David Brock – Media Matters Day

Update: We’ve posted the Chris Matthews “apology” at the end of this article. Insufficient. Read the long list of ugly remarks below.

What to do about Big Media? What to do about the way Big Media is debasing our elections? What to do about Big Media thugs and their attempted gang rape of Hillary Clinton?

Recently ANewNewDeal asked

Is there anyway we can organize people through the website? I think that even though the Hillary coverage has gotten a little better since she won New Hampshire, Big Media is going to try anew to sabotage her.

The only way to combat this is to inform people of the truth, and this website seems to be the only place to find the truth. We need to do something to let more people know that this website exists – there are a lot of HIllary supporters out there that don’t know about it and feel alone.

We received several emails wanting to help when we replied:

As to your ORGANIZING question: we have thought about an off-line presence. We have thought about organizing people via region or state-by-state to help the campaign. We have also given much thought to creating a Media Rapid Response Task Force. DailyHowler has been working alone for too long and perhaps that is what led to Monday’s act of despondency. We don’t want to get despondent – ever.

If there is any interest for creating something along the lines in the previous paragraph, from you or others ANewNewDeal, let us know. We can facilitate this.

We do agree with you that many more need to be informed about Big Pink and that the Hillary campaign cannot do everything by themselves.

What do you think, what do others think? Maybe this can be discussed today or during the weekend when we will be discussing our strategy memo regarding debates/Michigan. Some like gladiatorstail are already on the job regarding the debates. Others are aware of the Michigan situation and want to do something.

Ideas/Comments anyone? ANewNewDeal?

More comments followed HERE, HERE, and HERE.

[Let’s continue this conversation and organize.]

* * *

We are having an effect on Big Media. Hillary’s victory in New Hampshire was a victory over her official opponents and Big Media too. We wrote Hillary Leashes Mudball’s Chris Matthews, and Chris Matthews’ Nappy Headed Hos long ago. Here is Matthews in self-description frenzy on the Imus show:

MATTHEWS: You know, somewhere out in the Atlantic Ocean, I think there might be a giant, green, ugly, horny monster. A gigantic, gigantic monster of anti-Hillary, an anti-woman Hillary, anti-liberal woman Hillary, some real ferocious beast out there that says no matter what happens between now and Election Day, they’re not going to let her win. There’s men, some women, are just not going to let this woman, this woman win the presidency. I don’t know whether that monster’s out there. All men I meet are afraid to talk like that. You only hear criticism of Hillary from smart, college-educated women. They’re the ones that always have a problem with her now.

After the New Hampshire primary and Big Media humiliation, many voices began to finally take on Tim Russert/Chris Matthews in particular and Big Media in general.

Recall, Russert and Matthews were frequent guests on the Imus show. When Imus got in trouble Russert and Matthews tried the Nuremberg defense – they did not know. These Big Media celebrities, who inform the public, tried to persuade the public that they were unaware of the vileness of the Imus show. It took Gwen Ifill to take Russert to task on his own show.

After the New Hampshire primary many took notice of Chris Matthews’ sick obsession and twisted fixation with Hillary Clinton (and Bill Clinton’s anatomy). The outrage expressed may be why in the Las Vegas debate Tim Russert and Brian Williams did not try another gang rape.

* * *

David Brock was an effective, self described “hit-man” for the Republican right wing. David Brock changed. His smart, gossipy, fun, intelligent book – Blinded By The Right – is a must read for Democratic activists. David Brock is now a true Democratic hero. Brock’s organization Media Matters for America defends all Democrats and fights the Republican message machine.

In future we will contrast ex-Republican David Brock and his good works with fake ex Republican Arriana Huffington (and her Arnold Ziffel enablers) and her continuing Newt Gingrich attacks on Democrats.

One of the problems with the left and liberals and progressives is the tendency to whine instead of taking action. Oftentimes left-of-center organizations and websites are nothing more than arenas of whine. Big Media sins have been catalogued for well over a decade. It has long been time for action. Recently, after Ron Paul was excluded from a Fox News debate, Ron Paul supporters chased Sean Hannity through the streets shouting “Fox Sucks.” It’s long past time for the peasants to take out the pitchforks and chase other Big Media princes through the streets.

We therefore commend David Brock’s organization Media Matters for beginning to take action in not only documenting Big Media subversion of our politics and elections but also doing something about it.

* * *

In advertisments placed throughout the internet Media Matters is playing “Hardball”.

Using overtly sexist language, he has referred to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) as a “she devil” and compared her to a “strip-teaser.” He has called her “witchy” and likened her voice to “fingernails on a blackboard.” He has referred to men who support her as “castratos in the eunuch chorus.” He has suggested Clinton is not “a convincing mom” and said “modern women” like Clinton are unacceptable to “Midwest guys.” He has called her “Madame Defarge” and “Nurse Ratched.”

Had enough? Contact MSNBC to tell them what you think.

Mr. Phil Griffin,
Senior Vice President, News
NBC Television Network
30 Rockefeller Plz
New York, NY 10112

Steve Capus,
President, NBC News

30 Rockefeller Plz
3rd Fl
New York, NY 10112
(212) 664-4444

Chris Matthews

After Clinton won the New Hampshire Democratic primary, Matthews asserted: “[T]he reason she may be a front-runner is her husband messed around.” He described her performance at a debate last Saturday as apparently “good enough to seem good enough here for women who wanted to root for her anyway.”

His sexism is hardly limited to comments about Clinton. During coverage of the New Hampshire primary, he said that Clinton is the only viable woman presidential candidate “on the horizon.” He couldn’t think of a single female governor eligible to run: “Where are the big-state women governors?” he asked. “Where are they? Name one.” In fact, several of the states that currently have women governors are comparable in population to the states in which the male presidential candidates serve or have served as governor.

In November 2006, shortly after the Democrats took the majority in Congress, Matthews asked a guest if then-presumptive speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was “going to castrate Steny Hoyer” if Hoyer (D-MD) were elected House majority leader.

During coverage of a presidential debate last spring, NBC News chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell was compelled to remind Matthews that Sen. Barack Obama’s (D-IL) wife, Michelle, is a Harvard-educated lawyer after he focused obsessively on her physical appearance.

The good news is that people are speaking out against Matthews’ flagrant, persistent sexism. [snip]

It’s time to play a little “hardball.” Please contact MSNBC and Chris Matthews today and let them know what you think.

David Brock also posted on many websites the following message:

After all, as Media Matters for America has previously documented, after The New York Times published an article on Hillary and Bill Clinton’s marriage in May of 2006, Matthews asked at least 90 questions on the subject over the course of seven broadcasts on his two programs (Hardball and The Chris Matthews Show). One of his guests during these broadcasts, Washington Post reporter Lois Romano, called Matthews out after he repeatedly inquired about how many days the Clintons slept under the same roof. “[W]hat is your obsession with logistics here?” she asked.

To get an idea of the type of language Matthews regularly uses when covering Clinton, take a look at this sampling:

  • I hate her. I hate her. All that she stands for.
  • She Devil
  • Nurse Ratched
  • Madame Defarge
  • Witchy
  • Anti-male
  • [U]ppity
  • She’s going to tell us what to do.
  • Her scolding manner in terms of her public speaking
  • [L]et’s talk about the troops …Will they take the orders?
  • [D]oesn’t she know she looks like a fraud?
  • Look at those eyes. Look at the cold eyes that she’s giving him. Look at that cold look.
  • [L]ike a strip-teaser saying she’s flattered by the all the attention
  • On Sen. Clinton’s endorsers: “castratos in the eunuch chorus
  • Let me tell you how short Hillary’s leash is.
  • Is she a convincing mom?
  • On Sen. Clinton’s laugh: “What do you make of the cackle?
  • [S]he’s clapping, like she’s Chinese. I know the Chinese clap at each other, but what is she clapping at? I mean, it’s like one of these wind-up things.
  • [S]he was giving a campaign barn-burner speech, which is harder to give for a woman; it can grate on some men when they listen to it — fingernails on a blackboard, perhaps.
  • Is there, out there in the country or out in the Atlantic Ocean, some gigantic monster — big, green, horny-headed, all kinds of horns coming out, big, aggressive monster of anti-Hillaryism that hasn’t shown itself: it’s based upon gender …
  • [B]eing surrounded by women, does that make a case for commander in chief — or does it make a case against it?
  • “Is she hemmed in by the fact that she’s a woman and can’t admit a mistake, or else the Republicans will say, ‘Oh, that’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind,’ or ‘another fickle woman’? Is her gender a problem in her ability to change her mind?
  • [T]he reason she’s a U.S. senator, the reason she’s a candidate for president, the reason she may be a front-runner is her husband messed around.
  • She may have gotten The Des Moines Register’s endorsement the other day, thanks to her husband’s lobbying with its female editors and publisher …
  • [snip]

    Matthews’ clearly misogynistic commentary has landed him in the middle of a grassroots firestorm. Over the weekend the Associated Press ran this piece, which has appeared in more than 60 papers around the country, and we at Media Matters have been following the amazing work the blogosphere has done in bringing his comments to the public at large.

    It’s crucial for us to keep pressure on Matthews and MSNBC. Please take a moment to write a post on your blog, tell your friends and neighbors, and contact MSNBC and Chris Matthews today. Tell them what you think about this kind of sexist commentary polluting the airwaves.

    It’s time to play a little “hardball.”


    601 thoughts on “David Brock – Media Matters Day

    1. admin, tweety has to be rained in. what are chances the msnbc will at least clamp down on his ass? many people hate hillary, but he is supposed to be a political talk show host on a major national cable station. he should not use it to sprew hatred, sexism, and downright nastiness towards hillary. wtf hillary has ever did to him?

    2. terrondt, more and more people are talking Russert and Matthews on. Rachel Maddow even communicated the Matthews anti-Hillary bias on Matthews’ own show. Pat Buchanan has been very good too. Recently Buchanan pointed out to Matthews that it was Big Media that started to bring race into the campaign after Obama lost in New Hampshire. Matthews resisted but Buchanan persisted.

      BTW, here’s the View on the latest Big Media created controversies:

    3. Hasselback is a moron. A woman running for pres is the equivalent of Britney Spears? Spare me. Then she says “you have to play the game”. As if Hillary needs lessons from this fool, and as though the american presidency was a celebrity “game”.

    4. Republicans of all stripes are like the scarecrow who would need a brain to support Hillary. Among Democrats, women in large numbers are supporting her, God Bless them. We male Democrats apparently need cojones to support a woman for President. Sadly too many of us are too weak to meet the muster. CM is a typical example. What this campaign needs is more Democrats with cojones.

    5. sherm kader, so true. her female margin is so large in so many states, she will clean house by feb 5th. there are many more females voters than any other group. I LOVE PRIMARIES. thank goodness connecticut is a closed primary state wich weeds out mischief. some professor in yesturday’s hartford courant complained and is pushing for sameday voter regristration plus independants to vote in either party. screw that. i want my dem nominee nominated by dem voters not phoney voters, gopers, and out of state so called students invading our primary.

    6. “i want my dem nominee nominated by dem voters not phoney voters, gopers, and out of state so called students invading our primary.”

      I couldn’t agree more, terrondt. Having been out of the country for a long while, I’m amazed to what extent those who wish to cause mischieft in our selection of presidential candidates has grown. Maybe the growth of the internet has something indirectly to do with that. Fortunately we have highly capable professionals who know how to handle that.

      I’m counting on your prediction that Hillary will clean house by Feb 5th, and I don’t mean as a domestic worker. LOL. I so very much want her to win, and all the talk of dirty politics going on is not encouraging.

      I love it that BHO handed Hillary some great ammunition with his “job description” for himself as President. It’s strong evidence that the comments on this forum that there is “no there there” is very real.

    7. Its pretty amazing the way the media establishment closed ranks around BO so early. It shows there is an animus towards Hillary out there that extends far beyond the vast right wing conspiracy. The media has their favorites and pecking order (you would not want to be Rudy Giuliani right now!). I think with Obama they simply see a better more novel story. Right now the spin is poz, but look for it to go negative once it looks like he might actually win (IO was too early for that). In the end, despite their left leanings and democratic bias, the mass media are just looking for ratings and personal attention. They relish it more when republicans are the victim, but no one is outside their gun sites or off limits.

    8. amazing the way senators are endorsing obama now left and right. but when hillary wins all the more sweeter. despite the odds she will still win.

    9. Given their track record — loving Reagan and Bush — the media’s endorsement is enough to make me look elsewhere.

    10. B Merry, good one. I think we should use this in the comments section for the Huffpost article I posted here earlier.

    11. dot48 Says:

      January 17th, 2008 at 11:40 am
      well I just finished voting. Hillary all the way. I’m surprised they had uncommmitted on the ballot

      Voting where?

    12. how can these senators be so out of touch with reality and endorse that do nothing, junior senator. I guess I hit the nail on the head…they are out of touch with real people.

      I believe this is going to come down to gender, as much as I hate it.

    13. It’s clear that NH changed nothing in the media and elsewhere, as these endorsements for Obama prove. I will restate what I said before: Hillary is now the underdog and Obama the establishment candidate, a complete switch from three months ago.

    14. every headline out there right now is supporting obama and disparaging Hillary. I’m not sure this can be stopped and I just hope people will use their gut when they get in the booth.

    15. dot48, They think Obama’s message can appeal to a wider group of voters, and they are worried about Hillary’s negatives (of course, much of that isn’t her fault). It has little to do with who would actually be the best president, unfortunately.

    16. The media and the senators see no harm in endorsing/supporting BO — it burnishes their credentials as beign open-minded. They know that HC will win the nomination and can swiftly return to the fold and her side, their reputations in tact for having done the “right thing”. Its a form of affirmative action, no? Perhaps women now are the new “white males” of society!

    17. dot48, There’s little any of us, or her campaign, can do at this point about that. We just have to keep plugging away. As long as idealism supercedes competence in how the media is reporting this race, the narrative is not going to change.

    18. BHO delivers his so-called inspirational speeches in which he mentions things he will do, but gives no details. The MSM eats it up.

      Hillary gives plenty of detail about what she will do, why she will do it, and how she will do it. The MSM tries to dismiss her by calling her a policy wonk.

      There may be a very simple way she can fix this. She can do both!

      I suggest she begin her stump speech with a litany of the things she wants to do, labelling it “My vision for America”, a phrase she often uses anyway. She can make that as inspirational and visionary as she chooses. Then she simply continues with her stump speech with all the details as usual.

      OK. I know she doesn’t need my kind advice, but I feel better for giving it anyway.

    19. she is the underdog but the media is still treating her like she isn’t. it is all about keeping the ‘real’ story regarding Obama hidden until after 2/5. then look out.


    20. Obams’s message is the lesser indicative of a real leader, he’s the Joel Osteen and she is the real fire and brimstone of what is happening in the country. It’s the undecided I worry about, I actually think most people by now have an idea of who they want…polls still favor Hillary and the media is trying to negate any positive coverage of her.

      Just saw local news coverge of early voting here and boy…..the lines are long.

    21. Just read the transcript of Brian Williams’ interview with Hillary. Here’s the question that caught my eye, and I’m glad to see Williams recognizes what’s going on:

      Brian Williams: Have you war gamed the possibility that if you lose this contest that it would have been because you were up against a movement or, as some have called Senator Obama, more of an ideal than a candidate—and that it wasn’t a fair fight perhaps? But that’s the way it went?

    22. kennedy more than anybody should just stay neutral. If he endorses BO it’ll really hurt me. Liberal or not, he has to know Obama is not qualified to be chief commander. I worry for this country being swayed like a bunch of sheep. the sheep will be going to slaughter if Obama is the nominee.

    23. knoxville/chattanooga tn area. said lot more people registered since september and turnout heavy for early voting. of course the state as a whole will go republican.

    24. What I am worried about is that if he wins NV and SC as he is expected to, the media will crown him as the nominee again, much like post-Iowa. There is that dark period pre-Feb 5th that Kostner alluded to yesterday when the media and his cocky campaign will create an impression of momentum going into super tuesday.

      The guy and his surrogates disgustingly use the race card till it works for them, then disavows it making sure the Hillary gets all the blame, shows his ignorance and inexperience to be chief executive at the debate, praises Reagan because he wants the endorsement of a conservative publication so says things that they want to hear, openly appeals to republicans to vote for him, if only for a day, so that he can take down Hillary. I just hope he slinks away back to the Senate after Feb 5 rather than fracture and destroy the party like he seems capable of doing.

    25. dot48, I’m not sure what the turnout will mean for Hillary. But it is fantastic that more people care enough to be part of the electoral process.


      I don’t care about polls for Feb 5th states. It could change radically if HRC doesn’t capture NV or lose big in SC.

      I had an awful political nightmare last night. I’ll spare you guys the details as I think you know what I mean.

    26. dot48. our absentee ballots are due anyday now. connecticut just started tuesday the 15th. endorsing obama now is the hip, in, and popular thing to do in these senators mind i guess. she is not going to win this thing on the establishment.

    27. I’m not sure how many states have early voting, I felt the strong need to go ahead and vote. I think her campaign really needs to focus on getting somebody in media to vet Obama and try to gain footing with undecideds. I think Hillary support won’t move, we’ve seen her and her husband slandered by the media and we know what is going on.

      Those senate endorsements being made at this time though have that visceral effect of senate abandoning hillary…sort of rejecting her.

    28. jumping ship is an age old story, they are being lobbyed and following the wind…






    29. pdn.philly.com/2008/01/16/2008poll.PDF

      Franklin & Marshall College Poll
      8 JAN – 14 JAN 2008, Pennsylvania Democratic Primary
      627 Registered Voters, +/-3.9%

      Clinton 40 (40)
      Obama 20 (19)
      Edwards 11 (16)

    30. skmf12, Bill did a big rally at UC Davis just 2 nights ago. I read the attendance was huge ad so many were turned away b/c of space capacity. Bill even said they got started late because of the unanticipated crowd.

      As for Hillary, she’s making two appearances in Southern Cal. today. I think she needs to focus on NV and SC right now.

    31. Hey Hillfans,

      I visited Dkos last night, after a long break from it, and I was surprised (yeah, surprised) that outright cruelty was not only STILL present there, but that it is worse now. Since when do progressive democrats think that Reagan was a President noteworthy of ANY respect there? BVox, I’m really sorry you got banned just for being passionate about our gal and dispassionate about Obama (who is the darling boy of Daily Kos).

      That has to be why DKos’s numbers of visits are going down.

      Also, isn’t Daily Kos the same place that back in 2006 refused to bow down to the GOP and fought back!? And they loved Clinton 1 year ago. They used to love Kerry, then they hated him for not standing up for himself against the GOP machine. Now, they’re back to loving Kerry; they are hating Cinton; and they’re saying that they want to unite with the GOP???!!! Can you believe it? No consistency in that group at all. Hillary doesn’t need to unite with the GOP machine, doesn’t need Kerry (wimp) anyway, and she will keep on fighting the GOP and even republicans in democratic clothing, tooth and nail to WIN. That’s what this is about. Winning. More democrats, and no GOP child molesters-terrorist-funding-oil-rich-military-thugs.

      Personally, I do think Obama is a republican in democratic clothing. He’s a child of privilege. Has NO idea what it’s like to struggle in this world b/c he has been given everything to him. He may have witnessed struggle and strife, but that is not the same as living through it.

    32. skmf12, Bill and Chelsea are campaigning at colleges in CA. Bill drew almost 8,000, with an overflow of several thousand more, at UC-Davis. But a big Hillary rally would be great, I agree. As for why there are no HRC ads, I do hope they start soon.

      Thanks for posting that poll, pulchritude. I was just about to, lol.

    33. Leahe is no tower of strength. His typical m.o. is to stand up in the well of Congress and condemn you to the world and then wander back to the cloak room apologize and say it was just politics. Cheney ripped Leahe a new one for that little trick. In that case, it wasn’t the public charge but the private retraction that left me cold. If you are going to say it in public, then be man enough to stand by it in private–unless you are a Saudi Sheik.

    34. Has Clinton aired a television advertisement yet in CA?

      Regarding northern SC, I know Clinton air television ads in the Charlotte, NC, media market, while Obama has not. In fact, I only see Clinton ads.

    35. DailyKos has been swamped by Obamalamadingdongs whose level of ignorance is unbelievable. They know no history at all that has not happened in the last 3 years. The level of discussion has become “Obama rockz, everyone else is teh suk!”

      What used to be a decent political discussion board has become the LOLCatz of the progressive wing. No substance at all.

      And yes, Markos keeps trying to spin it, but his numbers are WAY down. Serious people who aren’t cheerleaders don’t even go there anymore.

    36. Strategic Vision is a republican outfit. I think so is Insider Advantage but am not really sure. Those FL results are completely outlier compared to what a number of polls have shown. Survey USA showed a 20 pt lead just a couple of days ago.

    37. Insider Advantage, South Carolina Democratic Primary
      14 JAN – 15 JAN 2007
      400 likely voters, +/- 5%

      Barack Obama: 41%
      Hillary Clinton: 31%
      John Edwards: 13%
      Other: 1%
      Undecided: 14%


    38. I am surprised that no one has contacted Jack Ryan to see if he believes Obama was behind the lawsuit to have his divorce records released during his Senate run.

    39. Theory: There’s been some rumblings that Edwards may drop out if he loses in Nevada. Considering that most of his support in South Carolina is from whites, would they flock to us? It seems the SC primary is divided on racial lines, so it’s quite possible. I think this could potentially be enough to put us over the top there provided things go our way in NV.

    40. true2party, I don’t think DailyKos was ever remotely friendly to Hillary but it’s definitely gotten worse. I’m glad his numbers are down. That’s what he deserves for letting it become a cesspool.

      BTW, I’d be wary about that FL poll. I just checked pollster.com and the other four polls done there since NH have her leading by no less than 19. In fact, one done during the same time as Strategic Vision shows her up 33.

    41. grinnelldem, That’s a good question. Some people here think Edwards’ supporters won’t necessarily go to Obama (in general) because he’s already peeled them away from Edwards. I think they have a point.

    42. Jill Derby, NV Dem Party Chair, said she is convinced they will prevail against the lawsuit brought against the state party over the caucus sites on the Strip. She said it is fair and legal. Nothing was said about any vote coercion.

      This was just now on Fox News where they confirmed that the ARG poll still has Hillary leeading 35 to 32. Not much help there.

      It’s still up to Hillary and her organization. I’m optimistic they can pull it off, but I will feel better once they do it.

    43. terrondt Says:

      January 17th, 2008 at 12:56 pm
      paula, im afraid i disagree. edwards is rabid anti-hillary. his supporters are leftwingers.

      Perhaps, but Obama is to the right of Hillary on domestic policy.

    44. Sherm, after reading Taylor Marsh’s blog about Union intimidation, this worries me. If it was a secet ballot (as all voting process should be) union members would be free to vote for whomever they want without repercussions.

    45. Edwards supporters in SC will most probably vote for Hillary: Hillary is usually their second choice, and most of these voters desire a President who will address our economic woes.

    46. Do this before BO thinks of it:

      this person has an excellent idea for a Hillary ad:

      i know you must get millions of people offering unsolicited advice, but i had a wonderful idea for an AD to reach the YOUNG voters……
      if you have ever seen the end of Spike Lee’s movie “MALCOM X”, he has a series of wonderful and diverse children in a classroom standing up one after the other and proclaiming “I AM MALCOM X” with this wonderful soaring music in the background and it ends with the last person who is Nelson Mandela proclaiming “i am malcom X”…i think it would be brilliant to put your spin on that with young girls of all ages standing up and proclaiming “i am hillary clinton” one after the other with it ending with Maya Angelou also proclaiming “i am hillary clinton”. then go to black screen and in white lettering saying “for your daughters, sisters, mothers, and you”.


      ^^except I think it should include all people, men, women, black, white, asian, hispanic, etc

      and should end with:

      “I’m Hillary Clinton, and I am running in this campaign, to make everyone, the president of the UNited States. If you elect me as President of the United States, we will all go to the White House to make sure our questions, our concerns, and our needs are answered, addressed, and focused on. We are one, as we are the American people. Let’s elect someone to be president who has shown she is always listening and thinking about the American people.”

    47. the dnc spokewoman says no one “spoke” about disenfranchising any votes. thats the point of the lawsuit…it subconsciously provokes people to fear to vote for who they choose rather than who the union demands them to do.

      it’s like having your mother standing over you while you are online…you won’t step out of bounds for fear

    48. Yeah, the NV caucus system sucks. It’s designed for the culinary union. Remember caucuses are by nature went to limit the number of voters who can participate, however, I am not sure the teachers union suing helped Hill.

    49. edwards supporters IMO will go enmass to who he tells them to. so if he endorses obama i suspect obama will get the majority of those voters. they have hung with edwards a long time and i think he will have impact on where they go. we know he will not endorse hillary.

    50. dot48 Says:
      they have hung with edwards a long time and i think he will have impact on where they go.

      Good point. I hadn’t thought of that.

    51. The DailyKos is amazingly intolerant. It is a really high school thing going on there. It is however a good training ground if, and I think only if, you are to take on the Obamalamas in the blogosphere. “If you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere…”

    52. That Florida poll has to be an outlier. I live in Fl and I truly doubt that. I believe that she will carry FL and carry it significantly.

      Any news on the NV lawsuit? I’m surprised that Rev. Joseph’s Lowry’s statement on ‘slave mentality’ haven’t been picked up by MSM. Oh, I forgot, it’s only Hillary’s supporters who are called out for this. I find his comments more offensive and harming than anything Johnson insinuated about Obambi’s drug use.

    53. The stealth group everybody neglects toa cknowledge for lack of evidence is the republican women who want a female president and I would not see them openly fighting for it but when it comes time to vote they will vote for her.

    54. You guys are overthinking the Edwards support. This race is much simpler than all that. It is split along racial and gender lines. The Edwards support represents voters who want a white male over a woman or a black guy.

      With Obama chosing to define himself as the Jesse Jackson race candidate, a big chunk of Edwards supporters will opt to vote for the white candidate in the race, especially after the South Carolina primary plays like “the black coronation” on TV.

    55. filbertsf, I’m also worried about Union intimidation there. There are a couple of points I’ve heard that may be helpful.

      1. It has been repeated many times that half the members of that union are illegal aliens. Nothing has been stated supporting that. If true, that would reduce the number of union members who can vote. If they are all locked in for BHO, that may help a little.

      2. While I don’t know who can participate in the Caucus on the Strip, Jill Derby said they are expecting a hundred thousand voters to participate there. Hopefully enough of those will be Hillary voters to be of help. If so, her voters would also get that 1 to 5 delegate advantage.

      I’m grabbing at straws.

    56. Bill Clinton to campaign in NV with Magic Johnson. Hopefully, this will get some play on the news in in papers. I believe Hillary also campaigned with America (?) from ‘Ugly Betty’ in NV either yesterday or Tues. I think there should be a little more presence there today but I understand that she can’t be everywhere. Hopefully, tomorrow, she will have several high profile events.

      I suspect that whatever the judge decides, it will be big news in LV and with MSM>

    57. Because Edwards supporters are voters who are seeking solutions to our economic problems, they will vote for Hillary if Edwards withdraws from the race.

    58. They took something Andrew Cuomo and Bill Clinton said, twisted it completely out of context and called Hillary a racist. The double-standards make me so sick.

    59. Sherm Kader, yeah, these voters are mostly going to vote with their union. They have been organized to do so. We orobably just have to get over it.

    60. How come Ben ( Hi Ben) from http://www.politico.com haven’t written about Rev. Lowry’s ‘slave mentality’ comments? It’s telling that he was all over Johnson’s comment. Fair is fair and it shows Obambi to be a hypocrite. I’m waiting for him to call out Lowry.

      Can we email Ben about this?

    61. in a real primary though most union people get to vote for who they really want vs an open challenge in front of your “union” boss. this is what makes the strip caucus worrysome to me. our unions endorse but never have we been in a caucus. this particular caucus carries a real stigma of intimidation

    62. dot48, it should make you nervous. This is probably the reason they have a caucus. The culinary union is huge. It represents 60k employees. They surely wanted a caucus system so they could control the outcome. Those are the breaks.

    63. ADMIN.,



      we need a site, where anyone who is a hillary supporter, can come home and log onto, and download a handbill, or flyer, ect.
      it could be pdf file or whatever, remembering some of us are not real computer literate…

      these flyers, should be in bold headings, on one topic, maybe some pictures or graphics. (no long winded full page paragraghs)
      they should be our rapid response tool for the working person, who has no media connection…
      the subject should be on a variety of need to know by every voter, story. example:






      get my point?
      than we can make it open to all the pro hrc sites ( taylor marsh, ect ect ect…) so that all members who log on and want to actively ‘JOIN THE FIGHT’, can come home after work, find what handouts they want to down load and print, and then make copies…

      we can leave them all over our worksites, at the doctors office, on the trains, planes and automobiles…
      leave them at laundry mats, automotive shops, bookstores, libraries, schools and restaurants…

      believe me it works, we hand bill everyone when we are picketing, and that is our ‘COMMUNICATION NETWORK”

      we could have our own HILL ON LINE ‘RAPID RESPONSE TEAM’…
      and it should be a communication hub for all the pro hillary sites, and it should compile all information and upto the minute reporting on media misconduct, ob misconduct, and keep records of voter misconduct for future reference…

      so again we need a ‘INCIDENT COMMAND POST’, where pro hill activists around the country can have a job they can do to help fight dirty politics and help hillary…

    64. hwc, you are correct and thanks for putting the matter in the appropriate context. The NH primary vote followed by the post-primary night that was aided by the BHO-aided media spin set the stage. No amount of truce-related talk is going to change the scenario now .. sad to say.

    65. Hillary is running for the job of President. She believes the president must run the country, and she would that–like our greatest presidents have always done, i.e. Roosevelt, Lincoln. She would be fully engaged in solving our problems and would hold people accoutable.

      Obama is auditioning for the role of philosopher king. He has plainly stated that he is not a chief operating officer (translation: workhorse). Thus the real question is who would be running the government as chief operating officer in a hypothetical Obama administration if not him?

      As you may recall, Bush 41 was a detached leader as well. By the middle of his second term a Texas political operative named Charles Black became the real power behing the throne, and was running things. And the country as a whole was slipping–in much more stable environment than what exists today.

      Until we know who Obama’s Charles Black would be how can we have any confidence that he could effectuate the kind of changes we need. How can we know that he could begin to solve the monumental problems we face? We would be better off pitching pennies into a wishing well.

      With Hillary we know there is no doubt who would be running the country. If they want to know how well she would run it they can study her fine performance in the debates. That forum provides far more insight than rehearsed speeches, because it simulates the real thing.

    66. ADMIN.,

      again i cant stress enough about the POWER OF THE PEOPLE..
      give me a printable copy of a pro hill, anti cheating ob, topic and you will have a tool for moms, dads, seniors, school kids and everyday people around the country to fight the good fight…

      in my case i can print hundreds of flyers at work and pass them around at the airport…
      think of all the bored people getting the message…

      we could call our site ‘MSDEM 08’… 🙂

    67. Sherm Kader said:
      1. It has been repeated many times that half the members of that union are illegal aliens. Nothing has been stated supporting that. If true, that would reduce the number of union members who can vote. If they are all locked in for BHO, that may help a little.

      2. While I don’t know who can participate in the Caucus on the Strip, Jill Derby said they are expecting a hundred thousand voters to participate there. Hopefully enough of those will be Hillary voters to be of help. If so, her voters would also get that 1 to 5 delegate advantage.

      I’m grabbing at straws.


      1. I seriously doubt that 1/2 of the union membership are undocumented workers. While I do think that some are, I would peg the number lower, i’m guessing 20% or so- however, withCaucus’, it makes it much easier for election fraud and this is why I hope that if nothing less, the judge puts in monitors.

      2. Last election caucus or the last time, the turnout was absymal- it was around 9k people- this year it has been estimated to be as high as 100k but many think that number is overly estimated. I’ve seen guesses at 40k, 67k, 80k etc, I’m guessing somewhere around 45k.

      3.Also, I’m guessing that many of the union members won’t caucus, I think that some will be confused, some who are for Hillary will be intimidated and stay home and some plainly will not want to use their break time to caucus. Having said that, i believe that it is fair to assume that he may carry all of the 9 special locations. It will be interesting to see what happens to Edwards supporters if he doesn’t get 15%- who do they go to, I would hope that since the Culinary Union is so reviled that they go to Clinton if only to stick it to the CU.

      3. What is unknown is how the other general electorate will work who is not affiliated with the CU. I would have to believe that the elderly, non-conservative Jews and Hispanic population as well as most women will go for her. We have to believe that they will be enough to carry her.

      ** I would say that Edward’s supporters are key- who do they throw their support to if he doesn’t get 15%? Today, Edwards was hitting Clinton on Social security as was Obambi yesterday. Edwards clearly seem to be staying with his decision to go after Clinton which imo is flawed.

    68. Hey Yall,

      I Just called the MSNBC number admin left and left a message asking if it was an official policy of MSNBC to support women-hating commentators like Matthews or if Matthews was just a little nuts. I also left my name and phone number, as we have to beat these people out in the open!

      Please – everyone call! Leave your information, let’s see if they actually call us back or if they are just going to play the “nuremberg defense” as admin highlights these Big Media cads like to do.

      How do we get other people to call, we need to drown out their misogynistic hate talk with a chorus of NO NO NO!

    69. new deal,

      months ago, i posted here, right before the first debate, that i would not watch msnbc anymore because they had such an anti-hillary, anti woman stance..

      i said then i would not break my committment, and i havent, i wrote to msnbc about mathews, russert, and others, i wrote them several letters telling them, that as much as i hated fox, i would get my news from them and cnn, and would never again patronize msnbc againi …

      i havent broken that committment, many complain but they still watch, so how does that hurt msnbc… gotta put our money where out mouth is…

    70. i just called msnbc and operator 8 forced me to a “leave a message recorder” for viewer comments. I let em have it and said, btw, hear what is tuned in on my tv…cnn. I left me name and phone number too. They have gotten several emails and comments from me.

    71. Amin: in response to the topic at hand I have sent 3 page letters on point to the sources you mention except for Hardball. Also, I have sent letters have been sent to Emilie’s list and will be sent to NOW. Also postings have been made here and other sites. Also, a satircal attack against Matthews and Russert has been written and is being disseminated as we speak. If anyone has the sponsors of Hardball I will send them there too. I will see about getting a list of NBC board members.

    72. I agree, I haven’t watched but one section with Abrahms and he has been decent. i still continue to complain to them though

    73. Why did Bob Johnson apologize for his comments. I personally don’t think anything was wrong with the comments. Obama put himself out there with his past drug use and now he should own up to the criticism like a man. You are trying to be the President of the United States, the most demanding job in the world. Everything that you have done should be scrutinized and examined, including drug use. Nothing that he said was factually incorrect.

    74. I’m in shock…. MSNBC just said Hillary was the first candidate of either party to bring up a pending recession as a campaign issue and now all the candidates are following her lead.

    75. please post sponsor names and anyone else name and numbers. Also, I did the Emily’s list and would like any numbers emails for NOW.

    76. let us hope some sleuth is on the trail about when the drug use really stopped. does this make anyone else think that is why no friends of obama have shown up. their history will be checked out, etc and it will lead to the real answers about his past.

      I assume they’ve been given big favors to simply shut up and go away..for now. it’ll come back up but perhaps not soon enough. if bill clintons sexual past is relevant then so is obama’s drug use

    77. The problem with Obama’s drug use, dot48, is that Obama has written that he used to buy cocaine. That means that somewhere out there in the world, is someone who used to sell him cocaine. Imagine if that person (or people) comes forward during the general election with all sorts of additional details — the Democratic party would be doomed. It’s amazing that the press isn’t vetting Obama.

    78. with headlines like this:

      black support of obama may tilt south carolina

      well, this is going to turn into a race thing perhaps sooner rather than later. i’m saying that i actually think many white voters may feel an urgent need to have a say as well.

      obama should win south carolina quite easily, but you’d think by the headlines that he’s the real second coming

    79. I disagree about it hurting the whole party, it’s shredding as we speak.

      the truth would hurt ‘HIM” the good guy image.

    80. admin, just came across this from S.C.’s The State, posted today at 1:08 pm:

      We’re still waiting, waiting to get Hillary Clinton in for an endorsement interview. We want to give her every opportunity, yet still get our endorsement published in time for folks to digest it.

      Here’s my e-mail correspondence over the last few hours with Zac Wright of the campaign. (And Zac is by no means the only Clintonista I’m pestering.) Zac’s an ol’ boy from West Tennessee, where I spend the first decade of my career (’75-’85), so I’ve tried to speak in terms he would fully understand:

      ME: Zac, we’ve GOT to get Sen. Clinton in here for an editorial board meeting!
      What’s our status?


    81. Berkeley Vox Says:

      January 17th, 2008 at 1:57 pm
      The problem with Obama’s drug use, dot48, is that Obama has written that he used to buy cocaine. That means that somewhere out there in the world, is someone who used to sell him cocaine. Imagine if that person (or people) comes forward during the general election with all sorts of additional details — the Democratic party would be doomed. It’s amazing that the press isn’t vetting Obama.

      If someone is out there with information, I can guarantee you they are living the good life in a secluded Haiwaian hotel until the Republicans need them. in the fall.

    82. you know this has to be so frustrating for her. she never gets a positive headline…her endorsers are just not being put on Yahoo headlines. everyone he gets is just trumpeted heaven or hell. I tell you there is some weird vibe about and it ain’t about change or hope.

    83. At the end of the day, Hillary will beat the media, beat obama and have more super-delegates and delegates.

      Then the press/media will begin to understand how stupid they are, and so will the bandwagon politicians.


      Now Chris Matthews really has a woman problem!

      From my inbox: The National Women’s Political Caucus is holding a rally today, January 17, 4:00pm outside of NBC News, 4001 Nebraska Ave NW (right off AU circle), Washington, D.C. 20016 to protest and object to Chris Matthews sexist comments and behavior on “Hardball” and as a commentator on MSNBC.

      Because the mission of the Caucus is to do everything we can to elect women to public office, we feel it is extremely important to call out sexism and sexist behavior on national television. We deserve better from a national television network.

      Expect other women’s organizations to be there. When it comes to powerful women’s political organizations, there is no place like D.C. Sara Robinson reports: “The presidents of Feminist Majority, NOW, The National Women’s Political Caucus, and the Women’s Media Center have teamed up to send a rather pointed letter to NBC president Steve Capus (the same guy, it turns out, who canned Imus just last April on similar grounds — he’s probably having deja vu all over again right now), which lays out the case that Matthews deserves nothing much more than the right to keep Imus company on the too-neanderthal-for-prime-time bench.” Read the letter. .

      If you can’t get to the protest, be sure to click on the ad in the sidebar and tell MSNBC that IMUS needs some company!

      Sexist Chris Matthews NBC News Protest Washington DC Gender Politics Hillary Clinton Feminist News Misogyny Politics

      posted by egalia at 12:14 AM | comments Comment (1) | Trackback (0)

      Wednesday, January 16, 2008

    85. http://news.rgj.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080116/NEWS19/80116023/1232&template=printart

      “I feel that your mom has been definitely been criticized the most,” Mandy Albert said to Chelsea Clinton. “I’ve found that it’s harder to stand up for her because everyone’s excited about (Barack) Obama because he’s the new kid on the block. It helps me that I know more about your mom so there will be less surprises.”

      Groves, 68, a self-described politically “junkie,” switched from being a registered Republican to a Democrat just to vote for Hillary Clinton.

      “I want to tell her to keep working on health care, it’s one of the most important things in this country especially if you don’t have it,” Grove said.

      “I’m really proud of my mom; she tried to get universal health care in ’93 and ’94,”
      Clinton said. “Health care costs have more than doubled.”

      Mandy Albert said she’s been delighted by the election process. “I’m so excited, especially since this is the first time I get to participate,” she said. “For so long Nevada has been the forgotten state and now we’re in the forefront and that’s really exciting.”

      Before she left to attend a lunch at the Chocolate Bar on Arlington Street, Chelsea Clinton said, “Thanks for supporting my mom.”

    86. http://www.abcnews.go.com

      excerpt picking up on the voter intimidation story. Seeing that this started to go mainstream, I would hope that the lazy journalists will be on the look out for this.

      ‘…Tales of caucus-goer intimidation are bubbling up in Las Vegas, Michael Mishak reports in the Las Vegas Sun. “What exactly happened this afternoon at Paris Las Vegas depends on whom you talk to,” Mishak writes. “To hear Clinton’s campaign and her supporters tell it, the union intimidated a member into caucusing for Obama, demanding that she sign a pledge card — or face exile from the caucus. To hear the alleged victim tell it, it was much more of a misunderstanding.”


    87. What was the reaction of Edwards and BO when Mccain’s supporter used the BWord on Hillary? Do any of you remember? Did they defend her and condemn Mccain for acting like a potted plant? I do not remember.

    88. http://www.politico.com/blogs/bensmith/0108/A_union_buys_ads_for_Obama.html

      After his heated, sarcastic denunciations of independent labor spending on John Edwards’ behalf in Iowa, Obama finds himself the beneficiary of similar spending in Nevada.

      The New York-based hotel and textile-workers union UNITE-HERE yesterday reported spending more than $34,000 on Obama’s behalf for radio ads in Nevada.

      In Iowa, Obama suggested that John Edwards’ inability to convince his supporters to stop spending on television was a mark of his inability to lead. I haven’t gotten a response yet from the Obama campaign to this spending, but will update when I do.

      The UNITE committee spending the money appears to be a PAC, not a less-transparent 527, but the Obama campaign’s denunciations in Iowa were broad, with campaign manager David Plouffe decrying the “big interests” that have poured a “flood of Washington money” into the state in “underhanded” efforts to support his rivals.

    89. *This is why I will NEVER forgive that lowlife Obama. He cannot get away with this.


      From The Times
      January 16, 2008

      Obama’s detestable dirty tricks
      An historic Democratic contest is being ruined by the two contenders flinging mud

      by Alice Miles

      What a shame that a contest that has the world gripped, that is transforming international opinion of the United States, that has shown America in its best and most brilliant light, threatens to descend into a pathetic slanging match over race. What a shame for the centre Left, which had everything to cheer about in the stunning choice between, potentially, the first female and the first black president, that they are allowing the contest to slip into an idiotic series of unproven claims about racial bias.

      On Monday Hillary Clinton called for a truce reminding everyone that “Senator Obama and I are on the same side”. Hear hear. But how did it come to this?

      The thin catalogue of complaints against the Clinton campaign from the Obama campaign were unfounded, manipulative and self-indulgent. At best they called into question the oversensitivity of Mr Obama, at worst they showed him willing to play a divisive race card that is damaging the entire Democratic Party and tarnishing a great and historic electoral contest for the centre Left. The whole episode has convinced me he isn’t tough enough for the White House.

      For since when has referring to somebody’s past admitted drug use – if indeed the Clinton campaign ever intended to do that, which is far from clear – been a racial slur? More racist, I would say, to equate drugs with blacks, and that’s what the Obama campaign is doing, not the Clinton one.

      As for Mrs Clinton’s statement that Martin Luther King’s dream of racial equality was realised only when President Johnson managed to get the 1964 Civil Rights Act through Congress? No more than fact, surely; an attack on Mr Obama’s lack of experience, certainly, but hardly a slur upon King. Mr Obama’s campaign is twisting things so that a comment about any black man is a comment about him, just as any attack on him is an attack on all black people. I ask again: who is playing the race card here?

      The thinnest and most whiny complaint of all was the one that insisted Bill Clinton was “racially insensitive” because he said that Mr Obama’s claim to have been consistently against the Iraq war was a “fairytale”. I cannot for the life of me see the potential racial slur in that. Even if, as the Obama camp has wildly contended, Mr Clinton meant to suggest that the story of Mr Obama’s own candidacy was a fairytale, it still wouldn’t be a racial slur. Many people think that it is a fairytale, in the nicest sense. As in a dream. Now who was it who once had one of those?

      Mr Obama seems determined to cry “race” whenever anyone attacks him. He has been playing the game carefully, admittedly, allowing spokesmen and leaked memos to speak for him, while publicly denying that he wants to stoke up the race issue. For a candidate who seeks to be beyond race, it is a dangerous game, which perhaps is why on Monday he told a rally: “We share the same goals, we are all Democrats, we all believe in civil rights, we all believe in equal rights”, adding that the Clintons “have historically and consistently been on the right side of civil rights issues. I think they care about the African-American community and they care about all Americans and they want to see equal rights and equal justice in this country”. And he could have added, but didn’t: and I do not believe that they are playing the race card, and I believe they are above that – so stop making those claims in my name.

      It’s a shame because this gripping contest has the potential to transform perceptions of the United States. It could be an enormous boost for the centre Left in particular – unless the Obama and Clinton teams manage to stuff it up. Many attempts have been made in Britain to align Mrs Clinton with Gordon Brown and Mr Obama with David Cameron (not least by Mr Cameron himself). This is wishful thinking on the part of the Tories. What the US contest is actually showing us is a revitalised centre Left, led by these two fascinating figures, a contest with the power to inspire not just America but the world. The first female or the first black president? What a dream. (Or, sorry, is that racist?)

      And what does the “five old white men” line-up say of the future of the Right? The flicker of coverage that the Republican contest has received so far in the British papers has given us a glimpse of a group of ageing men with strange religious or bigoted views, along with one really, really old one who seems nonetheless to be the sanest, John McCain. And guess what? The Republican establishment hates him.

      Here is the enemy, Mrs Clinton, Mr Obama: these are the bad guys, not you. If the Republican Party has left its voters, then those five candidates are a stark symbol of why. Do they really have no one to represent women, or young people, or ethnic minorities? Instead, we see the world’s leading party of the Right so shrunken in its vision, so backward in its outlook, that it thinks fielding the white male old guard (with those weird starchy wives) is a sufficient offer to a multi-ethnic, consumerist, wired-up and informed electorate in the 21st century.

      But let’s not talk about that; let’s talk, as the “race card” memo from the Obama campaign did, about the time that Bill Clinton said he had known some of the greatest figures of the past 100 years, including Nelson Mandela, yet his wife was the one person in the world he would call on in the toughest of times. And let’s talk about whether that meant, as the memo put it, that: “Bill Clinton Implied Hillary Clinton Is Stronger Than Nelson Mandela.” Shame on you, Mr Obama; the world expected more.

    90. Nice story above re Chelsea. I’m glad that people are picking up on how sexist Chris Matthews has been as well as biased. Like Clinton has said, ‘it takes a village’ and we’re uprising. The same needs to be done to other MSM about their obvious slight.

      Eugene Robinson, I think was the first MSM journalist to bring up the
      Bradley effect’ and he was a guest on ‘Hardball’. This was clearly sourgrapes, one should accept the lost gracefully and move on. Her win was sullied immediately. Then it was the biased Chuck Todd who is one of their political directors following suit. Everything, it seems emanated from MessMSNBC.

      BTW, Hillary should really do ‘The View’ right before 2/5 Tsunami. They have over 5million viewers and have really been fair to her. Many women watch this show. Elizabeth is an ar$se of the highest degree.

    91. I’m going to put my trust in people showing up with real support for Hillary, those who won’t be intimidated.

      Does anyone know if these casino caucus sites can only be used by those employees or can anyone within that area caucus there. If others are allowed the gotv in that area for Hillary can focus on getting more of her support there vs caucusing elsewhere

      I hope they appeal and maybe some individual voters could bring suit and demand the vote be stopped until a full, all out court battle.

      why, oh why did the democratic party head honchos even do this to begin with.

    92. Hillary’s new campaign rally song, pronto: Sister Sledge!

    93. It appears to me some people here are in the dumps right now. I hope we can all pull out of it. It’s true if Hillary loses NV it will be bad, but she hasn’t lost it yet, and she still has a good chance of winning it. Don’t forget the women!!!

      If she loses NV and then also loses SC, then obviously it will be even worse. That will make it hard to win the nomination, but it won’t make it impossible. It has been shown that she has difficulty in a caucus, so that’s nothing new. It should be obvious to everyone that the SC vote is stacked against her after the successful BHO campaign racism ploy.

      That doesn’t mean the rest of the states will automatically drop her. I’m not going to give up until she does. I think she is in it all the way to the convention. So will I!

      I hope I don’t offend anyone with this stuff, but I also hope everyone can pick themselves up and keep going. We can win it!!!!

    94. Sherm, no offense at all. You’re right. She won’t give up — she knows about all of us who are waiting to be able to vote for her.

    95. Caucuses work against Hillary, especially the NV/culinary caucuses. Don’t sweat it too much if she loses there.

    96. i just don’t rembember gore or kerry having this much trouble in caucuses in 2000 and 2004. i am at a loss.

    97. http://www.pollster.com/blogs/poll_arg_sc_primary.php

      Poll shows things tightening up in SC but I don’t believe the polls.

      Norah O’Donnell is another flack for Obama. Just now, trying to say that the truce is over and it’s Clinton attacking Obambi for his stance non’not being a CEo’. Chuck Todd had to remind her that he openned himself up to this and this plays into the lack of experience argument.

      Then they go on to his comparison to Reagan.

      BTW, Clinton seems to be talking at a Black church, not sure where she is but looks like CA.

    98. Sherm,
      We are not down, at least compared to the day before NH. We will be celebrating Saturday afternoon! Many union members that are Clinton supporters are pissed at the tactics the union has been using and I would not be surprised to see a backlash at those casinos.

    99. I haven’t given up and she can still win in NV, today’s poll have her up in NV but we all know not to believe polls. I think that it is up in the air and when she campaigns there tomorrow, many people will change their minds so don’t count her out just yet.

    100. I expect to hear her hit him on his ‘not being a coo’. I would think that she would go after his Reagan comparison. Remember Bill is there with Magic Johnson today.

    101. “If someone is out there with information, I can guarantee you they are living the good life in a secluded Haiwaian hotel until the Republicans need them. in the fall.”

      Right on, rjk1957.

      BTW, no surprise on the judge’s ruling. At least now there’s no excuse if Obama doesn’t win NV.

    102. just saw on mydd. hasnt been officially released yet but word is out. Take it with a pinch of salt but if this was BOs’ lead, his supporters would have declared victory already.

    103. 1/17/2008
      Richardson Colorado Campaign Co-Chairs, Superdelegate, and Steering Committee Members Endorse Hillary Clinton

      Denver, CO – Colorado for Hillary today announced the endorsements of former Richardson Colorado Co-Chairs Polly Baca and Lawrence Martinez, superdelegate Ramona Martinez, and Richardson Steering Committee members Val Vigil and Tish Maes.

      “Hillary has the strength to win and the experience to lead. For 35 years, she has stood tall and stood firm for working families. Hillary doesn’t just talk about change; she delivers it. I believe her Presidency will mark a new beginning for America,” said Lawrence Martinez.

      Lawrence Martinez has worked with the Graphic Communications International Union for more than 40 years, serving in many positions including Senior Vice President. His work with the Democratic Party spans several decades.

      “As someone who has worked for the advancement of the Hispanic community, I share Clinton’s commitment to creating opportunity for all Americans. Clinton knows that change requires hard work. She has spent her life finding real solutions to the big challenges we face, and will continue to do so as President,” said Ramona Martinez, a member of the DNC and a superdelegate to the convention. Martinez also served as President of the Denver City Council.

      “I have known Hillary for more than three decades and have always admired her commitment to serving others. When Hillary graduated from law school she chose to work for the Children’s Defense Fund, beginning a life-long commitment to fighting for children and families. As President she will continue to deliver real change to improve the lives of all Americans,” said Polly Baca.

      Baca served in the Clinton administration and was also elected a Colorado state representative and state senator. She served as vice-chair of the Democratic National Committee from 1981 to 1989 and is currently the President and CEO of the Latin American Research and Service Agency (LARASA).

      Clinton also picked up the endorsements today of former Colorado State Representative Val Vigil and Tish Maes, members of Richardson’s Colorado Steering committee.

    104. Will there be overseers at the caucus sites on the strip to make sure that everything is on the up and up so those who are supporting Hillary will be able to vote for her instead of being forced to vote for Obama against their wishes?

    105. Did anyone watch Jon Stewart last night? He tackled the Democratic “race war” as being generated by the MSM. He played the clip of Hillary’s MLK comment and said, “Oh no! It doesn’t seem inflammatory at all. Seems like pragmatism versus idealism.”

      The first 2 segments were really good. Then Jonah Goldberg came on…

    106. filbertsf, The media is very culpable in that whole mess. Some of the editorials written about what the Clintons said were patently ridiculous.

    107. Some talk about the tyranny of the majority. In the U.S. we are seeing a tyranny of the media. When they go after one candidate, they really go after him/her.

    108. We are going to win in spite of the media, filbert. We will keep pushing back everywhere, and working, until she does.

    109. http://info.detnews.com/redesign/blogs/nolanfinleyblog/index.cfm

      No tea leaves to read in Democratic primary
      Posted by Nolan Finley on Wed, Jan 16, 2008 at 11:34 AM

      Don’t try to read too much into the results of Tuesday’s Democratic primary in Michigan.

      Some pundits are calling it an embarassment for New York Sen. Hillary Clinton because, running virtually alone on the ballot, she garnerd just over half the vote, while the “uncommitted” choice came inat near 40 percent. Before the balloting, the bar was set at 60 percent for Clinton to consider Michigan a true victory.

      But no informed conclusions can be drawn from the results because the primary was such a messed up affair.

      Clinton backers had no incentive to come out and vote, knowing that their candidate was going to win anyway.

      An aggressive effort by frustrated supporters of Barack Obama and John Edwards explains the uncommitted vote. But again, Clinton voters had no reason to get into the game.

      Exit polling indicates that even if Obama and Edwards had been on the ballot, Clinton would have won handily. But even that data is suspect because the Democratic turnout was so uneven.

      Thanks to the manipulations of state Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer and other party officials, Michigan’s Democratic primary was rendered meaningless.

      It’s a scratch, and there’s no point trying to parse the outcome.

    110. WHOAH. This should tilt Nevada voters Hillary’s way!

      From Hillary’s website, “Fact Hub”:

      Top Donor to Sen. Obama Spent Millions Lobbying to Store Nuclear Waste at Yucca Mountain

      One of Sen. Obama’s biggest donors is the energy giant Exelon:

      Exelon is the sixth largest donor to Sen. Obama’s presidential campaign and the fourth largest career donor to Obama’s federal campaigns. Exelon employees have donated over $269,100 to his federal campaigns and over $194,750 in 2008. [opensecrets.org, 2008, 2004-2008]

      Exelon’s CEO is a key advocate for storing nuclear waste at Yucca:

      Exelon CEO John Rowe calls Yucca mountain project ‘linchpin’ to solving waste problem and building new plants. “So what does Exelon Chief Executive Officer John Rowe want? Fortune magazine, in a May 15, 2006, article titled ‘Meet Mr. Nuke,’ details Rowe’s call to solve the waste problem before additional nuclear power plants are built. “We have to be able to look the public in the eye and say, ‘If we build a plant, here’s where the waste will go,’ ” Rowe told Fortune. The Yucca Mountain Project is the ‘linchpin’ to solving the waste problem and building new plants.”[Las Vegas Review Journal, 5/15/07]

      Exelon has spent millions lobbying to open up Yucca mountain:

      In 2002, Exelon spent $2,172,000 dollars on lobbying the federal government on issues including ‘Yucca Mountain Project Management’ [sopr.senate.gov, mid-year; year-end]

      In 2003, Exelon spent $2,864,400 dollars on lobbying the federal government on issues including ‘Yucca Mountain Project Management’ [sopr.senate.gov, mid-year; year-end]

      In 2004, Exelon spent over $1,000,000 dollars on lobbying the federal government on issues including ‘Yucca Mountain Project Management’ [sopr.senate.gov, mid-year; year-end]

      In 2005, Exelon spent $1,815,000 dollars on lobbying the federal government on issues including ‘the Department of Energy’s Yucca Mountain Project.’ [sopr.senate.gov, mid-year, year-end]

      In 2006, Exelon spent $1,329,014 dollars on lobbying the federal government on issues including ‘the Department of Energy’s Yucca Mountain Project.’ [sopr.senate.gov, mid-year, year-end]

      In 2007, Exelon spent $1,732,321 dollars on lobbying the federal government on issues including the ‘Yucca Mountain National Interest…’ [sopr.senate.gov, mid-year]

    111. women voters unite. the media is trying to shove their handpicked candidate down our throats. we will choose ourselves and unite behind the one candidate who can get this country back on track,

      she has the vision and the guts to make the hard choices, she won’t delegate the authority needed to some bought for advisor.

      This is our strong candidate for NOW. The country needs her NOW. We need her NOW.

      Stand up, be counted, don’t waver, get others onboard.

    112. they don’t need to just put that on her website…it need to be distributed to somebody who will write about it in Nevada papers tomorrow. time is wasting. not everybody goes to her website to get this info, they read the headlines

    113. Paula Says: January 17th, 2008 at 11:56 am
      they are worried about Hillary’s negatives

      The last I saw, Obama had slightly more negatives than Hillary. (And I bet he’s getting more all the time; hers reached their limit long ago.)

    114. Obama’s Creative Clippings. The ad may be new, but we’ve seen this tactic, from this candidate, before.

      By Justin Bank | factcheck.org | January 17, 2008

      Once again, the campaign uses a quote from a news story to say Obama’s health plan would offer universal coverage. But the story doesn’t even contain the sentence that flashes on the screen. And the full article points out that his plan “does not guarantee” full coverage and cites an expert who says as much.

      The ad also shows a clip saying that Obama has been against the war in Iraq since the beginning. True enough, but the story also chastises him for making too much of the boldness of his early stance.

      This is the second time in as many weeks that we’ve written about Democratic candidate Barack Obama’s misleading use of quotes pulled from newspapers. This ad is running in Nevada in advance of Saturday’s caucus.

      Obama for America Ad: “President”
      Obama: I’m Barack Obama and I approve this message.
      Obama: I’ll be a president who finally makes health care affordable to every single American by bringing Democrats and Republicans together. I’ll be a president who ends the tax breaks for companies that ship our jobs overseas and put a middle class tax cut into the pockets of working Americans. And I’ll be a president who ends this war in Iraq and finally brings our troops home. We are one nation and our time for change has come.Universally Wrong About Health Care Plan

      The ad flashes the quote “Obama offers universal health care plan.” But those words don’t appear in the May 29, 2007, Associated Press story to which they are attributed. The story does report that Obama said he would sign a universal health care plan. But the article goes on to cast doubt on the universality of his own plan:

      AP: Obama’s first promise as a presidential candidate was that he would sign a universal health care plan into law by the end of his first term in the White House. But there is some dispute over whether his plan would provide universal care. It’s aimed at lowering costs so all Americans can afford insurance, but does not guarantee everyone would buy it.

      It’s an important distinction we’ve raised a few times. Obama’s plan wouldn’t guarantee that every individual had health insurance, just that everyone would have the opportunity to obtain it. The AP story also includes a quote from a representative of Families USA, a liberal group that pushes for expanded government health coverage, who says, “It’s not totally clear that it would result in universal coverage.” The ad even shows video of Obama using more accurate language when he says he wants to make “health care affordable.”

      Cutting Out the Critique
      The ad also shows a quote that says “Obama opposed Iraq war from the start.” The AP analysis from Oct. 2, 2007, certainly did say that, but it also included some less-than-flattering words about Obama’s stance on Iraq.

      AP: Nobody can dispute that Barack Obama opposed the Iraq war from the start and, with striking prescience, predicted U.S. troops would be mired in a costly conflict that fanned “the flames of the Middle East.” But nobody should accept at face value the Illinois senator’s claim that he was a “courageous leader” who opposed the war at a great political risk. … And once elected to the U.S. Senate two years later, Obama waited months to show national leadership on Iraq.

      The article goes on to point out that Obama had been quite politically careful about how he approached the war.

      We’re used to seeing ads for movies that artfully clip fragments of reviews that may, in fact, pan the film in question. Candidates should know better. This might be a good time to remember an admonition we heard a few times when we were children: No running with scissors.


    115. Edwards supporters in South Carolina must wake to the fact that his candidacy will not go the distance, and he will offer them over to Obama when he decides to suspend his candidacy, in exchange for whatever he can get personally.

      That being the case, those supporters should be looking at their hold card now and deciding how to play it. Fundamentally, they must decide what their default position would be with Edwards out of the race and vote accordingly.

      If they would favor Obama , then they should vote for Edwards, so he has a larger chip to negotiate with Obama.

      But if their default position is not Obama, then they would be wise to see John for the lame duck he is and vote for Hillary in South Carolina.

      Otherwise, they will get traded off to a team they do not want to play for.

    116. grinnelldem – Delegate-wise it’s good for us if Edwards drops out. His voters can make their own choice and Hillary is better than Obama on Edwards’ mill workers vs corporations. Whatever delegates he gets are bound to him till he releases them in some deal.

    117. Paula Says:

      January 17th, 2008 at 3:57 pm
      1950Democrat, I was referring to the most recent national polls: Obama’s negatives are around 30 percent. (See http://www.pollingreport.com). And McCain’s have dropped precipitously.

      In a recent Rasmaussen, they were like 51%, so it depends.

    118. mj, Rasmussen’s polling is likely voters, so it’s different from the other polls I mentioned. My point is, those other polls will get the media coverage.

    119. re: Reaga and any use of his name by a democrat = bad,

      any real democrat can see it

      younguns don’t remember that time and most young people have no idea about unions.

      that is why cu endorsement has shocked so many ..

    120. So the Court dismisses the lawsuit. Essentially, the court is allowing the intimidation factor to seep into the process. If a Caucus is held at a casino and the majority in the room are Obama-supporting union members, the people who support Hillary can not freely vote for the their candidate.

      Oh well. Let’s hope lots and lots of Hillary supporters show up.

    121. skmf12 Says:
      we need a site, where anyone who is a hillary supporter, can come home and log onto, and download a handbill, or flyer, ect.

      I think this is a great idea! That way those of us who can do layout and make pdfs etc can contribute some work from wherever we are.

      What about using an existing file-sharing site such as SCRIBD? Make a closed sub-section so it doesn’t get trolled? (Trolls could post inaccurate material there and make us look bad.)

    122. All I meant is that Obama’s negatives have been higher than Hillarys, and that poll I mentioned was among general electorat not Dem’s. He’s relatively unknown so they bounce around.

    123. B Merry, email her and politely tell her off. I would(atually I usually do) but I’m sick. You know she worked for Hill, right?

    124. Look at the title of Carlson article. This is hysterical. Obama played the race card in a swiftboating manner, to go after the Clintons’ greatest strength, broad support among african americans, and she’s blaming Hillary. It’s literally funny.

    125. Take a deep breath, y’all. And then take one for me. I have been dizzy since last night. And I’m just trying to get through the next 2 days.

      Let me try to explain the hotel caucusing issue.
      Hispanics are about 40% of the union. Of those, there must be quite a few who are not yet citizens.
      Illegal is irrelevant here. That makes them a minority. Although Hillary is BIG among Hispanics, between the intimidation and their numbers, they can’t swing the union vote for Hillary. Other shift workers could do it but the union is clearly playing games with their “You need to fill out these cards to vote” nonsense.

      We may just have to outdo them elsewhere, even though they have a larger, not proportional, amount of delegates. It’s an uphill battle but not yet lost. Keep the faith. And send me some medication to keep my heart pumping for two more days. Not for me personally but I have to get a whole bunch of people to the caucus. Meds for Hillary? I don’t know what to ask for because I haven’t had time to see a doctor.

      You can see I’m losing track of reality — what do I take for that? I got it! — no more Chris Matthews or any of those irritatingly wrong pundits. I’ll report in tonight.

    126. mj, It’s what people who love Obama have to do, because they can’t face that fact he can be as cynically political as anyone else.

    127. I think she was a writer for Time magazine when Bill was president. I still don’t remember her ever working for her.

    128. mayb
      e the group could get a lower court judge to issue injunction based on the 5 to 1 ratio.

      sue the democrat national committee as a group and as individuals. diluting ones individual caucus

    129. freckles, can other workers attend those caucuses? The strippers, card dealers, etc.?

      OandrewD Says: sorry I have to ask this again Why is it 5-1 on the strip and 50-1 elsewhere? Is it the DNC?

      Because it’s the culinary caucus, lol. You have to realize andrew, this caucus was likely pushed by CU so they could essentially decide the vote. However, I am keeping the faith with Freckles. It sounds like Hill has strong support there, they just need to show up.

    130. FWIW: Margaret Carlson used to date Fred Thompson.

      Freckles, the meds will be available with Hillary as President passing her health care plan. 🙂 We send some pink pills filled with courage and stamina and admiration and gratitude.

      Thanks for all you are doing and for keeping us informed.

      As to the intimidation factor: a few strong Hillary supporters who stand up for her in those Union caucus rooms will help dissipate the intimidation. All it takes is one person, one courageous person, to set an example.

    131. Yep, I’ll have to find a link for you, but someone told me that a while back. Maybe she was the first lady’s press secretary.

    132. As to the intimidation factor: a few strong Hillary supporters who stand up for her in those Union caucus rooms will help dissipate the intimidation. All it takes is one person, one courageous person, to set an example.

      Yep, true. If one supporter really broke with the union, would not suprise me to see an avalanche of voters walk away from the Obama side.

    133. Wolf Blitzer just interviewed Bob Johnson (BET) about his activities in the campaign. After the expected stuff about the drugs and such, he asked him something like this:

      What do you say to your black friends to explain to them why you would vote for Hillary instead of trying to help elect the first black president in history?

      Bob Johnson gave a long answer which included all the good reasons for voting for Hillary, but it boiled down to the fact he supports Obama with his heart for the reason Wolf stated, but when he uses his head he chooses Hillary because she is the most qualified to lead this country.

      I hope you get to hear or read the actual words, because I’ve not done it any great service in relating it to you. Wolf Blitzer looked as if he was sorry he ever asked that question. I loved it!!!

    134. Admin and mj, I like your optimism. My only problem is that if most union members are working-class Hispanics (probably recent immigrants) and they support Hillary, they will be out-gunned and intimidated by their more pro-Obama American colleagues.

      I don’t just see a Sally Fields’ moment here. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

    135. mj I agree, a stronger leader from Culinary switching at each venue will kill them off bigtime.

      If Hillary wins NV, I’d say that it would be greater than winning N.H.

    136. BTW, no way that Margaret Carlson was Hillary’s press secretary. She’s been on CNN’s Capital Gang since the 80s and has pretty much been a journalist all her life.

    137. But we have forgotton about the Edwards support.

      Lets say Clinton has more then Edwards up to the final round. Where will Edwards supporters go? In Iowa they went to Obama.

      However, it’s well known that other unions HATE cullinary…will edwards supports be urged to go clinton?

    138. Someone on TM is saying that the Las Vegas Sun will endorse Hillary. They don’t provide any supporting information though so take it as a rumor……

    139. maybe other unions will go for Hillary and diss the CU for strong arm tactic,,,,,,,,,this is doable people,

      Go Hillary!

    140. 1950 DEM,


      we could make it known on all the pro hillary sites, so all bloggers could
      print their own material…

      if you were in nevada, california or florida and south carolina, we could be blanketing bulletins in our own areas, around the country…

      a clearing house for disiminating information…

    141. Yeah, I just read Margaret Carlson’s bio on Wikipedia. Nothing about working for Hillary. She’s been a journalist for decades.

      Forgot she dated Fred Thompson, though, lol.

    142. Paul, The RJ’s “endorsement” was hilarious. It pretty much mocked Obama. Read it on Taylor’s site.

    143. Should Hillary win the nomination, there will be a lot of really, really, really disappointed “liberal” pundits.

      I love Bob Johnson’s answer, BTW. Very thoughtful.

    144. hi-this leahy endrosement really stings. this really must have hillary poed. cltinons have worked with leahy for decades on things. hillary locked up her biggest endorsements early on. obama waited and now is having well known endorsements it seems every day. does obama lose is anti-est cred bc of this? surely dc isnt afraid of him.

    145. obama is your liberator!

      Powerhouse Chicago preacher draws attention, and plenty of controversy
      By Michael Hill

      Sun Reporter

      January 16, 2008


      The packed house at Trinity United – some 3,000 in all – had been in the pews for almost two hours, energized by a 200-voice choir and a rousing dance performance Sunday, when the Rev. Jeremiah Wright stepped up to speak.

      Wright is well-known in Chicago and in the black church world for taking over a small United Church of Christ congregation in 1972 and turning it into an 8,000-member powerhouse. More recently, his name has become familiar as the longtime spiritual mentor of Barack Obama, who joined the church in 1988 – a move Obama says was important to shaping his identity as an African-American.

      The connection has thrown a spotlight on some of Wright’s more controversial remarks in a church that advertises itself as “unashamedly Black and unapologetically Christian” – at times espousing a black liberation theology that can sound as exclusionary as Obama’s message is inclusionary. He has also equated Zionism with racism.

      On Sunday morning – amid intensified crossfire between Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Obama over the use of race in the Democratic presidential campaign – Wright was preaching from the Gospel of John, using his powerful style to link the story of the loaves and fishes to a contemporary political message.

      Man should not put limits on what God can do, but that’s what people always do, he told the crowd. Just as God made five loaves and two fishes feed thousands, God has provided liberators for blacks in the past – from Nat Turner to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., and now Barack Obama. But, Wright said, there were always reasons not to follow them.

      Some argue that blacks should vote for Clinton “because her husband was good to us,” he continued.

      “That’s not true,” he thundered. “He did the same thing to us that he did to Monica Lewinsky.”

      Many in the crowd were on their feet, applauding – amazed, amused and moved by the fiery rhetoric of their preacher, who is about to retire.. http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/nation/politics/bal-te.preacher16jan16,0,6332122,print.story

    146. Let me first preface that I do not belong to a union and never have. No one in my family belongs to a union.

      I don’t understand why Unions should have so much influence. A few months ago, I was canvassing my precinct. There was a man with a very short-temper who told me that he will vote for whomever his union tells him to. For him, it was a about money. He didn’t even know some of the names of the Democratic candidates. He knew Hillary and vaguely remember someone name “ama.”

      I asked him if there was a candidate to whom he was a little partial to and he curtly repeatly, “Nope. I’ll vote for whoever the union tells me to.”

      Too bad his wife wasn’t home. She was the person I was supposed to speak to.

    147. The media hate for one candidate and vile reporting is a replay of 1999 -2000. Remember when the unwell Matthews kept calling Gore a bath tub ring, said over and over that Gore woule lick a bathroom floor to be president, and even questioned his manhood?

      And the MSM said, “Amen” and joined the choir.

      Now it’s our girl instead of Gore. But after 8 years, perhaps thgre is a tiny, tiny crack formed in the MSM wall of hate.

      Let’s continue the pressure until the whole damn wall cracks.

      You all here are so smart and impressive.

      Thank you for writing letters, emails and calling protesting the vile hate reporting.

      Keep up the famtastic diaries and blogs and internet abilities. Those of us without your level of skills support you.

      THANK YOU for all you do.

    148. Chris Matthews feeling the heat. He’s whining about people outraged about his misogyny against women and Hillary in particular.

      Let’s keep the heat on.

    149. We all have to keep in mind that the media’s ultimate goal this primary season is for both parties to have brokered conventions. Giving them all something to do between February 5th ( the date everyone presumed both nominees would be known) and the conventions. Since the death of the big 3 networks controlling the news when the birth of the cable 24 hour news cycle came into being, their actions have always and will always be self-serving.

      News media today is becoming more and more like Geraldo’s style, thinking it is better to make the news instead of reporting the news.

    150. Chris Matthews just apologized to Hillary!!! I think the letter writing campaign must have worked!!!! I suspect the video will be up on YouTube before the day is done. It just happened like 8 minutes ago!

    151. B Merryfield, I was giddy with delight because you KNOW they told him he was going to get his arse up there and apologize, “OR ELSE!”

    152. He probably didn’t even write it. lol Some poor producer probably had to write it for him. There were lots of things mentioned.


      all protested today outside nbc in washing dc today at 4;pm est..

      its good to see alot of people trying to make a difference and get shit done…

    154. Thanks Pulchritude. I was supposed to go to Philly for my job today, but the weather is a little bad here in the D.C. area, and I didn’t want to get stuck in Philly, so I made some calls to S.C. for Hillary–mainly to elderly men it seemed. I’m super excited about going to S.C. next week to volunteer on the ground for Hillary!

    155. Sugar
      They were criticizing him for saying the republican canidates are like iraqis last night on Leno. Saying Huckabee and Thompson were fanatics.

    156. Take no prisoners!!! MSNBC reality play must end…they have been the most hypocritical bunch of elisted scumbags I’ve have every seen in my life.

      Except for a few that I can count on one hand: Pat Buchanan comes to mind.

      Also all the TV news hosts and pundits incomes should be publish so you can see how rich some of these guys are and where their true bias lies.

      And regarding Obama’s church…that reflects on Obama….NOT the Clinton.

    157. filbertsf Says:

      January 17th, 2008 at 5:29 pm
      Ann Lewis, Hillary’s Senior Advisor is Barney Frank’s sister? Never knew that.

      Yes, I love both of them. Awesome people.

    158. SUGAR Says:

      January 17th, 2008 at 5:24 pm
      Thanks Pulchritude. I was supposed to go to Philly for my job today, but the weather is a little bad here in the D.C. area, and I didn’t want to get stuck in Philly, so I made some calls to S.C. for Hillary–mainly to elderly men it seemed. I’m super excited about going to S.C. next week to volunteer on the ground for Hillary!

      Sugar, I did this for Hill in NH. It was really fun. She has amazing supporters. Know ’em dead and have a great time in SC!

    159. Sugar,

      I volunteer in SC. Perhaps we will cross paths when you arrive. Do you know where you will volunteer in SC?

    160. I can’t wait to see the video of Matthews apologizing. Admin, maybe you want to make a whole new post of that. LOL.

    161. More racial stuff from the Obama camp. The UNITE union is airing a radio ad in Nevada with the following statements

      “Hillary Clinton does not respect our people,” the ad says, in Spanish, referring to the lawsuit that failed today to shut down special caucus sites on Las Vegas’s strip. “Hillary Clinton is shameless.”

    162. Text of Unite ad:


      UNITE HERE Negative Ad
      Hillary Clinton does not respect our people. Hillary Clinton supporters went to court to prevent working people to vote this Saturday — that is an embarrassment.

      Hillary Clinton supporters want to prevent people from voting in their workplace on Saturday. This is unforgivable. Hillary Clinton is shameless. Hillary Clinton should not allow her friends to attack our people’s right to vote this Saturday. This is unforgivable; there’s no respect

      Sen. Obama is defending our right to vote. Sen. Obama wants our votes. He respects our votes, our community, and our people.

      Sen. Obama’s campaign slogan is “Si Se Puede” (“Yes We Can”). Vote for a president that respects us, and that respects our right to vote. Obama for president, “Si Se Puede” (“Yes We Can”).

      Paid for by UNITE HERE Campaign Committee

      (Spanish language)
      Hillary Clinton no respeta a nuestra gente los partidarios de Hillary Clinton fueron a corte para evitar que la gente que trabaja pueda votar este sábado, eso es vergonzoso. Los partidarios de Hillary Clinton quieren evitar que la gente que trabaja el sábado pueda votar en sus lugares de empleo. ¡Imperdonable! Hillary Clinton no tiene vergüenza.

      Hillary Clinton no debería permitir que sus amigos ataquen el derecho de nuestra gente de votar este sábado. Es imperdonable! No hay respeto el senador Barack Obama esta defendiendo nuestro derecho de votar.

      El senador Barack Obama quiere nuestros votos, el respeta nuestros votos, nuestra comunidad y a nuestra gente. El lema de la campaña de Barrack Obama es “sí se puede, si se puede”. Vote por un presidente que nos respeta y respeta nuestro derecho de votar. Obama para presidente. Si se puede.

      Pagada por UNITE HERE.

    163. a Las Vegas Review-Journal poll to be published on Friday shows Mitt Romney leading the by Republican presidential race in Nevada by 15 points and Sen. Hillary Clinton ahead in the Democratic race by 9 points.

      Caveat: The problem with any Nevada poll “is that no one — and I mean, no one — has any idea what the turnout will be… Polling for caucuses is difficult enough. Polling for a caucus in a state where this has never happened like this is nearly impossible.”

    164. Clinton Campaign Statement on Nevada Lawsuit
      “Nevadans have the opportunity to play a special role in the nominating process on Saturday, and we are thrilled with the energy and support we are seeing across the state. It is clear that Nevadans are excited about participating in this process. While we were not involved in this lawsuit, and have always said that we would play by the rules that we’re given, it has always been our hope that every Nevadan should have equal access and opportunity to participate in the caucus. Make no mistake –the current system that inhibits some shift workers from being able to participate, while allowing others to do so, would seem to benefit other campaigns. More importantly it is unfair. We also are concerned with recent news reports about voter intimidation tactics that would further discourage some Nevadans from participating on Saturday. Our strategy remains the same — we want as many people as possible to participate in the caucus, and we are going to reach out to as many Nevadans as possible in an effort to do as well as possible on Saturday. The Obama campaign has been clear in its belief that whoever wins the culinary union endorsement will win Nevada. We will leave it up to the people of Nevada to make that decision.”

    165. oh gosh you could tell it was killin him

      BTW, here are the sponsors I could find on his website. I’ve already emailed who I could, one phone number for tommorow.

      I suggest everyone who can let sponsors know how you feel, I emailed everyone at msnbc/nbc/universal that I could find an email or phone for, I sent the whole list of gaffes he made to show its not isolated

      entrepreneur .com 1.949.261.2325

      kaplanhighereducation. com http://www.ncahlc .org

      scottrade . com support@scottrade .com

      quickenloans . com help@quickenloans .com

      perfectmatch .com pop up web for please visit website

      seniorsforliving . com info@seniorsforliving. com 212.490..6296


      had to repost www getting spam filter. you know the drill on how to close up link

    166. i’m trying to get you all info about c matthews sponsors but it is hung in spam filter. perhaps adm will release that post.

    167. When Jeremiah wright disses Bill why should we be quiet? He sounds really racist!! I am really pissed!

    168. classy state ment by Hillary campaign.

      also, it’s obvious that Matthews has been hauled on the carpet…don’t back down on letting the media know about how we feel. It works if enough speak up.

      Keep the pressure on … he gave a forced apology but it’s free air time for what good stuff he did have to say about Hillary. Keep posting it on blogs, etc. He has to admit how formidable she is

    169. What apology!!!

      Chris Matthew still doesn’t get it, he’s protecting his ass. Again another MSNBC reality moment when a touching moment is to distract us from his fate……..the pink slip.

      I can’t believe Chris Matthew’s arrogance…It’s like he thinks he’s Ed R. Murrow, who was by the way the antithesis of this clown.

      This is so sad, NBC had one of the great new organization…but when MTV news is better than the stuff MSNBC/NBC dishes out…that’s saying a lot.

    170. I’m all for legal immigrants but does anyone besides me think about the cost of everything that is printed now in usa has to also be in spanish. everything i get on my medical is also printed in spanish, all the hospital signs….don’t you think it would be fair that we should at least tell them english and english only?

      These costs are passed along to legal americans. rant off

    171. Dot48, Here it is:

      The Baltimore Sun reports on the sermon delivered last Sunday by Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Jr., the man Barack Obama describes as his “spiritual mentor.”

      News Alert 9 and Sweetness&Light draw our attention to the following rather significant verbiage [emphasis added] coming from the pulpit of Trinity United Community Church, the charity to which Obama contributes more than any other.

      On Sunday morning – amid intensified crossfire between Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Obama over the use of race in the Democratic presidential campaign – Wright was preaching from the Gospel of John, using his powerful style to link the story of the loaves and fishes to a contemporary political message.

      Man should not put limits on what God can do, but that’s what people always do, he told the crowd. Just as God made five loaves and two fishes feed thousands, God has provided liberators for blacks in the past – from Nat Turner to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., and now Barack Obama. But, Wright said, there were always reasons not to follow them.

      Some argue that blacks should vote for Clinton “because her husband was good to us,” he continued.

      “That’s not true,” he thundered. “He did the same thing to us that he did to Monica Lewinsky.”

      Many in the crowd were on their feet, applauding – amazed, amused and moved by the fiery rhetoric of their preacher, who is about to retire.

    172. we simply need a couple people keeping an eye on Matthews and anymore racist, sexism and he’ll be gone.

      Lovin politics won’t cut it with any more crap from him…he has been put on notice and we just need to stay after him and everybody else.

      lots of voices add up

      caffertyse used to be decent..what is it with some men given a bit of authority and they become pricks.

    173. Sherm @ 2:53

      Thank you for you comment. The “mourning before the fact” is partly why I have pulled back somewhat from the site.

      Being positive and urging action over hand-wringing has had the same effect as a “whisper to the tornado.”

      I have always day-dreamed that our girl drops in occasionally to get in touch with her die hard supporters here, and I try to write accordingly.

      If I were her, reading the last 2 1/2 weeks, I’d be in despair, mostly, because too damm much is expected, and little is tempered.

    174. obama should be forced to make him apologize.

      wow, what a real man of God so full of love and all. I’d never imagine my minister going there.


    175. clintondem99 that is just disgusting to say the least. What kind of minister is this? He needs to apologise and shouldn’t preach that kind of BS to his congregation. I really can’t wait for this primary season to be over so I don’t have to hear from Obama and his surrogates again.

      Hillary ’08

    176. Here’s an interim report from Vegas.

      I hope that what happens in Vegas on Saturday stays in Vegas, is buried in Vegas, and never sees the light of day anywhere else ever again. Are you listening Iowa???

      I worked for a month to get this apartment complex to drive seniors to the caucus on Saturday. I then contacted as many as I could to sign up for the bus.
      Today I went back to the list to contact those who hadn’t signed up. It was heartbreaking. Seems there is a flu or something that makes it too hard for some to go — esp. the lady who is 94. also the lady who would have to take her oxygen with her.
      I cajoled a couple to make the effort but with growing anger at the NV Dems/Rep that approved of this with no thought for Jews and the elderly and the infirm. The more I spoke to them, the angrier I got.

      The primary this year is pitting 20 year olds against 80 year olds — but in the caucus, it does so physically. Why not just have a university student in a pushup contest with his grandmother to pick the winner?

      OTOH, the good news for Hillary is the signup list for the Dems is about 17-18 long, the Repubs is 4.
      If she gets the nomination she will be a big favorite here. Not so much for Obama. If you talk electability, NV is clearly evidence for Hillary.

      I’m now going back to trying to contact the no- answers.

    177. Freckles, thanks for your hard work. Please tell the elders that Hillary and the country need them more than ever. Pull out all the stops. We need these folks to show.

    178. Hillary 9% up in NV supposedly. I really hope this is true, we need NV, for momentum without s.c. I’m thinking perhaps we should not campaign too hard in S.C.

      Perhaps some big speeches about equality though.

    179. folks I compare some of the shared concerns here regarding wringing hands and all to what happened to me during 3 Olympic cycles. I’m a huge figure skating fan and my fandom for a certain skater to win her “due” olympic gold just about killed me. She is so deserving, hard worker, with so many other gold medals, just no Olympic gold. I watched her lose gold in Turino, lose gold in Salt Lake and come Turino more heartbreak. I had an online community who supported me through it all and some of us worried at time and others were stalwarts to the end.

      I can feel both sides. In the end her stars didn’t line up. However, she soldiered through and is still making a difference in peoples lives today.

      so be kind to those who tend to worry, it’s just in some to do so. This is a support system in its way for each of us. It in no way reflects on her support.

      That being said, SHE AIN’T LOSING THIS RACE~

    180. oops — sorry emjay. A little venting went too far?

      OK..in spite of the illness that will sideline some caucusgoers, I remain optimistic here. Not as much as a few days ago, but optimistic nevertheless. Besides, if we can now even eke out a small win, it will be seen as huge. I haven’t said what I think because I have no reason to think I know and because it can seem different depending on your precinct.

      So here’s a gut guess infected by a fervent wish:
      Hillary will win — maybe even handily. Do not spread this around — we want to be the underdog and to lower expectations. My guess is based on the number and commitment of HRC workers. And on how many smiles I get when I wear my Hillary sticker.

    181. Freckles, thank you for all your hard work. This thing about the caucus has people confused. I really hope the elderly are able to get out, they know this is such an important time in the country and so many want to try to leave it better than they found it.

      GO HILLARY 08

    182. Freckles, one thing is for sure, I think that new poll validates what you have said, if this were a primary she would win hands downs. That being said, she will win delegates and you have alot to do with that. Again, thanks for your hard work.

    183. Dot were you speaking of the legendary Michelle Kwan? She is my all time favorite skater too! Not just because of her skating, but for the person she is off the ice. My crazy dream is that she’ll come back one more time in 2010 for another shot for the gold medal she so deserves.

      Remember after she got the bronze in Salt Lake City and everyone wrote her off, then she came back blew everyone away with “The Feeling Begins” and “Aranjuez” and won her 5th world title? The one thing that stands out in my mind is Terry Gannon quoting “Never, ever underestimate Michelle Kwan!”

      That’s how I feel about this whole election. Hillary is taking all of this crap and everyone is expecting Obama to win, but I feel in the end, Hillary will come back and “blow everyone away” and become the first woman President of the United States and we can all shout “Never, ever underestimate Hillary Clinton!”

    184. Quick points:

      1. Pay no attention to the polls, nobody knows who is going to show up, how many and what will become of Edward’s supporters if under 15%, or how much of a factor Edwards will be. We can only hope that the workers and volunteers will be able to offset any gains from the CU by having other groups come out and caucus for him. I expect that a large amount of students at UNLV will also go for him.

      2. Jeremiah Wright’s statements and his affinity to Farakkhan is more than disturbing to me. His statement was racist and more over demeaning to Blacks. He was basically saying that Blacks are enslaved and that they needed a delivere to set them free who is Obambi. His comment about Bill is worse than what Bob Johnson said…where is the media on this?

      3.The ad in spanicsh is also racist, it is sayintg that Hillary doesn’t care about or support Hispanics. I would hope that Dolores Herta and Ruben Kihuen would go on local medai and blast his association to this group to force him to denouce it.

    185. tiburones, already happened. A friend of mine sent me this so I am sorry, I don’t have the link:

      “It’s pathetic and it’s sad and it’s unfortunate that they have to stoop so low,” said Dolores Huerta, a longtime Hispanic labor leader who supports Clinton. She said she had never met Obama in her years of working on Hispanic causes, and suggested the ad was prompted by his lack of Hispanic support.

    186. dot48,

      I suggest you visit goldenstate forum, I am also a figure skating fan… I have put out thread after thread under ‘politics’ to blast Obama…. I need your reinforcement there… Smile… Do you want to know the link of that site?


    187. fs fans, I have all the links already lol! Michelle, a skater who wore her heart on her sleeve along with Irina the powerhouse from Russia provided so many great competitions. If only this competition could be as classy as theirs. Fortunately for me, my interest in skating has dwindled but if she returns I will be excited.


    188. dot48,

      go to goldenskate, look for ‘politics’ subject, I’ve been writing lots of stuff there. I tried to write something on MK’s forum, but got banned…

    189. just spoke to my little sis in NV. she (and her boyfriend) are IBEW members. both will be attending their first caucus in support for HRC. neither have a clue what to expect, but what will do whatever it takes to support our girl.

      as far as we’re concerned, let’s show some solidarity and faith in the people of NV and our candidate. HRC didn’t get to where she is by whimpering and whining and neither should we.

      HRC will break balls this saturday.

    190. btw, I do not like Irina…. She is so sloppy, I hate her telegraphing of every jump and those crazy bielmen spins… If you know what I mean….

      Man for figure skating . Ha ha..

    191. Thanks, alcina! I agree, let’s thank those who are working hard, and send out good thoughts to our gal.

    192. btw, that new NV poll is coming from Mason-Dixon, generally a far better pollster than ARG, Research 2000….

      But caucus is quirky, nobody knows what’s going to happen…

    193. http://www.newsweek.com/id/94925/page/3

      Newsweek story on Nevada Caucus. It does make a point that Saturday being a busy holiday weekend, it seems that fewer workers will be able to get away for their lunch. Can someone who has experience in the NH or Iowa caucus tell us about how long these things take? If it is more than an hour, I can’t see high turnout with management wanting their guests to have great customer service. I don’t know, I just don’t see it. Who will keep the kitchen running, the tables waited, the dishes cleaned during this peak time. Hmm…

    194. HRC needs to go back to NYC for a big campaign…. I’m thinking the AA population may not be fully in her side. And she needs a BIG win there… Because obama will get the big win in Ill

    195. mj

      did you make it up (here) to NH last week? if so, thank you so much. we had volunteers arrive from every state in the union. could not have done it without you guys.

    196. * Anjeanette Damon, a reporter for the Reno Gazette Journal, said on Lehrer that the expected turnout for the caucus is 30,000 to 40,000 people, not the 100,000 that Senator Reid projected.

      * A Nevada political analyst, Jon Ralston, said on Lehrer in regards to the Culinary Union:

      The real question is, will the workers go with who the leaders tell them to caucus for ?

    197. Yes, from the day of the Iowa caususes until the day of the NH primary. I worked my heart out for our girl. 🙂

    198. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/01/17/hillary-clinton-delivers-_n_82048.html

      Hillary’s appearance on Meet the Press was the highest rated for him in 3 years. I have to say love her or hate her, people can’t get enough. I listened tonight for about 7 minutes to The Hannity Show(that’s all I could take) and as ususal he was railing against Hillary and this lawsuit. I find it so funny, the Repub field is in such a disarray and he is still focusing on her. This tells me that this is where he gets his ratings.


      Good showing for Hillary in Compton, CA today.

    199. thanks to all in nevada and upcoming sc. we need you all and kudos for the hardwork.

      hope the nevada poll comes before I wind down for the night,

      LOL O’reilly is browbeating Morton over the new book on Tom Cruise…bill asks who cares about toam and morton having to defend his book and explain why he thinks cruise has power.

      I think Hillary could take Oreilly on quite easily.

      re skating, would love to see all the past “workhorses” return but don’t think it’ll happen. IMO they have a sell by date.

      O’reilly is pounding Edwards tonite on homeless vets, i don’t think bill should lump every homeless person as a drug addict or mental patient.

      tell me again why i switched to fox…tears hair out

    200. blogs.abcnews.com/politicalradar/2008/01/clinton-fights.html

      Echaveste and Huerta respond to Unite Here’s Nevada ad.

    201. I quote:

      “Every single sentence is a personal attack on Hillary Clinton,” said Maria Echaveste of the Clinton campaign, speaking to reporters on a conference call this afternoon.

      Echaveste called the ads “misleading” and “outrageous”. “Particularly by saying in Spanish that Hillary Clinton does not respect Latinos. And that is just so far from the truth that it makes my mouth drop,” she said.

      “This kind of a personal attack, a misstatement of the record, is distracting,” Echaveste said.

      Dolores Huerta, a Clinton supporter who helped organize Hispanic farm workers alongside Cesar Chavez, said the ad was “a really desperate attack” on the part of Obama supporters.

      Huerta said she’s been organizing Latinos for fifty years and has never met Senator Obama in person.

      “Barack Obama has never had a relationship with the Latino community,” she said.

      “In all of my works, I’ve been in Chicago and throughout the country, I’ve never met Senator Obama,” Huerta said. “People don’t know who he is. In fact they say ‘Como se llama?’ ‘What’s his name?’”

      Huerta said it was “pathetic and sad and unfortunate that they have to stoop so low.”

    202. I read David Brock’s Blinded by the Right that is mentioned above. It is excellent. I had no idea he was responsible for Media Matters. I really commend him.

    203. The ratings for MTP just shows how much power HRC has and NBC/MSNBC know it. They should be kissing her ass right now for the ratings she brought for them.

    204. i cannot understand why these things make the blogs but bm refuses to pick it up. surely somebody will start to pick up on some of this.

    205. poor dan abrams drinking the koolaid now. and I thought he was the lone ranger over the at msnbc. why do they want to whine at anything critical towards obama…even things he says about himself.

    206. Yeah but you know what, few people atually watch MSNBC. Probably has more to do with their demographics. It’s really just infotainment.

    207. Wait til you see the long string of comments supporting Hill after the new post abt Tweety’s “apology!”

      Hill fans got in b4 the bashers this time.

    208. Emjay Says:

      January 17th, 2008 at 9:25 pm
      Wait til you see the long string of comments supporting Hill after the new post abt Tweety’s “apology!”

      Hill fans got in b4 the bashers this time.


    209. Glad

      I agree BO has south and some west of ChiTown.

      She could take North past Barrington to the state line
      and most of the rest south to ST louis, except maybe Champaign-Urbana and parts of Bloominton.

      Springfield is hers, based on what I hear abt his legislative performance there.

    210. Alcina — your “freckles kicks ass” made me laugh out loud. Thanks for that.

      The Edwards supporters are a puzzlement. Could the anti-Hillary Dem vote go for him because I don’t think it will go to Obama, as in let’s go for the white man. I say this without any blame to Edwards or Obama. Just wondering.

      I just met my first Obama voter in my hood. A 22-year old Phillipino (maybe) who, staring at my Hillary button wouldn’t say and finally I coaxed out that he was voting for Obama because “he helps people”. He was very embarrassed to admit it and I didn’t tell him that he would have to do it publicly at the caucus. He also didn’t know where so I didn’t tell him when.

      On the other hand, the lovely man at the grocery store said he couldn’t wait to go vote for Hillary!
      I’ve heard that a lot — surprisingly from men.

      Those of you in haven’t-voted-yet states, wear a large Hillary sticker into your neighbourhoods and you will soon have a very good, probably better poll than Zogby.

    211. Sorry I’m late in replying, but my favorite part about this post and the Chris Matthews video “apology” is this from this site: “Posted in Scum by Staff” 🙂 Couldn’t have said it better myself . . . scum!

    212. I just wanted to say that I love Hillary Clinton, and I think that BHO fans don’t have the kind of passion that we have for our girl. This is totally not grounded in fact or anything, but it’s a gut feeling. You know?

    213. i agree gladiator,..you got springfield,peoria,{quincy..is democrats west quincy,hannibal,mo…all along the mississippi river


      ..carbondale,jacksonville ,Southern illinois Univ.on the west side to the southern parts that whole stretch to st louis i think she would give him a run for the votes in Champaign-Urbana.. friends went to college there.

    214. right down where hlr rocks was that whole stretch navoo,ill to hamilton,ill all the way down is where she won in iowa..

    215. There is a post above about Edwards ripping into O’s admiration of Reagan. Sure hope that means he won”t encourage his supporters o go to Obama!

    216. LJ Says:

      January 17th, 2008 at 9:47 pm
      I just wanted to say that I love Hillary Clinton, and I think that BHO fans don’t have the kind of passion that we have for our girl. This is totally not grounded in fact or anything, but it’s a gut feeling. You know?

      Totally agree, LJ. I saw that when I was volunteering in NH, and ofcourse, I see it here. 🙂

    217. I think that these radio ads hurt the campaign and they seem to be in heavy rotation. I don’t know what the campaign budget is or expectations, but the Latino vote is worth fighting over. I would hope that they would counter this with having her historic, ledgendary supporter, Delores Huerta, go on Spanish tv, local media and radio to denounce this and compare and contrast Hillary’s record.

    218. dailykos.com/story/2008/1/17/21138/2232

      for some reason my comments never go through, well here it is again, add www. Rec this diary! It talks about Exelon and needs to be seen, anyone with an acct over there, please rec

    219. To Chris Matthews:

      One apology down, 23 to go, according to Admin’s original post.

      Don’t let him get away w/ just one cream-of-wheat item to
      apologize for. He needs to know that references to castration, white witch, etc are also NOT acceptable, nor are his references to Mrs Obama, Erin Bennett (Burnett?) and others as sex objects to be tolerated.

      He should also aologize to Hillary, and the others, not just his “loyal nightly audience.” And it should be done publically, as were the original offences.

      If you protested thru Emily’s List, protest via Media Matters this time, or visa versa. Admin has a list of contacts at the top.

    220. I agree with you, tiburones. She’s denounced the ads strongly but I wonder if that will filter down to the voters.

    221. I’m over SC and ready to move on. I’m more focused on NV and FL. Those SC poll #s will change from day to day depending on the polling company. He’s gonna win SC, it is just a matter by how much so no use focusing on that.

      The NV one is still possible if other factions not aligned with CU show up in sufficient#s and caucus for her. I worry about those ads but I have to leave it in the campaign’s hands in NV. Things will look different when Hillary campaigns there tomorrow.

    222. skmf12 Says: January 17th, 2008 at 4:41 pm
      1950 DEM, COULD YOU DO IT?
      we could make it known on all the pro hillary sites, so all bloggers could
      print their own material…
      if you were in nevada, california or florida and south carolina, we could be blanketing bulletins in our own areas, around the country…


      Okay I put up a test ‘group’ at scribd. Try adding some documents here or just type something into the box.
      You may need to get an account at SCRIBD, but that wasn’t hard.

      This will show up all over the country/world (later we can break it into sub-groups). This is set public so I think any scribd member can post, but we can make it group-members-only later if needed.

    223. I just called MSNBC in New York, and told a very patient “operator 19” that the Chris Matthews apology, as broadcast, “is not enough,” that he needs to apologize for the verbal sexual assualts as well, and not just re: Hillary.

      Said she’d “pass it on.”

    224. I agree about SC, tiburones.

      BTW, just read this on the Las VegasEven at the 11th hour — and after this morning’s ruling that the at-large Strip caucus sites are OK — there’s still some confusion, at least within the Clinton camp, about who can participate in those caucuses.

      New York Sen. Hillary Clinton’s campaign told the Sun this evening that only employees who work for companies with more than 4,000 workers can caucus at the nine at-large sites on the Strip.

      That’s not true.

      The issue came up after the Sun asked if any unions supporting Clinton would have members caucusing at those locations.

      “If a construction company doesn’t have more than 4,000 people, they are out of luck,” said Hilarie Grey, Clinton’s Nevada spokeswoman. Clinton is endorsed by eight labor unions, some of whose members work for contractors on the Strip.

      She said she learned of the 4,000 threshhold from the campaign’s political and labor directors.

      State Democratic Party caucus rules, however, say the at-large sites will be created working with employers at locations where more than 4,000 employees will be working during Saturday’s caucus.

      Any shift worker working within a 2.5-mile radius of an at-large location can caucus there.

      We took that information back to Grey, who said she would double-check her facts with the campaign’s political director.

      “Thank you for working with us on that,” she said. “I am not that literate on the rules.” Sun’s Web site:

    225. Marc Ambinder is reporting tonight that CBS news has a copy of the UNITE radio ad. Perhaps there will be mainstream coverage of this tomorrow?

    226. Paula, SC is all about race now. Even if Hillary loses, we know it’s due to Obama playing the race card. Everyone knows that 50% of Dem electorate are black.

      Let’s hope she captures NV, CA, NY, MA, NJ and the rest of the Feb 5th states.

    227. MJ

      No, he never apologized to her, or the others. Just to his wonderful audience.

      BTW, I’ve forgotten how to do the math and don’t have updated base figures, but management peope know how to figure the costs of a PR screwup like this.

      Maybe KyMkt can help us out; there’s also another marketing person on this board, and a management guru as well.

      Help us get a $$ figure please…it will be great encouragement to continue on.

    228. mj, I’m glad they found out now at least. Since this is the first time Nevada’s had a caucus, I’m not surprised there’s confusion.

    229. It does come down to the definition of what Shift Worker is. I have a limo driver friend who works out of one of the strip hotels but for a company that is about 3 miles away. Is he entitled? He works the same shift every day. What will they accept as proof?

      Why was the union lady telling the worker that she had to re-register right then to be able to caucus? We have same-day registration.

      Still, I’m going for enthusiasm over dirty tricks.

    230. Paula, confused is what the smart, politically savvy, caucus101 meeting attendees are. The rest are past bewildered and entering catatonic.

      The one thing I learned from this caucus besides “NEVER AGAIN” is that I have a talent much greater than I knew(she reports modestly).

      I just called an undecided lady who reported confusion and began her analysis with “I don’t like HRC. She’s manipulative and something and something else rude and I don’t think we’re ready for a woman.”

      5 minutes later after we discussed the economy and healthcare, the Republican lineup and the other viable Dems, her need for housecleaning and her medical bills, she is going to the caucus to vote for Hillary. She is also bringing her boyfriend right after she persuades him to vote for Hillary!

      I am now taking a bow….

    231. Jaz Says:

      January 17th, 2008 at 10:40 pm
      S.C. is not ALL about race…watch this:


      Shocking, and I’m a man…

      What’s so ironic about this depressing video is that the international community thinks we are backwards for never having elected a woman.

    232. That “just teling it like it is” worked in IA too…Here and where HillLandRocks worked as well..though they won their county, I only got 38% for Hill, (but same as BO’s state win.)

    233. i caled lots of nevadans today thru the calling tool. manits great-just hold that phone and it takes care of the rest! very enthusiaditic folsk for hillary. very. half of the i spoke to were men and were crazy abut caucusing for her! many told me about the strip at large pcts-felt evry agigtated by this unfairness and many said they are determined to turn out to shove it in obama’s face.

    234. Freckles,

      I spoke with a teacher in South Carolina, who stated she would vote for Edwards, as she knew nothing about Hillary’s past. I discussed Hillary’s public education advocacy in Arkansas, and the woman asked when and where she could volunteer.

      Voters simply need to be informed.

    235. http://www.campaigndiaries.com/

      New polls from Nevada and South Carolina show states ready to split

      With one more full day of campaigning for Republicans in South Carolina and for Democrats and Romney in Nevada, we get a new batch of polling from both states with results that are inconclusive at best.

      Nevada: Let’s start out west, because we only have one poll from NV and its results are not yet fully known. But the Las Vegas Sun has already leaked the major story: Romney and Clinton are both up by significant margins. Romney is leading the field by 15% and Clinton by 9%. The survey was conducted by Mason-Dixon, a reliable pollster. There is no question that such a decisive victory in Nevada would be a divine surprise for Clinton and, to a lesser extent, for Romney (whose victory here has become expected); and it would allow Clinton to ease the pressure of what looks like a probable defeat in South Carolina.

      But keep in mind that the only two other polls released this week (Research 2000 and ARG) had a toss-up in the Democratic race and a tighter Republican race. The reason for this is evident, and the Sun admits it: “The problem is that no one — and I mean, no one — has any idea what the turnout will be.” The Nevada caucuses have never played such a role, turnout in 2004 was only 9,000 voters, and absolutely no pollster has any clue how to project turnout for Saturday. I will of course update with the actual numbers tomorrow morning — and we should also get Zogby’s take on Nevada then.

      South Carolina: This is a primary, and is much easier to poll. And get ready, because there was a deluge of surveys in the past few hours, so much so that I am going to have to separate out Republicans and Democrats. Since the GOP primary is only in two days, let’s start with Republicans. And it is obvious that polls disagree very much on whether McCain has a significant lead, though they all put him at the top and agree on a basic order:

      Two polls out this morning from Zogby and from PPP had McCain up 7% and 8%. And they are supported by the ARG survey that has McCain up 33% to Huckabee’s 23%. Romney is close behind at 20%, with Thompson at 13%.

      But three other polls have much closer races. The most important is surely the Mason-Dixon survey in which McCain leads 27% to 25%, with 15% for Romney, 13% for Huckabee, 6% for Paul and 5% for Giuliani. Evangelicals favor Huckabee 33% to 20%, but McCain leads 2:1 among non-evangelicals.
      Second, the SUSA poll (conducted on the 16th) has McCain at 29%, Huckabee at 26%, Romney and Thompson at 17%, Paul at 5% and Giuliani at 3%. The previous SUSA poll was done on the 7th, so post-Iowa but pre-New Hampshire, and it had Huckabee leading McCain 36% to 17%.
      Finally, Rasmussen came out with the tightest poll of them all, showing McCain and Huckabee tied at 24%, with Romney at 18%, Thompson at 16%, 5% for Paul and 3% for Giuliani.
      Just like Iowa, it all hinges on evangelical turnout for Huckabee. Evangelicals came out in higher than expected numbers in the caucuses, and propelled Huck to a 9% lead despite the fact that he was under-organized. If Huckabee manages to make that happen once more, he could very well take the lead Saturday night. If he fails, however, his candidacy will be in serious peril, for he cannot succeed in an electorate of which about half is evangelical, can he win anywhere?

      Notice also that all four polls agree with the basic order: McCain – Huckabee – Romney – Thompson – Paul – Giuliani, setting up an honorable result for Mitt and yet another shocker for Giuliani. For the candidate who had the national lead until a month ago, getting in under 4% in 3 of the first 4 contests has got to be humiliating. Naturally, this order could be completely shuffled up, as all the polls also agree that most of the margins are well within the margin of error.

      And now on to the Democratic race, where four polls were released this afternoon. All give a healthy lead to Obama who has consolidated the black vote and looks unlikely to look back in the next 9 days. Which makes a Clinton victory in Nevada that much more important:

      Rasmussen gives Obama a 44% to 31% lead, which is a significant improvement from the 5% lead he had a few days ago (that poll looks like an outlier as Obama was up double-digits in Rasmussen surveys for a few weeks now).
      Mason-Dixon agrees with the storyline, giving Obama a 40% to 31% lead, with 9% for Edwards.
      Insider Advantage has it outside the margin of error as well, 41% to 33%, with 13% undecideds. Among black voters, Obama leads by a crushing 61% to 17%. Remember when Clinton led the black vote just a few weeks ago?!
      And ARG pits the race a bit more close, 44% to 38% with 9% for Edwards.
      Clinton has entirely lost the black vote, but Obama trails widely among the white electorate. And to put it in frankly, Clinton’s problem is very simple: John Edwards is taking a part of the white vote that might go to her otherwise. The electorate here is divided along racial lines, and Obama’s disadvantage among the white vote is being offset by the fact that Clinton and Edwards are dividing up that vote. The most clear indication yet that race is playing an actual role in determining results — just as Clinton relied on the female vote in New Hampshire to press ahead.
      Labels: NV-Dem, NV-GOP, SC-

    236. DEAR MR CAPUS-






      “I hate her. I hate her. All that she stands for.”
      “She Devil”
      “Nurse Ratched”
      “Madame Defarge”
      “She’s going to tell us what to do.”
      “Her scolding manner in terms of her public speaking”
      “[L]et’s talk about the troops .Will they take the orders?”
      “[D]oesn’t she know she looks like a fraud?”
      “Look at those eyes. Look at the cold eyes that she’s giving him. Look at that cold look.”
      “[L]ike a strip-teaser saying she’s flattered by the all the attention”
      On Sen. Clinton’s endorsers: “castratos in the eunuch chorus”
      “Let me tell you how short Hillary’s leash is.”
      “Is she a convincing mom?”
      On Sen. Clinton’s laugh: “What do you make of the cackle?”
      “[S]he’s clapping, like she’s Chinese. I know the Chinese clap at each other, but what is she clapping at? I mean, it’s like one of these wind-up things.”
      “[S]he was giving a campaign barn-burner speech, which is harder to give for a woman; it can grate on some men when they listen to it – fingernails on a blackboard, perhaps.”
      “Is there, out there in the country or out in the Atlantic Ocean, some gigantic monster – big, green, horny-headed, all kinds of horns coming out, big, aggressive monster of anti-Hillaryism that hasn’t shown itself: it’s based upon gender .”
      “[B]eing surrounded by women, does that make a case for commander in chief – or does it make a case against it?”
      “Is she hemmed in by the fact that she’s a woman and can’t admit a mistake, or else the Republicans will say, ‘Oh, that’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind,’ or ‘another fickle woman’? Is her gender a problem in her ability to change her mind?”
      “[T]he reason she’s a U.S. senator, the reason she’s a candidate for president, the reason she may be a front-runner is her husband messed around.”
      “She may have gotten The Des Moines Register’s endorsement the other day, thanks to her husband’s lobbying with its female editors and publisher .”



    237. Emjay, Freckles said:”I just called an undecided lady who reported confusion and began her analysis with “I don’t like HRC. She’s manipulative and something and something else rude and I don’t think we’re ready for a woman. 5 minutes later after we discussed the economy and healthcare, the Republican lineup and the other viable Dems, her need for housecleaning and her medical bills, she is going to the caucus to vote for Hillary. She is also bringing her boyfriend right after she persuades him to vote for Hillary!”

      Emjay, You have no idea how much this happened to me in NH. For example, I had one gentleman yell into the phone, “I’d like to know why I can not get health insurance without having a job”, so I told him about Hill’s health plan. He paused and said, well, that’s why I am going to vote for her. Another guy didn’t seem to know who to support, but he started saying to me “social security is not in crisis the trust fund just needs to be paid back.” I said “Hillary just said that at a rally I was at yesterday.” He said, “oh yeah. Then he said, well, you know, she already ran the country for eight years, she’s tough, let’s give her eight more.” You just need a few minutes of their tie and the smears simply disolve.

    238. MJ

      Exactly! That’s what I meant by “telling it like it is.”

      As Ann Lewis said to Taylor Marsh this afternoon…”I’m always glad when people get the point. I have said before, I do believe in adult education. And I have found, for some reason, it’s more likely to happen in even-numbered years. So we have a chance to reach people and sort of explain it to them and I think we’ve had some educating going on.”

    239. I think there is a direct relationship to the high Neilson ratings that Hillary brought in for MTP and the timing of Tweety’s mea culpa. Even corporate media has to be concerned about disrespecting a candidate with that kind of power to draw in an audience.

    240. But now, Matthews said Thursday, “I get it.”

      “If I’d said that the only reason John McCain has come so far is that he got shot down over North Vietnam and captured by the enemy, I’d be brutally ignoring the courage and guts he showed in bearing up under his captivity,” he said. “Saying Sen. Clinton got where she’s got simply because her husband did what he did to her is just as callous and, I can see now, came across just as nasty, worse yet just as dismissive.”

      Besides Steinem, the letter to NBC News President Steve Capus was signed by Kim Gandy, president of the National Organization for Women; Lulu Flores, president of the National Women’s Political Caucus; Carol Jenkins, president of the Women’s Media Center; and Eleanor Smeal, president of Feminist Majority. … ..

      Matthews: I Wronged Clinton With Remark

    241. Why do I have this nagging fear of NV? I know Hillary is popular amongst real Democrats and Hispanics. But it’s the damn Culinary Union that’s gotten me worried.

      I’m going to NV on Sat to help. Let’s hope our return trip is a happy one.

    242. filbertsf, you have that nagging fear because the caususes are rigged to promote the culinary candidate. But, I do have hope for our girl there. Look what happened in NH. She was predicted to lose by a mile, indies could vote, yada yada yada. And, she won! You go and strike jackpot. 🙂

    243. So, Chris Matthews, after all the letters from Emily’s list, your emails and letters, as well as Media Matters doing a wide BlogAd buy, and so many others wrote in, finally had to swallow his pride and lasso his ego. He saw that we were upset. This wasn’t a half apology either. It wasn’t a throw away, token nod. It was all he could give, which is all we can ask.



    244. Filbert — you want to help? volunteer to go to one of the strip hotels and see that nothing untoward happens there. Anyway, welcome!

      Paula — I’m really glad someone gets my humor and I appreciate the encouraging notes a lot!

      Emjay and MJ — are you cousins? nono … I meant to say that I am thrilled to hear of your successes with voters.

      It’s working, it’s working. I have a mathematical story for you. They held 4 “caucus classes” on Monday — 4000 people signed up…they had to schedule 2 more….imagine how many people those 4000+ persuaded and contacted.

      As a matter of fact, in between my calls tonight, I got one — from a man working for Hillary wanting to know if she could count on my support. I gave him the story of the conversion I made and the talking points I used and after exchanging the usual signoff, “Caucuses suck!” he said fervently, “I have to make more calls!”

      (This is the first time I have used that word I used after “Caucuses …!” Is that something one can use in polite conversation? Has it become OK? Or is it still rude? Of course when talking about caucuses, nothing is too rude but I was wondering about in general.)

    245. “high Neilson ratings that Hillary brought in for MTP”

      Oh, I didn’t know that. I never watch MTP but I did when Hil was on.

    246. I just read a news piece from AP where Chris Matthews admits he wronged Clinton (Hillary) by a statement he made …It looks like he will lose whatever sort of language he uses against her. It is only his types who are not yet tired of him.
      Isn’t it curious what he exactly wants or who he is exactly against?
      Is it because Hillary is a woman and he hates all women?
      Is it because Hillary was forgiving (something he couldn’t tolerate)
      Is it because he is got something haunting him that make him use all the dirty language so carelessly? isn’t there a limit to the extent of wild language this man could use against someone?

      I don’t know the answers to these questions but I know there is a serious problem troubling him for which he got to find a solution else where.

    247. Steve Capus
      President, NBC News
      NBC Television Group
      30 Rockefeller Plaza
      New York, NY 10112-0037
      Dear Mr. Capus:
      During the controversy surrounding Don Imus’ racist and sexist remarks this past spring, you
      acknowledged that, with Imus, “there have been any number of other comments that have been
      enormously hurtful to far too many people. And my feeling is that … there should not be a place
      for that on MSNBC. This is about trust. It’s about reputation. It’s about doing what’s right.”
      We commend your acknowledgement that NBC has a responsibility to demand appropriate
      conduct and dialogue in its programming. That is why we are writing to you concerning
      comments made by Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC’s Hardball, that demonstrate a larger
      pattern of overt sexism when discussing women.
      During an appearance on the January 9 edition of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Matthews said of
      Senator Hillary Clinton, “the reason she may be a front-runner is her husband messed around”
      and that “[s]he didn’t win there [New York] on her merits.” Matthews has referred to Clinton as a
      “she devil,” compared her to a “strip-teaser” and called her “witchy.” He has referred to men
      who support her as “castratos in the eunuch chorus.” He has suggested Clinton is not “a
      convincing mom” and said “modern women” like Clinton are unacceptable to “Midwest guys.”
      Matthews’ sexism is hardly limited to his comments about Clinton; such rhetoric is just the latest
      in a string of sexist attacks he has made against prominent female political figures.
      • During coverage of the New Hampshire primary, he said that Clinton is the only viable
      woman presidential candidate “on the horizon.” He couldn’t think of a single female
      governor eligible to run: “Where are the big-state women governors?” he asked. “Where
      are they? Name one.” In fact, several of the states that currently have women governors
      are comparable in population to the states in which the male presidential candidates serve
      or have served as governor.
      • In November 2006, shortly after the Democrats took the majority in Congress, Matthews
      asked a guest if then-presumptive Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was “going to
      castrate Steny Hoyer” if Hoyer (D-MD) were elected House Majority Leader.
      • During coverage of a presidential debate last spring, NBC News chief foreign affairs
      correspondent Andrea Mitchell was compelled to remind Matthews that Sen. Barack
      Obama’s (D-IL) wife, Michelle, is a Harvard-educated lawyer after he focused
      obsessively on her physical appearance.
      During the Imus controversy you expressed a hope that “we don’t squander this remarkable
      opportunity that we have to continue this dialogue that has taken place, to continue the dialogue
      about what is appropriate conduct and speech, to continue the dialogue about what is happening
      in America. I think we have, as broadcasters, a responsibility to address those matters.”
      In the middle of a heated election season where, for the first time, we have both a female
      candidate and an African-American candidate vying for the Democratic nomination,
      “appropriate conduct and speech” is more important than ever. Matthews’ history proves that
      when discussing prominent female figures, he is prone to overt sexism rather than civil political
      We appreciate your taking the time to address our concerns and look forward to hearing from
      you soon.
      Gloria Steinem
      Lulu Flores
      The National Women’s Political Caucus
      Eleanor Smeal
      Feminist Majority
      Kim Gandy
      The National Organization for Women
      Carol Jenkins
      The Women’s Media Center

    248. Brace yourselves everyone.

      Guess who’s name is gonna start popping up in the news media?

      It was inevitable, the timing of this is strange, though. This is the kind of stuff, you’d think that the rethugs would save for the general. Do they smell blood and think they can knock out our girl earlier than expected?

      In any case, Hillary showed on MTP that she’s willing and able to talk about all aspects of her history with grace and dignity. She’s not Obambi who gets all indignant when confronted with her past. It’s her story and she’s not ashamed of it.

    249. tiburones, if memory serves me correctly, I remember you saying the same “It’s not a matter of if she’ll lose, but by how much she’ll lose” stuff about NH. Granted, the AA vote is rather daunting in SC, but if NH taught us anything, it’s that ANYTHING can happen. I know you are trying to be a “realist” but let’s keep it optimistic around here. One state at a time. Let’s get through NV first. Sure, HRC didn’t get a SC bump after NH, but let’s see if there’s a bump after an Obama loss in 3 states in a row (including MI).

      Stay positive guys.

      BTW, went to a rally at UC Santa Barbara tonight with our girl, and she was A-mazing. The student body there was utterly ecstatic to welcome Hillary, and she got three long standing ovations.

    250. Here’s my punditry going forward. Hillary surprises in NV because I promised y’all….nono because they love her here and because men will be the surprise group for Hillary. That win and her superior org. and Edwards losing viability brings her back to even with Obama, if not ahead and then comes BIG time on Feb 5th.

      The above makes me eligible for 3/4 of political chat shows esp. if I become more positive of my ‘facts’ and sprinkle in a little “Obama insiders told me…”.

      I may change my moniker to ms. knowitall. Chris Matthews might be looking for a few more women.

    251. freckles

      the more tired you get, the funnier you get.

      I was logged out for the night and had to reenter just to see if you’d dropped another 🙂

    252. freckles

      good luck with your last day of canvassing before the caucus. i found it beneficial to bring hillary buttons, bumper and hillary stickers as give-aways. (little girls LOVE stickers and will wear them regardless of their parents vote, teehee). lot’s of visibility at the polls helps to bring out the “closet hill supporters”, too.

      give it everything you’ve got…i know we’re gonna win this thing!!!

    253. I’m becoming more optimistic about NV from little things I’ve been reading here and there. That’s in spite of the difficulties of a caucus. I think Hillary can win this one.


      The Monday night debate in SC will be an opportunity for Hillary to shine. It’s sure to have a lot of viewers. She will shock many of the SC black voters when they see the comparisons between her and Obama, many of them for the first time. They have very high expectations even though most of them still don’t really know much about him. Hillary will introduce him to them one way or another. That will help with many of the undecideds, and maybe the “leaners” as well. The emperor has no clothes!

      Obama can excel on the stump (so far) while speaking in “inspirational” generalities. Hillary speaks issues! Debates are made for discussion of the issues. She will win this debate as she has the others. Wolf Blitzer won’t be much help for her, but she will roll over him.

      Meanwhile, back here on earth, I don’t expect winning that debate to put her over the top in SC, but she can and will narrow the gap. I believe she can do it, hopefully within a couple of points. Afterwards, the spin about the black vote will be much easier in other states. She can go on with more confidence.

      Ultimately, Hillary will win this thing! First, let’s take NV.

    254. After reading comments at Taylor Marsh, in which the following DNC contact link was included, I fired off an email to the DNC to let tell them they need to be paying attention to the growing anti-Obama movement on liberal/Democratic blogs, in particular based on his embracing Reagan as a role model and Reagan as a change agent.

      I recommend everyone should do this and encourage others to do the same. It’ll only take a minute or two to fire off one or two sentences (or more) expressing outrage that someone claiming to be a Democratic expresses such language, etc.

      Just like with MSNBC, the more people who do this, the more the DNC has to pay attention to us, its supporters.


    255. hi hillfans, im hoping for a hillary win in nevada win becuase she will play with the house’s money there. nevada is the key.

    256. Morning Joe, is trying to make excuses for Chris Matthews. I have to get ready for work but he’s been teasing all morning about campaigns and the media and their 1st ammendment rights etc. Come on! This isn’t about first ammendment, this is about rampant sexism.

      I am keeping it positive for Hillary in NV. She has a real shot.

    257. In Nevada, Yucca Mountain “is more than a hot-button issue”, it is “radioactive,” Lynn Sweet wrote January 18, 2008, in the ”Chicago Sun-Times”.

      “Now, days before the Saturday [January 19, 2008,] caucus vote in Nevada, Clinton, at the debate and in a new paid radio spot running statewide, is highlighting the campaign donations Obama has taken from employees of Exelon.

      “‘So who will shut down Yucca Mountain once and for all? Hillary Clinton,’ a narrator said. Her spot said, ‘And Barack Obama? The Las Vegas Review Journal said Obama was, quote, “hip deep in financial ties” to one of America’s biggest Yucca Mountain promoters … nuclear giant Exelon.’

      “According to an analysis by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics of donations over $250, Obama’s presidential war chest has received $194,750 from 150 Exelon employees, with top executives sending in the checks. Exelon workers, bundled together, rank sixth in Obama’s top donor groups.

      “Though Exelon is a national company, almost all of the Obama contributors live in the Chicago area. Much of the money came in during the first months of the Obama campaign. The money from Exelon executives handed ammunition to Clinton.”


    258. The Democratic nominee will need to be the kind of individual who has been through grueling campaigns and has the mettle not only to stand up to the Republican nominee’s hardball tactics but also to deliver a message of positive change that will take this country forward again.

      Clinton has a long and substantial record of leadership fighting on behalf of working Americans and children, and it is this experience and her passion for creating a better country that would serve this nation so well.

      Our country needs someone who can be president from Day One after taking the oath of office. Her steadiness and resolve certainly would aid us in reestablishing better relations with other nations after Bush’s go-it-alone foreign policy, not to mention a thoughtful and responsible policy regarding our combat troops in Iraq.

      On domestic issues, such as the economy and health care, Clinton clearly has the best command of the issues, as was witnessed in Tuesday’s debate in Las Vegas. For example, in contrast to Obama’s health care plan, Clinton’s would truly offer universal health care coverage. She also has an economic stimulus plan, including tax rebates for working- and middle-class families, that could help jump-start our sluggish economy, which is in danger of heading into a recession. We need someone in the White House who can get our economy back to the way it was when Hillary’s husband, Bill, was president.

      Of special interest to Nevadans are the candidates’ views on the federal government’s efforts to bury the nation’s nuclear waste 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas. The three leading Democratic presidential candidates say they would stop the Yucca Mountain project, but rhetoric can be just that, rhetoric.

      Clinton’s longtime opposition stands out.

      Despite the fact that her state relies heavily on nuclear power for its energy, and that the companies providing that power desperately want the nuclear waste buried in Nevada, Clinton stood with Nevada when George Bush’s plan for Yucca Mountain went before Congress. Clinton voted with Nevada, and against the dump. Edwards, whose state has nuclear power, voted for the dump. Obama wasn’t yet elected to the Senate, but it should be noted that the energy corporation Exelon, the sixth-largest donor to his presidential campaign, supports a nuclear waste dump in Nevada.

      If Nevada is to stand a chance of killing the nuclear waste dump, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is going to need a friend in the White House, and that friend would be Clinton.

      As we see it, the only obstacle in Clinton’s way in Nevada is the unfair caucus system that has been set up, specifically the rule that allows on-site voting at casino workplaces on the Strip. Not only is it unfair because it isn’t an option for noncasino workers who can’t get away from work, but it also enables the Culinary Union, which has endorsed Obama, to pressure its members into voting for their union’s endorsed candidate even if they prefer Clinton.

      Nonetheless, it is our sincere hope that Nevadans on Saturday turn out for the caucus in large numbers and vote for Hillary Clinton, who stands ready to restore dignity and competence to the Oval Office.


    259. Obama has hijacked Bill Clinton’s pitch of ‘Hope and Change’, and it is working on Americans who take their politics from bumper stickers and paid TV spots. But do they know really who they are voting for?

      The 46-year-old Senator from Illinois says he is the Washington outsider. Really? He may have only a couple of years’ Senate experience, but his greatest asset is a well-calculated role in the Democratic Machine. From Illinois to Iowa, he has always kept ahead by staying in line with the power brokers and casting the right vote, or none at all.

      He claims to be committed to change. But he flip-flopped on President Bush’s ‘war on terror’ Patriot Act, which curbs civil liberties, targets immigrants and has unleashing domestic spying. At first – in 2003 – he joined the chorus condemning it as a step towards the prediction that “when fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.” By 2006 he was voting for its re-authorisation.

      At least he voted: he has abstained on an astonishing 166 issues to avoid leaving a trial which might impede his presidential ambitions.

      He once told the National Organisation of Women that he did “not support” the repeal of the Defence of Marriage Act. But with gay and new-generation votes at stake, he now believes “in the need to fully repeal the Defence of Marriage Act”. In Chicago, he wanted to ban handguns. Now he supports gun ‘freedom’. Once he opposed capital punishment. Now, inevitably, he wants more care taken with the lethal injections.

      This is not change; this is business as usual, the careerist maneuvering of an oily old-style politician, albeit dressed in a fresh coat of paint.

      Last year, Harper’s magazine published an 8,000-word expose of how Obama transformed himself from the pot-smoking student with an identity crisis into Washington’s ‘corporate candidate’ for high office.

      It revealed that the conservative lobbyists Kirkland and Ellis, representing General Motors, had given Obama $70,000. The US branch of the European bank UBS donated $165,000; Exelon, America’s biggest nuclear plant operator, $160,000; Goldman Sachs of Wall Street chipped in $143,000, Citigroup $50,000 and Morgan Stanley $40,000.

      In return, Obama voted in the Senate for the tort law reform which would curb the ambulance-chasing lawyers who crimp corporate profits, a cherished goal of big business.

      It is hardly surprising that Bill Clinton, speaking in Nevada ahead of this Saturday’s caucuses, should paint Obama as the “establishment” candidate who would bring only the “feeling of change”.

      “One candidate says you should vote for mebecause I’ve not been involved at all in the struggles of the past and therefore we need to turn over a new leaf and [try] something absolutely new. And if you want the feeling of change, then that is the person you should support,” Clinton told the crowd.

      “The other candidate says vote for me because I spent a lifetime making change, raising hopes and fulfilling dreams for other people,” he said about his wife, now behind the Illinois senator in latest state polls.

      Barack Obama may prove to be a good President. He meets the essential criteria of charisma, the ability to be the hail-fellow-well-met in a bar and the empathetic listener in the schoolyard. But Americans should not be hoodwinked into believing he’s any different from other men hungry for political power.

      He is a careful, calculating, self-serving politician who says what he believes the majority wants to hear, who has no true heart or statesmanship. Personal ambition drives him: he is of the same stripe as Tony Blair, Nicolas Sarkozy – and George Dubya Bush.


    260. Hillary may be getting some help from the casinos on the Strip and elsewhere. It seems Obama has made some anti-gambling statements in the past the casinos don’t like. She is capitalizing on those mistakes.


      Add www

    261. Hello all,

      I truly believe that Hillary will win NV. The fact that a large percent of the people living there are Latino will help her secure a win. If you look at the support of Latinos for the remaining three candidates Hillary has the largest percentage. Many in the Latino community love Bill and his administration. The Clinton’s remain very popular with them. I hope I’m right and NV goes to Hillary on Saturday. Keeping my fingers crossed fro our girl. 🙂

    262. well i’ve been on the phone with nbc this am. Morning joe won’t take comments till after nine…I left long message at 1-877-251-5685.

      scarborough already defending good ole boy matthews and saying everything he said was okay and he shouldn’t be forced to apologize.

      Joe Scarbororough needs to the focus of attention now for defending the scum

      they act like he only said “one freaking thing” about Hillary and now he’s getting attacked.

      that place is full of hillaryhatred and I hope women unite around the country to smash nutcases like this and elect Hillary,

      nv looks pomising now. gotv and that glowing endorsement above which makes her case in great detail is going to make or break.

    263. I wish some 527 would come up with a great ad featuring Obama and his praise of Reagan to all of Reagans union busting and killing the airlines. To contrast where Obama picks to choose inspiration.

      Obama would not be kind to union, middle class or poor. Anyone who sides with a republican union buster sucks big time

    264. I’m puzzled a bit by something (not much though). When I read or hear stories about how BHO leads Hillary by 2 or 3 points in some poll, it’s usually reported as a SOLID lead. In a current Reuters story saying Hillary leads BHO in NV, it’s a NARROW 5 point lead.

      Just another of the little irritations about the coverage. Maybe it’s my advertising background that causes me to notice word choice.

    265. Krugman on Obama’s Reagan moment:

      The Republicans were the party of ideas for the last 10 to 15 years, because they were challenging conventional wisdom? OK, now I’m completely boggled. Is Obama talking about the same GOP I know — the Republican party of Tom DeLay and George Bush? The party in which candidates compete to see who can do the best Reagan impersonation? This is the party that’s challenging conventional wisdom? What’s going on here?


    266. I just received an email from NH Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter announcing her new newsletter and updated website. This is the response I fired off to her office:

      I received an email announcing your new website and newsletter today. I’d like to take this opportunity to let you know that I am absolutely disgusted that you not only went against your public stance that you would not endorse a Democratic presidential candidate before the NH primary but also that, only hours after standing across the desk from me in Hillary Clinton’s Rochester, NH office you attended Barack Obama’s Oprahfest in Manchester and endorsed him.

      Additionally, I have not heard one word from you following the NH primary and all the misogynistic bashing directed at Sen. Clinton, a fellow Congresswoman.

      And if that is not enough, you have remained silent on the issue of your candidate’s having won in NH because NH voters are closet racists.

      I hope that you are proud of yourself. I am not. And I am also not proud of myself that I championed you when you were running for Congress in 2006. I can assure you that I will not make that mistake again but, rather, will support whomever runs against you, Democrat or Republican.

      Shame on you.

    267. you know what I think now, the more that prick joe and matthews hournd her the more women will flock to her,

      nbc 1 877 251 5685

      1 212 664 4444

      typical response from my dumb brother about Obama idolizing Regan “well I already got my
      union retirement and medical card” I really don’t care….he will be caring when they cut that medical card right out from under him. With some, its all about “me” not about the country. I just realized that my brother and obama are alike .. it’s all about “me”

    268. news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20080118/pl_nm/usa_politics_poll_dcs

      doesn’t seem to be getting much attention;

      put http//:

    269. news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20080118/pl_nm/usa_politics_poll_dc

      yahoo headline buried show Hillary with small 5 point lead

    270. i’m really frustrated at the lack of backup support on tv for hillary. her campaign needs somebody to just try to keep the media at bay.

      they continue to gloss over obama like he is the second coming and treat hillary like a pyrahia (sp)

      hello, campaign….she needs some help out there in the media.

    271. Anyone who gets the LVRJ gets the Sun (they are bundled together — the Sun as an insert). Joint circulation is about 240K.

    272. admin and all,

      BHO has just handed Hillary the Dem nomination all rolled up in one neat little package which is playing out on the internet. susanhu has this post up at MyDD that lays it out as plain as day.

      Forget Tweety and the misogynistic a–holes out there. That’s not a battle even worth ten cents’ worth now.

      This is the theme to beat the living crap out of BHO — its’ simple, he’s Reagan-Lite. Every issue on the table is rolled up in this nasty little package.


    273. Sherm Kader (8:56 am) this is a fashion among journalists of the big media nowadays. Virtually almost everything what they write about Hillary is half truth or total untruthfulness or it has some omissions in order to stress the so called negatives or it contain devastating manipulating information like the the race issue!
      Look this guy, Chris Mathews above. He think, what he is saying is an apology, what a shame? I see no apology at all. He is only trying to play down what he has said about Hillary, that’s all. This is not an apology, it is another insult on a free and fair press. What he says is too little and too late. The protest against him and against his brothers of the same conviction must continue, until the free and fair press is won back!

    274. Does anyone know what the betting line is in Las Vegas? They were the only ones who got NH right with Clinton winning. I will trust the betters in Las Vegas before I trust the polls.

    275. dt, THIS is the one that BHO won’t be able to duck because he’s the one who put it out there. It is not a smear, a distortion, etc., everything that he is now espousing will tie him in a neat little package with all the worst memories of Reagan.

      We just need a coordinated campaign.

      Keep in mind, though, Romney is the Reagan Legacy candidate, which I have documented at SourceWatch.

    276. Caroline Says:

      January 18th, 2008 at 10:26 am
      Does anyone know what the betting line is in Las Vegas? They were the only ones who got NH right with Clinton winning. I will trust the betters in Las Vegas before I trust the polls.

      Really? Wow. I didn’t know they got it right.

    277. It also occurs to me that BHO is credited with presenting constitutional law lectures but has anyone found one single article or copy of a single lecture that he has given on HIS interpretation of the Constitution. That would be extremely enlightening info.

    278. the thing is, this young cultish obamabotist crew knows or remembers much (or anything) about the Reagan years. They really have no idea IMO about the whole political landscape and what the president really does in the country. they see this as a hippish thing to do and they don’t understand the long time results to this country.

      He is Reaganlite and if we can get that label attached, firmly then it’ll help.

      I guess the best way to beat MSNBC is too indeed simply boycott entirely, as I plan now to do. I wish I could just block their channel completely out of my channel list

    279. Daily Kos is a extremely violent place. Someone with a good reputation should take on that site and call it for what it IS: Group of GOP enablers and lemmies following the trend and “in thing” to bash Hillary all day and night. It is pathetic for me to EVER hate a progressive “democratic” blog, but I do.

      Violence against women is obvious there. Violence, to me, includes subtle sexist remarks that are DEVISIVE and make women cringe. It will backfire on these elites or closeted GOP jackasses. They have NO clue.

      Here are some past disgusting diaries from one particular violent man (has called himself Bob Johnson, of all names):

      1. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2008/1/18/25812/2147/708/438638 ….calling a fellow democrat a hack.
      2. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2008/1/4/103341/2704/828/430398 ….calling the same fellow democrat a hack (he seems obsessed with Hillary and her supporters- look at his history of diaries and comments)
      3. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2007/11/20/171840/21/917/413004 ….speaking of Hillary’s asbestos pants (this guy has to be getting paid by Obama or Karl Rove…call it my intuition).

      This guy needs to be exposed for who he really is. He is part of the famous gang of thugs who have taken over Daily Kos, and someone who truly defines a Hillary-bashing fuckwit. Someone tell me who this guy really is.

    280. I don’t remember Nancy Pelosi endorsing a candidate, but when asked just now on CSpan about what attributes she would prefer a President to have she seemed to be describing BHO as he describes himself. It sounded like keywords picked up from his stump speech.

      I know it was already speculated that since George Miller (CA) endorsed Obama it also means she is behind that endorsement. As far as I know she still has not announced an endorsement of a candidate.

      Maybe there is more behind the scenes than I could possibly know, but it occurred to me that she is CURRENTLY the most powerful woman in US history. That will change when Hillary becomes President.

      Maybe she also assumes Obama would be weak enough that she could exercise some control over him. A Newsweek article 1.21.08 describes him in terms that could easily be interpreted that he would merely follow the easiest path. I believe it means if anything gets done that he can claim as an accomplishment with minimum effort it will suit him just fine. He certainly will not be a “workhorse”.

      I hope he does not become POTUS.

    281. true2party, IMHO the best way to combat blogs like DK is to not add to their traffic by going there. When traffic slows down that sends a clear message to advertisers, etc. Just stop feeding the trolls.

    282. looking online I can’t seem to find where Obama was between 83 and 88 …

      I googled obama lectures and I can’t find anything. maybe I’m using wrong terminology

    283. dot48, the AFRICAN AMERICAN COMMUNITY KNOWS REAGAN. Young or old, they know him, and despise him with an even worse passion than I do, if that is even possible. If Hillary took clips of BO’s statements praising Reagan and made an ad and ran it in SC?

      He could kiss his SC votes goodbye.

    284. Edwards on CSpan just now was blasting BHO for comments he made in the last debate.

      He said Obama thinks the way to get things done is to give a good speech.

      Next, he ridiculed Obama for naming Ronald Reagan as an example of change.

      Thanks, Eddie. It’s about time you began helping Hillary that way.

    285. Hillaryfortexas, and also include the one where he talks about bills presidency being poor… not sure if thats on video tho.

    286. well her campaign needs to do this in South Carolina.. PRONTO… still don’t think young people 18-27 know history that well



    288. H4T, I can see a series of video ads of the BHO clips mixed in with similar clips of Reagan, news clips from the “good ole days”, and newspaper quotes, etc. BHO has made so many public statements that can be compared and contrasted with those from Reagan.

    289. well breck girl must have just found out he isn’t going to be the veep for obama. he’s a little late in the game right now but if he endorses hillary I will accept his white flag of truce. otherwise no way

    290. The only quote necessary is BHO saying that the GOP has been the party of ideas for the last ten to fifteen years. There are so many things wrong with the Reagan years that are on tape or in print to work with. Anyone here with the expertise could do an endless string of YouTube ads, as well.

    291. I still think Hillary could use that moment in MH as a campaign ad….she really puts the focus on the country…not herself. I love it.

    292. These Kos guys are so full of themselves. This bob johnson character lost his mind after the kyl-lieberman amendment; he also likes to think of himself as a funny guy. They think declaring the IRG as a terrorist group is tantamount to a declaration of war, nevermind that BO supported and co-sponsored exactly the same thing. Kos thinks that all this viciousness going on on his site is just primary madness. The stupid idiot still does not realize the damage is long lasting. For one thing, people should understand what that site has become and curtail and avoid sponsorships of his ego boosting events like that “yearly” convention. Hit him where it hurts. He has earned it.

    293. tyra is quite good. reception to hillary is great. hillary is answering the questions with real personality. Young audience. Just said while obama may have oprah, she has maya angelo(sp) (oprahs so called grandma)

      I’m impressed so far. tyra said she was really worried about the interview cause she’d heard so much negative stuff but when she starting researching and reading her book she found an different person.

    294. # Caroline Says:
      January 18th, 2008 at 10:26 am

      Does anyone know what the betting line is in Las Vegas? They were the only ones who got NH right with Clinton winning. I will trust the betters in Las Vegas before I trust the polls.

      for what it’s worth, Hillary is the betting favorite



    295. Second new video (and getting this took about 20 takes):

      “I didn’t come of age in the battles of the 60s, I’m not as invested in them. And so I think I talk differently about the issues and I think I talk differently about values. And that’s why I think we’ve been resonating with the American people. .. What I’m saying is the average Baby Boomer has moved beyond the arguments of the 60s but the politicians haven’t, we’re still having the same arguments. You know it’s all around cultural wars. … Even when you discuss war, the frame of reference is all Vietnam. That’s not my frame of reference, my frame of reference is what works. .. Even when I first opposed the war in Iraq, my first line was I don’t oppose all wars, … specifically to make clear that this is not just a anti-military, 70s love in kind of approach.”


    296. The monumental problem is: even with these compelling facts that BHO is everything but not a progressive Dem candidate and thus deserves not to be a DEM’s candidate under this rubric, there is still an uphill job to accomplish.
      For instance how can one now be able concisely ,swiftly and clearly make this message known to the majority of DEMs, if the big media don’t play a fair game and remain biased, as is now the case? One believes a 1000-fold repeated lie easier, than of a truth heard for the first time, and this is what the big media is playing now for BHO and against Hillary.
      May be millions of flyers, e-mails and million volunteers to explain the message on the flyers on-site? Everything has its price though!
      But even against all these odds, Hillary will prevail.

    297. TheRealist, InTrade is not the same as Vegas odds. Here is a link for the national odds:


    298. *TeamHillary needs to pound him HARD over Reagan, EVERYDAY from now until SC. As someone mentionned, the black community in particular has no fond memories of him at all, and doesn’t see “Morning In America”, when they think of RWR…..


      TV ALERT:

      Hillary on Tyra Banks show (in syndication) today.


      *Hillary was great on Tyra today. Her personality really comes through! 🙂

    299. H4T-

      Wasn’t for me, but thanks. They don’t seem to have state primary odds for NV, unless you must have an account to access other political odds.
      The only political odds I saw were for the nomination and Caroline was looking for Nevada odds.

    300. Is the left-leaning blogosphere really up in arms over Obama’s Reagan comments, or are they just making excuses for him like they usually do?

    301. B Merryfield, but we don’t know really if that’s a push poll, though when you make campaign calls you are supposed to say you are with such and such campaign from the beginning.

    302. *mj, there is some video on tyrashow.warnerbros.com. The full interview will likely be up on YouTube soon.

      TV ALERT:


      Hilary Clinton & the Black Vote

      Updated Jan. 16, 2008 — BET News profiles the woman who once stood before America in the East Wing and is now looking to lead America in the West Wing: Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. Tune in Sunday at 12:30 p.m. and 10:30 (ET/PT) for a revealing half-hour sit-down interview. We gain insight into the woman on a journey to become the first female Commander–in-Chief.

      Senator Hillary Clinton’s campaign ace is husband Bill Clinton. His presidency endeared them both to African Americans. Will her husband’s influence and connection with the Black community be enough to earn her the Black vote and give her a win?

      Clinton talks about her rivals, her passions, and what sets her apart. The path from First Lady to first female in the Oval Office brings BET’s Jeff Johnson face to face to probe is Black America on her agenda?

      Don’t miss the encores of “What’s In It for Us: Hilary Clinton & the Black Vote,” airing Sunday at 12:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. (ET/PT).

      VIDEO: http://www.bet.com/onblast/default.html?chan=4&id=1479&i=15&sub=&itype=e

    303. my, that didn’t happen here in NH. There was an issue with an Edwards call that didn’t say the name until the end and past the time when the caller was supposed to do it. I got one of those calls the night before the primary.

    304. Bob Johnson of Daily Kos resides in Chicago. That is all I know. Perhaps a google search can yield more information.

    305. Bob Johnson of Daily Kos resides in Chicago. That is all I know. Perhaps a google search can yield more information.

    306. B Merryfield, I’m just saying it could be an incompetent volunteer. Or it could by more politics of the hopeless, Chicago style. We just don’t know yet.

    307. Obama also invaded NH homes with automated phone messages that did not announce the sponsorship of the telephone call until :37 after the call commenced.

    308. Paula, the left blogosphere has been saying that people have taken Obama’s comments out of context. I say bullshit. They also say that that song 99 Problems wasn’t played, but we all know it was. If Hillary’s camp played a song by say Fugazi (and no they wouldn’t!), people would be up in arms yelling about insensitivity. They are masters at making things look overblown in their camp, while at the same time, making Hillfans’ comments exactly that, overblown. I know hypocricy when I see it, and it’s really a farce to say that the left blogosphere is in any way progressive.

      That said, I think they’re taking on Taylor Marsh b/c they are teh scared of her. Keep up the good work, Taylor! You have a lot of listeners.

      The difference between male elitist rich bloggers and us is that we care about people’s LIVES. They care about themselves and their hobby and toys.

      We can not let them toy around with the democratic party and people’s lives.

      I’m going to block Daily Kos from my web browser. I don’t know how to do it right now, but I’ll figure it out. Just like I’ve figured out the elitists’ games by myself. I think for myself, and I’m not going to follow them like lemmings and jump off the cliff.

    309. Note about Fugazi. I actually like Fugazi and I like Beastie Boys and yes, I even like Jay-Z (a lot!), but I would not play it at a PRESIDENTIAL campaign party (even at a private party).

      Heck, I like Bluegrass, country, hardcore punk, and a lot of weird stuff. But to play that at a PRESIDENTIAL campaign party? That’s just stupid.

    310. So did Tyra Banks seem to like Hill? I love Tyra Banks. I realized when watching Top Model she may not be up on every political issue, but she’s knows her stuff when it comes to modeling. She’s extremely professional.

    311. I wrote a diary on DKos about Obama’s Reagan praise “Obama Favors Reagan/Bush Over Clinton/Gore” and got such hostile feedback from the Obama-bots that the site’s moderators put my posting privileges on probation! I agree that this is a big story and deserves considerable coverage from the mainstream media.

    312. Don’t know what happened ! Computer got a mind of its own!

      See Greg Sargent .. almost 400 comments.


    313. Yes mj, Tyra really liked her. She even said near the end of the interview that she felt like she really knew Hillary….

    314. BTW: I am contemplating starting some phone calls for Hillary, but I am kinda nervous. are people on the phone overly rude?

    315. Berkeley Vox, welcome to the club. They have been doing that sort of thing to all the Hillary people.

      Kingsgrove Says:

      January 18th, 2008 at 12:27 pm
      Yes mj, Tyra really liked her. She even said near the end of the interview that she felt like she really knew Hillary….

      Love it!

    316. MJS, do it! It’s really fun and Hillary needs you. Yes, some pople are rude, but you will be surprised how many are not.

    317. I would noy pay much attention to intrade. When the polls closed in NH Obama was selling for $99 and hillary $1. Poor saps all lost a bundle… hahahahaha

    318. dammit another note: playing country, rap, and other “weird stuff” is ok at campaign parties….what I meant to be stupid, was playing songs with obvious hate-ful lyrics. that’s stupid….not just the genre. I’ll shut up now and read instead…..

    319. rjk1957 Says:

      January 18th, 2008 at 12:30 pm
      I would noy pay much attention to intrade. When the polls closed in NH Obama was selling for $99 and hillary $1. Poor saps all lost a bundle… hahahahaha

      Wow, the Hillary people must have made out like bandits.

    320. That song was clearly meant to imply Hillary. It wasn’t just a line, it’s the fricken chorus of the song. That Hassleback chic is an idiot.

    321. Guys, the BET interview with Hillary was really, really good. I just watched it (6 parts)


    322. I tried joining to put a bid in for Hillary at $1 and shorting Obama at $99, but they are in Ireland and US citizens can not use credit cards or Paypal to make a deposit. It was a long drawn out thing to make a deposit and there just was not enough time to do it.

    323. oops…

      I called a certain “moses” and I guess I pronounced it inccorectly (is it pronounced like the biblical moses?) and some dude’s like “you have the wrong number 🙁

    324. MJS, just buck up and try a new number. Remember you do not know these people. You will never have to see them again. But if you can convince one voter to go out and caucus for Hillary tomorrow, you’ve done something great for this country.



      Hillary: Britney Makes Me LMAO!

      Posted Jan 18th 2008 11:10AM by TMZ Staff

      Senator Hillary Clinton has prepared answers to questions on nearly all the world’s problems — but she didn’t have an answer to a key question on the minds of voters: Can you help Britney?!

      TMZ was there yesterday at California State University Northridge where Hil fielded questions from the audience. But when our Vania asked her if she had any advice for Brit Brit — she laughed, hard. Real hard. Has she been brainwashed by Tom Cruise?

      Even funnier — when a doctor who had served three years in Iraq asked Hillary to remind him of the first name of Vice President Cheney. She was quick to answer “Dick.” He responded, “That’s right, that Dick!”


    326. Hello, is _______ home? My name is michael and I’m a volunteer with Hillary Clinton’s Campaign. I’m calling about the upcoming Presidential Primary on January 26th.

      I support the Hillary Clinton campaign because Hillary Clinton has been there for me and made a positive difference in my life throughout her thirty-five years of making changes for the American people. I was only 8-years-old when Hillary’s work first benefitted me through her efforts with the Children’s Health Insurance program as I am from an in-between family who couldn’t afford healthcare.

      Hillary has always been there for the American people and she has been there for me. Whether it was when she was in her twenties and pushing to give public schooling to children with special needs, fighting for healthcare in the whitehouse, or making positive reforms as a Senator in New York, I know Hillary’s agenda of furthering progress in healthcare, education, the economy, and stopping the war in Iraq will be accomplished when she becomes the next president of the United States.

      For all these reasons, I support Hillary and hope you will support her too at the January 26th democratic primary.

    327. she dlidn t say a word about britney but it is already been dissected like she dissed the girl

      headlines like tmz’s just make me ill

    328. so far:

      2 undecideds (between Barack and Hillary)
      2 (if u count that they’re married) for hillary


      and like 5 voicemails I had to leave 🙁

    329. I’m wondering if any of you are paying attention to whats going on over at Taylor Marsh. The sun put out an article today saying she was taking money from pro-Clinton unions with no evidence what so ever. She has responded in a post on her main page. I am appalled and disgusted by the sun and by the fact that voice of truth and reason in this debate for America is being stifled by people who do not enjoy reality and truth, but Obama and his shady politics. This again, reinforces why he would be an awful choice for the president.

    330. The Brits do really see through Obama. A brilliant article in The Guardian:

      Like Will Smith, who in the new film I Am Legend wakes up to find himself the last man alive in a world of zombies, am I now the only person left on the planet who finds Barack Obama a little bit dull? Every time I listen to him, I start off thinking I’m about to wet my pants, but a minute-and-a-half later find my mind wandering, asking itself things like: ‘What does “the challenge of hope” mean?’

      But, rhythmically, it’s quite alluring. It can make anything, even, for example, a simple chair, seem magnificent. Why vote for someone who says: ‘See that chair. You can sit on it’ when you can have someone like Obama say: ‘This chair can take your weight. This chair can hold your buttocks, 15 inches in the air. This chair, this wooden chair, can support the ass of the white man or the crack of the black man, take the downward pressure of a Jewish girl’s behind or the butt of a Buddhist adolescent, it can provide comfort for Muslim buns or Mormon backsides, the withered rump of an unemployed man in Nevada struggling to get his kids through high school and needful of a place to sit and think, the plump can of a single mum in Florida desperately struggling to make ends meet but who can no longer face standing, this chair, made from wood felled from the tallest redwood in Chicago, this chair, if only we believed in it, could sustain America’s huddled arse.’


    331. Wow — Obama marginalized Hillary’s groundbreaking work as First Lady again today. I guess in his view, all First Ladies do is just serve tea and twitter around the White House gardens) full story on the front page of the SF Chronicle website (sfgate DOT com)

      (01-17) 22:30 PST San Francisco —

      Illinois Sen. Barack Obama launched a direct broadside Thursday at New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s claim that she is the experienced Democratic candidate who is “ready to lead” – saying that her experience is “presumed through osmosis, as a consequence of having been first lady.”

      “Sen. Clinton keeps touting her experience but has no management experience that I can see in her resume,” he said in a wide-ranging interview with The Chronicle editorial board in San Francisco.

      Obama argued that the success of his own presidential campaign, “where I went from zero, starting from scratch, to compete with a legendary political organization 20 years in the making, built by a former president … is not an accident.”

      “It shows my capacity to put together a team and point it in a direction that I think is important,” Obama said, adding he has illustrated “the skill sets that are required to move the country.”

      Obama’s impassioned arguments on the issue of experience and leadership come just days after a Nevada debate in which Clinton appeared to suggest that the junior Illinois senator’s organization and experience do not match her own and would be lacking in the White House.

      Asked during the broadcast what his biggest weakness is, the Illinois senator told MSNBC hosts, “Well, you know, I don’t hang onto paper well. My desk is a mess. And I don’t try to keep my own schedule,” adding that he surrounds himself with qualified people to help him do the job.

      In the days since, the New York senator and her campaign team has seized on the theme, suggesting that the failures of President Bush demonstrate that a chief executive of the nation cannot simply be counted on to find good staff, but must exhibit proven skills in managing bureaucracy.

    332. ugh. my first hangup.

      this guy I couldn’t understand who basically said:

      ‘drf340asd 34sdkfjskld dfjwio”

      and i tried my best to comprehend him…and then he hung up on me 🙁

    333. I think it’s fair to say that the Republicans were the party of ideas for a pretty long chunk of time there over the last 10 to 15 years

      Oh, the Republicans were the “party of ideas” alright. BAD IDEAS.

    334. btw guys:

      the one thing I notice now is that people aren’t looking at the newspapers or really the news when they’re voting. A few glances here and there…but it is truly what they feel from the heart.

      The BEST things you can do are in this order:

      direct candidate and voter contact
      direct high profile supporter and voter contact
      phone calls
      radio ads
      tv ads

      people really want heart to heart and they want people to talk to and persuade them.


    335. The party of ideas, right.

      The party of one idea = destroy the federal government — oh, and the Democratic Party.

    336. you know what really burns me is women like Pelosi obviously, IMO, endorsing Obama without saying so. I no longer support her as Speaker of the House. Hate to tell you Nancy, I supported you because I though you were a strong woman and I value that. Well, no more. Women who support this guys sexist campaign against Hillary sicken me.

    337. i just sent Speaker Pelosi an email:

      Dear Madame Speaker Pelosi,

      It is an honor to be writing to you right now, but as I am writing, I am troubled by rumors and whispers that you are against supporting the first viable female candidate for the White House, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

      Me and many members of my family are distraught at this idea. We know you have great judgment and experience in leading the nation, so it astounds us how such rumours can be made about you. You obviously know of all the hard work and efforts Senator Clinton has done in her past to call for progress in America and make progress in America.

      For these reasons, I am saddened by these rumours and hope for your word that these rumours are untrue and that you are supporting this remarkable woman who is the best choice to be president in November of 2008. I am sure it is your wisdom, experience, good judgment, and courage is what is driving your support for eitther of the three magnificent candidates.

      Me, my family, and friends were avid supporters of you in 2006 because we felt your experience, judgment, and courage were superior to that of many men and women.

      Right now, we feel the same towards Senator Clinton’s campaign.

      I hope you join us in our support of both yourself, and right now, primarily, Senator Clinton in the race to the White House.

      Sincerely and with the Highest regards,

      M******** *******

    338. EMAIL SPEAKER PELOSI. americanvoices@mail.house.gov

      Madame Speaker, will you stand for us?

      Dear Speaker Pelosi,

      I am appalled at the sexism rampant in this presidential primary, and the abject failure of strong Democratic women such as yourself to stand up to it.

      Senator Obama again today is making statements belittling the experience of Senator Clinton as being that of just a wife – in even more demeaning terms than in the “she had tea” statements. It is a slap in the face to the achievements of all women like myself.

      And my Party is silent. Utterly silent. I can’t tell you how hurtful that is. Democratic women are getting angrier and angrier, and the blowback when it hits is going to tear this party apart. If you think you should have concerns about the African American vote, you have seen nothing compared to what is going to land on the doorstep of the Party from the women. I know women who have been solid Democrats their entire lives who are talking about not just voting, but CAMPAIGNING for McCain or Romney if Obama is nominated, they are so angry. These are not Nader nuts, they are the heart and soul and backbone boots-on-the-ground of the local party.

      We will not forget this. The women of Congress need to stand up for us, and they need to do it NOW.


    339. Let’s be clear about this…this election is about SEXISM, forget about racism, when it all comes down is the men don’t want a woman to run the country.

      They would let a man who does not have the credentials, yet to be the president of the U.S without vetting him. Obama is going to get creamed in the general election when all the stuff comes out on him…and you know where more of that stuff is coming out…National Enquirer. The Star. The Daily Mirror and other and then our so called MSM will jump on that like “white on rice.”

      One problem I see, is that Hillary need to get out her complete resume of accomplishments. People are assuming that most of the voters know what she’s done. Be a little more specific about the work that she’s done and how that has benefited people. Too much vagueness, that is why Obama and others can be dismissive on her accomplishments.

    340. Funny, Speaker Pelosi is not loved (not even liked) by most of Big Blogs b/c she is a coward. To me, I think she lets Bush push her around too much. Now that she indirectly maybe supports Obama, maybe those bloggers will like her again. So, she’s playing politics; that’s all.

    341. About Brits on Obama, we know a spin doctor when we see one. The only reason they might support Obama is if they are Clinton haters. Otherwise, his message is meaningless to us given that we’ve heard it all before.. Blair, Cameron are all apple from the same spinning tree.

    342. carbynew Says:

      January 18th, 2008 at 1:39 pm
      Let’s be clear about this…this election is about SEXISM, forget about racism, when it all comes down is the men don’t want a woman to run the country.

      Yep. She has put her resume out there, though. But he pervasive sexism in this country allows an Obama to boil her experiences down to tea’s and easter egg hunts at the WH.

    343. Bill’s visit to Oklahoma is on the 30th. He will speak at OU in the afternoon and then he will be at a fundraiser that night. $1,000 minimum.

    344. Hey folks, Way to go, H4T, MJ, and carbynew and MJS! Thank you for putting out the idea of writing Pelosi about Senator Clinton and the sexism that is rampant right now. She needs to speak out and she needs to be on the correct side of things when she does. You are all so right in recognizing that this is rampant right now. What other politicians should we write to about this? I think it is a great idea! I hope we have some effect on Pelosi. She needs to get on the winning team.

    345. Hi everyone, I have been following your site for months now, I check it out everyday. I would like to make some calls today for Hillary in Nevada but I am not sure what to do…please help

    346. i think the best thing for Hillary to play in South Carolina is the gender card.

      Something along the lines of…during a live debate:

      “I know the media often criticizes me for being angry…but the truth is, I am pretty frustrated right now. I have undergone months of people taking away from my experience and my efforts for the American people. Whether it is from Senator Obama who compared my diplomatic events to “tea-sipping”. I think the biggest question I have right now for Senator Obama is:
      Where were you? Where were YOU when I was in Sudan, visiting with refugees in refugee camps? Where were YOU when I was in China, making my voice and the voice of women everywhere HEARD on the United Nation’s hearing on women’s rights? Where were YOU when I helped to end disputes in Ireland?

      From your records, I gather, you were busy NOT standing up for Americans. You were busy voting “present” 130 times in the Illinois state senate on issues like live-birth abortion, gun possession in schools, strip clubs around elementary schools, etc.

      So, instead of talkind badly about my experience, let’s both focus on what we have done for the American people! While I was in the White house working to pass Universal coverage for Americans and getting the Health Insurance program for Children passed in ten years ago, where were you?

      Just last year in the kyl-liberman bill that everyone knew about, where were you?

      So, instead of worrying about where I have been, sipping tea or not, visiting refugee camps, making the American message of democracy to the world, we should ask one question that I have yet to find a valuable response to from your record:


      ^^ I would SOO die if Hillary said something along those lines 😀

    347. Why do i get the feeling that Obama is going to have a “clinton iowa” in nevada?

      In other words, he’s going to lose…?

    348. MJ, no she hasn’t. The campaign has talked about her being a NY Senator, First Lady… and all of that is good.

      But what I’m talking about is when Hillary and her supporters talked about specifics. Like the making lemonade with the Healthcare fiasco. Her work with Cesear Chavez and other. Her Educational Advocacy in Arkansas and others. I think too many voters are confuse about Hillary accomplishments separate from Bill’s. Like I said most think they know and it doesn’t help that MSM has let too many in the news belittle her work.

      I learn something everyday about Hillary that I didn’t even know. People need to know what she has done…not what job titles she has or held…it’s not resonating and to be sure are we surprised? Has anybody see Jay Leno’s Jaywalking bits on the Tonight show, when he ask basic questions to average americans.

    349. Hey everyone, the way to make sure your links are actually hyperlinked, put a “www” in the front, even if the website is not a www.

    350. I have just e-mailed Speaker Peolosi. My comments basically were that ALL women suffer because of the misogony that is permeating this election and that the Party will also suffer. I told her that women were angry and that women were reacting and that all of this sets women back in their bid to legitimize their place in the political landscape. I also stated that this was not just about Senator Clinton but each and everyone of us.

      I also got an e-mail from Claire McCaskill this morning asking me to donate to Barak Obama. I fax her another letter telling her that I didn’t support Obama, etc.

      We all need to write and e-mail as much as we can to keep up the heat.

    351. An Edwards supporter writes about BHO:

      …I DO want someone who is organized – certainly not the portrait you painted for us at the last debate per your own words. Visions of you appearing on Inauguration Day with “post-it notes” stuck all over your new Brooks Brothers’ suit frightened me more than most of your attempts to show us who you really are. If you can’t prioritize CRITICALLY, IMMEDIATELY, demonstrating EXCELLENT command of all factors necessary for successful decision making and leadership, well, I’m sorry – you’re simply not the man, woman, black, white, gay, lesbian, Christian, atheist, or WHATEVER for me.

      But you know what REALLY gassed me, Senator?

      Ronald Reagan.

      What, Senator Obama, what in Planet Earth’s name were you thinking????

      Or, let me rephrase that….WERE you thinking when you cited him as an agent of change yesterday? Do you know your HISTORY???

      And no, your attempt at spin did not work with me. Sorry. It just didn’t.

      Wanna know my GREATEST concern, Senator Obama? Something very deep inside me, call it intuition if you will, tells me that you are not who you say you are.

      In fact, Barack Obama, WHO are you?

      Hmmmmmm. I wonder.


    352. I sent a letter to Speaker Peosi, In my inbox had a nice letter from Emily’s List. Woman are very active. Anyone with inside know of Emily List think we could get onboard with Pelosi and other Senators and Congresswomen

    353. As someone who went through the experience of law school, the fact that Obama is a “senior lecturer” is like saying he is a a grad school assistant. He’s not an assistant professor or a professor. It would be interesting to check his Harvard days when he was the big shot Editor of the Harvard Law Review and see what kind of articles were published under his tenure. I read a pro Obama post once that said he “brought together Democrats and Republicans” when he was editor. It’s so ridculous to talk like that as it doesn’t mean a damn thing or at least it didn’t in my school. It wasn’t about party affiliation ,it was about a lot of other things that got you a spot on a law school journal.

    354. We will remember the women AND MEN who stood up for Obama. Our vote will count in their next election bid, remember them all. I’m not saying it’s possible for Hillary to get all the endorsements..but the ones lately have been annoying.

      I agree Pelosi does not seem to have a backbone so in reality her endorsement wouldn’t help — but I’d rather she stood for the right them regarding the sexism.

    355. lol bmerryfield…ronald obama..
      well you remember when reagan said ketshup was a vegetable…should have a tv add with ketchup poring over ronald obama’s head with words in the ketchup that says ronald obama..lol

      you dont wanna hear what my grandma called reagan…when he said that not nice…

    356. hillfans, the wife and i just voted for hillary! YAY!!i was getting annoyed with my local town clerk’s office becuase i mailed out our absentee ballot application monday morning and we still did not recieve our ballots. so i called them and asked did they recieve the forms. they did not recieve them. i said screw it, we are voting in person right now!!! it was quick, the letters were huge and each candidate was in each of thier own box. NO BUTTERFLY BALLOT HERE. hillary was 2nd from the bottom but no matter. she is on top in my eyes.

    357. UPDATE: If they don’t use this against Obama, they deserve to lose SC.



      Kingsgrove Says:
      January 18th, 2008 at 11:38 am

      *TeamHillary needs to pound him HARD over Reagan, EVERYDAY from now until SC. As someone mentionned, the black community in particular has no fond memories of him at all, and doesn’t see “Morning In America”, when they think of RWR…..

    358. BMerry

      Re: your letter to Shea-Porter this a.m.

      I admire your quick response skills, writing ability and of course, your moral indignation stand.

      If everyone here, plus friends and family, expressed themselves EVERY time s/he was indignant, I believe the egregious activities would be brought to a standstill much more quickly.

    359. mjs, i’m confused how it works. it has something about a conference call, where do you get the numbers and what do you say?

    360. LOL, cj i saw the reagans movie a few years ago about nancy calling ketchup a vegetable. i have the movie on dvd. so obama is the next ronald reagan huh? tell that to the poor, left out, and deficit spending that was going on in the 1980’s. i grew up as child from ages 11 to 18 in the reagan years and i DO NOT WANT TO GO BACK!!

    361. My son mentions this every night — Chris Matthews is Obama’s worst enemy .. as is every other media pundit who just has to keep mentioning those “youthful” drugs and who bashes Hillary. This is a double-edged sword — it cuts both ways.

      “Every time Chris Matthews, and any of the other abrasive male television political commentators, go after Hillary Clinton, they hurt Barack Obama.

      “We saw it clearly in New Hampshire–women, offended by all the attacks on Hillary and sympathetic to her tears, turned out in droves, resurrecting her candidacy. Had Obama won, he’d probably be on his way to the nomination now.

      “After more than a week of defending his silly comment that Hillary owed her Senate seat and her standing in the presidential race to her husband’s affair with Monica Lewinsky, Matthews sort of backed off, but not really, conceding that maybe his remarks were a bit “nasty.”

      “We can tell you what Mrs. Curmudgeon thinks about Matthews’ view, but it wouldn’t be printable in what we like to keep as a clean blog. Frankly, we share her view–a little more dispassionately. A lot of people don’t like Hillary, and that’s their perogative, but to say that’s she’s somehow not smart enough, not skilled enough, not politically adept enough to gain public office on her own is ridiculous. It certainly helped that she was the First Lady–that’s a lot of exposure and name recognition. But she didn’t get into the Senate because of sympathy over the Lewinsky affair.

      “Matthews, of course, won’t keep his mouth shut–he gets paid good money to make an ass of himself. But if we were Barack Obama’s people, we’d wish Matthews would concentrate on the GOP race.

      “Oh, and by the way, we think Chris Matthews owes his place on MSNBC to his much more talented wife, Kathleen (former News 7 anchor and now Marriott executive) pictured above.”


    362. Grandmother, I totally agree. Senior lecturer means he showed up as a guest speaker. Like show and tell or career day. “Look, this is a fireman and he’ll tell you why he likes being a fireman.” BFD.

    363. Thanks, Emjay. I’ve been wanting to smack the crap out of her and she gave me the perfect opening. Of course, I have already received a response. Let me share:

      Thank you for taking the time to e-mail me. Your thoughts and concerns are of utmost importance to me. Please be assured that your message has been
      received and is being processed.

      Carol Shea-Porter
      Member of Congress

      Holding my breath as we speak.

    364. If everyone who writes a letter or makes a call to some pundit, senator or such will leave that email or phone # for other ones here it will help a lot.

      some here have good skills to ferret out the contact info and such, I’m not best at it but will email and phone as much as possible.

      also, noon news today in chattanooga Obama Tn ad, have not seen any Hillary ads yet, early voting is on
      going here now, every early vote is to her advantage

    365. unless these congress people get a huge amount of flack on this, the email of one won’t matter. we got to do this in huge volumes.

      Give email for Carol Shea Porter and I’ll email her.

    366. re: comments that Matthews and others may really be helping Hillary. My husband said the same thing…too much pile on makes one wonder why they are beating up on somebody so bad and the tide turns.

      He thinks male pundits and other men are very jealous Hillary. Shuster, Matthews, Scarborough,Morris, Cafferty, Kerry all mentioned by my husband.

      He thinks men are cowards and are just too prideful to admit she is smarter than them so they just slam her in effort to make them feel better about themselves. Makes sense to me.

    367. terro..your so right who in there right mind as obama would leads us to ronald reagan years again,,well the poor and disadvantage,left out,i would never want to go back to them years either.and i think sc will realize that.

    368. I really wish Pat Schroeder and Geraldine Ferraro would jump down Pelosi’s throat and tell to get over whatever problem she has with Hillary and get on board.

    369. I know one of the guys who works for the House and does the automated e-mail stuff. I bet he’s overworked right.

      BTW- just so y’all know, it was Kerry who gave the Obama campaign our e-mails. It was not the DCCC, DLC or Moveon.

      I’m pretty sick over this sexism stuff right now. I’ve even sworn off a professional site I visited daily. The fact that folks with the education and skills to right a social injustice think sexism is funny is shameful to me. This race really is about bigger issues than any of these candidates. I was voting for Hillary because she is the best qualified candidate and because I feel like she has her finger on the pulse of our country. Now….I’m also voting for her as a woman. I think I know what those voters in NH felt a few weeks ago.

      It’s called outrage.

    370. Since this is Friday, this may be the night we turn Snotball into a drinking game. You can be sure that drugs will be mentioned at least 2 or 3 times. So that’s good for a couple tequila shots!

    371. I just called her Washington office and very politely left my message. why are all these women having men secretaries? Everybody I call has men answering….

    372. you all should complain to everybody about kerry giving your information out. that is illegal and somebody on here are lawyers…maybe you could all start a lawsuit against Kerry and Obama -Kerry for giving and obama for accepting…this is surely illegal

    373. It’s not worth the time and damages will have to be proven. Kerry hurt himself more than he helped Obama. With Obama trying to have all the GOP come over to him, he sure chose a great way to do it by picking a guy to accept an endorsement from that Dems were lukewarm about and Republicans have no respect for at all.

    374. Re: political endorsements

      Didn’t Pat Roberstson endorse Guiluiani? Some just provide endorsements for “payback” in the future. Also, some people provide endorsements of the people they DO NOT actually support, just to cover themselves should that person (who they really DO NOT support) wins….for future payback. At least that’s my take.

    375. Speaking of Pelosi, Kennedy, Gore, and others who have not endorsed yet….

      What’s NV, the 4th state? Iowa, NH, (Michigan), NV. In 2004 Gore tried endorsing early to get Dems to rally instead of wasting time fighting each other, and it didn’t work. His candidate (Dean) washed out very early and others came to front, so Gore had sort of wasted his endorsement.

      On Feb 5 many states will vote and a decisive number of delegates may be won. Why should the big endorsers waste their publicity now, on just one state, when the SAME endorsement near Feb 5 will affect all those races. These are smart people and I’m sure they are coordinating with the Hillary campaign to announce their endorsements when a headline will do the most good.

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