challenging him. Sometimes it might “look bad” but what somebody remembers is that Bill told em the truth, or that he had made a good point. That forceful way of talkin’ when he gets upset just aint all bad. When you see him fightin’ like that and then you hear him say, Hillary will be with you till the last dog dies you know that they mean it. She will stand up for us, just as he will.

  90. Re: those SC numbers:

    If JE were not in the race, I think BO’s numbers would stay about the same. Hill’s are the ones that would go way up.

  91. This is Magic Johnson. On the court and in life, successful leadership comes from hard work and experience. That’s why I’m endorsing Hillary Clinton for President. We have great candidates this year, but I believe only Hillary is a proven leader, with 35 years’ experience dealing with challenges facing America. Are you looking for better jobs, universal health care, better treatment for veterans, opportunities for your children? Then you want Hillary Clinton for President. My rookie year, we won our first game on a last second shot. I was so hyped. But the captain of my team said, “take it easy rookie, it’s a long season, it’s a long road to the championship.” He was right. Winning comes from years of hard work and preparation. Whether it’s winning championships or a President who can lead us back to greatness, I’ll always want the most prepared and experienced person leading my team. That’s why I’m asking you to join me in voting for Hillary Clinton for President.

    Hear the ad here:

  92. pulchritude Says: January 18th, 2008 at 7:31 pm
    Someone please perform a Google search for “Barack Obama Yucca Mountain” or “Obama Yucca Mountain” and tell me what you find.

    Here’s a straight search, mostly Obama defending himself.

    Here’s one limted to items at
    These are mostly good points against Obama

  93. mollyjrichards, did you see that video with Chelsea? I think that’s adorable that she will stand up in his Q and A and remind him of points to make. The thing is Obama is a media “rockstar”, Bill is a real “rockstar”. And, everytime he opens his mouth he makes Obama look small and frankly, boring.

  94. SC will become more engaged after Saturday. Hillary has been on the air for two weeks in my media market. Obama and Edwards have not advertised in my media market yet, which reveals to me that Hillary will play to win in SC.

  95. Lordy admin: Santa Barbara youngins are known for their degree of engagement. I think a few of those kids scared the secret service cause they looked like they were comin’ across the rope line. It reminded me of when the Beatles came to the US. Seriously, that’s what I thought about when I heard those screams when Hill walked out from behind the curtain.

  96. Admin, I was just thinking about Hill’s historic win in NH, and I was wondering, the media kept saying as Iowa goes, so goes NH, which clearly didn’t happen, do you know how often Iowa and NH have split? I know they did in ’92, Harkin won Iowa, Tsongas won NH, but beyond that, I don’t know.

  97. People people dont give up on SC yet how we quickly forget NH,
    I am AA and trust me I know omega played the race card, people love Bill just wait till he gets there it will tighten fast

  98. chaz356, I also sense the alot AA women genuinely like Hill. I love her for her fiesty spirit and alot of women look poorly on that, but it seems to me that african american women seem to appreciate that quality as well.

  99. is anybody watching the o’rielly factor? good segment on o’reilly defending bill clinton’s being attacked by big media. wow, these strange bedfellows like o’rielly and buchanan. i will never forgive o’reilly the way he went after gore in 2000 but he made me warm up a few degrees to him.

  100. terrondt, they respect people who don’t listen to the MSM. So Bill not taking the advice of the MSM, they see (like we do) as a good thing.

  101. i agree with chaz356, most of us were just about rock bottom on hillary’s chances in nh. i said i will never doubt her again. i will stick to it. let’s win in nevada then see what the political terrain looks like sunday morning.

  102. Big News:

    January 18, 2008
    Culinary Union Will Support Dem Nominee In The Fall

    LAS VEGAS — D. Taylor, secretary and treasurer of the Culinary Workers Union, told On Call this afternoon that a report indicating that the group wouldn’t back the eventual Democratic nominee is “ludicrous” and “irresponsible.”

    “There’s no doubt that we’re going to support the Democratic nominee,” Taylor said. “I don’t care whether it’s John Edwards, Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. Anything’s better than the current administration.”

    The Huffington Post ran a story earlier today asserting that a spokesman for the union, which represents 60,000 workers concentrated in this gambling mecca, said the group “won’t pledge to back (the) Dem nominee.” Union leaders said that, historically, the organization has always supported the Democratic candidate. And the site subsequently tempered its headline to read: “Pro-Obama Union Weights In On Ad Controvery.”

    The union’s endorsement of Obama just over a week ago has set in motion a nasty public feud with Bill and Hillary Clinton. The Clintons have argued that nine at-large caucus sites, established several months ago so that union members who work along the Las Vegas Strip can vote easily, gave preferential treatment to a block of voters urged to support one candidate. Supporters of the Clintons sued, but a judge yesterday ruled against them.

    Pilar Maria Weiss, political director for the union, said today that all three Democratic candidates vigorously wooed the union.

    “Everybody was courting us, they thought that casino workers should rule the world, and all of a sudden now they’re saying they’re not eligible to vote,” she said.

    With flaps ongoing about the appropriateness of a Unite Here radio ad that slams HRC (Unite Here is the parent organization of the Culinary Workers Union), Taylor told On Call that there will be peace between the union and the party come November — but that the ultimate endorsement is a matter determined by the international union, not just the Nevada chapter.

    “Candidly, we understood that we are gigantic underdogs,” he said of the decision to back Obama. “The entire Nevada power establishment is behind Sen. Clinton. God bless her.”


    ^^Massive Retreat a day before the caucus, surely they are worried too.

  103. i was ready to leave work this morning when i talked to the 1st shift supervisor when he softly told me he is for hillary. he did this when only the 2 of us was in the office alone. my office is full of hillary haters so i guess he is keeping his hillary vote under wraps. everybody knows im a hillary fanatic and do not care who knows. there are millions of other hidden votes for hillary out there hillfans.

  104. terrondt

    there were many “closet hillary fans” here in NH. many folks i met while canvassing would speak in hushed tones when confirming their support for HRC. i believe this could be a nation-wide phenomenon.

  105. maissive retreat by the cu. i said this am that obama camp was worried. could tell by the tone of their campaign.


  106. terrondt, same here, and especially the women. I know women in VERY conservative Evangelical households who tell me that they will privately vote for Hillary, but will deny it the livelong day in front of their husbands. They just don’t want to hear his crap.

    Go, chaz nd p-tude! I am a SC native, so my heart is still partly there. 😀 I believe my peeps there will come through for Hillary.

  107. the MSM wants to tag Bill as a liability because they know he is a fighter…he is not afraid to take Obama on and Bill doesn’t follow the MSM rules that everyone has to walk on eggshells around Obama…I get so mad every time I hear Gloria Borger, MSNBC, etc say that Hillary has to be so careful in the way she attacks O…Why? Why is Obama entitled to such special treatment and a pass…but with Bill…he breaks their rules and speaks up for Hillary and us…and we love it…Go after them Bill…He is not going to let them dictate how he should act…

  108. I absolutely believe there’s hidden Hillary support all over the place. I think that’s one of the reasons she won NH, and the polls missed it. That’s what’s great about primaries; you can vote for whomever the hell you want and no one has to know. 🙂

  109. Grandmother, thanks for the heads up on the Hillary and Bill meeting tomorrow night in Sl Louis. I have that vile respiratory thing that is going around. Hope to feel better and go. Thanks again.

    Alpha and Omega..isn’t that Bibilical for beginning and ending?

    Omega “Obama”…the end??

  110. The only sense I can make of O’Reilly standing up for Hillary is that there is an all out war between MSNBC and Fox.

    I know alot of Omalamadingdongs say it’s because the GOP wants to run against Hill in the GE, but I just don’t buy that line. Obambi is just too easy a target for them, so it has to be something else.

  111. It’s kind of funny because Bill is known as big dawg, in other words, alpha dog to Obama’s puny, Reagan lovin’ Omega.

  112. NYCMax, As others here have said, conservatives don’t like big media, so they like anyone who tells ’em off.

  113. SouthernBorn, Omega is apt, since BO seems to think he personally is the be all end all.

    Bleh. I have known too many traveling preachers full of themselves just like him to be taken in by that flapping tongue.

  114. BillO HATES MSNBC,period. He is enjoying that the MSNBC boys are making themselves look like fools. He has no love for Hillary, he just wants to twist the knife on MSNBC.

  115. I cannot believe she claims she joined him on an economic revitalization plan. Has the media bothered to ask about the late timing of his proposal, one that surface one day after that of Clinton?

  116. Paula Says:

    January 18th, 2008 at 8:58 pm
    And she beat him to the punch with her stimulus plan, period. Who’s copying who?

    Paula, it doesn’t matter. People hear economy woes, they think Clinton. That’s what he’s facing and nothing changes that.

  117. Notice he never even tries to defend his Reagan comments; he justs changes the subject.

    BTW, wonder if the Culinary union regrets endorsing someone who praised a union-basher like Reagan?

  118. Dems don’t fancy yourself that there will be a president next year called Barack Hussein Obama, forget it. If you won’t stop him now, then you are to blame, when the politically spent Repugs takes the office again. Obama is a big media and Repugs candidate to stop Hillary as a nominee. Only on this stage the big Media and Repugs see a slim chance of stopping the big Hillary. It is an uphill job, but all must be done to disappoint the big media and Repugs. God save America from these disgusting forces!

  119. Mark Penn Starts Spinning a Clinton Loss in Nevada


  120. From PamelaB at Taylormarsh

    Administration Total No. of Women Appointees
    1977-1981 124 13.5%
    1981-1989 277 12.0%
    1989-1993 181 20.0%
    1993-2000 592 27.4%

    Cabinet Positions
    Only 22 women have held cabinet or cabinet-level positions in the history of the United States. The following executive departments have never been headed by a woman: Treasury, Defense,Interior, Agriculture, Energy, and Veterans Affairs. 1

    President Richard Nixon: 1969-1974
    Cabinet Positions: 12 (1969-1973), 11 (1973-1974)
    Total Number of Cabinet Appointments: 31
    Number of Women Appointed: 0

    President Gerald Ford: 1974-1977
    Cabinet Positions: 11
    Total Number of Cabinet Appointments: 12
    Number of Women Appointed: 1

    President Ronald Reagan: 1981-1989
    Cabinet Positions: 13
    Total Number of Cabinet Appointments: 33
    Number of Women Appointed: 3

    President George Bush: 1989-1993
    Cabinet Positions: 14
    Total Number of Cabinet Appointments: 17
    Number of Women Appointed: 3

    President Bill Clinton: 1993-2000
    Cabinet Positions: 14
    Total Number of Cabinet Appointments:17
    Number of Women Appointed: 11

  121. Paula, you are right. Alpha and Omega are the first letters in the Greek alphabet.

    It is also in the Bible: Revelations 1:8
    “I am the Alpha and Omega says the Lord God, who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.”

    Revelations 22:13

    “I am the Alpha and Omega, the firt and last, the beginning and the end.”

    Comparisons to JFK, MLK, Reagan…can guess who BO might compare himself to next?

  122. I am really pissed! I am here to support Hillary and the idiot Penn comes up with this nonsense! I wish she fires his fat ass!!!!!

  123. Here we go again….

    I put an article about Mark Penn, Hillary’s OWN advisory… The point of the article, is that alot of people saying NV is in the bag, lots of work still to do for us.

    Anduril919, why don’t you go read the rest of my posts for the last few days before making such baseless accusations.

  124. Oh dear. It truly is a shame that Mark Penn got it right when he asked “What bounce.” I really don’t see how addressing this before a loss serves the campaign. I suppose, getting it out early will avoid the inevitable accusations of “sour grapes” for saying it after the fact, but the way that the AP has chosen to report it:

    “Democratic candidates are supposed to win over labor voters. In fact, if Obama — or any candidate — wins Nevada on the strength of union voters, it would validate his appeals to the huge labor electorate on Super Tuesday.”

    is as serious a blow as any accusations of “sour grapes.” For me, this is a lose lose scenerio. With all the coverage about the lawsuit and all the negative press the campaign has taken regarding it, if people didn’t already know that the deck was stacked, then Mark Penn telling them before the election is not going to get the message out any more effectively.

    Nevertheless, these good folks have a campaign to win, we here at Big Pink have the luxurary of wringing our hands and having hope and faith in the electorate, they have to deal with every eventuality.

  125. I didn’t say she would be in st louis due to loss. i say the results in nevada should be over by then. i am actually quite optimistic about nevada due to several vibes i got today from obama camp don’t the caucus start at 11am.

  126. Bill and Hillary will be attending an evening event in St. Louis. Won’t the results of the NV caucus be known sometime in the afternoon? That would leave plenty of time for a quick plane trip to St. Louis for an event..

  127. Hillary recevied the endorsement of 2 more superdelegates today:
    US Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez of California
    US Congressman Silvestre Reyes of Texas

    Keep them coming!!!

  128. Well, political strategy and PR is more advanced in Europe (imo).

    And the rule is that PR specialists like Mark Penn should NEVER been in the media, at all… He’s a confusing guy, he’s been hired to Market Hillary, not himself as has been doing recently.

  129. AmericanGal: Bill and Hillary will be attending an evening event in St. Louis. Won’t the results of the NV caucus be known sometime in the afternoon? That would leave plenty of time for a quick plane trip to St. Louis for an event..

    Yes, agree.

    Jaz: Hillary’s OWN advisory


  130. I see no reason to cede loss before the fact. It is true that he has the advantage over Hillary and the deck is stacked…but don’t give anyone a reason to say “my caucus” won’t make a difference.

    I am in till the end, Hillary will stay till the last dog dies and I agee with Bill on hitting hard.

    The media is going to twist anything the do so why not go straight over the media to the living rooms and hearts of the American voters.. I’m leaving them to do what they do best.

    I actually hope they get tougher

  131. The Big one speaks out against Obambi:

    Now Bill Himself Goes After Obama Over Reagan Interview
    By Greg Sargent – January 18, 2008, 5:44PM

    The ultimate Hillary surrogate — Bill himself — has also teed off on Obama today over his contention in the Reagan interview that the GOP has been the party of ideas:

    “Her principal opponent said that since 1992, the Republicans have had all the good ideas,” Clinton told a crowd in Pahrump this morning. “It goes along with their plan to ask Republicans to become Democrats for a day and caucus with you tomorrow, and then go back and become Republicans so they can participate in the Republican primary. I’m not making this up, folks.”

    That latter bit is a reference to that mailer that an Obama precinct captain pushed urging that GOPers and indys switch for a day and caucus for Obama. It wasn’t the work of the Obama campaign, and they disavowed it.

    Bill also said:

    “I can’t imagine any Democrat seeking the presidency would say they were the party of new ideas for the last 15 years. But it sounded good in Reno I guess,” he said. “So now it turns out you can choose between somebody who thinks our ideas or better or the Republicans had all the good ideas.”

    Did I mention that the Clinton camp is pressing this one pretty hard today? More on the validity of this Clinton criticism here.

    Separately, it’s not surprising that Bill would be personally put off by Obama’s interview. While the Hillary campaign is reacting primarily to Obama’s contention that the GOP was until recently the “party of ideas,” Obama also explicitly said in his original interview that Bill’s presidency wasn’t transformational, the way Reagan’s was.

  132. Caucus Rules: I’m glad that observers will be there and a large contingent of media(biased though they are). Hopefully, they will all be at the 9 Casino sites.

    The rules for Caucus Day

    By Jon Ralston · January 18, 2008 · 4:18 PM

    So what are the dos and don’ts at caucus sites? People are wondering, so the party sent out a couple of memos, including some re-jiggered rules for the at-large precincts. I have obtained both memos:


    TO: All presidential campaigns

    FROM: Travis Brock, Jayson Sime

    DATE: January 17, 2008

    RE: Caucus Location rules of engagement

    The NSDP has received a number of inquiries and phone calls from Nevada residents and presidential campaigns regarding possible disruption at Caucus locations. Included in this memo is information contained in The Nevada State Democratic Party Caucus Guide which is our official caucus guide. In addition to this information, further rules of engagement for conduct at caucus locations are listed below.

    1) First, please be respectful of Nevada’s caucus participants. Participants have the right to caucus freely and without intimidation at their precinct caucuses. Any obstruction of this right is a violation of Voter Rights and can be construed as harassment and intimidation. The NSDP will pursue appropriate avenues should we determine voters are being harassed, bothered and otherwise encumbered from full and free participation in their caucus.

    2) While most caucus locations are being held on public property, the NSDP has full authority to operate the precinct caucuses in a way which allows participants to freely caucus. This means that disruptive campaign displays such as loud cheering, signage, bullying or other actions which can make caucus goers uncomfortable will not be tolerated inside the locations. The NSDP will remove anyone we feel is encumbering a caucus goer’s right to freely participate in their precinct caucus. And, as directed in meetings with campaign representatives and NSDP Caucus Temporary Chair trainings, NO CAMPAIGN SIGNS are allowed inside a caucus location other than the ones put up by the Temporary Chair to denote preference group sections.

    3) In general, the NSDP has trained Temporary Chairs to remove anyone who is disrupting the caucus process. At private properties it is also up to the discretion of the property holder. We have been strictly advised that this activity will not be allowed in At Large precincts on Strip properties.


    Observers at the Caucus

    Nevada’s new historic opportunity in the nomination process brings with it a tremendous responsibility to provide information and access to the entire nation. Because precinct caucuses are open meetings, others have been invited to attend as observers. We have a responsibility to welcome these guests and give them an opportunity to fully observe Nevada’s new process. Each Democratic precinct caucus in Nevada should be prepared to have at least one representative from a news organization. Some precinct caucuses will be visited by camera crews during the caucus, a few will be carried live and in their entirety by a national news organization. News organizations serve as the eyes and ears for the nation. We have an additional responsibility to help them do their jobs.

    There are rules that must be followed by observers at the precinct caucus. The Temporary Chair is obligated to inform observers of these rules:

    • Only eligible, registered caucus participants may participate on caucus matters or elections.

    • The Temporary Chair will ask that all observers be in an area other than that reserved for the eligible caucus participants.

    • Observers must remain quiet and not become involved in caucus discussions once the caucus is called to order.

    • Eligible caucus participants are to be considered actively participating in the caucus from the time it is convened until it is adjourned. It is not appropriate for a reporter to interview a caucus participant while the caucus is in session.

    • Campaign Staff and campaign volunteers that are observers will not be allowed to communicate, signal, or instruct the eligible caucus participants once the caucus is called to order by the Temporary Chair.

    • All facilities at the caucus have been reserved for the caucus attendees and the Nevada State Democratic Party. The Temporary Chair, as an officer of the Nevada State Democratic Party, has first right to these facilities. The phone at a caucus site (if there is one at the site) must be available to the Temporary Chair whenever he or she requests it.

    • Broadcast equipment at a caucus must be set up and used in a way that will not hinder or obstruct the participation of any caucus attendee.

    In the event of persistent violations of these rules, the Temporary Chair may ask the disruptive person(s) to leave. IF THAT DOES NOT WORK CALL YOUR LOCAL POLICE DEPARTMENT. Do not call 911 unless there is a life threatening emergency.


    Let us not forget we are the Democratic Party. Democrats do not intimidate voters, harass or use tactics which would make a voter uncomfortable and not able to freely exercise their right to vote. This pertains to the voting booth and to caucus locations. We recognize that tensions are high, but implore presidential campaigns and other observers to act civilly and respectful of Nevadans who are participating in their precinct caucus.


    TO: All campaigns

    FROM: Jayson Sime, Jean Hessburg – NSDP

    RE: At Large Precinct campaign observers

    In response to campaign requests that the NSDP allow more campaign observers per At Large site, we are allowing an increase in credentialed campaign observers for each campaign. Previously, we had allowed (2) campaign observers per campaign per At Large site. In response to campaign’s concerns, we are raising that cap to (10) observers – space permitting — per campaign.

    Please keep in mind, our At Large sites are on private properties and have a limited capacity to handle caucus goers. Room capacities are limited by the Fire Marshall, so our priorities will be for caucus participants if we are over capacity.

    Should it be a choice between allowing (10) credentialed campaign observers per site, and allowing additional people to caucus, we will choose the latter. Should we run out of room for caucus goers, we will make additional room by equally removing (1) observer from each campaign at a time to make room until we reach (2) final observes per campaign. Campaigns will, at all times, no matter room capacity, be allowed, AT MINIMUM (2) observers.

    Again, the NSDP is increasing the allowance of credentialed campaign observers to (10) per At Large site per campaign. Should the NSDP caucus site run out of room, we will begin to remove credentialed campaign observers (1) per each campaign with a MINIMUM left of (2) credentialed campaign observers per site.

    It would be helpful, but not required, if each campaign submits their list of credentialed campaign observers ahead of time to Bill Buck at Again, this is not required, but may speed up credentialing and overall registration issues.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Discussion: 1 comment so far…

  133. Jaz: And the rule is that PR specialists like Mark Penn should NEVER been in the media, at all… He’s a confusing guy, he’s been hired to Market Hillary, not himself as has been doing recently.

    This has been my opinion for a long time.

    This specific memo is fairly benign. He points out that Obama has a +5 headstart due to the at-large sites.

  134. they are smart campaign but Penn still being around puzzles me. what about the new people who were to come aboard after nh. anyone know who besides Maggie came.

  135. It’s called, “lowering expectations”, and preemption, and it is SOP in political campaigns. Do you really expect (or want) someone in the Clinton campaign to say, “We’re going to win and win BIG! No way we can lose, I’ll stake the nomination on it!”? Even if Hillary was ahead by 20 points in her internal polling, the campaign would work to lower expectations and there would be a similar press release. I hope those who have criticized the memo have actually read it. It’s really just a standard CYA statement to cover (and begin to spin) either a win or a loss.

  136. Penn is doing what any good spinmeister does the night before an election: convince the Georgetown Social Club that the opponent is a prohibitive favorite and, lordy, it would just take a miracle for our little ol’ piddling campaign to even come close to a that kind of powerhouse tomorrow.

    It’s kind of like Bill Belichick saying that he doesn’t even know how his Patriots are going to be able to stay on the field with the winless Miami Dolphins.

  137. Penn still being around puzzles me.

    It might have something to do with the fact that his entire concept of the electorate proved spot on in New Hamphsire.

  138. Penn is a pollster, he’s not her pr guy, and this was a memo, not the talk show rounds. Further, Obama SHOULD win the culinary caucuses. They are covering their bases. This is probably smart.

    Does anyone have the abc video with the latinos in NV at the grocery store? Someone I know is going to post it if I can find it.

  139. Lowering expectations is a good idea, but sending memos from him isn’t the way to do it. Perhaps the odd “comment” from Bill or HRC wold be better and also a day or two before.

  140. dot48 Says:

    January 18th, 2008 at 9:57 pm
    they are smart campaign but Penn still being around puzzles me. what about the new people who were to come aboard after nh. anyone know who besides Maggie came.

    Lot’s of new people came aboard, and Penn has been muted substantially, but he’s still a decent pollster, and you don’t fire a chief strategist in the last quarter. It looks bad. Also, Hillary has regained control of her campaign, and to some extent Bill has, you could see that immediately following Iowa.

  141. Actually both camps are dialing down expectations as no one knows who will win, who will show up and how many people will show up. Axelrod was also spinning today that Clinton has the Democratic establishment behind her, Rory Reid and up in the polls so it’s not just Penn.

    I read this on Politico, Time and a few other sites today. Penn, if I read correctly was hedging bets to have a fall back position if she wins or if she loses.

  142. From HIllary fact hub via taylormarsh:

    David Cutler, the co-owner of Salmon Press
    Newspapers, released the following statement:

    The question posed was originally what portraits would you hang in the White House if you were President and as the dialogue progressed, who are the presidents you admire most?

    She [Sen. Clinton] listed several presidents that she admired and mentioned she liked Reagan’s communication skills.

  143. BTW, you guys do know that Penn was pressuring Clinton for months to kneecap Obama and was over-ruled by others in the campaign hierarchy.

  144. Obama comparing himself to MLK, JKF, LIncoln etc is fair game, because those come from things Obama himself really said.

    But where did this ‘Obama=Omega’ thing come from except as a funny story about some voter mispronouncing Obama’s name?

  145. You guys, the campaign is doing GREAT. Whatever adjustments that needed to be made have been made. Let’s not freak out over a strategic memo. They know what they are doing.

  146. Thanks realist, I foolishly read only the AP spin on the Mark Penn’s words. I forgot that the AP has slanted their recent coverage against Hillary lately (Is it only lately? I don’t remember the headlines being this bad earlier in the primary).

    Actual quote from the memo:
    “Can we make that up? Senator Obama’s National Field Director said, “The Nevada election is going to come down to: Whoever gets the endorsement of the Culinary Workers Union, more than likely, is going to win Nevada.”

    On the other hand, we have a great organization, huge crowds and a great candidate delivering strong message. So stay tuned.”

    That actually sounds very hopeful, and puts the expectations squarely on Obama’s shoulders. Poor Mark Penn, I don’t think anyone has really forgiven him for “what bounce” even though, he ended up being right in the end.

  147. Sorry, hwc, I’ll have to disagree. The real reason we’re in a tight race is because Penn took his eye of the ball.

    I’ll also mention that I’ve spoken to several bundlers who’ve had significant problems fundraising w/ junior (under 65) women — and Penn’s public comments stereotyping professional women has played a role in this.

    There’s nothing particularly special about Penn’s view of the electorate — I’d refer to Galston’s Politics of Polarization or even Dick Morris’ Condi vs Hillary for similar analysis.

    Ann Lewis is now on the record publically stating that the campaign made a mistake not working with junior women in IA. I’ve not spoken about my observations on the same, but now that it’s out in the open, Penn’s vaunted segmenting left a lot to be desired.

  148. HillaryforTexas, yes the campaign has been a miracle recovery!
    However, now we enter a new phase…Super-Tuesday…lets hope Omega keeps making these silly mistakes. And Hillarys debate domination continues.

  149. Penn, if I read correctly was hedging bets to have a fall back position if she wins or if she loses.

    Just between you and me, my gut reaction to Penn’s memo is that his polling shows that the winning margin will be even bigger than the public polling and he is setting things up to look like a crushing defeat for Obama and invincible Culinary Union.

    I don’t want to make too much of that, so I won’t go into the specific language that makes me think so. I’ll just throw it out there and we can all move on and wait for the results.

  150. Penn’s comments do not bother me, it is just part of the game. It is just as I was saying last Tuesday morning saying as long as Obama does not win NH by double digits we will be alright hiding what I was really thinking. As for tomorrow as long as we get an even split of the delegates I’ll be happy after the Culinary Union endorsement the media all but proclaimed Obama the winner of the NV in a blowout “The Powerful 60,000 Member Culinary Union Endorses Obama”
    A close race in NV will weaken O and give Hillary a slight boast going into SC next week. Be ready and everyone take your blood pressure medication for next week if Hillary does win NV. If O sees SC tightening all kinds of shit will be coming out of his mouth and just take a deep breath and keep throwing coal on the fire and keep this train rolling…..

  151. I just read Penn’s memo; there’s nothing wrong with it at all, lol. He’s lowering expectations by saying Obama’s own people predicted he’d win if he got the Culinary endorsement. Both campaigns, as tiburones said, are doing the same thing.

  152. Sorry, hwc, I’ll have to disagree. The real reason we’re in a tight race is because Penn took his eye of the ball.

    Actually, if I were to point to one obvious weakness of the Clinton campaign, I would suggest that they have done a piss poor job of deploying effective surrogates.


    As far as targeting this or that group of women, it is important to remember that, every time the campaign has overtly target women period, the Georgetown Social Club (hi, Ben) has jumped down their throats hooting and hollering about how disgusting it is for the first female candidate to appeal to women. It’s been part and parcel of the misogyny that has defined the campaign from day one.


    As far as Iowa…Clinton never should have set foot in the state.

  153. I do agree that there’s nothing the matter w/ the memo. It points out accurately that Obama starts with +5. That little fun fact will get spun into the final outcome, i.e.,

    “Even with a +5 disadvantage, we won decisively by 10”
    “We won by +2, but it’s really +7 due to Obama’s advantage”

    and so on.

  154. anything the media can print though with a headline “clinton advisor cedes nevada” … if people wake up to a headline like that … well it might not might not motivate them to go out to caucus.

    I just rather not give them anything to fuel a nasty headline.

  155. BTW, that “analysis” of Penn’s memo is from The Nation, not AP.

    I think hwc is on to something about the language in the memo.

  156. hwc, I agree that she needs more effective surrogates. Evan has been great and a few others but I’d like to see them more visible on the media. They need to be on every darn show.

  157. dot48, I wouldn’t worry. As I said, it’s not even a news/AP story. It’s someone from The Nation whose stuff is on yahoo.

  158. Yes, the surrogates point is a good one. I realize it’s hard to combat the crap spewed about HRC on every show, but a more effective strategy in that area would help.

  159. That’s an interesting thesis hwc about not setting foot in IA. Bill, I think, said that he advised her of the pitfalls (Edwards being camped there for 4 years, Obambi being next door).

    Do you think they got greedy and went for the early win to secure the nomination? Could they have won NH without the IA backlash of Obama’s win?

    Everyone points to the tears and the debate as the source of Hillary’s win, there’s one other image that sticks out in my mind from that time and that is the spring in Obama’s step at one of his rally’s. There was a clear indication that he’d thought he’d won it and, to me, that was the beginning of the end for me with him. Before I saw that, I thought I could be satified with him as a candidate but that image so reminded me of W, that I began to look for other similarities and found them easily. I just don’t think that he would have exposed himself this early if he hadn’t believed that he trounced Hillary in IA, and without that he’d have had a real bounce if he’d have won against Edwards.

    OTOH, without Hillary in IA, Edwards may have won IA, and an Edwards win in IA would have given him the credibility he needed to pick up the funds to compete in the rest of the primary season. The tie for second, effectively, crippled Edwards without fully taking him out, in the end, it’s a good scenerio for Hillary at this point, and I just don’t see where skipping IA could have resulted in something better. What am I missing?

  160. She had to compete in Iowa. She absolutely was right to compete there. What she should have done there was compete for younger voters. But Dem;s don’t like a corrination. So a good stumble was inevitable, and necessary.

  161. ame across this absolutely amazing list of Hillary’s experience – she is truly amazing

    Neat list of some of Hillary’s accomplishments, before and after the 90s
    See previous entries here for links to more detail on Hillary’s record and accomplishments, notably at noquarter.//

    Here’s a neat list of some of Hillary’s accomplishments, posted by a commenter at

    After graduating from Yale Law School, became a staff attorney for the Children’s Defense Fund.

    In 1973, she became a staff attorney for the House Judiciary Committee working, ironically, on helping them to consider impeachment of President Nixon.

    Her first job after marrying Bill and moving to Arkansas was running a legal aid clinic handling foster care and child abuse cases.

    At the age of 30, President Carter appointed her to the Board of the US Legal Services Corporation – a non-profit program that funds legal assistance to the poor.

    As First Lady of Arkansas, she led a task force on improving education and served on the Board of Directors of three national organizations: The Children’s Defense Fund, Child Care Action Campaign, and Children’s Television Workshop.

    At the same time, worked for Rose Law Firm. Worked helping Bill on his gubernatorial and presidential election campaigns – all the while handling the duties attendent to being Arkansas First Lady.

    As a lawyer, she chaired the American Bar Association Commission on Women in the Profession. She was twice named one of the 100 most influential lawyers in America. Any insights here on administrative ability, the ability to rise to the top of her profession as a leader?

    All this non-experience is from before she moved into the White House. See today’s New York Times hit piece and read between the lines on how extensive this experience was and whether she characterizes it honestly.

    After being elected Senator in a completely Republican controlled environment filled with her political enemies, her first speech on the Senate floor listed 5 healthcare proposals in detail that she could support.

    Even Trent Lott across the aisle said in Hillary’s first year in the Senate, “Though I disagree with her on nearly everything politically, you have to be impressed by what a hard worker she is.”

    Senator Clinton sits on the Senate Armed Services Committee and three subcommittees.

    She sits on the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works and three subcommittees including chairing the Subcommittee on Superfund and Environmental Health.

    BTW – the Senate subcommittee that Hillary chairs meets regularly and passes legislation (last met in October 2007). The subcommittee that Senator Obama chairs hasn’t met ONCE since he’s become Senator.

    Clinton also sits on the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions and two subcommittees, and sits on the Senate Special Committee on Aging.

    Here is just some of the legislation she has co-sponsored that is now law. This list doesn’t include the hundreds of bills that she has signed onto or that she has strongly advocated – again this is bipartisan legislation passed in spite of an overall hostile Republican environment:

    Clinton-Stevens Amendment for Enhanced 911 Funding Included in 9/11 Commission Recommendations Bill

    Dodd-Clinton Amendment to Expand Family and Medical Leave Benefits to Wounded Soldiers and Their Families

    Clinton-Collins Measure to Improve Mental Health Services for Seniors Included in Older Americans Act

    Clinton-Enzi Military Personnel Financial Services Protection Act

    Clinton-Obama National Medical Error Disclosure and Compensation Act

    Frist-Clinton Wired for Health Care Quality Act

    Graham-Clinton TRICARE Benefits Expansion
    Clinton-Collins Measure to Protect Men and Women in Uniform From Predatory Lending and Insurance Practices

    Clinton-Schumer Amendment to Restore 9/11 Funding

    Clinton-Hagel Act – Recognition for wounded veterans.

    Schumer-Clinton Bill to Protect 10,000 Acres of Puerto Rico’s Caribbean National Forest

    Clinton-Talent Military Health Readiness Legislation

    Clinton-Nickles Unemployment Extension Agreement

    Schumer-Clinton First Responders Amendment

    Clinton-Smith Magnet Hospital Provisions Amendment to Nurse Reinvestment Act

    Clinton-Dodd-Slaughter Protecting America’s Children Against Terrorism Act

    In the first part of 2007:

    Senator Clinton introduced the Home Ownership Protection and Foreclosure Prevention Bill

    Passed the Dodd-Clinton Amendment that expanded family and medical leave benefits to wounded soldiers and their families.

    Authored provisions to the College Cost Reduction Act (now Law) that capped student loan monthly payments pegged to income and expanded Pell grants.

    Co-sponsored the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act that passed the Senate

    Introduced legislation with Sen. Patty Murray and Rep. Louise Slaughter to inform women of the availability of emergency contraception.

    Now I admit that may not seem like much to you, but this is only the first part of 2007. I understand that she’s also and remember, she’s done a bit of campaigning this year”

  162. The results of Iowa were not a loss, it was a wake-up call for the campaign. A tough fight for the nomination is really what the campaign needed to be ready for the Fall and the Republicans. Look at everthing that has been thrown at her the last 4 weeks and the results. Hillary has won 2 primaries in a row and if she wins tomorrow will have won 3 in a row leading Obama 3 states to 1 heading into SC. A point I would play up big time The hell with the DNC (saying MI does not count) . right now.

  163. “A tough fight for the nomination is really what the campaign needed to be ready for the fall and the Republicans.”

    You’re absolutely right.

  164. Everyone points to the tears and the debate as the source of Hillary’s win

    No. Everyone in the Georgetown Social Club (Hi, Ben!) points to all that nonsense because they are deathly afraid of the truth. Hillary won NH because her hardcore base of support of women were mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. Not from the media. Not from their boyfriends. Not from their husbands. And not from Barack Obama being rammed down their throats.

    BTW, when I say “women”, I include men such as myself who want to be able to tell their daughters that they can grow up to be President.

    Clinton was never going to win Iowa because the husbands and boyfriends were not going to allow “their women” to vote for Clinton, in public.

    Read the stories of Clinton poll workers in NH. Steady streams of women, walking in with their husbands, and secretly giving the Hillary sign holders the thumbs up, so their husbands could see it.

  165. This is great, HWC: “BTW, when I say “women”, I include men such as myself who want to be able to tell their daughters that they can grow up to be President.”

    You are right about NH, but it was even more than that. It was her diehard supporters knocking on 70k doors and calling 100k voters passionately campaigning for our girl. And, Hillary herself, who showed courage and grit, and talked to any undecided voter who was willing to listen. This is a strong woman.

  166. thank you. i hope it will be read by voters in nevada who are searching for the candidates’ respective positions on yucca mountain. since it is one of the first entries in the google search engine, i hope it will sway a few voters.

  167. Someone mentioned earlier, mj I think about hitting college campuses. Bill’s visit here on the 30th is on the OU campus. It’s a large school and in the most liberal town in OK. As a “suitcase” college many OU attendees are from Arkansas, Texas, Missouri, all over the state. Many are registered voters…at home. But many are here. This town may be leaning more towards Omega IMHO, but there are many strong, well-organized and connected supporters here. Bringing in Bill is a real boon here. It will help in this, the 3rd largest city in the state. We have 100K fulltime residents and 30K more parttime. It should be great since Omega has not visited and is not slated to before the primary. I believe he has written off our state completely.

    BTW, Edwards only had a couple hundred at his rally.

  168. As for women “secretly” supporting her, that just further proves my point about sexism and the fairer sex taking it in silence. That sickens me to no end. Whatever happened to “I am woman, hear me roar?” Now, it’s secret signals and secret voting.


  169. Women in this country need to find their “voice.” Nevermind voting for Hillary- although I would like them to- how about just standing up for themselves and other women?

  170. OkieAtty Says:

    January 18th, 2008 at 11:26 pm
    Women in this country need to find their “voice.” Nevermind voting for Hillary- although I would like them to- how about just standing up for themselves and other women?

    A young college girl I canvassed with in NH doesn’t think you should never mind voting for Hill. She thinks Hill’s run may be the start of something greater. Women in NH and MI came out for Hill in a big way. We’ll have to see what happens next.

  171. mj, I was pointing out its a systemic problem that should be addressed head-on. I think voting for Hillary is a great start, but it’s only a start. We, as women, should be more forthright about our decisions and stand up and be proud about them.

  172. I am so pleased to hear about a Penn memo dampening down expectations.

    First it keeps us peons working last-minute to prevent an Obama win. Second, it gives voters (who hear about it) a reason not to duck the caucus. Third, it keeps media saying that Obama should win.

    If we win in spite of the culinary union HEAD’s machinations, it’s big. very big. It will affect the next states. Keep your powder dry. And know that if we are even or better, we can celebrate.

  173. Looking at the Super Tuesday states besides Illinois, I do not see any states that Obama will win. Illinois is not a lock either, being from Tennessee did not help Al Gore in 2000 (Dubbya won it) and being born in SC is not helping Edwards nor is his living in NC helping him this primary season. I can see Hillary locking up a vast majority of the delegates up for grabs on Feb 5

  174. I agree, Okie. It’s really sad. It is another reason why I think Hillary MUST win this. We are falling backwards in the womens rights dept. I think a woman president will be truly transformative for this country, and embolden women.

  175. OkieAtty Says:

    January 18th, 2008 at 11:40 pm
    mj, I was pointing out its a systemic problem that should be addressed head-on. I think voting for Hillary is a great start, but it’s only a start. We, as women, should be more forthright about our decisions and stand up and be proud about them.

    Yep, that’s what this young woman was saying. She thought this election may be a tipping point for a larger movement.

  176. BTW- OK is a closed primary state. Registration had to be done by last Friday.

    I cribbed the following about our delegate allocation system from Bates:

    “Oklahoma will have 41 delegates at the Republican National Convention. Three delegates will be pledged to vote for the top candidate in each congressional district. 23 delegates will be pledged to vote for the top candidate statewide. The remaining three delegates are the state chairman, the national committeeman, and the national committeewoman, who go to the convention free to vote as they will. The national committeeman and committeewoman will be elected at the Oklahoma Republican state convention in the spring; the incumbents, Lynn Windel and Bunny Chambers, have announced that they will not seek re-election.

    RNC rules penalize states holding primaries before February 5 by cutting their delegate allocation in half. Because the Oklahoma legislature did not move our primary a week earlier, Oklahoma will retain all of its delegates to the 2008 convention. For the same reason, Oklahoma voters will have minimal impact on the selection of the Republican presidential nominee. On the same date there are 17 other delegate selection events, including California and New York. Oklahoma has only 41 of the 1,081 delegates to be chosen on February 5. Don’t expect to get any attention from any of the candidates.

    There will be 47 Oklahoma delegates at the Democratic National Convention. The six Oklahoma members of the DNC, U. S. Rep. Dan Boren, and Gov. Brad Henry will go as unpledged delegates. A ninth unpledged delegate will be elected at the state convention. Five delegates from each congressional district will be allocated proportionately to candidates who receive more than 15% of the vote. The same formula will be used to allocate 13 delegates according to the statewide result.”

    Bates cites the Green Papers which has comprehensive delegate info by state.

  177. hillfans, im hearing rumors of zogby coming out with another nevada tracking poll at 2am. anybody hearing that also? nothing on his website.

  178. They usually wait until 7:00 am EST to annouce them, but real clear may get them early as a subscriber to zogby. They already have several polls up for tomorrow.

  179. oic, no way im paying 200 bucks for something i can get for free from realclear rassmussen has been lousy as a premium service.

  180. i hope ras does a lot of polling for super tuesday becuase he has been very infrequent with the polls over the last few months. at least zogby has been pimpin the polls left and right.

  181. After SC next Saturday every news outlet will be commissioning polls for every state. At least I hope they do otherwise what will they have to talk about leading up to Super Tuesday.

  182. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 74% of voters say they are willing to cast their Presidential vote for a woman.

    However, just 54% say their family, friends, and co-workers are willing to do the same. Nineteen percent (19%) say their peers would not be willing to vote for a woman while 27% are not sure.

  183. Hi guys,

    I changed my username, as it was so confusing. Someone said above (was it freckles?) that the internet is fabulous — it gets a community of people together with a vision (in this case, Hill is 44), and gender, race, age, etc. do not matter.

    Mark Shields ALMOST redeemed himself tonight, but then put his foot in again with his criticism of Bill. (I’m feeliing optimistic about tomorrow.)

  184. Hi guys,

    I’ve changed my user name as emkay was very confusing with emjay, mj, mjs. My last post with new name did not go thru. Let’s see if this one does.
    I think it was freckles (?) who aid something about the internet being so fabulous because here we are, a group of people with a similar vision (Hill is 44), differing in gender, race, age, etc., but these differences don’t matter.

    I have a good ffeeling about tomorrow…

  185. As for turnout, it is a matter of complete mystery.
    The staff guy who I first met with pointed out that last time there were an average of 8-9 voters per precinct. Of course the vote was meaningless.

    They were thinking about 30-40 for our fairly large precinct. He told me to get 11 voters, we’d be OK and another 9 and we’d be home free.

    Last meeting we speculated on how many total bodies in our one precinct…..he went from 47 to 57, the precinct captain thought 125. The staff guy bet me that if I got 25 bodies (from my part of the precinct) he’d buy me a starbucks and if I got 35, he’d buy me dinner. Tonight’s count: I have 25 certain caucus goers, and 19 probables and maybes. And a few I haven’t found yet.

    We have gone from “caucus??? caucus??? nah, I’ll just vote” to “I’m excited to go to the caucus”. I don’t know what the precinct captain’s results are in the rest of the precinct — she doesn’t even have a guess – but I’m thinking my estimate of 80 total might be good.

    I know that I’ll at least be drinking a foamy latte mocha java thingy soon. (another technical term – I don’t know Starbucks but I watched Frasier)

  186. She thought this election may be a tipping point for a larger movement [for women].

    I’m having a good feeling about that also. Maybe WE’VE been discouraged too long about our issues ever getting anywhere. But with all our votes focused on one strong woman who is getting into a strong office — and whose PRIORITIES are women and children….

    A lot of us don’t have the time and strength to be always fighting. But we have loyalty and feeling — and now a place to focus it…. In a way I think the media’s blatant sexism has helped in that focus.

    I’m not sure it will be good for us if the media just starts sounding more reasonable; they would gain credibility that way. When they insult her, we know something is screwy, that probably their ‘facts’ are just as false as their style.

  187. Hey freckles…

    Because of you, I’ve learned to cut and paste w/ my way-too-upgraded
    monster laptop!

    “I know that I’ll at least be drinking a foamy latte mocha java thingy soon.”

    cracked me up. That’s what I call them too, not living in a town big enuf for a Starbucks.

  188. wish i’d known b4 how to copy, cause i wrote a killer of a letter with Emily’s list about matthews and didn’t know how to move it over here.

    now that i know, you guys are in big trouble. hehehe

  189. I am so nervous about tomorrow. Can someone tell me something? I was in NH working for Hill on iowa night. They were all neck and neck for most of the night, then suddenly Obama won by what 5 points? Was his win attributable to second choices, or would he have won anyway? I’ve read there are no second choices in NV.

  190. mj,

    Check out the link from NYCMAX posted at 12:07 am. It’s an excellent analysis of where Hillary is strong and weak in Nevada. The author is a resident of Nevada and has worked several elections in the state and seems to have a good understanding of the political dynamics of the the state. It’s a DailyKos site, but don’t let that discourage you from reading his blog.

  191. mj…there ARE second choices, known on this blog as SSVT — the stupid second vote thingy.

    Okie — When phoning, go straight to the economy, particularly if it’s “she’s too (ambitious, cold, short, controlling, blond)” or any other penetrating comment. Just say, do you worry about the economy? Then say it is almost certain that a Dem will win in Nov. Who do you think can right the economy?

    Here is my list of possible surprises tomorrow:

    Men go for Hillary.
    Reno goes for Edwards.
    Strip casino workers show up in big numbers for Obama, as ordered. Or they stay away.
    Hotel staff don’t let off the union workers on a Saturday lunch hour.
    Obama is non-viable in some precincts. (my favorite)

  192. Does anyone else find it curious that none of the caucus sites will have a live feed tomorrow. In Iowa 2 were aired one on C-SPAN and the other on CNN. I wonder what the DNC is trying to hide???? Intimidation maybe……..

  193. hillfans, new zogby tracking nevada poll, hillary 45%.obama 39%, and edwards 6%. edwards is tanking. no wonder why he attacked obama friday.

  194. im still trying to see howhillary can pull it off in sc. the polls im seeing showing 75pct blacks goign for obama, white being split by hillary and edwards. she will have to regain some of the black vote ie black women in a week’s time to win. in general she has to get a better amt of black vote to help her beat back obama in the south and west.

  195. [begin rant]

    Bill in 92 and Obama and Huckabee now are/were ALL ‘triangulating’ in the good sense. Huckabee gave a very clear image of a triangle: he didn’t want to be a ‘horizontal’ candidate and meet anyone in the middle and split the difference, he wanted to be a ‘vertical’ candidate, solving problems by rising higher, using new approaches.

    I forget what Huckabee’s approaches are, but Bill’s in 92 were practical ideas for actually solving problems. (Like, balancing the budget BY paying down the National Debt.) Obama’s now seem to be something like getting opponents into the same room to figure out their own solutions while Obama sits in the back row humming Kumbaya (after knocking all his opponents off the ballot).

    HIllary and Bill are still the same team so I expect they’ll do the same thing they did last time: find practical solutions acceptable to whoever they’ve got to deal with, make as much progress as they can. HIllary just talks about the needs and the practical methods.

    This is all silly. Let’s just give them a Dem congress for the full 8 years so they don’t need any stinkin triangualtion or bi-partisanship or anything.

    Give ’em hell, Hillary!

    [end rant]

  196. That’s a three-point gain for Hillary since yesterday in a rolling three day tracking poll. Obama gained two-points.

  197. I’m amazed at the high numbers for Obama but I just read a report from a Vegas voter who said she is in an area well-covered by Obamites.

    So I guess both sides are fired up and any win will be good. The Obama brigades are repeating over and over that the Clintons tried to disenfranchise the Hispanic vote. The media have tried to portray the lawsuit the same way. No wonder Bill Clinton made it clear and he made so much sense that the media portrayed it as “losing his temper”.

    Please, please let the Obama campaign be over soon. It sinks to new lows almost every day.

  198. freckles:

    I think Obama took a major, potentially terminal, blow with his whole Reagan and party of ideas riff. Both Bill and Hillary and Edwards just lambasted him and not amount of slick talkin’ is going to bail him out.

  199. hwc,

    The Reagan comment and his description of his management style during the debate are what is causing him problems right now. Makes me wonder how he wrote those books, unless Michelle was his ghost writer.

  200. Does not surprise me considering Bush won Georgia in 2000 and 2004. What ticks me off is they announced it now in an effort to influence the SC primary instead of waiting until it was closer to the Georgia primary on Super Tuesday

  201. So the Buckhead faction has spoken and the Atlanta Journal Constitution has endorsed a candidate who by his own admission admires Reagan, thinks the Republicans are the party with bold ideas, is not a chief operating officer (but a philosopher king), hides from critical votes, plays the race card, then promises to cease and desist, then is too weak to control his surrogates, is all smoke and mirrors, etc.

    What the hell are they putting in their mint julips these days? Wood alcohol?

  202. New S.C Poll:

    SC-Pres (D)
    Jan 18 ARG
    Obama 45%, Clinton 39%, Edwards 10% …

    Hillary narrowing the gap. Edwards tanking here too.

  203. Hillary surrogates need to be on big media everywhere forcing the rezko issues and other issues about obama. after nevada it’s going to come to hard pushing to force his record, his reagan idolation and other stuff.

    1 of 101 reasons the Democrats loate Reagan: There are no homeless in America

    somebody add #2 and we’ll get the list published

  204. Here’s my favorite Reagan quote, though BO is not old enough to remember, “If it’s to be a bloodbath, let’s get on with it. Appeasement is not the answer.” Some of you gal boomers like me probably remember that one.

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